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' », ' Hi ( " Wh THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1% THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA C378 1937 c.3 o AR ■N4 f - - ' - -UNIVERSITY OF NC AT CHAPEL HIU I llllllllllllf 00033989079 FOR USE ONLY IN THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLECTION Copyright 1937 Henry Lewis Editor-in-Chief Ned McAllister Business Manager " Til YACKETY YACK 1937 95 7 J -H OFFICIAL YEARBOOK OF The Carolina Publications Union Chapel Hill, N. C. Volume XLVII a c, BPU , i?tf j THEME THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA IS A CHILD OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. WITH THIS THOUGHT IN MIND, WE BELIEVE IT FITTING THAT WE SHOULD DEDICATE THIS FORTY SEVENTH VOLUME OF THE YACKETY YACK TO THE MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSITY. WE HERE STRIVE TO PORTRAY AND TO A CERTAIN EXTENT VISUALIZE THE ACCOMPLISH- MENTS OF THE STATE IN ALL THEIR RAMIFICATIONS. USING THIS AS A BACKGROUND, UPON IT WE HAVE PLACED THE RECORD OF THE CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR IN CHAPEL HILL. V - - " CONTENTS THE BOOKS I ADMINISTRATION Page Seven II CLASSES Page Forty-seven III CAMPUS Page One Hundred Seventy-three IV EXTRA CURRICULA Page One Hundred Eighty-three V ATHLETICS Page Two Hundred Twenty-seven VI FRATERNITIES Page Two Hundred Seventy-one VII DANCES Page Three Hundred Thirty-one VIII HONORARY Page Three Hundred Fifty-seven ADMI N , 5 TRATIDN V N ' ; the halls of the capitol build- ing in Raleigh are made the laws of the State of North Carolina. Here it is that we have the ultimate guid- ing hand of the State University. TO-DAY The Arboreteum — South Building and the Well — Steele and the Library — V : U .?M ■i Battle — Vance — Pettigrew — Mid-Campus — Frank Porter Graham President of the University -4 20 - YQRTH - CAROLINA To the Class of 1937: In September, 1933, you entered here when the University, the nation, and your homes had faced dark hours. In the spring of your high school senior year every bank had been closed by order of the President, symbolizing the complete paralysis of the exchange of goods and services which make possible civilization as we know it. Crucial decisions and measures of re-organization have been taken, both here and abroad. Here the major decisions of consolidation have been settled, and restoration of the budget and new departments and activities indicate a new forward movement. In the nation reconstruction and recovery are under way and major lines of direction have appeared. On the campus a major crisis in student responsibility has been met and transcended. The new integration of the Campus Cabinet and a higher tone of confidence in student capacity appear. Your four years here have contained more of crisis, solution, and reconstruction on campus and in state and nation than experienced by any student generation since the Civil War. Surely the product of these four years will not lack maturity, character, capacity for calm thought amid excitement, and constructive loyalty amid confusion. As you go your way our hearts go with you and rejoice that you can face the future with new confidence. Francis F. Bradshaw. " " ■4 2 1 ) - U NIVERSITY DF Robert B. House Dean of Administration The Class of 1937 will remember their college years as a period of major importance, new align- ments and new adjustments within the nation and between the nations of the world. The stress and strain of this period have reflected themselves in the structure of college education itself. This class has achieved its maturity at a time when the University has been working out new policies, new organization, and, it is hoped, a new spirit in its educational work. Faculty and students have agreed and disagreed about the course of study, examinations, required attendance, honors courses, individual programs, but they have stuck together in working out what we hope to be improvements. Never before have students in the University enjoyed a more direct contact with and influence on the very nature of the University itself. They have organized new types of discussion groups, they have used their publications and their committees more directly as sources of advice and guidance to the faculty, and they have participated more thoroughly in faculty deliberations. Major problems of consolidation and adjustment of University education within the framework of the State have concerned the University during this generation of students. A direct challenge to stu- dent honor and student self-government has been met by the students. The right of students and faculty to participate in major political issues of the day and to study freely and to interpret fearlessly various political, social, and economic points of view have been challenged during this generation as never before in the history of the University. The major problem of amateur athletics presented a challenge to the sportsmanship and integrity of the institution. As a result, the University understands itself and its work better, whether looked at from the point of view of faculty and administration, students, alumni, friends, or the general citizenship of the State itself. The University has seemed to attach itself to the manifold life of the State more thoroughly and more variously than ever before. As a result, it is more alive, more courageous, and more abreast of its essential problems than ever before. It has been a hard time in which to study and grow, and yet the Class of 1937 has achieved distinction and comes to graduation bearing the fruit of four years in terms of an enriched, expanded, and vitalized living. $ 22 f - NORTH CAROLINA TRUSTEES Clyde R. Hoey, Governor, President ex-officio of the Board oj Trustees. Clyde Atkinson Erwin, Superintendent of Public Instruction, member ex-officio of the Board of Trustees. Henry Mauger London, ex-officio, Secretary. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE TRUSTEES Clyde R. Hoey, ex-officio Chairman 1936: Josephus Daniels, Clarence Poe, Irving B. Tucker. 1940: John Sprunt Hill, Walter Murphy, John J. Parker. THE BOARD 1939 W. D. Bateman Wilson William Hyslop Sumner Burgwyn Northampton Burton Craige Forsyth Stuart Warren Cramer Mecklenburg John Gilmer Dawson Lenoir Frank Lemuel Dunlap Anson Joseph McDowell Gamewell Davidson Oliver Max Gardner Washington, D. C. Alexander Hawkins Graham Orange Harry Percy Grier, Jr Iredell Luther Thompson Hartsell Cabarrus John Wetmore Hinsdale Wake George Lafayette Lyerly Catawba Isaac Melson Meekins Pasquetank William Daniel Merritt Person Walter Murphy Rowan Haywood Parker Buncombe Mrs. Kate B. Reynolds Forsyth Henry Mooring Robins Randolph William Thomas Shore Mecklenburg Lawrence Sprunt New Hanover Clinton White Toms, Sr. . . ; Durham Charles Whedbee Perquimans William Coleman Woodard Nash William H. Woolard Pitt Henry Mauger London, ex-officio Secretary 1938: Charles Whedbee. S. B. Alexander, Leslie Weil. 1942: Mrs. Laura Weil Cone, Miss Easdale Shaw, Hay- wood Parker. 1941 Sydenham Benoni Alexander Mecklenburg Miss Annie Moore Cherry Halifax Hayden Clement Rowan Josephus Daniels Wake C. C Efird Stanly Reuben Oscar Everett Durham William D. Faucette Norfolk, Va. Richard Tillman Fountain Edgecombe James Alexander Gray Forsyth George Chancellor Green Halifax Junius Daniel Grimes Beaufort William Tucker Hannah Haywood R. L. Harris Person Robert Eugene Little Anson Angus Wilton McLean Robeson Mrs. Lily C. Morehouse Mebane Rockingham Cameron Morrison Mecklenburg Harriss Newman New Hanover Clarence Poe Wake Miss Easdale Shaw Richmond James Franklin Spruill Davidson Mrs. May Lovelace Tomlinson Guilford Irvin Burchard Tucker Columbus John Kenyon Wilson Pasquetank Graham Woodard Wilson The Faculty Advisory Committee Seated left to right: A. W. Hobbs. R. E. Coker, House, Baity. Standing left to right: W. C. Coker, Adams. Dey. Wettach. Henderson. $ 23 j3= GENERAL COLLEGE Spruill, Dean 1936-37 is the first year of full responsibility of the General College for all freshmen and sophomores in the University at Chapel Hill, excepting only those in the School of Pharmacy. For these underclassmen, 1264 in number, the faculty and administrative staff of the General College attempt to provide appropriate studies and helpful guidance. The courses of study are intended: (1) to present those basic subjects which are considered to be essential to a liberal education, (2) to provide opportu- nities for the discovery and development of interests and aptitudes, and (3) to contribute to preparation for later specialized training. The administrative staff is concerned with the more effective adaptation of our educational resources to the needs of the individual. A faculty committee of nine advisors works with a group of forty dis- tinguished upperclassmen in welcoming first-year students to Chapel Hill and in introducing them to the activities of the community. From the time of admission until the beginning of the junior year each stu- dent is associated with one of the advisors who tries to help him make here the best use of the several means of physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Thus through the advisors the University attempts to maintain with every student a human relationship devoted to the fullest development of his qualities and greatest powers. Ui The Freshman Advisors OR CAROLINA COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The function of the College of Arts and Sci- ences is the preparation of programs of study leading to the various degrees under its control, the guid- ance of students following such programs, and the awarding of degrees. Its responsibilities are confined largely to the upper two years of the undergraduate life. The work of the students, under the plan known as " The Major Scheme " , or the " Field of Concentra- tion Scheme " , falls generally into the three main divisions: the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and the Natural Sciences. The purpose of this plan is to relate Departments with a somewhat similar aim and content, to the end that the education of the student may be built upon as wide a foundation as is reasona- ble without a too great scattering of his efforts. Very little is actually known about the essentials of education. It is almost as variable as are people and attempts to canalize it are rather generally fatal to the thing we are trying to foster. However, in our present state of ignorance, we are fairly well agreed upon some subjects as being of sufficient importance to be required for the degrees; such subjects as Englj sri) some Science, and some History. As a matter of fact, a college course cannot chart the life of a man a n d furnish him a blueprint by which to meet the exi- gencies of life in this world ; all it can do is to furnish certain principles and the will to study. The purpose of the College is to give the opportunity to students to develop their talents in the in- tellectual world, to help them see a larger world, to fit them for the public service. Integrity and knowl- edge are our only hopes if we are to have an enduring civilization. We cannot go on very long unless we are willing to introduce more order into the economy of our country. At present those who try for this kind of order are labeled with all sorts of bad names in the hope that the people may still a little longer be kept in confusion. The only kind of prosperity worth fighting for is a long continued general prosperity, and this is the place for integrity and knowledge. For these purposes we believe in lan- guage, in science, in history, in philosophy, in art, in economics, in government, and we believe that the direction of progress is in learning before action, in experience before revolution; we place study before propaganda, so that in the end we may all be propagandists for the right based upon knowledge plus experience. sl A. W. Hobbs, Dean W. M. Dey, Humanities: A. R. Newsom, Social Sciences; R. E. Coker, Natural Scienc D. D. Carroll, Dean Bingham Hall THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE The School of Commerce at the University of N courses in economics and in certain business subject School, the regular business curriculum was not es has been rapid since that time, and there has been a of commercial activity. The University of North C for business leaders, and has set up a curriculum th scientific training as it is possible to give in this fiel the cultural and social side of life, but the teaching the organization and administration of typical bus orth Carolina was established in 1919. Although s had been offered before the establishment of the tablished until that year, 1919. Industrial growth wide demand for trained leaders in the various fields arolina has realized the importance of this demand at will provide its students with as thorough and as d. Courses are given in the subjects dealing with policy is directed mainly along lines dealing with iness enterprises. Faculty of Commerce School Front row: Sherrill, Woosley. Peacock. Carroll. Zimmermann, Wolf, Buchanan. Second row: Anson, Donovan. Cowden, Hobbs. Bernstein. Third row: Kuhlman, Anderson, Winslow, Schwenning, Douty, Bunting, Taylor. NORTH CAROLINA Smith Building W. W. Pierson, De.iii GRADUATE SCHOOL The Graduate School, ideally considered, is a b selves in freedom and with the necessary library an them. The School entertains an ideal of excellence the investigation, discovery, and application of truth concerned with the verification of that knowledge o This sort of activity in teaching and study occurred 1 as now, a part of life and civilization. The School seeks, through advanced training a the teaching professions, particularly law, medicin agriculture, and pure and applied science; to gover culture; and to society and human relations. and of qualified teachers and students applying them- d laboratory resources to the problems that interest as a rule of practice. It has its special province in . It is interested in the materials of knowledge; it is n evidence and with the expansion of it by discovery, ong before formal universities appeared, being then, nd investigation, to render a service to education and e, engineering, and pharmacy; to business, industry, nment, citizenship, and administration ; to art and Executive Committee of Graduate School Woosley, Mack, Pierson, Knight, MacNider. Second row: Odum, Taylor, Coker, Dey, Harrar. W ' W % M. T. Van Hecke, Dean Manning Hall SCHOOL OF LAW The Law School, which has developed into th was founded at Chapel Hill in 1843 as a private sc rior Court. In 1845, Judge Battle was made Profes that the degree of Bachelor of Laws should be con course. For a long time the School maintained a ce in law were not entirely subject to the discipline o incorporated into the University, with the late Jame The School of Law is a member of the Associ as one of the sixty-five schools classed as " approve e School of Law of the University of North Carolina, hool by William H. Battle, then a judge of the Supe- sor of Law in the University, and it was provided ferred on those completing the prescribed two-year rtain independence from the University and students f the University. In 1899, the School was completely s C. McRae as the first Dean of the Law School, ation of American Law Schools and has been listed d law schools " . Faculty of Law School First row: Hanft, Van Hecke, McIntosh, Mulder. Second row: McCall, Breckenkidge. Coats, Wettach, Markham. - f28)» NORTH Caldwell Hall C. S. Mangum, Dean THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The beginning of medical instruction at the University of North Carolina dates back to 1879, when Dr. Thomas W. Harris conducted here a medical class under the preceptorial method of instruction with the assistance of certain University departments. The School was discontinued in 1886. In 1890 the present School of Medicine was founded under the direction of Dr. Richard H. Whitehead, and in 1900 became incorporated into the University as a fully or- ganized two-year medical school. Since that date the School has had an uninterrupted record of service to the State, has continued to grow in in- fluence throughout the State and Nation, and has won for itself a record among medical educators for the excellence and thoroughness of its work. In 1898 it was admitted to membership into the Association of American Medical Colleges, and is ranked in Class A group of American Medical Schools. Over 600 of the 2,300 practicing physicians in North Carolina today are alumni of the institu tion, and they include and have included many of the most prominent and influential physicians in North Carolina. Faculty of School of Medicine First row: MacNider. Mangum, Manning. Second rote: Donnelly. Bullitt. George. McChesney. Third row: Ferrill, Rose, Byrnes, Schaaf. J. G. Beard, Dean Howell Hall SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Courses in Pharmacy were given at the University from 1880 to 1897 under the administration of the School of Medicine. In 1897, the present School of Pharmacy was established, and Edward Vernon Howell was elected Professor of Pharmacy, and given charge of the School. In 1927 the School was admitted to membership in the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, an organization found- ed for the promotion of pharmaceutical education. In order to comply with the Association ' s require- ments the course of study leading to the degree of Graduate in Pharmacy had been advanced in 1925 from two to three years, and in September, 1932, the three year course was replaced by a baccalaureate course. The present curriculum is so arranged that elective specialization begins in the junior year so as to allow graduates to enter any one of three different types of pharmaceutical service. Faculty of Pharmacy School Beard. Burlage. Donnelly. Rose. Second row: Lasley. Bost, Stuhlman, Mack. Totten. Third row: Hudson. [3o; - NORTH The University Library Susan G. Akers. Dean SCHOOL OF LIBMAMY SCIENCE Courses in Library Science at the University of North Carolina were begun in 1904. The School of Library Science offering a one-year curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Library Science was established in 1931, as a result of a gift from the Carnegie Corporation. The School re- quires a bachelor ' s degree from an approved college for admission to its curriculum. It gives training for varying types of positions in different kinds of libraries. It belongs to the Division of the Library and Library School, one of the five major divisions of the University. The School of Library Science is a member of the Association of American Library Schools and is one of the twenty-six library schools accredited by the American Library Association. In the five years of its existence, the School has graduated one hundred and fifteen students and has placed its alumni in nineteen states and the District of Columbia. The School of Library Science - !i31) - Glen Hayden, Department Head Hill Music Building DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC The work in Music is planned to meet the needs of students who choose Music as a major subject and of others who elect Music courses to supplement their programs in other fields. Those electing Music as their chief interest are given a thorough training in the practical, theoretical, and historical aspects of the subject as a part of the liberal arts curriculum for the A.B. degree. Others have many opportunities to develop a good musical background through par- ticipation in the musical organizations, taking instruction in applied music, enrolling in courses in appreciation, attend- ing concerts, and listening to recorded music in audition rooms equipped with phonographs. The Hill Music Hall is the center of musical activities on the campus. The Plavmakers ' Theatre Frederick H. Koch, Department Head DEPARTMENT OF DKAMA Nineteen years ago, in 1918, the Carolina Playmakers were founded with their aim the making of a native drama. Since that time this dramatic group has made its name and works nationally and even internationally known. From its members have come such literary figures as Paul Green and Thomas Wolfe, and actors, directors, technicians, and teachers who are successful in the professional, school, and community theatres. Last September saw the inauguration of a Department of Dramatic Art at the University of North Carolina, a Department which grants both a Bachelor ' s and a Master ' s degree. Through classwork and participation in the vari- ous productions of the Carolina Playmakers the student may perfect himself in all phases of theatre work. The Play- makers Theatre Building and Scene Shop offer ample opportunity for the student to test theory with practice, in both experimental and public productions. In addition to offering literary and technical training in the theatre, the Department has as its primary aim the development of a drama that will adequately interpret American life. The Student-Faculty Committee on Instruction First row (seated): Spruill. Hobbs, Carroll, Pierson. House. Bradshaw. Second row (standing) : McKee, Sarratt. Wetherbee, Schallert. Bond, Folsom. Hunter, Rabb. Smith, Kahn, Magill. STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE ON INSTRUCTION Prior to this year no agency to bring faculty and students together to discuss mutual problems of education has existed. Through the cooperation of Dean A. W. Hobbs this fall, however, the Faculty Committee on Instruction began meeting regularly with students to talk over ways of improving the educational program of the University. From these discussions developed what came to be known as the Student-Faculty Committee on Instruction, a group which extended to the students the democratic opportunity to take part in developing educational policies and procedures. The Student-Faculty Committee on Instruction is composed of two groups: The Committee of Deans, made up of A. W. Hobbs, D. D. Carroll, F. F. Bradshaw, C. P. Spruill, W. W. Pierson, R. B. House; and the Student Committee on Education, originally the editorial writers of the Daily Tar Heel, but later developed into a representative campus group — Don Wetherbee, Scott Hunter, Mac Smith, Julia Folsom, Stuart Rabb, Nancy Schallert, Niles Bond, Edwin Kahn, Bob Magill, Newton Craig, Reed Sarratt, and Don McKee. Among the subjects studied by the committee were: proposals for providing special opportuni- ties for exceptional students, the grading and examination systems, and attendance requirements. As a result of early committee discussion, administrative officials revived the program of independent and self-directed study known as the Hibbard Honors College. The Student- Faculty Committee on Instruc- tion parallels in the educational field the Student Advisor) ' Committee in the business field and the Stu- dent Welfare Board in the field of student welfare. The Student Advisory Committee represents the students to the business administration; the Student Welfare Board advises the office of the dean of stu- dents and health officials on matters pertaining to student well-being. With the Student-Faculty Com- mittee on Instruction offering students opportunity to advise on educational matters, this year for the first time students are represented in all phases of University activity — business, welfare, and education. -4 33 J - D F FACULTY PERSONALITIES Richmond P. Bond Archibald Henderson John W. Lasley J. M. Lear Hugh T. Lefler Fletcher Green L. C. MacKinney A. R. Newsom Sterling A. Stoudemire Henry Mc. G. Wagstaff E. W. 7.1MMERMANN NORTH CARD U The Carolina Inn stands as the mecca of all the sons of the University. Here it is that the Alumni Office is located. ALUMNI B. Blackwelder W. H. S. Bl ' RGWYN G. V. Cowper Y. A. Devin Frank Dunlap ALUMNI The Alumni Association is an all-University organization, embrac- ing in its membership alumni ranging in classes from the oldest alumnus to the youngest graduate. Formed in 1843, the Association endeavors through local alumni clubs, permanently organized classes. an annual General Assembly, various committees and projects, and The Alumni Review to supply channels for the 22.000 living gradu- ates and former students to express their interest to the University and to promote its welfare. The Association seeks to encourage active alumni loyalty wherever such exists and endeavors to stimu- late interest and loyalty where these do not exist. The social side of continuing college friendships flourishes in local club meetings, class reunions, homecomings, etc. Through the columns of The Alumni Review — the official magazine — alumni members keep up with affairs in Chapel Hill and in the big alumni family. General in its service to the University and personal in its relationship to the alumni, the Alumni Association endeavors to link the Past with the Present for the Future of Alma Mater. Any graduate or former student is eligible for membership in the Association. Only those who belong to the Association participate in its elections and receive its magazine. Alumni headquarters in Chapel Hill are at the Carolina Inn which serves as an alumni club- house. 4 36 jfr- NDRT Robert M. Hanes 111 A Herman Cone J. E. Millis Harold Cooley " Robert C. deRosset Lindsay C. Warren- Stanley Winborne VERSITY DF George Stephens Howard Holderness Collier Cobb, Jr. E. Earle Rives J. Marion Saunders OFFICERS George Stephens President Howard Holderness First Vice-President Collier Cobb, Jr Second Vice-President E. Earle Rives Athletic Council Representative J. Marion Saunders Executive Secretary - ! 38 ; NORTH CAROLINA Just as the state capitol has been the foun- tain head of the state in all its ramifications, so has the administration building served in the same capacity in directing the University. STUDENT CONTROL STUDENT CONTROL John Johnston Parker, Jr. President of the Student Body MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL John Johnston Parker President Fred Henry Weaver Vice-President Robert Nathaniel Magill Secretary William Warren Daniel Senior Representative Stuart Keith Eutsler Sophomore Representative W. Blount Rodman Law School Representative Charles Milton Crowell Pharmacy School Representative John Dent Summers Medical School Representative James Brown Craighill " Hold-Over " Member Jack D. Smith " Hold-Over " Member Craighill Magill Crowell Rodman Daniel Smith Eutsler Summers Fred H. Weaver Vice-President of the Student lody Student government at the University is a powerful and effective student democracy, a training ground for citizenship in that greater democracy in which ev ery student must soon play his or her part. Free from the control of the administration, gov- erned by no written constitution, and subject only to the will of a responsible and intelligent student body, student government has developed into one of the finest features of student life. Through the years it has grown slowly but steadily, adding to its responsibilities, and gradually and carefully molding its powers into a well balanced and efficient form of student government. Today, it has attained the unique position as reported by the General Board of Education upon a survey made of the University a few years ago, of more nearly approaching absolute student self-government than that of any other college in the nation. Weaver Upon the fundamental principle of honor rests the foundation and very existence of student gov- ernment. This principle of honor is realized in student government through an honor system, the work- ing formula to administer and maintain high standards of individual honor throughout student life. Under the honor system every student is on his honor not to cheat, lie, or steal. In case he should see another student doing so, he is on his honor to report such an offender to the Student Council. Within the jurisdiction of the Student Council comes not only breaches of honor, but also breaches of conduct, which are covered by the Campus Code under which every student is bound on his responsi- bility as a gentleman to conduct himself as such at all times and to see to it, insofar as possible, that his fellow students do likewise. The Student Council tries all breaches of the Honor System and the Campus Code reported to it, and in administering its disciplinary function, the Council attempts to be constructively corrective rather than punitive. To guide the Student Body to a higher concept of honor and to further the interest in stu- dent government is the Council ' s objective, and the attainment of it rests upon the active interest and cooperation of every member of the Student Body. John J. Parker, Jr. President of the Student Body. The Student Council Left to Right: Weaver, Crowell. Craighill, Smith, Parker, Magill, Eutsler, Summers, Rodman. The Publications Union Board Left to Right: Howell, Thorp. Gilmore. Allen, Lear, Heath. THE PUBLICATIONS UNION BO AMD The Publications Union Board exercises complete supervision over the four student publications — Yackety Yack, D.i 1) Tar Heel. Carolina Buccaneer, and Carolina Magazine. Five members and a Faculty Advisor compose it. Three of the members are students elected by the Student Body for one year terms, one representing the Senior Class, one the Junior Class, and one a representative of the Student Body at large. The remaining two are Faculty members, appointed by the Administration for terms of two years each. The Fac- ulty Advisor attends meetings, but has no vote. Financing and administration of the publications are directed by the Board. It appoints Business Managers and Managing Editors for all publications, awards contracts, and settles controversial matters within publication depart- ments. Membership of the Publications Union Board George G. Allen, Jr.. Senior Representative President Voit Gilmore, Representative at Large Secretary David J. Thorp, Junior Representative Treasurer Albert C. Howell Faculty Member Milton S. Heath Faculty Member J. O. Bailey Faculty Member J. Merritt Lear Faculty Advisor Term expired January 1, 1937. 1F ' L George G. Allen Voit Gilmore David J. Thorp NORTH CARDLIN, •° £ € £Lfik £L £ £mW cm fnfWI ' - ' mm U»u: lira, ii i m iL if roll Bv I 1 _ . ' 1 .. ! wl v iil vJU i F IiImM sawis The Interfraternity Council INTEMrMATEMNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS Henry Toole Clark President Edgar L. Green Secretary Bradford Lorin Tobey Treasurer MEMBERS Ben Franklin Royal Alpha Tan Omega John Griffith Johnson Beta Theta Pi Joseph Kimball Harriman Chi Phi R. F. Harward Chi Pa James Ferguson Finlay Delta Kappa Epsilon Isaac Warner Jeanes Delta Psi Kinion Proctor Kappa Alpha Ben Fletcher Fortune Kappa Sigma George William Flynt Lambda Chi Alpha Joseph Abraham Leinwand Phi Alpha Joe Grier Phi Delta The a William Warren Daniel Phi Gamma Delta Edgar L. Green Phi Kappa Sigma Fred W. Oxley Phi Kappa Alpha Louis Shaffner Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bradford Lorin Tobey Sigma Chi Henry Toole Clark Sigma Nu Jack Davison Sigma Phi Epsilon Joe H. Murnick Tau Epsilon Phi Walter Buffey Theta Kappa A 7 « Walter R. McGuire Theta Chi Philip Kind Zeta Beta Tau C A. Griffin, Jr Zeta Psi M n ■ ™ First row: Royal. Johnson. Harriman. Harward. Finlay. Jeans, Proctor. Fortune. Second row: Flynt. Leinwand. Grier. Daniel. Green. Oxley. Shaffner. Tobey. Third row; Clark, Davison, Murnick. Buffey. McGuire. Kind. Griffin. 4 ; v ,W 1 », , TM f D ZS, Board of Directors of Graham Memorial Bond Clark Davis Ellis Jordan McKee Parker Bradshaw Graham Comer DIRECTORS OF GRAHAM MEMORIAL OFFICERS Pete Ivey John J. Parker MEMBERS Niles Bond Albert Ellis Reuben Graham Henri- Clark Bud Hudson Hugh Dams Dean H. F. Comer . .Director of Graham Memorial .Chairman " I Board of Directors Don McKee Dean R. B. House Dean F. F. Bradshaw M. Saundi-rs - : m;- DRT The Graham Memorial THE STUDENT UNION Growth in American colleges and universities in the past twenty years has meant centering more at- tention on student self government and activities outside the classroom. This has not been to the detri- ment of the fundamentals of education, but contrarily, has been a tremendous help in modern liberal education. The more successful formulation of extra-curricular activities has occurred in approximately forty colleges and universities in the United States and Canada where student unions have been organized, many of them having buildings and activity programs for the express purpose of the useful allocation of lei- sure time. The Association of College Unions holds annual conventions; the sixteenth convention was held at Chapel Hill in 1935. Most of the student unions are in the larger Eastern and Middle Western in- stitutions. The Graham Memorial building, University Student Union, conceived as a memorial to Edward Kidder Graham, was opened in October, 1931, and finally dedicated to the use of the students on Jan- uary 29, 1932. The building serves as a social and activity center for the campus community. Graham Memorial is not solely a student organization but is a University rather than just an under- graduate center. It is the gathering place of students and faculty outside the classroom and the head- quarters of alumni and visitors. Ever) ' student of the University is a member of the Graham Memorial Union, and upon registra- tion pays S1.00 each quarter for privileges and membership. The Board of Directors is composed of the following members: The Dean of Administration, Dean of Students, Y.M.C.A. Secretary, President of the Alumni As- sociation, or a representative appointed by him, Secretary of the Alumni Association, President of the Student Body, Chairman, President of the Women ' s Association, Editor of the Daily Tar Heel, Presi- dents of the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes, representative from the Inter-Dormitory Council, and the President of the Interfraternity Council. -${45 J - The Campus Cabinet Seated: Hi ss. Parkkk, Ellis, Cbowell, Jordan, Allen, M. [acFarland, Rowland, Craig, Ivey, Sarratt, Rabb. Bobbitt. r, Weaver, McGlinn, Shafpner. CAMPUS CABINET John Parker OFFICERS . President Pete Ivey Secretary Fred Weaver Niles Bond Reuben Graham Henry Hudson Baxter Taylor John Frink George Steele T. P. Yeatman Don Wetherbee Nick Read Jane Ross Lola Reid Margaret Jordan Mamie Rose McGinnis Don McKee Henry Lewis Jim Daniel Julian Bobbitt Julien Warren Joe Patterson Ernest Louis Schaffner Randolph Rowland William A. Hart Paul Mickey George MacFarland Marvin Allen Frank McGlinn Jim Finlay Albert Ellis Henry Clark Vanderburgh Francis Campbell George Allen Charlie Crowell Reed Sarratt Stuart Rabb I. McNeill Smith Phil Kind Joe Grier Eugene Bricklemyer Bob Magill EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John Parker Chairman Joe Grier Niles Bond Nick Read Julian Warren Louis Shaffner Mac Smith The Campus Cabinet functions as a central steering committee for the Student Forum, and also as a discussion group representing all the various student activities. Its membership comprises the leaders in all the respective student control bodies, honorary groups, social orders, publications, and the class presidents. In addition there are a few members who, while holding no particular office, have taken an active part in campus affairs. The president of the student body is chairman of the Cabinet. The primary objective of the Campus Cabinet is to promote a democratic student government accord- ing to an integrated program, and to eliminate disconcerted efforts among the activities by providing a medium for coordination. Through the Campus Cabinet the concerted interests of all representative groups are brought to bear upon the problems of any particular group. Whereas the same coordinated action is provided for the student body as a whole through the medium of the Student Forum, compris- ing over one hundred representative students selected by the Cabinet. Through these two groups the special interests of particular activities and the interests of the gen- eral student body are merged, the upshot being a harmonious program of activities. { 46 } LA5 5E5 V N ' Perhaps nothing signifies the passing of time in Chapel Hill as does the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower. This is the clock that meas- ures out the hours in the four years of academic life. TO-DAY Ramsay Potts, Chief COMMENCEMENT MAMSHALS Andy Bershak |oe Patterson John McNeill Smith t »i it I Randy Berg N ick Read Stuart Rabb Mary Glover H 50 )lf NORT Every year the colleges and schools of North Carolina send forth graduates to take their places among the leaders of the State. SENIOR SENIOM CLASS OFFICERS Niles Woodbridge Bond President Charles W. Daniel Vice-President Joseph Patrick Derrickson Treasurer Joseph H. Murnick Secretary William Warren Daniel Student Council Representative EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Louis deSchweinitz Shaffner, Chairman Francis Wilson Campbell Allan Soloman Knott Herbert Paris Stallings Edwin Leonard Kahn Philip Kind, Jr. Benjamin Franklin Royal Alexander Reed Sarratt Joseph Williamson Grier Herbert F. Osterheld Robert Morris Gardiner Grover Murray, Jr. Ben Wyche, III Robert Williams Edward Lewis Herring EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE NORTH SENIOR CLASS HONOR COMMITTEE Marvin Allen Joe Grier William Lamm Louis Shaffner Julien Warren Robert E. Williams SENIOR COMMITTEES Dame Committee Julien Warren. Chairman Commencement Week Committee Joseph Grier, Chairman Regalia Committee Edwin Kahn, Chairman Budget Committee Allan Knott. Chairman u LMMEXCEMFAT 19 NILES BOND As an an resident of the Senior class Niles has come to be a leader in practically everything that has come up for discussion since he lu,s been in school. A member af the Grail and of the Golden Fleece. SENIOR CLASS Marcus Lafayette Aderholdt, Jr. lexington, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.] Cross Country (2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). A ge: 19 Raymond Baddour brooklyn, n. y. Warren Young Adkins marion, n, c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Herbert Edward Alderman new haven, conn. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. University Club; Boxing (2); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; Playmakers (2, 3, 4). E. Marvin Allen WILMINGTON, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S.— LL.B. Student Council (2, 3); University Dance Committee (4); Senior Honor Council; Vice-President Athletic Asso- ciation (3); President Monogram Club (4); Grail (2, }, 4). KS Arthur Stanley Ballard chapel hill, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Education Donald Clark Ballou chapel hill, n. c. Age: 26 Degree: B.S. in Commerce German Club. John Frank Barber asheville, n. c Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Medicine George G. Allen, Jr. KANNAPOLIS, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. President Publications Union Board (4) ; Yackety Yack (2, 3); Buccaneer (2, 3, 4); University Club; Ger- man Club. K2 Age: Ross Guerard Allen SAVANNAH, GA. William Johnston Barbour chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Henry Franklin Barnes elm city, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Degree: A.B. Age: 20 George Andrew Anderson yancf.yville, n. c. Degree: A.B. in Journalism Tar Heel (2); Phi Assembly (1). George Warren Barrett ponce, puerto rico Age: 21 Degree: A.B. James Wilson Austin waxhaw, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in History Joseph Robert Barrett elizabeth city, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. r M i 1? : % ? i r i tA, a M. L. ADEKHOI.DT. JR. IV. V. ADKINS R. BADDOUB A. S. BALLARD ti$A]M H. E. ALDERMAN E. M. ALLEN G. A. ANDERSON J. W. AUSTIN V. .1. BARBOUR H. F. BARNES G. W. BARRETT J. R. BARRETT - { 55 { - DICK DASHIELL After four years of foot- ball, not to mention- several excursions into the has. ball diamond, Dick h name for himst It writer and is nov. by the Durham I SENIOR CLASS Raiford Douglas Baxlev wagram, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); De- bate Squad (1). AKK Age: 21 Thomas Reynolds Bell rockingham, n. c. Edward Perry Benbow, Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Zoology David Parker Bennett asheville, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Track ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Cross Country ( 1 ) ; Director of Car- olina Salon Ensemble; University Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Uni- versity Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4). Van Boying Bennett burnsville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Julius Berger wilmington, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Stuart Blow edenton, n. c. Age: 20 •1-liK Julian Daniel Bobbitt rocky mount, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Class Executive Committee (2, 3); Honor Committee (3); Tennis (1); Y.M.C.A. (1); Buccaneer (1, 2), Man- aging Editor (3), Editor (4); University Club; Carolina Magazine ( 3 ) . Edward Charles Bodenheimer parkton, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Niles Woodbridge Bond lexington, mass. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. President of Senior Class; University Dance Committee (3) ; University Club; Daily Tar Heel (2) ; Business Mana- ger Buccaneer (3); Phi Assembly (1); President Foreign Policy League (3); Interdormitory Council (3); Golden Fleece (3, 4); Grail (2, 3, 4); Amphoterothen ; Student Activities Committee. Allan Baker Bonner kinston, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Wrestling (1, 2, 3), Captain (4). I X Age: 20 John Frederick Bosch charleston, s. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Jack Calhoun Bower lexington, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce University Club; Phi Assembly (2) ; Cross Country (2) ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4); Secretary of Class (2); Uni- versity Dance Committee Chairman (3); German Club. Frank Samuel Bowne hendersonville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Cross Country (1) ; Fencing (2, 3, 4) ; University Band; University Symphony Orchestra. BOYDEN BRAWLEY SALISBURY, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: A.] Max Vernell Bray siler city, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce 1937 -•$ 56 )3 R. I). BAXLEY T. R. BKI.L V. B. BENNETT J. BERGER : E. C. BODENHEIMER N. W. BOND J. D. BOBBITT AjM Al i! A. B. BONNER J. F. BOSCH J. C. BOWER F. S. BOWNE B. BR AW LEY M. V. BRAY -$57)3 -- GRAHAM GAMMON Aside from his devotion tit track Graham Im writ- ten several articles 1 r the Carolina Magazine. He also made literary efforts for Phil Hammer ' s paper, hut neither writing nor S. A. K. COUld k, I ;. Inn, from maknul in, enviable record ,,, track and cross country. Age: 20 SENIOR CLASS Arnold Breckenridge chapel hill, n. c. Degree: A.B. Ray Everett Brown shelby. n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Age: Raymond Brick new york, n. y. Degree: A.B. Walter Franklin Brown charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Age: 21 nivA Edward Knox Britt mt. airy, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Janie Mallory Brut marion, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Dramatics Glee Club (3, 4); Playmakers (3, 4). 20 James Asa Bruton west end, n. c Degree: A.B. in Chemistry University Club; Interdormitory Council (3). Paul Ernest Buck bald mountain, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce 2X Edward Marquette Broadhurst mt. olive, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering American Society of Chemical Engineers (3, 4), Secre- tary-Treasurer (4). Richard D. Buck CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Geology Football (1, 2, 3), Captain (4). Harold Broady lowell, mass. Age: 21 Daily Tar Heel (1, 2); Track (1, 2, 3, 4). Degree: A.B. !); Wrestling (1, Claude Walter Brown charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce YACKETY Yack (1, 2), Division Editor (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; German Club (4) ; Tennis (1). Margaret Lucinda Brown asheville, n. c. Degree: A. Walter H. Buffey ELIZABETH, N. J. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Track (1); Class Exec- utive Committee (1); University Band (2, 3, 4); Univer- sity Orchestra (2, 3, 4). MA- 9KN Edgar William Bullard gastonia, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B.— LL.B. Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3); Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Rupert Edison Bullard roseboro, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy 1937 YACKETY YACK a. bkeckkxriix;k I-.. K. 11KIII J. M. HKITT R. E. Iil ' LLARD BOB GARDINER A man of muni meetings. A Delta Psi from PhilacU I phia and a track man through and through. In the Amphoterothen and in the Senior Class Executive Committee Bob and his pipe have become part and par- cel of the scene. SENIOR CLASS Age: 24 »e: 20 KKr Age: 22 Phillip A. Burchett NEW YORK, N. V. Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering Virginia Gordon Burd deal, n. j. Paschal Buford Burks chapel hill, n. c. Degree: A.B. Degree: A.B. James Whealton Carmichael greensboro, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Track (1, 2, 3); Interdormitory Council (2, 3). James Dickson Carr wilmington, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Amphoterothen ; Gorgon ' s Head ; Minataurs ; German Club. 2AE James Edwin Byerly lexington, n. c. »e: 19 Degree: A.B. in Music University Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (3. 4). t UA Bryan Caldwell charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B Y.M.C.A. (1) ; German Club. 2N; BK John Strong Calvert, Jr. raleigh, n. c. Degree: A.B. Foreign Policy League. A6 MONTFORT BOYLAN CARR WOODMERE, L. I., N. Y. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. University Dance Committee (4); Daily Heel (1, 2, 3) ; University Club; Gimghoul ; Amphoterothen; Sheiks; Vice-President German Club (4). Eugene Russel Cate chapel hill, n. c. ge: 21 Degree: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. George Henry Cates mebane, n. c. se: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Francis Wilson Campbell wallace, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Electrical Engineering Class Executive Committee (3, 4); University Dance Committee (4) ; Vice-Chairman of American Institute of Electrical Engineers (4); Cheerleader (1, 2, 3, 4); Uni- versity Club; Interdormitory Council (3, 4); Y.M.C.A.; Carolina Engineers (2, 3). Age: 21 Age: 20 Wade Leonard Cavin troutman, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Charles Clifton Chamness blenheim, s. c. Age: 21 MX Earl Uel Capps fayetteville, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Age: 21 Harry Willard Cherry draper, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce CK P. A. BURCHETT W. CARMICHAEL J. D. CARR G. H. GATES W. L. CAVIN «J ]■. n. nriiK Ift tw,fc C. C. CHAXIXESS H. IV. CHERRY - C{ 61 )• - ARCHIE HENDERSON For four years, and long h. fon . Archu has • aten a path to the tennis courts. One of the best men on the Carolina team. We ' ll all re- member fiis umbrella. SENIOR CLASS Henry Toole Clark, Jr. scotland neck, n. c. Age: 18 Degree: A.B. President of Interfraternity Council (4); Student Union Board of Directors (4) ; Student Advisory Committee (4); Golf (1, 3, 4); Football (1); Leader Fall German ' s (2); Senior Dance Committee; Di Senate (2). BK; AEA; ZN Harold Miller Cole carthage, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Class Executive Committee (4) ; Interdormitory Coun- cil (3); Dance Leader Junior-Senior ' s (3). Robert Leake Steele Cole rockingham, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Buccaneer (1) ; German Club. ■EFA Hugh Thomas Conley marion, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce UK A A. Hal Cornwell LAWNDALE, N. C. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy President of Pharmacy School (4). KM ' Charles Lee Corpening lenoir, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry Coram Ernest Correll chapel hill, n. c. £ e: 20 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry George Clarence Courtney, Jr. lenoir, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Economics Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Business Manager (4) ; Univer- sity Drum Major (1, 2, 3, 4) ; German Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dance Leader Mid-Winter ' s (4). Earl Beardsley Connell warrenton, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Monogram Club (4) ; Wrestling ( 1 ) ; Track (2, 3, 4) ; Dormitory Council (4). John William Conner ocean city, md. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce l til T.n Heel (2); German Club; " 13 " Club. 2N Ruth Carolyn Covington fayettfville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Age: 21 UK A L. D. T. Cox, Jr. morganton, n. c. Degree: A.B. in Journalism B. Randolph Cooner ASHEVILLE, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Football (1. 2. 3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4). AKE Age: 21 Ruth Winifrfd Craig durham, n. c. Degree: A.B. Mildred Ivy Copland burlington, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in History 6 - Virginia Lee Cross youngstown, ohio Degree: B.S. in Public Administration YACK [ { H. T. CLARK. JR. E. B. COXNELL A. H. CORXWELL H. M. COLE J. W. COXXER C. L. CORPEXIXG $-1 R. L. S. COLE H. T. CONLEY B. R. COIIXF.R M. I. COPLAXD C. E. CORRF.I.L G. C. COURTXEV. JR. R. C. COVIXGTOX L. D. T. COX. JR. R. W. CRAIG V. L. CROSS S 63 } MARY LINDSAY Though she is a psychol ogy major and o member of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, Lindsay has been one of the most popular co- eds that ever hit Chapi I Bill. SENIOR CLASS Joseph B. Crawford GOLDSBORO, N. C. Age: 19 AEA- 2X Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Lemuel Underwood Creech smithfield, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Football (1). X Phyllis Eveline Creedv chapel hill, n. c. Age: Degree: A.B. Charles Milton Crowell norwood, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Student Council (4). K ; PX Ruth Worth Crowell newton. n. c. Age: 18 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Daih Tar Heel (3, 4); Carolina Magazine (4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); American Student Union (3, 4). AKX Xfi Cecil Bruce Culbreth favetteville, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Interdormitory Council (4) ; Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Uni- versity Band (2, 3, 4). I M A Grey Culbreth steadman, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Electrical Engineering Harry Lee Currin northside, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Charles William Daniel durham, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Vice-President of Senior Class; Class Executive Com- mittee (1, 2, 3); Interdormitory Council (2); Daily Tai Heel (1, 2) ; Buccaneer (1, 2) ; Carolina Magazine (l, 2) ; Dance Leader Junior-Seniors (3); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). James Manly Daniel lexington, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Vice-President of Junior Class; Treasurer of Publica- tions Union Board (2); Carolina Magazine (1, 2, 3), Editor (4). BK ; K2 John Wright Daniel WILSON, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1); Y.M.C.A. (1); Uni- versity Symphony. William Warren Daniel WILSON, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (2); Interfraterniry Council (4) ; Student Council (4) ; Cross Country (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Track (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club; University Club; " 13 " Club. AEA; ' I ' TA Lydia Brawner Daniels chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Treasurer of Woman ' s Athletic Association (2); YaCKETY Yack (1, 2) ; Carolina Magazine (2) ; Dail) Tat Heel (A). nB Frederick Knowles Dashiell chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Football (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (1, 2) ; Monogram Club. AKE Angus Ferguson Davis waxhaw. n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering ' BK; TBII Graham Bernard Davis wilmington, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. Class Executive Committee (2); Daily Tar Heel (1); Yackety Yack (2); Carolina Magazine (1, 2); Phi Assembly (1, 2). ■ 64 }■ - YACK C. W. DANIEL J. M. DAM J. W. DANIEL W. W. DANIEL F. K. DASIIIEI.L A. F. DAVIS G. B. DAVIS 65 ; - JOE MURNICK A successful boxer, and a Tar Heel n iid Yackety Yack mini. That WOS haw Joe spent his time for four years. Then, too, he crashed through and was elected Secretary of tit Senior Class. SENIOR CLASS Hugh Mi lton Davis winston-salem, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering University Club; Secretary of Interdormitory Council (4) ; Secretary of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (3); Student Advisory Committee (4); University Band (1, 2, 3, 4). Nannie Louise Davis goldsboro, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Secretary of Woman ' s Association (3); Treasurer of Woman ' s Athletic Association (3); President of Co-ed Class (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4). AKX; XQ Walter Burke Davis. Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Daily Tar Heel (4). IIK ' I- William Kearny Davis winston-salem, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. University Club; Gimghoul ; Track (1); German Club; Sheiks. .IKE; BK Paul McNeelv Deaton statesville. n. c. Degree: B.S. in Medicine Age: 22 Age: 19 Age: 21 Catherine Olive De Carlo yonkers, n. c. Degree: A.B. in Law Anita de Monseigle belmar, n. j. Degree: A.B. Vice-President of Woman ' s Association (4). AI T. AKA- II B Joseph Patrick Derrickson kennett square, pa. ge: 21 Degree: A.B. Treasurer of Class (4). Oscar Paul Dickinson wilson, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.] Lewis Belton Doggett forest city, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S.— LL.l George Loris Dover shelby, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Carolina Magazine (3, 4); V.M.C.A. (3, 4). William Anderson Dowling new canaan, conn. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1, 3). X LeVerne Dunham geneseo, n. y. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Wally Gamewell Dunham winston-salem, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Education Football (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Boxing (1,2,3); Basketball (1) ; Student-Faculty Day Committee. John DeNoia ROME, N. Y. Age: 25 Degree: A.B. in Education Football (1). Ralph Lane Durham LOMAX, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. ; 66 ; - H. M. DAVIS P. McN. DEATON J. P. DERRICKSON N. L. DAVIS C. 0. DE CARLO 0. P. DICKINSON W. B. DAVIS, JR. W. K. DAVIS A. de MONSEIGLE J. DeNOIA uM± mA L. B. DOGGETT G. L. DOVER M . A. DOWLING LeV. DUNHAM W. G. DUNHAM R. L. DURHAM -4 67 }fr- MAX NOVICH Probably known best for lis punch and power in the ing and as a semi-finalist in the Olympic tryouts. Pro- moter of several vacation excursions to Yankee land. With it all a good student. SENIOR CLASS Ralph David Eichorn new york, n. y. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Freshman Adviser (4); Track (1, 4); Cross Country (1, 4); Playmakers (2); Daily Tar Heel (l); Carolina Magazine (2). Alice Lavinia Eidson chapel hill, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Arnold Daniel Ellison charleston, s. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Government University Band (3, 4). JUANITA CHOSTNEC ELLZEY CARRBORO, N. C. Age: 29 Degree: A.B. Playmakers (3, 4) . John Van Gaasbeek Elmendorf woodbridge, conn. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee ( 1 ) ; American Student Un- ion; Yackety Yack (4); Fencing (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2) ; German Club. f BK John Raymond Erickson chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Frank Wyttenbach Ewbank hendersonville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering AX2 Wyatt Patrick Exum goldsboro, n. c. Age: 22 K2 Degree: A.B. John Deaver Farmer wilmington, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Medicine AKK Anne Fauntleroy charleston, s. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Secretary Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; American Student Union (4); Cosmopolitan Club (3); Human Relations In- stitute Committee. Xfi Joseph David Feldman new york, n. y. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4). Oscar James Fenegan, Jr. lajjrinburg, n. c. Age: 18 Degree: A.B. James Ferger cincinnati, ohio Age: 24 Degree: A.B. Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. Edward Benjamin Ferguson, Jr. greenville, n. c. Age: 25 Degree: A.B. in Psychology 2N James Frank Ferrell asheville, n. c Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Medicine James Ferguson Finlay chattanooga, tenn. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Interfraternity Council (3); Track (1, 2, 3), Captain (4); Grail (2, 3), President (4); Monogram Club; Gim- ghoul ; Sheiks; German Club. ARE ACK J. D. FARMER A. FAUXTI.EROY F. W. EWHAXK W. P. EXUM J. FERGER E. II. FF.RCI ' SOX. .IK. .1. F. FEKKEI.L J. F. FIXLAY - { 69 fr- DON McKEE The Tar Bet l ' t believes in stin campus to a l edge of its ow ings. An advocate of more co-eds " ml liberal educa- tion. J consistent and con- scientious leader. SENIOR CLASS Joseph Jerome Fisher houstonville. n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Commerce President of Junior Class; Boxing (1, 2, 3, 4); Mono- gram Club (2, 3, 4) ; Senior Dance Committee. Age: 21 ISHI1 Joseph Reid Fletcher winston-salem, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce George William Flvnt winston-salem, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Public Administration Class Executive Committee (1, 3) ; University Club; In- terfraternity Council (3, 4); Junior Dance Committee; Senior Dance Committee; Manager Boxing Team (4) ; Uni- versity Dance Committee (4). AX A John Westlake Frink chapel hill, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Geology Phi Assembly ( 1, 2); Yackety Yack. (2); Chairman American Student Union (4); Basketball Manager (1). 2TE John Robert Frye asheville, n. c. ;e: 19 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry University Band (1. 2, 3, 4). AX2 John Richard Fulghum goldsboro, n. c Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry AT ' .i Julia Rice Folsom tampa. fla. Age: 20 Degree: A.B Glee Club (3, 4) ; Playmakers (3, 4). II Btf Benjamin Fletcher Fortune greensboro, n. c Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Zoology Abol Hassan Fotouhi tabriz, iran Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Di Senate ( 1 ) . BK Howard Spencer Fox asheboro, n. c Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy AX Dexter Lynn Freeman ellerbe. n. c Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Robert Francis Furchgott florence, s. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry Archibald Henderson Medal in Mathematics. Adrian Eure Galloway BOLIVIA, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Brice Belmont Gambill jefferson, n. c. Age: 25 Degree: A.B. David Worth Gamble waxhaw, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Education Edgar Graham Gammon charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Buccaneer (3); Daily Tar Heel (3); Track (1, 2. 3, 4); Cross Country (1. 2, 3), Captain (4); Secretary Mon- ogram Club (4). 2AE -4{ 70 }¥ YAC J. J. FISHER .1. R. FLETCHER B. F. FORTUNE A. H. FOTOUHI G. W. FI.VXT J. R. FOLSOM -? m , . ' H. S. FOX A. E. GALLOWAY B. B. GAMBILL D. W. GAMBLE E. G. GAMMON -,:|7li - JOHN PARKER The Judge, besides hav- ing a capable finger in ut- most every pie mi the rum- pus, made one of the best presidents nf the student body tlmt ire hnrr i e, r had. Iii spite of nil his other work, Julie tens an nee stu- dent. SENIOR CLASS Robert Morris Gardiner germantown, pa. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. University Club; Class Executive Committee (4) ; Track (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Cross Country ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club; Amphoterothen; Grail; Foreign Policy League (2, 3, 4). John Walton Garrett danville, va. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Interfraternity Council (4) ; Assistant Leader May Frol- ics (3). bk- Ben Thomas E. Gatewood WADESBORO. N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce 11 K John Maurice Geary greensboro, n. c. ge: 2(1 Degree: A.B. in Zoology SAG D ' Arcy Roscoe George white plains, n. y. Age: 23 2rE Degree: John Ebert Gibson gibson, n. c. B.S. in Ge Dlogy Age: 21 Degree: B.S. M ilton Reynolds Gibson raleigh, n. c. , Jr. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Harry Derrick Giles danville. va. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry 2N Ivan Maxwell Glace, Jr. harrisburg, pa. 23 Degree: B.S. in Civil Engineering :x Francis Thorton Glenn asheville, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Boxing ( 1 ) ; Track ( 1 ) . Thomas Bynon Gold shelby, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Tennis (2, 3, 4). E. G. Goodman LELAND, N. C. e: 20 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Class Executive Committee (2, 3). Sidney Gordon • brooklyn, n. y. Age: 20 Degree: A.i Hillel Cabinet. a En John Lewis Gouger mooresville, n. c. t e: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Nevin Daniel Graham hamlet, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Edward Price Grant warrenton, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. President of Dormitory (4) ; Interdormitory Council (2, 3, 4); Baseball (1). -C{ 72 j? - 37 YAC ETY YACK A+M 4 D ' A. R. GEORGE J. E. GIBSON " M. R. GIBSON, JR. H. D. GILES N. D. GRAHAM E. P. GRAM - { 73 } - BEX ROYAL j a prodx land t f military ct o) the sum Morehead and life of " the am to Caroli- na nod was mi A.T.O. He got t be one of the Intt r fraternity Council and an ari politician. SENIOR CLASS Mary Elizabeth Greene drexel, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Thomas Williams Greene ahoskie, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce 9KJS Mary Agnes Gregg eutawville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. KA6 Joseph Williamson Grier charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Treasurer of Class (1); Class Executive Committee (1, 2, 4) ; University Club; Interfraternity Council (4) ; Yack- ETY Yack (2); Tennis (I, 2, 3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (1 2. 3. 4) ; Sheiks; Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4) ; German Club. j 9 Cicero Hunt Groome greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club. Robert Paul Guarino high point, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers ; Football ( 1 ) ; Basketball (1). BK John Byron Hackett roselle park, n. j. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Commerce ex Nelson George Hairston mocksville, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Zoology Cross Country (1, 3); Track (1, 3); Monogram Club; German Club; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 2N Clarence Griffin, Jr. rocky mount, n. c Age: 20 Degree: B.S.— LL.B. Interfraternity Council (4); Gimghoul; German Club Br2 ; Z Irvin Clifford Griffin williamston, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce John Franklin Griffin rocky mount. n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Horace Emerson Hamilton chapel hill. n. c. Aye: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Peggy Hampton asheville, n. c. Age: 21 Decree: A.B. X!. ' Herschel Springfield Harkins asheville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B— LL.l J _ie Junius Daniel Grimes, Jr. washington, n. c. Degree: B.S— LL.B. Thompson Ritner Harlow raleigh, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.l Interdormitory Council; University Band (1. 2, 3, 4). -- ;{ 74 fr- 3 3 7 El YA C K M. E. GRKKXK T. W. GREENE M. A. ;itK( ; ; J. w. GRIER C. GRIFFIN, JR. I. C. GRIFFIN J. F. GRIFFIN J. D. GRIMES. JR. N. G. HAIRSTON H. E. HAMILTON 1 ' . HAMPTON T. R. HARLOW - { 75 fc- FRED WEAVER From the days win n In was a nu mber nf this wor- thy publication. Fred has led this campus. ll has r. ived ' very honor that In fellow studi nts can give hin and he lt si rves tin m all. SENIOR CLASS Age: 21 AKF. William Almon Hart, II TARBORO, N. C. Degree: B.S. Franklin Harward raleigh, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Interfraternity Council (4); Dail) Tar Heel (1, 2, 3); Carolina Magazine (3) ; Phi Assembly (1). Mary Crittenden Havnsworth greenville, s. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Playmakers (3, 4). Bunn Hearn, Jr. wilson, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Geology Age: 23 Age: 21 S BK Age: 21 Claude E. Hobbs, Jr. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Horace Havden Hodges chapel hill. n. c. Degree: B.S. in Medicine James Edward Hogan ellerbe, n. c. Degree: A.B. in Education WlLLARD REVELLE HoLLINGSWORTH WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Buccaneer ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; German Club; Assistant Leader Sophomore Germans; Minataurs. 2N Leo George Helliwell charlotte, n. c. Degree: B.S.— LL.B. Sidney Holt graham. n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Archibald Henderson, Jr. chapel hill, n. c Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4); Di Senate. 2N Edward Lewis Herring favetteville, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Age: 20 Murray Honeycutt lexington, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Robert Cooke Howison, Jr. raleigh, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B— LL.B. Yackety Vack (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Phi Assem- bly ( 1 ) ; German Club; Dance Leader Fall Dances (4). I HK; ZN Richard Hilton Hicks rocky mount, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. University Club; Buccaneer (2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club; Commencement Marshal (3) ; German Club. Charles Crump Hudson, Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce German Club, null 1 1 76 ! 1937 YACKF YACK W. A. HART. II F. 1 1 AH WARD C. E. HOBBS. JR. II. II. HllIICKS M. HOXEYCUTT R. C. HOWISOX. JR. C. C. HUDSON - . JR. -h5{77) - DON WETHEKBEE Mil ' -;» tO the Hiltll Psi ' S mill III, Delta Pai ' s contribution U the I ' ln Beta Kappa ' s via presidency. A capable jour nalist and a stalwart of Phil Hammer ' s regime, he editorship of the Tar Heel by -■ fusing to Ive in poli- tics. SENIOR CLASS Thomas Henderson Humphries asheville, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S.— LL.B. Buccaneer (3, 4). noii Walter Skellie Hunt, Jr. thomasville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Track (1, 2, 3); Cross Country (1); University Band (1, 2, 3); Vice-President of Medical Class. UKt Hill McIver Hunter greensboro, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering James Alexander Hutchins wtnston-salem, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (3); Football (I, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2) ; Tennis (1). 2X Isaac Warner Jeanes. II VILLA NOVA. PA. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4) ; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; German Club; Amphoterothen ; Gimghoul. AM ' Charles Osborne Jeffress greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Golf (1); Carolina Political Union; Sheiks. -12 II ; BOII Edwin Bedford Jeffress, Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Manager of Tennis Team (3, 4); University Orchestra (1, 2); Carolina Political Union; Minataurs. A2II; B9II Robert Lathan Jenkins, Jr. statesville, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. AX 2 Albert Pennington Hyde new haven. gonn. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Boxing (1). Tl ' .II Age: Walter Fenvctck Illman greensboro, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Chemistry George Ballard Ingle asheville, n. c. Degree: A.B. Bernice Elaine Irwin bradley beach. n. j. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Public Administration Y.W.C.A. (4) ; Glee Club (4). 1A Roberts Harrell Jernigan, |r. ahoskie, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Dail) Tar Heel (4). 2N Jesse Clark Johnson Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. John Griffith Johnson winston-salem, n. c Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Interfraternity Council (4); University Club; German Club; Gorgon ' s Head; Grail; Dance Manager Finals (4). BOII John Henry Johnson wilkesboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce University Band (1, 2, 3, 4). •} 78 ; A. P. HYDE I. W. JEANES, II W. F. II. I, MAN C. 0. JEFFRESS R. 11. JERNIGAN, JR. J. C. JOHNSON j. g. joiin II. JOHN ' SiiN -« ( 79 } - TREZ YEATMAX As Chairman of the Hu- man Relations Institute he fins worked hard tn make it the most successful since 1 ■ ygUyl a its inception. As a Sigma Xh Mr. Trez has Income prominent in the Y. M. C. I . and " il " t " i ' ' " " zations. SENIOR CLASS R.OGER MONTFORT JONES GREENSBORO, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Daily Tar Heel (4); Debate Squad (4); Phi Assembly (4). Eli Thomas Joyner farmville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3), Business Manager (4) ; Y.M.- CA. (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Yack (1); Carolina Maga- zine (2); Phi Assembly (1); Business Manager of Fresh- man Handbook (2). A9 Edwin Leonard Kahn charlotte, n. c. Age: 18 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1, 4) ; Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4); Foreign Policy League (1, 2, 3, 4); Dialectic Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Hillel Cabinet. BK Horace Jackson Kee gumberry, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Treasurer of Pharmacy School (4). I ' X; ' I ' AX John W . Kendrick GREENSBORO, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1, 2) ; Di Senate (1, 2, 4) ; Mary D. Wright Medal (2). 2A William Perry Kephart greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Engineering Wrestling (1, 2, 3); University Club; American Socie- ty of Mechanical Engineers (3, 4), President (4); Mono- gram Club. i;x Langdon Che vis Kerr, Jr. clinton, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 2N Josephine Deliworth Kessler philadelphia, pa. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Glee Club (3); Librarian (4). Jonathan Claude Kimrey high point, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Philip Kind jenkintown. pa. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1, 2, 3, 4), Chairman (3, 4) ; University Club; Interfraternity Council; Interdormitory Council (2); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Monogram Club; Caro- lina Political Union, President (4) ; Foreign Policy League; Dialectic Senate; Daily Tar Heel (1, 2) ; Cross Country (3, 4); Track (3, 4). ZBT Edward Zahm King, Jr. wilmington, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Odell King chapel hill. n. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Football (1) ; Wrestling (1) ; Baseball (1). Jeremiah Jerry Kisner dorchester, mass. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1, 2, 3); LIniversity Club; Buccaneet (1, 2, 3, 4); Yackety Y ck (1, 2, 3); Daily Tar Heel (3, 4) ; University Band (1, 2, 3, 4). Joseph Mordecai Kittner weldon, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: B.S— LL.B. Allan Solomon Knott oxford, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Class Executive Committee ( 1 ) ; Interdormitory Council (4), Treasurer (3) ; Commencement Marshal (3) ; German Club; Student Advisory Board of Student Welfare Board. Age Douglas J. Koontz WELCOME, N. C. Degree: B.S. in Commerce YACKETY YACK p i R. M. JOXKS E. T. JOYNEK L. C. KERR. JR. J. D. KESSLER J. C. KIMREY E. Z. KING, JR. I. M. KITTNER A. S. KNOTT D. J. KOUMY — «{ 81 } - MARVIN ALLEN Took over thi president , of the Athletic Association a powerful campus body Whi n not on the truck, hi mild be found at sin, I, ,,. Com, • ■till or GEORGE ALLEN j a former member f Vn Ki iv Vu k, he b( ■ President of the P. V. rd. Kappa Sigma ' s gift in publications and to SENIDR CLASS Joseph Thomas Kornegav DOVER, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Nancy Zollicoffer Kyser thomasville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Treasurer Woman ' s Association (4) ; Glee Club (3, 4) ; Stray Greek Club (3, 4). AAII William Thomas Lamm, Jr. wilson. n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Class Honor Council (4); Dance Leader (2); German Club, Executive Committee (4); Varsity Baseball Manager (4). 1 ' A Leslie Lane, Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry Samuel Patterson Lane sanford. n. c. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Jessie Catledge Langdale valdosta, ga. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Drama Playmakers (3, 4). James Roy Lawing asheville, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce ' HiK Brs Clarence Elmer Leake, Jr. greensboro, n. c. ;e: 20 Degree: A.B •i r_ Mildred Earnest LeFevre chevy chase, md. Age: 2 1 Degree: A.l Dail) I .u Heel Business Staff (4). II B Abraham Joseph Leinwand whiteville, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Sidney Levine melrose, mass. Age: 2 1 ■m:k Degree: A.B. Leonard Sidney Leyttch asheville, n. c Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry D.til) Tat Heel (4); American Student Union; Student Directory Staff (4). TIM ' Leon Marcus Levitt brooklyn, n. y. Age: Degree: A.B. Henry Wilkins Lewis jackson, n. c Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Yackety Yack (1), Division Editor (2), Managing Editor (3), Editor (4); University Club; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Class Executive Committee (2, 3); Phi Assembly (1, 2); Interdormitory Council (3); Student Activities Committee (4); German Club; Foreign Policy League; Campus Cabi- net (4) ; League of Nations Association. ato Paul Cameron Lindley, Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age. 2 1 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Manager of Football (4); Monogram Club; Minataurs; German Club; Phi Assembly (3, 4). ARE Mary Lindsay ST. PAULS, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Public Administration Daily Tar Heel (4); Yackety Yack (4); American Student L ' nion ; Y.W.C.A : Fencing; Archery Manager (4); Stray Greek; Dail) Tar Heel Business Staff (4). AA9 -4. 82 )? - UCK J. T. KORNEGAY X. Z. KVSF.K V. T. LAMM. .IK. L. LANE. .IK. S. P. LANE J. f. LAXODALE J. R. L AWING C. E. LEAKE. .IK. M. E. LeFEVRE A. .1. I.EINWAND I., .s. LEVIKTI L. M. LEVITT H. W. LEWIS P. C. LINDLEY. JR. M. LINDSAY -€{ S3 ;. BRYAN CALDWEL1 o) tht V. E. ntr buttons to Sigma Nu. .1 prime socialite but he still had tinu to maki Phi Be ta Kappa. Knows all the fe- males at Sweet Briar and keeps the road to the Qui n City burning every week- end. .JULIAN BOBBITT Pilot of the Buccaneer and a true Dlil Easter. Bos con- sist nihi been present nt all rumpus affairs unil hasn ' t missed it dance since his SENIOR CLASS Age: 21 BK Dan Lipschutz rockawav park. n. y. Degree: B.S. in Engineering Nathan Lipscomb greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. President of Freshman Class; Football (1). 2X Paul Hanna Livingston laurel hill, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Dormitory Council (3, 4) ; Playmakers. Age: 20 Age: Age: 27 Mary Horton Lloyd chapel hill, n. c. Degree: A.B. Frank A. Longest ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Aldred Walter Lowe aulander, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Jack Lynch rutherfordton, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Ridgeway Trimble Lynch asheville, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce BHII William Francis Lynch hillsboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Milton Arthur Lyons west end, n. c Age: 23 Degree: B S Ned McAllister durham, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Yackety Yack (1, 2, 3, 4), Business Manager (3, 4) ; Buccaneer (I, 2); Dormitory Council (2); Treasurer of Publication Union Board (3); Student Entertainment Com- mittee (3, 4); German Club; Gorgon ' s Head. AKE Alfred Clarence McCall marion, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Engineering Interfraternity Council (3); American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers (1, 2 , 3), Chairman (4); Band (1, 2. 3, 4). iik a Lester Whaba McCarn kannapolis, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3), Captain (4); Grail ; Monogram Club. William Shields McClelland charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Journalism KA Joseph Thomas McCullen clinton, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Frank C. P. McGlinn PHILADELPHIA, PA. Aye: 22 Degree: A.B. Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3), Speaker (4); Foreign Policy League (1, 2); Carolina Political Union, Chairman (4); Y.M.C.A. (1); Amphoterothen; German Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; League of Nations Committee. •Ill K ' . AKE «4 : - KETY YACK D. LIPSCHUTZ . LIPSCOMB P. II. LIYIXGSTOX M. H. LLOYD F. A. LONGEST A. V. I.oWF, R. T. LYXC ' H L. W. McCAKX w. s. McClelland I. Mrl I I LEN F. C. P. McGLINN ■ -; 85 - JIMMY CARR .4 bridge playing bar who was tin intra-1 football tii ml. Sociall commutes bt twet n the •;. house and the Got Hi ml lodge. JACK CAY Moose " ra, ■i hU ran ler Ikii ' ku iinls. his hand ni f i-i si, n tics nml tin •a likt A. E. ' s iih llll il d ma rs and i sin died one : unlike he didn ' t Im n t, Gin ighouls i in, ■ fit hiii, one of tli c rhc SENIOR CLASS Jeannette Curtis McIntire asheville, n. c. ;e: 20 Degree: B.S. in Public Administration Glee Club (3, 4). X Age: 21 Charles McIver greensboro, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Football (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club (3, 4). Don Kennedy McKee chapel hill, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3), Editor (4) ; Editor of Fresh- man Handbook (3); Carolina Magazine (1, 2); Golden Fleece. Ernest Lyndon McKee, Jr. SYLVA, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Varsity Basketball Manager (4) ; University Club; Ger- man Club; Minataurs; Gorgon ' s Head. 2N Age: 19 2A Age: 23 George Francis McKendry new canaan, conn. Degree: A.B.— LL.l George Woodrow McLean raeford, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy James Bryan McMillan mcdonald, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Daily Tar Heel (3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Debating (3, 4) ; Debate Council (4). Age: 19 Charles McNatt salemburg, n. c. James Strange McNeill fayetteville, n. c. h Roberts McIntosh Age: 21 MARS HILL, N. C. BOII Degree: A.B. Degree: A.B. Degree: A.B. George Cyrus MacFarland charlotte, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2), Secretary (3), President (4); Class Executive Committee (1, 2, 3); Grail; University Dance Committee (4) ; Treasurer of Sophomore Class; University Club; President of Foreign Policy League; Student Audit Board; Student Entertainment Committee (4); Amphoter- othen. BK John Arthur Macphee canton. n. y. Age: Degree: A.B. Y.M.C.A. 9KN Samuel Branson Marley, Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in History John Arthur Marsh high point, n. c Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Engineering A Tii Claude Cleveland Martin, Jr. charlotte. n. c. Aye: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Interdormitory Council (2); University Band (1, 3); Graham Award. ■H1K Yates Webb Mason gastonia, n. c Age: 21 ?ree: A.B— LL.l - ' ■: ' -, n6 ; ■ Y YACK J. C. McINTIRE e. r. Mcintosh E. L. McKEE, JR. G. F. McKENDRY diM C. McNATT j. s. McNeill C. MrlVF.R D. K. McKEE G. W. McLEAN j. b. McMillan G. C. MacFARLAND J. A. MACPHEE S. B. MARLEY, JR. J. A. MARSH C. C. MARTIN. JR. Y. V. MASON -•$87; KITH CROWELL " Goofy " o) the Tar Heel has be her whole ' itator fo at CV Una. In the A. S. V. and in the Phi Assembly she has made herself a heard and heard-of-co-ed. III ' MtY CI. AUK SENIOR CLASS John Ivey Matthews Charles Smithdeal Miller, Jr. ROSE HILL, N. C. SALISBURY, N. C. ;e: 27 I ' X Degree: B.S. in Commerce Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Music Christine Maynard kinston, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.l Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4). Frank Thomas Miller greensboro. n. c. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Yacketv Yack (3, 4); Bucca neer (4); Y.M.C.A.; Di Senate. A6 Robert Edwin Maynard harrisburg, pa. Age: Degree: B.S. Jule Alfred Medwin newark. n. j. Age: 24 Degree: A.B. in Education Boxing (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Football (1) ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). James Alfred Miller wilmington. n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. A0 John Agrippa Mitchener, Jr. edenton, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Class Executive Committee (1, 2). PX- AXA Lawson Melchor concord, n. c. ge: 22 Degree: A.B. in Education Kenneth Emerson Montgomery asheville, n. c. Age: 2 1 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry SN Ruth Eleanor Mengle chapel hill, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Drama Claude Hunter Moore turkey, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Track (4) ; Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4). John Wesley Merritt roxboro, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Parker William Morris new BERN, n. c. Age: Degree: A.l Lawrence Edward Metcalf asheville, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. | ean Sutton Morrison chapel hill, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in French Glee Club (2, 3, 4). 4 88 - AC .1. I. MATTHEW! C. MAYNARD It. ]•;. MAVXAKD J. A. MKIAVIN J. W. MKRRITT L. E. METCALF K. E. MONTGOMERY C. H. Mi ii HtK r. W. MORRIS .1. S. MORRISi ' v . :f S9 : Iill. I. DAVIS d a riii Bete JOE DERRICKSON ,r his whole collegi ims happening that involved Ins class. In his Senior year In topped it fl by being Treasurer of the class. He is one of the most popular boys in the Vniv. rsity. SENIOR CLASS Preston Wooten Moseley kinston, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Age: 22 A.e John Irvin Munvan high point, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Joe H. Murnick CHARLOTTE, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Secretary Senior Class; Interfraternity Council (3); Daily Tar Heel (2); Yackety Yack (3, 4); University Club; Boxing (3, 4). TE Frances Katherine Murphy wallace, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Public Administration Glee Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). X John C. Murphy WAYNESVILLE, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Music Grover E. Murray, Jr. NEWTON, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Geology Class Executive Committee (4) ; Interdormitory Council (2, 3); University Club; Commencement Marshal (3). srE Charles Peyton Nicholson pottstown, pa. 23 Degree: A.l Daily Tar Heel (1); Boxing (1); Golf (1); Germ. Club. Ben Robert Lansing Norment rowland, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Medicine Max Mordecai Novich newark, n. j. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Boxing (1, 2, 3), Captain (4); Baseball (1); Football (1, 2); Monogram Club; Hillel Cabinet; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; Grail Scholarship Award. A A David Ervin Oglesby, Jr. farmville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce David Oliver wilmington, n. c Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce 2AE Mark Taylor Orr brevard, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A. ' . John Freeman Myrick greensboro, n. c. ge: 22 Degree: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Kaleb Dawes Osborn chapel hill, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Sam Avery Neaves elkin, n, c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Class Executive Committee (3); Leader Sophomore Hop; Leader Mid-Winters (3); Manager Cross Country (4); German Club; Sheiks. KS Herbert F. Osterheld AMITYVILLE, N. Y. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Class Executive Committee (2, 3, 4); Daily Tar Heel (1, 2, 3); Carolina Magazine (2), Business Manager (3, 4) ; Buccaneer (1, 2) ; Student Faculty Day Committee (3) ; Y.M.C.A. (1). P. W. MOSELEY J. I. MUNYAN J. H. Ml ' RNICK F. K. Ml ' KI ' HY D. OLIVER K. D. OSBOIS - :{ 91 } JOHN ELMENDORF ,1 roommate lor three years but could take it ,,, longer. An excellent sin dent and will long be re- mt mbt red foi his nil, mpl s to establish fencing here in Chapel Hill. IKE .1 KAN ' S Besides his baseball work, lice has been a two-year man on the Interfraternity C cil, a nu mber o1 Am- photerothen and the Gim- ghoul. But nl„,n all, Ike was a boy from St. A nth,,- SENIOR CLASS Elizabeth Moring Page raleigh, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.] Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Charles Beecher Pennington louisville, kv. Age: 21 Degree: Special Student Playmakers (1. 2, 3, 4). SX Owen Hendricks Page savannah, ga. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. — LL.l ;e: 20 2AE Walker Percy greenville, miss. Degree: A.B. Carl Putnam Parker seaboard, n. c. Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Joseph Alexander Perkins monroe, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Political Science AT2 John Johnston Parker, Jr. charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. President of the Student Body (4); Student Council (3, 4); Class Executive Committee (3); Board of Directors of Graham Memorial; Athletic Council (4); Student Audit Board (4); Student Welfare Board (4); Student Advisory Committee (4); Carolina Political Union; Amphoterothen ; Gimghoul; Sheiks; Di Senate. ARE- BK Max Franklin Parker monroe, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Robert Hilles Peck webster, n. v. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering American Society Chemical Engineers, President (3, 4). Carl Lea Peed durham, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Patty Elizabeth Penn clayton, n. c. Age: 20 HIM ' Degree: A.B. Olin Charles Perryman, Jr. winston-salem, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry University Band (1, 2, 3). Everett Lindsay Peterson CLINTON, n. c. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Inrerdormitory Council (3, 4); Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling Manager (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (4); Daily Tar HllI (2. J, 4|; Buccaneer (4); Carolina Political Union (4). Claude Joseph Pickett spencer, n. c. Age: 29 Degree: A.B. in Education Albin Pikutis new britain, conn. Age: 25 Degree: A.B. in Music Glee Club (4). ■KM A Walter Roy Poole rocky mount, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Class Executive Committee (3); Phi Assembly (1); Carolina Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4); Chief Commencement Marshal (3). - " $ 92 1337 YACKETY YAC E. M. PAGE O. H. PAGE M. F. TARKER R. H. PECK C. R. PENNINGTON a f J :Ak — 1 d,M C. P. PARKER .1. .1. PARKER, .11!. C. L. PEED P. E. PENN « - v 9 ■ ♦.i J. A. PERKINS Ask (). C. PERRYMAN, JR. E. I,. PETERSON C. J. PICKETT A. PIKTTIS W. R. POOLE - { 93 ) - EDDIE KAHN One of the legs of tin- Tn Heel. His ,, III, nulls Imr bet n rind for a hum timt I capabh iournalist wh, took time away from Gra hum Memorial to make l ' h Beta Kappa. BILLY LAMM .-I Phi Gam that seems to have liked summ - school and all that goes with it. Frequent trips t Greens- boro seem to have hint little effect mi liis economics ma- jor. SENIOR CLASS Bertram Lewis Potter new york, n. y. Age: 20 Degree: A.B University Club; Carolina Magazine (II; Hillel Cabi- Mary Catherine Potts davidson, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Yackety Yack (3). ltb$ Helen Pritchard asheville, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) ; Business Manager Glee Club (3, 4) ; President Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4). llli ' fr Seymour Putterman brooklyn, n. y. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Elva Ann Ranson charlotte, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Y.W.C.A. (3. 4), Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4); Secretary Woman ' s Association (4). ArA Emery Elisha Raper lexington, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Edwin Albert Rasberry snow hill, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Mary Ray Age: 20 NORWOOD, GA. Y.M.CA. e: 20 Degree: A.B. Club. xn BK- KA Richard R. Reaves ROANOKE RAPIDS. N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering Lola Carolyn Reid charlotte, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry University Club; Di Senate (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); House President Spencer Hall (4). Hubert Beatram Ressler yonkers. n. y. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. in English Boxing (2). Harry Rhodes, Jr. new york, n. y. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Zoology University Club. A Ell James Slade Rhodes, Jr. williamston, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry IIKA Harold Edward Robbins, Jr. new london, conn. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society Mechanical Engineers (2, 3, 4). K2 Clara Cunningham Roberson durham, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce A Blac k ell Pierce Robinson weldon. n. c. Degree: A.B. Y.M.CA. (1); Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4); German { 94 } - YA B. L. POTTER M. C. POTTS H. PRITCHARD S. PUTTERMAN E. A. RANSON E. E. RAPEB R. R. REAVES L. C. REID H. B. RESSLER H. RHODES, JR. J. S. RHODES. JR. H. E. ROBBINS. JR. B. P. ROBINSON -4 95 ) - bii.i, McClelland 1 4 After changing from ijL i: nstant ' huh, I ,,l Imrrmnn . H FRANK McGLINN Of all the politically mind- ed fellows that ever came to this place, Ralph takes the prize. As one of Mr. Wood- house ' s majors, he spent his last summer at the part convt ntions, his week-ends train ling and most of his time in Harry ' s. SENIDR CLASS Donald James Robinson weaverville, n. c. Age: Degree: A.B. Football (2). DeLavalette Gertrude Ruffin ellerbe, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Woman ' s Association; Glee Club (3, 4). Randolph Macon Rooker norlina. n. c. Age: 23 Degree: A.B— LL.B Eliza Evans Rose chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4); Archery Manager (3); Hu- man Relations Institute Committee (4) ; Woman ' s Athletic Association (4). AKr- iib Robert J. Rosenthal troy, n. v. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Mary Anna Ross beckley, w. va. Age: 20 Degree: A.B Neville Ellett Ross chapel hill, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Playmakers (1, 2, 3, 4). Randolph Rowland middleburg, n. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce 2X Benjamin Franklin Royal morehead city, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.l Interfraternity Council (4); Senior Executive Con mittee. ATfi Molly Rumsay batavia, n. y. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Paul Lee Salisbury, Jr. scotland neck, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Economics Freshman Friendship Council; University Club (3, 4). Sue Sandlin old fort, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Philosophy Philosophy Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Alexander Reed Sarratt, Jr. camden, s. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1, 4), Chairman (3); Dail] Tar Hal (1, 2, 3), Managing Editor (4); Di Sen- ate (1, 2); Foreign Policy League (1); Dormitory Ad- visor ( 3 ) . J BK John Angier Satterfield durham, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce German Club; Minataurs; Gimghouls. VA ' William Hamilton Sawyer raleigh, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. University Band (1). Berger Saylor winston-salem, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce 4 96 1). .1. ROBINSON R. M. ROOKER R. .1. ROSENTHAL M. A. ROSE R. ROWLAND F. ROYAL A. R. SARRATT, JR. I. A. SATTERKIELD W. H. SAWYER 4 91 VAXES MASON Kill ' ! " ' Sigma ' s (lift to Carol mil a Mi III jov ial one. H, ftos ' » lays In in one i ,1 th( i nt ' nil ' mitt in en and s, ' m s " prt fi by it. Bis i mtfit gives m i mi id , , ft, lie In sjh nds liis I ' ll, le. PARKER MORRIS Loquacious and affable Parker, a good Philadelphi Delta Psi. II possesses s Anthony ' s distinctive accet in one of its must pleasin SENIOR CLASS Milton Lloyd Scherer new york, n. y. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. " Daily Tar Heel (4); Yackety Yack (4); Buccaneer (4); Assistant Manager Tennis (3). Henry William Scott, Jr. graham, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Vail) tar Heel (1, 2); Yackety Yack (1, 2); Ger- ma n Club; " 13 " Club. Ae ; AEA Louis deSchweinitz Shaffner winston-salem, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Student Welfare Board (4) ; Campus Cabinet (4) ; Sen- ior Honor Council; Interfraternity Council (4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; Daily T.v Heel (2, 3) ; Football (1) ; Amphoter- othen; Chairman Senior Class Executive Committee; Uni- versity Club; Minataurs; Student Faculty Day Committee (4). j bk; zae; aea Thomas Adolphus Sharp reidsville, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers, President (4). BK; TIUI ; $K2 James Coburn Shell roanoke rapids, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce German Club. Mack Simmons chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Medicine Phi Assembly (1, 2); Freshman Friendship Council; Y.M.C.A. (2) ; Boxing (1). AEA Andrew Lawrence Simpson rock hill, s. c. Age: 20 Degree: B. S. D.uly Tar Heel (1). OKX James Hansen Sivertsen autryville, n. c. Age: 21 Det;ree: A.B. in Journalism Daily Heel (3. 4). Benjamin Smith Skinner durham, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Freshman Friendship Council ; Daily Tar Heel ( 1 ) ; Sheiks. X; KA William Neville Sloan atlanta, ga. Age: 20 Eileen Mable Smith chapel hill, n. c. Degree: A.B. Degree: A.B. Hi nry Edwin Smith CONOVER, N. C. Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy John David Smith deposit, n. y. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Glee Club (1); Student Council (3, 4); President of Sophomore Pharmacy Class. ' I ' AX- PX William Julius Smith morganton, n. c. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Dorothy Claire Snyder asheville, n. c Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Daily Tar Heel (3, 4). Robert B. Sosnik WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Economics Daily Tar Heel (1, 2) ; YACKETY Yack (2) ; Manager Track Team (4); Hillel Cabinet (4). TE I , " s :■ -■ YACK M. L. SCHERER H. W. SCOTT, JR. J. C. SHELL M. SIMMONS B. S. SKINNER W. N. SLOAN 4li MiM L. deS. SHAFFNF.R T. A. SHARP E. M. SMITH H. E. SMITH J. D. SMITH W. J. SMITH D. C. SNYDI R. B. SOSNIE - { 99 }§►- HERBERT OSTERHELD Almost went to Duke but as always, used Ins judg ment. He has bi i the most em rgetic " " mbi r of his class as Busines Manager of tht Carolim Magazine. r OWEN PAGE Inothi r 91 If er irla . has tin- ha tt-liki it n the hill. w hile som ething Of a Stll- de at. he la, isn ' t ia ■ah cted the small side of life as ai i ac- tii v Phi dam. SENIOR CLASS George Brogden Spence goldsboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce University Band (2, 3, 4). ATfi Tracy Neil Spencer, Jr. concord, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Sheiks; German Club. A TO Emmet Robinson Spicer goldsboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. AEA; Z Jack Okin Spies newark, n. j. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Yackety YACK (1, 2); Freshman Wrestling; Fencing (1,2, 3,4). ZBT Herbert Paris Stallings wilson, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Senior Executive Committee; Glee Club (2); Junior Dance Leader. Joseph Star lawrence, l. i., n. y. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Electrical Engineering Secretary, American Institute Electrical Engineers (4). TBn George Spencer Steele, Jr. rockingham, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Political Science Yackety Yack (1); Daily Tar Heel (2); Y.M.C.A. Cabinets (1, 2); Foreign Policy League (3); Carolina Po- litical Union (3, 4); Di Senate (1, 2, 3), President (4). Fred Lewis Montefione Stein chicago. ill. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4). ZUT Gordon Conover Stenhouse mt. vernon, n. y. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. KS Edward Vassar Stephenson seaboard, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Secretary-Treasurer Pharmacy Class (2, 4); Member North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association. PX; I ' AX Elizabeth Elliott Stevens haddonfield, n. j. Degree: A.B. Mary Esther Stevenson hickory, n. c. Age: 25 Degree: A.B. Robert M. Stewart FREEPORT. PA. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4). X I Walter Bingham Stewart raleigh, n. c Age: 23 Degree: A.B. in Journalism " P. , Tar Heel (1, 2, 3, 4). i rA Manuel M. Stier BLOOMFIELD, N. J. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. George Cashel Stoney winston-salem, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Carolina Magazine (i); Cross Country (1); Playmakers (1,2,3,4). - •{ ioo ); ■- ETY YACK - ■•» " " jr 4 1 P Br i h 1 r Hr k iHk, J mtrf. ' lL M G. n. SPENCE T. X. SPENCER, JR. E. R. Sl ' ICF. J. 0. SPIES G. S. STEELE. JR. F. L. M. STEIN G. C. STEXHOl ' SE E. V. STF.I ' HF.XSOX E. E. STEVENS M. E. STEVEXSOX R. M. STEWART W. B. STEWART M. M. STIER G. C. STON ' EV -4{ 101 )£- BLACKWELL ROBINSON .4 prime socialite and an ace student. He combined frequent trips to Durham with a determined outlook to miss none of the dances for four wears. A member of K. A. and Phi Beta Kappa. Ot ■ gj ' Ill ' r ' .a ' 3mm ' 31 RANDOLPH ROWLAND Another one of the social- it conscious boys. As the Ugma Chi President of the terman Club he hits qone or toward helping Carolina ' t some „ • the best bands ,i the country for her SENIOR CLASS Robert Louis Stricker asheville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Clyde Livingston Stutts GIBSON, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Wilho Nestor Suominen pilot mountain, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Wilborne Sink Swaim winston-salem, n. c. ge: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Baseball (1, 3, 4). 1 BK Benjamin Cicero Taylor, Jr. mount holly, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Edmund Rhett Taylor chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Boxing (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Ampho- terothen. K2 Ramona Carmen Teijeiro brooklyn, n. y. »e: 19 Degree: A.B. Carolina Magazine (3, 4). Frederick A. Tetor, Jr. RIDGEWOOD, N. J. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Interdormitory Council (4). Sidney Theil brooklyn, n. y. Age: 21 Track (3, 4). Degree: A.B. Marjorie Thomas evergreen, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Herman O. Thompson CHAPEL HILL, N. C. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Secretary of University of North Carolina Pharmacy As- sociation (4). PX Lewis Whitmel Thompson woodville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. William Alexander Thompson aurora. n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Phi Assembly (1, 2, 3, 4). X William Charles Thompson charlotte, n. c. 23 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Norton Fortune Tennille winston-salem, n. c. Degree: B.S. William Woodrow Tice williamston, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce -•»:{ 102 | - T U C L ' — » ' Adik dktmL R. L. STRICKER C. L. STUTTS B. C. TAYLOR. JR. E. R. TAYLOR F. A. TETOR. JR. W. N. Sl ' OMINEX W. S. SWAIM M. THOMAS H. O. THOMPSON ' L. W. THOMPSON W. A. THOMPSON W. ( ' . THOMPSON w. vr. TICK .; 103 - REED SARRATT Reed began his caree hi re by bi ing spok smart fo his class. Be turned t writing and became Mana$ ing Editor of the Tar Het his Senior year. Always w terested in his class, h served on the executiv committee three times. LOUIS SHAFFNER was a worker ! glory in that of ' •Big Shot " and gained h way rather than thn politics. As president Phi Beta Kappa and S E. t and as a mainstay of the Student Welfare Com- mittee, he has made his class proud of him. All that couldn ' t steal his enviable social life. SENIOR CLASS Bradford Lorin Tobey hubbard woods, ill. Age: 23 Degree: A.B.— LL.B. Treasurer Interfraternity Council (4); German Club; Y.M.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Fencing (1), Captain (2), Manager (3, 4) ; President of First Year Law Class (4). 2X Edward Manly Toon, Jr. hiteville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B.— LL.B. Debate Squad (3, 4); Carolina Playmakers (4); Y.M.- C.A. (3. 4). Charles Brent Trexler wadesboro. n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce John Surrey Trimpey somerset, pa. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Football (2, 3, 4) ; Monogram Club. Paul Greenwood Troutman ADDOR, N. C. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Annie Cheshire Tucker raleigh, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. AKA Louie David Turner charlotte, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Oscar Leak Tyree winston-salem, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. — LL.B. Daily Tar Heel ( 1 ) ; Vice-President First Year Law Class ; Phi Assembly ( 1 ) ; Secretary-Treasurer University Dance Committee (4) ; Secretary-Treasurer German Club (4); Minataurs; Gorgon ' s Head. Jesse Williams Tyson asheboro, n. c. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Student Council (2); Vice-President Pharmacy Class (1). AX Frank Graham Umstead chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Economics Secretary of Junior Class; Wrestling (1, 2, 3), Captain (4) ; Senior Class Dance Committee; Monogram Club. Marjorie Usher laurel hill, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Daily Tar Heel (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). Ernest Davis Vanderburgh, Jr. swannanoa, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: A.B. Chairman League of Nations Association Committee (4); Foreign Policy League (4); Phi Assembly (3, 4); Vice-President Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4) ; American Student L ' nion (4) ; Playmakers. Earl Carlton Van Horn winston-salem, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Geology Track (1. 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1). Robert Varley haw river, n. c Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Public Administration Interdormitory Council (4); Boxing (3); Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3, 4); Carolina Political Union (4). Edwakd Hoge Vick SELMA, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. University Club; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (4); Cheerleader (1, 2, 3), Head Cheerleader (4); Phi Assembly (1, 2); Monogram Club. AEA; AO Joseph Thomas Vitiello new canaan, conn. I ' .OII Age: Degrie: A.B. - f 104 )fc- B. L. TOBEY P. (i. TROUTMAN J. W. TYSON ' K. C. VAX HORN E. M. TOON, JR. A. C. TUCKER F. G. UMSTEAD R. VARLEV B. TREXLER J. S. TRIMI ' EY L. D. TURNER O. L. TVREE E. D. VANDERBURGH. JR. ;Jkm E. H. ' ICK J. T. VITIELLO - ( 105 )§►- OSCAR TYKEE Dr l Tyree s a na me tin mi pi es ii lot nhn id ilnnr. and nil that f lllllll He l tinil-T IIISIII of I nth the Uillili n rin and the Urn , rsity limn Committee, sides teing Beta and n member of Go gon ' s Hind. BRAD TOBEY of the Yankee boys (limit, . Not counting ' ,il trips to Pinehurst id a swell fellou SENIOR CLASS Louise Frances Waite chevy chase, md. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Daily Tar Heel Business Staff. AAA Elizabeth Jean Walker rocky mount, n. c, Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Drama Buccaneer (3, 4) ; Playmakers (2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (3, 4) ; American Student Union; Carolina Magazine (3, 4). Xfi George Ritchie Wall siler city, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Di Senate (1); Class Executive Committee (1). X Ruth Elizabeth Wall knightdale, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Daily Tar Heel (A). Margaret Wallace chapel hill, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Medicine Paul Eugene Walsh chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Geology Salon Ensemble; University Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2) ; Playmakers. MA; 2A Ruth Walston balboa, canal zone Age: 21 Degree: A.l Y.W.C.A. (4). Melvin Churchill Ward spencer, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.l David Minton Warren, Jr. edenton, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. 2X Julien Knox Warren, Jr. trenton, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Class Executive Committee (1, 2, 4); Chairman Class Dance Committee (1, 2, 4); Freshman Orientation Coun- cilor (2, 3, 4) ; President of University Club (3) ; Human Relations Institute Committee (4); Student Faculty Day Committee (4); Honor Council (4); Order of the Grail; Gorgon ' s Head; German Club. ARE Stewart Bethune Warren newton grove, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Joseph Winstead Watson rocky mount, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Vice-President of Pharmacy School (4). I AX; PX Lucy Watson greenville, s. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. James Arthur Way, Jr. asheboro, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy Fred H. Weaver ABERDEEN, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Economics Vice-President of Student Body (4); Y.M.C.A.; Stu dent Advisory Committee (4); Yackety Yack (1, 2) Treasurer Junior Class; Junior-Senior Dance Committee Student Audit Board (4); Student Welfare Board (4) University Club; Amphoterothen ; Order of the Grail Golden Fleece, Jason (4). William Edwin Webb, Jr. statesville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Economics K2 193 -$ 106 TY YA L. F. WAITE E. J. WALKER G. R. WALL R. E. WALL D. M. WARREX, JR. J. K. WARREX, JR. S. B. WARREX J. W. WATSON L. WATSON J. A. WAV, JR. F. H. WEAVER W. E. WEBB. JR FRANK UMSTEAD Frank made his wrestling a hobby for four years and was usually around when there was anything in the line o) campus politics brew- ing. A Kuiipn Sigma main- stay and a fine fellow. HOGE VICK As head cheerleader for the Tar Heels, he put spir- it into the student body. H - sponsored the most success- ful Freshman Retreat in seui ral years as Vice-Presi- dent of the ■) " •. SENIOR CLASS Elmer James Wellons, Jr. smithfield, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. KS William Y. Wilkins TRVON. N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce X ' I Edgar Franklin Wells greensboro, n. c. Age: 20 Deg ree: A.B. Donald Gist Wetherbee greenville, miss. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Daily Tar Heel (1, 2), Assistant Editor (3); President Amphoterothen (4); Carolina Political Union; German Club; Foreign Policy League. ■H!K : A William Turpin Wheat erlanger, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A. I Carolina Magazine (2, 3, 4). John Carroll Wiggins, Jr. winston-salem, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Daily Tar Heel (1, 2); Phi Assembly (1); Y.M.C.A. (1); Dance Leader Fall Germans (3); German Club. B6IT; AEA. J BK James Melvin Wilburn lillington, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Giles McIntosh Williams FLETCHER, N. C. Buccan eer ( 1 ) ; Track ( 1 ) . Samuel Bavley Willard doylestown, pa. ge: 22 Degree: A.B. Sheiks ; German Club. AT Degree: A.B. Robert Ecker Williams wilson, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Wrestling (4) ; Senior Honor Council; LIniversity Club; Monogram Club. BK; Br2 Robert Ranson Williams, Jr. asheville, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B— LL.B. Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Friendship Council; Golf (1) ; Debate Squad. A f ; BOH Thomas Wilson, III CHARLESTON, S. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Tennis (1) ; Buccaneer (2, 3, 4), Managing Editor (3) ; German Club. BK ; J A.B Jack H. Wildey ASHEVILLE, N. C. Age: 25 Debate Council (4). Degree: A.B. Clarence Edwin Wilkins, Jr. goldsboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry Football (1) ; Wrestling (1, 2). Miles Tucker Winslow new york, n. y. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. University Band (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2. 3, 4); As- sistant Manager Freshman Baseball. OKX Age: 20 Ida Winstead roxboro, n. c. Degree: AJ 108 ;• - TY E. J. WELLONS, .Hi J. C. WIGGINS, JR. W. Y. WILKIXS E. K. WELLS J. M. WILBURN S. B. WILLARD II. R. WILLIAMS. JR. T. WILSON. Ill I). G. WKTIIKKIIKK W. T, WHEAT J. H. WILDEY C. E. WILKINS, JR. 1 tit M. T. WINSLOW WINSTEAD - ■( 109 - DAVID WARREN Little Dave has been a campus figure ever since he roomed with John Metis in Old Vast. As a member of the famous Snake class of ' 37, he has never missed anything that he thought he ' d enjoy. Jl ' LIKN WARRKV been fo Julien Warrei mainstay of h, four years, ■ ■ Lipscomb topped him for President of the Freshman i ' lass. Julien became Presi- l nt of the University Club, a Grail man, ami a member of Gorgon T s Head. SENIOR CLASS Maurice Burton Winstead pinetown, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Barney Paul Woodard princeton, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Pharmacy William Harvey Wooten kinston, n. c. ge: 23 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Daily Tar Heel (3, 4); Carolina Magazine (3, 4). Thomas Luther Worsley, Jr. rocky mount, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Medicine University Band (1, 2, 3); University Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Chairman Whitehead Medical Society (3, 4). 9K Elmer Alexander Wrenn greensboro, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Football (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Track (1, 2, 3, 4). Franklin Lafayette Wrenn siler city, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Charlotte Lane Wright raleigh, n. c. e: 18 Degree: A.B. in Drama Y.W.C.A. (3); Playmakers (3). Irene Gilliam Wright asheville, n. c. e: 20 Degree: A.B. Martha Saunders Wyant sharon, pa. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Buccaneer (3, 4); Glee Club (3, 4); Yackety Yack (3) ; Playmakers (3, 4) ; Phi Assembly (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). II B Benjamin Wyche, III charlotte, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B.— LL.B. Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Golf (1, 2, 3, 4); " 13 " Club, President (3); Senior Executive Committee; Assistant Dance Leader (3); German Club; Yackety Yack (3). Age: 20 IIB 1 Tempe Gee Yarborough louisburg, n. c. Degree: A.B. in History Trez Player Yeatman columbia, tenn. Age: 22 Degree: A.B Di Senate (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Debate Squad (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4), Treasurer (3) ; Chair- man of Human Relations Committee (4). SN- AKA. Age: Age: 19 1IKA Raymond Voight Yokeley thomasville, n. c. Degree: A.B. Marshall Vivian Yount hickory, n. c. Degree: B.S. in Commerce Milton Harry Yudell BRONX, N. Y. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Chemistry Erika Sophia Zimmermann chapel hill, n. c. Age: 18 Degree: A.B. in Journalism Daily Tar Heel (4); President Co-ed Class (2); Girls Glee Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3), Vice-Presi- dent (4). =5j lit) } - M. B. WINSTEAD B. P. WOODARD W. H. WOOTEN T. L. WORSLEY. .III. E. A. WRENN F. L. WRENN C. L. WRIGHT I. G. WRIGHT T. G. YARBOROUGH T. P. YEATMAX V. YOKK1.EY M. V. YOrXT M. H. Yl ' DELL E. S. ZIMMERMAN — «f 111 } ■- THE AMBASSADOR GOES DIPLOMATIC ii Ti AT LONG LAST J 1 ffmm r W Long a stronghold of denominational edu- cation, Davidson College is nationally known for her achievements and for the worth of her graduates. JUNIOR JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Reuben Holmes Graham, Jr President William Rhoid Holland Vice-President Frank Benjamin Rogers, Jr Treasurer John Franklin Jonas, Jr Secretary Robert Nathaniel Magill Student Council Representative HONOR COMMITTEE Robert Nathaniel Magill Joseph Flanner Patterson- Ramsay Douglas Potts Eugene Costle Bricklemver Warren Monroe Haddaway John McNeill Smith Clark David Peiffer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JUNIOK CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Richard Paul Heller, Chairman Warren Monroe Haddaway John Louis Glenn Fred Richard Cochrane, Jr. Fred Ernest Ullman Joseph Flanner Patterson Mary D ' Oyley Glover Helen Stockton Andrus Worth McLenel Helms John McNeill Smith Lytt Irvine Gardner Nicholas Cabell Read Carl David Peiffer Clyde Edward Mullis Carroll Jack Attwood William Marshall Miller Stuart White Rabb Edward Browne Juliber Oscar A. Petrea, Jr. ■ - { 115 fr- JUNIOR CLASS William Franklin Aberlv New Bern, N. C. Anthony Sam Amoscato Newark, N. J. Isaac Thomas Avery, Jr. Morganton, N. C. Evelyn Cochrane Barker Burlington, N. C. Seymour Albert Alcabes New York, N. Y. AEII Carl Walter Andersen New Haven, Conn. Abbott Kenyon Bailey Elizabeth City, N. C. Brownlow H. Barnwell Edneyville, N. C. Howard Alvin Alfson Brooklyn. N. Y. 6KN Helen Stockton Andrus Germantown, Pa. Isabelle Roddey Baker Charlotte, N. C. Paul Kermit Barnwell Edneyville, N. C. Armid Edward Allen, Jr. Middlesex, N. C. Troy Arthur Apple Winston-Salem, N. C. rA Robert W. Baker, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. pao H. Smith Barrier Concord, N. C. David Anderson Allen Charlotte, N. C. SAB Perdita Butler Arnett Danville. Va. xn Barney Dervtn Bannon Portsmouth, Ohio 2X Doris Bartlett Chicago, III. AXA Jerry Harrison Allen, Jr. ReidsviUe, N. C. Berta Elise Arnold Greenville, N. C. xn Ernestine Ray Barber Goldston, N. C. Thomas Edward Bass, III New Bern, N. C. Ben John Leach Allen Troy, N. C. II K A Carroll Jack Atwood Madison, Wis. X Offie Almon Barbour Benson, N. C. Joseph Charles Bateman Columbia, N. C John Watson Allen Charlotte, N. C. J. Lawrence Austin High Point, N. C. Richard Morton Barbour Chapel Hill, N. C. Robert Shelton Beam Asheville, N. C. -hJ{ 116)S - AC id 1 c f c ? Alii r " » C% fll C- R. Barboub -$ 1 17 e- JUNIOR CLASS Hugh Bennett Beasley Four Oaks, N. C. William Connor Berryman Atlanta, Ga. Solomon Arthur Bobroff Far Rockaway, N. Y. John Bowles Monroe, N. C. David Louis Beaty Anderson, S. C. Andrew A. Bershak Clairtown, Pa. William Willis Boddie Charleston, S. C. Mary Beatrice Boyd Hickory, N. C. Dewitt Clinton Benbow Greensboro, N. C. A6 John Augustus Betjeman Washington, D. C. Lyal Caughy Boicf. Rocky Mount, N. C. II B Norment Glenn Boyette Smithfield, N. C. Maurice Carey Benton, Jr. Parkenburg, N. C. Crist Watts Blackwell Winston-Salem, N. C. pA6 Hope Edward Bonds, Jr. Concord, N. C. S. B. Bradley Scotland Neck, N. C. Randall Challen Berg Jacksonville, Fla. Alvin Coleman Blalock Warrenton, N. C. Nell Battle Booker Chapel Hill, N. C. iib Jack Melvin Bragg Littleton, N. C. Ruth Leola Berges Towaco, N. J. Henry Robert Bluestone Roxbury, Mass. John Andrew Bookhout Oneonta, N. Y. $rA Louis David Brantley Raleigh, N. C. 2X Louis Berini Durham, N. C. John Albert Blum Maplewood, N. J. Olin Henry Borum Greensboro, N. C. Eugene Costle Bricklemyer Philadelphia, Pa. Stanley Philip Berney Hewlett, N. Y. Franklin J. Blythe, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Ben John Russell Bostic Bryson City, N. C. Martin Luther Brjtt Elizabeth City, N. C. AX2 1337 I A L FY YACK ft f f - k - Bricklemyer - ( 1 19 ! JUNIOR CLASS Edmund Brodie Henderson, N. C. James Arthur Brown, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. (IKX Franklin Burkhead Asheboro, N. C. Isaac James Bynum Pittsboro, N. C. Willis James Brogden, Jr. Durham, N. C. AKE Sutherland M. Brown Charlotte, N. C. SAE Thomas D. Burnette Tarboro, N. C. Edward Everett Caldwell Chapel Hill, N. C. Eloise Broughton Hertford, N. C. II B Thomas Milton Bruce Hot Springs, N. C. Beverly Page Burrage Rocky Mount, N. C. IOI ' Jesse B. Caldwell, Jr. Cramerton, N. C. Robert Milton Browder, Jr. Wallace, N. C. Lionel Brunner Brooklyn, N. Y. Max Busby Salisbury, N. C. Mary Louise Camp Charleston, W. Va. XQ Adelaide Johnston Brown Asheville, N. C. John Lindsay Bry ' an Lillington, N. C. Anna Margaret Bush Charleston, W. Va. Claude Carl Canaday Benson, N. C. Eugene Tulie Brown Colerain, N. C. Anthony Charles Buccola Los Angeles, Calif. Jean Bush Chapel Hill, N. C. Fred Claude Cates Spencer, N. C. Francis Dwight Brown Washington, D. C. Thomas Fletcher Bulla Asheboro, N. C. June Bush Chapel Hill, N. C. Marvin Chaikin Cedarhurst, N. Y. A n- A F. Sterling Brown Drexel Hill, Pa. K2 Blanche Bullock Autryville, N. C. James Edward Byers Shelby, N. C. Alice Calder Cheshire Raleigh, N. C. II B -$ 120 J — u fe ta» s 1 1 f 4 . + hi ,,■ E. Caldwell J. Caldwell -■$ 121 } JUNIOR CLASS Robert Draughon Clark Edwin Francis Coffin, Jr. Thomas Burke Craver Kate Gillespie Cushman Fayetteville, N. C. New York, N. Y. Yadkin College, N. C Conway. S. C. William Fowden Clark Williamston, N. C. 11KA Duke Putney Conduff Mount Airy, N. C. Rufus Oliver Crawley Statesville, N. C. Sarah Staples Dalton Reidsville, N. C. xn John Walter Clayton Winston-Salem, N. C. Hall Conley Andrews, N. C. James Leonard Creech Goldsboro, N. C. Margaret Crichton Daniel Rocky Mount, N. C. Joel Pattillo Clingman Winston-Salem, N. C. Judith Meriwether Coon Holcomb Rock. Va. William Lunsford Crew Pleasant Hill, N. C. s rA Charles Flowers Daniels Wellesley Hills. Mass. KS James Wiggins Coan Winston-Salem, N. C Ben L. L. COPENHAVER, Jr. Johnson City, Tenn. pr_i Roy Cox Crooks, Jr. Concord, N. C. K2 Paul Clifford Darden Wilson, N. C. I 1U Fred Richard Cochrane, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. AEA Blanche Corbett Atkinson, N. C. Jesse Bynum Crow, Jr. Shelby, N. C. Paul Thomas D ' Ascensio Newark. N. J. JOFFRE LANNING CoF. Greensboro. N. C. William C. Coughenour Salisbury, N. C. Guy Newby Crowell Monroe, N. C. John Phin Davenport Trenton, N. C. Ethel Katherine Coffey Gastonia, N. C. Newton Craig Atlanta, Ga. SAE Nat Harvey Currence Asheville, N. C. Preston Ernest Davenport Roanoke Rapids, N. C. -$ 12: u- 1937 YACKETY YACW ' mmh Ar COUGHENOUR J. Davenport P. Davenport -»3f 1 2 3 f - JUNIOR CLASS Beulah Elizabeth Davis Cleveland, N. C. Robert Stanley Dicks Chapel Hill, N. C. A9 Paul Marcus Eberhart New York, N. Y. Margaret Wilson Evans Wingate, N. C. Wallace Davis, Jr. Asheville, N. C. John Luther Dixon, Jr. Oriental, N. C. Alice Evelyn Elam Kings Mountain, N. C. Mary Crockett Evans Bluefield, W. Va. John Murdock Davison Larchmont, N. Y. 2$E Eleanor Douglas Doak Raleigh, N. C. John Palmer Elliott Fuquay Springs, N. C. Webb Frederick Evans Carrboro, N. C. Raymond Lee Dean Oxford, N. C. Robert Marsh Dowd Charlotte, N. C. James Hugh Ellis Nashville, N. C. Woodrow Wilson Exum Snow Hill, N. C. i Ae Walter Edison Deaton W arsaw, N. C. Bruce J. Downey, Jr. Nashville, N. C. Alfred Maul Elwell, Jr. Camden, N. J. William Pratt Fackner Washington, D. C. A C 3 Dan Burt Decker South Orange, N. J. K2 James Parker Dees Greenville, N. C. MA Emily Hughes Dickenson Kinston, N. C. Leighton Wesley Dudley Samuel Franklin Engs, II Robert Witherspoon Falk Houlton, Me. Darien, Conn. Sayville, N. Y. ARE X OKN Ruth Winifred Duffee Mobile, Ala. Robert Brovard du Four Pleasantville, N. Y. Marion Cecil Ernst Chapel Hill, N. C. 2N Charles Zimri Falls Lawndale, N. C. SX Charles Andrew Evans Worth Lewellyn Farlow Statesville, N. C. High Point, N. C. -• " { 124 }■ ■- 1937 YACKETY YA fa 4 ,fch £ m - i 125 )§►- JUNIOR CLASS William Lee Farthing, Jr. Durham, N. C. Fred Fletcher Raleigh, N. C. CORINNA ERWIN GANT Raleigh, N. C. Mary D ' Oyley Glover Greenville, S. C. Connor Jackson Feimsteb Newton, N. C. 2X Sandy Richard Flynt Winston-Salem, N. C. AX A Lytt Irvine Gardner Reidsville, N. C. 2A Herbert A. Goldberg Bessemer City, N. C. TE Morton Feldman Woodmere, N. Y. AEn Moses Lacy Fendley, Jr. Richmond, Va. 2X Paul Otto Foltz Winston-Salem, N. C. William Ford, Jr. Fairmont, N. C. Robert Franklin Garland Marshville, N. C. 2X Oliver Lamont Garner Asheville, N. C. Abe Gordon Goldsboro, N. C. TE James Edward Gordon Hillsboro, N. C. Fletcher Wilson Ferglison New Haven, Conn. X John Born Foreman Glencoe, 111. X James Ulrich Gibbs Whittier, N. C. Theodore Gores Weaverville, N. C. William Coffield Fields Fayetteville, N. C. Joseph Snelson Francis Bryson City, N. C. James Gordon Gifford Southern Pines, N. C. John Raymond Gove Bergenfield, N. J. Hflen Burd Fifield Deal, N. J. AAA Raymond Carl Freeman Colerain, N. C. Charles W. Gilmore Charlotte, N. C. pA9 Reuben Holmes Graham Charlotte, N. C. Morris Calvert Fitts Cortland, N. Y. MA- 2N Carl R Fry Washington, D. C. John Louis Glenn Charlotte, N. C. Henry Boone Grant Garysburg, N. C. -•$ 126 ) - I . ■ m , B 4 i - 5{ 127 }3 JUNIOR CLASS Donald James Grantham Four Oaks, N. C. Ralph Amos Gunn Wentworth, N. C. Howard Luther Hamrick Lattimore, N. C. Willis Speight Harrison Windsor, N. C. Cornelia Holmes Gray Charlotte, N. C. xn Dallas Edmunds Gwynn Leaksville, N. C. Stoddard Page Hancock New York, N. Y. 2X Harry Francis Harvey Salisbury, N. C. John Edwin Greer Andrews, N. C. James Acra Hackney, Jr. Washington, N. C. Stephen Bois Hard Cedarhurst, N. V. Maurice Bowden Haskett Wilmington, N. C. Michael Ralph Greeson Greensboro, N. C. Warren Monroe Haddaway West Chester. Pa. Luther Lindon Hardison Edenton, N. C C. Norwood Hastie, Jr. Charleston, S. C. ATO Roscoe Dillard Griffin Rocky Mount, N. C. John Joseph Haggerty Rocky Mount, N. C. rA Joseph Kimball Harriman Chapel Hill, N. C. MA; X John Robert Hawes Marion, N. C. Foy Eugene Grubb Spencer, N. C. Alexander Weldon Hall Warrenton, N. C. Arthur Lawrence Harris Seaboard, N. C. Samuel Glenn Hawfield Concord, N. C. James Melvin Guelker Asheville, N. C. Tommy Eugene Hall Mount Airy, N. C. Barbara Jane Harris Raleigh, N. C. Harry Lowell Hawkins Asheville, N. C. Howard T. Gunn, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Edwin Jones Hamlin Roxboro, N. C. George William Harris Seaboard, N. C. Phyllis Hawthorne Scarsdale, N. Y. iib i:s ; - ; MR ± :-kA Hawthorne - 129 } JUNIOR CLASS Madeline B. Haynsworth Greenville, S. C. Robert Rowe Hewett Lattimore, N. C. Ezra Clay Hodgin Greensboro, N. C. X Margaret Leon Howard Chapel Hill, N. C. George Alexander Heard Savannah, Ga. Francis Dewey Heyward Goldsboro, N. C. Boyce Maxwell Hoffman Asheville, N. C. Ruth Lane Howard Chapel Hill, N. C. Morris Hecht Columbus, Ga. ZBT Seavy Highsmith, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. A TO William Rhoid Holland Statesville, N. C. iika William Gordon Howard Lumberton, N. C. ex Richard Paul Heller Charlotte, N. C. Donald Mac Hill Carrollton, Ohio K2 James Wendell Holt Graham, N. C. Raymond Reed Howe, Jr. Jordan, N. Y. Worth McLenel Helms Charlotte, N. C. Thomas MacE. Hines, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. ARE Robert Hooke Greensboro, N. C. SX William Palmer Hudson Chapel Hill, N. C. David Eldridge Henderson Charlotte, N. C. Haywood Watson Hinkit Lexington, N. C. K2 Wilson Wamer Hopkins Durham, N. C. Lillian Legette Hughes Tabor City, N. C. Margaret Belle Henderson Hickory, N. C. Lawrence Earl Hinkle Raleigh, N. C. Robert Kemp Horton Zebulon, N. C. George Franklin Hunt Wilmington, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Henry Chapel Hill, N. C. Francis Edmond Hodges Leaksville, N. C. Frances Parker Howard Chapel Hill, N. C. Charles Marcus Hunter Franklin, N. C. 4 130 ; - I - I - . ' . il fltfl Havnsworth Heard -h(( 131 W- JUNIOR CLASS Millard Stanton Hunter Greensboro, N. C. Louis Wesley Jenkins Lowell, N. C. Rowland Judson Jones, Jr. Clinton, N. C. 2 E Herbert Katzenstein Warren Plains, N. C. Howard S. Hussey, Jr. Tarboro, N. C. AEA; rA Bryant Ruben Johnson Sanford, N. C. William Stone Jordan Fayetteville, N. C. ATfi- AEA Page Clark Keel Rocky Mount. N. C. Nathan W. Hymanson Somerville, N. J. Frances Bushnell Johnson Springfield, Ohio James Alexander Joyce Spray, N. C. Elizabeth Brock Keeler Hendersonville, N. C. XV. Thomas Cicero Ingram Norwood, N. C Gaither Fred Johnson Winston-Salem, N. C. Robert C. Jurney, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. AX2 Dorothy Lee Kelly Hendersonville, N. C. xn Emory Stuart Isaacs Durham, N. C. William David Johnson Clayton, N. C. Lester Kanner Freeport, N. Y. John T. Kilpatrick, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Ernest Wilbur James, Jr. Clarksburg, W. Va. Dorothy Sigmon Johnston Davidson, N. C. Sara Frances Kanoy Chapel Hill, N. C. Mary Elizabeth King Chattanooga. Tenn. ITB William Clark James Wilmington, N. C. 2AE Margaret Louise Johnston Chapel Hill, N. C. Norman Kantor Flushing, N. Y. AEn Raymond Baker King Summit, N. J. Ben William Duer James Hamlet, N. C. AKE Andrew Jeatus Jones Varina, N. C. George Katz Brooklyn, N. Y. AEII Harry Bertrum Kircher Belleville, 111. -4 132 - F. Johnson G. Johnson " Hgf 133 53 JUNIOR CLASS Robert Edward Kirschman New Haven, Conn. Francis Elmer Lanscme New Bern, N. C. ATfi Harry Elwood LeGrand Mebane, N. C. Roger Wilson Linville Kernersville, N. C. AX A Glenn Augustus Kiser Bessemer City, N. C. Virginia E. LaRochelle Long Meadow, Mass. Robert Lee Lentz, Jr. Morganton, N. C. Marguerite Lipscomb Washington, D. C. Houston Wyke Kitchin Horse Shoe, N. C. John Rendleman Larsen Charlotte, N. C. ex Robert Hugh Leslie Bristol, Tenn. Morris Wilton Lipton Wilmington, N. C. Anne Turner Knight Chapel Hill, N. C. Joel Irwin Laskey Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. $A George Levine Hempstead, N. Y. AEIT Chester Crowell Little Asheville, N. C. Ben Anthony Stanley Konefal Passaic, N. J. AX2 Henry Aaron Lassiter Smithfield, N. C. William Haskell Levitt St. Petersburg, Fla. John Brouddus Long Fayetteville, W. Va. X Tom Battle Koonce, Jr. Jacksonville, N. C. Burr Leach Keansburg, N. J. Jesse Albert Lewis Laurinburg, N. C. Margaret Ridley Long Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Vivian Reid Kreeger Pilot Mountain, N. C. James Alexander Leak Wadesboro, N. C. Ben John Alexander Lindsay Margaret Finley Louthion High Point, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Joseph Edward Langley Laurinburg, N. C. Virginia Spearrin Lee Lockport, N. Y. Xfi Philip Link Reidsville, N. C. K2 William Pope Lyon Smithfield, N. C. ■V vdi m i n lvi } r y c ' f n n» _ t l :{ 135 ; JUNIOR CLASS Walter Liddell McBride Charlotte, N. C. Robert Craig McInnes Raleigh, N. C. rA John Franklin Mallard Trenton, N, C. Kent Mathewson Raleigh, N. C. John Bourke McDevitt Charlotte, N. C. B8II Mary Ochse McKee Chapel Hill, N. C. William Charles Mallison Washington, N. C. Coy Franklin Matkins Altamahaw, N. C. Frank Hill McDonald Hoffman, N. C. Adair Morey McKoy Wilmington, N. C. Adolphus M. Mangum Franklin, N. C. John Lindsey Matthews, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. William M. McFadyen Raeford, N. C. William DeRoy McLean Asheville, N. C. Geoffrey M. Martin New York, N. Y. A Mary Theresa Matthews Winston-Salem, N. C. Thomas W. McFarland Bostic, N. C. Robert Taylor McManeus James Drew Martin, III Charlotte, N. C. Mount Airy, N. C. KA ATQ William Joseph Mauter Statesville, N. C. ex Ethel Agnes McGalliard John Albert McRae, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. X John Sargent Martin Mount Airy, N. C. Stephen Henry Mazar Irvington, N. J. Margaret Gainey McGirt Chapel Hill, N. C. Ben Crew Maffitt Charlotte, N. C. Edwin Massengill Angier, N. C. Kenneth Marion Mears Chapel Hill, N. C. William T. McGowan, Jr. Robert Nathaniel Magill Lawrence Edward Masten Timmonsville, S. C. Shanghai, China Winston-Salem, N. C. Inez Kathleena Mease Hayesville, N. C. 19 s]t136} - tJ I r ft fckir i h+rk - 2} 137 jai— JUNIOR CLASS Esther Hamilton Mebane William Marshall Miller Forney Harris Moses Frank Wilson Neely Chapel Hill, N. C. Greensboro, N, C. Pittsboro, N. C. Hendersonville, N. C. Lee Frankel Melvin Richard Morton Mitchell Seymour Moskowitz Nancy Constantine Nesbii Wilmington, Del. Greensboro, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Charleston. S. C 2X rA David Welch Meroney William Sunday Mitchell William Cobb Moss Rebecca Noell Greensboro, N. C. Aulander, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Hillshmo, N. C. John Hamlett Merritt James Isaac Mizelle Madison E. Motsinger, Jr. Thomas F. Norfleet, Jr. Woodsdale, N. C. Newport, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. KZ Roxobel, N. C. William W. Michaux Katherine Kreider Moore Patrick Regia Mulene Charles C. Oates Wilson, N. C. Oxford, N. C. Hewlett, N! Y. Hendersonville, N. C. PX ■■■ K Holman Cannon Milhous Maggie Lou Moork Clyde Edward Mullis Lindsay Shepherd Olive Fayetteville, Tenn. Rocky Mount, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Apex, N. C. Edgar Ralph Miller Ralph Siler Morgan Margaret Esther Munch Jack Weldon Osborn Cambridge, Mass. 2AE Penland, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C. Libertyville, III. Leonard Wallace Miller William Reynolds Morris Robert Nachtmann Arthur Howard Osborne Brooklyn, N. Y. Asheville, N. C. Webster Groves, Mo. North Wilkesboro, N. C. •»;{ 138 £♦- 3 J YACKETY YAC rfc tm fk - :{ 139 } JUNIOR CLASS Edward Groves Outlaw Goldsboro, N. C. Samuel Lester Parker, Jr. Pinetops, N. C. Louise Payne Hertford, N. C. William Gates Phillips Huntsville, Texas Fred Wilton Oxley Clinton, N. C. riKA Stewart Redfield Parker Washington, D. C. John Hadley Peacock Wilson, N. C. rA John Gilbert Pickard Wilmington, N. C. Clarence Eugene Page Henderson, N. C. Lloyd Elwin Parks Lexington, N. C. Leonard Milton Pearlman Brooklyn, N. Y. WlLLARD CORBITT PLEASANT Angier, N. C. Sallie Antoinette Page Chapel Hill, N. C. Fred Mortimer Parrish Winston-Salem, N. C. KS Carl David Peiffer Wilmington, N. C. Murray Hayne Poole Raleigh, N. C. Edward John Palmer Rushland, Pa. Frank Neville Patterson Albemarle, N. C. Robert Theodore Perkins Morganton, N. C. Marcellus Pope, Jr. Enfield, N. C. Janet Palmer Hookerton, N. C. David Henry Parker Benson, N. C. Joseph Flanner Patterson New Bern, N. C. AEA: AKE George Branch Patrick, Jr. Durham, N. C. Alfred Winton Perry Franklin, N. C. X Walter Mitchell Petree Danbury, N. C. Ramsay Douglas Potts Memphis, Tenn. A0 Robert Clarendon Powell Asheville, N. C Ben James Moore Parker Raleigh, N. C. •KM A- 2 pE John Castantim Pavlakis Chapel Hill, N. C. Guy Berryman Phillips, Jr. Ch.ipel Hill, N. C. Owen Meredith Powers, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. -:• 1-40 ' ; 1337 YACKETY YACl la, i Page £1 ,e a £ H;{ 141 - JUNIOR CLASS William Walker Prouty Chapel Hill, N. C. Robert Marsh Ray Oxford, N. C. Ernest C. Richardson, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Clark Rodman Washington, N. C. AKE Ernest Clinton Pruett Swannanoa, N. C. George Stanley Raynor Rockviile Center, N. Y. George B. Riddle Raleigh, N. C. Frank Benjamin Rogers, Jr. Bennettsville, S. C. A6 George Oscar Puig Havana, Cuba 2-i Nicholas Cabell Read Montgomery, Ala. A Janie O. Hunt Riddle Oxford, N. C. II B George Carraway Rogers Graham, N. C. Florence Virginia Pullen William Martin Readling Grover Clarence Ritchie Chapel Hill, N. C. Davidson, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Olivia Smith Root Raleigh, N. C. Robert Hubbard Putney Elm City, N. C. 2A Betty Redfern Raleigh, N. C. Joe Henry Robertson Advance, N. C. Herman Jack Rosenbaum Belmar, N. J. Stuart White Rabb Lexington, N. C. K2 George Alexander Redfern Hoffman, N. C. Charles David Robinson Candor. N. C. Charles S. Rountree Farmville, N. C. John Erwtn Ramsay Salisbury, N. C. 2X Charles Hamilton Reid, Jr. Gordon Charles Robinson Winston-Salem, N. C. Stamford, Ont. AXA SX Leonard Rubin Bronx, N. Y. Francis Pugh Rasberry Kinston, N. C. BBII Paul Bernhardt Reynolds Salisbury, N. C. i rA Herbert Blair Rodgers Birmingham, Ala. A9 David Perry Russ Fayetteville, N. C. 4 n2 ; - t . k W JUNIOR CLASS Jesse Milton Russell, Jr. Canton, N. C. Nathan Saunders Shapiro Brooklyn, N. Y. Albert Lewis Simpson Irvington, N. J. Nancy Marie Smith Chapel Hill, N. C. xn Margarita Alicia Samayoa Asheville, N. C. Abraham Albert Share Rockingham, N. C. John Thompson Simpson Winston-Salem, N. C. KS Robert Bruce Smith Lexington, N. C. Albert Barron Sample Statesville, N. C. Clyde Alexander Shaw Concord, N. C. Albert B. Smith, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Stanley Sobelson, Jr. Newark, N. J. Nancy E. Schallert Winston-Salem, N. C. xn El izabeth W. Shewmake Davidson, N. C. X ' .» Carolyn Elizabeth Smith Rocky Mount, N. C. Sue Dupuy Southerland Chapel Hill, N. C. James Marlin Schreyer Fletcher, N. C. Larry Shiller Hurleyville, N. Y. David Judson Smith Chapel Hill, N. C. Haywood Merritt Sparger Mount Airy, N. C. Edward Harding Seawell Chapel Hill, N. C. Richard Fuller Shryock Baltimore, Md. Gilbert Smith Hiddenite, N. C. Louise Spear Chapel Hill, N. C. John Walker Seybolt Oneonta, N. Y. X Wilson Coite Simmons Conover, N. C. ■MX John McNeill Smith, Jr. Rowland, N. C. AKE Mary Lillian Speck Asheville, N. C. xn Leonard Shapiro Hempstead, N. Y. AEII Raymond Simon Union City, N. J. Mack Edward Smith Fountain, N. C. Louis Samuel Spelke Stamford, Conn. 4{ 144 j 1 f l 7 A hA hOUTHERLAND £ . r t 145 ; JUNIOR CLASS LeRoy Penn Spell Roseboro, N. C. Sam Lanier Stringfield Waynesville, N. C. •pRS Marian Watson Tayloe Windsor, N. C. Anne Lancaster Tinsley Spartanburg, S. C. [IB Thomas Denmuth Spivey Goldsboro, N. C. Bessie Headen Strowd Chapel Hill, N. C. Elizabeth Gordon Taylor Warrenton, N. C. lib Elizabeth Gretter Tinsley Greensboro, N. C. Ralph Sprinkle Winchester. Va. 11 K A Isaac Herman Sutliff, Jr. Spray, N. C. Neil Edwin Thagard Fayetteville, N. C. Harry Hamilton Tucker Pageland, S. C. AXA John Thomas Stallings Pinetops, N. C. Fred I. Sutton Kinstnn. N. C. Clary Thompson Cameron, N. C. Maria Washington Tucker Raleigh, N. C. Robert Ayer Stevenson Angola, N. Y. Willis A. Sutton. Jr. Atlanta, Ga. X John Burton Thompson Greensboro, N. C. Fred Ernest L ' llman Highland Park, 111. Henry Brown Stokes Winston-Salem, N. C. Z Grady Lawrence Swaim Winston-Salem, N. C. John Lloyd Thompson. Jr. Lincolnton, N. C. Alexander Bruce Umstead Durham, N. C. Kerney Clifton Stone, Jr. Durham, N. C. Edward W. Tankersley Greensboro, N. C. 2X David Jones Thorp Fries, Va. Z Elon Sanford Verry Armington, III AA Harry Wylie Stovall, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. - A E John Austin Tate, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 2AE Claude V. Timberlaki. Jr. Youngsville, N. C. AX Claude Wallace Vickers Durham, N. C. 1 Id ' : fTi t. A. TlNSLEY E. Tl H. Ticker M. Ti i 147 } - JUNIOR CLASS Wilson Rodney Vincent New Bern, N. C. Perry Vivian Waters Mooresville, N. C. Henry Sheldon White Chapel Hill, N. C. Edward Glenn Willingham Wilmington, N. C. Forrest W. Von Canon, Jr. West End, N. C. Earle Harris Watson Henderson, N. C. Dan P. Whitley, Jr. High Point, N. C. George Wayland Wilson Newton Grove, N. C. Milton L. Wagoner, Jr. Ivey Watson, Jr. Robert Ward Whitley Woodrow David Wilson Reidsville, N. C. Enfield, N. C. Raeford, N. C. McConnell, N. C. Henry McG. Wagstaff, Jr. William H. H. Waugh, Jr. Audrey Lillian Williams Chapel Hill, N. C. North Wilkesboro, N. C. Chapel Hill, N. C. Arthur Knox Winget, Jr. Albemarle, N. C. 2X William Easton Wakeley Menter Howard Waynick South Orange, N. J. Greensboro, N. C. Z MA Elizabeth Williams Richlands, N. C. Bertram Monroe Winkler New York, N. Y. Hal Hammer Walker Asheboro, N. C. KA Leonard Grean Weaver Fuquay Springs, N. C. Jacob Meyer Williams Hendersonville, N. C. Jerome Lester Winters Rockaway Park, N. Y. Joseph Herman Ward Hertford, N. C. John Jackson Wells Rocky Mount, N. C. 2A Woodburn C. Williams Swan Quarter, N. C. Charles Henry Witten New York, N. Y. Loch lin Monroe Ward Willard, N. C Roy Denton Wesson Claremont, N. C. James Bernard Williamson Eugene Paul Wolfe Wilmington, N. C. Elkin, N. C. $ 148 ]»- rkm-h ± D. Whitley J. " Williams W. Williams Williamson tt ft C) C5 ' (M t - { 149 ) - JUNIOR CLASS _ . ' _: • WOOTEN Yeomans Young John Henry Early Woltz William C. WoODARD Philip Huge Woods Mundie Eugene Woody Gastonia, N. C. Rocky Moun •trA , N. C. Hillsboro, N. C. Bessemer City, N. C. Harry C. WOOTEN John Dawson Yeomans Joseph Rutledge Young Kin ton. N. C. W shington, KA D. C. Ch irleston, S. C. -$ 150} - 1337 YACKETY YACK UNIOR PROTAGONISTS PHILOSOPHER. " ' AUTOS IS COST AH - RAH BOy V , PRELUDE TO A BARN DANCE MR. KNOX, VISITOR. 3F THE SEMI -NUDE " PLAYBOy ' CAREFUL NOW , BABE ' EAST ENTERTAINS OURNALI5J LlTERAT ILL BRED " — 151 15= — CAMPUSITES PAR EXCELLENCE NDRTH C I I A The Greater University embraces State Col- lege, one of the most outstanding technological institutions in the South. " VI SOPHOMORE IVERSITY DF CAMPBELL EITSLER OFFICERS Henry Edward Hudson President William Johnston King Vice-President James Lamar Henson Treasurer William Blount Campbell Secretary Stuart Keith Eutsler Student Council Representative HONOR COUNCIL William Blount Campbell James McMurray Joyner William Houston Hendrix John Augustus Moore William Barron Stronach EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Carl Murray Fistel, ' Chairman Marvin Britt Ruffin Charles Robert Kline James McMurray Joyner William Griffin Arey Matthew Alfred Stroup Charles Moore Robinson, Jr. William Houston Hendrix Samuel Davis, Jr. Jack Allen Cheek Brooks Patten Arthur Mace Gwyer Grey Bry ' an Kornegay William Barron Stronach William Henry McCachren James Lamar Henson Carl Thompson EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE -«{ 154 )Jt- NOflTH CAROLINA SOPHOMORES Leroy F. Abernethy, Jr. Herbert Buck Abramson Robert Leonard Adam Herbert Hoover Alexander Malcolm Burdette Allen William Watson Alston Roy Dwight Apple Jas. Oscar Applewhite William Griffin Arey, Jr. Claude Clark Armfield, Jr. A. R. Auman Charles Patterson Austin Edward Owen Baicy Isaac Mayo Bailey James Hinton Pou Bailey Richard Brown Bailey James Palmer Balding, Jr. Allen Robert Barbano Harvey Clyde Barbee Jesse Norris Barnes Harry Amos Bartlett Dan Mays Beattie Charles William Beaven Bernard William Beck Marvin Lester Becker Clement Cornelius Bell Daniel Locke Bell John McDonald Bennett William Lockhart Benton Greene Ramsey Berkeley Robert Matthew Bernstein William Connor Berryman Taylor Osborne Bird William Thomas Black Henry Clay Blair John Henry Blalock Thomas Edgar Blount Neill James Blue Paul Blue Howard Alexander Boone James Maxton Boone James Monroe Bordeaux Andrew Gunter Boseman Shelton Bickett Boyd Ralph Mayne Bragdon, Jr. James Ballard Brame Robert Palmer Brewer Warren Herbert Brewster William Samuel Bridges Leverett Frisbie Bristol Theodore Cleveland Britt, III Samuel Daris Broadhurst Tyree Kester Broadwell James Taylor Brooks Walter Randall Brooks Ben Blaine Brown M. G. Brown, Jr. Malcolm Macdonald Brown Thomas Reed Browne Francis Macon Bryan Ellis Spenser Bullins Richard Lewis Burnette Gordon Burns Ernest Lessing Byfield Alan Taliaferro Calhoun William Edmund Calloway Gaston Ward Callum Ross Cary Elwes Clyde Hogan Cates Tony Nickolas Cernugel James Richard Chasten Jack Allan Cheek Joseph Blount Chesfiire. IV Charles Aubrey Chitty John Graham Clark Hayden Croxton Clement Richard Erskine Clements, Jr. Clarence Dowell Coburn Dabney Minor Coddington Edward Emmett Cody A. Dodgie Cohen William Jeffrey Cole Robert J. Conderman William Vincent Conn Robert Connor Frederic Thomas Cook Francis Lane Cooper George Herbert Cooper Frank Calvin Cox Cliff Morton Craig Ernest Craige John Alan Creedy Thomas W. Crockett William Penn Croom Robert Garrison Crystal Dominic Anthony Cucuzzella Robert Ervin Cunningham Wallace Charles Curlee James Sloan Currie Joe Jenkins Currin Robert Albertson Dalton Arthur Fletcher Daniel William Mansfield Daniels Joseph Garewell Darracott Julian Mayo Davenport Douglas Jones Davis Glenn Benson Davis, Jr. McDonald Davis, Jr. Robert Green Sutphin Davis, Jr. Samuel Davis, Jr. Victor Wayher Dawson Harry Mitchell Deal Nicholas Romeo DeFronzo Hugh Ogburn DeWitt Jefferson Davis Dermid, Jr. Lonnie Davis Dill Ben Franklin Dixon Paul Winslow Dixon Joseph Van S. Donaldson Aloysius Thomas Doyle Max Barrier Dry Raymond Hill Dudley James McNeally Duff William Robert Dunlap Robert Jones Dunnagan Herman Keck Dupree Thomas Duncan Eaves Seymour Eisenberg Edwin Timanus Elliot Paul Hayes Etheridge Stuart Keith Eutsler Charlie Zimri Falls Frank Morgan Farrell Bernard Fink Carl Murray Fistel Henry Hunter Fitts Carey Hunter Fleming, Jr. Strother Calloway Fleming Joseph Lambert Fletcher James Pleasant Floyd, Jr. ■■■ { 155 ) - SOPHOMORES Rufus Guy Flynt Shelby Dade Foote Gus Evans Forbes Lamar Hunter Ford James Hamilton Fox John Willard Francis Theodore E. Freudenheim Joseph Friedman Thomas McElhenney Fry Lauren Emmanuel Genell Marvin Herbert Gewolb James Cunningham Gibson John Stevens Gillespie Don Gilliam, Jr. Justin Morton Gilman Voit Gilmore Hilliard Gold Murray Goldberg Joseph Goodman Edgar Hunt Goold, Jr. Francis Marshall Gordon Lewis Gordon John William Goss Alan William Gottlieb Lionel Orion Grady Alexander Hawkins Graham Arthur Leon Graham Johnston Williams Gray Ralph John Greely Fletcher Harrison Gregory John Edward Grenzebach William Howard Griffin Harold Irwin Gross Phillip David Grossman Thomas Wesley Gurney Henry Calvin Guynes Arthur Mace Gwyer Daniel Ashby Hackney Burwell Freenam Hall, Jr. James William Hall Isaac Duncan Ham Ned Sprunt Hamilton Edward B. Hampton Franklin Wills Hancock Victor Fisher Harllee William Capehart Harney Sam Pierce Harrell William Eugene Harrington William Inge Harris Willis Speight Harrison Charles Johnson Harriss Samuel Westbrook Hatcher Julian Mixton Hayes Thomas Carroll Haywood Jackson Stephen Hayworth Walter C. Helderman John Steele Henderson William Houston Hendrix, Jr. James Lamar Henson David Livingston Herring Robertson Clemens Hesse Ellwood Carey Hewitt Walter C. Hilderman Eugene Bennett Hill Joseph Truman Hilton Charles Meadows Hines Harvey Carrow Hines, Jr. James E. Hines Charles Edwin Hinsdale Charles Lewis Hinton Edgar Latimer Hinton Herbert Harvey Hirschfield Graham Badger Hobbs Ralph Jordan Hobbs Gerald Hockman David Williams Hoefer Robert Richar Hoffman Milton Earl Hogan James Grigsley Holdren William Walter Holland, Jr. Jonathan Ivins Holmes Thomas Hall Holmes, Jr. Albert Hamilton Holt Frank Petty Holton, Jr. Ernest Elmer Honaker George William Honeycutt Basil Tourneur Horsfield, Jr. Fred Lane Horton Eugene Southerland Howard Richard Wilson Howard Roy Davis Howser Clark Marcer Hubbard Henry Edward Hudson Edward Cortner Huffman Jack Hughes Clen Simmons Humphrey James Fletcher Hunter Harry Earle Hutchison James Wilson Idol George F. Ingold Thomas Irving Insley Jess Wilson Irwin Leo Howard Irwin Samuel Holeman Isenhower David Jay Jacobson George Jay Jaffe Paul Roberts Jernigan Dunn McLaurin Johnson Louis Simms Jordan William Marcellus Jordan, Jr Clarence R. Joyce Jim McMurray Joyner Richard Audrey Joyner, Jr. David Judson Everett Dexter Julian Milton Julian Martin Bernard Kalkstein Harvey Kaplan Max Edward Karlin Seymour Martin Karow Herbert Victor Karp Bernard Kaufman Jerome Kaufman Sidney Kellar David Moorman Kerley Algernon Hubbard Kerr, Jr. Jack Wells Kidd Jere Clemens King William Johnston King Emmanuel Kirschner David Kittner Charles Robert Kline Sam Erwin Kluttz William Clarence Kluttz William Everbtte Knight Joe Haywood Knox Ned Kornblite, Jr. Grey Bryan Kornegay Henry Mahler Kramer Jules Kramer - 156)S SOPHOMORES Jasper Jack Kraynick Paul Martin Kuklish, Jr. Jerome Lackowitz Ben Jackson Lamb, Jr. Clive Wayne Laney Ralph Beach Laney Carl Eugene Langston H. Lee Large, Jr. Walter L. Lashley. Jr. William David Lee William Hugh Leeper Arno Emil Lehmann Robert Hugh Leslie Murray Charles Lester Frederick Halle Levy Arthur Weldon Lewis, Jr. Charles Waldron Lewis, Jr. David Martin Lieberman George Lipsky James Williams Little Bunyan John Lloyd William Lunsford Long Charles Manly Loomis Rafael Mocente Lopez Henry Harold Lorch Raymond Benjamin Lowery Philip Edward Lucas Walker Lyerly, Jr. Charles Edward Lynch George Mallett MacNider William Henry McCachren Arthur Walker McCaig John Henry McCord Ned Foy McKay James Kenneth McLean James Wilton McLean Herbert Morgan McManus Luther McNeill, Jr. Gideon Hunt Macon, Jr. Leon Margolis Luke Lazarus Marion, Jr. Felix D. Markham, Jr. Steve Jesse Maronic PtlLLEN DALTON MARTIN Richard Hezekiah Masten William Stratford May Albert Maynard Gerald Johnson Maynard Victor Albert Means Emerson Wilton Mears Thomas Richard Meder Gaston Lee Meekins Allen Hunter Merrill August Leger Meyland, Jr. Merritt David Michel Charles Alexander Mickey Arthur Louis Midgette Perry Watson Miles John Arthur Miller Leonard W. Miller William M ilton Miller Solon Scott Minton Rafael Miquel Harry Watson Moore John Augustus Moore William Malcolm Moore George Broaks Morgan Thomas Grady Morgan Carl Hubert Moritz John Daniel Morris Roderick Goldston Murchison Richard Thomas Myers Thomas Jerome Myers Elmer Paul Nance Allan Douglas Nanney George Earl Nethercutt William Strowd Neville Guy Newby, Jr. Henry Ross Nigrelli Edwin Harold Niven Joseph Robert Nixon, Jr. David Oettinger Hugh D. Ogburn John Burrell Oliver Rudolph Euell Oliver Clifford Edney Pace Horace Palmer John Wily Pancoast John Randolph Parker Charles Irving Parrish George Fountain Parrott William Thomas Parrott Lytle Neale Partick Brooks Patten Wilson Edwin Patterson Carver J. Peacock James Edward Peacock Eugene I. Pearl William Arthur Pearson Robert Mendell Pochrass Robert Saul Polisar Conrad Henry Poppenhusen Harry Preston Marvin Link Prestwood George Galloway Price Donald D ' Arcy Pritchard Hubert Jones Privette William Vinson Proctor Carl Selwyn Pugh, Jr. Hugh Weathers Putnam William Alexander Raney Edward Ray Rankin John Watlins Rankin William Shelton Ray Randolph Hampton Reece Jesse Byers Reese James Frederick Rhodes Thomas Rice Powell Richards Allen Abraham Richman Horace Richter John Bunyan Riggsbee Guy Gilbert Ritchie Michael Anderson Roberts Charles Moore Robinson, Jr. William Blades Robinson Benjamin H. Roebuck, Jr. Frank Mandeville Rogers Wiley Mager Rogers Carlton Alexander Rood Wilson Andrew Rood Robert Jean Rosenzweig Henry Jonathan Roth Joseph Vance Rowe, Jr. James Jordan Rowland Henry Latimer Rudolph Marvin Britt Ruffin William Lee Rufty Joe Brent Russell Pete George Sacrinty, Jr. 4 157 )§— SOPHOMOMES Harold Launk Sager Melvin Sakolsky James Terry Sanford Francis Stewart Saunders John Maxson Saunders James Shelton Scales Lacey Pershing Scott John Quincy Seawell Elliott Gilford Shaw, Jr. Eugene Craig Shell Alvin Abraham Shure Sidney Harold Siegel Peter Eugene Siegle Paul Gabriel Simkoe Berkeley Leo Simmons Robert Griggs Simmons Hugh Hamilton Sisson Thompson Hunter Skeen John David Slawter Cyrus Thompson Sloan, Jr. Charles Blume Sloop Foyell Pennington Smith Robert Lee Smith Stewart Haines Smith Samuel Winslow Smith Warren Mattson Smith, Jr. Richard Dean Snipes Daniel Creighton Sossomon Samuel Carl Southerland Robert Martin Spanier Vernon Starr Sparrow Charles Connelly Spell William Hunter Sperry Neal Greer Sficer Lucius Eugene Stacy Charles Jackson Starnes Flake Futhey Steele Frederick Phillip Stein Gordon Sefton Stevens Robert Eyre Steward William G. Stigelman, Jr. Chester Jerome Stoopack Dan Harrington Stout James Fleming Straughan William Barron Stronach Matthew Alfred Stroup David Lindsay Struthers Charles Gerstley Sunstein James Edward Sutton Willis Anderson Sutton, Jr. Walter F. Swartz, Jr. Kenneth Spencer Tanner Charles Graham James Marion Tayloe James Alexander Taylor K. P. Taylor Henry T. Terry, Jr. John Waties Thomas Lynn Patrick Thomas Harry Vaine Thompson John C. Thompson, Jr. Paul Hewitt Thompson Jack Edwards Thornton Bedford Thurman Junius Wynne Tillery Matthew Topkins Joseph Robert Racy Henry Alan Truex John Thomas Tucker Frederick Lion Tunick Linwood Jones Tunnell Winford Holmes Turlington Eugene Alfred Turner, Jr. Harvey Blair Tyndall John Wesley Umstead, III Wingate Boushall Upton Richard Alexander Urquhart Marvin Bright Utley, Jr. Stanley Howard Van Cise Keith Morehouse Van Kirk Thomas H. Vanderford Earl Stanford Vann John Council Vick Charles Frank Vilbrandt Jerome Irwin Vitriol Hiram Benjamin Wadsworth Frank Hart Wakeley Charles Paddock Wales Donald Clifton Ward Thomas Marsh Ward Aldin Warren William Blake Warren Martin Abraham Watkins George David Watson Henry Gorham Webb Jess Alton Webb Micajah Mattocks Weeks William Paul Weil Robert Weinberger Douglas Sharp Welfare Robert Wilson Wells James Leslie Wharton John Ruffin Wheless Clayton Harrison White Robert Emmet Whitehurst Julian L. M. Whitener William White Whitley Otto Nelson Whittaker, Jr. Raymond Joseph Wildman Louis George Wilkins Harry Eugene Wilkinson, Jr. Franklin Simmons Williams George Melvin Williams, Jr. George Thomas Williams Harold Guy Williams Raymond Willard Williams Woodrow Wade Williams Edgar Allen Williamson Thomas Grace Willis, Jr. Milton Smith Willner Hofmann Wilson Peter Thomas Wilson William Gordon Wilson John Wallace Winborne, Jr. Vaughan Sharp Winborne Alvin Wingfield, Jr. Ernest V. Woodard, Jr. James Leake Woodson William Holladay Worth Speight James Wrenn, Jr. William James Wrey Samuel Wright Joseph Walker Yates Rutherford Nance Yeates Harry Clay Yeatman Jacob Lloyd Yokeley Eugene McDuffy Yount Alexander James Ziady - { 158 } - ARDLl A Duke University, a product of the New North Carolina, is fast taking its place among the leading educational institutions of the court- try. FRESHMAN I " I " F ( TAYLOR ROBERSOX HIN ' E FICKLEN McCOLI. FKESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Baxter Henderson Taylor President Foy Roberson, Jr Vice-President Charles James Hine Secretary Louis Stuart Ficklen Treasurer HONOR COMMITTEE William George Anderson John Hare Bonner Thomas S. Royster, Jr. Julian Lane H. DeWitt Barnett Julian Baxter Coghill Philip Alfred Walker EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Duncan Donald McColl, Chairman James H. Darden James Evans Davis Thomas Dupree Hxggins William Henry Webb Laurence Lackey John Franklin Lynch Joseph Andrew Webster, Jr. Eugene Stuart Gregg James Phillips Parker Vonno Lamar Gudger Herbert Bachrach Ernest Raymond Vaillancourt James Robert Brill Edwin Archibald Hubbard Jamis Carl Hambright 1 ' hilip Alfred Walker John Marshall Hancock Edward Heywood Megson Robert Woodburn Doty Robert Gordon- John Leslie Latham John Groff Robert Ernest Sumner Hal Byerly Armentrout, II Ernest Graham Forrest. Jr. Emory Montgomery Osgood Julian Baxter Coghill Andrew Long Blaukwelder Latt Wesley Purser Charles Edward Wood. Ill William Henry Shull Charles Baynes Wilkerson. Jr. COURTLANDT WHARTON DaWSON EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE -4. 160 FMESHMEN Jacob Bernard Abrams Donald Godfrey Ackerman James David Adams GEORGE Charles Aid, Jr. Samuel Henry Akers Bernie Aleskovsky Harold Vance Alexander Robert Galt Alexander John Franklin Allison Ralph Milton Alperin Roland Charles Alzelius Gayle Bunnel Anderson William George Anderson Ralph Preston Andrews Robert Clyde Andrews, Jr. Robert Robbins Andrews James Oscar Applewhite Leonard Arenson Hal Byerly Armentrout, Jr. George Sitgreaves Attmore Harold Mitchell Augenblick Harold Austin Herbert Bacharach Richard Albert Baddolr David J. Bady James Ruffin Barley Millard Thomas Barley Frank Egerton Baker Robert Aldrich Baker Edwin Lyan Ball Fritz Joseph Eugene Banner Ottis Rutley Barham Robert Kennard Barber J. Bailey Barnes. Jr. Oscar Lee Barnes Ospy Junius Barnes H. DeWitt Barnett Bei Bai Richard James Barrett Jack Edward Barringer James William Batten- Nicholas Aston Beadles Bernard William Beck Robert Hansen Beck iti hu iii Baxter Bell John Williamson Bell William Forrest Bell, Jr. Atlas Devon Benton Robert Herbert, Jr. Fred H. Berdan Norman A. Bergs Dante Ai.ighieri Berim Harry Ellis Bf.thea Andrew Long Bi.ackwelder Merritt Edney Blalock, Jr. Allan Ira Bloom Frederick Alexander Blount Leon Blum Philip Blumenthal Joseph Boak Paul Burgess Bodenheimer Oscar Whetzell Bolick, Jr. John Hare Bonner, Jr. Joseph B. Bonner William Murphy Bowman D. Hudson Boyd. Jr. James Marion Boykin Thomas Newton Braftord Albert Arthur Bravea Joseph Marion Brantley, Jr. Julian Chisholm Brantley, J Robert Sumter Brawley Herbert Vinson Bridgers John Hilery Briggs, Jr. James Robert Brill Albert Mitchell Britt John Gay Britt Walter Japert Broadwell Clyde Albert Brooks Herbert Edmund Brooks. Jr. James Asbury Brown Robert Frederick Brown, Jr Thurston Cross Brown William You land Bryan James Spencer Bryant Walter Pete Budden Benjamin Oliver Burns John Carroll Busby Redden Butler, Jr. William Medearis Butler Lon Harrill Caldwei 1 Victor Summers Caldwell William Edward Calloway Corbett Carlton Cannon Lucien Henry Capehart Alfred Pershing Carlton, Jr. Willis Thomas Carpenter, Jr. Albert Gallatin Carr George Watts Carr, Jr. Dudley DeWitt Carroll, Jr. Carney Blake Carter John Dan Carter, Jr. Sam Tim Carter Alexander Henry Carver, Jr. Hugh Pfohl Cash, Jr. Robert John Casterton William Vann Cavanaugh, Jr. Hammett Andrew Cecil James Mosely Chesnutt James Richard Chiles William Washington Chisholm Savatore John Ciofalo Robert Lee Ci ark Roy Edward Clark Walter Clark Henry Luther Coble Zebu lon Vance Coble Grady Hoke Cockerham, Jr. Ba ii i Morton Cohen Philip Cohen Boyd Cleveland Comstock John Lee Connelly Milton L. Conner Jack Porter Cooper Robert Bruce Corpening James Corrubia James Harold Corry - Vann Buren Covington William Cowper Robert Martin Cox. Jr. F. W. Crockett Peter McKellar Cromartie James Creasy, Jr. Victor Herman Creech, Jr. Irwin Dewey Chouse Richard Douglas Cross William Carter Cri mi- George Clarence Culpepper Frank Xylan Cuneo Ralph Hicks Currin William Roscoe Daniel James Henry Darden Carlos Erwin Darlington William Joseph Darnell Howard Melton Davidson Clifton Bailey Davis Clifton Farrier Davis Isaai P. Davis. Jr. Jack Ulysses Quentin Davis James Evans Davis Platt Walker Davis. Jr. Courtland Wharton Dawson Robert DeGuzman P. Francis D ' Eia Brantley George De Loatche Daniel Wilson Denning Lemuel Franklin Dennis Daniel Desich Harold Fillinghast Dewey Howard P. Diamond Randolph McLeod Dick Alvis B. Dickson Edward Ray Dickerson Charles Edward Diffendal William Austin Dillon, Jr. Ben Bentley Dilworth M. J. Doniger John Nelson Dorsey Robert Woodburn Doty William Forbs Dowdy Harry Fleming Driver Bertram Morris Drucker Murray Don Drucker James McXeally ' Duff Edward Hamilton Dutcher, Jr Wallace Stanhope Dunn William Thompson Dye. Jr. -$ 161 } - FKESHMEN George Thomas Eakes Oxen Cordell Easter Charles Henry Edwards, Jr. Maurice Niles Edwards Bernard M. Eichler Charles Elwood English John Howey Esberg James Corbitt Evans James Miller Ewing James Bascom Faircloth Jack Phifer Fairley Beverley Adams Faison Edward Philipe Farish Joseph Alfred Farrior, Jr. Mathew Feldman Carl John Louis Stuart Ficklen James Ellis Fields John Clinard Finch Clarence Everett Fink Dolphus Taylor Fisher John Boyd Fleming Ernest Graham Forrest, Jr. Turner Joe Forrest Hugh Hill Foss Archie Don Fountain Joseph Thomas Fowler Albert A. Fox Robert Berliner Frank John Montjoy Frozkr Robert A. Freeman William Spencer Freeman Elias Friedland Irving Joseph Friedlander Jesse Lanier Fulenwider Joel H. Fulton James Kenneth Gailey George Henry Gammons Norman John Ganslen Kenneth Gant, Jr. David Pratt Garvin Thomas Harry Gatton Jerry Winston Garce Louis Woodson Gaylord, Jr. Frank Alexander Geddie George Niome Gemayel John Philip George Daniel Geller James Pete Gianakos Niok Lovis Gianakos John Gibbons Charles Baker Biduz Royal Lee Gilchrist, Jr. Leonard Vincent Giles Arthur Donald Gill George Gilliam Richard Emil Gips Aaron Baer Glicksberg Robert Bernard Gordon- Robert Norman Gordon William Jones Gordon. Jr. Charles Leland Grady Lester Otter Grady John David Graff Wilford Harris Gragg Thomas Hyman Gray John W. Greenbai m Eugene Stuart Gregg Vonno Lamar Gudger Edward Howard Guxon, Jr. Charles Walker Gunter, Jr. Philip Hoghton Gunther Charles Christian Gunterberg Henry Calvin Guynes Wilms Douglas Hackney Willis Nathan Hackney Samuel Hahn Garrard Haines Alonzo Cleveland Hall Stanley Eugene Hall Bertram Charles Halpi kin- James Carl Hambright Frederick Bruce Hamilton Alton Blanton Ham rick John Marshall Hancock Fred Thornett Hardy Victor Fisher Harllee Martin Luther Harmon- James Brame Harris Robert Willis Hartley Thomas Hyman Harbey. Jr. Joseph Hauptman Herbert Columbus Hawthorne Thomas Woodley Heath M. W. Hedrick R. E. Hedrick Delmas Dalton Hendrix Robert Edward Hermson Robertson Clemens Hesse Joseph McMurray Hester Donald Cade Hicks Thomas Dupree Higgins Frederick Morton Hight Harold Francis Hike Julius Hilfman Robert Hugh Hill Charles James Hine Lovit Hines William Walker Hines Samuel Hirsch Cyrus Hirschkorn Vance Kerr Hobbs Philip Brown Holbrook Benjamin Franklin Holeman Joseph Wright Holman, Jr. Frank Marion Holmes Robert Posten Holroyd James McBride Holt James Astor Hooks Lawrence Hoskins Hooper Joe L. Horne Joseph Loyd Horton Joe Dillon Hough David Asbury Howard Logan Douglas Howell Rudolph Ashworth Howell John Decatur Hoyle William Vinton Hoyle Edwin Archibald Hubbard Donald Charles Hughes Charles Butler Hulcher Bennett Haskin Hunter Edwin William Hirst, Jr. Clement Hurwitz Norman Hurwitz Francis Martin Hutchison Richard Fogg Hutson Marion Sprint Hutton Carl Battle Hyatt Gilbert Ellis Jackson Hance Jaquett Joseph Barker Jarrell Royce Coles Jennings Horace Woodrow Johnson James Lawrence Johnson, Jr. Stacy Johnson William Johnson, Jr. William Steele Johnson Harvey Adolphus Jonas Cyril Jones George Spencer Jones J. Franklin Jones Max Frederick Jones Peter Daub Jones William Miller Jones Wade Garland Jordan John Devereux Joslin William Kaplan William Marshall Karesh Ralph Lawrence Karol Alexander Stephens Katzenberg Edward Kaufman Robert Franklin Keadle Richard Lee Kerr Philip Thomas Kennedy Thomas Bland Keys Guilbert Harold King William Harold Kinsey Howard Maillard Kiss Walter Benton Kleeman Seymour J. Klein Norman Daniel Klitenick Robert Platt Knickerbocker Robert Alan Koch Manuel Korn Lawrence Evans Lackey James Glosson Lacock Eric James Laddey Greyard Byrn Lamm James George Lamont -$ 162 fc- FMESHMEN Julian Lane Melvin Oliver Lane, Jr. David Herbert Langsam Douglas Haig Langston MURRAY Sylvan Laskey Kenneth Julian Lasser John Leslie Latham Henry Laurens John Laurens J amis F. Lawrence Newton Clayton Lee Walter H. Leonard, Jr. Elbert Leslie Lipman Edmund Sanford Lipsky Harold Liskin Robert Dale Little Leonard Warren Loftin Jennings Jackson Long Thomas Williams Mason Long. . Arthur Carl Lowe William Cabell Lowe Franklyn Lawrence Lowentha Elmer Francis Lowry John Franklin Lynch, Jr. John Greenwood Lyon John Heywood Lywah Washington Lee Mack Joseph Mager John Willard Magoffin Edward Heywood Magson Davis Henry Malone Harry Andrew March Erwin Markowitz Richard Raymond Marks. Jr. Broadus Willington Martin Fernander Curtis Martin .1 t k McMullen Martin Albert Henry Mathes John Joseph Matte James Dwight Mattox William Earl Mattocks John Alfred Mayo James William McCallum John Clark McCall Duncan Donald McColz Pierce Rogers McConaughy William Owen McDowell George McDuffie John Paul McGinty R. Cleve McGowan Thomas J. McIntosh Vance Praymore McIver Morrison Mallory McKenzie Robert Alderman McLemore Samuel Dace McFherson Thomas Albert McQuade Edward Charles Meighan George Edward Merkle Francis Neville Merritt William Hyde Meroney Herbert Saul Meyer Finley Bradshaw Mey ' ers, Jr. Irving Meyerowitz John Gillespie Michael Jerry Miller Robert Stanley Milner Hubert Edwin Mims Crudup Pendleton Mitchell, Jr Edward Joy ' ce Mitchell Ralph Kusney Mitchell Jacob Darling Mixon Arthur Edward Moog Charles Edward Moore Charles Lee Moore David Moss Moore Edward Townsend Moore T. Bernand Morgan. Jr. P. D. Morrow Charles Randall Mowry Paul Frederick Moyer Edward Robert Mueller John Peter Mulhern Douglas Jennings Muncie Powell Murchison Kenneth Vincent Murphy Thomas Lynch Murphy James Holcombe Murrell, Jr. Evander Theodore Nance Chedwick B. Narron J iMES Mallory Nash William Sims Newton Edward Remington N ' k HOL8 George Edward Nicholson. J: Henry Gilliam Nicholson Irving David Niditch John Malcolm Nisbet Joseph Robert Nixon, Jr. Thomas Leve Noe Thomas Bernard Nordan Win ford Walter Norman Joseph Roby Norwood, Jr. Victor Ochsman Waiter Francis Off. Jr. William Hubert Ogburn Carroll Dean Oglesby Richard William Olson Robert Laird Ord, Jr. Emory ' Montgomery Osgood Jenness Russell Owen Raymond Answell Owen Hugh Roberts Papy Thomas Clement Parham James Phillips Parker John Webster Parker Everett William Parrish Earl Victor Patterson- Frank Neville Patterson, J Nick Demus Patterson Eugene Israel Pearl Frank Reid Penn Edwin Roberson Perkins George Edward Perrin, Jr. James Wardlaw Perrin, Jr. James Perrotto Edward Owen Perry. Jr. Seymour Henry Pessar Daniel Neff Peterman Jack Peterson Philip Alton Petree Henry Hyman Philips. Jr. Carl Frederick Phillips Norris Tebeau Pindar William Harvey Pitman, Jr. J. L. PlTTMAN Joseph York Pitts Thomas RemFRY Pitts Clarence Wilson Place, Jr. George Webb Plank John Edward Podwika Franklin Willard Potter w i l li a m j bfferson 1 0 well Opil Hugh Pratt Bert Leo Premo John Randolph Prove Charles Conly Pruitt, Jr. Carl S. Pugh, Jr. Latt Wesley Purser Jach Pustilnik Charles Lewis Putzel. Jr. J. MlNETREE PYNE Daniel James Quicg Robert Marshall Quina Paul Austin Quins- George RODMON Benjamin Garfield Rae, Jr. George Francis Ralston Edward Lee Rankin, Jr. R. Grady Rankin W t illiam Henry Rawlings Sanford Miller Reese Edwin Charles Reich R. S. Reis Seymour S. Rick Charles Franklin Rider foy roberson, jr. Harold Leon Roberts Benjamin H. Roebuck William McFarland Rooney John Danlels Rose Leslie William Rose, Jr. Albert Rosen- Lewis Leon Rosen Morris William Rosenberg JlMMIE McC ' AUSLAND ROSS Otho Bescent Ross, Jr. -4{ 163 }§ - FKESHMEN Theodore Nichols Ross Jack Roth H. J. Roth Eugene Cleapor Rountree Kenneth Claiborne Royall, Jr. Ira Gay Royster, Jr. Thomas Broadway Royster Thomas Sampson Royster William Batterman Ruger Richard Caswell Rush R. Barrett Russ Eli George Saleeby Claude N. Sapp Roy Norman Sarasohn Lewis Sneed Sasser, Jr. Junius Irving Scales John Griffith Scattergood Harry Schindleb Stanley Sheldon Schneeveis Martin Frederick Schuck Roger Moore Schulken William Lawrence Sea well James Russell Sheffield William Roy Shelton, Jr. Marshall McLaney Shfpheri. Ira Gray Sherman Sidney Shiller Davis Harold Shoaf, Jr. William Henry Shull Alvin Abraham Shure Jerry Beardsley Shith Norman Michael Silverman Paul Gabriel Simkoe Raymond Harvey Simmons Grady Simpson John Bradley Singletary Charles Albert Slagle Anthony ' John Sleboda Howard S. Sloman Leo Slotnich Erwin 0. Smigel Herbert Smith John Bonn Smith Joseph Zeb Smith Wiley Smith Jacob Soltz Roy Allan Sosnowitz Harry Chris Soufas Carey Rogers Sparks Richard Whitehead Sparrow Hugh Carly ' le Spaulding Robert Bernard Speetles John Barham Spilman. Jr. Richard Wood Spivey Endey Webb Stacey Thomas Melville Stanback Charles Millard Stancell Herbert Charles Stanton. Jr. Frederick Fhillips Stein Sanford Stein Blake Hunter Stephens Fred Boothe Stem Milton Stern Seymour Victor Stern William A. Stern Edward Jordan Stevens George Henry Stirveiss Henry Haines Stockton Jerry Stoff Irving Billet Stomkin Grady Erastub Stone Warren Gamaliel Stone Tom Edgar Story Ernest Dalton Strickland James Francis Strickland Stancell McLeod Stroud Sumner Stroyman Robert Ernest Sumner Edward Price Surratt Louis Valvelle Sutton Chester Sidney Svigals Boyst Blank Swann Baxter Henderson Taylor Ben Franklin Taylor J. W. Taylor William Tenenblatt Frank Terhune John Walter Thibaut David Elmon Thompson Joseph Roscoe Thompson Neil Howard Thompson Monroe Babdin Thrower Seymour Simon Tick Bate Toms, Jr. Ira Jerome Topping Edward Trainer, Jr. Hassell Thigpen Drewry Eugene Troutman Virgil Truitt. Jr. Ben Frye Turner Frank Lucius Turner Lawson Withers Turner John Carroll Tynan Silas G. Upchurch Alton Judd Utley Ernest Ray ' mond Vaillancourt James David Van Kirk D. T. Vaughan, Jr. Johnny Flake Veach W t illiam Aldon Vernon J. E. Vick, Jr. Lewis Donald Vickers Edwin G. Vincent John Fletcher Vincent William Bryant Vinson Philip Alfred Walker Stanley R. Walker William Kennedy Walker William Thomas Walker Fitzhugh Ellsworth Wallace John Adams Wallace Elmer Charles Warren Roy Cooper Warren Carlton Gunter Watkins Cutler Watkins J. A. Webb William Henry Webb Joseph Andrew Webster. Jr. Samuel Joshua Weeks Roy Marshall Wehrle William Paul Weil Herman Harvey Weintraub Frederick Andrew Welch Harold Weiss Murray Herbert Weiss Roberdeau Wheat, III Raymond Milner Wheeler Richard Street White, IV Nathan Patrick Whitfield Edward Sumner Wicker Robert Leonard Wilbur John Wiley Seymour Wilk Charles Baynes Wilkerson. George Alexander Wilkinso: Claude Riddick Williams Herbert Daniel Williams James Edward Williams Mai rice Watts Williams Oliver Wayne Williamson Dean Armstrong Wilson John Kenyon Wilson. Jr. Joseph Woodrow Wilson Norbert Bahnson M ' ilson Edwin Godley Winstead William Rhonzo Winstead Charles Edward Wood. Ill Benjamin Bunn Woodward Robinson Woodward Cecil William Wooten, Jr. Richard Campbell Worley Walter Harril Wray Clement Wrenn. Jr. David Bryan Wright Richard Stanley Wright Ernest Hugh Yelton Carl Young Clifton H. Young Dolph Moore Young. Jr. Ernest Harshaw Yount, Jr. Enrique Ignacio Zayas Robert Richard Zeppelin- Frank Coxe Zimmerman George Eno Zink Edward Zuckerman -$164} NORTH Steeped in a religious tradition, Wake For- est annually sends into the professional world men of outstanding merit and training. sl PROFESSIONAL THE LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS John Hugh Williams President Harry Clinton Finch Vice-President Staton Pender Williams Secretary-Treasurer William Blount Rodman Student Council Representative THIRD YEAR LAW CLASS OFFICERS Kenneth Wharton Young President James David Mallonee Vice-President Clifton Clement Bennett Harold K. Bennett Walter Thomson Britt Overton W. Clayton, Jr. Rufus Theodore Coburn James William Copeland James Wilkinson Dorsey Mark Stevenson Dunn John Christopher B. Khringhaus, Jr. Alfred Jackson Ellington Harry Clinton Finch Charles F. Gold. Jr. Frederick Gustave Henderson, Jr. Kenneth Wharton Y( John Baldwin Higby Martin Levinson Hugh Stuart MacDiarmid Walter Raleigh McGuire James David Mallonee, Jr. Grady Mercer Paul F. Mickey William Blount Rodman Harry Binder Stein Sidney Joseph Stern, Jr. William Thornton Whitsett John Hugh Williams Staton Pender Williams Harry C Finch Staton P. Wiliia THIRD YEAR CLASS THE LAW SCHOOL SECOND YEAR LAW CLASS OFFICERS Winfield Clary Holt President Harry Lee Riddle. Jr Vice-President Forrest Vaughan Dunstan Secretary James Brown Craighill Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Linn Bernhardt, Jr. Clarence Walton Griffin Henry Charles Rancke Halsey Sherwood Carey Ezra Ennis Griffin William Lewis Reid, Jr. William Baker Carter Winfield Clary Holt Harry Lee Riddle. Jr. Henry Irwin Coffield, Jr. Henry Pitts Hudson Archibald Caldwell Rufty James Brown Craighill George Austin Hex Earlie Clifford Sanderson William Mathewes Daniel Charles Marshall Iyey, Jr. Rufus Brown Sanford, Jr. Forrest Vaughan Dunstan Israel Harry Jacobson Archibald Henderson Scales Albert Joseph Ellis James Walter Keel. Jr. John Taylor Schiller James Colly Farthing McNeely DuBose MacDowell Willis Crauth Smith Julian Clyde Franklin Daniel Gaston MacMillan James Melton Verner Powell Watkins Glidewe ll Edward Alford Morgan James Andrew Wellons, Jr. Paul Davis Grady Charles Aycock Poe Joseph Hubert Whicker, Jr. James Shook Queen FIRST YEAR LAW CLASS OFFICERS Bradford Lorin Tobey President Oscar Leak Tyree Vice-President Virginia Adams Douglas Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Harvey James Boney Moses Braxton Samuel Erixene Robinson- John Calhoun Bower Clarence Alonzo Griffin, Jr. William Roy Shelton Paschal Bcford Burks James Nathaniel Hamrick William Lamont Smith James Dickson Carr James Harden Howell Sarah Starr Edward B. Clark Robert Cooke Howison. Jr. Bradford Lorin Tobey William Redin Dawes Edward Cutler Joyner Joel Horne Turner. Jr. Catherine Olive DeCarlo Joseph Mordecai Kittner Oscar Leak Tyree John Donald Dial, Jr. Ralph Waldo McDon ild Malcolm Dade Wall Virginia Adams Douglas George Francis McKendry Steward Bethune Warren Brice Belmont Gambill Elmer R. Oettinger. Jr. Robert Ransom Williams, Jr John Walton Garrett Owen Hendricks Page Raymond Buckner Witt, Jr. Robert Lee Gavin Ezra Alphonso Parker Benjamin Wyche, III Wylie Fort Parker Kenneth W. Yc Bradford L. Tc Winfield C. Holt FIRST AND SECOND YEAR CLASSES THE MEDICAL SCHOOL THE WHITEHEAD MEDICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS William Moretz President George C. Rowe Vice-President Charles Willis Sensenbach .. .Secretary-Treasurer John Dent Summers Student Council Representative THE SECOND YEAR MEDICAL CLASS OFFICERS William Moretz President Walter Skellie Hunt, Jr Vice-President Walter Joseph Pijanovcski ...Secretary-Treasurer Jules Bryan Aaron Olivia Abernethy Berlin Francis Barham Beatv Lee Bass rubvetta charman Mary Virginia Copeland Lemuel Underwood Creech Thomas Worth Crowell William Harris Davis, |r. Paul McNeely Deaton MEMBERS T. B. Gray Rene Hardre Elizabeth McCauley James Walter Jones McLendon Daniel Geddie Monroe Robert Lansing Norment Robert Toms Pigford Theodore Pollock George C. Rowe Charles Willis Sensenbach John Luther Shirley Arthur Simkovitz Benjamin Smith Skinner William Alva Van Nortwick Maurice Burton Winstead Clark Harold Woodburn Thomas Luther Worsley, [r. James Clay Wren James Workman Culbertson Special Student SECOND YEAR CLASS - { 168 )§►- kl k THE MEDICAL SCHOOL THE FIRST YEAR MEDICAL CLASS OFFICERS Horace Hayden Hodges President Harley Gaskill Brookshire Vice-President Erastus O. Goodman Secretary-Treasurer John Frank Barber Raiford Douglas Baxley Thomas S. Bennett Robert Alvin Berman Allen Baker Bonner Robert Erwin Coker, Jr. Albert Edward Corperning Alton Blaine Edwards Joseph Arthur Farmer John Deaver Farmer Louis Gibbs MEMBERS Francis Duncan Gibson Walter Raleigh Graham John C. Grier Dewey Tate Holt Robert Lindsay Thomas Sparrow Long William Lawrence Maulding Albert Key McAnally John Gilmer Mebane Hugh Harrison Mills Adlai Stevenson Oliver Charles Sknsenbach Charlotte Evelyn Parker Bert S. Smith, Jr. Charles Gordon Smith Ruby Arden Smith James Rose Stancil George Ritchie Wall Mack Wallace James Langdon Wardlaw, Jr. Algird Francis White Inez Willoughby James Rhodes Wright first year class -■• :{ 169 } ■- r PHARMACY SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Howard S. Fox President James Arthur Way. Jr Vice-President Edward Vassar Stephenson Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Rupert Edison Bullard John Agrippa Mitchener Earl Uel Capps Henry Edwin Smith A. Hal Cornwell Jack D. Smith Foster Howell Corwith William Julius Smith Charles Milton Crowell Herman O. Thompson Adrian Eure Galloway Samuel Monroe Turner William Anderson Hayes Jesse Williams Tyson Horace Jackson Kee Coy Webster Wallet William F. Lynch Joseph Winstead Watson A. L. McLean, Jr. Barney Paul Woodard George Woodrow McLean Velma Fleming John Ivey Matthews Special Student JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS C. C. Oates President W. B. Halsey Vice-President G. A. Kiser Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Ernestine Ray Barber Gaither Fred Johnson Solomon Arthur Bobroff Phil Link Thomas Milton Bruce Tom L. Linn Blanche Bullock Maggie Lou Moore Jean Bush Clarence Eugene Page June Bush Jesse Milton Russell Joseph Harold Cameron Wilson Coite Simmons James Leonard Creech Elium Creed Sutphin Clyde Loraine Futrell Robert Neal Watson Howard S. Fox Edward V. Stephenson James A. Wa SECOND AND THIKD YEAR CLASSES a n n i i ■■ i PHAMMACY SCHOOL SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jess Wilson Irvin President Malcolm Noyes Goodwin Vice-President Grey Bryan Kornegay Secretary George William Honeycutt Treasurer MEMBERS John Watson Allen Donald Alton Plemmons Theodore Gilbert Bloom William V. Proctor Shelton Bickett Boyd Thomas Reid Rand Eugene Tulie Brown John Fitzhugh Rhem McDonald Davis, Jr. James Frederick Rhodes James H. Fox Helen Douglass Richardson Ellis Patrick Gaddy William Lee Sloan Marion Sims Hamer Ralph Gordon Templeton Eugene Southerland Howard Claude Vernon Timberlake George Haywood Jones Joseph Peyton Tunstall Marvin Morton Kessler Lovett Aldin Warren Leinster Martin Lewis Perry Vivian Waters Samuel Woodrow McFalls Sherrod Parker Wells Solon Scott Minton George St. Angelo FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Henry William Harris President Alfred Nixon Costner Vice-President John Albert McNeill Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS William Walton Allgood Charles Daniel McFalls James Edward Boone George Julian McManus Gary Isham Britt Henry Gorden McNeill Anna Dean Burks Albert McLean Mattocks Edward Graham Campbell Leonard M. Nixon Helen Williams Duguid Jesse Miller Pike John David Haithcox Edwin Grey Respess George David Harrelson Ned Coggin Ritchie Altajane Holden Floyd Morgan Senter Melton Lyman Horne Leon Wriston Smith Hunter Liggett Kelly Elizabeth Milton Weaver Leo Andrew Lorek Bryan Henry Whitford Martin Hildred Williams Henry W. Harris EIKST AND SECOND YEAR CLASSES F PHARMACY LAB LAST MINUTE CAS BRIEFING MORE STUDENTS " jjj i m BOTTOMS UP MUDDLING THROUGH ' LAW 5UILDING QUICK LUNC-H WUERES THAT 5RAINT CA MPUS cT v fir The Campus of the University, through one hundred and fifty yean of evolutionary growth, today pre- sents a panorama as stimulating as the state itself. TO-DAY N VTUDENTJ(?) at play " ANTI-WAR»- DCMOKLfTRATlON SIDELINE ATTRACTION " SMOOTH RQOTEKS " OUR. HCOE vV GRJDIR£ N THERMOMETER ' mmmmmmmiKam assmmmmimi 1 OLD WEST ' S C0NC€PTION BETA ' ! iOUH.CE OF LSAKNiNS 0fL A FOOTBALL TEAM ' IME MARCHES ON HOW M I DOIN- " BUJ J ' TUDENT ' J ' DON ' T JTUDY ' c in the rough DANCE GUEJT £L2 ONE JOHN .TMITH " ' EXPLANATION PLEA E . FIJH TALE " MOTORI-TTJ WE JIMONIZJ. sS PLAYIN6 GAME ' M0R - E BOOK THAN BRAIN; • " TRUCKING ON HILLXBORO JTREET ' T OP£N AIR CONCERT ' LATITUDE ' 1 CHI ?S PETS ' EXTRA CURRICUU V N ' The State of North Carolina n forging ahead in many business and industrial pursuits: to prepare her students to further these advances, the University offers extra-curricular activities that lend experience to the future leaders of the State. TO-DAY f F ORTH CAROLINA Keeping pace with the advances in other fields, the press of North Carolina is constantly serving a more enlightened people. PUBLICATIONS THE YACKETY YACK Henry W. Lewis Editor-in-Chief Ned McAllister Business Manager David Thorp Managing Editor Henry YV. Lewis BUSINESS STAFF Ned McAllister Business Managei John Austin Tate Assistant Business Manager J. Fred Ripfv Assistant Business Manager ASSISTANTS: Samuel Dace McPherson, Bate Toms, Lynch Mui- phey, George Gammans, Dolph Young, Theodore Blount, Marshall Shepherd, Cutler Watkins, William Crump. EDITORIAL STAFF Senior Class: Glenn Davis, Editor, Minetree Pyne, Roy Wehrle, Jack Lynch, Norris Pindar, Jesse Reese, Owen Perry. Junior Class: John Clark, Editor. Wiley Smith, Duncan Eaves, Willis Hackney, Julian Brantley. Fraternity Staff: Bill Alston, Editor, Seavy Highsmith, Charles Giduz, Leonard Shapiro, John Gay Britt, Lillian Hughes. Sports Staff: Fletcher Ferguson, Editor, Winton Perry, Joe Mur- nick, Morris Fitts, Neville Sloan, Ed Karland. Extra-Curricular Staff: Dillard Griffin, Editor, John Joseph Haggerry, Marshall Quina, Mary Lindsay, Mary Elizabeth King, Martha Wyant, George MacNider. Photographic Staff: Rutherford Yeates, Editor, Fred Sutton, Randolph Reece, Marvin Chaiken, Robert Whitehurst, Alan Calhoun, Bill Robertson, Baxter Bell, Herbert Bachrach, M. F. Schuck, Stanley Sobelson. Dance Staff: John Moore, Editor, Kenneth Gant, Charlie Wood, George Gilliam. -$ 188 } - - THE YACKETY YACK .1. Fred Rippy It is the purpose of the annual of the University of North Carolina to picture and to a certain extent portray the activities of the year that the book covers. With this in mind the staff has endeavored to gather such data as it deems significant and repre- sentative of the activities and performances of the University and the activities of the numerous organizations here on the campus. The basic idea or theme of this book has been used merely as a background for the material presented rather than as the essential purpose of the annual within itself. It has been used simply as a chain with which to link the divergent elements in- cluded here. Whereas it may be charged that too little originality has been imbued into this Yackety Yack. we feel that it has accomplished its purpose when it has set forth the material it is supposed to present. Too much originality may lead to misinterpretation of the essential idea. It has been through the earnest efforts of Mr. Kenneth Whit- sett, of the Pictorial Engraving Company, that the art work of this Ned McAllister annual has been developed. To Mr. Frank Fleming, of The Lassi- ter Press, the Yackety Yack owes the supervision of the printing of the book. Without the cooperation of the actual working staff of the annual the book would never have been possible. It has been the desire of the editor to limit his staff to those men who have showed real interest in their work and efficiency in carrying out their assignments. Moore Sloan Perry Smith Reece Tate Shapiro Wright -4 189 } U NIVERSITY D F THE DAILY TAK HEEL Don K. McKee Editor A. Reed Sarratt Managing Editor Don K. McKe BUSINESS STAFF Assistant Business Manager (Advertising): Bill McLean. Assisrant Business Manager [Collections): Roy Crooks. Durham Representative: Bobby Davis. Circulation Manages: Jesse Lewis. Co-Ed Representative Manager-: Mary Lindsay; Assistants: Louise Waite, T. Daniels. Lillian Hughes, Beatrice Boyd. Virginia Burd. Local Advertising Assistants: Lewis Gordon, Bob Andrews. John Rankin, Stuart Ficklin, .Milton Connor, Clen Humphrey. Ofeice: George Harris, Jack Cheek. Rod Murchison, John Scattergood. EDITORIAL STAFF Associate Editors: Edwin L. Kahn. John M. Smith. Stuart W. Rabb. City Editor: Charles W. Gilmore. News Editors: Lytt I. Gardner, Edwin J. Hamlin. John F. Jonas, Jr.. Herbert A. Goldberg. Newton Craig. Leonard S. Levitch. Editorial Assistants: Robert T. Perkins. Ruth Crowell. Gordon Burns, James 11. Sivertsen, Voit Gil more, Ralph Miller. Deskmen: Herbert H. Hirschfeld. Charles 0. Jeffress, Raymond Simon, Feature Supplement: Allen H. Merrill, Director; Julian J. Lane, Raymond B. Lowery, Erika Zimmerman, Edgar L. Hinton, Ben- jamin H. Roebuck. Reporters: Ben F. Dixon. Jesse B. Reese. Carl B. Hyatt, Walter B. Kleeman, Kenneth V. Murphy, Nancy Schallert. Elizabeth Wall, Morris W. Rosenberg. Delette Ruffin. Sports: Raymond R. Howe. Editor: John H. Eddleman. William G. Arey, Jr.. Edwin T. Elliot: Night Editors: Fletcher W. Ferguson. Leonard Rubin. Harvey Kaplan. Edward M. Karlin. William E. Lindau, Herbert D. Langsam, Jerry Stoff. Shelley Rolfe, Waltei B. Davis. Carmon C. Greer. Seymour Wilk. Reviews: William P. Hudson. Art: Nell Booker. P. J. Schinhan. Jr., Harry B. Kilcher. Thomas B. Keys Pun Jerry Kisner, Director; Alan T. Calhoun. Herbert i. Tom Stanback, Howard Easter. Norman Kantor. Willis GlLMOKl , C. CrILMORE, Y. ■ | 190}$- N ORTH THE DAILY TAB HEEL Charles W. Gilmore City Editor T. Eli Joyner Business Manager CAROLINA Hill McLean Under the editorial page masthead of the Daily Tar Heel this year has waved the inksplotched banner, " To Help Something Better Grow " . These words express the aim of our 1936-3 " journalistic efforts. To lift human activities to a finer and better level — to increase the possibilities for more individuals to grow in making the fullest use of their potentialities for the highest social good — is the end of all creative endeavor. This social advance- ment comes as internal growth ; it may be stimulated but not forced. To cooperate and encourage forces and agencies in our campus life making for social and individual growth towards goodness and beauty have been the purpose of the 1936-37 Daily Tar Heel. Under this standard the paper has st riven, in the main, to vigorously support faculty and student demands to remove admis- sions discriminating against women, to cooperate with the forma- tion of a permanent student-faculty committee, to advise mutually on matters of education, to back the suggestions of this group for further individualization of the educational program of the Uni- versity, to push the developing Carolina tendency towards " Sports for All " — and to present a news coverage improving in accuracy, interest, and service. This has been our attempt. To the faithful and hardworking members of the staff any credit for these efforts belongs. ie ) A md Adl -•» ' : 191 ; - THE CAROLINA BUCCANEER Julian D. Bobbitt Editor Fletcher W. Ferguson Managing Editor Ernest Craige Art Editor BUSINESS STAFF Crist W. Blackwell Business Manager Jesse Lewis Circulation Manager Mailing and Exchanges: Jack Hayworth. Head of Durham Advertising: Elmer Welkins. Head of Collections: T. A. Apple. Advertising Staff: Oliver Crawley, Bob Andrews. Reid Browne, Nan- cy Schallert, Tommy Miller, Randolph Reeee. Harry Dewey, Mary Matthews, Ike Ham. Collections Staff: Alex Fonveille, Clinard Fincll, Stuart Gregg. Lawrence Hinkle. Dick Hicks. Pete Ivey. Haydon Exchange Editor: Clark Rodman. Editorial Board: Louise Waite. Alex Fonvielle. Carl Pugh, Doug Doak. Martha Wyant, Dinny I ' uckette, Clark Rodman, .loe HasKerty. Bud Kornblite. Tommy Wilson. George Riddle, Johnson Harris, Nancy Schallert, Roberts Jernigan, Billy Robertson, Erwin Dar- lington. Frank Trolman, Harry Bartlett, Carl Pugh, Hill Michaux, Diek Laddey, Sam Hersch, Louise Spear. Bob Kirschman, William Art Staff: Phil Link. Nell Booker. Phil Schinhan. Alan Calhoun. Rufty, Murray Pool. Tom Humphries. Photography: Jerry Kisner, Harry Bartlett. Fred Sutton, Alan Cal- houn, Herbert Baehrach. Apple Hicks Booker Hinkle (1 I Ml XT Humphries -$ 192 }3— Fonvielle Hagcerty Ivey Kirschman NORTH CARD LIN ' THE CAROLINA BUCCANEER -lit chool year, th« derla of toda olina Bur the voutl derial ha With ias attempted U r. The Held for the extr necessarily been confined to the campus. Not to have dune this would have meant competition with nationally recognized comic magazines. Any such attempt would have been useless and readily recognized as a poor imitation. In spite of a fixed locality and limited funds, the personnel has succeeded in its aim — to publish a light and readable humor magazine, yet one that is snappy and clean. At the beginning of the year a new arrangement of officers was set up. whereby responsibility was more evenly divided. The policies of the magazine as a whole and for each issue were in the hands of and controlled by a governing group. Frequent meetings made it possible for this governing group to make changes from issue to issue, so that, by the middle of the year an entirely different magazine was pub- lished monthly as to material and actual contents, but with the same balanced form. If the publication hi must go to the membe inexhaustible interest, fulfilled their intentio mark the staff was ct ■; been successful over the past year, the credit s of the staff. Through their untiring efforts, ind compete cooperation, they have at least s. Before the year had passed its halfway nposed of more than a few experienced and Crist Bi.ackwell mature artists. Artists, not in their strictest sense, but artists in each of their fields. Cartoonists developed styles of their own and above all, stuck to originality. Authors became adept at making their sto- ries sparkle with lively humor. As for the poets, it might be said that this past year for the first time, the readers actually read the poetry printed. Photography was emphasized more than ever before, and photographers, induced to extend themselves, produced commendable results. The staff and the publication ' s many outside contributors are due all the thanks, for they are the ones that pooled their efforts in one common accord — to give the students a humor magazine for students. -4 193 ■ U NIVERSITY DF THE CAROLINA MAGAZINE James Daniel Editor Lane Barksdale Assistant Editor Herbert Osterheld Business Manager Margaret Munch Art Editor Lytt Gardner Technical Adviser Jesse A. Lewis Circulation Manager James M. Daniel William Hudson Ralph Miller Nick Read ASSOCIATE EDITORS John MacNeill Smith Stuart Rabb Nell Booker CONTRIBUTORS Lane Barksdale Margaret Munch Shelby Foote Alfred Thrufoot George Stoney Ralph Miller Mary Matthews John Creedy Lytt Gardner - ■• ; i ' M ;- NO-RTH CARD UNA THE CAROLINA MAGAZINE For too long a time accustomed to lying in stacks unread and uncalled for among the empty cola crates behind dormitory store counters, or scattered carelessly among the hats and books in fra- ternity vestibules, the Carolina Magazine this year grew weary of its smothered existence. " What good is accomplished " , it asked, " by the finest story or essay if it is read by only a small portion of the paying public. ' " Feartul that its pages could add very little to the world ' s knowl- edge and thinking, the Magazine concentrated its attention on be- ing of interest to its readers. With a new type (Caslon), new heads and the excellent lino- leum blocks of Margaret Munch it improved the looks of its in- sides. With designs and photographs it brightened its covers. With a new editorial understanding (that the general reader easily tires of a too specialized publication however good the specialty) the editors widened the range of subject material and trampled down some of the barriers that had delineated the forms for fiction and criticism. Ill I(1H III OSTI-KHI In its relations with the Publications Union Board the Magazine- had its most successful year. For the first time in remembered his- tory it was allowed a budget for illustration. After this conces- sion the editors almost rose to the point of requisitioning a dic- tionary, but then decided wisely to be content with the success al- ready won. CONTRIBUTORS romona teijeiro Gordon Mull Harold Gordon Pete Ivey Otto Whittaker Nick Read William Hudson Stuart Rabb William Fields Newby Crowell Hudson Head THE TAR HEEL IN SESSION Since ante-bellum days, the county court house has typified the Southern tradition of local justice and administration. FORENSICS UNIVERSITY DEBATING ACTIVITIES CHAPEL HILL DEBATES 1. November 19, 1936 National Union of Students of Great Britain. Question: Resolved, that the American Constitution is a menace to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. UNC: Negative. James McMillan and D. M. Kerley. 2. March 16, 1937 Woman ' s College of the University. Pi Kappa Delta Question. UNC Negative. Sam Hobbs and Clarence Kluttz. 3. March 17, 1937, at Greensboro. Woman ' s College of the University. Pi Kappa Delta Question. UNC: Negative: James McMillan and I. D. Karesh. ENGLISH DEBATES, 19.36 The University debating team: Don Seawell and Harry McMulIan. 1. April 28. Southampton. University College of Southampton. " American Motion Pictures are a Moral Menace to the World. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 2. April 30. Bristol. University of Bristol. " That England ' s Dominion over India is Indefensible. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 3. May 4. Aberystwyth. University College of Wales. " That American Motion Pictures are a Menace to the World. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. -4 198 : • NORTH CAROLINA The Debate Squad UNIVERSITY DEBATING ACTIVITIES 4. May 5. Liverpool. University of Liverpool. " That England ' s Dominion over India is Indefensible. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Lost. 5. May 6. Glasgow. University of Glasgow. " That this House Approves the Principles of National Socialism. " UNC: Negative. Motion Lost. 6. May 7. St. Andrews. University of St. Andrews. " That Fascism is a Menace to Civilization. " UNC: Affirmative. Discussion. No decision. 7. May 8. Aberdeen. Marshall College. " That American Motion Pictures are a Moral Menace to the World. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 8. May 9. Edinburgh. University of Edinburgh. Informal Talks. 9. May 11. Newcastle. Armstrong College. " That American Motion Pictures are a Moral Menace to the World. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 10. May 12. Manchester. Manchester College. " That the United States Should Abandon Her Isolation Policy. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 11. May 13. Hull. University College of Hull. ' That the Western Nations Should Adopt the Russian Attitude Toward Women: UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. -4 199 ) W. A. Olsen E. J. WOODHOUSE UNIVERSITY DEBATING ACTIVITIES 12. May 14. Oxford. Oxford University. " That Utopia Will be a Republic " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Lost. 13. May 15. Nottingham University College of Nottingham. " That Organized Religion is a Bar to Progress. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 14. May 16. London. University College of London. ' That American Motion Pictures are a Moral Menace to the World. UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 15. May 18. London. King ' s College. Noon Debate. " That England ' s Dominion over India is Indefensible. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 16. May 18. London. Birkbeck College. ' That American Motion Pictures are a Moral Menace to the World: UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 17. May 19. Cambridge. Cambridge University. " That England ' s Dominion over India is Indefensible. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 18. May 20. Reading. University College of Reading. " That Organized Religion is a Bar to Progress. " UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. 19. May 22. London. Queen Mary ' s College. ' That American Motion Pictures are a Moral Menace to the World. ' UNC: Affirmative. Motion Carried. TICAL UNION OFFICERS Frank McGlinn Chairman Carl Jeffress Secretary Anita de Montseigle Treasurer E. J. Woodhouse Faculty Adviser The Carolina Political Union was reorganized under the lead- ership of Floyd Fletcher and Frank McGlinn in the spring of 1936. In less than a year it has become one of the outstanding campus organizations and its importance is expected to increase rapidly during the next few years. Last spring the Union brought to Chapel Hill the four con- tenders for the North Carolina Democratic gubernatorial nomina- tion and a representative of the American Liberty League. This fall the Union succeeded in bringing to the LIniversity three representatives of the Republican Party including its Vice- Presidential nominee, Colonel Frank Knox, and the eminent North Carolina novelist, Thomas Dixon ; a representative of the Social- ist party, and several members of the Democratic party, including Senator Josiah Bailey and Congressman Bob Doughton. Also dur- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Voit Gilmore Sam Earle Hobbs Harry Ganderson Leichton Dudley Stl ' art Ficklen Harry McMullan ADVISORY COMMITTEE Dr. Frank Graham Dean Francis Bradshaw Dean D. D. Carroll Dr. Ralph McDonald John J. Parker M. S. Breckenridge William Olsen Harry Comer William Jenkins K. C. Frazer ing the fall the Political Union conducted a campus poll which predicted the Roosevelt victory vote in North Carolina to within a few degrees of 100% and was responsible for the organization of local Republican and Democratic clubs. During the winter the Union presented Governor Paul McNutt of Indiana, and plans for the future consist of bringing to Chapel Hill Governor Earle of Pennsylvania, Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, Senator Robert Reynolds, and Mayor S. Davis Wilson of Philadelphia. It is the purpose of the Union to stimulate interest in politics, both state and national, with the hope that this interest will help the cause of good government. With the bringing of these speakers to Chapel Hill, the students, the faculty, and townspeople have an opportunity to study and interview their leaders personally. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE U NIVERSITY Frank McGl THE PHILANTHB ASSEMBLY OFFICERS OF THE FALL QUARTER Frank McGlinn Drew Martin Speaker Pro-Tern Robert Dalton Sergeant-at-Armi William A. Raney Reading Clerk Leighton Dudley Treasurer James Davis ' . Assistant Treasurer Ruth Crowell Chairman Ways and Means Committee OFFICERS OF THE WINTER QUARTER Frank McGlinn Speaker Drew Martin Speaker Pro-Tern John W. Rankin Sergeant-at-Arms Ben Dixon Reading Clerk Leighton Dudley Treasurer Hyman Phillips Assistant Treasurer Ruth Crowell Chairman Ways and Means Committee OFFICERS OF THE SPRING QUARTER Harry McMullan, Jr Speaker Ruth Crowell Speaker Pro-Tern James Davis Sergeant-at-Arms Ralph Templeton Reading Clerk Leighton Dudley . . . : Treasurer THOMAS Long Assistant Treasurer Frank McGlinn Chairman Ways and Means Committee THE PHI IN SESSION - -■.[ 202 j3 - ARD LI THE PHILANTHROPIC ASSEMBLY Herbert Bachrach Robert Aldrich Baker John Henry Blalock Joseph Boak, III S. B. Bradley Theodore Cleveland Britt, Jr. Robert Milton Browder Ralph Carrol Roy Edward Clark Ruth Crowell Guy Newby Crowell Robert Ervin Cunningham James Evans Davis Platt Walker Davis, Jr. Robert Albertson Dalton Harry Tillinghast Dewey Patricia Dicks Alvis B. Dickson Ben Franklin Dixon Leighton Wesley Dudley William Thomson Dye, Jr. Mary C. Evans Jack Phifer Fairley Louis Stuart Ficklen Harry S. Ganderson George Gillam, III Theodore Gores Lionel Orion Grady Junius Daniel Grimes Arthur Mace Gwyer Barbara Jane Harris Seavy Highsmith, Jr. Julius Hillman Frank Marion Holmes Lillian Hughes James McMurray Joyner David Moorman Kerley Thomas Bland Keys Lawrence Kinsle Julian Lane Arthur Weldon Lewis, Jr. Thomas W. M. Long, Jr. Jack Lynch Frank Hill McDonald Frank McGlinn Harry McMullan James Drew Martin James Isaac Mizelle John Augustus Moore Everett Lindsay Peterson Henry Hyman Philips Mary Catherine Potts Helen Elizabeth Pritchard Stuart White Rabb William A. Raney John Watkins Rankin Foy Robertson, Jr. Kenneth C. Royall, Jr. Thomas Royster William B. Ruger Philip Schinhan Edward Harding Seawell Herbert Smith Wiley Smith Robert Martin Spanier Willis Anderson Sutton, Jr. Benjamin Cicero Taylor Ralph Gordon Templeton Winford H. Turlington Ernest Davis Vanderburgh Elizabeth Wall Paul Wallach Herbert Daniel Williams Woodrow Wade Williams u Harry McMillan [HE PHI ASSEMBLY -■$203 js»- 1 • George Steele THE DIALECTIC SENATE OFFICERS FIRST GROUP President George Spencer Steele. Jr. President Pro-Tern John W. Kendrick Critic John Erwin Ramsay Clerk Edwin Leonard Kahn Sergeant-at-Arms Wm. Clarence Klutz Treasurer James Harden Howell SECOND GROUP President John W. Kendrick President Pro-Tern Edward Leonard Kahn Critic Newton Craig Clerk Sam Earl Hobbs Sergeant-at-Arms Wm. Clarence Klutz Treasurer George Alexander Heard MEMBERS H. C. Blair David Moorman Kerley Ted Blount Richard Lee Kerr John Hare Bonner, Jr. Milton Kind Ralph Mayne Bragdon, Jr. William Clarence Klutz John Carroll Busby H. Lee Large, Jr. Isaac James Bynum Duncan Donald McCall Newton Craig John Albert McRae, Jr. Richard Douglas Cross Edward He ywood Megson John Holland Eddleman Francis Neville Merritt Margaret Wilson Evans George Branch Patrick Charles Zimri Falls Jack Peterson Kenneth Gant, Jr. Norris Tobeau Pindar John Graft Charles Lewis Putzel, Jr. George Alexander Heard Robert Marshall Quina Harold Francis Hike John Erwin Ramsay David Asbury Howard R. Grady Rankin James Harden Howell Lola Carolyn Reid Sam Earl Hobbs Thomas Melville Stanback Benjamin Franklin Holeman George Spencer Steele, Jr. Carl Battle Hyatt Frederick L. Stein Edwin Leonard Kahn John Adams Wallace Alexander Stephens Katzenburg Charles Baynes Wilkerson, Jr. John W. Kendrick Trez Player Yeatman THE DI IN SESSION -$ 204)3 - THE DIALECTIC SENATE The Dialectic Society was organized in 1795 — the year of the opening of the University. For many years, membership in the Di or Phi was compul- sory. At that time, they were not only debating societies but served as organi- zations of student government and instruction (the officers taught English composition to the freshmen) as well. They also published The University Magazine and endowed the library. In recent years, the activities of the Senate have been confined usually to discussion and deliberation of topics of campus-wide and world-wide im- portance. Occasionally, action has been taken for the betterment of the cam- pus. The Society has offered in the past and continues to offer excellent train- ing for leadership in public life. John W. Kendrick THE DI SENATE —$205 j - jA ' BRADSHAWS CHARGES " lET THERE BE LIGHT " HOME COMING INHERE THAT MICROBE HUNTERS " SNAKE Probably no other state has taken more active interest in uplifting an J humanitarian organizations than has North Carolina. Much of this work has been done by the Y.M.C.A. 4 ORGANIZATIONS THE UNIVEKSITY CLU1 OFFICERS Nicholas Cabell Read President Randall Challen Berg Secretary Frank Benjamin Rogers Treasurer John Carroll Atwood Randall Challen Berg Nell Battle Booker Eugene Costle Bricklemver Thomas Milton Bruce Hall Conley Roy Cox Crooks Paul Thomas D ' Ascensio John Murdock Davison William Kearny Davis Marion Cecil Ernest Charles Andrew Evans Robert Witherspoon Falk Fletcher Wilson Ferguson Abe Gordon MEMBERS Edgar L. Green, Jr. Edwin Jones Hamlin Morris Hecht William Rhoid Holland Robert Kemp Horton Ruth Lane Howard William Gordon Howard, Jr. William Palmer Hudson William Stone Jordan, Jr. Page Clark Keel Walter Dunn LaRoque Virginia Spearrin Lee Frank Wilson Neely Alfred Winton Perry Bertram Lewis Potter Kinion Proctor Robert Hubbard Putney, Jr. Nicholas Cabell Read Elizabeth Redfern Harry Rhodes, Jr. Billy Robertson Gordon Charles Robinson Frank M. Rogers Clyde Alexander Shaw, Jr. Hoke Flint Shore Haywood Merritt Sparger David Jones Thorp Edward Hoge Vick Forrest Whitney Von Cannon, Jr. the university club THE UNIVERSITY CTUB Coach Bob Fetzer The University Club with a membership of forty members of the Junior Class representing every fraternity and every dormitory on the campus and with three repre- sentatives at large has a close contact with every phase of campus life — a relationship which the University Club pe- culiarly suited to carry on its wide activities. The work of the Club is fourfold. During the Fall quarter the Club, by pep rallies, torchlight parades, and radio programs before the games, helps to stimulate " Uni- versity Spirit " . Entertainment and the presentation of celeb- rities and sponsors at the half periods add to the interest and attractiveness of the contests. The Club appoints the custodian of the Carolina ram-mascot, Rameses, and sees to it that ram and tender have appointed places on the sidelines. The Club cooperates with other student organiza- tions on the campus helping them in their work which is beneficial to the University as a whole. For example, the Frank Rogers Club worked with the Student-Faculty Day Committee by arranging luncheon dates between students and faculty members, and by helping with the Student-Faculty Day Carnival. The group endeavors to keep alive alumni interest in the University and to stimulate this interest in prospective students. By radio broadcasts and by sponsoring smokers, in cooperation with the General Alumni Office, for alumni and high school students in towns throughout the state, the Club carries on this phase of its work. The fourth phase of the Club ' s field of endeavor con- cerns itself with the improvement of inter-school relations. The Club meets visiting teams, entertains them during their stay at Chapel Hill in an attempt to create good will between the schools. In short, the University Club ' s activities are limited only by the Club ' s motto: " For The University " . m( rl Tii k First row: Attwood, Booker, Bricklemyer, Brice, Conley, Crooks, D ' Ascensio, Davis, Davison, Ernst. Second row: Evans, Falk, Ferguson, Gordon, Green, Hamlin, Hecht, Holland , Horton, Howard, R. Third row: Howard, W., Hudson, Jordan, Keel, Lee, Neely, Perry, Potter, Proctor, Putney. Fourth row: Redfern, Rhodes, Robertson, Robinson, Shaw, Shore, Sparger, Swain, Thorp, Vick, Von Cannon. MacFarland JUNIOR-SENIOK ABINET JUNIOfeSENIOM CABINET George MacFarland Hoge Vick Mac Smith Nick Read . . . President . Vice-President . . . Treasurer .Secretary Lytt Gardiner Drew Martin Bob Perkins S. B. Bradley Chuck Loomis Bill Jordan T. P. Yeatman Warren Haddaway Niles Bond Ernest Vanderburg MEMBERS Bob Magill Scott Hunter Dwight Brown. Jimmy Dees Eugene Bricklemyer Henry Lewis Charles Daniels Don McKee Leighton Dudley Crist Blackwell Ben Wyche Joe Patterson Stuart Rabb SOPHOMOME CABINET Bob Dalton . . . Mace Gwyre Don Ward President . Vice-President . ■ -Secretary Randy Reece Jack Seawell Jim Joyner George Nethercutt Gene Shell Duncan Eaves Bill Stronach Bill Campbell Gene Turner Mac Allen MEMBERS Walter Bunch Jack Cheek Joe Darracot Alex Fonvielle Bud Hudson Jack Hughes Mike Roberts George MacNider Brooks Patten Latimer Rudolph Loch Ward Harry Yeatman Howard Reed John Boxnkr SOPHOMORE CABINET -y v FTl k FRESHMAN FRIENDSHIP COUNCIL FRESHMAN FRIENDSHIP OFFICERS John Bonner President Edward Rankin Vice-President Roy Edward Clark Secretary John Lynch Treasurer Henry Akers Ruffin Bailey DeWitt Barnett John Bonner David Bowman Joe Bowman, Jr. Tommy Brafford Clyde Brooks Berry Burns Carlton Cannon Roy Edward Clark Julian Coghill James Creasy Peter Cromartie Frank Crunes Jack Davis John Dorsey Robert Doty William Dye Charles H. Edwards, Jr Charles English J. H. Esberg MEMBERS Jack Fairley George Gammons Lee Gilchrist Arthur Gill William Gordon Stuart Gregg Charles Gunterberg A. C. Hall Joe Holeman, Jr. Frank Holmes Joe Hough Bennett Hunter Thomas Keys Robert Knickerbocker Thomas Long William C. Lowe John Lynch Lynch Murphy Cleve McGowan Henry Gilliam Nicholson James W. Perrin, Jr. Bert Premo Herbert Smith Thomas Stanback Charles Stancell, Jr. Elmon Thompson Frank Turner Edwin Vincent John Vincent Cutler Watkins Roy Wehrle Charlie Wood I C f A DEPUTATION GROUP Harry F. Comer INTEE DOMMITOKY COUNCIL AND THE COUNCIL OF DORMITORY PRESIDENTS OFFICERS Francis Wilson Campbell President Thomas Eugene Hall Vice-President Hugh Milton Davis Secretary Everett Lindsay Patterson Treasurer INDIVIDUAL DORMITORY COUNCILS Old East: Thomas Bruce, President; S. B. Bradley, Charles Wales, Claude C. Arm- field, Clarence Klutz, Andrew A. Bershak. Old West: Hugh Davis, President; William Brogden, Robert Dowd, Ernest Rich- ardson, John Glenn, Hal Bissett. Battle-Vance-Pettigrew: Forrest Whitney Von Cannon, President; M. A. Lyons, John Merritt, Sam Broadhurst, Cecil Bruce Culbreth, Fred Tetur. Steele: Edward Grant, President; Samuel Glenn Hawfield, Howard Gunn, A. C. Blalock, Thomas Williams Green, Paul Blue. Ruffin: Charles Evans, President; William Sawyer, Frank Rogers, LaFayette Wrenn, Frank Burkhead, Robert Dunnagan, Earl Vann. Manly: Hugh Ellis, President; Frank Neely, John S. Martin, Roberdeau Wheat, III, John Wells, Thomas Harlow, G. W. Wilson. Mangum: Hall Conley, President; Jesse Caldwell, Robert Lentz, Bunn Hearn, Ray Brown, Robert Leslie, Burke Craver. Grimes: Francis Wilson Campbell, President ; Hope Edward Bonds, Jr., Jim McMurray Joyner, Malcolm Allen, Beatty Bass, August Meyland, Pete Avery. Aycock: William Robertson, President; Rober Varley, Bert Ressler, Everett Lindsay Peterson, DeWitt Barnett, William Tennenblatt. Lewis: Thomas Eugene Hall, President; Bert Winkler, Julian Davenport, Edward Hampton, Thomas Fry, George Melvin Williams, Jr. Everett: William Dawes, President; John Randolph Parker, Lionel Orion Grady, Bernard Frink, William Cabell Lowe, Paul Otto Foltz, G. Leo Helliwell. Graham: Charles Manly Loomis, President; Allan Knott, John McNeill Smith, Clyde Livingston Stutts. inter-dormitory council -■$212 )5 • INTEfeOORMITQKY The Inter-Dormitory Council has as its main objective the furthering of dormi- tory welfare by establishing better dormitory relations and facilitating inter-dormitory rules and regulations. This is accomplished through the Inter-Dormitory Council which is composed of the individual councils of each dormitory. These individual councils are composed of the President, Vice-President. Council- men, and Athletic Director of each dormitory. These individual councils regulate order and conduct within their particular dormitory and promote social functions, dormitory projects, and intra-mural athletics. Each council promotes activities, social and other- wise for its residents. Cases of dormitory disorder or misconduct are tried first by the council of the dormitory in which it occurred. In cases where the decision of this coun- cil is not satisfactory to the resident being tried, the case is referred to the Council of Dormitory Presidents. After a case has been tried by the Council of Presidents it can be carried on to the Student Council for final decision. The powers of the Council are limited to ousting a man from the dormitory and preventing his ever rooming in another dormitory, or to recommend to the Student Council that he be suspended from school. The officers of the Inter-Dormitory Council are elected by popular vote at the beginning of the Fall quarter from the men that have been elected to the council from the different dormitories. They are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There is also a man appointed by the Dean of Students who acts as advisor to the Council at its meetings. The Dormitory Council has gained much in power, importance, and respect within the past few years. The council has sought for dormitory improvement, both in the sense of physical plants and social recognition on the campus. Within the next few years the Council hopes to make the dormitory the best and most wholesome place on the campus in which to live. Francis Campbell Bruce Con lev Davis Dawes Ellis, J. H. Grant Hall Loomis —6(213 - Peterson Robertson Von Cannon AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL OFFICERS Robert Hilles Peck President Milton Arthur Lyons Vice-President Edward Marqueth Broadhurst Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Edwin Francis Coffin, Jr. J. L. Crutchfield Charles Andrews Evans Ivan Maxwell Glace, Jr. John R. Grove Robert Paul Guarina Robert Kemp Horton John J. Kelly Daniel Lipschutz Paul Bernhardt Reynolds Robert Peck Wilho Nestor Suominen The William Cain chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, named for the late William Cain, former professor of mathematics and engin- eering, was founded in 1920. It is one of a nation wide group of student chapters affiliated with the senior A. S. C. E. The object of the society is to better acquaint the students with the practical side of civil engineering. This is accomplished through speakers at the meetings, and through inspection trips taken by the seniors. All civil engineering students automatically become members. Meet- ings are held twice a month. Twice a year joint meetings are held with the student chapters of Duke and State College. The president of this joint so- ciety is M. A. Lyons, of Carolina. The seniors also attend the yearly meet- ings of the North Carolina section of the A. S. C. E. - . V l . — .. . AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL OFFICERS Alfred Clarence McCall Chaiman Francis Wilson Campbell V ice-Chairman John Arthur Marsh, Jr Treasurer Joseph Star Secretary E. W. Winkler Faculty Advisor Francis Wilson Campbell Grey Culbreth Murray Honeycutt Samuel Glenn Hawfield Farney H. Moses Edward Groves Outlaw William Gates Phillips SENIORS John Arthur Marsh, Jr. Alfred Clarence McCall Joseph Star JUNIORS Paul Rockwell Haywood Merritt Sparger William H. Waugh Benjamin Joseph Willingham Edward Glenn Willingham Alfred McCall The American Institute of Electrical Engineers was founded in 1884, its objects being the advancement of the theory and practice of Electrical Engineering, the mainte- nance of high professional standards among its members, and the development of the individual engineer. In 1902, with this latter objective in view, the student branches of the A. I. E. E. were organized. Now, practically every engineering school in the nation has one of these branches, giving its Electrical Engineering students an oppor- tunity to become well acquainted with the profession, and to guide them toward spe- cialized fields. The University of North Carolina branch had its beginning in 1902, the first year of student branches. All students in Electrical Engineering arc- considered as members of the branch, and upon payment of dues to the national secretary may become members of the national organization. Upon graduation student members of the branch may transfer to the grade of associate members. Meetings are held twice a month and occasionally joint meetings are held with the State College and Duke University branches. The program, other than business mat- ers, usually consists of a paper or talk presented by a student. At many meetings guest speakers enable the students to obtain the advice of, and to make contact with men who have had actual experience in the field of Engineering. Definite advantages of mem- bership in the A. I. E. E. Student Branches are that the members meet leaders in their chosen profession, and are kept in touch with the latest developments in Electrical Engineering. - e{215 }¥- THE MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Leonard G. Weaver President Joseph Kimball Harriman Vice-President Cecil Bruce Culbreth Secretary-Treasurer G. Clarence Courtney Business Manager Roy Glenn Starnes Librarian John Elias Toms Director MEMBERS James Oscar Applewhite Joseph Kimball Harriman Robert Eyre Steward H. DeWitt Barnett Ernest Wilbur James, Jr. Matthew Alfred Stroup Randall Challen Berg James Bryan McMillan Frank Nylan Cuneo Ralph Mayne Bragdon, Jr. Brooks Patten Willis Anderson Sutton, Jr. James Taylor Brooks Jack Patterson Humphrey Hathaway Swift Ellis Spencer Bullins Casra Kenneth Pollock Eugene Alfred Turner Clarence Courtney Paul Otto Schallert Frank Lucius Turner Cecil Bruce Culbreth Paul Gabriel Simkoe Lochlin Monroe Ward Francis Duncan Gibson Carey Rogers Sparks Leonard G. Weaver Edgar Hunt Goold, Jr. Roy Glenn Starnes Miles Tucker Winslow ? -? L f«i I If w I p. V ill If I II !l! I Through the untiring interest of the women ' s clubs of the state, we have advanced far toward solving our problems. WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES THE WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION The Woman ' s Association, to which all women stu- dents automatically belong, is the student governing body of the women students. Its purpose is to broaden the inter- ests and relationships of the students in and with the As- sociation and the University, by and through student gov- ernment and activities. The executive body, called the Woman ' s Council, has final disciplinary power in all mat- ters pertaining to the Honor System, the Campus Code, and regulations for women, and attempts a constructive educational policy in developing individual freedom and democracy. The council is composed of seven representa- tives: the four officers of the Woman ' s Association, elect- ed by and from the woman ' s student body as a whole, the House President of Spencer Hall, the Graduate Representa- tive, and the Town Representative. The Advisory Committee of the Woman ' s Council was established for the purpose of feeling out public opinion and making recommendations to the council concerning the establishment of policies, the bettering of relationships be- tween the different groups of women, and increasing their interest in campus affairs, and aiding in any constructive work the council might desire. Both the town and graduate women are organized into clubs formed for the purpose of promoting wider social and campus interests THE WOMAN ' S COUNCIL -4(218 )■ - THE WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Margaret Jordan President Anita de Montseigle Vice-President Elva Ann RansoN Secretary Nancy Kyser Treasurer Lola Reid House President Erika Zimmerman Town Representative Frances Foust Graduate Representative Ida Winstead President of Woman ' s Athletic Association SENIOR CO-EDS Helen Allen Mary Alii i: Gregg Elizabeth Page Elizabeth Stevens Evelyn K. Blanchard Peggy Hampton Patty Penn Mary Esther Steve Margaret Lucinda Brown Mary Cr itten d in H a y m 1SWORTH Mary K ytherine Potts Ramona Teijeiro Virginia Burd Bernice Elaine Irvin Helen E. Pritchard Marjory Thomas Mildred I. Copeland Josephine D. Elva Ann Ranson Annie C. Tucker Nancy Kyser Mary Ray Marjorie Usher Ruth Craig Jessie C. Langdai i Lola Carolyn Reid Louise Waite Vivian Crawford Mildred LeFevre Clara Roberson Elizabeth Wall Phyllis Chi i dy Mary Lindsay Eliza Rose Margaret Wallace Virginia Lee Cross Mary Lloyd Mary Anna Ross Ruth Walston RUTH W. Crowell Jeannett McIntire Audrey Gene Rowell Lucy Watson- Lydia Browner Daniels Edith McIntosh DeLavalette Ruffin Ida Winstead Louise Davis Sadie Markovitz Molly Rumsey Charlotte Wright Anita de Monteigle Christine Maynakd Sue Sandlin Irene Wright Alice Eidson Ruth Mengel Mabel Eileen Smith M RTH WYANT Anne Fauntleroy Jean S. Morrison Juanita Smith Tempe Yarborouch Julia Folsom Frances Kathhcm Mi hi «HY Dorothy Claire Snyder Erika Zimmerman Mary Elizabeth Greene ADVISORY HOARD — { 219 }§ — THE WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION JUNIOR CO-EDS Helen Axdus Sarah Dalton Dorothy Johnston Xelle Peake Perdita Arnett M irgaret Daniel Margaret Louise Johnston Margaret Lee Pollock Bertha Elise Arnold Beulah Elizabeth Davis Sarah F. Kanoy McKildin Puckett Isabelle Baker Emily Dickenson Elizabeth Keeler Florence Virginia Pullew Ernestine Barker Eleanor Douglas Doak Dorothy Lee Kelly Betty Reefer n Evelyn Barker Benna Lee Draper Mary Elizabeth King Mrs. Janie Hunt Riddle Doris Bartlett Kith Duffee Vivian R. Kreeger Olivia Smith Root Ruth Berges Alice Evelyn Elam Virginia Elizabeth LaRochelle Margarita Alicia Samayoa Lyal Boice Margaret Evans Virginia S. Lee Nancy Elizabe:th Schallert Nell Battle Booker Mrs. Helen Bird Fifield Marguerite Lipscomb Elizabeth Shewmake Mary Beatrice Boyd CORINNA E. GANT Margaret R. Long Mrs. Nancy Flanders Sitters Janie Britt Mrs. D. S. Gardiner Margaret F. Louthian Carolyn Elizabeth Smith Eloise Broughton Mary Glover Ethel McGalliard Nancy M. Smith Adelaide Brown Cornelia Gray Margaret McGirt Sue Southerland Blanche Bullock Genevihe Griffey Mary Gail McKee Louise Spear Mrs. Zeta Burt Barbara Jane Harris Mary Theresa Matthews Mary Lillian Speck Anna Margaret Bush Phyllis Hawthorne Inez Kathleena Mease Bessie Strowd Jean Bush Madeline Haynsworth Esther Mebane Marian Tayloe June Bush Margaret Henderson Katherine Moore Elizabeth Taylor Mary Louise Camp Mary Elizabeth Henry Maggie Lou Moore Elizabeth Greeter Tensley Alice Cheshire Frances Howard Margaret Esther Munch Nan Tensley Ethel Katherine Coffey Margaret L. Howard Nancy Nesbitt Maria Tucker Judith Coon Kith Howard Rebecca Noeli Jean Walker Blanche Corbett Mrs. Neil (). Hoyle Sallie Page Audrey Lillian Williams Kate Cushman Lillian Hughes Janet Palmer Margaret Elizabeth William Frances Johnson Louise Payne — $ 220 } - THE WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION Virginia Alice Alexander Fay Allen Bertha Elizabeth Cobb Ann Glenn-Rice Coleman Nancy Hammond Felt Olivia Abernathy Ruby Etta Charman Anna Dean Burks LIBRARY SCIENCE Mary Helen Frazier Eleanor Ann Hammond Mrs. Alice L. Hicks Margaret Virginia Hodges Louise Loos Betty McDermed Jean McLaurin Hazel Lyon Mangum Elizabeth Montgomery Marguerite Morris MEDICAL SCHOOL Mary Virginia Copeland Elizabeth McCauley James Charlotte Evelyn Parker Ruby Arden Smith Helen Duquid SOPHOMORE CO-ED Helen Richardson FRESHMAN CO-EDS Alta jane Holden Ida Wznstead Hazel Morrell Shiring Mary Elizabeth Sloane Evelyn Todd Jane Wilson Inez Willoughby Elizabeth Weaver JUNIOR CO-EDS -4 221 }[ - THE WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION Kathkrinf Barrier Gerd W. Bernhart Mary Elizabeth Bitting Mrs. Carolyn Bonner Agnes Florence Brown Mrs. Mary C. R. Buffalo Connie J. Bl ' rwell Rachel Carroll Jane Cassells m rtha corbitt chai ' man Katherine Crawford Martha Louise Croom Dorothy F. Daggett Mary Bynum Dark Nena DeBerry Merle Derrenbacher Effie Estelle Doan Mrs. Elizabeth W. Donavan Louise Egleston Cornelia Estabrook GRADUATE Margaret Elizabeth Finley Frances Katherine Foust Rosalyn Gardiner Frances Godwin Myrtle Velma Goode Arabella Gore Esther Greene Mrs. Margaret J. Hagood Beverly DuBosf Hamer Marion Hartshorn Pattie Hill Mary Lucille Hinton Mary Wilma Hodge Virginia House Mary C Howard Doris Isenhouh Rachel Johnson Mrs. Sallie C Johnston Margaret Jordon Mary Kapp STUDENTS Katherine Isabelle Ken? Margaret Eloise Knight Ruth Kuy - kendall Katherine Lackey Eleanor Lane Jean Leitner Jean McCaig Mamie Rose McGinn is Robena McLi in Mary Banks McPherson Chloi Molfhus Drusilla ] Mary Sn. Mrs. Grady Moore Mrs. Margaret Clark Xea Josephine Niggli Barbara Otis Mrs. Margaret K. Perry Virginia Peyatt Virginia Pyburn Mi Martin Anne Davis Rabe Mary Garnelle Raney Edith Imogens Riddick Margaret E. Robins Norma Virginia Rose Jane Ross Mrs. Kate May Rutherford Mary Leigh Si ales mrs. a.lene st hroeder Margaret Sears Dorothy Elizabeth Seay MAR r C Secrest Norma Alford Shiring Mary Emily Vaughan Katherine Way Mary Webr Edna Wells Mrs Flora Wilson Catherine DeCarlo LAW SCHOOL Virginia Dougl. Sarah Starr Grace Beatty Eunice Broadwell guelda hlllyard elliot JtANITA ELLZEY SPECIAL STUDENTS Velma Fleming Mrs. Isabella Hodges Sallie Wells Holland Ann Turner Knight Estelle Levering Madeline Palmer McCrary Mrs. Ruby Pendley Mrs. W ai tel Lambeth Selden Evelyn Mayo Snider Mrs. Martha Taylor Mary Lindsay ' Thornton GRADUATE CO-EDS -Hgf 222 fa- Rusk McGinnis Mamie Rose McGinnis President Lucinda Brown Jane Cassells Julia Folsum Y. W. C. A. Y. W. C. A. CABINET OFFICERS Elva Ann Ranson Nell Booker Vice-President Secret, it ) MEMBERS Josephine Kessler Mary McKee Kathf.rine Murphy Helen Pritchard Molly Rumsey Nancy Smith Polly Pollock Treasurer Mary Lillian Speck Ruth Walston The Young Women ' s Association of the University celebrated its first anniversary only last January, but it has already proved that the " YW " can be a living Christian force among women students on the campus. In its brief career it has held a variety of meet- ings and forums of religious and social emphasis, has cooperated with the " YM " in bringing speakers to the campus and promoting numerous student conferences, initiated the Officers Training School for all campus organizations, staged a style show, held an inter- national bazaar, furnished counselors for Girl Scouts and Hi-Y groups, given numerous teas, and carried on a considerable amount of committee work on the campus and in the community. This fall the " YW " sponsored the first Orientation Program for new women students. Primarily, the association has emphasized the spiritual life of the women with informal talks, worship services, and discussion of religious topics. In the organization the women have found for the first time a group whose purpose is centered in the women themselves and in which their spiritual growth is the aim. It is inspiring to see that the girls universally support the " YW " . The many types with widely diverging interests which one finds in the University campus have all discovered that this Christian Association has a contribution to make to their lives. s THE Y. W. C. - J - ( 223 ) Alice Eidson Josephine Kessler WOMAN ' S GLEE CLUB Alice Eidson Erika Zimmerman Helen Pritchard President .... Vice-President .Business Manager Josephine Kessler John Elias Toms . Nancy Smith .... . . .Librarian . . . Director .Accompanist Evelyn Barker Beatrice Boyd Julia Coon Alice Eidson Julia Folsum Cornelia Gray Barbara Harris Lillian Hughes Josephine Kessler Marguerite Lipscomb Mary Lloyd Mary Matthews Jeanette McIntyre Ruth Mengel Harriet Morrison Polly Pollock Louise Payne Helen Pritchard Gretter Tinsley Annie Tucker Maria Tucker Marjorie Usher Erika Zimmerman THE GLEE CLUB -4l 224 }3s- NORTH CAP LINA COEDJ " ON TRIAL ' WHAT ' j " DIETRICH GOT ? " FRIENDLV INTEREST ' GET THAT CUTE ONE FOR ME V ■ ' SECOND FLOOK DAMES ThE DREAMS MUST 5E SWEET " D F THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL NORTH ATH ietics v v V A Or As the athletic fields are the play- ground of the University, so the re- sorts of North Carolina are becom- ing the playground of more and more sportsmen throughout the na- tion. TO-DAY 1 Kobi-.rt A. Fetzeh Director of Athletic MONOGRAM CLUB MEMBERS Adams, R., Aderholt, M. L., Alderman, L., Allen, M., Anderson, A., Austin, J., Avery, I., Bartos, H., Bannon. B., Bershak, A., Bonner. A., Bower, J., Buck. D., Bullard, E., Burnett, T., Connell, E., Cooner. R., Crystal. R., Daniel. W. W., Dashiell, D., Ditt. A., Dunham, V., Ehringhaus, J. C. B„ Farrell, F., Finlav. J., Fisher, J., Farmer, J., Foreman, J., Fuller, E., Gammon, G., Gardiner, R., Gar- land, R., Glace, J., Grubb, F., Graham, R., Hall, J., Hairston, N., Harriss, J., Hart. W. A., Hunter, S., Hutchins, J., Harris, D., Jeffress. E., Jeffries, F., --: 2}o NORTH ft I Kon.max, Coach Boxing Ericksox, Coach Golf CORNWELL Director of siccU Education -5 MONOGRAM CLUB MEMBERS Jones, A., Juliber, E., Kind. P., Keel, J., Kephart. W., LeGrand, H., Levinson, M., Lindley, P., Little, G, MoCachren, W., McCarn, B., McIver, G, Maroney, D., Maronic, S., Medwin, J., Mullis, G, Novtch, M., Palmer, E., Potts, R., Pen- dergraft, P., Peterson, E., Pijanowski, W. C, Ray, M., Ruth, E., Robinson, G., Rodman, B., Stewart, R., Trimpey, J., Tankersley, E., Taylor, E., Umstead, B., Umstead, F., Vick, H., Wakeley, W., Wakeley, F., Ward. M„ Watson, G., Weeks, H., Williams, R., Woodson, J., Wrenn, E., Wright, H., Wright, I. - ■( 231 % GREETING! BEFORE ANIMOXITY ' CHEER! AND JOU VENIRE- COMMERCIALISM ' THE UNIVERSITY CLUB WELCOME! YOU WOODJ " AND BOXWOODT-AND SPECTATOR! " H€LL-0 EVERYBODY " .:. —+ NN R AMESES IY AND FAMILY Ever fall the people of North Carolina make their trek to see some of the finest exhibitions of football that this country produces. FOOTBALL Coach Wolfe CAROLINA Captain Buck rs Tallies Against Tennessee Carolina ' s grid representatives of 1936, under the coaching of Raymond Wolf and his assistants, John Vaught and Bill Lange, carried through to a fine record of eight wins in ten starts. Although it lacked the high scoring and passing form of the 1935 eleven, it played a hard, determined brand of ball throughout the season. All of the Tar Heel foes were strong and not a single " breather " was scheduled. Captain Dick Buck proved an inspir- ing leader, and he with Andy Bershak and Jim Hutchins, wound up the season with places on sev- eral " All teams " , Bershak being the standout with a second team All America selection. Carolina 14, Wake Forest 7 A final period rally brought an over anxious Tar Heel team a 14-7 victory over Wake Forest in its 1936 debut at Charlotte. The Deacons surprised the 12,000 fans as well as the Carolina club by holding the Tar Heels at bay for three periods in addition to scoring in the first period itself; Mor- ris ' 58-yard touchdown dash doing the trick. It was not until the final minutes when a 47-yard drive, culminated by a pass from Little to Buck, and a 7-yard right end jaunt by Little, plus two placements by Burnette, made the count 14-7. J K Avery Rails for Score in Tennessee Game «, 236 )-- Carolina 14, Tennessee 6 Playing exceptionally alert ball the entire first half netted Carolina a 14-6 win over Major Ney- land ' s powerful Tennessee club. Jim Hutchins drove over for a first quarter touchdown and Pete Avery snatched Dickens ' fumble and ran 45 yards for another in the second. Burnette ' s two place- ments were good. Eldred tallied the Vols ' score late in the third period. Carolina 14, Maryland In weather more appropriate for ducks, Arr Ditt led the Tar Heels to a 14-0 win over Maryland in Kenan Stadium. A stubborn Terrapin eleven halted all Carolina offense for the first half, but with Ditt ' s " carrying the mail " on two 26-yard gallops and Burnette making good both conver- sions, the Tar Heels gained victory. Carolina ' s line showed up particularly well, holding the visitors to a single first down. Tackles Bartos and Trimpey were outstanding in the line. Carolina 14, New York U. 13 The trusty toe of Joe Burnette gave the Tar Heels a 14-13 win in their northern invasion against N.Y.U. at Yankee Stadium. Captain Buck pulled down Hutchins ' pass for a first period score and Art Ditt circled left end for 35 yards and the Bartos Stops Gormley of Ma [ 237 } second tally in the third. Burnett ' s kicks went true. Behind 14-0 as the last quarter started, the Violets pushed over two tallies, but missed one extra point and their chance for a tie contest. Tulane 21, Carolina 7 A heated skirmish before 18,000 fans at New- Orleans saw Tulane snap Carolina ' s winning streak by a 21-7 margin. The green Wave scored early as Andrews cut over tackle from the four. Moss made the kick. Carolina tied matters at 7-7 in the third period as Dermid crashed through to block Bryan ' s punt and Bershak fell on the ball for a touchdown. Burnette converted. But Tulane had too much reserve and tallied twice more to take the win. Carolina 21, N. C. State 6 Carolina overcame a first quarter 6-0 deficit in its Homecoming Day battle with N. C. State to triumph 21-6 before 17,000 fans. Ryneska gave the Wolfpack the advantage early in the contest, but after that it was all Carolina. Late in the third period Hutchins passed to Captain Buck for a first down on the 7, from where Little cut over tackle for a touchdown. Burnette ' s kick made it 7-6. The last period saw Hutchins run 31 yards and then three for two touchdowns and Burnette bring his conversion record to 12 out of 12. Dashiell Quart rback Dermid Hi m ks Pi Ens for Touchdown Against Ti i.a -4 238 } ■ ' i M W 7 95. . «F Hitchins Re Carolina 26, Davidson 6 The biggest crowd to ever witness a game at Davidson was mildly astonished to see the Tar Heels bang out a 26-6 triumph over the cleverest Wildcat team in history. The Carolinians scored in every quarter; Hutchins twice, and Burnette and Dashiell once each. Lafferty scored Davidson ' s points on a bit of razzle-dazzzle. Number 13 held out as a jinx to Burnette as he missed his first con- version of the year. He later made one and Mclver added the other. Duke 27, Carolina 7 Some 34,000 fans filled Kenan Stadium to see Duke ' s Blue Devils triumph 27-7 over the Tar Heels in a brilliant contest. It was a great game played by two great teams, but Duke had Ace Parker and that was the margin of victory. Parker gave Duke a 7-0 lead for the first half, but the Tar Heels came back in the second to tie matters as Ditt crashed over and Burnette converted. Then came the history-making 105-yard return of Bur- nette ' s kickoff by Parker — the decisive point of the game and the " hair that broke the camel ' s back " . Rl VHisi Ai.aixst Si i i [ 239 ;i - Bricklemey Halfback Bershak Gains Against I)i k Carolina 14, South Carolina First half touchdowns by Jim Hutchins and Crowell Little plus two conversions by Tom Burnette gave the Tar Heels a 14-0 win in the battle of the Carolinas. Hutchins sewed up his All-Southern selection for an- other year as he scampered 23 yards through the entire Gamecock team for the first score. Little raced around right end for the second tally from the 7-yard marker. Carolina 59, Virginia 14 Carolina closed its season with a Thanksgiving Day rout of Virginia ' s Cavaliers at Charlottesville. Featured by Trimpey ' s 80-yard touchdown run and Bershak ' s blocked-punt-50-yard touchdown play, the Tar Heels swamped their traditional rivals 59-14. It was the worst defeat Virginia had ever suffered on its own field. Oth- ers to tally touchdowns for the Carolinians were Cooner, with a 67-yard run, Hutchins, Ditt. Little, Dashiell, Wat- son, and Stewart. Mclver converted on three occasions and Steve Maronic on two. SEASON ' S RECORD CAROLINA Carolina 14 Carolina 14 Carolina 14 Carolina 14 Carolina 7 Carolina 21 Carolina 26 Carolina 7 Carolina 14 Carolina 59 190 OPPONENTS Wake Forest 7 Tennessee 6 Maryland N. Y. U 13 Tulane 21 N. C. State 6 Davidson 6 Duke 27 South Carolina Virginia • 14 100 A -$ 240 : For years basketball has played an impor- tant role in the physical training of the youth of North Carolina. BASKETBALL UORty ' CAflOLlNji BASKETBALL Carolina ' s junior basketball team came through in good fashion after a wobbly start to register 17 wins against five losses for the season. The Tar Heels dropped their first Southern Conference title in three years to Washington and Lee, but came through to annex the Big Five championship. With Captain Earl Ruth on the side- lines, Wake Forest and Davidson triumphed over Carolina in the opening games to put the Tar Heels in a back seat position in the Big Five race. However, the team soon got clicking and won twice over both Duke and N. C. State and avenged the Deacon and Wildcat losses to take the title undisputed. The second trip of a Carolina court team to Madison Square Garden ended in de- feat, but this time it was no pushover for the N. Y. U. boys, the score being 37-30, with reserve forward Hank Wright topping the show. After the N. Y. U. skirmish, Carolina invaded Philadelphia and handed the strong St Joseph team its first defeat in three years on its home court, 36-34. Bill McCachren scored from underneath in the final minute to win. N. C. State continued its futile efforts to win over the Tar Heels when it met defeat on two occasions after holding considerable margins at half-time. In the first contest at Raleigh, Mullis featured with 13 points as Carolina won 41-35 in a roughly played con- test. The second game was even closer, Carolina winning 34-31 in the Tin Can. State led at the intermission 18-10, but the Tar Heels racked up 24 points to 13 in the second half, Potts heading the scoring with 10 points and Ruth following with 9. -•$ 242 }£■- NORTH f BASKETBALL Duke met similar defeats at the hands of Walter Skidmore ' s White Phantoms, 41- 35 in the Tin Can and 3 7-32 at Durham. Carolina took an early lead in both games and repulsed determined Blue Devil rallies to conquer. Mullis and Ruth headed the scoring in both contests. At Wake Forest, Pete Boone scored in the last minute of play to give Carolina a 31-30 victory over the Deacons. The triumph of Washington and Lee at Lynchburg by a 29-19 count ended a 12- game win streak for the Phantoms. Tall Bob Spessard of the Generals proved too much for Carolina, tallying 14 points. Carolina met real strenuous opposition in the Conference tournament. The opening round saw the Phantoms stage a thrilling comeback to defeat Duke 34-30 as Andy Bershak, the colorful forward, and Potts paced the scoring. Wake Forest was eliminated in the semi-rinals by a 37-35 margin. Carolina went far out in front at the half, but had to play tight defensive ball to halt the Deacon ' s final rally. The Generals took the Tar Heels ' measure in the finals, winning the 1937 title after Carolina had beaten them in the 1935 and 1936 finals. Again Spes- sard proved too much, scoring 25 points. Mullis, Potts and Bershak headed the Carolina attack. Captain Ruth was placed on the first All-Conference team at guard, and Andy Bershak made the second team at forward and Potts at guard. $ 243 }3 te k i 7 J BASKETBALL SCOKES Carolina Carolina 23 Carolina 33 " Carolina 56 Carolina 38 Carolina 30 Carolina 36 Carolina 41 Carolina 31 Carolina 33 Carolina Al Opponents Wake Forest 24 Davidson 35 V. M. I 29 V. P. I 26 N. Y. U 37 St. Joseph 34 N. C. State 35 Wake Forest 30 Virginia 15 Maryland 24 Carolina Carolina 34 Carolina 34 Carolina 45 Carolina 44 Carolina 4-1 Carolina 41 Carolina 44 Carolina 19 Carolina 37 Opponents N. C. State 31 Davidson 20 Virginia 22 Maryland 35 Duke 35 V. P. 1 25 V. M. 1 32 W. L 29 Duke 32 SOUTHERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Carolina 34 Carolina 37 Carolina 33 Overtime Game. Duke 30 Wake Forest 35 W. L 44 Won, 17 — Lost, 5 -■$ 244 J3h- n In the last few years the state of North Carolina has had a renewed interest in boxing. This has been fostered by such tournaments as that known as the Golden Gloves. BOXING D F Capt. Novich, 16 Dunham, l i: Woody, 115 MEDWIN, 155 Boxing coach Michael Z. Ronman came to Carolina from Pennsylvania State Col- lege to assume the duties vacated by Crayton Rowe at the culmination of the 1936 season and did a good job in starting the Tar Heel mittmen back up the boxing ladder of fame. Captain Max Novich, who successfully defended his 165 -lb. conference champion- ship at the College Park tournament, and Joe Murnick went through the five dual meets undefeated. Novich competed in the National Intercollegiates, which were not com- pleted at the time of this writing. Victories were scored over V. P. I. and N. C. State. In the opening match, the Gobblers were defeated 41 , to V 2 at Blacksburg. Woody, Murnick, Medwin, and Novich won while Bass drew. Against State, which was defeated 5-3, Woody, Murnick, Medwin and Novich triumphed while Vanderford and Alderman earned draws. - ( 246 fr- A RESSUBR, 165 MURNICK, 123 The Tar Heels dropped close matches to Maryland and Virginia by 5-3 scores. In the Maryland meet, Jule Medwin was outstanding with his win over Mike Lombardo, and in the Virginia bouts Captain Novich starred by defeating Mortimer Caplan. Duke won the Big Five title by a 5l 2 to 2l 2 score. Captain Novich again stole the spotlight with his brilliant victory over Al Mann. Murnick and Alderman tallied the other points against the Blue Devils. In the Conference tournament, Captain Novich was the sole titlist. Jule Medwin and Tom Bass went to the semi-finals and Joe Murnick and Lammy Alderman lost out in the quarter-finals. At the end of the season Joe Murnick was elected captain for 1938. Willie Flynt was manager of the 1937 team. - { 247 }• - F Carolina. Carolina . Carolina . Carolina. Carolina . SEASONS RECORD . .4i 2 V. P. I. .3 .3 .5 ,2l 2 Maryland . Virginia . . N. C. State Duke •31 2 .5 .5 .3 •51 2 COA( 11 R.ONM - ■( 248 }£- NDRT Always a popular sport in North Carolina, baseball continues to hold its own in the fancy of the public. BASEBALL 193(6 BASEBALL Carolina ' s 1936 baseball team showed improvement over the 1935 aggregation, but failed to come up to expec- tations. Six out of 16 games were won, but the Tar Heels proved worthy opposition to all foes. Coach Hearn ' s boys performed brilliantly in spots and won over some very hard opponents. The season ' s opener was annexed 10-5 over the strong Springfield College nine, sophomore Johnny Humphries turning in a most creditable performance on the mound. Hopes for a championship soared, but were dampened when the Tar Heels lost a string of close ones after emerg- ing from a two weeks rainy spell without practice. In Big Five competition Carolina won three and lost five. Two-game series were split with Wake Forest, David- son and Duke, and two were lost to State. The victory Boccolo Groome Stravhor f 250 fc- NDRT 1936 BASEBALL over Duke was the first in two years, the Tar Heels win- ning 7-6 with Captain Shapiro and Humphries starring. Carolina fared no better in Southern Conference play, winning three and losing six. The 100th game in the Carolina-Virginia series was won by a 14-2 count, Hum- phries again starring on the mound as well as at the bat. Highlights of the season included Buck McCarn ' s 516-foot home run at W. L., Tom Burnette ' s homer to tie the score in the second Duke game, the circuit clouts of Humphries, Strayhorn and Captain Shapiro against Virginia, and Hum- phries 15 -inning pitching win over Wake Forest. The team was led by Captain Ed " Yank " Shapiro of Brooklyn, N. Y., and will be captained in 1937 by Buck McCarn, of Kannapolis, N. C. BURXETTE Andrews Wright Shapiro Montgomery axd Rainey Captain Humphries -$251 )§ - 1936 BASEBALL Carolina Carolina 10 Carolina 3 Carolina 5 Carolina 1 Carolina 13 Carolina 8 Carolina 9 Carolina 3 Opponents Springfield 5 Richmond 5 Georgetown 7 N. C. State 3 V. M. 1 8 W. L. (10-in.) 9 Wake Forest (15-in.) . . 7 Davidson 2 Carolina Opponents Carolina 14 Virginia 2 Carolina 8 Virginia 9 Carolina 5 N. C. State 7 Carolina 5 Davidson 7 Carolina 2 Georgetown 6 Carolina 2 Maryland 8 Carolina 7 Duke 6 Carolina 4 Duke 5 Rainey gets set in State i; .mi Capt. Shapiro and Coach Hears -i§f 252 Throughout this state, there are numerous country clubs, and private homes that are proud of their tennis courts. This sport has a reat appeal to all ages. TENNIS DkGray, Co-Captain 193(6 TENNIS After a two year lapse, the Carolina tennis team again laid claim to the mythical national championship. This claim was based upon its 1936 record of 16 wins in as many starts. The Tar Heels bolstered their win column to 108 wins against two losses since 1929. With such stars as Archibald Henderson, Jr., and Co- captains Eddie DeGray and Frank Shore as a nucleus and augmented by Ramsay Potts, Ed Fuller, John Foreman, Gordon Robinson, Frank Farrel, and )ohn Yoemans from the 1935 star freshman squad, Coach John Kenfield was Potts in Action Sf 254 fc. Shore, Co-C ' apta 1936 TENNIS able to place a winning team on the courts at all times. This aggregation of netmen took matches from such out- standing teams as Yale, Duke, Amherst, Army, Navy and Princeton. The Tigers defeated Carolina in 1934 and 1935, but met defeat in 1936 by a 7-2 count. Carolina men were not only victorious in dual meets, but also led the field in both State and Southern conference tournaments. In the former, Henderson defeated DeGray for the singles title, while in the latter Potts won over Henderson. In both tournaments the Carolinians eliminated Tennis Spectators 193(6 TENNIS all outside competition in the first round. Potts and Fuller took both doubles crowns. The team also entered several open tournaments where they were highly successful. In all the matches, Carolina men reached the top rungs of the ladder only to be beaten by such national stars as Burge, Hines, Lawrence and Hall. THE SEASONS RECORD Carolina Carolina 10 Carolina 11 Carolina 9 Carolina 9 Carolina 9 Carolina 9 Carolina 7 Carolina 9 Opponents Yale Yale Amherst Davidson N. C. State South Carolina Wake Forest Davidson Carolina 2 Carolina 9 1 Carolina 9 Carolina 8 Carolina 7 Carolina 9 Carolina 6 Carolina 7 Carolina 9 137 Opponents Duke Newark U Amherst 1 Yale 2 Army N. Y. U Princeton 2 Navy 8 -«f 256 } - h w - - Racing, whether hi man or animal, still has a big hold on the sporting blood of Southern people. North Carolina is no exception. TRACK ' GAMMON WINS STATE MILE ' » L _ m. — _. " ' I ' CONFERENCE RELAY EXCHANGE ' RED MONTGOMERY ACK Heavy losses by graduation in 1935 considerably weak- ened the " Flying Tar Heels " of the cinder track in their 1936 endeavors and Carolina lost the supremacy of Dixie which it had so proudly held for a number of years. How- ever, the quality of Carolina track training and coaching was reflected by Harry Williamson ' s making the United States ' Olympic team and finishing sixth in the finals of the 800-meter run at Berlin. CO-CAPT. DRAKE 6 MARYLAND HEADLEY GRABAM DEFEAT! NAV y " ANDERSON FINISHED THE TWO MILE " m SLJ ■j " ' ' RED R.OS5ER. CONTE IN CONFERENCE MEET TRACK The Dartmouth Indians gave ample proof that the Tar Heels were not up to their usual par for the 1936 season as they triumphed in the initial meet of the year 88% to 37I 4. Ten out of 14 firsts went to the visitors in Carolina ' s worst defeat since 1905. Gammon, Gardiner, Bannon and Finlay scored the Tar Heel wins. The next meet saw Carolina score its first victory by a 77-49 margin over William and Mar) ' , the Tar Heels cap- 505 GARDlNEf S ® ' ) ® I ' SH® ' ® PNC ' 4 ' 3- ,. ! k k ft. fe ? % ? -VH TRACK turing nine firsts and tying for another. The " junior twins, " Graham Gammon and Bob Gardiner, won the mile and 880 respectively, the latter in 2:02.2, which was a clean sweep for Carolina. Carolina next traveled to Charlottesville and defeated Virginia ' s Cavaliers 72 to 54. Charlie Farmer turned in the feature Tar Heel performance with a 21.8 win in the 220. Duke finally gained revenge with an 871 2 to 38 2 3 triumph in the annual meet. Despite the one-sided team score Carolina produced two of the three outstanding stars of the meet as Gammon won the mile in 4:23.6 and the S80 in 1 :57.5 and Rube Graham upset the dope to take the 120-yard high hurdles in 15.4 seconds. Moore of Duke set a new pole vault record of 13 ' -1 " . The Blue Devils next replaced Carolina as State Cham- pions, taking the title which the Tar Heels had held for 14 years with a score of 92 to Carolina ' s 41. Davidson was third. Three titles went to Carolina, Gammon taking the mile, Gardiner the 880, and Co-Captain Drake the 220. The Tar Heel leader staged a powerful finish to defeat Duke ' s Woodward in the time of 22.7 seconds. The Midshipmen then pinned a 72-54 reverse on the Carolina tracksters in a thrilling meet. Navy won eleven firsts to Carolina ' s four. Gammon scored a double triumph in the mile and 880, Barwick captured the discus, and Rube Graham upset prognostications with a win over the great Paterson in the high hurdles. Duke ' s Blue Devils continued to take over Carolina ' s past laurels, winning the Southern Conference title with 67 1 3 points to Carolina ' s 34 1 2 - Gammon, Gardiner, Finlay, Drake, Farmer, Juliber, and Evans all placed in the finals although none could garner championships. - { 260 fc« NORTH C R I l 1 The state of North Carolina has done much to foster the building of better bodies for her citizens. Playgrounds form an important part of all her cities. MINOR SPORTS v j - DF The Golf Team First row: Harris, Captain, Hamilton, Coach Erickson. Second row: Kirven, Hicks, Clark. North Carolina ' s 1936 golf team played a difficult schedule, gaining three wins against six losses. Led by Captain Dick Harris, who played good, consistent golf all sea- son, the linksmen displayed their capabilities in overwhelming Dartmouth, Davidson, and Wake Forest. Losses were to Duke twice, Furman, Georgia, Georgetown and Da vidson in a return match. The team completed the season by taking third place in the State Championship, and fourth in the Southern Conference Tourney. Individual honors were gained by Horace Hamilton, who won the second flight in the Southern Inter-Collegiate Open and Dupont Kirven, who was high scorer for the season with 17 1 2 points. SEASON ' S RECORD Carolina Carolina 18 Carolina 7 Carolina 7V? Carolina 2V6 Carolina 4 Carolina 13 Carolina 1 5 1 ? Carolina 8 Carolina 21 ? Opponents Dartmouth 9 Furman 11 Georgia l()l , Duke 151 2 Georgetown 14 Davidson 5 Wake Forest 21 , Davidson 10 Duke 151 2 - :} 262 $- NORTH CA n i VI The Cross Country Team CBOSS COUNTBY With Captain Graham Gammon relegated to the side lines, Carolina ' s Flying Tar Heels got off on the wrong foot when they lost the opening encounter of the season to the Navy harriers. Bill Hendrix, sophomore ace, paced the field and crossed the tape in one of the fastest times ever recorded on the Annapolis course. The Tar Heels proceeded to make things right the next day when they took a strong Washington and Lee team into camp. Hendrix tied for first place with his two teammates Andy Jones and Bob Gardiner. The harriers continued their winning ways, defeating the hill and dalers represent- ing North Carolina State, Duke University, and Davidson College on successive week- ends. At Chapel Hill the Flying Tar Heels wrote finis to a successful season when they placed five men in the first nine, to take the Southern Conference championship away from the Blue Devils. Morse of Duke retained his individual crown, while Hendrix finished fourth and Captain Gammon, running for the first time, finished fifth to lead the new champions to the crown. SEASON ' S RECORD Carolina Opponents Carolina 29 Navy 29 Carolina 20 W. L 35 Carolina 15 N. C. State 52 Carolina 22 Duke 33 Carolina 18 Davidson 49 SOUTHERN CONFERENCE 1st — University of North Carolina. 2nd — Washington and Lee. 3rd — Duke University. - Captain Graham Gammon -• ( 263 )• ■ Wrestling Squad WRESTLING Although the Carolina wrestling was considered to be potentially strong, it failed to live up to pre-season predictions, the final record showing three victories and four defeats. Due to injuries to Captain Frank Umstead and Melvin Ward in crucial meets, Carolina lost close matches to W. L. 17-13 and to Navy 16-14. Coach Quinlan ' s men did, however, win decisively over Duke, 21-9, and Davidson, 22-7, in state competition, only to drop the final match to N. C. State 21-3. Carolina, State and Davidson were all tied for the Big Five title. Wilbur Gholson led the squad by winning six matches, while Captain Umstead, Williams and Harris followed close behind. Other members of the squad who bolstered the ranks were Ward, Woodson, Crystal, Tankersley, Herring, James, and Davidson. Carolina loses five men by graduation, but their places will be filled by men from the state championship freshman squad. SEASON ' S RECORD Captain Umstead Carolina Carolina 21 Carolina 13 Carolina 14 Carolina 22 Carolina 6 Carolina 21 Carolina 3 Opponents V. P. I li W. L 17 Navy 16 Davidson 7 V. M. 1 26 Duke 9 N. C. State 21 -■ ]{ 264 ; - 4 Hulcher Wins 135-ld. Intra-Mural Title INTKA MUKAL ATHLETICS Tennis (1936) — Gerrard Podesta, Al Doyle, Earl Ruth (singles), and Nevin- King and Derrickson-Austin (doubles) of Ruffin defeated Charles Poe, Bucky Harris, Alex Andrews (singles) and Percy-DeBardeleben and Eagles-Clay (doubles) of S.A.E. for campus title 3-2. Playground Ball (1936) — Ruffin defeated S.A.E. 12-6 for campus title. Mass Tennis (1936) — Carolina 61, Duke 19. Track (1936)— Ruffin 56i 2 , Lewis 37, S.A.E. 31, Old West 17. Cross Country (Cake Race) — 1st. Zink (Ruffin) ; 2nd. Mauter (Theta Chi). Team winner — St. Anthony Hall. Touch Football — S.A.E. defeated Grimes 14-12 for campus title. All-campus Team: Ends— Allen (Grimes), Poe (S.A.E.); Tackles— Whitley (Ruffin), Crystal (Z.B.T.) ; Guards— Arenson (Phi Alpha), Myers (S.A.E.) ; Center— Murray (Grimes) ; Quarterback — Nethercutt (Grimes); Halfbacks — Allen (S.A.E.), Oglesby (Ruffin); Fullback- Blythe (Beta Theta Pi). Boxing — 1st. Lewis; 2nd. Chi Phi. Individual Champions: 112-lbs. Winstead (Mangum), 115-lbs. McFall (Graham), 125-lbs. Eichler (Phi Alpha), 135-lbs. Hulcher (Grimes), 145-lbs. Dickerson (Everett), 155-lbs. Tyman (Theta Chi), 165-lbs. Dunham (Unattached), 175-lbs. Smith (Lewis); Heavyweight — Vanderford (Sigma Nu). Wrestling — 1st. Sigma Nu, 2nd. Chi Psi. Individual Champions: 118-lbs. Zink (Ruffin), 126-lbs. Morgan (Everett), 135-lbs. Sutton (Zeta Psi), 145-lbs. Hine (D.K.E.), 155-lbs. Hutchinson (Chi Psi), 165-lbs. Hairston (Sigma Nu), 175-lbs. Conner (Sigma Nu), Heavyweight, Strieker (Mangum). Basketball— Old West defeated Zeta Psi 27-12 for campus title. Ping Pong — Battle-Vance-Pettigrew defeated Zeta Beta Tau 3-0 for campus title. Herman Schnell. Director - { 265 )£• 1936 Football Squad FRISHMAN SPORTS 1937 Boxing Squad - { 266 CAROLINA «nI 1937 Basketball Squad FKESHMAN SPOMTS _ .,. ■ j f — 3 1 1936 Track Squad - " S{ 267 ) - NN TH€ PACK - FIRST LAP " " JUDGE ON THE BENCH WINDING UP 7 ' „ NO, NO, NO !( ' SOUTHERN CONFERENCE IOO YARD DAJH " ' JL ' DIGGING WITH DETERMINATION HAPvPOONEP» GIT- PARKER -POUT- BOYJ " KEEPING PACE " S as iT FROXH COMEJ THROUGH " VX E!NE FORM, BY PARKER FR ATERHITIES V? Or Tobacco has lent great prestige to North Carolina: its use has be- come a symbol of comradeship as have the fraternities in the Univer- sity system. TO-DAY DELTA KAPPA EPSILON BETA CHAPTER LAW SCHOOL John Christopher Blucher Ehringhaus, Jr. B. Randolph Cooner Frederick Knowles Dashiell James Ferguson Finlay, Jr. Wlliam Almon Hart, II Hill McIver Hunter, Jr. Paul Cameron Lindley, Jr. Ned McAllister Frank Cresson Potts McGlinn John Johnston Parker, Jr. Owen Guion Rodman Julien Knox Warren, Jr. JUNIORS Willis James Brogden Hayden Croxton Clement Archibald Craige William Kearny Davis Leighton Wesley Dudley Frank Fritts Duff SOPHOMORES James Taylor Brooks Dabney Minor Coddington Donnell Gilliam William Capehart Harney John Drayton Hastie Haughton Ehringhaus Thomas MacEntyre Hines, Jr. William Duer James, Jr. Joseph Flanner Patterson, Jr. Clark Rodman John McNeill Smith, Jr. Sam Earle Green Hobbs William Clarence Kluttz Henry Mahler Kramer, Jr. John Augustus Moore John Wallace Winborne James Leake Woodson PLEDGES George Gilliam DUPREE HlGGINS Charles James Hine Kenneth Claiborne Royall William Batterman Ruger Baxter Henderson Taylor Bate Toms, Jr. Lawson Withers Turner -4 21 A - First row: Brogden. Brooks. Craige. Dashiell, Davis. Dudley, Finlav. Second row: Hart, Harney, Hastie. Higgins, Hine, Hines. Hobbs. Third row: Hunter. James. Kluttz. Lindley, McAllister, McGlinn. Moore. Fourth row: Parker. Patterson. Rodman. C, Rodman. O. G„ Royall. Ruger. Smith. Fifth row: Taylor, Toms, Turner. Warren. Winborne. Woodson. _,; 275 ! - NIVERSITY D F £! $ t. ' r ' i IS PHI GAMMA DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER LAW SCHOOL Robert Linn Bernhardt, Jr. Henry Charles Rancke James Brown Craighill William Blount Rodman James Walter Keel, Jr. William T. Whitsett MEDICAL SCHOOL Walter Graham Geddie Monroe Donald Clark Ballou boyden brawley Robert Leake Steele Cole L. L. Copenhaver. Jr. William Warren Daniel Troy Arthur Apple John Andrew Bookhout William Lunsford Crew Paul C. Darden, Jr. Howard Summerell Hussey, Page Clark Keel JUNIORS Richard Hilton Hicks William Thomas Lamm Clarence E. Leake Owen Hendricks Page Walter Bingham Stewart Robert Craig McInnes William DeRoy McLean, Jr. Richard Morton Mitchell John Hudley Peacock Carl D. Peiffer Paul Bernhardt Reynolds William Coleman Woodward SOPHOMORES T. R. Browne John Graham Clark, Jr. Ben Jackson Lamb, Jr. William Eugene Harrington Charles Johnson Harriss PLEDGES Julian Chislom Brantley Victor Herman Creech, Jr. James H. Darden John Clinard Finch Eugene Stuart Gregg Douglas Hackney, III Willis Nathan Hackney Robert Plott Knickerbocker Henry Gilliam Nicholson William Henry Webb Joseph Andrew Webster John Joseph Haggerty Benjamin Bunn Woodard -«3{ 276 $- - It 1 i W l if]Cl ' lRj|?lK ' JU¥LI First row: Apple, Ballou, Bookhout, Brantley, Brawley, Clark, Cole. Second row: Copenhaver, Crew, Daniel, Darden, J. H., Darden, P. C, Hackney, W. D. Hackney, W. N. Third row: Haggerty, Harrington, Harriss, Hicks, Hussey, Keel, J. W., Keel, P. C. Fourth row: Lamb, Lamm, Leake, McInnes, McLean, Mitchell, Page. Fifth row: Peacock, Peiffer, Reynolds, Rodman, Stewart, Webster, Woodard. - — jf 277 }b»- NIVERSITY D F BETA THETA PI ETA CHAPTER LAW SCHOOL Mark Stevenson Dunn William Lewis Reid William Rourk Clark Joseph Reid Fletcher John Walton Garrett Edward Lewis Herring Charles Crump Hudson, Jr. Thomas Henderson Humphries Charles Osborne Jeffress Edwin Bedford Jeffress JUNIORS Thomas Edward Bass Franklin Jackson Blythe, Jr. James Wiggins Coan Walter Dunn LaRoque John Griffith Johnson Ridgewav Trimble Lynch James Strange McNeill Charles Carter Peyton Nicholson Norton Fortune Tennille Oscar Leak Tyree John Carroll Wiggins Robert Ranson Williams, Jr. James Alexander Leak Chester Crowell Little John Bourke McDevitt Francis Pugh Rasberry James Maurice Van Heckf SOPHOMORES Waverly Harold Branch Leverett Frisbie Bristol Francis Lane Cooper Samuel Davis, Jr. Johnston Williams Gray William Houston Hendrix, Charles Meadows Hines Harvey Carrow Hines, Jr. Arthur Walker McCaig Perry Watson Miles William Milton Miller Powell Richards Ralph Sheperd Rustin Harold Lauck Sager George David Watson Richard James Barrett, III Baxter Burwell Bell, Jr. Andrew Long Blackwelder Joseph Marion Brantley William Medearis Butler Dudley Wf.Witt Carroll, Jr. William Austin Dillon James McCausland Ross Alonzo Cleveland Hall Lovitt Hines, Jr. William Walker Hines Edwin Archibald Hubbard Pierce Rogers McConaughy Frank Reid Penn, III Benjamin Garfield Rae, Jr. — j{ 278 } - NORTH AROLINA ■ First row: Blythe, Branch, Brantley. Bass, Bristol. Coan, Cooper. Second row: Davis, Fletcher, Garrett, Hendrix. Herring. Hines, H. C, Hines, W. W. Third row: Hudson, Humphries. Jeferess. C, Jeffress, E., Johnson, Leak. Little. Fourth row: Lynch, McConaughy. McDevitt, McNeill, Miles. Nicholson, Rasberry. Fifth row: Richards, Rustin. Tennille. Tyree, Watson, Wiggins. Williams. 279 }§ - OF DELTA PSI XI CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Alexander Hamilton McLeod, Jr. SENIORS Francis Lennon Bowen Robert Morris Gardiner Isaac Warner Jeanes, II Parker William Morris Donald Gist Wetherbee JUNIORS William Pratt Fackner Stephen Bois Hard Geoffrey Mathews Martin Stewart Redfield Parker Nicholas Cabell Read SOPHOMORES James Palmer Balding, Jr. Malcolm Macdonald Brown Alan Taliaferro Calhoun John Stevens Gillespie David Judson William Hunter Sperry Robert Eyre Steward Humphrey Hathaway Swift, III John Williamson Bell Thurston Cross Brown Hugh Hill Foss Randolph McLeod Dick Henry Laurens, Jr. John Laurens, II Edward Townsend Moore Thomas Bernard Morgan, Jr. David Reid Murchison, Jr. James Mallory Nash Walter Francis Off, Jr. Edwin Pliny Seaver, III Henry Haines Stockton Roberdeau Wheat, III -»;t 280 £«-- NORTH CAROLINA - .7 SM PI .!.« Jl.Atf. 1 - F;r_i; roir.- Balding. Bell, Bowen. Brown. M. M., Brown, T. C, Calhoun, Dick. Second row: Fackner. Foss, Gardiner. Gillespie, Hard, Jeanes, Judson. Third row: Laurens, H., Laurens, J., McLeod. Martin. Moore. Morgan, Morris. Fourth row: Murchison. Nash. Off. Parker. Read. Seaver, Sperry. Fifth row: Steward, Stockton, Swift, Wetherbee, Wheat. • si 281 Jfr- DF CHI PSI SIGMA CHAPTER SENIORS Samuel Franklin Engs, II Rufus Franklin Harward Carroll Jack Attwood John Born Foreman JUNIORS James DuPont Kirven John Albert McRae SOPHOMORES Frederick Thomas Cook Wayne Alexander Fonvielle Voit Gilmore Jack Wells Kidd Randolph Hampton Reece John Quincey Seawell Donald Godfrey Ackerman Hal Byerly Armentrout John Harvey Esberg Charles Christian Gunterburg Arthur Mace Gwyer Francis Martin Hutchinson, IV Edward Joseph III Harry Bertrum Kircher James Wardlaw Perrin John W. Seybolt Edwin Vincent Philip Alfred Walker - { 282 j NORTH U . £M : First row: Ackerman, Armentrout, Atwood, Engs, Esberg. Second row: Fonvielle. Foreman, Gilmore, Gunterburg. Gwyer. Third row: Harward, Hutchinson, III, Kidd, Kircher. fourth row: Klrven, McRae. Perrin, Reece, Seawell. Fifth row: Seybolt, Vincent, Walker. X ■ - { 283 fr- ITY PHI KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA CHAPTER GRAE Coit Mc UATE SCE .ean Coke OOL MEDICAL SCHOOL George C. Rowe LAW SCHOOL James Shook Queen James Manley Daniels John Wesley Merritt Thomas Adolphus Sharp Edmund Rhett Taylor George Sprite Barbee John Albert Blum Jack Calhoun Bower Murphy Bowman Daniel D. Decker JUNIORS Edgar L. Green John Robert Hawes Phillip Link Stuart White Rabb Sam Lanier Stringfield Henry McGilbert Wagstaff, Jr. SOPHOMORES George Herbert Cooper Edgar Latimer Hinton David Williams Hoefer Thomas Irving Insley, Jr. Walker Lyerly, Jr. Gideon Hunt Macon, Jr. William Malcolm Moore William M. Rufty Joseph Robert Tracy Henry Alan Truex Marvin Bright Utley, Jr. Fred H. Berdan Oscar Whetzell Bolick, Jr. Willis Thomas Carpenter, Jr. Robert Casterton Courtland Wharton Dawson John Philip George Philip Houghton Gunther Donald Cade Hicks Richard Fogg Hutson George Spencer Jones James William McCallum George Edward Merkle William Sims Newton Edward Remington Nichols Alton Judd Utley Charles Baynes Wilkerson, Jr. Richard Stanley Wright Robert Richard Zepplin NORTH CAROLINA aorao ? i! F; j row: Barbee, Berdan, Blum. Bolick, Bower, Bowman. Carpenter. Casterton. Second row: Cooper. Daniel, Dawson, Decker, George, Hawes, Hicks. Hinton. Third row: Hoefer, Insley, Jones, Link, Lyerly. McCallum, Macon. Merritt. Fourth row: Newton, Nichols, Rabb, Rufty, Sharp, Stringfield, Taylor, Tracy. Fifth row: Truex, Utley, Wagstaff, Wilkerson, Wright. f m ftSwl t --::: ' ■ - -4. 285 }S - -m SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON XI CHAPTER SENIORS ross guerard allen James Dickson Carr John Eugene Cay, Jr. Edgar Graham Gammon David Oliver Walker Percy Louis de Schweinitz Shaffner JUNIORS David Anderson Allen Randall Challen Berg Sutherland Mathewson Brown Newton Craig Adolphus Hill Eller Alex McGowin Gover Joseph Rutledge Young George Alexander Heard William Clark James Thomas Englehard Myers Leroy Pratt Percy Harry Wylie Stovall. Jr. John Austin Tate SOPHOMORES William Mansfield Daniel Victor Weyher Dawson Strother Callaway Fleming, Jr. Lewis Gordon Ralph John Greely William Lunsford Long, Jr. Charles Alexander Mickey Richard Thomas Myers Rutherford James Fred Rippy. Jr. Berkeley Leo Simmons Kenneth Spencer Tanner John Waties Thomas Peter Thomas Wilson, Jr. Vaughan Sharp Winborne William Holladay Worth Joseph Walher Yates, Jr. Nance Yeates PLEDGES D. Hudson Boyd George Watts Carr, Jr. William Washington Chisholm Robert Martin Cox, Jr. John Lee Connelly William Carter Crump Jesse Lamar Fulenwider Samuel Dace McPherson Hugh Roberts Papy Norms Tebeau Pindar James Minetree Pyne Foy Roberson, Jr. Thomas S. Royster Marshall McLaney Shepherd John Adams Wallace Dolph Young, Jr. -h6( 286 ii - NDRTH J 9s I . i iwrf coir: Allen, D., Allen, R., Bahnson, Berg. Brown. Carr. Cay. Second row: Craig, Daniel, Dawson, Fleming, Gammon. Gordon, Gover. Third row: Greely, Herd, James, Long. Mickey. Myers, R., Myers, T. Fourth row: Percy, W., Rippy, Roberson, Shaffner, Simmons, Stovall, Tate. Fifth row: Thomas, Wilson, Winborne, Worth, Yates, Yeates. Young. Mvv-, - [ 287 } ■ «£ r% a ZETA PSI UPSILON CHAPTER LAW SCHOOL Edward Breeden Clark James Benjamin Carlisle montfort boylan carr Clarence Alonzo Griffin, Junius Daniel Grimes, Jr. James Marion Parrott John Angier Satterfield Emmet Robinson Spicer JUNIORS Augustus Steele Hall Adolphus Matthew Mangum Robert Marsh Ray. Jr. David Jones Thorp William Easton Wakeley, Jr. Harry Cobb Wooten, Jr. SOPHOMORES Jesse Norris Barnes, Jr. Joseph Blount Cheshire, IV Richard Erskine Clements, Jr. Robert Green Sutphin Davis James Pleasant Floyd, Jr. Gus Evans Forbes, Jr. James Cunningham Gibson Alexander Hawkins Graham, Franklin Wills Hancock, Jr. William Johnston King Horace Palmer William Thomas Parrott, Jr. Simon Carlyle Sitterson, Jr. Frank Hart Wakeley William George Anderson William Rennie Blalock Albert Gallatin Carr Frederick Bruce Hamilton Henry Hyman Philips, Jr. Henry Brown Stokes, Jr. Louis Valvelle Sutton George Alexander Wilkinson John Kenyon Wilson Turner Jones Wortham -Hjf 288 )3e C A R L I N Firs! row: Anderson, Barnes. Blalock, Carr, A., Carr, B., Cheshire, Clements. Second row: Davis, Floyd. Forbes, Gibson, Graham. Griffin. Grimes. Third row: Hamilton. Hancock. King. Mangum. Palmer, Parrott, Philips. Fourth row: Ray. Satterfield. Sitterson, Spicer. Stokes. Sutton, Thorp. Fifth row: Wakeley, F., Wakeley, W., Wilkinson. Wilson. Wooten. ' - ALPHA TAU OME ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER MEDICAL SCHOOL Thomas Worth Crowell LAW SCHOOL Wvlie Fort Parker John Richard Fulghum Henry Wilkins Lewis John Arthur Marsh Ben Franklin Royal George Brogden Spence Tracy Neil Spencer Samuel Bayley Willard JUNIORS Carlisle Norwood Hastie, Jr. William Stone Jordan William Watson Alston James Hinton Pou Bailey Gordon Burns Kenneth Overman Cooke Glenn Benson Davis, Jr. Ben Franklin Dixon SOPHOMORES James Drury Martin, III David Judson Smith Thomas Carroll Haywood Milton Earl Hogan Basil Tourner Horsfield Frederick Cecil Hubbard Joe Knox William Alexander Raney John Gay Britt James Evans Davis Alvis Barnes Dickson Charles Edwin Diffendal Seavy Highsmith, Jr. Francis Elmer Lansche Elmer Francis Lowry John Franklin Lynch. Jr. Powell Murchison Roderick Goldston Murchison Thomas Broadway Royster Gordon Sefton Stevens William Bryant Vinson Ernest Harsham Yount, Jr. l 290 } $fc k 9 fck First row: Alston, Bailey, Britt, Burns. Cook, Davis, G., Davis, J. Second row: Dickson. Diffendal. Dixon. Fulghum, Hastie, Haywood, Highsmith. Third row: Horsfield. Hubbard. Jordan. Knox, Lansche, Lewis, Lowry. Fourth row: Lynch. Marsh. Martin, Murchison, P., Murchison, R., Raney. Royal. Fifth row: Royster. Smith. Spence. Spencer. Stevens. Vinson, Willard. s - 6f 291 } - U PSILON CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Louie Philip Davis MEDICAL SCHOOL Benjamin Smith Skinner SENIORS William Sheilds McClelland, Jr. Blackwell Pierce Robinson Jackson Newton Shore Joseph Rush Shull, Jr. JUNIORS John Van MacNair Robert Taylor McManeus Sidney Kinion Proctor Gaston William Stanford Hal Hammer Walker John Dawson Yeomans SOPHOMORES Fletcher Harrison Gregory Thomas Hall Holmes Rudolph Euell Oliver Howard Reed Junius Wynne Tillery Richard Alexander Urquhart Keith Morehouse Van Kirk Donald Clifton Ward Thomas Duncan Eaves PLEDGES Hammett Andrew Cecil, Jr. James David Van Kirk Edwin Charles Reich William Henry Shull Blake H. Stephens Edwin Robertson Perkins Charles Edward Moore Earle Victor Patterson -4 292 )3- First row: Cecil, Eaves, Gregory, Holmes, McClelland. Second row: McManeus. Moore, Oliver. Patterson, Perkins. Third row: Reich, Reid, Robinson, Shull, J., Shull, W. Fourth row: Skinner. Stanford. Stephens, Tillery, Urquhart. Fifth row: Van Kirk, J. D„ Van Kirk, K. M., Walker, Ward, Wilson. Yeomans. { 293 fc- D F S PHI DELTA THETA BETA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Philip Johnson Weaver James Wilson White Robert Hackney Williams LAW SCHOOL Raymond Buckner Witt, Jr. MEDICAL SCHOOL Bert S. Smith, Jr. Albert Key MacAnally Edward Perry Benbow, Jr. Marion Orlando Blount, II John Maurice Geary Joseph Williamson Grier, Jr. John Strong Calvert, Jr. Herschel Springfield Harkins Thomas Eli Joyner, Jr. James Alfred Miller JUNIORS Robert Weathersbee Baker, Jr. Crist Watts Blackwell Robert Sta nley Dicks Woodrow Wilson Exum Charles Wurster Gilmore SOPHOMORES Dannitte Mays Beattie Isaac Duncan Ham, Jr. Richard Wilson Howard Edward Cortner Huffman Clem Simmons Humphrey Jere Clemens King Frank Thomas Miller, Jr. James Fakes Morrison David Willis Mosier John Irvin Munyan Henry William Scott, Jr. Frank Bloodworth Rogers Edward Hoge Vick Thomas Wilson, III Ramsay Douglas Potts, Jr. Herbert Blair Rodgers Frank Benjamin Rogers, Jr. Edward Harding Seawell Justin Smith White Albert Maynard John Henry McCord Allen Hunter Merrill Brooks Patten Henry Latimer Rudolph Frank Mandeville Rogers, III Robert Robbins Andrews, II DeWitt Clinton Benbow Walter Clark, III Harry Tillinghast Dewey Wilford Harris Gragg, Jr. Joseph Lloyd Horton Max Frederick Jones Julian J. Lane, Jr. John Clark McCall Duncan Donald McColl Charles Asbury McKinney E. Owen Perry, Jr. Daniel Neff Peterman Claudius Napoleon Sapp, IV Frederick Boothe Stern, Jr. Cutler Watkins Edward Wicker Raymond Buckner Witt, Jr. -«sf 294 )»- First row: Andrews, Baker. Beattie. Benbow. Blackwell. Blount. Calvert. Second row: Dicks, Exum, Geary. Gilmore. Grier, Ham. Harkins. Third row: Howard, Huffman, Joyner. King, McColl. McCord. McKinney. Fourth row: Miller, F. T., Miller, J. A., Maynard, Munyan. Potts. Rodgers. Rogers. F. Fifth row: Rogers. F. M., Rudolph. Scott. Seawell. Vick. Witt, Wilson. iB 4{ 295 }§►- D F SIGMA NU PSI CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Edward Benjamin Ferguson Arnold Borden MEDICAL SCHOOL Adlai P. Oliver SENIORS Claude Walter Brown Henry Toole Clark, Jr. Bryan Caldwell Harry Derrick Giles John William Conner Nelson George Hairston Archibald Henderson, Jr. WlLLARD REVELLE HoLLINGSWORTH Ivan Maxwell Glace, Robert Cooke Howison, Jr. Roberts Harrell Jernigan Langdon Chevis Kerr, Jr. Ernest Lyndon McKee, Jr. Kenneth Emerson Montgomery David Minton Warren, Jr. James Rhodes Wright, Jr. Trez Player Yeatman, Jr. Jr. JUNIORS Marion Cecil Ernst Morris Calvert Fitts John Erwin Ramsay, Jr. SOPHOMORES Leroy Franklin Abernathy. Jr. William Griffin Arey, Jr. Greenleaf Ramsay Berkeley, Jr. Ernest Craige Stuart Keith Eutsler Jackson Stephen Hayworth John Steele Henderson Harry Clay Yeatman Paul Roberts Jernigan Charles Edward Lynch George Mallett MacNider John Arthur Miller Cyrus Thompson Sloan, Jr. Thomas H. Vanderford Robert Wilson Wells Robert Aldrich Baker Frederick Alexander Blount Milton L. Connor Richard Douglas Cross Louis Stuart Ficklen Kenneth Gant, Jr. Harold Francis Hike Frank Marion Holmes John Devereux Joslin Richard Lee Kerr Francis Neville Merritt Thomas Lynch Murphy Robert Marshall Quina Rufus Grady Rankin Thomas Melville Stanback 296 } - NORTH First row: Arey, Brown, Caldwell, Clark. Connor. Craige, Ernst. Second row: Eustler, Ficklen, Fitts, Gant, Giles. Hairston, Hayworth. Third row: HENDERSON, A., HOLLINGSWORTH, HOLMES. HoWISON. JERNIGAN, P., JERNIGAN, R., JOSLIN. Fourth row: Kerr, L., Kerr, R., Lynch, MacNider. McKee, Montgomery. Murphy, Fifth row: Ramsay, Sloan, Stanback. Vanderford, Warren, Wells, Yeatman. H, Yeatman, T. 1 - { 297 } - D F ilGMA CHI ALPHA TAU CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Clifton Clement Bennett Thomas Horne Leath James Hardin Howell David Tuttle Milne John Edwards Waye SENIORS Paul Ernest Buck George Clarence Courtney William Perry Kephart Benjamin Wyche Charles Beecher Pennington Randolph Rowland Bradford Lorin Tobey Barney Dervin Bannon Connor Jackson Feimster Moses Lacy Fendley Robert Franklin Garland Staddard Page Hancock JUNIORS Robert Hooke Lee Frankel Melvin Gordon Charles Robinson Edward William Tankersley Arthur Knox Winget Dan L. Bell Louis David Brantley Charles Zimri Falls SOPHOMORES Louis Simms Jordan Samuel Winslow Smith Warken Mattson Smith William Youland Bryan Charles Davidson Lemuel Franklin Dennis William Forbs Dowdy John Hancock Victor Fisher Harllee James McBride Holt John Leslie Latham John Greenwood Lyon J. Holcombe Murrell Frank Neville Patterson Franklin Willard Potter John Daniels Rose Otho Bescent Ross James Shelton Scales William Lawrence Seawell - :f 298 fr- NORTH CAROLINA Fint row: Bannon, Bell. Brantley, Buck. Butler. Courtney, Dennis. Second row: Dowdy, Falls, Feimster, Fendley, Garland. Hancock. J. M., Hancock, S. Third row: Harllee, Hines, Hooke, Kephart, Latham, Lyon. Melvin. Fourth row: Murrell. Patterson, Pennington, Potter, Robinson, Ross, Rowland. Fifth row: Scales, Seawell, Smith, Tankersley, Tobey, Winget, Wyche. " ■J ■ - { 299 fr- DF k 4 $££m. 1 M y fW.- ' W»tw fill KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA MU CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL John Paul Nickell John Donald Dial Harry Clinton Finch LAW SCHOOL John B. Higby Charles Marshall Ivey E. Marvin Allen George G. Allen Wyatt Patrick Exum Benjamin Fletcher Fortune Yates Webb Mason Raymond Voight Yokeley Samuel Avery Neaves Harold Edward Robbins Frank Graham Umstead William Edwin Webb Elmer James Wellons, Jr. Francis Sterling Brown Roy Cox Crooks Charles Flowers Daniels William J. G. Davis Bruce Johnson Downey Haywood Watson Hinkle Joseph Lambert Fletcher Frank Petty Holton, Jr. William Stratford May William Eugene Miller Rom Bragg Parker Julian Baxter Coghill Wallace Dunn Charles Walker Gunter James Carl Hambright Jerry Miller JUNIORS SOPHOMORES PLEDGES - •( 300 }5- John Franklin Jonas Madison Eugene Motsinger, Jr. Frederick M. Parrish John Thompson Simpson Douglas Umstead John Wesley Umstead George Fountain Parrott Wilson Place James M. Shore Flake Futhey Steele Robert Emmet Whitehurst Eugene Cleapor Rountree Wiley Smith Robert Sumner Fitzhugh Ellworth Wallace Charles Edward Wood, III NDRT First row: Allen, Brown. Coghill, Crooks, Daniels, Davis, Downey. Second row: Dunn, Exum, Fletcher. Fortune. Gunter, Hambright, Holton. Third row: Hinkle. Mason, May, Miller, J., Miller. W., Motsinger, Neaves. Fourth row: Nickell, Parker, Parrish. Robbins, Rountree. Simpson, Smith. Fifth row: Steele. Sumner, Umstead, D., Umstead. F., Umstead. J., Wallace, Wellons. J5, - { 301 )»- WJk- If i ■ r g|2 x : 3 TAU CHAPTER Knox Britt Hugh Thomas Conley L. D. T. Cox, Jr. George Ransom Fraser Alfred Clarence McCall James Slade Rhodes, Jr. Paul Lee Salisbury, Jr. John Leach Allen William Fowden Clark James Sloan Currie William Rhoid Holland JUNIORS Swift K. Rodwell Ralph Sprinkle Fred W. Oxley Eugene McDuffy Yount SOPHOMORES John Edward Grenzenbach Luther McNeil James Kenneth McLean Clement Wren Claude Wilson Miller W. W. Allgood George Sitgreaves Attmore Corbett Carlton Cannon Hugh Pfohl Cash Jack U. Davis Robert A. Freeman Philip Brown Holbrook James Lawrence Johnson Lawrence Evans Lackey Jackson G. Long Harvey Pittman William Walton -hJ( 302 ) NORTH First row: Allen, Allgood. Attmore, Britt, Cannon. Second row: Cash. Clark, Conley. Cox. Currie. Third row: Freeman. Holbrook. Holland. Johnson, Long. Fourth row: Oxley, MacNeill, McCall. Pitman. Rhodes. Fifth row: SALISBURY, SPRINKLE, WRENN. m ■ -«f 303 )£- I m sn .ft, " m U THETA CHI ALPHA ETA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Francis Ghigo LAW SCHOOL Harold K. Bennett Walter R. McGuire John Byron Hackett George Ventrius Wheeless JUNIORS Dallas Gwynn John Rendleman Larsen William Gordon Howard William Joseph Mauter SOPHOMORES Paul Broadway Kluttz Donald D ' Arcy Pritchard William Edwin Lindau Bland Worley Frederick J. E. Banner Herbert Edmond Brooks Harold James Burgess Wallace Burkhead Davis, Jr. James Kenneth Gailey Carl Battle Hyatt George Edward Nicholson John Carroll Tynan -$ 304 } - O .O ' ' First row: Bennett, Brooks, Burgess, Davis, Gailey, Ghigo. Second row: Gwynn, Hackett, Howard, Hyatt, Kluttz, Larsen. Third row: Lindau. Mauter, Pritchard, Wheeless. Worley. " •$ 305 ]»- LAMBDA CHI ALPHA GAMMA NU ZETA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL John Caldwell McCampbell Phillip Grover Padgette SENIORS George William Flynt, Jr. John A. Mitchener, Jr. Douglas J. Koontz Arthur Joseph Schneider JUNIORS Richard Flynt Charles H. Reid Roger Wilson Linville Hoke Flynt Shore Harry H. Tucker Rufus Guy Flynt James Wilson Idol SOPHOMORES Jesse Alton Webb Douglas Sharpe Welfare James David Adams Stanley E. Hall Jesse Miller Pike Paul Gabriel Simkoe Thomas Hunter Skeen Edward Price Surratt - f 306 }• ■ First row: Adams, Flynt, G. W., Flynt, G., Flynt, S. R., Hall, Idol. Second row: Koontz. Linville. McCampbell. Mitchener. Pike. Rfid. Third row: SCHNEIDER. SHORE. SlMKOE. TUCKER, WEBB. WELFARE. " -• ;{ Mr ; - i CHI OMEGA EPSILON BETA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Beverly DuBose Hamer Margaret Nicholson Jordan Jane Amelia Ross MEDICAL SCHOOL Mary Virginia Copeland LIBRARY SCIENCE Margaret Virginia Hodges Margaret Lucinda Brown Ruth Worth Crowell Nannie Louise Davis Anne Fauntleroy Peggy Hampton Frances Katherine Murphy Mary Ray Elizabeth Elliot Stevens Jean Walker Irene Gilliam Wright JUNIORS Virginia Spearrin Lee Margaret Lee Pollock Elizabeth Schumake PLEDGES Perdita Butler Arnett Berta Elise Arnold Mary Beatrice Boyd Adalaide Johnston Brown Anna Margaret Bush Mary Louise Camp Sarah Staples Dalton Eleanor Douglas Doak Benna Lee Draper Margaret Wilson Evans Cornelia Holmes Gray Margaret Belle Henderson Altajane Holden Lillian Leggette Hughes Elizabeth Brock Keeler Dorothy Lee Kelly Eleanor Sanders Lane McKeldin Gettys Puckett Sue Sandlin Nancy Elizabeth Schallert Nancy Marie Smith Mary Lillian Speck - { 308 } - First row: Arnett. Arnold, Boyd, Brown, A. J., Brown, M. L., Bush. Second rou : Camp. Crowell. Dalton. Davis. Doak. Evans. Third row: Fauntlerov. Gray. Hamer. Hampton. Henderson. Holden. Fourth row: Hughes. Keeler. Kelly. Lee. Murphy. Ray. Fifth row: Sandlin. Schallert. Smith. Speck, Stevens. Walker. Wright. 1 t 309 fr- PI BETA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Mary Leigh Scales Lydia Brawner Daniels Julia Rice Folsom Mildred LeFevre Anita Pilas de Monseigle Patty Elizabeth Penn Mary Catherine Potts Helen Elizabeth Pritchard Eliza Evans Rose Martha Saunders Wyant Tempe Gee Yarborough Nell Battle Booker Mary Elizabeth King JUNIORS Janie Hunt Riddle Nan Tinsley PLEDGES Lyal Caughy Boice Eloise Broughton Alice Calder Cheshire Phyllis Hawthorne Anne Turner Knight Mary Garnelle Raney Margaret Matthews Sears Elizabeth Gordon Taylor - ;{ 310 }; •- First row: Booker. Boice. Broughton. Cheshire. Daniels. Second row: de Montseigle, Folsom. Hawthorne. King, Knight. Third row: Le Fevre. Penn. Potts. Pritchard, Raney. Fourth row: Riddle. Rose, Scales, Sears, Taylor. Fifth row: Tinsley, Wyant, Yarborough. -$311 $- CHI PHI ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Vincent Heath Whitney LAW SCHOOL James Wilkinson Dorsey Henry Pitts Hudson William Neville Sloan Robert M. Stewart William Alexander Thompson William Yarboro Wilkins JUNIORS Henry Bartos Arthur Harvey Ditt Fletcher Wilson Ferguson Joseph Kimball Harriman, Jr. Ezra Clay Hodgin Thomas Latan Linn John Broaddus Long Vincent M. Montsinger, Jr. Alfred Winton Perry Edwin McKee Sink SOPHOMORES John Davis Jefferson Davis Dermid Alvin Wingfield, Jr. Philip Edward Lucas John David Slawter PLEDGES Robert Galt Alexandfr James A. Brown John Dan Carter, Jr. Jack Porter Cooper George Henry Gammans flnlay bradshaw myers Carroll Dean Oglesby Daniel James Quigg John Maxson Saunders Carey Rogers Sparks William Hoke Sumner, Jr. Willis Anderson Sutton, Jr. Roy Marshall Wehrle Herbert Daniel Williams - -»;{ 312 ; - NORTH C ROL " to ;a Fir, i row: Bartos, Brown, Carter, Cooper, Ditt, Dorsey. Second row: Ferguson, Gammans. Harriman, Hopgen. Linn, Long. Third row: Lucas, Myers, Oglesby. Perry, Quigg, Saunders. Fourth row: Slawter, Sloan, Sparks. Stewart. Sutton. Thompson. Fifth row: Wehrle, Wilkins. Williams, Wingfield. - {313 } - " 1 £§i %J P ' .Wt p f § K- SIGMA DELTA GRADUATE SCHOOL Craig S. McIntosh LAW SCHOOL George Francis McKendry SENIORS Henry Franklin Barnes John W. Kendrick Walter Fenwick Illman Earl Carlton Van Horn Paul Eugene Walsh JUNIORS Lytt Irving Gardner George Oscar Puig Robert Hubbard Putney, Jr. John Jackson Wells SOPHOMORES John Holland Eddleman PLEDGES Nicky Demus Patterson -4( 314 } •- NORTH P A OLINA 1 1 J •vl - f n row : Barnes, Eddleman. Gardner. Illman. Second rote: Kendrick. Patterson. Puig. Putney. Third row: Van Horn. Walsh, Wells. - 315j - TAU EPSILON PHI OMEGA CHAPTER LAW SCHOOL Israel Harry Jacobson Leonard Sidney Levitch Robert B. Sosnick Joe H. Murnick. Abe Gordon JUNIORS Irwin David Karesh Herbert Alexander Goldberg Seymour Eisenberg Harold Irwin Gross George Jay Jaffef. Jacob Bernard Abrams Ralph Alperin Leonard Bernard Baron Howard Diamond Matthew Feldman Richard Emil Gips Robert Bernard Gordon SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Chester Svigals :316} George Lipsky Horace Richter Sidney Harold Siegel Bertram Charles Halperin William Marshall Karesh Ralph Lawrence Karol Edward Kaufman Kenneth Julian Lasser Morris William Rosenberg Irving Billet Stomkin CAROLINA First rou : Abrams. Alperin, Baron. Eisenberg, Gips. Second row: Feldman, Goldberg, Gordon, A., Gordon, R., Gross. Third row: Halperin, Jacobson, Jaffee. Karesh, I. D., Karesh, W. M. Fourth row: Karol. Lasser. Levitch. Lipsky. Murnick. Fifth row: Ritcher. Rosenberg, Siegel. Sosnick. Stomkin. Svigals. -4(317 fy- PHI ALPHA OMEGA CHAPTER SENIORS Jeremiah Kisner Abraham Joseph Leinwand Bertram Lewis Potter Marvin Chaikin JUNIORS Joel Irwin Laskey SOPHOMORES Herbert Buck Abramson Hilliard Gold Robert Connor Marvin Morton Kessler Marvin Herbert Gewolb Peter Eugene Siegle Harold Augenblick Bernard Eichler Albert Fox Samuel Hahn Norman Hurwitz Seymour Klein Irving David Niditch Stanley Sheldon Schneeweis Martin Shuck Seymour S. Tick - { 318 fr- First row: Augenblick, Chaiken, Connor, Eichler. Fox. Second row: Gewold, Kessler. Kisner, Klein. Lasky. Third row: Niditch, Potter. Schneeweis. Schuck, Leinwand. - i519fa- N ZETA BETA TAU ALPHA PI CHAPTER GRADUATE SCHOOL Harold Simson Cone Elmer Oettinger LAW SCHOOL John Taylor Schiller Philip Kind, Jr. MEDICAL SCHOOL Arthur Simkovitz Jack Okin Spies Frederick L. M. Stein Morris Hecht JUNIORS Irving Kai.manoff SOPHOMORES Robert Garrison Crystal Thomas Rice Milton Kind Fred Phillip Stein David Oettinger Charles Gerstley Sunstein Leon Blum Maurice Miles Edwards John Graff John Greenbaum Alexander Stephens Katzenburg William Paul Weil 320 ) - CARD LIN H P % f F r row: Blum. Crystal, Edwards, Graff. Greenbaum. Hecht. Second row: Kalmanoff. Kind. M., Kind. P., Oettinger. Rice. Simkovitz. Third row: Spies. Stein, F., Stein. S„ Sunstein. Weil. ' h 321 - 3fe F- v i -- •-. - v ■ . . A «y A B t sgs -. ALPHA EPSILON PI Sidney Gordon Harry Rhodes, Jr. Sidney Theil Morton Feldman George Katz JUNIORS George Levine Leonard Shapiro SOPHOMORES Murray Goldberg Allan Gottlieb Harvey Kaplan Edward M. Karlin Jerome Locke Seymour Albert Alcabes Norman Kantor Bernard Kaufman Seymour Wilk Frank Lowenthal Ira Jerome Topping Jerome Irwin Vitriol 1 D R T H First row: Alcabes. Feldman, Goldberg. Gordon, Gottlieb. Kantor. Second row: Kaplan, Karlin. Katz. Kaufman. Levine, Locke. Third ruw: Rhodes. Shapiro, Thiel. Topping. Vitriol, Wilk. - { 323 Yfi- - •{ 324 )p- Good " " Lesson in technique " TR CH ] t !f£fo l » ■■■. ■ii naMHaMBBaaBMBaaaaaaMHHBBaHBHHHi BJDh EXCUSED ' i 325 } - ' TEDIOUS PROCEDURE DAMN the " 8:3o7 " s h£ morning -after " -«.:{ 326 }■ - CORRECT DRESS ' " °TOUGH EGG NX MR. PARKER MORRI5 " $ 327 % w -» w» " Aint Life jess grand GAME WATCHERS ' ' TWO DEKES i x A r TELL TALE; Stare , Boy -$ 328 )£ DEFECTIVE DECORUM CAMPUS BEAUTIFUL ,£10. ■ 1 » I 4MI Kr 1 5 1 M lEmLm January at Carolina no kidding ESTH.ETICIAN PADEREWSK. , NO DOU6T pH| J£A HOUNDf - :{ 329 } - OF Sigma nus celebrate carolina „ fashion Show AMATURE SPORTSMEN " CONSCIENTIOUS STUDENT ° CHUMMY ZETA PSIS THE LODGE ' Legs NORTH ■1 ■ DA nce v v ' North Carolina is famous for her hydro-electric development. She has harnessed her streams to provide her people with light, heat, and power. TO-DAY F First row: Dr. W. S. Bernard, Allen. Berg. Campbell. Second row: Flynt, Hart, MacFarland. McCachren. Third row: Nicholes, Potts, Rowland, Tyree. THE UNIVEKSITY DANCE COMMITTEE OFFICERS Dr. W. S. Bernard Faculty Representative William Almon Hart, II Chairman Oscar Leake Tyree Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Randall Challen Berg Postell Nicholes Ramsay Douglas Potts Ernest Marvin Allen George Flynt George Cyrus MacFarland Randolph Rowland Francis Campbell William McCachren - { 334 } - NORTH cardlin: i _ Carr Finlav Fitts Lamm McClelland Xiwi. Rowland Scott Tvree THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE GEMMAN CLUB OFFICERS Randolph Rowland President and Chairman Boylan Carr Vice-President Oscar Tvree Secretary and Treasurer Morris Fitts Assistant Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Boylan Carr William Thomas Lamm Randolph Rowland James F. Finlay William S. McClelland William Scott Morrjs Fitts Samuel A. Neaves Oscar L. Tyree -$ 335 - m ■ ' fl " T " V Miss WannaMakeh Miss Muhaki.s FALL GERMANS Sandy Graham, Leader, with Miss Becky Williams Erskine Clements with Miss Louise Wannamaker Paul Buck with Miss Louie Brown Michaels Bob Howison with Miss Margaret Vass Yates Mason with Miss Virginia Tatum Li J Mi Howard MIB WINTEKS Connor Feimster. Leader, with Miss Marjorie Stewart John McDevitt with Miss Rosanne Howard Bill James with Miss Mary Shaw Rosser John Satterfield with Miss Caroline Page Jimmy Carr with Miss Rosalie Watters Clarence Courtney with Miss Alice Eidson 4 . Satterfield Carh Courtney Miss Page Miss Watters Miss Eidson ft SOPHGMOKE HOP 5ud Hudson, Leader, with Miss Mary Ellen Harrison Jim Jovner with Miss Maxilla Elliott Jack Cheek with Miss Marion Galloway Billy Stronach with Miss Lucille Aycock Wilson Howard with Miss Mary Shaw Rosser Bill Daniels with Miss Alma Parham Marvin Ruffin with Miss York Lee %ff% ch Miss Aycock O p 0 Miss Rosseb Miss Parham Miss Lee NORTH .. . Miss ROBEBSOM MAY FBGLICS John G. Johnson, Leader, with Miss Happy James Paul Lindlev, First Assistant Leader, with Miss Becky Williams Raymond Yokeley, Second Assistant Leader, with Miss Betty Scott Louis Shaffner with Miss Clara Roberson Brad Tobey with Miss Nancy Knode Henry Toole Clark, Jr., with Miss Nancy Maupin Robert M. Ray with Miss Jacquelin Ray TOBEK Clark Ray 4 May Frolics, 1936 mk L A JUNIOR PMOM Reuben Graham, Leader robkrt n. magill Eugene Bricklemyer Earl Ruth David Meroney Warren Haddaway Foy Grubb SENIOR BALL Niles Bond, Leader Fred Weaver James Finlay Randy Cooner Hoge Vick George MacFarland Francis Campbell W$ S f » ' t T mp w p OF i ; vrl r V mt ' vi as Cooner Vick MacFarland Campbell Finals, 1936 Wiggins Carlisle hollixgsworth Lipscomb LlNDLF.Y Shaffner RTH SS MR NOBLE ' JOVIAL M C ALLIJTER anct STOOGES " JOE PATTER, ON MUX ALMA HALL CLARK JAMEJ MIXX LI LA HARRIXON BILL JORDON Mi; BARBARA CUTHRELL WALLACE WINBORNE, ROiALIE RICHARDXON CLAUDE RANKIN - CHAPERON-EJ ARRIVE DOWN TO THE TIN CAN ' ' B£AUTY AND THE BEAJT JAM McpHEPJDN WayV totix PETE WILLIAMJ " mi;; lottie Lewi mi;; ruth long PRE5IDENT AND ADMIRERS di;tingui;hed alumni N " l ffr vfor.M rT ' x! „ WALLACE W.NBO NE MIX VIRGINIA CLARK Mitt MAR£ AR£T JAMI UMJAY Mitt RILMA WILSON a ' TREZ YE ATM AN VV LITTL€ MAN B£AM.f ■VI s WHAT WOULD MOTHER AY ? " " RISE Sr SWING ' CHARLIE IVEY ■ CLEV£ WHARTON The beauty of the women of our state is a matter of old le gend. There seems to be no doubt but what the tradition still holds true. VANITY FAIR Miss Nancy Hart Miss Letitia Knox Miss Louise Green Miss Virginia Howard u L i ii . Miss Alice Alexander Miss Happy James Miss Mary Banks McPherson Miss Liza Lewis J L I HON ORARY v N ' On the dunes at Kitty Hawk, in the center of one of North Caro- lina ' s playgrounds, we have placed a monument in commemoration to the fight of the Wright brothers. North Carolina strives to honor those who pioneer. TO-DAY Donald Kennedy McKee Robert Nathaniel Magill Parker William Morris Joseph Flanner Patterson Walker Percy Ramsay Douglas Potts Stuart White Rabb Nicholas Cabell Read Louis Shaffner Louis Cotten Skinner, Jr. John McNeill Smith Edmund Rhett Taylor Fred H. Weaver Donald Gist Wetherbee Donald Gist Wetherbee President MEMBERS Niles Woodbridge Bond montfort boylan carr Newton Craig Robert Morris Gardiner William Palmer Hudson Isaac Warner Jeanes George Cyrus MacFarland -■ ! 360 I OFFICERS Bill Seawell Ben Wvche . . . President . Treasurer MEMBERS Bill Jordan Alpha Tan Omega Gordon Burns Alpha Tan Omega Glenn Davis Alpha Tan Omega Bill James Delta Kappa Epsilon Archie Craige Delta Kappa Epsilon Alan Calhoun Delta Psi Richard Urquhart Kappa Alpha Wick Exum Phi Delta Theta Bill Scott Phi Delta Theta Pete Beattie Phi Delta Theta Albert Maynard Phi Delta Theta Bill Daniel Phi Gamma Delta Paul Darden Phi Gamma Delta Page Keel Phi Gamma Delta John Clark Phi Gamma Delta Johnson Harriss Phi Gamma Delta Barney Bannon Sigma Chi Ed Tankersly Sigma Chi Victor Harllee Sigma Chi Brud Smith Sigma Chi John Conner Sigma Nn Trez Yeatman Sigma Nit Paul Jernigan Sigma N i C. T. Sloan Sigma Nu Johnston King Zeta Psi Frank Wakely Zeta Psi -4. 361 fr- GKBEM OF MINATAUKS OFFICERS James Wiggins Coan M. " . H. John Austin Tate M. W. U. Joseph Patterson B. T. MEMBERS James Dickson Carr James Wiggins Coan Newton Craig Mark Stevenson Dunn Moses Lacy Fendley Morris Calvert Fitts William Almon Hart, II Revelle Willard Hollingsworth Edwin Bedford Jeffress Paul Cameron Lindley John Bourke McDevitt Ernest Lyndon McKee Fred M. Parrish Joseph Flanner Patterson Robert Marsh Ray John Angier Satterfield Archibald Henderson Scales Louis deSchweinitz Shaffner John Thompson Simpson John Austin Tate, Jr. Oscar Leak Tyree James Rhodes Wright Raymond Voight Yokeley HUTS Jesse Norris Barnes Louis David Brantley R. Erskine Clements, Jr. William Warren Daniel Stuart Keith Eustler Strother Calloway Fleming Staddard Page Hancock Charles Edward Lynch William Stratford May Harold Launk Sager Flake Futhey Steele John Wallace Winborne, Jr. James Leake Woodson - { 362 h ORDER OF THE SHEIKS OFFICERS Frank Duff S. William Kearny Davis VS. F. Jack Blythe K. ROSS GUERARD ALLEN James H. Pou Bailey F. Jack Blythe montfort boylan carr John Eugene Cay William Kearny Davis Ben Franklin Dixon Frank Duff James Ferguson Finlay Joseph Lambert Fletcher Gus Evans Forbes Don Gilliam, Jr. Alexander H. Graham Fletcher Harrison Gregory Joseph Williamson Grier Harvey Carrow Hines, Jr. Charles Marshall Ivey, Jr. John Franklin Jonas MEMBERS James Drew Martin Yates Webb Mason Allen Hunter Merrill William Eugene Miller Thomas Englehard Myers William Shields McClellan, Jr. David Willis Mosier Samuel Avery Neaves John Johnston Parker James Marion Parrott Frank Benjamin Rodgers Herbert Blair Rodgers Joseph Rush Shull Tracy ' Neil Spencer Kenneth Spencer Tanner Justin Smith White Samuel Bailey Willard Peter Thomas Wilson Harry Wooten t X tic -$ 363 j- - QUS RQLCS HRMGGY CS HVTVWP HVAYHF TF UAFVV VV GREB VVTVME AUR AOK VVMVECF VALMAR XLIX RULERS 518 William A. Hart Rex 515 Montfort Boylan Carr K.D.S. 522 Walker Percy W.S.S. 519 James Ferguson Finlay K.M.K. 521 John Angier Satterneld N.G.P. SUBJECTS 170 Charles Staples Mangum 174 Archibald Henderson 193 William S. Bernard 241 Joseph G. deR. Hamilton 244 George Howe 245 Joseph Hyde Pratt 255 Frank Porter Graham 272 Patrick Henry Winston 315 Robert W. Wettach 319 William W. Pierson 328 Francis F. Bradshaw 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 343 Dudley DeWitt Carroll 369 William F. Prouty 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 385 Robert Edwin Coker 405 Charles S. Mangum, Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 439 J. Penrose Harland 442 Robert B. House 453 H. G. Baity 467 Harry C. Finch 468 Herman Walter Schnell 473 Henry Groves Connor, III 505 James Marion Parrott 513 John Johnston Parker |514 John Eugene Cay, Jr. 522 William Kearny Davis 523 Isaac Jeanes 524 Robert M. Ray 525 Thomas Meyers 526 David Allen 527 James W. Coan 528 Joseph F. Patterson 529 Leroy Percy 530 Ross Allen 531 Clarence Griffin 533 Archibald Craige Became Rex in January due to resignation of Sir Knight Hart. f Became K.D.S. at the same time. f)e rber of tfje ratl OFFICERS James Ferguson Finlay Fred Henry Weaver George Cyrus MacFarland FACULTY MEMBERS W. S. Bernard F. F. Bradshaw E. H. Cameron W. R. Berryhill E. M. Hedgepeth F. P. Graham J. M. Saunders H. H. Williams J. A. Williams E. L. Mackie ACTIVE MEMBERS Ernest Marvin Allen Andrew A. Bershak Niles Woodbridge Bond Albert Ellis James Ferguson Finlay Robert Morris Gardiner Reuben Holmes Graham, Jr. William Almon Hart, II John Griffith Johnson Robert Nathaniel Magill Lester Whaba McCarn Donald Kennedy McKee George Cyrus MacFarland John Johnston Parker, Jr. Joseph Flanner Patterson, Jr. Ramsay Douglas Potts, Jr. John McNeill Smith, Jr. Fred E. Ullman Julien Knox Warren, Jr. Fred Henry Weaver Order of the dMdcn HONORARY ARGONAUTS Oliver Max Gardner Henry L. Stevens, Jr. Henry Horace Williams Clyde Ruark Hoey dhn Christopher Blucher Ehringhaus ACTIVE ARGONAUTS 299 Fred Henry Weaver 304 Niles Woodbridge Bond 291 Charles Aycock Poe 306 Donald Kennedy McKee GRADUATE ARGONAUTS 245 William Clyde Dunn, Jr. 6 Charles Phillips Russell 14 Charles Thomas Woollen 40 Frank Porter Graham 90 Edgar Ralph Rankin 99 Francis Foster Bradshaw 102 Robert Burton House 109 Herman Glenn Baity 111 Ernest Lloyd Mackie 119 Albert McKinley Coates 121 Joseph Burton Linker l-H Corydon Perry Spruill 186 Joseph Maryon Saunders 193 William Terry Couch 209 Edward Alex Cameron 220 Walter Smith Spearman, Jr. George MacFarland Recording Secretary Louis Shaffner President PHI BETA KAPPA Founded at the College of William and Mary, December 5, 1776 Alpha Chapter of the State of North Carolina OFFICERS Louis deSchweinitz Shaffner President Donald Gist Wetherbee ' . Vice-President George Cyrus MacFarland Recording Secretary Thomas James Wilson, Jr Treasurer STUDENT Fred J. Allred Henry Stuart Blow Bryan Caldwell Clyde Hull Cantrell Henry Toole Clark, Jr. Whitfield Cobb, Jr. Thomas Worth Crowell Angus Ferguson Davis William Kearny Davis Nestore DiCostanzo Mark Stevenson Dunn John VanGaasbeek Elmendorf Alfred Garvin Engstrom Abol Hassan Fotouhi MEMBERS John Walton Garrett Moses Braxton Gillam, Jr. Ezra Ennis Griffin Robert Paul Guarino Horace Hayden Hodges Robert Cooke Howison, Jr. Charles Marshall Ivey, Jr. Elmer Douglas Johnson Edwin Leonard Kahn George Julian Koch James Roy Lawing Abraham Joseph Leinwand Sidney Levine Daniel Lipschutz -■K 368 fr- T. J. Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Don Wetherbee I ' ice-President PHI BETA KAPPA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Robert Burton House Corydon Perry Spruili. Ernest Lloyd Mackie STUDENT MEMBERS Charles Edward Lloyd Jack Lynch George Cyrus MacFarland Frank Cresson Potts McGlinn Donald Kennedy McKee Claude Cleveland Martin Wilton Elman Mason John Gilmer Mebane Hugh Harrison Mills Edward Francis Moyer, Jr. Elmer Rosenthal Oettinger, Jr. Hermon Manley Parker John Johnston Parker, Jr. Charles Aycock Poe Blackwell Pierce Robinson Jane Amelia Ross Alexander Reed Sarratt, Jr. Louis deSchweinitz Shaffner Thomas Adolphus Sharp Thomas Moorman Simkins, Jr. Norwood Lee Simmons Joseph Carlyle Sitterson Wilho Nestor Suominen Wilborne Sink Swain Donald Gist Wetherbee Vincent Heath Whitney John Carroll Wiggins Robert Ecler Williams Thomas Wilson, III Kenneth Wharton Young -4. 369 } ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA ATHENA CIRCLE Founded at the Slate Teachers College, Farm idle, Virginia [ane Ross President Anita de Montseigle Vice-President Ida Winstead Secretary Eliza Rose Treasurer Ruth Crowell Historian Gretchen Gores Ellen Deppe Margaret Jordan Jane Ross Ida Winstead Eliza Rose Ruth Crowell Louise Davis Anita de Montseigle Editor of national publication. The Torchbearer. - { 370 } - Stimulation of interest and knowledge in narrowed fields is the purpose of th e hundreds of professional organizations and libraries that are found in all parts of North Carolina. l PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES RSITY F PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS Albin Pikutis President James Moore Parker Vice-President James Parker Dees Secretary-Treasurer Earl A. Slocum Supreme Councilman Philip C. A. Schinhan Librarian Morris Calvert Fitts Warden FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. G. Havdon Prof. E. A. Slocum Dr. B. F. Swalin Dr. J. P. Schinhan Prof. John Toms MEMBERS Anthony Sam Amoscato Warren F. Bartz James Edwin Byerly William Thomas Carpenter, Jr. Cecil Bruce Culbreth James Parker Dees Morris Calvert Fitts Edgar Hunt Goold, Jr. Peter S. Hansen Wilton Elman Mason Charles Smithdeal Miller, Jr. Harry Watson Moore James Moore Parker Albin Pikutis Wiley Mager Rogers Philip C. A. Schinhan Menter Howard Waynick James Leslie Wharton, Jr. 4 372 ) NORTH CARD! NA Jacobs KHO CHI OFFICERS Joseph Winstead Watson President William Julius Smith Vice-President M. L. Jacobs Faculty-Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS H. M. Burlage J. S. Beard M. L. Jacobs I. W. Rose MEMBERS Charles Milton Crowell John David Smith Horace Jackson Kee William Julius Smith John Ivev Matthews Edward Vassar Stephenson John Agrippa Mitchener Herman O. Thompson Charles Clisbv Oates, Jr. Coy Webster Waller Joseph Winstead Watson - { 373 fr- ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS Joseph Flanner Patterson President Walker Percy Vice-President John Carroll Wiggins, Jr Secretary Louis deSchweinitz Shaffner ' Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. R. W. Bost Dr. E. McG. Hedgepeth HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. William deB. MacNider Dr. M. J. Rosenau STUDENT MEMBERS Arnold Breckenridge Joseph " Flanner Patterson F. Sterling Brown Walker Percy Henry Toole Clark Ernest Christopher Richardson. Jr. Fred Richard Cochrane, Jr. Henry William Scott, Jr. Joseph Crawford Louis deSchweinitz Shaffner William Warren Daniel Mack Simmons Benjamin Fletcher Fortune Emmett Robinson Spicer Abol Hassan Fotouhi Edmund Rhett Taylor Howard Summerell Hussey, Jr. Edward Hoge Vick William Stone Jordan William Easton Wakely Frederick Theodore LaRochelle John Carroll Wiggins, Jr. Carl Putnam Parker John Derrick Wilsey, III -$ 374 )¥ z ' i First row: Barber. Bass, Bennett, Bonner, Coker. Second row: Creech, Crowell, Deaton, Gibbs. Graham. Third row: Hodges, Lindsay, Meba ne. Monroe. Moretz. Fourth row: Norment, Shirey, Skinner, Smith, Stanch.. Fifth row: Summers. Wall. Wallace. PHI CHI Walter Reece Berryhill James Bell Bullitt Beaty Lee Bass Lemuel Underwood Creech Thomas Worth Crowell John F. Barber Thomas S. Bennett Allan Baker Bonner Robert E. Coker, Jr. FACULTY MEMBERS Wesley Critz George William DeBerniere MacNider Robert Alexander Ross Edward McGowan Hedgepeth Augustus Steele Rose SECOND YEAR Paul McNeely Deaton Daniel Geddie Monroe William Henry Moretz Robert Lansing Norment Robert Toms Pigford John Luther Shirey FIRST YEAR Robert Louis Gibbs Albert Key McAnally Walter Raleigh Graham J. Gilmer Mebane Horace Hayden Hodges Bert S. Smith. Jr. Robert Boyd Lindsay Charles Gordon Smith. Ill Benjamin S. Skinner John Dent Summers James Rose Stancil George Ritchie Wall Mack Wallace ;», f f PHI DELTA CHI Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1883 Alpha Gamma Chapter of North Carolina Established in May, 1923 OFFICERS Howard S. Fox President Edward Vassar Stephenson Vice-President Horace Jackson Kee Secretary Joseph Winstead Watson Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER J. E. Adams. Ph.D. MEMBERS John Watson Allen Jack D. Smith Howard S. Fox Claude Vernon Timberlake, Jr. James H. Fox Jesse Williams Tyson Horace Jackson Kee Joseph Winstead Watson Henry Edwin Smith James Arthur Way, Jr. PLEDGES Ellis Patrick Gaddy Wilson Coite Simmons Malcolm Noyes Goodwin William Julius Smith George Julian McManus Joseph Peyton Tunstall Leonard M. Nixon Lovett Aldin Warren, Jr. Martin Hildred Williams 376 } - NORTH CARDLIN " Davis TAU BETA PI OFFICERS Thomas A. Sharp President Albert P. FhT E Vice-President Angus Davis Recorder Joseph Star Recording Secretary William P. Kephart Treasurer Wilho N. Suominen Cataloguer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. H. G. Baity Mr. E. G. Hoefer Mr. J. C. Gever Mr. J. E. Lear Mr. T. F. Hickerson Mr. R. M. Tumble Mr. E. W. Winkler SENIORS Angus Ferguson Davis Thomas A. Sharp Albert Pennington Hyde Joseph Star William Perry Kephart Wilho Nector Suominen JUNIORS Robert Marsh Dowd John Raymond Gove Joseph Snelson Francis Joseph Edwin Greer Robert Kemp Horton - ■:■ y ; - BETA GAMMA SIGMA Founded at the University of Wisconsin May 18, 1907 Alpha Chapter of North Carolina Established February 20, 1933 OFFICERS Jack Lynch President E. E. Peacock Honorary President John B. Woosley Secretary Ray E. Brown Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dudley DeWitt Carroll Robert Howard Sherrill Richard Junius Mendenhall Hobbs Malcolm Dean Taylor Erle Ewart Peacock Harry deMerle Wolf Gustav Theodor Schwenning John Brooks Woosley STUDENT MEMBERS Ray E. Brown Paul H. Livingston Ralph D. Eichhorn Jack Lynch Thomas E. Gatewood Claude C Martin, Jr. Clarence A. Griffin, Jr. Walter Roy Poole James Roy Lawing Wilborne S. Swain A. J. Leinwand Robert E. Williams - ( 378 $■- n a The business activities of North Carolina are varied. These enterprises reflect the great possibilities for youth in the world of trade. ADVERTISEMENTS WHAT ' S WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSITY? Dr. John Manning Booker as " Duke of the Hu- manities " at the coronation ceremonies Student- Faculty day delivered the following report on the " State of the Kingdom of the Greater University, " to their imperial highnesses, Queen Virginia and her consort. — Ed. By Dukh Johnny Booker Your Royal Highnesses: In a very real sense, the hearts of your loyal sub- jects thrill to this auspicious occasion. In their behalf, I express their joyous welcome to the duties of your high offices, with all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining. We are particularly delight- ed that we have the fair sex represented on the throne, and the more so because it has no representa- tives in the lower classes of our academic proletariat. GRAHAM PLAN IN EFFECT We regret that Your Majesties receive no emol- uments for your duties. Unfortunately that is im- possible under the Graham Plan. But at least you will have the consolation of preserving your amateur standing. Your advent to power appeals to all thoughtful subjects as most timely, since in the present, all things academic, as it were, seem to be resolving themselves into chaos. Ancient loyalties are being ruthlessly dis- carded. Some of your subjects are declining to pay their subscription fees to the Daily Tar Heel — all things considered a dangerously radical sheet edited by highly suspicious characters. Only the Buccaneer maintains an unchallenged circulation, a publication that, in the opinion of staider elements, is best char- acterized by William Dean Howell ' s aphorism as erotic, neurotic, and tommyrotic. Even the levy of the athletic fee is disrupted. The cheering sections are not as full or the yells as fierce as of yore; neither the pep nor the pop is as strong. DANGEROUS TIMES The innocuous bull-session has given place to the deliberations of such organizations as " The Foreign Polity League, " which invite to the rostra and agora of Your Majesties ' Kingdom speakers who are not al- ways sympathetic to monarchial rule. There is, or was, even a Socialists ' Club. Dangerous times, Your Majesties; dangerous times! --$ 380 )§ - 1 ■ ipyright 1937, Liggett Myers Tobacco Co. SITY Art has come to town. Not only do " the Play- makers " still stage plays that no careful student would let his teacher read. Not only does the depart- ment of music encourage the performance of music that sounds radical and even blasphemous, and is unintelligible to sensible people. More dangerous still, the pictorial arts have gained a foothold; and the first fruits of them are cartoons lampooning no nee 1885 . . . This company has been serving a vast clientele in North Carolina, and this ripe experience, coupled with a complete mod- ern equipment, is at your command. Correspondence Invited THE SEEMAN PRINTERY INCORPORATED DURHAM, N. C. DURHAM DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. Zr- " Better Because It ' s Pasteurized " DURHAM CHAPEL HILL HOTEL ROBERT E. LEE Winston-Salem, N. C. Roof Garden and Coffee Shop Wfytxt Stranger jHeet nb Jf rienba re Jfflabe W t poofc Cxrfjange Owned and Operated by the University of North Carolina -4 382 fr- less an august body than the Faculty of Your Majes- ties ' University. NOTHING IS SACRED I should be remiss in my duty if I failed to report to Your Majesties that the criticism now leveled with pen and brush at this learned body of devoted teach- ers calls into question the very foundations of educa- tion. Nothing remains sacred; even the efficiency of the faculty has been challenged. Recently a loyal alumnus of our University confided in me that it was not the Graham Plan or Consolidation that bothered him so much; what concerned him more was the in- efficiency of the faculty as revealed in the attacks of the Daily Tar Heel. Rebellion has raised its head against laws long-accepted as immutable, such as grading systems, compulsory attendance, and exami- nation methods. I must express the fear I feel that . . . PRECIOUS HERITAGE . . . From American institutions this June go forth thousands of graduates, none of whom carry with them a more pre- cious heritage than that at- tached to being a " Carolina man. " Make your coming years a tribute to this heritage. THE FIDELITY BANK Di ' rham, North Caroi,ixa We Lend Kodaks No Hen lal Fee and No Dep sit Required from Sti (dents FOISTER PHOTO CO. The Young Men ' s Shop Durham ' s Shopping Center for Carolina Men 126-128 East Main Street DURHAM, N. C. 300 Rooms 300 Baths Famous for its High Standard of SERVICE and COMFORT The Washington-Duke Hotel durham, n. c. - i 383 } - U NIVERSITY the day is not far off when lectures will be given and received by bedside radio, and examinations will be conducted by mental telepathy. I cannot conceal from Your Majesties the spread of an uneasy feeling among your student subjects that an education is to be had in Your Majesties ' realm. The Phi Beta Kappa key is no longer a badge of shame; it is now worn openly. The very air is tainted, as it were, with a suspicious odour of intel- lectual curiosity. Nothing more than an odour as yet; but when, I ask, when may it not become a stench in your royal nostrils. More and more accentuated are the outward manifestations of the progress of education. The grind of curricular machinery combines with the whirr of extra-curricular activities to indicate an in- ward itch that apparently cannot be scratched. It is with becoming hesitancy that I assume the phophet ' s mantle. You ask me, does the future hold for us chaos or cosmos? I answer — but only tentatively — " Yes " and " No, " and emphatically both. Whatever it holds for us, the hearts of the de- voted subjects now assembled to hail your coronation will beat loyally to the end. CAROLINA INN Host for All University Occasions KING COTTON HOTEL Greensboro, N. C. For the FINEST FASHIONS in MENS CLOTHING Visit Yj mzkAllJUJsAHlLUzLK Carolina ' s Greatest Store for Men and Boys Jefffrson Standard Building GREENSBORO. N. C. - §{ 384 fr NORTH CAROLINA Mister, if you want an under- shirt that fits like a potato- sack, you don ' t want Hanes. But if you like it snugging your ribs — with a smooth, spruce, featherweight grip— Hanes is your dish. No mat- ter how much you wash these shirts, they look and feel neat and clean-cutl Here ' s another thing about Hanes: You tuck the tail into your shorts in the morning, and find it still there at night — not bunched at your waist. Hanes is too long for that. This is underwear . . . not blunderwear! When you buy shorts, be sure to ask for Hanes. Legs, crotch, and seat are cut to keep you free from friction — nothing binds or pulls. Genuine Lastex in the belt. Colors guaranteed fast. See a Hanes Dealer today. P. H. Hanes Knitting Co.. Winston-Salem, N. C. - - { 385 j - DF NORTH CAROLINA CHATHAM announce their sixtieth anniversary »i , ; - i ; H I K , ft V 4 K CHATHAM BLANKETS HHIHIffifiiiillllill Si »i f ?i Milium » ESiKitf»ftH S: •»■ r«HfcK«liir ntf« . ■ • • • AVO i marks the sixtieth year of Chatham quality in blankets, homespun, tweed and now, sheets. Since XO I i •, t ie Chatham Manufacturing Company Mills at Winston-Salem and Elkin in North Carolina have become known throughout the country for consistent quality production . . . -4 387 £» STROWD MOTOR COMPANY Bruce Strowd Troy S. Herndon Geo. B. Hellex Ass ' t Mgr. Sales Mgr. AUTHORIZED DEALER ' : fc -4 SINCE 1914 Chapel Hill, N. C. - We Appreciate Your Business — Old in Age and Experience . Strong in Resources The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL .M. C. S. Noble. President W. E. Thompson. Cashier THE CAROLINA THEATRE APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE and INVITES YOU TO VISIT OUR OTHER THEATRES THROUGHOUT THE STATE One of the North Carolina Theatres, Inc. -h§( 388 ); • ii s 31 ' 1 1 smjgP II CORNELIA PHILLIPS SPENCER HALL The University ' s Dormitory for Undergraduate Women Students at Chapel Hill For information concerning rates for room and board Write to Mrs. M. II. Stacy, Adviser to Women THE 1937 YACKETV YACK is bound in a Genuine KINGSKRAFT Cover designed and produced by THE KINGSPORT PRESS K ixgsport, Tennessee -•»:{ 389 } ■ UNIVERSITY DINING HALL CAFETERIA The Eating Place for Carolina Students and Others Connected With the University SERVING THE BEST FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES Located at West Gate of Campus We want to say — THANKS! Our rvish is that those who have earned their sheepskins and will enter that unlimited number in the FRESHMAN CLASS OF PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS LIFE SUCCEED Add to that memory of " Carolina " and the " Hill " just a thought of a service this department has tried to give. GOOD LUCK to those that depart — we WELCOME those that return and to those that are to COME we assure a LAUNDRY SERVICE that Satisfies. High Quality of Work as well as the lowest possible priee eonsistent with good work, is our motto. LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT University Consolidated Service Plants -$ 390 )§►- NQ- Official Photographers for the 1937 Yackety Yack WOOTTEN-MOULTON Photographers PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATIONS HOME PORTRAIT COLLEGE ANNUALS ILLUSTRATED TALKS NEW BERN. X. C. CHAPEL HILL. N. C. -hE{ 392 fr- - Several Interior Views of Our Modern Plant -•$ 394 }i NDRTH J CHOOL UBLICATIONS THE many high awards won each year by school publications produced by us is the result of specialization based on a com- prehensive knowledge of art motifs, de- sign, layout and publication trends. A modern printing plant operated by highly efficient craftsmen in every depart- ment provides a quality and a distinctive- ness that is unsurpassed. The Lassiter Pikess, l r QUEEN CITY PRINTING COMPANY CHARLOTTE. NORTH CAROLINA PRINTERS OF THE 1937 YACKETY YACK - { 395 fr- m ,t mm JHm I m wm % E 1 5

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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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