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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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1 1 ' I i I ' I 1 ottbt tHmbersitpof ortf) Carolina Collection of i octf) Caroliniana C31g Upy ' UNIVERSITY OF N.C. AT CHAPEL HILL 00033989051 This book must not be token from the Library building. F£8 ci) J 955 Copyright, 1932, by •J. Holmes Davis. .Ik., Eilifor-iii-Cliicf Sam Jlii.iini-xi ' Mdiiar cr 1932 YACKETY YACK OFFICIAL ANNUAL THE UNIVERSITY 0 NORTH CAROLINA VOLUME XLII EDITED BY J.HOLMES DAVIS JR. -}o fi;uiKyiA ENCLOSED you will find tlit- coiiteuts of tlu- U)32 Yack- ETV Yack, subject to your criticism or to your approval. It is a static piece of work, destined to remain as it is. That vitality and freshness which can he obtained from movement must ever be absent from its folds. Instead, we see but a mo- ment in the life of the University; and a moment which all of us will recall with a multitude of pleasure, but mingled with some misgivings because we did not take just a little more advantage of its opportunities. We, the members of the staflf, have achieved our reward in the enjoyment that we have had in putting this book togetlier. It contains no lesson of morality, nor is it a thing of great beauty. It is merely a group of memories which we hope will serve to forestay your old age just a little bit longer, and make your future recollections of the University just a little lit clearer. " V ordsjfA I. The University II- Classes III. Organizations IV. Athletics V. Fraternities VI. Dances Dedication To Jolin Spruiit Hill the 1932 Yackety Yack is dtdicatt ' d in evidence of the high esteem in which he is held by University students of this generation. To the University Mr. Hill, since his graduation with the Class of 1889, has been a pillar of support, as alumnus and citizen, as trustee and benefactor. As an example of the manner in whicli he has enriched the University ' s life, last year, with Mrs. Hill, he gave the University in a most modest way the new music auditorium and its pipe organ. A further example of his University interest is evi- denced in the establishment and constant fostering of the North Carolina Collection of the University Library. As a member of the Executive Committee and chairman of the Building Committee of the University ' s Board of Trustees. Mr. Hill has ably devoted both time and energy in promotion of Alma Mater ' s welfare and the cause she espouses. In the spirit of his great service to his State, and in the spirit in which he has builded himself into his University, this 1932 Yackety Yack is gratefullv dedicated. In Memoriam PANIKI, RAYMOND COLEMAN ' 60 Belleville, Ontario, Canada John Qvincey Adams Wood ' 73 Elizabeth Cit.v. N. C. Roderick Bki.ton .John ' 80 Fayetteville, N. C. Chari.e.s Randolph Thomas, -Tr. ' 81 Waj-nesville. N. C. .Tamks Marshall Powkll ' S] Goldslxiro, N. C. Robkrt Walkkr Smith ' 92 Hertford, N. C. Samuel L. Davis, Sr. ' 9-2 High Point, N. C. Charles Robehson ' 94 Greensboro, N. C. Robert Love Thompson ' 94 Raleigh, N. C. .LiiNzo Borden Grantham ' 9. " Rocky Mount, N. C. Hkrman Gilbert ni:n.ii. S Asheville, N. C. JosEi ' H Sutti,e Wray ' 97 Gastonia, N. C. Pre De. Kemp Funderbitrk ' 17 Monroe. N. C. AuousTiNE ' William Folgeb ' 17 Buenos Aires. Argentina William Allen Erwin, .Jr. ' IS Durham, N. C. William Georce Brinson " 19 New Orleans. La. .John Milton Lvtch ' 20 . Rowland, N. C. .Stephen Ruffin Cole ' 21 Chapel Hill, N. C. Orren .Iasi ' er Winstead ' 21 Elm rit.v, X. C. John Mi-C ' Jntoi ' K Dick ' 83 San Antonio, Texas William Polk McGehee ' 82- ' Denver, Co o. William Donald Mi Ivir ' SJ John Lawrin James ' 00 Laurinburg. N. ( ' . William Berry Jones ' 02 Alamo, Tenn. Frederick Griffin Kellev ' Birmingham. Ala. William Litti e Tankkrsley, ' 84 ChapHl Hill, N. C. Wade Hampton Whitley ' 05 Lorenzo .James Bell ' 2 Chapel Hill, N. C. Roy Cowan Sink ' 27 Winston-Salem, N. C. [Bs. W. Hill Shine ' 28- Chapel Hill, N. C. Georoe Bly ' THe Morris ' 07 Goldsboro, N. C. WiLiJAM Sillers Thompson ' 88 Sallon, Nevada E. J. Barker ' 11 Rowland, N. C. JrLius Johnston ' 15 Yanceyvil ' e, N. C. MOEJJAN P. MOORER ' 33 Washington, D. C. Wilbur Kenneth Moore ' 34 Stanley, N. C. Williams Cooper ' 31 Oxford. N. C. Daniel .Jackson Olite ' 34 Annapolis, Md. I Kenneth Moore ' 34 Stanley, N. C. UNIVERSITY BOOK ONE 1932 YACKETY YACK The Inauguration of President Graham ' I HE inauguration of Frank Porter Graham as tlie eleventh president of the University of North Caro- Hnn was held in Kenan Memorial Stadium the morning of November 11, 19 ' 31, befoi-e an audience of over five thousand people. A most impressive ])art of the ceremony was the long and colorful ])rocession which gathered in groups from all parts of the campus to the starting point in front of the librarv. from which it jjassed beneath the new Morehead-Patterson Memorial carillon and ])roceeded on to Kenan Memoi ' ial Stadivun. In this procession appeared rcjirc- sentatives of the student i)odv, members of Dr. (irahanrs graduating class of 1909, Uni ersitv ahunni marshaled bv Judge Karle Rives, officials of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, state officers and members of the (icneral Assemi)lv, University trus- tees, several hundred delegates of iniivcrsities, colleges, and learned and professional so- cieties tiu-ougliout the state and nation witli several i-e])resentati cs from foreign coun- trii ' s, tiie faculty of the Univei ' sity, Dr. Graham and the various speakers, and the student body. Bishop J. Kennctli Pfohl opened the ceremonies with an invocation, after which Gov- ernor O. ] Iax Gardner, who was j)residing, introduced Haywood Parker, representative of the trustees, who in turn presented Dr. Graham. The Honorable W. J. Adams, As- sociate Justice, in the aijsence of Chief Justice W. P. Stacy, administered the oath of office and Governor Gardner delivered to the newly inducted president the seal and char- ter of the TTniversity. President Gi-aham in his inaugural address dedicated his life to the high goal of mak- ing the University " a stronghold of learning and an outpost of light and liberty among the frontiers of mankind. " In a complete review he then explained the functions of the arious departments of the University of North Carolina and gave his conception of the ideal university. The first greeting to the new official came from Dean John C. McLennon of the University of Toronto, representing the learned societies. He pointed out the oddly as- sorted types of people with whom the new president would have to deal, and the difficul- ties arising from widely differing views and opinions. On behalf of the universities and colleges of the South, President Frank L. McVey of the University of Kentucky stated that a university jjresident must be a far-sighted thinker and touched upon the long and honoralsle history of this University in which is taken a justifiable pride. President Walter T . I inglc of Davidson broufiiht greetings from the institutions of the state, cliaracteriziiig President Graliani as " a lover and servant of his fellow men — a man of (iod. " Su})erintcndent A. T. Allen for tlie state puhlic school svstem thanked the new president for his eoo])cration and assured liim of the heartv support of the North. Carolina ])ublic scliool teachers and pu])ils. Re])resenting the ahunni, Kcmj) I). Battle praised Frank (iraham ' s ability as a leader and the dependence of the l " ni ersity upon his personality. layne Al- hriglit, ])resident of the student ixidv, })ledged the undivided suj)} ort of the students " in the fight for a nobler Tniversity and for a greater state. " On behalf of the faculty Dr. H. W Vilson brougiit tlic last greeting in expressing the confideiu ' e of tlie faculty in their new leader. A benediction l)v Bishop I ' foiil coiu ' luded the program at the stadium and tlic day ' s events were completed l)v a lunclieon at which I ' residents James Rowland Angcll of Yale and Walter Dill Scott of Northwestern spoke, and an evening banquet presided over by P ' resident llarrv Woodljurn Chase of Illinois, and predecessor of Dr. Graham as presi- dent of the l ' ni ersit ' of North Carolina. Tiasxmy mmHRHB WUf ffitSU ' ••• ' ■■ ' i. - THE GOVERNOR ' S MESSAGE With pride the State points to tlie work of the President, alumni, faculty, and students of the University in the present crisis. It is symbolic of that unquenchable spirit and indomitable will that has made possible the University as it is today. Oliveh Max Gaudner, Governor of North Carolina. The President ' s Message 111 this most critical year in the life of the University in tlie present century the student body has stood like a rock in tlie storm. Witli hundreds of students, faced with the necessity of going back to bankrupt homes and jobless towns, the student body started off the eriiergency loan fund with two thousand dollars. With a budget cut to a destructive point they put into the budget a saving spiritual power. The student body of 1931-32 will always be memorable for this contribution to the high traditions of this place. May their faith and courage carry over into the making of a nobler common- wealth. Wherever they may go ahna mater will always reach across the C(uitiiuiit and across the years and liold them tiijht to her great heart. Frank Pohteh (ihaham. President of the University. ,ir . ' : : ' ' ' • T-h M ,♦- ' ' m Z 1 -f 1 ! - ■i " " .• - » ' V ■41: :: ' Vfiv ' V,- ' ' l " " W . - l ■.W ' i ' t ' 1 • ; l ' -.; m L p ■ •- ,.. _ ■ ' r " . . ■ ' Vv %■; •: FACULTY Charles Staples Mangum, A.B., M.D. Medicine Claudius Temple Murchisox, Ph.D. A ji plied Economics John Frederick Dashiell, Ph.D. Psiirhologij Thirty Henry Horace Williams, A.M., R.D Kciiun Professor of I ' hifosophji William deBernieee MacNidlr, M.D. Kenan Research Professor of Pharmacology RoLAKD Priuci ' . McClamrock, Ph.D. English Thomas Smith McCorkle, B.Mus. Music StIIRCIS ElLENO I.l ' .WITT, Ph.D. Siiraiish Tliirly-0)ic WiiiiAM DoiuAi.D MacMillan, III, Ph.D. Enijlhh HfX SllKI.TOX WiNSLOWj A.M. Economics John Booker, Ph.D. English Pati. Elliott Grlen " , A.B. Philosophy Thirty-two TMrty-thrrr Richard Gordox Stockton ' 11 Winston-Salem, N. C. Banker l.KNXON Poi.K McI.rxnoN- " 12 Durham, X. C. Lawyer Thirty-six C ' mahlls Willy Phillips ' 21 Greensboro, N. C. Teacher FOY ROBERSO.V ' 05 Durham, N. C. Physician Thirty-seven Kemi ' Pi.I ' Mmi;r Lkwis " 00 Durham, N. C. Textiles Henhv Leoxidas Stkvens. .Ik. 17 Warsaw, X. C. Thirty-eight Aahox Ashley Fi.owkrs Seawki.i. ' 89 Raleigli, N. C. Lawyer IJrent S. ' 02 Charlotte, N. C. Contractor Thirty-nine. Francis Osborne Clarkson ' 16 Charlotte, N. C. ' I ' viu: (HiJiPLKR Taylor ' 21 Kaleigh, N. C. Lawyer Forty .Idir.N PoitTuRKiKLij Stki):man ' Hi Raleigh, N. C. Bunker ' I ' liKonOHi: Partrkk. Jr. ' 11 Raleigh. N. C. ' Ministfr Forty-one CLASSES BOOK TWO 1932 YACKETY YACK liiiruio Senior Class Officers Hamilton Hobgood President Thomas Rose J ' ice President James Moore Secretary William Jarmax Treasurer Haywood Weeks Student Council Representative EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Sam Breex, Chainnan Stkve I.vxch Jack Duxgax Wii.liaji Jarmax Harlan Jamesox Tom Alexander F. M. James Edward French WoiFORD Humphries CJraham Trott William Uzzell George Daxxenbaum Walter Masox ' Mosfly Fox ' veille 1 ■i iiii ■ a Kifft .a.-B —y Fort-j ' five Stanley T rxNim ' Abelsox Freeport, X. Y. Dialectic Senate: Interfraternity Coun Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. Frank M. Adams Chapel Hill, N. C. Carolina Buccaneer (1, 2. 3); University Band (1. 2. 3); Palmetto Club; Medical Society; Presi- dent First-year Medical Class. e K X. B K. A K Tiio.MAs Wii.LTS Alexander, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Freshman Football; Captain Freshman Basket- hall; German Cluh; Minotaurs; Varsity Basket- ball (2, 3, 4) ; Cai.tain BasketbaU (4) ; Monogram Club; Commencement Marshal; Varsity Football; Gimghoul; Senior Class Executive Committee. A K E G. Haywood Alfohd Holly Springs, N. C. Fwty-six Harry Cat.dwei.i, Allisox Com-.i:d, N. C. ihinaii Biis-eball; Freshman Wrestlin sity Wrestling. Piiii.i.ip Kino Alstox Raleisli. N. C. Eeel StaSE (3, 4) ; Maiiam-r Bos [KETV Yack Staff (3). Hexry Loxnox Axdersox Raleigh, N. C. T(ir Heel (1); Sports Editor (2); Freshman Friendship Council: Sophomore Cabinet; Shieks; Vaokety Yack (2); Assistant Editor (3); As- sistant Leader Fall Danc«s : Secretary-Treasurer May Frolic (4) ; German Club. B e n, s T. A Cl VDE MOXROE AxDREWS Greensboro, N. C. in Friendship Council; Interfr Forty-seven John Andrews Biltmore, N. C. S, C. E. T li 11. •! li V. Wai.tox William Angel Swiss, N. C. John Wyatt Ahmfield Concord, N. C. (alms Hahvy Atkixs White Plains, N. C. A. ,S. C. E.; Sec. Dormitory Club. Forty-eight WiLLiAjr Mayo Atkinson, Jr. Wilmington, X. C. Yackett-Tack (1, 2, 3); Cabin; Minotaurs: A, S, C. E,; Tar Heel (1); German Qub; Taylor Soriet.v. Howard Fraxk Aumax Seagrove, X. C. Casper Mariox Austin Winston-Salem, N. C. Wrestling (1, 2, 3); Interfraternitv Council; Taylor Society; Glee Club (1, 2). Robert Hill Avery Chapel Hill, N. C. Freshman Friendship Council ; Freshman Box ig; Boxing Squad; Interfraternitv Council; Ger lan Club. Forty-nine William C. Baefield Newport, N. C. Glee Club (1. 2. 3, 4); President Glee Club (4). M A. A s n Samuel A. Bahham Madison, N. C. Secretary A. I. E. E. T B n Bennett Harper Barnes Lillington, N. 0. Fresbmaii Friendship Council; Ampboterothen : Student Council (3, 4); Tar Beel (1, 2, 3); Phi Assembly. n K , E A John Daniel Barnes ■Wilminston, X. C. Phi Assembly: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (1, Fifty Theodore A. Baroody Florence, S. C. A. I. E. E. E A, A n Sterling Archie 15arrett Fayetteville, N. C. Secretary-Treasurer First-Year Medical Clas Whitehead Medical Society ; Dormitory Council. e K , B K Eloise Barwick Raleigh. N. C. James Ansok Batemax Roper, N. C. Fifty-one Harold Baumstone New York City Cheer-Leader (3, 4) ; Playmakers. Veva Beach Hasl rouck Heights, N. J. William Albert Beal Gulf, N. C. Everett G. Beam Chapel Hill, N. C. Fifty-ttoo JoHU William Beaman New Bern, N. 0. Will McRae Bell Rockingham, N. C. Hexrt Bell Bexoit, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Club; Mana George Ruffin Benton Fremont, N. C. Vice President Medical Society. A e, X Fiftp-three William Martin Benzing, Jr. Asheville, N. C. A K E Sybille Kahn Berwaxger Raleigh, N. C. Attilio E. Bevacqua Mount Vernon, N. Y. A. S. M. E. E A Whitner Nutting Bissell New York City Fifty-four Francis AVixfiei.d Blackweldek Griffin, Ga. William Merlix Bliss Orlando, Fla. Amphoterothen ; German Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (1, 2). rA. iBK. E A Cloyd Eubanks Blythe Huntersville, N. C. Freshman BasebaU; Varsity BasebaU (2, 3, 4); Dormitory Club; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4). Howard Graydox Bowman StatesvUIe, N. C. Interfraternity Council; Forum. A X A Fifty-five Jack Hardee Boyd Greenville, N. C. Erxejt Gastox Boysworth Korwood, N. C. Samuel Jeffer son Beeen Rocky Mount, N. C. Grail. T E TiiEODouE Walter Bremer Wilmington, N. C. Preslinian Friendship Council; Freshman Bas- ketball ; Freshman Football ; Sophomore Cabinet ; Le Cercle Francais; Community Chorus; Glee Club; Varsity Basketball (4). Fifty-Six Evelyn Ruth Brickman Brooklyn, N. Y. William Ashley Beidgers Wilson, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Cabin; Grail; Minotaurs; Amphoterothen ; Leader Junior German; Gor- gon ' s Head; German Club; Football Squad. I,on ' oN Plunkett Brooker Asheville, N. C. Shieks; Cabin; Freshman Basketball; A ' aisitv Basketball (2, 3, 4) ; Boxing Squad (4) ; Senior Executive Committee. Irving Clinton Bhower, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. German Club. A e Fifty-seven TiiEUdx Rkmfry Bhowx Greensboro, N. C. Varsity Football (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Track (2, 3, 4) ; President Junior Class; President Athletic Assodation; Wigue and Masque; Leader Junior Prom. n K William Dempsey Brvax. Jit. Tarboro, N. C. A. I. E. E.; Cabin. r A Earle Osgood Bryaxt Clinton, N. C. A. I. Ch. E. A X s. T B n Elmer William Buchanan Greensboro, N. C. Fifty-eight Alpiieus Branch Caer Wilson, N. C. President " 13 " Club; President Coop; Ge Club; Gorgon ' s Head. 2 N. A K Paul Stuart Carter Bridgehampton, Long Island Cabin; Golf Team; Glee Club. A l ' Wallace Talmadge Case Southern Pines, N. C. Track ; Monogram Club ; Manager Wrestling ; Interfraternity Council. Pansy Chandler Walnut, N. C. Sixty-one Ernest Behxard Ci.j Greensboro, N. C. Shaw Clarv Rosemary, N. C. John W. Clinard, Je. High Point, N. C. Band (1. 2, 3, 4), President (4); Tr, Grail (4) ; Taylor Society. rA, AK , MA Raymond Cohen Henderson, N. C. Basketball Squad (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Base- ball; Taylor Society. T E Sixty-two S. Paul Cohen Long Island, N. ' Y. Robert Ekvix Coker, Jr. Chapel HiU, N. C. ijun ABD Victor Cokrad West Orange. N. J. Freshmen Friendship Council; Dialectic Senate; Taylor Society; Yackett-Yack Business Staff; Glee Club; Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Yackett-Yack Editorial Staff; Buccaneer Busi- ness Staff; Junior-Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Community Chorus ; Der Deutsche Verein ; John Reed Club; Sinfonia. 2 Z, E A, A fi, M A, A X A DoxALn Parkhurst Cooke Gardiner, Me. rterothen ; German Club ; Elisha Mitchell Sixty-three Charles C. Cohnwall ■Winston-Salem, N. C. Fraternity Club; A. S. M. E.; Germ; A 2 ■I ' GnoittiE Thomas Cohnwell Lawndale. X. C. Sydnor Moye Cozart ■Wilson, N. C. ■Varsity Football (3, 4); Freshman Baseball; Gorgon ' s Head ; Minotaurs : Coop. AxxiE Lot- Crexsiij Monroe, X. C. Sixty-four Orville Park Culpepper Greenville, Ga. AuRiAx Xathax Daniel, Jr. Wilson, N. C. T. M. C. A. Cabinet; A. S. C. E.; Junior Kxe utive Committee; Assistant Manager Track; Ma ager Cross-Country; German Club. n K , E George Daxxexbauji Wilmington, N. C. Executive Committee; Manai Benjamin- Aigustus Darde; Fayetteville. X. C. Sixty-five ( LU Ahchibald Kimbrough Davis Winston-Salem, N. C. Grail; Minotaurs ; (Jimshouls; Chairmnn Ger- an Club Executive Committee; Junior Class ommittee; Freshman Football; Freshman Track: iirsity Football; Varsity Track; Monogram Club. Ji K E. B K Jefferson Davis Waxhaw, N. C. Joseph Holmes Davis, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Editor-in-Chief Tackety-Y. ck ; Tar BrrI Staff (1, 2); Chief Commencement Marshal; Senior Ball Manager; German Club Executive Committee; Publications Union Board; Shieks; (Jorgon ' s Head. 2 A E Thomas Pittmax Davis Roanoke, Va. German Club Executive Committee. n K Sixty-six Martha McGill DeLaxet Charlotte, N. C. JoHX Fraxklix Doxxellt Sutherland, N. C. Wilmam Fraxklix Draper Charlotte, N. C. B e n. E A Oscar Welboex Dkesslar Nashville, Tenn. Grail; Amphoterothen ; Tar Heel Staff; Enter- tainment Committee; Interfraternity Council; Leader Fall Dance. B e n. B K. A K SiJrty-seven James Moore Duls Charlotte, N. C. Aubrey W. Duxbar Hish Point, N. C. J. WiTHINGTOX EaTOK Gofifstown, X. H. President Medical Society. e K , A A, n A p. A I JoHS Edwards St. Louis, Mo. Sixty-eight Pai Spi-i William Gastox Egertox Mill Springs, N. C. Charles Cowles Elledge Champion. N. C. ievs (2. 3, 4). Maky Aileex Ewakt Hinton, W. Va. Sixty-nine ' I ' liiiMAs Erskixe Faihes Cliarlotte, N. C. Cliarlotte, X. C. Freshman Boxing; Freshman Track; Freshman Cross-Country ; Freshman Friendsliip Council ; Sophomore Executive Committee ; Sophomore Y Cabinet; Varsity Boxing; Varsity Cross-Country ; Varsity Track; Treasurer Junior Class; Mono- gram Club. Lankford J. Felton Eure, N. C. President Phi Beta Kappa; Y. M. 0. A. Cab- let; Phi Assembly; Taylor Society. A K I ' , B K Kathleen Fennel Qtiinton, Ta. Seventy Mary ' irgixia Fergi ' SOx Waynesville, N. C. Harry Clixton Fixch Wilson, N. C. Gimghoul : Executive Conunittee ; Manager Freshman Football; Commencement Ball Manager; Secretary Y. M. C. A. ; Sophomore Executive Committee; Amphoterothen ; Coop. John Lewis Fischer Caldwell. N. J. A. I. E. E. Carl Hilbert Fisher Salisbury, N. C. SSeventy-one RoBKRT McBridk Fleming-Jokes Dcbiitins Council; President Debating Council (4); President P. U. Board; Di Senate; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Class Executive Committee (3, 4). LrCY TlVITTY Fi.ETCIIER Aslieville, X. C. Lawrence Fi.inn Cliapel Hill, N. C. B fi U. E i Thomas Barber Follin Winston-Salem, N. C. Freshman Track ; Freshman Football ; Freshman Friendship Council; Taylor Society; Playmakers; Minotaurs ; Gimghoul ; President (rernian Club ; Commencement Ball Manager. Heventy-two Edward Moseley Foxvielle Wilminston, X. C. Senior Executive Commiltee; Senior Dance Committee; German Club; Interfraternitr Coun- cil (2, 3, 4); Freshman Track; Freshman Friend- ship Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Cabin; Forum. George Edward Frexcii, Jr. Statesville. N. C. Tar Heel Stafif; Managing Editor (4); Assistant Editor CarnUnu Handbook; Grail; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Di Senate; German Club; Cabin; Junior and Senior Executive Committee; Chairman Senior Week. n K A, E t A Mii.TON K. FRi:iBi:i ii Brooklyn. X. Y. F.VERETTi: F. Fhisbv Marshall X. C. Seventy-three Ellis D. Fysal Wilson, N. C. Freshman Football and Baseball; Varsity Foot- ball (2, 3 4,); Phi Assembly; Monogram Clnb (2. 3, 4). I ' l.ovi) McCoy Garnkh Newport. N. C. Edward Hiram Gibson, III Kernersville, N. C. 2 K John Ulpin Gilbreath Wichita Falls, Texas e.vcnty-four Petkr Spexce Gilchrist Charlotte, N. C. A. I. C. E.; Shieks; Freshman Crosscountry; Freshman Wrestling; FreshmaTi Track: German CliLb; Manager Bicccaneer (2) ; Editor Buccaneer (4); Assistant Leader Siiplioniore Hop; Assistant 1,,-ader Fall Dances. ' . , A X 2 HtlliEUT WiLSOX GoKHEL Ilish Point, N. C. A. S. C. E. A e Albert Raphael Goodman Yonkers, N, T. Joseph Vernal Goodman Altamont, N. C. Seventy-five Helenk Gores Weaverville. N. C. Edward Kidder Graham Chapel Hill, JJ. C. Freshman Tennis; Varsity Tennis (2, 3, 4); Grail Cup (1); Monogram Club; " 13 " Club; Corgon ' s Head; German Club. Harold F. Ghindstakf SylvB, N. C. Edmond Hally New Roehelle, N. Y. Seventy-six Alfkkd Thompsox Hamii.tox Chapel Hill, N. C. JosuPH i)i:Roui.iiAC Hamiltox. Jr. Chapel Hill, X. C. Tar Heel Staff (1, 2, 3); Germaa Club; Amphoterothen. Blanche Baklk Hanff Scotland Neck, N. C. Gilbert Clyde Hartis Matthews, N. C. Seventy-seven Bain Lafavktte Um Grpeiislx)i-o, N. C. ElislKi iritilu-ll Scientific Society John- Dkxxis Hege, Jr. Snlislniry, N. C. Thomas Allisos Hexby Now Bern, N. C. Horace Hines Black Mountain, N. C. German Club. n K A Seventy-eight Albert Carl Hitchcock Flushing, N. J. Taylor Society ; Glee Cub. i: E, e A K Hamilton Hobgood Bunn, N. C. Presiilent Senior Class; Golden Fleece; Grail; Inleroollesiale Debater; Phi Assembly; Mary D. Wrielit Medal; Y, M. C. A. Cabinet. T K A, E A Annu: Lai ' kik Hiusos Wilson. N. C. Seventy-nine Clixtox Cvitir, Hi ' Dsox Sparta, N. C. James AxDrRMix Hrnsox Salisbury. X. C. IntiM-fratirnily Cimnc-il : Forum; Phi Assembly X WOFFORD FORRFST HuMPIIRIKS Asheville. N. C. Glee Club: Secretary-Treasurer (1); Y. M. C. A.; Senior Executive Committee; Senior Gift Com- mittee. M A. E A Wll.lll R CUETLS HuNSrCKER Gibson. N. C. Student Ciiuiicil. e K Eighty Verxox AVelcii Idol High Point, X. C. Fhaxcis Gili.aji Jacocks, Jr. Elizabeth City. X. C. German Oub ; Band; University Svnipho Manager Band; Rifle Club. S X, M A F. M. James ■Wilmington, N. C. sident T. SI. C. A.; .Senior Ex : Treasurer Phi Assembly. Harlax Jamesox Winter Haven. Fla. Assistant Business Manager Tnr Seel; Assistant Business Manager Buccaneer: Junior and Senior E. ecutive Committee; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; German Club. X, A K -i ' EigMy-one William Heney Jabmen Wilmington, X. C. Synip ' iciny Orchestra; Tar Heel Business Staff; L ' liior Dant-e Committee. Thomas Siiephard Jenrette Marietta, X. C. 2 K LVBY Baggett Jerkigan Cooper, N. C. Beitt Jones Augusta, Ga. Secretary Vomeu ' s Association. n B Eighty-two CONSTANTINE HeGE KaI ' P Winston-Salem, N. C. Coop. ATA Philip Klemexs Kaufmann Brooklyn, N. T. James G. Kenan Atlanta, Ga. Y. M. C. A.; Intel-fraternity Coiuicil ; Freshman Track; Di Senate; Coop; German Club; Executive Committee. S A E Bloomfield Kendall Shelby. N. C. Eighty-three EuwAKu B. KiiJi). Ju. Charlotte, N. C. Y. ( kett-Yack Staff; Interfratei-nity Council; Omimu Club. Z 2 John- AforsTt ' s KrriMiiu, .li Greensboro. X. C. K 2, A K -ir Kvr.i.YN- K.Ni:T:iunc rurtinioiitli, Va. O.SCAR WlLBIR KOCHTITSKT, .Tr. Mount Airy, N. C. Freshman Friendship Council; Y. SI. C. A. Cabinet; German Club; A. S. C. E. Eighty-four ViBGixiA Dell Laxdketh Winston-Salem, N. C. Jeajt McIvee Lake Sanford, N. C. Charles Lawsox Chattanooga, Tenn. Rose Lazabus Sanford, X. C. Rlio Chi Society. EUihty-fii ' e L. W. 1,la I ' liiladelphia, Pa. Gimghoul; " 13 " Oub; Cabin; Interfraternitj- LiBix p. Lkggictte Tabor, N. C. Pla.Miiakers ; Cheer-leader. A i ' C.vRL Hatcher Lexno Rowland, . C. JoHx Paul Lentz Stony Point, N. C. Eighty-six Maetha Battle Lewis Oxford, N. C. HowAiiD Q. L. Little Conover, X. C. Heles Louise Logax Kings Mountain, N. C. Joseph Wallace Loxg Forest City, X. C. Eighty-seven William Iviv I.u: Seaboard, N. C. EuwAitD CiiCiL Longest Beaufort, N. C. Varsity Baseball (2, 3, 4) ; Captain Baseball (4); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Monoaram Club: Ger- man Club. I LWIS .TOSKPII LOVEI.AXD Xnitb Tonawanda, N. Y. lilUTTAIN- ElV LrKEXS Xcu-tolk, Va. K, A X 2 Eight i-rUiht Leon Lukox Asheville, N. C. AxnREW I.vxcii. Jr. Mi.- Fla President Glee Club; Vice President Gerni.Tii Club; Junior and Senior Dance Committee: Junior and Senior Executive Committee; Leader Mid- Winter German; German Club Executive Commit- tee; Commencement Mar.shall; Ball Manager. 2 X. JI A. A K [ ' Claudius Jarbattf. Maddry Scotland Neck. N. C. RiLET Cor.nx Maxess Biscoe, N. C. Eighty-nine WiLLARD McCoy Marlei Goshen, N. C. Steve Parker ] Iarsh MarshTille, N. C. Btn:caneer Business Staff; Business Manager Buccomeer (4); Yackety-Yack Staff; Treasurer Freshman Class ; Fresliman Friendship Council : Sophomore Executive Committee ; Interfraternity Council; Grail. 2 Z, 2 r E Walter L. Mason, Jr. Mebane, N. C. Buccaneer Staff, Managing Editor (4) ; Senio Executive Committee; Varsity Cross-Countr Squad; Varsity Tr.icli Squad. Jesse Bernard Mass New York City Baseball (3, 4) ; Phi Assembly. Ninely MiLLENDER MaxWELL MaTTHEWS Asheville, N. C. A X S William S. McArthur Wakulla, N. C. David Craig McCldre Chapel Hill, N. C. Garrielle Palmer McColl Bennettsville, S. C. President Woman ' s Association. n B $ Vincty-on MiLLAKIl TaIT McDaNIKI Bailin, X. C. Staton McIver Greensboro, N. C. EnwARi) Price McLkax Moultrie, Go.. A. S. C. E. Mary Louise McWhirter Salisbury, N. C. Ni)Wt} -tuo Vax Meares Cerro Gordo, N. C. Philip Graeme Mexzies Hickory, N. C. Hymax Meyers Goldsboro, N. C. LOBIMER WiLLARD MiDGETT Elizabeth City, N. C. e K N Xinety-tliree Charlotte Wilsox Miles Dimville, Va, Juiix Edward Miller Winston-Salem, N. C. A X A. M A JoHx M. Miller Savannah, Ga. James Edwin Moore Wilmington, N. C. Freshman Football, Basketball, and Baseball; Varsitj ' Basketball; " Varsity Baseball; Secretary Senior Class, ' Ninety-Jour James S. Morrison Baltimore, Md. K A, A K Herbert Everett Moseley, Jh. Kinston, N. C. Cabin; German Club. ATA Bauso C. F. MuEiERi Augusta, Ga. Phi Assembly; Toylnr Society; Carolina Cliih Spanish Club. William T. Myehs Charlotte, N. C. Ninety- fi ve Iii:n H(hl m) Neville hlt kels C Riru Toms Xewby Hertford, X. C. Jo White Norwood Louisville, Ky. riaymake X 9. Elizabeth Nicholls Nl ' ns New Bern. X. C. l:i,,;;,iu,-i- Staff. II B Vinety-six Elton Stkri.ixg Oaicks SpiinsHeki. ilass. A. I. E. E.; Taylor Society. Charity Crowei.i, Ot.tvkr Whiteville, N. C. Wii.i. Xehman Ormoxd Hookerton, N. C. Fhaxk X. OWESS Charlotte, N. C. yinety-seven Junx A. Park, Jr. Baleigh, N. C. Y. JI. C. A. Cabinet; Manager Coop; Gciman Club Executive Committee; SecBetary -Treasurer German Club; President May Frolic; Interf rater- nity Council ; Senior Ball Manager ; ilinotaurs ; aorsron ' s Head. .TuSLrillXC I ATIUN Pakklr Asheville, X. C. n B niARD Li:e Parrish, Jh. Rocky Mount. N. C. Walter Brasch Pattius Rochester. N. Y. Gcrniau CTub. X Ninety-ciylit William Benton Patti:rsox Coats, N. C. Closs Cofrtsey Peace Henderson, N. C. Pla.vmakers. n B Samuel Thomas Peace Henderson, N. C. Gorgon ' s Head. K A .loSEPH PeRLMI ' TTER Astoria. Long Island Xincty-ninc MauCAKII I ' nlvi: Asheviile, K. C. |iillT J. PUESBEHG New York City Joel Cook Pretlow, Jb Wilmington, N. C. David Puoctor Grimesland, N. C. One Hundred RoBKBT Carl Qrixx Raleigh. X. C. Jui.iAx Ellsworth Raper Elizabeth Citj-. N. C. Cyrus Fraxklix Rawls Catherine Lake, N. C. Thomas Henry REnnixo Asheboro, X. C. Gorgon ' s Head. K A One Hundred One Emjia Ei.izabetii Rennie Jacksonville, Fla. Charles He(jin ai.i) Kikjdes Hamlet. N. C. Student Council. Kov John Koheuis Unulh, N. C. Enoch GAniAxn Robiii Gri ' enslmvo. N, C. A. S. M. ]•;.; Ta.vldi- Society. T B n One Hundred Two Jean Evans Rose Chapel Hill, N. C. Walter Thomas Rose Wadesboro, N. C. Freshniiin Football ; Varsity Football ; Manager Freshman Baseball; German Club; Vice President Senior Class. SiDXKV C ' iii.u vati:r Kotii Bruoklyn. N. Y. Donald Jacob Rules Wilmington, N. C. Playmakers; Corclp Friincnis; German riul). A A T One Hundred Three DdKKTTA Russell Augusta, Ga. J. Carivii, Hi ili:iji, Stanley, N. C. Joiix Clavue Sales, ,Tr. Pletcher, N. C. A HH A 11 am SaMILOWIT . lirookljn, N, Y. One iHuiulreil Four Joiix James Saxdkrsox Wingate, N. C. William Robert Satterfielu, Jr. Memphis, Tenn. Gimshoul. K 2 RnuLRT Howard Sen xell Chapel Hill. X. C. Manii?er Varsity Football. B K SiDXEY Irvixg Shapiro Spartanburg, S. C. One Hundred Five William Blake Shedd Leonia, N. J. Louis J. Sherfesee Greenville, S. C. .Trxirs Piri:i.i s Siieriui.l riKirlotte, N. C. James Duxcax Shields Caithaii ' , N. C. Freshmnn Baseljiill; Viwsity Baseball (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club. One Hundred Six Sam Silversteix Washington, D. C. YAfKETY-YAiK Business Staff, Business ilan- a?er (4): Advertising Manager Buccaneer: Li- brarian Tar Heel: Interfraternitj ' Council; I i Senate: Manager Freshman Baseball; Monogram Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Senior Executive Committee: Senior Ball Committee; Forum. A JkSS WaSHIXCTOK SlAlGHTER Carolina Commodores: Glee Club. T K A. E A. II A Frank Willard Slvsser Blacksburg, Va. Amaziah Parker Smith Goldsboro, N. C. 3. 4) : 1 X ' I- One Hundred Seven Eleanor Cukningham Smith Newsport News, Ya. Daniel Madsiiall Snyder Haml. ' t, N. C. Monogram Club. CrHTis Glenn Southard Stokesdalp, . C. James Bryan Spell Red Springs, N. C. Captain Freshman Wrestling; Varsity " VVrestlin?; Freshman Football; T. M. C. A. Cabinet; Phi Assembly. One Hundred Eight Nicholas J. Spetaccixo Elmira, N. Y. Law ' rexce L. Spitzer Yonkers, N. Y. Spanish Chib. T E , E A Aldex Joseph Stahk ■West Orange, N. J. Ber Deutsche Yerein ; Community Chorus ; Glee Club; Yice President Glee Club (4) ; lar Heel Staff; Carolina Manazine Staff: Buccaneer Staff; Sinfonia ; Student Entertainment Committee. 2 Z. A T. B K. JI A, E A JOHX W. Stallixgs Vilson, X. C. One Hundred Nine Charles Bhaxdox Strickland SlP lm.Tn. X. C. Baiul. I A X, P X AViLLIAM I.AlKKNCi: StrICKI.AXI) Stedman. X. C. Alice Martin Stutz Southern Pines, N. C. Mariox Colyxe Tati ' M Raleigh, N. C. One Hundred Ten Charles EmvARD Taylor Xewburgh. X. Y. Playinakcrs. r A Herbert Hamilton- Taylor Tarboro, X. C. Tackety-Tack Staff; Cabin; Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet; Forum; Executive Committee; Interfrater- nity Council. r A. ! ' B K Thomas Jefferson Tavlor Enfield, X. C. A K K Jajies Cliftox Teachey Greensboro, X. C. Freshman Basketball ; Freshman Baseball ; Var- sity Basketball Squad; Varsity Baseball .Squad. S K One Hundred Eleven Thomas Walter Tekk Durhiim. X. C. i;lpe Club. M A HtFrs Henry Temple Kinston, N. C. Bruce High Tharrixotox Fraxk Thomas Louisburg, N. C. Bainbridge, Ga. A. I. C. E. 6 X, A X 3 One Hundred Twelve George ' Ward Tiiompsox Elizabeth City, X. C. Mr .najer Football; Gimghoul. n K A Doc JOXES THt-BSTOX Clayton, N " . C. A. I. E. E. : President Tan Beta Pi. B K. T B i:. ! Z X C. Grier Todd Belton, S. C. William Seaboiiem Tomlissojt Xnith Wilkesboro, N. C. One IIuiHlicd Thirteen HoMEE C. Triplett Maple Springs, N. C. Gbaham Foard Trott Wilmington, N. C. Grail; Senior Class Executive Committee. Harry Tsvmas Statesville. N. C. Varsitv Wrestling (2, 3, 4) ; Captain Wrestling (4) ; A. S. C. E. ; Monogram Club. Carl Miilox Tvcker, Jr. Pageland, S. C. Sub-Assistant Manager Basketball; Dor Deutsche Verein; Rifle Club; Taylor Society. One Hundred Fonrteen Wii.i.iAM Egbert Uzzell Louisburg, N. C. Vice President Freshman Class; Debating; Stu- dent Council; Bingham Debate Medal; Phi As- sembly; Amphoterothen ; Senior Executive Com- mittee. :S E. T K A Mary Fbajjces Wagstaff Chapel Hill, N. C. James Graham Wall Benson, N. C. Charles Digbt Wardlaw, Jr. Plainfield, N. J. Fencing Team: Intercollegiate Debate; iry Phi Beta Kappa. Ben, BK, TKA One Hundred Fifteen Fbed Colmas Wardlaw Plainfleld, N. J. Debating Team; Fencing Team. B e n, T K A Samuel Edward Warshaitee •Wilmington, N. C. Band (1, 2). T E George Watebhocse Beaufort, N. 0. Coop; Minotaurs; Gimghoul. S A E James Craig Watkins Cli£fside, N. C. One Hundred Sixteen Thomas Hexry Watkixs Jackson, Miss. Chairman Sophomore Executive Committee ; Secretary Junior Class : President First Year Law ; Freshman Tracli : Varsity Track; Monogram Club; German Club; Shieks; Gorgon ' s Head; Amphote rothen. K A B K, E A Elizabeth Deaxe Webb Hilsboro, N. C. Maxdeviele Alexaxder Webb AsheviUe, N. C. Minotaurs; Gimghoul; German Club. A K E Thomas Noefleet Webb Hillsboro, N. C. One HundreiJ Seventeen Orin Haywood Weeks Swansboro, N. C. Secretary Student Council; President Interfra- ternity Council; President Grail; Manager Track; Secretary Junior Class; Sophomore Executive Committee ; Forum ; Secretary Forum ; Freshman Basketball; Di Senate; T. M. C. A. Cabinet; As- sistant Leader Senior Ball; German Club. e X, E A Tom White Weeks Elizabeth City, N. C. Coop; German Club. n K A Lionel S. Weil Goldsboro, N. C. Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2, 3, 4); Captain Track (4) ; Monogram Club. Reeves Hehman Wells Leicester, N. C. One Hundred Eighteen George Edison West Grassy Creek, N. C. B. Scott Westall East Flat Rock, N. C. JocEi.YN Elizabeth Wiiedbee Hertford, N. C. n B Stephen Alexander White Mebane, N. C. Interfraternity Council ; Glee Club ; Boxin ,Squad. A T « One Hundred Nineteen Thomas L. ' WHiTn Murfreesboro, N. C. Iley Chester Whitei-ey Morganton, N. C. AVlLMAM TiTor.NTOX WlIITSETTj Jr. Whitsett, N. C. XOLAXD El.VIX WiGGIXS Dudley, N. C. •I r A. ■! M A One Hundred Twenty Carlton Edwabds Wilder Greensboro, N. C. Lyxx Wildkr, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Minotaurs, Amphoterotlien ; Freshman Friend- ship Council; Assistant Leader Sophomore Hop; Assistant Ijeader Mid-Winter Dance: ment Ball Jlanager. Z I- Virginia Wells Wilder North Holston, Va. John Aechbell Wilkinson Pantego, N. C. Debate Council ; Winner Mary D. Wright Medal ; Winner Bingham Medal ; Phi Assembly ; Tar Seel Staff. X $, T K A, E A One Hundred Twenty-one Charles Lionel Wilpan Washington, D. C. William Alphonso Withers Raleigh, N. C. Coop; Phi Assembly; German Club. X Dudley Hubert Wood Phoenix, Ala. Richard Davis Wood Philadelphia, Pa. Cabin. A Sr One Hundred Twenty-two BuiCK Wade Wood Ellerbe, N. 0. Thomas Hassell Wright Charlotte, N. 0. Minotaui ' s; Gorgon ' s Head; Coop; German Club; Freshman Friendship Council; Di Senate. Floeexce Yancey Marion, N. C. K A e. B A John Hale Yokley Mount Airy, N. C. Forum ; German Club. n K One Hundred Twenty-three i: lb .. .-.■ . f f ' ' .Vii.ROUHD KOST POPULAR BEST EXECUTIVE ' ° r }f y BES y i S ir 1 Senior SupeHa+iues j |i|}| ROSE BEST MATURED S£H0N MOST DRAMATIC HOTTENSTEIN BARWICK. SLUSSER. MOST POPULAR CO-EO PRETTIEST CO-EO BEST ATHLETE % GILCHR-IST MOST ORIGINAL » 1 t ALEXANDER. BEST PRESSED HOBGOOD FINCH WILKINSON BIGGEST POLITICIAH BEST WOKING BEST SPEAKER One Hundred Tweiilii-foiif ' 93 a, J - juuiniiyL Junior Class Officers Sparks Griffin Presidrnt Heywood Moohe ' (■( ' President Irving Blackwood Secretary Dan McDupfie Treasurer BiM Ferguson Student Couneil Representative One Hundred Tioenty-six Lucas C. Abels High Point, N. C. X George C. Smith Adams Columbia, S. C. K A Joel B. Adams Biltmore Forest, N. C. S A E J. E. Adams, Jr. Jonesboro, N. C. A ' iLi.iAM R. Allsbrook Roanoke Rapids, N. C. A e Fraxcis I. Axdkrsc Reidsville, N. C. William J. Arthur Charlotte, N. C. e K N Paul W. Ashley Paterson, N. J. RoBKRT Clark Atwood Durham, X. C. X 4 ' One Hundred Ticenty-seven AsiiBY Let Baktr Raleigh, X. C. Jri.iAX Tucker Bakeu Raleigh, N. C. Z -V William R. Ballaud AsheviUe. N. C. Roui-RT W. Harnett Shanghai, China 1! H n Harry M. Barry Unicoi, Tenn. Flokexce 11. ]5ax.tma Raleigh, N. C. A A II W. Eakle Beale Wilmington, N. C. David Paul Beam Bessemer City, N. C. John Edward Beaudry Cortland, N. Y. T One (Huiulred Tivcniy-eujht Clare William Bendigo Greensboro, X. C. Glexx Ebex Best Chapel Hill, K. C. H K V Abe Bexjamix Elizabeth, X. J. Alex Graham Biggs Elkin. X. C. e K X Jack Blssex Xew RocheUe, X. Y. A George Hex ' rt Biggs Wilmington, X. C. Edgar Alax- Bisaxar Hickory, X. C. n K A Fischer S. Black Bryson City, X. C. Ben JoHX S. Edwards St. Louis, Mo. One Hundred Twenty-nine Elizabeth Grier Boi.tox Jasper E. Bontomase Eiiwik 1 ' . I ' ciirnii Boone Hendersonville, X. C. Oswego, X. Y. I.umluTtoii, X. C. Henry Armistead Boyd Warrenton, N . C. n K John Boynton Bristol, R. I. H A X Maitiice Milan Bbame, Jr. Winston-Salem, N . C. Bun Bentcin Bray, Jr. Siler City, N. C. Edward Brenner Henderson ville, N. C. Henry Clyde Briuger Bladenboro, N. C. A -i ' One Hundred Thirty James Kelly Hridgers Aubrey Lee Brooks, Jr. Hayes Allex Brooks Xashville, X. C. Greensboro, N. C. Falcon, N. C. ex K K TiiiiMAs H. Brooks Himtingtciii. W. Va. :s z Thorxton H. Brooks Greensboro, X. C. .i K E George Broh ' x Xew York City, X. Y. T E II GoRDox Hershel Bbowx Efland, X. C. K t ' EEL •ox Louis Browx Wilmington, X. C. Luther Elmo Buxch Edenton, X. C. A X One iHiiyidred Thirty-one James Harby Bunn, Jr. Henderson, N. C. 2 N JoHx Kredel Burroughs Savannah, Ga. Seny Bynum Chapel Hill, N. C. William Bryson Byrii Bunn Level, N. C. FuETuciucK Caldwell Cai Canton, Miss. E C. Paul Cameron Fayetteville, N. C. Melvin Tuhnek Cameron Cameron, N. C. Tolar Brisben Campen Arlyss Franklin Caudle Council, X. C. Randleman, N. 0. One Hundred Thirty-two Frank Mehegax Cari.isi.t; Harry Halleck Cassada Tarhoro. X. C. Littleton, X. C. n K A Arlindo Sanders Cate Greensboro, X. C. Eugene Chaoush Springfield, Mass. Claude Baxter Clark. Jr. Zebulon Vance Cockerhas Williamston, N. C. Mount Airy, N. C. n K A B. Perry Collins Wasliington, D. C. e X Walter Ennis Collier Baltimore, Md. K O James T. Comer Huntersville, X. C. One Hundred Thirty-three Heney Groves Connor " Wilson. X. C. 2 A E Mary Lillian Coriiell Chapel Hill. N. C. II B Richard D. L. Covington Xort ' olk, Va. 2 A E ■■A " ' V Albert Wallace Cowper Kinston, X. C. Z I ' Charles Franklin Crews Greensboro. X. C. A A T Alton Walter Crowell Richfield, X. C. Edwin M. Culpepper Elizabeth City, N. C. e K N Andrew Otho Curl, Jr. Creedmoor, N. C. Clayton Smith Curry Lexington, X. C. K One Hundred Thirty-lour Elbeet Clipton Daniel, Jr. Zebulon, N. C. A e Ulyss Daughtridge Rockv Mount, N. C. David Bovd Davis Raleigh, N. C. A 2 Robert Dorsey Davis High Point, N. C. P r A Warrex Thomas Davis Hot Springs, N. C. 2 E Ernest Vick Deans Selma, N. C. Flav Grigg Dellinger CherryviUe, N. C. 2 E Joseph Dinstjian New York City, N. Y. $ A WiLLUM Nelson Dixon Winston-Salem, N. C. n K One Hundred Thirty-five Glenjjes Worthen Dodge G. Stratford Donxei Southern Pines, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. F.LI. IS Dudley New York City, X. Y. I.i:i.AM) Xriiisns Diiii.i Lake Landing, N. C. New Hern, N. C. A K E FuANKi.iN Tavi.ok 1)ii ' hi:i; Angier, N. C. UicHAKD L. Eagles Fountain, X. C. Leonard Eisenberg VV ' inston-Salem, N. C. T E n Edward Gundrum Egan Irvington, X . J. One Hundred Thirty-six Hkrnard E. Ellisberg Raleigh, X. C. TED Alfred G. Exgstrom Belvidere. III. Fraxk Errico Hillhurn. X. Y. AS Claxcy Evans. Jr. David B. Fklj ItT E.MMETT Crew s Ferebef Charlotte. X. C. Waynesvilir. X. c. Xew Bern, X. C. : K K A Edward B. Fergtsox Greenville, X. C. S N Joseph Fraxklix Ferreli Elizabeth City, X. C. ' 93V J - One Hundred Thirty-seven Erxest Woodrow Fishi:r Bryson City, X. C. RoMULi ' s Hoke Flvnt Winstoii-Salein, N. C. :: z Ralph Gibsou Fleming North Side, N. C. A X A IiERTIt. XD A. FlTSSER New York City, X. Y. Harrv Glexx Frasieh Sanford, X. C. A 2 Bexjamix Barrer Frazer Buffalo, Ala. Z Z Robert Earl Froxebercer Gastonia, X. C. 2 2 Aiirinii !• iKCiuioTT. ,Jb. Charleston, S. C. One Hundred Thirty-eight Pkter Woods Gahland Gastonia, N. C. A T () John Frank Gkigek Mt. Airy. N. C. :: i i: HoBliUT Sarratt Giunky Shelby, N. C. i: John M. Goodson Mt. Olive, N. C. s n E George W. Goriia.m, .Ii Rockv Mount, X. C. John Shelton (iorrei.i Winston-Salem, N. C. n K A Fra nk Wyman Grant Baltimore, Md. Walter Lee Gr. y Charlotte, N. C. Samuel Horwitz Greenberg Florence, S. C. A One Hundred Thirty-nine 4 Ll;i: .lACKSdX CillKKK Wiliniiifrton, X. C. .Idiix Sparks Griffix MarshviUe, N. C. 2 Z Vii,LiA3i Hexry Griffin ' Wendell, N. C. ' 1 ' A H Mi I iMi.-MAs GuiKKiTii KiiMSTiM; DoKdTiiY Grovfs Hahhi.I) Haixes, Jr. Monroe, X. C. Clmiiel Hill, X. C. Philadelphia, Pa. i; X AX ' .; A Peter Wilsox Hairstox, ,Ir. C ' iikistopher C. Ha.mlet Wii.i.iam Lee Hamsioxu Advance, N. C. Pittsboro, N. C. Pollocksville, N. C. 1932- One Hundred Forty J 5etsy Hughes Harding Washington, X. C. II B FiXLEY GwYX Harper. Jr. Hickor.v, X. C. 1 A E Faxxie Browx Harrell Murfreesboro, N. C. X n F " rj xk Mortcix Hawlev. Jr. Pdrtsniiiutli, Va. II K A Maiu- Elizabeth Hahtshorx Goldsbori). X. C. VlI-LI. M H.VRRIS Hrookline, .Mass. X A ' Joiix B. Helms Wingate, N. C. ' I1U:IMA llLXmilCKS Marshall, N. C. Sirni V. Hixso Monroe, N . C. 1 JJ i .._ One Hundred Forty-one Hebbert QriNcv Hocitt William Rhyne Hoffman Clayton. X. C. Charlotte, X. C. A X A K X ' oRwooD Thomas Hogan Chapel Hill, X, C. Joiix Scott Holbrook Joii.v Hkad Hoi.mi. F. D. HORXADAY. ,Tr. Milwaukee, Wis. Chape! Hill, X. C. Snow X C. S A E A G Helen Geneva Horner Isaac W. Hughes Charles Lixdsey Hunt Burlington, N. 0. Henderson, X. C. Asheville, X. C. One Hundred Forty-two ■9SV J - ClIARLKS El ' GKNK HuXTEH Tobaccoville, N. . ' . Erxest J. HrXTER Huntersville. X. C. John- Emil Huxteh Aslieville. N. C. Abraham Hymax High Point, X. C. Fraxk Hitch Irvix Salisbury, N ' . C. Percy C. Idol High Point, X ' . C. r -i Sessler Carlysle Isley Burlington, N. C, E, .fouxsTox ' Irvi Concord, X. C. Eewix .Jafee Wilmington, X ' . C. TEH One Hundred Forty-three Clarence Arthur Jensen East Orange, N. J. :: Z Ray W ' ootex Johxsox Avden, X. C. WoODRO V W, JoHXSO Varina, . C. K F. Leox Joyxer Heflix Keeiixo Dax Keely Henderson, N. C. Aslieville, N. C. Hiscoe, X. C. n K L| 1 1 H nl P ' ' " 1 r ' r ' H |V 1 H ' ' Hj ■■■ k " Joseph Edgar Kexxedt Charlotte, X. C. A i; RoLFE Masox Ken Suffield, Conn. I nn,ip Alvix KLiEtii:» Brooklyn, X. Y. One Hundred Forty-four Dan Mabry Lacv Rocky Mount, N. C. Alonzo Dixon Kornegav Dover. N. C. Saul Charles Korman Brooklyn, N. Y. Walter Austin Lani Monroe, N. C. 2 N Alfred S. LawrencEj Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Fred M. Laxton Charlotte, N. C. Z James M. Ledbetter, Jr. Rockingham, N. C. r A Clyde Wilson Lkis Spencer, N. C. Theodore David Levy- Tarboro, N. C. TEH One Hundred Forty five Joseph W. Lixebkrgee Belmont, N. C. A K E Argus Browx Lixeberry Randleman, N. C. Robert Leox Lixeberry Harrellsville, N. C. A X u A k JoHx OsBURx Littleton Charles Ivey Lx)ftix, Jr. George Elliot Loxdon Jacksonville, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Betty GuAi Log Roanoke Rapids, N. C. n B Morris H. Loxg Fargo, N. D. S N WooDRow WiLsox Lucas Speed, N. C. One Hundred Forty-sin; Xat W. LuMPKiJf, Jr. Charlotte, X. C. i E James M. Ltnch, Jh. Asheville, N. C. Ben John Taylor Manning Chapel Hill, N. 0. ! K S William Satkr Markham Thomas E. Marshall, Jh Durham, X. C. Rocky Mount, X. C. K 2 A e HouKRT Henry Mj Mebane, X. C. Harmon C. McAllister Mount Pleasant, N. C. John McCampbell Morganton, N. C. 2 Z James Norman McCaskill Rockingham, X. C. X E ■f ai eh A ai One Hundred Forty-seven Harry Faive McCracken Robert Lacy McDoxald Waynesville, N. C. Timberland, N. C. A X A Dan Curris McDufhe Jackson Springs, N. C. Williaji Cole McDuffie Joseph McGaulev, Jh. William Wakefield McKee Fayetteville, N. C. Oak Park. III. Chapel Hill, N. C. 2 K Ben Raymond T. McKeithan Chapel Hill, N. C. Mahgi ' i:rite McKinn ' ey Dublin, Ga. Robert Jesse Mebaxe, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. K E One Hundred Forty-eight _v9lx_J- WiLLiAJi Alexander Miller Charles P. Misenheimer Call, N. C. Richfield, N. C. William C. Mitciiam. Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Wiley Earl Mitchelle Xi:i,.. Mum s.ii i: Kl.lZABETII WvNN AIliOHE Danville, Va. Stephenville, Tex. Franklinton, N. C. 2 K n B OB () vi;x .I(.m:s M..,,ri: Scotland Neck, N. C. William Heyward Moore Wilmington, N. C. A e Joseph Alfred Morris Ne%v York City, X. Y. A 2 One Hundred Forty-nine M. Stuart Morrison, Jr. Hartman Baxter Mowery Wilson, N. C. Salisbury, X. C. ATA Athleen Leigh Munson Clenison College, S. C. oward M . Xahikian John B. Neuneh Elliot Hill Newcombe Asheville, X. C. Plant A T City, Fla. Charlotte, N. C. A K E Howard Theodore Newlanu Pasadena, Calif. A e KuuLKi Ja-uls Nu ; Toms River, X. J. lillJH t) LKSTKLLr Burgaw, N. C. One Huntbecl Fifty Mary Frances Parker Goldsboro, N. C. n B Sara BuKGWijir Parker Clmrlotte, X. C. Benjamin F. Patrick Gum Neck, N. C. Fred Geer Patterson Chapel Hill, N. C. S A E Henkt Nutt Parsley Wilmington, N. C. S A E William Ward Peetz Winstead, Conn. 2 K Charles Ashby Penn Reidsville, N. C. Ben Irving S. Peres Gastonia, N. C. T E George Arthur Phillips Washington, N. C. n K One Hundred Fifty-one Benjamix Cabell Philpott Lexington, N. C. Elmeh C. Powell, Jr. Henderson, N. C. X Anna Louise Pritchard Asheville, X. C. OB Walter Gut Propst Salisbury, N. C. Joseph Htde Pratt, Jr. Chapel Hill, N. C. Z ' Ulysses S. Puckett Stovall, N. C. Janl L. Plkuinutux Scotland Neck, N. C. n B G. Edgar K. dford Jackson Springs, N. C. A 2 n Garhisox Reid Winston-Salem, N. C. Ben One Hundred Fifty-two Gilbert James Kenegar Robert Benjamin Riddle Joseph C. Robeins Southern Pines, X. C. Gastonia, N. C. Jamestown, N. C. Jack R. Riley ■ILLIAM GUDGER Roberts Benjamin Rodin Dunn, N. C. Marshall, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. A n B B n Carroll Picklns Huoei Tryon, N. C. A CiiAKLL.s G. Rose, Ji Fayetteville, N. C. Ben William I.owi: Rdiii Scarsdale, N. Y. A 2 One ' Hundred Fifty-three L. Orlaxdo Rowland Theodore S. Royster Ahudtt Xewberry Sawyer H olly Springs, N. C. Bessemer City, N. C. Merritt. X. C. Claude M. Sawyer. Jr. Winston-Salera, N. C. M A Coxrad Say ' Lor Pfaiftown, N. C. Katherixe Scoggix Warrenton, N. C. n B William Jacksox Scott Norwood, N. C. Israel Harry ' Shlefsteis Asheville, N. C. A W iL] lAjt ' ass Shepherd Raleigh, N. C. A K E One Hundred Fifty-four James A. Shvford, Jr. Lincolnton, X. C. Louis Cherry Skinxer Greenville, X. C. XoBwooD Lee Simmoxs, Jr. Chapel Hill, X. C. A X 2 Joseph Klvy Slater Xew Bern, X. C. n K Abie C. rr Skixner Salisbury, N. C. X y m James Harold -Smith Burlington, N. C. n James Wickliffe Smith Fayetteville, X ' . C. 2 A Lixwooi) Howard Sxell James Cornelius Speight Columbia, X. C. Spring Hope, X. C. One Hundred Fifty-five AxNE Spiers Como, N. C. X Q William H. Spradlix, Jr. Winston-Salem, X. C. t ' RooK Graham Stafford Charlotte, N. C. William Kobfrt Stal Raleigh, N. C. EuxEST W. Staples, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. K 2 UnBERT Harold Statox Bethel, N. C. : X UluA SiLVlA Steliier Berkeley, Cal. IKUlMA V. SteVEXS Martin Point, S. C. n B James G. Stikeleather, Jr. Asheville, N. C. 2 X One Hundred Fijty-six George Goodsox St() Greensboro, N. C. Ben M. F. Stone Wilmington, X. C. H X M. Eugene Street, ,Ir. Glendon, N. C. John Fi.etcheu Strickland Edna t iairi: Sthoi ' Di: Dunn, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Wakhi:n W. .Stimi ' ] Flushing, L. I. :: 2 Leonard C. Surprenant Springfield, Mass. .Joshi ' ii Allan Si ' ihlk StatesviUe, N. C. A X S LuTHLK KaVMUND TaFF Birmingham, Ala. ' Uciclk, 1 9 3 ' a. One Hundred Fifty-seven Thomas R. Taylor, .In. Asheville, N. C. T B n WiLiJAM Dixon-Tennant Martha Frances Thomas Rochester, X. Y. Richmond, Va. n B Glexn L. Thomassox Bryson City, N. C. Jack Thojipsox Winston-Salem, N. C. James Boylax Thojipsox Raleigh, N. C. K Z Paul Pottee Tilfobd Smith ' s Basin, N. Y. A ' erxe William Toleh Washington, N. C. James F. Tobbert Charlotte, N. C. One Hundred Fifty-eight ES Arthur dePalma Valk Winston-Salem, X. C. Z I- George Davis Vick Selma, N. C. K Mart Carstarphex Waldo Hamilton, X. C. X 9. Erwix Goode Walker Charlotte, X. C. K E Thomas Hexry Walker William Woodard Walker Chapel Hill, X. C. Asheville, X. C. K 2 n K Verxox a. Ward, Jr. Jesse Llovd Wasserman Axxa Gray Watson Robersonville, X. C. Long Island, X. Y. Louisburg, X. C. One HutiAred Fifty-nine Thomas Speight Watson Rocky Mount, N. C. Alexander Vi:uit. Jr. Raleigh, X. C. DAE Eugene Lee Webb Thomasville. N. C. Henry Jacob Weiland Greensboro, N. C. Mayer DA nD Weinstei ReidsviUe. N. C. Vance G. Wertz Tyrone, Pa. n 1 r ' Wade Dvrant Whisnant Hickory, X. C. Thomas S. White. Jr. Hertford, N. C. K D Lewis W. Whitehead Lewiston, X. C. Z I ' One Hundred Sixty 93SL O oclk. Elmer Verxox Wii.kins Smithfield, N. C. Joe Monroe Wilkins Sanford, N. C. A 2 BvxTox Barker Williams Warrenton, N. C. n K Francis Dudley Williams John- Watkins Williams Asheville, N. C. Washington, N. C. n K A Kjimi:tt C. Will is. Jr. Soutlimoiit, X. C. High McLean Wilj Haverford, Pa. K 2 John Robert Willilxjrd Aulandcr, N. C. .losKi ' ii T. Wilson. Jr. Pitman, X. J. Ben One Hiindred Sixty-one Paris F. Wilsox Fallston, X. C. WaLTIR HdUARI) Wll.f Greenvilk-, X. C. William A. Vuu;ui Greenville, N. C. e X NiKi.i.MA I- ' . Van Marion, X. C. II B JORIIAN D. Wixstead, .Tu. Roekj Mount, X. C. Ki.-Mr 1 ' . " I AKiiiiiiMitai l ouisburg, X. C. i; A E One tHundrerl SiTty-firn . ' 9 . J ' lilCHARI) K. ' ' ARBORl)rGI I.iiiiisliurf!:. X. C. Joe G. Zaglix Fayetteville, X. C. A n H. XoEL Zei.iiv Roselle Park, X. .1. A Il 1.11 .CMBRrXNEX Salisbury, X. C. Charlutte, X, C. r A I ' nf.R I ' SHKR Chapel Hill, X. C. A X 2 " L.. ' J One HiiiKhecl Sixty-three JOKES President. G RAY BY TU S. V.Pi-esJdent, Secrstai-y COLLETT TOW 8END Ti-easuLi-er Student CoundlHepr. Sophomore Class Officers Watt Jones President Pexdletox Grav V ce President Bob Waldo Secretary Webster Collett Treasurer Nat TowssEsn Sfii lriit Cdiinril Rcnregciitatii-e One Hundred Sixty-five Sophomore Class F. E. Abner Jack Abrams J. M. ACEE J. C. ACI.AIR T. R. Adams R. E. AUDERSON A. E. AlKERS J. F. Alexander J. E. ALLEK F. J. Alfred C. V. AMAN H. A. Anderson A. B. Andrews J. Abmistead, .Ik. R. R. AVEKT DcBosE AvEBy S. Balis C. G. Balto D. R. Baebano e. T. Barclay R. D. Barham .J. H. Barnes W. Gr. Barnett II. V. Barnhill, Jr. A. S. Barringer J. K. Barrow W. R. Bateman A. J. B.wes P. I. Baner M. C. BELL M. H. Bennett T. S. BENNETT J. Bernstein J. Mc. Best, Jr. M. J. Best A. G. Biggs C. W. Bissel J. W. Bl. churst T, W. Blackwelder N. Bl-Une D. H. BL.4TT V, F. Blount W. W. Blythe S. E. Boyette B. I. BOTLE C. E. BOY-LE M. M. Brame G. F. Brandt J. O. Brantlt D. F. Braxton C. B. Bbetsch .}. B. Brewer T. D. Bridgers J. A. Brooks T. H. Brooks T. H. Bboughton A. C. Brown G. F. Brown H. G. Brown J. B. Bkown M. J. Brown P. R. Beown W. E. Brown S. O. BUDD 1,. E. BURCH J. P. Butler V. Bynu-m J. B. Btrd L. JL Caldwell H. W. Calloway M. L. Cameron M. L. Cannon, Jr. G. V. Capehart, Jr. K. C. Carland K. M. Carlisle, Jr. ( ' . K. Carmichael C. McD. C. RR. Jr. J. R. Carruth M. J. Carson E. D, C. RTLAND A. F. Caudle (f. W. Ch- ndler, Jr. R. B. Chapin H. C. Chapeman K. B. Cheek L. T. Cheery S. G. Clabck J. H. Clifford M. L. Cltne C. H. Cobb H. W. Coble A. A. Cohen R. H. Cohen W. J. Coleman W. R. Coleman N. W. Collett E. S. COLUcci H. L. Colter R. F. COLYER H. G. Conner, Jr. E. J. Cootk A. Cope J. C. CORDLE P. E. COSTI . D. Cox H. Cox M. Cox . R. Cox . V. Craig . L. Crane D. CitiNFOBD . C. CR. WFORD . R. Creek . F. Crissman . S. Cremartie , P. Crouch . H. Crowell . S. Crum B. Crutchfield L. Crutchfield . M. CULBERTH . M. CULVERN C. CUM.MINOS. JE. . H. CUERIE S. Curry H. D ' Alemberte, Jr. . H. D.WiGET . M. D-ilLEY . R. Dazel O. Davis V. Davis . R. Davis ■. E. Davis ' . R. Dawes . R. DeHart L. Deans C. DELBAU.M H. Dellixc er H. Denni.s K. DlLL, RD DiNSTON . E. D.4B0SH . S. Dockery H. DOR. N . Dorfman W. DuRSETT E. DOUGHTOX A. Dudley ' . G. Dudley . Jr. C. DUNLAP . J. DURHAM . R. Eddleman Edmondson, Jr. L. Efland . W. EHEHAEr, Jr. . L. Elkins V. A. Enloe, Jr. J. W. C. ENT VISTLE L. ESBINSKY F. A. EsposiTO C. B. Evans V. W. Farmer J. B. F.tRR J. S. Fathman J. R. Felts M. C. Ferguson 8. M. FIELDMAN R. B. Finger I.,. Finkestein I. E. FIXEL L. T. Flinn R. H. Flynt J. H. FORG. NG S. C. Forrest R. W. Foster L. H. FOUNTAIN D. B. Fox P. P. Fox F. F. Fr. ley- J. C. Frankel S. Franklin ( ' . A. Fbazieb, Jr. J. Freedland A. K. Fboxeburger C. B. Fby ' er C. W. Fulk Leo Fuller E. C. Funderburke R. M. Ganbill C. K. Gardner J. B. Garl-and C. M. Garrison H. W. Ga in A. L. Gaylord S. Gelleb H. W. Gentry G. L . George R. J. GlALANELLA B. G. GILMER, Jr. F. Ginsberg C. C. Glover R. W. Gold R. Goldfaden J. C. GOI.DSTON S. J. Gordon E. B. Gbady B. M. Grant, Jr F. P. 6r- v Jr One Hundred Sixty-six i 193a. J - bophomore Llass B. Gray J M. Howard F R. LbGoee J. 1). Mavnard, .Ik B. Geeen D. Howard J. D. Leak H G. Mead, .Jr. B. Green HKRo R S. Howard W . F. Lee B Menge H. Gbeenberi: R P. Howell, .Jr. W . Leibowitz J. H. Meyer C. Griffin P L. Hudson F. H. Lentz S. S. Meyers H. Griffin R. D. Humphreys 11 R. Leon E G. Michaels R. GRIX.VKR J. E. Honeycutt C. V. Leonard G. P. MILUAR I. Guii.N. .Ik. E. W. Hunt R. L. Lineberry C. R. Minges S. GlVT.IN W W. Hunt G. R. Little E A. Minor A. Geciv.m W F. Hunter J. K. Little 0. Mouarskv H. H.41.T. •J. W. HURTEAUR J. C. Little J. M. Money HEM H. Hakn AV T. HUSSEY G. D. Lm-Ei.Y R M. IIOIIHE S. Hamkr L. L. Hutchinson W A. Lloyd D B. M()R :an V. Hamilton E. .1. Irwin R. X. Lockwood, Jr. S. E. Morton, Jk. L. HA.M.MKR, .Tr. .T. P. IKWIN 11 H. Long 0. L. MlLLIS K. H.ARDIK. .Jr. 1). B. Isaacs S. LORBERBAU.M J. X. Myers A. H.ARDIN J. A. Jackson C. B. LOWDER R. D. Myers V. H.A»iKTT I. H. JACOBSON E. .S. LUPTON B. C. Nallb, Jr. E. H-AKLLKK E. JAFFE J. H. Lynch E. A. Xeuren G. H-4RPEK. ,TR. E. jAKAillLLO, Jr. H T. Lynn A. New E. H.aei ' er A. 11. Jenkins C. E. IIcAdams J. H. NICKOLSON 11. Harris X. A. Jennings W M. H. lIcAl-LISTER L. G. Xisbet E. Harris •J. P. Jennet N. D. MacArtan W R. XOE C. Harris, Jr. E. C. JOHNSON W 6. McBryde J. X. XOWELL L. Harrison J. M. JOHNSON D. r . McCathren A. D. OBryax S. Hartley R. D. Johnson J. X. HcCaskill L. F. O ' Hara L. Hauser T. L. Johnson, Jr. J. P. lleCOY J. L. O ' Neil R. Hayes T. M. Johnson R. G. IIacFari axe C. C. Otis A. Hayes W L. D. Johnston 11 .1. IICGILI. E. P. Odu-m H. Hazelwood W R. Johnston J. A. HcGlinn. Jr. E. R. Oettinger. J L. Heurick C. M. Jones, Jr. J. D. ilclLWINSEN B. S. Old H. Heist F. T. Jones D. B. MclNTYBE .Jack Olive R. Helms 11 M. Jones E. G. McIVER, Jr. J. H. Overton, Jr D. Henley W C. Jones E. H. McKlNNON J. G. Pace, Jr. A. Henson A. B. JOYNEB A. W. MacLean, Jr. E. S. Page T Herrini A. B. Kaljn. M A. McLean, Jr. H E. PAGE C. HEmTT L. Kaeesh D. G. McLeod 11 F. Page HEnVOOD H Kbelino R. 1). McMillan P. E. Page L. HirKMAN T. R. Kennerly R. M. McMillan A. P. Park D. Hl.iliY. .IR. E. V. Kerr J. D. McXaisey F. M. Parker p. HILLER E. X. Kjelles«g L. J. IIcXeil J. A. Parker D. HINSON ,T. B. Klein, Jr. E. E. McRae W B. Parker H. HOCVTT P. A. Klieger R. G. McRorie G. R. Parks li. HODOES F. Knoop, Jr. IV A. Mace, Jr. W M. Parsons B. HOD ES H. L, Knox S. 0. MAGUIRE M. Paskersky L. HoiiKEs S. Krock L. B. Mann, Jr. J. A. Patterson J. HOFFMAN c. M. Lamb E. G. Marshall J. H. Patterson L. Holland B. B. liANGDON W W. MAS.SENGILL A. H. PAUL HOLLiDAY S. 11. Langsam W A. Masten C. V. Peacock C. HOLLINOSWORTH B. Lanier P. M. Matheson E. B. Pe-acock A. HOLT c. Lasko c. Mathewson J. G. Peacoc c C. Holt A. A. Lawrence I. M. Matlin J. K. Perry B. HOARr, L. G. Laws J. L. llAUNEY J. B. Person One Hundred Sixty-seven Sophomore Class M. Pkterson H. Pfohl B. Phillips, Jr. C. Philpott. Jb. M. Phipps , M. PiCKAED H. Pitkin J. PITTMAN L. PITTMAN A. POE J. Pollard. .Tk. M. POPE, Jr. L. Powell A. Pr- tt . C. Prescott W. Priest A. Proctor , S. PUCKETT S. Queen . M. Query V. Randolph A. Rankin B. Raymer E. Reeves W. Reid . A. Reid M. Rennie . R. Reynolds, Jr. . S. Reynolds . M. Rhodes W. Rice ' . L. Ridenhour , Robertson, Jr. . J. Robinson L. Rochelle ' . R. Rockhill H. Rosen . S. ROSBNSTRAUPH N. Ross . McK. Ross . ROSTAN H. Rothkopf E. BOTHMAN C. A. ROUILLER W. D. ROYSTER E. L. Rush A. B. SAIJtAINI S. Samson P. S.ASSER Hugh Sawyer H. G. SCHLUMHEKCf M. St ' HMUKLER Ct. Schrieber S. W. SCOGOIN B. C. Scott J. E. Shearin G. P. Shepherd I. M. Sheveck D. C. SHOEM.iKER H. F. Shuford J. F. Shuford J. B. Simons C. P. Sims B. A. SiSK W. W. Sloan E. W. Smith B. Smith B. S. Solomon C. D. Spencer C. M. Spencer L . B. Spencer K. Sprinkle E. M. Spruill B. A. Stamper W. Stamps H. B. Stein H. I. Stein R. O. Stein J. A. Steinhacser O. S. Steinreich H. P. Stewart R. Stewart . E. Street, Jr. F. Strickland . E. Strickland F. Strieuel ' . W. Stumpf , S. Sullivan G. Sullivan ' . K. SWANN H. Swift . Talkowsky . G. TART, Jr. il. Tatum . C. Taylor, Jr. . F. T.iY ' LOR ' . R. Teachey , L. Teal . B. Teele P. Temple, Jr. . S. Templeton M. Thompson . K. Thompson, Jr. . O. Thompson . M. Thompson G. TILLEY P. TORIAN . A. TOWNSEND B. Tucker . P. Tyree, Jr. . H. USRY . M. Vann :. E. viTz E. Wadsworth K H. Wacner . D. Walens . L. Wall , R. Wall . M. Ward. Jr. B. Ward . A. Wari. G. Watson W. Watson E. Way , E. We.athers , S. Weathers Webb, Jr. Webb . O. Webster, Jr. , H. Weinberg . Weiner L. Welsh . J. Welty E. Wheeler V. Wheeless . White W. Whitehead L. Whitehead H. Whitley W. Whitton H. WiGGS . S. Willey F. Williamson W. Williams . L. Wiluams V. Williams . C. Williamson H. Wilmer . D. Wilson . E. Wilson . L. WiNSLOW . Wishnefsky , K. WiTHROW . J. WiTHROW ' . R. WOERNER . M. WOMBLE ' . R. Wood ' . L. Woodland . L. Woollen, Jr. ' . A. Wright . E. Yewens, Jr. O. Zl-MMER.MAN One Hundred Sixty-eight 1932. One Hundred Sixty-nine (ST (JMIIIIIMIII BLOU2TT E.WILI IAJVLSQZT H. WILLIAMSON Freshman Class Officers Bob Blount PresklenI Harry Williamsox Vice President Bob Boltox Secretiiri Ed Williamson- . Treasurer One Hundred Seventy-one Freshman Class Jules Aaron K. B, Abkrsathy F. P. Abebnathy MUHAEl. ABI ' UEL W. C. Aiken S. P. AIMNOCK S. C. AITKEN V. W. Ales Ebkn Auexandek R. H. Al EXANDEK F. H. Allen J. B. Allen Ct. T. Allison M. E. Allison H. H. Allred E. O. A ERSON H. E. Anderson .1. G. Anderson h. V. H. Anderson M, L. Andrews W. H. Andrews W. F. Arm FIELD Calder Atkinson A. C. AVEBY G. V. AVERY L. Jj. AVNER C. B. Aycock A. W. Ayres K. W. Badgett E. C. BAGWELL A. H. Bahnson, Jr. Fbed Bahnson J. A. Bailey T. 0. Bailey .s. Baker J. Baldwin J. Leg. Baldwin A. J. BAR. l ' KErr J. F. Babbano A. C. Barbee S. W. Barefoot K. F. Barha.m H. W. Barker H. R. Earnhardt R. C. BARB E. G. Barrett J. A. Barrett N. E. B.VRRY J. H. Baucom A. F. Baewiok R. R. Bass H. R. Bassofp W. C. R. R. Beason C. F. Be. udry W. J. BEHRIN iER M. Bell T. R. Bell J. M. Bell B. B. Bendigo H. K. Bennett Mary Alice Bennett E. E. Berger L. H. Bebke J. O. Berry E. T. Berry R. M. Best H. A. Betts V. F. Betts C. E. BiCKY J. K. BiDDLE J. J. Binder Carl Bines S. R. Bishop B. F. Black J. G. Black N. G. Blackman J. F. BU4KE J. R. BI..ANCHARD G. Bl.ANTON E. B. Blood H. Bloom R. F. Blount H. F. BOBBITT E. C. BODENHEIMER R. L. Bolton C. Bond V. T. BosT E. D. Brady J. B. BB.4KE P. H. Br. nch a. L. Braswell F. A. Brett J. K. Brewer H. C. Bbidgers E. T. Britt J. D. Britt H. L. Britt W. T. Britt E. D. Beoadhurst C. H. Brock E. P. Brooks O. E. Brown O. u. Brown Percy Brown P. H. Brown P. S. Brown W. D. Brown W. H. Bbown L. C. Bruce G. W. Buchanan E. I. Buckles Virginia E. But W. C. Bullock V. M. BUNDY R. S. BUNN Jesse Bunting H. B. BURCH S. H, Burgess J. E. Burke J. G. Burkehai.ter B. C. Burkhakt J. H. Burnett R. E. Bush S. H. Bushnell J. F. Butler James Buyoucos J. W. Callahan T. C. Cameron E. K. Campbell J. M. Campbell W. M. Campbell H. G. Campen Jack Cannon H. F. Carawan L. M. Carlton J. G. Carpenter B. W. Carb W. C. Caeson D. T. Carter Harry Cartoof Ellsworth Casteijsaum L. R. Catena J. H. S. Gates W. T. Gates W, W. Chadwh-k W. U. Chambers R. N. CHA.MBLISS L. D. Chapel R. G. Chatham W. O. Childers A. L. Clark H. T. Clay ' ton A. L. Cline C. L. Cixjud L, C. Coble E. W. Coffin H. I. Cohen Ralph Cohen C. M. Cokek W. J. Cole R. W. COLLETTE R. D. Collins J. B. Combs McDonald Comke J. S. Cook J. E. Cope J. T. Cordon F. H. COTHBANE W. J. Council W. M. COWHIG A. L. Cox 0. L. Cbanfokd M. P. CB. wi.Ey P. W. Cb. yton W. F. Cbedle Woody Croom R. H. Cbowell W. D. Ceowson G. T. Crutchfield t. h. curlee Harry Dail JA.MES D ' ALLESSIO Martha L. Daniels A. C. Darden A. C. David 6. W. Davis L. L. Davis P. P. D.wis R. E, Dayvault V. M. Deal S. G. Deans C. G. Delungeb T. H. Dent R. R. DeVane C. W DeWitt K. N. DUMOND A. L. DiBBLEE V. L. Dickens Nestore Di Coxstan L. T. DILDY A. T. Dill Morris Ditch H. T. Dixon H. R. DOBBIE W. P. DODD Fred Dossenbach J. A. Doubles S. A. Douglas R. B. DB-4NE Jane Dudley Ai TA McVay Duke G. W. Duncan M. S. Dunn ElliENObe L. DtrvALii J. E. Eastee 07ie Hundred Seventy-two Freshman Class E. R. Edblson David Edelstein C. N. ElJGERTON .7. C. B., Jb ( ' . E. Eli rid :e A. .J. El,i is H. M. Emerson A. M. Epstein H. E. Erwin W. C. Erwin A. G. ESKRIDC.iE J. C. ESTRIDUE D. G. Evans M. E. Evans W. J. Evans M. E. Everett B. L. Eyges W. K. Faison A. M. Faltz V. F. Farmer ,1. Gr. PARRELL 0. W. Farrell J. C. FARTHING C. R. Faucette MABCI ' S FSinsitein Sidney Feinberg Habrv Fei.dman E. C. Fender R. T. FER(;rsoN R. L. Ferrell .1. A. Fiaschette Theo Fields W. C. Finch A. R. FlORE A. M. Fleishman C. B. Fletcher t;. M. Fletcherm L. A. FOLGER 1. B. FONVILLE C. A. Ford M. O. Fox N. D. Foe G. Cooper Franklin C. Q. Freeman E. T. Freeman J. C. Frink I. R. Frvmberg W. T. Fry D. W. Frye J. E. Fuller C. O. Fulp h. h. fussler Edward D. Gaitley G. M. Galanas D. W. Gamble R. W. Gardner R. D. Garner Morris Gabtenbaub L. M. Gastenberg F, P. Gaskins S. M. Geisel B. H. GEOBfiE r. A. George A. M. GiBBES Sam Gidinansky M. L. GiLi.iE W. D. Gilman Joe Giobbi I. M. Glance v. T. Glass J. W. Glenn Irving Glickfeld r. b. gofobth George Goldber ; Robert Goldbkr(; G. M. Goldman T. P. Good N. M. Goodloe C. K. Goodson P. R. Goodwin R. H. GORHAM S. H. Gottlieb R. G. Graham J. E. Gr. ntham W. C. Gray E. L, Gbeen F. P. Gbeen G. C. Green .1. R. Greene Leo Gbeengold I. C. Gregory V. H. GEICE C. W. Griffin C. R. Griffin E. E. Geiffin J. J. Griffin J. W. Griffin P. G. Grose Sidney Gross J. W. Gunter Vivian O. Gur :. J. A. GWINN H. W. GWY-N A. J. Haft C. T. Hagan L. R. Hagood F. F. Hague W. C. Haislip C. E. Hall R. S. HALL F. R. Hamilton O. A. Hamilton W. R. Hamilton G. E. Hammond W. J. Hananee E. T. Hancock I). V. Hanks I. R. Hanson P. R. Harden F, M. Habgreave W. S. Harney F. S. Harrell P. T, HAEBELl. ,1. A. Habeill ,1. E. Hareington IEVING HARRINriTUN H. W. tf;4BRIS J. G. Harris R. G. Harris T. W. Hareis V. B. Harrison S. Ij. Harrison H. H. Haeeiss H. A. Hart(;r jve Voor ROY Haskins O. B. HAWKINS T. J. Hawthorne Sol Hayes R. D. Haynes F. J. HAy vooD R. B. Haywood H. R. Hazklman M. G. Heath Sherwood Hedgpkth G. H. Heiderich J. D. Hershey H. C. Hewp:tt D. M. Haitt S. L. HiENMOVITZ ¥j. A. Hightowee W. L. Hinkle J. H. Hinson W. C. Hitchcock Rubin Hochman H. li. Hodges S. M. Hodges J. T. HOGGAED J. E. H0LU4ND iNious D. F. Holler s. s. hollingsworth c. w. hollowell Howard Holland W. C. HOLLOWELL C. T. Holt THOMAS Holt R. E. Hood G. L. Hooks W. P. Horkan J. H. Hoi ' ff J. A. Houston F. E. Howard Rob Howabd Parsons Howell C. S. Hubbabd R. LeRoy Huber W. V. Hudson G. F, Hughes •I. M, Hundley J. F. C. Hunter V. A. Huntley B. H. HURD E. T. Ingle J. E. Ingram .lOHN INNES G. A. IVEY A. C. Jackson C. E, Jackson D. F. Jackson A. I. Jacobs Eix iSE James P. G. Jamison H. M. Janolsky F. S. Jenkins H. S. Jenkins D. L. Jennings T. P. JIMISON C. H. Jones J. L. Jones M. M. Jones P. E. Jones P. S. Jones m. k. joedan Maegaeet N. Jordan Rebecca F. Jordan e. e. joyner B. M. Kahn B. L. Kalb M. K. Kalb A. S. KAPI„4N I. N. Kasen C. W. Kates P. F. Kaveny C. E. Keene W. R. Keats D. B. Keith O. R. Keith K. G. Kellev F. H, Kenan J. E. Kennkdv C. S. Kennemur L. W. Kernan H. R. Kerr Dubwaed Frank King Oliver Humber Kini. Walter W. King William Kingdon Ralph Klein Edward W. Kleitman JuuEN Holt Knight Charles Horace Lamh ROSCOE Langdon Clyde M, Larmeb One Hundred Seventy-three Freshman Class Mathan Lassoff WlI I, H. Lt SSITEB IjINDSAY Lawloe Thomas N. Lawbeni EBWIN L. L-iXTON Walter H. LA2aeus Nathan Lazeroff W1L.1.IAM W. Leach DUNDAS LeAVITT C. H. Lee A. J. LEiN-n ' AND K. H. Leno T. H. Lever V. M. Levitan A. E. Lewis E. H. Lewis R. G. Lewis R. H. Lewis J. II. Lichtekfei-s Irving Lieberman H. M. LINTNER F. C. LirTEN A. B. Little Austin Lockerman F. W. London .1. A. Long .1, H. LONG COLMAN LOPATIN H. E. LOVETT R. J. Lovilij v. d. lowder e. l. lowdermilk Milton Lonzonick H. F. Lucas B. C. Lyebly G. D. Lynch G. H. Lynch L. A. McAdams .7. H. McCammon A. T. McCarson N, H. MCCOLLUM V. D. MacCracken A. B, Mccreary A. C. McDonald T. H. MacDonald X. M. McfADY ' EN J. V. McFeelev K. W. MclNNIE C S. MClNTOSH H. S. McKay W. D. McKee A. T. McKeithan P. C. MacKesson W. J. McKethan E. J. McLaurin J. W. McLvrd W. E. McNaib W. H. Mcnairy R. M. McNeill W L. MOSER S. H. Pr. ger E. F. McPhail K. H. Moses w M. Peivette P. Y. McSWAIN Henry Moskcw.t v W. Proutv E B. A. Macon . . .S. MOWERY .1. Ml . M, Peuden E. 0. Madbv .1. K. MOWEER 1; M. Pnui.HOMM Louis Mal- kofk V. B. Muni. !■:, H. PUENELL J. I). Mallonek Cl viiE Nelson H Purser L. V. Manhei.m 1) B. Nelson H F. Pyatt L. H. Manley W E. Newell .1. M. Queen H E. Manning ( ' . M. XEW.MAN V Habinowitz U. .1. Manspield ( ' . V. Newton G. G. RAGU ND P. W. MARKLEV •T. .S. Newton H C. Rancke ( ' . L. Marks H G. Nichols El izabeth Raney W 0. Mablowe 01 .IN NiVEN .1, H. RANEY G. W. Mabsden V L. Norton 1) .1. Ran.son T. J. Maksden E. S. Norwood E. B. Raim H D. Marsh R. B. NOWELL L. M. Rash .lA MES Marshall Reid a. Nunn M K-.rcH E. W. Martin H M. ODO-M C. T. Rawls B. R, Martinson .1. S. Oehleb J. C. RAY .1. B. Mason H .7. Ogburn .1. M. Ray F. S. Massey .1. T. O ' Kelly L. .S. Reai.A-n H S. Matthews V W. Ol.IVE :m G. Heed V. P. Matthews B. H. Oliver L. M. Reinhardt H. II. Maultsly . I A. Olman .M L. Remin I). H. Mauney P. L. Onasch R. R. Renfrow T. A. Maxwell M Oeansky J. E. Reyburn H G. May M T. Orr W F. Reynolds J. S. iL4Y W Owlick G. -J. Rhawn A. X. Meintork V. Palmer 0. G. Rick H S. Messick 1 B Paris Z. E. Rice E. P. Metzenthin K. B. Parker R M. RiCH.MONli D. A. Mowborn H M. Parker L. E. Ricks F. E. Michael L. M. Paekek A. W. Ricks T. H. Michael li. S. Parker V P. RiNCKHOFF P. F. Mickey 0. T. Parks J. E. ROBBINS F. V. Miller .M L. Parsons T) P. RIBBINSON R. A. Miller F. M. S. Patterson .1. F. ROBBINSON H H. Mills M R. Pattie .1. H. ROBBINSON W H. Mills S. M. Pattishall V B. Rodman L. P. Mitchell B. A. Paul B. B. RORISON X. W. Mitchell H. A. Payne W B. Rose W T. Mitchell E, A. Peaesall B. Rosenbubg .1. H. Moore H. C. Pe. eson W S. Rosenthal M. C. Moore A V. Peck A. M. Ross P. .T. Monroe ( ' . V. Peklk .r. L. Ross Ra YMOND Monroe 1, W. Pee- er A B. Rotbeec T. A. Moody G. ( ' Penn H Rothberg A. T. Moore 11 G. Phillips G. C. Row E K. E. Moobe L. B. Pickett .1. D. ROYALL G. A. L. Moore .1. F. Pitt M E. ROYSTER J. G. Moore W r. Pitt V. C. ROYSTEB W C. Moore C. C. Plaster R. C. RUARK M. R. Moose R. F. H. POLLOCK G. RUBEL J. H. Morgan R. A. POOL M Ruben R. S. Morgan .1. H. Potter H. .1. Rubin J. H. Morris X. H. Powell ( ' . R. RUSSEL W C. Morrison s. C. Powell W H. SADLER Oite Htinflred t eventy-four Freshman Class I„ S.U.KRXO .1. L. SAXTOlid 1). H. .S.M ' KRSTIKX .1. H. SAIXIIKRS H. ( ' . SrilAAI-K I " . O. SlHAI.I.KRT J. S. SrHIKKKR Y ,1. T. SIIII1.1.KR S. SCHXEIDKR B. E. SOHRIKIIER SfllRIVKR X. Schwartz K. .T. StoTT L. r. Skkoai.l C. W. Skks.ixp.m Y. H. Seri ' Niax C. il. Shapfkr X. Shapiro V. H. Shay I). K. SHKDIl V. I- ' . SHKIIIAKli J. E. Shk.r F. S. SHuri ' Kkkd Shi-i.max T. 11. SlMKIXS .1. SIMOX A.- R. SiMOXDS C. M. Sims H. E. SiMpsox R. A. SiXGUETOX r. T. E. Sissox L. C. SISTARE M. J. Skibik L. C. Sl,ADE W. N. Sl AX L. S. Sloop F. S. Si ii ' KR A. C. Smith J. G. Smith L. C. Smith JI. B. smith -M. H. Smith W. C. Smith W. C. Smiths.ix R. E. Smithwic T. S. SOI.EI) R. J. SlIMKRS .T. E. SCMTMARI) L. L. SCIYITSKV P. W. Sparrow Leo Spatz Siu J. Spiboai, Jl. C. Sl ' Il.KA E. I. Stadikm A. C. Stai.ey C. V. STALl.IXliS .1. T. Stai.i.ixos L. .r. Stai.i.inos U. E. STALLIXirS K- A. Stamper .r R. Staxcil .1. A. Staxi.ey i:. S. Steele .1. STEELE .T. p. Steele H. B. Stiex F. D. Stephexs J. L. Stephexs A. Stebx M. Stebx llAC W. Steyens W. E. Stewart H. R. Stewart (1, .1, .1. i; STOLl, U. Stole B. Stonherc; (!. S- Story .1. B. Straps O. F. Strother R. K. Stlart J. T. STl-RiilLI. E. Spoar .1. J. SUGARMAX A. H. Sciter r. I). SUTTENFIEI.Il 11. H. Spttox R. H. Spttox 1). A. SWAX A. O. Swi.she;r V. L TAiiit 11. O. T.YTE G. R. Taylor J. A. Taylor 1.. S. Taylor V. R. Taylor . t. C. Telliax . C. Terry V. M. Terry C. D. Tew J. R. Thomas S. L. Thomas AV. W. Thoma.s P.. (1. Thomasson A. V. Thompsox C. G. Tho-mi ' sox H. V. THOMI ' SOX (). K. THORXHPR(i !• ' . 1). Thokpe H. S. Tiller V. H. TOLEK L. S. TK. CY B. L. Trpupiik H. L. Tl-i KER .1. W. TlRUXOTOX H. O. Tprn.xoe c. .1. Tpbpie J, p. Towxey G. W. Tysixgek T. E. Tysox .T. T. I ' XDERWOOD S. S, rxoEE v. t. Utter li. VAX Sleex .1. p. A ' AXSTi)RY I.. T. Vli k X. K. VIXCEXT V. G. Vixsox .1. p. VonCaxxox F. G. Voss W. H. WAD.SW0RTH •J. E. Waldrop X. W. Walker B. R. Wall F. A. Walters H. M. Waltox B. L. Ward R. H. Watson W. F. Watt C. G. Watts .1. B. Weatherm : J. F. Weayer .7. ' . Weaver W. B. Weaver J. C. Webb J. F. Webb B. L. Weesteb R. W. Weesxer E. M. Weixer S. B. Weixer R. S. Weixreue H. W. Wells J. L. Wexrick D. Wertheim J. A. Westbrook i;. K. Whitaker F. White W. K. White C. H. WlIITElIEAP K. S. Whitely I). 6. WlIITFIELlJ J. B. Whitfield ' . H. Whitney J. B. Wiesenbaugh J. B. Wiggins K. E. WlLOER T. p. Wiley S. A. Wii.Kixs I. A. Williams J. F. Williams L. K. Williams R. H. Williams T. p. Williams W. W. Williams H. W. Williamsox .1. B. Willis R. X. Willis R. T. Willis W. H. Willis F. Wilson G. D. WlL.SON J. E. WiLsox I.. W. Wilson R. B. WiLsox s. VlLsox T. .1. WiLSOX T. W. WiLsox W. D. Wilson J. D. WINSLOW J. p. Withers F. T. Wolf B. W. Wolfe O. W. WOLFSON K. ' . Wolslacel W. H. WOLTERS ,7. H. WOMACK M. L. Woon W. B. Weav .1. G. WrI(;ht L. W. WRlcan- W. A. WRIIillT S. Wplwick X. M. YANiEY G. D. Yopxi: J. A. Young K. W. YOUXG S. P. AlMNEOK E C. Zaisee One Hundred Seventy-five One Hundred Seventy-six ■ _ 1932. y One Hundred Seventy-eight X 1932. Law School Association Ai.i.EN AV. Langstox Huiiu 15. C ' ami ' bkll P reaiden t Secrctary-Treasnrer .Irvus O. Adams Mahion R. Ai.exasdeh Naomi Alexander Geiiroe p. Boucher Travis T. Rrow.s- HuGH B. Campbei.i, Clarence C. Gates Wtm,ia:m T. Covington David J. Crak;, Jr. THIUD YEAH CI.A.SS Fred D. Hamrick. Presiilciil Edmund L. Curlee George T. Davis Lawrence J. Giles Calvin Graves Robert McDonald Gray Fred D. Hamrick William W. .Johnson , Jr. Hoh ' ard M. Klutz Al.LEN W. I.AN(;STON Gl:()RGE . . I.ONG Dallace McLennan Wade B. Mathenv Robert A. Merritt Bartholomew M. Parker Charles J. Shannon William A. Stringfellow Allston J. Stubbs HoKATio N. Woodson SECOND YEAR CLASS Edwin E. Butler, President William J. Adams, Jr. Arch T. Allen .Tames M. Baley Edwin E. Butler Frederick L. Carh Richard M. Chamberlain William Dunn. Jr. Ernest W. Ewbank Ray S. Fahris SinXEV B. CiAMBILL .loilN W. CiRAIlA.M Lawrence T. Hammond Robert A. Hovis ,IoHN F. HUSKINS .Julian P. Kitchin James M. Little Homer L. Lyon Dewitt C. McCotteh WlLLIA I C. Medfori) Herman S. Merbell William D. Merritt .James O. Moore Roscoe H. Morgan William C. Parker Edwin M. Perkins Cornelius P. Randolph Thomas B. Rector .John H. Sembower Frank P. Spruill Solomon B. Sti;rnbercer Joseph Suisman HuKER T. Taylor Charles C. Trabue Charles H. Whedbee FIRST YEAR CLASS Thomas H. Watkins, President Franklin L. Adams Henry L. Anderson Mrs. D. Wilson Andrews William E. Anglin Ira W. Barber William R. Battley Theodore W. Bremer .J. Archie Cannon Ernest G. Castro Kent Creuser Lacy A. Dalton Emerson P. Dameron Erasmus A. Daniel .Tames I. Devereux Carl D. Downing Joe C. Eagles Irvin E. Erb Marshall Y. Feimster Albert E. Garrett Robert W. Geitner ]?i;n.iamin G. Gentry John W. Gillespie James C. Goodwin Harry Gump James K. Harrison William L. Higdon WoFFORD F. Humphries Edwin S. Lanier Jule McMichael lioY E. Mills Reeme Moore William S. Moss Thomas P. Noe Warren F. Olmstead Miss Cecile Loose Piltz Kerr C. Ramsay .Joseph K. Ray Robert H. Schnell Aaron A. F. Seawell Charles C. Sikes James B. Spell William A. Starbuck Bernice E. Strickland Charles W. Taylor Charles D. Wardlaw Thomas H. Watkins Miss Mary C. White Lynn Wilder Sam M. Yancey One Hundred Seventy-nine - 0?ie Hundred Ei ' jhty Medical School SECOND YEAR MEDICAL CLASS FiiANK C. O ' Neii. President Fletcher D. Sain Vice President Geohge R. Ren-ton Seeretarji-Triiisnrer F. M. Adams D. L. Avner E. B. Aycock S. A. Barrett G. R. Benton C. R. Brown E. E. Brown J. A. Brown H. T. Browne Jeff Davis J. H. Dafgherty J. AV. Eaton RoscoE Farabee H. W. Glascock C. W. Goodwin A. F. Hammond B. H. Harding F. T. Harper R. W. C. HlNST-CKER J. T. Kerr R. L. Kesler A. E. Knoefei. F. R. Lawtiieu H. L. Little Dermot Lohr Mart M. McLeod F. C. O ' Neil D. L. Potter J. W. Rea G. P. RoSEMOND F. D. Sain W. E. Selbt C. G. Southard P. R. Sparks T. J. Tavlor .ToHN Thornton H. Whitaker One Hundred Eighty-one ■ ' ' • rTg . One Hundred Eighty-ttvo Medical School FIRST YKAH MEDICAI, CLASS E. Charles Powell President Enr.AR C. Person Vice President CiTAHLES D. RoLLixs Secret arij-Trpiisnrer V. R. AnAMS Aaron Barr S M. Beale .1. P. BrNN C. R. Cahr (. ' . S. Dickson W. B. DoUOLAS T. S. Eddleman R. W. Franklin .r. T. CUNN .7. U. GUNTER .1. R. Heidenreicii Ruth Henley Cameron McRae C. G. Mock Sheldon Morrison .J. W. O ' Neil E. C. Person Carl Pigman Frank Pilcher S. A. Pope E. C. Powell H. G. Price S. A. Rabinowitz C. W. Reavis P. H. Rhodes C. D. Rollins C. L. ROYSTER J. M. Schachtman G. C. SisK I . B. Skeen W. B. Smith J. R. Strauss Thomas Stringfellow w. h. summerville A. W. Toole .Tames Watt Cheighton Wrenn One Hundred Eighty-three Oiie Hundred Eight ! -f our Pharmacy School SPECTAI. S ' lt ' DEXTS F.. G. TSiiVEwnuTir G. V. (ornwi ' I.t. T. B. Johns T. I.. MoI.ArGiii.iK H. TI. I ' lijipr.r THIHn YF.AK I ' ll Wi.MACV SCHOOL G. C. Hartis J. C. CORLE E. Y. Buchanan- R. A. BuCItANAN E. B. Clapp C. B. Clark J. C. COHLE A. L. Cochrane W. S. Crouch PresklenI . .Seretarji -M. T. Upchurc I ' . Hav G. C. Hartis A. M. Hicks W. W. Johnson P. A. Kr.Eir.EH Miss U. I.azari-s R. C. Manes F. Rav C. R. Rhodes ( ' . RoniNSON I., r,. Rouse C. B. Strickl C. B. Thompson M. T. t ' pCHURCH . Vire President Tren.iurtr NI) SECOND EA1{ l ' IlAI . tACY CLASS H. G. Brown . P resident M. M. Bra me Vlee H. M. COOKL S ere tar 11 H. F. Mc rver 1 M. M Brame C. H. Coble F. A. Holt H. G. Brom ' n L. R. Creech R. L. Lineberry L. E. Bunch U. F. Crissman W . W. Massengill A. F Caudle C. S. CURRT H C. McAllister S. G. Clark W. G. Dudley U S. Puckett M. L. Cline A. A. GWYNN c. P. Suttlemyre FIRST YEAR PHARMAC ' cr .ASS E. W Badgett R. A. Glenn J. D. Mitchell Mary A. Bennett J. J. Griftin M R. Moose H. F. BOBBITT W. C. HOLLOWEI.L c. L. Xeal R. S. BUNN W. PL HOUSER G. C. Penn J. D. Bunting J. F. C. Hunter L. M. Reinhardt H. C. Chapman W. A. Huntley D. P. Robinson R. W Colette R. LANonoN M W. Stevens L. H. Chumpler H. E. Lo t;tt n H. Sutton M. L. H.wns X. H. McCoLLUM D. 0. Tate C. E. Eldridge P. C. MacKesson R. R. Wells L. A. Dunn R. C. Manes J. L. AVenrick W. F Farjier L. J. McXeil J. M. Wheles W. M Fordham J. D. Matheson R. S. Whiteley A. E. CJalloway L. N ' . AVomble President Treasurer One Hundred Eighty-five ORGANIZATIONS BOOK THREE 1032 YACKETY YACK ALBRIGHT MEDFORD WEEKS BARNES BOUCHEK FERGUSOH TOWHSEHD HUKSUCKER RHODES Student Council Mayne Albright President W. C. Medford Vice President Haywood Weeks Secretary E. B. Ferguson. .Ib Junior Representative N. A. TowNSESD Sophomore Representative Paul Boucher Law School Representative CuKTTS HuNsucKER Mcdicai School Representative C. R. Rhodes, .Tr Phiiniincii School Representative Harper Barnes Old Council Mrmlicr One Hundred Eighty-eight RU55ELL LEAP FLEMING-JOKES 6HOEMAKEP Publications Union Board MacBriui: Flejung-Jokes I ' rixkli iil CiiAHLKs G. Rose Secretary J. M. Lear Treasurer PllILLIl ' S UUSSELL DoNALD S. SlIOEMAKER One Hundred EiyUty-nine ■WEBB ALEXANDER ADDERTOH PITT Yackety Yack Editorial J. Holmes Davis, Jh Editor-in-Chief ASSOCIATE EDITORS John Preston Henry Parsley ASSISTANT EDITORS Bill Hoffman Herb Taylor Ed Conrad Bob Werner Joe Webb Bill Reynolds EDITORIAL STAFF Bob Drane Howard Manning Eben Alexander Morrie Long Billy Pitt Stokes Adderton Jack Besseit One Hundred Ninety S1LVER5TEIH STATON cJAC0B5O FREEDLAND SHULMAN TWEYEP EKTWISTLE MAR5H 60L0M.0H A.BAIiN507T 1 " « s bT I F.BAHNSO IP " " . l A i» 1 H.5TEIH ALLEN Yackety Yack Business Staff Sam SiLVERSTEis Business Manarier Harold Staton Assistant Business Manager Harrt Jacobson Assistant Business Manager Jack Fheedland Collection Manaijer John Entwistle Appointment Manager Behnakd Solomon Advertising Manager Fred Shulman Fred Bahnson JuLiEN Meyer Raymond Stein JiMMiE Allen Harry Steijj Henry May Steve Marsh Agnew Bahnson Norman Diamond George Steele One Hundred ninety-one ROSE GRAY WALKER SOLOMON WILSOK JAcKEE McMILLAH SH.OE-MJii.KER. BARROW DATMlElv I The Daily Tar Heel Jack Dungait Ed French . . Editor Miinuijinii Editor KDITORIAT. STAFF Edit(irial Boabd: Cliarles C Rose, Chtiirman, Don Shocmakfr, R. W. Bariutt, HiiukrMui Hej ward, Dan Lacy, Keni]) Yarborough, Sidney Rosen. Foreign News Board: E. C. Daniel, Jr., Chairman, Frank Hawley, C. G. Thomp.son. Jolin Acee, Claiborn Carr, Charles Poe. Fe.ititre Board: Ben Neville, T. W. Blackwell, E. H. Joseph Sugarman, W. R. Eddleman, Vermont Roystcr. City Editors: George Wilson, Tom Walker, William McKee, W. E. Davis, W. R. Woerner, Jack Riley. Sports Department: Thomas H. Brougliton. Librarian: E. M. Spruill. Heelers: J. H. Morris, J. D. Winslow, A. T. Dill, W. O. Marlowe, E. C. Bagwell, R. J. Gialanella, W. D. McKee, Harold Janofsky, S. A. Wilkins, F. C. Litten, N. H. Powell, Frank Thompson, M. V. Barnhill, W. S. Rosenthal, C. S. Mcintosh. One Hundred Ninety-two (fl|obek2% %iu!k HAVLEY CORD OK POE ILEY OLD3 BE55EH I The Daily Tar Heel John Maxxinc liiisltiixx Miiniiiier T. C. Worth Cirriihilinii Mitnajiir BUSINESS STAFF BUSIN?:SS DEPARTMENT Assistfltlts H. D. McMillan Pkxdlfto.v Gray 1!i:rxari) Solomon AnVKKTISING DEPARTMENT JiMMV Allen, Manager Assistants H. A. Clark Pill Jones Jdk Mason Howard Mannino H. Louis Brisk Didllv Jesnincs COI.l.ECTION DEPARTMENT John Barrow, Manaijer Assistants Randolph Reynolds ,Ioe Webb Agnew Bahnson .T I M Cordon — ( £k2hl! a£k V ' 93 y One Hundred Ninety-three The Carolina Buccaneer Pete Gilchrist Editor Bobbie M asox _j ,•; Editor Walter Mason Manaffinff Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS ' I ' liM Warhai.l Alden Staiir ASSISTANT EDITORS John Scott Elizabeth Xrxx Bill Dtflock ART STAFF Karl Sprinkle Closs Peace A. C. Firschcott John McCot Pavl Jones Vass SnEPHERn M. P. Hiller R. C. Ruark Allen Suther Fred Laxton CONTRIBUTORS ' . H. Whitney Tom Riddick Basil Hall Julia Stanback Billy Arthur Pete Ivey D. C. McCujBE Jasies Fathman Selbv Harney J. Stanley William Chambers Newman Lockwood Roy Wilder Bob Gold William Harris 193a. J DAVIS 51LVERSTEIN FLYNT BLACKWOOD The Carolina Buccaneer BUSINESS STAFF S. P. Marsh Business Mana er JiMMiE Ai.LEjf Assistant Business Manager C. P. Sims , Advertising Manager .1. W. 0AVIS Collection Manager P. H. Flint Circulation Manager Frank Edmoxdsox Jim Cordon H. H. IIarris I. S. Blackwood A. H. King J. R. Sthawn W. D. McKee E. S. Lupton H. L. Brisk r.EdNAHii Hutchinson Bobbie Dalzeli, .T. W. Callahan C. T. Pawls C I935L One Hundred ' Ninety-five The Carolina Magazine D. C. McCluhk •. Eililijr-hi-( ' lilrf John M anxing Busintss Matiiirii r Hoy CiiAPix Book Ed ' ilor J. W. Long Exchftnyv Editor STAFF James Dahson W. M. Hayes Vernon Ward (J. M. FlEI.DMAX J. W. Sl.AI ' GlITEB VeHNON CrOOK Alden Stahr George Wilson George Brown Pete Gilchrist Wilhir Dorsett James Asa Johnson H. A. Anderson M. F. Parker Walter Mason R. B. Barnett .rACK Dahden E. de Graffenried H. G. Tilghman Peter Hairston C. W. Bendigo K. ' . Deans, Jr. G. R. Berrtman One HunOred Ninety-six DYEBo WILSON Glee Club Harhy Sheltox Dver Director OFFICERS AV. C. Barfield President E. L. SwAijT Vice President W. G. HuMPHiEs Secretary Kex S. Whsox Business Manager J. W. SLArcHTER Ijibrarian Claude Sawyer Publicity Manager 0«e Hundred Ninety-seven McCOLIv POW£LIv q!0:H ' £:S CUlvPEPPEfc FEMHELJU Women ' s Association GABRIf:r,LE McCoLL Margaret Powell Retty Jones . . Orvii.le Culpepper . Kathleen Fennell Prcaklt ' iit Vice-President Serretarii Trmsurer House President Graduates — Florence Klizabetli Aslier, F.lnia Asliton, Annie Catherine Ayeock, Alma Kerr Blount, Irene Holiek, Mrs. Lillian P. I?rinton, Mrs. Kate J. Carniiceal, Olivia Hat Cliambelain, Florence Elizabeth Chick, Lola L. Cox, Virginia K. Crawford, Rachael Crook, Eztla Deviney, Claire A. Dodd, Anna G. Edmunds. M. Elizabeth Edward.s, Mattie E. Edwards, Mary Elioson, Elizabeth Ferguson, Benice Freeman, Naomi Esther Greene, Mrs. Lucy E. Grimsley, Janie Stacy, Gwyn, Mary Clyde Hallum, .Annie Olivia Harmon, Charlotte Clinard Hayes, Laurine Hayes, Nell Q. Henry, Mary Meredith Hicks, Ivy May Hixson, Sadie Franklin Jenkins, Martha Dabney Jones, Mrs. Mary F. Justice, Alice B. Keith, Mary T. H. Kivei, Mrs. Lena B. Ladu, Caroline F. Leavall, Ada L. Lentz, Letitia Ashley Lewis, Helen Irene McCobb, Bertie M. McGee, Louise McKinney, Elizabeth McPherson, Mrs. Emily Stevens Maclachlan, Marjorie Stratford Maidenhall, Elizabeth Newell, Annette May Osborne, Celeste L. Pemmey, Mrs. Ruth L. Preston, E. Williams Roberts, Frances Roberts, Katherine Smedley, Kathryn Kent Smith, Minnie Jameson Smith, Mrs. Lewis Bellinger Stabler, Grace Tilley, Lessie Ophelia Toler, Katherine Burdick Touriseud, Dorothy Mae Unangst, Elouise Brown Vaughn, Edith Webb, Viola Chittendon White, Raemond Bingham Wilson, Elizabeth Janet Woo l, Helen Elizabeth Wormell, Blanche Clare Zorn, Edith Eugenia Averitt, Edith Lamar Biddix, Tempie B. Boyd, Dorothy Anne Brown, Ernestine Clard, Madeline Copeland, Elsa Craig, Marion Makepeace Cur- tis, Grace Wilson Duncan, Mary Louisa Fleet, Jessie Clegg Griffin, Anna Anderson Hammond, Louise Janie Jennings, Eleanor Childs Leonard, Virginia Martin, Emily Paula Moore, Evelyn Day Mullen, Elizabeth Hill Pojneroy, Quinette Clarke Prentiss, EUiner Graham Preston, Alice C. Prioleara, A. Ruben, Delia Frances Shore, Mrs. Alina S. Skagg, Ann Gertrude Smith, Pearl Alexandria Snodgrass, Louise M. Styne, Elizabeth Susandorif, Susanne B. Tucker, iTorofhy Walters, Florence Winslow, Margaret Booker Wright. One Himdred ' Ninety-eight Unclassified — Naomi Alexander, Dorothy Wilson Andrews, Heeiiie Moore, Cecila Louise Plltz, Rose Lazarus, Ruth Dixon Heley, Mary Margaret McLeod. Skniobs — Eloise Barwick, Vera Beach, Sybille K. Berwanper, Alice 15. Blake, Eunice ( ' .. Boney, Evelyn Huth Brickinan. Mary Burroughs, Alma Cato, Pansy Adeline Chandler, Annie L. Crenshaw, OrviUe Park Culpe] ])er, Martha McGill De Laney, Mary Emory. Mary Aileen Ewart, Kathleen Fennell, Mary Virginia Ferguson, Lucy Twitty Fletcher, Helen Gores, Blanche Baker HanfT, Lillian Moe Hottenstein, Annie Laura Hudson, Eleanora Gwyn Hunt, Tahita Cromwell HutatT, Betty Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Evelyn Marie Kneeburg, Jean Lane, Martha Lewis, Helen Louise Logan, Myra Peyton Lynch, Clabrielle Palmer McColl, Charlotte Wilson Miles, Mrs. Emily X. Morgan, Edna Morrissette, Ruth N ' ewby, Jo White Norwood, Elizabeth Nicholls Nunn, Charity Cromwell Oliver, Josephine Patton Parker, Closs Peace, Betsy M. Perrow, Margaret Powell, Elizabeth Gatewood Reed, Mary Adelaide Reed, Emma Rennie, Jeans Evans Rose, Doretta Russell, Virginia Shamberlin, Eleanor Cunningham Smith, Frances Ellen Stewart, Alice M. Stutz, Marion Tatum, Mary Frances Wagstaff, Alice Eran Walker, Elizabeth Drane Webb, Jocelyn Elizabeth Whedbee, Virginia Wilder, Florence C. Yancey. JrxioRS — Ida Lee Ballentine, Florence H. Banman. Nettie Mae Black, Elizabeth Grier Bolton, Julia Bates Brown, Serry Bynum, Marye Carter, Mary IJIlian Correll. CHennes Worthen Dodge. Margaret Ferey. Ernestine Dorothy CJroves. Betsy Hughes Harding. F ' annie Brown Harrell, Mary Elizabeth Hartshone. Virginia Hendricks, Evelyn Holloman. Helen Geneva Horner, Edith Christine Kneeburg, Virginia Dell Landreth, Mrs. Reba H. Lineberger, Betty Gray Long, Mrs. J. M. Mclver, Marguerite McKinney, Mary Louise McWhorter, Frances Mercer, Nell Montague, Elizabeth Vann Moore, Aileen Leigh Munson, Mary Frances Parker, Sarah B. Parker, Anna Louise Pritchard, Jane Elizabeth Purrington, Mar.iorie Isabel Reeves, Katherine Henderson Scoggin, Mrs. Bess Lee Shewbert. Elta Sledge. Anne Spiers, Olza Sylvia Stecker, Virginia Whitridge Stevens, Edna Claire Stroude, Mae B. Strowd, Martha Frances Thomas, Madeline Jeanette Thompson, Lucy Trimble, Anna L. Utley, Mary Waldo, Anna Gray Watson, Miriam Carlyle Willis, Virginia Fleming Yancey. Ida Lee Zuin Brunnen. Sophomores — Virginia Beaty Bass, Elizabeth Jane Durham, Virginia Lea Harrison, Evelyn Spruill Page, Abby Laura Paulsen, Ruby Smith. Fresh MEX — Mary Alice Bennett, Isabelle Eliza Buckles, Virginia Elizabeth Buckles, Martha Lucinda Daniels, Alta McVay Duke, Charlotte Elizabeth Eldridge, Theo Fields, Eloise Mary James, Rebecca F ' rances Jordan, Rebekah Moose, Marie Leake Parsons, Eliza- beth Uaney, Martha Royster, Bertha Stone Tiller, Frances White. Specials — Mary Ellen Bennett, Elizabeth Stedman Boyd, Mrs. Mary E. Campbell, Evelyn deGrafl ' enreid. Jane Dudley, Guelda Elliott, Verna Mae Hahn, Nell Gates Hoyle, Margaret Nicholson Jordan, Margaret Lenora Siebert, Mary Pickett ■ard, Ina Young. 193a. J - One Hundred Ninety-nine American Institute of Electrical Engineers D. J. Thuhston Chairman R. C. Cadmus Vice Chairman S. A. Barham Secretarii E. L. Swain Treasurer SENIORS G. H. Alford W. D. Bryax. Jr. J. L. Fisciikr E. S. Oakes S. A. Barham R. C. Cadmi ' s E. F. Frisby E. L. Swain T. A. Baroody ,I. M. Dri.s D. , I. Thurston .TlMOliS F. M. Carlisle J. H. Makvix V. C. Mh.ler J. E. Slater F. M. Glover H. X. Zelley SOPHOMORES DuBOSE Avery .1. C. Coriile X. A. Jennings R. M. Query C. G. Balyo D. W. Craio M. M. Jones V. I.. Ridenhour Ji ' ijus Bernstein W. E. Davls E. W. Kerr H. M. Stein. Jr. J. K. Briugers R. W. Foster .r. C. Little Herbert F. Stewart J. A. Brooks R. V. Frazier H. C. McBrair J. F. Strickland J. B. Brown C. M. Garrison W. L. McKeitiian V. M. Tiiohnberg Eugene Cari.and .1. P. Irwin. Jr. S. H. Usry FRESH M EX A. J. Bracket J. D. Hershey A. B. Little R. M. Ricilmond McDonald Comer S. M. Hodges E. L. Lowdermilk W. B. Robeson .M. E. Evans J. . . Hou.ston F. E. Michael J.A.Taylor .1. G. Farrell, Jr. Joe Giobbi W. T. Mitchell C. J. TmpiE L. R. Hagood a. H. King F. H. Moses R. Van Sleen R. B. Haywood G. J. Kocii B. B. Parker E. L. W. goner, Jr. G. H. Heiiiejiich W. F. Watt, Jr. Tiro Hundred American Society of Civil Engineers John Andrews President C. H. Atkins Vice President A. N. Daniel, Jr Secretary E. G. RoBBiNs Treasurer SENIORS John Andrews C. H. Boyd R. W. Goebel E. P. McLean V. H. Atkins A. N. Daniel O. W. Kochtitzky E. G. Robbins W. M. Atkinson, Jr. J. L. Fehebee, Jr. H. S. McIver H. P. Tsumas C. L. White, Jr. JUNIORS W. A. Burcii J. M. Isi.EY G. W. Pearson S. S. Scarboro J. M. GoonsoN P. L. Verburg SOPHOMORES A. C. Brown R. M. (ii.vern Sidney Franklin C. M. I.ajib J. I,. Crutciifikli) R, M. Daii.ey G. C. Glover J. H. I.yncii F. R. CrL ' ERN .1. R. Felts Simon Crock G. M. Pope .1. W. W ' llITTON FRESHMEN MiGUEAL Ahrabal L. L. Davis W. V. King. Jr. ,J. !VI. Pruden E. G. Barrett G. T. Escola W. H. McNaihy- Henry Purnell, ,Ir. Malcolm Bell, Jr. G. M. Galanos W. T. Mitchell Wji. Rabinowitz E. E. Berger I. M. Glace W. C. Morrison M. J. Skibik J. H. Bryan E. L. Green P. L. Obasch F. B. Thorpe T. C. Cameron Joe Hackett .1. A, We.stbrook Two Hundred One American Society of Mechanical Engineers E. L. MiDGETT President R. T. Burnett Vice President V L. Kenton Secretary B FACULTY MEMBERS E. G. Hoeffeb X. P. Bailey STUDENT MEMBERS C. Carmichael A. E. l?EVAC«ilA C;. V. GORHAM, Jr. F. P. HUNSICKER C. C. CORNWAI.I. P. R. Hayes H S. Jenkins. Jr A. W. Dunbar R. P. HowEi.L, Jr. W J. MiLBURN A. C. FiHciicnTT M F. Taylor Two Hundred Two American Institute of Chemical Engineers T. R. Taylor President John Preston T ' ice President L. C. SuRPHENANT Secretary E. O. Bryant Treasurer SENIORS E. O. Bryant P. S. Gilchrist M. M. Matthews B. E. Lukens E. Frank Thomas JUNIORS EnwARD Brenner G. A. Phillips, Jr. C. M. Sawyeii. Jr. I,. C. Suprenant M. S. Morrison, Jr. .1. A. Preston T. K. Taylor SOPHOMORES R. E. Baij)win .T. B. Chutchfield F. D. Higby Albert New V. R. Batejian J. E. Gant, Jr, F. H. I.entz B. S. Old A. G. Biggs Blair Holliday G. P. Miller J. J. Pittman C. A. ROUILLER FRESHMEN W. H. Andrews O. B. Hawkins E. L. Laxton H. L. Nicholson A. C. Avert, III R. D. Hatnes T. H. Lever E. A. Pearsall C. E. Brady R. L. Huber R. G. MacFarlane W. G. Phivette Jack Cannon R. S. Hunt F. V. Miller V. B, Rose W. H. Franklin E. T. Ingle A. S. Mowhy D. H. Schneider R. S. Hall M. K. Jordan C. W. Newton W. E. Stewabt W. S. Harnet O. F. Strothee Two Hundred Three Dialectic Senate Jack Dtngan Prcx ' ilcnt Fall Qiiarler B. G. Gkntry President IVinier Quarter JrLE McMlCHAEL President Sprint Quarter Ttco Hundred Four SENATORS J. E. Allex T. W. Bl.ACK«-EI,I. I. S. Hl.At ' KWO(JI) W. F. Bloint TlIDMAS BrcUGIITOX E. S. CoLucci Jack Duxgan V. E. Eddlemax McB. Fleming-Joxes G. E. Frexcii B. G. Gextry Masox Gibbs Jack Guytox Fraxcis Harreli. F. E. Howard U. P. Howell A. B. JoxES Clyde Lahmer a 1. 1, ex i.itti.e j. m. i.ittle Harold Loxg H. T. Lyox Bill McKee JULE McMicirAEL William Medford Ike Mix- or C. G. Rose Caklyle Rttledgi Sail Sneider R. P. Scott Sam Silversteix J. B. SiMOXS Cieorge Steele Robert Woerxer Arthur Valk Tico Hundred Five WILKINSON Philanthropic Assembly Hamilton Hobgood Prfsidcni Fall Quarter Edwin Lanier President Winter Quarter John Wilkinson President Spring Quarter Tivo Hundred Six " i 1932. REPKESENTATIVKS .1. M. Aci:i: A M. Epstein K D. Johnson L. S. Sloop !• ' . .1. Ai.i.Ki:.) M E. Evans A S. Kaplan F. S. Sludek .1. F. Hahmanu H L. Ferrell D A. Kelly P. C. Smith M ' . Har.niiii.i. A M. Fl.EISJIJlAX L. Karesh H. E. Smith wick J. M. Hki.i. n B. Fox A D. KORNEGAY- R. J. SoMERS M J. Bi;sr K. T. Freeman n M. Lacy W . H. H S. Hkkf(.i i Joe Giobbi E. S. I.ANIEK J. (). Stallings J. K. BiDDI.E H M. Goldstein W . H. Lazarus J. A. Stanley Charles Bond J. F. GoouE D. C. MCDUFFIE W . B. Stevenson C. E. BOYLES I.. J. Greer ' D. McKee J. R. Strawn H L. Brisk C. W. Griffin D G. McLeod A H. Suitor ' L. Brown E. E. Griffin R. M. McMillan J. P. Temple W II.I.IAM Bynum V C. Griffin M L. McWhirter L. S. Tracy H G. Campen H W. GWYNN I,. W. Manheim W E. Uzzell T. B. Campex P. W. Hairston H S. Messick W G. Vinson C. K. Carmiciiaei, I) W. Hanks T. A. Moody- X W. Walker, Jr D. M. Carmichaei. .r. H. HiNSON S. M. Pattishall n. R. Wall I,. D. Chapel H milton HoHGOOI) A. H. Paul w F. Watt M S. Clary A. I,. Hodges J. S. Poole H W. Wells K D. Collins S. M. Hodges F. H. Rankin Cr. V. Wheeles W . R. Dawes li. L. HUBER W B. Rodman J. A. Wilkinson J. A. Doubles 1.. L. Hutchinson N 4THAN Schwartz E. C. Willis S. A. Douglas A G. IVEY J. A. Shuford J. D. WiNSI.OW J. W. Durham F. M. James r.. C. Slade M L. Wood A J. Ellington .(. M. JOHNSON w . N. Sloan T. C. Worth A J. Ellis K. W. Young j seftumia uss Two Hundred Seven GR.EEN MAHHINO Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet F. M. James I,EE Grf.ex President President Joiix Mannixo Fhank Hahi.ey Secretary Treasurer W. R. Allshrook Francis Anderson H. W. Barnett ' ernon Hrown Ben C ' ampen Bim Ferguson Mosely Fonville Hamilton Hohgood A. D. Karnegay Jim Kenan Wilbur Kochtizkv Bill McKee Charles Rose J. H. Sluiford Bill Spradlin Jim Steere Tom Watkins Emmett Willis Tom Worth Alex Webb SOPHOMORE " V CABINET John Acr:E . Alan Smith Bill McAllister Alex Andrews Mark Best Charles Bissell Red Boyles Bill Bynum Cecil Carmichacl President . . Vice President Claihorn Carr Ed Clayton Frank Crowell Set Dockery ■ John Entwistle James Felts Bob Foster Ed Michaels . . . . John B. Bkown Woody Glenn Alex Hardin W. C. Harris Lasley Hudson Bill Hussey George Little Graham McLeod Secretary Treasurer R. M. McMillan Bill Minor Clarence Peacock Bob Reynolds Karl Sprinkle Rd Spruill Xat Townsend Donald Ward FRESHMEN " Y " FRIENDSHIP COUNCIL Jack Pool Bob Drane President Vice President Rali Fra Gardner Secretary Kexan Treasurer Frank Abernathy, Eban Alexander, Graham Allison, Esley Anderson, Harvey Anderson, Calder Atkinson, Gene Bagwell, Sherwood Barefoot, Agnew Bahnson, Fred Bahnson, Bob Bickford, Bob Blount, George Blanton. Bob Bolton, Tom Bost, Danford Britt, Ed Broad- hurst, Harry Brisk, L. C. Bruce, Dick Burn, (Jeorge Buchanan, Madison Brown, Hal Campen, B. W. Carr, Jack Cari)enter, Jack Cates, Johnny Callahan, Albert Clark, Albert Cox, Jr., Odell Crant ' ord, Paul Crayton, Reed De Vane, Abbott Diblee, James Doubles, Bob Drane, Mark Dunn, Blucher Ehringhaus, Albert Ellis, Henry Emmerson, Clark Erwin, Claude Free- man, Boh Ferguson, Ral] h Gardner, Mason tiibbes, .lack Glace, Robert Graham, Donoh Hanks, ]5ob Hall, William Haislip, Russell Hamilton, Gilmer Harris, John Hershey, Alden Houston, Sam Hollingsworth, John Hundley, Pete Ivey, Laurence Jones, Emmett .Toyner, H. R. Kerr, Frank Kenan, Calvin Kennemur, Irvin Laxton, Dick Lewis, R. G. I Cwis, F. C. Litten, Fred London, Homer Lucas, Larry Marks, Ed Martin, Howard Manning, Burnett Macon, Joe Mason. Henry Messick, Frank Miller, Paul Mickey, Bob Nowell, Howard McDonald, Craig Mcintosh, " Bill McKee, Jack Pool, Nick Powell, Bi ' lly Pitt, Simmons Patter- son, Hubert Rand, Charles Kawls, Henry Ranke, George Rowe, Brainard Roreson, Charles Shaffer, W. H. Shay, Al Simonds, Lee .Sistare. L. C. Slade. Locke Sloope, George Steele, Allen Steele, W. B. Stevenson, Herbert Suiter, Donald Swain, Collin Stokes, Foster Thorpe, Frank Thompson, Henry Toler, W. G. Vinson, Nat Walker. I ' .dmund Waklrop, Billy Wells, Joe Webb, Bill Weaver, John Withers, Ed Williamson, .Sam Wilkins, Bates Wilson, J. D. Winslow, Jini Westbrook. Two Hundred Eight Two Hundred Nine Debate Council STUDENT MEMBERS MacIJride President J. A. VVii.KiNsox Representative of Dialectic Senate J. C. HuTLEDGE Reprenevtative of Philanthropic Assembly C. K. Carmichai ' i, Member-at-!arpc FACULTY MEMBERS W. A. ■ Ej-eciiliv( Sicrilarii E. ,1. M ' oDuiioi ' SE G. M. McKiE TiLO Hundred Ten BDDI,E ' MAN LvACY Intercollegiate Debates AITALACHIAX STATE TEACIIKRS ' COLLEGE Chapel Hill. April 10, 1931 On Frer Tniile Negative: H. H. HoBOOOD, C. D. Wakii[.a v ASBURY COLLEGE Wilmore. Kv.. April 11, 19.31 On Free Trade . ej:ativi ' : ,1. V. .SuM :HTEE, E. L. HAYWOOD UXIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI Cincinnati. April 12. 1931 On Free Trade (Radio) Affirmative: .J. W. Sl-Wghter. E. L. Haywooo NORTH VE.STERN UNIVERSITY Evanston. 111.. April 14, 1931 On Vneinploiiment In uranee Affirmative: J. W. Sl l(iHTKR. E. L. Haywoou WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Cleveland. April 16, 1931 On Cnemploi menl Imuranee Affirmative: .1. V. SuWGHTER. E. L. Haywood N. C. 0. W. Greensboro. May 1, 1931 On rn«.»ip(oi inen( In uranee C. A. Shrb -e. C. D. Vaedi w ()XFt)RI) UNIVERSITY ( All Ilil■l■s of National Student Federation) Cliapel Hill. December 16, 1931 On Aiiieriran reruns Russian Civilization Negative: .J. A. W1L.KINSON, D. M. Lacy UXI- T5RSITY OF CINCINNATI Chapel Hill. .January 8, 1932 On Capiialium .Affirmative: E. E. Ericson. S. P. Zl.MNOtH. B. C. Proctor ASBURY COLLEGE Chapel Hill. March 1. 1932 On. Adrertiging Affirmative: E. S. U NIER. W. R. Eddlkman UNIVERSITY OP SOUTH CAROLINA Chapel Hill, March 4, 1932 On Centralized Control of Indnstry Negative: J. A. Wilkinson. D. R. Seawei.l UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Athens, March 14. 1932 On Franklin Rooserelt n Best Choice of Democrat)! Negative: J. A. Wilkinson. D. R. Se. «ell GEORGIA TECH Atlanta. March 15. 1932 On Capitalism Negative: -J. A. Wilkinson. D. R. Seawell X. C. C. W. Chapel Hill. Mav 2. 1931 On Vnemploilment Insurance W. W. Speight, F. C. Wabdlaw UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Richmond. Mav 19. 1931 On TaJkinrj Mories (Radio) iitive: .1. C. Ri ' Tledge, H. H. Houoood, M. Fleming-Jones N. C. STATE Chapel Hill. December 3. 1931 On Centralized Control of Industrii ve: -J. W. Sl lGHTER. W. R. Eddleman N. C. ST. TE Raleigh. December 4. 1931 On Centralized Control of Induslril ■mative: J. A. Wilkinson, E. S. Lanier Two Hundred Eleven HOBG-OOD ■WAJX IvAV BOIAINS COLLEGE Winter Park, March 16, 1932 On Cenlralixed, Control of Industry Aliirniative: J. A. WlL,KINSON, D. B. Seawell BOSTON UNIVEESITT Boston, March 17, 1932 u-e oi Womsn from the Hume (Rndw) : M rLEMING-JONE,S, E. S. LANIEB UNIVEBSITY OF FLORIDA Gainesville, March 17, 1932 (In CenlralUed Control of Industru Affinnative: J. A. Wilkinson. D. B. Seawell SPEINGFIELD COLLEGE Springfield. Mass., March 18, 1932 On Einerpnce of Women from the Home Affirmative: M. Fleming-Jones. E. S. Lanier UNIVEBSITY OF SOUTH OABOLINA Columbia. March 18. 1932 On Centralized Control of Industry Affirmative: J. A. Wilkinson. D. R. Seawell UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Collese Park, Man-h 14. 1932 On Capitnlium AJKrmalive: M. Fleming-Jones. E. S. Lanier UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBUBGH Pittsburgh. March 15. 1932 On Centralized Control of Industry Affirmative: M. Fleming-Jones. E. S. Lanier NEW YORK UNIVERSITY New Y ' ork. March 16. 1932 On Socialism Affirmative: M. Pleming-Jones. E. S. Lanier UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH Sewanee. March 14. 1932 On Centralized Control of Industry Affirmative: D. M. Lacy, W. B. Eddleman UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE Knoxville, March 15. 1932 On- Centralized Control of Industnt Affirmative: D. M. Lacy, W. R. Em.l.EM.v ASBUEY ' COLLEGE Wilmore. Ky.. March 16. 1932 On Centralized Control of Industry Affirmative: D. M. Lacy. W. R. Eddleman UNIVEBSITY OP CINCINNATI Cincinnati. March 17, 1932 On Capitalism. Affirmative: D. M. Lacy, W. R. Eddleman SLAUGHTBBO WESTERN RESERVE UNIVEBSITY Cleveland, March 18, 1932 On Capitalism Affirmative: D. M. Lacy, W. R. Eddleman BOSTON UNIVERSITY Chapel Hill, March 23, 1932 , Centralized Control of Industry : M. Fleming-Jones, D. B. Morgan UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH f ' hapel Hill, March 30. 1932 On Centralized Control of Industry native: J. A. Wilkinson. D. M. Lacy WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Chapel Hill. March 31. 1932 On Capitalism Split Team — Carolina Representatives : E. J Lanier. B. C. Pboctob, D. B. Seawell Two Hundred Twelve ►Kieg i m i i r f The University Band ' r. Smith McConKLr John W. Ci.inard, Jr. Trumpets anfl Corneta D. Barbano J. McQ. Best F. Betts H. A. Brooks C. H. Cantrell Charles Crum H. H. FtJSSLER J. F. Hunter T. M. JoHNSOX R. H. MtTNCH H. L. NicoLsoN R. E. Orbaugh J. R. Raper Otis Strother T. R. Tatlor Horns W. E. Abernethv R. M. HiNSHAW R. L. LiNEBERHV p. O. SCHALLERT Conductor Waiter C. Phescott , President Fraxk J. Jaiocks Baritone Horns F. J. Jacocks Paul Kaveny J. E. Slater Trombones A. R. Davis W. H. Davis J. V. Randolph J. L. Saxtoro Tiihas . V. C ' linaru. Jr. R. S. Crum J. E. Fuller C. C. Plaster Charles Stoxestreet Percussion L. D. Chapel C. F. Crews M. E. EvAxs S. H. Greexberg W. L. HlXKLE A. H. King L. L. Rajiseur L. B. Teele Flutes H. D. Carter L. W. Ross Clarinets O. L. Chrjsco C. F. Crutchfield R. H. Flyxt SiuxEV Fraxklix A. K. Hardee P. G. Jamisox Serretfirii Manafler A. S. Kaplan H. E. KlLPATRICK C. H. Lennon W. W. Phoutt C. M. Sawter R. O. Stein R. N. Willis Oboe H. R. Hazelman Sax ' oph ones S. W. Fleming W. D. LOWDER B. R. Martixsox H. B. Steix W. A. Strixgfellow Bassoons V. W. King W. C. Prescott J. L. Wexrick Drum Ma ' ior Two Hundred Thirteen ATHLETICS BOOK FOUR 1932 YACKETY YACK Monogram Club J. D T. R. S. M. W. D E. C. E. D. J. U. H. M. J. H. H. S. E. H. J. G. B. C. J. M. F. W M. E, K. L. N. A. E. G. T. S. R. H G.W Football Braxch Brown Chandler Croom Ferebee Fysal GiLBREATH Hodges Lassiter McIvER Newcombe Peacock Philpot Phipps . Slusser . Strickland Thompson Underwood Walker White Schnell, Mi r. . Thompson, Mgr. W. M. HiNES C. M. Jones D. D. McMachren W. S. Markham V. S. Weathers S. J. Breen, Mgr. Basketball T. W. Alexander. .Th. Ci. F. Brandt S. M. Chandler J. P. Edwards D. P. Henry Baseball E. Blythe D. Croom P. Dunlap P. Edwards C. Ferebee R. HiNTON C. House C. Longest . H. Patter G. Peacock . G. Powell D. Shields I,. Wyrick deL. Sickles, Mgr. Boaing P. R. Brown J. B. F arris Martin Levinson N. W. Lumpkin F. B. Raymer J. E. Wadsworth ,1. L. Williams Hugh Wilson P. K. Alston. Mgr. Tennis Lucas Abels E. K. Graham Bryan Grant, Jr. H. H. Hendun W. M. Hikes Philh- Liskin L. C. Wright E. D. Yeomans Wrestling J. M. Auman Morton Hiller Thad. Hussey Percy Idol Chas. Lawson Clark Matheson James Spell Harry Tsumas W. O. Woodard C. P. Rogers, Mgr. Cross-Cowntri T. L. Cordle W. R. Groover C. A. Jenson T. A. Benson R. B. Hubbard M. M. Jones E. E. McRae .T. H. Pratt L. G. Sullivan Golf Joe Adams A. M. Brown Ben Goode Beverly Mason Trark B. D. Arnold G. L. Bagby C. R. Baucam T. R. Brown E. P. Cameron A. K. Davis R. W. Drane K. B. Hubbard M. M. Jones K. M. Mabland R. J. Ruble J. K. Smith F. W. Slusser T. H. Watkins L. S. Weil DnNN, Jr., Mgr. Tiro Hundred Sixteen CO LLI N S -Head Coach FOOTBALL 37 M 96 • 97 j, 75 ,„ 55 33 i.Sg ' SO 84 83 78 86 5 9 47 53 90.58 43 7 73 67 THOMPSON -Manager SCH N ELL- A a rsg ' e - r co Hundred Seventeeti VARSITY FOOTBAI.I, SCHEDULE Season- 1931 r. C. Opp. Srurf Score Chajiel Hill, September 2G ;: I ' . X. C. Wake Forest College Nashville, Tenn.. October 3 u l. . C Vanderbilt 13 Gainesville, Fla., October 10 r. X. C Florida Chapel Hill, October 17 7 I ' . X ' . C. Georgia 32 Football Season With a galaxy of veteran linemen and a mere handful of seasoned backs. Coach Chuck Collins began early in September to prepare to meet such foes as Vanderbilt, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee on successive Saturdays, along with Wake Forest, X. C. State, Georgia Tech, David- son, Duke and Virginia scattered along the line. Coach Collins, from the start, determined to ])ut a fighting team on the field. In spite of the fact that the season ' s record shows only four wins as comjjared to three ties and as many losses, the Tar Heels gave a good account of them- selves in every encounter. To fill the vacancies in the backfield, Bill Croom, Johnny Peacock, Haines Lassiter, Kay Thompson, Tom White. Smoky Ferebee, and Johnny Daniels came up from the reserves of last year, while Johnny Fhipi)s was a helpful addition from the freshman team. Johnny Branch, though lost to the team a good part of the season, returned to his old position for the Virginia game and turned in what was perhaps his greatest exhibition on Kenan field. The prodigal son returned and ended his football career at Carolina in a blaze of glory. Against Wake Forest he scored three times, running in his usual speedy manner, in the State game he again tallied three times, but the clima.x of his year ' s play came in the Georgia Tech game at Atlanta, when he sprinted eighty yards through a broken field for a Tar Heel score. The line, composed of veterans, was the shining light of the Tar Heel eleven. It was effective from early season. Though composed of veterans, this line was light but speedy. The line, led by Ellis Fysal, guard, averaged about one hundred and eighty pounds to the man. Speed was the keynote. In one instance, June Underwood, tackle, ran a ' ande bilt halfback down from behind. Gilbreath was down fast under punts and in on every play. Staton Mclver time and time again was in the opposition ' s backfield before the play could get underway. With Fysal, guard on the All-Southern second team, and Mclver, Carolina had a fast, aggressive, hard- fighting, pair of guards. June Underwood and Harry Hodges took care of the tackle berths and both were a tower of strength in every game. On the ends, Tberon Brown and Irwin Walker played sensational ball. The reserves also played an important part in the success of the line. Chapel Hill, October 24 II l. X. C Tennessee 7 Raleigh, October 31 l.S I ' . X. C X. C. State 15 Atlanta. Ga., X ' ovember 7 IP U. X C Georgia Tech 19 Ciiai)el Hill. Xovember 1 + 20 I ' . X. C Davidson Durham, Xovember 21 I) U. X. C Duke Chapel Hill, X ' ovember 20 13 U. N. C. Virginia 6 Two Htinrlred Eighteen " V 1932. Cill.ItRKATH M ' ith all of this tried reserve material available fcr next year the prospects for a successful sea- son are a great deal brighter than they were this l)ast year. The same schedule is to be faced next 1 .11 as was met this year. IHE WAKE FOREST GAME The 19:?1 edition of the Tar Heels made their (libut on September 2ti against Wake Forest. The linal score, ' .i ' i-O, was quite unexpected and was Miinlficant for two reasons. First it showed Caro- lina fans that the Tar Heel line was strong and also that the rookie backs could produce. The sjiiril of the team was good and the blocking was almost perfect. The outcome was quite satisfac- McIvER tory in view of the fact that Wake Forest pre- sented a supposedly strong aggregation. Rip Slusser stored three times, while Johnny Peacock, rookie quarterback, raced eighty-five yards for a score from the kick-off in his varsity debut. Johnny Daniels and Kay Thompson, two more rookie backs, each scored once. Tom White, another rookie ran well in the l)ack liekl and showed excellent promise. THE VAXDERBILT GAME Vandy came next and the Tar Heels continued tlie fine spirit of the Wake Forest game. Outweighed nearly twenty pounds to tlie man, the Carolina line put up a stubiiorn defense. The final score was 13-0, one touchdown coming from a pass early in the game and tlie other was made off tlie second line late in tlie final quarter. Jolinny Brancli was the star of the game. He returned a punt forty-four yards late in the third period to launch the Tar Heels " only scoring threat but with the ball on Vandy ' s eight yard line Johnny was removed from the game exhausted. Ellis Fysal, played the most sensational game of his career at guard, ap- pearing, for the most part, as a fifth man in the Commodore back field. Coach Collins in- augurated his new " Alumni " shift in this game and, perhaps as a consequence, the backs made several costly fumbles. FLORIDA GAME Florida was the second conference foe the Tar Heels encountered and the Battle of Gains- ville was one of the most superbly fought games of the year, ending in a 0-0 deadlock. The Tar Heels were twice on the " Gator one-foot line and once again they were down on the three yard line only to have each advance repulsed. The Tar Heels outgained Florida from scrim- mage, piling up 219 yards as against 59 for the opponents. Carolina made 10 iirst downs to i for the ' Gators. In the line, Frank Smith, reserve tackle, Theron Brown, Erwin Walker, and Ellis Fysal all stood out, but the play of the first two Carolina Lines was mare than credit- able except in the goal-line thrusts. In the backfield. Rip Slusser and Johnny Branch were the shining lights. Johnny gained 62 yards in 12 tries while Rip checked in with 42 yards in 13 attempts. ViRGixiA Game Two Hundred Nineteen Walker Hodges GEORGIA GAME Fresh from a stinging defeat put on the Yale Hulldoirs, Georgia came to Kenan stadium next to meet the Tar Heels, then in a crippled condition. Smitli, McDade, in the line and Branch, Peacock, and Daniels in tlie backfield, were all out of piny. The powerful Cieorgians entirely overpow- ered our Tar Heels and the final score was 32-7. Although the Tar Heels had Robert.s, Georgia menace in the crushing 1930 victory, well covered, Key, diminutive halfback ran wild and averaged ten yards a try for the Georgians. Bill Croom, making liis debut as a varsity ball-carrier, stood out for Carolina. He raced fifty-three yards for a score early in the game and then continued his performance with some excellent kicking. June Underwood and Staton Mclver fought valiantly in the line and both turned in spectacular performances as did Elrwin Walker and Theron Brown on the ends. Georgia was just too powerful and fight as they might, the Tar Heels were helpless. TENNESSEE GAME Witii the whole team showing wonderful spirit despite tliree discouraging performances, [lie Tar Heels once again lost a heart-breaker to the University of Tennessee 7-1). The highly touted Vols were played to a standstill by the determined Tar Heels and had it not been for a fumbled ] unt which Tennessee recovered deep in Carolina territory, the story might have been different. The All-American McEver was stopped dead, gaining 27 yards in 13 tries. Carolina came near tying the score in the third quarter when they lost the ball on downs on Tennessee ' s five and one-half yard line. The play of June Underwood in the line was by far the outstanding work as far as Carolina was concerned. He was in on every play, blocked one punt, and recovered another fumble. In the backfield the defensive play of Stuart Chandler and the punt returns of Smoky Ferebee stood out. N. C. STATE GAME What was probably the weirdest and mosf exciting game jilayed this past year was the one with N. C. State in Kaleigh which ended with the Tar Heels leading 18-15. The Carolina first team started the game and in the first sixteen minutes had run up a score of 18 points through the running of Rip Slusser. State looked easy and Collins decided to give the Tar Heel regulars their much needed rest so he sent in the second team. The substitutes played on even terms for the rest of the half but at the outset of the second half the Techs began to cut down the lead. A safety and a touchdown caused Collins to send back his first stringers only to have another score on them and a place-kick, ending the scoring. The team played well with Red Gilbreath and Staton Mclver starring in the line wliile Hip Slusser stood out in the backfield. Underwood Branch Returxs Vandy ' s Punt 1-0 Yards Strickland Tivo Hundred Twenty Tiiojipsox White GEORGIA TECH GAME The Tar Heels journeyed to Atlanta to meet (Georgia Tech next and for the second time during; the season the game ended hi a tie, this time 19-19. Tlie Tar Heels were off to a fast start and were leading at the half 13-(), but it seemed as though the Tornado could not be outdone and each ad- vance of the Tar Heels was matched. With the score 19-13 in the Tar Heels ' favor Tech crashed through for a score and made the point tying the count. The exciting part of the game came in the last few seconds when both teams resorted to aerials in vain. Rip Slusser ran eighty-five yards through the entire Tech team for a score and Bill Croom also got off on a forty-seven yard jaunt. Tom White, who scored our third touchdown, and Kay Thompson played well. DAVIDSON GAME After a few words of tribute to the great Knute Rockne, Carolina and Davidson fought hard for sixty minutes and the outcome was a crushing 20-0 victory for the Tar Heels. The tiny Smoky Ferebee supplied the thrill of the day when he broke through the Davidson tackle and raced sixty-five yards for a score. Bill Croom made the other long run of the game, a bril- liant dash off left tackle for another score after a thirt. yard run. In the line the play of Staton Mclver was brilliant. Emmett Strickland, substituting for the injured Underwood, also stood out, the 77 inch tackle made several of his famous pile-driving tackles. DUKE GAME The next game was with Duke in Durham and this was a repetition of the 1930 struggle save for the rain, the score being 0-0. Each team scored in the initial half only to have their scores erased due to a penaltv and a step out of bounds. Captain Brewer skirted tlie Caro- lina end for seven yards and a score in tlie first quarter but was called back and Duke penalized for illegal use of hands. In the second quarter Tom White stepped thirteen yards for a score but the referee claimed he went out on the eight yard line. In the second half the tables turned and the Tar Heels held the upper hand but neither team was able to score. Red Gilbreath turned in his star performance of the season at center, battering Adkin.s, Duke star, so hard that he tossed two bad passes over the heads of the Duke backs. He was ably assisted by Harrv Hodges and Cable Philpott who filled in nobly for the injured Mclver. In the backfield John Phipps, Tom White, and Stuart Chandler were outstanding. VIRGINIA GAME The annual Thanksgiving game with Virginia was probably the most colorful encounter of the year. Virginia monopolized the play of the first half and were in front 6-0 when Ihe thir.d quarter began. Johnny Branch, who topped his three years " brilliant pla.v by turning in his greatest exhibition, took a punt and dashed down the very sidelines for a score, but the point was missed the score being (i-ti. Then the Tar Heels stiffened and from then on it was their game. Hanies Lassiter dived one yard over center for another score and this time Johnny Branch kicked the point ending the scoring at 13-7. Kay Thompson and Tom White joined Hanies Lassiter and Johnny Branch in the backfield spotlight and the whole line played jam-up football. Between the Halves, CiEOKC.i 1;!-Cmiomn ' . ) Two Hundred Twenty-one Freshman Football Hay Fahris, Oiiki.i. Sapp, " Pot " Adkixs. Jimmy Waki) Kai.i ' ii (tARDXDR Captain Hahry Fixch . Coaches Manager SCHEDULE 1931 , V. State 26; U. N. C. . 6 Virfcinia 7; U. N. C. Oak Ridge 7; U. N. C. . 2 Kiski 41; U. N. C. Duke 18; U. N. C. . Davidson (Charity Game) 13; U. N. C. The freshman season was not as discouraging as the season ' s results would indicate, since tlie primary object of the freshman team here is to teach the freshmen the fundamentals of the game and prepare them for the varsity work. Several promising freshmen were sent up to Coach Collins after Coaches Sapp, Adkins, Farris, Ericson, and Ward had taught them the idea of the game as jilayed here. Among these prospects the brightest perhaps are Daniels, Cox, and Ray, linemen: .lackson, Ogburn, McDonald, and Martin, backs, who will jirobably help materially in years to come. Freshman numerals were awarded to the following: Barker, Barrett, Bell, Blount, Cannon, Cox, DeNoia, Douglas, Farrell, Folger, Gardner, George, Hinkle, Hubbard, Jackson, Laxton, Lonzowick, Manley, Martin, Moore, Ogburn, Ray, Sclmffer, Vick, Williamson. Fabbis Erickson Aokins Sapp Tioo Hundred Twenty-two 1 ' 9Q ii ALByjKUDER- Cgpi. BREEN-Vsrs yAf : HMHES-Freshman M r 1932. _ Tioo Himdred Twenty-three 6 — Carolina 49 9 — Carolina 45 12 — Carolina 37 .Tan. 15 — Carolina 38 Jan. 23 — Carolina 32 6— Carnlina IS .Tan. 30 — Carolina : ' .7 SCHEDULE ..49; Guilford 23 Davidson 29 Furman 13 V. P. 1 26 Wake Forest 17 N. C. State 19 Duke 20 Wake Forest 24 11 ; V. P. I. .20 Maryland 26 Virginia 24 Da .-28 Feb. 13 — Carolina Feb. 19 — Carolina Feb. 20 — Carolina Feb. 23 — Carolina Feb. 26 — South Aubu .Ill-Southern _ IS; Duke 24 32; Maryland 26 27; W. L 19 17; N. C. SUte 36 n Conference tournament — Carolina Carolina 43, Kentucky 42 ; Carolina Carolina 24, Georgia 26. Gan Alexaxder All-Southern Varsity Basketball Season Opening the seasnn with a first string team composed of thi Carolina team, under the leadership of Coach Bo Shepherd, si varsity basketball, compiled the best record of any Carolina teams ' of 1924. 25. 26. The White Phantoms opened the intercollegiate season vith College Quakers. Following this ivith a 4.5-29 ictoi-y over il Big Five game of the season, the Tar Heels seemed headed brighter after their 37-17 victory over Furman University, Palmetto state for the second year in succession with a record the Tar Heels defeated the V. P. I. Gohbleri basketball te the thr great inference season vaded the Tin ( After a three ( ime court and, Wolfpa an impressive 49-23 over the Guilford he Wildcats of Davidson in their first to go places. Prospects seemed even ho later won the championship of the •ndefeated record. Risking a spotless n their opening game of the Southern the Deacons of Wake Forest vhil Returning to Big Five play after a week ' s respit an only to be turned back by the Carolina quint, 32.17. lay rest the Tar Heels engaged the Red Terrors of North Carolin after ajmassing a 14-8 lead at halftime, were held to four points ck counted eleven points for a 19-18 the Tin Can after mp(-i;tant it was th la ' s last Big Five c Forest in Raleigh. State on their a the last half next prey of the ■iday nigbl Phantoms, dropping a 37-20 decisior lead at halttinie. What was even m had defeated the Blue Devils since Ci Following a 34-24 victory over W their first and only long trip of tl V. P. I. fell before the Tar Heels oi Heels e. hibited the same trouble that had given them State. Against the Old Liners of Maryland the Whiti the first half, but in the second period were held t Conference were amassing fifl lottesville for their annual g! 26-24 score. Returning home llie Phantoms engaged Davidson ir little end of a 1412 count in the first period by Ihe ■ Tar Heels had rst time a Carolir pionship in 1929. Tar Heels began preparations for nvasion of Virginia and Maryland. a 31. 20 score. The following night the Tar heir first defeat at the hands of North Carolina Phantoms piled up a 20-11 lead at the end of fivj points while the 1930 champions of the 26-25 victory. Monday night the Tar Heels visited Char- th the Cavaliers which they won in the closing minutes by a rctu HlXES (Captain-elect 1932) Second All-Southern Tm; iim: Phaxtoms — Svappkp ik Ati vnta After Upsettisg Kentucki ' , Tourney Favorites. Two Hundred Twenty-Jour ■ fARlli Henky closing period to run up a 24-20 le Wilmer Hines were not to he denied by counting twelve points, ten of 32-28 victory. The following Satur at the hands of the Blue Devils in 24-18 after the Devils had counted a Closing the pre-tournament seasc North Carolina State, the Tar Hee Liners to an eighteen-all tie at tlK against Maryland and Carolina fans id with five minutes of phiy th.1t night nnd (he Phantcm which were credited to Hin lay the Tar Heel quint : their return engagement c 18-6 lead at halftime. 1 with home games with s gathered a 32-2fi upset close of the first half, ed the best ga left. However, the Tar Heels and " orxvards lived up to their nickname s, in the final five minutes for a its third defeat of the season 1 the Duke five ' s home court, bowing Maryland, Washington and Lee, and over Maryland after holding the Old ?he entire team functioned as a unit ' cn in the Tin Can in several seasons W. and L. bowed State as the Old Liners received their first and only defeat of the pre-tourney season. W. and 27-19 in a loosely played game the following night, and on Tuesday night the Phantom highly successful season with an overwhelming 36-17 defeat at the hands of North Car to give the Wolfpack their third successive win over the Tar Heels in two years. Ranking fourth in the Conference by reason of a tie between Kentucky and Maryland, both of wliom had lost one game, the Tar Heels were conceded the " dark horse " position of the annual Southern Conference tournament. Defeating Tennessee 35-2.5 in the opening round the Tar Heels were considered little chance in their second game with the University of Kentucky, runner-up to Maryland in 1931. However, after Kentucky had jumped away to a 24-23 lead in the first half the Phantoms came back in the last half to come within one point of victory as the final minute began. With the ball in the possession of the Wildcats all hope seemed gone, but Weathers, Carolina ' s diminutive all-Southern Forward, came through to take the ball a -ay from a Wildcat player and dribble half the length of the floor to give the Tar Heels a 43-42 victory in the biggest upset of the tournament. The following night the Phantoms eliminated Auburn, seeded number four, by a smashing 51-32 victory over the conquerors of North Carolina State. Entering the finals for the first time since 1926, the Tar Heels were Bulldogs, but the Bulldogs continued their jinx over Carolina tear leading 18-16 at the end of the first half. Southern sports scribes recognized the ability of the great Caroli] Captain Tom Ale. ander, senior guard, and Virgil Weathers, speedy for team, while Wilmer Mines, tennis star and leading scorer of the Big Fiv( a second team berth, with Edwards, center, and McCachren, guard, given a toss-up with Georgia ' s IS with a 26-24 victory after by unanimously placing ward, on the annual all-Southern loop with 141 points, was given being given honorable mention. IlllMOIAN- Sul All Two ' Hundred Twenty-five ALSJOU - Vars ti Mgr. Ai-LEl -Pres tman Coac , COLL f S-Pz-eshmsnAfgr. Two Hundred Twenty-six SEASON- RECORD OF BOXING TEAM ,. ,. „ At Chapel Hill - - 5; Washington and Lee 2 ,. ,, „ At Chapel Hill -■ - C 4; Buke . 3 ,. . „ At Chapel Hill L- J - C 6; V. P. 1 1 At Lexington U. X. C. V. X. C. 2; V. M. I.. At Charlottesville, Va. 1; Virginia g At Chapel Hill 2; Penn State 5 At Annapolis. Md. 2; Naval Academv 5 ference— Virginia first, fulane second, mi: Boxing, 1932 Giving excellent accounts of themselves a»ainst some r,f tl,o „„. , j- country, the 1931 edition of the Universitv of Vorth rTrolfn, w°„ " intercollegiate teams in the first time in years with a percentage below he 500 mark T e rfrnl " ' T " " ' " ■™1f ' ' , " " f° - the triumphs over southern conference foes whi e ?osin " to two s„ ?h 1 " " " " ' " " ' " ' ' ' " " ■ " ' ' ree coached team lost to Penn State and Navv Mr the ot rer two .»,h l ? •i " " ' ' aggregations. The Rowe- great exhibitions of fighting. " ° " ° setbacks of the season, but in doing so gave V -llt n Z%Zlt:iT.-.:tt i:%o L ' ♦ " = ' ■ ' ° - inson, Raymer, Lumpkin, CAROLIXA OCTFIGHTS DUKE In the best meet of th,r : ca»uu, beating by the close score of 4 to 3 in the light hear;- division. Willia m the 115 pound class. Levinson batti knockout over Parrish. Featured by knockouts, Carolina beat V. P. I., 6 to 1 with Williams T evin. gaining K. O. ' s while Lumpkin and Wadsworth were winning decisions ' " " tJ " " « ■ ' . sa ' ' " ' 5- of fighters gave the Blue Devils of Duke a The outstanding match of the setto was Brown ' s win over H?att d ' scou ' IIole ' h ' ' ' ' - " ' " ; ' ' r ■ o " " " ' ™ ' ' ' ™ conference tWe ■d Scott all over the ring for a decision, while Lumpkin got a technical and Brown V. M. I. 5; CAROLINA 2 J ' ' .f. their first defent of the 19, 1 season at Lexington when o, -nilhams and Levinson gaining decisions. Brown lost his first V. M. I. upset the dope to give It captured five matches to Carolina fight in this match. COXFEBEXCE CHAMPS BEAT TAR HEELS 6 TO 1 f t 9 L ' S. I. C. Matches, Charlottesvilij; Ratmeb vs. Baijt, V. M. I. Y o x;k2h adC Two Hundred Ttoenty-seven Presenting a team which always figures hi lily in national intercollegiate boxinsr history, Penn State ' s fine squad took a 5 to 2 decision over Coach Rowe ' s battlers. Levinson continued his fine work when he gained a technical knockout from Claire, while Brown gave Slusser a beating to take the second match for the Carolina team. A record crowd was well pleased with the showing the Tar Heels made against their first class opposition. Journeying to Annapolis, Carolina lost another close fight 5 to 2, the score not being an indication of the closeness of the settos. Levinson and Brown won their matches against the Navy team, while close defeats were administered Williams. Raymer, Lumpkin, Wadsworth, and Wilson. With six men entered in the southern conference tournament held in Charlottesville, Carolina had five winners in the first round. Brown lost to Page of Mississippi A. and M. who went on to capture the middleweight championship with a string of knockouts. Levinson and Raymer fought well to survive the second round, while Williams, Wadsworth, and Lumpkin were eliminated in close struggles. Bain of V. M. I. eked out a close victory over Raymer Rogers of Duke to enter the finals. Goldstein of Virgin over Levinson in the finals after a thrilling battle. With one or two e. ceptions the entire squad will be boxing team will comprise a varsity fighting squad which the squad by the school. FRESHMEN BOXING Under the direction of Archie Allen, the North Carolina yearling squad completed a season which included four impressive victories and one close defeat. Ivey. Quarks, Berke, Gidinansky, Jenkins, Ray, Bendigo, and McDonald formed the freshmen squad, and with these men back next year. Coach Rowe s chances for a southern conference title are anything but pessimistic. Wins were garnered over Duke, V. P. I., Virginia, and Oak Ridge, while a 4 to 3 decision went to V. M. I. over Allen ' s crew. the semi-finals, and Marty Levinson trimmed the defending champion, won the decision ntact for next year, and the incoming frosh nli warrant the enthusiastic support rendered Freshman Suiad Two •Hundred Twenty-eight 193a. J- OAhA ROH-Monor ri Cap . RAN SON- Coscj 0 JUH-Mansger . 1932. Two Hundred Ticenty-nine SEASON RECORD At Chapel Hill . N. C 8S; Presbyterian College 38 At Chapel Hill . N. C 99; N. C. State 27 At Atlanta, Ga. . N. C 89; Georgia Tech 37 At Chapel Hill . X. C 90 2-3; Y. P. I. 35 1-3 At Chapel Hill . X. C 68; Duke 53 At Liexington . N. C 64 2-3; W. and L 61 1-3 At State College, Pa. . X. C 51.6; Penn State 74.4 Xorth Carolina Conference at Greenshoro — U. N. C, 1 1-2; X. C. State, 33 1-2; Davidson, 311-2; Duke, a 1-2. Southern Conference at Birmingham, Ala. — Tulane, 1; Virginia, 29; Alabama, 28 1-2; U. N. C, 25 1-2. Track Capturing first honors in the Xorth Carolina str.t-e championship while taking fourth in the southern conference meet and garnering six out of seven victories in dual niuets, the University of Xorth. Carolina retinue of track stars enjoyed a successful 1931 season under the able tutelage of Coaches Bob Fetzer and Dale Ransom. In the last eleven seasons, Carolina tracksiers have built up the most impressive record of any southern conference track team by winning all but two dual meets, those lost es being administered by Princeton and Penn State in close matches. The first two meets of the year were at home, the Blue and White squad easily conquering the Presby- terian College and Xorth Carolina State with scores of 88 to 3S and 99 to 27, respectively. Journeying to Atlanta, the Tar Heels continued their victorious march by licking Georgia Tech, 89 to 37. V. P. I. oBfered little competition in the ne.vt home encounter, the Carolina track troupe carrying off ' a 90 2-3 to 35 1-3 triumph. CAROLINA BEATS DUKE The Blue Devils from Duke University presented a well-balanced track coterie that made Carolina extend itself to the last event before a 68 to 58 win could be obtained for the Carolina partisans who saw the last home performance that afternoon. Washington and Lee ' s fine squad almost sent the unbeaten Tar Heels from Le.vington minus a victory, but after the final tabulations were made Carolina romped off with a close 64 2-3 to 61 1-3 victory. PEXX STATE DEFEATS CAROMNA At State College, Pennsylvania, Coach Bob ' s squad lost its second dual meet m twelve years to Penn State ' s aggregation. The score of the meet was 74.4 to 51.6. Without much trouble, the University of Xorth Carolina swept through the Xorth Carolina conference meet held in Greensboro, amassinir 61 1-2 points to Ifad its nearest competitor, X. C. State who had 33 1-2. Davidson and Duke finished in third and fourth places, respectively. Two Hundred Thirty Vi:iL. MORLAND, WaTKINS fiddle Distances JoNESj Hubbard Mile In one of tin- eloM-.t sou 5 1-2 points, TiUane was v with Virginia second with respectively. Sandy Damerc 1 conference meets in years, the first four places not being separated by • in the classic Birmingham event. The Tulane squad scored 31 pointa Alabama with 28 1-2 and Carolina with 25 1-2 took third and fourth, it ' s the only Tar Heel to win a first, his discus efforts giving him five points. IJrown, Jameron Weights SlusseRj Davis Hurdles e Slusser in the hurdles, Baucom in the two mile, eil in the four-forty, pole vault, Hubbard in the two mile, and Brown in the discus and javelin. Slusser led the Tar Heel scorers witli 67 points, while Brown followed with 65. Other leading point gainers were Smith with 50 1-2, Ruble with 44, and Dameron with 41. Sandy Dameron was elected honorary captain at the close of the season. Monograms were given to Captain Dameron, Arnold, Bagby, Baucom, Da is, Brown, Drane, Hubbard, Jones, Marlandi, Ruble, Smith, Slusser, " Watkins, Weil, and Dunn, manager. « Baucom Two Mile l Ki. ii MAX arAn Bagbt Jumps Two Hundred Thirty-one SICKLES- rj Vy M r. S I LV ERSTE I W- Freshman Ni V. 7 ' 1(0 Hundred Thirty-tivo THE SCHEDULE ■viand April 6 .. 1; Carolina _ 7 April 7 .. 3; Carolina 15 ( cabouwa Baseball The 1931 baseball season will go ilown in tlie annals of Tar Heel athletics as one of the most successful; in fact, the " team of sophomores " last year was the best club to represent Carolina since 1922 when the Tar Heels, coached by Bill Fetzer, won nineteen of twenty-one games. Last year the team won sixteen games, lost four, and tied two. The team started the 1931 campaign with unexperienced battery material, in addition to an almost new squad, but as the season went on Coach Ashmore ' s combinations began to click, and the Tar Heels wound up their second Tri-State championship in three years. Carolina and Auburn, winner of the Dixie League race, were regarded as the two best teams in the conference. DUKE DEFEATED AT LAST The highlight of the season was the smashing of a four-year jinx at the hands or Duke University. The Tar Heels fell on McKeithan, Duke hurler, for six runs, while Captain-elect Longest was hurling the best game of his career. In past years, Carolina had dropped seven straight to the Blue Devils. VIRGINIA DITTO Another bright spot of the season was the three decisive defeats handed to Virginia. The Cavaliers were unable to cope with the heavy hitting and the fine pitching of the Tar Heel players and never had a chance to crash through for victory. Opexixg Game Emehsox Field Two Hundred Thirty-three Vii AprU 10 .. 4; Carolina 8 April 11 . 1; Carolina 6 April 14 V. M. I. (Tie) 5; Carolii April 15 V. P. I. 10; Carolii April 16 y. P. I. (Tie) 11; Carolii April 21 Wake Forest - -. 2; Carolii April 25 y. M. 1 2; Carolii Wtrick HiNTOX After the season was over, it was announced that Bunn Hearn had been chosen to succeed Jim Ashmore as coach of the Tar Heels. Hearu coached Carolina baseball teams in 1917 and 1918 with more than fair success. Besides that, he has had over twenty years experience in professional baseball, having played with the New York Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. May 3 State 7; Carolina 4 jpi B Virginia 2; Carolina 6 m Pnf May « Vi,-»i„i» 4; Carolina 15 May 16 8; Carolina 4 May 17 Duke .- 2; Carolina 6 May 20 . C. .State - -•-.. 8; Carolina 20 tiames won - -.-16; Games lost 4 Duke hlJMA fy Edwahds House Thirteen letters were awarded to the following: BIythe, Croom, Ferebee, Hinton, House, Captain-elect Longest, Captain Potter, Powell, Shields, and Wyrick, while a manager ' s award was given to Sickles. Of the above list, all but Wyrick and Potter will return to make up the 1932 squad. Fbeshman Squad Tivo Hundred Thirty-four Q U 1 N L A N - Coach W esH ng MINOR SPORTS KAUSOH-Coac } Q-oss Countri KENF1ELD-C 7,3C 7 Tennis Two Hundred Thirty-five iSiww LawSOX, HuSSEY, WOODHARII, M ATTin:WSClN , I SI MA AuMANj Idoi., Cameron- Stallinus, Asshlant Coach; Quinlax, Coach; Rogers MR. Spell, Greer, Wrestling SCHEDULE January 11 — Duke University 13 January 16 — Washington and Lee -J January 23 — Virginia Polyteclinic Institute 19 January 30 — Virginia Military Institute 19 February 16 — North Carolina State 5 February 20 — West Point Military Academy 16 February 21 — Brooklyn rolytechnic Institute 8 February 24 — Davidson College 8 Carolina 9 Carolina 9 Carolina 29 Carolina 16 Carolina 22 Carolina 24 Carolina ' s wrestling team began with bright prospects with Captain Harry Tsumas, Percy Idol, and Pete Usher back from last year ' s state championship team. Sev ?ral promising men from the freshman team bolstered the varsity, but the loss of Don Conklin, undefeeted last year, was a serious handicap. It was not until the fifth match that the matmen hit their stride with a win over North Carolina State, and no team beat the Tar Heels thereafter. The first mat.-li of the season with Duke Universit ' was closely contended. Carolina ' s tie with the West Point wrestlers was the highlight of the season. Monograms were awarded to Captain Tsumas, W. O. Woodward, Percy Idol, J. M. Auman, Morton Killer, Thad Hussey, Charles Lawson, Clarke Mnthewson, and James Spell. Two Hundred Thirty-six Daxikls, Mni ri( rr: Hkxskn. Pratt. Grun i i Sl ' I.T.IVAX. HlTHHAHD, Jf.XSKX. Capta Ransom. McRai: Cross Country SCHEDULE 42; Carolina 15 35; Carolina 15 October 10— University of Florida November 7 — Duke University November 21 — Southern Conference Meet: Carolina, 25; Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 77; University of Tennessee, 100; University of Florida. 116; Duke Universit.v, 120; Georgia Teeh, 121; University of Maryland, 128; University of Georgia, 176. The Carolina cross country team regained the Southern Conference championship from V. M. I., last year ' s winners. This gave Carolina its fifth title in six years. In addition to winning the Conference meet, the team took both its dual meets. Led by Captain Jensen, who won the individual championship, four out nf the first five finishers were Tar Heels. Monograms were awarded to Captain Clarence Jensen. Bob Hubbard. Mark Jones, Ed McRae. Louis Sullivan, Tom Hensen, Joe Pratt, Walter Grover, and Tom Cordle. 1 ' 9g Two Hundred Thirty-seven i LisKix. Adels. Hikes. Hexdmn. eomaxs Wright, Grant, Graham, Captain: Kerfield, Conch Tennis The greatest array of tennis talent ever to grace a Carolina court formed the most successful team of the 1931-32 season. The unparalleled performance of Coach Kenfield ' s men made tennis — a minor sport — the most popular o£ the spring sports. Both in the Sovith and against the most formidahle Northern teams Carolina was undefeated for the season, all the Southern victoriies having heen b.v shutout figures In tournaments play the State tourney saw all-Carolina finals, Bn-an Grant winning the singles from Hines and two teaming up to take the doubles from their teammates, Youmans and Hendlin. The latter pair represented Carolina in the Southern Conference matches and won the doubles; Yron ans was barely nosed out in the singles finals. the ntrv, Carolina ' s championship squad was made up of champions; Grant, was National Clav Courts winner in 1930. Wilmer Hines was Natioi both Youmans and Hendlin were past State Champs, while Lenoir Wright formerly won the South Atlantic Scholastics. Captain Graham and Abels completed the squad — the first ever to receive major letters. Clemson Wake Forest Duke - W.Ike Forest Davidson Sewanee SCHEDULE 0; U. N. mee Georgetown 2 Princeton 1 N. Y. U 1 West Point ..- Yale 4 Brown Harvard 2 Duke Stat Tournament — Singles. U. N. C. (Grant) winner; Doubles. U. X. C. (Giant and Hines) winners; U. N. C. (Yeomans and Wright) winners (Runner-up). Southern Conference Tournament — Singles. U. N. 0. (Y ' eomans) runner-up; Doubles, U. N. C. (Yeomans and Hendlin) winners. U. N. C. U. N. C. U N. C. U. N. C. U. N. C. U. N. C. U. N. 0.. U. N. C. U. N. C. U. N. C- V. N. C. U. N. C. U. N. C- i,t Grant-Hines Nos. 1 and 2 Two Hundred Thirty-eight lilii ' WN GOODES ApAMS MaSon Golf SEASON 1931 Georgetown 7% ; Carolina 10% Boston College 1%; Carolina 25% Washington and Lee 1 ; Carolina 17 Duke 9 ; Carolina 9 Georgia Tech 7% ; Carolina 10% Duke 4 ; Carolina 14 Virginia 9 ; Carolina 18 William and Mary 3 ; Carolina 3 State Tournament — U. N. C. second (Joe Adams, Individual Champion). Southern Conference Tournament — U. N. C. fourth. Varsity Fescixg Team Two Hundred Thirty-nine A A ' -J ' - . BSST HOUSE rooTBAM, h E l-BAU, CHAMPS Tag Football (1931) F at ■rnity Winner Sigma Nu Dormitory Winner Best Hoase Campus Champions ----Best House Basketball (1932) Fraternity Winner -S. A. E. Dormitory Winner Ruffin Campus Champions - -Ruffin Baseball nity Winner Campus Champions A. T. O. I oubles Winnei Balev (New Husltins (Ne -Willis (Lewis) Intramural Athletics liOXIXG WI.VXERS I1!J— Ivey (Mangum) 12!) — Mowi-ry (Best House) 139— Shuford (S. A. E.) 149 — Berke (Lewis) 160 — Gidianansky (Lewis) 175 — Barclay (Phi Gamma Delta) Unlimited — Underwood (Best House Team Winner — (Best House) WRESTLING WINNERS 115 — Mathewson (Mangum) 125 — Lawson (Best House) 135 — Devereaux (Old West) 145 — Hiller (Lewis) 155— Higdcn (Best House) 165 — Hargreaves (Beta Theta Pi) 175 — Auman (Question Marks) Unlimited — Dolzell (Mangum) Team Winner — (Best House) FENCING rowne (Beta Theta Pi) CAKE RACE Williamson (Phi Gamma D Waldrop (Best House) Curlee (New Dorms) Haywood (New Dorms) Litten (Manley) ■am Winner — I Best House) Intramukal Directors Cheer Leaders Tioo Hundred Forty _-.-j,i«£_ a . V SOUTHERN CONFERENCE HURDLES-— INDOOR 1?f!R MEET ■i ' ' ' --f ' m-i- ' ■ OiORQlAISfT ROBERTS :» Ai RUBLE FLIE5 HIGH HEAD CHEER LEADER TENNESSEE ' S ALL AMERICANS- McEVERf HICKMAN Two Hundred Forty-one FRATERNITIES .W SOCIAL ORDERS BOOK FIVE 1032 YACKETY YACK WEEKS 5IA S TEM.PLE EI5EHBERG- CULPEPPEB INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Two Hundred Forty-five I H ALEXANDER. AKDEK§0 i jVJJ,MISTEAD EHKJ GHAUS T-OYhZ BRPOKjS BURNETT CAKUTO f DAVIS Vilht, GA. ' RDMEK. GOLD 1 0 HALL HARNEY HOVTV D HUKT LIKEBEi GEIL -M.cGLLN3T JVIEBAHE 2TALLE EWCQMBE PAKSO TS PATTERSOJT PKilDE SAUHDERg SHAFPEIC SHEPHERD WALKEB WEBB WOOLLEN Two iHunOred Forty-six Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale Unh ' ersity, Ib ' -ii Colors: Criuisoii, Blue, and Gold. Pithl ' icat ' ion : D. K. E. Quarterly. BETA CHAPTER Established 1851 Fratres in Facultate Or. W. M. Dey Dr. F. P. Venable Fratres in Universitate Class of 19S2 Thomas W. Alexander Ai ' JiHEV L. Brooks. Jr. .Joseph W. L.i.veberger Kl.I.IOTT H. Xe VC03IBE DaVHI .1. t ' KAIG, .Jr. John Ahmistead, Jr. B. Irvix Boyle Thorxtox H. Brooks Robert W. Gold Fraxk S. Alexander A. Thomas Dill F. M. SiMMOxs Pattersox EsLEY O. AXDERSOX Archibald K. Davis .loHx A. Phestox Class of 1933 William V. Shepherd Robert H. Carmichael Lara William Duxx ' , Jr. Class of 1934 Basil W. Hall RoMAVxK S. Howard WOOLSLEY W. HuXT Class of 1935 HeXRY J. BlRNETT Luther M. C ' ahltox J. C. B. Khrixghaus Ralph W. Gardxer Maxdevilli: A. Webb .ToHX Hanes Lassiter Robert J. Mebaxe. Jr. Kkwix G. Walker Horatio N. Woodson Joiix ' A. McGlixx. Jr. Brodie C. Xalle, Jr. William M. Parsoxs Charles T. Woollen , Jr. William S. Harxey- Jack M. Phi ' dex J. Hubbard Sauxders Charles M. Shaffer ( Two Hundred Forty-seven 1 HP ADDEKTO BATEMAH BLISS BO CHEI?- BRJDGEBoS BKOWH I -■ —■Pi «K BWiCE BK AK CUNA3J3 COOKE DAVIS FAISOK i GSADY H.HODeES S.HODGES HOWA.KD HUS3EY IX)OI, « KSR. LEDBETTES A cCOTTER. McIVEB XANCKE REYJHOLDS RODMAH SISSOJ TAYI OK WHARTOK WHITSETT WIIXLAMSON ' I ' lro Hundred Foiiy-rir lil Phi Gamma Delta Founded at IVti.thiiif ioii and Jefferson College, 18 8 Color: Royal Purple. Flower: Purple Clematis. Publication : Tlie Plii Gamma Delta. EPSILON CHAPTER Established 1851 Fratres in Faci ' ltate Erni:st L. Mackii:, Ph.D. A. Stoudemire, Ph.D. James B. Bullitt, M.D. Alheht G. Hinman. Ph.D. Fratres in Urbe LtlTIIER .1. PhIPPS C. D. KlTTUEIKlE Fratres in Universitate Class of 19S2 Donald P. Cooke .ToiIN Ij. Seiion CiiALMEiis L. White Class of 193S Gilbert F. Oberfell Jajies McQ. Ledbetter Class of 19 3. If EspiE B. Grady William T. Hussey Walter It. Jones Edwin W. Kerr Laxo Travis I ' . Brown Graduate Henry N. Patterson Pledges Walter C. Bateman S. Murray Hodges Francis T. E. Sisson. Jr. Luther C. Bruce John T. Hoc.gard Henry Toler William K. Faison William E. Reynolds Harry- W. Williamson Henry I,. Hodges W. Blount Hodman Henry Rancke Robert Howard Henry Bridgers William M. Bliss William D. Bryan. Jr John W. Clinard, .Ir. Robert D. Davis James R. Hubbard R. Stokes Adderton George T. Barclay Robert I . Bernpiardt P. Paul Boucher Charles W. Taylor Herbert H. Taylor, .Jr. William T. Wiiit.sett. .Ir. G. Matherson Young Percy ' Idol Evan G. McIver Stephen H. Pitkin Albert G. Wharton Dewitt C. McCotter, .Th. Two (Hundred Forty-nine KOSE arONE CWARDLVW KWARDiAW WEES lEPo WIIvSO T 1932. Tico Hundred Fifty Colors: Pink and Blue. Beta Theta Pi Founded at Miami University, 1SS9 Publication : Tlie Beta Theta Pi. Flower: Rose. Henrv Ij. Anderson WiLiiAM F. Draper Oscar W. Dresslar Robert W. Harnett Fisher S. Black Andrew Hahgrea ' e Harmon Chamberlain Alva Crojiartie Arch T. Cannon Frank P. Abernatht Henry . . Beti ' s Mark Stevenson Dunn Charles T. Hagan William W. Olive ETA CHAPTER Established 1S52 Frater in Facultate Alvin S. Wheeler Fratres in Universitate Class of 19S2 Thomas B. Follin Richard M. Fenker Lawrence Flinn Class of 1933 .Joseph J. McGauley C. Ashbv PenNj Jr. William G. Roberts Charles G. Rose, Jr. Class of 1934. Walter Ridenholti Marshall Thompson Law Charles Tr. bue, Jr. Medicine Herbert T. Brown Doiulas I. Pledges Herbert H. Rand Spencer Bishop .Tames T. Cordon- Robert H. Crowell William C. .Jones Frank M. Hargreave Charles D. Wardlaw, ,Jh. Frederick C. Wardlaw .Jos eph T. Wilson. .Jr. George B. Stone .James M. Lynch G. RHisoN Reid Robert R. Reynolds, Jr. Henry L. Gibbs William Marsh .Jilian H. Knight Herman G. Nichols Ab Ricks Richard Weesner Franklin Wilson Two Hundred Fifty-one IvEA. J- YBUB-N 5.0GEF-S SCHAA.CK0 WOOD Two Hundred Fifty-two 19 32. J- Delta Psi Founded at CoUimh ' ia U ti ' ivrrsUij, 1SJ, " i Paul S. Cahti:r John C. Bueboughs John R. Dillard Howell Cobb F. Pexdletox Gray XI CHAPTER Established 1854 Fratres in Universitate Class of 1932 Ukuard D. Wood Wallace T. Case Class of 1933 Carroll P. RogerSj Jr. Harold A. Haines, Jr. Class of 1934 John L. Hammer, Jr. William F. Blount, .Tr. Graduate Herman W. Schneli. Medicine R. Lincoln Kestler Thomas P. Good Dudley L. Jennings Pledges John Edgar Reybuhn Harry Schaack Mahlon K. Johdon Sydney L. W. Lea Henry C. Bridger, HI Stanley H. Heist Xeill .Jennings William R. Rockiiill Samuel Hollingsworth DuNDAS LeAVITT • y 1 9S5L. J " Ttco Hundred Fifty-three RCOWIilGr W.COWlilG- DIBBLEPv. DUDLEY GUIOH M- VHLEY JVilTCHA-M. MYEKS REYNOLDS SLAX E WELIvS YOUWe Two Hundred Fifty-foiir — l»-j»BM.n- — Colors: Purple and Gold. W. C. COKKH I!. K. CoKiiu HoBEKT H. AVKRV WhITXER X. BiSSELL R. E. COKER Charles W. Allisox Robert t ' . Atwood H. W. Beebe H. A. Clark L. T. Guiox Jack Axdersox ChAHLES BEAUDRr WlLLIAJI COWHIG Abbott Diblee Chi Psi Foitniird at Union College, 18 1 Publication : The l ' ur|)k ' and Gold. ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Established 1855 Fratres in Factltate . D. Tov Fkatres in Universitate Class of 1932 P ' raxklix Gray .M. M. TiMMoxs Class of 1933 Robert K. Cowhig PjLlis Dudley V. Marvix Robey Class of 1934 M. M. Hebeb William Harris D. B. McIXTYRE Laic R. A. Hovis Medicine Harold W. Guscock, II Pledges Berxard Gilmer Leo Maxley Ralph Myers (;. C. Taylor A. R. HOLLETT .loiix S. White Thomas Badger, HI T. G. Pearsox William C. Mitcham, .Ir. J. Baxks Yoixg V. B. Phillips. .Ir. R. S. Reyxolds Boris Sixiarski WiLLI.V.M RlXOKHOFF Lester Sl. dd Harold Wells Thom. s Wiley Y a£keh %ack Two Hundred Fifty-five BAXHHlLIv CAKSOiS- yAK.! H ' YWAUJD cTENKJWS JAA f ?mG- jyAARKflAM MAKKLEY G.MAK§DEN TMA SDEK McPEZUEY ODUJA PAI5.KEB- POVELL Q,UEEK Kj;iD KOS§ KOWE SfKUlEL 8TEEKE THQMPgOK - JiiA-LXEK WESTBK,OOK WILJAEB G.W1L90-M M.WILSO Twio Hundred Fifty-six Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 18- ' )0 Colors: Old Gold and Black. Publication: Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter. LAMBDA CHAPTER Established, 1S36 Isaac H. Maxnixg, M.D. lioBKIlT II. ShERBILL. M.A. V. GiLLES BrOWX Fratres IX Facult. te English B. gbt, Ph.D. GuEGORT H. Paixe, Ph.D. IIexet H. Williams, Ph.D. Fratres ix Uxiversitave Class of 1932 JOHX J. KiRKPATRICK Samuel Seldex, B.. . .[. Mebritt Le.4r, M.A. Robert W. Draxe .loiix ' T. Maxnixg VlLLIA3r S. M. RK1IAM, Jb. JIairice v. Barxhill, Jr. .ToHX- BrLLOCK MVBL C. rsox James M. Cutchis. Jr. Edward M. Spruill AVii.i.iA. i I.. Hux W ' lLLIA. I .T. . i)ams. ,Tr. Fred Dossexback Fh. xk S. Jexkixs John- W. McFeeley CiEORGE W. M.VRSDEX ' Class of 1933 J. mes E. Steere, Jr. James B. Tho.mpsox Class of 1934 Robert . . Reid Hexdersox Heyw.vrd Et ' GEXE p. OdOJI J- MES X. Ross .r. MES QrEEX ' Graduates E. tiEORGE IIoi Law William D. Merritt. -Ir. Pledges TuoM.-vs .Tay Marsdex Phillip W. Marklev XicHOL. s H. Powell Fredrick M. Prouty Thomas H. Walker George W. Wilson ' . Jr. Hugh Wilson Gii.BEET Taylor .loHX W. Whittox .T. mes B. Fahr Fr.vxcis H. Wilmer Fhaxk Parker Fkaxk p. Spkiill. Jr. George C. Rowe Xathax W. Walker .Tames A. Westbrook Gilbert Taylor Tico Hundred Fljty-seven COVINGTO t D-AVIS HARJEB-s HA5.?,:S HOLBR.OOK3 HUGHES K,E IA T MlHOPo PA ' RSLEV IATTER30K JOE -WA-TERHOUSE WEBB WOR.TH Tiio Hundred Fifty-eight 193 ' 1_ Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foiuuhd at the Unii ' crsitt of Alabama, lS5f! Colors: Old Gold and Purple. Floxver: Violet. Puhlication : Tiie Record, and Phi Alpha (Secret). XI CHAPTER Established 1857 Fratres IX Facultate lioiiKRT D. W. CoNKOR, Ph.B. (Jkorui; F. Horner, A.M. Ai.MoxTi: C. HowKLi.. Pli.D. Kdhard V. Howell, Ph.G. lioBERT H. Wettach, S.J.D. Fratres ix Universitate Class of 1032 Willi A 31 M. Atkinson W. V. I ' iKRsox. Jr., Ph.D. ClI.XRLES MoRRLS .Tames G. Kexan ,1. HoL.MES Davis, ,] k. Joel B. Adams H. G. Connor, HI R. L. Covington Alexander Webb Alex B. Andrews, IH Martin Cannon, .Ir. Claiborne M. Carb, .Ik. Ansley Cope Junius G. Gi: )ROE Water HO use E. F. Yaeborouuii Class of 19S3 Bryan Grant .foHN HOLBROOK I. W. Hughes K. P. Yarborougii Class of 19 Si GwYN Harper, Jr. W. C. Harris, Jr. V. T. Minor, Jr. David B. Morgan Laxa Adams C. J. Shannon. IV Graduate Lawrence F. London W. J. O ' Brien, Jr. H. N. Parsley F. G. Patterson T. C. Worth Charles A. Poe Harley F. Shuford James C. Shuford, .Jr. J. R. Wall Eben Alexander, Jr. Calder Atkinson Agnew Bahnson Fred Bahnson Malcolm Bell Do.NALD Comer . lbert Simonds James Cope -Albert L. Cox Henry Emerson Pledges Claude Freeman Emmet Joyner Frank Kenan Fred London Ai_ n McDonald Howard Manning Frank Miller Hoke Pollock Will Sadler Mason Gibbes Tivo Hundred Fifty-nine A.BAlCEBj cI.BAICEP BAJ4.B5PO BEST BLACKWBiL IvIiWlS .MJVR.TIH PITT PKATT SASSEBo VAiK? ■VEBB WHITEHEAD WILDER Two Hundred Sixty 1932. a: » r Zeta Psi Co or: White. WOODW ' AHD L. BoYNTON Peteh S. Gii.chiust AsHBT L. Baker Julian T. Baker MiLTOX A. Barber Foiuidcd at Nc7v York Un ' n-cr.siiy, ISJ G Flinccr : Wliitt- Carnation Publication : The Circle. UPSILON CHAPTER Established, 1858 Fratres in Facultate Edward T. Brown Henry Johnston. .Tr. George Howe Charles S. Mancu.m Fratres in Urbe Louis Graves Charles S. Mangttji Robert W. Winston Walter Winston Fratres in Universitate Class of 1932 I.YNN Wilder Edward K. Graham Class of 1933 Frederick P. Laxton . Joseph H. Pratt T. Norpleet Webb. Jr. Burgess U. Whitehead Arthur Det. Valk Louis Whitehead Albert W. Cowper Marcellus J. Best T. Winfield Blackwell, Jr. David H. Bland Perc ' Brown Richard H. Lewis, Jr. Edward W. Martin George C. Green, Jr. Class of 1934 George Capehart M. Woodward Glenn Graduates Mayne Albright, Jr. Thomas M. Riddick Law John W. Graham Homer LeGrand Lyon Pledges Brainard Rohison ,). mes Fathman .John Withers Lee A. Folger William B. Harrison R. B. Haywood Erwin Laxton Herbert H. Harriss W. L. Tabb Joseph C. Webb Colin Stokes Phillip Sasser Parker Hey ' ward Daggett Jr. Robert Drane Charles U. Edgerton Herbert S. McKay- William C. Pitt Charles T. Rawls Two Iliiiuh;;! Sij-I,i- ABEIvS BEHOIT CAMPBELL EVAKS HUDSOK dESS PARJUSM PATTERSOK lEELEBo SHESJESSE SKIHHEI W.H. SLOAH WAV. SLOAN SLUaSEPo SOMEK5 TRA.CY UPSHAW WHITNEV WILKLHSOK WlTliEJS Two Hundred Sixty-two Chi Phi Founded at Princeton University Colors : Scarlet and Blue. ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Established, 1858 Fratres in Urbe .(Ajn:s AiiTiii ' R Branch Xathaxiel J. John Mi Ivkk Foushee J. Mauiox Sa Fratres in Facultate (liMUir.i: FuANK Sesaxbaugh Thomas J. AVdokter, Jr. Fratres in Universitate Class of 10S2 Publication : The Chakett. Heywar UNDERS Henry Bell Benoit Walter B. Patterson LovTS Sherfessee. Jr. Amos Hill Taylor .James A. Hudson I.r IS Abels XoA ' .i Webster Collett Vance Hampton Crane Ch. rles Baisden Evans Albert Boynton Felix McCain Hiciiard ,I. Someks Willard Lee Parjsh Walter Gregg SnTTox Sage H. Upshaw William A. Withers Class of 1933 I ' ltn.LiP Xathaniel Peacock Class of 1934 CIkobiie Watts Harris Everett B. Jess John L. Radcliff George Currie Law Edward Scheidt Graduate James Grimes Pledges tiEORGE Brown Marvin .Tones Lewis Peeler Xevllle Sloan Thomas .Ivdd Campbell .ToHN Di ' NN Branch KOBERT FaRKELL .John Wilkinson Frank W. Slusser Abie Carr Skinner .Iames R. Rensiiaw WiLLiAsi W. Sloan William A. Thompson Vermont Royster LvNDEN S. Tracy, Jr. ' incent H. Whitney Two Hundred Sixty-three DEVAKE GAHT GARLA-HD liODGES 1,OCKJVOOD AIARIAND M-ENGE MacKESSO T OGBUPJi STUBB3 TH0 AP50J-r WEBB WHITE Tiro HiuKhrd Rixfy-fonr ' 93 a: Alpha Tail Omega Founded at J ' irglnia Militari Instit Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue. Publication : The Palm. ALPHA DELTA CHAPTE Established, 1879 Fratres in Facultate Eugene C. Branson, MA. A. C. McIntosh, LL.D. Howard R. Huse .1. Gilbert Evans, M.A. W. Gordon Boger IjOftin p. Booker Alex G. McFayben Peter Garland DuBosE Avery Robert Colyer Francis Johnson Newman Lockwood Laxv Alston Stubbs Al Avery David A. D mhs .John Watson, B.S. Gerald R. McCarthy, M.A. Thomas S. McCorckle Fletcher McL. Greene, Ph.D. Harry F. Comer Fratres in Universitate CJass of 10S2 Kenneth Marland Barron K. Grier Class of 1933 .loE E. Gant Class of lOSJ, Bernard Menge Jones Pollaicd Allen A. Smith Melvin Thompson Medicine Carl Pigman Pledges RiCUiRD R Dl ANE V LTLR C ErVVIN nte, 1S6.5 Flower: Wliite Tea Rose. William D. McMillan, Ph.D. Charles P. Ehicson Keener C, Fraser, Ph.D. Thomas .1. Wilson, Ph.D. W. A. KiNDEL George L. Jones Stephen White Harry Hodges Thomas Webb Robert Wilson- George Wilson Stewart Robertson Graduate Malcolm Campbell PiiCKNtY C. McKeeson H ' Riiis J. Ogbukn Tvn Hundred Sixty-five ADAM.3 Bli DEB BLACKHUK.ST BKQADHUR.ST BRAKDT VEKETT FELMIT ' T GLOVEIL G EE-W HAM.ILTO 4 Deh HAMILTON HARGETT HUNDLEY K.ERX McGILL MOR,GA_N MOJJUSO ETF PEACE PHIPPS PRIEST RA.GLAXD B DDIMG- SCHIUVEB STEPHENS WATKJHS WEBSTEI WILUa WILSOTf YOUHG- Tioo Hundred fiixty-six ' 9Q Kappa Alpha Viiundrd at IJ ' asHngton and Lee Vniversiiy, lS6i) Colors: Crimson and Gold. Flowers: Red Rose and Magnolia. Publications : Kappa Alpha Journal and Special Messenger (Secret). UPSILON CHAPTER Established, 1881 Fratres in Facultate Wiij.iAJi Jexkins Fratf.r in Urbe johx b. botb Fratres in Universitate Class of 1932 James S. Morhisox Thomas H. Watkins Class of 19S3 JoHX V. Daniel Alfred T. Hamilton Class of 1934- Charles F. Hargett Montague McGill Plummer a. Nicholson- James B. Person Harry L. Phipps ,r. C;. R. Hamilton Frank A. Cole, Jr. .Joseph DeK. Hamilton George S. Adams BuRWELL A. Allen Edgar W. Knight Samuel T. Peace Thomas H. Redding Edward Mann- David Felmet George G. Bethune .Tames W. Blackht-rst George F. Brandt Kenneth F. Fisher Clifford C. Glovek D. Allen Green John M. Phipps .1. Frank Plcmmer. .Ir. CiORDON C. Priesi .John G. Tillery William O. Webster .John H. Wiggs Graduates Henry- C. Hous S. X. Pehitt Edgar Ci. Broadhurst John .J. Binder Robert T. Fergitson XORMAN M. GoODLOE William Gilman Francis T. Harbell Pledges .John M. Hundley Hugh R. Kerr C. Whitfield Kates .James H. Morgan- Charles Xeff George G. Ragland DwiGHT Stephens Sandfohd Young I ates Wilson- Edward Everett Oliver Schriver lilCHARD ' lLLIS Two Hundred Sixty-seven CRAV fURD DA_NIEL EKIvOE FOMVIELLE GOEBEl, GB-IFFIW HALl, HER§HEY MJVNN MOORie EWI,AHD SCOGGIN SALI3 11.SU1.UVAH iSUIvWVAH SUTTLE 8 J Ni-i TUCKER- ■WOLSl AG i Tiro iHunrlred tiixtti-eight 193 a, Color Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University, IS.iS Aruvnt and Azure. Floxver: White Carnation Publicat ions: The Scroll and Tlie BETA CHAPTER Established, 1S65 Fratres in Facultate i ' alladiuin. William S. Bkrxabd Thomas F. Hickebson ' illiaj[ F. Prouty C. T. MCCOBMICK J. N. Laconte R. B. Parker Patrick H. Winston Fratres in Universitate Class of 19S2 J. B. BuNX D. C. DeWolfe. Jr. J. R. Holms I. C. Brower E. M. Fonvielle T. E. Marshall I. C. Griffin T. McLaughlin C. B. Resteer J. C. Sales R. AV. GOEBEL Class of 19S3 R. T. Burnett John Best HEvn-ARD Moore J. K. Taylor. Jr. E. C. Daniel, Jr. ,1. G. Peacock H. T. Newland W. H. Grifiis- J. H. TORIAN Class of 193i K. T. White John Acee M. A. Griffin L. SULLIV A N John K. Bauuuw. Jii AV. A. Mace, Jr. W. K. Swan Eugene Cari.and H. A. MOFFIT B. G. Thomas S. D. Cranford E. B. Peacock I. B. Tucker AV. A. Enloe S. W. SCOGGIN L. L. Hutchison AV. E. Davis M. E. Strickland H. SULLITAN L. B. Mann, Jr. Laxc Medicine Graduate W. Eubank, Jr. George R. Benton Pledges T. M. Cleland ROBEET BoLTEN Steve Forest Walter Braddock Sam Bcshnell Robert Hall Joe Suttle Curtis Cloud RuEL Hunt Earle AVolslegel Odel Cranford John Heeshey James Moore Robert AVilliams Two Hundred Sixty-nine PABJ SKl TiS:eTC l .WRIGHT T.-WWGHT Two Hundred 8evc7ity ktaSs d Sigma Nu Culors: White, Black and Gold. Founded at J ' irginia Military Institute, 1868 WlI.I.IAM D. McXiDKR. M.D. S. M. Breckenridoi:. Pli.D. .1. H. Bl-NN K. B. Fi:RGrso J. T. (iRIFKITH Publication : The Delta of Sigma Nu. PSI CHAPTER Established, 1888 FrATRES IX F. CrLTATE Hari.i; a. Peacock, A.M. A. Hexoerso.v, Ph!D., LL.D. ( ' . C. Peacock, A.M. Fratres in Universitate Class of 193 2 v. H. Wright Class of 1933 W. A. Lane G. E. LOXDON Floicer : White Rose. B. Vo(isl.];v. . ..M. C. Lyons, Ph.D. W. Bynum M. H. Long J. D. Leak E. P. Dameron A. T. Allen Eugene C. Bagwell WiLLARD F. BeTTS Robert F. Blocnt AViLLiAji T. Bost Bryan W. Carr Class of 193 . . T. O ' Neil M. S. Hamer Graduate E. R. Hamer Law K. C. Ramsey C. C. SiKES F. L. Carr Pledges Tom Henly- Dext -Alfred G. Eskridge Ivan M. Glace Phillip Goodwin L. G. Skinner A. H. SXIDKK L. C. WiiiciiT A. P. Park P. W. Hairston J. G. Pace E. E. Butler E. H. Wedbee Robert C. Graham .T. L. wRENCE .Jones Homer F. Lucas, Jr. WiLi.iA.M D. McKee Bruce Old Two Hundred Seventy-one Fi;REB:Ef; HAM- HARDIW HE;jHR.Y oJACOCKS LITTEK LYKCH M.lCHA.liLS jV YivR ROSE; STATO STlK IvEATHEJ?. THORPE WILSOK WAY Two Hundred Seventy-two Sigma Ch Colors: Blue and Gold. Founded at Miami University, 1S55 Publication: The Magazine of Sigma Chi. ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established, 1S89 Fratres in Facultate Herman G. Baity H. P. McClamrock Wesley C. George .Iajies Jf:HRY Si.ade Frederick B. McCall Frater in Urbe William D. Scoit Fratres in Universitate Class of 1032 Stephen A. Ltncit. Jr. Floxcer: White Rose. I ' " ui.DERiric H. Kiicir (mix Lasi.ey Thomas A. Henry FrjVxcis G. Jacocks, ,Iii Trogler F. Atkins Arlindo S. Cate Stewart M. Chandler Kmmett C. Ferehee Charles Bissr:LL Frank Crowell Settle Dockerv John W. C. Rntwistle Jay HorsToN Barnes Madison Brown Class of 1933 David P. Henry William Hines ' ILMER M. Hines James W. Peacock Class of 1934 Wynn Wood Ham Alexander Hardin Earl Harrlee Richard C. Xewhold Pledf es (iEORGE Bla.VTON Chapin Litten Graduates DocKERY .James I.. ( Medicine ChAINCEY I.. lioYSTER William T. Myers, Jr. Walter T. Rose Jake H. Shuford Harold Staton James G. Stikeleather W. H. Wilson Ed G. Michaels John E. Way William Wood Angus McLean Foster Thorpe Sam Wilkins Two JIundred Seventy-three HOUSTON KLEETA-TEK, JV AN " AVOODY PHILPOTT RpSEMO D SATTERPIELD STAPLES STEELE TOWH5EWD WEBB WHITE YOUHG Two Hundred Seventy-four Kappa Sigma Founded at Vnh ' ersity of Bologna, IJfOO Established in America at University of Virginia, 1867 Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald Green. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Publications: Caduceus and Star and Crescent (Secret). ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established, 1S93 Fratres in J ' aciltate Klmer G. Hoefer. B.S., M.E. StITRGIS E. liEAVITT, Ph.D. John Grover Beard. Ph.D. Charles Thomas Woollen Marcus C. S. Noble, Ph.D. Kobert a. Fetzer, B.S., A.B. E. J. WooDHousE, A.B., LL.B. I. W. Rose William . siilv Sydxok Moyi: C William Rhyse Hoffmax Eugene Lee Webb, Jr. Fr.atei! IX Uhbe CiEOROK Edward Shepabi) Fratres in Universitate Class of 1932 Bridoers Harry Clinton Finch ZAiiT Geokoe Phifer Houston ' Class of 1933 Ben.iamix Cabell Philpott Pail Phillip Pelton .ToHX A- Kleemeier W. R. Satterfield Thomas S. White, Je. EARNEST W. Staples, Jr. Thomas Shefiteld Bennett McCoRKLE Caldwell Oscar Lee Mullis Barrie Bascom Blackwelder Joseph Colin Eaiiles He Felix Hill Allen Richard G. Chatham Sher vood Hedgpeth J. MES Alden Houston r Walker IjAndis Class of 1934 Hahley- G. Brookshire .John Bass Brown. Jr. William W. Farmer . rciieh B. Glenn Laxf in- W. Gkitn-eh Medicine Ht;E PAM ' tOTT RoSE.MOXD Pledges John Sharpe May William T. Mitchell roswell d.wis ison Henrv Gavin May MiLO J. Hoitmax J. M. Rennie Newman A. Towxsend Lemuel P. Tyree K(]Bert McDonald Gray-. Jr. William Sloan Moody ' J. C. Steele Edwin H. M ' illiamson Henry ' Lane Youxg Tico Hundred Seventy-five B1SAJ4AK. CASSA.X)A CA.TES A.CLA oK. C.Cl ARK. LITTLE MA.CM.1LLAN SAWYEBo SHOEMAKhP SPE TCER„ SPRIKKLE STA7»A.PS STEELE F.THOJAPSQK W1LLIAM.S WOEP-WEPv. Tmo Hundred Seventy-six Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the Vniversitij o ' Vlrgltua, 1S€S Colors: Garnet and Old Gold. Flower: Lily of the Valley. Puhlications: Shield .ind Diamond, Dagger and Key (Secret). TAU CHAPTER FstahUshed, 1895 Fratres in Facultate (irsTAVE A. IIarrkr Joiix Erwin Carroi.i. George M. McKie Frater in Urbe Andrew Tter Sawter Fratres in Facultate Class of 1932 Haruy Lixdex Shaner, Jr. (lEOROE GeEXV KlT.I.ISr.FR George Edward French, Jr. Horace Hijjes Edgar Alan Bisanar Claude Baxter Clarke, Jr. John Angiee Blue Harry Halleck Cassada James Henderson Clifford George Ward Thompson Tom White Weeks Class of 1933 John Watkins Williams, Jr. John Shelton Gohrell Frank Morton Hawley, Jr. Class of 193i W. Kobeet Woerner Walker Stamps RoscoE Drake McMillan, Jr. Donald C. Shoemaker Hugh Sawyer George Roscoe Little, ,Ir. Carroll M. Spencer Charles B. Aycock .ToHN G. Carpenter .Iack ScoiT Cates Graduates John M. Akers Ennis W. Atkins Pledges Aluert L. Clark Donald Jackson- John W. Callahan Parsons Howell Frank Thompson Karl Sprinkle Allan D. Steele Two Hundred Seventy-seven -MESSICie PHIlvUPS SLATEB SMITH SPEHCEPv • VAH WAiKEF WUil V iS YuKLEV Two Hundred. Seventy-eight Pi Kappa Phi Founded at Ihe College of Charleston, 1904 Colors: Gold and Wliite. Publications : Star 1 Laiup of Fi Kappa Plii. KAPPA CHAPTER Established, 1914 Fratres in Facultate Drm.EY D. Cahroli,, A.M. .)i:ff-ersox Bynum, A.M William Olsen, A.M. Fratres in Urbe W. Grady Pritchard A. Hugh Martix Fratres in Universitate Class of 1932 Flower: Red Rose. Fokromix (Esoteric). CoRYDON P. Spruill, B.Lit. Theron Browx Adrian N.4TIIAX Daniel Thomas Pittmax Davis Harper Barnes H. Armistead Boyd W. Nelson Dixon, Jr. James H. Felte James B. H(]CK. day Pait, Laslky Hltdson Graham Allison H. RVEY AnDERSON WooDROw Ford HAM Tom Holt .Iames Baxter Dawson Charles Farmer Class of 1933 .Iames Gordon Kuhfees George A. Phillips John Elvy Slater. Jr. Class of 193 Jf W. H. McAllister, Jr. Graham McLeod Thomas B. Spencer Law Calvin Graves, Jr. Pledges Brice Fonvielle .Iack McInnis Bennett Macon John U. Gilbreath John Mc. Gillespie Oscar W. Kochitzky, James Harold Ssiith William W. Walker B. B. Williams Edward Vanx WiLLiA.M C. Walkix- J. Hale Yokley Henry Messick .loHX Poole Donald Swan .■ALFRED Williams Two Hundred Seventii-nine E fllTl EY BELL CORNWALL DAVIS VKAXIS J LAUHEY JAO ' US PEEsKY PURWELL RAYMERo ROTH WEATHgRMAH Tim niDiilrrd Eiylity Delta Sigma Ph 1 Founded at the College of the City of Ne7c York, 1890 Colors: White, Nile Green and White. Floxver: White Carnation. Publications : The Carnation (Exoteric), The Sphinx (Esoteric). ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Established, 1920 FnATER IN 1 ' acultate Mauricf Taylor Van Hecke, M). Frater in Urbe I)(H ' i:i,AS McIntosii Fambrougii FrATRES in L NIVERSITATE Class of 1932 Charles Castneb Cornwall Class of 1933 Harry Gi.enn Frasieb David Boyd Davis John Hi ' it Dellinger William R. Battley Warren B. Bell Oscar Davis Joseph Alfred Morris William Lowe Roth .Joe Monroe Wilkins Class of 19S .losKPii K. Perry Furches B. Raymer Harold Gavin Law R. Mitchell Chamberlain William Agurs Stahbuck Graduate Charles Chapman Duffy Pledges Carl Dellinger John B. Weatherman David H. Mauney Joe Whitfield Edwin Pubnell Two Hundred Eighty-one A1KE T BE-HKETT BOYD COJXIJTS IDOIy dAMlESOH F.Ki OOP VK OOP STO E -WEEKS WIL P H Tiro Hundred Ekilitji-tirn Theta Chi Foiniili-il at yoru-ich Vn ' n ' ersit y, lS- i(l Colors: Military Red and Wliiti-. Publication: Tlit- Rattle. ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Established, 1920 Frater in Facultate SaMI ' KI. Ht ' NTINGTOX HoBBS Fratrfs IK Universitate Class of 19S2 Floicer: Red Carnation HaRLAX .Ja3IES(}X O. H. Weeks J. C. Peele T. E. Ratcliffe, Jb. R. E. Brooks I ' REDRICK KXOOP. ' p:rnox Inoi.. Jr. Class of 1933 (). C. Ohek, Jr. M. F. Stone B. P. Colli -vs Jr. I. M. Craig, Jr. R. F. FoSiTER R. C. Hoi.T William C. . i Vic Kxooi- William Shay Class of 1934 V. H. HrssEY .r. (). Zimmerman ' .r. K. Bridges Graduates K. T. Thomas W. Law .7. C. GoomviN " J. h Pledges ;ex tiARoi.i) K, Bexxett Williaji T. Fry C. H. Bovu. Jr. H. S. McIver C. L. W I LP AX R. B. Hubbard C. H. Aiken J. N. NOWELL T. A. Glascock. Jr. Alexander Weisker Robert Xou ' ell William A. Wright Lee Harrison Two Hundred Eighty-three I H ' M m. ' ■ BOYD CAIK CLIFFOWD ODOM. PA RKEla TKMTIvE YANCET Tiro Hnndrcd FAglity-four Sigma Phi Epsilon J. Mari Founded at University of Richmond, 1901 Colors: Purple and Red. Flowers: American Beauties and Violets. Publication : Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal. NORTH CAROLINA DELTA CHAPTER Established, 1921 Fratres in Facultate p. McDowell Clarexce O. Sapp Fratres ix Urbe R. Alexander Wn.LiA r Aberxatuy, M.D. Fratres in L niversitate Class of 1932 Jack H. Bovn Hkxky Tejiple Class of 1933 WlLLUM T. Laslet XciRMAN McCaSKILL Class of 1934 Roger Harper Cicero A. Frazier Law 15. Moore Parker Sa.v M. Yaxcey Medici?ie .IlXE U. GrXTER Pledges Krxest T. Ixgle III Hexhy S. Jexkiss I.YXDOX W. Maxheim Harlee Odom .Iames Thomas O ' Kellet: Locke Sloop Price Smith Feeiierick C. C Warrex T. Da CORXELIIS BrETSCH Lawkexce T. Ha.mmi) Herman- S. Merrill .lonx Doug in Carl Hi .Tksse R. Johnston Thomas R. Redding .Tames B. Little . ' siiley F. Seawell, Jk Malcolm B. Sewell Frank Pii.ciier Harold W. Parki Milton S. Brohn Thurston Cates Lynch Cline E. . . Daniels Clifton R. Faucette Irving Harrington James Harrington .Tames VanStory William J. Milbui Emmet Lcpton J. B. Wallace W. H. Clikkord J. B. Tenner Albert Olmstead Robert H. Waldo Two Hundred Eighty-five Two Hundred Eighty-six Chi Omega Foutidcd at the Uriivcrxifi of Arkansas, IS!) ' ) Colors: Cardinal and Straw. FUncer: White Carnation. Pul)licali()ii : Eleusis. EPSILON BETA CHAPTER Established, 192S Mrs. Donald Coney Mrs. R. W. D. Connkr Mrs. AV. T. Corcii Mrs. ,I( si;i ' 1i Couch SORORES IN UrBE Miss Nkli-ik Graves Mrs. Gi ' v Johnson Miss Estei.i.i: Lawson Mrs. .1. C. Lyons Mrs. K. I,. Mackm; SoRORES IN UnIVFRS1T TE Class of 19S ' 2 Mary UrRHorc.iis Mary Anderson Carter Orville Culpepper Ida Lee Ballestine Florence Chick Flizahetii Bolton Fanny Harrell Virginia Hendricks Harriet L. Daniel Martha DeLaney ' Graduate EEIZ. BETn H( Pledges Margaret Jordan- Edith Kneeburg Uebekah Moose EvELY ' N Page EVELY ' N KnEEHI RG Mr.s. H. D. Meyer Mrs. W. W. Pier.son Miss Margaret Prichard Mrs. Wallace Smith Edna Morrisette ,1(1 White Norwood Doretta Rltssell Anna Spires Alice Stutz Frances Hoberts F.LOisE Vaughn .Mary Waldo 193 a. Two Hundred Eighty-seven MANFF HARDIHG HICKS dOKES LEWIS iO TQ- MO-NTAGUK MOOR.E MUNSOK McCOW, KEWBY MUKK d.PARKEB M..PARKE10 S PARKER PARSON- PEACE POWELL PRITCHAKd ' PURKIHG-TOK R,0SE SCOGGIH 3TEVEKS THOW.A3 Twi} iHiindred EiyJity-eight Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth C ' ollcgi ' , 1S67 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue. Flower: White Carnation. Publication : The Arrow. Emzabktii Branson Mrs. EiiwAiii) Urown Margarkt Hullitt Mrs. W. K. Cahdweli. Mrs. H. F. Comer NORTH CAROLINA ALPHA CHAPTER Established, 1923 S0RORE.S IN UrBE (iHACE Duncan Mrs. Hrco Giduz .Mrs. a. S. Lawrence Mrs. DoiGi.AS MacMili.i Katiiehixe Martin .Mrs. Fred McCai.i, Mrs. Harry Russell N Mrs. .7. Marion Sau.ndebs Rosalie Thrall SonoRES IN Universitate Class of 1932 Ei.oiSE Barwick Blanche Baker Hanff Patty Lewis M -ra Lynch Gabrielle McColl Ruth Newby Molly Lou Daniels Peggy Firey Betsy Harding Mary Hicks Betty Gray Long Martha Dabney .Tones Charlotte Miles Elizabeth Nunn Josephine Parker Closs Peace Margaret Powell Adelaide Read Class of 1933 Mary Lillian Cohrell Lara Nao.mi Alex.vnder Graduate .Anne Edmunds Pledges Xell Montague Elizabeth Moore Athlene Munsen Mary Frances Parker .Sarah Parker Marie Leake Parsons LnuiSE Pritchard .(uLiA Bates Brown .Tean Rose Frances Wag.staff Elizabeth Webb .TOSELY ' N WheDBEE Virginia Ferguson ' IRGINIA Wilder .Iane Purrington Martha Royster Catherine Scoggins N ' irginia Stephens .Martha Thomas Rae.mond Wilson A irginia Yancey Two Hundred Eighty-nine cJATFE L.EVY L j TL fMS PATTERS07J PEAXSQN PER.E5 Sll 02 § SOVlT5!UY §PlT2ERo WARSHAUER. Tico Hundred yinety Tail Epsilon Phi Founded at Columbia University, WOO Colors: Lavender and White. Florcers: Lily of the ' alle_v and Violet. Publication: The Plume. OMEGA CHAPTER Established, 192 J I ' li. THES IN UnIVERSITATE Class of 1932 Sasittel J. Bheen Raymond Cohen George Bhowx LeOXAHD ElSEJfBERG Berxarp Ellisbfrg .Iack Freedlaxd Monroe Evans Sidney Gross Sidney L. Hirsch Class of 1933 Joseph Eisner Ehwin Jaffe Class of 1934 Arnold Friedman Joseph Patterson Medicine .Joseph Shachtmax Graduate George Richard Si ' lkin Pledges Arnold Jacobs Walter I.azarus Walter Levitax Lawrence Spitzer Samuel Washauer Theodore Levy Irving Peres Jerome Simoxs Jehojie ' oi,ee Henry Pearson Lloyd Sovitsky Two Hundred Ninety-one B HRlNGEBo DXLBMBEKrE FAJJOS OHlGEi cJACK-SO KIDD X,OFTI T I OV:5L !JTD I OVlLIv TODD Two Hundred Ninety-tioo Sigma Phi Sigma Founded at thi I ii ' n ' ersHi of Peiinsi lvania, lOOS Colors: White and Gold. Floxcers: Daffodils and Lily of the Valley. Publication ; The Nomad. XI CHAPTER Established, 192C Frater in Facultate Otto Stuhlmax, Jr., Ph.D. Frater in Urbe Wii.i.iA.M Carbixe, Jr. Fratre.s in Universitate Class of 1932 Verxox Lewis Briggs .Jack Brodie F. rris L. Todd Ei)«ARn Benedict KiDD. Jr. Lewis Joseph Lovelaxd IJeorge L. VanEchop t ' Ai.viN Greer Todd Jonx Frank Geiger Class of 1933 .Joseph Hixds Class of 1934 .Tames H. D ' Alemberte, Jr. Lvnn K. Davis .loHX Brewer LaiC Hav Simpson Farris William Behrixger P. . . CiEORGE Pledges Fred R. Hamilton lioBERT Lo LL Charles I. Loftin .loHX .4lfhed Jackson Ronald Kochendorfer Charles Tirpie William T. Utter Ttoo Hundred Ninety-three Wtmi ' m- V AJ DILBWS BEiTKETT CHAJ I r IgVANS FITZGBRAIvD GEORGE GIBSON cJEKB-ETTB LUKENS McDUFFlE JVUTCHELLE PEET2, RANDOLPH TEA.CHEV VICKd VATSO r Tico Hunrlreil Niiiet ' y-four tsa Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at lassachuseits Agricultural College, Amherst, 1S7S Colors: Magenta and Silver. Flower: Red Carnation. Publication : The Signet. UPSILON DEUTEROX CHAPTER FstaUished, 1926 FR.iTRES IN FaCULTATE R. B. Lawsox. iM.D. C. J. McHale, B.A., M.A. A. M. White, Ph.D. FrATRES IX Urbe Jj])«IN M. Fo«LER JOHX L. HoLSHOUSER Fratres in Universitate Class of 19S2 Clyde M. .Andrews Thomas S. Jexrette Robert T. S. rtwei.l Grahasi C. Cochrane Brittaix E. Lukens. Jr. James C. Teachey WiLLUM C. Fitzgerald Edward H. Gibsox, III Robert J. Wittixgtox Thomas C. Evax s, Jr. William C. McDi ' ffie Millard H. Bexxett tiAMES D. BlVEXS Braxtox H. George Class of 1933 . Fred Merritt WlKEY E. MiTCHELLE W. Ward Petz Class of 193 ' t Roy B. Chapix L,axo Ed.mixi) L. Cl ' elee Pledges Paul O. Schalbert George D. Vick Thomas S. Watsox ' erxox Randolph F. CiFRAKD WoLKE William B. Wray Two Hundred Ninety-fiiw. :bil stsvAus schilleio OETTING Rs MEYERS U0HTENFE1,S KAM T FS-ANK l, DANNS EAUM. AI SXANDSB Tim IJundred Ninety-six Zeta Beta Tau Founded at the College of the City of Nexv York, 1898 Colors: Blue, Gold, and White. Ptiblicotioii : Zeta Beta Tau Quarterly and Monthly. ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established, 1927 Fratres in Universit. te Class of 19S2 (illoKCI: n. NNENiiAi ' sr Hakky Cil SlP Class of 1933 .luI.IAV SpIGEL .loiIX F. Ai.EXANDKI) .IlI.IAX FliAN ' KEI. I.oris I.EE ARNi:i{ liEni. M. Kahn Class of 1934. .[(I]IN I.INI)i:.MAN Latv Sdl.OMON- B. SrERSUERfiER Medicine I)a I1) r.. AuNER Pledges .IdSEI ' II M. LlCIITENFEI.S M. Newman ' John T. Schiller Lionel S. Weil P ' .LMER Oettixgf .TiLiAX Meyer .Iack I?. Straus I.. Martin- Sekoali 93SL J - Two Hundred Ninety-seven AUSTIN T ' R.AZEK BBpUGHTO COHKAD DALZELL DQ HELLY EASO T Fl Y T GEJfFIK cJEJ SEK KI-HG- LOTHIAN MARSH MAKSHALE McCAJAYMU, Two HundrPd Ninety-eight Sigma Zeta Fiiiniili ' il at the Uiiivcmiti of Michigan, IH Colors: Black and Gold. Flower: Pansy. Puhlication : Tlu- Torcli of Sigma Zeta. GAMMA CHAPTER Established, 1928 Fratres in Facultate Hi TERT Bayliss Vance, Ph.D. Fratres in Urbe • loSKIMI IIllKMAN RiSSON HoWARU P. WlIISNANT UaXKI.N .1. W ' lUTi; Fratres in Universitate Casi ' iir M. Austix N ' oHWOOIl Eason ]?RY. HoMii.i ' s Hoke Flyxt Ben.ta.min B. Frazer Thomas H. Broughton Ralph G. Edwards Class of 19S2 Edward . Cosrad .Vlden Joseph Stahr Class of 1933 Clarence A. Jensen Class of 1934 R. G. McFari.ane Cari. MiETii.N TrcKER. Jr. Steve P. Marsh .loiix Sparks Griffin .Iciirx D. McCampbeli. ' ernon H. Scakborougii R. G. Tart Late Fred B. Bi ' xch Ralph C. Green Medicine Leo Brown Skeex ' Graduates Ci. Onn: nAVL ; Hin kle Moser Price Pledges Robert Oalzell Homer Triplett .Iames I?. I.otiiiax Donald H. Eason . llan H. King James Marshall John F. Donnelly William Wright Two Hundiv.d Ninety-nine LEIHWAXD J OBER-BAUM. LOZOWICIO SAMSON SCHREIBER5 SHUbMAH SGHLEFSTEIH SIEVERSTBIH STEINKEICH Three Hundred Phi Alpha Founded at (iKirrjc U ' a }iiin t »i V nivemUif, lOlJf Colors: Maroon and Blue. FUnccr: Rose. Piiblicatioii.s: Phi Ali)lia Quart.-rly and Plii Alplia Ihillttin. OMEGA CHAPTER Established, 102S FUATRES IN " I XIVER ITATE Class of 1032 Staxi.ev 15. AnELSON- Sam Silvkilsteix .Jack I ' LSskn .Jack Abramsos Gkorge Dobfmax Kdwis- Kahx MlI.TOX Pai ' chxek SinXKY PnOWXSTEIN . l,FREI FlKISHMAX .Sm. Haves Class of lOSS .IciSEl ' H DiXSTMAX I. H. I.. Shlefsteix Class of 19SJ; Seymour Lobberbaum Irvixc Margvlies Pledges MiLTOX Kalb Saxfori) L. xgsam Charles Lasko Abe Leixwaxd MiLTOX LozowiCK SA:MrEI, (iREi:XBERG CiEORGE SCHREIBER Harry Siegel Itto Steixreich Sa.m Samsox Frederick Siivlmax Lewis Sluxg . i.exaxi)eh Sterx Three Hundred One CLARY E G STROM. GASKIT S HOl LIDAV LEWia LACY I clHrOSli JvS.Il,L:eBo WElIvAHD -WIlyD Ro Three Hundred Two Sigma Delta Ftiundrd at Ihf L ' niverxity of Xnrth Carolina, 192J, Colors: Brown and White. Flower: Cape Jasmin. Fratres in Facultatk .Iamks O. Haiikv William F. Corcii Mi ki ' hv I). Ka.nsom K. D. Henkv. M.n. Hkxry M. Dewick M. S. Heath Fratres ix Uxiversitate Class of 1932 W. Eugkxe Coxjsally. Jr. Morkis S. Clary Carltok E. Wilder F. O. Carver, Jr. J. Shermax Shore Samuel B. Vixstead Class of loss Hexry Weilaxd. Jr. Dax Lacy .■Vlfred Exgstrdm Class of 1934 Rlair Holliday William V. Covixgtox Raleigh Baker (lEORGE Millar Graduates .loiix H. fnouM Mattiu w G. Hlxry Plcd;,,-s FuY Pathkk Caskixs Irah; S. McIxtush Wixikrei .Stevex.sos Robert C. Lewis ' 93V J - Three Hundred Three CAf P- LAWTMER, TWOClo 0 ' 74Elb SMITH rnOK.NTO WniTAKER. Three Hundred Four 1932. Phi Chi Foinuhd at Louisville Mrdical School, 1803 Colors: Green and White. Fhnccr: I.ily of the ' allev. Publication : The Phi Chi Quarterly. si(;m, theta chapter Established, 1905 .Ia.mks H. Bullitt Fhatres in Facultate William deB. MacXider Wesley C. George Fratres in Urbe William Aberxetht I.. E. Fields Sccuml Year Medical Class George Ruffix Bextox William Elledge Selby Fraxcis R. Lawther Herrert TiKjMPsox Brown- F " raxk Ciiurch O ' Neil John Thorxtox DoroLAs Latex Potter (m;orge Parkott Rosemaxd Richard Harper Whitaker First Year Medical Clasi jA3tEs Pettiguew Bunx Glexx Mock Chalmers Raxkin Carr Sheldon Morrison Fletcher Ruff Adams .Ioiix Wylie O ' Neal William Berrv.max Douglas Cooper Person Carl Pigman Charles D. Roli.ixs W. Smith )= Three Hundred Five ggiWfliy lpipglPaWM ' W USHBRj Wi:iLA HD Three Hundred Six ' 9 Alpha Chi Sigma Founded ai Universiiy of IVisconsin, 1902 Colors: Prussian Blue and (roim- Yellow. Floicer : Red Carnation. PuhVicnt ' ion : The Hexagon. Dr. F. p. Venable Dn. J. M. Bell Dr. a. S. Wheeler Fratres in Facult. te Dr. J. T. Dobbins Dr. H. D. Ckockford Dr. F. K. Cameron Dr. F. p. Brooks Dr. F. H. Edminsteb Dr. R. W. Bost Dr. a. M. White Fratres in Universitate Class of 1982 E. O. Brya NT B. E. LuKiNS E. F. Thomas P. S. Gilchrist M. M. Matthews P. C. Usher Class of 1933 N. W. Dockery J. A. SUTHER E. C. Powell N. I,. Simmons Graduates H. ,T. Weilani) R. H. Belcher J. N. LeConte M. G. Henry T. L. King R. H. Munch E. S. Gilreath A. L. Alexander E. W. Constable H. C. Thomas M W. Conn J. O. Turner Pledges D. J. Brawley- B. O. Crosby S. D. SUMERFOHD F. W. Grant M S. Morrison J. J. PiTTMAN F. H. Lentz J. B. Crutchfield W. R. Bateman r if 1 ' 2K ' Three Hundred Seven DICKSOK ' SJ XOM moDi;§ SAJK f ycr lih SICeEH aOUTHAW) STR .US5 TOOIvE Three Hundred Eight Theta Kappa Psi Foundi ' d at the Medical College of J ' trg ' niia, 1S70 Colors: Nile Green and Old Gold. Floxver: Red Rose. Piiblicatio i : The Messenger. UPSILON CHAPTER Established, 1915 FuATUES IX UxiVERSITATE Class of 1932 Enwix BuRTis Atcock Joseph W. Eatox Fletchzr Dover Sain Sterlixg Archie Barrett Walter Robert Kersey Curtis Glexn Southard Richard L. Sugg Glexx S. Dickson " Theua Gixx Class of 1933 E. C. Powell Paul H. Rhodes J. R. Strauss Arthur F. Toole L. B. Skeex S. M. Beal .luXE GUXTER Pledges Alfred F. Hammond, Jr. Howard Q. L. Little Wilbur Curtis Huxsucker Joiix Rhea Three HundrecL Nitie UPCHUKCM V ELl S Three Hundred Ten ' 93V Kappa Psi Fouiuhd at the Medical College of J ' irc iiiia, 1S79 Colors: Scarlet and Gray. Flower: Red Carnation PuUh-atioii : Tl]. ' Mask ( Kxotcrie). The Agoa (Esoteric). Graham Culbreth Carl C. Dukham Ci.iFKoRU Coble BETA XI CHAPTER Established, 1915 FrATRES in FACtn.TATH K. W. Bust E. V. Howell Fratres in Urbe . llen D. Edens .tohjt l. holshou.ser Grady C. Siske Arthur Ijnwoou Cochrane Frederick Ray, Jr WooDROW Wilson .Iohnson Martin Luther Cline Fr. nk U. Ch Fratres in Universitate Class of 1932 Hen.iamin H. Kent Carlton Robinson .Tasper Edward Philips Malcolm Thurston Upchurck Class of 1933 Hershel Gordon Brown Aaron T. Griffin Clayton S. Currt Fred Anderson Holt Class of 1934 Julius Jackson Griffin William H. Houser Henry Clay Chapman Pledges Roland Glenn Maurice M. Brame Robert R. Wells Harmon Carlyle McAllister ' f a£ksh %ackY Three Hundred Eleven ADA.M.S BROWjM " DAVIS EDDJy MAK GOOBWIJ liARySKD KMOEF l IvOHRj M.CKKE, SPABJCiS SUMMBRVIU,? Three Hundred Twelve Alpha Kappa Kappa Founded at Dartmouth ColU-cjf, ISS ' .J Colors: Dartmoutli Green and White. Publication : Centaur. E. A. ABKKNAlnV L. G. Bbown F. M. Adams C. R. Brown Jas. a. Brown J. Davis Thomas S. Eudlkmax C. F. McChae Ghady Cornell Siske BETA IOTA CHAPTER Established, 192S Fratres in Facultate Ci. W. C ' arkington Fratres in IIniversitate Second Year Medical Class C. R. Farabef, C. W. Goodwin F. T. Hakhek J. T. Karh First Year Medical Class charucey l. royster w. c. summkrville Thomas Strixgfield .Fames Watt Hubert Gr-aha.m Price G. L. Donnelly I. H. MANNINn A. E. Knoefel, .Tr, D. LOHR P. R. Sparks T. .1. Taylor Pledge John R. Heidenreich Three Hundred Thirteen ADDERTO ; AUSTIK WEAKER. el. BA3 ;EB GAMPBEU-, IDOlv KLEEMEIEK LYNCH i A.cCOTTER. JW.CMILLAH MI IOPo JWORRISO t OWE f STIKEtEATHEJL THOMPSOf UPSHAW VwCAl EB Three Hundred Fourteen Alpha Kappa Psi Founded at Xfrc York University, 190J, Colors: Blue and Gold. Magazine : The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi. ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Established, 192o D. D. Carroll Fratres in ? acultate c. t. murchisox K. E. Peacock R. H. Sherrill Casper M. Austin T. J. Campbell J. W. Clixahd AsHBY L. Baker B. Perry Collins Fratres in- Universitate Class of 1932 K. Karrell .!(»HN Head Holmes Hariax Jameson Class of 19SS P. C. Idol 0. C. OwEX, Jr. 1. J. Stikeleather JonX A. Kl.EKMEIER S. . . Lyxch, Jk. .Tames Morrisox J. B. Thompson S. GE Upshab ' Graduates D. C. McCoTTER. ,Ik. H. . ' . Patterson R. Stokes Addertox .luLLAX T. Baker (jeorge T. Browx Pledges Laxkford J. Felton Edmoxd V. Hally R. D. McMillax William T. Minor, Jr. W. AVooDW-iRD Walker Kenneth O. Wright Three Hundred Fifteen ' I ' M YOURS " - THE CrANGS ALL HERE ' Three Hundred Sixteen JLGAIM " ALL, DJRESSED UP WITH A BROKEN KEARX ' Three Hundred Seventeen Three Hundred Eighteen 9i5L ) and CALL MF JXARLING ' I ' m gonna DAUCEj TOITDE GUY WOT BKUNGME ' " Three Hundred Twenty BAB.HAM. AHDRE ' 5 BOYD BRYAJ IT GEIGEK. M.IDGETT ROBBIH5 TAYLOR, THURSTOK Tau Beta Pi Fiiuuded at Lehigh Vn ' iversity, 1885 Colors: Brown and Wliite. Publication : The Bent. BETA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA Doc Jones Thurston, Jr. President Enoch Garland Robbtns Recording Secretary Earle Osgood Bryant Corresponding Secretary John Andrews Treasurer Favultif yienibrrs N, P. Baii.kv E. G. Hoefee R. M. Trimble H. G. Baity J. E. Lear E. W. Winkler T. F. HicKERsoN T. P. XoE W. J. Miller Thornimke Savim. : Graduate Members llllHAHIl FkNTRESS ClIRISCO FrEHRICK p. HlfNSICKER RaNKIX .1. WlIITE Student Members John Andrews John Frank Geiger Thomas Russell Taylor Samuel A. Barham J. A. McLean Doc Jones Thurston. Jr. Ch. rles Henet Boyd Ernest I.eeland Midgett Earle Osgood Bry ' Ant Enoch Garland Bobbins Three Hundred Tuenty-one Phi Beta Kappa Founded at the Collctjc of William and Man , Dcvcmlirr 5, 17 iO ALPHA CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA Lankforu Joskph Fki.ton PreKidrnl John Andrkws Viee Prfxidciil Charles Diobv, Jr Secrelari Thomas Jamks Wilson, Jk I ' DrrtapnvrVuui Srrrffarif and Trranurir Student Members Kr nk Marvin Adams WiLLLVM Jackson Adams, Jr. Hiinrm Mayne Albright. Jr. . Marion Ro.iiaine Alexander John Andrews Elma Hope Ashton Sterling Arihie Barrett William McRae Bell William Merlin Bliss Woodward Leavenworth Boynton William Thomas Braswell, Jr. Dalm. Adolph Brown- Travis Taylor Brown- Edward Alexander Cameron Hugh Brown Campbell Clarence Colebian Cates Clai ' De Jackson Craven Thomas Basil Douglas Oscar Welborn Dresslar George Attmore I ong David Craig McCivre Mary Margaret McLeod JuLE McMickael I TLES Glenn McNairy Charles Staples Mangum, Jr. Frank .Iosepii Manheim James P ric Merritt Reeme Moore Frank Church O ' Xeil William Carey Parker Helen E Kerr Craige Rajisey Paul Heilig Rhodes Robert Howard Schxell John Waiter Scott Joseph Cahlyle Sittertson Frank Parker Spruill. Jr. Alden Joseph Staiir Joseph Raymond William Dunn. Jr. Joseph Colen Eagles lyANKFORD Joseph Fei.ton EsMARCH SeNN GiLREATII Robert McDonald Gray June Uriah Gunter Matthew George Henry- Robert Alexander Hovis Klwoo!) Hunter Julius Dodd Linker James Millard Little, Jr. Lawrence Foushee London Albert Irving Suskin Herbert Hamilton Taylor, Jr. Ht-ECR Topping Taylor Henry Carrison Thomas Doc Jones Tiiurston Dean a. Ward Charles Diguv Wardlaw, Jr. Thomas Henry Watkins John Daroan Watson tola Chittenden A ' hite li abeth Wormell Three Hundred Ticenly-two Georgi! Phineas Bvtleb Georgia Eleanor Eiliott Carroll Columbia Mary Louisa Cobh North Carolina Louis Ciraves North Carolina Barbara Henderson North Carolina Alma Holland North Carolina N. B. Adams. Ph.D. Washington and Lee H. G. Baitv. Sc.D. North Carolina C. D. Beers, Ph.D. North Carolina R. S. Bogos Chicago H. P. Bond. Ph.D. Vanderbilt F. F. BRAD.SHAH-. Ph.D. North Carolina K. .T. Brown, Ph.D. Dic ' liinson H. M. Brown, Ph.D. North Carolina E. T. Browne, Ph.D. Virginia .1. B. Bullitt. A.M., M.D. Washington and Lee W. E. Caldwell, Ph.D. Cornell G. R. COFFMAN, Ph.D. Drake K. E. CoKER, Ph.D. North Carolina W. C. Coker, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins R. S. CoLLixs, A.M. North Carolina H. W. Crane. Ph.D. Michigan W. M. Dey, Ph.D. Virginia S. A. Emery, Ph.D. Cornell L. L. Garner, A.M. North Carolina F. P. Graham, A.M., LL.D., Litt.D. North Carolina F. M. Green, Ph.D. North Carolina Members in the City Katherine Jocher Goueher (iuiON (Jriifis .Johnson North Carolina ESTELLE F.niTH LaWSON North Carolina Adeline Deniiam McCall North Carolina Romana Galloway Mackie North Carolina Eleanor Schmidt Mosher North Carolina Members in Faculty Paul Green, A.B. North Carolina E. R. Groves. A.B., B.D. Dartmouth .r. M. GwYNN, A.M. North Carolina J. G. deR. Hamilton, Ph.D. William and Mary F. W. Hanft. A.B., S.J.D. Minnesota J. P. Harland. Ph.D. Princeton G. A. Harrer. Ph.D. Princeton Clarence Herr, Ph.D. Rochester A. Henderson. Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. North Carolina U. T. Holmes, Ph.D. Pennsylvania R. B. House, A.M. North Carolina George Howard, Ph.D. Davidson George Howe. Ph.D. Princeton A C. Howell, Ph.D. North Carolina V. A. HoYLE, A.M. North Carolina A. P. Hudson. Ph.D. North Carolina . . K King. A.M. North Carolina E. W. Knight, Ph.D. Duke J. W. Lasley. .Jr., Ph.D. North Carolina J. B. Linker, Ph.D. North Carolina Luther James Phipps North Carolina Charles Edwin Ray, .Jr. North Carolina (Jeorge Edward Shephard North Carolina Rosalie Thrall North Carolina Hazel Terry Trimble North Carolina Louise Manning Venable North Carolina J. C. Lyons, Ph.D. William and Mary G. R. MacCarthy, Ph.D. North Carolina A. C. McIntosh, A.m., LL.D. Davidson L. C. MacKinney, Ph.D. Lawrence E. L. Mackie, Ph.D. North Carolina H. W. Odum. Ph.D. Emor.v W. W. Pierson, Jr., Ph.D. Alabama W. F. Prouty, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins C. B. RoBsoN, Ph.D. North Carolina Thorndike Saville, C.E., M.S. Dartmouth C. P. Spruill. A.B., B.Litt. (Oxon.) North Carolina G. C. Taylor. Ph.D. South Carolina R. B. Vance. Ph.D. North Carolina F. P. Venable. Ph.D. North Carolina H. M. Wagstait. Ph.D. Johns Hopkins N. W. Walker. A.B., Ed.M. North Carolina A. S. Wheeler, Ph.D. Beloit J ' . J. Wilson, Jr., Ph.D. North Carolina L. R. Wilson, Ph.D. North Carolina E. J. Woodhouse. B.A., LL.B. Randolph-Macon Three Hundred Twenty-three Order of Minotaurs Archibald Kimbhouoii Davis M. 11 ' . H. Hekry Grovks Connor, Jr ,1 . IT. U. William R h yni: Hofim an B. T. MiTON A. Barber B. D. K. D. Louis Cherry Skixnkr Elliott Hill Nkhcombe Jacob H. Shi ' ford Thomas Skinnir Whiti: Robert W. I5arxett Frank Htcmes Dunn Edward B. Ferguson Joseph AV. I.ineberger Win M ' ooi) Ham M. Woodward Glenn Thornton Higby Brooks John Duncan Leake Brodie Crump Nalle, Jr. William Thomas Minor, Jr. Archer Bennett Glenn Ansley Cope Joseph J. Arthur DeTalma Valk John T. O ' Xeil, Jr. John A. Hardin HUTS Alexander My-ebs Water house Wilder Houston Atkinson FoLLIN Park Webb Cozart Wright HOFFM a n Three Hundred Twenty-four Order of The Shieks Robert J. Mebane Eugene L. Webb ' ' • G. Rose, Jk A. ' . J. Holmes Davis, Jr. Fisher Black Joseph Colin E.voles Peteh Garland R. McDonald Gray E. C. Daniel, Jr. Nelson Woodson Loften Bbookeb Junius G. Adasis Ernest Staples R. Mayne Albright Harry C. Finch Edward F. Yarbrough Phillip Sasser George L. Jones T. Winfield Blackwell, Jr. Henby L. Anderson Basil W. Hall Peter S. Gilchrist Robert Wheeler Gold William R. Satterfield Barbie B. Black welder Frank A. Cole, Jr. John M. Phipps Fred M. Laxton. Jk. J. Frank Plummer. Jr. Julian T. Baker John K. Barrow, Jr. Erwin Walker C. Ashby Penn Walker Geitner Alexander B. Andrews, III Thomas Watkins Charles A. Poe Kemp Yarborough Alan A. Smith .Tames Lynch Jones Pollard " The moving finger writes: and having writ Moves on: nor all your piety nor wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a line. Nor all your tears wash out a word of it. " — Omar Khayvam. t X i cj S= s:5=W Three Hundred Tirciity-fire 13 " Club A. Branch Carb . . William F. Draper. President Secreta ry-Treasu rer Chaustcev L. Roysteb Arlindo Cate Edward C. Michaels William G. Roberts Robert R. Reynolds. Jr. Herman Schnell Pete Haines Sidney L. W. Lea John K. Borroughs Stanley H. Heist Henry N. Parsley C. McD. Carr, Jr. Edward K. Graham Joseph H. Pratt P. Haywood Daggett Phillip Peacock John D. Branch N. Webster Collett Barron K. Greer Thomas Webb Samuel T. Peace, Jr. Alfred Hamilton George F. Brant John D. McNeil Tad L. McLaughlin H. Theodore Newland William A. Enloe Lenoir C. Wright Frederick L. Carr James G. Pace, Jr. John A. Blue Harry L. Shaner, Jr. Ward Thompson Walker Stamps Charles D. Rollins Charles Gault WiLUAM Davis Jack Morrissey George T. Barclay Sigma Nu Beta Theta Pi Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi Delta Psi Delta Psi Delta Psi Delta Psi Delta Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon .eta Psi eta Psi eta Psi Chi Phi Chi Phi Chi Phi Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Alpha Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta Three Hundred Ticenty-six ' t nyoAyCH.jjZ Xtlsoieiz Hbtyg Ravgyvz Cs Tyo Ysnld Valmar XLIV RULERS ARCiiiBAi.n KiMBROircH Davis Hex Thomas Willis Alexander - -D- • ' ■ Herman Walker Sciinell " ' • S. S. George Waterhouse X- - • William Kodert Satterfiei.d. .fn. N. G. P. SUBJECTS ni) Cii.Mu.r Staples Maxgum ni Arcuibalu Henderson 180 Edward Vernon Howell 193 William Stanley Bernard 241 Gregoire Hamilton 244 George Howe 245 Joseph Hyde Pratt 255 Frank Porter Graham 272 Patrick Henry Winston 319 William Watley Pierson 328 Francis Foster Bradshaw 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 342 Dudley Dewitt Carroll 369 William Frederick Proity 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 375 Robert Hasley Wettacii 385 Robert Edwin Coker 399 Henry Johnston, Jr. 405 Charles S. Mangum. Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 431 John D argon Watson 4.80 39 James Penrose Harland 442 Robert Burton House 447 Horatio Nelson Woodson 453 Herman Glenn Baity 456 William Ditnn, Jr. 463 George Waterhouse 465 Thomas Willis Alexander 466 William Robert Satterfield, Jr. 467 Harry Clinton Finch 468 Herman Walker Schnell 469 Mandeville Alexander Webb 470 Archibald Kimbrough Davis 471 Milton Augustus Barber 472 Joseph William Lineberger 473 Henry Groves Connor. HI 474 Lenoir Chambers Wright 475 Robert Jesse Mebane. Jr. 476 Joel Barber Adams 477 Thomas Barber Follin 478 George Ward Thompson +79 Sydney L. W. Lea Thornton Higby Brooks Three Hundred Ticenty-seveti Gorgon ' s Head UoUrBT DlliGS WiMBERLY CoXXOR CiiARLKs ' i ' dOMAs Woollen John- Manxixg Booker William ilonrox Dey James Bell Bullit William deBerxier McXider Claudii ' s Temi ' Le Murchison William Doicald McMilliam Ubbas Tk;xer Holmes Nicholas Barnlv Adams Charles Tilford McCokmick William Kichardsox Abbott Louis Graves Junius GHiitx Ahams. Jk. John A. Park, Jr. Samuel Thomas Peace Richard I.el Covington A. Branch Carr Archie Tlrxeh Allen David Jenkins Craig, Jr. Edgar Cooper Person Chauncev Lake Rotsteh Frederick Carr .Ioseph Colin Eagies WiLLiAJi Ashley Bridgers Edward Kidder Graham J. Holmes Davis, Jr. Thomas Hasill Wright, Jr. Joseph Hyde Pratt, Jr. William Rhyne Hoffman Thomas Skinner White John T. Manning Thomas Watkins William Vass Shepherd T. Henry Redding Sydnor JIoye Cozart Alexander Webb Three Hundred Ticenty-eiyhi Order of the Golden Fleece HONORARY ARGONAUTS Ot.n-EK Max CJakiinek Henry Hobace Wili.iai 90 99 109 121 141 193 ;. ' 18 234 240 246 FACULTY ARGONAUTS C 1AKLE!i ' I ' hOSIAS WooI.I.EX EiKiAR Ham-h Raskin Fbakcis Foster Beadshavt Herman Glenn BAirr JosEPH Burton Linker CoRTDOX PeRRT SpRIIII.L AViLLIAll TeKRV C ' Ol ' CH 40 Frank Pouter Graham 102 Robert Bi-btox House 111 Ernest Lloti) Mackie 119 Albert McKinley Coatbs 131 Jefferson Carney Bynum 186 Joseph Marion Saunders 209 ' Edwvru Aletcaxuek Cameron GRADUATE AR(;ONAUTS Robert McDonald Gray 230 Travis Taylor Bhown 236 Edward Rvan Hameb 243 Marion Rouaine Alexander 244 Rav Simpson Fabris Junius Green Adams, Jr. Henry Newton Patterson Noah Goodridoe ACTIVE ARGONAUTS 241 JosBPH CoLis Eagles, Jr. 247 . kchie Tubner Allen 351 Frank Willabo Slussee 254 253 Kerb Ceaige Ramsay 249 Robert Mayne Albbioht 252 Hamilton Habrm Hobooob Lvrix DuNOAN TJiree Burnt Aktiiuh i)i:Taliia Valk Donald Parkhurst Cooke Bennftt Harper Barnes William Hiiyxe Hoffman WiLUAM Egbert Uzzell Frank Joseph Manheim Robert K. Reynolds, Jr. V. B. Phillips Claiborne McDowell Cahh. . Charles (i. Rose. Jr. John M. Piiipps Thomas H. Watkins Lawrence Flinn William Robert Woerner William Thomas Minor, Jr. John T. O ' Neil, Jr. J. G. deRoulac Hamilton Francis Foster Bradsiiaw William Terrv Couch Ernest Lloyd Mackie John Mar yon Saunders William Jackson Adams, Jr. Travis Taylor Beown Glenn Parran Holder Douglas I.,aten Potter Mayne Albright Herbert T. Browne Joseph Coijn Eagles Oscar W. Dresslar Harry Clinton Finch Richard M. Fenker J. G. deRoulac Hamilton, Jr. William Merlin Bliss Henry Xewton Patterson lyTNN Wilder. Jr. William Ashley Hridc.ers Faculty Members Frank Piikter Graiiaji Fraxcis Fostkr Bradsiiaw AiBKRT Coaxes J. Minor Gh ' ynn A. C. Howell W. M. Saunders Kdhaki) a. Cameron Students William McKee 1 1 ark Y Gump R. W. Barnett Ted Baroody Ellis D. Fysal Francis V. Zappa Douglas I . Potter Travis T. Brown A. E. Bevacqua J. Beatty Rector Edward R. Hamer Calvin Graves, Jr. lihi4T4 - Joseph C. Sitterson Robert M. Albright Larky Spitzer Edward French William Draper John Zimmerman Charles G. Rose, Jr. Harper Barnes Harry Tsumas Thomas Watkins Alden J. Stahr Victor Serumian Afrian Daniel Haywood Weeks b. c. f. mulierei Edward Jaramillo R. E. Orbaugh William M. Bliss Ralph Chum Charles Crum E. V. Conrad John Wilkinson McB. Fleming Jones Hamilton Hobgood Larry Flinn Donald Shoemaker Sparks Griffin WoFFHOs Humphries Dan Lacey Edward Ferguson Jesse Slaughter Rene Prud-hommeaux (koenar i GBam Haywoou WtEKs Del. Phillip Alstux Sc. JoiIK W. Cl.lNARI). Jk Ex. C. C. Hamlet Asst. Ex. Faculty Members Horace Williams Edwahd A. Camerox Fhaxcis F. Bradsiiaw William S. Bernard J. Maryox Sai ' N ' oers Henry Johnston, Jr. Kkank Porter Graham Meinherx KouEHT M. Albright. .Ih. Kerr C ' raige Ramsay William A. Bridgers Docglas M. Potter Theron R. Brown Joseph C. Litterton Thavls T. Brown Henry G. Connor. .Ik. Oscar W. Dresslar Percy- C. Idol Joseph Colin Eagle; Archibald K. Dayis Ray- Simpson Farris John Manning Noah Goodridge Robert Mason Robert McDonald Gray Lee O. Greer Edward R. Hamer Charles G. Rose, .Tr. Hamilton H. Hobgood John U. Gilbreath John Desmond Idol Graham Trott Stete p. Marsh Samuel Breen Henrt N. Patterson Edward French ' 93 a; J - Three Hundred Thirty-three DANCE BOOK SIX 1932 YACKETY YACK EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE o THE GERMAN CLUB FOI,LI?f A.DJiSnS CJiaJrjn3n LYKCH B.ARBER- DRESSI,AI P. DAVI5 Three Hundred Thirty-seven JIiSS CU IRE HaNES illSS ilYKii Ll. . M Miss Elizabeth Pakk GERMAN CLUB Three Hundred Thirty-eight ) .Miss iKcn.xiA Fi,R-i Miss Elizabeth Green Hiss Maey Jane LaPscoMB FALL UERMAN " c 1932. Three Hundred Thirty-nine Mi8S Nancy Nalle iliss Margaret Wilijams Maey Long Battle SOPHOMORE GERMAN Three Hundred Forty V, _ ' 5i Z Miss Mtra LvNcTt iliss LusiANA Wood Miss Helenora Withers MID-WINTER GERMAN 1 935. J - Three Hundred Forty-one Miss Lrcii.i.E Wii.ij.ims As.-),.il,nil heade Miss Mary Elizabktu Pkrrv Miss . Iaki s Anhrkx .lUNIOE (JERMAN Three Hundred Forty-two oieikN- Miss Ei-i.f,n Rogers FURCHEES RAYM AssUtajU Leade .Miss Mary Hom.EK JIiss Mabt Lee Meadows SOPHOMORE HOP -f%au!k£hj %au2k Three Hundred Forty-three Pla, JUNIOR PROM Three Hundred Forty-four Hamilton Hobgood Miss Margaret Wilder Leader SENIOR BALL ' 93 a- J - Three Hundred Forty-five .MOSKI.V Fd.nvik Miss Ki.kanor Raxiiolph Hf Miss Caroline Fuller Miss Elizabeth Shands VaRI TitOMl ' SON u UKORciL LiTTLK Miss Em Green- Miss Sar, h Walker Stokes Adderton Miss Elizabeth Stewart Miss Jane Toms 11 Pitt Oavis CtEOr(;e Phillip Mls M KI l ' KHAM Miss Annetta MatLkan AVINTER FESTIVAL Three Hundred Forty-six John Park, S N Miss Alii ' e Fheezk Fred Laxton, Z V Vice President Miss Nell Adams i..:, . , .i- Henry Anderson, B n .Secretui-ji-Treiistirer Miss Elizabeth Shands Harry Finch, K i: niinre Lender Miss Louise Galloway Robert Carmichael, A K K Assistdtit Seeret(irti-T reuf urer Miss Hazel Perkins liKORlJE WaTERHOVSE. 2 A E ARI-INDO CATE, 2 X Afntintant Leader Xssixtnnt Lender Miss Eleanor Waterhouse Miss Electra Waoner MAY FROLTO Three Hundired Forty-seven Ghoeoe Watkrhouse Miss Claire Hanes IIiji.MES Da Miss Alice Freeze Miss Dokis Chamblee Harry Finch Steve Lyxch Miss Louise Gallow.j Miss Myra Lynch COMMENCEMENT BALL MANAGERS Three Hundred Forty-eight au ks h ou::h 1932. ) Lenoir Weight Milton Bakbeb Henky Groves Connor Chief Bii.i. Hoffman Aklisdo Gate Vass Shepherd Joe Pratt Robert Baknett COMMENCEMENT MARSHALS Three Hundred Forty-nine T, ' HeKe and Thefe ' Three Hundred Fifty 4 (51 C oufuubu| Olilb MISS DORIS CHAMBLEE ■tii W ' ' " . MISS ELOISE BAR WICK MISS JANE WHITE Wi ' i MISS MOLLY ALLEN MISS ISABELLE WADE ♦J». MISS DOROTHY TAYLOR i m MOpj Three Hundred Sixty-five Three Hundred Sixty-six Three Hundred Sixty-seven Three Hundred Sixty-eight uyWiMt mim WOOTTEV AND 1 Mour ros Photographers PORTRAIT HOME PORTRAIT COLLEGE ANNUALS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS NEW BERN, N. C. CHAPEL HILL, N. C. rhe CAROLINA THEAIRE APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE and INVITES YOU TO VISIT OUR OTHER THEATRES THROUGHOUT THE STATE One of the Publix-Kincey Theatres SPORTING GOODS Kodak Finishing Stationery Magazines Books JJ.T is a pleasure for Stetson " D " to style and tailor your clothes. Most of you are now planning to enter busi- ness. You are styling your life to your own taste — let us continue to tailor your clothes according to your style and taste. %0 Alfred Williams Co., Inc. CHAPEL HILL RALEIGH UNDERWEAR Some underwear gets under vour skin whenever you think of the price. But not Hanes Sunnner Underwear! It ' s only 39c to $1.25. Yet it stands the tug-o " -wear, and holds its shape too. Hanes never looks as though it was just thrown on you. The size is right no matter how you ' re built ! Hanes is lower-priced than ever. But it ' s the same dependable Hanes! Suits that cost so little today are the same Hanes quality that had to be higher several years ago. That ' s not the case with all underwear. Some are cut in quality as well as price. So watch your step, and get Hanes. Take hold of Hanes. Give it the old eagle-eye. Look at the seams. Feel the material. Test and try the buttons. You ' ll see in an instant that Hanes Underwear isn ' t just slapped together! Now pull a shirt over vour liead . . . jump into a pair of shorts . . . button up. and look in a mirror. Notice the shirt across your chest, and down under the arms. Its as smooth as a drum- head. Now bend your knees. Kick your legs. Lean forward, back- ward, and to the sides. Nothing grips. Nothing rips! Yet there isn ' t a bit of excess. POPULAR PRICES for for MEN AND BOYS EVERY SEASON P. H. HANES KNITTING COMPANY WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. Phone {.■ ' )( :, Fancy Ices Sherbets " Ice Cream Specialists " Durham Ice Cream Co., Inc. FAST FROZEN " BLUE RIBBON " ICE CREAM Made Willi Pure Cream " Good to Eal at all Hours " Durham. North Carolina Blocks Punch THE FIDELITY BANK DURHAM, N. C. Banking facilities unexcelled in this section of the State " growing LARGER BY SERVING BETTER " Carolina Coach Company Furnishing Safe, Dependable, Comfortable Transportation ROUND TRIP TICKETS Between any Points on the System One and a half times the One Way Fare Strovvd Motor Company FORD PRODUCTS Since 1914 We Appreciate Your Patronage SINCE 1885 This Company has been serving a vast clientele in North Carolina, and this ripe experience, coupled with a complete modern equipment, is at your command. Correspondence Invited The Seaman Printerv INCORPORATED DURHAM, N. C. Chapel Hill Ice Plant of Durham Public Service Company Ice Service for Chapel Hill PHONE 4101 We want to say THANKS! Our hope is that those who have earned their sheep-skins and are about to enter that unlimited number in the FRESHMAN CLASS OF PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS LIFE Will add to their memory of " Carolina " ' and the " HiH " just a thought of a service this department has tried to give. GOOD LUCK to those that depart — we WELCOME those that return and to those that are to COME we assure a LAUNDRY SERVICE that Satisfies. High Quality of Work as well as the lowest possible price consistent with good work, is our motto. FoT a ' ' Clean Game " A I nays LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT UniversitY Consolidated Service Plants WHEN IN NEED OF ANYTHING ELECTRICAL SEE US WE HAVE IT U. C. S. P. Electric: W.4ter Division The BANK OF CHAPEL HILL Oldest and Strongest Bank in Orange County RESOURCES OVER ONE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS M. C. S. Noble, Pres. R. L. Struwil. VirePres. M. E. Hogan, Cashier COLLEGE ANNUAL ENGRAVERS CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY 125-129 EAST THIRD STREET PHONE 3-4239 CHARLOTTE, N. C. CENTRAL ENGRAVING COMPANY lis SOUTH DAVIE STREET PHONE 2-1714 GREENSBORO, N. C. ARTISTS . . . DESIGNERS . . . PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTO-ENGRAVERS .... ADVERTISERS J- ' . ' flf. Wf Mk :•-■ ;T

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