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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINLVNA r ' . ■ ■ ' " k . , •:, i-..,- . ■. ■ Jiejii " ♦,:•■.■■ - f- ' r ' r-. ' m ' M :i % - — -, , » 1 W - ' f ¥ " ' JlPl «afv- 40U M ' l - — — -«| j jj jH — V — !-S«fj — -- . m IBglUB wsr- m.. |RjT - ■■ )d 4 _ ' .»7 R-,-, jyi „. 00016885051 ■ mmmi- - ' -■ - " rr J «.•.■ .-. ' M 4 ' lllfl This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. - . :: SEP 2 P 2008 - f), .;Tii ; ' ' , M 111 1 I 11 i| N The University Fraternities and Faculty Social Orders The Dance Classes Vanity Fair Activities Athletics Kaleidoscope Advertisements Cop If. right 1930 VAi i II 111 il ' il ii II YACK »SO li P II hlish cd A n n u alli hi) the PuRLiCxVTiONS Union of the UMIVERSIT OF MORTH CAROIdIMA CHAPEL HILL m Volume XXXX 1 in iV 11 II II Travis Tavlou Brown, Editor-in-Chief . B. MpoRE Parker, Business Manager. Harry Joseph Galland, Associate Editor. Robert Lee Graham, Associate Editor. Robert Mayne Albright, Assistant Editor. William Clyde Dunn, Assistant Editor. Claude Herman Farrell, .Assistant Business Manager. 1 X- w m I !l ' 111 II 11 nil II II THROUGH the years, books inform and entertain us. Some, the records of experiences and adventures, serve as reminders. Such a book, we, the editors of the Yackety-Yack of 1930, present to you. It is but a link in a long and honorable chain, composed of the yearbooks of the past. To forge this latest link as strong as its predecessors has not been an easy task. Its strength, judged by the success with which it recalls the college years, we leave to you. In keeping with the Renaissance of the South in the literary world, the tlieme of the Annual has been centered around the new Library of the University. As litera- ture records the experiences and adven- tures of life, so we hope this volume will record successfully for you the experiences and adventures of your years at Carolina. f h m f i Archibald Henderson, Ph.D., D.C.L., LL.D. i L IIILA II IliLN Iff F il m Av IN Ml II Ml II II IxLW II ' i«iii Philip Henry Atkinson, ' 27 ASHEVILLE, N. C. 1904-1929 Paul S. Foster, ' 28 ASHEVILLE, N. C. 1904.-1929 Harvey L. Hall, ' 29 QOLDSBORO, N. C. 1906-1929 Seaton Gales Lindsay, Jr., ' 30 DURHAM, N. C. 1909-1929 Henry B. JMcNair, Jr., ' 27 TARBORO, N. C. 1904-1929 Wallace A. Smith, ' 27 RALEIGH, N. C. 1905-1929 i Cardinal Neavman The University educates the intellect to reason icell in all matters, to reach out toward the truth and to grasp it. — Idea of a University. Ui LUJUUULXA Av f i fh 1 1 FACIUILW rancis oacou B. Bacon Jf ' ho taught the parrot its good morrow? — Essays. Harry Woodburn Chase, Ph.D., LL.D. I liope tliat this book will serve for many a year to arouse pleasant memories of the life at Carolina. The years here are so bound up with hopes and aspirations, joys and ambitions, that they will always stand out as among the happiest in your lives. This book is a visible symbol of these years, and as such it will play its part in many a happy hour of recollection. To all of you who are included within its pages, and especially to those of you who are graduating from the University this year, I wish good fortune and happiness from your alma mater. H. W. Chase, President. m V I k I [21] a u m f i i 41 1 m ADDISON HIBBARD. M.A. Demi of the College of Liberal Arts. JAMES MUNSIE BELL, Ph.D. Acting-Dean of the School of Applied Science. [22] I i i GUSTAVE MAURICE BRAUNE, C.E. Dean of the School of Engineering. [23] DUDLEY DeWITT CARROLL, M.A. Dean of the School of Commerce. I [24] NATHAN WILSON WALKER. Ed.M Acting-Dean of the School of Education and Director of the Sinnmer School. [25] EDWARD VERNON HOWELL, A.B.. Pii.G. Dean of the School of Pharmacy. f i I I I [26] •!ft ' " ' -3 n CLASSES Jean Jacques Rousseau Rousseau .hid if your student knows the people around him, he will find his place in the world. ■ — Emile. i YACKETY YACK Tlu- Search Ends ;e.mioii; [27] mi m w i m YACKETY YACK Officers of the Senior Class Ralph C. Greene President David Nims Vice-President W. B. Morgan Secretary Beatty Rector - Treasurer Robert Graham Representative on Student Council Class Day Officers Bob Graham Bill Bobbitt Lawi er Statistician John Mebane Poet Johnson Alexander Cy Edson Historian Prophet Executive Committee Fleming Wily. Chairman A. A. Seawell S. S. McNeely, Jr. Roger Walker Robert Zealy Harry Galland Ross Porter Archie Allen Gordon Gray Johnson Alexander J. C. Williams [28] 1 11 hi YACKETY YACK ■1 r Harold I. Aahox SPENCER, N. C. Degree: B.S. Commerce William Jackson Adams carthage, x. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Woodberry Forest Club ; Student Entertainment Committee ; Dialetic Senate ; Ball Manager ; Yackety Vack Staff. (1. 2); Riiccaneev Staff. (1, 2); Am- photerothen ; Coop : German Club ; Vice-President Phi Beta Kappa. I K 2. f B K [29] YACKETY YACK CHARLOTTE, X. C. Ase: 19 Degree: A.B, Playmakers. AAA RALEIGH, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: B.S,; C.E. Gorgon ' s Head; Minotaurs; President Athletic As- sociation : Treasurer Junior Class ; Senior Class Ex- ecutive Committee; Boxing Team, (2, 3); Captain Boxing Team. (4); Cabin; German Club; Com- mencement Marshall; Ball Manager; Monogram Club. FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: LL.B. Tar Heel Ed. Staff, (1, 2); Vice-Pres. Freshman " Y " Cabinet ; Sophomore Y. M, C. A. Cabinet ; Junior- Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Grail, Asst. Treas. (3); Treas. of Grail, (-1); Phi .Assembly; . mphoterothen ; Gorgon ' s Head; Asst. l,eader of junior Prom; Asst. lyeader of Mid-Winter Dances. (4) ; Ed. Board of the N. C. Law Review, (4) ; Asst. Ed. of Law R Research Asst. of Law School. B e n, A YACKETY YACK David Leonard Avner morgantown, w. va. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Playmakers ; Wigue and Masque ; Deutsche Ver Inter-fraternity Council. Edwin Burtis Aycock fremont, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Freshman Baseball Squad, (1); Sub-Assistant Mana- ger of Basketball, (2) ; University Little Symphony Orchestra, (1, 2, 3, 4); University Band, (2, 3, 4); Dormitory Club, (4). [31] YACKETY YACK David Graham Ball raleigh, x. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Co Alice Carolyn Ballenger wellford, s. c. : 20 Degree: A.B. [32] YACKETY YACK Minor Barklev statesville, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Education Captain Freshman Cross Country; Captain Varsity Cross Country, (4); Track, (2, 3, 4). Raymond Elmo Bass black creek, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Chemistry [33] YACKiTY YACK Carl Walter Blackwood melvin hill, x. c. Age: 24 Degree: A.B. Education YACKETYYACK George Washington Bradham new bern, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Ben Harry Gray Bbainard spencerport, new york Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Commerce 2 A A s n ms v YACKETY YACK [3C] YACKETY YACK Bertram Hoole Brown tarboro, x. c. Age; 22 Degree: A Inter-fraternity Council. r A 5222 YACKETY YACK i John Hexrv Brunjes. Jr. wilmingtox, n. c. : 21 Degree: A.B. William Clinqan Birxett TRYON, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Elec. Engineering s, (1); American Institute of Electrical Eng = ; Secretary, (2); Treasurer, (2); Taylo Society; President, (4); Dialetic Senate. e . z N hm wm Edward Purnell Cahoon columbia, n. c. Age: 26 Degree: Ph.G. Pharmacy A X [38] YACKETY YACK Wrestling Stiuad. Marv Lewise Carpenter dallas, texas Age: 21 n B $ [39] YACKETY YACK William Gray Carr wilsox, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce Clarence Coleman Gates burlington, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. B K [40] YACKITY YACK Hubert Lee Clapp swannanoa, x. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. Med Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. A K K YACKETY YACK Beth C ' olley ULOOMSnt ' IKi, PA. Degree: A.l Ralph Stokes Collins AYDEN, N. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.E. B K f [42] VACKETY YACK Augustus McAlistkr Covington TATUM, s. c. Age: 24 Degree: A.B., LL.B. David Jenkins Craig, Jr. charlotte, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Mary D. Wright Debate, (2); Phi Society; Ser- geant-at-Arms, (3) ; President Dormitory Club. (4) ; Summer School Student Council, (4); President, ( " 5); Inter-fraternity Council, (5, 6). 2 z. A e Minotaui A K E [43] YACKETY YACK Lillian IJiATincE Crisfield CHARLOTTE, f. C. 3 Degree: A.B Anne Kelso C ' riuiiE FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Education Wigue and Masque. [ 44 ] YACKETY YACK FOREST CITV, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Educatio Cyrus Robert Davis fulton, n. y. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. Civil Engineer American Society of Civil Engineers. [45] YACKETYYACK Suzanne T. Dent lockhart, s. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B, House President of Spencer Hall. ATA [46] VACKETY YACK GARY, N. C. Age; 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce Buccaneer Art Staff, (1, 2, 3); Freshman Track Team; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 4). e CvRis Mki.vix Edsox TAJIPA, FLA. Degree: A.B. Education Staff. (3); Editor of Buccaneer, (4); akers. (3, 4); Di Senate, (3, 4); North Caro- giate Press -Association, (4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, (3). [47] YACKETY YACK RuFus Robert Edwards 1 ALCOX, X. c. Age: 22 Degree; A.B. Educati Thomas Hicks Edwards rutherfordton, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Education Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball, (3, 4); Box- ing Squad. !Em Walter Etoene Eskew greenville, s. c. Degree: B.S. Cheih. Engineering rsitv Football. (2. 3. 4): Monogram Club; Ger- man Club. YACKETYYACK John Herbert Estep whitehead, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B, Glee Club. (2) ; Fencing Team. (3, 4). E A Lyda Harris Eubanks chapel hill, x. c. Age; 20 Degree: A.B. Education [49] YACKITY YACK Stuart Allan Farleigh chicago, ill. 22 Degree: A.B. Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Cabin; German Club ; Varsity Basketball ; Yackety Yack ; Business Staff, (3); Blue Key Society; Tar Heel Staff, (1). Ray Simpson Farris charlotte, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Commerce Secretary of Freshman Class; Freshman Football Captain Freshman Boxing; Varsity Football, (2, 3) Captain Varsity Football, (4) ; Varsity Baseball, (2) President of Junior Class; President of Student IJodv; Golden Fleece: Grail: Daviens ; Dialetic Senate. 2 2 [501 YACKETY YACK Marion Geddings Follin, Jr. winston-salem, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Dialetic Senate ; Commence- ment Marshal ; Thirteen Club ; German Club ; Gimg- houls; Grail; Senior Order of Daviens. Ben. A K I ' Dorothy Fooshe new york, n. y. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. [51] YACKETY YACK Joseph Thomas Fowler chapel hill, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce BROOKLYN, N. Y. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Tar Heel Reporter, (1); Asst. Ed.. (2); Associate Ed.. (3. 4); Buccaneer Staff; Yacketv Yack Ed. Staff; Asst. Ed., (4); Mary D. Wright Debate; Dialetic Senate; Manager Fencing Team. (3, 4); Publicity Director of " Mum ' s the Word " ; Wigue and Masque; Rifle Qub and Team; Publications Union Board ; Senior Class Ex. Com. ; Amphoterothen ; Grail ; Golden Fleece. Z B T. E -i YACKETY YACK ' W Harry Marion Gili ' DAHLIXGTON, S. C. Age: 21 A A T Degree: A.B. George Browne Goode rutherford college, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. Commerce Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. [53] YACKETV YACK William Edward Grant winston-salem, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: A.B Calvin Graves, Jr. mount airy, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Senior Order of Daviens ; Tar Heel; Mary D. Wright Debate. n K E A. A VACKETY YACK MARSHVILLE, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce President of Senior Class: Assistant Manager of Basketball ; Manager Freshman Basketball ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. (1,2,3.4); Treasurer, (2); Treasurer of Grail; Dialetic Senate; Student Council, (3); Business Staff of Yackety Yack ; Assistant Leader of Junior Prom ; German Qub ; Order of the Daviens ; Golden Fleece. Z. B K BOILING SPRINGS, N. C. ;e: 23 Degree: A.B. Education Club: Vice-President of Cleveland Countv Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, (3). [65] YACKETY YACK GRAHAM, N. C. Degree: A.B. Education Freshman Football; Varsity Football, (3, 4); Fresh- man Baseball ; Varsity Baseball, (2, 3) ; ilonogram Club. [56] VACKETY YACK LiNwooD Parker Harreli. EDENTON, X. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Commerce Boyd White Harris, Jr. DIRHAM, X. c. Age: 22 Degree: E.S. Commerce A 2 n [5 7] YACKETY YACK H. OsBORXE Hill CHERRYVILLE, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Conrad Ogbirn Hixshaw pleasant garden, x. c. 23 Degree: A.B. Education [58] VACKETY YACK Leonard Howlett Hole oreexsboro, x. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Di Senate: Inter-fraternitv Council. (3); " Kalif of Kavak, " (2) ; Woodberry Forest Club ; Blue Key Society : German Club ; Assistant Sophomore Hop, (2) ; Chief Commencement Ball Manager. (4). William Robert Hooks fremoxt, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. William Johnston Horney, Jr. greensboro, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. Ernest Estes House IND FORKS, north DAKOTA Degree: A.B. [59] VACKETV VACK [arion Houston ralkigh, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce n K A Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Glee Club. (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. (2); Yackcty Yack Staff, (1, 2); Assistant Editor Yackety Y ' ack, (3); German Club; Executive Committee .Tun X [ ' . P yi A, {• B K Cla [60] YACKETYYACK Walter Hovle LIXrOLNTOX, X. C. Degree: A.B.. LL.B. Age: 24 Law Review. n K A ■{ , n A E. A 2 William Beekman Huger savannah, ga. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Gimghouls ; Coop. 2 A E [611 YACKETY YACK Thomas Allison Hunter greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Freshman Friendship Council ; Assistant Manaj Wrestling ; Assistant Leader Junior Prom ; Co Ball Manager. Thomas Lindsay Hunter lincolnton, x. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Education [62] YACKETYYACK rt MMr. .f- Kelly William Huss ciierryville, x. c. 4 Degree: B.S. Pharmacy John Robert Ingram, Jr SANl ' ORD, N. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Comi e X i YACKETY YACK sTis Henry Jarratt, Jr. CONCORD, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B German Club. [64] VACKETY YACK William Robert Johnsox four oaks, x. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Educatio Frank Allej COFIELD, : Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Edu K X [65] YACKETYYACK Franklin Banks Kuvkendal, Jr. matthews, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. Elec. Engineering T B II. •! B K. l Z X [66] YACKETY YACK Moses Dow Lasitter, Jr. grefxyille, n. c. ; 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce Charles Meritt Lear chapel hill, x. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Elec. Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers ; Taylo Society. e . z X [C7] VACKETY YACK Leonard Daniel Lewis hendersonville, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce Carolina Playmakers ; Tar Heel Staff. Luther M. Lewis JAISON, N. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Education YACKETY YACK Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Pan-Hellenic Council; Sub- Assistant Manager of Baseball : Assistant Manager of Baseball; Manager of Freshman Baseball; Dialec- tic Senate. [69] YACKETY YACK Geouge W. Love HORSE shoe, N. C. Age: 18 Degree: A.B. Education Age; 20 Degree: B.S. Mech. Engineering President of Student Branch of American Society of lechanical Engineers ; Taylor Society. Walter Guinn Lowry, Jr. pineville, x. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Freshman Basketball; Freshman Cross Country: Freshman Track; Varsity Track, (2. 3. 4): Cross Country ; Monogram Club. [70] YACKETY YACK Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Freshman Friendship Council; Sophomore Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Junior-Senior Cabinet; Varsity Baseball, (2, 4); Captain Varsity Baseball. (3); Monogram Club; Varsity Basketball Squad, (3); Sub-Assistant Manager of Wrestling, (2): Inter-dormitory Council, (2. 3). K X Homer LeGrand Lyon, Jr. whiteville, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. " 13 " Club; German Club: Glee Club. (1. 2. 3. -1); Business Manager of Glee Club, (4). Z -i ' M A iitf ' i-iititnfftT [71] YACKETY YACK Freshman Boxing Team; Band, (1, 2, 3); Tar Heel Staff, (2, 3) ; German Club. YACKETY YACK Olivia McKinne loiisburg. n. c. Degree: A.B. William Merrimon McKinney, Jr. greensboro, x. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. A ' oman ' s Associatio Calvix Sturgis McLaughlin charlotte, n. c. Degree; A.B. Di Senate. James Lytch McNair, Jr. laurinburg, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. C n K A C , [78] YACKETY YACK Lutihh Dennis McNeill p ' air bluff, n. c. Age: 25 Degree: Ph.G Edward Alexander McNeill jefferson, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. VACKETY YACK James Edward Magner philadelphia, pa. Age: 25 Degree: LL.B. Athletic Council ; Monogram Oub ; Executive Com- mittee Monogram Club; Varsitv Football, (2, 3. 4); Varsity Baseball. (J, 3, 4). 2 E, { A A Robert Dewey Marshall GRANITE falls, N. C. Age: 25 Degree: A.B. Education Di Senate. YACKETY YACK s Editor Carolina Magazine, (J) ; Editor Magazine; Managing Editor Tar Heel, (2); s Editor Daily Tar Heel; Managing Editor Buccaneer, (3); Amphoterothen : Carolina- Tulane Varsity Debate. Anne Cambreleng Melick elizabeth city, x. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Education Haymakers ; n B i-President ' oman ' s Association. [76] YACKETY YACK YACKETY YACK Wesley Lee Moxtgomkhy BUNN, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Education Wake Forest College; Y.M.C.A. ; Debate Qub ; Tar Heel Reporter: Xorth Carolina Qub. James Ashby Moore scotland neck, x. c. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. [78] YACKETY YACK G MlRPHY SALISBURY, N. C. Degree: A, 2 X, B K [79] VACKETY YACK LEAKSVILLE, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Medic 2 E. A K K, !■ P. K YACKETY YACK YACKETY YACK Paul Raymond Patten- new BERN N. c. Age; 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Glee Club, (1, 2, 3. 4); Band, {3, 4); Manager Band, (4). Gradon O ' Kelly Pendergrj chapel hill, n. c. ge: 25 Degree: B.S. Commi Circulation Manager Tar Heel, (3). [82] VACKETY YACK Age: 25 Degree: A.B. Education Debate Squad; Di Senate. [83] YACKITY YACK James Gregory Poole virgilina, va. Age: 21 Degree: A Francis Ross Porter MONROE, N. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Cc VACKETY YACK Degree; A.B. B ' reshman Basketball Team; Vice-Presiden t Wigue and Masque; Minotaurs; German Club; President German Club, (4); Glee Club; Gimghouls ; Pan- hellenic Council. Ben [85] YACKETY YACK Thomas 15eattv Rkctor asheville, x. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Treasurer Senior Class; Di Senate; Clerk Di Senate. (4); President Di Senate, (4i. A e . E A A A T. A : n YACKETY YACK Benjamin Browning Roach whiteville, n. c. Age: 20 De ee: A.B. Journalism Daily Tar Heel Staff, (3, 4) ; Assistant Sports Editor Tar He-1. M) ; German Club ; Olee Club ; Yackety Yack; Cercle Francais : North Carolina Club; Buc- caneer; Deutsche Verein. Alfred C. Rogers WARSAW, N. c. Degree: B.S. Commerce YACKETY YACK Earlie C. Sanderson wallace, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Education Clarence Odell Sapp winston-salem, n. c. Age: 24 Degree: LL.B. Freshman Football: Varsitv Football. (4, 5): Varsity Boxing, (4, 5): Varsity Baseball, (2); President Athletic Association; Monogram Club; Carolina Playmakers; I eader Junior Dance; Inter-fraternity Council ; German Club ; Assistant Coach Freshman Football and Baseball ; Coach Freshman Boxing. 2 E. A A YACKETYVACK [89] YACKETY YACK Wales Franklix Sigmon ALEXIS, X. c. Age: 24 Degree: A.B. Ed Howard Holmes Simpson roseboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Education Cross Country, (3). [90] VACKETYYACK Jacob Edward Skinner greenville, n. c. Degree: B.S. Elec. Engineering Charles Lee Smith raleigh, x. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Sheiks; " ice-Pre5ident of Sheiks. (2): ment Marshal. (3): Freshman Football and Track Team; Varsity Football; Track Squad. (2, 3); Woodberry Forest Club; German Clubs. Z ■i ' [91] VACKETY YACK [92] VACKETYYACK YACKETY YACK Leon Girley Stone greensboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Commerc Arthur Thomas Strickland, Jr. WILSON, N. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Medi A K K [94] YACKETY YACK SOUTHERN PINES, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A A X A [95] YACKETY YACK ssmgrneasssBBSss. Alios Lee Thomas MARSHVILLE, X. C. Degree: A.B. Education Phillip Langston Thomas ERWIX, N. c. Age: 23 Degree: Ph.G. A e. K I ' LoY DuRANT Thompson, Jr. GREENSBORO, N. C. Age: 21 Degree; A.B. Summer School Student Council ' 29 ; Manager Var sity Baseball, (4); Monogram Club; German Club Francis Rogers Toms petersburg, va. 21 Degree: B.S. Elec. Engineering Minotaurs ; Gimghouls ; A. I. E. E. n, Z N, B K YACKETY YACK Margaret Louise Troutman statesville, x. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Frank Kenyon Turner hillsboro, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Education Band ; Philanthropic Society ; Bo.xing Team. YACKETY YACK WiNiiATK E(;krton Underhill LOUISBURO, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: C.E, American Sociily of Civil Engineers; German I i: N. T B n, I B K TuADDEUS Gilbert Upchurch APEX, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Medicine Vice-l ' risiilent of Medical Society; EHsha Mitchell Scientific Society. e K i ' [98] YACKETYYACK Raymond Davis Vogler mount airy, n. c. Age: 20 Degree; A.B. Education Charles Edward Waddell, Jr. biltmore, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: Civil Engineering Tennis Team, (2, 3, 4); Captain Tennis Team, (3); Sheiks; Gimghonls ; William Cain Society, (2, 3, 4); President of William Cain Society, (4) ; Golden Fleece. B e n, T B n, B K f YACKETY YACK GREENSBORO, X. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce A X A Herbert Christy Wall SOPHIA, X. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. B K [100] YACKETY YACK piMl Age: 23 JoHX Waller Wardlaw PLAIXFIELD, N. J. ;ree: B.S. Commerce; LL. ' Age: ZJ uegree: 13. b. ommerce; L-l-.e. Jack W ' ardlaw and his Orchestra ; Organizer of the Carolina Banjo Boys ; German Club ; Di Senate ; ' ardla v School Alumni Association. K Robert Hoke Webb raleigh, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. ■shman E A E. B K r 1 01 1 VACKETY YACK James William Webster leaksville, n. c. Age: 19 Degree: A.B Eugene Ernest Wells greenville, s. c. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce Sheiks; Coop; Secretary Coop. (3); Preside Coop, (4). [102] YACKETY YACK Charles Harden West greensboro, x. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Civil Engineering Joseph Robert Westmoreland CANTON, N. c. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Medicine Baseball, fl, 2, 3, 4 ' ); Captain of Baseball, (4); Monogram Club. [103] YACKETY YACK ViLLIAM Bl ' RTON WhITE TOWNSVILLE, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Elec. Engineering A. I. IC. E. : Treasurer A. I, E. E., (4). e ! , z N, T B n James Lucius Whitley enfield, n. c. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. Commerce [ 1 !■ 1 YACKETY YACK Charles Fredrick Williams raleigh, x. c. ;e: 22 Degree: A.B. nan Football; Freshman Track; Basketball Squad, (1, 2, 4). Joseph Carlyle Williams linden, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Education Pres. Di Senate; Pres. Debate Council; Senior Class Ex. Com.; . " Vsst. Ed. and Columnist of the Tar Heel ; Book Ed. Carolina Magazine ; Yackety Yack Staff; Buccaneer Staff; Winner Bingham Memorial Medal; Winner Mary D. Wright Memorial Medal; Freshman Intercollegiate Debater ; Varsity Intercol- legiate Debater; Pres. Debate Squad. . E A. K A, T K A [105] VACKETY YACK Age: 25 Degree: A.B. Education Tar Heel Staff, (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, (1, 2, 3); Playmakers, (2, 3, 4); Di Senate; Vice-President Di Senate. (3) ; Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior De- bates; Winner Mangum Medal, (3); Debate Council, (3); Yackety Yack Staff, (2, 3); Carolma Magazine Staff, (3); Glee Club, (3); Manager of Boxing Team, (3). X T Janet H. Wilson morristown, n. j. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. [106] VACKETY YACK George Caldwell Winecoff, Jr. gastonia, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce A 2 n Marshall Franklin Woodall benson, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce YACKETY YACK Robin Nathaniel Wooten harmony, n. c. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Educati Creighton Wrenn garner, n. c. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Monogram Club. [108 YACKETY YACK Francis Vincent Zappa baltimore, md. Age: 24 Degree: A.B E ! A Robert Lyles Zealv goldsboro, n. c. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Grail : Wrestling Team ; Executive Committee Ger- man Club. Z ■ , B K, E A YACKETV YACK d. C.WILLIAMS BestPVnier Best All Round RED GREENE Chief Politician ARCHIE ALLEN Most Social J; mi DAVID NIMS, Be st Neturc?d. HARRY GALLAND Most OrieinaL i [ 110] Ik YACKITV YACK jumior; [111] VACKETV VACK HUDSON MARPET WEEKS DAVIS FUSSELL Officers of the Junior Class James Spearmax Hudson President Arthur Robert Marpet Vice-President Clarence Johnson Weeks . " - Secretary Obie Guss Davis _ Treasurer Lucian H. Fussell Ucpresentatife on Student Council i I I I i i [112 w FnAXK AI. Adams Dillon. S. C. B K N Thirston Ray Adams I-aGrange, N. C. !1 K R. M. Albright Raleigh, N. C. Assistant Editor Yackety Yack; Speaker Phi As- sembly; Varsity Wres- tling; Debate Council; Inter-fraternity Council; Jjnior Class Executive Committee; Secretary Freshman Friendship Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; German Club Exe:utive Committee; Grail; Amphoterothen ; Sheiks. Z M ' , T K A A. L. Alexander Statesville, N. C. Robert L. Alphin Wendell, N. C. I93i B. D. Arnold Fuqiiav Springs, N. C. reshman Track; Varsity Track. JOHX B. ASHCRAFT Jlonroe. N. C. II K A Callis H. Atkins White Plains, N. C. 9 Gkorge L. Bagbv Charlotte. X. C. Minotaurs: Gimghouls; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Monogram Club Inter-fraternity Council Coop; German Club Leader Sophomore Hop, Merritt C. Baker Buffalo. N. Y. H K X [113] YT Otis W. Baker Carthage, N. C. T. R. Baldwin Randleman, N. C. J. M. Baley, Jr. Asheville, N. C. Debate Team C. H. Ballard, Jr. Kinston. N. C. R. N. Barber Waynesville, N. C. n K A. A S n 1931 Lexie G. Barefoot Four Oaks, N. C. K I ' I S. A. Barrett Favetteville. N. C. C. R. Baucom Mavshville. N. C. Freshman Cross Country; Varsity Cross Country; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Monogram Club. John C. Beakley AsheviUe, N. C. Cl.vv C. Bkll Rockinffhaiu, N. C. [lit] Kenneth A. Bell New Bern, N. C. Freshman Football Freshman Basketball Varsity Football Squad Varsity Track Squad German Club; Y. M. C A. Cabinet. e X Mrs. p. B. Bennett Chaptl Hill. N. C. G. R. Benton Fremont, N. C. A e Robert E. Bett Macon, N. C. W. A. Biggs, Jr. Rockingham, N. C 1931 John S. Bivens Monroe, N. C. S. DiE M. Bivens r H Monroe, N. C. Thomas J. Bivens Monroe. N. C. Stanley R. Blair Trinity, N. C. William K. Blair Greensboro, N. C. X I ' [115] B. L. BOYETTE Murfreesboro, N. C. J. T. BoYSWORTH Norwood, N. C. F. M. Brickman Georgetown, S. C. Buccaneer; Wieue and Masque; Cabin. A. M. Brown Franklin, Pa. Eugene F. Brown Hillsboro, N. C. 1931 J. L. Brown, Jr. Concord, N. C. K Z RuFus A. Brown Concord, N. C. H. T. Browne Nashville, Tcnn. Amphoterothen. P. B n T. H. Braswell Castalia. N. C. N. L. Bryan, Jr. Winter Park, Fla. William Cain American Society Civil Engineers; Freshman Tennis ; Varsity [116] w r Ruby D. Buck Bald Mountain, N. c. Hi X n Cecil F. Bullard Favetteville, X. C. Fred B. Bunch Statesville, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Di Senate ; Sub-Assistant Basketball Manager. William L. Burke Burlington, X. C. James Adam Burt Biscoe, X. C. Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball. 1931 W. L. Carlisle Bennett.sville, S. C. Joe a. Carpenter Gastonia, X. C. German Club. S 2 Daniel W. Carter Pitman. X. J. Mary A. Carter Favetteville, Tenn. X n T. J. Chaconas Washington. D. C. r 1171 w C. G. Chatham Elkin. N. C. Golf Team; Manager Golf Team: Inter-frater- nity Council; Minotaurs; German Club. Page Choate Salisbury, N. C. H. F. Chrisco Badin, N. C. University Band. A A T T. M. Cleland New York, N. Y. A e C. L. Clodfelter Thomas ville, N. C. A X 1931 B. F. CoFFlELD Columbia, N. C. Milton Cohen Pushing, N. Y. Tar Heel Business Staff; Inter-fraternity Council. A James L. Coley Wilmington, N. C. i; Z C. W. Constantine Birmingham, Ala. Assistant Manager Bas- ketball; Cabin; German Club. Williams Cooper Oxford, N. C. Z - [118] Yf G. T. CORNWELL Lawndale, N. C. Cleveland County Club ; y. M. C. A. Quartette; Wrestling Squad. Jack B. Coursey Southern Pines, N. C. Glee Club. X Marion R. Cowper Kinston, N. C. American Society of Civil Engineers; Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Wrestling; Freshman Wrestling; Monogram Club ; Assist- ant Leader Junior Prom; German Club. Z ' ! ' Elsa S. Craig Chapel Hill, N. C. Ray p. Craig Stanley, N. C. AX 1931 Frank L. Crane Waxhaw. N. C. Varsity Cross Country; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Track. W. S. Crawford Mebane, N. C. B. L. Credle Swan Quarter, N.C S. Ellis Crew Pleasant Hill, N. C. r ii John H. Croom Fayetteville, N. C. [ 1 19] C. F. Crutchfield North Wilkesboro. N. C. Wilkes County Club. A A T W. H. CULBRETH Raeford. X. C. Freshman Football. Ida W. Currie Clarkton, N. C. X Q John A. Currie New York. N. Y. Jay L. Curtis Patterson, N. C. Associate Editor Ca Una Magazine. 1931 ' .: Walter A. Daley Orlando, Fla Inter-fraternity Council; E. P. Dameron Clinton. N. C. arsity Basketball: arsity Track; Mono- gram Club. H. L. Daxiei. Clearwater. I ' la. X 9. Clarence Davis Waxliaw, N. C. .Iefeerson Davis Waxhaw. N. C. [120] w Obie Guss Davis Omaha, Texas Treasurer Junior Class; i Varsity Boxing. C Ralph W. Davis Harmonv. N. C. W. F. Day, Jr. Greenwicli. Conn. Wesleyan. (1. 2); As- sistant Stage Managei Playmakers. H. M. Dellinger Stanley, X. C. A X Robert F. Dewey Chicago, 111. ■r r i 1931 f (7 D. C. DkWolfe, Jr. Monroe. Conn. ' I ' A e WiLLiAji G. Dike Philadelphia, Pa. Glexn S. Dickson Helton, N. C. Dialectic Senate: Deut- X. W. DoCKEHV Rockingham, X. C. Photograph Editor Yack- ety Yack; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Freshman Box- ing: Dialectic Senate; Chemistry Club; Blue Key Society; German Club. 2 X Gavin Dortch, Jr. Raleigh, X. C. t; [121] w J. W. DOUGHTIE Columbus, Ga. ATA T. B. Douglas Hiffh Point. N. C. Virginia Douglas Greensboro, N. C. Inez S. Dudley Lake Landing, N. C. Charles C. Duffy New Bern, N. C. Phi Assembly; Glee Club; German Club. 1931 Clyde M. Duncan Beaufort, N. C. OB W. Dunn, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Susiness Staff Yackety ack: Assistant Manager W. Clyde Dunn Kinston, N. C. Assistant Editor Yackety Yack; Tar Heel Staff; President Publication Union Board: President Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Cabi Cla Junior Class txecutive Com- mittee; Dialectic Senate; Taylor Society; Coop; German Club. K 1. E 6 .i Joe C. Eagles Wilson. N. C. Sub-Assistant Manager Basketball; Tar Heel Staff. (1. 2. 3); Sports Editor, (3); Y. M. C. A.. (1. 2. 3); Secretary. (3); Sheiks; Ampho- terothen; Grail; Cabin; German Club. K i David C. Edwards Walkertown. N. C. ' f K A ll ill [ 122] YT r C. p. Erickson Oak Park. 111. Varsity Football. (2. 3) ; Track, (3); A. S. C. E. ; Secretary. (2); Vice- President, (3) ; Monogram Club; Inter-fraternity Council. William E. Evans High Point, N. C. C. H. Farrell Dunn, N. C. Playmakers, (1, 2) ; Yackety Yack Staff; Ad- vertising Manager. (2) ; Manager Boxing; Com- mencement Marshal; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, (2. 3) ; German Club. Robert Farrell Aberdeen, N. C. X . A K ir Elzada Feaster Miami. Fla. Playmake I 1931 .James L. Ferebee West Allis. Wis. Fred J. Ferguson Waynesville, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Monogram Club; Wres- tling. Adam Fisher, Jr. Charlotte. N. C. Carl H. Fisher Salisbury, N. C. Freshman Cross Coun- try; Freshman Track; Freshman Friendship Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, (2, 3). A A T James B. Fisher Pittsburgh, Pa. [ 123] Yf ROSCOE B. FlSHEI! Salisbury. N. C. A A T. T K A Charles E. Ford Louisburg, N. C. Berry G. French Lumberton, N. C. r A Nahum Friedman Brooklyn, N. Y. LrclAX H. FUSSELL Rose Hill. X. C. Student Council. K A 1931 Ellis D. Fysal Wilson, N. C. Football; Baseball; Football. John W. Garner Goldston. N. C. R. H. Garrett Washington, D. C. E. L. Gaskill Sea Level, N. C. Kenneth A. Gay Lawrence, Mass • Varsity Track Team. A ■i ' w Paul L. Gilbert Statesville. N. C. M. P. GiLMOUR, III Wilmington. N. C. German Club. H. W. Glascock Raleish. N. C. Samuel Glass Brooklyn, N. Y. C. S. Glickman Brooklyn. N. Y. n ®3 ' p. AV. Glideweli. Reidsville. N. C. Ben C. W. GOLDSTON Goldston, N. C. Marjorie Good Columbia, S. C. John F. Goode Woodard, N. C. J. B. Goodman Altamont, N. C. [1251 w Noah Goodridge New York, N. Y. Freshman Friendship Council; Freshman Box- ing Team: Varsity Box- ing Team; Monogram Club; Cabin; Executive Committee Junior Class. 2 A E James C. Goodwin Clifton Forge, Va. G X J. S. GoRHAM, Jr. Rocky Mount, N. C. Freshman Friendship Council: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. (2, 3); Treas- urer Sophomore Cabinet; Sub-Assistant Manager Track: Phi Assembly. J. M. Graham Baltimore, Md. AT Kate C. Graham Durham. N. C. n B 1931 J. C. Grainger Wilmington, N. C. Phi Assembly; Yackety Yack. (2); " 13 " Club; Cabin. Elizabeth Grant Wilminttton. N. C. A. T. Griffin Pine Tops, N. C. J. O. Griffin Chapel Hill, N. C. H. F. Grinbstaff Sylvia, N. C. [12(3] rf Ernest T. Gross Burlington. N. C. A. I. E. E. ; Rifle Club. e J. W. Grotyohann Brooklyn. N. Y. Playmakers June U. Gunter Sanford, N. C. Di Senate; Yackety Yack Staff; Tar Heel Staff. W. H. Hadley, Jr. Siler Citv, N. C. neer kety Edward R. Hamer McColl, S. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Treasurer Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, (3): Bu Business Staff; ■ Yack Staff; Sub-A Manager Basketball Track Squad; Grail Minotaurs; Cabin; D Senate; Executive Com mittee Junior Class Commencement Marshal German Club. Z , E A 1931 L. T. Hammond Aslulioro, N. C. Orchestra; Yackety Yack Staff; Di Senate; Glee Club. 2 E, E J A J. }il. Harrington Freeport, N. Y. I ' T Henry D. Harris Durham, N. C. A 2 n James C. Harris Inez, N. C. Phi Assembly, (1, 2, 3); Reading Clerk Phi As- sembly, (?) : Treas. Phi Assembly, (3); Freshman Friendship Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, (2, 3) ; Debate Squad, (1, 2, 3); Freshman Debate; Sophomore-Junior Inter- society Debate; Carolina- Marquette Debate; Mary D. Wright Debate; De- bate Council. (3); Cross Country Squad. (2. 3); Tar Heel Business Staff. (2, 3); Collection Man- ager Tar Heel; Collection Manager Buccaneer; Gold Monogram. Clyde L. Hawkins Bessemer City, N. C. Di Senate. [127] f C. p. Hayes, Jr. Asheville, N. C. E. L. Haywood Durham, N. C. " 13 " Club; Yackety Yack Staff. (3); Phi Assem- bly. (I, 2, 3); Executive Committee Phi Assem- bly, (3); Assistant Man- ager of Varsity Baseball ; Inter-coUegiate Debate ; German Club; Leader Fall German; Inter- fraternity Council. X . T K A W. F. Haywood Candor, N. C. H. Hechenbleikxer Charlotte, N. C. J. E. Heller Brooklyn, N. Y. Freshman Football; Va sity Football; V Wrestling; Ata R( Club. i93i P. L. Henderson .lersey City. N. C. Playmakers. W. I. Henderson Charlotte, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinets; Coop; " 13 " Club; Di Senate; Golf Squad; Leader Junior Prom; German Club. X. A K I ' Charles H. Henry Plainfield. N. J. Assistant Cheer Leader. e K X M. George Henry Chapel Hill, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. C. A; Hensley, Jr. Morganton, N. C. A. I. E. E.; Rifle Club. e [12 8] w Joseph F. Hester Wasliinston, D. C. JosEPHiXE Hill Burlington, N. C. n B Eugene G. Hines Goldsboro, N, C. Z X. A K I ' Elmer G. Hoefer Chapel Hill, N. C. A. I. E. E. K 2 R. E. L. Holt, Jr. Burlington, N. C. n K A 1931 Giles F. Horxey Greensboro, N. C. A. I. E. E. M. A. Houghton Clayton. N. C. Wrestling Squad. F. J. Householder Durham, N. C. .V X A. M A R. E. Hubbard Clinton, N. C. Ca ' oin; German Club. •! r A J.iMEs S. Hudson Dallas, Tex. Captain Freshman Foot- ball; Varsity Football; " U " Club; Coop; Presi- dent Junior Class; Mono- gram Club. :: A E iu [129] Clyde E. Hulon Laurinburg, N. C. W. C. HUNSUCKER Gibson. N. C. Fred S. Hunter Huntersville, N. C. M. N. Hunter Huntersville, N. C. John D. Idol High Point. X. C. I93i F. W. Jackson Apex, N. C. Henry T. Jackson Mount Olive, N. C. LiLLiE W. Jackson Eustis, Fla. II B F. G. Jacocks, Jr. Elizabeth City,, N. C. . ' . S.. Jemison, Jr. Birmingham, Ala. Business Staff Tar Heel, i: A E [130] Fi Esther Johnson Milwaukee, N. C. J. C. Johnson Morven. X. C. J. J. Johnson Siler, City, N. C. Baseball Squad. J. D. Johnson Siler Citv. N. C. P. G. Johnson. Jr. Asheville. N. C. A. I. E. E.; Di Senate. 1931 Herbert W. Jones Green.sboro, N. C. Inter-fraterntty Council: Band; Freshman Friend- ship Council. 2 K, M A Joe Piper Jones Berryville, Va. Grail ; Amphoterothen. WiLLi.iM F. Jones Charlotte, N. C. T. R. Karriker Mooresville, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Clerk Di Senate; Col- lection Manager Tar Heel. A. D. KiNCAiD, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. Freshman Track Team; Varsity Track Squad; Yackety Yack Staff; Y. [131] w A. M. KlRKPATRICK Caldwell, N. J. ' K 2 J. J. KlRKPATRICK Caldwell, N. J. Secretary Wigue and Masque; Advertising Manager Playmakers: Glee Club. Leonard B. Kiser Lincolnton. N. C. W. LeRoy Kiser Bessemer City, N. C. Kate P. Kitchen Scotland Neck, N. C. X n 1931 P. P. Kjellesvk; Havana, Cuba Secretary Spanish Club. A 2 . E A George M. Koehl College Point, N.Y. A 2 Harrv E. Kramer Whiteville, N. C. { A W. H. Kuralt Springfield, Mass. Taylor Society. Helen F. Lance Timherlake. N. C. [ 132] w B. B. Lane, Jr. Chapel, Hill, N. C. e X William H. Lane Stantonsburg, N. C. e Mkbane T. Lea Wilson, N. C. S Z LuDiE Carrie Lee Benson, N. C. Pekcv O. Leogett Scotland Neck, N. C. H " 1931 E. DUVALL Lennon F i Lumberton, N, C. 1 J Yackety Yack Staff; Buccaneer Staff. l.v.: X W. S. Lindsay Camden, S. C. Julius D. Linker Salisbury, N. C. Di Senate; Glee Club; Boxm£ Squad. E. R. Lipscomb Greensboro, N. C. Vice-President Freshman Class; Assistant Leade; Sophomore Hop; Mino- taurs; Football: Mono- tram Club, X Howard Q. Little Conover, N. C. [13 3 1 YT James M. Little Winston-Salem, N. C. John H. London Pittsboro, N. C. Cabin. 2 AE L. F. London Pittsboro, N. C. Cabin. S A E C. J. Madry Scotland Neck, N. C. W. O. Manbeck Cleveland Heights, Ohio Vice-President Taylor Society. I93i Edith H. Manqum Lexington, N. C. II B A. S. Mann, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. Z K I. H. Manning, Jr. Chapel HiU, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Varsity Track Squad; Varsity Cross Country Squad; Grail; German Club; Commencement Marshal; Business Staff Buccaneer. AiiTHTR R. Marpet Yonkers. N. Y. Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Vice- President Junior Class; Monogram Club: Varsity Basketball. ■r E A. A. Marshall Wilmington, N. C. Glee Club; Buccaneer. A i: [ 134] w A. Hugh Martix Fairmont. W. ' a. n K C. O. Matthews Kernersville, N. C. K A P. W. Mattocks Gillett, N. C. Clyde D. Mauxey Cherryville, N. C. Carl W. Meares Fair Blu£f, N. C. Debating Squad. 1931 H. S. Mekrell Fairvicw, N. C. Z E Paul M. Michael Kernersville, N. C. Kay Kyser ' s Orchestra; Band; Symphony Or- chestra; Glee Club; Caro- lina Tar Heels; Paul Michael and His Or- chestra; Assistant Editor Alumni Review. BoNXER S. Mills Greenville, S. C. Palmetto Club. :: X. A K I ' W. E. Mills, Jr. Louisburg, N. C. A e James R. Mohorn Littleton. N. C. [ 135] Yf Albert R. Monrok Salisbury, N. C. C. Stowe Moody Charlotte, N. C. Tar Heel Staff; Inter- fraternity Council; Ger- man Club. George D. Moody Charlotte. N. C. Ben Beverly C. Moore Greensboro, N. C. Secretary Sophomore Cla Di ate; Ge M; -y D. Me n K ! ' . E A F. H. J. Moore Staiitoiisluug. X. C, 1931 Reeme Moore Dallas, Tex. AAA Ricn- RD H. Moore Battleboro, N. C. William Cain Society of Civil Engineers; Wres- tling; Monogram Club. W. B. Moore Reidsville. N. C. W. W. ]Moore Rocky Mount, N. C. ROSCOE H. MoRO. N Marshville. N. C. r 136] YT Edxa Morrisette Elizabeth City, . C. X 9. Alfred A. MorxT College Point. X.Y. Rifle Club. 2 r, A 2 n Ralph H. Mixch Chapel Hill. X. C. Adelaide McAxallv High Point. N. C. n B S. McCoxNELL, Jr. Waterhouse, N. Y. Assistant Leader Junior Prom; Sheiks: Football Squad ; German Club. 1931 Rov McGixNis Gastonia, N. C. _i e W. H. McGlamery (Jreensboro, N. C. K C. B. MacKethan Fiiyetteville, N. C. Da vidson College; Sports Editor Tar Heel; Buc- caneer; Phi Assembly; Debating Society. X , A K ' I ' Ollex D. McLeod Raleigh, N. C. W. P. McPheuson Raleigh, N. C. Z [ 13 ' ] C. F. McRae Chapel Hill, N. C. S. L. Nathan Mt. Vernon, N. Y. T E ! Alferdo Nazareno Philippines E A David Neiman Charlotte, N. C. Varsity Basketball; Va sity Track. H. A. Nelson Oak Park, 111. A. S. C. E.; Freshman Football; Varsity Foot- ball. i93l G. F. Newman, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Bu Assistant M GerniE II K . A K ;iness Staff; ager Track; Club. .Jesse S. Nevvsom Sandtrsville, Ga. Mary C. Norcross Smithfield, N. C. X v. W. H. Norman Raleigh, N. C. X 1 ' Elton S. Oakes Chapel Hill. N. C. [ I3S] Yf George M. Oliver Yancevville, N. C. Freshman Football; Va sity Football. William B. Oliver Pine Level, N. C. C. B. Overman Washington, D. C. e R. S. Overman High Point, N. C. K S D. J. Packman Brooklyn, N. Y. 1931 P. G. Padgett Forest City, N. C. A X A RuFus S. Paret New York, N. Y. Milton P. Park Greensboro, N. C. j: Z R. A. Parsley, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Dialectic Senate; Fresh- man Football; Varsity Football; Coop; German Club; Grail; Gimghoul. 2 A E E. L. Patterson Statesville, N. C. Cabin; German Club. n K A [ 139] W. B. Patterson Rochester, N. Y. German Club. H. N. Patterson High Point, N. C. Student Council, (2); Business Manager Buc- caneer. (3); Tar Heel Business Staff, (1, 2); V. M. C. A. Cab- inet; Treasurer Dialectic Senate, (3); Junior Class Executive Committee; Coop; Grail. r -i . A K - B. E. Paxton Greenville, S. C. A A. G. Peeler, Jr. Salisbury, N. C. X Alton W. Perry Washington, N. C. 1931 E. C. Person, Jr. Pikeville, N. C. Cabin; Minotaurs; Gorgon ' s Head. Eugene E. Pfaff Pfaffton, N. C. Florence Phillips Fredericksburg, Va. C. E. Pleasants Winston-Salem, N. C. n K ! , A K vp R. C. Plummer Wilmington, X. C. [140] w R. H. Plummeh Brevard, N. C. R. L. PopLix Statesville, N. C. A X :; John A. Prevost Waynesville, N. C. R. H. Proctor, Jr. Hollis, N. Y. r K George J. Quixx East Orange. N. J. A T n 1931 Kerr C. Ramsay Salisburv, N. C. Su b-A ssistant M an ager Fc otb all: Sub-Assistant M anager Track Y . M. C. A. Cabinet; Dia lectic Se nat ; City Ec ito Tar H :el. (3); Elis ha Mit- ch ell Scientific German CI So ub. iety; V N, E A Marshall D. Rand Garner, N. C. Freshman Baseball; Var- Baseball; Monogram Club. Elizabeth Reed Beaumont, Tex. Mary A. Reed Beaumont, Tex. IT B ■S ' Robert Reeves Cincinnati. Ohio X " V [141] Yf A. E. Reynolds, Jr. Salisbury, N. C. r A Albert M. Rhett Charleston, S. C. 2 A E Paul H. Rhodes Albemarle, N. C. T. M. RiDDICK Gatesville, N. C. George H. Roach Greensboro, N. C. A 2 n 1931 A. C. Robertsom 15urlington, N. C. G. P. Rosemond Kinston, N. C. A. Rosenblatt Brooklyn, N. Y. Jamie H. Ross Ayden, N. C. Ezra W. Rowe Leakville, N. C. [142] YT C. L. ROYSTER Chapel Hill, N. C. Assistant Manager Bas- ketball; Commencement Marshal; " 13 " Club; Gorgon ' s Head. 2 X Raymond J. Ruble Chapel Hill, N. C. Peter B. Ruffin Wilmington, N. C. Assistant Manager Foot- ball; Coop; German Club; Sheiks; Gimghoul. 2 A E Fletcher D. Sain Lawndale, N. C. Andrew T. Sawyer Elizabeth City, N. C. n K A 1931 Sidney W. Sayre Tryon, N. C. W. B. Scales Salisbury, N. C. ATA Jack B. Schneider Brooklyn, N. Y. Erwin R. Scott Cummington, Mass. Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. Emil N. Shaffner Winston-Salem, N. C. ATA [143] 11 II. L. Shaner, Jr. Winston-Salem N. C. II K A i- P ' ' , William G. Sheets Winston-Salem, N. C. J. H. Sheffield Canton, N. C. Freshman Boxing; Var sitv Boxing; Monograrr Club. W. A. Shelton Mt. Airy, N. C. Philip Sher Durham. N. C. i93l W. A. Sherrill Granite Falls, N.C. James R. Shirlen Swannanoa, N. C. A. deL. Sickles Rochester, N. Y. Assistant Manager Base- ball: Freshman Basket- ball; Freshman Y. M. Cabinet; Wigue and Ma Pli Blue Key; Assistant Leader Mid- Winter Dances. (3); German Club. BvRox A. Sieder South Orange, N.J. A T n Charles C. Sikes Monroe, N. C. 2 X [144] w p S. L. SiLVERSTEIX Rockingham, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Yackety Vack Business Staff: Manager Fresh- man Baseball, (3). Wilfred N. Sisk Raleigh, N. C. Leo B. Skeen Biscoe, N. C. 2 Z C. C. Skixxer Greenville. N. C. Freshman Track; Var- sity Track; Coop; Mino- taur s ; Commencement Marshal ; German Club. JoHX G. Slater New Bern. X. C. Basketball : Grail. n K 1931 Bldd E. S.mith Benson, N. C. Cl. ude a. Smith Asheboro, N. C. J.4CK W. Smith Wilmington, N. C. Z E Mattie D. Snider Robbinsville, N. C. William B. Sxow Asheville. N. C. Z -I ' [145] Yf D. M. Snyder Hamlet, N. C. C. G. Southard Stokesdale, N. C. Philip Sowers Salisbury, N. C. A A T Paul R. Sparks Burlington, N. J. 2 E W. F. Sprague Chicago, 111. 1931 F. P. Spruill, Jr. Rocky Mount, N.C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Glee Club; Playmakcrs; Cabin. E. H. Stallings Enfield, N. C. W. A. Starbuck Winston-Salem, N. C. A 1 Joseph B. Stein Fayetteville, N. C. S. B. Sternberger Wilmington, N. C. . I! T r 1 K) ] w JoHX H. Stewart Greensboro, N. C. Glee Club. Richard L. Sugg Southern Pines, N. C. George R. Sulkin Mattapan, Mass. Staff: Or- d; Transfer [. State. Hardy A. Sullivax Winter Garden, Fla. Albert E. Siskix New Bern, N. C. 1931 EvERETTE L. Swain Walkertown, N. Y. ' I ' K A William S. Tabb Wilmington, N. C. Freshman Football; Var- sity Football; Monogram John T. Talley New HiU, N. C. HuBER T. Taylor Como, N. C. y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Thomas J. Taylor Enfield, N. C, [147] w Edward F. Thomas Bainbi ' idge. Ga. e X. A X S Fred A. Thomas Ramseur, N. C. Fred C. Thomas Siler City. N. C. 2 K Henry C. Thomas Charleston, S. C. A X 2 JoHX L. Thomas Reidsvillf. N. C. 193 i Marion B. Thomas Talladega, Ala. Transfer Howard College. G. D. Thompson Goldsboro, N. C. Varsity Wrestling; Monogram Club; Com- mencement Marshal; German Club. W. C. Thompson Rosemarv. N. C. W. S. Tho.mson Atlanta, Ga. Z .V E J. R. TOMUNSON North Wilkesboro, N. C. [14 8] w Virginia Turner Weldon, N. C. n B James W. Vann Saletnburg, N. C. John S. Vaughan Woodland, N. C. e K N J. G. Wadsworth Williamston, N. C. A. S. C. E.; German Roger I. Wall Wendell, N. C. 1931 William R. Wall Tobaccoville, N. C. J. IcC. Warren Washington, N. C. Freshman Boxing; Var- sity Boxing; Varsity Football; Monogram Club. John S. Weathers Ocala, Fla. Roy B. Webb Stantonsburg, N. C. C. J. Weeks Whitakei-s, N. C. Assistant Manager Boj ing; Secretary Junic Class; German Club. [149] w IS Kermit Wheary Crewe. Va. Ruth E. Wheaton Ogdensburg. N. Y. n B H. P. Whisnant Belmont, N. C. Dialectic Senate; Fresh- man Football; Gaston County Club. Roy G. Whitaker Chapel Hill, N. C. ■ iBr C. L. White, Jr. Concord, N. C. 1931 Rankin J. White Chapel Hill, N. C. i: z B. U. Whitehead Woodville, N. C. li.Kv C. Whiteley Morganton, N. C. R. V. Whitener Higli Point. N. C. DowD p. Whitley Monroe, N. C, 2 E [ 150] w W. R. Whittenton i; Benson, N. C. R. J. WiLKERSON Roxboro, N. C. Ruth E. Williams Morven, N. C. Meade Willis Winston-Salem, N. C. Sub-Assistant Manager Baseball; Golf Team; Minotaurs. H. B. Wilson Lenoir, N. C. Glee Club; U. N. Band; Carolina Tar Hs Orchestra. 1931 P. C. WiMinsH Greensboro, N. C. n K G. T. Winston Chapel Hill, N. C. K S Mary L. Withers Raleigh, N. C. n B Maurice Wolfe Brooklyn, N. Y. Football; rennis; Ata , Club. Donald L. Wood Kinston, N. C. Glee Club; Tar Heel Staff; Yacketv Yack Staff; Phi Assembly; Freshman Inter-collegiate Debate; Inter-scciety De- bating; Y. M. C. A. Cabi Le Ce Bla cle White Revue: Wigue and Masque. [151] w Edward J. Wood Wilmington, N. C. 2 A E C. K. Woodward Greenville, N. C. A T n H. V. Worth, Jr. Raleigh. N. C. Freshman Friendship Council; Phi Assembly; Circulation Manager Tar Heel; Circulation Man- ager Buccaneer; Yac ety Yack Staff, (2). 2 A E Ernest H. Wyche Greensboro, N. C. A X 2 1931 c. L. Wyrick Greensb oro, N. C. Fresh Tian Football and Baseb all; Varsity Foot- ball a nd B aseball : Mono- gram Club ; President Sopho more Class, (2); Exec u t i V e Committee Junic r Class. W. H. Yarborough Louisburg, N. C. Sports Editor Tar Heel, (1); Assistant Editor Tar Heel, (2); Manag- ing Editor Tar Heel, (3); Sports Editor Yack- ety Yack, (2); President Publications Union Board. (2); Dialectic Senate; Junior Class Ex- ecutive Committee; Sec- retary and Treasurer German Club. (.1); Ger- man Club; Coop; Sheiks; German Club Executive Committee. 2 A E E. D. Yeomans Washington. D. C. Wiley R. Young Angier, N. C. [152] 1 YACKETV YACK %■ f ;OPHOMORE [15 3] YACKtTY YACK i I Officers of the Sophomore Class Benjamin T. Aycock President Frank W. Slusser Vice-President John E. jMiller Secretary Royal R. Brown Treasurer Craig Wall Student Councilman I I IqI [154] YACKETYYACK Abelson. S. B. Abernathy. J. M. Adams. S. Aderholdt. J. C. Alexander, T. W. Alford, G. H. Allen. A. N. Allen. L. M. Allison. H. C. Alphin. R. L. Alston, P. K. Anderson. H. L. Andrews, C. M. Andrews. J. Angotti, S. A. Armfield. J. W. Armfield. R. B. Askew, D. E. Atkinson. W. M. Ativeh, F. E. Auman, H. F. Austin. C. M. Austin. S. H. Averv, R. H. Ay cock. B. T. Badger, T. Baldwin. B. T. Barber. B. G. Barfield. W. C. Barham, S. A. Barkley, C. V. Barnes, H. M. Barnes, J. D. Baroody, T. A. Barrett. J. F. Bartlett, G. L. Bass. J. L. Bateman. S. J. Battley. W. R. Beacham. G. A. Beam, B. F. Beaman, J. W. Bell. K. A. Bell. W. M. Belton. E. C. Benoit. H. B. Best. G. E. Bevacqua. A. E. Bissell. W. N. Blake. R. B. Bliss. W. M. Blythe. C. E. Boatwright. S. M. Boger. W. G. Booth, J. W. Boren. A. C. Boring. H. W. Bowman, H. G. Bowman, N. O. Boyd. C. H. Boynton, W. L. Branch, J. D. Brawley, R. M. i l [ 1 .5 5 ] YACKETYYACK n Breen, S. J. Breene, J. G. Bremer, T. W. Brewer, E. F. Bridgers, W. A. Briggs. V. L. Brooker, L. P. Brooks, T. H. Brown, A. C, Jr. Brown, A. C. Brown, R. R. Brown, T. R. Brown, W. G. Brvan. N. E. Bryan, W. D. Bryant, E. O. Buie. J. M. Bunn, J. P. Burch, L. D. Burnett, R. T. Burwell, R. G. Camphell, R. H. Campbell, T. J. Cannon, R. L. Carmichael, D. M. Carpenter, J. H. Carr, A. B. Carter, P. S. Carter, S. R. Carver, F. O. Case, W. T. Chace, R. A. .Chamberlain, F. H., Jr. Chamberlain, R. M. Chaoush, E. Cheek, C. C. Clark, S. L. Clarv, M. S. Clifton, D. H. Clinard, J. W. Coats, G. H. Coburn, R. T. Cochrane, G. C. Cohen. R. Cohen, S. P. Coker, R. E. Cole, F. A.. Jr. Connally, J. C. Connallv, W. E. Conrad, E. V. Cooke. D. P. Cook, J. L. Cooper, J. P. Cooper, P. S. Cornwall, C. C. Cowper. A. W. Cozart. S. M. Craig. J. C. Crawford. W. S. Crawford. W. C. Crook, C. V. Crouch, W. M. Crutchfield. W. T. Culbreth, W. H. Currie, J. A. Dalton, L. A. Daniel. A. N. Daniel, J. W. Dannenbaum, G. Dannenbaum, R. Davis, B. W. Davis, J. E. Davis, J. H. Davis, T. P. Dawson, J. B. Deaton, R. L. Denning, J. R. Devereaux, J. I. Dewar, N. T. Dickinson, J. L. Dillehav. H. J. Doster, L. C. Da ugh ton. J. E. Douglas. A. E. Downing. C. D. Draper, W. F. Dratler, J. J. Dresslar, O. W. Duls, J. M. Dunbar, A. W. Duncan. O. E. Dunevant, S. J. ' Dungan, J. E. Duniap, F. B. Dunn. F. H. Dunning, W. L. Eagles, R. L. Edwards, D. C. Edwards. J. P. Edwards. W. W. Efird, J. E. Egan, E. G. Eighme. M. E. Eisenburg, E. E. Eliason. A. H. Elkins, C. H. Ellege, C. C. Elliot, R. W. Ellison, J. B. Elson, J. R. Everett, W. A. Farmer, C. M. Farrell. F. W. Farris, J. B. Felton, L. J. Fender, R. Fillman, J. B. Finch. H. C. Fitch. M. M. Fleming, A. H., Jr. Fleming, S. W. Fleming- J ones, J. M. Flinn, L. Flowers, W. A. Folger. B. F. Follin. T. B. Fonvielle, E. M. Forney, T. J. Foster.D. R. Fowler, E. M.- French, G. E. French, G. E., Jr. Frisbv, E. F. Furr, " E. M. Garner, F. M. Gatling, J. M. Geitner, R. W. Gentry. B. G. Gibbons, H. E. Gilbreath, J. U. Gilchrist. P. S. Gill. E. D. Gillespie. J. M. Ginn, J. T, Glenn, E. T. Glenn, M. S. Glover, F. M. i c (. r r f (- { ( iJftSl [156] YACKETYVACK Goebel, R. W. Godwin, R. C. Goode, J. F. Goodes, B. L. Goodman, J. V. Gordon, J. W. Graham, E. K. Gray, F. Gray, M. Greer, F. B. Gregory, H. T. Gregory, J. F. Grier, B. K. Griffin, A. T. Griffin, I. C. Jr. Griggs, C. F. Groome, I. A. Gross, E. T. Grover, E. M. Gump, H. Gupton, L. O. Guthrie, C. H. Guthrie, P. H. Hall, W. K. Hamilton, J. deR. Hampton, K. D. Hancock, C. C. Hanna, R. E. Hanscome. C. R. Harper, J. P. Harris, J. L. Harris, L. R. HeflFelfinger, W. W. Heffner, B. L. Henderson, R. Henlin, H. H. Hines, H. Hirsh, S. L. Hobgood, H. H. Hodges, R. M. Hooks, L. D. Homey, G. F. Houston, G. P. Howe, C. K. Hudson, J. A. Hufi ' , H. J. Huffman, J. E. Hughes, D. G. Humphries, W. F. Hunt, O. S. Hunter, J. L. Hutchison, J. J. Isenhour, J. H. Jackson, L. F. Jackson, M. W. James, F. M. Jameson, H. Jarman, W, H. Jenkins, R. T. Jernigan, L. B. Jenrette, T. S. Johnson, C. B. Johnson, D. C. [ 157] YACKCTYYACK Johnson, F. K. Johnson, L B. Johnson, P. H. Johnson, R. G. Johnson, T. L., Jr. Johnson. W. B. Johnson, W. W. Jones. G. L. Jones, H. F., Jr. Kapp. C. H. Kaufman, A. W. Keim, G. C. Keller, W. L. Kendrick. E. L. Kennedy, J. H., Jr. Kenvon, V. L. Kerr, J. W. Kersey, W. R. Ketchie. H. D. Kidd. E. B., Jr. Kindel, W. A. King:, E. W. King. F. L., Jr. Kiser, A. G. Kjellesvig, K. L. Kleemeier, J. A., Jr. Klein, M. B. Knoop, F., Jr. Kochtitzky, O. W., Jr. Koonce, C. H. Kresky, M. Krauss, F. C. Krider, J. H. Kushner, R. L. Kyles, P. Lancaster, W. L. Latta, H. C, Jr. Lawson, C. F. Layton, J. S. Lea, S. L. W. Lee, P. G. Lefler, A. L. Leibowitz, A. Lentz, P. J. Levitt, R. O. Lewis, F. G. Liberstein, W. Liles, G. A. Lilly, H. M. Little. A. D. London, H. M. Long, J. W. Longest, E. C. Love, M. S. Loveland, L. J, Loven, A. W. Lowrance. L. H. Lynch, S. A., Jr. McAlister, J. W. McLure, D. C. McDaniel, M. T. McGraw, F. G. Mclver, H. S. McKinnon, E. H. McLaughlin. T. L. McLean, E. P. McLeod, M. M. McMichael, J. McMinis, W. C. McNairy, J. D. McRae, C. F. Madrv. J. D. Mann, E. S. Manning, E. H. Manning, H. S. Marland. K. M. Marley, W. M. Marreale, L. Marsh, S. P. Marshall, R. W. Marshall, T. E., Jr. Martin, A. H. Mason, W. L. Mathews, M. M. Mattocks, P. W. Meares, L. A. MeHaffey, J. P. Mewborne, J. F. Meyers, H. Midgett, E. L. Midgett, L. W, Miller, H. R. Miller, J. E. Miller, J. H. Miller, J. M. Miller, L. L. MiUikan. T. W. Mitchell, A. J. Mock, C. G. Moore, A. L. Moore, J. O. Moore, J. O. Moore, L. W. Mooring, H. B. Morris, J. F. Morrison, J. S. Moseley, H. E. Moser, R. L. Muse, C. M. Mvers, W. T. Neville, B. H. Norman, J. H., Ill O ' Donnell. H. H. Olmstead, W. F. Overby, D. R. Owens, F. N. Paddison, A. H. Park, J. A., Jr. Parrish, R, B. Parrish, W. L. Parsons, T. L. Peace, S. T. Pearlstine, F. J. Pearson, T. G., Jr. Peele, J. C. Perkins, A. R., Jr. Perlmutter, J. Peschau, J., Jr. Petty, W. C. PhOiips, A. A. Phoenix, C. B. Pierce. G. N. Pittman, F. W. Pond. R. C. Poplin, R. W. Powell, E. C. Preston, J. A. Pretlow, J. C, Jr. Prouty, F. M. Purser, J. C. Quinn. R. C. Rader, C. M., Jr. Rawles, T. C. Raymer, D. Reavis, C. W. Redding, R. L. Redding, T. H. [15 8] YACKETYVACK I Reid, W. G. Remsen, O. C. Rhyne, A. L. Ritchie. B. L. Roberts, D. B. Roberts, R. H. Roberts, R. J. Robertson, A. C. Robinson, W. D. Rodwell, W. P. Rogen, T. C, Jr. Rollins. C. D. Rose, W. T. Roseniield. M. A. Ross, J. D. Ross, M. L. Rosser, T. R. Ruehl, V. E. Ruffin, T. Rulfs. D. J. Sachs. I. W. Sale, L. W. Sample, F. L. Sams, R. L. Sanders. G. C Jr. Sartwell, R. T. Satterfield. W. R. Schnell, R. H. Schultz, G. L. Schwitz. P. R. Scoggin, L. E. Sechler, N. A. Shachtman, J. M. Shapiro, S. I. Sharpe, P. L. Shedd, W. B. Shelton, T. M., Jr. Shepard, F. A. Sherfesee, L., Jr. Sherrill. J. L. Sherrill. J. P. Shevick. B. B. Shields, J. D. Shore, J. S. Shreve, C. A. Silver. O. K. Sitterson, J. C. Skinner, J. G. Skinner, W. I. Slaughter, J. W. Slusser. F. W. Smathers, F. Smith. H. E. Smith, J. G. Smith, J. W. Smith, P. H. Sosnick, N. Y. Southard, H. J. Southerland. F., Jr. Southerland. W. O. Spell. J. B. Spitzer. L. L. Stahr. A. L. loW i [ 159] YACKETY YACK r Stallings, G. M. Stallings, J. W. Starnes, H. W. Stoute, R. D. Stovall. R. G. Strawn. J. B. Strickland. B. E. Strickland, W. L. Strusinski, J. R. Stuart, C. K. Stubbs. C. A. Stultz, H. J. Sturm, G. H. Sungaard, A. Suther, J. A. Tatum, C. C. Taylor, A. H. Tavlor, C. E. Taylor, C. W. Tavlor. G. S. TaVlor, H. H., Jr. Taylor, J. Y. Taylor, W. R., Jr. Taylor, W. W. Teachev, J. C, Jr. Teer, f. W. Temple, R. H. Thomas, A. J. Thomas. G. W., Jr. Thomas, J. L. Thomas, J. L., Jr. Thompson, G. W. Thompson, N. A. Thurston, D. J., Jr. Tillery, P. A. Timberlake, S. D. Tinkham, M. F. Todd. C. L. Tomlinson, W. S. Toole. A. F. Torbert, J. F. Triplett, H. C . Tripktt. K. D. Trott. G. F. Trull. G. I. Tsumas. H. P. Tucker. C. M., Jr. Tunstan. K. R. Turchiarelli, S. V. Turner. H. F. Tyson, J. P. Umstead. E. V. Underwood, N. A. Upshaw, S. H. Usher. P. C. Uzzell. W. E. Van Echop, G. L. Vinson. H. Voss. J. Walker, A. S. Walker, E. N. Wall, C. E. Wall, J. E., Jr. Wall, J. G. Wall. J. S. Walters J. D. Ward, H. G. Wardlaw. C. D.. Jr. Wardlaw. F. C. Ware. G. H. Warlick. G. L. Waterhouse, G. Waugh. D. B. Weaver, I. V. Weaver, J. R. Webb, M. A. Webb, T. N. Weeks. G. L. Weeks. O. H. Weeks. T. W. Weil. L. S. Weinstein, R. L. Wells, L. T. West. C. R. West. G. E. Wheatlev. J. R. Whedbee, C. H. Whisnant, W. D. White, J. S., Jr. Whitsett, W. T., Jr. Whittington. E. M.. Jr. Whittington. R. J.. Jr. Whitton, B. Wiggins, N. E. Wilburn. G. Wilder. L. Wilkinson. J. A. Williams, J. S. Wilson. K. S. Wilson. M. A. Wilson, M. B. Wilson, AV. T. Winstead. S. B. Withers, W. A. Woodard. N. B. Woodley. B. W. Yancey, S. M. Yarborough, E. F. Young, O. J. Zachary, C. R. Zagora, E. J. 19 7K. U [ 160] YACKITY YACK S ' PI I ■Of! I FRESHMIBM [161] i m i i m YACKETY YACK HUBBARD JENSEN LONDON PEACOCK Officers of the Freshman Class James R. Hi ' bbard ...President George E. London Vice-President Clarence A. Jensen ...Secretary John G. Peacock Treasurer 1 i M 0| 1 il I i [ 162] YACKETYYACK Abels, L. C. Abernathy, R. O. Abernathy, W. E. Abrams, S. H. Adams, J. B. Adams, J. S. Adams, S. L., Jr. Adams, V. H. Adams, T. E. Adkins, T. F. Aiken, C. H. Allen, B. H. Allen, G. L. Allen, H. M. Allison, C. W. Allsbrook, W. R. Ames, N. Anderson, F. I. Angel, B. A. Armstrong, W. E. Arthur, B. Atwood, R. C. Auman, J. M. Auman, L. W. Autry, B. Ay cock, M. E. B " acot, W. W. Bailey. B. R. Baird, J. L. Baker, A. L. Baker, J. T. Ballenger, E. G. Barber, M. A. Barham, D. Barnes, H. Barnes, W. E. Barnes, W. E. Barns, N. D. Barnett, R. W. Barnwell, G. G. Barry, H. N. Beady, H. C. Beale, S. M. Beale, W. E. Beam, D. P. Beam, H. F. Beckham, T. T. Bender, F. T. Benjamin, A. Bennett, F., Jr. Bennett, G. F. Bessen, J. Biggers, J. A. Biggers, R. L. Biggs, A. G. Biggs, G. H. Bisaner, E. A. Black, F. S. Blackman, W. W. Blackwood, I. S. Blauman, G. Bloom, A. Blue, J. A. Bonner, N. J. Bontamase, J. Boone, E. T. Bost, A. J. Boyd, H. A. Bradley, C. L. Braddy, H. C. Brannon, C. B. Brawley, C. H. Bray, B. B. Brenner, E. Brett, H. F. Bridger, H. C. Bridgers, J. K. Brock, R. B. Brooks, A. L., Jr. Brooks, L. B. Brooks, R. E. Brown, C. H., Jr. Brown, G. Brown, M. S. 9¥T33 [ 163] YACKETYYACK H Brown, M. Z. Brown, V. L. Bryson, H. Buchanan. E. W. Buchanan. R. A. Buchanan, W. C. Bunn, J. H. Bunn. T. B. Burdett, K. M. Burnett, J. T. Burrus, H. D. Bynum, S. Cain, F. C. Caldwell. A. F. Caldwell. R. S. Cameron. M. T. Cameron. N. C. Campbell. C. L. Campbell, P. Campen, T. B. Cantrell. C. H. Carlton. C. W. Carmichael. R. H. Carpenter, S. W. Carr, B. Carr, C. S. Cassada, H. H. Cate, A. S. Cavenv. C. R. Chandler. S. M. Chatham, R. H. Chears. V. T. Civils, H. F. Clapp. E. B. Clark. J. A. Clawson. F. D. Click. H. F. Coates. H. N. Cockerham, V. Z. Cole, A. V. Collier. W. E. Collins, J. W. Colver. J. F. Cone. H. S. Conklin. D. R. Connor, H. G. Cooper. F. B. Cordle, T. L. Couch, J. H. Covington, R. L. Covington. W. V. Cowhig. R. K. Cox, J. C. Crane, T. P. Crews, C. F. Crews, J. W. Croom. J. D. Croom. W. D., Jr. Crow. H. D. Crowell, A. W. Crowson, C. A. Crum, C. F. Crumpler, S. H. Culpepper, E. M. Curl, A. O., Jr. Cuthrell, J. E. Daley, C. C. Jr. Daniel, C. G. Daniel. E. A. Daniel, E. C. Daniel. J. W. Daniels. O. C. Daughtridge, U. Dauthit, J. V. Davidson, T. A. Davis, A. B. Davis, A. K. Davis, C. W. Davis, E. B. Davis, F. P. Davis, J. O. Davis, M. F. Davis, R. D. Davis. W. T. DeHart. C. R. Deans, E. V. Deans, J. L. Deitz, C. J. Dellinger, F. G. Denton, T. E. Dilda, S. L. Dillard, J. E, Dintsman, J. Dixon, J. G. Dixon, W. N. Dodson, W. I. Donnell. G. S. Dozier, J. S. Drane. R. W., Jr. Drasner, J. Dudley, E. Dudlev, G. A, Dudlev, J. W. Dunn. " J. E. Dunn. R. W. Dupree, F. T., Jr. Durham, A. V. Durham, L. W. Edwards, K. F. Edwards, T. R. Edwards. W. E. Eisner, J. Errico, F. J. Etheridge, V. B. Evans, T. C. Farmer, B. D. Farrell, M. C. Ferebee, E. C. Ferguson, E. B. Ferguson, R. S. Ferell, J. F. Fischer, J. L. Fitzgerald, W. B. Fitzgerald. W. C. Fleming, R. G. Fleishman, M. Flusser, B. A. Flynt, R. H, Forbes, C. S. Fountain, J. E. Fowler, C. W. Fox. C. D. Fox. P. R. Fraley, F. F. Frasier, H. B. Frazer. B. B. Freeman. R. B. Froneberger. R. E. Fulcher, H. S. Furchgott, A. C. Gaither, M. Z. Gallowa} ' , J. K. Gant, J. ' E. Garland, P. W. Garren, N. M. Gault. C. B. Gavlord, A. L. Geiger, J. F. Gidnev, R. S. Gillies, R. M, Glaberson, S. J. Glascock, T. A., Jr. Glenn, J. P. Gobble, B. J. Goodson, J. M. Gorham, G. W. Gorrell. J. S. Grant, B. Grantham. . B. Grav, D. E.. Jr. Gray, J. P. Gray, W. L. Greer, L. G. Griffin. D. M. Griffin, J. F. Griffin, J. S. Griffin, V. H. Griffith, J. T. Grotzman, H. Haines, H. A., Jr. Haislip. O. L. Hamer, J. B. Hamilton, A. T, Hamilton, R. V, Hamlet. C. C. Hammond, W. L. Hardy. R. T. Hargreave. A. G. Harper, W. B. Harrell, D. A. Harrell. R. H. S. Harris, C. N. Harris. W. E. Hassell, T. C. Hawkins, J. S. Hawley, F. M. Hayes, J. S. Hayes, W. M. Heafner, B. F. Hedrick, P. Helms, J. R, Henrv, C. C. Henry. D. P. Herkimer. B. Hewitt, M. H. Hewitt, W. W. m t " SI] YACKETYVACK Hicks, A. M. Higdon. E. D. Hill. J. P. Hiller, R. L. Hinds, J. J. Hine, G. H. Hines. W. M. Hinkle. D. R. Hinkle. W. L. Hinson. S. W. Hocutt. H. Q. Hodges. B. H. Hodges. H. B. Hodges. H. M. Hodges, R. T. Hoffman, W. R. Hogan. N. T. Holcomb, C. E. Holland, J. S. Holland. M. W. Holland, Y. L. Holshouser, C. S. Holt. W. K. Hoover, W. L. Hornaday, F. 1). Home, J. R. Houser, J. P. Houser. W. H. Howard, W. A. Howe. H. R. Hubbard. J. R. Hubbard. R. B. Huff, R. D. Hughes, I. W. Hughes, R. E. Hunter. C. E. Hutchinson. J. C. Hvman, A. Idol. P. C. Ingold. G. F. Irvin. E. J. Irving. F. R. Isbell, T. P. Isley, J. M. Jackson, C. C. Jackson, J. W. Jackson, C. Jackson, P. R. Jackson, S. D. Jarratt, J. B. Jeffreys, J. F. ■Jensen. C. A. Johnson, C. E. Johnson, L. L. Johnson, R. W. Johnson, T. B. Johnson, W. W. Johnston. A. H. Johnston. J. R. Jones, C. C. Jones, G. A. Jones, M. M. Jones, W. E. Jones, W. O. Justus. F. H. Karle. W. H. Kaufman, A. Kaufman, P. K. Keefe. J. E. Kelly, D. M. Kenan. J. G. Kincaid. T. R. King. R. B. Kluttz. C. H. Knowles. R. Koch. F. H. Kornegay. A. D. Kurfees, J. G. Kvle. H. H. Lindis. P. W. Lane. W. A. Lansford. A. M. Lassiter. J. H. [165] YACKETYYACK Lathan, B. W. Latham, J. D. Lawson, J. P. Laxton, F. M. Leary, H. A. Lee.E. L.. Jr. Lee, H. M. Leonard, C. W. Leonard, F. A. Lester, J. W. Levinson, M. Levy, T. D. Lewis, J. C. Lewis, W. E. Lindy, A. Lineberger, J. W. Lingerfeldt. T. H. Llovd. W. L. Loftin, C. L London, G. E. Long, J. J. Long, J. P. Long, R. V. Long, W. I. Lubetkin, H. L. Lucas, W. W. Ludenan, R. D. Lumpkin, N. W. Lvnch, J. M. Lvon. W. H. McAllister. H. C. McArthur, W. S. McCampbell, J. C. McCaskill, J. H. McCorkle, W. C. McCov. C. L. McDade. R. A. McDiarmid. D. A. McDonald, H. ,1. McDuffie, D. C. McDuffie. W. C. McGaulev, J. J. McGill. S. F. Mclllwaine. R. E. McKee, W. VV. McLean, J. A. McLean, M. A. McLean, W. B. McLellan, L. R. McLeod, A. H. McLeod, F. A. McNeill, L. J. Macon, W. C. Madison, F. B. INIadison, R. Manheim, F. J. Mann. E. B. Mann, C. S. Manning, J. T. Margolis, J. H. Marguilies, L M. Markham, W. S. Martin, R. T. Martindale, H. S. Marvel, E. Marvin, J. R. Mashburn. T. M. Mason, R. H. Massengill, W. W. Mattocks, T. C. Maybank, T. Meacham, H. L. Mebane, R. J. Merritt, J. F. Miller, W. A. Miller, W. G. Minsker. B. H. Mintz, S. Misenheimer, C. P. Mitcham, W. C. Jr. Mitchelle, W. E. Mixson. S. J. Mobley, C. W. Moore, E. L. Moore, M. B. Moore. O. J. Moore, W. H. Moore. W. N. Moorer, M. P. Morgan, Z. V. Morisey. J. C. Morrison, M. S. Jr. Moss. F. M. !Mowery, H. B. Moye, J. M. Murphy, G. S. Nahakain, H. M. Navlor, B. Neal, W. A. Newcombe, E. H. Newland, H. T. Newton, J. L. Jr. Nichols, C. I. Nichols, H. A. O ' Brien, W. J. Oberfell, G. F. Oden. W. A. Olivirio, A. A. Orbaugh, R. E. Outlaw, M. Overstreet, H. Owen, O. C. Jr. Palmer, A. T. Parker, B. F. Parker. J. E. Parker. J. W. Parker, W. M. Parks. G. R. Parrott, A. Parsley, H. N. Pate, W. M. Patrick, B. F. Patrick, C. L. Patterson, C. J. Patterson, F. G. Patterson, W. B. Pattisall. R. O. Peacock, J. G. Peacock, J. T. Peacock. J. W. Peacock, P. N. Pearson, G. W. Peeler, P. M. Peetz. W. W. Pelton, P. P.. Jr. Penn, C. A. Peoples, C. C. Peres, I. S. Petree, W. S. Pettv, A. B. Phillips. F. T. Phillips. G. A. Philpott, B. C. Pickett. A. M. Pickett. R. L. Piland, N. E. Poindexter, H. O. Poole, R. W. Porter, M. G. Powell, A. V. Powell, E. C. Powell. W. C. Powell, W. L. Power, C. E. Pratt, J. H. Prince, B. C, Jr. Prince, M. Proctor, B. C. Propst, W. G. Rabinowitz, S. Radford, G. E. Ramsay, A. W. Rankin, B. J. Raper, J. R. Ratcliffe, T. E. Rav. F. Rea, T. E. Redding. T. S. Redfern, B. Redfern, R. A. Reid, G. Renegar, G. J. Renn, C. A. Reynolds, .1. W. Jr. Rice, I. Richardson. L. Riddle. R. B. Ridenhour, W. B. Riggs, L. D. Rilev. J. R. Ritchie, H. R. Rives. C. M. Roberts. D. B. Roberts, W. G. Robey, W. l. Robbins. J. C. Robinson. C. Robinson, E. T. Robinson, W. A. Rogers, C. P. Rooch, R. Rose. C. G. Roseman, J. M. S. Ross, L. W. Roth. W. L. Rouse, L. L. l fl S [166] YACKETY YACK Rowland, L. O. Royster, T. S. Rubin, A. Sale, H. S. Salley. M. C. Sandford, W. A. Sapp, R. E. Savage, F. L. Sawyer, A. Sawyer, C. M. Saylor, C. Scarboro, S. S. Scarborough, V. H Schenck, S. C. Seawell, D. R. Seglinson, E. N. Setser, A. L. Sewell, C. W. Sewell, D. M. Sharkey, J. P. Shelton, O. H. Shemwell, E. B. Shepherd, W. . SherriU, J. A. Shlefstein, I. H. Shoemaker, J. R. Shuford, A. I. Shuford, J. A. Shuford, J. H. Sickler, W. B. Simmons, N. L. Singletary, W. C Skinner, A. C. Skinner, L. C. Slack, H. J. Slater, J. E. Sloop, J. D. Small, H. R. Smith. A. P. Smith, D. H. Smith, J. F. Smith, J. H. Smith, J. H, Smith, J. S. Smith, W. L, Snell. L. H. Snider, A. H. Spigel, J. N. Spradlin, W. H. Stafford. C. G. Stallings, ,1. O. Stallings, W. R. Stanley, R. W. Stanley, W. H. Staples, E. W. Starnes, H. W. Staton, R. H. Steele, A. M. Steere, J. E. Stikeleather, J. C Still. J. T. Still. R. W. Stinson, T. W. Stone, G. G. Stone, M. F. Stone, W. H. Stowe, C. P. Strickland. J. F. Strickland. W. S. Studdert, R. S. Surprenant, L. C. Sutton, T. K. ■Swann, T. F. Taylor, J. K. Taylor, S. N. Taylor. T. R. Teachey, W. Thomas, F. E. Thomas, H. N. Thomas, W. G. Thomasson, G. L. Thompson, J. I9TT33 [ 167] i YACKITY YACK Thompson, J. B. Thompson, K. L. Thompson, P. M. Tilford, P. P. Toler, V. W. Trimble. C. W. Trotter. W. L. Turner, L. C. Urband, A. Van Cleave, R. A. Van Hoy, J. H. Valk, A. dcT. Verburg. P. L. Vick, G. R. Vinson, A. S., Jr. Volkman, N. H., Jr. Walck. C. W. Walker, E. G. Walker. T. H. Walker. W. W. Wall, W. S. Wanderman, I. L. Ward, J. S. Ward, S. A. M ' ard. V. A. Warnom. A. H. Warren, R. T. Warshaver, S. E. Wasserman, J. L. Watkins. T. H. Watson. L. E. Watson, T. S. Weaver, G. B. Webb. A. Webb, G. L. Weeks. C. S. Weiland. H. J. Weinberg. S. L. Weinstein. M. Weinstein. M. D. Weis, G. O. Wells. N. E. Wescott, C. C. West. J. L. M ' .stbrook. J. L. White. K. T. White. T. S. White. W. F. Jr. White. W. L. Whitehart. G. L. Miitehead. L. W. Whitfield. R. Widenhouse. J. W. Wilder. J. F. Wilkins. E. V. Wilkinson. H. H. Williams. B. B. Williams. E. C. Williams, J. R. Williams, J. W. Williams, S. W. Williamson, O. G. Williiord. J. R. Willis, E. C. Jr. Wilson, G. W. Wilson. H. M. Wilson. W. H. Wineeoff. G. M. Winig. B. Winstead. C. C. Winstead. J. D. Withrow. E. J. Witkins. B. Wood. H., Ill Wood. W. D. Woodard. L. C. Wornom, A. H. Worrell. T. M. Worseley, G. C. Worth. T. C. Wright. J. T. Wright. K. O. Wright. L. C. Wright. T. H. Yarborough. K. P. Yarborough. R. F. Yeomans. A. H. Young. G. M. Young. J. B. Young, N. R. Zaglin, J. G. Zelley. H. N. Zibelin, C. V. Zovesus, A. J. [ 1(5 8 ] VACKETY YACK The Galley Slave PROFESSIOMAt [ 169] YACKETY YACK [ 170] VACKETY VACK The Law School C. W. GiioLSON, Jr President Laic School Association Third Year Law Class J. B. Lewis President J. H. Anderson E. O. Ayscue H. Bane A. M. Covington A. T. Daniel B. Eaton, Jr. J. F. Glenn A. V. Gholson A. B. Holmes W. Hoyle W. S. Jenkins J. B. Lewis J. B. Linn B. T. Lord J. E. Magner C. S. Manguni G. D. McDaniel J. B. McMullen G. C. Meads J. A. Mulligan F. O. Parker F. A. Pollard H. T. Powell H. Rockwell C. O. Sapp W. D. Sharpe, Jr. A. K. Smith N. S. Sowers T. W. Sprinkle E. F. Taylor L. H. Wallace M. P. Wilson Second Year Law Class J. H. Chadbourn P. B. Abbott K. Barwick H. W. Blackstock M. Bryson J. H. Chadbourn G. V. Cowper, Jr. E. L. Curlee R. Duffy O. A. Warren J. G. Adams M. R. Alexander T. T. Brown M. S. Benton G. P. Boucher J. D. Bulluck. Jr. H. B. Campbell C. C. Cates W. T. Covington, Jr. J. T. Edwards S. Felshin C. O ' H. Grimes .1. E. Johnson M. Kellogg. Jr. R. G. Key H. L. Lackey L. E. Lancaster G. E. Levings W. S. Malone R. McGinnis H. B. Parker C. Price C. E. Reitzel. Jr. H. Roane E. L. Russell P. Roland E. Scheldt First Year Law Class D. J. Craig, Jr. G. T. Davis W. P. Fuller T. J. Gold L. J. Giles. Jr. C. Graves, Jr. R. M. Gray, Jr. F. D. Hamrick E. A. Humphrey H. M. Kluttz A. W. Langston H. L. Lobdell G. A. Long W. L. Marshall, Jr. S. G. Morse B. M. Parker T. B. Rector H. L. Sain - President G. A. Smith T. C. Smith, Jr. Y. M. Smith K. W. Swartz T. A. Uzzell, Jr. A. T. Ward J. A. Williams J. M. Wright President C. J. Shannon O. M. Smith P. J. Storey W. A. Stringfellow A. J. Stubbs D. E. Thomas M. L. Thompson H. N. Woodson O. A. Warren R. P. Wavnick [171] wm YACKETV YACK lU o s I •A o a E [172] YACKETY YACK Second Year Medical Class R. B. G. CoWPER President T. H. ToMLINSON Vice-President C. C. LuPTON Secretary-Treasurer J. C. QuiCKEL , .Student Councilman G. C. Allen G. W. Heinitsh L. J. Ring J. M. Andre w C. F. Hudson J. M. Robertson L. A. Andrew A. A. James V. B. Rollins N. O. Bowman J. R. Johnson A. S. Rose L. G. Brown R. R. Little C. T. Smith L. M. Caldwell R. E. Lore A. T. Strickland H. L. Clapp C. C. Lupton T. H. Tomlinson R. B. G. Cowper D. R. McEachern T. G. Upchurch B. B. Dalton P. R. Laulden E. N. Walker J. N. Dawson W. C. Mebane N. E. Ward G. L. Donnelly J. M. Mewborn J. B. Westmoreland G. S. Edgerton Gladys Morgan W. E. Wilkinson C. P. Graham S. e! Pace ' J. C. Quickel Frank Wilson [17 3] YACK.1TY YACK iWl [ 17i] n YACKETY YACK KNOEFEL HALL i SI- ' : First Year Medical Class R. E. Stone President A. E. Knoefel, Jr. Vice-President J. B. Hall Secretary-Treasurer J. M. Alexander L. Appel A. E. Barnhart E. I. Christian M. Dworin W. H. Flythe W. O ' K. Fowler H. W. Fox W. A. Fritz R. B. Garrison C. H. Gay W. B. Green J. B. Hall H. C. Harrill A. X. Johnson C. M. Kendrick J. W. Kitchen A. E. Knoefel. Jr. J. C. McAlister L. M. McKee E. V. Moore T. McG. Northrop R. M. Oliver H. M. Price J. T. Ramsaur A. M. Scarborough G. C. Shinn R. E. Stone H. E. Talmadge J. A. Turner. Jr. S. W. Vance W. W. Vaughan W. S. Wall W. R. Wandeck S. E. Way P. G. Weil J. A. Whitaker R. W. Wilkins R. Winborne. Jr. B. L. Woodard [ 1 7 .5 ] t m • tWi » • 1 YACKCTV VACK Manning Hall Caldwell Hall [17(5 w. AoyvyYOES iam Shakespeare I Shakespeare Jl ' hat we can do, we ' ll do, to do you service. — TiMON OF Athens. YACKITY YACK ' f ' COFFIN I tP DUNGAN LEAR DUNN lit :;{ GALLAND The Publications Union Board W. Clyde Dunn, President J. Elwin Dungan, Secreiari) J. M. Lear, Treasurer O. J. Coffin Harry J. Galland [177] VACKETY VACK The Yackety Yack Editorial Staff Travis Brown Ediior- ' in-CJuef Robert Graham . ' . Associate Editor Harry Galland Associate Editor Clyde Dunn Assistant Editor Mayne Albright Assistant Editor Herbert Taylor .Faculty Douglas Kincaid Seniors Ed Hamer Other Classes Holmes Davis : ictivities Swift Boatwright Fraternities A ViLLiAM Petty Dance Billy Atkinson Sports Nick Docker y Photography Jim Kenan Bert Haywood Joe Adams George Waterhouse Ed Kidd Bob Mebane Charles Allison Ed Yarborough Ed Davis Tom Worth Tom Wright Lawrence Harris Howard Wilson Henry Anderson Harrv Bunn m [ 178] VACKETY VACK % % SILVERSTEIN t HALL LENNON GUNTER STATON The Yackety Yack Business Staff il B. Moore Parker Claide Farrell ... Hexrv Temple June Gunter Norman Klein Steve Marsh Duval Lennon Clyde Duncan Sam Silverstein James Gatlin Charles Gault Ben Parker Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Collection Manager Tom Johnson Maurice Eighme William Hall Ted Levy Ed Marshall Harold Staton Sherman Shore J. D. McXairy Bill White I 1 79 VACKCTV YACK McNAIRY f ' J M HOLDER WKUkMK JONES HODGES WILLIAMS SHORE HA H W.YARBOROUGH Hj m RAMSAY DUNGAN DENNING The Daily Tar Heel Glenn Holder Editor-in-Chief Will Yarborovgh ....Managing Editor Associate Editors Jolin Mebane Harry Galland Assistant Editors Robert Hodges J. D. McNairy Joe Jones B. C. Moore J. C. Williams City Editors E. F. Yarborough K. C. Ramsay Elbert Denning J. E. Dungan Sherman Shore Sports Editor Henry L. Anderson Assistant Sports Editors Brown Roach J. G. deR. Hamilton, Jr. m ! 8 ] VACKETV YACK Holmes Davis Louis Brooks Charles Rose Mary Price Bill Roberts J. P. Tyson E. C. Daniel Kemp Yarborougli Clyde Deitz George Seram Frank Manheim B. H. Whitton J. M. Little Hush Wilson Natlian Volkman W. A. Shulenberger G. E. French Vass Shepherd B. H. Barnes M. M. Dunlap Howard M. Lee George Barber Henry Wood Jack Bessen Everard Shemwell Ted Newland Jack Riley John Patrick J. J. Dratler ;i Business Staff Marion Alexander Business Manager Ashley Seawell John Jemison Bill Speight Tom Badger Harry Latta Donald Seawell Collection Managers J. C. Harris B. C. Prince, Jr. T. R. Karriker Stuart Carr MM [ 181 ] YACKETY VACK A V The Carolina Buccaneer Cy Edson . ' . Editor-in-Chief Gil Pearson Art Editor Crawford McKethan I Associate Editor Kermit Wheary - Associate Editor Claide Farrell Assistant Editor Harry Galland Assist ant Editor Mary Price Exchange Editor Pete Gilchrist George Daxxexbaim ..Managing Editors Phil Peacock John J. Smith " Doc " Foster Editorial Staff George Sulkin Amos Hill Tavlor Bob Betts T. P. Tyson Duval Lennon Bobbie Mason " Red " Manning Jack Sherrill Art Staff Ted Newland Katherine Noland A. M. Lansford Walter Mason Henrv Anderson James Sawyer [18 2] VACIKEinr VA.CK The Carolina Buccaneer H. X. Patterson. Harlan Jameson.. John D. Idol I. H. Manning... . James Harris Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager Collection Manager Stuart Carr John Clinard. Jr. Robert Davis Ed Hamer James Harris P. C. Idol W. A. Lane Charles Kluttz John Manning Richard Marshall F. G. McPherson Alston Watkins J. C. Williams Edgar Thomas o! [ 183] VACKCTV VACK HOLDER DUNLAP ALEXANDER The Carolina Magazine John Mebane Ediior Richard Chace issoclate Editor Jay Curtis issociate Editor Marion Alexander Bit sin ess Manager Louis V. Brooks Glenn Holder James Dawson Philip K. Kaufman J. E. Dungan J. D. McNairy Mary Marshall Dunlap Dorothy Mumford Milton Greenblatt J. J. Slade, Jr. Robert Hodges J. C. Williams i [ 184] YACKETY YACK WALL McDANIELS QUICKEL BOLEN The Student Council R. S. Farris President Student Body H. X. Patterson Secretari Student Council R. L. Graham Senior Representative L. H. FusSELL Junior Representative E. C. Wall Sophomore Representative G. D. !McDaxiel Laic School Representative J. C. QuiCKEL Medical School Representative H. E. BoLEN Pharmacji School Representative m if. ' I ' i [18 3] YACKETY YA.CK i:. II ] V I H I The Uxivkusity CtJ.kk Cub [18 6 YACKETir YA.CK ¥!i LYNCH LYON The University of North Carolina Glee Club Direction Harold S. Dyer Director Nelson O. Kennedy Pianist E. S. Clark Student Director OfBcial Staff Business Staff J. P. SciTRLocK President H. L. Lyon, Jr Business Manager T. C. Reynolds J ' ice-President C. B. Overman Asst. Business Mgr. S. A. Lynch, Jr. Secretary W. G. Brown Librarian First Tenor Charles Aiken Charles Duffy Jay Glenn Frank Howell S. A. Lynch, Tr. E. L. Midgett M. P. Park Second Tenor Willia E, L, m Petty Swain W. T. Whitsett George Winston C. H. Ballard William Barfield George Bennett C. E. Best Gilbert Blauman W. L. Boynton J. C. Connolly W. T. Davis C. H. Elkins J. P. Hill F. M. Laxton. Jr. R. F. Lowery H. L. Lyon, Jr. First Bass T. E. H. N Egber Browr Marshall Parsley t Peeler ing Roach J. W. Slaughter Linwood Snell F. P. SpruiU J. H. Stewart F. P. Stompson William Allsbrook H. A. Boyd T. W. Bremer E. S. Clark E. V. Conrad A. H. Fleming. Jr. L. F. Hammond W. R. Hoffman W. F. Humphries W. L. Hunt Dodd Linker Second Bass C. B P. R T. C. Pryor Overman Patten Reynolds Rodwell, Jr Descum Roberts Herbert Thomas G, L Trull Earl Williams R. C. Atwood Gilles Brown Pierre Campbell Paul Carter J. L. Dickenson C. H. Fisher Edward Ferguson J. C. Goodwin Harland Jameson J. E. Miller F. M, Prouty Lawrence Ross J. P. Scurlock A. J. Stahr Robert Staton M, B. Thomas C. H. Whedbee Kenneth Wilson H. N. Zellev !i J [ 187] VACKETY YACK i m i m P I i 1 mi of I 91 i I WILLIAMS HAMER The Y. M. C. A. Cabinets Jimmy Williams President of Y.M.C.A. John Laxg _ J ,. Vice-President Joe Eagles Secretary Ed Hamer Treasurer The Junior-Senior Cabinet Mayne Albright Johnson Alexand Clyde Du Joe Eagle Henry Ander; J. D. Barnes Swift Boatwri Bill Bridgers E. V. Conrad J. P. Cooper Carl Fisher Roscoe Fisher Noah Goodridge Ed Hamer John Lang I. H. Mam Beverly Mo A. D. Kincaid Frank O ' Neil Pat Patterson The Sophomore Cabinet A. N. Daniels car Dressle J. Felton irry Finch rich Tom Follin G. E. Fr L. I. Gupto W. F. Humphr F. M. James Harlan Jameson G. H. Leonard Henry London T. E. Marshall C. G. Mock John Park R. C. Pond The Freshman Friendship Council Charl ES Allison Bob Atwood ]. M. Auman Dallie Barham Bob Barnett Alex Biggs Henry Boyd Charl ES Brawley J. K. Bridgers J. E. Cuthrell Archie Davis Otis Davis R. D. Davis W. T. Davis Bob Drane L. A. Dudley C. S. Forbes J. E. Fountain A. C. Furchgot Moody Gaither R. S. Gidney Frank Ham H. M. Hodges C. S. Holshouser Bob Hubbard Percy Idol Jimmy Kurfees Joe Lineberger George London J. N. McCaskill Billy McKee John Manning Bill Markham V . H. Moore Bob Mebane Ted Newland Nutt Parsley F. T. Phillips R. L. Pickett J. R. Raper Lee Richardson Raymond Ritchie W. G. Roberts C. G. Rose L. W. Ross S. C. Schenk J. A. Sherrill James Shuford Vass Shepherd W. C. Singletary Louis Skinner K. C. Ramsay J. B. Schneider Huber Taylor Jimmie William! J. C. Williams J. B. Spell H. H. Taylor M. F. Tinkham Craig Wall S. M. Yancey Ed Yarborough Harold Smith J. H. Smith A. M. Steele James Steere John Strickland F. E. Thomas Nathan Volkman George Vick Billy Walker Alex Webb C. S. Weeks H. J. Weiland Tom Worth Tom Wright Billy Walker 4 [18 8 YACKETV YACK The Juxior-Senior Y.M.C.A. Cabinet The Freshman Friendship Cotncil L Mo i i r m iH mi [ 189] VACKETY YACK The Woman ' s Association Kitty Wells , President Ann Iellick Vice-President Phoebe Harding Secretary Olivia McKinnie Treasurer Sue Dent House President Mrs. Charlotte G. Adams Louise Adams Mary E. Adams Florence E. Ahner Penelope B. Alexander Fannie M. Ange Nancy Arnold Miriam L. Ashmore Carol A. Ballenger Carolyn R. Banner Elizabeth S. Barber Helen Louise Baylor Placid B. Bennett Nora Beust Sadie M. Bivens Ruth Blackwelder Evie M. Bobo Gladys A. Boyington Minnie Brasliear Hazel L. Brown Margaret J. Bruton Ruby D. Buck Margaret R. Bullitt Mary Burroughs Sarah J. Bush Sony Bynum Mrs. Kate J. Carmichel Lirly L. Carpenter Nora Carpenter Mary A. Carter Olivia H. Chamberlain Ethel May Chapin Nellie Rives Cheek Elizabeth I. Christian Christine LeR. Coffey Eleanor R. Coker Beth Colley CJeorgia A. Couch Carolyn C. Cox Elsa S. Craig Lillian B. Crisfield Helen J. Crosson Anne Kelso Currie Sydney M. Curry Harriet Lane Daniel Julia C. Davis Suzanne T. Dent Virginia Lyn Denton Claire J. Douglas Virginia A. Douglas Inez S. Dudley Clyde Mason Duncan Mary Marshall Dunlap Celeste Edgerton Nancy B. Eliason Jeanette Ernst Helen Eubanks Lida H. Eubanks Sara G. Falkner Lucine Farmer Elzada Feaster Martha Willson Fcnn Mary K. Fleming Dorothy Fooshe Mrs. Marguerite C. Ford Maurine Forester Cornelia E. Frizzelle Marjorie Good Julia Graham Kate C. Graham Fannie M. Grainger Elizabeth M. Grant Mrs. G. P. Grisette Mrs. Nora D. Gumble Ruth E. Hamill I elia B. Hampton Mary K. Harbin Phoebe Harding Annie Olivia Harmon Mrs. Loraine P. Hart Laurine Haynes Sarah Frances Heacock Katherine N. Hendricks Flora M. Hill Josephine Hill Marv Jane Hill Bertha C. Hipp [ 190] YACKETV YACK Mrs. Nelle B. Holibs Ethel Hood Elizabeth W. Howland Addis C. Huske Tabitha C. Hiitaff Lillie W. Jackson Sadie F. Jenkins Esther Clyde Johnson Elizabeth Johnston Edith C. Jones Elizabeth L. Kenfield Elizabeth C. Kennedy Katherine M. Kinard Mrs. Edna Coates King Date Parks Kitchen Edith C. Kyles Helen F. Lance Rachel Penn Lane Rosy Lazarus Ludie C. Lee Ida Belle Ledbetter Pearl Rose S. Lintner Marion S. Love Virginia Lumpkin Adelaide M. McAnally Marion V. McFetridge Bettie M. McGee Mary Lirgaret McLeod Helen O. McKay Olivia McKinne Ruth McCullough Mrs. H. L. Macon Edith H. Mangum Eleanore Martin Velma D. Matthews . nne Melick Mary Ford Miller ' irginia ] Lie Milmo ' era Millsaps Reeme Moore Stephanie Moore Hattie Belle Mooring (jiadys Morgan Edna E. Morrisette Dorothy Mumford Elizabeth Murphy Ruth Newell Mary ( ' . Norcrosi Martha E. Norburn Crowell Oliver Annette M. Osborne Ruth Page Mathilde M. Parlett Blanche Penland Celeste L. Penny Florence L. Phillips Emmie F. Polhill Martha H. Porter Mabel A. Powell Mary W. Price Elizabeth G. Reed Mary Adelaide Reed Mrs. Marie E. Reiss Mary L. Rigsbee Dorothy Rose Robinson Mrs. Bertha May Rogers Mrs. Carrie H. Schwenning Sallie E. Scott Catherine Sherard Connie E. Smith Mary Phlegar Smith Mattie D. Snider Emily White Stevens Martha Louise Thacker Mrs. Emma S. Trabue M. L. Troutman Lucile Turner V irginia R. Turner Henrietta Underwood Gertrude Vaile Minnie L. Waldrop Marv Louise Wall Mildred Walker E. Noel Walker Jessie S. Ward M. Rebecca Ward Sarah Elizabeth Ward Mary Waiters Evelyn Way Ida Vivian Weaver Maude M. Webster Katherine Piatt Wells L. Elaine Wheaton George Wilcox Grace A. Williams Mrs. Helen V. Williams Lena Mae Williams Ruth E. Williams Janet H. Wilson Mrs. J. C. Wilson Mary L. Withers Jewell Louise Yow ■ I m i [ 191] YACKCTY YACK American Institute of Electrical Engineers J. J. Alexander ! President T. V. Hedgpeth Vice-President F. R. Toms Secretary W. B. White . Treasurer Freshmen H M Allen T. L. Cordle W. H. Griffin G. W. Miller T. H. Walker H. M. Barry C. F. Crum C. N. Harris W. J. O ' Brien. Jr. G. H. Ware F. S. Black F. G. Dellinger W. E. Harris B. C. Proctor G. O. Weis A. J. Bost T. C. Evans D. R. Hinkle J. E. Slater G. C. Worsley C. L. Bradley H. S. Fulcher L. L. Johnson J. F. Strickland G. M. Young J. K. Bridgers J. K. Galloway M. M. Jones J. B. Thompson H. N. Zelley H. F, Click G. W. Gorham F. H. Justus A. H. Taylor J. R. Hubbard J. R. Marvin Sophomores G. H. Alford T. A. Baroody I M Dnls F. M. Glover. Jr. J. L. Sherrill H. P. Baldwin W. D. Bryan A. H. Eliasson E. T. Gross E. L. Swain S. A. Barham G. H. Coats. Jr. E. F. Frisby C. A. Hensley D. J. Thurston J. L. Fisher Juniors J. T. Boysworth E. G. Hoefer. Jr. R. E. Hubbard W. P. McPherson A. M. Perez Page Choate G. F. Horney P. G. Johnson, Jr. W. R. Mills A. C. Robertson W. S. Crawford. Jr. J. M. Houston O. I. McCall E. S. Oakes G. D. Thompson C. P. Hayes, Jr. R. V. Whitener Seniors J. J Alexander F. E. Drake C. M. Lear J. E. Sherwood L. E. Tulloch W. C. Burnett T. V. Hedgpeth D. A. Nims J. E. Skinner W. B. White E. R. Davis F. B. Kuykendal F. R. Toms W. J. Wortman [ 1 y -2 ] YACKETV YACK American Society of Civil Engineers C. E. Waddell President " Chuck " Erickson Vice-President R. J. White Secretary W. E. BOBBITT Treasurer John Andrews J. L. Ferebee J. I. Palmore R. B. Armficld P. L. Gilbert G. N. Pierce C. H. Atkins R. W. Goebel G. J. Quinn V. M. Atkinson, Jr. 1. A. Groom A. E. Reynolds A. T. Allen. Jr. H 0. Hill T. M. Riddick J. F. Barret V J. Homey F. C. Rankin C. H. Boyd W L. Harper O. D. Stinson A. C. Brown C. C. Howard J. P. Scurlock W. E. Bobbitt W L. Keller W O. Southerland J. E. Brown. Jr. O. W. Kochtizky H P. Thomas N. L. Bryan B. B. Lane C. H. White M. R. Cowper E. G. Long B. Whitton C. S. Dickie C. M. Ledbetter C. E. Waddell F. G. Dogget E. P. McLean R. M. Walford J. W. Doughtie H S. Mclver C. H. West C. R. Davis W M. McKinnev J. G. Wadsworth A. N. Daniels A. Mitchel G T. Winston S. J. Dunavant J. A. Moore R. J. White H. T. Erwin R. J. H. Moore L. Norris W . E. Underbill [19 3] VACKETY VACK 1 w ' IQ I American Society of Mechanical Engineers E. L. LowERY — _ President R. A. Parsley First J ' ice-President J. S. Newsom Second Vice-President E. L. Midgett Secretary J. B. PiTTANA Treasurer Faculty Members E. G. HoEFER, Honorary Chairman X. P. Bailey Student Members Attilio E. Bevacqua S. W. Hinson E. D. Lennon R. T. Burnett E. L. Kendrick J. H. Margolis Robert Cowhig Bloomfield Kendall J. A. McLean C. C. Cornwall V. L. Kenyon, Jr. R. E. Orbaiigh A. W. Dunbar Frederick Knoop, Jr. C. L. Petree A. C. Furgott, Jr. H. H. Kyle R. C. Plummer D. A. Harrell " J. H. Smith ,S 1 [19 4] VACKETT YACK SPEIGHT HARRIS ALBRIGHT mL The Debate Council I i rr HE Debate Council is the body selected to manage all student inter-collegiate ■ • contests of a forensic nature — oratory and debating — engaged in by the University. Beginning with the scholastic year 1927-28, with the consent of the University Administration, the two Literary Societies, and the Student Body, the Debate Council was organized in its present form, which is essentially as follows : It is composed of four students and three faculty members — two of the student members are appointed by the President of the University. The President of the Debate Council is always a student, and one of the faculty members is always Executive Secretary, the latter office continuing from year to year. The present composition of the Debate Council is as follows: J. C. Williams, President; Professor George M. McKie, Executive Secretary; Professor Howard M. Jones, Professor Frank P. Graham. R. M. Albright, J. A. Wilkinson, J. C. Harris, and W. W. Speight. V N [195] m w m mil VACKCTY YACK The Dialectic Senate [ 196] YACKETT VACK WILLIAMS RECTOR The Dialectic Senate J. C. Williams President, Fall Term Garland McPherson President, TV inter Term T. B. Rector President, Spring Term Members Adams. W. J., Jr. Farris. R. S. Parsley. R. A. Whitmire. T. C. Ramsay. K. C. Armstrong. D. H. Follin, Marion Parham. J. M. Wimbish, Paul Parker. B. M. Alexander. J. M, Griggs. C. F. Patterson, H. N. Yarborough, W. H. Barnctt. R. W. Armfield, John Goodson. C. F. Royster. C. L. Wright, G. R. Adams. J. B. Burch. F. B., Jr. Greene, R. S. Rector, Beatty Mines. G. N. Snider. A. Brooks. C. M. Gray. R. M. Simpson, M, B. Wilson. G. W. Kenan, J. G. Bliss. W. M. Galland. H. J. Shedd, W. B, Starbuck. W. W. Rose, C. G. Bissell. W. N. Hamer. E, R. Sherfessee, Louis, J r. Lamm. R. W. Yarborough, K. Blond. C. A. Jr. Henderson, W. J. Sechler. C. W. Moore. M. P. Brooks, A. L., Jr. Bunett. W. C. Hunter. E. C. Seawell, M. B. McKee. W. W, Shepherd. W. V. Gates. C. C. Kincaid. G. A. Tatum, C. C. Wardlaw, Jack Hammond. L. T. Covington. R. O. Karriker. T. R. Torbert, J. F. Herkimer, B. J. Patterson. F. G. Coggins. G. R. Little. A. D. Thomas, F. A. Jackson, S. D. Maybank. G. W. Dunn. Clyde Morgan, R. H, Williams. J. R. Van Cleave. P. Phillips. C. T. Davis. G. T. Marshall. B. A. White, W. W. Parsley. H. N, Dickenson. T. L. Davis. W. G. McMichael, J. M. Webb, R, H. Webb, A, Wright, L. C, Douglas. A. E. McCandless. John Williams. J. C, Dickson, T. S. Wright, T. W. Dockery. N. W. Mclver. C. R. Whisnant, H. P. Meadford. W. C. McCorkle. W. C. Dungan. J. E. McPherson, Garland Whitsett. W. T. Shreve. C. A. Wood. H. English, D. L. Moore, B. C. Williams, J. S. Little. J. M. Williams. J. R„ J Edson. C. M. Moore. J. 0.. Jr. Wardlaw, C. D. Dratler. J. J. Flinn, L. French. G. E. Newman. G. F. Wardlaw. F, C. Conrad. E. Fleming-Jones, R. [19 7] YACKETV YACK i m The Philanthropic Assembly [198] VACKETir YACK SPEIGHT CARR The Philanthropic Society W. W. Speight Speaker, Fall Term J. A. Lang .....Speaker, Winter Term G. P. Carr Speaker, Spring Term R. M. Albright Lee Greer Charles Powell Robert Atwood B. L. Haywood J. H. Pratt J. M. Auman J. F. Hester C. A. Renn M. E. Avcocke J. R. Home B. E. Strickland T. R. Baldwin H. H. Hobgood W. W. Speight A. T. Barnes R. D. Huff J. B. Spell H. M. Barnes T. W. Hughes Walter Stone T. B. Beckham C. C. Jackson R. E. Stanton W. W. Blackman H. T. Jackson H. T. Taylor V. L. Brown J. F. Jackson W. E. Uzzell C. W. Carleton F. M. James J. W. Vann G. P. Carr A. D. Kornegay Herman Vinson T. B. Campen J. A. Lang J. E. Wall D. H. Clifton H. M. Lee G. B. Weaver W. T. Crutchfield P. G. Lee C. H. Whedbee Clarence Davis D. C. McDuffie W. R. Whittington J. R. Denning W. S. Montgomery J. A. Wilkinson C. C. Duffv Alfredo Nazerino N. B. Woodard E. B. Ferguson E. A. Neely T. C. Worth R. A. Ferguson M. Outlaw E. F. Yarborough L. J. Felton J. G. Pleasant T. T. Zoeflor C. S. Forbes R. W. Poole J. G. Zaglin [ 199] mi I YACKETV YACK W ti m V HARRIS STANTON The Mary D. Wright Debate December 10, 1929 I I i THE Mary D. Wriglit Memorial Medal was begun years ago by the late P. E. Wright, of Landis, N. C, and is now eontinued by his estate through the agency of the present Mr. P. E. Wright, of the same place. It is awarded to the better speaker of the winning team in the annual December debate between the Dialectic Senate and the Philanthropic Assembly. The debate for the scholastic year 1929-30 was on the query: " Resolved, That the Smoot-Hawley bill now pending before the special session of the seventy-first congress should be passed as introduced. " The representatives of the Philanthro])ic Assembly were J. C. Harris and R. E. Stanton. They upheld the affirmative. The Dialectic Senate ' s negative aggregation was composed of C. A. Shreve and J. C. Williams. The Mary I). Wright Memorial Medal was won by J. C. Williams, of the Dialectic Senate. iiSviiil [200] YACKETir VACK iiP CARR WHITLEY McPHERSON WILLIAMS Bingham Memorial Debate June 8, 1929 THE Bingham Memorial Debate was begun in 1899 at the instigation of the late Colonel Bingham. The Bingham medal is now given annually by Mr. R. W. Bingham in honor of his distinguished ancestor. The debate is always held during commencement, the medal being awarded to the best speaker of the contest. The contestants are representatives of the two campus literary societies. The debate for the scholastic year 1928-29 was on the query: ' " Resolved, That the L nited States should join the World Court. " The representatives of the Dialectic Senate were J. C. Williams and F. G. McPherson. They upheld the affirmative side. The Philanthropic Assembly was represented by G. P. Carr and E. H. Whitley on the negative side of the issue. The affirmative was declared winner. The Bingham Memorial Medal was awarded to J. C. Williams, of the Dialectic Senate. Ilk m [201] iV Si VACKETV VACK p . I WILLIAMS WHITLEY Debate Between the University of North Carolina and the University of Kentucky March 4, 5, 6, 7, 1929 Query: " Resolved, That the public should own and operate the hydro-electric power plants of the country, with the exception of those which are already under private control and ownership. " ON the above dates the representatives of the University of North Carolina, J. C. Williams, ' 30, and E. H. Whitley, ' 30, debated the representatives of the University of Kentucky at various points in the State of Kentucky — the final debate being held in the University auditorium, Lexington. This series of debates on the question of hydro-electric power was designed to be an educational program, since this matter was expected to constitute a major issue in the next gubernatorial campaign in Kentucky. The representatives of the University of North Carolina upheld the affirmative side of the question. All of the debates were no-decision discussions. [ 202 ] YACKETV VACIK FiSHER HAYWOOD Debate Between the University of North Carolina and the University of Texas March 5, 1929 Query: I " Resolved, That the United States should join the World Court without reservations. " THIS debate was held at Chapel Hill as a special feature of the celebration conducted by the Texas Club of the University of North Carolina in com- memoration of the independence of Texas. R. B. Fisher, ' 31, and E. L. Haywood, ' 31, representing t he University of North Carolina, upheld the negative side of the question. The Texas team won an audience decision. [ 203 ] VACKCTV YACK HOBGOOD i i i w m Debate Between the University of North Carolina and Harvard University April 9, 1929 Query: " Resolved, That loyalty is the curse of the American College. " THIS debate was held at Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina taking the negative side of the question, and being represented by L. T. Bledsoe, Law; H. N. Brown, III, ' 29; and H. H. Hobgood, ' 32. The debate was a no-decision contest. i i [204] YACKETY YACK pi SPEIGHT WILLIAMS Radio Debate Between the University of North Carolina and the University of Virginia April 25, 1929 Query: " Resolved , That national advertising as it is now practiced is both socially and economically harmful. " T I THIS, the fii-st radio debate in which the University of North Carolina ever - participated, was broadcast from Station WRVA, Richmond. J. C. Williams, ' 30, and W. W. Speight, ' 30. representing the University of North Carolina, upheld the affirmative side of the controversv. [205] YACKETV VACK HOBGOOD MASHBURN m % Triangular Debate Between the University of North CaroHna, Wake Forest College, and N. C. State College December 12, 1929 Query: " Resolved, That the nations of the world should adopt some plan of complete disarma- ment, excepting such forces as are needed for police purposes. " TN the Carolina-Wake Forest end of this debate, at Chapel Hill. G. P. Carr, ' 30, - - and T. E. Denton, ' 33, won a unanimous decision. The representatives of the University upheld the affirmative side of the question. The Carolina negative team of H. H. Hohgood, ' 32, and T. M. Mashburn, ' 33, upheld the negative side of the issue in a no-decision debate against N. C. State College at Raleigh. I I [ 206] YACKETY YACK SI I BALEY MEARES Debate Between the University of North Carolina and the University of South Carolina December 13, 1929 Qiery: " Resolved, That the nations of the world should adopt some plan of complete disarma- ment, excepting such forces as are needed for police purposes. " ry HIS debate was held at Columbia. S. C, the University of North Carolina -■- taking the negative side of the controversy, and being represented by J. !M. Baley, ' 31, and C. W. Aleares, ' 31. The South Carolina team won the decision. i i| m M [207] YACKCTV VACK m ' K Debate Between the University of North CaroHna and Emory University Qi ' ERv: " Resolved, That the United States should join tlic World Court without reservations. " C . P. Carr. ' 30, and R. B. Fislier, ' 31, were selected to represent the University - of Nortii Carolina in a debate against Emory University, at Atlanta. Emory, however, cancelled the debate a few davs before it was scheduled to occur. i [208] YACKETT YACK i I tc) Pi loi!, iil i] SPEIGHT WILLIAMS Debates Between the University of North Carolina, Emory University, and Georgia School of Technology February 26 and 27, 1930 Query: " Resolved, That modern science tends to de- stroy theistic faith. " THESE debates were held at Atlanta, the University of North Carolina taking the affirmative side of the question in both of them, and being represented against Emory by W. W. Speight, ' 30, and McB. Fleming- Jones, ' 31 ; and being represented against Georgia Tech. by J. C. Williams, ' 30, and J. A. Wilkinson, ' 31. ■I 9 i [ 209] YACKETY YACK ' i4i|i CARR BALEY i I -) MEARES HOBGOOD Debates Between the University of North Carolina and George Washington University February 28 and March 2 Query: " Resolved, That tlit- nations of the world should adopt some plan of complete disarma- ment, excepting such forces as are needed for police purposes. " T TPHOLDIXG the affirmative side of the question, tlie University of North - Carolina team, composed of G. P. Carr, ' 30, and J. M. Balev, ' 31, met the representatives of George Washington University, at Chapel Hill, on February 28. On March 2. H. H. Hobgood, ' 32, and C. W. Meares. ' 31. upheld the negative end of tlie question against the George Washington debaters at AVashington. I I i i I [210] h ' Kaileuidoscope O. Henri O. Henry For the shifting scenery of this globe of ours requires close attention. — The Trimmed Lamp. YACKETY YACK ' 0 A! SHOWING HER PETTICOATS [211] YACKCTY YACK if m BRANCH-AND THE- SCORE- I4--0 ■ W [212] YACIKITV YACK I ii I ill! jr REFRIGERATING CROSS COUNTRY RUBLE- FLIES HIGH [213] VACBCET - CK m r " [216] L FR ERNITIES AMD SCCeAi. ORDEPS Lord CKesterfielcL Lord Chesterfield To keep good compani , especially at your first setting out, is to receii ' e a good impres- sion of the world. — Letters to His Son. VACKETY VACK INTERFRA T ERNIT Y COU N CIL BULLUCK.PRES WILLI AMS.SKV CHATHAM BROWN RACE SWOPE NIMS HOLMES ALBRIGHT HAYWOOD ERICKSON WARD DALEY HAMER MERRITT ALEXANDER JACKSON FELSHIN B TAYLOR TAYLOR IS ALLAND COVINGTON BRICK [217] ii ' li m .Ml YACKETY Y VCK KOENIG LINDLEY UNEBERGER MEBANE NEWCOMBE SHEPHERD SMATHERS WALKER WATKINS WILLIS r ■ • 1 ipj [218 YACKETV YACK mf DEtTA KAPPA BPSIIdO] Founded at Yale, lS4-i Colors: Crimson, Blue and Gold Publication: 1). K. E. Quarterlv Beta Cliapter Established 1851 Fratres in Facilitate Dr. W. :M. Dnv Dr. F. P. " en. ble t I Fratre.s in Univer.sitate Class of 1930 D.wiD J. Cr-nk. Jr. Gordon Gr.w Jul:. n B. Fen ' -xer Haywood D. Holderness VlLLI. M S. KoEXIG Class of 1931 Robert V. Br. wlev Ch- rle5 G. Ch-mh. m JoHX T. G.avix H. Dortch ViLLi. M DvxN Archib. ld D. Kixc.aid. Jr. John V. Lixdlev .Alstox S. W.atkins Clavde L. Whichard Meade H. Willis Class of 1932 Thomas W. Alexander George L. Barlett Frank H. Dunn Johx W. McAllister Thomas L. Parsons Fraxk Smathers, Jr. Maxdeville a. Webb Law John B. McMillex X. WdODsnx .Aubrey L. Brooks. Jr. Raymoxd H. Chath. .m Joseph W. Lixeberger Elliot H. Xewcombe Williaji V Shepherd Pledges Robert H. Carmichael -Archibald K. Davis Robert J. Mebaxe, Jr. ToHX A. Preston Edwin G. Walker [219] VACKETV YACK w m BLISS BOUCHER BH BROWN T.T.BROWN BRYAN CLARK CLINARD COOKE CREW CROWSON GRAHAM HENRY HOWARD J.R.HUBBARD R.E.HUBBARD McCOTTER E] McLEOD MORISEV OBERFELL PATTERSON REYNOLDS SAVAGE J i [220] VACKETY VACK I ♦ PHI GAMMA DEIdTA Founded at W ashington and Jefferson College, 18Jf8 Color: Royal I ' lirplt- Flnicer: Purple Clematis Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta Epsiloii Chapter Established ISol Fratres in Facilitate Ernest L. Mackie, Ph.D. James B. Sterling A. Stoudemire, M.A. 3l;llitt, M.D. Fratre in Urbe Luther J. Phipps i Fratres in l " niver.sitate Class of 1930 Bertram H. Brown Robert L. Graham DeWitt C. IVIcCotter Class of 1931 Stanley E. Crew Kent Crueser Robert F. Dewey Berry G. French Robert E. Hlbbard Henry N, Patterson Arthur E. Reynolds Chalmers L. White, Jr. Class of 1932 ViLLL M M. Bliss William D. Bryan. Jr. Stuart L. Clark John W. Clinard, Jr. Donald P. Cooke Charles E. Taylor Charles W. Taylor Herbert H. Taylor, Jr. Law Travis T. Brown Pledges George P. Boucher Robert B. Brock Charles A. Crowson Frank P. Davis Robert D. D.wis John S. Dozier Arthur H. Fleming Grosser M. Young Champ C. Henry William A. Howard James R. Hubbard Frank A. McLeod Jack C. Morisey Gilbert F. Oberfell Francis L. Savage [221] VACKETY VACK u ' m w m DUNN FENKER FLINrj .OFOLLlN TB.FOULIN GLENN WADDELL C.D.WAROLAW F.C.WARDLAW WILSON I i i i [222] YACKITT YACK i RETA HBTA PI Founded at Miami University, 1S39 Colors: Pink and Blue Publication: Beta Theta Pi Eta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Established 1852 Fratres in Facultate Alvin S. Wheeler, Ph.D. Kext J. Brown, Ph.D. Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 George W. George Race Douglas L. Potter Charles E. Waddell, J?,. Marion G. Follin, Jr. Class of 1931 Herbert T. Browne Geurge D. Moody Class of 1932 Henry L. Anderson WiLLLAxr F. Draper Oscar W. Dresslar Frank H. Chamberlain Jr Thomas B. Follin Richard M. Fenker Marion S. Glenn Frank L. Sample, Jr. Charles D. Wardlaw, Jr. Frederick C. Wardlaw Donald B. Waugh T. A. UzzELL, Jr. Law John H. Anderson, Jr. . Gmdewell i Robert W. Barnett Fisher S. Black Joseph E. Dunn .Andrew Hargreave Joseph J. McGauley C. As HEY Penn, Jr. P. W Medicine AucusTis S. Ros Pledges Willi A, M G. Roberts George G. Stone Walter W. Bacot Holmes Bryson, Jr. Lawrence Flinn Flower: Rose James M. Lynch John Patric Garrison Reid Charles G. Rose. Jr. J. Russell Williams, Jr. William T. Wilson 1 if i i 1 i m [ 223 ] if m VACKETV YACK m o jl w h 4?i oira] m BRANDT BYERLY CARTER CASE i I [224] VACKETY VACK Founded at ColtimJiin Universiti , 18Jf7 St. Anthony Hall of University of North Carolina Esfahlished ISoJf Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 John Brandt Herman Walker Schnell Class of 1931 Charles Robert Erskixe Adam Fisher. Jr. Kenneth Alexander Gav John Cameron Grainger Branche Edwards Paxton Class of 1932 Wallace Talmadge Case Sydney Longstreth W. Lea Alfred Howard Paddison George Clifton Keim Stephen Davis Timberlake, HI Law Frederick Lee Byerly Graduate Roland Lincoln Kesler Pledges Paul Stuart Carter Harold Atla Haines, Jr. Carroll Pickens Rogers, Jr. m m i Mi [225] YACKETY YACK M Hi L m i i 1 REEVES SWOPE WHITE WALLACE [ -2 2 G 1 YACKETY VACK i m Q CHI PSI Founded at Union College, 1SJ,1 Colors: Purple and Gold Publication: The Purple and Gold Alpha Sigma Chapter Established 1855 Fratres in Facultate W. D. Toy R. E. Coker W. C. Coker G. C. Taylor A. R. HOLLETT Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Henry McK. Baggs William O. Bennett Robert A. Hovis Granville H. Swope Class of 1931 W. Kennett Blair William F. Day Roy W. Franklin Harold W. Glascock, II William H. Norman Robert Reeves Class of 1932 Robert H. Avery Franklin Gray Thomas Badger, III Fred B. Greer Whitner N. Bissell T. Gilbert Pearson Jr R. E. Coker, Jr. George N. Pierce, II John S. White, Jr. Law W. S. Malone L. W. Wallace G. E. Levings, Jr. KiLLiAN Barwick Graduate BURXHAM S. COLECRN, Jr. Pledges Charles W. Allison, Robert C. - ' t vood Pierre Campbell Robert K. Cowhig Hubert D. Crow Thomas A. Da idson J. Banks Young Ellis Dudley John F. Jeffreys, Jr. William C. AIitcham, Jr William B. McLean Joseph H. Xorman. Ill . Marvin Robey, Jr. Ay Av [227] YACKETY VACK fi SPRUILL STEERE TURNER WALSER WHITTON G.WWILSON H.M.WILSON WINSTON [228] VACKETV YACK PHI KAPPA SieMA Founded at the Uiiiver.fiti of Peiiiixi lvania, 1S50 Colors: Old Gold and Black Publication: Phi Kappa Sigma News Letter Lambda Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma Established 1856 Fratres in Facilitate Isaac H. Manning. M.D. English Bagby, Ph.D. Henry H. Williams. Ph.D. J. Merritt Lear. M.A. Gregory L. Paine, Ph.D. Robert H. Sherrill. J I.A. Samuel Selden, B.A. Fratres in t niversitate Class of 1930 William J. Adams. Jr. William L. Hunt David . . Nims John W. Wardlaw Class of 1931 Frederick M. Brickman. Jr. Willia.m D. Merritt. Jr. Arthur M. Kirkpatrick Michael Schenck. Jr. John J. Kirkpatrick Frank P. Spruill. Jr. Isa. c ' H. Manning. Jr. George Taylor Winston E. George Hoefer. Jr. Class of 1932 W. GiLLES Brown Richard G. Burwell Harry Latta. Jr. Arthi-r W. Kaufmann Victor E. Ruehl, Jr. Fredrick M. Proutv Beaumert H. Whitton Medicine James A. Turner. Jr. Graduate RiCH. Rii G. Walser Pledges Robert W. Drake Tames B. Thompson John T. Manning Thomas H. Walker William S. Markham, Jr. George W. Wilson, Jr. James E. Steere, Jr. Hugh McL. Wilson John F. Wright L 1 a I m m [229] YACKETY Y VCK r ! ' 5 M L€ r c- ATKINSON BOATWRI HT BROWN CARPENTER IS CHEATHAM CONSTANTINE DAVIS DUNAVANT FARLE16H GOODRIOSE HARRIS HOLMES HUDSON J.H.LONDON L.F.LONDON PARSLEY RHETT HUGEI El UGER JEMI SON Vi SHANNON SPAULDING THOMPSON WATERHOUSE WEBB WOOD WORTH E.F.YARBOROUGH WH.VARBOROUSH In [230] YACKETY YACK m f tf SIGMA ALPHA BPSIILOM Founded at the Z ' liii ' ersiti of Alahama, 1856 Colors: Old Gold and Purple Flower: Violet Piihlications: The Record, and Phi Alpha (Secret) Xi Chapter Established 1857 Fratres in Facultate Robert D. V. CnxxoR. Ph.B. Edward V. Howell, Ph.G. W, W. Pierson, Jr., Ph.D Almonte C. Howell, Ph.D. Robert H. Wett. ch, S.J.D. James N. Ashmore George F. Horner, A.M. Charles Morris Fratres in Uni ' ersitate Class of 1930 Robert Hoke Webb George W. Sanders Class of 1931 John S. .Iemison John H. London Lawrence F. London E. S. Nash, Jr. R. A. Parsley William H. Yarborough Class of 1932 Joseph Carpenter J. Holmes Davis. Jr. J. ckson Dunavant Law Adams William P. Fuller . . Baron Holmes C. J. Shannon, HI Medicine Frederick W . Dick Graduates Thomas Bennett L RSDEN Bellamy, Jr. Pledges Joel B. Adams Bryan Grant H. N. Parsley F. G. Ballenger L W " . Hughes F. G. Patterson W. E. Barnes J. G. Kenan . ' .le ' ander Webb, Jr. H. G. Connor, III Theodore ALaybank T. C. Worth R. L. Covington W. J. O ' Brien, Jr. Kemp Yarborough William C. Cheatham Stuart A. Farleigh Cunningham W. Constantine Noah Goodridge W. W. Heffelfinger, Jr. James H. Hudson W. B. Huger William M. Atkinson Swift M. Boatwright RoYALL R. Brown J. Fleming Wily, Jr. Leon a. Spaulding Albert M. Rhett Peter B. Ruffin William C. Thompson Edward J. Wood Hal ' . ' 0RTH Lawrence R. Harris George ' aterhouse E. F. Yarborough Junius G. n [231] ill m YACKCTY YACK 1 I I 1 i i i I [ 232 ] YACKETY YACK iSI $ i I i SETA PSI Color: White Edward T. Brown, M.A. George Howe, Ph.D. Founded at New York Vnivers ' ity, 18J 6 Flo-icer : White Carnation Publication : The Circle Upsilon Chapter Established 1858 Fratres in Facultate Henry JoH.vsTOaX. A.B. Thomas J. Wilson, Jr., Ph.D. STON Charles S. Mangum M.D. Robert Meade, A.I Fratres in Urbe Louis Graves Robert W. Wi.nston Fratres in Universitate Charles F. Williams Newton S. Calhoun, Jr Albert W. Cowper Lvnn Wilder Paul A. Tillerv Class of 1930 Homer LeGrand Lyon, Jr Charles L. Smith, Jr. Class of 1931 ! L YNE Albright. Jr. William B. Snow, Jr. William P. McPherson George D. Thompson Burgess V. Whitehead Thomas jNL Riddick Williams Cooper Marion R. Cowper Class of 1932 Woodward L. Boynton T. Norfleet Webb, Jr. H. Haywood O ' Donnell Herbert Thorpe Gregory Law John W. Graham Robert Zealv Peter S. Gilchrist, Jr. Edward K. Graham Samuel McConnell, Jr. Ch. rles R. Rouse Charles S. Mangum, Jr. George V. Cowper, Jr. Thomas Gold Charles O ' H. Grimes Marvin Wilson Medicine RoscoE B. Gray Cowper Pledges Milton A. Barber Arthur deT. Valk Frederick P. Laxton Julian T. Baker Ashby L. Baker Joseph H. Pratt Louis Whitehead John Smith qJ [ 233 ] 1 n YACKETY Y VCK i ABELS BENOIT COURSEY EDSON ESKEW C. FARRELL R.FARRELL HAYWOOD PE LER PESCHAU RANDELL RICHARD50N SLUSSER TAYLOR UPSHAW WITHERS 1 1 i A w i [234] YACKETY YACK llll I I I 1 em PHI Founded at the College of Neic Jersey, 182 Colors: Scarlet and Blue Publication: The Chakett Alpha Alpha Chapter Established 1858 Fratres in Urbe Joseph Maryon Saunpers John McIver Foushee Fratre in Facultate George F. Sensaeaugh Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Baxter T. Davies Isaac Hall Huske Cyrus Melvin Epson Luther Corwin STEWARb Walter Eugene Eskew Ralph L. Randell Class of 1931 Jack Barrows Coursey Ernest Duval Lennon Robert Farrell Crawford Biggs MacKethan Claude Farrell E. Adams Neely, Jr. E. L. Haywood Arthur G. Peeler W. Gregg Sutton Class of 1932 John B. Peschau Louis Sherfesee Frank Willard Slusser Amos Hill Taylor Sage H. Upshaw Henry Bell Benoit Adlai H. Eliason James A. Hudson Ernest W. King Joseph Falls Morris Willard Lee Parrish William A. Withers Law LeRoy Wells Armstrong Edward Scheidt A. K. Smith Medicine Paul Gregg Weil Pledges Lucas Abels John D. Branch James H. Krider A. C. Skinner Phillip Peacock Lee Richardson LeRoy ' Johnson i [235] 1 Us m m YACKCTV YACK ii r ,1 QUINN SIEDER SLOOP WOODWARD I I i 1 [236] f YACKETY YACK AtPHA AU OMEGA Founded at T ' irginia Militori Institute, 1S65 Colors: Old Gold and Sky Blue Flou-er: White Tea Rose Publication: The Palm Alpha Delta Chapter Established 1S79 .Fratres in Facilitate Thomas J. Wilson, Jr., Ph.D. EuGEXE C. Branson. A.M. Harry F. Comer Wm. D. : IacMillan, Ph.D. Howard R. Huse Atvvell C. McIntosh, A.M. Gerald R. McCarthy, A.M. Thomas S. McCorkle William R. Abbot, A.M. Keener C. Eraser, Ph.D. Fletcher McLuix Green Fratre in Urbe Joseph Hyde Pratt Fratres in Univer.sitate Class of 1931 Herbert A. Xelson George J. Quinx Charles P. Erickson Paul L. Gilbert A. Sieder Thomas Griffix " Class of 1932 Charles K. Woodward Lelaxd W. Sale William Gordon Boger Barrox K. Grier Lofton P. Brooker H. Fred Jones Kexxeth M. rland Law B. Thorx Lord Allston T. Stubbs F. Ogdex Parker T. Carlisle Smith. Jr. Medicine RuFus R. Little Pledges George Jones Joe Gant John Sloop Chester Brown Peter Garland ' . [237] YACKETY YACK ol i lai ALLEN CARPENTER CARR Si DANIEL GARRETT HOWELL HUGHES LINDSAY i LITTLE MANN MILLENDER MORRISON OLIVER |] S PEACE PERKINS REDDING TALMADGE TAYLOR i WARD WATKINS WE-LLS I i i 1 I lO [238] VACKETY YACK KAPPA AtPHA Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1856 Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers: Red Rose and Magnolia Publications: Kappa Alplia Journal, Special Messenger (Secret) Upsiion Chapter of Kappa Alpha Fratres in Facultate Howard W. Bailey. A.B. .1. G. tieR. Hamilton, Ph.D. Edgar W. Knight. Ph.D. Fratres in Universilate Class of 1930 Stephen H, Millender David J. Ward Eugene E. Wells Class of 1931 William G. Carr. Jr. Howard R. Garrett Joseph deR. Hamilton, Jr William S. Lindsay Arth ' r D. Little. Jr. William B. Oliver Class of 1932 Frank A. Cole, Jr. Alonzo R. Pekkins, Jr. Samuel T. Peace, Jr. Oscar B. Carpenter Law Thomas H. Redding Hugh L. Lobdell Medicine Harry E. Talmadge Graduates John C. Herbert Fr. nk S. Howell Robert M. Wallace Pledges BuRWELL A. Allen Edward B. Mann Stephen W. Carpenter James S. Morrison John W. Daniel W ' illiam W. Taylor Alfred T. Hamilton W illiam L. Trotter Rolfe E. Hughes Thomas Watkins m [ 2 3 9 J I YACKETY YACK I P J.TPPACOCK TAYLOR THOMAS I i 4 I I [ 240] VACKETV VACK s i i f i i PHI DEtTA THETA Founded at Miami University, 18Jf8 Colors: Argent and Azure Floxcer: White Carnation Publications: The Scroll and The Palladium N. C. Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta Established 1885 Fratres in Facilitate William S. Bernard, A.M. C. T. McCoRMicK. A.B., LL.B. William P. Brandon, A.M. Patrick H. Winston, A.B. William F. Prouty, Ph.D. Thomas F. Hickerson, Ph.D. Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Phillip L. Thomas Ernest W. Ewbank George R. Benton, Jr. Lewis E. Scoggins Walter Alex Daley Horace M. Barnes Class of 1931 William R. Mills Thomas M. Cleland Daniel Charles DeWolfe William P. Freeze Class of 1932 Tad L. McLaughun Edward Mosely Fonvielle E. D. Gill Carroll H. Koonce James P. Bunn, Jr. Thomas Edmunds Marshall Pledges Elbert C. Daniel, Jr. Norman Grantham JuLiEN K. Taylor, Jr. Kenneth T. White Hasel L. Meacham Jonathan W. Jackson Rodney Knowles. Jr. Howard Martindale Howard T. Newland John Peacock Thomas Pe. cock William H. Griffin 10 i i [2il] YACKCTY Y VCK I DAMERON G.W.HAMER E.R.HAMER HEDGPETH HENDERSON EM HINES LONDON MARSHALL MILLER MURPHY PALMORE PARK PERSON RAMSAY REDFERN EU SIKES CCSKINNER J.G.SKINNER UNDERHILL WADSWORTH i 1 If [242] YACKETY YACK Sie-MA Mil Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1S6S Colors: Black. White and Gold Flower: White Rose Publication: The Delta of Sigma Nu Psi Chapter of Sigma Nu Established 1S88 c Harry W. Chase. Ph.D. WiLLTAM D. McNiDER. M.D. S. M. Breckenbridge, Ph.B. Fratres in Facultate Clarence A. Hiebard. A.M. Earle E. Peacock, A.M. A. Henderson, Ph.D., LL.D. Fratres in Universitate C. C. Peacock, A.M. T. B. Woosley, A.m. j. C. Lyons, Ph.D. Emerson P. Dameron Donald W. Graham Edward R. Hamer A. Branch Carr John Phil Cooper William C. Crawford W. LTER M. Crouch Class of 1930 Arch T. Allen. Jr. Robert L. Murphy Frederick L. Carr, Jr. Julian I. Palmore George W. Hamer Charles M. Redfern Thaddeus V. Hedgpeth Wixgate E. Underhill Class of 1931 Willis I. Henderson Eugene G. Hines, Jr. E. Cooper Person, Jr. John G. Wads worth Class of 1932 Lawrence B. Johnson Henry M. London, Jr. Law-rence L. Miller John A. Park, Jr. Law Charles Price Villl m L. Marshall. Jr Graduates Charles C. Sikes Kerr Craige Ramsay Charles C. Skinner, Jr. James G. Skinner W. Iverson Skinner Charles H. Whedbee Marion B. Thomas Walter D. Creech Tames B. McMillian Pledges Frank Bennett, Jr. Charles Suttle Forbes James Harry Bunn John Sadler Hayes Charles Stuart C. ' irr James Thomas Griffith Edwin Brown Davis Walter Austen Lane Edw. rd Benjamin Ferguson George Elliot London WiLLiA:ii Crump McCorkle James McKinney Moye Arnold Holmes Snider Louis Cherry Skinner Thomas Hasell Wright Benjamin Clifton Prince Lenoir Chambers Wright w iV m 1 1 iVi m [243] KDfWFUn 1, YACKETY YACK MEE ABERNETHY ADAMS ADKINS BULLUCK BUNN CARLISL = ■ m ■ ' » ••» CAT CHANDLER DOCKERY GARRETT HENRY HINES HOLCOMB HOLE HUNTER JACOCKS JB.JARRATT A.H.JARRATT KARLE LIPSCOMB LYNCH MILLS PEACOCK PETTY ROYSTER J.C.SHELTON TM.SHELTON 5HUFORD SICKLE-S STATON BSS STIKELEATHER THOMPSON WALL WHITE WILSON WOOD i [244] YACKETY YACK i i m SIGMA em Founded at Miami University, June 28, 18S5 Colors: Blue and Gold Flozcer: White Rose Publication: The Magazine of Sigma Chi Alpha Tau of Sigma Chi Established l.SSO Fratres in Facilitate Herman G. Baity, M.S. Wesley C. George, Ph.D. Freperick H. Koch, A. I. William N. Evans, Jr., LL.B. James Jerry Slade, M.S. John W. Lasley, Jr., Ph.D. R. P. McClamrock, Ph.D. James F. Royster, Ph.D. Frederick B. McC. ll, LL.B. Fratre in Urbe William D. Scott Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Leonard Howlett Hole LoY DuRANT Thompson -■ dolphl ' s Mitchell Class of 1931 Chauncy Lake Royster Edwin Russel Lipsco.mb Fenton Andrew Adkins William Lumsten Fe- ' ring Thomas Allison Hunter John Craig Shelton William Lytch Carlisle Augustus Henry Jarreit, Jr. Nichola West Dockery George Francis Jacocks Arthur deLoss Sickles Bonner Mills Class of 1932 Cl. rence Vernon B. rkley, Jr. John Gray- Blount Ellison Steven Andrew Lynch, Jr. William Turrelius Myers William Calvin Petty, Jr. Walter Thomas Rose Thomas M. Shelton, Jr. Edwin Craig Wall Medicine William }iIebane Amos Neill Johnson Law Jesse Spencer Bell Glenn Terreble Garratt John David Bulluck, Jr. John S. Adams ToRGLER F. Adkins John M. Abernethy Turner B. Bunn Arlindo S. Cate M. Chandler Pledges D. nD P. Henry WiLMER L Hines Henry Wood, HI Charles E. Holcomb J. Bruce Jarratt Wiluam H. Karle James W. Peacock Jacob H. Shuford .■ . Harold Staton James G. Stikeleather William L. White W. Howard Wilson [ 245 ] YACKETY YACK ■V ril m BAG8Y BRIDGERS J.L.BROWN R.A.BROWN COZART UUWM DAVIS DUNN EAGLES FINCH FORD GEITNER GRAY HENDERSON HOfFMAN HOUSTON KLEEMIERE LANDIS u OLIVER PEUTON PHILPOTT ROSEMOND SATTERFIELD SHEMWELL STAPLES TOMS WARE WEBB WHITE i I " I 10 [246] M VACKETV YACK KAPPA SIGtMA Founded at the University of Bologna, 14-00 Established in America at the University of Virginia, 1867 Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Publications: Caduceus, and Star and Crescent (Secret) Alpha Mu Chapter Established 1893 Fratres in Facultate John Grover Beard, Ph.D. GusT AVE M. Braune, B.S., C.E. Robert A. Fetzer, B.S., M.A. Elmer G. Hoefer, B.S., M.E. Sturgis E. Leavitt, Ph.D. Mahcus C. S. Noble, Ph.D. Charle? ' Thom. s Woollen E. J. Woodhouse, A.B., LL.l Fratre in Urbe George Edward Shepard Fratres in Univer.sitate Class of 1930 Francis Rogers Toms Class of 1931 George Lewis Bagby Joseph Colin Eagles John Leonard Brown, Jr. Charles Ellis Ford William Clyde Dunn Peter Leland Henderson George Parrott Rosemond Class of 1932 William Ashby Bridgers Robert Walker Geitner George Phifer Houston Joel Jenkins Hutchinson, Jr. John Augustus Kleimiere Law Robert McDonald Gray, Jr. Medicine Robert Mitchell Oliver Richard Winborne. Jr Pledges Svdnor Moye Cozart John Elisha Davis Harry Clinton Finch Robert Sills Overman William Gordon Reid William Robert Satterfield George Hunter Ware RuFus Alexander Brown James Polk Gray William Rhyne Hoffman Platt Walker Landis Roy Arnold McDade Thomas Skinner White Paul Phillip Pelton Benjamin Cabell Philpott EvERARD Baxter Shemwell Ernest W. Staples, Jr. Eugene Lee Webb, Jr. [ 247 ] VACKETY VACK I f P L m i m I [248] VACKETY VACK PI KAPPA AIdPHA Founded at University of Virginia, 1S68 Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Publications: Shield and Diamond, Dagger and Ke} ' (Secret) Tau Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Established lS9o Fratres in Facilitate GrsTAVE A. Harrer. Ph.D. George McF. McKie, A.M. Howard M. Jones. Ph.D. Tohx E. C- rrol. Jr., A.M. Hen-ry F. Hunt, M.D. Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Francis Marion Hoe ' ston Edward Lemuel P. tterson James Lvtch McNair, Jr. Class of 1931 JoH.v Bulla Ashcraft . lrert Throssell Hickin Andrew Tver Sayer H- rry Linden Shaner, Jr. Robert Edward Lee Holt. Jr. Ch Stowe Moody Class of 1932 George Edward French, Jr. Adrain Shuford. Jr. Richard Wilson L rshall Tom White Weeks Anton Ale.xander Phillips L vwson Henry Lowrance Horace Hines Ward Thompson Law Howard Lackey Henry Roane Clay Carter Studdert John Angier Blue Edgar Alan Bisanar Claude Baxter Clark, Jr. William K. Holt, Jr. John Watkins Williams, Jr. Richard Xeely Barber. Jr. Vachel Thomas Chears, Jr. Pledges TllH Shelton Gorrell Clarence Latimer McCoy, Jr, Richard Spencer Studdert Harvay Clinton Brady Harry Halleck Cassada Frank Morton Hawley Alex Hupgins Wornom [2 91 m Mf mt M y 21 li i w 12 i i YACKETV YACK ADAMS BANNER BOBBITT BOREN BROWN DANIEL DAVIS GHOLSON GILBREATH GILLESPIE GRAVES HOVLE KOCHTITSKY MARTIN MclNNIS McLEOD MOORE NEWAAAN ONEIL PLEASANTS RAND SLATER WILLIAMS WIMBISH s I I [250] YACKETY YACK i 1: PI KAPPA PHI Founded at the College of Charleston, 190J, Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Rose Publications: Star and Lamp of Pi Kappa P!ii, Fokromix (Esoteric) Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Established 1914 Fratres in Facultate Spruill, Litt.B. William Olsen, M.A. WiLLL M Grady Pritchard Dudley DeW. Carroll. A.M. CoRvnoN P. Jefferson C. Bynum, M.S. (Oxon) Thurston Ray Adams .Arthir Hugh Martin Clifton Edward Pleasants Marshall Duskin Rand Beverly Cooper Moore Ollen D. McLeod Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Charles W. Banner, Jr. Frank Church O ' Neil William Edgar Bobbitt John . lbert Vann, Jr. Ernest Cleuell McInnis Class of 1931 Wayne Welborn Allen Cook Boren George F. Newman, Jr. John Gary Sl. ter Paul Cunningham Wimbish Class of 1932 Theron Remfry Brown Ch.vrles Martin Farmer Thomas Pittman Davis James Baster Dawson, Jr. John McIver Gillespie John Ulpin Gilbreath Adrian Nathan Daniel, Jr. Osc. r Wilbur Kochtitsky, Jr. Law Walter Moore Bryson .Alfred Waddell Gholson. Jr. John Frazier Glenn, Jr. Calvin Graves. Jr. Walter Hoyle " Henry Thruman Powell Medicine William O ' Kelly Fowler James Bkhwnlee Hall. Jr. Robert Wallace Wilkins Robert Waller .Achurch Harper Barnes Henry .- rmistead Boyd Charles Heriot Brawley Wayland C. Buchanan Graduates Aubrey Almxzh Perkins Pledges William N. Dixson, Jr. Bernice D. Farmer, Jr. James William Williams Fenner Tilden Phillips Schuyler C. Schenck, IV Moody Zimria Gaither, Jr. George A. Phillips, Jr. William Woodard Walker James Gordon Kurfees James Harold Smith Buxton Barker Williams, Jr. m i ff) fi w [251] VACKETY VACK •IS iM ' fm |M|Q bIP Of 9 ? " i G.H. STURM M.S.STURM THOMAS WATKINS i [ - 5 - ' ] VACKETT YACK t I I III ' DEIdTA SieMA PHI Founded at the College of the City of Xezc York, 1S99 Colors: White. Nile Green and White Flotcer: White Carnation Publications: The Carnation (Exoteric), The Sphinx (Esoteric) Alpha Delta Chapter Established 1920 Fratres in Facilitate Walter Reese Berrvhill Maurice Taylor Van Hecke Fratre in Urbe Douglas McIxtosh Fambrough Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 William Howard Brown Milton Stanley Sturm Robert C. Ierritt, Jr. James Keefe Ward Class of 1931 Charles Chapman Duffy CowN Carson Foard Joseph Fairfield Hester Pedro Pablo Kjellesvig George Martin Koehl Joseph Paxton Watkins, Jr. Class of 1932 William Richard Battley Richard M. Chamberlain Charles Castner Cornwall Hansel Dalton Ketchie .- lax Ashworth Marsh. ll B. rron Lloyd Ritchie William Agurs Starbuck William Archie Sugg Fred Amick Thomas KoLEEix LuDwiG Kjellesvig Dewey Little Raymer Lowell Thomas Wells Gordon Houston Sturm RoDOPH Duffy Law Claude Everett Reitzel Graduate Carl Vernon Farriss Pledges Charles Walton Carlton John W. Reynolds, Jr. Harry Glenn Frazier Roderick IcLeod Gillies Clarence E. Johnson ' illiam Lowe Roth Thomas Brown Watkins [253] J YACKETY Y VCK I fh F i 7 S . iT ' .J ' ;- " wall ' WAYNICK WEEKS WHARTON WOOD AIKEN ALEXANDER BELL BRIDGERS BROOKS JAMESON LANE MAXWELL MURPHY OWEN ROSS SHERRILL STONE THOMAS THOMPSON [254] YACKETir YACK CTHETA CHI Founded at Norrcich University, 1856 Colors: Military Red and White Flower: Red Carnation Publication: The Rattle Alpha Eta Chapter Established 1920 Fratres in Facultate SaML ' EL HrXTIXGTOX HOBFS Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 J. Johnston Alexander William E. Axglin J. Robert Ingram, Jr. CUss of 1931 Joseph K. Rav James Clivie Goodwix E. Frank Thomas Kenneth A. Bell Xeill a. Thompson J. Vassie Wilson, Jr. Class of 1932 D. Russell Foster Harlan Jameson Jack L. Sherrill Ray Henderson Joseph D. Ross, Jr. O. Haywood Weeks Law Lawrence J. Giles, Jr. R. Parker ' aynick, Jr. Medicine William S. Wall Graduate Vernon L. Wharton Pledges Charles Aiken Ronald Brooks Charles Boyd Kelly Bridgers Thomas A. Glascock Robert Hubbard Staton McIver B. B. Lane Emory !M. rvel ' . H. Maxwell , G. S. MURPHEY O. Clyde Owen. Jr. Edward Ratcliffe Marion F. Stone William H. VanEvery Douglas Wood : )) I) r m Waverly White ■1 [255] m s w ' VACKETY YACK ARAAFIELD DOUGHTIE FEREBEE FOUNTAIN GAULT HEINITSH HILLER JACKSON KAPP KLUTZ MILLER MOCK PICKETT POND C.D.ROLLINS V.B.ROLLINS SCALES SHAFFNER SMALL SMITH SNYDER STULTZ WADDILL WEIS WHEARY F [ 25G] VACKETV VACK DBtTA TAU DEIdTA Founded at Bethany College, 1859 Colors: Purple, Wliite and Gold Publication: The Rainbow Flotcer: Pansv w t ' I i :i Gamma Omega Chapter Established 1921 Fratres in Facilitate Harold D. Mever Charles Dale Beers Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Philip Jackson Eumond Law Waddill Thomas M. Snyder Class of 1931 Jerrv Whitsett DorcHTiE Joseph P. Fox James L. Ferebee Wallace Bryan Scales Emil Nathaniel Shaffxer Kermit W ' heary Richard B. Armfield Class of 1932 C. Hege Kapp Charles D. Rollins C. Glenn Mock Henry J. Stultz, Jr. John Marion Miller Fred E. Atiyeh Law James H. Chadbol ' rn ' n.nAM D. Pope Sharpe, Jr. Medicine George W. Heixitsh Vance B. Rollins Pledges J. Emerson Fouxt- in Charles Gault Richard Hiller Charles H. Kluttz R. Caffrey Pond Lai ' rence Pickett Harry R. Small J. Harold Smith Cameron ' eeks Gilbert O. Weis [257] mi YACKETY YACK I m m ■f MERRELL MIXSON PARKER PORTER REAVES RtDDING SAPP TE-MPLE YANCEY f % fi i i iiSimii [ 258] VACKETV YACK W SIGtMA phi BPSIIdOM Founded at the Uiiiversity of Richmond, 1901 Colors: Purple and Red Floxcers: American Beauties and Violets Publication : Sigma Plii Epsilon Journal North Carolina Delta Chapter Established 1921 Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 John H. Dougherty Sanford C. Harper, Jr. L. Erastus Reves, Jr. Ashley F. Seawell, Jr. Class of 1931 June U. Gunter Thurman R. D. Karkiker Lawrence T. Hammond Herman S. Merrell Malcolm B. Seawell Class of 1932 Ben T. Aycock Maurice Eighme Pat H. Johnson B. B. Forrest R. Henry Temple Sam M. Yancey Law Marion R. Alexander Hall Blackstock James Birney Linn Jajies Edward M.agner B. Moore Parker Clarence Odell Sapp Pledges i! Fred Cain .■ llen Caldwell Paul Cooper James Crews Simmons Mixon Charles Cheek William Hall Earl Higdon Jesse Johnston Thomas Johnston John Latham Marvin Porter Thomas Redding Donald Seawell [259] YACKETY YACK Hti: « BREEN BROWN COATES J.COHEN R.COHEN EISNER FELSHIN GLABERSON LEVY MARPET NEIMAN PERES SHER HIRSCH SOSNIK SPITZER SULK IN VOLKMAN WARSHAUER [ 260] YACKETir YACK AU EPSItOM PHI Founded at Columbia University, 1909 Colors: Lavender and White Floicers: Lily of the Valley and Violets Publication : The Plume Omega Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi Established 192 Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 JUDAH ShOHAN Class of 1931 Arthur R. Marpet David Neiman Philip Sher Class of 1932 Samuel J. Breen Raymond Cohen Nestor Y. Sosxik Law Seon Felshin Pledges Edward Brenner George Brown Norman N. Coates Joseph Eisner Samuel Glaberson Sidney L. Hirsch J. Cohen Theodore D. Levy I. E. Peres Lawrence E. Spitzer George Sulk in Samuel E. Warshauer Nathan Volkman m HIS 1 P i L w YACKETY YACK I n ADAMS BAKER R.B.CHE£K J.M.CHEEK f f CRANB CULPEPPER DANIELS DOUGHTON HENRY m ■pn «% HUNTER JOHNSTON JONES LUFTY MIDGtTT SOUTHERLAND VAUGHAN WALCK WILSON WYRICK i i I ' [282] VACKETir YACK m i i GTHETA KAPPA Mil Founded at Driiry College, 192 Colors: Argent, Crimson and Gold Floxcer: White Rose Publication: Theta News N. C. Gamma Chapter Fratre in Facultate L. M. Brooks, Ph.D. i Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Shelton Brinson Hunter Fred Odell Johnston Fr. nk Allen Jones Napoleon Bonaparte Lufty James R. Maus Class of 1931 Francis Marvin Adams Fred Jennings Southerlakd Merrit Clarence Baker John Southgate Vaughan Charles Howard Henry Charles Lloyd Wyrick Hilliard Baxley ' Wilson Class of 1932 John Morgan Cheek James Emmet Doughton Ralph Bryant Cheek Lorimer W. Midgett i I!C| illl Pledges Thomas Penn Crane Edwin M. Culpepper Charles Graham Daniels Thomas Phillips Isbell Claude William W. ' lck Steven Wall [263] VACKCTY YACK m w w BORING CRISCO CRUTCHFIELD DAVIS C.H.FISHER R.B.FISHER GILBERT HINKLE HOLLAND ISENHOUR MASHBURN RULFS SHELTON SOWERS ilJ i ivM TAYLOR WALL WHITEHEART WINECOFF m i [264] I YACKETY YACK Fnundrd at Oglethorpe Universitij, 1916 Colors: Black and Gold Flou-er: American Beauty Rose Publication: The Rose Leaf Epsiloii Chapter Established 1925 Frjitre in Facilitate E. K. Phyler, Ph.D. Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 E. Robert Davis Harry M. CtIlbert Theodore R. Keith Alex Mexdexhall I Class of 1931 Howard F. Chrisco Roscoe B. Fisher Colbert F. Crutchfield Armondo M. Perez Joseph C. Faulkxer Wallace Shelton Carl H. Fisher Phillip K. Sowers Class of 1932 JoHX Henry Isexhoir Will R. Taylor, Jr. Pledges Hamptox W. Borixg Thomas M. Mashbl-rn Charles F. Crews Doxald J. Rules Ward L. Hixkle William S. Wall Max W. Holland G. Lee Whiteheart George M. Wixecoff [265] Wi YACKETY YACK p I ll mi m BOWMAN CONNOLLY FLEAAiNG HEWITT HOUSEHOLDER H.R.MILLER J.E.MILLER 5T0WE STUTZ WALKER I f i i f ii i [266] YACKETY YACK IdAMRDA CHI AIdPHA Founded at Boston College, 1909 Colors: Purple. Green and Gold Flower: Violet Publications: Purple, Green and Gold, Cross and Crescent Gamma Nu Zeta Established 1922 Fratres in Facultate R. C. Bullock Karl H. Fvssler A. K. King R. R. Potter Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Cameron Cakdwell Meador Tack Raymond Murphy M. Greer Stutz Thomas Roger Walker Class of 1931 Frank J. Householder. Jr. Johx Aaron Prevost Edwin G. Long, Jr. VVhitner Harris Prevost John Daniel Walters Class of 1932 Hubert Russell Iiller John Edward Miller Howard Graydon Bowman John Calhoun Connolly James B. Spell Pledges Ralph Fleming Charles Stowe Macon Hewitt Wade Stanley Philip Padgett Rudolph Roberts [267] YACKCTY YACK i m iiii BRIGGS BRUNJES CARPENTER DIKE i H J.B.FARRI5 R.S.FARRIS FORD GEIGER GIBBONS GRAY GUTHRIE HAME-R KIDD LOFTIN LOVELAND MOUNT R A SHOEMAKER C.G.TODD ' « C.L.TODD TUNSTALL VAN CHOP WALFORD zurBURG I I [ 268 ] YACKETir YACK SieMA PHI SieifA Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 190S Colors: White and Gold Floxcers: Daffodils and Lily of the Valley Publication: The Monad Xi Chapter of Sigma Phi Sigma Established 1926 Fratres in Facultate Otto Stuhliian. Jr., Ph.D. Will Dockerv Merritt, M.S. Fratre in Urbe Bill C. rbixe. Jr. Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 JoHX Henry Bruxjes Villi. m Gordon Dike R- Y Simpson F. rris John Fred Ford S. M Stevenson :McNeely. Jr. Richard JNI. Walford, Jr. Henry Her.manx zurBirc. Class of 1931 Joseph Andrew Carpenter .Alfred Alexander Mount George Luscius Sheram. Jr. Evan James Vaughn Class of 1932 X ' erxon Lewis Briggs Jack Brodie Farris Carl Francois Griggs Paul Alexander Guthrie Edward Benedict Kidd. Jr. Lewis Joseph Loveland Calvin Grier Todd Calvin Luther Todd George Louis VanEchop, Jr. Law Gregory Andrew Smith Pledges John F. Geiger Daniel E. Gray. Jr. Joseph Hixds Thomas E. Rea Kenneth R. Tunstall Henry E. Gibbons. Jr. Jerome Hamer Charles L Loftin J. Reid Shoemaker m T [269] i YACKCTY YACK A ' t i ANDREWS CLICK COCHRANE DENNING V ismt DILLEHAY EVANS GUPTON HANSCOMBE JACKSON JENKINS JONES MANN McGLAMERY MERRITT MITCHELLE PETREE PHOENIX PROCTER SARTWELL SCURLOCK TEACHY THOMAS WHITTINGTON WOOD I [270] 7l i VACKETY YACK yj PHI SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College, .imhcrst, 1S7S Color: Magenta Flower: Rtd Carnation Publication: The Signet Upsilon Deuteron Chapter Fstablished 19-26 Fratres in Facilitate R. B. Lawson F. C. ViLBRANDT T. L. Kesler C. T. McHale Fratre in Urbe John L. Hulshouser Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 J. P. ScuRLOCK W. T. Jackson, Jr. E. H. Denning C. H. White, Jr. A. S. ! Iaxn, Jr. Class of 1931 F. C. Thomas W. H. McGlamerv, Jr. E. M. Fowler Robert Hanscombe Donald Wood H. W. Jones R. T. Proctor Class of 1932 R. T. Jenkins G. C. Cochrane H. J. DiLLEHAY L. O. Gupton R. T. Whittington, Tr. D. il. McGlamery R. T. Sartwell V. T. Fitzgerald J. C. Teachey C. M. Andrew C. B. Pheonix i I. M. Fitch Law EDMrxn L. CuRLEE Medicine Glenn S. Eiigerton Pledges W. S. Petree T. C. Evans, Jr. C. M. Rives, Jr. W. E. Mitchelle J. F. Merritt W. W. Peetz H. F. Click G. R. Vick li r ■ t i F ' • h ( [271] IS! ' , fl ' 1 YACKETY YACK w m ■ ' I CONE G.DANNENBAUM R.DANNENBAUM GALLAND PERLSTINB SPIGEL STERNBERGER WEIL I I 1 I i li I I [ 272 ] YACKETir VACK iic 1 c i Of i I ZE)TA BETA TAU Founded at the College of the City of Neic York, 1898 Colors: Gold, Blue and Wliite Alpha Pi Chapter Established 1927 Fratres in ITniversitate Class of 1930 David L. Avxer Harry J. Gai.laxd Class of 1931 Solomon B. Stekxui-kguk Daniel J. Pachman Class of 1932 Floyd J. Pearlstixe Lionel B. Weil, Jr. Harry Gump George Dannenbaum Norman B. Klein Robert Dannenbaum Pledges Harold Cone Frank J. Manheim Julian Spigel Seymour Abrams Seymour Mintz k I i m vh vn [273] F -■ " ■■! YACKCTY YACK m m STIMSON TUCKER WHICHARD WHISNANT WHITE YOUNG i i n i I I [274] YACKETT YACK m Founded at the Universit 1 of Michigan, 193 Colors: Black and (iold Flower: Pansy Publication: The Torch of Sigma Zeta Gamma Chapter Established 1928 Fiatre in Facilitate RrPKRT Bayliss Vance. Ph.D. Fratres in Universitate Cl ass of 1930 Ralph Cordelle Greene Willis Guilford Whichard Frank Philips Stimson Joseph Herman Brisson Eugene Leary William Julian Stone Walter F. Owen Class of 1931 Fred Brenning Bunch. Jr. Norman Luther Bryan, Jr. Leo Brown Skeen James Lawerence Coley James Harold Sheffield Howard Prestin WhisnanT Gus Obie Davis Rankin Jones White Meban Thomas Lea Milton Percival Park Class of 1932 Casper Larion .Austin (Isgood Jefferson Young Alden Joseph Stahr Carl Milton Tucker. Jr. Stephen Parker Marsh Norwood Eason Bryax AvERETTE Jack Mitchell Edward Victor Conrad Frank ' ilson Farrell Law Agustus cA. Covington I1i:nrv Brvce Parker Medicine Henkle L Price Pledges Benjamin Barber Frazer Entis Tilden Robinson Clarence Arthur Jensen Josey Kay Galloway Romulus Hoke Flynt Joseph Elmo Huffman Vernon Harry Scarborough Thomas Henry Brooks John Sparks Griffin John Caldwell McCampbell John Clayton Purser Canfield Smith Dickie Benjamin F. Parker 7 I [275] YACKCTY Y VCK iMi 7 m m LIBERSTEIN LUBETKIN MARGULIES SILVERSTEIN I I [ 2 7 (5 ] YACKETY YACK VbooooooQ PHI MIdPHA Founded at George Washington University, IQlJf Colors: Maroon and Blue Flower: Rose Publications: Phi Alplia Quarterly and Phi Alpha Bulletin (Esoteric) Omega Chapter Established 1928 Fi ' atres in Universitate Class of 1930 Sidney Brick Gabriel M. Cohen Marry Grossman Leonard D. Lewis Class of 1931 iliLTON Cohen Harry Kramer Sam Silvkkstein Class of 1932 Stanley B. Abelson Robert L. Kushner Pledges Jack Bessen Milton Fleishman Samuel Glass Morris Krasny William Liberstein Henry Lubetkin Jack Margolis Irving Maroulies Benjamin Minsker Elias Seligson [277] m YACKCTY YACK 1 if m iv 1 uU % 1 H BROWN W.C.BURNETT R.T.BURNETT DRY GROOME GROSS HENSLBY LANE- LEAR McCALL MEHAFEEY MOORE NEW50M OVERMAN PLUMMER SMITH SOUTHERLAND STONE WELLS Ktl I f 10 [ 278 ] I YACKETY YACK HMTA PHI Founded 19z Colors: Orange and Blue Flower: Sweet Pea P 1 i i Fi-ati-es in Facilitate ToHx E. Lear, E.E. Ralph M. Trimble. C.E.. M.S. Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 William Clingan Burnett WiLLL M Henry Drv Charles Merritt Lear William Herbert McCall George Pryor Stone, Jr. John Robert Wells Class of 1931 Ernest T. Gross, Jr. Charles A. Henslev, William Hooks Lane Fred Jovner Moore Robert Festus Welch Jesse Strickland Newsom Charles Be. tty Overman Robert Cronly Plummer Pelham Powell Renfrow Class of 1932 Austin Newland Allen Callis Harvey Atkins John Frederick Barrett Albert Curtis Brown Robert Trafford Burnett IvEY Addison Groome John P. Mehaffey Hermit E. Smith William Odell Southerland Ernest M. Whittington, Jr. k [279] YACKCTY VACK i! i m BRAINARD CONNALLY COVINOTON CROOM i CURTIS DUNGAN HENRY HODGES HOLDER i§l Wk HORNE-Y McNAIRY McPHERSON MEBANE POOLE i % " f % ii m [ 280 ] YACKETV VACK i:a i ;il MA DBId ' Colors: Brown and White Founded 192 Fratres in Facilitate Floicer: Cape Jessamine James O. Bailev Hexuv N. DeW ick William T. Colch Mikphv D. Ranson Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 HaRRV J. P.KAINAKD C.AKLAXn McPhERSON Glen p. HoLnER James G. Poole William J. Horney Lawrence P. Stack John Mebane Samuel Wiley Samuel G. Winstead Class of 1931 Matthew George Henry Jay Curtis John Croom Sherman Shore Class of 1932 Samuel K. Austin J. Elwin Duncan P. Oscar Carver Tames D. McXairy, Jr. VV. Eugene Coxnaly James Wickmi-i-e Smith Samuel Byrd Winstead Law Dave Thomas Graduate Haywood Parker, Jr. i% Pledges Louis V. Brooks S. H. Crumpler W. V. Covington Alonzo M. Lansford Roland Long Morgan P. Moorer George W. Thomas, Jr. Tames L. Thomas William H. Spradlin, Jr. Henry Weiland Robert Hodges [281] YACKCTV YACK |i w w kit m n Xi ..J BARBER C.W. BLACKWOOD J.C.BLACKWOOD GOODE SALES SMITH SPARKS WHITLEY m [282] YACKETY YACK , Founded at the Uniz-ersity of Xorih Carolina, 19 - Colors: Purple. Cerise and Gray Fluicer: White Rose Publication : Sigma Epsilon Scroll Fratres in Facultate T. Willis Posey. A.M. .1. Lerov Smith, A.M. w Fratres in Urbe H. Edward Thompson. II J. Xelsox C. ll. RlCHARD A. Freemax Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Carl W. Blackwood G. Harold McCormick George B. Goode Dermot Lohr LiNwoop P. Harrell Calvix S. McLaughlix William H. Potter Class of 1931 William X. Lawrence Tack W. S.mith Paul R. Sparks Dowd P. Whitley J. Curtis Blackwood Cleox ■. Goodwix John C. Sales Class of 1932 B. George Barber, Jr. William E. Uzzell Medicine Samuel E. Pace Pledges VVyndham W. Hewitt Frederick C. Krauss Joseph J. Loxg. Jr. Jerry Newtox U r? [283] YACKCTV YACK •I w BARKLEY LANG RANKIN EDWARDS FUSSELL LOWRY MATHEWS WILLIAMS 1 i P W [ 2 S i] YACKETV YACK PHI KAPPA DBPTA Founded 1926 Colors: White and Light Blue Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 J. A. Lang F. C. Rankin R. F. LowRV AIiNOR Barklev J. C. Williams Class of 1931 C. O. Matthews W. K. James L. H. FussELL E. L. Swain D. C. Edwards H, F. Turner J. P. Sherrill Class of 1932 N. E. Wiggins Law O. M. Smith Pledges F. D. Clawson J. C. Cox Deems Clifton James Van Hoy [285] ' i YACKCTY YytVCK m ffi NORCROSS SHERARD THACKER WALL ii [286] YACKETY YACK CHI OMU eA Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Floicer: White Carnation Publication: Eleusis Epsilon Beta Chapter Established 1923 S or ores in Urbe Mrs. Donald Coney Mrs. R. D. W. Connor Mrs. William T. Couch Miss Nellie Graves Mrs. Guy Johnson Miss Estelle Lawson Mrs. J. C. Lyons Mrs. E. L. Mackie Mrs. H. D. Meyer Mrs. W. W. Pierson, Jr. Miss Margaret Pritchard Mrs. Wallace Smith Sorore.s in Uuiversitate Class of 1930 Mary Price Sidney Curry Dorothy Fooshe Class of 1931 Ruby Buck M. ' Vry Burroughs Polly Carter Ida Currie Harriet Daniel Mary Norcross Edna Morrisette Kate Parks Kitchin Graduates Elizabeth Howland Elizabeth Murphy Katherine Sherard Pledges Elsie Grady Louise Thacker Louise Wall [ 287 ] VACKCTY YACK m w mi m jIBl H m DUNCAN EDGERTON FALKENER FEASTER FORESTER GRAHAM HARDING HILL MANGUM M ' ALISTER M ' ANALLY M " KAY M KINNE MELICK MILMO REED TURNER WAY WITHERS i 1 ■ 1 r 1 I i 3 i [288] YACKETY YACK 5 I w to I PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Publication: Tlie Arrow North Carolina Alpha Chapter Established 192S Sorores in Urbe Katheeine Batts Elizabeth Bransox Katherine Martin Grace Duncan Rosalie Thrall Susan Ross I Irs. Hill Shine Mrs. Harry Russell jMrs. a. S. Lawrence Mrs. Hugo Giddis Mrs. Fred AIcCall Mrs. Dougald MacMillan Mrs. W. E. Caldwell Mrs. Edward Brown Mrs. H. F. Comer Sorore.s in Universitate Class of 1930 Elizabeth Barber Mary Lewise Carpenter Eleanor Coker Anne Kelso Currie Celeste Edgerton Virginia M. Milmo Sara Falkener Maurine Forester Phoebe R. Harding Helen McKay Anne C. Melick Pledges Margaret Bullitt Kate C. Graham Adelaide Reed Virginia Turner Edith Mangum Mary Laurens Withers Josephine Hill Adelaide McAnally Elzada Feaster LiLiE W. Jackson Clyde Duncan Olivia McKinne Evelyn Way Jean LacAllister m fh m If " i m [289] irj FUni i VACKCTY VACK m 1 ; . TURNER WALL WARD WAY i [290] YACKETY YACK PHI em Founded at Louisville Medical School, 1893 Colors: Green and White Floicer: Lily of the Valley Publication: Phi Chi Quarterly Sigma Theta of Phi Chi Established 1905 Fratres in Facilitate James B. Bullet, M.D. William deB. MacNider Wesley C. George, Ph.D. M.D. W. Reese Bervhill, M.D. Fratre in Urbe Calvert T. Toy, M.D. Fratres in Univer.sitate Second Year Medical Class RoscoE B. Gray Cowper Glenn Saunders Egerton George W. Heinitsh RuFus Reid Little Duncan Roland McEachekn Vance Benton Rollins Augustus Steele Rose Clyde Timothy Smith Needham Edgar Ward ToKx Cephas Quickel First Year Medical Class James Brownlee Hall, Jr. William O ' Kelly Fowler Robert Mitchell Olu-er James Allen Whitaker Samuel Eason Way William Stanley Wall James Annerton Turner, Jr. Robert Wallace Wilkins m ' « - . . ' V, ' j . m [291] YACKETY YACK CALDWELL GAY LUPTON FOX HARRILL MOORE TOMLINSON UPCHURCH FRITZ KITCHEN PRICE WILSON fi i i [ 292] YACKETir YACK GTHETA KAPPA PSI Founded at the Medical College of Virginia, 1S79 Colors: Nile Green and Old Gold Floicer: Red Rose Publication: The Messenger Upsilon Chapter Established 1915 Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 C. C LuPTox T. H. TojiLixsox, Jr. Fraxk Wilsox. Jr. T. G. Upchurch l. m. c.m-dweli. Class of 1931 A. E. B. RXH. RDT H. " . Fox J. W. Kitchen W. A. Fritz V. H. Flythe H. M. Price E. V. Moore C. H. G. y H. C. H. rrell k ' ' i [ 293 ] YACKCTY YACK t fn Ilk % I JOHNSON KNOEFEL McKEE NORTHROP PACE RAMSAUR SCARBOROUGH STONE STRICKLAND TALMADGE I [ 294 ] fi YACKETY YACK i IdPHA leAPPA KAPPA Founded at Dartmouth College, ISSO Colors : Dartmoutli Green and White Beta Iota Chapter Established 1923 Publication: Centaur I Fratres in Facilitate Dr. I. H. Manning Dr. G. W. Carrington Dr. Eric A. Abernethy Fratres in Universitate Second Year Medical Class G. C. Allen L. A. Andrew L. G. Brown H. L. Clapp J. N. Dawson G. L. Donnelly C. F. Hudson J. R. Johnson S. E. Pace L. J. Ring A. T. Strickland J. B. ■ESTMORELAND i First Year Medical Class T. M. Alexa.xuer D. M. Cogdell R. B. Garrison W. B. Green A. E. Knoefel. Jr. L. M. McKee T. N. Northrop J. T. Ramsaur . " X. M. Scarborough W. R. Wandeck B. L. Woodard Pledge R. E. Stone [2951 VACKETY YACK m LEWIS UMSTEAD w m [296] VACKETY YACK KAPPA PSI Founded at the Medical College of Tirginia, 1S79 Colors: Scarlet and Gray Floxcer: Red Carnation Piibticaiious: The !Mask (Exoteric), The Agoa (Esoteric) Beta Xi Chapter Established 1915 Fratres in Facultate John G. Beard Edward V. Howell Ralph W. Bost Marion L. Jacobs Edward V. Kyser Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 Robert B. Balton Range Edward Clark Matt Ransox Lewis Joe L. Pixnix Oscar Logan Umstead Leo C. Kelly Robert Glexx Kale L. E. Reaves. Jr. Class of 1931 Lexie G. Barefoot Aarox Thomas Griffix James Clifford Coble Bexjamix H. Kent Philip L. Thomas Pledges Martin L. Clive Frank Benton Ham Clayton S. Curry .A. D. Edens V. S. Crouch Frederick Roy, Jr. Arthl-r Cochrane. Jr. L. R. McLellax C II J [297] 1 ,0 YACKETV YACK BOLEN BRASWELL BUNCH I i I i I CLODFBLTER CRAIG CREECH DELLINGER ' i I IZi HICKS LIBBU5 MOSS SISK [298] YACKETY YACK PHI DEtTA em Founded at the University of Michigan, 18S3 Colors: Old Gold and Dregs of Wine Flower: Red Carnation I ' lihlicaiion : The Communicator Alpha Gamma Chapter Established 1923 Fratres in Facilitate Honorary H. Smith Richardson Haywood M. Taylor Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 H. E. BoLEN T. A. LiBBus E. E. Merrill R. C. SisK I Class of 1931 C. L. Clodfelter T. G. Braswell R. P. Craig T. W. Gordox H. M. Dellinger a. L. Harris Class of 1932 L. E. Bunch G. A. Gurganus J. A. Creech A. M. Hicks F. M. Moss R. A. Redi-ern G. G. Tart [299] Wi m i I I m YACKETY YACK iH B 1 m CONN GILCHRIST HUFFMAN KING McLELLAN MUNCH POPLIN SUTHER E.F.THOMAS H.C.THOMAS USHER WYCHE [300] YACKETV YACK i tPHA CHI SIGtMA Founded at the Uyiii ' ersiti of Jfiscoiisin, 1902 Colors: Prussian Blue and Crome Yellow Fiercer : Red Carnation Publication: The Hexagon Rho Chapter Established 1912 Fratres in Facultate Dr. F. p. Vexarle Dr. J. M. Bell Dr. a. S. Wheeler Dr. F. C. Vilbrandt Dr. R. W. Dr. J. T. Dobbins Dr. H. D. Crockford Dr. F. K. Cameron Dr. F. H. Edmister BosT Fratres in Univeivsitate Class of 1930 R. E. Bass D. J. Brawley Class of 1931 A. L. AlE-xander R. L. Poplin G. H. McCoRMic Frank Thomas R. H. Munch H. C. Thomas E. H. Wyche Class of 1932 M. M. Matthews J. Allan Suther E arle O. Bryant P. S. Gilchrist, Tr P. ' C. Usher Graduates R. F. Abernethy Miller W. Conn E. W. Constable D. R. Ercle E. S. Gilbreath E. E. Huffman J. B. JOVNER T. L. King H. . . LjUNG W. T. Mattox C. R. McLellan Haywood Parker T. H. Sanders V. X. Williams m [301] VACKETY YACK MILLS PATTERSON PLEASANTS J.C.SHELTON T.M. SHELTON SICKLES SLATER STULTZ WADDILL WATKINS 1 f 1 f I i [302] YACKETY YACK M iTftPHA KAPPA P8I Founded at Nezc York University, 1904 Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: Alpha Kappa Psi Diary Alpha Tau Chapter Established 1925 Fratres in Facilitate DuDLEv DeWitt Carroll Claudius Temple Murchison Erle Ewert Peacock Harry Albert Haring Robert Allen McPheeters Collier Bryson Sparger Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 C. W. Banner M. G. Follin R. C. Merritx W. L. Carlisle D. C. McCotter J. C. Shelton L. C. Stewart, Jr. E. L. Waddill Class of 1931 E. G. HiNEs C E. Pleasants C. B. MacKethan H. N. Patterson A. S. Watkins Pledges A. B. Carr J. P. Cooper W. M. Crouch O. W. Dresslar Robert Farrell M. S. Glenn H. J. Stultz John Clinard W. I. Henderson Harlan Jameson J. S. GoRHAM, Jr. S. A. Lynch, Jr. B. S. Mills, Jr. T. M. Shelton, Jr. J. S. Slater A. D. Sickles [303] YACKETV YACK AARON BARBER BRAINARD CONLEY EDWARDS FERGUSON H.D.HARRIS B.W.HARRIS JR. HIGDON LASSITER MENDENHALL MOUNT PREVOST REDDING ROACH THOMPSON WILEY WINECOFF ZACKARY [304] YACKETV YACK DMIdTA SIGMA PI Founded at New York University, 1907 Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower: Red Rose Publication: The Delta Sig Alpha Lambda Chapter Established 1925 Fratres in Facultate G. T. ScHWENNiNG E. W. Zimmerman M. D. Taylor J. M. Lear H. D. Wolf M. S. Heath J. G. Evans Fratres in Urbe A. A. Perkins Thera E. Hinson Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 H. I. Aaron B. W. Harris, Jr. E. E. Mendenhall, Jr. G. C. WiNECOFF H. G. Brainard W. L. HiGDON, Jr. J. C. Redding VV. H. Prevost G. L. CONLEV W. D. Lassiter S. R. Wiley i jo l9 Class of 1931 G. P. BouRDELOT F. J. Ferguson A. A. Mount J. F. Parrot W. C. Thompson H. D. Harris G. H. Roach Class of 1932 R. N. Barber C. R. Zachary W. W. Edwards J. P. Sherrill Graduates Y. M. Smith D. F. Martin [ 305 ] norm] 3 i m YACKCTY YACK 1 1 PHI ftBTA KAPPA Founded at the College of William and Mary, 1776 Alpha Chapter of North CaroHna Gordon Gray President William Jackson Adams, Jr. Vice-President Thomas James Wilson, Jr. Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer William Jackson Adams, Jr. Charles W ' hitlock Banner, Jr. Marcus Battle Braswell Travis Taylor Brown Clarence Coleman Cates Ralph Stokes Collins William Rodolph Curtis Charles Patt erson Graham Robert Lee Graham, Jr. Gordon Gray Robert McDonald Gray, Jr. Ralph Cordell Greene Robert Alexander Hovis Eleanor Elliott Carroll Columbia Mary Louisa Cobb North Carolina Louis Graves North Carolina Barbara Henderson North Carolina .■Mma Holland North Carolina Katherine Jocher Goucher Student Members Frank Short Howell Franklin Banks Kuykendal. Jr John Albert Lang John Baker Lewis Rufus Reid Little George Attmore Long John Milton McNeil Charles Staples Mangum. Jr. William Leak Marshall, Jr. Tames Eric Merritt Robert Long Murphey Samuel Eugene Pr.ce Haywood Parker. Jr. Members in the City Guion Griffis Johnson North Carolina Estelle Edith Lawson North Carolina Romana Galloway Mackie North Carolina Eleanor Schmidt Mosher North Carolina Luther James Phipps North Carolina Manning Nlason Pattillo Louis Jefferson Ring Charles Francis Rouse Allen Kendrick Smith Thomas Carlyle Smith, Jr. Cecil Grady Taylor Francis Rogers Toms Wingate Edgerton L ' nderhill Henrietta L ' nderwood Charles Edward Waddell, Jr. Herbert Christy Wall Robert Hoke Webb •Robert Lyles Zealy Charles Edwin Ray, Jr. North Carolina Gertrude Samuels North Carolina Rosalie Thrall North Carolina Calvert Rogers Toy North Carolina Hazel Terry Trimble North Carolina Louise Manning Venable North Carolina [ 306 ] VACKETY YACK Members in the Faculty X. p.. Adams, Ph.D. Washington and Lee H. G. Baity, Sc.D. North CaroHna S. B. Barnes. A.B. Columbia C. D. Beers, Ph.D. North Carolina L. J. Bell. Jr., A.B. North Carolina V. R. Berryhill, A.B., M.D. North Carolina R. S. Boggs, Ph.B. Chicago R. P. Bond, Ph.D. Vanderhilt F. F. Bradshaw, M.A. North Carolina G. M. Braune, C.E. Washington and Lee F. M. Green, Ph.D. North Carolina M. H. Griffin, Ph.D. Georgia E. R. Groves, A.B., B.D. Dartmouth J. M. Gwynn, A.M. North Carolina J. G. deR. Hamilton, Ph.D. W illiam and Mary J. P. Harlrind, Ph.D. Princeton G. A. Harrer, Ph.D. Princeton Clarence Heer. Ph.D. Rochester A. Henderson, Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. North Carolina R. S. Matthews, A.B. North Carolina T. P._ Noe, S.B. North Carolina VV. W. Pierson, Jr., Ph.D. Alabama R. R. Potter, Ph.D. North Carolina W. F. Prouty, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins W. C. Salley, A.B. Alabama Thorndike Saville, C.E., M.S. Dartmouth H. E. Spivey, A.B. North Carolina E. D. Strong, M.A. Grinnell J. H. Swartz, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins K. J. Brown, Ph.D. Pennsylvania G. C. Taylor, Ph.D. Dickinson R. B. House, A.AL South Carolina i R. -AL Brown, Ph.D. North Carolina AL R. Trabue, Ph.D. North Carolina George Howe, Ph.D. Northwestern E. T. Browne, Ph.D. Princeton R. B. Vance, Ph.D. 1 Virginia E. C. Hunter. A.B.Educ. North Carolina J. B. Bullitt. A..AL. ALD. North Carolina F. P. Venable, Ph.D. A ' ashington and Lee A. C. Jennings, A.B. North Carolina I R. C. Bullock, A. L North Carolina F. C. Vilbrandt, Ph.D. I North Carolina H. AL Jones. ALA. Ohio State W E. Caldwell, Ph.D. Wisconsin P. W. Wager, Ph.D. Cornell Hobart 1 A. K. King, A.AL : ' , i E. A. Cameron, A.B.Educ. North Carolina North Carolina H. AL Wagstaff, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins E. W. Knight, Ph.D. H W. Chase, Ph.D.. LL.D. Duke N. W. Walker, A.B., Ed.AL 1 Dartmouth North Carolina R. E. Coker, Ph.D. North Carolina J. W. Lasley, Jr., Ph.D. North Carolina A. S. Wheeler, Ph.D. Beloit W C. Coker, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins J. B. Linker, Ph.D. North Carolina L. R. Wilson, Ph.D. North Carolina " h H. W. Crane. Ph.D. Michigan J. C. Lyons, Ph.D. William and Alary T. J. Wilson, Jr.. Ph.D. North Carolina I W AL Dey, Ph.D. G. R. MacCarthy, Ph.D. T. J. Wilson, HL D.Phil. Virginia North Carolina North Carolina S. A. Emery, Ph.D. A. C. Mcintosh, A.AL, LL.D. E. J. Woodhouse, B.A., LL.B. Cornell Davidson Randolph-Macon F. P. Graham, ALA. E. L. Alackie. Ph.D. L. B. Wright, Ph.D. 1 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina I [307] t YACKETY YACK ALEXANDER BURNETT DRAKE HBDGPETH KUYKENDAL LEAR THOMPSON TOMS WHITE PHI ETA Mil Established 1919 Colors: Red and Green Fratres in Facilitate John E. Lear Elmer G. Hoefer George W. Smith Fratres in Universitate Class of 1930 John J. Alexander T. V. HEDCrETH William C. Burnett C. Merritt Lear Francis E. Drake Francis R. Toms F. E. KrvKENDAL, Jr. William B. ' hite Class of 1931 George D. Thompson 11 lij i ft [308] I YACKETY YACK BOBBITT HEDGEPETH KUYKENDAL U t J V[ AU E)ETA PI Founded at Lehigh University, 18S5 Colors: Brown and White Publication: The Bent Beta Chapter of North CaroHna W. E. BoBBiTT President F. R. Toms ; Secretary F. B. KuYKENDAL Treasurer Student Members W. E. UxPERHiLL C. E. Waddell T. V. Hedgpeth W " . B. White Graduate A. B. L ' zzLE, Jr. Faculty Members Dean G. M. Brauxe T. E. Hickersox R. y . Trimble H. G. Baity E. G. Hoefer X. P. Bailey T. P. NoE E. W. WixKLER G. W. Smith D ' l [309] YACKCTY YACK rf ' fi m J i Wi ALBRIGHT CARR FISHER HARRIS HAYWOOD HOBGOOD SPEIGHT WILKINSON WILLIAAAS TAU KAPPA AtPHA Founded at Indianapolis, 1908 Colors: Dark and Light Purple Publication: The Speaker of Tau Kappa Alpha Fratres in Facultate C. E. McIntosh W. S. Branard F. F. Bradshaw Albkrt Coates V. T. CoicH C. W. Beer F. P. Graham R. B. House Fratres in Urbe L. V. HuGGiNS James Phipps H. N. Brown, III Fratres in Universitate R. M. Albright G. P. Carr O. B. Eaton R. B. Fisher J. C. Harris E. L. Haywood H. H. HoBGOOD J. B. Lewis J. M. Mewborn " W. W. Speight J. C. Williams J. A. Wilkinson i f I ' [810] VACKETV YACK B WIGrllE) AMD MASQUl) Wex Maloxe President George Race Vice-President Jack Kirkpatrick Secretary Craig Shelton Treasurer l m Faculty Members U. T. Holmes T. S. McCORKLE Otto Stuhlmax Student Members Dave Avner Elizabeth Barber Block Brysox Fred Bverly Beth Colley Verxon Cowper Kelso Currie Fred Dick Celeste Edgertox D. L. English Richard Fexker Mauri NE Forester Harry Galland Phoebe Harding Frank Howell Cliff Kiem Art Little Helex McKay Tom Rollins Paul Scurlock Art Sickles James Turner Thomas Uzzell Dick Walser Jack White Don Wood n m [311] TH11 eoop Officers Gene Wells President Dusty Skinner Secretary and Treasurer George Sanders -•- Manager Members ' Ichabod " Ruffin ' Felix the Cat " Huger ■Big Time " Dick ' Kate " Graham ' Kitty " Wood ' Chink " Davis ' Jack " Paschau ' Henry " Benoit ' Yon " Yemson ' Mole Eye " Rhett ' Sentimental " Brown ' John " Clinard ' Pat " Patterson ' Fred " Carr ' Judy " Palmore ' Joe " Carpenter ' Bill " Adams ' Student " Ward ' Mel " Lindsay ' Crude " Hudson ' Lawyer " Adams ' Sissy " Sanders ' Strud " Nash •Rufe " Little " Bill ' " Big Red " Wily " Unconscious " Bagby " Flat Tire " Ford " Doggie " Dunn " Sam " Peace " Gene " Wells " Kike " Henderson " Steve " Millender " Ugene " Hines " John " Park " Branch " Carr " Hot Pants " Toms " Chas. " Rollins " Harry " Finch " John " Ferebee " Slow " Henderson " Zeke " Cozart " Dusty " Skinner " Art " Kaufman " Chief " Ramsay " Ma " Parsley " Fanny " Houston " Jabber " Ashcraft " Jerrie " Doughtie Marshall [312] Charlie Shannon President Alex Daley Secretary Val Hedgpeth Manager Members " Archie " Allen " George " Heinitsh " Billy " Atkinson " Phil " Jackson " Tom " Bennett " Larry " Johnson " Billy " Bryan " Link " Kesler " Fred " Brickman " John " London " Bill " Bridgers " Lonnie " London " Swift " Boatwright " ' Onrie " London " Billv " Cheatham " Commodore " Miller " W. G. " Brown " D. C. " McCotter " Chap " Crawford " Dave " Nims " Red " Constantine " Mull-Head " Parker " John Phil " Cooper " Cooper " Person " Bob " Dewey " T. H. " Redding " Alex " Daley " Tally " Redfern " Jack " Dunavant " Vance " Rollins " Joe " Eagles " ' ic " Ruehl " Pace " Fuller " George " Rosemond " Bob " Graham " Frank " Spruill " Donald " Graham " Bill " Sharpe " B. K. " Grier " Charlie " Shannon " Paul " Gilbert " Billy " Satterfield " George " Hamer " C. C. " Sikes " Ped " Hamer " Emil " Shaffner " Val " Hedgpeth " Henry " Stultz " Frank " Howell " Herbert " Taylor " George " Houston " Charlie " Woodward " Buddy " Hubbard " Rudy " Waddill " Dick " Winborne 313] MIMOTAURS George Lewis Bagby - M. W. H. Charles C. Skinner... M. W. U. William Dunn, Jr B. T. George Lee Race -. - B. M. B. Herbert Best H. D. K. D. EDMUND STRUDWICK NASH GEORGE DEWEY THOMPSON EDGAR COOPER PERSON CHARLES GWYN CHATHAM EDWARD RUSSELL LIPSCOMB EDWARD RYAN HAMER MEADE HOMER WILLIS CHARLES ELLIN FORD MANDEVILLE A. WEBB JOHN ALSEY PARK THOMAS WILLIS ALEXANDER LOUIS CHERRY SKINNER JOEL JENKINS HUTCHINSON LYNN WILDER THOMAS BARBER FOLLIN WILLIAM T. MYERS GEORGE WATERHOUSE WILLIAM ASHBY BRIDGERS Huts ROUSE MARSHALL PRICE ALLEN PALMORE GRAY, G. TOMS GRAY, B. REDFERN CRAIG ORDER OF THE) SHEIKS Gavix H. Dortch S. Joe C. Eagles V. S. Peter B. Ruffin K. G. Vernon Cowper McDonald Gray Charles P. Graham Nelson Woodson Junius G. Adams Charles E. Waddell Julian B. Fenner Charles L. Smith, Jr. J. Fleming Wily, Jr. H. D. iL Holderness Eugene Wells Richard Winborn George W. Sanders William S. Koenig R. Mayne Albright John Van Lindlev George P. Moody Frank A. W. H. Yarborough, Jr. Henry B. Webb Samitel McConnell, Jr. Henry C. House J. Worth McAlister Thomas L. Parsons J. Holmes Davis, Jr. Edward F. Yarborough Fred Jones, .Tr. George L. Jones Henry L. Anderson Marion Glenn Peter S. Gilchrist Hubert H. O ' Donnell Harry C. Finch William R. Satterfield A. Reid Perkins, Jr. Cole, Jr. Thomas A. Uzzell, Jr. A. Baron Holmes Herman Schnell Marion Follin, Jr. Homer L. Lvon, Jr. Frederick L. Carr Edmund L. Waddill Thomas Craig Lindsay C. Plumly John C. Grainger James S. Hudson Egbert L. Haywood Charles Woodward Henry House Willis Henderson Chauncey Rovster Harry Shaner Emil N. Shaffner Kenneth A. Gay William F. Draper Joe H. Carpenter Sydney L. Lea Edward K. Graham John D. Branch B. T. Grier Sam T. Peace A. Branch Carr Thomas Shelton, Jr. George Ward Thompson Charles Rollins Reid Brawley Beta Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Psi Beta Theta Pi Zeta Psi Sigma Nu Delta Tau Delta Delta Kappa Epsilon Beta Theta Pi Delta Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chi Phi Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Tau Delta Delta Psi Beta Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Psi Zeta Psi Chi Phi Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Tau Delta Alpha Tau Omega Douglas Laten Potter James Jerry Slade Robert Lyles Zealy Mayne Albright Herbert T. Browne Stanley Ellis Crew Joseph Colin Eagles Gordon Gray Oscar W. Dresslar Harry Clinton Finch Richau-d M. Fenker Herbert Hechenbleikner Jack Schneider J. G. deRoulhac Hamilton Francis Foster Bradshaw William Terry Couch Elrnest Lloyd Mackie John Maryon Saunders William J. Adams, Jr. John Huske Anderson, Jr. Travis Taylor Brown Harry J. Galland John Frazier Glenn Robert Lee Graham Glenn Parran Holder John H. Mebane David A. Nims Joe Jones Faculty Members Francis Foster Bradshaw Albert Coates Frank Porter Graham J. Minor Gwynn Clarence A. Hibbard A. C. Howell A. A. Perkins William M. Saunders J. F. Steiner Students C. W. Banner A. E. Bavacqua A. J. Buttitta T. T. Brown W. C. Dunn H. A. Estep H. J. Galland Calvin Graves Harry Grossman E. R. Hamer L. T. Hammond G. P. Holder K. L. Kjellesvig Pedro Kjellesvig J. A. Lang T. A. LiBBUs B. C. Moore Alfredo Nazareno B. M. Parker J. B. Pittana Douglas Potter T. B. Rector J. J. Slade A. J. Thomas J. C. Williams F. V. Zappa R. L. Zealy i) :i.T v ORDER OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE Honorary Members Hli jnv HoBACE WlLLIAJ Harrv Woodbuhn C; Faculty Members C ' hables Thomas Woolex Fbank Porter Graham Er GAR Ralph Rankix Fhaxcis I- ' oster Bradshaw Robert Bi ' rtox Hoise Herman Glenx Baity ' l.LIA.M Terri ColCH Ernest Lloyd Mackib Albert Coates . ' oe Burtox Linker Jefferson Carney Bynum ( " oRYDoN Perky Spkuill Edward Alexander Camebojj . ' oseph Markov Sm vni.ii» Graduate Students Robert Mt J)oxald Gray • " harles Edward Waddell, Jr. John I-raziki: (u.fnn. Killian Barwick Active Argonauts JiiNH ' K Greene Adams. , Travi. ' ; Taylor Brown Ray Simpson Karris- Harry Jo.SEPIl (lALLANl) Gordon Gray hi. C ' ordkll Greenb • ioJIN MiDDLETON HeNDERSON (JLENN Parr AN Holder . ' a.mes Mais ' .Iame.s William ' illia.m» Onoena MBsmi Officers Marion Follin, Jr Del. Edward R. Hamer Sc. Ralph C. Greene Ex. R. M. Albright Asst.-Ex. Faculty Members William S. Bernard Members Robert Mayne Albright, Jr. John H. Anderson Killian Barwick Travis Taylor Brown Edward Alexander Cameron Walter D. Creech Joseph Colin Eagles Ray Simpson Farris Marion G. Follin, }r. Harry Joseph Galland John Frazier Glenn Robert McDonald Gray Ralph C. Greene Edward R. Hamer John Middleton Henderson Henry C. House John Desmond Idol Joseph Piper Jones Henry Johnston, Jr. Isaac H. Manning, Jr. George Dawson McDaniel David Anderson Nir Robert Aubrey Pa Henry N. Patterson Aubrey A. Perkins Douglas M. Potter John Gary Slater James Allen Williams James William Williams Robert Lyles Zealy , S2a eOReOM ' S HEAD Officers David Jexkixs Craig, Jk President JuLiAx IvAXHOE Palmore Sccretarij Thomas Bexjamix Bexxett, Jr. Treasurer Faculty Members Louis Grates Charles Thomas Woolen John Manning Booker William Morton Dey James Bell Bullit Robert Diggs Wimberly Connor William deBerniere McNider Clarence Addison Hibbard Claidhs Temple Murchison William Douglas MacMillan Kenner Chapman Fraser Roland Prince McClamrock Nicholas Barney Adams Urban Tigner Holmes James Ruey Patrick Charles Tilford McCormick William Richarson Abbott Members JuNiT ' s Greene Adams, Jr. John David Bullock, Jr. John Huske Anderson Thomas Carlisle Smith, Jr. Ale.xander Baron Holmes William David Pope Sharpe, Jr. William Pace Fuller Archie Turner Allen David Jenkins Craig, Jr. Julian Ivanhoe Palmore Thomas Benjamin Bennett, Jr. John Thomas Craig William Churchill Cheatham Edgar Cooper Person, Jr. Francis Ogden Parker Chauxcey Lake Royster Haywood Dail Holderxess Tqbfngv Nvmnlka Afhty Nvjr Tygzs Solt laqgvu Sir Knights Fch Mlua Siei Ylae Valmar XLII RULERS 444 GORDON GRAY REX 451 JOHN FLEMING WILY, JR K. D. S. 443 GEORGE RACE W. S. S. 445 GEORGE WATERHOUSE SANDERS K. M. K. 446 WILLIAM LEAK MARSHALL, JR. N. G. P. SUBJECTS 170 Charles Staples Mangum 174 Archibald Henderson 180 Edward Vernon Howell 193 William Stanley Bernard 241 Gregoire deRoulhac Hamilton 244 George Howe 245 Joseph Hyde Pratt 255 Frank Porter Graham 272 Patrick Henry Winston 285 Harry Woodburn Chase 319 William Watley Pierson 328 Francis Foster Bradshaw 331 Thomas Felix Hickerson 342 Dudley DeWitt Carroll 366 Gustave Maurice Braune 369 William Frederick Prouty 373 Allen Wilson Hobbs 375 Robert Hasley Wettach 385 Robert Edwin Coker 399 Henry Johnson, Jr. 405 Charles Staples Mangum, Jr. 417 George Coffin Taylor 422 Charles Francis Rouse 462 429 433 435 439 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 Kenneth Alexander Gay Thomas James Wilson, III Charles Edward Waddell, Jr. Charles Pattison Graham James Penrose Harland Robert Burton House George Race Gordon Gray George Waterhouse Sanders William Leak Marshall Horatio Nelson Woodson Marion Geddings Follin Francis Rogers Toms John Fleming Wily, Jr. William Beekman Huger Herman Glenn Baity Peter Browne Ruffin Edmund Strudwick Nash, Jr. William Dunn, Jr. Robert Aubrey Parsley John Van Lindley Gavin Dortch, Jr. George Dewey Thompson George Lewis Bagby ' VR.- m VANinrv FAUIR f William MolepeaceThacbera TirACKEUAY What can he prettier than an image of Love on his knees before Beauty? — Vanity Fair. [323] [324] [325] [326] [327] [328] [329] [3 30] I pp " p " [331] [332] li inmiE Lord Bijron J-IT . ■■, ' J ' il .. ' —- ■ .--...iV t w Byron On xcith the dance! Let joy be unconfined. No sleep till morn When youth and pleasure meet. — Childe Harold ' s Pilgrimage. i I SI I VACKETY VACK EXECUTIVE- COMMITTEE OF THE GERMAN CLUB GRAY ALBRIGHT DUNN SANDERS Executive Committee of the German Club George Race Julian Palmore Will Yarborough Gordon Gra ' George Saunders .Che John Bulluck Travis Brown Mayne Albright Bill Dunn it [333] nil n I nil III! I Ji ill n George Race, President Miss Elizabeth Hanes Julian Palmore, Vice-President Miss Kitty Boddie jMha aaaaia Wm. Yarborough, Secy.-Treas. Miss Rith Davis German Club [ 33-i ] Bert Haywood, Leader Miss Dorothy Harper [ 335 ] im n I V nil iiii i ur TlfflB nnBIBllIBB— — » Stephen Mii.lender, Leader Miss Frances Moore Arthur Sickles Miss Elizabeth Barber W U ■. ' .M ggggfgg , Barron Grier Miss Pauline Webb Mid-Winter German [336] [337] LvNN Wilder Miss Xancy Fish Sophomore Hop [338] Willis Henderson, Leader Miss Alice Houston Qiarles [ 339 ] [340] [341] T ■ ■ PWWWBi s »v99 »999mm«a 9a »9m9mSI SBI !SSSSBB S Henry Hoise, Leader Miss Elizabeth Allen Herbert Xelson Miss Frances Strattox Jack Lindley Miss Elizabeth Hanes Junior Ball . ■.. . !■■ [342] ' S i h 1 VACiKETir VACK COMMENCEMENT MARSHALS i I [3-13] |lffll(«Oii YACKETY YACK I Commencement Ball Managers ik% LEONARD HOLE MAURINE FORESTER TOM HUNTER CHIEF JACK CALHOUN CATHERINE FEE ARCHIE ALLEN ANNETTE TUCKER WILLIAM ADAAAS HENRIETTA WHI5NANT CHARLES PRICE DORA LITTLE PHILLIP JACKSON MARV NEALWILKINS ALLEN BOREN ELIZABETH BOWIE I I r M [ Hii] ATHLEIOCS ' Alexander the Great ? Ai,EXANDER The Great There is joy in the combat, and in the winning of it. YACKETY YACK S Av Coudi Robert Fet ku Director of A tJiletics 1; [345] m m m m YACKCTY YACK IM iTfPPRBeiATIOM 1 X U R I X G tlif ten years that Coach " Bob, " as he is more popularly known, has lieen at Carolina, athletics have progressed by leaps and liounds. During this time he lias made himself, as well as the University, well known in athletic circles. In track, the sport in which Coach " Bob " seems to specialize, for the past ten 3 ' ears the Tar Heel teams have been State champions for each year of the ten, Southern Conference champions once, and National 1-mile relay champions. The Carolinians have been equally successful in basketball, foot- ball, and all other sports under the regime of Mr. Fetzer. He has undoul)tedly been the backbone of athletics, and his directorship can be only praised. The men on tlie teams all honor and_ respect him. and co-operate to the fullest extent with him. The success of the teams is probably due to this cause, and will continue as long as he is head of athletics. The title of " Dean of Southern Track " has been conveyed upon him by numerous sports writers, and he is known and respected by his fellow coaches throughout the South. Enough tribute cannot be paid to this man who has done so much for athletics at Carolina, but in appreciation of his work and influence in Southern athletics we dedicate the Sports Section to Mr. Robert Fetzer, " Coach Bob. " % [ 34C ] YACKETT YACK r! tP [347] YACKCTY VACK I I S K [ 34.8 ] YACKETV VACK I I I FOOTRAIdIL 1929 II rail Coach " Chtck " Collins ' isfant Coach " Bill " Cehnev Assistant Coach " Bob " Fetzkr Trainer P. H. Quinlan Captain Ray Farris Manager Dave Craig " Chuck " Collii The Schedule Sept. 28— Wake Forest Oct. S— Maryland Oct. 12— Georgia Tech 7 Oct. 19— Georgia 19 Oct. 26— V. P. 1 13 Nov. 2— N. C. State Nov. 9 — South Carolina Nov. 16 — Davidson 7 Nov. 28 — Virginia 7 Dec. 7 — Duke University 7 Carolina 48 Carolina 43 Carolina 18 Carolina 12 Carolina 38 Carolina 22 Carolina 40 Carolina 26 Carolina 41 Carolina 48 Summary Games won 9 Game.s lest 1 Third in the Southern Conference. Second in National high scores. Total points 346 Total opponents 60 i " Bill " Cerney P. H. Quinlan i [349] mm VACKETY YACK m 1 f i I ' I rf J I 1 vVarcl. back [350] VACKETY YACK l . ! Captain Ray Farris led the Tar Heels with individual honors when he was given honorable mention for a mythical All-America unanimously chosen on the All-So first team. In addition to this, the Varsity placed two men on the second team picked by several_pro syndicates. Johnnie tive quarter, and Jim Mag ing fleetfooted half, were the other two Tar Heel representatives. Hon- orable mention was given to many of the Ta Southe He for picks. Capt.-elect Strud Nash, halfb Lipscomb, center ; Pot Adk: Don Holt, end: Yank Spaulding Jimmy Ward, half; Ko ckle Eight of the Tar Heels represented CaroHna on the mythical All-State eleven, and in several selections the whole team was composed of Carolina men. Carolina 48 vs. Wake Forest The 48 to win over Wake Forest in Kenan Stadium clearly showed the offensive power of the Varsity at the beginning of the season. Lipscomb, cente House, back [351] YACKETY YACK Carolina 43 vs. Maryland the the Virginia man starting around end at the Thanks giving Day game Heels tumbled Maryland for the second year in a row by turning in the largest Old Liner defeat ever made by the Tar Heel eleven in a onesided 43 to clash at College Park. Maryland. The Varsity ' s backs literally ran wild in the last few minutes of play to such an extent that one could almost truth- fully assert that Collins had a " hun- dred backs " at his disposal. Carolina 18 vs. Georgia Tech 7 In this annual game with Georgia Tech, Carolina showed her worth more clearly than ever by the manner in which the team conquered the Tech- man. 18 to 7. The outstanding play- ing of the entire Carolina eleven, and the spectacular return of punts by the diminutive Johnnie Branch featured the Tar Heel win over the Yellow Jackets in Atlanta. Nearly 500 stu- dents accom.panied the team to Atlanta. Carolina 12 vs. U. of Georgia 19 The national asnirations of the U. N. C. soort world fell with the Georgia victory in Kenan Stadium. 19 to 12. The game was hard fought throughout and was not won until the last whistle. i i Harden, back [352] YACKCTY YACK II Carolina 38 vs. V. P. I. 13 The Virginia Poly Insti ' Blacksburg to give the Tar avenge last year ' s one-point defeat by a 38-13 score. The Carolina team was superior in every phase of the game. Carolina 32 vs. N. C. State Vengeance was also loosed upon the N. C. State Wolfpack by the tune of 32-0 when the Tar Hee! attacked them Stadium. Nearly 40 of the Tar Heels saw action in this game where much new material was tested. Carolina 40 vs. S. Car. In one of the most talked about games of the season, " the Battle of the Carolinas. " the Tar Heels easily clipped the Gamecocks ' wings. 40 to 0. before a homecoming crowd in Colum- bia. The North Carolina offense was too much for the South Carolinians. Carolina 26 vs. Davidson 7 The Davidson ' Wildcats bared their fangs before the onrush of the Tar Heel eleven and held them to 26-7 win when they met at D; The start of l ' i ' l Maus, back [ 3 .5 3 ] VACKETV YACK 1 ' Duke man starting an off-tackle play [354] VACKETV YACK iQ50 CAPTAIN HARPER i J fl [355] i VACKETV YACK I i si i. [ 3 .5 G ] VACKETY YACK I ASKBqrifeAlDiD 1930 ■ i Coach ; Jim Ashmore Honorartj Captain " Puny " Harper Manager Loy Thompson ch Ashmore The Schedule January 1 1 January 1-t January 16 .January 21 January 25- January 28 February 1 February 5 February 6 February 7 February 8- February 1 1 February 12 February 15 February 18 February 19- February 21- February 22- February 2i March 3- — Davidson -Guilford .. . 20 -Wasliington and Lee -Charlotte Monograms -Wake Forest -N. C. State :: - .3P — 19 __1S 25 -Duke University 36 -V. P. I. -Washington and Lee- ....21 27 - ' irginia _ 37 -Maryland -N. C. State -Lovola _. ... __. __ _ ..36 ...28 26 -Duke -. 37 -Wake Forest _. ...15 -Marvland . _ 29 -V. P. L -Xavv .23 33 -Davidson 10 S. I. C. Tournament, University of Georgia 26 Summary Games won 10 Carolina . 20 Carolina 49 Carolina 24 Carolina 23 Carolina 4.9 Carolina 27 Carolina 14 Carolina 30 Carolina 17 Carolina 40 Carolina 33 Carolina 26 Carolina 25 Carolina 36 Carolina -. 37 Carolina 22 Carolina 41 Carolina ; 43 Carolina 19 Carolina- -17 Games lost 10 [357] VACKCTY YACK i I w ' Si I itts H ASKETRAlLt 19 0 CONTRASTED with Tar Heel basketball teams of the past two col- lege generations, the 1930 University quint certainly cannot be termed success- ful. But the squad, tre- mendously handicapped because of graduations last June, made the most of mediocre prospects to finish the season with 10 wins and 9 losses. The Tar Heels showed a reversal of form in the last five games of the season, winning four of them by good margins immediately preceding the S. I. C. tournament in Atlanta. The Tar Heels finislied the season in a tie for second in the Big Five League in North Carolina, but were eliminated from the Southern Confer- ence tournament by Georgia in the opening round. For the first time since the inauguration of the tournament the White Phantoms were entered as ' dark horses, " but, after maintaining a 10-8 lead at the half, lost to the Georgia Bull- dogs, 26-17. Lacy Harper, elongated Tar Heel center from Pitts- boro, was elected honorary captain for the 19.30 season as it ended. Coach .lim Ashemore ap- pointed a captain prior to each game, as none had been elected at the be- ginning of the season. The Tar Heels had no outstanding individual con- tenders for the mythical All-Southern five, but Artie Marpet, captain-elect, was almost unanimously picked as a guard on the All-State quint. Marpet was hailed as one of the strongest guards at Carolina in re- cent years, and led the Tar Heels in scoring as well as floor work in several games. Billy Brown, Tom Alex- ander, Bill Choate and others backed Marpet up at guard, while Neiman, Dameron, and Green were the most outstanding for- wards. Harper was ably supported by Edwards at center, while on several occasions Dameron was shifted to this position. Several pre-season games with Y.M. C.A. ' s of the State were played bv the Tar Heels. A loss to the Raleigh Y was the only defeat of the pre-season schedule, while wins were reco.ded over Durham, High Point, and two over Greensboro. The season opened for the Tar Heels on ,1 anuary 1 1 th, when they lost a two-point, 22-20, game to the Davidson Wild- cats. A close, h a r d-f ought game featured the meet with the ' Cats, and the two-point Harper margin was Center r 3 .5 8 ] YACKETY YACK S 1 a hard loss. The Tar Heels evened up tlie series with Davidson, however, when they met them again in the last game prior to the Conferenet- tourney, in a 19-10 win. Guilford and the Charlotte Monograms were played in succession after the Davidson game, and proved easy wins for the Tar Heels. Guilford losing 49-20. while the Char- lotte Monograms took the small end of a 23-19 score. In the first game with W. L. at the " Hiir the Phan- toms howed before a superior General attack. 39-24. The Generals made a clean sweep of the state, defeating Carolina, Duke and State. Later the W. L. quint were runners-up for the S. I. C. title at Atlanta. Wake Forest and N. C. State were the next two Tar Heel victims. The Demon Deacons lost a one-sided affair 49-18. but the State quint was barely nosed out, 27-2-5, in Raleigh. On the return game with the Wolfpack in the Tin Can, the Techman nosed out the Tar Heels by an- other two-point margin. 28-26. The opening game with Duke proved a one-sided defeat for the Phantoms in the Tin Can, 36-14. but the return game at Duke was more closely contested. The closest game the Tar Heels lost of the season was to the Blue Devils in Durham in the lat- ter part of Febru- ary, 37-36. The results of this game hung in the balance until the final whistle. The Tar Heels and Devils ex- changed the lead five or six times before the game ended, and a long shot from the floor ])laced the Duke quint in the lead as the whistle blew. Dave Xeiman was high scorer of the evening with 22 points. On the Northern trip the Tar Heels won and lost two contests. The tour opened with a win over V. P. I., 30-21, when Johnny Green led the Tar Heel scorers to win by a spurt in the last half which made the Tar Heels easy vic- tors. W. L. won their second game over the White Phantoms for the first Carolina loss of the trip. 27-17. The ' irginia Cavaliers bowed before their Carolina rivals, 40-37. in a hard-fought game. Maryland closed the Northern campaign for the Tar Heels by win- ning, 36-33. A Loyola rally in the closing minutes of play featured a one-point Tar Heel loss to the Chicago quint in the Tin Can, 26-25. The Tar Heels won four out of mm a m five last games of ■•■■-. ■ ' the season prior to the Southern Con- ference tourney. Defeats over Wake Forest, and V. P. I. brought the total to two wins over these teams, while a victory over Davidson evened up the score with them one all. The win over the strong Navy quint showed a complete reversal M [359] YACKiTY YACK i m W ' 1 F m Ale of form from the Tar Heels early -.t-ason starts, and the game ended with midshipmen ancliored on the lower end of a -13- 33 score. Mary- land accounted for their second Tar Heel win, 29-22, when they met at College Park. The season ended with the Tar Heels recording 10 wins and nine losses, but an additional defeat at tlie hands of the Georgia Bulldogs in the S. I. C. tourney evened up the won and lost for the Carolina quint, 10 all. The newly installed heating system of the Tin Can accounted for a large increase in the gallery which followed the Tar Heels dispite a season of mediocre success. The lack of sea- soned veterans was felt keenly by the Carolinians, but the rookies roiuided out fast, and showed flashes of cham- ])ionship form during the season. Artie Marpet was perhaps the most outstanding indivi- dual player, but he was closely followed by Dameron, Nei- man. Brown. Alex- ander, and Harper. Harper, the honor- ary captain, was in- jured in the final Duke game and thereby hindered his chances for any mythical All-State honors. Tom Alex- ander, playing his first year on the Varsity, showed Cleland flashes of excellent form and was one of the steadiest of the Tar Heel guards. Billy Brown gave him a close race for the honors in this posi- tion. Dave Xeiman N point gathering ability was clearly demonstrated in several games, es- pecially in the Duke contest, where he garnered 22 points out of the Tar Heels total. Sandy Dameron was one of the most versatile of the Tar Heels, playing as center and forward with equal ability. The season ended with tiie Tar Heels recording 10 wins and nine losses, but an additional defeat at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs in the S. I. C. tourney evened up the won and lost for the Carolina quint. 10 all. Freshman Basketball The Tar Baby basketball team had what miglit be called a very successful season. Their schedule consisted of games with all the Freshman teams in the Big Five of the State, and with the leading Freshman and )i r e p school teams of Virginia. Although the team did not win every game played, it won the majorit} ' of its games, and was ranked among the leaders in the State. Much varsity ma- terial is expected Choate fr om this team. Guard 1 1 [ 360 ] YACmETY YACK 1929 CAPTAIN HENDERSON [361] YACKETY YACK [362] YACKETV YACK GTRACK 1929 Coach Fetzer Coach Ransom Manager Gray Coaches " Bob " Fetzer and Dale Raxsom Capiaiti John Henderson Manager Bowman Gray The 1930 Schedule March 28— N. C. State at Chapel Hill. il 5 — Georgia Tccii at Chapel Hill. 9 — Duke at Chapel Hill. il 12 — Tech Relays at Atlanta. April 19 — Penn State at Chapel Hill. April 21 — V. P. I. at Blacksburg. April 26 — Penn Rela_vs at Philadelphia. il 28 — Washington ct Lee at Chapel Hill. 2-3 — State Meet at Greensboro. May 10 — Princeton at Princeton. May 16-17 — Southern Conference Meet at Birmingham. Apr A])ri Apri Apr May [363] YACKCTV YACK 1 Barkley Cowper in Action Smith and Barkley Exchange Batons Harper Track Due to the diligent labor of Coach Fetzer and Coach Ransom and to the conscientious co-operation of the team, the Tar Heels were again able to up- hold their reputation for excellency in track athletics. In fact, the 1929 track season may well be called one of the most successful in the history of the University. All meets. except the Southern Conference Championship. Henderson. Nims, Neiman. Adkins! Gay, Harper, and many others proved to be stars of no little ability. The Ma with the first annual indoor meet which was held in the " Tin Can. " However, due to the fact that the visiting col- leges were unable to send more than of the team scores of this contest were not counted, but the Tar Heels succeeded in capturing many first places and no small number of seconds and thirds. The regttlar outdoor season began with a dual meet with the Virginia Polytechnical Institute on April sixth. Carolina again showed brilliant form by winning a seventy-nine to forty- seven point victory. Gay. Harrison, Captain Henderson, Perry, Stafford, Harper, Neiman, and Bagby proved Cowpe.- Henderson [36-1.] YACKITT YACK i their worth by winning first places in their various events. On April thir- teenth. North Carolina upset some carefully thought-out dope by crushing Washington and Lee with a seventy- two and one-half to fifty-three and one-half victory. It was of still greater importance due to the fact that Cap- tain Henderson and three other valu- able men were in Atlanta for the Georgia Tech relays. In this con- test with Washington and Lee two new University records were established : Adkins hurled the shot forty-two feet and five-eighths inches, and Neiman broad- jumped twenty-two feet and five and one-fourth inches. On Saturday, April twentieth, Carolina ran rough- shod over Georgia Tech by defeating them ninety to thirty-six. In this meet the victors won twelve out of the pos- sible fourteen first places, and Cowper established a new University pole vault record by clearing the bar at twelve and one-half feet. Four days later, Duke felt the effects of the Carolina onslaught by losing to the Chapel Hill team thirty-three and a half to ninety-two and a half. This was Carolina ' s most complete victory. On May fourth, the Tar Heels went to Greensboro for the state champion- ship meet. This contest, they won with a total of sixty-five and eight- Stafford Broad Jumps in Duke Meet Perry [365] VACKETY YACK m m [y ih m hi ( tin Bagby Stafford and Perry in High Hurdles Carolina Sweeps the 440-Yard Run tenths points. Davidson was the next highest score " ith a total of thirty and five-tenths points. For Carolina: Gay took first place in both sprints. Cow- per and Neiman won first and second honors in the pole vault. " Puny " Harper won the discus with a throw of one hundred and thirty-six feet and three inches, which established a new state record. The mile-relay team won their event by running the distance m three minutes and twenty-eight seconds. The pick of the South ' s track men gathered at Birmingham on May seventeenth, for the annual Southern Conference meet. It was a cold rainy day. and the track was dotted here and there by pools of water. Everywhe Due thii unfor ircumstance, however, the e very good. 1 bv Lou- The title University with a total of thirty-five points. Nevertheless North Carolina was close at their heels with a total of thirty-two and one-half points, only two and one-half points behind. This was the seasons only tragedy. At the banquet that was held a few days after the close of the season, Dave Nims was elected captain, en- suing year. % [366] VACIKETY YACK Vt»IIOLIN4t CAPTAIN ■ W LUFTY % SCORE BO VRLD INNINGSll I2I3I4I5I6I7I8I9I0II I2R HE !0 I002 IL A».NA loioio i o ' ori ooi I I I it i If i. V 1 Captain MAUS c f 11 [367] YACKETY VACK I JBASEBAtt 1929 H i; In I Coach Jim Ashmore Captain " Nap " Lufty Manager John Bulluck CoacK Ashmore Manager Bulluck IM i il ii The 1930 Schedule March 27- March 28 March 31 A])ril April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April April May May 6 May 7 May 9 May 10 May 12 May 17 — Mav 20 — , 23 24 25 26 28 3— — Springtichl, lu-rc. —Springfield, here. —Cornell, here. Cornell, here. Washington and Lee, here. Georgia at Athens. Georgia at Athens. Maryland, here. Maryland at College Park. A ' irginia at Charlottesville. AV. L. at Lexington. V. M. I. at Lexington. V. P. I. at Blackshurg. V. M. I., here. Davidson at Salishiirv or Winston-Salem. Davidson at Davidson. Georgia, here. Georgia, here. A ' . P. L, here. Duke, here. Davidson, here. Wake Forest, here. State, here. South Carolina, here. A irginia, here. A irginia at Greenshoro. Wake Forest, here. Duke in Durham, State, here. 7i [ 3 G 8 ] YACKETY YACK feASEfeAtt 1929 t i ! THE 1929 baseball squad may, for several reasons, be regarded as one of the most deserving clubs ever to represent the University. From the standpoint of games won and lost the Tar Heels were very successful with a record of only six losses out of a total of twenty-one games played. The team captured the honors of the South- ern Conference Tri-State League, as well as gaining a tie with Virginia for the League trophy which must be won three times before a team gains posses- sion of it. The Tar Heels ushered in the base- ball season by defeating the Spring- field Y.M.C.A. College outfit in two successive games. The University of Penn was next entertained. After two hard played games the Heels rested as victors. Next was the Easter Monday classic at Salisbury with Davidson. Lefty Ball ])itched a winning game and the liard fought battle resulted in a 4 to 2 victory for Carolina in their first en- gagement away from the home lot. Next day Penn State stopped over to give the Heels their second of the four consecutive games of Easter-week. The game resulted in a neat victory for Carolina. The tliird game of tlie week was with Cornell. This was the first club f [ 3G9] YACKETY YACK Q i m Rand Bal to break our winning streak, which she did to the tune of 12 to 3. The W. L. Generals were our guests on Thursday. Five hits and a sacrifice in succession counted four runs for the Heels. With such a lead, Jim Ball rocked along in fine style with the entire team in support, to a 7 to .5 victory. The Maryland club was our next dish. Wright soon had the Old Liners eating out of his hand. The Heels bunched their hits in the second, for four runs and in the fifth for three more, winding up with a 7 to 1 victory. The first engagement on the North- ern invasion was with the Old Liners at College Park. Carolina kept its Tri-.State League record clean with a 6 to -t victory over the Maryland Club. Ma us Phil Jackson ' s homer enabled us to trounce the Old Liners for the second time this season. Meeting Virginia for the first of the three game series to be played between the two institutions, the Carolinians came out with a dearly bougiit victory, 5 to i. The Cavaliers took the lead but Carolina came back to crasli through to a win. The Northern trip was successfulh ' brought to a close by a victory over W. L. at Lexington, the second of the season, and by vic- tories of S-2 over V. M. L and V. P. I. Ball hurled Carolina to a 4 to 2 vic- tory over V. M. L on Emerson Field on the 20th, Maus ' s triple in the eighth began the rally which ended the triumph and our eleventh victory of the season. n it YACKEinr YACK Jessup i " III Coach Ashmore ' s charges continued their victorious march by winning over State in a terrific battle. The Heels nosed the Wolfpack out in the last few minutes to a 6 to 5 win. Next on the programme was the V. P. I. Cadets. They were reported to have a formidable club, but the mighty Heels finally won out to the tune of 10 to 9. Carolina then invaded the Devil ' s den at Durham. The Tar Heel team put up a strong fight but was crushed by the score of 9 to 6. This was the first game it had lost of the season to any college in the state. We were again humiliated, allowing Wake Forest to win by a i to 3 score. The Carolina cohorts then rallied, trouncing the Virginians for the sec- ond time straight with the long end of a 6 to 4 score. Satterfield led the hit- ting with 4 hits out of 5 times at bat. The following day the Tar Heels victoriously wound up the series with ■i runs to Virginia ' s 2 in the annual game in Greensboro. Captain-elect Maus took three out of three to lead the batting. For the second time straight this season the Devils trounced the Varsity. " Lefty " Jenkins, Duke Ace, pitched his team to a neat 8 to 5 win, giving the Carolinians a stinging humiliation. The State game at Raleigh was rained out, and our next and final effort was with the Wake Forest Deacons. This final game was painful to Caro- lina. The Deacons took the lead and kept it, winding up with a 7 to 2 victory. [371 wt Q YACKETV YACK i m 1 1 o CAPTAI N M ALLEN ! [372 I m I 10 I i YACKETY YACK feoxiMe Goodridge Sheffiel Coach Crayton Rowe Captain Archie Allen Manager Herman Schnell The Season January 18 — Washington Lee 2 January 25 — V. P. I. 2 February 1— V. M. I. 3 February 4 — Duke University 2 February 8 — Virginia 3 February 1 5 — Florida 5 February 17 — South Carolina 1 February 22 — Penn State 6 March 1-2-4 — S. I. C. Tournament at Charlottesville Summary Meets won 6 Carolina Carolina ' Carolina Carolina le. Meets lost 2 i M A I [373] m Hi lit YACKCTY Y VCK BOXIMe 1930 Koenig DUK to its rapid increase in popu- larity at Carolina boxing was raised to a major sport following the completion of the 1930 season. The 1930 mitmen completed a hard 8-meet schedule against some of the strongest Southern and Northern teams with Oi wins and 2 defeats. Captain Archie Allen, undefeated, and Noah Good ridge, with only one loss to his credit before the S. I. C. Tournament, ac- counted for the individual Tar Heel honors by fighting in the finals of the Southern Conference Meet in Charlottesville. Florida and P e n n State accounted for the only two Tar Heel de- feats. Florida succeeded Carolina to the Southern title, while Penn Statt: was regarded as having one of the strongest teams in the country. Washington Lee opened the Tar Heel schedule bj ' losing 5 to 2 at Lexington. V ictories over V. P. I. and V. M. I. followed in quick succession. Before one of the largest crowds of the season, approximately 2,000 or more, Duke was defeated 5 to 2 in the Tin Can. A win over Virginia was closely fol- lowed by a defeat at the hands of Florida. Allen and Warren won by knock outs for the only two Tar Heel points. With Capt. Allen not entered, Goodridge won the only Tar Heel bout against Penn State by defeating Casoni. In the Southern Con- ference tournament Good- ridge and Allen were the only two men to carry the Blue and White to the finals. They wei-e de- feated after putting up game fights and losing by close decisions. Carolina placed fourth in the meet. 41 [374] YACKETY YACK i Captain Merritt Tennis [ 375 ] m i m YACKCTY YACK WRESGiMMe 1930 Coach P. H. QuiNLAX 4 Captain Wayne Woodard Manager Tom Hunter Stallings The Season January 25 — Navy - 22 Filiruary I— V. P. I. . 13 February 8 — Princeton 15 Fcl)ruary 12 — Davidson 12 February 1 5 — State 6 February 22 — V. M. I. 19 March 4 — Duke 8 March 8 — Southern Conference Meet at Lexington, Va. Summary Meets won ..A Woodard Carolina __. 8 Carolina 17 Carolina 13 Carolina __ _ , ...14 Carolina 94 Q 9A on, Va. Meets lost - .. . 3 Coach Quinlan Manager Hunter I i I [376] YACKETY YACK Mfi • «i M m w| l E IS }w; 1929 Cross Couxtrv Sqiad CROSS eOUMTRT 1929 Coach ... Captain Dale Raxsom Minor Barkley FOR the fourth time in as mam ' years the Carolina harriers annexed the South- ern Conference title. Minor Barkley captained the Tar Heels to wins over Duke and State, and a loss by a small margin to V. P. I. However, in the Confer- ence run in Chapel Hill the Tar Heels ranked first among the teams, with Lowery placing first for Carolina. This was the second S. I. C. cross country run at Caro- lina within the past -i years. Monograms were awarded to Barkley. Baucom. M. G. Colien. J. Cohen. Lower}-, Phoenix, Pierce and Wrenn. Coach Ransom if [377] k% YACKETY YACK m m Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr May May 1929 Tennis Team TEMMIS 1930 Coach J . F. Kenfield Captain .Bill Merritt Manager E. K. Graham The Schedule 14 Alabama, here. May 9 — Sewanee at Sewanee. 16— Davidson, here. - y 10— Georgia at Athens. 17— State Tournament, here. 1- ' — Alabama, there. , o oi 1 Ti i 1. May 13 — Tulane at New Orleans. 18 — state lournament, here. _, ■ ...-,_. . „ . t, ,„„..„ . , ISIav l — L. h. L . at Baton Kouare. 19 — state lournament, here. r " ,- c ii t- i. ■. May o — southern lournament at 21— Johns Hopkins, here. " - „. Orleans. 3— Duke, here. [. 16— Southern Tournament at 7 — Davidson, there. " New Orleans. 8 — Vanderbilt at Nashville. May 21 — Duke at Durham. If I 1 I 4 v-l m I f Coach KenBeld Captain Merritt [378] YACKE-T ' - tCK 1929 Golf Team eOlltF 1930 Coach Captain Manager The Schedule March 29— N. C. State, here. April 9 — William and M;:ry, here. April 11 — Wake Forest, here. April 12 — Duke, here. April 19— Georgia Tech at Atlanta. April 25 — State Tournament at Greensboro, April 26 — State Tournament at Greensboro. J. F. Kexfield Charlie Chatham June Adams - pril 28— Vanderbilt at Nashville. May 1-2-3 — Southern Tournament at Birm- ingham. May in— N. C. State at Raleigh. May 17 — Virginia at Charlottesville. ( Duke and Wake Forest pending another engagement.) I:t_ ' !t-:i(! C ' iii:i:i; Li:. iii: [379] YACKCTY YACK m fh IMTRAl ATH]Ll Tie G. E. Shepard, Director T I ' THE purpose of Intramural atliletics is to provide some form of sport for all memtitrs of tlie student body. Director Shepard, assisted by " Mac " Gray, and Wallace Shelton. have kept this purpose steadfastly in mind and their efforts have resulted in the most successful year the Department has ever liad. More students are participating in each sport e ;ery j ' ear, and additional events have been added to the Intramural program. Also more equipment has been provided by the Intra- mural officials. The slogan " Athletics for all " is becoming more and more a reality on the University campus. 1 i 1 i or 1 Hi 11 i The Tin Can — Home of Intramural .Srouts [.380] YACKETY YACK m •■]o Aycock Dormitory — Basketball Champions Beta Theta Pi — Football Champions Fall Cross Country: Tag Football: Team Winner Tar Heel Club Dormitory Ciiampions New Dorms Individual Winner T. Watkins Fraternity Champions - Beta Theta Pi Novice Track Ieet Campus Champions Beta Theta Pi learn inner Beta Theta Pi High Scorer ..„ D. Waugh Winter Basketball: Dormitory Champions Aycock Fraternity Champions D. K. E. Campus Champions Aycock Spring Program Boxing Tennis Wrestling Fencing Track Horseshoes Baseball Decathlon III T i l HI gill I MAI ' X J-L Mm - ' ■•• -■ W ifc ' iiMMl j 1930 Fencing Squad Beta vs. New Dorms [381 ] m n@i W P m ow h VACKCTY YACK y fltr m tl n M D W 1p liKf d 1 oij Q Pi i M n mO 1 m :oMoeiiAM eioUfe C. O. Sapp J. D. McDaniel R. S. Farris C. M. Barkley C. Wrenn A. T. Allen P. B. Abbott C. E. Waddell V. E. Merritt W. L. Harper F. A. Adkins G. V. Cowper D. A. Nims J. S. Stafford Philip Jackson N. B. Lufty R. R. Little C. J. Blackwood W. E. Eskew C. P. Erickson J. B. Fenner R. M. Gray .1. T. Harden H. C. House J. S. Hudson W. S. Koenig J. E. Magner J. R. Maus E. S. Nash C. L. Wyrick C. R. Baucom G. M. Cohen W. G. Lowry W. C. Medford W. H. Brown A. R. Harpet Evan Vaughn H. J. Sheffield C. V. Cummings Noah Goodridge John Warren G. O. Davis L. F. Stallings W. O. Woodard R. H. Moore Marion Cowper F. J. Ferguson Herman Schnell M. D. Rand B. U. Whitehead Philip Sher A. L. Wright J. D. Bulluek M. M. Shajuro E. D. Yeomans G. L. Bagby E. P. Dameron K. A. Gay H. R. Garrett David Neiman W. A. Perry Bowman Gray. Jr. J. D. Branch T. R. Brown S. E. Crew Gavin Dortch E. D. Fvsal J. U. Gilbreath E. R. Lipscomb H. S. Mclver H. A. Nelson R. A. Parslev C. M. Redfern F. W. Slusser D. M. Snyder L. A. Spaulding G. D. Thompson W. S. Tabb J. K. Ward D. J. Craig, Jr. J. J. Coiien C. B. Phoenix G. N. Pierce J. J. Alexander [382] Benjamin Franklin i AiDviEiRirysiJNC «i h-z=:2.wmfM:: Fraxklin Drive thy biixiness! Let not it drive thee. — Poor Richard ' s Almanac. YACKETV VACK I t i I Camels are odds-on favorites in every field. There isn ' t a cigarette . . . anywhere . . . that can touch them for fragrance, for mildness, for downright smoking pleasure! Camel CIGARETTES © 1930, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C. [383] VACKET " A.CK THE CABOLINA THEATME APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE and INVITES YOU TO VISIT OUR OTHER THEATRES THROUGHOUT THE STATE One of the Publix-Sae7igers Theatres VARSITY CLOTHES for the COLLEGE MAN Hand Tailored and Sold Exclusively by NATS Agcnis for Chai ' ki, Hill, X. C. " National} Kiiozcii — Justin Famous " Diamonds Pearls Pkeciocs Stones Watches, Clocks, SlI VERWAKE Our .16th Year (§chiffmans Established 1893 IvEADiNG Jewelers Greexsboro ID [384] YACKETY YACK s WOOTTEN AND MOULTON T hotographers PORTRAIT HOME PORTRAIT COLLEGE ANNUALS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FORT BRAGG, N. C. NEW BERN, N. C. CHAPEL HILL. N. C. [385] 1 ' ' y A iT Itl ' IC " Tr% ' J tT Jl ' C DONT GO WANTING If vou want to get HAPPY buy an Atimter Kent Radio If vou waut to get HOT buy our Coal. If vou want to get LIGHT buy Mazda Lamps. If vou want to get COLD buy a Frigid aire. If vou want to get CLEAN use our IVater. If vou want to get good cooked food use Electricity. If vou vant to get a Real Electric Range get Universal. If vou want to get the bes-t service in Town Come to the UNIVERSITY CONSOLIDATED PLANTS Electric and Water Division Phone 6161 Day or Night Patterson Bros. GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1930 ■■ Patterson Bros. Cone Export AND Commission Co. Cotton Fabfics Greexsboro, N. C. New York, N. Y. [3 86] " V J iTTL ' C IC TY YACK Your Most Versatile Servant Electricity has become the most versatile servant of the home, the office, the store and factory. In the home it cooks the meals, refrigerates the food, enter- tains with music over the radio or various types of reproducing machines, sweeps the floors, washes the clothes and curls the hair. In the office, store and factory electricity multiplies the efficiency of man ' s hands and increases his income. It is the business of your Electric Power Company to see that these modern servants are constantly on the job — day and night. Carolina Power Light Company DEPENDABLE Qualitii - Service Prices Great Atlantic Pacific Co! Financing Chapel Hill Business It may be the home, the business institution, the University, or your own personal account, but you will find that the Bank of Chapel Hill plays an important part in financing the business of Chapel Hill. Safety. convenience, and service, all make this bank the place for your funds. The Bank of Chapel Hill Oldest and Strongest Bank in Orange County M. C. S. Noble, President R. L. Strowd, Vice-Pres. ]M. E. HoGAN, Cashier [387] ■1 1 li YACKETY YACK Eat Waverly Ice Cream " Made its ccay by the way it ' s made ' For Sale hi EUBANKS DRUG CO. Manutaetured by Waverly Ice Creaun Co., Inc. DURHAM, X. C. Meet Me at Sutton ' s Drug Store " The Student Drug Store " Strowd Motor Co. Ford Products Since 1914. We Appreciate Your Patronage Kodidts, Victrolas, Radios, Athletic Goods And Everything Found in an Up-to-Date Stationery Store University Book Stationery Co. J. IjIxwood Sutton, Prop. Sutton BIdo-. [ 3 8 8 ] v - jiv r II V 1 TT Bkx ■v y J!w ir» fLV We Want to Say — THANKS Our hope is tliat those who have earned tlieiv sheep- skins and are ahoiit to enter tliat nnhniited number in the Freshman Class of Professional and Business Life will a(kl to their memory of " Carolina " and the " Hill " just a thought of a service this de]3artment has tried to give. Good Luck to those that depart — we 11 ' ' el come those that return and to those that are to CO IE we as- sure a Laundry Service that Satisfies. High Quality of Work as well as the lowest possible price con- sistent with good work, is our motto. For a " Clean Game " alwavs Laundry Department Uu iversiti Co u solid at ed Service Plants The Greensboro Daily News One of the outstanding news- j apers of the South, published ill a progressive state, for a pro- gressive people. There is more of interest in the dail y newspapers today than ever htfore in the history of journal- ism. This newspaper presents the news, all of it, in an attractive wav; a newspaper complete, easy to read, thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by over thirty-five thousand paid subscribers em- bracing all classes, and the total is constantly increasing. Circulation Dept. Greensboro Daily News Greensboro, X. C. Raleigh ' s Finest Hotel Sir Walter .3.50 RooJis 350 Baths Since 1885 This Company has been serving a vast clientele in North Carolina, and this ripe experience, coupled with a complete modern equipment, is at your command. Correspondence Invited The Seeman Printerv IXCORPORATED Di ' RHAjr. X. C. i M 11 i i nyfii r 3 8 9 ] ACKETY YACK Student ' s Supply Store Spniddhui Sport Shop Everything for the student CHArEi, Hill, X. C. Fancv Ices Sherbets Durham Ice Cream Co., Inc. " Blue Ribbon " Ice Cream durham, n. c. " Won its Favor bu its Flavor " Blocks Punch i Protection A million dollars worth of protection stands back of every deposit made in The Fidelity Bank. Co ill pi etc facilities for modern financial needs. The Fidelity Bank DURHAM. N. C. ' Growing Larger by Sending Better ' Support the Advertisers Then Support Carolina [390] % i YACKETV YACK THE TRUE ATMOSPHERE of SCHOOL and COLLEGE m m an y f struc E endea ' or. in producing school annuals, to render a helpful and con- structive service dii ' ected toward enabling a student staff to get out a representative, distinctive book witltin their budget. In connection with our new and modern ])rint- ing plant we maintain a large Art and Service Department where page borders, cover designs, division pages, and complete decorative and illustrative motifs are created and worked out. Dhe duEEN City Printing Company Where better T nnting Qosts £ess Charlotte, N. C. A COMPLETE SERVICE FOR SCHOOL PLBLICATIOISS PRINTERS OF THE YACKETY YACK m [391] VACKCTY YACK Painter, sculptor, architect, master of line, form and color, whose skill and conscientious efforts are an in- spiration to the creative artists and designers of today. ClHAO ILOTIE ENdilR WDNOi CCMPANV INCORPORATED DESIGNERS ENGRAVERS YACIKEW YACIK 1930 [ 3 9 •. ' ] ties • f . - :ii - -v ' .- .. ; U 1 nP B) UiBiSU ti-ji !? i .•- .a: IM: m W ijI - i M ■ " it '

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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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