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University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Yackety Yack Yearbook (Chapel Hill, NC) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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. B Bi r BS f S - |M9S1I| ' o iS S B iS=s MQ oJI ' . IvP S)[|jf Ijft ] i ' y s tP " 3 HU il h ' 5P jM O f m 1 1 jK Mm iiU m iJiis Or " y -y tytJMwSK ' A iMi SSSmSSSrr: z:: titft-R. y ty .iftK:M:it-t:|V.:ir:J. m 1 SB m Mi fe BR9F? BqK- P| m W l ' IS? m .- 6Lg Jt. Li7 V 1 y:ti-rA:f7 THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA PRESENTED BY Mrs, Fred Bowman C378 UPy 1928 C.6 unii [If -roni J-lillJenA wl The year is done and here is the chronicle of its events. Through the pages of this volume we have sought to reflect as much of the spectacle of university days as time and space permit. Our design was to pattern the book closely after this motif and thus present a pano- ramic view of college. We hope, though Time moves onward and dims memories, that this yearbook has suc- ceeded in catching and depicting enough of the story to keep vivid our recollections of the whole. If it is as full of interest to the readers as it has been of pleasure to us in producing it, we shall be gratified. § N «§ c N •u SI 0 WcrW iil BcMmttin WITH sincere admiration we dedicate this book to Paul Green, whose achievements in the field of the American drama place him eminently among the few who have contributed greatly to the enrichment and progress of the University. Though youthful in years, he has forged to the front with a maturity of conception and a depth of insight into human values which dis- tinguish him as one of America ' s leading playwrights. As a professor of philosophy, he has stirred his students in their thinking to a deeper appreciation of the things about them and has been one of the most compelling inspirations of our college days. For his admirable love of knowledge and his fearless search after the truth, we take genuine pleasure in presenting this volume as a token of our esteem. President ' s Message HERE is a record of a year on the University campus. More than three thousand of us, students and faculty, have lived here together. It is a colorful thing, this life of ours. Men thronging into classrooms, lonely seekers for new truth in laboratories, teams struggling on athletic fields, men making music and drama, building new universes late at night, meeting, organizing, failing, succeeding, dreaming, playing, working, building lives, planning careers. We have come together from many places; we go out from here to scatter widely. But from now on we shall always have something in common. We have been parts of a living, growing enterprise — a university with a fine tradition, a significant present, and a hopeful future. This book, through the years that follow, will be a link that binds us all together. May the memories it shall bring strengthen the bond that links vou forever to the University of North Carolina. H. W. Chase. Eight PresiueiNT Harr Woodblrn Chase 10 - M ROBERT LEE DULA Gratluate Student Lenoir, N. C. 1904-1927 WILLIAM KINGSLEY HUNGER First Year Law Vandergrift, Pa. 1903-1927 SEABURY DANIEL THORP, ' 28 Rockv Mount, N. C. 1905-1928 JOHN JOSEPH PEARCE, " 30 Louisbuig. N. C. 1908-1927 CHARLES JULIAN VAUGHAN, " 30 Woodland, N. C. 1909-1927 ERIC ALONZO ABERNETHY, ' 31 Chapel Hill, N. C. 1910 1928 JAMES CAL IN McBRAYER, ' 31 Raleigh, N. C. 1909-1928 fhcHttitciratp Prosaic dormitories masquerading as bits from a medieval tapestry Strands of ivy are the sedate robes of tired old buildings Such fragmentary landscapes are imbued with all the languor of a gypsy s dream The home was dignified by the architect, and the owner is dignified — by Jove Minor phase from a symphony in shadow On such slopes one finds the hoof prints of the great god Pan An object lesson in the quietness of splendor Here Elmer Gantry holds a nighily liaison with Madame Bovary Thin towers of whispering silence here one may yearn for cream puffs — and gel another helping of hash A cloister ivhere the sun kneels in pensive prayer Proving that some light is shed on the paths that lead to knowledge ClaB0e0 l it 1[ I lO r ' i = =v Twenty-three nhe YACKETY YACIC ' Officers of the Senior Class I D. E. HuDGiNS, Jr President HoYT B. Pritchett Vice President W. M. Fowler Secretary C. W. TwiFORD Treasurer C. L. Beard Student Councilman CLASS DAY OFFICERS Robert W. Wilkins Historian Katherine Johnson Poet J. T. Gresham Statistician Ralph W. Noe Lawyer Edward A. Cameron Prophet EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE E. W. AvENT, Jr. Jack Davis Norman Block John B. Lewis Henry Brandis, Jr. W. W. Neal, Jr. Edward A. Cameron Ralph W. Noe A. M. Covington Aubrey A. Perkins , J. W. Crew, Jr. Robert W. Wilkins Ttoenty-tonr Thirty-three J JOHN CALVIN BRANTLEY Raleigh, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. iu Pharmacy German Club; American Pharmaceutical sociation; A. M. A. Club; Secreta o£ Pharmacy Class (2). K , X T and Ti- HERMAN HARRISON BRAXTON Saxapahaw, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Di Senate; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; Nortli Carolina Academy of Science: Assistant in Botany (2, 3, 4) ; . Alamance County Club. r 2. T, B K HAROLD TILTON BUCK Charlotte, N. C. - ' ' 5 Age: 20 Degree: B. S. in Commerce HORATIO " WARREN BULLOCK New Bern, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Educatiou N. C. Club; Onslow County Club; Checrios; Football Squad. r 2 T I THOMAS JAMES CAPEJ. Garysbui-g, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: LI .B Band; Caroliua Playniakers; Johns Hopkiui Debate; Emorv University Debate ' 27; Pbilosophi cal Club; Clieerios; Debate Council; Phi Society Nortliampton County Club; Battle Law Club North Carolina Club; Deutsche Verein. e A S, T K A, A e " RICHARD ALBERS Belvidei ' t 3 carpent :;r f Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Con.merce . ' 0 Carolina Playmakers (2, 3, 4) ; Icr Heel (4) ; North Carolina Club (2, I-!, 4) ; Deutsche Verein (2). ' ! ' STANLEY MANNING CARPENTEiR Durham, N. C. Ai;e: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Winter Football (2) A i: n Thiity-eight DAVID DONALD CARROLL Jx i-l Bennettsville, S. C. Age: 20 Degree; A.B. Editor Driftwood Fire; Associate Editor I ' ar Heel; President S. C. Club; Publicity Manager Glee Club: Amphoterothen ; Y. Cabinet; Vice President N. C. Press Association; Ruling Janus Dinamite Senate. T NORWOOD MASSENBURG CARROLL Warsaw, N. C. Kf " , Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce 1 : North Caioliiia Club; Phi AssemWy (2, 3, 4), Speaker pro tvm (4) ; President Dormitory Council; Duplin County Club; Varsity Baseball, (3,. 9,_ ) Tackett Yack Staff (2, 3, 4). i, 2 A CYRUS EVERETT CASHATT Jamestown, N. C. Age: 28 Degree: A. Di Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Thirty-nine JAMfiS HAMLIN CHKATHAM Henderson, N. C. Age: 22 Degree : B.S. iu Cominerce Freshman FootbiiU ; Cabin; German Club; Jnterfvale S A E Forty lity C ' ouucH. EDWIN CRAWFORD CHRISCO .rj Badin, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Education fjf ' i Band (2, 3). Manager (4); Orchestra (2, 3); Wigue and ilasqne Orchestra: Stanly County Club, Reeretary (2); Freshman Baseball; Track; Cross Country (2); Freshman Basketball Squad; Cake Race; North Carolina Club; Phi Assembiyir A A T i9 wmL Forty-one Age: 22 Di Senat?; 2 T. E ERIC VANE CORK Round Hill, Va. Degree; A.B. in Educacion Student Council; Esses, ■; m ANDREW NATHANIEL COWLKS Statesville, N. C. Age: 21 Degree; A.B Coop; Shieks; Grail; Assistant Manager Foot ball (3) ; ManaciT Freshman Football (4; ; Sc-cre tary-Treasurt ' r Iiiterfraternity Coun. ' il; Assistant Leader .Tuuior Prom; Assistant Leader GimsTbonl Ball; German Club; Freshman Track. A T •i ?!?, ?? nCf Carolina Plavmakers; Eastern Carolina Toui ' ■K,o£ Plavmakers ( " 24); First Southern Tour ( ' 25); ' Western Tour ( ' 25); Northern Tour ( ' 27); Robe- son Couuey Club; Trtloir Journal ( ' 25). K S, S T CARROLL. SPENCER CREOLE S ' wan Quartei ' , N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.Q Freshman ? " ootball Squad: FresUuiau Track Squad; Varsity Traek Squad ( ' 25, ' 26); Carolina Dormitory C lub ; Chee rios ; Intramural AthJeti) e K WALTER DEVEREAUX CREECH, Jh. Goldsboro, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Grail; I ' ar Hei-I Editorial Staff; Plavmakers; Y. Cabinet; Gpruiaii Club; Coop; Interfraternity Council. S N. E A JAMES WINFIELD CRE W, Jn. Pleasant Hill, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Grail; Amphot. roflieu ; Mary D. Wright Debate Medal; Interso iely Debater; Intercollegiate De- bater; Y. tabinet; Dinamite Senate. i:,A, i A , TKA, A A JAMES FULTON CRUMPLER Clinton, N. C. ' Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Medicine Mediral Six-iety; Sampson County Club; Elislia JAMES RICHARD CURTIS McBee, S. C. y - ' ifcge: 22 Degree: Ph.G. • CInss President; Student Council; Pi-esidpnt of American Pliarmnceuticnl Association; Member of Palmetto Chih; Member ElisIia Mitchell Scientific Society. A k RALPH BROADDUS DAVIDSON Gaffney, S. C. " Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Track Squad CJ. " ., UCI; Sonlli Carolina Club [ R- y. CahTiie n Football SiiiKid (■27). DANIEL SHAW DAVIS Waxhaw. N. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Education-! " Education Chili; Fresliman Baseball Squad;., Union Count Club. Forty- our Afee: 21 Manager Varsity Wn Baseball (1, A K K J. HAROLD DAVIS Greensboro, N. C. Degree: B.S. in Med wine Frcsliman Wrestling Team; Manager •stliiig (4) ; Intramural Football and 2, y, 4) ; Monogram Club. g WILLIAM DOYLE DELJ Reidsville, N. C Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Freshtnan Football Team ; Freshman Basketball Team; Varsity Football Team (2, 3); Varsity Basketball Squad (2, 3); Rockingham County Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary and Treasurer (3) ; Assistant Junior i?rom Leader. TROY BRYAN EDWARDS Morrisville. N. C. Age: 23 Degree: B.S NANCY BLAIR ELIASON Statesville, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. ' „ Etisha Mitche:i Stieutitit Society. GALEN ELLIOTT Washington, N. C. Degree: Captain Freshman Cross-country ; Captain Fresh- man Track: Varsity Track; Captain Varsity Cross- m£ country; Freshman Friendship Council; Y. Cabi- net. Secretary (3) ; President Beaufort County Club; Di Senate: Monogram Club; Vice President Spike Shoe; Golden Fleece. Glee Club (2, 3). President (4); Wigue and Masque, President (4): Cabin; " IS " Club; Ger- man Club; Assistant Art P ditor Buccaneef (2, 3); Art Editor Tackety Ya. k (3) ; Playmakers. A T n, M A Forty-nine y yyy yyy. . ROBERT HOWELL EVANS WILLI AJ.: A. EVANS Raleigh, N. C. Dover, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Commerce Age: 23 Degree; A.B. Cabin; German Club. Carolina Playmakers; Phi Assembly. A e, A K ' J ' . ..... , . . ,— , „ , : . _• I gl JACKSON GLENN FAIRE K Walnut Cove, N. C. - Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce e K N CHARLES LEE FERGUSON Waynesville, N. C. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. Haywood County Club; President o£ Alplia Kappa Kappa ; President of Medical Society of C . JJ. .0.; EUgba Mitchell Scientific Society. I ■ JOHN STRAFFORD FERGUSON Randleman, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: Ph.G m JAMES WILLLA.M FERRELL, Jb. !| , Petersburg, Va. Age: 23 Degi-ee; A.B. Gimghoul; Grail: Minotaurs; Freshman Foot- ball; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4); German Club; T. Cabinet; President Pan-Hellenic Council; President Monogram Club. ' A K B ' " ■ ERNEST W. FRANKLIN ' , •%■; Raleigh, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Freshman Friendship Council; Di Senate: Fresh- man Cross-counh-v Team; Varsity Cross-country Team (2, 3); Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; tJ. N. C. Medical Society; Wake County Club. A K K EDGAR LYTLE FULCHER Stacy, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Commerc Band (1, 2) ; Freshman Baseball Squad; Tarsil Baseball Squad (2, 3) ; Carteret County Club. Fiftv-tliree 1 DILLARD SCOTT GARDNER Reidsville, N. C. Xge: 21 Degi ' ee: A.B. Senate; Tar Heel Staff; P. U. Board (3); faun Staff (3) ; Secretary McRae Law Clab (3); Vice President Manning Liaw Club (4); Associate Editor JV .C. Law Review (4) ; Editor Carolina Magazine (4). r S T, A A, S T, B K HORACE MARTIN FULCHER Stacy, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Plii Assembly; N. C. Club; Band (1. 2, 3, 4); Wrestling Squad; Carteret County Club. ' i FREDERICK BOLES GRAHAM REBECCA CAMERON GRAHAM ' ' ' ' " Wilmington, N. C. Durham, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Age: 20 Degiee: A.B. Gimghoul; Coop; Sheiks; Junior Marshal; ; Freshman BaseltaU Team; " Varsity Basebail Squad. 2 A K Fifty-five TARASA MARGARET GRAHAM i :: Sg5; .l WILLIAM A. GRAHAM Chapel Hill, N. C. - Ji-t ' ;,- ' . ' V Edeutuu, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Ptajmakei-s; Black and Vhite Revue. Y Cabinet (3, 4); Playmakers (3); Student THEODORE NELSON GRICE Columbia, S. C. Age; 22 Degree: B.S. in Coninieice President " G " Dormitory; Assistaut Circulation Manager Carolina Magazine (2, 3) ; Carolina Dormitory Club ; Palmetto Club ; Laboratory As- sistant in Commerce (1, 2, 4) ; German Club. FRANK BARRON GRIER Greenwood, S. C. Age: 21 Degree; A.B. Coop; German Club; A sistant Leader Easter jDancea. 2 A eT ' CLARENCE WINDLEY HALL Newport, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: A.B., LL.B. Battle Law Club; Sergeant-at-arms Phi As- sembly, President Carteret County Club; Vice President Second Tear Law Class; President of Senior Law Class; Assistant Editor N. O. Law Review; President Law Scliool Association Bar. ' .T ■■ ' .■ •■ A BENJAMIN HACIvETT HARDING Yadkinville, N. C. Degree; A.B. iu Education Age: 21 Lge: 22 Degi-ee: B.S. in Commerce Band (1, 2, 3, 4). r 2 T " GRATJVILLE VAGER HARRIS Asheville, N. C. Age: 25 Degree: B.S. in Civil Engineering William Cain Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers. 2 S JOHN BAUGHAM HARRISON Rich Square, N. O. J5f Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Education Age: TZ t Freshmau Ti-iuk Team; Vaisitj Tiaik Team Kl Cut (2,3,4). - -ft|-» «j ' K ' .,.£»--VT5 . ■,»-..• ' • -et. A K-: Degree: C Age; 21 De ee: B.S. in Electrical Age: 21 Degree: Ph.G. .- Engineering American Pharmacuutica! Association ; Sec tary and Treasurer of Bockiiigham County Club. ROY ALTON HENDRICKS Metter, Ga. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Age; 25 A 2 n NORWOOD MILLER HENRY ' " i Kelly, N. C. Degree: A.B. in Education - Sixty-one ARTHUR RUSSELL HOLLETT Bariiesville, Ohio Age: 22 Degree; B.S. in Civil Engineering William Caiu Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers; Carolina Rifle Club. ALEXANDER BARON HOLMES Charleston, S. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. G-ermau Club Executive Committee; Assistant Secretary and Treasurer German Club; Secre- tary and Treasurer German Club; Cabin; " 13 " Club: Gorgou ' s Head; Assistant Business Manager Tar Heel ( 2 ) ; Boxing Team ( 3 ) ; Law School. 2 A E, A GEORGE CLINTON HOLROYD Winston-Salem, N. C. Y Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Chemistry • American Chemical Society; Elisha Mitchell Si % entific Society. DAVID MONROE HOLSHOUSBR Rockwell, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Electricaf Engineering Glee Club; American Institute Electrical neers, Secretary ( ' 26), President ( ' 28). e , n K A, M A, Z N, B K EMMETTE MELVIN HONEYCUTT Linden, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Education SPLivlarv 1,1 F iyetteville Club; Dormitory Club; Member o£ Phi Assembly, -,. . ..-.T-r. Age: 23 Degree: LL.B. student KUitor of Xorth Ctirolina Law Review: Prtsident o£ Battle Law Club; Member of North Carolina Bar. A e DAlNrEL EDWARD HUDGINS, Jr. Ifi IMarion, N. C. Age: 21 Degiee: A.B. Sheiks; Crwp; Gorgon ' s Head; Secretary- Treasurer Interfraternity Council ; Y. Cabinet ; Debate Council; Di Senate; Virginia-Carolina Debate; Manager Football; Vice President German Club; Secretary Phi Beta Kappa; Monogram Club; President Senior Class; Golden Fleece. TLIFFORD FRANKLIN HUDSON rZ Sparta, N. C. y Age : 23 Degree : A.B. 4J Member of Committee of 100. if f GREY CARLTON HUGHES Axton, Va. Age: 23 Degree: A.B., B.S. Medicine German Club. JOHN HOWARD INGLE Bm-lington, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. lu Commerce ARTHUR AUGUSTUS JAMES. Jr. WILLIAM WALKER JARRELL Laurinburg. X. C. Charlotte, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Age: 21 Degree: M.E. Vresliman Baseball; Monosram Club; Bo.xini (1, 2, 3) ; " 13 ' Club. X Mnh Sixty-five FRANCIS PLUMMER JENKINS Tarboro, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Age: 21 Manager Basketball; German Club; Monogram A K E Club; " Coop. " X , A K - T ' ■• . r- - - w- ,--v . " .v- -av ' THOMAS PALMER JBRMAN " " Raleigh, N. C. HARRY RITENOUR JOHNSON Asheville, N. C. Age: 23 Degi-ee: A.B JOSEPH EDWARD JOHNSON " IX ci Benson, N. C. !■ Age: 23 Degree: A.B. in Education J Religious Council. Sixty-seven ' J(rnri ! J ' AY rAY. A y yjrjryyy-y z. CHILTON RONALD JONES Pink Hill, N. C. HARRY HENRY JONES. Jr. Cofield. N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Electrical Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Education Engineering e K N American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Intramural Baseball (3). A A T, Z N DAVID WORTH JOYNER Rocky Mount. N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S German Club. r A ALVIN MARTIN KAHN Cleveland, Ohio Age: 23 Degree: A.B. (ilee Club; Playmakers. Sixty-eight CLAYBORNE STANFORD KING EDWIN EARLE KOONCB Princeton, N. C. High Point, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. in Education Age: 22 Degree: A.B. German Club. X -ir THOMAS LEON LANIER Fuquay Springs, N. C. ige: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce i ' rt,rhA- %: ESTELLE EDITH LAWSON Chapel Hill. N. C. 20 Degree : A.B. jtJH l resident of Woman ' s Pau-Hellenic Council (4) ; Voman ' s Association; Secretary of Women ' s Pan- Hellenic Council (3). X fi, B K Seventy 1 Carteret County Club; Elisba Mitchell Scientific i Society; Band (1); Tar Heel (3); President Dormitory Club (4); Esses; Manager Varsity Boxing (4). Varsity Football (2) ; Boxing (4) ; Le Circle Francais (3) ; Kew Hanover County Club. HENRY NEILL LEE Lumberton, X. C. Age: 20 Degiee: A.B. Phi Assembly. r A BENJAMIN GILBERT LEuOfiMfJlP i ;: Scotland Neck. N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce Wrestliug Squad ( ' 27). I I JOHN BAKER LEWIS Farniville, N. C. Degree mbly; Intercolie: tory. Age: 21 Tar Heel Stnrt ; Plii Debater; President of I B K, T K A Age: 23 LONNIE CARL LILES Wendell, N. C. Degree: B.S. in Medicine . fy; Wake County Clul). 1 DEVEREUX HAIGH LIPPITT, Wilmington, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: Cabin; Wondbeiry Forest Club; Wi2U( 2 A E nd Masque; Track Squad. CHARLES THOMAS LIPSCOMB Greensboro, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Gorgon ' s Head; Minotaurs; Cabin; Glee Club; Vice President Glee Club (3); " 13 " Club; Junior Commencement Marshal; Leader Easter Dances (4); Carolina Playmakers; German Club; Track Squad (3); Freshman Football; Varsity Football; Monogi-am Club. _ 2 X, M A . -Ai Heventy-two r % RUFUS REID LITTLE Greensboro, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Pveshmau Friendship Council: Y. Cabinet; Gim- ghoiil; C oop; Manager Baseball (4); German Club; Tar Hed ' StslJ (2). A T n, B K MURREY JACK LONDON Brooklyn, N. Y. Age: 23 Degree: A.B. Dr.rmitorv Football Team; Basketball Team; Manager Basketball Team (3); Deutsche Vi ROBERT ANDREW LOVE, Jr. Gastonia, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce Cabin; German Cluli; Oaston County Chib. 2 N, A K ' I ' JOHN PESCUD LYNCH Raleigh, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Freshman Tennis; William Cain Chapter Ameri- can Societ.v c,i Civil Engineers; President Dornii tory Club. THEODORE WILLIAM McKINNEY Marshall, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B KATHERINE MacLAURIN MacKINNON y Maxton, N. C. JACK MiDOWELL MiLAUGHLIN Mercersburg. Penn. B.S. in Pharmacy LAFAYETTE HOLT McPHERSON 1 High Point, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Urail; y. Cabhilt; Freshmaii Friendship Coun- Senate; lar Heel .Staff, Managing Editor Business Manager Carolina Magazine; Busi- ness Manager Buccaneer ; Business Manager Faun; Demolay Club; Football Squad (2). 2 A Seventy-five EDWIX ROBESON MacKETHAN, Jk. Fayetteville, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. Commerce JTreshman FriiMidsliip Council; Y. Cabinet; Phi AssemWv; Tiir llcrl StnIT; Ymkety Yapk Staff; German Clul.; N. C. RiHe Club; Carolina Play- makers. WEX SMATHERS MALONE Asheville, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. rir.-ul;itir,ii ManaKcr Cim.limi Mcmzinr (■■25) ; Gennaii CInli; L. ' Corel. ' Krani-ilis. X I ' WILLIAM ROBERT MANEY Biltmore, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. Commerce Crerniiin Club. X T, A S 11 GEORGE LISTKK .MAKKHAM Elizabeth City, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce y. BASIL HUMPHREY MARSHALL, Jr g Wilmington, N, C. Age: 23 Degree: A,B. U. N. 0. Band; Cross-country Track. S A, M S J. EDWARD MARSHALL, Jr. Rocli Hill. S. C. Age; 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Di Senate; Palmetto Cliili, Secretur - (3), Trcs- ident (4); Y. Caldnet; Business Stuff of VarulUw Mu ' nziiie (4); Ciruliiia Bm-.inwer Business Staff (4). :; A, A K -i ' !■ ) WILLA LOU MATHESON Palmetto, Florida Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Education ANDREW CLARK MATTHEWS Magnolia, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. lilisha llitchell SeientiHe Si.ciet.v; " Cliecrios " 3) ; Assistant Instructor in Botany (4). Seventy-seven Xge: 21 Cabin; Gorgon ' s Head; North Carolina Club Durham County Club; German Olub; Sheiks. 2 A E DAVID TUTTLE MILNE Salisbury, N. C. Degree: A.] Tackett Yack; Di Senate; Dinamite Senate; Playmakers; Tar Heel; German Club. 2 T, B K JAMES MEBANE MITCHELLE WILLIAM ALEXANDER MONROE Danville, Va. Sanford, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Wrestlins Squad; Interfraternitv Council; 2 X German Club 2 K 7 Age II K DAN K. MOORE Sylva, N. C. 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce , B K, A A CHARLES HUGH MOOSE Badiu. N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. iu Electrical Engineering Amcriciin Institute of lClL itiii-al EugiuoiTs. 2 E i GARRETT MOREHEAD Charlotte, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. Freshman Football and Basketball: Captain Varsity Fontlwll (4) ; Leader Minotaur Dance (2) ; Assistant Leader Gimghoul Dance (3): Commence- ment Marshal (3); Ball Manager (4); Monogram Club; Minutaurs; Gimghoul; " Coop. " K 2 Eighty ■I ERNEST WEST MORGAN Wintall, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Phi Assembly; Freshnuui Assembly Debate; North Carolina Club; Editorial Staff of T. ckety Yack; Carolina Playmakers; Mary D. Wright Debate (4). i 1 JOSEPH EDGAR MORRIS Norwood, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. ifiiSRM ilr WILLIAM WORTH MORRIS Charlotte, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Captain Freshman Basketball; Basketball (2, 3, 4) ; Captain of Varsity Basketball (4) ; Grail; Monogram Club; Vice President o£ Mono- gram Club (4); Golden Fleece. X Eighty-one ■y ' jr ' A. I JOHN FAIRBANKS MOTSINGER Wallburg, N. C. Degiee: A.B., LL.B. Wrestling Team (2, 3, 4) ; Assistant Wrestling Coach ( ' 28); Track Sqiiad; Boxing Squad; Di Senate; President Davidson County Club. r 2 T, e , E A JAMES HOWARD MOYE Greenville, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Pitt County Club; Cabin; German Club; Gor- gon ' s Head. S N, A K ROBERT SWEENEY MOYE Greenville, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. in Education MARVIN PHILIP MYERS Jennings, N. C. Age: 24 Degree: LL.B. Di Senate; Monogram Club; Law Review; Law Scliool Association. A Eighty-tivo WILLIAM WATT NEAL, Jr, . Greensboro, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: A.B. Freshman Friendship Counci l; Treasurer of Speaker p Business Manat; Carolina Sandb uess Staff (1. - Assistant Leader E, B K tern Di Senate; German Club; Tar Hetl ; Business Manager (2) ; Yaokety Yack Busi- ; Senior Executive Committee ; Senior . Dance. CHARLES ALEXANDER NELSON Staunton, Va. Age: 24 Degree: LL.] Tar Reel; Yackett Yack; Cabinet. A , 2 A E JOHN BASIL NELSON Randleman, N. C. Age: 19 RHODES EDMOND NICHOLS, Jr. Durham, N. C. Degi-ee: Ph.G. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Medicine A K K, e K N BENJAMIN WILLIS OKMOND ' Dover, N. C. v ' -m?i 23 Degree: B.S. in Commerce rth Caroliua Club. ZACK DOXEY OWENS Elizabeth City, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Medicine Elislia Mitchell Scientific Society ; North Caro- lina Medical Society ; Secretary-Treasurei- Secon Medical Class. mMmimm_ 7 A ' j 7 ry ' zrjr j JOHN HARRISON PARKER Selma, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. Commerce Fresliiuan Fuotliall; Freshman Track; Varsity Ti-ack Squad; Football Squad; Jolmston County Club; Deutsche Verein ; Freshman Friendship Council. ' GEORdE " THOMAS PARKIN Beaufort, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Civil Englnering - William Cain Chapter o£ Civil Engineers. B K i CHAKLES AYC ' OCK PARLIER King ' s Creek, N. C. Age: 26 Degree: A.B. in Education Wrestling Squad (4) ; Caldwell Count}- Club. GEORGE DOWELL PEARSON Xi ' Jw Apex, N. C. y 9k Age: 23 Degree: A.B. in Education jrp Freshman Track Team; Varsity Track Team (2, 3, 4); Monogram Club; Carolina Spike Shoe. -1 % AUBREY ALPHONSO PERKINS Greensboro, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Y. Cabinet; Grail; Gym Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Monogram Club; President of Dormitory; Di Senate; Senior Executive Committee; Gym As- sistant (3, 4). A s n LLEWELLYN PHILLIPS Morehead City, N. C. Age: 24 Degree: LL.B. Secretary and Treasurer of Third Year Law Class ; N. C. Club ; Phi Assembly ; Carteret County Club; MacRae Law Club. A e J ■ JOE LEAK PINNIX Kernersville, N. C. I Age: 22 Degiee: Ph.G. German Club; Secretary and Treasurer Phar- macy Senior Class; Forsyth County Club; Wrest- ling Squad. X T, K iM Piif¥ i NANCY IRENE POPE Durham, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Education Woman ' s Association. Eiylit n-seven ' .ven I ' Age: Surry e K JOSEPH M. REECE Elkin, N. C. 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce i-Helleui. ' Council; Carolina Rifle Club; County Club. N THAD MARSHALL REECE Boonville, N. C. Age: 20 Tar n. ' el Stuff; Biiccanfer Staff; Reufro Club. • Degree: A.B. M TROXELL CRAWFORD REYNOLDS Chapel Hill. N. C. Age: 20 Degi-ee: B.S. in Medicine Freshman Friendship Council ; Track Squad (2. 3); Math. Club; Deutsche Verein. LOUIS JEFFERSON RING Mt. Olive, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. e K N, B K ( IRVING MERCER ROBBINS Yeatsville, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Commerce P GEORGE McNeill rose, Jr. ' ■ ' Charlotte, N. C. Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Electrical Engineering Freshman Friendship Council: Fre.shmau Track Team; A. I. E. E.; Operator of University Radio Station (2, 3, 4) ; German Club (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 4). S X, Z N - OWEN HENRY ROUSE V-- Rose Hill. N. C. Age: 22 Degree: A.B. in Education Phi Assembly; Duplin County Club. e K N I AVILLIAM FRANCIS SHAFFNER, Jr. Winston-Saleni. N. C. Age: 21 Degree: A.B. Glee Club (1, 2. H); Wigiie and Masque Olub (2, 3, 4). 2 A E, B K MARILEE SHAW — " if. De Pnniak Spiings, Pla. Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Education Carolina Playmakers Ninety-three WENDELL WAYNE SMILEY Marshall, N. C. Timmonsville, S. C. 5 ;;Xi» Age: 19 Degree: A.B. in Education Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Comm ce " Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Coop; German CTub (1, 2, 3, 4); Gorgon ' s Head. A T n, M A mMm I HENRY EUGENE SMITH Roxboro, N. C. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. in Commerce JOHN TROY SMITH Hope Mills, N. C. Age: 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce President of Dormitory ; Fayetteville Club. Ninclu-four 1 I Age X RICHARD WEBSTER SMITH Rome, Ga. 21 Degi-ee: A.B THOMAS CARLISLE SMITH, Jb. Asheville, N. C. 20 Degree: A.B. Assistant Leader of Gorgon ' s Head Ball; Fresh- man Trai k Team; Cabin; Di Senate; Gorgon ' s Head; German Club; Commencement Bali Manager. A T n I MARVIN LeROY SMOOT ROBERT SOUTHERLAND, Jr. Fayetteville, N. C. Mount Olive, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Medicine Age; 20 Degree: A.B. Boxing Squad ; Playmakers ; Intramural Football Cabin, (1, 2). A e Niuety-flve DURWOOD BLWOOD STEED WILLIAM HERMAN STEPHENS Richlands, N. C. Lillington, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: B.S. in Commerce Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Commerce A n WALTER EVERETTE STEWAR ' Badin, N. C. KjC ' Age: 21 Degi ' ee: B.S. in Electrical K Engineering l5i Fresliman Triirk Squail; Varsifv Trii.-k SquntI (2, 3); University Band (2, 3), Univ.isity Or- chestra (2, 3); Varsity Bo ing Squid (:i) ; American Inf ' titute of EIeetriL il Engineers. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Medicine Sheiks; Gorgon ' s Head; Cabin; Pan-Hellenic Council; Assistant Advertising Manager Carolina Pla.vmakers; Assistant Business Manacur C ' aro- ina, Maijitzine ; Assistant Leader Sopiiomore HoiJ ; Commencement ilarshal ; Commencement Ball Manager; Executive Committee German Club; Secretary-Treasurer Medical Society. X GEORGE FLOYD TAYLOR Chapel Hill. N. C. Age: 46 Degree; A.B ROBERT BROWN TAYLOR V ' :-_ ' Tarboro. N. C. ' -m ' Age: 20 Degree: B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM STANTON TAYLOR ,; Kinston. N. C. -- .i : 21 Degree: B.S. in Commerce fle Club. CHARLES LAMAR THOMAS Charlotte. N. C. Age; 22 Degi-ee: B.S. in Chemistry ' University Band; University Sympliony Orches- an Chemical .Sufiety; Elisha iVfitcliell Scientific Sr ciety ; N. C. Academy of Science; Alembic Club. A X 2 OWEN GUION THOMAS New Bern, N. C. Degree: B.S. Civil Engineering Freshman Football ; Varsity Football Squad ; President Soph-iinore Class ( ' 25); Assistant Cheer Leader ( ' 22. 23); Sub-assistant Basketball Mana- ■ ger ( ' 23); Cheer Leader ( ' 25, ' 26) e X HENRY EDWARD THOMPSON, Asheville. N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. in Electrical Engineering Iiitranmral Football and Basketball; Art Staff ■mt ' fi-; Scribblers Club; President 1 Institute of Electrical Engineers; Enter- nment Committee of Engineering " Open House. ' ' E - . Ninety-nine EARL VAN TUCKER ' ; Grifton, N. C. ' Age: 23 Degree: B.S. in Medtclne Pbi Sociely; Mfilical Society; Pitt County CUrt ; ElislKi Mitihell Scientific So ciety. Fo.itlmll Scjuad ( ' 26, ' 27); Wrtstling ' 27, ' 2 ); Boxiu? ( ' 26); Treasurer of Cla ufFl If I FRANK A. URBSTOX Waterbury, Coun. THOMAS ALBERT Greensboro, X. C. Age: 24 Degree: B.S. iu Electrical Age: 21 Engineering Anieriran Ijistitiite of Electi ' ical Engineers. Z N, B K, i; E One Hundred Two WILiLIAM HAYWOOD WAETEmS Age: 21 Oxford, N. C. Degree: B.S. Medicine JULIAN AYERS WARD Elizabeth City, N. C. Age: 22 Degi ' ee: B.S. in Electrical ' Engineering American Institute of Elfctrical Engineers. e Age Freshma ( ' 24, ' 25) Degree : A.B Friendship Council; Blue Ei(l?e Y. Oatiinet {2, 3); Alembic Ohib; Beutsche Verein ; Di Senate; Track Squad; Ger- man CIuI). X , A X S JOHN DARGAN WATSON ▼y ' : V Greenwood, S. C. " " 22 Degree: B.S. in Civil ' Engineering G-lmghouls; William Cain Student Chapter J American Society of Civil Engineers (2, 3), President (4) ; German Club (2, 3, 4) ; Executiveiji Conuaittee of German Club (4) ; Cabin. A T n ' tie Hundred Four President of Gnstnn County Club l4); Treas iirer of Gaston Couuty Club (3); Member o Kortli Carnlin;! Club: Matbetuiitics Chib ; Intra mural Fodthall anil Has. ball. ne Hundred Six CARL HEXRY WESSELL Wilmingtou, N. C. Age: 22 Degree: B.S. Commerce ' , Bund, Vice Tia-sident: Symphony Orchestra: Black and " White lievue: Wigue and Masqup; Orchestra : Tar Heels and Southerners Dance Or- chestra ; Manager Manlv Dortnitcrv ' s Athletics; German Club; Paul Michael and his Orchestra. M S DELMAR FREDERICK WHITE Mebane. N. C. Scotland Neck. N. C. V Age: 21 Degree; J bJGl. , Age; 22 Degree: A.B. in Kdiication i , Anieritau Pliariuacentir-al Associut ' ' ' ' - " " " -, . . .. . .. A X ii ' dLlO PRESTON WHITFORD Washington, N. C. Age: 23 Degree: Pla.G. American Pharmaceutical Association; Elislia MiTrhell Scieiitilic Society. A X One HuniJred Eiyhl WILLIAM K. WILEY Greensboro, N. C. Age: 19 Degree: Yai ' Kety Yapk Biisiuess Staff. A X A mcJUMATHAH 3o YACICETY YACIC- A Sonnet for Class Day ON sueli a day, bards sing tlu ' man and maid, The conquerors of pedants and slow years, Discarding doubtful certainties and fears, They wing out free, untried and unafraid. Strew roses on the fading trail they made. And force a sigh for laughable past tears. On this one day, the gyre of distant spheres Coils in youth ' s hands, and youth is undismayed. Forget how soon they gain their destined dower. Their dreams may end in selling shoes or hay, .Vnd bald pates gloom at evanescent power, .Vnd wrinkles twist where laughter lines mice lay. As very gods, they live this one short hour, Strew roses, stripped of thorns, upon their way. Katherine Johnson. I One Hundreil Fourteen = ' di ttmiior ' One Hundred Fifteen YACKE YACT Officers of the Junior Class Charles Frank Ellison President Edmund Lane Curlee Vice President Henry Nicholas Brown, III Secretary Roland Lincoln Kesler Treasurer William Wray Ward Representative on Student Council 9 One Hundred Sixteen c Otie Hundred Eighteen » ' wiim Jacob Ernest Cobb : Columbus, N. C. j Glee Club ( ' 26, 27, J - ' ) ; Di Senate. t ■ E i One Hundred [JJteetecn One Hundred Twenty-two One Hundred Twenty-] oxir One Hundred Twenty-seven 9 f jmm _Geoiu;e B. Lockhart Charlotte, N. C. Treasurer Sopliomore Class; Freshman Friend- iship Council : German Club; William Ca One Hundred Xhjrty-three One Hundred Thirty-four One Hundred Thirty-five One Hundred Thirty-six One Hundred Thirty-seven One Hundred Thirty-eiyJit = M hMmMTZM : . One Eunched Thirty-nine ACKET j YACK Officers of the Sophomore Class J. W. Patterson President Phillip Jackson Vice President John Thornton Secretary J. F. Wiley Treasurer S. S. McNeely ■ Student Councilman ' y ' ,, , fJl 1 Q2,A One Hundred Forty nhr SOPHOMORE Class, A Through E Harold I. Aarox Charles S. Adams. Jr. ' Wh liam J. Adams. Jr. Raymond M. Ai.xsley George Z. Alden Joseph M. Aldex Allen G. Aldridge James M. Alexander John J. Alex. nder Marion R. Alexander Oliver M. Alexander Archie T. Allen. Jr. WiLLARD F. Allen Herman A. A.xderson Prank Armfield Richard B. Armfield David L. Avner Edwin B. Aycock Howard W. Bailey David G. Ball James W. B. ll Claude H. Ballard. Jr. W. Baxxer Lexie G. Barefoot Minor Barkley Roy H. Barxes William H. Barxette Randall W. Bartox Willl m H. Brown L. Demmixg Bass David W. Bell Raymoxd E. Bass George W. Best WiLLIA.M E. BETTS H. Steele Bivens Boyce Blackburn Pitnam W. Blackwell Carl W. Blackwood Charles A. Bland Mercer J. Blankenship William E. Bobbitt Allen C. Boren Joseph T. Bostic Thomas C. Bowie John M. Boyce George W. Bradham Harry G. Brainard Joiix Brandt George S. Braxx ' ox. Jr. Dan J. Brawley SiDXEY Brick Clyde W. Briles Joseph H. Brisson Francis A. Brooks Bertram H. Brown Carl B. Brown- Travis T. Brown John H. Brunjes Leon Br -an William J. Bryan Bernice F. Bullard Erwin K. Bullard James A. Bunting William C. Bitrnett Euwix E. Butler Edward P. Cahoox Charles D. Calhoun Newtox S. Calhoun James N. Callahan Charlie C. Carpenter Frederick L. Carr. Jr. Gauriel p. Carr William G. Carr Arthur O. Carraway Amie L. Carroll Edward S. Carter Marvin S. C.vrter Tom Cash Clarence C. Gates William H. Chadwick Wllliam J. Chandler Robert H. Cheatham William C. Cheatham Walter T. Cherry- ' gK JS i: S One Hundred Forty-one YACKETY YACK ' I Jerome J. Cohex George F. Cole Cheatham G. Colet James S. Collins Ralph S. Collins Raymond F. Coltkane Georue L. Conley E. Coppersmith Thomas G. Cornwell Fred J. Coxe, Jr. David J. Craig, Jr. HiBERT E. Cratch Stranleigh B. Crawford Walter S. Crawford George E. Crawley Hylton K. Crotts William L. Cilbreth Jack A. Cureton William R. Curtis Frank C. Dail Archibald S. Dalrymple James A. Daughekty Be.n ' son W. D.wis Clarence Davis Elmer R. Davis Elbert H. Denning Loris H. deRosset Morrison W. Divine. Jr. Roland A. Dodson Felix G. Doggett John H. Dougherty William B. Douglas Francis E. Drake Shelton C. Dry William H. Dry Edwin V. Durham. Jr. Junius W. Durham Arnold B. Edgerton James B. Edwards Thomas H. Edwards William P. Edwards Harland H. Elder Walter E. Eskew Elbert S. Eskridge Charles N. B. Evans Thomas E. Faires Douglas M. Fambrough Stuart A. Farleigh William Y. Farrell Ray S. Farris David Fayssoux William L. Fe:aring Howard C. Federal. Jr. M. RSIIALL Y. FtlMSTER Julian B. Fenner Thomas R. Ferguson George A. Fishes James R. Fitzgerald Frank R. Fleming Marion G. Follin. Jr. Robert F. Foltz. Jr. John F. Ford W. LTER A. Ford, Jr. John Fort Roy C. Foster Reginald M. Fountain Joseph T. FowLf;R Omnia F. Fowler Haskell W. Fox John N. Frederick Raymond C. Freeman- Robert L. Freeman AV. P. Freeze John Frost Henry B. Fuller Phillip H. Gallagher Harry J. Galland Alexander H. Galloway Joe Garibaldi Austin M. Garris Ralph B. Garrison Walter I. Gibson Harry M. Gilbert Ned B. Giles James B. Gillespie John D. Glenn Thomas J. Gold Marcus L. Goldstein George B. Goode Cleon W. Goodwin George M. Graham John W. Graham Robert E. L. Graham, Ji Calvin Graves Gordon Gray Edwin C. Graybill James M. Graybill Claude L. Green Stanley E. Green Ralph C. Greene Harry G. Grier Thomas E. Griffin James M. Griggs Harry Grossman C. W. Hadley Gould M. Hambright George W. Hamee Eugene A. Hammond Earnest D. Hancock James T. Harden Jesse 0. Hargrave I V. .mc0. One Hundred Forty-two nhe YACKEl YACK Sophomore Class. F Thkough K William F. Hargrove Fraxk T. Harper. Jr. Sanford C. Harper. Jr. LixwooD P. Harrell Boyd W. Harris JoHx G. H. rris Ptolemy T. Harris Boyd A. Hartsell Edward F. Hathaway Howard V. H. ymax Robert A. Hedgecock Joseph B. Henderson Charles V. Hexkel Odie B. Herring Brantley G. Hicks Charles G. Hicks James H. Highsmith Gray E. Hill Henry 0. Hill Conrad O. Hinshaw Elbert C. Hobbs. Jr. HlBERT T. HOGAN Glenn p. Holder Haywood D. Holderness Leonard H. Hole Troy L. Holland William T. Holland Braxton H. Holloman Hug II W. Holt William A. Hooks Herma.x W. Hopper William J. Horney. Jr. Matthew A. Hoightox Francis M. Houston Robert A. Hovis Frank S. Howell Kenneth Howell Hughes B. Hoyle Charles R. Hl-bb. rd Early- L. Highes William L. Hunt Thomas A. Hunter Thomas L. Hunter Isaac H. Huske Kelly W. Huss Weixbor.v Jack Brownlow Jackson. Jr. William T. Jackson Francis A. Jacocks Brandol F. James. Jr. Augustus H. Jarratt Hexry ' L. Johnson James E. Johnson Jasper C. Johnson- Fred O. Johnston Frank A. Jones Lawson W. Jones Da -id Kail Thomas W. Keller Bexjamin B. Kendrick Vaiden B. Kendrick Zebii.on V. Kendrick Gordon B. Kexxedy William W. Kext B. Graves Kerr. Jr. Roy B. Kixg Vaxce W. Kenlaw Sidney J. Kirk Dox O. Kitchen William S. Koexig F. B. Kuykendall, Jr. D. WiNFKEi) Lambert Theoplos H. Lancaster John A. Lang Aletxander Langsasi Dayton Lanier, Jr. Moses D. Lassiter Walter Laxsox. Jr. Geor(;e N. Leetch Curtis B. Leggett Raby C. Leonard ft jm . One Hundred Forty-three ' The vCKETY ACK Robert J. Lewellyn George W. Lewis Leonard D. Lewis Seaton G. Lixdsay, Jr. DELBEBT E. LiVINliSTON Dekmott Lohr George A. Lokg George W. Lo e Edwin L. Loweky Roy Frank Lowry Napoleon B. Lifty Homer L. Lyon Frank Mackey ' Arthur S. Mann. Jr. Byeon a. Marshall Robert D. Marshall John H. Martin Clarence H. Mason- William B. Mason Leslie V. Matthews James R. Maus WILLL4M C. MeBANE. Jr. E. E. Mendenhaix, Jr. Ormando p. Mendez Gkaby- Mercer Robert C. Merritt. Jr. WiLBURN E. Merritt Eleby C. Midgette Dell W. Miller Stephen H. Millender John B. Miller. Jr. John W. Mills Bendix S. Mixuen Howard B. Miners Adolphis Mitchell Davis L. Moore Richard H. Moore WiLLL M P. Moore David E. Morgan George E. Morgan William B. Morgan Beverly T. Moss William S. Moye Robert L. Mirphy Herbert W. McCall George H. McCormk k Jewitt C. McCotter Harry E. McDaniel Alvay R. McFayden Earnest C. McInnis James R. McIver James W. McIver Lewis M. McKee Haywood A. McLawhorn Sam S. McNeely. Jr. Edward A. McNeill Walter E. McNci.ty. Jr. F. H. McPlIERSON Angus R. McRacken Stanford L. Napier Carl J. Nicholson Enita Nicks David A. Nims William T. Norwood Frederick J. Osborne Charles B. Overman John D. Palmer Julian I. Palmore Bartholomew M. Parker Harry O. Parker Howard T. Parker Otto H. Reese Jesse N. Parkkr. Jr. John W. Parker Alfred T. Parmele Leland F. Parrish Otis S. Parsons Paul R. Patten George A. Patterson Edwin L. Patterson S. Glen Patterson James W. Patterson Gilbert B. Paul LuciAN A. Peacock Gradon 0. Pendergraft John S. Perkins Luther A. Perry Richard T. Phillips William A. Phillips William E. Pirie Rolland M. Pittman Graydon 0. Pleasants Leon Polakavetz Reid T. Ponder James G. Poole Francis R. Porter Douglas L. Potter William H. Potter Whitener H. Prevost Francis 0. Price Henkel M. Price Oliver M. Proffit George Race Gilbert T. Ragan Fred C. Rankin Thomas B. Rector John C. Redding Charles M. Redfern mM 1 a One Hundred Forty- our r,jC_i,_U ' ' X ri ' . Oi-S,:. ' The :ACKET Sophomore Class, L Through R Ralph C. Reid Edward C. Rhame Chaeles F. Rhinehart William L. Rhyne David P. Ricks e, och g. robbins Robert G. Robertson Alfred C. Rogers E. W. RowE William D. Sabiston Herman W. Schnell Spencer S. Schorr Walter L. Scott James P. Scurlock Ashley F. Seawell Carl W. Sechler James P. Seymoi r Charles J. Shannon Royal G. Shannonhoupe John C. Shelton James E. SHERwoon George C. Shinx Elton B. Shore Forest L. Shukoru Wales F. Sigmon S. AroisTus Silver Henry M. S nclair Eugene C. Sipe Jacob E. Skinner WiLBURN E. Small Allen H. Smith Charles L. Smith, J Edward A. Smith George Smith James K. Smith 0. Martin Smith S. Lamont Smith WiNSLOw W. Smith Edgar W. Snipes George W. Snowden Daniel M. Snyder William E. Sparger William C. Spaigh Leon A. Spailding Wn,LiAM W. Speight Samuel E. Spitzer Lawrence P. Stack John H. Stainback Robert E. Stanton Henry Steknbercer Joseph P. Stewart Frank P. Stimson George P. Stone Leon G. Stone Richard E. Stone William A. Stringfellow Allston J. Stubbs Lloyd E. Swain N. Lee Swann Granville H. Swope Miss Tobie M. Tanenhaus Cecil G. Taylor Francis M. Taylor, Jr. KEXLFjt W. Thomas William M. Thomas Frank W. Thomason LoY D. Thompson, Jr. John Thornton James M. Tidwell Henry G. Tilghman Thomas H. Tomlinson Francis R. Toms Lawrence E. Tullock Frank K. Turner Eugene D. Umstead WiNGATE E. UnDERHILL Francis D. Uzzell John A. Vann Odell S. Vestal Raymond D. Vogler Edmind L. Waddill One Hundred Forty-five ' The vCKET lACIC ' Miss E. Noel Walker Thomas R. Walker Ray E. Wall James F. Walsh Frank L. Walston JoHX D. Walters Bernard R. Ward David J. Ward Horace G. Ward James K. Ward John W. Wardlaw Joe C. Warren John E. Watson Alan M. Watt Eugene E. Wells John R. Wells Albert M. Whisnant Richard H. Whitakek Rudolph C. Whitaker RuFi ' s White Sophomore Class. S Through Z William B. White Ayer C. Whitley James L. Whitley GuYON E. Whittex W. W. Whittixgton. Ji Samuel R. Wiley Charles F. Williams Harry B. Williams Joseph C. Williams WiLLL M S. Williams Colie V. Williamson John Williamson El wood R. Willis Dane M. Wilsey Emmett T. Wilson Francis J. Wilson- Lee Wilson William M. Wilson Johx F. Wily Richard Wixborne. Jr. Caldwell Winecoef Champ Wixstead George T. Winston James E. Wiseman Johx H. Wish art Atlas M. Witty Donald L. Wood Elliot S. Wood Marsh.u,l F. Woodall Er vix C. Woodard Bruce W. Woolard Robix N. Wooten Creighton- Wrenx Auburn L. Wright Sherman A. Yeargan Robert P. Yelverton ROLLIX G. YOUNCE J. Otis Youngblood Robert L. Zeialy ' Henry H. Zurburg On ' ' Hunrlred Forty-six rc ixiMiie } One Hutidred Forty-seven rhe vCKET lACIC Officers of the Freshman Class Edmund Strudwick Nash President Edward R. Lipscomb Vice President William Lucius Carbine ' .- Secretary William Clyde Dunn Treasurer h ffe One Hundred Forty-eight nhe VCKETY lACIC- Freshmax Class. A Through C I Eric X. Abernethy, Jr Frank il. Adams Thurston R. Adams Robert M. Albright Allen L. Alexander Austin X. Allen Ethe-.I V. Allen Gordon F. Allen Harlee C. Allen Sam R. Allen Van D. Alston George W. Aman Henry H. Anderson Charles D. Andrews James A. Anslin Henry M. Armfield Arthur L. Ashburn John B. Ashcraft Ca ' lis H. Atkins • Atkinson Eln M. Georae L. Bagby Henry II. Baggs Richard D. Bagwell Andrew J. Bailey Leslie R. Bailev Slerritt C. Baker Otis W. Baker Robert E. Baldwin Thomas R. Baldwin Gudger D. Ball Thelbert A. Barbour Thomas H. Barker. Marshall H. Barney Sterling A. Barrett Marvin C. Bartley Charles C. Bass William C. Bateman Howard E. Bates, Jr, Clifford R, Baucom .John C. Beaklev Everett G. Beam Walter R. Belk Clay C. Bell Henderson S. Bell James E. Bell Kenneth Adriep Bell Xoah P. Bell Leo G. Bergman Miltc-n E. Berman Rufus H. Best. Jr. Boswell A. Bethune John M. Betts Robert E. Betts Tan A. Black Cosbv G Blackwood Jacob C. Blackwood Kennett Blair Stanley R. Blair James G. B ' ake Belvin X. Blalock Thomas M. Blankenship Victor H. Blumberg Thomas S. Bouldin. Jr. William C. Bouldin George P. Bourdelat Milton P. Bcwen Brandol L. Bovette Joseph O. Boyles James T. Boysworth James A. Bracey Samuel V. Brady D. W. Brake Charles H. Brame Elmer V. Braswell William T. Braswell Reid M. Brawley Robert V. Brawley, Jr. .Jasper I. Braxton Leland C. Brewer Clayton Brice Frederick M. Brickman Jack E. Brinn William H. Britt Haves A. Brooks Carroll O. Brown Eugene F. Brown Georg He S. Br ard J. Brown John L. Brown. Jr Julian Brown Sam A. Brown Herbert T. Browne Roy V. Bruton Xorman L. Bryan. George B. Bryant Howard M. Bryant James D. Brvson Cecil F. Bullard Fred B. Bunch Xathan D. Bunker James A. Bunn .John C. Burch One Hundred Forty-nine YACKETY YACIC ' Jr. Roy M. Bux ' gess William R. Burgess Joseph R. Burns James A. Burt Carmen M. Butler Leon A. Butler Virgin L. Butner Richard C. Cadmus George D. Carawav WiUiam L. Carbine, Frank M, Carlisle, Jr. Joe A. Carpenter Dewitt J. Carr Benny A. Cash Hiram P. Caton Miller W. Cavin Charles G. Chatham William P. Chenc-weth Jack H. Childs Page Choate Howard F. Chrisco Albert E. Clark James B. Clements Madison H. Cockman Benjamin D. Coffield Milton Cohen Joseph J. Cole. Jr. Robert W. Coleman James L. Colev Clyde T. Collins Gerald L. Colvin Claude G. Comer Charles A. Condon, Jr. Bernard S. Connelly Cunningham W. Coiistantin William J. Conwav Dennis S. Cook Roy W. Cook Lloyd A. Cooke Robert G. Cooke WiUiams Cooper Henry Cornelius Homer Cornelius Lyman A. Gotten Charlie M. Councilman Jack B. Coursey Marion R. Cowper Randolph C. Coxe Stanley Coxe William R. Coxe John T. Craig Frank L. Crane C. .Jack Craven Grady R. Crawford Hampton B. Crawford Burnice L. Credle Oscar Creech Robert E. Crew Stanley E. Crew John H. Croom William S. Crouch Arthur B. Crudup Leonard H. Crumpler Walter H. Culbreth James T. Culton Walter A. Dalev Dalton P. Dan Thomas C. Darst Carson R. Davis Fred B, Davis .Tefferson Davis Ralph W. Davis Robert E. Davis William G. Davis James B. Dawson Vance L. Dearman John A. DeBerry Thomas E. Dees Gaston L. Deese John R. Denning Zeb R. Denny Ernest C. Denton David G. deRosset J. Norman DeVinev Robert F. Dewev Canfleld S. Dickie Nicholas W. Dockerv Gavin Dortch. Jr. Jerry W. Doughtie Thomas B. Douglas Charles C. Duffv William C. Dunn William Dunn, Jr. .Joseph C, Eagles William L. Easlev Charles D. Eatman Jesse P. Edwards Julius C. Edwards Val Edwards John S. Egglestcn Edward E. Eisenberg Matt A. Elmore Wallace Enloe Morris Erbesfleld Charles P. Erickson Char ' es R. Erskine John W. Ervin John H. Estep Ernest W. Ewbank Harrv H. Ewbank Alexander H. Ewing Ralph L. Palls Millard H. Pann Robert Perrell Joseph G. Faulkner Henry S. Field James L. Ferebee Fred J. Ferguson Jesse E. Ferguson William E. Perrell Adam Fisher, Jr. Ameel -T. Fisher Albrev W. Fisher Carl H. Fisher Roscoe B. Fisher Roy C. Flanigan Cowan C. Foard Charles E. Ford Harry S. Ford Richard W. Fcwler Charles D. Franck Roy W. Franklin Eugene H. Frasier Berry G. French Frank Friedenberg James L. Frye Lucian H. Fussell Ellis D. Fysal Marshal A. Ga ' lop Albert C. Gaskill Eugene L. Gaskill Kenneth A. Gav Henrv E. Gibbons Hall L, Gilbert Harold W. Glascock. II George N. Gleaton Chalmers L. Glenn, Jr. Edmond T. Glenn Joseph H. Glenn Sydney C. Glickman Cleo W. Goldstein John F. Goode Albert R. Goodman Vernal J. Goodman Noah Goodridge Elwood K. Goodson James C. Goodwin James S. Gorham. .Jr. Charles P. Graham Donald W. Graham John C. Grainger Milford F. Grantham John F. Gregorv Robert L. Gribble Robert A. Grier James O. Griffin Paul E. Griffin Phil G. Griffin Harold P. Grindstaff Thurman E. Gross, Jr. J. Walter C. Grotvohann Julian B. Guard Arthur B. Gulley June U. Gunter Roy H. Gunter Aubrev A. Gurganus Lester M. Haddad Wade H. Hadley, Jr. Price B. Hall. .Jr. •Johu F. Hallmau Edward R. Hamer Thomas N. Hamer William D. Hamer William C. Hames Joseph G. deR. Hamilton Lawrence T. Hammond Tyler J. Hamner .James L. Harper Henry D. Harris James C. Harris James L. Harris Albert D. Haskins Shoflck G. Hafem William Hawkersmilh Clvde L. Hawkins Charles P. Hayes. Jr. Baxter H. Haymore Egbert L. Haywood Allen W. Heath Herbert Hechenbleikner James D. Heilig Joseph E. Heifer Worth M. Helms Willis I. Henderson Robert E. Henning Matthew G. Henrv Tom C. Henrv Charles A. Hens ' ey, Jr. John E. Henson Joseph F. Hester U B. Hester, Jr. WilUam L. Higdon, Jr. Robert O. High Eugene G. Hines Leonard R. Hines Wiley A. Hines George R. Hinston Oscar B. Hobbs L. C. Hobson, Jr. Robert M. Hodges Elmer G. Hoefer, .Jr. ,iMj fl One Hundred Fifty nhe YACKETY YACIC Feeshmax Class, D Throigh H I James L. Hofler Clyde R. Holder Wilmot S. Holmes. J Grey B. Hooks Carl C. Hoots Eugene M. Hooyer Edmund Hopkins Charles G. Home Frank AV. Horner Giles F. Horney Irying Horowiti Hall C. Houpe Henry C. House Frank J. Househo ' d Herman Y. Housloi Jack M. Houston Robert H. Houston Jesse M. Howard Cliarles N. Howe Robert E. Hubbard William T. Hudnell, James S. Hudson Clyde E. Hulon George W. Hundley Wilbur C. Hun John D. Hunt Marvin N. Hunter John G. Hurt Theodore F. Hussa Richard Hutchinso John D. Idol Tliomas K. lyey Frank W. Jackson Martin W. Jackson Phillip Jackson ker Francis G. Jacobs Philip Janyey John S. Jemison, Jr. Edwin Jennings Benson T. Johnson David A. Johnson D. C. Johnson Joseph J. Johnson Josiah D. Johnson Pinkney G. .Johnson. .T: Robert G. Johnson Franklin W. Jones Harvey J. Jones Henry F. Jones Herbert W. Jones Horace B. Jones John T. Jones Joseph P. Jones William Bartlett Jcnes William Bruce Jones Louis M. Jordan Henry H. Kapp. Jr. Herman R. D. Karvike James S. Kaufman Bloomfield Kendall Jerome B. Kess ' er William F. Kessler Archibald D. Kincaid Gilmour A. Kincaid John E. King Thomas B. King, Jr. William H. Kingsbury Arthur Kirkpatrick John J. Kirkpatrick Worth L. Kiser Pedro P. Kjellesyig Charles F. Koonce Elias Kouri Harry E. Kramer Theodore C. Krueger Wallace H. Kuralt Clyde T. Ijaidla y WiUiam H. Lane Coy M. Langley Forrest L. Langlev Reed H. Latham " W. Rav Latham Vance H. Latta Alfred S. Lawrence. Jr. WiUiam N. Lawrence Frank M. Lazarus Mebane T. Lea David C. Lee Joseph F. Lee Robert E. Lee Percy O. Leggett Lawrence L. Lemonds Donald H. Lentz James A. Lewis Thomas R. Lewis Walter G. Lewis John Van Lindley William S. Lindsay Julius D. Linker Edward R. Lipscomb John L. Lister Arthur D. L=ttle Franklin Little Howard S. L. Little James M. Little 4 V ? One Hundred Fifty-one ivr ' «?x Lloyd R. Little Ned C. Litwack John H. London Lawrence F. London Edwin 6. Long Zelpha P. Long Hardwick T, Lord Alex AV, Lewder Frank R. Luni William P. ilabrey. Jr. Edward A. Madison Claudius J. Madrv J. Fuller Malone Isaac H. Manning. Jr. Arthur R. Marpet Alan A. Marshall James R. Martin Miss M. L. Martin Richard B. Martin Leslie D. Mason C. Odell Matthews James D. Matthews Ralph A. Matthews Philip W. Mattocks CIvde D. Maunev William H. Maxwell Clyde H. May Donald C. Mayhew T. L. Maynard Henry Manor Henry deC. Mazyck John H. Mehane William C. Medford Alvin E. Melvin Harry M. Melvin Herman S. Merrell William D. Merritt, Jr. Edward Meyer Alan W. Michael William Michalove John A. Midgett Hulburd de la H. Miles Charles R. Miller James I. Miller, .Jr. Maurice Miller William R. Mills James R. Mohorn Albert R. Monroe John S. Monroe Char ' es S. Moody George D. Moody Beverly C. Moore Fred Moore James A. Moore Lemuel W. Moore Paul A. Moore William B Moore William S. Moore William W. Moore Robert M. Moretz George Morgan. ,Tr. .Tames P. Morgan Roscoe H. Morgan -James K. Morisev W. Frank Morrison. .1 Bradford P. Moser Thomas A. Mott Alfred A. Mount Reginald O. Mullen Ralph H. Munch Porter C. Munn Douglas M. Mustian Robert E. Meyers Robert A. McArvey Marshall L. McAulay James C. McBrayer Owen J. McColl Cliftnn L. McCotter James L. McDonald WiUiam R. McGhee Paul H. MoGinnis Wylie H. McGlamery, J Daniel R. McGlohon Dixon A. McGowan Raymond L. McHargue John C. MacXeill Oliver K. Mcintosh Claude R. Mclver. Jr. Clyde McKinney OUen D. McLeod James L. McMillan John C. MacNeill Robert B. McNuIty William P. McPherson John I. McRee Broadus McSwain Miss M. M " Guire Napiei Edmund S. Nash Edgar A. Neely David Xeiman Herbert A. Nelson Ben F. Nesbitt George F. Newman. Jr. Marcus L. Newman Jesse S. Newsome John K. Newtnn John A. Ni ' es Fred P. Nooe William H. Norman James L. Xcrris Elton S. Oakes Robert L Oakley Fred S. O ' Brien Miss Chnrity C. Oliver George M. Oliver Frank Q. OXe:ll James F. Orren William H. Orrison Raymond A. Osman Edgar " F. Outland Walter B. Owen Reginald P. Packard Joseph W. Packer Jesse W. Page Harold T. Palmer S. Everett Palmer Rufus S. Paret John M. Parhani Maston S. Parham Milton P. Park William H. Parker R ' .ibert B. Parnell Rov B. Parrish J. F. Parrott, Jr. Robert A. Parsley E ' bert L. Patterson H. N. Patterson Sam C. Paulson Branche E. Paxton William E. Pearce Harrv H. Pearson Arthur G. Peeler ■Tosepli B. Pemberton Edrington S. Penn Miss Merea M. Penny George E. Pennington Charles R. Penny Edgar C . Person Eugene E. Pfaft Carl H. Pfunter Anton A. Phillips Clinton B. Phillips Coy T. Phillips Jesse A. Phillips John M. Phillips Seldon M. Pierce Hugh M. Pinkston Wade H. Pinyan John J. Pionke F. W. Pittman John G. Pleasant Cliftcn E. Pleasants William W. Pleasants Lindsay Plumly Robert C. Plummer Philip G. Poover Robert L. Pop ' in Knox D. Porter James W. Powell Lacy L. Pratt Delmus C. Prevatt John A. Prevost George W. Price Richard Q. Price Roliff H. Purrington Robert E. Query George J. Quinn, Jr. Hvigh A. Ragsdale K. C. Ramsv Marshall D. Rand Thomas H. Raney, Jr. Clinton P. Rankin Henrv H. Rankin Thomas P. Rankin, Jr. Dowd L. Rape -Julian E. Raper Eddie C. Rasberry CTarence W. Rawlings, Jr Joseph K. Ray L. Brownlow Ray Dewev L. Raymer John W. Bea Frank E. Redus Robert Reeves John R. Reid Mart S. Re-d Samuel T. R. Revell, Jr. Arthur E. Reynolds, -Ir. Albert M. Rhett David K. Rhvne Leon L. Rhvne W. Edward Richards Norman E. Ricks James D. Riddick Svdnev L. Risdon Barron L. Ritchie George H. Roach Victor W. Roberts Ashby C. Robertson Alexander M. Robinson .Tames M. Rogers George P. Rosemond -Tames H. Ross Lemuel H. Ross Irving S. Roth Chauncev L. Royster Raymond J. Ruble Peter B. Ruffin Carl K. Rust One Hundred Fifty-two Haynes M. Rutherford Leonard E. Sachs Alex M. Saleebj- Lerov W. Sams Ralph E. Sams Grover C. Saunders, Jr. Roscoe D. Sandlin John P. Sarseant William K. Saunders Andrew T. Sawder Richard M. Sawyer Sidney W. Savre Wallace B. Scales Michael Schenck Elihu B. Schlosburg Charles M. Schneider Bernard Schneider Jacob B. Schneider Erwin R. Scott Harry H. Scott Walter D. Scott Charles B. Sears Joseph H. Sears. Jr. Kelley C. Sears Malcolm B. Seawel! Lawrence P. Self Henrv X. Sergeant Emil N. Shaffner Harry L. Shaner. Jr. Morton M. Shapiro WiUiam G. Sheets James H. .Sheffield Phil A. .Shelton Wallace A. Shelton Philip Sher George L. Sheram. .Jr. William A. Sherrill Arthur D. Sickles Charles C. Sikes Sammie Silverstein Howard H. Simpson Marcus Simpson Richard R. Simpson Wilfred X. Sisk Joseph C. Sitterson Wayland J. Sitterson Leo B. Skeen Raymond Skidmore Charles C. Skinner John G. Slater Carl T. Sloan M. Bowden Smathers Roy Smathers Stanley W. Smilev Benjamin H. Smith Budd E. Smith Claude A. Smith Jack W. Smith John W. Smitli Norwood Smith William C. Smith William B. Snow Raymond L. Souther Fred -J. Southerand William O. Southerland Philip Sowers Paul R. Sparks S. B. Dick Speer Lawrence L. Spitzer Frank P. Spruill. Jr. Ernest H. Stallings George M. Stallings Luby F. Stallings William T. Stanback Louis G. Stanfield William A. Starbuck Van E. Straiten, Jr. Dana E. Stearns William J. Steele Otis Stepp Solomnn B. Sternberger John B. Stevens Garfield D. Steves John H. Stewart John M. Stewart Orvis D. Stinson Charles J. Stokes Selby E. Stokes Frank E. Stone Joe S. Stone Clyde A. Stubbs Richard L. Sugg William A. Sugg Albert I. Suskin Walter G. Sutton Charles L. Sykes WilUani S. Tabb John T. Talley Milton Tausend Gerhard A. Taylor Huber T. Taylor Tliomas J. Tavlor WiUard S. Tavlcr rfJr ? One Hiniclrecl Fifty-tJtree rfl e 1 YACKET Freshman Class. X Through Z William H. Taylor Edward Thomas Fred A. Thomas Fred C. Thomas Henry C. Tliomas James J. Thomas John B. Thomas John L. Thomas George D. Tliompson Neill A. Thompson William C. Tliompson Irving W. Thornton Adolphus W. Tilley James R. Tomlinson Cleo C. Triplett Marshall M. Troublef Harry Tsumas Hallie F. Turner Mangum Turner, Jr William H. Turner, George M. Untz James W. Vann Evan J. Vaughn John S. Vaughn John G. Wadsworth Allen A. Wagner Roger I. Wall William R. Wall John Wallace Harper Walston Joseph T. Ward Needham E. Ward, J John M. Warren Alston S. Watkins George B. Watkins James C. Watkins William A. Wav John S. Weathers Samuel T. Weaver Henrv B. Webb Robert H. Webb Roy B. Webb Ben E. Webster James W. Webster Clarence J. Weeks Kermit W. Welborn Kermit Wheary James B. Wheatley Claude L. Whichard, Jr. Clvde M. Whisnant Horace J. Whisnant Howard P. Whisnant Roy G. Whitaker Chalmers L. White, Jr. Rankin J. White Travis D. White William W. White Burges U. Whitehead I. Chester Whiteley Dowd P. Whitley Thomas C. Whitmire Preston W. Whorton William L. Wiggs, Jr. George V. Wild Robert J. Wilkerson John A. Wilkinson Albert P. Williams, III Ernest S. Williams Meade H. Willis George T. Wilson Hilliard B. Wilson Julius V. Wilson Paul C. Wimbish Ernest M. Winborne James L. Winstead OUin Winstead Morris Wolf Edward J. Wolf George E. Wood. Jr. James C. Wood Marvin E. Woodard Wayne O. Woodard Grady H. Woods Charles K. Woodward .James G. Wnrsley David A. Worsley Hal V. Worth James S. Wright Ernest H. Wyche Charles L. Wyrick Alex C. Yarborough William H. Yarborough, Jr Edgar D. Yeomans Henrv G. Young Wilbert P. Young. Jr. W. Royster Young Edwin J. Zagora Robert U. One Hundred Fifty-four Dean C. T. McCormick • laif = One Hundred Fifty-five CKET One Hundred Fifty-sU Third Year Law Class C. W. Hall President F. P. Parker, Jr Vice President L. Phillips Secretary-Treasurer W. A. Dodderer C. R. Jonas L. Phillips F. B. GuMMEY. II John Kesler G. M. Shaw C. Hall T. B. Livingstox. Jr. J. C. Smoot H. F. Hendersox M. p. Meyers H. J. Ticker G. M. Hood C. A. Nelsox J. C. Wiig E. P. Parker. Jr. Second Year Law Class J. N. Smith President T. C. Hoyle, Jr Vice President J. 0. RoDMAX. Jr Secretary-Treasurer F. B. Aycock. Jr. J. H. Harrel J. 0. Rodjiax. Jb. L. T. Bledsoe T. W. Hollaxd S. E. Rogers H. D. Burke C. R. Holmes A. W. Sapp A. L. BiTLER T. C. Hoyle. Jr. Miss Susie M. Sharp J. F. Cooper L. V. Huggixs E. H. Smith W. E. CRIS.SMAX J. W. Jexxette J. N. Smith J. B. Crudup R. W. Joxes C. B. Sparger W. A. Devix. Jr. A. Kartus L. A. Stith D. M. Field C. W. McAxally W. H. Strkklaxd J. B. FoRDHAM D. M. McCoMB. Jr. E. G. Thomp.sox. Jr. D. S. Gardxer a. C. McIxtosh C. V. Vexters R. T. Giles R. W. Martix T. D. Warren, Jb. H. G. Godwix ' S. Meyer P. R. Whitley E. C. Gregory. Jr. Dax K. Moore James B. Wright. Jr. One Hundred Fifty-seven m-w.; YACKETY YACIC- First Year Law Class J. F. Glenn, Jr President G. D. McDaniex Vice President Bkyan Grimes Secretary-Treasurer W. D. Allen Bryan Grime;s Francis 0. Parker J. H. Anderson C. P. Hinshaw J. R. Potter C. B. Aycock a. B. Holmes A. B. Raymer E. O. Ayscue W. K. Htjnges Harry Rockwell H. P. Brandis. Jr. J. B. Lewis T. S. Rollins. Jr. Mary K. Browne H. K. Lee C. F. Rouse T. J. Capel J. B. Linn W. A. Rousseau F. L. Carpenter W. J. Lupton T. S. Roystee T. E. Cheek, Jr. E. R. MacKetiian. Jr. C. O. Sapp A. M. Covington G. D. McDaniel W. D. P. Sharp. Jr. J. W. Crew, Jr. E. M. McEachern N. S. Sowers J. A. Crumpler J. B. McMuLLEN A. K. Smith M. E. DoNNAHOE J. E. Magner D. D. Smith 0. B. Eaton. Jr. Chas. S. Mangum Carter C. Studdert R. A. F ee:wan R. L. Mauney E. F. Taylor N. B. Ga.skilll G. C. Meads D. E. Thomas A. W. Gholson. Jr. J. S. Merritt Lawrence H. Wallace J. F. Glenn. Jr. F. I. Newman J. M. Wright Ralph Wilson Noe One Hundred Fifty-eigTit Dean I. H. Manning One Hundred Fifty-nine One Hiinflitd Sixty Second Year Medical Class Duncan S. Owen President S. Glenn Wilson Vice President Zack D. Owens Secretary-Treasurer iiM.AN S. CiiKisMAX Student Council Representative John Alpheus Bender Merle Dumont Bonner Edgar Norman Boseman Robert Hyat Brown Weston Briner. Jr. Samuel Macon Carrington Lester Thomas Chance Allan Simpson Chrismax William Ei ' gene Cook John Matthew Cooke William Alexander Cooper Lester Avant Crowell. Jr. James Pi-lton Crumpler Gilbert Bruce Davis Daniel Efland Forrest, Jr. Charles Lee Ferguson Ernest Washington Franklin Walter H. Harmon- William Cochran Highsmitii Abel LeCompte Hill. Jr. William Borden Hooks Malcolm Drake Kemp Lonnie Carl Liles James Lal rence McElroy Neill Henry McLeod, Jr. Ernst Otto Moehlmann Burton Stevenson Mi ' nro Robert Edmond Nichols. Jr. Robert DeLeon Oliver Di ' NCAN Shaw Owen Zack Doxey Owens Jk. Charles Wilson Robinson Charles Henry Sikes Claude Ernest Simons Horace Gilmore Strickland Heywood C. Thompson Earl Van Tucker Hugh Alfred Watson William Perky Whbxess Clarence Hunt White Stephen Glenn Wilson Ralph Galloway Woodruff One Hundred Sixty-one ni e One Hundred Sixty-two nJ»e YACKETY -YACIC First Year Medical Class E. MtG. Hedgpeth President D. A. Young , Yice President E. B. Glenn Secretary and Treasurer C. L. Ball j. r. Johnson N. O. Bow-MAN A. C. Hayes R. L. Cashwell a. a. Kent, Jr. K. L. Clonigxer G. M. Leibt D. M. CuRRiE J. F. Marshall a. C. Dick R. F. Monroe H. W. DiETZ R. H. MOOBE G. C. Daughtridge W. G. Morgan G. T. Donnelly F. N. Mullen, Jr. H. L. Farrell p. K. Perkins J. C. Fowler H. S. Powell V. M. Gardner J. O. Redding J. A. Giles J. P. Rhodes E. B. Glenn J. M. Robertson E. M( G. Hedgi ' eth a. S. Rose R. R. Heffner W. p. Starling R. A. Harton Miss Vance Thompson J. F. HoBBS K. P. Tvrrentine D. A. Young One Hundred Sixty-three One Hundred Sixty-four ClL ka.Md00C0pc Tar Heel IxccutWcs- on a busy day nc?frlh,fufn f vcrUe ' ifyfwcakly. AU all Arc gone, the old familiar pUccs, This v6 the day wc moved our beds The death oi o A Freshitian fkitiottS ' Klutz Hotel in a - Hection and no The Battle U on - Midnight FCr . - i 4. visible Vhen nuxvv f Atr L dte HocK hither ' for Summer- time Campu.5 Courses- Thirteen lAc ' b unliickv. wc fi,o to Class A figure iiv ecstasy - if- f 4 arrears. Another Victim roped inj Kow is that iiLce -ESSi lit Oiobc— The ecat of tremble -.- ill is Almtghty 5houl to tHe Co ?-Coci, CO(?-Coc». Coo ' Coof Cvy the young Miuotaurs. Silence The hoodeA tAP t r wttti the iron grasp approaches- to thfou h HcmorUl Hall. roomsticK andalU .- . , Completely turned How arc the mtghiy around bv tnc fallen Dignified bewilderment of meeu Kappa -- imtUtiort, President descends to the ccm jdic5 of -f? iaitiation — ror a trtp round the Campus After the fLe«cing ,vv . ' Cirrtvus Celebrities-, Spcairttan and Gray- on diso av man inttUtion ordeal - _ ' A hemes prospa Tom Young bcgitmii the ruiv that Whisjunt kicks Cdrricd the ball over in the Hvgh.m the Duke Game , Dividsou Game . The extra, poxnt that licked Virginia - [ I A wall oi interference I 5,f ' a ' i T posvcrful ' ' vj liil.. ! ' A Virginia ball- carrier takes Jimmv Ward starts on his twenty a graceful somcr-sault- d■rnxlAroun t,y{aksVoxei tin i.9nd. . £«e»-5rEsia:«Ka»bi,--;--. -xaiissssw -ts w ' ' Kenan Memorial Stadtutri Is dedica famous old Ihanksgwin game : V Oowrnor M making Itis of acccpiance the dedication uhUt of Carolina ' s neu? ? 50QOOO 5tadiuiTL , A portion of the 28,000 crowd at the gam© on Tiiaaksgivinl day- Kai ;.btf.rin| ir t tjublic " " Chsertos ' ' ' ' cntcrtam tlte appearance. crowd between, lialves-- li ( , before 28,000 Spectators with the ima. 13, Carolina,14 - Wk ¥ I the formal pre5«ntatwii of the Kcn ji Stadiunv !-f Govcmor M«Lcaii receiving -the gift from Joha Spmnt Hilt Carolina ' s five ptc ctiptionB Por pep- pletiort BUstljig the siti ' ior ' tke Kenan Stadiunv- Jokn SpaUNT Hill gives Harry SchwaTti. makiag a f lyi-ng ' ' - Kciiak, Memorial tackU ia the Carolina -Vtr ima lame, StadCutu to the " " y M m , The result of 4 Vears at Carolina : a dlplonia, and the amatucr. hcayy- j d i. c- .J weight champvonsht ' p and Sattcr.ftcld, orthc UniicdWtcs- Harp-a- the loag and the short of tKc Basketball Team, Scratch 01 ERSCH engaging ' inhiLs favorite J recreation-- ' ' WHAT every Freshman, knows The d«adly throwing ar.m of JIMMY MAU5 vn. action — The two biggest reason for CavoUnA ' 6 brilliant 4 mile relay taanv- Priichctt handing the baton to Elliott . The 100 lucky caMj winners, 1 just after the f icish, of Carolina ' s annual cross counti y inin. The mates, Pritchett and Henderson, the finest pair oir two-milcrs in the eoantrv The Vacalioii Bus Refuses to Proceed - Collegiate cars give collegiate trouMe The Glee Club sets out to conquer new ' svorld wvtK the if-t n V. of song- Higk School Visits tkc Campus a la Wreck . Lone Survivor of a Pa t Civiliiation— the Cover«?d Wa$on., Itl a customary state of dislooatlon- Uviafhans of theHi way chartered to carry Carolina ' s athletic teams. Give honor wiu-re honor Is due-and nickels where nickels are due feS -T ' XOOAffil i IP ' Comc into my parlor, said the dru igist to the student - When Profs and Students Chang e Classes. Wh iv the Yackcly Yack- goes to Press, the- staff IS prone to celebrate ! Pay if you waivt your- Yackety Va.ok " is ttie chant- of the Business Staff- Out- oF Chaos shall come- New West - ' Jhe Editor pi«s Rt5 tiu! first copy of the 19i8 " Yaokcty Yack to the ' -- dedicatee, Paul Grecrv— Professor, Playwright and- Philo opher- v brW-for tUe Yackcty YacK ttvust ooine out ort tlm.e- ilfjbell allotr bpotlv - ' - ' where Politician way tfxe crowd,. Just a cory catnpus comer, all ivy- clad- Whence come our lavs South, Admiaistrative 1 1 Building, and student f- body presidents— fj Jonas and Hudgms- Hcreirt the student stvies arise, ■ Park. Tuxedos and gav neckties Today is tiie day, but you must stand I Line up if you want your Va ' Nuts la Tixc Wood£ _ Summer School RcgislratioiV " The Beginnirvg of Campus Courses. r wp ■ w- Pay-day for seaiors- " The Dig, Parade Books made me thus W© passed FrenchY Por the skia of a sheep. wmss i t ' ai e ' - y ' -i a-s ssMiimss f - - fe- J fe? actwttieg The CKETY I Cfje ©acketp gacfe Cbitorial taff JOH. Okr Ai M- i Editor-in-Ch(tl Walter S. Spearman Assistant Editor-in-Chief MuiT Evans Athletic Editor Andy Anderson Humor Editor William J. Adams Underclassman Editor Travis Brown Fraternity Editor LiNwooD P. Harrell Activities Editor RoDERT A. Hovis Senior Editor Junius G. Adams Editor of Vanity Fair and Dance Robert Graham Editor Opening Pages Jimmy Parker Photography Editor Nicholas W. Dockery Photography Editor J. Watts Farthing Photography Editor ROBBINS K. FOWLEK BILL BOBBITT GbORI.F E PENNINGTON J. S. NeWSOM Edward R. Hamer Willum L Philijps Tick Privole CL-i-DE Dunn, Nash Johnston Rublrt H Chi. th m H rr Ewb nk William D. Perry John O Marshall Brown Shepherd MtiNt Moore Bryson Mildred Morhan Rc)br Hpdc ( oi k IXiNiLD V,ocn M. F. Woodall Ernest W. Morgan Tom W Johnson Ad m Fisher Douglas Kincaid One Hundred Eighty-tico YACKETY Ei)t ©acfeetp Sack Ceasar Coke Business Manager C. R. Perry Advertising Manager Al Langsam Organizations Manager D. L. AvNER Photography Manager William Dunn, N. A. Thompson Homer Lyon Guy Hill W. K. Wiley C. L. White Jr. J. W. Graham Sam Hyman W. P. Freeze H. J. Galland Harry Grossman Fleming Wily- I y -i o One Hundred Eighty-three tlTfje av fteel Cbitorial taff JlDSOX P. ASHBT Editor-in-Chief D. D. Carroll Associate Editor Walter S. Spearman Assistant Editor Tom W. Johnson Managing Editor George Ehrhabt Managing Editor Joseph R. Bobbitt Managing Editor Andy Anderson jAMps B. Dawson F. G. McPherson Oates McCullen W. H. Yakborough B. A. Marshall Calvin (Jbaves Donald Wood J. J. Parker Glenn P. Holder WalIxAce Shelton James Rogers D. E. Li TNGSTON J. Q. Mitchell W. L. Marshall Dif-K McGlohon John Mebane Katherine Grantham Harry J. Galland LorisK Medley George Coggins One Hundred Eijilitij-foiir w i:f)e tEar eel William W. Neal Business Manager Maeiox R. Alexander _ Assistant Business Manager Moore Bktsox Advertising Manager Richard A. Carpexteb Assistant Advertising Manager Gut E. Hill _ Collection Manager H. N. Patterson Assistant Collection Manager Henry Harper Circulation Manager John- M. Hesdeeson ED-mx V. Dvehw Je B. JIooEE Paekek Robebt O. High Maeshall T. Feimstee Johx Jemisox One Hundred Eighty-five Wi)t Puccaneer Cbitorial taff W. W. Anderson Editor-in-Chief Joiix 0. Mahshai.i, Assistant to the Editor T. P. Harkison Managing Editor William D. Perry Managing Editor John Exchange Editor Bill Bobbitt Art Editor Kebmit Wheakt Sam Paulsen Mabt Dienberger S. C. Harper Bill Dry Henky Anderson Alan Marshall J. H. Thompson Bill Chadwick G. F. Wilkinson W. J. Adams Finley Davis PlERSON RicKS Sv.?; ?-: ;. One Hundred Eighty-six l jje buccaneer L. P. Adams.. C. A. Nelson.. Holt McPheeson Business Manager ..Assistant Business Manager ..Assistant Business Manager Ed Marshall H. N. Pattersox C. E. Perky Alston Watkins BB.UNABD One Hundred Eighty-seven DiLLARD S. Gardner Editor-in-Chief Garland McPherson Business Manager l)t Carolina Jlaga ine EDITORIAL STAFF John 0. Marshall Assistant Editor J. Q. Mitchell Associate Editor Shepperd Strudwick Associate Editor BUSINESS STAFF T. J. Gold Assistant Business Manager Gordon Gray Assistant Business Manager J. E. y sii ii i I. Auditor One Hundred Eighty-eight foir£irialc0 One Hundred Eighty-nine The KFTY One Hundred ] iinety The Dialectic Senate H. Bryce Pakker President, Fall Term Fred G. Gilkeath President. Winter Term Bex Eaton President, Siiring Term William J. Adams JoHx O. Allison JuD Ashby Meecek Blankenship W. J. BOST H. H. Br-ixtox Hexky X. Brown Feed Buxch Nelsox Callahax Edward A. Cameron Clarence Gates H. P. Caton •Jacob E. Cobb Ceasab Cone Vaxe Core XirHOLAS W. DOCKER Bex Eatox Ray S. Farris JIaeiox Follin W. McDaniel Fowleb H. J. Fox Harry Galland DiLLARD S. Gardner Fred Gilreath E. K. GooDsox R. JlcDoxALD Gray Harold F. Grixdstaff Edward R. Hamek Bexjamix H. Hardixb W. T. Harkrader A. L. Haskixs Cly ' de L. Hawkins Worth M. Helms Leoxard Hole D. E. Hudgins -John S. Jemison p. g. johxsox AL N Kartl ' s ■AID G. A. Kin William X. Law-rexc S. G. LIXDSAY Julius D. Linker Arthur D. Little John H. London Lawrexce F. London B, A. Marshall J. W. McCaix Harry McGalliard Garland McPheeson Holt McPhkesos John H. Mebane Beverly C. JIoore William W. X ' eal Georoe F. Xewman John W. Xokwood Elton S. Cakes J. SI. Parham H. Beyce Parker Robert A. Parsley Charles Price Henry L. Roane Chauncey L. Royster W. A. Sherrill Odell M, Smith Walter S. Spearman Carter Studdert Fred A. Thomas Charles E. Waddell Harry ' Weatherly Robert H. Webb Benjamin R. Webstee HOWAED P. WHISN XT William W. White Abel Whitexee A. C. Whiti ey Thomas C. Whitmire Joseph C. Williams Paul C. Wimbish William H. Yakborough Otie Hundred yinety-one One Hu7idred Js ' inety-tioo ' The ACKJET VACK The Philanthropic Assembly Ralph W. Noe ■_ Speaker. Fall Term KiLLiAx Babwick Speaker. Whiter Term John B. Lewis Si)eaker, Spring Term Mayxk Albright Wallace Enloe D. JI. MUSTIAN John H. Axderson W. A. Evans B. A. Neely C. H. Ballard, Jr. H. M. FULCHEB Ralph W. Noe KiLLIAN BarWICK J. S. Graham Fred Parker Charles L. Beard J. Bryan Grimes E. C. PEiSSON R. E Betts P. B. Hall R. E. Query B. N. BL.4L00K J. C. Harris J. Wyeth Ray J. E Bryax, Jr. LiNWOOD P. Harrell Paul Simpson W. J. Bryan J. H. Harrell W. N. SiSK C. JI. Butler S. G. Hatem P. V. Spence C. D. Calhoun E. B. Haywood H. E. Spivey C. A. Carr W. A. HiNES C. W. Taylor Norwood Carroll E. D. Jennett D. B. Taylor D. G. Chadwick Nash Johnston F. JI. Taylor J. J. Cohen J. A. Lang H. G. Tilghman A. il. Covington John B. Lewis W. ■«-. Turner J. A. Crumpler B. P. LOWRY F. D. UZZELL r . J. Dalton W. H. Maxwell C. J. Weeks E. Dameron J. M. Mewborn P. R. Whitley C. R. Davis E. C. Midgett J. A. Wilkinson P. R. Edwards Ernest Morgan D. A. Young One Hundred Xinety-three The YACKETY The Debate Council ' TT HE Debate Council is tlie body selected to manage all student intercollegiate contests of a forensic nature — oratory and debating — engaged in by the Uni- versity. Beginning witb the scholastic year 1927-28, with the consent of the University administration, the two Literary Societies, and the student body, the Debate Council was organized in its present form, which is essentially as follows : It is composed of four students and three faculty members ; two of the student mem- bers are elected by the student body at large and one each is appointed by the two Literary Societies; the three faculty members are appointed by the President of the University. The President of the Debate Council is always a student and one of the faculty members is always Executive Secretary, the latter office continuing from year to year. The present composition of the Debate Council is as follows: Ralph W. Noe, President ; Professor George M. McKie, Executive Secretary ; Professor Howard M. Jones; Professor Albert Coates; Taylor Bledsoe; H. B. Parker; and J. H. Harrell. I li- 19 One Hundred Ninety-four YACKETY »YAC1C ' Debate Between the University of North CaroUna and the National Union of Students (British) 2 0VEiIBER 22, 1927 I HE debate between the University of North Carolina and the National Union - ■ of Students was held in Memorial Hall, November 22, 1927, before an audience of approximately fifteen hundred people. The Oxford style of debating with split teams, with the audience voting, was followed. The query discussed was : Resolved, That the only effective way to prevent war is by an uncompromising pacifism. Votes were taken before and after the debate; there was an apparent change of four votes in favor of the negative. The representatives of the National Union were Frank O. Darvall, University of Eeading; Andrew Haddon, University of Edinburgh; John Eamage, London School of Economics. The representatives of the University were Mercer Blankenship, James Staulev, and John Wilkinson. One Hundred T ' i)iety-five The Mary D. Wright Debate ' T HE Mary D. " Wright Memorial Medal was begun Tears ago by the late Mr. -■- P. E. T right of Laiiclis, I . C, and is now continued by his estate through the agency of Mr. F. E. Wright of Landis, X. C. It is awarded to the best speaker on the winning team in the annual debate between the Philanthropic Assembly and the Dialectic Senate. The debate for the scholastic year 1927-28 was on the question, Resolved, That the governmental policies of Mussolini are for the best interests of Italy. The representatives of the Philanthropic Assembly were E. " W. Morgan and John Wilkinson, who took the negative side of the question. The representatives of the Dialectic Senate were H. J. Galland and Trent Harkrader, who took the affirmative side of the question. The negative side won and John Wilkinson was awarded the medal. Iti k , Onf: Hundreil yineti -: I nhe YACKETY YACK Debate Between the University of North Carolina and the University of Virginia ' T HE query of the debate between the University of Xorth Carolina and tlie - - University of Virginia was : Resolved, That the increased power of the Federal Government as shown during the past decade indicates a beneficial tendency. Virginia took the affirmative side of the question and was represented by A. L. Cooke and Herbert Hoover. Taylor Bledsoe and D. E. Hudgins, Jr., upheld the negative side for Carolina. The debate was won bv the affirmative team. One Hundred Ninety-seven Alabama-Tulane-Carolina Debate THE annual triangular debate between the University of N ' orth Carolina, Tulane Univei ' sity, and tbe University of Alabama was beld March 31, 1928, the Carolina affirmative team remaining at home to meet Alabama ' s negative, and the negative team going to Tulane to meet Tulane ' s affirniative. The question was one of great interest at the time : Resolved, That Governor Alfred Smith of Xew York should be elected President of the United States. Carolina ' s affirmative team was composed of Taylor Bledsoe and J. A. Williams ; on the negative team were Charles R. Jonas and John H. Mebane. Both debates were won bv Carolina. One Hundred Xinetij-enilit One Hundred Xinety-nine ACKET ' YACK Ttco Hundred ohe YACKEl U. N. C. Glee Club II DIRECTION Paul John Weaver Director of Music Charles Troxell Instructor in Voice Nelson O. Kennedy Instructor in Piano OFFICERS Eugene H. Erwin President Frank K. Myers, Jr Secretary J. P. ScuRLocK Librarian MANAGEMENT William Way. Jr Business Manager Robert Foltz. Jr Assistant Business Manager R. W. Madry Publicity Manager John W. Harden Assistant Publicity Manager FIRST TENOR Al.LEK, WlLLAKD HOVIS, R. A. RiCKS. E. N., Jr. WILLIAMS, F. T. Ckotts, H. R, Howell, Fkank Schoek, S. S. Winbobne. Richaed, Jr. EsKRiDGE, E. S. Jokes, W. Feank Steixgfellow, Wm. A, Winston, G. T. Helms, J. B. Millee, R. E. Swain, Lloyd SECOND TENOR Aycock, C. B. Eewin, E. H. Kahn, A. M. Spaugh, W. A. Caughman, J. B. GoODSON. E. K. Li nNGSTON, D. E. Stimson, F. p. Cobb, J. E. Idol, J. D. Lyon. H. L. Stubbs, A. J. Ceowson, Jack Jacocks, F. A. Matnoe. Heney Thomas. D. E. Ellinwood, E. H. Johnson, Feed Ragan, W. P. FIRST BASS CUELEE, E. L. FEER.ELL. E. KlEKPATEICK, JACK RiCHAEDSON, G. H. Day. E. S. Foltz, Robeet. Je. McNeely, Sam Sisk. W. N. DeRosset, D. Cf. Hicks, C. G., Je. Myees, F. K., Je. Staubee, E. E. DOUGHEETY, J. H. HOLMES, A. B. OvEEMAN, C. B. WAY, Wm., .Je. Downs, W. D. Hunt, W. L. Patten. P. R. Weil, Heney Feimstee, M. T., ,Ie. Keslee, T. L. Pennington, Geo., Jr Wilson, H B. Wood, D. L. SECOND BASS Adams, J. G.. .Je. E.step. Heebeet Householder. F. J., Je Race, Geo. Alexander. A. L. Feeguson. J. E. .Jack, Wellborn Royall, N. N.. Je. Beawley, Dan Little, Feank Linkee. J. D. Scuelock. J. B. ' fiu CouESEY, J. B. Glascock. Harold Metz. J. A. Stone, F. E. ? T iDoziEE, G. p., Je. Geeen, S. E. Parks. J. G. Taylor, Willaed Wily, J. F., Je. 1 -» T U Tico Hundred One V-- v " r ' -. ■■Kr ; . JHI I Hf ' j£_3 tfiiflHH|| Kay Kyser ' s Orchestra PERSONNEL Kay Ktsee, Director Benny Cash Piano Muddy Berry Drums George Sturm Banjo and Guitar Bill Rhoads .Saxophone Art Walters First Saxophone. Clarinet, Soprano, Bari tone, and yioli7i Sol Mason Tenor, Saxophone. Clarinet. Baritone, Soprano, and Trumpet Marion Rked First Trrtmpet, MeUophone. and Saxo- phone Charles Kraft Second Trumpet, and MeUophone George Wetherwax Tromhone and MeUophone iK m - Tito Hundred Two Tuo Hundred Three YACKETY VACK ' The University of North Carohna Band T. Smith McCorki.e. Director OFFICIAL STAFF Charles H. White, Jr President W. D. Whitaker Vice President B. H. Marshall Secretary E. C. Chrisco Manager I Adams, F. M. Aycock, E. B. Blackwood, E. BlACKWOOD, S. Brooks, H. A. Beunjes, J. H, Byekly, P, L, By R. T. Chkisco. E Chrisco, H, F. Davis, A. P. eskridce, e. s. Faiees, T. E, FOLTZ, R. F. fulcher. h, m, Griee, H. G. Harris, P. T. Hembree, J. Householder, Hunter, E. C. H. PERSONNEL jacocks, f. g. Jones, H. W. KiNCAID, G. A. Lindsay, W. S. Lawrence, A. S., J McGlohon, D. R. McNatt, W. p. H. Marshall, B. H. Martin, R. E, Massenburg, W. B. Munch. R. H. Monroe, A. R. Phillips, A. A. Phillips. C. B, Pickett, H. G. Selden, K. W. Skeen, L, B. Sneloeove, S. C. Spauoh, W. a. Spaugh, W. C, SiSK, R, C. Steickland, C. B. SteingfellOW, W. a. swaetz, k. w. Taylor, H. N. Thomas, C. L. Thompson, N. A. Thompson, W. c. Turner, F. K. Wall, R. I. Wade, B. F. Wessell, C. H. White, C. H., Jr. Whitaker, R. C. Whitaker, W, D. Wilkinson, G. E. Williams. W. S. Williams. Z. M. Zimmerman, M. R. mt - Tico Hundred Four YAClvETY American Institute of Electrical Engineers FACULTY MEMBERS Pabker Haywood Daggett John Emeky Leak Thomas Bbyan Smiley OFFICERS David M. Holshouser President Turner Griffin y President T ' ' ' ' Bi-RNEiT ..Secretary J. Daniel McCoxnell Treasurer i K. E. Alspacgh W. A. Baxter W. L. Brookee, Jr. A. A. Cory Francis Drake C. R. Erskixe T. Griffin E. T. Gross C. P. Hayes, Jr. C. C. Hazell. Jr. T. Y. Hedgpeth J. F. Heffnee C. A. Hensley, Jr. E. G. HOEFER, Jr. D. M. HOLSHOrSER P. Cr. Johnson C. R. Jones J. T Jones J. S. Kirk F. B. Kuykendali C. M. LiANGLEY C. M. D. H. Lentz J. M. Maxwell VT. B. Massenburg J. D. McConnell " W. P. McPheeson W. N. MICHAL C. H. Moose W. P. Moore Da td Nims E. S. O.IKES O. S. Parsons G. M. Rose, Je. Alex Saleeby R. M. Sawyer J. P. Scuelock F. G. Seyffeet W. B. Sharp R. McK. St-irrett W. E. Stew. et G. D. Thompson H. E. Thosipson Francis Toms l. e. tullock F. A. TJrbston J. A. Ward W. B. White J. J. Williams W. J. WORTMAN B. W. WOOLARD ji t . Two Hundred Five The Woodberry Forest Club Fleming Wii.y President Albert Wiusxaxt Vice President Peter B. Ruffin -. Secretary William Dvnx, Jr Treasurer Nash Johnston Ed Hudgins Bill Shuford S. E. Cross W. J. Adams Geokoe Bhadham Tom Bowie Cheatham Coley Tom Coxe David Craig Jack Davis W. A. Devin Fred Dick Gene Erwin JULL4N FENNER Billy Ferrell BowJiAN Gray Gordon Gray Alex Galloway Tom Gold John Graham Bill Graham C. V. Henkel Leonard Hole William Hvnt Nelson Howard Hakry Lassiter Howard Gold Devereits Lippitt Homer Lyon Billy Marshall Garrett Mobehead Stedman Morris Frank Myers David Nims Brown Shepherd Charles Lee Smith ■ V. A. Vanstory Tom CR.AIG Charles Chatham Will Yarborough, Jr. Strudwick Nash George Newman Lyman Gotten Jack Lindley Frank O ' Neill Charles Stokes Clyde Dunn George Thompson Donald Graham Willis Henderson John Niles Henry Akmfield Stowe Moody Eric Abernethy Sam Paulsen Odgen Parker Joe Glenn Charles Banner Joe Holt Cooper Person Charles Skinner fimh.. Two Hundred Six The Palmetto Club J. Edward Makshall. Jr.. President R. Broadus Davidsox " ZZ Z " l ' ' ' Tice President Eugene McNrLTy Secretary TvsoN A. Curtis Treasurer Charles Brown, Jr Chairman of Committees FK.ANK JI. Adams GEORciE E. Allen H. CopELAXD Allen El-fiENE D. Blakeney J. L. Byrd David D. Carholl jAirES B. Caugh5I. x J. R. Curtis S. M. Derrick Cx. E.4RL DOBPINS Willum B. Douglas Ch. eles Gignilli.1t, .Jr. H.ARRY JI. Gilbert T. X. Grice George B. H.igood Edw.ird R. Hamer George W. Hamer L. R. Hines Ben Husbands Henry L. .Johnson WiLIJ.l.M S. LiNDS.lY ROBERT McXultY John W. Norwood George P.ittekson E. Cl.irkson Rhame S. C. Snelgrove •James A. Spruill, Jr. James C. Stabler Eugene Wells HUMBEB WySONG W . Two Hundred Seven YACKETY ' YACK- The Woman ' s Association Elizabeth Davis President Grace Duncan Vice President Rose Davis ! Treasurer Mela Royall Secretary Mary Lee Gray House President Blanche Armpield Virginia Ayscue Mabel Bacon Geneva Bane Mary A, Barker Inez Boney Margaret Broadus Maude Brown Mary Brown Mrs. L. E. Bush Margaret Carlton Nora Carpenter Agnes Cassels Mrs. E. E. Charles Kate Conley Carolyn Cox Margaret Chreitzberg Bertha Davis Elizabeth Davis Rachel Davis Rose Davis Mary Dirnbergkr Helen Dortch Grace Duncan Winnie Leach Duncan Dorothy Dunning Mattie Edwards Nancy Eliason Mildred Elrod Mrs. Ward Finley Margaret riTZGER. LD Mabjorie Garfield Ev.4 Gentry Rebecca Graham Tarasa Graham Katherine Grantham Mary Lee Gray Lelia Hampton Laurine Haynes Helena Hermance Harriet Herring Elsie Hicks Mrs. Miriam Hilton Mary Holland Whitney Holt Caroly ' n Holmes Beatrice Hughes Mary Hunter Mary Hyman Katherine Jocher Katherine Johnson .aWC ; Two Hundred Eight ' The YACKETY YACIC ' Grace Jones MiKNiE B. Jones Anne Lawrence ESTELLE LaWSON Selma Lee Mrs. Cora Ledford Mary Lewis Elizabeth Lilly Evelyn Lineberger Mrs. Marcaret Litt„e Mary L. Martin WiLL. Matheson Velma Matthews France.s McAlister Emily McClelland Lenore McF.adden Bertie McGhee Katherine McKinnon Jennie Mecum Louise Medley Bell Mooring Mildred Morgan Vivian Morton Mrs. Eleanor Mosher JL rietta Napier Enita Nicks Crowell Oliver Annette Osborn Lillian Pearson Margaret Penney Hannah Plowden Mary Price Annie Pruitt Sarah Pverington Mrs. Eula Pugh LiDA Ramsay Marie Rogers Ruth Rogers Edn. Mary Roof Annie Sue Roughton Mela Royall Maud Schaeffer V. lerie Schaibe Mrs. Carrie H. Schwenning Sarah Sentman Susie Sharp Marilee Shaw Lou Shine Mrs. E.mily Slade Margaret Slavens Mary Smith Mrs. Gaynell Spivey Mrs. Jean Steelman TOBIE Tanenhaus Katherine Taylor Miriam Thompson Vance Thompson Katherine Troutman Henrietta Underwood Noel Walker Lois Warden Eva Whitley IS-iBEL Wenhold Lena Williams Katherine Wilson Mrs. a. R. Wilson Elizabeth Winston Mary Margaret Wray Katherine Wolf IvA Young Two Hundred Nine The Junior-Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Nash Johxstox President Galex Elliott ' f ' ice President Walter Spearmak Secretary Wyeth Ray Treasurer John Oer Allison .1. W. Crew Fbaziek Glenn Ed Marshall Hoyt Pritihett KiLLi N Barwick R. B. Davidson W. A. Graham John Mewborn Harry Weatherly Leonard Beard Jack DA as McDonald Gray Charles Nelson Haroi d Welborn T YL0E Bledsoe Philip Dawson Baron Holmes Acbrey Perkins Robert W. Wilkins Norman Block John O. Evans Ed Hudcins W. D. Perry Jimmik Willl ms Walter Creech Watts Farthinc. Philip McNatt Graham Poyner Pete ilson Holt McPherson Tico Hundred Ten The Sophomore Y. il. C. A. Caiunet The Freshman- Friendship CorNciL Tuo Hundred Eleven vCKET Y ' ACIC The Student Council Chaeles Raper Jonas President of the Student Body Chakles Leonard Beard Representative from Senior Class William Wray Ward Representative from Junior Class Samuel Stevenson McNeely, Jr Representative from Sophomore Class John Calhoun Kesler Representative from Law School (First Term) Howard Gibson Godwin Representative from Laic School (Second Term) Allan Simpson Chrisman Representative from Medical School James Richard Curtis Representative from Pharmacy School Eric Vane Core Representative from 1936-27 Council Two Hundred Twelve SBomg ■i-S " S Tico Hundred Thirteen YACKET YACIC- li k- ±92; T co Hundred Fourteen nhe YACKETY YACIC ' : MJS5 MARGARET ELAM SPONSOR FOR. JUDSON A5HBY rOlTOS OF THE TAR HEtL ijr ' MISSROSAWNGARDNE SPOWSOR POR DILLARD GARDNER Two Hundred Fifteen ! ki: ACKET YACIC I MISS MILDRED HU06INS i SPONSOR FOR. I ED HUOGINS • P8ES1CENT OF SEhlOR CLASS MISSIAURAMACOONALD SPONSOR FOR ANDY ANDERSOM- ■ EOnOR 0 THE BUCCA ScR m - 192,6 Tico Hundred Sixteen L YACKE YACIC MISS ANNIE ELLIOTT LEE SPONSOR FOR. i CHARLES R.JONAS PRtSiOENT OC STUOcKT BODV MISS ANNIE GRAY JOHHSTOn ' SPONSOR FOB. NASH JOHNSTON PHESIOENT OF V.MC.A. y Two Hundred Seventeen 3 i YACKET " YACK ,- ' SS EThtLDAY SPONSOR FOR = . MRO A CAMERON ;C NT CatStOEHTOF PHtBETAKA»?Al Ji ' ' 3.t,_ Two Hunched Eighteen YACICETY YACIC ' y Si CRA oPo - AvV SPONSOR CCB. WORTH MORRIS C,AF " ' J 0= P ' -SKvETSAi-l. 1 Q2 A Tioo Hundred Nineteen The YACKETY YACIC- i M 155 MARGARET FLEMIW6 SPONSOR FOR JOE WESTMORELAND CAPTAIN OF BASEBALL Tico Hundred Ticent ' f»— fACKETY K YACICvi Fraternity Superlatives Delta Kappa Epsiloii — First to be founded on campus; most often to be found off campus. Beta Theta Pi — Most versatile; same bouse witb different location every fall. Phi Kappa Sigma — Most hospitable; most noisy after taps. Sigma Aljjha Epsilon — Most snappily dressed; forever ready to meet a horse. Zeta Psi — A doll ' s house; stronger for women than Ibsen. Chi Phi — " White House of student body president ; teapots, lots of gas, no oil. Alpha Tau Omega — Most members in faculty; most freshmen not initiated. Kappa Alpha — Most quiet : sometimes. Phi Delta Theta — Building new house ; now using Patterson ' s drug store. Sigma Xu — The foot of fraternity court, the mouth of campus politics. Sigma Chi — Most cheerful; always in good spirits. Kappa Sigma — Have eollegiate standards ; day in, night out. Pi Kappa Alpha — Sigma Xu ' s to the right of them, Sigma Chi ' s to the left of them, theirs not to reason why. Pi Kappa Phi — Friends of peace, enemies of rest. Delta Sigma Phi — Most unassuming; least assumed upon. Theta Chi — Most active : on week-ends. Delta Tau Delta — On the rim of the campus, on the verge of evil. Delta Psi — The runt of St. Anthony ; out of the East came three wise men. Pi Beta Phi — Most social ; also most Ho-ho ! Chi Omega — Lots of dates; very few prunes. S. B. S., Jr. Hell on horses ! 7. ■ ' tr . ' «; ' f- Two Hundyed Tiventy-one 6 nhe CI TY ACK Interfraternity Council James AA illiaji Ferkell. Jr., President Delta Kappa Epsiloii Joseph Eossek Bobbitt. Jr., Secretary and Treasurer Pi Kappa Phi Carl Vernon Venters Plii Gamma Delta Thomas Scott Rollins. Jr ___ Beta Theta Pi Halbert Mcj AiR Jones Delta Psi Lionel Peice Adams Phi Kappa Sigma James Hamlin Cheatham... - Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Bryan Grimes Zeta Psi John Wilkins I ORwoon. Jr Chi Phi James Wallace Patterson ..Alpha Tan Omega Gaston Eeedt Buford — Kappa Alpha Frederick Burr Johnson Phi Delta Theta Walter Deveeeafx Creech, Jr Sigma Nu Charles Thomas Lipscomb - Sigma Chi William Edward Webb Kappa Sigm,a Harold Moultrie White Pi Kappa Alpha John James Van Woppen _ __ Delta Sigma Phi William Hunter Bay Theta Chi Carey Petty Waddill Delta Tau Delta Clarence Odell Sapp •. Sigma Phi Epsilon Charles Wilson Robinson .Acacia Theodore Burroughs Living.ston Chi Tau Emanuel Evans Tau Epsilon Phi Joseph Montgomery Reece Theta Kappa Nu Luther I icholson Byrd Alpha Lambda Tau Hoyt Baker Peitchett Lambda Chi Alpha Paul Kermit Perkins Sigma Phi Sigma James Mebane Mitchelle Phi Sigma Kappa Milton Edward Block, Jr Zeta Beta Tau. Tu-o Hundred Twenty-two nAxc VCKETY yACIC ' Two Hundred Ticenty-tliree ' " die YACKETY Colors: Crii Delta Kappa Epsilon Fn„n,l,;l nt Talc. IS) Pini.KATIOx: D. E. E. Qunrterhl Beta Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon Established ISol FRATRES IX FACULTATE Fbascis p. Venable, Ph.D. William M. I kv. Ph.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1928 Charles W. Causey. Jr. Sylvester B. Shepherd, Jr. John C. Davis William A. Vaxstory Thomas P. Jerman -James W. Fekrell, Jk. John B. O ' Donnell Green R. Dill Ci .ss OF 1929 Bowman Gray, Jk. Augustus M. Gregory Nelson F. Howard Randall W. Barton Horatio N. " Woodson J. MES H. Lassiter Claudius S. JIorris, Jr. S.AMUEL A. PeTTUS Shepperd Strudwkk, .Jr. Cl. ss of 1930 David J. Jr. Julian B. Pennee Gordon Gray Haywood D. Holderness John B. McMullen Edwi Morrison W. Divine WlLLLlM S. KOENIG Albert. M. Whisnant, Jr. Charles S. Adams Law .John : " . Gregory, Jr. Pledges Alston S. Watkins John T. Craio Robert V. Bkawley, Jr. Thomas C. Darst, .Jr. William Dunn, Jr. Archibald D. Kinc.ud Gavin H. Dortch, Jr. Meade H. Willis, Jr. Charles G. Chatham John V. Lindley Two Hundred Twenty-Jour The CKETY ACIC- ' i 3 fl ' A ft BARTON 8RAWLE ' EY CHATHAM CRAiG CH DUNN FERRELL GRAY GREGORY HOLDERNESS HOWARD JER B£il SHEPHERD STRUDWICK WATKINS WHISNANT WILLIS WOODSON . ' M Two Hundred Twenty-five rfl e YACKETY YACICv Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Waslnmilnn and Jrfferson. 1S. ' ,S ■Color: I;oiial Purid,- JAAIKS B. Br Flower: Purple Cli ' iirnlis PuBLltATlox: The Phi Ga Epsilon Chapter of Phi Gamma Deha £sl(iblished 1S51 FRATRES IX FACULTATE Erxest L. Mackie, Ph.D. Sterlixg A. Stovdemire. 11. A. FRATRES IN nRBE LlTHER .1. PHIPPS FRATRES IX UXIVER.SITATE .Class of 192S Cteorge M. Laxey Cihrles C. Hazell. Jr. David W. Joyxer Cr.iss OF 1929 Vn.i.L . [ G. Cherry. .Jr. Lester H. Si-ate Cl. ss of 1930 X T. HUOH IjAXiASTEP. Bertram H. Browx ROBERT L. ilAUXEY Law r ' HARLES B. AYCOCK James W. Cre v, Jr. Pledges George E. Pexxingtox, Jr. James K. Mobisey Riihert E. Hubbard Clyde H. M. y Berry G. French Jesse M. Howard Stanley E. Crew Carl V. Vexters Thai [ers H. White Arthur E. Reynolds. Jr. CirALMER L. White lioiiERT F. Dewey ±Q 3 Two Hundred Twentij-six ' The YACKETY YACK I Tioo Hundred Twenty-seven CKET lACIC Beta Theta Pi Founded ul ilkw PcBi.lcATlox: Beta Thetu Pi Eta Beta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Established 1S52 FBATRES IX FACULTATE Alvix S. Wheei.ek, Ph.D. Kent .J. Browx. Ph.D. KOBERT A. McPheeters, A.B., LL.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CL.A.SS OF 1928 D.wiD D. Carroll THOit.AS A. Uzzell, .Jr. R.1XD. LI. M. St. krett Cl. ss of 1929 Cuss OF 1930 Ch. eles N. B. Ev.axs. Ill Georce W. Br.4dh. m il-ARiox G. FoLi.ix. .Jr. Georiu: L. R. oe KinVIX V. 1)IRH-4M llKDICIXE Eui.;exe B. Glexx Ari;rsTrs S. Rose L. w TH0M.4S S. ROLLIXS, Jr. .John H. Axdersox. . Pledges EDRixr:Tox S. Pexx Georce D. Moody D0UGL.4S M. Potter Herbert T. Browse Gould Hambright Lixds.w C. Pi.umly Fb. nk E. Stone ga . ; - 2M3 Two Hundred Twenty-eight nhe YACKET YACK - -» o Tivo Hundred Ticenty-nine ACKET YACIC Delta Psi Founded at CoUiinbiiA Vnirersilt , IK. ' I St. Anthony Hall of University of North Carolina Bstahlislied IS ' i-i Class of 192S Thomas Bayard Young Class of 1929 RoLA.M) Llncoln Kesler Halrkrt McNair Jonf.s WiLLL M Liuis Phillips John Brandt Class ok 1930 Herman Walker Schnell Law Frederick Pope Parker, Jr. Frank Bird Gimmey. II Me k ine Bcrton Stevenson Munro Alexander Colci.oiiiii Dick Pledges Mangim Tcrner, Jr. Ada.m Fisher, Jr. Kenneth Alexander Gay L. H. Ross Robert Erskine John Cai ieron Grainger m Hft ' LV ' -Jllii Two Hundred Thirty nhe YACKETY j YACIC ' J Two Hundred Thirty-one n3 e CKET YACIC Chi Psi Colors: Purple and Gold The Purple and Gold Founded at Union College, ISJ l Publication : Alpha Sigma of Chi Psi Established ISoo FRATRES IN FACULTATE Walter D. Toy. M.A. George C. Taylor. Ph.D. Robert E. Coker. Pli.D. H. Travis Thompson, M.A. William C. Coker. Ph.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S George K. Cwenaigii Parjielee Ward. E A Wex S. Malon-e. a E J Class of 1929 BuBNHAM S. Colbur- . Jr. Henry G. McEntire Manly C. Crowson, Jr. Lawrence Thom JoH.N Orr Allison Killian Barwick Artiilr R. Hollett Edwin E. Koonce X ' 29 Che.vtham G. Coley Joe Garibaldi. Jr. Robert A. Hovis Henry McK. Baggs William K. Blair Robert H. Cheatham Class of 1930 Robert M. Laugiilin George N. Pierce Leetch Granville Swope. . . A ' 30 George N. Gleaton, A I -i ' 30 Law Walter E. Crissman Lawrence H. Wallace Medicine William G. Morgan Pledges Roy W. Franklin Harold W. Glascock Jones F. Malone, Jr. Donald M. McIntosh. Jr. Walter S. Spearman, Jr. Frank R. McNinch, Jr. Walter L. Scott, Jr. John R. Teagce, Jr. William Howard Norman Robert Reeves Samlel B. Dick Speer i y t Two Hundred Thirty-two YACICEi YACK Two Hundred Thirty-three ACICET YACK Phi Kappa Sigma Fiuiniled at the riiii Old Gold atul Black of Peniis:,li-aiua, iS.30 Publication ' : Phi Kappa Sigma Xews Letter Lambda Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma Established J856 FRATRES IN PACULTATE lSA. c H. Makxing, M.D, English Bagby, Ph.D. Henry H. Williams, Ph.D. Gregory L. Paine, Ph.D. J. Mekritt Lear. M.A. Harry A. Haring, Jr., Ph.D. jAJn:s R. Patrick, M.A. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1928 Lionel P. Adams James A. Turner. Jr. James D. Coxe Laurence C. Thornton- Class OF 1929 D.4BNEY R. Y.iRBROUGH, JR. PHILIP F. D-AWSON. Jr. George B. Lockhart Richard G. Walser William L. Young David A. Giddings Francis L. Adams Joseph W. Holt, Jr. Class of 1930 Charles A. Bland, Jr. William J. Ao.ots David A. NiMS William L. Hunt Royal 6. Shannonhouse William S. Move, Jr. B. Gra " t:s Kerr. Jr. Allen W. Heath Frank P. Spruill Wiliiam D. Merritt, -Ir. Harry H. Ewbank. Jr. John J. Kirkpatrick David G. Isaac H. M. nning. Jr. Michael Schenck, Jr. Frederick M. Brickmax, Jr. John W. Wardlaw Arthur M. Kirkpatrick Rosset mTt%.. Tiio Hundred Thirty-Jour YACKE Two Hundred Thirty-Jive nhe vCKET ATK Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fotiniled a( the University of Alabama, 1SS6 Colors: Old Gold and Purple PrBLK ATiONs: The Reeord and Phi Alpha (secret) Xi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Estahliaheil 1S5 PRATRES IN FACULTATE Edward V. Howeli., Ph.G. Almonte C. Hoavell, I ' h.D. Andrew H. Patterson, Ph.D. W. W. Pierson, Jr.. Ph.D. Robert D. ■« ' . Connor, Ph.B. Jame,s X. Ashmore. Coach Robert H. Wettaoh, S. J. D. George F. Horner, A.M. Maurice A. Moore, Jr., A.M. James H. Cheatham Frederick B. Graham Frank B. Gkiek, Jk. FKATRES IX UNIVERSITATE ClASS OF 1928 Randolph W. Grier Devereux H. LipriTT, Jr. Robert L. McGee Wilijam p. Michie WiLLUM F. SHAFFNER, JR. WiLi.iAM C. Cheatham Louis H. DeRosset Stuart A. Fari.eigh Charles P. Graham Class of 1930 Marshall Y. Feimsteb William B. Mason, Jr. GEORiiK V. Sanders Law Charles J. Shannon John P. Wiley, Jr. William W. Donaldson Pledges Cunningham W. Constantine Lawerence London WiLi.iA.M J. Conway John I. McRee William R. Cox E. Strudwick Nash, James S. Hudson Fka ;k Q. O ' Neill John S. Jemison R, Aubrey Parsley John H. London Ai.iiert M. Rhett Peter B. Ruffin R, Hoke Webb Edward J. Wood Hal V. Worth. Jr. LedN a. SPAUtDING William H. Yarborouc U . Two Hundred Thirty-six nhe YACKEl YACK 1 t. : 1£.5 Two Hundred Thirty-seven iiie CKETY ACK Color ; Wh He Zeta Psi FiiiiniUd nt Xrir Tnlk rni, PrBI.Ic ATICIX: ;.■ GEORiiK Howe, Ph.D. Loiis Graves George V. Cowper, Jr. RoscOE B. Gray Cowper Charles F. Williams John W. Graham Charles L. Smith, Jr. Robert L. Zealy Charles F. Rouse Upsilon Chapter Established ISSS PRATRES IN FACULTATE Edward T. Brown, M.A. Ch. rles S. Manoi ' m, M.D. FRATRES IN URBE RonERT W. W: Class of 192« Samuel N. Johnston Seablry D. Thokp Class of 1929 Robert P. Howell Charles O. Grimes Class of 1930 Thomas J. Gold, Jr. Homer L. Lyon. Jr. Henry G. Tilghman Hap.ry 51. Cassidv, A.l WiLLIA.M H. WlNDLEY Sajiuel W. Worthin Francis A. Jacocks Charles D. Calhoun Newton S. Calhoun, Jr. Robert P. Yelverton Charles S. Manijum, Jr. Robert M. Albright William B. Snow, Jr Maricin R. Cowper Pledges ROLIFF H. Purringtok Van D. Alston Robert P. Yelverton Cteorge D. Thompson William P. McPherson Cooper 1 il laeiliiiilii s .j? : Tico Hundred ThirUj-eUjlit YACICETY Two Hundred Thirty-nine nhe YACKETY Chi Phi Founded at riinreton Vjuversil! , ISl. ' , Colors: Scarlet and Blue Plblicatiox: The Cliakett Alpha Alpha Chapter of Chi Phi Establinhed 1S5S FRATRES IX URBE Edward Scheidt William T. Peacock Jasies M. Saunders William Way, Je. FRATRES IN FACULTATE John M. Foushee, B.S. Class of 1928 .Tames A. Branch Francis P. Jenkins Henry P. Brandis, Jr. William W. Morris GR.AHAM P. DOZIER, jR. EMMETT G. SHCFORD William W. Jarrell Richard W. Smith Class of 1929 Edison G. Foard John W. Xorwood, Jr. Harry Howell. Jr. Samuel L. Bresson Luther C. Steward, Jr. Class of 1930 Charles R. .Jonas Edwin R. MacKethan Pledges ■lAOK B. Coursey Edgar A. Neely, Je. Robert Faerell Arthur G. Peeler, Jr. Egbert L. Hay vood Walter G. Sutton itobert b. mcnulty john a. wilkinson 1 %Ji M i llfl Jilted If] m% " 1 t ' Ea - :i SMI- jpnani j - i 1 " •■ - : ..-:., r- ■■ - P «l!« .s fht . Two Hundred Forty YACKETY YACIC I ' U ti Tico Hundred Forty-one YACKETV ACIC Alpha Tail Omega Fniinded at Virgima MVUarii Institute. 1S63 Colors: 01,1 Gold nnd Sk:l Blue PlKl.K ATIUX; Tlie Palm White lea Rose Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Established 7S79 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Eugene C. Braxsok, A.M. How. kd R. Hvse Haeky F. Comeb William H. West John F. McFadden Thomas J. Wilson, Jr.. Ph.D. William D. MacMii.lan. Ph.D. Keener C. Eraser, Ph.D. Paul J. Weaver PRATER IN URBE JOSEPH H. Pratt FRATRES -IN UN ' IVERSITATE Class of 1928 RuFUS R. Little Edwin B. Smith John D. W. tson William R. Abbot, A.M. Oeorce R. Evans ATNVELL C. MflNTOSH, A.M. Gerald R. McCarthy, A.M. Thomas S. McCori cle Ch. bles V. Henkel Allston J. Stubbs Andrew C. McIntosh Francis O. Parker ! ui , ;«. ' i. Charles K. Woodward Harry G. YoUNr: Hardwick T. Lord Pledges RicH. RD Hutchinson, Jr Paul L. Gilbert Henry F. Jones, Jr William F. Chenoweth Joseph B. Pemberton Henry B. Webb Keid M. Brawley Two Hundred Forty-two YAC Two Hundred Forty-three ACKET " YACK Kappa Alpha FoiiJulnl at WoKhhujtnn and Lee rniiersiti , ISSS . and Gold FlOwekS: Ked Kuxe and Maynolia PuBlJCATIOXs: Kappn Aljdia Journal. Speeial Messenyer (secret) Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Established ISSl J. 6. FRATRES IN FACULTATE deR. Hamilton, Ph.D. Edc h Kxight. Ph.D. Cl-ASS OF 1928 Vaidex B. KExruUfK .Jack A. Curetox El ' OENE E. Wei.i .s Rei.JIN ' ALD M. ForXTAI Fraxk S. Howell Branxox Cark R. PiRSER William R. Prescott. Harold T. Buck Class of 1929 Gastox R, Buford Cl ss OF 1930 Stephex H. Millexder Welborxe Jack Richard T. Phillips David J. Ward Z. Vaxce Kexdrick George S Law Walter D. -Allex Medicixe JOHX O. ReDDIXO WiLLIAil C. Hlr;HS.MIT)I Pledges William S. Lixdsay Tom C. Hexrt George W. Huxdley Hexby C. House J. G. deR. Hamiltox. Jr. Seldox M. Pierce . rthur D. Little. Jr. Joe H. Glexx C ' LiXTOx P. Rankix Alex H. Ewixg I. Bovi:t Stevexs ki %. . ' -S M ' . ., , .., -i 1 y ii Tuo Bundled Forty-four • L. nhe YACKET YACK Tico Hundred Forty-fir ACKET YACK f ' .J Phi Delta Theta Foinuleit at ili,ni,i ViiinrHitti. IS ' S Colors: Aruent and Azure Flowe Pl-BLICATIOXS: The Scroll mil The I ' ulhuliiim (secret) N. C. Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta Established ISSS FRATRES IN FACULTATE William S. Bernard, A.M. C. T. McCormick. A.B.. H William P. Brandon, A.M. William F. Prouty, Ph.D. Thomas P. Hickersok. Ph.D. Patrick H. Winston, A.B. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Cass of 1928 Robert H. Evans John W. H.kktsfie d Spea John T. Gresham. Jr. .James A. Whitaker Robert J. Sovtheruakd, Jr. James A. Williams Class of 1929 Frederick J. Cose, Jr. Charles F. Kooxce William F. Evans, Jr. GEOKfiE T. Strickland Frederick B. Johnson Joseph L. Weller, Jr. Class of 1930 Walter T. Cherry Brantley G. Hicks WiLLUM p. Freeze William A. Hooks Louis L. Glascock Brownlow Jackson, Jr. Medicine WiLLiA-M B. Hooks Horace G. Strickland Edward E. Koonce Pledges Charles N. Gic.nilliat John E. King Dickson A. McGowax lli ' iiH A. Ragsdale Alan W. Michael Alex Yarborough While Carnation ii . Two Hundred Fortij-sij nhe JACKET YACIC I Two Hunrlrecl Forty-seven YACI £T YACK Sigma Nil Colors: Black, While Foiiiidecl at Tiniinia Mililiirii Inatnvlf. ISBS id Gold PVELltATION: The De ' .la vl Si ' jma Xu Psi Chapter of Sigma Nu Eslablished ISSS Flower: n ' h.te Rose Julian I. Palmore Edwix E. BUTr.ER Charles M. Redfern Lyman A. Cottex Emerson P. Damerox Donald W. Gr-ahaii Edward R. Hazier James D. Heilk;, Jr. FEATEES IN FACULTATE . Clarence A. Hibkard. A.M. JID. Erle E. Peacock, A.M. A. Henderson. Ph.D.. LL D. FRATEES IN " UNIVEESITATE Class of 1928 Ch. ' vrles Price Robert A. Love Class of 1929 " William L. Iarshall Loris N. Mann Thaddeus V. Hedgpeth Class of 1930 George A. Fisher George W. Hamer Frederick L. Carr, Jr. Law Algernon L. Butler Medicine Edward M. Hedgpeth Speci. l Andrew Murphy WiL GES Henderson Martin S. Eeid Eugene G. Hines Edgar C. Person. Jr. RT L. MURPH IE T. Allen LIS O. Price Charles C. Sikes Kerr C. Ramsey Charles C. Skinner, Jr. John G. Wadsworth Woodson N. Purcell Tko Hundred Forty-eight 1928 St(f ' Ohe YACKEi YACK iQift Tiio Hundred Forty-nine ACICET YACK Sigma Chi Foiimled III Mmiiii riiircra Colors; Blue aiul Uuhl Publications: Tin ' Magazini ' nf ,Siiiiria Chi III. Junr m. IXSS Flower: While Rose . The Siiiniii Chi Biillelin (esoteric), The Siamu Chi Maiuml and Di. Alpha Tau Chapter of Sigma Chi JOHX V. Lasley. Jr.. Ph.D. Herman G. Baity, C.E. Charles T. Lii ' scomb Georue M. Bose, Jr. James R, McIver Thomas A. Hunter .John C. Shelton " William A. Mebaxe Established JS.S9 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Frederick H. Koch, A.M. .James F. Royster, Ph.D. Roland P. McClamrock, Ph.D. FRATER IN URBE Edward M, Knox FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1928 HcBERT L. Morris David T. Milne Class of 1929 MrLEAN B. Le. TH. JR. CHARLES M L. Perkins Alton C. Underwood Class of 1930 AVGUSTUS H. Jarr.att, Jr LOY D. Thompson, Jr. Leonard H. Hole Francis Brooks Daniel Ritchie Gr- duates Robert L. Cole John H. Bonner George F. Seyffeet Medicine William A. Monroe, Jr. J. Q. Myers AViLi.iAM L. Fearing AdolI ' HUs Mitchell Fenton ADiaNSi Edgar N. Ricks, Jr. s ' ER DWIGHT M. CURRIE Nicholas W. Dockery Francis Jacocks Armistead W. Sati Pledges Edward R. Lipscomb Chauncey Royster Thomas Stanback Benjamin F. " Webster wmk. Tivo Hundred Fifty T KET YACK 11 .. .y ' Vt ' Two Hundred Fifty-one ni e ACKET YACK Kappa Sigma Ui Founded at the Univeraittj of Bologna. lyiO Entablished in America at the Vnivemity of Virginia. 1S67 i: Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Pi.-Bi.icATio. s: Caduceua. Star and Crescent (secret) Alpha Mu Chapter Estahlished 1893 FRATRES IN FACULTATE John Grover Beard. Ph.D. Elmer George Hoefer. B.S., M.E. GrsTAVE Mairke Braine. B.S., C.E. Stirgis Ellexo Le.witt. Ph.D. Robert Alliso.x Fetzer. B.S., M.A. Marcus Cicero S. Xoble, Ph.D. Charles Thomas Wooilex FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S Daniel Edwaiui Htdgixs. Jr. Garrett Morehead Class of 1929 Thom.vs Chattertox Coxe. Jr. Villl m Edward Webb SiMEOx RoAXE Cross Hexry Clemext Satterfield Robert McDox ' ald Gray. Jr. George Edward Shepard Class of 1930 Arnold Borden Edgerton William Birder Shlford James Marshall Griggs Francis Roc;ers Toms Clarence Lilly PEMBrRtox. Jr. Odell Shemwell Vestal Richard Winborne, Jr. Law William Auglstus Devin. Jr. Thomas Sampson Royster Emmett Robinson Woolen David McComb Pledges Charles Ellis Ford Eugene Miller Hoover George LaFayette Morgan, Jr. Jr. John Adams Niles Kxox Davis Porter George Parkott Rosemond Henry Millis Armfield George Lewis Bagby RuFus Herbert Best John Leonard Brown, William Clyde Dunx Joseph Colin Eagles Charles Johnston Stokes Two Hundred Fifty-tiro nhe YACI £T YACK 192,6 Two Hundred Fifty-three VCKET : Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at thr University of Virginia. ISOS Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley PuBLicATJoNs: Shield and Diamond. Dagger and Key (secret) Tail Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Estahlished 1S9. ' , FRATRES IN FACULTATE Gl ' Stave Anoi.PHrs Harrer, Ph.D. Howard Mr.MFORn Jones. A.M. George McKie, A.M. Henry Thomas Shanks. A.M. Ja ies Edward Carver FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class op 192S William Riel Atlee, III Edward Gay Glover William Fields Caveness Hermon Agee High HoYT Christoph er Covington Robert Brow Tay ' Lor Class of 1929 Walter Mo.nroe Brown, Jr. Stephen Lewis Furciies Richard Oliver Covington Harold Moiltrie White Class of 1930 Francis Marion Houston Henry Roane Curtis Baker Leggett Joseph Petty Stewart Edwin Lemuel Patterson Harry ' Leonard Ben Williams Law Charles Carter Stiddert Medicine James Flournoy ' Marshall Ralph Galloway Woodruff Pledges John Bunyan Ashcraft Wiley Alford Hines Chalmers Leonard Glenn, Jr. Charles Stowe Moody James Lewis Harper Andrew Tyer Sawy ' ER Haiuiy Linden Shaner r. Two Hundred Fifty-four . ' ».!, VACKEl YACK Tico Hundred Fifty-five CKET YACK Colors: Gold and White PUBLIi: ATIO Pi Kappa Phi Founded ut the Cnlleue v] Charleslun, I ' lO ' , : The Slur mid Lamp. Eupf-a Chnptei- nf Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa EstahlishCfl UH ' , FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dudley D. Carroli., A.M. BUSH. K. K. ke. Ph.D. Jefferson Btnu-m, A.M. Villi.4m Olses FRATRES IX t ' XITERSITATE Class of 1928 Robert W. Wilkins Joseph R. Bob Class of 1929 Flower: Kiippii Phi Phi Walter M. Brysox Charles F. Ellison John W. Fabthixg ERSOX B. FoRIIHAM Westox Brux: Thurston R. Adams James B. D.iwsox, Jr Beverly C. Moore James B. Hall. Jr. Hugh L. Merritt William L. Sc ott Class of 19.30 Allen C. Boren Tho-MAs C. Bowie, Jr. John A. Vasx, Jr. Xaw Daxiel K. Moore Alfred " W. Gholsox Medicine AViLLiAM A. Cooper Xeill H. McLeod, Jr. gr.4dltate Frederick C. Shepard Pledges Richard P. Newell George F. Xewmax. Jb Clifton E. Pleasants James E. Shuler James W. Williams Charles T. Wilson John F. Glenn, Jr. John C. Fowler Marshall D. Rand Kermit W. Welborn Paul C. Wimbish JI« i-4 Tico Hundred Fifti six nhe YACKET YACK ,a? i:- Two Hundred Fifty-seven I YACKET i 1 YACIC Delta Sigma Phi Founded at the CoUetrc of the City of Xeiv Yorl-. 1809 Kile Green and White FLO •ER: ( Publications: The Carnation. Si)hinx (secret) Alpha Delta of Delta Sigma Phi Founded 19.1(1 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S Marvin Dixox Sugg John James vax Noppex. Ill Class of 1929 RoDOLPH Dltfy John Charles Wessell, Jr. Milton Stanley Sturm William Banks Wilkins Marion James Young Class of 1930 William Howard Brown Graydon Oliver Pleasants Robert Charles Merritt, Jr. James Keefe Ward Graduate James T. Penny Law Thomas Davis Warren, Jr. Lawrence Augustine Stith Augustus Barker Ray.mer Edward Merritt McEachern Pledges Henderson Sciiroeder Bell William Thomas Hudnell. Jr. Charles Chapman Duffy Dewey Little Raymer. Jr. Cowan Carson Fo.«d Barron Lloy-d Ritchie Joseph Fairfield Hester William Archie Sugg Tito Hundred Fifty-eight lACKET YACK Tiro Hundred Fifty-nine nhe YACKEI Theta Chi Founded at KornicJi Viiirrr.sity. IS ' i; CoroRs: Military Red and White Flower: Red Carnation Pum-iCATiox: Thr R.ttle Alpha Eta Chapter Established in.20 FRATER IN FACULTATE Samukl HrxTixoTox Hobbs Class op 192S Hknry Marshall Pemeertox, Jr. Owex Gl ' ion Thomas William Hi nter Ray Alfred Shorier Caldwell. Ill James A. Spri ' ILL. Jr. Class of 1929 Robert Haile Hayes Charles Reh) Ross George Hinds Richardson John Robert Ingram. Jr. Ei-oene DrBoSK Blakeney William Stanley Wall William E. Anglin Carson Frai-er Sinclair RiiiiERT Parker Waynick Class of 1930 John Johnston Alexander Henry McLean Sinclair William Berryman Douglas Charles Reid Perry Edward Atkinson Smith Elliott Sherrill Wood James Wade Powell Frank W. Wall High White Holt Pledges Kenneth Adrl n Bell Joseph King Ray James Clivie Goodwin Joseph Shepard Stone James Mathew Rogers J. Vassie Wilson. Jr. CopELAXD Allen Robert Oscar High Frank Thomas James A. Anglin Xeill Archie Thompson Pail Arrington Moore m%. 192-8 Two Hundred ,sij:ty ohe CKETY YACIC Yri Two Hundred Sixty-one YACKET YACK Delta Tail Delta Founded at Bethany College. JS ' iH Cm.OEs: Purple. White, and Gold Publication: The Rainhoic Flower: Pansy Gamma Omega Chapter Established 1921 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Harold D. Meyer Tyre Crumpler Taylor Charles Dale Beers Francis Ml ' Roock Bell Graduates Petek Augustus Revis, Jr. Harry- Smith Andrews William David Pope Sharpe. Jr. Walter Bailey Sellars Class of 192S Raymond Gordon Ambrose John Francis Shaffneb Carey- Petty- Waddill Class of 1929 Thomas Miller Snyder Don Shaw Holt Class of 1930 Richard Beeson Armfield Edmond Law Waddill William Hill Barnette Rollin Gordon Younce Pledges Jerry Wiiitsett Doughtie Wallace Bryan Scales Phillip Jackson William Harrison Turner Gilbert Turner Ragan Albert Franklin Williams, III Emil Nathaniel Shaffner John Perry- Williamson Van Edgar Staton. Jr. Kermit Wiieary Ui ' y ' ' ' 192 a Two Hundred Si.Tty-two nhe YACKET YACIC 192 Tito Hundred Sixty-three YACKET Sigma Phi Epsilon Founded at the I ' luversity of Riflimoiid. IHill Puriile and Red Flowehs: American Beauties and Violets Publication ' : Siyma Phi Epsilon Journal N. C. Delta Chapter Established FRATER IN FACL ' LTATE Barrett Lyons Class of 192S William Watt Neal, Jr. William Prestox Ragax Class of 1929 Lewis Rotiirock Rufty James Harry Weatherly William Wray Ward John Gilmore Parks Class of 1930 1L RI0N ROMAINE ALEXANDER LEONARD ErASTIS ReaVES, JR. Bartholomew Moore Parker William Charles Hampton Charles Glenn Hicks. Jr. David Franklin Kell Sanford Coston Harper. Jr. Law William Andrew Dodderer Lewls Taylor Bledsoe Nathan Bizby Gaskill James Birney Linn Clarence Odell Sapp Medicine Kilby Pairo Tirrentine James Lawrenik McEi.roy- Voice McDuffie Gardner WiLLARD Franklin Allen Richard Zemri Query, Jr. Herman Stroupe Merrill Leo Gilliland Bergman Harold Donald Burke Gordon Franklin Allen Eric Alonzo Auerxethy " . Jr. Malcolm Buie Se. well Reed Hill L.a.tham Robert Edward Lee Henning Tuo Hundred Sixty-four l V_,iV hJ- ' -ik Tuo Hundred Sixty-live nhe YACKET YACK M " SS Acacia Founded at the Vniveri lid Old Gold PUBLIC ATIO itu of Michiaan, l ' .)0-i ; : Triad North Carolina Chapter JUUAX PBICE EslablMed I ' J i Honorary JAMKS E. Latham Ravmoxd C. Dukx FRATRES IN FACULTATE William E. Caldwell, Ph.D. Robert B. Lawson, M.D. W. Ksight, Ph.D. Eric A. Aberxethy, M.D. John W. Harris William V. Parker FRATRES IN URBE Marshall V. Jacksox Louis A. Kooxts A. Cl-arexce Pickard Thera E. Hixsox P. UL M. Thomi ' sox Wili.iam I). Hoss FRATRES IN DNIVERSITATE Class or 1928 James E. Webb Roy A. Proffitt Class of 1929 James A. Barxwell Cravox C. Efird Graduates John W. McCain, Jr, Benjamin Husbands Addison E. Warren ■ Lemuel L. Hill Medicine Charles W. Robinson, Jr. Grant L. Donnelly •John A. Bender ■ Robert F. Monroe Law- John C. Kesler John O. Harmon .John H. Harreli. Pharmacy Archie A. Koonts Pled(;es S. E. Rogers Sidney Rysdex ? S ' ? i. iS Wf Uf S ' UL B " f t 2l fc j w 1 I92, Tico Hundred Sixty-six ' The fACKET YACK W M .mcfM 1 Q 2 A Two Hundred Sixty-seven ( rkt Chi Tau Founrled at Trinity. UH ' .l Wliite. Crimso7i. and Gold Flowers: White. Yellow and Red Rosebuds Pi ' Eii.icATiox: Tlie Chi Tau Hcrafion Gamma Chapter Established i:).2-i FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S Richard Moore Taylor William McDaxiel Fowler Roy Whitxey Alexander Johx Calvix Braxtley. Jr. James Edward Butler Wiiliam Robert Maxey Joseph Leak Pixxix Class of 1929 Daxiel Leox Exolish. Jr. Weddle Walter Valgiix Georce Moxtagle Holton Ralph Waldo Porter Class of 1930 Oliver Mims Alexander William James Chandler Delbert Edley Livingston Francis Marion Taylor George Leslie Coxley Ned BrTLER Giles William Carrol Spavgh William Edward Jessup Thomas Cash Leoxard Victor Higgixs WiLMOT Stlart Holmes. Ji Philip Grover Poovey ' Albert James Satterfielo James Beardsley Coxxell Howard Bates Theodore Bl-rrougiis Livingston. Jr. Pledges !. CosnY ' Glexx Blackwood Lemiel Wadsworth Mooke Jack Hyams Childs Clarence Johxso.x Weeks GiYON Eugene Whittex Two Hundred Sixty-eight lACKET YACK fe . it . lOfk-t 192. Tuo Httnrlred Sixty-nine ACKET i YACK Tail Epsilon Phi Founded at Columlia University. lHOfl CoLOKs: Lavender and Wliile Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Violets Pi ' BLKATiox: The Plume Omega Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi Established 102. ' , FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S Emanuel J. Evans IsAiioRE Einvix Black Class of 1929 JuDAii SiioiiAX Harry Louis Schwartz Benjamin Daviii Schwartz Morris Louis Garmise Samuel Robert Goldberg Class of 1930 Jerome J. Cohen Bernard Schneider David Neiman Albert Suskin Eliiiu Sciilosbukg S. Robert GnLnREUG Pledges Philip Sher Frank Lazarus Milton Berman Alexander Wainer Williaji Michalove iRRis Miller .ttft ' Jit 192,6 Tuo Hundred Seventy YACKETY YACIC -j»r ' Jf-Mi-k. Tico Hundred Seventy-one nihe YACKETY YACIC Theta Kappa Nu Founded nt Dnirij College. l ' J2. ' i Argent, Crimson, and ahle Publication: Theta Netcs Flower: TV !(7e Hose N. C. Gamma Chapter of Theta Kappa Nu FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S OwEX Hexry Rouse Joseph M. Reece George Ei.moke Allex Jackson Glexx Fair Harry Hexry Joxes, Jr. Louis Jefferson Ring Class of 1929 James K. Paul Fitzhugh Lee Southerland Thomas Wesley Keller Shelton Brinson Hunter, Jr. Cl. .ss of 1930 Omnia Floyd Fowler Edward Smith Carter S. Glenn Patterson Fred Odell Johnston Rt Fus White Medicine RHOiiES Edmond Nichols. Jr. Law John Penimore Cooper Pledges Frank Ollin Winstead John Southage Vaughan F ' rank Marvin Adams Marshal Ai drey Gallop Clayton I. Brice John Dea Hunt Charles Loyd Wyrick Robert Lee Oakley Hilliard Baxley Wilson Merritt C. Baker te xOHi ' t Tuo Hundred Seventy-tivo rACKETY h YACIC ' jt I ■Jh Two Hundred Seventy-three YACKETY YACIC Alpha Lambda Tau Founded at Oijh thoipe University. 1916 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: American Beauty Rose PiBLnATiox: The Rose Leaf Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Lambda Tau Estahlished lUir, FRATER IN FACULTATE E. K. Plyer. Ph.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Cl. .ss of 192S Chiltox R(i . i.d Joxe.s Luther Nicholso.v Byrd WiLLIAjr FlLFORD FOURIE LeOX DoUGLASS WeBB Er vi - Crawford Chkisco Isaac Moxtrose Till, Jr. William David Downs Galen Elliott Class of 1929 Elmer Robert Davis Theodore Roosevelt Keith Edwin Stuart English. Jr. Harrt: Woodrow McGalliard Jlnhs Virgil Fishei; Class of 1930 John LaFavette Byrd. Jr. John Charles Redding John Mooney Betts William Thomas Norwood Law Sa:muel Walter Davis. Jr. Walter Jones Lupton Medicine Lee Arthur Wilson Pledges David Campbell Lee Gi DGER Dennis Ball LiNWOOD MlRRAY ' ByRD George Thomas Wilson- Henry Heywood Miller Howard Fentress Chrisco Bowden Mease Smathers Joseph Goodson Faulkner ■ i«» f;. Tico Hundred Seientii-loiir YACKETi YACIC I Two Hunched Seventy-five YACKET YACK Lambda Chi Alpha Founded at Bonton College. lOnfJ CoLOBs: Purple. Green, and Gold Flower: Violet PrEi.iCATioxs: Purple, Green and Gold ( Bi-Monthly ), and Cre.-icent Gamma-Nu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha EslablLshed . ' ».. ' .. ' FRATRES IN FACULTATE RrssEi.i. Rdbeht Pottek. Ph.D. Robeht C. Bullock. A.B. Arnold K. King. A.B.. M.A. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S Charles Mason Crawford Hoyt Baker Pritchett Ralph Lee Prevost, Jr. William Haywood Walters William Kent Wiley Class of 1929 Cameron Cardwell Meadok John Raymond Murphy ' Benjamin Johnston Sloan Class of 1930 Charles Duffy Franxk, Jr. Thomas Roger Walker George Benjamin Watkins Law Philip Ray Whitley Medicine Lester Avant Crowell Pledges L. Marion Jordan Aaron Prevcst Edgar Long Whitneu Prevost Frank Lum John D. Walters Branch Paxton George Wild Dane M. Wilsey Leon Bryan Gerald Colvin Val Edwards Prank Householder Tico Hundied Scvcnti six ohe ACKET YACK ' if . Ttco Hundred .Vevrniy-seven ACKET YACK Sigma Phi Sigma Founded at University of Pennsylvania, 190S WJiite and Gold Flowkrs: Daffodils and Lilies of the Valley PrBLicATiox: The Monad Xi Chapter of Sigma Phi Sigma Established I Hill FRATER IN FACULTATE Otto Stl-hlmax, Ji;.. Ph.D. FRATER IN URBE K. RL Wl-LM. N SeLDKX FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Cl. ss of 192S Will Docker ' Merritt GL-iss OF 1929 W- lter Gaston Shoemaker Class of 1930 Phillip Hiss Gai.l. giier Joiix Fred Ford JoHX Fort Medicixe Paul Ker:i[1t Perkixs Graduates Arthur Fraxcis Daxiel Frederick William zur Burg Pledges Joe a. Carpextkr Hexry Haxd Raxkix Granville Y. Harris William Gordon Dike Johx Hexry Brux.tes Ray SiMi ' Sox Farris Howard C. Federal. Jr. Miltox Clapi ' , Jr. George Elmer Wilkinson Gregory Andrew Smith Sam Stevenson McNeely, John Selb - Perkixs Hexry- Harmon zur Burg Clifford Hawkixs Tilley Bill Carrixe. Jr. Willia:m H. Orulsox RoiiERT A. McArver. Jr. George L. Siieram, Jr. Two Hundred Seventy-eight YACKETY YACK ±QZ c ' M Tiro Hundred Seventy-nine CKET YACIC Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at 3Inss(icht(setts Agriciilliirr:! Collnje. Anilirrsl. 1S 3 Colors: Muijentu ami Silver F owee: Jtrd Ciirnation Upsilon Deuteron Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa Estnh-isiini i:i.:i: FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. R. B. Lawsox Dr. F. C. Vilbr. xdt FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class of 1928 Theodore N. Griie .Johx L. Hol.shoiskr James M, Mitchelle Class of 1929 Ed.mixd L. Curlee Thomas L. Kesler Edwix JI. Fowler .Johx C. White M. K. Pate Class of 1930 _ James A. Buntixg Dell W. Millar Harrv G. Grieb James P. Sciklock Charles L. Hoggard Perry B. Whittixgtox ILLLAM T. Jackson Elbert H. Dexsixg Arthur S. Maxx Donald L. Wood- AXDRE y J. Baili J. G. Geiek Herbert Joxes Pledges AYlLEY McGlamerv XI. S. Parham Fred Tho.mas m- i92,S Two Hiiiuhcd Eiyhtij 1 ACKET YACK WHITTINGTOM Two Hundred Eighty-one nhe YACK Founded at The College of the City of New York, 18!)S Colors: Old Gold. Blue, and White Prni.K ' ATioxs: Zeta Beta Tail Quarterly and Monthly News Alpha Pi of Zeta Beta Tau Established l ' J.i FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S Milton E. Block Ckasar Cone NoRMAx Block Hexrv Weil Class of 1929 Charles Browx, Jr_ Mortimer W. Bremax Class of 1930 David L. Avxer Hexry Sterxberger Harry J. Gailaxd Law Alvix S. Kartus Sigmuxd Meyers Harry Rockwell Pledges Edward Meyers Mortox Shapiro SoLOMOx Sterxeerger :iQC 1 Q2 m . Two Hundred Eighty-ttco YACI T YACK 192,6 Two Hundred Eighty-three The YACKETY YACIC- Theta Phi Colors: Or Foumled VJ.! ' , UUie PL ' BLltATlox; Ihela Phi Quaiterbi FRATRES IX FACCLTATE Parker H. Dai oett, SB. JciHX E. Lear. E.E. Rai.I ' H M. Trimble, C.E., M.S. Thu.mas B. S-milev. B.S FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Graduate Earl Georce Dobbins, B.S. Class of 1928 David M. HolshovSee Tn.iAN A. Ward .lo. ' iEPH J. Williams Class of 1929 William A. Banter E. Alspavch CinBLES M. Lear William X. Mti.hal William B. Sharpe Ba.ster F. Wade Wll.r.IAM ,T. Wort.max Cl. ss of 1930 William H. Dry Jacob S. Kirk Otis S. Parsoxs Charles B. Overman FlOwek: Su-cel Pea William C. Burxett William T. McGalliard Leon L. Rh xe WiLLiA.M B. White Pledges Ernest T. Gross Charles A. Hensi.e Raymond J. Ruble Charles P. Mayes, Jr. Frank E. Redus Ruhard M. Sawyer .aftl. ' t ' Tuo Hundred Eighty-Jour nhe YACI £TY YACK Two Hundred Eighty-five YACKETY YACIC ' Sigma Delta Founded I ' J.!) Colors: Brown and White FEATRES IN FACULTATE jAjiES O, Bailey William T. Couch iluRPHEy D. Ransom PEATEES IN UNIVEESITATE Class of 1928 Flower: Cape Jas Walter W. Anderson Norwood M. Carroll Paul S. Foster ROBBINS K. Fowler WIL William H. E. Johnson Lafayette H. McPherson Basil H. Marshall, Jr. James E. Marshall, Jr. M J. Olive Class of 1929 Thomas P. Harrison William D. Perry Nathaniel H. Henry James G. Poole John O. Marshall Charles B. Wood Haywood Parker, Jr. William H. Wysong GEORIJE W. Ehrhart Class of 1930 William J. Horney John H. Mebane Frederick G. McPherson Lawrence P. Stack Samuel G. Winstead Law David E. Thomas Eugene G. Thompson. Jr. James C. Abbott Leonard E. Hines Matthew G. Henry James R. Maus Lewis G. St. nfield Ki.wix J. Zagora T2CII Hundred Eighty-six ' The YACKETY YACIC J HSm. i92,e mt ?.-i -1 Tico Hundred Eiylity-seven YACKETY YACIC Sigma Epsilon Flower: White Rose Founded lP2 ' i Colors: PurpJe, Cerise, and Gray Plblicatiox: Si(ima Ei)siIO}i Scroll FRATRES IX FACULTATE Malcolm G. Little. A.M. James V. Posey, A.M. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Cl. ss of 192S Richard A. Freeman Henry E. Thompson WiLFREU L. BrOOKER, Jr. Charles H. Moose LiNWOOD P. Harrell Donald O. Kitchen Class of 1929 Jacob E. Cobb Class of 1930 William H. Potter James N. Callahan Clifton R. Berrier Frank A. Urbston Thomas G. Ceoom Elisha Coppersmith Barnes Gillespie Pledges Hampton B. Crawford Jack W. Smith James L. McDonald John Wallace WULIAM N. LAWEENCE Luther B. Hester. Jr. William G. Pendleton Henry ' Anderson m . Two Hundred Eiyhty-eight YACKETY YACIC -J ; i y. Tiro Hunrlred Eighty-nine YACKETY ACIC ' I Gamma Sigma Tau Founded l! 2l) Colors: ir n7c and Gold FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Enic V. Coke William D. Dela?.cey Clyde E. Harris Hermax H. Braxtox WlNFRED T. HaRKRADER William J. Stoxe Ralph C. Greene Class of 192S James A. White Hiram P. Edwards RA.xe oM H. GrRGAxrs Edward W. Avent Class of 1929 Charles J. Moore Malcolm R. Boxxeh Class of 1930 Dan J. Bkawi.ey Law Dii.LiAHi) S. Gakdxeu Flower: Daisy JOHX F. MOTSIXf.Eli William H. Strkklaxd Pledges Jasper I. Braxton William H. Kixgsb; ry Thomas M. BLAXKEXsiur Roy V. Britox Henry B. Parker Archie A. Kooxts Horatio W. Bvixock Henry L. Barbee Walter F. Owens Fraxk L. Smith Mercer J. Blaxkexshif ArcrsTUs M- Covington Howard G. Godwin Worth M. Helms Clyde T. Collixs )itfy , ' } Two Hundiid Ninety YACKJETY YACI Tko Hundred Ninety-one vCKETY iACIC Chi Omega Founded at the Unicei:sit j of Arkansas. lS9o Colors: Cardinal and Straic Flower: White Carnation PrnLKATiox : Ehu.sis Epsilon Beta Chapter of Chi Omega Established January. . ' . ' .! Patronesses Mrs. Gl ' Stave M. Brawx Mrs. Pail J. Weaver Mrs. Robert E. Coker Ml-s Daisy Riks Mr.S. R. a. McPHEErERS Class of 1928 EsTELLE E. Lawson Elisaretii a. Davis Class of 1929 Margaket H. Carlton Lima Ramsey E.Mii.v M. McLellaxd Graduate Rose Davis PleogFj Rerecca Graham I Tico Hundred yinety-tico The. YACKETY YACK ' », - ' V j-y tt Two Ilundred Ninety-three nhe ACKET YACK P hi Chi Founded at Louisiille Mpdiral Schoul, JS. ' iJ Coi-OKS: Green nnd While Flower; Lilii of the Talley PUBI.IIATION: Phi Chi Qiiarlrr ' n Sigma Theta Chapter of Phi Chi E.iltibti.ihed V.illa FRATEES IN FACULTATE JA5[KS B. Bullitt, M.D. William deB. ilAcXiDER, M.D. Wesley C. GEORf;E, M.D. PRATER IX URBE Calvert T. Toy. JI.D. FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Second Year Medical Class John A. Bender Merle D. Bonner Weston Bkuner. Jr. Allan S. Cheisiian William A. Cooper, Jr. Lester A. Cro ' William C. Hinii smith V. Borden Hooks Jr. Harry ' R. Johnson James L. McElroy N. Henry McLeod. Jr. Ernst 0. Moehlmann Zaok D. Owens Horace G. Strickland Heywood C. Thomtson Ralph G. Woodruff First Year Medical Class DWICHT McCURRIE J. Cooper Fowler Junius A. Giles E. Byron Glenn Edward Me. Hedoepeth Edward E, Koonce William G. Moroan Fkancis N. Mullen. Jr. .John O. Redding. Jr. AUC.U.STUS S. Ro.SE KiLBY P. TURRENTINE David A. YouNo Two Hundred Ninety-four SV " nhe YACKETY YACICv. ,ili -s . M Tko Hundred Xitiety-five ACKET YACK Theta Kappa Psi Foiincled at the Medical College of Virginia. 1S19 Cor.ORs: ile Green and Old Gold Flower: Red Rose Public ATiox: The Messenger Upsiloii Chapter Established nil. ' , FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 192S Jajies F. Cri ' Mpler Daxiel E. FoEiiEsr, Jr. Abel L. Hill. Jr. LoxNiE C. Liles Duncan S. Owen- Charles L. Ball, Jr. Earl V. TrcKEU High A. W. Tsox William P. Wheless Clarence. H. White Stephen G. Wilson- Class OF 1929 Charles L. Ball. Jk. Roy Lee Cashwell Kenneth L. Cloningf.r Griffin C. DArGHTRincE Alfred A. Ke.nt. Jr. Herman S. Powell Carroll S. Creole mf . 1Q26 Two Hundred Xinety-six YACKE 1 . YACIC Two Hundred Ninety-seven . ni e H YACKET . YACIC Alpha Kappa Kappa Founded at Dartmouth CoUrgr. ISS9 Colors: Dartmouth Green and White PiBLicATiox: Centaur Isaac H. Manning Chaklf.s L. Ferguson Edgar N. Boseman Samuel M. Carrington Lester T. Chance John M. Cooke. Jr. Grant L. Donnelly H. RRY L. FaRRELL Voige Gardner Roman A. Harton Beta Iota Chapter Established 1923 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Eric A. Abernetht George L. Carrington FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Cl. .ss of 192S Gilbert B. D.wi.s Robert D. Oliver Ernest W. Franklin. Jr. Charles W. Robinson Malcolm D. Kemp Claude E. Simons Rhodes E. Nichols. Jk. Robert H. Brown J. H. Davis Class of 1929 Reid R. Heffner John R. Johnson Robert F. Monroe Roy H. Moore Kermit Perkins John P. Rhodes Wymox p. Stabling Tico Hundred Xinety-eight ' The YACI £TY YACIC ' Tiro HuncJred Xinety-nine n3 e XCKETY YACK Kappa Psi Founded at the Medical College of Virf inia. 1S79 Colors: Scarlet and Gray Flower : iferZ Carnation Ptjblications: The Mask (exoteric), The Ayora (esotei-ic) Beta Xi Chapter of Kappa Psi Established 101.1 FRATRES IN FACULTATE John G. Beard. Ph.D Mariox L. Jacobs. Pli.G., Pli.C, E.S., M.S. EinvARi) V. Kyser. Ph.D. Edward V. Howell. Ph.D., Ph.G. Ralph W. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1928 M. S. Biin- C. H. Oakley P. L. McDa.xiel D. B. Browning L. C. Kelly J. D. Matthews Class of 1929 O. L_ Umstead J. B. Connell J. C. Brantley Class of 1930 U. F, Crissman David Bell Pledge M. A. Gallop J. L. Holshoi ' ser B. N. Austin- J. S. Eaves J. L. PiNNIX :n taM ' MittMViAlimi 1 .: m- |l ■ m aj i.Af., Three Hundred YACKETY YACIC- Three Hundred One YACI ETY YACIC Phi Delta Chi Founded at Ann Arbor. Michiyan. 1SS3 Colors: Old (Sold and Dregs of Wine Publication : Flower: Red Carnation The Communicator Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Deha Chi Fraternity Established njli FRATRES IN FACULTATE HOXOHARY H. Smith Richardson Haywood M. Taylor FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATB Class of 1928 Deliiar F. White James R. Curtis Cleo p. Whitkord Tyson A. Curtis John T. Dillehay Clyde Tweed Class of 1929 Earle E. Merrill John F. Koonce Leland F. Parrish W. C. Barnwell Class of 1930 Russell C. Judson Wllliam D. Welch. Jr. Maurice L. Heiner Harry E. Bolen Frank W. Dayvault Joseph P. Richardson . , }!i ' 026- Three Hundred Two nhe ACKETY YACIC Three Hundred Three YACKETY YACK Alpha Chi Sigma Founded at the rnirfigilii „ Wi.ieoi)i.i Blue and Clirome Tetlow Publication: The Rrxn ' jon Flowek: Red Carnation Rho Chapter Estahlixked I ' llZ PRATRES IX FACULTATE Fbancis p. Venable James T. Dobbins James M. Bell Horace D. Crockfoed Alvin S. Wheelee Frank C. Vilbrandt Floyd H. Edmistee Howell G. Pickett Ralph W. Bost Class of 192S Charles L. Thomas Parmelee Ward James H. Timbeelake Beorge C. Holroyd Class of 1929 Haywood Parker. Jr. Robinson E. Matthews T. Dick Slac.le Class of 1930 R. YMOND E. Bass Dan J. Beawley Jesse X. Parker. .Jr. Henry H. ZveBirc. Graduates William M. Lofton Feed W. Davis D. R. Ergle Harvey A. L.iung William M. Mebane Aucie R. Greene Onslow B. Hager, Jr. Alfred T. Clifford Walter B. Sellaes Ernest O. Moehljiann J. A. Bender jf : ! Three Hundred Four ' The YACKETY -YACIC ' eS»i v i Three Hundred Five YACKETY YACK- Alpha Kappa Psi Founded at Xew Toil; rniversiti , IHO ' , Colors: Blue and Old Gold Publication: The Alpha Eapim Psi Dianj Alpha Tail Chapter Established 191 FRATRES IX FACULTATE Dl-dlet D. Cakeoll Robert A. McPheeteks Claudius T. JIukchisox Collier B. Sparuer Eable E. Peacock Harry A. Harixi;. Jr. FRATER I.V CRBE Louis A. Kooxts Class of 1928 Lionel P. Adams ■Ta-mes K. Kyser Charles D. Blaktox ' Robert A. Love, Jr. CH-AELES W. CaUSEV, .3 E. Ja.mes H. Moye Robert H. Evaxs DuRwoOD E. Steed Fraxcis p. Jekkixs Hoivaed E. West Class of 1929 Charles M. Blrxs, Jr. SiMEOx R. Cross Walter M. Browx. ,Tk. Thomas C. Coxe, Jr. HuoH L . Merritt Marion R. Follix, Jr. Elbert E. Stauber James E. Marshall. ,1r. Charles W. Baxner. Jr. Robert C. Meeeitt, Je. Hexey M. Sinclair Alfred S. Caldwell David A. Giddings III - Three Hundred Six nhe YACKETY YACIC ' Three Hundred Seven nhe ACKET YACK Delta Sigma Pi Founded at New Turk Vn Colors: Old Gold nnd Rrnja! Purple PrBLK ' ATI The Delia Sig Flower: Red Ro Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi Establislied l!i2o FRATRES IX FACULTATE ilAL .-o::M I). Taylor Thomas W. Hollaxd Erich W. Zimmermax FRATRES IN URBE Thera E. Hixsox Hilton C. Berry FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class ok 1928 Jack C. Clark Fr. nk E. Matthews Ralph B. Dayidson Theodore N. Grice Roy a. Hendricks VILLIAM R. Maney Aubrey A. Perkins Ralph L. Preyost HOYT B. Pritchett William H. Stephens John B. Yelyerton Class of 1929 Boyd W. Harris, Je. Paul T. Simpson Class of 1930 James C. Abbott Edward E. JIendenha Nathan B. Gaskili Stanley JI. Carpen Frederick P. Parker Pledoes :k William L. Hicdox Threc Hundred Eight io lACiV ' THACKSTON YELVERTON Three Hundred itic ,-rf,. Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College. 1SG1 CoLoiis: Wine and fUlrer Katherixe Batts Ei.izabf;th Brakson EiJ.Kx Melick Katherine Martin Rosalie Thrall Elizabeth W. Holt Katherixe B. Johnson :0 Lois M. Warden Helen Dortcii Blue Flower; Wine Carnation Publication: The Arrow Aljjha Chapter Established 19, 3 SORORES IN URBE Elizaheth Winston Frances Venable Mrs. a. S. Lawrence Mrs. Dougald MacMillan Susan Rose Mrs. Edward Brown SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1928 Sarah G. Purrington Grace W. Duncan Graduatei Hei.ena E. Hermance Pledges Anne E. Lilly Margaret A. Chreitzberg Anne D. Lawrence Mela A. Royall Mrs. Harry Comer Mrs. W. E. Caldwell Mrs. Charles Coolidge Mary M. Weay Margaret C. Beoadus Three Hundred Ten % Tau Kappa Alpha Founded at Indianapolis. lOOS Dark and Light Puiiile Publk atiox: TJie Speaker of Tau Kappa Alpha Established IHIO FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. S. Bui-N-AKi) F. F. Bkadshaw Alreht Coates W. T. Couch B. B. Laxe Frank P. Gkaham Daniel L. Graxt FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE J. H. Harrell Thomas CAPEa:, John B. Lewis Edward A. Casieron L. B. LivixG.STOx L. V. HUGGLNS C. R. JoxAS Harry McGaixiard Ralph W. Noe J. WixFiELD Crew. Jr. 0. Bexjamix Eatox Alvix S. Kartxs Three Hundred Eleven YACI TY YACIC, Phi Beta Kappa Fnunded at the Colltge of WUIiam and Manj. i77S Alpha Chapter of North Carolina Lionet Pbick Adaus } t ■ , n j , j -f o j i Edward Alexander Camerok ° " " P " ' ' " ' " " ' ' " President Danieij Edward HuoniNs. Jr. Recording Secretarii Thomas James Wilson, Je Corresponding Secretary and Treaeurer STUDENT MEMBERS Lionel Prioe Adams James E. Merritt John Orb Allison David Tuttle Milne Dudley C. Barb Ernest O- Moehlmann Killian Barwick Daniel K. Moore Joseph R. Bobritt, Jk. Eleanor S. Mosheb Henrt Parker Brandis W ' ili iam ' W ' . Neal. Jr. Herman H. Braxton George T. Parkin Edward Alexander Cameron Louis J. Ring David Donated Carroll Samuel E. Rogers .John P. Cooper Charles P. Rouse Abram a. Cort George F. Seyffert Samuel M. Eddleman William F. Shaffnek Jefferson Barnes Fordham Frederick C- Shepard Dilijard S. Gardner Allen Kendrick Smith Theodore N. Grice Frank A. Urbston John B. Harrison Alton A. Watt Dantel Edward Hudgins, Jr. James E. Webb John Baker Lewis Abel G. Whitener Rufus R. Little Robert W. Wilkins Harold Mager George E. Wilkinson Charles S. Mangum, Jr. David Alexander Young MEMBERS IN THE CITY Eleanor E. Carroll, B.A. Romana G. Mackie. A.B. Columbia Ellen C. Melick, A.B. Mart L. Cobb, A.B. L. James Phipps, S.B. Louis Graves, A.B. Charles E. Rat. SB. Barbara B. Henderson, A.M. F,. Rosalie Thrall Alma Holland, A.B. Calvert R. Tot, A.B., M.D. GuiON G. Johnson, Ph.D. Hazel T, Teimbij:, A.B. Louise M. Venable, A.B. i3Hr Three Hundred Twelve YACI TY P " " - »YACIC ' MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY N, B. Adams, Ph.D. Washington and Lee H. G. Baity, M.S. North Carolina 0. D. Beees. Ph.D. North Carolina L. J. Bell, Jr., A.B. North Carolina P. P. Biudshaw, M.A. North Carolina G. M. BE-iune, C.E Washington and Lee D. A. Beown, A.B. North Carolina K. J. Beown, Ph.D. Dickinson R. M. Beown, A.m. North Carolina E. T. Beowne, Ph.D. Virginia J. B. Bullitt, A.M., M.D. Washington and Lee R. C. Bulijdok, A.B. North Carolina W. E. Caldwell, Ph.D. Cornell H. W. Chase. Ph.D., LL.D. Dartmouth R. E. COKEE, Ph.D. North Carolina W. 0. CoKEE, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins H. W. Ceane, Ph.D. Michigan A. T. Cdtlee, A.M. Amherst W. M. Dey, Ph.D. Virginia P. R. Gaefield, A.B. Cornell P. P. Geaham, M.A. North Carolina F. M. Geeen, Ph.D. North Carolina Paul Geeen. A.B. North Carolina M. H. Geifmn, A.M. Georgia E. R. Geoves, A.B., B.D. Dartmouth J. M. GwTNN, A.M. North Carolina J. G. deR. Hamij.ton, Ph.D. William and Mary H. A. Hab.tkg, Je., Ph.D. Tale J. P. Haeland, Ph.D. Princeton G. A. Haeeee, Ph.D. Pr inceton Claeenoe Heee, Ph.D. Rochester A. Hendeeson, Ph.D., LL.D., D. C. L. North Carolina U. T. Holmes, Ph.D. Pennsylvania R. B. House, A.M. North Carolina Geoege Howe, Ph.D. Princeton A. 0. Howell, Ph.D. North Carolina H. M. Jones, M.A. Wisconsin A. K. King, A.M. North Carolina E. W. Knight, Ph.D. Duke J. W. Laslet, Je., Ph.D. North Carolina H. D. Leaened, Ph.D. Pennsylvania J. B. LiNKlE. Ph.D. North Carolina J. C. Lyons, Ph.D. William and Mary G. R. MacCaethy, Ph.D. North Carolina A. C. McIntosh. A.m., LL.D. Davidson E. L. Maokie, Ph.D. North Carolina R. S. Matthews, A.B. North Carolina J. R. Pateiok, M.A. Georgia J. W. Patton, am. Vanderbilt W. W. Pieeson, Je., Ph.D. Alabama R. R. POTTEE, Ph.D. North Carolina W. P. Peouty, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins W. C. Salley, A.B. Alabama Thoendike Saville, C.E., M.S. Dartmouth W. B. Sellaes, S.B. North Carolina T. B. Smiley, S.B. North Carolina C. P. Speuill, Je., A.B., B. Litt North Carolina J. H. Swaetz, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins M. R. Te. hue, Ph.D. Northwestern M. W. Teawick, A.B. Davidson r. P. Venable. Ph.D., LL D D Sc North Carolina F. C. ViLBEANDT, Ph D Ohio State P. W. Wagee, Ph.D. Hobart H. M. Waostai ' f, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins N. W. Walker Ed.M. North Carolina A. S. Wheelee. Ph.D. Beloit E. P. WiLLiAED, Je., a.m. North Carolina L. R. Wilson, Ph.D. North Carolina T. J. Wilson. Je.. Ph.D. North Carolina T. J. Wilson, III, D. Phil. North Carolina E, J. WOODHOUSE. B.A.. LL.B. Randolph-Macon V iS! Three Hundred Thirteen Parker H. Daggett El.MEK G. HOEFER David M. Hoi.shoi skk Geohge M. Rose. Jr. William N. Miciiai. Phi Zeta Nil Established HUH C0L0R.S: Red and Green FRATRES IN FACULTATE John E. Lear George W. Smith Thomas B. Smh-ey FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE of 1928 Fraxk a. Urbston Ciiii.tox R. Jone.s Turxer Griffin- Wilfred L. Bkookior. Ji!. Walter E. Stewart Class of 1929 Charles M. Lear Walter B. Massenblusg Graduates George F. Seyffert, Jr. Abram A. Cory Three Hundred Fourteen i The Cabin Hap Move Borden Hooks.. .President -..Manager " Brantley " Atcock " Bn-L " Barxette " John " Brandt " Bill " Cheatham " Walter " Cherry " Allan " Chrisman " Jack " Coxe " Coke " Dick " John " Ervuj " Bob " Evans " Bill " Ev. ns " SrL ' . RT " F. RLElr,H " Mot " Feimster " Ch. rles " Gignii.liat " Like " Gl. scock " Frank " Guiimey- " George " Hamer " Ed " Hedgpeth " V. l " Hedgpeth " George " Heinitsh " Bakox " Holmes " Bill " Hooks " Borden " Hooks " Brownlow " J, ckson " Phh, " Jackson " Fred " Johnson " Bert " Jones " Andy " Lo e " DeWitt " McCottee " FrzzY " McLeod " Jimmie " Miller " Louis " Mann " Hap " Moye " Monk " Myers " Ogden " Parker " Carr " Pl-KSER " Charlie " Redfern " " Sh. ffner " Charlie " Shannon " Bill " Sharpe " Carlisle " Smith ' r. j. " soitherland " Horacf. " Strickland " Bill " Turner " C. rl " Venters " Red " Waddill " Dick " Walseb " John " W. tson " Bill " Wekb " Joh.n " Williamson ' Di( k " Winborne " Pedro " Woodruff Three Hundred Fifteen H YACKET YACK The Coop OFFICERS David Blanton President Waiter Brown ! Secretary RoBEST McGee. , Manager f " Juke " Adams " Doc " Adams " Da ' e " Blanton " Buster " Brown " Hal " Buck " Gaston " Butord " Buck " Carr " Junior " Carr " Tlffant " Cheatham " Tom " Coxe " Jack " Citreton " Walt " Creech " Sim " Cross " Bill " Ca ' enes8 " Billy " Dh: in " Louis " dbRosset " Arnold " Edgerton " Junior " Glover MEMBERS " Froggy " Graham " Shtlock " Graham " Mac " Gray " Buddy " Griek " C. V. " Henkel " Francis " Houston " Snake " Hudgins " Piggy " Jabrel " Tish " Jenkins " Vance " Kendrick " Vaiden " Kendrick " Kirk " Leggett " Bill " Marshall " Jim " Marshall " Jesse " Mote " Steve " Millender " Bo " Morehead " Abie " McAnally " Bill " Way " Flem " Wily " Julian " Palmore " Bill " Prescott " Charlie " Price " Duke " Price " Jack " Pringle " Jim " Purcell " Sis " Sanders " Henry " Satterfield " Bo " Shepherd " Bull " Shuford " Tubby " Smith " Dick " Smith ■John " Spears " Bob " Taylor " Francis " Toms " Doc " Vestal " Petty " Waddill Three Hundred Sixteen HENgxJIoRACB-WlfcfettaS Charles THOts sJffp nJ Frank Po iKLilKAmMlx Edgar Rj nfcOTK F5 K is 5aa»-figAasHAW ToBERT Burton House Herman Glenn Baity WlLLUM Ernest Lloyd Mackis Albert ' " Joe E- Jeffe-; _- Bynum CoavBON pEiutY Spsuill f REDESKK CaRLYLE ShJ£PAR11 Couch GRADUATE STUDENTS Charles Raper Jonas hrr Rsot: Saskes Fordham ACTIVE ARGOKATTTS DANIEL EDWARD HU33GINS, JR, jUDSON FRANK ASHB ' EDWARD ALEXANDER CAMERON ]0 -- r r,«r. t ...g SAMUEL NASH JOHNSTON G ROBERT WALLACE WILKINS W . i? r MAM JOHN FRAZIEH GLENN, U. tlje (Bxh d % €r3tf OFFICERS Norman Block S b rt McDonald Gray losepli R. Bobbitt . Joha H. Anderson. Jr. (iorace Williams FACULTY MEMBERS William S. Bernard MEMBERS Henry Johnston, Jr. James Allen Williams John Frazier Glenn, Jr. Edward McGowan Hedgpeth Walter E. Crissman Addison Exum Warren Norman Block Harold T. Buck J. W. Crew, Jr, Eisamiel J. Evans Jaraes W. Ferrellj Jr I Glenn.. Jr. Samuel Nasli Johnston James K= Kyser Edward A, George Dawson McBaniel Worth W. Morris Robert W. Wilkins, Jr. Robert McDonald Gray Walter D. Creech John H. Anderson. Js-, Nelson F, Ho-t ard John W. Norwood. Jr. Joseph R, Bobbin Curtis Price Aubrey A. PerltiifS Graham B, foynet L. Holt McPheFSf B, Walter S. Si:ca:rcHn FACLI TY MEMBERS Francis Foster Biadsliaw Albert Coates J. Minor Gwynn Clarence Addison Hibbard Almonte C. HoweU J. F. Steiner STUDENTS John Orr Allison Judson Frank Ashby Killian Barwick Nicholas Alexander Bogoluboff Edward Alexander Cameron Eric Vane Core Walter Edgar Crissman Alfred Waddell Gholson Robert McDonald Gray Samuel Nash Johnston Petlro Kjellesvig Armando Mendez Ralph Wilson Noe Aubrey Alphonso Perkins James Jerry Slade Walter Smith Spearman Elbert Ehvin Stauber Shepperd Strudwick Robert Wallace Wilkins James William Williams Gorgon ' s Head Robert Diggs Winiberly Connor Louis Graves Charles Thomas Woollen William dcBerniere McNider John Manning Booker William Morton Dey James Bell Bullitt Clarence Addison Hibbard Claudius Temple Murchison William Dougald MacMillan Keener Chapman Frascr Roland Prince McClamrock Nicholas Barney Adams Urban Tigner Holmes James Ruey Patrick Charles Tilford McCormick Andrew Campbell Mcintosh William Cochran Highsmith William Borden Hooks Emmett Robinson Wooten Horace Gilmore Strickland Bryan Grimes Charles Thomas Lipscomb Junius Greene Adams, Jr. Charles David Blanton Seabury Daniel Thorp John David Bulluck, Jr. William Pope Michie John Huske Anderson James Howard Moye Thomas Carlisle Smith, Jr. Edwin Everette Koonce Frederick Burr Johnson Edwin Bertram Smith Alexander Baron Holmes Shepperd Strudwick, Jr. Daniel Edward Hudgins, Jr. William David Pope Sharpe, Jr. William Hays Windley Eugene Haynes Erwio m ■■ ' .■ ' ' KyufSi David Donald Carroll John H. Anderson, Jr. Norman Block Henry P. Brand is, Jr. J. W. Crew, Jr. Thomas J. Gold. Jr. Nash Johnston John Marshall John Norwood Walter S. Spearman James A. Spioiill. Jr. Luther C. Steward Charles B. Wood Harold T. Buck Eugene Byron Glenn, Jr. Robert L. Mauney Frazier Glenn, Jr. Charles R. Jonas Ted B. Livingston, Jr. Ernest L. Mackie Francis F. Bradshaw Albert M. Coates J. G. deRoulhac Hamilton William T. Couch Edward Scheldt J. M. Saunders MINOTAURS Charles Albert Carr ■ V 2S ' ' iiL.,- • • • M.W.H. Bowman Gray, Jr. . . " ' " • , ... M. W. U. Simeon Roane Cross . ' d |« - . ' " B. T. James Harrison Lassiter • A • ' • ■%■ ' .... B. M. B. William Leak Marshall _-j . ' M V T ' n. • ■ H. D. K. D. Samuel Atwell Pettus (. . KLivjUSJJ ■ • ■ • • M. S. C. L. The moving finger writes: and having writ Moves on: nor all your piety nor wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a line. Nor all your tears, wash out a word of it. —Omar Khayya Order of the Sheiks Robert McDonald Gray. Jr. George Vernon Cowper . Alexander Henderson Galloway . Andrew Campbell McIntosh Eugene Byron Glenn Horace Gilmore Strickland Andrew Nathaniel Cowles Thomas Sampson Royster Edwin Clarke Gregory ' . Jr. Henry Johnston Walter Daniel Allen Frederik Bowles Graham Samuel Nash Johnston William P. Michie Bryan Grimes Daniel Edward Hudgins, Jr. William Hays Wlndley Nelson Ferebee Howard Charles Pattison Graham Junius Greene Adams. Jr. Ch.arles Edward Waddell. Jr. Gaston Reedy Buford Nelson Woodson Jack Henry Brown Frederick Burr Johnson Julian Baker Fenner Arnold Edgerton Haywood Dail Holderness John Fleming Wily. Jr. Charles Evans Louis Henry deRosset Charles Vance Henkel Eugene Ernest Wells Charles Lee Smith Louis LeGrande Glascock . S. V. S. . K. Three Hundred Nineteen Charles T. Lipscomb Charles David Blanton Eugene Erwin J. T. Gresham Herman High A. Baron Holmes W. R. Prescott William Jarrell Seabury Thorp T. A. Ilzzell C. Petty Waddill Charles Burns Walter Brown John Brown Shepperd Strudwick Colclough Dick Edmund Law Waddill Marshall Feimster Homer Lyon Walter Eugene McNulty Jack Cureton Frederick Louis Garr James Roderick Mclver Herman Schnell William Arthur Hooks Marion Follin Joseph Stewart Sigma Chi Sigma Nu A. T. O. Phi Delta Theta Pi K. A. S. A. E. K. A. Chi Phi Zeta Psi Beta Theta Pi Delta Tau Delta Sigma Chi Pi K. A. A. T. O. D. K. E. Delta Psi Delta Tau Delta S. A. E. Zeta Psi Chi Phi K. A. Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Delta Psi Phi Delta Theta Beta Theta Pi Pi K. A Three Hundred Twenty iaiib a 1 YACKETN N £ w Am ST E n. dam Tk eat r e March 19, 1928. Mr. John 0. Allison,. The Yackety Yack- University of No Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. Dear Sir: Thank you very much for the pleasure of looking over the photographs you sent to me. As most of the photography does not, I feel sure, do justice to most of the subjects, the only way I could judge of the beauty of the young ladies was from a photographic viewpoint-so I earnestly hope I have thus not hurt the f-eelings of those who are very likely much prettier than their photo would lead one to beli eve. With best wishes for the success of your 1928 Annual, I am, Very truly v urs. j d»i3Cji— sc»-- Three Hundred Twenty-one Miss LoriSE Daniel Miss Henrietta Whisnant Miss Daisy Baktlett Miss Catherine Lawson Mrs. Emily Slack Slade Miss Dobothy Pebky Miss Stephanie Bragaw Miss Elsik Blai.ook Miss Emma Cothran Miss Beryl Jones l u Miss Catherine Stokes ' lie Satire jeKW @C Nash Johnston, President Miss Billy Freejian K { -TIFl Ed Hudgiks, Vice President Miss Jo.sbphine Kliittz Baron Homies, Secretary-Treasurer Miss Ruth Day German Club ' Three Hundred TMrty-fhree 761V m E.MMKii WiKiiK.N. Leadt-r Miss Veuna Hodges Ed HKDr.PETH Miss Hesta Kitchix m m Lr D Three Hundred Thirty-four i rm) rb- CoLCLorGH Dick, Leader Miss Bii.i.y Freeman ; , )■ RuFi ' s Little Miss Wilmer Kuck ' Three Hundred Thirty-five Bryan Gkimis. Li ader Miss Chaim.dtti: Grimes Caulisle Smith Miss Hai.i.ik Wiij.iamson .V l m Gorgon ' s Head Ball Three Hundred Thirty-six M Y(0] ( ' iiAKiii: Lii ' si ii_ ii;, Leiuk-r Miss Louise Daniel Bauuon Grier Miss Elizabeth Andeeson m iM Three Hundred Thirty-seven mr ) (m Chari.ks ( ;i:i mi -, Leader Miss Makv Joiknsji Thomas L ' nxi: Miss Ei.izaiikth Johnston MU Junior Prom I, , - John Anderson Miss Rachel Hkuismith Thrte Hundred Thirty-eight Three Hundred Thirty-nin( TgT TYfS Ed Hi ' iM.iNs. Leader Miss Josephine Kluttz mtm Jack Davis Miss Ida Clifton Gailoway " A William Neal Miss Elizabeth Sherman Senior Ball W Three Hundred Forty (mm) (m ) Three Hundred Forty-one ohe ACKET YACK " ;. fTM Three Hundred Forty-two nJve ACKET YACK Three HunOred Forty-three nhe YACKET YACK V ' .i r Three Hundred Forty-four Whldic, [ ZuALli uXliii- - ' YACKETY I -YACIC ' md . Three Hundred Forty-five lk nhe ACKET YACK .m H 1 Q2A Three Hundred Forty-six ' The YACKETY YACIC ' Monoi :ram Club OFFICERS " Billy " Fereell President " Pinky " Moreis Vice President " Bill " Way Secretary-Treasurer AiiiiiiOSK. R. G. Barkley. Mixor Block. Nokman boxner. m. d. Bro vn. Chas., Jr. Brown. H. N, BrUNER, WE.STON BiRT. E. R. BlTLER. J. E. CoLBfRN. B. S. Cn. E. Ceas. r Covington-. R. 0. Cox. H. E. CoxE, T. C. CURLEE. A. T. Dalrymple. T. C. Daniels. A. F. Devix. W. a., Jr. doddereh, w. a. donnahoe. m. e. Elliott. Galen Elliso.v. C. F. Farris, R. S. Ferrell. J. W. Je. ROLL Fisher. J. V. Foard. E. G. fordham. j. b. FlRCIIES. S. L. Gallagher. P. H. Gardner. V. G. GlER.SCH. M. S. Glenn. J. P.. Jr. Gresham. J. T. Hackney. R. R. Haei ' ER. W. L. Howard. N. F. HuDGiNs, D. E., Jr. Jarrell. W. W. Jenkins, H. B. Jonas. C. R. Lassiter. J. H. Lipscomb, C. T. McDaniel. G. D. Mackie, E. B. MiLSTEAD. A. D. MOREHEAD, Garrett motsixger, j. f. Morris, W. W, Parker. F. P. Pearson. G. D. Perkins. A. A. Presson, S. L.. II Price. J. C, Pritchett. H, B. Pi-rser. C. R, Sapp, C, 0, Satterfield. H. C. Schwartz, H. L. Sharpe, W, D. SlIUFORD, E, G. Shulek. J. E. THOilPSON, E. J. Vanstory ' , W. a, Waddell, C. E. Ward, J. K. Wabeen, a. E. Wat, William. Jr. Westmoreland. J. B. Whisnant, a, M. Williams. Z. M. Wrenn. Creighton Yoi-NR. T. B. Three Hundred Forty-seven nhe YACI TY YACIC ' , HARRY SCHWARTl.Cdpt.EUrt AU-Stat« Center Z Years. All- Southern Center. Menticined for All- Atncrican . PEVTON ABBCriT, C i t.CH«l» WABOEU yndtftaUA Wrestler. Semt- final Conference tourney TOM VOUNG, Z Vtirs AU- State Hill- Mentioned for AU-SoaUurn tetter m-an. tn Baseball t footbaav. «l W CApt. PRITCHETT Southern Conference- mile champion- 6AIEM ElUOn,AU-Am£rUan milcr, Southern record in mile- Southern croM- country record. University record in. ttalt mile. c»j t. of- Crow -country. PISKV MORRIS, Capt All -Southern. - AU-5tate- Basketball State- Z miU champion JOE WESTMORBIAND, Cajjt.tlect No-hit game. Star Pitcher 1917 30HHBY HJNDERSON, Southern Z ntile record - l tter in tracK and crois country BIIL DODDERER, AU-SoiUhcrn BasKctbau 5 veare letter in football, BasKctball, Baseball - OX SHU FORD. Undefeated Southern CoUe Mtc hcavy tfctjjlt Champion. 2Year6, letter man in Boxing t Iootb»ll- ED MACKEL, leading hitter, 1927 Baseball 3 Years - UNIVERSITY ' S FINEST .«Wl1 Three Hundred Forty-eight Captain Garrett Morf.head .q tJball Three Hundred Forty-nine . ACKET ' YACK Three Hundred Fifty YACKETY Coach Collixs .Manai.ei! Hudgixs Football 1927 Gabeett JIorehead Captain Daniel Edwaed Hudgins, Jk Manager C. C. Collins Bead Coach William Ceeney BackfieUl Coach Robert A. Fetzer Line Coach Percy Quinlax Trai7ier 1927 FOOTBALL SEASON Carolina S Wake Forest 9 Chapel Hill Carolina Tennessee 26 Chapel Hill Carolina 7 Maryland 6 Chapel Hill Carolina 6 South Carolina 14. .Columbia Carolina Georgia Tech 13 Atlanta Carolina 6 N. C. State 19 Raleigh Carolina V. M. 1 7 _ Lexington Carolina 27 Davidson Chapel Hill Carolina IS Duke „ 0. Durham Carolina 14 Virginia 13 Chapel Hill Games won 4; games lost 6 " I S .! 3jSii:ai«?F t ' i ( CoAcn Ckrney Coach Bob Fetzer Coach Quinlan Three Hundred Fifty-one YACKETY YACIC Earl Donnahoe Rav Farris After being out of Shifted about fron? school three years Earl one position to anotber, Donnahoe returned to the Ray Farris finally found squad and soon estab- his true calling as a lished himself as an cut- guard. His speed and standing guard. power easily earned hira a place on every all-state team picked. Billy Ferrell Billy Ferrell made up spirit and fight what he lacked in si; played a whale of all year. In the Mary land game his puntinj was phenomenal. Edison Foard good man to back 1 line and also a and hard line smasher, " Sat- me chel " Foard was an im- portant asset in severa ' games. Football It cannot be said that the 1927 football season at Carolina was a " howling success. " A team that wins four games out of ten played cannot be branded as a champion. However, well earned victories in the last two games of the season over two such stalwart teams as Duke and Virginia, crowned a rather mediocre season with a wreath of satisfaction. No lack of material marred the chances of the Tar Hee ' .s of 1927. When the call for practice was issued on the first day of September, eighteen lettermen were found among the squad of sixty or more who trotted out for inspection by Coaches Collins, Cerney, and Fetzer. Our line of the past season had only two vacancies. Our backfield returned to us intact, pleasantly reinforced by the appearance of several capable freshman ball-carriers. After three weeks of grinding practice the season opened with Wake Forest furnishing tlie opposition. For three years, Wake Forest had ridden her jinx to a victory over the University. It was time the worm had changed. But it was not so decreeed. Wake Forest won 9 to 8. Carolina collected her score and a touchdown that came in the closing four minutes of play. A Wake -Forest end blookied Captain Morehead ' s placement kick for the point that would have meant a tie. The statistics tell their own story of Carolina ' s play: 11 first downs to Wake Forest ' s 3 (1 by penalty) I 303 yards from scrimmage against the Baptists ' 961 Rookies on both teams were crowned as the herc-es of the fray. Odell Sapp and Earl Donnahoe were the shining lights of the game. The Most stalwart Line in Dixie: (left to right) McDa.mI ' X, Wakken. Donnahoe, HWAKTz, Shuler. Morehead, and Sapp. ilJtpS Three Hundred Fifty-two -. 3fe The YACKET YACIC Steve Furohes Steve Furches started off the season ratlier slow but finished it in a whirl- wind manner. He provod his worth as a hard-fight- ing, peppy quarterback. Tommy Gbesham A clever blocker, as well as a ni f ty side- stepper, Gresham was al- ways watched closely by opposing teams. Nelson Howard " Shine " Howard ' ? fighting spirit and power Harry L Assiter Harry Lassiter, a hard driving halfback, was one of the toughest men on the squad to stop. It was generally expected that the powerful eleven from the University of Tennessee (their strongest eleven in years) would trounce the Tar Heels on Emerson Field; and they did — by a score of 26 to 0. The game was decided by the fortunes of the air, as the Volunteers rode to victory on either completed or intercepted heaves. First downs were even, at 6 all. The real tragedy of the game is found in the fact that nc less than eight of the Tar Heel passes found their way into the magnet-like hands of the Vols. However, less than twenty yards were gained through the Carolina line during the sixtv minutes of plav bv the famous plunging Dodson and the vaunted Tennessee offense. The following Saturday, a splendid fighting team from Maryland came down to Chapel Hill with the dope pointing to Carolina ' s third straight defeat. While five thousand fans shivered and dripped in a cold, driving rain, the Tar Heels kicked the dope bucket sky high and defeated the Old Liners 7 to 6 in the big-gest upset of the 1927 season. All the scoring was done in the first quarter when the field was dry. Captain Morehead, Ferrell, Schwartz, and Albert Whisnant were the Carolina men who- handled themselves unusually well in the lakes and quagmires. Next week found the Tar Heels in Columbia doing battle with the South Carolina Gamecocks. North Carolina swept up and down the field at will, piling up first downs after first downs, until reaching a Three Hundred Fifty-three YACKET YACK Cir Ri I T II srn ri! Ohailie Lipscomb a l i . hefty tackle, although handicapped by injuries this yeai proved his worth on more than on? occasion. liARRKTT ] IOKEHEAD All the essentials of a real leader were found in Captain ' Bo " Morehead. He has been an outstand- ing performer for the past three seasons, and is rated as one of the best tackles ever to wear a Carolina uniform. (.;i-:...k.;e McDaxikl Geor e ilcDaniel has been a reliable wingman on the Tar Heel eleven for the past two year? and has always given all he had for Carolina. Sam Presson Sam Presson, one oi the hardest tacklers on the squad, made risiht end a place that the opposing backs always wanted tc avoid. scoring position within the South Carolina five or ten yard line. There the Gamecocks held, and the final ficore of the game found South Carolina cheerfully sitting o n the long end of a 14 to 6 score — the second victory of the South Carolinians over a period of nearly thirty years. Georgia Tech, Southern Champion and one of the strongest teams in the country, was host to the Tar Heels in Atlanta on the following Saturday. Tech won 13 to 0. but considered themselves lucky. The Tar Heels flashed a dazzling running attack, mixed with a short passing drive that carried them four times into the shadow of Tech ' s goalposts. The same nemesis that stopped us inches from victory against South Carolina a week previous was still with us against the Golden Tornado. Thousands of Jacket alumni squirmed in their seats as Ward and Tom Young flashed up and down Grant Field or while Odell Sapp snatched brilliant passes from the arm of Whisnant. The entire Carolina team played well, but Hai-ry Schwartz played a super-game at center. For the f irst time in five years N. C. State tasted a sweet victory over the mighty Tar Heels. The score read: State 19, Carolina 6; but it might more correctly have read " McDowell 19, Carolina 6 " I Carolina ' s inability to fathom the aerial attack of McDowall and his cohorts, cost her the game. Was it that same nemesis that had haunted us through the South Carolina and Georgia Tech games that saw to it that the same ended with the ball in Carolina ' s possession on State ' s half-yard line with four downs to go! jAeiv McDoWAlJ-. SiAll .- THE CaROI.IX- ' uiiii-.. Ji , i l.;i.i-wi;i. Hi. w Ti . iui.i-i» Tkii-Nu lu i Line in the State-Carolina Game at Raleigh Three Hundred Fifty-four yapp, our was heralded the finest for- hundl five pounds of the tinesl bit of tighiinj footbal material below the Mason Dixon line, Captaiu-olecl by old Schwartz was picked at 411-Southern center anc mentioned on several All American teams. ■■Ox " Shuford rnuuiicil out his third year on the Carolina team as a full- back, but was hampered injuries in tiu later games. " Bud " Shuler was noted for his interference .nnd to open holes lines. .t guard splendid ability Visions of the V. M. I. game in Lexington took on a doleful hue when it Avas learned that inguries in the State game would keep Billy Ferrell, Earl Donnahoe, and Charlie Lipscomb on the side lines. And the omens were true; V. M. I. set Carolina back in its sixth and final defeat of the year, 7 to 0. As in the South Carolina game, the Georgia Tech game, and the State game, the Tar Heeels swept up and down the field in Ail-American fashion until they got within the scoring zones, and then the weekly nemesis struck and V. M. I. would kick out of danger. Donnahoe and ' Warren played outstanding ball in the line, and Jimmie Ward was the running star. Carolinas brand new Kenan Memorial Stadium was all set for the annual clash with Davidson, and the Wildcats were swamped 27 to 0. Carolina presented a diversified attack that kept the opposition guessing. Ray Farris. a fighting sophomore guard, drew the spotlight to himself by playing one of the most brilliant individual games ever witnessed in this section. Other shining lights in the Tar Heel constellation were Schwartz, Young, and Gresham. Heartened by the Davidson victory, the University student body moved twelve miles to Durham to cheer the Carolina eleven to victory over the formidable aggregation in Duke ' s history. For thirty-four vears. the men of Duke had been hoping for a victcrv over the tar Heels, and thev are still waiting! Tom ' Toung The Famois Gr.icsH. M i.i Ym ,,, PAssixr, Comkin CAi:iii-iNA-DAVin. ?o . ' Gamf: 1- ' : N llnMM, 1- Three Hundred Fifty-five j ' rvi ' , ' .-.i.t.jui-Xi ' The YACKEl YACK n Jimmy Vai;i An accurate pa.s Lr, tlu ' finest open field runner on the squad, and a fairly good punter, Jimmy Ward is one of the best triple-threat backs ever to play at Carolina. Addison Warben Better known perhaps in fistic circles, " K. O. " Warren has long been a dreaded barrier to op posing teams who at tempted drives over his guard or tackle. Albert " SA ' i i i - n a n i A heady quaituib;uk an accurate kicker as well as a forward pass- er of ability, Albert Whis- nant ' s play in the firsi games of the season was worthy ci note. nious choice for all-state lalfback, ran the ball bril- liantly and was the great- est defensive back ever seen in North Carolina. wrote his name all over the field with his brilliant defensive work. It was Tom ' s greatest game, " i to the Hill that afternoon. And Virginia, at home on Thanksgiving day memorable struggle which was to c Stadium. T venty-eight thousand f; thirty-second annual renewal of the It uncanny receiving of Ward ' s passes, and sturdy IS a pretty contented student body that returned ks iving day I The gods could have picked no better day for the include the Tar Heel season and dedicr.te the magnificent new Kenan ns from all parts of the state flocked to Chapel Hill to witness the South ' s most picturesque grid rivalry and watched the Tar Heels win 14 to 13. Four minutes after the final quarter had begun, the Tar Heels enjoyed a 1-4 to lead. But a burst of passes enabled the Cavaliers to score. The set-ond Virginia touchdown came on the last play of the game. Ray Farris, his head wrapped in bandages, played a brilliant game at guard, while the work of Sapp and Presson on the flanks was of the highest order. After the final, Virginia game, the question arose as to who should be successor to Captain Morehead. Certainly no one could fill that position better than our All-Southern center, Harry Schwartz, and to him went the honor. Max Barker was elected to handle the managerial reins for the varsity. Only four men will be lost from this year ' s varsity team, and thus Carolina looks forward to a great season in 19281 TJiree Hundred Fifty-six Captain Pixky Morkis %a fe£t%all ' Three Hundred Fifty-seven YACKETY YACK iw Three Hundred Fifty-eight rflie YACKETY YACIC Coach Ashmore Assistant Coach Devin Manager Jenkin Basketball 1928 William Worth Morris Captain Francis Plimjier Jenkins Manager James N. Ashmore Coach William A. Devin Assistant Coach Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina 1928 BASKETBALL SEASON 45 Salisbury Y 14 Chapel Hill 33 Monogram Club 30 Charlotte 23 Tulane 21 New Orleans, La. 19 Tulane 20 New Orleans, La. 38 Tulane 8 New Orleans, La. 43 Monogram Club 31 Chapel Hill 42 Guilford 23 Chapel Hill 35 Georgia 29 Chapel Hill 38 Wake Forest 22 Raleigh 37 Virginia 21 Chapel Hill 43 Night Hawks 21 Chapel Hill 31 N. C. State 21 Raleigh 27 Duke 14 Chapel Hill 26 Virginia 22 Charlottesville 32 Duke 23 Durham 31 N. C. State 21 Chapel Hill 29 Wake Forest 17 Chapel Hill 38 Louisiana State 44 Atlanta, Ga. .flM I Three Hundred Fifty-nine Basketball With the entrance of basketball onto th. athletic stage, the attention of the entiri Southland — from force of habit — was can lered on Chapel Hill, the land of grea basketball teams. And that attention wa justified, for the same thing happened 1928 that happened last year, the yea before, and the years before that: Carr. lina again clearly demonstrated her super iority in the hardwood sport. Jim Ashmore had a lot to do with th-- fact that this year ' s aggregation won 16 out of 18 games. He had four men back from his last year ' s varsity, which won 17 out of 24 games, and when the fifth blew into school — a lad who had already ished hi] All-Southern s — things were took that bunch .0 could dribble md shoot fairly into one of the Capta ney wa scorer a defensiv Morris .„. , , . basketeer for three yt Captain Pinky Morris, " sitting pretty. " Mr. JJi a brilliant guard, was poison f faj;t, shifty players, ■ to his opponents all year and pivot with the best, round, and was a unanimous well, and molded them choice for all-state. cleanest, most smoothly-working aggrega tions ever seen in this territory. But Fate had a terrible blow in store for him. " We had successfu lly waded through a hard season of 17 games and had won 16 of thi only game to Tulane, 20 to 19, and retaliated by licking them twice, once by a 38 to 8 i we were favorites to cop our fifth Southern Championship since the conference tournament seven years ago. In the final game of the regular season, two days before the opening Tourney in Atlanta, we met and defeated Wake Forest on our home court. 23 to 17. B victory 1 Bill Dodderer, our All-Southern guard, and Carr Purser, our six-foot-plus stella: severelv sprained ankles, and North Carolina ' s hopes for another championship went L. S. U. downed the Tar Heels two days later in the first game of the tourney, 44 to 3g and Purser looked on from the bench. The season opened with a practice game that resulted in a 45 to 12 victory over SaHsb way to New Orleans, for a three-game series with Tulane during the Christmas holiday stopped off in Charlotte and spanked a team of former Carolina stars known as the Mono 30. " Red " Price suffered a leg injury that kept him out until mid-season. Heralded as the finest team in Dixi Tar Heels arrived in New Orleans won the first game of the series Tulane 23 to 21. Tlie following Tulane nosed out the boys from Ca 20 to 19 in what proved to be the setback of the Tar Heels ' regular si In the final and decisive game on the night, the Tar Heels woke up and, fla the form for which they are famou cisively avenged the defeat of the pret night by trouncing the Tulane Gr Hackney n-elect Rufus Hack- the team ' s leading j well as a splendid player. m. We lost our jcore. Naturally, was inaugurated of the Southern ut what a costly r center, suffered up in flames as , while Dodderer iiry Y. On their s, the Tar Heels gram Men, 33 to rolina only iason. next shing i, de- eding eenies Tlie Monograms went down to their second defeat at Chapel Hill in Carolina ' s first game of the 1928 year. 43 to 31, Practically every man on the Carolina squad got into the game. B Dodderer Bill Dodderer, our other all-state guard, was really the backbone of the team. It was his super-playing that brought us such a splendid season. Vanstory Billy Vanstory will go down in history as one of Carolina ' s most versatile players, starring at forward, center, and guard. Three Hundred Sixty PUESEE Carr Purser played a bang-up game at Center always getting the full- est advantage height and reach his Guilford was the next team to fall before the White Phantoms, 42 to 23. Georgia, the team which eliminated us in the semi-finals at the tournament last year, came to the Hill, and the Pliantoms gleefully avenged the old defeat by turning back the Georgians 3.5 to 29. Satterfield ' s entrance into the game after the first ten minutes had gone brought new life into the Tar Heels. At Raleigh, the Tar Heels put in their first move tor the state championship when Bill Dodderer blazed the way in a 38 to 22 win ever Wake Forest. Tlie Virginia Cavaliers were the next to invade Chapel Hill, and they went away on the small end of a 37 to 21 score. The work of the two Tar Heel guards. Dodderer and Captain Morris, was particularly good. Rufe Hackney ran wild and swished 18 points through the net. Bunn Hackney, last year ' s captain, brought the Nighthawks to the Hill, and, with his brother forw ' n d Rufus counting 15 points for the Tar Heels, saw his team taste defeat, 43 to 21. " Red " Price, " ame to v who had been out since the holidays with a ° sprained knee, reappeared in the Tar Heel line-up S.4TTERFIELD Henry Satterfie ' .d, our diminutive little stick of dynamite, is the kind of that makes an enjoyable Jtch. In another important state championship battle at Raleigh, the Phantoms successfullv State College aggregation, 31 to 21. The largest cTowi that ever piled indoors to witness an athletic event in North Carolina—,, „„„ ueome— witnessed the basketball epic of the year in the Tin Can, when the undefeated Duke team was over- w ,.i„„,i by a glorious Carolina team, 27 to 14. Carolina journeyed to Charlottesville for a return th Virginia, minus the services of " Big Bill " Dodderer, who had been left in Greensboro with an Ihe Cavaliers threw a scare into the Tar Heel camp when they held the Heels to a 26 epelled a spirited -5,000 people whel game infected ha: to 22 score =.Jt° ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ° t " ' " !. ' ' " ' " 7 ' ° ' ' , ' " ' " ' ■ Durham, the Heels clearly demonstrated their right to the 1928 e bandaTeralfd ' p ' ia Str ' a ew i J ' uts. ' ' ' ' ° ' ' ■ ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' " ' ' " " ' ' " " " " o™ - State came to Chapel Hill determined to make one more strenuous attempt to break the Tar Heel winning fct game 31 oTl ' " sJat ' e f In ' t " t " wf emerged victorious by, exactly the same score as tLt of tSI nrsc game, dl to zi. htate failed to take the lead a single time during the night. The Tar Heels ended their regular seasonal schedule with a costly victory over Wake Forest at Chapel Hill, 29 to 17 — costly because of Ihe injuries sustained by Bill Dodderer and Carr Purser. The appearance of the Tar Heels at the tourna- ment in Atlanta two days later greatly resembled a reunion of World War veterans as Dodderer and Purser hobbled around on crutches. If the Tar Heels could weather the first couple of games, the trainers hoped to get the two big boys in shape for the finals. But it is history now how Louisiana, a comparatively weak team pulled the biggest surprise of the year when they eliminated the favorites 44 to 38 in the first game. It was a tough dose for the Heels to swallow, especially for Dodderer and Morris, who thus were cheated out of another year on the AU-Southern team. injured Price " Red " Price his knee early season, bull once back in shape he proved to be a very important cog. Cathey George Cathey is onf of those steady, dead shots, that coaches al- ways must have on a wel ' rounded squad. Three Hundred Sixty-one nhe YACKETY fpa STATISTICS Statistics for the year revealed the fact that Rufe Hackney led the team in scoring with 148 points. He was followed by Satterfield with 113 points ; Vanstory with 81 ; Purser with 80 ; Dodderer with 75 ; Morris with 52; Price with 29; and Cathey with 23. Hackney ' s points came as a result of 60 field goals and 28 fouls, while Satterfield collected 51 field goals and 11 fouls. " Long George ' ' Cathey had a perfect fcul shot record with seven points out of seven free throws. Bill Dodderer had the best foul shooting percentage of the regulars with 17 points out of 30 shots. NEXT YEAR Rufus Hackney of Durham was elected to captain next year ' s quint. Under his capable leadership, and with such men as Satterfield, Cathey, Purser, and Price back, and with Nieiman. Captain Sher, Marpett, Brown, Edwards and Crouch coming up from this year ' s powerful freshman team, who knows but what the Tar Heels may collect their fifth championship next year. ■-— - = ' " ra Three Hundred Sixty-two u Captain- J. B. Hatley ■IBaselx t Three Hundred Sixty-three .ACivEl YACK liiilSliliilliiifi Three Hundred Sixty-lour Baseball James Boyd HATr.EY Captain TiiDMAS Pears ALL - Manager James N. Asiimore Coach SUMMARY OF 19-21 BASEBALL SEASON ' Coach Ashmore ■il 4. Eon 9. N. C. State 13. Penn State 15. University of Penn.. 18. Davidson 19. Duke 20. Duke Oppon est Guilfoi-rt May 3. V. P. I.. (tie) (rained Georgia Tecli Georgia Tecli University of Georgia.. University of Georgia.... Wake Forest University of ' irginia.. University of Virginia.. Wake Forest Duke N. C. State - N. C. State X. C. State... Manager Pears all T : Cliapel Hil ramed out) Chapel Hill 3 Cliapel Hill - Cliapel Hill 1 S ' ilisbury 8 Durham 1 FayetteviUe 3 _ Kreensborc ) (ireensborc T Chiniottesville T Chapel Hill _ ___ _ Chapel Hill T _ _ _ Chapel Hill 9 Atlanta 12 Atlanta 1 Athens 4 Athens .....Wake Forest 6 Chapel HUl 10 Greensboro 2 Chapel Hill 4 .....Chapel Hill 2 Kileigh 1 ...Chapel HUl 3 Raleigh 192S Varsity Baseball Squad Three Hundred Sixty-five Hatley Captain " Hat " Hatley all-state center fielder foi three years, will Ion; remembered for his hit ting and fielding ability be Ed Mackie, the club " ;-- leading hitter with an average of over 400 covered right field like the proverbial blanket. YACKETY YACIC ' For several reasons the 1927 squad may be re- garded as one of the most deserving clubs ever to represent the University. From the standpoint of games won and lost, the aggregation turned in a percentage of 636, the highest winning per- centage of a Carolina baseball team over a period of four years. The state baseball championship was safely tucked away, and the Universitv of Virginia again tasted defeat in the annual three- game series between these fine oM rivals. In early March, Coach Jim Ashmore t ok charge, and tbe critics sat back to pee what th=s man from the West — making his debut to North Caro- lina baseball followers — could show. The prospects were perhaps better than average. Batting was tbe team ' s strong point with the following men hitting within the charmed 300-circle: Mackie. Young. Hatley. Cox, and Sharpe. Tbe fielding, medicore enough in spots was on the whole rather irood. The mound work was fairly consistent with Westmoreland, Ellison, and Whisnant bearing the brunt of the burden. " Leftv " Westmoreland in particular, by winning 11 out of 13 games, in- cluding a no-hit performance against Davidson, proved to be a veritable Grod-send to the Tar Heel nine. The high standard of play maintained by the Carolina team is clearly evidenced in the all-state mythical nine selected for the Associated Press by the big five coaches. Westmoreland was a unani- mous choice for the hurling staff. Tbe other Caro ' ina plavers honored were Young 1 B, Captain Hatley. C. P.. Mackie. R. P., and Sharpe. catcher. In the face of a bitter, cold April wind that played havoc with fly balls, the Tar Heels ushered in the season with a surprise 8 to 7 victory over Elon. rated as one of the strongest teams in the state. The game with N. C. State was called off when the clay diamond on Emerson Field dis- appeared somewhere under a heavy shower which fell for two davs. Pour days later, with the diamond still muddy from the heavy rains. Penn State slid off with a 3 to victory in spite of the fact that Westmoreland fanned 10 of the invad- ing nortbnien. Mackie proved his ability as a premier mud ball hitter by collecting exactly half cf Carolina ' s six bits. The University of Pennsyl- vania was lucky to get a 2 to 2 tie with the Tar Heels. Ellison held the visitors to two hits, one of the infield variety, but his teammates fielded like old women in the first inning and handed the northerners the two runs which saved them from defeat. Tlie game was called after the ninth because of lack of light. In the annual Easter Monday game at Salisbury. the Davidson Wildcats were subdued bv a 6 to 1 Tlie Tar Heels Duke Blue Devils resemb ' .ed a game of th next invaded the lair, of the 1 Durham, and in a game that schoc l contest lost the first ne series to the Methodists WE.STMORELAND Captain-elect Joe West- moreland pitched through a glorious season that in- cluded a no-hit affair against Davidson. core of 8 to 7. Du fifth inning, which proved to be just enough to wi Young Tlie heavy-bitting Tom Young came in from the outfield to play first base and developed into the best first sacker in the state. Three Hundred Sixty -six ri nhe :i YACI T Next day, the Tar Heels evened the series with Duke when they found the Methodists helpless before the hurlins: of Westmoreland. The final score was: Carolina 10, Duke 1. Continuing their excellent work, the Carolina team nosed cut a fighting Wake Forest aggrega- tion 4 to 3. The Tar Heels went into the ninth inning on the small end of a 3 to 2 score, Sharpe A powerful throwing arm, a clever batting eye, and a clear, steady head made Bill Sharpe an A number one catcher. Tom Coxe broke up si many ball games with home runs that he waf forthwith nicknamed two Deac to break up the the two The boro, was called off oi The team arrived i lowing day to face thi the three-ga paved the way for Mackie I with a smashing triple that ns needed to win. ilford. scheduled for Greens- n account of rain. in Charlottesville on the fol- Cavaliers in the first game ch would really determine whether or not the 1927 season was a success. After 10 innings of a curious sort of basebaM, the statisticians found Carolina on the safe end of a 10 to 7 score. Returning to Chapel Hill after the long Easter trip, the Tar Heels took on Hampden-Sidney and won by the same score, by which A ' irginia liud been defeated, 10 to 7. Coach Ashmore ' s cohorts looked like major lea- guers against Davidson, romping on the Wildcats to the tune of 11 to 0. The V. P. I. Cadets broke Carolina ' s winning streak of five straight games by handing the Heels a 7 to 4 defeat. Fulcher started for the Tar Heels, but was relieved in the fifth by Ellison, who struck rough sledding in the seventh inning when he was touched for four runs. The defeat Avas Carolina ' s first conference setback. Tlie Tar Heels packed up bag and baggage and set sail for Georgia, the famed baseball state. Georgia Tech won the first of the two-game series from the invaders, when they scored one run in the ninth inning to win by the score of 9 to 8. The following day they found Carolina ' s hurlers in a state of ineffectiveness, and the final count of the second game was: Georgia Tech 12. Caro- lina 4. Apparently angered by the two-game setbacks at the hands of Tech, the Tar Heels marched over to Athens and soundly thrashed the Georgia Bull- dogs 4 to 1. Tlie Tar Heels showed their de ' ight at return- ing to North Carolina soil by blanking the Wake Forest Club 30 to 0. Virginia came to Chapel Hill for the second dash of the year and trounced the Tar Heels by a 6 to 2 score. As on the previous occasion when the two rivals met in Charlottesville, Tom Young proved to be the big noise within the stick for Carolina. Satterfield Henry Satterfield at shortstop branded himself as one of the neatest field- ers ever to don a Tar Heel uniform. Burt Ed Burt played depend- able, heady basebal ' around second base and was a valuable man tc Coach Ashmore. Three Hundred Sixty-seven " Red " Ellison was ano- ther big gun on the pitch- ing staff. With the series standing at one all, the scene of the Carolina-Virginia third and final clash was shifted to Greensboro. Nine thousand people, the largest crowd ever to attend an athletic con- test at Greensboro, packed the new Greensboro Memorial Stadium and watched Carolina nose out its ancient rival, H to 10. Tom Young was the nemesis of the Virginians, scoring three runs and driving in a couple more. The next opponent was Wake Forest, who went down to their third defeat by a 3 to 2 score, which came as a result of Tommy Coxe ' s timely homer in the tenth inning. The state championship was cinched three days later when the Tar Heels, acting as hosts in the final game of the three-game series with their neighbors from Duke, trounced the Methodists 6 to 4. In the final game of the regular collegiate season, State College went down under a 6 to 2 score at Raleigh. Ellison was at his best on the mound, and the hitting of Young, Mackie, and -Jonas helped materially in the victory. For 1928, Joe Westmoreland, of Canton, N. C, succeeds " Hat " Hatley as captain, and Rufus Little, of Greensboro, takes up the place of varsity manager, relinquished by Tom Pearsall. into his own near the end of the season as regular third baseman. JUNAS Don Jonas, the fastest man on the squad, used his speed in collecting numerous base knocks. " Red " Whisnant won his laurels playing one ot the most difficult of roles ■ — that of a relief pitcher. some nifty exhibitions ot clever work behind the plate and wielded a dangerous bat. Westmoiielam) SruuKs o. Sattekfield ' s Base Hit Three Hundred Sixty-eight Captain Gus McPherso.x x-i c 1 g) 4 ' ! " » ' ' d Three Hundred Sixty-nine -] YACKETY bo l YACIC Q a ; CO ?iS. Tftree Hundred Seventy nJie I — YACKETY jr: _:YACIC ' Coach Fetzer Assistant Coach Raxsox Manacer Guinn Track 1927 RuFus Alexander McPherson Cantain JoHx Frazier Glenn, Jr Manager Robert A. Fetzer Coach Dale Ransom Assistant Coach THE SEASON Carolina BSVo Points Carolina 69 Points Carolina 67% Points Carolina 74 Points Carolina 65 Points Carolina 77i:j Points Duke ----- 621:: Points V. P. 1 57 Points Virginia 58% Points Georgia 52 Points Ga. Tech 61 Points N. C. State 48% Points STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MEET Carolina nV2 Duke 49ii. N. C. State SSVa TECH RELAYS Carolina first in four mile relay; third in special two mile run. SOUTHERN CONFERENCE MEET L. S. U. 45, Ga. Tech 44, Miss. A. M. 32, Carolina 24. QA . Three Hundred Seventy-one Captain McPhersox Gus holds the Uni- versity records in the 100 and the 220, and for the past four years has been classed amon? the lead- South. sprinter: the Elliott Elliott, is the greatest runner the South has ever produced. He is called a sure bet in the Olympic tryouts th " The University of North Carolina, Southern Conference track champions of 1926, started its 1927 season facing the handicaps which follow all chamipons. Great things were expected of the champs, and no matter what they did, they were disappointing. Every team that the Tar Heels met was inspired by the honor that would be won if the champions were dethroned. Yet in spite of these admitted handicaps, in spite of the stiffest schedule ever arranged for a University track squad, and in spite of the fact that ten letter men from the previous championship team were gone, the Carolina track squad of 1927 marched through a very successful season, and was recognized as the most perfect, well-balanced and well-rounded aggregation below the Mason Dixon line. Although the Tar Heels failed to capture again the conference meet, they conquered the cream of the conference by winning every one of tlieir dual meets. Carolina has not tasted defeat in a single dual meet for the past four years. Twenty- three consecutive wins in dual meets, is a recrvrd that will stand for many years as one of the worthiest achievements of University athletes. This feat stands out as still more phenomenal when it is realized that at the time Coach Bob Fetzer came to Carolina a scant seven years ago, the Uni- versity of North Carolina was unknown as far as the track world was concerned. Today it stands at the top, with a mark of consistent performances that are not only unsurpassed, but also are envied bv practically every college in the South. During the season, four new University records were established. Hoyt Pritchett, Captain-ele:t. lowered the two mile record from 9 min. 58 sec. to 9 min. 48 sec. " Tiny " ' Harper shattered the old discus record of 127 ft. 9 in., and set up the remarkable new mark of 133 ft. 7 in. Galen Elliott brought the half-mile record down from 1 min. 59 3-5 sec. to 1 min. 58 sec. Elliott also finished a close second to Ray Conger when the new N. C. A. A. record of 4 :17.6 was established in the mile run. Elliott ' s time ot 4:18.2 in this event was better than the old N. C. A. A. record and three seconds lower than his own Southern Conference Record. The Tar Heels started the season Marth 26 in a rather nervous fashion by barely nosing out Duke University 63 1-2 to 62 1-2. " When the final event, the broad jump, rolled around, the Blue Devils were sitting on the long end of a 59 1-2 to 57 1-2 score. " Mac " Gray came through on his last jump with a leap of 21 ft. 5 1-2 in. to win the event and the meet. Gus McPherson, Captain and dash star, was absent from the .meet and his flying feet were sorely missed. Johnny Pearson led the Carolina scoring with 9 points. . i ' T.- Elect PBiTcaiiTT Hoyt first starred on le cross-country team id since then has been I ' eaking his own two- " Tiny " in his first year on the squad walked off u .th ;i iifw state record ;iinl ilie Southern cham- [lionslT |t in this event. 1 I left to liiilit) Fisher, Wkexx, Bariiav. E PkITc IlKTT. AXD HlJXHKRSON TlDec Hundred Sevenly-tico GlEBSCH Opponents of the Tar Heels will breathe a sigh of relief when " Scratch, " sensational hurdler-sprint- er-jumper, passes on. " Soap, " due to his re- markable versatility, piled up a total of 52 points in the javelin, hurdles, and broad jump. ' The i:kety V. p. I. invaded Chapel Hill, and lost to the Tar Heels by the close count of 69 to 57. The meet was a particularly fast one. Two conference records and one state record were shattered by the cindermen. Lund of V. P. I. tossed the dis- cus 141 ft. 10 3-4 in. to break his own Southern mark by over six feet. Pritchett gave a splendid e. hibition of running in the two mile event. When he breezed through, over two hundred yards ahead of the second man, in the magnifi- cetit time of 9 min. 50 sec. Carolina collected nine out of the fourteen first places. Sandlin of of the meet with 1 1 irolina was high points. The following Saturday found Coach Bob and a few of his prize athletes at Atlanta for the Tech relays. Carolina again copped the four mile cliampionship for the third year in succession. This relay team, composed of Russ, Rhinehart, Daniels and Elliott, finished over a half a lap ahead cf the second place team. Hoyt Pritchett copped third place in the special two mile race. On the Thursday before the Easter holidays, Carolina met her old rival, Virginia, on Emerson Field, and for tlie third consecutive vear the Cava- liers were defeated. The Tar Heels came from behind by taking 35 out of a possible 45 points in the last five events of the day, and downed the invaders by the final score of 67 2-3 to 5. 1-3. Hoyt Pritchett and Galen Elliott continued their brilliant running. The former turned in his best time of the .vear in the two mile, 9 min. 48 sec. a new record. Not to be outdone, Elliott, after winning the mile, came back in the half and set a new state record of 1 min. 59 sec. Coach Bob packed up his squad during the Easter holidays and took them off to Georgia. In a meet with the University of Georgia, the Xcrth Carolinians captured 34 out of a possible 36 points in the last four events of the meet and triumphed by a count of 74 to 52. Elliott, for the first time ran the half-mile without having previously run the mile, and established a new University record of 1 min. 58 sec. Three days after the Georgia meet, the Tar Hee ' s licked Georgia Tech in Atlanta, bv the score of 65 to 61. Tlie high jump proved the nemesis of Carolina ' s opponents. Carr Purser leaped to heights he had never previously reached and reaped in the first place, which meant victorv. Johnny Pearson also starred in this meet. The Tar Heels next victim was N. C. State College, who bowed to the Carolina cindermen on Riddick field to the score of 77 1-3 to 48 2-3. The Wolfpack was only able to collect 4 out of 14 first places. The Tar Heels cleaned up all thr pla the half-mile the nd the Pearson Pearson was unusually skilful in the low hurdles and the high jump, but he proved to be a top- uctch performer in the high hurdles. Rhixehart " Rhiny, " one of our most reliable men came through admirably when- ever points were most needed. Elliott. Fishek. Barclay, aM) W ' i;£ . Coasting Tni:ui Three Hundred Seventy-three ' The YACKEi Daniels Daniels developed from a mediocre runner to one of the brightest stars on the squad. He learned to work hard while cap tain of the cross-country team, and was a consist- ently good pertornier in the two mile. finished fourth in the Ten ditys later, Carolina entered the State Ti ' a ck meet in Greensboro a nd annexed its sixth consecutive state championship. The champs collected 71 1-2 points, Duke had 49 1-2 points, State 38 1-3, Wake Forest 17 1-2 points, Lencir Rhyne 14, and Davidson 13 1-2. Eleven new records were established by the athletes of the various colleges. Carolina contributed three new marks when Elliott ran the mile in 4 min. 26.6 sec, Pritchett ran the two mile in 9 min. 57 sec, and Harjier threw the discus 131 ft. 7 in. Four Carolina runners finished among the first five in the half mile run. The climax to the season came a week later when Carolina took eight men to the flood district in Baton Rouge, La., to participate in the con- ference meet. The tremendous expense attached to the trip prevented Coach Bob from taking mere men, but his flying squadron came through beautifully and finished in fourth p ' ace with 24 points. Harper won first in the discus, Elliott won first in the mile run and Pritchett set a new Southern record in winning the two mile. Elliott also placed third in the half-mile event, just ahead of Rhinehart in fourth place. Captain McPherscn Wi LIIAMS Zack Ava: 5 the most con- sist nt shot putter ever to don a Carolina uni- form. Hi ,s hard n ' ork enabled hir n to set u new shot 3 recc .rd for the ud Sandlii nd Gil ch tied for fourth in the low hurdles. The high poiut men for the season: 1. Elliott 58 Points 2. Sandlin 52 Points 3. Pearson 49 5-6 Points 4. Giersch 42 Points 5. Pritchett 40 Points 6. Harper 37 Points 7. McPherson 34 Points Hoyt Pritchett of Greensboro was elected to Captain the 1928 team. Dick Freeman of Salisbury wi elected manager and Charlie Burns of Wadesboro and Fred .Johnscn of Raleish were chosen as assistants. Three Htindrcd Seventy-four Captains Butler (Boxing), Waiidei.l (Tennis), Elliutt (Cross-Country), AND Abbott (Wrestling) Three Hundred Seventy-five YACKET Captain Elliott Cross-Couiitry 1927 letter men frr skillfully fash i-hampionship Ellictt. I a foundaliiMi uf fuur veteran last year ' s squad, Dale Ranson. ed another Southern Conference )ss-country team! Captain Galen Piti ' hett, Henry N. Brown, and Manager Folio the curtail Howard Cox furnished the nucleus of the ag- gregation that captured the southern crown for the second successive year. Aside from the Southern Conference meet the Tar Heels also romped home ahead in every other meet in which they participated. The Tar Heels started the season with a hang when, in the first meet of the year in competi- tion with N. C. State, they placed " men in the first six finishing positions, Pritchett, Henderson, Gallagher, Barkley, Fisher, and Cox coming in in the order named. Capt. Ellliott, the sensation of the South, was unahle to run in this first meet, ser with State, the hill-and-dalers next encountei-ed the Duke han-iers in Chapel Hill. Again the Tar Heels captured the honors when Pritchett, Henderson, and Fisher crossed the mark in respective order. On November 19, at Chapel Hill, runners from North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Virginia, Mary- land, Washington and Lee, and N. C. State took the field in competition for the Southern Conference title. In this meet Galen Elliott finished first for the second consecutive time, bettering his own conference mark by 19 seconds. He covered the five mile course in 26 minutes and 26 seconds. Henderson, Fisher, and Pritchett, teammates of Elliott, followed their captain over the line in consecutive order, thereby netting Carolina the first four places, an unprecedented accomplishment. Brewer, Georgia Tech, and Young. Georgia, finished next in order, while Barkley and Gallagher, both of Carolina, came in seventh and eighth respectively. U. N. C. led in the team storing with a score of 17, the lowest score ever to w-in a con- ference meet. In the state championship meet held at Raleigh. Tuttle of Duke placed first. However, the U. N. C. runners showed their heels to the remainder of the field. Captain Elliott, Pritchett, Cox, and Barkley followed each other to the tape in rapid succession to clinch this meet for the Tar Heels. The score was as follows: Carolin " " ' ' " The following mei C. Wrenn, Junius " stars: Captain Gah The state champio: ners in the South, Capt; conference meets years. Duke, 51; State earned their letters in cross-country this year: John M. Henderson, Minor Barkley, Fisher, Phillip H. Gallagher. The following veterans cf last season ' s team earned Elliott, Hoyt B. Pritchett, Howard E. Cox, and Henry Brown, hip meet was the final episode in the cross-country careers cf two of the greatest run- Elliott and Hoyt Pritchett. Captain Elliott, by virtue of his two wins in runner ever to be crowned champion of cross-country for two consecutive rlf Henderson. Elliott, axh Pritchett Leading in the Soi ' thern Conference Meet Three Hundred Seventy-six m IX V, - IV i!N Crosscountry Champions ■y i Three Hundred Seventy-seven nhe YACKETY YACIC- Boxins CAI ' TAIN Biitler Carolina entered the Southern Tournament at Charlottesville, Virginia, trailing Virginia as favorites, and piled up 20 1-2 points to emerge from the fracas as Southern Champions. Four Tar Heels went to the finals in the tournament and three men, Rufus White, featherweight, Charlie Brown, middleweight, and Ox Shuford, leavyweight, emerged as champions of their weights in the South. Archie Allen lost to the Southern Champion lightweight in the form of Captain Gilmer of Virginia. Captain Ed But ' .er lost a heartbreaking fight to " Weed of Virginia who later went to the finals and took first place. The new Champions, entering seven men, won three firsts, one second, and three third places. The outstand- ing feature of the tournament was the fact that the Carolina boxers, with one exception, met and defeated men who had previously beaten them in dual meets. Virginia finished in second place, Florida third, Georgia fourth, and V. P. I. fifth. Three Hundred Seventy -eight TACKET YACK Tennis The 1927 Tennis Team, composed of Elgin, Waddell, Covington, Cone, Dalrymple, and Blalock, liad a rather successful season. Carolina won m-ither the State Intercollegiate nor the Southern Conference Tournament, but in dual matches the Ipam came through victorious six times. One match was tied, and two were lost. Captain ' " Waddeli Manager Cone Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina THE SEASON ..Duke 5 at Cliapel Hill ..Furman 3 at Chapel Hill ..Georgetown 2 at Washington, D. C. ..Johns Hopkins 4 at Baltimore, Md. -University of Maryland at College Park, Md. ..University of Virginia 4 at Charlottesville, Va. -Duke 5. at Durham ..Wake Forest at Chapel Hill ..University of Virginia 0_... at Chapel Hill Three Hundred Ser enty-nine n3 e YACKEl YACl Captain Abbott Wrestling 1928 Led by the stellar work of Abbott and Thomp- son, the wrestling team completed a fairly suc- cessful season, considering the fact that every letter man from last year ' s team was lest. Under the expert tutelage of Coach Percy Quinlan, decisive victories were " won from N. C. State. Virginia, and Concord Y. M. 0. A. Peyton Abbott went undefeated the entire year. Out of seven matches he won five and contested the other two to a draw. Thompson, Abbot ' s team- mate in the 125 pound class, closely pushed the leader for top honors, winning six starts and losing one. Harold Davis managed the team. Cl ' II Ql INLAN The full list of oppouents and resultant scores we; U. N. C 26 U. N. C 9 U. N. C 71 U. N. C 131 2 U. N. 0. 3 U. N. 6 U. N. C _ 14 as follows: Concord Y. M. C. A 3 V. P. 1 16 Davidson 1314 N. C. State ,. 9% Duke 24 V. M. 1 21 Virginia 9 1928 Varsity Wrestling Squad :,S6 f Three Hundred Eighty The CKET YACK Fbeshman Football Souau Cheer Leaders: (left to right) WHrrEXER. Chaxuler. Waddill, Fulp and Abbott «i| V Three Hundred Eighty-one m YACKETY YACIC- m Three Hundred Eiylity-tiro ■J TU The YACICETY YACK- Dedication Having found it necessary to dedicate all tilings: year books, stadiums, feature sections, and liair looms, we affectionately commend tlie contents of tlie ensuing pages commonly termed, or termed commonly, the Feature Section to Orphan Annie. Whose orphan she is, nobody knows but a few people are strongly susjjected. Perhaps this gentle mortal in parts for the Gargantuan remaining sheets of the truthfully say that she when she naively said, " A permanent, by Gawd, ' ' cut it off, and framed it in gone bye — and of things wc This sketch was made by Annie posed demurely by haunt, a trash pile, a small seen in the lower right hand and was casually omitted by To those who will deal ' , dead days ; to those because the days were dear not remembered, dear or dead Imt imt deai ' ly dearly and deadly dedicated. Some nmy revile our words of the ininioral is responsible in whole or antics set forth on the few Vac ' kety Yack. We might iiLspirod almost every word glancing at her curly haii ' and thus we took her cue, fund remembrance of thing.s should have bought, one of the staff artists as the side of her favorite portion of which may be corner. The rest is obscene the artist. remember anything of the who will not remember and dead; to those who are dead: and to those who are mbered, this .section is jreme peare. pox on gnoble efforts and in the i ardon, immortal, Shakes- Some may praise our just and worthy deeds and we shower these with best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a joyous birthday. Some will read and pass on; some will read and pass out; some will read and pass this up as Ac unfm-givablc sin and tn these do we wish a lona- life, libertv. an l a seccnid-hand Ford. 5 1 Three Hundred Eighty-four nhe CKETY ACIC ■1 Three Hundred Eighty-five YACKETY Me, I, Myself this w r i t e-u p pajier, better you bout 30me here for my over the entire of sheer love for gave up many and came to this four years ' sojourn (I picked class also today). I play the Gaze, gentle reader, on my fair face, figure, and my fortune. Notice my broad shoulders, my charming personality. Since I am not in training, I am permitted to smoke this two-bit cigar presented to me by our dear President for my glorious work in the big game the other day. He knows merit when he sees it. As concrete evidence (these y — ai ' e two words I picked up on (i __ class today), look at these medals, about me in the still, let me tell myself. I was asked to fame had spread country, and out L. L. k J WbV3 this school, better chances institution for a up that word iii game for the name go down fair battle. I fill but credit due and thus I gained my Notice the (that ' s a term think) and my lies the secret of talk for hours tories but time prohibits (I ' ve known that word quite do with some commandment or something). Xot only have I power on the field of battle but I have also intelligence. My teacher once said that it was impossible to learn me anything. See, that proves my point, for I knew as much as she did. And I ' m quite a hand with the ladies. They all fall for this athletic stuff any vay but they fall more for the big guys like m?. You can ' t fool the ladies (see how re- spectful I am). Xo, sir! They know something good when they see it and I have ' em hanging on nie all the time. That ' s the secret and then too I ' m pretty good look- ing. Oh it may sound — what is it I — thanks, egotistical, (I knew the word all along but my tongue got twisted) but there ' s no use beating about the bush (say, that ' s clever if I did say it). Well, I ' ve got to go. See you later when I can tell you some- thing about myself. love of it and thus will my in history as one who loved a realize that this sounds boast- must be given where credit is reap my share. See, I Jiave renown from my agile figure, delicate but powerful contours used in geology, I easy posture. Therein my success. I could about my many vic- while because it has something to lUrcc Hundred Eighty-six »»1 ' The , r ' T.-T? ' r jfr— 1 Lo! The Poor Editor Caught in an off moment on his way to the daily grind, we extract a few caustic points from this queer student. Unlike his companions, he cavorts ahout the campus, goes to Greenshoro and Durham and lies abed mornings while the campus eagerly awaits the infant of his brain. There is an inherent characteristic about this specimen: his work is all done in one night without the assitance of his staff. Lookee ! ISTotice the of his pipe, the latest in all three with his salary ) which he carries. Tie i ■ fraternity jrip in whicli many and divers article . usually wet. Looked up freshmen and down upon editor leads a hard life, spend a few minutes a p u b 1 i c a t i n. His hot and the ribbon is make matters worse, th ' - this non-changing policy cetera. Beset by a plague poor editor leads the life matie, degenerates into gerel, is dogged at by the his ever-prence of mind, that ' d o g-g one ' and than dogwood tea. He toils not, neither does he spin when his ear is in the shop. Voicing the opinions of the campus always, he makes no enemies and the same amount of friends. There is something about him that is strangely magnetic — perhaps it is the lead in his system or his iron head. A lover of co-eds, he succumbs to their every wish and in turn is loved by all the gal-children on the Hill — that is when a dark corner can be found. He can always be found when wanted — and he is usuallv wanted, and found wanting. He never submits to raillery, especially when tar and feathers are included. He is a model young man — and usually of granite or marble. dapper manner, the angle canes (he has purchased and the sophisticated air the proud possessor of a he exports and imports The divers articles are to on the campus by by graduate students, the Pity the man who must day with his charge, his typewriter never runs never changed and to editor sometimes carries to the matter of sox et of business managers, the of a dog, becomes dog- using nothing but dog- students, and, retaining says nothing stronger drinks nothing milder 4 Three Hundred Eighty-seven ' The CKETY Synonym: Egotism Of course I ' m human — and a female, naturally. It logieally follows, you know, but that isn ' t what I started to say. This business of going to college and keeping up with one ' s social affairs is simply too heart-rending for words. Here Mothaw expects me to keep up with my classes and everything and she hasn ' t the least idea how often I ' m asked out or to iji order that I might keep my the boys just won ' t let me study asking me for dates and other places and dinner and it ' s that and keep up with my much trouble on classes the professor simply adores women and he occasionally course I give it to him even with Sam who I told was the takes me out and we have quite ' %Jij; ' , ' ' " ' I | neck a little but how is a girl f , ' P. kij V and not studv if she doesn ' t do f ' vi ' Mj ' -) » ' « and then and then someone ' i--i ' ' {i ' y % beg and beg me for a date and don ' t happen to have one at will beg me all the more and break over and break a date pins I ' ve gathered during my quite excellent but not so good I but I suppo. ie that I ' ll do feel more inclined to how many dances I must go to social prestige and all that and one bit because they ' re always wanting me to go to shows and so very hard for me to do all classes but I don ' t have so very because I know I ' m pretty and pretty and accomplished young asks me for a date and of though I do have to break one ' one and only ' and the Prof. a big time and of course we expected to pass her courses something like that every now i ' Ji l will come along and simply ; - " . ' ' - ' r% usually I have one but if I Cif that time I say that I do so he then I finally pretend that I for him and look at the frat jM- " short stay here which is really ■ " " " for a girl who is as popular as do better this spring because then the men always iway things and feel silly and loving and a girl can get most anything from a man when lie feels like that so you see I ' m quite sophisti- cated and know quite a bit about the world but if I didn ' t then I wouldn ' t be able to get along as well as I do which is quite remarkable don ' t you think considering all the competition I have but then there aren ' t any girls here as pretty as I so it really makes very little difference but just the same I really believe that I am the most sought-after girl on the campus and I believe that ' s really the truth. Three Hundred Eighty-eight ' The CKETY lACIC Synonym: Sahara Here, students dear, is Pedaiiticus himself, the other half, if not the better half, of your dear old Alma Mater. He is not an absent-minded-professor, oh no, he is so typigal! An eight-thirty is to him as much as a quart, three dollars, and a bum to Durham are to us poor brain-brats. Eemark his Fiuchley cut; notice his neck over from under- the general tonsorial fittingly cro Tis this pundit ' s sar torial chef top-piece inclines cool and sparse, but was a wise wench ; she every day for three caught him. He gave course, and a Jr. on (a deformity graduate days) ; lamp deficiency that so academic, recondite, d ' oeuvre. ' Tis true the slightly towards the his wife did that. She caught his eight-thirty months, and then her an A on that the next. Though not a full known to get tight. He the split infinitives in what ever it was Bill there were only two abortions. " God help he often declares, " my uncrowne d. " A up that last however flunked him on a mid- professor, he has been sj)ent years looking up Shakespeare ' s . . . oh. wrote, — unfortunately such grammatical the jjoor instructor, " head is bloody but football misfit fixed when Old Pedanticus r TT term. You have probably been racking your poor brains, paltry peruser, as to doubt- sign hung so charmingly Damoclean above our cute illustration ' s skull cavity. Well, to be frank about it, though his real name is Jim, the essence of this whole objet d ' art is an attempted answer to that age-old question : Do professors ever think? Lord, lord, and the man child, a blush suffuses these pale cheeks, demure lashes sweep same, and we falter in more or less maidenly modesty. 1T7) ai do you thinJc? Three Hundred Eighty-nine .CKETV rACIC Social Old Man What, fond perusers, recognize you not this specimen ? Verily, it is none other than Harry Handihoof, social light, Black Bottom, St. Vitus Dance, latest man — pardon, ladies ' man — par excellence. Such as he i.s, he represents those high and shining lights that scintillate in our social whirl. He invariably wears the last things out ; in fact they appear to have an ex-garbage man. them out, oh, yes. Note with metieu- pieee. It is not a work have been made by a society hound bought cents cheaper than store. Pipe the tres his father told him to tobacco. And oh, stunning collar and latest styles but lie no. He was given tn collar and tie was from Paris. Perhaps was probably lost it found this country, perfect fit, you ask. fit. No, you say? But f ttHW they are so " last " that been disregarded by And he always wears All the way out. lous eye the head of art ? It appears to Scotchman. This it because it was three anything else in the chic cigaret holder — keep a w a y f r o m deah, that perfectly tie. He knows all the never buys them, oh. understand that the absolutely the latest it was; but the boat several years before Look at his suit. A Yes, indeed, a perfect we maintain yes. You see, dear listener, yoa don ' t know what his body looks like. Ah, yes, a perfect fit. Take the shoes — and throw them away if you choose, but perhaps you don ' t choose — anyway, take the shoes. Look at ' em. Such a petite foot ; such graceful lines, what a form, their spic-and-spanness (especially the span) but we can go on no more. We grow homesick for our dear battleship Oregon. And lastly but not leastly, cast your fun-loving eye over his graceful form — the form that made a thousand women kill themeslves — and seventy elephants swell with pride — and look at the swan-like movements of his hands. Could anything be sweeter? Isn ' t he just too cunning? And such a romantic necker — like a chicken with the limber neck. Praise unto Allah ! And those who came to scoff remained to pray. Be kind, dear vedience, he needs your prayers. i Three Hundred Ninety nhe vAx:i ETY ACIC ' Los Toreadors Scene: A room with floor, ceiling and walls. The roof has been raised. Characters: All doubtful. Chairman: Gentlemen — Coxscience: Liar! Chairman: Come to order. Cha.s. Woollen: Yes, order a thousand more seats for next year ' s Virginia game. J. Booker: And about fifty less for my classroom. There are too many fool students there now. Shade of Student: True, brother, true! Prof. Learned: Students! I give mine hell! If they make a " D " I flunk them on principle. Voice: What principle have yoiif Prof. Hibbard: We must be tolerant with the young men — Os Coffin: That reminds me — Doug MacMillan: Yes, there ' s a good one about James Thomson. He — He — I ' ve forgotten the point but look it up. It ' s good. J. Booker: I heard a new one the other day. It seems there were two Irishmen— H. M. Jones: Wait, I want to talk about my two books — these fool young intellectuals — Prof. Staab: Now what we are in the University FOR — !! Prof. Taylor: Will someone lend me a handkerchief? O.s Coffin: That reminds me — CiiAs. Woollen: Lord, there were about ten deadheads at that football game. Think of the money lost. Prank Graham: Take the relation of Socrates to Napoleon, the spirit of U. N. C. must be built up! Collier Cobb: Old brachiopod. Horace Williams: And neither is he apples. A. Henderson: Has anybody ever found the square root of — Os Coffin: That reminds me of — Dr. Henry: That ' s no excuse. T. J. Wilson: No, you cannot be excused from that. Prof. Crittenden: Mr. Payne, lower your hand. H. M. Jones: I bought some blue and white B. V. D. ' s the other day. Os. Coffin: That reminds me — McCarthy: That dumb bird Smith was lucky yesterday. I threw my quiz papers down the steps and his was the only one that stayed on the top one. I give all " A ' s " that stay on the top step and so on down. Prof. Koch: Now I ' ve traveled a great deal and I am the only one — Chairman : Gentlemen — Conscience: LIAR! Chairman: Come to order. Three Hundred Ninetu-one fACKET YACK BEFORE Before the portals o£ his school Before he ever learned a rule, Before he ever pledged a frat, B efore he ever got a grat, Before he ever dreamed of Sin, In short, before they took him in. The freshman stands before you dazed. Green, astounded, half amazed. Scared also and quite elated. Proud as hell, — matriculated. AFTER No more slickers, no more gin. No more week-ends, co-eds. Sin. He wears a derby now; he ' ll sell Many bonds a month as well; He ' ll carry cards, drag a cane, Wear red cravats, and try in vain To sell himself as well as bonds, Give up his " damns " for discrete ' How proud he was matriculated — He ' s sadder now, he ' s graduated. DURING During four long years of Pain, O ' er-worked, distracted, tout insane, He ' .s turned from green to slight- ly pink, Forsaken women, took to drink, Forward-passed and griped at large. Slept in a church and a garage. A Senior now, he sez san.i heat : " I say, pipe the blonde broad, Pete! " O sad, sad! in truth he knows .Just how the whole dam ' busi- ness goes. Picture of a freshman smoking the latest thing pipes. Tlie figure behind is a senior — he ' s an ass to remain in college four years. Three Hundred Ninety-two ' vi 5 " f, A S o ;t Impressions by a Fifth Year Senior! Three Hundred Ninety-three ACKET YACK Wait, Alaska! Q. Who showed George Howe? A. Judge Jr. in " Here ' s How. " Q. Why is Davie Poplar? A. Because he always leaves in the Fall. Q. Why was Oscar Jackson Coffin? A. Because he doesn ' t smoke " Old Gold. " Q. Why is a dormitory Manly? A. Because it ' s ready for the male. Q. What is a Collier Cobb? A. One which has nothing to do with corn. Q. Who did Harry Woodburn Chase? A. He chased the chaste in a chaise. Q. What good are the Golden Fleece? A. They make the campus feel doggy. Q. Is the Carolina Inn? A. No. It just passed out. Q. How does Emerson Field? A. Rather dirty. Q. What are the identification marks of a Carolina Co-ed? A. " There ' s many a slip, twixt the neck and the hip. " Q. Why do Carolina students wear long pants? A. Because they would look funny as hell if they didn ' t. The End, though here, is not in view. " Black Bottom " called, and contents, too. We take this chance, ' mid scorn and praise To leave you flat. Go drink your maize! Three Bundled Ninety-four No matter ivhat your future calling Pilot Protection can help YOU attain your goal ill " -f ■i • ' sfe- Mat Your Sheep Sliln Vrove a Waqic Carpet You pass from Carolina armed with a diploma — and a determination to make your mark. Whether or not your sheep skin will prove a magic carpet depends upon your selection of a vocation in life. Investigate the possibilities open to you to become a " Life Insurance Pilot. " Life insurance has earned the title, " Great Magician. " It may well prove, to those qualified to become life underwriters, the medium that is able to transform your sheep skin into a magic carpet. " A Quarter Century of Service " Pilot Life Insurance Company A. W. McAlister. President T. D. Blair. Agency Manager GREENSBORO, N. C. JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COiMPANY GREENSBORO, N. C. More insurance in force in this company on the lives of North Carolinians than any company in the world. More insurance written each year in this company on the lives of North Caro- linians than any company in the world. There ' s a Reason ASK THE UNIVERSITY AGENCY JOHN UMSTEAD, Manager MARVIN WILSON WORTH MORRIS L. W. HUGGINS 322 MILLIONS IN FORCE " THE OLD WELL TABLE LAiMP " A WORTHY EMBLEM OF THE " SPIRIT OF CAROLINA ' Officially Authorized by the Alumni Association " Not official unless inscribed on base as above " An opportunity to Students and Alumni, their relatives and their friends to keep before them a beautiful symbol of " Carolina, " in this Lamp of exclusive design, worthy of a place in any home or office. Made of bronze ivilh amber glass dome, the " Old Well " in miniature Price Delivered $20.00 Sold by UNIVERSITY CONSOLIDATED SERVICE PLANTS (Owned and operated by the University of North Carolina) CHAPEL HILL, N. C. WE WANT TO SAY— THANKS Our hope is that those who have earned their sheepskins and are about to enter that unHmited number in the Freshman Class of Professional and Business Life will add to their memory of " Carolina " and the " Hill " just a thought of a service this department has tried to give. Good Luck to those that depart — we Welcome those that return and to those that are to COME we assure a Laundry Service that Satisfies. High Quality of Work as well as the lowest possible price consistent with good work, is our motto. Fo r a " Clean Game ' ' always LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT University Consolidated Service Plants YOUR YACKETY YACK PHOTOGRAPHERS 1925 1926 1927 1928 Have taken great pleasure in working with the Editors and Student Body in making the photographs for this book and hope it will serve to remind them of many happy and profitable years spent among pleasant scenes and friends at the " Hill. " ..!« J M Duplicate Pictures may be ordered from our New Bern Studio at any time from any of the photographs in this book. Jt Jt WOOTTEN-MOULTON PHOTOGRAPHERS NEW BERN, N. C. FORT BRAGG, N. C. When in Greensboro mnmfuuSl Vhil the En SANITARY LUNCH m " IFe Serve the Purest Food Our Quality Is the Best " 227 South Elm Street GREENSBORO, N. C. kfliStateEngrdviagCa Greensboro, Mc. FANCY ICES SHERBET WILSON ' S DURHAM ICE CREAM SANDWICHES CO, Inc. Are Delicious " Blue Ribbon Brand ' ' ON SALE EVERYWHERE ICE CREAM DURHAM, N. C. WHEN IN RALEIGH " Good to Eat at All Hours Eat At BLOCKS PUNC Wilson ' s Coffee Shop EAT WAVERLY ICE CREMi " Made its way by the way it ' s made ' ' For Sale by EUBANKS DRUG COMPANY Manufactured by Waved V Ice Cream Co., Inc. DURHAM, N. C. . ., . STROUD MOTOR CO. Ford Products Since 1914 We Appreciate Your Patronage ■M - s SMOKE HAV-A-TAMPA CIGARS THE LARGEST SELLER ON THE HILL On Sale at All Stores I. L. Sears Tobacco Co. DISTRIBUTORS Phone L-4461 Durham, N. C. All the BRICK For the buildings in the University building program during the last six years FURNISHED BY CHEROKEE BRICK COMPANY RALEIGH. N. C. Annual Capacity over 20,000,000 Progressive Amusement for Progressive People WINNERS OF THE " N. C. " WEAR THEIR LETTERS ON A WINNING SWEATER O ' SHEA Because it does not fade but keeps its lustre. 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Collegia Organ Itjdl tions At your disposal is a complete plant for the design and manufacture of college or individual Jewelry When in Durham The Washington Duke Invites You " ELECTRIC POWER— A Consumer Owned Industry " It is estimated tliat during 1926, nearly four hundred thousand customers bought over three million shares in the electric power companies serving them. All told, over thirteen and a half million shares of stock have been purchased by the customers of these companies. These owners are found in evei-y walk of life. Tvs ' O companies alone report nearly fourteen thousand customer stockholders, representing 269 separate occupations. The movement toward customer ownership of industry finds its largest expression in the electric power companies because of the high sense of responsibility developed by these companies in their dealings with the public. Operated under the American principle of individual initiative, and directed by a personnel of tested integrity and public-mindedness, these companies have so definitely identified themselves with the interest of the public, that the structure of America ' s prosperity and progress rests to a large degree upon their service. America ' s unequaled level of comfort and prosperity, made possible through cheap, abundant power, developed under the American principle of individual initiative, is the best of reasons why that principle shoidd be preserved and perpetuated. Carolina Power Light Company VARSITY CLOTHES for the COLLEGE MAN Hand Tailored and Sold Exclusively by " Nationally Known — Justly Famous ' Klutz Building; Since 1885 This Company has been serving a vast clientele in North Carolina, and this ripe experience, coupled with a complete modern equip- ment, is at your command. Correspondence Invited The Seeman Printery INCORPORATED Durham. North Carolina THE BEAUTIFUL WOODWORK IN MANNING HALL AND THE CAROLINA INN Was Manufactured by OETTINGER LUMBER COMPANY GREENSBORO, N. C. Clothes Styles That Appeal to University Men! In Vanstory clothes there is a style and price that will appeal to University men of all classes. This store of thirty-eight years experience has dressed many of the Carolina ' s most successful men of business. Many of the best dressed college men right here at " Old Carolina " are now wearing Vanstory clothes. C. H McKfsiioiH T. Pre s. Mcr- Jefferson Standard Building GREENSBORO, N. C. GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1928 Patterson Drug Store at Jt Jt PROXIMITY MANUFACTURING COMPANY PROXIMITY COTTON MILLS WHITE OAK COTTON MILLS PROXIMITY PRINT WORKS Greensboro, N. C. - Jt ,St J CONE EXPORT AND COMMISSION CO. COTTON FABRICS Greensboro, N. C. New York, N. Y. .!« Jt You Can ' t Beat the Bus -tf -J . FOR Convenience, Comfort, Speed SAFETY M System Through tickets and baggage checks to all Principal Points on Saves for the Nation Carolina Coach Company SYSTEM Raleigh. Durham. Chapel Hill, Greensboro Rocky Mount, Wilson. Dunn Fayetteville Chartered Coaches for trips anywhere. For terms and booking apply at local ticket office or General office. STANDARD GROCERIES At Lower Prices Chapel Hill, N. C. 510 East Davie Street RALEIGH, N. C. ,«e •« ' i FOOD THAT SATISFIES Brunswick Panatropes We spare no effort to get for our patrons foodstuffs of the best quality. RADIOLAS AND RECORDS Is Not a Brunswick It Is Not the Best MEATS, VEGETABLES GROCERIES No Fraternity Home Complete You can get them all here. Without Them One Telephone Call Does the Trick Christian Harward DELIVERIES AT YOUR DOOR MODEL MARKET 106 W. Main St. Durham, N. C. F- BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT " = OUR STORE IS THE The character of the suits and overcoats tailored by Charter House will earn your most sincere liking. Pritcliard Patterson = Let the Book X Serve You — Athletic Goods and Equipment, Note Books, Fountain Pens, Golf Clubs, Inks — Soaps, Toothpaste, Shaving Cream, and Textbooks strictly at list price. CLASS RINGS THE BOOK EXCHANGE " Student Supplies " 21 YEARS OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE TO THE CARO- LINA STUDENT BODY CAROLINA BARBER SHOP Chapel Hill, N. C. . " , t . KING COTTON HOTEL Greensboro ' s Most Luxurious Hotel CAROLINA STUDENTS YOU ' LL ENJOY OUR HOSPITALITY GREENSBORO, N. C. Those men of Carolina who know will tell you that Kahn Champion Tailoring means dress perfection Kahn Tailoring Company Indianapolis, Ind. WELL MADE BREAD THE HILL BAKERY STUDENTS SEE US FOR Men ' s Clothing Shoes and Haberdashery LOW ' PRICES S. BERMAN CHAPEL HILL, N. C. ... " J M Wind Up the Year at the Little Gem Cafe with the Taste of Good Food Lingering on the Taste Bud LITTLE GEM CAFE J .jt .M jt .j« .jt SERVICE TO THE CAROLINA STUDENT BODY SINCE 1912 MURPHY AND JOHNSTON and NUNN BUSH SHOES LACOCK ' S BOOT SHOP ■M V BUILDERS DRE S ISIONS created by the imagination precede the aciiievement of any really U accomplishment. The ability to he threads of imagination into the fabric is equally important. lias been the privilege of the Edwards Brouchton Company to interpret tie ideas of the Staff and create in matei il foim their vision. From the art work and engravings t the finished book, this volume is the res It of organized cooperation with the Staff Such able cooperation is one of the " isions " which precede the building of a snctessful business, and is a part of the working policy of the Edwards Brouchton Company. To those Staffs desiring complete o operation from art work and engravings to the finished book, we offer unexcelled service. Complete service means undivided responsibility as to the result — one organ ization to correspond and talk with — on trained director to merge the many ingr dients into the finished product. Ton. too, may be proud of youi- annual Correspondence is lyivited EDWARDS BROUGHTON COMPAN-S j ' f(llillP S)(VOT || y . ' -?h: mi W fm ' 1 i 9flr Hr l fl 5 B iK99ir3tf l vsn nC H I P sSmS H J S ST H H l S ! He 1 i ffi 1 i -1 Vii n op S s sr ji m ft ' k iX Jtv V 1 K: i :it: » :A .: it ' ■■■■ i ' -. V ' M 2123LOZZ1 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North " i Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. jfu L! 2008 Form No A-369

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