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ImtJFrsUg of NnrtI) (EaroUntt CollErtintt of NnrtJt aiarolimatta Sl|ta buok maa p«ai?ntf JJ bH WrtCoa,te5 C.2 UNIVERSITY OF N.C. AT CHAPEL HILL 00033984939 FOR USE ONLY IN THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLECTION HE YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA. PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE LITERARY SOCIETIES AND THE FRATERNITIES VOLUME XVIII © i " x FOREWORD (irvord irith the spirit of tJie times, I li i s e i JO hteenth V o 1 u m e of t h e YACKETY YACK is jnesented to yon ill a much simpler form th in its immediiite prede - cessors. We moke no (ipologies. U herever j os - sihle we have attempted to conserve hy eliminatinfi those things which iiere not absolutely necessary; hut nithal ne have attempted to give a complete rnord of our college year. We sincerely hope that you ivill find it such. r DEDICATION c ls an appreciation of their action, and of the glory that they have brought to their alma mater, we dedicate this, the Eighteenth Volume of the YACKETY YACK, to the Alumni and Students of the University who have entered the service of their country. hClasses 2:Piofessior 5l Schools 5= Activities 4:MilltdrV arvd Athletics 5:Or5ar izd tior s " r - - THE SPIRIT OF ' 6l AND THE SPIRIT OF ' 17 1916 YACKETY YACK THE UNIVERSITY AND THE WAR WS?S ' ,EO TOLSTOY somewhere speaks of wliat he calls the " female boarding school or JLl cailet-acadcniy " conception of a nniversity. The nniversity of his time, he thinks. is aloof from real life; in it boys learn " lessons, " as in the schools; attending it is " going to schoiil. " A lietter conception is that of " a collection of men for the pnrpose of their mntnal cultnre ; " and he explains what tliis means by telling us that " such universities, unknown to us. spring up and exist in various corners of Russia ;| in the universuies them- selves, in the students ' clubs, people come together, read and discuss, until at last rules establish themselves when to meet and how to discuss. There you have real universities ! " A different idea is expressed by Matthew Arnold, in the description of Oxford that everyone knows by heart ; " Beautiful City ! so venerable, so lovely, so unravaged Ijy the fierce intellectual life of our century . . . steeped in sentiment as she lies, and whispering from her towers the last enchantments of the Middle Age, who will deny that Oxford, by her ineffable charm, keeps ever calling us nearer to the true goal of all of us, to the ideal, to perfection, to beauty? " And a third conception, older than these, is expressed by Francis Bacon, pioneer of research as a miiversity ideal, when, after speaking of the search for truth as " the sovereign good of human nature. " he quotes Lucretius; " II is a pleasure to stand upon the sliore. and see ships tossed upon the sea ; a pleasure lo stand in the window of a castle, and to see a battle and the adventures thereof below : but no pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage ground of Truth la hill nut to be commanded, and where the air is always cleai; and serene), and to see the errors, and wandermgs, and mists, and tempests, in the vale below. " To this he adds merely that the sight of human error and suffering must be " with pity, and not with swelling or pride. " Each of these conceptions, taken singly, is partial. Tolstoy would define his university by the group of earnest men and women, connected with an institution or not, wno read and discuss serious matters for niuiual culture. He has in mind the Circles of Tchaykovsky, organized in the latter part of the nineteenth century in almost every province of Russia, in whicli university men and women lived with peasants and artisans, and sought not only lo better their circumstances but to implant in them ideals of freedom, seeking also to learn from them sincerity, truth, and their own conceptions of life. But this ideal leaves out of account both that function of the university which makes it the conserver of the accumulated riches of human experience and that not less important function wliich is discharged by UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA IV vJ great investigator?, men wlio give themselves unweariedly to pure research, who dwell upon that hill of Truth of whicli Bacon wrote. Tolstoy represents the university as partaking of the life of the people: Arnold thinks of it as the preserver of ideals, a " queen of romance, " ' a " home of lost causes, " withdrawn from the passing clamor of an epoch of dissolution and transformation. Bacon also would have it removed from the flux of human struggle and error, in order that it may further, through research, the conquest of abstract truth. One effect of the Great War has been that it has brought all things to test. This test is not merely of physical courage and endurance, of the spirit of heroism, of the willingness to fight and, if need be, to die for that something not ourselves that is identified with justice and right; it is also a test of our conceptions of democracy, of our fitness to champion the ideals which humanity, through a long and painful evolution, has set up against arbitrary and pitiless despotism. Men and institutions are alike tried by fire. This test the university, like other institutions, can not evade. The province of the university may be defined through combining the conceptions outlined a moment ago. It must act as custodian and interpreter of the spiritual inheritance of the ages ; it nuist follow knowledge like a sinking s;ar beyond the utmost bounds of human thought; and it must bring these ideals and this truth to bear on life. In the light of the first of these duties, Kultur and frightful- ness, the ambition for a place in the sun, the false doctrine of the survival of the strongest, are put to a test that shrivels them and burns. Iru the light of the second, the investigator, untouched by the tumult and the shouting of warring hosts, adds bit by bit to the sum of knowledge that pushes back a little farther the realm of chaos and old night. In the light of the third, idealism and truth come down from the mountain top to bring the tables of the law to men. This threefold vision the University of Xorth Carolina has caught. Her years are the years of the American constitution. Her life is a symbol of American democracy in its best and purest form. Sometimes we think her devoid of beauty ; but this ground is holy ground, these buildings sanctuary. True to her spirit, her sons have given themselves freely to make this spirit prevail. In them, her warfare on falsehood becomes concrete. True to her spirit, those who remain arc preparing themselves, in mind and body, for the day when they too may be called upon to front a lie in arms, and not to yield. Thus is the first vision made flesh. 1918 YACKETY YACK As to the second, there are scholars Iiere who in Ulirary and lalmratory continue the researcli upon which tlie hfe of the University depends. This work is often unreahzed hy the student-body, hut it is hke the mountain springs at the head of a niiglity river. Therefore, despite changes in courses of study necessary to fit them to the needs of the present, despite the niihiary training that ahsorbs so much of the time and interest of menil)ers of the University, despite the picturesque clianges in the appearance of classroom and campus because of the substitution of the garb of war for academic cap and gown, the scientific and philological societies present their records of research, the learned journals published by tlie University appear with stated regularity, scholarly investigation is quickened, not discouraged, l)y war. The spirit of the University seeks to find the facts and to face them, knowing, witli llu.xley, tliat " there is no alleviation for the suffering of mankind except veracity of ihouglit and action, and the resolute facing of the world as it is. " From this faitlifulness to the second vision, the University derives its authority. Finally, through the series of Extension Leaflets dealing with questions of war, through the package libraries and the information service, through correspondence courses and lectures on history, science, and literature in the light of the war; most of all through the new organizations in various communities known as Extension Centers, the University brings its idealism and its truth to bear on the troubled life of an age of transformation and agony. Wherever a group of people — in a cla sroum on the Hill, in a country Sunday School, in an Extension Center miles away from the C)ld Well — are brought into contact with this idealism and this truth, there is tlie University in the midst of them. The student who walks a dozen miles on Sunday to tell a little class what he has learned on the Hill, the teacher who adds to his routine work the conference at the distant Center, symljolize the third vision. For the University e.xists not in its physical equipment of classrooms and laboratories, not in its machinery of registration and examination, not in the splendid ceremonies of Commencement. When Brand discovered that the people regarded the building that he gave them as in truth tlie church, he locked the door, threw away the key, and led tliem up the mouiitainsiije. So also the University is a spirit — invisible, intangible, yet real. In these community groups, organized for the study of the national spirit, seeking to make of the community what the members of the community w ' ould have the nation become, the University is at work, finding here high service for a time of war, helping our democracy to create, through vision and truth, its ideals. — Edwin Grf£nla v UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK FACULTY Ph. Edward Kidder Graham, A.M.. D.C.L., LL.D.. President Gorgons Head ; Golden Fleece : 2AE ; i BK ; TKA ; 2T B. University of Nortli Carolina, 1898; Librarian, ibid., 1899; Instructor in English, ibid., ate " Professor of English, ibid., 1901-1904: . . .M. Columbia University, 1902; Student, ibid., 1904-1905; Professor of English, University of N ' crth Carolina. 1904 — ; Dean of College of Liberal Arts, ibid., 1909-1913; Acting President, ibid., 1913-1Q14; President, ibid., i9 4— ; LL. D. Erskine College, 1914; D. C. L., University of the South, 1914; LL. D. Wake I ' orest College, 191.S; LL. D. T.afayette College, igi.s. Kemp PlummER Battle, A.M., LL.D,, Professor Emeritus of History A. li. University of North Carolina. 1849: A. B., ibid., i8,i;2; Tutor in Mathematics, ibid., 1850- 1854; LL. n. Davidson College, 1879: President of University of North Carolina, 1876-1891 ; Professor ofHistory, ibiil., 1891-1907; LL. D., ibid., 1910; Professor Emeritus of History, ibid.. 1907—. Francis Preston VenablE, Ph.D., D.Sc. LL.D. Fraiieis Prcsinn ] ' enabic Professor of Chemistry AKE; AX2; ! BK sity of Virginia, 1S74-1 Student, Un of Goettingen, 1S81 ; Stud D. Sc, Lafayette College Alabama, 1-906; LL. D., Teffe Carolina, 1880- -1879: University of Bonn, 1879-1880; A. M., Ph. D. University of Berlin, 1889; LL. D., University of Pennsylva 902; LL. D., L ' niversity cf South Carolina, 1905; LL. D., Un Medical College, 1913; Professor of Chemistry, Universit 1900-1914. Walter Dallam Tuy. M. A., Professor of Geniuniie Languages and Litenitur X4 ' ; QA M. A., L ' niversity of Virginia, 1 13-1885 : College de France, 188; rth Carolina, 188=;—; Student Un iS2; Student, Cniversity of Leipsig, 1882-1883; Uiiive ; Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures versity of Berlin, 1910-1911. William Cain, A.M., L.L.D. Professor of Mathematics Ir tute Milii d Engineer 1 : Professor 899—; LL. DEAN STACY . . M.. North Carolina Jlilitary Polyt Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, Carol Institute, 1874-1879; Professor of Jlathemaf South Carolina Militarv Academy. 1882- Mathematics, University of North Carolin; University of South Carolina, 1916. Henry Horace Williams. .A.M., B.D. Professor of Philosophy Golden Fleece ; K2 . . li.. . . M., University of North Carolina, 1S83; Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College, 1S85 ; B. D., Vale University 1888; Fellow, Harvard University, 1899; Professor of Philos- ophy. University of North Carolina, 1890 — . Henry Van Peters Wilson. Ph.D. Professor of Zoology A. B., Tohns Hopkins University, 1883; Fellow, ibid., 1887-1889; Ph. II.. ibid., 18S8: Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina, 1891-1901; Student, University of Berlin, 1902-1903; Professor of Zo61ogy. University of North Carolina, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Collier Cobb, A.M., LL.D., Professor of Geology and Mineralogy A. E., Harvard University, iSgg; A. XI., ibid., 1894; Assistant in Geology, ibid., 1888-1890; Instruc- tor in Geology, Massacliusetts Institute of Technology, 1890-189 ; Instructor in Geology, Harvard Summer School, 1S91: Assistant Professor of Geology, University of North Carolina, 1892-1893; Pro- fessor of Geology and Mineralogy, ibid., 1893 — . Ch. rlEs St. plEs Manxl ' m, A.B., M.D.. Professor of .-Inatoniy Gimghoul; Z l ' A. B., University cf North Carolina. 1891 : M. D., Jefferson Medical College. 1S94; Assistant Demonstrator, ibid.. 1894-1S95; Graduate Student, University of Chicago, 1906; Professor or Anatomy, University of North Carolina. 1896 — ; Student. Harvard University. 1912-1913. Ed v. rd Verxox Howell, A.B., M.D., Professor of Pharnmey Gimghoul ; 2AE ; K 1894: Professor of Marcus Cicero Stephens Xoble. Professor of Pedagogy Student. Davidson College and L ' niversitv of .Vorth Carolina: Commandant of Ringham School. 1880-1883; Superintendent of Schools, Wilmington. N. C, 1883-1898; Professor of Pedagogy. University of North Carolina, 1898 — ; Dean of School of Education, ibid., 1905 — . IsA. c Hall Manning, M.D., Professor of Physiology Student, University of North Carolina. 1882-1886: . ssistant in Chemistry, ibid., 1886; M. D., Long Island .School f Medicine, 1897; Student. Univer. ;ity of Chicago, tgoi-igoj; Harvard University. 1902-1906; Professor of Physiology, University of North Carolina, 1901 — ; Dean of School of Medicine. ibid., 1905 — . George Howe. Ph.D. Professor of Latin Laininaoe and Literature Gimghoul: Satyr; 7. t ; 9.1; " i-BK A. B.. Princeton University, 1897; A. M.. Ph. D.. University of Halle. 1903; Student Oxford University, 1903; Professor of Latin Language and Literature, University of North Carolina. ' 903 — : Student American School of Classical Studies at Rome. ipi_.-i9l3- JosEPH Hyde Pr. tt. Ph.D. Professor of Eeonomie Gcologv Gimghoul: ATO: S2 Ph. E.. Yale Universitv. 1S93 Assistant in Che ibid.. 1894; Assistant in Mining, bid., 1S95; Instruc Mining. Harvard Summer School, 1895: Ph. D.. Val versity, 1896; Instructor in Min ralogy, ibid., 189 Lecturer on Economic Geologv, Un versitv of NortTi C 1 899- 1 904: Professor of Economic Geology. 1904 — ; Xlineralogist, 1897-1906; State Geologist, 1906- N. THAN Wilson Walker, A.B. Professor of Sceondarv Education BK; 2T ' A. B., University of North Carolina. 1903 ; Superintendent of Schools, Ashboro, N. C, 1903-1903: Professor of Secondary Education. Universitv of North Carolina, 1905 — ; State Inspec- tor of Public High Schools, 1905—. DE. X NOBLE 1918 YACKETY YACK William DeBerxiERE MacXider, M.D., Professor of Phanuacology Gorgon ' s Head; -N Assistant in Biology, L ' lii ' Student, L ' niversity of Ihicagi 1905—. sity of North Carolina, 1899-190 rqob-igoS; Professor of Pharma Mty of North Carolii Charles Lee Raper. Ph.D., Professor of Ecoiioinics A. B., Trinity College ( N. C), 189 ; Instructor in Greek and Latin, ibid., 189 -1893: Professor of Latin, Greensboro Female College, 1S94-1898; Fellow in History, Columbia University, 1899-1900; Lecturer in History, ibid., 1900-1901: Ph. D., ibid., 1902: . ssociate Professor of Economics and History, University of North Carolina, 1901-1906; Professor ol Economics, ibid., 1906; Dean of Graduate School, Wii.Li. M Chambers Cdkkr. Ph.D., Professor of )()(|I»V ' niversitv, 1901 ; Student Uni- of Norlii Carolina, igoj-igo;; B. S. University of South Carolina. 1894; Ph. I)., lobns Hopkii versity of Bonn, 1901-1902; . ssociate Professor of Botany. I ' nivers Professor of Botany, ibid., 1907 — . Archibald Henderson, Ph.D., Professor of Pure Matheiiuities Gimghoul; 2N ; SJA ; BK ; 2T ; E A A. B., University of North Carolina, 1898; .- . M.. ibid., 1899: Instructor in Mathematics, ibid., i898-i9o_ ' ; Student, University of Chicago, .901; Ph. D., University of North Carolina, 190;; Fellovir and Tutor in Mathematics. L ' niversitv College and University of Chicago, 1902-1903: Associate Professor of Mathematics, l ' niversity of North Carolina, 1902-1908; P ' rofessor of Pure Mathematics, ibid., 1908—; Student, Cambridge University, University of Berlin, the Sorbonne, 1910-1911. Joseph Grei " ,oire DeRoclhac Hamilton, Ph.D.. Aluiiini Professor of History Gimghoul; Amphoterothen ; KA ; 1 F!K M. A., University of the South, 1900; Ph. D., Columbia University, 1906; . ssociate Professor of History, University of North Carolina, 1906-1908; Professor of History, ibid. ' , 1908 — . Andrew Henrv Patterson, A.M. Professor of Physies Gimghoul; 2AE Ph. n., B. E., University of North Carolina, 1891; A. B. Harvard University, 1892; A. M., ibid., 1893; Instructor in Physics, University of Georgia, 1894-1S97; . djunct Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, ibid., 1897-1898; Pro- fessor of Phvsics and . stronomv, ibid., 1S98-1908; Student. University of Berlin and Charlottenburg Techmscbe Hochschule, 1905-1906; Professor of Phvsics, University of North Caro- lina, 1908—; Dean of School ' of Applied Science, ibid., 1911—. Henrv McGilbert Wagstaff, Ph.D. Professor of History BK; E A Ph. B., University of North Carolina, 1S99; Professor of Mathematics, Rutherford College, 1900-1902; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins l ' niversity, 1906; .Acting Professor of Economics and History, Alleghany College, 1906-1907; Associate Professor of History, University of .North Carolina, 1907-1909; Professor of History, ibid., 1909 — . DEA.N MAN.NIXG UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA i Patrick Henry Winston, Professor of Laiv Gimghoul; Ae Student. University of Ti States Military Academy. 190;: !Stuc of, ili.l.. igog — ; Student, V ' niv 897-1898; University of Xo ident, University of North of Michigan, 1910. School of La William Morton Dey, Ph.D., Professor of Romance l.nnguages and Literature Gorgon ' s Head; Satyr; AKE ; V.S- i MA ; BK . . ., . 1. . .. University of Virginia, 190. ' ; Student in Paris, 190.?; A. M., Harvard L ' niversity. Austin Teaching Fellow, ibid., 1905; Ph. D., ibid., 1906; Student in Spain and Italy, 1906; ant Professor of Romance Languages, University of Missouri. 1906-1909: Professor of Ron ages, L ' niversity of North Carolina, 1909 — . Marvin Hendrix Stacy, A.M.. Professor of Civil Engineering •t BK ibid. 1904; Student, Cornell Universit L-riversitv nf North Carolina, 1906-1910 College of Liberal Arts, ibid.. 1913-1914 rsity of North Carolina. 190J ; Instructor in Mathematics, ibid.. 190 -1906: - , 1905. 1906. 1911: .Asso riate Professrjr of Civil Engines Professor of Civil Engineering, ibid.. 1910—; Acting De Dean of College of Liberal ,- rts : ibid., 1914— . Lucius Polk McGehee, A.B., Professor of Law Gorgon ' s Head ; KA A. B., University of North Carolina. 1887; Student School of Law. ibid.. 1S90-1891; Profess M., of the School of La« ibid., A. B.. Davidsc AtwELL Campbell McIntosh, A.M., Professor of Law ATH in College. 1881; A. JL. ibid.. 18S7: Professor of Law Trinity College University of No ' " rth Ca olina, hEan rapER Harry Woodburn Chase. Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Gimghoul ; BK High B.. Dartmouth College, 1904; T School (Mass.). 1904-1908; A. 190S; Director of Clinic for Subnorm versify, 1909-1910; Ph. D., ibid., 1910; L ' niversity of North Carolina, 1910 — . acher in the Groveland i., Dartmouth College, 1 Children. Clark Uni- ' rofessor of Psychology, Alvin Sawyer WheElEr. Ph.D. Professor of Organic Cheinistrv Ben ; AXZ ; i BK Beloit College, 1890; Student, Cornell Unive M.. Ha .. 1897-1900; ! North Car. . ibid.. 1912- rd Ur Assi: Che •sity. ■iate Professor of Che ilina. 1900-1912: Professor of Organit -; Student. L ' niversity of Berlin. L ni Federal Polytechnic, 1910-1911. Louis Round Wilson, Ph.D. Professor of Library Administration i BK A. B.. University of North Care 1901— ; A. M., ibid.. 1902; Ph. Professor of Library Administratior Columbia LTniversity. 1910: Profes tion. University of North Carolina. Libr; 1905: 1918 YACKETY YACK Parker Haward Dagett, S.B., Professor of ElcctiicaJ Eiiginccnny Assistant in lilectrical Engineering. Harvard University, 1908-1909; S. K.. ibid., 1910: .Acting Pro- fessor of Electrical Engineering, Lniversity of Xorth Carolina, 1910: .- ssociate Professor of Electrical Engineering, ibid., 1910-191,?; Professor of Electrical Engineering, ibid., 1913 — ; -Acting Dean of the School of . iiplied .Science, ibid., 191. -1916. James MunsiE Bell, Ph.D., Professor of Physiecil Clieiiiistry 23; AX2 K. . .. I ' niversity of Toronto, igoj; . [. . ., ibid., 1905; . ssistant in Chemistry, Cornell University, 1902-1903; Ciraduate Scholar in Chemistry, ibid., 1903-1904: Sage Fellowship in Chemistry, ibid., 1904- 1905; Ph. n., ibid., i9oi; Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of North Carolina. 1910-1913; Professor of Physical Chemistry, ibid., 1913—- Edwin Greenlaw, Ph.D., Professor of Eiujlish Gorgon ' s Head; Satyr; SA ; 2T ; BK . . li. Xorthwestcrn I ' niversity, 1897- A. ] I., ibid., 1898; . . M,, Harvard Ul ibid., 1904; Instructor in English, Northwestern University, 189S-1902; 1904-1905; University of Chicago, 1907; Professor of English, . del]ihi College, 1905-1913; university of Xorth Carolina, 1913—. iversity, 1903: Ph. D., Instructor in English, Professor of English, if Sehool of Administration 1909; Ph. D., ibid., 1912; Supervis Lester Alonzo Williams. A.M., Ph.D., Professor A. IS., Dartmouth College, 1903; A. .M., New York Universi of Schools and Principal of High Schools in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 1903-1912: Supervising Principal, Leonia, N. J., 1913; Professor of School of .- dministration. University of North Carolina, ■ 913—- James Bell Bullitt, . .M., M.D., Professor of Histoloijy and Pathology Gorgon ' s Head ; r-i ; BK A. I!., Washington and University, 1894; A. II., ibid., 1895: M. I).. Univeisity of Virginia, 1897: Demonstrator 01 . natoliiy, ibid, 1898-1903 : Professor of .-Vnatomy and Pathology, University of North Carolina, 1913 — . f 1 ■4 Eugene Cunningham Branson, A.M. Professor of Rural Economics and Sociology AT " . . 1.. Trinity College. 1894; - - M-. Peabody Colle i89q: President State Normal School, 1900-1912; Pi nd .Sociology, ibid., 1912-1914; of Rural Eci of Rural Ec ■ulil and Sociology, Un iity of North ViLi.i. M Stanlv Beknaed, . .M. .Associate Professor of Greek Gimghoul; TKA ; A0 ; 2T ; fi-i tudent, Episcopal Theological Seminary ( Va. ), 1893-1895 : [Tniversity of X iQco- f) M Tnstiuctnr in Greek, ibid. 1 190.J ; Associate Professor in Greek, I ' niversity of Chicago, 1906. Columbia 1900 ; Librarian, ibid., 901-1906 ; A. M., ibid., ibid., 1 906 — ; Student, University. 1909, 1910, Robert Raker Lawson. M.D. Associate Professor of Anatomy Student, I ' niveisily of Xorth Carolina. i897- 9oo: M. D., University of Maryland, 1902; Instructor in Anatomy. Uni- versity of Xorth Carolina, 1905-1906; Demonstrator in Anatomy, ibid., 1906-1908: Associate Professor of Anatomv,, jgoS— . UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA George McFari.and McKiK. A.M., rrofcssor of Public St rakiiia UK A: V. : T Graduate, Emerson College of Oratorv, 18981 A. B., A. M., University of North Carolina, 15 Student, Harvard University 1907-1908; Instructor in English, University of North Carolina, 1899-15 Associate Professor of Public Speaking, ibid., 1908 — . James Stuart Ali.EN, A.B., Director of Military Training Gimghoul; AA A. B.. JIcGill University (Canada); Second Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers; First Lieutenant Captain, Princess Patricia ' s Canadian Light Infantry. John Manning Booker, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Gorgon ' s Head: Satyr; AA ; 9.1-. J:r A. B., Tohn ' s Hopkins University, 1901 ; Student, ibid., 1901-1903; 1905-1909; Student, ' - ' niyer of Munich, 1904-1905: Student, University of Heidelberg, 1903-1904. 190S. - 1909. ' 9 ' °, 1911; " " • ibid., 1912; . ssociate Professor of English, University of North Carolina, 1909—. Oliver TowlES, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Romance Languages Gorgon ' s Head; AA ; fiA A. B., University of Virginia, 1906; Student, Tohns Hopkins University. 1906-1909; Student France, 1908; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 191 j; Associate Professor of the Romance Langua Lniveisity of North Carolina, 1909 — . Thomas Felix Hickerson, A.M., S.B., Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Gimghoul; Ae Pli. n.. University of North Carolina. 1904; Instructor in Mathematics, ibid., 1907; S. B.. JIassachusetts Institute of Technology, 1909; -Vssociate Profe University of North Carolina, 1912—. Kent James Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor of German Ben ; -l-BK A. B., Dickinson College, 1901 ; Ph. n.. University of Pennsylvania. 1905; Student, University of Berlin, 1904-1905; Student, University of Munich, 1909-1911; . ssistant in German, University of Pennsylvania, 1902-1904; Instructor in German, State University of Iowa, 1911-1912; Associate Professor of German, University of North Carolina, 1912 — . Norman Foerstfs, AM. Associate Professor of English nA; r A. B., Harvard Univers jrvard Summer School. : 1911; Instr ity. iity. A. M.. 1910; Instructor ir 1913 ; Student, Har ■ English, Uni ' ibid., of English, University of North Carolina, 1914—- James Holly Hankorh, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English Gorgon ' s Head ; T ; QA ; t.BK .N. 1;. Universitv of Rochester. 1904; Ph. 1),, Harvard Uni v?isil i.jcMi; . - istant in English, ibid., 1908; Instructor ii EuRii li, il I ' l . Mjin.1913; .Assistant Professor of English, ibid i9o9-i ' ji4; . s,-ciate Professor of English, University o North Caiolina, 1914— . DEA.V -McGEUEt. 1918 YACKETY YACK Robert Lane James, C.E., Assistant Professor of Drawing Gimghoul; ATQ ; 2S Student in France. 1907-1908; C. E., Cornell University, igij; Assistant Professor of Drawing, University of North Carolina, 1913 — . George Kenneth Henry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin AT A. B., Hamilton College, 1900; A. .M., ibid.. 190.1; Instructor in Mathematics, University of North Carolina, 1908-1909; Instructor in Latin, ibid.. 1909-1914; Ph. D., ibid., 1914; Assistant Professor in Latin, ibid., 1914 — . John Grover Beard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pharniaey Assistant in Pharmacy. University of North Carolina. 1908-1909; Instructor in Pharmacy, ibid., 1909-1914; , ssistant Professor of Pharmacy, ibid., 1914 — . Thomas Elvin Didlake, B.A., M.A., LL.B., Associate Professor of Laiv B. . ., and M. A., University of Virginia, 191J; LL. B., ibid., I9i.i; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Virginia, 1909-1910; Instructor in Economics, ibid., 1910-1915; Member of Charlotte, N. C, Bar, 1915-1917; Associate Professor of Law, University of North Carolina, 1917—- Joseph Henry Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of School of Adniinistratio}: i BK A. B., University of North Carolina, 1910; A. M., ibid., 1914; Ph. D., University of Illinois, 1916; Assistant Professor of School of Administration, University of North Carolina, 1916 — . John Wayne LaslEy, A.M., Instmctor in Mathematics A. B., University of North Carolina, 1910; Fellow in Mathematics, ibid.. 1910-1911; A. M.. ibid.. 1911; Instructor in Mathematics, ibid., igii-1915; Fellow in Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University. 1915-J916; Instructor in Mathematics, University of North Carolina, 1916 — . Henry McCune Dargan, Ph.D.. Instructor in P-iujIisli Satyr; Ae ; V. A. B., Mercer University, 1910, Student, University of California, 1910-1911; . . .M.. Harvard Uni- versity. 191J; Pli. D., ibid., 1914: Instructor in English, University of North Carolina, 1914 — . Richard Hurt Thornton, A.M., Instructor in English Gimghoul; Satyr; Ae ; ilA; 2T; E A -A. R.. ' irginia Christian College. 1907; Graduate Student. Columbia University, 191 1-1914; A. M.. ibid.. 1914; Instructor in English. L ' niversity of North Carolina, 1914 — . GusTAvE Adolphus Harrer, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin A. B., Princeton University, 1910: Ph. D., ibid., 1913; Instructor in Classics, ibid., 1913-1915; Instructor in Latin, University of North Carolina, 1915 —. WmuAM WhatlEy PiErson, Jr., A.M.. Ph.D.. Instructor in History Gimghoul, 2AE ; BK ; E A A. B.. University of Alabama, igio; Teaching Fellow in English, ibid., 1910-1911; A. M., ibid., 1911; . . M.. Columbia University, 1912; Graduate Student, ibid., 1911-1913: Assistant in History, ibid., 1913-1914; Instructor in History, ibid.. 1914-1915; Instructor in Historv. University of North Carolina. 1916—. William Walter Rankin, Jr,, A.M., Instructor in Mathematics B. E., North Carolina College of . gricultuial and Mechanical Arts. 1904; Professor of Mathematics, Fredericksburg College, 1908-191 1; A. M., University of North Carolina, 1912; Fellow in Mathematics, ibid., 1912-1913; Instructor in Mathematics, ibid., 1913-1914, 1915 — : Student, Harvard L ' niversity, 1914-I91S- UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Allen Wilson Hobbs, A.B., Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics A. B., Guilford College. 1907; Instructor in Mathematics, ibid.. 19051. iciii: Graduate Stuilent, Johns Hopkins University. 1911-1913: Instructor in Mathematics. Guilford I ' ullege. 1913-1917; Instructor in Mathematics, University of Xortli Carolina. 1917 — . John Lfc ' o Campion, A.M., Instructor in German t:tudent. Royal Gymnasium, Kiel, 1905-1906; Student. University of Kiel, 1906-1909: A. M.. ColumLia L niversity. 191J; Assistant Master, Newman School, Hackensack, N. J., 1903-1904; .Assistant, English Seminary, University of Berlin, 1909-1911: Instructor in German, Pennsylvania State College, 1912-1913; Instructor in Modern Languages, Princeton University, 1914-19151; Johnston Fellowship, Johns iiopkins L ' niveisity, 1914-1915: Instructor in German, University of Washington, 1915-1916: Instructor, in German, University of Xorth Carolina, 1916 — . Leslie P.- rker Brown, B.. ., M. A.. Instructor in French ! BK B. A., Yale University, 1912: M. . ., Harvard University, 1913; Instructor in Romance Languages, Northwestern University, 1913-1915: Instructor in Romance Languages, Harvard University, 1916-1917; Instructor in French, University of North Carolina, 1917 — . JoN. THAN Leonard, A.B., M.A., Instructor in English and Military Science A. B., A. M., Harvard LTniversity ; Instructor, ibid.. 1915-1916; Instructor, Evans School, -Arizona, 1916-1917: Plattsburg Training Camp, 1917; Lieutenant Instructor, Harvard Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, Summer 1917; Instructor in English and Military Training, University of North Carolina, 1917 — . James Strong Moff. tt, A. L, Instructor in English A. B., Erskine College, 1911; A. M., Princeton Universitv. 1914: Instructor in English. University of North Carolina, 1916—. John LARCELLUS Steadman, Jr., Ph.D., Instructor in English A. B., Wofford College, 1909; A. M., ibid., 1912; Student, University of North Carolina, 1913-1914; Student, University of Chicago, 1914-1916; Ph. D., ibid.. 1916; Instructor, Wofford Fitting School, 1909-1912; Headmaster, ibid., 1911-1914: .Assistant in English, LTniversity of Chicago, 1915-1916; Instruc- tor in English, University of North Carolina, 1916 — . Clinton Walker Keves, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin BK .A. B., Princeton University, 1910; Ph. D.. ibid., 1913; Instructor in Latin, University of North Carolina, 1916—. Sturgess E. Leavitt, . .B., L. ., Ph.D.. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A. B., Bowdoin, 1908; M. A.. Harvard. 1913; Ph. D., ibid., 1917: Student, at WcGill University, 1910; Student in France, 1911; Student, Columbia L niversity, 1913; Instructor in French, Northwestern University, 1913-1914; Austin Scholar, Harvard, 1914-1915; Instructor in Romance Languages, Harvard University, 1915-1917: Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, University of North Carolina, 1917 — . ElackwEll Markham, A.B. Instructor in Zoology A. B., University of .Xorth Carolina, 1907: Instructor in Zoology, University of North Carolina. 1917—. James Vivian Whitfield, A.B., Instructor in Military Training A. B., LTniversity of Xorth Carolina, 1914: Commandant, Horner Military School, 1916-1917; Instruc- tor in Military Training, University of Xorth Carolina, 1917—. i 1916 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA d S5 ;t ij 1918 YACKETY YACK SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS William M. York President John S. Terry Vice-President R. Ernest Price Secretary C. Holmes Herty, Jr. Treasurer KamEjchi Kato Representative on Greater Council W. Hermas Stephenson Historian Charles G. Tennant Poet Albert M. Coates Orator UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Ray Armstrong Belmont, N. C. Age, 24 ; Height, 5 feet 9 inches Weight, 145 Gaston County Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4) ; Greater Council (2, 3) ; President Di. Society; Vice-t ' resident Class (2); Class Basket-Ball (i, 2, 3), Captain (2) : Varsity Basket-Bail Squad (3) : Class Baseball: Assistant Manager Varsity Football (3), Manager (4): Athletic Council ; Assistant Physics Laboratory (3, 4) ; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; Math. Club: Inter- national Polity Club; Golden Fleece; Amphoterothen ; " { " BK. Sergeant Company " C " Rav is one of the pillars of the Class. He is one of those men that you can count upon, and, conversely to the usual trend of human nature, he Keeps his engagements. But Ray is more than reliable and punctual — he Is alike a Math, shark, a Physics instructor, and a scholar, being another wearer of the Key. Before the war is over, we shall e.xpect to hear of R. y ' s great service in the .American artillery on the Western front, computing the distance from the trenches to victory. Duma Carroi.l Arnold Neuse, N. C. Phi. Society : ledical Society ; Wake County Club. " D. C. " knows all about that farm, and believes in a liberal education. He is a good student, and a hard worker. While still at University of Xorth Caro- lina, he is doing his bit as a Naval Reserve. .|l■: sl■: ' k.m .n Salemburg. X. C. Age, 24: Height. 5 feel 10 indies VVeght, 130 Sampson County Club:; Plii. Society; North Carolina Club; Commencement Debate (3); Winner laitra-Collegiate Debate; Debating Council. WlI.r.lAM P.AII.KN-, JK. Raleigh. X. C. oe ji ; Height. 6 feet 1 inch Weight. 158 Di. Society ;. German Club; President Pan-Hellenic Covncil ; Gorgon ' s Head; Coop; Uks; B6n. Sergeant Company " D " im. Here ' s to Baggett, a debater and scholar, a consistent worker, and a good fellow. He is not one of the conspicuous kind, but iias many friends. Unselfish, earnest, mindful of his own business, B. ggett moves steadily forward. Bill is ta ' l. thin, and good-natured ; he will do anything for his friends; and he has few enemies. W ' ith his half smile and a shrug of the shoulders he shoves his troubles out of the way. and seems to have succeeded very well witli- out them. He isn ' t strong on the " activities stuff " ; but it is the little things in the long run that have made hime one of ' Eighteen ' s uesr men. When you ' ve got the blues, and want an antidote, see Bailey. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROL.INA Ralph Dewev Ballew Hickory, X. C. Age, jo; Height, 6 feet Yi Weight, 151 German CUih ; EHsha Jilitchell SciehV tific Society: Catawba-Lincohi Cotint ' Chib, Secre.ary (4): Mathematical Club : American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Second Lieutenant Company " D " A1.1.EN Carithers Banner Mount Airy, X. C. Height, 5 feet 7 inches; Weight, 162 Di. Society ; Surry County Club ; Medical Society; X. i [ii i Ralph is a steady, hard worker, a good egg, a " ladies ' man, " and an elec- trician. He is Professor Daggett ' s righthand man in Electric Engineering Laboratory, and he spends all his time there or in somebody ' s ( . ' ) parlor. With his inventive talents and excellent ability, we will be surprised if he doesn ' t become a Marconi or an Edison, and perfect the mechanism to sink German submarines by wireless. ¥ 1 Tubby is a hard worker, is always happy and good-natured. He is a mem- ber of the Xaval Reserve. We expect arcut tnmgs of him. 1918 YACKETY YACK ClEnom Festus Boyett Smith field, N. C. Age, 20 ; Height, 6 feet : Weight, 140 Johnson County Club, Treasurer (2), Secretary (3, 4); Class Basket-Ball (3) ; Class Baseball (3). VicTon Silas Bryant, Jr. Durham, N. C. Age, 19; Height, 5 feet 9 inches Weight, 150 Di. Society ; " Assistant Editor " Tar- heel " (2) ; " Yackety Yack " Board (3) ; Class Football (i, 2), Captain (3); Class Baseball (2); President of Class (21 : Student Council (2, 3); Greater Council (2, 3); German Club: Com- mencement Marshal (3) : Ampho- terothen ; International Polity Club: Coop ; Golden Fleece ; Gimghoul ; E A ; Z k. First Lieutenant Company " B " ClEnox has one of the quickest minds in the Class. Those who know him best are continually vexed because he doesn ' t let others know him better : lor, once they do know him, they will regret not having known him earlier. He is always ready to do anyone a good turn ; and it is impossible to dislike him. His ready wit, his cordial laugh, his p,er- petual good humor, added to his keen judgment of men and of affairs, make us all want him to succeed ; and we believe he will. Since the first day that Vic came to Carolina, lie has been known for his genuineness. Love of hard work, coupled with generous fine feeling for his fellow-classmates, have placed him high in the esteem of Faculty and stu- dents. A Class presidency, high scholar- ship, two years on the Student Council, active interest in athletics, are marks that show Vic to be a Carolina man. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA )) IsRAFi, Harding Butt Chapel Hill, N. C. Age, 20; Height, S feet 10 inches Weight, 160 „;; I Brotherhood of St.iWndre Squad ; Wearer of N. C£_ Company " D Age, 24 Leo Carr Teachers, N. C. Height, 5 feet 11 inches Weight, 180 President Phi. Society; President Duplin County Cluh : International Ji Polity Club : Amphoterothen ; TKA. i:- ' ,! ' " Company " A ' " I. H. " is a French " Bull. " He ' s a good student, who has fallen in love with Chapel Hill, and has his home here. If he works as consistently in the future as he did here, there is good in store for him. Carr has been with our Class for only two years ; and he has done in three years what the rest of us have done in four. But he has been so tlioroughly one of us that it seems he has always been with us. He is a hard worKer. and an able man. His unquestioned ability, his uncompromising honesty, his strength of character, mark him as a man to be counted on in time of test, and as one who stands " four square to every wind that blows. " 1918 YACKETY YACK Maud Craic, Carson Charlotte, N. C. 20; Height; 5 feet 5 inches Weight, 120 A.B., Queens College Ijgi Miss Cakson entered the University as a Senior last fall. She showed that our three-jear lead was nothing, for she entered the scholarship race, and led the Class with seven " Ones. " She is more tlian a good student. A fine sense of tact and reserve has given her that deHcate charm that can only come with thought and application to this business of living. The Class presents its ideal of a woman — Maud CraiG Carsok. . lbERT McKlNI.KV COATES Smithfield, X. C. . gc. 21 : Height. 5 feet 8 inches Weiglit, 150 Y. jr. C. A. Cabinet; Phi. Society; Winner Fi-esliman Debater ' s .Medal; Fresli-Soph Debate (_ ' ); Soph-Iunior Debate I2I; Junior Oratorical Contest ; Winner Carr Medal ; Commencement Debate; Winner Bingham Medal; Winner North Carolina Intercollegiate Peace Oratorical Contest; Secretary Phi. Society (2), Treasurer (3), Vice-President (3 . President (4); President of Class (3); Tohnston County Club. Secretary (.r), Vice- President (3). President (4); President . thletic Association (4); . thletic Council 141: President North Carolina Club (4); -Vssistant Editor " t_ ' niversity Magazine " (3I; Winner W. T. Hryan Prize in Political Science I3) ; Greater Council (- ' , j. 4); Stu- dent Council (3, 4), Secretary (3); Debating Council (3, 4), Secretary (4); Class Orator (4); International Polity Club; Ampho- terothen; Golden Fleece; 2T ; TKA; 9.A : Here ' s to our Junior President! . i.BERT has allied liimself with inan ' organizations at Carolina, and has left all better for having had him ( See the North Carolina Club records). He is a champion winner of medals and prizes, and is our debater and orator " par excellence. " It takes a good man to win a Peace Oratorical Contest in war time. Albert did it. UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA, U 1 ;; I J FrEUERICK J. COHN Goldsboro, N. C. Age, 19; Height, 5 feet 8 inches Weight, 145 Plii. Society; Wayn ' County Qlut) Menorah Society: Dramatic ' Associat ' ion Dramatic Chib (4): GernTan Ckib. Company " A " EluuTT TuNSTAr.i, Cooper Oxford, X. C. ' ' Ag 2i; Height, 5 feet Q inches Ijil] ; _ Weight, 140 • Phi. SocieJ.y; dass Football (i, 2, 3) ; ' Class Track f2) ; Latin- American Club; Horner Club ; Assistant Leader Gim- ghoul Dance : German Club ; Com- mencement Ball Manager; Coop; Uks; Freii is truly true blue. Loyal to the finish, he is endowed with a deep- seated sincerity of nature which one can ' t help but admire. ' Most everything comes easy to Fred ; there ' s no such thing as an obstacle in his path, for his unusual aptitude will out. With his strong histrionic instincts, he ' s bound to succeed in his pet lines — Law and Love. imghoul ; Z . lb Captain Company " D " It is always fair weatlier when Elliott ' s around. Red-headed, good- natured, and possessing an inimitable laugh, he is absolutely guaranteed to drive away the worst case of blues. But combined with the bubbling disposi- tion are more serious things — Elliott also has military and athletic ability, and he has averaged the " Gentleman ' s Grade " in his academic work with the greatest of ease. .AH in all, he is a combination that is going to write Carolina ' s name in bold letters across the pages of international banking his- tory. 1918 YACKETY YACK Jimx X ATHANiEi, Couch Bassett, Va. Trinity College 1916-17; Instructor in Botany. Harvey Atkinson Cox Chapel Hill, N. C. Age, 30: Heiglit. 5 feet 7 inches Weight, 156 Phi. Societ} ' ; Director Brotherhood of St. .Andrew ; linisterial Band. Company " B " Couch is a quiet, steady worker, who, without unnecessary display, does his duty. Knowing him, one knows a genuine and sincere friend. " H. A. " has a maturity of thought and judgment not found in the typical University Senior. He is a practical thinker, and often, when bored by the superficial dilettantism of the world about him, he retires to some secluded spot to think out for himself the funda- mental truths of life. His major interest is philosopliy, and he has been accused of being able to see all the transitions, causes, and results of Mr. Williams ' spirit as it moves thru the worlds of fact, type, and principle. UNIVER SITV OF NORTH CAROLINA I = if ■ f ' ■ « ? Ci ' KTis Franklin Crissman Siloam, X. C. Age. 26 ; Height, 5 feet 9 Weight 145 Di, Society; V. M.. C. A. Cabinet 3. 4) : Surr Carolina Club, (3. 4) : Surry County. Club; Nprtl| n,ih " i - To look at Cris. you would tliink he is lazy : but he is not. He takes life easy, and doesn ' t mind answering " un- prepared " on Class : and yet he passes his work. Only good men can io such. Without Cris, the " University Xews Letter " could not be published ; and as for the Baptist Sunday School, and the ladies that attend; oh! they will cer- tainly miss him when he leaves Chapel -Hill. ' He is a faithful Y. M, C. A. worker, and has roomed in the Y. M. C. A. Building all his College life. Rupert Johnson Crowkll Acton, X. C. Xgej 21 ; Height, 5 feet 8 inches • ' Weight, 130 Ui. Society-; " President Buncomlie „ W .County Clufe earer of X. C. ; Class p Baseball; German Club; HK . - ' Lieutenant Company " A " We came near losing " Buddy " at Oglethorpe ; but he decided to come back up here, and do his bit in the battalion. He ' s one of our best lieu- tenants. Here we have a man of strong convictions, with the nerve to back tlem up. LTnwavering in courage, with a chest like a washtub, in him the Boches will find a nut hard to crack. 1918 YACKETY YACK Charles Walker Davis Hillsboro, N. C. Age, 24; Height, 5 feet 10 inches Weight, 190 Captain Track Team (4) ; Scrub Football (I, 2): Varsity Football (.3 ' ; Class Baseball (i. 2, 3) : Wearer of . C. : North Carolina Club : Athletic Council. Charles is a Iiard worker, and one of the best-hearted men in our Class. He is always sympathetic and cheerful. If a single one of us deserve a degree, it is certainly he. Hard, honest work is not a fair name for what he has done. His aim has been good grades, self-help, and athletics : and it has been well ac- complished. On leaving, the first of February, to join the Xavy, he lacked only three and one-half hours of hav- ing a degree, wore an N. C. and two stars, and owed no man for his edu- cation. Robert Cowan de Rosset Wilmington, N. C. Age, 20: Height. 5 feet S inches Weight, 125 Xew Hanover County Club : Latin-Ameri- can Club; Horner Club; V. il. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4I; Pan-Hellenic Council; Assistant Leader Sophomore Hop (::) ; Commenceinent Marshal (3); " Yackety Yack " Board (3); Editor-in-Chief " Yackety Yack " ; Leader Gil Dan Manager (4); German Club; . mphoterothen ; Coop; Uks; Golden Fleece; Gimghoul; ST; E. First Lieutenant Company " D " In looking thru the pages of this book, you see the work of " Bob, " our most energetic classinate. His unceasing and never-tiring labor on the " Yackety Yack " is characteristic of him in all his College activities. Among other things which he has achieved in college might be mentioned the growth of a mous- tache, which, tho yet in its infancy, is quite becoiTiiug. " Bob ' ' is also quite a dancer — judging from his movements on the ballroom floor. The esteem in which his fellow-classmen hold him is best shown by the fact that he was voted our " most popular " member. Bob ' s future looks like a genuine path of sunshine and roses, for he is already famous as a Xew York banker. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 9 WiLijAii Banks Dewar Raleigh, X. C. Age. 21 ; Height, 5 feet 9 inches Weiglit, 145 German Chib : Wake County Club : Assistant Leader Junior Prom. (3); Medical Societv: Drum Corps (3 ' ): Class Baseball (3); Class Basket-Bali (I); Track Squad (3): X ; ■i ' SO. Elliott Florence Duncan JMayodan, N. C. Age, 23; Height, 5 feet 6 inches Weight, 125 Di Society; Y. M. C. . . Cabinet (3, 4 ) ; Xorth Carolina Club : Vice- President Rockingham County Club (4): Secretary Brotherhood of St. An- drew 1(4); Dramatic . ssociation ; Freshman Continuation Committee. Company " C " Bill is one of our crack Med. stu- dents. For two years he moved among us, but then suddenly withdrew to the deep recesses of Labs, Histology, and the stiff-room, where he has maintained an almost complete seclusion, . gainst one approach, however, his refuge is powerless — this is the approach of dance week. Just before the night of the first hop, you can see Bill wending his way to the pressing-club with a dress suit, and you may be sure that for once the dust accumulates on the anatomy book and Histology notes up in his room. He has a likable manner, is a good dancer, and is therefore strong with the fair sex. - Duncan is one of those fellows who thinks that actions speak louder than words. He is very quiet and unassum- ing, but is a diligent student, who makes good. Playing a piano like a profes- sional, and attending Y. " SI. C. . . Cabi- net meetings just like Francis thinks one should, are some of liis accomplish- ments. .A fine boy, who will make Carolina oroud of him. 1918 YACKETY YACK Watt Wekms Eagle Statesville, N. C. Age, 19: Height, 5 feet 10 inches Weight. 145 Di. Society; Iredell ' , Couiitv Club: Treasurer Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3I ; Class Baseball (2) ; Assi ' stant Manager " Tarheel " (3) ; Business Manager " Tarheel " (4): Elisha Mitchell Scien-, tific Society ; Dramatic Club ; Assistant in Zoology (3) ; Senior Assistant in Zoology (4) ; Zoology Club. Sergeant Company " A " Fred Robert Farthinx lAg , 22 ; Height. 5 feet gj-j inches I ,; Veight, 175 rii. SacLety r . W. Club : Class Foot- ' balf (2): Virsity Track (2), Captain (33 ; Assistant Manager Varsity Basket-Bail (2): Varsity Football (3); German Club ; Chief Commencement Marshal (3) ; Medical Society; K . The next time you hear a big noise, look for Watt — he ' s around. The man who runs the " Tarheel. " and is a near- professor of Zoology — the only man who sees the esthetically beautiful in a crawfish. Says he is going to be a doctor. If so, he ' ll be a good one; but we are afraid he ' ll never become one if he keeps on spending all his time talking about that girl. A fine fellow, and justly popular. In the days of his youth, he was Tammany ' s righthand man : but later decided politics are iioi what they are cracked up to be. To see his legs twinkle down the track ahead of his opponent has become a thing so oft-re- peated that we are proud of him as our representative. He has decided to be- come a sawbones. Personally, we would be afraid to let him cut our nan- ; but maybe he can get away with it. We are strong for FrEd. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH Height, 5 feet Weight, 130 inches McDowell County Club: Clas I t , ( I ) ; Chemical JournalClub, Secretary (4) ; Associate Editor " Carolina Chem- ist " 1 2, 3 ) : Assistant in Chemistry (3. 4); Elisha Mitchell Scientific S cietv. M tf ' qass-. Basket-Bali (i, 2, 3); Class Football Cl): Math. Club; Vice-Presi- dent Phi. Society, President (4) : Busi- ness Manager " Y.vcketv V.- ck " ; Ger- man Club: 11 K . Company " D " . ' Some day " Ike " is going to bite that pipe in two ; and when that happens, he will be able to devote h !s time exclu- sively to Chemistry. " I. V. " is one of the best students in the Class ( See Dag- gett ' s E. E. quizzes ) : but that doesn ' t keep him from walking like Johnny Booker, and having a swell line of jokes. If he keeps up as he ' s going now, some dav he ' ll make du Pont famous. He may be " Shorty, " but you ' ll hunt a long time before you find as much good nature packed in so small a space. He struck up an acquaintance with Maili. in his Freshman year, and has been beguiled into following Major ' s footsteps ever since. He is one of those people who never perform wonders, but are the mainstays of any Class. If any- one deserves to succeed, and goes to meet success with our heartiest good will, it is " Shorty. " 1916 YACKETY YACK Age, 21 : Earl Elmer Groves Gastonia, N. C. Height, 5 feet 7 Weight. 140 inches Di. Society ; President Gaston County Club : Freshman Prize in Sketches : Ger- man Club. John Mi.nor Gwvnn Leaksville, N. C. . ge, 20; Height. 5 feet 8 inches Weight. 737 Di. Society: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Rockingham County Club, President (3) : Eben .Alexander Greek Prize (2) ; Class Baseball (2. 3) ; Class Tennis (3) ; Class Basket-Bail (2. 3); . 11-Class Basket-Bali (3): Varsity Basket-Bail Squad (3); Varsity Sub. (4); Wearer of N. C. ; Associate Editor University agazine (4); .Associate Editor " Tar- heel " (4) -. Librarv Assistant: BK ; T; OA; E ! A. Lieutenant Company " . " Shorty " is a youth of promise, bliss- fully indifferent to the naughty world and its naughty ways. Nevertheless, he is one who isn ' t at all lady-shy. He is already booked for a career as a finan- cier, and in addition to this is a standing candidate for the Glee Club. A master of all stringed instruments, he has the unusual accomplishment of " tickling the ivory " with the staccato movement. " J. Minor " entered our life quietly, and has won enviable recognition among his comrades on the campus in the same manner. His record in the classroom, on the campus, on the athletic field, on the editorial boards of the " Tarheel " and the " University Magazine, " charac- terize him as a man who by sheer de- termination an d ability has worked up. l there is a task to be done promptly, and done well, we count on him. We are willing to stake our reputation on his success. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA William Trov IIakpei; Wakefield. N. C. Age, 26 ; Height, 5 feet 9 incHes , , Weight, 148 i( I ' , y, Medical Society : Member Y. M , C. A ; Wake Countv Club. Thomas Pekrin Harrison, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Age, 21 ; Height, 5 feet 9 inches Weight, 170 Phi. Society ; Wake County Club ; Manager Class Track Team (3) ; Class Baseball (2, 3) ; AKE. Corporal Company " A " Harper is very popular with his Profs. He has been Assistant in Botany and in Histology. He works hard, and stays in his room a good deal of the time. Application will carry him for- ward. " TuBBV " is one of those quiet people who has kept away from the public for four years. If you can ever catch him, and get around the quiescent barrier, you ' ll find a man who thinks and be- lieves things, and has the good taste not to tell everybody about them. Tho he doesn ' t let many know it, he is made of the right stuff, and will, slowly and methodically, reach the goal he has set for himself. 1918 YACKETY YACK Mattiiicw James IIatchek " Mount Olive, N. C. Age. 24; Height, S feet 9 fehtfi Weight, 13S :■! D ' . Society; North Carolina ' Ckib: ' Secretary Wavne County CUli: Class Track (i, 2); ' Varsity Track ( _ , 3). - = SI V CHMaEs Holmes H vW 7fi , ..ERTV, Tr. Age, 21 ; Height, 5 feet 10 inches ,. -; Weight, 135 k Class Tennis ( i ) ; Varsity Tennis Cs) ' ' - Varsity Baseball (2, 3, 4) : Wearer pr N. C. ; German Clu]i ; Chemical jrotn-nal Club; Elisha Mitchell Scien- ' tific Society; " Tarheel " Board (2); Editor " Carolina Chemist " (4); As- sistant Leader Sophomore Hop (2): Class Treasurer (4); Commencement Marshal (3); Manager Freshman Base- ij. . ball Team (3); Commencement Ba!l • V Manager ( 4 ) ; Golden Fleece ; Gim- ghoul ; AX2 ; BK ; ,iKE. " He keeps the noiseless tenor of his way. " It has been rumored that Hatcheh is in college this year, but few have seen him. .An easy-going chap, quiet but firm, and with ideas of his own, he has starred in Rip Van Winkle tor four years. We expect great things from " Hatch " when he begins to turn loose on the world the great store of things he has quietly absorbed here. Holmes is one of our versatile genuises, tho it took us some time to realize it. We knew all the time that he was a good fellow, and could play ten- is ; but who would have thought that he would be one of Carolina ' s best in- tielders in recent years, and, besides this, would carry off a Phi Beta Kappa key ? Well, he did ; and we are proud of him for it. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA |;5a»7i(r3- 7T 3liFt Cli;. i Uolto.n llumnNi Raleigh, N. C. Age, 21 ; Height, 6 feet 3 i I;e Weight, 195 % II Varsity Basket-Bali ( r,l,2 : ClasS ' feet ' relary (3): Class Football 3): Pi fes dent Wake County Club (3); Associ t ' Editor " Tarheel " (3); Secretary AtliA letic Association (4) ; Representative-at Large Athletic Council (4) ; Home; Club, President (4); Coop; Gimghouli, Ben. Captain Company " B " i " Give me some music ; music, njpojly - food for us who trade in love. " qusfBi ' the esteemed William S., and tho " C. " will agree, he will go the said William one better with one of his own compo- sition. For " C. " is our versatile genius — combination poet, athlete, soldier, sailor, ' possum hunter, and orator ; and still he is one of the most popular men in Col- lege. Tiring of basket-ball, he has re- cent ' y bent all of his energies towards military training, where he has made a complete success. He possesses a big frame and a sunny disposition, and has won the lasting friendship and admira- tion of us all. He leaves us for nnmedi- ate service in the Xaval Reserve Force. The best o ' luck, mv lad ! Gkah. m D.wis Houm-NC Raleigh, N. C. 2 ; Height, 6 feet i inch Weight, 200 v; Wpke County Club ; Secretary Horner Club; Class Basket-Bail (i): Manager Cliss Football (3): Manager Varsity a. ball (4); Athletic Council; Coop; Solden Fleece; Uks ; Ben. Captain Company " A " 1 . J ' l " G. " is big and good natured ; so everybody likes him. After two years of self-elected obscurity, he burst into unwonted prominence when military drill was started last spring, and has demonstrated his superior ability by liolding down a captaincy this year. When he joined the Xavy. we were de- prived of having his genial bigness with us to the end of the year. We regret losing him so soon, and say to him most heartily, " Tlie best of luck to you, Mate! " 1918 YACKETY YACK Levi Havwoou Jobe Mebane, N. C. Age, 22; Height, 6 feet 2 inches Weight, 154 Di. Society ; Alumance County Club ; North Carolina Club. Frank Bell John Laurinburg, N. C. Age, 19: Height, 5 feet 9! inches Weight, I O Di. Society; Manager Class Basket- Bail (3); Football Squad (i) ; BK ; 2AE. Company " D " ItiBE has an attractive smile. He has worked hard during his stay at Caro- lina, and has the laundry market cor- nered. Jobe is soon to be a member of our citizen army. He ' ll be a splendid " soldier of freedom. " Frank is one of the quiet, reserved, studious sort: he always worries about his work, and then gets Ones. Few ever got behind his almost impenetrable wall of reticence, but those who have, have found a kind, amiable, thoughtful fel- low, with a big brain, who well de- serves his easily won Phi Beta Kappa grades. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Medical Society ; Duplin Gc Club; Infirmary Assistant (4); K , Di. Society ; Latin-American Club ; International Polity Club: Wearer of the Hyosho Medal ' ; Math. Club; Asso- ciate Editor " University Magazine; " Greater Council (4) ; Amphoterothen ; E ' t ' .i; 2T - Geokge helps run the Infirmary ; and sick students bless his name, for he ' ll come in and ease their pains at mid- night. He is our youngest second-year Med. student, and gets the old " B. S. " degree while still a youth. George checks off all the work, and is a Gym. man of ability. We know he ' ll make good. Kato is our Japanese-American. He hails from the Land of the Rising Sun, but carries an American education that would put to shame the majority of his classmates. He speaks, thinks, and writes English as fluently as tho it were his native tongue. And with his wise scholarship he has mingled a pleasing and congenial disposition, which makes him liked by everybody. We are proud of Kameichi, because he is the first Japanese student to complete a regular, four-year course in the University. We believe he has the true Carolina spirit, and feel confident that he will do a great work in welding more inseparably the ties that bind the country of his birth to that of his education. 1918 YACKETY YACK P ' -;f " i- ' 3 ( ' James Connor Kknnedv lyAnr Moltonville, N. C. y Weight, 140 ? Latin-American CIuli ; North Cfa p Chill ; Sampson Connty Ckil Ernestine KenETTe Chapel Hill, N. C. ' ■ Ai.B., Stiite, Normal and Industrial Cojllege. - - ' ; lie ' s a |ihilosopher. mayhe, and is red-lieaded. " J. C. " had to make up a year, and enter in our Senior year with handicaps ; yet he made the Honor Roll. His long suit is History, in which he blinds his Profs, by dissertations. Miss KenETTE is one of those rather demure, retiring little creatures, who conies on the campus for her classes, and then goes off again. That her mind is in converse proportion to her stature is demonstrated by the fact that she takes Mr. Williams ' Logic, and gets away with it. while Phi Beta Kappa men stumble and fall by the wayside. r¥i UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA VS Age, 20 German Club; Pan-Hellenic Conncy : Associate Editor " Yack ' KTv ' ac ' Leader Easter German r Coop : Ofi gon ' s Head ; K2. " D. Boyd " has developed, with us. from an irresponsible Freshman to a serious Senior. He has never indulged to any great extent in extra-curriculum work ; but what he has undertaken he has done well. He ' s easy-going, and no matter what happens, Duev is certain to " pack up his troubles in his old kit bag, and smile. . . . " William Bernarh Kinlaw ■ Rocky Mount. N. C. 21 ; Height, 5 feet 10 inches Weight, 151 y p i«a,a Ch bl Glee Club (2, 3) ; Band Al.ip) : SeGcetary and Treasurer Xash- Ed ecombe County Club (i, 2) ; Assist- ant Leader German Club Dance (3) : Assistant Leader Easter German (4) : jScrub Baseball (i, 2) : Varsity Baseball (3) ; Assistant Manager Varsitv Basket- Bail (3), Manager (4): Medical So- ciety. Wearer of N. C. ; Athletic Coun- cil ; Coop ; X ; -I-Ae. " Beanie " Kinlaw — that ' s enough. Everyone knows of his skiffing trips, his dancing, and the number of girls he invites to the dances. But " Beanie " can do things. He made the Varsity pitch- ing staff last year, and did not lose a game. As manager of the basket-ball team, he successfully patched up a schedule in spite of the war fever. We predict a successful medical career for Kinlaw. 1918 YACKETY YACK Hexrv Valextink Koonts Mount Ulla, N. C. Age, 22 ; Height 5 feet 10 inches Weight, 160 Di. Society; Vice-President Rowan County Cluh; North Carolina Chib; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Manager University Book Exchange. Corporal Company " D ' ' Age. Clinton Brace Laxuis Marion, N. C. 22: Height. 5 feet Weight, 132 inches McDowell County Club; Di. Society; Military Band ' (4) ; German Club. Company " D " There is nothing peculiar about " H. V. " except his white hair. Charlie Woollen thinks he is one of the best men in the Class. He manages the Univer- sity Book Store, and always greets you with a broad smile (when he thinks you will buy something). He will make an excellent business man. Cares little for anything except history, and is an ardent student of Dr. Pierson. He is one of the greatest jesters of the Class, and is ready at all times for a joke. )V Clinton is an enthusiastic musician. a dancer, and an ardent advocate of Woman Suffrage. His strongest ap- proval is a good-natured chuckle, and his most vigorous dissent is expressed by a shrug of the shoulders and the mild, prolonged ejaculation, " Shoo-o-o! " Great was his help to the military band in tooting " Over There, " in ' i7- ' i8. We wish Laxdis the best of luck. UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA Gk " Ki.i. Kaiah Lay Raleigh, X. C. Age. 23 : Height, feet 8 inches Weight, ,40 , , ' J, Associate Editor " ' Uni ' i-ersity ' Maga zine : " Class Football ( i V: Varsity I oot ball Squad (i, 2) : Phi. Society; Assist- " ant in Geology (4) : Wake County Ctub Editor " County Bulletin. " North Caro lina Club : Brotherhood of St. . ndrew Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. Corporal Company " A " George is a satellite of Collier Cobb, and the most prolific man in literary production in the Class. He handed in an average of twenty-one contributions for each issue of the " Magazine. " He is one of those three-year wonders thai the Class delights to have. You can- not find a more poised fellow than G. B. : and we predict for him a bright future. AX-NA l- ' oKl;l: LiimKij. Charlotte, N. C. Age, 26; Height, 4 feet 9j4 inches Weight, 105 Mecklenburff-County Club : " Tarheel ' ' Staff (3. 4) : University of Xorth Caro- lina Woman ' s Association ; Dramatic Association. Miss Liddell was with us in our Freshman year : then deserted, but re- turned in time to graduate with us. She is one of the first of the new regime which has turned " Co-Eds " into " women students in the University. " When she came the first time, the sight of a lady on the campus was an event talked of for weeks : now you can ' t look around without seeing several. She was also the first lady to put herself on a basis of a bsolute equality with the boys. She acted like a nice, companion- able human being, and immediately was taken as such. She isn ' t afraid of us, as they used to be : so we no more look with scorn upon the Co-Eds. She talks a great deal, and is the only person in College who can absolutely tell you what Horace Williams means, when he himself does not know. She is a good fellow. Jut LiLKTUN LlXKKK Salisbury, N. C. Age, 20; Heiglit, 6 feet; Veightyl6. Di. Society : Elisha fitclK ' ll Scientific Society : Latin-Aniericait Chih ; MathX Club; Xorth Carolina C!ub ; Rowan A County Club, Secretary - Treasurer (2, 3), President (4) ; University Band (i); Commencement Marsbal (3): Vice-President Athletic Association; Holder of Julian S. Carr Fellowship: Golden Fleece ; Secretary ' I ' BK. Sergeant Company " C " Linker is known as the man who makes " Ones. " He led his Class in scholarship for nearly three years, altho working his way thru college in the printshop ; and at the end of the first three years he stood only .14 of one point below the highest. He is distinctly a scholar. The qualities which have won him the esteem of his college mates will earn him disthiction in what- ever fie ' d he casts his fortune. He is a " One " man. RvSsf.I.I. ObBIJKNE LVD.W Brevard, N. C. I I, Height, 5 feet 5 inches; Weight, 135 , ' ' ' Mice 5«sid£;it INIedical Societv : Y. y 3iIl C. A.;T Xr LvnAv liails from Trinity ; and we are glad he came to us. He has many friends, and moves among us with a qu ' et dignity. He is a good student, and a Naval Reserve. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Peter Francisco Lynch Raleigh, N. C. 19 ; Height. 5 feet 10 inches Weight, 145 (2, hy ; Phi. Society ; Wake . ' -County German Club ; Class Football Class Baseball (i, 2); Class Basket- Bali (2); Scrub Basket-Bail {3); Varsity Basket-Bail (4) : Wearer of X. C. ; Varsity Tennis {4). Company " B " WiLMAM Dour.ALD MacMillan, III Wilmington, N. C. Age 20 : Height, 5 feet 8 inches Weight, 118 ■ Phi. Society; New Hanover County Club ; Dramatic Club, Secretary-Treas- urer (3). President (4); " YackETv Yack " Board ( 3 ) ; " Senior Stunt " Com- mittee ; Dramatic Club Cast (2, 4); German Club; Satyrs; -T ; nS; ATQ. In his Freshman days, under the ■tutelage of Frank Graham, Peter ' s tiny footsteps were placed on the right path, and he has lieen following it ever since. . Ithn not possessing a superabundance of surplus energy, he has represented our class in every form of athletic activity, and his efforts have been rewarded. His new book, " From Water Boy to ' Varsity Forward ' " will soon lie off the press. In spite of a few idiosyncrasies, Peter is well-liked : and whatever it is — determination or stick- ability or ambition — he ' s got it. " Doug " — " Dougald " — in his four years with us has distinguished himself as one of marked histrionic and literary talent. Eccentric, droll, unique even, and quiet withal, Dougald would have liked to have been a French noble of tlie old regime before the decadence. He moves in an atmosphere unruffled liy the common herd. We believe that in Dougald wc have an embrvonic G. B. S. 918 YACKETY YACK KnnKuT Wii.sux Maiikv Saillaiul Xeck, N. C. Age, JO ; Height, 5 feet 6 inches Weight, 135 Phi. Society; Hahfax-Warren County CUih. President {3), Secretary (4); Latin-American CUib, Vice-President and Press Reporter (4) : Dramatic Association; " Tarheel " Staff; Assistant Editor " University Magazine ; " North Carohna Chili; German Chili; -T. Corjinral Company " . " Hkkman Kabi, Marsh IMarshville, N. C. Age, JO ; Height. 5 feet 1 1 inches { ' ■ ' " ' ' Y eight, 16.S ' ■ D,i. Society " Union Comity Club ; Wearer of tlieflyosho Medal: Carolina- ' Goodyear Club ; Assistant in Geology {4) ; Minstrel Association (3, 4) ; President of BK ; E A. E A. Company " C " -.n! Snipes is " right there with the goods " when it comes to writing up " Tarheel " dope, or getting in contributions for the " Iagazine. " And he enjoys his literary work. But the best thing about Snipes is his personality; he is always in the best of humor ; smiling, talking, more often laughing, he puts everybody who comes in contact with him in a good humor. Earl is a splendid student, who was not satisfied with anytliing less than the presidency of Phi Beta Kappa (and he didn ' t begin majoring in Geology until after he had made it I. With a college record like this behind liim, we feel sure he will make a glorious success in life. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Robert Bingham -Mi K Asheville, X. C. Age, 20; Height, 6 feet inch dent Min- Weight, i£ German Cluh : GlecAQJub y j, MandoHii Club (3, 4) : iVesiHeiit strel Association ; Buncombe County CUib ; Quartet : Leader Fall German Club Dance ; Class Basket-Ball: Dramatic Club Cast : " Yackety Yack ' ' Board ; Chief Commencement Ball Manager; Coop; Uks ; Satvr ; Gorgon ' s;, Head: Ben. ' llf ' -_-y ■ ' First Lieutenant Company " A , ' ' :-A,- ' Benjamin Lacv Meredith Newbern. . C. Age, jo: Height, 5 feet II inches V eight, 150 Drkm tie -t ; ib. Member of Cast " Arms anJ tbfe Man " (i), " Witching Hour " (2), " Food " (3), " The Man of the Hour " (4 , Vice-President (4); Chemical Journal Club; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; Assistant in Chemis- trv (4) ; Fellow in Organic Chemistry (4); Satyr; QA ; AX-. Bingham dropped in from Davidson last year, bringing with him a beautiful complexion, a habit of kidding every- body, and a voice. He has sung and guitared himself all over the State with the Glee Club, and with marked suc- cess we believe. He is an overgrown Bonaparte we feel sure, having been born and bred in a military school. He is a good fellow, and you can ' t Iiclp lik- ing him. fe- ' Lacv became prominent in our Fresh- man year by playing an important role in " Arms and the Man. " Since then he has l)een the leading feminine impersonator on the campus, and has done it well, too. But he is by no means limited to the wigged parts, and also plays creditably anytbing that comes his way. Besides bis histrionic ability, he is among the brightest in that galaxy that crowds the Chemical Labs. We like him. 1918 YACKETY YACK Jamks Erwix Montgomkkv Burlington. N. C. Age, 20; Height, 5 feet 10 inclies Weight, 135 Di. Society : President Alamance County Club (4): German Club: Glee Club C2) ; nKA. William Fred Morrison Statesville, N. C. Age, 20; Height, 5 feet Syi inches Weight, I JO Di. Society; Math. Club: Elisha litchell Scientific Society : Instructor in Drawing 1917-18; Jrcdell County Club: Winner Cain Math. Medal. MoxT moves in a sphere of calm serenity, unruffled by the changing tides of student life : he rides the swells with an easy grace envied by many of us : and is a bit of a songster, too. The subtlety of his own peculiar personal magnetism grips, and makes friends of the lasting kind. Frep is one of those individuals who may be caught early in the morning or late at night going or returning from Lab. His quiet, reserved, unassuming manner has won for him many friend- ships of the warmer kind : his persistent energy has gained for him a reputation among the Profs.: and we find him, in his Senior year, taking Bob James ' place as instructor in Engineering Drawing. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Ernest Xeimax Charlotte, X. C. Age, 20 ; Height. 5 feet 1 1 inches Weight, 145 Di. Society: Y. M. C. A, Cabinet (4) ; Menorah Society; Assistant in Chemis- try ( 4 ) ; Dramatic Association, Cast (41 ; BK. . i,i;HKT Lee O ' Briant Timberlake. X. C. Age, 20; Height, 5 feet 10 inches - ,,,i| fe " Weight. 150 • " Phi Society ; Medical Society; K . When in doubt, " Ven. " and Wheeler consult Ernest about their bromohy- droxynaptheguinones, which is to say that, in the Chemical Lai)., lie ranks as a mighty wielder of the test tubes. The mere fact that he gained one of those little keys at the end of his Junior year, in spite of scarlet fever when a Fresh- man, would seem to infer that he is a grind; but we know- him better. He is a good fellow, a good friend. 0 ' Bri. nt. or " Doc, " is young, but he ' s a diligent pursuer of knowledge. Doc. always has a smile for everyone. He goes quietly about his duties. 1918 YACKETY YACK AlHEKT OliTTIXCKU Wilson, N. C. Age, 20: Height, 6 feet I ch, ii n Weight, 200 j, || Phi. Society: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ( 4 ) : Menorah Society, President (4) ; Wilson Connty Club, President (4) ; Vice-President Class (3); President ' ; --i Junior Law Class (4); " Magazine " Board (3) ; " Yacketv Yack " Board (4): Dramatic Club (4); Executive Committee North Carolina Club (4) ; International Polity CIuli, Secretary , (4); German Club: 0 ■. E A: »=:• ' Corporal Company " D " - ' . ■ Oettingfr ' s career in the University has been that of a strong man growing stronger. He has specialized in scholar- ship, in Literary Society work, in the social side of life, in everything, and is a leader in them all. His interest in the welfare of his companions and the campus have won him the esteem of his college-mates. His unquestioned ability, his wise judgment, his stick-to-it-iveness, and withal a certain happy turn, explain alike his Phi Beta Kappa key and his presidency of his Law Class, and form the basis of our confidence in his suc- cess. Rai,1 ' H Wea ei; 1 ' akk Statesville, X. C. Age, 23: Height, 5 feet i) inches Weight, 160 ■•; Di. Society; Math. Club; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; Latin- , American Club: Secretary Iredell Comity Cluli. Ralph is a serious, earnest, quiet sort of a fellow, who came to college to study, and has been doing it ever since. He is one of those retiring engineering hermits. Ralph is sound, and we expect mucli of him. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA JiiHX William Pattox !Murpliy. X. C. Age. 20; Height. 5 feet 11 ihcbe.? Weight, 156 Clavde Ruirs Pkaff Pfafftown. X. C. ■ ; Height. 6 feet; Weight. 17S WUflivSrsity Band (i. 2, 3. 4) ; Assistant Manager University Book Excliange (3, 4): President of Forsvtli Countv Chib. Company " C " JoHX has worked his way thru by sheer stickability. He has taken his studies as a business proposition. That he has succeeded in no small degree, is shown by his being one of Dr. Wilson ' s Zoology Assistants. Xo, that look, there ' s no mistaking it ! He means business, with no time for play. He will sell you a " Vacketv Yack, " a subscription to some paper or other, or a set of library books, while you talk. He is an adopted son. since ' Sixteen claims the credit of his dis- covery. Quiet he is, unostentatious, a hard student, and resourceful. Turn him loose on a South Sea Island, and in a week he ' ll make a fortune selling the natives military suits of fig leaves. 1916 YACKETY YACK As Roland Ernest Prick 25 ; Height, 5 feel 1 1 inches Weight, 220 Secretary-Treasurer Class ( 1 ) ; Fresh- man Dehate ; President Rutherford- McDowell County Club; Steering Com- mittee Xorth Carolina Club ; Education Clul) ; Piedmont Club ; Class Football (I, 2, 31 ; Varsity Football Squad (3) ; Assistant Manager " Tarheel " (3) ; High School Debating Union Committee (3, 4) ; President Di. Society (4) : Secretary Class (4) : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Author " Rutherford County Bulletin. " Company " C " Hl ' gh Williamson Prince Dunn, N. C. Height. 5 feet Weight, 145 q inches Phi. Society : German Club ; Glee Club ; Band ; Orchestra ; Captain Class Tennis Team { 3 ) : Captain Varsity Tennis Team ( 4 1 ; " YackEtv Yack " Board; UK A. Company " D " CuTEY is by far the biggest ladies ' man in the Class. Nor is that the only superlative possessed by him. If you don ' t believe he can sell books, write S. - . MuUikin Company, or any of those fair dames in Catawba County that CuTEV visited several summers ago. CuTEY is a rare combination of corpulency, humor, and good-natured- ness. Hic.H is one of the few happy souls who get there, somehow, even tho they never let anything worry them. Won a tennis game which in his last year entitled him to the distinction of " Lord High Custodian of the Courts. " He is a solid man in nearly every way, and where he isn ' t, he has got you fooled to death, and so his defects never show. The time-honored phrase " bound to succeed " really fits the man in this case. UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA KnZMMMnx Kavenel Green Pond, S. C Age, ig: Height, 6 feet; Wei German Cluli: Class Football (_ , 3): Scrub Football ( 3 ) : Basket-Ball Squad ( 4 ) : Track Squad ( 3 ) ; Gyin. Squad (J); Gym. Team (3. 4): Assistant in Gymnasium (4I : Class Baseball (3): Commencement Marshal (3I ; South Carolina Club; 2T ; 2AE. fe -v W- I To be caught trying a handstand on tile foot of an Infirmary bed with his fever at 104 shows what energy is bundled up in Sam. He does not stop with being a good athlete, and teaching Gym., but is one of the brightest mem- bers of ' Eighteen. He ' s an all-around good fellow, with a smile that has won us all. Miss Reid came to us from Queens College in the last lap of the race. Pleasant at all times, full of fun, and possessing a full share of woinan ' s cliarnis. " Jcn.iE " has proved herself an exceptional student (she can joke in French), an earnest class worker, and a friend of many. In addition to that, she is a basket-ball star, and a scientific tennis player. Old Xineteen-Eighteen has no member more loyal to the Class, or more representative of the Carolina spirit. YA C K ET Y YA C K Samuel Leslie Reid Lowell, N. C. Age, 23 ; Height, 6 feet I inch Weight, 140 Di. Society; Clericus - ' Club; Inter- national Polity Club : " Gaston Cotinty Club: Xorth Carolina Club; EtA. Davui Atweli. KenhlEman- Salisbury, X. C. ' Heigl 5 feet 7 ' " inches; Weight, 14J Di. Society 1 ' Rowan County Club; Dramatic Association (i); Glee Club; Mandolin Club; Orchestra; C!ass Track III; Class Basket-Bail (I, 2, 3) : Class Baseball (2. i) : Class Football (3); Varsity Gvm. Team (2, 3. 4); Wearer ' flif . C. ; B . Reid is one of those modest, unas- suming individuals who doesn ' t have much to say, but is always found yirompt in tlie performance of his duty. He is tlie type of man who does his silent bit without any attempt at pretext or show, lie is a great admirer and ardent disciple of Phillips Brooks. When he is not engaged in some involved disputa- tion on the principles of philosophy, you will find him in his room poring over a big volume of the life and works of the famous minister of Trinity Church, llc-iton. The way he turns himself inside out on the bars has won our admiration, and his letter in the Gym. Like the other " Dave, " this one is small of stature, but he tells us he is making the Law Profs, look like so many Goliaths. He is the friend of everyone except the inmates of Carr Barn, in whose breasts seditious grumblings are caused by his attempts on the violin ; still, they too wish him the best of luck. Note : We find as we go to press that he ' s lieen married, since December. Wliy, David I UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA RaIJ ' H HokTU.N kiMMh Hillsboro. X. C. Age, Ji ; Height, 5 feet g Weight, 133 Class Track (i, 2) :.fVarsitr ' ' ' I racW I, 2, 3): Chemical Jdnrnal Club: Mitchell Scientific Society; Elisha Assistant in O anic Chemistr Signal Corps Marvin Kussel Koeeins Rocky Mount, N. C. Age 21 ; Height, s feet 8 inches ;,!i »:| Weight, 148 GleeClub t . 3. 4); Captain Class Baseball (3) : Assistant Leader Junior Prom. (3): President German Club; Commencement Ball Manager ; nKu . Corporal Company " C " Ralph. U. S. X. R. F. P. D. Q. S. O. S., has chased the elusive N. C. for tliree years. Jewett and Kaiser Bill have kept it away from him. so he has started in for revenge by joining the Xaval Reserves. -A dash of nails, a beaker, some cin ders, and a happy smile constitute the make-up of one of the Class ' s sturdiest and best-liked men. " IcKV. " the happy-go-lucky; " IcKV, " the sock-charmer ; " Icky, " the devil — who ever saw a hop where " Icky " wasn ' t? Musical in more ways than one, his bones just w ' on ' t be still when notes are flowing. . nd his heart ' s as big as a barrel — his glowing good-nature reaches out and warms all with whom he comes in contact. L ,c)ie YACKETY YACK Jamks Pincknev Sawvkr Asheville, N. C. Age, 23; Height, 5 feet 10 inches Weight, 170 Class Foothall (i); Class Track (i, 2) : Class Basket-Bail ( r, 2) : Buncombe County Club; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Assistant in Chemistry; AX2. Lieutenant Company " D " Isaac Schwartz Raleigh, X. C. Age. - ' I ; Height, 5 feet 4 inches Weight, 122 Phi. Society : Wake County Club ; Menorah Society; Freshman Continua- tion Conunittee. Corporal Company " B " " I. P. " makes Snnn. ' Jim look like a cloudy night, with bis " smile that won ' t come off. " It may I)e on account of those Chem. I make-up Lab. fees, but we suspect more feminine reasons. He is a brother U. S. N. R. F., etc., of Rimmer ' s. and expects some glorious adventures. His smile and ability will put him where he lielongs— well on the road to success. Isaac keeps the class informed. He is a perfect combination of newspaper, encyclopedia, and compendium of gen- eral information. H you really want to know, ask IkK. He is authority on athletics, campus news, military dope, current happenings, drug store gossip, and the war. But Ike carries more than a mass of facts in that striking head of his. He has common sense, is a good student, especially in the world of Economics ; and the Class predicts for him a great success. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Walker Pi.kasant Smith Chapel Hill, X. C. Age, 23 : Height, 5 feet 6 inches, Weight, 125 ' 4 I. w Alamance County Cl " ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' " ' " ' ' ■- liiia Chill : Di. Society. Ira Wellborn SmiThey iJ - ' ' Ul ' i ' - ' Wilkesboro, N. C. iwow ' ' Age, 26; Height, 5 feet 7 inches Weight, 165 Di. Socie_ty -j Elisha Mitchell Scientific " W. p. " didn ' t slay with us all of our Senior year, but went to Washing- ton to " do his bit " in the Civil Service. He moved quietly among us, and the slightly shy, he responded to friendly advances with an appreciative smile. He was a man with the " good old Class spirit. " Smithe.v is a steady, good fellow, who performs his duty, and does it well. He works consistently in Chemistry, and made lots of " Ones " in his advance courses in his Senior Year. Here ' s our best wishes to " IsA W. " 1918 YACKETY YACK Li ' .wis Lkistek Spann Gr;uiite Falls. X. C, ge, 23; Height, 6 feet; Weight, 17S Di. Society; German Chil) ; Caldwell County Club; Rutlierford College Club; .Scrub Football (i ) ; Class Baseball (2, 3); Class Football (2, 3); North Carolina Club. W ' li.i.i.xM TR.xtiuE Steele Nashville. Tenn. Age. 21 : Tfi. Height, 5 feet Vyeight. 140 ' Sp« ' 3 ;f Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Executive Coniinittee (3), Presi- dent (4): " Y.vCKETv Yack " Hoard (2, 3) ; Assistant Editor-in-Chief " Univer- sity Magazine; " Secretary Tennis Asso- ciation (2); German Chib ; Gimghoul ; Golden Fleece; 2T ; AVE. Corporal Company " A " " LfCius " resided at Dr. Lawson ' s. till he moved in with Tom Stokes this year. He is dignified, and is the guardian angel of .the Gym., even dur- ing the dances. He makes a good friend, and has ambitions to be an ornithologist. Billy and the Y. M. C. A. are synonymous terms. In his younger days, it sheltered him ; and he ' ll pro- tect it now. In fact, that is what he is doing. He came a long way to get to us ; and we are glad, for botli our sakes. .V little religion on the campus is an excellent thing, and charity covers the sins — not that BiLLV has a multitude, far from it — but he has the charity all right. He is a steady person, wdio will never rock the boat regardless of how agitated he is. H you ever want any- thing done, get Billv to do it for you. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA RAr.PH Madisun Stockton : Winston-Salem, N. C. , ' ) ' As 2o; Height, 5 feet 7 inches V Weight, 13-i crman Club ; AiaElio« Pies. Wak. Sec ' y (j); Phi. .Society, Vic iy ces: ' (3), §. (2); Fresh Debate; Winner Fresh. Prize in English; Fresh. -Soph. Debate (i); Soph- Jr. Debate (3); Tr. Oratorical Contest (3): Debating Council (4); Glee Club (3). Pres. (4); " Tarheer ' Staff (2. 3), Assignment Editor (4); " Yackety Yack " Board (3, 4); Asst. Ed. " Magazine " (2), Eri. -in-Chief (4) ; , , Class Historian (i, 2, 3, 4); Commencement A . | Marshal (3); Wearer of Hyosho Medal; Caro- 1 lina Minstrels (4); Sr. Stunt Cofetaiittee ; Pan-Hellenic Council; G . . 1 . - ' . tcrothen ; Golden Fleec. TKA; BK; 2X Sergeant Company " B " iVIost of Hermas ' success ' in College may be attributed to his use of the English language, both oral and written. Hermas has adorned the editorial staff of each of our College publications, and this 3 ' ear he and his staff have produced the best " University Magazine " of recent years. His sincerity of purpose and purity of character assure for him a true success. His statistics show clearly just what he has meant to University life. May he mean as much proportion- ally to the world as a whole. 1M ' :1. ---..—- - Cabinet { , 3. 4); TrfeTasurer -Y: 1 I. C. . . (3); German Club ; Di. Society ; Secretary Pan- Hellenic Council (4): Vice-President Forsvth County Club: Coop; Gorgon ' s Head: fi-i : - KE. Corporal Company " C " Ralph is the most dignified man in the Class, adheres strictly to form, and is liked by everybody. He never thinks, says, or does anything that would mar the name of gentleman. You will find him always in a good humor, never giv- ing way to the outbursts of feeling of more emotional natures, and tempering all with a sunny cheerfulness that counts for everything in the world. 1918 YACKETY YACK Thomas Udhhs Stokks Ruffin, N. C. Age, 21 ; Height, 5 feet 10 liiclies Weight, 155 Di. Society : Rockibgliani County Chib : Xorth CaroHna Ghib. Companv " C " Charles Gaiij.arh Tenkent Asheville, X. C. Tom is one of those rock-hottom fel- lows, whom we all like : he loves the ladies, and goes to see them, no matter what else is on. We know lie will make good. Height, 5 feet 8 inches Weight, ' 155 President Class li): Class Poet (3. 4 " ) : Greater Council ( i, 4) : Student Council (4) : Athletic Council (4 1 : Y. iM. C. A. Cabinet (3. 41 : " Tarheel " Board (2), Managing Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4) : Winner 2T Prize (2) : " Yacketv Yack " Board (4) ; Wearer of N. C. : Assistant Manager Varsity Football (3) : Commencement Marshal (3 ' ): Class Baseball (2, 3); Class Football (i, 2, 3); Class Basket- Ball (I, 2, 3), Captain ( i, 3): Class Track (3): Varsity Basket-Bali (3. 4 . Captain (4): International Polity Club; Buncombe County Club ; German Club ; Dramatic Club (4): Glee Club (4): Amphoterothen : Golden Fleece : -- : First Sergeant Company " B " If a man ' s excellence can be judged by his actions. Buzz is at the top. He has added his helpful and strong support to practically every College activity. Behind a ' l that he does is a poet ' s spirit, which has tempered his actions, and won for him the respect and lasting friendship of all. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA John Skallv Terry Rockingham C Age. 23; Height, t feet 9 4 Wehes Weight 270 u Ties. Di. Society (4)1( ice Pees Sec ' y.-Trcas. Class ( ) v _ ce Pres (4) V. M. C. A.: Asst. in Zorlngv (U Sec Richmond Co. Club; ( reatei Council (4 " ! Asst. Ed. -in-Chief " Xlagarine (4) SenidrV Stunt Committee; I atin Ameucan Club Asst. Ed. " Tarheel; " Wearer of the H o5llO Medal; International Polity Club - =50 Ed " Yackety Yack " ; N. C Club txec Com Ul; E A: OA: ZT John Terrv is the biggest man in the class — not only in body, but in mind and spirit. His ifleas are big, and when he attempts to put them thru we find his capacity for accomplishment to be just as big. Y.. CKETY Y. CK was going under for the third time when John rushed single-handed to the rescue. But John ' s biggest idea is the movement, of which he was a prime mover, to knit closer the link between this country and Japan. Withal, he is both a good stu- dent and a poet of no mean ability. Xii " Magazine " has appeared this year but that carried some of his writing, and bore the stamp of his efforts. All these achievements are tempered by a frank and jolly disposition. r.i:. j. . iiN HiNTON Thomas Rocky Mount. X. C. •Age, 21 ; Height 6 feet : Weight, i6o German Club; Phi. Society; President asb-Edgeconibe County Club (2) ; Frfesh-Soph Debate (i). Ben entered college with the Class of Xineteen, but, being from a railroad town, it was quite the natural thing for him to " ' railroad " it thru college and finish with the Class of Eighteen, thus completing in three years the work which most of us do in four. Don ' t infer from this that Ben is a grind, for nothing is further from the truth. He takes life easy, and has plenty of spare time for a few jokes and good- fellowship. He always gets his job done, whatever it be. 1916 YACKETY YACK ] ' j UARii Warrick Sioux, X. C. Age, 26; Height, 5 feet 10 inches Weight, 155 Di, Society: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Class Basket-Bali; Class. Baseball, Marion Wilcox Elberton, Ga. Age, 21 ; Height, 5 feet 6 inches Weight, 130 ' • AiB., Queens College 1917; Dramatic We knew En was a class A-i man before his local board told us. He is a great admirer of the Williamses, but he seems to get his concept of education mixed up a little at times. This will not prevent his being an excellent soldier: and after he has " done his bit, " a good school teacher. Well, here ' s Miss Wii.cox, the other queen from Queens. Altiio an attrac- tive blonde, blessed with an intelligent woman ' s smile, Marion made " ( " BK marks in the only year with us, and took part in every activity open to women here. . t center on the basket-ball team, she was as efficient as on a Math.. 4 e.xam. And that ' s not all — M. rh)N filled a lead- ing role in the Dramatic Club play. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Thomas Cli.vgxian Wilkixs Rose Hill, . C. Age, 26; Height, =; feet 10 indies Veight, 185 Phi, Society; Duplin County Club. If Jh Henry Van Pfters W ' ii.sox. Jr. Chapel Hill, X. C. - ge, 19; Height, 5 feet 10 inches yeight, 132 Phi. -Socig Orange Countx- Club ; German " Cfi ; Class Baseball (3) ; Varsity Tennis (3. 4). ManagLr (4); Wearer of N. C. ; . le.xander Greek Prize (3): Yacketv Yack Board (4); -Assistant Editor " Tarheel " (4) : Assist- ant Leader Gimghoul German : Gim- ghoul : 2T : -t-BK ; AT " . ' i ' W ' lLKixs is a man who talks for his own pleasure. It is said that the good die young, but old " Wilk " is still with us. He is a " bull " in physique, and is mentally fairly well equipped. He started out for football in his Freshman year, but got no further than the gymnasium. Tho no student of medi- cine, his application of hot towels dur- ing the last " Tech " fight should make him indispensable to wounded soldiers in France. In our Freshman days. Froggy was very quiet and reserved, and we did not know him as we do today. He has kept the best in this quiet nature of his. and has a dignity and balance well becoming a gentleman, scholar, and athlete. i ' " » 1018 YACKETY YACK f Enw Aui-i Phii.i.ip Wouu Canton, N. C. Wearer of N. C. ; AX2 W ' lI.I.IAM Rcir.KKT W ' UNSCH Monroe, La. Age, 21 ; Height, 5 feet j inches Weight, " I - ' 5 •, D . Society; Y. M. C. A. Cahinet U.k 3, 4V; Vice-President Y. U. C. A. ' i ' y; Assistant in Physics; Minstrel i i : Associate Editor " Tarheel " (4) ; E f ,i; nA; riT. Quiet, unassuming, and extremely dignified, Ed. will be found traveling his well-beaten path to Clieniistry Lab., where the most difficult experiments melt away under his skillful liand. En. also possesses track ability, and the first warm rays of the spring sun will never fail to bring him out upon the cinders. He is a hard worker, and will some day " get there " in Clieniistry. A Bobby Wunsch is a pragmatist. He is one of the most energetic men in the Class. In addition to running Y. M. C. A. meetings, writing poetry, reporting for the " Tarheel, " leading the University Singing Class, and passing his work, he reads volumes of Goethe and Schiller for a pastime. Bobby is always busy, but is a good friend (ask Van Xoppen. ) He takes his work seriously, and intends to give his life to Christian service both during and after the war. i ' he Class feels confident of his success. -UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA W ' li.i.iAM Makvix York Might Point. X. C. Heislit, 5 feet ii inches; We h . M President Di. Society ; Junior Oratori- cal Contest ; CommenGeiiient Debate ; President Debating Council : V. M. C. A. Cabinet : Guilford County Club : President Senior Class : Athletic Coun- cil ; Wearer of the Hyosho Medal ; Varsity Track (i. 2): Alanager Varsity Track: Manager University Magazine: Student Council : Greater Council : International Polity Club: Ampbo- terotlien : Golden Fleece : E .! ; TKA. Bii.i.v is the best business man in the Class. He has been working ever since he was an infant, and as a result of the process has worked his way to the top. BiLi.v believes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so he takes out his play by participation in all the leading movements on the campus. - s manager of the " Magazine. " Dictator of Swain Hall, and president of the Senior Class, he has shown great versatility and ability to adapt himself to any situation. He has been the Woodrow Wilson of his Class and the student-body during the past year. ii0B ' S) RicH. Ri) Leomdas Younc; Charlotte, X. C. Height, 5 feet 7 inches Weight, 130 Society. Secretary (2): Secre- ' rjF-Treasurer Mecklenljurg County Club (i, 31. President (4): " YackETY Y-vgk " Board (3, 4 ) : " Tarheel " Board (4) : German Club: nK . Dick is what Dean Stacy likes to call " a good substantial fellow, " a hard worker, a good student, and a valuable friend. Tho bis own viewpoint makes it a bit difficult for liim always to see the other fellow ' s, he argues his side good-naturedly, and when he has said everything he can think of, the other fellow gets his chance. Dick has chosen journalism as his field, and his whole ambition is to be editor of a paper just the " Charlotte Observer. " Dick has qualities which will put him where he wants to go. YA C K ET Y Y A C K Ja Er Lf.oniijas Stvckkv ' " , ' ' ■ ■■■ii, ,. Kenly, N. C. Age, 26; Height, 6 ftet ; Weight, 170 Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.: Xorth Car ohna Cliih: Johnston County Club, Treasurer (2 " ), Secretary (2), President (3); Superintendent Western Lime Plant, Bridgeport, Tenn., for North CaroUna Department of Agriculture (41. U-- Stucki ' ,y sent us his picture from Tennessee, and altho it was not made up like the others, he showed such true spirit, we had to use it. He is a geologist already m the field, and is one who has force of personality and character to back up his efforts. He is one of the solid men of our Class, thinks clearly, judges accurately, and makes us feel confident of his success. J UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA SENIOR CLASS HISTORY mUSr four weeks after the outlireak of the great war. the present Senior Class was horn. Coming as it did into an age of turliulence and strain, it has had to contend with the call of outside circumstances from its very hirth. The whole two hundred and se -enty-eight of us, the largest Class that up to that time had sought admission into the University, were all e(|ual in the beginning. E!ut we were not long to remain so. Some spurted off from the start : others settled down to a steady jog-trot : while still others ran fitfully — now charging ahead, now lagging behind, and now dropping out of the race. So different were we in desires, intentions, and abilities that we soon came to have only one thing in common — purpose. To some this purpose has been a guid- ing star, prevailing against every summons of the outside world. ( )tliers have seen a star brighter to them than our own, and have gone as the wise men did of old to pay their respects to the Christ of universal right and equality among all people. In many respects, Xineteen-F.ighteen has been a typ ical Class. In others, it has been unusual, which distinguishes it from the classes that spring up here every four years, blossom, and then pass out to make room for other class wait- ing to take their place. The fact that Eighteen has lived thru and had a part in a great transforma- tion — not only in the University, but also in the outside world — is more significant for the Class than the mere incidents it has turned into historv. In the spring of our Freshman year, we saw the most elaborate inauguration of a President that has ever taken place at the University. And with the coming of the regime 1918 YACKETY YACK there sprang up a new life, a rebirtli of sacrifice and service devoted to the ever- growing nuniber of students coming here for training, and just as truly to the masses of the people in every corner of the State. There can be no finer proof that the people of the State realize the alue of this new service than Airs. Bingham ' s generous bequest of $1,250,000, General Carr ' s fellowship of $5,000, and increased appropriations by the Legislature. And not only has the L ' ni ersity found herself in the State, but she has set an enviable record for the other L ' ni- versities of this country in patriotic national services. There were twenty-one men in the first rush for the Camjis. who were members of the Class of Eighteen. And ever since our men have been lea ing one by one. Practically all of those who ha e remained in school to graduate are taking the military science course, so as to be fitted, both intellectually and physically, when the call comes. This the Class of Eighteen has had a definite part in the new service both of the Uni- versity to the State and of the Nation to the world. Few Classes have been as closely knit together by ties of friendship as the Class of Eighteen. The presence of a common problem and danger has served to draw us closer together, as has been so well exemplified in the admittedlv rare spirit at its banquets and smokers. It has been especially fortunate in its selec- tion of ]jresidents. Tennent. Bryant. Coates. and York have been its strong administrators, who seem to fit i)erfectly the terms thev ha e served. The scholarship average has been above the normal class average for all four years, and eleven of our nuniber — Marsh. Linker. Armstrong, John, Xeiman, Oettinger, Wilson, Stephenson, ( " .wynn, Ilerty, and Terry — wear the coveted key. Eighteen demonstrated its athletic prowess from the start, liv winning the Class basket-ball championship. It has given to the L ' niversitv such athletes as UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA " John C. Tayloe, I.. AI. L ' pchurch. Hugh lUack, Fred Farthing, C. i;. Wehh, Wilhur Currie, Roy Hridgers, PhiUip Mines, ' . S. Bryant. Jr., P. F. Lynch, C. H. llerty. jr.. Preston Andrews. C. G. Tennent. 1 [ugli I ' rince. and H. ' . P. Wilson, |r. In the varied fields of acti ity of the ' . M. C. . .. members of our Class have done good work, and the organization itself has had a very remarkable year under the wise leadership of I ' resident Steele. Then debating and oratory have been efficiently administered by Albert Coates. who won the Peace Prize for the first time, Leo Carr, ' . ] L York, W. IL Stephenson, and J. ' . liaggett. The Class has the unique distinction of having the first member from the C)rient, Kameichi Kato, to complete a regular four-year course, and graduate with honor. As the time for graduation and separation approaches, we are inclined to feel that we are about to reacli the top of the hill, where we will find reward for the toils of our climb, liut now 1 Looking out into the future, we find that it is only a very small knoll that we have come over, which really leads us to the bottom of the mountain of life. L ' p on its side we can see the nations of the earth grappling with each other in a motley, red confusion. But beyond the turmoil of the battlefield there is the sunshine of a new day, and this makes us feel that: Now as the parting day draws nigh, Carolina, ' i8. We join our hands without a sigh, Carolina, ' i8. Let duty call us, here or there. We are prepared to do and dare ; We ' ll fight for thee just anywhere — Carolina, ' i8. YA C K E T Y Y A C K CLASS POEM l«»£ | COMRADES, let us halt a moment here, ■f ) ' And follow back our steps along the way, Lest we forget the rugged foothills there — The rocky trails — the dust— the heat of day: Forget the hours spent in quiet repose Beneath the shade of mighty oak and elm, Or out upon some old historic knoll. Where oft we ' ve wandered back into the realm Of fables and tradition, and have told Our version, adding to tlie truth each time A new interpretation, till we ' ve got A wild romance, with plot sublime O come I Turn l)ack! Why pause upon the spot? But no! We dare not follow back the trail, Or turn aside to either left or right. Such wanton folly would but mean — to fail. We ' ve climbed the hills and reached at last the height. From which in silence now we view the great. Grim world that stretches out below. A thousand paths lead down — we hesitate, . nd wonder where each path may go ; And even while we stand aloof, and muse. We see the surging masses at our feet - nd hear them calling to us — come and lose Yourselves down in the throng that crowds the street. And lead us upward with the light you bring. Until we find at last the Truth — and then We hesitate. Have we the thing That men are seeking for ? We look again — This time beyond the throng — and thru the haze We see on every siile the outstretched hand That calls for servants, working not for praise. But for the love of serving — and we stand . mazed, and ask ourselves if we can lead. And leading serve, our fellow-men below. O comrades, let us hasten now, and speed Along the path each one of us must go. But far away we see a thick cloud rise And cast its gloom out over land and sea, . nd swelling, spread before our very eyes The scenes of blood and endless crime — and we Must plunge into the darkness and the din And grapple there with death and dank disease ! Why, have we spent so many years to win This height, and then with brain and brawn appease The raging appetite of fiendish war? But no ! The hills tliat led us to the crest To view this sight — prepared us also for Our part in strife, and nerved us for the test Of Liberty and right of men to live .• gainst the rule of Might, Autocracy! Come ! Let us hasten down below, and give The best we have to save Democracy ! — C. G. T. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 19 18 YACKETY YACK BY SENIOR VOTE ; =r|l ' ;ST AU- ' Round C H. Herty, Jr. l =i liest Student J. B. Linker Most Popular R. C. de Rosset Best Athlete - C. G. Tennent Best Writer - - J. S. Terry Best Business Man Wm. York Best Debater A. M. Coates Most Energetic R. C. DE RossET Most Military C B. Holding Most Dignified R. M. Stockton Handsomest R. B. McKee Ugliest E. T. Cooper Laziest J- C. Kennedy Best Egg C. B. Holding Biggest Politician F. R. Farthing UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK WTp t ] k JUNIORS William Banks Anderson Haw River, X. C. Di. Sncietv; ST. WiLLL . [ Parker Andrews Charlotte. X. C. Davidson College igi6 17: Ti ' t-S; JA. loHN Lee Avcock Raleigh, X. C. Charles WortlEv Bain Chapel Hill, X. C. Parkhill Odell Jarvis Xewbern, X. C. Conimcnccnient Marshal; German Chih. jj) Joseph Marshall Barber Raleigh, N. C. Class Baseball (i, 2) ; Class Football (- ' ) ; Wake Countv Club ; German Club. Graham Arthur Harden Burgaw, X. C. -« : i ' ' 1 I Frank Dirham Bell Tuxedo, N. C. ■::;: ! di. Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Class Football; Scrub Football; -AE. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 4 1 - f? 1 •If L= ? _.- lw ,£ -=J Rov Vin(;ate Boling Apex, X. C. Phi. Society; Wake County Club; V. M. C. A. Cabinet. -XoRM.ii.v . nDisoN BoREN Pomona, N. C. Thom.5,s Prf.ston Brinn Hertford, X. C. Xorth Carolina Club; Class Baseball (2). Chester Winthrop Burton Pomona, X. C. Jei ' I ' Erson Carney Bynum West Durham, N. C. nK4 : Dj. S. muEl J. ,mes Cai.vert Portsmouth, Va. Class Basket-Ball (i, 2) ; Warrenton High School Club ; Assistant Manager Track Team ; Coop ; Gorgon ' s Head ; Z J ' . H.ARVEY J. MEs CAMPBELL .Burlington, X. C. Fr. . k . ri.n Ci.. RVOE Philadelphia, Pa 1018 YACKETY YACK David Alexander Cooper Henderson, N. C. Class Football (i, 2); Medical Society: C.erman Club : Minotaur ; Gorgon ' s Head ; Coop; AKE. William Reynolds Ci-theertsox... Charlotte. N. C. Class Basket-Bail (i, 2): Class Football ( I I : Scrub Basket-Ball (2) : Manager Class- Track (J); Assistant Manager Varsity Track (3): German Club; Ben. CiRovER Cleveland Dale Seven Springs, X. C. Harry TowlEs Davis Beaufort. X. C. Tho.mas Pir.H Dawson Conetoe, . C. Xash-Edgecombe Club; Warrenton High School Club ; Chemical Journal Club ; Ger- man Club; AX-, Mark Overton Dickerson Rutherfordton. X. C. Irmn Webb Dirham Charlotte, X. C. Di. Society; Mecklenburg County Club; Sub-Assistant Manager Varsity Basket- Bail (2), . ssistant Manager (3): Class Treasurer ( - ' ) ; OA ; i:AE. W ' n.i.iAM Clement Eatox Winston-Salem. X. C. Di. Society; Soph-Jiuiior Debate; " ' ACKKTv ack " Board: International VoVuv Chil). UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA . = Vernon Lyndon ElE.v Menola, Va, Walter Connor Feimster. Jr Xewton, N. C. Di. Society; Class Basket-Bail It); Varsity Baseball ( j, 3); Cass Tenuis (J); Varsity Tennis (3); Ass stant Manager Varsity Football ( 3 ) ; Manager Class Foot- ball (3) ; President Catawba-Lincoln County Club ; Wearer of X. C. : Cuniniencenieiit Marsbal: :SAE. James Skinner FicklEn Creenville. N. C. Pitt County Club ; German Chili ; " ' ACl KTv Yack " Board; Pan-He ' lcnic Council; Assistant Leader Fall German Club iJancc; Assistant Leader Gorgon ' s Head Dance ; Commencement Marsbal; Coop; Miiiolaur; Gorgon ' s Head: -X. T. W. Foi.soM Swannanna, X. C. Medical Society; 2X. John Wesi.ev Foster Mocksville, X. C. Di. Society ; Iredell County Cluli. Robert Hanes Frazier - Greensboro, X. C. Di. Society; Guilford County Club; Representative on Xortli Carolina Club Council; German Club; BOIl. John Menhinghall Gibson Gibson, X. C. Dramatic . ssociation ; Latiii-.-Xmerican Club; Xortb Carolina Club; Pbi. Society; German Club. Thomas Guthrie Gibson Gibson, X. C. 1918 YACKETY YACK Oley Preslek Gcoch Chapel Hill, N. C. Xath.w Green Gooding Newbern, N. C. Phi. Society, Secretary (2), Treasurer ( J ) ; Craven County Club ; Assistant lanager " Tarheel " (3) : Assistant Manager " Magazine " (3); Carolina Goodyear Club: Class Treasurer (3); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3): Chief Commencement Marshal; E J A. Theodore Alexander Graham. -.Mount Ulla, N. C. Rowan County Club: Football Squad (2) ; Baseball Squad. George Leighton Grantham Fairmont, N. C. Oak Ridge Club : Secretary-Treasurer Robeson County Club : German Club ; -X. Otho W1LI.1AM Hale Eure, N. C. Gates County Club; North Carolina Club. Charles J. Hardee Asheville, N. C. Cary Lanier Harrington Greenville, N. C. Harry Forrest He.nson Crewe, Va. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Julian Ballexger Hester Tryon. X. C. Freshman Football (l): Varsity Tennis (2 " ) ; Glee Club (2, 3 " ) ; Vice-President lee Club: German Club: ATQ. Daniel Merritt Hodges, Jr Asheville, N. C. Buncombe County Club; German Club; Luther Hartwell Hodges Leaksville. N. C. Di. Society. Secretary {2). Treasurer (3) : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Class Baseball (i, 2) : Class Basket-Ball (i); Varsity Basket-Bali Squad (2, 3) : Class Football (2) : Assistant Manager First-Year Baseball (2) : Assistant Manager Varsity Baseball ( 3 ) : Greater Council : Marshal ; Rockingham County Club; E1.A. Paul Loraine Hoffler Gatesyille, X. C. Phi. Society : Gates County Club. William Howard Hooker Greenyille, X. C. Charles Mortimer Hazelhurst.... Wilmington. X. C. Phi. Society ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; t, ' Iass President (3) : Secretary Student Council (3); Greater Council: Manager Freshman Baseball: Pan-Hellenic Council (3); New Hanoyer County Club; German Club; IIK . Edgar Bryan Jenkins Xashyille. X ' . C. Phi. Society; Xash-Edgecombe County Club. 3axtek Columbus Jones Gaj ' , N. C. m 1918 YACKETY YACK Elizabeth Atkinson Lay Raleigh. X. C. EnwiN Samuel Linpsev. ..Tryon. X. C. Glee Club and Orchestra 1 i, 2). Director (3); German Club: " Vackety Vack " Board: OA ; nKA. ' |R(.IM Henhon McFapyex Waynesville, X. C. Krenau College. inis-i6: Dramatic Club: Ar . Arthur Talmadge McInTosh.... Roberdel, X. C. Di. Society ; Alamance County Club. . rthur Talmadge McIntosh Roberdel. X. C. EnnY Schmidt Merritt X ' ewbern, X. C. Phi. Society. Secretary (2). Vice-Pre. ' si- dent (3): Fresh Debate: Soph Debate: Junior Debate: Assistant Manager " Maga- zine " : Craven County Cluli : Dramatic Asso- ciation: Class Historian: E -l. Imirrest Glenwooh Miles Warrenton, N ' , C. Phi. Society. Secretary (2I, Vice-Presi- dent (3): VViiuier Fresh Debater ' s Medal: Xorth Carolina Club: Warrenton High School Cluli: Halifax-Warren County Club: Representative in Xorth Carolina Club (3) ; Dramatic . ssociation : Soph. Debate rai: Intra-College Debate: Assistant Manager Varsity Baseball (3): " Tarheel " Board: " Y. ' ckety Yack " Board: German Club. Gkokce Dillon Morris Goldsboro. X. C. German Club: Coop: K2. UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA ClIJ JOSIAH SlOCKTO.V MURRAY Durliaiii, X. C. " Carolina Chemist " (2), Business-Man- ager (3). Horace Ximms Mount Holly, X, C. Samuel Royster Xorris Jacksonville, Fla. Y. ; 1. C. A. Cabinet (i, 2, 3); German Club, Treasurer (3): Assistant Leader Soph. Hop; Greater Council; Vice-Presi- dent Class (3) ; President First-Year Medi- cal Class ; Pan-Hellenic Council ( j, 3 ) ; " Yackety Yack " Board; Minotaur; Gor- gon ' s Head ; «A ; Ae, Benjamin Irvix Barber Carthage. N. C. Irvin Fredinand Parker Bradentown, F " la. John Hill Paylor Laurinburg, N. C. William Zadock Pexland Marshville. X. C. Xorman Ralph Pippin Fremont, X. C. Class Basket- Ball (i); Wayne County Club: Varsity Baseball (i, 2, 3): Manager Freshman Football (3); Atliletic Council (i) : German Club; IlK . T0 4iA iy , fi 9 ' r-- c% 1916 YACKETY YACK James Davis Poag Greenville, S. C. Fresh Football; Di. Society; Glee Club ( J. 3) ; President South Carolina Club (3) ; German Club: ATf!. JoHx William Gordon Powell Roxobel. X. C. German Club; Varsity Baseball (i, 2, 3), Captain (31; Assistant Manager Football (3); Pan-Hellenic Council; Assistant Leader German Club Dance { Fall ) ; Leader Junior Prom.; Commencement Ball Manager ( 3 ) ; Gorgon ' s Head ; Coop ; Minotaur ; Z-f. William Enock Price Madison, N. C. Di. Society : North Carolina Club ; Latin- . merican Club. Charles Svlvester Roddick Winston-Salem, N. C. Class Basket-Ball and Football; Class Secretary ( i ) ; Sub-. ssistant lanager Track ( 2 ) ; German Club ; HKA. Theodore E. Ro.ndthalER Winston-Salem. X. C. Jennings Jefferson Rhyne Bessemer City, X . C. Zee Harris Rush Ashboro, X. C. Di. Society ; Randolph County Club ; Lat ' n-. merican Club. Rel-pen Holmes Sawyer . sheville, X. C. Class Football ; Varsity Basket-Bail Squad (2, 3); Buncombe County Club; President Carolina Goodyear Club : .Assistant in Gen- eral Chemistry ; German Club ; AX2. je - l ' iivCi?? UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA John William Sexton Whitakers, N, C. Nash County Club; Xortli Carolina Club; Phi. Society. Bry. n Weeb SipE Cherryville. N. C. Di. Society ; Gaston County Club. H.-KRRY Gillespie Smith Tarboro, X. C. Phi. Society ; Nash-Edgecombe County Club; German Club; " Carolina Chemist " Board; Assistant in Chemistry; AX2 ; SX, Sidney C. rlton Smithson Creswell, N. C. WiLLi. M Joseph Starr Creswell, N. C. William Fleming Stokes Stokes, N. C. Pitt County Club; North Carolina Club. Erasmus Hervy Evans Taylor.. ..Morganton, N. C Burke County Club ; German Club ; Coop ; Minotaur; ATQ. Frank Thoknber Thompson Asheville, N. C Buncombe County Club ; Business Manager of " Y. CKETY Vack. " Amphoterothen ; Di. Society. 1918 YACKETY YACK Joseph HarisKr Tuwi.fs Raleigh, X. C. Inux TmiM s TuTTEN Yadkin CoUegtr, X. C. Lolls C.RAiiv Travis . ' . Halifax, X. C. Marn ' ix Lee Turner Shelby, X. C. llri.Tox GwAi.TNEv West. Greensboro. X. C. Guilford Connty Club: V. M. C. A. Cabinet : German Club. Ralph Devekei-x Williams High Point, X. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Di. Society, Secre- tary (- ' ), Vice-President (3): Guilford County Club : Greater Council : President Latin-- merican Club: Debating Council: Assistant Manager " Tarheel " ( 3 ) : Y. ckety Yack Board: Aniphoterothen. Walter Harold Williamson Carthage, X. C. Leroy Burkheaii Willis Xewbern. X. C. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ■i yzjf ' itff- Orpheus Evaxs Wright Winston-Salem, X. C. Di. Society; Class Footliall (i, - ' ) ; Manager Class Baseball (2) ; German Chili; Curtis LinvillE Vogler Winston- Salt-m, X. C. George Alexander Youxce Spencer, . C. Di. Societv ; German Club; Varsity Base- ball 13). JoHX Bruce Yoklev Mount Airy, N. C. f? 4i) % -1} m i ' i C— .. -Xg 1918 YACKETY YaCK JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS C. M. HazF.i.hursT President S. R. NoRRis -...Vice-President N. G. Gooding Secretary-Treasurer UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA CLASS OF NINETEEN-NINETEEN N September of the year 191 5, aliout three hundred and fifteen boys registered as Freshmen at the University of Xorth CaroHiia, of an aver- age physical development, bright, and with one hope in mind, namely : that in nineteen-nineteen thev should receive, thru a sincere and determined effort, a diploma from the L ' niversity that should be symbolic of a period of four years spent on ' ' The Hill " in a wholesome, diligent pursuit of knowledge; doing honor not onlv to the Class of Xineteen-Xineteen but to the University of Xorth Carolina. A year later, of this three hundred and fifteen boys, two hundred and two registered to begin the second year of the required four. By May, IQ17, due to the declaration of war by the United States upon Germany, many of our boys had gone into direct service for their country. In September, 191 7, only approximately one hundred and thirty of the Nineteen-Nineteen Class registered, . mong these were several Co-Eds. 1 low- ever, owing to the draft law, and to that patriotic feeling that is especially peculiar to college men, we have now only between ninety and a hundred boys. At first, a feeling of regret takes possession of us, when we consider how few we are. This, howexer, is quickly displaced by one of extreme pride, when we realize that our missing ones are in the service of our country ; each and every one of whom is striving to do his duty in a heroic manner. Xineteen-nineteen gave to the football squad fourteen men in kjiO; four of whom — Bellamy, Currie, Grimes, and Johnson — played in the ' irginia game. We also furnished a good number of men for the basket-ball and baseball squads — Sheppard being captain of the former, and Powell in the latter. In our Freshman year, the class basket-ball championship was won by us ; and in our mt j i 1916 YACKETY YACK Sophomore year both the class basket-lxill and footlxill championships. ISriefly. this is a sketch of our Class in athletics. Xol only has the Class done much in enabling Carolina to put out effective athletic teams, but it has g;i en many men to the Glee Club and the Dramatic Club, All the social organizations ha e been supported by Xineteen-Nineteen men, in numliers. The Literary Societies in our first year receix ' ed nearly eighty members. In fact, the Class of Xineteeii-Xincteen in the beginning had the material, and in all of the college acti ities it has ])Ut the right furce in the right place. Under the leadership of Hazelhurst as President, and the financial manage- ment of Gooding, oiu " Class is doing well in the many and aried duties that fall upon it. lIlSTUUI. X UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA ' 4m fM %m t wm 7 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS C. P. Spruill. Jr President R. A. Spaugh Vice-President J. E. DoWD Secretary-Treasurer ROLL William Henry Adams Durliam, N. C. Walter Mitchell Adams Statesville, N. C. Sidney Broaddus Allen Welcion. N. C. President Halifax -Warren County Club (2): Warrenton High School Club ( ., .•); Associate Editor " Yackety Yack; " Sub-Assistant Manager Varsity Baseball ( j ) ; German Club; Coop; KA- William Marion Allen Elkin, N. C. Di. Society. Miss Ola Andrews Chapel Hill. X. C. William Henry Andrews, Jr Speed, X. C. Phi. Society; Nash- Edgecombe County Club; Xorth Carolina Club; V. M. C. A. Cabinet. JosiAH Smith Babb Hertford, N. C. Edwin Charlton Balf.ntinE Salisbury, X . C. Rowan County Club. Harry BarbEE _ Raleigh, X. C. German Club; Coop; Jlinotaur; KA. Samuel Coward Barwick Grifton, X, C. William Gwynx BinklEy Clemmons. N. C. Marcus Edwards Bizzell. Jr Goldsboro, X ' . C. German Club: Coop; Minotaur; KIS. 1918 YACKETY YACK Thomas Campbell Black Carthage, N. C. William Augustus Blount, Jr Washington, X. C. Captain Company " C ; " German Club; Coop; Minotaur; KE. Gorman Ephraim BonEv Wallace. X. C. Thomas Clayton Brewer Marshville. X. C. Henry CowlEs Bristol Statesville. X. C. Cerman Cluh ; Jli. Society; Class Football It); Class Haskel-IIall li); Ile lell County e lull; i:X. Bryant Council Brown Gillett, X, C. Secretary Piedmont High School Club; Phi. Society; Soph-Junior Debate (21. Llj Heartt Bryant Durham, X ' . C. ■Hll. Augustus Rn ' us Bullock - - Creedinore. X. C. Phi. Society; North Carolina Cluh; Freshman Int?i -Society Dchate HI. Edmund Justin Burhick - . sheYille, X. C. Ministrel i); Dramatic Club (il; Di. -Societv ; P.uncombe Countv Club; C.lee ( Inl) i_ ' i; ■ Taihcef P.rai.l I _- ) ; .Managing Iv ' itor -raihccr ' U). Haroi.ii De. n Burgiss Greenville, S. C. William Horace Butt Chapel Hill, X. C. Grimes ByErl ' Coolccniee, X. C. Benjamin Franklin Caieev High Point, X. C. Charles Clarence Carter Morganton, X. C. Leslie Edward Chapelt Camlor, X. C. M, CK Lloyd Chappeli Edenton, X. C. COM.MODORE Cl.. RENCE ClIlNNIS .PhoCllix, X. C. Ernest Walton Clark, Jr I Belhaven, X. C. Francis Mann Clarke. Jr Middleton, X. C. Benjamin Cone Greensboro, X. C. Joseph Lindsay Cook Winston- Salem. X. C. Edward Broad Cordon ,.., Waynesboro. Va. Freshman Baseball (i). UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA EnwARD Tracy Councili, Chapel Hill, N. C. John Stuart Cranmer Cliapcl Hill, N. C. Phi. Society; Cerman Clui. : AKE. George Dewev Crawford Cornelia, Ga. Di. Society. OusBY Reives Cunningham Apex, N. C. Phi. .Society; Winner Freshman Ueliater ' s Medal; Freshman Inter-Societv Dehate: Snh-Assistant Manager N ' arsity Football; Wake County Club. Duncan Elbert Curry Pankton. N. C. George Robert Dail Kenansvillc, N. C. Donald Snead DaniEi. Wc]doii, N. C. Cerman Club; Phi. Society; Coop; IIalifa.x-Warren Club; Glee Club; KA Worth BaclEy Daniels Washington, D. C. AKE. RoEfOT Mayo Davis Tarboro, N. C. Xash- Edgecombe County Club; Phi. Society; Carolina-Goodyear Club. Waldamar Eros Debnam Snow Hill, N. C. Phi. Society. Robert Clyde Dorsette Siler City, N. C. Phi. Society. James Edwin Dowd Charlotte, N. C. Horner Club; Mecklenburg County Club; Sub-Assistant Varsity Basket-Bail; Sub-Assistant Varsity Football; " Tarheel " Staff; German Club; Glee Club; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Class; AKE- Plato Jefferson Elliott Lattiinore, N . C Joseph Wilson Ervin Morganton, N. C Houston SpEncEr Everett Rockingham, N. C. Di. Society; Rithmon.l County Club; German Club; OKA. William Kempel Falkner Warrenton, N. C. Vice-President Ilalifax-Warren County Club; German Club; Coop; ATfi. 1918 YACKETY YACK Samuel Williams FerfbEE, Jr Newhern, X. C. Bruce Almond Fountain Tarboro, . C. Allen Erwin Gant : Burlington, X. C. AT . Elliott Culver Grandin Tidioutc. Fa. Varsity Basket-Hall (i); Wearer of ■ ' N. C. ; " Track; Golf Team; loop; Cerman CUib; Minotaur; Secretary-Treasurer Southern Intercollegiate Golf Association: BOH- George Leic.hton Grantham Fairmont. X, C. Robert Bruce Gwvnn Leaks ville, X. C. Secretary Rockingham County Club tj); Intra-Collcge Debate (J ; Di. Society; KOBERT XoRMAN HardEn Commerce, Ga. AE- William IUrrus Harrell Moyock, X. C. Charles Rorert Harris Arden. N. C. Leo Hkartt Harvey Kinston. X. C. German Club; Coop: Minotaur; KZ. Valentine Broapwav Henesee Glen Alpine, X. C. Robert Fatrick Henrv - Winston-Salem. X C. Kreshman P.aseball Team; Sub-Assistant Manager Team; Forsvth Countv Club: " Chemical Journal " Club; AKE. Michael Arendell Hill. Jr Beaufort, X C. Phi. Society, Carteret County Club ([ , Secretary (_•). Benjamin Ivev Hoefner Salisbury, N. C. Di. Society; Rowan County Club. Robert Russell Horner Fayetteville, X. C. IlKA. CoLU.MBUs Alonzo HovlE Fallston, N. C. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA WiLLARD PayTon Hudson Sparta. Hi. Society; Ashe-Alleghany Countv Club; Representative on North Carolina ( hih. Artie Glenn Holt Burlington. ViccPrcs.dent Alamance County Club; German Club; IlKA- FiTZHvr.H Lke Hcri.Ev Grassy Creek. Di. Society; Winner Freshman llclialc; Sophoniore-Tunior Debate ( -■ ; W M. C. . . Cabinet (_•) ; North Carolina Club; A. W. A. Club. President; Rcprc- seutalive on Xorth Carolina Club. Joseph Thomas Ipock Xevvbern. Damet. Wesley IsEar Wilson. Claudius Leox Ives .Grifton, JoHX McKee Jamiso.v - Cliarlotle. Law REXCE Wooten Seven Springs. V aync County (luli; Phi. Society. .ARTHUR Taylor Johnson Raleigh, Verne Ernest Johnson . slieville. Ralph Lynwooii Joh.nsto.n Salisimry. Ror.ERT DuVal Jones. Jr Xewoeni. Cerman CInb; Coop: KiS. Roy Patton Jord.xn slievillc. Claude Reup.En JoynER Yadkin ville. Pi. Society; Freshman Haseball. James Meredith Ketch ie Salislirry. Curry McDonald King Mount Olive. George Watts King Cliarlotie, Mecklenluru County Club; Horner Club; German Club; SX- Thomas Skinner Kittrell Henderson. Sanford Martain Lee ' . Xevvton Grove. Rui-us Theodore Lenoir _ Yadkin Valley. N. C. X. C. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. X. c. N. c. X. c. X. c. 1918 YACKETY YACK William Figures Lewis Kinston, N. C. William Leonard Lindsay Chapel Hill, N. C. IcHABOD Mayo Little RobersonviHe. N. C. r.erman Club; Freshman Football: Fresbman Baseball; 4. 0. Francis Julius Liipfert. Tr Winston-Salem, N. C. Freshman liaseball Team; Sub-Assistant Manager Track Team; Forsvtb County Club; AK.E- Percy Phillips Lynch Raleigh, N. C. Aubrey Guirkin McCabe Elizabeth City, N. C. RoscoE GoREA McDonald INIonnt Olive, N. C. Arthur TalmagE McIntosh Roherdel, N. C. Julian McIvER Sanford, N. C. German Club; Coop; Bingham Club. John Brown McLaughlin, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Louis DE RossET McMillan Wilmington, N. C. ATQ. James Luther McNairy Greensboro, N. C. C.uilford County Club; Class Football (ll. Clem Markham Durliam, N. C. Allen Morris Martin , Winston-Salem, N. C. Glee Club (i, 2); Forsyth County Club; (ierman Club; Track Squad ( i, .-l ; Ben. Hunter E. Martin Elizaliethtown, N. C. Paul Martin Salisbury, N. C. Di. Society ; Rowan County Club. Charles DaswEll MassEy Princeton, N. C. Phi. Society; Johnston County Club. Lawrence Arnold Matthews East Bend, N. C. Ernest James Mecum Walkertown, N. C. William Edward Merritt, Jr Monnt Airy, N. C. Surry County Club. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Richard Leinster Mitchell Statesville, N. C. German L.iil.. Nathan Moblev Charlotte. N. C. V. M. C. A. Cabinet: Hi. -Society; Mecklenburg County t lub ; IIK . Oliver Earle Moore Bennettsville, S. C. Ezra Vernon Moss Cherryville. X. C. William Webb Neal Louisbiirg, N. C. Dramatic Club (i. 2); German Club; S0- Sam uEl Stuart Neel ■ - Mooresville, N. C. Ire.lell County I lub. William James Nichols Gorman. N. C. William Blount Norment Trinity, N. C. John Ernest Norris Holly Hill, N. C. Phi. .Society; Wake County Club; North Carolina Club. Herbert King Odom St. Pauls, N. C. Ralph Bei.o Ogburn Winston-Salem. N. C. German Club; Coop; KA. Thomas LillEy Pace Oxford. N. C. Phi. Society; Glee Club (1. 2); German Club; IIKA. WiLLiA M Rogers Patton Mebane, N. C. Di. Society; .Mamance County Club. Franklix Lumber Payne Raleigh, N. C. James Roy Pearson Apex. N. C. Albert Jennings Pemberton Fayetteville, N. C. ATQ. James Jerome Pence Rockingham. N. C. i)i. Society; Richmoiul t ounty Club; .Minstrel .Association: German Chih. Sidney Curtis Perry Durham, N. C. Charles Wiley Phillips Trinity. X. C. Di. Society; President Freshman Debating Society; President Randolph County Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 1916 YACKETY YACK Robert Fletcher Phillips Raleigh. X. C. Phi. Society: Inter-Society JJebate (i); V. . 1. C. A. Cabinet ( -■ ) ; Wake Cuuntv Club; Siili-. ssistant Manager IJaseball Team (_ ); C.erman Club; 2X. Kenneth Lewis Pin nix Greensboro. X. C. J. C, RLTON PlTTM. N Gates. X ' . C. riii. .- cciety : c;ates County Club. Will Xklsox Poinhexter, Tr Walkenown. X. C. ( Club; I-oi yth County t lub : ATU. J. MEs Lewis Poston Statesville, X. C. hi. .Society; Iredell Covmty Club. Johnnie Albert Pritchett Rawliiigs, . C. John Gilli.v.m PriicT(ir Laurinburg, X. C. I ' hi. Sncietv; President Robeson County Club; Cerman Club; Freshman Baskel- liall; Dramatic . ssociation ; KE. RoBFUT WiLLi.xM Pi-LLi. M Boone, X. C. n. Sucielv; Freshman Debate; North Carolina Club; Executiye Council (2): A. VV. A. Club ' . Cl-wde Clinton R. ms. y Salisbury, X ' . C. German v ,ub ; KE. S.AMUEL Hunter Re.ams Durham, X. C. llerman Hub; Durham County Club; Xorlh Carolina Club; Sulj-. ssisianc .Manager Track; X. Harvev C-M.uwEll Renegar Harmony, X. C. Di. Society; Iredell County Club: Xorth Carolina Club; Carolina-Akron Club; l.atiu-. merican Club. Charles Baxter Ridge High Point, X. C. Cnilfurd County Club. George Branson Robbins Jamestown, X C. Edwin L son Robektsdn Woodsdale, X ' . C. David Jennings Rose Bentonville, X. C. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Robert Alexander Ross Morganton, X. C. Ilurkf (-..iinty Hull, Vice-President ( i . President (J); Cerinan Club; ATO. Bennett Watson Roberts Gatesville, X. C. Phi. Society ; Gates County Clul). Edwin Reid RcssEll Asheville, X. C. William Allen Royall Goldsboro. X. C. C.ennan Cluh : Wavne County Club, President (2): Sub- Assistant Manager Varsity Basket-Bali ; Assistant Manager Dramatic Club, Cast (2) ; " Yackety Yack " Board (2); arsity Track Team (1, 2): 2AE. HalliE Christine Seawell St- Pauls, X. C. RossiE SteElman Shore Yailkinville, X. C. David Dixon Si.oan Garland, X. C. Leslie Eugene Slupf.r Leicester, X. C. Albert Lewis Smith Concord, X. C. Chemical Engineering Club. Randall Collins Smith Riverdale, X. C. Plii. Society ; Craven County Club. William Franklin Snider, Jr Greensboro, X. C. Cerman Club; Rowan County Club: l Ae. Rov HoBART Souther Greensboro, X. C. George Cornelius Southerland, Jr Goldsljoro, X. C. Joseph Felix Spainhour, Jr Morganton, N. C. l)i. Society; Burke County Club. RuFus Arthur Spaugh Winston-Salem, X. C. Korsvth Connlv Club; ice- President Class (il; Greater Council I -• I : German Club; Coop; Glee Club (i. 2): V. M. C. A. Cabinet; Di. Society; First- Year i-ootbaii ID; Ben. Earl Montgomery Spencer Morganton, X. C. Corvdon Perry Spruili Raleigb, X. C. First- Year Football (i); Phi. Society; Class President U); IlKl . 918 YACKETY YACK Fletcher Humphries Spry Maple, N. C. WiEi.iAM Thomas Stem Darlington, N. C. Herman Club -• 1 : Soulh Carolina Chib. Henry Davio Stevens Asheville, N. C. Associate Editor " Yackety Yack: " Vice-President Buncombe County Club: ' . M. C. A. Cabinet; liernian t lub ; KE. M ARVi N Lek Stone Kittrell, N. C. Vance Everett Swu- ' t : Altamalia, N. C. Joshua Tavi.oE Washington, N. C. Freslmian Football; Secretary-Treasurer Class (i); German Club: Coop; I ' X. Haywood Maurice Taylor Tarboro, N. C. Nash- Edgecombe County Club (i, _ ' ) ; Dramatic Club; Associate Editor " Carolina t liemist " (-■). Nelson Wh iteoru Taylor Beaufort, N. C. Harvey Stansill Terry Rockingham, N. C. Hi. Society, Censor Ij): Richmond County Club. William Berry Thompson Goldsboro, N. C. (icrmau Club; (ilee Club ([1; KZ James Frank Tilson, Jr Marshall, N. C. Charles French Toms. Jr AsheYi ' lle, N. C. Cerman tluli; I ' .uncombe County Club; j Ae. Daniel DewEy Topping Pantego, N. C. John Thomas Totten Yadkin College, N. C. Calvert Rogers Toy Chapel Hill, N. C. German Club; V. M. C. A. Cabinet; " Tarheer ' Hoard; " Yackety Yack " Board; Augustus Zollicoeeer Travis Weldon, N. C. AKE. Richard Stanford Travis, Jr Weldon, N. C. C.ermau Club: (ilee ( lub : Coop; Warren-Halifax County Club; KA- UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Ear Run van Keyelsville, Va. Luther WilEv Umstead Stem, N. C. Phi. Society. Cart, Hampton Walker Coin jock, N. C. Kester Lo ve,i.i, Walton Biltmore, N. C. John Pipkin WashhurnE Lillingtoii, N. C. Alexander White Marion. X. C. Treasurer .McDowell County Club (i). EuwiN Emerson White Reistertown, Md. Phi. Society ; German Club; Dramatic Club; Sub-Assistant Varsity Baseball; 2AE. John Woodford White _ Statesville, N. C. Edward Morris Whitehead Salisl)nry, N. C. AKE. Brain ARD Svdnor Whiting Raleigh, X. C. " Tarheel " Board; Sub- Assistant Manager Basket-Ball {_ ); First-Year Football Team (i I ; i:X. Samuel Willis High Point, N. C. Di. Society; Guilford County Club; North Carolina Club; Inter-Society Fresh- man Debate. Ralph Harper Wilson Wilson ' s Mills, N. C. Phi. Society; Secretary Johnston County Club. Thomas Clavton Wolf Asheville, N. C. Orpheus Evans Wright Winston-Salem, N. C. i Ae. Calvi n Robert Yei.verton Fremont. N. C. John Bruce Yokfiv Mount Airy, N. C. Alexander Craighead Young Charlotte. N. C. Mecklenburg County Club ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 1918 YACKETY YACK SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY - :. I ' .rTEMBER, igib. witnessed the debut of one of the largest throngs of k Freshmen in the history of the L ' niversity. Xo doubt Hinton James, the first student, and President Caldwell, the first President of the L ' niversity, never dreamed that such a conglomeration of Fresh knowledge would ever adorn " The Hill " at one time. Some of this throng were wise; but the majority were Fresh, as usual. Having successfully passed the examination on the Catalogue, and having con- vinced the bursar of our reliability, we proceeded to convince the Seniors and Faculty of our ability. Next, we proceeded to organize our forces, and to try to ward off the jealousy of the Sophomores. In a stormy session, closely resembling Cromwell ' s Rump Parliament, we chose F. B. Harty to guide our Class thru the year, and J. Tayloe to record our virtues, and keep what the Bursar failed to get when we registered. Piloted by such leaders, our Class soon became accustomed to the Spirit of the l ' niversity, and especially did it rapidly forge to the front in the various phases of college life. Nineteen-si.xteen and ' seventeen being the first year of the " one-year rule, " our Classmen were ineligible for the arsity football and baseball teams, but we centered our interest in our Class teams, and all of them contributed to the glory of the L ' niversity. and especially to the glory of Xineteen-Twenty. The examinations revealed to us that we had a large number of Phi Beta Kappa candidates. Also, the Literarv Societies discovered that we had several men that showed interest in debating. ( )ur obstacles, composed chiefly of Sophomores, snowballs, and Math, problems, began to vanish by the first of June, and we realized that the time was not far away when we would have the jjleasure of welcoming Nineteen-Twenty-One. This vear, we have assembled under very different circumstances from those uiuk-r wliich we assembled last year. Many of our classmates enlisted during the summer in some branch of the Covernment service, and many others have gone into the service since September. Those of us that ha e not been drafted are preparing to ser e our country in some capacity, when we are called. As a Class, we are mindful of President Wilson ' s utterance, on April 15, 1917, when UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA he said: " The supreme test of the Nation has come, we must all sjjeak, act, anil serve together. " A gloom of sorrow was cast o er us, when our classmate, Julian Mcher, died, January 30, iyi8. Our tribute to him can be expressed in the words of Dean Stacy: " He died in preparation for the defense of his country — a death as noble in spirit as a death on the battlefield. " As to the accomplishments of our Class, we can say that the work has been fully up to the L ' ni -ersity standard. The great majority of the members of our Class, and the other Classes, are taking Military Science. With President Spruill and Secretary Dowd at the helm, our Class continues its good record. W hat our future will be, is uncertain : but if Captain Allen ' s prediction comes true, we are destined to oppose the Kaiser ' s forces, in either France or ( ' lermany, in the near future. After that, ?? — Historian Ju iHFUiDriam JULIAN MCIVER CLASS 1920 BORN December 17. 1899 Died January 30, 1918 ■ ■■ ' V 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA i 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS A. M. Scales, Jr : ' ....President L. R. Lnwiv ' . J ' ice-Prcsidciit P.. A. Sims Secrclnry-Trcasurcr J. D. Shaw , " ..RcfrcsoiiiiliTc oji Greater Council ROLL Abw.!,, EinvARP Stanley, Jr Arts Smitlifielil Abernathy, Charles Laba.v, Jr , Arts , Newbeni Abernathy, John Turner Arts Chapel Hill Abernathy, Oscar Marvin Arts Monroe Alexander, Maxie Miller Arts f. Creswell Allen, William Harian __ Arts Elkin Arbogast, John CliFForh Arts Aslieville ArmeiElii, Britt Millis Arts - Aslibnro Arrasmith, Thomas Milto. Jr Science Hillsboro AsHHY, Clarence Linden Garneli Arts; Raleigh Austin, Sheldon Clyde Science Mew London Aycock, Leland Le Claire Science Fremont Baker, John EarlE .Arts Nashville BanzETT, JuliFiN Edmund Arts Ridgeway Bason, William Jennings Arts Swcpsonsville Mass, Nathan Roscoe Arts Liicania Bate man, William Wiley : Arts ...Creswell Battle, Fred Gordon Science Newbern Beasley, Elliott Laney Science ■•. Jacksonville. Fla. Beers, Charles Dale Science Asheville Hencini, Rich man Banks Science High Point Berkyhill. Walter Reece Arts Charlotte BiCKETT, William Yarborough Science Raleigh BiddlE, Roy McCallie Science Greensboro Blair, Clarence Dorian Arts Greensboro Blount, Samuel Masters Arts Washington Blythe. William LeGette Arts Hnntersvillc Bobbitt, William Haywood Arts Statesville Bonner, John ILwens Arts Newbern Bowles, John Franklin, Jr Science Statesville 1918 YACKETY YACK BoYCEj HE fRY Spurgeon Science Tyner Boyd, Charles Theodore Arts Gastonia Broach, Jamie Bunnell Science Hurdele Mills Brooks, Frederick Philips Science Kinston Brown, Charles LeE Arts Burns ville Browne, Joseph Malcolm Arts Kelford BuECK, HiERONYMUs Arts East Spencer Bunting, John Burton.. Arts Bethel Campbell, Walter Lee Science Norwood Carawan. Leland Thompson Arts Lowland CarmichaEl, William Donald, Jr Arts Durham Carpenter, OlliE LeE Arts Morris ville Carter. Henry Clay Science Washington Cash ATT, Cyrus Everett Arts Jamestown Cobb, Mary Louisa Arts Chapel Hill Cochrane, Frederick Cline Arts Charlotte . Cochran, Homer Jones Arts Martin ' s Mill Coffey, Carl Sylvester Science North Wilkeshoro Coggshall, Marion LidE Arts Darlington, S. C. Coker, Richard Gay Arts Hartsville, S. C. Cook, AlE.xander Eugene Science Fayetteville Cooper, C rl Mann Arts Nashville Cooper, Dalton Arts Albemarle Cooper, Henry BurwEll Arts Henderson Cooper, Lee Martin Science Washington Costner, Walter Vance Arts : Lincolnton Covington, Gilbert Worth Arts Linden Covington, Martin Luther Arts Gibson Cowan, John Columbus, Jr Arts Rutherfordton CrallE, Fountains Maury Science - Louisburg Cross, James Parker Science Gates ville Cum MINGS, . mos J Science Winston- Salem Dail, Rodolph DuEFiE Science Kenansville Daniel, Julian Edwin Arts Henderson Deitz, Robert Odus, Jr Science Statesville DeLamar, Guy Churchill .....Arts Beaufort Duncan, David Dudley Arts Beaufort DupREE, Benjamin Owens Arts Plymouth Durham, Frank Horton Arts Carrboro Durham, Plato Science Gastonia DuVal, Joseph KamEs Science Pollocksville Edmundson, Haywood Arts Raleigh UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA EnwARPs, Clayton Franklin. Jr Science Sparta Ervin. Hugh Tate Science Morganton Ervin, Charles Columbus Arts Waco Ervvin, Jesse Harper, Jr Arts West Durham EuRE, Trad Armie, Jr Arts Eure Evans, Atha West Science Dover Evans, Erasmus HervEy Arts Lauriiiburg Farmer. Joseph Ashby Arts Clayton Fearrington, James Cornelius Pass Arts ....Winston- Salem Fields, DanjEl Allen Arts Laurinburg Fields, Leanord Earl Science Kinston FonTE, Willi a. i FeimsTER Science Statesville Forxev. Onis Gray Arts Greensboro Fountain. Benjamin Eagles Arts Tarboro Fowler. Ch. rlEs Worth Arts Greensboro Fra.n " cis. William Roy- Arts Waynesvillc Fry, Robert Fearrington Arts Winston-Saleni Fulton, Howard Edward Arts Winston-Salem Funderburk. Charles Bevan Science Lancaster, S. C. Gardner, Wade A Arts Wilson G. ' VRRETT. Charles Br. y Arts Maiden Gibson. Edward Hiram, Jr Arts Kernersville Glenn, Claude Thomas Arts Elkin Grant, Daniel LindsEY ' Arts Sneads Ferry Grant, Horace Wenton Science Sneads Ferry Gregory. Lee Overman Arts Salisbury Grieiin. Arthur Gwynn Arts Marsh ville Grimsley. DtLus Harper _.. Arts Hookertoii Gko ' Es. Willie Clay Arts Loray Guard, John Worth Science Coinjock Hagood. William Ward . ' ' irts Charlotte Hall, Gordon Cozart Science Portsmouth, Va. Ham BRIGHT, Frank Bernard .A.rts Grover Han kins, John James Arts Winston-Salem Harden. Boyd . rts Graham Hargett, John McKenzie . rts Trenton Harper, Frank j L rion. Jr Arts Raleigh Harris. Edwin Worth Arts Elkin Harris, Joseph Carnegie Arts C ' eveland Harris, Willard Watts Arts Henderson Hawkins. Dallas Arrington Science Thomasville 1918 YACKETY YACK Hayes, James William, Jr Science Elm City Hayes, Nathaniel Perkinson Arts Wise HeddEn. George Caylor _ Science Pisgah Forest Heffner, Hubert CrousE. Arts Maiden Heffner, Ray Lorenzo Arts Maiden Hendricks, Joseph H. Arts Greensboro Hester, Waverly Mauldin Arts Tryon Hicks. Jasper Benjamin Arts Henderson Hill, Theodore David Arts Lexington Hi N SON, ThERA Earl Science Monroe Hofler. Ralph Hayes Science Gatesville HoLBROOK, Ernest Jackson Arts Huntersville Holland, NoEll AtwEll Arts Winston-Salem Holt, Edwin Michael Arts Duke Hooker, Edgar Frank Science Kinston Horner, Junius Moore, Jr Arts Asheville HoylE, Geddys Dixon Arts Fallston Hudson, Oliver Wendell Science Durham Ingram, Odie Dewitt Arts High Point Ives, Charles Luther, Jr Science Newbern Jacobs, Marion Lee Arts Morrisville James JessE Dwight Arts Marsh ville James, Larray Moore Arts Greenville jERNiGAN, Mack Murphy Arts Dunn Johnson, Henry Lee Science : Burgaw Johnson. William Busen Arts Lillington Johnson, Rufus Manfred, Jr Arts Gastonia Jolly, TommiE Edward Science Battlehoro Jones, Hines Arthur Arts Greensboro Jones, William Shipp , Arts Richmond, Va. KennEy, Augustus SummErfiEld Merriman Arts Salisbury Kerr, Joh n HosEa, Jr _ Arts Warrenton Kincaid, Haywood Gordon Arts Gastonia KistlEr, Charles Edmund Arts Morganton Landon, Henry Clayton, Jr Science North Wilkesboro Lazenby, Robert Paul Arts Statesville Leak, William Clay, Jh Arts Rockingham Leary, James Woodard Science Edenton Leonard, Colvin Theodore Arts Greensboro Lewis, Augustus Marion Arts Statesville LiNEBERGER, Archibald Caleb Arts Belmont UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA LoFTiN, Milton Science Trenton LoHR, BuRGiN Edison Arts Lincolnton Long, Ira Gillespie Arts Derita Love, James Wilbert Science Raleigh Lowe, Frank Robbins Arts Winston-Salem LuPFFsT, Benjamin BailEy Arts Winston-Salem McAuLAY. EuRiD Reid Arts Huntersville McKenziE, Alexander Lewis Arts Chadbourn McKiMMON, Hugh Arts Raleigh McKnight, Thomas M Arts Mooresville McManus. Tyre Olin Arts Monroe MacNair. Walter Scott Arts Maxton AL NEss, Archibald Kelly Science Biscoe Manning, George Dewey Science Bethel Martin, Elbert Hoke _ Arts Charlotte MassEnburG, JamEs Speed Arts Louisburg MasTin, Edward Olin, Jr Arts North Wilkesboro Miller, Claude Elwood Science _ Albemarle Milton, Leon Vincent Science Greensboro Miner, Allen Alexander Science Goldsboro Monroe, Clement Rosenburg Science Biscoe Moody, Ralph Manning Arts Murphy MoorE, Frederick Arts Webster Morris, John D Science Roxboro Morrison, Paul Thomas Science Wilkesboro Xaiman, Baenette,. Science Kinston Nelson, Louis IVL ' Knn Science Florence, S. C. Newton, Thomas Frank Arts Morganton Nimocks, Henry Selby Science Fayctteville Noble, Marcus Cicero Stephens, Jr Arts Chapel Hill NoE, Kenneth Barnes Arts Beaufort O ' Neal, Harry Edward Arts Scranton Ogbvrn, Si HON Cicero, Jr Science Winston- Salem Orr, Joseph Lee. Science Matthews Owens, Adolphus Bingham Science Charlotte Owens, Willis Harrell Arts Edenton Parker, Henry Hudson Science Hobbsville Parks, Claude Maynard Arts Elkin Parks, Laurie Alexander Arts Lenoir Patterson, Howard Alexander Arts Chapel Hill Patterson, Millard Hatcher Arts Mount Airy 1918 YACKETY YACK Pegram, George Clayton Arts Canton Pell, Allison Hodges Arts Richmond, Va. Pennev. James Theophilus Arts Charlotte Penney, Lloyd Grant Science Elkin Perkins, George Olney Arts Scottville Person. Joseph Arrington Arts Charlotte PicKARi), Nell Abbie Patterson Arts Chapel Hill Pike, Clarence Gurney ' Arts Fremont Pollock, Philip Basil Arts Trenton Porter. Garland Burns Arts Kernersville Powell, Charles Percy Arts Winston- Salem PkEssi.y. William Apams. Jr Science Rock Hill, S. C. PuRRiNGTON. Ali ' REu LuthER. Jr Arts Scotland Neck Ran SON. Paul Jones Arts Hunters ville RfglEr. Frank V ernon Science Charlotte RoBBiNS. Jesse Manly Science. Ashboro Roberso.v. Israel Foy Arts Belew Creek RonrjiTs, Bryan NazER Arts Hillsboro RoL ' RK, William Asbury, Jr Science Wilmington Ri-FFiN, Robert Gray Arts Rocky Mount RuFFiN. William Haywood, Jr Science Louisburg Sasser. Kirby ' Cleveland Science Kenly SatterfiEld, GrEv Arts Mount Airy Salnders. William P. T Arts Morganton Scales. Alfred Moore. Jr Science Greensboro Scarborough, Dawso.m Emerson Arts - Hoffman ScHiFPMAN, Arnold Arts Greensboro Scott, Ken neth McCoy Arts Charlotte Shamburger. Madison Elsa Arts Biscoe Shaw, John Duncan Arts Laurinburg Shaw, William Tolman Arts Cary Shine. Wf.slEy Hill Arts Calypso Shore. George Dewey ' Arts Yadkin ville Sim MS, Benjamin Arnold Science Talladega. Ala. Sinclair. Daniel Guy Science Rowland Sm. thers. VinsEnT LeRoy Arts Waynesville Smith, Charles Henry Science Reidsville Smith, Philip Carver Science Capron, Va. Smith. Robert Owen Arts Liberty Smith. Roefkt Edwin Science Mount Airy S.MOOT, William Brittingham Science Salisbury UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Spain-hour, Joseph Felix Arts Morganton Stack, Amos MorEHEad Arts Monroe Stancil. John McQueen Arts Rockingham Stevens, Elliott Walker Science Warsaw Stevenson, Samuel Whitefielii Arts Mooresville Stimpson, Robert Tula Arts Siloam Stone, [ I.ARn Benton Arts Kittrell Stout. Wimur White rts Burlington Stover, Mary Louise Arts Wilmington Suggs, Marvin Saneord Arts San ford Sylvester. Leon Ward : Arts Ricblands Taylor, George Edward Arts Beaufort Taylor, Joseph White Science Oxford T AM.oK, Tyre Crumpler Arts Glade Valley Th lEs, Karl Ernest .A-rts Charlotte Thomas, Cyrus Berkeley Arts Jonesboro Thompson, Jame,s William Arts Southport TiLSON, Winfreii Ervvin Arts Marshall Tom LIN. Perry Clarke Arts Asheville Tucker, Joseph Cranberry Arts Plymouth TuRNBULL, Francis Waldo Science Asheville Van Noppen, Don. ld Arts Greensboro Vestal, Isaac Gordon : Arts Rocky Mount Von Cannon. Ch. rles Herman. Jr Arts Spencer Ward, Wallace Fitzgerald Arts Lake Junaluska Ware, Reuben Ring Science Reidsville Warren, Vergil Leroy Science Prospect Hill Welch . Oscar Blaine Arts Charlotte Wellons, William Bryant Arts SmithfieUl WhitakER, LilliE Dell Arts Carrboro WiLKiNS, Alger Bright Arts Linden Williams, Charles Augustus Arts Charlotte Wn.soN. Thomas James, Jr Arts Chapel Hill Winstead. Orrin Jasper Arts Elm City Wo MACK. Xathan Anthony bcience Reidsville WooDAi.L, William Ryall Arts Smithfield WooTEN, Arthur Leroy Science Fountain Worthington, Samuel Otis Arts Winterville Wright, Alan Brantley ' Science Winston-Salem YelvErton, Ben Olds Science Fremont YouncE, Jesse Edward Science Spencer 9 I 8 YA C K ET Y YA C K ik SSW UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ' % 1016 YACKETY YACK SENIOR LAW CLASS OFFICERS Harold D. Cooley President E. B. Denny riee-Presideiit E. L. Travis Secretary and Treasurer Haroi.ii D. CoolEY Refreseiitalk ' e on Greater Ci ' niieil Marion B. Fo vi,er Refresentative on Student Coiiueil MOOT COVRT FALL TERM IL D. Cooi.Ev, E. B. Denny Moot Court Coiiniiittee Sn-NCKR T. Thorne Clerk W. V. Canhler Sheriff UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Klvin Luv Bumgakxek Hickory, N. C. Age, 22; Height, 5 feet 10 inclies Weight, 175 Secret;irv-Treasnrer Catawba-Lin -oln County Ciuh: Y. -M. C. A.; Shflififf Moot Court. I ' Will W. Caxuler j ' l c - Candler, N. C. |Asge 26; Height, 5 feet 10 inches He will win out, " as of course. " Bum has an opinion on everything, from " Domestic Relations " to the " Home- stead Exemption. " He does more thinking than studying. He ' s a Repub- lican, from " bonnet to boot-heel, " and keeps us all at our wit ' s end to refute his argument without introducing " extrinsic evidence. " Bum is from Hickory, and we all feel that he will make that stout old tree more sound by his appearance there in its legal branch. Ji 4 He ' s a " regular fellow. " Coming from a stock of western X ' orth Caro- lina lawyers, he has the legal mind ah initio. He ' s the kind of fellow that will fight the legal battle to the finish ; and that is not all — he ' s determined to help Uncle Sam win the war for free- dom, for he has already joined the Aviation Corps. He ' ll be stirring up litigation with the Kaiser in a short time. C. NL)LER is one of our strongest props, and we are counting on him. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 20; Height, ; Weight. ,-, j f. President Senior Lawf vlass ; P _ (lent Nash-Edgecombe Cotinty dlu Assistant Alanager Dramatic Chib (3I, Manager (4) ; Member Dramatic Chili Cast: ' Glee Club: German C ' lili; Class Baseball: Y. : I. C. A.: Banquet: Smoker: J. C. O. Club: Greater Coun- cil: MA ; t Ae. feet 10 inches C. A.: President ( i ) ; Class Orator. Rowan Vice- The best-looking man in the Class, by actual vote. He represents the Law School at the University in all social affairs; and we all like him. He ' s our President; and we are proud- of it. CooLEV is good gubernatorial timber. Watch the future Governors of North Carolina. He ' s a born lawyer: so he can ' t help from being a live lawyer. Take notice, ye clients. . profound student of the law: rattles off the " Rule in Shelly ' s Case " and the " Canons and Descent " about as easy as we say " Now I lay me down to sleep. " There ' s no allegata without probata with him. The more intricate the problem, the brighter that legal brow of his shines forth complete elucidation. When he comes back from France, Nortli Carolina will again be blessed. 1918 YACKETY YACK jNIahiox BuTi.Kk Kuwi.EK Hillsboro, N. C. Age, 21 ; Height. 5 feet 9 inches Weight, 150 Durham County Chib, President [2): Ass ' stant Manager " Tarheel " (3), Advertising Alanager {4): V. M C. A„ Cliairnian Educational Department (4), Secretary (4): Class Treasurer (2); Treasurer Xorth Carolina Club (21; Contriliuting Editor " University Maga- zine " (4) ; Student Council (5 " ). IMES Sl ' l ' .ARS lloWKUI, Asheville, X. C. ' •• G ee--Cluly:4i, 2) 3), Manager (2) Secretary " Rtmcomhe County Club (2) Capta ' n Drum Corps (2); Band (2). Fowr.ER is one of the serious minded in our Class. If there is any point in " Domestic Relations " that you are in doubt about, ask him : he ' ll help you. His life has been the quiet, everyday life of a good man, a good student, and a good citizen. He loves the study of law, and will, we all believe, soon be an authority on the rights of a " femme coverte. " The most " enterprising " lawyer that ever came our way, is Ji.viMiE. There ' s no end to that fellow. He can plead a case : act as Judge ; sell boots, or any- thing else : train a drum corps : type- write, and teach shorthand : and yodle like a mocking-bird. Jim.mie is living now for Uncle Sam in the Quarter- master ' s Corps. Xo matter where, he is busy. The Judge will never tell him, " You slept on your rights. " UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Wiij.iAM Thiimas, Ji. Rockingham, N. C. President Riclimond County Qlui Dramatic Club ; North Carolina Clk That boy ' s bright. He knows folks, especially " judges " and " ladies. " He knows law, too. He told Judge Allen so. last January ; and " sho nuff " he did. T.WGLE has that kind of argument that the jury can ' t get around; and if wc get woman suffrage, the juryladies will simply fall for him. You just can ' t help from liking Tangle — he ' s so darn appealing. w He ' s in the swim. The legal waters around Rocky Alount are already feel- ing the mighty stroke of Theophilus. " T " was a great friend of ours at Chapel Hill. He ' s an ardent advocate of all the good in law books, and says he is out to help strike out all the bad written there. Godspeed, " T. " 918 YACKETY YACK diiWARn Llewell ' in ' TrWis, Jr. [ Halifax, X. C. J» That fellow is a genius. He can gel away with more good stuff on short notice, on Class, than anyl)ody. The Profs, have a time trying to lilind En. " Beware of you lean Ed; he tliinks too much. " He ' ll make a hig lawyer. Corporations are En ' s specialty. He can jumiaie them up, and straighten thetn out, as easy as a picture puzzle for a baby, without even having the " specific intent. " ■-_; ' UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA U JUNIOR LAW CLASS OFFICERS Albert OettiiVger President Miss M. E. Palmer I ' kc-Prcsidcnt Raymond C. Maxwell Secretary and Treasurer •»• JUNIOR STUDENTS IN LAW Adams, Lacy E Gastonia BoRE.N, Norm AN Addi son Pomona Brantley, Dwight Spring Hope CoHN, Frederick Jacob Goldsboro Emry, Opal IonE Tilman Weldon Hooks, Bennett Fremont Jordan, J. Y Asheville Leatherwood, Dennis Bryan Waynesville LiTAKER, Henry Daniel Lenoir Little, George Cecil Marion McCuLLEN, Samuel David Goldslinro Maxwell, Raymond Craft RaliiKli Oettinger, Albert Wilson Palmer. Miss Madeline Elizabeth Charlotte RendlEman, David AtwELL Salisbury Robinson, Edwin Carl Wadesboro Salmon, Neill McKay Lillington Whittington, Charles Allen Apex SPECIAL STUDENTS IN LAW Allen, Richard Gregory St. Pauls Cameron, Paul Archibald Kinston Mann, Elmo Middleton Schlichter. Andrew Best Hollister .1 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA u If h 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA SECOND-YEAR MEDICAL CLASS OFFICERS James Graham Ramsey President George L. Carrington Vice-President Howell Peacock Treasurer R. E. Brooks Secretary ROLL Ambler, Arthur Chase Asheville Arnold, Duma Carroll Neuse Banner. Allen Carithers Mount Airy Brooks, Ralph Elbert Roxboro Carrington, George Lee Durham Dewar, William Banks. Raleigh Fewell, John J Iay Rock Hill, S. C. Fewell, William Sadler Rock Hill, S. C. Fitzgerald, John Herbert Pine i evel Gold, Ben Shelby Harper, William Troy Wakefield Holloway, Jackson Kenneth Raleigh Johnson, George, Washington Wallace Jones, Zebulon Baird Vance Swan Quarter KiNLAW, William Bernard Rocky Mount Lyday, Russell Oseorxe Brevard McKnight, Roy Bowman Charlotte Matthews, Robert Winton O ' Briant, Albert Lee Timberlake Peacock, Howell ColumDus, Ga. SiDDALL, Roger Shore Sumter, S. C. Wooten, Floyd Pugh Kinston WooTEN, William Islbb Wilson ■Y UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA FIRST-YEAR MEDICAL CLASS OFFICERS Sami-Ki. Rovai.i, Xokris President AiiAM T. Thorpe ] ' icc-Prcsidcnt W. W. Kirk Secretary llrc.H Parks Treasurer •i- ROLL Baker, IVL uricE Euwarp Lawmlak ' C AVI NESS, Verne Strudwick Moreliead City Cobb, Donneel Borden Goicishnrn Cooper, David Alexander HL-nderNon CorpEning. ShErrill GaithER Brevard CROwEiL, Gordon Bryan ; Lincointon DaruEn, Dougeass Beaman Fremont ElEv, Vernon Lyndon Menola Farthing, Fred Robert Boone FoLSTON, Theodore Winslow ■. Swannanoa Frye. Glenn Raymer States villa FuTRELL, Walter Edward Conway Geddy, Kenneth Baxter Rose Hill Hamer, Alfred Wilson - Mcfull, S. C. Harney, James Norman - ...Fiymonth HoBES, Walter Scott - -- .Clinton Hopkins, Herbert Milton Brooklyn, N. Y. Hunter, Harry GrimmETT Henderson ville Kirk, William Wilson Jacksonville, Fla. KirsEV, William Albert _ -Mnrganton Lambert, Waite. Leonidas ■. Moftatt Lutterloh, Isaac Hayden Sanford XoRRis, Saml ' EL Royall Jacksonville, Fla. No WELL, Stephen Cowan, Jr Windfall Parks, Hugh Statesville Perry, Robert Edward Monnt Olive Robbins, Fred Ross Lenoir Scott, Henry Alvord Mebane Smith, Andesson Jones Black Creek Smith, Franklin Calton Rockingham Taylor, Shahane Richardson Kinston Thorpe, Adam TrEadwEll Rocky Mount Tom LIN son, John William , Fayetteville Wilson, William Gillam. Jr Wilson Mills 1016 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK Ai.Ti-.K Otts Allen Htndersonville. N. C. Age, 21 : Height, 6 feet Weight, 150 Ex- President PliarmaceutiLal Societv , Henderson Comty Chih — - h w,? . MiNEKVA Bingham Kutherwood, X. C. Height, 5 feet 5 inches; Weight, 143 Walticr, Iietter known as Squige, is a vahiahle gift to ns from the Class of ' Sixteen. He has a very qnick mind, which enaliled him to rank high in his Classes, and to pass the State Board with a liigh mark. Also he has a very amiah ' e disposition, which is proved hy tlie fact that he stole the heart of our only Co-Ed. He is an optimist in the full sense of the word, and we predict for him a great future (if he will locate in a town where there are none of the fair sex). Miss Bingham is the first Co-Ed to have graduated from the Pliannacy Department. She has proved herself a brilliant student, and spends all her time with her books and in the labora- tory. She is one of the few lady pharmacists, and we are proud of the fact that she hails from " Carolina. " (For further particulars, see Jeff Mull.) UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA V . If J) 22: Heght, 5 feet 8 1 Weigh, x.„ President of Class; PreSideiltP a ' piJaV- ceutical Society : Student Council : Greater Council ; Assistant in Pharmacy Laboratory; K . Ransom Freu Carsweul Morganton, N. C. U Brook, as he is known by all his friends, hails to the University from I ' uncombe County, and is an all- ' round student. Upon the campus, he has many friends, who admire his energetic ability and calm dignity. By the possession of a wonderful talent for remembering pharmaceutical formulae, he was suc- cessful before the State Board of E.xaminers in November. During his two years at the University, Brook has won many honors, and we knov.- that a rapid rise into the realms of success awaits him, whether serving Uncle Sam ur behind the prescription counter. Fred left us early in the term, and denied us the pleasure of having his genial disposition among us in June; but he has left liehind him many good friends, who will always remember his numerous good qualities. 19 18 YA C K ET Y YA C K Jesse Turlingtu.n Mukgax Benson. X. C. Age, 22: Height, 5 feet 10 inches Weight, 140 Vice-President Class: Member Greater Council; Johnson County Club; Ex-President Pharmaceutical Society; J ACiiii EknKsT .Mri.i. Morganton, X. C. Age, 21 ; Height, 5 feet 7 inches ..Weight. 135 1V - y Jesse is recognized tliru the whole Department as the Class leader. He is a very conscientious student, and is never so happy as when preparing for an exam. He has business with his books sixteen hours out of a day. dreams about them four hours, and sleeps the remaining four. In making an analysis of his character, we find but one fault — he keeps the rest of us working too hard to keep up. Jeff is one of tlie most popular boys in the Class. He never lets his work interfere with pleasure; nevertheless, he gets along with his studies fine. You can always find him at Patterson ' s Drug Store, or working in Chemistry Lab. His classmates wish him a long and successful career. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA if ' ' I A,.BKKT„ S0,.« ■ , Santiago, Cuba Age 6: Height, 3 tL-et 6 inches; Weight, 133 Albert is a student of rare ability. He takes everything and everybody seriously, and lets everybody know that he is here for business. Altho he came to America, with no knowledge of English, three years ago, he has never " flunked " a quiz, and is always there with his part when any work is to be done. He is a graduate from " Havana Sugar School, " and is a talented chemist. He makes friends with all who know him, and is sure to succeed. 1918 YACKETY YACK FIRST-YEAR PHARMACY CLASS Bra ME, Petkr Jovner Winston- Saiem I ' lri ' i ' Ai.o. JdUN Mack Raleigh CiiNLEv. William Clieeord Glen Alpine Creech. Seth J Benson Dixon, Hfj man Lewis Belmont FoRiJHAM. EnwARi) Hugh Greensboro Ingram, Lai-rence Munsey High Point McBane. O. D Manndale PoRRO, Enrique Zayas Camaguey, Cnha Richardson, Hobart William Ashboro White, James Stark Windsor + SPECIAL STUDENTS IN PHARMACY Durham, Carl Thomas Chapel Hill Herkixg. EEnHAM Bridgeman Wilson Lkiibetter, Edmond DeBerry Chapel Hill Lloyii, Thomas Philip Chapel Hill UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA GRADUATE STUDEP TS Allen, Julia Washington Goldsboro Bradshaw, Francis Foster Chapel Hill DevEREAux, Robert Eddings Spencer DouGHTON, Martha Rebecca Guilford College Eagle, David E ugene Statesville HoBBs, Samuel Huntington, Jr Chapel Hill Hl ' iM ' , Herbert Henry Soudan, Va. LoHN, Lawrence Luther, Jr Lincolnton Markham, Black well Durham Marsh. Luther Grier Marshville MoFFATT, James Strong, Jr Chapel Hill MoRBis, Myrtle EsTELlE Malta, Texas Moss, William Dygnum Chapel Hill Nagano, Kioyoshi Oita, Japan Patton, Walter Chapel Hill Reasoner, Norman Addison Oneca, Fla. RiGGs, OlliE Leonidas Carrboro Scales. Elizabeth Walker Greensboro Scott. James Wujjams Greenwood. S. C. Upchlrch, William Merriman Durham Whiti-ield, James Vivian Chapel Hill Aibara, Kazuo Nagasuta. Japan McWhorter, Euclid Harvey Chapel Hill Xaitu, Yasushiro Kofn City, Japan 1018 YACKETY YACK II i it N V c A - " . K UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA WOMAN ' S ASSOCIATION Mrs. Thomas W. Lingle Advisor to Women OFFICERS Miss Mildred Moses President Miss Elizabeth A. Lay Viee-f resident Miss Cordelia Camp Secretarv Miss Mary L. Cobb Treasurer 4- ] Iiss Andrews Miss Kexxett Miss Pickard Miss Bingham Miss Liddell Miss Reid Miss Carson Miss McFadyen Mrs. Riggs Miss Doughten Miss McGlamerv Miss Scales Mrs. Emery Miss Macon Miss Whitaker Mrs. Groves Miss Morris Miss Wilcox Miss Palmer ' yJ 1918 YACKETY YACK iiAviE run. AH )VMIVgR5rTV OF NORTH CAROlFnaV UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK PUBLICATIONS ACKETY YACK: Published aiimially by tlie Literary Societies and the Fraternities. Editor-in-Chief, Roljert C. de Rosset ; Business Managers, E. A. Griffin and W. C. Feimstcr. THE. UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE: Published six times a year by the Literary Societies. Editor-in-Cliief, W. Hernias Stephenson; Business Manager, V. M. York. THE TAR HEEL: Published weekly by the Athletic Association. Ed.tor-in-Chief. C. G. Tennent; Managing Editor. E. J. Burdick ; Business Manager, Watt V. Eagle. THE ALUMNI REVIEW: Pubhshed monthly. Editor, L. R. Wilson; Business Manager, E. R. Rankin. THE NEWS LETTER: Published weekly by the Bureau of Extension. THE ELISHA MITCHELL SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY JOURNAL: Published quar- terly by the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. STUDIES IN PHILOLOGY : A Journal published quarterly by the University. Ed- win Greenlaw, Editor. THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA RECORD: Published periodically by the University. THE C. TALOG: Published annually by the University. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA HANDBOOK: Published annually by the Y. M. C. A. UNIVERSITY DIRECTORY: Published annually by the Y. M. C. A. JAMES SPRUNT HISTORICAL MONOGRAPH: PubLshed annually by the Lhiiversity. THE CAROLINA CHEMIST; Pubhshed by the Chemistry Department. NC RTH CAROLINA CLUB YEARBOr)] Published by the University, in the interests of the North Carolina Club. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA a 1, rtf:. Ximhtill - ii? 1 Zi ' d ' -y my ■ £1 ' ' l 4 4i 4j I9I8-YACKETY-YACK 4k X v a BOARD i ound y ,A.r a- 5 rv..- 4P 4 WiU-o J 1918 YACKETY YACK ' . [IS-O tr MAGAZINE BOARD ■ " " 1917-18 «ypR S UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA t ' f 4i 40 Cv J TAR HEEL , ' •] k ?p° ' _ I9t7-I8 f- ' jk 4fe5, 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA HE western trip of the JMiisical Clubs was declared a huge success by all of tlie members. The Clubs played in Spartanburg, Asheville, Charlotte, Salislniry, Win- ston-Salem, and Greensboro. The boys were received everywhere with great hospi- tality. Most of the audiences were large, and all were very appreciative. This year ' s program was composed almost entirely of popular music, contrary to tlie usual custom of rendering for the most part classical music. This new type of program appealed very strongly to the audiences. The Mandolin Club, the Hawaiian Trio, the yodeling by Howell, made the biggest hits. After the concerts, the Clubs enjoyed delightful dances and receptions. 1916 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA MUSICAL CLUBS OFFICERS W. H. Stephenson - President J. B. Hester, Jr P ' ice-President J. S. Howell Business Manager E. S. LiNDSEv Director of Chorus and Ortlicstra P. L. Br-ANSON Director of ManaoUn Club GLEE CLUB First Tenor Daniel, Howell. jMahtin, McKee. Travis. A. Z. Second Tenor BURDICK. DOWD, LlIPFERT. NoBLE. TrAVIS. R. S. First Bass Hester, Lindsev. Parker, Robbins, Stephenson Second Bass Blount, Poag, Prince, Spaugh, Tennent MANDOLIN CLUB Mandolins Branson, Blount, Burdick. Hester, Liipfert, Xoble, Rendleman, Stephenson Guitars DowD, McKee. Poag, Spaugh Haivaiian Guitar Travis, A. Z. ORCHESTRA Violins LiNDSEY, Rendleman, Noble Flute Clarinet an Oppen Cornets Parker, Hester Robbins Baritone Drums Prince Piano NiMS CarmichaEL UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK ' m p w THE CAROLINA MINSTRELS THE CAROLINA MINSTRELS, 1917 T. Y. JuRDAX, Director R. C. DE RossET Business Manager Ed. LindsEv Orchestra Director Irvin Parker Bandmaster Verne Johnson Staye Manager Ralph Johnson Proferty -l uii Dk. E. V. Howell, faculty Adiisor Mr. James Howell, Interlocutor I ' ocallsts Messrs. Bingham McKee. Paul Martin. Vh.ll m Blount, J. J. Pence, F. J. Liipiert, Earl Marsh, J. D. Poac, George Brinson Comedians lEssRS. Chester Burton. Roland McClamrock, . . Z. Travis. Theo. Folsom, W. R. W ' unsch. Edward Burdick 1-nd Men Messrs. S. B. Tanner. Jr., George Green, J. Y. Jordan 150 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Hk i S I UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 018 YACKETY YACK DEBATES COMMENCEMENT DEBATE tJERY : Resolved, that all corporations engaged in interstate commerce should be required to take out a Federal charter, constitutiona ' ity waived. PHI. (Xcyiitk ' c) UI. {.Iffiniuilivc) A. M. Co. Ti-s V. M. York J. V. B.VGGETT PrUETT Won by Negative Bingham Medal won liy A. M. Coates SOPH -JUNIOR DEBATE QUERY: REsoLVEn, that Congress sliould prohibit the manufacture, sale, and importa- tion of alcoholic liquors, by a Constitutional Amendment, Congress to provide for the manu- facture and sale for scientific, medicinal, and sacramental purposes. PHI. (Ar, ,( ijv) B. C. Brown E. S. Mej ritt Won bv Affirmative ni. (. ft rmalivc) F. L. HiRi.Ev W. C. E- T0iN UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA SOPHOMORE DEBATE QUERY: Resolved, that North Carohna should adopt the principle of the short ballot, the Governor and tlie Lieutenant-Governor being elected by the people, the Governor appointing all other State officers. PHI. ' glltirc) F. G. Miles E. S. Merritt DI. (Jffiniiativc) J. W. Dalton W. M. Mathews Won by Negative FRESHMAN DEBATE QUERY : Resolved, that all corporations engaged in interstate commerce shouH be required to take out Federal Charter, constitutionality waived, and Federal license not available as an alternative. PHI. (XetiatiTc) O. R. Cunningham R. F. Phillips DI. {.Affiniuitivc) S. H. Williams W. F. PULLIAM Won bv Affirmative JUNIOR ORATORICAL CONTEST CARR MEDAL PHI. SOCIETY DI. SOCIETY A. M. Coates H. VV. G. Owens W. H. Stephenson W. M. York Won by A. M. CoatEs Snbjcit: " America ' s Justification " 1918 YACKETY YACK Al.HERT McKlNLF.V CoATES Winner Xorth Carolina Intercollegiate Peace Oratorical Contest, 191 7 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA m Rnr.EKi Makion Russ. Jr. Winner of the Willie Person Manguni Medal, 131; mm 1918 YACKETY YACK t:ii. k I 4 ChieF ' yickieri P ' CoTTtTncnccment 0 S : ? Cutbhcrlf Tt iodtfer or Ti.n Jiodtfer UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK CERIIAN CLUB DANCE LEADERS— FALL ■i- GERMAN CLUB R. B. McKee Leader J. W. G. Powell Assisloiil Leader James S. FicklEn Assistant Leader ■t GIMGHOUL GERMAN R. C. HE Rosset Leader E. T. Cooper Assistant Leader H. V. P. Wilson, Jr Assistant Leader UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA GERMAN CLUB DANCE LEADERS—SPRING GERMAN CLUB D. B. Kimball Leader V. B. KiNLAW Assistant Lender D. A. Cooper Assistiint Lciidcr JUXIOR PROM. J. V. G. Powell Leader J. D. PoAC. Assistant Leader D. B. Cobb Assistant Leader GORGOX ' S HEAD GERMAX A. C. Ambler Leader J. S. FiCKLEN - Assistant Leader D. B, Cobb _ Assistant Leader " 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA •• Oh. long may it nave O ' er tlu land of the free ttnil the home of the brave! ' 1918 YACKETY YACK wpfpf v i f ' ' " ' DRUM CORPS — SPRING, I91; ■ e- UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROL-IN A V - st " v vv:i - rt 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA V James Stuart Ai.i.kx captain princess patricia ' s caxauian light iniantrv Director of Mililary Tniining 1918 YACKETY YaCK MILITARY TRAINING AT THE UNIVERSITY mT IS not the nature of the North CaroHnian to remain neutral when a " first- class scrap " is in progress nearby. When his financial interests are also inxolved, and when his sympathies are aroused by the brutality practiced by one of the belligerents, his blood seethes with a desire to take part in the conflict. Such was the condition confronting us during the first year of the great European war. h ' rom the beginning, our hearts have been with the Entente Allies, tho most of us for a long time agreed as to the wisdom and expediency of national neutrality. A few of us, from the first, more belligerent in nature or more far-sighted then the rest, felt that we should at once throw our swords in the balance. Some could not resist the individual call to duty, and the names of Rockwell and McConnell have been added to the long honor rdll of Xorth Carolinians who have died in the cause of Liberty and Right. I ' .ut conservatism as well as sympathy is deeply ingrained in our character. The bulk of our people, tho hoping for the success of France and Britain, yet felt that we as a people lacked sufficient cause for participation. Our native love of peace, and our inherent confidence in the goodness of human kind, blinded us to the far- reaching German ambition for world domination, and to the gross brutality and conscienceless treachery of the Teuton rulers. Our long immunity from foreign attack, and our own absence of desire for conquest, prevented our recognition of the danger from abroad, and obscured our appreciation of our own military weakness. Hut our eyes were gradually opened by the cumulative evidence of three years. The invasion of Belgium, ilie con- tinued oppression of conquered territory, the deliberate devastation of farm and city, the per- sistent cruelty to prisoners and to civilians and. above all. the inhuman work of the submarine, steadily aroused our overwhelming indignation ; and step by step came the realization of our own hel])lessness in case of war. The academic atmosphere promotes an intense love of individual freedom, an acute sympathy for the oppressed, and a ready indignation against an oppressor. But it also creates an impatience of restraint and discipline. The college man is prompt to volunteer when war is on, but slow to recognize the necessity for preparation before the event. When the suggestion was made, in Harvard R O T C ' ° ' nmeteen-fifteen, that a course m Iiistiiiitor ill Militarv Science military training be introduced in the University UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA of North Carolina, it met with Httle favor among either Faculty or students. War was not regarded as imminent, and in our ignorance we failed to realize the importance of making ready for its coming. A few months later, a chapter of the National Security League was organized, thru the efforts of Mr. J. AI. Booker; but only four or five of the Faculty and a few dozen of the students were interested. The organization languished and died, but it had prepared the ground for a further growth. A second attempt, made in the spring of nineteen-sixteen, to introduce military trainmg in the University, met a better response ; but real enthusiasm was still lacking, except among a small group who were rated as alarmists and cranks. The course was not adopted, but the changing attitude was evidenced by the fact that during the following summer three Faculty members and twelve students attended the Civilian Training Camps at Plattsburg and Fort Oglethorpe. Mr. Draper, of Charlotte. N. C. gave five hundred do Air. Frothingham. of Vorcester. Mass.. gave one hundred dollars, towar ing the expenses of students attending this Cainp. liars, and d defrav- riRST . TTEMPTS — SFkl.NG, HJl 1918 YACKETY YACK This period may be regarded as the starting point of acti e interest in our mihtary preparation . Every one of the men attending these Camps returned full of enthusiasm, and strongly in favor of a Training Course in the L ' niversity. This spirit grew steadily, and b} ' January, 1017, nearly one hundred of the stu- dents, and ten members of the P " acult ' , had made their plans to attend one of the Government Camps in the following summer. Coincidently. tlie sentiment for a University Department of .Military Science gained momentum, and seemed destined to succeed. . t this moment the sudden scxerance of diplomatic relations with ( " lermany swept awav all remaining opposition. Without a dissenting ote, and with scarcelv a dissenting oice. the Faculty adopted a resolution recommending the institution of this Department. At the same time, under the stimulating influence of Coach T. J. Campbell, the University I ' .attalion was formed. A meeting of those expecting to attend the Cixilian Camjis was held. In half an hour more than a hundred men had agreed to drill for an Ikuu " each night. Three days later, this number exceeded five hundred. Meanwhile, President Graham had applied to the War Dejiartment for an instructor, and for the necessary e(|ui|)ment for a Reser e ( )f ficers ' Training Corps. L ' nfortunately, with war imminent, the relatively small military establishment of the I ' nited States could not spare to us an instructor, nor even the modest amount of equipment we required, Never- theless, without uniforms, and without rifles, and merely under the tutelage of students and Faculty members who had had some scant experience at Plattsburg or at preparatory schools, the drill was enthusiastically begun. This work- attracted the attention of Mr. R. W. Glenn, of Greensboro, the State Secretary of the Military Training Camps Association. Thru his good offices, Mr. Julius Cone, of Greensboro, loaned to us, and afterward gave us, one Inmdred and eighty Civil War carbines. Tho ol)solete as offensive weapons, they ha e served an jj - indispensable jjurpose for our drill. Lieutenant (now ■ ji " Ij Captain) McLendon, of the North Carolina National HH i J_, 1iij Guard, and Captain ( now Colonel ) Broadhurst, of the 4-V . if MM Regular Army, both alumni of the L ' niversity, made fre- (|uent visits to the campus during the spring, and rendered valuable service by their advice and encourage- ment. In the latter ]iart of the session, the battalion was badlv shattered by the enlistment of many of us mem- bers in the army, and by the enrollment of more than one hundred others in the first Officers ' Training Caniji at Fnrt ( )glethorpe. I ' ut those who remained conimued the work until the close of the session. In spite of President Graham ' s earnest efforts, it Mk.ssrs. Hickkrsox was impossilile to secure from the Tnited States A. r) Rci.i.iTT G(nernment either an officer as instructor, or equip- UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ment for the proposed work of the present session. But in the kite summer his laljors were amply rewarded Ijy his securing from the Canathan (V.overn- mcnt the services of Capt. J. Stuart Allen, of the Princess Patricia ' s Canadian Light Infantry. As the head of the Department of Military Science, he has maintained at a high level the intense enthusiasm which our students felt tor this preparation for patriotic service. His high record as an officer in the I ' .ritish Expeditionary forces, his boundless energy, and his magnetic personality, have made him an ideal leader in initiating this course, and have endeared him personallv to all in the L ' niversity community. His assistants have been Mr. lonathan Leonard, who formerly held a responsible position on the teaching staff of the Harvard Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, and Mr. J. ' . Whitfield, {V. X. C, 1915), who for the past two years has been Commandant at llorncr Military School. The total number of students registered in the L ' niversity for the fall term was 820. Of these, 565 ( sixty-eight per cent. ) have been taking this course, de oting twelve hours a week to the work. H we eliminate from our count the twcntv-five women students, and about seventy-five men whose laboratory hours in medicine, chemistry, etc., conflicted with the drill hours, and about twenty whom the college physician disqualified for physical reasons, we have in training about eighty per cent, of those who could by any reasonable possibility take the course. Tiecause of the immediate national emergency, the whole l ' niversity schedule of classes has been so modified as to make possible the devotion of twelve day- light hours a week to this work. Obviously this arrangement can not he permanent, but plans are now being formulated by which a Reserve Officers ' course, based upon the recommendations of the War Department, may be incor- porated in the regular curriculum. The details are not yet perfected, but it is purposed to place the Military Deiiartmcnt upon the same basis as other Depart- ments in the L ' niversity. An interesting experiment will be tried during the summer of nineteen-eigh- tcen. L ' nder the auspices of the l ' ni ersity, a six-weeks ' course of intensi -e military training will be given by Captain Allen, assisted by Mr. W. . . P.lount and Mr. Bingham McKee. Colonel Bingham, of Asheville, has generously offered the use of his school (barracks, tents, and all other equipment) for this purpose. The course will be open not only to regular college students, but also to all boys and voung men, from sixteen to twenty years of age. Xo L ' niversity credit will Ije given, but the opportunity is offered for a delightful summer outing combined with a verv aluable experience. —J. B. B. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE STAFF THE STAFF Director of Military Sciciicr Capt. J. Stvart Allen-. P. P. C. L. I. Comiiiaiidaiit Lieut. Jonathan LEoxARn Jdjutant LiELT. J. ' . Whitfield 1918 YACKETY YACK COMPANY ' ' A ' OFFICERS G. D. Holding - - - Cat tain R. B. McKee - first Lieutenant V. W, Xkai Second Licnlcnant K. T. CrowELI. Second Lieutenant }. -M. GwvNN Second Lieutenant B. A. Sim MS First Seiyeani Sergeants Eagi.e. Liipfert. Aixex, Lohk, Parker, Patterson. Bkvant. L. H., Cranmer First Platoon Second Platoon Third Platoon Fourth Platoon PiNNix Rondthaler Bristol Meclim Price Pavne Cohn Hexson Pearson Martin Presslev Roberts Harris (Corp.) Harrison (Corp.) VoglER (Corp.) Steele (Corp.) Sexton Bverly . ustin C arter l DDLE Hodges Duncan Jamison IN ' Ioore, Paylor Joi.ley Wellons Edwards Edmundson Taylor Hoeener KiTTEELL AbERNETHY CoaTES S.MITH Newton Hale Patterson Rigler CuRR Graham Blair Leonard Wood (Corp.) Kenne.y (Corp.l Wilson (Corp.) (Corp.) Moody Currie Schiffman Lineberger Hargett Pace Aycock Rives Wilson Cochran Taylor Brooks Evans Burton Cooper O ' Xeal Hennessee Cummings Cowan McKnight Hendricks Armfield • Wilson Sluder Johnson Bynum Scot Willis Shamberger (Corp.) Powell (Corp.) Williams (Corp.) Tilson (Corp.) Turnbull Yelverton Fields Shine Fulton Fearington Little Fountain Pless H. tcher Broach Gooch CoKER Baker Hurley Hall UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA COMMISSIONED OFFICEKS COMPANY " " XON-COM MISSIONED OFFICERS 1918 YACKETY YACK COMPANY " B " OFFICERS C. B. Holding Captain U. S. Brvant, Jr ; First Lieutenant E. C. GsANDiN Second Lieutenant W. E. DowD Second Lieutenant N. G. Gooding Second Lieutenant J. H. Erwin, Jr Pirst Sergeant Sergeants Joxns, HiiRXER, PoAC, Pemef:rton " . Barufx, Te.vnKnt First Platoon Second Platoon Third Platoon Fourtli Platoon Hankins Parks Stephenso.n- Kincaid Smith Carter Justice Wright Chinnis Ives Sloan Dawsox KiiMBALL (Corp. " ) Henrv (Corp.) Thornton (Corp.) White (Corp.) RoBBiNs Stevens Harris Fowler BoLiNG Falkner Thorpe „ ,,, TT Griffin Terry Washburn Hill Spencer Roberson Bond Wilson Blythe Van Xoppen Abell NoE NowELL Porter Harris Owens Murray (Corp.) Baix Jenkins Lindsay (Corp.) McDonald Maxgum (Corp.) Wilkixs Philips Mastin West Crawford (Corp.) York Costner Stemm Taylor Nelson Roberts Stokes Gibson YOUNGBLOOD WOODARD EDDIE SyLVESTER Anderson at r Hicks „ McCaulBy „ Dupree Beers _ Taylor _ „ BfaslEy ,, Tucker Ray Milton FicklEn (Corp.l Po.xdExter (Corp.) ,, . Gibson Holt Morrison yy p Ransom Glenn Merritt Robertson Wunsch Taylor McCabe Everett Spry NoRMENT Coffey Lay Allen UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA COM. MISSIONED orricERS COMPANY " B " ' rmc XliX-Ci.iMM1S 1U.NED Oi-llCEK; « 4i£9 1916 YACKETY YACK COMPANY " C OFFICERS W. A. Blount .Cal ' tain R. A. Spaugh , First Lieutenant D. B. Cobb Seeond Licutciumt W. Y. BiCKETT Second Licutciuiiil F. F. Bradshaw Second Lieutenant W. R. CuTHBERTsoN First Sergeant First Platoon Wolfe Um STEAD Brown Neiman (Corp. " ) Allen Shaw Pippin Wright POSTON Bateman Snyder Willis Marsh Francis Jones Barber (Corp.) Mavnard Hagood Nichols Lynch (Corp.) Abernethy Carpenter Brookshire Price Serg( Thompson, Linker, Second Platoon Rimmer Welch Harden El ' RE (Corp.) NORRI s Stevenson Hudson Johnston Andrews Thomas ROBBI.- S LARTIN (Corp.) Stone TiLSON Stone Wo MACK L RSHALL Ross Lewis Gregory (Corp.) Pence Cecil B. bb Smith ■ants Hester. Armstrong Third Platoon Lenoir Smith Long L ktin (Corp.) McXairy Holier Parks Crissman BiZZELL Richardson Harrington Stockto.n (Corp.) Holt worthington Rhyne Smoot Saunders McKenzie Kerr Vokelv (Corp.) WlNSTE. D Young Stokes Love Fourth Platoon FryE Roddick Frve Schwartz (Corp.) Smith Perkins Cobb Maxwell BOBBITT Powell Duncan Patterson RUFFIN Guard Ketch IE Topping (Corp.) UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA a.rj ' «, J . ■■ ' n COMMISSIONED Ol-l ICERS COMl i " C I i k I S S r l NON-COMMISSIONELi ul I IC K 1916 YACKETY YACK COMPANY 7) ' OFFICERS E. T. Cooper.-. ) ' Ciiptai V. W. Neal.) R. C. UE RossET first Liciitriui W. C.KRMiCHAEi, Second Liciilcua E. R. RUSSEL Second Licntcna J. P. Sawyer Second Licuteiioi, W. H. RuFFiN, Jr First Sergear, Sergeants Baii.ey, Ga t. Crali,e, Hester. Braxson. James First Platoon Second Platoon fliird Platoon Fourth Platoon LiiPFERT Debnam Butt Fields McCaulEv Kooxts Davis Velvertox Ervin Campbell Dickerson C(ioper Oettinger (Corp.) Tov (Corp.) Hazelhurst (Corp.) Ogburn (Corp.) TowLER McXair Fornev Lindsay Coggeshall Portchett Prince Moore Ogburn Heffner McNair McLaughlin Reams Deitz Cox Groves Spainhour Haves Noble Williams Williamson Penney Gibson Callock Daniels Lowe Holbrook Harris King. G. V. (Corp.) Cochran (Corp.) Cook (Corp.) J.arvis (Corp.) Jones McKimmon Smith Cross HoFFLES Cooper Marsh Sh. w Lewis Stephens Stack Fowler Landis Tayloe Couch Bonner Grant. D. L. Wilson Norburx Xaima.v Cooper Souther Rourk Df,Lam. r Carlyle John Hixson Griffin RoYALL (Corp.) Young. R. L. (Corp.) . ndrews Cordon (Corp.) Harvey Brinn Hunter Llorens Brewer Warrick Cunningham Lxdrev Aberxathy Butt Ionroe Gardner Mc L Nus .Adams Grantham Walker UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA r COMMISSION!- COMPANY ' D- - --- - - :i_— — A » .A. A A gfetg ■ ' - 2j| jr " f -t fe — J M A ' K ' nil 1 1 NOX-COM MISSION ED 01 1 ICEKS 1918 YACKETY YACK BAND Branson Dnan Major Parker Director Prince Pollock WOMMACK Hankins rondthaler Williamson PlGRAM Landis Tavlor Burton DeLamar Bate MAN FlELUS McManus Ware Dixon VESTAL AND MASSENBURG UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YaCK COLUMN OK COMPANIES UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 6.11 mm " j OGELTHORPE. )m. j ' i 1918 YACKETY YACK ' l 5x ' :|iln " TRENCH ATTACK wjMi ' ' ' ' UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA -ih- FOOTBA 1918 YACKETY YACK UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE FRESHMAN TEAM A. yi. Scales Captain X. R. Pippin Manager Howell Peacock Coach G. A. Barden Coach Cochrane Left End Wright Left Tackle Armfield Left Guard Shaw Center Morrison Right Guard Carter Rhll ' t Tackle Sims Rig Fit End Lowe Quarterbacl! Sherrod Left Halfback Fearrington FiiUback Scales (Capt.) Right Halfback Substitutes BicKETT, Abernathy. Fulton, Stevens. McAulev. Shamburger, Rives. Kistler. Powell SCALES AliOUND i;Mi 1918 YACKETY YACK FOOTBALL fm T OR tlie first time, probably, in the history of the sport, the University abandoned Wcrsity football, and gave the field over to the rigid military system which was ushered in last fall. " On to Richinond " found a rival in " On to Raleigh, " where a competitive drill had been planned for with A. and E. College. .■ fter a slight delay, a call was issued for candidates for tlie First-Year Reserve squad. Many Freshmen and First-Year men reported to Coach Peacock, who soon mapped out a schedule of practice that did not conflict with drill. Rigorous training began in earnest, and resulted in the development of a firm, efficient teaiu. Bell, Clarvoe, Blount, Barden of the Nineteen-Sixteen Varsity team, Spaugh, and Spruill assisted in the coaching. Scales was elected captain. The season opened with Davidson Scrulis. tlie First-Year men winning. 5 to 2. Lack of drive seemed to be the characteristic fault of the team. In tlie final game with the Virginia Freshmen, the Reserves played hard from the start. The outstanding feature of the game was a seventy-yard run by Captain Scales, who played a stellar game for Carolina. Fearrington, Lowe, Simms, and Sherrod came in for their share of the glory, for each played a consistent game on the defensive. The First Reserve team was composed of good material, which will no doubt figure in the Varsity teams after the war. CO. CH BARDEX UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA CAPTAIN SCALES, MANAGER PIPPIN, COACHES PEACOCK AND BAKHEN, AND ASSISTANTS 1918 YACKETY YACK OPPONENTS RUSH DOWN THE ITEl.l) —BUT— THE I ' KE.SHMEN KICK COM, " May It Ever Be Such! ' UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA (fc i) P rv ' , " ' vOr-5 1918 YACKETY YACK n UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM RvtioLPH Barnes Captain W. R. Allen Manager H. C. Black 4ssistant Manager J. C. Tavloe Assistant Manager Hearx Coaeh + Catchers Bennett, Vounce. Roberts Pitehers Powell. Coleman, Kinlaw, Llewellyn First Base : Folcer Seeonci Base: Jen ' nette Third Base: Feimster, Kirk lan Sliorstop : Hertv Left Field: Barnes Captain) Center Field: Stuart Right Field: Weeks. Proctor 1918 YACKETY YACK BASEBALL ITH only a few letter men back, and the one-year rnle in operation for the first time, the nineteen-seventeen baseball season opened with some uncertainty. But the uncertainty was soon dispelled. Between sixty and seventy candidates reported for practice. Many men who had never been out before, then realized that the team was to be made up of the upper-classmen instead of the type of players who came for the season and lost interest in the College after the schedule was finished. Coaches " Bun " Hearn and Campbell began working with the squad early in the year, and found good Varsity material present. " Rudy " Barnes, Captain, and Coach Hearn began to select the team in February, and practically determined the line-up by March the first. Beginning with a 4-3 victory over Bingham. Mebaiie, the team continued a fast and sure game thruout the season, winning eleven of the seventeen games played — among the games won being one with Virginia. The schedule included some of the strongest teams in the South and East. PowELLj Captain-Elcit UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA PTAIX BARNES The games with Yale, Washington and Lee, and Virginia ' were clever exhibitions of scientific baseball. Probably the game with the University of Virginia was the most thrilling contest of the season. " Before one of the largest crowds ever witnessing a game in Greensboro. Carolina took a ten-inning affair from Virginia, by the score of 3 to 2. " And then The Tarheel continues : " The score fails to show how the Tarheels defeated the Virginians Too much credit can not be given to Pitcher ' Xemo ' Coleman and Pinch Hitter Younce, for it was in the ninth inning that Younce sent Stewart across the plate on his timely hit. Coleman replaced Powell, who had pitched a star game for nine innings, allowing only five hits, and giving only one base on balls. Xemo held the Virginians at bay for the rest of the game. The game was won in the tenth, when Jennette rapped out a two-bagger to left, his fourth hit of the day, and took third on Feimster ' s grounder to second. Coleman drove a clean single over second base, and Jennette scored. The Virginians were retired in one, two, three order in the last half of the tenth. " 918 YACKETY YACK The Davidson game at Charlotte was another fine exliiliition of liaseliall. featured bj- good pitching and neat fielding. " Carolina got her good work in at the start, pounding out five of lier six hits in the first inning, . ftcr two men had journeyed back to the bench by the ' wliiff route, Coleman rapped sharply to right for a base, stole second, and went home on Stewart ' s hot grounder to center. " Davidson failed to place a man on base until tlie fifth inning Black ' s stab of Jennette ' s terrible drive in the first, wi.h liases full and two outs, was Davidson ' s feature. " In the seventh, Davidson threatened to score, but tlie fast work of Herty. Feimster, and Jennette, in the infield, cleared the bases, leaving the score i to o in favor of the Tarheels. The Wofford game was also played in fine style, lasting only an Imur and thirty min- utes. Kinlaw pitched a strong game, winning 3 to o. " Rudy ' s u-.ual cluut over the left field fence came in the fourth inning. " A summary of the season shows good individual work in addition to the machine-like drive of the team as a whole. THE SCHEDULE | AND SCORES | o March 15 — Bingham, Mebane 3 March 23 — VV. Va. Wesleyan 5 March 28— Haverford College 2 April 2 — Wake Forest 6 April 4 — Davidson 4 April 7 — Yale University 4 April 9 — Washington and Lee o April II — Wofford College o . pril 14 — Virginia 2 April 16 — Davidson . ' o April 17— Wofford College .- i April 18 — University of Georgia.... 5 April 19 — University of Georgia.... 4 April 20 — Wofford College 4 April 21 — University of S. C o April 23 — University of Georgia... o April 24 — University of Georgia.... 10 Si - mm cf- mM »3f CO.NCH Hf, RN r¥] UNIVER SITV OF NORTH CAROLINA Sif«, J 1918 YACKETY YACK VARSITY BASKET-BALL TEAM 1917-18 HnwELL Pkacuck. Coaih V. B. KiNLAW, Manager C. G. TennEnt, Cat lain ' ' f ' Ciuard VV. R. CuTHBERTSON RiyM Guard B. B. LlIPFERT Center W. D. Carmichael, Jr Left l-orn ' ard P. F. Lynch Lejt Guard Substitutes GwvNx, Ravenki,, Morris UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1018 YACKETY YACK BASKET-BALL HE season 1917-18 opened up with tlie brightest prospects for Carolina in many years. Altho Captain Tennent was the only letter man to report for practise, when the call was made early in the fall, a number of promising new men and scrubs from the last year ' s squad were in evidence. Gwynn, Cuthbertson, Hodges, Ravenel, Perry, and Lynch were ready to conlnne their training again under Coach Peacock. Carmichael, Durham High; Liipfert, Winston-Sa ' em ; and Morris, Guilford College, were some of the new candidates for the team. Captain Tennent took charge of the squad during the early fall practise, and applied Coach Peacock ' s methods, eliminating as far as possible the higli-school " stuff " evident in tlie new players. The teairi soon crystalized with Liipfert at center. Lynch and Perry, forwards, and Ten- nent and Cuthbertson, guards. Two practise games were played with the Durham V. M. C. A. quintet, and the Varsity easily won, by superior team work — 63-21, and 42-35. Coach Peacock took over the team after Christmas, and began a rigorous practise. Perry left College, and Carmichael took his place at forward. Shortly after this change, tue team CAPTAIN TENXE.NT UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA met Georgia, one of the best teams in the South, and won 36- 7. in the prettiest game ever played at the University. After the Georgia game tliere was a shimp. and the team won several games by a mere margin. After the Virginia trip, which was somewhat disastrous — Carolina losmg three games — the team returned with a fight unequalcd before, and swept Davidson, Guilford, and South Carolina from the floor. THE SCORES Durham V. M. C. .A 13 Durham Y. M. C. A 24 Emory and Henry 21 Georgia 27 Elon 25 Elon 2S Guilford 24 Lynchburg Athletic Club 38 Virginia 45 Guilford 10 Davidson 22 South Carolina 21 Opponents _ - 287 North Carolina 60 Xorth Carolina 44 North Carolina 63 North Carolina 36 North Carolina 29 North Carolina 21 North Carolina 2S North Carolina 23 North Carolina 35 North Carolina 31 North Carolina 28 North Carolina 58 North Caro ' ina - 462 Carolina won nine of her twelve gafnes. Lynch led the team with sixty-four field and twenty-nine foul goals, making 157 points. Carmichael followed with f ' fty-four fie ' d and one foul goal, netting 109 points : Liipf ert at center scored thirty-nine field and two fori goals, crediting him with eighty points. Tennent got thirty-two field goals, or si.xty-four points: and Cuthbertson scored eleven goals, or twenty-two points. Substitute players scored fifteen goals, or thirty points. Carolina forwards scored 135 goals, while the forwards of all opposing teams scored seventy-five. Tennent and Cuthbertson secured forty-three goals, to the thirteen of all opposing guards. The real success of the team can not be determined by facts and figures. The passing game was followed closely. Individual starring was unknown, but the whole team worked together as an effective fighting unit. Lynch played close to the goal, while Carmichael ran the floor. Tennent played a running guard, leaving Cuthbertson to cover the entire lerntory at times. Liipfert was the hardest worker on the team, running the floor during every min- ute of play. The season ' s success: the fast, clean, aggressive style of playing: and the enthusiasm of the players was due entirely to Coach Howell Peacock. Carolina has never had a more efficient coach, a cleaner and more sportsmanlike leader than Peacock. Lynch. Liipfert, Carmichael. and Cuthbertson were awarded letters, and Tennent a star. 1918 YACKETY YACK TRACK TEAM Gordon CrowELL .--- " - Manager F. R. Farthing! Captain Dr. Kent Brown £oach York Gooding Ravenel Martin Tatum Herty ROVALL NiMS RiMMER Bryant Davis Williams Wood Jordan Grandin Hatcher UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA . 1918 YACKETY YACK TRACK 1916-17 € APTAIX FARTHIN ' G began plans for the track season shortly after returning to College. In the fall. Carolina won events in various track meets, and seemed to be starting on a really exceptional year; for. while " Bill " Folger vas dashing across Virginia ' s goal line for a touchdown that brought the Tarheels victory, L. M. Upchurch, star long-distance runner, was adding another victory to his long list of successes by winning the individual trophy cup for the five-mile run at Raleigh. He made the run in twenty-six minutes and thirty seconds, Totten and Crissman also represented the University in this meet. In the Annual State Intercollegiate Cross Country Run, held at A. and E. College in Xovember, Carolina representatives won the meet, Upchurch securing first p ' ace in the five- mile run, with a record of twenty-five minutes. A. and E. took second place; Davidson, third : and Wake Forest, fourth. With the first warm days of spring, one of the largest number of track aspirants on record began to kick up the cinders. Dr. Kent Brown was secured as Coach. An attractive schedu ' e, including itieets with Washington and Lee, Virginia, and different colleges of the State, was under way, and everytliing pointed toward an eventful track season. But just then came the call for men at Oglethorpe. Over half of the Senior Class responded. Webb, Rand, and Upchurch were aiuong those who left. " Four hundred Carolina men report for military training, " a headline appearing in Thc Torhccl spells the story. All athletics suffered ; but Track especially. The schedule was entirely abandoned, and the numerous candidates chose the more novel activity of military drill. Upchurch and Minis were awarded letters, and Gordon Crowell a manager ' s mono.aram. C. rl. t. lARTIU.NC D. VIS, CAPTAIN-ELECT UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ' 5(f 5 918 YACKETY YACK N TENNIS TEAM W. C. Fktmster. Jr. H. W. Pri.nxe, Caftain P. F. Lynch H. V. P. Wilson, Jr. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 4 ,_- " - r r Ai55ii?? GYM SQUAD, 1917-18 Dr. R, B. Lawson Physical Director R. E. DeverEaux Instructor S. F. Ravenel Instruclor MEMBERS OF TEA: I Butt, I. H. Ravexei.. S. F. CrOWELL. R. J. WiESON, W. G. Devereaux, R. E. Rendeeman, D. A. Jones, Z. V. B. Siddall, R. S. Lynch, P. P. Travis, L. G. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROL.INA 1918 YACKETY YACK ATHLETIC COUNCIL C. T. Vooi.i.F,. Chainiiaii. and Graduate Manager Dr. C. S. Mangum Facnlty Rct ' rcsrntatk; A. M. COATES Frcsidrnt of Athlctii: .Issociation G. D. Holding Manager Baseball Team Ray Armstrong Manager Football Team W. B. KiNLAW Manager Basket-Ball Team V. .M. York Manager Track Team C. G. Tennent Editor of " Tlie Tarheel ' ' C. B. Holding Re yresen tat ife-at- Large lj))UMtVeR5ITY OF NORTH CAROL! MA V UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA i ■ ■ ' s GREATER COUNCIL W. M. York J. S. Tkrrv C, P. Spruill R. A. Spaugh K. Kato A. M. COATES C. M. Hazelhurst S. R. NORRIS M. B. Fowler C. G. Tennent R. S. SiDDAI.L G. E. Brookshire L. Hodges G. L. Carrington J. T. Morgan H. D. CooLEY A. M. Scales F. R. Lowe STUDENT COUNCIL V. M. York President C. H. Hazei.hufst Sceretary C. P. Spruill President Sophomore Class R. S. SitiDALL Representative from Mcdiciti School yi. B. Fowi.ER Represeiitatii-e from Law Sehoid C. G. TfiNNKN ' T Representatii ' c at Lari e G. E. BrookshirK Representati ' c ' e from Pharmaey School A. M. CoATEs Jiepresentative elected by the Council UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA liliEATlXG COUNCll. DEBATING COUNCIL York. W. M... COATES, A. M. ..President ..Secretary Eaton, W. C. Baggett, J. V. Stevenson, W. H. Williams, R. D. 1918 YACKETY YACK DI SOCIETY AllERNATHV. O. M. Adams, V. M. Allen, W. M. Anderson, W. B. Andrews, W, H. Andrews, W. P. Armi ' ield, B. M. Armstrong, Ray Bailey, W, Berryhill, V. R. BlNKLEY, V. G. Blythe, W. L. Bobbitt, W. H. Boren, X. A. Boyd, C. T. Brawley. T. J. Bristol, H. C. Brown, C. L. Bryant, C. S. burdick, e. j. HULL ACTIVE MEMBERS Caitey, B. F. Cashatt, C. E. Chappell, L. M. Cone, B. Cook, J. L. costner, w. v. Crawi-ord, G. D. Crowell, R. J. cummings, e. o, De,nxy, E. B. Duncan, E. F, Durham, I. W. Eaton, J. C. Eaton, W, C. Edwards, C, F, Evans, E. H. Everett, H. S. Feimster, W, C. Forney, O, G, Foster, J. W. Fowi.KK. C. W. Francis, W. R. Fraziek, R. H. Fry, R, F. Gibson, E, H, Groves, E. E. GWYNN, J. M, Gwvnn, R, B. Hankins, J. J. Hardee, C. J. Harden, B. Harris, J. C. Henson, H. F. Hodges, L. H. hoffner, b. l. Hoyle, C. a. Hudson, W, P. Hurley, F. L. Ingram, O, D. John, F. B. UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA vl - 1918 YACKETY YACK f, CIrtn troni Di focicty y eridentf " 3 ' erri wm " (Ss UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA John SOX, R. M. Jones, H. A. joyner, c. r. Kato, K. KiNCAID, H. G. koonts, h. v. Landis, C. B. Leatherwood, D. E. Leonard, C. T. LiNEBERGER, A. C. Linker, J. B. LllPFERT. B. B. Lowe, F. R. Marsh, H. E. Martin. E. H. Martin, P. Mastin, E. O. Maynard, R. a. MOBLEY, N. Monroe, C. R. Moody, R. M. Neiman, E. Norment, W. B. Ogburn, S. C. Owens, A. B. Patterson, M. H. Patton, W. R. Patton, ]. V. Pegram, G. C. Pell, A. H. Pence. J. J. Penney. L. G. Perkins, G. C. Person, J. A. Phillips, C. W. POAG, J. D. Porter, G. B. poston, j. l. Powell, C. P. Price. R. E. Price. W. E. Ran son, P. J. Reid, S. L. Rendleman, D. a. Renegar, H. C. Rhyne, J. J. Ridge, C. B. RiGLER. F. V. Roeeins, G. B. Rondthalbjr, T. E. schiffman, a. a. Scott, H. A. Shaw, J. D. SiPE, B. W. Smith, R. O. Smith, W. P. Spainhour, J. F. Spann, L. L. Spaugh, R. a. Stack. A. M. Stimpson, R. T. Stockton, R. L Stokes, T. D. Taylor, T. C. Tennent, C. G. Terry, H. S. Terry, J. S. Thies, K. E. Van XoppEN, D. Vogler, C. L. Von Cannon, C. H. Ward, W. F. Warrick, E. Welch, O. B. Williams, R. D. Willis,- S. h. Wolfe, T. C. Wright, A. B. Wright, O. E. wunsch, w. r. York, W. M. YouNCE, G. a. Young, A. C. Young, R. L. Bannery. A. C. Crissman, C. F. Eagle. W. W. Farthing. F. R. INACTIVE MEMBERS JoBE, L. H. Markham, B. Morrison, W. F. NiMs. H. Parks. R. W. Ravenel, S. F. Smithey. I. W. Weathers. B. 918 YACKETY YACK PHILANTHROPIC LITERARY SOCIETY ROI.L Abeul, E. S. Abernathy. C. L. ASHBY, C. L. Banzet, J. E. Brooks, F. P. Cooper, C. M. Cooper, L. M. Dei. MAR, G. L. DupREE, B. O. dcvall, j. j. Edmundson. H. EuRE, T. A. FRESHMEN " Gardner, V. A. Grant, D. L. HOFLER, R. H. Harpfj , F. M. Hudson, O. V. Hayes, N. P. Hicks, J. B. Hooker, E. A. Jernigam, M. Kerr, J. H. McKensie, a. L. Massenburc, J. S. Naiman, B. -M. Owens, W. H. purrington, a. l,. Roberts, B. W. Sawyer, B. Shine. W. H, Pollock, P. B. Taylor, G. E. Taylor, J. W. Wilson, L. G. woodall. w, r. WiLKINS, A. B. Worth iNXTON, S. O, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Ic Mi 1916 YACKETY YACK IFhi Society Presiclent ..■ i0- i: r- ) rm UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, W. H. Babb, J. S. Brown, B. C. Bullock, A. R. CrNXIXGHAM, O. R. Daniel. D. Davis, R. M. dorsettk, r. c. Der-vam, W. E. Hawkins, D. A. Hill, M. a. Ipock, T. T. SOPHOMORES Jarman, L. W. KiTTRELL, T. S. Lee, S. M. Lewis, W. F. lartin, h. e. LAssEv, C. C. Moore. O. E. XORRIS, J. E. Nichols, W. J. Odom, H, K. Pace, T. L. Payne, F. L. Pearson, J. R. Phillips, R. F. Pittman, J. C. Ray. F. O. Sloa-n, D. D. Smith, R. C. Stone, L B. Stone, M. L. Topping, D. D. Umstead, L. W. White, E. E. Wilson, R, H. AvcncK. J. L. BOLING, R. W. Gibson, T. G. GoouiNG, X. G. JUXIORS Hazf.lhurst, C. ; L HOFLER, p. L. Jenkins, E. B. Merritt, E. S. Miles, F. G, Pakker. J. T. Sexton, J. W. Smith, H. G, Williamson, W. H. Baggett, T. V. Carr, L. COATES, A. M. Cooper. E. T. SENIORS Cox, H. a. Griffin, E. A. Lay, G, B. iL DRY, R. W. WiLKINS, T. C. Oettinger, a. Steele. W. T. Stephenson. W. H, Thomas. B. H. Wilson. H. V. Harrington, C. L. Lynch, P. F. Lynch. P. P., Jr. TuWLEK. I. B. INACTIVE MEMBERS McMillan, W. D. Maxwell, R. C. Mfrty, C. H. Proctor, I. G. Salmon, N. M. Schwartz, I. Washburn, J. P. Dr. O. E. Brown Prof. P. H. Daggett Prof. Didlake HONORARY MEMBERS Prof. N. Foerster Prof. J. H. Hanford Prof. C. F. Keyes Prof. Edgar Long Dr. John R. Mott Prof. R. H. Thornton 1918 YACKETY YACK 1. M. C. A. CABINET OFFICERS Y. T. Steele President W, R. WuNscH J ' ice-Presideiit V. H. Stephenson Secretary T. E. R0XDTHAI.ER Treasurer MEMBERS Armstrong. Rav de Rosset, R. C. JiIobuev, X. Rondthaler, T. E. BvNUM, J. C. Duncan, E. F. Xfjman, E. Spaugh. R. A. Holing, R. V. Davis, C. Oettinger, A. Stephenson, W. H. Clarvoe, F. a. Gooding, N. G. Owens, G. Sawyer, J. P. CoATEs, A. U. Hazelhurst, C. iM. Phillips, C. Stevens. H. D. Crissman, C. F. Hodges, L. Phillips. R. F, Stockton, R. M. CuTHBERTsoN, W, R, JoHNsoN, W. B. Price, R. E. Texnent, C. G. Casgatt, C. E. Koonts, H. V. Parker, I. F. Thayer. R. Williams, R. D. Wlnsch. V. R. York. V. M. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION mHE V. M. C. A. is an inter-dcnominational wcjrking union of college men. who believe that the free, the wholesome, and the complete life is the normal ideal of the normal university man, and who believe that in Christ is found the inspiration and strength to achieve that ideal. The spirit tliat has dominated the Association during the past collegiate year can best be shown by a brief resume of its activities. Its interests have ranged from " Rebuilding Civilization " to the return of a lost raincoat to its owner: from a series of meetings on social service by Dr. Harry Ward to the exchange of second-hand books : from the study of the missionary fields of . sia to the instruction of the negroes of Chapel Hill. The Y. M. C. . . lias served. There is no part of college life nor of community life that has not felt its influence. Even before reaching the Hill, the Freshman was greeted by a V. M. C. A, handbook. When he arrived at L ' niversity station, lie was met by men who were sent out by the Y. M. C. A. for that purpose. And all during the year the .Asso- ciation has manifested the same keen interest in its new men. Thru the Lost and Found Bureau, the Self-Help Department, and tlie Secoiid-Hand Book E.xchange. the Y. M. C. .A. has served the students ; thrue the weekly religious meetings, it has proved an opportunity for knowing college life and the temptations of college life, higher standards and ideals, and principles that should guide a man in tlie choice of a life work ; thru the Lyceum Department, the Y. M. C. - . has offered clean and wholesome amusements; thru the Rural, the Community, and the Imlustrial Departmenls. the Associa- tion has given to the students the opportunity to serve — to go out into the highways and liedges. to carry there the L ' niversity spirit. In short, the Y. M. C. A. during the past year has 1)een up to L ' niversity standard. W. R. W.. ' i8 1018 YACKETY YACK V r I ' A BUNCOMBE COUNTY CLUB OFFICERS R. J. CkowEll President H. D. Stevens I ice-President F. T. Thompson Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS R. L. NoRBURX I. S. Howell L. E. Sluder R. S. Harris 1. M. Horner C. G. Tennent J. C. Arbogast b. .M. Hodges, Jr. C. F. Toms, Jr. A. C. Ambler V. E. Iohnson C. F. Homs, Jr. C. D. Beers J. Y. Jordan F. W. Turnbull G. E. Brookshire R. p. Jorda.»j E. O. Roberta E. J. BuRDicK R. B. McKee K. L. Walton C. I. Hardee J. P. Sawyer W. W. Candler R. H. Sawyer UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA U, FORSYTHE COUNTY CLUB OFFICERS PFAFF, C. R - - President STOCKTON. R. M ice-President VOGLER, C. L _ _ Secretary -Treasurer EATON, T. C VOGLER, C. G. RONDTHALER, COOK, J, L WRIGHT, A. li.. COMMITTEE ON COUNTY PUBLICATION BINKLEV, W. G. I3RAME, P. F. COOK, J. L. CUMMINGS, A. T. EATON, J. C. EATON, W. C. FRY, R. F. FEARRINGTON. J. C. P. MEMBERS FULTON, H. E. GIBSON, E. IL, TR, IIANKINS, J. 1. IIKNRY. R. P. ' HOLLAND, N. A. LIIPFERT. B. B. LIIPFERT, F. I. LOWE, F. R. MARTIN, A. M. .MECUM, E. J. OGBURN, R. E. OGBURX. S. C. PATTERSON, M. H. PFAFF. C. R. POWELL. C. 1-. PORTER. G. B. POINUENTER, W. ROBERSON, I. F. Manager Manager RODDICK. C. S. RONDTHALER. T. SHAPIRO. M. SPAUGH. R. A. STOCKTON. R. M. OGLER, C, L. WRIGHT. A. E. WRIGHT, O. E. 1918 YACKETY YACK GASTON COUNTY CLUB OFFICERS E. E. Groves President S. L. Reid ( ' iee-Presideii t E. C. SiPE Treasurer T. J. Brawley ., Seeretary MEMBERS Ray Armstrong R. M. Johnson E. L. Moss C. T. Boyd Gordon Kincaid H. C. Nims Plato Durham A. C. Lineeerger Ralph Rankin Miss Louisa Reid Jennings Rhyne UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA GUILFORD COUNTY CLUB OFFICERS XoRMAN A. BoREN President Ben Cone Vice-President Hilton G. West Secretary-Treasurer Robert FkazuCr orth Carolina Club Rcprcscntati ' c ' C MEMBERS Barnes. D. T. Fokuham. E. H. Ridge. C. B. Bexcini. R. B. Fowlkr, C. V. Rives. Earle E. Beair. C. D, Fokxev. O. F. .Scales. Miss Elizabeth BoREN, X. A. Frazier, R. H. Schikeman, A. A. BuRTE.N. C. W. Hendricks, J. H. Southers. R. H. BiuDLE. R. M. Ingram. L. M. Van Noppen. D. Cakfev. B. F. Jones. H. A. West. H. G. ' Cashatt, C. a. Leonard. C. T. Williams. R. D. Cone, B. McXairv, J. I,. Willis. S. H. DoNNELL Borden Cobb Milton, L. ' V. York, W. M. Pin NIX, K. L. 1918 YACKETY YACK " " I II |f NASH -EDGECOMBE COUNTY CLUB OFFICERS H. D. C001.EY I ' irsidi-iit S. T. Thornf, I ' lcc-Prcsidcnl G. Vestal Secretary-Treasurer W. P. Battle Press Correspondent MEMBERS VV. H, Andrews R. M. Davis E. B. Jenkins J. V. Sexton J. E. Baker T. P. Dawson T. E. Jollv H. T. Smith D. Brantley B. A. Fountain W. B. Kinlaw H. M. Taylor H. Brantley B. E. Folntain R. G. Rukfin B. H. Thomas A. T. Thorpe UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA PITT COUNTY CLUB C. L. Hakringtox. ..President .MEMBERS S. C. Barwick A. L. WooTEx A. S. BvxuM S. O. WORTHINGTOX W. F. Stokes G. D. Maxning J. B. BUXTING L. M. James I. S. FicklEx W. H. Hooker Dr. W. S. Berxard 1918 YACKETY YACK RICHMOND COimTY CLUB OFFICERS W. E. Thomas, Jp President J. S. TiiRRY Si ' crchiry V. C. Leak. Jr Treasurer MEMBERS J. J. Pencf, a. McIxtosh W, L. Cajmpbelu W. C. Leak, Jr. V. E. Thomas. Jr. Frank Smith J. S. Terry H. S. Everett H. S. Terry D. L. Scarborough J. j L Staxsil UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA WAKE COUNTY CLUB rple and White Offii : Wicleawa " The Wake Flower: Wild Irish Ros. County Cltib Bulle OFFICERS W. H. STEPHENSON President G. B. HOLDING Vice-President R. W. BOLING Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS ARNOLD. D. C. BVFFALOE, T. M. HOLLOWAY. J. K. PAYNE, F. L. ASHBY, C. L. CARPFXTKR. (I. L. TOHNSON, A. T. PEARSON. 1. R. AvcocK, T. L. cr.wrxcn AM. o. r. l.vy, miss e. a. piiii.lips. ' r. f. HARBEE. HARRY DKW AK. W li. LAY, GEORGE SCIIW.XRTZ. T. BARBER. T. M. EIIM r I ,s(i N. H. I.OVE. I. W. STEPHENSON. W. H. BAILEY. WM.. IR. H.VRPER. F. M.. IR. LYNCH. P. F. SWAII. W. T. lilCKETT. WILLIAM HARPER. W. T. ' LYNCH. P. P. TOWLER. I. B. BOLING, R. W. HARRISON. T. P., IR. .McKIMMON, HUGH WHITING. ' B. S. BONNER, J. H. HOLniNG, C. B. MAXWELL, R, C. WILLIAMSON, A. R. HOLDING, G. D. NORRIS, J. E. 1918 YACKETY YACK THE COOP OFFICERS FoY Bakes- Tom Jones.. ..Lord Hii h Cluiiiccllor of the Dishmg -Issistant Lord High Chonccllor MEMBERS Sydney Allen William Bailey Harry BarbEE Edward Bizzell William Blount Heartt Bryant Victor Bryant Sam Calvert Don NELL Cobb Gu; Da e Cooper Elliott Coopkr Don Daniel Worth Daniels Robert deRosset Plato Durham Keppel Faulkener James Ficklen Allen Gant Travis Elliott Granuin Leo Harvey Clem Holding Graham Holding Robert Jones Boyd Kimball Bingham McKee Julian McIver Dillon Morris Stanley Ralph Ogburn Jennings Pemberton Jack Powell Roger Siddall Arthur Spaugh Ralph Stockton ' Josh Tayloe Ras Taylor Adam Thorp Travis UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL W. BailEv, President Beta Theta Pi R. M. Stockton, Secretary Delta Kappa Epsilon ■I- R. C. dE RossET Sigma Alpha Epsilon D. B. Kimball Kappa Sigma J. Y. G. PowELi Zeta Psi D. B. Cobb Kappa Alpha S. R. XoRRis Phi Delta Theta J. S. FicklEx Sigma Nu W. H. Stephenson Sigma Chi C. M. Hazelhurst Pi Kappa Phi F. C. Smith Pi Kappa Alpha J. D. PoAG.-. Alpha Tan Omega 1918 YACKETY YACK DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Vale. 1S44 Colors: Blue, Gold, and Crimson Pi ' ci.ication : Delta Kal l a Epsilon Quarterly Xunilicr of Chapters : 4J •t BETA CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Established 1S51 FRATRES IX FACULTATE W ' li.r.iAM MoRTox Dev Francis Preston VenablE FRATRES IX URBE Ur. j. S. Cramer FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Cliiss of igiS William Trabue Steele Charles Holmes Hertv, Jr. Ralph Madiso.n Stockton Thomas Pejirin Harrison, Jr. Ckus of 1919 ClIAULES WoRTLEY BaIN DavIU AlE.XANDER CoOPER Class of 19S0 William A. Blount, Ir., Jr Iames EnwARu Down )OH i Gilliam Proctor John Stuart Crammer Robert P.vrRicK Henry Claude Clinton Ramsay Worth Bagley Daniels Francis Julius Lhpfert Henry David Stevens Augustus Zollicokeer Travis Edward Morris Whitehead Mciticinc Arthur Chase Ambler UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 9 % 1 1018 YACKETY YACK BETA THETA PI Founded at Miami University, 1839 Colors : Pink and Blue Flower : Rose Publication : Beta Theta Pi Number of Chapters: 79 4- ETA BETA CHAPTER OF BETA THETA PI Established 1852; Inactive 1859; Re-established 1889 FRATRES IX FACULTATE Alvik Sawyer Wheeler Kent James Brown FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class of iQlS William BailEv Graham Davis Holding Clem Boltox Holding Robert Bingham McKee Class of 1919 Wm. Reynolds CuthbErtson Robert Haines Frazier Class of 1920 Leo Heartt Bryant AllEn Morris Martin Elliot Culver Grandin Rufus Arthur Spaugh Medicine Roger Shore Siddall UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROL! 918 YACKETY YACK SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at University of Alali;nn:i. 1856 Colors: Old Gold and Purple Flower: Violet PunLiCATiux : The Kcan-d luuI I ' lii .lll lui ( Secret I Number of Chapters : 8J • • 7 CHAPTER OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSH ON Established 1857 FRATRES IX FACL ' LTATE EiiwAKii KiiinEK Graham W ' ii.ijam WhatlEv Pearson, Jr. Vi:kNu Howell Axukkw Huwkll Patterson FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class of igiS RORERT COWAX DE ROSSE.T FrANK BELL JoHN Samuel Fitzsimmoxs RavEXEL Class (1 ;y;9 Fraxk Durham Bell Irvix Wehb Durham Walter C inxor Feimster. Jr. Class of w i) Robert Xor.m.vx HardEx Vii.i.l . i . ile,x Rovall Eiiwi.x Emersox White, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA U. 1% 1 ' f ' ' wi B . ' » . •■ ■ ; 4 I .. 4 S 4 1918 YACKETY YACK Color: White ZETA PSI Founded at New York University. 1858 PuBLfCATiox : The Circle of Zcta Psi Number of Chapters: Twenty-Four EPSILON CHAPTER OF ZETA PSI Established 1858 FRATRES IX FACULTATE George Howe CiiakuCs Staples Mangum FRATRES IX L ' XIVICRSITATE Class of ;y;.S ' Victor Brvaxt, Jr. Elliott Tuxstall Cooper Class of iQH) JoH.v Lee Avcock Samiel James Cal i ' .kt John Wm. Ciokdon Powell Class of 19 JO Calvert Rogers Toy Medicine AriAM Treadw ELL Thorp il!1 ' JBIII uli IH HHHIiM ' -villBniiiiiMi ' - ' U.A.—. - - — —Mi .o f» ' . f«; ' Ml ' rr- m 1918 YACKETY YACK ALPHA TAU OMEGA Foi iided at Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Colors ; Old Gold and Sky Blue Fi.owek : White Tea Rose Puci.iCATiiix ; The Pciliii Number of Chapters: Sixty-Three ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER OF ALPHA TAU OMEGA Established 1879 FRATRES I FACULTATE Eugene Cunnixgham Bka.nsun Atwei.i. Campbkli. McIxtosh Thomas James W ' li.sox, Jk. FRATRES IX URBE Robert Strange MacRaf. James Sol ' therlaxd Patterson Edgar Willis Tlrlingtox FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class of 191S Hexrv Vax Peters Wilson. Jr. William Doi-galu MacMillax. HI Class of igig James Danis Poag Erasml ' s Hervv Evans Tayixr Ju:-;:AN BallINCER HesTER Class of pj " !) Allen Erwin Gant Robert Alexander Ross William Keppel Fallkxer Loris ue Rosset MacMillax Wn.LIA.M XELSON PoiNUEXTER, Jr. ULLU J I i fijiif " fflSliiiiif ' ■ UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ' m 918 YACKETY YACK KAPPA ALPHA Founded at Wasliington and Lee, 1865 Colors: Old Gold and Crimson Flowers: Red Rose and Magnolia Publications: Kap! ii Alj lui Jnuiinil and S ' ccial Mcssi-iujcr (Secret) EPSILON CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA Established 1881 FRATRES IX FACLXTATE Joseph Gregoire de Roulhac Hamilton ' Lucius Polk McGehee FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class of igju Ralph Belo Ogburn Harry Barbee Richarh Staneord Travis Donald Snead Daniel Svdnev Broaddus Allen Pekrv Carlvle Toiilin DoNNELL Borden Cobb Medicine Howell Benjamin Peacock IkM tl ( ¥l UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK PHI DELTA THETA Founded at !Miami University. 1848 Colors : Argent and Azure Flower : White Carnation Publications: Scroll and Pallad ' non BETA CHAPTER OF PHI DELTA THETA Established 1S84 FRATRES IX FACl ' LTATE Thomas Felix Hickerson Wilma.m Stanley Bernard Richard Hurt Thornton John Marcellus Steadman FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class of 19 iS Charles Gaillard Tenne,nt Class of 1919 Orpheus Evans Wright Frank Ertel Carlvle Ichaboi) Mayo Little Class of 1920 Wh,liam Webb Xeal James Bryan Griswold RuFus Theodore Lenoir, Jr. William Franklin Snider Walter Lynch Lenoir Charles French Toms, Jr. Mcdiduc William Bernard Kinlaw William Banks De.wak Samuel Royal Xorris DwiGHT Brantley Laiu Andrew Bert Schlichter Harold Dunbar CoolEy Carl Robinson UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Vl »P, f ' a «R, 4 ► f I, m, - » ' « HEMt F imJ r r 1916 YACKETY YACK SIGMA NU Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Colors; Black, White, and Old Gold Ppeijcation : Delta Number of Cliapters ; Seventy-Two FuowKK : White Rose PSI CHAPTER OF SIGMA NU Established 1888 FRATRE IX FACULTATE William de BernierE MacXider Archibald Henderson FRATRES IN URBE Charles Emery FRATRES IN UXIVERSITATE Class of 1919 James Skinner Ficklen Class of 1920 Joshua Tavloe Plato Durham UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University, 1855 Colors: Gold and Azure Fi.nwER: White Rose Publications: Sigma Chi Qiturloiy and Sigma Chi Bullrtiii (Secret) Xumber of Chapters: Seventy-One ALPHA TAV CHAPTER OF SIGMA CHI Established iSSg FRATRES IX FACULTATE John Wavnf, LaslEv FRATRES TX UXIVERSITATE Class of igiS William Hk.kmas Stephenson Class of 19 1 9 Daniel Merritt Hoiices, Jr. George Leichton Grantham Harry Gillespie Smith Class of 1920 Henry Cowles Bristol Samuel Hunter Reams Rorert Fletcher Phillips James William Haves, Jr. George Watts King Brainarh Svdnor Whiting lS,lcdicinc Douglas Beaman Darden Theodore Wilson Folsom Rov Bowman McKnight .(7;t William Ellis Thomas, Jr. Lawrence IMltnsey Ingram UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK KAPPA SIGMA Founded at University of Rologne. 1400; at University of Virginia, 1F67 Coi,ORs : Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green Fi.owkr : Lily of the Valley Publications: Cadiucus and Slur and Crcsiciit (Secret) Number of Chapters : Eighty-three ALPHA MV CHAPTER OF KAPPA SIGMA Established i?i)3 FRATRES IX FACL ' LTATE John Grover Bearh Charles Thomas Woolen Marcus Cicero Stephens Xoble Sturgis Elleno Leavitt FRATRES IN UXIVERSITATE CUiss of igiS DuRE-,LE Eovi) Kimball Cliiss of lyig Cecrce Dillon Morris Class of igjo Marcus Euwaru Bizzell, Jr. Leo Heaktt Har ev Robert DuVal Jones, Jr. William Berry Thompson M edicine Floyd Pugh Wooten UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded at University of Virginia, 1868 Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Publications: The Shield and Duimond and The Dagger and Key (Secret) Xumber of Chapters: Forty-Five TAV CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA ALPHA Established 1895 FRATRES IX FACULTATE George McFarland McKie Gustavus Auolphus Harrar FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Chtss of 191S James Erwin IMontcomery Marvin " Russell Robeins Hugh Williamson Prince Class of 19 19 Charles Sylvester Roddick Robert Russell Horner Euwin Samuel Lindsey Artie Glenn Holt Class of 1920 Houston Spencer Everett Thomas Lilly Pace Medieine GoRDON Bryan Crowell Harrv Grim mftt Hunter Frank Carlton Smith Laii ' Henry Daniel Litaker UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA l 4 V 1918 YACKETY YACK PI KAPPA PHI Founded at College of Charleston, 1904 Colors: Gold and Wliite Flower: Ked Kose Pliblications: Tlic Stai- and Lamp and 77 r Sci ' oll (Secret) KAPPA CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA PHI Establslied 1914 FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class of 1 91 8 Rupert Johnson Crowell Elbert Aloxzo Grifein Richard Leonidas Young Class of igig Frank Auld ClarvoE Fei ' e Carnie Bvnum Xorman Ralph Pippin Charles Mortimer Hazelhurst Xathan Mobley Class of i9?o Commodore Clarence Chinnis Gordon Perry Spruill William Gilliam Wilson UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA (i-I J) m m 1018 YACKETY YACK ALPHA CHI SIGMA (CHEMICAL) Founded at University of Wisconsin, IQOJ Colors : Prussia Blue and Chrome Yellow Flower : Red Carnation Publication : The Ilcyatioii Xumber of Cliapters : Twenty-Four N5 RHO CHAPTER OF ALPHA CHI SIGMA Established 1912 FRATRES IX FACULTATE James Ml ' nsie Bell Sawvkk Francis Preston Venable FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Cliiss of igiS Charles Holmes Hertv, Jr. Ralph. Hortun Rimmer Benjamin Lacv .Meredith J. P. Sawyer, Jr. Eduarh Philip Wood Class of 19 19 Thomas Pugh Dawson Reuben Holmes Sawyer Harry Gillespie Smith JosiAH Stockton Murray UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA f -f» iiJ nf Jm -• ? 4 ■S ' ' 4 1918 YACKETY YACK PHI CHI (MEDICAL) FouiKled at Louisville Medical Scliool. 1893 Colors: Green ami White Fi.owkh : Lily of The Valley PriM.iCATioN : Phi Chi OiKiiicrly SICMA THETA CHAPTER OF PHI CHI Established FRATRES IX FACULTATE Vm. DeBermere MacXiukr James Bell Bullitt FRATRES IX UXIVERSITATE Class III igiS loilX MEKliEKT FlTZCEKALU William Baxks Dewar Roger Shoke Siuhall Robert Mathews Allan Carithers Banner Rll ■ liiiuMAN McX ' ii.iiT William Bekxarii Kinlaw Akthiu Chase Amuler Im.oVIi I ' fGH WooTEN Russel Osborne Lvuay Chiss of igiQ Shahane, Richardson Taylor Roi-.ert Euwarr Perry Theodore Winslow Folsom Frank Calvin Smith Douglass Eeamax Darden UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK KARPI PSI (MEDICAL) May jn, iS; ' ! Colors: Red and Gray Flower: Red Carnatior Publications: ' ■TIk- .Ma -k " icx .tericl an.l ■■riic Agura " I esturiL- ) BETA XI CHAPTER OF KAPPA PSI ICstablislied igij FRATKKS l. FACL-l.-IATl-: Kdwar.l NiTUun Howell John Grover Heard FRATRICS IX LUHIC : . II. lUniiihill. M,n. lull Thomas Durham FRATKICS l. I ' MVKRSITATK School of Pharmacy Class of 1918 Guy Elliott lirookshire .le .se Turlington Morgan Class of 1919 Petei Joyner lirame. Jr. School of Medicine Class of 1920 Ralph i:il.ert Brooks George Va hinglon lohuso.i Zebulon Kaird Vance Tones Alhert Lee O ' Brieut William Isler Woolen Class of 1 92 1 Sherrill Gaither Coriiening Glenn Raymer Frye Walter Edward Futrell Fred Robert Farthing VVaite Leonidas Lambert James Xorman Harney William Wilson Kirii Stephen Cannon Nowell, Jr. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK PHI BETA, KAPPA Foimdeil at William and Mary College. 1776 ALPHA CHAPTER OF PHI BETA KAPPA {SORTH CAR )LI A) Established 1904 H. E. Marsh , President J. B. Linker Sccrelnry T. j. Wii.sox, Jk Pcniuiiu-iil Treasurer MEMBERS IX FACL ' LTV K. J. lluciwN. DickiuMiii M. il. Stacv, University of Xorth Caro- 1.. I ' . I ' .uiiux. Vale lina, U)02 J. 11. Ill 1.1.JTT, Washington and Lee i,; v. Trui.i.xGToN. L ' niversitv of Xorth II. V. Ch.kse. Dartmouth Carolina. lyio W. C. CoKER. lohns Hopkins t- n t t- • r x- 1 , ,,. ,, ,-, ,: . . ' ,,. . . r. I. E.v.Ma.E. Lnivcrsitv of Xorth Caro- v . M. Dev. Lniversuy of irginia .. E. K. Gr. h. m. Cniversitv of Xorth Carolina. 1898 " " • ' ' ■ ' •- WagsT-me, Johns Hopkins E. . . Greenlaw, X ' orthwestern . . W. W ai.ker. University of Xorth Caro- J. G. ueR. Hamilton, William and Mary lina. iix 3 J. 11. Haneord, Rochester A. S. Wheeler, Harvard . kCHUiALU Henderson, Universitv of i n w i ' ■ • r - , ,- Xor:h Carolina, 1S98 ' - V " « ' . Lmversuy of Xorth Caro- C.Kunr.K Howe. Princeton ' " ' ' ' - ' ' .1. W. Laslev. Univer,,ity of Xorth 1 " - - ' • WiLsox, Jr.. University of Xorth Cart)lina, igio Carolina. 1894 MEMBERS IX UXIVERSITV ( ' .. L. Carrington. 1913 II. E. Marsh j. M. F. F. Braiishaw. igi6 J. B. Linker A. Oettinger W. W. Kirk. 1916 Ray Armstrong F. B. John L. G. Marsh, 1916 H. V. P. Wilson, Jr. E. Xeiman W. H. Stephenson C. H. Hertv, Jr. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA s ' d ' ' Wf r r O ' o 1918 YACKETY YACK TAU KAPPA ALPHA Kouiuled at Indianapolis. lyoS Colors: Light ami Uark Purpk- FriM.iCATKix : The Spcukcr of Tnu Kuf ' n Alflu NORTH CAROLINA CHAPTER OF TAU KAPPA ALPHA Established 1910 FRATRES IX FACULTATE EuwARii KiiiuER Graham William Ber-vard FRATRES I.X UXIVERSITATE Class of 1916 Frances Foster Brahshaw Class of igiS Albert McKinley Coates UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA VV_ Founded at Ui SIGMA VPSILON of Xorth faiolii of C. and Vanderbilt. Albe ■t McKinley Coates John Minor Gwy in Sami el Fitzsimm ons Rav Publication; ■■The Journal of Sigma Upsilon " ODD Nl MBER CHAPTER OF SIGMA UPSILON Established 1906 FRATRES IX FACULTATE -nard Archibald Henderson Richard Hurt Thornton lohn .Manning Booker Edgar Willis Turlington FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class of 1918 William Hernias Stephenson Tohn Skally Terrv Robert Cowan de Rosset Henry Van Peters Wilson. Jr. Class o£ 1919 Frank Auld Claryoe Medicine Edward Ki. lieorije Mc John . larce William Dougal William Trabuc Charles Gaillard Th eodore Edward Rondthale 1918 YACKETY YACK EPSILON PHI DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER Colors : Red and Blue KaZTO AlliARA, A.B. W ' li.i.iAxi Parker A.nhrews Francis F. Bradshavv, A.B. Victor Bryant, Jr. Al.LlERT McKl-NI.KV COATES ' HAN Greene Gooding John Minor Gvvvnn Archibald Henderson, Ph.D. Luther Hartwell Hodges Kameichi Kato Faki. Marsh William Dvgnum Moss, A.B. l-jjii ' i Schmidt Meuritt KiiiiSHi Xagano. A.B. AsisiiiRo Xaito, A.B. . l.llKUT Oeitixger V. V. PiERSox, Jr., Ph.D. Sami ' El Leslie Reid Wn.Li. M Hermas Stephenson ' John Skallv Terrv Richard Hurt Thornton. A. L Henry McG. W.acstaee, Ph.D. William Rodwt Wunsch William iL RviN York -;«.?;■ Ill — (ihoii ■i.:. " y !- ' S ixi t lM rr; ' ' M ;-K; ' . ' A •■ ' : VO i, ■mm ,y;, ' W H l Lk W- . ' t ' lM tm»S • ■j.-;j.+, vt:y . m: ' ' ' III I IN III III I in 111 i: ' ) ;?,: ' ! ' ' l; v;%l-- ■? : ' ' " ; " . ' ' i ' ' ' ' r ' : ' ' :: ' : UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE GORGON ' S HEAD UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE GORGON ' S HEAD James Bell Bullitt. M.D. John- Manning Booker, Ph.D. WiLLiA.M Morton Dev, Ph.D. Edward Kidder Graham. LL.D. F.iiW ' iN Greenlaw. Ph.D. ' iLi.i. M DeBerniere MacXider. M.D. OLn-KR Towles, Ph.D. Charles Thomas Woollen . rthlr Chase Ambler William Bailev. Jr. Samuel James Calvert DoNNEL BosDEN Cobb David Alexander Cooper James Skinner Ficklen DuRELLE BovD Kimball Robert Bingham McKeE Samiil Rovster Xorris John Willia.m Gordon Powell Riii.ER Shore Siddall R. lfh Madison Stockton Adam Treuwell Thorp 19 18 YA C K ET Y YA C K GOLDEN FLEECE Founded at University of Xorth Carolina, IQ04 EuwARii Kidder Graham HOXORARY Henry Horace Williams Class of poi Charles Thomas Woollen Class uf 19 1 1 Elgar Willis Tl-rlincton Class of lyijt George Carrington Class of 1916 Francis Foster Bradshaw Class of igiH Rav Armstrong Albert McKini.ev Coates Robert Cowan he Rossft Charles Holmes Herty, Jr. Joseph Burton Linker William Trabve Steele William Hermas Stephenson- Charles Gaillarh Tennent William Marvin ' ork UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Dr. J. G. deR. Hamilton Ray Armstrong Francis F. Bradshaw Victor S. Bryant, Jr. Leo Carr Frank . ri.ii Ci.ak oe Albert McKinley Coates Robert Cowan de RossET Kameichi Kato William Hermas Stephenson ClIAKI.ES Gaillari) Tenne.nt l ' kAN " K T. Thompson William M. York TnEonoRE RondthalER Ralph D. Williams ' ' .r ? ■ ' ' ' -,■ " ■ ' w; " vi. ' iN ■ ;.-r " ' ■,• ' ■•■ » ' . OMEGA DEIT-A i] t 3 f l™ 2T7 F-.o... r,.si Ibert Mc William IV? orman F ndthaler ? illiam Hermas Stephenson ' Madison Stockton .l les Gaillard Tennent James Hoi! hn Skally T.rr. ichard Hv; rchibald Hen ' Ivert Roger Toy Dallam Tc ■ .: .. y!t: ' " - ' - " » ■ ' ■■■rs. gar Willi William Robt . ' --il ■ ' ■• ■ John WnHain Gordon ' Donnel) Borden Cobb.., Samuel Roystef Norris. James Skinner Ficklen David Alexander Copper.... I- !.i Hervy Evans T yl t Culver Grandtn Lfeo Heartt Harv Harry Bjurhee Mai-cus Ed Wftrd Bizzeii Joshua Tayloe Ralph Belo Ogbu. William Keppd Faulkcuti Hugh Do itch 1 Karl John.«on David Towasend Dim Minotaur And passing wom UNIVERSITV OF NORTH CAROLINA 1918 YACKETY YACK NOW THAT ITS ALL OVER mX Charlotte there is a printing press, and the press- man is calling for copy. The stage is all set for making the " Xineteen-Eighteen Yackktv-Yack " ij reality. During the excitement and rush, we want to take time to give due thanks to all who have helped to make the book. It is to them that any success that the book may attain is to be attributed. We wish to thank Mr. J. J. Sher, of the Bureau of Engrav- ing, for his innumerable ideas, suggestions, and criticisms. It is to him that our heartiest thanks are due. Ve also wish to thank Mr. B. R. Gates and the Observer Printing House for the scrupulous care given to every detail of the printing work. Both the Bureau of Engraving and the Observer Printing House deserve great praise. The untiring efforts of the White Studio, in providing the necessary pictures, groups, etc., will always be remembered and appreciated. We also wish to thank Mr. Robert Foister for his aid in the military photographs. We thank thetu iioth for their patience. Messrs. Bingham McKee. ' i8, Robert H. Frazier, ' ly, Allen Martin, ' 20. and C. B. Holding, ' 18, deserve the highest praise and comiuendation for the assistance rendered in the art work of tlie book. They were approached in a time of need, and they responded beautifully. Finally, it is our pleasure to thank the members of the Xineteen-Eighteen Yacketv-Yack Board, whose energy and efforts produced this book. It is impossible to give due thanks to each for his individual contributions ; but we want especially to mention Mr. John S. Terry, who was not only a most active Board member, but to whose timely efforts the publication has been made possible. Every member of the Board " did his bit, " and did it cheerfully. We have hopes. We hope that each purchaser wdl like the YackETV-Yack. and that all bills will be paid- the Managers, so that they will b e able to leave the University with a clean financial record. We also hope that we will be able, after so much excitement, to again adjust ourserves to the University ' s routine, and proceed to make up the col- legiate work that has been tiiissed. But the past year has also been one of the most pleasant associations. We do not regret it. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 9%-yi,n nf,,i,6iu IT AINT Toothache- s THOFfP TURN OVER When You Build See or Write Us before Buying Your Sash, Doors, and Millwork We make a specialty of " RITE GRADE " Red Cedar Shingles, the shingle zvith the forty-year guaranty, and can deliver them in small or large quantities, to suit our customers, at a reasonable price. Let Us Help You Solve Your Building and Roofing Problems A. T. GRirriN MANUFACTURING COMPANY J. L. r.iiKHKN-. President A. T. Grii " H- . Seeielary, Treasurer, uiid Manager GOLDSBORO, N. C. T 1 1 1 Advertisers in this book are the concerns who are interested in the welfare of the University, enjoy the patronage of the students and appreciate it, or desire the patronage of the students. The student publications rely upon the advertisers to a large extent for their success. Therefore, it is the duty of the students to patronize the advertisers of I this book wherever possible. I We Are Looking- for a Man — A man with real initiative and force: a man with the gift of continuance; a man not too optimistic, or too easily discouraged — not too overjoyed by success, or too downhearted by a little hard luck; a man who does not talk much when he succeeds, and none at all when he fails — who appreciates tliat making good once is only his affidavit that he will continue to make good; a man who is interested beyond the day ' s job and the week ' s payroll; a real human fellow — one who can talk with and interest other fellows equally human ; a man wlio would be honest with himself and equally honest with otliers. A man imder twenty- five or a man fifty might fill the requirements. It ' s not so much a matter of age, as of capability and a natural-born desire to work. To such a man, who is interested in an opportunity to earn up to the full limit of his capacity, is offered a permanent position, with the Dacking and full support of a corporation with three millions of assets — a contract covering a period of years, with accumulative profits. A connection with the right man should prove mutually profitable. Write IIS. Southern Life and Trust Company GREENSBORO, N. C. V W. lll(»llSltR. President R, (i VAUGHN, first Viie-Presidwil A. M. SCAlfS. Secollil Vice Prcsiiltiil R I, MfBANt, Third Viie-Piesident ARIHtlR WAII. Seirelary lild Actujry Student Headquarters for Books, Stationery Periodicals, and All Kinds of " Eats " A Complete Line of the Latest in Haberdashery, Shoes, and Hats At the Old Reliable Stand of As Ae Kluttz Compaii i lil@s SUCCESSORS TO A. A. KLUTTZ CHAPEL HILL NORTH CAROLINA E. A. WrigKt c ompan}? OMicr. Farloiy. and S imimnii : Broad and Hitnlingdoii Sfreefs PHILADELPHIA, PA. Engravers, Printers, Stationers Mani, a,-ti,r,-i i of Class and Society Pins, Meaals EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS IN Wedding Eagreving Menus Catling Cards Leather Souveni Commencement Invitations Stationery Dance Programs Photogravures C. C. HOOK ARCHITECT CHARLOTTE. N. C. Uniforms For Military Schools Army Officers, Etc. We give you quality. Our uniforms and equipments positively embody the highe-t grade materials and the best ski ' led workman- ship. Uniforms tailored to measurements. Cut strictly correct and from military patterns. Quality, W orkmanship, and Fit Absolutely Guaranteed supplies. " We offer you the benefit of our expe- rience of over a quarter of acentury. You will find it worth while to get our prices before buying elsewhere. DeMOULIN BROTHERS CO. GREENVILLE, ILL. Andrews Cask Store The Quality Store Sells Walk-Over and Dorothy Dodd Shoes, Arrow Shirts and Collars, Ladies ' and Men ' s High-Grade Furnishings ANDREWS CASH STORE CHAPEL HILL, N. C. 1548 Broadway (Executi ' e Office) 557 FiftK Avenue New York Photographers to this Book and many other Colleges for the Season The School and College Department makes available the best skilled artists and modern methods, and also assures promptness and accuracy in completion of work Studios also in NortKamplon, Mass. South Hadley. Mass. Pouglikeeps.e, N. Y. Princeton. N. J. La JrenceOille, N.J. West Point. N. T. Cornwall, N. Y. Hanover, N. H. Ithaca, N. Y. Lafayette, Ind. MURPHY ' S HOTEL RICHMOND, VA. JAMES T. DISN EY The only Hotel with Garage attached. The latest and largest Hotel in the city. Centrally located, right in the heart of the shopping and theater district Headquarters for College Boys New Hotel and Grace Street Annex — Fireproof RATES ONE DOLLAR AND UP WRITE FOR BOOKLET THIS BOOK IS PRINTED ON WHITE AND BLACK COATED TWO SIDES DILL 6( COLLINS COMPANY ACTUAL MAKERS OF HIGH-GRADE PRINTING PAPERS BOTH WITH AND WITHOUT A COATED SURFACE i V afI TttTs ' t eet PHILADELPHIA r jsN 1 I (10 Uniyoi ' . icy o( Maximum of Service to the People of the State A. The College of Liberal Arts B. The School of Applied Science 111 Chemical Engineerinfr 12) Electrical Engineering 131 Civil and Road Engineering (41 Soil Investigation C. The Graduate School D. The School of Law E. The School of Medicine F. The School of Pharmacy G. The School of Education H. The Summer School 1. The Bureau of Extension (11 General Information (2) Instruction by Lectures (3) Correspondence Courses (4» Debate and Declamation 15) County Economic and Social Surveys (6) Municipal and Legislative Reference (71 Educational Information and Assistance Write to the University when You Need Help CHAPEL HILL NORTH CAROLINA SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS V E PAY THE POSTAGE You have, no iloubt, tnadf the exposures correctly, but the success of the fi)iis ied fiictiire depends on the experience and c.ire of the person doing the finish- ing, as well as the equipment and quality of materials used for developing films. We use lar e stone tanks, exactly like those used by the Eastman Kodak Corn- pans in then finishing department. This insures the very best results, and entirely eliminates under- anil over-development. PRICES FOR DEVELOPING Roll Film (aiLvsizel, 10c. Film Pack, 2llc. PRINTS 2M- i ' A or sm 3KX3K Postcards ENLARGEMENTS Black and White Sepia Size Mounted rnmounted Movmted Unr ■5x7 35 25 45 5 x8 - 45 35 60 6x10 50 35 6i 8x10 60 40 75 7x12 70 .■iO 90 10x12 SxU 80 fill 1.00 inn Ask for prices on Special Sizes not listed Send Films to FOISTER ' S KODAKS, FILMS. AND SUPPLIES CHAPEL HILL NORTH CAROLINA THE ROYALL BORDEN COMPANY Maniifactnyct s and Manufacturers ' Agents for Everything to Furnish the Church, the Office, the School, and the Home Have recently sold he University Furnishings for the Peabody Bnildint;, Swdin Hall, Vance, Battle, PettiKrew Dormitoiies, and refurnishings for the Chapel and several of the old Dormitories. Have recently furnished, complete or in part, the President ' s Mansion, the Business Manager ' s Home, and Professor Daggett ' s Home; also many other homes of the Faculty. Have furnished three or four of the Fraternity Buildings complete, and most of otheis in part. We cordially invite you to visit us, and ivrite us for sain fifes and estimates for any needs in our line. THE ROYALL BORDEN COMPANY 106 AND 108 WP:ST MAIN STREET DURHAM, N. C. St. Mary ' s, Raleigh, N. C. FOUNDED BY THE REV. ALBERT SMEDES, D. D.. IX 184: FOB THE EDUCATION OF GIRLS AND YOUNG WOMEN Sr:vii y-Sr; ' fir ! .Iiniiial Session Befits Scpteutbcv 15, 1917 " The best education is impossible without a foundation of nioial teaching which «ill produce character, and the best education i useless unless directed by strong inoral principles towards the best ends fur the benefit of society. " " Those thin.B:s cal ed traditions, which come down from one generation to another, in which each new generation of pupils take a pride, belong to the very soul of the life at St. Mary ' s School. " Fof Information, Address KEV. GEORGE VV. LAV, D. C. L., RECTOR K. . McALISTER. MaiiREer C, - . MRB. NE, Assi tHllt Manacfr " THE ORIGINAL FOUR " GREENSBORO FIRE INSURANCE COMPANIES SOUTHERN STOCK FIRE INSUR. N ' CK COMPANY UNDERWRITERS OH GREENSB iRO SOUTHERN UNDERWRITERS HOME INSURANCE COMPANY (Consolidated with .Southern Underwriters 1908) TnENTV- THREE YEARS OF CO. T . L ' OrS GROlfTH See that Your Property is Insured in Home Companies Write Us if Yo n Want an Agency for a Home Company PAID OVER ONE AND A HALF MILIION DOLLARS IN LOSSES IN TWENTY-THREE YEARS THE YARBOROUGH RALKIGHS LEADING AND LARGEST HOTEL EUROPEAN PLAN Rooms withoMt Bath.SI.- ' . " BndUp Rooms with Bath. Sl.T. " and Vp THE YARBOROUGH CAFE B. H. GRIFFIN HOTEL COMPANY PROPRIKT..HS RALEIGH. N.C. THE MEN OF NORTH CAROLINA . ir io II ,11 Iluir Slate lo I ' logrcsi. and to Ci07, with It— T iaf .I cans ) ' oii NEED THE AID AND SERVICES OF THE GREATEST BANK IN THE STATE lie k ' liozc ) ' oiir Wants, ami Want i ' oiir litsi)icss OFFICERS F. II. FRIEvS, President TAPTTAT AND IAS. A. (,RAV. Vice-President l-At-i 1 AL AIMU . _ . j 2.000.000 11. F. SHAFFXKR, Vice-President SURPLUS T. S. MliRRI.SdX. Vice-President . . II. ELI.FR, Secretary and Trust i.fficer DEPOSITS - - - - 14.000.000 l. S. . . (■,R. ' . IR.. Treasurer I ' . T. Li:i. l ' .. l il. Assistant Treasurer WACHOVIA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY HOME OFFICE; WINSTON-SALEM BRANCH OFFICES: ASHEVILLE. SALISBURY. HIGH POINT Good Quality Spells — What Boone Sells " You ' ll Sdve in Clothes as tf ell as Food. You ' ll Be Sure of Value as U ell as Style. " Kuppenheimer Clothes " " Stein -Block Clothes " " Hart. Schaffner, Marx Clothes ' " ' " Edwin Clapp " and " " Florsheim " Shoes Manhattan Shirts Come and See Is All We Ask C. R. BOONE 226 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, N. C. EDWARDS BROUGHTON PRINTING COMPANY RALEIGH, N. C. PRINTERS, PUBLISHERS. AND STATIONERS Steel ami Copper Plate Eiigra-eers Ma II II fail II rers of lUaiik looks ami .oose- .eaf Sviteiiis ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATIONS. ANNOUNCEMENTS. VISITING CARDS ' file Oiilv Completely Equipped Steel Die and Copper ' late ■ ' ui raz ' iiii; Plant in Xortli Carolina HIGH-CLASS PRINTING Artistic Catalogs. P.ooktels. Menus. Invitalions. Stationery HALFTONES AND ETCHINGS CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED A. H. PETTING MANUFACTURING JEWELRY COMPANY MANUFACTUKEK OK Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelry 213 North I iberty S ' .reet, Baltimore, MA. ESTIMATES AND DESIGNS ON CLASS RINGS, PINS, ETC. LONG BILL JONES FOR PRESSING AND CLEANING | Work Done Satisfa ctorily Altering, Repairing, and D Done at Small Extr arning Neatly a Cost French Dry Cleaning a Specialty CHAPEL HILL, N. C. D. 0. KELLY Is the BEST Presser on the Hill Lei him Pres. ' i.for you one mouth, ami you irill let him Press or you all the near DON ' T FORGET " KELLY " PEACE INSTITUTE RALEIGH, N. C. For the Education and Culture of Young Women Cla . ical, Literary, and Sciciitilic Courses leading to diplomas. Graduate credited by State Department Education for Teachers ' Certificates. Special diplomas awarded in Music, Voice, Art, and Expression. E.xcellent Conunercial Course, Domestic Science, Domestic .A.rts. Instriiclion : Si)ecialists in all departments. SitiKilioii : Location in capital city gives special opportunities. Delightful social advantages. Athletics: Supervised indoors and outdoors by athletic director. Special attention, individual development. Climate permits out- door life all winter. • " ti ' catalog or fiiitlicc iiifoniiatloii. zvritc at once to MISS MARY OWEN GRAHAM, President WE SELL THE SORT OF CLOTHES THAT WEAR A LONG TIME AND KEEP THEIR SHAPE ALL THE TIME WE ARE DISTRIBUTERS FOR THE HOUSE OF KUPPENHEIMER AND STYLEPLUS OUR FURNISHINGS FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN ARE OF THE SAME HIGH STANDARDS GOLDSBORO. N. C. SPRING AND SUMMER IN THE LAND OF THE SKY " Take your golf clubs to Western North Carolina. You will not realize the game ' s keenest pleasure until you have tried the picturesque links in the " Land of the Sky, " with towering peaks all about you, and the salubrious atmosphere giving stimulus to every stroke. ALL OTHER OUTDOOR RECREATIONS Tennnis, IMotoring, IVIountain Climbing Hunting, Fishing, Swimming SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM Offers Excellent Train Service to Such Famous Resorts as ASHEVILLE TRYON BREVARD LAKE TOXAWAY HENDERSONVILLE SALUDA WAYNESVILLE FLAT ROCK HOT SPRINGS BLACK MOUNTAIN FOR FARES AND INFORMATION, APPLY TO S. E. BURGESS. D. P. A.. 22 South Tryon Street. Charlotte, N. C. J. H. WOOD, D. P. A.. 60 Patton Avenue. Asheville. N. C. J. O. JONES, T. P. A.. 306 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, N. C. THE SOUTHERN SERVES THE SOUTH The Langren ASHEVILLE, N. C. MODERN EUROPEAN FIREPROOF L eading Commercial Hotel in the Carolinas Corner College and Broadway GUY S. LAVENDER, Manager The Highest Grade Shoes, Made of the Best Leathers, by the Most Skillful Workmen, can be had at CARR-BRYANT ' S Our Shoes are made by the same manufacturer that makes the highest grade shoes sold on Fiiih Avenue. Drop in when in Durham. look at our line of shoes, and get a free shine. CARR-BRYANT BOOT AND SHOE COMPANY DURHAM, N. C. 301 West Main Street Next to The Elks ' Lodge G. G SCOTT. C P. A. WALTER CHARNLEY. C. P. A. SCOTT, CHARNLEY CO. CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 32 W est Trade Street, Charlotte, N. C. SELWYN HOTEL BUILDING AUDITORS ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS APPRAISERS INVENTORIES CERTIFIED BALANCE SHEETS All Work Intrusted to Us la Direitly under the Supervision of a Member of tlie Firm The Holladay Studio DURHAM, N. C. High-Class Photographers Official Photographers for Yackety-Yack of 1915, 1916, and 1917 MEDICAL COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA STATE INSTITUTION ' STUART McGUIRE, M. D.. U.L, D.. DEAN MEDICINE DENTISTRY PHARMACY In tlie present Xatlonal crisis, a continuous supply of ade- i|uately trained medical officers is absolutely essential for the maintenance of armed forces in the field. It is, therefore, the patriotic duty of all college students intending to study niedi cine to remain under instruction until the country can avail itself (if their trained services. . 11 medical students should, therefore, in the interest of National safety continue their work until ijraduation. J. R. McCAULEY. Secretary EAST CLAY STREET RICHMOND. VA. SAVE SAVE AND YOU MONEY LIVES -BUY- WAR SAVINGS STAMPS ISSUED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT LET A COMPANY OF SAVERS BACK EVERY COMPANY OF SOLDIERS cALLIES 3 ' me business or professional man and the printer are Allies. Tneir com- bined product is the catalog, booklet, folder, or otKer printed message of anj) description, vjbicn tells of the product or service offered for sale. 3 TTie success of your business demands tKat your printed matter be abo-Oe the average; it must be so planned as to tell its story effectively, so arranged and displayed as to assure the maximum returns. 3 Our reputation, experience, and equipment afford ample guaranty) that an work of this character entrusted to our care will be handled right — and RIGHT NOW. Observer Printing House ' THE HOUSE THAT QUALITY AND SERVICE BUILT ' CHARLOTTE, N. C. •«••«•••« ) jredM„ iprerc c | G) a. cls AH■e ■io ! ■ LOOK back over the past years and ask yourself what other Engraving Institution, specializing in college annuals, has wielded so wide an Influence over the College Annual Field? Ask yourself if College and University Annuals are not better tO ' day because of BUREAU PROGRESSIVENESS and BUREAU INITIATIVE? You know that the BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, Inc. inaug- urated the system of Closer Co-operation with college annuad boards in planning and constructing books from cover to cover. Our marked progress in this field commands attention. Our establishment is one of the largest of its kind in this country. Our Modern Art Department of noted Commercial Art Experts is developing Artistic Features that are making " Bureau " Annuals Famous for Originality and Beauty. And again, the help of our experienced College Annual Depart- ment is of invaluable aid. Our up-to-the-minute system, which we give you, and our Instructive Books will surely lighten your Burden. A proposition from the Natural Leaders in the College Annual En3raving field from an organization of over 150 people, founded over 1 7 years ago, and enjoying the Confidence and Good Will of the foremost Universities of this country, is certainly worth your while. Is not the BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, Inc., Deserving of the Opportunity of showing what it can do for - YOU? BUREAU of ENGRAVING, Inc. MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA

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