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m ' KETk m K I F I 2 Ct)e ILifitatp otttie (Ltniuersitp otBonh Carolina Collertion of jRottfi Caroliniana from tlje %ibutp of Thomas Perrin Harrison presented by- Lewis Harrison ?2£! . , , .-, ' ,,.-j3 ,?«.?;■;; J .X 4--- ..- J«- ' ' - ■ izae=jii--; -..;.., -,--.4.. - ' . " ■•tft5ti5-sS; »jj.._ , 1 :.:,.JS ' «| l|JJ;, : =;;n Bipiliiiifltjnfiifrt mzKiw m K I 5? I 2 a n ODD D D n D D YflUKETY YfltK MmETEEnMVMI7REI7 : niiu TWELVE i n D D n D VULV ME XII D D D D D a n D D n : E17ITEI7 BV TME. I l7inLECTIC nMt7PHILnnTHRUPK LITERARY 5UCIETIE5 AMP THE FR71TERNITIE5 UFTHE Vm ER5ITY UP M RTH CnR LIMfl CHni7EL MILL, N RTH CnR LIMPI D D D D D MTEMTS i C Dedication 6 Julian Shakespeare Carr 7 In Memoriam 11 Board of Editors Yackety YacK 12 Greeting 14 Faculty 15 Calendar 28 Senior Class — Officers 31 Senior Class History 73 Senior Class Roll 74 Junior Class— Officers and Roll 80 Junior Class History 87 Sophomore Class — Officers and Roll 90 Sophomore History 99 Freshman Class — Officers and Roll 102 Graduate Department 103 Special Students 109 Co-eds Ill Law Class— Officers 114 Moot Court Officers 1 114 Law Class Roll 116 Senior Students in Law 118 Junior Students in Law 119 Special Students in Law 121 Second Year Medical Class 124 History Second Year Medical Class 127 First Year Medical Class 128 Pre-Med. Class 130 Senior Pharmacy Class 132-134 Junior Pharmacy Class 132 Song of the Alumnus 138 The Relation of the Alumni to the University 140 Alumni Association 1 44 Ode— (Poem) 1 50 Dialectic Literary Society 1 53 Philanthropic Literary Society 1 59 Debating Union 165 Carolina-Pennsylvania Debaters 166 Carolina-Tulane Debaters 167 Carolina-Vanderbilt Debaters 168 Inter-Society Debaters 169 Sophomore-Junior Debaters 170 Freshman-Sophomore Debaters 171 Carolina in Intercollegiate Debating 173 Tau Kappa Alpha 1 74 Commencement Honors 177 Fraternities: Delta Kappa Epsilon 181 Beta Theta PI 183 S igma Alpha Epsilon 1 87 Zeta Psi 191 Alpha Tau Omega 195 Kappa Alpha 199 Phi Delta Theta 203 Sigma Nu 207 Kappa Sigma 211 Pi Kappa Alpha 215 Phi Chi 219 The Non-Fraternity Man 223 Gimghouls 225 Golden Fleece 230 Gorgon ' s Head 229 Phi Beta Kappa 232 Cupid ' s Flight 234 German Club 236 Young Men ' s Christian Association 24 1 Ministerial Club 245 Brotherhood of Si. Andrews 245 De Rerum Natura — (Poem) 246 Publications 247 Athletic AssoctATioN 252 Coaches 254 Football 256 Baseball 260 Track 264 Basket-Ball 268 Athletics at Carolina 270 Wearers of " N. C. " 272 Tennis Association 275 Class Athletics 279 Musical Association 287 Dramatics 291 Research Societies 294 Clubs — State. School and County 296-307 Our Artists 307 Miscellaneous Locals. Drags, etc 310-334 Advertisements Cli ' a token of profoiinb esteem an6 in recognition of Iiii. untirina e otion to l)if dlnui Hater anb loyal serrices to bi: State tl)is tl)e tnvlftlj rolunie of the yackety IJack is respectfuIlY bebicateb to (Bcneral 3uliatt Sl akcspcarc Carr ■ £ ( Si f cpae- mA fi i Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 3uUan Sl)aKc$peare (Law IN the address of presentation of the " Carr Building " to the trustees of the St ate University on Commencement Day, 1900, the speaker thus refers to its donor: " Foremost among those who have learned a North Carolinian ' s duty to North Carolina and taught it to the State is the donor of this beautiful building. A native of this quiet village, a North Carolinian of the purest strain, a Tar Heel boy, a Chapel Hill boy, a University boy; who, when battles were to be fought, and marches made, and hunger borne, and privations endured, was a private in the ranks with ragged sleeves, fightmg m defence of his country. He has helped to build up this new North Carohna, puttmg his own shoulders to every forward movement that has taken place in his State in the past quarter of a century. " At the reunion held at the Commencement of 19 1 1 , of the Class of 1 868 — the last class that was graduated under the presidency of Governor Swain — there occurs this reference in the address on that occasion : " There is another who, though not registered as a member, yet recited with us on certain studies, and we claim him as a classmate. " In view of his well-known public spirit, his liberality, his love for his Alma Mater and for the well-being of the inhabitants of Chapel Hill, where he was born and his youth was spent and where his parents lived and died, I would paraphrase the words of Vergil in describing his hero, when shipwrecked on the unknown shore, he is carried by his goddess-mother to the palace of Queen Dido, and sees on the walls of the beautiful temple pictures illustrative of the siege of Troy, and recognizing himself as a conspicuous figure in the group of distinguished actors in that great war, Eneas breaks forth in uncontrolled amazement and exultation : " Quis iam locus. Achate Quae regio in ierris veslris Non plena donoris lam fama lotum vulgata per urbem. " These words I would apply to Julian Shakespeare Carr. 8 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Mr. Carr was born October 12th, 1845, and in 1862 we find him a stu- dent ill the State University. But he could not rest content away from the battlefields of his country, and though too young for enlistment, he joined Company " K, " 41st North Carolina Regiment, known as the 3d North Carolina Cavalry, as a volunteer, and served in that famous command, with gallantry and fidelity, until the end. Returning home direct from Appo- mattox, he resumed his studies at the State University, but before his gradua- tion he left to go into business at Little Rock, Arkansas. Not content to make his permanent home elsewhere than in his native State, he returned to North Carolina in 1 870, and locating in Durham, he purchased a one-third interest in what afterwards became, under his efficient management, the world- famous Durham Smoking Tobacco Company. After years of successful operation, when the business had assumed mammoth proportions, Mr. Carr sold out his interest at approximately a million dollars, and has since devoted his time and talents to his large banking and other financial interests, chiefly cotton manufacturing, being the head of the largest manufactory of hosiery and yarns in the South. Ardent and loyal to the cause of the Southern Con- federacy, to which he gave his early youth, for many years he has been Gen- eral of the North Carolina Division of the United Confederate Veterans ' Association, to which position he has been annually elected without opposition. No needy Confederate soldier appeals to him in vain, and his speech in the Senate at the session of the General Assembly of 1910, of which he was a member, in advocacy of a monument to the women of the South, was surpris- ingly eloquent and appealing. Always a Democrat, he has been a delegate-at-large to many national conventions of his party, and in 1900 received the complimentary vote of two states for the office of Vice President, on the Democratic national ticket for that year. He was strongly endorsed for the office of Postmaster General in Presi- dent Cleveland ' s second administration. He has been a candidate before the people for the office of Governor and United States Senator, and in each case received a most flattering vote. General Carr ' s liberality to the benevolent and educational institutions of the State will ever be memorable. His gifts of ten and twenty thousand dollars to Trinity College; his successful efforts to save the Greensboro Female Col- lege; his gifts at different times to Wake Forest College, Davidson College, Elon College, St. Mary ' s School, and the Baptist University for Women, will not be forgotten; and his Alma Mater, the State University, " points with Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA pride to one of the stateliest buildings on its beautiful campus and has chris- tened it ' The Carr Building ' in honor of its donor. " To General Julian S. Carr, in acknowledgment of his deep interest in the welfare of the youth of the land and as one of our most generous and distin- guished alumni, this Annual of the University of North Carolina for the year 1912 is respectfully and lovingly dedicated. W. H. S. BURGWIN. Hit nn»cinoui5 of dbarlcs Brantley H ?cock ' 80 2)ie Hpril 4. 1012 12 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol- XII J W. Morris. Jr • Editor-w-Chief J C LOCKHART " ' " " ' ' ' Manager W. D. BaRBEE " ' " " Manager COMMITTEES HUMOR T Q l-lTTK,Trp W. S. TiLLETT. aanman I. R. WiLLlAMS . O. n UIN 1 h-K , D. J. Walker Luke Lamb ART Walter Stokes J ' - B " - ' ' ' " " H B. Marrow H. E. RiGGS W. C. Lord literature J H. RovsTER J- - ° ' " " ' ' ' ' ' " ' " " ' „ G V. Strong W. B. Young B. H. Mebane STATISTICS W S TiLLETT - - ' ' ° ' ' C i« ' ' ™a " I. R. Williams H. E. RiGGS T. H. Norwood organizations W P Belk Walter Stokes. Chairman j Battle athletics A. J. Warren - ' ' - ' ' " ■ ' • " " " J, S. Hunter D. J. Walker B. H. Mebane photographs W B Young - - ' ■ ' " ' - ' ' ' ' " " " ' T. H. Norwood ■ G.V. Strong T. H. Rovster special Luke Lamb, Chairman J. D. BousHALL W. C. Lord £ LI BATTLE LORD WILLIAMS MARROW ib h i0 -DD- m E PRESENT This WUL VIYIE UFTMEDnnn m KETK m K TU UVR REa[7ERS WITM TliE C7E5IRE TMHT FRUfYl ITS RO ESTHEk VX ILL ' GflTliER SUME SLI liT |[7E?q UF UVR VMIVERSITR D D BELIEVIM SU H T BETME RVRRUSE UF n ULLE E PirS = MV?qL,Vy;E small FEELTMiqT WE linVE hUT SPENT irSUnin SU lYinhK PnkS UF INTEREST in nrsp ' anxiuvs lhbur, if THRUV Ii TMIS BUUK UVR RE? [7ERS PRE EhnBLE[7 TU ST M a ' GLIIYIRSE UF TME " CPIfYlRVS LIFE " PIT TME D D VMIVERSITK F IN TME LLE mTE REHR NINETEEN hVNI7RE[7 ELEVEN nN[7 TWELVE nana e[7itvrs Dd DD ■an- -n o 16 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII JP acuU Francis Preston Venable, Ph. D., D. Sc LL. D President Student, University of Virginia. 1874 79; University of Bonn, 1879-80; A. M., Ph. D., University of Gbttmgen, 1881; Student, University of Berlin, 1889; LL. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1901; D. Sc. Lafayette College. 1902; LL. D., University of South Carolina, 1905; LL. D., University of Alabama. 1906; Professor of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, 1880-1900; President, ibid.. 1900—; Fellow of London Chemical Society; Member of German Chemical Society, American Chemical Society, Phi. Society; Author of " Qualitative Analysis, " " History of Chemistry. " " Inorganic Chemistry " (with Professor J. L. Howe), " Development of the Periodic Law " ; .i K E; Phi Beta Kappa. Kemp PlumMER Battle, A. M., LL. D. . . .Professor Emeritus of Historv A. B.. University of North Carolina, 1849; A. M., ibid., 1852; Tutor in Mathematics, ibid.. 1850-54; LL. D., Davidson College, 1879; President, University of North Carolina. 1876-91; Professor of History, ibid.. 1891-1907; LL. D., ibid., 1910; Professor Emeritus of History, ibid., 1907 — ; Author of Various Historical Treatises on North Carolina; among others, " History of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. " " Early History of the City of Raleigh, " " Colonial Leaders of the Church of England. " " History of the University of North Carolina " ; Di. Society. Thomas Hume, A. B., D. D., LL. D Professor Emeritus of English Literature A. B., Richmond College. 1855; Graduate Student, University of Virginia, 1858; Principal and Professor of English. Roanoke College for Women. 1867-71; D. D., Richmond College, 1882; Professor of English, Norfolk College, 1880-85; Professor of English Language and Literature, University of North Carolina, 1885-1902; LL. D., Wake Forest College. 1892; Professor of English Literature. University of North Carolina, 1902-07; Professor Emeritus of English Literature, ibid.. 1907—; LL. D., ibid.. 1910. Walter Dallam Toy, M. A Professor of the Germanic Languages and Literatures M. A., University of Virginia. 1882; Student, University of Leipzig, 1882-83, University of Berlin, 1883-85, College de France, 1885; Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures. University of North Carolina, 1885—; Student, University of Berlin, 1910-11, Author of a number of editions of textbooks of Modern Languages; Phi. Society. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 17 William Cain, A. M Professor of Malhemalics A. M., North Carolina Military Polytechnic Institute. 1866; Professor of Mathematics and Engi- neering. Carolina Military Institute. 1874-79; Professor of Mathematics and Engineering. South Carolina Military Academy, 1882-89; Professor of Mathematics. University of North Carolina. 1889 — ; Author of " Theory of Voussoir Arches, " " Solid and Braced Arches, " " Theory of Steel Concrete Arches, " " Retaining Walls. " " Stresses In Bridges, " " Notes on Geometry and Algebra, " " Brief Course m the Calculus " ; Phi. Society. Henry Horace Williams, A. M., B. D Professor of Philosophy A. B., A. M., University of North Carolina, 1883; Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College (N. C), 1885; B. D., Yale University, 1888; Fellow, Harvard University, 1889; Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina, 1890—; Phi. Society; .]■ K i;. Henry Van Peters Wilson, Ph. D Professor of Zoology A. B.. Johns Hopkins University. 1883; Bruce Fellow, ibid., 1887-89; Ph. D., ibid.. 1888; Assistant. United States Fish Commission; Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina, 1891-1904; Student, University of Berlin, 1902-03; Professor of ZoSlogy, University of North Carolina, 1904—; American Society of Zoologists, Vice President 1908. President 1911; Author of various memoirs and papers on zoological subjects; Phi. Society. Collier Cobb, A. M Professor of Ceo ogi; and Mineralog]! A. B., Harvard University, 1889; Assistant in Geology, Ibid., 1888-90; Instructor in Geology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University, 1890-92; Assistant, United Slates Geological Survey; Instructor in Geology, Harvard Summer School, 1891; Assistant Professor of Geology, University of North Carolina, 1892-93; Professor of Geology and Mineralogy, ibid.. 1893 — ; A. M.. Harvard University, 1894; .Author of various memoirs and papers on geological subjects; Fellow, Geological Society of America, Association of American Geographers, Mining and Metallurgical Society, Boston Society of Natural History; Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Forestry .Association ; Fellow of the Seismological Society of America; Member of Association of Harvard Engineers: Lecturer on Geology, Summer School of the South. 1902-08; Professor of Forest Geology, Biltmore Forest School. 1904—. Charles Staples Mangum, A. B., M. D Professor of Anaiom ; A. B., University of North Carolina, 1891; M. D.. Jefferson Medical College, 1894; Assistant and Demonstrator, ibid., 1894-95; Graduate Student. University of Chicago, 1906; Professor of Anatomy, University of North Carolina, 1896—; GImghoul ; Z ; Wearer of the N. C. Edward Vf.rnon Howell, A. B., Ph. G Professor of Pliarmac g Dean of the School of Pharmacy A. B.. Wake Forest College, 1892; Ph. G.. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1894; ' Professor of Pharmacy and Dean of the School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina, 1897 — ; Member of American Chemical Society, American Pharmaceutical Association; GImghoul; i; A E; Wearer of the N. C. 18 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble. . Professor of Pedagog]) Student, Davidson College and University of North Carolina; Commandant, Bingham School, 1880-83; Superintendent of Schools, Wilmington, N. C, 1883-98; Professor of Pedagogy, University of North Carolina, 1898—; Author of ■ ' Williams ' s Beginners ' Reader, " " North Carolina Supplement to Maury ' s Geography " ; Co-Edilor of " Davies Standard Arithmetic " ; Phi. Society; K 1 ' ; Shriner. Isaac Hall Manning, M. D. . . .Professor of Physiology Dean of School of Medicine Student, University of North Carolma, 1882-86; Assistant in Chemistry, ibid.. 1886; M. D., Long Island College of Medicine, 1897; Graduate Student, University of Chicago, 1901, 1903, Har- vard University, 1902, 1906; Professor of Physiology, University of North Carolina, 1901 — ; Dean of the School of Medicine, ihiJ.. 1905—. George Howe, Ph. D Professor of the Latin Language and J iterature A. B., Princeton University, 1897; A. M., Ph. D., University of Halle, 1903; Student, Oxford University, 1903; Professor of Latin Language and Literature, University of North Carolina, 1903—; Author of " Fasti Sacerdotum P. R. Publicorum " (Leipzig, B. G. Teubner, 1903); Phi. Society; Gimghoul ; Z I ' ; Phi Beta Kappa. Joseph Hyde Pratt, Ph. D Professor of Economic Geology Ph. B., 1893, Ph. D., 1896, Yale University; Assistant in Chemistry, Yale University, 1894; Assistant in Mineralogy, ibiJ., 1895; Instructor in Mineralogy, Harvard Summer School, 1895; Instructor in Mineralogy, Yale University, 1896-97; Lecturer in Mineralogy, University of North Carolina. 1898-1901; Professor of Economic Geology, ibid.. 1904—; State Mineralogist of North Carolma, 1897-1905; Slate Geologist, 1906—; Fellow, Geological Society of America. American Association for the Advancement of Science; Member, Metallurgical Society of America, American Institute of Mining Engineers, American Chemical Society, American Peat Society, American Forestry Association, Natural Geographical Society, Appalachian Engineering Association; Author of many articles and bulletins on various scientific subjects; Phi. .Society; Gimghoul; A T 0; 2 S. Charles Holmes Herty, Ph. D .Smith Professor of General and Industrial Chemistry Ph. B., University of Georgia, 1886; Ph. D.. Johns Hopkins University, 1890; Instructor In Chemistry. University of Georgia, 1891-94; Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, ibid.. 1894-1902; Student, University of Zurich and University of Berlin, 1899-1900; Professor of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, 1905—; Dean of the School of Applied Science, ibid.. 1908-11; Member of American Chemical Society; Councillor at Large; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, London Chemical Society, Society of Chemical Industry, Deutsche Chemlsche Gessellschafi, La Sociele Chimlque de France, American Forestry Associa- tion, Society of American Foresters; Di. Society; Gorgon ' s Head; K A; X H M, Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 19 Nathan Wilson Walker, A. B Professor of Secondary) Education A. B., University of Norlh Carolina, 1903; Superintendent of Schools at Asheboro, N. C, 1903- 05; Professor of Secondary Education, University of North Carolina, 1905 — ; Slate Inspector of Public High Schools, 1905—; Director of the University of North Carolina Summer School; Phi. Society; Odd Number Club; Phi Beta Kappa. William DeBerniere MacNider, M. D Professor of Pharmacologv Assistant In Biology, University of North Carolina, 1899-1900; Assistant in Anatomy, ihiJ., 1900- 01; M. D., Ibid.. 1903; Student, University of Chicago, 1906, 1907, 1908; Professor of Phar- macology, University of North Carolina, 1905 — : Gorgon ' s Head; — N. Charles Lee Raper, Ph. D Professor of Economics Dean of the Graduate School A. B., Trinity College (N. C), 1892; Instructor in Greek and Latin, ibid., 1892-93; Professor of Latin, Greensboro Female College, 1894-98; Fellow in History, Columbia University, 1899- 1909; Lecturer In History, ibid.- 1900-01 ; Associate Professor of Economics and History, University of North Carolina, 1901-06; Ph. D., Columbia University, 1902; Professor of Economics, University of Norlh Carolina, 1906 — ; Dean of Graduate School, ibid., 1909 — ; Author of " The Church and Private Schools of Norlh Carolina, an Historical Study, " " North Carolina, a Study of English Colonial Government, " " The Principles of Wealth and Welfare, " " Railway Transportation: a History of its Economics and of the State ' s Relation " ; Phi. Society. Edward Kidder Graham, A. M Professor of English Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Ph. B., University of North Carolina, 1898; Librarian, ibid.. 1899; Instructor in English, ibid.. 1899-1901; Associate Professor of English, ibid.. 1901-04; A. M., Columbia University, 1902; Student, ibid.. 1904-05; Professor of English, University of North Carolina, 1904—; Dean of College of Liberal Arts, ibid.. 1909—; Dl. Society; Gorgon ' s Head; A E; Phi Beta Kappa. William Chambers Coker, Ph. D Professor of Botany B. S., University of South Carolina, 1894; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1901; Student, University of Bonn, 1901-02; Associate Professor of Botany, University of Norlh Carolina, 1902-07; Professor of Botany, ibid.. 1907—; Contributed the Botanical Section in " The Bahama Islands, " McMillan Co., 1905; also Author of " Plant Life of Hartsvllle " ; X ' ; Phi Beta Kappa. Archibald Henderson, Ph. D Professor of Pure Mathematics A. B.. University of North Carolina, 1898; A. M., ibid.. 1899; Instructor in Mathematics, ibid.. 1898-1902; Student, University of Chicago, 1901; Ph. D., University of Norlh Carolina, 1902; Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics, University College and University of Chicago, 1902-03; Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of North Carolina, 1902-08; Professor of Pure Mathematics, ibid.. 1908 — ; Student, Cambridge University, University of Berlin, the Sorbonne, 1910-11; Member, Authors ' Club, London; Author of " The Twenty-Seven Lines on the Cubic Surface " (Cambridge University), " Interpreters of Life, and the Modern Spirit " (London and 20 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII New York). " Mark Twain " (London and New York), " George Bernard Shaw: his Life and Work " (Aulhonzed), (London and Cincinnali) ; Translation (wilh Barbara Henderson) of Emile Bonlroux ' s " Wilham James " (London, New York, and Bombay); Conlribulor to Journals and Magazines, scientific and cultural, in England, France, Germany, Finland, and United States; Di. Society; Gimghoul ; i: X; Phi Beta Kappa. Joseph Gregoire deRoulhac Hamilton. Ph. D Alumni Professor of Histor]) M, A., University of the South, 1900; Ph. D., Columbia University, 1906; Associate Professor of History. University of North Carolina, 1906-08; Professor of History, ibid., 1908—; Di. Society; Gimghoul; K . . Andrew Henry Patterson, A. M Professor of Phvsics Dean of the School of Applied Science Ph. B., B. E.. University of North Carolina, 1891; A, B., Harvard University, 1892; A. M., ibiJ.. 1893; Instructor in Physics, University of Georgia, 1894-97; Adjunct Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, ibid.. 1897-98; Professor of Physics and Astronomy, ibid.. 1898- 1908; Student, University of Berlin and Charlottenburg Technische Hochschule, 1905-06; Student, Cambridge University, 1906; Professor of Physics, University of North Carolina, 1908—; Dean of the School of Applied Science, ibid., 1911 — ; Author of " On Increasing the Frequency of Electric Oscillations ' (in conjunction with C. H. Arnold), " Some Points on Lightning Protection, " " The Pinch Effect in Undireclional Electrical Discharges, " " The Elec- trical Nature of Chemical Energy, " etc.; Sphinx Society (University of Georgia); Di. Society; Gimghoul; i: - E; Wearer of the N. C. Henry McGilbert Wagstaff, Ph. D Professor of Historv Ph. B., University of North Carolina, 1899; Professor of Mathematics, Rutherford College (N. C). 1900-02; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1906; Acting Professor of Economics and History, Alleghany College, 1906-07; Associate Professor of History, University of North Carolina, 1907-09; Professor of History, ibid., 1909—; Phi Beta Kappa. Edwin Mims, Ph. D Professor of English A. B., Vanderbilt University, 1892; Fellow and Assistant in English, ibid., 1892-94; M. A., ibid.. 1893; Professor of English Literature, Trinity College (N. C), 1894-1908; Fellow and Assistant in History, Cornell University, 1896-97; Ph. D., ibid., 1900; Professor of English, University of North Carolina, 1908—; Author of " The Life of Sidney Lamer " in the American Men of Letters Series; Editor of Carlyle ' s " Essay on Burns, " Stevenson ' s " Inland Voyage and Travels with a Donkey, " and Southern Prose and Poetry; Joint Editor, South Atlantic Quartsri . 1905-09; Contributor to leading American Magazines; -i K E; Phi Beta Kappa, Patrick Henry Winston Professor of Larv Student, University of Texas, 1897-98, University of North Carolina, 1899-1900; Graduate, United States Mihtary Academy, 1905; Student, University of North Carolina School of Law, 1905; Professor of Law, ibid., 1909—; Student, University of Michigan, 1910; Gimghoul; A 9. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 21 William Morton Dey, Ph. D Professor of the Romance Languages and Literatures B. A., M. A., University of Virginia, 1902; Student in Paris, 1903; A. M., Harvard University, 1904; Austin Teaching Fellow, ihiJ.. 1905-06; Ph. D., ibiJ.. 1906; Student in Spain and Italy, 1906; Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, University of Missouri, 1906-0 9; Professor of Romance Languages, University of North Carolina. 1909—; A K E; Phi Beta Kappa. Marvin Hendrix Stacy, A. M Professor of Civil Engineering Ph. B., University of North Carolina, 1902; Instructor in Mathematics, Ibid., 1902-06; A. M„ ibid.. 1904; Student, Cornell University, 1905, 1906, 1911; Associate Professor of Civil Engi- neering, University of North Carolina. 1906-10; Professor of Civil Engineering, ibid.. 1910—; Di. Society; Phi Beta Kappa. James Finch Royster, Ph. D Professor of English A. B., Wake Forest College, 1900; Student, University of Chicago. 1900-02, University of Berlin. 1902-03; Acting Instructor, University of Colorado, 1904-05; Fellow, University of Chicago, 1905-06; Associate, ibid., 1906-07; Ph. D., ibid.. 1907; Associate Professor of English, Uni- versity of North Carolina, 1907-10; Professor of English, ibid., 1910—: Gimghoul; i: X, Lucius Polk McGehee, A. B Professor of Law Dean of the School of Law A. B., University of North Carolina, 1887; Student, School of Law, ibid., 1890-91; Professor of Law, ibid., 1904-09; Dean of the School of Law. 1910—; Associate Editor of " American and English Encyclopaedia of Law " ; Author of " Due Process of Law " ; Phi. Society; Gorgon ' s Head; K A. Charles Wesley Bain, A. M Professor of Creek Student, University of Virginia, 1883-85; A. M., University of the South, 1895; Professor of Ancient Languages. University of South Carolina. 1898-1910; Professor of Greek, University of North Carolina, 1910—; Author, Homer ' s " Odyssey, " Bk, VI and Bk, VII, " Selections from Ovid, " " Bain ' s First Latin Book " ; Contributor to American Journal of Philology, Classical Review, The Nalion. and newspapers; Member of Classical Association; X J); Di. Society; Gimghoul, Atwell Campbell McIntosh, A. M Professor of Law A. B.. Davidson College, 1881; A. M., ibid., 1887; Professor of Law. Trinity College (N. C). 1904-10; Professor of Law, University of North Carolina, 1910—; Editor of " Cases in Con- tracts, " 1908; Co-Edilor with Professor S, F. Mordicai (Trinity College), " Remedies by Selected Cases, " 1910. Karry Woodburn Chase, Ph. D Professor of the Philosophv of Education A. B., Dartmouth College, 1904; Teacher in the Groveland High School (Mass.), 1904-08; A. M., 22 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Darlmouth College, 1908; Director of the Clinic for Subnormal Children. Clark University, 1909-10; Ph. D., ihiJ.. 1910; Professor of the Philosophy of Education, University of North Carolina, 1910—; Phi Beta Kappa. Wade Hampton Brown, B. S., M. D Professor of Pathology B. S., University of Nashville, 1899; Student, University of Chicago, 1902, 1903; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1907; Instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology, University of Virginia, 1907-08; Instructor in Pathology, University of Wisconsin, 1908-10; Assistant Professor of Pathology, ;;.;. ., 1910-11 ; Professor of Pathology, University of North Carolina, 1911—. Alvtn Sawyer Wheeler, Ph. D Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry A. B.. Beloit College, 1890; Student, University of Chicago, 1895; Student, Cornell University, 1897; A. M., Harvard University, 1897; Assistant in Chemistry. ihiJ.. 1897-1900; Ph. D., ihid.. 1900; Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, 1900—; Student, Uni- versity of Berlin, University of Bonn, Swiss Federal Polytechnic, 1910-11; Member of Amer- ican Chemical Society, German Chemical Society; Phi. Society: B 6 D; X II M; Phi Beta Kappa. Thomas James Wilson, Jr., Ph. D Associate Professor of Latin A. B., University of North Carolina, 1894; A. M., ibid., 1896; Ph. D., ibid.. 1898; Student, University of Chicago, 1903, 1906; Associate Professor of Latin, University of North Carolina, 1902-; Registrar, ibid.. 1908—; Phi Beta Kappa. William Stanly Bernard, A. M Associate Professor of Creek Student, Episcopal Theological Seminary (Va.), 1893-93; A. B.. University of North Carolina, 1900; Librarian, ihid.. 1900-01; Instructor in Greek, ibid.. 1901-06; A. M., ibid.. 1904; Asso- ciate Professor of Greek, ibid.. 1906—; Student, University of Chicago. 1906. Columbia Univer- sity. 1909, 1910, 1911; Phi. Society; Odd Number Club; Gimghoul ; A H. Louis Round Wilson, Ph. D Associate Professor of Library ' Administration A. B., University of North Carolina, 1899; Librarian, ibid.. 1901 — ; A. M., ibid.. 1902; Ph. D., ibid., 1905; Associate Professor of Library Administration. 1907—; Student. Columbia Univer- sity, 1910; Di. Society; Phi Beta Kappa. Robert Baker Lawson, M. D Associate Professor of Anatomy Student, University of North Carolina, 1897-1900; M. D.. University of Maryland, 1902; Instruc- tor in Anatomy. University of North Carolina, 1905-06; Demonstrator in Anatomy, ibid.. 1906- 08; Associate Professor of Anatomy, ibid.. 1908—. George McFarland McKie, A. M Associate Professor of Public Speaking Graduate. Emerson College of Oratory, 1898; A, B.. A. M.. University of North Carolina, 1907; Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 2% Student, Harvard University. 1907-OS; Instructor in English, University of North Carolina. 1899- 1908; Associate Professor of Public Speaking. iVxd.. 1908—; Di. and Phi. Societies. John Manning Booker, A. B As. odaic Professor of English A. B.. Johns Hopkins University, 1901 ; Student. University of Munich, University of Heidelberg; Associate Professor of English, University of North Carolina, 1909 — ; Gorgon ' s Head; -i O. Oli ER Towles, a. B Associate Professor of the Romance Languages A. B., University of Virginia, 1906; Student, Johns Hopkins University, 1906-09: Student in France, 1908; Associate Professor of Romance Languages, University of North Carolina, 1909—; Gorgon ' s Head; -i 6. Thomas Felix Hickerson, A. M Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Ph. B.. University of North Carolina, 1904; Instructor in Mathematics, ihij.. 1905-08; A. M., ibid.. 1907; S. B.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1909; Associate Professor of Civil Engineering,. University of North Carolina, 1910—; -i H. Parker Hayward Daggett, S. B Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Assistant in Electrical Engineermg. Harvard University, 1908-09; S. B., ihiJ.. 1910; Acting Pro- fessor of Electrical Engineering. University of North Carolina. 1910; Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. ihlJ.. 1910 — ; Associate Member, American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers; Member, Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education; Noith Carolina Academy of Science. James Munsie Bell, Ph. D Associate Professor of Physical Chemistr]; B. A., University of Toronto, 1902; M. A.. ibiJ., 1905; Assistant in Chcm»s(ry, Cornell Univer- sity, 1902-03; Graduate Scholar in Chemistry, ibid.. 1903-04; Sage Fellow in Chemistry, ibid.. 1904-05; Ph. D.. ibid.. 1905; Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry. University of North Carolina, 1910 — ; Scientist in Soil Laboratory Investigation, U. S. Department of Agriculture; Di. Society; :i Z ; X II 11. Robert Anderson Hall, Ph. D Associate Professor of General Chemistry B. A., University of Chicago, 1905; Assistant in Chemistry, ibid.. 1905-07; Ph. D., ibiJ., 1907; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Armour Institute of Technology, 1907-08; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Clemson College, 1908-10; Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, 1910 — ; Secretary and Treasurer, Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; Secretary and Treasurer of the North Carolina Association of the American Chemical Society; North Carolina Academy of Science; Di. Society; 2 S; X II -M. THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII George Burridge Viles, Ph. D Associale Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures A. B.. Harvard University, 1892; Instructor in Modern Languages, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1892-95; A. M.. Harvard University, 1896; Instructor in German, Cornell University, 1896- 1902; Ph. D.. ihiJ.. 1902; Student, University of Leipzig, 1902-03; Instructor in German, Cor- nell University, 1903-04; Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Ohio Stale University, 1904-06; Associate Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, ihiJ.. 1906-03; Diplome Superieur Alliance Francaise, Pans, 1908; Student, The Sorbonne, 1908-09; Acting Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of North Carolina, 1910-11; Associate Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, ihiJ.. 1911 — . George Kenneth Grant Henry, A. M Instructor in Latin A. B., Hamilton College, 1900; A. M., ihiJ.. 1904; Instructor in Mathematics. University of North Carolina, 1908-C9; Instructor in Latin, ihUl.. 1909—: A T. John GroneR Beard, Ph. G Instructor in Pharmacy Assistant ;n Pharmacy, University of North Carolina, 1903-09; Ph. G.. ibid.. 1909; Instructor in Pharmacy, ihid.. 1909—; K i;. Vivian Leroy Chrisler, A. M Instructor in Phy sics A. B., Piedmont Collefe, 1902; Assistant in Physics, University of Nebraska, 1906-09; B. S., ihiJ., 1908; A. M., ibiil.. 1909; Instructor in Science and Mathematics, Piedmont College, 1909- 10; Instructor in Physics. University of North Carolina, 1910—. TheOPHILUS Randolph Eagles, Jr., A. B Instructor in Mathematics A. M., University of North Carolina. 1903; Professor of Mathematics and Science. Catawba College, 1908-09; Professor of Mathematics, Bethany College, 1909-10; Instructor in Math- ematics, University of North Carolina, 1910 — . William Henry Fry, A. B Instructor in Ceologv Assistant m Geology, University of North Carolina, 1908-10; A. B.. ibiJ.. 1910; Instructor m Geology. ibiJ.. 1910—. George Mark Sneath, A. M Instructor in English A. B., Yale University, 1907; A. M.. ibid.. 1910; Instructor in English. University of North Carolina, 1910—. John NottinGH.AM Ware, A. M Instructor in French A. B.. A. M.. Randolph-Macon College. 1901; Student m Pans. 1909; A. M.. Johns Hopkins University. 1911; Instructor in French. University of North Carolina. 1910—; K i;. John Wayne Lasley, A. M Instructor in Mathematics A. B.. University of North Carolma, 1910; Fellow in Mathematics, ibid.. 1910-11; A. M., ibid., 1911; Instructor in Mathematics, ibid.. 1911 — ; Phi Beta Kappa. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 25 Daniel Huger Bacot, Jr., A. M Instructor in Historv A. B., College of Charleslon, 1908; Assistant in English, ibij.. I ' 508-09; A. M., ,hij.. 1909; Student, Harvard University, 1909-11; A. M.. ibid.. 1910; Instructor in History, University of North Carolina, 1911—. John Elliott Wood, A. B Instructor in Drawing A. B., University of North Carolina, 1911; Instmclor in Drawing, ibiJ.. 1911—. instructors anb Assistants James Talmage Dobbins, A. B Fellorv in Chemistrv William Lewis Jeffries, A. B Toch Fellow in Chemistrv Charles Wilson Williard, S. B LeDoux FelloTv in Chemistry William Renn Thomas, A. B Fellow in Latin Sheldon Asa Saunders Assistant in Anatomvi David Bryan Sloan, A. B Assistant in Bacteriology William Battle Cobb Assistant in Botany Paul Roby Bryan Assistant in Chemistry Carnie Blake Carter Assistant in Chemistry Clarence BalLEW Hoke Assistant in Chemistry Fleming Ross Weaver Assistant in Chemistry Charles Alexander Vogler, A. B Assistant in Geology Cyrus Dunlap Hogue, A. B Assistant in German James Ambler Speight Assistant in Histology ThaddeuS Earl WilkERSON, Jr Assistant in Histology Robert Willis Bobbitt Assistant in the Librarv 26 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. Xll Thomas Michael RamSAUR Assistant in the Librar}; William White Rogers Assistant in the Librar ) Cyrus Richard Wharton Assistant in the Library George Pickett Wilson Assistant in the Library Caleb Kight Burgess Assistant in Phy sics John Burton ClinGMAN Assistant in Surveying Wesley Critz George, A. B Assistant in Zoology Lee Franklin Turlington, A. B Assistant in Zoology OTHER OFFICERS Walter Dallam Toy, M. A Secre arp o the Faculty Louis Round Wilson, Ph. D Librarian Nan Spotswood StruDWICK Assistant Librarian Robert Baker Lawson, M. D Director of the Gymnasium James Richard Allison 4ssistant in the Gymnasium Albert Edgar Woltz, A. M Bursar Charles Thomas Woollen Proctor Thomas James Wilson, Jr., Ph. D Registrar Mar ' IN Hendrix Stacy, A. M Recorder of Absences Edmund Pleasant Hall General Secretary of the Young Men ' s Christian Association ZHLEl UnU 191! J«ne5-July 15 June 15— Aug. 25 Sept. 5—9 Sept. 11 — 13 Sept. 14 Oct. 12 Nov. 28 Dec. 7—8 Dec. 22 1912 Jan. 2-3 Jan. 4 Jan. 15-25 Jan. 26 Feb. 22 April 10—12 June 2 June 3 June 4 Sept. 4—7 Summer Term for Teachers. Summer Law School. Examinations for the removal of conditions. Entrance examinations and registration . Lectures begin. University day. Thanksgiving day. Fall d.inces. Chrlslmas recess begins. Registration. Lectures begin. Mid-year examinations. Lectures begin. Washington ' s birthday. and Carr ' s Dantes and Junior week exer Medal foi Junior orator. Selection of Commencement orators. Last day for the delivery of graduating theses at Registrar ' s office. Senior Class day. Baccalaureate sermon. Alumni day. Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Inter-society debate. Commencement day. Summer vacation begins. Examinations for removal of conditions. SENIORS. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 31 Senior (Tlass Officers R. A. Freeman President A. W. Graham, Jr Vice President W. D. Barbee Secretarv-Treasurer Blake Isley Statistician P. H. GWYNN Architect of Last Will and Testament C. W. Teague Class Orator B. D. Stephenson Class Poet 32 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII ALEXANDER MORSE ATKINSON Enfidd " Silence it, the sanctuary of OViJcnce. " . ' ;.. ' . I Age 23; bright 6 feel 2 incK s weight .1 0 pounds. Athletic Association; Hahfax Caufity Club; Class Football (3, 4); Varsity Track team (4, 2,|3%; All-Class Foot- ball (3); Member. ElectiricaL Engine j Sociely ; Wearer of ihe N. C; Captam, Track Team TL. W. Electrical Engineering. . " Bic Bov " is the tallest man iii tli f lass. , Threw the hammer clear away in the V. P. il. traclc 4n ei and on arcount of his enviable record was made captain of the learn. He is a liiarcl , WjorkSIi w oljJesn ' l make much fuss about it. ( . " . (Ztk-ino a-o-n WALTER DORSEY BARBEE. " Render unio Cfsetn the rfflTrgi thai are CtcsortNui unio — " Age 22i height 6 feet ; weight 1 S ' ipounds. ' ' Plii. Society ; Alhleti Association; Glee Club (3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Trea rer; Class Football and Baseball (3, 4) ; Captain. Clasfe Baseball (3) ; Secrerary-Jreasurer tiass (4); Busi- nes Manager. Yackety Yack (4)r-S. C. A. Club; Wake County Club; Press Association; L. W. Teacher; ARb " has a sweet tenor voice and fickle heart. He has made every musical organization from tba Chapel Choir up; and has averaged changing girls once a month-r-.lhis. howeverv -may be charged directly to his song mood and good fellowihip. He signs the checks for half the orjani- zations in college, makes his class teams, and studies in the interim. c cVSu.... .. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 33 r, , T A y t i-i i FRANK PENDLETON BARKER Pembroke, Ky. " LoVe i s the on ); fiolver that can combat ambition. " Age 22; height 5 feet 11 J2 inches; weight 165 pounds. D,. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Webb School Club; German Club; Coop; Athletic Association; Class Historian (1); Class Foofbarrt ; Class Tennis Team (1); President Class (2); Scrab Varsity Football Team; Assistant Editor, Tar Heel (3) ; Assistant Manager Baseball (3) ; Captain of Championship Class Football (3. -() ; Varsity Track (2, 3. 4); Secretary, N. C. Club (4); Pennsylvania Debater (4); T K A; Ph, Beta Kappa; A K E; •. M. C. A. Cabinet; Political Club; Commencement Ball Manager; Amphoterothen ; Gimghoul; L. . Law. " Frank, " " Barkis, " " Spoujax " — hHis classmates voted him the best all-round man in his clas?. ' He is a Penijsyl- vania debaler. Phi Beta Kappa man 3tale champion in l6w hurdles, a favorite in the Di. Society and artiong the ladies, and with all a jolly good fellow. He can make a speech in Chapel and a spiel in Arboretum, too. we ' ve heard. Energetic, broad-minded and of high ideals he has ever stood for the best in college life. His policy of " Give me a little deviL but not a do-nothing " may some day make him a Kentucky colonel among Night Riders. EMMETT HARGROVE BELLAMYTTT. .Wilmington ■He hath no khare mho usi(»4f ' 7j«1.« " = ' ■ ' ' Age 20; height 3 feet 8? i inches; WeBj[l| ' f fitthds. German Club: Homer School Club; Phi ' . Society ;pY M. C. A.; .Athlel.c .Associalion; New Hanover Counly Club; Class Fooiball (2, 3, 4); .Ml-Class Poolball ( i) ; His- torical Socieiy; 1 A E; L. W. Law. ■g::_, ,, " Emmett " came lo us from Davidson m ouyoophomorc year. We have ihougSt a lot of him ever since K showed such good judgment. Made quite a reputation as an orator of our class banquets., Wfculd be a good alhlele. Bja-geMi fellow, we but he is too — well, if hfe wai would " say hrzyr ' J ) 34 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII ROBERT WILLIS BOBBITT Henderson " Mo t blamcleiis Is he; content in the sphere of common duties. " Age 24; height 5 feet ll ' l inch i; weight 155 pounds. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. . .; B. C. A. Club; Assistant in the Library (3, 4); . ' lhlelic .Association; Class Tennis (4). A " goocf eggr a hard worker and as independent as he pleases; that ' s Bobbilt. He thinks that he always has more to do than he really has. consequently he is continually in a sort of jerky hurry. i acl is. he hasn ' t given us time to understand, him. -He gives the library the benefit of his services, and has ambitions to .be knowTi-«9-a " L a n Pull. " He was for thiee years a strong Haptist of the anU -d«ncing type, but finally succumbed to the temptations of social life and took dancing lessons in his Senior year. He imagines he has been in love, but it ' s all an illusion. QlAMio-U Jch JOSEPH DOZIER BOUSHAL L, .Jr., " oinceri i; is the most compendious wisddn Age W; height ' SSfeel II inches; weight 140 pounds. Alhle-li FAJsocl ' all ' oa; Y. M. C. A.; Chemical Journal Club; Assistant Manager, Football Team (3): Commence- ment Ball Manager (3); Editor " I ' acKETV ' ack (4); Phi. Society; German Club; U K A- .Assistant Leader. German Club Dance (4) ; L. W. Medicine. " J( e7 has been trying to shake off his Nemesis ever sirtce i homore year. But German is a hard thing to shake offv t e is quiet and unobtrusive, but a sincere and loyal friend. He-can work hard when he._ vants to, and is sincere in all that iTe does. - -— ' ' " .( - .u- -L-UULX. Vol . XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 35 CALEB KNIGHT BURGESS Old Trap " IVilh ihcm the seed of wisddf JiJ I . And milh ml) own hand niroaghfio m Age 20; height 5 feel Phi Beta Kappa; Phi. Sc Tulane Debate (4); T K inches; weight 138 pounds :ty-; " Corrtmencement Debater; ; L. W. Law ' : " Doctor Bukcess " of the Physics Department has taken the intellectual here serioustv and has proved himself a gaod student. Pairing his first years with us he contracted the habit of mating " Is " and ' s " . a habit which he struggled inighlily, but in vain, to throw off in his Senior year. H aulls not his palm with the enierlammenl of each v ' -hatched. unfledged coniradcyet iherfe are a avored fe vho kno ind to be _ od fellr, rker. The He is a good debater class expects much of WALT ER CARTER Sahsbury " The force of his own merit maizes his way. " Age 22; height 5 feel 10 inches; weight 150 pounds. Athletic Assbcialion ; Track Squad (2); Gym Team; N. C. in Gym ' ; Miember of Wearers of N,. C. Club; Class Base- ball (3); Commencement Marshal ;;Cla5i Football (4); Electrical Engijiteting Society; L. W. Electrical Engineer- mg. - , ' ' ' Walt " is one ot ihe boys-and a jolly, good fellow. He is the nerviest man in the class. When he was a Soph- omore not even a pistol m the hahds qf an excited Freshman could slop him. He is an aThletF; too. He can do the stunts in the Gym ; is a good track man ; played on his class teams and was ajways there with ihe goods. ' Wait rooms with Jim Craver, but plays with live wires and with Daggett in an electrical engineering course - j oJcfe:F ,.: tz: 36 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII CLYDE LUCIUS GATES y. rgg W ' Hill Age 21; heighl 5 feel 11 iri gl weight 148 pounds. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Mimsl rial Club; Dramatic Club; L. W. Teacher. " Cates " is a charter member of (he " Ring Buster League. " He is also a mighty logician. Got a diploma in Public Speaking and then strove mightily for one in Phi- losophy II. C , - (L 4 JZ2 WILLIAM PRESTON CLI S:fe,. .Whila yt o? ' - ' i J 5) ;ur4a«gan o Jr st e chanil J AggTTTl ei " " Athletic Associi veight 1 2 pound: W. Law " Cline " graduated li im Lenoir College in 1906, and was successful in business for five years. Th n he joined us in our Senior year to gel a diploma from U. N. C. Dr. Mims says he has a " good eye " for poelrj ' . His voice is clear and cheerful. But no less so than his " chirping. " is his thinking, which always rings with crystalline optimism. Yet, in a businesslike way he makes you fee! that life is real and earnest. 1 le will always fight a good fighf, and then be ready for any fate.- Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 37 JOHN BURTON CLINGMAN Winston-SaUm " Room! Ma e majj " ' , Hunger commands: my valoi must obey! " Age 23; height 5 feet 11 inches; weight 165 pounds. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.: Wmston-Salem Club; Assistant in Mathematics (4) : L. W. Civil Engineering, , ' " J. B. " is one of the big men ct the class, and without a doubt the biggest eater. He gets more than his money ' s worth at Commons Hall every day. and put the management in a hole the first month he boarded there. And had he been entered in the race he would have run Higgins a close second for the official light wad of the class. With his other big qualities he is also a big " Math. Bull. " I ' ' J UlAaA ' VVlAaa WILLIAM BATTLE COBB. ._ Chapel Hill profess not itd tngi nly this- g jS ' ii Let each man Jo his best. " ' ; ■ ' •. ' ■ - " ' . A " ' Age t Jiei ghti5 « i 5 j inches; weight 106 pounds. iBhirSo ' clety ; Attltetrc-iaa aai lUriN Warrenlon High Club; Member. WeareMUle W C. ClubijjjSk (2, 3); L. W. Botany-f ' - . - - " " Biluy ' X ys»eol theVswifrest that turned Inis duality to gooJ dvantage in brin n ho e the honors from the track meets. Track work. Botany, and Zoology, are_hTS_serlQUi ei i( 3£ qeft 4 while s t-hack and the ladies claim his lig)rt r moments. He ately fond of raising chickens. have, and tias CjlJ . QoJXiis. 3- L 38 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII CHARLES SPURGEON COOKE Charloiie " Love is belter than fafne 7 Age 20; height 5 feel l nches; weifW- 1 poi s. Di. Sociely; Mecklenburg ' outily Qubj .Yr ' M. t .: Alhletlc Association; Hisloricat SocielyV French Dranfatic Club; Tennis Association; Scrub Basket-ball Team (3); Press Association; Official Scorer, Basket-ball Association; Commencement Marshal; Class Tennis Team (3, 4); Dra- matic Club; Manager. Senior. Tennis Team; L. W. Cotton Millingc= . " SpUg " is very careful aboul his dress and ihey say hr aspiies to be a heait smashci. lie wa: manager cf o j.- first and best baskel-ball team. He won. cJ»«inction for his class by- iis e cell nt tennis ptay4ng- Spug ' is a gt ' od student and his specialty is History. (MM . iU CHARLESJOWLER COWELL Washington " The frM eJ from (g . is Ae sJi eeiest of pleasures. " Age 1jji«lghr 5_ fe?t-6 ' SS:he __BfeighM lE2i ' nds. Chemical jqurrml Club; Phi. S oia|t| y. CTFGrA. ; Class FootbaTTfeam (2. J, 4) ; Scrub fJ II Team (I); Ath- letic Association; L. W. Chemislry.- -V " - - --. " — .-it " Big Chollie " domes ' to us from the TapRiver metrop- olis. That he is a consistent worker is evinced by his noc- turnal " boning " — for the Pickwick. " Big Chollie " thinks that he is some " Chemistry Bull, " but hasn ' t yet succeeded in analyzing his capacity, to find out why he is so diminu- tive. He is very-fbiKl of fogtball, dancing, and snipe hunt- ing. ( A.. 7 . -Z _ Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 39 y . , UtiSl ' ' -C -i JAMES ROX LAND CI VEN Charlotte ' ' Right noi le is th merit. " Age 22; height 6 feel; weight 165 pounds. Athletic Association; Mecklenburg County Club; Oak Ridge Club; Scrub Football Team (1,. 3 4); Class Baseball (I. 2. 3); L. W. Medicine. " " { " Jim " is easy going, never goes ahead at full slcam except on French II. He must have thai to graduate. Jim has played baseball and foolba f or.- four,. years with typical college ' i .T f ' J,! ,-- HENR LEVELASd CRAVER Lexingtrfh ' hc (n-utcsl Iralhshr i k: . And se are, (hi)§rJalesf mTn} ' - Age 26; heighll 5 feet -5 inches ; Di. Society; Alhlejie Associalion; Y. M. C. A r-Djvidson County Club. He liard vorker and lakes life lo his o.wn bus ) aiicnas lo tiis o.wn business and tffes il Mil djy canj o ■tJeryhiml) ; 4-U J ously. Ht d 4 it bille: 40 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII WILLIAM JESSE CRUTCHFIELD Greensboro " He has no leisure mho uselh il nol. " Age 22.; heig ht 6 feel; weight 175 pounds. Di. Society, Athletic Association; Class Football (1); Scrub Football (2); Scrub Varsity (3); Varsity Football (4); Guilford County Club: Royal Order of Gobblers; L. W. Retired Financier. " Jesse " is another one of our football stars. He worked consistently and finally made the V arsity in his Senior year. He embodies that rare combination of " good eggness " and good student. His ambition is to become a retired financier, but to accomplish this he will have to sever his membership with the sons of rest. BEECHER TATTE DENTON... AKEharline friendihip " The houn of :_. Til greaL a st e, anJy( naL ' 19; height 5 fe Di. Society; Athletic AssocJatiJiG ' ; ' Tennis Association Mecklenburg County Club; M. C. A.: Historical So ciety; French Dramatic Club (1): L. W. Undecided. ' Sl — A farmer transplanted to college. Has taken a lot of economics and knows how to apply it. especially in household economy. Never says anything, but just grins. Damon of the Damon and Pythias twins; who room to- getbet. walk, talk, arid hoot logeiher. A ' " gffbd egg and an excellent student inclined toward the bookworm type. .cT £ ' yv -rTy Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 41 .r? f- - ? 258fcV -R-UTH- ■ ■ Tobaccoville " Thit stone philo ap}iQTs ijyvam so loTt rbaV£ sought " Age 26; height 5 feet 10 inches; weight 1 6JD pounds. Di. Society; Y. M. C, A.; Fors lhe $ D«y ClOb; Politi- cal Club; L. W. Business. " " " Daub " is a great disciple 0t |-Jbface. rf t)6s expe- rienced the organic sensations, seen the precepts, and is ow about to discover a fourth reality. He is president of ' the Repubhcan forces in the University and a worthy successor lo Nugent Cox. Bids fair to go to the legislature -wilhin after |5 kduaUoi» J(( (J „-,., ' ' FREDERICK BLOUNT DRANE . . Edenion " A man iW ' B hom tj p rfi As ' nv guile Phi. Society; A lvp fjV. ' A.: Arbletic " Associa- tion; Track Teaiit f) i-Min ' steriSl ' Club ; Class Secretary and Treasurer (3); Class Finance Committee (1, 2. 3); Senior pi llTeam; Y. M. C. A; Cabinet; Gym ' Team (4); CIj ss Ecpresenlative (4) t L. W. Ministry. ' ( J- ' - .. " Fred. ' L " Parson " is a paVson-to-be, but he is an all- ' round good fellow, nevertheless. Thri class football field and the track are his playground); and he has done good work on: both. Wheii the Phi. Society, the Y. M. C. A.. or the Class Finance Committee want any help, they usually call on Fred. And he is strong with the fair sex, too. • JL . 3. 5 T«-0 -t 42 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII b vlSblajux. ui. oilijouU WILLIAM WHITE FALKNER Warrenion " Life Age 19; heig a,:| " °R § Tiches; w, Athletic Association; Tennis Association Vice President. Warrenton High School kal Journal Club; Historian, First S a German Club; II K A; L. W. Medicine ■ight 127 pounds. ; Y. M. C. A.: Club (2) ; ' Chem- r Medical Class; " Bill " is another Warrcnion man who has made good grades through his entire college course. He is queer but nevertheless a good fellow, .Took up medic me tk( the begin- ning of his Senior year and how he swears by " Dr. Charlie. " We predict for ' Bill " a great success as a physician. JAMES SM1TH_PAUL FENNER Raleigh i io never thinly. " T ' M ' gi ' ? " ? ; Weight 140 pounds Halifax County Club Age 22; height 5 feet 9 inche Athletic Assodation; Phi. Society; Press Association; German Club; Carolina Cotillion Club Greater University Club (2); ' . M C. A. (2); T. M. Horner School Club; - X; L. W. Undecided, . " Peck. " " J. Paul " talked about " Cousm Billy Bond ' for two years, but we finally broke him from that, " f- ' eck has almost mastered the art of blowing a harmonica, much to the delight (?) of everyone , iir, ,tf|e South Building. " J. Paul " is a good fellow, ibesid being fclessed wit ' i a keen sense of humor. Loves lo talk — Ohi You can look Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 43 ALONZO DILLIARD FOLGER Dobson " Eat, drinl(. and le merry, for to-morroi irmav die. " Age 23; height 6 feel; weight 160 pounds. AlhleUc Association; Y. M. C. A.; Clasi Baseball (2, 3); Di. Society; Class President (3); Manager. VarSily Baseball Team; Golden Fleece; L. W, Law. 1 " Lonnie " iy ' widest -known, best-liked, and found-faUlt-wilh maa in the class. Widest kno-wn be of his ready wit and strategy, most liked for his " good eggness. ' and found fault with because of Kis Rip Van Winkle propenslliei. Boosting athletics is his, serious work, college politics his hobby, and books an occasional -lieces- sily. We pi dto ' gftSf S fc ' S5 for ibis member sV the v_ ftI , - £ ROBERT ALEXANDER FREEM. N Dobson " Lil(e a strong man he runneth a gooct lKe, Age 28; height 5 feel tL inches; weight l48 pounds. Di. Society; Golden Fleece; Phi Beta Kappa; President. Student Council; Surry County ClubT- tjMid rtsociation; Historical Society; Pwsijlfnt. Senior ss;( Sbphomore- Junior Debater (2) ; T- ' MsC .; 3fapW( re-Junior De- bater (3); CommincemenLJiebaj£r;!_Ajiii liofcrothen; L. W. Law. Mr= i S ,S - " Bob " is dignifitd _stubborn, brilliant, indusllious. etc. As president of the ' Senior Clasj the carnpus depends on him — and he is very dependable. Ad at dealer, we are proud of him. ' Jhe worst thing we have against " Bob " is that he is a member L3_f that " Freair ' SgclelT. " known as the Phi Beta Kappa.J ii £Svet,J!e::BjfeJeasrfreakish of that freakish bunch. " ' " LA . A THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII i tt:: SAMUEL MALLETTE GAY IS, Jr u . . . HilUboro " Lilt isi ' efu erec inoil agreeablfi b pi ole occupation ivS iri l r I and leisure. Age 20; heigRb Siket 9 inches ; " " wetaku HO pounds. " Gat " — You have to know him to like him. He knows how lo think, and he makes the mo3t of that knowledge. Doesn ' t hurt himself studying, but he makes more " Is " than " 5s. " Another " Latin Bull " from Warrenlon High School. He expects to_J e- a i v il _en gi p ■- or J law erM In eithe field 2S ' predict thai " Cat " will ALEXANpiR HAWKINS GRAHAM Hillsboro " onng polilicians have evemiorc a iaini j f vanil} . " Age 21 ; height 6 ff Cl; wei t 1 ' , fx unds ' , .DlTSociely; AthlelicJAssociahon; German Club; SecretaryrTreasurer, German Club (4); Leader of German Club Dance (3); Commencernent Marshal - ' AeKErv ' acis Editor (3); Class Historian (4); CortKyGor n ' s Head; Law. — ' I L. W. tha the additii , ■ lo that ha " Sandv " kn politics, and i orator of no mean abrhty. N i)hmg les? thnn the Si " Sandy. " Hectook ' shine at Botanit»Jbot-.h signs ' t - bemg (trongesf men in the ' c , o( colleg h.mself a ate fo show of the O J a i 9C_ Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 45 AUGUSTUS WASHINGTON GRAHAM, Oxford !«• " Yon Craham hath a lean and lungrl; look- He ihinks loo much: _ Such men are danilerous. " ' ' Trt 6S I Age 20; height 6 feet; weight 136 piuSUi Di. Society; Athletic Association; Associate Editor of Tar Heel (3); Editor of Yacketv Vacs (3) ; Debating Union (3) ; Class Football (3, 4); Track Team (3); Vice President Class (-4); Granville County Club; Horner School Club; Phi Beta Kappa; A K E ; L. W. Law. " Gus. " " Caesar " — He is just a student. Phi Beta Kappa in a walk, a star in the Di. Societj ' . and on the sly a ladles ' man. A moralist in principle. Stoic In plillosophy, and a " Sfrm Jim " in appearance. He can clear the bar in the high jump, but n revels In a rgum ent, and a laugh. The logic of his reasoning clothed as It is in natural oratory will some day analyze the foundations of democracy and place him with the rest of his class high in the estimation of his commonwealth. WILI m GRAVESl.lIl ' wM, . .V Mount Airy mo e,t]a4{hi i ' gh no iorej IMen ae ' ri deceivers eVeTf ' ' , Guilford College, 1907-08. 1908-09, i9e -10; Di. So- ciety; Athletic Association; President. Surry County Club; Manager, Glpe Club; German Club; li 1.1 U. " BlLL " Ue h t dressed man In our class. He is good looking, lazy; mysltrious, and indifferent. Gels up in the mornn(J,..only when he fecl so inclined. The only recog- nized " lady killer " i ' the class. Has a girl in every port and swears it ' s the DesI plan. AXvKna juc 46 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII PRICE HENDERSON GWYNN. Jr Leaksville " Resolve to rum or ruteihir ' f, Age 19; height 5 feel 10 inches; weiglil 1 50 fxSunds. Di. Society; Athletic Ass cialiou ; Y. M. C. A.; Class Prophet; Manager, Class Baseball Team ( ) ; Exchange Editor, Magazine (3) ; Associate Editor-in-Chief. Maga- zine (4); President, Rockingham County Club; PJii Beta Kappa; L. W. Law, U ' " P ' IS a pleasant, congenial fellow when hp IsTTiot on a t;ioutli. But sometimes, for reasons he knows not why, the isorld to him ii all wrong. " ' P " is vice president of the Republican Club, a co-worker with " Daub, " and a strong supporter of the " Ring Busters. " He is a bright fellow and will make-iiis maiilc m lKe -worldr- ' V ROBERT MARCH HANES Wmston-Sa " Elernal sun hine elites on his head. " Age 21; height 3 feel 10 ' j inches ; ight 154 pounds. Athletic Association; Coop; Secretary-Treasurer. German Club (3); President, German Club ' (4) ; Editor, YacKETV Yack (3) ; lie dfiX, Gorgon ' s Head Dance (3); Manager, Musical Associafioir (3) ; Assistant Manager, Varsity Base- ball Team (3) ; ' Manager. Varsity Track Teim (4); Man- agcl Slar Course (4) ; Student Representative on Council 0) ' . Y. M, C A.: Commencement Marshal; Gorgon ' s Head; Golden Fleece; i: A lO; L. W. B«.sipe s, " Bob " sees the sunny side. If he has ever been giouc ' iy, no one has yet found it out. Is a friend to everybody, and the most popular man in the class. " Bob " has held down some of the hardest jobs in college, mostly of the managerial variety. .A good student, especially in Geology, but he doesn ' t like the flavor of " Mimm ' s Extra Dry. " i mjUAe z Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 47 iMfflST H RGRETT Sylvester, Ga. flluJe ami caiU ll peace. " Age 21; height 6 feet 2 ' , inches; weight 184 pounds. Athlelic Association; Tennis Association; " i ' . M. C. A.; Di. Society; CosraopollTan Club; Class Football (2, 4); Coop; Gorgon ' s Head; If A; L. W. Banking. " Sunrise, " " Haines " comes State. Hr is a Kard worker as i ing in three years. However, he has plenty of time to mix with hi us frona the " Cracker " evidenced by lii5r.graduat- 5 not a grind, and usually friends. He takes a part lie . and , ,| g, j ajK ,g jia_l lto5jt,_ .fL H A fSPC WILLIAM FRANKLIN HENDRIX Umonville " ( is tranquil people ntbo accomplish chr Age 23 ; Rlsel ft " 9 l Y. M. C. A.; Aftllelic ' As; (1, 2, 3); Captain, Class Baseball Tx t iJ -Eresbman- Sophomore Debater (I); Sophomore-Junior ' Debater (2); Assistant TVIanagcr, Varsity Football Team (3); Manager. Varsity Football Team (4) ; Di. Society; Golden Fleece; L. W. Law. fAV-S, " --K - " - y " Bill " is consiy JrW lh ' KT4wdest.of-nK5 skr d. He uses this charactewhc sbrewdness flh successfully managing the Varsity fo6(ba|l team, ' in manipulating politics, and passing " hou ' rs " " without jvvorjc. This shrewdness in con- nection wit his ofaloricMwi ropenBilies promises gr,9at suc- cess for " BH Horace predicts tl V " B,U " will " be in the legislative halls within the next five years, and we have great faith in Horace ' s predictions. (Ap!!lS: ju.ja 48 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII BRYAN VANCE HE RY, J?,, L.lesv.lle " He could on either side dispute, ' ' -S2s Confute, change sides, and slill confute. " Age 22; height 6 feel l ' _ inches; weight 138 pounds. ' Association; Historical Society: Di. Society; Athfetic Asso L. W. Law. ft " Vance " has the nibii of ' wit, but otherwise he make to us from Wake Forest ii kn seccMid year, and straightway made a hit with us. He ' Ws everyone on the campus, sluc i a ht|[e befpue ex- aminations, and argues a lot. A fervor for t!)e Law has recently seized upon his soul, and if arguing is a necessary requirement of law. we predict that he will he one of the most brilliant lawyers of our class. CARLISLE HIGGINS . ... , Eunice ' ! pennp saVeJ « mo pence clear. . pin a : l i ' s a gr Agti23; htight 5 feet 8 ' ., inches; weight 166 pounds. Di. SJciely; Class Baseball TeSm (3); Athletic Associa- tion; Treasurer, Athletic Association (4); Historical So- ciety; Debating Union (4); Ampholerothen ; L. W. Law. " Carusle " — You can tell by the losy bloom of health on hil ' cfleet " ' al he is a son of the mountains. Had a peaceful struggle in his Senior year with French II. He even dreamed in French. Bui came out all right ia the ' cnd. He is the official economist of the class by almost unani- mous vote. Carlisle is one of the good solid fellows of the class. (L aj-i Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 49 fRANK- BRUCE H001C£R S. HKKV. .TMSreenvVlle C, - " yl IDC as I ' sl oL f ted oac. ' VJON ' t " HrtVL- TO 6TrtNT) Age 2 k, height 5 feet 10 ' ' inches; weight I5S pojAds Phi. Sdd ety; Athletic Associati ns _ eside Club. :r _ " BRiTeSU— " { ot an active parti cranks ' -VHollefeeJ e, nor yet a I) orW--wBo -fnefer?il!R let the co|le . amuse him, rathe taan amuse thexpllege kal thus is a i ood policy is efvidenced best m Brb«£ himself. We ha cn ' t the shghtest doujjt at he will make County panJ Sn the " quips and laVe iL his work, Bruce c -( -M FREDERICK WILLIAM HOSSFELD, Jr.. .Morganton " EverM- ffiurdil hoi-o-champion lo def end it; f or emtr is ■ - aimm i ratl(allrc. " Age fe 1jeiEh4— tef|Set ; weight 206 pounds. Athletic AssociationV i eta ; I isroTical Soci y; L. W. Undecided. " Whass ' at? Whass ' a " Just ' " Big Hoss, " that ' s all. Distinguished by his gigjiflic volume, his knocking (inanimate thing;) and boxing {human things) ; his chara " cteristic stride on the football field, his willingness lo argue on aflT ubject (preferably iclicion), al any hme. at any place, with any personj under any ciu umslances, but his arguments are usually of two fprms, circular a id reduclcu ad absurdum. C ' M:fjd4 A 7 50 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII BLAKE ELLIOTT ISLEJ " At night me ' ll WILLIAM EMIL HOSS ELD Morganion " And this is lii i iJi(til =tfvitaMors should I fail? " Age 18; he.ghmnfTiw iig ' l eO pounds: Ath- letic Association; Tenms cigfe ; (Secretary, Phi Beta Kappa; L. W. Civil Engineering. | " Hoss, " " XX ' ii.liam " — Jusl plain " Hos5 ' as diTTinfuishFd from " Big Hoss. " Will talk a year all night about any- thing until his small-eyed brothei comes around. As a bndge player he is an artist, but then he is alj artist at anything he goes at, since he made the secretai-yship of the Phi Beta Kappa witlroiit looting at a book Had ood temper until he made a " 3 " on Chem. 1. tikes good joke but can ' t tell one for laughing. " Hoss " is a good all-round fellow and will make good. Burhngto Age 19; height Sft feel ' j inches; weight 147 pounds. Y. M. C. A.; DuHSocietyr ' President. Alamance County Club; Gym Sq " atJ; .Class Statistician; L. W. Undecided. " BlXke " -.Eiaro to us from Trinity in our Sophomore yea ; " V f.aIl lilse BlakeNahd we think -that filake likes us. at lea»Pl goes into everything ._wjih his whole heart. He has woi sjniich_idisirn€JTt3t.--in -the.,, ckissroom and in the " Gym. " He carries an attractive side-line of music. li iLaJUc_ Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 51 F AIRLEV PAffERSON VmES- " " .: .r .Laur,nburg ■■So cndi the blooJv hu of the da)). ' Age 20; helgKr 5 feel 9 inches; weight 140 pounds German Club; Athletic Association; Manager, Class Base- ball Team: (X)-, i) A E ; L. W. Banking. " FaibV, " " Handsome " — The luckiest man m college since his brother Jesse left us. Has the enviable faculty of knowing exactly the right ihmg to study lor examination — and no mote. Has spent most of his time at the Irrtv-but never fails to take his constitutional every night in. ttre -FO«Jl of a trip to the Pickwick. Z ! 30- -.j.0- CLARENCE WALTON JOHNSON. .:.. Four Oaks " ( h d gpp ' ' Jlpine lhar ollot i)his own Inslruciions. " Age 2 ;- hpgKt .S ffd -TOchej weight 150 pounds. Y. M. C. A.; PK ' i. Scjriiiyt Athleti, Association; Tennis Association; Johnston County Club; ' B. C. A. Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet;, VolutUeer Pandv L. W. Missionary. " C. W.. " " StRaioit Wc ' " Aslviry punctilious, and regular as the walch hi r s oij ) ou when he ' s in a hurry- and he is always in a hurry. Gels his nickname from his rather stiff carnage, which tg ' acquired in military drilf ' al Bui V Creek. His stsjid nejs persistence of force, and good Intellect will make him a good missionary, if he enters thai calling, and we believe he will. 52 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Age ' - OT height ' IS incfi ; weight " JoHJ ' - ' -dropped down among -us, flcm lie weste( of rtEeTSlaJej 7or ih« lasl lap in lh - rate for a ' shfeepskin. John has a maniaTor literary degrees, having annexed one froiS ' 5afawfiM- ' C«llete, last year, he is now in Lest of anoMr?Tff5 " l fi - l«l is- reading poetry and-solving fpohlical problems with Representative Johnson. To know John well IS to know a good student, a good friend, and " good fellow. JUC-. FQHht a J DRICK Rock Hill, S. C. Age 21; height |5 ihil fl es; vmffi 160 pounds. Medical Society; Yi Mj, CJ A. ; L. W Meditine. " Kent " was formerly ' ? «uKjecl of Wake Forest, but the Ministerial Atmosphere was loo close for him fhere ; he hailed for U. N. C; an? joined us in our Junior year. Since hlC ttiv l carodng lis, he has decided to study medicine, and promises to make good in his profession. He is a sober- minded fellow and has his own ideas about everything. " Kent " is a good mixer and his main hobby is reading the " Smoke Eyes. " VAv_ 4 .vJbv:c; A , Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 53 JAMES CONRAD " Lcl mililnes ev ' i end ' ihv longue Age 20; height 5 feel 8 ' _. incbe.s, ' weiyit -i4 Vo " nds. Phi. Sociely; .Alhlelic Associahen; Y. M. C. A.; Pill County Club: . Pre .A soeiation; .§crtik=-Baseball Team (3); Class Fdolfeall " 0) r ] . He IS an innoeeftr peacefutjook ngfell v, but a bad man when you slir up his Irish. He Js a ball ptayec.and plays the game IJ it s th. Studies, h aBa ' iviUjnake JESSE CLEVELAND L.ASSITER. . . ,x ;7 ,„Ju an " Whal harmony h ihis? My SooJ f ' ru Ji ' . ' ' Haff! ' ' ' Agt--20s , he ghl 5 feet 1 jiK ; wei ' shi 150 pounds Di. dp ' ty; ,CL Club (3. 4)(; ni« ' rsitytf i;iM;(3. 4); " LassiHr " self. He piides h7i bass voice, and on pas: and wiltiout even looku Bg ' on Wiith he prides him- hU red lop; boots, on his big. ■_ ' EconomicsB ' without a book, al a bookJ| He is, moreover, a star member of the Glee ( lub and the " ffciaj Ipafer of the class. Lassiler, however, like ' Collins lam " has a head of his own and will some dgr periiajis hult i elf to the front. 54 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII JOHN CLEGG LOCKHART Chapel H.l ■He ha to persuade anj aJ to contrive, a long. ..ha d- iPi execute. " Di. Society; Y. M ' .:t. A.; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Golden Fleece; George Washington Scrub Debater; Freshman-Sophomore Debater; Secretary. De- bating Union (5); Vice President Class (3); Commence- (it Marshal ) re5.dent, V. M. C. A. (4); Busi- YACKETYrYAciK (4). of many affairs; He has ipore . p, .do than any man in the class — jand he is always on the -job. The ladies are dear to hlT heart, and if he jsn t talking about ' 4he ,Y M. C. A. j tp YA EVi AtR., " politics, or debating, he is sure lo be talkii you want a thing done right, him out and he has made good. ess Manager, Yai John is our r JOEL JENKINS McADEN Charlotte " There i{s ifide fti ' e4 deviltry beneath his mild exterior. " foo Ut- , ' . Age 2 ; PhS%M ' 5 ' ieej ' 5 inches; weight 146 pounds. 2 ti J?t.i:ierman CJub; Warrenton High School Club; Dran)iti4.,CIub ' (2); President. Dramatic Club (4); Meck- lenburg •XTdiinlyJ BK; Aljlletic Association; L. W. Bank- ing- (s J ' He wears a smile of seraphic innocence and possesses the voice of a cooing dove, buti in ; his violet eyes the devil twinkles, and things are not w hat they seem. His charming piquancy, his manner shyly vivacious, and his mischievous gaiety make hun,,to the f eininjjie " hg tt " ' ' tf - ' ? ' ' ' ' ' " " ' " ' ' ' IS to the stone. ' ' ' lUl C- W . , . " - ' - ' riy a du — , Vol. xn UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 55 MONROE ANDERSON McI " ' T ' 15 nrong to tal e detighl in iinnoijmg our friends. " Age 21; height 5 feel II inches; weight 143 pounds. Athletic Association; Tennis AssccialioiL; -Y M. Q. A.; Di. Society ; German Club; Assistant inl ' -EfftiajW (3); A K E. ' . ' " " " " ' . " .n-.-.i " -- :J . -V " Mac " is stingy with his affections, t)ut his concentration has made it stronger to those who know him best. He is not much in getting grades, but a bundle of general infor- mation has been collected irom some place. He likes to " peep and botanize-upon tn V gin flora. " quoting poetry in the meanwhile. ' ' -• " 1 (ylr € JOHN DUNCAN McLEAN . . .Voss " Bool i arc for the ithafiarU idle limes Age 24; hefejir5 feel 7 inchesk weight 164 pou " J. D.. " " Mac ' ' %( , hand-n P) from 1911. and a good one. too. He worfc " « ' atlhe riiftshop, sticks fellows for the Pickwick, conver e on politics and conslilulicnal law, and cusses Physics 1. Is rather sensitive about his figure; however, he laugHs Vociferously at everything, and quite often pullrott a soc . egg. Steady n bl " b , ' on himself 11 " Ma,, " IS a goo ;oods7] ( I J - 56 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII HENRY BURWELL MARROW Henderson ..,7.. . C ' t ' IS reason s part T i To govern anj lo gaarcl the hearti Age 24; height 6 feeliNveighl 1 flit- Tim sr T i. So- c.ely; Press Associ lion (2, 3); M. ' C;. A.; Historical Society. Assistant Editor of ACKkTy ' i ' a , (4)j ? " H. B. ' is otS-af the bestdialaijced. -Well-grounded men in ihe clasi. He has tudj well ' Jurrn« Ills college course, and on tlif side has -lauglrt- at the graded scljoolv Always I lings a young lady lb the star .;our — each iime a different lady. H. B. says that he makes -tbese otiartgerln order to better s ldy fiuman nature. To u ca n xounl on JVlarrow for a logical reason for anything he does. C f Mz. - . - WILLIAM PETER MOORE Fonta Flo " His hront is luet rvilb honest stveat. Fo he :aJkes! )it l anv an. ' pounds, cal So- I 311 j Age t25 hiight Vfee 4 ijn5f«e§r eight 145 pl " S9 W; ' ' Class ' Foolhalf|j, 2, 3, 4); H.stor cTelyT LTvWT T cat hing. . " Pete. " as h is famiR Vly kn ' owa to all of U5, has neve. been what _piig ' f E_ talled a u:ood in any sense whatever. He has lusl ri a so)ffl, stqady I9l2 man. A fair student wtlii n,. particuTTr enlHeij ies ' toward the ' Phi Beta K.appa. a gcod class athlete foi four years, and a gDod conscientious worker in ihe literary society, about snms ip his activities. Pete ' s sKyi wtt aiKi g«iidli yj ke klin a good companion at any jirutk ' fli prides himself on his good looks and his knowledge of 14lh English, which has come to be his hobby. CkJ.( M z ie Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 57 LAWRENCE NELSON MORGAN Goldsboro " Never to he doing Maih Age 22; height 5 fee ' 4 inche Vice President of das ' ! (2); inr Assistant Editor, Magazine (3); Ti£ Tar Heel (4); Tar Rahy Board ation (4); Phi. Society: Odd Number Club; : P esideBI, Pm Beta Kappa; L. X■. Jou " Monk " is president of the Phi Beta hCappa. edilor-ji chief of most every college puhlicalion. and still has to lalk and joke with any one who comes along. Has take every " bull " coarse in college, but has never macl better than a " 1 " on J of iheni. . ihornuphly gcfbd fellow, popular with b;; e_facully and llie sUidenls; we predict tor him a greaT success in life. Ti(o-.? ™P - ' ' • JAMES WARD MORRI, " A (iike ' fil r ' sleep " ■ " " - ' ' , Tier 111 Agf J; TieTghl 5 feet inches; vyeighT-t O pounds. Phi. Society; Y. M, C, A.; German Club; Alhiell l - ci lioni Leader-junior Prom. (3)V-$d;ior.Jr ' ACKt-Syihi (i) :: Rreside(xti fHorida ' .Club : Horner ClubiJV.I MJjC.- ' A, ajsiijfet.-l: ' ) : - v£dilor-»t.-Chlef, ; ' AcKi«__Y c1 (4) ; I a prbm teii) t-4tSs£Sie social side of ■as largely instrumental in making the fie is a good talker, wnlei, speaker, iHe lime demands il. Ho has the harden of publishing the Yackety Yack this ye r. and hi done his pari: to mak e M_ ' rce5s. - He fiopas lo e a lawyer some day, and our predSTion is that he will make good 58 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII DAVID f lD MURCHISON. I ' ■■- ' " " fe V the truth ami sha. (l(nington PHI- Tf,e—JeVd(- Age 2S heighl 6 feel; weighl 160 pounds. $ ' |J : Phi. Sooe y: Chemical Journal Club; L. V. Medicine. , " Dave, " " Mluih " — Works hard in ewiylhmg he under tat 5 ' . ' Gan cat mi re buckwheat cak s at one silting than any one man in collei;f. He is one jof j Frbggif ' s proteges and spends most of his time in the zoif ' ab ] ral(iry, " crush- ing the weed. Dave is a good musician and dancer, and winner with (heJal die ' y02v «. -6uyV(r«A CLARENCE EDWARD NORMAN Concord " His virtue Txas iilvern. " Age 20; height 5 ,5pr ' ' inches; weight 148 pounds. Di. Society; Atl lel]t; ' Association; Tennis Association; Glee Club (4); Deulsclier Verem Jj; }, 2); Track Squad (3); Y. M. C. A. Cafemet (3.J %;;7Secretary, Y. M. C. A. (4) ; L. W. Foreign Missionaw |.i;. " CLARENCE lf " there was a pri for the mn!l inquisitive man Iji the Univeisily, Clarence would cerlainly get it. However, this is not an allogelher bad propeniily. for it almost got him a Phi Beta Kappa key. Clarence i ' one-flf - id itfpsl- dependable ni;n on the campus, he doesn I mind work and as a result he is one of the best men in our dfafir THe- predoioijiant latcrest of Clarence, outside of his classroom work during his college course has been the religious activities of the Young Men ' s Christian Asso- ciation. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 59 Mars Hill n- helJ JAMES LA ' RENCE ( •• am largh. heller than I thoughl ; I d. ' io much oooJness. - .- ■ vt Age 21; height 5 feet 10 inches; weight 154 pounds. Phi. Society; Athletic Associa(i«Br; . Historical Society; Odd Number Club; Florida Club; Ed.tor-tn ef, Mag- azine: Class Football (1,2V. Scrub Foo|baU- ; Varsity Football (4). L. W. Law. y,, - ' ' " . : J . " Orr " possesses— much natural .il.ili|y. He is our best poet, and one of our best athletes. But football, editorial duties, and poekc medilalion, together vilh a natural aver- sion to books, hait ' t ' ei t him i4m wjW ' S to " much. THADDEUS SHAW PAGE Biscoe " They Taho rfre caicJ icniic vei mus al ay please. Age 20; I eiigjht 3 feel 1 1 inches; weight 140 pounds. Athletic Asso i pn; Di. Society: Y. M. C. A.; Class Baseball (1); Scrub Baseball (2) Vlrsity Baseball (3); Member, Wearers of the N,.iiX-Qjib; Coop; Gorgon s Head; K . ; L. W. Farmirf ,, , ' Well, Well! Uor ho hertJ. I do believe it is our old friend ■ ' Thad " of basebair fame. " Thad " is one of Jimmy ' s proteges; .but that ' doesn ' t keep him from being one of the most popular in the class. Believes in studying enough to pasjfc ' tTra " work, ' , and en]oys life , the st g f -th e time. " = — ' ■ .. M ' ' ' ' " Jk-aJlr -1 OL t 60 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII HAL LYNCH PARISH, Jr H,llsbor " Never idle a moment, hut thrifty and thoughtful of others. ' Age 19; height 5 fe t 9 ' ,j injtes; weight 25 pounds. Di. Soc.ely; Phi Be«i Kappa j A etic Assi giahW JZen- Association; Rlectrical EngHtJET ' Electrical Engme mg. ; f •Baby " — Frpml Httrslum, and yet he i the key he Wears so pr »niitienlly, shows name of " Baby " t}. Jiis Freshman year c sweet soprano oiccA-and il hasn ' t changed yet.. - H spends most of his lime at ' yorlt. but doesn ' t let ihat keep him away from the front seaK the Pjckwick, nd trip home every two weeks. 2;¥ = Cui 2 t: 0ty Age 30; height « " 6 j }ncSes ; w eigh? 1 3 5 pounds. Phi.,Soc.ety; Y. M|| ;,A:; ' L- W. Teacher. Here IS cne ol iSe quiel kind, seldom seen or heard from; somrwhal aged, but that liinn ' l hurl him — much. He pursues his work hnd le ' 5 olhri- l-llcw theirs. Came to us last spring. afterbeiriB .-™i a vear. W ' c were glad to adopt him. ' Withal _a pleasanl Iclluw and eonscreiritous hard workeis- HLLBOkU - J OLjuy Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 61 JAMES DICKSON P, Age 20; heiglit 5 feet Meredith. Fla. " WhateVer is popular deserv ght l38 pounds. Coop; German Club; Athlellic Associa WClass Historian (3); Sub-Leader, February Germa? (SjV KETY YaCK Ed.lor (3); II K A; L. W. Busipfcss. - ) I " Dick. " ' Rbc " came i(. us horn FI ' Midd aiScTweflxtvere glad to- get him. Is a jolly good I, llou- and liked: M %ry- body. Makes good gra " " and d.ipin ' l have lo work for them. Was afrafd of the ladie;, u ' .fn we first got him. but you should see him now. Thinks he will try the lumber business. y.cte-f iGJUu. 1 EXIT I ■ I C0l|DMBU5 WASFlllHl t N EAGLES PITTMAN Hm r ' itakers " - - aihl unsBicr n hal I for: luikfv ' : . 5j eet S ' _ inches; weigfrt— 133_pound: Society ; ' Y; ' TVK C. A.: . " lhlflic AssfeSlSh ; Gyi Te iji (2); Manager, Class Baseball Teani Q.): Cla; tfall Team (3. 4); Assistant Manager. Tar ec (3) Marshal ' (3); Buiineiss Manager, (4) Jtant in Library (1); L. W. Teachiis -- i=? " Pitt " has studied hllle but read much. This reading has never inlerfeied with his duties on the Tar Hec . As a business Manager, he Is ode of ihe best we have. Has been active in ser.v3ng the inleE sts of the class ever since he has been in ' cdllege. I | ,eep ' your eye-oa " Pill, " he ' ll be business manager of the Standard Oil Company, some of these days. 62 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII r " Type of the wise idS bul pev r«am Age 21; height 5 feet 9 incjjes; wetght 130 pounds. D,. Society; Y. M. C. A.-; AtHlelic Association; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (45; Tennis Association; President, Rock- ingham County Club (3) ; President. Oak Ridge Club (4) ; Carolina Cotillion Club; Assistant Leader. Cotillion Hop (3); Class Football (3, 4); Manage,. Class Football (4); Class Baseball; Dramatic Club (4); iL. W. Engineering. " ToMVv " is a splendid representative of the average University man. He plays; class football, does his duty to tlie Y. M. C. A., lakes some part in the work of his society, dabbles a little in politics, and studies Occasionally — enough to.pasj his jiKpik with ease. Witb l he is a thorough good feltoft-. Wrllope that he will be able to live down his abominable habit of making puns. impr AgeT29; helgKl.5 feel II inches; weight 150 pounds Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club (2); Alhletil: Association . Whitselt High School Club; L. W. Businesi. " QuiNVi — We is well worth knowing, though it is difficult to become ac ualnled with him. He will sell you a suit of clothes and guarantee you satisfaction — because he sold it to y, iu. H Aies not pride himself as an athlete, nor a 4eba( nor for rrtakrriii high grades; but he passes his wuxk ana A-«tg n 4 or all -tkat — C? . Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 63 JAMES HALL RAN J - " Not muOi talk— a gr al. sn iet ' W ' , (; % r vt: Age 21; Height 5 , jeel ' g l! «; wei ' g l Ph.. Society; Y. M. C. A.; ' Alhlclic Assoc Association; Secretary. Johnston County Club (I) dent JolinMon CouaLy. Club (3); .Associate Editor. HcA (3. 4); Associate Editor, Ma%azmi (4); Vice Pr dent. Hibtorical Society; Press Association. " JlMMtE " — Another devotee to the printed page shown by his official lilU — the greatest bookworm oV our class. He ame lo ' collcEe for what comes out of boojts and :arry lilrte else away wilh him. He should ha ' e made Phi Beta Kappa by all mean;, and would have, had he begun with half the z egt be | ; Wdjyifc ?14QW£yf. he will succeed, for to him who toils nothing is inipossible. Yadk.nville inches; weight 135 pounc A.; .Athletic .Association; Cla liness Manager. Ma ' ' mc (4) ; L. W. " Thad " " SxSt of tl 5?5iraid. si nrl.e,s and one ' of the best busine:S b K in lTTe " s-, He spent one-half his tii..- during his Senior year boning on French II and olhei halt soliciting adverlisemenis for the .Wu Jzinc. He is. moreover, the h-sl aulhonly ,n . ollrge .-.n ielii;n,n, and rould he put Ins religious VK s in practice be would be aicuosl a model sort of fellow. ■ " " " - . 64 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII HENRY EUilENE RIGG3 Dobson " All hafe ' ifiJ ' gifitofcsbiicf jJeiD pojsesse o£ misJom. " Age ISVheigKfVfeetlSLinches; weight 150 pounds. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A); ' Athletic County Club; As Qciale rdiior of L. W. Law. Association ; Surry CKETV " V ' ack (4) ; " He " — Some think thai " He " is lazy, but he just ap- pears that way. Never does, anything off-ham) — ev n_ lakes deliberate aim wRen lie smiles at yon. — »tle is a good student, and a pedagogue of the old school. Holds ihe chair of " Miscellanies " in the Chapel Hill High School. Give him lime and he is one of the best we have. CHARLES ABRAM ROBERS . . ' - V obersonville " IheSrun derived Irom labor is ihe saealesl of pleasures. " Age 22; height 5 feel S ' j inchesV Weigljt M45 pounds. Plji. ' Sociely; Martin County ,Club ' ; y,;M. C. A.; Athletic As ciation; L. W. TeScher. ' " ' " .Abe " hails iiom Martin County. an,dl is a true son of the sod. Hasn ' t decided wtethei he will return to the paternal acres a ter graduation; r set forth as a pedagogue. Very quiet anti l nassumin , , but always there ' -with the goods. Has w ' oVked hard, and vvill make good at whatever he goes in for. if he keeps up his present pace. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 65 WILLIAM WHITE .Timberlake ■■ am lhe " r ;j ' of courtcs]). " Age 24; height 6 feet; weight 154 pounds. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Historical So- ciety; Y. M. C. A.; Assistant in Library (4). " White " — The Class of 1912 is glad to have White Rogers as one of its members. During his college course he has proved to be a loyal friend, a diligent student, and a devoted member of his class. Every man has his faults. So has Ke, He misses Horace Williams ' s classes every term for no other purpose than to go lo see his girl. He ran the library for Dr. Wilson this year and got up his term ' s work on the night before each vexaminalion, making some THOMAS SAMSON ROYSTER Townsville " Life is rendered : mosl agreeable fcji allernale occupation w.T. ' ) n ' ' , ' ! ' ' . ' anJ leisure. " Age 21; height 6 feet 1-4 inches; weight 170 pounds. Phi. Society; Athletic Associalion; President. Warrenlon High School Club (2); Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Associalion; German Club; Chemical Journal Club; 11 3v .V; L. W. Medicine. ' " SAP spent the first two year ing, and since that lime has be ' on his work. He likes Latin, to the " boot " he ' s had on Or of his college course work- lucky enough to get " 3s " but wc believe that is due Howe since his Freshman year. " Sap " has never been in love but likes to advise others in their love affairs. Wants lo study medicine, but hasn ' t yet decided lo honor thai profession. " Sap " will make his mark, we are sure. T»v«- ' « S Av»-mM 66 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII HOWARD BENTLY SH0FJvIER.l%fe yWe. Te " For he ' i a jolh iocj lAloS. " Age 25; height 6 fjer letic Associalion ;, -I So i Club; ' elJlr5J?ool Club; Scrub FobU) ' ): ,A E , L. W. Law. _ a: v. ' ) " BuTTERpjJP. " " SiVsry came to usf from Vanderbilt, strained a ' p fer ' and ga duated m Iwoyyears. He believes in steady hard work npllowed with enty of good cheer. Has the proper dimension fory-ti jollv Dutchman and fills the bill exactly. Is extremely [ muEicaflly-inclined and loves to sing just to see how inuchHuj(;S ht can make. Shows his optimism to the world by giving forth conitanlly lyrical bursts of rapluie, either m " grand opera ' oi ' breakdown " riety. Stands for sonietHTng wei jh ' w hile, and can back A Ji J CcZAX tlV?OX£nUSE = ' ' ' ■ JESSE RICHARB50N SLOAN. . . : ■ . TPIiS| b ••A ' or.e bul himself coalJ be hi paralkLjJ Di. Society; Athletic .Association; Tennis Associal Macon County Club; French Dramatic Club (I). " Cick " hails from the mountains, and has to come through ihree states to get here, but he is always oii lime — at the Pickwick. It is rumored that he is a " great ladies ' man. However that may be, he is endowed with the remarkable gift of being able to blind Major Cain and Ed. Mimms, Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 67 LUCIUS EUGENE STACl ' Ruih. dton Age zS ' PxJreight 5 Je?t 8 _ inches! Athletic Associatiou " 7T3i. ' Societv . Class BaSebaJI ' " ( 1 , 2, 3); Class Football (3 %v S ob-W.iily Baseball (2); All- ClaSS Baseball ( , l M-CUsd Football (3): L. W. Lhemistry. ■ t,UKE " — Each Wlli P. M gurrv " ' : ,__ " Lake ' s " linje is ilakeh up with tShymlsiry ai th £iii We ' don ' t undeTsTand the, -affinity. ' ' ' tuke " " , is one ' of the " old guafd " TO class a M fe=y=wg— feeliCTJ r B f TiK ' co uld have made the Varsity, had he laken the lime to try. rs, in turn, won the - the story -e|ids here. lid rathe7 ' li!ntiJJian it PVVjii en . ' gel20; neighf ly; Dramatic ' tfufrMetklenbura C nunly Chib; Win- ner of Preston Cup (2): Fditor. Ma?.ozr,c (3); Editor. TarlHecljy i d Number vb; ,L. W. Journalism. ■■BREyAM r ' -;.a jyriler, a Btlfl books, a dreamer of dreams. ' Brevard is someliij f a recluse, and yet his writings, and he writes much, prove to us that Doty is alive to that which goes on around hiny He is a newspaper man in every fibef of his being, encA him the Charlotte Ob- server is the law and (!«• ittisnel. H ' U-rJyfi l, 68 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII CLAUDE EDWARD TEAGUE Cameron ■ ' doubl the Tl isdom of being loo IDue— see much wisdom in some folly. " Age 23; height 6 feet; weight 155 pounds. Phi. Society; ■. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Historical Society; Golden Fleece; Class Football Team (3, 4); Class Base- ball (I); Track Squad (2); Member of University Coun- cil; Press Association; Manager, Glass Football Team (3); Class Orator (A) ; Commencement Debater (3) ; Winner, Bingham Prize (3); Amphoterotlien ; L. W. Teacher. " Claude " is a solid fellow with a ruggedness of charac- 1 ' ahdia doggedness of determination. He is as persistent in his efforts as he is unwayerirtg in his opinions. With the same constant persistency Keysets about winning a debate or winning a girl. We cannot lell whether he will be as successful in the latter as in the former; but we believe he can always be depended on to deliver the goods. ROBERT LINN VanPOOLE Salisbury " Man is nol an organism: he is an intelligence served h organs. " Age 25; height 5 feet 9 ' inches; weight 138 pounds. Di. Society; Athletic Association; jSf ' . |M. C. A.; Vice President, Rowan County Club. | " Bob, " " Van " studies Psych under the new regime, and, strange to say, likes it. Holds the proud distinction of never having missed a ball game played on the hill. R. L. holds another " first place. " but it is rumored that he used peroxide to win It. (See Senior Superlatives.) f Jf - Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 69 WILLIAM EASTON WAKELEY Orange, N. J. " Yel Ihe life of a mhote life iliss m ien love is deaJ. " Age 23; height 5 feet Wyi inches; weight 165 pounds. Athletic Association; German Club; Secretary, Athletic Association (4); Scrub Football (1, 2); Captain, Scrub Football Team (3); Sub-Vars.ty Football (3); Football (4); Varsity Track Team (1, 2. 3); Sub-Vars,ly Basket-ball Team (3); N. C. Club; Coop; i: X; X; Gimghoul; L. W. Medicine. " Bill, " " Willie " came to us from New Jersey and brought the characteristic ' ankce enterprise with hira. Is a good athlete and his track ability stands him ' well in his runs to Tarboro, but on account of " heart " failure he has stopped this strenuous service. We are sorry that he has changed his course to medicine as we don t see as much of him as formerly. Is a hard worker but manages to find time to make a pun on most anything at any time. LINGAH WANG Peking, China " Bui the banils that ntere p ajjet B}) that heathen Chinee, .Z ' V.i And ihe points thai he ma,i (ZZ ' X I ' Were quite frightful to sit 1 (,d(Unds. Age 28; height 5 feet 6 Ji che iVeight ISfi , Phi. Society; L. W.tfDnsi l«.S« fcw) ' i ' „ For sociability our ' Celestial member is excelled ' by none of us. Plays cards and chess superbiy. Speaks Enghsh perfectly, and writes good themes. Corresponds in Chmese v kh all sorts of high muck-4-mucks, and writes for Chinese journals. Subscribes tolhe " Teachings of Confucius, " though the Y. M. C. A. nonchalantly collected from Jiim a mem- bership fee. ThougS of the higher social order in his country, he approves the recent revolution, and admires Yuan Shi Won all our hearts at our banquet by inviting us to come over and eat chop suey with him. C7 £- 70 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII CYRUS RICHARD WHARTON Gibsonville ' The lover of fcoa j Vi ihe riche tan piesl of men. " ■- iifeche _ eight 130 pounds. Dramalic Glub; Athletic Asso- 1 Debater ' s Prize; Freshman- GommenceiBcnt Debater (3) ; J |Chl r;H resldent, Debating Union (4); Pennsylvania- efeafer (4); Amphotcrolhen ; L W Law — - ll ' ■ " iniib. " hichi?Be " Stt aw in ctioos- tudies, clolHesJ aljd ' l iirsaft ; aWd " he has them ail. feaba SJ is his favorite pastime. an ijS aai jI ' -WdJtlter. He lost twelve a Of bate, but- ' he gained a " Dick " has an arislociati g his friend ade good in ihis he is ijS daO junds winningj Pepns3 1v ep " that weighs considerably more. t.R . J JOHN CLARKE WHITAKER Winston-Salem " ■ he mcrrv, ' he free. I ' ll he Age 20; height 5 feet 10 ' inches; Wsfghf+SO pounds ; Athletic Association; Glee CluTj (30- W ns on-Syepl " Ctub ; Scrub Baseball Team (3); Odd Number Club; Tar Bahp Staff ;.,Reai!stofjLa5t Will, and Testament (4); German Club; Gorgt riVi4ead; Assislalit Leader. Gorgon ' s Head Dance; J= .X Coop; L. W.I ' Explorer. " John7 " Whtt. " " Snf.tvN ' Kz " came to us from Guil- ford in his Junior year, hut has long since outgrown that. A remarkable exanaple. of | deleimuia1ion, perseverance, pa- tience and goodness when ' it comes to Math, U, Besides this Nothing Iiduliles hini oxi,cpl ilial there are too few hours in the day to a.-mmnd.ile Ins ..f Iwenly-four hours a week, the Tar Bah i, baseball, and Senior Stunt. A rare mixture of good sense and humor and his broad smile can be heard from the South Building to Bob Hanes ' s joint. Is deseivedly popular with men and ladies alike. ( lirLj L Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 71 ' fr ' arm ache n i i ai ' if and agoni; iDUh Tuordi. " Age 24; height 5 feet 11 inclifi»4— weisJit-WO pounds. Phi. Society; Secretary, Medical Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tnnily Park Club; Scierit.fic Club; L. W. Medicine. " WiLhi " was never seen when nol ip a liurry. He is one cf our Faculty members, being Dr. Brown ' s technician. Has decided-!o become a doctor and every one who knows him feels sure he will make good ,n his profession. -Wilk " good student, a good fellow, and a good friend. ' t- y. ; J eY ' - - " ' ' - iJ c r ROBERT WATSON WINSTON, Jr Raleigh " In evcrtp ran , or grcal or small, ' J is indusir]) supports us all. " -J J ? ; hel 6 feet ; weigl 1 60 puiadi , Class " FSST lLif); Captain, Class Fo ilball ( I ) ' Cliss Baseball (2); Scrub Baseball (3); ' arslly Football (2, 3, 4); Varsity Tijac-k (l iaV; Assistant Leader, German Club Dance (2),!; |Y, M. C, . ' y Phi. Smleiyr Corgons Head; Golden Fleeie; Captain. FiraHjall Team (4) j N. C, .Club; Coop; L. " " " W. La 6i H 1 ' Bob " a born leader, and a ' Sffnter through and through. One of the best athletes CarolmTfl: has ever produced; a good track man and a star on the- football leanl. Showed his adaptability by making f ttR place on the pitching staff of the Varsity- BasetrSfL eam, ineBe-5Eeftr. -A hard worker In every phase of college activities. In spite of his " Jew derby, " " Bob " has won the love and respect of the whole University, and his name will be mentoned in future years with those of Carolina ' s many heroes. 72 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII , AH EMMOR HARRISON YeS TTON . . . . . I Goldsboro " O girls, come Jo ' wn, (he boys are here! " Age 21; height 5 feet 8 ' j inches; weight 134 pounds. A (I; Phi. Society; German Clubj- Atlillet c Association; . M. C. A.; Tennis Association " Emma " — No, " Emma " is not i co-ed, bill the nearest approach to one p tr e .class. Revels in " billets doux and talcum powder. " for a pastime. Discourses at length upon the broadening influence of a lour lo London and Edin- burgh. Harrison is a good fellow, a good mixer, and an entertaining lalk r ' We wish him the beitjf luck. }fU Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 73 Senior (Tlass HfistorY " OME authority on colleges and universities has, after long years of 11 % study, announced that every class has what is known as its " Fresh- " man year. " Lest we be criticized we admit that we were forced — mind you! — into undergoing that embarrassing experience. We were hazed, snow-balled, and blacked quite conventionally. Under the kind guidance of the Sophomores we developed a discouraged sort of melancholy that bade fair to make us a crowd of idle pessimists. The Warrenton High School Club noticed our pitiful condition, diagnosed the case, and prescribed a powerful stimulant: " Shorty " Jones as class president. The remedy was excellent. e woke up. What " Shorty " couldn ' t smilingly lead us into, he kicked us into. We became interested in everything. Our baseball team beat the Sophomores and won the championship. Our goal line wasn ' t crossed in football. We had eight men on the Varsity teams; social " bulls " and embryo Phi Beta Kappa men were as numberless as the sands of the sea. 1912 was " looking up. " From the tyranny of Jones, W. M., we passed into the really golden days of our youth. Dr. Patterson, that famous student of " grats " and " xs, " has very aptly said: " To every action there is an equal reaction, and in a con- trary direction. " From a year of oppression we passed into a year of anarchy, under Frank Barker. We felt it our duty to welcome the Freshmen. We gave a most hearty welcome to all we could find, and dutifully hunted for the rest. For nine months we conducted a campaign of welcome that not only kept both us and the Freshmen pleasantly occupied, but also made the two- dollar damage fee, figuratively and literally, look like thirty cents. Feeling that the Carr " Barn " was no place for Freshmen, we induced the Faculty to make them move. But we couldn ' t devote all our time to Freshman-culture; President Barker wouldn ' t allow it. We took enough time to capture, again, the baseball cham- pionship, and to keep our record in football. When we went home in June, we had a tired, but a satisfied, feeling. Another reaction set in at the beginning of our Junior year. After electing as president that celebrated divine. Rev. Alonzo Folger, we expressed our- selves as being unalterably opposed to hazing. Think of it! This radical 74 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII change can be due to one of only two causes : either the famous puritanical doc- trines of our new president, or to our sorrow at the absence of our most promi- nent men — Jones, W. M., and " Fat Boy " Manning. But, whatever the cause, the change came. We settled down quite seriously to the problems of college life. We played hard and studied hard. We put out winning class teams. We produced nine Phi Beta Kappa men. And, most of all, we cooperated with the Sophomores in abolishing all forms of hazing at the University. This year we feel rather old. President " Bob " Freeman, that all-wise philosopher, sets us an example of well-balanced dignity that all of us try in vain to imitate. We feel that we, as a class, have done well. Our students are still making ones; our debaters are still out-talking their opponents; our baseball team still wins; and our football team has played its last game without ever having its goal line crossed by an opponent. We fe el just " a wee bit " proud of our record; and, too, we feel as if we could do it all again. " There ' s the rub. " We Tvanl to do it all again. We hate to know that our college days are almost over. But we can ' t stay here forever. It is only a few more weeks before we dash for our last eight-thirty, and sleep through our last last-hour class. We hate to go. We have had a good time. Long after our youngest grandsons are alumni of the University, we, gray-haired, will doze over the morning issue of the Tar Heel and muse over the good old times when we were at Chapel Hill. Historian. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 75 (Tlass 4 oem " ¥ Haply someday rve meet again; Yet ne ' er the selfsame men shall meet; The years shall mal(e us other men. " — Sir Richard Burton. O Comrades on the path of learning. We near the goal of years of yearning; We ' ve loitered neath The Poplar ' s shade. We ' ve talked and sung and laughed and played. But now the hour draws on apace When each his own life-path must trace. One moment tries each sturdy heart — The last hand-clasp before we part. We stand in proud and strong array; Each one is restive for the fray. Our life of sport and study palls. We long to leave these classic walls; And from our lips is breathed a prayer For strength to struggle, do, and dare. Ah, who will wage a losing fight? And who will scale fame ' s lofty height? Is this a time for mournful lays? We ' ll meet again in other days. Ah, yes, but not as now we are. For then we shall have wandered far. And seen! And lived! And grown in lore — The boys we knew will be no more; And so we dread with sinking heart The last hand-clasps before we part. B. D. S., ' 12. 76 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Senior Superlatives Mosl Popular Bob Hanes Best Athlete BoB WiNSTON Biggest Ladies Man Gus GrahAM Best Dressed BiLL GRAVES Handsomest BiLL GRAVES Most Lad )like JOEL McAden Greenest Clyde Cates Most Businesslike C. W. E. PiTMAN Best All- Round Man Frank Barker Hardest Worker " Monk " MORGAN Greatest Politician L. N. JOHNSTON Most Religious Fred Drane Tightest Wad CARLISLE HiGGINS Best Writer " Monk " MorgaN Most Dignified BoB FrEEMAN Best Orator L. N. JOHNSTON Biggest Bookivorm J. H. Rand Best Debater L. N. JOHNSTON Best Egg Dick Phillips Biggest Gas Bag " Peck " FenNER Laziest Sam Gattis Ugliest R. L. VanPoole Biggest Rounder Thad Page Hottest sport Joel McAden Biggest Loafer J. C. LasSITER Biggest Liar LoNNIE FoLGER Biggest Knocker CO. ARMSTRONG The Easiest Mark CLYDE CateS Class Statistician. -■-sffi ' «4«£ !: ' JUNIORS P , 80 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Junior (Tlass R. O. Huffman President B. H. MebanE Vice President D. L. Rights Secretary) J. H. Caldwell Treasurer M. L. RiTCH Historian G. L. Carrington Poet ROLL Earnest Hamling Alderman Greensboro, N. C. Di. Sociely; Gilford Counly Club; Alhlehc Association. LOWERY AXLEY Murphy, N. C. Di. Sociely; Varsily Track (1); Class Football (3). James Edgar Bagwell Loray, N. C. Iredell Counly Club (1, 2, 3); Vice President, Iredell Counly Club (3); Scrub Football (1, 2); Class Football (3); Di. Society; Press Association. Isaac Mayo Bailey Smithfield, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Johnston Counly Club; S. A. D. C. Swade Emmitt Barbour Clayton, N. C. Engineering. Stein Hughes Basnight New Bern, N. C. Athletic Association, Tennis Association; Phi. Society; Band. Paul Archer Bennett Winston-Salem, N. C. German Club; Athletic Association; Winslon-Salem Club; Di. Society. Samuel Robert Bivens Monroe, N. C. David Remus Blalock RougeiTiont, N. C. Phi. Society: Y. M. C. A. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 81 Merritt Edward Blalock, Jr Norwood, N. C. Y. M. C. A. ; Athletic Association ; Track Squad ( 1 ) ; X ' arsily Track Team (2) ; Class Football (1); Scrub Football (2, 3); Assistant Manager, Track Team (3); Wearers of N. C; German Club (1, 2, 3); Horner Club; E. E. Society. Charlie Edward Brown Bell Cross, N. C. Whitsett Club; Phi. Society; Camden County Club. Paul Robey Bryan Goldsboro, N. C. Athletic Association; Chemical Journal Club; Wayne County Club; German Club; Assistant in Chemistry; Phi. Society; X H JI. Philip Burch Sellers, S. C. Class Football Team (3); Trinity Park Club; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A. John Carroll Busby Salisbury, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association; Athletic Association; Historical Society; Dramatic Club (2. 3); President (3); Press Association; Freshman-Sophomore Debate (2); Junior Tennis Team; Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President, Rowan County Club (2. 3); Sophomore- Junior Debate (3), Joe Yogne Caldwell Statesville, N. C. Di, Society; Y, M. C, A.; Athletic Association; Tenn.s Association; Class Football Team (2. 3); President of Iredell County Club; Treasurer of 1913, George Carmichael Wilmington, N. C. New Hanover County Club; Athletic Association; German Club; Gimghoul ; - A K. George Lunsford Carrington Durham, N. C. Phi. Society; Tennis Association; Athletic Association; Press Association; Class Poet (3); Class Football Team (2, 3) ; Captain (3) ; Tar Heel Board (2, 3) ; Amphoterothen. Carnie Blake Carter Morganton, N. C. Journal Club; X H M ; Carbon Club. James Washington Carter Morganton, N, C, Joseph Palamountain Cordon Clayton, N, C. Phi, Society; Athletic Association; Johnston County Club; Class Tennis Team (1); Manager Class Tennis Team (2); Class Baseball Team (3), Ellis Merton Coulter Connelly Springs, N, C. Y. M. C, A.; Di, Society; Historical Society; Press Association; Athletic Association. Victor Aldine Coulter Newton, N, C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Chemical Journal Club; X II M. GiLLAM Craig Mount Olive. N. C. Phi. Society; Union County Club. 82 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Archibald Battle Deans Wilson, N. C. Alhletic Associalion; Wearer of N. C; Varsity Foolball (1. 2, 3); Secretary, Dramatic Club (2); Member of ihe Royal Order of Gobblers; Oak Ridge Club; Wilson County Club; ! A O. Frederick Downing Carthage, N. C. Fields Lilburn Euless Bell Buckle, Tenn. Athletic Associalion; Y. M. C. A.; Secretary and Treasurer of Tennis Association (3); Circulation Manager of Tar Heel (3); Class Historian (2); Webb School Club; Di. Society. Henry Beauregard Furgerson, Jr Halifax, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Horner Club; German Club; V. M. C. A. Robert Frederick Gray Wadesboro, N. C. Athletic Association. Alvah L. Hamilton Atlantic, N. C. Phi. Society; Whilselt Club; Y. M. C. A.; Sophomore-Junior Debate (2). Elisha Carter Harris Elizabeth City, N. C. Phi. Society; Alhletic Association; Y. M. C. A. Woodfin Grady Harry Grover, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Associalion; Tennis Association; Cleveland County Club. E. B. Hart Louisburg, N. C. German Club; Journal Club; Carbon Club; ! A H; X II M. Frederick Huffman Higdon Higdonville, N. C. Athletic Association; Di. Society; Class Foolball. Clarence Ballew Hoke Lenoir, N. C. Troy Jay Hoo er High Point, N. C. Thomas Spurgeon Hughes Elizabeth City, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Wearer of N. C. ; Gym Squad; German Club; Class Football (3) ; {. -i e. John Speight Hunter Gieensboro, N. C. Athletic Associalion; Tennis Association; President, Tennis Association (3); Class Tennis (2); Class Baseball (I, 2); Captain, Sophomore Baseball Team; Guilford County Club; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club (3); Assistant Manager, Glee Club (3); German Club; Editor, YacKETY Yack (3); Marshal; li O IT. Robert Obadiah Huffman Morganton, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Manager, Class Baseball Team (2); Glee Club; Orchestra; Band; Assistant Manager, Varsity Foolball Team (3); Class President (3). Mitchell Ray Ingram TaylorsviUe, N. C. Di, Society; Y. M. C. A.; La Cercle Fran ais; Historical Society. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 83 Robert Waldon Isley Liberty, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Alamance County Club. Elisha Wiley Joyner Nashville, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Whitsetl Club; Historical Association. Robert Campbell Journey Winston-Salem, N. C. Di. Society; Winslon-Salem Club. Miss Watson Kasey Houston, Va. James Clyde Kelly Carthage, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Phi. Society; All-Class Baseball Team, 1910-11; Moore- Lee County Club; Raeford Institute Club. Frank Hunter Kennedy Houstonville, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Oak Ridge Club; Treasurer, Iredell County Club (3); Band (2); Class Baseball (2); All-Class Baseball (2). William Albert Kirksey Morganton, N. C. John Madison Laberton Winston-Salem, N. C. Winston-Salem Club; Y. M. C. A.; German Club; Di. Society; Electrical Engineering. John Franklin Lynch Burlington, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society; Athletic Association; Alamance County Club. Albert Rosenthal Marks New Bern, N. C. Athletic Association; Phi. Society. Archibald McLoid McEachern Jacksonville, Fla. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic .Association; Florida Club. John Wesley McIver Sanford, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Y. M. C. A.; Electrical Engineering Society. Arnold Artemus McKay Maxton, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Historical Society; Robeson County Club; Associate Editor, Tar Heel (3) ; Press Association. Banks Holt Mebane Spray, N. C. Manager. Class Football Team ( I ) ; Assistant Dance Leader (2) ; Class Tennis Team (2) ; Class Poet (2); Le Cercle Frangais (I); Bingham Club; Tar Bah , Board (3); Odd Number Club (2, 3); Editor. YacKETY Yack (3); Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Tar Heel (3); Vice President, Junior Class; Assistant Manager, Varsity Football Team (3); Debating Union (3); Tennis Association; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society; Gorgon ' s Head; Z I ' . Fred Wilson Morrison Spencer, N. C. Di. Society; Rowan County Club; Class Football Team (3); Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association. 84 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Thomas Hart Norwood Goldsboro, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Editor, Yacketv Yack; Y. M. C. A.; Wayne County Club; German Club; J A H. William Clyde Oates Hendersonville, N. C. James Oliver Overcash Statesville, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association; Iredell County Club. John Lloyd Parker Ahoskie, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Class Baseball Team (2). Theodore Partrick, Jr Clayton, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Ministerial Band; Dramatic Club. J. Theo Perkins, Jr Morganton, N. C. Di. Society; Historical Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association. Virgil Addison Perrett Whitsett, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Whitselt Club; .Alamance County Club. Hubert Conner Petteway Freeman, Fla. Phi. Society; Tennis Association; Florida Club. Walter Raleigh Petteway Tampa, Fla. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; . thlelic Association; Florida Club; Secretary of Class (2); Freshman- Sophomore Debate (2). Guy Berryman Phillips Trinity, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society: Athletic Association; Press Association; Class Baseball Team; All- Class Baseball Team; Class Football Team; President, Rudolph County Club. Jasper Louis Phillips Kinston, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A. William Nicholson Post Wilmington, N. C. Athletic Association; Tennis Association; German Club; New Hanover County Club; Y. M. C. A.; K A. I AN Marriatt Proctor, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Athletic Association; German Club; Blues Band; - I E. Thomas Michael Ramsaur China Grove, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Rowan County Club; Y. M. C. A.; Class Tennis Team (3). Edgar Ralph Rankin Gastonia, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Gaston-Lincoln County Club; Press Association; Class Football Team. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 85 Leland Brown Rhoades Chapel Hill, N. C. Douglas LeTelle Rights Winston-Salem, N. C. Dl. Soclely; Y. M. C. A.; Press Associalion; Winslon-Salem Club; Class Football Team (2, 3); Class Baseball Team (2); Band; Glee Club; Orchestra; Assistant Editor, Tar Heel; Maga- zine Board; Odd Number Club; Secretary. Musical Association (3); Class Secretary (3); Athletic Association. Marvin Lee Ritch Charlotte. N. C. Scrub Football Team (1); Track (I); Varsity Football Team (2, 3); Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Class Baseball (2); Athletic Association (1. 2. 3); Mecklenburg County Club. James Hunt Royster Townsville, N. C. Athletic Associalion; German Club; Class Football Team; YacICETY YacK Editor; II K A. Roland M. Sawyer Elizabeth City, N. C. James Blaine Scarborough Mount Gilead, N. C. Dl. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Tenms Association. Reece Webster Scott Monroe, N. C. Lacy Lee Shamberger Biscoe, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Class Tennis Team. ' 09; Manager, Class Tenms Team, 1910-11; Tennis Associa- tion; Athletic Associalion; II K A. Horace Sisk Waco, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Class Football Team; Press Association; Presi- dent, Cleveland County Club; Historical Society. Peyton McGuire Smith Elizabeth City, N. C. -i K K; Class Football Team (1, 2. 3). Marshall Turner Spears Lillington, N. C. Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Y. M. C. A.; Phi. Society; Assistant Business Manager, Tar Heel; Assistant Editor of Magazine; Debating Union; T. P. S. Club; German Club; Amphoterothen ; K . , Walter Stokes, Jr Nashville, Tenn. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association; German Club; Class Football Team (2, 3); Editor, Yackety Yack; Assistant Manager. Track Team; Coop; Amphoterothen; Gorgon ' s Head; A K E. Thomas Edgar Story Blowing Rock, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society; Athletic Association. Robert Strange, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Class Football Team (1. 2); Assistant Baseball Manager; New Hanover County Club; Phi. Society; - . E ; Gimghoul ; Assistant Leader of Gimghoul Dance; Varsity Football Team (3); ' Wearer of N. C; Amphoterothen. 86 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Jonas Herman Swink Woodruff, S. C. Di. Society; Scrub Baseball Team; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association. Alexander Taylor . ' . Morganton, N. C. William Smith Tillett Charlotte, N. C. Class Football and Baseball Teams (1); Scrub Football and Baseball Teams (2); Wearer of N. C; Varsity Basket-ball Team (2, 3); Varsity Football Team (3); Di. Society; Athletic Association; Editor. Yackety Yack ; Y. M. C. A.; German Club; Assistant Leader, Fall German ; — A K ; Gimghoul ; Coop. Henry Rowland Totten Yadkin College, N. C. Athletic Association; Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Davidson County Club. Jackson Townsend Marietta, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Robeson County Club; Secretary, Oak Ridge Club (2); Dramatic Association; Assistant Manager, Magazine (3). Charles White Tunis Norfolk, Va. Athletic Association; Carbon Club; Chemical Journal Society. Norman St. George Vann Charlotte, N. C. Athletic Association; Tennis Association; President Class (I); Press Association; Dramatic Club; Class Football Team (I, 2, 3); Track Squad (1); Warrenton High School Club; Mecklen- burg County Club; Di. Society; German Club; H K A. Daniel Joshua Walker Union Ridge, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society: Athletic Association; Historical Association; ' ice President, Oak Ridge Club; Yackety Yack Board. Fleming Ross Weaver Greensboro, N. C. Guilford County Club; Athletic Association; Chemical Journal Club; Assistant in Chemistry; X II M. Archibald Lee Manning Wiggins Durham, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Tar Heel Board; Odd Number Club; Dl. Society; Ampholerothcn. IsHAM Rowland Williams Faison, N. C. Athletic Association; Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; German Club; H. M. S. Club; Class Baseball Team (I, 2); Captain (I): All-Class Baseball Team (2); Manager. Class Football Team (3); Editor Yackety Yack; K i;. Albert Robert Wilson, Jr Greensboro, N. C. George Pickett Wilson Soudan, Va. Phi. Society; Assistant Editor of U. N. C. Magazine: Assistant Librarian; B. C. A. Club. John Hillary Workman Cherryville, N. C. Di. Society; Gaston County Club; Press Association; Historical Society; Class Football Team (3). Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 87 IFuRior (Tlass Ufistor IN September, 1909, the University received a consignment of the fresh- ness annually entrusted to its care. The conglomeration consisted of one hundred and eighty-eight separate and distinct characters. On a dark night in a lonely spot, " Nap " Vann was elected to lead the Class through the joys and sorrows of the first year. In rapid succession ball games, boning, Pickwicks, quizzes, mass meetings, chocolate shakes, and snowballs passed by. However, despite the havoc played in our ranks by blacking crowds and first Math., we were able to deliver one hundred and fifty-five members safe into the Sophomore Class. September, 1910, saw a bolder band of loyal sons of 1913 in possession of the campus. R. W. Scott was elected to preside over the class deliberations for the year. The abolishment of hazing, brewing of political pots. Sophomore banquet, and class baseball championship were among the activities and glories of this year. Our Class was indeed well represented in the various depart- ments of college life. The third chapter of our college history was opened with a feeling of sad- ness, for a loyal member of our Class, Melvin Buckley, died of fever during the summer of 191 I. As presiding officer for the year, R. O. Huffman was unanimously elected. Here on the summit of three years ' experience we survey our surroundings. Among our athletic stars we have Tillett, Ritch, Porter, Swink, Blalock, and others. We have a liberal share of Phi Beta Kappa men, orators, business men, social stars; in fact, we have a class of all-around good fellows. It is true that there have been rival factions, but the Class is finding itself and the feeling of good fellowship will prevail throughout. Having contributed, therefore, our share of stars to the college firmament, and having eluded the fatal snares of Math., Physics, and Psychology, we are now ready to enter upon the last lap of our college course. Historian. SDPHDMDRES ifitti0 r ' r» fty- r e ' -B i» vj- 90 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. Xll Sophomore (Tlass C. E. BlackstoCK President J. L. Chambers Vice President R. C. Spence Secretarv and Treasurer ROLL LoNNiE Lee Abernethy Charlotte, N. C. Varslly Football Team (1, 2); N. C. Club; Varsity Track Team (1); Oak Ridge Club; Mecklen- burg County Club; Electrical Engineering Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Secre- tary of Class (2). Willie Trimigan Alexander Creswell, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A. Reynold Tatum Allen Kinston, N. C. Captain. Class Football Team (1, 2); Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Y. M. C. A.; K S. Joseph Henry Allred Mount Airy, N. C. Di. Society; Tennis Association; Surry County Club; Y. M. C. A. Troy Monroe Andrews Chapel Hill, N. C. Lewis Angel Franklin, N. C. Blake Deans Applewhite Wilson, N. C. Athletic Association; Phi. Society; N. C. Club; Winner, Freshman Prize in English; Press Asso- ciation; Manager, Class Football Team (I); Track Squad (1); Scrub Baseball Team (I); Varsity Football ( 1 , 2) ; I - 8. Roy Hanes Armfield Greensboro, N. C. Grady Daniel Askew Harrellsville, N. C. Athletic Association; Oak Ridge Club; IT K A. Benjamin Franklin Aycock Fremont, N. C. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 91 James Wilson Battle Montgomery, Ala. Tennis Association; Athletic Association; Warrenton High School Club; Y. M. C. A. William Speight Beam Shelby, N. C. Class Secretary (1); Press Association; Manager, Dramatic Club; Di. Society; Editor. Y. M. C. A. Handbook; Cleveland County Club; Y. M. C. A.; German Club. Reuben Holland Bell Swan Quarter, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association. Clarence Ernest Blackstock Weaverville, N. C. Athletic Association; Press Association; Buncombe County Club; Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society; Class President (2). Anthony Kennedy Blakeney Kershaw, S. C. OcTAvius Blanchard Bonner New York, N. Y. Athletic Association; Horner School Club; Class Baseball Team; German Club; Manager of Class Baseball Team (2). James Preston Burke Bessemer City, N. C. Dl. Society; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Gaston County Club; Manager. Class Baseball Team (I). Edgar Thoma s Campbell Jessama, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association. John Scott Cansler Charlotte, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; German Club; B 8 II. David Hill Carlton Boomer, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Oak Ridge Club; Di. Society. Joseph Lenoir Chambers, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Athletic Association; Sub., Varsity Football Team (I); Scrub Baseball Team. (I); Varsity Foot- ball Team (2); N. C. Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2); Associate Editor, Tar Heel (2); Odd Number Club; Vice President Class (2); German Club; i: . E. Daniel Russell Clark Tarboro, N. C. Warrenton High School Club; Athletic Association. George Thomas Clark Wilmington, N. C. Warrenton High School Club; New Hanover County Club; Class Football Team (1); Class President (1); German Club; i) E. Collier Cobb. Jr Chapel Hill, N. C. Phi. Society; Warrenton High School Club; Varsity Track Team (I); N. C. Club;. Athletic Association. 92 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Hubert Walter Collins Holly Springs, N. C. Ph.. Society. Frank Davis Conroy Cullowhee, N. C. Clifford Newton Cox Ashboro, N. C. Di. Society ; Y. M. C. A.; Randolph County Club. Henry Leon Cox Cullowhee, N. C. Willie Frontis Creole Swan Quarter, N. C. Paul Clifford Darden Fremont, N. C. George Frank Drew Jacksonville, Fla. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; German Club; Secretary and Treasurer, Florida Club; Editor. Y. M. C. A. Handbook; A T 1. ' . Macon Rush Dunnagan " i ' adkinville. N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Press Association; Tar Heel Editor; Athletic Association; Winston- Salem Club; Class Historian (2). James Eldridge Dunn, N. C. Phi. Society. Clayton Willard Eley Menola. N. C. Phi. Society; Tennis Association; Class Football (2). Roy Vance Erwin Bell Buckle, Tenn. Athletic Association; Scrub Football Team; German Club; - A E. John Gilmer Feezor Silver Hill, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Davidson County Club. Thomas Wiley Ferguson Kendal, N. C. Class Football Team (2); Oak Ridge Club; Di. Society; Athletic Association. Arthur James Flume Palatine Bridge, N. Y. John Robert Gentry Waynesville, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A. Cecil Norwood Gibbs Lake Landing. N. C. Phi. Society. Charles Benjamin Green Kittrell, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association; Athletic Association. William Shepard Griswold Durham, N. C. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 93 Thomas Claiborne Guthrie, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Mecklenburg Counly Club; Webb School Club; Class Foolball Team (I); A E. Willis Douglas Hackney, Jr Wilson, N. C. John Wesley Hanes Winston-Salem, N. C. Class Foolball Team (I, 2); Varsity Baseball Team (I); Glee Club (I); N. C. Club; Adver- tising Manager, Tar Bah ; Athlelic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Woodberry Forest Club; Winston-Salem Club; German Club; 2 A E, Edward Manning Harden Wilmington, N. C. Meade Hart Mooresville, N. C. Athletic Association; Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Rowan County Club. Samuel Grady Hartley Yadkin College, N. C. Di. Society; Electrical Engineering Society; Davidson Counly Club. Madison Vespucius Higdon Deets, N. C. John Albert Holmes Graham, N. C. Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society; Alamance County Club. James Eugene Holmes Graham, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Alamance County Club; Press Association. Ralph Wendell Holmes Graham, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Alamance County Club. George Ricks Holton Winston-Salem, N. C. Dl. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Winslon-Salem Club. Joseph Lloyd Horton Farmville, N. C. Phi. Society; Tennis Association; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Pitt Counly Club; Scrub Basket-ball Team (I). Leslie Ray Hummel Goldsboro, N. C. DeWitt Talmage Hunter Matthews, N. C. Di. Society; Union Counly Club. Albert Warren James Laurinburg, N. C. James Talbot Jeffries Goldsboro, N. C. Lemuel Ray Johnston Haw River, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Alamance County Club. 94 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Troy Isaiah Jones Helton, N. C. Di. Society. Andrew Joyner, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Press Association; Tar Heel Editor; Odd Number Club; Guil- ford County Club; Z -V. Donald George Kelly Clarkton, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association. Daniel Lamont Knowles Mount Olive, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Wayne County Club; Scrub Baseball Team (1). Robert Law Lasley Wentworth, N. C. Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society; Rockingham County Club. Oscar Leach Raeford, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Press Association; Y. M. C. A.; Robeson County Club. James Grover Lee Roxboro, N. C. Phi. Society. Joseph Ira Lee Four Oaks, N. C. Phi. Society; Johnston County Club; Y. M. C. A. Calvin Myers Little Charlotte, N. C. Albert Anderson Long Farmington, N. C. Henry Cyrus Long, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Class Football Team (1); Class Baseball Team (1); Varsity Basket-ball Team (1, 2); Scrub Football Team (2); German Club; N. C. Club; Mecklenburg County Club; K A. Willie Jones Long Garysburg, N. C. Vice President Class (1); Phi. Society; Warrenton High School Club; German Club; Athletic Association; — - E. William Campbell Lord Wilmington, N. C. Class Football Team (1, 2); Class Baseball Team (1); Athletic Association; German Club; - X. William Peter McKay Red Springs, N. C. Roy Bowman McKnight Charlotte, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Scrub Football Team (2); Scrub Basket-ball Team; Athletic Associa- tion; Mecklenburg County Club. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 05 John William McIntosh Denver, N. C. Di. Society; Lincoln County Club; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association. Davis Lee McWhorter Rocky Mount, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Wayne County Club; Y. M. C. A. Hugh Mease Canton, N. C. Charles White Millender Asheville, N. C. Orchestra; Tennis Association; Glee Club; Band; I -i 6. Malcolm Norx ' al Oates Charlotte, N. C. Di. Society; Mecklenburg County Club; Varsity Tennis Team; Tennis Association; Athletic Asso- ciation; Y. M. C. A.; BO II. Thomas Frank Oates Grover, N. C. Frank Redding Owen Yadkin College, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Davidson County Club. Ezra Parker Benson, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic .Association; Y. M. C. A.; Secretary of Johnston County Club. Samuel Iredell Parker Monroe, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Union County Club; Class Football Team (I); All-Class Football Team (1); Manager. Class Football Team (2). James Gibson Pate Gibson, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A. Lewis Banks Payne Norfolk, Va. Elbert Sidney Peel Williamston, N. C. Jesse Shepherd Pell Spartanburg, S. C. Howard Stephen Pember Westerly, R. I. Athletic Association; Tennis Association: Electrical Engineering Society; Scrub Football Team (1); N. C. Club; Varsity Baseball Team (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Orchestra (I, 2); Band Leader (2); President, Musical Association (2); Cosmopolitan Club; ! -i 0. Henry Austin Pendergraph Durham, N. C. Edwin Jerry Perry Wilson, N. C. William Franklin Pitt Elm City, N. C. Phi. Society; Class Football Team (2); Athletic .Association; Warrenton High School Club. 96 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Madison Hampton Pratt Madison, N. C. Horner School Club: Rockingham Counly Club; D.. Society. Joseph Robert Pre att Lumberton, N. C. Lemuel Alexander Price Unionville, N. C. William Nelson Pritchard, Jr Chapel Hill, N. C. Press Association. James Turner Pritchett Lenoir, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Winner. Freshman Debater ' s Prize. Jesse Forbes Pugh Old Trap, N. C. Y. M. C. A. Lucius Henry Ransom Huntersville, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Scrub Basket-ball Team (I); Class Football Team (2) ; Mecklenburg County Club. Robert Marsh Ray Oxford, N. C. Ralph Augustus Reed Winston-Salem, N. C. John Glenn Roberson Greensboro, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Class Baseball Team (1); Guilford County Club; Class Football Team (2). Jesse Lee Roberts Wentworth. N. C. Melvin Robinson Atlantic, N. C. John Robert Ross Charlotte, N. C. Mecklenburg County Club; Athletic .Association: Tennis Association. Kenneth Claiborne Royall Goldsboro, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Wayne County Club; Class Football Team (2); K E. Alfred Mark Schultz Greenville, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Pitt County Club. Robert Lee Scott Greensboro, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association; Guilford County Club. Benjamin Belber Sears Como, N. C. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 97 Watson Newberry Sherrod Enfield, N. C. Ph.. Society. Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Halifax County Club; Tnnily Park School Club; Tennis Association. Royal Grady Shoaf Lexington, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Davidson County Club. Norman Clifford Shuford Fairview, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Track Team; Buncombe County Club. Hudson Claud Sisk Waco, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Cleveland County Club. Harold Thomas Sloan Franklin, N. C. Di. Society; Tennis Association; Macon County Club. Junius McRae Smith Charlotte, N. C. Di. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Varsity Basket-ball Team (I); Class Football Team (2); Glee Club (2); N. C. Club; :i; E. Ralph Case Spence Kipling, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic .Association; Varsity Track Team; N. C. Club; Tennis Association; Class Treasurer (2); Trinity Park School Club; A K E. Percy Bethel Stokes Ruffin, N. C. Di. Society; Rockingham County Club. Isaac Richeson Strayhorn Durham, N. C. Di. Society; Durham County Club; Athletic Association; Sophomore-Junior Debater (2). George Vaughan Strong Raleigh, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Tennis Association; Track Team (I); Gym Team (2); Yacketv Yack Board (2); German Club; - ! ' . James Arthur Struthers Grists, N. C. Athletic Association; Horner School Club; Phi. Society; Carbon Club. Lewis Holmes Swindell Swan Quarter, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Class Baseball Team (I); Y. M. C. A. Card Duffy Taylor New Bern, N. C. Athletic Association; Class Football Team (1, 2); Gym Squad (1, 2); German Club; :i X. William Clarke Thompson Lewiston, N. C. Class Treasurer (I); Warrenton High School Club; Athletic Association; K . . 98 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII W. Reid Thompson Teer, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A. Henry Albert Tolson Newport, N. C. Phi. Society. William Bartel Townsend Red Springs, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; German Club; Robeson County Club; K 1. John Groner Tyson Goldsboro, N. C. Phi. Society; Tennis Association; Y. M. C. A.; Wayne County Club. John Alfred Walker Germanton, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association. Leroy Byron Wall Winston-Salem, N. C. Felix Litaker Webster Wilkesboro, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Athletic Association; Oak Ridge Club. William Pell Whitaker, Jr Durham, N. C. Z ; Gym Team. Seymour Webster Whiting, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Phi. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Association; Freshman-Sophomore Debater (1). Henry Stuart Willis High Point, N. C. Di. Society; Y. M. C. A.; Guilford CoLnly Club. Stellie Robert Winters Stem, N. C. Alexander McAlister Worth Asheboro, N. C. William Beauregard Young, Jr Wilson, N. C. Phi. Society; Athletic Association; Class Football Team (1); Scrub Baseball Team (I); German Club; K r. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 99 Sopl)omore (Tlass Hfistor IN the fall of the year 1910, two hundred and three Freshmen entered the University, to prepare themselves for carvmg out their career m the dark veil of the future. We were indeed fresh, and as a result of cur freshness underwent all of the trials and humiliations that fresh Freshmen are called upon to endure. Early in the year, under cover of darkness and in great fear of interruption by Sophomores, we gathered near the station to per- fect our organization. We elected the officers, choosing George Clark, of Wilmington, to steer the ship of state safely by the Sophomonc shoals through the verdant sea. We, with the changing color of the leaves in the fall, also suffered a slight change in appearance, and settling down as good citizens of the campus, entered into all forms of college activities. In athletics our Class broke an old record by capturing thirteen coveted Carolina sweaters in its Freshman year: four in baseball, four in football, three in basket-ball, and two on the track. We also became active in Y. M. C. A. work, debating, and in all other phases of col- lege life, including incidentally some efforts toward performing the work assigned by our professors. Last fall our Class returned, but our ranks had been thinned until there were only one hundred and forty survivors. After the upper classes had or- ganized we, unmolested for the first time in cur history, met in Gerrard Hall and selected as our guide Clarence Blackstock, of Buncombe County, who has ably led our Class through its most trying year. An important step was taken by our Class when we adopted a resolution allowing the Freshman Class to organize in Gerrard Hall, a privilege which no former Freshman Cass had ever been permitted to enjoy. More important than this is the firm stand we have taken, not merely in appearance but also in reality, against all forms of hazing. The influence we have exerted against this menace will occupy a prominent place among the many successes and dis- tinctions won by the Class of 1914. HlSTO ' IAN. FRESHMEN 102 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII freshman (Ziass L. E. Jones President J. M. McIVER Vice President W. O. HuSKE Secretar]) and Treasurer ROLL Richard Blythe Abernethy Charlotte, N. C. William Matthews Arrington Mount Airy, N. C. DeWitt Ray Austin Charlotte, N. C. John Nathaniel Austen Charlotte, N. C. JusTO Nathaniel Azpiazo Chaparra, Cuba Kenneth Hubert Bailey Wakefield, N. C. Hugh Allen Barnes Maxton, N. C. Vernon Meredith Barnes Taylor, N. C. William Edward Baugham Washington, N. C. Daniel Long Bell Graham, N. C. Edward Dobbin Belvin Raleigh, N. C. Hoke Berrymore Black Greenville, S. C. Sidney Alderman Blackmer Salisbury, N. C. Luther Avon Blue, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Claude Alfred Boseman Enfield, N. C. Berry Binford Bost Matthews, N. C. Thomas Callendire Boushall Raleigh, N. C. Robert Lloyd Brinkley Elm City, N. C. Roland Angus Brown Red Springs, N. C. Joseph Shepard Bryan Scott ' s Hill, N. C. Jesse Davis Bullock Bethel, N. C. Bacchus Bright Byrd Swiss, N. C. Claude Carl Canady Benson, N. C. Richard Willard Cantwell Wilmington, N. C. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 103 Austin Heaton Carr Durham, N. C. Mathew Lee Carr Farmville, N. C. Hardy Abram Carroll Mizpah, N. C. Frank Winford Carter Maxton, N. C. Daniel Elwood Clinard Winston-Salem, N. C. Robert Floyd Coats Angler, N. C. Charles Donald Coffey North Wilkesboro, N. C. William Edwin Coffin, Jr Greensboro, N. C. Edwin Fuller Conrad Winston-Salem, N. C. Howard Clarence Conrad Pfafftown, N. C. James Marmaduke Cox Norfolk, Va. Russell Mills Cox Washington, N. C. Thomas Craven Charlotte, N. C. Dudley Warner Crawford Sugar Hill, N. C. John Robert Crawford, Jr Goldsboro, N. C. Alfred Ewing Cummings Winston-Salem, N. C. Lee Roy Davis Bladenboro, N. C. John Tucker Day Walkertown, N. C. James Gillespie Dickson , Raeford, N. C. Wade Stafford Dunbar Oak Ridge, N. C. Larlie Dock Edgerton Fremont, N. C. GuRNEY Edvertt Edgerton Fremont, N. C. Opie Gray Edwards Spring Hope, N. C. Carl Edgar Ervin Troutman ' s, N. C. George Willard Eutsler Greensboro, N. C. Ferdinand Johnson Faison Clinton, N. C. Patrick O ' Brien Robinson Farmer Mount Olive, N. C. Kenneth McKinnon Farrior Chapel Hill, N. C. Bascom Lee Field Climax, N. C. Robert Greenson Fitzgerald Linwood, N. C. Adger Carter Forney Greensboro, N. C. Henry Price Foust Greensboro, N. C. Manly Fulcher Atlantic, N. C. Walter Pliny Fuller Bradentown, Fla. Alfred Long Gaither Statesville, N. C. Sidney Alexander Goyle Goldsboro, N. C. John Wilson Giles Reidsville, N. C. Tom Etheridge Oilman Jacksonville, N. C. 104 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Henry Lewis Graves Carthage, N. C. Claude Tip Hall Woodsdale, N. C. Amri Bernis Hamilton Atlantic, N. C. Luther Hamilton Atlantic, N. C. Graham Harden Burlington, N. C. William Renny Harding ' adkinville, N. C. Allen Bostick Harper Chapel Hill, N. C. George Arthur Harper Chapel Hill, N. C. LuBY Alexander Harper Greenville, N. C. William Henry Harrell Williamston, N. C. Julian Gilliam Hart Louisburg, N. C. Aubrey Carlisle Hatch Mount Olive, N. C. Berlie Lee Hine Winston-Salem, N. C. William Vance Haggard Aulander, N. C. Branston Beeson Holder Walkertown, N. C. Curtis Averet Holland Greensboro, N. C. Alvert Graham Horton Wakefield, N. C. Ernest Hough Brandy Station, Va. Robert Strowd Houston Monroe, N. C. James Boethner Hughes Black Mountain, N. C. William Oliver Huske Fayetteville, N. C. Alexander Galloway Irwin Reidsville, N. C. Chris Leonard Isley, Jr Burlington, N. C. James Talbot Jeffreys Goldsboro, N. C. Julius Johnson, Jr " ' anceyville, N. C. James Newton Jones Graham, N. C. Leslie Edward Jones Swan Quarter, N. C. Millard Bishop Jumper Chapel Hill, N. C. Edward Yates Keesler Chapel Hill, N. C. David Herbert Killifer Bradentown, Fla. Wade Kornegay Dover, N. C. Clifton Samuel Kurfees Germantown, N. C. Henry Dionysius Lambert Angier, N. C. James Oliver Lathone Huntsville, Ala. James Augustus Leak, Jr Wadesboro, N. C. Charles Dennis Lee Faison, N. C. Edmund Jones Lilly, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. Thomas Baxter Lilly Mount Gilead, N. C. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 105 SiGMUND BaaCH LiNDAU Greensboro, N. C. Sterling Albert Lipscomb Durham, N. C. Robert Eugene Little, Jr Wadesboro, N. C. Oscar Newton Lovelace Mooresboro, N. C. Edward Willis Lupton Swan Quarter, N. C. Horace Lusby Lewisburg, Tenn. David McPherson McArthur Red Springs, N. C. George Allen McBane, Jr Spray, N. C. Fred Bays McCall Charlotte, N. C John Marion McCants Guthriesville, S. C. John McMillan McI er, Jr Gulf, N. C. Alphonzo McLamb Huntley, N. C. Walter Guy McLeod Maxton, N. C. Oliver Cromwell McQuage Salisbury, N. C. James Reginald Mallett Salisbury, N. C. Charles Preston Mangum Kinston, N. C. Frederick Cain Manning Durham, N. C. Owen Meredith Marshburn Eagle Rock, N. C. Dennis Raymond Martin , Elizabeth City, N. C. Grover Adlai Martin East Bend, N. C. Harry Augustus Martin Ashevilie, N. C. William Owen Baldwin Maxwell Charlotte, N. C. Frederick Hamilton May Wendell, N. C. John Mayo, Jr Bethel, N. C. William Leonard Merriman Wilmington, N. C. Thomas Lenoir Michael Canton, N. C. Thomas Yancey Milburn Washington, D. C. David Columbus Moore. Jr Greenville, N. C. John Lindsay Morehead Spray, N. C. John William Moser Rural Hall, N. C. Ophir Carmel Nance High Point, N. C. Albert Ray Newsom Marshvilie, N. C. GiLMORE Lynn Nisbet Waxhaw, N. C. William Snow Nunn Kinston, N. C. John Daffin Odom Rocky Mount, N. C. Alexander Bate Outlaw Elizabeth City, N. C. William Mansfield Owen Yadkin College, N. C. Benjamin Carl Parker Monroe. N. C. 106 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII RoscoE Edward Parker Selma, N. C. Mercer Cranor Parrott Kinston, N. C. B. F. Paty Tullahoma, Tenn. Don Thurman Peterson Day Book, N. C. James Solomon Phelps Clemmons, N. C. Emmett Judson Pope Mount Olive, N. C. James Valentine Price, Jr Madison, N. C. William Dorsey Pruden, Jr Edenton, N. C. William Trent Rayland Salisbury, N. C. William Kirkpatrick Reid Gastonia, N. C. William Henry Rhodes. Jr Chapel Hill, N. C. Robert Harper Rouse Kinston, N. C. Joseph Vance Rowe Small, N. C. Leon MeROOT Sahag Teheran, Persia Samuel Floyd Scott Haw River, N. C. Roland Watts Sheppard Sanford, N. C. Marshall Boyce Sherrin Wingate, N. C. William Montague Sigler Pinners, Va. John Frank Sinclair Maxton, N. C. Herbert James Singleton Red Springs, N. C. Charles Austin Sloan Graham, N. C. Claiborne Theveath Smith Scotland Neck, N. C. Edwin Chambers Smith, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Major Thomas Smith Reidsville, N. C. John Benton Stacy Ruffin, N. C. William Raney Stanford Teer, N. C. Lewis Jacob Stein Wilmington, N. C. Joseph Arrowood Stewart Matthews, N. C. Percy Bethel Stokes Reidsville, N. C. Matthew Augustus Stroup Cherryville, N. C. Walter Thomas Strupe Bethania, N. C. Arthur Herman Styron Wilmington, N. C. John Moorhaj Tamraz Tabriz, Persia Millard Filmore Tate Marion, N. C. John Douglas Taylor, Jr Wilmington, N. C. William Raymond Taylor Louisburg, N. C. Frank Lafayette Thigpen Tarboro, N. C. Alonzo Thomas, Jr Beaufort, N. C. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 107 William Wvatt Thomas Charlotte, N. C. Earle Hinson Thompson Wilmington, N. C. William Lewis Thorp, Jr Ro:ky Mount, N. C. Edward Lloyd Tilley Bahama, N. C. Jesse Eli Turlington Benson, N. C. Bertrone Edward Twine Edenton, N. C. George Robert Waldrop Rutherfordton, N. C. William Copehart Walke Avoca, N. C. Henry Grady Walker Poplar Branch, N. C. Basil Manly Walton Morganton, N. C. William Parrel Warlick Reepsville, N. C. Albert Thomas Weatherly Garmon, N. C. William Person Mangum Weeks Trinity, N. C. Henry Fuller Welborn Farmer, N. C. Benjamin Fletcher Wellons Smithfield, N. C. Clifton Forrest West Dover, N. C. George Betton Whitaker Winston-Salem, N. C. Ihomas Bascom Whitaker Oak Ridge, N. C. Zack Lanier Whitaker Oak Ridge, N. C. Paul Linwood White Scotland Neck, N. C. James Vivian Whitfield Wallace, N. C. John Allen Wilkins Draughon, N. C. Warren Rand Williams Sanford, N. C. Philip Woolcott Raleigh, N. C. Richard Becton Yelverton Fremont, N. C. Roy Lee Yelverton Fremont, N. C. 108 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII (Bra6uate iDepartment NAME YEAR Bradford, Lawrence Howard I Greenville. Tex. A. B. 1911, East Texas Noimal College; Philosophy; English; Economics. Daily, John Napoleon 1 Terrell, Tex. A. B. 1910, East Texas Normal College; English; Philosophy; Education: Candidate for A. M. Dobbins, James Talmace 1 Rockford A. B. 1911; Chemistry; Physics; Economics; Candidate for A. M. Eagles, Theophilus Randolph 2 Chapel Hill A. B. 1908; Mathematics; Economics; Enghsh; Candidate for A. M. Faires, Rosabelle SlMONTON 3 Chapel Hill A. M. 1909; German. Fry, William Henry 2 Chapel Hill A. B. 1910; Geology; Zoblogy; Chemistry; Candidate for S. M. George, Wesley Critz 1 Elkin A. B. 1911; Botany; Zoology; English; Candidate for A. M. Hall, Edmund Pleasant 1 Chapel Hill A. B. 1910, University of Ga.; Philosophy. Harris. John Wharton I Reldsville A. B. 1911; Zoology; Physics; English; Candidate for A. M. Henry, George Kenneth Grant 4 Chapel Hill A. B. 1900, A. M. 1904, Hamilton College; Lalm; Greek; French; Candidate for Ph. D. Irwin, James Preston 1 Charlotte S B. 1904; Chemistry. Jeffries, William Lewis I Edgefield, S. C. A. B. 1910; Chemistry; Physics; Economics; Candidate for A. M. Knight. Burke Haywood 1 Williamsion A. B. 1911; Chemistry; Zoology; English; Candidate for A. M. Lasley, John MoYNE 1 Burlington A. M. 1911; Mathematics; Candidate for Ph. D. McKay, John Archibald I Bule ' s Creek A. B. 1911; Botany; Zoology; Physics; Candidate for A. M. McLean, John Lacy I Maxton A. M. 1908, Davidson College; Physics; Drawing. Patterson, Earle Victor 1 Burlington History; English; Education; Candidate for A. B. and A. M. Rankin, William Walter, Jr 1 Charlotte B. E. 1904. N. C. A. M; Mathematics; Physics; Education; Candidate for A. M. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 109 Ray. Hubert F y I Ralcjgh Geology; Phjsics; Economics; Candidate for A. B. and A. M. Slade, Thomas Bog, Jr 1 Hamilton Physics; Chemistry; Mathematics; Candidate for S. B. and S. M. Stanbury, Walter Adair 1 Chapel Hill A. B. 1908, Trinity College; Philosophy. Thomas, William Renn 1 Hiddemte A. B. 1911; French; Latin; Education; Candidate for A. M. WiL liard, Charles Wilson 1 Winston-Salem S. B. 1911; Chemistry; Botany; English; Candidate for S. M. Wood, John Elliott 1 Elizabeth City A. B. 1911; Mathematics; Physics; English ; Candidate for A. M. Special Students Alexander, William Trinnigan 2 Anderson, William Hubert 1 Bailey, Isaac Mayo 3 Bailey, Tyra Clingman Barker, Ebbie Basil Beam, William Speight 2 Blanton, Lawlon Biirrus, Thomas Preston Coffin, William Edwin Crouch, Auley McRae Flippin, Eugene Griffin, Mark Alexander Hummell, Leslie Ray 2 Hunter, Dewitt Talmage 2 Jackson, Walter Edgar Jennings, Olm Henry Kanner, Abraham Olio Krilzer, Henry Rowland Langslon, Charles Earnest Long, Ray Hamilton McKenzie, Benjamin Whitehead Mallett, John Percy Moore, Allen HoyI Moore, Julian Eugene Nelson, Charles Elhridge .Spei .El .El .El. . Electi .Eh .El .El. .Sp, .Electi .Elecli .Elect .El .El. .El .El. .El. .El .El .El .El. .El. Eh . ElecIl . Elect Medic Law Medic Medic Law . Teach Medic Medi Med Medi Law Medi Medi Medi Law Medi Medi Medi Medi Law Medi Medi Teachi Creswell ....Mars Hill . . . .Smilhfidd Kenly Trenton Shelby Shelby Fairfield . . . Greensboro Roberdel . Mount Airy Wingale . ...Goldsboro .... Matthews Hertford ..Poors Knob .Sanford, Fla. Spencer . ..Winterville Monroe Salisbury Salisbury . .Washington . Wadesboro . Murfreesboro no THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Oppenhcimer, William L Parshley. Anihony Roberts Paul, John Daniel Payne, Lewis Banks Phillips, Jefferson Haywood Ray, Rilz Clyde Russell. William Kitchen Shoor, Abraham Smith, John Leroy Spencer, Marc Stacy, Miss Mary Mart!-a Starr, Henry Frank Stockarfl, Tracy Summers, Miss Rachel Lawrence Swink, Jonas l-lcrman ■. . . . Tumage, Allen Hal Uzzle, Edward Foy Wall, LeRoy Byron Winters. Sellie Robert 2 .Ele. .Ele .Ele .Ele .Ele. .Ele .Ele .Ele .Ele .Ele .Ele .Ele .Ele . Spe .Ele .Spe .Ele .Ele .Ele , Medicine Rocky Mount Ministry Hertford Law Pungo Medicine Norfolk, Va. Teaching Wakefield Medicine Beaver Creek Medicine Oriental ■ Medicine .. ..Brooklyn, N. Y. Teaching Jamesville Mining Lexington, Va. Teaching Rutherfordton Medicine Salisbury Medicine Reidiville Statesville Finance Woodruff, S. C. Farmville ! Medicine Raleigh : Law Tobaccoville ; Journalis.-n Stem Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 111 do ' iEb yion ROSABELLE SiMONTON FaIRES Chapel Hill, N. C. A. M.. 1909; Studying German. Watson Kasey Houston. Va. Junior Academic Course. Mary Martha Stacy Rutherfordton. N. C. Special Sludenl; Preparing lo Teach. Rachel Lawrence Summers Statesville, N. C. Special Sludenl. 114 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Xaw (Tlass Officers FALL TERM SPRING TERM L. P. McLendon President B. L. Baker E. T. CaNSLER Vice President H. G. DoRSETT W. C. WOODARD Secretar]) and Treasurer W. L. Warlick Officers of tl)e ! oot (Tourt JUDGES Fall Term B. L. Baker, W. C. Coughenour, J. A. McLean Spring Term CD. HoGUE, L. P. McLendoN OFFICERS Fall Spring Clayton Moore Sheriff J. D. Daniels F. T. DupREE Clerk O. Jones C. M. Johnson Solicitor H. W. Williams W. L. Small Constable W. L. Small 116 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII (ran6i6ate$ for £ C. . iDegree BAXTER LLOYD BAKER Paw Creek " Men of few niorJs Ihe hesi Age 28; height 5 feel JO.!.; inches; weight 135 pounds. A. B. Erskine College, 1907; Judge Moot Court, Fall Term, 191l- ' 12; President of Law Class, Spring Term, 1911- ' 12. " Baker, " the sandy-haired man from the Palmetto Slate, came lo us in the fall of 1910, with a B. A. from Erskine College. The ties that bound him were too strong lo evade without gra e danger of a breach of promise suit, so lie look unto himself a wife. Baker is a model student (his name 15 the first on ihe Senior Class roll), but his note book filled with miniature characters resembling Egyptian Hieroglyphics is destined lo become the eighth wonder of the world. EDWIN THOMAS C.ANSLER, Jr. " Hish-erecleJ ihoiights sealed in a hearl of courles ). " Age 22; Treasurer Law Class; Vice President Law Class; German Club; Athletic Association; H H II. " Barrister " — The speediest man in the Law Class. Studies some — not much — but always knows enough to pass examinations, and he passes them wilh some speed. Ed is neat, cute, and otherwise attractive. Although he loves the ladies, curiously enough, he flatly denies it. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 117 LENNOX POLK. McLENDON " The simplest recorJ of ihee hath morth. " Age 22; Kappa Sigma; B. S. North Carolina A. M. College, 1910; Vice President Law Class, Spring Term. President Law Class, Fall Term, 1911; Dialectic 1911; Society; German Club; Ju lane Debate; T K A. Order of Gimghouls; Tu- ' Mac " is one of the brightest stars of the Law School. He loves to argue with Prof. Winston as to what the North Carolina law is on a particular point, and can back up his side all right, with " what Judge Clark says. " More- over, " Mac " is already an attorney and councellor-at-law, we have no fear in predicting that this worthy son of old Anson will prove an ornament to his profession. JAMES SOUTHERLAND PATTERSON. Chapel Hill " M ) onl ) boolis uere aoman ' s lool(s And folly ' s all ( icy taught me. " Age 22; height 5 feel 9 inches; ■ Di. Society; German Club; Gimghoul ; eight 130 pounds Presents that rare combination of good egg and good student. Modest, unassuming, but a hustler. Gets what he goes after. One of the Law Class representatives in the so- cial side of college life. His highest ambition is to be a big corporation lawyer. 118 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Senior Students in Caw Baxter Lloyd Baker Paw Creek, N. C. A. B., 1907. Ersklne College. Walter Raleigh Bauguess Jefferson, N. C. Charles Wetmore Broadfoot, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. Kenneth Ogden Burgwin Pittsburgh, Pa. Edwin Thomas Cansler, Jr Charlotte, N. C. William Chambers Coughenour, Jr Salisbury, N. C. A. B., 1908. Cyrus Dunlap Hogue Chapel Hill, N. C. B. A.. 1909. University of the South. John Allan MacLean, Jr Maxton, N. C. Lennox Polk McLendon Wadesboro, N. C. B. S., N. C. A. and M. College. Spencer VanBokkelen Nichols Wilmington, N. C. James Sutherland Patterson Chapel Hill, N. C. A. B., 1910. William Henry Rhodes Riverdale, N. C. William Thomas Shore Charlotte, N. C. B. S., 1905. Robert Wright Strange Wilmington, N. C. Charles Alexander Vogler Winston-Salem, N. C. Frederick Mills Volz Staunton, Va. LL. B., 1911, Washington and Lee University. Robert Emmett Whitehurst New Bern, N. C. Henry Elliot Williams Linden, N. C. Vol. Xn UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 119 3uuior 5tu6ents in Caw Odom Alexander Charlotte, N. C. A. B.. 1911. Connor Middleton Allen Kinston, N. C. Karl Braswell Bailey Elm City, N. C. A. B., 1911. John Manning Battle Rocky Mount, N. C. A. B., 1911. Caleb Kight Burgess Old Trap, N. C. William Bobbitt Byrd Asheville, N. C. Wade Hampton Childs Lincolnton, N. C. David Stowe Crouse Lincolnton, N. C. Watson Louis Daniel Winston, N. C. Earnest Stanhope Delaney Matthews, N. C. A. B., 1910. Baxter Lee Fentress Summerfield, N. C. A. B., 1910. William Bennett Planner, Jr New Bern, N. C. Robert Alexander Freeman Dobson, N. C. Charles Smith Grindstaff Sylva, N. C. Vance Henry Lilesville, N. C. John Edward Hines Pollocksville, N. C. James Giles Hudson Spencer, N. C. Gary Pope Irby Laurens, S. C. John Thomas Johnston Chapel Hill, N. C. Ovid Winfield Jones Winston-Salem, N. C. A. M., 1909. Robert Ruffin King, Jr Greensboro, N. C. 120 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Luke Lamb Williamston, N. C. Earnest Woodard Leary Edenton, N. C. Joseph Raymond Lee Faison, N. C. A. B., 1911. John Hall Manning Durham, N. C. A. B., 1909. George Bason Mason Gastonia, N. C. James Ward Morris, Jr Tampa, Fla. Edgar Franklin McCulloch, Jr Fayetteville, N. C. A. B., 1911. Bennett Nooe, III Pittsboro, N. C. Young Sorobabel Parker Selma, N. C. John Daniel Paul Pungo, N. C. William Ransom Saunders Smithfield, N. C. Robert Johnston Shipp Newton, N. C. Walter Lowry Small Elizabeth City, N. C. A. B., 1911. Richard Gordon Stockton Winston-Salem, N. C. A. B., 1911. Fitzhugh Ernest Wallace Kenansville, N. C. George Hahn Ward Waynesville, N. C. Wilson Lee Warlick Newton, N. C. B. S., 1910. Calawba College. Lindsay Carter Warren Washington, N. C. Samuel Hamilton Wiley Salisbury, N. C. Eugene Herbert Wood Gaffney, S. C. B. S., 1909. Clemson College. William Coleman Woodard, Jr Rocky Mount, N. C. A. B., 1908. Thomas Brooks Woody Bethel Hill, N. C. Jere Perry ZoLLICOFFER • Henderson, N. C. A. B.. 1911. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 121 Special 5tu6ents in Caw Carpenter, Jesse Earl Trinity Cooper, Gordon Bennett Clinton Daughtridge, John Clarence Rocky Mount DoRSETT, Henry Grady Chapel Hill DuPREE, Franklin Tell Cardenas Hannah, Harry Burgwyn Siler City Johnston, Cyrus Murray Goldsboro Long, Thomas Sparrow Lake Landing McCargo, Thomas Bouldin, Jr Mount Airy Moore, Clayton Williamston Smith, William Alexander, Jr Hendersonville Spiers, Percy Townsend Wentworth Wells, Loyd Armstrong Wilson Williams, Wade Hampton Hiddenite Willis, George Thomas Newbem Winston, Randall A era Selma Wright, William Augustus Wilmington ELEGY OF THE DEPARTED PUP The Pensive Pup and the Bunny Bun And the Guinea Pig Goo la Goo Were playing one day at Phinapazii In Bernier Sanguine ' s Zoo. The Pensive Pup had won the galV|e For PhinApaziz, you know, Is a game where every Animalite New GermiCeeds must show. The Guinea Pig wept Tubercleteroo And the Bunny Bun, they say. Split a Canlpigal of Bacilli drops On the grassy Playgroundplay. O why do the Animalites cry out? And why Does the Guinea Pig wail? The Pup has cavorted to Heavenkalite And w ars a Martyrloo tail. Then, why cry out at the Vivisect ? Heaven ' s betteR than Earthbelow. The Pup is bled, the soul is sped To the Land of the " Wedon ' tknow. " i ■EbI 124 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Sdconb year e6ical (Tlass James Richard Allison President William Parks Belk Vice President Sheldon Asa Saunders Secretary and Treasurer ROLL James Richard Allison Pisgah Forest, N. C. A. B., 1911; Presidenl. Second Year Med. Class; Member, University Council; Medical Society; Gym Instructor. Charles Wallace Armstrong Troy, N. C. Trinity Park Club; N. C. Club; Athletic Association; Medical Society. Ralph Henry Baynes Hurdle Mills, N. C. Williams Parks Belk Charlotte, N. C. Dl. Society; Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Vice President Class (2); President, Medical Society; President, N. C. Club (2); Yackety Yack Board (2); A. B., 1911; Turtle Club; ! ' X; A K E. Earnest Linwood Bender Pollocksville, N. C. Irvin Manning Boykin Boykin, S. C. Medical Society; K A; ■!■ X; Secretary and Treasurer Class (I); Turtle Club; German Club. W. D. R. Brandon Statesville, N. C. William Brown Burleson Plum Tree, N. C. Medical Society. Fred Floyd Cherokee, N. C. Clair Cruse Henderson Lowell, N. C. Gaslon County Club. John Fox Kendricks Rock Hill, S. C. l X; Turtle Club; Medical Society; Y. M. C. A.; Tennis Club. Franklin Harris Lackey Fallston, N. C. 126 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Paul Barringer Means Concord, N. C. Di. Society; Alhlelic Associalion ; Y. M. C. A.; Medical Society; Tennis Association. Adlai Stevenson Oliver Selma, N. C. Medical Society; Athletic Associalion; Class Historian; Y. M. C. A. Karl Bushel Pace Maxton, N. C. Medical Society; Robeson County Club. Robert Eunice Parrish Smithfield, N. C. Band (I, 2, 3); Johnston County Club; President, Johnston County Club; Cotillion Club; Turtle Club; Medical Society; Press Association. Paul Aug ustus Petree Germantown, N. C. Medical Society; Y. M. C. A.; Assistant at Infirmary. Hickman Ray Raleigh, N. C. Nathaniel Fulford Rodman Norfolk, Va. Y. M. C. A,; Oak Ridge Club; Horner Club; Athletic . ssoclatlon; German Club; Medical Society; Turtle Club: German Club; I X ; . T !. ' . Sheldon Asa Saunders Aulander, N. C. Athletic Association; Y. M. C. A.; Medical Society; Secretary and Treasurer Class; Assistant in Anatomy. David Bryan Sloan Ingold, N. C. President Class (I); Medical Society; Assistant in Bacteriology (2); Turtle Club; Athletic Asso- ciation; Y. M. C. A.; Phi. Society; A. B., 1910; K i:. Lee Franklin Turlington Mount Airy, N. C. A. B., 1910; Assistant m Zoology; Vice President (1); Medical Society. John Manning Venable Chapel Hill, N. C. Varsity Football Team, ' 09, ' 10. ' 11; Athletic Association; N. C. Club; German Club; Turtle Club; Medical Society; Vice President; Commencement Ball Manager. ' 09; Assistant in Physiological Chemistry; A. B., 1910; Gorgon ' s Head; A K E. John Barret Walker Union Ridge, N. C. Medical Society. Andrew Jackson Warren Hurdle Mills, N. C. Phi. Society; Medical Society; 1- ' T !., Thaddeus Earl Wilkerson Roxboro, N. C. Assistant in Histology and Pathology; Medical Society; Secretary (2). Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 127 Ufistor of tl)e Second ear e6ical (Tlass ' HE present Second Year Medical Class shows a marked advance M ' over previous classes in the amount of college trammg its members • have had. Out of twenty-eight members who entered last year, six were college graduates, eight had two or more years of college training, and the other fourteen had one year of pre-medical training. This shows a gradual movement in increasing the standard of the Medical Department. This pre- liminary training has sh own its advantage in the fact that the Class as a whole has taken a higher standing than previous classes. The members of the Class have not only made good in their classroom work, but also have been active m college affairs. We have furnished two men for the Varsity football team, one for the baseball team, one for the track team, and an instructor in the gymnasium. Besides, we have been represented on the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet and Yackety Yack Board. The Class has continued the work in the Medical Society inaugurated some years ago. The meetings of the Society have been more regular than formerly. They have proved of much benefit in interesting the members in important med- ical subjects. The Medical Faculty has kindly cooperated with the members in making the programs more attractive and beneficial. A spirit of fellowship and congeniality has prevailed among the members throughout the two years. Wherever we have been engaged, at lecture, lab- oratory, or stiff-house, at all times we have always had a good word and pleas- ant greeting for each other. We hope that this spirit of good fellowship and hard work that we have acquired at Carolina will continue to manifest itself wherever we may pursue our further studies. Class Historian. 128 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII irst y iav Mle6ical (Tlass L. DeK. Belden President G. R. Roberts Vice President J. N. ToLAR Secretary-Treasurer D. E. Rogers Interne W. W. Falkner Historian ROLL Louis DeKeyser Belden Wilmington, N. C. S. B., 1910. Baxter Israel Bell Swan Quarter, N. C. Alexander McNeill Blue Carthage, N. C. A. B.. I9n. William Ernest Brackett Lawndale, N. C. Cleveland County Club; Y. M. C. A.; Di. Society. Thomas Thomas Covington, Jr Laurinburg, N. C. u K . Forrest Elliott Shelby, N. C. William White Falkner Warrenton, N. C. II K ; Historian. Ollie Edwin Finch Kittrell, N. C. William Gifford Francis Waynesville, N. C. John Wharton Harris Reidsville, N. C. A. B., 1911. John Ray Hege Winston-Salem, N. C. Wooster Hassell House Stokes, N. C. Chester Lawrence Lassiter Wilsons Mills, N. C. James Shepard Milliken Pittsboro, N. C. w X; tl X ; German Club; Athletic Association. Thomas Lacy Morrow Mebane, N. C. Ivan Morrisett Proctor, Jr Raleigh, N. C. Grady Rudisill Roberts Lincolnton, N. C. Lincoln-Gaston County Club; Di. Society; Tennis Association; Y. M. C. A. 130 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Da id Eugene Rogers Franklin, N. C. Robert Cannon Sample Hendersonville, N. C. X; B. S., 1911. Davidson College. Edwin Harold Shuford Hickory, N. C. James Stevens Simmons Graham, N. C. B. S.. 1911. Davidson College; K i: ; X; German Club; Alamance County Club. William Henry Sloan Garland, N. C. B. S., 1911. Davidson College. Ralph Edwin Stevens Sanford, Fla. Musical Association. Thomas Johnson Summey Brevard, N. C. Roy DeWitt Summer Fletcher, N. C. Julian Nolley Tolar Sanford, Fla. Musical Association; X. William Easton Wakeley Orange, N. J. PRE-MED CLASS 132 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Senior btirmacY (tlass OFFICERS A. G. WEBB President C B. RHINEHART Vice PresiJenl F. G. FETZER Secretary and Treasurer J. D. WHITEHEAD Historian MEMBERS GARLAND MARVIN ATWATER Oxford KELL ' EDWIN BENNETT Bryson Cny FRANK GOODSON FETZER Wadesboro LESTER BO D MULLEN Huniersv.lle CHARLES CICERO RINES North Wilkesboro CHARLES BAIS RHINEHART Asheville JOSEPH NORWOOD STINSON Wmston-Salem ALEXANDER GRADY WEBB Chapel Hill JEFFERSON DAVIS WHITEHEAD, Jr Enfield TluRior l)armac (tlass OFFICERS T. J. MAY President W. O. SMITH Vice President W. L. FUTRELLE Secrelar ) and Treasurer MEMBERS HERMAN H. BOONE Benson LAWRENCE EUGENE BRADSHER Roxboro ARTHUR SAMUEL CASSELL. . .North Wilkesboro JAMES MOSELEY CHESNUTT Hamlet CHARLES LEE COX Warsaw WILLIAM LEON FUTRELLE Wilmington IRA WALTER HINE Old Town OTIS VANCE JONES Swan Quarter EDWARD VERNON K.YSER Rocky Mount FRANK HALIBURTON LUNN Wilkesboro CLAUDIUS McGOWAN Greenville THOMAS HILLARD MAY Louisburg JOHN CRAN ' EN MOORE Elm Ciy ELLIOTT NOLLEY NICHOLSON. .. .Murfreesboro ELMER JESSE PITTMAN Fairmont CHARLES WINGATE REED. . Washington. D. C. RALPH PEEL ROGERS Durham ROGER DERRICK SANFORD Laurmburg LEON SMITH Stanley WILLIAM OSCO SMITH Durham BEVERLY TOWNSEND SUSTARE Matthews LOWRY REID WILSON Gastoma LAMAR HERBERT WINSTEAD, Wilson 134 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Senior barmac KELLY EDWIN BENNETT Bryson City " Be not loo mindful, Ust ou forget. " Age 22; height 5 feet II inches; weight 166 pounds. Y. M. C. A. Pharmaceutical Journal Club. " Kelly " enjoys athletics, but has never tried for any of the teams. He says he is somewhat of a baseball artist, though he spends his time in another art. viz: photography. He can be seen on the Athletic Field at every game with his kodak. When he is not taking pictures he can be found in the Lab., either working or talking about his girl. Kelly is a good fellow, and we believe he will come out all right. OTIS VANCE JONES Swan Quarter " He fails ahnc who feehh creeps. " Aoe 24; height 6 feet; weight 170 pounds. Pharmaceuti- cal journal Club: Y. M. C. A. " Casey " is his nickname, and he says he is going to keep up the record of the original. He is a man who ran ask mor? questions than any one man living. Out of the 958 official preparations and crude drugs, he has learned one. Sassafras. We can see no way he registered, except under the Grandfathers Clause. He is one who doesn ' t let his studies interfere with his plans. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 135 CHARLIE BAIS RHINEHART AshevUle " When a man is single he live. He doem ' i give a darn, and doe at his ea as he pie. Age 23; height 5 feet II inches; weight 130 pounds. Vice President (2) ; Pharmaceutical Journal Club. " Chicken " came to us from the Class of ' II. He dropped out a year, however, and during thai lime he found for himself a " better half. " He came back this year to get him- self a diploma, and we are sure that he will get that, also. He used to be fond of argument, but we don ' t know how he is now. He can be found at Pick ' s Hotel, but after June, perhaps, he will be found in Asheville, rolling pills. ALEXANDER GRADY ' WEBB Chapel Hill -Clcanlii xt lo godliness. Age 22; height 5 feel 8 inches; weight 135 pounds. President (2) ; Pharmaceutical Journal Club. We don ' l know why he is called " Mary, ' " but that ' s his name. " Mary " likes Pharmacy Lab,, and thinks that he can make most anything, and we don ' t doubt him. He is a hard worker, and is sure to make good. He loves the Gym. for he goes down to take a bath about three times a day. " Miry " is a good tsg, and we wish our President a prosperous future. 136 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII JEFFERSON DAVIS WHITEHEAD, Jr Enfield " Honest labor brings happiness. " Age 20; he Pharmaceutical Historian (2). He ha Jour feet 11 i lal Club; ches; weight 160 pounds. Halifax County Club; names. Sometimes it is " While, " and some- times it is " Black. " but he usually comes to either call. " White ' s " hobby is Chemistry 111, and he is some bull on unknowns. He is not as fond of Christler ' s Physics as he is of Dr. Howell ' s Pharmacy. " White " has worked for one of the State Boaid. and thinks he has a ' boot " on him. All the girls like " White, " but he is too busy to give them much attention. He tells us that he is going to roll pills for the Navy, and we wish him much success. FR.AiNK GOODSON FETZER Wadesboro " Take everv man to be a genlteman imtil he proves lo be olhermise. " Age 22; height 5 feet 5 inches; weigSt 122 pounds. Kappa Sigma; German Club; Tennis Associa- tion; Athletic Association; Secretary and Treasurer (2); Pharmaceutical Journal Club. We call this one " Skinny. " Wc all lik man in the class. He ihmks himself a bull We understand that he is tond of the fair fondness. " Skinny " is also fond of jokes. him for he is a good eglJ. " Skinny " is the only registered in materia medica. and we will give him close on it, too. r sex, which he admits, and he gets v£ ' lue received for his ind never fails lo enjoy those of Dr. Howell. 138 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII K Soiuj Of tbe aiuinnui? ■waben IF ' m an ol? Blumnus, witb cbilCircn on m knee, H ' ll tcacb tbcm tbat tbc alphabet bcoins witb tl. IR. C. II ' II sJbow their little fnuiert ' how to finC with ieaC : 6kill Che fon e t L ' pot on earth to me tbiti ear ol Chapel Mill. iril tell them how a jfre bman iireen-IF eaine to eolleiie here " Cwa earlv} in tbe harvest trnie, an ' SO tbe vjean, anO how II loohe with pleasure to tbe eomino month ot June, Hi? II walheO acroti!? tbe eampu to the wbi tlino ot a tune. 11 ' II tell tbem bow tbe Sophomores woulC rinii tbe eollecie bell, auci bow the : tooh the elapper out anc hiC it in tbe well: anC how thev blaehe tbe Jfreiibmen, an tirea ei ' the ebapcl seats, anCi eows put in tbe beltr i tower witb aerobatie feats. H ' ll tell tbem ot m - boarf inii bouse, an bow tbe touab bcetstcal? XlUas tanned anC solC aiiaiu as bi e, tbe finest boots to make. H ' ll tell tbem bow tbe bill of fare was " varied " everv Cia , So that we rea? it forward once, an then tbe reverse wav). II ' II tell tbem bow, as Junior, 11 broke so mauv hearts Chat CupiC, ouhtless, ha to buv a new suppU} of C arts. a Senior, too, II strolle around with Mcinitv auD priC e. anfi for nn: ver ant Jfreshman C a is, II wisbe aiiain anc siciheC. .iGut ll ' m iioiuii to he an ns. 2 ., or else an XX. ,li3.. H ' m thinkiuti of an a. m., perhaps a IPh. H)., anC ll ' m thankful, as II stanC here to=Ca i, a full a. ,li3.. Chat the Jfaeultv have not conferred ' tbe prouC eoree " IH. C5. " t. ' - ., - i ' iK TroT X v 140 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Ol)e delation of tl)e Alumni to tl)e li niversit ' HE above title was framed by the Editors of the Annual, who bade ■ ' me write under it something pertment thereto, and write seriously. • Seriously in the YackETY Yack! Why not? This book is the fullest, freest expression of student thought, and if you think that he, the composite student, is not serious, even under all his seeming levity, you do not know how to read the most unique product of American literature, you are distant a million years of forgetfulness from your own college days, and you would not be a proper person to receive an invitation to deliver the Inter- Society Address or any other address where the eight hundred or fewer authors of this book might hear you. In such opportunity you would run perhaps the scale on " alma maters, " " her dear sons, " " classic shades, " " at the feet of Wisdom, " and from the " full experience " of a number of years (say ten) of " active life " hand down " my convictions " on, say, " that infatuate delusion of the demagogic agitator, the referendum and recall, " or some other burning question, to some schoolboys. Now that would be real humor — to these same " schoolboys " ; sometimes they take it sadly when it ' s an overdose. Seriously, it is quite a serious mistake to insist upon the width of a chasm between this so-called experience of an active life and university pursuits, which chasm cer- tainly does not exist. It tends to sentimentalize the sympathy and minimize the interest which the alumnus should feel in his university. Upon the alumnus depends the welfare of his university; that is the thesis of this paper, upon alumnus, not upon president, faculty, or trustees, or legislators, in a university which is the product and creation of a democratic state. Presidents, teachers, trustees come and go, can be suppressed even, likewise legislators, who are also amenable to the votes of their constituents, but the alumni go on forever. His the voice and example which ultimately moulds public sentiment for or against, and none better than he knows the needs, defects, advantages, opportunities of his own university. He can mar, as he has Princeton, or can make, as he has scores of splendid universities in America. Here I long to tarry just a moment in reverence to those old fellows, our elder brothers, who have added star after star to the crown of glory our Mother wears, who have paused in the " full experience of an active life " to toil and fight for her, and who know no greater joy than to return to her bosom as opportunity permits. All honor and love to the memory of Colonel Kenan. " Has Colonel Kenan come yet? " Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 141 was a familiar Commencement question from student, teacher, alumnus. We all knew him, for somehow, mysteriously, he knew us all; all the Phis, at least. There are others whose names and deeds are wrought mto this structure. There are K. P. Battle yonder, " Old Pies, " and R. H. Battle, arm-in-arm, walking down Commons Hall after Alumni Luncheon, with the light of eternal youth shining from under their white hair; and note the reverential silence which stills the buzz of the assembled banqueters as they see and feel and remember how potently these two have rendered service to U. N. C. To your own reflections I commend you for the remainder of this paragraph and to Dr. Batde ' s History. The relation of the alumni to the college or university should be, as inti- mated, not a relationship of sentiment only, even such sentiment as gives amply to endowment; but one that justifies and demands practical influence in the direction of its affairs and policy. It arises from the relationship previously existing. In those educational institutions established by a commonwealth, such as North Carolina, and supported by taxes, the will of the whole people expressed through their Legislature under the Constitution is the final authority on all matters pertaining to them. It is a state function. This authority, how- ever, has been delegated more or less to a Board of Trustees. The members of these boards will ever be, from the exigencies of the need, predominatingly alumni of that institution, or patrons who educate their children there. Just the same relationship as demands that directors of railroads be chosen of those who are conversant with railroad affairs. The vital question here is, how seriously does the alumnus feel it his duty to be conversant with the affairs and policy of his university? How many alumni are there of the University of North Carolina who, like Charles Francis Adams of Harvard, have de- voted study and thought to matters of curricula, government, athletics, and can or do express themselves thoughtfully thereon — like Taft, also, of Yale? Nor should this duty of an intimate knowledge of the minutiae of college mat- ters devolve on members of the Board of Trustees alone. The relationship should bind every alumnus. None so busy or far distant who may not in some way aid with his thought, and keep in touch to that end. When there is demand for those who should assume legal direction of affairs, it is the alumni as a whole who should be best qualified to name these men through their legislators. It is a question for thought, in which there is a difference of opinion, whether this function should be exercised by the Board itself, or by the President of the institution, or left to political log-rolling. In the first place, the Board would become self-perpetuating; in the second, the President would be tempted naturally beyond the true functions of his office; no need to characterize the 142 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII third. All that is meant here is that these questions are questions, and impose on every alumnus the duty of serious thought thereon. Just at present Amer- ican universities are passing through an agitation (perhaps movement) as to whether autocratic or democratic principles should prevail in the management of the internal affairs of an institution of learning. Witness the recent contro- versy in Columbia University, New York. This question is rendered simpler in universities established and maintained by the voting public of democratic commonwealths. Whichever policy eventually prevails, no alumnus can fail to realize the tremendous difference in results, or to realize his own obligation to give calm and dispassionate thought to such a movement. The relationship of child to parent gives the child the inherent right to an active interest in the welfare of that parent. Yet, idle criticism is worse than no interest at all. Again, given a state university constitutionally established and main- tained — that IS by the voice of a democratic majority — a hundred years of useful existence —by that time those who are not for it are against it, sometimes actively. Upon whom does it devolve to take up the political battle for it? Who must see that it has fair play and receives that just maintenance without which it cannot fulfil the purposes for s ' hich it was established? Its friends are not confined to its alumni, but the relationship of the alumnus peculiarly fits him to present the cause of his university, its influence, its needs, its oppor- tunities. To Jeffersonian Democrats the first duty of the state is to assume the education of its citizens. To be absolutely frank, if there is any logic at all in the words above, education is a function of state as much as taxation. Other functions of the alumni in relation to the uni ersity might be enlarged upon. They will suggest themselves. How this relationship may turn to practical usefulness is a more imperative topic. Its answer is expressed in the one word, Organization. Organization means cooperation. So long ago as 1899 President Alderman realized the tremendous power of an organized alumni and issued a pamphlet of exhortation and advice to that end. President Venable, amid his multiplying duties, has urged it; but better still, the alumni themselves have awakened to the need of organization and have been slowly forming into local units, called Alumni Associations. These have been effected geographically by towns and counties. The next step is cooperation or federation. Therefore, last Commencement, 1911, a sort of constitution was enacted by the General Alumni Association at the Alumni Luncheon. This constitution establishes a General Assemblv of the Alumni composed of delegates from the local associations according to pro rata representation. This Assembly is a forum for discussion of all matters pertaining to the interests of the University. It furthermore elects a body of Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 143 fifteen, known as the Alumni Council. This Council has the full management of all business and funds of the General Assembly of the Alumni. Its chief officer is known as the General Secretarv of the Alumni. He is to be a capable salaried official and to devote his entire time to the duties of his office. Here then IS the skeleton of a perfect machinery for effecting a closer relationship between the alumni and the University. Will the alumni respond and heartily cooperate? If they are in earnest, a full delegation from every local associa- tion will be present at roll call of the General Assembly on Monday of Com- mencement Week, 1912. No movement of importance in recent years has so elicited the interest of the students of the University, as the request for these thoughts implies. They are themselves organizing County Clubs in the University, microcosms, as it were, of the local county associations. There should be a relationship estab- lished between the two. Wm. S. Bernard, ' 00. 144 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Obc Alumni Association. THE GENERAL ASSOCIATION Thomas Stephen Kenan, ' 57, President Raleigh, N. C. Walter Murphy, ' 92, General Secretary of the Alumni Salisbury, N. C. THE ALUMNI COUNCIL Robert Bingham, ' 5 7, Chairman ■ Asheville, N. C. William S. Bernard, ' 00, Recording Secretary Chapel Hill, N. C. J. Y. Jovner, ' 81, Treasurer Raleigh, N. C. W. H. Swift, " 01, Greensboro, N. C. V. L. Stephenson, ' 06, Charlotte, N. C. R. H. Sykes, ' 97, Durham, N. C. H. Clyden Clement, ' 03, Salisbury, N. C. Wm. J. Andrews, ' 91, Raleigh, N. C. J. C. B. Ehringhaus, ' 01, Elizabeth City, N. C. A. S. Barnard, ' 93, Asheville, N. C. D. B. Teague, ' 10, Raeford, N. C. J. K. Wilson, ' 05, Elizabeth City, N. C. P. D. Gold, ' 98, Raleigh, N. C. T. D. Warren, ' 95, New Bern. N. C. J. D. Carr, ' 95, Wilmington, N. C. The organization effected by the Alumni on June 3d, I 9 1 1 , is as follows: — (1 ) A deliberative body to be known as The General Assembly of the Alumni, composed of delegates from the local associations according to pro rata representation, which assembly shall meet annually during Commencement Week. (2) A directing board to be known as the Alumni Council, elected by the General Assembly. The Council has control of all funds and direction of all business of the General Association. (3) Local Associa- tions known by the name of their respective counties and towns; e. g., Waf e County Alumni Association, Raleigh. For details of plan write to Wm. S. Bernard, Chapel HUl, N. C. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 145 Xocal Alumni Associations Alamance County Alumni Association — Burlington W. H. Carroll, ' 86, President E. S. W. Dameron, ' 04, Secrelar ) Anson County Alumni Association — Wadesboro W. K. BoGGAN, ' 87, President Dr. J. E. Hart, ' 97, Secretary Bertie County Alumni Association — Windsor Francis D. Winston, ' 97, President Francis Gillam, Secretary Cabarras County Alumni Association — Concord L. T. Hartsel, ' 96, President J. W. Cannon. Jr.. ' 03, 5ecre ari; Caldwell County Alumni Association — Lenoir A. A. Kent, ' 97, President J. L. Harris, ' 01, Secretary Catawba County Alumni Association — Hickory L. F. Abernethy, ' 06, President B. B. BlackwelDER, ' 06, Secretary Chatham County Alumni Association — Siler City T. G. Hannah, ' 02, President J. S. London, ' 04, Secretary Craven County Alumni Association — New Bern A. D. Ward, Esq., ' 85, President Wm. Dunn, Jr., Esq., ' 04, 5ccrc(ari; Cumberland County Alumni Association — Fayetteville Maj. E. J. Hale, LL. D., ' 60, President Chas. C. Rose, Esq.. ' 00, Secretary Davidson County Alumni Association — Lexington Z. V. Walser, ' 84, President J. L. SPRUILL, ' 03, Secretary Durham County Alumni Association — Durham R. H. Svkes, ' 97, President — , 5ecre ari; Edgecombe County Alumni Association — Tarboro J. T. Bridges, (?), President George Howard, ' 85, 5ecre(ari; Edgecombe County Alumni Association — Rocky Mount Jas. B. Ramsey, ' 02, President R. M. Wilson, ' 09, Secretary Forsythe County Alumni Association — Winston-Salem Howard A. Roundthaler, D. D., ' 93, President Jas. a. Grey, Jr., ' 08, Secretary 146 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Granville County Alumni Association — Oxford A. W. Graham, ' 68, President F. M. Pinnix, ' 97, Secretary Guilford County Alumni Association — Greensboro J. A. Brooks, ' 90, President C. A. Hines, ' 08, Secretary Guilford County Alumni Association — High Point W. P. Ragan, ' 98, President T. J. GoLD, ' 03, Secretary Henderson County Alumni Associat:on — Hendersonville Michael Schenck, ' 95, President Louis Hesterly, ' 09, Secretary Iredell County Alumni Association — Mooresville E. W. Brawley, ' 94, President A. C. Kerley, ' 02, 5ecre(arij Johnston County Alumni Association — Smithfield E. W. Pou, ' 84, President H. P. Stevens, ' 03, Secretary Martin County Alumni Association — Williamston Sylvester Hassell, ' 03, President H. A. Biggs, ' 07, Secretary Mecklenburg County Alumni Association — Charlotte W. F. Harding, Esq., ' 94, President J. H. Parker, ' 06, Secretary New Hanover County Alumni Association — Wilmington Marsden Bellamy, Esq., ' 99, President Louis Goodman, ' 02, Secretary Orange County Alumni Association — Hillsboro John W. Graham, ' 57, President S. P. Lockhart, ' 03, Secretary Pasquotank County Alumni Association — Elizabeth City J. P. Overman, ' 70, President J. K. Wilson, ' 05, Secretary Perquimans County Alumni Association Affiliated rvith Pasquolanlg County Alumni Association at Elizabeth City Pitt County Alumni Association President C. S. Carr, ' 98, Secretary Randolph County Alumni Association — Ashboro A. C. McAlister, ' 58, President H. B. HiATT, M. D., ' 03, Secretary Robeson County Alumni Association — Red Springs Dr. J. L. McMillan, ' 79, President Hamilton McMillan, ' 5 7, Secretary Rowan County Alumni Association — Salisbury Walter Murphy, ' 92, President J. M. Julian, ' 95, Secretary Sampson County Alumni Association — Clinton F. B. Johnson, ' 97, President L. C. Kerr, ' 10, Secretary Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 147 Union County Alumni Association — Monroe W. B. Love, ' 06, President J. C. M. Vann, " 07, Secretary) Wake County Alumni Association — Raleigh J. Martin Flemming, M. D., ' 57, President Jno. W. Hinsdale, ' 00, Secretary Wilson County Alumni Association — Wilson T. J. Hadley, ' 62, President F. C. Archer, ' 06, Secretary Atlanta, Georgia, Alumni Association Shephard Bryan, Esq., ' 91, President Jerome Moore, Esq., Secretary Birmingham, Alabama, Alumni Association Warren Kluttz, ' 99, President W. H. Oldham, ' 05, Secretary New York City Alumni Association Hon. Augustus VanWyck, ' 64, President Francis A. Gudger, ' 97, Secretary Norfolk, Virginia, Alumni Association Horner Winston, Esq., ' 04, President Geo. Berkeley, M. D., ' 03, Secretary ALUMNI PROCESSION, COMMENCEMENT PRESIDENT BATTLE (Ex-President of the University and Friend of Everybody in Chapel Hill) 150 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Ode Cool evening breeze blow gently o ' er Her slender form, if thou wouldst know To scatter fragrance sweeter far Than perfume rare on Afric moor. Where wild, luxuriant lilies grow, Which fresh and living incense breathers are. Stir lightly wisps of auburn hair That nestle round her temples white, Low murm ' ring in her dainty ear, Caressing skin so soft and fair. And if she speaks, waft in the night Her words to me, how ever far or near, Mingling with baser currents, sweep O ' er flowery meads and crystal streams; Rustle through leafy limbs, and soar Above the ■white-loam-crested, deep. Blue sea, illumed by wan moonbeams. Which, ghostly, flit on every desert shore. When thou dost brush my face I ' ll dream. Though crushed with harrowing care, alone Upon the earth ' s remotest lea, A wild phantasmal dream, and seem To feel her cheek against mine own; Naught short of Heaven could be so dear to me. Unless thou wast to gently blow The innocence of her glad heart From shore to shore to strangely bless: Such charms thy magic art would know Thy zephyrs would with ease impart To all the world a pure sweet joyousness. —B. H. M., ' 13. D D- D- ■a PCI ET 154 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII iDialectic Citerar Society ROLL OF ACTIVE MEMBERS ALDERMAN, E. H. ALLRED, J. H. AUSTIN. D. R. ANDREWS, T. M. AXLE ' . LOWRY BEAM, W. S. BLACK.STOCK. C. E. BARKER, F. P. BUSBY, J. C. BURKE, J. P. BYRD, B. B. BLACKMER, S. A. BLANTON, L. BRADFORD, L. H. CALDWELL, J. COULTER, D. H. COX, C. N. CARLTON, D. H. CANSLER. J. S. CATES, C. L. CATES. M. F., Jr. CARROLL, H. A. CONRAD. E. F. CRAWFORD. D. W. CARR. A. H. COX. H. L. DANIELS. J. M. DAUB, H. W. DUNNIGAN, M. R. DAY, J. T. DAILY, J. N. EULESS. F. L. ERWIN. C. E. EUSTLER. C. W. FEEZOR. J. G. FREEMAN. R. A. FERGUSON. T. FOLGER. A. D. FORNEY, A. C. GRAHAM. A. W GATTIS. S. M. GENTRY. J. R. GRIFFIN, M. A. GWYNN. P. H. HARRY. W. G. HARTLEY. S. G. HART. MEADE HENDRIX. W. F. HIGGINS, C. HOLMES. J. A. HOLMES. J. E. HOLMES, R. W. HOOVER, T. J. HILL, T. F. HENRY, B. V. HIGDON, F. H. HOLTON, G. R. HAMILTON, O. S. H.ARDING, W. R. HOLDER. B. B. HIGDON, M. V. INGRAM, M. R. ISLEY, B. E. IRVIN, A. G. ISLEY, C. L.. Jr. JOHNSTON, L. R. JOYNER. A.. Jr. JOURNEY, R. C. JONES. J. N. JONES. T. I. JOHNSTON, C. L. JUMPER, M. B. KENNEDY, F. H. KRITZER, H. R. KEISLER, E. Y. KURFEES, C. S. L. SLEY, R. L. LONG, H. C. LOCKHART, J. C. LASSITER. J. C. LINDAN. S. B. LATHAM, J. O. LUSBY, HORACE LAMBERT, G. L. LOVELACE. O. N. LILLY, T. B. MEBANE, G. A.. Jr. MOORE. W. P. MORRISON. F. W. MOSER. J. W. MARTIN. G. A. MICHAEL, T. L. MALLET, J. R. McKNIGHT, R. B. MclNTOSH. J. W. McQUAGE, O. C. McKENZIE, B. W. McCALL, F. B. NANCE, O. C. NORMAN, C. E. NEWSOM. A. R. NESBIT. G. L. OWEN, F. R. OVERCASH. J. O. OWEN. W. M. OATES. M, N. PARKER. S. 1. PERRETT. V. A. PHILLIPS. G. D. PRITCHETT. J. T. PRICE. L. A. PRATT, H. PRICE, J. v., Jr. PARKER, B. C. PETERSON, D. T. PATY, D. F. PHELPS, J. S. 156 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII ROLL OF ACTIVE MEMBERS RIGGS, H. E. RIGHTS, D. L. REECE. J. T. ROBERTS, J. L. ROBERTSON. J. G. RITCH. M. L. RAMSOUR, T. M. RANKIN, E. R. REED, R. A. RAGLAND, W. T. SCOTT, R. W. SHUFORD, N. C. SHOAF, R. G. SISK, H. C. SISK. HORACE SMITH, J. M. STORY, EDGAR STRAYHORN, J. R. STOKES, P. B. SLOAN, J. R. SLOAN, H. T. STACY, J. D. SMITH, M. T. STANFORD, W. R. STROUP, M. A. SHERRIN, M. B. STARR, H. F. SCOTT, S. F. STROUPE, W. T TROTTEN, H. R. THOMPSON, W. R. THOMAS, W. W. VANPOOL. R. L. WALKER, D. J, WALKER, J. A. WILLIS, H. S. WORKMAN, J. H. WEBSTER, F. L. WHARTON, C. R. WIGGINS, A. L. M. WILLIAMS, W. R. WALDROP. G. R. WARLICK, W. F. WALTON, B. M. WHI TAKER, G. B. WEEKS, W. P. M. W.-XLL. L. B. INACTIVE MEMBERS ALLISON, J. R. ALEXANDER, O. BAGWELL, J. E. BENNETT, P. A. BIVINS, S. R. BRACKETT, W. E. BAUGHNESS, W. R. COULTER, V. A. CONROY. F. D. CRUTCHFIELD, W. J. CLINGMAN, J. D. CARTER, J. H. COOK, C. S. CRAVER, H. C. DENTON, B. T. DOWNING, F. B. GEORGE, W. C. GRAVES. Wm, HINE, J. W. HUNTER, D. F. HUFFMAN, R. O. HARGRETT H. H. HOKE, C. B. HUDSON, J. G. KING, R. R. KIRKSEY, W. A. LASLEY, J. W. LABBERTON, J. M. L ' NCH, J. F. MASON. G. B. MEBANE, B. H. MORROW, T. L. MEANS, P. B. MclVER. J. W. McLENDON, L. P. McEACHERN, A. M. NICHOLS, SPENCER PATTERSON. E. V. PERKINS, J. T., Jr. PAYNE, L. B. PAGE, J. S. PATE, J. G. PARISH, H. L. PATTERSON, J. S. ROBERTS. G. R. RANKIN, W. W. STOCKTON, R. G. SHOFNER, H. B. SWINK, J. H. STACY, L. E. SCOTT, R. L. STEVENSON, B. D. SCARBOROUGH, J. B. TILLET, W. S. WARD, G. H. WOODY, T. B. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 157 iDiakctic CiterarY Society ' 1 WHENEVER an Alumnus of the University returns to Chapel j[ Hill one of the first places he visits, if he is a member of the Dialectic Society, is the Di. Hall. That he does this shows the prominent place that the Society holds in his recollection of college days. And rightfully does the Society hold this place of abiding prominence in his memory, for during the hundred and seventeen years of the existence of the University as a leader in the educational life of the State and Nation, the Dialectic Literary Society, whose counterpart is found in the Philanthropic, has been the most important factor in determining and moulding student life at the University. Without speaking further of the worthy record of the Society, for it is known to all Di. men, it would, perhaps, be of interest to attempt to account in part for the maintenance of its place of honor in University life and in the esteem of its members. The spontaneity of the work done in the Society seems to me to be largely responsible for its value and its abiding influence. To work out some system whereby the business of the Society may be facili- tated and its efficiency raised, or to prepare a debate for some contest is not looked upon as a task which it is better to do indifferently or to shun altogether; but, on the contrary, it is accepted as a labor which it is a privilege and an honor to do, and it is done with a patience and an excellence inspired by joy in the thought of being able to do something for which to be remembered and that will add further distinction to the Society for which, in times past, many worthy men labored when students here. In the Society the students have a time-honored institution whose present honor they alone are responsible for and whose present record is their honor or their disgrace. This responsibility they assume with seriousness and they bear with joy and pride. Something like this seems to me to account for the fact that whenever two or three Di. men are gathered together to talk of college affairs, they attest by their conver- sation the esteem in which the Society is held. And the Society in her archives holds recorded evidence of the seriousness and earnestness of purpose of her members, and in the many portraits that adorn her walls she bears witness to their honor. W. C. G. 160 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII oll of 4 bllantbropic Society FRESHMEN BAILEY, K. H. BAILEY, T. C. BARKER. E. B. BARNES. V. M. BAUGHAN. W. E. BELL, D. L. BLUE. L. A. BOSEMAN. C. A. BOUSHALL. T. C. BULLOCK, J. D. BRYAN, J. S. CANADY, C. C. CANTWELL. R, W. CARR, M. L. CHESNUTT, J. M. COATS. R. F. COX, J. M. COX, R. M. DICKSON. J. G. GRAVES. H. L. EDGERTON. E. D. EDGERTON. G. E. EDWARDS, O. G, FAISON. F. G. FULCHER. MANLEY FULLER. W. P. OILMAN. T. E. HALL, C. T. HAMILTON, A. B. HAMILTON. LUTHER HARPER, A. B. HARPER, G. A, HARPER, L. A. HARRELL, W. H. HATCH. A. C. HORTON. A. G. HUSKE. W. O. JONES. L. E. KANNER. A. O. KILLEFFER. D. H. KORNEGAY. ■W. DE LUPTON, E. W. LEE. C. D. LILLY, E. J. LONG, T. S. LIPS COMBE, S. A. MARSHBURN, O. M. MARTIN, D. R. MAY, F. H. McCANTS, J. M. McGOWAN, C. McLAMB, A. MERRIMAN, W. O. MOORE, D. C. NELSON. C. E. ODOM, J. D. OLDHAM, R. W. OUTLAW, A. B. PARKER, R. E. PARSHLEY, A. R. PAUL, J. D. POPE, E. J. PRUDEN, W. D. PHILLIPS, J. H. RHODES, W. H. ROWE, J. V. SAHAG, L. M. SHORR, A. B. SINCLAIR. J. F. SLOAN, C. A. STEIN, L. J. SMITH, E. C. SMITH. J. L. TAMRAZ. J. M. TAYLOR, W. R. THORP, W. L. TILLEY. E. L. TURLINGTON. J. E. TWINE, B. E. WALKER, H. G. WEATHERLY, A. T. WELLONS, B. F. WEST, C. F. WHITE. P. L. WHITFIELD. J. V. WILKINS, J. A. WOOLCOTT. PHILIP WELLS. L. A. YELVERTON. R. B. YELVERTON, R. L. 162 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES ALEXANDER, W. T. APPLEWHITE. B. D. ASPIAZO, J. A. AYCOCK, B. F. BAILEY, I. M. BASNIGHT, S. H. BELL. R. H. BLALOCK, D. R. BROWN, C. E. BRYAN, P. R. BYRD. W. T. CAMPBELL, E. T. CARRINGTON, G. L. COBB, COLLIER, Jr. COX, B. W. COLLINS. H. W. CRAIG. GILLAM CREDLE. W. F. DARDEN, P. C. DREW, FR.ANK: ELDRIDGE, J. EMMETT. J. M. ELEY, C. W. GIBBS, C. N. GREEN, C. B. HAMILTON, A. L. HARRIS, E. C. HATCHER, M. A. HORTON, J. L. JOYNER, E. W. KELLY, J. C. KELLY. D. G. KNOWLES, D. L. LONG, W. J. LORD. W. C. LEE, J. G. LEE, J. I. LEACH, OSCAR MARKS, A. R. McKAY, A. A. McWHORTER, D. L. NORWOOD, T. H. PARTRICK, T. H. PARKER, J. L. PEEL, E. S. PARKER, EZRA PETTEWAY, H. C. PETTEWAY, W. R. PHILLIPS, J. L. PERRY, E. J. PREVATT, J. R. PENDERGR.APH, H. A. ROBINSON, M. RAY, R. M. RHODES, L. B. ROYALL, K. C. SCHULTZ, A. M. SPENCE, SAMUEL SPENCE, R. C. SWINDELL. L. H. STRONG, G. V. SHERROD, W. N. STRUTHERS, J. A. SPEARS, M. T. STOKES, W., Jr. STRANGE, R., Jr. TOWNSEND, J. TOWNSEND, W. B, TOLSON, H. A. TYSON, J. G. TATEM, HARRY WILSON, G. P. WILLIAMS, I. R. WHITING. S. W. WOODLEY, E. S. YOUNG, W. B. SENIORS ARMSTRONG, C. O. BARBEE, W. D. BOBBITT. R. W. BOUSHALL, J. D.. Jr. BURGESS, C. K. BELLAMY, E. H. BRADSHER, L. E. COBB, W. B. CORDON, J. P. COWELL. C. F. DRANE, F. B. FENNER, J. S. P. FURGERSON, H. B. HOOKER, F. B. HOUSE, W. H. HUGHES, T. S. JOHNSON, C. W. JOHNSON. C. M. JOHNSTON, L. N. LAMB, LUKE LANIER, J. C. MARROW, H. B. McKAY, J. A. McLEAN. J. A. MORGAN. L. N. MORRIS. J. W.. Jr. MURCHISON. D. R. ORR, J. L. PARKER, J. L. PITTMAN, C. W. E. QUINCEY. C. P. RAND. J. H. ROBESON, C. A. ROGERS, W. W. ROYSTER, T. S. SMALL, W. L. SMITH, McG. STRANGE, R. W. TEAGUE, C. E. WANG, LINGOH WINSTON, R. W. YELVERTON, E. H. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 163 Ol)e 4 l)ilantl)ropic Citerar Society Motto : Virtue, liberty, and science. . • HE PHILANTHROPIC LITERARY SOCIETY had its origin M " in " The Debating Society " organized the same year the University ■ was founded, in 1 795. In August of the same year, for some reason, a division was made, one part becoming " The Concord Society " and the other retaining the original, " The Debating Society. " A year later both societies changed their names, " The Debating Society " becoming the " Dialectic " and the " Concord " becoming the " Philanthropic. " The history of the Philanthropic Society is one of close parallelism to and of happy association with the University. For many years membership in one society or the other was compulsory, and on the societies rested the task of maintaining discipline among the student body. In 1891, however, member- ship was made optional, which left the societies the opportunity for freer action and fuller development in the art of debating. Except for the trying years following the Civil War, when the doors of the University were closed, the Philanthropic Society has held regular weekly meetings and has continued to meet regularly to the present time. Three public debates between the two societies are conducted each year, and m these contests the Philanthropic Society has won its full share of honors. In the last few years a system of inter- collegiate debates has been arranged, and colleagued with the Dialectic, the Philanthropic has sent its debaters against those of other colleges, and the results have been brilliant successes. By a practice which has become an established custom, men coming from the western part of the State join the Dialectic, while those coming from the eastern section join the Philanthropic. Accordingly, the Philanthropic Society has been restricted in its influence to one section; but its value in shaping the life and destiny of the State and Nation can never be determined. In Presi- dents ' cabinets, in Congress, in the State ' s highest offices, in college faculties — everywhere, in fact, we find its members occupying positions of trust and honor and distinguished because of their real worth. The walls of the Society are adorned with oil portraits of illustrious members who have gone out from its halls and brought credit to the organization that first taught them skill in dialectics and nurtured the spirit of fraternalism and respect for the moral and social virtues. 164 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Thus the Philanthropic Society has been, by precept and example, a ftrong, vital, permeating force for good among the student body. But what of the future? What guarantee have we of future service? The Society is not one of past glory and cherished memories alone; it is to-day as vigorous and as influential as it was in former days. Present day problems are proposed and discussed with a gusto bordering on enthusiasm. Inspired by the past and realizing the high standard set before them, its members are resolute and willing, and if the present and past are any index to the future, there is just cause for optimism. A. A. McK. (. B llil ' .;.: ' .:. ..,. STOfi £ Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 165 C. R. Wharton Di Prcsideni M. T. Spears Phi Secretary C. K. Burgess Phi. C. W. HiGGINS Di. L. N. Johnston Phi. B. H. Mebane Di. 166 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Morti) (Tarolina- Jpenns lvania iPebate QUER ' : Resolved, That all forest and mineral lands now in the possession of the United States, in the several states, should be retained by the Federal Government. Affirmative: Pennsvln ' ania Negative: Carolina Won by Carolina Carolina represented by: F. P. Barker, ' 12 C. R. Wharton, ' 12 Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 167 !! ortl) (Taroliaa- Oulane iDebate QUERY: Resol ' ED, That all corporations doing an interstate business should be chartered and regu- lated by a Federal Commission. Affirmative : Carolina Negative: TULANE Carolina represented by: C. K. Burgess, ' 12 L. P. McLendon, Lavv. ' IZ 168 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII !5tortb (TaroUna-Vanderbilt iDcbate QUER ' : Resolxed, That all corporations doing an interstate business should be chartered and regu- lated by a Federal Commission. Affirmative: Vanderbilt Negative: Carolina Carolina represented by: C. D. HOGUE, Law. ' 12 C. E. Teague, ' 12 Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 169 debates COMMENCEMENT DEBATE. 191 1 QUER ' : Resolved. That United States Senators should be elected by direct vote of the people. Affirmative: Phi. Negalive: Dl. Debaters: C. K.. Burgess. Phi. C. E. Teague, Phi. R. A. Freeman. Di. C. R. Wharton, Di. Won by the Affirmative 170 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Sopbomore- Junior debate QUERY: Resoln ' ED, That American municipalities should adopt the commission form of government. Affirmative : Phi. Negative : Dl. Debaters: S. W. Whiting. Phi W. R. Pettewav, Phi. J. C. Busby, Di. I. R. Stravhorn, Jr., Di Won by the Affirmative Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 171 Sopbomore QUERY: Resol ED, That the United States Postal Department should carry packages up to eleven pounds in weight, charging at the rate of sixteen cents for the first pound and six cents for each additional pound or fraction thereof. Affirniative: Di. Negative: Phi. Dehalers: Di. G. A. Martin, ' 15 C. E. Blackstock, ' 14 Phi. J. G. Lee, ' 14 T. C. BOUSHALL, ' 1 5 Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 173 (TaroUna in intercollegiate iDebating 2 B MONG all the universities of the country we believe that the Uni- f versity of North Carolina holds a unique position in the field of Jr intercollegiate debating. Unique for enthusiasm, work, and train- ing, and consequent attainment. It takes enthusiasm, hard work, good training to insure success in any worthy activity. These things, we are glad to say, are much in evidence among the debaters here at the University. A goodly per cent, of the students thoroughly appreciate the value of debating. To the debater, debating is a game of the intellect, intensely interesting and extremely worth while. The debater loves the forum with the same sort of whole-hearted enthusiasm with which the athlete loves the diamond and the gridiron. Also, the debater works. He digs hard for an understanding of the fundamentals of the question for debate, for a masterful logic, and for a clear, strong, accurate, hard-hitting expression. Nor does the debater work only by fits and starts. The repre- sentative Carolina debater is in training from his first year until he graduates. The Dialectic and Philanthropic Literary Societies, each with an enrollrnent of over two hundred men, almost exclusively devote their attention to debating. And every debate, whether it be intrasociety. intersociety, or intercollegiate, is on a competitive basis. Every debating team is chosen by a preliminary contest. Every debater has strong competition, and he must work hard for a place to win it. This enthusiasm, this work, and this training give to the indi- vidual the highest type of self-development — development that is truly repre- sentative of the University. Our attainments in debate are commensurate with the enthusiasm, the hard work, and the thorough training of the Carolina debater. We cannot measure the incalculable self-development that has been gained by each individual debater, but our noteworthy record is highly indicative of splendid achieve- ment. Out of thirty-three debates with foremost universities we have lost only ten. Our record in detail is: with Georgia, fourteen debates have been held and nine won; with Vanderbilt three, three won; with Johns Hookins two, two won; with Washington and Lee two, one won: with George Wash- ington two, one won; with Virginia four, two won; with Tulane one, one won; and with Pennsylvania five, four won. C. R. W. 174 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Oau IKappa lpl)a -rXHE TAU KAPPA ALPHA SOCIETY is a national organization, founded for the two-fold purpose of recognizing excellence in public speaking and of developing interest in oratory and debate among the under- graduates of American colleges and universities. The charter of the North Carolina Chapter was granted by the National Council May 30th, 1910. Any student who represents this University in intercollegiate debate is entitled to membership m the Society. Professor IZ. K. Graham F P. Barker, ' 12 C. D. HoGUE, Law, ' 1 2 C. K. Burgess, ' 12 MEMBERS Professor W. S. Bernard C. R. Wharton, ' 12 C. E. Teague, ' 12 L. P. McLendon, Law, ' 12 TAU KAPPA ALPHA C. E. McINTOSH Winner of Willie P. Mangum Medal, 1011 Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 177 (Tommencement Hfonors, 19U A. L. Field William Cain Prize in Mathematics Robert Drane Harris Prize in Anatomy F. W. Morrison Eben Alexander Prize in Greek E. L. Williams Worth Prize in Philosophy A. C. LinebeRGER Early Enghsh Text Society Prize J. A. Austin Henry R. Bryan Prize in Law W. C. Guess (first) Prize in North Carolina Colonial History E. C. Ward (second) Prize in North Carolina Colonial History W. L. Jeffries Toch Fellowship in Chemistry B. H. Knight Babbitt Scholarship in Chemistry J. T. Dobbins Fellowship in Chemistry G. W. Thompson W. J. Bryan Prize in Political Science L. N. Morgan Ben Smith Preston Cup C. E. Teague Bingham Prize C. E. McIntosh Mangum Medal 178 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Q}l}t utrmnrjj nf a grrat (Han xxtbn Jntr mtt nf tltr Impart SS iSS 180 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII iDelta apjpa Cpsilon Founded at Yale in 1844 Colors Crimson, Blue, and Gold Publications Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly Journal BETA CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Established in 1851 FRATRES IN FACULTATE President F. P. Venable Dr. WiLLiAivi Morton Dev FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 Dr. Edwin Mims Frank P. Barker Fred B. Drane Class 1913 Peyton McG. Smith Class 1914 Kenneth C. Rovall Ralph Spence Lawr J. Clarence Daughtridge J. P. ZOLLICOFFER Medicine John Manning Venable William P. Belk Augustus W. Graham M. A. McIvER Walter Stokes, Jr. S. V. B. Nichols B 0. TT ■ A 184 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII ! eta Ol)eta pi Founded at Miami College in 1839 Colors Flower Pink and Blue Rose Fraternity Journal Beta Theia Pi BETA CHAPTER OF BETA THETA PI Founded as " Star of the South, " Chapter of " Mystic Seven Fraternity. " Consolidated with Beta Theta Pi in 1889 frater in facultate Alvin S. Wheeler FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 William Grax ' es Class 1913 John Speight Hunter Class 1914 John Scott Cansler Malcolm Norval Dates Lewis Banks Payne Law Edwin Thomas Cansler Robert Ruffin King, Jr. William Thomas Shore Walter Lowry Small Richard Gordon Stockton Robert Johnson Shipp BETA THETA PI FRATERNITY 188 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Sigma Ipba Cfsilon Founded at the University of Alabama in 1836 Colors Flower Old Gold and Purple Violet PUBLICATIONS The Record, Phi Alpha (secret) XI CHAPTER OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Established. 1857. S uspended, 1862. Re-established. 1885 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Edward Kidder Graham Edward Vernon Howell Andrew Henry Patterson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 Emmett Hargrove Bellamy Joel Jenkins McAden Robert March Hanes David Reid Murchison Fairly Patterson James Howard Bently Shofner John Clarke Whitaker Class 1913 George Carmichael Robert Strange, Jr. William Smith Tillett Class 1914 Joseph Lenoir Chambers, Jr. John Wesley Hanes, Jr. George Thomas Clark Willie Jones Long Roy Erwin Junius McRae Smith Thomas Claiborne Guthrie, Jr. Alexander McAllister Worth Law Odom Alexander Danid Stowe Crouse Charles A. Vogler « [■ mp- jiSI 192 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII £eta Ip i Established, I85C. Suspended. 1868. Reorganized. 1885 Color White UPSILON CHAPTER OF ZETA PSI FRATRES IN FACULTATE George Howe, Ph. D. Charles S. Mangum, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 Robert Watson Winston, Jr. Alexander Hawkins Graham Class 1913 Banks Holt Mebane Class 1914 George Vaughn Strong, Jr. Andrew Joyner William Pell Whitaker, Jr. Law John Hall Manning 196 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Founded in 1865 at the Virginia Military Institute Colors Old Gold and Sky Blue George Frank Drew Lindsay Carter Warren Kenneth Ogden Burgwin Henry Elliot Williams Charles Wetmore Broadfoot, Jr. Wilson Lee Warlick Flower White Tea Rose Publication The Palm ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Established. 1879 FRATER IN FACULTATE Joseph Hyde Pratt, Ph. D. FRATER IN URBE Robert Strange McRae FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 James Ward Morris, Jr. Class 1914 Henry Bryan Broadfoot Law James Sutherland Patterson John Allan MacLean Clayton Moore Luke Lamb William Bobbitt Byrd Edward Franklin McCulloch Medicine Nathaniel Fulford Rodman Pharmacy Joseph Norwood Stinson 200 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII (SOUTHERN) Founded al WashinBton and Lee in 186, Colors Flowers Old Gold and Crimson Red Rose and Magnolia Publications Kappa Alpha Journal and Messenger and Special (secret) UPSILON CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA Established in 1881 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Joseph Gregoire DeRoulhac Hamilton, Ph. D. Charles Holmes Herty, Ph. D. Lucius Polk McGehee, A. B., LL. B. Hubert Ashley Royster, A. B., M. D. D. H. Bacot, A. M. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 Thaddeus Shaw Page Class 1913 Marshall Turner Spears Haines Hilsman Hargrett William Nicholas Post Class 1914 William Clark Thompson Henry Cyrus Long, Jr. Law John Manning Battle Medicine Irvine Manning Boykin ■I DeitaThcta Fi Tr«N.TT. 204 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII i}h ' x i eUa C5l)eta Founded at Miami University in 1848 Colors Flower Argent and Azure White Carnation Publications Scroll and Piilladiuin (secret) BETA CHAPTER OF PHI DELTA THETA Established 1884 FRATRES IN FACULTATE William Stanley Bernard, A. M. Patrick Henry Winston, A. B. Thomas Felix Hickerson, Ph. B., C. E., S. B. FRATER IN URBE Frederick Green Patterson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 Emmor Harrison ' el t.rton Class 1913 Archibald Battle Deans Thomas Spurgeon Hughes Edwin Badger Hart Thomas Hart Norwood Class 1914 Blake Deans Applewhite Calvin Myers Little Howard Stephen Pember Law William A. Smith 208 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Sigma ytu Founded at V. M. I. in 1868 PSI CHAPTER Established. 1868 Flower While Rose Colors Black, White, and Gold Publication Delta of Sigma Nu FRATRES IN FACULTATE William DeBerniere MacNider, M. D. Archibald Henderson, Ph. D. fratres in universitate Class 1912 James Smith Paul Fenner William Easton Wakeley Class 1914 William Campbell Lord Allen Hal Turnage Edward Manning Hardin Carl Duffy Taylor Law Samuel Hamilton Wiley Medicine James Shepard Milliken -!8M»V ;i»_».S -, «Xo ' . 212 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII IKappa Si ma Founded al the University of Bologne in 1400. and Established in America at the University of Vii December. 1867 Colors Flower Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green Lily of the Valley Publications Caduceus and Crescent and Star (secret) ALPHA MU CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble John Groxer Beard John Nottingham Ware Charles Thomas Woollen FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 Thomas Bog Slade, Jr. C. H. Thomas Class 1913 Isham Roland Williams Class 1914 William Bartel To x ' NSEND Reynold Tatum Allen William Beauregard Young, Jr. Law Lennox Polk McLendon Bennet Nooe, Jr. William Ransom Saunders Baxter Lee Fentress Connor Middleton Allen Medicine Louis DeKiser Belden Da id Bryan Sloan James Stephen Simmons Pharmacy Frank Goodson Fetzer Special John Lacy McClean 216 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. Xn 4 1 IKappa Alpba Founded at University of Virflinia in 1868 Colors Flowers Garnet and Old Gold Lily of the Valley and Gold Standard Tulip Publications The Shield and Diamond, The Dagger and Ke]) (secret) TAU CHAPTER OF PI KAPPA ALPHA Established in 1895 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1912 Joseph Dozier Boushall, Jr. William White Falkner James Dickson Phillips Thomas Sampson Royster Class 1913 James Hunt Royster Lacy Lee Shamburger Norman St. George Vann Class 1914 Grady Daniel Askew Medicine Thomas Thomas Covington Law Watson Louis Daniel Harry Hannah William Chambers Coughenour L • S 220 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII IDbi (11)1 (MEDICAL) Colors Flower Olive Green and White Lily of the Valley and Leaves Publication Phi Chi Quarterly SIGMA THETA CHAPTER FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Class 1914 William P. Belk John F. Kendrick Ir ine M. Bovkin Nathaniel F. Rodman James A. Speight Class 1915 James A. Milliken Robert S. Sample J. Steve Simmons J. Nall Tolar William E. Wakeley Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 223 Ol)e yton- Sralzvnil yUan y " HE students at the University are divided, part into secret organiza- A m tions and part not. Between these parts there is, and there always will be, a conflict of opinion and a difference of thought and action. This is inevitable. It is based upon the difference of viewpoints — that of the organization, and that of the individual — from which the two divisions of the student body look at any question. It is not to be regretted, however, so long as the conflict and difference do not degenerate into blind partizan- ship nor fanatical allegiance. It is a sign, not of weakness, but of life and strength. The thing that clouds the question, the thing that arouses bitter antagonism on one side and bitter defense on the other is this: the organization, the fra- ternity, is looked upon as a mark of class distinction, as a thing that in some way gives superiority to its members, as a thing that separates the few from the many. If this be true, if this be the purpose of the fraternity, then the fraternity has no right to exist in a democratic college community. Consciously or unconsciously, every man makes distinctions, but no organization which deliberately fosters such distinctions has a right to life. A few fraternity men do appear to think that membership in a Greek letter order elevates them above their fellows, but I do not believe such to be the opinion of a large number of fraternity men at this University. Certainly, I know that to the average, straight-thinking, fair-minded non-fraternity man any such opinion is mere rot of the most inconsequential variety. No man who possesses within himself a decent respect for the powers given him can ever be hurt by the attitude of this small minority in the fraternities. Life here is too free, too open, and the fraternity men as a body are too democratic, for any one to be troubled by what a few think. In a number of ways the fraternity man is fortunate, very fortunate. The course of his life here is made smooth and easy. Friends here before him have prepared the way for him. He receives the support that organization al- ways gives, and he gets the inspiration that comes from close friendships. He is given immediate social standing in the college community. He has a readier means of access to the friendship of a number of the Faculty. The fraternity 224 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII is for any student a very valuable asset. Every normal student wishes to have these things in his college career. The lack of them and the desire for them are the causes, it must be admitted, of much blatant and insincere opposition to fraternities. The fraternity is an asset, but it is not an essential asset. It is not necessary to friendships, honors, respect, or success of any kind here. The fine thing about our life at Carolina is that a man, if he be a man, can make of his life what he pleases. The non-fraternity student, by the uprightness of his life, the strength of his character, and the force of his power to think and act, can make of himself what no mere organization can give — a man. He can, with justice to all and fairness to himself, be sincere, broad, and independent. He can win respect and leadership, he can win the closest friendships, he can win in himself that higher thing — the consciousness that he is the inferior of none, the brother ofaU. Lawrence N. Morgan, ' 12. Order of Gim£houl3 Ghoul-Ghoul-Gim-Cqimghoul Iky Yaixjag. eedgtszbvl Ucolzuzs bbcknsnnu Dlqbuicnsbuj dl zbyrn. Is grig. -Valmar AAIII. RULERS ' R. K. D. 5. w. s. s N. G. P. SUBiJEGTS 249 . H. Manning 379 C. D Hogue 276 W. E. Wakeley 281 W. S. Tillell A. H. Pallersoix 262 «J. S. Paltersorv G. S. Mangum 272 P. H. Winstoix A. Hendersoi 276 W. E. Wakeley V. Howell 277 G. A. Vogler W. S. Bernard 278 G. W. Baii fiJ. G. DeR. Hamilloix 279 G. D. Hogue George Howe 281 W. S. Tillell . H. Pral! 282 L. P. McLendon W. G. Goughenour 283 George Garmlchael sJ. H. Manning 284 Robert Strange. Jr. «J. F. Royster 283 H. W. Chase 286 W. G. Woodward. (Jr. 287 F. P. Barker Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 229 01) (Borgon ' s 3 ' (zab William DeBerniere McNider, M. D. Edward Kidder Graham, A. M. Alexander Hawkins Graham John Manning Booker, Ph. D. Richard Gordon Stockton John Manning Venable John Clarke Whitaker John Manning Battle Robert March Hanes Lucius Polk McGehee, LL. B. Robert Watson Winston, Jr. Charles Thomas Woollen Oliver Towles, A. B. L. DeK. Belden Thaddeus Shaw Page Banks Holt Mebane Hanes Hilsman Hargrett David Reid Murchison William Morton Dey, Ph. D. Walter Stokes, Jr. Charles Holmes Herty, Ph. D. Senior Or6er of tl)e ol6(in JP leece faculty members Henry Horace Williams Edward Kidder Graham Edwin Mims active members Alonzo Dillard Folger, ' 1 2 John Clegg Lockhart, ' 1 2 Lawrence Nelson Morgan, ' 1 2 Robert Alexander Freeman, ' 1 2 Robert March Hanes, ' 1 2 Claude Edward Teague, ' 1 2 Robert Watson Winston, Jr., ' 12 William Franklin Hendrix, ' 12 John Thomas Johnston, ' 09 232 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Founded at William and Mary College December 5, 1776. Alpha of North Carolina, Established 1904 OFFICERS LAWRENCE NELSON MORGAN Prc iJcni WILLIAM EMIL HOSSFELD Sccrdar], THOMAS JAMES WILSON. Jr.. Ph. D Permanent Trc M r t MEMBERS FRANCIS PRESTON VEN, ' BLE. Ph. D., LL. D. WILLIAM CH.AMBERS COKER, Ph. D.. Johns Hopkins GEORGE HOWE, Ph. D., Princelon HENRY MacGILBERT WAGSTAFF, Ph. D.. Johns Hopkins WILLIAM MORTON DEY, Ph. D.. Harvard HARRY WOODBURN CHASE, Ph. D., Clark EDWIN MIMS, Ph. D., Vanderbili Mrs. ARCHIBALD HENDERSON. A. M.. " 02 ARCHIBALD HENDERSON. Ph. D., ' 98 MARVIN HENDRI.X STACY, A. M., 02 EDWARD KIDDER GRAHAM. A. M., 93 NATHAN WILSON WALKER, A. B., 03 LOUIS ROUND WILSON, Ph. D.. 99 JCHN WAYNE LASLEY. A. M., 10 THOMAS JAMES WILSON, Jr., Ph. D., ' 94 Class 1911 JOHN ARCHIBALD McKAY Class 1912 ROBERT ALEXANDER FREEM.AN FRANK PENDLETON BARKER PRICE HENDERSON GWYNN, Jr. CALEB KIGHT BURGESS HENRY LYNCH P.ARISH, Jr. FREDERICK WILLIAM HOSSFELD. Jr. .AUGUSTUS WASHINGTON GRAHAM, Jr. WILLIAM EMIL HOSSFELD LAWRENCE NELSON MORGAN 234 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Cupids Flight She was my phantom of delight I loved her true with all my might, Till once 1 sat in soft moonlight. My love was burning at its height. And thinking sure it was all right, 1 squeezed her hand a trifle tight. Of course it was an oversight. But quick she smacked with left and right. I saw the stars extremely bright. And heard poor Cupid in his flight Thus bemoan his shameful plight Oh Love! it is a cruel thing. -F. P. B.. ' 12. 236 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII (B erman (Tlub R. M, HANES, Pres. OFFICERS J. D. PHILLIPS, V. Pres. A. H. GRAHAM, Sec. Treas. ALEXANDER. O. BARKER, F. P. B. TTLE, J. M. BEAM. V. S. BENNETT, P. A. BYRD, W. B. BONNER. O. B. BOYKIN, I. M. BOUSHALL. J. D.. Jr. BRYANT. P. R. BROADFOOT. C. W.. Jr. BROADFOOT. H. B. BURGWYN. K. O. CANSLER, E. T. CANSLER. J. S. CHAMBERS. J. L. CLARK.. G. CARMICHAEL. G. DAUGHTRIDGE. J. C. DREW. F.. Jr. ERWIN. R. V. FALKENER. W. W. FENNER. J. S. P. FENTRESS, B. L. FETZER. F. G. GRAHAM. A. H. MEMBERS GUTHRIE. T. C. Jr. HANES. J. W. HANES. R. M. HART. E. B. HUNTER. J. S. LONG. W. J. LORD, W. C. MANNING, J. H. McADEN, J. J. MclVER, M. A. McLENDON, L. P. MEBANE. B. H. MILLIKEN. J. S. MOORE. C. MORGAN. L. N. MORRIS. J. W.. Jr. MURCHISON, D. R. NOOE. B. NORWOOD. T. H. PATTERSON. J. S. PHILLIPS. J. D. POST. W. N. PROCTOR, 1. M. RAY. R. M. ROYSTER. J. H. ROYSTER, T. S. RODMAN. N. F. SAUNDERS. W. R. SIMMONS. S. SLADE. T. B. SLOAN, D. B. SMALL. W. L. STOKES. W.. Jr. STRANGE, R., Jr. STRANGE. R. W. STRONG. G. V. TAYLOR, C. D. TILLETT, W. S. TOWNSEND, W. B. VANN, W. St. G. VENABLE, J. M. WAKELY. W. E. W.ARLICK. W. L. WARREN. L. C. WHITAKER. J. C. WILLIAMS. H. E. WILLIAMS. I. R. WINS TON. R. W.. Jr. WOODARD, W. C. Jr. YELVERTON. E. H. YOUNG, W. B. ZOLLICOFFER, J. P. BALL MANAGERS COMMENCEMENT MARSHALS 242 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XH youns Ken ' s (Tbrlstian -A ssoclation OFFICERS Edmund P. Hall, General Secrelar ) J. C. LOCKHART, ' 12 President F. B. Drane, ' 12 Vice President C. E. Norman, ' 12 Secretary W. D. Barbee, ' 12 Treasurer CABINET C. W. Johnston Bible Study F. B. Drane Religious Meetings C. E. Norman Missionary J. L. Chambers Membership C. E. Teague New Students C. W. E. Pittman Self Help T. M. Price Book Exchange D. L. Rights Extension A. L. M. Wiggins House R. M. Hanes Lyceum W. D. Barbee Finance F. P. Barker Social J. W. Morris, Jr Publications T. M. Ramsaur Conferences ADVISORY BOARD E. K.. Graham, ' 98, Chairman L. R. ' Wilson, ' 99 A. H. Patterson, ' 91 Geo. Stephens, ' 96 R. H. Lewis, ' 71 Robt. Strange, ' 79 A. M. Scales, ' 93 J. K. Pfohl, ' 98 F. P. Venable J. Sprunt Hill, ' 89 J. H. Pratt M. H. Stacy, ' 02 J. C. Lockhart, ' 1 2. £.v O icio 244 THE 1912 YACKETY4YACK Vol. XII J ouriij Mien ' s dbristiaii Association " HE object of the University Young Men ' s Christian Association, as ■ ' expressed in its Constitution, " is to unite all students who desire to strengthen the spiritual life and influence of the University; to pro- mote growth in Christian character and fellowship and aggressive Christian work, especially by and for students; to train its members for Christian serv- ice; and to lead them to devote their lives to Jesus Christ. " To accomplish this aim, which the Association has set for itself, it engages in many activities, which contribute toward making life on the campus pleasant for the newcomer and stimulating for every student. It strives to be of the largest service to the University community and to enlist as many men as pos- sible in religious work. Each week the Association holds meetings to which all students are invited; on Sundays it conducts Bible and mission study classes, and sends out students to teach in the Sunday Schools of the community; it conducts the Lyceum Course, and publishes the handbook and directory of students; from time to time it gives social receptions, and makes its building the center of the campus social life. The Y. M. C. A. is coming to hold a more and more important place in the student life of the University and to make a definite contribution to the development of every well-rounded University man. It has already reached the point where there are few, if any, to whom it does not render a service, and its hope is that with every passing year that service may become more efficient and genuine. J. C. L., ' 12. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 245 tlinisterlal (TUib The Mmislenal Club was organized ,n 1907, and who expect to make the Christian ministry their life tian fellowship, development, and service. ed of all t io object is lo MEMBERS students in the University, lite these students in Chris- C. O. ARMSTRONG free iVill Baptist C. L. CATES Missionar}) BaptUt F. B. DRANE Episcopalian J. R. MALLETT Episcopalian C. E. NORMAN L-Ahcran A. R. PARSHLEY Episcopalian T. H. PARTRICK Episcopalian T, M. RAMSAUR Episcopalian H. R. TOTTEN Methodist Protestant B. W. WALTON Episcopalian HONORARY MEMBERS REV. W R. SMITH Baptist REV. W. A. STANBURY Methodist REV. H. V. STARR Episcopalian !!6rotl)erl)oo6 of St. Andrews Chapter No. 1352 The Brotherhood of St. Andrews is an organization whose sole object is the spread of Christ ' s King- dom among men, especially young men. Its members arc required to keep two rules: the Rule of Prayer, which is to pray daily for the spread of Christ ' s Kingdom among men, and the Rule of Service, which is lo make at least one earnest effort each week lo lead some man nearer to Christ, through His Church. OFFICERS REV. DR. H. W. STARR Rector F. B. DRANE Vice Director J. P. BURKE Director D R. CL.ARK Scaelarv ■W. O. HUSKE Treasurer BURKE, J. P. BONNER, O. I CLARK, D. R. DRANE, F. B. FENNER, J. S. HUSKE, ■»■. O. MEMBERS JOYNER, A., Jr. KILLEFFER, D. H. LAMBERT, G. D. LILLY, E. J., Jr. MALLETT, J. R. MAX ' WELL, ■W. O. B. THOMAS, A. A., Jr. MOORE, A. H. PARSHLEY, A. R. PARTRICK, T. H. PRATT, H. M. PRUDEN. W. D., Jr. RAMSAUR, T. M. 246 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII " De Rerum Natura " Why is it, 1 often wonder, ' Why cast aside our holdings That a man ' s most cherished goal For a greater thing that ' s new 7 When once attained is barren — Truly distance lends enchantment Just a goal that spurs his soul? To the golden apple ' s view ! But why when we have pulled them Do they lose their luster bright? ' Why should it be that gathered fruit ' Comes common to our sight. Why is it attainment of wishes This world was first a chaos, Ne ' er calms nor satisfies? A filthy, fertile fen; 1 ask of my goddess of reason; A dark and dank and dismal place. Then to me my goddess cries: And you a feeble man. At first you groped your way from this; Now you advance with skill. Because Cod let ambition And to grasp things be man ' s will. Now satisfaction, know you, This lack of satisfaction To the fullest great degree, Is the cause of growth in men. Each in his own attainment And it ' s made us what we are now Would stop prosperity. Instead of what we might have been. W. S., Jr. ' 13. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 247 YACKETY YACK— Published annually by the Lilerary Soc.elies and Fralernilies. Edilor-ln-Oiief, J. W. Morris, Jr.; Business Managers, J. C. Lockhart and W. D. Barbel. UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE— Published six limes a year by Literary Societies. Editor-in-Chief, J. L. Orr; Business Manager, J. T. Reece. THE TAR HEEL— Published once a week by the Athletic Association. Edilor-in-Chief, L. N. Morgan; Business Manager, C. W. E. PiTTlviAN. THE TAR BABY— Published six times a year by the Tar Bahy Board. Names of Nurses, B. H. Mebane, L. N. Morgan, C. D. Taylor, John WHtTAKER, C. P. Mancum; Treasurer, W. E. WaKELEY; Advertising Manager, John W. HaNES. ELISHA MITCHELL SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY JOURNAL— Published quarterly by the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. A. H. Patterson, W. C. Coker, J. M. Bell, Editors. THE CATALOGUE— Published annually by the University. U. N. C. HANDBOOK AND DIRECTORY-Published annually by the Y. M. C. A. ALUMNI BULLETIN— Published quarterly by the University. JAMES SPRUNT HISTORICAL MONOGRAPH— Published annually by the University. JOURNAL OF PHILOLOGY — Published semi-annually by the Philological Club. JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY— Published annually by the University. ' fe; = 252 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Athletic Association RAYMOND LEE. Vice President DR. J. F. ROYSTER Alhk-lic Adviser NAT. J. CARTMELL General Athletic Trainer ATHLETIC COUNCIL W. C. GEORGE G. L. CARRINGTON W. F. HENDRIX DR. J. F. ROYSTER L. N. MORGAN R. M. HANES A. D. FOLGER J. H. MANNING FACULTY COMMITTEE ON ATHLETICS DR. C. H. HERTY DR. GEO. HOWE DR. C. S. MANGUM PROF. A. H. PATTERSON Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 253 HENDRIX, Football FOLGER, Baseball HANES, R. M., Track CARRINGTON, Basket-Ball MANAGERS BRANCH BOCOCK Football CHARLES A. CLANCY Baseball n.:j.:cartmell Track FOOTBALL 256 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Varsity J ootball Oeam, 19U Branch Bocock . . . R. W. Winston, Jr. W. F. Hendrix. . . . . . . Coach . Captain .Manager Name Position Weight Applewhite L. E. 155 Small L. T. 170 Deans L. G. 170 RiTCH C. 170 Orr R. G. 1 70 Abernathv. L R. T. 190 Manning R. E. 15 7 Strange R. E. 148 Venable L. E. 155 Tillett Q. 142 Chambers R. H. B. 150 Winston, Capt L. H. B. 164 Coffin F. B. 143 Wakeley F. B. 157 Crutchfield C. 167 Height 5-10 5-1 1 5- 9 6- 1 5- 9 6- 1 5-1 1 5- 8 6 5- 6 5-11 6 5- 8 5-11 6 Age 19 22 22 22 21 22 22 20 21 19 19 20 18 22 22 Nicholson R. E. Parker Moore L. E. Patterson . . . HusKE R. E. Erwin Long L. E. Ervin Auten R. T. Seigler Abernathy, R R. G. Shofner Hossfeld L. G. Pendergrass . Blalock R. H. B. Leak Craven R. G. .L. H. B. ...Q. B. .R. H. B. .L. H. B. .R. H. B. . . . L. T. C. . . . L. E. 258 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII J ootball ecor6 — Season 9 October 7 North Carolina 12 Wake Forest 3 October 14 North CaroHna 12 Bingham October 21 North Carolina 5 Davidson October 28 North Carolina 12 U. S. S. Franklin November 4 North Carolina V. P. 1 November 1 I North Carolina 21 U. of S. C November 1 8 North Carolina 4 Washington and Lee November 30 North Carolina Virginia 28 Total Scores : North Carolina 66 Opponents 31 BASE BALL. 260 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Varsity baseball Oeam. 19 Charles A. Clancey, Coach James A. Hackney, Captain E. F. McCULLOCK, Manager Players Age Height Weight I. F. WiTHERINGTON, C 20 J. D. Calmes, 1 St B 19 C. H. Hasty, 2d B 22 R. C. LiNDSEY, S. S 22 W. B. Edwards, 3d B 20 H. S. Pember, L. F 20 J. A. Hackney, Capt., C. F 20 J. W. Hanes, R. F 19 T. S. Page, L. F 20 J. R. Lee, P 21 F. J. Dulls, P 21 D. B. Sloan. Sub. P 21 5- 9 160 5-10 165 5- 9 170 5-11 158 5-11 175 5-10 164 5- 8 ' _. 150 5- 9 ' , 150 5-11 140 5-1 li_. 153 5- 9 160 5- 9 ' , 150 Scrub baseball Oeam. 1911 R. W. Winston, P. Knowles, C. Worth, 3d B. Chambers, P. J. Whitaker, 1st B. Young, L. F. Sloan, P. Battle, 2d B. Devane, C. F. Swink, C. Bailey, S. S. McLean, R. F. 262 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII K, yt. (T. ' baseball. Season of 19U Oak Ridge I University of N. C 4 Catawba College 2 University of N. C. (2d team) .... 1 5 Davidson 1 University of N. C 2 Atlantic Christian College 4 University of N. C. (2d team) .... 5 Amherst University of N. C 1 Amherst Rain Lafayette 3 University of N. C 2 Lafayette 2 University of N. C 8 Wake Forest University of N. C i Virginia 3 University of N. C I Virginia University of N. C I Wake Forest University of N. C 2 Guilford Rain Winston League 8 University of N. C 12 Davidson 4 University of N. C I University of South Carolina Rain Virginia University of N. C 1 Navy Rain Lafayette 2 University of N. C 6 Catholic University 4 University of N. C 1 Georgetown University of N. C 3 Guilford 2 University of N. C 3 V. P. 1 1 University of N. C Washington and Lee I University of N. C 9 Washington and Lee 4 University of N. C 3 Opponents 42 University of N. C 81 I« CK 264 THE 1012 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII OracK Oeam, 19U N. J. Cartmell Coach C. B. RUFFIN Captain R. G. Stockton Manager 100 Yards State Intercollegiate W. and L. V. P. R.W.Winston 11 II F. P. Barker 3 3 Quarter J. F. Hoffman I I 3 1 W. E. Wakely 3 1 3 A. W. Solomon 2 High jump A. W. Graham 2 Tie 2 7 ' n o Mile E. V. Patterson 1 1 1 C. Cobb 2 I T. V. LORENS 3 [ " ole Vault W. M. Parsley 1 1 I M. E. Blalock 1 Tie 1 G. V. Strong 3 High Hurdles W. M. Parsley 3 4 3 2 C. B. Ruffin 2 2 2 Half Mile J. E. Hoffman 1 1 1 2 E. V. Patterson 3 T. V. LoRENS 3 220 Yards R. W. Winston 2 1 2 1 W. E. Wakely 3 266 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Shot Put A. M. Atkinson 3 3 3 I Gordon 2 2 Low Hurdles F. P. Barker 1 2 1 2 G. C. Wood 3 Hammer Throw A. M. Atkinson 2 1 1 1 L. L. Abernethy 3 Gordon 3 Mi7e R. C. Spence 2 -2 2 I W. Cobb 3 3 2 Broad Jump M. E. Blalock 3 3 2 W. P. Belk 2 1 State Meet N. C, 57 A. and M.. 41 W. F., 19 Intercollegiate Meet Virginia, 76 N. C, 47 W. and L., 46 N. C, 62 V. p. I.. 47 ' . N. C, 69 268 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII !! a$Ket-!Sall Ocam Nat. J. Cartmell Coach J. M. Smith Captain G. L. Carrington Manager Chambers, J. L Left Guard Erwin, R. V Right Guard Carrington, G. L Center Smith, J. M Right Forward Tillett, W. S Left Forward McKnIGHT, R. B Substitute SCORES Durham ' . M. C. A 29 North Carohna 18 Elon College 5 North Carolina 36 William and Mary 21 North Carolina 35 Guilford College 35 North Carolina 20 Virginia Christian College 17 North Carolina 43 Durham Y. M. C. A 26 North Carolina 18 Virginia Polytechnic Institute 37 North Carolina 28 Durham Y. M. C. A 29 North Carolina 28 Wake Forest 15 North Carolina 18 270 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII tl)letic$ at (TaroUna J ■ " MONG the several phases of college life in the University, athletics M holds a prominent place. It is the one ground where every student M can meet on a common footmg, and where party rivalry plays no part. There is no partiality seen on the athletic field; and the fraternity and non-fraternity men meet with a single interest on the side lines, or bleachers, to cheer for their team. For several years we have been growing towards representative athletics; and each season sees us nearer our ideal — victorious teams recruited from the student body. The result has been a loyalty and support from the students, even in defeat, that is excelled in few other colleges. The various branches of athletics in the University give every type of stu- dent a chance to make good somewhere. For those who lack the weight and temperament necessary on the football field there is track and baseball, where speed and endurance, or a sure eye may win them a place. In addition to these, tennis, basket-ball, and the gymnasium afford an opportunity for athletic achievement. In every branch there is the same requirement for nerve, skill, and self-reliance that gives to our college sports their prominence and popu- larity. That the college community as a whole is availing itself of the oppor- tunity for athletic participation is shown by the fact that last fall there were four teams on the Varsity football field, and that every spring sees more than fifty candidates for baseball honors before the " canning " process begins. The gymnasium is always crowded, and the tennis courts are in demand at all times. A great interest is taken in class athletics, and here rivalry and class spirit com- pensate for the lack of skill and honor. The athletic season of 1911 was an exceptionally successful one. Under the supervision of a trio of the best coaches here in years, Carolina was able to capture the scalps of many of her old rivals. In baseball she won sixteen of the twenty-two games played, two of these being one-to-nothing games against Virginia. The track team was able to bring back the trophy cup from the State Meet at Raleigh, besides winning two other meets and making a credit- able showing at the Southern Intercollegiate Meet at Charlottesville. With only mediocre material. Coach Bocock was able to develop our best football team in five years, notwithstanding what our Thanksgiving score may argue to the Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 271 contrary. In 1911, for the first time in our college history, Carolina produced a basket-ball team; and despite the fact that we were new at the game and had a heavy schedule, we made a good record. Basket-ball adds a new branch to athletics at Carolina, and bids fair to become one of the most important. With the same competent corps of coaches to make the most of our amateur material, there is every reason to hope that another year will see athletics at Carolina not only representative, but triumphant enough to silence the most chronic kicker. W. p. B. 272 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII bearers of yt. d. W. p. BelK President J. H. Manning Vice President F. p. Barker Secretary and Treasurer R. W. Winston, Jr Historian FOOTBALL B. D. Applewhite L. L. Abernethv L. DeK. Belden W. J. Crutchfield J. L. Chambers J. H. Manning R. W. Winston, Jr. W. E. Wakeley W. P. Belk a. B. Deans R. C. McLean J. L. Orr W. L. Small M. L. Pitch R. Strange, Jr. W. S. Tillett J. M. Venable BASEBALL C. W. Armstrong W. B. Edwards J. W. Hanes T. S. Page J. R. Lee TRACK F. P. Barker A. M. Atkinson W. P. Belk M. E. Blalock, Jr. W. Cobb C. Cobb W. E. Wakeley E. V. Patterson R. C. Spence R. W. Winston BASKET-BALL J. W. Hanes Cy. Long M. L. Pitch W. S. Tillett TENNIS K. B. Bailey GYMNASIUM J. R. Allison W. Carter T. S. Hughes HONORARY MEMBERS Branch Bocock Football Coach C. A. ClANCEY Baseball Coach N. J. Cartmell Track Coach 274 THE igi2 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII A SEPIA PKINT Last night a lady fair and I Had a talk and we talked of thee. I gloried then as I told her how We met, and then on up to now The things we ' ve done and planned to do I told: till everything she knew — I told her - forgive me I O what shall I do! — That I loved her as much as 1 ever loved you, 1 see her face now as it looked up at me! My God ! Ho A I love her ! Can it possibly be ! She ' s a sepia finish photograph print of thee. — W. S, Jr.. ' 13. TENNIS. Oennis Association J. S. Hunter President F. L. EULESS Secretar]) and Treasurer Varsity Oennls Oeam M. N. DATES K. B. BAILEY Ifui eLJ. --tt De itsoM- - ' S» " ARBORETUM •I . A 288 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII tlusical Association H. B. SHOFNER President WILLIAM GRAVES Manager D. L. RIGHTS Secrelary and Treasurer Directors G. M. SNEATH H. S. PEMBER P. H. DAGGETT GLEE CLUB G. M. SNEATH, Director First Tenors Second Tenors First Basses Second Basses H. S. PEMBER H. B. SHOFNER G. M. SNEATH J. C. LASSITER H. M. STUBBS L. E. BRADSHER D. L. RIGHTS M. A. STROUP C. E. NORMAN W. D. BARBEE R. E. BROWN W. P. STRUPE J. M. SMITH S. H. GATTIS L. B. PAYNE R. M. SAWYER J. S. HUNTER M. C. BRACK.ETT A. M. WORTH R. B. YELVERTON T. T. COVINGTON QUARTET H. B. SHOFNER First Tenor L. E. BRADSHER Secoird Tenor G. M. SNEATH Firsl Bass J. C. LASSITER Second Bass __ OCTETTE First Tenors Second Tenors First Basses H. B. SHOFNER G. M. SNEATH D. L. RIGHTS L. E. BRADSHER W. D. BARBEE J. S. HUNTER Second Basses J. C. LASSITER R. M. SAWYER ORCHESTRA P. H. DAGGETT, Director P. H. DAGGETT Piano R. O. HUFFMAN Violin R. E. BROWN Violin D. L. RIGHTS Clarionet H. S. PEMBER Cornet J. N. TOLAR Trombone W. L. MERRIMAN Drums and Traps 290 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII BAND H. S. PEMBER. Director W. R. THOMAS Cornets M. PROCTOR F. H. LUNN R. L. YELVERTON Clarionets D. L, RIGHTS C. W. MILLENDER Altos R. E. PARRISH R. S. HOUSTON Baritone R. E. STEVENS Trombones J. N. TOLAR A. M. CROUCH W. P. STRUPE Bass M. F. WARLICK Snare Drum S. H. BASNIGHT Bass Drum N. S. VANN m§mm cm 292 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII iDramatic (Tlub OFFICERS J. C. Busby President A. JOYNER, Jr Vice President C. R. Wharton Secretar]; G. McF. McKlE Director and Manager MEMBERS S. A. Blackmer J. C. Busby H. C. Conrad C. S. Cook W. H. Harrell A. JOYNER T. H. Partrick J. V. Whitfield W. W. Thomas T. M. Price 294 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII esearcl) Societies ELISHA MITCHELL SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY William DeB. MacNider President Archibald Henderson Vice President A. S. Wheeler Secretary F. P. Venable Permanent Secretary EDITORS OF THE JOURNAL A. H. Patterson W. C. Coker J. M. Bell NORTH CAROLINA HISTORICAL SOCIETY H. M. Wagstaff President J. H. Rand Vice President C. K. Burgess Secretar)) J. G. DeR. Hamilton Permanent Secretar]) PHILOLOGICAL CLUB C. W. Bain President G. B. ViLES Vice President Oliver Towles Secretary and Treasurer L. R. Wilson Permanent Secretary 296 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII wmi m !«t:? ::W!l r spl ■ 1 Alamance (Tount (Tlub OFFICERS B. E. ISLEV President R. W. Holmes Secrelary and Treasurer MEMBERS D. L. Bell Ralph P. Cobb J. A. Holmes J. E. Holmes Ralph W. Holmes B. E. Isley C. L. Isley, Jr. R. W. Isley L. R. Johnson J. N. Jones J. W. Lasley, Jr. W. L. Long J. F. Lynch T. L. Morrow E. V. Patterson V. A. Perret Floyd Scott Steve Simmons W. R. Stanford Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 297 Ol)e (Toop " Marse " Jesse Jones Cock o ' the Walk Mr. Harrison Neville Asslslanl Cock Bob Winston Thad Page Will Tillett Dick. Stockton Bob King Jock Manning Class 1912 Bob Hanes Sandy Graham John Whitaker Dick Phillips Class 1913 Walter Stokes Law Stowe Crouse John Battle Dave Murchison Bill Wakeley Banks Mebane Coke Coughenour Duke Vogler Chicken Alexander 298 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII iDurbam (Tount (Tlub OFFICERS John Hall Manning President Austin H. Carr Vice President Isaac R. Strayhorn Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS G. L. Carrington W. S. Griswold T. F. Hill S. A. Lipscomb F. C. Manning H. A. Pendergrass R. P. Rogers W. O. Smith E. L. Tilley a. L. M. Wiggins Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 299 (Bastou- Cincoln (TountY (Tlub OFFICERS G. B. Mason President E. R. Rankin Vice President G. R. Roberts Secretary J. W. McIntosh Treasurer MEMBERS J. P. Burke W. H. Childs D. S. Grouse C C Henderson G. B. Mason J. W. McIntosh E. R. Rankin G. R. Roberts W. K. Reid Leon Smith M. A. Stroup W. F. Warlick L. R. Wilso n J. H. Workman 300 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII jFlori6a (Elub OFFICERS J. W. Morris, Jr President H. C. Petteway yice President George Frank Drew Secretarv and Treasurer J. L. OrR Poet MEMBERS George Frank Drew James Laurence Orr Walter Pliny Fuller Hubert Connor Petteway Abraham Otto Kanner Walter Raleigh Petteway David Herbert Killifer James Dickson Phillips Archibald McLeod McEachern Ralph Edwin Stevens James Ward Morris, Jr. Julian Nolley Tolar HONORARY MEMBER Charles Holmes Herty, Ph. D. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 301 TJobnston (Tount (Tlub OFFICERS S. E. Barbour President E. Parker Vice President E. Eldridge Secretary J. H. Rand Treasurer MEMBERS I. M. Bailey T. C. Bailey S. E. Barbour H. H. Boone C. C. Canady R. F. Coats J. P. Cordon J. Eldridge C. W. Johnson C. L. Lassiter G. D. Lambert J. I. Lee A. S. Oliver R. E. Parrish E. Parker R. E. Parker Y. Z. Parker J. H. Rand J. E. Turlington B. F. Wellons 302 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Oak ! i69e (Tlub OFFICERS T. M. Price President D. J. Walker Vice President S. E. Barbour Secrelarv L. L. Abernethv Treasurer MEMBERS T. C. Bailey K. B. Bailey S. E. Barbour V. M. Barnes A. B. Deans M. Fulcher A. B. Hamilton L. Hamilton F. H. Kennedy J. D. McLean T. M. Price J. V. Price J. F. Sinclair J. Townsend D. J. Walker W. P. Whitaker, Jr. T. B. Whitaker Z. L. Whitaker W. B. Young Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 303 %r f obcrson (TountY (Tlub OFFICERS C. B. Pace President J. L. McLean Vice President W. B. ToWNSEND Secreiarv and Treasurer MEMBERS H. A. Barnes R. A. Brown F. W. Carter D. M. McArthur A. A. McKav W. p. McKay W. G. McLeod J. R. Prevatt J. F. Sinclair H. J. Singleton J. Townsend 304 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII ocKiutjl am (Tount)? (Tlub p. H. GWVNN . p. B. Stokes. President . Secretary and Treasurer P. H. GWYNN P. B. Stokes J. W. Harris J. L. MOREHEAD M. H. Pratt MEMBERS T. Stockard J. W. Giles R. L. Lasley B. H. Mebane T. M. Price J. V. Price, Jr. J. L. Roberts G. A. Mebane A. G. Ir in Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 305 owan (Tount (Tlub OFFICERS T. M. Ramsour President J. C. Busby Vice Presidcnl B. W. McKenzie Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS S. A. Blackmer T. L. Busby W. Carter W. C. Coughenour, Jr. Meade Hart J. G. Hudson H. R. Kritzer B. W. McKenzie O. C. McQuage J. P. Mallett J. R. Mallett F. W. Morrison W. T. Ragland T. M. Ramsour H. F. Starr R. L. Van Poole S. H. Wiley Dr. R. a. Hall Dr. A. Hender.son 306 THE 1Q12 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII KuioR (TountY CTlub OFFICERS E. S. Delaney President GiLLAM Craig Vice President R. W. Scott Secretary S. R. BlVENS Poet MEMBERS S. R. Bi ENS Gillam Craig E. S. Delaney M. A. Griffin O. S. Hamilton W. F. Hendrix R. S. Houston D. T. Hunter R. H. Long G. L. Nesbit a. R. Newsome B. C. Parker S. J. Parker L. A. Price R. W. Scott M. B. Sherrin Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 307 OFFICERS L. N. Morgan President T. H. Norwood Vice President W. R. Parker Treasurer MEMBERS B. F. Aycock p. R. Bryan R. M. Cox J. R. Crawford, Jr. P. C. Darden G. E. Edgerton E. D. Edgerton A. C. Hatch C. M. Johnson D. L. K.NOWLES L. N. Morgan T. H. Norwood W. R. Parker E. Pope K. C. Royall J. G. Tyson E. H. Yelverton R. B. Yelverton R. L. Yelverton Miss Willie Louise Lowry Miss Helen Stewart Miss C. McD. Venable Mr. C. p. Mangum Mr. Sexton Wilkerson Mr. L. M. Sahag Mr. C. W. Reed Mr. R. S. Henderson Hm wmm jr6 310 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII King of Kluttz ' s Store You may talk about your Bogers Your Sorrells and your Suggs Your antiquated Colliers And your prehistoric bugs, But you haven ' t said enough Till you say a little more For }Jou have to give me a close On the King of Kluttz ' s Store. Shoe strings, beeswax, chewing gum and books. Umbrellas, kerosene and petticoats for cooks. So fill the bumpers full my lads And fill them up some more For we ' ll have to gulp a good one down To the King of Kluttz ' s Store! Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 311 Miscellanies anb Cecals After the usual disorderly meeting no business of importance was trans- acted yesterday by the Faculty, save the election of the new annual quartet. Many were called — few were chosen, but the following were elected: M. H. Stacy — Rough Basso Profundo. " Ella " Wilson Smooth Contralto. Eddie Mims — High Tenor. Archie Henderson — Low Baritone. Immediately after adjournment the quartet rendered President Venable ' s touching little lullaby entitled, " Oh you Senior, you had better study mo ' . If you want to get yo ' ' ploma ' fo ' you go. " Harmony reigned at all four corners until Dr. Mims ' s high tenor tried to realize itself, " and Professor Stacy with his rough bass reached informally for a minor. It was then that Apollo, the god of music, rolled over in his grave and groaned, and Saint Cecilia left her piano in search of the smelling salts. Many windows were shattered. 312 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Miss Nicky Post, the undaunted light-weight perfume pourer of the Tide- water region, defeated Miss Joel McAden, the preposterous powder puffer, pride of Piedmont, in a fierce perfume and powder fuss last week in the Arbor- etum. Miss Post was clad in lavender and old lace over green pajamas; dainty bells hung from her waist. Miss McAden preferred scarlet chemise trimmed m maroon maiaboa; her hair was interwoven with baby blue ribbon. The bout was lively from start to finish. Hoyt ' s German was Post ' s main means of attack, while McAden introduced many bold onslaughts with the aid of Japanese Corylopsis. Mac became very boisterous at times and was penalized by three blows upon the wrist, inflicted by referee Clarence Norman. Once she even lost control so as to say " damn. " Whereupon the referee fainted, but was brought to on hearing Fred Drane chant a few verses from Deuteronomy backwards. After profuse apologies the bout was resumed. The decisive blow came after twenty minutes of play, when Post worked a wonderful piece of strategem. She suddenly pulled forth a mirror and held it before McAden. Miss Mac was immediately overcome, forgot the contest, and, dropping all implements of warfare, started to picking powder from her pompadour. Posty took the situation in at a glance; she increased her offensive tactics, hurling perfume recklessly all over the opponent; she tickled her under the chin and knees alternating between whiffs of perfume. Finally Miss McAden cried " Piffles, " and Miss Post was immediately proclaimed victor. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 313 Mr. Willie B. Sorrell returned last evening from the State Carnival at Raleigh, where he has been spending two days and ten cents. Mr. Sorrell is one of the main springs and jewelers of this vicinity. If you want him to fix your clock just smoke a " cig " beneath h ' s walls. Mr. Thad Page was on the hill to attend a class or two several days ago. However, he was called back to Raleigh immediately. »? »? Mr. Douglas Rights actually gratted a class last Monday. We don ' t like to be pessimists, but Douglas, " Beware! You are on the downward road to eternal damnation. " Mr. George Carmichael has opened a " beef " market on the campus. He carries a complete line of hard-luck beefs from the time he just missed drawing to a " royal straight " to a dissertation on why he is not better looking. " Rock " is on duty at all times and guarantees his produce to be very palatable to a " sourgut. " n ; The " Negative Nonentity Boarding House Keepers ' Association " held its regular monthly meeting on Friday last at " The Hall. " Mr. Bright, chair- man of the ways and means committee, read a brilliant essay on gormandizing as an invaluable aid to successful laziness. He sighted many instances from his personal experience. Adam Applejack applied for admission on the grounds that although he did do work, nevertheless he did it in such a system- atically cumbersome way that he accomplished absolutely nothing. However, he was " blackballed " because he made false appearances to the public. CO-EDUCATION The Senior said Then whispered she: To the fair co-ed: " A shore I ' ll be. " I ' m like a ship at sea; C ome rest thy troubled oar. " Graduation is near, When darkness fell But much I fear All was well. That I unlucky shall be. " For the ship had hugged the shore. 314 THE 1012 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII He who tootEth Not his own horn most vociferously resembleth even to Hkening he who placeth his can DIE undeR the buShel and nOt on the caNdlestick. As a mattEr of faCt, it is fOlly to believe that thiNgs quite clear tO IVIy mind Cannot be Seen by all. The Rotten speck, thOugh beaut Y abound, iS all That ' s sEen or heaRd by me. BArely nothing Can be amiss when simpleness (and duty) prOmpts Since no cat Has ten tails and any cat has One moRe tail thAn no Cat, any cat has el Even tails. Argument — Organic. Basis — Truth, Beauty, Goodness. To MIMic the eccentricities iS half of genius anyway. My mighty Will fixeth high in the heave Ns the price of propertv. Many Seeking fall by The wayside and Only few eNter therein. WHo said, " WhAt ' s in a naMe? " Is there a man, suppLied wiTh nOmen less, can griN as much? Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 315 Meeting of tl)e (Tit J atbers There is no special reason why it should have happened. It seems that the city fathers, accompanied by the younger members of the firm, met by accident at the same time in front of Kluttz ' s store. And that the book auctioneer just happened along at the same time was no miracle. " Shakespeare ' s Complete Works, " cried out the silver-tongued book artist, " what ' ll you give me for it? " " Two dollars, " shouted Walter Stokes indifferently, making sure that Professor E. K. was looking at him. The book vender grinned and knocked it down to him with an accelerated rapidity. After Mr. Stokes ' s bold venture and departure the bidding gradually ceased, and the streets were now de- serted save for the group of city fathers who stood near by exchanging village gossip. The disheartened auctioneer had tried to auction off every conceivable book from " Love ' s Labors Lost " to " Paradise Regained " and without avail — but as the junior member of the firm of Eagles Son gave an embry- onic warwhoop, an idea penetrated the ivory crested cranium of the man of many books. Scrambling among his ill-arranged volumes, he finally fished up the coveted book. " This, gentlemen, " he shouted, turning toward the paternal herd, " is a gilt-edge, morocco-bound family Bible — space for family records a specialty. " With one accord the young paternal members of the Faculty ceased their gossiping, gathered up their young and rushed toward the auctioneer en masse. 316 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII " What ' ll you gimme for it, " coaxed the auctioneer, displaying the glit- termg book. " Two plunks, " cried Father Daggett, drawing his jewel closer. " Two and a half, " groaned Pater Eagles as the infant Eagle clawed him above the eye, and a drop of blood crept over his brow. " Two and a half, who will make it three? " chimed in the auctioneer with his clear, shrill voice. " Three and a half, " yelled Mr. Eagles, who now had blood in his eye. " Four, " said Dean E. K., who had not yet spoken on account of his modesty. " Four, will you make it five? " answered the book butcher. " Five, " gulped Dr. Hamilton, as his young historian gave him an upper cut under the chin. Just at this juncture Major Cain, who occupies bachelor quarters in the Barbee Flats, was preparing to cross the street, when the auctioneer turned toward him and shouted, " Family Bible — five dollars, will you make it six? " But Major only smiled, and, like the Levite in the parable, passed by on the other side. " Six, " grunted Papa Eagles, as his little Math, yearling butted him in the solar system — and father obeyed that impulse. We dare not say to what desperate efforts these faithful paterni would have gone in their attempts to stand by their family records had not Bully Bernard oozed up just then. He put a quietus en the hullabaloo by staking his fortune on the book, in which he inscribed after purchase just above births: " Dedicated to , in memory of what might have been. " Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 317 A NATIVE SKETCH POSED FOR BY " SEAT " BARBEE No hostile elephant ever leaned on his bay window. No regiment of dead soldiers in their empty gloom ever doubted that there was " always room for one more. " No adventurous insect save with suicidal intent ever attempted to encircle his equatorial belt. No beaver upon vhich he sat ever rose again. " Weel " — This is meant to be a description of " Seat " Barbee. n ? COLLEGE COURSES There are various and sundry courses in this curriculum of ours. There are some of the pleasure giving variety, others of the time wasting variety, and still others of that variety that at the gong of the bell you feel like a Freshman after his first visit to the Bursar — much relieved. A few samples will suffice. Geology III has not been able to live down its rep. of being a " snap. " Eng- lish III and V are still " beans. " And Math. IV has not ceased to be a " bull. " The same species of courses are prevalent in all the universities, and much has been written recently in the leading magazines concerning the inefficiency of such a system of courses. The gist of these numerous articles seems to be that there should be no " snap, " no " bull, " and no " beans " — but a happy medium or a combination, so to speak, of all three. Professor Dixon (emeritus), of Commons Hall, has made a decided step toward this coveted goal and is at present offering a special course in " snap beans and bull. " 318 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII For Sale — Veinon Howell ' s two-cylinder runabout. BABY CLUB Baby Coughenour Head Nurse Baby McAdeN Trainer in baby ways Baby Daniels Guardian of food Baby Sanders Meritt ' s Goat The " Baby " Watch Word — " Bebby " Object — To bring out baby ' s instincts Where the ookus voos the wunkus. And the bingle bangle boos; Where the blankers blinks his blunkus, And the oogle googler goos; There my soul wongs angle gangle, And my heart beats bunkus bloos. Mid the woodle boodle doodle by the bmk. —Ex. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 319 iDrags Dr. Mims (assigning a XIV English lesson) : " Read all of Byron ' s Childe Harold, Don Juan, and Manfred; memorize at least half of each; give all his writings in chronological order, stating where, when, and why they were written, and everybody who has ever read them; give his bibliography from 1832-1910; read at least four lives of Byron; c ontrast him with all the poets of the nineteenth century and tell how he differs — " (Bell rings). " Tut, tut, that bell always breaks m on my assignments. " (Exit class praising Ole Henry on high.) L. N. Johnson — A self-made man who glories in his maker. Pay the devil his dues — Basnight, Treasurer. 320 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Tommy Wilson: " Will that gentleman on the end of the second seat please take his feet down? " Beck Taylor obeys, thus exposing his manly profile. Professor: " Will the gentleman please put his feet back up again? " ft »! R. W. Scott — Nature after making him broke the mold, thank Heaven. Dear Father — I have just returned from Richmond. I had many novel experiences. We drank several strong Grape Juices, saw lots of men, actually drunk, and sat up until one o ' clock. Coming back I had my first experience with births. Your little boy, Malcom Oats. Freshman Mclver — The cold gray dawn of the morning after. C. Cobb: " Mr. Ray, do you remember those two important spots I gave you last week? " Red Ray (very basso profundoly) : " Yes sir, one is Crow ' s Hypothesis and the other is that joke you ' ve been telling us all fall about New Mexico. " W. Stokes — " Why so pale and wan, fond lover? " Fred Drane: " I hope I don ' t see you drunk. " George Strong (tears rising in his eyes) : " I hope I haven ' t taken that coca cola all for nothmg. " Millender — Take a look at me now. Mebane — Things are not what they seem. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 321 " Rat " Ransom — Always in the way. I? »? C. O. Armstrong — Will there be any stars in my crown? ? ? W. G. Harry — Who stepped on your tail, Fido? »l « J. B. Scarborough — Works while you sleep. n m " Windy " Gales — Only escaping gas. Speight Beam — God save thee, Speight, and thy readers, too. " Emma " Yelverton — Swap brains with a jay — but it would fly backwards. ■ ■ Bob Lawson — Imonagrouchanddontgiveadamn. f Wood — Not every one is a wit that would be. »s «? Tom Bushall — For her own person it beggared all description. Varsity Barber Shop — Uneasy lies the head that gets a shave. Peck Fenner: " Bob Winston certainly has got some feet. " Doug. Rights: " That ' s nothing; Professor Viles has to put his pants on over his head. " 322 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Jesse Cmtchfield — Even his shadow resembles a corkscrew. Swink — Self-confidence run amuck. w »• Carmichael — He who foresees calamities suffers them twice over. »? «», " Dodie " Stevenson — Now, by two-headed Janus, nature has framed strange fellows in her time. r m Daughtridge — I never open my mouth for fear I will be found out a fool. J. W. Mclver — Quiet and gentle, will stand vithout hitching. Boger ' s hog (in conversation with Clingman) : " I was born one, what excuse have you? " " Monk " Hanes — Oh Popularity! I worship thee at any cost. ' Gene Riggs is too lazy to change the expression on his face. — John Dob- bins. »? f. Junior: " What ' s all that pounding in the next room? " Fresh. : " Donno. I heard Senator Johnston say he had to frame a speech and I guess he ' s doing it. " Shuford (cleaning washbowl) : " I wish Blackstock would wash out this bowl once in a while. " Freshman Thomas: " He wants to get it caked like his pipe. " Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 323 " Rowdy " Williams came out of the Pickwick the other night leading Basnight, who appeared to be m a dazed condition. " What ' s the matter, " inquired the doorkeeper, " he isn ' t sick is he? " " No, " responded " Rowdy, " " he ' s just a little under the weather, and I can ' t keep him from trying to flirt with the girls on the films. " Freshman Thomas (rehearsing in Dramatic Club) : " In this play I am supposed to die of a broken heart. How can I know how a person with a broken heart behaves? " Professor McKie: " Study Fritz Hossfeld after the exam, on Third English. " Boarder (at Commons) : " Is this the steak ( ?) the bull was tied to? " «p? ». Pickwick Moving Pictures — Let ' em flicker. Spencer Nichols — For Sale : Checkerboards from my last winter ' s suit. What makes more noise than a pig under a gate? Any roomer in South Building: " Peck Fenner. " F. J. Hoover — What is, is wrong. Aspiazu — A crack at creation with a blank cartridge. 324 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Folger and Pittman — Lubricators for all political machines. Bradsher — Open day and night. •I t Yancey Milburn — Take down your sign. r -I " GOLD DUST TWINS " 326 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII " Extracts from tl)e (taso, of Stockton vs. 4 attersou A Breach of Promise Suit Tried in Moot Court September 25th, 1911, Before Coughenour, Judge, and a Jury I Taken from the Court Stenographer ' s Report of the Case) (Miss Dickie Stockton, the plaintiff, has just taken the stand.) Duke Vogler (attorney for the plaintiff) : Miss Stockton, please tell this Court and jury what you know, if anything, about the case at Bar. Miss S. : You bet I will, and I guess I know a plenty, too. Jim Patterson had been coming to see me almost two weeks and had been awful nice to me, Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 327 and one night he asked me if I would marry him, and he done it most beautiful, too, all down on his knees to me. And I said I sure would be delighted. Vogler: Well, what did he say then? Miss S. : He didn ' t say nothing as I noticed. Vogler: Then what did he do, if anything? Miss S. (blushing furiously) : What do you suppose he did? Why, he kissed me, of course, and hugged me, too — the brute. Vogler: How many times? Miss S. : A great many times that night and every other night for a week until he met that old Battle thing. Vogler: To whom do you refer by that old Battle thing? Miss S. : To that deceitful wretch of a roommate of mine, Johnsie Battle. Oh, how I hate her! Vogler: Take the witness. r t i Cy. Hogue (attorney for the de- fendant) : Miss Stockton, I understood you to state a few moments prior to this time that you permitted yourself to be embraced and suffered your lips to be gently caressed by Mr. Jimmie Patter- son. Now I desire to interrogate from you if you were not Particeps Criminis, or if, in fact, you did not take the initia- tive. Miss S. : You will have to talk English to me. I can ' t understand your Dutch. Judge: He means, I think, did you kiss Mr. Patterson first, or start any- thing yourself. Miss S. (angrily) : Certainly not, and good and well do you know it, Cy. Hogue, as many times as you have tried to — Hogue (hurriedly) : There, there! That will do, madam. Stand aside. Hogue: Mr. Jimmie Patterson will please take the stand. Hogue: Mr. Patterson, be so beneficient as to communicate to this Honor- able Lex Fori and Intelligent Jury the entire knowledge you have of this de- plorable and unfortunate affair. With any instances which may have come within the scope of your observation as to how Miss Stockton endeavored to 328 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII lead you on and how she persuaded you to beheve that she was possessed of a bounteous wealth. Vogler: I object to that form of examining the witness, your Honor. Judge: Objections sustained. Hogue: If it may please your Honor, you are in grave error in the decision which you have just rendered; I beg of you, I implore you, I entreat you to reconsider the deplorable, in fact, the astounding blunder which you have just made in regard to the res gesi £, maxim, sac ulere tuo ul alienum non — Judge (interrupting) : If Mr. Hogue has anything in point to say on the subject I will hear him. But I hold that as usual he has not; let the case go on. Hogue (sputtering with rage) : You don ' t know what you are talking about. You are false; I will see Dr. McGehee. I will op — Judge: Fine him for contempt and see that he does not leave the room until he pays. (To the witness) : You may proceed to tell what you know about the case. Pat. : Well, Judge, you know how some of these summer Co-eds are, in for a good time and pretty skittish, too. Well, Dickie is one of the skittish kind, and after I had been going to see her about three weeks, and loving her up a little, of course, nothing serious, though, I met the other one, Johnsie, and she had Dickie beat a mile. Well, Dickie got sore ' cause I was spooning with Johnsie and raised all kinds of a row. That ' s about all I know about it. Hogue : Take the witness. Vogler: Mr. Patterson, this is not the first little affair of this kind you have had, is it? Hogue: I object, your Ho — I mean, I object. Judge: Objections overruled. Hogue : Th is is the greatest miscar- riage of justice ever perpetrated on the Honorable Moot Court of our great University. The thirteenth amendment of the Constitution provides that, We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union — Vogler: Your Honor, I think he is raving again and wholly out of order. Hogue (furiously) : If I were not Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 329 in court, and I hardly feel as if I am, I would say, sir, that you were prevari- cating, and I also would like to inquire from what source my unsophisticated young friend acquired the assumption to correct ME on a point of law, and what does he know about that deep subject anyhow? It is irritating enough to have this Court eternally forcing his opinions on me without my having solicited them. Vogler (also getting mad) : That ' s all right; I know what the thirteenth amendment is, which appears to be more than my wise old friend does. And I again contend that he is wholly out of order. Judge: Quite right, Mr. Vogler, let the case go on. Vogler: This is not the first little affair of this kmd which you have had, is it Mr. Patterson? Pat.: Sure not; I have had eight or ten every summer — a new one for every good-looking girl I meet. Vogler: Stand aside. Hogue: If the plaintiff has no further evidence I would like to demur. Judge: On what grounds? Hogue: On what grounds? On all the grounds — all fifteen of them, which were provided for in such a case by our great Bill of Rights, the Consti- tution of the United States, and there so ably written by that great statesman, Andy Jackson, of the glorious old State of Tenne ssee. Vogler: If it may please your Honor, I would like to tell my misinformed young friend that there are only six grounds for a demurrer in this State and that they are not contained in the Constitution but the revisal and that Mr. Jackson did not write it. Hogue: There he goes again. There he goes again. What an assump- tion it IS for that person to call me his friend. I object, your Honor, I object. I cannot endure the mortification of be- ing associated with such an infamous party as that one who has just had the assumption to call me his friend — (The defendant set up as a further defense deceit on the part of Miss Stockton, claiming that she had repre- sented to him that she was very wealthy. 330 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII in consequence of which he had frequently taken her to the picture show and once even bought her a lemon soda, whereby he was greatly damaged and de- frauded of a large sum of money; to wit, sixty cents, and prayed judgment for the same and that he might go without day and recover his costs.) The case went to the jury after a strong argument by both attorneys, Mr. Hogue ' s especially fine from a practical standpoint. The jury returned a verdict of forty-five cents and costs to the defendant. Vol. XII UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 331 !! ravin9 tl)e ! api6$ itb telUe, tl)e beautiful (TloaK :Jtlo6el OR CROSS-EYED BUT TRUE W HEN the Blackwood Clarionette blazoned forth the arrival within the village precincts of Chollie Chuzzlewit, two time immemorial rivals secretly swore they would have him — Cleotilda Clamm and Helianthus McVan Ochstein, respective daughters of Sam Clamm, the Re- spectable, and Patrick McVan Ochstein, the Irresponsible. Chollie, our hero, oblivious of all fell designs, harmlessly betook himself into a cafe hard by, and having gastronomically killed a hot dog and some pale blue milk, sauntered out to a corn shucking o ' er the lea. In the midst of the girlish laughter and boyish shouts, Cleo, beforetime mentioned, found the red ear, and selected Chollie as the most kissable. Thus was he informally annexed by Cleo, and thereby were the jealousies of Helianthus greatly intensified; and Cholhe ' s name and fame thenceforth became a byword. His profession — that of vend- ing maps and selling Jew ' s-harps — was glorified, and he was sought out by all as the dehghtfullest agent ' of Montsears, Wardbuck Gomery they had ever known. But beware! O Cleo, for thy laurels are in danger and thy steady undergoeth fell transformations! For Chollie had met and se cretly called on Helly (as she was known to her intimates about the ville). Passing her pater- nal tent one siesta he heard a scream, and on looking around, lo! he saw a fair maid in distress! Manfully rushing through the mud that surrounded the adobe tent, he skillfully rescued the crafty Helly from the clutches of a huge mantilla shawl. Thus came about the Janus-hke weaving of the web that, unknown to even himself, threatened to entangle our innocent hero. When Chollie at last realized that he was doubly loved, he began to profit by his implied connections, saving his meal ticket numerous punches and his stomach many qualms. He corrupted the youth with harps, and the maidens with tales of Romance; the men with tales of the City, and the matrons with deadly recipes. Yet, mercenary as he was, he felt a tender pity for his first love, Cleo, whom he had twice neglected to call upon. And so, at last he resolved to bring matters to a close. The Belle of the 332 THE 1912 YACKETY YACK Vol. XII Bourgeois, who had kissed him, he was to cast away forever, and take the cul- tured but charmingly alluring suffragette who worked in the emporium for his bride. This was not unknown to Cleo, and she was meditating her sweetest revenge the night Chollie called to take her to the Ice Cream and Tonsorial Parlors for a farewell sandwich. Having watched with green-eyed Jealousy Helly ' s scheme materialize, and knowing Helly was doing it all for spite and did not intend to marry Chollie, she swore to make them unite in the bonds and embark on the stormy sea in a frail craft without a rudder. (Gentle reader, quell thy amorous thoughts!) So she asked Chollie to accompany her to Helly ' s house to pay her party call — for Helly had only recently made her outre. (Imagine Chollie ' s titillating surprise!) The Damascus calcium had burst upon our hero when Helly said: " In the language of Shakespeare, ' Voulez vous, ' " when they were walking under Ye Old Mulberry Sellers tree one gentle eve whilst Mustapha, the gardner-cook, crooned " Culinary Difficulties Cutely Demolished. " Cleo had a clear field, for Helly ' s mother was at University station seeing Beulah Binford present " Lost in a Big City, or Carrie Nation vs. Near Beer. " Knowing Helly to be a dull, boring, snar-_ ing delusion, fraud, misconception, and walking skeleton, Cleo thought to un- mask her before Chollie ' s eyes and then make them marry. Arriving at the gate, and calling Helly out, and thusly phillipicced: That she knew Chahles a base falsifier and gay deceiver, who wanted to marry her for her money ; that he had taken to Helly because of her big name, and since Helly ' s folks had come over in a cattle ship, whilst hers, Cleo ' s, had had to come by the Panama Canal ; that everybody in town knew Helly had sworn to take Chollie away since Cleo had made a gunpowder drummer explosure a date with her; that she was not jealous, only rejoicing because Helly had a viper in her bosoT, had swallowed a whale, and had other ' ise disastrously defied the direful demons of demolition, destruction, desolation and death! Chollie grew old carrying live burdens while Mrs. C. Chuzzlewit grew young looking for a new spouse; Cleo married the grocer ' s delivery boy, and no one knows whether they lived happily or died rejoicingly. Vol. xn UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 333 The water dTipped from the potato ' s evie. The cabbage hung his head. There rvas a sad old time in the l(itchen that night For the vinegar ' s mother was dead. ' OLD TAMMANY ' WEST GATE DAVIE POPLAR CHAPEL EXIT ■a D- DD E HOWE TU TME BEST UF VR LIMITEI7nn SBILITk enUtl=[ J R- EE7TU mnKE THIS V LVME UF THE D D SBHHSmCKETk m K n LaSTIM lYlEIYlEINTU UF UVR ULLE E kE?=IR D n D n n D n VJ(yE MHVE TRIEC7 T fYl KE IT TkFI HL IM HLL RESPECTED F UVR ULLE ' E LIFE D D D THERE ORE JUKE5, RLE?=I5- anTRIES.KMU KS n ixipii be HT kUVR EXPEnSE D D BVT WE vyyiSH T ' nSSVRE VR REn[7ER5 TMHT VX MPTEVER H?;S aRREaRE[7 IM TME DD FURE ' G irS RH ES MPI5 D BEEh F JT THERE WITH THE BEST UF UU[7 Wl LLD D D WE MURE TH?qT MU UME WILL BE uFFEMC7E[7n n n VR Tn5K IS FinisHE[7nnnnEC7iTUR5 DD DD ■ao- W ' .-r TIDVERTISEMENTS A; I )f-{: " Uttt -TA1L0I(G ° " PyipO}ffiK » " }IATOKO - " 9 0) 1 r Southern Life and Trust Company GOOD POSITIONS FOR GOOD MEN Eight years ago the Southern Life and Trust Company began a Hfc insurance business. Its capital was 8200,000.00. To-day its capital and surplus amount to $580,190.78. All this increase has been earned. It has insurance in force of almost $9,000,000.00. Briefly, this is the record of a successful Southern Life Insurance Company. One of the reasons for this exceptional record is that the Company has been able to secure the services of ambitious men of character and ability. Men of this stamp are hard to find and we are glad to get in touch with them whenever we can. For such men we have a number of positions open, and their own qualities will furnish them with the best business capital which they can possess. During the past few years a number of University men have established themselves permanently and well in this work. We would like to see more follow their ex- ample. Capital and Surplus, $580,1Q0.78 .A. W. McAlister, Manager v t t, , f ?■ " " ■ ' • §• S ' W " - " - ' " - „ , ,, , . ,, REFERENCES i Prof. E. K. Graham R. J. Mebane, Asst. Manager I q, q jj Herty Note — We refer to the above gentlemen because they know the kind of business we do anti the positions that we have to offer. F.STABLISHEl) 18 ' ). Southern Stock Fire Insurance Company H. D. HEATH. Pn-sidtnt The Southern Underwriters Underwriters of Greensboro D. A. TOMFKIXS. PriMaint J. VAX LIXDLEV, PrtsMtnt HOME INSURANCE COMPANY OF GREENSBORO (Consolidated with Southi-rn Undcrwrittrs. ] )()H) COMBINED CAPITAL OVER $500,000.00 Pioneers in Southern Insurance Development. All funds invested in the South for the South ' s upbuilding. Have establi-shed an enviable reputation for prompt and equitable adjustment of loss claims. These four Fire Insurance Companies — " The Original Four " — maintaining a just balance between progress and conservatism, have been consistently aiid permanently successful; having increased their combined assets from $10(1, ()()(). (ID in 1895 to $820,417.27 in 1912. A few good men wanted for permanent and responsible positions. , . V. McAlister, Manager Ci ' Mmins A. Mebane, Asst. Manager Greensboro, North Carolina Yesterday :: Today :: Tomorrow YESTERDAY is but a dream, TOMORROW only a vision, but TODAY, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Therefore, today, not yester- day nor tome irruw — TODAY, bring your account to The First National Bank DURHAM, N. C. JULIAN S. CARR, President W. J. HOLLOWAY, Cash ANSCO FILMS M CYKO PAPER IF THE BEST IS NONE TOO GOOD FOR YOU, and if ' oti can bu} ' it for the same price, or less, would it not pay you to choose the best? The chromatic values of the Ansco film are correctly balanced. Yott get the correct effect in reproducing colors by photog- raphy. Then, if you will see that -our prints are made on Cyko paper, you will find that they are clear and sharp, and greatly superior to those made on ordinary paper. If you wish softer and more beautiful pictures, use Ansco films and Cyko paper. 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There are regular courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Pedagogy, and Bachelor of Music. Special courses are offered in the Theor - and Practice of Teaching, in the Industrial and Domestic Arts, in Stenograph}- and Typewriting, and in Vocal and Instrumental Music. For graduates from other colleges: Advanced Courses, Special and Review Courses, and Practice Work in the Training School for Teachers. For catalogue and other information, address JULIUS I. FOUST, President (ircensljoro, North ( " arolina SCHIEEMAN JEWELRY CO. Bi e dtnti Jewelers Dimnomls :: Wairhvs GREENSBORO. N. C. HOTEL GUILEORD (;reensi?()I{(), north (aholixa Cafe in Connection REMINGTON UMC Subterranean Lunch Room 22 IREPEATER em Cleaned from the breech. You can look through the barrel and see that it ' s clean. Simple take-down. You can remove the breech block with your fingers. Shoot J P m ng ton. -UAfC Lesmok .22 ' s. 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This school prepares for the University of North Carolin a and for other Universities and the Military and Naval Academies, also for Business, with depart- ments in Music, Stenography and Bookkeeping. THE SIXTIETH YEAR and thirty-seventh under present management FOR BEAUTIFUL CATALOGUE ADDRESS J. A. AND M. H. HOLT Lock Box 150 Oak Ridge, N. C. Flags Banners Pennants Poughkeepsie Flag Company POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. The quality and workmanship of these goods guaranteed to be superior to those of any other company Pillows Arm Bands Skins F. L. EULESS, CoUege Agent JOLLY c WYNNE JEWELRY COMPANY Diamonds Watches Jewelry Class Rings, Fraternity Pins and Medals made to order REGISTERED OPTOMETRISTS » our op ti cal Work, we guarantee satisfaclion VIS Favetteville Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA WHEN IN RALEIGH, VISIT THE TUCKER BUILDING PHARMACY FOR Your Drinks, Smokes, Etc. The Raleigh Savings Bank and Trust Company Capital and Surplus - $ 450,000.00 Deposits - - - 2,100,000.00 Assets - - - - 2,750,000.00 Joseph G. Brown. President Col. a. B. .Andrews. Vice President Henry E. Litchford. Cashier Hon. R. H. B. ttle, . ttornc-y 4 ' [ Interest Paid in Savings Bank Payable Quarterly NORFOLK SOUTHERN RAILROAD NEW SHORT LINE THROUGH EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA Triple Daily Express Service Raleigh, Wilson, Greenville, Goldsboro, Kinston, Newbern, Morehead City, Washington, Plymouth, Eliza- beth City, Virginia Beach and Norfolk PULLMAN SLEEPING AND PARLOR CAR SERVICE VIA NORFOLK TO NORTH AND EAST VIA RALEIGH TO SOUTH AND WEST W. W. CROXTON D. V. CONN General Passenger Agent General Agent NORFOLK, VA. RALEIGH, N. C. N. UNDERWOOD Contractor and Builder DURHAM, N. C. ' PHONE 441 OFFICE, 517 DUKE BUILDING DAVIE HALL - U. N. C. BUILDINGS RECENTLY ERECTED RESIDENCES: Mrs. L. L. Mi.ivhea.l, Durham, N. C. B. N. Duke, Durham, N. C. 1. E. Stagg, Durham, N. C. |. C. AngitT, Durham, N. C. W. P. Hcnty, Durham. N. C. C. M. Carr, Durham, X. C. Dr. F. P. Venable, Chapel Hill, N. C. COLLEGE Biological Laboratory, University of North Carolina. BUILDINGS: Chemical Laboratory, University of N ' orth Carolina. Infirmary Building, University of North CaroHna. Library Building. Trinity College, Durham. N. C. Duke Dormitory, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. West Dormitory, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. Academic Building, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. Prof. R. L. Flowers ' Residence. Trinity College, Durham. N. C. Southern Conservatory of Music. Durham, N. C. OFFICE Loan and Trust Building. Durham, N. C. BUILDINGS: Temple Buil.ling, Durham, N. C. Municipal Builchng. Durham. N. C. Tucker Building. Raleigh. N. C. CHURCH: Memorial M. E. Church, Durham, N. C. GARAGE: E. B. Lyon Motor Car Co., Durham, N. C. POST OFFICE: U. S. Post Office. Durham. N. C. Stromberg Samet baltimore ' s Best Tailors For General Information, Ask the 50 Men Who Bought Suits from Us For Specific Information. See ■ HIGGINS FREEMAN CARROLL Whiting Horton 10 E. IMartin Street :: RALEIGH, N. C. CAT ERING to the wants of the man who demands the best there is m High- Grade Clothing and Gents ' Furnish- ings. If It IS right, we have it : : : WHITING HORTON " THE HOME OF GOOD CLOTHES ■ Business in Force, $11,629,870.00 Surplus lo Policy Holders, $243,238.14 YOUNG COLLEGE MEN should not let their pride or prejudices keep them from soliciting life insurance when, as a matter of fact, the profession is above the average and the standard being constantly raised. There is good money to be made by hustlers in the insurance field and no other line affords such opportunities for not only making money, but for building up a good income. If not interested in the above you probably need insurance. If so, why not patronize one o( yciur best Home Companies. Write us. Greensboro Life Insurance Company J. W. FRY, President JULIAN PRICE, Sec ' y and Agency Mgr. GREENSBORO, N. C. The Security Life and Annuity Co. " ii!! " ' " " " " ' - _ .c. ASSETS 1901 •S 3,261 ' . 00 1902 113,492.00 1903 . 149,ir,l 00 1904. ■_ ' ni ,. " ): ' ,. ' ) (Ill 190.5. , , , ■_7s,lJ4 oil 190G. . : s2.iM nil 1907. . , . . " .4. " .. " )S7 i:; 190S. . . , 74S.24S 9ii 1909 900,604.01 1910 1,221,047.90 1911. . . 1. ' 22.2B1.29 601,800.00 1,477,000.00 2,040,900.00 3,086,100.00 5,9.36,100.00 8,8.3.5,700.00 10,049,074 . 00 10,483,214.00 11,477,026.00 12,992,174.00 15,253,867.00 UNPARALLELED RECORD IN HOME STATE Premiums Received on Xorth Canjiiiia Business $ 335,940.07 Insurance in Force in North Carolina, P.aid-for Basis 9,107,293.00 GAINS IN 1911 OVER 1910 In Assets 25% Increase in Earned Surplus 43% In Reserve 29% In Interest Income 33 ' J. VAN LINDLEY, President GEO. A. GRIilSLEY ' , Secretarj- LE M MERT 19 EAST FAYETTE STREET Plaza Building Baltimore, Md. THE POPULAR STUDENT TAILOR AND AL KER OF STYLISH CLOTHES If OUR PRICES ARE IN REACH OF EVERY STUDENT SEE OUR REPRESENTATIVE WHEN HE CALLS AT THE COL- LEGE, OR WRITE US X. B. WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUAR- TERS WHEN IN BALTIMORE Phoenix Horel ana Cafe il llll l CHATHAM MrC. CO. eiKii , N. c. Winsk)n-5cilcm, M. C- l ywjjauaM a h ( ,., M ifi ' f y ,r- x - ' We believe we are mak- ing here in " Carolina " of ■ " Carolina " wool by " Caro- lina " men, some of the best Blankets made in the world-and we have decided to offer to " Carolina " boys sJightiy defective, at whole- sale prices. We sell whole- sale merchants only and cannot offer to consumers nor to retail merchants our first-grade goods, but these seconds have such slight defects that often a casual observer would not detect them, and you will get them at less than half the price asked for the regular goods in city stores. Medical College of Virginia ESTABLISHED 1838 For Catalogue, Address CHRISTOPHER TOMPKINS, M. D., Dean, Richmond. Virginia COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, of Baltimore, Maryland Forty-First Annual Session will begin October 1, 1912 New building; modern equipment ; unsurpassed laboratories: large and independent Lying-in Asylum for practical Obstetrics. Department for the Prevention oi ' Hydrophobia and many hospitals for Clinical Woik present to the Medical Student EVERY ADVAXTAOE. For catalogue and other information, apply to Charles F. Be an ' . M. D., Dean. Cor. Calvert and Saratoga Sts.. BALTIMORE, MD. Patterson Bros. Druggists " ©■ST CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA WHEN HUNGRY, GO TO Gooch ' s Cafe OPEN AT ALL HOURS To the University JSlan : Whether you contemplate making Life Lisurance your vocation or simply desire to work insurance during the vacation months, you should not fail to get in touch with ' 2 he fll aryland if e (f nsurance ( o. OF BALTIMORE, MD. It is 48 years old. It has never contested a death claim. Its contracts are liberal to agents and to policy holders. Its methods are progressive, yet conservative. It co-operates with the agent in the production of business. For Agency, write the HOME OFFICE, BALTIMORE, MD., or B. T. Cowper, General Agent, Williamston, N. C. ST. MARY ' S SCHOOL, Raleigh, N. c. The Diocesan School of the Carolinas for Yomuj Women and Girls C0LLE(;E :: MUSIC :: ART :: ELOCUTION BUSINESS :: PREPARATORY DOMESTIC SCIENCE 71st Annual vSession Opens September 2(1, 1912 For Bulletins and Information, Address REV. GEO. W. LAY, Rector THE LIBRARY The House of Better Shoes, FELLOWS! PRICES jHE LOWENBERG BOOT AND SHOE CO. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA $4.00 to $7.00 HE Great State Fair will be held in Raleigh, October 15, 16, 17 and 18, 1912, and will establish another new high-water mark. The Paramount Attr, Aeroplanes of 1911. for 1912 (this year) will be something later and greater than the E. F. McR.tE, President Jos. E. PoGUE. Secretary 1783 = 1912 Che University of Horib Carolina OFFERS COURSES IN THE FOLLOWING SCHOOLS: Academic, Graduate, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mining Engineering, School of Education FOR CATALOGUE, APPLY TO THE REGISTRAR, Chapel Hill, N. C. ASTMAN IP@isgllaIk@@[p)§n(g5 M BW Y®irk 7v Av 7 7 7v 74- 7 - 7 - prepares young men and women for positions of trust and re- sponsibility, and assists them to FAYE Comprehensive courses of study, liberal policy, faculty of special- ists, strong lecture course, ideal location, excellent record of 48 years, more than 47.000 alumni. Prospectus and Calendar may be had upon application V O -K ■-V. t r O W ( , i ' ' N r ' « ' S S M ' k -S -S ' k i- ..w s A- » r vN ' i- • A A-- -Si 7 - -Ar.vx | ' s r 7 " v ' v r J ' s " . i 0(giM(ginift €0 GiiM®s, Mo Ac, IBo Lo, Fir(g THE JEFFER50N RICHMOND, VIRGINIA THE MOST MAGNIFICENT HOTEL IN THE SOUTH European Plan. 400 Rooms, 300 Baths. Rooms Single and En Suite, with and without Private Baths. Turkish and Roman Baths. Spacious Sam- ple Rooms. Large Convention Hall RATES, $1.50 PER DAY AND UP Carolina, Clinchfield Ohio Railway Carolina, Clinchfield Ohio Railway South Carolina " Clinchfield Route " TIME TO RECUPERATE Get away from the beaten trails ; get closer to nature ; see some of the beauty, grandeur and vastness of this little-known region; tread a path where few footsteps have been before or make a new one yourself. ' isit the new Summer and Winter resorts (Altapass Inn and Little Switzerland), located at Altapass and Mount Mitchell, N. C, respectively, in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where all the cornforts of the old are coupled with the charm of the new. These new resorts are open all year round and only reached via the CAROLINA, CLINCHFIELD OHIO RAILWAY " Clinchfield Route " Scenery that has not been " looked to death, " nooks and crannies of beauty ' and interest await the discoverer, covers and copses un- tramplcd, and unshot streams of rare beauty with their game life undepletcd and in addition hotels (Altapass and Little Switzerland) that make living as pleasant as though in the midst of cities. For further detailed information regarding fares, schedules, con- nections, hotels, etc., write to CHAS. T. MANDEL, T. P. A. In charge Pass. Dept., C. C. O. Ry. Johnson City, Term. I. G. LAWERENCE CONTRACTOR DURHAM, N. C. ERECTED THE FOLLOWING BUILDINGS: Caldwell Hall, University of North Carolina Vance, Battle, and Pettigrew Dormitories, University of North Carolina City High School, Durham, N. C. Union Station, Durham, N. C. Smith Tobacco Storage -Largest in the World- Durham, N. C. Imperial Tobacco Factory, Winston-Salem, N. C. Imperial Tobacco Factory, Mullen, S. C. L FRANCIS HANL5 308 ' . SOUTH LLM ST. GRE.E.N5BORO, NORTH CAROLINA Modern Portraiture, Commercial Pho- tography, Kodak Finishing, Enlarging from Portraits or Kodak Films Till A NF NlVE,RSITY kJ L J ly H of Louisiana SUMMER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OPENS JUNE 3, 1912 Courses ix Tropical AIedicine a d Hygiene Begin January 2d, April 2d, June 3d, and October 1st. Fully equipped laboratories in all divisions of instruction. Clinical opportunities unexcelled. Medical Department and Department of Pharmacv Open October 1, 1912. : For All Information, Addr. DR. ISADORE DYER, Dean P. O. Drawer 261 :: :: :: New Orleans, La. H THE BE.5T AUTOMOBILE. SERVICE. TO BE HAD IN CHAPEL HILL UNTLR ' 5 5TABLL5 W. J. Hunter. Proprietor ' Phone No. 67 Oassy learns Dance and Commencement Engagements Solicited : : SATISFACTORY SERVICE GUARANTEED :: :: Pickwick Theater HIGH-CLASS MOTION PICTURES Vocal and Instnuncidal Mimic (Inly hijjhust-class pictures shown Complete ehange of program Open from 6:30 p. m. to 9 AS p. m. S. J. BROCKWELL, Manager BEHIND ALL GOOD BANQUETS, YOU WILL FIND .... " Marse " JcSSC H. H. PATTERSON Fancy Groceries Shoes Dry Goods Notions Hardware Etc. - CHAPEL HILL, X. ( ' . THE HOLLADAY STUDIO DURHAM, X. C. Hic h-C 7rt.s-.s- PhittiKjraphji College Work a Specialty ]f ' rite for Exfimalex MILBURN, HEISTER e - CO., Architects Designed the following buildinRS at the University of North Carolina: Alumni Hall. Library, Chemical Lahoratorv. Davie Hall, Infirmary. Caldwell Hall, Bynum Gymnasium. Y. M. C. A. Building. Peabody Building. Mary Ann Smith Building. President ' s Residence. Three New Dormitory Buildings. The Chas. H. Elhott Company The Largest College Engraving House in the World Wt ' ililinu Livitalioiis Commencement Invitations Class Day Programs Class Pins Dance Programs and invitations Menus, Leather Dance Cases and Covers Works, 17th Street Jind Lehiuli Aveii Callinu Cards Fraternity and Class Inserts lor Annuals, Fraternity and Stationery PHILADKLPHIA. PA. The 5TONL PRINTING and MANUFACTURING COSmS MORE THAN 50.000 FEET OF FLOOR SPACE. MORE THAN 100 MACHINES. SAME MANAGEMENT AND POLICY FOR OVER ONE-FOURTH CENTURY :: :: :: CAPITAL STOCK. $350,000.00 (2 OLLLGL PRINTING A 5PE.C1ALTY :: ESTIMATES FURNISHED THL LARGL5T BEST EQUIPPED :: MOST MODERN SOUTH OF THE OHIO AND EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI. MORE EMPLOYEES AND MORE OUTPUT THAN ALL OTHER JOB PRINTING PLANTS WITHIN A RADIUS OF ONE HUNDRED MILES. LIGHT. HEAT AND SANITARY ARRANGEMENTS WELL-NIGH PERFECT •••••• 116-132 North Jefferson Street, ROANOKE, VIRGINIA UST because we ' re " IT " on Clothes and Tailoring, don ' t lose si§ht of the fact that we ' re " IT on Hats and Toggery also. We ' ve the best the best Halters could do and every block correct. Then when it comes to Toggery — Oh, well, we don ' t l(now how to do our slock, justice. Beautiful Negligee Shirts Underwear of all the good maizes Always the newest in Neckwear Choice Hosiery, Etc., Etc Always represented at the " HilT by one of the students. SNEED, MARKHAM, TAYLOR CO. DURHAM, N. C. f |l ZINZENDORF ZINZENDORF LAUNDRY HOTEL : We leave il to you Why say more? WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. WINSTON-SALEM. N. C. KLUTTZ AT THE B(X)K STORE— THE I ' LACK TO Hl " OrR SUI ' ITJES ' HE Latest in Fine Stationery, College Souvenirs, Die-Stamped Stationery, Cards and Calen- dars, Waterman ' s Fountain Pens, Blair ' s Keystone Station- ery, Everything for the Student. Up-to-Date Furnishings, Latest Fads in Fancy Shirts, Collars, Ties, Hats and Shoes. Select Jewelry for Men. Crossett ' s Shoes — the Best Style and Most Comfortable Wear- ing. Everything the Best and Up to Date. SOMETHING NICE TO EAT— Lowney ' s Fine Candies, Cakes, Crackers, Pickles. Olives and Potted Meats. BOYS, TRADE VH H THE OLD RELEAHLE A. A. KLUTTZ SELWYN HOTEL TZ%V ,Itrfoj 150 Rooms—Ti Ptivale Baths " The Hotel Aslor of the South " Most li, Mir,.... 1 nil ni.-io-.late Uurope.-in I ' l.ui H.jtd in tile Soiitherij i it. . I . m an outside room, and daintily and el ' - ■: i ■ I Telephones and running water in each r it n ement for banquets and all kinds of kooiiis witiioiit Hath. . 51,50 and up per day Koonis nilh private B.ith. Ss.oo and u]) per day EDGAR B. MOORE, Proprietor ROGER ' S fruits and Confectioneries Everything that the Student eats GRIFFIN BUILDING north Carolina College of Agriculture and IHecbanic Jlrts The State ' s Industrial College for Men offered in Agriculture and al- lied sciences: in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; in Textile Arts; and in Industrial Chemistry. For Catalogue, address E. B. OWEN, Registrar SACO-PETTEE COMPANY X : : Builders of Improved : : Ji Cotton Mill Machinery . X Cards, Drawings, Lapwindtrs, Keener Drawing Slubbers, ,t. Roving Frames. Spinning Frames, Spoolers and Reels A Works at A. H. WASHBURN ' j Newton Upper Falls, Mass. Southern . t. V Biddeford, Maine Cihrlotte. X. C. { ' : ' A Boys, when ,n the Cily. give Ls a call j " Tucker Bldg. Barber Shop j FERRY NOBLE. Propiido, X SINGES. SHAVES, SHOE SHINES, HOT % AND COLD BATHS X Raleigh. N. C. X Ne w G REA iiiiiiQ ' iPJi I Webster New International THE MERRIAM WEBSTER The Only Niw unabridged dictionary in many years. I An Encyclopedia. Contains the pith and essence of an authoritative library. Covers every lield of knowledge. The Only dictionary with the A ' l-ir Di- viihil I ' af-e. A " Stroke of Genius. " 400,000 Words Defined. 2700 Pages. I 6000 Eluslrations. Cost $400,000. I Let us tell you about this most remarkable I single volume. Write for sample pages, full particulars, etc. Naae this paper and receive FREE, a set of pocket Ejaps. G. C. MERRIAM CO., Springfield, Mass. TRAYMORE TAILORING COMPANY 623 Market Street. PHILADLLPHIA. PA. Oxpert TJailors DISPLAY THL MOST UP-TO-DATE. PATTERNS OF THL SEASON TWICE A YEAR •JvV and u ork man ship Suaranteed IIENDRIX SCOTT. College Representatives ARTISTIC FRAMING Your KODAK MAN 2 23 Park Avenue. nALTIMORK. MI) " Sussman " ARTISTIC FRAMING See LONG BILL JONES tor Pressins IF THAT SUIT NEEDS •» ' PRESSING or | CLEANING I A •Phone FRED MERRITT, 101 t A SCHOOL WITH THE REPUTATION FOR DOING HIGH-GRADE WORK CAPITAL STOCK, $30,000.00 (incorporated) One of the best equipped schools in th MORE GRADUATES IN POSITIONS tha KEEPING. SHORTHAND and ENGLISH. Address KING ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Kaleigh, N. C. or Charlotte, N. C. South. THE LARGEST. The strongest f.icultv. 1 all other business schools in the State. BOOK- Write for handsome catalogue. SHULMAN COMPANY Exclusive Selling A§enls in Norjolk for ' ' JiTnojc J ats The Shop for Men ■BILL M. A. ■■ GRAVES MclVER CoUcic Agcnis SPORTING GOODS A J. Reach Co. ' s Baseball and Football Goods Claflin Baseball Shoes M right Ditson ' s Tennis Goods The Complete Line Football Shoes We represent the largest Manu- Basketball Shoes facturer of Baseball Uniforms in Tennis Shoes and the World Gymnasium Clothing Write us for Prices and Samples All orders shipped promptly, as we carry all numljcrs and sizes in stock. WE W.W ' T YOUR BUSINESS BROWN-ROGERS CO. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Our 6verU5er$ BALTIMORE. MD. Lammert Stromberg Samet " Sussman " The Maryland Life Insurance Co. CHAPEL HILL, X. C. Bogers Gooch ' s Cafe Hunter ' s Stables Long Bill Jones A. A. Kluttz Fred Merritt Patterson Bros. H. H. Patterson Pickard ' s Livery Stable Pickwick Theater Subterranean Lunch Room DURHAM. X. C. Durham Book and Stationery Co. 1. (j. Laurence Markham-Harris Co. X. L ' nderwood Sneed-Markham-Taylor Co. The First Xational Bank The HoUaday Studio GREEXSBORO, X. C. Greensboro Life Insurance Co. Hotel Guilford L. Francis Haines Odell Hardware Co. Southern Life and Trust Co. Southern Stock Fire Insurance Co. Schiffnian Jewelry Co. The Security Life and .- nnuity Co. RALEIGH, W. C. Jolly Wynne Jewelry Co. Raleigh Savings Bank and Trust Co. The Great State Fair Tucker Building Barber Shop Tucker Building Pharmacy Whiting Horton WINSTOX-SALEM, N. C. Brown-Rogers Co. Chatham Mfg. Co. Phoenix Hotel and Cafe Zinzendorf Hotel Zinzendorf Laundry EDUCATIOXAL College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md. Eastman, Poughkeepsie, X. Y. King ' s Bus. College, Ralei,eh, X. C. Medical Col. of Va., Richmond, ' a.. N. C. Col. of Agr. and Mech. Arts X. C. State Xormal and Indus. Col., Greensboro, X. C. Oak Ridge Inst., Oak Ridge, X. C. St. Mary ' s School, Raleigh. X. C. The University of Xorth Carolina, Chapel Hill, X. C. Tulane U. of La., Xew Orleans, La. MISCELLAXEOUS C. C. O. Ry., Johnson City, Tenn. G. C. Merriam Co., Springfield, Mass. Milburn, Heistcr Co., Wash., D. C. Xorfolk Southern Ra ilroad Poughkeepsie Flag Co., Pou,gh., X. Y. Southern Railway Saco-Pettee Co., Charlotte, X. C. Selwyn Hotel, Charlotte, X. C. Shulman Companv, Xorfolk, ' a. The D. Lowenbcrg Boot and Shoe Co., Norfolk, Va. The Chas. H. Elliott Co.. Phila., Pa. The Franklin Caro Co., Rich., ' a. The Jefferson, Richmond, Va. The Stone Printing and Manufactur- ing Co., Roanoke, Va. Traymore Tailoring Co., Phila., Pa. Union Metallic Cartridge Co.. . " . Y. Wrightsville Beacli. Wrightsville, N. C. It ' s all up now! ■• gsS:j SC:iilSSSS5is? « y XivMfffSft ' 2i v ». ' • -■■f ' sS " t7fc. ' .-J •» ' nw ' " ' " " " rr-T- .y .- ■ -- ' l VVn-liis. • ' -=« ' !SBr :;fi , «»g BC ;iatX!t. ' ;

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