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THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINL NA C378 UPy 1903 c. 3 UNIVERSITY OF NC AT CHAPEL HILL 00016765975 This book may be kept out one month unless a recall notice is sent to you. It must be brought to the North Carolina Collection (in Wilson Library) for renewal. Form No. A-369 Yackety Yack VOLUME III 19 3 PUB LISHED BY THE Fraternities and the Literary Societies OF THE. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA 0 GEORGE STEPHENS, a loyal friend and Worthy representative of the University, this book is dedicated. O rorg? tr hrna. ORX in Guilford County. April 8tli, 1873. of Quaker ancestry, son of Addison and Lydia Lambeth Ste]jhens. Prepared for college at Oak- Ridge Institute. Entered the I ' ni versify of North Carolina in 1892 and was graduated with the degree of Ph. B., in 1896. While at the l ni- versity, Mr. Stephens was president of the Young Men ' s Christian Association, president of the Athletic Association, undergraduate member of the Athletic Advisory Committee, member of the Dialectic Literary Society, the Sigma Xu Fraternity, and the Order of Gimghouls. The religious earnestness of Mr. . " Stephens was blended with a frank and hearty interest in every phase of student life. His practical Christianity exerted the best influence, because he was " as diligent in business " as he was " fervent in spirit. " His services were effective because he put businesslike methods into the students ' religious organization, and helped us to see that Christianity and manliness are one. Mr. Stephens stands as the advocate of i)ure athletics in the University. His mere presence on the field was an assurance of a clean game. He made the varsity baseball team in his I ' reshman year and for four years was the life of the team. . s a pitcher, he had few superiors. His reputation was more than local. W ' lien the baseball team of the Cniversitx of ' irginia entered the games with Vale, Harvard, and others at tlie World ' s l- " air in i8(j6, the Mrginia team borrowed Mr. Stephens, and lie won e erv game he i)itched, placing Mrginia second. On the football team Mr. Stephens was an ideal halfback — one of the strongest and most aggressive players that ever represented the University. Since graduating, he has represented the University as a member of the .Arbitra- tion Committee in settling intercollegiate differences regarding athletics. In i8ij6 Mr. Stephens located in Charlotte and engaged in the real estate and insurance business. In k go he efifecled the organization of the Piedmont Realty Company, a real estate cor])oration, of which he is now vice-president and director. In 1901 Mr. Stephens was interested in organizing the Southern States Trust Company, a banking institution, and was elected vice-president. In 1902 he was elected to the office of president, and now gives his time to the duties of the position. The Southern .States Trust Company is an organization of the younger and more progressive business men of the State — men who have already achieved success in their respective hnes of work, yet are young enougli to have their best years before them. In the Young Men ' s Christian Association Mr. Stephens renders vahiablc service as a member of the North Carohna State Executive Committee, and a director of the Charlotte Association. On December 9th. 1902, Mr. Stephens was married to Miss Sophie Myers, of Charlotte. He was elected a trustee of the University by the last Legislature. From his well-known ability as a business man, we feel that the University will receive much benefit from his election. (Ulip Hnthrrsttii af Nnrtb QIarnltna. CHARTERED IN 1789 BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA. (Ualars : Light Blue and White. YacKelyYach! H ' ray! H ' ray! YacKetyYacK! H ' ray! H ' ray! Carolina Varsity 1 Boom Rah! Boom Rah ! Car-o-li-na! (Hakn ar. 1902. Skptumiser 8-1 V September 8, i), lo. September 8, g, lo. September ii. September 13. October 12. November 27. Christmas Recess 1903. January 2, 3, 5. January 5. January 7. February 22. May y. June ;. June : June : June 2. June 3. June, Summer ' acation Mmii iiy to SiilKiiftiy. Examinations for tlie Removal of Conditions. Moiuhiy. Tiif.ulay. IW-iiiicsdny. K.xaminations for .Admission into the College. Moiiifdy. Tiicsiiay. U ' cifncsdiiy. Registration. fliiirsifiiy. Lectures begin. Saliiiday. .Assignment of Rooms. University Day. Tliursday. Tha. ks(;ivin(; Day. From December 23. njoj, to January 2, i )o:;. Friday, Saturday, Monday. Registration. Monday. Lectures begin. Wednesday. Assignment of Rooms. Vashinc;to. ' s Birthday. ■Sunday. Baccalaureate Sermon. Tuesday. Debate by Representatives from the Dialectic and Philan- thropic Literary Societies. Tuesday. Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Tuesday. The Address to the Alumni. Tuesday. Senior Class Day. Wednesday. .Senior .Speaking. Wednesday. Commencement. From Commencement to the Second Thursday in September. (FrUBtfFH. Charles Brantlkv Avcoc k . . Governor. President ex-officio of the Board of Trustees. Richard Hf.nrv Battm; Secretary and Treasurer. 1905 Ben Franklin Dixon Claudius Dockerv RuFUs Alexander Dou(;hton Alexander Henderson Galloway AufiusTus Wasiiincton Graham Hiram L. Grant Stephen Porter Graves Owen H. Guion Francis W. Hancock William Rand Kenan Virgil Stuart Lusk Benjamin Sidney Mitihi-.ll Nathan Alexander Ramsey Thomas Scott Rollins Alfred Moore Scales Frank Shepherd Spruill David Alexander White J. Allen Holt Robert Tereliis Gray 1907 Ki;.Mi ' I ' l.i mmi;r Battle Fahils Haywood Busbee Bennehan Cameron Charles M. Cook John William Fries Robert McKnight Furman William Anderson Githrii; Edward Joseph Hale Daniel E. Hudgins Thomas Stephen Kenan RiriiARii Henuv Lewis James Alexander Lockhart James Smith Manninc; James Dixon Murphy Gilbert Brown Patterson Jesse Lindsay Patterson Frederick Philips Charles Manly Stedman Henry Weil William Thornton Whitsett 1909 Alexander Hovd Andrews Richard Henry Battle Julian Shakespeare Carr Josephus Daniels William Henry Day Alfred Williams Havwooi Julius Johnson Henry Armand London Dan Hugh McLean Thomas Williams Mason Paul 1!arrin ,i;r Means Lee Slater Overman James Parker Louis J u lien Picot William D. Pruden James Sprunt (lEORCiE GULLETT STEPHENS Platt Dickinson Walker James William Wilson 1911 EuGKNic MoRKHKAu Arukiklu Fi:rn. mj( c;(iI)|-ui:v J. mi;s Jamp;s Oscar Atkinson R()|!i;rt A. J()1insix)N Chkistohher Thumas Baili;y Charles McNamee Victor Silas Bryant Lee T. Mann William Hvslup Stmner Brn(i vvN Walter Murfhv PERRIN BusBEE GEORfiE ROUNTREE Frederick Loris Carr Zebulon Bairu Walser Richard Benbcrv Creecv Francis Donnei.l Winston John WASHiN(rroN Graham Charles William Worth Makmadiki: [amls Hawkins Term Expiring November 30, 1903. Abner Alexander James Barlow Lloyd John Thomas Houan Thomas Franklin Lloyd John T. B. Hooyicr Roi ' .i:kt Hkic e Picejiles Tiio. L s J1 ' ;fei;rson Jerome Sii-.1 ' Iii;n Otho Wilson O fftrrrB nf dlualrurttnu txxxh AbmiutBtrattnn. AimiuiatratiDu. FRANCIS PRESTON VENABLE, Ph. n . Pr e s i ii e n t . EBEN ALEXANDER, Ph. D., I. L. D. Supervisor of the Library . LOUIS ROUND WILSON, A. B. Librarian. CHARLES THOMAS WOOLLEN Registrar and Secretary. WILLIE THOMAS PATTERSON Bursar. RICHARD HENRY BATTLE, LL. D. Tre a s u rer. JOHN FRANKLIN PICKARD Supervisor of Grounds- Snatntrttntt. Francis Preston Venable I ' nsiihiil anil I ' rofessor of Theoretical CJiemistry Kemp Plu.vimer Battle Alumni Professor of History Joseph Aistix Holmes . State Geologist anil Lecturer on tlie Geology of North Carolina Joshua Walkek (Wire Professor of Physics Thomas Hume Professor of English Literature Walter Dallam Tov Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature Eben Alexander Professor of Greek Language and Literature William Cain Professor of Mathematics Richard Henry Whitehead Professor of Anatomy and Pathology Henry Horace Williams Professor of Philosophy James Edwin Duerden Professor of Biology Collier Cobb Professor of Geology and Mineralogy Charles Staples Mangum Professor of Materia Medica Edward Vernon Howell Professor of Pharmacy Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble Professor of Pedagogy Henry Fakkar Linscott Professor of Latin Language and Literature James Cameron MacRae Professor of Law Charles Baskerville . ... . Smith Professor of General and Analytical Chemistry Isaac Hall Manning Professor of Physiology Charles Alphonso Smith Professor of English Language Hubert Ashley Royster Professor of Gynecology Wisconsin Illinois Royster Professor of Medicine Augustus Washin(;t()n Knox Professor of Surgery Richard Henry Lewis Professor of Diseases of the Eye Kemp Plummer Battle, Jr Professor of Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat Thomas Ruffin Associate Professor of Law and Equity Alvin Sawyer Wheeler Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry Charles Lee Rapek Associate Professor of Economics J. mes Dowden Bruner Associate Professor of Romance I anguages William Chambers Coker Associate Professor of Botany Thomas James Wilson, Jr Associate Professor of Latin George McFarland McKie Instructor in English and Expression William Stanley Bernard Instructor in Greek and English James Edward Mills Instructor in Chemistry Clarence Albert Shore Instructor in Biology Edward ()N den Steinen Instructor in Physical Culture 12 Marvin Hendrix Stacy Instructor in Mathematics IvEY Foreman Lewis Assistant in Biology RoYALL Oscar Eugene Davis Assistant in Chemistry Hugh Hammond Bennett Assistant in Chemistry Hazel Holland Assistant in Chemistry George Phifer Stevens Assistant in Mathematics Robert Arthur Lichtenthaeler Assistant in Geo ogy William Morgan Perry Assistant in Pharmacy Henry Richard McFadyen Assistant in Physics Andrew Watson Goodwin Instructor in Clinical Medicine Henry McKee Tucker Lecturer on Obstetrics and Diseases of Children Robert Sherwood McGeachv Assistant in Surgery and Gynecology James William McGee, Jr Chief of Dispensary Willie Calvin Rankin Assistant in German William Jones Gordon Assistant in French Zebulon Vance Judd Assistant in French Fred Moir Hanes Assistant in Biology Marshall Capon Guthrie, Jr Assistant in Anatomy John Christoph Blucher Ehringhaus Assistant in iUiglish Bartholomew Fuller Huske Assistant in English 13 OttnrB f arkrtif f ark. 1903. CHARLES THOMAS WOOLLEN. A 2 ' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. CLAUDE OLIVER ABERNETHY, ' 02, Philanthropic, BUSINESS M.ANAGER. EVANDER McNAlR MclVER, -04, Dialectic, BUSINESS MANAGER. NATHAN WILSON WALKER. ' 03. Philanthropic. HENRY RICHARD McFADYEN, ' 03. Philanthropic. RALPH MOORE HARPER, 04, Philanthropic CHARLES ROSS. ' 04. Dialectic. -; WILLIE CALVIN RANKIN. ' 04, Dialectic. CHARLES PHILLIPS RUSSELL. ' 04. Dialectic H.ARR ' McMULLAN. ' 05, -i K K WILLIAM ASBURY WHITAKER. JR., ' 04. 1 A i: ERNEST FRANKLIN BOHANNON, ' 04, H K . WILLIAM FISHER. JR., ' 05. K h m THOMAS L. PARSONS, ' 05. !■ -i n HUBERT BENBURY HAYWOOD. ' 03. . t D.AVID ARCHER BULLUCK. Phar.. Iv PRESTON CUMMING. ' 03. a T JOHN FRANCIS GEORGE. ' 04. 1 N 14 c l» ■ iu r F • h» w E mm i l 11 % W- i s € . A 77 ■ r 1 . 5js w ■ A liSi (Eummittrrs. H()II. NN(1 i I I 1l i.i.AN Kaxkix McFadviix Art. ViinAKi:i; Buli.l ' ck iMiMl-llax oss Viii ' i ' aki;k BollAXXOX jfaniltii aiiii linistrrs. Hari ' i;r Paksox Rl ' SSELL KANKIX HAVWdOI) Geok(.i-; C. ICdUfrE BULLUCK Cl-M.MIXfl iClnss S ' licirtirs. Hav v(i(ii) Bulluck FibllKK S uticJira. Russell Paksoxs McFadvex (Clubs. McFadvex Wai.kek AtMrtira. FiSHEK BlIHAXXIJX Cl ' . L IIX , yuliliratiinui. ' alki;i; Ri ssell Harper Driiiratuiu. WlllU.LEX Ros i6 (Ulir (ElasB of iurtrru-clhrrr. IT HAS lieciiiiK ' my duty tci write a histnrv of tlio present Senior Class. Did I say duty instead of privileije? If S(). it was Ijecause of my inability to do justice to the subject. If this task could be post]5oned for half a centurv so that the memljers of the class coultl have time to show some of the chan s es wroufjht in their li es during- the four years spent here, this history could be written with so much more satisfaction as well as accuracy. l y far the most interesting and important part of our history can onl - be written when these changes have had time to develop themselves. I ' .ut so long as it nnist be written now, we can only give a few trivial incidents of our life here, manv of which have no significance as to what the class, as a class, has done or can do. Well-nigh four years ha e [lassed since the Class of ' o, came into existence as a class. . nd even though, at the beginning, four years seemed a long time to us (to sa nothing of the other trtnibles common to all Freshmen), we arc forced, at this stage of oin- college life, to say, with those who have gone before us, that it has been the shortest four years we ever spent: time does n(jt pass slowly to the busy man. This time, though seeminglv short, has not failed to bring some I ' hanges which we can alreadx discern. . t first we were nearl - oni ' hundred and fift ' strong, Init now we niunbei ' a tritle less than half that manv. A certain then in college told us that we were fresli, and we are not dis- posed to deny the charge. Xeillier are we disjiosed to deny that many of us, be it said to the discredit of a few menii)ers of the class above referred to, fared as Freshmen before us had been accustomed to faring, lint the Class of " 03 leaves here feeling that it has contril)nted something to a college s])irit which will, in the near future, if it has not already, become sufticienth strong to shield the h ' reshmen. I ' lUt to go l)ack a little in our stor_ , we feel perfecth ' safe in asserting that there is not a man among us who does not remember, and will not continue to rememlier, the feeling he had when he first reached the Cniversitx. It was an indescribable sort of feeling, and we might say, not entireh- free from unpleasant- ness. W ' e too had heard of some of the trials through which, according to the traditions (if all colleges. Freshmen are called n))ou to pass, lint with the help of some who ])roved to be our friends dtiring that year, together with a verv pleasant though seemingly short vacation, we rallied sufficiently to enjoy another feeling which we all remember, that arising from Sophhood. Since then our colli-ge days have passed much more evcnlw and with fewer partienlar events around which our memories cluster. Now our college life is nearing its end. Only a few short nmnths are to pass before commencement, when the time shall haye come for the Class of ' o. to separate, never to meet as a class again. We all are looking forward to the time when we shall liegin our life ' s work, but we would be untrue to our feelings if we failed to express a lingering regret that the time of our separation is so near at hand. We have learned to feel that sense of union which always results from a common struggle. Looking back over our college days, we are forced to realize that w ' e have not gotten all out of oiu stay liere that was possible for us to have gotten : but on the whole, we feel that we may congratulate ourselves upon W ' hat we have done. The record of the Class of ' o. is one of which no class need be ashamed. This class has furnished the . lpha Thcta I ' hi as many members as any class in the past. In debating, its record e(|uals that macU ' l)y any previous class. . n(I if it may claim to outstrij) any or all former classes in any particular phase, that phase is athletics. ( )ur class got out a football team in our Fresh year w hich won the championship over all the other class teams in college, a thing beft)re unheard of. . nd more than that, we have held that championshii) ever since. The Class of ' o. has more men who havi- won " ar- sity " sweaters than any one class in the jjast history nf the I ' niversity. . s already stated, this is a record of which we may justly lie ])rciU(l ; but we have done nothing more than we should have done, because ours is the largest class, and has been at each successive stage of its existence, that has been here since the reopening of the University. W ' e have fought a good tight, and it nciw behooves each and every one of us to go out into the different xocations of life ever remembering that four years ago we ado])ted as our motto for life, " I ' lxeelsior. " lllST(.)KI. . . 0 ; 19 rnior (ElasB E0IL Andrews, Graham Harris, A. B Raleigh, N. C. Age, twenty; weight, one hundred and sixty; height, five feet eleven inches; Dialectic Society; S A E: n i; Sphinx; Cernian Club; Floor Manager Febniary and Aijril (i ' Bennett, Hugh Hammond, B. S Wadesboro, N. C. Age, twenty-one; weight, one hundred and seventy; height, six feet one inch; (Chemistry); Dialectic Society; A 6 ; American Chemical Society (4) ; Elisha Mitchell .Society (4) ; Journal Club (;,, 4) ; Assist- ant in Chemistry (3, 4). Berkeley, Green Ramsey, A. B. . Atlanta, Ga, . ge, twenty-two; weight, one hundred and fifty; height, five feet eight and one-half inches; Dialectic; i) A E • Gimghoul; Sphinx; Ger- man Club; President of Class (i); Captain Class Football Team (1); Track Team (11; Manager Track Team (2); Class ISaseball Team 1 ?, 3) ; ' arsity Football Team (2, 3, 4I ; Medicine. Best, Bi;nja. iin Spencer, A. B. Quinerly, N. C. .Age, twenty-two; weight, one himdred and forty-five; height, six feet; Philanthropic ; Shakespeare Club (3); Historical Society 13); V. M. C.A.; Associate Editor Tar Hecll.i); Class Football Team (3, 4). Bridcers, Burke Haywood, Ph. B. . . . Wihiiington, N. C. .Age, twenty-one ; weight, one hundred and thirty-eight ; height, five feet nine and one-half inches; A T 12 ; Gimghoul; 9 X E ; () li A ; Ger- man Club; President Kodak Club (4); Historian of Class (il: Law. Bynum, Curtis Ashley, A- B Lincohiton, N. C. .Age, twenty; weight, one hundred and fifty-five; height, five " feet nine inches; Dialectic Society; i: A E ; President of . 4 ■ President V. M, C. A. 141 ; Editor V. cketv V. ck {3) ; Editor Magazine (4) ; Class Football Team (4) ; Inter-Society Debater 12) ; Cieorgia Debater (3) ; Law. Caldek, Milton, A. B Wilmington, N. C. .Age, twenty-one; weight, one hundred and thirty; height, five feet five inches; 2 A E : Gimghoul; Sphinx; German Club; A 9 ' 1 ' . Carr, William Frederick, Ph. B Durham, N. C. Age, twenty-one; weight, one hundred and fifty; height, five feet seven inches; Z ' • 11 2 • 9 X E ; Gimghoul; German Club; First Vice- President Class (I) ; Class Football Team (2); Varsity Baseball Team (I, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Scrub Football Team (3); Assistant Manager Varsity Football Team (3); Varsity Football Team (4). Cauble, David Zimri, Ph. B Barkley, N. C. Age, twenty-two ; weight, one hundred and fifty-five ; height, six feet ; Dialectic Society; V. M. C. A.; Statistician Class (3) ; Sub-Marshal (3) ; Manager Class Football Team (4) ; Chemist. Clement, Edward Buehler, B. S Sahsbury, N. C. Age, twenty-one eight inches ; iight, one hundred and forty-five ; height, five feet N • Medicine. Collins, Robert Beattv, Ph. B Dixie, N. C. Age, twenty-five; weight, one hundred and sixty; height, five feet ten inches; Dialectic Society; V. M. C. A.; Class Football Team (3 and 4); Secretary and Treasurer Class {4); Teaching. CuMMiNG, Preston, Jr., Ph. B. Wilmington, N. C. Age, twenty ; weight, one hundred and fifty ; height, five feet nine inches ; Philanthropic ; A T S2 ; " li A ; Treasurer German Club (4); Shake- speare Club; Class Football Team (3,4); Yackety Yack Edi- tor (4); Floor Manager February German (4); Law. Everett, Reuben Oscar, B. S Palmyra, N. C. Age, twenty-three; weight, one hundred and seventy; height, six feet; Philanthropic; Editor Yackety Yack (2); Associate Editor Tni- Heel (3); Class President (3); Class Football Team (2 and 3); Commencement Debater (3); Law. Farlow, Newton Fernando, A. B. Age, twenty-eight; weight, two hundred and Varsity Football Team (4). . . Hoyle, N. C. I ; height, six feet ; FouST, Frank Lee, B. S Graham, N. C. Age, twenty-three; weight, one hundred and eighty-five; height, six feet ; Scrub Baseball Team (i and 2); Scrub Football Team (1); Varsity Football Team (2 and 3); Captain Football Team {4); Captain All Southern Football Team (4) ; Track Team (i); Second Vice-President Class (3); President of Class (4) ; Assistant in Physics (41; Engi- neering, 21 l " cirST. TiKlMAS liLhllSdi:, I ' ll. li. enty-.MH-; welRlit, . aiirl i.ilL-lmlf inche huiulred and fifty-tw Dialectic; Ctiemist. Winston, N " . C. i ; helKllt. live feet (.Ai.i.Au.w. (iAsidN Gii,i!i;iu, I ' ll. 15. , . . .Ml. Aiiv, X. C. - i;e. twenty-two; weight, one hundred and seventy-five: height, si. feet; I! O II: (ierman Club; .Secretary German Club (4); University Onartette; .Shakespeare Club; (;lee Club ; Dramatic Club it,): Class I ' ootbairifani {.1 and 2); Kciit..r " . i Kinv Nai k (-,1. CiiisoN, John Shaw, H. S McColl, S. C. . se. twenty-three; weight, one hundred and thirty-five; height, five feet ten inches; Dialectic: Shakesjieare Club; V. M. C. . . (;ii.i:s. Jons Ri.sidN, A. H Wilmington, . C. . e. twenty one; weight, one hundred and forty-seven; height, five feet eight inches: Philanthropic; A T i2 ; Member (ilee Club (3); Mem- terfhiitar and Mandolin Club (3,4): Shakespeare Club (4); V.M. C A.; Va Ki-TV Va( KEditor(3i; f;reek PriEe(2 : Class I ' ootball Team (4). (■.i.i:nn, M. l sii. ii. Ri;nfuii, H. S A.slieville, N. C. . ge. twenty-one; weight, one hundred and forty-two ; height, five feet eight inches ; Dialectic ; V. M. C. A.; Class Football team {2): Med- 11. 1), Tllo.MA.s Ja KSON. I ' ll. B .Shelby, i . C. . ge, twenty-four ; weight, one himdred and si. ty-five ; height, five feet nine inches; Dialectic; Class Football Team (3,4); Annual Debater ' . ) ; Scrub Hopkins Debater 13); Business Manager Tar Heel (41; Elected Wasliington ' s Hirthday Omtor (4I; Law. (iciKDoN, WlI.I.IA.M JONIvS, A. B Chapel Hill, N. C. twenty; weight, one hundred and thirty-si.x: height, five feet ten nches: Dialectic; 2 A E : fl X E: Gorgon ' s Head : 0(1); V.M. :. A.: Class President (2): Class Baseball Team (2, 3I: Class Football I ' eam (;. 41; Assistant in French 4I; Editor of .lA7f,i; »,- 14 ' . ( iu.uiA.M, (;i:()R(ir: WASHiNCiToN, Jr., B. S. . .Charlotte, N. C. . ge, twenty-one ; weight, one hundred and thirty-eight ; height, five feet eight inches: i; X ; n i: ; e N E ; Gorgon ' s Head: German Club; Shakespeare Club; Class Statistician (2); Manager Class Football Team (2): Scrub Baseball Teamti,2j: Manager Varsity Baseball Team (3, 4): Class Football Team (4). 22 StEWAKT, RdACll SiDNKV. I ' ll. 15. O. K., S. C. :e. t eiity-t«o; weiglit. one hunched and ninety-five; height, six feet; Dialectic : Best Declaimer Dialectic Society (2) ; ' arsity Scrub Foot- ball Team (,2,3); Associate Editor Magazine (31 ; First Vice-Presi- dent Class (3 ; Commencement Debater 13); Bingham Medal (3): V. M. C. A.: Historical Society; Prophet of Class u ' : A ' arsity Foot- ball Team ui ; I aw, Gw ' VN, Thomas Lf-:n hk. Ph. H. Springdale, N. C. Age. twenty-one ; weight, one hundred and forty; height, six feet; Z ; n 1:0 N K: Gimghoul: German Club: Tar Heel Editor (2.; Vacketv Vack Editor(2); First Vice-President Class f2V. Shake- speare Club; Floor Manager April fierman { ) Sub Ball Manager. Commencement. 1902 ; Assistant in Geology u)- Hanks, Fked Moik, Ph. B Winston-Salem, N. C. Age, nineteen : weight, one hundred and fifty-five ; height, five feet eleven inches: 1 A K: li -: Sphinx; Gimghoul; (ierman Club; Captain Class Baseball Team ( I); Assistant Manager Varsity liaseball Team (2): V. M. C. A.: Assistant in Biology; Medicine., Francis Svi, i:sti:k. A. li Willianiston, X. C. .Age. twenty-one : weight, one hundred and forty-nine ; height, five feet seven and one-half inches; Philanthropic; K A ; Inter-Society Deba- ter (2); Scrub Vanderbilt Debater (3); Commencement Debater (3); Associate Editor " ( r cc (4); Kaw. Hawes, Ed.mlxi) Ai-i: amji:i , H. S Atkinson, N. C. Age, twenty-two; weight, one hundred and fifty ; height, six feet ; Shake- speare Club; Historical .Society; Philanthropic. Hi:rkix{;, Koi ' -kkt U ' lTHiNfiroN, Ph. B. . Harrtll ' s Store, N. C. Age, twenty-five: weight, one hundred and thirty-five; height, six feet; Philanthropic; V. M. C. A.; .-V f J ; Scrub Georgia Debater (2); . ssociate Editor Tar Heel (3} ; Sub-Marshal {3) ; Associate Editor Magazine (4); Georgia Debater (3); Class Historian (4): Secretary Historical Society (4V. Law. Holland, Hazki., B. S Charlotte, N. C. Age, twenty-two; weight, one hundred and sixty ; height, five feet eleven inches; Dialectic: A K K . (ierman Club, Managing Editor J ' ar Heel (3); Editor VArKF.TV Va k(3); Vice-President Mecklenburg Association (3): Shakespeare Club: Floor Manager Octuljer (ierman (4): Assistant in Chemistry 14 ' : Chemist. HtiLr, Eakli " . Pi:m)I.i:h)N, Ph. B Oak Ridge, N.C. Age, twenty; weight, one hundred and eighty; height, six feet one inch ; ' . i : B 1; Gorgon ' s Head; .Sphinx; Class Football Team {n; Captain Class Football Team 121; Varsity Football Team (4) ; Varsity Baseball Team (1.2. 31; Captain Varsity Baseball Team (3). HoRXER, James Wiley, Ph. B Henderson, N. C. Age. twenty-one; weight, one hundred and thirty-eight; heiglit, five feet ten inches; Philanthropic; K A; German Club; Historical Society; Shakespeare Club; Y. M. C. A.; Editor Vacketv Vack (2); Asso- ciate Editor Tar Heel (3). Hl ' Ske, Bartholomew Fuller, A. B. . . Fayetteville, N. C. Age. eighteen ; weight, one hundred and forty ; height, five feet ten inches; Philanthropic; 2 A E; Shakespeare Club; AS : Licen- tiate in Mathematics (4); Assistant in English (4). Johnson, Charles Earl, Jr., A. B Raleigh, N. C. Age, nineteen ; weight, one hundred and sixty ; height, five feet five inches ; Dialectic; Class Baseball Team (3); Class Football Team (4). Jones, George Lyle, A. B. Franklin, N.C. Age, twenty-four ; weight, one hundred and eighty-five; height, five feet ten and one-half inches; Dialectic; Historical Society; Shakespeare Club; V. M. C. A.; Class Football Team (1,2); Varsity Football Team (3, 4); Chief Marshal (?); Editor Yacketv Vack 13); Assistant Librarian {4) ; Captain Varsity Football Team ; Law. Jones, Harry Murray, A. B Franklin, N. C. Age, twenty-one; weight, one hundred and eighty; height, six feet; Dialectic; Varsity Football Team (3, 4); Medicine. JuDU, Zebulox Vance, Ph. B Enno, N. C. . ge, twenty-six; weight, one lumdred and forty; height, five feet eight inches; Philanthropic; Best Declaimer, Philanthropic Society (i); Inter-Society Debater (3) ; Treasurer Class (3); Vice-President V. M. C. A. (3); Class Football Team (4); Statistician (4); Orator, Wash- ington ' s Birthday (4); Assistant in French (4). McAden, John Henry, Jr., A. B Charlotte, N. C. -Vge, twenty-one ; weight, one hundred and twenty-five ; height, five feet SIX inches; S A K ; H S; Class Football Team (2); Class Base- ball Team 2); Vacketv Vack Editor (3) ; .V O ! ' . McFadyen, Henry Richard, A. B Clarkton, N. C. . ge, twenty-six; weight, one hundred and forty-eight; heiglit, five feet nine inches; Philanthropic; Treasurer V. M. C. A. (4); Scrub Georgia Debater (3); Vacketv Vack Editor (41; Assistant in Physics (4); Elislia Mitchell Scientific Society (4); President Washington ' s Birthday Exercises (4); Ministry. 24 Maddrv, Charles Edward, Ph. B Hillsboro, N. C. Age, twenty-six ; weight, one hundred and ninety-two ; height, six feet three inches; Dialectic; Inter-Society Debater (2t; President Y. M. C. A. (3); President Class (3); Shakespeare Club (3); Statistician Class (4); flgol) Ministry. MoREHEAD, James Lathrop, Ph. B Durham, N. C. . ge, twenty; weight, one hundred and fifty-three ; height, five feet eleven inches; Z ' ; Gimghoul; 6 X E ; 1 A ; German Club; Official Scorer (r, 2, 3, 4); Manager Class Baseball Team (2) ; Class Baseball Team (1,2,3,4); Class Orator 12 ; Floor Manager October German (. ) ; Treasurer German Club 3) : Sub-Marshal (3) ; Tobacco Business. MoRitow, Ri ' FL ' s Clegg, a. H Oaks, N. C. Age, twenty-four; weight, one hundred and lifty-five; height, five leet nine inches; Dialectic; Y. M. C. A.; Secretary A ( " I ; Shakespeare Ckib; Mathematical Medal (3V. Engineering. MosER, Arthur Lee, A. B Hickory, N. C. Age, twenty-eight; weight, one hundred and fifty-five; height, five feet nine inches; Dialectic; V. M. C. A.; Shakespeare Club; Historical Society; Teaching. Parker, Lester LEONn: As, A. B Monroe, N. C. .Age, twenty-five ; weight, one hundred and fifty-three; height, five feet ten inches ; Dialectic; V. M. C. A.; Inter-Society Debater (3I; Com- mencement Debater (3); Managing Editor Tar Heel { ) Washing- ton ' s Birthday Orator U) " . Medicine. Pearson, Joseph Edmund, l h. B Riggsby, N. C. Age, twenty-four; weight, one hundred and eighty-five: height, six feet two and one-half inches; Dialectic; V. M. C. . . Skinner, Joshua John, B. S Hertford, N. C. Agir, twenty; weight, one hundred and fifty-five; height, five feet nine inches; Philanthropic; Secretary Commencement Debate (2); .Secre- tary Inter-Society Debate (2); Class Football Team (3); Membei Press Association (3); Sub-Marshal (3) ; Captain Class I ' ootball Team, {4); President Press Association (4); Chemist. Stevens, Harry Pelham, Ph. B Goldsboro, N. C. Age, twenty-two; weight, one hundred and si.xty; height, six feet; Phil- anthropic; Vacketv Yack Editor (3); Sub-Marshal {3 ; Shake- speare Club (3) ; Business Manager Magazine (4); Chemistry and Geology. 25 (iuxHAM, ' ii.i.iA i Am iiir.ALii. A. 1!. . . Waneiiton, N. C. Ase. twenty; weiyht, une luindred and tifty-four; height, five feet nine inches; Fliilanthiopic ; V. M. C. A.; Class liaseball Team (1.2,31; Class I " ootball Team (3); Medicine. T, KT, ]5i . sroN- Isaiah Dunn, X. C. Ase. thirty; wei.yht. one hundred and forty; height, five feet eight inches; Philanthrnpic; . M.C.A.; Teaching. Tiinuri. jAMfis li, i ii.i:, li. S Rocky Mount, N. C. .Vge. twenty; weight. i ne hundred ;ind thirty; height, five feet seven inches; 1 . E : 11 i: ; (1 . K; l.orgon ' s Head; German Club; -•Secretary Class [2): Track TeamM.2[; Manager Track Team {3); Class liaseball Team (2.31; Leader I ' ebruary (ierman (3;; Chemist. TciMLiNsdN. J Ai (iij. H. S Wil.son, N. C. . ge. twenty-five; weight, one hundred and fifty: height, six feet; Philan- thropic; Historical .Society; Shakespeare Club; Sub-Marshal (3); Class I ' oot ' jall Team (4); .Second ' ice-President Class (4). ' IlHNKK. Hi:Mn C,i{. . .A. B KaleiKli, N. C. . ,ge. twenty; weight, one hinldred and thirty-six; height, five feet five inches; Z i ' ; 11 S; Sphinx; Gorgon ' s Head; (I» A ; German Club; .Sub Ball Manager (2) ; ' ice-President Class 2 ' ; Medicine. W.;k. Nathan Wu.sdX, A. H, . . Poplar Branch, N. C. . ge, twenty- eight ; weight, one hundred and sixty-three ; height five feet eleven inches : A B fl " ; Philanthropic ; Historical Society ; Shakespeare Club ; Essayist of Class 1 3); Associate Editor of Tar Hcci {y. Editor- in-Chief TarHcc U): Magazine (41; EditnrVAi kktv Vaik (4); Teaching. Ward, (,H(U (,f. Kdiikkt, Ph. B Hill, N. C. . ge, twenty-five ; weight, one hundred and seventy-five; height, five feet eleven inches ; Philanthropic: Historical Society; Secretary of Class (3); Class Representative ( 4 i; Class Football Team (41; Law. ' i;i.i.i;k, Hiiikkt R.w.mond, Klect VVeklon, N.C. . ge. twenty ; weiglit. two hundred and fifteen ; height, six feet six inches ; •) ' A H : o .|. A ; American Chemical Society (4); Journal Club 14): ' iini:iiiHsT, Harold, A. K New Benie, N, C. Age, twenty-four; weis:ht, one hundred and thirty-five; height, five feet six inches; Philanthropic; . M. C. A.; Shal espeare Club; Licentiate in (ireek (4); Teaching. WlI.I.COX, (HCOKt.l-. Wll.MAM, I ' ll. li. Carbonton, N. C. :e. twenty; weight, iine hundred and fifty-five; height, five feet eight and a half inches ; Class Baseball Team(i,2 ' ; Sub ' arsjty Baseball Team 13); Class Football Team (4J; " ice-President Class (41. Vii.i.( ). , Jk.ssi; WoMl ' .i.K, I ' ll. H I ' utnam, X. C. . ge. twenty-three; weight, one hundred and forty; height, five feet six inches; Dialectic; ' . M. C. -A.; Class Baseball Team (3); Class Foot- ball Team (4.; Historian Mediavl Class 14); .Medicine. Wool., Wai.tkk I ' .K, A. n. Klizahetli Citv. N. C. .Age, nineteen; weight, one hundred and thirty; height, five feet nine inches; Philanthropic; Historical .Society; Shakesijeare Club; ' . M. C. . .: Class Poet (3). 27 (ElaBs of 19fl4. (CnlnrE. Blue and Gold. Kip, Rah, Kali I Kip, Rah, Roar ! Naughty-four ! motto. " X ' irtute et opera. ' (Offirrrs. EVANDER McNAIR McIVER, Preside n t . WALTER LEE SWINK, First Vice-President. HARRY BARBER FROST, Second Vice-Pt e sid ent . THEODORE KING SUTTON, Secretary. HARRY WOODING WIN STEAD Treasurer. LUTHER BYNUM LOCKHART, Historian. 28 i -5 45 ' 3unuir Snll. Allakd, Gkken Haywood Oxford, Massnchiisetts Philanthropic. Archer, Fred Chari.ks Cliapcl Hill Philanthropic: Mandolin Clul : fla I ' ciutball Team (2). Archer, Gray Chapel Hill Dialectic. BoHANNON, Ernest Wiiistoii-Salein 11 K A: .Shakespeare Club; ■. M.C.A.: Y. ( Kicrv V.Ack Editor 131: Sub-Marshal (3). Brknizkr, Addison Gokgas. Jr Charlotte -A K; Essayist Class (1) ; Historian Class iji; ( lerman Club : Sphin.x : (iorgon ' s Head. Cobb, W HiTFiKr.n Chapel Hill Council. Edward Aigcstus Conoho Philanthropic ; .Shakespeare Club. Cox, Ai.HKKT Ly: i. Peiielo - A 1:; I ' hilanthropic : .Sphin.x: (iiniKhoul: Clerman Club ; President Class 11); Captain Class Footl)all Team (1 : ' arsity Football Team [z, 3): Class Baseball ' I ' eam (Ji: Track Team (J. 3): Shakespeare Clul) : All-Southern End (2). Damkron, Edcar Hobtoii Pliilanthroi)ic: V. .M. C. .A.: Inter-Society Debater (::). D.wiKi.N, ' iK(,ii. Ci.AVTf)N Merritt Philanthro|)ic. DfNN, Wii.i.iA.M, Jr New Kerne A K v.: Phil.intliropic; ( lernian Club : . . C. A.: ICditor V ( Kii ' . ( K ijl : Corgon ' s Head; Sphin.x; Editor A iii nziiit- i.}, : Abmaifer ' aisity Fontball Team i ' ,i. Ea(;i.i:s, Wii.i.iam Vooti:n Cri.sp Philanthropic. Fkost, Hakry Barber Providence, Rhode Island V. M. C. A. : Dialectic; Class I ' ootball ' I ' eam (jr, 3). George, John Francis New ]5erne - N ; Editor V.ackijtv Y.A( k (3). Graham, Neiu. Ray Charlotte Class Baseball Team (i, 2); Class Propliet (2). 3 ' Gregory, Fletcher Halifax ' . t; Statistician (i): First Vice-President Class (2); Class Football Team (1,2, 3); Class Baseball Team (i). Haigh, Severn Green Fayetteville. A ' 1 ' i Hakpek, Ralph Mookk Kiiiston I ' liilanthropic ; President V. M. C. A.; liiter-Society Debater (i); Vacki:tv Vac k Editor (3); Tar Heel Y.iixXox {2). Hickerson, Thomas Felix Konda 4 ' A ; Mandolin and Guitar Club; Shakespeare Clul). Holt, Lawrence Shackleford, Jk Burlington l A ; Dialectic: German Club; Editor Tar Heel (31 ; Sub-Marshal Commencement (3). HoLTON, Rolanda Clarexce Olympia Philanthropic: V. M. C. A.; Mandolin Club. Ikwix, James Preston Charlotte II K A; Dialectic: Track Team (1): Class Baseball Team ii, 2): Captain Class Football Team (2, 3): Captain Track Team (3). Jacocks, William Picard Windsor K A; Philanthropic; Declaimer ' s Medal (ih Varsity Football Team 12,3): Scrub Base- ball Team (2). Johnston, Andrew Hall Asheville Dialectic. Johnston, George Anderson Chnpel Hill Dialectic: V. M. C. A. Jones, Alexander Hamilton Aslieville Z ' ; Sphinx; Gorgon ' s Head: Class Football Team (3). Kenan, Graham Kenansville i A K : II i; ; Philanthropic; German Club; Class Orator (i); President Class (2); Gimglioul ; Sphinx ; Class Football Team (3). Latta, Albert Whitehead Raleigh S N; German Club ; First Vice-President Class (i); Sphin. ; Gorgon ' s Head; Philan- thropic; Manager Class Football Team (3); Class Football Team (3): Chief Marshal Commencement (3). Lockhart, Luther Bynum University Station Dialectic ; Y. M. C. A. McIa ' ER, Evander McNair Jonesboro Dialectic; Y. M. C. A.; President Class (3) ; Yackkty Yack Editor (3) ; Editor J (7 (? «t-. MacNider, George St. Clair Chapel Hill - X ; Secretary Class (i) ; Class Football Team (2, 3) ; Sub-Marshal Commencement (3). 32 Mann, Wade Hampton , Saxapahaw Dialectic ; Y. M. C. A. Marriott, Williams McKim Baltimore, Maryland K A ; Dialectic ; A 9 . Morrison, Theodore Davidson Asheville 2 A E; Shakespeare Club. Newton, Sprunt Xenia Philanthropic; Historical Club : ' arsity Football Team t Vi ; Scrub Football Team (r); Sub-Marshal (3). Noble, Albert Morris, Jr Selma Philanthropic; Class Orator [z): Class Football Team (3); Class Baseball Team (2); Shakespeare Club. Noble, Robert Primrose Selma Philanthropic; Class Football Team (1,2); Class Baseball Team (1,2): Varsity Base- ball (3). Oldham, George Willis Teer Class Baseball Team (i, 2). Oldham, Wade Hampton Teer Track Team; Varsity Baseball Team (r, 2, 3); Varsity Football Team (2, 3). Osborne, Willie Ewell Greensboro Y. M. C. A. Pearson, John Henry Morgantoii A T fl ; Dialectic. Pharr, Welborn Earle Wilkesboro Dialectic. Rankin, Willie Calvin Albemarle Dialectic; Yacketv Y. ck Editor (3): Y. M. C. A.; Shakespeare Club. Ray, Edward Albans Dialectic. Robins, Sidney vSwain Asheboro Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. ; Inter-Society Debater (1) : Fditor Y. cki-;ty Yack (2); Vander- bilt Scrub Debater (2); Editor Magazine (3): jolins Hopkins Debater (3). Ross, John William Siloam Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. ; Scrub Football Team (2). Royall, Norman Norkis Florence, S. C. Class Football Team (3). Russell, Charles Phillips Rockingham Dialectic: Correspondin ; Secretary Y. M. C. A.; Historical Society: Class Football Team (2): Editor Yackktv Yack (3) ; Sub-Marshal 131 : Sliakespeare Clulj : Editor- in-Chief Magazine ; Vice-President Press Association. ' " 33 Sawyer, Ernest Linwood Elizabeth City Philanthropic. SiFFORD, Ernest Charlotte Dialectic; Mandolin Club; Shakespeare Clul). Staton, Marshall Cobb Tarboro Z i " ; n S ; Philanthropic; German Club; Gimghoul : Shakespeare Club. Sutton, Theodore King Condor Class Football Team (2, 3) ; Shakespeare Club. Swink, Walter Lee Winston-Salem Dialectic; Class Football Team (i); Scrub Football Team (2); Class Baseball Team: Vice-President Class (3). Tavis, Bernie Cornelius Winston-Salem Dialectic. Whitaker, William Asbury, Jr Winston-Salem - A E; Dialectic ; Shakespeare Club : Editor Magazine (3) ; Editor Y.acketv Yack (3). WiNSTEAD, Harry Wooding Leasburj; Philanthropic; Y. M. C. A. Winston, James Horner Durham Z ' J ' ; Gimghoul ; Philanthropic ; Manager Class Football Team (2) ; Y. M. C. A.: Cham- pion Class Tennis Double (i, 2); Class Baseball Team (i) ; Editor Y. ckicty Yack (2I ; German Club; Inter-Society Debater (3). Yelverton, Paul Goldsboro A e ; Class Baseball Team (i, 2). 34 (Elass uf 19fl5. Colore. Black and Old Gold. Hrll. iHntto. Fides et justitia. Rip, Rah, Rah ! Rip, Rah, Rive ! " ' 05. " (iDffirrrs. JASPER VICTOR HOWARD Pre si dev i ■ ISAAC CLARKE WRIGHT Vice-Presiden I ■ KEMP BATTLE NIXON Se ere t a ry . LIN DO BRIGMAN Tre as urer. 36 OIlaaB 0f 1905, Amick, William Gray Liberty Dialectic. Bailey, Frank Roseburgh Winston-Salem 2 A E ; Sphinx. Earnhardt, Charles Carroll Whitsett Dialectic : Secretary Y. M. C. A. ; Inter-Society Debater (i). Bland, James Coran Bostic Boone, Samuel Beli Jackson Philanthropic. Brigman, Lindo Rockingham Dialectic ; Y. M. C. A.; Press Association. Brown. Thomas Edwin Wilmington 1 A K ; Class Football Team (2) ; German Club : Y. M. C. A. Bryan, Roderick Adams Carthage Burton, David Ranie Winston-Salem Cannon, James William, Jr Concord Class Football Team (i, ;); Si. Carr, Claiborn MacDowell Durham Z ; 11 i: ; Sphinx; Y. M. C. A.; W; Manager Class Football Team (1); (ierman Club. Cash, Thomas Hamilton Smith Grove Dialectic; Y. M. C. A.; Scrub Football (2). Cathey, William Cecil Dixie Dialectic. Cheshire, John Tarboro Z ; 11 1; Sphinx; il ; German Club ; Y. M. C. A.; Scrul) Baseball Team (i). Chadwick, David Nicholas, Jr Wilmington Cook, Marshall Edwards Warrenton Philanthropic. Cox, Francis Augustus Penelo 1 A E ; Sphinx ; Philanthropic. Cox, John Robert Fremont Philanthropic. Daniel, Erasmus Alston, Jr Airlie Philanthropic. 39 Daniels, Li.ovd S Waiicliese K 1. Davis, Henry Wiley Salisbury 1 y- n 1: Sphinx : ii. Emerson, Horace Manx, Jr Wilniiiigton i ' X: II i ' ; Sphinx ; ii; German Club ; Class ISascball Team (i, : l : Class Football Team (I, 2); Captain Class Football Team (i) ; Champion Class Tennis Singles (i). I ' xuM, James Thomas Snow Hill Y. M. C. A. FoGLE, Paul Ernest Winston-Salem IC K: Mandolin and Guitar Club (i, 2). Fisher, William, Jr Pensacola, Fla. I! O II; II 1; Sphinx; i2 : Geinian Club; I ' .ditor (if . rKKi Vack (2); Y. M. C. A.; Scrub Football Team u): ' arsiiy Football Team ui: Captain Class Haseball Team (i). Gilmer, Joe Brauner Waynesville 1 N; German Club; Dialectic: Spliinx -. Class Football Team 2). GoDBEY, Paul Stephen Harmony Dialectic ; Press Association. Groome, Baily Troy Chapel Hill Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. GuDGER, Hubert Barnard Asheville Dialectic ; B 6 II ; German Club. Haywood, Hubert Benbury Raleigh ' . +; III; Sphinx ; S2; German Club; Dialectic; l-:dilor Y. cki;tv Y At K (2I; Class Foot- ball Team (2); Y. M. C. A. Heartt, William Alexander Hillsboro A T Si. Higdon, Thomas Bragg Higdonville Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. Hill, Thojias Hillsboro . t; Sphinx; II -; W ; German Club : Floor .Mana.ner October German (2): Scrub Foot- ball Team (i) ; Scrub Baseball Team (1) ; Class Football Team (1). Hill, William Poindextek, Jk Winston-Salem B e TI; n S; Y. M. c. A. HiNES, Julian Colegate, Jr Morven Philanthropic. Howard, Jasper Victor Kinston Philanthropic; ' . M. C. A.: President Class (2). Heide, Samuel Skinner Wilmington Class Football Team (i, 2); Class Baseball Team (i) ; Mandolin Club. 40 Hudson, Fraxk Simms Cassville, Tenn. Dialectic: V. M. C. A. Hughes, Hakvkv Hatch Grover Dialectic. Jacobs, Harry Hy.max Winston-Salein Jones, Hamilton McRary Warrenton • . ' ; e X E ; 12 ; Class Baseball ' leam in. Jordan, Stroud Caldwell Institute Philanthropic : V. M. C. A. Kelly, Lauchlin McLeod Carthage Dialectic. Lassiter, Benjamin Kittkei.i Oxford A K K: II 1 ' : Sphinx: Philaiitlirnpic. Lassiter, Salon McGee Aulander Philanthropic. Lindau, Jules W Greensboro Mandolin Club. Ledbetter, Penlie Brisco Davidson River Dialectic. Leggett, Ernest Hodges Palmyra Scrub Football Team (i, 2). Lewis, Henry Stuart Jackson . 1 ii ; e X E ; Philanthropic. McAden, Thomas Cowan Charlotte i ' A E: ii; n i): Sphinx; Class llaseball Team in. McBraver, Fred Wilkins Rntherfordton Dialectic. McCanless, Walter Frederick Higli Point Dialectic. McLean, Alfred McKetcham Dunn Philanthropic: V. M. C. A.: President Class in; Class Football Team u). McLean, Frank •. . . ' Maxton Philanthropic. McLean, John Dunn Philanthropic. McMuLLAN, Harry lulenton A K E; Sphinx: Editor Vai kktv V i k : I ' hilanthropic. Mallison, William Thomas Wa.shington Philanthropic. 41 Martin, Earle Wali Morven Meares, Thomas Davis, Jr Wilmington i ' A E; n 2: Sphinx; ( " .ermaii Club; Class Footba!lTeam (i, 2) ; Manager Class Baseball Team (i). Miller, Charles Walter vSutherlands Dialectic. Miller, William Gray Siloam Dialectic. Moork, Jesse Lee Patterson Moore, Thomas Jekfersox Greenville n K A. Moses, Herbert Henry Raleigh i. ' A E; H K; Cerman Club; Class Football Team (2); Y. M. C. A.; Class Baseball Team (i). Murphy, James Morganton - N ; German Club; Mandolin Club. Nichols, Austin Flint Roxboro Philanthropic; Y. M. C. A. Nixon, Kemp Battle Lincolnton Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. Orr, N.athanirl Jordan Charlotte Iv E; O X E; Y. M. c. A. Osborne, P hraim Brevard Charlotte A K E. Parsons, Thomas Leak Rockingham ■1 ' A H ; German Club: Dialectic: Editor Yacketv Yack. Patton, George M Elon College Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. Pearce, Robert Strange Fayetteville Philanthropic. Pender, Sheppard Turner Oxford K a ; German Club ; Philanthropic. Perrett, Walter Kenneth Whitsett Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. Perry, Rex William Darlington, vS. C. Philanthropic; Manager Footl)all Team (21. Petty, James Carey Carthage ' I ' A 0. Philips. Henry HvisrAN Tarboro Z 4-; (1 X E; ii; Pliilanthropic ; Class Baseball Team (i); Y. M. C. A. 42 Robertson, Judge Buxtom Hartshorn Dialectic: Y. M. C. A. Rose, Zeno Hardy Pinckney Philanthropic. Ross, Otho Bescent Charlotte Dialectic: Y. M. C. A. Ross. John William Siloani Philanthropic: Y. M. C. A.: Scrub Football Team. Koss, Charles Asheboro Dialectic: Vanderbilt Debater (i) : Y. M. C. A. : Editor Y. cketv Y. ck (;). RouNTREE, Loris GusTAVUs Brooklyn, N. Y. A K E; n S; Sphinx: H: German Club: Philanthropic: Y. M. C. A. Shemwell, Dekmot Asheville K 2 : Scrub Football Team (3). Shore, William Thomas Charlotte Dialectic: Y. M. C. A. Sloan, Charles Henry Belmont Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. Singletary, George Curry Clarkton Philanthropic; Y. M. C. A. Tabor, George Leroy Swain Taliaferro, Walter Robertson, Jr Charlotte i: A E; n S; Sphinx. Townsend, Newman Alexander Raynhani Philanthropic: Y. M. C. A.: Scrub Football Team (i, z). Tyson. John Joyner Greenville Philanthropic ; Y ' . M. C. A. Vaughan, John Henry Siloam Dialectic: Y. M. C. A. Wade, James Lloyd Dunn Philanthropic. Whitley, Wade Hampton Pantigo Philanthropic: Captain Class Football Team (1). Wilson, John Kenyon Elizabeth City Philanthropic: Y. M. C. A. : Editor Tar Heel {2). Wilson, Ronald Bonar Greensboro Dialectic; Y. M. C. A.: Secretary of (1). Wilson, William Miller Rock Hill K T Si: Dialectic: Scrub Football Team (i, 2). 43 WooDRrFF, Berrymax Edward Darlington Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. Woollen, Charles Thomas Winstou-Saleni K i; : Registrar: Mandolin Club (i); Kditor-in-ChiL-f Y. (Ki:i Vack (2): University North Carolina (Quartette (2) : ( )rcliestra Ij) ; ( llee CUili l2» ; I ' resident Musical Asso- ciation (2). Worth, Henry Venable Ashboro i; A I): II 1:U: Sphinx: (lerman Club: V. M. C. A.: Class Football Team 12 1 : Scrub Baseball Team (i): Mandolin Club u 1. Wrenn, Clement Mt. Airy Dialectic; Class Football Team (2): V, M. C. A. Wkcht, Isaac Clarke Coharie Philanthropic: Y. M. C. A.: ' ice-l resident Class t2 . Yopp, Charles Robertson Wilniingtou Y. M. C. A. 44 LaoK 0-.. " t:6d " »,k.4. h V (§ffmr5 nf thr iFrrshman (Elass. EDMUND McDON A LD, J R., President. PERRV EDGAR SEAGLK, First Vice- Pre sidenl. QUINCY SHARPE MILI-S, Second Vice-President JAMES EDWARD WRENN, Secretary VICTOR LEE STEPHENSON, Treasurer. ROY MELTON BROWN, Historian. JOHN ARCHIBALD PARKER, Orator. JAMES STEVENS KERR, St a tisticia n. CORSE Y CANDLER BUCHANAN, Prop h el. JULIAN SYDNEY MILLER. Poet. WALTER PARKER STACY, Class Representative. 45 " iFrrali " l tBtnrg. B( )SS. ' t won ' Ijc lung tel licnny lays liini down an ' ilces as de Quartet sez. I bin hyar eber sence befo ' de war. I ' ni gwine on sebenty veres. I hab sene ebry class sence Pettigrew , what fot so hard to gib nie liburty ur death. An ' now, Boss. I ' m gwine tell you de truf, cos you ' ve heerd tell of a man gittin ' strucken down fur tellin ' a lie, but you ain ' t neber heerd tell of a man gittin ' strucken down fur tellin ' de truf. An ' ' sides, my skull is knowed to be a ninch thick an ' my body goes to Dr. Whitehead fur five dollars. Now- de truf is as to dis here fresh class. You kno ' I hab neber cussed. I am as pure ' bout my mouf as a virgin. But if I cud cuss like Ed. Macdonald, I ' d sho cuss him an ' his fool class. One night Ed. come to me an ' to my little hous ' an ' sed : " Unkle Benny, you look here. " So I hobbled out to de dore an ' dere wuz Ed. His hair wuz all wet an ' he wiped de swet ofifin his furhed an ' he sez : " l nkle Benny, dese boys has determined to make me de boss, an ' I am lak Ceezer what lef de plow to be a big tater, an ' wud not be king tel de third time. So what mus ' I do ter keep um at it three times? " Then he went away, an ' purty soon here cum Redbug — you kno ' — what wears a long coat an ' a fat crevat — him dey call Senater. He looked like he just bin babtized, er else he tu wuz wet wid swet, and he sez : " Alas ! alas ! de blue sky an ' de twinklin ' stars betoken a rise from humble station to exalted position. Benny, I hab sed my say an ' hab been anointed tel de ointment run down de flow ob my robe, so I ' m president ! " An ' he passed on, and Ed. beat him out as you kno ' . So Ed. he led de class wid solum fase to hab dere pickcher tuk, an ' dey wuz driven frum de field angrily an ' ignoramiusly. But Frank (he ' s my nefew, you kno ' ,) sicked ' em on agin an ' finully Ed. led ' em to victory, as did my marster ' s cousin, Edwin Booth, who slew Abe Lincoln as he ot tu hab slew, cos Abe wuz a mancipater, which is horrud. Well, Boss, I will say one thing fur dis class : Dere is very few what hangs ober de fence an ' peeps at de baseball games. Meny is gentlemen, few is buzzards. I am ershamed fur my race when I see dem hanging ober de fence wid dem common white fellers. Sum da ' , Boss, ole Benny what once cud crow so nice, will lay him down an ' die an ' will go to de log cabin wid cracklin ' -bred in all de cracks, an ' a good warm shirt will kiver his shivering back. Benny Booth, he ' s crowed his last. 46 iFrrBliman (Elasfi EulL Abernethv, Bbnjamix Scott Chapel Hill Albright, Charles Ai.F.XANDRR Alamance Allen, Matthew Hicks Kinston Allison, William Pearson Charlotte Ahmstron(;, Joseph Mortier Wilmington Attmore, George Sitgreaxes Stonewall Bahnson, Agxew Hunter Winston-Salem Bernhardt, Clarence Theophilis, Jr Salisbury Bernhardt, James Leaki-: Salisbury Berrv, John, Jr Chapel Hill Best, Edward Leigh Mapleville BoDDiE, James Wesley Durham Brown, Rov Melton Rutherwood Buchanan, Corsey Candler . SvKa BuRWEi.L, Edmund Strudwk k Charlotte BusHNELL, Herbert Leonard Lenox Castle Calder, Robert Edward Wilmington Caldwell, Franklin McCuLLor(tii Charlotte Calvert, John Strong Raleigh Childs, Charles Eben, Jr Lincolnton Cheshire, TheoI ' Marker Tarboro Clark, Edwin, J R Weldon Clark, Stephen Chester High Point Cochran, Claude Allen Star Cole, Ernest Leach Carbonton Condon, Martin Joseph, Jr New York City Council, David Pendleton ' ilas Crawford, Frederic Muli Oeensboro Crocker, Geor(;e Fenton Seaboard Crump, Walter Moore Salisbury Curran, John Francis Aspinwall, Pa. Dalton, Archie Carter Greensboro Davis, Isaiah Iverson, Jr Morganton Deans, Willie Ophelia Spartanburg, S. C. Doughtox, James Kemp Sparta Drane, Frank Parker Edenton Duncan, James Shephard Beaufort Edmonson, Frank Alexander Morganton Faisox, Paul Fletcher Raleigh Farrow, Garrison Anglo New Berne Fry, Howell Lewis, Jr Greensboro Galloway, Thomas . Toxaway Gore, Walter Thomas Winchester, Va. GosLEN, Junius Blake Winston-Salem ' ' 49 Grant, Henry Spivev Jackson Gray, Eugene Early, Jr Winston-Salem Grimes, William Lawrence Lexington Hannah, John Geor(;e, Jr Siler City Harris, William Clyde Raleigli Hart, Bytha Mabrey Tarboro Haselden, William Rutherford Williamsburg, S. C. Hassell, Charles Williamston Henderson, Thomas Johnston Yanceyville Hendley, Charles James Elmwood Hester, Francis Eugene Eagle Rock Hiatt, Houston Boyd Clinton Hill, Hampden Goldsboro Hines, Harvey Carrow Kinston Hoffman, John Robert Whitsett Hunter, Louis Jones Huntersville Hyatt, Fred Carlyle . - . Waynesville Jones, Hamilton Chamberlain, Jr Charlotte Kerr, John Daniel, Jr Clinton Kerr, James Stephens Clinton KiBLER, William Herbert Morganton King, Isham Sanford Kluttz, Samuel Chester, S. C. Lambeth, John Addison, Jr Fayetteville Latham, Dawson Ivie Lauten, William Tatum Nettle Ridge, Va. Leinbach, Robert Frederick . Winston-Salem Littleton, Henry Ward Albemarle London, Isaac Spencer Pittsboro Love, Walter Bennett Unionville LuPTON, Herbert New Berne Lyon, Otho DeVanne Hester McCain, Hu(;h White Waxhaw McDiARMiD, McKiNNON ' Raeford McDonald, Edmund, Jr Charlotte McGeachv, Arthur Lumberton McGlohon, Jasper Jay Ayden McLain, Robert Henry Concord McMillan, Allen Fayetteville McNairy, John Marvin Greensboro McNeill, Thomas Alexander, Jr Lumberton McNiDER, James Small Chapanoke McPhail, Ama Riah Clinton Macaulay, William Allen Huntersville Mangum, Devere Lasker Creedmore Mann, William Henry Lee ... Saxapahaw Maverberg, Israel Goldsboro Miller, Julian Sidney Charlotte 50 MiLLEK, Thomas Gkiek Statesville MiLLis, James Edward High Point Mills, Quinxv Sharpf. Statesville Moore, Louis Too.mek Wilmington Nash, Abxer Charlotte NoLTHEXius, Paul Tutein Haarlem, Holland Norton, Cle eland Hunter Durham Norwood, Joseph Robv Kilgo Osborne, James Walker Charlotte Parker, John Archibald Linden Pemberton, Clarence Lilly Fayetteville Perry, Bennett Hester Henderson Pryor, William Victor Fruitland Powers, Troy Cornelius Lumberton PoGUE, Joseph Ezekiel, Jr Raleigh Redfern, Julian Eikjar Whitestore Redfern, Rupert Da ii) . ; Whitestore Reynolds, Robert Rick Asheville RosENBACHER, Alladdin Winston-Salem Royal, Benja.min Franklin Morehead City Saunders, John Linker Woodleaf Scott, Ruby Theodore Morrisville Seagle, Perry Edgar Hendersonville Self, Marvin Bishop Hadley Sergeant, Lacy Douglass Chapel Hill Simmons, Norwood Lee Washington Smith, Charles Capers Charleston, S. C. Smith, Thomas Harley Liberty Smith, William RoBixsfjx, Jr Weldon Stacy, Walter Parker . Morven Stancell, Samuel Turni;r ' . Margarettsville Staton, John Arthur Bethel Stedman, John Porter Winston-Salem Stephenson, Victor Lei-; Statesville Tomlinson, Lawrence Arciidalic Durham Torrance, Willia.m Albert Charlotte Upchurch, Willia.m Merriman Morrisville Vaughn, Laurie Gibson Winston-Salem Washburn, Benja.min Earl Rutherfordton Weller, Fra.n ' cis Marshali Weldon Whitaker, William Murray Trenton Winborne, John Wallace Mege Wood, John Gilliam, Jr Edenton Wood, Walter Ale.xandicr Brevard WooTEN, Lloyd Kirby Kinston Wrenn, James Edward Lunar Yelverton, Eugene Leslie Goldsboro YoKLEY, James Fletcher Mount Airy .SI ( vnhixnttB. Name Vkat Residence Bernard, William Stanlly Second Greenville A.B., 1900; Greek, Latin; Candidate for A.M. Coble, Charles Paui Secon, Cxilmer ' .s Store .■ .B., 190T ; Latin, Englisli, Pedagogy; Candidate for A.M.; Non-resident. Crowell, George Henrv . First High Point Ph.B., 1892 ; History, English, Latin ; Candidate for A.M.; Non-re sident. Davis, Royall Oscar Eugene Second Columbia, S. C. Ph.D., 1901; Cliemistry, Fliysics, Mathematics; Candidate for Ph. D. Drane, Brent Skinner Firs Edenton .■ .B., 1902; CJeology, Cliemistry. Physics; Candidate for S. L Ehringhaus, John Christoph Blucher . Second Elizabeth City A.B., 1901 ; English, Chemistry, History; Candidate for A.M. Graves, Louis Firsf New York, N. Y. A.B., igo2; Philosophy, French. Harris, Isaac Foust T iird New Haven, Conn. S. B., 1900; Chemistry, Enghsh, History; Candidate for S.M.; Non-resident. Hewitt, Joseph Henry First Mapleton, Va. A.B., 1899; Biology, Mathematics. English; Candidate for .S.M ; Non-resident. Horney, William Johnson First Chapel Hill A.B., 1897; A.M., 1899; English. Jones, Alice Edwards Third Raleigh Ph.B., 1900; Latin, French, English; Candidate for .A.M.; Non-resident. Kluttz, Warren Lawson First Salisbury A.B., 1S99; Chemistry. Lewis, Ivey Foreman First Raleigh A.B., 1902; Invertebrate Embryology, French, Botany; Candidate for S.M. Lichtenthaeler, Robert Arthur ... First Winston-Salem S. B., 1902; Chemistry, Geology, Physics; Candidate for S.M. McKiE, George McFarland First Chapel Hill Graduate, Emerson School of Oratory ; Philosophy, French. Myers, William Starr First Baltimore, Md. A.B., University of North Carohna, 1897; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, i9 ' o; History, English, Ger- man ; Candidate for A.M. ; Non-resident. P arris, David Clingman First Hillsboro M.D., Atlanta Medical College; Microscopic Technique. Prior, Warren Stebbins First Fayetteville S.B., 1902; Chemistry, Cieology. Shore, Clarence Albert Second Winston-Salem S.B., 1901; S.M., 190J; Zoology, Botany, Physiology. 52 - " " •■ ' i: Year Residence Smith, James Thomas First High Point A.B., 1902; Latin, Greek, English; Candidate for A. M.; Non-resident. Stacy, Maryix Hexdrix First Morven Ph.B., 1902; Mathematics. Stevexs, George Phifer First Matthews A.B.. 19 2: Mathematics, Physics. English; Candidate for . .M. Stevexso.v, Restox First Wihnington - .B.. !9 ' 2; Chemistr} ' , Geology, Economics; Candidate for .A.M. Williams, Robert Raxsom First Newton A.B.. 1902; Xon-resident. WiLSOX. Louis Rouxd Fourth Chapel Hill . li.. 1S99: . .M., 1902; German. English. 53 " CO-EDS " iWh Jolhiim IFmnsoEa Astinia McQ-aseeim ae Ir oibersoEi 54 Francis Preston Venable, Ph. D. James Cameron MacRae, LL,. D. President Dean (iffirpra nf ICalu (Ulass. THADDEUS AWASAW ADAMS, Pres 1 d e n I. HAMILTON VERNON STEWART, I ' i c e-Pr e sid en t. STONEWALL JACKSON ADAMS, Second V i ce - Pre si d e n I. ARCHIBALD D U R I E M O N I ' E A T H, Secretary and Treasurer. LOGAN CARSON SINCLAIR, Hisl o ria n. JOSEPH BUNN RAMSEY, Class Orator. HAYDEN CLEMENT, Class Poet 56 i tnhpnts in Hahi. Adams, Stonewall Jackson, A. B., 1900 Raleigh Adams, Thaddeus Awasaw, Ph. B., 1902 Finch Allen, Talbot Ml-rkav, A. B., Trinity College, 1900 Raleigh Ballou, Robert Lucien dumpier Barham, John Langhorne Newsoms, Va. Britton, Theodore Garfield Bethel Brooks, Bernard Alexander Nashville Brown, Thomas Edwin Wilmington Brownlee, Eugene Cobleskill, N. V. BusBEE, Philip Hall, A. B., 1901 Raleigh Clay, Joseph Scott Mebane Cheek, Paul Tinslev Mebane Clement, Havden Salisbury Cook, James Sion, A. B., igoi Stokesdale Cook, Leon Troy Maxton Curtis, Howard Coit Southport Davis, Eugene Grissom Fayetteville Douglas, Stephen Arnold, A. B., C,cor!;elouni, 1901 Greensboro Duncan, Julius Fletcher, A. B., A. M., 190:: Beaufort Ehringhaus, John Christoph Bi.cchi.k. A. 1!., n)oi Elizabeth City ExDicoTT, Thomas Penin(;ton Atlantic City, N.J. Fuller, Thomas Staples New York, N. V. Gibson, Edward Herbert Gibson Gibson, James Breeden, A. B., Wofford, 1901 Gibson Giles, Denison Fov Roxboro Gilliam, Moses Braxton Windsor Glenn, John Frazier, LL. B., 1902 Avery ' s Creek Godwin, Robert Lynn, B. S., 1903 Dunn Goodman, Louis Wilmington Gkki-.n, Edward Mathews New Berne Green, (;eor(;e Chancellor, A. 15., George own, 1901 Weldon Griffin, Fairlev Franklin Monroe (;ri.mes, Junius Daniel, A. B., 1S99: LL. B., Georgetown, 1902 Grimesland Gudger, Francis Asbury Asheville Gwyn, James Alfred, Ph. B., 1S96 Asheville Hamblin, John Knapp Magnolia Harris, Charles Upchurch Raleigh Herndon, Carl Hines Elon College Herring, Robert Within(;ton Harrell ' s Store Holladay, Shirley Judson, A. B., Ornngehiirg. 1900 Summerton, S. C. 59 Hudson, Thomas Franklin Salisb ury HvAMS, Wii.LiK Washinoton Washington, D. C. IviE, Allan Dennv . . Leakesville King, Charles Benjamin . Sanford KiNLAW, Wade Hampton Howellsville Las.siter, LeRov Leak Lasker Lockhart, James Alexander, Jr., A. 15 , 1900 Wadesboro London, Henry Maicjeu. A. B., 1S99 Pittsboro LoNc;, Jacoh Elmer ( " ireensboro Lucas, William Alonzci Lucama LuNSFORi). Nathan, Jk Siirl Luther, Watson Li;noir . . Candler McLean, Svl ' ester Brown Maxton McMiCHAEL, Thomas (Ii.oxek Charlotte McRae, John Alhekt White Store McRoRiE, William Caldweli Coburn ' s Store Monteath, Arc HiiiAi.ii Durie Asheville Moore, Joseph Channino Durham Palmer, Jude Gulf Peele, Jonathan, A. H.. Trinity Colle ;t 1900 Gibson Phelan, Maurice Asheville Preston, Ldmund K, LL. B Cliarlotte U ' (is!i!i!ff oii and I.fc L ' liii ' crsily. Ramsev, jiiM-pii IUnn Rock}- Moinit Ray, Jay Bis Burnsville R. ymi:k, Dewi;y Littm-; Rock Cut Reynolds, Georce Si ' eaks Asheville RoiiiNS, Henry Morino, Ph. B., 1902 Ashboro RoUNTREE, Jack Rohert Brooklyn, N. V. Schenck, Michael Greensboro Short, Henry Blount, Jr., A. B., 1902 Lake Waccamaw Sinclair, Loc;an Carson . . Marion Smathers, Wii i.i am Frank Waynesville Smith, Holland . . Rockingham Smith, John Vati:s, Jr Lumherloii .Si ' i-.LL, A.Mos PuKDiE Chance Starr, Albert Luthi:r, A. B., I.nioir, iSi o Startown Stewart, Hamilton ' ernon (ireensboro Taylor, Charles Edward Southport Thigpex, Kenneth Bayard, A. B., 1901 Conetoe Thompson, Dorman Steele, Ph. B., 1901 Statesville WooDALL, James Lynn Benson Wooten, Frank Marion Greenville WooTEN, James Franklin ... Kinston Wright, Thcim.vs S. B., lSo; Clinton 60 ®i|? iinnt (Eflurt. Hon. Jamks Cameron MacRae Judge of Supreme Court uittmfr iTrrm. Dr. Thos. Rufkin Judge of Superior Court G. S. Reynolds Solicitor J. K. Clerk T. F. Hudson Sheriff L. T Cook Coroner JFall mxxw. I)R Thos. Rri-EiN Judge of Superior Court F. M. WooTEN Solicitor N. lyUNSFORD Clerk k. L. Godwin Sheriff J. C. B. HRiNi.HAus Coroner Spring ulprm. Dk. Thos Rukkin Judge of Superior Court J. R. RouNTREE Solicitor M. SCHENCK Clerk E. Long Sheriff G. C. Green Coroner 6i dtii0l nf iEr trtur. ©fftrrrs. Francis Pkeston X ' exable, Pli. D President Richard Henry Whitehead, A. B., M. 1) . Dean of Department at Chapel Hill Hubert Ashley Rovstek, A. B., M. D . . . . Dean of Department at Raleigh ©ffirrra (Class nf 1903. LEONE BURNS NEWELL, Pre silt e n t. JAMES HENRY HARPER, Vice - Pi e si d e n I. KEMP PLUMMER li A T T L E BONNER, Secretary and Treasurer- CHARLES EVERETT CON WELL, Ch a p I a 1 n. EDWARD VON DEN STEINEN, Poet. ROBERT ALEXANDER HERRING, H i s t o I i a II . JOHN SHAW GIBSON, Statistician (©ffirrra (ElnaB nf 1904. CLAUDE OLIVER A B E R N E T H Y, Pres I den I. JOHN KNOX, J R., First Vice-President. BRAND STARNES, Second V ice - Pre sideti t Treasurer. i tu5p«ts in IflriJtrtnr. KESIUENCE . . Chapel Hill Leesburg, ' a. . . Atlanta, Ga. Wilmington Aurora Nasliville ' elna . . . Salisbury Chapel Hill Aulander Chapel Hill Wiles New Berne Charlotte Tryon Farrak, Mont Koyai, Si-cimi Greensboro AbERXETHV, CLAIDI; OLIVliR, S. B., iq02 . . First BeLTj.ToWXSEXD WENTWORTH . . . . .First Berkeley, Greex Ramsev . Fir«i Blackwell, Calvin Slmeon, Jr F-rsf BoxxER, Kemp Plummer Battle .v.o.h Brooks, Baird Urquhart, S. B., 1901 . . . Sm,,, Cavexese, Zebllox Marvin Fcun Clement, Eijward Buehlek . .... First Conwell, Charles Everett . .sv ' ,» Cooke, Quinton Henry Se,;,,, Cranmer, John Bexseli Sn-,,,,, Dimmette, Ja.mes Arthik . . .sv DiSOSWAV, Alphel ' s ■ X ' Donnelly, John, A. IJ., I S(;9 . . N Engle, William Royai. . . F. ml . Farthixo, Lo(;. x Elmore . Kenner, EuwiN Ferebee . Fuller, Robert Walker . Gibson, John Sha v Gibsox, Milton Reynolds (iiLMoRE, Willis Uowij ... Grimes, William Lawrexi e . (ilTHRiE, Marshall Cai ' ox, Jit Harper, James Hexry . . Harrison, Henry Hih Herrino, Robert Alexander . HiATT, HOISTON HOVU Seen ' . Sici ' wl . Stcwl . F„ irtl, First . Sjiet-iftt . Sa-i,nil . . First . Boone Halifax Farmer McColl, S. C. . Gibson Goldston Lexington SoLithport . Snow Hill Fntield Water ' alley, Clinton HociTT, Battle Appi-ewhuk First Ennit HoGfiARD, John Tho.mas ... . . First Aulander Hovis, Leightox Watsox Smmil Charlotte Irwin, Hamner Carsox, Jr .sVt«;i ' Charlotte Johnson, Livingston Franklin ... Src.nil , Harrell ' s Store Jones, Harry Murray First . . Franklin Jordan, William Stoni: First Raleigh Kafer, Oswald Ottmar Secom New Berne Knox, John, Jr First Pineville Kuttner, Theodore . . First New York City Lee, Earle Gordon First Clinton 67 NAMK YEAR RESIDENCE McKiNNOx, Edward Haywood Fiisf Rowland McLean, Peter First Laurinburg MacNider, William DeBerxieke Fmnili Chapel Hill Manx, James Emory • ' " ' Fairfield Marks, Richard Ernest Firsf Corinth Matthews, Martix Luther Fuurll, East Bend Merritt. James Hamlet First Bethel Hill Moore, Joseph Newit Sn-,,,,, Saratoga Newell, Leone Burxs Sm,,,, Newell Norman, Josei ' h Hunter ■ rrninl Halifa.x OuTL. v, Ja.mes Bryant Sprriul tioldsboro Parker, John Williams, Jk Sn-nml Morrisville Parker, Lester Leonidas First Monroe Parrott, Albert DeKalb, Jr First Kinston Patterson, Joseph Planner First New Berne Perry, Henry First Sweet Water PluM-MER, Alson Lindsay First Jones ' Mine Pritchard, Arthur Thomas s,v,,„il Marshall Rose, Abraham Hewitt First Sniithfield Ross, John Kirkland Sn-aml Charlotte Roulhac, William Sterling First Spray S.auxders, Joseph Hubbard s,i;,ihI Washington Sharpe, Frank Louis Thinl Statesville Sheep, Willia.m Lloyd First Elizabeth City Sherman, Joshua First New York City Smathers, Joh.v Ho veli Si-mnil Waynesvillc Smith, Willi. m Hopton Firxt . Goldsboro Speight, Joseph Poweli Finti Whitakers Stanly, John Haywood Jr TliinI Four Oaks Starnes, Brand First Asheville Steinen, Edward von den Sn-uiid Cleveland, O. Stevens, Ralph Sanders Smnut Smithfield Stone, James Albert Smmit Calabash Stringfield, Samuel Lanier Sn-niiil Waynesville Sutton, Carl White ■ Srcwit LaGrange Tankerslev, James William First Salisbury Turner, Henry Gray Firxf Raleigh Upchurch, Calev Geoffrey Firsl Elm Grove WV.BB, Lorenzo Stevenson Sicmid Wilmington WiLKERsoN, Charles Baynes First ■ ■ Roxboro Willcox, Jesse Womble First Putnam Williams, John Watkins t ' irst Washington Wilson, Walter Pleasant First Heareford Wyatt, James Leak Srcmul Wadesboro 68 (Elir rliool nf piiarmartr. ©ffirprs. Francis Preston Venable, Ph. D. Edward Vernon Howell, Ph. G. President . . Deafi (ElasH ©ffirrra. WILLIAM MORGAN PERRY, Pre s id e n t. CLAUDE HOLT GATES, Vice-President. JAMES BENJAMIN TUGWELL , Secretary and Treasurer. RICHARD SPEIGHT GORHAM, Historian. JOHN MCNEILL SMITH, Poet. THOMAS RUSH PEMBERTON, Statistician. 70 tuftputa in jpiiarmarg. NAME YEAR RESIDENCE Ahrens, George Special . Wilmington Austin, Tuov Edward First Smithfield Bass, Bisco Statox First Henderson Bateman, Walter Castarphen First Wilson Bell, Hollev Mackie First . . Warrenton BoDDiE, Samuel Perry Special Laurel BoYETTE, Addie Howard Special Sniitlifield BuLLUCK, Dayid Archie Second Wilmington BvRD, Clement First Wilson Cannon, Claudius Lillin ;t()N First Ayden Gates, Claude Holt First Wakulla, Fla. Clements, William Jaspkk First . . Durham Crowell, Charlie First Lincolnton Da eni ' ()Rt, Petek Ernest Second Pactolus CiAKDNER, J. E First Ayden GiLlsERT, LoA.MiK l- ' irst McKay CJoRHAM, Richard Speight I ' irst Rocky Mount Grav es, Yancv Haze First Mount Airy (iRiFFiN, Leonidas Coleman ... Secnild Marshville Hicks, Osc. r Vernon Second Goldsboro Hicks, William Jacoii First Goldsboro Hoffman, Solomus Wallai i; First Statesville HoLLOWELL, J. K Second Wilson Hood, William First Smithfield Howell, John Tho.mas First Kenly Jenkins, Joseph Van First Rocky Mount Kluttz, Felix Hovle First Albemarle Lee, Pekmillas Arten lurst McKay LeGwin, John Bunyan I ' irst Wilmington Martin, Earle Wali First Morven Matthews, Leander First Buies Creek Pickelsimer, Jesse Benja.min First Brevard Pemuerton, Thomas Rush First Greensboro Perry, William Morgan Second Elizabeth City Pittman, Henry Hampton Second Lumberton Rhodes, Thomas Floyd Second East Stroudsburg, Pa. Richardson, Luther Wvatt First Kenley 73 .NAME YEAR RESIDEN ' CE Scott, Shf.lton Grorgic First Elizabeth City Smith, John McNf.ili First Laurinburg Snuggs, Wii.i.iA.M HiiNRY First . Albemarle Stewart, Wm.i.iam Marsh . Secoiut . . Matthews STRli!LiX(i, Wii.i.iAM (iKORGK First Anderson, S. C. Taylor, Kari. Dixon I- ' irst LaGrange TuGWEi.L, James Benjamin Second Tugwell Webb, Ci.vde Irwin First King.s Mountain Webb, Kugenk Lea I ' irst . Ro.xboro 74 f rltool flf iEtniug. ©fftrrrs. Francis Preston Venable, Ph. D President Joshua Walker Gore, C. E Dean tuiinita in llje rl]ool of ifltitpfi. G. H. Andrews H. A. Allard G. F. Catlett R. A. Lichtenthaeler D. N. Chadwick B. S. Drane J. P. Irwin R. G. Lassitkr G. C. Sibley T. L. GwYN E. A. Hawrs J. TOMLINSON G. MacNider E. B. Osborne R. Stevenson J. B. Th ' .rp H. P. Stevens W. H. Oldham H. Holland H. H. Bennett W. W. Eagles B. I. Tart N. N. ROVALL 75 tuftrnts in nmmrr rhmil. Ai.f;. anI)KK, Makv K Fayetteville Ai.LKN, ELlZAlil£Tii Goidsboio Archkr, Chapel Hill Archer, Francis Randiii.i ' h Chapel Hill Bakron, Addik B Charlotte Battle, Pattik Viola Lilesville Blackburn, Bkttie Guilford Col Bloon, Lf.ster Charlotte BoGER, Charles E . Concord Brooks, Lvcv C.rifton Capehart, M. C Avoca Carter, Lvta R Nashville Catlett, Margaret M Wilmiiiirton Cheshire, Kate Tarboro Clapp, D. P Whitsett Cobb, Penelope Williams Chapel Hill Coke, Louise T Edenton Cole, Mary Kate Carthage Cuthbertson, Minnie A Charlotte Daniel, Sara Morton Oxford Davis, J Mount Airy Davis, Mary M Waynesville Dawson, Bertha B Grifton Doxnell, Loula H Chapel Hill Donnelly, Bertha M Charlotte Donnelly, Margaret Charlotte Dunlap, Bessie Ansonville Evans, Bettie W Fayetteville Everett, S. Justus Palmyra 76 Fleming, Mrs. Kate Havs Oxford Gilliam, H. E Windsor Graham, Mary Charlotte Gray, M. G Windsor Grier, Feriba Charlotte Haigh, Alice S Fayetteville Hamber, Rosa C Carthage Henderson, Jessie Charlotte Herndon, Corinna Durham Hicks, L. S Raleigh HoELL, Charles E Aurora Holmes, Henrietta Fayetteville HoRNE, Rolla E Tarboro Howell, Andrew, Jr Wilmington Hughes, Annie L Cedar Grove KiRBV, Sarah C.oldsboro Kirkpatrick, Zelma Charlotte Lambeth, Simmons ■ Thomasville Love, Edna Taylorsville LoY, H. M Osceola McClintock, Jennie P Charlotte McClintock, Maggie H Charlotte McUiFFiE, Jennie Fayetteville McWhorter, Z. D Mount Olive Means, Gaston B ■ Concord Merritt, Bessie Mount Airy Merritt, Robert A Chapel Hill Miller, Mary B ' . Sardis Mills, Mary P Raleigh Moore, Fannie B Charlotte Moore, Gertrude E Kinston Nash, Bettie L Charlotte NooE, Allie Charlotte Nye, F. C Merry Oaks Orr, Cora Charlotte Orr, W. F Reidsville Pannill, Florence 1) Reidsville Paris, Addie Rocky Mount Patterson, Jennie China Grove Perkins, Annie Greenville Rankin, F. B Mount Holly Rogers, Mamie Graham Ross, Frederick P Concord Shipp, Kate C Lincolnton Skinner, B. S Hertford Smith, Clyde Goldsboro Stamps, Miriam Raleigh Stevenson, Mrs. D.E Statesville 77 Stuart, E. May Carthage Thackston, Henry E Raleigh Troy, Lota Lee Chapel Hill Troy, Nina Webb Chapel Hill Wiatt, D. D Raleigh Wallace, Mary Sardis Webb, Jessie A Roxboro Whitaker, Bessie L Raleigh Whitaker, Myrtle M Kinston Whitehead, Margaret R Fayetteville Wiley, Mary E Salisbury Williams, Sue Ceffo Wilson. M. N Cullowhee 78 JIliJ fS =, Henry Farrar Linscott, AM,PHD George Cunningham Worth, iooi Dli ))PHI, Stabrttr orirtij i tBtortJ. JmAIIE Dialectic Literary Society began its career as " The Debating ' ■ ' Society " in 1795. and when organized consisted of thirty menil)crs. ■ In Angnst following its organization, " The Debating Society " was divided, one division retaining the old name: the other was known as " The Concord Society. " A year later both societies changed their names. " The Debating Society " then became the Dialectic Society and " The Concord Society " became the Philanthropic Society. The first president of the Dialectic Society was James Alebane. ho, accord- ing to the records, was a faithful member and a loyal alumnus. When the new Dialectic Hall was dedicated, fifty-three years from the time he presided as the first presi dent, he was present and presided with Dr. Kemp I ' . I ' .attle, then presi- dent of the societ}-. . 11 students of the academic departnunl were required to join one of the societies until the year 1891. Since that time niembershi]) has not been so large, but interest has been greater. The society has for its objects to develop the oratorical and tlebating powers of the students, to promote useful knowledge and cultivate lasting friendship among its members. In all its proceedings it fosters truth and honesty by rigidly adhering to the honor system — the pride of every University student. Manli- ness and true dignity in all their phases are here developed more, perhaps, than in any other department of the University. Senator ' ance once said of the Dialectic Society : " It is the most dignified body I have known this side of the United States Senate. " The career of the society has been one of usefulness to the University, to the State, and to the Nation. Among its members have been a President of the United States, members of the Cabinet, foreign ministers, State and National Senators, Representatives, Governors, Judges — in fact, men in all public and private pursuits. The society prides itself in the handsome collection of i)or- traits of such men who were its former members. The membership of the society this year is larger than it has been in twelve years, and interest was never greater than at j)resent. The series of inter-society and intercollegiate debates held each year offer splendid opportunities for self- development, and the possibility of being chosen for some one of these debates is a great inducement to new students to become society members. Society 82 honors are first honors in the University, and chief among these is the honor of representing one ' s society in some one of the intercollegiate debates. In the inter-society contests with the Philanthropic Society, representatives of the Dialectic Society have shown themselves to be equal to their opponents in skill and ability, always sharing honors sparingly with them. And in the inter- collegiate debates with the universities, representatives from both the Dialectic and the Philanthropic societies working together for the glory of their institu- tion have won for her a reputation bordering on fame. Thus it is that the society is accomplishing immediate good. To say some- thing of its future — of its service to the State and the Nation to be derived from the training of its members — let us hope that, in this respect, history will some- time repeat itself by bringing forth out of the society men of usefulness and honor. «3 iHrmbrrs nf thr italrrltr nrtrtii. Aniick McBrayer, F. V. Andrews Mclver. K. M. Barnhardt McLean, ,S. Archer Gibson Hill, Thomas McLain.R. H. Allison Glenn Hyatt McCain Bennett Godbey Henderson : IcCanliss Berkeley Gordon He.ster, F.E. McDonald Brigman Gold Irwin Millis Bryan Graham, N. Jones, H. Mills, 0. Bahnsoii Goslen Jones, G. Macauley Buckanan Gndger Johnson, C. Miller, C. V. Brown, R. Groom, B. Johnston, G, , Miller, W. G. Berry Gndger, H. Johnston, H, Xixon Bynuni Gwyn, T. L. Kelley Noethsnins Ballon Gilmer, B. Knox Osborne, J. W. Betts Hunter King Owen Gates Haywood, A. Kluttz, S. Parker Cash Haywood, H. King, I. Pogue Cathey Higdon Kibler Pearson, J. H. Cauble Hines I.ichtenthaeler Pharr Collins Holland Lock hart Parsons Crawford Hudson Ledbetter Pryor, W. " . Councill, P. Holt Littleton Pearson F,. Cochran Hughes Leinbach Perrett Childs Hendley London Patton Cole Hannah NLmn, V. Rankin Dalton Hoffmann.]. Miller, G. Ray Dimniett Hoffman, S. Moore Robertson Dnnbar Holladay Morrow Robins, S. Edmonson Ross, C. Frost Ross, J. Fuller,J. K. Galloway, T. Ross, O. «9 iBnnlirni Sialrrlir iirirttt. (Cmitiiutrti. Russell ,Sil)k-y Siiiitli, T. Redfern, J. Sloan vSniith, C. Redfern, R. Stariies .Stephenson, ' . Shore Stewart, H. Sergeant Sifford Swink Seagle Stewart, K. Sutton Wilson, R. Stace}-, W. Tavis W ' renii ' anglian Woodrufl " Wilson, W. Whitley, G. Wilcox Wood, W. A. Whitaker Washburn (ihirlfth rmt- Annual dlntrr- inirtn irlmtr irrrinlipr. 1902. (t)nrry. Resolved, That the Coal Mines of the Country Shonhl he Owned and Oper- ated hy the United .States. Artirinalilir. ( I ' liii .wrniioru .) IvRASJirs Alston Daniki., Jk. Knr.AK Samtki. Wii.i.iamsox Da-MKRox Npgatilir. (I)lAl.i;( TIC.) Fkank Snnis HrDhON Andricw Hai.i. Johnston ' WON BY THE AFFIRMATIVE. 91 ©Irr phtlautliru tr ICitrrarij i r»nrti| — ZB5. Motto : J irtuc. Liberty, and Scwncc. A llE I ' hilanthropic Literary Society bad its origin in " The Debating- ' ■ ' Sdciety, " organized in the Uniyersity in June, 1795. In August of ■ the same year, for some reason, the society was diyided, one part becoming- " The Concord Society, " the other continuing under the old name. One year later, both societies changed their names. The " Debating Society " became the " Dialectic, " and the " Concord " the " i ' hilanthropic. " The Philanthropic Society, thus originated, held regular weekly meetings froni 1 95 until 1868. when the dark days came, and the doors of the Uniyersity were closed. On the reopening in 1875, the society again resumed its meetings, and has continued to meet regularly to the present time. The object of the society has eyer been the improyement of its members in the art of debating, and in the knowledge and use of parliamentary law. It has encouraged too, in eyery wa}-. the cultivati in of lasting friendship and the promotion of moral and social yirtues. From their origin, the two S(.)cieties haye exercised a profound influence oyer the student-body. I " or many years membership in one or the other was compulsory, and almost the entire iliscipline of the University was in their liands. Within recent years, however, membership has been made optional, and the societies have been relieved of their duty of keeping order among the students. Under such conditions, the societies are assured an interested, working mem- bership, and are free to turn all their energies towards developing, to the fullest extent, the talents for debate of their sons; and while not forgetting the social and moral man, most nobly has the Philanthropic Society carried on its self- imposed task. Not only has it held its own against the Dialectic in all inter- society debates, winning its full share of the laurels of victory, but colleagued with the Dialectic, it has sent its debaters against those of other States, and done well its part in building up the enviable reputation of the University in the debating worlil. According to a long established custom, men from the east join the Philan- thropic, those from the west, the Dialectic ; hence the influence of the Philan- thropic Society has been more pronounced in the eastern part of our State. The greatness of that influence no one can estimate, but great as it has been, present indications point to no decrease. Basing our prophecies on the high quality of the work of the past year, we are safe in saying that, not only will the Philan- thropic Society continue to hold its honored position among the students of the University, but will send out, in the future, even more men than in the past, who will mould the destiny of their State. 92 pi|tlautlirnptr nrtrtg. iMpmbpra. Adams, T. A. Archer, Fred Abenitthy, H. S. Best, B. S. Best, E. L. Crocker, G. F. Cox, A. L. Cox, F. A. Daineron, K. S. W. Daniels, V. C. Daniel, E. A. Allard, H. A. Abernethv, C. O. Boone, S. B. Bonner, K. P. B. Blackwell, C. .S., Jr. Cumming, Preston Cox, J. R. Drane, F. P. Cook, M. E. Council, E. A. Gore, W. T. Harper, R. M. Heide, S. vS. Jordan, W. S. Jordan, S. Kenan, Grahar Lucas, W. A. Lewis, H S. Lassiter, B. K. Mathison, W. T. Marriott, W. McK. Mangum, D. L. McLean, Frank Deans, W, O. Eagles, W. Farrow, G. A. Grant, H. S, Hassell, F. S. Hassell, C. C. Kerr, J. I). Lassiter, S. M. McLean, A. M. McFadyen, H. R. McPhail, A. R. McLean, J. T. McMullan, Harry McGeachy, A. J uncan, J. S. Duncan, J. F. Dunn, W. Jr. Hicks, O. V. Hill, H. Holton, R. C. Judd. Z. V. Jacocks, W. P . Kerr, J. S. Lyon, O. D. Latta, A. W. McNeill, T. A., Jr. McKinnon, E. H. McNider, J. S. 97 iWrmbrrs JJhtlantlirnpir S iirtrlg. — (Santiuurli. Noble, A. M. Noble, R. P. Palmer, J. Pender, S. T. Pearce, R. S. Perry, R. W. Philips, H. H Rountree, J. R. Rountree, L. R. Short, H. B. Statoii, M. C. Sawyer, E. L. Tomliiison, J. Tyson, J. J. Ward, G. R. Whitehurst, H. Winstead, H. W. Walker, N. W. Wilson, J. K. Nichols, A. T. Newton, Sprunt Parrott, A. D. Parker, J. A. Perry, B. H. Powers, T. C. Ramsey, J. B. Rose, Z. H. Royal, B. F. Speight, J P. Stevens, H. P. vSingletary, G. C. Scott R. T. Simmons, N. S. Stancell. S. T. Townsend, N. A. Taylor, K. D. Upchurch, W. M. Wood, W. P. Winston, J. H. Wilson, W. C Wade, Jas. T. Wrenn, J. E. Wright, I. C. Whitley, W. H. Winborne, J. W. (Enmmrnrrmntt irbatprs. PHILANTHROPIC. INTER-COLLEGIATE DEBATERS. ( btr Annual Cnmmrnrrmrnt Brbatr. Jimr. Uni2. (purru. Reso ird, That the Governineiit vShonld Abolish at Once all Tariff Except for Revenue. Alfirmatilu ' . (DlAI.IX TK J IvKSTER lyKOXIDAS PaKKER Roach Sidney Stewart KryatUir. I Pnn.AXTHRIll ' K.) Francis Sylvester Hasseli, Reiben Oscar Everett WON BY THE AFFIRMATIVE. FRATERNITIES 1 Sflta Kappa SpBtlnn. Founded, 1844, at Yale. COLORS: Crimson, Blue, and Gold. FRATERNITY JOURNAL: " The Delta Kappa Epsilon Qu iSnll nf Artibp QHjaptera. Phi, Yale University, 1S44 Theta, Bowdoin College, 1S44 Xi, Colby University, 1S45 Sigma, Amherst University, 1S46 Gamma, Vanderbilt University, 1846 Psi, University of Alabama, 1S47 Upsilon, Brown University, 1850 Chi, University of Mississippi, 1850 Beta, University of North Carolina, 1S51 Eta, University of Virginia, 1852 Kappa, Miami University, 1S52 Beta Phi, University of Rochester, 1S56 Phi Chi, Rutgers College, 1S56 Psi Phi, De Pauw University, 1S66 Gamma Phi, Wesleyan University, 1867 Psi Omega, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Beta Chi, Adelbert College, i8i)S IJelta Chi, Cornell University, 1870 Delta Delta, Chicago University, 1876 Phi Gamma, Syracuse University, 1871 Gamma Bet a, Columbia College, 1874 Lambda, Kenyon College, 1852 Pi, Dartmouth College, 1853 lota, Central University of Kentucky, 1S54 Alpha Alpha, Middlebury College, 1S54 Omicron, University of Michigan, 1855 Epsilon, Williams College, 1855 Rho, Lafayette College, 1855 Tau, Hamilton College, 1856 Mu, Colgate University, 1856 Nu, College of the City of New York, 1856 ,867 Theta Zeta, University of California, 1876 Alpha Chi, Trinity College, 1879 Phi Epsilon, University of Minnesota, 1880 Sigma Tau, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, 1S90 Tau Lambda, Tulane University, 1899 Alpha Phi, University of Toronto, 1900 Delta Kappa, University of Pennsylvania, 1900 Tau Alpha, McGill University, 1901 Sigma Rho, Leiand Stanford University, 1902 103 Alumui AaauriatiuuB. Delta Kappa Epsilon Ckih of New York City Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of New England The Northwestern Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Detroit Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of the Pacific Coast Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Washington Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Rhode Island Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Buffalo Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Kentucky Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Cleveland Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of the Northwest Eastern New ' nrk Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of Kochester Delta Kappa Epsilon Chib of Connecticut Mississippi ' alley Alumni Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon Chattanooga Southern Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon Western Michigan Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon Harvard Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa ICpsilon Association of Central New York Indiana Delta Kappa Epsilon Mountain Association of Delta Kappa ICpsilon Western Massachusetts Delta Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association Wisconsin Alimmi Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kajjpa Epsilon Association of Central Tennessee 104 Ipta (Uliaplrr. Established 1851. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. Francis Preston Vkxabi.e, Pli. D., President of the University. Baskervii.i.k, Ph. D., Profe.ssor of Chemistry. FRATER IN URBE. Brent Skinxhr Drank, A. B., 1902. FRATRES IN UNIVEKSITATE. Class of 1903. Hazei, Holland Robert Gilliam Lassitkr Class of 1904. William Dunn, Jr. C.korgk Gillette Thomas, Jr. Class of 1905. Paul Ernest Fogle Harrv McMullan Benjamin Kittrell Lassitkr Nathan Jordan Okr Ephraim Brevard Osborne Louis Gustavus Rountkee LAW. Frank Marion Wootkx Geor(;k Chanckllok Gkekn John Christoph Blucher Ehrin(;h. us Joseph Bunn Ramsey medicine. Class of 1903. Joseph Hubbard Saunders Class of 1904. Joseph Planner Patterson William Lloyd Sheep 105 Irta (Ulipta p. Founded at Miami College in 1839. (Tbaptpr iSnll. District I. Eta, Harvard Kappa, Brown Upsilon, Boston Beta Eta, Maine Beta Iota, Amherst Alpha Omega, Dartmouth Mu Epsilon, Wesleyan Phi Xi, Vale Beta Sigma, Boudoin District II. Betatiamma. Rutgers Beta Delta, Cornell Sigma, Stevens Beta Zeta, St. Lawrence Beta Theta, Colgate u. Union Alpha Alpha, Columbia Beta Epsilon, Syracuse District III. Canima. Washington-Jefferson Alpha Sigma, Dickinson Alpha Xi. Johns Hopkins Phi, Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon. Pennsylvania State College Beta . i, Lehigh District IV. Zeta, Hampden-Sidney Eta Beta, North Carolina Omicron, Virginia Phi Alpha, Davidson District V. Epsilon Central Beta Lambda, Vanderl)ilt Beta Omicron, Texas District X. Omega, California Lambda .Sigma, Leiand .S Beta Omega, Washington 109 District VI. -Alplia. Miami Beta Nu, Cincinnati Beta, Western Reserve Beta Kappa, Ohio Theta, Ohio Wesleyan Psi, Bethany . lplia Camma, Wittenberg -Alplia Eta, Denison -Alpha Lambda, Wooster Beta Alpha, Kenyon Theta Delta, Ohio State Beta I ' si, West " irginia District VII. Delta, De Pauw Pi. Indiana Tau, Wabash Iota, Hanover District VIII. Lambda, .Michigan .Alpha Xi, Kno.v .Xi, Beloit .Alpha Beta, Iowa Lambda Rho, Chicago .Alpha Epsilon, Ohio Wesleyan .Alplia Pi. Wisconsin Rlio, Northwestern Beta Pi, Minnesota .Sigma Rho, Illinois. District DC. .Alpha Delta, Westminster -Alpha Iota, Washington -Alpha Nu, Kansas -Alpha Zeta, Denver -Alpha Tau, Nebraska Zeta Phi, Missouri Beta Tau, Colorado tanfnrd State Alumni Oll7a:plrrB. Akron, O. Asheville, N. C. Hoston, Mass. Charleston, W. ' a. Chicago, 111. Cincinnati, O. Cleveland, O. Columbus, O. Denver, Colo. (;alesburg. 111. Hamilton, O. Indianapolis, Ind. Kansas City, Mo. Los Angeles, Cal. Memphis, Tenn. Miami County, {). Milwaukee, Wis. Minneapolis, Minn. Nashville, Tenn. New York City. Philadelphia, Fa. Pittsburg, Pa. Portland, Me. Providence, R. I. St. Louis, Mo. .San Antonio, ' Vex. San Francisco, Cal. .Sioux City, la. Springfield, O. .Syracuse, N. Y. Terre Haute, Ind. Toledo, (). Washington, D. C. Wheeling, W. Va. Zanesville, O. I Irta Sbrta p. Eta Ipta (Ehaptrr. Founded in 1852, as Star of the South Seven Fraternity: Consolidated with Beta Theta Pi. 1889. FRATER IN URBE. Rev. Wili.ia.m H. Mkadk. I). D. FRATER IN FACULTATE. Ai.viN Sawyick WhKEI.IvR. Artibp iHrmlipra. LAW. William Washington Francis Asbi ' rv GruciEK MEDICINE. Akthik Thcjmas Pkitcharh Hknkv Hii.i. Harrison PHARMACY. Bernard Y. nckv Gra ks Class of 1903. Gaston Gilbert Gali.away Class of 1905. William Sterlini; Koulhac Hfbert Barnard Gudger William Poindexter Hill Willia.m Fisher ■ ■ ■ s " m d«i»c mm « ' t .jf Founded at the Universrty of Alabama in 1 856. COLORS: PUBLICATION: Old Gold and Purple. The Record and Phi Alpha ' Secret) Province Alpha. University of Maine (Maine Alplia), Orono, Maine. Boston University (Massachusetts Beta Upsilon), Boston, Mass. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts lotaTau), Boston. Mass. Harvard University ' (Massachusetts Gamma), Cambridge, Mass. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts Delta). Worcester, Mass. Province Beta. Cornell University (.New York Alphai, Illiaca, N. V. Columbia University (New York Mu), New York, N. Y. .St. Stephens College (New York Sigma Phi), Annandale-on-I hidsoii, . , N . Allegheny College (Pennsylvania Omega), Meadville, Pa. Dickin.son College (Pennsylvania -Sigma Phi), Carlisle, Pa. Pennsylvania State College (Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta), State College. Pa. Bucknell University (Pennsylvania Zeta), Lewisburg, Pa. Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania Delta), Gettysburg, Pa. University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Theta), Philadelphia, Pa. Province Gamma. University of Virginia (Virginia Omicron), Charlottesville, Va. Washington and Lee University (Virginia Sigma), Lexington, Va. University of North Carolina (North Carolina . i), Chapel Hill, N. C. Davidson College (North Carolina Theta), Davidson, N. C. Wofford College (South Carolina Ciamma), Spartanburg, S. C. University of Georgia (Georgia Beta), Athens, (ia. Mercer University (Georgia Psi), Macon, (la. Emory College (Georgia Epsilon), O.xford, Ga. Georgia School of Technology (Georgia Phi), .Atlanta, Ga. Province Delta. University of Michigan (Michigan lota Beta), Ann Arbor, Mich. Adrian College (Michigan Alpha), Adrian, Midi. Mt. Union College (Ohio Sigma), Alliance, O. Ohio Wesleyan University (Ohio Delta), Delaware, Ohio. University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon), Cincinnati, Ohio. Ohio State University (Ohio Theta), Columbus, Ohio. Franklin College (Indiana Alpha), Franklin, Ind. Purdue University (Indiana Beta), LaFayette, Ind. Northwestern University (Illinois Psi Oniegai, Evanston, III University of Illinois (Illinois Beta), Urbana, 111. Province Epsilon. Central University (Kentucky Kappa), Richmond, Ky. Bethel College (Kentucky lotat, Russellville, Ky. Kentucky State College (Kentucky Epsilon), Lexington, Ky. Southwestern Presbyterian I ' niversity (Tennessee Zetal, Clarksville, Tenn. Cumberland I ' niversity (Tennessee Lambda), Lebanon, Tenn. Vanderbilt L ' niversity (Tennessee Nu), Nashville, Tenn. University of Tennessee (Tennessee Kappal, Knoxville, Tenn. I ' niversity of the South (Tennessee Omega), Sewanee, Tenn. Southwestern Baptist University (Tennessee Eta), Jackson, Tenn. University of Alabama (Alabama Mu), L ' niversity, Ala. .Soutliern L ' niversity (Alabama Iota), Greensboro, Ala. Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Alabama Alpha Mu), Auburn, Ala. Province Zeta. University of Missouri (Missouri Alpha), Columbia, Mo. Washington University (Missouri Beta), St. Louis, Mo. University of Nebraska (Nebraska Lambda), Lincoln, Neb. University of Arkansas (Arkansas Alpha L ' psilon), Fayetteville, Ark. Province Eta. University of Colorado (Colorado Chii, Boulder, Colo. Denver University (Colorado Zeta), Denver, Colo. Leland Stanford, Jr., I ' niversity (California Alpha), Palo Alto, Cal. University of California (California Beta), Berkeley, Cal. Province Theta. Louisiana State University (Louisiana Epsilon), Baton Rouge, La. Tulane L ' niversity (Louisiana Tau Upsilon), New Orleans, La. L ' niversity of Mississippi (Mississippi Gamma), I ' niversity, Miss. University- of Texas (Texas Rho), Austin, Texas. New Chapters. University of Chicago. University of Kansas. University of Wisconsin, Virginia Military Institute. Colorado .School of Mines. Ii6 Aliuuni Aaaariatinna. Boston, Mass. Augusta, Ga. Chicago, 111. Kno.xville, Tenn. Washington, D. C. Denver, Colo. Louisville, Ky. New York City Savannah, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. Detroit, Mich. Worcester, Mass. Wilmington, N. C. Macon, Ga. Pittsburg, Pa. Alliance, O. Jackson, Miss. Cleveland, Ohio. -St. Louis, Mo. Greenville, S. C. Charlotte, N. C. Atlanta, Ga. Cincinnati, Ohio. Kansas City, Mo. New Orleans, La. Birmingham, Ala. San Francisco, Cal. Pittsburg, Pa. I 117 §t5ma Alpl|a lEpHtbn. Nortlr (Earnliua Xi (Ei|a|JtPr. Established 1857; Suspended 1862; Reestablished 1886 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. Edward Vkknon Howiuj., A. B., Ph. G. Clarence Albert Shore, B. S., M. S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. James Breeden (iiBS(jN, A. B. Henrv Mauger London, A. B. Michael Schenck medicine. William Kov.m. J ' ;n(;ei. Sajuel Lanier Stringfield post-graduate. Reston vStevenson, A. H. Class of 1903. Graham Harris Andrews Wii.i.i.a.m Jones Gordon Green Ramsey Berkeley Bartholo.mew Fuller Hlske Ct ' RTis Ashley Bvnum John Henry McAden, Jr. Milton Calder James Battle Thorpe Class of 1904. Addison Gorgas Brenizek, Jr. Graham Kenan Albert Lyman Cox Theodore Davidson Morrison- Fred MOIR H. NES W ILI.IAM ASBT ' RY Whitaker, Jr. Class of 1905. Frank Roserurgh Bailey Thomas Cowan McAden Thomas ED VIN Brown Thomas Davis Meares, Jr. Francis Augustus Cox Herbert Henry Moses Walter Robertson Taliaferro, Jr. Henry Venable Worth ii8 i ■V bw 1 1 7 96 :!fl sE B " " ' iH »•■ it f iP 1 V i 21 -1 «Pj8 ItU Pat. Founded in 1846 at the University of the City of New York. COLOR : Whiti Siill nf Artilir (Uhaptrra. Phi, University of City of New York. Zeta, Williams College, Williamston, Massachusetts. Delta, Rutgers College, New Brunwick, New Jersey. Sigma, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Chi, Colby University, Waterville, Maine. Kpsilon, Brown llniversity. Providence, Rhode Island. Kappa, Tufts College, College Hill, Massachusetts. Tau, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. Upsilon, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. ' i. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Lambda, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. Beta, L ' niversity of ' irginia, Charlottesville, ' a. Psi, Cornell L ' niversity, Ithaca, New York. Iota, Lfniversity of California, I5erkeley, California. Theta Xi. l ' niversity of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. Alpha, Columbia College. New York City. Alpha Psi, McC.ill University, Montreal, Quebec. Nu, Case School of Applied Sciences, Cleveland, Ohio. ?-ta, Yale l ' niversity. New Haven, Connecticut. Mu, Leland Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. Alpha Beta, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alumtti ABsnriatinna. Central Association of Zeta I ' si, .S West :2cith Street, New York City. Pacific Association of Zeta I ' si, 310 Pine Street, San Francisco, California. Northwestern Association of Zeta Psi, 306 Opera House Block, Chicago. Capital Association of Zeta Psi, S Iowa Circle, Washington, D. C. Philadelphia Association of Zeta Psi, 2107 Walnut .Street, Philadelphia. 2rta hl Ipsilnu C£haptrr. Established 1858: Suspended 1868: Reorganized 1885. CHAPTER COLOR: Garret. FRATER IN FACULTATE. Cii. Ki.i-:s ' I.IvS M. M;r.M, I ' li. I ' .., M. D. GRADUATE STUDENTS. I.oiTis Gk.. vi;s Ivf.v 1m)ki:: i ax Lkwis Class of 1903. Wii.i.iAM Fredkkic Cakk Thu: ias Lknoik Cwvx Alfred Vii.i.ia:vi.s Haywood, Jk. Eaki.ic Pknd!.i:ton Hoi.t James Lathkoi Mokkhead Hkxkv (ikav Tirxek WinTMEi.r, Hii.r, ' i-;hh Class of 1904. Fi.ETcin:K Hakki. ' ox Gkiuiokv Alexander H. miltox Joxes James Hokxek W ' lxs ' idx Mak. ' hall Cork Statox Class of 1905. Claibokx McI)o vi-i.i. Cakk HrnHRT Hi:xnr ?y HA vooD John Cheshire Tiio lx.s Hill Hamilton McRaky Joxes Hi xky Hvmax Phillips medicine. William Hoptox Smith Alpha (Hau ©mrga. €l|aptrr lull. Province I : Alabama and Georgia. Alabama Alpha Epsilon, Agricultural and Mechanical College, Auburn. Alabama Beta Beta, Southern University, Greensboro. Alabama Beta Delta, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. ( " leorgia Alpha Beta, University of (leorgia, Athens. (ieorgia Alpha Theta, Emory College, Oxford. (ieorgia Alpha Zeta, Mercer University, Macon. Georgia Beta lota, Scliool of Technology, Atlanta. Province II : California, Colorado, Louisiana, and Texas. California Gamma lota. University of California, Berkeley. Colorado Gamma Lambda, L ' niversity of Colorado, Boulder. Louisiana Beta Epsilon, Tulane Llniversity, New Orleans. Texas Gamma Eta, University of Texas, Austin. Province III : Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Nebraska. Illinois Gamma Zeta, University of Illinois, Champaign. Indiana Gamma Gamma, Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute. Michigan Alpha Mu, Adrian College, Adrian. Michigan Beta Kappa, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale. Michigan Beta Omicron, Albion College, Albion. Nebraska Gamma Theta, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Kansas Gamma Mu, University of Kansas, Lawrence. Minnesota Gamma Mu, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Province IV: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Maine Beta Upsilon, University of Maine, Orono. Maine Gamma Alpha, Colby College, Waterville. Massachusetts Gamma Beta, Tufts College. Rhode Island Gamma Delta, Brown University, Providence. Vermont Beta Zeta, University of Vermont, Burlington. 125 Province V : New York and Pennsylvania. New York Alpha Oraicron. St. Lawience University, Canton. New York Alpha Lambda, Columbia University, New York. New York Beta Theta, Cornell University, Ithaca . Pennsylvania Alpha Iota, Muhlenberg College, AUentown. Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg. Pennsylvania Alpha Pi, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington. Penn.sylvania Tau, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Province VI : North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. North Carolina Alpha Delta, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. .North Carolina Xi, Trinity College, Durham. South Carolina Beta Xi, College of Charleston. Virginia Delta, University of ' irginia, Charlottesville. Province VII : Ohio. Ohio Alpha Xu, Mt. Union College. Alliance. t)hio Alpha Psi, Wittenberg College, Springfield. Ohio Beta Eta, Wesleyan University, Delaware. Ohio Beta Mu, Wooster University, Wooster. Ohio Beta Omega, .State University, Columbus. Ohio Gamma Kappa, Western Reserve University, Cleveland. Province VIII : Tennessee. Tennessee Alpha Tau, Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tennessee Beta Pi, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee Beta Tau, .Southwestern Baptist University. Jackson. Tennessee Omega. Universitv of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee Pi, Universitv of Tennessee, l no, ville. lEitii auft tatr Aluimii Assoriattmts. AUeiitowii Alumni Association. No. i) .South 5th St.. .Allentown. I ' a. Augusta Alumni Association, Augusta, Ga. Birmingham .Alumni .Association, Montgomery, .Ala. Boston .Alumni Association, Le.vington, .Mass. Chicago .Alumni Association, Chicago, 111. Cleveland Alumni Association. Cleveland, (). Dallas Alumni .Association, Dallas, Te. as. Dayton .Alumni Association. Dayton, Ohio. District of Columbia .Alumni Association. Vashini;lon. D. t " . Georgia Alumni .Association. .Atlanta, (ia. Louisville Alumni Association, Louisville, Ky. New York Alumni .As.sociation. 149 Broadway, New York City. Pittsburg .Alumni .Association, Pittsburg, Pa. Tennessee .Alumni .Association, izt) .North College Street. Nashville. Texas .Alumni .Association. Dallas, Texas. 127 Alpha ®au (l mrga. Norti) (Earnltna Alplta irlta (Ehaptpr. Established 1879. COLORS: Old Gold and Sky Blue. FLOWER: White Tea Ros FBATER IN FACULTATE. Thom. s Riitin, I). C. L. FRATRES IN URBE. R. vS. M. cR. K J. C. MacR.xk, Jr . B. L. FRATRES IN TJNIVERSITATE. Class of 1903. Bi-RKE Haywood Briixjkks (;kokgk Cinningham Wokth John Rkston Gilks Fkhston Cimming, Jk. Class of 1904. Severn- Green Haigh John Henry Pearson Class of 1905. William Miller Wilson Henry Stewart I,k vis Willia.m Alexander Heartt LAW. Henry Blolnt Short. Jr., A. B. Howard C. Curtis pharmacy. Holley M. Bell 128 18 65-1302 KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY. Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865. COLORS : PUBLICATIONS : Gold and Crimson. Kappa Alpha Journal and Special Messenger (Secret " . Artibp (Hl aptprs. Alpiia, Wasliiiigton and University, I.e.xiiigton, ' a. Gamma, University of (leorgia, Athens, Cla. Delta, Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. Epsilon, Emory College, 0. £ord, CI a. Zeta, Kandolph-Macon College, Ashland, " a. Eta, Richmond College, Richmond, Va. Theta, Kentucky State College, Le.xington, Ky. Kappa, Mercer University, Macon, (ia. Lambda, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Nu, Polytechnic Institute, A. M. College, Auburn, Ala. Xi. .Southwestern University, Georgetown, Te. as. Omicron, L ' niversity of ' I ' e.xas, Austin, Te.xas. Pi, University of Tennessee, Kno.wille, Tcnn. .Sigma, Davidson College, Mecklenburg Co., N. C. Upsilon, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Phi, Southern l ' niversity, (Jreensboro, Ala. Chi, ' anderljih University, Nashville, Tenn. Psi, Tulane L ' niversity, New Orleans, La. Omega, Centre College, Danville, Ky. Alpha Alpha, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Alpha Beta, University of Alabama, University, Ala. Alpha Gamma, Louisiana .State University, 15aton Rouge, La. Alpha Delta, William Jewell College, Liberty, .Mo. -Alpha Epsilon, .S. V. P. University, Clarksville, Tenn. Alpha Zeta, William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va. Alpha Eta, Westminster College, Fulton, .Mo. Alpha Theta, Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky, Alpha Iota, Centenary College, Jackson, La. Alpha Kappa, Missouri State L ' niversity, Columbia, Mo. Alpha Lambda, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Alpha Mu, Millsaps College, Jackson, MLss. Alpha Nu, Columbian University, Washington, 1). C. Alpha Xi, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. Alpha Omicron, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, . rk Alpha Pi, Leland Stanford, Jr., l ' niversity, Stanford l ' niversity P. O., Cal Alpha Rho, University of West Virginia, Morganton, W. Va. Alplia Sigma, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tail, Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, ' a. Alpha Upsilon, I ' niversity of Mississippi, University, Miss. Alpha Phi, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. Alpha Chi, Kentucky Wesleyan University, Winchester, Ky. Alpha Psi, Florida State College. Alpha Omega, North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College. Alumut (£l|a|Jtrrfi. Richmond, ' a. Augusta, Ga. Raleigh, N. C. Jacksonville, Fla. Chattanooga, Tenn. lackson, Miss. Dallas, Te. . New York, N. V. Lexington, Ky. Macon, Ga. Meridian, Mis.s Montgomery, . l.i Norfolk, Va. St. Louis, Mo. ,San Francisco, Cal. .Ale.xandria, La. Mobile, Ala. I ' ctershurg, Va. Atlanta, Ga. Staunton, ' a. ( Hampton, ' a. Newport News, ' a. Talladega, Ala. Franklin, La. tnlr Asaoriatious. Kappa Alpha State As.sociation of Missouri.— C. E. Dicken, President: R. S. Branch, .Secretary and Treasurer; G. M. Christian, Historian. Kappa Alpha State Association of Georgia.— Julian B. McCurry, President; B. L. Crew, ' ice-President ; W. G. Solomon, Secretary; G. D. Blount, Treasurer. Kappa Alpha State Association of Kentucky. — R. C. Stoll, President; " . O. Sweeny, ' ice-President : Nathan Elliott, Secretary ; William C. .Smith, Treasurer. Kappa Alpha State Association of Alabama. — J. A. Henderson, President; J. H. Skegfjs, ' ice President ; J. B. Farrior, Secretary. Kappa Alpha State Association of North Carolina.— H. A. Foushee, President: C. M. Cooke, Jr., ice-Presidcnt ; de Roulliac Hamilton, Secretary; R. S. McGeachy, Treasurer. 132 iKa;j:pa Kiplm, l isilnu (Ehapter. Established 1881. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. RiciiAKi) Hakkv Whitehead, A. P ., M. D. J ,;r i .} ; ,,! Pcparlmeiit. Chapel I HI!. . . C . Ilri[i-:KT Asni,i:v Uonstku, A. 15., M. I). Ih in M, ' li,al n,- par Inn- lit. RaU-ii;Ii, . . C. Koiii;ivT Sin:K (i()i Mc( ' .E. cin ' , A. B., M. ' . .Issistniit ill Surgery ami Gyiu ology. JiisHiA W ' ai.kek Goki;, C. Iv. Prpfcs. :or Pliysus. CiiAKi.i;s Ai.i ' SMnii, I ' li I). Professor of l .iiglish Language. fratres in universitate. John Langhorne Bakha.m David Archie Bui.luck Lawrence Shacklekord Hoi,t, Jr. Franci.s Sylvester Hasseli. James Wii.ev Horner William Picard Jacocks Ja:mks Emory Mann Williams McKim Marriott Leon Burns Newell Sheppard Turner Pender Joseph Powell Speight 133 pin irlta (Ebrfa. Founded at Miami University, 184! COLORS: Argent and Azure. FUELiCATCM: " Scroll " and " Palladium " (Secret) (Ctjaptrr IKnll. Alpha Province. Quebec Alpha, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Maine Alpha, Colby University, Waterville, Me. New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College, Hanover, X. H. ermont Alpha, University of Vermont, Burlington, ' t. Massachusetts Alpha, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. Massachusetts Beta, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University, Providence, K. I. New York Alpha, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. New York Beta, Union College, Schenectady, N. Y. New York Delta, Columbia I ' niversity, New York, N. Y. New York Epsilon, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. Pennsylvania Gamma, Washington and Jefferson College, Wasliington, Pa. Pennsylvania Delta, Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Pennsylvania Epsilon, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. Pennsylvania Zeta, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Pennsylvania Eta, Lehigh I ' niversity, .South Bethlehem. Pa. Beta Province. Virginia Beta, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Virginia Gamma, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. Virginia Zeta, Washington and Lee LIniversity, Lexington, Va. North Carolina Beta, L ' niversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Kentucky Alplia, Centre College, Danville, Ky. Kentucky Delta, Central University, Richmond, Ky. Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Tennessee Beta, University of the South, .Sewanee, Tenn. Gamma Province. Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Georgia Beta, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Georgia Gamma, Mercer LIniversity, Macon, Ga. Georgia Delta, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Alabama Alpha, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Alabama Beta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. 137 Delta Province. Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Ohio Beta. Ohio Wesleyan llniversity, Delaware. Ohio. Ohio Oaiiima, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Ohio Kta, Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio Theta, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Epsilon Province. Indiana .A.lpha, Indiana University. lilooniint;ton, Ind. Indiana Beta, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. Indiana (iamnia, Butler College, Irvington, Ind. Indiana Delta, Franklin College, Franklin. Ind. Indiana Kpsilon, Hanover College, Hanover, hid. Indiana Zeta, De Bauw University, (neencastle, Ind. Indiana Theta, Purdue University, LaFayette, Ind. Zeta Province. Illinois .Mpha, Northwestern University, l- ' . , iiston, 111, Illinois Beta. Chicago I ' niversity, Chicago, 111. Illinois Delta, Kno.x College, Cxalesburg, 111. Illinois Kta, University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. Illinois Zeta, Lombard College, Galesburg, 111. Wisconsin Alpha, Unisersity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn, Iowa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Iowa Beta, I ' niversity of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Missouri .Alpha, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Missouri 15eta, Westminster College, Fulton, Mo. Missouri (lamma, Washington University, St. I.ouis, Mo. Kansas . " Ipha, University of Kansas, I awrence, Kansas. Nebraska Alplia, I ' niversity of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nelx Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Eta Province. Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi, University, Miss. Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Texas Beta, University of Texas, Aus tin, Texas. Texas Gamma, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. Theta Province. California Alpha, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. California Beta, Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Menio Park. Cal Washington Alpha, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. 138 Aluimti (Cki itrrs. Boston, Mass. Harvard University, Mass. Providence, R. I. New York. N. V. .Syracuse, N. V. Schenectady, X. V. Baltimore, Md, Pittsburg, Pa. Philadelphia, i ' a. Washington, I). C. Richmond, ' a. Louisville. Kv. Nashville, ' I ' enn. Columbus, ( ' .a. Atlanta, (ia. Macon, (la. Montgomery, Ala. Selma. Ala, Birmingham, .Ala. .Mobile, Ala. New Orleans, La. Cincinnati, Ohio. .Akron, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio. Athens, Ohio. Toledo, Ohio. Hamilton, Ohio. Detroit, Mich. Franklin, Ind. Indianapolis. Ind. Crawfordsville, I ml. Chicago, 111. (ialesbing. 111. Bloomington, 111. LaCrosse, W ' i-,. Milwaukee. Wis. Menasha, Wis. Mhincapolis and St. Paul, -Minn, Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Omaha, Neb. Denver, Col. .Meridian, Miss. .Austin, Tex. Salt Lake City, Utah. .San Francisco, Cal. I.os Angeles, Cal, .Spokane, Wash. Seattle, Wash, I ' .S9 fh ' x irlta Oibrta. North (Earnliua Srta (Eha;itpr. Organized in 1885. frater in urbe. Fkedekic Gkkkn Pattkksun fratres in facultate. William Stanley Bernard James Dowden Bruner Artilir lUrmbrrs. Hugh Hammond Bennett Eugene Brownlee John Donnelly Thomas Pennington Endicott Charles Upchurch Harris Felix Thomas Hickerson Thomas Leak Parsons James Carey Petty William Frank Smathers John Howell Smathers Hubert Raymond Weller James Leak Wyatt Paul W. Yelverton 140 SIGMA NU FRATERNITY. Founded at the Virginia Military Institute COLORS : Gold, Black, and White. FLOWER : White Rose. Journal : Delt (Cl?aptfr Soil- First. Division. Beta, 1870, University of ' irginia, Charlottesville, ' a. Epsilon, 1S83, Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va, Lambda, 1S82, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, ' a. Psi, 188S, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Beta Tan, 1S95, North Carolina A. and M., Raleigh, N. C. Second Division. Theta, 1874, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Iota, 1879, Howard College, East Lake, Ala, Upsilon, 1886, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Phi, 18S7, Louisiana .State University, Baton Rouge, La. Beta Theta, iSyo, .Alabama Polyteclinic Institute, Auburn, Ala, Third Division. Omicron, 18S4, Bethel College, Russellville, Ky, Sigma, 1SS6, ' anderbilt L ' niversity, Nashville, Tenn. Gamma Iota, moj. Stale College of Kenturky, Lexington, Ky. Fourth Division. Nu, 1S84, Kansas .State University, Lawrence, Kan. Rho, 18S6, Missouri State Lhiiversity, Columbus, Mo. Beta Mu, 1S93, State L ' niversity of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Beta . i, 1894, William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo, Gamma Eta, 1901, State School of Mines, Golden, Colorado. Gamma Kappa, 11102, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. Fifth Division. Pi, 18S4, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa. Beta Sigma, 1S9S, University of ' ermont, Burlington, V ' t. (lamma Delta, 1900, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J, Cramma Epsilon, 1900, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. Gamma Theta, 1901, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. V, ' 43 Sixth Division. Eta, 1884, Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Kappa, 1881, Nortli Georgia Agricultural College, Dahlonega, Ga. Mu, 1873, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Xi, 1884, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Gamma Alplia, 1S96, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Seventh Division. Beta Beta, 1890, De Pauw I ' niversity, Greencastle, Ind. Beta Zeta, 1891, Purdue University, LaFayette, Ind. Beta Eta, 189;, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind. Beta Iota, 1892, Mt. Union College, Alliance, O. Beta Nu, 1S91, Ohio State University, Columbus, O. Beta Upsilon, 1895, Rose Polytechnic Institute. Terre Haute. Ind. Gamma Beta, iSijS, Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. Gamma (jamma, 1895, Albion College, Albion, Mich. Gamma Lambda, 1902, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Gamma Mu, 1902. University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. Gamma Nu, 1002, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Delta Theta, iSqf, Lombard University, Galesburg, 111. Eighth Division. Beta Chi, 1891, Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Stanford, Cal. Beta Psi, 1892, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. Gamma Chi, iSq6, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. Gamma Zeta, 1900, L ' niversity of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. 144 Allen, Talbot Murray Clement, Edward Beuhler Clement, Hayden Davis, Henry Wiley Emerson, Horace Mann George, John Francis Gilmer, Joseph Brai ' ner Graham, George Washington, Jr. Latta, Albert Whitehead Long, Jacob Elmer MacNider, George St. Clair Murphy, James Bumgardner Rountree, Jack Robert Tankersley, James William 145 Founded at the University of Bologna, Italy, 1400 : Established at the University of Virginia, 1867. FLOWER: Lily of the Valley. COLORS : Scarlet, White, ana PUBLICATIONS: The Caduceus and Crescent and Star (Secr( (El aptrr Soil. Dist rict. I. D, G. M., Dr. J. S. Ferguson, 330 W. 28th St., New York City. Psi, University of Maine, Orono, Me., Lincoln R. Colcord, Kappa Sigma House. Alpha Rho, Bowdoin CoIIese, Brunswick, Me., M. J. Shaughnessy. Beta Kappa, New Hampshire College, Durham, N. H., Lester Hill, Kappa Sigma House. Alpha Lambda, L ' niversity of ' ermont, Burlington, ' t., Irwin Spear. Beta Alpha, Brown University, Providence, R. 1., Allen F. Westcott. District. II. Alpha Alpha, L niversity of Maryland, Baltimore, Md. Pi, Swarthmore College, .Swarthmore, Pa. Alpha Delta, Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. Alpha Eta, Columbian University, Washington, D. C. Alpha Epsilon, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Kappa, Cornell Llniversity, Ithaca, N. V. Alpha Phi, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa. Beta Delta, Washington and Jeft ' erson College, Washington, Pa. Beta lota, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. Beta Pi, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. Dist.rict HI. Delta, Davidson College, Davidson, N. C. Upsilon, Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, ' a. Zeta, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Eta, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, ' a. Nu, William and ISLary College, Williamsburg, Va. Beta Beta, Richmond College, Richmond, ' a. Eta Prime, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. Alpha Mu, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. 149 District. IV. Heta University of Alabama, University, Ala. .Alpha Beta, Mercer University, Macon, da. Alpha Nu, Wofford College, .Spartanburg, S. C. .Alpha Tau, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. 15eta Eta. Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. Heta Lambda, University of Georgia, Athens, Cia. Dist rict. V. Theta, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. Kappa, V ' anderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Lambda, L ' niversity of Tenne.ssee. Kno.wille, Tenn. Phi, Southwestern Presbyterian L ' niversity, Clarksville, Tenn. Omega, L ' niversity of the .South, Sewanee, Tenn. Alpha Theta, Southwestern Baptist L ' niversity, Jackson, Tlmui, Beta Nu, Kentucky State College, Le.xington, Ky. District VI. Alpha Upsilon, Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss, (iamma, Louisiana .State L ' niversity, Baton Rouge, La. Kpsilon, Centenary College, Jackson, La. .Sigma, Tulane L ' niversity, New Orleans, La. lota. Southwestern LIniversity, (leorgetown, Te.x. ' Pan, University of Texas, Austin, Tex. District. VII. . i, L ' niversity of .Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. Alpha Omega, William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo. Beta Gamma, Missouri State L ' niversity, Columbia, Mo. Beta .Sigma, Washington L ' niversity, .St. Louis, Mo. Alpha Psi, L ' niversity of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Beta Tau, Baker University, Baldwin, Kansas. Beta Omicron, L ' niversity of Denver, L ' niversity Park, Colo. Dist.rict, VIII. .Alpha Sigma, Ohio State L ' niversity, Columlius, Ohio. Chi, Purdue L ' niversity, LaFayette, Ind. Alpha Pi, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. Beta Theta, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind. Alpha Gamma, LJniversity of Illinois, Champaign, 111. Alpha Chi, Lake Forest L ' niversity, Lake Forest, 111. Alpha Zeta, L ' niversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Beta Epsilon, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Beta Mu, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Beta Rho, L ' niversity of Iowa, Iowa City, la. Dist rict IX. Beta Zeta, Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Stanford L ' niversity, Cal. Beta . i, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 150 Ahtntui (l!ha;itrrB. Boston, Mass, Danville, Va. Waco, Tex. Washington, I). C. xNorfolk, ' a. Yazoo City, Miss. Atlanta, Ga. Philadelphia, Penn. New Orleans, La. New York City. Chicago, 111. Indianapoli; Ind. Pine Bluff, Ark. Ruston, La. St. Louis, Mo. Buffalo, N. Y. Memphis, Tenn. Chihuahua, Me.xico. San Francisco, Cal. Pittsburg, Pa. I Mplm Mn CHhaptrr. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. Marcus Cicero Stephens Nobi.e James Edward Mii.i.s, Ph. D. fratres in universitate. Mathews Hicks Allen Lloyd Daniels William Lawrence Grimes Dermot Shemwell Lawrence Archdale Tomlinson Charles Thomas Woollen James Franklin Wooten Lloyd Kirby Wooten 152 n KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY. p 2Ca a Alalia. Founded at the University of Virginia, 1868. COLORS: publication: Old Gold and Garnet. Shield and Diamond. Arlibc (Chaplrrs. Alpha, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, ' irginia. Beta, Davidson College, North Carolina. Gamma, William and Mary College, Williamsbiug, Virginia. Zeta, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenne.ssee. Theta, S. W. P. University, Clarksville, Tennessee, luta, Hampden-Sidney, ' irginia. Kappa, Kentucky University, Le.xington, Kentucky. Mu, Presbyterian College, Clinton, .South Carolina. Nu, Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Omicron, Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia. Pi, Washington and Lee University, Le. ington, Virginia. Rho, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee. Sigma, ' anderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Tau, L ' niversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Upsilon, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Alabama. Phi, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia. Chi, University of the South. Sewanee, Tennessee. Psi, Georgia Agricultural College, Dahlonega, Georgia. Omega, Kentucky State College, Le.xington, Kentucky. Alpha Alpha, Trinity College, Durham, North Carolina. Alpha Beta, Centenary College, Jackson, Louisiana. Alpha (iamma, Louisiana State LTniversity, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Alumni (Eliaptpra. Alumnus Alpha Richmond, Virginia Alumnus Beta Memphis, Tennessee Alumnus Gamma White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia Alumnus Delta Charleston, South Carolina Alumnus Epsilon Norfolk, Virginia Alumnus Zeta Dillon, South Carolina Alumnus Eta New Orleans, Louisiana Alumnus Theta Dallas, Texas Alumnus Iota Kno.wille, Tennessee Alumnus Kappa Charlottesville, ' irginia 155 (Uau (Elmptrr. Established at University of North Carohna, 1897. FRATER IN FACULTATE. AuorsTrs Washixgtox Knox, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Class of 1904. J.VMKS PrKSTOX IkWIX KrNKST Fr.XNKLIN BOH.A.NNON Class of 1905. Thom. .s Jkfferson Moore Houston Boyd Hiatt pharmacy. Thojias Fi.ovn Rhodes medicine. Oswald Ottmar Kafer Ai.pheus Wood Disosway Ha:«ner Carson Irwin 156 cEltr Nmt-iFratB. ' V ' ET NO ONE think when he has glanced through tlic Vacki;tv Yack at the group pictures of the several fraternities, that he has seen, face to face, • the whole of the University population. He hasn ' t seen even the half, for there is a larpcr group — too large even for a picture — and must, therefore, for their representative as a class depend upon this brief article. This larger group are the non-fraternity men. Neither should the reader allow himself to fall into the erroneous notion that the fraternities have innciwe l out all the wheat and only wheat, and that they have left all the chafT and only chaff. The truth is, it is not a winnowing process, neither is any such result obtainetl. The line of division is not drawn according to any fundamental elements of character or traits of personal worth; but is largely a matter of social inclination or custom, as the influence of personal friendships. What we wish to make clear is, that the term " ' non-frat " is in no sense a reproach, liut we find men wearing this title just as proudly as their fraternity classmates wear their Greek-letter pins. In fact, there are man Ici whom the term " non-frat " is a deliberately chosen title. Iliese believe in the spirit of the freest possible fellowshi]). and upon this groinid stand aloof from orders whicli they believe (whether correctly or incorrectl . it is not the purpose of this article to say) tend to check this s]Mrit in its growth. There is another class— those who have never stopped " to reason why. " but have cast their lot with the n(jn- fraternity men just as naturalK as tlu ' duck seeks the pond, or the lark seeks the meadow. They have as little neiil of fraternities as fraternities have of them. They find a brotherhood in noii-fr;iteniit ranks that stiits tlietn. and ;ire (|uite content with their lot. ( )f course, the dtlier fellow exists in cnllegr life, as he does everywhere else — the fellnw who wishes to be in a circle where he can not go, and is rather unwelcome upun the company with which he uuisl remain. But there are not manv of this last class, atid we trust their mnuber grows less each year. It is in college politics that the lines are most strictly drawn, and the firing most rapid between the frats and the non-frats. Unfortunately, men on both sides in these contests place party allegiance above personal wortii. . s a result of these contests the non-frats boast that they to-day enjoy by far the larger 157 share of political spoils. They have the presidencies and many of the chief ofifices of all the academic classes. The editors-in-chief and business managers of both the Magazine and the Tarheel are non-frats. Three of the sub-marshals are like- wise of this element. But the proudest boast of the non-fraternity men is not the reaping of honors in college politics, but that in every phase of university life " where men rise by might of merit. " non-frats are found in creditable numbers. Though the average non-fraternity man enters college without so good a pre- paratory training as his more fortunate fraternity friend, yet for the past three years, half of the men whose scholarship has entitled them to membershi]) in the Alpha Theta Phi have come from the non-frats. (Jut nf the twelve men who have represented the University in intercollegiate debates during the past three years, eleven have been non-fraternity men. For the past three commencements all but two of the commencement orators have been non-frats, and upon each of these occasions a non-frat has borne away the Mangum medal. Upon the athletic field the record of this element is not so flattering as in intellectual contests. Still it is nothing to be ashamed of. .Many of these men find abundant exercise in some employment b} ' which they are paying their way through college, and consequently are not found upon the athletic field. But both the football and the baseball teams numl)er among their best men some who are non-frats. Especially does last fall ' s football team owe much of its glory to non-frats. In the liallroom. upon the liver inan ' s account-lmnk. and at x ' arious social functions, our non-frat friend may be conspicuous only fur his alisence : but in every phase of college life where brawn and brain and work and manhood are the only recjuirements, he claims and honors a ])lace. 158 Alalia ©lirta pit 0iutrti|. iH lll ' lRE shall be two times of cleetion. The first shall be as soon as I praeticable after the end of the fall examinations; the second as soon as practicable after the end of the spring examinations. At each of these times the I ' resident of the Society shall present to the Registrar of the University a list of such students as he believes to be eligible for membership, including in the list all students who make bona-fidc application to him to be included in the list. The Registrar shall be requested to examine the records of the several students on the list and to report as to the eligiijility of each in accordance with the following requirements : 1. A stude nt may be tested for eligibility at two periods of his college course : (o) He may be tested when he shall have atlaineil for the first time a credit of not less than 75 half hours. (b) When he shall have attained for the first time a credit of 120 or more half hours. Pnri ' idcd: {a) ' I ' hat the said 73 or more half hours, or the said 120 or more half hours shall include all work required by the catalog to the middle of the conventional Junior year or the end of the conventional Senior year, respectively, as prescribed for any cause leading to graduation. {b) That they shall include only such work as shall have been pursued in a regular college course here, entrance credits being excluded. Moreover, the hours must be credited on the Registrar ' s book. (c) That no work ])ursue(l in a regular college course here may in any case be excludetl from the count. (( ) That a student is entitled in have his eligibilil ' tested at onl ' the two periods set forth: namely, when he shall for the first time have attained a min- imum registered credit (jf any 75 half hours or a niininnim registered credit of any 120 half hours. 2. The minimum average grade of two nuist be attained on the half hours listed as above required. If this grade be thus attained the candidate shall be declared eligiljle and must be initiated into the Society. Students entering this University from other colleges or universities of equal rank with this University may consider grades attained at such other insti- tution precisely as if attained in regular courses here, but nuist satisfy tlie Presi- dent of the Society of the facts. 160 The officers of this Societv shall be an Honorary President, Honorary Vice- President, a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer constitute the executive committee. They shall be chosen at the end of each academic year, to serve for the succeeding year. The President shall have attained the highest average grade of all those students who are regularly credited with not less than go nor more than 120 half hours of college work. Provided: (a) That no hours can be excluded from this count which ha e been taken in regular college course up to the date of the test. ( ' ) That no student shall count in the said go or more half hours any work pursued at another institution. The Secretary shall have attained the next highest grade under the same rules and provisos. The Treasurer shall have attained the third highest grade under the same rules and provisos. J ' ollowing are the Presidents and .Secretaries since the foundation : ' [ ' .J. WlI.siiN, ' .)4 Ill.RMAN H. HaKNE, ' 95 J. C. I ' ' .l,l,i;H. ' i)6 J, Wilis Saw vi.n, " (|4 F. I,. Cakk, " 115 J. W. Cana da, ' i i lU KIdN CKAK.I., ' 117 AH( llir.AI.I) HkNDEKSON, ' c)S J. R. CAKK, ' ili| " . II. .Ml . A1KV, ' 97 I- " .. K. ( ' ■RAIIAM, ' 9S J. K. Dci IKH, 911 V. I ' , KmAN, " oo I). S. ' I ' lKiMrsuN, " oi I EV F. Li;uis, ' o:; I). I ' . I ', ' OO j. K. IIaI.I,, ' 01 I)A II) C. I5A1.1.A1U), ' 03 161 Alalia Ullirta piti i nrirty. Alplia (lllm;itpr. Alpha Thcta Phi was founded in I 894 by H. C. Tolman, Ph. D., now Professor of Greek in Vanderbilt University. Its purpose is " to stimulate and increase a desire for sound scholarship. " (Dftirin-s. Curtis Ashley Byntm President RuFus Clegg Morrow Scaelary Barthoi.o.aiew Fuller Huske Treasurer iHrmbrrs. HONORARY. Ebex Alexander, LL. D. Ch. rles Alphonso S-mitii, Ph. I). REGULAR. Class of 1892. Ch. rles B. skerville, Ph. D. Thom. s J.vmes ' , Ph. D. Class of 1899. John Rice Donnelly, A. B. Class of 1901. DoK.M. N Steele Tho.mpson, A. B. Cl. rence Albert Shore, B. S. J. C. B. Ehringh. us, a. B. Class of 1902. IvEY Foreman Lewis, A. B. Hi;nry Moking Robins, Ph. B. Marvin Hendrix Stacy, Ph. 15. Gicorge Phieer Stevens, A. B. Reston, A. B. Class of 1903. Curtis Ashley Bynum Rufus Clegg Morrow Bartholomew Fuller Huske Robert Withington Herring Alfred Williams Haywood, Jr. Milton Calder John Henry McAden, Jr. William Jones Gordon ' Nathan Wilson W.alker Thojias Lenoir Gwyn Class of 1904. John Francis George Williams . IcKlm L rriott Sidney Swain Robins Luther Bynum Lockhart Willie Calvin Rankin J. : ies Horner W ' ixsto.n ' 162 Wthtv at (Simgltnula. Gim-Gim-Gim-Ghoul, Kjl kvsv nloqui kz vr w} ' c Rbbwji yosa tf hvzwoii Valmar XIV. Sitlrrs. 204 Will Carr, ' 03, R. 203 Mii.TON Calder, ' 03, K. D. S. 206 Thomas Lenoir Gwyn, ' 03, W. S. S. 202 Greex Ramsey Berkeley, ' 03, K. M. K. Bixb ects. 126 Charles Baskervillh, Ph. D., Professor of Chemis ry. 165 Francls a. GrnfiKK, Law. 170 Charles S. Mangum, Professor of Physiology and Materia Medica. 180 E. Verxon Howell, Professor of Pharmacy. 193 William S. Berx.ard, Instructor of Greek and luiglish. 201 Thomas Ruffin, Professor of Law. 207 J. MES Lathrop Morehead, ' 03. 209 Burke Haywood Bridgers, ' 03. 210 Albert Lynn Cox, ' 04. 2 11 Fred Moir Haxes, ' 04. 212 Graham Kex. x, ' 04. 2 13 Marshall Cobb Staton, ' 04. 214 James Horner Winstox, ' 04. 215 John Christoph Blucher Ehringhaus, Post- Graduate. 216 George Chandler Greex, Law. 165 (Sorgou s i raii. Addison Gokcas P)K] ' ;nizi:k, Jk. Gkorge Washi. ' c;tox Grai[a:m, Jr. Robert Gilijaiw Lassiter Earle Pendleton Holt William Jones Gordon William Dunn, Jr. Joseph Blxn Ramsey Loi ' is Graves IvEY Foreman Lewis James Battle Thorpe Henkv Gray Turner Frank Marl n Wooti:n Albert Whitehead Latta Alexander Hamilton Jones Alfred William Haywood, Jk 1 66 f «y - i 0 bomnrr iFratrruttii nf ahrta Nu iE tstlmt. Founded at Wesleyan, 1870. (£l)aptrr fSnll. Alpha, Wesleyan University lieta, Syracuse University Gamma, Union College Delta, Cornell University ICpsilon. University of R ocliestcr Zeta, University of California Kta, Madison University Theta, Kenyon College lota, Adelbert College Kappa, Hamilton College Kappa 2d, Rensselaer College Lambda, Williams College Mil. .Stevens College Nu, Lal- " ayette College . i, Amherst College (Jmicron, Rutgers College I ' i, Pennsylvania Slate College I ' ljsilon, I ' nivLrsity of Micliii;an Pi 2d. Lehigh University Omega, Allegheny College Rho, Dickinson College Sigma, Wooster L ' niversity Phi, Hucknell University Psi, University of North Carolina Chi, University of City of New York Tau, Northwestern l ' niversity Alpha 2d, Ohio State LIniversity Rho 2d, l ' niversity of lovva Mu 2d, University of Minnesota Xi 2d, Washington and Lee University 167 (3 N IE. hi (Chapter— A. i., 1803. 4 ,v •: S-2, ! . X ' all - H d I 2 -f , ! = 4- K||sD::7gp— R „q „ -;- - L - . S@ c - ' (s) f 1 ! — - ; . 7 + H- H 9 q° ( ) ! • E :: = ' i — !■ ' b ■• ± h ( ) i • pnii + ,:f + : !-• Matthew Hk ks Allen Blrk I1a U(H)1) Buidc ers W ' lLLLWi Frki)i:ri( Cark liKI ' NT SKIXM-.R DrANE WlI.IJAM Knv Ksf.Li: Alfri;i) Villl m Havwchid, Jr. Ge(ir(,i: W ' AsiuNcTdx Grail m, Jr. Loris Gra i:s WlLLLWl Junes ( ' .(IKDiiN TiiinLVs Lenoir C.wvn Franms Asisuky Gudgeu George Chanxellor Green . Hamilton M( Rakv Ji)Ni:s I EV Fore. l n Lewis Henrv Sticwart Lewis RoliERT till.I.IA.M LasSITER Herisert Henry Muses Nathaniel Jordan Orr Hi:nrv Hvm. n Phillips JoSEl ' H BlNN Ra.msev James William Tankersley George Gillette Thomas, Jr. Jami;s Battle Thorre W ' liiTMLL Hill Wekh 1 68 i§rhn at i ' plitnx. iHcmbrrs. Class of 1903. Graham Harris Andrews Green Ramsey Berkeley Milton Calder Willis Otter Heard Earle Pendleton Holt Henry Gray Turner Class of 1904. Addison Gorgas Brenizer, Jr. Albert Lyman Cox Wm. Dunn, Jk. Alexander Hamilton Jones Albert Whitehead Latta Graham Kenan Fred Moir Hanes Class of 1905. Frank Roseburgh Bailey Claiborn McDowell Carr John Cheshire Francis Augustus Cox Henry Wiley Davis Horace Mann Emerson, Jr. William Fisher, Jr. Joseph Braunek Gilmer Hubert Benbury Haywood Benjamin Kittrell Lassiter Thomas Cowan McAden Tho: ias Hill Thomas Davis Meares, Jr. Louis Gu.stavus Kountree Henry Venable Wokth Walter Robertson Taliaferro, Jr. Harry McMullan LAW. Murray Allen Hayden Clement Jacob Elmer Long J. CK Robert Rountree Fr. nk Marion Wooten medicine. Arthur Thomas Pritchard Williaim Hopton Smith Samuel L. nier Stringfield (I mrga. C. M. Carr J. W. Cannon John Cheshire Henrv W. Davis H. M. Emerson William Fisher Hubert B. Haywood Thomas Hill H. McC. Jones Thomas McAden H. H. Philips Louis G. Rountree H. V. Worth - ,. " ii X M ■ -i ' ? V , ,• ' XIH ■ -M Jpi f ' igma. 1903. Graham Harris Andrews George Washington Graham, Jr. Thomas Lenoir Gwyn Earle Pendleton Holt James Battle Thorpe William Frederic Carr Louis Graves Alfred Williams Haywood, Jr. John Henry McAden Henry Gray Turner J 904. . lex. nder H. milton Jones Marshall Cobb Staton Fred Moir Hanes Graham Kenan 1905. Claiborne McDonald Carr John Cheshire Henry Wiley Davis Horace Mann Emerson, Jr. William Fisher, Jr. Hi;rbert Benbury H. ywood Thom. s Hill William Poindexter Hill Benjamin Kittrell Lassiter Thomas Cowan McAden Walter Robertson Taliaferro, Jr. Louis Gustavus Rountree Thomas D.wis Meares. Jr. Henry Ven. ble Worth MEDICAL. Samuel Lenoir Stringfield ©ntnia (Tait. Hfiwl iFratprnitii. Founded at University of North Carolina, 1 903. John Chkistoph Bluchek Ehringhaus William Frank Smathers Jack Robert Rountree Henry Blount Short Will Alonzo Lucas Michael Schenck Thomas Ruffin Jacob Elmer Long Joseph Bunn Ramsey Thomas Staples Fuller Charles Edward Taylor Charles Staples Mangum Itttlirrsttii (Srnnaii OlUtb. (iffirfra. J. B. Ramsey President M. C. Staton ' ice-President G. Gallaway Secretary Preston Gumming, Jr Treasurer Francis Gudger Leader October German Hii.L and Holland .... Floor Managers John Cheshire Leader February German CuMMiNG AND ShorT Floor Managers Members. Andrews Brenizer Brown Carr, C. Cheshire, J. Berkelej ' Bridgers Carr, W. Gumming Clement, H. Calder, M. lihringhaus Fisher Gallaway Gudger, F. Dunn Emerson Graham, G. Gilmer Gudger, H. Cox, A. L. Cox, F. Gwyn Holt, L. S. Hanes Haywood, A. V. Haywood, H. Holland Horner Hill Harrison Jones, A. Kenan Long Latta MacNider Morehead Murphy Smathers Stringfield Moses Meares Short Smith, W. H, Parsons Pender Thorpe Turner Pritchard Ramsey Thomas Staton Rountree, J. Roulhac Worth, H. Winston Rount ree, L. Wooten ij nnarary. lard Mangum MacRae, J. C. Baskerville Ruffin Woollen Howell Shore Wheeler 172 fdmxc (5Iir HmhrrHttu iluBtral AHanrtatimt. ©fftrrrs. Ch T. Woollen President R. K. Lkinbacii Vice-President J. B. GosLHN Secretary T. F. Rhodks Treasurer R. A. LiCHTENTHAELER Librarian Aibisury Cummiltrr. C. S. Maxgum Charles T. Woollen R. F. lyEINBACH 176 O rrbrslra. C. T. WOOLLEN Dinxlor. T. KuTTXRK First ' iolin W. F. McCaxless . . . First X ' iolin P. E FoGLK Second ' iolin R. F. Lkinbach A ' iola A. H. Bahxson Cello C. T. Woollen Clarinet J. B. GosLEX First Cornet A. Daltox Second Cornet C. T. Bkrnhakdt Trombone R. A. LiCHTENTHAELER Piano 179 H- ' ' (Mm-ZHl :: R. F. LEINBACH Jfirst inauftiiliiiB. T. F. Rhodes G. C. Sibley S. S. Heide J. R. Giles Srcimft fflaufliilinB. K. vSifford E. A. Hawes R. F. Leinliacli P. E. Fogle J. Lindau R. A. Lichtenthaeler J. B. Murphy R. C. Holton T. F. Hickerson H. V. Worth F. C. Archer Crllii. A. H. Bahnson 1 80 (Ukr Ollub. C. T. WOOLLEN, ;• ■ «■. JFiml Srnnra. C. S. Mangum c. T. ! rriiiift Srmiro. H. V. Worth G. P. Stevkns J. K. Long JFirol iSaoara. G. G. Gai.i.awav G. F. Whitlhy C. A. Shork. »rriiiiii Dattarn. J. R. Giles K. C. Hoi.ton J. C. B. Ehrixghai-.s QpuarlpttP. Jirfll u,riipr. rrinii) iTriipr. C. S. Mangum C T. Woollen Sariliiiir. G. G. Gallawav J. C. B. Ehringhaus i8i Ncrtl] (Karnlhta l tHturiral i 0nrti|. (©ffirrrB. Kemp p. Battle, LL. D President Charles Lee Raper, Ph. D Vice- President M. C. S. Noble Treasurer R. W. Herring Secretary Paprra Srai Buriug tlir Irar 19112-03. " Slavery in the United States — Its Origin, History, and Effects. " — Rev. J. William Jones, D. D. " Capture of Fort Fisher. " — Mr. G. W. Graham, Jr. " Career of General Ramseur. " — Mr. R. B. Collins. " Life of Chief Justice Thomas RufBn. " — Mr. C. H. Sloan. " Life of William A. Graham. " — Mr. E. L. Sawyer. " Recent Historical Publications. " — Dr. C. L. Raper. " History of the Revolutionary Land Warrants in Tennes.see Belonging to the University. " — Dr. K. P. Battle. " The Southampton Insurrection. " — Mr. C. J. Hendley. " Life of General J. P. Henderson. " — Mr. K. B. Nixon. " Fanning ' s Conduct in Moore and Chatham. " — Mr. G. Willcox. " Review of . ie Harbinger, the First Journal Published by the University in 1834-5. " — Dr. ' - P- Battle. 182 Thomas Hume, D. D., LL,. D President C. Alphonso Smith, Ph. D Vice- President H. R. McFadyen Secretary J apprs Sfa luring ©pHBtoit 19112-113. The Influence of Sliakespeare ' s I ' redecessors on His Historical Dramas. — The Opening Lecture by Dr. Hume. The Triologj- of Henry IV and Henrj ' V, in Relation to Holinshed and the Famous Vic- tories of Henry V. — Miss E. J. Faison. Hotspur, Ballad and Chronicle, Compared with Shakespeare.— Mr. V. J. Gordon. Glendower. Historical and Ideal. — Mr. R. C. Morrow. Social Coloring in Henry IV. and Henry V. — Mr. W. Rankin. Differences in the Four Shakespeare Folios. — Lecture by Dr. Smith. The Lyrical Element in " Romeo and Juliet. " — Mr. F. Archer. Sentimentalism in " Romeo and Juliet " and " Twelfth Night " Compared. — Mr. F. S. Hassell. Shakespeare ' s Pastoral Comedy. — Mr. H. Hughes. The Relation of the Drama to the Romantic Revival. — Mr. N. W. Walker. The Historical Drama and the Historical Novel. — Dr. Hume. The Relation of the Lyrical and the Dramatic Elements in Biblical Literature. — Mr. H. Whitehurst. The Shakespeare-Bacon Question. — Dr. Smith, The Structure of Macbeth. — Mr. H. R. McFadyen. Medieval Romance and Shakespearean Comedy, with Special Reference to " Troilus and Cressida. " Mr. P. Gumming, Jr. The Dramatic Elements in Chatterton ' s Life and Work. — Mr. W. P. Wood. 183 lEltBlta fUttrhrll nnttittr nnrtif. QDfiirprs. Collier Cobb, A. M President William C. Cokek, Ph. D Vice-President F. P. Vknablk, Ph. D Permanent Secretary Charles Easkekvii.i.K, Ph. I) Recording Secretary JJaprra iSra Diutiiu Past llrar. One Hundred and Fortieth Meeting, March 4, J902. ' Engymes " I)n. A. S. Wheeler ' Kever.sible Action of Kngymes " . ... 1)k. K. II. ' Molecular Attraction " . . 1)k. J. E. Mills One Hundred and Forty-first Meeting, April 15, 19J2 ' Arsenic Pentachloride " Mr. H. H. Bennett ' Copper Deposits in North Carolina " " . Dr. J. H. Pratt ' Price of Chemicals " . , Dr. Charles Basker ille ' Non-Cellular IMtl erentiation in Embryos ' " Dk. H. . Wilson One Hundred and Forty-second Meeting, Octobir )4, 1902. ' The American .Association for the .Advancement of Science — Pittsburg Meeting " 1)1!. 1 " . P. X ' enarle ' Physics at the Pittsburg Meeting " , Ii;. J. W. Gore ■ Chemistry at the Pittsburg Meeting " Dr. . .S. Wheeler ' Cieology at the Pittsburg Meeting " .Mr. I. A. Holmes ' The Chemical Bulletin of tlie Twelfth United .States Census, " Dr. Cii. hm:s Baskerville One Hundred and Forty-lhird Meeting, November 11, 1902. ' A New Species of Mosquito " ' Dr. W. C. Coker ' Suggested Modification of the Law of Dulong and Petit " Dk. J. E. Mills ' Coral Boring Algae " ' , . Dk. J. E. Dlickden One Hunired and Forty-fourth Meeting, December 9, 1902. ' Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy " Mk. J. W. (ioRi-, ' Improved Method for Halogen Determination " . Mr. R. U. E. Da is ' Hatteras Island " ( tiistrated) Mk. Collier Cobh ' Methods of the I ' nited .States Soil Survey " " , . Mr. (;KoK(ir; N. Cofeev 1S4 One Hundred and Forly-fifth Meeting, January 13, J903. ' Some Studies in tlie Movement of Sand Waves " i,II!nslratt i .... Mr. Collier Cobb The Work of the Beaufort Laboratory " Mr. C. A. Shore ' The Washington Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science " Dr. Charles Baskerville ' Metliodsof Studyini; tlie Rare Eartlis " Dr. Charles Baski:uvh.le One Hundred and Forty-sixth Meeting, February 10, 1903 ■ Tlie Biological Blood Test " K. 11. Whitehi;ai), M. I). ■ Recent Work on Corals " Dr. J. K. Dukrdi .v ' A .Static Transformer " Mr. |. W. (Ihre ®br i mxxh iE xbk. Meets Monthly for the Discussion of Topics of Current Interest. ©ffirprs. George McFarland McKik Secretary txrnitilir (tDmmittrr. C. Ai.PHONSO Smith, Ph. D. Charles Lee Raper, Ph. D. George McKie. mrptinga. October — Subject: " The Novel in America. " Presented by Dr. C. Alphonso Smith. November — Subject : ' ' The Origin and Improvement of Some CuUivated Plants. " Pre.sented by W. C. Coker. February — Dr. Ruffin : " Some Every-Day Law. " March — Dr. Duerden : " Ethnological and Sociological Musings in the Tropics. " April — Dr. Ven. ble : (Subject to be supplied.) iS6 Ulhp Jmtntal (EUtb. Sr iartmrnt of Clifmistry. ©ffirfrn. Charles Baskekvili.e Preside it Al.VIN Sawykr Whkki.HR Secretary ajui Treasurer iHrmhrra. Charles A. S. Wheei.ek Hazel Holland R. O. E. Davis H. R. Weller Ernest Sifford R. A. LiCHTENTHAELEK W. M. Marriott E. F. BOH ANNON R. Stevenson H. H. Bennett J. E. Mills M. R. Glenn Thomas Foust J. B. Thorpe J. J. Skinner B S. Best G. C. Catlett Meetings are held fortnightly on Monday afternoon at 3:30 o ' clock. Articles in current chemical journals are reviewed and discussed. The club is a subscriber to the " Journal of the Society of Chemical Industrj-, " and this is given to the Chemical Librarv. 187 InthrrBttif frrsB ABHnnattou. Organized 1897. J. J. Skinnkk President C. P. RusSKi.1 ■,ct-President H. V. Stewart Secretary W. P. Wood Treasurtr iUfmbrrs- H. V. Stewart, News and Observer. C. P. RusSEi.L, Charlotte Obsei i ' er. W. P. Wood, Raleigh Post. J. J. Skinner, Virginian-Pilot. F. WooTEN, Noijolk Landmark. T. Sutton, Washington Post. D. A. BuLLUCK, Atlanta Constitution. P. S. GODBEY, Asheville Gazette. J. K. Wilson, Economist. R. M. Harper, Kinsion Free Press. E. L. Sawyer, Tar Heel of Elisabeth City. John Knox, Charlotte Ne-ws. J. W. Horner Henderson Gold Leaf. H. R. McFadyen, Richmond Times T. J. Gold, Cleveland Star. W i. Whitaker, Winston Sentinel. A, L. MOSER, Hiikory Democrat. C. C. Earnhardt, Greensboro Patriot. J. M. Robertson, Alamance Gleaner. R. C. HoLTON, Watch Tou ' er. H. McMi ' LLAN, Norfolk Landmark. ®l|p f0uu3 MnxB (EbriBttau ABBcriattcn. (iffirrra— 1902-03. C. A. Bynum . President Z. V. JUDD Vice-President G. P. Stevens Corresponding Secretary C. C. Earnhardt Recording Secretary H. R. McFadven Treasurer Jb he Vouiig Men ' s Cliristian Association is the religioiis organization of ' ■ ' the University. Its jnirpose is to keep aHve and strengthen the — ' — spiritual Hfe of the yoinig men who come under its influence. It aims to train and develop the powers of the student so that when he quits the student- life for the world, he will not l)e a mere physical and mental machine, but a well-roimded man, fit to do service for his country and his God. To accomplish this purpose, the Association has a well organized plan of procedure. It recognizes the truth that Christian work is the great developer of Christian character and so strives to give every member something to do. It roughly divides its work into two divisions, and in one of these or both, every man may find his iplacc. The first of these is the Cliristian work in the Uni- versity. This includes the devotional meetings ; the Bible-study classes, and personal w ' ork among the students. The second is the home and foreign mission work of the Association. Tile Association holds two devotional meetings a week. ( )ne, a short prayer service, meets in the Association room on Tuesday night. The other, which we may call the popular service, meets in the College Chapel on Thursday night. These services are led by members of the . ssociation, and during the past year have been well attended and helpful. The personal work among the students is carried on with something of system, and ofTers great opportunity to the worker for building up himself and of helping his fellow students. It is needless to say the Association fosters this work in every way. As an aid, it has had under its control, the past year, a class making a special study of the method God has used in training his personal workers. Perhaps the most encouraging featinx ' of the work is the increased interest in Bible studv. There are now three classes studving the ' " Life of Christ, " two studying " Old Testament Characters, " and one the " Acts and Epistles. " These classes meet once a week and have an enrolment of sixty men. It is the earnest desire of the Association that every student of the University shall make a systematic study of the Bible. Taking up our second division, we find the Association takes no selfish view of Christianity. It encourages, in every way, home and foreign missions. The University has been compared to a lighthouse which sends its bright beams far over the waters, but casts a dark shadow about its base. The Association, in its home missions, is striving to do something for the people living in the immediate vicinity of Chapel Hill. It sends out its members to teach in Sabbath- schools, or to hold any kind of services that may be helpful. It has now, under its direct supervision, four Sunday-schools, having an average attendance each of over thirty jjersons. The Association also provides leaders for the Sunday night services held at West End Chapel. Nor does the .Association, in its zeal for home missions, forget the foreign field. Tliroughout the year an awakened interest in foreign missions has been evidenced, and near seventy dollars has been contributed to that cause. A class, led by a student volunteer, has been studying, this year, the lives of some efficient workers in foreign fields ; and this has served, not only to give students a practical knowledge of missions, but has materially helped in keeping up in- terest in that important course. It does not become the Association to Imast of its achievements. It is far from doing so. Having set for itself so high a purpose, its ideals must ever be so far beyond its actual attainments, that its best efforts must always seem, in a measure, failures. However, it has striven to be useful and helpful in the past, and now its hope and prayer is, that, in the future, it may more fully merit the esteem and confidence of the Univcrsitv and the State. 190 1 C. A. BYNUM 2 C. C. EARNHARDT Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS. 5 G. P. STEVENS 3 H. R. McFADYEN 4 Z. V. JUDD iLl)B 0utl) (Harnltua Qllitb. COLORS: MOTTO: Orange and Blue. Dum Spiro Spero. FLOWER: Violet. (ifftrprs. RoYALL Oscar Eugene Davis, Ph. B President Roach Sidney Stewart Vice-President Sam Kluttz Secretary and Treasurer MtmbttB. William Chambers Coker, Pli. D., Hartsville RoYALL Oscar Eugene Davis, Ph. B., Columbia William Orphelia Deans, Spartanburg John Shaw Gibson, McColl Milton Reynolds Gibson, Gibson William Rutherford Haseldon, Williamsburg Shirley Judson Holladay, A. B., Camden Sam Kluttz, Chester James Edward Mills, Ph. D., Camden Harvey Hatch Hughes, Grover Rex William Perry, Hartsville Norman Norris Royall, Florence Charles Capkks Smith, Charleston Roach Sidney Stewart, O. K. William George Stribling, Anderson William Miller Wilson, Rock Hill Barryman Edward Woodruff, Darlington ' ' ' 193 BALL MANAGERS. 3 BELL 4 GRAVES 5 GALLAWAY COMMENCEMENT MARSHALS. 3 RUSSELL 4 MacNIDER 5 HOLT PulTlirattouH ar-- ®Ii? llntbfrBtttr iEagaitn?. Founded 1844. Published Six Times a Year by the Philanthropic and the Dialectic Literary Societies. Inarf t nf Ottora. 19D2. Charles Phillips Russell, ' 04 (Dialectic), Editor-in-Chief. Harry Pelham Stevens, ' 03 (Philanthropic) Business Manager. Pl;ilantl)rntiir. Nathan Wilson Walker, ' 03, Literary Editor. Robert Withington Herring, ' 03, College Editor. William Dunn, Jr., ' 04, Alumni Editor. Evander McNair McIver, ' 04, Managing Editor. Sidney S v. im Robins, ' 04, Literary Editor. William Jones Gordon, ' 03, Literary Editor. Ilttth rsitij Ei rurii. The University Record was established in 1896 by the Faculty and students of the University. The purpose of this publication is to give a complete record of the more important events of University life. It also aims to keep the Alumni in communication with the University and thus bind them more closely to their Alma Mater. The Record is now in its eighth volume and its value to the University has been eminently demonstrated. It is issued quarterly under the management of a committee appointed by the Faculty. Journal iif tbr lltsha iiUrbpU i nruttftr nrtrtu. The Journal, established by the Klisha .Mitchell Scientific Society in 1884 to represent the Science Department of the University, is now in its eighteenth volume. During the term 1902-1903 some very important papers have been pub- lished. Among others might be mentioned a paper presented at the Denver meeting of the American Chemical Society, " On the Existence of a New Element Associated with Thorium, " by Dr. Charles Baskerville ; " New East American Thorns, " by Mr. W. W. Ashe; " Arsenic Pentachloride, " by Dr. Baskerville and H. H. Bennett of the Chemistry Department. This substance was prepared for the first time in the laboratory at the University of North Carolina. " Some Energy Changes Caused by a Rise in Temperature, " a thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Mr. J. E. lills, of the Chemistry Department, appeared this spring. The Journal is the only publication of its kind maintained in any Southern institution and is a credit to the organization which gets it out. 203 ®hf (Ear ?Jrrl. The Ofiicicil Organ of the University Athletic Association. Published every Saturday. 1 uar nf tliitara- N. W. Walker, ' 03 Edttor-in-Chie I,. L. Parker, ' 03 yanaoijig Editor H. V. Stewart, Law Athletics N. R. Graham. ' 04 ) ■t T c TT _ T • I Lectineis " L. S. H01.T, Jr., 04 ) R. M. Harper, ' 04 Locals T. J. Gold, ' 03 Busitiess Manager W. E. Pharr, ' 04 . . . Assistant Business Manager F. S. Hassell f(ir the F.M Term. 204 Athlrttr ABaortatimt. I. F. Lewis Presideyif Frank Smathers Vice-Ptrsident G. L. JoxES Secretary and Treasurer J. L. MoREHEAD Chief Cheerer 208 " COACH " OLCOTT. iFnntball (ili nm fur 190 . W. Dunn, Jk Manager W. H. Smith Assistant Manager R. S. Stewart Center C. A. Albright Left Guard N. F. Farlow Right Guard F. L. Foust (Captain) Left Tackle G. L. Jones Right Tackle T. P. Endicott Left End A. L. Cox Right End L. Graves Quarter-back J. E. Mann . Left Halfback W. P. Jacocks Rjght Halfback E. P. Holt Full-back uluitttutrii. V. Fisher, Jr., M. Condon, J. Donnelly, Engle, Newton, Berkeley, Jones, H., Carr, W. 2IO larsttii Sfrnrii fnr 1902. September 24. North Carolina vs. Guilford 16- o October 4. North Carolina vs. Oak Ridge 35- o October 11. North Carolina vs. Furmaii 10- o October 18. North Carolina r ' y. Davidson 27- o October 25. North Carolina j ' 5. Virginia Polytechnic Institute ...00 November i. North Carolina z; . Virginia Military Institute 17-10 November S. North Carolina vs A. and M 0-0 November 15. North Carolina vs. Georgetown 5-12 November 27. North Carolina vs. Virginia 12-12 November i. Scrubs vs. A. and M. Scrubs 10- o 3?0iitbaU. Jl HE score tells the work of Carolina ' s football team of igo2. In the begin- ' 1 ' nine: of the season it looked as if the team would be weak ; in the end it proved to be one of the best teams ever sent out from this institu- tion. The product of this transformation was not only the hard work of the team, but the excellent work of an untiring coach and the loyal and undivided support of the student-body. Let us glance at our team ' s work. Few promising men answered Coach Olcott ' s first call for candidates for the team. Soon, however, college spirit forced a good number on the field and work began in earnest. Guilford, Oak Ridge, and F ' urman all had good, " gritty " teams, but they were outclassed by Carolina. Our first interesting game was with Davidson. After the small score of 6 to o in 1 00 1, the result of 2 to o was very satisfactory to Carolina. Then came the splendid contest with 1 ' . 1. which resulted in a tie in favor of both sides. On the same grounds a w-eek later we licked ' . M. I. to the score of 17 to 10. As A. and M. ' s team was not composed of houa-Mc students, we only mention the score, o to o. Then came the Georgetown game, and Carolina for her first and only time during the entire season received an honest (?) defeat. But this score was forgotten when we tied our old rivals, ' irginia, on Thanks- giving Day. This game was our supreme contest, and the struggle for which all the coaching had been aimed. Virginia was confident of winning, having defeated the Indians five days beforehand. Carolina was determined to fight every inch of the ground. The score 12 to 12 tells the tale better than words. As to the Southern championship, any man who knows anything about foot- ball knows that this lies between ' irginia and Carolina. Commenting upon these teams the Washington Post says : " Carolina and irginia w-ere almost equal in all but aggressiveness, and Carolina was more aggressive than ' irginia. " 214 laBpball Q mnx for 1903. George Washixgtox Graham. ]k. . . . H anat er T. D. Mkares Assistant Manager John Donnelly Captain Robert Primrose Noble Catcher Bytha Mabry Hart ,,., , .. Pitclhrs George Chandler Green Earle Pendleton Holt First Base John Cheshire Second Base George Washington Graham, Jr. . . Third Base William Frederic Carr Short-stop John Donnelly Left Field Wade Hampton Oldham Center Field Denison Foy Giles Right Field Swarft 1902. Carolina vs Oak Ridge 20 — o Carolina vs Lafayette 9 — 4 Carolina vs Lafayette 5 — 10 Carolina vs Clemson 16 — 5 Carolina vs Lehigh 16 — 5 Carolina vs Lehigh 7 — 2 Carolina vs Cornell i — 8 Carolina vs Georgia 8 — o Carolina vs Virginia 7 — 8 Carolina vs Virginia 7 — 9 Carolina vs Richmond College . . 4 — 5 Carolina vs Birmingham 18 — o Carolina vs Virginia i- — 11 217 (Frark ®ram. Preston Irwin Captain A. L,. Cox Manager E. VON DEN Steinen Coach grljpaulp for 1903. May 9 — Intercollegiate Track Meet at Charlottesville, ' a. Irwin Wilson, W. Newton Reynolds Cox Velverton, P. Endicott Perry Frost Manguni Giles, J. Norman Cash Sifford Siblev Calder, R. i8 Cliass A-fchlc-tiGS ICafo Ollaas laarball (Uram, 1903. Joseph Bunn Ra: isey, Cap ain Jacob Elmhk. Loxg, Manooer James Gibson, Duncan . Catcher S. J. Adams, T. S. Fuixkr Piicher Ted Brown First Base J. Elmer Long Second Base Ernest Gwyn Third Base J. BuNN Ramsey vShort-stop Henry Short Left Field H. Stewart Center Field J. C. B. Ehkinghaus Right Field Smlia. Monteath Lassiter Schexck Adams, T. A. iErlt. iFontball (Uram. Jesse Wili.Cox, Captain O. O. Kafer, Manager Knox Center Farthing Right Guard HocuTT Left Guard Hoggard Right Tackle Merritt Left Tackle Abernethy Right End Herring Left End Williams Quarter-back Rose Right Halfback WiLLCOx Left Half-back Kafer Full-back uba. Cook Starnes Wilkerson Norman 221 nttor iFflotball ®?am. D. Z. Caublk, Manager. Sntpr-CElaas (!lI)amtitnMa. J. J. Skinner, Captain Center Z. V. JuDD, Benjamin Best Right Guard G. R. Ward Left Guard R. B. Collins Right Tackle C. A. BvNUM Left Tackle J. ToMLiNsoN, G. C. Sibley, C. E. Johnson, Jr Right End J. R. Giles, Preston Cumjiing, Jr Left End W. J. Gordon Quarter-back G. W. Wilcox ...... ' Full-back George, W. G., J. W. Wilcox Right Half-back Gold, T. D Left Half-back i npl)om0rr Jnclball ©ram. R. W. PERRY Manager. I. E. Groome L T. Whitlkv, Captain L. G. SiNGLETAKV C. ROSS R. G. Wren R. T. Brown R. E. Cannon Q. B. Emerson R. H. B. Haywood L. H. B. Meares F. B. Heiue Moses Gilmer iFrrah iFontball ©ram. L. E. CHESHIRE . raiiager. L. E. Cheshike L. T. Buchannon L. G. Burweij, C. Allison R. G. McPhail R. T. Drane . E. Armstronc;, Captain Q. Yelverton L. H. B. Harris R. H. B. Winbourne F. B. Perry »uba. VOKKI.V Hart 225 Jlmttiir iFimtball (Iram. Frost Center RoYALi Left Guard Graham, W Right Guard Russell Left Tackle SwiNK Right Tackle Yelverton, P Left End Latta Right End Irwin, P Left Half-back Jones, A. H Right Half-back Gregory Quarter-back MacNidkr Full-back Substitutes: Kenan, Noble, A. 326 Xove ' s Map. IFn Boutb ' s blltbe morn IT DrcamcO a bappB Cream— H vision of a maiOen slim an tall. " CClbcsc golOcn tresses bclD m bcart in tbrall, anO wboae blue cv es tor me alone OiCi beam. H OrcameO tbat sbe, nn: love, was ever ftinO, mor sougbt to voun me even m iHagful wise JSb ang scornful glance from tbose Cear eves. In wbicb a tenOcr welcome for me sbineO. asut ab ! goutb ' s false, ma bream— for in tbis bag H woo a plump brunette, to mv Cicspair, TOlbo mocfts n»c, flouts me, laugbs me out o ' reason; anb BCt. to me (H bope it is not treason) •fcer mcrrg eges bave sucb a witcbing waij, llbose first ' lovcO egcs were never bait so fair. Mv, iFlabfrtij ' s Bnanh Itatt tn tbr ?iftU. {.■ipologics bang extended profusely, as formerly.) ,ATHRICK O ' RORY McCALLY McCARTHY! Be yez dade or only shlaping? Saints presarve us, hov ' yez niver hear-rd af that tlirue patrite an ' frind af th ' Frishmen, Francis Priston ' inable, th ' man with th ' jist-so-but-nivertheHss-I " m-walkin ' -on-eygs exprission? Wall, prop yez eye- lids with a little af me las ' yeer ' s brew over in th ' corner beyant yez there an ' close yez onsamely mug on th ' stim af this gr-randly scinted corn-cob. which be th ' way th ' son af me fayther hes ben shmoking fr th ' las ' twenty yeer, an ' I ' 11 tell yez af th ' Prisidint an ' mebbe af a few ithers af his lootinants an ' fellow agitaters who be aidin ' th ' young idee in sproutin ' . " You ' 11 remimber, Pat, af me visit las ' yeer to that gr-rand an ' noble place, th ' Uni- var-rsity af Nor-rth Carolina, an ' af me ragret at not sayin ' minny af me ould frinds an ' fellow tipplers, an ' also af me promise to returrun an ' hov ' more to tell yez whin I hod done so. 1 " m here, Pat, to fillful all af me promises. ■■ Whin 1 shtruck th ' metrop ' lis on th ' occasion af me las ' visit to th ' Hill, what should I see but signs staring at mesilf here an ' there, which said thot there was to be a massmatin ' in th ' Chaypel. Sayin " thot th ' toime fr matin ' hod arriv ' , as none af th ' buys was in sightin ' distance, I ups an ' wint, Pat. It is one af me cr-rownin ' virtues, Pat, thot I never lit pass th ' chanst to tell me beads fr our illustrious Saint (bad cess to him thot he should hov ' the same name as yezsilfi), an ' to wish thot his wings an ' tail iithers may niver be cut short. So in I wint to th ' massmatin ' , expictin ' , Pat, to sae a riv ' rind fayther scatterin ' incinse an ' Latin to th ' four winds ; but what was me astonishment to sae a howlin ' mob af young barbarians, gesticulatin ' an ' swearin ' at one anither like wild Injuns, 230 Ph ' lippinos an " Ciibyan sausage-grinders. Me fir-rst thought was to lave ini- niejately if not sooner, but ' t was no use, f ' r me way was blocked be a big fellow who says to me in solemncholly tones, — ' Prepare f ' r th ' wor-rst. ' Suddintly there riz oop in th ' front af th ' mass, Vinable — mark, me frind Francis Priston ' inable. Tur-rnin " full upon thim, he showed thim his mustache, an ' sich a mustache ! Imperor ' illie, acr-ross th ' pond, wad turrun grane with invy an ' immejately declare anither war on Vinezuela, if he should say it. Th ' iffict on th ' mass was tremenjous an ' ter-rifyin ' . Some af thim wint so far as to slide undther th ' sates in their terror. ' We are here, ' says he, ' to consider blackin ' . We hov ' all hear-rd af bluin " , ' he says, ' we will now talk af blackin ' , ' he says. ' Yez nuist ramimber, me childr-ren, ' says he, ' thot th ' Univar-rsity af Nor-rth Carolina is an infant nur-rsery. It makes th ' br-riny droplits come into me eyes, whin I think thot th ' arrival af me las ' consignment af Alellin ' s Food was th ' occasion af th " breakin ' af me r-rule 581,326, which says thot no one af me little infants shall be waked later than sivin o ' clock in th ' evenin ' , unliss it be damed nicissary to administer-r Mrs. Winslow ' s Soothin ' Syrup. ' he says, ' an ' oh, ' says he, ' it makes me blood r-run cold an ' th ' tip eens af me mustache trimble whin I think thot me little tootsy-wootsies was hauled from their cr-ribs an ' blacked. If yez hod only painted ' em blue or red or gr-rane, me esthetic faylins wad not hov ' ben so mooch shocked, ' he says. ' But f ' r hivin ' s an ' yearth ' s sake, don ' t black ' em. Make me a promise, ' says he, ' that yez will from hinceforth only use sich colors as will be agrayable to th " parints consarned. This blackin ' , he says, ' must be stopped. " Me frind Vinable thin sot down, Pat, amidst wild applause, which came mostly from undther binchcs an " chairs, an " th " Chief Squealer af th ' Marble Amusemint Assosaclum shtruck oop, ' Pass ar-round th " sterilized milk An ' we ' 11 all take a suck. ' ■■ Th ' org ' nist hit oop, ' I want to be an angel, ' an ' th ' inassmatin " broke oop. 1 tell yez, Pat, ' inable is a gr-ate man. " On me way out. 1 run oop against me ould frind Docther Battle. ' Mornin, ' says he, with a toothless grin, ' yez name, I believe, is Michael Flaherty. Nice name, ' he says. ' Yez grate-grate grandfayther, sivinteen ginerations ramoved, came over from th " otild country in Janu " ry, sivinteen fifty-sax, on Choosday, th ' four-rteenth af th ' month, arrivin ' at twinty-foivc minyits an sivinteen siconds past tin o ' clock in tii ' mornin ' , th ' wither bein ' cloud} ' , with mooch snow on th ' gr-round. Thince he procaded saxteen-sivinteenths miles from th ' shore an ' ericted a house twinty feet by twinty-foive. pintin ' sidewise saxty dagrees four- rteen minyits an " foive siconds ayst, an " procaded to hov ' sivinteen childr-ren, th ' sivinteenth being yez progenitor-r, which makes yez th ' foive thousandth sax 231 hundr-red an ' fifty-sicond dcscindant af yez noble ancistor, — which raminds me af a joke I hear-rd last wake about me ould frind an ' slitandby Sampson ' — I didn ' t wait, Pat, to hear-r him finish. It is always bist to steer clear af a man who knows more about yez than yez does yezsilf, for fear thot he might call to yez moind some incidint af yez family ricord wherein yez wife broke a rollin ' -pin over yez head, or some sich pleasant occasion. So I thought it was toime to lave. " Fearin ' thot me Battle wad prove a thir-rd Bull Run. I hurried into wan af th ' buildin ' s an ' oopened a dhure, in order to hide mesilf undther wan af th ' binches. To me complate confusion an ' embarishmint, what did I do, Pat, but blunder-r in on me frind Joshuway Gor-re, licturin ' to his class in Junior Physics ! ■ Come in, ' says he, takin ' off his glasses an ' gisturin ' with his lift hand, ' we wor jist considerin " th ' gr-rate question af infinity, ' he says, putting on his glasses an ' gisturin " with his right hand. ' Now, me frind, Willie Cain, according to th ' Char-rlottc Obscr-rirr. ' says he, takin ' off his glasses, clearin ' his thr-roat an " makin ' a circular gisture with both hands at wanst, ' says that zaro divided by zaro can equal anything, from a South-Say Islander to a br-rass monkey, ' he says, combin ' his mustache with his glasses ; ■ but me own pr-rivate opinion is thot me frind Willie Cain got his nose fr-rost-bitten while workin ' with zaros, which be th ' way accounts f ' r its color, ' ixclaimin ' thereupon, ' zaro divided by zaro be damned, ' which af course wad ac- count f ' r th " newspaper riport, ' says he, puttin ' on his glasses an " gisturin ' with his lift hand. ' As f ' r mesilf, ' he says, pullin ' off his glasses an ' gisturin ' with his right hand, ' I belave thot zaro divided by zaro is infinity. This can aysily be proved, ' he says, puttin ' on his glasses an ' makin ' anither rivolution with both hands, ' by a mithod familiar-r to all af yez. an ' which is known as raducin ' to th ' absurrud. Xow, to begin, ' he says, puttin ' on his glasses, clear-rin " his thr-roat an ' gisturin ' with his lift hand, ' zaro divided bv zaro ain ' t a cow, is it? ' an, if it ain ' t a cow what in th ' name af hivin else can it be but infinity? ' This sta-atemint, Pat, was grated with gr-rate applause, to which me frind Joshuway r-rolls his eyes, clears his throat, gistures with both hands, combs his mustache with his glasses, an ' bows. An ' so he continued, Pat, givin ' ' em his lift hand, right hand, both hands, glasess off, glasses on, throat clearin ' , mustache combin ' , goo-goo eye makin ' licture on infinity to infinity, until waryin ' at me cramped position an ' raniiniberin ' nic juties as a citizen af tli ' fifth warrud, I took me departure an ' ratur-rned wancc more to me wurruk, havin ' been mooch benefitted by an ' imprissed with th " gr-rateness an ' gr-randeur af th ' Univar-rsity af Nor-rth Carolina. May th ' good wurruk go on. is me prayer. " " Amen ! " said Pat. GAi,r.. VA - — ■■ liinl dogs as an aid to Trigononietry. ' " Dk. Rai ' ER — " Violet culture; or the treatment of colts. " Lawrence Holt — " He might have a mind ; who knows? " Marriott — " The evolution of an Easter Egg. " Gilmer — " Some day let us hope he will have a thoutjht. " Petty — • " Some were born for great things, Some were born for small ; Some even — ' t is not recorded ' hy they were born at all. " Ruff S.mith — " A wit with dunces and a dunce with wits. " I ' arson Saunders — " Awkward, embarrassed, stiff, without tin- skill Of moving gracefully or standing still. One leg as if suspicious of his brother. Desirous seems to run away from t ' other. " Holto-X — " Sentimentally, I am disposed to harmony; but organicalh ' I am incapable of tune. " Glenn — " Speak the truth and shame the devil. " Green, G. — " The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none. " Holt, L. — " After you, my dear Alphonse. " ToMLiNSox, L. — " Drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags. " SiRLEY — " Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding. ' " Parker, L. L. — " The true wa} ' to be deceived is to think oneself more knowing than others. " 234 Chadwick — " He has an oar in every man ' s boat, and a finger in every pie. " LiCHTENTHAEi.ER — " A lion among ladies. " AIoKEHEAi). — " The empty vessel makes the greatest sound. " Tholley — " Miss Blank, do you believe that the Emersonian Doctrine spe- cifically applied would have any materialistic effect upon the terrestrial incon- sistencies that clog and warp the esoteric development of our inner being? " Miss Be.vnk — ■ " Oh , I don ' t know; my mother always uses Syrup of Figs. " Geo. Greene — " The higher opinion we have of ourselves, the less we should say about it. " Cannon, Condon, and B.a.ii.ev — ' " We all live and learn, but some of us live a whole lot more than we learn. " Judge MacRae (examining " Stone " Adams for admission) — " Mr. Adams, have you read Blackstone? " " No, sir. " ■ ' Have you read Clark on Contracts? " " No, sir. " " Have you read Grcenleaf on Evidence? " " No, sir. " " Well, Mr. . dams, what have you read? " " 1 have red hair, sir. " ' Cl ' .mmin(; — " Wiser in his (nvn conceit than seven men can render a reason. " Cannon — " An elaborate destroyer of time. " HusKE — " A typical Bunyan. " Bridgers — " Ever watchful and suspicious. " RuFFiN — " And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all he knew. " Louis Ghetto Goodman — " With empty face and air uncanny. " H. KT AND Shemmie — " This head would float if this neck were l)Ut willing. " I!i; L.xssiTER — " All human things are subject to decay. " Ei.MER Long — " No sight was ever seen but that he had seen a bigger; No story was ever told but that he could tell a better. " Commons Bo.vrders — " Blessed are they that hunger, for they shall be filled. " Dr. Hume — " A scholar and a gentleman. " Ham Stew. rt — " I wish Dr. Rufifin would explain his ex])lanation. " Mouse Eewis — " He never buys what he can borrow, He always returns (?) it to-morrow. " Bi-ACKWELL — ■ ' The saddest words of tongue or pen Are simply these : I ' ve flunked again. " 235 Dr. Battle — " There is one animal living that can change his spots. " Thigpen and Goodman — " A bad penny always conies back. " Staton — " Vain as the leaf upon the stem, and fickle as a changeful dream. " RosENBACHER — " A tongue is worth little without a brain. " NoLTHENius — " Not pretty, but massive. " Fresh Class — " Too fresh to keep, too green to cat ; throw it away. " Johnny Giles — " One who has fallen from grace. " Bo GwvN — " His head ' s as full of schemes as an egg is full of meat. " Howell and Cain — " So they standeth next to none In getting off a beastly pun. " Holly Bell — " I am weary and overwrought with too much study. " Best — " His works belie his name. " Seat Weller — " A steam engine in trousers. " Shemweli. — " " ho wastes so much time in thinking that he thinks. " Lengthy Jones — " Long and lean, lank and thin, as one of Satan ' s cherubim. " Jacoiss — " He aims at nothing and he hits his mark. " Judd ' s ' oice — " Above the pitch, out of tune, and off the hinges. " Professor McKie — " Mr. Condon, how can you secure force? " Condon — " With fifteen cents at ;MacRae ' s. " Dr. Whitehead — " Mr. Blackwell, can you tell me where the alimentary canal is? " Blackv ell — " Somewhere in New York, near Lake Erie. " Doc. Bernard — " Where did I get that translation, Mr. Wilson? " Wilson — " Out of the notes. " WANTED, A place to sit down " Se. t " Weller A place to spit " Dusty " Rhodes A place to walk " Dr. " (?) Farrar A girl to love " Dr. " Smathers A drug store without signs " Student Body " A bed to sleep in " Lengthy " Jones A ' laundry " Joe " Davis A team to drive " Poor " Shemiiie A receipt for all I owe " Arch " Bulluck A load of wood " Poor " Bo and Others A " 4 " during my college life . . " Bull " Cannon A shave Council, Herrinc, Brunek 236 rarbiffi IGoaftug (Eliib. MOTTO : e It charged. SONG : noney, I ' d iMrmbrrs. Weller Irwin Latta Long Yelverton Ork Upchurch Moses Andrews Taliaferro Cannon Hn.i. Meares Ehringhaus Fisher Osborne Roi ' ntree Adams Donnelly Ramsey Irwin, P. Norton Kenan ? ? 237 CRADLE CLUB motto: Our Bottle Forever. " SONG : " Ho ! Ho I Ho ! Here we go For a bottle of Cas-to-ri-o. " Iflrmlirrs. Calvert Hiatt Sim:moxs Loxnox (Seat) RosENnAcni ' R Ualton Smith Pogue Taijai-krro Shtrllrni mi Pnlirrtij EiUit. fHrmbrrs. ' Poor Dave " " Poor Joe " " Poor Ed " ' Poor Henry " " Poor Ned " " Poor Bo " ' Poor Shemmik " ' Poor Peck " " Poor Earl ' " Poor Seat " ■ Deceased. 2:,8 N. 31. (i. (i. lE. (National anJ nJependent Orjcz cf Hood Eggs.) MOTTO: Too low they roost, who roost beneath the stars. " SONG: " Never Let the Keg Rur Dry. " PLACE OF MEETING: New Athletic Field. TIME OF MEETING : " Oft in the stilly ni( Ulnultrrs. Names omitted on account of excessive modestv. I muirarii iBrmlirrB. Prof. Thom.xs DrxsT.w Jidck AtTinR Brockwki.i. Or. Beer Kec vScotiGi.vs " H aim ' v P. ttv " 239 ULLETIN - BOARD. 1 i P C rv .x iuJ l -VUi r.- .. olL«Xu ac.. J. t.2 . L to tKrvi ' ;UtX 3-£:£rS -..AiKk p - c- t ' ' t fho p I m i m I m University of North Carolina m ACADEMIC. LAW, MEDICINE, PHARMACY COURSES New Dormitories New Water-Works Electric Lights Central Heating Plant New Athletic Park P 1 One Hundred and Seven Scholarships Free Tuition for Teachers Ten Scientific Laboratories Library of 40,000 Volumes Faculty of Sixty-four Students Number Six Hundred and Eight FOR CATALOOLE. ETC., ADDRESS m M m F. P. VENABLE, Ph. D., Prest. g CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA i l-fntpl HnrQ tt The Hce. for Univers,.y Boys | I noiei uorseiL new and t I RALEIGH. N. c. UP-TO-DATE HOTEL | W. L. DORSETT, Proprietor F L. WILLITS, Manager Rates. $2 per day. Rooms with Private Bath. $2.50 CENTRALLY LOCATE Bus Meets All Trams ' POLITE SERVICE BEST TABLE We guarantee to please you, and we will appreciate your trade. CENTRALLY LOCATED W. M. YEARBY YEARBY ' S DRUGS ARE PURE EVERYTHING IN THE DRUG LINE HUYLER ' S DELICIOUS CANDIES KODAK SUPPLIES MAIL ORDERS SOLICITED DURHAM. N. C. CHAPEL HILL, N. C. WEST DURHAM, N. C. H. STEINMETZ | FLORIST I CHOICE CUT FLOWERS, ROSES, AND CARNATIONS A SPECIALTY PALMS, FERNS, ETC. RALEIGH, N. C. ' 4 W. J. HUNTER I FIRST-CLASS LIVERY STABLE IN EVERY RESPECT M GOOD HORSES AND ALWAYS; READY TO 1 CARRIAGES SERVE THE BOYS AT ANYTIME f L E M M E O F r 1 M O R E R T BALI THE COLLEGE MAN ' S TAI LOR PRODUCES GARMENTS THAT BRING OUT THE BEST POINTS IN STYLE AND GIVE THAT ARTISTIC EFFECT SO MUCH DESIRED IN WELL-MADE L E M M E R T 14 E. 1 FAYETTE STREET BALTIMORE V KIMSTOFRY C l- -riHI IM CS O . THE, ONE.PRICE CASH KNOX HATS Clothiers, Batters and Turnlsbcrs manhIVtan OF NORTH CAROLINA SHIRTS F9 e E IM S C9 f90, IMOF9-riH CS ilX F9 l_ I IX V hardware and mill Supplies, 6un$ and Sporting Goods, Pipe fittings, electrical Supplies GRE,ENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA Up=to=Date Furnishings KLUTTZ The Old Reliable Book anJ Statioaery Dealer WATERrjAN, PARKER and WIRT FOUNTAIN PENS FINE MATSand HAND-HADE SHOES A SPECIALTY Cakes, Caadies. Crackers, Pickles, Fruits, Nuts, and Canned Good» of all kinds, always Fresh and the Besi Quality. THE FINEST LINE OF CIGARS AND TOBACCO IN TOWN :: :: :: Respectfully, A. A. KLUTTZ Everything in Student Supplies PEEBLES SHOE COMPANY STYLISH FOOTWEAR Students ' Shoes a Specialty STRICTLY ONE PRICE. 216 s. Elm St. Greensboro, N. C. COME TO SEE. US AT OUR NE.W STOB E 110 SOUTH ELM STREET GREENSBORO. N. C. A Very Complete Stock of Upto»Date a JEWELRY WATCHES. NOVELTIES ROSENBLATT 6 CO. JEWELERS UNIVE.RSITY STUDENTS MAKE THE Yarborough House THEIR HEADQUARTERS WHILE IN RALE.IGH, NORTH CAROLINA LAMBE (a, LYON DURHAM. NORTH CAROLINA CLOTHING and Gents ' Furnishings T. L. GWYN and G. L JONE.S AGENTS AT CHAPEL HILL Have Your PLUMBING Done By J. R. RICH 6 SON It will be properly done and charges •wiW be reasonable WE ALSO DO Hot Water Heating Steam Heating Gas Fitting 108 110 W. Washington St. 7 and 8 Lexington Ave. GREENSBORO, N. C. ASHEVILLE, N. C. The Citizens National Bank RALEIGH. N. C. JOS. G. BROWN, - President A. B. ANDREWS. ■ V..Prcst H. E. LICHFORD. ■ Cashier R. H. BATTLE. ■ ■ Attorney Capital - Profits - Deposits - $100,000.00 - $ 80,000.00 - $750,000.00 CORRESPONDENCE AND PERSONAL CALLS INVITED WHEN YOU BUY BUY A FIRSTGKADE SUIT WILL FIT YOU Has the Workmanship 8tit will Save You Money W. A. SLATER CO DURHAM, N. C. STEVENS HASSELL, Agents at CHAPEL HILL Young Hughes Plumbers Steam and Hot Al ate Heating AcENTs FOR PAS I ' EUR FILTERS Work done in any part of the State 12.; Fayettevill,- St BALEKiH, N. C. Shoes :I™k «. 3-5o ALL STYLES, LEATHERS, SHAPES Daniel, illleit $f (Company RALEIGH. N. C. Sent C. O. 1)., privilege examination, to any address. If you do not tliinli tliem -wortli $5.00. return at our expense. If , on do, pay agent .S .50 and keep them. Jolly . Wynne Jewelry Company ENGRAVERS AND OPTICIANS 128 Fayetteville St RALEIGH, N. C. Snead = Markham = Pearson Co. DURHAM, N. C. Clothiers, Furnishers, Hatters WE HAVE AN AGENT IN CHAPEL HILL ALL THE TIME Pridgen Jones THE EXCLUSIl-E SHOE MEN OF Dl ' RHAM Sell all Kinds of Stylish Shoes SPECIALTIES: IJlEHN QlALITY. FUR LADIES. Turner ' s Cafe RALEIGH, N. C. For Ladies and Gentlemen Finnish Good Goods Either Domestic or Foreign , i;„,i,,,iilcc Fiist-C ns ri ' oW- mid n Good Fit. (SUi%a li, ,t First-Class Manner nt Fcasonaldc Pnc. Vonr Patronage Solicited DAIRY LUNCH OPEN DAY AND NIGHT O. O. WHITE ' 5 1 " 0m nntcrs " €t Some of our cnsloniers have considered it to their interest to call us " Our Printers " ever since they gave us their first order, when v ' e showed them we were interested in their printing beyond the fact that it carried with it a money consideration. We have a pride of our own about " Our Printing, " and this, we doubt not, has had a great deal to do with our success and the reputation our establishment enjoys. CL Let us add your name to the alreadj ' long list of those who think of us as " Our Printers. " % )t tonc anntiug anti iHfg;. Co. ■COnj.irD 11. 5«toiic, prcsibiMit no, 112, 114 fionl) 3rffrison »trrrt ISoanohr, ll irginia flDebical Colleoe of IDirointa ESTABLISHED 1838 THE SIXTY-SIXTH SESSION WILL COMMENCE SEPTEMBER 29th, 03 DEPARTMENTS OF MEDICINE, DENTISTRY, AND PHARMACY Well Equipijed Laboraturies, Splendid lUispi- Fur .innouncemeiits .iiid liuilier infoimatuiTi, tal Facilities, and Abundance of Clinical . ddvess. Material afford Excellent Opportunities CHRISTOPHER TOMPKINS, M. D., Dean, ft)i Practical Work. - RICHMOND, VA. GREENSBORO ' S NEWEST, LARGEST AND BEST HOTEL Cbc Benbow C. X Borton, 107 Church St. Durham, N. C. I sell Columbia, Cleveland. Tribune, Rambler and Yale They are the best made. Call and see them. Repairing neatly and promptly done. Work, the best. Coaster brakes applied on short notice Prices Moderate. Bicycles PEACE INSTITUTE FOR GIRLS, AND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC RALEIGH. N. C. A select and thorough school con- ducted by an :M. A. of the I nirersitv ..f Va. Lescbetizky system of music It will pay yim to ask tor catalogue, Jas. Dinwiddle. GIERSCH ' S RESTAURANT CAFE 216 FAYETTEVILLE ST. RALEIGH. N. C. HAVE YOUR CLOTHES CLEANED AND PRESSED BY THE " WHITE AND BLUE " PRESSING CLUB Also Altering and Repairing at Small Cost YOURS FOR THE TRADE, BROCKWELL ' S BUILDING, SECOND FLOOR, Rooms 2 and 3 WARD PINDLE WV¥¥W V¥VV¥V¥V¥¥V¥V¥V¥Y1I1» VVV¥V¥¥¥¥¥V V ¥¥¥¥¥ W¥¥ | ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ i Y ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ M ¥ S ¥ S ¥ Y ¥ Y S Y Y ¥ ¥ ¥ 0. ; . 1,0 . - II ji i.h.k Hiii.i.-iDjy ¥ ¥ Y ¥ 1 Cole HolUiday ¥ s ¥ ¥ HIGH-CLASS ¥ Y ¥ ¥ PHO ' TOGRJFHERS Y ¥ ¥ a . f— r TYrS— A ' T- ' S ,e ¥ ¥ y i-? v f wtv ¥ ¥ J K r 3 I ¥ . K TJI r- Y ¥ 7)mJ 0Jj S ¥ ¥ T 1 Y ¥ ¥ DCRIIAM. X. C. CHAPEL Hll.L, .X. C. ¥ Y ¥ Y w Y ¥ Y S ¥ All (■ L ' ni-i ' fisily pliotogiaphic work for Y S tlu- past fi- ' i- years lias hct-ii iiiaiif by us. t ¥ I ¥ Y ¥ I I 1 Y u t ¥ Y ¥ Y ¥ Y ¥ ¥ ¥ w yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyy | yyyyy yyy | yyyyy| Chapel Hill Hotel AND UNIVERSITY INN ANNEX Rates, $2.00 Per Day SPECIAL PRICES PER WEEK AND MONTH We make special rates to all Baseball and Football Teams W. W. PICKARD PROPRIETOR RS-McRAE Students ' Supplies GEO. C PICKARD J. FRANK PICKARD Pickard ' s Livery, Feed and Sale Stables HORSES, BUGGIES AND CARRIAGES = TO LET AT ALL HOURS =:=: Carriages Meet tvery Train Rates Low Chapel Hill, N. C. fltbletic Outfitters. ll ' n ' i ' for Cciliilof;iie SPALDING ' S BASEBALL, FOOTBALL TENNIS. AND TRACK SUPPLIES. Monogram Hats and Caps n. €. Eong Bro. sr c ' -aroL T OR ' ISE ONL ' i

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