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Text from Pages 1 - 180 of the 1893 volume:

OIlip ICtbrary of tljP Iniuf raitg nf Nnrtl? (Earnlina (Ilollwtifln of Nartlj Olarnltmana C378 XPH c.R. UNIVERSITY OF N,C. AT CHAPEL HILL 00033984662 This hook tnust not he tal en from the Lihrary huilding I5M F 40 — — a — ' i ' si • =S Salutatory. T is with pleasure that the Board of Editors for ' 93 present the fourth issue of " The Hellenian. " It has been a work of much labor and anxiety, but we forget all when we think of the many expressions of commendation, con- gratulation, etc., which shall be accorded us by the blood- thirsty searchers for our scalps. While such aforesaid expressions are to be appreciated, the Board desire to state that it is their intention not to experience them — innocence being our plea. The Editors. " We ' ll never do so any more. " VARSITY YELL Rah ! rah ! rah ! White and blue Vive la ! vive la ! N. C. U. Varsity Colors White and blue. o. Hon. JULIAN S. CARR, S S e5 S AND WHEN BUILT. " Old West, " 1824. " New East, " 1859. Old East, " October 12, 1793, Cor. Stone laid. " South, " 1798, Cor. Stone laid. Gerrard Hall, " 1822. " Smith Hall, " 1852. " New West, " 1859. Person Hall. " " Memorial Hall, " 1887. " Medical Hall, " i8gi. " Gymnasium, " 1885. UNI ZERSITV OF= NORTH CTXROL-IISK. ESTHBI-ISHEO 1793. Gov. ELIAS CARR, Ex-officio, President. STrttatccs. SIDNEY M. FINGER. Ex-officio. A. B. ANDREWS, RICHARD H. BATTLE, WM. H. DAY, VM. E. HILL, GEORGE HOWARD, CHARLES B. AYCOCK, W. H. S. BURGWYN, JNO. D. CL ' RRIE, W. T. FAIRCLOTH, JNO. W. GRAHAM, W. D. BLACK, D. D., J. H. CORDON, THOS. J. JARVIS, L. L. D. NEILL McKAY, WM. J. PEELE, K. P. BATTLE, L. L. D., MARSDEN BELLAMY, MARION BUTLER, BENNEHAN CAMERON, R. M. FURMAN, MONTFORD McGEHEE, PALL B. MEANS, JAMES PARKER, THOS. H. PRITCHARD, D. D. JNO. E. WOODWARD, Ex-Gov. THOMAS M. HOLT, A. LEAZER, CHAS. D. McIVER, JOHN MANNING, L. L. D., SOL. C. WEIL, WM. C. RIDDICK, FR.ANK S. SPRUILL, J. L. STEWART, S. McD. TATE, JAMES W. TODD, RICHARD H. LEWIS, M. D. W M. MEBANE, J. D. MURPHY, W. L. SAUNDERS, L. L. D., Z. B. YANCE, L. L. D., 1893. JOSEPH A. BITTING, JULIAN S. CARR, JNO. M. GALLOWAY, JAS. H. HORNER, L. L. I A. M. LEWIS, 1895. A. D. BETTS, CHARLES A. COOK, GEO. DAVES, L-L. D., JNO. A. GILMER, H. A. GUDGER, 1897. C. M. COOKE, RUFUS A. DOUGHTON, HAM. C. JONES, PATRICK L. MURPHY, WM. D. PRUDEN, 1899. R. L. BEALL. M. D., G. S. BRADSHAW, FABIUS H. BUSBEE, JNO. W. FRIES, THOS. S. KENAN, 6 RICHARD H. BATTLE, Sec ' y and Tieas. THOS. W. MASON, LEE S. OVERMAN, CHARLES PRICE, JNO. C. SCARBOROUGH, DAVID G. WORTH. WM. JOHNSTON, W. S. LONG, H. c. McMillan, R. B. PEEBLES, FRANK D. WINSTON. ROBT. W. SCOTT, WALTER L. STEELE, L. L. D. J. R. STR.AYHORN, GEO. N. THOMPSON, H. D. WILLIAMSON. J. A. McIVER. A. H. MERRITT, FRED. PHILIPS, JNO. W. STARNES, JAS. W. WILSON. A. B. ANDREWS, RICHARD H. BATTLE, ©aeccttttttc ©ontntittcc. Gov. ELIAS CARR, Chairman Ex-offiiio. S. M. FINGER, JNO. W. GRAHAM, RICHARD H. LEWIS, JULIAN S. CARR, THOS. S. KENAN, JNO. C. SCARBOROUGH. • i- F= H C J L- T V. 1 Presidext and Professor of Political and Social Sciexce. GEORGE TAYLOE WINSTON, LL. D. Stiulent, U. N. C, 1866-68. B. Litt., Cornell, 1874. A.M., Davidson College. Instructor Math., Cornell, 1874-75. Assistant Professor Literature, U. N. C, 1875-76. Professor Latin and Ger- man, 1876-S5. Professor Latin, 1885-91. President, U. N. C, 1S91. President N. C. Teachers ' Assembly, 1879-8S. LL. D., Trinity Col- lege, N. C. Phi. vSoc. X. . Fraternity. Processor of History, KEMP PLUMMER BATTLE, LL. D. A. B., U. N. C, 1S49. Tutor Math., 1850-54. A. M., 1S52, LL. D. Lawyer, 1854-75. Member Convention, 1S61. President Chatham R. R. President State Agricultural Society. State Treas- urer. Author. President U. N. C, i875- ' 9i. Professor History, i89i.Di. Soc. Professor of General . xd Axalvtical Chemistry, FRANCIS PRESTON VENABLE, Ph. D. University Virginia, 1874. University of Bonn, 1879. A. M., Ph. D, University Gottingen, 1881. Attended University of Berlin, 1889. Fellow London Chemical Society. Member German Chemi- cal Society, American Association for Advancement of Science, American Public Health Association. Has published papers in the following periodicals : American Journal Analytical Chemistry, Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society Journal, Journal of American Chemical Society, North Carolina Medical Journal, London Chemi- cal News, Berichte der Deutschen Chcmischer Gesellschaff, Chemi- ker-Zeitung, American Journal of Science. Author " Qualitative Chemical Analysis. " Chemist to N. C. Geological Survey, N. C. Board of Health. Phi. Soc. - . K. E. Fraternity. Professor of Gh:ology . xd Mineralogy, JOSEPH AUSTIN HOLMES. B. S. Cornell, 1S74. .State Geologist. Assistant Professor of Geology and Mineralogy. IN " charge of the department. COLLIER COBB. A. B., Harvard, 1S89. Student U. N. C, 1880-81. Principal Waynesville Academy, 1881-83. Teacher in Wilson Graded .Schools, 1883-85 ; Superintendent, 1885-86. Student at Marine Biological Laboraton.-, Annisquan, 1885 ; Harvard, 18S6-92. Assistant Geolo- gist, U. S. Geological Survey, 1SS6. A. B., Harvard, 18S9. . ssist- ant in Geology-, Harvard, 1SS8-90. Instructor in Summer School of GeologT,-, Harvard, 1S91. Instructor in Geologj- and Paleontology, Mass. Institute of Technology,-, 1890-92. Lecturer in Boston Uni- versity, 1891-92. Assistant Professor of Geologi.-, U. N. C, 1892. Phi. Soc. EBEN ALEXANDER, Ph. D. Professor of Greek Language and Literature. A. B., Yale, 1893. Ph- D- (honorarj-), Mary-ville College, 1886. Instructor in Ancient Languages, Universit}- Tennessee, 1873-77. Professor Ancient Languages, University Tennessee, 1877-S6. Pro- fessor Greek, University North Carolina, 18S6. Minister to Greece, 1893. Di. Soc. t. T. Skull and Bones. WILLIAM CAIN, C. E., Professor of Mathematics and Engineering. Graduated N. C. IVIilitarj- and Polytechnic Institute, 1866, Active Engineering Work, 1S66 - 74. Professor Mathematics, Engineering, Carolina Military Institute, 1874-S0. Railway Loca- ing, 1880-82. Professor Mathematics and Engineering, S. C. Mili- tar Academy, ,1882-89. Professor Mathematics and Engineering, U. N. C, 18S9. Has written several treatises on " Arches, Bridges, and Retaining Walls. " Contributor to Van Nostrand ' s Magazine and other Scientific Journals. Mem. Am. Soc. C. E. Phi. Soc. JOSHUA WALKER GORE, C. E. Professor of Natural Philosophy. Richniood College, 1S71-73. C. E. University Virginia, 1875 Fellow in Mathematics, Johns-Hopkins University, 1S76-7S. Pro- fessor Natural Science, South-Western Baptist University, 1878-81. Assistant Professor Mathematics, University Virginia, 18S1-S2. Professor Natural Philosophy, University NortJi Carolina, 1882. Phi. Soc. K. A. (Southern). Hon. JOHN MANNING, I.. L. D., Professor of Law. A. B. University North Carolina, 1850— . ' . M., LL. D., 1883. General Assembly. Member Convention, 1861. Member Congress 1S71-73. Convention to Codify Statute Laws of N. C, iSSi. Pro- fessor Law, U. N. C, 18S2. Phi. Soc. Rev. THOMAS HUME, D. D., L. L. D. Professor of English Language .-iND Literature. A. B., Richmond College. A. M., Richmond College. Gradu- uatc University of Virginia. D. D., Richmond College. L.L.D., Wake Forest College. Professor Latin and English, Chespeake College. Principal of Petersburg, (Va.l Classical Institute. Prin- cipal of Roanoke Female College. Professor of Latin and English, Norfolk College. Author of " Hints and Side Lights to the Study of Shakespeare, " and many other pamphlets, etc. WALTER DALLAM TOY, M. A. Professor of Modern L.anguages. University Virginia, M. A., 1882. University Leipsic, 1883, University Berlin, 1883-S4. .University France (la Sorbonne), Paris, 1885. College de France, Paris, 1885. Author text books. Phi. Soc. X. . Fraternit}-. RICHARD HENRY WHITTEHEAD, M. D., Professor of Anatomv and Materia Medica. A. B., Wake Forrest College. M. D., University Virginia. Phi. Soc. K. A. Fraternity. Rev. HENRY HORACE WILLIAMS, A.M., B. D. Professor of Mental . nd Moraj, Sciektce. A. M., U. N. C, 1883. B. D., Yale, 1S88. Williams Fellow, Harvard, 1SS9. Professor Mental and Moral Science, U. N. C, 1890. Member Harvard Philosophic Club. Phi. Soc. . K. 2. Fraternity. HENRY VAN PETERS WILSON, Ph. D,, Professor of Physiology and Biology. A. B., Johns-Hopkins, 1883. Ph. D., Johns-Hopkins, 1888. Member Johns-Hopkins Alunmi Association. Member American Society Naturalists. Member American Morphological Society. Member Boston Society Natural History. KARL POMEROY HARRINGTON, A. M., Professor Latin Languages and Literature. A. B., Wesleyan University, 1882. A. M., Wesleyan Univer- sity, 1885. Student, University Berlin, 18S7-S9. Travelled and studied in Italy and Greece, 1889] Graduate Student, Yale Univer- sity, 1890-91. Teacher Greek and Latin, Public High School, Westfield, Mass., 1S82-85. Professor Latin, Wesleyan Academy, 18S5-87. Latin Tutor, Wesleyan University, 1889-91. Professor of Latin, University N. C, 1891. Author " Helps to the Intelligent Study of College Preparatory Latin. " Editor loth edition of die Songs of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity, t. T. Mystic Seven ' I ' .B. K- Phi. Soc. Instructor in Mathematics and Drawing, HOWARD BURTON SHAW, A. B., B. E. A. B., U. N. C, 1890. B. E., 1891. Instructor Mathematics, 1890-2-3. Assistant Professor Drawing and Surveying, 1892-93. Z. . Fraternity. Instructor-Assistant in Chemistry, CHARLES BASKERVILLE. B. S., U. N. C, 1892. Student, University Mississippi, iSSS. University Virginia, 1889. Vanderbilt University, 1890. Phi. Soc. A. K. E. Fraternity. Assistant in Physicai Laboratory, DeBERNIERE WHITAKER. Phi Soc. Z. . Fraternitv- Assistant ix Chemical Laboratory. ARTHUR J. EDWARDS. Di. Soc. Assistant in Geological Laboratory, CHARLES HENRY WHITE. Vanderbilt University, 1887-S8. University of Nashville, 1885-88. U. N. C, 1892. Di. Soc. Instructor in English Language and Literature, HENRY JEROME STOCKHARD. 93 Clkss of= ' 93 -.- ' «-.- ,. - Ferguson. Busbee. Walser. Hoke. Koonce. Austin. Snow. Gaither. Moye. Rondthaler. Wooten. Edwards. Wilson. McFadyen. Cheek. Willard. Barnard. Pugh. Gilmer. Whitlock. Biggs. Jones. Davis. Harding. Andrews SENIOR • • CI-KSS J. CRAWFORD BIGGS, President. MICHAEL HOKE, I ' ice- President. ©fftccva. VICTOR E. WHITLOCK, Secretary. E. PAYSON WILLARD, Foel. HOWARD E. RONDTHALER, Historian. F. C. HARDING, Orator. W. P. WOOTEX. Prophet. |i«Mutbttrtl llccor a, (Class cf ' 93. In the following reccirds are given : i — Course taken in College. 4 — Offices held, etc. 5 — -Age at graduation, height, weight. . xnRRws, Alexander Bovd. Jr., B. Lit. Law. Dialectic Sec. 2. . . K., Elisha Mitchell, Shakespeare Club, German Club, Univ. Press Assoc. Class y Historian, ' 89-92, Sub. Ball Manager, ' 93, Bus. Manager " Tar Heel, " ' 93, Washingingtou ' s Birthday Pres., ' 93. 20 years, 5 feet 8 4 inches, 150 pounds. Austin, S. MnEL Francis, A. B. Law. Philanthropic Soc. Shakespeare Club, N. C. Hist. Soc. " Rep. Speaker ' 92, Inter Soc. Debater ' 91. 23 years, 5 feet 8 inches, 135 pounds. Barnard, .Alfred Smith, B. S. Law. Dialectic Soc. li. e. n., Gerinan Club. F. B. Team, Quarter-back, ' 9i- ' 93, Captain, ' 93- ' 94. ' Sub. Marsha!, ' 92. " Hellenian " Editor, ' 93. 19 years, 5 feet S inches, 155 lbs. BiGGS, James Crawford, Ph. B. Law. Philanthropic Soc. .. t., Ginighoul, V. M. C. A., Shakespeare Club, Pres. German Club, ' 92- ' 93. Class ■vHistorian, ' 90-91, ' Class Pres. , ' 93, ' Chief Marshall, ' 92, End Rush F. B. Team, ' 9i- ' 93, Greek Prize, ' 91, ' Editor-in-Chief " Hel- lenian, " ' 92, " Tar Heel, " ' 93. 20 years, 5 feet 9 4 inches, 150 lbs. BUSBEE, PERRIN, Ph. B. Law. Philanthropic Soc. Z. t., Ginighoul. Shakes- peare Club, German Club, Univ. Press . ssoc., B. B. Team, ' 89. Captain B. B. Team, ' 9i- ' 93. " Hellenian " Editor, ' 93. Sub. ' Ball Manager ' 90. " Tar Heel " Editor, ' 93. 21 years, 5 feet 6 inches, 134 pounds. 2 — Chosen Profession. 3 — Membership in various College Organizations. Cheek, John Morgan, A. B. Teaching. Dialectic Soc. . V. A. Sec. Shakes- peare Club, ' 93. N. C. Hist. Soc Univ. Press Assoc. Latin Certif., ' 91, Psychology Thesis Prize, ' 91, Chief ISIarshaL ' gi, Magazine Editor, ' 93. 24 years, 5 feet 9 inches, 135 pounds. D.wis, Robert Mavo, A. B. Teaching. Philanthropic Soc. . I " . A. 24 years, 5 feet 5 inches, 140 pounds. EDW.4RDS, Arthur Joseph. B. S. Undecided. Dialectic Soc. Shakespeare Club, Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. Y. M. C. A. N. C. Hist. Soc. Asst. Chem. Lab., ' 93. High-jump, ' 90. 22 years, 5 feet 6 ' inches, 133 pounds. Ferguson, Herbert Reeves B. S. Law. Dialectic vSoc. N. C. Hist. Soc. B. B. Team, ' 91. Rep. Speaker, ' 91, Essayist ' s Medal Di. Soc. ' ,91, R. H. B. F. B. Tcam, ' 89- ' 90- ' 9i. 22 years, 6 feet, 175 pounds. Gaither, James F. B. S. Chemist. -. X., Jcrrj- Goljlin, Shakespeare Club. ■ Sub. Ball Manager, ' 91. 22 years, 5 feet S inches, 170 pounds. Harding, Fordvce Cunninggim, Ph. B. Law. Ph lanthropic Soc. Shakespeare Club. Inter-Soc. Debater, ' 90. ' Rep. Speaker, ' 92, Class Orator, ' 93, Pres. Y. M. C. A., ' 93- ' 94. 24 years, 5 feet 7 inches, 133 pounds. Hoke, Michakl, B. E. Medicine. Philanthropic Soc. . A. O., Gimghoul. Chief Ball Manager, ' 91— B. B. Team, ' 92— Glee Club, ' 92, Capt. F. B. Team, ' 92- ' 93. Vice-Pres. German Club, ' 93. Vice-Pres. Class, ' 93. " Hellenian " Editor, ' 93. iS years, 5 feet lojif inches, 161 pounds. Jones, James Archibald, A. B. Teaching. Philanthropic Soc. Shakespeare Club. N. C. Hist. Soc. Special Certif. Math. 23 years, 5 feet, 11,34 ' inches, 156 pounds. KooNCE, Alexander Hamilton, A. B. Law. Philanthropic Soc. Shakespeare Club. Y. M. C. A. Inter-Soc. Debater, ' 92. Rep. Speaker, ' 92. Magazine Editor, ' 92- ' 93. 23 years, 5 feet 9 inches, 120 pounds. McFadyen, Archie Hendon, B. Lit. Geologist. Philanthropic Soc. G. H. O. S. T. S. 23 years, 5 feet S inches, 160 pounds. MoYE, Elbert A. Jr., Ph. B. Medicine. Philanthropic Soc. 1 " . X., Shakespeare Club. German Club. Sec. Class, ' 89-92. B. B. Team, ' 92- ' 93. Bus. Manager " Hellenian, " ' 92. Winner Mile Race ' 91. 23 years, 5 feet S inches, 160 pounds. PuGH, James Thomas, A. B. Undecided. Philanthropic Soc. Shakespeare Club. R. T. F. B. Team, ' 92. Editor Magazine ' 93. 19 years, 5 feet I0J4 inches, iSo pounds. Rondthaler, Howard Edward, Ph. B. Ministry. Dialectic Soc. -. . . K. Gimghoul, Elisha Mitchell Soc. Pres. Y. M. C. A., ' 92. Intcr-Soc. Debater, ' 91, Bus. Manager Magazine, ' 9l- ' 92. Bus. Manager Glee Club, ' 9i- ' 92. Treas. Shakespeare Club, ' 93. Pres. Univ. Press Assoc, ' 93. " Hellenian " Editor, ' 93. Class Historian, ' 93. Sec ' yChemi- cal Journal Club, ' 93. 21 years, 5 feet, 155 pounds. Snow, William Boylan, Ph. B. Law. Philanthropic Soc. Z. t. Gimghoul. Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, ' 92. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 91. Sub. Marshar92. Leader German Club Spring, ' 93. Introductory Orator Wash- ington ' s Birthday, ' 93. 20 years, 5 feet 8% inches, 150 pounds. WaLSER, Zenobian Ilmer, B. Lit. Undecided. Dialectic Soc. Shakespeare Club. Y. M. C. A. Rep. Speaker, ' 91. Essayists Medal, ' 92. 19 years, 5 feet 1 1 inches. 153 pounds. Whitlock, Victor E. Ph. B. Law. Dialectic Soc. . P. A. Shakespeare Club. Univ. Press Assoc, Glee Club, ' 93. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 90. Class Sec. , ' 93. Special Certificate Math, and French, ' 93. 18 vears, 5 feet 7 inches, 134 pounds. Willard, Edward Payson, Ph. B. Medicine. Dialectic Soc, Gimghoul. A. K. E. B. B. Team, ' 91. Glee Club, ' 92. Pres. Glee Club, ' 93. Class Poet, ' 89-93. Editor Magazine, ' 9i- ' 92. Editor " Hellenian, " ' 9i- ' 93. Winner Tennis Tournament, ' 92. 20 years, 5 feet 8}4 inches, 140 pounds. Wilson, Edward M. A. B. Publisher. Dialectic Soc. Shakespeare Club. Y. M. C. A. N. C. Hist. Soc. 21 years, 6 feet 2 ' , inches, 16S pounds. Wooten, Willi. m Preston, Ph. B. Law. Philanthropic Soc, Shakespeare Club. De- caimer ' s Medal, ' 91. Rep. Speaker, ' 92. Math. Medal, ' 92. Special ial Certif. Math. Magazine Editor, ' 93. " Tar Heel " Editor, ' 93. Sub. Centre F. B. Team, ' 92. Prophet Class, ' 93. 20 years, 6 feet 2 -2 inches, 184 pounds. 94 CL-KSS ••• OI= •?• ' NINETY-FOUR Garnet and Old Gold. " In Luck we Trust. " Rip! Rip! Rip! Roar ! Roar ! Roar ! Buck-binney-wy-go, Ninetv-four ! G. R. LITTLE, Presideul. E. M. SNIPES, I ' ke-President. (Officers. W. R. KENAN, Secretary. J. L. GILMER, Treasurer. T. B. LEE, Historian. W. F. H.A.RDING, Orator. J. V. YATES, Poet. ©litaa WoW itrtb llcccr s. ATKINSON, Hugh Hamilton, . shevillc. 2. .v. E. O. H. Di. Soc. Shakespeare Club. Elisha Mitchell Sc. Soc Declaimer ' s Medal, Di. Soc, ' 92. Barnes, Leslie Edwin, Wilson. Phi. Soc. Brawlev, Espy V. tts, Mooresville. Di. Soc. Brown, Thomas Evans Westman, Asheville. P.. H. n., Di. Soc. Sub-Marshal Com. , ' 93. Carr, Evander McNair, Rose Hill. Phi Soc. Cooper, Thomas Jefferson, Murphy. Di. Soc. Debaters ' Medal, ' 92. 2d Rep. from Di Soc. Com., ' 92. Editor University Magazine, ' 92- ' 93. CURRIE, William Pinknev Martin, West End. Di. Soc. 3d Rep. from Di Soc. Com., ' 92. Editor University Magazine, ' 92- ' 93. Foot Ball Team, ' 9i- ' 92- ' 93. Ellis, Alexander Caswell, K. A., Louisburg. Phi. Soc. Editor " Hellenian, " ' 9i- ' 92. Shakespeare Club. Gilmer, John Arthur, Greensboro. . K. 2. Gimghoul. Di. Soc. Sub-Marshall Com., ' 92. Univ. Minstrels, ' 9i. Shakespeare Club. Gilmer, John L. sh, 2. A. E., Winston. Di. Soc. Treas ' 94. Harding, William Frederick, Greenville. Phi. Soc. Inter-Soc. Debater ' Spring ' 92. istRep. Phi. Soc. Com. , ' 93. Class Orator. HiCKERSON. LvTLE NowLEN, Ronda. Di. Soc. 2d Rep. Di Soc. Com., ' 93. HORNE, Hermann Harrell, Clayton. Phi. Soc, Vice Pres. Soph. Class ' 91-92. HoxEvcuTT, Samuel Tilden. Clayton. Phi. Soc Base Ball Team, ■9i- ' 92- ' 93. Sub-Marshal Com., ' 93. IxGLE, Julian E., Jr., Henderson. A. T. i . Jerry Goblin. Phi. Soc. Sub-Marshal, ' 92. Glee Club, ' 92- ' 93. Editor Magazine, ' 92- ' 93. 3d Rep. Phi Com. , ' 93. Kenan, William Rand, Raleigh. i. -A.E. Gimghoul. Phi. Soc. Sec ' j- Class, ' 94. Leader Ger- man Club, ' 9i- ' 92. Chief Ball Manager Com., ' 93. ManagerB.B. Teani, ' 92- ' 93. B. B. T., ' 9i- ' 92. Sec ' y Athletic Assoc, ' 92- ' 93. Elisha Mitchell Sc. Soc. Editor " Hellenian " ' 91-92. Lee, Thomas Bailev, Mocksville. 4 ' .T. . O. H. Di. Soc. Inter- Soc. Debater, ' 91 Fall. Rep. of ' 94 at Alumni Banquet, Spring , ' 91. Editor " Hellenian, " ' 9i- ' 92. Class Historian, ' 9i- ' 92- ' 93. ist Rep. Di Soc. Com. , ' 93. University Press . ssoc. Shakespeare Club. Editor-in-Chief " Hellenian, ' 92- ' 93. Lee, Benjamin Rush, Charlotte. Di. Soc. K. A. Jcrrj- Goblin. Little, George Roscoe, Bethel. Phi. Soc. Foot Ball Team, ' 9i- ' 92- ' 93. Sub. Marshal Com. ' 93. Pres. Class, ' 92- ' 93. Little, Thomas Robi.vson, Little ' s Mills. A. T. S2, Gimghoul. Di. Soc. Shakespeare Club. Oldham, Jessie Morrow, Oaks. Di. Soc. Catcher B. B. T., ' 9i- ' 92- ' 93. Resigned Capt., ' 9i- ' 92. RoBERSON, Charles, Chapel Hill. Phi. Soc. Glee Club, ' 9i- ' 92. Bus. Manager Glee Club, ' 92 ' 93. Rollins, Thomas .Scott Asheville. B. e. 11. Di. Soc Shakespeare Club. Chief Marshal Com. ' 93. Sawyer, James, Asheville. ! ' . r. .i. Di. Soc. Shakespeare Club. Sub-Marshal Com., ' 93. Smith, Thomas Carlisle, . sheville. 1!. H. n. Di. Soc. Shakespeare Club, Snipes, Eugene Malcom,, Lambsville. Di. Soc. ' Vice-Pres., ' 94 ( ' 92- ' 93). Toms, Nathan, Heatford. 7: t. Phi. Soc. Shakespeare Club. Smith, Junius Garnett, New York. K. .-v. Jerry Goblin. Phi. Soc. Bus. Manager " Hellenian, " ' 92- ' 93. Sub-Marshal Com. ' 93. SwiNK, Louis Melancthon, Winston. Di. Soc. 3d Rep. Di Soc. Com., ' 93. White, Charles Henry, Chapel Hill. Di. Soc Assistant Geological Lab., ( ' 92- ' 93). Wilson, Thomas James, Chapel Hill. Di. .Soc. Soph. Greek Prize Com., ' 92. Editor University Magazine, ' 92- ' 93. Shakespeare Club. Yates, Joseph Walker, Wilmington. A. K. E. Di. Soc. Class Poet. One yeare plus one ys payst and , on, A thirde ys flyeing, and I ween, Thatte nothynge beares the Juniore gaye Of resemblaunce to Freshie grene. Ve soph ' niore lyfe of prowresse greyt, Tho ' now with dignitee laide asj ' de, Has wrought ye mans from child ' s estayte And flungc us onte ynto ye tyde. Restlessly ebbing and flow3-ng Thj-s outyr tyde, th3 ' S boundyng surge Has fast hurried us not knowyng Whith ' r, ' til pantyng ' pon ye verge. Of spring finales yt leves us hye Above ye low landes left agoe, Where wearie toyleres longe and sighe Toweard and for thatte which now we knowe. O, classe fellowes, be not dismayde ! But looke thee wele unto tliine oares, Just now yc rockes ' r by salte sea sprayde And ye tyde rechbynge ' round thee roares. Knot wele ye sinewes of cache arme, Alojng 3-e shele lye low, l) ' e low , Breathe deepe, strike stroyng, be calm, no harme Shal com to thee conqu ' ringe, I trow. . nd when ye finale reefes are pa -st. When Juniore, Seniore whilonie are. Upon lyfcs open sea at laste, Mayc we by som payle silentc starre. Benevolent, be gU5 ' ded ' een To where ye infynite ys show3 ' n, . nd where far off thro ' niistes are seen. Ye breakeres of thatte greyte unknow3-n T. B. L. CLT SS ••• OF ••• ' rSINETV-F=I Ze ©las9 Colors. Pink and Light Blue. Jilotto. ' Cor Uxum, Viae Diversae. ' llcH. Boom ! Rah ! Ray ! Boom ! Rah ! Rive ! Sizz, Boom, Tiger, Ninetv-five. ©fficcra. A. B. KIMBALL, President. T. C. NORTHROP, First rice-President. F. B. McKINNE, Second Vice-President. T. D. BRYSON, Treasurer. JOE E. ALEXANDER, Historian. L. C. BROGDEN, Oratror. C. W. BRILES, Poet. H. C. BRYANT, Essayist Orirtfls iloU of 05. Alexander. — Phi. Rep. ' 93. Historian Soph. Class of ' 95. Aston. — Di. BaTCHELOR. — 11. H. n. Phi. Orator Fresh. Class of ' 95. Borden. — 7,. -t-. Phi. BovcE. — Di. Briles. — Di. Prophet Soph. Class of ' 95. Brogden. — Phi. Prophet Fresh. Class ' 95. Orator Soph. Class of ' 95- Bryant.— Di. Essayist Soph. Class of ' 95. Brvson. — Di. Sec.-Trcas. Soph. Class of ' 95. Carpenter.- Di. Carr, F. L.— i. X. Phi. Carr, J. 0.— Phi. Poet Fresh. Class of ' 95. Carter.— Phi. COTTEN.— S. A. E. Phi. Glee Club, ' 92. Dawson. — Phi, — Z. . Di. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 93. Graves.— 5:. x. Di. Green. — Di. Glee Club, ' 93. Heath. — 1. X. Di. HOLLOWAY.— Phi. HORNE, C— ' ) . r. A. Phi. HowELi,. — .. " f. Phi. Historian Fresh. Class of ' 95. KuiBALL.— Phi. President Soph. Class of ' 95. Sec. -Treas. Fresh. Class, ' 95. Glee Club, ' 93. Kluttz — 4 ' . r. A. Di. McAU-STER, J. W.— A. T. S2. Di. McAlister, W. C. — Di. McKiNNE. — Phi. 2d Vice-Pres. Soph. Class of ' 95. Glee Club, ' 92 and ' 93. McRae.— Di. Mattocks.— i. X. phi. Editor " Hellenian, " ' 93. Moore. — Di. Myers. — A, K. K. Phi. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 92. Nicholson. — Phi. Northrop. — Di. ist Vice-Pres. Soph. Class of ' 95. Patterson. — 2. a. E. Di. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 93. Bus. Mana- ger Glee Club, ' 93. Price.- S.X. O. H. Di. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 92. Pruden.— A. K. K. O. H. Phi. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 92. QuiCKEL.— Di. O. H. Richardson. — Phi. Robertson. — K. A. O. H. Di. ist Sub. Ball Manager, ' 93. Base Ball Team, ' 92 and ' 93. Rollins. — Phi. RUFFIN. — A. T. 12. Di. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 92. Sanford, V. L. — K. A. Di. Scott, W. L.— Di. Scott, J. V.— Di. Sh.annoxhouse, F.— i. X. Di. Sh.annonhouse, R. — Di. Shelton.— Di. Steele. -. x. Di. Stronach.— A. T. il. Phi. Sub. Ball Manager, ' 93. Thompson, H.— Di. Sec. Historical Society. Turner.— . K. 1. O. H. Phi. Pres. Fresh. Class of ' 95. .Sec- Treas. German Club, ' 93. Bus. Manager " Hellenian, " ' 93. 1st Sub. Ball Manager, ' 93. Warren. — Phi. Weaver. -Di. Weil.— , r. A. Phi. Wills, G.-Phi. Zacharv.— Di. Glee Club, ' 92 and ' 93. H-I-S-T-O-R- V ( IKE all other classes the first thing we experi- I 1 enced on returning to the University last Sep- tember was a loss of numbers. We entered in ' 91 with eighty-eight members; we now have only fifty-two. Among the new students whom we were glad to welcome as class-mates were Messrs. Aston, Boyce, Bryson, T., Graves, Heath, McAllister, W., Scott, J., Shannonhouse, F., and Thompson, H. But what was wanting in numbers was compen- sated for in bouyancy of spirit. To realize that " the dreaded name of Fresh ' ' had given way to ' ' the name of dreaded Soph " was indeed " a thing of beauty and a joy forever. " We have continued the policy inaugurated by the preceeding Sophomore Class in regard to hazing new students. No timid student need now hesitate to leave his paterfamilias ' coat-tail for fear of being changed to the complexion of the sons of Ham , or of trying his vocal organs before a ' ' select committee ' ' preliminary to getting on the Glee Club or winning the declaimer ' s medal. It is sincerely hoped that the example set by the preceeding class will be followed by every succeeding one. It is hardly within the sphere of the historian to record future events, lest he mistake the signs of the times and err in his judgment, but a true historian is not only a mere recorder of facts, but must look into the future. Hence, if our class prophet will kindly pardon us for this slight encroachment upon his rights, we firmly believe that, looking forward with pleasure to the season when second French and Conies are over, under the present excellent management of the Univer- sity, we will return next season with as many men as we now have in our class and with high hopes and bright prospects for the future. Historian of ' 95. CLT SS • • Of= ••• ' ISINETV-SIX. KIRST SET. J. C. EI.LER, President. . C. SMITH, First Vice-President. D. H. WILEY, .Second Vice-President. J. A. MAXWELL, .Sec ' y and Treasurer. W. T. BRADSHER, Historian. R. G. ALLSBROOK, Orator. H. A. GRADY, Poet. T. A. SHARPE, Prophet. J. G. HOLLOWELL, Essayist. ©ffiicx-s. SECOND SEX. V. E. ARMSTRONG, President. H. HAMMOND. First Vice-President. R. L. GRAY, Second Vice-President. H. B. PESCHAU, Secretary. J. A. GWYN, Treasurer. J. B. BOGER, Historian. J. R. CR IG, Orator. G. S. BAKER, Essayist. R. MILLER, Prophet. F. COOKE, Poet. •?• Ci-TTSS •?• History. We, the class of six and ninety, Come as Freshmen now to greet you. In our numbers we are manv ; More than e ' er have been before us Since the dark days of the sixtys ; And we trust that we shall not be Least in qualities of virtue. Ye who e ' er have been a Freshman Know the troubles of this people And to you we tell our story : How, the first of last September, Left we ovir homes and here assembled, Left them, here to come and mingle With the ones wlio were to haze us, Were to scorn us, and maltreat us. You shall hear how, on the first night. In our rooms we trembling waited For the coming of the Sophmores ; Being weary with our travel Soon we threw aside our clothing. Said our prayers and fell a dreaming. Btit, not long, were we to stay there . And our dreams of short duration Soon by ruthless " Soph ' s " were broken. trom our downy couch thej- dragged us, On our trunks, while in our night gowns, We were placed to make orations Or to dance, sing, or to suffer Being smoked out with tobacco. Then they Ictt us till the morning. Till that sorrow, bringing morning When we first went to the class-room, There to stare our ignorance showing When they asked us any questions. Should you ask me why so manv Tumbled on " Old Tommy ' s English " We will answer, we will tell }-ou Just because we were not able To buy all his many text books And we spent our " frog skins " sporting Instead of for his boring " methods, " So the Xmas xams. caught us Knowing little of his English. And, upon the board, soon after. Many of our names were missing. Billy told us that he never Had a class that knew so little . Of the principles of Euclid, But we got through by our spotting And the " grats " which we had taken In the term, when " noii paratus. " So but few of us he blinded. But " Old Harry " though he praised us Still he threw us without mercj-. You shall hear how in the Glee Club Very many tried for entrance, Nightly in the chapel practised That they might sing well together. And that " Harry " might accept them. Six of us at last were taken. And the others he consoled them, Said next year they might be taken, And they might then wear the dress-coats. Take the trips and dauce the germans. We are also represented On the Foot-Ball Team and Base-Ball, On one four, four on the other On the Foot-Ball Team the swiftest And the strongest in the rush-line. Both are fonml within our numbers. And they helped to win the trophies. Did their parts in even,- contest. On the diamond we are in it. For we have the best of plavers. We ' ve a pitcher who ' s so speedy That but very few can touch him. When they do, we have an infield That was never known to fumble. We are also represented Strongh- in the track athletics. And now of the ill-famed Soph ' more. We must say this to his credit : That this year he has restrained him From his blacking brush and blacking, Which it long has been his custom To use freely on the freshman, . nd for this we duly thank him. On the whole, when we consider Both our fortunes and misfortunes. We decide that being Freshmen Is not bad as represented. And the days that we have spent here Have been fraught with many pleasures. As our Freshman life is waning And we soon shall have arisen To the dignity of Soph ' mores. I now end this Fresh Class History, And I leave you with the wishes That you may live long and prosper, And your sons, some ten or twenty, Ma}-, each, some day be a Freshman. J. D. B. TV EDiCKi- Cl-T ss of ' 93- (DfftCCVBr. N. M. GIBBS, President. REID RUSSELL, ' ke-President. JOHN THOMPSON, 5fC and ' Ireas. R. S. TURLINGTON, Historian. Dell. Rah ! rah ! rah ! we are the Mods ! Wc are the boys with level heads. HREE years ago the Medical Department was opened in the University of North Carolina, under the able management of Dr. Richard H. Whitehead. This school has outgrown its experimental stage, and has now become a firmly established department of the University. Each succeeding class has given evidence of not only a steady numerical growth, but progress in the character of work done. Especially well does this apply to the medical class of 1892-93. Of our record in the class-room, we need onlj ' cite the testimony of our honored professor, hy whom we are credited with being the most diligent ever under his instruction. On the athletic field the class has had Gibbs, the ex- cellent end-rush of the foot-ball team, and Moye, the crack left-fielder of the base-ball team. Nor were our boys for- gotten in the Washington ' s Birthday elections. The medals for the greatest " dude " and the mos " conceited " man in college, both fell to the embryo doctors. Our roll call at the opening of the Fall term showed fifteen men in the class. After Christmas, Willard, ' 93, joined us, taking the medical course, in addition to his regular college work. Dame Rumor has it that our popular Professor of His- tology has surrendered to the wily Cupid, and that the frogs and bugs are resting in the assurance of being chased with less vigilance in the future. Our hats off to j ou, esteemed sir. in a united bow, with best wishes for a happy future. Men from our department have always stood well in other medical colleges, attended after leaving the Hill, and we trust that the. members from each succeeding class will continue to give evidence of the valuable training received in the medical school of the University of North Carolina. ,, HlSTORI. N. ■ hl TK sL ' CL-7 SS.i PRESIDENT, WALTER .MURPHY. V. A. De -ix, ] ' icc-Prcsiden1. O. H. Su.MPTER, Historian. JUDGES OF MOOT COURT, Thos. V. KitKETT, R. H. Hayes, Thorxwell Lanier. SHERIFFS, R. H. Haves, W. P. Blair. CLERKS OF MOOT COURT, r. L. Spexce, b. a. Justice, Alexander L. ssiter. " When one talks of hereditaments, mispiisons and indentures, Of chattels, and of mortgages, of choses and debentures, Of assumpsit, debt and covenant, of trespass and attainders, Of attaching and conveyancing, of signing and indorsing. Of femmes, both sole and covert, separating and divorcing, Of words of twenty letters, which you ' d think would break his jaw, You will then know that the fellow ' s just begun to study law. " fT is with pleasure that the Historian of the Law Class of ' 92- ' 93 contemplates the many achievements of honor and prowess in the arena of oratorical contests and upon the athletic fields won by members of this class, and as no gen- eral history could do justice to the subject, he has thought best to append the individual record of each man, and this record, I would venture to sa3% will not be surpassed by that of any class in any department of the University. The high standing of the laws in the Di. and Phi. Societies has been ably maintained, and in athletic field Devin and Murphy on the foot-ball eleven were recognized as two of the best men, and the base-ball team ee in Devin a seconc Dan Brouthers. Boyden, as Washington ' s Birthday orator, deservedly received many high encomiums, as he delivered one of the finest orations ever heard in the Di. hall. Previous historians have told of the establishment of the Law Department, but no history, however small and incom- plete, could justify its appearance without some mention of the Hon. John Manning, our able and beloved instructor. In him we have found not only a teacher, but a kind and sympathetic friend, and there is not a man in the class who will not carry through life an indelible impression of his noble nature, and ever see in him an example of the man, the lawyer and the scholar worthy of the highest efforts to emulate. The weekly moot court exercises have proven very entertaining as well as instructive, and the monthly ptiblic moot court under Dr. Manning, have attracted the general attention of the whole Universitj ' , and won much praise for the able manner in which the cases are conducted. The members of the class who went to Raleigh and secured their license from the Supreme Court in September last, are designated b ' a star ( ), and those who went in Februarj- by a dagger (tl. Rufus E. Austin, North Carolina. James A. Albritton, North Carolina Phi. Society. Willie L. Baird, North Carolina. tThomas W. Bickett, North Carolina, A. B., Wake Forest ' 90. W. P. Blair, Pennsylvania. A. L. Brooks, North Carolina. John W. Brooks, North Carolina. Shepherd Bn,-an, North Carolina, A. T. " . Phi. Society. Gim- ghoul. A. B., U. N. C, ' 91. Hellenian Editor, ' 91. Univer- sity Librarian, ' 91 and ' 92. Junior Rep. Greek Prize, ' 89. President, Class ' 91. Victor Hugh Boyden, North Carolina, i. X. Di. Society. Gimghoul. President of German Club, ' 91 and ' 92. Chief Ball Manager, ' 92. Hellenian Editor, ' 91. Washington ' s Birthday Orator, ' 95. Vice-President, Class ' 93. James Crawford Biggs, North Carolina, Z. t. Phi. Society. Gim- ghoul. Chief Marshal, ' 92. Editor-in-Chief of Hellenian, ' 92. Universit}- Eleven, ' 91, ' 92 and ' 93. Base-ball Team, President of Class ' 93. George E. Butler, North Carolina -. X. Di. Societv. Glee Club, Percy Cook, North Carolina, K. A. Phi. Society. Josiah Crudup, North Carolina, B. S. Wake Forest, ' 90. James H. Cooper, North Carolina. William A. Devin, North Carolina, K. A. Gimghoul. Universitv Eleven, ' 92. Base-ball Team, ' 93. W. W. Davics, Virginia, . A. (i Di. Society. Gimghoul. Ph. B., U. N. C, ' 91. Mangum Medalist, ' 91. Sub Ball Manager, ' 90. Washington ' s Birthday Orator, ' 91. Glee Club, ' 92. M. L. Foster, North Carolina. James W. Ferguson, North Carolina, 1. X. Paul Cameron Graham, North Carolina, Z. 1 ' . Di. Society ghoul. Ph.B., U. N. C, ' 91. Sub Ball Manager, ' 90. 92. 95- Gim- tjohn Gatling, North Carolina. William P. Hubbard. J. K. E. JI. L. Holcombe, North Carolina. George H. Howell, North Carolina, 4 ' . A. 0. William O. Howard, North Carolina, A. B. Wake Forest, ' 90. John . . Hendri.x, North Carolina, Di. Society. tRoland H. Hayes, North Carolina, Di. Society. Thonias C. Harrison, North Carolina. B. A. Justice, North Carolina. D. M. Luther, North Carolina, Di. Society. P ' . S. Johnson, North Carolina. Alexander Lassiter, North Carolina. Thornwell Lanier, North Carolina. Base Ball Team, ' 92 and ' 93. Walter Murphy, North Carolina, S. N. Di. Society. University Eleven, ' 8S, ' 89, ' 90 ' 92. Business Manager of Hellenian, ' 93. Managing Editor, " Tar Heel, " ' 93. Editor-in-Chief of " Tar Heel, " ' 93. John M. Morgan, North Carolina. Fred. Moore, North Carolina. Samuel H. McRae, North Carolina, A. T. il. E. R. McKethan, North Carolina. B. B. II. Phi. Society. A. B., U. N. C. " 91. Business Manager, Hellenian ' 92. " Angus B. McElyea, North Carolina. J. .A. B. Stevens, North Carolina. tU. L- Spence, North Carolina. A. A. F. Scawell, North Carolina. Di. Society. Ph. B., U. N. C. ' 89. A. M. Scales, North Carolina. B. O. II. Di. Society. Orlando Hobson Sumpter, Arkansas, ' 1 ' . r. A. . A. . Robert L- Sprinkle, North Carolina. George L- Peschau, North Carolina. A. T. U. Di. Society. Jerry Goblin. Sub. Ball Manager ' 90. Glee Club, ' 92. Hellenian Editor, ' 92. to. L. Sapp, North Carolina. Di. Society. Ph. B., U. N. C. ' 90. tC. F. Toms, North Carolina. 1. X. Di. Society. Helleniau Editor, ' 92. Frank Tisdalc, North Carolina. -. X. Maxcy L. John, North Carolina. 2. A. E. Di. Society. Ph. B. U. ' n.C. ' 88. F. L. Wilcox, North Carolina, A. B. U. N. C. ' 92. University Lib- rarian, ' 92 and ' 93. James A. Wellons, North Carolina. E. F. Watson, North Carolina. W. W. Vass, North Carolina. K. A. A. B. Wake Forest, ' 91. Jerry Goblin. DeL-TK • Kmppm • EPSIL-ON. ROUNDED MT VKI_E, IB ' t- . Phi, Yale College. Theta, Bowdoin College. Xl, Colby University. Sigma, Amherst College. Psi, University of Alabama. Upsilon, Brown University. Chi, University of Mississippi. Beta, University of North Carolina. Eta, University of Virginia. Lambda, Kenyon College. Pi, Dartmouth College. Iota, Central University. Alpha Alpha Middlebury College. Omicron, . University of Michigan Epsilox, Williams College. Rho, La Fayette College. Tau, Hamilton College. sv ' p li Mu, Nu, Beta Phi, Phi Chi, Psi Phi, Gamma Phi, Psi Omega, Beta Chi, . Delta Chi, Phi G. . ima. Gamma Beta, Theta Zkta, . " Vlpha Cri: Kappa, Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Madison University. College of the City of New York. University of Rochester. Rutgers College. Indiana Ashbury LTniversity. . Wesleyan Uuiversitj-. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Adelbert College. Cornell University. . S3-racuse University. Columbia College. Universit}- of California. Trinity College (Conn.) Vanderbilt LTniversit) ' . Miami University. University of Minnesota. Mass. Institute of Technology. BETM • Ch TARTER. rSTKBLISHED 1B5I. v_ fvntrca in f-acitltntc. F. P. VEXABLE, Ph. U., Professor of Chemistrv ' , CHARLES BASKERVILLE, Assistant in Chemistr} ' . ffrttvca i»i lljiim-vsitrttc. CLASS OF 1893. EDWARD PAYSOX WILLARD. A CLASS OF 1894. JOSEPH WALKER YATES. CLASS OF 1895. EDWARD WARREX MYERS. JAMES NORFLEET PRUDEX. CLASS OF 1896. CHARLES WATSOX YATES. LAW 1893. WILLL M PEDEX HUBBARD. MEDICINE 1893. FRAXK HUSKE HOLMES. Phi • Gmtvttvtk • Deltm. - HOUNDEO KT iniHSHlNGTON KND JEFF EHSON, IS- B. COL.ORS:— ROVHL. PURPLE. Bkta Mu, Nu Deuteron, Kappa Nu, Theta Psi, Pmega, Nu Epsilon, Iota Mu, Beta , Upsilon, Alpha, Beta Chi, Delta, Xi, Gamma Phi, Pi Sigma Deuteron, Epsilon Deuteron, Epsilon, Rho Chi, Zeta Deuteron, Omicron, Beta Deuteron, Delta Deuteron. Eta, Sigma, Theta Deuteron, Lambda Deuteron, Omicron Deuteron, Rho Deuteron, Alpha Phi, Chapter |loU. . Johns Hopkins. Yale. . Cornell. Colgate. Columbia. New York University. Mass. Inst. Tech. Universit - Penn. C. C. N. Y. Washington and Jefferson. . Lehigh. Buckncll Universit}-. Pennsylvania College. Pennsylvania State College. Allegheny. Lafayette. Wnhlenburg. Universit3- North Ca rolina. Richmond College. Washington and Lee. University of Virginia. Roanoke College. Hanipden-Sidney. Marietta. Wittenberg. Ohio Weslcyan University. Denison University. Ohio State University. Wooster University. University- Michigan. Zeta, Lambd. , Tau, Psi, Alpha Deuteron, Gamm. Deuteron, Mu Sigma, Nu Kappa Tau, Pi Deuteron, Zeta Phi, Lambda, Sigma, Delta Xi, T. u Alpha Pi Iota, . Indiana State University. DePauw University. Hanover. Wabash. Illinois Wcsleyan University. Knox College. . University Minnesota. . Bethel. Universitj- Tennessee. University Kansas. Wni. Jewell College. Leland Stanford, Jr., University. University California. Trinity, Conn. Worcester Polvtechnic Institute. GRADUATE CHAPTERS. Delta, Epsilon, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kapp.a, Southern Alumni Associ.ation, Western Alumni Association, Richmond Alumni Association, Grand Chapter. Chattanooga, Tenn. Colu mbus, Ohio. Kansas City, Mo- Cleveland, Ohio. Seattle, Wash. Chicago, 111. Baltimore, Md. Spokane. Richmond, Va. New York Citv. Turlington. Woodson, Gray. Boger. Sawyer. Whitlock. Kluttz. Cheek. Davis. Home. Phi • Ghtvttvtk •• Deltk. JPSIUON CHP5FT6R Established 1851. Reorganized 1887. Suspended 1861. r ctiitc ItXcmbcvs. CLASS OF ' NINETY-THREE. ROBERT MAYO D.WIS, JOHN MORGAN CHEEK, VICTOR EMANUEL WHITLOCK. CLASS OF ' NINETY-FOUR. JAMES SAWYER, THOMAS BAILEY LEE. CLASS OF ' NINETY-FIVE. CHARLES WHITEHURST HORNE, LESLIE WEIL, WILLIAM CLARENCE KLUTTZ. CLASS OF ' NINETY-SIX. JOHN DERR BOGER. ROBERT CARTER ELIASON, LIONEL HARTSFIELD LOVE, JAMES CORMILUS GRAY, WALTER HENDERSON WOODSON. VOLNEY ARMSTRONG. LAW ' 93. ORLANDO HOBSON SUMPTER. MEDICINE ' 93. ROGER SULLIVAN TURLINGTON. Oeth • Theth • Pi. DIST. Harvard, . . gta Brown, . . Kappa Boston, . . Upsilou Maine State, . . Beta Eta DIST. Rutgers, . Beta Gamma Stevens, . . Sigma Cornell, . Beta Delta St. Lawrence, Beta Zeta DIST. Dickinson, . Alpha Sigma Johns Hopkins, Alpha Chi University of Pennsvlvania, liaptev Poll. Amherst, . Beta Iota Dartmouth, . Alpha Omega Wesleyan, . Mu Epsilon Vale, . . Phi Chi II. Colgate, . Beta Theta Union, . Nu lA Cohimljia, . Alpha Alpha Syracuse, . Beta Epsilon (fij III. 9) Pa. State College, Alpha Upsilon © Lehigh, . Beta Chi w Phi y DIST. IV MYSTIC Zeta Hampden Sidnev, Univ. of N. Carolina, Eta Beta Univ. of Virginia, . Omicron Centre, Cumberland, University of Mississippi DIST. Epsilon Mu SEVEN DISTRICTi Davidson, . Phi Alpha Richmond, . Alpha Kappa Randolph, Macon, . Chi V. Vanderbilt, . Beta Lambda Univ. of Texas, Beta Omicron Beta Beta Miami, Univ. of Cincinnati, Beta Nu Univ. of Ohio, Beta Kappa Western Reserve, . Beta Washington-Jefferson, Gamma Ohio Wesleyan, . Theta DIST. VI. Alpha Ohio State Bethany, Wittenberg, Denison, Wooster, Kenyon, De Pauw, Univ. of Indiana, Univ. of Michigan, Knox, Beloit, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa Wesleyan, DIST VII. Delta Wabash, . Pi Hanover, Theta Delta Psi -Alpha Gamma Alpha Eta Alpha Lambda Beta Alpha Tan Iota Lambda DIST. VIII. . Alpha Chi Univ. of Wisconsin, Alpha Pi Clii North Western, . Rho Alpha Beta Univ. of Minnesota, . Beta Pi . Alpha Epsilon DIST. IX. Westminster, Alpha Delta Denver, . Alpha Zeta Univ. of Kansas, . .Alpha Nu Univ. of Nebraska, Alpha Tan Univ. of California, . Omega Univ. of Missouri, . Zeta Phi ••• ETK • BETM • CH7=5PTER. •?• ESTKBL.ISHED KS EXK PRITV E, 1S52. Staf of the South, " Chapter of Hlystie Seven, Established 1884, beeame Eta Beta of Beta Theta Pi, 1889. ctiuc lilcmbcx-altip. LAW. ED. R. McKETH.- X, A. M. SCALES. CLASS OF ' 93. L. O ' B. B. JONES, . LF. S. B. RNARD. CLASS OF ' 94. T. S. ROLLINS, T. C. SMITH, Jr., T. K. V. BROWN. CLASS OF ' 95. V. A. BATCHELOR. CLASS OF ' 96. J. C. CARROLL, J. A. OWVN, J. G. RANKIN, THOS. McADOO, J. A. McKETHAN. ' Deceased. . f ,. - s- •f RHI - KHPRM - SlGTVYT . ••• FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENN S YLiVAfJIH IN 1850. Vtcli of Cljavtcva. ALPHA. — University of Pennsylvania. ZETA. — Franklin and Marshall College, Pa. LAMBDA.— Universitv of North Carolina DELTA. — Washington and Jefferson College, Pa. ETA. — University of Mrginia. RHO. — Universitv of Illinois. TAU.— Randolph-Macon College, Va. PHL — Richmond College, Va. UPSILOX.— Northwestern University, 111. PSI. — Pennsylvania State College. KSj " " C®)i - • 1- PHI • KKPR7X . SICTV H 1 £lt» tb rt Cltaptcv, Joseph Clay Powell, Vm. Battle Phillips, Julian 11. Baker, Richard Dillard, Jr. 1878. Arthur . rrington, Janies Mann Nicholson, Kemp Plunmier Battle, James S. Manning, Robert Strange, Frank Wood, George ilcKorkle, Duncan M. Williams. Frank K. Borden, Ed. B. F;ngelhard, R. B. Henderson, John M. Manning, Alva Crowell Springs. Earnest Haywood, Charles C. Cobb, B. C. Sharpe, John S. Phillips, LaFavette Brown Eaton. Frank Battle Dancey, Lucian H. Walker, Robert W. Winborne, Fraiik Gordon Hines, Turner W. Battle, William W. Long, Edwin A. . ldernian, Jonathan Worth Jackson, Walter E. Phillips, Frank H. Stedman, James H. Ruffin, Charles W. Worth, John M. Walker. Robert B. Albertson, George Gordon Battle, Thomas R. Ransom. 1883. Peter E. Hines, Henry Horace Williams, Lewis J. Battle, Isaac H. Manning, Kirkland Huske, Charles T. Haigh, John Robert Herring. 1884, Thomas A. Baker, J. H. Baker, Jr., Hillard C. Parsons, Henry W. Rice, Samuel S. Jackson, H. B. Battle, Louis M. Bourne, Haywood Parker. 1885. John C. Engelhard, Henry Johnston, Frank M. Parker. 1886. Gaston Battle, Samuel P. Winborne, William S. Battle. 1887. Henry Staton, Lucian S. Hadley, James R. Green, Peter P. Winborne. 1889. Frank H. Batchclor, John A. Gilmer, F. Hubbard Argo, Ed. S. Battle, Samuel A. . she, Jr. 1890. Rolicrt S. Tliompson, Walter A. Bonitz. 1891. Richard B. Arringtou, Jacob Battle, Jr., Charles R. Turner. SIG7VYM 7XL-PH7X ERSIUON. lioU of Clja »tcv. PROVINCE A. Tcnn. Xu Vaudcrbilt Universitv, Xashville, Tenn. Ga. Beta (G. C.) University of (ieorgia, Athens, Ga. ' • Kappa University of Tennessee, Kno.xville, Tenn. " Psi Mercer University, Macon, Ga. ' ' Alpha 1 -Alumnus i Chattanooga, Tenn. " Epsilon Emory College, O.xford, Ga. Miss. Gamma University of Miss. O.xford, Miss. " Phi Ga. School of Technologv . tlanta, Ga. " Theta ( Sub Rosa -Agricultural College, Miss. " Alpha Ahnnmis ., " Theta (. lumnus Starkvillc, Miss. " Beta Albany, Ga. " Gamma (Aluniuusl Meridian, Miss. ■ ' Sigma Savannah, Ga. Texas Rho University of Texas. .Austin, Texas " Omega Ala. Mil University of Alabama, Augusta, Ga. Tuscaloosa, Ala. PROVINCE D. " Iota Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. Ohio Sigma iG. C.) Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio " Alpha Mu Alabama A. 6c M. College . uburn, Ala. " Delta Ohio Wesleyan UniversitN , Delaware, Ohio " Mu Alumnus Jlontgomerv, . Ia. " Epsilon University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio " Theta Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio PRovifJce B. " . lpha (. luninus Alliance, Ohio S. C. Delta (G. C.) South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C. Ky. Iota Bethel College, RussellviUe, Ky. " Gamma Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. ' ' Kappa Central Universit -, Richmond, Ky. " Phi Furman University, Greenville, S. C. " .-ilpha Beta (Alumnus) Xicholas, Ky. " JIu Erskine College Due West, S. C. Mo. Alpha University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. " Eto Ahimiuis Honea Pass, S. C. ' ■ Beta Washington Universit} St. Louis, Mo. N. C. Theta Davidson College, Davidson, N. C. Jlich. Alpha Michigan Universit -, Ann . rbor, Mich. " Xi University of X. C, Chapel Hill, N. C. Pcnna. Omega Alleghany College, Jleadvillc, Pa. " Theta Alumnus Charlotte, X. C. Sigma Phi Dickinson College, Carlisle, Penna. Va. Omicron University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Alpha Zeta Penna. State College, State College, Pa. " Pi (Sub Rosa) Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va. Iowa Sigma Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa " Sigma Washington and Lee, Lexington, Va. : N. Y. Alpha Cornell Universil}-, Ithaca, X. Y. PROVINCE C. Col. Chi University of Colorado, Boulder, Col. " Zeta University of Denver, Univ. Park, Col. Teun. Omega (G. C.) Universit) ' of the South, Sewanee, Tcnn. Indiana Alpha Franklin College, Franklin, Ind. " Zeta S. W. Pres. University, Clarksville, Tenn. Cal. Alpha Lcland Stanford, Jr. Univ Mcnlo Park, Cal. ' ' Lambda Cumberland University, Lebanon, Teuu. Mass. Beta Upsilon Boston University, Boston, Mass. " Eta S. V. Baptist University, Jackson, Tcnn. Conn. Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. Landii j-ham. L-ondon. Gilmer. Hartj ' . Bahnson. Andrews. Roudthaler. Kenan. Patterson. Shaffner. I.emly. SIC7A7X ALRHM EPSILON, CI CHA.PTER. 4?rrttvcs in fvatcx-nitatc. CLASS ' 93. A. B. ANDREWS, Jr.. HOWARD E. ROXDTHALER. CLASS ' 94. H. H. ATKIXSON, W. R. KENAN, Jr.. JOHN L. GH.MER. CLASS ' 96. RALPH VAN I.ANDINGHAM, J. F. SHAFFNER, Jr., F. F. BAHNSON, A. H. LONDON, FRANK R. H. RTY, W. B. LEMLY. CLASS ' 95. JOHN L. PATTERSON, BRUCE GOTTEN. LAW. MAXCV L. JOHN. 1 VPSILON ••• CHT fRTER. ESTABLISHED ' 858. SUSPENDED 1868. REORGANIZED 1885- (Jvcitcv in irtcxtltntc, HOWARD BURTON SHAW, A.B., B.C.E., ' 90. (Tratvca in llniticraitittc. ' 93. PERRIN BUSBEE, WILLIAM BOYLAN SNOW, JAMES CRAWFORD BIGGS. ' 94. NATHAN TOMS. PAUL CAMERON GRAHAM, Ph. B., ' 91. engineering. DeBERXIERE whitaker. MURRAY BORDEN, HARRY HOWELL. WILLIAM ALEXANDER GRAHAM. ' 96. ROBERT LILLY GRAY, ERVIX CLARK GREGORY ■ 6- ■ 1- ZET?? ••• PS I 1 FOUNDED AT UNrVERSITY OF CITY OF NEW YORK, 1846. Orhrt t ' - ' i ' |ioU. Phi, Zeta, Delta, Sigma, Chi, Epsilon, Rho, Kappa, Tau, Upsilon, Xi, University of New York Williams College Rutgers College University ' of Pennsylvania Colby University- Brown University Harvard University Tufts College Lafayette College University of North Carolina Universitv of Michigan Pi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lambda, . Bowdoin College Beta, University of Virginia Psi, Cornell University Iota, University of California Theta Xi, University of Toronto Alpha, Columbia College Alpha Psi, McGill University Nu, Case School of Applied Sciences Eta, Yale University Mu, Leland Stanford, Jr., University SlUtiiuil 3 ft9c ctntiona. Central Association- of Zeta Psi, 8 West 29th St., New York City. Northwestern Associ.vtion of Zet.i Psi, 306 Opera House Block, Chicago, 111. Pacific Assocl tiox of Zeta Psi, 310 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. Philadelphia Associ. tion of Zeta Psi, 2107 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa 43 Capital Association of Zeta Psi, 8 Iowa Circle, Washington, D. C 1- T LPHK TMU OTV EGM. -i • 1 ROLL- • OF= • CHARTER -i Alpha Epsilou, Beta Beta, Beta Theta, Beta Psi, Alpha Beta, Alpha Theta, Alpha Zeta, Beta Iota, Beta Nu, Beta Epsilon, Gamma Beta, Beta Upsilon, Gamma Alpha, Alpha Mu, Beta Kappa, Beta Lamda, Beta Omicron, Alpha Delta, Alpha Eta, Alpha Chi, Alpha Kappa, Alpha Omicron, Beta Theta, A. and M. College, Southern University, University of Alabama. Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. University of Georgia, Emory College, Mercer University, School of Technology, M. and A. College, Tulane University, Tufts College, State College, Colby University, Adrian College, Hillsdale College, University of Michigan, Albion College, Univ. of North Carolina, Asheville (Sub Rosa) Trinity College, Stevens Institute, St. Lawrence University, Cornell Universitv, Auburn, Ala. Alpha Nu, Jit. Union College, Mt. Union, O. Greensboro Ala. Alpha Chi, Wittenberg College, Springfield, O. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Beta Eta, Wesleyan University, Delaware, O. California. Beta Mu, Wooster University, Wooster, O. Athens, Ga. j Beta Rho, Marietta College, Marietta, O. Oxford, Ga. Beta Upsilon, State University, Columbus, O. Macon, Ga. ; Alpha Iota, Muhlenburg College, Allcntown, Pa. Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Rho, Lehigh Universit}-, Bethlehem, Pa. Milledge -ille, Ga. Alpha Upsilon, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. New Orleans, La. Beta Chi, Haverford Coilege, Haverford, Pa. College Hill, Mass. Tau, University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia, Pa. Orono, Me. Alpha Theta, South Carolina University, Columbia, S. C. Waterville, Me. Beta Rho. Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C Adrain, Mich. Beta Chi, Charleston College, Charleston, S. C. Hillsdale, Mich. Alpha Tau, S. V. Pres. University, Clarksville, Tenn. Ann Arbor, Mich. Beta Pi, Vanderbilt University ' , Nashville. Tenn. Albion Mich. Lambda, Cumberland College, Lebanon, Tenn. Chapel Hill, N. C. Omega, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. ijf Beta Zeta, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Durham, X. C. Beta, Washiugton and Lee Univ. Lexington, Va. Hoboken, N.J. Beta Sigma, Hanipdcn-Sidney, Virginia. Canton, N. Y. Delta, University Virginia, Ithaca, N. V. Epsilon, Roanoke College, Virginia. • 1- T L-RHH DELTK CH7XPTER i R. S. McRAE. •ratvca t»i lljtiiici-attrttc. POST GRADUATE. R. H. MITCHELL, A. M. LAW. SHEPARD BRYAX, A. B., S. H. McRAE, GEO. L. PESCHAU CLASS OF ' 94. THOMAS R. LITTLE. JULIAN E, INGLE, JR. CLASS OF ' 95. THOMAS RUFFIN, FRANK M. STRONACH, J. WORTH McALISTER. CLASS OF ' 96. ROBERT BASCOM MILLER. HENRY B PESCHAU, FOUNDED HT WJlSHI OTO Af4D liEE UfllVERSITY, 1865. iU- U of tHhrtptcva. Alpha, Washington and Lee Univ., Beta, Sub Rosa Gamma, University of Georgia, Delta, Wofford College, Epsilon, Emory College, Zeta, Randolph-Macon College, Eta, Richmond College, Iota, Furman University, Kappa, Mercer University, Lambda, University of Virginia, Jill, Erskine College, Nu, A. and M. College, Xi, Soitthwestern Universib,-, Omicron, University of Texas, Rho, Univ. of South Carolina, Sigma, Davidson College, Tau, Sub Rosa, Lexington, Va. Athens, Ga. Spartanburg, S. C. Oxford, Ga. Ashland, Va. Richmond, Va. Greenville, S. C. Macon, Ga. Albemarle County, Va. Due West, S. C. Auburn, j la. Georgetown, Texas Austin, Texas Columbia, S. C. North Carolina Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega, Alpha Alpha, Alpha Beta, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Delta, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Eta, Alpha Thcta, Alpha Iota Alpha Kappa, Alpha Lambda, Univ. of North Carolina, Southern University, Vanderbilt University, Tulane University, Centre College, University of the South, University of . labama, Louisiana State University, William Jewell College, Southwestern Presb. Univ. William and Mary College, Westminster College, Sub Rosa, Centenary College, Missouri State University, Johns Hopkins University, Chapel Hill, N. C. Greensboro, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. New Orleans, La. Danville, Kv. Scwance, Teun. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Baton Rouge, La. Liberty, Mo. Clarksville, Tenn. Williamsburg, Va. Fulton, Mo. Jackson, La. Columbia, Mo. Baltimore, Md. Ittmitt Chrtvt " - ' - NORFOLK, VA. RICHMOND, VA. NEW YORK, N. Y 46 RALEIGH, N. C. GRIFFIN, GA. ATLANTA, GA. UPSILON CHARTER. COLlORS — OLlP GOLlD AND CRIWSON- Established ' 1881. Suspended 1886. Re-established 1891 ffittrca in £acitltntc, J. W. GORE, C. E. R. H. WHITEHEAD, M. D. 4 vrttrca itt lluiiicx-fitati ' . W. A. DEVIX, V. W. VASS, Jr., P. H. COOKE. CLASS OF ' 94. A. CASWELL ELLIS, B. RUSH LEE, J. GARNETT SMITH. CLASS OF ' 95. W. L. SANFORD, C. H. HARDING, W. R. ROBERTSON. CLASS OF ' 96. F. N. COOKE, T. FRANK SANFORD, F. H. SHORT, W. D. CARMICHAEL, jR. PHI Dei-TK • THOTTX FOUNDED HT TU IMTVTI UN I i ! E RSITV. IS B. I oll of ©Ijapteva. aijPHh province Main Alpha, New Hampshire Alpha, Vermont Alpha, Massachusetts Alpha, Massachusetts Beta, Rode Island Alpha, New York Alpha, New York Beta, New York Epsilon, Pennsylvania Alpha, Penns ' lvania Beta, Pennsylvania Gamma, Pennsylvania Delta, Pennsylvania Epsilon, Pennsylvania Eeta, U Pennsylvania Eta, Colby University, Dartmouth College, University of Vermont Williams College, Amherst College, Brown Universitj-, Cornell University, Union Universit)-, Syracuse University, Lafayette College, Pennsylvania College, ( Washington and 1 (Jefferson College, ( Alleghany College, Dickinson College, niversitv of Pennsylvania Watervillc, Me. Hanover, N. H. Burlington, Vt. Williamstown, Mass. Amherst, Mass. Providence, R. I. Ithaca, N. Y. Schnectady, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Easton, Pa. Gettysburg, Pa. Washington, Pa. Meadville, Pa. Carlisle, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Virginia Alpha, Virginia Beta, Lehigh University-, South Bethlehem, Pa. BETA PROVINCE. Roanoke College, Salem, Va. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Virginia Gamma, Randolph Macon College, Ashland, Va. Virginia Delta, Richmond College, Richmond, Va. Virginia Eeta, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. North Carolina Beta, University o f North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. South Carolina Beta, South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C. Kentucky Alpha, Center College, Danville, Ky. Kentucky Delta, Central University, Richmond, Ky. Georgia Alpha, Georgia, Beta, Georgia Gamma, Tennesce .Alpha, Tennesee Beta, -Alabama .■ lpha, .Alabama Bta, .Alabama Gamma, Gniviivin pRovifiCE. Uniyersit}- of Georgia, Emorv- College, Mercer L ' niversity, Vanderbilt Universit} ' , University of the South, University of Alabama, .Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Southern University, Athens, Ga. Oxford, Ga. Macon, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Swanee, Tenn. Tuskaloosa, Ala. Auburn, Ala. Greensboro, Ala. DEUTR PROVINCE. Missis-sippi .Alpha, University of Mississippi, University P. O., Miss. Louisiana . " Vlpha, Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, La. Texas Beta, University of Texas, . ustin, Texas. Texas Gamma, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. Ohio Alpha, Ohio B eta, Ohio (Tainina, Ohio Delta, Ohio Epsilon, Indiana Beta, Ohio Zeta, Indiana Alpha, Indiana Gamma, Indiana Delta, Indiana Epsilon, Indiana Zeta, Michigan Alpha, Michigan Beta, Michigan Gamma, EPSIIiON PROVINCE. Miami University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio University, University of Wooster, Bechtel College, Wabash College, Ohio State University, Indiana University, Butler University, Franklin College, Hanover College, Dc Pauw University, University of Michigan, State College of Michigan, Hillsdale, Oxford, O. Delaware, O. Athens, O. Wooster, O. Akron, O. Crawfordsville. Ind. Columbus, O. Bloomington, Ind. Irvington, Ind. Franklin, Ind. Hanover, Ind. Greencastlc, Ind. Ann .Arbor, Mich. Lansing, Jlich. Hillsdale, :Mich. Illinois Alpha, Illinois Delta, Illinois Epsilon, Illinois Lcta, Wisconsin .Alpha, Missouri Alpha, Missouri Beta, Iowa . lpha, Iowa Beta, Minnesota .Alpha, Kansas .Alpha, Nebraska .Alpha, California .Alpha, California Beta, ZETA PROVINCE. Northwestern University, Knox College, Illinois Wesleyan Universitv, Lombard University, University of Wisconsin, University of Missouri, Washington, Universitv, Evanston, 111. Galesburg, 111. Bloomington, III. Galesburg, 111. Madison, Wis. Columbia, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, la. State University of Iowa, Iowa City, la. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. University of California, Berkeley, Cal. Lcland Stanford, Jr., University, Palo . lto, Cal. BETA • CHT RTER. = ST7 BL.ISHED 1SS5. W. W. DAVIES, IR. • GEO. H. HOWELL MEDICINE. E. R. RUSSELL. ' 93. MICHALL HOKE. ' 96. ANDREW SVME. E. G. DENSON. J. W. COBB. Everett. Blai Steele. Moye. Boyden. Carr. Price. Butler. Graham. Hammond. Gaither. Murphy. Emry. Stephens. McKenzie 1 SIC7VYA?- NU. -K FOUNDED AT U. M ffihaptcv fiat. Division I— Inspector, Victor H. Boyden, Chapel Hill, N. C. Alpha, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va., chapter dormant. Beta. S. E. Bradshaw, University of Virginia. Charlottsville, Va. Delta, F, J. Sloan, South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C. Lambda, Washington and Lee, Lexington, Va. Tau, .South Carolina Military . cadeniy, Charleston, S. C, chapter dormant. Psi, Geo. E. Butler, Vniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Epsilon, Bethany College. W. Va. Dl -isioN II— Inspector, Thomas M. Owen, Bessemer, Ala. Theta, Robt. G. Ennis, University of Alabama, University P. O., Ala. Iota, Jas. B. Espy, Howard College, East Lake, Ala. Upsilon, E. A. Blount, Jr., University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Phi, John Overton, University of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, La. Beta Phi, Tulaue, New Orleans, La., chapter dormant. Beta Theta, Franklin M. Mosely, Alabama A. M. College, Auburn, Ala. Division III — Inspector, Clarence E. Woods, Richmond, Ky. Zeta, E. C. Blanford, Jr., Central University, Richmond, Ky. Sigma, Dr. Chas. W., Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tena, Omicron, Wm. Adams, Bethel College, Russellville, Ky. Beta Omicron, Win. Whittaker, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Division IV— Inspector, Chas. J. Martin, Fayette, Iowa. Nu, Clarence H. Sears, University of Kansas. Lawrence, Kan. Rho, Robt. W. Hodge, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Chi, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. Beta Gamma, Missouri Valley College, Marshall, Mo. Beta Delta, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. Beta Epsilon, Wm. F. Baker, Upper Iowa University, I ' ayette, Iowa Beta Kappa, A. J. Graham, Southwest Kansas College, Winfield, K: Beta Lambda, L. B. Ballard, Central College, Fayette, Mo. Division V— Inspector, H. H. Davis, South Bethlehem, Pa. Pi, Wm. S. Merrill, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. Beta Alpha, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., chapter dormant. Omega, Columbia College, N. Y. Division VI— Inspector, James H. Butner, Macon, Ga. Eta, George S. Clark, Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Kappa, A. Howard, North Georgia College, Dahlonega, Ga. Mu, L. D. Pricks, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Xi, R. D. Bush, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Division VII — Inspector, Chas. Jakes, LaFayette, Ind. Beta Beta, Dane S. Dunlop, DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. Beta Zeta, Edw. E. Reynolds, Purdue University, LaFayette, Ind. Beta Eta, Frank O. Beck, University of Indiana, Bloomiugton, Beta Iota, H. V,. Marsh, Mt. Union College, Alliance, Ohio. Beta Nu, Ray S. Blinn, University of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio Delta Theta, J. A. Crum, Lombard University, Galesburg, 111. Division VIII— Inspector, C. E. Wolf, Berkley, Cal. Beta Chi, Geo. E. Crothers, Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Mi Beta Psi, Geo. H. Boke, University of California, Berkley, Cal. lud. KLUTVYNI KSSOCI7XXIOISS. Georgia State ; Missouri State ; Kansas City, Mo. Texas State ; Louisiana State; Atlanta. ( Iowa State ; Kansas State ; Birmingham, Ala. (BljapUv lloU. V. H BOYDEN, LAW. iE E. Butler Walter MrRrH James F. Gaither, G. H. Price, ' 95. R. T. .S. -Ste Fred. L. Carr. Eugene B. Graham, Walter Brem, Jr., R. W. Blair, J. Lee Everett. E. B. McKexzie, A. H. Ha C. R. Emry, George G. .Stephens. SIG7VYH - PHI. lioll of Chapters. Alpha, iliami University Beta, . University of Wooster . Gamma, Ohio Wesleyan University ;;; Epsilon , . Columbian University Zcta, Washington and Lee University Eta, University of Mississippi Thcta, Pennsylvania College Kappa, Biicknell University Lambda, Indiana University Mil, Deuison University Xi, De Pan w University Omicron. Dickinson College Rho, Butler University Chi. Hanover College Tau, Roanoke College Psi, . University of Virginia Omega, Northwestern University Alpha Alpha, . Hobart College Gamma Gamma, Randolph-Macon College Delta Delta, Perdue University Delta Chi, Wabash College i ' Zeta Zeta, . Centre College Zeta Psi, . Theta Theta, Kappa Kappa, Sigma Sigma, Alpha Beta, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zcta, Alpha Thcta, Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Nu, Alpha Xi, . Alpha Omicron, Alpha Pi, . ■ Alpha Sigma, Alpha Tau, Alpha Upsilon, Alpha Phi, Alpha Chi, Alpha Psi, Alpha Omega, University of Cincinnati University of Michigan Hampden-Sidney College L ' niversity of California . Ohio State University Nebraska University Bcloit College ilass. Institute of Technologv ' Illinois Wesleyan University University- of Wisconsin University of Texas Kansas University Tulane University . Albion College University of Minnesota University of North Carolina University of Southern California Cornell University Pennsylvania State College . Vandcrbilt University Lcland Stanford, Jr. University CHICAGO, iJSo Dearborn Street. NEBRASKA, Lincoln, Nebraska. CINCINNATI, Lincoln ' s Inn Building. NEW YORK, III Broadwav. INDIANAPOLIS. WASHINGTON, Fendall Law Building. T L-RHK T7X J CHAPTER. ESTABUISHED 1889. ;Acrt cmil•. ' 94. W. H. WILLIAMS. J. E. M. ' VTTOCKS, A. V. GRAVE.S, H. B. HEATH, F. M. SH.ANNONHOrSE. J. R. CRAIG, J. H. RAMSAY. LAW. C. F. TOMS, J. W. FERGUSON, F. TISD.ALE. tu K g Fraternities RePResersTeo ht u. n. c - - K. E Beta Chapter ■ r. A Epsilon Chapter B. H. II . Eta Beta Chapter ' • ' • K. i Lambda Chapter -■ A. E Chi Chapter Z. ■f ' Epsilon Chapter A. T. W Alpha Delta Chapter K. A Upsilon Chapter • •■ -i- « N. C. Beta -• N Psi Chapter -• X Alpha Tail ' - " » " Faculty 2 X. ' I ' Faculty 2, Students 2 X. t ; . . Faculty i 8- X- E Rho Chapter ■l " - B. K Faculty i Skull and Bones Faculty i Mystic Seven (Senior Soe. I Faculty i University Attendance, 3]7 Members of Fraternities, 104 ORDER OF GI7VYGHOULS. ®i«t-®im-©tm — e5tntiiltcittl Mchrkj le aloe gpuiits kzcer ' cn iK sher aiegain sg vorlusa, Aixja lib giglih seriisa Xlan podg tygr nfrake dhbduoor ' ie sxxlf quixp. — Ca mar IT linlcrs. DeBERNIERE WHITAKER, R., Engineering. JAMES CRAWFORD BIGGS, K. D. S., ' 93 and Law, VICTOR HUGH BOYDEX, W. S. S., Law, MICHAEL HOKE, K. M. K., ' 93. 117 PERRIN BUSBEE, " 93, 126 CHARLES BASKERVILLE, Past Grad., 129 WILLIAM BOYLAN .SNOW, ' 93, 131 PAUL CAMERON GRAHAM, Law, 133 WILLIAM RAND KENAX, Jr., ' 94, Sttbit ' cts. 134 THOMAS ROBIXSOX LITTLE, ' 94, 135 JOHX ARTHUR GILMER, 93, 136 HOWARD EDWARD RONDTHALER, 137 WILLIAM AUGUSTUS DEVIN, Law, 138 EDWARD PAYSOX WILLARD, ' 93. ,., tSfU ORDER OF= jeRRV GOBLINS. JUNIOR SOCIETY. JAMES FRIERSON GAITHER, JULIAN EDWARD IXGLE, Jr., B. RUSH LEE, ROBERT HENRY MITCHELL, GEORGE LUDWIG PESCHAU, EDGAR REID RUSSELL, J. GARNETT SMITH, WILLIAM WORRILL VASS, Jr. masxkrs. M. H. M., R. V. Blair, H. V. Ji., T. B Lee, H. M,, C. R. Ti-RXER, G. C. v., A. Batchelor, SI AVES. F. N. Cooke, C. R. Emn-, J. L. ' Evcritt, E. B. Graham, J. G. Rankin, E. G. Denson, W. D ' Carmichacl, J. F. Shaffncr, D K,, G, H. Price, G, S., W. R, Robertson, P, W., H, H, Atkinson-, M. M. M,, J. N. Pruden, J. C. Grav, R. L. Grav, J. A. Gwvn, F.R. Harty, R. Van Landinghani, H B. Peschan, A. H. Hammond. ROLL OK CHARTERS. Club Chapter, University Virginia, Striking Chapter, Emory and Henrs- College, Paddle Chapter, Cumberland Universitv, Dagger Chapter, Roanoke College, Skull and Bones Chapter, Washington and Lee, N. C. Razor Chapter, Universitv North Carolina. Rooms in McRae Building. WILLIAM V. -ASS, Jr President. MICHAEL HOKE Vice Piesidcnt. DeBERXIERE WHITAKER Sec. and Treas. Govern ing Com in it lee. J. CRAWFORD BIGGS, G. L. PESCHAU, WILLIAM B. SNOW. .-. MEMBERS. .-. J. CR. WFORD BIGGS. B. RUSH LEE, JAMES F. GAITHER. WILLI. M B. SNOW, VICTOR HUGH BOYDEN. MICHAEL HOKE, GEORGE L. PESCHAU, WILLIAM A. DEVIN, WILLIAM W. VASS. Jr., JULIAN E. INGLE, Jr., J. GARNETT SMITH, DeBERNIERE WHITAKER. 59 ORGANIZED, 1893.1 Pirsidnit, HOWARD E. RONDTHALER, ' 93. Stry. and Tnas. DeBERNIERE WHITAKER, ' 93. HxuHlnv Com., A. H. McFADYEN, ' 93, CHAS. BASKERVILLE, ' 92, WALTER MURPHY, Law. Prof. COLLIER COBB. Prof. KARL P. HARRINCxTON, VICTOR E. WHITLOCK, ' 93, Ashville Citizen. DeBERXIERE WHITAKER, 93, Univ. Mag., N. Y. JULIAN INGLE, ' 94, News and Observer. PERRIN BUSBEE, ' 93, State Chronicle. J. M. CHEEK, 93, Allegheny Star. R. G. SHANNONHOUSE, ' 95, Charlotte Observer. HOWARD E. RONDTHALER, ' 93, Twin City Daily, WALTER MURPHY, Law, Salisbury Herald, and Editors of " LTniversitv Magazine " and Tar Heel. " 60 Wyche. Gre McKinne. Maxwell. Cook. McKeiizie. Patterson. lugle, Enir -. Prof. Harrington. Willard. Roberson. Zachary. Kimball . Whitlock . Bahnson. ■ 1- GLEE ••• CL-WB. i -E. PAYSOX WILLARD. CHAS. ROBERSON, Presidctit. (Drnrtutjatioit. J. L. PATTERSON, Business Manager. Prof. KARL P. HARRINGTON, J ttska Di reef or. FIRST TENOR. H. S. Greeu, F. N. Cooke, R. T. Wvche. SECOND TENOR. F. B. McKinne, R. E. Zachary, J. A. Maxwell, C. R. Emry, J. E. Ingle. FIRST BASS. Chas. Roberson, V. E. Whitlock, A. B. Kimball, J. L. Patterson, SECOND BASS. E. Payson Willard, R. W. Blair, F. F. Bahnsou, E. B. McKenzic, George Butler. SEASON OF 1893. January 27. — Chapel Hill, N. C. February i. — Asheville, N. C. February 2.— Charlotte, N. C. Feb. 3. — State N, and I. College for Young Ladies, Greensboro, N. C. February 3. — Court House, Greensboro, N. C. February 17. — Oxford, N. C. April 4. — Salem .Academy. . pril 4. — Opera House, Winston. June 7. — Couinieiicement Concert, Chapel Hill, N. C. UNIVEI SITY CHOII?. ACTIVE MEMBERS. F. N. Cooke, H. E. Rondtlialer, F. B. JIcKinne. E. B. McKenzie. R. E. Zachary, R. W. Blair, James Sawyer, F. F. Bahuson, A. B. Kimball, J. L. Patterson, ORGANISTS. Chas. Roberson, J. . . Maxwell. RETIREID MEMBERS. William B. Snow, Michael Hoke, Julian Ing le GL-EE • CLUB. PART I. Estudiantina. We are the jollv gav students Of fair Salamanca, the old, the old, Though we poor be, we are noble, we ' ve more ancestors than we have gold. From Cadiz to Barcelona, From Murcia to Miranda, When the pandero ' s resounding ; Every one exclaims : There they are I O-le ! Ve are thejolly gav students Of lair Silamanca, the old ' , the old. Though we poor be, we are noble, we ' ve more ancestors than we have gold. More ancestors than we have gold. Ah ! here we are. We ' ll sing and dance without ceasing. All day to-morrow we II sleep. Under the curtain half lighted Let your slim finger tips peep. Often the bird in the tree-top. Sings, for it hunger doth feel ; Throw us, we pray, the small coin of silver Which : ' " ■ Thr( it ! Thr ■ It ! College Songs. 1 Daylight. Warble. Chapel Steps. The Pope. Mr. Ingle. Gow. . Yale Songs. Vale Songs. Warbler George Washington. ..... Ryley, Trio. A Little Farm Well Tilled. . . . Parry _ Messrs. M.axwkll, Robersox and Willard. Cradle Song. ..... Harrington. Mrs. Winslow s Soothing Syrup Has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children, while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for freshmen. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents bottle. PART 4- U. N. C. Medle)-. Huettclein. . ... Solo, Mr. Maxwell. ' Varsity Seeni-phunny. The Letter. .... K. P. H. Beschnitt. Three wearv davs have passed awav. And still I sing a mournful lay. Because my love is far awa} ' . And I have had no letter. I study hard at ancient lore. And when a knock comes at the door I close mv book and hope once more That I may get a letter. Rat-a-tat : Rat-a-tat ! ' Tis the butcher or baker, that ' s fat. Rat-a-tat, I know bv his ugly rat-tat. Rat-a-tat ! With all his good beef the butcher ' s a thief, And the baker ' s both saucv and fat. Rat-a-tat : Rat-a-tat . ' etc. Three weary days, my heart is sore. 5. Tree in the Ground. 6. Weimar People ' s Song. From the Wartburg turrets o ' er us Comes a breath of sou resounding. Hark 1 how rings the joyful chorus. Both from Ilm and Saal rebounding ! Wid ' ning hence the clear vibrations. All the thrilling world enfold ; Jlay the God who rules the nations Weimar ' s princely house uphold ! A, Nou. Hatton. A liveloug week has fled away. And yet I sing my mournful lay, Because my love is far away, And I have had no letter. I study hard at ancient lore, And really think it is a bore. But hark, there ' s footsteps at the door Bv jingo, here ' s a letter ! Kat-a-tat, Rat-a-tat, etc. Some one is coming to the door. ' Tis the postman ' I know his rat-tat, And the gilt band he wears round his hat ; He ' s brought me a letter from her I love better Than Hebrew and Greek and all that. Fa-la-la, etc. Now welcome joy, I ' ll sigh no more. Wesleyaii I ' ersion. Liszt. Home of matrons famed in story. Home of neroes danger scorning, Steadfast in defeat or glory. All the German land adorning ! Wisely ruled through general " Crowned with bles: May the God who i Weimar ' s princely Prince and peasant, firm united, Find in mutual love new power, May this love thus truly plighted Be the living Wartburg ' s tower ! Hail our flag with exultations, Ours to-day as ours of old ! May the God who rules the nations Weimar ' s princely house uphold. ! ifold ! .lies the nations louse uphold ! 7. Johnny Schiiioker. U. X, C. I ' ersion, 7. Serenade. J. CRAWFORD BIGGS, PiesUlent. MIKE HOKE, I ' ice-Presidenl. CHAS. R. TURNER, Secretary and Treasurer. GEO. L. PESCHAU, Leader (Fall Dance). VM. B. SNOW, Leader (Spring Dance). THe jNiveRSiTV Gertvtkn Club. A. B. Andrews, Jr., A. S. Barnard, J. C. Biggs, R. W. Blair, V. H. Boyden, S. Bryan, P. Busbee, F. N. Cooke, P. H. Cooke, B. Gotten, W. W. Davies, Jr., C. R. Eniry, entbcra. A. C. Ellis, J. F. Gaither, J. Catling, J. A. Gilmer, P. C. Graham, W. A. Graham, W. P. Hubbard, J. E. Ingle, Jr., L. O ' B. B. Jones, W. R. Kenan, Jr., B. R. Lee, T. R. Littie, A. H. London, E. B. McKenzie, E. R. McKethan, E. A. Move, Jr., E. W. Myers, J. L. Patterson, G. L. Peschau, H. B. Peschau, W. R. Robertson, T. Ruffin, E. R. Russel, F. H. Short, E. C. Gregory, F. R. Harty, M. Hoke, G. H. Howell, J. G. Smith, W. B. Snow, C. F. Toms, C. R. Turner, DeB. Whitaker. Charles Baskerville. onornx-vj Itlcntbcx ' S. Hcnrv V. Rice. Howard Burton Shaw. GEt lVinN. OCTOBER 11th, 1892. Leader.— Q.. L. Peschau. Floor Managers.— W. Davies, Jr., J. E. Ingle, Jr. GKRmRri, FEBRUHRY 7th, 1893. Leader.— V. B. Snow. Floor Managers.— P . B. Andrews, Jr., J. C. 64 Patterson. Pescha Emrj . Moye. Turner. Gilmer. Harty. 1. Graham. Gaither. Barnard. Peschau. Bi; Lee. Hubbard. Smith, G. Ellis. Russell. London. Kenan. Busbee. Andrews. McKenz Gregory. Robertson. (Officers. F. C. HARDING, ' 93, President. GEORGE STEN ' EXS, ' 96, Vke-Prcsident. R. G. SHANXOXHOUSE, ' 95, Recording Secretary. H. HORXE, ' 94, Corresponding Secretary. WORTH McAllister, ' 95, Treasurer. 65 o i 2 tf -Soc fTirSf 1 SoB U tjjj! i 1 Ks iji ESTABLISHED 1795, BOTH SECRET. DIALECTIC, PHILANTHROPIC, Jvleml Dership 140. Jvlembership ISo i THe SHAKESPEARE CLUB, lS92- ' 93. President, Dr. THOS. HUME. ] ' ice-Presidciii, Prof. W. D. TOY. Seeretaiy, Mr. J. M. CHEEK. Treasurer, Mr. HOWARD E. RONDTHALER. The Executive Committee is composed of above officers and Messrs. J. T. Pugh, V. P. Wooten, J. C. Biggs and Prof. K. P. Harrington. A. B. Andrews, H. H. Atkinson, S. F. Austin, V. A. Batchelor, J. C. Biggs, Perrin Busbec, J. M. Check, P. T. Cheek, Thos. Clarke, F. N. Cooke, W. P. M. Currie. A. J. Edwards, A. C. Ellis, J. F. Gaither, J. A . Gilmer, F. C. Harding, W. F. Hardiiig, C. W. Home, J. A. Jones, A. H. Koonce, G. k. Little, J. E. Little, J. A. McKethan, E. A. Move, J. F. Noo ' e, T. M. Nortrop, G. L- Peschau, J. T. Pugh, H. E. Rondthaler, Jas. Sawyer, V. C. Smith, E. M. Snipes, W. P. Snow, L- M. Swink, H. M. Thompson, W. R. Thompson, W. W. Vass, Jr. Z. I. Walser, C. H. White, V. E. Whitlock, R. T. Wills, E. M. Wilson, W. P. Wooten, B. Wyche. 67 onox-rtvv} liUnnbcva. Dr. Thos. Hume, University of North Carolina. Dr. K. P. Battle, Dr. G. T. Winston, Dr. Henry E. Slieppard, Charleston College, S. C. Prof. V. A. Blair, Winston. €;o •x•cepon ino lilcntbcva. Dr. E. Alexander, Prof. W. D. Toy, Prof. K. P. Harrington, Prof. Collier Cobb, Mr. H. J. Stockard, Rev. J. E. Fogartie, Rev. Dr. J. L. Carroll, Rev. Frederic Towers. President, Professor HOLMES. Secretary and Treasurer, Professor F. P. VENABLE. 69 THE NORTH CTXROL-INK HISTOL-OGICTXL SOCIETV ©fficcra. KEMP P. BATTLE, L.L.D., Pnsidail. GEORGE T. WINSTON, L.L. D., I ' icc-Presidait. EBEN. ALEXANDER, Ph.D. Treasurer. HOLLAND M. THOMPSON, Scnrlary. Dr. KEMP P. BATTLE, ] Dr. GEORGE T. WINSTON, Executive Cowmitlee. E. M. WILSON, J J HIS Society has nominally been in operation for fiftj ' -one years. Governor Swain in 1842 founded it, filled all the offices, and seems to ha -e been the only member. It was not incorporated. He secured during the next twenty- five years many valuable legislative documents, files of old newspapers, books, manuscripts, and letters of men emi- nent in our history. Some of these are exceedingly valuable and grow more so yearly. He secured, among other things, the manuscripts collected by Judge Archibald DeBow Murphey while he was intending to write the history of the State. This was one of the most valuable collections ever gathered by any of our citizens. Many of Governor Swain ' s private papers were mixed with the papers of the Historical Society and upon his death, in 1868, it was impossible to decide as to the owner ship of many. Mrs. Swain upon her death, left these papers by will to the State, or the university, as her executors should decide. Many of the more valuable autographs, however, had been sold away. The executors were Hon. R. H. Battle and Judge Walter Clark. By their decision the Historical Society received them last year. The collection, though greatly mutilated, is very valuable. It contains|many letters and papers of General John Steele, Archibald Mac Laine, Charles W. Harris, Richard Caswell, and many Revolutionary worthies. Among others, the Society owns almost all the existing evidence in regard to the Mecklenburg Declaration, of May 20th, 1775. It has the original journal of Rev. Humphrey Hunter, the Davie copy of the Declaration, letters from John McKnitt Alexander and his son Joseph McKnitt, the letters of General Jo,seph Grahair, and the certificates secured by Colonel Wm. Polk. The original copy of the Resolves of the Cumberland Association, though worn into fragments is carefully preserved. The Society owns one of the finest collections of Colonial and Revolutionary paper money in existence, and has also a very good collection of Indian and Revolutionary relics. The present charter of the Society was secured March 22, 1875, some of the most prominent men in the State being named as incorporators. The first meeting was held in Raleigh, May 4, 1875, and Rev. Wm. Hooper, D. D was chosen the first president. He was succeeded in June, 1877, by Judge John Kerr. Dr. Kemp P. Battle was next chosen and has filled that office ever since. Rev. J. F. Heitman was the first secretary, then Dr. Stephen B. Weeks then Mr W J Andrews served to June, 1891, Mr. Howard A. Banks to June, 1892, and Holland M. Thompson, since. By the liberality of the University, a small appropriation was made last year for clerical aid. During the past year much progress has been made in arranging material and many valuable books have been added to the librarj of the Society Much interest is manifested, especially by the students in the course, in North Carolina histon-. There is ' much material in the collection which should be published on account of the light which it would throw upon disputed points in North Carolina history. The Society is unable to do this from lack of funds. UNIl eRSITV CHeTV ISXRV JOURNAL-. GRGHNIZED IB93. Meets Every Thursday Afternoon. Dr. F. p. Venable, Pirsidimr Officer. Howard E. Rondthaler, ' 93 Secretary. Charles Baskerville, ' 92. Arthur J. Edwards, ' 93. W. M. Allen, TUTETVtBERSHIP. James F. Gaither, ' 93. R. H. Mitchell, A. B. C. H. White, ' 94 W. R. Kenan, Jr., ' 94. UISIVERSITV PeRIODICKL-S. THE UNIVERSITY mflGHZlNE. Si ' .v Times Per Year. KDIXORS. PHI. W. P. WOOTEN, J. E. INGLE, Jr., W. P. M. CURRIE, J. M. CHEEK, T. J. WILSON, A. H. KOONCE, Business Manager, PROF. COLLIER COBB. THE TflR HEEU. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA. Editor-in-Chief: WALTER MURPHY. Business Manager: A. B. ANDREWS, Jr. ASSOCIATE editors; J. CRAWFORD BIGGS, CASWELL ELLIS, W. P. WOOTEN, PERRIN BUSBEE. THE HEL-L-ENIKN. I Annual Editor-ix-Chief : THOMAS BAILEY LEE, • i ' - -i. ( WALTER MURPHY, i:. X. Business Managers : J. GARXETT S HTH, k. a. (CHARLES R. TURNER,, ■! ' . K. i. ASSOCIATE EDITORS. E. P. WILLARD, A. K. E. HOWARD RONDTHALER, i:. A. E. JOHX E. MATTOCKS, i:. X. MICHAEL HOKE, ■i-. A.e. A. S. BARNARD, B. ■i: n. J. E. INGLE, Jr.,A.T. ii. PERRIN BUSBEE. z. . KTH LeT I C S. UNIVERSITY ELiEVEN. Chas. Baskerville, Manager. L. GUARD. CENTRE. Snipes. Murphy. Michael Hok?;, Captain. S R. GUARD. Kirkpatrick. QUARTER-BACK. Barnard. Baskerville, Stanley, Guion, BACKS. Hoke, (Capt. I Dev SUBSTITUTES. Full Bjick. Currie, L. Half. Merritt, Tackle. Woolen, FULL-BACK. Shaw. Tackle. . End. Centre. STATISTICS. SAMK. kCy.. H EICHT. WEIGHT. CLASS. NU.MRF.R YEARS OX TKAM. Currie, 29- 6 ft 2 in.. 170, Junior, 2 Snipes, 24. 5 " II 195. Junior, 3 Kirkpatrick, 22, 6 " 2 230, Fresh., I Devin, 21, 6 • 169, Law, I Stanley, 20, 5 ' 8 " 144. Fresh., I Biggs, 20, 5 ' 9, " 145. Senior, 2 Barnard, IS, 5 • 8 ■ ' I4S, Senior, 3 Guion, 18, 6 ' 2 " 167, Fresh., I Baskerville, 22, 5 ' 9 ' 2 " 145. Post Grad. 2 Hoke, 18, 5 ' 10 I4S, Senior, 3 Wooten , 20, 6 • 2 ' 2 " 170, Senior, I Murphy, 21, 6 ' Yi " 200, Law, 4 Shaw, 24, 5 ' 7 " 153. Post Grad. 4 Merritt. 19. 5 ' ' II 160, Soph., I Gibbs, 20, 5 ' 10 " 170, Med., 2 Pugh, 19. 5 ' 10 " 168, Senior, I Little, 19. 5 ' • ii ' 4 " 16S, Junior, 2 RECORD. U. N. C. z ' S. Richtiiond College, at Richmond, Va. 40 to o October 22d. Number Games Plaved, 6. University Virginia, Trinity College, Auburn " Vanderbilt University, Universit} ' Virginia, Won, 5. Charlottesville, Va., i,S Durham, N. C, 24 Atlanta, Ga., 64 Nashville, Tenn,, 24 Atlanta, Ga., 26 30 " 23d. o Noveniljer 12th. o " 23d. o " 24th. o " 26th. Scored against other teams, 196. Against U. N. C ' o. 78 V r i T " Honeycutt. Ellis. Deviu. Lauier. Masou. Stephens. Busbee. Capt. Oldham. Stanly. Moye. Robertsou. Kenan, Mj u. N. C. BASE- BALL TEAM. ' 92 ANC ' 93. Oldham, C. Gray, J. C, 2dB. Mo -e, L. F. Stephens, P. Stanley, Ss. Robertson C. F Devin, ist B. Mason, 3d B Busbee, R F. Honej ' cutt, Ellis, J - Substitutes. Kenan, P. Lanier, P. RECORDS. Chapel Hill, Apr. 3, Univ. vs. Durham A. A., 17- -5 Raleigh, " 12, " Vermont, I- -2 Chapel Hill, " 13- " " 2- -5 " " 15, •■ Oak Ridge, 14- -0 Raleigh, " 21, " Wake Forest, 23- -6 Lynchburg, Va ., " 28, " • ' Univ. of Va., 2- —5 Lexington, Va , " 29, " " Wash n and Lee, 9- 3 F=RMTeRNITY TeWNIS COURTS. Zeta Psi Beta Theta Pi. rresideut, Perri-V Busbee. Vice-President, W. B. Sxow. Sec. and Treas., Wm. A. Grah. m. Phi GAmmA Deutr. SiGfriR flu. President, J. 51. Cheek. Vice-President, ' . E. Whiti,ock, Secretary, W. C. KlutTZ. President, E. A. Move. Vice-President, R. T. S. STEELE. Sec. and Treas., Chas. R. Emry. President, T. C. Smith, Jr. Vice-President, J. A. GwvN. Sec. and Treas., J. G. Rankin. COURT SURVEYOR, T. E. W. Brown. BAULi CHASERS, V. X. Batchelor, J. C. Carroll. F APPA ALiPHA. President, Wm. W. Vass, Jr. Vice-President, B. Rush Lee. Sec. and Treas., William A. Devin. ■ 1- X E N N I S ••• C L U B S. i UNIVERSITY THNNIS CUUB. W. R. Kexax, Jr., President. J. I.. Gilmer, Sec. and Treas. MEMBERS: Mike Hoke. J. N. I ' ruden, D. K. McMae. C. R. Tnrner, J. F. Shaffner, E. P. Willard, . . C. Ellis, R. Van Landinghani, J. L. Gilmer, W. B. Lemly, G. L. Peschau, F. F. Bahnsou, J. L. Patterson, V. E. Whitlock. Peter John, W.R.Kenan, . . H. London, H. E. Rondtlialer, A. B. . ndrews, Jr., C. F. Toms. RUTH CLiEVEUAND TENNIS CbUB. W. p. WooTKN ' , President. D. R. Brv,son, Sec. and Treas. MEMBERS : G. Little. J.C. Ellcr, D. R. Br -son, S. F. . nstin, J.Long, R. B. Hnnter, V. H. Williams, T. D. Bryson, J. F. . ' ooc, H. R. Ferguson, W. P. Woolen, Jesse Oldham. flliPHA TENNIS CbUB. E. A. Move, President. Perrix Bisbee, Vice-President. A. C. Ellis, Sec. and Treas. MEMBERS ; E. W. Myers, W. . . Mitchell, W. R. Robertson, Collin H. Harding, Jas. Sawyer, Frank N. Cooke, F. H. Holmes, Sheltou, W. P. Hubbard. GflmmR TENNIS CliUB. F. L. Wii.cox, President. . . B. KiMB- LL, Sec. and Treas. MEMBERS : F. B. McKiune, T. L. Northrop, Wm. Cummings, F. L. Wilcox, Geo. Carpenter, H. G. Roberson, R. E. Zachary, E.M.Wilson, .A.J.Edwards, . . B. Kimball PAN-HELiIjENIC CbUB. M. Hoke, President. F. ' SI. Stroxach, Tre.isurer. MEMBERS : J. C. Biggs, J. .-v. Gilmer, F. L Stronach, J. W. McAllister, Perrin Busbee, W. .A. Graham, Harry Howell, Mike Hoke. Si MTHL-eXIC RECORDS. We give below some of the records achieved by this institution during the past year. It is our belief that in every case all previous lecords have been broken, and hence these stand as the World Records. Should any cases be discovered in which the following records have been surpassed, subscribers hereby have special permission to raise ouRS ad iiifiiiitutit. EVKNT. 5000 Yards Dash , Standing High Jump. I Mile Run, Pole Vault over S. Building, Running High Jump, Throwing Base Ball, Grinning Match, Lifting Match (wagon on chapel roof ) Cross Country Match, Hare and Hounds, Energy Match, Beard Raising, Palpitation Match, Nasal Extensor Match, Duding, Going-to-Raleigh Match, Stepping Match, TIME, KTC. 4 seconds, 5 inches, 10 years, 96 feet, 8 feet (over Alex ' i fence) 700 yards, Undecided, Night-time, I mi. 3 days, 5 months, 3 mouse-power exhibited. 3 years, 3000 bumps per second. Lifetime, All the time, 9 days per week. Next vear, not appear ve riarkable to the casual observer, but it 1 WINNER. " Guts " White, Jimmy D. Barnes, Honeycutt. " Little Mitch, " Jno, Gilmer (both) Biggs, Cunimingsand Collier, " Sporty " .Scott, " Hawks " Pruden, Faculty, Ingle, Wooten , " Bumper " Harris, Hoke, Kenan, Buck Alex., " Strinich, " st be borne in mind that it is three t 82 REMARKS. Fell off 400 lbs. en route. Start occupied 4 days. Accompanied by his j-ellow shoes. Never stole grapes again. ???!!?!!?? Former winner as to size, latter as to number. No audience — 2 . . m. Gray fouud asleep at 400 yards. Badhani hare. Faculty hounds. Died from effects. Length, i millimetre. .Absolutely prohibited. 5 ins. and b}- no means stopped. Costume formerly worn by " Long " Wilkes (col.) To get the good of his pass. From present observations predicted distance is 100 -ards per step. lies the gentleman ' s height. ' All hell broke loose. ' An idle weed grows apace. " What oft was thought but ne ' er so well expressed. " " A damned, horrid grind. " Ariiistiviiff. Syiiic. Small cheer and great welcome make a merrj ' feast. " Foot Ball Banquet. " They laugh who win. " Snow and Mitchell . " Little streamlet, little streamlet, thou art a brook. " Love, composing . Bid me discourse and I will enchant thine ear. " Swink. " If they went to hell, the devil would blush for shame. " Fresh . Second (jcrman . " How long, O Lord, how long ! " Stionach. " His face always wears a smile for he is a jolly man. " Fro . Col ' l . " Rich with the spoils of nature " F r. I ' enable. " He spoke French, and German too, better by far than most men do. " Fro . Tor. " ' Xay Jean ' He ' s not only a scholar but a musician. " Fro . Harri7igton. " Think nothing gained, ' he cried ' Till nought remains. " Dr. Winston. " Deep sighted in intelligences, Ideas, atoms, influences. " Dr. Wilson. " Man in no way approaches so near the gods as in doing good to men. " Mr. Grecly. " Petition me no petitions. " Faculty. " Eureka, I have found it. " T. Rollins. " No one but himself can be his parallel. " liusbcc. ' ' Cheek Flushing white and softened red ; Mingling tints as the bashful rose. " McKenzic. ' ' As one nail drives out another, So the remembrance of my former love, Is by a newer object quite forgotten. " Snoic. " To know him is to respect him, for in him you find all that constitutes a gentleman. " ) -. Balllc. " He was a noble man, capable only of noble impulses, noble deeds, and loved by all that knew him. " );•. .llcxtDidcr. " A kind, courteous man, whose deeds are good deeds, and whose heart overflows with love for his fellow man. " D} ' . .Ua?i)iing. " Smooth is the water wliere the brook runs deep. " Dr. Wliikhcad. " Dread the anger of the dove. " A ooe. " All learned and drunk. " A oo -Co? rl. " I will be with vou in the squeezing of a lemon. " " J ollifs. " " Let others hail the rising sun, I bow to that whose course is run . ' ' Class ' gj. " The still, small voice of gratitude. " " ■ • " " Wretched, unideaed boys. " Class ' p6. " Order is heaven ' s first law. " " Wince ' s " Law and Order Society. " " He thinks too much, such men are dangerous. " Davis. ' ' Why dost thou seek me out ? ' ' J an behind a post. " O, while you live, tell truth and shame the devil. " ' ' Sly ' ' Robertson . " A deed without a name. " Paintinq- the Chapel . " The devil knew not what he did when he made man politic ; he crossed himself by it. " " Wince. ' ' " He will lie sir, with such volubility, that you would think truth were a fool. " Blair. " Beautiful in feature. Lovely as the day, Can there be so fair a creature Formed from human clay ? " Rush Lee. " Let this be my epitaph, ' Here lies truth — none ever comes out. ' " Murphy. " If all the year was playing holidays, to sport would be as tedious as work. " Batchelor. 85 " It is better to wear out than to rust out. " I?loic. " He was the sweetest of all singers. " Bobby JVyc ie. " The ' Myrtle ' now idly entwinethh with his crown. " J ' ass. " Better late than never. " Dr. Hume. " He does smile his face into more lines than are in a geological map. " Prof. Co bb. " A most high miracle ! " Badrrz77 e. " Grace was in everv step — in every gesture dignity. " olr. " Behold me I am worthy of thy loving. " (rt ' o. Peschaii. " Why should every creature drink but I. " Pledged. " I drink no more than a sponge. " Soak. " Not all that glitters is gold. " " SA ' ! i iv ' s " jVose. " A prodigy of learning. " S ie o i. " Oh, whistle to me and I will come to you my lad. " Wobble and Murwie. " O, ' tis excellent to have giant strength, but ' tis tyranous to use it like a giant. " Kirk. " He was so good, he would pour rose water on a toad. " Rondthaler. " ' Tis neither here nor there. " J v name on Bulletin after Exams. " Two grabs for a nickle. " " .Muneher " and " f- ' ete. " ' ' The devil hatli power to assume a pleasing shape. ' ' Boarding-house peaehes . " A man of unbounded stomach. " " P. (r. " Graham. " I am a little foot-ball man, My name begins with B, I wear my sweater all the time. That all may know who see. Barnard. ' ' Sentimentally I am disposed to harmony but organ- ically I am incapable of a tune. Sau ' ver. " A hungry lean fond villian, a mere anatomy. " Matt ' oeks. " His face would cook coffee. " B?ran . " A thing in paints. " Little Mitch. " We are the biggest feet — ure of the University. " Andreivs. " When he ' takes a gorge, ' famine threats. " " Hops " Price. " Graceful in his gait. " Cummings. " Trust not in him that seems a saint. " Borden and Miller. " Forlorn he walks upon this earth, unclean, unwashedi unshaved, unkempt. " Ha7cks Pruden. I have seen better faces in mv time. Jl ' arren. ' ' This extension without breadth or thickness : it would take a forest of his legs to make a bunch of faggots. " Sharp. " O zounds, how weary, flat, stale, and unprofitable. " Psychology . " Wiser in his own conceit than seven men that can render a reason. ' ' Cheek. ' ' There is such a plague every morning with buckling shoes, gathering, combing, and powdering. " Beau Brumniel " Koian. " Tarry at Jericho till th}- beard be grown. " . I ' ooteii . " So fair example of untainted youth. " Jiiiniiie Cobb. " A very ancient fish-like smell. " Bio ogieal Laboratory . " The rankest compounds of villainous smells that ever offended the nostril. " Chemical Laboratory . " Full longe were his legges and ful lene, Y ' like a staf, there was no calf y ' seen. " Bailey Lee. " He shows himself more idle than if laziness were a sister to him. " Honeycutt. " Of all smells I ever smelled, no smell like the smell around this man. " Foot-ballist after match game. ' ' So disposed to opposition that he does not even eat a thing that agrees with him. " Biggs. • ' ' Tis said that white swans sing before they die ; ' twere no bad thing did certain persons die before they sing. Scrciiadcrs. " I could count two-and-sevent3 ' stenches, all well defined, and several stinks. " foot Ball Vcai i. " An ' vou got to git up airlv, if vou want to take in God. " Chafiel. ' ' Too civil bv half. DeB. Whitakcr. " The women pardoned all but their faces. " " Carlo, " " Billy, " and " .Uinichcr. " " I am but a gatherin ' r and disposin ' r of other men ' s stuff. ' ' Successful Poker player. COTVYTV ENCETVYENT OERICERS ' 93. SAUIi mflflACERS. SUBS. PHI. SOC. Chas. R. Turner, Frank Stronach, Chas. Emrv. Chief, WILLIAM R. KENAN. Dl. SOC. W. R. Robertson, W. A. Graham, J. L. Patterson. REPRESENTATIVES. PHI. SOC. Dl. SOC. W. F. Harding, Thos. B. Lee, J. E. Alexander, L. N. Hickerson, J. E. Ingle. L. M. Swink. MARSHALS. Chict Thos. S. Rollins. PHI. SOC. S. T. Honeycutt, G. R. Little, J. Garnett Smith. E. M. Snipes, T. E. Brown, Jos. Sawj-er. phorpogpaphiG pipotogpapbi,. ©atight in i e ©lass-I oonp. I Bell rings. ) Prof, seated at desk, legs crossed, (his, not the desk ' s) class book and pencil in hand. Students come in blowing and puff- ing after having climbed three flights of stairs. " Gentlemen I will call, please answer to your names. " [Calls the roll, half of class is " gratting " ] " Gentlemen, some members of our class are ver}- conspicuous by their absence. " ( Peculiar sounds heard from class, which are supposed to resemble laughter.) " You will please close your books. " (Books are shifted, still open, from top of desks to knees, j " Mister, Ah uni, Mister — let me see — I have forgotten your name — (some one suggests Long.) " Thank you, sir. Mister Long, please translate me from the word ' Das Buch. ' " Long begins, but is interrupted by the words, " Rise if you please, sir. " (As the Universit} is not a freeschool nor a kindergarten, just why Mr. Long must rise to recite is not yet clearly understood. Possibly such is the custom in Gennany. ) Long continties slowly to translate, but presently is hung by the word " Thur. " " What does that mean, Mr. Long ? " No answer. " Any one in the class may tell us right quickly now, if you please. " No one seems inclined to tell us " right quickly now, " so the Prof, proceeds : " Thur, means door, gentlemen ; let me make it clear. In Germany they have two kinds of doors, that is two varieties, . e. big doors and little doors ; the door in front is a big door, the doors inside are the little doors if a door is not a big door it is a little door, sometimes 89 when I was a student in Germany and came home late at night, (smiles) the door was locked that is the big door. Now get this point right clearly now, and you will never have to get it again. Class looks very wise after this valuable piece of imformation. " Mr. Rothlander, please read me on page 43, right quickly now. " No response. " Ah, I see, Mr. Rothlander is asleep, we will pass on. " I would like you, gentlemen, to get this point right clearh ' now once for all, so that you maj keep it. Class looks up expectantly. Prof, proceeds : " Get this right carefully now, if you please, and hold it. Some pens write German better than other pens. " " Mr. Askinston recite me now please right quickly ' Die Lorelei ' Mr. Askinston gets the iirst two lines, having just seen them in the book, after a fashion, and then comes to a dead stop and sits down. Prof: " Gentlemen let me read you a little poetic version of my own, just dashed off in a moment and of no real merit. " Class listens resignedly. (We will spare the reader. ) " Now Gentlemen, write nie for next time seven exercises in German script, learn me nine pages in the grammar, and read me the remainder of ' Die Arganant, right quickly now, if j ' ou please. " Bell rings. Class looks relieved — slumberers are awakened — Prof, closes his book, and students wearily leave the room. The T ncient Oroer of= Vhrn Srinners, V 12, DISCIPLES OF HNNHNIPiS. REQUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS, (i ) No candidate shall be admitted who was ever known to ally liimself with George Washington as regards kinship. (2) Each member must have on hand at everj ' meeting five new fables (?) If any of the five are stale, the members in turn shall gently admonish the offender with a rubber hair brush . (3) He shall be Presider who best acquits himself in his hyperbolical pursuits. REX MENDACIUM. Meiidacissiiiius, Pete Murphy. Mcndacior, Sly Robertson, First Vice, R. M. Minus Mcndaiior. Bob Bl air, Second R. M. MENDACES MINORES. " Hudy " Atkinson, Hawks Pruden, Tommyhawk Kildee Lee, Johnny " Gilp, " " Buck Ale.x. " Andrews, J-. Tuberoser Smith. HONORARY MEMBERS. " Pres, " " Wince, " " Billy. " FUTHER MOVES. (i) Anv member caught in the erroneous pursuits of veracity shall forthwitli l)e deprived of his insignia, the distaff, and shall no longer be considered a mendax of good standing. (2) Order meets regularly at Stick-in-the-Mud House every eighth night in the week. No broken-down sports, foot-pads, etc., allowed unless bringing twofors and yaller ticklers, in which case they will instantly be admitted to all sacred and mj stic rights of brotherhood. SPITTOON CLEANER. PIPE LIGHTER. " Pat. " Harty. " Jim. " Cobb. 91 INTERLOCUTER. W. T. PATTERSON. 7VY I SC E L-LT N_EOUS. GRAND SPECTACULAR and MINISTREL SHOW OR THE FACULTY FUNNY FELLOWS. OERARD HALL, CHAPEL HILL, N. C, APRIL 1, IS GIVEN FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT. The following Special Artists and New Features have been added : Bones. Tambocrines. JOHN MANNING, TOMMY HUME, DICK WHITEHEAD, M. D. GEORGE WINSTON. The Little Joker. PLUM. BATTLE. 1. The Fairv Skirt Dance, Messrs. Wni. Cain and Collier Cobb 2. ,SoNC. (Duet). " We are the Stuff. " Eben Alexander and Walter Toy accompanied on the " Eucalyptine " by Karl P. Harrington. 3. Recitation. " How I Learned to Walk. " Joe Holmes This is OUR Prof. Holmes, and he will illustrate in his own inimitable way the latest and most approved styles of walking. 4. The WoNnERFUi. Trained Ducks. Exhibited by Mynheer Horatio Williams. Duckv ' , ducky, can you tell. Why we ring the dinner bell ? Do you know why people eat. And who made webbing on -our feet ? 5. S01.0. The Lone Lovers Lament. Henry ' an Peters Wilson INTERIM. The audience is requested to keep their seats as no return tickets will be issued at the door. They will now be amused with some ENTIRELY NEW jokes by Little Plum. Battle, the joker. N. B. — Tickets given away at all the leading stores down town, whenever practicable. PART II 1. Will open with a great Motley Spectacular, with the following characters represented : F. LSTAFF, ------- George Winston Apollo BelviderE, Karl Harrington Cupids, - (with broken darts) - Walter Toy and Win. Cain The Black Douglas ----- Eli. the Janitor (Used only in this parti The Quacks, or the Duck and the Doctor, H. Williams and Dick Whitehead The Smiling Cherub, ----- Collier Cobb The Missing Link ----- Clarence Greeley (Specially imported for this occasion) 2. Our Own Contortionists, - Frank Venable and Josh Gore 3. Grand Finale by the Orchestra, in which the following specialists will be introdviced : T. Hume, Jr., will blow " His Own Horn. " Karl Harrington, " The Eucalyptine. " Wm. Cain, " The Triangle and the Fiddle. " Harry Wilson, " The Miciotome. " Wilkes Caldwell, Eli Merritt and Bill McDade will join in the final chorus by the entire company Each ticket holder presented with a chromo at the door. Show begins 92 An Attempt at Rhyming by a Freshman. We stand undismayed tho ' no colors airing, And care not a snap for Sophomore swearing. Though when we entered on last September, We expected them our limbs to dismember. And on account of blacking and sundn,- sprees To air our " freshness " up neighboring trees. But to ourselves they kindly seemed to take. And compelled us only a few speeches to make, And in terms of fitting application To acknowledge them Lords of all creation. And worthy to represent the genius of a nation. The Juniors looked on with an air as of yore. Sighing for their lost privileges of Sophomore, Wishing to call backward time in its flight. And be a Soph again just for to-night. The Senior with dignity most bland. Gave us a patronizing shake of the hand. And bade us behold what a man would be Who became a mighty Senior at U. X. C, That the step from Fresh ' to Seniors mien Wa.s greater than Darwin ' s wildest dream. Settled finally, things moved snioothly along With just a little " game " mingled with a song, A lot of hard work, an occasional grat ; For a Freshman is a Freshman " for a ' tliat. " And so that time glided swiftly by And Christmas examinations drew nigh. And the smiles of the Professors began to get broader As tliev placidly thought of the coming slaughter. But those who " fell " soon rallied from the blow And in Christmas fun forgot Latin and English woe, For bv Rhetoric and .Analysis we are ne ' er made wise Nor by eternal references to " Skeats Concise. " Back we came refreshed but not " freshed " as before And usurped the rights of the Sophomore Bv taking the " temperature " of the newly arriveu, In a way that will not here be given. With the beacon of the future ever shining bright We leave past cares and begin the new year aright. And soon another feather is plucked from time ' s wing. And March examinations announce the note of Spring. In the Spring the Professor ' s work with livelier zest ; In the Spring a young man ' s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of rest. And now may peace and harmony and good will The bosom of each one fill ; And when College life is o ' er, And these scenes around are known no more ; When with the tide of life we mix. May all honor accord to the class of ' 96. Historian of ' 96. 1 Driving •• Club. Prof. ALEXANDER, President. Prof. GORE, I ' iee-Fresident. Prof. TOY, Seeretary and Treasurer. CHARLES ROBERSON, JOHN MATTOX, CR.WVFORD BIGGS, J. E. INGLE. MUSIC BOX ENGINEERS. RUSH LEE, BAILEV LEE, GARNETT SMITH. JOLL-V GORCeRS, - -s - PoTATo Grabber, Pie StiNdER, Biscuit Chinker, Most High Incomparable Gorger. ' ' fiXy ' ' Robertson . " Rondy. " " Babe. " " BLADNEV. " Gut SriTFFKR, Butter Smearhr, Air Sucker, Second Best Gorger. . " White. " " Gilp. " " Little Mitch, " SEVEN SNORTING SLEEPERS. TOM BROWN, JAMIE SAWYER, RUSH LEE, " OLD KIRK, SLY ROBERTSON, TOM STEELE. BUMPER. TOM ROLLINS. DUDE CLUB. REID Rl ' SSELL, President, CHERRY STREET GILMER, rice-Presuien . BILLY KENAN, " WORRILL ' W. VASS. YICTOR WHITLOCK, WORTH McALISTER. OUT O ' SIGHT SPIERS. BACHELORS ' CLUB. Professor BASKERVILLE, President ' . Professor SHAW, Correspondent to M. trimoxiai. Journals. Professor CAIN, 1 ,, , o.n Professor TOY, Members Still. Professor WILSON, now on the fence, resignation before the Club. 96 . . BICYCLE CLUB. Professor GRZEhY, Pirsideii . Professor WILLIAMS, Vice-President. Active Members. COBB, McKETHAN, ROLLINS,;., MCALLISTER, Organizations. Eating Club. Chief Gorger. — ' ' Hopsy ' ' Price. Secondary Gorger. — ' ' Gus " J f liitc. Members. — From the Faculty. — -Joe Holmes. From ' ' Our Young Alumni . " — ' ' Hacker ' ' Mcbane. From " The Student Body. " — " Sly " Rohertson, Alf. Barnard. Second Dudes Club. President and Model. — Wilkes, Jr. Members. — Van Aston Batchelor, W. R. Kenan, Jr., Reid Russell, V. V. Vass. Note. — " Muncher " Toy, a member of 8 -cars ' standing, expelled for raising his hat 7 inches instead of the regnlation half-foot. B. CHELORs ' Club. (Since the resignation of Professor " Harr ' " Wilson, the club has been reduced to but one member: proving the truth of the " the survival of the fittest, " William Cain, C. E.) " Jo-Jo " Club or The Dog-F. ced Men. Tom Warren, Ben Stanley, S. Mason, E. Carr. L.A.ZV Mens ' Club. Rob. Gray, Jule Ingle, Geo. Peschau, " Hawks " Pruden, Honeycutt. Knight of the Round T. ble. " Bumper. " Nancy Hanks. Tr.wel ing for the Club. J. C. Badham, Billy Patterson. Political Economy. President: — " What do you regard as the most common measure of liquids ? ' ' Williams : — ' • Pints, sir ! " Astronomy. Professor Gore ; — ' ' What is the present condition of the sun Mr. Biggs ? ' ' " Vicious, sir ! " (Note. — Freshman are uot expected to understand this joke.) " Mr. Smith, " said Carlo Mario, " I have discovered a new law of nature. " " What is that professor? " " Wh}-, I observed that my bicycle runs down hill more easily than it does up ! " English Sophomore : — ( .Applies also to essays and orations.) " But, gentlemen, please remember Uiat this is a once-a- week recitation. " Dr. Venable to Sophomore : ' ' What is cheniism ? ' ' Student, hesitatingly replies " Professor, I did know, but I have forgotten. " Doctor: — " That is sad, very sad; the only man in the world who ever knew, has forgotten. " Professor Gore asks Kenan to give the duration of twilight. " From sunset to sunrise, sir; oh no ! that ' s wrong. I mean from sun rise to sun set ! " AND THEN THE CLASS LAUGHED! 99 The ' Varsity Seem=phunny. When I " fresh " to the ' Varsity came, " Fresh " was hardly the proper name ; As I think of it now, you, ' Pears like I must have been mighty slow ! When I myself on the campus found, Suddenly startled I looked around, From forty throats I heard " F ' resh " resound, I ' ll never be " Fresh " an ' more. Chorus. The ' ' arsity ! The ' Varsity ! They say such things and they do strange things, At tile ' arsity, the ' Varsity ! I ' ll never go tliere any more. To the President ' s office I first did go. Seventeen papers I signed in a row ; For my tuition, I gave a note, (Shall pay it by pawning this spiketail coat !) " The Registrar wrote me a neat " little trick, " I seized it and started for classes right quick. But the Sophomores cried, " Take a ' grat ' you chick ; " " We never go there an}- more ! " — Cho : — On Friday night came a fellow, said he, " Vou must go to Society along with me. You must join the Di or must join the Phi. " The reason exactly, I couldn ' t learn why. From my opera chair as I looked about, Some one cried " fire " with a fearful shout, I was fined fourteen dollars, before I got out, I never go there any more ! — Cho : — I " went on class " ' twas in first Mathematics, The Professor ' s the same as of " Graphical Statics, " A black and white dog la}- there, stretched on the floor, X i y a- I wrote near the door ; Up started that dog, " Sic him " urged on the boys, " Here Di, " cried the Prof., in a very stern voice, " Not just yet, " I shrieked, as I fled from that noise, I ' ve never been there any more ? — Cho : — I w-ent into the English Room, And I didn ' t get out a bit too soon ! We had to recite only once a week, But it was enough just to hear him speak ; " Buy this and buy that, and whatever vou do, Be sure and get Skeat ' s Etvmology too ; If you don ' t, I ' .n sure you will never get through. I never go there any more ! — Cho : — I tried again, ' twas Philosophy now-. Began reciting the best I knew how, " How do you know that you know, " said the Prof. " Don ' t sass me that way ! " said I, " Come off ' ! " The class rather audibly smiled at that. Somewhat crestfallen, down I sat. Didn ' t know anything w-here I was at, Don ' t know nothin ' now any more ! — Cho : — New honors I sought on the football field. In athletics resolved to none would I j-ield ; In the " Scrub eleven " I took mv place. Thought I ' d kick tlie ball thro ' four dimensions of space ! Straightway I met up with the " Centre Rush, " Just twenty more fellows jumped on to the crush. They scraped up my pieces with a fine-tooth brush, I never kick now anv more ! — Cho : — At the end of the term I " went on exam. " Sat up all night at a beastlv " cram ; " I wrote forty pages all over with stuff " , Then stopped, thinking may be that was enough. A day or two later, I asked for m grade, " You are six " said the Prof. " I am sorely afraid — " Just six more than I knew, I was amply repaid ! I ' ve never got six any more ! — Cho : — Object Lessons for Freshmen. LESSON I. See the Man Running I Is the Man Jule Ingle. Ah, no ! my child. Jule Ingle Never Runs. He Walks only Because he can ' t Roll. Who, then, is the Man and Why does He Run ? The Man is " Muncher " Toy : he is late and Running to Chapel to Hear " Carlo " Greel} ' Preach. LESSON II. What Have we Here, my Child ? It is A Monkey. No, No ; it is Prof. Greeley. But why does He look so Happy ? He is happy because, i. He has found Out the Amount of His Bill to Mr. Crutch- field. 2. He has Found his Hat, which was on His Head. 3. He Has found his Umbrella. ' ' Rcquicscat in Pace. " THE • OLD • BELL. Adapted by W. fl. B. (Air: " ' rmiip, Tramp, T) amp. " ] To the Ijusy morning light, To tlie slumbers of the night, To the labors and the lessons of the hour. With a ringing, rhj-thmic tone. Over hill and valley blown, Call the voices watching, waking iu the tower. CHORUS. Cling ! clang ! cling ! the bell is ringing, Hope and help its chimings tell ; Through the halls of N. C. U., O ' er the quiet village too, Float the nielodv and music of the l)cll. By our Otey ' s famed retreat. Where the loved and lovers meet. By the laurel bank and glen of dreaming flower; Where the groves are dark and grand. Where the oaks majestic stand. Come the voices, mellow voices of tlie tower. Chorus. When our student-life is o ' er. When its dreams beguile no more, And when " Forward " is tlie order of the hour, Still, believe me, brothers, dear. In the future we shall hear Guiding voices from our angel in the tower. Chorus. Not afraid to dare and do, IvCt us rouse ourselves anew. With the " kno%vledgc that is victory and power, " And arrayed in every fight On the battle side of right. Gather glon, ' for our angel in ' " lie tower. Chorus. University of North Carolina, Commencement Day, iSS6. Examination on Fresh English. May 1893. 1. Name all the principal streets of Yazoo City, and give an illustration of oifensive partisanship. 2. In the sentence " Strike him for pie, Mary Ann, " name the kind of pie referred to, and, also, give as near as you can, the advalorem duty on mules under the McKinley law. 3. How do you account for the difference between a horse-chestnut and a chestnut horse, and what is your opinion of the Police Force of New York City ? 4. State how, when, where, why, and by whom the poem was written in which these lines occur : " This road is not passable. Not even Jackassable, ' ' and name the author of ' ' Where am I at ? " 5. Write your parents ' names, and your own name in full, giving sufficient reasons for not being named otherwise. Pledge. Specimen Question on Fresh Mathematical Examination. If two diametrical circles with octagonal peripheries should collide with a centrifugal idiosyncrasy, or a disenfranchised nonenity, what effect would the catastrophy exert upon a crystalized codfish suspended by its caudal appendage, from the homogeneous rafters of the Empyrean ? L- ' 7 7v ouR Club. W. W. VASS. J. E. INGLE. G. L. PESCHAU. J. G. SMITH. RECORD. Opponents. " Points. Smith and Pescliau 300 Vass and Ingle 297 Everv Alumnus and College man should wear the button of his Alma Mater. Why not get them now at the extremely low price of Si. 50 in Gold from WRIGHT, KAY CO., Det roit, Mich. ? Although the scamp has refused to patronize us with an advertisement, it is hut just to mention that his fraternity badges are " oiit of sight. " Complimentary Banquet to Foot Ball Team. UNIVERSITY INN, 10 P. I., DECEMBER 2, 1892. TOASTS. HOWARD E. RONDTHALER, ' 93 Toast Master. THE TEAM, " Dr. Venable ' ATHLETICS, " Prof. Williams ' OUR SPONSORS, " Capt. Hoke ' OUR CAPTAIN, " Manager Baskerville ' OUR MANAGER, " Dr. Alexander ' THE UNIVERSITY, " Dr. Manning ' THE SCRUB TE. M, " Perrin Bosbee, ' 93 COmmiTTEE. pkrrin Busbee, DeB. WhiTakek, a H McFavden. ECHOES FHOjVL THE BAHQUET. AIR, " Maggie Murphy ' s Home. " Virginians say their team can pla} ' , And they are sure to win ; But all the same they lose tlie game, And part with hard earned tin. For Murphy ' ll break their centre, And Snipes will do the same. And you can bet on Jimmy Biggs To play the N. C. game. The Trinity line the)- broke so fine, They think they are out of sight, But now they ' ve met a team you bet For N. C, she ' s all right. For Devin ' ll open up the line ; Mike Hoke go through the hole, And N. C. wins the game boys, When Barnard kicks the goal. AIR, " Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay. " Murphy he ' s our centre rush, Kirk and Snipes you bet can push, Biggs and Little mighty are fine. Captain Hoke punts down the line. Chorus. Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay. U. Va., they cannot play. U. N. C. will walk away With their ball team any day. Barnard tackles out of sight, Old man Deviu, he ' s all right ; Make five yards whenever we send Little Ben Stanlej- ' round the end. Chorus. Gibbs and Guion are the stuff, Pugh and Merritt good enough ; Charlie, Burt, and Wooteu, too, Will uphold the white and blue. Chorus. Air- " " RUBEN, RUBEN, I ' VE BEEN THINKING. Winston, Winston, we ' ve been thinking, What great things for us you ' ve done Though you are but j-et a j-oungster. Fair and fat and 41. Muncher, Muncher, we ' ve been thinking. Oh, how awful it would be. If you ' d forget your bows and smiling, We ' ed forget our ennui. " Harrington, Harrington, we ' ve been thinkiii What a fine club we would be. If all of us could sing as you do — From low bass up to high G. Carlo Mario, we ' ve been thinking. In air above and earth below, Where, if yon please, did you get those whiskers ! Laissez fairc, or make them grow. Tommy, Tommy, we ' ve been thinking, Oh, indeed, how strange ' twould feel. If you should once dismiss us promptly For to take our mid-day meal. Joshua, Joshua, we ' ve been thinking. How much handsomer you would be. If you would part your hair in the middle. Brush on both sides just like me. Kemp, P., Kemp, P., we ' ve been singing, ' Till we ' ve hoarse as hoarse can be. Can ' t you give a joke or something. To make the time pass pleasantly. Our Want Column. Wanted. — A human skeleton i mounted i. Applv at President ' s office, or Dr. R. H. V. Wauled. — A good definition to Axshauxg. Money no object. Address, Carlo Mario. Wanted. — One student in English. Apply to Tommy Shakespere. Wanted — Piano accompanist for a violin soloist. Pad- ereweski preferred. Address Billv Die. Wanted. — 20 young men to take Senior Philosophy. Only those willing to work 20 hours per day need apply. Address Ding an Sich. Wanted. — 12 doz. grasshoppers, S doz. earthworms, 3 doz. katy dids, 10 doz. frogs, 5 doz. grub worms, 6 cats and 4 dogs. . pply Biological Laboratory. Wanted. — A female correspondent. Object matrimony. French or German preferred. Address M. Twoi. Wanted. — A skilled hair dresser. References required. . ddressj. W. G. Jl ' anted. — . professional base ball team. Base running and coaching an object. Address F. P. V. II ' anted. — 4 first tenors, 4 second tenors, 4 first basses, 4 second basses and a good leader and a soloist. Address K. P. H. Wanted. — A position as town constable or magistrate. . dilress Prcs. Wince. Wanted. — A tutor for My Bo}-. Only a Harvard graduate need applv. Address C. C. Wanted. — A ball manager ' s rosette or a marshall ' s regalia or both. Apply the Commencement Girl. HEY THERE! Look at our Advertising Patrons They are reliable, anything you want from a tooth-pick up to a hippopotamus shoe string. 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D., Professor of International and Constitutional Law. HON. JOHN MANNING, LL. D., Professor of Common and Statute Law and of Equity. This School lias two sessions, i. — Regular, beginning on First Thursday in Scptenibcr and closing on First Thursday in June — 40 weeks. Tuition, per session, .... $90.00 Matriculation fee. . . . . , 10.00 Medical fee, 5.00 Board, from $12.50 to $15.00 per month 2. — Summer Session begins Julj- 15th and ends October ist. Two classes, fee for each, f 30.00 ; for both, J60.00. Board, same as regular session. At this session Hon. J. mes E. Shepherd, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, and Hon. John M. NNING are the Professors. Chapel Hill is a beautiful village in Middle North Carolina ; the scenery is picturesque, the climate delightful, water excellent, and it is a pleasant and healthful resort in either Winter or Sunmier. For particulars, address HON. JOHN MANNING, LL. D. Chapel Hill, N. C. SHEiiBui ri The Photographer. MAIN ST., DURHAM, N. C. First class Work of all Kinds. Rates Reasonably Low. Students Work Solicited. 123 NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY MHCHZINE. (Founded in 1844.) COLLIER COBB, Managing Editor. EDITORS. DIALECTIC SOCIETY : PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETY : W. P. M.CURRIE, W. P. WOOTEN, J. M. Cheek, J. T. Pugh, J. T. Wilson, A. H. Koonce. The University M. gazine is published six times during the college year by the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies. It is issued at interv ' als of six weeks, beginning October ist. The aim of the Magazine is, first of all, to preserve the best undergraduate work of our Universit} ' , and to be the expression of the strongest and soberest thought of the University in all its departments. It will contain in each number an article of the more serious sort, by some alumnus of the University or other prominent thinker, besides poems, critical reviews, essays, careful book notices, and editorials on topics of general interest. Contributions are solicited from both students and alumni, and such as are available will find a place in the Magazine. The Magazine is for sale in Raleigh, at Alfred Williams Co. ' s ; in Wilmington, at C. W. Yate ' s ; in Charlotte, at Putnam ' s ; in Winston, at Whitaker ' s ; and in Ashville at Morgan ' s. It may be had at Sever ' s in Cambridge, Mass., and at Brentano ' s New York. Single copies cost twenty-five cents ; the subscription is one dollar per year. Address , THE UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE, Chapel Hill, N. C. r)iversiby X - Norbt) Carol: ir)a The University has 23 teachers and 317 students, 10 buildings, 8 laboratories and museums for scientific study and research, 2 literary societies, the Shakespeare Club, the Philological Club, the Mitchell Scientific Society, the Young Men ' s Christian Association, A Library of 30,000 Volumes Open 5 hours daily, a Reading Room with 60 papers and journals, open daily 10 hours, a Gymnasium with skilled instructor. Athletic Grounds for Base Ball, Foot Ball, and 10 Tennis courts. There are four courses of study, six brief courses, a large number of optional courses, with special and professional courses in Chemistry, Law, Medicine and Engineering. The Chemical Laboratories are fully equipped for all kinds of work : the Law School has two classes, with daily recitations, and Lectures for each day ; the medical school offers dail} ' lectures and requires students to dissect the human cadaver ; the Engineeiing department furnishes advanced theoretical instruction, as well as field practice. Discipline is firm, but manly and self-respecting. There is no demerit system, nor espionage. Students are treated as gentlemen and expected to behave as gentlemen. Students from other institutions of recognized standing are credited with such work as the) ' have per- formed with honor at those institutions. Over 70 scholarships are available for needy boys of trust. $16,000 to be loaned to very needy and very talented boys. Time granted to those whose means cannot be used at once. Address PRESIDENT WINSTON, Chapel Hill, N. C. 125

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