University of North Carolina at Wilmington - Fledgling Yearbook (Wilmington, NC)

 - Class of 1964

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University of North Carolina at Wilmington - Fledgling Yearbook (Wilmington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 170 of the 1964 volume:

QTUN C A ff 1947 IIN 6 Og I? 1' 1 2:3 Bi Ii i-gg IF 2 it Z X5 7542 i964 IIIEIIGLI G PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF WILMINGTON COLLEGE WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA EDITOR-WILLIAM J. LEWIS BUSINESS MANAGER-GEORGIA ZEZEFELLIS ATTENTION-Flight '64 FLEDG- LING is taking off. xfusqm . -.,,.- -gk Climb aboard for fun and excitement! There is room for everyone-memo- ries not to be forgotten. The flight is leaving now! Turn the pag'es and follovv our Winged friend through the annals of the year past. The 1964 FLEDGLING is for you, the student. Use itg cherish itg follovv its path in flight into the years to come. Thoughts have vvingsg facts are often forgotteng reminiscences are fondled. Endeavors are foiledg success is elu- siveg clouds are not penetrated so easily. Flight '64 FLEDGLING is in the air- are you on it? . iii -:il ut it , U fn. J. WSW .. 2'-7: if 1 , A fu, I, ,. . , ., 1, Y-,vo J. Q,,?.L:'. ' ri. . if ,5r.,u.,-' ' A ' 5 C ' J nj! H :..AL's.z ffm. ' ? ' . gfw ' L .-, my -- U., MTF-'.?T -A - Fu., 5 ". . .4 -:,. 1. ,-,M -N . gvu. , ..r-1 au ROPE V , ,I cf .A , .. wv,-,f, , .-f. -' I 3" - :IZ W?" M6 19,1 Jr: ,Y , , 'f '-Q1 Vl?,...L ,. iff I- -in F1 1 ' ml ' N 4"i,f". .I FOP THE A TWQ SiQ.uIfZf'55 W, .-'WTER hm, Ct VNGP V" , g--SCE 5.5 . QRSSXQ3' wx- -Q ,Y DQSNI' -, 'P"f" CAMPUS CONTENTS LIFE . FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION CLASSES . ACTIVITIES . FEATURES SPORTS . .68 . 102 122 ADVERTISEMENTS . o . 136 , ,-'-', .U NSY . 1 ff. ,pr-0' . -"g.Q ff", .0-'- Z vw' . . R - Mr. Howell observes the exhibit in Hoggard Hall with one of this students "So that's how they are done !" I' L .-1 , ,I ,T gf! ' --' "sq 'ee L+ fa! ll E.- ist-2 5 Q- '? l Q 4 v 3 ,. . Qin.: gl r 4 Q , J Y A A777 X 9kg5qg X 51 1 ,Q j is 'W x 'fi as 1 11: , I .' Y J'-N X. , it . We . ,111 -V-1 ' 5"'fe'f7f' In ' 'F' ' 'Q Ciillig WL ix J"4""'r-"'-'v-v-in G' MA .V ,, - N ,K 5 ii -nw V' 5 in ml MT" ' M ,xx ,u Ira ' , IL .lii 1131. , , J 'J I., 'M I. '---4 11 1 f Q. up r- A v 44' vu , A A A T F .. . '-"G f'-Sf can A1 - I -an , ""'s L I 1 I X ' m f . E ff' --.-""""'3f'.Tix2J'-I""4""":'1T""' 2 .Y , ' -- . 31 A I 'iQ 'a, f . if .. ii 4J.,.-,, ,W fi V .1 .....T--3: -. wa , A-, LH, Q '::.::3 j i:T:41.f'f::y"g, tgg Q I Ui 5 z , f .., .N I FbLj? 1, :HI ' L T- .- J t .U :f" ""j"'T" 'rv I ' I 15:15-f mf w uv- . i Q . j n -xr' M .54 '.'r -"4-1 ""-- "P Ju,-1 . -. I 1 J - ' -1 -- ,I V' .4 1. , , X. . , ,,, N. " J.. .1 -'f:' 'c-. V Q. ' b "' - . I -P .F-Us 2.-.:5-L,.-.- JF gl .9 1 .z , 1... I Q53 ,Y Q'ff11?i11pf7, I I Q-V . 5 g fqi 'M ' mme. V. Q I' 7 i' " Plfius . ' f"' ' 1' 'J U gg . 5 . . QQ' v . 'wi .I +1 Nfhn1'.,2'fgQ'1 1 . ,, A I '- 4-151 L'-',.-1'--..x. ' . jr' 9 -'-'i':.'f " ' 3:1 ' - wx.-gn' v.'-- ' 5- '- . QT'-f-,1'.V 'llqif IE v ' ' ,. 3 ...V . I . . .J V A nf- .I I M 11' ' v.'l.7?'R' ' H . -. '- . any I . J, . X -, .A U -f, y ...K , 'X -' r ,A ' f-.' I 'Y f ' f. T-f. P- 1 Ing - ...wan .1. ,,,.. I . ' . a -' 1' .-... -un ff ... 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' Tri." -34199 .--' -' ' . 914' -- 2 'U 5.7. x -L , W1-All 4, px..-fx! 3. ', 1-751. ., 'N Q -. ,. ,-.Vi . .al -'. N 1,5 4' 2-5.5. " 32.13-3' -f'a.?g.'i'.f.-ES. 541 f.- 4" 5. 5.11-2? 3. -.. I 3,-1: '-.i,s.T'f-'-...nh-'1-gh,"1,-: ,jA.1'j.gj', -5--mga, ..,,.i4, f.ig,:, :+R . uf . .-'-.i.,V..- -Q ..--qxfz.. , -.pE'f1. .'.'f'.. i'.'lg,gi?-,. 5 V - Q.. . "iw . -u?.'1J-,Jz5."n-f,-.fx , N." . lfffu ' -1 .f ' ' . " .' T -' QT- .' f 1 'if 2125 e 'H-xf"l'E,' 1. iff? '--"' ' 'A ' .. vm .sri-"!k,?N 3 'Q' V, E ' .., ,q fj'g:.LY" l-fiffalf 'gl j.if'J?".f5E-L .- ' .QTY 'fi' , ff u - rg.-. Q , 5.15, ---.7-1 '. ' , 1, '. -."g',4,..'ffm-Qfig-,"-g:,.'q'.., ..'f?.'..1:f',i A .1 . ' - 'J-f-.' .2 1 f""f-FE'-1'-'S-'if'-'IE'0'fTf1f-17-f"'H1- .7 -- -. ...H . -.'1 111-.',-i ffnlnf -f', 'TQTW V V , , . J, 'H .. ..,. ,,.,,: 5-5.1, A ,V ,, . U .I , . ,S .V Q .A.. ,rig fra: -?,.Lli.,Y..,.,,, K, 3: -4 .i '- " -f T..-. -T-' fl f I . -'iff' U -.ip "-"sk-'i'i-:1.1E9S!'-.iii -- " Q , V ' Q 1 '- 3,-5 f,q"'l.,1 . 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' robbery by I 'S' 0 'C .- m as O -.,. o -cs c S G2 BD L. o as U HCS. .l' COl'lCllI'l'E as 'E SPECIALISTS VISIT COLLEGE - Visiting the Wilmington College campus college Friday were three out-of-state educators oussed the who will prepare a critique on 'the col- educators, lege-'S curriculum for the State Board of Brumbaugh Higher Education. Wilmington College Photol Shirley Y Randall President Dr.. 9 G -... -C I '15 Cv .J ,. .5 ' Q -55 .161 rlud oi In v, ' : .. 1 iris S27 vidm nc C' LQLC uw n Km s udenlka fig ?FE?3i?:if'5Ei'11 55.32-Ai 1135236 52:51, "4 :nf 5' "4-wiiioqi 0 nm no ' Y iso ECTION tStudeni.B 'rally at Wilmington Col- vesterday called for imma- 'wa on the Higher Education bill. ocal Students - io' Wi'miie9!P'2, QN C BOCl1'd.CO.11Sj.dGJQj.I1 iFour-Year Curriculum uoalion is pressing plans to ap- 'getliplo a position io pass on the. 'curriculum on June 1-Q," McLen- prove a four-year curriculum for! don said. That is ihe 'date of the. Wilmington College on June 14. l buardfs next meeting in Raleigh. 5Cl1airman L. P. Rl:-Lenclon said 'in Greensboro "We are trying desperately to The slate board chairman was asked to eomment on the entrant 'local effort- to have an additional .'S15,000' appropriated for an audi? Friday night. .'Q'f'1- flfi1f':.'ew-z L.-,. "H,,fW . . i . . . -Fwy.-,L ,f,,,,... ,:,,,,,m,, Huh gflf-fg+'i,tor1um-physicau education build. I 'I' v v- s , , ' ' 1 P 'JH . . H12 at me 6011255 l H,.j',gj l' .y'?gQ':jf'nmM.:.i1....aA mmm M Bk-Leudun sand the statement 1. f A-wmv nmfgn. .'lnn'v'l1E' made on a visit to the college :y:"'3:x'fl Elnlllarlnz 'l' n U ' V X U K E 7' 'vnorl ' M1-'Q'-n. Ima. -4 ll rx Lnuweure 15:1 l.1F'i-wi: :im 'i:'IFl W, 1...J,',.,lf LU fb E -'-if. .lg'v,g+ft-Exim?-avfrfqlffisiiffre May 17 was "lf the college is Lnul-f ,1,,1.n.,,,n Hmm 'F T-'S ... Ibja Eff-1E we 51:3 "l"'4' Em... 'ANS up? SIE'-21 vz-55.1 mg-1 :s....D mum ,., .. 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' V. ,..-an -lk K- - .:...:-h...... .- .u A .J,..Y1 -1 V, A .1- I i s is y P 1963 World Series on T.V. Early arrivals to school enjoy breakfast in the Pub. "College is so hard !" 'I2 fi. 1 'f':,- 'ef - . 5 1' Q -, fr, 7'7'7l1Q ' A '-,..A ,,., -....-.::. 3 . , ' , Y ' lv- - . - ,...., ':.-ag.. - ,-,...p,- -.ny 'T-' , 'L - 3 4 . P :ff . be-.A M- f - , N ..1........-.Y ' ' : '...f '--.,- , Y ws...-Y. ,.- . ,,.,...,,. -....M- A- "' V ,Q .-,-if ll Q l lil lah' Aa .Q lf- aL,-V" . la BSL- , ie! W ,. fl' 3' ...If-J ,.-sf - Ample parking facilities provide space for all makes of cars. A peaceful scene in the library. kms 1 .ig-,, - :qi - f f F 1 '11 7 , ' ' , , -gh., -M, 1,3 I - , i 7 ,i .., ,, ,- 1- -.Mm J 1 dll ,ik lb 11 1 EPA f l -uffhj 'inf V 1 Y gf '- f -3 ' Q in F f- ,uv Q. I 3 ..,.,, 5 5 x my 55 xg if " 36 v : ,f' .X V fQ A"i7 ff V' A ' A ai.. iq' wi if 2 . -M-. V .WU 1 sf' Q2 M 4- A Ai? ' ,.- . ,., , ' gffsg- - . V qi . A l , y. E' 5' li A 'W 3' 5 5 Q 4? 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W ,,..4n"' ,sf Wy' x. it is ' -E r' s"'-- a- Q 'HQ gi t 11 ni.nn,x 1 I Q, vu. w. . Q H -- av fu J, . Miss card Shannon Morton, Dean of Women, checks through registration s. Mr. Thomas P. Brown, Dean of Students helps in planning student activities. gms 'L' E E if or E j 1 ' M -:Z ' 1 tr E' ' 'ici X- , if , '- u ii? zsx my 1 20 V 1 i fe gsm' . 1 Mrs. Dorothy P. Marshall, Regis trag, looks back at a students re cor . P' A 55'- M.. ww Nw 1 I w X w s V 1 ij . ' .Ei,S,,m,,ls wp. Qs ff .F :im H iq so ,x,h,5e 2- f 94 , , e Nav, -I Miss Joanne Starnes, BURSAR, uses the Bookkeepxng Machme to keep the accounts for the college Mrs. Ruth Stanland, the Manage1 of the Bookstore, student f ww' ,fisfigmmgg , Bi WW ix gimme' 'fifsma 57 ,K ,fzxwnwm J. M, ,,U. ,Z , v-F ,,, Y 1522-,M .mf-11-.3 s s 6 1 A ' 'L ,MN ,L . x X, sa My ,- filigve v .QL Y ,fw - .X.. ,, R4 I ff 'L IE . .,f W 5-.. . V J AW ww w 'll C NW .. v,A. . 5 H wi , lggszz on h 5 E. The Secretaries, pictured above are L. to R. Marie Lassiter, Secretary to the Dean, Carol Moore, Secretary to the Registrarg Bonnie Raines, Secretary to the President, and standing, Jessiebeth Brady, Secretary to the Vice President for Finance. The Librarians, Marguerite Fogleman on the left and Mildred Dorsey on the right place the proper cards into the library books. .xv we gy, x-x., , 'ng A. Carl Gay Assistant Professor THE FACULTY Sl .rbi .., as , r sie: 0 is , , f,, X 'gi Louis H. Adcock Assistant Professor Chemistry, BS, MA T. Earl Allen Instructor, Physical tion: AB, MEd Mary C. Bellamy Assistant Professor Modern Languages AB, MA Walter C. Biggs Assistant Professor Biology, BS, MS Amelie C. Blyth Associate Professor Biology, BS, MA, PhD Thomas P. Brown Instructor Educa- Mathematics, AB, MA Helena R. Cheek Assistant Professor Modern Languages AB, MA James C. Daniel Instructor Social Sciences, BA, .luck F. Dermid Instructor Biology, BS, MS Calvin L. Doss Assistant Professor Mathematics BS, MEd MA Thomas E. Gay Instructor, Social Sciences BS Becky J. Hayward Instructor, English AB, MA Hildelisa C. Hernandez Instructor, Mathematics ScD Vicente N. Hernandez Instructor. Mathematics ScD Frank K. Honey Instructor, Music, BM, MM Nancy D. Kendall Instructor, English, BA Ruby B. Knox Instructor, Business BS, MA M., 'Snr if gn... 'bww- l :ga I 1 iv? THE BOARD OF TRU-STEES, In the picture below, are seated L. Bradford Tllleryg standing, L. to R. are James M. Smith, Frederick Tomlmsong Ralford G. Traskg William Horace Corbett, Arthur ITU.: ww, f,",l,'jfEEZf?i' .ass " X ii' O9 N 1 ga xv? 'R ., N , 'U' 1 I 4 14' Q vs , . lv 3 " ,,s.,,, 's .qgt 1 ,' K F w 1 W3327- ' . ,ni- Qimg. ,.l Q Lai, is to R. Harry Payneg B. Graham: B. D. Wooten. ,ees ., James E. Lewis Instructor, Chemistry BS Thomas R. Lupton Assistant Professor Mathematics, BS, MA Thomas C. McCall Assistant Professor English, BA, MEd Dorothy P. Marshall Instructor, Business, BS Patricia M. Minser Instructor, Art BFA, MFA M. Shannon Morton English, BS, MA Thomas V. Moseley Assistant Professor Social Sciences, BA, MA Barbara A. Moser Instructor Mathematics, BA, MS Mrs. Cyrus D. Hugue Jr.g Dr. John T. Hoggiardg Schwartz, Dr. C. E. Hartfordg Eugene B. 5. Carolyn Murray Instructor Social Sciences, BA, MA Ethel M. Murray Instructor Modern Languages AB, AM Lewis E. Nance Instructor Chemistry, BS, MS Bob G. Olsen Instructor Social Sciences AB, MA Gerald S. Rosselot Assistant Professor English, BS, MA Page Shaw Instructor, English AB, MA Richard G. Stone, Jr. Instructor Social Sciences BA, MA Fred Toney, Jr. Assistant Professor Mathematics, BS, MS Fred Vallianos Assistant Professor Psychology. BS, MA Ellis E. Williams Instructor Modern Languages, BA DEPARTMENT ART Claude Howell Instructor of Art BIOLOGY Frank H. Allen Assistant Professor of Biology BS BUSINESS E. M. West Associate Professor of Business Admin- istration BS, MA ' 26 CHAIRMEN CHEMISTRY Will S. DeLoach Associate Professor of Chemistry BS, PhD, MS DRAMA i e' A A Doug W. Swink Assistant Professor of Drama BS, MA 1 PhD E N G LIS H Joanne King Corbett Associate Professor of English AB, MA, 27 I 1 I William J. Brooks Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion AB, MA PHYSICAL EDUCATION MATH EMATICS Adrian D. Hurst Assistant Professor of Mathematics AB, MA MUSIC Loyd H. Hudson Assistant Professor of Music BME, MM if MODERN LANGUAGES Lloyd 0. Bishop Associate Professor of Modern Lan- guages AB, MA, PhD P H YS ICS Rolla C. Nelson Assistant Professor of Physics BA, MA 4,22 PHILOSOPHY I B. Frank Hall Associate Professor of Philosophy BA, BD, ThD, DD PSYCHOLOGY Harold G. Hulon Associate Professor of Education AB, MEd, PhD SOCIAL SCIENCES Duncan P. Randall Associate Professor of Social Sciences AB, MA FG mwwb S Q H zz. .:-. C m 5 ,.... .mv H 1 . ..i ' - w my W ,, 'im' M Nw 3 1 99. , , X Wi., H. K 1229'- " ,w jim f " 'LEW , Xu!" xl-1 1, +L? .X H , 2 .. X -sm 'wgvvzx Jw - wry, ' W H my " mf , fx ,Q ww iw fix , :f ' iw Officers of the Junior Class are Steve Culbreth, Presidentg Evelyn Adkins, Vice-Pres- identg and Kay Wells, Secretary. Senators are Tommy Covil, Sarah Burgess, Harold Sullivan, Madeline Brite, and Barbara Fulford. JUNICJR CLASS The first class of juniors at Wilmington College experience unprece- dented privileges and responsibilities. As the predecessors of the future senior class, juniors become the first Wilmington College students to receive class rings. As juniors they begin to specialize in their studies and to concentrate on their chosen careers. They look forward to the graduating year when many will have an opportunity to practically apply the skills to which they have been exposed. The first freshman class at the new campus in 1961, the juniors will become the first graduating seniors from Wilmington College in 1965. John Bryan Abbott, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Sherwood Shannon Abbott Wilmington, N. C. Evelyn May Adkins Wilmington, N. C. Eloise Buffkin Andrews Wilmington, N. C. Robert Carlton Andrews Wilmington, N. C. Gene Ballard Rocky Point, N. C. 51. 1.15 " i u f rf' v 3 asv' 011 ' if 33 'FUN f-"',, iw J gif, f Q A '52 Cecile Taylor Barnhill Wilmington, N. C. Michael Warren Barton Goldsboro, N. C. Linda Elaine Baysdon Hallsboro, N. C. Cornelia Ann Bergen Wilmington, N. C. Jerry Wayne Bizzell Surf City, N. C. Rodger Russell Blake Wilmington, N. C. '!iEz..-- Geraldine Marvolla Bowman Wilmington, N. C. Phyllis J. Boyles Wilmington, N. C. Barbara Ann Bradley Wilmington, N. C. Madeline Carol Brite Wilmington, N. C. William Murphy Bryan, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Ann Hathaway Bryant Wilmington, N. . fl PN 34 Sarah Elizabeth Burgess Wilmington, N. C. Robert Thatcher Carr Elizabethtown, N. C. James F. Collier Wilmington, N. C. William Ray Collins Wilmington, N. C. John Alex Compos Wilmington, N. C. Harvey Thomas Covil Wilmington, N. C. John Carl Dempsey Wilmington, N. C. Stephen Dorenda Wilmington, N. C. John James Eakins, Jr. Jacksonville, Fla. Larry Gordon Edens Wilmington, N. C. Ann Fussell English Wallace, N. C. Thomas Lloyd Evans, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Richard Graham Cribb Wilmington, N. C. Norma Martin Crummy Wilmington, N. C. Stephen Edward Culbreth Wilmington, N. C. Bonnie Sullivan Daniel Wilmington, N. C. Barbara Dannaher Wilmington, N. C. Herbert Lee Davis Wilmington, N. C. Andrew H. Gemmell Wilmington, N. C. William Poindexter Gemmell Wilmington, N. C. Milton Thomas Gerock, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Sandra Christie Gibbs Engelhard, N. C. Joseph P. Grady Wilmington, N. C. Margaret Lee Hansen Wilmington, N. C. Franklin Todd Fales Wilmington, N. C. Jonnye Rose Flora Wilmington, N. C. Raymond Wilford Fraley Wilmington, N. C. Barbara Lynn Fulford Wilmington, N. C. John Scott Fulton Wrightsville Beach, N. C Linda Shayne Gaskins Rose Hill, N. C. like' VH- Q Dalton L. Heath Cove City, N. C. Nathan Clyde Heath Newport, N. C. Nancy Anne Hendrix Wilmington, N. C. Ann Katherine Hewlett Wilmington, N. C. James Lawrence Hiatt, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Glendle Shaw Hill Wilmington, N. C. 31... Mark Stevenson Hines New Bern, N. C. Mary C. Hodgin Wilmington, N. C. Jon Randell Hughes Wilmington, N. C. Duncan Roberts Humphrey Holly Ridge, N. C. Ronald C. Hutchinson Elizabethtown, N. C. James Robert Keifer Wilmington, N. C. Donald L. Kelly Georgetown, S. C. Acie Kinlaw, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Michael Kushman, Jr. Cove City, N. C. Alice Marie Lassiter Wilmington, N. C. Joanne Louise LeGwin Wilmington, N. C. Glenda Elaine Lennon Wilmington, N. C. idk is sm.: ...mi - any 'mi ,,u KVA js. 'Y' 'V' maart ,mars 499 38 ii iz M 4 fl Richard Carman Lewis Wilmington, N. C. Carlton Fredrick McAfee Burgaw, N. C. Walter Bruce McCrary Rocky Mount, N. C. Betty Ann Matthews Rose Hill, N. C. Charles Lyon Menefee Wilmington, N. C. Ron Mihal Wilmington, N. C. Q V Bonnie Taylor Page Wilmington, N. C. Roy Joseph Parker Rose Hill, N. C. Hugh Holliday Paschal Wilmington, N. C. John George Pistolis Wilmington, N. O. Edwin Glenn Piver Hampstead, N. C. James Adkins Price, Wilmington, N. C. , Jr. , H Marie Claire Millican Wilmington, N. C. Frank Alexander Montgomery, III Wilmington, N. C. Joseph Horace Murray, Wilmington, N. C. Frank Louis Nye Bolton, N. C. Lloyd Earl Oxendine Wilmington, N. C. David Vann Padgett Wilmington, N. C. ,f -sv- -5, fv- .M y ' La: .L 31 fl ag Louis Henry Sawyer Burgaw, N. C. Sandra Ione Schwarz Wilmington, N. C. Frances Dean Smith Wilmington, N. C. William Edward Spender Burgaw, N. C. Betty Gayle Stanley Wilmington, N. C. Boyce Ronnie Staton Wilmington, N. C. 1 X, 'QW Marcia Gardner Roberts Wilmington, N. C. Robert Neal Roberts Wilmington, N. C. James L. Rochelle, Jr. Surf City, N. C. Jewel Jo Royal Wilmington, N. C. Betty Lou Sanderson Kinston, N. C. George T. Savage Southport, N. C. 12' A 'R N 40 Phillip Dale Stephenson Wilmington, N. C. Patricia Marie Stiles Wilmington, N. C. Lester Harold Sullivan Carolina Beach, N. C. Thomas Marshall Tuttle Denton, N. C. Stella Vdovich Burgaw, N. C. Edward Wesley Ward Wilmington, N. C. 4? Mx Q. .1 J We tF""fA We-if Everett Keal Ward, Jr. Atkinson, N. C. Robert Orrell Way, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Brenda Kay Wells Wilmington, N. C. Berry Armon Williams, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. 41 ,JF-5 T , in,AJ..- ,Q so a aslrmatt 4 531 al" 4? , , , E -,--1-' M 212, ' . 51, 'H 4 QE V! 1 l 5 ...,. gli? :"?ia it gffgntf. N M x M" " 4. ' 7vJ"-4" I ' - . ' gr: .,.. 1,-n-',.,,,.,5 ,I -0- ggi.. 1 N v ls- , . .,M- ,s H9 15 2 I 1 Y ,4 A N -'K vrkih ,M 7, an -.1 , at W' .v .e:f,1i+--fe., L-1-gy-mls ,.g5gsat-.,-wg.-, , flag-., ' gb -2 -'-.2434-,a?v.g1w,xe,54cE'.-'f:'f4 '52 - A Lfsafgl' wi if "i TT- '. 'i lf1TF T?lfZ4sra,'al'5l2 " fl -Wil ffglf -V " 'A .--- Y' - . 4 25 - - 7 rv- " " .7 ' I- 3 1 it' 'v'11.3fw:,3--'ggic 'thpsggeyfi-. "4' ""H.'il1. i. ZH 1 .E1qtm!,f,,j Q'a44y:,,Q, gg 1 we ' 4 4 .Q -1-Q P., so ,TJ A .151 -5 Q-N41 ' ,fi X I M , ,rs ' ..!Qg?.V, 1: 'I ,' , ru .. .V i U- . .,, K J.-VU. , 1, l -I 'Za-f4i3'Tff, :- ' W "'-as ., .4-12 ,,.'a"i. - Q ' " Q ' ' '- ', . - - Q " ' es.. A " B' 'T in Y is ' sb 7 xbsl-", , ' 15 -f 1 f . , J 5 -Q vf it f' .' '. ' fx " 1 "Q ei" 'xff ' 1. 'l V. - ' A 1 1,6 'Wx u' Q - Jem- ,v J- 635 f',L1'ls:"vf -ag e -iff . 1, N52-fee: wgx' rv .'raff"i3r,f. -ZLL., ,,. Al- ' .Q - ,, 4 , . ,.. 4 --Q, ,U . 'H -. :yi . 3 .1---.glen .2-4' - 'Ja ' 'L' .,,'l,!' 'Q-" ggi, 'gr 9 f ' -iw -.,,.,. vm.. , .. , X.. -a. 4 . 1 , n V 3 , - 9 l , mel' N A ,. A - fn, NQL1- f, 1- . 1, f"" .' , va , . if - V'f4. -1 r A, -.W rfkkfw , '- wi?gf:..zf Q., ,.i- r- sv -' ,S -sf f. f' 1- J.i:- Qxiui - 1 -. J, 1.1 fs ,Q 1 ,eu av is , ' ,rig-" :ess "7 ' -f - it- fn ' V ' J.. - -, .u ' ' .35 ' 1, 4ef"fs2'sg'f14ff- 4-hi!-'sv "- 'z-sa-Av -'-Tv, - 4'9" 'I Z .' 'SLQQI 5,1 A , ,v ,f - A " 4 X 'fbi f - - - 'ff' I fd 1"'r-.355-as-u 4--lgirlva-.t1':,X,i ,ix K ' : Y- .jp -hz .7 3,,- , v , N. . J ,wi-1 ,YA W E-yvVL::,,., ,W J ...L,-S A , ,lm ,, 1 :- L A .. ' " ' ,V ad. 1 L ' g "3Q'Q. ,NQ!'?s.x?1i?Q'?fE5f-ig?fE'fIif-31.83...I An - ,- ': " ' Sophomore Class officers are Jack Loftus, Presidentg Bobby Eakins, Vice-Presidentg Faye Barnes, Secretary. Senators are Jimmy Sharpe, Carl Sneeden, Pat Beasle' Kent Meadows, and John Lorek. SCDPHGMORE CLASS The metamorphosis of college life continues, outdating the goals and thoughts of a previous year. Sophomores gain a new appreciation of their school and also a desire to improve it in every possible Way. They begin to feel a new sense of direction and purpose and to realize their role in college life. Sophomores then become increasingly influential in school activities, as their experience qualifies them for positions of leadership. At the close of the year they have become full-fledged citizens of the college community. 42 il f P1 John Banks Allen, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Louise Maria Ambrosiano Wilmington, N. C. Robert Harrison Anderson Wilmington, N. C. Morris Henry Andrews Wallace, N. C. Douglas Erwin Annas Greensboro, N. C. Joseph Lynwood Ashley Wilmington, N. C. David Leon Askins Goldsboro, N. C. Robert E. Autry Mt. Gilead, N. C. Donald Wayne Bailey Wilmington, N. C. Loretta May Bancroft Wilmington, N. C. Judith Elaine Barb Jacksonville, N. C. Thomas Vardell Barden Whiteville, N. C. 5 -Tb. i I I 5--' ' : ' q-v isa --.r .5 N i-1. Glenda Faye Barnes Wilmington, N. C. Ruth Gertrude Batson Burgaw, N. C. Belva Anne Batts Hampstead, N. C. Robert E. Lee Baxter, III Fayetteville, N. C. Patricia Ann Beasley Wilmington, N. C. Ronnie Wayne Benton Leland, N. C. Edward Bently Bergamini Wilmington, N. C. Richard Burnett Berman Wilinington, N. C. William Worth Beverage Burgaw, N. C. Carl Alton Bizzell Durham, N. C. William Jackson Blackley Dunn, N. C. Linda Maxine Blackstock Resaca, Georgia C+' L Myra Louise Blake Wilmington, N. C. Mary Emma Blanchard Burgaw, N. C. Beatrice Munson Blomme Wilmington, N. C. Beverly Ferree Bordeaux Wilmington, N. C. Joy Lee Lewis Bordeaux Carolina Beach, N. C. Linda Fay Bordeaux Wilmington, N. C. Jo Ann Bostic Beaulaville, N. C. James Allen Braxton Greenville, N. C. Eston Clyde Brinkley Wilmington, N. C. James M. Brothers, Jr. Raleigh, N. C. Alice Lee Bulluck Wilmington, N. C. Jack Ray Burnish Wilmington, N. C. E E . e -' 9 QQ u k tl .1 I .. I - " . - If:- .. .. f H, gi Qu H 2 G fi . '1' .. Q f 1 . Q .E 'H YL .Qifllgiv W on 2 W ii :DER -. 2. Qi l - my I s T. . ... W Q ,. -. ....,....-. - la- y . 5 .li 'K' Harry Robert Buzzell, Jr. Presque Isle, Maine Judith Ann Campbell Wilmington, N. C. Betsy Wright Capps Jacksonville, N. C. Wilbur Eldred Carr Wilmington, N. C. William Harvey Caton, III Wilmington, N. C. James Timothy Chappell Wilmington, N. C. James W. Clark Wilmington, N. C. Gerald Irwin Cohen Carolina Beach, N. 'C. Lonnie Michael Cayton Raleigh, N. C. Tommy Trent Cole Danville, Va. Eleanor Gail Coleman Hampstead, N. C. Steve Wayne Coley Landrum, S. C. Q-..Q Sv S Y'-"- Donald Craig Downing Atkinson, N. C. John William Draughon Durham, N. C. 'Reba Sue Duff Beulaville, N. C. Robert B. Eakins, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Mary Sue Elixson Chadbourn, N. C. Thomas Glenn Evans Wilmington, N. C. Robert Martin Fales, Jr Wilmington, N. C. James Hopkins Farlow Sophia, N. C. Memory Ann Farrar Wrightsville Beach, N. C. George Edward Ferger Wilmington, N. C. Robert Lee Fergus Wilmington, N. C. Melvynn M. Field Margarita, Canal Zone Marshall Collins Wilmington, N. C. Grady Lee Conner Wilmington, N. C. Phillip Ray Connor Delco, N. C Richard Raymond Connor Delco, N. C. Clyde Robert Cook, Jr. Jacksonville, N. C. Authur Michael Costin Hampstead, N. C. Nancy Faye Craig Wilmington, N. C. Michael Earl Crawford Jacksonville, N. C. Herbert Lewis Darden, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Charles Wade Daughtry Faison, N. C. Kathryn Warren Dellinger Wilmington, N. C. Mary Eunice Dexter Wilmington, N. C. I Jay Frances Fisher Wilmington, N. C. Carol Jean Fladd Wilmington, N. C. Patricia Flynn Rocky Point, N. C. Roger Dale Fowler Wilmington, N. C. Frederica Gayle Foyles Atkinson, N. C. Paul Eugene Frizzelle Wilmington, N. C. Ernest Berlin Fullwood Wilmington, N. C. Sarah Alice Fussell Warsaw, N. C. Samuel Leland Garner Wilmington, N. C. X. Nicholas Carmon Giovinetti, III Wilmington, N. C. Edward Percy Godwin, III Wilmington, N. C. Marcus Glenn Godwin Lumberton, N. C. 15:-, lx in F95 QT 1 in ?? f l n vw ' gn l if ll 5 X E H5351 fi? env be . Rodney Bert Gornto, III Wilmington, N. C. Robert Gardner Greer Wilmington, N. C. George Ronald Hall Wilmington, N. C. Westley Arnold Hall Charlottsville, Va. Elmer Wayne Holley Atkinson, N. C. Marshall Lewis Hamilton Washington, D. C. Alvin B. Hansley Wililiington, N. C. Leslie Watts Hardison, Jamesville, N. C. Jack R. Harrell, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. James William Harris Hamlet, N. C. Leonard H. Harris Durham, N. C. Susanne Herndon Wilmington, N. C. Sarah Elizabeth Jacobs Wilmington, N. C. James Henry Jett Wilmington, N. C. Joyce Barbara Johnson Ivanhoe, N. C. Marietta Bowers Johnson Wilmington, N. C. Robert Allen Johnson Wilmington, N. C. Martha Baugham Johnston Wilmington, N. C. Linda Kay Jones Jacksonville, N. C. Artis Roland Joye Wilmington, N. C. Wallace Hiram King Wallace, N. C. William Bradley Kirby Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Hugh Curtis Kirkman Swansboro, N. C. Robert Lee Lanier Magnolia, N. C. Frances Dianne Hewett Shallotte, N. C. Hugh B. Highsmith Wilmington, N. C. Larry Richard Honeycutt Raleigh, N. C. Lignell William Hood Wilmington, N. C. Robert Jerome Hooks Kenly, N. C. Edgar Wilson Horton, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Nathan Norwood Housand Hampstead, N. C. Bonnie Mae Howard Hampstead, N. C. Carl Franklin Hudson, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Elizabeth Heath Humphrey Wilmington, N. C. George Michael Hunsucker Asheboro, N. C. Fred Alton Jacobs Bolton, N. C. E-.p-Q 4557, James V. McGinnis Wilmington, N. C. William Andrew McIntosh Wilmington, N. C. Betty Pollock McMillan Wilmington, N. C. Patricia Gail McRae Mt. Gilead, N. C. Marilyn Ruth Mack Wilmington, N. C. Mary James Macris Wilmington, N. C. William Marvin Mangum Jacksonville, N. C. Robert Eugene Marlowe, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Betty Elixson Maultsby Chadbourne, N. C. Edward White Maultsby, Leland, N. C. Charles Kent Meadows Wilmington, N. C. Eugene Worth Merritt Wilmington, N. C. Harry Edward Lemon, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Sandra Dale Lennon Wilmington, N. C. Bruce Gordon Lewis Whiteville, N. C. John Clifford Lewis Wilmington, N. C. Michael Wayne Lewis Carolina Beach, N. C. William Alan Lewis Wilmington, N. C. William Julian Lewis Wilmington, N. C. Augusta Stanley Littleton Wilmington, N. C. John Arthur Loftus Alexandria, Va. John Andrew Lorek, Jr. Castle Hayne, N. C. Peter MacQueen, III Wilmington, N. C. Robert Franklin McCord Alexandria, Va. Kenneth Merritt Miller Chatham, Va. Glen Ashley Mills Wilmington, N. C. Stephen Foster Mintz Bolivia, N. C. Glenn Rowe Moore, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. James M. Morgan Wilmington, N. C. Janet Sutton Morgan Wilmington, N. C. Joseph James Morton Jacksonville, N. C. James Whitfield Moseley Wilmington, N. C. Earl Conway Mullen Wilmington, N. C. Leslie Ronald Newsome Whiteville, N. C. Frank M. Norris, Jr. Shallotte, N. C. Catherine Collins O'Brien Wilmington, N. C. :net 458 f- 5? ,-W-.. .ri fy 1-Lx tri? Lucienne Lee O'Dell Wilmington, N. C. Douglas Richardson 0'Hara Georgetown, S. C. Gail Patricia Otts Wilmington, N. C. Delano McCrae Padgett Wilmington, N. C. Harry Thomas Paterson, III Wilmington, N. C. Charles Breckenridge Pegram Wilmington, N. C. Daniel Jerome Peterson Delco, N. C. Harold George Petty Sanford, N. C. Gordon Allen Pierce Kure Beach, N. C. Bonnie Fae Raines Wilmington, N. C. Jerry David Randall Wilmington, N. C. Karen Ann Ray Wilmington, N. C. to Johnnie Sylvester Reams Wilmington, N. C. Betty Jane Reynolds Winnabow, N. C. Robert James Rich Wilmington, N. C. Eunice Martha Etta Rivenbark Wilmington, N. C. Jerry Rogers Robbins Wilmington, N. C. William S. Robbins Wilmington, N. C. Elizabeth Crenshaw Robertson Wilmington, N. Q. Johnnie Ann Robinson Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth Wayne Robinson Wilmington, N. C. Lloyd Edwin Robuck, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Carl E. Rochelle Surf City, N. C. Asa Dosher Ruark, III Southport, N. C. James Clifton Ruark, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Edmund E. Ruhland Wiliiiington, N. C. Lloyd Saunders Carolina Beach, N. C. David Carey Seeger Wilmington, N. C. James M. Sharpe Wilmington, N. C. Colin Stuart Shaw Atkinson, N. C. Carolyn Elizabeth Shepherd Wilmington, N. C. Sherrie Carolyn Sherman Burgaw, N. C. Billy Carlton Shipman Hallsboro, N. C. Robert Douglas Shipp Wilmington, N. C. Harry David Shumpert Wilmington, N. C'. Esther Jean Simmons Wilmington, N. C. Ernest Harold Spencer Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth Ray Stanley Wilmington, N. C. James Edward Sterling Wilmington, N. C. Franklin Dale Stevens Rocky Mount, N. C. James F. Stoutz Wilmington, N. C. Robert Jerry Sullivan Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Robert Stuart Sullivan Wilmington, N. C. Alice Lee Sykes Wilmington, N. C. Isabelle Frances Szczerbiak Castle Hayne, N. C'. Jehu Thomas Taff Greenville, N. C. James F. Teachey Rose Hill, N. C. Robert Mell Tennille, Arlington, Va. Thelton Quay Skipper Leland, N. C. Anne Davis Smith Bladenboro, N. C. Charles Reese Smith Southport, N. C. Jackie Wendell Smith Woodruff, S. C. James H. Smith Goldsboro, N. C. Margaret Elizabeth Smith Wilmington, N. C. Samuel Dudley Smith Hickory, N. C. Virgie Ann Smith Willard, N. C. Wanda Pope Smith Wilmington, N. C. Maurice Carl Sneeden, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Roberta Joann Sparkes Wilmington, N. C. Elmore Spell, Jr. Wallace, N. C. iv' fi. e- ia.. V o iq! , Yzaeeiszg, 1 V. 4. . 4' . 5 4 f iff ' ' M , j f , l ' W1 . ,. . W W , , "fit i ' 'sz , ' il V is ax . Q H3 7. J I Tony Waddell Tabor City, N. C. George Wray Ware Danville, Va. Evan Dale Watts Wilmington, N. C. i 1 f - i J oAnna Margaret Weaver Wilmington, N. C. Roger Lane Webb Wilmington, N. C. .ll Johnny Alexander Weeks, Jr. Swansboro, N. C. Michael Lee West Carolina Beach, N. C. Nancy Virginia West Chapel Hill, N. C. Esther Loretta White Wilmington, N. C. James Marvin Willett Wilmington, N. C. Beulah Rose Williams Wilmington, N. C. Wilmington, N. C , Jr. Harold Augustus Williams, Jr. Albert John Thiry Charleroi, Pa. Daniel Horace Thompson Whiteville, N. C. Jerry Moore Thompson Troy, N. C. Betty Jean Thorpe Wilmington, N. C. Elton Glenn Tucker Carolina Beach, N. C. James Preston Tucker, III Wilmington, N. C. Reginald Lee Tucker Belmont, N. C. Charles Johnson Upchurch Wilmington, N. C. Nellie Mary Vdovich Burgaw, N. C. Marion Verzaal, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Mary W. Vogels Wilmington, N. C. James Madison Voight Charleston, S. C. Tye E 139 Ib! Jerry Lynn Williams Wilmington, N. C. Henry Franklin Williamson Clinton, N. C. John Doyle Willis Harkers Island, N. C. Edward Avery Wilson Wilmington, N. C. Percy Lee Wood Charlottesville, Va. Jerry Claid Woodell Wilmington, N. C. Jon Charles Wooten Wilmington, N. C. Margaret Jo Worrell Goldsboro, N. C. Leroy Lucian Wright, III Wilmington, N. G. Charles Ram saur Youngblood Jacksonville, Fla. Lionel L. Yow Wilmington, N. C. Georgia Zezefillis Wilmington, N. C. ". . . And this is where they found the body." iv? 'N . t .ss 'Kim - I H fe. E r 'sn 5 y ,, Officers- of the Freshman Class are Jimmy Hearn, Presidentg Camilla White, Sec- retaryg and Gloria Shepherd, Vice-President. Senators are Johnny Gore, Carol Smith, Charles Hfawley, Fredi Crisp, and Sherry Lackey. FRESHMAN CLASS New experiences, new sensations, new attitudes crowd the freshman's first weeks of college life. He is granted a degree of independence from the confining rules of education. He learns with a new spirit and soon creates from this knowledge a personality irrevocably changed. Socially he expands and finds the expansion fulfilling. Intellectually he grows and widens the horizons of his thought and understanding. Constantly he discovers that his changed personality demands a reappra- isal of life as he has grown to accept it. 54 Barbara Anne Adger Wilmington, N. C. George Habib Akcl Wilmington. N. C. Archie G. Alderman Wilmington, N. C. Jesse Dan Andrews Wilmington, N. C. Carol Ileene Armstrong Wilmington, N. C. Charles Herbert Atkinson Wilmington, N. C. Michael Lynn Atkinson Wallace, N. C. George Richard Ayash, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Claude William Bailey, Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Paul Stephen Bainum Vienna, Virginia Brenda Hope Baker Wilmington, N. C. Joyce Elaine Baker Wallace. N. C. Marion Sloan Baker Wilmington, N. C. Willard P. Baldwin Wilmington, N. C. David Andrew Banner Wilmington, N. C. Donald Irvin Barber Wilmington, N. C. Walter Frederick Barkley Whiteville, N. C. Wilbur A. Batchelor, Jr. Wilmington, N. G. Emily Louise Batson Hampstead, N. C. Linda Faye Batten Whiteville, N. C. 'N H Q v - A 2- 1 J -iefijy 'ig I l N S' EIN F ' ,H 'Q l 1 .V f Us-:few 1 Y iz we W 4 Octavius B. Battle Rocky Mount, N. G. Virginia Anne Baysden Richlands, N. C. Harley Ray Becraft Southport, N. C. Duane Hodges Bell Burgaw, N. C. Cleo Delanous Bennet Aeheboro, N. C. Mitchell Walter Bennett Wilmington, N. C. Charles William Benton Wilmington, N. C. Jack Lyon Best Wilmington, N. C. Elaine Marie Blackmon Wilmington, N. C. Christine Lloid Blake Wilmington, N. C. Neil Wesley Blake, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Rose Marie Blake Wilmington, N. C. Evelyn Blocker Wilmington, N. C. Raymond Lloyd Bordeaux, J Leland, N. C. Neal Joseph Borrelli Waldwick, N. J. Carolyn Elaine Braswell Wilmington, N. C. George Wilbur Brecce Fayetteville, N. C. Thomas Preston Brown, Jr Wilmington, N. C. Linda Carol Bryan Wilmington, N. C. Richard F. Bryan Wilmington, N. C. G. Larry Buie Wilmington, N. C. Billy H. Bullard Wilmington, N. C. Henry Charles Bullard Wilmington, N. C. Harry Edsel Burnish Wilmington, N. C. Bobby Gene Caison Shallotte, N. C. James David Caison Wilmington, N. C. Linda Georgene Carroll Wilmington, N. C. Calvin Wayne Casey, Jr. Rocky Point, N. C. James Linson Caulder: Wilmington, N. C. William Johnson Cauley Wilmington, N. C. Joseph John Cavanagh Wilmington, N. C. Pennaritta Cherry Wilmington, N. C. Sybil June Cherry Wilmington, N. C. Yvonne Marie Chinnis Wilmington, N. C. Beverly Huntington Clark Wilmington, N. C. Douglas A. Clark Beulaville, N. C. Jacobs Bruce Clayton Leland, N. C. Pam Thomas Clyburn Jacksonville, N. C. Norvin Hugh Collins Wilmington, N. C. William Stephen Colwell Wilmington, N. C. ii- r . 19 . a , M ' F wi, f T.", N 'Q' r, , , 1 , 'fl m 1' i- , aux Lynda Jean Comer Wilmington, N. C. Thomas J. Comer Wilmington, N. C. Rozella Diane Copeland Wilmington, N. C. Grace Corbett Wilmington, N. C. Thomas Martin Corbett Leland, N. C. Edward Wayne Cowan Burgaw, N. C. Sylvia Pauline Cowan Watha. N. C. Beverly Sue Cox Wilmington, N. C. James Lane Cox Richlands, N. C. James Winston Cox Tabor City. N. G. Larry Edward Cox Wilmington, N. C. Phillip Ronald Craven Asheboro, N. C. Fredi Marian Crisp Wilmington, N. C. Redman Earl Crisp, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Parris Mitchell Cronm Rocky Mount, N. C. Charles Edward Crowell Wilmington, N. C. Gwendolyn Irene Culbreth Wilmington, N. C. Curtis H. Dale Wilmington, N. C. Graham Dail Wilmington, N. C. Clarence A. Danner Kure Beach, N. C. N . car' David Raymond Emery New Egypt, New Jersey Lynda Jo Ennis Leland, N. C. Donna Clay Estes Wilmington, N. C. Emily D. Ezzell Wilmington, N. C. Carl Hofmann Farmer, Jr. Wrigbtsville Beach, N. C. William Michael Fenley, J Wilmington, N. C. Carol Harris Fergus Wilmington, N. C. Johnnye Marie Fergus Carolina Beach, N. C. William Hayes Ferrell, Jr. Delco, N. C. Gary Ray Fields Farmer, N. C. James Robert Fisher Jacksonville, Fla. Reginald Wayne Fowler Wilmington, N. C. Robert Lee Foy Scotts Hill, N. G. Emanuel Joshua Friedman Wilmington, N. C. Elizabeth Smith Fryar Carolina Beach, N. C. Terry Ray Frye Carolina Beach, N. C. Barry Reid Fulcher Stacy. N. C. John Tolar Furmage Parkton, N. C. Sarah Elaine Fussell Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth Culbreth Futch Burgaw, N. C. Donnie Gray Davis Wilmington. N. C. Hubert Lee Davis Wilmington, N. C. Jennifer Lynn Davis Wilmington, N. C. Louis Penn Davis Wilmington, N. C. Sandra Davis Wilmington, N. C. Thurston Cranmer Davis. Wilmington, N. C. Thomas Richard Debnam Wilmington, N. C. Robert Lee DeBose Wilmington, N. C. John Frederick Deeds Wilmington, N. C. Coleman Eric Dempsey Shallotte, N. C. James Arthur Depland Wilmington, N. C. Margaret Ann Dobson Wilmington, N. C. Philip Martin Dodson Riegelwood, N. C. Edward Joe Douglass, III Alexandria, Va. William Chester Drake Wilmington, N. C. John W. Draughon, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Gordon Thomas Durham Charlottesville, Va. Edythe Dale Durham Wilmington, N. C. Gordon H. Ellis, Jr. Wilmington, N. C, Troy Wayne Ellis Wilmington, N. C. 5- A H,,H.l., .Y .gg 1 , gill? M if 'ta' li sa Q , 2 1 Q, kg., -- .H . if ..,. i , 2 W -- 'W , 1. . . P 243 V ,ly 'Fir w w .. 4 , , .fm , 'Y l L Hosea Thomas Grant Wilmington, N. C. Michael Robin Graybenl 'Wilmington, N. C, Wiley Jones Green, Jr. Kelly, N. C. William Sherman Greer Wilmington, N. C. James Drufus Griffin, Jr. Holden Beach, N. C. Wilbur Dennis Griffin Wilmington, N. C. Frederick Grady Griffith Wilmington, N. C. Paul Wishart Grooms Wilmington, N. C. Newman Franklin Guy, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Margaret Colwell Haar Wilmington, N. C. Clarence E. Hales, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Adi-on Franklin Hall Riegelwood, N. C. Jerry Lynn Hall Clarkton, N. C. Needham Crowell Hall Watha, N. C. Lloyd Wayne Hardister Denton, N. C. Olivia Maria Harris Wilmington, N. C. . Leslie William Harrison 3? Brooklyn, N. Y. Marie Bernadette Harvey Wilmington, N. C. Albert Ray Hastings Holly Ridge, N. C. Jerry Lee Hawks Patricia Ann Futchs Wilmington, N. C. Noah Thomas Gainey Leland, N. C, Jacqueline Tresuria Galley Wilmington, N. C. Phillip Knox Galloway Leland, N. C. Alberta Gary Wilmington, N. C. Eugenia Faye Gasklns Rose Hill, N. C. Jack Carroll Gerock Wilmington, N. C. June Carolyn Gideon Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Henrietta Elizabeth Gieschen Wilmington, N. C. Walter Robertson Glenn Wilmington, N. C. John Simeon Gordon Wilmington, N. C. Daniel R. Gore Bolton, N. C. John Nephi Gore, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Nancy Lorena Gore Shallotte, N. C. Thomas Frederick Gore Supply, N. C. George Deanes Gornto Wilmington, N. C. Adair McKoy Graham Wilmington, N. C. Nancy Crawford Graham Wilmington, N. C. Bonnie Faye Grainger Tabor City, N. C. Barbara Ann Gravette Wilmington, N. C. .E s -1" ,H':,' Z l- S ' T4 Whiteville, N. C. Y S- " 55 K Charles Wilfred Hawley Wilmington, N. C. Robert Lee Hayes Elizabethtown, N. C. James E. Hearn, III Wilmington, N. C. Joseph Heather Flushing, New York James Peter Hebron Bayside, New York Gary Brent Hedrick Lexington, N. C. Gary Morris Henderson Wilmington, N. C. James G. Henderson, Jr. Wilmingt-on. N. C. Elbert P. Herring Wilmington, N. C. Jerry Miller Herritage New Bern, N. C. Leslie Hewlett Wilmington, N. C. Arthur Thomas Hicks Wilmington, N. C. Donald Francis Hilburn Whiteville, N. C. John Paul Hill Oriental, N. C. Patricia Ann Hill Warsaw. N. C. Perry Nance Hill. III Wilmington, N. C. David Bland Hilliard Wallace, N. C. Margaret Connelly Holland Wilmington, N. C. Harold Holliday Wilmington, N. C. Francie Hollis Wilmington, N. C. .1lt lam gs V t ., ll' . : V , ,Q ,. lt? F ,, 'Eg H F 4- P :' wr' 1. R ,K I' k,.k K i all it i . , i 5 i 1 ' S wi Q Y Ann Holmes Wilmington, N. C. William Michael Holowiti Morehead City, N. C. Robert Louis Holt Wilmington, N. C. Herbert Ernest Horn Wilmington, N. C. Clara Lee Horne Wilmington, N. C. Herbert Clyburn Houston Wilmington, N. C. Harry Stephen Howard Wilmington, N. C. Anthony P. Hubis Wilmington, N. C. Lawrence W. Hubis Wilmington, N. C. Mary Hughes Wilmington, N. C. Elise Bryant Humphrey Wilmington, N. C. William Morgan Ingram Wilmington, N. C. Betsy Ann Ivey Wilmington, N. C. Bonnie Jackson Wilmington, N. C. Julia Ann Jackson Wilmington, N. C. Larry Edward Jacobs Elin, S. C. Jeanine Jeffords Wilmington, N. C. James Thomas Jeffra Jacksonville, N. C. Joseph Elliot Jett, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Albert Linwood Jewell Carolina Beach, N. C. Edith Carolyn Johnson Bolivia, N. C. Elizabeth Johnson Carolina Beach, N. C. Florence Johnson Wilmington, N. C. Shirley Louise Johnson Wilmington, N. C. William Morris Jolly Tabor City, N. C. Billy Tate Jones Ramseur, N. C. Rowena A. Jones Wilmington, N. C. James Thaddeus Jordan VVilmington, N. C. Robert Luther Jordon Wilmington, N. C. Richard Paul Joseph New Be1'n, N. C. John Ollie Keel, III Wilmington, N. C. Marilyn Manor Kenan Wilmington, N. C. Bobby Kentrolis Wilmington, N. C. Betty Key Wilmington, N. C. Charles Morris King Wilmington, N. C. Eugene Ernest King. Jr. Wrightsville Beach, N. C. Joseph Lewis King, III Wilmington, N. C. Marvin Lee King Raleigh, N. C. Richard Lemuel Kirschner New Bern, N. C. Gale A. Koberger Wilmington, N. C. no w f 'xi wfgyv' H V -r FK 1 I 'x X 1, 1 '57 g l . fy Q , -U 1 1, , w .Vx S l , , .--, . 4 mai: . va l 1 1 - X, 5 L- ,' 'bl i Carl Koester Wilmington, N. C. Miriam Edith Koski Wilmington, N. C. Sherry Joy Lackey Wilmington, N. C. Ernie Clemmons Lane Wilmington, N. C. John L. Lane, III Morehead City, N. C. Lauretta Grace Lane Wilmington, N. C. Benjamin Wright Lanier Wallace, N. C. Bertice Louis Lanier Maple Hill, N. C. Joel Reid Larson Wilmington. N. C. Margaret Ann Lassiter Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth Laughinghouse Havelock, N. C. Edward Joseph Lawler Wilmington, N. C. Charles Cornelius Leeuwenburg Wilmington, N. C. Frank Alan LeRay Wilmington, N. C. Cornelia Fay Lewis Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth Martin Lipman New Bern, N. C. Clarence Dolan Little Wilmington, N. C. Fred Eugene Little Wilmington, N. C. Seth Jones Littleton mwansboro, N. C. Clifton Leo Long. Jr. Wilmington, N. C. -4 I ,ep ' f 77 , If "4 x ' dv. ,lf '- ' ,,: , ' 5 , 'tg X 1 f 'J 'Y . i -it 'fb 51 i :J 481 1 se.. , f i 5' "' " J 1 J YTIV' , K' V! fl. A if L ' ff if I ff ,. Gilbert Carl Miller, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Hugh Bryan Mills, Jr. New Bern, N. C. Edward Leonidas Moore Wilmington, N. C. Jane Bell Moore Wilmington, N. C. Rachel Diane Moore Wilmington, N. C. Terry Warde Moore Wilmington, N. C. William Lee Morton Wilmington, N. C. Elmer Miller Morris Wilmington, N. C. William Lynwood Moseley Swansboro, N. C. Alice Gayenell Newber Wilmington, N. C. Charles Albert Newkirk Willard, N. C. Joseph Bryant Newkirk Watha, N. O. Edwin Wells Newman Wilmington, N. C. Harry Thomas Newton Wilmington, N. C. James Porter Newton Wilmington, N. C. George Nick Kalamaras Charleroi, Pa. James Albert 0'Quinn Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth John 0'Rourke Wilmington, N. C. Stephen John Orr Wallace, N. C. Decator Corey Overby Greensboro, N. C. .ff 12 " 1 .Q 'Q 51: lj' Pamela Jean Long Wilmington, N. C. Catherine Ann Losak Wilmington, N. C. Kenneth Dale Loughlin Wilmington, N. C. Shirley Plymette MacKay Wilmington, N. C. Norberto Miguel Machiran Santiago de Cuba Curtis Lane McCabe Morehead City, N. C. Thomas L. McNair Rieglewood, N. C. Dick Milton McCloud Wilmington, N. C. Austin Crawford McDonald, Wilmington, N. C. Johnny L. Mclntyre Ivanhoe, N. C. Charles Ray McKay, Jr. Griffin, Ga. Ronald Robert McKee Park Ridge, Ill. Victor Paul McKay Wilmington, N. C. Richard Thomas McLean Greensboro, N. C. John Franklin McMillian Leland, N. C. Kenneth Eugene Marks Wilmington, N. C. KennethlDouglas Marshall Wilmington, N. C. Michael Thomas Meier Wilmington, N. G. Carol Lee Merki Wilmington, N. C. Michael James Merrill Wilmington, N. C. Jr. -1 Q' 'r me .F . ., , A-or-D '.-N ,te , i ,H t 9 2, , w . j..,.,,., 4" l..ii9i:4- . 'I L J . 1 ' T -nil'-J J 1 , r X , Q '- 4-VV7,viF5 1- i . . I. James Ronald Parmenter Wilmington, N. C. Hugh Robert Passinhaw Swansboro, N. C. Robert Glenn Pate Wilmington, N. C. William Jarvis Pate. Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Dorothy Irene Peterson Wilmington, N. C. James' Michael Peterson Wilmington, N. C. Robert Allen Philips Wilmington, N. C. James Harold Phillips Wilmington, N. C. William Franklin Pierce Wilmington, N. C. Charles Brantley Pittman Willard, N. C. Jerry Presslcy Porter Wilmington, N. C. Michael Floyd Powell Carolina Bench, N. C. William Raymond Price Wallace, N. C. James Leroy Prince Wilmington, N. C. Carl Harris Radford Raleigh, N. C. Catherine McCallum Ray Wilmington, N. C. Brantley Hicks Redding Asheboi-o, N. C. Michael David Reich Winston-Salem, N. C. William Harold Reid, Jr. Carolina Beach, N. C. Toni Maureen Reynolds Wilmington, N. C. 0- Qs as' ' Lv 1 if J ' " ' r giiiig, 1 . X1 I X ' ' ' Q J? xi A -f- .-G' f X Wim '- , 4 M L A limi. ,1 A 1 'vw- ,- 1 " ,msg ' ,nge 1' 'f Audrey I. Rhodes Wilmington, N. C. Dale Mark Rhodes Wilmington, N. C. Marthanna Rhue Wilmington, N. C. Terry Lee Rich Wilmington, N. C. Paul Thomas Richardson Wilmington, N. C. John Michael Ritch High Point, N. C. Connie Harrell Rivenbark Rose Hill, N. C. Edward Harl Rivenbark Burgaw, N. C. Samuel Franklin Rivenbark Wilmington, N. C. Philip Carroll Roberson Wilmington, N. C. Lyndall Kay Robbins Leland, N. C. Phillip Cornelius Robbins Nashville, N. C. Linwood Wilson Rogers, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Pauline Frances Roseberry Wilmington, N. C, John Frank Ross, Jr. Surf City. N. C. Ralph A. Rouby Wilmington, N. C. Julius Rubin Wilmington, N. C. William Ronald Russo Wilmington, N. C. Anthony Reid Satterfield Wilmington, N. C. Anna Howell Saunders Wilmington, N. C. i " il, 2. allililil 'u..,.l0 V i I N5 . U- W 9 U it f M25 . wg- 5 -W. . 'NP . ,. ,. ' .ef . K "A: 1 X .1 ' Q. N . '--es, W s , l T in if egg., '3":-jj f l 1 W 'G 1 Hodge Wayne Smith Henderson, N. C. Lorenza Dow Smith Hampstead, N. C. Beverly Wingfield Snead Wilmington, N. C. Michael Felix Sondey Castle Hayne, N. C. Danny Orval Sparks Stacy, N. C. Jerry Thomas Spell Wallace, N. C. Joel Sidney Spencer Wilmington, N. C. Donald Dwight Spivey Tabor City, N. C. Frank Calvin Sproul New Bern, N. C. Louis Wade Stanley, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Theodore Stefanon Jacksonville, N. C. Don McNeill Stewart Fayetteville, N. C. Neil A. Stewart Fayetteville, N. C. William Lee Stevens Asheboro, N. C. John Herbert Still Wilmington, N. C. Dale Wayne Suggs Supply, N. C. Mary Ruth Sykes Carolina Beach, N. C. Daniel Edward Talbot, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Bradley Lowell Tamplin Piqua, Ohio William Lindsay Tate Coinjock, N. C. C' Ernie Hugh Scott Wilmington, N. C. William Darrell Scott Farmer, N. C. John Vincent Scott Wilmington, N, C. Michael Leon Scott Goldsboro, N. C. Tony Philip Sellers Wallace, N. C. Donald Vincent Shannehan Atlanta, Ga. Ethel Jane Shelton Wilmington, N. C. John Charles Shelton, Jr. Southport, N. C. Gloria Jean Shepherd Wilmington, N. C. James G. Shepard Wilmington, N. C. Mary Louise Shivar Wilmington, N. C. Rita Lynn Simon Wilmington, N. C. Ricky Ward Simpson Beulaville, N. C. Aveline Drucille Skipper Leland, N. C. Donald Bruce Skipper Bayonne, N. J. Thomas M. Skipper Wrightsville Beach, N. C. William James Skipper Delco, N, C. George Alexander Sloan Wilmington, N. C. Carol Elaine Smith Wilmington, N. C. Gerry Theodore Smith Davis, N. C. .ilk f A th .- vw if he 11 I S i Q v' - :.g, ll Q? James Michael Taylor Ayden, N. C. Alan Wayne Teachey Wilmington, N. C. Leon Gilbert Thomas Wilmington, N. C. Myra Clarice Thompson Hampstead, N. C. Nancy Clell Thompson Wilmington, N. C. Royce Stanley Tisinger Wilmington, N. C. Betsy Todd Elizabethtown, N. C. Roger Dale Todd Elizabethtown, N. C. William Frederick Tomz Wilmington, N. C. Alexander M. Trask, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Gary Evans Trawick Burgaw, N. C. Sarah H. Turnage Wilmington, N. C. Sylvia Marie Turnage Wilmington, N. C. Samuel Thomas Tyler Havelock, N. C. James Clark Vaughn Whiteville, N. C. Judith Ann Wnhlgren Waynesville, N. C. Charles Clnyton Walker Wilmington, N. C. David Allen Walker Raleigh, N. C. Georgia Caroline Walker Wilmington, N. C. Lloyd Raymond Walker Whiteville, N. C. 'Sv .fa A VX 4 Q' If Y! fx 2, E . ' ETC X. is - W fb K 1 g ., .. . ... vriffi: , ji 1 vu ' 1 L.: tai J ' im ' . :B : X -' ' Q -. ' ill Z3 3 e 12 QNXXQX - "H -7' , ill Y., . .. . .1 1 I ,H Ni Jeanne Ward Walton Wilmington, N. C. Edward L. Ward, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. John Knox Ward, Jr. Ronald H. Ward Wilmington, N. C. Sally Ann Ward Southport, N. C. Homer Ethrage Watters Currie. N. C. Dale Worth Watkins Wilmington, N. C. Dorothy Cox Watkins Wilmington, N. C. David Boyd Watson Wilmington, N. C. William F. Weir Camp LeJeune, N. C. Steven Weiss Wilmington, N. C. Thomas Peter Welchel Wilmington, N. C. Harold Peterson Wells Wilmington, N. C. Richard Brewster Wells Wilmington, N. C. William Gray Wetherill Cape May, N- J- James Ruel Wetherington New Bern, N. C. Camilla Mae White Wilmington, N. C. Elizabeth Mae White Wilmington, N. C. Floyd DeJaynes White Willard, N. C. Doyle Irving Whitfield Mt. Olive, N. C. 'ana Where do you plug it in E, .. . , f Q ff' w 3 P, Cleo Preston Whitford, Jr. Wilmington, N. C. Frank Lenox Williams. Jr Edenton, N. C. Kenneth Lee Williams Wilmington, N. C. Mabel Dent Williams Autryville, N. C. Marilyn W. Williams Wilmington, N. C. Terry Jefferson Williams Delco, N. C. Walter Wayne Williams Wilmington, N. C. Charles Conley Wilson Ill Wilmington, N. C. James Alton Wolfe Wilmington, N. C. James Bernice Woodcock Atkinson, N. C. Neil Sterling Woods Hampsteead, N. C. Linda Faye Woody Wilmington, N. C. Barry Worthington Wilmington, N. C. Blake Bstsen Wright Wilmington, N. C. Charles Madison Young Wilmington, N. C. Frederick Zuck Bayonne, N. J. qv Q, 3 "4 ,F 4 , .N W-Hein, flfi 3 - '15 LE - ' ... he :Q f f iff' 1' 'giie'L'25A.-'I' 5 g . .ii7.!5tA-: 15? ' :EQJFE . 1 ' f.sR?Q,j.?i?lH . .41 sw.. .. .14 l ,. M, .. .So 1'I' 4.15.3 dent nurses of James Walker Memorial Hos- ee- W M pital a1e active members of the Wilmington l College student body These girls, who repre- sent our future lad1es 1n Whlte are found on campus eveiy schoolday morning. In addition to the coui ses in anatomy, micro- blology chemistry and physiology that they take here, there are also other courses taught at the hospital by doctors and nurses. These Freshman nurses not only stuve to excel in their courses but they also spend many hours working 1n the hospital to recelve that valuable After giaduatlon they endeavor to uphold the hlgh ldeals set forth by them in The Flor- ence N1ght1HgHl6 Pledge which they are re- I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of thzs assembly to pass my lzfe 'LVL pumty and to pvaetzce my pro- fessvon faithfully I wzll abstain from whatever 1s cleletemous and mzselzieoous, and will not Ialie 01 lnoiwngly aclministm' any harmfwl drug I will do all in my powev to mamtam and elevate the stancl- cwds of my professwn and will hold in con- fzdenee all personal matters eommztted to my lceepmg and all famzly affayrs coming to my lmowleclge rn the practue of my professzooz With loyalty uzll I endeavor to aul the physwiavz m hw wovk and devote myself to the welfare of those committed STUDENT NURSES 'IR Thioughout then freshman year, the stu- Q FRESHMAN OFFICERS are Seated: Linda Flewwellen, vice- president, Nancy Rutledge, pres- identg Standing: Darnell Lewis, secretary, Raye Yopp, Repre- sentative, Shirley Barbee, treas- urer, Helen Stasios, representa- tive. "So that's what it's like!" ffl? W no - 1-L l E 1.18 lf f T N tif' """k' ' 'T ' " SAX K Hester Cook Nichols, S. C. Sharon Leckie Bluefield, W. Va Susan Vassey Jean Verry Portsmouth, Va. W1lhl1DgtOH N C Raye Elaine Yopp Wilmington, N. C 1.. I WVR? x Q in? ML' girl .ll sl ,vi A C Q f N Q I X VY- 5 PQI T lim ' yan ! W K Veg x ! . " ' 3 S ' xx' -gn? Q Q 'Q ' , V XNXx 'i H. I L . ww o 'P -1- l 7 .. g , ,W E, L 2 W.- nh ., ,ir WILMINGTCDN CCDLLEGE The Student Senate was founded with the purpose of furthering the activities of student life by promoting a widespread interest in student affairs, by the govern- ing of the student body by and according to its own principles, and by maintaining the high ideals upon which Wilmington College is based. Student Senate powers and responsibilties include up- holding the constitution of the Student Government As- sociation of Wilmington College, approving appointments and establishment of subsidiary bodies by the President, planning and supervising all social activities of the Stu- dent Government, supervising the behavior of the stu- dent body at all student functions, supervising expendi- tures from Senate funds, and chartering all student clubs. Members of the Student Senate are the class officers and representatives from the Interclub Council and the Publications Committee. Duties of the President of the Student Body include appointing chairmen of all committees and boards not otherwise provided for in the constitution and the rules of the Student Senate, to represent the student body in dealings with the faculty and Board of Trustees as well as with other colleges. The vice-president's duties are to preside as Speaker of the Student Senate, to perform, the duties of the President in his absence, and to succeed to the Presidency should the office become vacated. The duties of the Secretary are to accurately record and preserve the minutes of all Student Senate meetings, to record, disburse, and deposit all money received by the Senate, and to submit a quarterly financial statement for publication in The Seahawk. 70 STUDENT SENATE Seated: Senate and Class officers: Steve Culbreth, Kay We Evelyn Adkins, John Loftis, Faye Barnes, Bobby Eaklns, Jim a ii, ' it X IF 'ull ,Na The leaders of the Student Government are: Ronnie Staton, Presidentg Mr. Thomas P. Brown is Student Senate Judy Campbell, Secretary, and Hugh Paschal, Vice-President. Advisor. pax. wx: -uf li Gloria Shepherd, Camilla White, Tom Covil, Harold Sullivan, Meadows, John Loreck, Mike West, Carl Sneeden, Johnny Gore, Burgess, Madge Brite, and Barbara Fulford. Standing: Kent Charles Hawley, Carol Smith, Fredi Crisp, and Sherry Lackey. 71 5 2ilL++ II I ,, H, 5 5, E iff 's e 2214 5 Y' V V 2:1 elilyf sigai II? in Seated: Roger Webb, Vice-Chairmang Sarah Fussell, Secretary. Standing: Charles Hawleyg Red Douglasg Butch Ruhlandg Tim Chappel, Chairmang Patsy Futchsg and Sandra Lennon. ffi are-f Q 5 E .as 1ls,W,, .Q ea.-. Q , , ,, , -M - 22144 W '11 .ff W W' , , - . fl V II I ' 'I I 'IU 'I15i..,wa I Mei ' " mamm cfiaifw I' 1 I. ,. E25 Seated: Jon Wotten, Chief Judge. Standing: Barbara Bradley, Billy Ship, and Sandra Lennon. Not Pictured: Memory Farrar. 72 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL The Interclub Council is made up of one member from each chartered club on campus to serve as a club activity coordinating group. This group is re- presented in the Student Senate by the chairman. JUDICIAL COUNCIL The Student Judicial Council has the authority to try all cases involving the constitutionality of any act of the Student Senate when the act has actually been violated. They have the jurisdiction in the inter- pretation of the Student Constitution and in all disciplinary cases. These disciplinary cases include any violation of school rules, violations of the stat- utes of the City, the County, the State of North Carolina, of the United States of America. .2 Barbara Bradley spins a record for student enjoyment. WILC W.I.L.C., the student broadcasting service, is now in the third year of operation. The station is located in the Student Services Building and provides stu- students with eight hours of a wide variety of music. W.I.L.C. has introduced many new shows during this year. Ninety minute programs of classical and semi-classical music as well as music from Broad- way shows. Attendance at the Tri-State Broadcasters Con- vention on the campus of State College in Raleigh was a highlight of the broadcasting year for the Station Management. W.I.L.C. is the student's broadcasting service and all programs are presented with the Wilmington College Student in mind. . 1 H . .,,. , , ring 1 x"'L1:isf Checking out new equipment are: Barbara Bradley, Station retaryg Sam Garner, Program Directorg and Hugh Paschal, tion Manager. will fx, First row: Hugh Paschal, Billy O'Quinn, Barbara Bradley, Danny Marilyn Mack, Mike Fenley, Dale Rhodes. Third row: Fred Gore, Sam Garner. Second row: Don Skipper, Sandra Schwartz, Jacobs, Fred Zuck, Dick VVells, Bert Gornto, and Walter Glenn. 5 l H - 1, Sec- Sta- The B.S.U. enjoys fellowship. The Baptist Student Union was the first Christian organization to be started at Wilmington College. The charter Was received in the Fall of 1963. Officers for the year 1963-'64 are Rose Williams, Presidentg Fred Jacobs, Vice-Presidentg Sue Duff, Secretaryg and Sara Alice Fussell, Interclub representative. Faculty advisor is Mr. Adrian Hurst. Meetings are held twice a month and are planned around the goal of furthering the college students' in- terest in church related matters. Programs are centered around group discussion, films, and sketches. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Installation and fellowship banquet Socials are held during the year at the First Baptist Church beach cottage on Wrightsville Beach. An addi- tional project is preparing food baskets for the needed at Christmas. During the year, a team of B.S.U. members has gone to Baptist churches Within the Wilmington Baptist As- sociation. The purpose of this team is to acquaint each Baptist Student Union. Because the Baptist Student Union has progressed well during the past two years, We are sure it will con- tinue to be an asset to the Wilmington College Campus. 9 l QE gan' all Standing: Sue Duff, Jo Ann Bostic, W. J. Green, Ethridge Watters, Dick Feagin, Rose Williams. Seated: Berry Williams, Mary Emma Blanchard, Evelyn Adkins, Sara Alice Fussell, and Bob Hayes. PEP CLUB The Pep Club was established to em- phasize and build up school spirit on the campus of Wilmington College. This club was started by the cheerleaders early in the school year. With these goals in mind, the club has made great strides in the short time it has been in existence. ' X r f fe awe . u,fi.A.:iszA1foNAL Meamg, li -1 Folia' 1435 l I ' wmscur ccusf Q i ' ' j J 1 x X I J e ,-gf.. 2 2, . 1- . ,MS ,V E . -4 -nl, IJ ' Eff' H", ' J e ,- flgl-if" ' Loyal supporters of the Seahawks-The Pep Club. Roger Webb, Vice-President, Jean Thorpe, Secretaryg and 75 Red Douglass, President, let the students know of a coming meeting. The leaders of the Colle iate C' 't Cl g 1v1 an ub are: Everett Ward, Treasurer, John Abbott, Vice-President, Red Douglass, Chaplain, Hugh Paschal, Secretary, and McCrae Padgett, President. MY CREED was proclaimed by the MAN OF GALILEE when he declared, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye evenso to them." MY PLEDGE is the practice of the GOLDEN RULEg to make it pay dividends both material and spiritual, to bridge with it the road to better under- standing between faculty, administration and stu- dentsg to build upon it a finer and nobler citizenship. The members of the Collegiate Civitan Club at Wilmington College, under the direction of Louis Adcock and Col. Price, are members of the national Collegiate Civitan Club. This club is in its second year of existence at Wilmington College. This club seems to be trying to live up to their pledge and creed. Each quarter they are sponsoring a scholarship based on scholastic achievement. They help each year with the heart fund in Wilmington. This past Christmas, they furnished turkey and trimmings for a needy Wilmington family. Miss Joanne LeGwin is Civian Sweetheart 't"w5fZ'?-' 1. ' ' 'tif-Poi' asa N 5 X 9 J B llQ'3l l' i ,-2 COLLEGIATE CIVITAN First row: Mike Fenly, Everett Ward, Dale Loughlin, Harry Pat- Phillip Galloway, Thurston Davis, Roberto Machiran, Shannon erson, Robert Rich. Second row: McRae Padgett, Fred Little, Tim Abbott, Doug O'Hara, Jimmy Hearn. Fourth row: John Keel, Chappell, Bobby Greer. Third row: John Abbott, Red Douglass, Hugh Paschal, Luis Linero, and Andy Cox. fl 'x f. 4, fb ha-elnngf--n.-..e. -a--Y- .. ,,- ,,...,...... S Y '-'A' f --'-fi Y i-zraanlslg' , Y, 77 I it in ' -1- "2 W, :trim '?i-. -X W ,.- . F"""" f - M--V ,, W -13719 i First row: Mr. Doss, John Lorek, Wilson Horton, Horace Thomp- Williams, Billy Tomz. Third row: David Askins, Billy Huggins ' son, Harold Sullivan, Mr. Hurst. Second Row: Lloyd Robuck, Jimmy Tucker, Butch Ruhland, He1'byHouston, David Seagroves Elton Tucker, Jon Wooten, Earl Mullins, Lin Rogers, Harold ENGINEERS CLUB ln, 'Elf' ' ? 'S' .. Seated: Wilson Horton, Secretary-g Harold Sullivan, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Doss, ici- visor. Standing: Jon Wooten, Treasurerg Butch Ruhland, President, Mr. Hurst, - visor. 78 The Engineers Club, formed to promote interest among the engineering students, accomplishes its purpose by showing interest in all aspects of the different fields of Engineering. The club helps out-of-town students find rooms and places to stay at the beginning of the yearg its mem- bers act as guides during the District Science Fairg and one of their aims is to do anything they can to help out in the community. The Engineers Club holds monthly meetings at which time guest speakers keep the club informed on the latest engineering practices and devlopments in the Wilming- ton and surrounding areas. The group also tours inter- esting and informative industries in the Wilmington area. Some of these places have been B. Sz W., the Ideal Cement Company, INCO, Saline Conve.rsion Plant, and others. Under the advice of Advisors, Calvin Doss and Adri- in Hurst, the club promotes interest and provides help to the school. The aim of the Engineers Club is to make their organization a service to the College. Miss Memory Farrar-Engineer's Sweetheart. 4, if raw Sill glee-55 if ie: efifftitew -as ' fffivsggsi V A-ff Qi ,cz , 4 l Monthly dinner meetings are held at the Beaumont Restaurant. Here, Club members enjoy good food and interesting conversation. 79 Standing-Vice-President: Sandy Wright, President: Bobby Eakins, Seated-Treasurer: Gene Frizzelle, Secretary: Roger Webb. Miss Fl-edi Crisp is Circle K Sweetheart. -i 'Tiff U i ' 'Wi Il , l i ,gr The Circle K is not a social fraternityg it is a service organization for college men operating on the campus and is similar to Kiwanis and other service clubs. It is a leadership and character-building group which serves the campus and the community. The Circle K Club of Wilmington College is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Wilmington, North Carolina. The activities of the year 1963-'64 are.: two car washes Cproceeds going to the erection of two park benches on campusb, selling of "Mums" Cproceeds going toward Homecomingb, the supervision of Ori- entation, and the awarding of the Most Valuable Player Award. The officers of the club are: Bobby Eakins, Presi- dentg Sandy Wright, Vice-Presidentg Gene Frizzelle, Treasurerg and Roger Webb, Secretary. The club advisor is Mr. Thomas Lupton. 1 M 1 M H-ff LV M- R413 1' . 5 .ie ' fl' 'V .-f ,LS y KLVVV -- I : 'l ' H "za, X 'H " Ui w'1?5u M We ,tw 1- fm. and w Hu E is ,.k 3 G an ,Q Mei? so 2. ,-- 2:- ,Q-,fu 5'!i' 'tw Eakins, Bobby Anderson, Easton Brinkley, Eddie Gene Frizzelle, Middle row, from top to bottom: Tommy Covil, Eddie Wilson, Earl Crisp, Sandy Wright, Right row, top to bottom: Charles Benton, Randy Hughes, Jim Brothers, Roger Webb, Mr. Lupton, Roland Joye, and Freddy Newber. Left row, from top to bottonz Bobby Lawler, Bobby Baxter, Phil Roberson, 81 'E wi gflv wsu :sa REM, ll , ,, ww H AU 'ff-,K as in gkggakr A ' ww 1 El ,eq of " "Ed u mill? iiixgrrfiz sf ,'eLs,i,1fg+ f' .gg H W ,,,.,3q:s ,,--- ,g,.f-'few .si ff ,,,.,,,s 1 axes s. , ' ' wif':5ht -Q Q X W W wel gig?" i I amiga? www? xwiisww We M in , 2.3 ma, wg , F51 ff W' i Y f . 1 at ar-,.,,f's':masssf-'-'..:z.e?i., .. . i. : ,' .W sf: as-if .U MM gg. ., , - ' A -.4 v 'series Yi. ... , H ii f siii.. iii iii? l V E l . " ,h .... - l . xx fs-.. 3 Z Mr. F1-ed Vallianos is the faculty advisor. Sherry Lackey is the Panmathan Sweetheart. N , yy, if- . """?f 'T l li l M l is S552 a 2:1 .JMR E l. is is ia fm' safe' H. .gm-N ,,2.. . ,Q:. 3 ,,. ,5,, Q3 is H 53 wi . t '1 tg. .gg We . as .sa .. V, . new . 21 We W, Y , I El Q95 as is Y Qi! M .gg ag fax: " in 'ini Y ig .xii - is ,sal giiizhicqwlu :Q A V imsfglfgwz, 'c xi Y . . . L, 14- . 'img 82 The Panmathan Society is an organization dedicated to the creation and perpetuation of a more academic and intellectual atmosphere at Wilmington College. A lecture series, through which diversified thinking on important issues is brought to the students, is a major concern of the organization. In order to become a member, a student must have a 2.0 quality point average. He must pledge, and then be accepted by the pledge committee. Dues must be paid yearly, and a member may not miss over two meetings a quarter. In addition to the excellent lectures, the mem- enjoy banquets, dances, and parties. The is under the leadership of a very capable bers club faculty advisor, Mr. Fred Vallianos. Standing: Bobby Price, Vice-President, Seated: Sandy Wright President, and Camellia White, Secretary-treasurer. PANMATHAN SCCIETY First row: Maria Harris, Bonnie Jackson, Beverly Clark, Sherry Red Douglass, David Walker. Third row: John Hayes, Sandy Lackey, Jo Ennis, Camilla White. Second row: Randy Hughes, Wright, Gene King, Reggie Tucker, O. B. Battle, Tom McNair, Charles Hawley, Phillip Galloway, Ben Lanier, Mike Taylor, Bobby Price, and Jack Loftis. 83 T, V, V , I I , ' l .lf l' l . f fff. .3.,! ig a 1 - Tig? 1 1 1 , ii 4' 3- I I L Aj, Z ,. or vs! ff? Seated: Bonnie Raines, Secretaryg Evelyn Alkins, Treasurerg Kay Wells, Vice-Presi- dentg Judy Campbell, President, Standing: Pat Stiles, Faye Barnes, Sarah Burgess, Board of Directors. ALPHA CHI SIGMA Members of the club enjoy refreshments at a meeting. I B4 One of the. newly formed organizations on cam- pus is the Alpha Chi Sigma. The North Carolina Sorosis is the sponsor of this service club. The Dean of Women met with several students to write a constitution. The name was chosen from the Greek letters to mean the "First College Sorosis". The club was chartered by the Student Senate, and new members were added to make a total of twenty-seven. The Girls considered for members ship are those who are in good academic standing, have shown an interest in the college, and are inter- ested in serving their school and community through Alpha Chi Sigma. During the year the club held a bake sale in the Student Services Building and donated the profit to homecoming. A Spring fashion show was present- ed with the money to be used for the college. A bonquet was held for members and their dates, at which time club pins were presented. x l Kneeling: Rose Williams, Mary Macrus, Judy Campbell. Ruth Mary Vogels, Jo Worrel, Patsy .Futchs, Gloria Shephard, Gwen Batson and Judy Barb. Seated: Evelyn Adkins, Miss Morton, Culbreth, Bonnis Raines, Pat Stlles, Nancy West, Betsy Capps, Miss Kendall, Sarah Burgess, Kay Wells and Faye Barnes. Penny Cherry, Marie Lassiter, Sandra Lennon, and Georgia Standing: Sara Fussell, Mary Emma Blanchard, Linda Gaskins, Zezefellis. Miss Nancy Kendall and Miss Shannon Morton are the advisors for Alpha Chi Sigma. 85 THE SEAHAWK As the major printed College publication, the Seahawk, six page, bi- weekly newspaper, serves the student body and faculty as a mouth- piece for expressing comment and covering all news. Under the editorship of Gene Marlowe, and leadership of Thomas Lup- ton, advisor, the Seahawk assumes its place in the newspaper World and stands firm in its duty to uphold the cannons of Journalism. That the Seahawk' is "campus watchdog" is clearly seen as it attempts to present issues of significance to its readers, and shrinks not from search- ing out truth. As the college grows, so does the Seahawk, in its efforts to maintain a standard of effective journalism and bold editorial policy. From campus news, feature articles and fiery editorials to congratu- lating a Winning team, the Seahawk serves its college well, and remains both "watch dog" and mouthpiece. ll Seahawk Advisor, Thomas Lupton, checks ad layouts with Business Manager, Jo Anne LeGwin. "Verify your material," is an actuality to staff writers Martha Johnson, Mike West and Ed Newman as they chase down a last minute scoop. 86 x ff U' 531243. 'V -Y g"- Q52 News Editor, Mary C. Hodgin consults Editor-in-Chief, Gene Marlowe, and Feature Editor, Louise Ambrosiano, about editorial policy in final proof-reading of Seahawk ' galleys. The midnight hours in no Way hamper able Seahawk photographer, Alan Lewis. Sports editor Hugh Paschal points out the Col- lege's athletic history in trophies to sports writ- er, Ken Marks. Columnists Sam L. Garner, who speaks out in his column "One Man's Opinion," and Jack Loftus, cam- pus political commentator, search exchange papers for new ideas. The officers of the Scriptic Society are: Patsy Futches, Secretaryg Sam Garner, Presidentg and Carol Fladd, Vice-President. SCRIPTIC SOCIETY 45' "Direction," the annual publication of the Society, is being planned by co-editors, Jennifer Davis and Jack Loftus. The Wilmington College Scriptic Society is a newly or- ganized society. Formerly known as the Pen Pushers Club, the Scriptic Society is the College literary group. Its primary purpose is to create an outlet for Writings of all kinds and to offer criticism to members' work. "Direction," the annual publication of the Society, is an Anthology that contains Writings by students of the College only. The magazine comes out in the early Spring and is a literary highlight of the year. President Sam Garner conducts monthly meet- ings that are interesting and informative to all members. Creative Writings and critiques are discussed.The. month- ly meetings are held at homes of the members of the club. '-9 ..,.- un s w Sam L. Garner, Presidentg Miss Shannon Morton, advisor, and Carl Sneeden, Publicity Chairman, discuss society progress. Society members are: Carol Fladd, Wayne Robinson, Jack Loftus, Carl Sneeden, Sandra Schwartz, Bebe Bloome, Gayle Foyles, and Jennifer Davis. Here, they pose at a monthly meeting. 89 , -g a u wwffzlm V1 l, ex .. A if -ze. was , JW, ig, W TVX-J, A ii ,V ,fl va S M. , mei 1 3 -,gy svn, 5 Z5 in-5, 'fxiiiisf his M if ,, Siwerfgf 1 e nf he My M L A Nqr. , THE FLEDGLING Organizational Work on the Fledgling begins in the hot summer months long before the masses of students fill the halls Where the history will be made that We on the Fledgling Staff endeavor to record. The annals that We produce serve to entertain you the student now and in the years to come. The Class Editor and her staff have the arduous job of putting the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors in their respective positions. The Activities Editor and her staff have the responsi- bility of following the activities of the various clubs and organizations. The Feature Editor and her staff conduct the May Court and Homecoming elections and are responsible for present- ing them in their finest grandeur. Athletics are recorded by the Sports Editor and his as- sistant. Throughout the year the Business Manager and her assistant are busy soliciting ads from the many busi- ness establishments in the Wilmington area. The coordinators of the construction and planning of the various sections of the yearbook are the Editor, Advisor, and Assistant Editor. Their job is never completed until the book returns from the publisher and is distributed to the students. ,SWOT Mike Cavanagh Assistant Editor Mr Rosselot, Advisor, and Billy Lewis, Editor, look 90 Sandra Lennon, Marie Lassiter, Feature Edi- tor, and Patsy Futchs work hard to keep up with the college queens. Sarah Burgess, Literary Editor, and Faye Barnes, Art Editor, discuss their jobs. Members of the Class Staff, Nancy West, Nancy Hendrix, Evelyn Adkins, Class Editor, Gwenn Culbreth, and Kay Wells keep up with the three classes. ms i m a: In charge of keeping up with club activities are Carol Smith, Madge Brite, Memory Farrar, and Barbara Fulford, Activity Editor. Margaret Lassiter, Administration Editor, and Caroline Walker are in charge of the Adminis- tration Section. Paul Banium and Moe Kotler are caught in a dance in Stalag 17. WILMINGTON COLLEGE The Wilmington College Theatre, the youngest college theatre group, and the Thalian Association, the oldest theatrical organization in the United States combined forces this year to produce five plays. "Teahouse of the August Moon," "Strange Bedfellows," and "Stalag 17" were the three plays given in the fall and Winter quarters. "Skin of Our Teeth" was the production for the Spring Quarter. The produc- tions Were under the direction of Doug W. Swink, who heads the Department of Dramatic Arts. Wilmington College Students and members of the Thalian Organiza- tion as well as people from the community made up the cast for these plays. The true spirit of community and Educational Theatre was . r, "Fallen Angels" was direct- ed by a member of the Thal- ians. This made the fifth pre- sentation of the year. The Col- lege players aided in all productions. I! 3 1 1 'x. ' ' ' ffl lil OFFICERS by ,Q p N Y -'craig' 'K A o t 3 y ., X " une jf: o 'Ta I J f ei ' ' dyuuuounf ' A' 3 . 5 Us QB .. 1 jr 7 K c an 5: A Richard Gerrish points out that Teahouse is for officers only. Jay Fisher, Patty Minser, Mary C. Hodgin and Barbara Bradley object. 92 combined as the organizations brought true drama to Wilmington. Q fo D if e . ' Ray Oendlne Paul Bamum Putt Ward and Wayne Robinson awalt mstructlons on how to feed Lady Astor. Captam F1Sby lectures on democracy m the vlllage of TOb1k1 ,,,.gf-f Mr. Loyd Hudson, director WI LMI NGTCDN The Wilmington College Chorus, under the direction of Loyd Hudson, is larger this year than ever before. The Chorus is made up of members from all classes. The group meets three days a week. The Wilmington College Top Twelve is the elete singing group of the Chorus. This organization acts to represent the Chorus in and around the city. The College Chorus sings for local civic clubs, radio and television. They performed "The Song of Christmas" during the holidays to the enjoyment of these clubs. Gilbert and Sullivan's, "H.M.S. Pinafore" was presented on tour. The Chorus chose this musical because of the beautiful music and lcornic charg acter parts. L tiii i Glenda Lennon and Carl Sneeden are the accompanistlfor li J the Chorus and work with director Hudson during the school year. T flfilr llll . ,oi Y 1 " The Top Twelve is made up of: First Row: Sherry Lackey, Carl Smeeden, Grady Griffith, C. W. Casey, Fred McAfee, and Glenda Lennon, Marcia Roberts, Jay Fisher, Margie Smith, Bar- Wayne Robinson. bara Bradley, Margaret Lassiter. Second Row: Sam Garner, 94 CCJLLEGE CHGRUS First Row: Sherry Lackey, Gaye Newber, Barbara Gravette, JoAnn LeGwin, Marcia Roberts, Brenda Baker, Carolyn Johnson Margie Smith, Barbara Bradley. Second Row: Diane Moore 'Jennie Gaskins, Margaret Lassiter, Nancy Gore, Barbara Fuli ford, Ann Robinson, Beverly Sneed, Betsy Ivey, Carol Merki I I I I I I I I I I Third Row: Mary Dexter, Joan Crider, Loretta Bancroft, Jo Ennis, Wayne Robinson, Fred McAfee, C. W. Casey, Bebe Bloome, Jay Fisher, Mary Hughes. Fourth Row: Sandy Carr, Dale Loughlin, Grady Griffith, Jimmy Morton, Red Douglass, Carl Sneeden, Sam Garner. At the piano: Glenda Lennon. I i I 55 4 .53 ' Ui H k-"' liiiii X gg get Q Eiifioz Heil ' 2:4 K . . H W E 2 if ,e -fi W, , ea W ' J A ,L aw.. W 1. air? ii , .5 .arf s ig li W lem- vi we s W1 .. iii ir gi QA 1 rl w xx wi. xi E liiiq Mr. Claude Howell, Head of the Art Department, poses before a portrait of himself in the Lower Cape Fear Exhibit at Hoggard Hall. Painting by Bill Fields. '73 The Wilmington College Art Depart- ment is a most important part of the Fine Arts field at the College. Under the direc- torship of Claude Howell, the Art Depart- ment offers one of the widest selection of courses in the state. The Art Library is one of the best in any college. Keeping this library up to date takes a great deal of time. Art stu- dents may use the books in their Work in the department. Many courses of interest are offered at the College. Life Drawing, Graphics, Oil Painting, Art History and Appreciation, Design, Composition, and Color are just some of these courses. Students of the College that take Art, use the studio on the second floor of Hog- gard Hall to do all of their work. The studio is open at all times to people in- terested in the field. Art Student Linda Woody exhibits style as she applies the finishing touches to a canvas. if I Q a I : I I 1 Ji B, g, , f 2 2 1 . rs A-rr Juana:- as ? 1 Mr. Howell discusses the importance of patterns in one of his design classes. i 5 s il, Miss Patricia Ann Minser, Oak Ridge, Tenn. artist, joined the teaching staff of the Art Department this year. Miss Minser teaches Life Drawing, Graphics, and Art Education. 4 :auf 97 Studens find an outlet in their art exercises. fi-F' 32 Ms 'N .4 v FINE ARTS WEEK Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb . 'l6th . 17th . 19th FINE ARTS WEEK Wilmington College Open House - Lower Cape Fear Exhibition. Haggard Hall, 3 to 5 P.M. Free admission. Sterling A. Stoudemire, Lecture-"Cervantes, the WorId's Greatest Novelist". S.R.O. Theatre, 8:00 P.M. Free admission. East Carolina Men's Chorus-Choral Recital. Student Lounge, 8:00 P.M. Free admission. Katherine K. Carmichael, Lecture - "Cultural Background of Southeast Asia". S.R.O. Theatre, 8:00 P.M. Free admission. N. C. State Ballet, Lecture-Demonstration. Student Lounge, 8:00 P.M. Free admission. Feb. 22nd Masquerade Dance. Student Lounge, 9 P.M. to 'I A.M. Students, faculty and guests only. 51.00 per couple. ff 55 Chl llll 'Mi The Fine Arts Committee sponsors many exhibits of paintings during the year. The Fine Arts Committee is an organization under the Student Senate and has served the College Well during the year. This committee has aided the field of the arts at our College by bringing concerts, exhibits, and lectures. From movies of ballet to masquerade dances, the committee has carried out their tasks in good spirits. Ray Oxendine is president of the Fine Arts Committee and works in cooperation with Mr. Howell, Mr. Swink, Mr. Shaw, and Miss Shannon Morton whose. advice is helpful in choosing the events for presentation. Dr. Hall and Miss Dorothy Nesbitt, local dance instructor, are also members of the committee. t . . 1552 A R N' " l '- ' After each concert, a reception is held by the Committee for ' i V the audience. Concert. Z v ,. i. ftp .mt l ,f A 1 . g E , Martha Bradner sings at a Fine Arts H,- First row: Roger Fowler, Bill Bryan, Dick Debnam, Albert backer, Third row: Ronnie Staton, Bobby Greer, Ray Fraley, Jewell, Jimmy Hearn, Gene Merritt. Second row: Jimmy Price, Mark Hines, Adair Graham, Johnny Allen. Will Gemmell, Andy Gemmell, Harry Paterson, Harry Ricken- Sigma Phi Kappa was founded in January of 1964. On a Sunday evening, its members drew up a charter and by-laws which have been chartered by the State of North Carolina. This group was founded on high ideals and its aim is to further scholarship and brotherhood among its members. Sandra Lennon is the "Dream Girl" for the group. Mr. Daniels is the faculty advisor. The officers are: President, Harry Rickenbackerg Vice-President, Will Gemmellg Secretary QRecordingJ, Sam Priceg Secretary, CCorrespondingJ, John Alleng Treasurer, Ronnie Staton. moo xl .Xi X 1 Rabi X ,!! V D ff' .... . 9 Yff . ..ffTi3?" T., -, . F if .X-. L-. 'u .DIA ,'t!57.g1 5' 1 - . L Y . l I , w 4 A SIGMA PHI KAPPA 'W W Up K 4 1 f ' 73 . W, L Qzzfff, W 5 i . Y 1 , u I G 5 s 2 . TS? " K f ffgl sd gm K1 ggi? K " me w www Q Svwziff H 'maid Z, 4. f ,M ' M m ,....... 43 ,H , wx X -J, J 3311 xv :fi ffl! .11 bi: iff . ,'W,1't' M, nf, '-f. . :z uw Ein. " gm 5 we ' J f asm ,gi ,,- ' , iff" X : .1 if , , ZZZ, 5 Giiiif. ' if q . H5552 J , ' ' ,L figgff 10545-'11 T if, I 1 ': ,f 1 vp 1 I EM ,X I .. 5, tim Q, w-H135 ,W .hwy np-- g ' M.. f Qu, 41 - - 1 'ff J 1 ,S . ,. - if Q ,WL wma' 9 r ' 4-'-2 Ji 3 as: if 2" Sa L J ,,:1,, ,,WW,, '-,, ,Q 5, -1 Ji rv? M, :Q E . ' . fr 7' ,, , .fi H' 'Y K 5 ss , 'X X K . V g:-a K H , ku iff'-2 " 1 l xi kg' B W ,ww w A f , 5 1 L Si" 1,211 , it R 1 , 2 V21 at fm H 4 x w ig", Jr H l MAY QUEEN MEMORY FARRAR, a striking blonde with blue eyes, was selected by the student body to reign over the 1964 May Dance. As May Queen she acts as hostess to the Azalea Queen's Court. Friendly and school- spirited, Memory is head cheerleader, rep- resentative to the Judicial Council, Engi- neer's Club Sweetheart, and a biology lab assistant. A sophomore majoring in mathe- matics, her interests also lie in skiing and sewing. MAID OF HONOR JOANNE LeGWIN, a fragile brunette, serves as Maid of Honor in the 1964 May Court. A junior majoring in English, she also sings and plays the piano for her own enjoyment. Joanne was also chosen Civitan Sweetheart for 1964. 1: w '15, g . 55- 5' 43?-E 1 Will -3?-,E ll i iJ.'..FS5z?u1 ' 4 X z -ww -M 'i surf.-151: ix? ""' 1,- .nn .r .. . .. , VZ- :M ,fii:,.s ::M.w,g,jesf.. .1 aa, K, A .X,,,. , f i 1 We :5 wi 'SX ' ---V LM-af:::,'5'v .sn 1 - -fin:-ef W' ww -3.2-f2oEiE??. ' . l Q J ffl 'I X --was-1 -Q.. 4 .. Si -192:-1: ,si l 'fri l I .f . .,,....Q,.m5,f: 35422155 ivf Miz Mrk? x Eff: 3-3 -, ,N gjginwi I K Wig? . gi ' O ,H .Q Lj- 'i A To P 412754433 Q, 7 RQ: ,. O, if ,r 12 5. 5' 1 . ,,,,N- 'x x55 .5- X: 6 e JUNIOR ATTENDANT PATRICIA STILES was chosen by the Junior class to represent them in the 1964 May Court. Pat is 5' 4" tall and has brown hair and green eyes. Swimming and skiing are favorite summertime activities for this elementary education major. She will also be recognized as the girl who Works two hours a day in the registrar's office. JUNIOR ATTENDANT KAY WELLS, an attractive representa- tive from the Junior class, is a familiar figure around the library Where she has been an assistant for three years. Five feet eight inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes, she also serves the junior class as secretary. Kay is majoring in elemen- tary education. A l ,,, .,.. E K, fr ' i . hzgwrwi, yn Q F 3 N' vi , , , 1 A , i 5 . f , H l' lA'1'fl , E - 2 lime Ei, E 'foul lg pi d tm -:- r. gig , - .W V :- .. H, -. ii 1 152 ' le , aegis: .Gm wg Wg." - e 5.-,.uu. I ' .A V .2f'W, ' et-,, 2 A' ,,. A 1 . HQ gi " H ' -1.t,.'z sf F 'ku FE . l ,Y 'll iii., fo, 'E "A YW yu 51 e Jim . ff? P - 41.31 7 31.26 Hx .F- r 5 Q wi 1 ff -me 3 Q A l x we Q r 3? Q i A ki, 1. 1 W f M M if 5 .F I ' f ,W as Q 5 Q is K l W 7112 . Q 5 , ,' ,, , v X YI 2 ' 17" 'S' 2 1 W E 3 . at l fl rx K K :f 4. -- h .1 2 f if Wi MS t. 5 .AE ' 5'5- wwfiw an F Q .. Hsu ' ite to ' L VE: W H m K L5 M are ' .ii wed -s , . 'l,g'1. .-. I' At 5. it F Y as 1 If Q E J 3. 34 si I if-1 .V Q, 1, Y im if ip is at at Y I -fa K v 1 I . X W F3 5 L Q? 49 1 'Julio 2.-is-L. 'Q . .,r. gf: R: 'fx-1, :uw q, -15 ' HSM u H ,, ,M - ln we 5 W Q H My s Slim .YW fm, r il 7 I 0' f 1, T. .V 'rn . f f -w kgs? 3323? ' t Q r f: - :mf W tn. ul 1 , Q F' Y3 'P , 'A was in H l l isizsaiixu . 'ev x um Ei rl gg? W -5 , LRE sew . 1,12 -PM H im ul lik in this Z ., S llllll Utes 2 1 m , -w ,H H Y Y 115221 ll 1-gan W, get ll M wer' 'W' w ' sew Vw, fsezggggg Wu :-iff ' it fs, Us N '- lg: l vw , ' lf. R Y M E, Hieflf'-sg ,l ,gm sf , l V Mx '15, s Quai, H I 'mr ,z,,1'q,.m U, U' xx 353515 iii ti u u u !wlfg?gl,a , 1 ' inf ' .L 5' ' 71 l " l M ,L , ts., we 1 Y : N K 5 w. , 3. ,E or n Siam U NVFEQ I MP2 : w , ,. ,, ,i ,HF .t - ' Zi rl 'E . f it , ll New 1. H M , . , -1- W totu C . l '1 'A l ILE?" ? . Ski' Y 51555 Y K " , f N, . .. ll sw lquszssiul ll lvmxli H 'A 45, ,E H S-QQEQQZEEQH 4 L .. ,L ' 'lu llwgiiligl ii? " ' l X55 if 2 , si- ei, X1 ' tw "'!ff55zlil' fm'll'ii2sQQtg'55l2Q'"'- 1l',..,5Qg,5gm?EEM ,mv he QQNN f X, it X ,zfgg ,, K , -ee . .- ,j i 4' , ziugmfj ' iE"lll"ll"lll'lt lwggvxigl, M A Y kv A ..i, ,A.,,, - ef gl ' , l , ul H ,. 1.,,g.. iafigsfjl.. ski?" l H W ,H ,ll u .uw l l, ,w ll, Y vu Wu Y: AM W X xl, is ll 1 ll um ' " ' gl" W 'sg I ssl- fd Q RPRP jig, , V 157 i E- - ,3 N ' rg! ,sei . QQ-E , ll ,l,llj x!,,,!!!,,'lw ,111 !lll!11,l"'ln: L33 H iw ww , sy, al 1 wrsflvrpum uuiihgg' E " :fn fzf Q5 VV' w 1 H -,llgugsgi-1 W T' E2 'ww Q M l l Ra H e , X A "- - kt fee, M, -1 ,Wyse ,2 ., ,, . v S "lf, 'W M214 , ll of ., .lfif ,. . L Q V1 - ff " :HQ 'H'5E..fz SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT SUSANNE HERNDON, known to most of the students as Susie, is Sophomore At- tendant in the 1964 May Court. A transfer student from Peace College, Susie has quickly become active on the dance com- mittee and in the Pep Club. The vivacious brunette plans to major in history. SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT SHERRI BEVERAGE, a delicate bru- nette from Burgaw, North Carolina, repre- sents the Sophomore class in the 1964 May Court. Sherri plans to major in elementary education. In her leisure time, she enjoys designing and making her own clothes. l FRESHMAN ATTENDANT SHERRY LACKEY, the shortest mem- ber of the Court, stands 4' 11" tall. A favorite on campus, she participates in various activities, including cheerleading, the mixed chorus, and the student senate. Sherry, who has an avid interest in music, sings with a local combo in her spare time. FRESHMAN ATTENDANT FREDI CRISP'S friendly smile is one of the more attractive features of our library, where she is an assistant to the librarian. This 5' 4" blonde is the Circle K Sweet- heart and a member of the student senate. 41 f 1 ,. u ,fu ',,n1e, 'zz 4 J ' K 1:11 4 2: w .,,f 1.1. Q53 "i:f11.'1. ' QD 3491? 1 Jn- 1 ' .11 E -gg, .gig 'f" 1 -: ': 1 Je? T - 1 97'1"15 - .,-1. . 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A Tffafy, 11 - 1 gg- sss11i?13L " rw" S ' . 11 ' ' S 7 . 911 A 5. 521 .. 111, i 1 -- 1, . . me A ,1 Z 155 ' 11' ,, 1123. gferg E2?'f1H' " new-fag, .fi nf K 2 Fixx 'ez r1A1Ti1Q: 5-A: 51 4:51 . 1 ' ,V . , mi ' .95 .1i1ifiW'1fiW"' Q3 ik" 1 W5 5f5?5'XUiT. 1 fit' J' nge 5: ' 1' 1, U1 .. . 1 -1f'5"1l4'i2i "WCS M-ifwxuis .Z 1-21' w.1e5f.wz.1., Mx- 11 ra .11 1q12egs1igf,H5 ,.51,1swS::f.1s.2: 11 -. 11 111A i'fs-1 1 Q1 if ,,gui:1x,2:,1a .11 Lexan 1. iwwfv ,N 95,125 , . ,se ,ygnetf 11-,...1.Q,s, 1 'Q , f.. ,-r.sf.-1 .wwzi wr- me mi N. 1, t "' ' 15' E 'Sv ' 13? ' ' 9. MM 1 its -1 A,1. .: ,.t:1 fr' ,,,1 1' 1 ff , tif .ga 1 ,.. .1 ,N M 1 aims? 11 11 .1 - .3 -. . --1 -- -fs, 19,31 " 1 sf Aga- .M 'agar' 11 2 Q 11: 'Q M ' 1'1Ff 1 .Q 'Q-7 11 if e- 1, 315' ' ' 1 "1'e"W3QFf5' 1. ,. 11.111 11,1154 .wfgwa 'KL J' ' 11,5:.,1gYgg4f2, 1-1,551-115: X U P2 X " 1 ' 1 - 11 1 Q .sz .QQ 1:23 V11 1 ,U ,W Q", 1 112152111211 " 1 1sf11"'1 '111 N Xigfsi' f,1f,1ifg111111M QQ f 11 1 11 11Wj11gg1, .1w11r4fa 'N 11' 111 11112 1s2s3W+s-1f'2w'i?"1f111 Q11 11 is " -, 11231111 Q1 gg., ,111 s 1 11 1'1"'Uf2a"ii. 'Z 1: 111 112.1111 1 1 fa, .mr 05521 1- 1 an 1-111 .-1111 11 1 1 , t?gK,,Ep,.iQ, ..f ,,, M g,.q,Y,,m.1 3 ala- I ff 1 1 1 2 1 ' 2.1136 QF 11, ' -JY: 1.11. 1' 1 .. .f1 11 1 1 ,. .1 - ,ZJvi11f1 1 H1 -.. 1: :sn ,ian ,,.. a111" , " gl 'iii 1' 11 11 11 . L . , Y' 15529 '-' .1 , . 4: if vs"k "" , .H .ini '1 .? ll ii 4 ms " .M L ., iz Y N M H .,. X,,,,t,,.g J lf eq' egg: CUTSTANDING JUDY CAMPBELL worked closely with a committee to organize the first girl's service club on campus, the Alpha Chi Sigma. She puts in many hours of Work as Presi- gent of this organization and as Secretary of the Student ody. MIKE WEST instrumental in getting our present student government constitution ratified, serves well as Chairman of the Board of Elections and as a member of the Senate. ll2 SAM GARNER, talented and dependable, is known for his outstanding work in the music and drama departments. As Wilmington College progresses toward its goal of four year status, the demand for student body participation in activities constantly expands. To meet these demands and to accept these responsibili- ties is to become a student leader. STUDENTS MEMORY FARRAR, head cheerleader, is worthy of recog- nition for the formation of the Pep Club, an organization to promote school spirit. The Fleclgling staff, following a precedent set in the 1963 edition, takes advantage of its opportunity to offer honor and recognition to those student leaders who have surpassed the obligations and necessities of their positions and merited the title 'of outstanding students. gl ljl -asf F H1112 A H 'K J . TIM CHAPPELL, Chairman of the Inter-Club Council, is largely responsible for the most successful Homecom- ing we have had. HUGH PASCHAL, WILC station manager, deserves the credit for the development and excellent programming of the student broadcasting station. 4 A bit of the South Sea isles welcomes students to the Shipwreck Party. A spark of enthusiasm bursts into flame as the bonfire opens the traditional homecoming weekend. 114 x 1 ' in -I W - ,XL ..x , x,.,, I 4' 'X I K A--ESV 54511. ' 'bv - .,f, - 4 5 3 K' s l ! Z K N., 6 1-fi'E13,?'E 'Kg 1 r .wr A 1 - I r', A' if -QM ' T37 " --'Ir ? 14 5 'fm Xu 2, wig ' 'X Xu. T, V NN 943 'Q ' ' . f 4 Q , . if "off 4+ H4 X ' M ,w r iw A smffw- ' 1- f - E 5 Q? W ' , 1 "" ,.AA , , it Ji , 4 N 0 HOOTE NAN NY MISS GUERRY MATTH EWS -mi 1..--. 'H ,E I 116 S! er ,Ml -4' 1 "1 The hootenanny follows the ballgame on Saturday night, and the pub bulges at its seams. The entertainment is pro- vided by the Migrants and Guerry Mat- thews. THE MIGRANTS H7 HOMECOMI NG Activities for Homecoming Weekend center around the Homecoming Court, composed of the candidates for Homecoming Queen sponsored by various campus organizations. The girls and their sponsoring organiza- tions are Cfrorn left to rightl Sherry Lackey, Panmathian Society, Carol Smith, Scriptic Societyg Mary Macris, Cheerleadersg Marie Lassiter, Fledg- lingg Evelyn Adkins, BSUQ Jane Cherry, Pep Club, Sarah Burgess, Sea- hawk newspaperg Memory Farrar, Engineer's Clubg Gloria Shepherd, Stu- dent Senateg Pat Stiles, Alpha Chi Sigma, Fredi Crisp, Circle K Clubg and Brenda Baker, WILC Radio Station. 7 un swf,-'1 if ???'if' V , COURT Joanne LeGwin, 1964 H o m e c o ln i n g' Queen, is crowned by Judy Matthews, 1963 Homecoming Queen. FQ w vw W ffm: ,ggi ' 'wwfgfigxi ,lf af ' , man. 4? L."' :B " 'ff of " ' 1 ' if Y X g 11 'M kmlggu I: iff, A Li P 11 r M- :Mu aww Li, .5 ., FLM, Jw ,Z M H ,, ,,, , A S 1 , . , f A gh ,Q 2 A-1' 1 - , AFR ! ..x, ..z L, "' rug A ,fggggj 9 3? iff' -L A - . W. , ag, 31 0 im " '51L5,B09Z?g l I " Z, - L2--fQ5T?SEa-'i L ,,..- , JNW, , . 1' ' ., -vw:-3 ' iii,-i X24 x -w - f-- A .. M , . 1.21. ,'- gf, , wJ7a..,,y-f",uV I V f jp: 1345. .. . 55,5 ,, ,if W . YQ L,-M - mf " W ,iw 'Q J MW fi: I 2' ow kwqwwfwqggwy 7 1 ii Y 4,77 Q , X3 ,. i1135v15wg 111 if Y Q-NWN 11w1 1 - 111-Wggg 1f7Jg1geg , Q X. XX 1 1 E1 QQ 1 1 zz, 1 5121 1 1 55? 5' X is 3 11X :X 1 QQQX 111 3 1' 11 me U . I1 1 15 111 X e.fQQ 1111 11 X215 1, M13 M 11 11?111XXXX ,,5 Q61 11 11XX m 11XX11 1 5 1 5111 55? 1 1115 131- 11 X 31155.11 151 1Xww1 'K 1 Wig, 1 11 3 1 is 115111, 1 -1111 x Q1 1 11 - :ff wwg Q 111 ' 11 I 11 gg111XX 1 ig, '1 - 111-X 11 Q1 a111XX I1X1sgEgg11 1:1 X- ' E 1 111 S 1' 1 1kQ, 1 11 1. MW .WK 1 'X 11 wa 111 LM, 11 1 5? 11 1 1'-i 1 111115 X W - 1111 -.WW 112, 11245 wh 1 1 wa' '- 11 1:11151 X15 X?-W 11 1 mf x , M 'ts 1111 1151 QWQN ukM V 1115113552111 11 -11 Y XX X 11.11..111?1iE1E1i1.111111.X.1. 1EEj1XXXijKE311XX1111.111.111XXXE11T1i1.X,g11. 1:11 .11XXggXXX 11 . . XXX? XXX XXX311 X 111 111 1 111 XXX1111 1gW31'QQKWEQ3 1Q?W1QQMd qi ,yMZ1 151 1 m E 1 1QH 1165511111 "1XXXX Wi 111271255 '11 ,311 11 X ' 'S 711 11XXX' 111 XQ51 wEgXH!gg'1wiM11 M Q1 1 gym 31 I IC2JllvkEE!::t:J, vkll .lisa C3IlulEEEEI 1 kg' 1wgq 1 '3 1 NX MTM MX 1 1 1 mg? :M 11M X111!!! , EMM X1 15W Xwm 1 11ia,, 11. 11111211 11131 1 X 111 .2 X E91 111 1 11,1113 1 g,1.,N 1 WWf1 Min vim MQQ11 ,G 11 XX 33,1251 11111 WX1Fq?1 E1 1 5 W X 1 1 M11 1 E X , 1 -51 1-1- 1 - fi E m1X1Qh1 151 www, 1 111 w 1 1 1 11 1 1 5 1 1 ' QM ww 1w1 1 1 1 ' wWw11EwX1NW1 M5 11 1X 1 X Z 1 B X XXX1M mm 111145 11 31 UUCP.. 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Magi?-2 V53 g ,,,, . ,151 Q- ,,, ragga? . . - 'VS ' V' ""' ' ' ' 2 'M' 1 Y . ssiwf' ' ,- ' 1 1 ' - " V ,2'.'-- ' ,.'.,-uf' g V-f' ' S S , 4" ,' 1 1 ,vt gi, ,iv ' ' .L. .V " cw Nag-S' qv- " " -1- " mf"T,.-f':'f- 1" af-K : Hsif ,.vqh,g -'Lf - ' 1. 5 , -df 'y1'1 :jf 131:45-ff'"JF-"-'."'Faf Q- if4',fQp"?.l, . f ff I - 'ft' A " ' , f Gdffi'-' 4 ' "-arf, i 1 I Y- ' , 'fa-p,,,-if ' , , A Q' 1 ,Nj I f' gfff- 4, 2gff.?Q4f i 45Q,iT :-p5Q,Q.r -,. Aim rf '- - 1 I-r '- -' 'Iv ' ' ' . - we- wr 2 +:m.'iL:--1' rw. ws'-,f - 1 'a,1,.3. V-ff ' . .v,. . ,. , , V , , , , , , A . , . . . ,. A-A-f f Q ' m,g'i4- ,W SF Av 11 -+1--, . V ' L F' ,.. - Li ,ljffg-,-r P 'A Tu 75 . .ET 1 . Ai , A 1 tu.. .Y 'li 6 Jk4,F35j?gVfgSgg'L ,l,,',,i x tif., , :F ggi, 1 ff ' - Q , 4- '- , , A ' " 2 in M -, EARL ALLEN The FLEDGLING is proud to Welcome Coach Earl Allen to the coaching staff at Wilmington College. Mr. Allen has met with great success as the mentor of the Seahawk Freshman team. Coach Allen also serves with Mr. Brooks in guiding the varsity squad. Mr. Allen received his AB from the University of North Carolina and his M.Ed. from the same insti- tution. He serves on the faculty as an instructor in Health and Physical Education. Q H H -Hifi' fe- A... . COACHES WILLIAM J. BROOKS Wilmington College takes great pride in Coach William Jasper Brooks-a leader of champions. Mr. Brooks led the 1961 baseball squad to the National Championship and repeated the feat in 1963. In 1962 Coach Brook's diamond men placed second in the nation. Mr. B1'ook's coaching talents also lie in the game of basketball, where Wilmington College's fame has been spread over the nation. Coach Brooks enterd the ranks of piloting the teams of a four-year college this year when Wil- mington College advanced to four-year status. Mr. Brooks, in addition to his coaching duties, teaches health and physical education courses as a member of the faculty. Coach Brooks, Associate Pro- fessor of Biological Science, received his AB from Atlantic Christian College in 1948 and his MA from East Carolina College in 1959. "' 'ikm' 7 ' Jilffffiwgfr ls Front row, Jim Hebron, Bobby Shipp, Phil Stephenson, Harry Biuzzel, Bill Harris, George Kalimaris. Second row, Jay Neary, Wray Ware, Jim Braxton, Marshal Hamilton, Al Thiry, Larry Edens, Tom Cole. Larry Edens goes up for two points as Marshal Hamilton looks on. SEAHAWK VARSITY 17:4 wav' 'V' - q., -it .nd , 4 A "wh ,g,ygr.ev k-- I l . 9 3- J 5 ' 4 ' I . . sind- , T .JF- b kb W 'lt A ' 'NS- 1 Xxx , W, NH 5 . ag . W ' " N , Ag, ,,,f-vw-D" ' 'fi - f N, , 4Wf'i" ' , ' ' .gn-,gAy,,:9:4pm-f.ha1o-a-bl new :Q-gone-.www--nf., '4w1.-,,u, f -, V, gf. 'K ,,g:g,?5ff'f" My "- , A ,'!2!,,,,,,d,"'- if ' sv X Q . .f gif 133:15 'f ,,, 2 1 is if-?'ig'l Y T' S 'Vi . 1-F 'WW W AA In if wifi Q '- xi QL-J ' AH. ZR A Q.. . I! fi I1 .J ,.-an-s-"" ,lgp 'fl , E ..,4, C V V: 'UQ M Y f 1 , ILL W g '52 5 as- ! .egg .i aff We o K-VA' , lag, el. , 3 7 'E 'xl ' I' 'sv D If 'ff ' 'fall 'W ' A typical scene during one of the Seahawk games at Brog- den Hall. CHEERLEADERS The Wilmington College Cheerleaders have proven to be an important part of each Seahawk game. Their spirit and principals of good sportmanship are easily seen when they are on any court in the state. Memory Farrar leads the cheering squad in Witty, in- teresting, cheers. As head cheerleader, Memory has a big job during the basketball season. The cheerleaders provided the entertainment at the bonfire during Homecoming week and sold pennants with the College seal this year. Miss Shannon Morton is the faculty advisor for this group and they are chosen by competitive tryouts in the fall quarter of the year. The cheerleaders are 11 young ladies who do the job of carrying the good name of the College Athletic Department to every game. Front row: Left to rightg Carol Smith, Georgia Zezefillis, Jean Thorpe, Mary Macris Memory Farrar, Sherry Lackey. Standing: Ann Jackson, Jane Cherry, Gloria Shepherd Cathy Losak, and Margaret Lassiter. national Jumm cnllcge the EL NATIONAL Cl pressiolxs in as wide the 'Yaiional luniur ll1epl1o!um1pl1e1 be Lvlen Mill: Whxlcy 1 Wearing' facial ex- a yarietv as you' Colle e lass-ball hi a ezcx X www:1'1mwmwWl.:Mmf3:nxmMmwmmmMum also www HoYland. Bill Harris and Steve Crzley, Stanclingg left to Buddy H Braxton, Smith an he 1963,.Squud cam W lm! By STEVE SNIDILR UPI 570118 Wrilu' mat-BLM, ,,---ww-W.---1-X W- - - -- - ogoin ln team Hdu Held hougg an evgryl spa feriols lo clear the bull diem Now b on cscch, lTh lf: mingtnn first fiel at New gintlem as part- lt wo Eddue I eycutt few Th ruined rang mth 11 H C 1t in shys ded a baseball learn Prmr in hme mentor at the S DOS FRESHMAN TEAM-BABY HAWK5 The Wilmington College freshman basketball squad met with great success in its first year as an organized team. Under the superb leadership of Coach Earl Allen, the Baby 'Hawks competed with other small college var- sities and several high schools. The purpose of organizing the freshman team was de- cided by Coaches Allen and Brooks. They felt that such a team would prove helpful for developing the players who may be or are potential varsity material. Jim Hebron, who played for the varsity also, was the sparkplug of the team with a 20-point scoring average. George Kalimaris teamed with Hebron in the backcourt to form a strong offensive threat. Pivotman Smith provided thrills with his playmaking under the basket and led the team in rebounding. Joe Heather ranked with Hebron and Kalimaris in the scoring department, adding from 15-20 points per game. Front row: Jim Hebron, George Kalimaris, John Gore, and Joe Heather. Second row: J. D. Smith, Larry Honeycutt, and Jerry Hooks. Y .Nz ,ik 'J-' U '10, 1' n ' 3 ' Q hz? A x A x , W L. ,J- E 1 J I. .1.,, ,sfl' r gf' 1 X .F Fmkg f 3 f J- -I--'Ls ., . 1., .-f-A , .wld ,,,A ,W WFT -..U f 'fm . -, e:!Qi ,E7LPl. "- CQV I 9 I , T T-fflfffl 'W ew lU'1f' :I'1Zff'.f,V, 1 l.J,!JlT.' 1,5313 3 , I ' yj3mf.L!.L"W'f '-4 --' I Y . +4 A Qi-w H is at--J-ff Qeeal HAM? l'3'HAW,Q fl"l'f'5'.K .geaiiiajfk 575 'W ,. f V.,,,V - . ' ,,,, 4 I - ' A 1 MH J ,T ll"v"w We A ' ff W ' an it fatty - , Q W -f.k L it Qgzvs, -,jfji "J, 571' H , Z ,. . " .,,' l l I . A35 ' 1 V -' if :Q Q Vx MM Y A 1 ag- S N l 3395- fy, 1-451 A Y VL 47,5 4 X . , -,E fsefi x -' ' 1 if " Y ,,.. I, '. .4 -I? 1. ' X51 . ,- 1 N., Q. .gl A y X W fi if 'f-la-we JM .' Row one, L to R Steve Coley, Bill Harris, Butch Watts, Eddie Lemon, Larry Honeycutt, Ronnie Hoyland, Percy Wood, Whitey Hunsucker, Glenn Mills, Jerry Hooks, Back row, L to R Harold Coach Bill Brooks Pitcher Parris Groom w 4 , , , , Criddle, Jackie Smith, Bobby Shipp, Sterling Coward, Tommy Cole, Jim Braxton, Wray Ware, Parris Croom, Sam Page, Tom Hall. Leftfielder Steve Coley Secondbaseman Butch Watts 'R .Ll . n .5 .'-11+ Q . ID! X 'ax I, I fi X 1 . l usa A HJ , -I gp "B -.X di ' l. xq 'xx ,AMA ,glib we 1 " -11 f - 513. 1' , gulf? ' -, f lu 'jlxiufyl ll 1-4 . A PW ,et 951. if J. A , ' get I :,, . V1 . I a, + ri K K V X 'E .. , . K ,, , 1 . , - - ,. oh ' 1 f -- " gf' yn g Q - .1- 4. ' Q Z-, 'd f 7? ' 'mg if 1 we 2, 11- H ' - - l , .-1-'21, ,H . ., 1 ..,, H ab, wig , .x,' iff' .51 3-f,:...-5,33 5 y ',f-.:gqq-- 1 rg F.. 3 J S 1 rl 24 23:3 -A 'A A A . j-- . et' wi Q, Ms N, 5 4 qgvgky, - . ig: ---QJs..u 5 'Q '3- M. -, , - J.. .gy 'W . LL'Yr.z:f!-' Hap 3, Thirdbaseman Jerry Hooks Catcher T Pitcher Wray Ware Pitcher Harold Criddle Catcher Glen Mills Pitcher Percy Wood Coach Bill Brook's 1963 Seahawk baseball squad proved to be a dazzling group on the diamond, winning its second national championship in three years. The Hawks swept the tournament in four straight games at Grand Junction, Colorado. Outstanding stars for the Hawks in the 1963 season were Tommy Cole, leading the team in batting with a fat .434 average at the plate, Bill Harris, .378, Steve Coley, 333, Bobby Shipp, .321, Butch Watts, .313, Whitey Hunsucker, .311, and Sterling Coward, .300. Sam Page K7-OJ, Wray Ware Q6-OJ, and J i mBraxton 63-OJ, all turned in perfect pitching performances on the mound. The Hawks compiled 12 straight victories after a slow start and rolled to Grand Junction with a fat 19-4 record. Provided with depth in every plosiltion, the Hawks were favored to win the tournament, and that they 1 . They won it in four straight, beating Mesa twice to run their three- year winning record to a fat .944 percentage, 59 wins and 12 losses. Coach Brooks' lads have been on five outingsg they have won 15 and lost 6 against the top teams in the nation. Shortstop Ronnie Hoyland .4-I A om Hall Pitcher Jim Braxton xg . My L f .fl , faia 7 - 1 h, .. -41,33 5-5:45 's3"1,,-.- ' me .,- Mg 'fri-4 Fiifihff-fl W - .dh 8,1 , in ks, iw, Q v W 1 2: M. --KQ. I " I " 6 .f fif- Ha, 171.1 ' A A P QA Y' me V! kb ..:.: A " ' ""' ' I i' xi PM P' ..fi4l9,:':' ,:,'.ifQE1f74a."fl':.7'E I' 'l, ,.,. Q . x:"ggL'1"' 'ff' ' , Q' . A A EF Ig f :.: la -Q i v ' , "'f, .N ' gg y5fQ?w W N O-A ,5 g,6J :Ev5L ' -- - A :",'f77 f fi 'efl fif li N 'C .A gl --3 A W ,- .js1fW1i:i . . i - 4 - 3,35 f FT.: r-, .l:.:4r. Y:-,J 5-2,-,L iff, ' ' -- if ' ' 114- gf-' "' ' fv ,Lf,gf.I-' '-1 P7 -- Pitcher Sam Page Shortstop Bill Harris Rightfielder Larry Honercutt Thirdbaseman Whi Hunsucker Secondbasamand Sterling Cowar TOP BATTERS TOPINTCHERS AYER AVERAGE PLAYER WON LOST PAGE H H 7 0 . AWARE .... ..6 0 BRAXTON N ..3 0 LEMON U H 3 1 .H. 'WOOD.. ..3 1 NSUCKER 3b. 'WARD H2b.. I963 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Firstbaseman Pitcher Eddie Lemon Bobby Shipp Centerfielder Tom Cole Firstbaseman Jackie Smith fs: 3 iii ' " E W QY !"".g A ' Y -if A, S155 ' if : 53 ? ' 1 v? DP U P1 Z ffl Uv +-4 H no rn 4 l Q Xxx Q E N Na G X Zi' 'QQX xXii?Sx.,R , gkkw ' fa? X L A' K ff, UDHZ -1. - LV -H. I E E S S 458 E E S W, 5 i ssdwii- ,Q Fiffgff . 'i S -g gy ki giiiffyyg- Q1 -if., 1 5 As SJ E, D J if fi? .A i . ,L -. egg as f J, A EM Mr in 3 11. K' n 33? was . gg ,G M , Q W .Ln- W uf .EMF 12 ri? H Q, ,, gn VZ A w 1.9, ,H :M K: as xx: ,, , H we '31 '1 '-HJ, w M1125 2 225' .W S1 'ML W-Qxwvs ,, 4, ,, 2 Ei . ,, .JW - ..,, K. x...,..y...d., wgmwp.-w , ., i i X L 'M -.. ,- 5: 1 ff 1 .i u ws! -Q: -saw' 5 + as ' ima, M E H gig Q' E. N, i .-v 'R x Bu ff, Q, x HT' F Y' 5 " is' W a 4' A 'F -I k, 17. . ,ff . U, ' 1 , .7 ., k. -.,Q -. ' - .?'. , I M . "' ' 4 ,I ." 1, 5 1 Vin! ,. ut.. ."'. , J . . nl sen ... 'le 1 '.1 A .Mak hx ,r v.. .JL VV Make your home of the future a Q5 timlllvat 45-A5 GOLD MEDALLION HOME Qi I :E 1 - I I A new standard of comfort-a new measure of value - QI. : msn V I, 'sfennleovel Oese,,?WA QH,e.+"' An investor-owned. larpaying. public zililily company e ,tteewR, TYPEWRITER INSPECTION -ae. Sales and Service Typewriter, Adding Machines, Cash Registers, Mimeographs, Duplicators 5th 8t Greenfield Street Wilmington, N. C. nd when you buy Best Wishes to Class of '64 WILMINGTON PRINTING COMPANY Printers - Lithogrophers You save as you spe From FUTRELLE'S PHARMACY I29 Princess St. Wilmington, N. C. New Looottone 420 N. 4tn Street ,,,,,:iy COASTAL Morons, INC. ttft. illlllliill H ' t Cadillac o Oldsmobile ,....,.... l ,'.ttt.f ttttf "Home of tne New olde" WILMINGTON soles ond Service coCA'C3vl'3RE?TTL'NG Motket ot ntn Phone 763-2421 J. M. WEEKS OFFICE SUPPLY Office Outfitters School 81 Office Supplies Furniture 8. Equipment Phone ROger 2-5235 206 Princess CRAWFORD'S FASHION CENTER Junior, Misses 81 Woman's Apparel Opposite the Post Office Wilmington, N. C. Pender Furniture Co., Inc. "Home Furnishings" George F. Hunt-Dial ROger 2-4954 3311 Market Street Wilmington, N. C. SHOEMAKER'S OFFICE SUPPLY. CO. Office Suppliies 81 Furniture Gifts and Stationery 261 N. Front St. RO 2-3332 "School supplies are our Specialty" Wilmington, N. C. STORES 047 1101145 ms ds: Albemarle, N. c. Jc ll g Mg Ph YUkon 2-2511 Op F dyNgl1lUll900PM KEY MOTOR COMPANY 724 South 17th Street Wilmington, N. C. RO 3-6211 - A. H. YOPP PIANO 'rf omler. 8- MUSIC CO. "Everything Musical" 0 I, Pianos, Phonographs, Radios, Records 1 . Musical Instruments, Sheet music 81 books .g., -1 .- -. Piano Tuning 81 Repair Service ' 217 Princess Street I I LL Front 84 Chestnut Q MII 9,5 O 5 ,Queeg gllloow, ,iwllotfsgsri Q wsx.EGRAPly 6 A 1.5 if 0 "2 5 1 s A I ' 15th and Market Streets W M F D 630 on your Dial GREENFIELD FOOD STORE Where Neighbors Meet Seven Days a Week Wilmington, N. C. 509 Greenfield RO 3-7979 Charge Accounts Invited 'F -to . ' A.. - , .X ...S X 7 NORTH FRDNT STREET for Diamonds o ff Q41 I I WILMINGTONISILEADINGJEWEIJRS "lf lt's from Kingoff's lt's Guaranteed" 10 NORTH FRONT DIAL 762-5219 Coastal Electric, Supply Company Inc. 1620 Wright Street Wilmington, N. C. i . Ladies Ready to Wear and Accessories Dresses-Coats-Suits-Sportswear Bridal Trousseaus BAREFOOTS AND JACKSON Incororated Furniture and Appliances 28 South Front St. RO 3-1609 Insurance - Real Estate E. L. MATHEWS AGENCY Rogers Mathews-Res. RO 3-8172 214 Princess Street-Dial RO 3-2494 Wilmington, N. C. AMERICAN AND ITALIAN FOOD Rex Jeedtaurant Bruno Marino, Prop. WILMINGTON Hwy. 76 Oleander Dr. Ph: RO 3-6730 PRIVATE DINING ROOM CINDERELLA BOOTERIE o Capezio o Weejuns o Mr. Easton o Spalding o Life Stride o Pappagallo 127 N. Front Wilmington, N. C. Jewelers - Silversmiths - Stationers SHOP Wwmany Come'Wfi12Q'fqgfi'of1'f10,QI'feQ:,S1'ee1s Front as Marker streets Headquarters Campus liifyll?-lqlgljortswecr ROger 2-6241 Wilmington, N. C. ALEXANDER'S FASHION SHOP ,img Campus Sportswear Lovely Formal Gowns 118 Market Street 10 North Front Dial 762-5219 VILLAGER 81 McMULLEN YOUR Headquarters Downtown Wilmington RIEGEL PAPER CURPURATIDN PULP 81 PAPERBOARD DIVISION RIEGELWOOD, NORTH CAROLINA 'Riegel Producing high quality, bleached Kraft Pulp and Paperboard for shipment throughout the world Phone RO 2-8830 CAPE FEAR ELECTRIC CO. H03 Princess St. Wilmington, N. C. Industrial Commercial Household Motor Rewinding Sales and Service D. S. Reynolds D. T. Reynolds Owners O 9 CAROLINA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Third and Chestnut Streets Branch at Hanover Center Wilmington, N. C. DEPARTMENT STORE Wilmington, N. C. Compliments of WAN ET SAUSAGE CO. "The Taste TeIls" Castle Hayne Rd. Wilmington, N. C. Compliments of HANOVER CENTER Free Parking for Over 600 Cars l6 STORES TO SERVE YOU Insured Savings Low Cost Real Estate Loans Paopms SAVINGS and loan ssociation Home Office-Winter Park Branch Fourth and Market Streets 4709 Oleander Drive muonsn ron You A . - 0 P. 0. Box 420 - City S' , The Sound fn IUVVIV- ALBERT F. PERRY 8. COMPANY INSURANCE - BONDS DIAL ROger 3-73l3 230 Princess Street Wilmington, North Corolino Compliments of CAPE FEAR BUICK MOTOR SALES V-6-V-8 F1521 Cpcllffi 0'f1Z'dsfIJlZ'SS MACMI LLAN BUICK CO. 215-217 Marker sr. Phone RO 3-6221 216 North 2nd sneer W"'M'NGTON' N' C' Wilmington, N. C. H E N E NIS , '1., , .-11- .1:' 1 ,Q 1:s :a- , 1"'1-'-:. -111f' - - . ":' 2-:1a2z 1 iti ' " 1 V-'-11:1 2222231512525 e2:1 1'11112'11:1:11i2211222 iii? 1f1'f'11i 2 2322555235522 PHARMACY 1 r l Hanover Center in 'll' 1 ulii 'lll ll ulil -"ll A"'21 'i" ' 59 BROWNING PHOTO CENTE Photo Finishers Color - Black and White "Your Kodak Dealer" THE OLEAN DER HOUSE RESTAURANT "For those who like fine dining" Phone RO 3-6263 II9 Market St. WILMINGTON, N. C. BELK-BEERY WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Eastern Carolina's Most Modern Department Store LUMINA World Famous Recreation Spot on Wrightsville Beach Where Wilmington College plays during the Summer Skating - Dancing - Amusements FREEMAN SHOE CO. CITY OPTICAL COMPANY 24 North Front Street Wilmington, N. C. -----W---"L-4 Y 'W - 'ei'-:T-'T Elfiiiifwii :, iriri 1 I 'ff il A irfy l- il ix is I ' W- I 2 li I 'Q I I 5 J-51.0 I 3 ix I I is gl f l -un. T 1 -5 SNEEDEN INCORPORATED Air Conditioning - Heating Commercial - Industrial Heat Pump Systems, for Summer-Winter Comfort Phone ROger 3-2828 460 l Market Street HOLSUM BREAD AER Tgy ,Sw 10,9 'germ-C5 ILMINGTON-'X' ' TU RN ER'S DRUG STORE North I7 Shopping Center Filled by G. W. Turner, R. Ph. Dial RO 2-7609, RO 3-7304 Wilmington, N. C. rl., A ff' H i ii ii ffssffssvfsslfssw 1 1 X i- ' i , ,,i',, 'smmmmi i ii W ' . . ,, , , , vsfwsifw- , ,, ,, ,, 1 -f 1' -1 2 ,. V 1 l i i iii i, --msffafm , ii ii ii . .J iii i i ii-111:-Hwfw M ii ii ii it ii ii . 4... i i.. . iii ii ii v i wgfgggfgzfaiggy ii ii iii: ii, i Br- l A - eigllliliW llll...f' . is E. 'lllll U1 H 4001 Marker sf. U. s..Hs9hwQy I7 North Wilmington, N. C. 'mifff' .5-www" l 145 SUN DROP IS GOOD ELECTRIC BOTTLING COMPANY WILLIAMS PHARMACY "Closest Drug Store to the College" l8O-5 So. College Rd. Phone 763-4606 Compliments of MILJO DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 5215 Oleander Drive Wilmington, N. C. THE DAIRY QUEEN l62O Dowson Wilmington, N. C. Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CORP. OF WILMINGTON Phoael RO 2-aaao CAPE FEAR ELECTRIC CO. IlO3 Princess St. Wilmington, N. C. Industrial Commercial Household Motor Rewinding Soles and Service D. S. Reynolds D. T Reynolds . Owners SMITH BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. 165 Castle Hayne Road Dial ROger 2-3339 P. O. Box 1427 Wilmington, N. C. S. 8. H. Green Stamps sTRlcK's SUPER sERvlcE STATION 313 N- Fm Complete Car Service Lubrication - Tune-Up - Brake Relining Welding 81 Radiator Repairs H. T. Strickland, Owner 3815 Market St.-Highway 17 Phone RO 3-6657 Wilmington, N. C ,,-WC" TATUM'S HANOVER CLEANERS 3544 Oleander Drive Tel. ROger 3-7955 Wilmington, N. C. CENTER DRUG COMPANY Prescription Druggists Phone ROger 3-2481 Cor. 17th 8- Dawson Streets Wilmington, N. C. f ,mt ,mf me f . age 7 Qs ii 1535" Q -,K--. .,..-1 ,-wg .-my ,-,. -3'-?'rZi1 ' 3 -,1if'fz4 . ' LL vw-eg-fs :ff 1-13512245 INGRAM BROS. INC. 1 gf LEYQLEQH lggjgtfi YOUI' Best Buy ln . -L, Fences "M,:gg'a 5,311 7 CI' A il. 1801 Dawson 762-9695 'aj 2351 1.1 nu. ' 1 f 1,1 fist'-1. ivliifi. . ,. -gfeffiligii 5 EA' ,. ii U Q:i.::,g5:::-gvgbj' no 1 2 'izi ii 1 '2.Q..m'ii"l V1 . . fbi- ii M 1 ,ft 1' i -ggi new wx iiN??.ieriW,,Ai , kggsgg. iivwf LA! , M. ,fe-M.. 4, , MAO LA Eastern North Carolina's Favorite Dairy Products 147 BOSEMAWS HOME FURNITURE sPoRTiNs Goons COMPANY The Fastest with the Finest" Phone Roger 2-5476 l2OI Princess Street 23 MOFICGT Street Wilmington, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. ' I . 4 g , X I 'Y :G iii Compliments of TIMME CO PllRA'I'IlIN we I WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Manufacturers of Pile Fabrics Castle Hayne Road Wilmington, N. C. I48 SUTTON COUNCIL FURNITURE CO. BILTMORE DAIRY BAR For all your furniture needs. Phone' 763-7384 l7th 81 Dawson Wilmington, N. C. Compliments of C MERRITT-HOLLAND NN EY'S GAS Co' MWHS HRS' OUAHH Bottled-Bulk-Metered Gas Wilmington, N. C. RO 3-33Ol 149 Miss Karen Ray WECT PIRATE GIRL Salutes Wilmington Col lege 4 PILOT FREIGHT CARRIERS, INC. General Offices Winston-Salem, N. C. "Service is our Frame of Mind" WILMINGTON TERMINAL 1536 South Front Street Phone 762-9631 John D. Schultz, Terminal Manager LeRoy Honeycutt, Operations Manager Mrs. Elizabeth T. Luther, Secretary 150 ? ?STEEL CORP "Steel When You Need It" TELEPHONE WILMINGTON NORTH CAROLINA "EEE" 763-6237 ' 1697 MOH R'S ESSO SERVICE Polishing-Washing-Tires Batteries and Auto Accessories ROger 3-9376 Corner I2th and Market Streets MORTON'S SERVICE DRUG STORE Corner of 8th and Market Street "Have Pill-Will Deliver" Dial ROger 2-7739 FOUNTAIN TIRE SERVICE, INC. 'l'llE GENERAL TIRE "Your Natural Rubber Recapper ,guns 1 . 'gggx". -get 1'r:-: ,Ir I IN' --glg. fa. 'Pri' - I 'E--'IM .' -Eg'15f'??Z3I' fini- II.IIII e .sim . 5 I- :II,.m,,,z wgff-I 'I'I:1g,3.:,1-- ig, 4 'IP " ' 1:4755 V wife:-. sim wee' Wm I, WI-I If ,wr-'aff --.S w,f?ii'I,,"'Qf,2 ' " eftgg' Isghzew Mr. ' X H in Mig .14 IIE? ' I "' I Recd Before you Buy Coastal Office Equipment Co. Office Equipment-Machines 81 Supplies R EA D Royal Typewriters lElectric 84 Manual? STAR-NEWS NEWSPAPERS Victor Adding Machines and Printing Calculators Every Day-All Day Office and School Supplies Sales and Service l rm ,si ,N g Z . -1, . ' Www'-?EE?mW3 ' l2 F:L l 1231- . .' ..' .- ' MODERN LAUNDRY JEWELL-STRICKLAND AUTO PARTS COMPANY 81 DRY CLEANERS WHOLESALE AUTO PARTS INDUSTRIAL BEARINGS Phone RO 2-7751 Your Friendly Auto Parts Jobber Main Plant- Bert Jewell J. Holmes Davis, Jr. 118 Sgufh 17th Street Dial RO 2-83533 5 N. Third St. Wilmington, N. C. Wllmlngton' N' C' Branch at Hanover Shopping Center 152 Advertisements . . . Administration .... Alpha Chi Sigma .... Art ............. Baseball .. Basketball .. BSU .... Campus life . .. Cheerleaders .... Chorus ..... Circle K ........ Collegiate Civitan Drama . . . Engineers Club .... Faculty ............. FLEDGLING STAFF Foreword ........... Freshman Class ..... Freshman Class Officers .... .. INDEX Homecoming Court .. Homecoming Queen . Homecoming Weekend Judicial Committee .. Junior Class ......... Junior Class Officers May Court .... May Queen Music ..... Panmathan Society .. Pep' Club .......... SEAHAWK STAFF . Scriptic Society Sigma Phi Kappa .... Sophomore Class .... Sophomore Class Officeis Student Senate ...... Student Nurses . . WILC yn 9156122 01415122 Dfancy Zrzyys Zjraff APRIL I9, I943 APRIL 9, I964 6641165 x7Q121' mackws JUNE I7, I936 FEBRUARY 26, I964

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