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K The 1974 Pine Needles Overview 16 Faculty and Administration 62 Organizations 134 Sports 186 Lifestyles 224 Features 248 Classes 286 Endings 362 Karen Suzanne Davis Editor in Chief The 1974 PINE NEEDLES began with ONE for that is how all things must begin. Behind every idea is one. One person who acts as the igniting flame — creating the first fire, the first wheel, the first starship. It is the individual who works only for the satisfaction of realizing his own potential, driven by force of ego. He is the flame that cannot go out. what they do not understand. They cry sacrilege in an effort to stop him, and make rules to try to bind him to their narrow paths. But he realizes that the greatest sacrilege is the denial of one ' s own poten- tial; he cannot be bound. Resentful, they use him nonetheless, for without his creativity the world would be dark. That force does not go out after his death, but continues to burn and guide. Through later histories, his light is reflected and made brighter with other lives. the life of the individual is a constant remin- der of courage against those who fear their own existence. Fearing, they may try to de- stroy him, to safely return to their own dark paths. But like the human spirit, he can never be completely extinguished; he will take spark and burn once more, against all who hold the faceless masses superior. m He is the fire that will not go out. Welcome Back to School gumiuiinii [ C ' ,: ' BRING BOOKS OR SUPPLIES INTO BOOK STORE AREA LEAVE IN BOOK DROP AT LEFT ENTRANCE TTOTOOD NO DRIWK NO SMOKING NO DOGS iPLEAStLtAWtBOOKSlN ll P LEFTENT- Roots " It ' s what we ' ve done that makes us who we are Fall The tcimpu ' ' is bus tonight; there are organizational meetings in Elliott Hall. The cynicism of later in the year has not yet set in, and people are still willing to be cajoled into joining one of the many activities. They are returning from dinner now, stomachs trying to adjust to ARA and its myriad delicacies. The leaves are still green on the trees, hilt It IS the tired green of late summer when hot weather seems hadiv inappropriate. People are playing frisbee in the Quad prior to settling down to study. Later tonight there will be a water fight and the freshman girls will allow the guvs from Hinshaw to massacre them. The battle lines will change Mneral times betore wearv housemothers call a halt. There is still an air ot newness, of excitement, it it can be (ailed that. EspecialK ' is this true for the freshmen, but it also spills into those laded upperclassmen who count the semesters remaining. It ' s the feeling of a fresh start, and underlining it is the first premonition of cold weather. SGA: A rough year for representative democracy This year began when Hlnshaw dorm seceeded from the Student Government Association, led by its dorm coordinator Jim McAbee. The student senate became the focal point for the SGA as the year ' s debate covered such topics as salaries for SGA and organizational officials, By-laws and Constitutional changes, and election policy. There was the usual jockeying for position among some of the senators, and there was an aborted attempt to abolish the student literary magazine. Some students were heard to wonder aloud just what did go on in the senate; for the most part, SGA affects the lives of few students, and so is usually ignored. Unless, of course, you ' re involved in it. Several awdrds were presented by the outgoing president of senate at the end of the year. Among these were the awards for Outstanding Senator, which went to Suzanne lennings, Cathy Krinick, and Ben Sells (above left). A new award in the form of Outstanding New Senator was presented to Chuck Melvin, Don Moore (above right), Kevin Moore, and Roslyn Wells. The awards were followed by the annual throwing into the fish pond of the senior senators by the remainder of the senate. Vice President Resigns 13 . ■-; . t ' - Rufus Edmisten. Governor )ames Holshouser, Robert Morgan . . . while local politicians campaigned as usual. ' ( mteg . Charlie Webb and Nick Califianaki!. at Ihe Tate street Fa M How ' re you getting home? Know anybody going to Chapel Hill this weekend? Winter It now requires several minutes to get out ot classes and the cafeteria. Winter has necessitated the wearing of heavy coats, scarves, etc., and it takes time to grapple into these. Few people go out after dinner. It is too cold to do anything but stay inside and study or watch TV. The dorms are nothing but lights — they sparkle through bare trees and the whole campus seems more open. Walkmg back from night classes or staring out the window, there is a wish for snow so strong it is almost physical. But snow is rare. Popcorn and the Wednesday Night Movie will have to suffice, along with a (possibly salacious) recounting of last weekend ' s trip to Chapel Hill or wherever. In the back of each mind are the coming finals; there is an almost desperate search for some activity to erase the thought, anything to keep from contemplating impending doom. Christmas will be here soon, and the looked-tor break. The advantage of finishing exams before going home is balanced against the effort of Christmas shopping while cramming. The air is sharp with winter cold, and it definitely smells like snow. Maybe tomorrow. ■ f T TT Bi rrini X The Oresteia and other activities A part of the American College Theater Festival, UNC- C ' s production of the Orestela was presented at the Ken- nedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington this spring. The group, directed by Dr. Herman Middleton, won the honor on the basis of regional performances, with spe- cial recognition not only for acting but also for its unusual use of the Bronze Age as the setting for the play. In other action, the Men ' s Tennis team won first place in the Dixie Intercollegiate Athletic Conference; two groups from the Romance Language and Russian Departments won high honors for foreign play competition; and the De- bate Team again won an impressive number of victories. This year ' s team of 23 students won over 72 awards, in- cludi ng four first place awards at major competitions. They also won first place in the State Championship Forensics Tournament, ending the year with an average of five awards per competition. •i H. •• p»||ps|pj n H i.. K H 1 4 1 H r%- 1 H Pk - sc r««iili_ rN, ;■ ! 55- . Backstage (and onstage) with the Theater for Young People It ' s more than a kick, and we ' re sure not getting ricli. " " We do it because we love it. " It ' s Saturday afternoon between performances of " Aesop ' s Falables " , the rock version of Aesop ' s Fables and the current production of the Theatre for Young People. The cast is talking about the special problems of playing to children ' s audiences. ' Basically it ' s the difference between a child ' s bram and an adult brain. Kids are much harder — they ' ll tell you if they don ' t like you. " — Danil Torppe. " The plays are much more physical; they have to be acted in a broad, slapstick manner. You can tell from the opening number what kind of audience you have, and that changes the character of the play. You have to pick up on that character change and play to it. " — Bobby Bodford. " The adjustments are incredible. Each time it ' s some- thing different, something that must be adapted. You de- velop a reliance on training and character. You learn a whole set of sounds and expressions different from adult theatre. " — Laurie Conway. " They ' ll argue with you, respond to your performance. If you ' re the villian — it ' s painful. There ' s no hate like a child ' s hate. " — Bobby Bodford. " This show in particular is a very high energy show, lots of singing and dancing and movement. We had to rewrite the music and some of the script to this play, to adapt it for these audiences. The actors do everything — costume, etc. — sometimes three times a day. And each time you open there ' s the same fear — ' I ' m gonna blow it this time. ' " — Ian Powell. Upstairs in the theatre, what seemed like a million noisy kids were running between rows of seats, making normal passage impossible; pulling off raincoats while mothers re- trieved umbrellas. The lights go down and with much squealing, the children race for their seats. Parents stand up for frantic headcounts. By the time the lights are down, the kids are clapping in and out of time to the overture and bouncing in their seats, anticipating. " In order to understand your own world, you have to be able to view it from another world. This is part of a million-year-old ritual. " — Craig Spradley. fALABLf BREAK K i 1 S 9 I fnfX A l| H H hB 1 Iw mi fl Pjwj HIP g S B B .b Bd.lli.r.l n fe2i Laurie Conway. Jan Powell, Paula Richardson, Craig Spradley, Rebecca Bean Dan 1 1 Torpe- 55 and 68: the energy crisis hits home Amid gas lines and lowered thermostats, the energy crisis changed lifestyles — at least temporarily. While buttoning the extra sweater worn to class to compensate for the 68 degree temperature, students could be heard trying to arrange carpools; rides home became infrequent and one trip often had to do for two, whether it was home or to the store. Spring changed that — for the time being, old habits were resumed. SBSastteea k ' ' : ' JW Bureaucracy On February 20, 1974, the Pine Needles received the following statement: FROM: lames H Allin In .iccord.incf willl thf Alljrm.itive Ailmn l ' l,„i 1,„ Ihr Llnivnsilv ul N.irlli,,hn,i ,il ( .rrrnshoro ett«liveimniedi.llfly,.ill UniviTMly pulili .iImhis, in. lulling sluilriil puhlH .lUonv must i i.n ' l.iiii ihr Ii)II(iw- ing statement " Admissicn to, emplnvmeni In, .incl pr,,r,i,,lion in the University ol North Carolini and all r.t its ronsiiiuent insiiiuiions sh.ill h,. on the basts of ment, and there shall be no disc rimination on the basis ol r.u ,■, olor, c reed, religion, sex, or national origin, " This stalemeni must he printed in earh ed , ot our student puhlnalions I shall appfuale your assistance in ensuring that our publltalions i omply uilh this d,re tiye It you have .my |ueslions , , ,n, rm- ing this matter, please lei me know Now, our first reaction was an amused wonder at this brand of freedom of the press. Then we realized that, being only a student publication, we are evidently subject to control by the government, whether student or national. If HEW decides that we can ' t be unpreiudited wilhoul this statemeni, who are we to nueslton our betters? And then we realized the true purpose of pnnttng this statement, and suddenly we telt better. Isn ' t it wonderful how a single paragraph — authonzed by some HEW bureaucrat down the street from the Capitol, 300 miles away — can end centuries of prejudice and abuse? Now why didn ' t we think ot that sooner? i,v: .i-:: v Streak inflation recession Cost of Living Council Last Tango Paris Colda Meir The Who Georges Pompidou Golam Heights Doobie Brothers Julie Nixon Eisenhower Impeach the President Sam Dash wage price guidelines freeze Willy Brandt Elton John Watergate Agnew Anne Murray How- ard Baker Muledeer and Moondog Nightowl just an old country lawyer Hinshaw humpers The natural way to do it every night The Three Mus- keteers ShaNaNa Henry Kissinger and Nancy Maginnes Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose Hank Aaron the uncola pepsi ' s got a lot to give The Sting Back the President The Waltons The Exorcist M A S H yearbook burning Mary Tyler Moore Greensboro the kidney of the south Rockin ' Around the Clock shredding Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Kung Fu Gallup Poll you deserve a break today hurry on down Alexander Solzhenit- sen truck strike detente Nick Galifianakis Rufus Edmisten Disney World James St. Clair Bobby Riggs waterfight Jeb Magruder John Mitchell Brezhnev Maurice Stans Charles Colson tapes Ron Ziegler hit the road IHOP Peanuts hitch My Girl Bill Doonesbury beer blast appeal falsification parking permit executive clemency visitation I Am Woman Billy Jean King strike 68 degrees 55mph resignation Angle Natbush City Limits energy crisis Spring Weekend State ' s No. 1 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy ACC Tournaments The Way We Were GGO Sambo ' s Patricia Hearst SLA Yum Yum ' s David Reuben NOW Anton ' s Nader Marcus Wel- by, MD Gloria Steinem All My Children out of state Miami Dolphins Zigbop tuition Mazotta NCPIRG road trip OD The Rawk bloodmobile Founder ' s Day fireworks Bill ' s book tower Prob- lem Pregnancy Fund ice cream machines mystery meat Joe College wallpaper apathy the Suez War machismo the gay community inoperative plum- bers embargo shortage LSAT NTE GRE MEDCAT Grogan shootings bomb threat independent study Marshall Tucker veto-proof Congress Carly Simon Taylor Rolling Stones Carolina State John Denver Roberta Flack Sonny and Cher Kojak Duke Hope Harbor Seals and Crofts Stevie Wonder clinical All I Know Jim Croce Righteous Brothers lab prece- dent Steely Dan Reelin ' in the Years Spiders and Snakes at this point in time campus cops tacky Elliott University Center Carlos Castenda rude wasted Wake Forest suitcase campus ERA Col- orado Bicenntennial 1976 Alexander Haig crash and if you don ' t know it, tow it. " " M: J ' ji: ' jj AJj ' A ' : ' :-::.- !-!: ,. ' Spring The evening is c ilni and quiel on campus. The air is warm, and scattered students are walking to their Thursday night classes. Others are in the dorms, tmishing what they can of the week ' s work, so they can pack and be ready to leave tomorrow or party this weekend. The trees along College Ave. have been in bloom a tew weeks now, and are almost at an end. The return of color to a brick and gray campus has brought spring fever with it; the tennis courts are always crowded and classes are cut in favor of laying out in the sun. Seniors watch the mails tor grad school notices or |ob offers, others look for summer employ- ment, and all over campus there are showers for brides-to-be. A solitary student cuts across the grass to Graham Build- ing, eating an ice cream cone. He is wearing a tank top, and on top of his books there is a frisbee. Yesterday it rained; with today ' s clear weather, the cycle began again. V " ' : ' -yA - : M ' iif ' ufii ' J--- ' ' " i Sounds on campus or, things you can ' t get in a yearbook, Part I. A harmonica in the halls of Mclver — the dull silence of lines in the bookstore — Russian In front of a classroom building — coke trucks rattling away from the dorms — trash falling down dorm chutes — noisy conversation In the Robot Room — the rustling undercurrent of a dull lecture — maids flushing the dorm toilets at the same time — the hourly electrical buzz throughout the campus — the electricity of a good discussion — the echo of balls bouncing in the gym — apprehensive chatter in the town students ' lounges and the cafeteria just before an exam — bells that ring at the wrong time on Tuesdays and Thursdays — the dead quiet of the campus at 7:00am when student nurses and teachers are leaving for work — the blare of the all-page system in the dorms — the laughter and yelling of small children In the nursery school — the silence of a classroom building during an exam period — the sound of pledges screaming their undying devotion to APO — the NBS Gospel Choir rehearsing — the crack of a gavel calling for attention — the hum of machines and people on Cary production nights — the expectant clamor of the crowd awaiting the first group of streakers — the excited murmur of a rumor spreading . . . Meanwhile, back at SGA . . . Lett ti) riKht Kim Cissell, advisor; Anne M.irii- Dowe, Kjren Davis, lohn ( iimriiitlee Laura Taylor, Bill Pavne, chairman, the Appeals Senate screws self to wall — again by lanelle Lavelle In a surprise move Thursday night. Senator Ben Smells forced a bill through a sleepy Senate at 3:00 a.m. The bill abolished all organizations located in the Publications Wing of Helliott Hall and turned their old alio cated space into dressing rooms and holding areas for Christians and the Lions, the two new UNC-C intramural football teams. " I thought the v were calling for Potty Vote, " said Nancy Frostdon, refer- ring to the traditional five-minute bathroom recesses. Other senator?., nod- ding off during speeches by Smells and sermons by Father Kevin More, seemed to have been similarly deluded. Smell ' s debate centered around the extensive use of bathroom doors as news media. " If people wanted to read a newspaper, they ' d be ripping oft Carys instead of toilet paper, " he pointed out. Senator Jinks Jacoby maintained that self-expression on bathroom doors was not covered by freedom of the press, since bathrooms were definitely a required-meeting area. Therefore, if Elections Board ever mislaid another election, the candidates could not advertise or publish platforms there, Father More supported Smells, saying that simply because the students wanted campus- wide votes on everything from Town Crier Editor to Pinball-Machine Auditor, there was no reason on earth to give them enough information to make a logical decision. And since the Cary is the last bastion of thought at all, logical or otherwise, " the only good Cary is a dead Cary, " More ended. Budget watchdog Cliff Witchell pointed out the extensive cost of Kitty Litter for the Lions ' areas. Smells replied that he felt the money used for salaries was quite appropriate for expenditures of this type. " We could emplov defeated SGA vice-presidential candidates as keepers, " he added. Senator Catty Crinyuck, upon being awakened after the vote, moved lor reconsideration of Smell ' s bill. This was approved, and opening the new debate she pointed out that none of her constituency had read anything but Mad Magazines for the past two years, and thus found newspapers, literary magazines, and yearbooks a waste of good student monev which could better be spent on jewelry co-ops, Snoopy posters, and free social-disease tests for the men ' s dorms. When Senator Flesh Jennings pointed out that Ms, Crinyuck was really supporting Smell ' s bill, Ms. Crinyuck thanked her with a yawn and unconsi- dered her reconsideration of the consideration, and everyone was right back where they started from. In other miscarriages. Baron Davis ' citizenship was revoked, her property was confiscated in the name of the People, and her Spiro Agnew teeshirt was hung in effigy on Charles Mclver. She was warned that a sterner reprimand would follow if she ever dared call Senator Smells a " little fink " again. Under appointments, Senate President Cheryl Sozsick flipped a coin and chose Mickey Braylock as incompentent-in-residence, and then called a ten-minute recess to figure out exactly which Braylock Mickey was. Four new committees were set up: the Ad Hoc Committee on Witch Huntings and Cross-burnings; the Ad Infinitum Committee on Violation by Coke Bottle Investigation; the Ad Nauseaum Committee on Exorcism as an Economical Snow-Removal Method, to be chaired by Father More and man- ned by all hardv souls who hadn ' t lost their dinner at the last Senate meeting; and the Ad Hominum Committee on Bram-Wave Testing for Elect members — " So we can be sure they each have a whole one, committee ' s chairthing, Ms. Crinyuck. Under President Sozsick ' s announcements, the Con ' lion ' s shotguns to ward off Senator Smells were reported cial Reform Committee had one opening due to a certa caught in an unnatural act with two cows and a tube of 1 )ns Board said the iittee Legisla- nrder; the judi- lember ' s being Gay; Thursday was moved to Tuesday, and Monday ' Sunday ' s committee extra time to meet abolished altogether to alio Homesick for those old activist days? Long for a good old-fashioned romp with the campus police? Want to get out in the fresh air after a night of studying? Here it is! 1974 ' s answer to the anti-war demonstrations! STREAK! strangers in the night, or What ' s a nice girl like you Overheard at a streaking: " Cathy! What on earth are you doing here? " " Well, I notice you ' re out here looking pretty hard your- self, Helen, so don ' t act so smug to me! " Records set: Most number of girls at a streaking Greatest number of miles streaked on a motorcycle by a couple. Largest number of members of one or- ganization (Type II) to streak together (this was awarded to WUAG-FM). Who was that masked man? JUUIilUUOIIIIIIIIIIIIIlHIl ' m BE- J- i, J , i Greensboro surrounds the campus. From The Corner to High Point Road to Friendly Center, to the homes and apartments ot town students, the city is influenced by and mlluences the university. At Random — Mark McDaniel (above) and Roxie Hobson were two UNC-G ■.tudents who ran unsuccessfuly for State House in the Democratic primary. In ,in ellort lo alleviate wear and tear on Charlie, APO established The Kjwk, upon which random groups could espouse their particular causes. f service . fl» ' In Itslirsi lull Msir olac universilv rommunitv ■ igrna Sigma continued to provide service to the um Yum ' s, the beloved ice cream store, leti its residence of over 50 years to move to a new location across the street. The block it tormerly occupied will be the site of the new Administration Building. l Police survey the scene at Grogan Dorm, where a bullet shot through a window j tollowed a bomb scare of one week earlier. Several classroom buildings were altered to bet- ter accommodate handicapped students. W niT r ™llili[Pi " f !i||!S!r -c.-- ' • S ' , ■ ' - ' •■; ; I ' i II ' ' ! Gone but not forgotten Dep ' t: Whatever Happened To Op Art Earth Day the jet set the counterculture fallout shelters Ed Sullivan meaningful relationships meaningful dialogue the 5c letter the 6c letter the 8c letter class jackets mandatory house meetings anti-war demonstrations the System honor policy dress codes Steve Levkoff Timothy Leary the draft the Smothers Brothers love beads SNCC I Am Curious (Yellov ' ) creeping socialism the Green Berets Alice ' s Restaurant Pat O ' Shea Villagers and John Meyer That Was The Week That Was Dave Clark Five surtmg Freshman Girl ' s Quad DOW campus recruiters Mr. Right acid rock Dr. Abernathey SDS yippies love-ins Rod McKuen pep rallies Kent State Haight-Ashbury mixers Corvairs flower children Eugene McCarthy mini skirts cruising necking The Great Society Rocky and Bullwmkle Frodo social diseases Laugh-In Andy Warhol? It was ten years ago this spring That the Beatles first began to sin cktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktickticktick There are ten years remaining unt il 1984. What will you be doing? Chancellor James S. Ferguson Vice Chancellor for Administration Charles Hounshell -»:■- - H H H 1 1 M Mi hi vl ■ l i H|H A fj i i B iJVsSm H V ' ,; ' . ' .; ' VJ ' H L Sl ■V kmH H i« r H H P Hf i Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Stanley Jones James Allen 9 Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Terry Fuller r Assistant to the Vice Chancellor « ' Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies John W. Kennedy Henry L. Ferguson Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs (jfiifiriii. ,,,,,, George Hamer Vice Chancellor for Development Clifford Lowery Dean of Student Activities Dean of Academic Advising Bert Goldman Shirley Flynn Dean of Women Clarence Shipton Dean of Men Richard Loester Director of Admissions Alan Atwell Office of Admissions Hoyt Price Registrar N.H. Gurley Director of the Physical Plant Wilson Davis Director, News Bureau William AKpaugh, Emil W. Young, George Smith, Kime- Tate (on ladder), Clayton Fnlchey, Bobbie McDaniel, Woodrow McDoug.ild WUNC-TV Emil W. Young, Station Director Woodrow McDougald, Engineer And you were woncliTing dhuul Ihi ' lulure dI L ' duLjticiiijI television , Eleanor Morris Director, Student Aid Joseph E. Johnson Director, Extension Office iP ' hti A i ij Craig Falor Director, Veterans ' Affairs ■1 I James Blevins — Director of Security Dorothy Boiling Director of Housekeeping, Resident Halls James Thompson Director, Walter Jackson Library I p n Barbara Parrish Alumni Secretary Trudy Atkins Alumni News Editor Student Health Center William McRae, M.D., Director Peter Anastasia, MD William E. Dionne, MD Margaret Westland, MD I RAPID TREATMENT ! I Terry Weaver Director of Elliott Hall Elizabeth Carriker, Assistant Director Robert Miller Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry Walter Puterbaugh, head Bruce Eberhart, head Department of Biology 1 Paul Lutz. Department of English Charles Tcri.ilr Sally Carstauffen. LLUll!. MW Department of Romance Languages James Atkinson, head N ' i lames Atkinson, far right. X v ; " " f Department of German and Russian Anne Baecker, head Robert Schuize, Anne Baecker Department of History Richard Bardolph, head Robert Calhoon. Department of Geography Craig Dozier, head " i J; Department of Political Science David Olson, head Alvin Scaff, head Department of Sociology Department of Psychology Robert Eason, head Eldon Posey, head Department of Mathematics II I III II ■ " Ronnie Goolsby. Department of Philosophy Robert Rosthal, head Department of Cla ssical Civilization Francis Laine, head Gilbert Carpenter, head Department of Art I Gregory. Herman Middleton, head Department of Drama-Speech Department of Religious Studies Benjamin Ladner, head Department of Physics Clifton B. Clark, head School of Business and Economics Robert Shelton, dean Thomas Leary. School of Music Lawrence Hart, dean l.ick and Gdyle Mas.ine, lulic Kohl David Moscovil School of Education Robert O ' Kane, dean ■■!f. i t- Pjlnik Malterns sturient nurses .il Nufstni; ( ,irciTs Dav Il. ' .inor B . nlng, M,iri;jrel Me School of Home Economics Naomi Albanese, dean Smith Dr M.L Kei ler n-tfives ihi- Gardner Excellence Award. School of Health, W Physical Education and Recreation Ethel Martus Lawther, dean At Dean Lawlhcrs rftirt-nimt reception. Howard Braxton The t.Hulty ,iml laff ol the School of Health, Physical EduciiNin and Ki- In Memoriam June P. Calloway, an Assistant Professor of Physical Education, died March 13, 1974 after a brief illness. Dr. Galloway ' s life was one of service to her profession. She served her students, colleagues, and friends with dedication, enthusiasm, and integrity. To those she taught remains a song of professionalism tempered with personal warmth . . . of high ideals both in thought and action . . , of total commitment to the preparation of teachers-to-be. To those with whom she taught remains a song of dedication to a common cause . . . of a positive state of mind giving strength to others through personal example . . . of unrestrained concern and affection for those whose lives were so closely entwined with her own. To those with whom she shared a profession remains a song of willing service in helping to keep the torch burning . . . of sincere interest in those who shared her life ' s work . . . of everlasting devotion to a cause she so deeply loved. This page was designed A r- Oh, But yes I am it ' s wis( wise , 5om born of pai-n . Yes , But If I I am I paid ■ look how have to strong the mu . I I price, ch I gained. can do anyth: am invincible I am HUMAN. ML- ' ■« l,i.-... — 1 FACULTY -SlftFF 1 ) «l The Carolinian Sue Ellen Brown, news editor Carol Brook ' . Carol Brooks Pam Smith Sue Ellen Brown loan Little Bill Hunt John Schotfstall Stephanie Lucas Kevin Kilmartin Editor Managing Editor News Editor Assist. News Editor Photography Editor Copy Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Paid tor by student activity fees and advertising. The Carolinian is published twice weekly during the academic year by the students of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro except during holiday and examination periods. Offices are in 201 Elliott Hall, UNC-C, Greensboro, N.C. 27412. Pam Smith and Kevin Kilmartin |o Ciraudo Gary Kotinas, station manager. WUAG-FM WUAC-FM now begins another broadcast day. WUAG-FM is a non-commercial educational sta- tion owned and operated by the students of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. WUAG-FM operates on the assigned frequency of 89.9 mhz In accordance with the rules of the Federal Communications Commission and has Its offices, studios, and transmitter located on the campus of the University of North Cartjlma at Greensboro. Thank you for listening and good night. Sharon Llewellyn. Gary Kotinas lohn Fahnestock Payne Sharon Llewellyn lohn Craven tty Vess Station Manager Production Manager Program Director News Director Music Director Business Manager Paul Bell. Michelle WiegancJ. Coraddi the literary and fine arts magazine Terry B Taylor, editor of the Coraddi. From the wall of the Coraddi office: I have no witty stateinents toiday. I blew my anthro test anij ain preparing to blow a calculus quiz antd subject myself to an hour of the orneriest micro prof in the world. Consider- ing that she is an ex-FDA beauracrat, any possible stupid action on her part would not be inconsistent. Dean Flynn is supposed to call around three o ' clock to discuss putting the poets in a guest suite in one of the resi- dence halls. The problem has been solved so thank her for her attention and see if she approves of the idea. We certainly would not wish to disgrace our dear cam- pus by putting our guests in inappropriate accomodations, WOULD WE???????????? Sincerely, Your enthusiastic and qualified technical HEAD P.S. )ohn is one of THOSE PEOPLE now. Please bow and scrape the floor with your forehead when entering the room — a few Ave Marias might be in order, as well. Schoffstall, that noted sexist, has gone to do the washing, dishwashing, ironing, make the beds, etc. He will be back when he ' s done and not before. Hold the fort, light the good fight, win one for the Flipper, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and be sure to finish your spinach: CHILDREN ON VEGA VII ARE STARVING ' Love and busses, lohnny By the by, how does one spell Chief Marshal? Each of the candidates spells it differently; I looked in the By-Laws: you look there too, and imagine my annoyance at what I found. However, a ' marshal ' in the armed forces is spelled that way; for the time being we are following suit. Your favorite grammarian Oh, Beautiful Mrs. L: I will return about 4:00 or so. I ' m so proud of the Al- mighty S. Sorry about all those tacky tests; see ya ' later. janelle M. Lavelle 1 say, lads: Can any of you tell me who that lovely lass with the sul- try eyes and pouting lower lip who lives over in the PN office IS? just dying to meet her, really ... a sixth sense tells me that she just might be a descendant of that girl child Medea never murdered ... or perhaps spawn of Ap- hrodite ' s illfated assignation with Vulcan, I can ' t really say. But doesn ' t she have that certain aura of lost Atlantis about her? A classical wench, all things considered. If you can think of anyone, anyone who could introduce me to that gorgeous piece of woman-flesh, don ' t hesitate to call collect, from Australia, if necessary. I ' ll gladly pay all charges. Yours in divine madness, Athflstan Colgate Sykia Dumuni Lcplin, luJn Janelle Lavelle and John Schotlstall, author. Coraddi sponsors the Spring Arts Festival each year on LLlm|:lu This mmf s hesii Carolyn Kizer (seated on sota) and ludith Sherwyn (speaking). The three-day attair and their critiques ot works written by UNC-C students. ,1 l.Mtiit..] .lulhors Ooris Bells tluded readings by the author- Karen S. Davis Harriett Ann Kirk lanice Apple Jan Haswell Nancy Davis Mary Maxwell Paul Braxton Jim Kurtz Wendy Kaldon Dosia Bell Editor in Chief Business Manager Senior Class Editor Senior Statistics Editor Sports Editor Features Co-Editor Overview Assistant Organizations Assistant Senior Class Layout Photo Assignments Underclass Co-Editor Sophomore lunior Co-Editor Head Photographer Primary Photographers A more detailed listing of divison editors and staff can be found on page 380. This is bylno Jj means complete. » » ' The 1974 Pine Needles Editorially speaking: A crisis will arise to fill every vacuum. Media Board There is a maxim — something akin to Murphy ' s Law or Parl inson ' s Law — which says that a crisis will arise to fill every vacuum. Each year it seems that something or someone be- comes the target of pursuit for student government. Last year it was the Neo-Black Society; this year it was the campus media. In an attempt to cope with the resulting problems, Media Board was created. With the old Publications Board defunct for roughly two years, the media heads began meeting on an ad hoc basis in the fall along with several faculty and administra- tive personnel. After spending the fall semester in research, the group evolved a constitution which was approved by the Chan- cellor, and Media Board became a Student-Faculty Committee. The problems were not long in coming. While still in ad hoc status, the student senate had given to the MB the problem of settling the outstanding bill for the 1973 Pine Needles, plus some related problems which occupied the remainder of the semester. Not the least of these was the difficulty in persuading the student senate and others that the media were capable of disciplining themselves. Another hindrance was the fact that several of the senate felt that they were losing power to the loosely-structured group; one senator was heard to proclaim, when the MB consitution was formally presented to the body, " Are we bound by any of this garbage? " Then there was the time in the spring when the student senate attempted to remove in mid-year the salaries which the media personnel had held since September. Tempers flared in a senate meeting which ran until 5:00am, and while individual media heads completed plans for a strike, MB was called upon to assume its role of mediator until the matter was resolved. The crisis may attack elsewhere next year, but Media Board will be actively defining its role and assuming more responsibil- it . This year ' s co-chairmen were Cliff Lowery and Karen Davis; next year the chair will be held by Kelley Griffith and lanelle Lavelle. Ravond.i IJ.ilton, SGA reprfsenl.itive; Smith, C.irol Brooks; Terry Taylor. Inol picliirrM ,l,Mri Ojviv Tom kichy-Smithl left: Ros Wells, Senate representative; James Allen; Cliff Lowery, faculty co-chairman; Kelley Griffith. Below: Terry Taylor; Karen Davis, student co- chairman; Gary KofJnas; lanelle Lavelle. %i- ' ■__■ ' ' " B Jm l . m ' " Jr m. Student Government Association The Executive Chris Jones, President Cheryl Sosnik, Vice-President Carleen Sims, Executive Secretar ' lane Weston, Business Manager The Cabinet: Kevin Moore — Public Relations Dave Schuize — Proiects Fran Myers — Residential Affairs Karen Buckle — Academic Affairs lohn Berry — Student Services Cynthia Broome — Communications Buttons Rector — Voluntary Action Cam Owens — Publicity RaVonda Dalton — Organizations lanet Hall — Internships Melinda Murphy — Ecological Awareness i { Chris brought a special emphasis on ecology to his office with the creation ot a new cabinet ottice the Ottice of Ecological Awareness. ' t lane Weslon, Business Manager. r t P 14. The SCA offices are a central clearing house for all stucJent activities — and also home for the campus politicos. The secretaries handle corres- pondence, records, and other clerical functions for members of the senate and other organizations as well as the executive branch. Martha Shaw, Office Manager Donna Steele Tru ' Blue Susan Dunn Marilyn Rice, Secretaries Carol Moffitt, Workroom Manager Donna Steele. student Government — judicial Anornev General Frances Sink and Lynn Nesbitl, Executive Secretan , 0lH North Carolina Student Legislature North Carolina Student Legislature meets in Raleigh each spring to pass legislation sponsored by its member schools. It is a mock General Assembly with each school sending House and Senate delegates and alternates as well as observers. NCSL is the oldest body of its kind in the nation and has been training the state ' s legislators for over 35 years. This year ' s bill topics ranged from penal reform to the environ- ment. UNC-C ' s bills on bike paths and the state Fine Arts Council both passed with few amendments. Cathy Krinick was this year ' s delegation chairman, and Cheryl Sosnik held a state office in her role as Convention Chairman. The delegation is open through interview to all undergraduate students and regularly includes some not usually involved in student gov- ernment. Cathy Krinick Roslyn Wells Chris lones Carleen Sims Cheryl Sosnik Phyllis Carlton Cliff Mitchell Kevin Moore Chuck Melvin Marilyn Calhoun Debbie Beatty Cynthia Broome Regina Maclntyre Kevin Kilmartin Marilyn Rice Jane Weston Hollis Harned Martie Croome Yvonne Kilpatrick Nancy Snowdon lenny Jacoby Bob Trippeer Anna Villani Paul Braxton At thf h,inc|uel vvhuh kicked off NCSL . of the NC Ge lthy Krinuk, d eral Assembly and ■ id Nick Galilianakis al pre-pnmary hopetuls attended Ihe banquet — pictured he The NCSL Reviewing Board in the process of selecting ihis year ' s delegation: seated left to nght, below: Cheryl Sosnik, left Kay, Cathy Krinick, Karen Davis — chairman, Dena Squires, Phyllis Carlton, Doug Harris. Martie Groome and Clitl ' Mitchell Student Government — Legislative what can be said about a legislative body which begins the year with a solemn oath of office and ends with a mad scramble by the underclassmen to throw the outgoing sen- ior senators into the fish pond? The student senate is probably the most divisive closely-knit group of people on campus. It can be fairly said that they are unified only when under attack from an outside force. With meetings every week, they are proba- bly the most consistently active branch of government, al- though many may complain that their domain does not extend to every phase of student life. Many have accused the senate of being little more than a series of stepping stones for political careers; some use it for this. It remains the representative body of the students and as such provides training in some forms of representa- tive democracy. It is one of the most direct routes by which the student may change the campus. This year ' s senate was chaired by SGA Vice-President Cheryl Sosnik in her capacity as President of the Senate. Suzanne lennings served as president pro tem. Any number can play: a look at the Student Government elections, 1974 Each spring In a flurry of midnight conferences, poster paint, and wheeling and dealing, the junior politicos of UNC-C set out to prove once more that politics is the simplest of native games. This year was slightly different. The campaigns started as usual, with candidates and their work- ers babysitting the choice spots for posters until the midnight deadline was reached and cam- paigning could begin. After that, little was the same. For one thing, one of the candidates for SCA President |ust happened to be the Dorm Coor- dinator of Hinshaw, the men ' s dorm which se- ceded from Student Government the previous fall. After a year of militant non-involvement with SCA, Jim McAbee not only ran for president; he won. McAbee ' s opponents, Kevin Moore and Car- leen Sims, conceded the election when the results were announced. This is worth mentioning be- cause several of the other offices — from Vice- President to Chief Marshal — were appealed by the losers. What ensued was a series of maneuvers unlike anything seen since the Keystone Kops met their demise. The co-chairmen of the Elections Board, Jenny Jacoby and Lou Wilkerson, were faced with a bewildering assortment of appeals, topped only by the fact that SCA had no coherent Appeals Procedure and no one could give them any straight answers. This meant that the appellants had to re-file their appeals because grounds for appeals were not established until after the first flurry of appeals had been filed. The chairmen were slightly hampered since they were filling a vacancy created by the resignation of the original Elections Board chairman just a month prior to the elections, which was followed by a steady re- shuffling of the committee members. As the campus looked on, first with concern and later with bored disgust, the Senate attempted to rectify the confusion but was handicapped by the factions for each candidate still sitting in the body. After roughly two months, the last of the appeals was heard (Elections Board having first clarified what the " official " results were, a proce- dure which took somewhat over one week), with the final tally being that all races stood as they were before the appeals, and the last of the new officers was finally sworn in. His truth goes marching on. HLi- afaw Don ' t like it? Appeal it! and appeal it . . . I and appeal it . . . | and appeal it . . . _ lenny Idcobv and left Miller, candidate lor Attorney General, who appealed his election Wanda Melzger and candidate lor Attorney General Chene four difterent times to Elections Board and, losing his case, took his opponent to Honor Flynn, who was finally sworn into office |ust before final e ams- Courl He lost there also Roslyn Wells, former Attorney General ludy Arnn, and Dr jean Gordon of the History Department, who was called in to testify about Chene Flynn Another appeal Another appeal? Fran Garrison, President Doris Peeler, Vice-President Chairmen: Britt Blaylock, Concerts Lois Butner and lanet Harkins, Coffeehouse Nightowl Dianne Scott, Dances Jim Vestal, Fine Arts Stephanie Pigford, Movies Nancy Payne, Publicity Tee Doyle, Special Events Selwyn Hall, Social Elliott FHall Council is composed of dorm and town stu- dent representatives who, under the leadership of the chairmen and officers, provide a large portion of the or- ganized entertainment on campus. This included a cof- feehouse which operated every other weekend, bridal fashion shows, at least three dances each semester, and concerts by several artists including Anne Murray, Sha Na Na, Harry Chapin, and Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose. Many of the council members also work in the day-to-day maintenance of Elliott Hall, which serves as the meeting center for the campus as well as the town students ' home-away-from-home. Elliott Hall Council Fran Garrrson. ' of decorations tor the annual Holiday Ellrott Hall Council members wait for Mardi Gras to be I vhile later, a student enjoys a candied apple by the graffjtti Sam Dorsey performs at the Nightowl. The Easter Cot ee featured lelly beans distnbuted by the Easter Bunny. Town Students ' Association Steve Shytle. Steve Shytle, President Suzanne Jennings, Vice-President leff Kay, Business Manager lanelle Price, Social Chairman ( " IpiT.itini; Ihe TSA liook exchange l.irrv Ch.iflwrck Pulling nut thr Ti.un Crier, the TSA publiciliun Friends — the campus crisis control center Friends officers await Senate confir student-run, totally confidential err nation ot their st; s control center, IS as a Type II organization — pictured are Pat Donohue, Bob Grieser, and Paul Ortir anned from 7:00pm to 7:00am daily by trained personnel Would someone to talk to help? Phone 5084. The Debate Team: award winners L. Dean Fadely, Director of Forensics Valerie Coins Prichard, Assistant Director of Forensics Evidential Co-ordinator Daniel A. Seaman, Assistant Director of Forensics Personnel Co-ordinator Peggy Hamrick Cibson, Cfiapter President, Delta Sigma Rho- Tau Kappa Alpha (Forensics Honorary) i i student Orientation Committee Tru ' Blue, Chairman Outing Club Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Kappa Chapter — the national service fraternity T F P ■ ' .. (i tv -The k . tin, flNBElfTCNS Mickey Blaylock, President loel Ritter, First Vice-President Tony McCarson, Second Vice-President Bob Trippeer, Corres. Secretary Pat O ' Doherty, Recording Secretary Dan Thomas, Alumni Secretary Bill Roberts, Treasurer Britt Blaylock and Barry Day, Social Chairmen John Ellis, Historian Roger Jones, Chaplain Neo-Black Society Leon Chestnut — Coordinator Randy Robertson — Asst. Coordinator Angela Phillips — Corres. Secy. RaVonda Dalton — Community Liason Perita Bryant — Problems and Issues Cathy Amy — Curriculum Reform )udy Hunter — Finance Chairman Quintin Norman — Social Chairman Cathy Powell — Reporter Dance Company ' -- •. ' .C f K jj.+i. CREATOR: Women ' s Choir — Symphonic Chorus — Chorale Women ' s Glee Club Concert Band — Jazz Ensemble — Sinfonia Religion on campus: Baptist Student Union — Wesley Foundation St. Mary ' s House — Ba ' hai Faith Lutheran Student Movement — Hillel Newman Club — Presby House Interfaith Council HONORARIES Psi Chi Greg Benhovv Su n Bom Mymjt Brown Brooke Burton Sarah Cecil Terrre Chilton Bet kv Crjii. Anlie Curi Wa ■ Ev Pam Criftin Earlme Hardip Suvin Hare Sylvia lohnson Donna Io ce Wanda Maynor loan Pearlman Marlene Sanders June Sasscer Betty Shearon Steve Sheiton Frances Sink Cher .| Smith Francis Tedder Phvllis Thomas Edwin VWiltei Sandra Ward Susan Willi., George Wong Gamma Theta Upsilon Kay O. Garcia Kristin Hayes Chuck Osborne Pi Alpha Theta Svlvia F Coats Lisa A, Cole Susan jean Dabnev Mary Susan Daniel Margaret Elaine Doerschuk Edilh Rohinson Eddleman Ceiia Helen Fedler Michael Harper Deborah Harvey Gary larrett Margaret Ann Kowalski Gloria Anne Leebrick Wi lliam May Paula Elizabeth Mitchell Penelope Anne Muse Patricia I Pegram Linda Register Emily lane Williams Student Excellence Awards Kim Ivarleen Bald Alice Leigh Bradford Elizabeth | Bryan Phyllis E. Corbett Evelyn M. Dunaway juiia Lynn Edens Richard T Gray Eva D Haywood Martha C Highsmiih Kam-Hung K Leung Kathrcn A, VonLindern Donald Richard Moore Patncia Isley Pegram Virginia A Player Sandra E Shoal Barbara A. Sipe Margarita V- Townsend Kathleen Williams Susan H Young Omicron Nu lame Barrows Carol Blame Barbara Bostain Wanda Brooks Kathenne Carroll Kathleen Colquitt Kay Cumby Patricia Cunnmghan Marysue Davidson Linda Davis Naomi Desautels Angela Dunn Nancy Foster Martha Gabriel Joanne Glassford Lee Grant Sheila Gwennap Jeanne Hancock lane Harris lane lohnson Lou lones Debbie joyner Beverly McAnulty Gail Moser Margaret Pickler Linda Preston Deborah Riley Cynthia Kilrhie Mary Sea well Elaine Sloan Diane Sloe kerl Dale Terry Ann Walls Melanie Williamson Pi Delta Phi lulia Eden, lane Folger Myra Hanll Deborah Sam Lynn Thompson Ma Irsli,. Yi Wii Phi Beta Kappa luhn Burffll All.-ti III Cvnthia DcUvn Asbill Kim K.irleen Bald Mrs. Martha B. BLukw.iler Elizabeth lohnson Bryan Susan Watson Hartsog Bullock Maureen Agnes Cahill Gaylor Forrest Callahan Phyllis Elaine Corbelt Linda Carol Davenport Carolina Louise Diehl Elizabeth Clare Dolin Edith Eddleman lulia Lynn Edens Leslie Ellen Ellis Victoria Lee Farthing Mrs. Bonita Gammons Gibson Sandra Elizabeth Clasgov Mrs. Angela T. Coldston Pamela P. Gritfin Colena Faye Hall Myra Anne Harrill Mrs. Eva Ruth Duggins Haywood Cynthia Ruth Howard Wanda K, Hutchins Gail Elaine Inman William Alan Ivey lams Faye Johnson Steven leffrey lones Alice Susan Kirkman Kam-Hung Kenneth Leung Mrs. Pamela Ann Carter McAlpine Donna Elaine Miller Gregg Raymond Miller lanice Elaine Morgan Charlotte Eleanor Myrick Mrs. Pamela lean Tyndall Overcash Marsha Ann Overman Patricia Isley Pegram Doris Ann Peeler Dorothy McConnell Pendleton Stephanie Vyrl Pigford Pamela Jeanne Polzin Mrs, loyce Ann Marsh Powell Mildred Kay Pridgen Carol Dean Pulliam Linda Ruth Revis Barbara Kaye Pollins Sara Elizabeth Ross Deborah lean Sain John Martz Schotfstall Margaret Humphrey Seawell Betty Lou Shearon Anne Monroe Sheffield Cynthia Anne Shlllmglaw Norma G. Shively Sandra Elizabeth Shoaf Mary Frances Sink Barbara A. Sipe Elizabeth Ann Smith Julia Elizabeth Spears jerry Davis Stellman Susan Raye Swing Janice Marie Tarlton Phyllis Anne Thomas Margarita V. Townsend Mary Catherine Tnplett Kathryn Anne VonLindern Sandra Lee Ward Wendy Lee Whittemore Mrs. ShiHey Rollins Wilder Susan Elizabeth Willis Phillip Ryan Wilkerson Susan T. Wilkms George Swee-San Wong Omicron Delta Epsilon Charles Thomas Allschul Fred A, Ashworlh Steven E. Balog Rebecca S Benson Melanie Annellc Blackley Thomas ). Biair )ohn L. Butz Pamela R. Craven Donna Price Ferree A. Douglas Flick, jr. James Michael Hart Stephen Franklin Flicks David 5, lolley Terry Lou Lampley Douglas H. Little )ohn D. McGowen Golden Chain John Berry Rebecca Bosley — Treasurer Leon Chestnut — Scholarship Chn Phyllis Corbetl Pam Mcintosh Dame! Debbie Dion Fran Garrison Peggy |o Hamnck Gibson Joyce Grubbs Janet Hall Nancy Harmon Cathy Helms Suzanne Jennings Deborah Jones Harriet Ann Kirk Cathy Krinick Wanda Metzger Fran Myers Jan Nunnally Nancy Payne Dons Peeler Tama Rose Ruby Rufty Mara Sage Dianne Scott Frances Sink lames (Smitty) Smith Cheryl Sosnik Dena Squires Lynne Stevens — President Phyllis Thomas — Vice President Kathy VonLindern Roslyn Wells — Secretary L. Jane Weston Lou Wilkerson Tandy Wilkins — Social Chmn Alice Anne Yates Mu Phi Epsilon Tuyna Adco Marian Andrews — Secretary loanna Beck Carol Bowden Arden Conway — Chaplin Dana Fox Jane Grant — Vice President Ann Griffin Betsy Hood — Treasurer Miriam Lockhart Fran Loftin Sheila Marshburn Faye Parsons Nancy Phelps Ginger Player Brenda Price Joyce Shater Victona Silby Kathryn Smith loan Stoltz — Choirister Peggy Sweeney — President Barbara Taylor Corr. Secretary Cindy Teague — Warden Louise Wilkerson Kathy Wright — Historian w Sports .x hez Field Hockey Fran O ' Meara — Captain JoAnn Messick — Captain Paula Bonner Kim Bowers Marti Caldwell Valerie Craemer Dorothy Dilliplane Nan Ferebee Nancy Frank Helen Hamm Cathy Holcomb Donna Horton Pat Hughes Kathy JacotDS Jan Kokolski Anita Laughinghouse Joyce Mouberry Ann Nettleton Cam Owens Missy Parker Lisa Poole Sherry Reddick Wanda Talarico Leslie White Nancy Woodside » n itn ' „,;.JL--. ■• " •■ ' ■ 1- r W. " -A SCOREBOARD OPPONENT HiKh Point College Tidewater Community College Appalachian State University Carolina Club Wake Forest University Winthrop College East Carolina University Carolina Club Appalachian State University UNC-Chapel Hi Winthrop College UNC-Chapel Hill Catawba College Soccer Erol Balkan Peter Brown Daniel Collins Steve Copley Robert Eanes Richard Heebner Gerald Hill Bob Hites Edward Kramer Lewis Lobosco Bill Messenger George Nyquist Robert O ' Kane Ernest Read iames Shaw Jeff Shoaf John Warlick Steve Whitaker lohn Whittemore Bill Utter Coach Mike Rush Manager A r ■ l : r- 4 4 Volleyball Pat Hielscher, coach Peggy Martin, ass ' t. coach layne Black, manager Donna DowcJy, scorer Cayle Currie, co-captain Donna Friesen, co-captain Becca Anderson Debbie Bowman Diane Conder lanelle Degree Carol Dixon Marty Hackney Cathy Hefner Liz Phillips Cathy Tamsberg Cinda Whicker Donna Friesen and Cayle Currie. SCOREBOARD UNC-C vs Wake Forest 14-16, 15-9, 1S-8 UNC-C vs El on 14-12, 15-13 UNC-C vs Coker 15-3, 15-11 UNC-C vs Winthrop 11-13, 15-7, 10-15 UNC-C vs Appalachian 17-15, 15-0 UNC-C vs East Carolina 12-15, 15-6, 17-15 UNC-C vs Western Carolina 3-15, 15-1 1, 15-7 UNC-G vs Appalachian 15-10, 8-15, 15-1 UNC-C vs Winthrop 15-2, 14-16, 15-11 UNC-C vs El on 13-15, 15-1, 15-12 UNC-C vs Duke 15-9, 15-8 UNC-C vs Western Carolina 15-10, 15-5 UNC-G vs Mars Hill 15-2, 15-1 UNC-C vs Marshall 15-6, 13-15, 11-15 UNC-G vs East Tennessee 15-10, 13-15, 15-12 UNC-G vs Columbus 15-13, 15-9 UNC-C vs Montevallo 15-10, 19-17 UNC-G vs Tenn. Tech. 7-15, 15-13, 16-14 UNC-C vs West Georgia 15-12, 4-15, 6-15 UNC-C vs U Tennessee 11-15, 13-15 UNC-C vs Mars Hill 15-13, 15-5 UNC-C vs Chapel Hill 15-4, 16-14 UNC-G vs Wake Forest 15-12, 15-8 UNC-G vs Duke 8-15, 12-15 UNC-G vs Elon 15-4, 13-15, 9-15 Swimming Lynne Caskin, coach Kris Burns, ass ' t. coach Carol Cooper, diving coach Mary Luedeka, manager Marceia Bartlett, Marty Reade, captains Marceia Bartlett Randye Brooks Pam Brown lean Bumbarger Debbie Eakes Sue Hale Lynn Hightill Pe ggy Kendall Marty Reade Patti Shockley lulia Smeallie Jeanne Smith Debbie Sutton Joy Roycroft Maria Williamson Swimmers Debbie Harnden Pam Mays Divers II 9 « n. • « ' •4 v. ■ ' ' r T » f " ■■. -, .rf N - ' f (V | fuC ' % " T? - ' ■ " ■- - ;- " ' » » : .V .. ' Si " J» - ' .- . - T • .. SCOREBOARD UNC-C OPPONENT Third Place UNC-CH Relays 39 Duke 88 100 Appalachian 23 70 Duke 57 70 Raleigh Consolidated 61 42 UNC-CH 88 81 Appalachian 37 93 Queens College 18 95 Columbia College 14 Fourth Place ECU Invitational 50 ECU 81 ix JS. ' tt ' ' }£ ' Men ' s Basketball Jim Swiggett, coach Doug Tennis, ass ' t. coach Mike Rush, manager Steve lones, captain Dan Collins Jim Fields Daine Eisold Mike Garner Steve Hall Tim Lee John McCaffery George Perry David Stevens SCOREBOARD UNC-C 88 65 85 73 87 68 73 76 72 53 76 45 52 71 52 87 64 53 81 85 59 OPPONENT Central Wesieyan 108 Methodist College 83 Lynchburg College 1 16 Greensboro College 83 Averett College 50 St. Andrews College 83 Bridgewater College 92 Eastern Mennonite 92 Virginia Wesieyan 79 NC Wesieyan College 70 Lynchburg College 90 Methodist College 91 Christopher Newport 80 Virginia Wesieyan 104 Christopher Newport 110 NC Wesieyan College 83 Greensboro College 91 St. Andrews College 68 Averett College 82 Central Wesieyan 100 Methodist College 95 Women ' s Basketball loAnn Mes ick, Cant. Donna Horton loyce Mouberry, Capt. Susan lolly Rita Wiggs Capt Deborah lones Peg Bodie Emmy Marshall Debbie Bowman Donna Morris Amy Corpening Vicki Troutman lanele Deg ee Marty Tucker M irti Hack ney SCOREBOARD UNC-G OPPONENT SI Longwood College 36 58 High Point College 44 52 East Carolina University 45 44 UNC-Chapel Hill 54 6 5 Western Carolina University 69 bl College Mars Hill 47 59 Elon College 71 53 Appalachian State University 52 55 Winthrop College 38 54 Wake Forest University 56 51 Appalachian State University 59 60 East Tennessee State 54 52 Western Carolina University 53 63 East Carolina University 50 50 Elon College 64 66 UNC-Chapel Hill 64 GO GET EM SPARTANS J j r Bert Goldman, coach Hugh Cole Mike Connors )im Costa Albert Khanlanan Rorin Piatt Byron Ritter DIAC Champions! lini Costa V Albert Khanlarlan. QUNC-G SCOREBOARD f - f COURTS hREFORUSe fVNC-G UNC-C OPPONENT STUXHTS.FACULTY STAFF.. , lost St. Andrews College aPEHHIT SMOm lost NC Wesleyan College i£h smt 4 won Methodist College r won Lynchburg College won Greensboro College 1 won Christopher- Newport College won Virginia Wesleyan College r Women ' s Tennis SCOREBOARD UNC-C OPPONENT lost UNC-Chcipel Hill lost Duke lost Appalachian lost ECU won Western Carolina won Wake Forest lost Appalachian Chris Burns Elsa Heimerer, coaches Sandy Crank Robin West, managers Dale Adams lean Bumbarger Jane Davenport Nancy Frank Jo Ann Kannan Nanct Leonard Margaret Malcolm Jo Ann Messick Dana Yoder SCOREBOARD OPPONENT Lynchburg College Greensboro College Virginia Wesleyan College NC Wesleyan College Greensboro College Hampden Sydney Virginia Tech Roanoke College Guilford College Elon College Methodist College St. Andrews College |im Swiggett, coach Mark Diachenko, captain Rick Hughes John Perrin Steve Ruggiero Ralph Sears Gene Shackelford Grant Walters Men ' s Golf ' ■ ' - ' lj ' ' i ' 7ii-i ' -» r ?°? ' 2J ??%ipt ' ' ' i ' P, . Women ' s Golf Dee Dee Owens, coach Dana Craft, ass ' t. coach lane Black layne Black Peg Bodie Donna Horton Bev Marks Fran O ' Meara Liz Phillips Betsy Waynick ) Donna Norton tsy Wciynick. Coach Owens, Betsy Waynick, and Donna Horton. ■mu ' TJ - nrv i TT 1 T = il ■ ■ " ■» 1 ■■ F HH 1 INI _ U - . - » w nv r ' j ' y I ' A .: College is more than just classes -it ' s a way of life. Students react to this lite in several ways — enthusisti- cally joining every available activity or disgustedly avoiding all contacts with humanity. The majority of students tall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, and at one time or another probably experience both extremes. The only clear line of demarcation is that between dorm residents and town students — and the battle analogy Is not entirely out of place. It ' s not so much friction between dormles and townles — It ' s just that the two ways 6t life are so different. Living on campus means there is no escape — even after you ' ve left the library or cafeteria or classroom buildings, how far away can you get? If you live In town, however, and can find a ride home, or have a car, or can hitch a ride or ride a bike — or hoof It — then you might get away from the campus pressures. It probably balances out. In the dorm, someone else takes care of the electricity and the heating bills, but you share a bathroom with 15-25 others (hopefully of the same sex). If you ' re lucky enough to find a good apartment, where the trash is removed somewhat regularly and you ' re close enough to walk to school when the car breaks down again or your bike disappears, then you are afforded the luxury of avoiding house meetings and not having to sign your guests in at the desk. In this case, you may also become a sort of haven for your beleagured dorm student friends. . . ■■ „..Mi..iiiiiiiiiimniiiiilii;riMltlllUIIIIIIII v.- The tendency in a women ' s dorm is to become close to the girls on the hall. It ' s hard to avoid this when you ' re living in each oth- er ' s laps, as it were. You get used to what your mother would refer to as " all kinds " , and you go through Halloween and Christmas parties together, especially in the freshmen dorms. The enthusiasm may wane when you move into the upperclass halls but you get used to making your own entertainment. The threat — or some- times outright presence — of monotony never quite goes away. Dorm life could also be viewed as an exercise in primitive interior decorating. Men ' s dorms are a shade different from women ' s — or, as one woman put it, " those guys get away with murder " . Admittedly, there is a certain peculiar quality to life in Hin- shaw or Guilford or Phillips, and it goes further than the fact that the visitation policy Is almost completely ignored in a men ' s dorm. For instance, life in Guilford at 3:00am is about as lively as it was at 9:00pm. Maybe more so. " We had gone out for beer and when we got back, Paul was really out of it, so his girl friend kinda pours him into the front door of the dorm and we waited for him to find his way up to his room. Only took him five minutes — what held him up was the fact that he went through all of his keys trying to find the room key. When he finally gets in, he falls asleep on the floor. Which is cluttering up the room. So we took him down and put him on a sofa in the parlor, and then moved the whole thing in front of Underdog ' s (the counselor) door, knocked, and ran. I don ' t know when he finally came to, but I suspect it was shortly thereafter. " The men at UNC-G are still a minority, and subject to commensurate heckling. This may change, however — next year the men take over still another former women ' s dorm when they move into Bailey, and more are escaping what dorm regulations yet exist by moving off campus, so there is an increase in the number of town student men. We ' ve come a long way in ten years. " The best thing about dorm life is that it convinces you that apartment life is where it ' s at. " (former Guilford resident) College lite includes many types of learning — coping with ARA Slater is only one. Cafeteria eating is known for developing a cast-iron stomach and a sense of humor — or an ability to con- centrate, while eating, on anything other than the matter at hand. • w -rS •S-WTT r ™ xnnr . T m — pgiu n-L mt. «2i .«v- iBm There are diversions to be found, espe- cially when you ' re desperate. When an evening in the library isn ' t enough to break the cycle ot dorm-classroom- cafeteria-dorm, tensions may result in a 4:00am trip to Your House, Dunkin ' Donuts, or any of the other oases of light and activity in nightime Greensboro. Another option is extracurricular or- ganizations (see page 132); a few choose this. Or the more structured entertain- ment: coffeehouses, UCLS events, TSA luncheons, dorm parties. Often it ' s a mat- ter of popcorn and TV in the room, or a fast trip to Bill ' s or somebody else ' s apartment for a beer. Anything to relieve the boredom. v ' -. ' ' :;; .. . ■ . • i ' j . ' sbe-. : ' ,K, : .. _ Y ■■ .-.. ' Viw ' jts ' And then there are times when you just have to get outside . . . ! iji: liii ri -« 5« V v Town students may receive the most practi- cal traming of all — they learn to commute. They also learn to cope with that Tscheep Pro- ductions, Inc., answer to a $16 parking fee: The Mud Lot. 6 3. i- - Mabel? Mabel — Come Home! Mabel? Mabel? Attitudes are formed here which are not easily renounced, the more so because the formation is often insidiously subtle. Mother was right — you do meet all kinds, and even in your inaction you have made a decision regarding the choice they of- fer. Hopefully you have moved a little closer to an understanding — not just an awareness and toler- ance of other people ' s choices, but a clearer con- ception of that choice which you must make for yourself. It may be that, of all the things you learn at college, the most important are lifestyles. A.JL ■ 1kJ . A.. Founder ' s Day 1973 ll Uti ' - the biggest birthd.iy pjrty cm campu ' .. With the cooper.i- tioii of SCA, ARA Slater, Alumni As ' jociales, UCLS, and many others, UNC-C celebrated Founder ' s Day on October 1 1th. The dimensions of the 2-layer cake were Gargantuan: 48 tt. In 2 It., 900 lbs. total weight (300 of that was icing), and 700 rosebuds. A large turnout of students, faculty, and staff devoured over one ton of fried chicken, in addition to other food, and there were free prizes lor everyone, tricycle races, hula hoop contests, and a Dixieland jazz band. The celebration ended with an impressive fireworks display, followed by the l ' -)73 Founder ' s Day speaker in Avcock Auditorium — Winston Churcliill 111. " You are destroying yourselves in a masochisric contemplation of your political navel . . . " Winston Churchill III Fiddler on the Roof Oresteia Luv RUR Hansel and Gretel Cat on a Hot Tin Root Theatre for Young People The Theatre lor Young People — Tarheel Tales. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. University Concert and Lecture Series Mac Frampton Trio Piano Bella Lewitsky Dance Company Modern dance David Raksin Music Composition tor Films Anne Scott Women in American Life The Fine Arts Quartet Chamber music FHarvey Cox Clergyman Who Killed |FK? Film and lecture FHon. Winston S. Churchill III Founder ' s Day Joseph FHeller Author Janice Madden Women in American Lite Alirio Diaz Guitarist Museum Without Walls Art films series Max Morath Ragtime pertormer Ferrante and Teicher Piano duet American Woodwind Quintet School of Music Chamber Series Awaji Puppet Theatre of Japan Puppeteers Ralph Nader Author Woodlands High School Touring Choir Musical drama Royal Tahitian Dance Company Native dance Studio II Modern theater Jazz In Jazz music Traditional Jazz Dance Theater Jazz dance Dick Gregory Lecturer The Tooth of Crime Experimental theater Piedmont Chamber Orchestra Chamber music Razoumovskv Quartet Debut Wilma Scott Heide President, NOW Royal Tahitian Dance Company. Harriett Elliott Lecturer — Professor Daniel Bell, Harvard sociologist. Awap Puppet Theater of lapan. " . . . and I was talking to some girls just before the service, and they said, " Reverend Presley, give us some hope! " But 1 have no hope to give you, for you see, you are the hope . . . " Rev. Thomas Presley Moravian Love Feast The annual Moravian Love Feast was expanded to three nights this year, indicative of its massive success. The service has steadily increased in attendance each year and now in- cludes large numbers of Greensboro residents as well as stu- dents. It ' s probably one of the most popular events on campus, and deceptively simple: just Christmas carols, beeswax candles carefully wrapped in red crepe paper by the Interfaith Council, some buns and specially-made coffee served by volunteers from APO, and a brief address by Rev. Thomas Presley of King Moravian Church. It always ends with the singing of the tradi- tional Moravian Carol, and then " |oy to the World " , during which lit candles are distributed and raised. The tradition on campus is that your wish is granted if the candles can be carried to the dorm without going out — so the service really doesn ' t end until later, when candles are hopefully blown out in dorm lobbies — if you ' re lucky. " What are all those paper bags doing on the sidewalk? " Luminjires .ire another Ir.ulilion nn (dmpus. White paper bags are tilled with sand, into which votive landles are sunk, and are distributed around campus (usually by Elliott Hall Council, APO, and any volunteers who show up tor the bonfire and hot chocolate). At a specified time that night, the candles are lit — by anyone who can grab a pack of matt he ' . — and for a few minutes at least, there is time to think about something other than the impend- ing finals. . i 1 . »,». " " , ■B ITi ti« « 5 III j ?Sfe " 5 m ft ' - " m — m. 1 n BS jjijii M ■ 4 1 ' 0 ' %...r. 1 ' ■f- ' C- ' : ' ::- ' ' ■■■• , ■■ ill W-. 1 iJm Looking Around All year long, Elliott Hall and various other organizations sponsor activities which can make life a good deal more pleas- ant. This year the activities ranged from coffeehouses — at the new Nightowl — to holiday coffees to concerts, dances, and almost spontaneous events. Town Students ' Association spon- sored Kite Day (kites and cokes supplied) and regular Tuesday morning coffees for town students, as well as frequent town stu- dent luncheons. There were religious events, open to everyone for free or a small fee. A Succoth booth was erected on the library lawn in the fall; the annual Christmas lovefeast was again a success; in the spring there were Passover meals and sunrise Easter services. Elliott Hall was often the scene of departmental and school coffees, seminars, and lectures. In addition, it is the regular meet- ing place for the majority of campus organizations, and the ubiquitous Third Floor Elliott houses the Type II student organiza- tions offices, including the publications and the radio station. And above all else, if someone came up with an idea — re- gardless of how crazy — he could probably find someone in Elliott Hall to help him carry it out. In almost every sense of the word, Elliott Hall is the student center — and some of the pic- tures that follow give a brief idea of the scope of its activities, as well as activities elsewhere on campus. Randy Robertson mans the Neo-Black Society booth at one of the Operation ' 78 conferences. Vice-chancellor lames Allen mel regularly wilh sludenls in ihf icl.ixcil .liiiiosphfre ol the Akinini lloiisr library Harry Chapin in concert. The APO annual slave auction. APO brothers help with the twice- yearly bloodmobile. Gamma Sigma Sigma, the service sorority, sponsored a dance marathon for the March of Dimes. The comedy team of Edmonds and Curley appeared this spring. Last tall saw the highly successful Muledeer and Moondog Medicme Show. David Barber, author of Presidential Character, spoke this spring (seated is Dr. David Olson). The Marshall Tucker Band appeared as a result of efforts mitiated by an independent group of students. A panel discussion from the series on the Changing Role of Women In American Life. Kite Day! Politicians and artists filled the streets at the Tate Street Art Fair In the spring. Alumni Associates Alumni Associates was founded three years ago in an attempt to involve the Alumni Association more directly in the lives of the undergraduates. The group is composed of alumni and undergrads, who together have sponsored and co-sponsored many events such as May Day 1973 and 74, Founder ' s Day, special nights in the cafeteria, Goodness Day (pictured here), and a campus-wide hunt for ice cream tickets hidden in the trees. For many, Alumni Associates are those people who hand out balloons and lollipops for no special reason — but when you ' ve fallen in a rut from routine, a balloon can be quite therapeutic. Nightowl Open every other week, the Nightowl cof- feehouse features a variety of campus talent — and some from off-campus (auditions are held periodi- cally and are open to everyone). For the small price of a quarter, it ' s a chance to retreat to candlelight for a few hours. Charlie McCurry and jim Lancaster. Mardi Gras y- - .. ..rf. ' t ' r and sunny spring days mrv S m 1 Bfffl Spring Weekend 1974: Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose SHA NA NA " I got just one thing to say to youse . and Roll is here to stay! " hippies: Rock Screamin ' ■ 1 ■ w ' f student Activities Awards Banquet The first annual Student Activities Awards Banquet was held on April 1 5. Attended by over 300 organization officers and members, faculty, and staff, the evening began with a champagne reception on the Elliott Hall patio. Following dinner was the keynote speaker, C. Shaw Smith, College Union Director of Davidson College, who spoke on the purpose of student activities In college life. The new SCA officers were sworn in, along with the recently-elected organi- zational officers, and several awards were presented to the outgoing members. The evening concluded with a one-act play, a slide pre- sentation, and the giving of the (also first annual) Academy Awards to deserving (?) students. (.lulRoing SCA President Chris lones dent C.irnson ard trom Elliott H.ill Pn John Moore, Tama Rose. Dr, Reardon, Vice-Chancellor and Mr )oe Flora, Vickie Inqram We shall gather at the river . It ' s called revenge. Outstanding Seniors Each ecir the senior class elects twenty of its own to the title ot Outstanding Senior. This year, those elected were asked to respond to the following questions: If you were writing vour autobiography, what would vou title it and whv? What do vou consider vour most important contriljution to the Universitv? What are your most important activities while at the uni- versity? Each Senior was asked to answer these questions in his own words. The answers are reprinted here with as I editing as possible. Cheryl Sosnik. Autobiographv; The Unsinkable — because no one can get me down. Contribution: my work in Student Government; it ' s been my life. Activities: President of the Senate; Convention Committee Chairman for North Carolina Student Legislature; Freshman Dorm Coordinator; Parliamentarian for the Senate. Steve Shytle. Autobiography: The Un- known Soldier. Most of the things that I am involved in are not noticeable to the stu- dent body: for example, my work with APO and the Town Students ' Assoc. I think that personal glory is not important, though. As long as the final results of the work that I put into something are notice- able, then the work has not been in vain. As long as someone has been helped or served in some way, then it doesn ' t matter who did the helping or the serving. Con- tribution: established the Dr. Rite Memorial Town Students Scholarship. -Ac- tivities: APO; Town Stuflents ' President; Student Senate; ( )ricnlaliiin Committee. Fran Garrison. Autobiography: The )oy of Life. The tollovvlng poem, by ,in anonymous author, does a better |ob of explaining my feelings than I could: The joy of life is living it and doing things of worth. In making bright and fruitful all the barren spots of earth. In facing odds and ma ' -tering them and rising from defeat. And making true what once was false, and what was bitter, sweet. For only he knows perfect )oy whose little bit of soil Is richer ground than what it was when he began to toil. Contribution: I see my greatest success in the strengthening of the EUC Council and its organiza- tion and attitude. Julie Spivey. Autobiography: Rainbow — a nickname from the Psych department that stuck. I teel like my life is a rainbow of many beautiful experiences. Contribution: Nursing. I feel that in my ma|or, I have had a unique chance to represent UNC-C in our community, which I view as an integral aspect of relat- ing university life to the " real world " . Activities: Senator; ass ' t. Dorm Coordinator; Dean ' s Advisory Council, School ot Nurs- ing; Student Excellence Award. Terry Taylor. ALitobiographv Guaranteed to Shock Yo ' Mama. I entitled it that because my life is so dull that I will need a come-on title to sell it. Con- tribution: I tried to bring to this campus a little bit of evidence that says there are people on this campus that can write and create works of art; we are not a school that turns out mere artistic cretins — we turn out damn good ones. Roslyn Wells. Autobiogrjphy; Girl With Some- thing Extra. I hope through the past few years I h,ive given i bit extra or more than was neces- sary. Sometimes you wonder if it is even worth it to care, but someone has to. I care, 1 get mad, I work and I prav to Gfxl I accomplish something. Maybe all of us should be given the recognition of having " something extra " because we are fools enough to care. We are all special. Activities: Senator: Secretar of Cf)lden Chain. Leon Chestnut. Autobiography: Survival. These were the times that tried our souls. Contribution: Leadership, patience. Activities: Neo-Black Society Coordinator; Golden Chain, . r. dp )ohn Schoffstall. Autobiography: Crist for the Mill. Uinies Branch Cabell ' s archetypal author, John Charteris, says of his work (m Beyond Life), " I am afraid that all is grist for that omnivorous mill. " Very true. Before everything else, I am a writer. My life is grist — grist for the mill. And so are yours, kids. Contribution: Insuring that every sentence that goes by me — as copy editor of the Cary — has at least one verb in it. Activities: Writing for Coraddi; copy edit- ing for the Cary; wet-nursing the publications IBM. Dean Squires. Autobiography: Trucking Right Along. I guess I have a high need for new experience. I don ' t think I |ump from one thing to another without finishing the job at hand, Luil I like to hurry and get on with it. Contribu- tion: I think my most important contribution to UNC-C is not an office I ' ve filled but my defense of what I believe in. Activities: North Carolina Student Legislature; Senator: SCA Secretary. Lynn Nesbitt. Autobiogr.iphv: Cone With the Wind, lie(.iusc I ,im e fr tlo.itmH Ironi |)l,uc lo place, set ' kin.t; only h.ippmess lor others. Contribution: To the students of UNC-G, especially the criminals, my abuncJance of fairness, hrinestv, and intei;ritv. Activities: Court Member, Assistant F.D.C: E e( utive Secretary of Court. Mary Frances Sink. Autobiography: The Plants in My Life: A Botanical History of Mary Frances Sink. Having been an avid " plant freak " for several years, I have discovered that across time the health and wellbeing of my personal collection of bo- tanical specimens is an accurate barometer of change in my life. Contribution: Any senior deserving of the title " Outstand- ing Senior " made their most important contribution to UNC-C when they resisted that initial drive toward the inertia which pervades this tanipus and took up their first in a series of thank- less |()bs that keep the mathinery ot campus lite running. Janet Hall. Aulobiogr.iphy; Camelol. bc rcisnn I , vv served liere and elsewhere .utively in the (jrg.ini tilioiis is liccause I believe Ihal activism can be used to society ' s good as well as to its detriment. Contribution: speaking up in class — all my [irotessors knew there was at least one person awake. Activities: CoLirse and leather Coor- dinator; Academic Internships; Secretary tor Cuninuinity Affairs; Assis- tant D.C. and O.A.; Golden Chain. Tru Blue. Autobiography: The Agony and the Ecstasy, |ust because that ' s the way it ' s been — especially these past four years. Contribution: Student Orientation Com- mittee, changes in the program from short period activity to year ' round activities. Activities: Student Orientation Committee, Chairman; University Orientation Committee Student Chairman; Freshman Dorm Coordinator; Alumni University Council. Gary Jarrett. Autobiography: Proving Myself. When 1 came here as a freshman, I saw an evaluation of me. It wasn ' t overly encouraging. From that time I ' ve worked to prove to this university that they had me pegged wrong. Contribution: My willingness to take an active part in University affairs, and taking the time to care what goes on at UNC-G. Too many students at this school are too apathetic. Activities; Active member of Alpha Phi Omega; Chairman of the Senior Steering Committee; Member of Phi Alpha Theta History Fraternity; Town Student Senator. ' -1 S Mwi S™ ' ' Z. ' : m m 1 Ik ill i 1= ? L. )ane Weston. Autobiography; The Alarm Clock. I never can seem to hear my alarm clock in the morning . . . I guess my " Circadian Rhythm " is out of tune! Contribution: I just try to help. Activities: Business Manager of S.C.A.; North Carolina Student Legislature; VITA Volunteer; Orientation Assistant; Golden Chain. Carole Anne Brooks. Autobiography: Neutrality is My Name. I try to stay impartial to many situations so I can have a clear head about all sides of the issue before choosing a stand, if one is taken at all. Contribution: In my past year as editor of the Carolinian, I have brought the paper from the small paper of past years to a full size newspaper, averaging six pages twice a week. I have tried to make this a student newspaper, and not just a sounding block for a few irate people. More at- tention was p.iid to ,i tivilH ' s on (am|ius than in the past. » " .i - ' - ' • Britt Blaylock. Autobiography: Strange Visions, Odd Hours. C (inlnbutions: Showing some people that the " (orrett " way is normally neither the easiest, most ef- licienl, nor most productive method. Activities: A. P.O.; Concerts Committee Chairman; Senate. Laurie L. Conway. Autobiography: A Divine Comedy of Errors. I suppose everyone can find their lite to be somewhat a divine comedy of errors, but I feel I have certainly had my share. Contribution: Perhaps my greatest contribution to UNC-G was being a part of the Theater for Young People touring company. While we were on the road we were ambassadors of this university and our dramatic program. It was one of my most valuable learning experiences with respect to theater and people. Activities: Dean ' s List and Honors Program; Spencer Love Scholarship in Drama; W. Raymond Taylor Scholarship in Theater. Chris Jones. Autobiography: Dear Mispronouncialed Academaniac. Contribution: As far as my great accomplish- ments for this year, I feel that I have no accomplishments to claim for myself. It was the students and the administration that made the great strides forward. I feel my greatest privilege was the opportunity to work for them and to be a part of the new positive spirit on our campus. Suzanne Jennings. Autoliiograpin : Survival of the Fittest. Strength uf character, mind and temper are ma|or requirements tor successtully tmlshlng four years at UNC-C. Some of us quit, some en- dure, others prevail; occasionally some choose the five or six year plan. Here the issue becomes lor me not who was president or vice-president, outstanding senior or valedictorian, but how I can best use m experiences to prevail in the tutiire, in the real world. Activities: Three years in the Senate; President pro tern of the Senate; Vice- President of T.S.A. )ohn ). Berry, Jr. Autobiograph A Man for All Seasons, because I know how to dress lor the weather. Contribu- tion: Helping to dispel the rumor that all guys living in Phillips Dorm are homosexuals. I ' d like to think I did the |ob all by myself, but . . . Activities: Student Radio; Se- nate; Honor Court Defense Counsel; Secretary of Student Services; Chairman of Internal Senate Committee to Investi- gate Senatorial Absences. ■.M 5 Donald Moore. Autobiography: It ' s My Story and I ' ll Tell It the Way I Want To. Contribution: Func- tions of Alphci Phi Omega, because the entire uni- versity benefits from the service. Activities: A. P.O.; Senate; Elections Board. Karen Davis. Autobiography: No Easy Answers. For the issues in which I ' ve been involved all my life, I have found that there are no easy answers. A clear view of all sides of an issue often makes the decision more difficult than a myopic viewpoint would have allowed. Contribution: a tie between my work as one of the founders of the Media Board and the author of its constitution, and my willing- ness to speak up for the President and the conser- vative philosophy (the last two items not being necessarily related). Activities: Editor of Pine Nee- dles; Appeals Committee Chairman 2 years; Stu- dent Chairman, Media Board; elected President pro tem in 4th year as senator (later resigned to edit yearbook). Alkinsiin B.irlMr.i I. Alwfll E Anne Mdry I, Ausli ' ll Kdhm F Auslin Roliin ( , B.ihihin N.HK I B.ikc.f 11 Kh.indi C B.ikc K.islvn B,iil,-v M,ir ' Ann Vi ruin Id A B.irbc Robin E. B.uiniM Donna |, Barr ShiTrcf A B.iMf lulic Bc.ii Shf .in L Dftw D, Beck P.uil Bell Cynthia L. Bi-nbow lost-phine D, Bcnfield ludy E, Benfield Brencla V BennctI Sharon L. Bt-nton William E, Bergen Anne M, Berrv Patricia D Bigby Catherine Birmmghan B Robin Black Mary I, Black Marva E. Blackwell Archie H, Blount lerry A, Blue Dehora R. Boger Diane R Bond Saundra H, Boone Margaret A. BootI Susan R. Boutwel Cynthia L. Bovvm, Donna K. Bowma Margaret D, Bcnvi Bonnie F. Boyetle lanice F. Boyette Jennifer D. EJoyette Teresa A. Bradshaw Elizabeth I Brake Beverly L Brinkley Sarah L Broadfield Wanda E Brower Deborah C. Brown Katharine L Brown Sandra G. Brown Anna C. Browning Debra K Bruce Beverly H Bryant Debra I Bryson Elizabeth A. Bulllap Eloise M Burrh Elizabeth S- Burchell Cathy A, Burchetle Carol A, Burgess Patricia M, Cahill Michelle D. Camp Sheila E. Campbell Eva B Carawan Shirley ' A Carroll I Cas Do K Ca Carol D Chalme Esther N Cha()|)i Catherines Che Sandy Cheek I. Christi, ■ C Clark I I Clark Fleetwood Winsion-Salem Cherry Hill, N| Lenoir Lenoir Greensboro Wyckoff, N| Greensboro Rutherford Taylorsville Reidsville Salemburg Berwyn, PA Morganton ' mston-Salem Charlotte Thomasville Charlotte vn Summit %ton-Salem Mt. Airy Graham Burlington Candler Eden W Palm Beach, Fl, Burlington Lexington Liberty Taylorsville Ahoskie Faison Winston-Salem Newton Rowland Taylorsville Annandale, Va Raleigh Raleigh Castonia Blandenboro Black Mountain East Bend Jamestown Albemarle Asheboro Charlotte Eden Winston-Salem Greensboro Tryon Greensboro Charlotte Chadbourn Washington Providence Goldshon) Dobson Sanford Wilmington Albemarle Liberty Charlotte Tampa, Fl Morganton 11 Eunice D, demons Alma B. Cobb Mark C. Cochran Sherly L. Cockershaw Peggv Y. Cockman Betsey E. Coftield Marlene S Cogglns Elizabeth A. Cole Caria E Cooper R. Lynn Cooper Laura E. Cordle Patricia C Corns Betty C, Co Karen L. Cox Rebecca VV, Crabtree Penneye D. Crayer Rebecca ). Cresimore Viyian D. Crisp Barbara ). Crissman Carol A. Croom Clementine Crowder lames R, Crowder Trina M. Cruse lane K. Culbreth Janice A- Cumby Cynthia M. Cunnlnghan Roger L, Dalton Martha E, DaK Lnri A Dame Betty I Darr Donna A Dayis Karen M Davis Margaret L Day Monica C- Davi ' Robin F Davis Karen D Daye Martha L. Deal Blanche E- DeBerrv Dons D. Dees D. Christine Deese Kima I Degree Katherine DeShields lamesanna Deviney Eva M DeVos lanice A, Dillon Becky P Docker,- Teresa E, Donahue Teresa A Doty Melmd.i Dovvnie Louise A- Downs Virginia H, Duncan Dorothy L- Dunlap Roxanne B, Echerd Mary R Edens Catherine A Eddy lewell C- Egerlon Suzanne C Eggleston Patricia M Eisenhart Cynthia A Elkins Carol A Elliott Deborah L Elliott Katharine H Ellis Rhuvalcr I English Melinda D. Eure ludith D, Evans William I. Evarts Deborah L. Everett Sheila E. Everhart Sherron A, Fairley Ruby E Farley Coldsboro Atkinson inston-Salem Greensboro Robbins Laurinburg Sophia Mt. Holly Sophia High Pom! Charlone High Point Star Randleman Bahama Winston-Salem Maiden Graham Car ' Raleigh Peachland Graham Kannapolis Charlotte Clemmons Milton Danville, VA Broadway Biacksione. VA Wake Forest Kannapolis Charlotte Mt. Airv Burlington Newport News, VA Durham Statesville Greensboro Chadbourn Badin Shelb )ton Bch NY Greensboro Hartsdale, NY Greensboro Kernersyllle Kannapolis Shelbv anklin Lakes, N| Charlotte Spmdale Wadesboro Taylorsville Greensboro Greensboro Raleigh ■son, MD son, MD Gatesyille Fayetteville Elon College Providence Lexington Ashcboro 11 Mkktk Pamela C Framer Anna H, Ferrell Willa M. Fisher janel D. Flake Kalharyn B. Ford Melissa S. Forte Linda G Foster Kannapolis Saxapahaw Wilmington, DE Frederick, MD Wilmington, DE Greensboro Yanceyville Debra A, Fowler Linda 1 Fowler Marilyn Fox Karen L, Francis Nancy L, Frank Marsha C Frazelle Belty P. Freeman Winslon-Salem Charlotte Riverton, CT Rutherlordton Va Beach, VA Wil mington Dobson Pamela I Freeman Deborah 1 Frulh Monua D Fuller Sandra 1 Gaddy Lynne A, Garber Martha |, Gardo Tina M, Cavazzi Randleman Fiederlck.MD Gibsonville Reidsville Charlotte Forest City Somerville, N) Cynthia |, Gardner lack W, Gardner II Nancy A, Cams lill L Gasler lune A, Gaston Sandra M Gaston Tanya L, Gayle Winston-Salem Monroe Clearwater Bch. FA Apex Cherryville lamestown Marion Ruth A. Gentry Wendy I Gibson Terry E. Glasgow Margie L. Godwin Martha A, Coff loy D. Goodman Susan L. Goodwin Dobson Mt. Airy Enfield Greensboro ing charlotte Burlington Janet E. Gordon Shirley E. Gordon Sally 1- Gower Patncia D. Greene Carolyn A. Grentz Kymberiy ). Crotlle Susan M. Guerrant Thomasville Henderson Rocky Mt. Greensboro Havertown, PA Matthews Chadotte Debbie S, Gynn Laura M, Hahn Cheryl D, Hale Diana G Hallman Elizabeth Hamilton loyce A, Hamlett Silvia Is Ham Salisbury Glen Rock. N| Eden Cherryville Wesllake, OH Elon College Summit, N| Sally L Hannan Barbara L Hardy Vickie S, Hare Melissa 1 Harmon Quinn K, Harned Susan E Harrington Angela W. Hawks Cols, OH Snow Hill Durham Wmston-Salem Reidsville Greensboro Greensboro Melodi R Hayes Roche D Hayes Leslie B Hearn Pamela 1 Hedrick Cornnne E Helderman Bonnie L Henderson Cynthia G Henderson Lumberton Nashville. TN Graham Henderson Concord Greensboro Kannapolis Gail C Henderson lulia A Hester Susan R Hiikman Sheila F Hill lanice E. Hinson Linda D. Hodge Dons A. Hodges Burlington McLeansville Statesville Rocky Ml High Point Winstoii-Sak ' m Durham 11 Donna A. Hoffman lean N. Hogsed Marsfia F. Holbrook Nina A. Hollifield Manon D. Hollowell Elizabeth A, Holt Pamela A. Holt Charlotte Andrews Charlotte Black Mountain Tyner Kinston Graham Michael D. Honeycutt Sherri A, Honker Susan L. Homey Deborah C House Elizabeth L Howard Luzia A. Howe Ruth A Hoxie Murphy Hope Mills High Point Rocky Mt Burlington Asheboro Charlotte Susan E. Hudgins Kathy M. Hudler ludy C. Hudson Ernestine B. Huffman Patricia Hughes Ralph O. Humble Peggy D Hunt Raleigh Clendale Springs Yadkinyille Fayetteyille Alexandria, VA Liberty Greensboro William E Hunt Ruth A. Igleheart Henrietta Ijames Vicky L. Ingram Amy E. Irwin Steven C, Ivey Ruth E. lames High Point Greensboro Lexington Winston-Salem Dayidson Pfafftown Verona, N| Tern S, lernigan Rhonda K. jester Diana L. lohnson loan W. lohnson Kathryn R lohnson Louise E, lohnson Maf% ' L Johnson Fairmont Asheboro Winston-Salem Weaverville Charlotte Pompton Plains, Nl Raleigh Patricia L lohnson Sharon B lohnson Deborah L, lones Martha M. Jones Rebecca S. lones Ruth E. lones Sharon L, lones Greensboro Raleigh Glasgow AFB, MNT Winston-Salem Walkertown Cedar Mtn, Greensboro Seve R, lones Sandra K, lordan Lu Ann Jordan Patricia C. Joyce Wendy L, Kaldon Bruce D Isaplan Elizabeth A Kay Greensboro Morven Kemersville Greensboro Greensboro Mahwah. N| Arlington, VA Theron S. Kearns Camilla |. Kelly Gail M. Kelly Tippy L. Kepley Cathy C. Kernodle Elizabeth A Kimball F Rencc kincaid High Point New London Westwook, N| Levington Burlington Zebulon ludilh E king Sheree F King Sherry L Kinlaw Barbara E Kinsey B. Cher ' l Kirhy Karen L. kiser Paul Kiyctt Wmslon-S.ileni [Ion ( .ill,i;r BI,Hlriil„UM Kli ' ijrln 1 Mi IIi.IIn ( oiiiord K.iniM ' ur Dons B Knight M lane Knobbc Mary C, Km h Karol A, Kreshon Kathryn A Kuzminski lanet D, La; key Baltlebon. Silver Spring, Mil Towson, MD Charlotte Aberdeen Kcrnersvilk ' 11 f Jf ' £imI Sharon D Llil Greensboro Line B. L.imljen Climax Liiu D Lambert Mt. Airy Virge A. Lampmen Morganville. N| Vicki L. Lane Winston-Salem Debra |. Lang Gary Karen Lasater Greensboro Susan P, Lasbiter Blanch Anita Laughinghouse Barium Springs loEllyn L Laurrng lacksonville Delois P. Laulen Winston-Salem Suzanne W. LaVange Hazelwood Vicki C Leary Edenlon lou A Ledbeller Madison Miriam F Ledbetter Wmslon-Salem lames C Lee III Greensboro Palricia 1 Leibell Bronxville, NY Thelma E, Leichliler Laurinburg joy L, Lent South Boston, VA Mary B Leonard Welcome Marv T. Leonard Greensboro lanet A. Lewis Walnut Cove Anne M- Little West lellerson Barbara D. Loester Greensboro Pricella L. Lloyd Robbinsville Beverly C Long Raleigh Maryann M, Long Wmslon-Salem Martha S. Love Pilot Mt lohn A, Lovin Marble Alleta 5. Lowe luhan Mary A. Lowe Greensboro Pamela L. Lowery Charlotte Lynlette Y. Lucas Louisburg lames H. McAndrew High Point Suzanne K. McAnulty Robbins lo R. McCachren Salisbury Linda McClam New Bern Sandra I. McClung Eden Patricia L. McClure Gastonia Suzanne K. McCray Staunton, VA Carol L, McDowell Stuart, FA Debra A. McCee Greensboro lanet E- McCinnis Stanley lames M, McGuire Thomasville Edna R. Mclntyre Goldsboro Nancy L. McKellar Rowland lane E. McKinney Greensboro Sherrie M, McKinnon Asheboro Bilhe N McLaughlin Maxlon Mary M- McLaurin West leftcrson Francine D- McLeod Mavton Deborah L. McMillan Wmslon-Salem Vera D, McMillan Cameron Denise C. McNeill Raleigh Paula A McPhail Fayetteville Norma K McSwam Sanford Donna L Mabe Madison Chnstel E Mack Greensboro Margaret W Malcolm Charleston, WVA Laura L. Mann Charlotte Alice A. Manuel Stoneville LaRhe Markham Greensboro Gail B Marlou Greensboro llll V Marlow Greensboro Emmy A Marshall Summertield Patncia A Martin King Melanie S Massey Yanceyville Kathy I, Matthews Liberty Mar,- E. Matthews Charlotte Linda L. Malthisen Forest Cily 77 Susan K. Mavo Burlington Helen H. Mears Washington, DC Deborah A Meighan ChaHotte Marlena Meisenheimer Charlotte Mary L, Melton Salisbury leflerv Melvin Fayetteville Karen E Melvin Favetteville Holly Mercer Charlotte Helen K, Merck Lumberton Pamela A. Miller Lenoir Sandra K, Miller Cherryville Emilv |. Mills Wallace Valeneia L. Miiosky Greensboro Elizabeth A. Mincey Burlington Myrna M Minton Roxobel Rebecca L Mode Annandale, VA Mar R. Moodv Charlotte Carol F Moore lamestown Cheryl A- Moore Winston-Salem Patricia A, Moorelield Burlington Anne B, Morgan Statesville )an L Morgavan Gibsonville Christine A Morris Charlotte Cynthia A, Morris High Point Mary M. Morrow Durham Carolyn Y. Morton Charlotte Martha G. Morton Gamer Charles E. Moschler Burlington Robin B Motley Salisbury Melinda D Moxley Boonvillp lody L. Mull Gastonia Teresa G Mullis Olin lulianne Murphy Morehead Citv Suellen Murphy Thomasville Karen S Nail Robbms Robin E Nance Salisbury Sarah E. Needham Pilot Ml Barbara A, Ness Medlield, MAS Debra K. Norman Greensboro Cynthia L. Norman Dobson ludy Norris Statesville Susan H- Nunn Charlotte Dennis |. Osborne Sparta Carolyn P. Ostwalt Greensboro Desiree R. Overby Florence, SC Howard G. Owen Stalev Sherrie L- Pace Forest City Wanda G, Padgett Greensboro lane L Page Cumberland, K Anita S. Palazzolo Elizabeth Citv Clara A. Plamer Durham Ann E. Parent Winston-Salem leanette C Parke Charlotte Patricia A. Parnell Winston-Salem Carolyn S. Parsley Statesville Lucmda M. Parsons Wilkesboro Patsy G Passmore Trimly Deborah A. Patrick Knowille. TN Acquanetia F, Patterson Durham Patncia 1 Patterson Burlington Donna G Payne A-hebnr.r Louisa F Payne l-taw Kivei Eve R Pendletion Ruhm.iml, V lettery ,M. Pen lev Statesville Dianne C Perdue Mt. Airv George E, Perry Laurinburg Cvnthia A. Peters Fayetteville Pamela R. Peters Fayettevillr Sharon A. Pettit Greensboro lennv I, Phihbs High Point LA 77 Til iiiiiia PI Suzanne E. Plauche Wilson P.ilncid A. Podboreski Stoneville P.ilruia A. Potndexler Pfatflown Nan v E, Pollock WInston-Salem Cathv R Pons Lenoir Donna M Poole Gary [ .borah L. Porter Hickory Elmira I. Powell Raleigh Pamela D. Powell Washington Karen L. Priest Fayelleville Rebecca I. Purgason Mayoclan Paula 5, Purvis Greensboro Celia A, Putnam Ml Holly Myra E, Ra an Levingttjn Lutia M Randall Charlotte Fannie L Ratlilf Lilesville Kathy D. Ray Fayetteville Sylvia 5. Ray Summerfield lulie L. Redd ChaHotte Cheryl L, Reihl Wilmington Renee 1 Reszutek Colonia, N| Karen L Reynolds Greensboro Vickie L. Richardson Asheboro Carol F Rierson Clemmons Wanda L Riley Durham Elaine Rivenbark Wallace Dale E. Roberts Apex Linda M Robertson Rural Hall Carol D, Robinson Durham Resa 1- Robinson Raleigh Ursula P. Robinson Fayetteville Pinkie 1 Rodenck Spencer lulia L- Rogers Statesville Patricia H. Rogers Deborah I Roland Smithfield Ashevllle Claudia I. Rollins Spindale leff D. Rosen Dover, N| |(.C, Roycroft Shallotte Cheryl W Royster Raleigh Barbara |. Rubin New Brunswick, Nl lanet M Rumley Mavodan Irene L, Sadie Morristown, N| Mary E Sale Raleigh Sue A Sanderson Evergreen Luther A, Sandridge Winston-Salem Betty L, Sasser Raleigh Mitchell D. Savin Greensboro Mary F, Schroeder Gary Karen E, Schultheis lamestown Laura D. Schwartz Alexandria, VA Dorothy A, Scott Mebane lean T Scott Stanley Mayr A. Seals Lumberton Rebakah |. Segraves Winston-Salem Edith A. Sells Statesville Camellia K. Sexton Wallburg Lydia S Shackelford Kinston Beniamin A. Shapre Raleigh Debbie 1, Sharpe Summertield Shannon L Shelton Wmston-Salem Robin G. Shepard Greensboro Revonda G Shore King Esther A Short Henderson Mildred Carol Short Waxhaw Kathy W Simmons Laurinburg Robin 1 Simmons Greensboro Suzanne S, Simmons Shelby Vicki L, Simmons Hickory Barbara Simpson Sanford Sarah V, Sims Spencer 11 Marv K. Singletarv Elaine M. Singleton Katherine E. Sink Robena L. Sloan Angela R, Smith David L, Smith Larnice D, Smith Lucy E. Smith Patncia S. Smith Robert B. Smith Shandi G. Smith Eva F, Snotherlv lane B, Sorenson Martha A Sowdo Debra A, Speaks lenniter D. Spence Marsha L. Spencer Dinah L. Stafford Paggv L. Stallings joAnn Stamper Chervl L, Stanfield Deborah C Stanley Martha D. Staton Virginia A. Staton lanet G Steele Pamela H Steele Deborah H Steen lean E Sterner Brenda I Stevens LouAnn Stevens Denise M. Stockert Rhonda E. Stradley Tracy H, Streater, Jr. Donna L- Summers Path A Summers Carol L, Sweeney Kyle Y Swisher Ian M. Talbert Suzan Y. Tanner Christeen E. Taylor Debbie A. Taylor Elizabeth A, Taylor Evangeline Taylor Laura L. Taylor M. Elaine Taylor Alice M. Terry Phyllis D Thacke Deborah D Thon Deborah E Thorn Gloria T Thoma Susan E, Thoma CIria I. Thompsi Betsy I, Thomps Rebecca A, Thn Sandra A. Tidlin Howard A. Tille Kristy T. Tinsley Brenda j. Todd Margaret T. Towt tlcinor H Troi Chervl L fui k, Martha L Turn Wendy | Tumi Ciarnette C Rowland Kinston VVinston-Salem Apes Salisbury High Point Rocky Mt High Point Winston-Salem Martinsville. VA Trinity Greensboro Granite Falls Roanoke, VA Elon College Greensboro Raeford Ansonvllle Greensboro Sandy Ridge Kannapolis MD Poti Fayetteville Walnut Cove Wmston-Salem High Point Winston-Salem Greensboro Hiddenite Eden Ellicon City. MD Winston-Salem Spruce Pine Hendersonville Ruffin Faison Stalesville Hickory Hillsborough Whitsett Vinston-Salem knightdair Fayetteville Greensboro Canton Rocky Ml Darien. CT Chadoll, Gretna. V Newport evingld Hickoi Cathe Tule ■L, Tv Karen Lllmer Graham Waviiesull,. Winslon-S.ileni Deerfield, MAS Kernersyille Arlington VV 71 m M a Bonitd A, V,flenlino Greensboro Bellv 1, Vt. s Forest City SylviJ L. Vic-tur Graham S.iM L. Viole Greensboro Arinj V. Viliani Winslon-Salem loan K. Voglec Greensboro Borliara A, VonOesen Charlotte Ti-re-a L. Waddeil Fayetteville Susan D. Wade Concorfl katherme H. Wagoner Chapel Hill Ann C, Waldrop Richmond, VA Canddce H Wall Durham Pnscilla E Wall Raleigh Susan T Wallwork Mt Mourne Stephanie R, Walter Nashua, NH lull A. Warren Hickory Marsha R Watkins Henderson Rachel I, Walson Greensboro Cynlhia L Webster Burlington Melanie C Welborn Winston-Salem Carol A Wellons Asheville Linda A Welte Movlan, PA Amy L Wendell Potomac, MD Lesa B. West Breensboro Robin C, West Clemmons Vickie L West Andrews Nancy R. Westbrook Mt, Olive Anna L. Wheeler Garner lanice L Whelan Gary Patricia L White SanFrancisco, CA Deana L. Whitehead Morehead City Debbie C Whitman Winston-Salem Mane E. Wicker Burlington Carol F Wilkerson Raleigh Carol E Wilkins Greensboro Linda C, Willcux Asheboro Anne R. Williams Greensboro Connie R Williams Winston-Salem Linda D, Williams Charlotte Nila L. Williams Asheville lulianna Williamson Greensboro Mada C, Williamson Whiteville Sandra A, Wills Canton Karen S Wilson Lexington kathy L. Wilson Matthews Vivian L. Wilson Tar Heel Susan E Wimbish Greensboro Lee M Wing Charlotte Cheryl L Winger Chatham, N| Arthyr M, Winslead Greensboro Annaliese vonWitzky New Fainield, CT Malena Wood Charlotte Helen M. Woodall Clayton Sharon A. Woodard Spring Lake Donna F. Woodruff Canton Gina C, Woodruff Mocksville Debora A Woods Fayetteville Phyllis A, Woody Timberlake Sharon R. Woosley Pfafftown Linda F. Wooten Durham Sarah K. Wootfon Greensboro Stephanie D Worsham Raleigh Carol 1 Wrobel Mt Pleasant, SC Susan F- Wyalt Candor Edwin T. Yarber Greensboro Mary K. Yates Wilmington Dana K. Yoder Fredericksburg, VA Linda L. York Greensboro lenniler A, Young Durham Fonda C. Younger Mt. Airy Sophomores Cvlllli.i I Ad.inis lu.irine M. Albnghl Deborah L. Ale .incle F. Diane Allison Louise K. Allred Virginia C, Animnns t arolvn 5- Andrews Chervl |. Andre- M.| Angelini Marsha L Arnii Andra L Alkins, Linda S. Avers Rita D, Avers Mne E A Bels H Baile Harvev L Bailev VVilluini L Baites Boniia L Baker Pamela Iv Baker CMithia L Ball C nlhia L Barber |o ce A Bartletl Alice G. Balson Barbara L Bene lanel C Bensor Susan K. Best Melanie L Bets, Lannv I Bische Pamela R Blatkbum Angela F Blackhursi Cvnthia R, Bland Evelvnne L, Blanton Deborah A, BIomki) Susan P Bost Lri«h H Bovinel liivu ' A Bovvers ( harlene L Bowr Clenria S Bowles Nina I Bowman Susan M Branih Betsv L Branklev lanice L Brav Mvra Bieitman lai|orie V Breslin Mollv M Brill D. ' borah I Britlian Donna 1 Brillon ( alhi-rmr S Bro( km, lari;arrl K Brooks losi-ph () Brooks Donald , Brookshir F el n M Brown Sl. ' phen (, Brr.wn Iheresa F Br.jwr, Penia s Br anl Wanda t, Bullotk Charles M Aaron Trudy K Abernelh Laura M Adair Ann E Adams Greensboro Greensboro lacksonvillle i-Hudson, NY Greensbort High Point Stuart, VA Pinnacle Henderson Le ille Ptatftown Greensboro Nashville Greensboni Franklinton VVinston-Salem Reidsville Wood I eat Greensboro Asheboro Greensboro Salisbury Concord Whilevillc Hiijh Point Greensboro High Point Fort Brag.i; lamestovvn Asheboro Newtcjn Greensboro Wake Forest BoilinR Spnngs H.implon VA Shelln Kinston W,id.-sl.,,n, l,, .-lt.Aill, Mi« ksiill. ' I lulls. .11 Durham Chase Cilv, V Greensboro I h,irlotl. 1, Don, lid r,iMil. ' I ,iN, ml ,,ird.-n ( h.irlolte BrevarrI RaetorrI Mendersonville Winston-Salem Shallottr Greensboro i a 76 i ' . M.irMcircl A Burr M.inh.i L, Burrils W.ind.l I CadifL C.inic-I.i M (alio Donna L. Cameron Rebecca J. Capp Cynthia L. Cardwell Debra E. Cardwell Kathy E. Carey Terry A, Carlton Nona B, Carroll Pal!.y L. Carroll Wallye R, Carsv Mary E. Carter Beth D. Caiey Cas Pain ndra C. I S. Cha loella M Chamber LouAnn Chambers Sheree E. Chambers Madeline D. Chase Connie L. Cheek Sharon E Cheek Martha C Childers Susan D. Clarke Deborah E, Clegg Caroline M, Cline Shelia A, Cline Katrina A. Coleman Carl D, Collins Debra L, Collins Sandra L Conciatori Donna G. Conrad Kathleen L. Cooke Claire D. Copeland Vicki L. Copeland Catherine R. Corn Amy A, Corpening Patricia A, Coltrel Cynthia A Cox David S. Cox Kathy D. Cox Margaret M. CoyI Lynne D. Craft Kimberley S. Crar Patricia D. Craven Marsha K. Crews Steve W. Crews Karen L. Crocker Vera L Crooke Mary L Crouch Magda L Cruz Phillip H Cummmgs Sharon L. Dail lo C Dale Ceorganne Daniels Mai ' B Garden Nancy D Daushten, ' lane T Davenport Patricia A Davis Teny D. Dans lanet C Dean Kathy L Dean Sara K Denny Robin M Disher loyce K. Doggelt Statesyille North Wilkeshoro dalfney Sanlord larkton Wallace Greensboro Chapel Hill Wmston-Salem Trumbull, CT Clinton Greensboro Shelby Winslon-Salem Ptatltown Canton Durham Walkertown Statesville Marion Mount Airy Winslon-Salem High Point Greensboro Chatham, N| Vinston-Salem High Point Edenton Thomasville High Point Granite Falls Reidsville Sanlord Lillinglrrn Kearneysville Asheboro Wilmington Greensboro Cherryville Monroe Greensboro Columbia, SC Vass Kenansville Charlotte Kannapolis Clinton Smithlield Kinston Wmston-Salem Waynesville Charlotte Greensboro Durham Wmston-Salem Greensboro 76 Dena S. Dollyhigh Patricia A. Donohue Daniel I. Donovan Wanda G Duncan Beniamin 1, Dunlap Harriet E, East Deborah S Edmonds Mount Alr Abington, PA Santord Roxboro Greensboro Charlotte Fayetteville Susan G- Elium Neal E Eller Ann C Elliott lohn E. Ellis Vicki L. Engle karen Y Enloe Paula M. Faircloth Winston-Salem Kernersvillc Wmston-Salem High Point Greensboro Canton Elm Cit Donna K. Faulkner Emily R. Finch Debra L. Fink Cinna Fishburne Beverly |. Fisher Dora F. Fisher Linda L. Fisher Greensboro Bailey Durham Winston-Salem Pendleton Linden Ashevillc lames I Fitzgerald Kathleen T Flanagan Laura L- Flowers Robbie A. Floyd Karen | FIvnl Man. E Fodel Donald H Foster Charlotte Charlotte Hickor Norwood Asheboro Charlotte Bridgeton, N] Dana M Fo Carolyn S Francis Lydia A Frazier Rita E. Frazer Terri R. Furr Theressa G. Gaddy Karen L. Galloway Charlotte Wavnesville R.ilrr h Greelr-li " |. Durham Belmoni Carole A Gammon Sara K. Gardner Barbara R. Garrison Carolyn Cause Linda S- Gay Cynthia A. Gibson Cathv F. Gilliam Reidsville Wood leaf Burlington Ash Zebulon Greensboro Burlington Dale B Glenn Betty L. Godfrey lulia N Goodall Elizabeth M. Goodwin Anne W. Gorrell Margaret R Gould Pamela A Graham Rougemont Santord Fayetteville Winston-Salem Winsfon-Salem Charlotte W ' allate Debra L, Green Ivey A, Green Kathy L. Green Candace D. Greninger Marv E. Grier Elizabeth A, Griffin Laura L Griffiths Durham Reidsville Raleigh High Pcin- ( h.iilMi;, Barbara A Grimes Martha E. Groome Edda G Groon Kathleen L. Guy Wanda L Hadlev Davvn M Haeberle Kuhartl s flail Elizabethfown K.llrigh Chailotl.- ' c ' hariotle Greensboro Susan G Hale lellrev A, Hall Sekvvn D Hall Susan 1 Hall Marv F Hamillon Debra 1 Hardii- Blanthe M Harden Cherrv Hill. N| Wallace Winston-Sali ' iii Gr. ' r-i.hoi.i Builinginn ( hailolh ' km . k P A liM f M. I 76 Elinda Hargrave Lvnda C. Hargrove Elizabeth A. Harold tvnlhia D. Harris Sylvia Harris Donald C, Hartmann Claude A. Harvey luilv L Haskins t:hervl I Hasweli Frames L. Haydoc Dorothy S. Hayes Randi l Hearn Kalhy L Heck luily D Hendersnr Holly E. Hendrixson Gary L. Henry Virginia A. Hepburn Martha N, Herndon Debra I. Harrin Patricia L- Herring Dana 1 Hessee Mary K Hewelt Cynthia I Higgins Margaret L Highfill joy D, Hill Susan R, Hill Donna L Hobson Sharon M Hodgin Elizabeth C. Holland Terri L. Hollingsworth Rhonda M. Holmes Helen M. Horton Donna F Howard Edna N, Howard Deborah L, Howell lanice I- Howell Sheila M. Howell Anna K. Howie Kenneth F. Huffstetler Dorothy C Hughes Martha G. Humphrey lenniler L, Huntson William Q, Hurley Ellen Is Hutchins Ion B, Hutchinson Marv L, lack Elizabeth C lackson Terrell E lackson Rebecca S. laffers Sammie T, lochum Ann C. Johnson Susan P, lohnson Sylvia K- lohnson Martha I, Johnstone Bo ' I, lones Dorothy W lones Fannie L lones Hughia L lones lanice G. lones Martha W lones Kim A lordon hloben Kautman Deborah E, Keaton Mary M, Kendall Sherry D Key Kathi S Kiger Mary M, Killough Kathleen A, Kirk Cathenne E Klullz High Point Raleigh Durham Hendersonville Burlington Wilmington, DE Greensboro Cherryville Goldsboro Liberty ?nnington, N| Goldsboro Salisbury Goldsboro Wake Forest AllaniK Randleman Raleigh High Point High Point Kernersville High Point Petersburg, VA Wadesboro Fayetteville Aiken Durham Union Mills Kannapolis Winston-Salem Greensboro Dallas Randleman Wilmington Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Matthews Golds Stokesdale Zebulon iston-Salem Dresel Raleigh Moravian Falls Kernersville Charlotte Greensboro Black Mountain 76 Michael R. Kochel Greensboro Patricia A. Kohnle Granite Falls Peggy E. Kuhn Ri dgefield, CN Christina t. Kupp Ridgewood. N| Albert M.C, Kwan Hong Kong Teresa A. Lambert Climav Cregorv ' H Lambeth Thomasville Patricia T Land Greensboro Debra A Landreth W inston-Salem Dawn A, Lane Carv Rebecca L Leathen.vood Waynesville Steven S. Leblang Greensboro David VV Ledbetter Shelbv Louise K, Leonard Lansing Nancy M. Leonard Lexington Pauline H. Leonard Lexington 5ui-Ki R. Li KowIi Jon , Hong kong David B. Licht GrernOioro Deborah L. Lightner Hinli I ' nini Edna M, Lipe lav 1 Little Grilton Fran E, Loltin Charlotte Marsha D. Lohr High Point Daphne A. Long Concord Frieda L Long Alexis lames L. Longworth VV inston-Salem Angela M. Lord Raleigh M. Darlene Lovern W inston-Salem Susan I Lowe Burlington Robert D. Lov Burlington Susan E. Lucas Fa ' .ii,Aillr David M. Mabe Walniil 1 H. ' Roger K- Mabe ll.Ull.U.N Sue E, Mabry Albfiii.iilf Martha G MacAvov W inslon-Salem Settle A Maddrey Greensboro lanet M, Maness Biscoe Frances E. Manning Raleigh Larry D. Marbert Fayetteville Mary B, Marett Wilmington Mary E. Marking Os cin Hill, MD Paul R, Markle. |r Raleigh Sylvia 1 Marshall Stokesdale Martha N. Matthews High Point Wanda F, Matthews Pinnacle Teresa A. Mauldin Albemarle Carol H Mayes Huntersville Vicki C. Maynard El izabethtown Pamela s Mays Hicknr Connie V. McAdams Elland Beth C. McCall Charlotte Diane McClellan Asheville Lloyd B, McConnell Greensboro Margie E McCorkle Newton Pamela A- Mclnlvre Burlington Zenobia B, Mr Laughlm W inslon-Salem lerry L. MrNeill Ramseui Donald B- Mekher Dunn Dons L, Mendenhall w inston-Salem Meilsa E. Mesimore Greensboro Mem A. Michael kernersvilli- Lisa G, Midgett Grcensboio kathy A Milligan ( )kl aho m.i ( it t )K Clifford S Mitchell High Point Martha M, Mitchell Thomasville Nancy P Mitchell Manson loel G. Moffilt Greensboro Suzanne Monlagne Wilson Sue E. Moon Snow Cam[) Cynlhi.i 1 Miiorc W inslon-Salem ft C C 1 P 76 k K.ilhrvn (, Moori ' St. Pauls M,ir C Morns Charlotte E Morrow Siatesville N.intv C. Moselev CIcn Mills, PA Brenda K. Mullins I atawba Lmcl.i B Murdoik l.iiiu-siown B.irhji.l 1 Myers WistonSalerll Mdi - E Njvlor Wilmington MiSrv L. Neaglley Mechanicsburg, PA Barbara A. Nelson Levittown, NY Virginia E. Nelson Pilot Mountain Constance E. Neslor Winston-Salem Marv W. Newman Boydton, VA Nancy M. Nicholson Lumberton Debra Iv Ni on High Point leri L Noe Eden MaryAnn Noland Waynesville Sherrie A, Nordan Benson George 5- Nyquist, jr. Baltimore, MD Beverly I Dates Newton Grove Tempe A Dehler Myrtle Beach, SC Susan L. Oglesby Roxboro Barbara A Oliver Somers Point, N| Kathleen A, Olsen Raleigh Paul V, Ortino, |r. Lehigh, FL Brenda K, Overton Ahoskie Laura C. Owens Red Springs Lola F Owens Rockwell Sally M Pahnke lamestown Anne F. Panarelli West Deal, N| Dottie A Parks Hickory Sigrid R. Parks Charlotte Donna L Patterson Kannapolis William C Payne, |r Greensboro Elizabeth H Pegram Littleton Betsv L. Pentecost Gary Clenda A, Perkins Robbinsville lane W, Perkinson Winston-Salem Lin M. Perriello Chadotte Cassandra B Peterson Goldsboro Deborah E Petersen Spruce Pine Martha B Phelps Charlotte Angela 1, Phillips Charlotte Martha E, Phillips Greensboro Bevedy I. Pittman Raleigh Leslie E Poe East Spencer Patricia L, Pollard Greensboro Roslyn S Pollard Charlotte Donna k. Pope Dunn lulia k Pope lax, FL Christine L Poplin Charlotte Cynthia R Pugh Asheville Angela K, Pulliam Semora lanice M, Purnell Raleigh Lmda R, Rafterty Greensboro Mar S. Ragan Sanford Thomas R Rainey Greensboro Lynda 1 Randle Rolkton Celinda R, Reavis Mocksville Lillie M Reaor Canton Helen |. Redmon Greensboro Charles D Reid High Point Marcella K. Rhoades lacksonville Linda S. Rue Pfatttown Karen D, Richard Greensboro Deborah E. Richardson Chadotte Elizabeth C. Richardson Concord Enola K. Richardson Brown Summit Marilyn L, Ricks Goldsboro Erankie C Rippy Burlington 76 Rebecc.i E, Rilch Cjvie D, Rive-. Connie L, Roberts Nancy E. Roberts Barbara N Robinette a ■ R. Rodeers Harold E. Roland Shirley I Rollins Audre L Rothroack Susan E Rovals Mar L Ruftv Frar E Russell ludv Rv Bob Saturlev Faith D, Saunders Rebecca A. Scarbo lane L. Schwantes Anita L. Scott Kent C- Seely Beniamin L Sells Waller E. Shackellord Carolyn A Sharpe Beverly A. Sheets lill N. Sheintoch jerry L. Shelton Susan L Shipp loan A. Shoe Barbara G Shor Robert L- Shoves lune C, Shotwell Deborah S. Shuford Kathryn A, Shut ' ord Victoria L. Silby Angela D Siler lanice L. Silliman Nancy L. Simmons Bonnie 1. Sinclair Nancy L- Singleton Vickie C Sink Stephanie L Sloop Cecily A, Smith Cheryl S Smith Deborah I Smith lams M. Smith ienniter S. Smith Kathr n S Smith Leslie E Linda Sandra K Smith Shauna N Smith Susan S Smith lanet C SolberR Virmnia C Sparrc LiseC Slabenall Evelyn Stanles Vitki ( Stanley Lli abeth ( Starni Bennie VV Sleven- Christine D Stith Rebel I a I ' Stover lulia M, Stuan CrenK M Suhm Russell M Suriall Clemmons Greensboro Pine Hall Charlotte Tavlorsville I ' lattlown Aurora Randleman nston-Salem Hiqh Point Greensboro Greensboro Bessemer City Woodstown, Nj Durham Asheville shore Durham Sharpshurg Lexmston Petersburf . VA Greensboro Durham Burlington Virgilma. VA Greensboro Flat Rock Concord Nebo Asheville Rosboro I lie High Point Con.ord Wadesboro Gdldsboio High Point Clyde Siloani Wallace Greensboro Clemmons Elon Cnlleue Rlirlinglon Charlotte Iter Vie«, VA Charlotte Longwood HiRh Point Charlotte Bladenboro Winston-Salem M£iMM. 76 (.Ivnn M Su.iini N.iiuy [ Sw.iini Mundii- L. iwill Emiley M, TalliTi Susjn G. Tarlton Sharon E. Talc Mll i (, T.ivlor A Umrui- ri.inn.s E Tedde li.hnny H Thorn, lovif Thomas Palsy A, Thomas Sara K Thomas Terrcsa A Thoni. Elizabi ' lh A Thoi Naiuy D Thomp Barliara A Tiikle Lynn Til All. Tillman an V TinRen Marian S Townsend Melanie F Tripp Robert E. Trippeer Barbara R, Tucker lames S, Tucker Terry A. Tucker lanel N, Turbeville Arlinza E Turner Tom L Turner Cynthia S Tusai Mary C, Updike H Edward VanHori LuAnn Vannoy All! ■ A Ve Sharr)n L Vernon Melinda H. Vetterlem Robert L. Voegele Carol A. VogI Peyton A. Voorhees Joyce M Wagner Mary C. Walczak Teresa L. Walker Shelia L Wall Mar ' L Waller Denise M, Walsto Linda M. Warren Mary S. Warren Robert F, Waters Donna F, Watson Mae A, Watson Shirley L. Waugh Robert M. Wearn Helen P, Webb Deborah E. Webster lune E Webster I inda A, Webster Man I Webster lana 5. Welch Deborah E Werner Mary E. Weslbrook Lydia K Wheeler Peggy I. Whichard lanice M. Whitaker loyce R. Whitaker lanet C Whitlow lohn B Whittemore Ian L. Wilder Melissa A Will Sarah M Williams Whilsclt Durham Williamslon Hukoiy lampion. VA Burlington Caslonia Mount Airy Charlotte Conrord Raleigh Liberty ,il (.abirs, FL Winston |a ks, Greensboro Newark, DE Madison Winston-Salem Somers Point, NJ Tubor C ity Dun Fai Ocala, FL ehead City ston-Salem Raleigh High Point Greensboro Hazlet, N| Bahama Roseborcj Statesville Winston-Salem Norman Burlington Stoneville Beautort, SC Concord Greensboro Hickory Brown Summit Sneads ' Ferry Enfield Franklinton Reidsville Leasburg Crrjton, MA Franklinton Dallas Wilmington Tfjcv L VVillums Valeria R, Williams Marcia D, VVilliard Wi Cher ' l M Winged Cretchen I Womble Slier Ci ' Nancv S VVooriMde Wilmingli lettrev C- VVoutiHard McCleansMi Sidney L, VVrav Greensbo Patricia L, Wright Sandra K Wnghl Mary- K W M Vickie H Wynne lanet L Yates V ' inston-Sal. Melissa A. Vountz Winston-Sal Valle I Zayyisicuvski lack Suzanne E Zeigler Winston-Salem 75 l.uici I , Arnilield K.ithy D Anicy Michael C. Atney Terry A. Arney Teresa D Askew Leslie E Aslin Vukle L Atkinson nelira K BaKKeM Erol M Balkan Ian A, Ball Palncia A Ballanl William A Ballew Keizo Bandu Carol L Bare lanel S, Barker Debra R Be, loanna R Be Kathy D, Bet SuEllen Beck Bonnie |. Bee h Sherry A, Belk Mary E Bell Elizalieth A Bend( Alyce E Benfield Randy BerKnian Cynthia I Berkley Bonnie L Berrier Sarah |o Bevill Pamela S Blackwood Ernestine I Blake Nancy E, Blanton Thomas M Blaylock Elizabeth S Blee Emma I. Blue Marilyn E Bogas ludy L. Bolac Eula k, Bouldin Carol E Bowden Mooresville Durham C lemnions Dunn Istanbul, Turkey Kensington, ME3 Belmont Lenoir Toyonaka, (Isaka, lapan El on College Patsy L B )U man Bonnie A B( yd Ronald D Br yd Jennie O Boyetle Sandra M Br aden Beyerly L Br rdley Marcia L Br. tford Dianne L Br immer Diane L B non Richard S Br avton Steyen A, Brt ault Chnstme P, Brinkley Cynthia S Br )adwel Stephanie M Brouil M( M Karen L Browt Deborah A Bn lulian K, Browi Kathy N Brow Michael I Br() Susan E Browr Terry S Brown Cynthia L Brumtield Cecil M, Brunsnn Carolyn D Bryan Anne M Bryant Susan C Bryant Sharon F Buckner Nancy E Buttlap Elkin Jamestown Scotia, NY Fairfax, VA Lenoir Asheville High Point Winston-Salem Stokesdale Gulf Fayetteville Greensboro Stony Point ■w Rochelle, NY Danyille, VA Winston-Salem Brown Summit Greensboro Durham Ahoskie Greensboro Cooperstown, NY Winston-Salem Sanlord Ale andna, VA Trinity Greensboro Harrisburg Winston-Salem Greensboro Raleigh Rocky Mount Mill Spring Columbia, SC Roanoke, VA Tryon High Point Greensboro Lexington Pine Level Havelock High Point Kinstnn Durham Madison Cireensboro Granite Quarry Greensboro Charlotte Tabor City Sparta Chatham, VA Goldsboro Asheville Asheville 75 PameM A. Bullard Susan L. Bundy Susan M, Buttner Manlvnn L, Bverly Thelma A, Cam Martha C, Caldwell Judith A. Campbell Martha D, Campbell Melissa L, Campbell Lee K. Cardweli Ronald O, Cardweli Phvllis E. Carlton lanel M Carnck Deborah R Carter Suzanne Cartwnght Phyllis A, Casstevens Rebecca E- Cates April E. Chambers Stephen A. Chandler Margaret L, Chau Susan E Chilton France ' . A Clark Beverly A, Clayton Kathy A. Clayton Mar C. Clodlelter Sheila D Clontz Bonnie T Cobb Fran E Cockerham Sandra A, Cockrell Marilyn |. Cosdell Susan L. Coleman Raymond W. Comer Carol L. Connell Michael S, Conners Maureen A Cook Rita K. Cook David C. Cooper Shermayne Corbett Karen D. Core Sallie A. Covey Debra L- Craft Raymond H Creedn Mar ' R Crenshav Nancy E. Crews Patsy F. Crim Mitzi B. Cromer laniceG Cullina Teresa F Cumbo Anne M Curry lanel K. Dale Terry B. Dalrymple Deborah A- Daniel Mildred A. Darden Marysue D, Davidsn Cynthia H Davis Anita S. Daw Wresrh Dawid|an Barry G. Day Tanya L. Daye Margot C. Dellinger Lena I. Dempsey Dorothy L Denton I inda I Denton lohn M. Diachenko Penelope I, Dial l eirdrc A, Dias Suzanne M Dickerhn Call L, Dickcrson Donald R Dorsett Betsy I Douli Hope Mills High Point Hendersonville High Point High Point Gaston I a Randleman Claymont, D[ Albemarle Mavodan Stoneville Chapel Hill High Point Kannapolis Winston-Salem Hamptonville Red Springs Greensboro Greensboro Winslon-Salem High Point Eiizabethtovvn letterson Timberlake Elkin Greensboro Burlington Lincolnton Alexandria, VA Kinston Durham Greensboro Durham Glen Ridge, N| Winston-Salem Rocky Mount Greensboro Charlotte Garland Walkertown Belews Creek Winston-Salem Greensboro Ma ■ ille Sparta, N| Wilson McLeansville Henderson Wilson Asheville C.ri nsb, Somerville, N| Cjreensbon i Green-.boro (li(kor lini.ilnlon A.heboro (jreen bor.. Oeal Riyer, N Go sbo Conu.rd Anderson, SC Bay Village, OH Winslnn-S.ilem Greensboro East Hi.nd 75 kP A A I J Donna K. Dowdy Delores A. Doyle lacquelvn R, Driver (onnicP Drum Marva L Drum Palricia I Dunn Susan R Dunn Sanlorcl Ralei gh Louisliurg M.iirlen N. ' Ulon Wmslon-Sairm Hendersonville Deborah G Eakes William R. Early, jr K, Dru Eason Susan I, Eckstine Gary L Edwards Prisulla 1 Edwards Belh Eldridge Fort Lauderdale, FL Rulfin Goldsboro Fort Myers, FL ( harlotte Cioldsboro llkiii Leslie E. Ellis Malva D, Elmore Norma 1. Epperson Sharon W Eslridge Karen S, Eury Angela Evans Cynlhia S, Evans Charlotte Milton Weslfield Whltsett Charlotte F.iyetleville Pilot Mountain Sheila Y Everhan Betty K. Ezzell luhe M. Fariss Emily I. Farrell Gregory B, Felts Alelha D, Fernandez laneF, Finch Lexington Harrells Roanoke, VA Greensboro Greensl:)oro Greensboro Bailey Debra E, Eisher Ellen H, Fitts lulia K. Fitzpatrick Sally E, Fleming Cheryl E Flynn Carol A Foitz Margaret C, Ford Cherryville Richmond, VA Bergenlield, N| Tarboro Slate Hill, NY Wmston Salem Silver Springs, MD lennifer E, Frank Minam Freel Patncia I. Freeman Rebecca |. Freeman Mary C Fritts Elizabeth B Frye Candace L Fuller Asheville Canten Louisburg Raleigh Lexington Stoneville Lewishurg, WVA lovce Y, Fuqua Maurice E Caddy Ann S Gammon Virginia L Ganong Claudia L, Garland Darlene E Garner Karen 1 Garner Eden Wmston-Salcm Winston-Salem High Point Elkin Asheboro Silver Spring, MD Michael E, Garner Cathy K. Garrett Dawn M. Garrett Constance |, Geiger Lauren P, George Louise S, George Ginger L, Gibson Lexington Liberty Greensboro N, Versailles, PA Whiteviile Whiteville High Point Mona S. Gibson lanice K. Gilliam Ginger E. Godard William C. Gorman Harold D, Green lane B, Green Laura G Greenhill Pine Hall Elon College Williamslon Chamblee Greensboro Burlington Durham Sena R Gregory Linda M, Grittin Sallie L. Griftin Lucy A, Guest NadineC Gurley ludy K, Gwaltney Alma R. Hagaman Elkin Fayetteville Louisburg Greensboro Marion Goldsboro Winston-Salem 75 Cvnthia A. Hagt-rslrom Wi nston-Salem Kjren D, Hall Yadkmville David M. Ham Nt ■w York. NY lames A- Hamptfin Sparta Robert E. Hampton Wi nston-Salem E Elame Harbison Morganton Carnlvn R Harbor Eden Mar E Hargreave Durham Susan H Harman Lexington Yvunria K. Harrell Snow Hill loan M Harnll Forest City Lila R Harris Greensboro Ramona K. Heath Snow Hill lonathan D. Heck An nandale, VA Marcia Is. Hedgecock Wi nston-Salem Cath A. Hefner Hickory Cynthia A. Helms Midland lane R. Henderson Chadone Mary H. Henderson Lincolnton Stephanie A. Henderson Greensboro VKlona L Henderson Matthews Frances A. Hendri Raleigh Martha E. Hepler Thomasville Deborah A, Harnden Hershey. PA Frances C. Higgins Harrisburg Earl W , Hill Greensboro Susan E. Hilliard Burlington Carol H, Hinshaw Wi nston-Salem Marv E Hinson Wingate Connie S. Hobbs Goldsboro Rose M- Hodges Greensboro Cathy L, Holcomb Boonville Deborah L Holder Kernersville Annie L. Holland Greensboro Teresa A Holloway Asheboro loyce 5, Honeycutt Burgaw Elizabeth M, Hood Lexington lacquelyn S. Hovis Lincolnton Melinda G. Howell Greensboro Leslie I. Howie Harrisburg Martha 5. Huckenede Laurinburg Betty 1. Hudecek Titusville. FLA Sara G Hudgins Eure Nancy V Hudson Raleigh Leigh A Huftman Thomasville Rhonda D Hunt Thomasville Wanda D Hunt Thomasville Claudia L Hurlev Wilson Charlotte L Hurst Swansboro Susan G. Hutchins Kings Mountain April A, Hyman Greensboro Karen E. Inman Mount Airy Susan L, Ivey Maitland, FLA Edna F. Jackson Reidsville Rebecca D, lackson Mebanc Barbara A, lacobs Dunn lennilci A jaciibv All ■xandria, VA Brona I letlnes Rocky Mount lanice L. lohnsrjn Denton Melanie A. lohnson Sandforfl Pamela D. lohnson W inston-Salem Dons M lohnslon Wagram Ea .in A lones Rot ky Mount Cynthia M. lones Liberty Deborah E. iones W inston-Saleni lanet F. lones An inand.ile, VA karen L, lones l.uiu-slown Lou E lones .•biilon Ma R. lones. |r. Br own Siminiit Phyllis S. lones Pi lot Mountain 75 f. . loAnn Goldsboro M.irilvo K New()orl News, VA Amy H Kellcv Eden Sh.iron f. Kellev lavlorsville tonstante E Kelly Salisbury Marsarel S, Kelly Erwin P.ilruk M Kelly Greensboro Nanty S Kendrick Eden Gerald W Kennmgton Greensboro Elizabeth L Kiger Clemmo ns Yyonne M. Kilpalruk Dover Alice F Kins Durham Heather M king Wmston-Salem Harriet A Kirk MounI Gilead Debra i Kiser King Deb(5rah A Klosener Fayelleville iue Knov Bit e Ridge Summit, PA Dnnna W Konkler Clemmons Sara R Koontz Burlington Alice M Kopp Car Artemis M Koutroulias Charlotte Kimberlv C Lackey Concord Donald R Lail Hickory Lisa K Laird Favetteville Robin P Lamberth Durham Terry L. Lampley Cordova Eugenia 5 Lamprinakos Morristown, TN Evelyn K- Langston Rocky Point Wall L. Larkins Cornelius Patricia M Larson Lexington Deborah P, Lassiter High Point lennifer E. Lawling Parkton Susan L, Lawrence MounI Airy Elva 1 Layton MounI Pleasant Margaret L, Lealherman New Bern Laurie M. Lechner Bayport, NY Wanda G, Lee Lexington Deborah M, Leebrick Belews Creek Debra L, Leonard Gritton lanice L. Lester Stoneville Sharon D Lingafelt Morganton Karen Little Greensboro Melanie 1 Little Clavton Gloria I, Lloyd Cookeville, TN Miriam A. Lockhart Mount Airv Phyllis S. Loftin Wmston-Salem Betsy R. Long Elkin Virginia L Long Rockingham Stephanie D Lucas Rocky Mount Cynthia R. Lundy Durham Cynthia M. Lutz Newton Kathleen P, Lynch Washington lacquelme D Lyon Durham lames D, Mabe, |r Walnut Cove Estelle A, MacFawn Winslon-Salem Sharon A Mackey Pisgah Forest Evelyn S Maduzia Goldsboro Linda S Mahattey Hickory William L Mangam Spring Lake Maty lo Manning Williamslon Nancy P Mapes Glen Rock, N| Phyllis A Marmucci Adelphi MD Karen A Marion Kernersville Beverly R.M Marks Fairmont LaGray I Marks Greensboro Sheila D. Marshburn lacksonville 1 Charlene Martin Maninsville, VA Fran Massa Glen Cove, NY Sandra G- Mathis Frederick, MD )anice L, Matthews Hickory 75 MarN A, Matlheus Asheville Natalie S- Matthews Wilson Stanley K. Mauldin Greensboro Sara L, McCall Charlotte Tony L. McCarson Durham Gail L, McCormick Greensboro C nthia E MtCree LeMngton Luann ]. McDowell Winston-Salem Harriet Y, McFadyen Raetord Pamela D. McGhee Burlington Bobetta L, McGilvary Durham Clarissa Y. Mcintosh Morganton Glenn A. McKawn Chatham. N| Sheila L. McKinney Brevard RoRer L Mclso Lillmgton Palncia F. McMilhan Mt Air Phebe D. McRae Sanford Ruth A. Measmer Concord Nancy K, Meece Brevard Chades E, Melvin. |r. Greensboro Susan M. Merrell Greensboro Bonita 1 Merrilt Washington, DC lo Ann Messick N. Augusta, SC Wanda T, Metzger Merchantville, N| Alice R. Miller Council Margaret D. Miller Winston-Salem Margaret H. Miller Favetteville Marsha D Mills Greensboro Cora E, Mitchell Louisburg Nettie E. Mitchiner Durham Joyce 1. Mobley Greensboro Karen E, Mottitt Rockingham Deborah B. Malloy Richmond, VA E. Kevin Moore Ashebfjro iohn A Moore High Point Judy C Moretz Boone lanet K. Morgan Durham Susan A. Morgan Greensboro Susan 1. Morgan Oak Ridge Susan Morris Mornstown, N| Karen S Morrison Favetteville Chrisanna P. Motsinger High Point Joyce A. Mouberrv Cameron Patricia F. Mullins Charlone lenalee Mase Laurmburg Beverly A, Myers Thomasville Karen A. Magle Towson, MD Rebel ca L Nance Bethesda, MD Rebel c a 1 Nehlsen Greensboro Kathleen M. Newton Charlotte Sheila A. Nicholson Washington, Nj Sandra S. Morris Brown Summit Carol J, Northcott Winston-Salem Judy A Nunn Chapel Hill Jams L, Nunnally Severna Park, MD Patrick O ' Doherty Greensboro Frames M, O ' Meara Timonium, MD Rita E Orr Charlotte Glona 1. Ostwalt Greensboro Willie B. Page Slanlonsburg Rebel c a 1, Pagett Winslon-Salem Dons A Palkowich W Paletson, N| Katherine L, Palmer Durham Margaret N. Palmer Charleston, WVA Terry A, Palmer Durham Barbara J. Parker Edison, N| Karen L, Parker Ashcboro Dons |. Parks Galax, VA Catherine A Parlier Statesville Kathv (, Parrom High Point AAM M 75 Clara F. Parson Curiis E. Patterson latqueline C. Paul Harriet 1. Pearce C hnstina W. Peed Virginia A. Peedin lulia A, Pcgram Patti L, Peninger Sheila A. Penninger Naniy C, Perkins Bob E. Peters Becky L. Piasecki Margaret E, Pickett Virginia A, Player lenniler S, Pons Angela F Pope Brenda G, Price Kathy E. Price lanice I. Pruett Barbara |, Pruette Bobbye S, Rake Carol A, Rankin Ollie L. Rasbury Davie W. Ray Wyndale I. Redd Frederick R Reed traw Shar . P Reid I L, Reid Betty I. Remhart Cynthia |. Ritchie loel L. Ritter M. Edward Roach Mary L. Roberts lanice C- Robinson Bridgette E, Roderick Marie A. Rogers Elaine 5. Ross Marianne Rowe Rebecca L. Royal Edward M. Rozynski Mynck L, Rush C.reensboro Youngsville Hickory Halifax ielews Creek Co ord Danville, VA • London, CONN Fayetteville East Bend Charlotte Valdese Conover irown Summit Hickory Elkin ChaHotte Greensboro Madison Greensboro Kinston Summerlield Charlotte Winston Salem High Point Durham McLeansville Greensboro Gri , VA Charlotte Greensboro Creensfroro Boothbay Harbor, ME Fayetteville Fairlield, Nj Randleman Nancy L, Russell Sharon L Russell Paula j. Sams Phyllis M. Scheller Denise Schoonderwoerd David M Schuize Laura A. Schumacher Nancy E, Schuster David L- Schwenke Linda 1. Scott Marcia K. Sears Mary K. Seawell Robert D, Seay Susan O, Sechrest Cynthia A Secor Stephen C Settle loyce E. Shafer Alice C. Sharpe Katherine R. Sharpe Linda C Sharpe Valeria C Sharpe Paula D Shaver Mardeen P, Shelton Frances R. Shepard Cynthia A. Shillmglav Cathy D Shirlev Esser Shivers lelfrey B. Shoal Elkin Thomasville Mars Hill Monroe Hickory Greensboro Charlotte Pfafttown Mebane Greensboro Carthage Winston Salem Rural Hall Ftanklinton Greensboro Severna Park, MD Chapel Hill McLeansville Rural Hall Sharpsburg Salisbury Greensboro Rockingham burg Sn )W Nil eensboro Asheville 75 K.ilhr n L Smith P.imelj S Smith Pdtti 1. Smith Rebecca G- Smith Shirle F. Smdthers Kathleen |. Snyder Rebecca W. Solomon Sherry |. Sowers Mary E. Sprinkle ludy L, Stafford Brenda A. Staley Harriet E. Staley Beny A, Stallmns Donna I. Steele Stephen Sternberg Mary M. Stewart Diane R. Stocken Cynthia C. Stowe Deborah E. Strickland Karen E Stroud Phyllis A. Stroud Mary K, Sugg Barbara L. Summers Peter E Summers Linda L Sw ing Margaret M Swing Susan R. Swing Russell L. Tatri) Victoria K. Tatro Sheila D. Taylor Shirley D. Taylor Anita C, Teague Cynthia D. Teague Phyllis M Terry Rhonda D. Terry Dan J. Thomas, Ir. Carolyn D. Sykes Anna R, Thompson Donna M Thompsi Eh abeth V Thomi: Mania C- Thompson Merial D, Thompson Miles N, Thompson Ellen P. Thrower Frances E. Thrower |o Ann Tice Kalhy A Timmis Hud ' Upper Montclair. N Clemmon- Winston-Sal Gastonui ' -« qp 75 MkMk Imd.i F TiiiKi-n N.iruv K Tiiincv Kinel L Tippell Deborah D. Tranthar ludilh E. Traub Kuby A. Trigg lliann R Tro ler Margaret V. Tulloch Margaret S Tuiiitall Deborah G. Turman Sarah A Ussery Paul M Vaughan Claudia D Ve Emily E. Vir Nancy E. Vincent Rebecca I- Wade Roberta I. Waddell Shirley A. Wadsworth Valerie A. Wagner Amy L. Walker Kalhryn M, Walker Kenneth O Walsh Rebecca I, Walton kay S, Ward la net L. Warden Anita L War vick Sue E, Washam Lolita C, Watkins Frances M, Watson Mary B. Watson Ann F. Watts Tern L. Weatherly katrina K. Weaver Lucy I, Weaver Cynthia D Weavil Deborah A, Webster Kathy A. Welborn Karen k Welles loyce L. Wells Eleanor R. Westbrook Cynthia A. Wheeler luhe E. Whichard Elliot I, White lanel M, White Sharon D, Whitley Sarah E Whilsett Rita S Wiggs Martha L Wikle Louise H Wilkersor Martha S Williams Regenia S Williams Teresa C. Williams layne L. Willingham Cinny H. Willis Debbie S. Wilmoth Chen L, Wilson Deborah S Withers ludith N. Wood Kenneth A. Wood Mary A. Woodruff ' Thelma I, Wooten Kathy M Wright Thomas E Wylie Nikki A. Wysor Alice A Yates Rozanna Yates Patricia A Yeagei Philip W. Yip Carl M. Yontz Cheryl L. Young Clyde andria, VA Perry, liA Reidsville Wendell Greensboro Norwood Greensboro Milton Greensboro Winston-Salem Durham Fayetteville Carthage Wilmington Asheboro Chapel Hill Gastonia Carthage Climax Rockingham Greensboro Hickory Reidsville Suffolk, VA Santord Statesville Newland Mint Hill Wilson Wiston-Salem Pittsboro Statesville Millville Wallace Four Oaks .vn Summit Enfield Greensboro New Bern Richfield Alexandria, VA Fayetteville Winston-Salem Raleigh Greensboro Kernersville Robbins Santord Pittsburgh, PA Roanoke Rapids East Bend Rocky Mount Greensboro Gastonia Enfield West letferson Morehead City Yan Yat Chuen, Hong Kong Winston-Salem Germanton (below, left to right) Debra Michele Andrey, Suzanne Ange, loyce Ellen Angell, John Burrell Allen, III, Drucllla Diane Arakas, Doris Wofford Armenaki, Mary June Arnold, Pamala Ann Ashburn, Cynthia Dawn Asbif (far above, right) Fred Alexander Ashworth. (above, right) Laura Graham Auman. (left to right) Parks Niell Austin, )r.. Patsy Caro Austin, Nancy E. Ayres, Denyce L Babinec. (above, left to right) Ellen Ann Barnes, JoAnna Barnes, Mary Mar- aret Barnes, Marceia Lise Bartlett, Deborah Lee Batter, Mary Jeanatta Battle, Janice Susan Baxley, Frances Ann Beaver, Kathryn Magdalen Bender. (above, left to right) Marilynn Bennett, Re- becca S. Benson, Deborah Hutson Benton, Elizabeth Ann Berrier, Judith Kae Bevan, Martha Elizabeth Biddle. (above, left to right) Charles Steven Bingham, Bruce Alan Bitter, Geneva Kathleen Blvlns, Barbara Fay Blackburn, Phyllis loan Blackburn, Melanie Annette Blackley, Martha Barney Blackvvelder, Seth Norwood Blackwell, Patricia Lynn Blackwood, Carol Viivan Blaine. ; l ' |:|;|FM ' « li-|| iti ' ' ii s f (below, left to right) Debra Ann Blake, Mary Anna Blake, Elizabeth Blalock, Bonnie leanette Blue, Tru ' Blue, Eveline Blumenthal, Margaret Ann Bodie, lames Willis Bohmbach, Katharine L, Boone, lames William Booth, |r. (left to right) Rebecca lane Bosley, Anne Kizer Bost, Barbara Lee Bostain, Peggy Collins Bowden. (below, left to right) Elizabeth Hamilton Briggs, Caroline A. Brinson, Barry Sutton Bristow, Susan Elaine Britt, Belinda Sue Brit- tain. (below, left to right) Carol Anne Brooks, Daniel Leonard Brooks, Wanda Lambert Brooks, Barbara Diane Brown, Bonnie Lynn Brown, Crystal Diane Brown, Katherine Dunn Brown, Laurann Lanetta Brown, Martha Belinda Brown, Mary Pope Bruton. !tM % (above, left to right) VIcki Lynn Burton, Brenda Burgin, Virginia Sue Burke, Bar- bara Hall Burks, (left to rigfit) Dru Elizabeth Burns, Verne Ellen Butcher, (below, left to right) Lois Elizabeth Butner, Beverly Ann Byrd, Jane Harris Byrd, Ellen Dale Calhoun, Marilyn Jean Calhoun, Cayle Anne Campbell. (below, left to right) Linda Lock Carey, Tana Carlton, Marguerite Z. Carpenter, Mark Jackson Carpenter, Gloria L. Carr, Mary Geneva Carrick. (below, left to right) lames Martin Carroll, )r., Katharine lane Carroll, James Anthony Carrozza, Louanne lonnie Cassick, Mary Elizabeth Caviness, Sarah Elizabeth Cecil, Carolyn jane Chadwick, Constance Sylvia Chaney, Karen C. Channell. (left to right) Donna N. Chappell, Ann Charles-Craft, William Leon Chestnut, Ronda Carol Chilton, Terry Ann Chilton, Carolyn Grayson Chitty, Jean Lynn Clark, Sandra M. Clement, Gloria Jean Cline, Carolyn Olivia Clodfelter, Dorthy Elizabeth Cloninger, Mary Lucile Close. (below, left to right) Beverly Ann Cockerham, loanne W. Cockrell, Alice |. Coe, Christie Lynn Cohen, Hugh Wilson Cole, |r., Beverly lane Collicutt, lulie Melinda Collins, Kathleen Colquitt, Sarah Dianne Conder, Ava Lynnette Conklin. (above, left to right) Catherine Leigh Conrad, Laurie Louise Conway, William Craig Cooley, Valeria Ann Cooper, James Gail Corinth, Vickie lean Cornatzer, |udie B. Corriher, James R. Costa, Nancy Elaine Cottingham. above, left to right) Cynthia Anne Cox, Margie Dale Cox, Michael Maurice Cox, Valerie Anne Craemer. (left to right) Claudia Crane, Sandra Lynne Crank, Marcell H. Crawley, Kathy Lynne Creech, (below, left to right) Belinda M. Crews, Linda Elizabeth Crocker, Kathy Leigh Crook. ' . ' NEV " " OOM ■I (above, left to right) Frances Vandaijean Crowell, Kathy Heavner Crowell, Diane Kay Cum by, Patricia Lynn Cunningham, Gayle P. Currie, Diane Marie Dabney, Marsha Jean Dad dario, Pamela M. Daniel, Cheryll Rawding Darden, Jerttie M. DauEhtridee. (above, left to right) Linda Carol Davenport, Karen Suzanne Davis, Karen Ann Davidson, Shirley Anne David, Kathryn Elizabeth Davis, (below, left to right) Nancy Winslow Davis, Renee Curley Davis, Sandra Lvnn Davis. (left to right) Mary Lou Dawson, Susan Elizabeth Day, Laura lean Dempsey. (below, left to right) Linda Kay Dil- ard, Cynthia Sawyer Dillon, Alice Yvonne Dixon, Elizabeth Clare Dolin, Nancy Clare Dolin, Kathy Dianne Dollyhigh, Maureen Adele Dougher, Anne-Marie Dorothy Dowe, Janice Wilson Draughn, Evelyn McClure Duna- way. (above, left to right) Kathryn Edmonds, Patrick L. Edmundson, Cora Lee Edwards, Pamela Beth Edwards, Patsy Elaine Ed wards, Richard Lee Eller. (left to right Wanda Johnson Elliott, Kathryn Evelyn El , Robin P. Ellrich. (below, left to right Richard William Enchelmeyer, John A Entzi, Marcia Dale Ervin, Carolyn Nan Evans, Margarette Malissa Evans. (below, left to right) Virginia Dell Evans, Su- san Anne Everington, Krystal Key Fagg, |ohn Herbert Fahnestock, Patricia Elaine Faire, Gloria Ann Faison, Sheila Susan Farrell, De- bbie Ann Feemster, Audrey Lynn Ferguson, Catherine Wood Findlay. (above, left to right) Frances Concetta Finn, Carol Louise Fisher, Ka- ren Margaret Fisher, Rebecca C. Fisher, John Nathan Fitzgerald, Eleanor Pickett Fleenor, Karin Lee Foscue, Nancy Carolyn Foster, Dabnev Dee Fox. (above, left to right) Nancy Leigh Franklin, Dorothy S. Freeman, Janet Smith Freeman, Peggy Ann Freeman, (left to right) Mary Emily Friday, Donna Dolores Friesen, Rebecca |. Froneberger, Vickie Paulette Frye. (below, left to right) Judith Huffman Ful- bright, Rita Ann Fulbright, Pat- ricia Lorraine Fulton. C " (above, left to right) Martha Elizabeth Gabriel, Diana Ruth Caebe, Robert L. Gaines, Fran R. Garrison, Marina Beth Gatlin, Claudia Antoinette Geraghty, Becky Lynn Gerber, Deborah Suzette Gibson, Sandra Elizabeth Glasgow, Joanne Elizabeth Glassford. (below, left to right) Frankie Angela Goodnight, Tanita Ann Good- win, Carol Bruce Graham, Sheila K. Grandy, Jane Louise Grant, Katherine Virginia Grant, Susan Jane Grasmick, Robert Henry Gray, Russell Allen Gray. (above, left to right) Christine E. Glover, Betty Carolyn Godwin, Charlotte Casey Coins, Angela Tucker Goldston, William Garth Goldston, Laurie Elaine Goode. •J .- 7 " f); % (far above, right) Vickie Jane Greene, (above, right) Pamela Kay Greenlaw, (left to right) Pamela Pearl Griffin, Teresa Anne Griffin, Lillian A. Groce, Karen Ann Grottle. (above, left to right) Janet Sue Hall, loanne Spencer Hall, Tommie Lynne Hall, Aldena Linn Hamby, lames Franklin Hamilton, Jr., Bridget Margaret Hand, Holly Jo Hand, Robert L. Handlon, Carol Conover Hanks. (above, left to right) Ester Earlene Hardie, Brenda Kaye Hardin, Dorothy Agnes Hare, Catherine Lee Harmon, Nancy Elaine Har- mon, Hollis Mabry Harned, (above, left to right) Cathy Smith Harper, Gwendolyn Gale Harrington, Cathy |o Harris, Danny Lee Hartman, Lynn Irene Harwood, Cynthia Carol Hasty, Cynthia Forgay Hatch, Carolyn Anne Hayes, Donna Kay Haywood, Eva D. Haywood. {below, left to right) Susan Claire Hayworth, Catherine Myers Helms, Micky Gwynn Henderson, Linda Gail Hen- ion, Cynthia Gail Helper, Mary Elizabeth Helper, June Johnson Herring, Nona Elizabeth Herring, Nancy Jane Herthel, Stephen Franklin Hicks. (left to right) Martha Catherine Highsmith, Cecihd Ann Hill, Christina Howell Hill, Gerald DeLancey Hill, Susan McCas- kill Hilton, Geneva Ceraldean Hines, Pamela Karen Hobson, Emily Elizabeth Hoffman, Lisa Allen Hoke. (below, left to right) Miriam R.C. Holland, Patricia Holloman, Robert Lee Holton, Ann Elizabeth Honeycutt, Barbara Holding Honeycutt, Vicki Lynn Honeycutt, Janet Ann Hoover, Carol Ann Home, Cynthia Ruth How- ard, Brenda Gale Howell. (below, left to right) George W. Howe Martha A. Hoyle, Suellyn Hudgins, Paula Sue Hudson, Margaret Tyson Huffman, Donna Hull, Susan Earle Hunnicutt, Judy Hunter, Stephen Wayne Hunter, Georgia Sandra Huntley. (above, left to right) Wanda Kaye Hutchins, Laura Ellen Inabinett, Nancy |o Ingram, Martha Lynn Ipock, Debra Ann Jackson, Donna Sidney lackson, Janet Yvonne lacobs, Gary Wayne Jarrett, Marcia Gail lenkins. (above, left to right) Suzanne C. lennings, Rebecca Ann Jensen, Teresa Ellen Jester, B. lane Johnson, (left to right) Cindy Lynn Johnson, Janine Elizabeth lohnson, Mary Beth Johnson, Wanda Faye Johnson, (below, left to right) lanis Faye Johnson, Evelyn Denise Jones, Jacqueline Irene Jones. mA 4 - • J (above, left to right) Karen Lynn Jones, Kathy Lynn Jones, Martha R. Jones, Sharon Dawn Jones, Elizabeth Ann Jordan, Margaret Elizabeth Jordan, Donna P. Joyce, Alice A. Julian, Wendy W. Kauffman, Pamela Anne Kellar. (above, left to right) Debra Dean Kelly. Allen Cle- ment Kendall, )r., Lonnie Myron Kendall, Roxann Rae Kephart, lenniter Ann Key. (below, left to right) Fern Ellen Kitchman, Debbie Kepler Knight, Theresa Worth Knox. left to right) Susan Joy Kohler, Karen Elisabeth Kolbe, Ruth Kohl Kossove. (below, left to right) Gena Owens Ko- ta, Janice Ann LaMar, Arlene Paige Langston, Linda Lee LaRoach, Virginia |. Lasater, Eleanor Ann Lathan, Shirley Ann Lawrence, Pamela Sanford Leary, Lettie Carol Led- num. Martha lean Lee. (above, left to right) Deborah Lynn Leonard, Mary Hazel Leonard, Nancy lames Lester, Jan Denise Lewis, Sharon Ann Lindner, (left to right) Mary Evelyn Lindsay, Lillian Diane Linn, Sandra Kay Lloyd. v tk ' I (above, left to right) Mary Deborah Lodato, Cynthia |an Long, Elizabeth Ann Long, Leslie Gail Long, Marsha Lynette Long, Mary Fleetwood Long, (left to right) Pamela Gayle Long, Gwendolyn Rene Lowman, Mary Ann Luedeka. (below, left to right) Deborah Craven Lupton, Suzanne Hicks Lyerly, Pamela Elame Ly- tle, lulia Margaret McCarthy, Kathy Ann McCaskill. (below, left to right) Barbara Alice McCombs, Gail Ellen McCrory, Dawn Mane McDonald, Susan Mildred Mcllhenny, Margaret )ane Mclnlyre, Sandie Leigh McKee, Rebecca Lee McMaster, Beverly Ann McMillan, Cena Lynn McMillan, Bonnie lane McNei (above, left to right) Marian Toon McPhaul, Helen Macaroe, Kath- leen Madden, Sheila I. Maddox, Virginia Gail Madren, Mark E. Maersch, Carmen Laura Malone, Mary Katharine Maner, Deborah Ann Maness. (above, left to right) Pamela Chantale Maness, Patricia Ruth Mann, Anne Frances Markey, Patricra Gail Marsh, (left to right) Catherine Elizabeth Martin, Cay Williams Martin, Robert David Martin, Susan Twombly Martz. (below, left to right) William Henry Mastbrook, |r., Alice lean Matthews, Carrie Alana Matth- ews. (above, left to nght) Nancy Lou Matthews, Resa Evan Matthews, William Franklin May, Wanda S. Maynor, Celeste Jan Mazvco, layne Broughton Mazyck, Rebecca Anna Mears, Lynn H. Medley, Sherry Anne Meece, Laura Meeks. (below, left to right) Lydia Frances Moffitt, Rosemary Anne Mogelesky, Nancy Nossar Monroe, Bonnie Tysor Moon, Deborah Beryl Moore, Donald Richard Moore, jacque Montelle Moore, lanice Fay Moore, lanice Elaine Morgan. (far above, right) Rebecca Ann Morgan, (above, right) Ina Lynn Morris, (left to right) Patsy R. Morris, Vickie Lou Morrison, Charles E. Morton, Elizabeth Anne Morton. (above, left to right) Charlotte Eleanor Myrick, Rolanda Leigh Nel- son, Nancy Lynn Nesbitt, Clarice Annette Newell, Sara Candace Newman, Nancy Kyle Noble, Barbara DeBora Nobles, David Bruce Norton, Beth Norwood. (above, left to right) Catherine Louise Nunn, Charles Marvin O ' Connor, Michael Paul O ' Doherty, Retha Lucille Outlaw, Marsha Ann Overman, Cameron R. Owens. (below, left to right) Lynne Annette Owens, Phillip Anthony Page, Marilyn Marie Pait, Lisa Ellen Palmer, Carol Len Park, Melissa Anne Parker, Susan Fran Parrish, jodi Patton, Robin Nan Patton, Nancy Louise Payne. (above, let! to right) Elizabeth R. Pearson, Dons Ann Peeler, |o Anne Pemberton, Connie Diane Peninger, Rey Allen Pennell, Paula jayne Perkins, Marsha Lee Perry, Donna Carol Pickerel, Margaret Ezelle Pitkler, (above, left to right) lean S. Pierce, Stephanie VyrI Pigford, Marie Pitsikoulis, Vicki Sharon Poage. (left to right) Pamela leanne Polzin, Amelia Ann Poole, Michael Ellis Poole, Mary Vernell S. Pope, (below, left to right) Pennilou Pound, Kathy LaVerne Powell, Amy Elizabeth Powers. (above, left to right) Barbara Webster Powers, Denise Louise Poythress, Patricia )ane Pratt, Ellen Presnell, Linda Marie Preston, Carolyn Byrd Price, Margaret Elizabeth Price, Pamela Kay Price, Kaye Mildred Pridgen, Bonnie L. Pruitt. (above, lett to right) M.iry Catherine Pugh, Linda Gail Purgason, Alan Blair Putnam, Dollie H, Ram- seur, Sarah Kristina Randall, (below, left to right) Rhonda Gail Randleman, Claudia Lanier Rapier, Bette Mae Rausch. (left to right) Martha Woodland Reade, Tervolia Reaves, Rebecca Harmon Reavis. (below left to right) Sarah Diane Redding, Sarah Spaugh Reeves, Phyllis Murphy Reynolds, Elizabeth A. Rice, Marilyn Elizabeth Rice, Doris ). Richardson, Linda Marie Richardson, Stan Benjamin Rickman, Margaret Elizabeth Riddle, Ethel Deborah Riley. ffA (above, left to right) Richard Evans Riley, Byron W. Ritter, Charlene Yvonne Roberts, Gwendolyn Carol Roberts, Penny Susan Roberts, (left to right) Wil- liam Rogers Roberts, David Hunter Robertson, )anet Marie Robertson. d:- lA (above, left to right) Diane Chisholm Robinson, Virginia Anne Robinson, Alli- son layne Rockefeller, David McCain Ro- gers, Susan Lois Rogers, Nola Marie Rogerson . (left to right) Barbara Rollins, Tama Mayfield Rose, Judy Lynn Roun- tree. (below, left to right) Frances Luanne Rufty, Ruby Rufty, Kathleen Mary Rushford, Susan M. Ryan, Mary Shaw Sams. (beiow, lelt to rightl Cathy |. Saunders, Sally Anne Scantiand, Laurel E. Schmitt, |ohn Martz Schoftstall, Lydia L. Schwartz, Deborah Annette Scott, Dianne Lynnette Scott, Elizabeth Ann Scott, Mary Kay Scott, Ralph Michael Sears. (aboye, left to right) Margaret Humphrey Seawell, Sylvia Lucinda Sellars, Nancy E. Shatter, Brenda Faye Shannonhouse, Linda Gale Sharpe, Martha Nortleet Shaw, Patricia Lynne Shaw, Linda Carol Shearin, Betty Lou Shearon. (above, left to right) Anne Mon- roe Sheffield, Diane Alyce Shinn, Norma Gail Shively, Cynthia Caroline Shore, (left to right) Billy Stephen Shytle, )r., Susan Elaine Sigmon, Judith Dale Siler, Mary Frances Sink, (below, left to right) Sherry Pamela Sink, Barbara Anita Sipe, Maureen Agnes Skel- ley. «li 4 ' ; CUSHMAN (above, left to right) Mimi Skerrett, Karen Ann Sledge, ludith Marie Slowinski, lanice Dawn Smith, Patricia K. Smith, Rebecca Carrad Smith, Teresa Gwen Smith, Trudy Waller Smith, Teresa Jean Smitherman, Teresa Denise Smithwick. (above, left to right) Anne Moffett Sneed, Carey Hall Snellings, Jr., Janice Carol Snider, Bobbie Caroline Snow, (left to right) Ann Louise Solien, Julia M. Soren- sen. (below, left to right) Cheryl Ann Sosnik, Ada Catherine Southern, Lucille Lachicotte Spearman, Julia Elizabeth Spears, Ann Patricia Speckman, Robert J. Spencer. (below, left to right! Phyllis Spinks, lulie Dean Spivey, Bridget Lee Spraker, lanet Sprinkle, Melanie Laura Sprung, Dene Faye Squires. ik H . (below, left to right) Gay Nell St.iley, |e,iniie Meretlith St.inley, Shii- ron Ellzcibeth Stcinley, Tina Rae Steed, Jerry D. Steelman, lynne Wil- liams Stevens, Joyce Marie Stewart, Mary lane SI. Lawreme, l.infla Caddy Styons. (left to right) Vickie Marie Sum- mers, Anna Beth Swain, Alice Katherine Swaringen, Penny Grietje Swart, Peggy Sweeney, ayne Patrick Swindell, Deborah lean Tagalos, Kathy Owen Talbert, Laiky Karen Tamny, Janice Mane Tarlton, Lisa Boutlard Tate, Elizabeth Barry Tayloe. (below, left to right) Barbara Lee Taylor, Terry Burgin Taylor, |ohn Clifton Teague, Caria Ann Terrell, Nancy Karen Thaxton, Phyllis Anne Thomas, Anne Stuart Thomason, Kathie Hut- tines Thompson, Sherrie Thompson, Lucinda Ruth Thore. M. (above, left to right! Eunetta Angelyn Thorne, Dawn Allrecl Thut, Sara Elisabeth Tisdale, Vickie Delores Torrey, Karen Lynn Towe, Peggy Irene Townsend, Irene Alice Tramer, Susan Flynt Transou, Paula Ephornia Travis. (above, left to right) lanet Elizabeth Trimble, Mary Catherine Triplett, lane Sharon Troxler, Loretta Tucker, (left to right) Paula Scott Turner, Irene Maria Ulloa, Penny Rene Vance, Sheila Dianne VanNoy. (below, left to right) Dianne Upchurch Vaughn, Cathy Ann VerMeulen, anice Carol Vestal. (above, left to right) Linda Lou Vestal, Debbie MacKenzie Vetterlein, Kathryn Anne VonLin- dern, Kathryn Lee Walden, Wendy Young Walker, Mary Bette Wall, Cynthia Anne Wallen, Lawrence James Walters, Sandra Lee Ward, Karen Wood Warren. (above, left to right) Cathy O ' Dell Weathers, Bar- bara D. Weaver, Brenda Sue Welling, Debra Ann Wells, Roslyn Marie Wells, (below, left to right) Robert William Westbrook, lanie Carol Whitehead, Wendy Lee Whittemore. (left to right) Nancy Anne Wickline, Wanda Denise Wiley, Katheryne Cook Wilkerson. (below, left to right) Susan Tandy Wilkins, Mildred lane Willey, Cwindolene Elizabeth Williams, jeannie Oveda Williams, Kathleen Williams, Mary Anne Williams, Patricia Ann Williams, Patricia Olanda Williams, Su Ellen Williams, Susan Elizabeth Willis. (above, left to right) Kathryn Leigh Winstead, Kathryn Faustine Wirkus, George Swee-San Wong, Florence Ninevah Wood, Kathleen Rose Wood, Sarah Elizabeth Wood, (left to right) Melba Corinne Wooten, Linda Evans Worthington, Rebecca Lou Wright, (be- low, left to right) Sylvia Snider York, Su- san Hester Young, Sandra Gail Yow, Sandra L. Zepp, Debra Kay Ziemann. Class of 1 974 Record Anderson, Audrey LaVerne. l,it.n ,in N I BA EjrK Childhood Education NBS ),4: Gospel Choir 3,4; lunior Scholjr: Tutor for Greensboro Associa- tion ol Poor People Andrey, Debra Michele. Lucama, N,C. BS Math, Lab Ass ' l, Bio, Dept, 3; Square Circle 2nd Vice-Pres, !. ' Isl Vice-Pres 4; Sophomore Scholar ' ES- CHEATS Scholar 2. 3,4, Arakas, Drucilla Diane. Asheville, NC BA Biology Senator 3,4; Comm on Legislation 3 Chmn 4, student Bill of Rights tomm 4. ECU Council 2.3 Armenaki, Doris Wofford. Greensboro, N,C. BS Nursing. SNA 2.3.4; lunior Scholar, Dean s List 2,4; Graduated Magnum Cum Laude; School of Nurs- ing Class Representative 3,4, Dean ' s Advisory Comm. 3,4, School of m, 3,4 North Georgia College, Georgia Baptist Hospital School I Arnold, Mary (une. Le 1,2,3,4: Dean ' s List 2J. lie, N C 3A Ell enlary Education. ACE Asbill, Cynthia D, Laurmburg, N C BS ,Malh Pi Mu Epsilon; Dean ' s List, Atkinson, Don W. Greensboro, N C BA Element,ir . Education, Austin, Parks Neill, |r. Charlotte, NC BA History WEHL 3; VVUAG 4; DC 4 Carolinian 4 Austin, Patsy. A hebom, N C BSHE Child Development Dorm Sec, Leader I, AHE 4: ACE 3. Ayers, Nancy E. Asheville, N.C. BA Drama-Speech, Varsity Cheerleading 1,2, Co-Head 2; Campus Crusade for Christ 3,4; USHA 3; Full Gospel Stu- dent Fellowship 3; Homecoming Attendant for DIAC Basketball Tourna- ment from UNC-G 2; PATH School. Biddle, Martha Elizabeth. Asheboro, NC BA Eark Childhood Education ACEI 3,4; SNEA 4, Bingham, Charles Steven. .Asheboro, N C, BME Music Education, Academic Forum 3; UNC-C Orchestra 2,3; Concert Band 2, Libraian 3,4; jazz Ensemble 3,4; Student Brass Quintet 3,4; lota Epsilon Warden 3; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; School of Music Scholarship 3.4; University of South Carolina. Blackburn, Phyllis N. Winston-Salem. NC BA Earlv Childhood Education. NEA ECU, Pembroke University Blackley, Melanie Annette. Creedmoor, NC BS Economic and Business Administration Square Circle 1,2, Deans List 3; Dorm Sec, Leader 3. Blackwelder, Martha Barney. Mocksville, N C. BA Sociology. Alumni Scholarship 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 2,3 Blackwell, Seth Norwood. Reidsville, N C BS Accounting Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Table Tennis; NBS, YDC; Ford Foundation Scholarship; VITA Rockingham Comm. College Blackwood, Patricia Lynn. Mocksville. N C. BA Elementary Education. Sophomore Scholar, lunior Scholar; Civinettes 3,4, ACE 3,4; SNEA 4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4 Blaine, Carol Vivian. Asheville, N C, BSHE Child Development and Family Relations SNEA 1,2; ACE 3,4; AHEA 4; Omicron Nu 4; Sophomore Scho- lar; lunior Scholar; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Dorm Social Comm. 3,4; Dorm Big Blue, Beverly Elaine (Tru ' l. Wilmington, N C BS Community Health Alumni University Council 3,4; FDC 3; Court Member 2; Student Orientation Comm 1,2; Chnin 3; University Orientation Comm. 2,4; Chmn 3; National Orientation Directors ' Conference Delegate 3,4; NODC Steering Comm, 4. Blumenlhal, Eveline. Montn diana Stale Liniversily; Univ( 3l, Quebec, Canada, BA French Ballet In- sity of Evansville; UNC Asheville. Boone, Katharine L. Greensboro. N C. BA Earlv Childhood Education, ACE 3 Wingate lunior College, Bostin, Barbara Lee. Hickory, NC. BSHE Interior Design. Resident Advisor 4, Omiirnn Nu 4; lunior Scholar; AHEA 3,4; 1D5A 3,4; YDC 3. A5U. Branan, Lorie. Raleigh, NC, lastrnu Scholarship 3 Bristow, Barry Sutton. Santord, N C BS Ei tralion Western Carolina University , Art WEHL 2, Music Director 1; Elizabeth Bailey, Nelson, la Viie-Pres , APO ,in ation Outing Club, Baker, Angela Sawyer. Hertford, N C BSSA Business Erlu ' 1, (,.imm.i Alpha 1 n Legislature HI BS ,Math ' s List 1 ,2,4; Square Circle Bald, Kim Karleen. An 1 2 4, Pi u Epsilon 4 Barnes, Barbara Taylor. Winslon-Salem. N C BS Nursing Arademic Forum t, TSA 1,2, i, 4, Dean ' s List 1,2,), 4, lunior Scholar 3; NC-PIRG, SNA, Amen.. in legion Scholarship 2,3,4 Wake Forest University Barnes, |o Anna. Burlington, N C BA Early Childhood Education ACE In- tern, Membership Chmn Peaie College Bartlett, Marceia L. R.ilngh, N C BS PEDU l,2,i, Manai Battle, Mary leanatta. Rocky Mount, N C BSHE Child Development and Family Rel.itions SCORE rep 1; AHEA ),4; St, Mary ' s House 1; NBS 1,2,! 4, Student-lo-Sfudenl Grant Scholarship 1,2,!, 4, Sophomore Scholar 2, Dorm s,., Ir.ider 2,4, OA 2 Baxley, lanice Susan. ,r,, N ( HA Sociology, Prosy, Legislature 1. Bender, Kathryn M. ( h.irlottc-, N C BSHE ( lolhing .ind Tesliles FDC 3 IX KeMeuing Bo.ird ), Alumni Assoiiation 4, Intramural Basketball 1.3; De.ins I ,st I 2,i,4, honors work in Home Economics, AHEA 3,4; Newman ( lull 1,4, rlicl,, ( hi Fraternity Sweetheart 2; Sunday School Teacher 4, Bennett, Marilynn. Morven, N BA English I Mis I I,, ,11 ' . 4 Carolinian i, Kenortei 4 re 1; NBS 1,2. i.4; Benton, Deborah Hulson. Charlotte, N ( BSHE Clcjthing, Civinelles 2. Brooks, Cjrol. Hii;h Piimt NC B I nv;li.h C.lrnlini.iri, Kn.uil l liln i, tditor in duel 4 Brown, Barbara Diane. U LiMiivvilli ' , N C BA Ki[l ( hil.lhi.i.d FiliK.ilinii Brown, Bonnie Lynn. Eden, N t BS Nutsmg SNA, DcMn s lisl, lunioc Brown, Crystal D. sijiesville, N C BA Elemrnl.iry Iduution ACE Brown, Laurann L. Littleton, N C BA Speei h I ' .ithdlo.nv NB5, Brown, Martha Belinda. Rockv MiiunI, N C BA Speech Pjthuldgy, USHA !,4: Work-Study 3.4. Bryson, Ronald H. CreensEioro, NC. BA Political Science DeanS List; Political Science Student Comm. Chmn. 4; Debate Team 2,3; Harriett El- liott Lectureship Comm, 3; College of Arts and Sciences Comm. Burner, Lois Elizabeth. Winston S.ileni, N C BA BioIorv Beta Beta Beta 1,4, Fllioti Hall (.(luniil !.4; Ciitlee House Comm Chmn 4, Byrd, jane Harris. Drexel, NC, BA Speech PatholoRy.AudioioRy EUC Council 1, DC :,3. Domi Sec, Leadei ), Calhoun, Ellen Dale. Laurel Hill, N C, BA Sociology Deans List 2, Calhoun, Marilyn Jean. Raleigh, NC BA Psychology Intramural Volleyball 1,2; R5C Dramatic Workshop 1; French Club I; NCPIRG 4; WEHL 1,2, Campbell, Gayle Anne. Castonia, N.C, BA Elementary Education OA 2,3; Operation ' 77 3; Orientation Co-Op 4; Tuition Scholar 2,3; ESCHEATS Scholar 1,4; Collegiate laycees 3; Hostess 2,4, Head 3; Dorm Sec. Leader 2; Teacher ' s Aid. " Carlton, Tana. Warsaw, NC. BSHE Interior Design. AHEA 2; NSID-AID 3,4; IDSA 3,4; OA 2; Dorm Comm. 1; Ass ' t DC 2; Dorm Sec, Leader 3. Carpenter, Marguerite. Greensboro, NC, BA Psychology. Full Gospel Stu- dent Fellowship 3,4; Town Crier 4, TS Book Exchange 4; Invisible Univer- sity 4 Carpenter, Mark Jackson. Greensboro, NC, BA Economics TSA Pres 4, T5A Book Exchange 4, TSA Housing Service 4, TSA Bus. Man. 5; Senator 1,2,3,4,5; Comm, Qualifications and Classification of Offices 1,2, Chmn. 3.4,5; Constitution and By Laws Comm, 3; Campus Security Comm, 1,2; NCSL House Rep, 4; SCORE 1; Co-Founder Invisible University 4; Ad Hoc Senate. Admin Comm; Intramural Sports 1,2; Town Crier 1,4; Outstanding Senior 1973, Carrick, Mary Geneva. Lexington, N C. BA Elementary Education David- son County Community College, Carroll, Katharine Jane. Reston, VA, BSHE Interior Design, Coud 4; Deans List 2,3.4; CJmicron Nu 3,4; IDSA 3.4; OA 3, Syracuse University. Cassick, Jennie. Greenville, NC. BM Applied Music, Glee Club 1; Choir 2; Chorale 2,3,4; Chamber Singers 3,4; Opera 2,3,4, Cecil, Sarah Elizabeth. High Point, NC. BA Psychology Psi Chi, ECU, Channell, Karen C. Elkins, W Va BS Nursing, Potomac State University Chappell, Donna N. Gihsonvillc, NC BSHE Home Economics, AHEA Cockrell, loanne W. I ' otom.ii , ,Md BSHE Child Development and Family Relations, Domi Resident i. Legislative Ass ' t 4; Senioi Class Steer- ing Comm 4 Cole, Hugh Wilson, Jr. Lexington, NC BS Dislributi e Lilucitioii leiims Team 2,1,4, ( ollegiale DEC A Viie Pies 2; Statewide Collegi.ile l)E( A Vice-Pres t Wingate College; ASU Gender, Sarah Dianne. Charlotte, NC. BSPE Physual Eduiaimn Varsity Volleyball 1.2. i,4, RA Consul 1.2,3,4; Intramutals 1,2, i, 4; Ollii lals Club 1,2,3; OA 2; Senior PE Maiors Viie-Pres, Conrad, Cathy L. lexington, N C BA Elementary Eduiation, AG(.) I; ACE 4; Glee Club I; Dean ' s List Cenway, Laurie Louise. Launnburg, NC, BA Drama-Speech. Masquerad- ers ' Honor Society; Dean ' s List; Women ' s Varsity Golf Team; Theatre Board Member; Spencer Love Scholarship; W. Raymond Taylor Scholar- ship; TYP Cast Member; Forensics — 1st Place Duet Acting Competition, Appalachian State Contest 197!, Corbett, Phyllis Elaine. Hampton, Va BA Sociology DC 4; OA 2,i,4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; University Honors Program 1,2; Golden Cham ),4; Freshman Scholar; Sophomore Scholar; lunior Scholar; Scholarship Reci- oient; Fulbright Nominee 4; RC 1,2,3,4; RC Upperclassman Advisor 3,4; Undergraduate Member, Chancellor-s Ad Hoc Comm, on Non-Traditional Study 3,4 Gernatzer, Vickie Jean. Winston-Salem, N C BA Elementary Edu .ition ACE 1, Dean ' s List 3 Gox, Margie D. Ayden. NC BSPE Health Education Tutor, TCB Greensboro Association for Poor People 2; Health Manpower Summer Program 4; NBS 1,2,3,4; OA 4; N C, Association of Health, P E, and Recre- ation 3,4; NBS Choir 2; Sec, Leader 1; Volunteer for NC, Memonal Hospi- tal Children ' s Playroom, Cox, Michael Maurice. Dover, NC. BA Economics. Consul 1; NBS Unit Manager; Intramurals 1,2,3; NBS 1,2,3,4; Intern, Greensboro Record 4; Senior Research Ass ' t, Urban Policy Study 4; Research Comm, for Director of Placement 4 Gox, Cynthia Anne. Henderson, N C BS Math, Dorm Sec. Leader 3,4, So- cial Comm I,), Women ' s Glee Club 1,4; Sec. 2, Pres, 3; Square Circle 2,3,4, Pine Needles 2; lunior Scholar; Pi Mu Epsilon 4. Crane, Claudia. Hampton, Va, BA Early Childhood Education, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball; Sophomore Scholar; lunior Scholar, ACE; Alumni Associates, Creech, Kalhy Lynne. Clayton, N C BSHE AHEA 2,3,4, SNEA 4; Dorm Social Chmn ! Crews, Belinda McLamb. Ke N C BA Sociology, TSA 1,2,3,4, Crocker, Linda E. Hiikory, N C BS Business Education. Phi Beta Lambda; Sophomore Scholar Crook, Kathy Leilh. Troy, N C BSHE Interior Design IDSA, NSID. Cunningham, Patricia Lynn. Charlotte, N C BSHE AHEA 1,2,3,4; Omicron Nu 3,4 Currie, Gayle Person. BSPE Physical Education. Raleigh, N C Swim Club 1; Women ' s Varsity Basketball 1,2; Varsity Volleyball 1,2,3, Co-Capt, 4; Tennis Team Man. I; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; HPER Council 1; HPER Class rjf ■74 2; HPER Major ' s Voice Co-Editor 3. Chestnut, William Leon. Ruflin, N C BM Music Education University Chorale 1,2,3; Men ' s Glee Club 1,2; Steering Comm. I; NBS Gospel Choir Dir, 3,4; Bethel Male Chorus 1,2,3,4; Academic Forum 2; Student Faculty Academic Forum 2; NBS 1,2, Co-Ord. 3,4; Exec, Advisory Bd. 3,4; Golden Chain 3, Scholarship Comm, Chmn 4, EUC Council 4 Chilton, Terry A. Eden, NC BA Psvchology Psi Chi 4 Cline, Gloria lean. Kannapolis, N C BSHE Home Economics Education, AHEA 2, Dorm Rep, 1,3. Exec Council 1,3,4, Clodfelter, Carolyn Olivia. Lesington, NC, BS Nursing, SNA 2.3.4; Opera- tion 77 3; Speech Therapist, Kendall Center. Close. Mary Lucile. Churchville. Md. BA English, Dorm Floor Advisor 2; DC 4; Dorm Sec. Leader 1,3; Intramural Volleyball 1,2; Student Theater 4; Outing Club 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Phi Delta 4 Dabney, Diane Marie. Hickory, NC, BA Elementary Education, ACEI, Daniel, Pamela M. Charlotte, NC BA Early Childhood Education Co-Rec Day Bouling Team Delegate 1; Wesley Council 2,3,4; VVeslev Foundation Board 2, Secy 4; Community Recreation Coord, 3,4 Davenport, Linda Carol. Elizabeth City, NC BA English Honor s Program 1,2, ' s list 1,2,3,4; RA 1,2,3 David, Shirley Ann. VVhileville, N C BA Speech Pathology LISHA. Davidson, Kay. Laurel, Md BSPE Field Hockey SNEA, NCHPER; worked at university pool Daughtridge, lertlie Mae. High Point, N.C. BA Science. Senator I.J,), Constitution .inil Bv Laws Comm, 2,S, .Appropriations Comm Chnm i, NCSL 2. Ford Round Table Series 3, National Merit Scholarship 1,2.). 4, National Orientation Directors Conterence 3; Senior Class Steer- ing Comm ),4; Commencement Comm 4, Creensboro Internship 3; Op- eration 78, Davis, Karen Suzanne. Annandale, Va, BA History, OA 2- Senator 1 ' 3- Social Concerns Comm 2; Rules Comm Chmn, 2: Appeals Comm Ctimn ' 2.i, member 4; NCSL 1,2, Delegation Chmn. 3. Reviewing Bd Chmn. 4, Bill oi Rights Comm. 4; Harriett Elliott Lectureship Comm. 3. Chmn 4 SCKAM Esec Dir, i. WEHL D|. Ass ' t. News Dir I; Carolinian 1.2 Pine Needles Freshman Editor 1, Ass ' t. Editor Fall 71 . Editor-in-Chief 4; Alumni Associates 2,3; Alumni Speakers Bureau 3.4; Media Board, Student Chmn 4; Senior Class Steering Comm 4; WUNC-TV 2,3,4; Bronze Noose 4 CREP 3; inaugural Comm, 1973. White House Intern 1973 Flannery, Jeanne Genevieve. Bs Treas ),4. Newman Club Education, Phi Beta Lambda FousI, Robin Z. Fuller. Greensboro, N.C, BS Health Education. Glee Club 1; Choir 2, SNE- 4, Treas, 1; N C Health Manpower Conterence. Fox, Dabney Dee. Ma Early Childhood Educat Frazelle, Dianne. Richland, N.C BA Early Childhood Education ACE 3 ' Intern, Model School Protect, Camp Le|eune, 4 Freeman, Janet Smith. Raleigh, N,C BEA Art Education Intramurils 1- YDC 4; SNAEA 5: NCAEA 5, Co-Chmn Announcements Comm Reynolds ' Campbell College 1,2,3 Friday, Mary Emily. Gastonij, N C. BSHE Child Development Court V AHEA 2,3,4, Dean ' s List ),4 Dawon, Mary Lou. Greensboro, N C, BA Chemistry, DC t, OA ) Opera- tion ' 76 ' 77 ' 78, 2,3,4; Intramurals I; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 2,3, Exec .Member 4; Bible SturU Leader 2.3.4; Tutoring I Dixon, Alice Yvonne. Durham, N C BA Hist jr Court Member 3 4 Coun- selor 2 DC 4 Dowe, Anne-Marie. Wmslon-Salem, N C. BA English ludicial Comm 3, Appeals Comm ),4; hnisible LIniversity Instructor 3, Rep. 4; Dean ' s List 2: Sophomore S holar, lunior Scholar; Dorm ludicial Advisor 4 Draughn, lanice. lonesulle N C BA Biolog Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Outing Club 4, Pine Needles 3, 3,4, l-Housc 2), 4 Friesen, Donna Dolores. Greensboni, N C BSPE Varsilv Volleyball 1 ' 3 Co-Capt 4; Intramurals 1,2,), 4, RA Council 1,2,3,4; Otiicials 1.2,3; Oa ' 2; ' Senior Eduiation Ma|ors Pres 4, Lindergraduate Ma|ors Council 3. Fulbright, Judith Huffman. High Point. N.C BSHE Intenor Design. NSID; AID; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Library Comm, Vera Arml ' ield Foscue Scholarship Award Lenoir Rh ne College; N.C. State University. Fulbright, Rita An onnelK Springs, N C BS Nursing SNA 3 Fulton, Patricia Lorraine, s.mtnrd, N C BS Health Education Operation ' 78; Cuinettes, Linilergraduale HPER Council Rep; Dean ' s List 1 2 3 Grea- ter Greensboio FjmiK Lite Coundl; Health Careers Conterence 3 Dunn, Angela. Winston. Salem, N C BSHE Tevtiles AHEA 1,3,4; Cimicron Nu ) Sei. ' 4, -XATCC ),4, Fieldfrest Foundation Scholarship 4; Dean ' - Eason, Donna L. Raleigh, NC BSHE Home Economics Edui.ilion AHEA 12) 4 siud. ' iil Program ,md Polnv Comm , Home Economics 1,2,), 4 Edmundson, Patrick L. Morganton, N.C, BA Drama, WEHL 2); WUAG- FM, C.)n(ert Band 1; |az7 Ensemble 1; UNCG Theatre 2,3,4; Studio The.itii. 2,3,4; Masr|ueraders 2,), 4, St Mark ' s House 1,2.3.4; Vestry 2,i Edwards, Cora Lee. Mooresvilli- NC BS Nursing SNA 1.) 4, IV 4 Dean ' s Lisl 12 14 Edv»ards, Pamela Beth. Greensboro, N t Bs Musk. Education University Sinlonia 2.).4; Llmversitv SMnphon ( )r. hestr.i 1,2,S,4; W ' eslev Found.ition 1, Bo.ird and Coumil 2,), 4 Edwards, Pats Elaine, si , s(„i BS Nursing i KC 1.2 Ellis, Kalhryn Evelyn. Sil.i ( it , N C Bs Nursing SNA 1,) District VI Rec Sc. 4 Nnniin.ltions ( omni 4, Summer Senior Student Nurse, Vjnderbilt LnnvrsilN l ri Ervin, Marcia D. ( BF -X Xit Ldui .ition MNEMOS NE- N So. I, -In J, SM . .1 Br.-i.ird |i ( iillrg.- Faison, Gloria Ann. iJelmonl, N ( Bslll ( hilil I )rM.|o|)iiienl AHEA, ACE Feemsler, Debbie Wiseman. R.ilnuh c Hs Nmsmg V ' omen ' s Glee tliib 1,2, SNA 1,2, I ' libli.ilv ( linin ! I ' les Dislrul 4, Slate By-Laws ( omni 1, llrlcg.iti., N. SN. t, I ' Nuise Assistant Program, Diiki- U ( rnlri i Finn, Frances Connie. ( )son Hill Md Rs Nursing Fil gerald, lohn Nathan, jr. (, V.i BM[ Musi, fdm.ilion Univer- sil ( hoi.ilr, I ' hl Mil Alph.i ri.itrinits Vu.-I ' les 4, Upper DiMsion CEFB Sihnl.irship, Who ' s Wh o Among lliniol ( olleue students Mitihrll ollrge Caebe, Diana R. Greensboni, NC BS Medical Technology. Beta Beta Beta 3,4; Medical Technology Club Program Chmn 2, N,C. Slate University. Garrison, Frances Ruth. Martinsville. Va. BS Home Economics Communi- cations Senate 2.i: University Invitations Comm, 1; EUC 1, Exec Board 2,3. Pres, 4; Golden Chain Ceraghty, Claudia A. K.ileigh, N ( BA al Weltare, Senate Glassford, loannc Elizabeth. R.ileigh N C BSHE AHEA, Intervarsity Christ- ian Fellowship. Omuron Nu, Trainer- Agent, N.C Agricultural Extension Service ) Glover, Christine Ellen. New Bern, NC. BS Chemistry. Court 1; Folk Dance Exhibition c.ioup 1; Chemistrv Tutor 3,4; Lab Ass ' t. 4; Sophomore Scholar, lunior, ACS Analytical Chemistry Award 4; N,C. Academy ot S(ii-n, e Resi-.irih Grant 4 Goode, Laurie E. VVilminglon, N C BS Nursing Intimte Way Study Group ),4, -Xsso.i.Mion tor Rese.m h ,ind Enlight enment studv Group 1,2,3 Goodnight, Frankie Angela. K.nin.ipolis N C BA Ps cholog Psi Chi 3 4 Dean ' s Lisi 1 Goodwin, Tanita A. Charlotte, NC BA Sociology Social Welfare. Harriett Elliott Lectureship Comm 4: National Association of Social Workers 4; NBS 2), 4;, Deans List 2,); Beta Beta Beta Biology Award 2; NBS Choir ),4, Dorm Set Leader 4 Graham, Carol Bruce. Goldsboro, N C BSHE Communications Arts SGA Legislature Page 1; DC 4, Volleyball Intramurals 3.4; Political Science Dept Rep . Ad Hoc ( urrnulum Comm 1; Collegiate Civinettes Vice-Pres. 1,2, Pres 2,), World War Veter.ins Scholarship, WEHL 3; Dorm Social Chmn I,), WGBR-WEt R 2, Home Ei, Intern. High Point Southern Furni- ture tanul,i lurers Assoc i.ilion Grandy, Sheila K. giand , NC BA EarK Childhood Phi Theta Kappa 2 Colli-geol the Albrm.irl,. Grant, Katherine Virginia. ( Icmmons, N C BSHF Foods and Nutr n ( tmiiion Nu AHI A 1 s list Crasmick, Susan jane. N.w Oxloid, P.i BA F.iil ( hilclhood Educition ( ,lr. ' ( liil. 4, ' iKC 1,2,1,4 Gray, Russell A. R.indlrm. in, N ( BARiolog APO 1,2)4 Greene, Linda Su anne. K.iliii;h N( Bs Medic al Tec hnologv Beta Beta Bel. I i 4 Griffin, Pam. New London, NX. BA Psyrhology Honors 1,4; Dean ' . Lisl I, J, 4; Pm Chi J, Pres. 4; Science Lectures studeni Comm, 4. Crubbs, Joyce Carol. Burlington, N.C. BS Nursing. Academic Forum !; Dorm Sec. Leader 3; SNA 3; SNA State Trea. 4; Student Nurse of the Year 1973; American 53 Scholarship 3,4; lunior Marshal; Senior Marshal. Guerrant, Gaye L. Charlotte, N.C. BS Math. Pi Mu Epsilon 3, Trea.-Sec ' y 4; Civinettes 1,2; Collegiate |C 2; Dean ' s List 2,1 Cwennas, Shelia. Fletcher, N.C. BSHE Child Development AHEA i,4, ACEI 4; Dean ' s List 3; Omicron Nu. Haith, Edith. Meli. Choir. N.C. BA Early Childhood Education NBS; NBS Hall, janel Sue. Crantsboro, N.C. BS FHome Economics Education. Student Legislature 1; Dir., Course and Teacher Evaluation, SCORE 2,3,4; Chancel- lor ' s Ad FHoc Comm., C T Evaluation 2; University Comm. to Develop Teacher Evaluation 3,4; Sec ' y. Community Affairs 3; SGA Academic Intern- ships 4; Ass ' t. DC 4; OA 2,3; Chmn., dorm student faculty comm. 3; In- tramurals t,2,3,4; lohnson Scholar 1,2,3,4; honors history I; WEHL 1; AHEA 1,2,3,4; Presby House 1,2,3,4, Golden Cham 3,4; Member, Bd. of Directors, Greensboro Voluntary Action Center 3; Member, Consortium Task Force on Internships 3. Hall, Tommie Lynne. Aulander, N.C. BS Math. Intramural Basketball, Vol- leyball 1,3; Square Circle 1,2,3, Publicity Chmn. 4; Pine Needles 3; Pi Mu Epsilon 4; Dean ' s List 3,4; 5NEA 4; NCTM 4; ACM 3,4. Hamby, Aldena Linn Durham, N.C. BSHE Interior Design. AHEA; NSID; Nominee. Fieldcrest Scholarship; Design Dept, Rep., Southern Living Chnstmas Show 1972: Dorm Sec. Leader. Hamilton, lames Franklin, |r. Rockingham, N.C BS Economics and Busi- ness Administration. Intramurals 3,4. Wingate College. Hand, Holly. Wheeling, W Va. BS Consumer Ser ices. AHEA 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Rep,, AHEA 1; Student Program and Policy Comm , Home Economics Dept. 1,3,4, 2nd Vice-Pres. 2. Hardin, Brenda Kaye. Orrum, N.C BA Early Childhood Education SNEA 4; ACEI 4; Dean ' s List 3; Annie Mclver Young Scholarship 4; St Mary ' s House Kindergarter 2,3, Dir, 4. Hare, Dorothy A. Charlotte, N.C. BS Home Economics. AHEA 1,2, Comm. Chmn. 3,4; Inler-Varsity Chnstian Fellowship 2, Pres. 3,4; Faculty Ass ' t, Leadership Development Award in Foods anci Nutrition 4. Harmon, Catherine L. Seneca Falls, NY. BS Child Development Dean ' s Harmon, Nancy Elaine. Rockingham, N.C. BA Political Science. Student Services Secy. 3; Campus Stores Comm. 3; Interships Comm. 3; Outing Club ],1, Pine Needles Art Editor 3; Golden Chain 4; Intern 2,3; Sec. Leader 2; l-House Faculty Student Budget Comm. 3: Alumni Associates 3,4; Political Science Steenng Comm.; Seminar Leader 1973 Greensboro Youth Council 3; Planning Comm., Women ' s Studies Conference. Harper, Cathy Smith. Yadkinville, N C. BS Disinbutive Education, Dorm Sec, Leader; DECA 3,4; NADET 3,4, Gamma Alpha 2,3, AHEA I. Harrington, Gwendolyn Gale. High Point, N C. BA Art Harris, Cathy jo. Pitlsboro, N.C. BSHE Clothing and Textiles RC 1; Sophomore Scholar; lunior Scholar. Harris, Karen Mozelle. Greensboro, N.C BA Psychology Senate 1,2,3,4; Appeals Comm. 1; Social Concerns Comm. 4,5; TSA Vice-Pres. 4; Univer- sity Symphony Orchestra 1,2,3; Chamber Orchestra 2; Friends 4; Chancel- lors Comm on Disruption Policy 4; UNCG Rep., Progress and Information Comm., Greensboro Human Relations Council 4; OA 2,3,4,5. Hartman, Danny Lee. Winston-Salem, N C BFA Art Education. BSU Pub- licity Chmn 2, Co-Chmn, 3; NAEA 3,4; Chmn, International Student Rela- Design. IDSA; Outing Helms, Catherine M. Greensboro, N.C. Court 1,2,4, Exec. Secy 3; Freshman Advisory Board Exec. Cabinet; Sec. Leader 1; Sophomore Scho- lar; Rat Day Chmn. 2; lackel Comm Vice-Pres. 2; Tennis Team 2; Ring Comm. Chmn. 3; Who ' s Who in Amencan Colleges and Universities 3; Golden Cham 3,4; University of Maryland European Extension Frankfurt, West Germany 1971-72, Hendren, Karen E. Moravian Falls, NC BA Early Childhood Education. Ass ' t DC 4; ACE 3; SNEA 4 Mars Hill College, Herring, Nona Elizabeth. Goldsboro, N C. BS Math Court 1, lunior Mar- shal; Square Circle 2,3,4; Collegiate Civinettes 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 3,4; Pi Mu Epsilon 4 Herthel, Nancy Jane. Lumberton, N.C BA Early Childhood Education. Dean ' s List 1,4; ACE 2,3,4; Presby House 1; Dorm Hostess 3,4 Hill, Christina Howell. Raleigh, N C BS Intc Club Hilton, Susan McCaskill. Pine Hall, N.C BSHE Home Economics Educa- tion. AHEA Dorm Rep. 1,2,3,4, 4-H Club 1,4, Treas. 3, Sec ' y. 2, Dorm Hostess 1,2,3; l-House 3, Treas 2; Rings, Blazers, and Invitations Comm. Hines, Geneva Geraldean. Lexington, N C BA English ACE 4, lunior Scho- lar Holloman, Maggie Patricia. Aulander, N C. BA Math Intramurals 1,2; Honor Tutorial 1,2; Square Circle 1,2,3,4; Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4; Phi Beta Kappa 3,4; University Scholarship 1,2,3,4; Mendenhall Math Scholarship 4, Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4. Honeycull, Barbara Holding. Wake Forest, N.C. BS Home Economics Edu- cation AHEA 4, Dorm Rep I, Pine Needles 1; Rev. G.D, Alhanese Scho- larship 4, lunior Scholar, N C Prospective Teacher ' s Scholarship 1,2,3; UNCG Tuition Scholarship 2,! Howard, Cynthia Ruth. on, ord, N C Va 2,3,4; Dean ' s List 1,2,1,4 Honors Program Vicc.-Pres 4, OA 4, Phi Beta Kappa 4 .ity Basketball 1; Intiamurals ,2, BSU 1; Bc-ta Beta Beta 3, Hasty, Cynthia Carol. Goldsboro, N C BS Nursing, SNA 3; Collegiate Ciuneltes 1,1, Sec ' y. 2; Kiser Dorm Rep , Elliott Hall 3 Haywood, Donna Kay. Mount Cilead, NC BA Sociology NASW. Hayworlh, Susan Claire. Rocky Mount, N C BA Early Childhood Educa- 11, ,n [liMP s list 1, ACEI 3; SNEA 4 Howell, Brenda Gale. Durhai N C BS I Hudson, Paula Sue. Zebulon, N.C. Health Education. DC 3, Senate Consul 4 Refrigerator Rep, 3; Student Orientation 2; Operation ' 77 3; Operation ' 78 4 Sec. Leader 2; Volleyball Intramurals 2; Rep, Undergraduate Council of HPe ' r Maiors 4; Teen Mini Teaihing for He.illh 2,1,4; Rep., Youth Council American Red Cross 1: ECU Ren 2 Dcin ' s list 1 NDC 1. Honeycult, Vicki Lynn. Crcfnshora, N.C, BS Mprth.intlisins Bei inning Tennis TDurnamenI Winner 1; Concerl B.lnd I, J; Phi But.i L.imbdd 4 Honor Roll J.iA: Slutlv-Tr.ivel in Europe, Summer -) Hudgins, Suellyn. llolihsMlle, N C BA Elemenl.ui Eikn.ilion. Student Hunter, |udy. Rih k M.uinl, N ( BS M.illi NBS Choir J i 4 Soujre Circle 1 J i 4: NBS I J Bus 1,4, TC B 2 Hunlley, Georgij B. ( .rernshom, N C BS E. onomiis ,ind Business Ad- ministr.ition VITA i,4 ISA i,4, ' slist !,4 Hulchins, WandJ Kdye. Kuthertordton, N C BA Histiirv SNEA 4 Sopho- more s,, lunior Sihol.u: Sludv-Ti.ivel ill Europe, Summer 1971 Joyce, Donna P. Madison, N.C. BA Psychologv. SCORE Sec 3 4 Psi Chi 3 Vice-Pres. 4; Pjrlicipjled in U5WAC Center and School College lunior Program 1973; Upperclass Ereshman Advisor; Evperimenlal Academic Ad- vising Program in Psychologv Depl 4, lulian, Alice Augusta. Randleman, N C BA Elemenlar Education Dean ' s List 1.2,3,4; ACE 3,4; Co-Op 4 Kelly, Debra Dean. Alhemarle, N C BA Elementarv Education. ACE; Col- Inobinell, Laura Ellen. W.ishington NC BA EarK (hildhood Education Atfl 4,A louml.ition 1 J loumil )4 Board 4 |ngram, NancyJo Kerr uHe Nr BSHE Interior Design. AHEA 2,3,4, Ipock, Martha Lynn. Neu Bern, N C, BA English Ivey, William A. Creensboro, ( BS Math Deans List i 3 4 Pi ,Mu Eosi- lon. Sophomore Scholar; luHKir S, holar Sf|uare Circle, Kirkman, Michael Lee. Creensboro, N C BA English, Kohler, Susan |oy. , ortolk Va BSHE Child Development and Family Rela- tions St Maivs Hoiisr Advising Board 1,2,!, 4, ACE 4: AHEA 4 ' Sec Leader T Kolbe, Karen Elisabeth. Raleigh, NC. BSHE Nutrition. SCA Cafeteria Evaluation Comm 3; Hostess at Dances 1,2; Dorm Sec Leader 3- OA 2- VVeslev Foundation 1,2,1,4; Wesley Board 1,2,4, Sec, 3; AHEA ' l 2 3 4 ' Re|) N C UFA 4; Home E cnomics Honor Dessert 1 Kossove, Ruth Kohl. Charlotte, NC BSHE Interior Design Hillel I5DA- Honors Counril Universitv ol Toronto 1,2. Jacobs, lanet Yvonne. Rockingham, N C BA History Masr|ueraders 3 Carolinian I, List 1,2. Honors Tutorial 1 lunior Si holar " Univer- sitv Sihol.irship 2,),4 Jameson, Gail Corinth. Rocky Mount, N.C. Ba Early Childhood Education Senate 1; Elections Board i; Dorm Social Comm. 3; ACE International 3 4 NEA t.4; Altemate, Reymilds Scholarship; Dean ' s List, ' ' jarrett, Gary. Eden, N C BA Hisloiv Alpha Phi Omega 2,i 4- ( )A 2 3 Phi Alph.i lh,-l,i ),4, EUCCoumil 1, Dean ' s List 2 !4 Commencement ( onini 4, s,.ni,,r Steering Comm Chmn 4 lenkins, Marcia Gail. Rohersonville, N C BA Earlv Childhood Education 14 M H 1,4; Dorm Hostess 2,1,4, OA 3, Dorm So, lal Comm lennings, Suzanne Christine. R.ileigh, N C BS Nursing SNA 1 Blazer ( omm (.o-lhnln I, Senator 2.1,4, Sec Le.lder 2, judicial Comm. 2,3; lurlK lal Researi h ( omm 2; Chmn Senate Housing Affairs 3; Pres. pro tern Senate 4, Constitution and By-Laws Comm 4; TSA Vice-Pres 4- Bill ol Rights (omm 4, A.l Ho, f omm on Salarn-s 4; Golden Cham 4, Friends 3 l 2, ( tulst, Hilling Si.nior 4 jenson, Rcbetia A. H,iv, ' loik. NL BS Nursing s, h,iol ,.t Nursing Cur- ri.uliim ( ,,,11,11 1, SNA 1,2 1. R, ' V n,,l,ls S, h,,l,ir Honors Program 1 Olt-( ,impus ( hurih ( host Aiiib.iss,i,lors Vi e-Po-s I , Pres 2 Johnson, B, jane. R.ih ' igh, N ( BSHE Interior Design IDSA! Vite-Pres 4 ( )mi( roll Nil 4 , , - , Johnson, Cindy Lynn. ill,, mist,, n N( HSHE ( ,,nsumer Serve es AHEA liihnson, Mary Beth. I,-M,igt,,n, N( KsHl Inli ' iior Design S(,A Under- ' " • ' ' ' UK 1 ( oiiil I 2 1, IDSA 2, 1,4, All) NSID 2,!,4, AHEA 1 4, E ec ot " i, il I 2 s,,pli,„i„,r,. H,,ii,,is l ' ,ogr,iiii 2, I lA 2 Johnston, lanis. I I,, list,, n hv HA nthropi .l,,gv Summ,.| Ar, h.ii ' .ilogi, .il I " ' Id l ' i,,|,-, t ,,t IIN( -(, 4 Ann, ' H,,vv,ir,l Sh.ivv S, h,,l,irship 4 D. ' .iii ' s list 12 1 4, Phi H. ' t,, K.ipp.i 4, lunioi ,M,irsli,ill liines, fhris. ( ,i,-, ' risl„,ni N( AIM 1, s( ,A Pri ' sidi ' nt lones, Evelyn Denise. stok, ' s,l,ili ' N ( BS M.ith jt.nes, ja |ueline Ir.-ne. 1 Ko, k, N( BA Inglish R. ' siil. ' Ciillege lon.-s, Sharon Dawn, N ( BA Lirlv ( liil,lti,„„l l,lu, lorrian, Margaret Elizabeth, kiiislon N( lis l,ith I ' , Mii I psilon 4, ( ,,l- La Mat, Janice. High Point, N C BM Music Education. Women ' s Glee Club I, (. ,,n,ert Bj,i,l 2, Women ' s Choir 2,3,4; Symphonic Choir 4; MENC Sec. LaRoach, Linda Lee, Charlotte, N C BA Elementary Education. Lednum, Lettic Carol. k iii,lleman, N C BA Elementary Education ACEI 4 List 2,1 ' Lee, Martha Jean. Gnensboio, N C BS Business Education Dean ' s List West. ' rn ( .uolin.i Llniversitv, 1 Leonard, Deborah Lynn. Raleigh, NC BA History and International Studi. ' s K( 1,2, 1, W,,m, ' ii ' s studies Comm 4; International Studies Comm Lewis, Jan Denise. Wiiiston-Salem, NC BA Psychologv Western Carolina Dniversilv 1 Lindern, Kalhy Von. Waterloo, Belgium. BA Biology RC 1,2,3, RC Faculty Recruitment Comm, ' .i; Proposal lor Interdisciplinary Course Develop- ment in Health Oriented Fields 4, Lab Ass ' t, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3 4 Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Golden Cham 1,4; Nominee, Danlonh Fellowship 4; ' Honors Program 2 Lindsay, Mary Evelyn. I lilihbran, N ( BS Nursing SNA 3 Lloyd, Sandra Kay, H,llsl„„, ,i,gh, N C BA E.irlv Childhood ACE 3,4 Long, Elizabeth Ann. ' sv ille N( BSHE Consumer Services .Mitchell Coll. ' ge Wh,,s Wh,. Am,,iig Studenis in Aiiieman lunior Colleges, SGA Long, Leslie Gail. Asln-vill, ' , N( BA S,Hiologv Full Gospel Student Fel- louship 1,2, s, ' , 1, ( ,,,,rd 4, Di ' .in ' s list 1,2,1,4, Phi Beta Kappa, Long, Marsha, Lynette, k.innapolis, N C BSHE Clothing and Fashion Mer- ,li,iii,lising NBS AHFA, M.irlelme B Street Sc holarship Award 1, Luedeka, Mary. Knovvilli ' , h ' lin BA Rerreatem SGA Consul 2, Swim Te.ini Man 1,4, Ass ' l B.isk, ' tli,ill M,iii 1, RA R. ' ji 1 , 1, Boaid 4; Dorm Sec le.iiler 1,2 m Madden, Kathleen. Gri ' ensboio, N BsHt Int. ' nor Design SIDA Treas Maddox, Sheila I. Gri ' i ' llsb,,r,,, N ( BS F, , .nonius anil Business ,Administ- r.ition Peiin St.ite Umvi ' rsitv, (,, ' il,-v,l t ollege; University ot Pittsburgh. LIniveisitv ot M.irv l.inil, l.iv ,, ' Ill ' s, VR( , GGO Malone, Carmen Rivera. Fayetteville, N.C. BA Spanish, SGA Consul 2, Senator 3 Comm. on Classification of Organizations 3, Elections Board 3; Spanish Cluli Treas. 1,J.3,4: Dean ' s List 2,3; Chief Marshall 3. Maner, Mary K. Adelphi, Wd. BA Biolonv-Medical Technology, Outing Club 4; Marshal 4, l-House 2, i,4. Pine Needles 2; Beta Beta Beta 4, Maslbrook, William H., |r. Greensliom, N C, BS Economics and Business Administration, Matthews, Rosa Evon. Greensboro, N C BS Child Development and Eamilv Relations, ACE 4; Floor Advisor 4, N C BA HKlor I ' hi Alpha Theta 1,4; lie, N I BS M.ith S(|uare Circle l,2,i,4; Dorm McCabe, Gloria Saunders. Chadhourne, N t BA Early Childhood Educa- May, William Franklin. Greensb Deans List, 2, Mazvco, Celeste |an. Di Social Comm, 2,3 Moore, Donald Richard. Liberty, N.C. BS Nursing. Friends 3; Senator 4; Eleitions Board 4, Student Rep. Specifics Comm, School ot Nursing i,4; Deans , dvis,,iv ( omm ),4; APO !,4; Outing Club 2; Student Excellenie Auard 4, OiiM, Hiding New Srn.itor 4: Outstanding Senior Mitchell Co|. N ( BSML H.ime h lius Dorm Ke|l i an. K.ilc-igh, N C BS Nursing the Morton, Elizabeth Anne. VV.idesboro. N C BA Early ChildhootI (di Wesley House 1,2, Collegiale layiees 2; Civinettes 4; YR( 4; A( f 4, (.ui lord Cty, Young Republicans 4, East While CJaks Tutorial i, ( lie cal Experience, Hampton School ) Moschler, Elizabeth Dearing. Builington, N ( BA Sp, •,■,!, I ' .nliolog Dean ' s List 1,2, i, 4, USHA 2,4, t; Honors Independml siudv Campus Crusade for Christ 2; Dorm Bible Study; Volunlec ' i, locil llrmc-i tar ' Schools Mclver School; Member of Eliz.ibeth Chapter 41 ol l.istc , N, C BS Busine ss Education. " Frt shman Whalev er " 3; Phi Beta Sigm a Sigma 3,4, McCaskill, Kathy Ann. Mooresvillc Merchandising SGA Consul 3,4; Chnin Lambda 2,3.4; DECA 4; YR 3; Gamma McClay, Marilyn Louise. High Point, N,C, BA Political Science, WEHL 3; Carolinian 3; Dean ' s List 3,4; Class Scholar 2,3; Internship, Guilford County Manager 3; Public Affairs Internship, Greensboro Planning Dept. 3, McCray, Elizabeth |o. Greensboro, N.C, BA Early Childhood, ACE 3; YRC f,2; lunior Scholar, Appalachian State University 1, McDonald, Dawn Marie. Raleigh, N.C. BA Spanish University Choir 3; YRC 3, Spanish 3,4; lunior Scholarship. Llycommg College, Mcllhenny, Susan Mildred. Charlotte, N,C, BSHE Child Development DC 4; OA 3; Student Orientation 4; AHEA 1,2,3,4, Mclntyre, Margaret )ane. lefferson, N,C, BSHE Clothing Academic Forum 3: AHEA 2; EUC Council 2, Exec, Board 1,4, CGO Hostess 3; Miss Greensboro 2nd Runner-Up 3 McKee, Sandie. Rock Hill, S,C BA English Intramural Volleyball I; Ger- man Club; Carolinian Reporter; Sophomore Scholar, McMaster, Rebecca Lee. Red Springs, N,C, BA Early Childhood Education Senate RA 3; ACE 2,3; Floor Advisor 3 McMillan, Beverly Ann. Stanley, N,C, BSHE Interior Design NSID, AHEA; Campus Student Employee 1,2,3,4, McMillan, Gena Lynn. Red Spnngs, N,C, BS Nursing, Folk Dance Club 1; SNA Class Rep, 2, Vice-Pres, 3, Pres. 4; Dean ' s Advisory Council 4; Stale Redislricting Chmn, 4; Delegate National SNA 3; Professional Nurse Ass ' t, — Duke Medical Center 3 McPhaul, Marion Toon. Southern Pines, N,C BA History and International Studies. Dance Co, 3,4; Honors Seminar and Tutorial !,4, Harriett Elliott Lectureship Comm 3,4; Student Honors Council 4, Pine Needles 3 Meece, Sherry Anne. Washington, N.C, BS Nursing, University Choir 3; SNA 1,2,4; Membership Comm 3; Demille Playhouse; Dorm Sec, Leader 3; Bible School Teacher 2; Professional Nurse Ass ' t, Duke Medical Center Meeks, Laura Susan. Eden, N C BA Early Childhood Education Collegeiate Civinettes, ACE Mendelson, Uriel. Morthvale, N,l, BEA Drama, Ithaca College; Dance Company 3,4; Honor Masc]uerader 4; Parkway Playhouse 1, entary Education ACE, Michaels, Susan Diane. Greensboro, N.C, BM Music Education Women ' s Glee Club 1; University Choir 2,3,4; MENC 4; Floor Advisor 3, Miles, Susan Sigman. Lenoir, N.C BM Music Education. Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Symphony Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Sinfoma 2; Student Woodwind Quintet 1,2,3,4; SMENC 2,4, Sec 3; Reynolds Scholar 1,2,3,4; Music Edu- cation Comm 2; Baptist Student Union 1,2,4, Publicity Chmn 3 Miller, Donna Elaine. Chariotte, N C BA Spanish Spanish Club 1,2,4, Sec Moser, Rita. Builingli n, N C BA Ele nenlary Education ACE; 1) Moon, Bonnie Tysor. Educi 1 f.isl Cirol Pittsboro, N C na University, BA Early Chiidh 1 and 1 Murphy, Pamela An (.arolina LIniyisity l ne. C.ri.ensbi INC-G Summt ro, N C BM Music Educ r Theater, Stage Mgr Murray, Sandra Kaye. Greensboro, N,C, BSHE Childhood Dc velopmer and Family Relations GGO Hostess 2,3, Miss GGO 4; worked with mer tally retarded children, Kendall Center, Myrick, Charlotte Eleanor. Madrid, Spain. BA Math, Intramural Sporl 1,2,3; Pi Mu Epsilon !,4; Square Circle 1,2,3,4; Wesley Foundation 1, Collegiate laycees 2; Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Northwestern Bank 4; Commur ity Tutoring 3, Nelson, Rolanda Leigh. Greensboro, N,C BS Math Square Circle; New- man Club, I ' l ,Mii Epsilon, University of Michigan Nesbitt, Nancy Lynn. Asheville, N.C, BA ECHL judicial RA 3; Court tember 3; Exec Sec, Court 4; Senior Class Steering Comm 4; Ass ' t, DC 3, Newell, Clarice Annette. Ramseur, N.C BS Medical Technology, Intern- ship, Medical Technology, Moses Cone Memorial Hospital; Karate Club 3,4, Dorm Comm Chmn 1,4; Dorm Comm Member, Student-Faculty Comm 4 Nobles, Barbara DeBora. Kinston, N.C, BA Speech, Shaw Players ].l: Pixie Theater; Forensics; Debate Team, NBS; Forensic Assoc; National Assoc, of Speech and Dramatic Arts; Outstanding Teen-ager of America 1; Dean ' s List 2; Miss Lampados 2 Norman, Teresa Diane. Asheville, N C BSHE Home Economics Education AHEA 1,2, Publicity 1, Soc:ial Chmn 4; NCHEA Conven Norton, David Bruce. South Euclid, Ohio, BA History and International Studies, Independent Study Abroad in Europe 3; Harriet Elliott Lectureship Comm 4; Senior Honors Program; Drama Productions 2, Nunn, Catherine L. Charlotte, N,C, BS Nursing, NSNA 4; BSU Oltiicn 1; Ethel Stewart Kiser Scholarship 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 3, o OCc ■r, Charles M. Greensboro, N.C, BA History " Outstanding Yen Layman " , Garden laycees 3; Comm Chmn, Scout Troop, Si Troop 3h4 1,2,3,4; Merit Badge Counselor 3,4; Order ot the Arr Brotherhood 1,2,3,4; Sears Roebuck and Company 1,2,1,4 n.iyiiT Count Community College, Outlaw, Retha Lucille. Mt, Olive, N,C BA Elementar ' Educ.ilion OA SNAE 2, ACE 1, KC 2,1; N,C, Veterans Scholarship 1,2,1,4, Dorm s,„ Comm 1 Overman, Marsha Ann. Wilson, N C BA Biology — Pre Med SGA Cor 3,4, RC 1,2, ST Mary ' s House, Vice-Pres 3, Pres, 4; Beta Bc ' ta Beta Sec MoffitI, Lydia Frances. Asheboro, N C BA Early Childhood Education ACE International Moore, deborah Beryl. Durham, N.C, BSHE Cons Club 3: Newman Club 1,2; AHEA 4; Spanish Hono Owens, Cameron R. Hamlet, N C BA Spanish, International Studic Hockey 1,4, Basketball Intramurals 1, Capt 4, Choir 1, Outing Spanish Club 3,4, German Kaffeestunde 4: Gamma Sigma Sigma Vi 3, Pres 4; RA 4, International Amity 4; Deans List 2 Pjrker, Melissa Anne. VV.nirdss Cii Rs Edui .iticiii Field Hockey i-l, DeepSoulh Hockev 4; B.iskelball Intr.iniur.iK 1,J,!,4: Vdlleyli.ill Intr.imuMis l.JJ; Dedn List 2; RA 1.4; NCAHPER 1,2,1.4, AAHPER 3,4; Biolnsv Honor Certifudle 2; Honored in PE DepI loi C.r.ide Point Avei.ifie 2,1, lunior Schoku; Floor ■ dvisor ); Pres, PE Ma|ors CLl -. !. Rep Major ' s Voice 4 Patterson, Sallie Bosivell. WiKon, N C BS .Nursing Ration, Robin N. Severnj Park, Md. BA Drama Speech LISHA 2 Sec i Vice-Pres. 4; N.C, Central School for (he Deaf 2,3,4; Campus Crusade for Chnsi 3,4; Full Gospel Student Fellowship 3; Bookstore i Pearson, Elizabeth R. Litjertv. N C BSHE Interior Design AHEA 1 2 IDSA 3.4; Deans List 1,2.1 Peeler, Doris Ann. Misenheimer, N C BA English OA 3,4; Operation 77, Honors Program 1,2; EUC Countil 2,i, Vice-Pres 4; Intervarsity Chnstian Fellowship 3,4; Bible Study 4; Reynolds Scholarship 1,2,1,4; Golden Chain 4; Tutor. Lindley |r. High School, and Ben L. Smith High School 2,3,4 Peninger, Connie Diane. Lexington, N C BA Early Childhood Education, SNEA 2,3; ACE 1,3,4; Dean ' s List 1,2,4; Sophomore Scholar; lunior Scho- lar;Dorm Sec, Leader 3,4 Pennell, Rex Allen. Wilkeshoro, N C BA Ele Community College Eduialion VViIke Perry, Marsha Lee. Liberty, N C BS Foods and Nutrition Civmettes 1,2 AHEA 2.i. E ec Council 4 Pickerel, Donna Carol. Greensboro, N.C, BA Psychology Dean ' s List 2,1,4; Worked at Dorthea Di 2; Volunteer at Kendall Center 3, Worked at Evaluation Home 3. North Carolina State University Pickler, Margaret Ezelle. Norwood. N C BSHE Nutrition AHEA 1.3,4, Omrcron Nu 3, Comm Chmn 4; Omicron Nu Honors Dessert 1 2 3 Dean ' s List 1,2,3,; Omicron Nu Scholarship 4, Church Choir 4 Pierce, lean S. Sevierville. Tenn BFA Art Education East Tenn Slate. NAEA Pigford, Stephanie. Rocky Mount. N C. BA Spanish, Spanish Club 2,3,4; Sec 4; EUC Council 3, Exec. Board 4, Chmn. Campus Movies 4; Honors Spanish. Dean ' s List; Sophomore Scholar, lunior Scholar, Pitsikoulis, Maria. Charlotte. N C BS Medical Technology Lab Ass ' t. 3; German Club 1; Collegiate Civmettes Treas 2,3, Dorm Sorial Comm, 1,3; Dorm Sei Leader. Polzin, Pamela |. Charleston, S( BA English Fencing Club. RC 1.2 4, TiMihmg Assl 1; Dean ' s List 1,2 1, lunior Scholar Poole, Amelia Ann. Ellerbe. N C BA Biology Beta Beta Beta 1.4; Worked .11 Wildlile Federation ' s Conservation Summit Powell, Kathy LaVerne. HalKhoro, N C BA English NBS Reporter Pratt, Patricia |ane. Fairtield, M.ime BA Speeth Pathology and Audiology Minnesol.i Outward Bounrl s, hool 1, LINC-C 2; LIniversity of Maine Summer School 2,1 Presnell, Ellen. Asheboro, N,C, BSHE Clothing and Textiles Sludenl-Facully Evaluation Comm. School of Home Eronomics; AHEA 1,2, Senior Induc- tion Comm. 3, Membership Chmn 4 Preston, linda Marie. Belews ( reek, N C BSHE Child Devi ' lopment AHEA Randall, Sarah Kristina. Morganton, N C BSHE Child Development Col- legi-ile la cees 1 , RC I 2 Randleman, Rhonda Gail. Burlington, N C BA Elementary Education. Rapier, Claudia lanier. lesmgton. N C BA Elementary Education ACE 4 Rausth, Bette M. lamaica. N BA Early Childhood Education SNAE Pari 4, I A 2 Sec Leader 4 Worked in Physu. DepI Reade, Martha Woodland. Springfield, VA, BS Math. Swimming Team 2 3 Co-Capt 4; Tennis Team 2, 1; Student Theater 4; UNC-G Guilford Summer School Abroad, London 1, Outing Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Phi Delta. Redding, Sarah Diane. Plafltoun, NC BA Speeih Pathology USHA 3 4 Cuinettes 2.1 Reynolds, Phyllis M. Galas, Va BA English Surry Community College. Rice, Marilyn Elizabeth. Charlotte, N.C BSSA Business Education Senator 3,4, Chmn of Elections Board 3; SCA Office Sec, 4; NCSL 4; Glee Club 2- Phi Beta Lambda 3,4, Pine Needles 4; Dorm Treas. 3. Richardson, Linda. Winston-Salem. N.C. BA Social Welfare. Collegiate laviees 1.2, College Rep Chmn, Greensboro March of Dimes 3, Rickman, Stan Benjamin. Eden, NC, BS Math Intramural Football Basket- hall, Soffbal 1,2,3; APO 1,2; Square Circle Riddle, Margaret Elizabeth. Gasfonia, N C BA Early Childhood Education, Riley, Ethel Deborah. Fayelleyille, N C BSHE Home Etono AHEA 1,4, Omicron Nu 4 Edu Rober ts, Charlene Yvonne. Charlotte, N C BSHE Clothing and Textiles. AHEA 1 2,3,4; Gamma Sigma Sigma 3. UNC-Charlotte Roberts, William Rogers, |r. Eden. N.C. 85 Economics and Business .Ad- ministration Men s Glee Club 1,2; Chorale 2,3; APO 1, Chap, 2, Treas. 3.4, N C Veterans ' Affairs Scholarship, Robertson, |anet Marie. High Point. N C. BSHE Home Economics Educa- tion. AHEA 1. Dorm Rep. 2. Treas 3. Pres. 4, Rep, National 4; NCHEA Convention 4; News from Stone 4; Leadership Award 4; Student Program and Policy Comm 4 Robertson, Michael Alan. Greensboro, N.C BA Psychology Robinson, Diane Chisholm. Rockingham, NC BA Speech Pathology and Audiology, Greensboro College Rollins, Barbara Kaye. Spindale, N C BA Math SNEA 4, Square Circle 4 s Lisl, Pi , lu Epsilon, Pres 4 Rose, Tama Mayfield. Salisbury, Md BM Music Education Women ' s Glee Club 1, Choir 2,3,4, NBS 1,2,3,4; TSA 4, EUC Council 1,2,3,4; WUAG i.i: Golden Chain 4 Sams, Mary Sha louship Westerr Saral, Serra Ayse. Klanhul, Turke Schoffslall, lohn Marlz. East Dorset, Vt BA English Carolinian Copy Edito 4, Pine Needles 4, Coraddi 4; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Rappa Pulliam, Carol Dean. Ro.inoke R.ipick N f BA Biology Honors Program J. Beta Bel, I Bet.i 1,4, ' s list 1,2,1,4, Sophomore, lunior, Lab Terh De|)l ol F ntnmology N ( S LI I Putnam, Alan Blair. Shelby, N ( BM Musi, [ilui.iiion i 2 1 Pri ' s 4 Phi Mil M|ih,i. AGO 2,1, Pres 4, S, hool ol .Musi, s, hol.irship 14 Western ( .irolin.i Llmversity Scolt, Deborah Annette. Greenslioro, N C BA Biology — Pre Med. Court 1, LLIC Council 2, Chmn , Dances 3,4; NBS 1,2,3,4 Scott, Dainne Lynnetle. Cireensboro, N C BA Biology — Pre Med. Court 3; fUC Council 2, Chmn., Dances 3,4; NBS 1,2,1,4 Scott, Elizabeth Ann. Stanley, N,C. BFA Art Education UNCG — Guilford Summer Seminar Abroad 1; NAEA 4; Deans List 1.2.3,4, Beta Beta Beta; ( .■mlN.lte ol Merit ill Biology 2 Ramseur, Dorothy Hyatt. R.ileigb, N( K I lem.-nl.iry Iduc.ition WFHL Neus Announcer 1; Dorm Court Proxy 2, Sec I e.ider 2; Sen.lte pioxy 1 ( o op 4, Volli.yb.ill 1.2. ISA 4, Pine Needles So|)honioie ( l.iss l.litoi 2 lunior C l.iss Idilo, 1, Dorm llosli ' ss 2,1, Imploymcvll M.llkel Re- v..,ii, h N ( M.inpouer PI. inning t oiiimission 2 Scoll, Mary Kay. Isc iiK. N ( BSHE Consumer Services, AHEA 3,4; Kellen- berger Scholarship 4, ( l.iss Marshal 1, Dorm Sec, Leader 2, N C, Agricul- tural Extension Servu e Trainee 1 Sellars, Sylvia Lucinda. KaetonI, N.C, BM Music Education, Women ' s Glee L lub 1; Concert Band 1,2,1,4; Women ' s Choir 2; Orchestra 2,3,4; Chorale 1,4; Music Scholarshif) 2; MENC Scholarship 4; Dorm Hostess 1.2,3,4. Scanlland, Sally Anne. Arlinglon, V,i BS NurMng IXmcc Crailiwnv 1,2. Sharpe, Linda Gale. High Point, N C HA l ih ilos; Shaw, Martha Norfleel. Creenshom, N C BA El( iiiciii,irv tiliR.ilion. 5GA Office Sec. 3, Office Manager 4; flciiiim Bo.ird i,4; A-.-. ' ! DC 4; ACE; SNEA; De.ins List J,4. Shearon, Belly. Wake Forest, N C, BA Psychiilogx Psi Chi; ' s List 2,t. Shearir, Linda Carol. Greenbilie, N.C. BA Malh. Academic Foium .); RA 3; Orientation Co-Op 2; Square Circle 2,3; Sophomore SchoLir Sheffield, Anne Monroe. Bisdu ' NC RA Six icilogv Dc.ins List 1,2,3,4; At.lilemK Forum 1 s,,pl„ ,nioir s, hoLii lunioi S, li,,l.if, LIniversily Stores SchoLirship 1.2 !4 tollc,i; K f ( iiiliii!; I liil) 4, Carolinian 2,3,4; St. Man, s Center 1,4, Pri ln House i, Greensboro Sun 4; RC 1,2; l-House 3,4; NASVV 4; Ministry tor Change 4, C reensboro Gateways Program 4. Shively, Norma Gail. Eden, N.C BA English SNEA 4; ' s List 1,3; Sophomore Scholar; lunior SchoLir Shylle, Billy Stephen, |r. Shelby, NC. BA Sociology Gamma Bela Phi 2; Senate 3; TSA Bus, Man, 3, Pres. 4; APO 3,4; Student Orientation Comm, 3,4; Social Concerns Comm. 3; Campus Security Comm. 3. Gaston Col- lege. Sigmon, Kathy Jones. Catawlw. N C. BSHE Child Development ACEI 4; AHEA 4; Deans List 3 Sigmon, Susan Elaine. Hickory, N.C BA Elementary Education ACE 4; Honors Program 1,2; Dean ' s List 1,2. Sink, Mary Frances. Winston-Salem, N.C BA Psychology. Court Comm. I; Court 2, Chmn. 3; Att. Gen. 4; DC 2; DC Reviewing Board 4; Neb. Conf. Experimental Colleges 2; College Council Comm,, Teacher Evaluation 3; RC 1,2; Golden Cham 3,4; Psi Chi 3, Sec 4; Intern, State Dept. Correction 3; Universitv Admissions Policv Comm 1; l-House ! 4 Sink, Sherry Pamela NCSlI N,( , BSML Interior Design. IDSA 4. Slowinshi, ludilh Marie. Irenlon, N I RS Nursing Smith, Eli abelh Ann. Greensboro, NC RS Math s,|u.ire ( in Ic, Sopho more Slholal, lumoi Scholar, Deans List 1,2,3,4; University Stores Schci larship 3, King Scholarship 4; Pi Mu Epsilon, Smith, Teresa Gwen. Oakbon , N.C. BA Sociology OA 3; Court 3,4. Smith, Trudy Waller, ( ,irensl)oro, N C BSHE Inlenor Design, Smilhwick, Teresa Denise. Belhaven, NC, BA Riologv Senator i; ( omn lor Classihcation ot ( )rgani alions ); Comm on .Mlairs German Club 1,2 Snider, Janice Carol. S.ilisliury, N C BA Ec, lunior s, holat Deans List; Sopho- Sosnik, Cheryl Ann. Castonia, N C, BS Child Developnienl. Legislature 1; NCSL Delegate 1,3,4, Reviewing Board 1, Interim Council Delegate 3, Chmn , Convention Comm. 4; Dorm Social Comm. Chmn. I; Senator 2; Appropriations Comm. 2,3; Handbook Comm. 2; FDC 3; Senate Pari. 3; Chmn.. Comm. on Legislation 3; SGA Vice-Pres, 4; Senior Class Steering Comm. 4; Commencement Comm. 4; Golden Chain 4 Southern, Ada Catherine. Slokesdale, N C BSHE Ho turn AHEA 1,2,3,4. Sowers, Mary Vernell. Thomasville, N.C. BA Elementary anri Early Child- hood Eduratinn D.ividson County Community College Spears, Julia Elizabeth. Lesinglon, N.C. BA Math, Pi Mu Epsilon 4 Speckman, Ann Patricia. Charlotte, NC BS Math Dorm Floor Advisor i; Spenser, Priscilla, M.idins Va BA Social Welfa i .Ut,, ht Spinks, Phyllis. Greensboro, N,C BA Art. NBS: IDC- Winston-Salem Stale Universrtv Spivey, Julie Dean. VVilmmston, N.C. Dorm Sec, Leader 1; Legislature Rep 1; Senator 2, Social Concerns Comm. 2,3, Eledions Board 3; BSU 1,2,3,4; Sophomore Honors Program; Dean ' s List 2,3; Pine Needles 2; School of Nursing Rep. 3,4; Librarv Comm. 3,4; Dean ' s Advisor ' Council 3,4; Ass ' t. DC 3; Student Excellence Award 3; Basketball Intramurals 2,3,4, Spraker, Bridget Lee. Richmond, Va, BA Psvchologv, Squires, Dena F. Favetteville, N C, BS Math, Legislature 1; Senate 2,4; Exec Sec- SGA 3; Senate Pari, 3; NCSL 3, Reviewing Board 4; Pine Needles 1; Sophomore Scholar; junior Scholar; Pi Mu Epsilon; Dean ' s List 1 .2; Golden Cham 3,4; Constitution By-Laws Comm, 3,4. Chmn, 2, Slaley, Gay Nell. Clii 2,3 4 Steed, Tina Rae. Gte 1 2,5,4 3x, N C, BSHE Home Economics Education, AHEA isboro, N C BS Nursing, SNA 1,2; Beta Sigma Phi Stevens, Lynne W. Merchantville, N | BSHE Home Economics Education DC 3, AHEA 1,2,3,4; SNEA 2,5; Pine Needles 2; Golden chain Scholarship Chmn 3, Pres, 4; Operation ' " S 4, Operation ' 77 3, OA 2; Orientation Comm 3, Stewart, Joyce Marie. Liberty, N C BFA ,Art Education Campus Crusade for Christ 2; Dean ' s List 2,3; Dorm Bible Study 1,2,3,4 Strickland, Mildred Savon. Zebulon, N C National Organization for Women 4 3A Sociologv RC 2, OA 2; Swain, Anna Beth. Winston-Salem, N C,, BM Music Education, Women ' s Glee Club I; Chorale 2,3, Sec, 4; School of Music Curriculum Comm 2; School of Music Admissions Comm, 4; Wesley Foundation Board 2,3,4, Finance Comm, 2, Student Council 2,3,4; Dean ' s List 1,2,3; Miss Winston-Salem 3; First Runner Up to Miss N,C 3; Chief Usher I ICLS 4, Swaringen, Alice K. Albemarle, N,C, BSHE Home Ecomonics Education TCB 1, AHEA 1; Gamma Sigma Sigma 3,4; Pine Needles 1; OA 1,2,3; Co-Op 4; Operation ' 77 3 Swart, Penny Grietje. Raleigh, N,C BA Elementary Education, Volleyball Intramurals 3; Teacher ' s Aide 3; Clinical Expercience 3; Friends 3; Inier- Varsity Christian Fellowship 3,4; ESCHEATS Scholarship 4; Dean ' s List 1; Prospective Teachers ' Scholarship Loan 1,2,3,4; Sec, Leader 3,4; GBI Agent Tagalos, Deborah Jean. Charlotte, N C BS Adapted Physical Education. RA 3, Floor .Advisor 3, University Ring Comm 1; Women ' s Glee Club 1; SNEA 4, NCAAHPER 2,3, NC Student Majors Convention 4 Taylor, Barbara Lee. Ricblands, NC, BM Music Education, Glee Club 1; Chamtier Singers 4, Choir 2,3,4; Symphonic Chorus 4; Honors Program 1,2,3,4, Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3, Corr, Sec, 4; Mu Phi Epsilon Award 4 league, lohn C. Colfax, NC, BA Sociology, Davidson County Community College Terrell, Caria Ann. Mebane, NC BSHE Clolhmg, AHEA 1,2,3, Co-Chmn, Publicity 4; Infer- Varsity Chnstian Fellowship Publicity Comm 3,4, Thomas, Phyllis Anne. Mamers, NC, BA Psychology, DC Reviewing Board 4 Sec, Leacfer I, OA 2,3; Co-Op 4; Operation ' 77, ' 78 3,4; Exec, Advisory Brd. 3; Intramural Volleyball 1; Psi Chi 3,4; Psychology Club 3,4; SCORE Directory, Course and Teacher Evaluation 1, Vice-Chmn, 2, Pres, 3,4, Dean ' s List 2,3,4; Golden Cham 3, Vice-Pres, 4; lohnson Scholar 1,2,3,4; Sophomore Scholar; lunior Scholar; Calendar and Scheduling Comm, 4 Thompson, Kathie Huffines. Elon College, N C, BS Business Education Thut, Dawn A. Winston-Salem, NC BFA Art Education NAW 1972 Florida |r College; Jacksonville University, pSalem College; Broward |r (allege Tisdale, Sara Elizabeth. Lumberton, N C BS Math, Sec Leader 4; Square Circle, Pi Mu Epsilon 4, Sophomore Siholar; lunior Stholar Trainer, Irene Alice. Bursaw. NC BA Elementary Education Vollevball, Basketball Intramurals, AC E; SNEA Travis, Paula E, Martinsville, Va. BA Political Science Intern. NC Stale Rep Hc ' nrv E Erye t, NBS ,2 Ass ' t. Co-Ord 3,4, lunior Scholar. Triplett, Mary Catherine. Wilkesboro, N C, BA French Pi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Sophomore Scholar; lunior Scholar Tripp, John A. High Point, NC, BA Georgraphv, Gamma Thela Upsilon; NC Athletics Officials Association; North Slate Football Officials Associa- tion, North State Basketball Officials Association; Association of American Geographers; Association of Planning Officials. Tucker, Loretta G. Clemmons, NC. BSPE Adapted Physical Education. Vol- leyball. Basketball Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Co-Rec Play-day Volleyball Team 1,3, Collegiate Civmettes Sgt.-at-Arms 2, Pres. -Elect 3, Pres. 4; RA Rep. 3, Council 4; PE Majors Class of ' 74 Treas. 2; Undergraduate Maiors Council Rep , Sec. 3, Co-Chmn., NC Student Maiors Convention 4; NCAHPER: AAHPER: SNEA. Turner, Paula Ellen Scott. Winston-Salem, N C, BA Speech — Pathology Glee Club 1,2; USHA 4, Dean ' s List 3; Worked for Cubernatonal Candi- date Hargrove Skipper Bowles in 1972 Campaign NCSU, Vestal, lanice Carol, lonesville, N C BA Elemental Educatit Vestal, Linda L. lonesville, N C BA Elementar Education ACE 3,4; SNEA 4; Dean s List 4 Vetterlein, Debbie Mackenzie. Greensboro, N C. BSSA Secretarial Ad- ministration. William Woods College. Vosnock, Diane Tucker. Wilmington. N C BSMT Medical Technology. Beta Beta Beta 3,4; Alumni Scholarship 1.2,3,4, w Walker, Wendy Young. R.ileigh, N.C, BA Early Childhood Education Wallen, Cynthia Anne. Spjrtanhurg, S.C. BA Biology, Consul 1 .2: Betj BeM Beta J,4: BSU; Intertaith Council J. Pres. -4, Walters, Lawrence lames. Greensboro, N.C. BS Economics and Business Aciministration Honors Program l,2,J,4; Dean ' s List; Omicron Delta Episi- Ion 3,4; SCRAM J; December ' 7i graduate Cum Laude; 4 years active duty US Coast Guard. Weaver, Barbara D. Durham, N.C, BS Math Square Circle 1,2,3,4; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 1,2,3,4, Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4; Deans List 2,3,4; Dorm Treas 4 Webb, Barry L. Eden, N.C. BM Music Concert Band 2,3,4; lazz Ensemble 2,3,4; Freshwater Stadium 1,4; Phi Mu Alpha Sinlonia 3,4 Wells, Debra Ann. Mebane, N C BS Nursing lunior Scholar Appalachian State Universilv Wells, Roslyn Marie. Burgaw, N,C, BS Business Administration and Economics. Counsul 2, DC 3; Senator 4; Handbook Comm, 2; Comni. on Class Organizations 3, Chmn, 4; NC5L 4; Chmn, DC Reviewing Bd, 4; ludicial Comm. 4; Economics Honors Student 3; Golden Chain 3, Sec, 4; Chancellor ' s Traffic Comm, 4; Rotary Scholarship 1; Tuition Scholarship 3,4; Nominee Rotary F ellowship 4; Sec, Leader 1; Campus Library Employee; Outstanding New Senator 4. Weston, LouElla lane. High Point, N.C. BS Economics and Business Ad- ministration. Senator 2; Comm. on Legislation 2; SGA Bus. Man. 3,4; Gol- den Cham 4; Outing Club 1; NAA, Piedmont Wmston-Salem Chapter 4; Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program 3,4; National Student Register 3; Greensboro College Summer Scholar. Whittemore, Wendy L. roton. Mass, BA Sociology. Senator 4; Intramurals 1,2,4; Varsity Field Hockey 3; Concert Band 1,2; Dean ' s List ,1- Whittemore, Wendy L. Groton, Mass. BA Sociology. Senator 4; Intramurals 1,2,4; Varsity Field Hockey 3; Concert Band 1,2; Dean ' s List ].2. Wike, lanet Gail. Tavlorsville, N.C. BS Math. Square Circle 1,2,3,4; Pi Mu Epsilon 3 Williams, leannie Oveda. BSHE AHEA 1,2,3,4, Willis, Susan Elizabeth. Winston-Salem, N.C. BA Psychology. Dean ' s List 1,2,3,4; Psi Chi 3,4; Phi Beta Kappa 4; Magna Cum Laude Graduate De- cember 1973. Wilson, Victoria Ann. BSPE. Dean ' s List; Collegiate Civinettes 4; Chmn, 1 ' )7) N.C Student Ma|ors Convention; Sec, Student Sec, NCAHPER; PE Undergraduate Council 4; Dorm Sec, Leader. Wood, Sarah Elizabeth. Greensboro, N ( Koxii- king Sc hiil,itshi|i 2; ABWA Scholarship 2,3,4; NSID 3,4 Wright, Rebecca Lou. Wadesboro, N,C, BSHE, Dean ' s List 4, N.itional ABWA Stephen Button Memorial Scholarship 4; UNC-G Nursery School Wagoner Memorial Scholarship 4; AHEA, York, Sylvia Snider, lefferson Standard Scholarship 1,2,3,4; Sophomore Scholar; lunior Scholar; Pi Mu Epsilon 3,4. List; Omicron Delta Epsilo Young, Susan H. De Scholarship 4. Yow, Sandra Gail. Whileville, N C BA Early Childhood Educalit 3,4; Floor Advisor ! Endings We end much the way we began . , wilh empt ' classrooms; a parent who swears you ' ll never tit all that stuff into one car ( " Where in the world did you put it in that little room? You should have told me you had this much; I ' d have brought a U-Haul-lt . . . " ); the readjustment to another lifest ' le. Changes aren ' t easily seen; longer hair, shorter hair, a suntan may be the only visible differences between September and May. But during the goodbyes to the people you ' ve lived with for almost a year, you begin to understand. ' ' - i Bf In the spirit of the season and all end-of-the-year awards, we are reprinting THE FIRST NOT-TO-BE-ANNUAL CAROLINIAN KUDOS OF THE YEAR by permission of the authors, lanelle Lavelle and John Schoffstall. The " From Flophouse to Fame " Award to |lm McAbee, who after leading the Hinshaw seccession from SCA last fal l, ran successfully for SCA President this spring. (Gee, Mommy, I could swear there ' s somebody on the Elliott Hall Patio wav- ing behind an American flag . . .) The " Let ' Em Eat Cake " Award to the student senate for telling all the other organizations to tighten their belts and then raising their own refreshment budget. The " Hey, Cenr ' l Custuh, Ah Think Ah Sees an Injun on That Horizzen " Award to Flash lennings for suggesting in September that it might be a good idea to prepare an Appeals policy, in case we ever needed it. The " Gertrude Stein ' A Rose is a Rose is a . . . ' " Award to the people who have the nerve to name something that starts in January a Spring Term. The " Spiro, The Key To Your Office Door Doesn ' t Seem To Fit Any More " Award to Cheryl Sosnik and the Switch- board, who almost had Third Floor Elliott walking the streets office-less after 1 1:00 pm. The " Top Monkey Is the One Swinging From the Highest Tree " Award to the English Department, which has been dispensing with faculty faster than it has been finding Ph.D. candidates to fill their places. The " Finding Them Under A Bushel Basket " Award to Cliff Lowery and the Concert Lecture Series for proving that you can bring anybody to campus and somewhere, some- how, somebody around here will help you sponsor them. The " Lawrence Welk uh-ONE, and uh-TWO . . . " Award to the Media Board, who finally got it all together after three years (off and on) by deciding to ignore all the nasties who could give them trouble and go straight to the Chancellor. The " ' ?$$-l-??? c$!!!! " Award goes to the SCA Con- stitution and By-Laws for their logic, coherence, complete- ness, and consistency of thought and structure, and their clarity and conciseness of expression. The " Madison Avenue Advertising Council Award " to Elections Board for the FDC runoff that nobody knew any- thing about. The " Great Pumpkin ' s ' What to Do Until Godot Comes ' " Award to NCPIRG for their attempts to get money from someone, anyone before the semester is over. The " Sam Ervin Award for Openness in Politics " to Chuck Melvin and Kevin Moore, for proving that all men are not created equal. (Ed. note: Messrs. Moore and Melvin partici- pated in the streak-in.) The " Ladies Before Gentlemen, Pearls Before Swine " Award to Cathy Krinick, our new swineherd, who after the last Appealing week may have decided she ' s sorry she won that old election after all. The " What I Learned on My Summer Job " Award to Karen Davis, who has been plagued with as many staff changes this year as has her former employer. To which the editor wishes to add the following: The " Who ' s Been Sleeping in My Bed? " or " You Only Thought You Heard A Male Voice; It ' s 7:00 am " Award to those female dorm residents who defied university and civil authorities by keeping a live night light in their rooms during the energy crisis. The " First You Have To Catch Her, Men " Award to the campus cops for their swift and courageous action in ap- prehending the lone female streaker from a crowd of several dozen streaking males. The " Marie Antionette Aqua-Memorial " Award to those who survived the traditional dunking in the fishpond at the last senate meeting. The " Huey P. Long Representative Democracy for Fun and Profit " Award to all those senators and others who used certain issues as stepping stones in their political careers. The " Who Says We Can ' t Take a loke? " Award to the majority of the student body, for proving that, some years, it ' s just better not to be involved. Changing: In Search of the Hallmark There was only one real rally this year. It was an Impeach Nixon rally this spring, and attracted less than a hundred active supporters. Part of the crowd could be attributed to the spill-over from the streak, which was scheduled to take place later that night in the same area. (A lot of people came early to get good seats.) The college campus, that well-known hotbed of revolu- tion and radicalism, was relatively quiet this year. It was that conspicuous absence that drew attention to the demise of The Movement; and even then, one couldn ' t be certain what had happened. Guy was a student at UCLA-Berkley in 1967-69. He noticed it. What happened to the people, the movement? " I don ' t know. Times change. People change. I miss it like you miss World War II. It just ran out . . . maybe part of it was trivial. Maybe none of it counted for anything. " Part of it did. The fight over People ' s Park — that mattered. Everything else was on a personal level. Senators didn ' t debate it, but it was important to us. I was not an activist then — I was opposed to the war because my cousin, an illiterate from Arkansas who couldn ' t even read, got his head blown off in Nam and I said hey, this isn ' t right. But it was all on a personal level. " Guy was at UNC-G this year, working on his MFA in writing. What did he learn from his involvement? " Me. I used to say I learned about America, but that was wrong. I learned more about America from going to my grandparent ' s place, m this incredible small town in Mojave, and just sitting and talking to them. We were h ippies, they were rednecks, and they never agreed with anything we said and they never would. But they could sit and listen and say, yeah, I see your point. And that ' s how I learned about America. " It ' s something you have to live through. You have to face the tear and the fighting and learn not to be scared. That was important. " The riots in Miami seemed like a game. They were dangerous at the time, but that was all . . . we knew that they couldn ' t make ■iny difference. " What ' s the shape to come? None of us know right now. We are back where we started from. The generation now in college com- pletely missed the trouble. " Listening to Guy, you remember what this group has been through. The national media have explored the topic many times before; Marshall McLuhan tried to give guidance but wound up dispensing haze filters which really didn ' t help. Many explanations could be given about us — the ' gifted generation ' that was supposed to be finding all the solutions — we grew disillusioned, got cynical, were disappointed, became realistic, lost idealism, went underground, went crazy. Maybe we ' re only tired. Or maybe, |ust maybe, we ' ve passed the point of predictions. Maybe it will be years before our generation — which missed Ban the Bomb brochures, civil rights marches, and anti-war rallies — can find its own hallmark. Which may be the biggest change of all. Alternative Futures It is 1984, ten years since graduation. The women of the class of 1974 have gone their separate ways, to become wives, mothers, doctors, lawyers, and many other professions spanning the range of choice which was theirs when they graduated. They were one of the first generations for whom the feminine role held a choice, and for whom neither role assumed a higher or more valid status than another. The choice was the individual ' s. And they were one of the first to realize that the choice need not be stated in terms of " either-or " , but could be made in terms of " and " . To each her own. Buying Graduation announcements and getting tit ted — the first part of the ritual. dter thai ni ht. Chancellor ' s Reception in Vice-Chdncellor st.inl.- j .nes and President William Friday — get- ting ready tor the ceremonies. ' j23f Graduation May 12, 1974 Sunday morning, between in- termittment cloudbursts, the Class of 1974 gathers for the first and last time. One last song together. |ust betore the processionaf The best vears of your lite, thev told V(ju, these are the best years of your life Graduating nurses are sworn into the Army hours after gradu Looking at your friends, you could see only a mass of black robes, tfie symbol of four years of work. Proud parents were manuevering pictures of their kids, something for the scrapbook, something tangible to show that four years had accomplished a change. Behind faces that smiled for the camera, you knew what had taken place — the impact of outstanding and inexcusable professors; the love affairs, abortions, marriages; the road trips, the religious experiences; the attempted suicide, the nerv- ous breakdown; the decision to join the gay community; the friends made and forfeited. The change of lifestyle, change of major, change of direction, change of plan. All deeper changes whose marks didn ' t show in the photograph; sometimes didn ' t show at all, unless you looked at the person and not the robe. But now it was push, pull, line up for the old family photo, the snapshot to show aunts and uncles how hard you had studied those years, and the changes, the changes . . . The challenge of the individual is issued again. To refuse — against whatever odds — to be less than the best within you — to hold your own creativity and your own ego as the main reasons tor any achieve- ment — to refuse to fall short of the highest goal you can set — these are difficult credos. Unfortunately, they are usually unpopular. But it is only by holding true to these that anything of lasting value is ac- complished on this earth. But one life, you say — how important can )ust one life be? Think — what can one flame do? ■fit .. ' -V • ? . ,» », V, :•-, ■ M- :. - - -. ■r. . ■ • • « . • ♦ : .■ N t ' ' ' ♦ . Somedays you eat the bears, and somedays the bears eat you. Considering what this book has been through, it ' s some- thing of a wonder that it was published at all. As does every halt-alert editor, I think I ' ve learned a lot this year in spite of the particular problems this book faced, coming as it did on the heels of a rough year for yearbooks. I won ' t bore you with a report of the trials and tribulations; anybody on campus this year remembers the dire predic- tions given out last fall about this book. And we published anyway, thanks to many good people. But because I have to be concerned with the welfare of the yearbook, I must issue a warning to the student body. This year witnessed the encroaching of the student senate on the rights of the media. It ' s a thorny problem, to be sure, and many sincere people are involved on both sides of the issue. But there is a decided lack of understanding of the media on the part of some senators. This lack of knowledge is bringing about the slow but steady destruction of the rights normally given the press. At the root of the problem is money. The senate controls appropriations and this allows them to extend their domain over other processes, including editorial control. Given enough time — and it doesn ' t take long — the student senate will exercise virtually complete control over much of the press. If you want this, okay. But don ' t dignify it with the title of " free press " . It is not. I would hope that the campus would pay careful attention this year. Media Board was created to promote understanding of the media, among other things, and with the cooperation of the senate, could help to find solutions agreeable to both sides. Freedom is not always lost in noisy battles or in noticeably large portions. It can be eaten away slowly, in small incre- ments; a few dollars here, a word or two there, a concept that only the press itself would miss. And the press, though it still exists, will become |ust as restrained and government- controlled as if boards had nailed the doors shut. It will be worse, because the illusion of freedom still exists. It can ' t be changed unless you care. This year ' s book tried to respond to student body opinion as reflected in many informal polls conducted by Harriett Kirk, Janice Apple, myself and others. Hence the creation of several new divisions, and the scaling down of others. In addition, there were certain items included, in part, at the request of the senate as expressed during my confirma- tion hearings. Foremost among these is the inclusion of Out- standing Seniors (Features, p. 274). The OS were excluded last year, and have long been under attack. (In fact, in each of the three years I served as a senator, various people tried to abolish the election itself on the grounds that it was use- less, farcial. childish, unrepresentative.) I have added to the coverage four OS of my own choice, approved by that dead- line ' s staff. It is my feeling that these people are outstanding, as are many others in the class, and were excluded simply because much of the class didn ' t know where or when nominations were held. They represent the many other people who deserved recognition but, due to inherent fac- tors of the election, were passed over. John Schoffstall is a recognized writer: Carol Brooks edited the Carolinian; Terry Taylor edited the Coraddi and helped organize the Spring Arts Festival; Laurie Conway is a dedicated actress and holds two of the Drama Department ' s scholarships. These repre- sent the hundreds of others who should have been desig- nated to make this election something more than an exercise in vanity. That was the extent of rampant editorialization in this year ' s book. Student government necessitates this lengthy explanation. Finally (and why should I try to say it when others have done so well?), in the immortal words of Laura Bullock, 1972 Pine Needles editor: " We ' ve really worked hard — some- times productively — sometimes not . . . People may or may not believe the time we ' ve spent and spent and spent on this book but this is it! Like it or lump it or be on the staff next year. " Many people deserve thanks for their help with this book; I hardly know where to start. Thank you, statt, tor sticking it out. I know it was really rough sometimes. Thank you especially to HAK for manag- ing the business superlatively with a smile; to Janice for helping in Overview and Faculty, as well as Features and Sports; to Paul, Wendy and Nancy for their darkroom work. To the rest, thanks for a job well done. Thank you, Hunter Publishing, for being the best company in the business; and thank you ).B. Edwards, for color layout and help in cover and endsheet design. A special thanks to Ed Coldston, our long-suffering rep, who always, always came through ahead of time with the materials info help solace. Thank you, Nick, for the color work and service; and to Barbara Matros, for help with the faculty pics. Thank you, Wilson Davis, for the use of the News Bureau files to supplement our own faculty coverage. And thank you, lanelle and lohn, for letting us reprint your articles. My personal thanks to the following, whose efforts also helped in the production of this book: To the Media Board, for their advice and cooperation in a difficult year; For Dr. Wright, Dr. Calhoon, Mr. Tullar, Mr. Barnes, and Mr. Cassell, awards for patience above and beyond the call of duty; To my first mentors. Col. C.E. Brown and Tom Kelleher, thank you — I appreciated you more this year than I ever did before; To those lunatics who masquerade as the Greensboro Studios of WUNC-TV, thank you for three years of listening, friendship, and escape; To my parents — thanks for more than any parent should be asked to put up with, not to mention layouts on the living room floor and three summer deadlines; And finally, for the friends who put up with me on a near-if-not-daily basis, thank you: Jenn (Sis); Martha, Anne-Marie, Susan (roomie); Cathy, Nancy, Dosia; Mac, Chuck; lohn, lanelle, Sylvia (Objectivists and critics); Soz and Flash (my dear Athos and Aramis); and |Dar (my turn now to thank you). And for more than can be named, thank you Robbie and David (wherever you are.) Not without you, guys. : ' .---: s -;i7.. :...;-: The 1974 Pine Needles was published by Hunter Publishing Company of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. All color photography was by I.E. " Nick " Nicholson of Raleigh, North Carolina; Ed Coldston was company representative. Editor in Chief: Karen S. Davis Business Manager: Harriett Ann Kirk Organizations: Jan Haswell Sports: Janice Apple Features: Janice Apple Sophomore and Junior Classes: Mary Maxwell, Nancy Davis Senior Class: Harriett Ann Kirk layouts by Jan Haswell All copy and layout by the editor in chief unless otherwise indicated. General Staff: Janice Angell, Tru ' Blue, Mac Davis, lanet Dean, Susan Dunn, Chuck Houska, Janelle Lavelle, Paul Ortino, Marilyn Rice, Cheryl Riehl, Dee Schoenderwooerd, John Schoffstall, Jay Sharpe, Martha Shaw, Cheryl Sosnik, Donna Steele, Jenny Warren. Head Photographer and Associate Editor: I Assignments and Photo Editor: Primary Photographers: Nancy Davis Dosia Bell Wendy Kaldon |im Kurtz Photography Staff: Laura Birdsong, Nancy Davis, Larry Dermody, Bill Hunt, Calvin Johnson, Terry Jones, Ke- vin Kilmartin, Ricky Li, Don Melcher, Cliff Mitchell, Lisa Stump, and the editor. HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY

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