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MWiiWIMMMMigi ' t ct M eg pixte: x4 ' e:e]]D3l.e:s th:e3 ■u-n-ivejr.sittt oit istorth: c ROLiig-A at GREJEasrsBORo In 1967, American jmpuses echoes with a growing and for " student power " over the decisions that control the lives of youths both in and outside of the university. Some- times the demand is merely an assertion of egotism in the face of huge and impersonal institutions that seem to reduce the individual to irrelevance. As one Princeton student said after the demonstration against the Vietnam war at the Pentagon in October. " We had to provoke some response. We had to get them to admit that we exist. " But the demand for student power often goes deeper; it is a signal that today ' s college youths do not like the world that has been handed them and want to change it. The rebellion of youth is as eternal as the seasons, but the protests of this generation have peculiar relevance for American politics and education. They are the post-World War II and almost the post-Cold War generation— the world has changed so fast since their parents were in school that the gap between the generations is not merely a question of time but of hist ory. Today ' s students make new assumptions about the threat of Communism, the rights of the poor, the way to allocate the nation ' s resources. They worry less about paying their tuition (or having their parents or the taxpayers pay it) than about what they are being taught. They espouse a moral codi that places concern for individual people (or, sometimes, individual value judgments) above abstract precepts derived from formal religion or hierarchical family structure. It is these ideas, crashing against the institutions and policies formulated by an older generation, that strike the sparks of student revolt. Ironically, the affluence and security provided by the older generation is a major reason why students can afford to worry about civil rights and Vietnam, and be nonchalant about their own future. The students who care about influencing politics or their own education remain a small group on any campus; the apathetic, as always, outnumber the activists. But change has usually been initiated not by the mass but by an active leadership that is first to perceive the gap between the professed ideals of the old order and the realities of its policies. Early in this decade, student political interests focused on the struggle of Southern Negroes for civil rights and equal opportunity. But as the war in Vietnam has grown, and with it the draft calls, their attention has turned to foreign policy . . . In this climate of frustration with politics, an increasing number of students appear to be concerned with their own education and campus life. They are demanding a larger voice in deciding social and academic rules, disciplinary procedures, the hiring of professors, curriculum changes, grading systems and e ven the way the school is organized. Perhaps the most revealing controvesry between students and administrations involves the regulation of social life. For many young people, formal religion or ideology hold little meaning. It is trite but true; they have grown up with the atomic bomb and so many other causes of chaos that it is very hard for them to believe that life can be tied up in neat packages. What they believe in most is each other, and the rules that stop them from loving and learning about each other are particularly onerous. Administrators who grew up in a less mobile and affluent age, who might have believed more deeply in religion and traditional morality, quickly point out the problems. The universities own the dormitories and must take the responsibility for what happens there . . . The students reply that the only way to learn to handle freedom is to have it and that it is irresponsible for the university not to allow them to live their own lives. There is no doubt that much of the current student protest is unreasonable, arrogant and self-righteous. It is not uncommon, for example, for the faculty to initiate improvements in the educational system and for the student body to resist the changes. All wisdom does not rest with the young. But one important theme runs through all of the protest; The students want responsibility, self-reliance, the chance to decide for themselves. What else, they ask is the aim of education? " In the U.S., Demands " By Steven V. Roberts Reprint from The IMew York Times, Friday, January 12, 1968 I ' M PeopleAreTalking About Sensati ons from a semester Or len tat ion week and Rand Bryant St ate St jdent Leg slature a Td day-care center -.for children War flicks and G 1 nan Ted Burc kley Freshmar c ass elections with Zeke, Da vid, a nd Bet sy St jdent Government d Associat on THE CAROLINIAN Elec tions bo rad PL licy h ass el SSOC Revision of liqut r pol cyV btu dent power Studen ts show d ssatisfact on with Fr 3shman bio nd English 211 NbA R obi nsc n eaves court post Jane Anne Ward help s Ipad the 75th Annive sa ry while Dr Ferqu es in been The COL rts meet arour d the clock slownse becomes Phillip ' - -Haw ins H qh R se becon es Cone flapo ver off-cai Tpi. s speak ers Vic lence on CORADDI WRITERS ' FORUM For the first time in recent years, Coraddi offered a cash award of $25 00 in each of the following categories: Prose, Poetry and Art, for the 1968 Coraddi Writing Forum. The guest speakers of the writers ' forum, including Peter Taylor and William Meredith, judged the literary work The best art work was selected by a mem- ber of the Art Department. Award winners were announced at the critics ' panel of the forum Campus sponsor of the April 4-5 event was James Applewhite, (pictured right) of the English Department h r •f ' m m B IJ Sji? - V V O ' ' ' s ' - 7 % — Vl W r ■M wA 1 : iJ ?SIn53 iMmr. - m SCORE Toward the end of sec- ond semester a student committee to Investigate complaints concerning the General Biology course was formed by sophomore, William J Burck ley . Dubbed SCORE (Student Com- mittee Organized for Re- search and Evaluation) it was organized with the belief that university stu- dents and their faculty should be in closer con- tact Score advocates careful evaluation of teaching performance and broadening of stu- dent study programs with expanded opportu- nity for independent studies Future plans call for an annual " Out- standing Educator " a- ward and the sponsor- ing of symposiums . . PeopleAreTalkingAbo and oH campus GU T S serves the community Black Power with Howard Fuller THE CRAY ' S Rowena Morrison vs Owen Lewis of the GDN Jackson Library faces financial crisis Dress regulations still cause concern Woman ' s rights Dr Hunt leads Viet Day in Weil No closing hours pass in student legislature the ammendment " to end voting on ammendments " fails at the polls surplus $1 5,000 funds are used for a bell and a mall Freshman cabinet a short lived " underground paper " Junior Assistants and a party at Dean Smiths Spartans beg for funds for cheerleaders . . - and the campus looks to spring elections ITY SYMPOSIUM Focusing on " The In- dividual in the Com- munity " , the Second University Symposium, an SGA sponsored event, was held Febru- ary the 28-30 Joel Fleishman, a one-time legal advisor to ex-Gov Terry Sanford and pre- sent Assistant Provost at Yale Univ , gave the main address — " Learn- ing to be an individual " . Panel discussions ( " Being and Nothing- ness " ), dorm group dis- cussions and work- shops were follow-ups Symposium Committee members include: Pam Mars, Chairman, Jean Goodwin, Peggy Wha- len, Judy Blankenba- ker. Barb Watry, Page Buchholz, Randi Bry- ant, Dixie Norton, Betty Thomas, Chris Cham- bers, Sue Goug. FILMS In answer to a re- quired mass meeting at which anti-Ameri- can and anti-war films were shown, Bill Bur- ckley, a UNC-G stu- dent and veteran of the Vietnam conflict, presented a program of commentary and slides The program was " an effort to show both sides of the problem and was geared to give a factu- al understanding of what is happening in Vietnam. " The event attracted more than four hun- dred interested stu- dents, faculty and ad- ministrators. Chancellor James S. Ferguson commented after attending the program " I applaude the efforts of those who attempt to pre- sent both sides of the story. " ut . . . PeopleAreTalkingA FULLER SCOTT Friday, January the 12, Lieu- tenant Governor Robert Scott spoke to UNC-G stu- dents In Mclver Lounge in Elliott Hall, Having an- nounced his candidacy for governor on January 10, UNC-G was one of the first stops on his " handshaking tour " of the state. Following an introduction by YDC President, Kate Gilmore, Lieutenant Governor Scott made a short speech and then invited questions from the floor. Questions pertained to ex- governor Terry Sanford, the speaker ban controversy, the Black Power Forum and prospective educational directives for North Caro- lina James Garner and Jack Stickley, the state ' s two Republican candidates for governor have been invited for a later date bout . . . PeopleAreTalkin BLACK POWER FORUM For the first three days of November, representatives of the Black Power move- ment brought some of their leaders to campus for a series of lectures, discus- sions and panels. All of the speakers and panelists were people who are famil- iar with the concepts of the Black Power movement and with the myriad rea- sons which serve as its motivation. When asked for definitions of Black Power, the speakers gave varied answers which amount to the basic points; effective influence in soci- ety and personal dignity for black men as a people Major speakers were Dr James Brewer, professor of Afro-American History at North Carolina College in Durham, and Mr, Ho- ward Fuller, head of Com- munity Organization of the North Carolina Fund and lecturer at UNC-Ch School of Sociology, STUDENT- FACULTY REVIEWING COMMITTEE Attendance regulation, faculty cooperation with the honor policy, course evaluation and teacher evaluation were items under con- sideration by the Stu- dent Faculty Reviewing Committee, Conclu- sions were: that there should be " more faculty ad vi sors and more stringent orientation " , Members of the com- mittee include: Mary Ellen Butler, Jane Ann Ward, Randi Bryant, Anne Hurst, Bootsie Butts, and from the fac- ulty: Miss Marguerite Felton, Dr Edward Mc- Crady, Dr Betty C Clutts, Mr Ernest Lee, Dr William N Felt gAbout . . . PeopleAreTalk VIETNAM Launching the Senior Class-and-SG A- spon- sored issue seminar series on Viet Nam, Mrs. Roy Shantz, of the UNC-G History Depart- ment, discussed the History of Viet Nam That night, February 1 2, Al Lowenstein. New York lawyer, represen- ted the " No " viewpoint of US involvement in Vietnam Lowenstein, at the beginning stated his premise that " the war m Vietnam is, in fact, leading the coun- try to destrcution . and then gave reasons why Former press attache to View Nam, now de- puty to the Public Af- fairs advisor for the State Department, Ro- HOW TO S ' I ' AY OF nil ' AllMY A a iDi: TO voru ui(;iiTs rxDHiMiii: DIMITMM ingAbout . . . PeopleAreT bert Levine, called for the U.S. to stand by its armies and commit- ment, presenting the " Yes " viewpoint of Viet Nam at the Tuescl.iv night series Wednesday, in Cone Ballroom the Vietnam seminar closed with a panel discussion en- titled " Viet Nam and You " . The panel was composed of Dr. Lenoir C. Wright, professor of history and political science; Dr Richard Current, professor of history and political science; Dr. Warren Ashby, Head of the Phi- losophy Department; and Mr. William Burck- ley, Viet Nam veteran; and Pam Mars, mod- erator. m ( MPus G.U.T.S. GREENSBORO UNITED TUTORIAL SERVICE alkingAbout , , . PeopleAr OUTING CLUB (liAb ft cJX HHJ H ■ MOUfeRE le Tartuflfe i o « 1 F " . 1 i 1 m u K | rtiltt|rB:: ttimr; S0n ; gSSai ' ii S CURRICULA During the 1967-68 academic year the Department of Romance Languages, for extensice teacher preparation in french and Spanish, offered Graduate Teacher Fellowships and an accompanying Institutional Assistance Grant These programs will lead to a combined M A. and an M AT or M Ed in french or Spanish, The department, in affiliation with UNC-G ' s Institute in Middle America, offered advanced Spanish classes. New equipment for experimentation in combining visual with audio-lingual instruction was obtained A travelling company performed Tartuffe for french students and the Spanish House was officially opened on February 15 with initial address by Dr, George McSpadden, head of the department Sylvia Wilkinson, a UNC-G alumna and author of Moss on the North Side, spoke to the new English Club, The English Department offered one of the four doctorate programs at UNC-G and a federal grant was awarded for teachers ' summer instruction , Professors from Duke and Chapel Hill were guest lecturers at the International Studies Senior Seminar The Department of hiistory nnd Political Science offered a spring trip to the United Nations and sent four delegates to the China Conference at Harvard You Can ' t Take It With You, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Macbeth and An Evening of Absurdist Plays headlined the four major Drama productions the Economics and Business Administration Departments offered graduate work at night and a masters degree m each in planning. A state-wide Business Education Conference held in March featured " Academically Low Achieveing Students In Business Administration " as lis theme Emphasis was put on the department ' s sequence in merchandising , The Math Department offered three Master of Arts degrees with concentration in either math, education, or numerical analysis (computer) , . Sociology and Anthropology courses were included in the summer curricula of Institute in Middle America The Department of Education restructured its under- graduate courses, modified the Block by dividing students into sections taught by teams and employed " clinitians " (experienced public teachers) to assist in student teaching Special electronic equipment (eg. sound synthesizer) was received For Dr, Arthur Hunkin ' s (Music Department) electronic studio. UNC-G ' s Alpha Xi chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, national music society, was awarded the 1966-67 merit award for the Atlantic province . Dr Robert tason came from San Diego State to become the new head of the Psychology Department. The courses " behavior theories " and " personality theories " were added A colloquium, by Dr Bruce A Norton from N.C State University, entitled " Alcholism and the Neurotic Habituative Process " was sponsored by the psychology department on February 9 There are often many silent rows that would drive one to dullness if it weren ' t for William J. Smith and ' Karl Shapiro, you touch us with a spoken word and we walk back in the night feeling BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK BLINK-five more minutes girls, step right up to the long line d lovers and say your last goodbye before you blow your mind " May all your Christmases be Black " and my, the decora- tions take on a different note as we pitter patteri down halls of " RAH RAH rah rah rah the Fresh- man class is the best by far " into the night from never, never land the Czech Philharmonic fingers our minds with sunny days you surprise and warm us in mid-winter nothing could be finer than to be presently, be today, be how network of class crossed farmers ' daughters, banker ' s child, child of the prtist, fatherless son touch- ng lab-coated, " Libe " - Darrelled, human explora- tions reach out to Ustad AM Akbar Khan you are ecstasy-minds transmi- grate Eastward to " What ' s the lowdown on Vietnam " comes a voice cry- ing from the yellow steamshovel you make such pretty holes everywhere we go mini-skirted babes swing to class and legs never looked so good- ness, how the apathy cycle sets in again and leaders rumpelstlltskin Letter- men you make us swoon and we love to sing along with You got to under- stand, Black is beautiful baby coffee houses sprout pastrami, Dylan, " May I sit by you for you are flowered lovely and I think I like you " Books handled, skimmed, books poured over, books marked- sometimes books loved 3.6,2.8,2.6,3.0,2.2, 2.4,2.6,2.8 WHO DO WE APPRECIATE? two hundred bikinied bods angle and vie for solar kicks while .... sometimes we peel off the gunkishness in life among friends infinite possibilities explode us to Idiscovery. AL1IMNA£ HOUSE GOOD MORN ING -«; ' ' i3U ' ■Ijgf - ■ ' - ? , ' :- i ' -Uifil i ll 1 I V 1 k ' y3i ' p 1 riWs w am ■ m llbU jRi0 I IT ' " I iliJililllkw Mmtm-j- 1 i 7 ' A ? ' ir H • i ii C 1 I iUi ' Ii II i ' ,m ■ s B Eh u 1 ' mM 2-r ' ' Tl Haveyou heard about the onlyplaceon earth where the snow fells upside down? Vouhavml ' WrlLvr ' n ' nul |pani{ trll i«iahiMil ilhrrr ll ' i «ir 4lhri|ia«lir yuucan n-ad»hni v iu»n(r li« u nr« tkaiiii«i N irthC inilana W)ul 4 hiaA H Ik Nm likr Ihr hui4 dr dii v «j -i in niivj trjsiH biajk . Thn cmr ia-r w in un »h«l tuu wan) lu knut Mr i jII 11 Virlh C-initiiwi ' Mai lla-al l nii lindrr ihr Cupr td Iteavrtt " (Mudiml bjuh uinirr ihr cufar il tlriivvn. tiu f ' T % X ft • • tlf 4 4 ff Id I r 1 ' l lrif B rn - ikq ' V ' £lf ° " fe» tu - ,.: .4Sl ' ' ■ 1 IT USi 1 PRESBYTERIAN I CHURCH mmmmmmmmimmim n: w: } . »•« Z: • ' si - Fill it out: Answer: June 1968 . . . The clean snnell of IBM cards . . . Remember? The question ' s the same . . . The answer ' s the same . . . The other question: answer: Sept. 1964 . . . four more-or-less years. A lot of time goes by . . . Time and making every minute count . . . Sometimes it does, there ' s meaning despite ourselves sometimes . . . But hurry (tick-tock) . . . Time is (tick) run(tock)ning ou(tick) ou(tock) out ... So many questions we must answer . . . Questions are a selfish . . . Used to divide the cows from the bulls ... To get by the questions, to swing free, and knowing at last that the trick is what we don ' t know . . . We feel, we play a lot prayalot hello hellohello . . . Play at being people ... I ' ll try you on but I ' m wrong-side out . . . look at my seams . . . Intellectual freedom and liberty to think . . . What do you think? May I see your license please? Ringgggg Hurry up please its time, he smiles before the English lit. survey class . . . eight-ten and coffee what ' s he saying? No questions today please please don ' t look at my seams . . . My sweatshirt ' s on wrong-side out . . . rigid structure is a beautiful thing . . . you ' re late . . . I ' m early . . . What shall I do Something to do do do . . . (Igo here. Igo there. Igo Igo everywhere. Who am I?) Moles come out of their holes and sniff the sun, but we study in the stacks . . . look look at the sun . . . the mirror, see the sun in the mirror . . . but there ' s nothing ... I can ' t . . . but my seams . . . The air can be still and black at night and the lights go blink . . . We are young and we are young and we are oh so young and time is (tick) . . . When I played bob-jacks I could pick up all ten with one sweep of my hand . . . how high can you jump? The air can be still and black . . . Look look at the mirror my hand in the mirror oh how big my hand in the mirror. 1 }4 t % •J « 1 -«N. . J ) we are the dance, the kaleidescope children who turn and enchant with symmetrical patterns we turn and embrace in barefoot affection in barefoot affection the emerald dawn UNC-G DANCE COMPANY PAUL WINTER JAZZ ENSEMBLE THE LETTERMEN CARLA THOMAS ' 1 B L £ 1 llf ' f ' SABICAS FRULA, YUGOSLAV FOLK DANCERS ALI AKBAR KHAN ,c( nLsw t J tT DRAMA UNC-G Suspended in animated disbelief skimming through silver threads the melon-colored lights of truth finger bowls of light puddle in upon an aqua serim and puddle out again Bared for a moment the height and the width of someone ' s shadow box an invisible dimension born away upon a vanishing emerald night shimmering puddles subtracting darkness from dark. YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU CZECH PHILHARMONIC NORMAN WALKER DANCE COMPANY NRT [ I i .... k- DIONNE ADMINISTRATION- FACULTY WrLLIAM C. FRIDAY President of the Consolidated University A casual examination of university yearbooi s reflects the fact that distinctive traits and characteristics are to be found not only in persons and institutions but in college eras as well, and this is shown in the Pine Needles of 1968 The tone and spirit of UNC-G during the year were those of a school in transi- tion, a university engrossed in the present but busily readying itself for a demand- ing future by building upon and enhancing the strengths of the past The physical signs of institutional development were all around — mounds of dirt from excavations, new buildings rising, the rerouting of driveways and streets. The curriculum, too, was being modified and expanded in order to provide a broader range of offerings for a student body steadily grow- ing in numbers and in the diversity of their educa- tional needs. But the Administration would hope that the Univer- sity would never allow problems of development to obscure the more fundamental responsibility of the insti- tution, and that is to provide for each student generation and the individual members of it the educational environment that will enable them to grow in skills, insights, wisdom and under- standing. Here we hope the search for truth has been conducted in an atmosphere of growing intellectual awareness, one in which the student is encouraged to develop his own powers of critical analysis and inde- pendent thought so that in the years ahead he will be equal to tasks of mastering his own life and of contribu- ting to the welfare of society. We hope, too, that the college year has brought to each student a widening range of friendships and loyalties that will enrich his life and add to its joys and satisfactions. On such performance in the present can be built a most worthy future. James S. Ferguson Chancellor In July of 1 966 when Miss Rosemary McGee became Acting Dean of Women at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the Physi- cal Education Depart- ment lost a sincere and dedicated professor. Dean McGee had been in that department since she came to the Univer- sity in 1 954. A Texan, she attended Southwest Texas State and received an MA. from Illinois State University and a Ph D from the State University of Iowa Dr McGee is the author of several articles for various physical education journals, she IS known on cam- pus for her membership in Delta Kappa Gamma and the Golden Chain, where stie is an honorary mem- ber. . . DEANS Perhaps too few students are familiar with the wide and varied range of people and lands Dean Mereb E. Mossman has been drawn to since her younger undergraduate years at Morningside College in Iowa. Upon graduation she travelled to the University of Chicago and Queens College in Charlotte where she re- ceived her Master ' s and hono- rary L.H D., degree, respec- tively. Not to be confined to the US alone, however. Miss Mossman served as head of the Department of Socio- logy at Gingling (Woman ' s) College in Nanking, China. From professor of Sociology at UNC-G in 1937, she moved to Dean of Instruction, Dean of College and in 1962 to her present office. Dean of Faculty In addition to these accomplishments, she has done much work with social educational agencies throughout North Carolina. Clarence O. Shipton, Dean of Men, came to Woman ' s College in 1955 as an instructor in Science He later became Director of Extension and then the first Dean of Men at the coeducational university Holding an A B in biology and chemistry, Shipton received his master of education degree from UNC-Ch and is presently completing work for his Ph. D. Degree. A General Elec- tric Fellow in Chemistry at Union College, a Dupont Fellow at UNC-Ch, and NSF Fellow, he has a research grant to complete his studies at NCSU. For any student who knows Dean Tommie Lou Smith, one word come to mind— enthusiasm. As Associate Dean she adopts a milieu of problems and helps in all facets of stu- dent life. Her experience in the Business Education and Secretarial Department at UNC-G in 1951, coupled with a vivacious personality assists her in her present position. When Elliott Hall features top artists and performers, many students tend to forget just who is responsible This individual is Dean Katherine Taylor who spends numerous hours planning and coordinating all cultural, religious, and social activities on campus. Since receiving her bachelor of arts degree from UNC-G and her Masters at Radcliffe, she has held a variety of positions here, in- cluding counselor, pro- fessor of French, Dean of Women, and Dean of Students. Her flexible personality and talents may just as easily be detected by examing her range of duties during World War II when she served in the WAVES on the exec- utive staff, as regimental commander, and as educational services officer. DEPARTMENT HEAD Dr. Lawrence Hart School of Music Dr. Lyda Gordon Shivers Sociology and Anthropology Dr Richard Bardoff History and Political Science Dr. Anne F. Baecker German and Russian Dr. Walter Puterbaugh Chemistry Department Dr. Warren Ashby Philosophy Department Dr, Clifton Clark Physics Department Dr Gilbert Carpenter Art Department Dr. Vance Littlejohn Business Education Dr. Bruce Eberhart Biology Department Miss Ethel Martus Department of Health and Physical Education Dr. Eldon Posey Mathematics Department o Dr. David H. Shelton Economics Dr. Herman Middleton Drama-Speech Department Dr Robert Eason Psychology Department Dr Francis Laine Classical Civilization Department Dr. Eloise R. Lewis School of Nursing Dr. John Kennedy Graduate School Dr Joseph A. Bryant English Department Dr. Naomi Albanese Home Economics Dr Craig Dozier Geography Department DIRECTORS Miss Terrell Weaver Miss Elizabeth Carriker Mrs. Mary Jane Knight Elliott Hall Mr. Kennis R. Grogran Accounting Mr, George W. Hamer Development Office Mr Richard Loester Admissions Mr Joseph Creech Student Aid Mr. Charles Adams Head Librarian Mr Wilson M. Davis News Bureau Mrs. Martha M. Rowan Housekeeping Dr. Robert O ' Kane School of Education Miss Barbara Parrish Alumni Secretary iVIrs. Josephine Schaeffer Placement Office Dr. Joseph E. Bryson Extension Mr. N.H Gurley Physical Plant Mr. Hoyt Price Registrar Dr William G. Morgan University Physician ORGANIZATIONS Jane Ann Ward President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Kathy Pritchard Cheerleader ' s The Establishment " . . . organized as a means of campus self-government depending upon the in- dividual for success . . . providing opportunities for student involvement . . . committment. . serving as the initiator of administra- tive chance while preserv- ing meaningful traditions . . . The Student Govern- ment Association, 1967-68. Anne Hurst Linda Margaret Hunt Vice-President Secretary Debbie Greene Treasurer JUDICIAL SYSTEM The Judicial System of the Student Government Association is composed of three Major branches. Honor Court is vested with authority to try all cases dealing with honor violations, while the Women ' s Court and Men ' s Court deal with social offenses. The entire court system is under the supervision of the Judicial Co- ordinator, Mary Ellen Butler, whose duty is to see that all functions of the courts are operating properly. The Judicial System assures each individual of his rights and upholds the principle of responsible freedom for all citizens of the community. 1, Art Bulla 2, Dargan Frierson 3, Charles Knight 4 Terry Ashe 5 Ray Lomax 6. John Robinson MEN ' S COURT 1 Joanne Kares Executive Secretary Honor Court 2 Margaret Britton Executive Secretary Women ' s Court 3 Art Bulla Executive Secretary Men ' s Court 4 John Robinson Chairman, Men ' s Court 5 Mary Ellen Butler Judicial Co-ordinator 6 Mary Jean Hand Chairman, Women ' s Court 7 Jane Knight Chairman, Honor Court JUDICIAL OFFICERS 1 Mary Jean Hand 2 Marilyn Pate 3 Dixie Morton 4 Anne Lloyd 5 Mary Helen Payonk 6 Frances Conwell 7 Margaret Britton 8 Barbara Helms 9 Priscilla Hales 10 Julie Walsh 1 1 Jackie Griffin 12 Gnselle Gholson 13 Patti Mallan 14 Lemira Guffey 15 Barbara Watry 16, Elaine Phillips WOMEN ' S COURT 1 Peg McGinety 2 Sue Yeargan 3 Charles Knight 4 Betsy Buford 5 Jane Knight Chairman 6 Joanne Kares 7 Tern Smith 8 Brenda Satterfield 9 Randi Bryant 10 Jane McMillan 1 1 Ann Hayes 12 Ray Lomax 13 Carol Vogler 14. Jane Siogren 15 Dargan Frierson HONOR COURT Brenda Burge Editor ' in-Chief PINE NEEDLES PINE NEEDLES PINE NEEDLES PINE NEEDLES i M.0! JL L Pam Propsl Organizations Editor Carolyn Furchas Business Manager 1 Kathy Wietzel 2 Jan Lee 3 Jean Goodwin 4 Margaret Mercer 5 Nancy Ross 6 LaDonna Auton 7 Gayle Stutts 8 Collette Bolick 9 Diana Batts 10 Margaret Senter 1 1 Peggy Whalen 1 2 Sandy Moore 13 Lisa Muilenburg PN STAFF CAROLINIAN Terry Sprinkle Editor-in-Chief Struggling to suppress self-censorship . . maintaining editorial integrity . . . reporting . . . relating ... re- flecting campus events and issues Cary staff members pubiisfi more than five thousand copies twice weekly. Jack Pinnix Associate Editor ..p : GARY STAFF 1 . Mary Knight 2. Norma Jones Advertising Manager 3. Pat Quinn 4. Marie Nahikian 5. Jeanne Daniels Polit ical Editor 6 Rebecca Wilson 7 Betsy Cochrane 8 Carolyn Baldwin 9 Margie Martin 10 Renee Peavy 1 1 Marian Morgan 12 Loreen Norwood 13 Mary Ttlman 14 Janet Cobb 15 Jack Pinnix Associate Editor 16 Terry Sprinkle Editor 1 Betty Cheek 2 Margaret Hoffman 3 Patsy Meacham 4 Mane Nahikian 5 Helen Jacobson 6 Mary Sue Watson 7 Linda Flowers Edhor An expression of the literary and artistic elements of the campus . . , giving those who are interested in submitting material, an opportunity to have it critically interpreted . . . offering the student body a preview of local talent . . publishing a special Arts Festival Issue in the spring with cross-campus submissions. Linda Flowers Editor CORADDI ELLIOTT HALL COUNCIL Dionne, the Lettermen, the Platters, the Holiday Ball . , frequent movies, the Tuesday Tea, cultural programs in Aycock . . . worthwhile events sponsored by Elliott Hall serve as means of entertainment for UNC-G students. 1 Sara Heath Collins 2 Sandra Abernathy 3 Judy Hitchcock 4 Kathy Killian 5 Louise Taylor 6. Sherry Mann 7 Chris Papponatiel 8. Sue Broussard 9 Gladys Coddington 10. Jan Kells 1 1. Dottle Flynn 12. Kathy Wyant 13 Sue Kentner 1 4 Judy Bowman 1 5 Karen Cox 16 Frances Walls 17 Willie Warren 18. Sherry Forest 19 Susan Andrews 20 Katy Nesbitt 21 Sandra Lee 22 Randy Martin 23 Sharon Cowling 24 Sue Shearouse 25. ' Susan Greenstone 26 June Vernon 27. Judy Bnnkley Pres. of Elliott Hall 28 Linda Shehan Social Chairman 29 Kathy Asten Entertainment Chairman MASQUERADERS An honorary drama organi- zation , . . membership extended to those willing to devote time and talent to the Theatre of UNC-G . . . mem- bers from the Drama and Speech Departments and other interested students student productions throughout the year . . . experience offered on stage as well as behind the scenes . . . " full " member- ship being a coveted achieve- ment for the drama student. Heather Harwood Diane LeGrand Correspond an ce Secretary Hilary Theep Recording Secretary Alice Barnes Vice President Susan McCluny Treasurer Marcell Rosenblatt Starr Lawson President Gay Baynes Board Member at Large Diahn Sim onmi Shelagh Huntley Candy Sherman Janet Wiener Thomas Clapp Paul Elliott Martha Barefoot ill PpiJ W ' v l-V. 1 ILA fc. Jn AD HOC COMMITTEES ,- fe» ■ —■JSSB SBBBS mt mm mSSSSSmm g ■■ ■ ' •.■J»5 !.? ,-r The Ad Hoc Committees of Legislature help to keep its representatives in touch with matters concerning the rapidly growing university which need to be brought to their attention and kept up-to- date. These committees are also responsible for carrying out such important functions as reviewing bills to be presented to the Legislature and holding SGA elections. Student Sub-Committe« of 75th Anniversary Jane Ann Ward (37) Chairman Betsy Buford (25) Linda Margaret Hunt (21) Griselle Gholson (29) Kathy Pritchard (32) Kathy Levy (19) Rnance Board Pam Mars (15) Chairman Judy Blankenbaker (14) Betty Burkhead (17) Nancy Kenyen (16) Linda Margaret Hunt (21) Karen Perryman (6) Debbie Greene (8) Food Ljason Carol Lee (52) Chairman Becky Bowers Chris Rich (51) Elizabeth Barker Cindy Satterfield (49) Research and Review Jane Litzelman Chairman Judy Dunn (7) Dixie Horton (5) Pam Mars (15) Karen Perryman (6) Juhe Walsh (30) Barbara Watry (45) Committee on dassi ' of Officers Sue Crawford (48) Chairman Margaret Coyle (47) Gwen Bellamy (44) Nancy Brandon (41 ) Helen Brock (34) Elections Board Nancy Tysinger (54) Chairman Diana Whisnant Dale Pusson Mickey Martin (56) Ann Hamline Sara Odom (57) Robbie Shoaf (33) Judicial Committee Barbara Watry (45) Chairman Legislation Committee Linda Jackson (1 ) Chairman Carol Jarmen (2) Marsha Prevost (3) Liz Taft (4) Social Concerns Committee Kay Gilliam (45) Chairman Kay Peacock Freddie Davis (53) Beth Boling Robbie Shoaf (33) Juhe Walsh (38) Mag Riddick Constitution and By-Laws Martha Hobgood (9) Penny Cooper (11) Beth Bolin (13) Jack Pinnix (10) Jean Scarborough Karen Perryman (6) Betty BIythe Residence Hall Kaye Miller (20) Karen Elosser (40) CU COUNCIL UNC-G, NC State, Carolina, UNC-C,-the Consolidated University . , . represent- atives from the four, jointly forming CU Council . . . meeting with President Friday to discuss mutual problems and seek work- able solutions. 1 Donna Sauls 2 Pat Robertson 3 Anne Vann 4 Sylvia Rosenblun Co-ordinator 5. Susan Bernstein 6. Jean Randall 7 Penny McCaskill 8. Sandy Symms » :tfl M. - Hv 1 |: ' ' Si ! j 11 , 5 ' ' l p ? ?i .vk5 ■:;•: 1 N . -:• a ■ Hi : -?? . ' : X ' FRESHMAN CABINET -.• «► , ' Fifty-seven freshmen with their co-ordinator, Bea Brandon . setting out on the 1967- ' 68 year, learning the mechanics of SGA , , laying foundation for futher participation of both themselves and their class in student government. 1 - Barbara Aieres 2 Nonnir Ntsnfon 3 Kathy Blarney 4 Rulh Haney 5 Val Shadday 6 Marci.e Murphy 7 Bryant Holsenback 8 T Pergueson 9 Maureen Stockard 10 Joy Wilder t 1 Drane de Mateo 12 Debbie Wrenn 13 Margo Roberts 1 4 Sue Gouge 15 Pat Morris 16 Katie Gilmore 17 Kathy Smith 18 " Roach " Odham 19 Karen Timmons 20 Bea Brandon Chairman 21 Bo Paul 22 Susan Hall 23 Babs Ltneweaver 24. Stephanie Swerdloff 25. Carolyn Baldwin 26. Mary Lee Kouyack 27 Linda Kelley 28 Malise Arnstein 29 Carol Upchurch 30 Paula Luckado 31 Candy Pulley 32 Cindy Glover 33 Anne Clark 34 Kathy Mabry 35 Amy Brown 36. Daye Thorp 37 Kay Taylor 38 Donna Sauls 39. Kathy ODonald 40 Frances Ward 41 Ann Hathaway 42 Betty Harris 43 Glenda Ward 44 Chris Johnson 45 Bobbi Stift 46 Jane Avery 47 Rosann Webb 48 Betsy Cochrane 49 Elissa Goldberg 50. Dale Johnson Connie Foss President of Interfaith Council INTER-FAITH COUNCIL Today there Is signif- icant worldwide movement toward inter-faith understanding and unity. Using the UNC-G Interfaith Council as a focal point, members explore the possi- bilities for greater communication and co- operation among the denominations represented on campus Another major area of discussion is the relevance of religion to mankind in general and to students in particular. Members of the Inter-Faith Council assert that a complete university educa- ti on should allow exposure to a wide variety of concerns of mankind, including religion For this reason, the students ' religious groups, either individually or collectively (through the IFC), offer numerous campus-wide programs, worship services, discussion groups, social gatherings, and service projects. k MJtMH " . iJl Wlt l w- jf.y r - SSalESffi ■ ' ■■.:■ ' -:m i,.;-; ' . .-►i— ' — — ' SSSSS SS November Fall Festival — proceeds for mentally retarded children . . . Operation Santa — Christmas for needy families . . , Blood Mobile . . . Purse Drive — funds for World University Service . , , Milk for Bali— cancelled stamps sold to trading stamps company to buy milk and medicine for children to Bali Island . . . opportunities for students to participate as individuals in service activities. SERVICE LEAGUE 1. Leslie Rumple 2. Gail Schaefer 3 Sarah Anice Eakins 4 Cathy Cooper 5 Mary Bugham 6 Jo Carol Grady 7 Anne Joslyn Mereness 8 Linda Mae Boyd 9 Susan Banks Chairman 10 Emily Chadwick 1 1 Jennie Cnssman Gail Womble (1) Treasurer Jennie Cnssman (6) Publicity Chairman Kaye Coales (3) Secretary Annette Ayers (4) Member at Large Margaret Prevette (2) Member at Large Katy Gilmore (5) President Jane Smith Vice-President YDC Introducing the workings and ideas of contemporary government affairs to its members bringing local and state contending candidates to air views and answer questions , . preparing campus support for the national conventions in ' 68 . The Young Democrats and Young Republicans . . possible political leaders of the future. Kirby Holloway (9) Secretary Charlene Hasselbach (8) Vice-President Leia Freeman (7) Social and (Membership at l-arga Chairman Pam Rogers (11) Treasurer Venyn Fulghum (12) President Sean Arthur (10) Parliamentarian YRC ■ Emil Young (foreground) Director Woody McDougald Engineer RADIO and TV WUNC Television Studio . . . acquainting the student with tele- vision equipment . . . providing basic in- struction in the tech- niques of production . . . student assistants participating in live and pre-recorded broadcasts for educational television. WUAG radio studio, in the same com- plex . . . providing entertaining FM music for the campus , . . acting as a training center for radio broadcasters TOWN STUDENTS The smaller version of S.G.A. for town stu- dents . . . keeping an ear to campus information . . , voting on pertinent issues , . time between classes spent in their lounge . . . the association being presided over by Marsha Edmondson. NSA NSA . . National Student Association . . . co-ordinated on the UNC-G campus by Terry Ashe (pictured above) . . . launching its 1967-68 program with attempts af ' building a new image " . . " empha- sizing domestic problems rather than international affairs " . . , retaining such programs as helping students on local campuses design course and teacher evaluation projects, the Tutorial Assistance pro- gram, and " the student stress " programs (student- administration conferences, discussing university life) . . , moving into new efforts related to the draft, black power and student power ... its new role outlined at the organi- zation ' s 20th annual conference, held August 13-26 at the University of Maryland. 130 ATHLETICS SPARTAN LINE-UP During the academic year 1967-68, UNC-G inaugurated a men ' s intercollegiate athletic program under the direction of Dr. Frank Pleas- ants. Five varsity teams were entered into competition in basketball, wrestling, golf, tennis and volleyball. Soccer and cross country are expected to be included among the varsity sports in the near future. Basketball, coached by James R. Swiggett, participated in a four- teen game schedule, and Coach John Douglas ' s wrestlers competed in seven matches At pre- sent, UNC-G believes that its athletic needs can best be met through a non-scholarship pro- gram, and plans have been made for applica- tion to the non-scholarship Dixie Conference. Such a program enables good athletes to participate in intercollegiate play while insuring that academics remain the primary concern of the University. In addition to varsity competition, UNC-G offers a wide variety of intramural sports co- ordinated by Coach Bill Russel. An annual survey taken among the students determines what activities will be included in the program throughout the year. James R Swiggett Basketball Coach Tom Cardwell G So Charles Cole F Jr. Mike Cowhig G Sr. Boyd Edwards G Jr Brion Emerson G So. Alan Jarett F So. Jeff Loftis F Fr. David Luther G So. Bruce Martin G So. Tom Martin G Jr. John Moore G So. RA LODGE PINEY LAKE RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Physical Education Department, well known throughout the nation for its excellence, is directed by Miss Ethel Martus, Under her leadership, the cur- riculum is planned to provide instruction in every activity of interest to the uni- versity student. As an outgrowth of this program, several extramural teams have been formed. These teams include field hockey, tennis, fencing, and basketball. The women ' s varsity basketball team, consisting of girls interested in partici- pating in intercollegiate competition, plays numerous other colleges around the area. The team, coached by Miss June Galloway, completed this year ' s season with a 10-2 record. COUNCIL Jean Dalton — President Liz Benbow — Vice-President Jean Dalmas — Secretary Cassandra Hodges — Treasurer Susan Cox — Publicity Mary Joe Pentry — A.R.F.C.W representative. Lynn Gaskin — Advisor STUDENTS f f ' GRADUATION ,:m ' -lt .l ' nineteen hundred sixty-seven Senior Marshals Junior Marshals Janet Jenkins Martha Lou Green Becky Murray (Assistant Chief) Meredith Mitchum Glendel Honeycutt Margaret Williams Jean Hayworth Alice Rhyne Vicki Hailey Brenda Smith Margaret Posey Barbara Thomas Patsy Harbuck Sharon Milchin Elaine Mullis Sara Odom Georgia Knight Kathy Nesbitt Lydia Pritchett Elizabeth Ann Beamer Mickey Chaney June Bowers Elizabeth Baxter Linda Fisher Nancy Watson Ashley Huffstetler Nancy Todd Donna Bisbee Becky Church Joey Smith Pam Jenkins Janice Taylor MARSHALS OUTSTANDING SENIORS v :: : ' OUTSTANDING SENIORS OUTSTANDING SENIORS y ' v , , ri SENIOR HOUSE PRESIDENTS 1 Mrs. T. White, Moore 2. Mrs Mary White, Winfield 3 Paulette Johnson 4. Miss Mary Norton, Cone 5. Nan Hammond 6 Nina Gregoris 7 Mrs Delia Arthur, Strong 8 Jane Price 9. Mrs. Nancy Melvin, Weil 10. Mrs. Josephine Gross, Mendenhall 1 1 Carleen Pringle 12. Mrs, Ruth Johnson, Ragsdale 13 Ginny Knight 14, Hilda Brisson 15 Mrs Joy MacFadyen, Grogan 16, Mrs Nita Allen, Reynolds 17, Ann Bush 18, Mrs. Odessa McGuier, Kiser 20. Sara Sam 21. Mrs, Carolyn Atwater, Guilford 22 Pamela Sayre 23. Bob Pasefield 24. Mrs. Helen Ruley, Hawkins 25. Larry Denny AND COUNSELORS 1 Gail Pitman 2 Mrs Ruth Cornell, Gotten 3 Anne Lewis 4 Mrs. Mabel Wells, Mary Foust 5. Pam Allion 6 Miss Lillian Gunningham, Jamison 7 Jean Anglin 8 Mrs Aldine Beale, Bailey 9 Linda Gale 10 Mrs Lowell Estes 11 Mrs Elizabeth Galhoun, Gray 12, Kathy Edwards 13. Mrs. Alice Sisk, Coit 14. Pat Mickelsen 15 Mrs Mary Grice Duff. Hinshaw 1 6 Page Buchholz 17 Mrs Mildred Martin, North Spencer 18 Mrs Caralynme Gillette, South Spencer 19. Sara Vernon JUNIOR HOUSE mn PRESIDENTS AND COUNSELORS ii " i . lP5 .j|l ' rf » T»w« " WeHl— d»j«fi FOUNDER ' S DAY Sharon milchm, pine needles ' . ' ■ ' I 15 h ' - F»ra iOET-A. IC-A.FF-A. Class of 1968 elected in junior year; Betsy Greenleaf Culbertson Kathryn Sue Ritchie Class of 1968 Mary Francis Ballance Elizabeth Ann Beamer Cheryl Diane Blackburn Judith Louise Blankenbaker Mrs. Sue Swayngim Cox Martha Ann Crockett Roberta Ann Engleman Marilyn Kay Fowler Katharine Eugenia Gibbons Irma Jean Goodwin Lois Marie Greenwood Susan Cass Griswold Margaret Emily Halliday Nancy Anna Hammond Beth Marie Harkey Carol Ann Harrelson Mrs. Helen Hayward Jones Sandra Carol Little Pamela Lynn Mars Pansy Yvonne McGee Evelyn Ethel Meredith Barni Rose Nussbaum Mary Hope Parker Linda Anne Petree Lynn Shearin Phillips Penelope Jean Pratt Phyllis Elaine Pusey Linda Dean Rhyne Susan Morrison Settlymyre Barbara Caroline Snavely Linda Louise Stanfield Susan Jean Styron Sharon Terrell Barbara Jean Thomas Virginia Ann Tietz Peggy Whalen SIG-I -A. DELT-A- FI Linda Cox Jackie Griffin Susan Griswold Barbara Hayworth Pansy McGee Pam Mars Kay Ritchie Ginger Sharp Francis Yount PSI CHI Sandra Marie Butner Linda Kathleen Cox Camille Farris Martha Lou Green Marilyn Guilkey Judith Gail House Janice F Lampley Elsa E. McKeithan Ann Bernhardt Newman Carolyn Register Linda Dean Rhyne Nancy Kay Routh Barbara Thomas Cora Lee Wetherington GOLDEN CHAIN Margaret Britton President Lemira Guffy Vice President Betsy Buford Secretary Nancy Tysinger Treasurer Betsy Culbertson Social Chairman Kay Ritchie Social Chairman Dr. Laura G. Anderton Miss Marguerite N. Felton Miss June P. Galloway Randi Bryant Betty Cheek Connie Foss Kay Gilliam Linda Margaret Hunt Pam Mars Kathy Pritchard Susan Settlemyre Anita Thomas Nancy Vann Peggy Whalen HONORARY MEMBER: Dr. Nancy White CLASS OF ' 68 Margaret Royal Vlc»-Pre8id«n1 Barm NessbBum Treasurar D D Davenport Ch»«rlead«r Che«rlaadar CaroNn Walden Kathy Levy President :mT " ' ; CLASS OF ' 69 President Secretary SENIORS .CLASS OF ' 68 JtK LEE ABERNETH on Nu 3.4, Pr, HELEN LOUISE ADAMS B A History Gaston College, 1,2, Section 3, Dorm Housekeeping Comm MYRA FRANCES ADAMS B A Biology Hall Board, 4, House Council, PATRICIA LORENE ALBRIGHT Linwood B M Music Education University Choir. 1 ,2,3,4, Secretary 4, AGOSC, 1 ,4, Corresponding Secretary 4, Music Educators National Conference Student Chap- ter, 3,4, Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria, 3 MARY CATHERINE ALEXANDER Shelby B A Mathematics St Andrews Presbyterian College, 1,2, S N E A , 3,4, N C E A , 3,4, Square Circle, 3,4, Dorm Committee, 3,4 ROBIN CHERYL ALEXANDER Greensb B A Political Science and International Studies CCUN, 3, SE region mock Security Council, delegate 3, Legi! ture. 3, AIRC Convention delegate 3, Russian Chapter of Gerrr Club, 3, Harriet Elliott Lecture Committee, 3,4, Chairman, 4 ROSEMARY REYNOLDS ALEXANDER President, 2, Sec B A English English Club, 3, Assistar SUSAN GAIL ALIGN ( B A History Class Commissioner, 1 , NSA Dorm Representative leader, 2, Delegate to Model U N at Duke Univ , 2. H FRANCES ELIZABETH ALLEN I B M Music Junior Assistant. 3. Mu Phi Epsilon. 2,3,4. Prograrr Scrapbook Chairman 4, University Choir. 2.3.4. Sec President 4. BSU. 1,2,3,4, Section leader, 1 W MARTHA ALLEN Boor B S H E Interior Design SUSAN FOUSHEE ALLEN Ceda Gro B A Biology Medical Technology Club 1,2,3,4. Treasurer 2. Pres minister Fellowship idont 4 Wes PATSY LYON ALLRED Oa Ridc B A History Freshman Cabinet 1 , Dorm Housekeeping Comm Show Committee 3, History Club 4, Daisy Cham 2 Day Committee 2 Itee 2, ntTr; v p MARGARET H ALTMAN Oriental B S H E Child Development and Family Relations Dorm Elections Chairman. I. Dorm Decorations Committee, 3. A H E A , 3. Refreshment Chairman, Ring Dance Committee, 3, Registration Committee — AH E A Workshop, 3 MARY EVELYN ANDREWS Huds B A Mathematics Honors Program, 1 . Dorm Committees, 1 .2, Baptist Student Uni 1.2,3, Baptist Student Union. Executive Council. 4. SNEA, S N E A , Dorm Representative, 4, Square Circle, 3.4, Jun STEVEN MICHAEL APERGIS B M Music Ed SYLVIA ANN AREY B A Biology Greensboro College, 1,2. Dorm social Committee, 3. Chairman. 4. Dorm Housekeeping Committee. 4, Class Commissioner, 4, Y R C 3.4, Women ' s Judicial Court, Summer School, 3. LORETTA ARMSTRONG PATRICIA ANN ARROWOOD B A Chemistry ' •M g: KATHRYN JANE ASPDEN B A Elementary Education SNEA, 3,4, Square Circle. 3, Junior As CYNTHIA B ATKINS Salisbury B A Sociology College Choir, 1 ; Sociology Club, 3,4, YDC, 1 .2.3, Canterbury Club, 1,2,3,4. Spanish Club, 2, English Club. 3. Dorm Social Committee, MARY McCORMICK AUMAN B A Elementary Education University Choir, 1,2,3,4, Section Leade 2.3, Westminister Fellowship, 1,2,3 TINA ELIZABETH AUSTIN MARY WESLEY AUTRY B A Sociology Sociology Club, 3, ANNE HALL AYDLETT I C E , 3,4. SNEA, Elizabeth City CAROLE ANNETTE AYERS SNEA 1,2, History Club, 4, YDC, 1,2, Member al Large 3, ' CAROLYN VIRGINIA BAILEY KATHEHINE CONRAD BAILEY W.nslon-Sale 8 F A Textile Design French Club 1; Wake Forest Uncversrty 2, Deans List 1,3, Hous keeping Committee 1 ANNA FAYE BAKER Charlotte B A Elementary Education HELEN CORNELIA BALDWIN Winston-Salem B A Elementary Education MARY FRANCES BALLANCE St Pauls B A Biology Honors Program 3,4, Honor Roll 1.2,3, Kathenne Smith Reynolds Scholar 3,4, Beta Beta Beta 3.4. President 4, Section Leader 3, Victor Cutter Undergraduate Research Lab 4 MARILYN A BARCHAUSKI Hart ord, Conn B S Physical Education MARTHA JANE BAREFOOT Greensboro B A English Freshman Cabinet 1, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1,2,3,4, TSA 2,3,4, Masqueraders 3,4, Debate Union 4 CHARLENE KNIGHT BARHAM Greensboro MARY LEE BARKLEY Newtol B A English Dorm Committees 1,2,3,4, Class Social Committee 1, Parent ' s Da Committee 2, Glee Club 1 , SNEA 4, English Club 3,4, Treasurer 4 Junior Show 3,4 ALICE ODELL BARNES Wilsoi B A Drama-Speech Masqueraders 1,2,3 4, Vice-President 4, Senior Dance Group 1 GUTS 2 DORIS YOUNG BARNES B A Speech Therapy Dorm Housekeeping Committee 1, Legislature 4, Service League 3, SNEA 3, University Speech and Hearing Association 3,4, Honor Roll 3. Rat Day Dommittee 2. Commissioner 3,4 Ih T GEORGIA LYNN BARNES Rocky Moun B A English Section Leader I , Class Entertainment Committee 1 , Dorm Com- mittee 1 . Secretarial Committee 2, English Club 3,4. Coraddi: 3.4, Literary chairman 4, Honor Roll 3, French House 4, Le Corcle Fran- cais 4, Experimental University 3.4 RITA KAY BARRETT Littleton B A Elementary Education LILLIAN ALICE BAHRINGER Hickory B A Sociology Section Leader 1 , German Club 2, Sociology Club 3,4 MYRA JANE BARTON Greensbc B FA Advertising Glee Club 1,2,3, TSA, Social Chairman 4, Pino Naadlas, Adv tising Editor 4 EtVIILY DOUGLAS BASS ELIZABETH ANN BEAMER Blacksburg, Va B A Mathematics Square Circle I ,2,3.4, Spanish Club 1,2, Marshall 3,4, Hall board 3, Honors program 1,3. American Mathematical Society 4, SNEA 4 SUSAN KAY BERNSTEIN B A English Hillel 1,2,3. English Club 3. Class Cheerle University Council 4, Junior Show 3,4, Don CAROLYN BLACK BERRIEN B M Music Education Hallboard 1 . I MENC 3,4 2, Chorale 1,2,3,4, Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3, ' SYLVIA DIANNE BERRIER B A Sociology Sociology Club 3,4. Dorm Committee 1.2.3,4, Parents Weekend Committee 2, Ring Dance Co Committee 3 PATRICIA KATHLEEN BIGGINS JDITH ANN BISHOP EVELYN DOLORES BLACK B S S A. Merchandising YDC 1 . Spanish Club 1 .2. Dorm Socia Fellowship 1; Gamma Alpha 3.4, Houston, Tex JUDY MILLER BLACKBURN B A Psychologv UCILLE ANNE BLALOCK GAY VAIL BLAND JUDITH L BLANKENBAKEB B A E conomics and Business Washington. D C Adrr University of Delaware, Montgomery Junior College 1.2, Honor Roll 3, GUTS 3,4. Finance Board Secretary 4. Junior Scholar 3. Fancourt Seminar 4, Symposium Committee 4. Political Economy NN BLOCKER Cary Jr Cli B A Recreation Class Projects Committee 1,2, Dorm Bulletin Board Committee 1. icerleader 3. Class Commissioner 2. Basketball Intra- Show 3,4, Sister Class Committee 3; Student Develop- ment Council 3,4, Campus Stores Committee 3, TraHic Committee Chairman 4. Dorm Social Committee 3, Elections Committee 2,3. Junior Assistant 3, Ring Dance Committee 3, Ring Committee 2.3, Parent s Weekend Committee 2, Scrapbook Committee 1 PATRICIA RUTH BOBBITT Asheuille ft REBECCA ALLEN BOHANNAN AltaVista, Va B S Physical Education Wesley Foundation 1, Dorm Social Committee 1.3, Golf Club 3,4 Dolphin-Seal 3,4, Junior Physical Education Majors Club Presi dent. 3, RA Cabinet. 4. SNEA 4 JUDITH ANN BOOKER l t A " " ' B A Elementary Education Dorm Social Committee 3,4, ACE 3.4, SNEA 3,4 , Spanish Club 1 Freshman Cabinet I CAROL ELIZABETH BOSEMAN Rocky Moun B S S A Secretarial Administration NSA Representative 1, Gamma Alpha 3.4. President 4. Junio Assistant 3. Dorm Kitchen Committee Chairman 3 MARY ALETHEA BOWERS INDA MAE BOYD i A Economics and Club I . YDC I . Don lip 1 , El Circulo Hispanico 2,3,4. Commute cial Committee 3. Economics Club 3.4. Se lative 4 REBECCA ANN BOYD vif ■ w JUDY KAY BRADSHAW B A Malhemal.cs SNEA Dorm roprosentativo I, Membership Co 3. President 4. Square Circle 1.2.3,4, Dorm Tri BELINDA BRANDON Long Beach, Calif B A English Section leader 1, Class Projects Committee 1.2. Rat Day Commi tee 2, Junior Class Vice-President 3, Acting President. Freshma Class 3. Student Development Council 3,4, Executive Cabine 3,4. Inter-class Council 3, Freshman Cabinet Coordinator 4 RACHEL JACKSON BRANDON Winston-Sale B M lulusic Education Mu Phi Epsilon 2.3,4. Chorister, 4, SNEA, 1.2, SMENC, 3, ' Roll. 3. University Choir. 1,2,3. Treasurer 3. Univorsif Theater. 2 JANYCE I ARIE BREWER B A English Legislature, 1 , Rat Day, Dorm Represent Show, 3, Freshman Class Newspaper, 1, Bit ordinating Committee. 4, English Club. 4 JOY SUSAN BRIDGES SNEA 1,2,3,4, Junior Assistant, 3, Young Republican Club, 2, SHIRLEY GENE BRIGHT Elizabeth City B S H E Home Economics Education College of the Albemarle, 1,2, SNEA 3,4, AHEA 3,4, 4-H Omicron Nu, 4. Junior Scholar. 3. AHEA Honors Banquet, 3 O MARLENE KEARNS BRILES B S S A Business Education Daisy Cham, 2, SNEA 3,4, Do 3,4, Co-Editor of Spotlight. JUDITH LYNN BRINKLEY U N C G Dance Group, 3, Elections E 2, Chairman of Entertainment. 3, Pri House President. 3, EKecutive Cabini 3, Gamma Alpha ILDA RUTH BRISSON , President, 4, Hall Board, 3, SNEA, MARGARET DODD BRITTO Raleigh B A Biology Orientation Committee 2,3, Chairman, 3, Rat Court, 2, Women ' s Court 2,4. Executive Secretary 4, Golden Cham 3.4, Assistant Ju nior House President. 3. Freshman Cabinet. 1, Junior Show, 3 Acquaintance Day Committee, 2, Student Development Council 3,4, Beta Beta Beat. 3.4 PATRICIA ANNE BROOKS Vienna. Va B A English BRENDA KAY BROWN Reidsville B A Elementary Education SNEA 1,2,4, Daisy Cham. 2, Dorm Elections Committee, 2, Assoc for Childhood Education 3.4, Representative, 4, Dorm Com miltee 2,3,4 CAROL TERRELI BROWN CYNTHIA ANN BROWN B A Spanrsh FRANCES DARYL BROWN B A English MARION KATHERINE BROWN B S Ptiys ical Education R A Dorn T Representative, 4, Sect (On L( jader, 3, Class Com 2. T KD, 4 MARTHA JANE BROWN B S Phys ical Education R A Spot thead ELI2 :ABETH ANNE BRYANT B S Child Development Sect ion L( sader, 1 , AHEA. 1.2 ROB IN CARTER BUCK B A Elem entary Education Show. 3. Dorm Co 2.3, ACE. 4. Legi! Legislature, 1 , Freshman Cabinet, 1 , Intramurals, 1 , Dorm Election Chairman. 1, Assistant House President, 2, Parents ' Weekend Committee, 2, ASGUSA, representative, 2, Junior Assistant, 3. Ju- nior Show, 3,4, Hall Board, 4, ACE, 4, TSA, 4 SUSAN ANNE BUCKNER Greensboro B A Sociology Campbell College, 1, Sociology Club, 2.3.4. TSA, 2.3.4 ELIZABETH FARRIOR BUFORD Raleigh B A History Freshman Cabinet. 1 , Class Secretary. 1 . Freshman Cabinet Ad- visor, 2. Commission Co-ordinator. 2. Rat Day. 2. Parents ' Week- end. 2. Acquaintance Day. 2. Orientation Committee, 2,3. Junior Show, 3, Junior House President, 3, Golden Cham. 3.4. Student Development Council -3.4. Chairman 4. Honor Court. 4. Chan- cellors Cabinet. 4. Harriett Elliott Lecture Series. 4. Alumni Under- graduate Relations Committee. t- • f IDA CHAPMAN BULLOCK BRENDA PRESTON BURGE Ashebori B F A Advertising and International Studies Legislature, 1. NSA delegate to China Conference. Harvard. I. Intramurals, 1 . Dorm Committee. 1 . Art Club. 1 . Treasurer Sopho- more Class. 2. Daisy Cham. 2. Class Commissioner. 2. Acguain- lance Day Committee. 2. Class proiects Committee. 2. Parents ' Day. 2. Ring Dance Committee. 3. Sarah Lawrence exchange student. 3. Carolinian, 3. Executive Cabinet. 4. Pins Naadlas: Or- ganizations Editor. 2. Associate Editor. 3. Edilor-inChief . 4 BONNIE BLAIR BURGESS Rockville, Md B A English BETTIE SUE BURKHEAD B S H E Interior Design Finance Board 1.2,3.4, Treas gramming Committee 4, N S Recognition 4; Omicron Nu 4 surer 3,4, Student Policy and Pro- 1 D 2,3,4, Vice President 3, Merit ANN STEARNES BUSH Waynesboro. Va B A Elementary Education ANITA RYAN BUTLER Fallston, Md B S Home Economics Dorm Committees 1,4, AHE 2,4, Dolphin Seal 2 A 1,2,3,4, 4-H 1,2, Newman Club MARY ELLEN BUTLER Cherry I , N-J B A French Class President 1 , Committee on Legislature 1 , Freshman Cabinet 1 , Honor Court 2,3, Rat Day 2, Jacket Day 2. Onisey Cham, Chair- man 2, Legislature 2, Class Parliamenta rian 3. Junior Ring Dance 3, Symposium Committee 3. Judicial Co-ordinator 4. Chancelors Cabinet 4. Student Development Council 4, Student Faculty Re- lations Committee 4, N S A Congress 4 SANDRA MARIE BUTNER Charlotte B A Psychology Psi Chi 4. Honor Roll 3. Junior Class Treasurer, Class Commis- sioner 2, Co-ordinator 4, Student Curriculum Committee 4, Chair- N S A Council Representative 4, Junior Show 3, Elections ss 1,2,3. Hall Board 1 ,2. Ring Committee 3 Boards, Dorm C. SUSAN ELIZABETH BUTNER on-Sa B A Elementary Education Section Leader 1, SNEA 1, Dorm Repi ■esei BARBARA E CAINE B A Elementary Education ACE 4, Dorm Committee 4 ANN CAMPBELL B A Elementary Education SNEA 3,4, ACE 2.3, Sophomore Enl [ert£ Housekeeping Committee 2,4, Young Del Social Committee 1.3, Rat Day Commi ttee SARAH ELIZABETH CAMPBELL B A English English Club 2,3,4. Dorm Committees 3.4, 3.4, SNEA 4 LEONORA GLEN CANFIELD B A Economics TSA 1,2.3.4. Coraddl, Exchange Editor 2. Political Econon FAYE CANNON Fayettevill. B S P E Physical Education Methodist College 1.2, RA 3,4, House Council 4. Transfer Assis tant 4, Glee Club 4 LORRAINE N CARPENTER Albemarle B M Music Education University Choir 2.3.4, President 4. University Chorale 4. Mu Ph Epsilon 3.4. MENC 3,4, Dorm Social Committee 3 CHARLOTTE FAYE CARROLL Scot Isbury. Va B A Sociology Averett College 1.2, Section Leader 3, dent 4, Hallboard 4, Commissioner 3 Sociology Club 3.4, Presi- KAREN DIANE CASEY Ann, andale, Va BETTY SUE CASHION Charlotte B A Economics-Business Administrati Pino Nsadles 1. Political Economv CIl lb 3,4 MICHELE ANNE CERMELE Mi idison, N J BSHE Clothing AHEA 1.2,3,4, Section Leader 3, Junio I , House President 4, Hallboard 3, Dorr r Show 3, InterfE Ti Social Commit nth Council tee 3 SUE LEE CHANDLER Goldsboro BSSA Business Education Gamma Alpha 3,4. Dorm Treasurer 4 cording Secretary 4 Women ' s Socia ,1 Court He- BARBARA ANN CHECK Tarboro B A Chemistry Hallboard 1.2. Intramurals 1.2. Pino Editor 3. German Club 1 . Honor Court 1.2.3, Sophomore Scholar 2. Jun Scholar 1,2,3,4 Noadios 2,3, S 3, Golf Club 3, lor Scholar 3, tudent Life Honor Role Reynolds ff t p w BETTY EMARITA CHEEK Coroddi 1,2,3, Chairman Art Staff 4, Honors Program 1.2. 3,1- NSA Assistant Co- ordinator 4. Spencer-Love Scholar 2.3.4. Golden MARGARET SYLVIA CHEEK B M Music Education JANET CAROL CHISHOLM B A English SNEA 1.2,3. Young De GUTS 2 iCIub 1,2. English Club 2.3,4, ELLEN KIGER CLARK - B A English Dorm Committees 1,2,3,4, Section Leader 3, Hallboa Naodloa 3, SNEA 4 TOPHIE ALLISON CLARK Statesville B S Physical Education ARIEL CLARE CLOSE Bel Air, Md B A English Dorm Cheerleader 1, Newman Club 1,2,3,4, Gamma Alpha 3, Ju nior Show 3 1% u JUDITH GAIL COATES C B A English University Band 1 , District ing Comr nittee for Leg islal lure 3. ! Leader 2, Engli! ih Club 4, SNEA 3 BETH ELLEN COHN Spri ngfield. B A Sociology Carolinian; Ass ■ islant Jun lOr Hous ie Pre isident. 3. Hillel, Tutor and Advi! iory Board , Univers ity Ca lucas MARY BROWN ING COLE Gree LESLIE JEAN COLLINS 2t B A Elementary Education Ring Dance Committee, 3, Junior Show, 3, Dorm Cor Elections Board Committee, 3, ACE Ropresentat Committee, 4 :. SARAH ELAINE COLLINS -if B F A Painting R MARIE JAOUELIN COLTON B A English l f HAZELINE PATTERSON CONN B A Elementary Education SNEA 3,4, ACE 3,4, Wesley Fo Sports 1,2 CHRYSTEENA MAY CONSTABLE FRANCES HUDSON CONWELL B S S A Business Education WSFW 2,3,4, Gamma Alpha 3.4. Junior MARY EVANGELINE COOKE Boone B S Home Economics IRENE VIRGINIA COOPER Henderson B A English English Club, 3, Junior Show, 3, Dorm Committee, 2, SNEA, 2. Debating Club, I PENNY KAY COOPER Asheville B A English Projects Chairman, 1 , Rat Day Chairman, 2, Sister-Class Chairman, 3, Coordinator, Junior Show, 3, Student Development Council 3.4, Junior Assistant. 3. Golf Club 2.4, President, 3, Legislature Representative 3,4, RA Representative, 1, English Club 3.4. Section leader. 3, Parents Weekend Committee, 2, Constitutional By-laws, 4, Jacket Committee, 2, Hall Board 3,4 SHARON LEE COWLING FRANCES ELIZABETH COX B F A An Education LINDA KATHLEEN CO X Honors Program, 1 , ( ical Technology Cli Psi Chi, 4 SANDRA DEAN COX B A Psychology TSA, Pine Needles 1,2. I SUSAN BAKER COX B S Health and Physical Transfer student, 3, Legi! MARGARET ANN COYLE B A Elementary Education SNEA 1.2.4, Dorm Committei Elections Committee. 2. Junior . Service League Dorm Represental Committee, 4. Section Leader, 4 3, RA Publicity, Cha ■ ■f BRENDA LOUISE CRAIG Roanoke B S Physical Education RA Representative, Volleyball Sporlhead of Recreational As ation. Varsity Basketball, Officiating Club SUSAN KENT CRAIG Glens B A Mathematics Square Circle 1 ,2,3.4, Dorm Elections Committee 1 .2,3,4. Section Leader. 1. Class Entertainment Committee, 2, Elliott Hall Social and Special Events Committee. 2, Junior Ring Committee, 3 SANDRA KAY CRANFORD Thomasville SUSAN JANE CRAWFORD BA t athemalics Dorm Committee 1,4, Math C Board, 3, Committee on CI, Chairman, 4 JUDITH ANN CRESIMORE COLENE NINE CREWS B A Voice University Cho., 1,2,3,4, Chorale, 4. ship. President, 2,4, Interfaith Count oilman, 1, Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3.4 :ions of Offices 2,3,. Winston-Salt MARY ELIZABETH CRIDLEBAUGH High B.A English Honors, I ; Honor Roll 1 , 2.3 . Assi stanl House President 3 SNEA. 3 ELIZABETH ROCKWELL CRITTENDEN Chapel Hill B M Music Education MARTHA ANN CROCKETT Bluefield W Va trance, 3, French Club, 4, Honors Program: 3.4, Honor Roll 1,2,3, Dorm Committee 1.2; Social Committee, Elliott Hall 1,2, West- minister Fellowship 1,2,4. Publicity Chairman. 2, Worship PATRICIA ROOS CROSS Greensboi B A Psychology Service League, 1, Class Commissioner 2,4, Elliott Hall Counc 3, Uniuersity Choir 1,2, Theatre of U N C G , 1 , GUTS. 2; " Tow JULIA ELLEN CROWELL B A Mathematics ant, 3, Daisy Chain, 2, Squa CAROL GRAY CRUTCHFIELD B F A Art Education Young Republicans Club 2,3, N A E CHARLOTTE SEDONYA CSERPNYAK Charlotte B F A Art Education BETSY GREENLEAF CULBERTSON Memphis, Tenn B A French Class Song Chairman 1 . Legislature 1 , Theatre of U N C G 1 ,2.3, Coraddl 1,3,4, Business Manager 4. French Club 1.2.3,4, Constitu- tion Chairman 4, Masqueraders 1.2,3,4, Daisy Chain 2, Sister Class Committee 2,3, Parents Day Entertainment Committee 2. Class Commissioner 3, La Maison Francaise 3.4, Carolinian Review Editor 3,4, GUTS Advisory Board, 3, University Choir 3 4 Junior Show Co-author 3, Student Curriculum Committee 3, Honors Pro- gram 1,2,3,4, Phi Beta Kappa 3,4, Golden Cham 3 4 Alumni Scholar 3,4, Junior Assistant 3 CAROL JENKINS CUNNINGHAM B A English Dorm Secretary 4. SNEA 4, English Club 3,4 PHYLLIS JEAN CUTLER DALE JUNE CUTSHALL Wayne, Pa B S P E Dance NOLA JEAN DALTON Ashebor, B S Physical Education RA Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3. President 4. NCAHPER recorder student section 3. Cheerleading Committee 4. Honor roll 3. Spanisl JEANNIE FRANCES DANIELS B A History Freshman Cabmet 1 . Carolinian, Poll SHARYN DIANE DAVENPORT B S S A Merchandising Wesley Foun 2.3. ,2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 2, Interfailh Re rsity Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasuri imma Alpha 3,4. Young Republican Club i ■ Show Cast 3,4 ELMERENE ELISE DAVIS B A Speech Pathology Legislature 1,2, Debating Unior sioner 2, Student-Faculty Curri Hearing Association 3,4, GUTS Forum Coordinating Committee JOYCE ANN DAVIS B A Elementary Education SNEA 1,2,3,4, ACE 2,3,4, Honors 2,3, Dean sistant 3, Section leader 2, GUTS 2,3, Dorrr PRATT ISENHOUR DAVIS B A English , English Club 4, Sopho REBECCA ELAINE DAWSON B A French MARSHA BREED DEAL Charlottt B A Elementary Education Glee Club 1 , Junior Assistant 3, Elliott Hall Representative 3, SNE i 3, ACEI 3 CYNTHIA CRAVEN DELANEY PAIGE DEMPSEY B A French GERALDINE MARIA DEPETTO B A Economics and Business Administ Caduceus Club 1 , Section Leader 2, Son 3, Political Economy Club 4 CONSTANCE JOY DEPEW B A Psychology MARY MARGARET DEW1TT Hamden, Co Lake Worth, Fit East Orange, N . nf E EILEEN IHARLOWE DISHMAN SAMMY FRANKLIN DOYLE Chorale 3 ,4, Student Music Educators National Confe F ' ] " " Wf " y " HELEN DEANE DOZIER Sta unton, Va B S Physical Education Carolinian I, RA Representative, 1, Basketball Sporl Officials Club President 3,4, Physical Education Depart dent-Faculty Council 3,4, Golf Club 3,4, Tennis Club 3,4 Seal t. Fencing Club 2,3,4. Varsity Basketball 2.3,4. Va Hockey Ihead 2,3, :ment Stu- . Dolphin- rsity Field PAULETTE DREW Dunn B S Secretarial Administration Gamma Alpha 2.3,4. Glee Club 1 LUCY BRYN DULIN Charlotte B A English CAROLYN ROSE DUPREE Raeford B A Elementary Education SNEA 4. ACE 3.4. Section Leader 1 Social Committee 2 , Doi 1,2, Dorm JUDITH ANN EARP Lenoir B A English Freshman Cabinet 1 . Dorm Commit tee 1 . SNEA 4 ELIZABETH ANN EATMAN Bailey B A Elementary Education Dorm Committee 3,4, Section Leader Spanish Club 1, Honor Roll 3 1.3. SNEA ' 1,2,3,4, ACE 2,3,4, MARCIA LYNN EDMONDSON Gr eensboro B A English NSA 1 , Legislature 1 , Freshman Cabi Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Pres Council 3, EKecutive Cabinet 4 iiden , TSA 1,2,3,4, Secretary t 4, SNEA 4, Interclass NITA CAROLYN EDWARDS Wingate B A Elementary Education Dorm Committee 1,2, Elliot Hall Hep. resentative 4. SNEA 3 JACOUELYN RAE ELKIN Colum bia, S C B A Mathematics GLORIA JEAN ELKINS Greensboi B A English Honor Roll 1.2.3. Honors Progra m.ssioner 4, Club 2.3 m 2.3. TSA, Class Cor ANNE NIXON ELLIOTT Hic.o B A Elemenlary Education Coraddi 1 . Legislature Represent Operation 71 2 ative 2,4, Honor Roll 2, SNEA KAREN LOUISE ELOSSER Fayettev. B A Elementary Education Dorm Committee 2.3.4. Co mmitt 3. ACE 3.4. SNEA 2.3.4 ee Chairman 4, Junior Assista t fs ROBERTA ANN ENGLEMAN Ashev.l B A English Sinfonia 1. Honors Program 1.3.4. Coraddl 2.3.4. English Club 2.3.4.SNEA3.JamesMcClureClarkScholarsh.p1,W.nfield Scholarship 4. Parkway Playhouse 3.4, Honor Roll 1,2.3 SUZANNE T ENGLISH B A Economics SHARON LOUISE EHICSON LINDA FAYE EURE KATHLEEN DAVIS FARMER SUSAN MARIE FARREL B F A Art Education Basking Ridge, N J r r £1 ' " T MARY CAMILLE FARRIS B A German CREAL 1, German Club 1.2.4. Ps, Chi 2.4. delberg 3 DIANA JUNE FAUST B A Elementray Education MARTHA HOUCK FAW MARGARET A FEDERAL B A Elemenlarv Educat.on SADIE DAVIS FIELDS TERRY ELAINE FISH B.S HE, Education AHEA 1; Dorm Representative 2.3, Co-cha mitlee 4; SNEA 1,3.4, Section Leader 3 LINDA JEAN FLOWERS Faison B A Engnsti Cor«ldl1.2,3,4,L,teraryCtiairman3,Ed.tor4, YDC 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3,4, E« Cabinet 4 SHARYN SUE FORBES B A Elementary Education Lynchburg College 1, Dorm Social Ctiair FRANCES FORSTADT B A Speecti Correction University Speech and Hear, m.ssioner 2, Junior Show 3,4, Legislature Proxy 2, Dorm Cor CONSTANCE G FOSS Wayne! B M Music Education Inter-Fa. th Council, Secretary 1, President 4. Univer 1.2.3,4, Secretary 4. University Chorale 3.4, Golden Cha Executive Cabinet 4, Editor, Catholic newspaper 3 CHERYL ELAINE FOUST BA English Glee Club 1 , Honor Roll 2, English Club 4, SHERRY LYNNE FOUST Gi B S Home Economics Education Lenoir Rhyne College 1. LSA 2,3, SNEA 2.4. Junior As AHEA 2,4, Orientation Picnic Chairman 4, TSA Represe TSA 2,3,4. Social Chairman 3; Elliott Hall Representativf MARILYN KAY FOWLER Social Court 2, Honor Court 4, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, Preside BARBARA SUE FRANCIS M CAROLYN FURCHES Cle B A Elementary Education Pino Needles, Assistant Business Manager, 3, Business Manec 4, Junior Assistant 3, Daisy Chain 2, SNEA 3,4, ACEI 4, Ci Commission 4, Class Newspaper 1 KAREN ANNA GABARD YadI unville B S Home Economics Education AH E A . 1.2,3,4. 4-H Club. 1.2,3.4 . Wesl ey Foi jnda ition 1,2, Junior Assistant. 3. Dornn Committee, 1. Honoi ■ Roll 3 NANCY 2ERMAN GABIS Chai riesto n, SC B A Elementary Education Hillel, 1,2,3,4, S N E A 3,4 MARY JANE GAMBILL Sparta B S H E Interior Design A H E A 2.3. N S 1 D 3,4, A 1 D 4, Don m Coi 2.3 ALICE GAIL GARBER Bai lesbu rg, SC B A English Carolinian; Coraddl; Hillel PHYLLIS ANNE GARDNER Fi uqua ,.Varina B A English Inter-Varsity 2.3,4, Dorm Comn Women ' s Auxiliary 4, English Club ; 1,2,3,4 3,4, Unn Cai ity C Young :hoir 3, N C T E 4 MARGORIE DALLAS GARLAND Deci itur. Ga B A English W S F W 2.4, English Club 2.3,4 JANET REYNOLDS GARNER Liberty B S H E Interior Design RA 1,2, Cabinet Member 2, A H E A 2,3, Dor m R epres tentative 2,3. N S 1 D 3,4, Board Member .AID JUDITH M GARY Conover B A English CHERYL HICKS GASKILL But alo.NY B A Latin Dolphin Seal 1,2,3,4. Treasurer 2, Fri eshmi an C :ab,r ,et 1, Service Council 3,4, Ju DIANNE ROGERS GAY B S Secretarial Administration Sophomore and Junior Scholor, Dorm Tn lative 3, Gamma Alpha 2.3.4, Dorm Commi SUSAN FRANCES GAYLORD VIRGINIA ANN GEHRMANN B A Elementary Education S N E A 3,4, ACE 3,4, Nev 1.2, Section Leader 2 -W 1 ( fSf (S SUSAN NEYLE GELZER B A Psychology .ip 2. Dorm Eli GEAN HAYES GENTRY Le Circle Francais I , English Club 3.4, Dorm Committee 2 CHERRY ANNE GEORGE Fayellevill B A History S N E A. 1.2,3,4, Y D C 1. Intramural Sports 3, History Club 3, ' International Studies 3,4. Spanish Club 1 GRISELLE COOPER GHOLSON onde B A Psychology Freshman Cabinet 1, Elections Board 3,4, Chairman 4, Hall Board 3,4, Junior Show 3, Parent ' s Day 2, Executive Cabinet 4, Daisy Cham 2 Legislature 2,3, Student Curriculum Committee 4, GUTS Culture Committee Chairman 4, Student Development Council 4,5, Investigator-Women ' s Court 5, Student Sub-committee Seventy- fifth Anniversary 5, Freshman Orientation 5, Campus Hostess 4,5, Outstanding Senior 4. Handbook Evaluation Committee 4, Adver- tising and Business Manager 4,5 KATHRYN GILLIAM Vin ton Salem Legislature 2,3.4, Carolinian 4, Gold n Chain 4 SSL 4 PATRICIA ANN GILL1S Clyde MARY TIMEWELL GOLDEN a, Ga B A English Freshman Cabinet 1, Legislatu Rules Committee 2. WSFW House President 3. Section Lea 2, J der 4 . C onstitu jnior Assi Class Cor r By-Laws and 3, Assistan sioner 4 IRMA JEAN GOODWIN Edenton B A English Legislature 2, Honor Program arine Smith Reynolds Scholar Nevus Editor 3, N S A 4, Guts 1,2,3 1,2.3 4 4, Honor Roll 4, Carolinian 1,2,3,4, ,4, As Kath- MARY ANN GOODWYN Da las. Texas B A Psychology Class Commission 1,2, Class P mural Sports 3 reside nt 3. Junic r Sh ow 3,4 Intra 4C0UELINE SUE GORDON PATRICIA ANNE GOWER JANE HUDSON GRAGG B S Merchandising CATHERINE ANN GRAHAM Wmston-Salei B A Speech Therapy University Speech and Hearing Club 3,4, Junior Show 3, Don Committees 1,2,3.4, Parents Day 2. Ring Dance 3 JULIE ANN GRAHAM Rosebor B S Home Economics Dorm Committee 1,2, Sociology Club 2,SGA 4, AHEA 1,2, Stella Anderson Award 2, Westminister Fellowship 1 VIRGINIA GRAHAM Wilmmqto CELIA ANNETTE GRASTY 8 M Muspc-Organ Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, A G O 4, Pre! versity Choir 2,3,4, Librarian 3,4, Honor Roll 1,2,3, ' ANNA RAE HODGIN GRAY T S A 1,2,3,4, Repri JUDY ALEATHA GRAY 3. S N E A 2.3.4, AHEA 2.3. ' B S H E Child Development AC E 3.4. Vice-President 4, UNC-G Dance Company 3.4. AHEA 4. Inter-Varsity 1 . Hallboard 3 LOLA JEAN GRAY Legislature 2. T S A 1.2,3, ' MARY DAWN GRA Groensbor, BA History Daisy Chain 2. Hall Baord 3. Dorm Elections Committee 3. Junior Assistant 3, S N E A 4, Section Leader 4, Electrons Board Chair- man 4, Women s Court Defense Counselor 4 MARTHA LOUISE GREEN Dunn B A Psychology Interfailh Committee I , Square Circle 1 . Glee Club 1 . B S U 1 .2. Social Committee 2.3. Daisy Cham 2. Junior Assistant 3. Psi Chi 3.4, President 4, Hall Board 3,4, Marshal 3,4. Commissioner 4. Classification of Officers Committee 3.4 MARTHA LYNN GREENE Rutherfordto B A Sociology Gardner Webb 1 2, Sociology Club 3,4 LOIS MARIE GREENWOOD Miami, FIj B S Political Science and International Studies Debate Union 1, Elliott Hall 1, Class Commissioner 1,2, Newma Club 1 , Y R C 1 ,2, Smith College Exchange Student 2, East-We! CenteralTheUniversityof Hawaii 3, Mortar Board 3, C I R U N A ' NINA MAE GREGORY Jonesvill B S Home Economics Education Cabinet 4, AHEA 2,3, ' pift W JACQUELINE RITA GRIFFIN Alam B A Spanish and International Studies Spanish Club 1.2.4, Legislature 1,2, Honor Roll 1,2, Un Madrid3,Clas8Comniissioner2, P R A M 2.4, Ob Council 4 LORNA ELAINE GRIFFIN Chevy Chas e, Md B F A Interior Design Dorm Committee 1 , Honor Roll 3 MARGARET BRENDA GRIFFIN Rocky Mount B A Mathematics Special Events Committee 1, Hall Board 2, Districting Com mittee 2,3, Chairman 3, PIna NMdl« 3,4, Junior Show 3, Square Circle 3.4, SNEA 4, Class Commissioner 4. Sophomore and Junior Scholar. LEMIRA ANN GUFFY No B A Biology Golden Cham 3,4, Vice-President 4, Beta Beta Beta 3,4, Student Development Council 3,4, Women ' s Court 4, Junior House Presi dent 3, Chairman-Junior Assistant Subcommittee of Freshmen Orientation 2, Class Commissioner 2, Chairman Acquaintance Day Committee 2, Elliott Hall 1. Class Project Committee 1, Junior Show 3,4, Daisy Chain 2 VICTORIA LEIGH HAILEY Winston-Salerr B.A English Marshall 3,4, Ad Hoc 3, S N E A 4 , Dor m Committee 4, Elliotte! Hall 2 BRENDA LOUISE HALE Littletor B A Elementary Education SNEA 3,4, A C E 1 3,4 MARY ANNA HALL Winston-Salem B A French YRC 1,2,3. French Club 1,2,3, Westm mister Fellowship 2,3,4 MARGARET EMILY HALLIDAY Hampton, Va B A English Dorm Committee 1, Sophomore and Junior Scholar, Honor Roll 1,2,3. Junior Assistant 3, Pine Neadles 3, Section Leader 3, Hall Board 3,4. Honors Program 2, English Club 4 DAWN ELAINE HAMILTON Charlotte B A Mathematics Square Circle 1,2, Westminister Fello wship 1,2. Dorm Committee 3. S N E A 3,4, Sigma Phi Sigma 4 NANCY CAROLYN HAMILTON Lexington B S H E Clothmq A H E A 1,2,3,4, Dorm Committee 3, Germi in Club 1.3 JUDITH GRAHAM HAMMOND Rocky Mount B A Elementary Education Commissioner 1, French House 3 NANCY ANNA HAMMOND Randleman B A Sociology hman Cabinet 1.YDC 1.NSA 1. Legislature mittee 3, Alpha Kappa Delta 3.4. Secretary-Treasuri iident 4, Honors Program 2. Junior Assistant EILEEN TERESA HAND Greensboro B A Sociology MARY JANE HAND Yorktov vn Heights. N Y B F A Art Social Court 3. Chairman of Wo men s Co urt4 KRISTIN COLTER HARBAUGH Canton. Ohio B F A Interior Design Dolphin Seal 3,4. President 4 PATRICIA ANN HARBUCK Winston-Salem B A Speech Correction Section Leader 2. Junior Ring House President 3, Handbook E Parents Day 2, University Speec Favor! aluatic h and H in Commit tearing As tee 3. Assistant tee. Chairman 3 sociation 4. Sec- retary 4. Marshal 4 JUDY CAROL HARDIN Asheboro B A Chemistry Dorm Committee 1.2. Chemistry Club 2 . Germi an Club 1 , PI™ Neadles 3. Districting Committe e 3. Ls igi slature " KATHRYN SUZANNE HARE Clayton B A History Publicity Committee 1 . Section L eader 3. S N E A 4, History Club 4, Hall Board 4 CATHERINE ESTELLE HARGROVE Wilson B A Sociology Sociology Club 3.4. Treasurer 4. GUT S . Advisory Board 3. Advisor 4 BETH MARIE HARKEY Greensboro B A Sociology Dorm Committee 3.4, Sociology Club 3.4 . Alpha Kappa Delta 3.4. History Club. 3 GRACE LOUISE HARLOW Littlston :AR0L ANN HARRELSON MARY ELIZABETH HARRII B S Institutional Management Spanish Club 1.2. A H E A Oorm Ropresenli Chairman 4. Dorm Committee 1 CECILE ELEANOR HARRIS High Po B A English Hall Board 1 . Hillol 1.2.3. Legislature 2.3. S N E A 2.3.4. Engli Club 4 JUDY ANN HARRIS Leno B A History Dorm Commiltoe 1,2,3, S 1 E A 3.4, Y D C 4 VICKI ELAINE HARRIS Groensbor JOAN LEE HARRISON Greensbcr B.A Mathematics TS A Legislature 1,2. S N E A 3,4 DONNA HOY H ARTZOG B A Soc lOlogy Sociolog ' 1 Club, Dorm Comrr HEATHER ANN HARWOOD Covina, Calif I A Drama ilea Club 1, University Choir 1,2,3,4. Masqueraders 1,2,3,4, Cor- esponding Secretary 3, Undergraduate Assistantship in the UNC-G rheatre 3. Section Leader 2,3, French Club 1 , Honors Program 2, Honor Roll 1,2,3 PATRICIA ANNE HASTY Rocky Mou B A English Pine Naedlas 2, 3, 4, English Club 3,4, Sociology Club 4, S N E , 3,4, Dorm Committee 1.2.3,4 DEE COLEY HAWKS I B A Mathematics Square Circle 3,4, Dorm Committee 1 , T S A 4, N C Re Scholarship 1,2,3,4, Roxie King Scholarship 1,2,3, Ho MARGARET ANNE HAYES Raleigh B A Mathematics Honor Court 3,4, Student Development Council 4, Class Commis- sioner 3, Daisy Cham 2, Ring Committee 2, Junior Show 3,4, Golf Club 2.3.4, Rat Day 2. Acquaintance Day 2. Transfer Assistant 3, SNEA 4. Square Circle 3,4, Westminister Fellowship 1,2,3,4, Intramural Sports 1 ,2 I S Business Education iamma Alpha 3,4, President 4, Marshal 3,4, Committee on Legi: ition 2, Committee on Districting 2. Section Leader 4 fe i r VERDA IDOL HENNIS B S Business Education LYNDA GAYLE HEDGPETH B S Merchandising Gamma Alpha 3,4, Sigma Alpha 3,4, Pa MARY ELIZABETH HENDERSON IRIS LAVERNE HERRIN B A Psychology JUDY NEIL HICKMAN RAE HINTON HICKS B A English BARBARA JEAN HILL A H E A 2,3, Do CAROLYN DIANNE I JANET ELIZABETH B A Biology W ,r oner 2. Pina Needles JANICE ANN HINCHLIFFE ,2, Section Leader 3, Ring Con 3 Pine Needles IndeH Editor 3, ANITA SUSAN HIRSCI- A H E A 3,4 MARTHA CHADWICK HOBGOOD B A Mathematics Legislature 1 .2.3,4, Chairman Constitution an 4, State Student Legislature 4, Carolinian 4, Leaders. Daisy Cham 2. S N E A 2,3,4, Squa 1 , Junior Assistant 3, Dorm Treasurer 4 MARIE ALTA HOBSON B F A Art Education SNEA 3,4,NAEA 3,4, Chairman CASSANDRA DELORES HODGES B A Elementary Education RA 1.3.4. Treasurer 4, Weslmmisle resentative 2, Entertainment Commit SNEA 3,4 PATRICIA ANNE HOLDER B F A Commercial Art Coraddl 1 , Intramural Sports 2, Ch Show 3 PIna Needlae 4 i»« f MARY ANN HOLLEMAN R aleig B S Foods and Nut rition A H E A 3.4, Class i Commis! noner " EDWINA ELAINE h lOLLEY G sbor B A Political Scieni ce ROT HA MARILYN HOLT Nev , Bet B A History Don Ti Committee 1 . Y D C 1 , Sect ion Leader 1 , Daisy Ch Juni or Assistant 3. Junior Rin ig Dane ;e 3 , Jur nor Show 3, Co- Chai man Commencement Speakei ■ Comr nitt )e 4 . CI, ass Com imisi «, H istory Club 4, S G A Heal th Liai son Cor nmi Ilea 4 SANDRA JANE HONBARRIER MARY BOYD HOOPER B A English Service League 4, English Club 4, S N E A 4 JUDY CATHERINE HORD NANCY JANE HORSLE Y Belmc B A Elementary Educat Junior Assistant 3. Pr. 1,2,3. Pine Needles 2,3, H-School Junior Cl Confer, lass Edi tor 3 3, Do. ACE m Commitl 4, S N E A SUSAN MICH ELE HOU RIGAN lartsdale, N B F A Adverti Modern Dance tography Editi sing 1 Club 1,2,3, Jacke 1 Co im. iittee 1 Pine Needles Pt EVELYN GAIL . HOWEL Smithfit B S Merchanc Spanish Club lising 3, Gamm a Alpha 3,4 ELIZABETH ANN HOWER GLENDEL KAY HUNEYCUTT Myrtle Beach. S C NSA Representative 1 , Dorm Committee 1 , A H E A 1,2,3, N S I D 4, A I D 4, Pine Naadles 2. Cerollnlan 3, Junior Assistant 3, Class Committee 2, Marshal 3.4 CAROL HENDERSON HUNT B S H E Interior Design SHELAGH MARGARET HUNTLEY Boxford, Mass B A Drama-Speech MARY ELIZABETH HURDLE HerHord B A English CarollniBn Feature Staff 2, News Editor 3. 4-H Club 1.2,3.4, Sec- retary 2, President 3,4, English Club 2,4, S N E,A 3,4 ANNE GARFIELD HURST Durham B A Psvchology University Band t. Honor Roll 2, Commissioner 2, Legislature 2, Judicial Committee 2, Daisy Chain 2, House President 3, S G A Vice-President 4, Student Participation Guldo Editor 4, Student- Faculty Revievying Committee 4, Chancellors Cabinet 4, E«ecutiye Cabinet 4, Student-Faculty Visiting Speaker Committee 4. N S A, National Student Power Conference 4 ADAI CHRIS ISLEY Burlington B M Voice University Choir and Chorale Vice-President 3, Social Chairman 2, Mu Phi Epsilon Chaplain 3, Honor Roll 1,2,3, University Opera Theater 1.2,3, Dorm Committee Chairman 2, Wesley Foundation 1,2, Dorm Representative 2, Junior Assistant 3 JANET JENKINS Swarthmore, Penn B A Elementary Education Golf Club 1 , Y R C 1 , Junior Assistant 3, Hall Board 3,4, S N E A 3,4, ACE 3,4, Junior Show 3,4, Honor Roll 3, Marshal 3,4 MARTHA GLYNN JENKINS New Bern fl fl GARY MARGARETE JEWETT Falls Church. Va 4, Y C C 3,4, Pri B A History Phi Alpha Theta 3,4, Secretary-T Board 3.4, Junior Show Publicity 3, Parents Day 2, Scrapbook Committee Chairman 3 EMMA PATRICIA JOHNSON B A Sociology Sociology Club 2,3,4, S N E A 3, ' JUDITH SELF JOHNSON B S Home Economics Education A H E A 1.2,3,4, Omicron Nu 3.4 O PATTY CAROLE JOHNSON Clinton B S Business Education ANNIE LAURA JONES Linwood , B S Business Education 1 K Gamma Alpha 3.4, Co-Editor i Assistant 3 f Spotlight 4, S N E A 3,4. Junio- BETTY ANN JONES Charlolte B A Biology f CYNTH B A Fr( HAMRICK JONES : Developmenl Co , 3 ELIZABETH LEIGH JONES ATHERINE RENA JONES Honors Program 1 .2.3.4, Cercle Frani-.iis 1 ,2.3.4. Maison Franciiisu 3,4; Junior Assistant 3. Section Leader 3.4, German Club 4, Rey- nolds Scholar 1,2,3,4, GUTS 3. LInslilut d Etudes Francaises d ' Avignon 3 LUCREATIA ANN JONES Raleigh SUSAN DIANE JONES Burlington B A Mathematics Square Circle 4 VIVIAN GRAY JONES Chocowinity B S Business Education ELIZABETH ANNE JOYCE JANE LYNN JOYCE B A Engh , S N E A 3, English Club 4, Carolinian 3, Don BECKY JO JOYNER Pine Needles Typing Editor 3,4, Square Circle. 1 ,2.3,4, President 4, S N E A 3,4, Parliamentarian 4, Dorm Comn Section Leader 3 ' IRGINIA HELENA A Sociology Mobile, Ala Theatre of UNC-G 1, Hillel 1,2, Sociology Club 3,4, Sec .j; BARBARA JEAN KAMERER Slrartord College 1,2, Dorm Co LICE VICTORIA KAVALASKIA Butler, Penn Pensacola. Fla MILDRED OURAND KEEL B A Elemenlary Educatior SNEA 3, ACE 4 Dorm Co EMILY CHARLENE KEELING FRANCES SUE KESLER ■ Roll 1 . Junior Assistant 3, Phi Alptia KATHLEEN EVELYN KILIAN Berkelev Heig B A English University Choir 2,3, English Club 3, Hall Board 3, Ell Council 4, Legislsturel, S N E A-4, Daisy Cham 2 BEVERLY KELLER KING MARGARET JOYCE KING PAMELA DARE KIRBY DOROTHY JANE KNIGHT Charlol B A English Freshman Cabinet 1 , Court of Social Regulations 2,3, S N E A 3 English Club 3.4, Student Deyelopment Council 3,4, Exccuti Cabinet 4. Chairman of Honor Court 4 GEORGIA LYNN KNIGHT t B S H E Child Development Hall Board I , Elliott Hall Council I , A H E A 3,4, A C E Court 3 Women ' s Court 4 Marshal 4 VIRGINIA BLAIR KNIGHT B A Eler nentary Educ ation Seni or H. ouse Pri It, Ass Juni or Show 3 Dorm Comrr CHE HYL AMILE KOEI VJIG B A Hisl :ory ESTI HER SHERY L KOSLOW B A Dra ma Fres ihmi in Cabi net 1 , Sect guer ader s 3,4 CAROLYN ELIZABETH KUKEL B A Elementary Education S N E A 2,3,4, ACE 3,4 MARY JO LAMAR B A Elmentary Edocalion High Point Hall Board 1 , University Orchestra 3,4, Leader 4 S N E A 3.4, Section CATHERINE ANN LAMBETH B A Sociology Junior Assistant 3, Sociology Club 4 Lexington DORIS JEAN LAND B A Mathematics Assistant House President 4, Elections C U Council 3.4, Square Circle 3 : Boar JANICE KAY LANEY B A English S S U 1,2,3,4, Interfaith Council 4, Cla Dorm Committee 3, G U T S 4, Glee Cli ss Pre Jb 3,4 LINDA LEE LARKIN Dorm Committee 4, Elliott Hall Counc Sports 1 il 2, A PRISCILLA ANN LASSEN Sanford B A English Section Leader 1 . Legislature 2.4. Class Scrap Book Committee 2, S N E A Dorm Representative 1; Debate Club 1. Dorm Council A. MARGARET ANNE LAW A B S S A Merchandising Y R C 1,2,3, President 2, Treasurer 3, Gammj 1 Alpha 3 MARY JEAN LAWING Balti B S Secretarial Administration St Marys Junior College 1,2, Dorm Con Tmittee 4 Alpha 3,4 0 BARBARA JO I .AWTON e A Elementary Board 4 , Educa i,c u Represent BARBARA EMERSON LEE B A Sociology EUGENIA JAN B A Biology Pine Needles In LEE dex Co- Editor 4, 1 Russian Club 2, German Club 3,4. 1 Club 1 . Co-Chairman Dorm Scrapbook 1 , nt Committee 1 ,2, Secretary 2, Parents Day ry Association 1 , Cutler Lab 3. Junior Ring MARY STEEDLY LEE B S Secretarial Adm.n.strat.on SUSAN SAFRIS LEE B A English VICKIE DANIELLE LEEBRICK JANE ELIZABETH LEONARD JUDITH LOVE LEONARD GEORGIANNA LESTER B A Elementary Education Carolinian; Circulation Manager 2,3 5 h RHEA ZIPPORAH LEVINSON Portsmouth, Va B A Speech Therapv Hall Board 3,4, Seclion Leader 3, Legislature 2, Hillel 2,3,4, Uni- versity Speech and Hearing Association 3,4 KATHLEEN ODELL LEVY Colonial Heights, Va B F A Art Education Section Leader 1 , Dolphin-Seal 1,2, Legislature 2, Dorm Committee 2, Junior House President 3, Junior Show 3,4, Junior Class Beauty 3, Senior Class President 4, Executive Cabinet 4, Development Council 4, 75th Anniversary Committee 4, SNEA 4 DAWN DONAHUE LITTLE B A Biology Chemistry Club 1,2, SNEA 1,2,3,4, Dorm Co Beta 3,4, Junior Assistant 3: Junior Show Cor 3, Section Leader 3 SANDRA CAROL LITTLE B A Mathematics Katherine Smith Reynolds M Roll 1.2,3.4, Honors Program Club 1. Sguare Circle 4 MARY LU LLOYD B A Mathematics CHRISTINA LAVINIA LONG Cha 1 F A Art Education lliott Hall Representative 1.2, Preorientation Committee Chan nan 2, Publicity Chairman 1,2, Social Chairman 3, Member-at arqe 4, First semester, Elliott Hall Ball Chairman 3, St Mary s ' estry 1 ,2,3,4 , Jacket Day 2, Student Development Committee 3,4, iection Leader 4, International and Foreign Affairs Committee 4 CAROLYN PAGE LOONEY Rocky Mount BA Honor Roll 1, ElliutI Hall Special Events Committee 1. Dorm Com- mittees, University Band 1, Class Scrapbook Chairman 2. Sophomore Scholar 2. Canterbury Club 1 .2.3.4, Committee on Dis- tricting 3. Chairman 4. Pine Naedlas 3. Class Commissioner 3 Honors Program 3 Class Publicity Chairman 4, Junior Scholar 3, English Club 3,4, Junior Show 3,4 M REBECCA LOVE B A Elementary Education MARGARET LONGHI LOWDER Cha HOPE KNIGHT LUCAS Greensbo B A Biology Glee Club 1.2,3,4, Medical Technology Club 1,2.3,4, Social Cha man 4, Junior Assistant 3, Dorm Committees 1.3 REBECCA CAHLENE LYNN B A Elementary Education Spanish Club 2, ACEI 3.4. SNEA . CAROL ANN LYSKO B A English LARRY LEROY McADOO I A Economics and Business Administration lonor Court 3.4. Men ' s Court 2.3. Legislature 3. Political Ec wing Committee 4. TSA Ex Club 3.4, SSL LORETTA GAIL McBRIDE GWENDOLYN FERNE McCAIN B A Sociology English Club 1,2,3, Sociology Club 3.4, Section Leader, Dorm Con mittee 1 ,2,3, Senior Class Committee 4, Junior Show 3 ELEANOR ELIZABETH McCALLUN Rowland B A Elementary Education Junior Assistant 3, Junior Show 3, Westminister Fellowship Coun- cil, House Chairman 2, Vice Moderator 3, Moderator 4 Inter-Faith Council 4 MINNIE IRETTA McCANLESS Greensboro B A Elementary Education NANCY ELLEN McCASKILL Pmebluf B S H E Clothing Section Leader 1 , Housekeeping Committee 1 , Wesley Foundation 1,2, Food Chairman 2, AHEA 1,2.3.4. Senior Coordinator 4, Dorn Social Chairman 3.4 JOAN MARIE McCLURE K.ngs Mountain B M Music Education Mu Phi Epsilon 2, Treasurer 3, Recording Secretary 4 NCMEC Student Chapter Vice-President 3.4, University Band Vice-Presidents. University Symphony Orchestra 1,2,3.4, Curric- ulum Committee 3, Junior Show, co-composer of music 3 Orches- tra for University Opera 2,3,4, North Carolina Intercollegiate Band 4 PATRICIA MAE McCOLLUM Ro uge monl B A History BSU 3. Dorm Comm ittee4,Hi story Club 4 DOROTHY PORTER McCOY Raleigh B S H E Home Econ omics Glee Club 1 ,2 MARION VIRGINIA McDOWE LL V, alley Lee Md B A History Inter-varsity Christiai 4, Canterbury Club 1 faith Council 3, Vi Club 3 , President 4. n Fellowship 1,2, Vice ,2 YRC 1,2,3,4, Class ce-Pres,dent 4, Junioi Phi Alph TheJa 3, Vi( -Pres Comn r Ass :e-Pre mss ,1 3, Pres loncr 3. nt 3, H, .idem SUSAN ELLA McGA .LLIARD Va Idese B A English English Club 3,4 PANSY YVONNE M cGEE Co novel B A Spanish Spanish Club 1,2,3, President 4. SNEA 4. 1,2,3. Sophomore and Junior Scholar. Di legislature 3. Dorm Election Board Chairma LSA H stncting Com n 3, Honors Pi ■ogr r Rol MARGARET ANN McGINTY At! lant a. Ga B A Psychology ■ 1 , Junio r Show 3,4, Inves tiga itor f or 1 Mono Court 4, Dorm Soci al Chairm .an 4 ELSA EYSENBACH McKEITH AN Winsi :on- Salen ENT DOUGLAS McKEITHAN P| KATHERINE TIHART McLEAN Wi B A Elementary Education ACE 4 PATRICIA FLAX McLOUD B A English Honors Program 1 JANE ANN M( MILLAN B S S A Business Education Class Proiects Committee 1.2, YDC 2. Gamma Alpha Chairman 4. Commissioner 3, Sister Class Commitl. Show 3. Recording Secretary of Honor Court 4. Dorm 1 2 3, Intramurals 1 , Traffic Committee 4, Junior Assii Dance Committee 3, Scrapbook Committee 1 JOAN EVELYN McNAIRY Greensboro B A Sociology State Student Legislature ComrT iittee, 2, S N E A , 3. NSA. 4 FRANCES ANNE M WHIRTER Wilmington B A Recreation MARJORIE ELLEN MADISON Greensboro SHARON MARY MAGNANT Swannanoa 8 A Sociology GWENDOLYN EVA MALMQUIST Signal. Tenn B S Physical Education Modern Dance Company, 1,2.3.4, Jur nor Ass. stant. 3, SNEA, 3 GERALDINE MAY MARCUS Baltimore, Md B A English Corsddi, 1.2, Hillel. 1.2. Secretary. 2 W MARILYN RAY MARKS , Class Newspaper I , Invi PAMELA LYNN MARS B A Spanish and Intern, Class Treasurer, 1 Finar Stud Silver Spring, Md rer, 1, Finance Board, 1,2.3, Chairman. 4. Orientation Committee. 1.2.3. Hillel, Spanish Club. Class Pro- jects Committee. 1.2. Honor Roll. 1.2,3.4. Commission 1.4. SGA Treasurer. 2. Executn e Cabinet. 2. Rat Day. 2, Parents ' Day 2, Daisy Chain. 2. Honors Program. 2. CCUN. 2.3. PRAM. 2.3.4, Sophomore. Junior Scholar. Junior House President 3 Junior Show. 3. Educational Symposium Committee. 3. Curriculum Co- ordinating Committee. 3. Chairman University Symposium. 4 Research and Review Committee. 4. Development Council. 4 ELIZABETH ANNE MARTIN Orlando. Fl PENNY GAIL MARTIN Hickorj B A English KATHRYN ANDREA MARVIN Gastonia B A Psychology Dorm Social Committee, 1 , YDC 1 , Social Committee tor Elliott Hall 2. Junior Class Show 3. Senior Class Commissioner 4 FRANCES NAN MASON B A Sociology High Point College 1.2. Sociology Club 4. TSA 3,4 SHEILA ANN MAXWEL ,rg, Pa B A Hislorv and International Studies PliH. NMdlas 2. Academics Editor 3. Class Editor 4. Phi Alpha Thela 3,4. Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum Comm 3.4, Student Development Council 3.4. GUTS 1.3. Legislature 4; Class Com- missioner 4. Historv Club 2.4. Daisy Chain 2, Junior Assistant 3, Junior Show 3, Theatre of UNC-G 1.2. YRC 1.2, Honor Roll 2, El- liott Hall Entertainment Committee 1.2 PATSY ELIZABETH MEACHAM Ellerbe B A English Rat Day Comm 2. Junior Show 3. Coraddi 4, Junior Ring Dance Comm 3. English Club 3.4 SALLY LANE MEACHAM Charlotte B A Elementary Education Hall Board 3. SNEA 3.4, Service League 2. Elliott Hall Representa- tive 3, Daisy Cham 2. Junior Assistant 3. Dorm Housekeeping Comm 4. PIna Neadlaa 3.4 DANA CHRISTINE MEIGGS GEORGIA ANN MELVILLE ,ip 1.3.4-vicepres : JLIE ANN MEMORY EVELYN ETHEL MEREDITH B A Mathematics SHARON DIANE MILCHIN B A Speech Con I Day Comm 2, Sophomore Class Beauty, Class Commissioner 3,4. Food Liason Comm 3, Senior Marshal, University Speech and Hearing Association-secretary 3, President 4 BONNIE ANITA MILLER Clemmons • t : B A History Spanish Club 1,2, YDC 1,2, L 3.4, Senior House President FRANCES D MILLER B F A An LINDA ANN MILLER B A Mathematics Naadlaa 2 MARILYN MINCEY B S Physical Educatiiin Montross, Va President 4, Pin y P - y 4. CARROLL lALEEN MODE Franklirton B S Home Economics Education AHEA 1 , Honors Banquet Chairman 2, 4-H 1 ,2,3, SNEA 3. AVA 3, Dorm Committees I ,2. Honor Roll 2, William Whatley Pierson Scholarship 2, Delegate to National 4-H Conference Washington, D C 1 RACHEL ANNE MOON ALICE RAYE MOORE ant 3, Square Circle 3.4, SNEA 4 B A French TSA 2, French House 3.4, Section Leader 1,3, Freshman Frolic Junior Show 3, Honor Roll 3, Legislature 2, Dorm Committee SANDRA BAKER MOORE Greensboro B F A Advertising Pine Needles 4 . Freshman Cabinet I . Junior Ring Dance Committee 3. Corsddi 1 , Hall Board 1,2, Masqueraders 2,3, Art Club I , UNC-G Dance Company 2,3 ANN GILLIAM MOTLEY B A Sociology Sociology Club 3,4, Dorm Con ISA GERRIT WUILENBURG I 3, Pine Needles 4 Do ATHA ELAINE MULLIS B S H E Child Developm AHEA 2 3 Spanish Club League 3, ACE 4, Marsh, BARBARA ANN MULLIS B A Sociology MARY REBECCA MURRA B S H E Interior Design NSID Secretary 3, Preside dent 4, AHEA 3.4, Dorm Chief 4, Honor Roll 3 PATRICIA HOPE MURRAY Greensboro B M Mus.c Educatron University Band 1,2,3.4, University Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Mu Phi Ep- silon 2,3.4, Greensboro Symphony 1,2,3,4. NCMEC Student Chapter 3.4, Orchestra for University Opera 1,2,3,4, Junior Show Chairman 3, North Carolina Intercollegiate Band 1 SADIE KATHERINE MYERS Candor B S H E Interior Design AHEA 2,3,4, CU Council 2. Leader 3 NSID 3.4. Dor MARY ALEXIS NAPIER B A English Hall Board 3.4, Sistant3, Engli! 3, Junior Show Honor Roll ih Club 3.4, 3 2.3, Class Dorm Coi Con BRENDA GALE NEIGHBOl JRS BA English Section Leader 3. English Club 3,4 KATHLEEN MOORE NESB ITT B S H E Interio NSID4, Marsha gram 1. GUTS r Design 1 4, AHEA 3 1 , Dorm Co ,4, Elliott Hall ANITA LOUISE NESTER V B A Sociology Dorm Commitlees 1,2,3, Junior Show 3, Parents Weekend 2, So- ciology Club 3, Vice President 4, Section Leader 1, Junior Ring DANA ELAINE NEWMAN Oak Ridge B F A Textile Design Hall Board I,2, Dorm Committee Chairman 2,3, Class Commis- sioner 3,4, Assistant House President 4, Myrtle Spaugh Reeves Art Scholarship 3.4, Honor Roll 2,3, Acquaintance Day Co-Chair- man 2, Ring Dance Committee 3 JUDY PAULETTE NEWTON Wmston-Salem B A Biology LAURA JOYCE NIM B S H E Interior Design PAMEl A KAV ■ NOAH BAM atl lema itics Square C ircle 1.4 LINDA JANE NUl .SEN BARNIE ROSE NUSSBAUM Br, S C B A English Glee Club I . Interfailh Council 1 ,2, Hillell 1 ,2,3,4, Class Scrapbook Committee 2. Junior Assistant 3. Junior Show 3.4. English Club 3.4. Treasurer 3. Secretary 4. Class Treasurer 4. SNEA 4, NCTE Me .2.3 BETTY LOU O ' BRIEN B A Squa SARAH FRANCES ODOM B A Speech Correction Secretary Junior Class 3, Senior Marshal 4, SNEA 4, ACE I , Class Commissioner 4. Westminister Fellowship 1.2.3,4, Election Board 4, University Speech and Hearing Association 3,4, Officer 3, Dorm Committee I, Honor Roll 3, Hall Board 4, Intramurals 1, CCUN 3 AREN LEE OFFNER B S S A B Hall Board 1,2,3, Ho Chairman 2, Food Li Alpha 3,4 Edu Haddonfield, N . hott Hall Social Com- irman 2, Parents Day an 3, TSA 4, Gamma INOA LAMBETH ORR BARBARA SUE OWENS B S S A Business Education Dorm Committee 1 , Honor Roll 1 ,2,3, Daisy Chair 2, Gar 3,4, Sigma Alpha 3,4, Golf Club 3, NBEA 3,4, SNEA 4 SHERILL L OWENS Dallas, Penn REBECCA JUNE PACKER Clinton B A Elementary Education SNEA 2,3, ACEI 4, Junior Show Ca! St 3,4, Hall Board 3, Junior Assistant 3 MARGARET ALLMONO PADGETT Oak Ridge B S S A Business Education PRISCILLA CHARLENE PADGETT Kings Mountain B A Chemistry Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee 1,2, Caduceus Club 1,2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Dorm Commit tee 2,4, Junior Assistant 3; Hall Board 4, Student Legislature 1 JANE THOMPSON PAIT B A English MARGARET ANN PALMER CHRISTINE PAPPAMIHIEL B S H E Interior Design UNC-G 1,2, Elliott Hall Repri EDITH LINDSAY PARK B A Sociology Sociologv Club 3.4. Jun.or Sh millees 1,2.3.4 MARY HOPE PARKER B A French Dorm Committees 1.2,3, Cha.rmi 1.2. Hall Board 1,3 LORAINE MARIE PARRISH B S Home Economics Education Spanish Club 1. AHEA 1.2.3,4, Vice President 3. Publicity Chair 3.4. GUTS 3. Dorm Co 3. French Club Assistant 3. SNEA 1.2. 3. MARILYN MARKHAM PATE Durha B A French Womens Court 4. SNEA 3.4 EMILY CLAUDIA PATTERSON Bryson Ci B S H 5. Foods and Nutrition Dorm Committees 1 .4. AHEA 1 .2.3,4. Section Leader 4. Inti murals 1. Chemistry Club 1.2 NSF Undergraduate Fellowship Honor Roll 2 PATRICIA ANN PATTERSON Mount Air B A Elementary Education SNEA 2.4. ACE 4. Dorm Section Leader 2.3.4. Class Project Con mittee 2. NSA Dorm Representative 1 MARY CAROLINE PATTON Goldsboro B A History Debating Union 1. Junior Assistant 3. Phi Alpha Theta 3.4. Hall Board 3. Womens Court. Investigator 4 JANE ELLEN PAYNE Winston-Salem B A Elementary Education Westminister Fellowship Dorm Representative 1. Glee Club 1.2. SNEA 3,4. Ring Dance Committee 3 FRIEDA DELL PEATROSS UNC-G Dance Company. Cbraddl; Junior Ring Dance Con GWYN LYNETTE PEL PENNY ANN PENDERGRASE NANCIE J PENDLEY B A Latin Towns Student Association 1,2.3.4 T E- ? BETTY LOU PETERSON INDA ANNE PETREE GLORIA JEAN PETTUS B A English JENNIFER ANN PHARR Show 3.4, Enghsh Club 3.4 LYNN SHEARIN PHILLIPS Representative I. YDC 1, German Club 1.2.3. English Club President 3. President 4 Junior Assistant 3 Katharine SmitI olds Scholarship Honors Program Hono NANCY ELAINE PHILLIPS Henderson B A Mathematics Square Circle 1.2.3,4. Dorm Con- mittees ,3. Golf Club 1.2.4. Elec tions Board Class Representativ e 3. Wor nens- Court 4. SNEA 3.4 HAROLD PHIPPS Winston-Salem B A English DIANE PATRICIA PIGOTT Washington. D C B F A Interior Design Pine Nasdies RAYE MARIE PIT1 MAN Ro ky Mount B A French Service League Representative 2. French House 3 Frenc Club 3.4 PEGGY ELAINE PLEMMONS Marshall B A English English Club 3.4 ANDREA JEAN PLUMMER Charlotte B A English Honors Program 1 , Honor Roll 3. YDC 1 . Dorm Co mmitte es 1,2,3.4. Section Leader 1 . Hall Board 4. German Club 2.3. SNEA 4. English Club 4. Legislature 1.2.3 BARBARA JEANNE POLK B A Elementary Education Le Cercle Franca. s 1.2. ACE 3.4. SNEA TSA 1,2.3,4 MARGARET CHRISTINE POSEY Greensboro B A Mathematics Square Circle Daisy Cham 2, Junior Assistant 3. Senior PENELOPE JEAN PRATT B A Mathematics Nursing Program 1.2. AAS 2, Hall Board ■ ft. " ! MARGARET ANN PREVETTE Slatesville B A History Sociology Club 3.4. History Club 4, YDC 4. SNEA 4 MARSHA LYNN PREVOST Goldsboro B A Elementary Education Canal Zone College 1, Hall Board 1,2, Legislature 2,3.4. Chairman of Committee on Lighting 3. SSL Interviewing Board 4. Section Leader 4. Committee on Legislation 4 FREDIA JANE PRICE Caroleen RITA JANE PRICE B A English 1.3, Ring Committee i ellowship Council 3, ' Senior Hous Sister Class Chairman 2, Westminister Fe English Club 3,4, Student Development Cou President 4, Service League 2, Dorm Social CARLEEN JANE PRINGLE KATHHYN IMOGENE PRITCHARD Hickory B A Sociology Class Commissioner 1,2,3,4, Rat Day 2, Daisy Cham 2, Class Newspaper 2, Sociology Club 3,4, Golden Cham 4, SGA Skit Co- Author, Junior Dance Group 3, Ring Dance Chairman 3, SGA Cheerleader 4, Executive Cabinet 4, Dorm Committees 3, Sister Class Committee 3, Junior Show Co-Aulhor, Director 3,4, Parents Weekend 2, Intramurals 1, 751h Anniversary Sludenl Sub-Com- mittee 4, University Cheerleaders Co-Chairman 4 LYDIA ANN PRITCHETT B S H E Clothing AHEA 1,2,3,4, 4-H 1,2,3,4, Senior Ma 3,4, Junior Assistant 3 RICHARD ALBERT PROSEUS PHYLLIS ELAINE PUSEY B A Mathematics 1 i. ' »- t I 3, Square Circle 3,4, Dorm Treasuri IRMA JEAN RANDAL B S H E Clolhing CU Council 4. AHEA 4, Transfer AssiBta nt4 DALE HANSARD RANEY Vale BA History SNEA 2,3,4, Junior Assistant 3, Sect ion Leader 3,4, History Club 3,4 ANN MARRILL RAWDING Asheville B,S Home Economics Education Hall Board 1 , Newman Club 1 ,2,3,4, P resident 3, AHEA 1 ,2,3, SNEA 4 NAN HURLEY RAY Fayetteville B A Speech Correction SNEA 2, University Speech and Hearing Association 3,4 SYBIL JOHNETTA RAY Durham B A English Debating Union 1, Freshman Newspape ir 1 , English Club 2,3,4, Junior Class Show 3, Section Leader 4, Black Power Forum Co- ordinating Committee 4 JANE EVELYN REDDEN Salisbury B A Art ElhotI Hall Council 1,2,3,4, Publici ly Chairman 4, Junior Assistant 3 NANCY LOUISE REED PfaHtown B S Home Economics AHEA 3,4, Intramurals 1,2 JANET REBECCA REEDER Kannapolis B A Drama-Speech PATRICIA KAYE REGISTER Dunn Campbell College 1,2, AHEA 3,4 % KEMMA AMELIA REID Plymouth Ik B FA Art Education ■ Spanish Club 1 , Dorm Committees 2,3, University Glee Club 1 1,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Section Leader 3, NAEA 3,4 FLORENCE LELIA REINHART Virginia Beach, Va JANICE MARIE RENN " Henderson B A English Dorm Committees 1,2, Spanish Club 1, Pine Needles 2,3, Honor Roll 3, SNEA 4, English Club 4, WFFW 3,4 ALICE REBECCA RHYNE Gastoni B A English Lutheran Students 1 , YDC 1 , Glee Club 1 , Junior Assistant 3, A; sistant House President 3, Marshal 3,4, English Club 3, SNEA 3, ' LINDA DEAN RHYNE Dall B A Psychology Section Leader 1, Hall Board 1, Dorm Cominitlee 1, Honor Court 2, Psi Chi 2,3. Vice President 4, Honors Program 1,2,3, Honor Roll 1.2.3, National Institute of Mental Health Undergraduate Stipend 4, Judicial Committee 3 NELDA ELAINE RICH B S H E Child Develop " ■ ii KATHRYN SUE RITCHIE Raleigh B A Spanish and International Studies Spanish Club 2,3,4, PRAM 3, Golden Cham 3,4, Phi Beta Kappa 3,4. Wesley Foundation 2.3.4. Treasurer 2. GUTS 2.3,4, Director 4. Junior Assistant 3, Orientation Committee 2, 4-H Club 1.2.3. Honors Program 1.2,3.4. Reynolds Scholar 2.3.4 JOANNE ROACH B A History Harriet Elliott Social Science F( 1,2, PRAM 3,4, SNEA 4 JONATHA LOUISE ROBERTS B S H E Clothing Burhngt. I 3,4, Spanish Club frr MARY JANE ROBERTSON LINDA JOYCE ROBINSON B S H E Home Economics E CATHERINE SUE ROGERS B A Spanish Club 1.2. University Choir 1.2,3 BARBARA ANNE ROGERS High Point B A English HiQh Point College 1,2, Section Leader 4. Dorm Social Committee 4 JOALYN ELAINE ROOP Kinston B A Economics and Business Administration NANCY KAY ROUTH Bonlee B A Psychology Psi Chi 3. Secretary-Treasurer 4. English Club 4, Honor Roll 2.3 A MARGARET ELIZABETH ROYAL B A Elementary Education Daisy Cham, 2. Junior House President. 3, Junior Sho w. 3,4, Cla; Vice-President, 4, Interclass Council, President. 4 REBECCA KAYE RULE Ml Ai B A Speech Correction Debaling Union, 1, Dorm Social Committee. 3. Unive irsity Speec and Hearing Association. 3,4. Vice-President, 4 NANCY BARR RUSSELL Greensbor 8 A Elementary Education ACE Publications Chairman, 4 ELIZABETH MAXWEL B F A Interior Design Dolphin-Seal. 3. NAEA, 3, Carolinian, 3.4. Dorm Decorations Cory MARY ELIZABETH SAWYER PAMELA SAYRE B A Political Science Spanish Club. I. Hillel. 2. Dorm Social Committee. 2.3. Se House President. 4 ri ' INDA L SCALES MARY DIANE SCARBOROUGH BETTY CAROL SCOTT Irown Sun B S H E AHEA. t.2.3.4. Committee Chairman. 2.3. President. 4, Studen Program and Policy Committee., Co-editor of Newa Iron Slone, 4, 4-H Club. Vice-President. 3.0micron Nu. 3.4 Junior Danforth Award. 4. Junior Assistant. 3. Section Leader. 1 .3 BONNIE JEAN SCOTT i S S A Business Samma Alpha. 3. ' Glee Club. 2.3. President, 3, Sen DIANE REBECCA SELL B A Elementarv Educat SUSAN MORRISON SETTLEMYRE B A English Coraddl, 1,2. Managing E Honors Program. Honor ( dard Scholarship, 1,2,3,4, Le Ce panico, 1, SNEA, 2,3, English Cli GUTS, 4, Junior Assistant, 3, F 3,4, Class Paper, 2,4, E Roll, 1,3, YDC. 2, Jetfer; srcle Francais, 1, El Cir, DONNA GREER SETZER Greensbi oro B A Sociology UNC-Chapel Hill, 1 , TSA, 2,3.4. Legisl ato, e, 3,4, Sociology CI ub. 4, BSU. 4 MARGARET EMMA-GRACE SH ANK Upper Montclair, N J B A Speech Correction French Club. 1. Westminister Service and Action, 4, Umversif Fellov , Speec vsh ip, 1 ,2,3,4, Chairm nd Hearing Associati ion 3,4, SNEA, 4 IRIS JUNE SHARPE Reids .lie B S Home Economics Educatio AHEA, 1,2,3,4, SNEA. 1.2,3.4. AVA, 1 ,2,3 1,4 KATHRYN KAY SHEARIN Norfolk, Va B A Chemistry YDC. 1. Square Circle. 1.2.3. Newman Carolinian, 1 . Dorm Social Chairman, 1, Dance Group. 1 . Chemistry Departr CiL 2, lb, 1, Se Legislat [ Currici ction Leadei ure, 1, CRE AL, Chairman, 3. Intramurals. 2 MELANIE H SHELDON Greenst orc B A Elementary Education CATHERINE MELISSA SHELLS ;y Malvern ,Pa B F A Advertising Jacket Committee, 1 , Pin. N, ladles Ar 1 Editor , 3, Student Lifi o JANET RUSHING SHIVE TERESA ANN SHOWFETY EDYTHE JOAN SIEGEL B S H E Clothing BRENDA ALLEN SIGMON Newtc B A Elen Dorm Ho nentary Educ usekeeping Commitl ,ee .4. SNEA. 3,4, ACE, BONNIE GAYLE SIM MONS E Eloi T Collet B A Enq Inter Var sity Christia , SNEA, 3,4 n Fellow English Shi Cli P. ' . UCCF, 4, Dorn 3, ACE, T Repres 3, Dorm Coi LAURA DIANE SITZ G, ads iden, AI B F A Ai rt Education eping Comrr i.ltee, 4. NAEA, 3.4 f fi LINDA LEE SKIDDS B S Secretarial Administration Gamma Alpha 3,4 SANDRA BLADE B S S A Business Education Gamma Alpha 3.4, S N E A 3 AMELIA JANE SMITH B S H E Home Economics Edui BRENDA KAYE SMITH Granite Fall! B S H E Home Economics Education Marshal 4, AHEA 1.2.3,4, Secretary 2, Elliott Hall Ente Committee 1, Junior Assistant 3, Glee Club 1.2, Legi! SNEA 4 JEANETTE MARIE SMITH Graha B M Music Education Westminister Fellowship 1,2.3.4, University Choir 1,2,3,4, Mus Educators National Conference 3,4. Mu Phi Epsilon 3,4 KAREN ELIZABETH SMITH B FA Art History ATHRYNE TAYLOR SMITH PATRICIA ANNE SMITH B A Biology SUSAN FRANCES SMITH Club 3,4, Dolphin-Seal 1.2.3, TERRY DIANE SMITH B A Physics Assistant Senior House President 3, Junic Court 4, Class Commissoner 1,4, Commr TERRY LYNN SMITH Granite Falls B M Voice Coker College 1,2, University Choir 3.4. Librarian 4, University Chorale 3,4, Mu Phi Epsilon 3,4, University Opera Production 3.4, ALICE ANN SMITHEY Lenoir B M Music Education Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3,4. University Choir University Chorale 4, University Orchestra 4 BARBARA CAROLINE SNAVELY Greonsbor Honors Program 1, Honor Roll 1.2,3.4, Elections Board 3, Don Committee I. Alpha Kappa Delta 3.4. President 4. SNEA 4, Rox King Sctiolarship TERESA JANE SPARROW Durl B F A Art Education B S U Publicity Chairman 2. Vice President 3. Fello Aiship Cha man 4. Elliott Hall Representative 3.4. Ball Decorations Chairmi 2. N A E A 4 CHERYL PAULINE SPEED Nashville. Ten --V- TERRY LYNN SPRINKLE B A Engli Publi Carolinian; SlaH 2. Feature Editor 3. Edit Club 2.3, Daisy Chain 2, Banquet Chairman 2, Marshal 3. Junior Assistant 3. 75th Ann Chancellors Cabinet 4 JUDITH ANNE STALLINGS SNEA 3.4. ACE 3. Me lip Chairman 4. UNC-G i shington. D C 3 LINDA LOUISE STANFIELD 8 A Mathematics Sguare Circle 3.4. SNEA 3. B S U gram 2.3. Faculty Science Club A NANCY JEAN STANFORD BARBARA ILENE STANLEY B A Economics Political Economy Club Treasurer 3.4, GoK Club 3.4, Tennis Club 3,4, Fancourt Economics Seminar 3, Dorm Committee Chairman 3 EMILY ELIZABETH STARLING ? %. MARTHA ANN STATON B S Home Economics CAROLYN CONNER STEPHENSON SUSAN AUDREY STERN B A Elementary Education Hillell 1.2,3,4, Treasurer 2, SNEA 2,3,4. Cri Committee 3, ACE 2.3.4. President 4 ,2. Junior Ring LOIS JEAN STEVENSON Greensboro B A History History Club 4, Dorm Socii al Committee 4, Y D C 4, NANCY ROSS STEWART Greensboro B S H E Interior Dosiqn NELLIE BOND STEWART Whitakers B A Englisll Mars Hill College 1.2, Unn ersity Choir 3,4- ELIZABETH NIPSON STINSON Roanoke Rapids B A Psychology YDC 1,YRC 1 , Carolinian 3, German Club 1,2,3, English Club 3, Class Commissioner 4, Westminister Fellowship 2.3,4, Secretary 3, Publicity Chairman 4 BETTIE ROBERTSON STOVALL Greensboro B A English NANCY ANN STUART Fuquay-Varina 1 President 4, WSFW 2,3, ' JUDY KAY STURDIVANT DenI B S H E Child Development Scrapbook Committee 1, Dorm Committee 2, Sophomore CI; Entertainment Committee 2. Sociology Club 3. AHEA 4. H HARRIETTE GAYLE STUTTS Robbi B A English SNEA 3.4. Pina Naadlas 2.4. English Club 3.4, Honor Roll Wesley Foundation 1, Dorm Social Committee 4 SUSAN JEAN STYRON Winston-Salf B A English Dean s List 3. French Club 2. English Club 3,4. SNEA 3 MARY JAMET SULLIV ■AN B A Mathematics R C 3.4. Square Cir cle 4 PATRICIA JEAN SULl .IVAN Annandale. Va PIna Naedlaa 2. German Club 4. Junior Year at the University of Heidelberg 3 BETH ANN SURBER Charleston. West Va B A Mathematics Legislature 2.3. Junior Marshal 3. Junior Assistant 3, Junior Shov, 3. WSFW 2.3. Dolphin-Seal 1 .2. Square Circle 2.3,4 ANN SUTHERLAND B A Econom.cs CAROLYN ANN SWAIM B A Elementary Education RODDY JEAN SWAIM B A Mathematics Dorm Committee 1 ,2.3, Univer Square Circle 3,1, Pina IMxxllas 2,3, Hon Big Stone Gap, ' " f SHARON LUTRICIA SWAIM B A Elementary Education Dance Company 2,3.4, ACE 4, SNEA 4 LINDA LOUISE SWARINGEN BA Elementary Education ' ACE 1.2, Elliott Hall Entertainment Comr dation Secretary 2. President 3. Cti Community 3. SNEA 4. Inter-Faitti Counc SUE MEMORY SWAYNGIN B A Mathematics Square Circle Sec-Treasurer 2. Second Vi 4. Baptist YWA President 3.4, Secretary Chairman 3, Honor Roll 1 ,2,3, Section Lei 2.3.4. SNEA 4 MARY ELLA SWOFFORD PAULA TANNEN BARBARA LEE TANNER Wilson B S H E Clothing Class Proiect Committee 1. Dorm Committee 1. Elliott Hall Pub- licity Committee 2 Junior Assistant 3 Class Commissioner 3 AHEA3,4. Section Leader 3, Committee on Legislation 3, WSFW 2 DONNA KAY TARLTON ANITA ELLEN TAYLOR B M Music Education Mu Phi Epsilon 2, Presi Secretary 3,4 B A Economics and Business A Political Economy Club 3,4. Ga 2.3. Section Leader 2 JO ANN TEMPLE Bi B A Mathematics Section Leader 2. Square Circle 3,4, ANES 2,3,4, Dorm Con 3,4, Jr Assistant 3, Daisy Ctiain 2, Class Commissioner Faitti Council 1. Legislature 3 MARY RUSSEL TEMPLE Raleigh B S Physical Education Class Commissioner 1,2,3. Dorm Social Chairman 1, Rat Day Co- Chairman 2, Junior Assistant 3, Ring Chairman 2, Junior Assistant 3, N A H P E R 1,2,3.4, SNEA 4, Social Concerns Committee 3. R A Cabinet 3 AVERY ELIZABETH TEMPLETON Winchester. Tenn B A History CAROL ANN TENNEY Owings Mills, Md B S Physical Education Varsity Hockey 1,2,3,4, Golf Club 2,3.4, President 4, Honor Roll 2,3, RA Representative 2, Section Leader 1, Assistant House President 2, R A Lifeguard 3, Y R C 1 ,2; SNEA 1 ,4, National Col- legiate Golf Tournament 2 SHARON TERRELL Morehead City B A Sociology Sociology Club 3,4, Alpha Kappa Delta 3,4 MARTHA VICKERS THAXTON Durham W ' Jr ADELINE GARNER THOMAS ANITA LOIS THOMAS Wiike B A Mathematics Wesley Foundation 2,3, Vice President 3, President 4, Squai Circle 3,4, Inter-Failh Secretary 4, GUTS 4. Parents ' Day 2, Junic Assistants, SNEA 3,4, Ring Committee 3, Golden Cham 4. Natioi al Council Member, Methodist Student Movement 4 BARBARA JEAN THOMAS Greensbor 8 A Psycholo gy Senior Marshal 4, Don Cabinet 1, Legislature , Psi Chi 3,4. Fri MARY ALICE THOMAS B S H E Clothing JANCY SUE THOMASSON ird 3,4, Section Leader 4 ERMINE THOMPSON B A Physics MARTHA CHERYL THROWER B S H E Interior Design VIRGINIA ANN TIETZ Greensbor B A Sociology Dorm Committee 1 , Elliott Hall Social Committee t , T S A 2,3, Service League 2, Sociology Club 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Delta 3, ' Honor Roll 2,3.4. Honors Program 3 NORA JANE TINKHAM Haebaru-Son. Ok KAZUE TOBARU SUSAN DAVIS TODD MARTHA ANN TOMLINSON Winst. B A Mathematics SNEA 1,2,3,4. Square Circle 2,3,4, Officer 4. Wesley Fo 2,3,4, Officer 3,4, Parents Weekend 2, Junior Assistant ; LUJUANNE JANE TRAMMEL Forest City lation Manager 1 MARGARETTE SHEILA TRUMAN Fayetteville B S Home Economics Glee Club 1.2.3,4. Vice President 3. President 4, SNEA 3,4, AHEA 4, Dorm Committee 1,2, T S A 3,4, YDC 1 ,2, Ne.vman Club 1 ,2 SANDRA CANNADY TURLINGTON Lillington B A Elementary Education Dorm Committees 2,3,4, SNEA 4 f% SYLVIA GAYLE TURNER Norwood B A Mathematics Square Circle 4, Dorm Committees 3,4 NANCY KAY TYSINGER High Point B A Mathematics Hall Board 1, Parents ' Weekend Chairman 2, Dorn n Committees 1,2. Junior Shovy 3.4. Assistant Junior House Pres .idem 3. Elec- tions Board 3.4. Chairman 4. Student Development : Council 3.4, Golden Cham 3,4. Treasurer 1 . SNEA 4. Square Circ le BEVERLY ANN UPCHURCH Hamlet NSA 1 . Legislature 2.3 ' -WN | - lp ■ MARTHA JANE VAINCOURT NANCY LOW VANN Fayetteville B A English Glee Club, 1,2, Publ.crtv Chairman, 2, WeslminislBr Fellowship Council, 2,3,4, Dorm Committees, 1 ,2, Sophomore and Junior Junior Assistant, 3, Junior Show, 3, Honor Roll, 1,2.3, Junior Mar- shal, 3, Chief Marshal, 4. Golden Chain, 4 CAROLIN ANN WALDEN ogv Rutherfordti Dorm Committee Chairman. I, Hall Board. 3, ass Commissioner, 3,4. Class Projects Chairman, 3, Junior Show 1st, 3,4, Junior Assistant. 3, Class Secretary, 4. Interclass Coun- DEL8RAJ0WALL Hiqh Point B A Elementary Education SNEA 4, Dorm Committees 1,3 ANN BAKER WARD Goldsboro B A English JANE ANN WARD Lmcolnton B S Physical Education SGA President 4, Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee 4, Social Concerns Committee 3, Assistant Junior House President 3, Stu- dent Advisory Curriculum Committee 3, Rat Day 2, Class Commis- sion 2,3. Class Publicity Chairman 2, Jacket Day 2, Parents Day 2, Ring Committee 3. Dolphin-Seal 3, RA 2, Council 3, SNEA 2.3,4, AAHPER 2,3,4, Freshman Cabinet 1, CU Council 4, Student De- velopment Council 3,4, 75th Anniversary University Committee, Student Sub-Committee Chairman 4. Chancellor ' s Cabinet 4 RUSSELL WARD B A Early Childhood Education Hall Board, 2, Service League Repri Assistant House President, 3, Senior 2. GUTS, 2,3, RGINIA ANNE WARD , 2, Rat Day. 2, NSA, 3, Cli tees, 3,4, Spanish Club, 3 MAJORIE ELIZABETH WARLICK B S H E Interior Design Dance Company, 1,2,3, Omicron r WSFW, 2,3.4 JANE TART WARREN IE LEE WARREN iro College, 1 ,2, AHEA 3.4, Elliott Hall Council, 4 SHIRLEY ANN WATKINS BARBARA ANN WATRY B A HfSlory WWB, 3.4, Legislature. 1,2.3.4. SGA Secretary. 3. V 4. Judicial Committee Chiairman. 2.4. Symposiun Elliott Lecture Committee. 4. Development Counci Union. 1.2. Parents Day. 2. Junior Show Invitations 3. Hall Board. 2. Committee on Research and Revi Club. 3.4 ANNE MARIE WATSON i Day. 2. Junit Andrev lens Coui !.4. Harri . Debatir )-Chairma , 4. Histo lARTHA ELLEN WATSON i F A Art Education MARY SUE WATSON Bethel B.A English English Club, 4 Hall Board. 1 . Legislature. 2.3. Glee Club. 2. Coraddi, 4 ROBENA LEE WEAVER LUCINDA ANNE WEBB B S Dance Education Dance Company Treasurer. 3. Vice-President. 4. Dolphin Seal. 1. Physical Education Council 3. Treasurer. 3. Section Lea- der. 3, TKD. 4 m SYLVIA LULA WEEKS B S Physical Education R A Dorm Represental Committee, 3 NANCY ANN WEINSTEIN B A Drama-Speech NANCY ELLEN WELCH B A Sociology BARBARA GREY WETHERINGTON B A English Honors Program, 1, GUTS, 1, SNEA 3 KATHERINE EMMA WETZEL B F A Advertising Junior Show, Set Designer. 3. An CI jb Pine Needles PEGGY WHALEN Station. N Y B A English Honors Program. 3. North-South Smith College Student E«cl 2. Honors Program Evaluation Committee. 4. LSA. 2,3.4. laith Council, 4, Carolinian. 3 ft ft - ' mm ' :- ' • TRUDY JOYCE WHELESS Spr ing Hope B F A Interior Des Section Leader. 4, iign Dorm Committee . 4. N A E A . 3 CATHERINE TAYl OR WHICHARD Washington B S Home Econon A H E A ., Dorm Committee Chairrr lan, 2 VIRGINIA GOFORTH WHISNANT Gr eensboro B A Mathematics Dorm Committee. 1 . L S A , 1 ,2, Sqi Junior Assistant. 3. S N E A , 3.4 jare Cpr cle. 4. Da isy Cham, 2, EDITH DIANE WH ITEHURST Stokes B S Child Development and Family 1 Dorm Committees. 1.3.4. S N E A . ■ Club. 1,2.3. A HE A . =telation 4. C U Represen tat. ue 3, 4-H NANCY HELEN W HITT Asheville B S H E Interior Design N S 1 D . 3.4. Board Member. 4. A Committee. 4, Section Leader. 3 1 D . 4. A H E A .1 ,2, Dorm ELIZABETH ANNE WIEGARDT Charlotte B A Biology Pfns Needles, 1. St, Mary ' s House 2.3.4, President Technology Club: Treasurer. 4. Junior Assis islature. 3.4. Cutter Lab 3.4. Glee Club. 3.4 tal Medical t, 3, Leg- PAMELA LACKEY WILBURN B uriington B A Political Scier ,ce CONSTANCE POU LTER WILLIAMS Gr eensboro B A Sociology HILDA VONCILLE WILLIAMS 1 .exington B A Biology Dorm Committee. 1 . Section Leader. 4, S N E A , 4 MARGARET WILLIAMS Wilmingto B A English Marshal, 3,4 SHEBYL LEE WILLIAMS Shelb Gamma Alpha, 3,4, Dorm Committee, 4, Section Leader, 4 SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Greensbor B S Physical Education Class Commission, 2, Tennis Club, President, 3, RA Representi tive, 1 ,4, Sport Head 3, T K D , 4, Varsity Basketball, 2,3 ANN RHODES WILLIAMSON Great Neck L I , N B F A Art Education Hall Board, 1.2, Canterbury Club, 1, Dorm Committee. I, Fren Club, I.ACE, 1,2, YRC, 1, SNEA,2, Art Club, 2, N A E 2,3,4, Dolpbcn Seal. 3. W S F W . 4 BESSIE COURTNEY WILSON Mac B A Mathematics Square Circle. Y D C . 2. Junior Assistant. 3. Food Lias Commiltee, 3, S N E A , 4 8 A Biology Junior Assistant. 3. Medical Technology Club 3. ' 4. Cutter Lab. 4, Beta Beta Beta. 4 LYNDA ELIZABETH WILSON B A Psychology MARY LYNN WILSON B A Elementary Education Dorm Committee. 1.2. Intramural Chairman. 4, A C E I , 3 PAULA MARGARET WINCHESTER B S Home Economics Education ACE, 3, So ANN VERONICA WINTERS B S Home Economics Educa SANDRA GAIL WOLF SARA ELIZABETH WOODRUFF Walkertown B F A Interior Design Class Commissioner. 1 Art Club, 1 . Dorm Com CYNTHIA JOBE WOODWARD A H E A , 1.2,3.4. S N E A . TANYA SUE WRENN B A Ma hematics Cant erb ry Club. 1. 2.3.4. Com mit ee 1 BRE NDA FAYE WR GHT B A Ma hematics S N E A 1, Junior Assis Crittenden. Va 2.3.4. Square Circle. 3.4. Do f MARTHA WRIGHT Tabor City B A Elementarv Educalion AHEA, 1, Wesley Dorm 2, SNEA. 3,4. ACE. 4. Class Proiects Comm.tlee. 2. Daisy Cham. 2 NANCY LOU WRIGHT D( B S Home Economics Education Gardner-Webb College, 1.2. Stella Anderson Scholarship. 3. 4. SNEA, 4. 4-H Club, 3.4. AHEA. 3.4 REBECCA WALLACE WRIGHT ••NDIA TERRI YARBOROUGH PATRICIA SUE YEARGAN B A Economics Chamblee. Ga Junior Assistant. 3. Class Commissioner. 3. Junior Show. 3, Honor Court Investigator. 4. Political Economy Club, 3.4. Hall Board. 3 COUE LYNN YOUNG i-Sali B A History Dorm Committees. 1.2,3.4. Class Entertainment Committee. 2. Junior Shoy» Committee, 3. History Club. 4. Honor Role. 3. Junior Assistant. 3. Rat Day Committee. 2. Intramurals. 1.2 JULIA BRYSON YOV lARIE POTEAT YOV ANN RUTH ZELKII ■ Club. 4, SNEA. JUNIORS •CLASS OF ' 69 Carolyn Jo Abbott Chapel Hill Pamela Jean Abernethy Brenda Dean Adcock Ellen Goad Adkisson Mt Airy F Margaret Lynne Ainsley Hertford fi Judy Nell Alexander N Wilkesboro fe Martha Brown Allen Sparta W Mary Kathenne Allen Lmda Sharlene Alley Stonev.lle Salisbury Kay Karen Allison Graham 1 Marty Elizabeth Allred S.ier Cly f Alice Denise Atspaugh Rural Hall Cynthia L Anderson Lansmq, Michigan A Sara Cathrm Andrews Greensboro Carolyn Pope Annas Granile Falls j Ihb Susan Deborah Argmtar St Petersburg. Fla P% Talitha F Arrowood Marshyille VRi Nancy Jane Ashcratt Monroe Y ▼ I Warhck Ayery Margaret Anne Ba I Anderson Ba Rol Dbie Adair Barr Leii gh Shurle y Barre Gilda Lee Ba rrow Ma ry Elizabe th Barti Cynthia Kaye 1 Batts Ell abeth Am T Baxlei Sha iron Kay Beane Ele. :,nor Jane Beaver Pali nna Dian, e Beck Jan ire Cynth la Beck Bar bara Este lie Beld Elij abRth Am n Benbi Fra n,:es Ann Bennet Gin la Ann B. ennell Sar idra Lynn Biggs Worlhington, Ohic Atlanta. Ga Rockingham Greensboro Lexington Goldsborn Ashobon Ashebon loanoke Rapids Arlington, Va. Fayetteville Stanley Greensboro Charlotte Charlotte Rutherfordlon Polkton Charlol ndianapolis, Ir Waynesvi Scotland Ne Danville, Va Greensboro Seaboard Sanford Springfield, Va. Chevy Chase, Md Sharron Lee Budd Pfafftown Betty Lou Burgess Statesville Carolyn Anne Burgin Marion Carolyn Elizabeth Bur ■nette Clyde Anne Haward Butler Augusta, Ga Evelyn Lee Caldwell Iron Station Helen Ellis Caldwell Greensboro Paula Jean Caldwell Huntersville Judith Ann Cannon Gaston.a Carolyn McBryde Cardwell Madison Susan Patricia Carlln Phyllis Hall Carpenter Sandra Carringer Kathie Jeanine Carter Frances Ell abeth Case Heady Angola Cash Betty Gwyn Caudill Jane Roberson Causey Susan Kearns Chandlei Myrtle Simpson Chane Linda Huss Chapman Anne Childs nda Williams Coc Sandra Lee Cody Elizabeth Lock Cooke Barbara Jane Cooper Betty Dianne Cooper Jane McGinn Cooper enda Gale Copley Hen Angela Cosgn isan Lynn Courvill Judith Ann Crocke Sally Dent Crocket Linda Joyce Crooks Cynthia Louise Crump Eva Mae Culbreth Virginia Mary D ' Ambrosio Kalhenne Vann Davenport Annette Williams Davis Francos Ann Davis Linda Lea Davis Cynthia Jean DeBernard Barbara Karin DeLancey §% ( fif) f £2. . i£i Cvnthia Elaine Fare Alexandria, Va Badln Concord Greensboro Newlon Jlorehead Cily Charlotte Kannapohs Sanford Candler Rocky Mount Sophia Raleigh Washington, D C Monroe Thomasville Sanford Janet Lu Freeman Leia Melanie Freeman Linda Joyce Freeman Trudy Diane Freesland Pamela Elaine Freeze Phyllis Elaine Freeze Verlyn Bennett Fulgtiu Eleanor Reid Fullerton Janice Rebecca Fuqua Rebecca Dianne Gardne Betty Ruffin Garner Paula Jean Garzo Virginia Parker Gerard Linda Sue Gil Mary Jo Gibs Anne Averyt Gil Susan Karma Glei Ingrid Rose Godw Sharon Ann Goins Patsy Lee Gold Jane Elizabeth Go Avis Kay Goodsoi Myrtle Eliza Gooi Lucinda Gordon Mary Erma Gotts Bettye Jacquelyn Sandra Leigh Graves Lucie Coppedge Gree Sylvia Dance Greene Pamela Stuart Greer Meg Evelyn Gregson Wlnston-Sali Norfolk, V, Ashebor Margaret Alici Cynthia Juanil Saratoga Monroe Crumple Rich Squar. Slanfield Walnut Cove Rocky Mount Charlotte High Point Huntington, N Y Fayetteville Thomasville Pink Hill Richmond, Va Elkin lerra Verde, Fla Charlotte Salisbu Waynesvil Salisbury Clinton Anita Sue Hornback Matthews Harriet Anne Homey High Poinl Dix.e Elizabeth Horton Beaufort Sarah Louise Horton Durham Susan Hendnx Howard High Point Betty Blue Hoyle Launnburg Rachel Anne Hoyle Fallston Barbara Gail Hubbard Leaksville Alice Ashley Huffstetler Gaston. a Judith Presley HuHstetler Belmonl R Carol Hull Casar Linda Margaret Hunt Denton Judith " Anne Hutchison Charlotte Mary Anna Ingle Burhngtor Mary Elfzabeth I Judy Maureen h Jane Ellen Jack ' Alice Karen Johnsor Edith Eileen Johnsoi Linda Kay Johnson Yvonne Louise John Evelyn Ann Jones Susan Wynne Jordan Eslher Joelle Ke Kathenne Elizabetl Ellar Sikes Kiker Ft Lauderda f ( 0% A ( 0 fi e w Glenda Lee Kinlaw Brenda Elise Kirby Abby Lee Krauss Palncia Ann Kun Hers Creek Dunn High Point Cranford. N J Thomasville W.nston-Salen Grcensbon Shelb Salisbury Greensboro Goldsboro Lynchburg. Va Ml Holly Goldsboro Crncinnati. Ohic 8 p mm Sarah Margaret Ma Pamela Gwyn Ma Sally Rebecca Ma John Randolph Ma Wilmrngton West End Winston-Salem Greensboro Linda Jayne Martm Sandra Lynn Mart.n Margaret Lynne Masaloni Patsy Jean Mask Nancy Kalhryn Ma Martha Mitctiell M Frances Lavin.a Mayberi Margaret Carole McBrav Patricia McCall Vickie Dianne McCann Margaret Gail McCarley Myrtnce Penelope McCask Alice Odessa McCollum Sharon Louise McCuddin Margaret Gayle McCuMouc Elizabeth E McElwee Patricia Anne McKen; Mary Sue McRae Betty Sue McRary Martha Kay Medford Cynthia Ann Meier Susan Kaye Mendenh Margaret Fracine Mill Marian Bernice Miller Nellie Kaye Miller Janice Carol Mills Virginia Carol Moffit Ma I Mo Marilyn Burnett M Donna Elizabeth M Joyce Ann Morris Mary Gray Morrisc Belly Lou Murphy Sandra Jean Murphy Ellen Rosanne Murray Elizabeth Anne Myatt Leslie Ann Myers t ft Greensbon Garden City. N V aofc Martha Sue Naylor Sanford Sandra Gay Nelms Kannapolis Clara Stroud Noah Elon College Carolyn Loftin Noble Greensboro Emmylou M Norfleet Launnburg Cheryl Mane Odom Gibson Thomisene Oliver Lumberton Ahce Su»an O ' Neal Glenwi ood Landing, N Y Margaret Irene O ' Neal Williamsburg, Va Anita Susan Orlow Petersburg. Va Jennifer Ann Owens Pinehurst Carolyn McNairy Ozment Greensboro Linda Etta Packard Shelby Katherine B Parker Raleigh Susan Manon Parker Fayelteville MuMins. S C Charlotte Western Springs. Westwood. N . Greensboro Palncia Ann Rice Holly Ridge Jean B Richardson Arlington, Va Margaret Norman R.ddick Elizabeth City Laura Jane R.ddle Gastonia Martha Mane Rigney Raleigh Johanna Elaine Riley Wilson Susan Carroll Roane Mobile, Ala John A Robinson Jr Greensboro Linda Lee Robinson Charlotte Martha Anne Robinson Summerfield Edna Lee Rodgers Waynesboro, Va Jane Alice Rodgers Pfafftown Pamela " Sherry Rogers Winston-Salem Nancy Fleming Rose Wnghtsville Beach Marcell Fay Rosenblatt Baltimore, Md Diane Barbara Rosso Kmston Patricia Anne Rouse Rose Hill Mary Cheryl Rumley Madison Leslie Ann Rumple Statesville Sandra Nanne Russ Leiand Brenda Lineback Russell Greensboro Mary Brantley Sabat Greensboro Sandra Elizabeth Sadler Bayboro Sara Kimberly Sam Greensboro Cynlhia Satterfield Durham Elizabeth Ann Saul Danville. Va Marsha Lucmda Saunders Charlotte Rose-Anne Saunders Canton Claudia Lee Sawyer Asheville William Paul Scheff Greensboro Sandra Lee Sch Becky Sue Sexton Brenda Cheryl Se«t Mary Wynne Seym, Judith Kaye S ' gmon Wanda Holland Sigm. Judy Gayle Simmons Mary Lamar Simpson Sandra Norma Singloli Joan Enright Smica Jane Durb.n Sjogren Cove City Oswego. N Y Borlmgton Lexington Borlmglon Walnut Cove Fork Union. Va Greensbon Ahoskle Greensboro AsheviMe Raleigh High Point W.nston-Sal! New Britain, Con Smithfit Southern Pin Janice Elizabeth Taylor Nancy Carol Taylor Charlotte Sally Cecilia Taylor Ehzabethtown Sara Ann Taylor Monroe Susan Lynn Taylor Sarasota, Fla Faye Elizabeth Temple ton Charlotte Mary Jane Thomas Charlotte Diana Lynn Thompson Grifton Donna Grace Thompsc )n Burlington Rebecca Anne Thomp; son Selma Carolyn Opal Throckrr lorton Greensboro Georgene Havens Tick nor Silverspring, Md Vivian Lee Tillman Greensboro Judith Ellen Tingley Greensboro Nancy Caroline Tood Gastonia Julie Anne Tnpp Greensboro Paincia Ann Trotter Lou.sburg Glenna Delores Troxel 1 Newport News, Va Margaret Faye Tudor Walnut Cove Frances Mane Turner Mt Airy Janel Mane Turner Mt Olive June Sherman Turner Durham Jane Carmen Tyndall Goldsboro Mescal Elizabeth Tyso n Greensboro Martha Helen Usry Raleigh Grelchen Van Hout Ft Bragg Sarah Adams Vernon Morganton Mary Bevha Voigt Charlotte Lynda Lee Walker Sp.ndale Virginia Anne Walker Tacoma, Wash Frances Elizabeth Wal " Greensboro Sylvia Yvonne Walls Winston-Salem Carol Anne Wally Charlotte Polly Elizabeth Walsto n Kenansville Jullian Cole Ward Greensboro Laura Ann Ward Staley Myra Stephens Ward Nashville Terry Anne Ward Lake Maccamaw Ruth Ann Warren Lowell Verna Dean Warren Laurinburg Susan Anne Wasserm an Norfolk, Va Judy Ann Waters Asheboro Nancy Lee Watson Atlanta, Ga Shirley Ruth Walson Sophia Barbara Jean Watts Kernersville Anne King Webster Jamestown f fl Mary Carmen Weeks Sally Ann Weeks Carol Louise Weidemulli Rhonda Lee Wolborn Gloria Jann Wellmon Beverly Cheryle Wells Barbara Ann Wesley Janine Elaine Westmorelan Jane Westo Overland Park, Kan Dunn Baltimore, Md High Point Salisbury Goldsboro Canton Greensboro Charlotte Rocky Mount Bristol. Tenn Asheville Walkerlown SOPHOMORES -CLASS OF 70 Sandra Lvnn Abernethy Kathryn Diane Adams Sara Catherine Adeimy Kathryn Scott Alden Angela Faye Alexander Elizabeth Ann Alexander Tom Withers Alexander Olivia Allegrone I Mane All Mary Grace And Elaine Andrew Debra Ann Austin LaDonna Ree Auton Nancy Sue Autry Kate Elizabeth Aver Frances Evelyn Ayci Beverly Ann Bal Noel Ann Bagat Susan Baggett Mary Rosanne ! Helen Gus Balafas Susan Elizabeth Ba Wanda Avis Ba Myrtle Ellen Ballard Suzanne Elizabeth Ba Susan Carol Ballingei Susan Joy Banks Lnis Ann Bare Linda Kay Barlow Sheila Fay Barnard Julia Sharon Barnell Wendy Barrows Chattanooga, Te Beauford, S C fs9 f P o. c i e Dianna Leigh Ba Rockville. Md Deborah Barrasch Be Dorothy Marlene Beshea Martha Celia Bishop Elizabeth Camilla Bli Kathv Sue Bli Joyce Jean Bli Lynette Swam Boettn Marilyn Elame Bohre Gwendolyn Ford Bol Bertha Mae Boles 1 Catherine Bo Brenda Cathy. Boyd Gwendolyn M Boyd Jennifer Alice Brabsc L.nda Bracket Tamela Jeanette Bras Corliss Diana Breedk Catharine S Brewer Huntingdan Valley, Pa Statesville Asheville Bryson City Annapolis. Md Harnett Lynne Brewer Joanr e Kay Bridger Mary Frances Bngham Constance Jane Brown Margaret Alice Brown Petr.ce Dow Brov Mary Evelyn Bro» Beverly Jo Broyle Bonita Jean Broy Jo Evelyn Bryan Brenoa Kaye Bullard Candace Gayle Bullard Linda Luc.lle Bullard Patricia Ann Bullard Amanda Berletta Bullrns Greensboro €» 1 Julia Elizabeth I Carolyn Faye Byrd Virginia Jane Byrd Mary Louise Cameron Carol Ann Campbell Mary Erverine Campbell Paula Faye Canaday Rebecca Janice Cantrell Thomas Vaughn Cardwr Molly Jane Carey Alma Ruth Carlton Jackie Paulette Carpenti Anita Frances Carter Penelope Darlynne Cathey Christine Gina Chambers Mane Anne Chambers Cynthia Ann Champion Ocean Drive Be Chattanooga, Tenn iir f ia IkpA Ah n Elizabeth Chandic th Carol Chappell Brenda Susan Chastai Betty Jean Cheek Wilda Kay Cheek IJiS. I D Chen la Childre Barbara Jane Chnsco Virginia Aspasia Chryssikos Susan Kathryn Church Paula Gray Clark 0i Susan Letitia Cle Dale LaVerne C e Janet Faye Cobb Sheha Raye Cobb Sara Louise Coble Betty Joyce Cox Cheryl Lynn Cranfill Loretta Ann Craver Elizabeth Walton Crawford Mary Anne Crayton Atlanta, Ga Kannapohs Rich Square High Point Roaring Riuor Winston-Salem Robersonville Santord High Point Rockingham Badin Bluefield, W Va Asheboro Fayetteville Timberlake CliHside Charlotte Garner Chesterfield, Va Hendersonville Westfield Fuquay Varina t a Greensbori Winston-Saler Southern Pine Boonville Asheboro Bultington Madison W Palm Bea Phyll.s Ramona Creech Smithfi€ Cynthia Anne Crews Winston-Sak Sharon Mane Crews Wmston-Sale Lmda Dons Cudd.ngton WJImingt Rieta Cunningham Charlo Ola Frances Curry Carolme Daphne CutI Jan Dagenhart Jean Auton Dalmas Florence Ellen Darnel Mane Elizabeth Darr Ginger Heloise Oaughtry Elizabeth T Daves Carol Jean Davis Deborah Dawn Davis H.Ida Clarme Da LaVerne Da Marietta Davis Rebecca Jane Davis Sylvia Ann Davis Linda Ann Dawes Vicki Lyn Deal Sandra Mae Dean Edith Mae DeCoster Alice MinamdeKok Stienlyn E DeLong Linda Grey Dickens William Rirliard Di Cynthia Suzanne Donn Susan Carol Donnell Jimmie Ann Duffy Mary Amanda Dunca Mary Cecelia Duncar Judith Carol Dunn Elisabeth D Dupont gjkg. fi if i Palr.c.a Ann Durl Mary Ann Dyal Vicki Erensta Ea: Lyd.a Ann Ecker Ethel Edmiston Carol Anne Edwards Laura Jane Edwards Sarah Lee Ell Salisbury Greensboro Shelby High Point Salisbury Mocksville Roanoke Rapids Morehoad C.ty Canton Burlington Wilmington Reidsville Point Salisbury Deborah Renee Furr Concord Louelta Jane Gabr.eM Ford Carol Lea Garland Katherine Ann Garland Jacqueline Anne Garrisc Susan Bern.ce Gehring Judy Kathryn Gentry Mary Kathryn Gibbs Charlotte Abby Rose Gillespie Bat Cave Jayne Katherine Gillespie Lexington, Mass Vicky Lynn Giliis Red Springs Kathryn Gilmore Southern Pines Mary Ruth Glenn Sugar Gro ' Elizabeth Rose Gobbel Spenc Margaret Elizabeth Goodn Stacie Phyllis Goodman Martha Raye Goodwin Sarah Symons Goodwin Mary Jacqueline Graham Patricia Jane Graham Adnanna Boone Grant Linda Elizabeth Gray Deborah Maria Greene Helene Grguri, ■ Fields Griffin Catherine Eugenia Griffit Nancy Dell Gn © £ J? Danville, Va Winston-Salem Charlotte Raleigh Eli abethtown Norfolk. Va Murfreesboro. Tenn Silver Springs, Md C P» P) fV A Winslon-Sa Rebecca Ann Howe Georgia Howell Marsha Joan Huckabee Rockville. Md Sarah Elizabeth I Nancv Pa -inda Jo Jabsen Alan Frank Jarrett Rebecca Lynn Jerniga Ann Renee Jesler Chene Lynn Johns Carolyn Faye Johnson Dawn Elizabeth Johns Jeanette Sue Johnson Nina Elaine Johns Jane Anne Johnst. Bernadette Lucia Elizabeth Ann Jon Mary Sue Jones Susan LanydeK Jorda Martha Cheryl Joyner Westfield, N . f--! " f5 fkfi 3 ftp Paula Ann Killian Linda Ann Joanne Kirkman Tana Noilsen Kirzingo Elsie Evangeline Kive Pamela Nesta Klulz Barbara Elizabeth Km Betly Joyce Knight Theresa Colleen Knot Conover Englewood, Colo Laurinborg Smithfield efield, W Va Brevard Madison Woodland Wilmington Greensboro Oak Ridge, Tenn Lancaster, Penn Lexington Waynesville Wmston-Salen Brenda Joyce Little Patricia Anne Little Patricia Ruth Livengood Dara Virginia Llewellyn Gena Lobdell Judy Lorraine Locke Latenna Gay Loggans Karen Dene Long Nancy Carolyn Love Camilla Louise Lowe Winston-Sale Winston-Sale Springfield, Va Judith Ellen MacKay Patricia Adele Mallan Connie Fulton Mangit Marilyn Louise March Linda Sue Marler Lynna Jene Mason Susan Claibourne Mathe Peggy Jo Mathis Sharyn Mac Matthews Mary Susan Ma Wallace McCa Shelia Dianne McClurd Linda Jean McCallum Mary Beth McCombs Mary Jane McConnell Dons Anna McDaniel David Brian McDonald Margaret Carolyn McOona Barbara Ann McFariand Dorothy Clyde McGougan Ma Mc Barbara Lui inda McLendo Clyde Tester McMillan Anne Johnson McNeill Rebecca Jane McNeill f M Fort Royal, Va Penns Grove, N . Carmen Dorselle Mean Charlotte licksv iMe, N Y Roanoke. Va Fayetteville Gibsonville Winston-Salem Ctiarelston, W Va Greensboro Scotland Neck Greensboro Voodcliff Lake, N J Morehead City Bostic China Groue Winston-Salen, Silver Spring. Md Chatham, Va Blacksburg, Va Davidsc Durha Kannapol Monri Edentoi Greensbori Franklii Winston-Salen Susan Lorrarne Norwood Patricia O Bnanl Dons Lynnette O Connor Sandra Jean Odham Frankie Sharon OOuinn Sally K O ' Ouinn Gail Frances Orr Linda Ann Oslrun Cynthia Ann Over Syluia Elaine Ovei Michelle Anne Overlii Revonda Gaye Owen Sarah Kay Owenby Jennifer Lynn Owens James H Padgett Polly Anna Palmer Sharon Guynell Pa Cynthia Jill Parkin Mary Love Parris nn Pa arol Sue Patterson arah Ellen Pattersor nne Christy Peacoc Mitzi Ann Pearson Vick. Renee Peavy Barbara Jean Peddycord Sharon Kathleen Peebles Lucy lola Peed David L Pegg Joan Dianne Pegr. Sandra Lee Pelser Jewell DeLana Pel Pauline Elizabeth Nancy Elizabeth Perry Karen Patricia Perryma Euqene Edwin Pfatt, Jr Catherine Ellen Phelps Frances Mane Phifer Gena Phillips Mary Eathleen Ph Barbara Ann Plea Linda Ellen Plonk San Francisco. Calif Linad Joyce Pope Wendell Linda Suzanne Poteat Rutherfordton Sara Louise Poteat Spruce Pine Susan TilI.e Powell Shawboro Phyllis Mane Powers Lumberton Ashley Kathenne Pralher Fayetteville Carolyn Louise Pratt Goldsboro Julie Maude Pratt Charlotte Barbara Lynn Prentiss Charleston, W Va Judy Ellen Presnell Brown Summit Dale Terry Presson Kannapolis Judith Price Raleigh Mary Ethel Price FarmviMe Ursual Wosmansky Prince Lutherville, Md Cheryl Jan Profenius Greensboro Pamela Diane Propst Granite Falls Dottie Ann Pruitt Charlotte Patricia Jeanne Ou.nn Seaford. Del Sandra Martin Randall Morganton Nancy Joanne Rawlins Raleigh Laura Susan Ray Smithfield Margaret Lmdsey Ray Horse Shoe Margaret Simmons Ray Leaksville Bngitte Ursula Redding Asheboro Joyce Leigh Rhodes Columbia dith Ellen Rhodes Sanford Burlington Morehead City Fairfield. Conn Franklinville Durham Westover AFB, Mass Frances Elaine Russ Donna Elizabeth Sale Mary Elizabeth Sander! Gail K Schaefer Beverly Jean Schn Judith Lynn Schv Karnna Elaine Sc Sherne Diane Sessom Susan Sprague Selzer Dianthia Mae Sexton Sandra Jane Sharon Barbara Todd Shaw Donna Leigh Shaw Ruth Faison Shaw Barbara Jill Shearin Rebecca Cuth Shelton Eugenia Dale Shepherd Candaoe Joan Sherman Janie Davie Shipley Sandra Jean Shoemak Joan Leslie Sidelinger Shirley Gail Simpson Linda Kinlaw Singletai Barbara Elissa Sink Alecia Bertha Sir Danne Elizabeth Sn Jacqueline King Sn Judith Ellen Smith Kathy L Smith Roslyn Langley Sn Celia Ann Snavel Mary Jean Snider Shirley Gayle Snid Brenda Diane Sorr Charleston, S C £ Mil 2 r. M2 ft ft A ih A Dons Elizabeth Stall: Mary Ann Stanfield Sharyn Elizabeth Ste ' Diane York Sleelman Dale Carol Stoiner dA . ik ' Day Stephe Roberta Jean Stt Mary Ellen Stone Virginia Lynn Stone Linda Rhodes Stoudeni Dorothy Lloyd Straugh Erica Heidi Strauss Audrey Louise Stribllnt Mary Ann Stroble Mary Sharon Stroud Marygold Summerlin Bonni Lynn Sutherland Cynthia Marguerite SutI Sara Suzanne Swanlund Ginger Kay Sweeney Elizabeth Break Taft Brenda Gayle Talbert .inda Nell Tatha Martha Wallace Taylo Nancy Gail league Phyllis Gayle Teague loroth, Del Leaksville Charlotte chmond, Va Wilmington Reidsville Buies Creek Walkertown Walnut Co» Winston-Saler Pittsborc Chapel Hil Montclair. N J Charlotte Chattanooga, Tenn Magnolia Goldsboro Staunton, Va Scotch Plains, N J West End Waynesville Morganton Slier City Wadesboro Sanford Sylva Woldon Chapel Hill Slier City Fayetteville High Point Winston-Salem Wanda Louise Thomas D Suzelte Thompson Susan Kay Tidwell Suzanne Ehzabeth Tomhr Elizabeth Lynn Towe Anne Putnam Trammell Diane Faye Troy Frances Elaine Tunstall Barbara Gayle Turner Marian Austin Turner Rebecca Louise Tuttle Alice Louise Twining Margaret Harrison Tynch Ann Denny Tyndall Imelda Mane Umstead Kay Best Un Elizabeth Wc Carol Jeanette Vogle Karen Elaine Vollner Anita Gail Walker Linda Caroll Wall Julia Rowe Walsh Evelyn Frances Ward Lauren Meredith Ward Donna Jane Warfford Linda Louise V Deborah Lynne Deborah Class Ella Scott Wea Janice Anne Webb Margie Grey Weeks Sarah Jo West Joyce Ann Wos Glenarm, Md N Palm Beach. Fla East Point, Ga Raleigh I Lpfida Joyce Whitaker Durhan- Margaret Candace Whi tener Hickor Judy Irene Whilley Greensborc Linda Lorraine Whiiley Franklin, Va Susan Wh.tlock Ramsey, N J Judith Gail Widener Winston-Salen Mary Dozier Wiggs Fremon Sue Jeanne Wdbern McLean, Va Judith Ann Wilkinson Raleigl Lynn Elizabeth Wilkins on Charlott. 0 . Jthm Bonnie Evon Williams Greensboro Collette Lynn Williams Newton Mildred Greene Williams Fayetteville Peggy Lee Williams Greensboro Phyllis Loretta Williams N Wilkesboro Rebecca Gwyn Williams Burlington Emily Rose Williamson Robbins Mary Lee Williamson Wilson Susan Beth Wilhs Burlington Margaret AnnMane Wiltman Ft Bragg Emily Wilmer Charlotte Brenda Gail Wilson LeKington Debra LaVerne Wilson W: inston-Salem Mary Linda Wilson Henderson Pamela Darden Wilson Mt Olive Rebecca Ann Wilson Zionville Rebecca Jane Wilson Granite Falls Fleta Suzanne Windell Charlotte Barbara A Wolfe Waynesville Gail DeLoach Womble Aberdeen Becky Wood Kannapohs Linda Marlene Wood N Wilkesboro Cynthia Mayne Woodward Ri chmond, Va Patricia Dane Woosley W inston-Salem Anna Joyce Wooten Kinston Sharon Lea Workman High Point Reida Juamta Wright Greensboro Mary Ann Wyche Le fwiston. N Y Elizabeth Ann Wynck Greensboro Emrly Jayne Yates A sheboro Donna Wray Yoder Grouse Addie Myl.nda Young Newton Golda Lavina Young Germanton Susan Ballinger Treasurer Stacy Goodman Secretary Laura Baxter Cheerleader Kate Avery President Judy Fox Vice-President CLASS OF 70 FRESHMEN •CLASS OF 71 Ramona Lee Abee Sue Thornton Adams Carol Jeanette Adkin Grace Alison Adkins Nancy Jean Albergin Jo Anna Ale« Mary Lida Al Ina Kay Alion Brenda Kay A Ethel Beaman Judith Anne Al Karen Marcella Kerry Jean All Sarah Utincra Allison Angelena Amos Jacqueline Carol And Julie Lawrence Andei Linda Sue Anderson Lynda Jeanne Andra Annette Mane Andn Christine Lilias Andi Elizabeth Susan Anc Pamela Jo Appe Peggy Adele Arr Alice Jane Arms Barbara Lynn Ar Beverley Marguerite Ai Judy Irene Arnette Louise Harriet Arnold Sandra Faye Arnold James Douglas Arthu Maylair Jean Ashburr Tommy Allen Atkrnsc Marsha Diane Atwooi Janice Reid Avant Martha Elizabeth Ava Mary Jane Avery Barbara Jean Ayers Allison Dawn Ayscue Columbia, S C Moorestown, N . Washington, D C If ! I :il V P Elizabeth Anne Baer Kil 1 Devil Hills Lorraine E Baggett Gl. gndora, N J Nancy Lucinda BagweM Durham Gail Phyllis Baker Col lumb.a. S C Nancy Carol Baker Sanford Nancy Lou Baker Drexel Nancy Ruth Baker Sanford Vicky Elarne Baker Youngsville Rtejan Hendnka Bakker Durham Susan Dons Baldree New Bern Sandra Kay Ballard Gastonia Caroline L Ballentme Chamb eisburg. Pa Patricia Maria Ballew Ale xandria, Va Joyce Lerita Ballou El lizabeth City Sara Rebecca Barfield Fayetteville Joan Elizabeth Barnes Fremont Susan Morton Barrier Greensboro Palncia W Barrow Garner Sharon Amanda Barry Morganton Janet Lee Barton Ri. :hmond, Va Carolyn Kay Bass Wilmington Dilys Walters Bass Orrum Rebecca Jo Bass Dunn Kathleen Bntt Batten Smithfield Sylvia Ann Batten Whiteville Linda Lou Batts Raleigh Sarah Kathryn Baute Lebanon. Ky Linda Louise Baynard Horse Shoe Johnny Lee Baynes Reidsville Patricia Anne Beach Raleigh Donna Cherlyn Beane Greensboro Nancy Ann Beckerdite Wi nston-Salem Gayle Sims Behrmen Chapel Hill Nancy Lun Beindorff Decatur. Ala Sandra Grace Bell Wi nston-Salem Barbara Jean Bennett Graham Deborah Rae Benton Lucama Consuelo Berkman Greensboro Sonja Louise Berry Mebane Rebecca Elaine Beshears W, inston-Salem Karen Elizabeth Bradshaw w, nston-Salem Mane Latrelle Biggms A rlington, Va Barbara Ann Black Chapel Mill Barbara Joanne Black Lexington Janet Beth Black Gold Hill Karen Renae Black Thomasville Teresa Regema Black Asheville Pattie Sue Blackburn Kernersville Joan Forest Blake Durham Beverly Lavelette Blakeney Charlotte Elizabeth Anne Blalock Kannapohs Clara Ann Blanchard Edenton Meredith Blanks Riegelwood Beth Blauman Hun itington, N Y Carol Jean Blount Was h.ngton, D C Robert Eh Bodford W inston-Salem Susan Elizabeth Bodsford Ramseur Suzanrw Lou Bonner All Bxandria, Va Joan Adnenne Bornste-n Norfolk. Va Betty Cor.nna Bost Charlotte Mary Virginia Boswell Wilson Sharon Todd Boswell Greensboro Lucy Raye Bowden Burlington Anne Stuart Bowers Jackson Lmda Lathem Bowles Charlotte Janice Sue Bowman Burlington Jo Anne Boyd Goldsboro Judilh Lyon Boyer Winston-Salem Patty Sue Boyette Black Creek Judy Lynelte Bracket! Kannapohs Louise Hall Bradsher Roxboro Bonnie Sue Brandon Macon, Ga Karen Lucretia Brandon Salisbury Deborah Huntley Braswell Lenoir Linda Helen Bray Ramseur Nancy Faye Brenner Asheboro Donna Morton Brevyer Annapolis, Md Luc.nda Sasser Brice Wallace Martha Elizabeth Bridger Bladenboro Da«id Foil Brinkley Gi ran.te Quarry Deborah Dianne Britt Raleigh Susan Amy Broussard Clinton Amy Wolft Brown Beaufort Barbara Ann Brown Winston-Salem Beatrice Wills Brown Weldon Judy Colleen Brown Danville, Va Karen Earlene Brown Huntersville Laura Frances Brown Spray Madeline Leslie Brown Hickory f fi6 Sandra Jane Brown Winston-Salem Shirley Lois Brown Slier City Susan Leigh Brown Rocktngham Susan Merle Brown Greensboro Julia Anna Bryson Henderson Susan Elizabeth Buck Charlotle Deborah Ann Bullard Rocky Mount Barbara EIrzabeth Ca Mary Ann Carriel Glenda Fayo Carter Frankfort, Ky Greensboro Rocky Mount Canton Four Oaks Gwendolyn Carter Littleton Judy D.ane Carter Kannapolis Alice Elizabeth Gates Wmston-Salem Doris Elaine Caudle Asheboro Sandra Jean Causey Greensboro Elisabeth Anne Cecil Greensboro Jeanne Scott Cecil Lexington Emily Montague Chadwick Durham Marjone Anne Chamberlain Shelley Carol Lynn Chandler Burlington Maria Nita Chandler Burlington Nancy Ellen Chapman Charlotte Paul D Charlton High Point Patricia Gaye Chatelain Silver Spring. Md La Rhonda Francine Chavis Oxford Anelia Sue Cheek Kathryn Grace Chicell. Lumberton Margaret Hagan Chiles Hu ntington. West Va Betty Elame Chunn Greensboro Donna Rae Ctapp Liberty Rebecca Mane Clark Lenoir Susan Elayne Clark Conover Ann Armor Clarke Bon Air, Va Remonia Kaye Clements Spindale Margaret Ruth Cleveland Asheville Norvell Kent Clme Greensboro Harriet Louise Clontz Charlotte Elizabeth Reynolds Cochrane Charlotte Nancy Pauline Cochrane State Road Linda Gail Cody Canton Mavis Elian Coe Dobson Marjone Frances Coffey Leno.r Andrea Leigh Cohoon Raleigh Carol Ann Colebrook Sanford Anita Jane Coley Belmont Sara Elizabeth Collins Elkin Frances Elizabeth Conley Charlotte Beltye Rose Connell Warrenton Joyce Mane Cooke Raleiqh Cathy Jean Cooper Conover Janice Elaine Cooper Wilminglon Diane Mane Corbiii Dunn Sharon Patricia Cornell Southern Pines Sandra Kay Cornher Charlotte Anne Christine Co« Hi ckmnn AF8, Havuaii p (H p) jPS f . - . ' ? iJl Hermmo Enerstmo Co). Kinston Linda Susan Cox Alexandria. Va Nancy Lou Cox Slier City Patricia Ann Cox Burlington Jennifer Diane Cozart Lenoir Cathy Dee Crabtree Greensboro Bonnie Corinne Craft Valdese Carol Elizabeth Craver Belmont Gay Linda Craven Greensboro fi arie Leia Crawford Greensboro Brynda Joyce Crisp Morganton Lmda Lorraine Crowell Asheville Dona Jane Crump Hickory Russell Horace Crump Charlotte Suzanne Crump Chesterfield, Va Fred tl lilton Culler Clemmons Daryl Joyce Cutler Gastonia Lucinda Dallas Henderson Betty Carol Davenport Kinston Cyntl ia Elaine Davenport Charlotte Linda Arleen David Charlotte Carol Leilani Davidson Goldsboro Doreen Emily Davies Cincinnati. Ohio Beverly Ann Davis Winston-Salem Donna Jeanne Davis Charlotte Judith Anne Davis Waynesville Julia Chapman Davis Whiteville Sara Elaine Davis Whitakers Sharon Dianne Davis Hamlet Susan Jill Davis Durham Virginia Cheryl Davis Charlotte Bobbie Jean Dawson Asheboro Harriet Lee Dayvault Greensboro Susan Peggy Debruhl Columbia, S C Teresa Lynn Deese Charlotte Leslie Ann Degen Staunton, Va Phihp Edward DeHaven Greensboro Susan Parns Del Grande Fayetteville Deane Walpole De f latteo Williamsburg, Va Barbara Kay De fVlay Charlotte Bethany Anne Denning Benson Jermayne Denny _Pinnacle Margaret Elaine Derrictt Boone Sarah Amanda Dew Wedgefield, S S Angie Lynne Dickens Roanoke Rapids Clara Jean Dickens Sanford Rebecca Baus Dillard Cola. S C Cvnth.a Ann Dillon Greensboro Martha Rynham D.Sar.o Arlington. Va Chervl Dean Dixon Winston-Salem Dons Ann D-xon Charlotte Linda Lee Dixon Boone Janet Lynn D odson Richmond. Va Jan Ellen Donnelly Fairfield. Conn Gayle Elizabeth Doub Winston-Salem Kathenne Edns Driver Harrisonburg, Va Allyson Lang Duke Washington, D C Linda Gayle Dunham White Oak Penelope Ann Dunivant Whiteville Sarah Frances Dunivant Leaksville Janet Lynn DuPree Angier Sarah Amce Eakms Watha Emily Dell Earles Williamston Judith Dana Earp Tabor City Gayle Maxme Edwards Marshville Judy Gail Edwards Mount Airy Adrian Lee Einhorn Richmond. Va Carol Diane Elkms Clarkton Denisa Leanne Eller Newton Ginger Lea Eller Ferguson Nancy Jean Ellington Concord Rebecca Ruth Elliott Newton Sally Bland Elliott Eden Sandra Ann Ellis Falls Church. Va Donna Kay Elosser Fayetteville Manan Isabella Emstie Chadds Ford, Penn Norma Jane England Morganton Donna Ruth Ennis Dunn Mary Alice Epperson Wesrfield Cynthia Mane Eubank Richmond, Va Rita Gay Eudy Charlotte Jane Ina Evans Carolma Beach Sheila Dale Evans Ahoskie Betty Jean Everharl New London Elsie Deborah Fairbanks McLean, Va Linda Carol Faircloth Stedman Patricia Sue Farley Richmond, Va Marjone Lauren Fass Dillon. SC Witia Anne Fearnngton Pil.sboro Dorothy Mane Felts Salisbury Of ' J TiHany Lee Furr Diane Irene Gaddy Vickie Jean Gaines Gary Neil Gardner Sandra Ruth Garner Rebecca Person Garrard Rebecca Cornelia Garriso Cynlhia Sue Gaskins Linda Susan Gates Rateigh New Bern Forest City GreenBboro Polk Cofield Greensboro Atlantic City, N J irty Burlington Winston-Salem North Wilkesboro Spartanburg, S C Bessemer City Glenarm, Md Burlington Grifton Raleigh Franklin. Tenn Washington. D C Nev» Orleans. La Lily Ann Gathmgs Nad ne Mane Gay Trudy Genderson Wanda Gayle Git Zebulon Richmond. Va -■: fffr:5E5JP Rita Barbara Greenspon Eleanor Kennedy Gner Margan 9t Cheryl Griffm Pauleitt ) Griffin Carol A nn Griffith Myra El len Gnggs Martha Branon Grogan Margart )t Sue Grose Mary Ly ' nn Grubbs Suzann a Graham Gryme Peggy Vnn Guico Sharon Anne Hale Deboral 1 Wood Halt Duroma Joyce Hall Lewisburg, Wes Mary Robbm Glenn Madison Cindy Lou Glover Rocky Mount Ehssa-lrene Goldberg Winston-Salem Margaret Gail Golden Hickory Celia Sigmon Gomedela Newton Chnslie Annette Gooch Reidsville Paula Suzanne Goodman Kinston Linda Suzanne Goodnight Kannapolis Suzanne Dale Gordon Bristol. Va Mary Anne Goss Charlotte Phyllis Ann Gottlieb Atlanta, Ga Verna Sue Gouge Middletown, Del Jo Carol Grady Mt Olive Dianne Mane Graham Clark, N J Mary Lou Graham Graham April Gray Gastonia Frances Lynne Gray Raleigh Linda Gail Gray Walnut Cove Winston-Salem Harmony Winston-Salem Orange, Va Mountain Home Monroe. Ga fi « R Susan Garland Hall Sarah Edith Hambrighl Rosemary Ruth Hamrick Buthorfordlon Susan Adella Hanna Eau Gallie, Fla Palric.a Anne Harden Graham Cathy Adele Harkey Charlotte Alfred Nicholas Harley Reidsville Jean Sherwood Herman Lenoir Carolyn Harper Kinslon Betty Jo Harrell Goldsboro Lynda Louise Harrell Alexandria. Va Mary Virginia Harrill Forest City Brenda Anne Harris Valdese Elizabeth Mighell Harris Mobile, Ala Mark Emmett Harris Greensboro Mary Dianne Harris Nashville Linda Ruth Harrison Enfield Sarah Ann Harrison Jefferson Melanie Hartley Lexington Charlene Susan Hasselbach Goldsboro Charlotte Augustin Hassett Wyomissing, Penn Carol Perry Haste Edenton Harriet Anne Hathaway Sunbury Cheryl Darlene Hatley Hudson Brenda Jane Hauser Rural Hall Leanna Mae Hayes Charlotte Glenda Ann Haymore Mt Airy Sandra Romell Haynie High Point Sheila Corliss Haywood Mt Gilead Harriet Bridget Hedgebeth Salem, Va Lynne Bender Heermans Charlotte Dorothy Mane Helms Salisbury Elizabeth Ann Helsabeck Charlotte Patsy Lynn Hendrix Currituck Mary Martina Henley Thomasville Sandra Nell Herman Claremont Karen Jane Herring Fayetteville Edna Pennell Hiatt Statesville Mary Jane Hickerson Greensboro Claudia Clarissa Hickman Lenoir Clara Sue Hicks Boonville Mildred Sandra Hicks Norlina Martha Susan Hil Warrenton Burhnglon Suzen Brooke Hinsdale Chapel Hill Kay Evelyn H.nshaw Liberty Martha Truelt Hobgood Fayetteville Pafr.cia Dianne Hobson Yadkinville Sarah Ann Hobson Arlington, Va Ina Christine Hodges Washington Patsy Jane Hodgm Greensboro Janet Anne Hoffmann Fayetteville Betty Susan Hofler Sunbury Sharon Kay Hoke Conover Bryant Dixon Holsenbeck Greensboro Sheila Jane Holl.field Greensboro Nancy Kirby Holloway Asheville Carol Anne Honeycutt Raleigh Julia Anna Honeycutt Clinton Sheila Dee Hood Dunn Sarah Catherine Hooper Burlington Betty Fran Home Charlotte Brenda Signora Horton Ahoskie Elizabeth Anne Horton Roanoke, Va Martha Jane Houck Chapel Hill Penelope Ann Hovis Lincolnton Janice Elaine Howard Mooresville Evelyn Lucille Howell Todd Mary Linker Hoyle Laurinburg Mary Helen Hoyng Greensboro Joan Mar.e Hrenko Winston-Salem Susan Carole Hubbard Fayetteville Ella Lynnette Hudson Rose Hill Ronald Dean Huey Mebane Agnes Ann Huffman Connelly Springs Jan.e Mane Huffman Burlington Mary Jo Huffman Connelly Springs Sandra Cfinstine Huffman Lexington Donna Lyie Huqgms Marshville Renee Anne Hulbert High Point Catherine Carlyle Humpfirey Holly Ridge Kathenne Gail Humpfines Spruce Pine Ci acif Janet Therese Hun i f Hendersonvrllo Le.ington Wmston-Salorr Mooresvjile Gibsonville Radford. Va Raleigh Greensbo W.nston-Sale Four Oa ColumbK Ellenbort Thomasvillf Tokyo, Japar Ashland, Va Williamstor Graham Janet Louise Kells Pans, France Linda Joyce Kelly Salisbury Linda Mur.el Kelly Wilmington Cheryl Dale Kendall Groton, Conn Mary Alire Kendall Greensboro Ann Lavender Kennedy Thomasv.lle Susan Blake Kennedy ThomasvHIe Valeria Sue Kennedy Lexington Jan.ce Kenyon Liberty Susan Jane Kerbaugh N Wilkesboro Alison Scott Kern Winchester, Va Marie Elame Kernodle Elon College Ethan Wara Keyes New Bern Junko K.lburn Fayetteville Jan.ce Cede K.mrey Albemarle Anme Joyce King Kinston Patricia Ann King Charlotte Patricia Elame King Charlotte Sarah Jane King Oxford Susan Swan Sanford Wanda Sue Kmg Denver Susan Brooks Kintner Bethesda. Md Florence Eileen Kinlaw Laorinburv Alice Mae Klemm Greensboro Mary Ruth Knight Raleigh Kimberly Kaenz.g Springfield. Va Linda Jo Koonce Kinston Vtrg.n.a Ann Kopp Gary Z George Kosmsk. High Point Christine Kathenne Krukowsk Ft Walton Beach Fla Cheryl Patric.a Krupski Winston-Salem Carolyn Jean Lackey Fallston Susan Irene Ladd Enfield Eva Carol Lambert Conover Rebecca Jean Lambeth Lexington Janet Warren Lancaster Goldsboro Sarah Elizabeth Lane Greensboro Cezette Elsie Langford Roanoke Rapids Pamela Sue Lanier Niagara Falls. Canada Victoria Lynn Larnck Jacksonville Bonnie Joyce Lasiw Morehead City Peggy Rose Lathan Burner Dor. Jean Laws Greensboro Winifred Kay Lawson Spruce Pine Mary Ellen Lay Draper V i-i yn ' - Kathenne Susan Layne Linda Louise Leary Brenda Gail Ledford Mayodan Morehead City Falls Church Winston-Sal High Poir FHaHlovv Boobvil Warrenton. Va- Edenton Pembroke East Bend Westfield Mass Bonits Ellen May Kathryn Boren May Mane Elizabeth Mayf eld Sandra Elease Maynard Pamela Carol Maynor Martha Sharyn McAll.stei Virginia Woods McAllisl Frances Marion McBryde Betty Mane McCall Joan Elizabeth McCalliste Ellen Gail McCarty Jane Beasley McClelland Mary Angela McCombs Lisa Livingston McCormii Karen Lynn McCrary Alice Estelle McDaniel Jean Forest McDevitt Connie Lynn McGee Shirley Elaine McGee Marilyn Sue Mclv Nona McKenzie Laurie Sue McKin Ann Elizabeth Mc Leha Ann McMichael Elizabeth Smith McMu Gloria Dian Melch Elizabeth Ann Mo Sandra Gail Melto Susan Jane Melto Susan Lynn Melvil Sharon Diannc Metcalf Caroline Rose Lee Mil Elizabeth Harris Millei Florentine Alfreda Mil Frances Faye Miller Ft Wayne, Ind Atlanta, Ga Garland , i f ' ? ® |) GeoHry Lynne Miller Shelby Polly Teresa Milter Laurel Springs Alice M.lton Mills Concord Sharon Gray Mills Greensboro Carol Charlene Misenheimer Greensboro Johnnie Raye Mitchell Boxboro Martha Susan Moffitt Liberty Cynthia Jane Monti Greensboro Barbara Ann Moore Valdese Bonnie Lomo Moore Thomasville Jeanelte Carolyn Moore Maiden Mary Grace Moore Kings Mountain Peggy Lynn Moore Snow Hill Susan Maylene Moore Hope Mills Sylvia Ann Moore Greensboro Elizabeth Shannon Morgan Red Springs Lanna Dale Morgan Stanfield Milo Carol Morris Durham Sarah Frances Morris Raeford Dorothy Faye Morrison Statesville Patsy Ann Mornss Sanford Estelle Leigh Morrow Chapel Hill Diane Mane Moser Whitsett Betsy Rebecca Mosteller Hickory Deborah Kay Motsmger Winston-Salem Carole Lea Nanzetta Winston-Salem Sonna Louise Nash Rocky Mount Mary Catherine Neel Charlotte Carol Anne Nelson Lenoir Suzanne Dorsey Nelson Washington Ann Lanier Newsom Littleton Margaret Lucille Newton Roxboro Sarah Jones Newton Durham Joyce Lynn Nichols Millers Creek Linda Sue Nichols North Wilkesboro Betsy Lucretia Nicholson Lumberton Sandra Gail Nicholson Sylva Candace Jane Norton Alexandria, Va Natalyn Ann Norton Stony Point Judy Marlene Oakley Liberty Jan.ce D.ana Oates Garland Juan.ta ODeM Cherryville Dianne Irene Oden High Point Harriet Eugenia Odom Gibson Kathy ODonnell Annandale. Va Janet Mane Oldham Aberdeen Cheryl Louise Oliver Selma Ruby Anila Orsbon Millers Creek Pamela Osborne Elkin Steven Lee O ' Steen Greensboro Lmda Susan Outlavw Ridgewood, N J Brends Kay Overcash Charlotte Vick. Dawn Overman Madison Amey Elizabeth Ovwen Falls Church, Va Linda JoAnn Owen Greensboro Shirley Denise Owen Durham Susan Barry Owen Monroe Kathleen Elizabeth Owens Apex Peggy Anne Pace Saluda Deborah Ann Page Durham Suzanne Marlene Parker Candler Walda Elizabeth Parker Hickory Cheryl Lynn Parry Hillsborough, Calif Darren Clay Parks Lexington Carolyn Marguerite Pascal Valdese Mary Curtis Pate Rockingham Bonita Gray Paul New Bern Janette Bray Paulson Elkin Jams Gayle Paynter Norlina Julia Anne Peacock Raleigh Linda Leigh Pearce Petersburg, Va Sally Lou Pecora Upperville, Va Vicki Muse Pegram Charlotte Kalhryn Carmen Pepper Pensacola, Fla Cynthia Roxanne Perry Spindale Pamela Mane Perry Merry Hill Treva Joanne Perryman High Point Ins Anne Peterson Greensboro Sandra Gay Phifer Hamlet Sandra Lynn Philbeck Charlotte Donna Carol Phillips Charlotte Mary Arlena Pickard Snow Camp Janet Elizabeth Pierce Greenville Lida Mae P.gott Gloucester Goldsboro Ml Olive Hope Mills East Spencer Raleigh Westwood, N J Eden Morganto Eau GalI.e. FIj Wi Hickory Ridgewood. N J Snow H.ll amsburg, Va Thomasville Paterson. N J Greenville Windsor Falls Church. Pauls !Ite Derr R.dey Janel t Kay Ridge Pair., -la Mae Riley Syb.l Jean Rimer Conn le Grace Robbii Charl otte Mane Robi Dorol thy Elizabeth R Linda Ann Roberts Marg ot Stephana Ro Patr.c :ia Frances Rob Carol yn Sue Roberts L.nda Mary Robinsoi Dayton, Ohio Bernice Kibby Rogers Donna Louise Rogers Leslie Bernice Rogers Patricia Dianne Roger) Bommie Lynn Roughton Linda Allene Routh Robert Bruce Royal Chatham, N , Rocky Moun East Kingston, N H Winston-Salem Gre ensboro Greensboro :l i HP .. Vicoria Ann Rupert Cynthia Gail Rush Ann Brown Rutledge Polly Virginia Rutledge Susan Helen Ruzicka Rockingham High Point North Augusta, S C % Donnie Elizabeth Samue Donna Ruth Sauls Sara Catherine Savage Grace Spencer Sawyer Barbara Sue Scarborough Vickie Sue Scarborough Katherine Isabel Schreibe Martha Elaine Schreiber Nancy Sue Schwartz Mary Kay Seaford Martha Hill Seagrave Anna Lucinda Seals Willard Edenton Mount Gileat St Louis, Mo i J i Ji JPHjjl { 1 Judy Elizabeth Searcv Marion Brenda Dianne Sears Apex Janice Elaine Sechnsl Wi nslon-Salem Donald Ellis Secreast Lenoir Helen Joyce Setjgmann R( ackville. Md Mary Maxwell Sellars Charlotte Jeanne Ann Senger Gary La Donna Fay Setzer Claremont Amy Hill Sexton Denton Norma Jean Seymore W inston-Salem Valerie Ann Shadday Wa teruhet. N Y Elizabeth Shankle Sanford David Luther Sharpe Burlington Millie Delores Sharpe Harmony Sarah Frances Shaw Charlotte Susan Harriet Shearouse Charlotte Phyllis Jo Sheintoch Petersburg, Va Barbara Lynn Shelton Stanleytown, Va Eva Gayle Shelton Leaksville Susan HarreeM Shelton Stokesdale Florence Jane Shepard Jonesville Jane Myers Shepherd Kannapolis Talley Elizabeth Sherman Norfolk, Va Sandra Rebecca Shernff Kernersville Jennifer Lee Shillinglaw Lexington Catherine Jane Shmn China Grove Constance Elizabeth Shmn Eden Adeline Hancock Short Mocksville Rebecca Ann Shrum Lincolnton Margaret Elaine Shumate Nort h Wilkesboro Nancy Lee Sikes Charlotte Terryl Dawn Siler Greensboro Joyce Mane SiMiman Rockingham Linda Ann Simpson Sanford Patsy Ann Sloan VS Winston-Salem f iia Mary Paula Smit Pamela Anne Srr Pa tt.e Mar lene Smith Re becca C ail Smith Ru th Caro me Smith Shelley Mane Smith La ura Gler Smithwick Hi da Gaye Snow Carol Fran ces Snyder Ra chel Su san Somers Su san Car ol Somers Ga .1 Lee S orrough Su san Gay Souders Be tty Cele ste Sova Su san Ehz abeth Spen Ru th Al.ce Spencer Ri a Mane Spragg Ru h Naon 1 Sprung Bo nnie Me ton Staffer Ma rtha Jennrngs Stah Pa nc.a La ness Staley Ta Timy El zabeth Stair Sa ah Slallmgs Su san ON Bil Stalls Pa r.cia Ly nne Starer Pa nela He en Stark Glenda Ga ,le Starling Su anne J, net Starnes He en Fran ces Starr Deborah L e Sleagall Ca olyn PI ■asants Sle Sv v.a Elai le Steed Na ncy EI.2 abeth Steelr Ste panie Joyce Stem Na ncy Atvtf ood Stephe Ellen Bolhng Stephens L.n da Kay Stephenson Ela ne Pau a Stern Na icy Mae Stevenson Ba bara E St.fft Ka hy Lynn e Slinson Jan et Ann Stiwalt Ma ureen J Danne Slocl. Ml -helle J f:quie Slon Gvi endolyn L Slory As hley Jus eph Stowes Ka en El.i, beth Slratt Brenda Joy Strickland St. Bve Arthur Tats Ar ine Weavei - Tay -lo Cc ilherina Lo ufse Ti Fr ances Ann Tayl lor Gree nsbort Ashevill China 1 Grov Gree nsbori Bluefield, W Vs Srr „thl,el Moui nl ONi Srr i.thfiel Go Idsbor Spart anburg, S C Bernai rdsville , N J Sar ifo rd Wades pbo ro Frances Taylor Sherry Elarne Ta Adnenne Carol league Lumberton Sandra Earl league Charlotte Janice Ruth Teem Gastonia Barbara Lea Thacker Greensboro James Kenneth Thomas, Jr Greensboro Katheryn Sue Thomas Broadway Stephanie Thomas Point Jan Carolyn Thompson Burlmgton Jane Carolyn Thompson L.ltleton Sarah Jo There Wi nslon-Salem Reba Faye Thorpe Newsoms. Va Sydney Greene Thornton E hzabelhtown Susan Leonora Tilley Wi nston-Salem Therese Eileen Todd Wi nston-Salem Candace Jean Tooker Karen Beaupine Towns( Virginia Council Trask M.ldred E Svlv.a Fa Chevy Chase, Md n Jean Underwood Goldsborc Ray Upchurch Ralecgt lelh Rulh Uzzle Raleigt line JuI.e Va.llancourl Ashevfll. Jane Van Avsdale C astile, N Y Rees Van Wegen Per ,n, ngton, N J Mav Vinrool CharlotK Glenda Ann Ward Marv J ' ll Ward Peggy Ire Beryl Sue Nancy Dale Wa Washington, D C Nancy Rosalyn Vogel Chi jrleston, S C Anne M.chele Vons Mount Air Randi Susan Wade Fan r Haven. N J Candice Crump Wagner Wadesboro Ins Elizabeth Walker HighPoinl June Carol Walker Thomasville Wanda Sue Walker Reidsvitl, Judy Ann Wall Madisoi Melinda Ann Wall Forest Cit ' Rebecca Ann Wall Statesvilli Mary Marsden Wallace Charlotti Rita Joyce Wallace Wal efield. Mass Susan Wallace Ro Chester, N Y Jane Ayers Walsh Lenoii Elizabeth City Brovyn Summ Leonia, N , Donna Mane Webb Winslon-Salem Rosann Mane Webb Des Moines, Iowa Tern Kandis Weisner Durham Betty Jo Welborn Dunn Janet Sue Wellinger Prai rie Village, Kan Carolyn Elaine Wertz Roanoke, Va Mary Katherine Wesson Ale« lander C.ty, Ala Betty Ham West Jesup, Ga Reeves West West Asheville Judrth Ann Westmoreland Canton Judith Kerry Wheeler Seveana Park, Md Pamela Wh.te Sanford Sharyn Elame Wh.te Huntersville Anne Redmond Whitehead Weldon Melba Renaee Wh.tesell Burl.nglon Sandra Vaughn Wh.tfield Haw R.ver Candace Irene Whitney Butlor. N J Kathy Sha Wiant Parken sburg. West Va Nancy Ann W.cker Burlington Beverly Joy W.lder Greensboro Jonatha Frazer Wildermuth Wadesboro Teresa Anne W.lkms Raleigh Carol Ann WMIiams Charlotte Elizabeth Gertrude Williams Ashev.lle Judy Saranna W.ll.ams Kinston Katura Veron.ra Williams Charlotte Leslie Allinson W.ll.ams Wilmington Linda Diane Williams Greensboro Eve Maureen Williamson Aberdeen Nancy Anderson Richmond, Va Bel.nda Inez Wilson Glen Cylhia Lynn W.lson Columbus, Ga Marcia Rebecca W.lson Durham D Joye W.nslead Bunn Deborah Lee Wood Charlotte June Carolyn Wood Spring Hope Leslie Ann Wood Alexandria, Va V.cki Jon Wood Sanford Vick 1 Lynn Wood Ang€ Mia Carlene V. Susa n Ol.via Wooc Kare. -1 Lee Woody Clara Jo Wooten Ellen Faye Wrenn Joan Elizabeth Wr. Barbara June Wright Judith Ann Wright Susan Wood Wright Virginia Marguerite Wrigh Wendy Virginia Wynne Margaret Eunice Yel Nancy Carolyn Yode Pamela Ann York Al.ce Bertha Young Mildred Alberta Youi Blacksburg, Va f Newport News. Va i .» Si CLASS OF 71 Bonnie Brandon Treasurer Betsy Cochrane President Chatti Chatelain Secretary Nancy Ramsay Vice-President Pam While Cheerleader ? ! ' 1 I t= ' , ' - -5 ■?- ' W- »-.! Ind ex Abee Ramona Lee 255 Abbott Jo Carolyn 221 Abernethy, Ava Lee 167 Abernethy, Pamela 221 Abernethy. Sandra 235.114 Adams. Helen 167 Adams Kathryn D.ane 235 Adams. Myra Frances 167 Adams. Sue Fhornton 255 Adcock Brenda Dean 221 Sara 235 Adk.ns. Carol 255 Adkins Grace Ahson 255 Adkisson Ellen Goad 221 Aieres Barbara 120 Ainsley Margaret L 221 A.nstein. 120 Nancy J 255 Albright. Patricia L 167 Alden Kathryn S 235 Alex Jo Anna 255 Alexander. Angela F 235 Alexander. Elizabeth 235 Alexander. Judy Nell 221 Alexander. Mary C 167 Alexander. Mary L 255 Alexander. Robin C 167 Alexander Rosemary R 167 Alexander Tom W 235 Ahon. Ina Kay 235 AlK n Gail 167 Allegrone Olivia 235 Allen. Brenda Kay 255 Allen. Ethel Beaman 255 Allen. Frances E 167 Allen. Judith Anne 255 Allen. Karen M 255 Allen Kerry Jean 255 Allen. Lawrence E 255 Allen. Louise M 235 Ma 167 Allen. Martha 8 221 Allen. Mary K 221 Allen Patricia Faye 235 Allen. Sharon Rose 255 Allen. Susan Foushee 16 Alley. Linda S 221 Alligood Pamela J 255 Allison Kay Karen 221 Alh Parr 149 Allison. S Ulincia 255 Allred Mary Sue 235 Allred Lynda C 235 Allred. Martha E 221 Alli Pals 167 Alspaugh Alice C 221 Altman Margaret H 168 Amos. Angelena 255 Anderson Cynthia L 221 Anderson. Harriette S 235 Anderson Jacqueline 255 Anderson. Julie L 255 Anderson Linda Sue 255 Anderson Mary G 235 Andrasko Lynda J 255 Andrew Elaine 235 Andrews. Annette M 255 Andrews. Christine L 255 Andrews Elizabeth 255 1 14 Andrews Laura 255 Andrews Mary Evelyn 268 Andrews Sara C 221 Anglin Gloria Jean 149 Annas Carolyn Pope 221 Apergis. Steven M 168 Apperson. Pamela J 255 Arey Sylvia Ann 168 Argintar. Susan D 221 Armeen. Peggy Adele 255 Armstrong. Alice Jane 255 Armstrong. Barbara L 255 Armstrong Beverley 255 Armstrong. Loretta 168 Arnette Judy I 255 Arnold. Louise H 255 Arnold, Sandra Faye 255 Arnlsen. Leonne J 255 Arrowood. Patricia 168 Arrowood Talitha F 221 Arthur. James Douglas 255 Arthur. Janet 235 Arthur. Jean 128 Ashburn. Mayf, Ashe. Terry Barr 101.13 Ashcraft. Nancy Jane 22 Ashworth. Hollace 235 Aspden Kathryn Jane II Assakul. Pantipa 235 Asten. Katherine L 114 Atkins. Cynthia 168 Atkinson. Janine G 235 n 255 Atkii . Lind r 221 Atkinson Tommy A 255 Atwood. Marsha Diane 255 Auman, Mary McCormick 168 Austin. Charles E 235 Austin, Debra Ann 235 Austin, Edna Louise 221 Austin. Patricia Ann 255 Austin. Tina E 168 Auton. Ladonna R 235.107 Autry. Mary Wesley 168 Autry. Nancy Sue 235 Avant. Janice Reid 255 Avant. Martha Elizabeth 255 Avery Ann Warlick 221 Avery Kate 235 Avery Mary Jane 255.120 Aycock. Frances 235 Aydlett Anne Hall 168 Ayers Barbara Jean 255 Ayers Carol Annette 169 127 Ayscue Allison Dawn 255 Bacon Mary Ellen Baggett. Shirley A 221 Baer Elizabeth 256 Bagatelle Noel 235 Baggett. Susan 235 Bagwell. Nancy L 256 Baggett. Lorraine 256 Bailey. Kalhenne C 169 Bailey Mary Rosanne 235 Baker Anna Faye 169 Baker Candace C 235 Baker Carolyn L 235 Baker Gail Phyllis 256 Baker Nancy Carol 256 Baker. Nancy Lou 256 Baker Nancy Ruth 256 ' icky Ela 1 Ma e 221 1 256 Wil 221 Ba Ba Ba Bakker. Riejan H J 256 Balalas Helen Gus 235 Baldree Susan D 256 Baldwin Carolyn 109.120 Baldwin Helen 169 Bales Susan E 235 Ball. Wanda Avis 235 Ballance Mary F 169 Ballard Myrtle E 235 Ballard Sandra Kay 256 Ballentme Carolina 256 Ballew. Patricia 256 Ballew. Suzanne E 235 Ballou Joyce Lenta 256 Ballinger. Susan 235 Banks Susan Joy 235 1 26 Barfis Ma r 221 169 Ann 235 Martha 1 1 6 1 69 R 256 Sa Barham Charlene K 169 Barker Jane Louise 221 Barker. Martha Jane 235 Barkley. Mary Lee 169 Barlow. Linda Kay 235 Barnard. Sheila Fay 235 : Ode 169.1 les. Cheryl Anita 221 les Dons Young 169 les. Elizabeth 221 les Georgia Lynn 170 les Helen Lecla 221 les Joan Elizabeth 256 les Orville K 116 lett Julia A 235 Robbie Adair 221 ett Leigh A 221 ett Rita Kay 170 ler Susan M 256 inger. Lillian A 170 Ba 1 221 Barrow Gilda Lee 221 Barrow Patricia 256 Barrows Wendy 235 Barry Sharon Amanda 256 Barton Janet Lee 256 Barton. Mary E 221 Barton. Myra Jane 170.106 Bass Carolyn Kay 256 Bass. Dilys W 256 Bass. Emily Douglas 170 Bass. Patricia Ann 236 Bass Rebecca Jo 256 Batchelor Emma C 236 Batten Kathleen B 256 Batten Sylvia Ann 256 Batts. Cynthia K 221 Baits. Dianna L 235.107 Batts Linda Lou 256 Baucom Sylvia Diane 236 Baute Sarah Kathryn 255 Baxter Elizabeth 221 137 Baxter. Laura L 236 Baynard Linda L 236 Baynes Gaynelle H 116 Baynes. Johnny Lee 256 Beach. Patricia Anne 256 Beamer Elizabeth Ann 1 70 1 37 Beane Donna Cherlyn 256 Beane Sharon Kay 221 Beatty Sylvia Ann 236 Beaver Eleanor K 221 Beck. Patricia D 221 Becker. Janice C 221 Beckerdite Nancy Ann 256 Beeson. Linda Kay 236 Behrman. Gayle S 256 Beindortt Nancy Lynn 256 Belding Barbara E 221 Bell Sandra Grace 256 Bellamy. Dons G 236 1 18 Benbow Elizabeth A 221.134 Bennett Barbara Jean 256 Bennett Frances A 221 Bennett. Noma A 236 Bennett. Olivia Ann 221 Benning Anne H 236 Benlon Deborah Rae 256 1. Consuelo 256 1. Deborah B 236 Susan Kay 170,121 1 BIj 170 Syh Berrier Berrier Berry. Elizabeth L 236 Berry. Sonja Louise 256 Beshears. Rebecca E 256 Best. Mary Louise 236 Bethune Sylvia B 236 Biggerstaff Beverly 236 Biggins Mane L 256 Biggins Patricia K 170 Biggs Sandra Lynn 221 Bingham. Pnscilla S 222 Bisbee. Donna Jean 222.137 op. Ju 170 p. Martha C 236 ; Patncia A 222 . Anne Woodson 222 . Barbara Ann 256 Barbara Joanne 256 . Evelyn D 170 I Bet 1 256 lae 257 257 1. Constani . Elizabeth 236 an Forrest 257 Beverly L 257 Elizabeth 257 236 236 leen F 120 ara Ann 257 ary E 236 Blank snship. Kathy S 236 Blank B. Meredith 257 Blantc n. Lorelei 236 Blaum an. Beth Ann 257 Blinso n. Joyce J 236 Bhcke r. Sally Ann 171 Bloun Carol Jean 257 Blythe Betty Clark 236.1 18 Bobbi t. Patricia R 171 Bodfo rd Robert E 257 Bodsford Susan E 257 Boetlr er. Lynette S 236 Bohan nan Rebecca A 171 Bohre r. Marilyn E 236 Bole Gwendolyn F 236 Boles Bertha Mae 236 Bolick Donna L 236.107 Bolin. Elizabeth 222.118 Bolin. Susan Anne 222 Bonne r. Suzanne Lou 257 Booke r Judith Ann 171 Booke r. Vicki Louise 236 Boone Janice Gail 222 Boone . Patricia Jo 222 Borns em, Joan A 171 Bost. Betty Connna 257 Bosw II. Mary V 257 Bosw M, Sharon Todd 257 Bouch er. Helen Kaese 222 Bowden, Lucy Raye 257 Bowe s Anne Stuart 257 Bowe s. June Irene 222.137 Bowe s. Mary Alethea 1 71 Bowe s. Rebecca H 236.1 18 Bowes. Joan C 236 Bowie s. Linda Lathem 257 Bowm an Janice Sue 257 Bowm an. Judith M 236.114 Bowm an. Katherine C 236 Boyd Brenda Cathy 236 Boyd Gwendolyn M 236 Boyd. Jo Anne 257 Boyd, Linda Mae 171,126 Boyd, Rebecca A 171 Boyer, Judith Lyon 257 Boyette, Patty Sue 257 Boykin, Suzanne L 222 in, Jennifer A 236 tt, Bennie C 236 111. Judy L 257 itt, Linda L 236 law, Judy Kay 172 law, Karen E 256 ler, Louise H 257 jn, Belinda 172,120, ' )n, Bonnie Sue 257,1 Na I L 257 ah H 257 la J 222 a J 236 C 236 222 :n 257 ss D 236 Faye 257 le A 236 Viorton 257 237 dge , Joanne K 237 dge . Martha E 257 dge , Harriet Jane 222 dge , Joy Susan 172 ghar n, Mary F 237,126 ght. Shirley Gene 172 gn-ia n, Danita C 222 les. Marlene K 172 nkle y. Judith Lynn 172,1 1 nkle y, David Foil 257 nkle y, Ellen L 222 ssor , Hilda Ruth 172,147 tt, Deborah Diane 257 tt, R ta D 222 tton Barbara Ann 222 1 16 tton Margaret D 172,103 ock. Helen T 222,1 18 Doke r, Sarah Foster 222 ooks Partricia Anne 172 ooks Deborah Lynn 222 otlon , Sally Ann 222 ouss 3rd, Susan Amy 257,1 own. Amelia W 257,120 own. Barbara Ann 257 own Betty Jane 222 own. Bonita T 222 own Brenda Kay 172 own. Carol Terrell 173 own. Constance J 237 own. Cornelia D 222 own. Cynthia Ann 173 own. Cynthia L 222 own. Deborah L 222 , Madelir Petr I Dow 237 Roberta Leigh 257 Sandra Jane 258 Shirley Lois 258 Susan J 222 Susan Leigh 258 Susan Merle 258 Tom Reid 222 wning, Mary E 237 yies, Beverly Jo 237 yies, Bonita Jean 237 an, Jo Evelyn 237 ant. Anne E 173 ant. Miranda C 222.104 son, Julia Anna 258 son, Rebecca 222 hholi, Paige R 222,149 ;k, Susan Elizabeth 258 I Bri 102 Burgi Burg, Burg rd, Brenda Kaye 237 rd, Candace G 237 rd, Linda L 237 rd, Deborar Ann 258 rd, Patricia Ann 237 ns, Janice Karen 258 ns, Amanda B 237 ck, Julia E 237 ck, Lida Chapman 173 ck, Marjone L 258 h, Virgie Lee 258 e, Brenda Preston 173 105,142 . Mary Ann 258 ess, Betty Lou 222 ess, Bonnie B 173 in, Carolyn A 222 in, Kristin Ann 258 e. Donna Rae 258 ett. Alberta O 237 head. Bettie Sue 174,1 18 ette, Carolyn E 222 etlc, Deborah D 237 Btte, Nancy L 258 s. Marsha Pat 258 Jughs, Sue L 237 )ws, Lynda Anne 258 jss, Jane Hampton 258 , Ann Stearnes 174.147 , Beverly Sue 237 r. Anita Ryan 174 r, Anne Haward 222 r Jack Randal 258 r, Mary Ellen 1 74 1 03, 1 02, 1 4 1 sr, Sandra Mane 174 Bynu Byrd. T, Susan E 174 Ruth Ann 237 Ti, Carolyn F 237 Donna Kaye 258 Sara Catherine 258 Sue 258 Virginia Jane 237 , Evelyn L 222 , Helen E 222 Paula Jean 222 , Carolyn Sue 258 , Frances Lynn 258 , Joan Catherine 258 I, Donna B 237 1, Deborah D 258 1, Jane Allison 258 1, Mary L 237 Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbel , Deborah 258 Heather A 258 Linda Ann 258 Mary E 237 Rebecca Lynn 258 Canaday. Paula Faye 237 Canfield. Leonora Glen 174 Cannon, Alice Camelli 258 Cannon, Faye 174 Cannon. Judith Ann 222 Cannon, Wanda Jean 258 Cantrell, Rebecca J 237 Garden, Judith 258 Garden, Rachel Diane 258 Cardwell, Carolyn 222 Gardwell, Thomas V 237 I 237 lusan P 223 Alma Ruth 237 Deborah L 258 Gladys Y 258 Nancy H 258 sr, Jackie P 237 ira Anne 258 raine N 174 la Vann 258 Carpenter Phyllis Hall 223 Carpenter Sue Lynn 237 Carr, Barbara E 258 Carriel, Mary Ann 258 Carringer, Sandra 223 Carroll. Charlotte F 175 Carter. Anita Frances 237 Carter, Barbara C 237 Garter, Carolyn F 223 Carter, Glenda Faye 258 Carter, Gwendolyn 259 Carter, Judy Diane 259 Carter, Kathie Jeanine 223 Carter, Patsy Jane 237 Carter, Patricia D 237 Cartwright, Talula E 237 Case, Frances E 223 Casey, Karen Diane 175 Cash, Heady Angela 223 Cashion, Betty Sue 175 Gates, Alice E 259 Gates Patricia Anne 237 Cathey, Penelope D 237 Caudill, Betty G 223 Caudle, Dons Elaine 259 Cecil, E Anne 259 Causey, Judy F 223 Causey, Sandra Jean 259 Cecil, Jeanne Scott 259 Gen Mu 175, ' Chadwick, Emily 159.126 Chamberlain. Marjone 259 Chambers, Christine G 237 Chambers, Mane Anne 237 Champion, Cynthia A 237 Chandler, Carol Lynn 259 Chandler, Jan D 238 Chandler, Maria Nita 259 175 Chandler, Susan K 223 Chaney, Myrtle S 223,137 Chapman, Jane L 238 Chapman, Linda Huss 223 Chapman, Nancy E 259 Chappell, Judith C 238 Charlton, Paul 259 Chastain, Brenda S 238 Chatelain, Patricia 259 Chavis, Larhoda F 259 Cheek, Anelia Sue 259 Cheek, Betty Emarita 175,1 Check, Barbar Cheek Betty . Ma 175 I 238 S 175 Cheek, Wilda Kay 238 Cherry, Wilsonia E 238 Ghicelli, Kathryn G 259 Childress Frances 238 Chris :o. Barb ro J 238 Chish olm. Har net 238 Chrys sikos. V rginia 238 Chunn, Betty Elaine 259 Chore h. Rebec ca J 223,137 Churc h, Susar K 238 Clapp Donna flae 259 Clapp Thoma s 116 Clark Ann C 120 Clark Ellen K ger 175 Clark Paula G ray 238 Clark Rebecc a Mane 259 Clark Susan Elayne 259 Clark Tophie Allison 175 Clarke, Ann A rmor 259 Clayton, Vivk Long 238 Clement, Mary 238 Clement Susa n L 238 Clements, Ren noma K 259 Clem Tier, Catherine C 238 Cleve and. Da e L 238 Cleve and Ma rgaret R 259 Cline Norvell Kent 259 Cline Shearor 223 Clont- , Harrie L 259 Coates, Jud Cobb, Janel Cobb, Marg Cobb, Shell I 238,109 I 223 e 238 se 238 Cochran, Anda Williams 223 Cochrane, Elizabeth 259,109,120 Cochrane, Knsan L 238 Cochrane, Nancy P 259 Cochran, Robin Ford 238 Cocke, Wanda Lee 238 Cockman. Ruby Jewell 223 Goddington, Gladys T 1 14 Cody, Linda Gail 259 Cody, Sandra Lee 223 Coe, Mavis Elian 259 Coffey, Marjone F 259 Cogbill, Theodora 238 Cohn, Beth Ellen 175 Cohoon Andrea Leigh 259 Cole, Mary Browning 176 Colebrook, Carol Ann 259 Coley, Anita Jane 259 Cole Coll , Gen E 238 238 , 238 Goo Sara E 259 Sara Heath 238,1 1 Sarah Elaine 1 76 Norma Lynn 238 Mane J 176,153 Carolyn E 238 Frances E 259 lazeline P 176 Bettye Rose 259 lie, Chrysteena 176 Conwell, Frances H 176 Cook, Judy Kay 223 Cook, Linda Gaye 238 Cook, Sylvia Ann 238 Cooke, Elizabeth L 223 Cooke, Joyce Mane 259 Cooke, Mary E 176 Cooper, I Cooper, . Cooper, I Copley, E Coppedgi Barbara J 223 Betty Dianne 223 Cathy Jean 1 26 259 irginii 176 « 223 ■ Elaine 259 Kay 176,1 IE a Gale 223 rie C 238 , Ellen 238 Con Sand 259 Dani , Helen A 223 Courville. Susan L 223 Cowling, Sharon Lee 177 154.158 Cox, Anne Chr.sline 259 Cox, Betty Joyce 238 Cox, Claire E 238 Cox, Frances E 177 Cox, Hermine E 177 Cox, L.nda Dee 223 Cox, L.nda K 177 Cox. L.nda Susan 260 Cox, Marcella C 238 Cox, Nancy Lou 260 Cox, Pamela Bern.ce 223 Cox, Patricia Ann 260 Cox, Sandra Dean 177 Sus 13-1 Coyle, Margaret Ann 177,118 Coyle, Mary Virginia 238 Cozart, Jennifer D 260 Crabtree, Cathy Dee 260 Crablree, Mary L 238 Craft, Bonnie Connne 260 Craig, Brenda Louise 177 Craig, Susan Kent 177 Cranfill, Cheryl Lynn 238 Cranford, Sandra Kay 177 Craven. Gay Linda 260 Graver, Loretta Ann 238 Crawford, Elizabeth W 238 Crawford, Mane L 260 Crawford, Susan Jane 177,118 Crawley, Joan P 223 Crayton. Mary Anne 238 Creech, Phyllis R 239 Cresimore, Judith A 177 Cr ews. Cole ne Hine 177 Cr ews, Cyn hia Anne 239 Cr ews, Sha on Mane 239 Cr diebaugh Mary E 178 Cr sp, Brenda Joyce 260 Cr ssman, J ennie K 223,127 Cr ttenden. Elizabeth 178 Cr ocker, Ju dith Ann 223 Cr Dckett, M artha Ann 178 Crockett, St lly Dent 223 Cr ooks, Lin Ja Joyce 223 Cross, Pair cia Roos 178 Cr owell. Ju a Ellen 178 Cr owell, Lin da L 260 Cr ump, Cyn thia L 223 Cr ump, Don a Jane 260 Cr ump, Rus sell H 260 Cr ump, Suz anne 260 Cr utchfield. Carol G 178 Cs erpnyak. Charlotte S 178 Cu ddington Linda D 239 Cu Ibertson, Betsy 178 Cu Ibreth, Eva Mae 223 Cu Her, Fred Milton 260 Cu nninqhan , Carol J 178 Cu nninghan , Rieta 239 Cu rry, Fran es 239 Cu rtis, Lind a Neshaug Cu Ihbertson , Caroline 239 Cu tier, Dary 1 Joyce 260 Cu tier, Phyl IS Jean 178 Dagenhart, Janella K 239 Dallas, Lucinda 260 Dalmas, Jean A 239,134 Dalton, Nola Jean 178,134 ■irginia 223 ince 239 me F 179,109 Darr, Mane E 239 Daughtry, Ginger 239 Davenport, Betty C 260 Davenport, Cynthia E 260 tlavenport, Kathenne 223 Davenport, Sharyn D 179 Daves, Elizabeth T 239 David, Linda Arleen 260 Davidson, Carol L 260 Davies, Doreen E 260 Davis, Annette W 223 Davis, Beverly Ann 260 Davis, Carol Jean 239 Davis, Deborah Dawn 239 Davis, Dona Lee 239 Davis, Donna Jeanne 260 Davis, Dorothy I 239 Dav 179 Davis, Frances Ann 223 Davis, Freddie Ann 1 18 Davis, Hilda Clarine 239 Davis, Jo Ann 239 Davis, Johnnie G 239 Davis, Joyce Ann 179 Davis, Judith Anne 260 Davis, Julia C 260 Davis, Laverne E 239 Davis, Linda L 223 Davis, Marietta 239 Davis, Pratt Isenhour 179 Davis, Rebecca J 239 Davis, Sara E 260 Davis, Sharon D 260 Davis, Susan Jill 260 Davis, Sylvia Anne 239 Davis, Virginia C 260 Dawes. Linda Ann 239 Dawson. Bobbie Jean 260 Dawson. Rebecca E 179 Dayvault. Harriet L 260 Deal. Marsha Breed 179 Deal, Vicki Lynn 239 Dean, Sandra Mae 239 DeBernard, Cynthia J 223 Debruhl, Susan P 260 Decoster, Edith M 239 Deese, Teresa Lynn 260 Degen, Leslie Ann 260 DeHaven, Philip E 260 Dekok, Alice Miriam 239 Delancey, Barbara 223 Delaney, Cynthia C 179 Delaney, Mary J 224 Delgrande, Susan P 260 Delong. Sherilyn E 239 Demattec, Daene W 260,120 Demay, Barbara K 260 Dempsey, Dale P 179 Denning, Bethany A 260 Denny, Jermayne 260 Den , Lari M 179 Depetto. Ge Depew. Constance Joy 1 7 Derrick. Margaret E 260 Dew. Sarah Amanda 260 Dewey, Diana 224 Dewitt, Mary Margaret 1 7 Dial, Hugh Dorsey 224 Dickens, Angie Lynn 260 Dickens. Clara Jean 261 Dickerson. Mary K 224 Dickerson. Nancy G 224 Dillard. Rebecca Baus 261 Dillion. Cynthia 261 Disario, Martha R 261 Dishman. Eileen 180 Dix. William R 239 Dixon. Cheryl Dean 261 Dixon. Linda Lee 261 Dixon. Paul W Jr 180 Doane, Deanna A 239 Dodson, Janet Lynne 261 Donahue. Dawn Mane Donati. Mary Camille 224 Donnell. Cynthia S 239 Donnell. Susan Carol 239 I 261 Dor: . Deborah L 239 Doub. Gayle E 261 Doughtie. Martha 239 Douglass. Linda Ware 239 Downey. Beverly G 239 Doyle. Sammy F 180 Dozier. Helen Deane 180 Draughn. Vicki Ann 239 Drew, Paulette 180 Driver. Kathenne E 261 Drum. Donna Michaele 224 Dudley. Barry Stanford 116 Duffy. Jimmi Ann 239 . Alh 261 Dulin. Lucy B 180 Duncan. Mary Amanda 239 Duncan. Mary Cecelia 239 Duncan. Rita Olsen 224 Dun I 261 Dunivant. Penelope A 261 Dunivant. Sarah F 261 Dunn. Judith Carol 239.1 II Dunn. Sandra M 224 Dupont. Elizabeth 239 Dupree. Carolyn Rose 180 Dupree. Janet Lynn 261 Durkin. Patricia Ann 240 Dwiggins. Nancy K 224 Dyal, Mary Ann 240 Dyson Ins Juliana 224 Eak ins, Sarah Anice 261,1 26 Ear ey, Patricia L 224 Ear es, Emily Dell 261 Ear p, Judith Ann 180 Ear p, Judith D 261 Eas on, Leona Belle 224 Eas on. Vicki E 240 Eat man. Elizabeth A 180 Eck er. Lydia Ann 240 Ed niston. Ethel 240 Edr nondson. Marcia L 1 8C Edv yards. Carol Anne 240 Ed» yards, Gayle M 261 Edv yards, Joyce Lynn 224 Edwards, Judy Gail 261 Edv yards, Kathy Jane 224, 49 Edv vards, Laura Jane 240 Edwards. Nil )aryl Meade 224 cquelyn R 180 I Ruth 261 Dii Do . 261 3land 261 Vivian 240 ances 240 Mane 240 Mae 240 I A 224 261 Ellis. Sandra Ann 261 Ellis. Segrid Ann 240 Elosser. Karen Louise 18 Elosser. Donna Kay 161 El Ramey. Teresa 224 Emshe. Marian I 261 Endicott. Donna Lee 224 England, Norma Jane 26 Engleman, Roberta Ann Ennis, Donna Ruth 261 Epperson, Mary Alice 26 Eppes, Elizabeth J 224 Enckson, Lala A 240 Ericson, Sharon L 181 Essick, Julia A 224 Eubank, Cynthi Eudy, Rita Gay 261 Eure. Linda Faye 181 Evans. Diana Mescal 240 Evans. Jane Ina 261 Evans. Joyce Ann 224 Evans. Mina Jean 240 Evans. Joyce Ann 224 Evans. Nancy Carol 240 Evans. Patsy Ruth 240 Evans. Mary E 224 Evans. Sheila Dale 261 Everhart. Betty Jean 261 Eye, Christina Sue 240 Fairbanks, Elsie D 261 Faircloth, Linda C 261 Farley, Patricia Sue 261 Farlow, Donald Eugene 224 Farmer, Kathleen D 181 Earns, Mary Camille 181 Pass. Marjorie Lauren 261 Faust. Diana June 181 Favrao. Ann Mollis 240 Faw. Martha E H 181 Fayed. Betty Jean 240 Fearnngton. Eilla A 261 Federal. Margaret A 182 Feltman. Carol M 262 Felts. Dorothy Mane 261 Femia, Ann Carmella 240 Ferguson, Betsy G 262 Ferguson. Shirley S 224 Fergusson. Anne F 240 Ferree. Linda C 224 Ferrell. Bettie Jane 262 Fields. Darlene 240 Fields. Phyllis Ann 224 Fields. Sadie Davis 182 Finch. Margaret 224 Finch. Marsha Sue 262 Fincher, Ethel D 224 Finley, Joan Ellen 262 Fish, Terry Elaine 182 Fisher, Ada Markita 240 Fisher, Linda Carol 224.137 Fisher, Virginia G 240 Fitch, Charlotte E 240 Fite Janet Ruth 240 Fitzhugh, Mary J 224 Fitzig, Martha Jame 262 Fitzpatrick, Melissa 262 Fitzula, Janet Andrea 262 Flake. Betty Joyce 262 Flanagan. Susan Jame 224 Fleishman, Roslyn B 262 Fletcher, Donna E 262 Fling, Karen Janet 224 Flood, Constance R 262 Flowers. Linda Berta 1 10 Flowers, Linda Jean 182,1 1 1 Floyd, Mary Ann 240 Fluharty, Elzie L 262 Dorothy Anne 262,1 Jovila Dawn 224 Sandra Elaine 262 Lucrlle Duke 262 Melinda D 240 Barbara Jane 262 Jane Leah 224 , Sharyn Su 182 inita Burke 262 , Carol Ann 224 , Cynthia Sue 262 Sharon Kay 262 er, Janice S 262 It. Frances 182 1. Mary Carol 224 :onstance G 182.123 Johnny Kay 224 Susan Carol 224 Sherry Lynne 182.1 14 . Betle Jo 262 . Joyce Gail 224 . Kathryn Ann 224 . Ma Kay 182 Reba . Bobir I D 262 :ay 224 Louise 262 ler. Sara Kathryn 240 ■ler. Sue Haigler 252 ' Ikes. Gwendolyn H 240 Judith Claire 240 Phyllis Ann 240 Janice Lynn 224 ice. Barbara Ann 262 . Ba 182 Vivkie Lee 262 Sandra Kay 240 -. Deborah E 262 ■. Patricia L 224 an. Janet 225 an. Lela M 225.128 an. Linda Joyce 225 and. Trudy D 225 . Pamela Elaine 225 . Phyllis E 225 . Cyn 262 lela Anne 262 ;andall W 262 ' atricia 262 Dargan 104.101 Melinda A 240 abeth D 262 ha Caron 262 Verlyn B 225.128 I. Sall y E 240 Sharan J 240 lia Ann 240 mcy Jean 262 Eleanor 225 sthenne R 290 rk, Linda 240 nice R 225 Ma 182 I Ren Gabard. Anna Karen 183 Gabis. Nancy Zerman 183 Gabriel. Lovetta J 241 Gaddy, Diane Irene 262 Gaines. Vickie J 262 Gale o. Janice Mane 241 .inda Margaret 225.149 II. Mary Jane 183 . Rebecca D 225 Carol Lea 241 . Susan Garland 264,120 Br. Sandra Ruth 262 rd. Rebec za P 262 son. Ja cgL eline A 2 son. Re be ca C 262 Judith M 183 n, Gail Fr noes 241 3. Paula Je an 225 II. Che ryl Hicks 183 ns. Cy nth a S 252 .. Linda Sl san 262 Brings. Lil Ann 262 Gehring. Susan B 241 . Gertrude 263 Gentry Judy K 241 Gentry Lind a Kay 225 George . Ann Elizabeth 263 George . Jud th Ann 263 George . Che ry Anne 184 Gerard Virg ma P 225 Gholso n. Gr selle 184.103.1 Gibbs. Mary K 241 Gibson . Lind a Sue 225 Gibson . Mar y Jo 225 Gibson . Wan da Gayle 263 Gilbert Jane t Rhae 263 Gilbert son. irginia 225 Gill. Cheryl Yvonne 263 Gillesp e. Abby Rose 241 Gillisp e. Ca olyn L 225 Gillesp e. Ja yne K 241 Gilley. Glori Jean 263 Gilliam . Katl- ryn 184.1 18 Gillis. Patnc a Ann 184 Gillis. Vicky Lynn 241 Gilmer Anns Averty 225 Gilmer Ellen Louise 263 Gilmor a. Kat hryn 241.127.1 Gilreath. Flo a R 241 Gleaso n. Su an K 225 Glenn. Mary Rabbin 263 Glenn. Mary Ruth 241 Glover Cind y Lou 263.120 Goard. Jacqueline C 241 Gobbe Eliz, beth R 241 Godwin. Ing id Rose 225 Goins. Laura Jane 241 Gains. Share n Ann 225 Gold. Patsy -ee 225 Goldbe rg. El ssa 1 263.120 Golden Mar garet Gail 263 Golden Mar y T 184 Goldsn ith. J ane E 225 Gomed ela. C elia S 263 Gondra . Mar a Ines 241 Gooch Chri tie A 263 Goodm an. P aula S 263 Goodm an. S acie P 241 Goodn ght. L inda S 263 Goods n. Av IS Kay 225 Good « in. Sar sh S 241 Goad ivyn. Ma ry Ann 184 Goore . My rtle E 225 Garde n. J cq e ine S 18 Gordc n. L jcin d 225 Gordc n. S n e 263 Gass Mar y A nn e 263 Gotth Bb. Phyl IS Ann 263 Gotts :hall M r E 225 . Pair B 241 ham. Virginia J 185 nt. Adrianna B 241 sly. Celia Annette 185 vely. Bettye 225 ves. Sandra Leigh 225 185 263 ' Coppedge 225 e Ma rth Lyr n 241.13 e Ra yne te Y 263 e Sy via 225 field Lin da N 263 spon Ri a B 263 s . Sl san Ann 263 egso n. Meg E 225 gunc h. Ced ic H 241 er. E leanor K 263 ffin. Jacqueline 185.103 ffin. Lorna E 186 ffin. Louise F 241 ffin. Marga rel C 263 ffin. Rita P 263 ffith Carol Ann 263 ffith Cathe rine E 241 ffith Pame a Sue 225 ggs Myra Ellen 263 mes Linda Gail 241 rogan Mar h Branon 263 rose. Margaret Sue 263 rubbs Lau a Jean 241 rubbs Mar y Lynn 263 rubbs Nan cy Dell 241 rymes Suz anne 263 schwi nd. J ennifer 241 uffy. L ulia a Ann 186.103 M 225 uice. eggy Ann 263 uilkey Ma ilyn 225 ulledg e. Na ncy J 225 Ma 1 241 By. Victoria L 186.137 . Grace Theresa 225 . Brenda Louise 186 . Sharan Anne 263 s. Priscilla 241.103 . Deborah Wood 263 . Durema Joyce 263 Ha hd ay. M jrga ret E 186 Ha pe in S san J 242 Ha m. Sh sro n E Zt 2 Ha mb ig hi. Sar ah E 264 Ha millon. Sandra Leo 225 Ha mlet. Margaret A 225 Ha mmond. Carol Ann 264 Ha mmond. Judith G 186 Ha mmond, Nancy Anna 186.1 ' Ha mpton, Cynthi J 225 mrick, Ava Ma na 242 Ha mrick, Phyllis Jane 226 Ha mrick, Rosem ry R 264 Ha nd, Eileen Teresa 187 Ha nd, Mary Jean 187.103.107 nna. Susar Adella 264 . Mar Of e A 242 bau gh. Kr 1st n C 187 buc k. Pat ic a Ar n 187 den Patr cia Anne 264 dm Judy Ca rol 87 dm Paula K 226 ding. Ann F. rrov » 242 dis n. Lin da Gai 242 rkey. Calhenne A 264 rkey. Janet Mane 226 rley, Alfred N 264 rley. Alice K 226 rley. Patricia G 226 now. Grace Louise 187 rman. Amelia Jean 226 rman. Jean Sherwood 264 rmon. Sheila B 226 1 S 254 Harper. Jacquelyn M 226 Harper. Kay E 226 Harrell. Belly Ja 264 Harrell. Lynda L 264 Harrell. Mary Rose 225 Han 187 1. Mary E 187 1. Margaret E 226 1. Mary V 254 s. Brenda Anne 264 s. Carol Ann 226 s. Cecile E 187 s. Elizabeth 264.120 s. Judy Ann 188 s. Mary Diane 264 s. Mark Emmett 264 s. Nancy Jeanne 226 s. Vicki E 188 son. Cynthia L 242 son, Dons Jean 226 son, Joan Lee 188 son, Linda Ruth 264 son, Sarah Ann 264 5y, Jenny Anne 226 rove. Martha A 226 gan. Julia J 242 ey. Melanie 264 oe. Lois Ann 225 Carol Perry 264 Ma 186 sl 226 t 264.106.120 264 , Patsy R 242 Hauser Hawkri . Brenda Jane IS. Melba Ann Hawkins, Sarah F 226 Hawks. Andrea Lee 242 Hawks. Kee Ann 188 Hayden. Gail E 242 Hayes. Leanna Mae 264 Hayes. Margaret 188.104 Hayes. Maryelta E 242 Haymore. Glenda Ann 264 Haynie. Sandra B 264 Haywood. Stieila C 264 Hayworth. Emily Jean 188.137 Haywortti Barbara Sue 226 Heafner, Martha Jill 242 Hedgpeth. Harriet 264 Hedgpeth. Lynda Gayle 188 Heermans, Lynne B 264 Hege Freida Suzanne 242 Helms. Barbara Ann 242 Helms. Dorothy Mane 264 Helms. Maria Elaine 226 Helms. Pamela M 226 Helms. Nma Lynn 242 Helsabeck, Elizabeth 264 Henderson. Elizabeth 242 Henderson. Mary 188 Henderson. Rebecca J 242 HendriK. Patsy Lynn 264 Henley. Mary M 264 Hennis. Verda Idol 188 Hepler. Rebecca Sue 242 Herman. Sandra Nell 264 Herndon Beverly C 226 Herrih. Myra Lynn 188 Herring. Cathy 242 Herring. Karen Jane 264 Herritage. Wilhelmena 226 Hethcock. Clarice 226 Heyl. Charlotte 242 . Edna Pennell 264 !rson Jeanne Y 242 jrson. Mary Jane 264 ■nan. Claudia C 264 nan. Judy Neil 188 ;. Anne Bramble 226 5. Clara Sue 264 i Jan Engel i. Mildred S 264 i. Rae Hinton 188 3n. Hubert L 226 ns. Claudia V 226 ns. Vicki Dawn 242 jrandt. Carol J 226 r Joyce Elaine 242 eth. Mary S 242 Barbara Jean 189 Brenda Sue 226 Burma Carol 226 Carolyn Dianne 189 Eleanor 226 Janet E 189 Larry Richard 264 Martha Susan 264 rd. Belinda 265 rd. Margaret 242 r Vicki R 265 er. Nancy 242 n. Cheryl W 226 bauch. Linda Lee 265 iliffe. Janice 106.189 , Linda Lou 242 i Martha 226 i Mary F 242 int Barbara Ann 265 iaie Susan B 265 Jale. Susan M 265 law Kay 265 law Paula E 226 Hinsha w. Lucile 242 Hinson . Delores 242 Hirsch Anita Susan 189 Hitchcock. Judy L 242.1 14 Hitchc 3Ck. Jean 226 Hite. Karen Ann 226 Hobgo Dd Martha Chadwick 142 Hobgo Dd. Martha T 265 Hobso 1. Marie A 189 Hobson. Patricia 265 Hobson. Sarah Ann 265 Hodge . Cassandra 1 89 1 34 Hodge . Ina Christine 265 Hodgin . Patsy Jane 265 Hodgs n. Betsy Gobble 226 Hoffler Mary Angela 242 Hoffma n. Janet Anne 265 Hoffma n. Margaret 1 1 1 Hofler. Betty Susan 265 Hogue Carol M 242 Hoke. Sharon Kay 265 Holder Eleanor Inez 226 S 265 I 227.137 uttstetler. Judith 227 Hcllifield. Sheila 265 3way. Nancy K 265 enbeck. Bryant 265 1 Ho eye utt Carol Ann 265 Ho eye utt Julia A 265 Ho eye utt Joan Carol 226 Ho eye utt Nancy 226 Hood. She la Dee 265 Hoc ks. Ma rtha Dianne 242 Hooper . M ary Boyd 190 Hooper . S rah 265 Ho d. J udv C 190 Ho lac er. Barbara 242 Ho nba ck. Anita 227 Ho ne. Betty Fran 265 Ho ney H met 227 Ho sley N ancy 190 Ho ton Br enda 265 Ho ton Di xie 227.103 1 18 Ho ton El zabeth 265 Ho Ion Sa rah Louise 227 Ho ley Rebecca Ann 242 Ho ck. Ma rtha Jane 265 Ho rigan Susan M 190 106 Glori Pene 243 ope Ann 265 Howard. Janice 265 Howard. Sheila Elaine 243 Howard. Susan Hendrix 227 Howe, Rebecca Ann 243 Howell. Evelyn 190 Howell Evelyn L 265 Howell Georgia 243 Hower. Elizabeth Ann 190 Hoyle Mary Linker 265 Hoyle Rachel Anne 227 Hoyng. Mary Helen 265 Hrenko Joan Mane 265 Hubbard Barbara 227 Hubbard. Susan 265 Huckabee Marsha 243 Hudson Ella 265 Huey. Ronald D 265 Huffman. Agnes Ann 265 Huffman. Janie Mane 265 Huffman. Mary K 265 Hulbert. Re e 265 265 Carol 227 uzanne 243 Catherine 265 Dons Lowe 243 Katerine 265 Glendel 190.137 1. Janet 265 Henderson 190 ion. Judith A 227 . Katherine 243 I. Joan T 266 Ingle. Margaret S 243 Ingle. Mary Anna 227 Ingram. Anne C 243 Ingram. Nancy Jane 227 Ingram. Polly Jo 227 Inman. Margaret Ann 266 Inscoe. Bonnie 227 lobst. Rebecca Anne 266 Ipock. Jennifer 266 Isaacs. Rosalyn R 266 Isenhour. Carole E 266 Isley. Ada Chris 191 Isley. Betty Jean 243 Israel. Mary 227 Ivey Sandra Faye 266 Ivester. Judy 227 Jabs en Linda Jo 243 Jack son Anne L 266.153 15 Jack son. Bren da 266 Jack son Bren da Gayle 266 Jack son. Glor a Jane 243 Jack son. Jane Ellen 227 Jack son. Judy F 266 Jack son. Laur a E 227 Jack son Lind 227.1 18 Jack son. Neva Ross 243 Jaco bs. Cynth a L 266 bson. Hel ene S 111 Jams s. Marior e 227,153,157 Jam eson. Del: orah 266 Jane sick Care 1 266 Jarle It Susan P 266 Jarm an. Carol Ann 243,1 18 Jarre tt. Alan F 243 Jarre ft Ilka C 227 Jarv s. Rebecc a 266 Jeffr es. Mary Jo 266 Jeffr es. Virginia 266 Jenk ns. Caro yn D 266 Jenk ns Janet 191 137 IS, Pamela Jo 227 an, Rebecca L 243 , Ann Henee 243 Johns, C heryl L 243 Johnson Alice 227 Johnson Barbara 266 Johnson Beverly 266 Johnson Carolyn 243 Johnson Christie 243 . Johnson Christine 266,120 Johnson Dawn 243 Johnson Donnis Kay 266 Johnson Edith E 227 Johnson Emma P 191 Johnson Elizabeth 266.120 Johnson Jeanette 243 Johnson Judith S 191 Johnson Linda Kay 227 Johnson Linda Faye 266 Johnson Martha 266 Johnson Nina 243 Johnson Patty C 191 Johnson Pauletle 147 Johnson Susan 266 Johnson Viola 266 Johnson Yvonne L 227 Johnston . Jane 243.158 Joines, J oyce 243 Frances Ann 266 Helen Geneva 266 Jennifer Lee 265 Katerine Rena 192 Linda Faye 266 Lucreatia A 192 Mary Sue 243 Norma Louise 227. 09 Patricia J 266 Rita Nan 266 Sarah Neal 266 Sarah Norman 243 Jone s Yv Dnne S 243 Jord DO J nice F 266 Jord 3n JL ha L 266 Jord sn K thryn 243 Jord an K thy Dianne 265 Jane Lynn 19 . Ardith 266 g. K Derle y C 267 Elai le Sus, n 266 Virg ni a H 192 mda Leann 243 Sh ro n E 227 rer. Ba rbar a J 192 . Ba rb ra M 243 Joa nne Ch ns 227.104.102 skia A ice V 192 Dor na Jea nne 227 lild ed D 93 . En Illy C 93 Jane t L ouis e 267 . Ja nic e M 243 Ka th yn L 227 Cath er ne F 227 Kelli 1 14 Kelly. Esther Joelle 227 Kellv, Linda Joyce 267,120 Kelly, Linda Muriel 267 Kelly, Nancy Joan 227 Kemp. Mary Bonnie 227 Kendall, Cheryl Dale 267 Kendall, Mary Alice 267 Kennedy. Ann L 267 Kennedy. Susan B 267 Kennedy Valeria Sue 267 Kenyon. Janice Elaine 267 Kenyon. Nancy D 227,118 Kerbaugh, Susan Jane 267 Kerley, Karen Ann 243 Kern. Alison Scolt 267 Kernodle. Mane E 267 Kesler. Frances Sue 193 Kester, Elizabeth A 227 Ketner, Katherine E 227 Keyes. Ethan 267 Kiker. Elisabeth A 243 Kiker. Ellar Sikes 227 Kilborn. Junko 267 Killian. Paula Ann 244 Kilpatrick. Linda A 244 Kimbro. Sharon Ella 227 Kimrey Janice Cecile 267 King, Annie Joyce 267 King, Beverly Keller 193 King. Ginger Carolyn 244 King, Margaret J 193 King, Patricia Ann 267 King, Patricia E 267 King, Sarah Jane 267 King, Susan S 267 King. Wanda Sue 267 Kinlaw. Florence E 267 Kinlaw, Glenda Lee 228 Kintner. Susan Brooks 267 Kirby. Brenda Elise 228 Kirby. Pamela Dare 193 Kirkman. Joanne 244 Kirkman. John Holt 228 Kirzinger. Tana N 244 Kite. Betsey Frances 228 Kiuell, Elsie E 244 Klemm. Alice Mae 267 Klultz. Pamela N 244 Knie. Barbara Elizabeth 244 Knight, Betty Joyce 244 Knight, Charles T 104,101 Knight, Dorothy Jane 193.104. Knight. Georgia Lynn 193.103 Knight. Mary Ruth 267.109 Knight. Virginia B 193.147 Knott. Theresa C 244 Knox. Edythe Carol 244 Knox, Judith Ann 244 Koenig, Cheryl Amile 193 Koonce, Linda Jo 267 Koontz, Cynthia C 244 Koop. Virginia Ann 267 Kosinski. Z George 267 Koslow. Esther She Kollas. Carolyn Mary 228 Krauss. Abby Lee 228 Kruchen. Catherine L 244 Krukowski, Christine 267 Krupski. Cheryl P 267 Kukel. Carolyn E 194 Kunsko. Patricia A 228 Kurtz. Cora Dawn 244 93 nar. Mary Josephine 1 nbert. Eva Carol 267 nbeth. Catherine A 1! nbeth. Lynda C 228 npley. , Janii aye I V 228 Land. Dons Ji Landen. Nanc 194 1 244 Lane. Sarah Elizabeth 267 Laney. Janice Kay 194 Langford. Cezette E 267 Lankford. Barbara Anne 244 Lanier. Pamela Sue 267 Lanier. Rebecca A 228 Larkin. Linda Lee 194 Larrick. Victoria L 267 Larson. Linda Joanne 228 Lash, Bonnie L 228 Lasiw. Bonnie Joyce 267 Lassen. Pnscilla Ann 194 Lalham. Lynda Ruth 228 Latham. Melba Jean 244 Lathan. Margaret Rose 267 Laughndge. Mary Jo 228 Law. Margaret Anne 194 Lawing. Mary Jean 194 Lawrence, Brenda Jane 244 Laws, Carolyn J 244 Laws, Don Jean 267 Laws, Vicky Dawn 244 Lawson. Starr Bradley 1 16 Lawson. Winifred Kay 267 Lay. Mary Ellen 267 Layne. Kathenne S 268 Laytin. Joan Silvia 244 Layton. Sylvia Anne 244 Leach. Glenda Kay 244 Leary. Linda Louise 268 Lechleider. Eileen M 228 Leclaire. Kalhy Jean 244 Ledbelter. Connie Lee 244 Ledford. Brenda Gail 268 Ledford. Nancy J 268 Lee. Barbara Emerson 194 Lee. Carol Frances 244.1 18 Lee. Eugenia Jan 194.107 Lee. Frankie E 268 Lee. Kathy Claire 244 Lee. Mary M Steedly 195 Lee. Sandra Kay 244.1 14 Lee. Sarah Anne 294 Lee. Susan Sains 195 Leebnck. Vickie D 195 Lefevers. Lizabelh L 268 Leggett. Elizabeth C 244 Leggette. Jennifer 268 Legrand. Paula Diane 1 16 Lehrer, Robin D 268 Leichsennng, Nancy 244 Leidy, Margaret E 249 Lemmons, Betty Sue 244 Lentz, Bonnie Rose 268 Lentz, Mary Joe 228 Lentz, Terry Rae 228 Leonard. Barbara Gail 244 Leonard. Jane E 195 Leonard. Judy Kay 268 Leonard. Linda Susan 268 Leonard. Laura Lee 228 Leonard. Judith Love 195 Leslie. Charlotte M 268 Leslie Kathryn M 244 Lester, Georgiana 195 Lester, Marilyn Moore 228 Letrent, Patricia A 228 Levan, Dons Kay 228 Levan, Linda Dean 268 Levenson, Carol L 268 Levi, Linda Kaye 244 L 3vy Ka hie en C 1 18,195 L ■Wl : Caro Anne 268 Lewi . J nic e A 228 3WI . K atherine Anne 149.228 Lewi . tJ arg arel P 244 L bby M ardene F 244 L cha uer Ca rolyn F 268 L cha uer Ro ben W 228 L cht nar . Ellen Jane 228 L edi Ca nda ce Mane 268 L ekvv eg Ja e Frances 244 L les Ba rba a Sue 244 L les Su san Edith 244 L Hey El een Carol 268 L nco n. Mar y V 244 L nds ay. Linda Gray 228 L neb ack Ja me L 268 L neberr . D oris A 268 L neb err Fr ances L 268 L nen s. L ind a Kay 268 L nevi eav er. Barbara 120.268 L pe. Luc ind a Lee 268 L sk. Peggy Joanne 228 L sk. Sus an Anne 228 L ttle Ba rba a Lynn 228 L ttle Br end a J 245 L ttle Da wn Donahue 195 L ttle Pa rici 3 A 245 L ttle Sa ndr a Carol 195 L tzel . J nne E 118 oyd. 103 Lloyd. Mary Lu 195 Lobdell. Gena 245 Lockaby. Judith Adele 268 Locke, Judy L 245 Locke. Pamela Elmeda 228 Loeber. Christina L 268 Loggans, Lateena G 245 Lohin. Mary Elaine 228 Lomax. James Ray 101.104 Long, Christina L 195 Long, Karen Dene 245 Long. Kathy Nan 268 196 Me 196 Lov e. Nancy C 245 Lov der. Lois P 268 Lov der, Marg ret L 196 Loy e. Camilla L 245 Loi. e. Ivy Faye 268 Lov. ery. Janice A 245 Loi. le, Mary E eanor 228 Lov« ry, Pamela 268 Luc as, Hope K night 195 Luc kadoo, Pau a Lee 120.268 Lud um. Rebec ca A 228 Lud wig, Mered ith J 245 Lue bben, Kath een R 268 Lun a, Judith A 245 Lut ler. Carrie F 245 Lut ler, James David 245 Lye ly. Beverly Jean 228 Lyn n. Rebecca C 196 Lys kc. Carol A nn 196 Mabes, Patricia 228 Mabry, Kathy Ann 268.120 Mackay. Judith 245 Macnair, Joan 268 Mahaney, Claudia 228 Mallan, Patricia 245.103 Mallard. Betty 268 Malmzuisl. Gwendolyn 198 Malgione. Connie 245 Mangum. Linda Dianne 268 Mann. Charlotte 268 I 268 t 268.1 14 . Cher Mann. Saral Marcher. M 228 irilyn 245 aldine 198 la Lee 228 lela Lee 228 rtemis 228 lartha 245 lyn Ray 198 a Sue 245 irgaret 268 . Pamela Daren 268 am. Sally 228 . Barbara Ann 228 Elizabeth 198 . John 228.1 14 . Linda Jayne 229 . Mickey Fay 1 18 . Penny Gail 198 . Sandra Lynn 229 1. Kathryn 198 09 . Ma t 229 . Patsy Jean 229 n. Frances Nan 198 n. Linda Sue 229 n. Lynna Jean 245 Mauney. Bil Massey. Rebecca 229 Mathews. Susan 245 Mathis. Jen Paige 229 Matkovic. Alma 229 Matthews, Nancy 229 Matthews, Sandra 268 Matthews, Sharyn Mac 245 Matthewson, Mary 245 Mattox, Martha 229 ( 268 Hicks 268 Maxwell, Sheila Ann 199,106 May, Bonita Ellen 269 May, Kathryn Boea 269 Mayberry, Frances 229 Mayfield, Mane 269 Maynard. Sandra 269 Maynor. Pamela Carol 269 Mays. Deborah Jane 245 Mazyck. Ann Mane 269 McAdoo. Larry Lercy 196 McAllister. Kathryn 245 McAllister, Martha 269 McAllister, Virginia 269 McBrayer, Margaret 229 cBride cBryde 196 Ma Ma s 269 McCain, Gewndolyn 196 McCall, Betty Mane 269 McCall, Patricia 229 McCallister, Joan 269 McCallum. Eleanor 196 McCallum. Susan 245 McCanless. Minnie 196 McCann. Vickie 229 McCarley. Margaret 229 McCarty, Ellen Gail 269 McCaskill. Myrtrice 229. McCaskill. Wanda 245 McClelland, Jane 269 McLung, Susan 116 McClurd, Sheila 245 McClure, Joan Mane McCollum, Linda 245 McCollum, Alice 229 97 Ma McCo , Ma M cCon ell. Ma ry 245 M cCorn lick, L. sa 269 M cCoy Doroth y Porter 197 M :Crar f Karen Lynn 269 M :Cudc ,n Sha ron 229 M :CuNouck, M argaret 229 M Dam Bl. Ahc 3 269 McDani Bl, Dor s Anna 245 McDevi t, Jean 269 McDonc Id, Dav id Brian 245 McDevi t. Jean 269 McDon. Id, Dav Id McDona Id, Ma garet 245 M Dow Bll, Ma ion 197 McEluve e, Elua beth 229 McFarIa nd. Bar bara 245 McGalli srd, Su san 197 McGee, Connie Lynn 269 McGee. Pansy Yvonne 197 McGee. Shirley Elaine 269 McGinly , Marg aret 197,104 McGouc an. Do rothy 245 M Iver. Manly Sue 269 M Keith an. Els a t97 McKeithan Ke t 197 M Kenz e, Cair cna 269 M Kenz e. Pair cia 229 M Kmn sy, Lau le Sue 269 M Koy, Jacque me 269 McKow 1, Ann 269 McLean Caroly n 269 McLean Kathe me 197 McLean Kalhr r 345 McLean Marlh a 245 McLend on. Bar bara 245 Mc 197 McMichael, Lelia 269 McMillan, Clyde 245 McMillan, Jane Ann 197.104 McMuMen. Elizabeth 269 McNairy. Joan Evelyn 198 McNeill. Anne 245 McNeill, Rebecca 245 McQueen, Celia 269 McRary. Befly Sue 229 McRae, Mary Sue 229 Mc 198 Meade Teres a 269 Meads Carmen 246 Meares , Irene 246 Medio d. Mar tha Ka y 229 Mehlig Lesle B 269 Meier, Cynthi a Ann 229 Meier, Nancy 246 MeiqqS , Dana 199 Melcho r, Glo la 269 Melest er, Eliz a beth 269 Melton Sand a Gai 269 an 229 t 269,107 Milby, June 246 199,131,154,157 r Anit 199 da 269 ah Jane 246 line 269 both 269 mine 269 ns C 199 Geoffry Lynne 27( , Marion 229 , Nellie Kaye 229,1 . Patricia 246 . Polly Teresa 270 . Sandra Kay 246 . Sarah Ellen 246 Alice Milton 270 Janice Carol 229 Sharon Gray 270 flincey. Marilyn 199 linton. Patricia 246 lintz. Carolyn Ann 229 lisenheimer. Carol 270 flisenheimer. Martha 200 lilchell. Donna 229 flitchell, Honnie 270 litchell. Pamela Ann 246 Mitchell. Shirley 200 litchmer. Janelle 246 .litchum. Meredith 200,137 lizell. Mary 246 ilode, Carroll I Aleen 200 loffitt, James 246 loffitl. Martha 270 loffilt, Virginia 229 ilonti, Cynthia Jane 270 lontray. Mary Lynn 246 loon Margaret Wise 246 loon. Rachel Anne 200 looney. Mary Frances 246 loore. Alice Raye 200 loore. Barbara Ann 270 loore, Barbara J 246 loore. Bonnie Lomo 270 loore. Carolyn 229 loore. Cynthia Dianne 246 loore. Dorothy 229 loore. Jeanelle 270 loore. Mary Grace 270 loore. Mary Louise 246 loore. Mary Lynnetle 229 loore. Peggy Lynn 270 loore Sandra Baker 200.107 loore. Susan Maylene 270 loore. Sylvia Ann 270 loorcr. Marilyn 229 loose. Wanda Lou 246 lorgan. Ann Ophelia 246 lorgan. Elizabeth 270 lorgan. Joyce Mane 246 lorgan Lanna Dale 270 lorgan. Marian 246.109 lorris. Donna 229 turns. Joyce Anne 229 lorris. Mile Carol 270 lorris. Patricia Rae 246.120 lorris. Sarah Frances 270 lorrison. Dorothy 270 lorrison. Emmalyn 246 lorrison. Mary 229 lorriss. Patsy Ann 270 lorrow. Estelle Leigh 270 lorton. Mary 246 loschler. Anne 246 loser. Diane Mane 270 loss. Jane Mane 246 lobteller. Betsy 270 luwbray. Patricia 270 lowrer. Linda 246 toy. Carolyn Lilian 270 lulilenburg. Lisa 200.107 liillis. Atha Elaine 200.137 lullis. Barbara Ann 200 lullis. Bonita Gayle 270 lunn. Carol 246 lurphey. Marcia Ann 270. lurphree. Jean Mane 270 urphy. Betty Lou 229 lurphy Dorothy 246 iiiphy Sandra Jean 229 20 Murr, y Ellen 229 Murr, y Mary Rebecca 200 137 Murr, y. Patricia Hope 201 Myatt Elizabeth 229 Myer . lona Jean 246 Myer . Leslie Ann 229 Myer . Priscilla 246 Myer . Sadie 201 Myer Sherry Leigh 246 Myer . Sylvia Louise 270 Nodtvedt. P. 201 ouise 270 Anne 246 nne 246 I Sue 230 Iherine 270 1 Ann 246 inda 201 Anne 270 ne 270 IS Edna 246 . Judy 201 , Margaret 270 , Sarah 270 . Joyce Lynn 270 . Linda Sue 270 on. Sandra 270 . Margaret 246 ,ra Joyce 201 iandra Faye 246 lara Stroud 230 amela Kay 201 ;arolyn 230 ila Lee 246 n 246 nylou 230 Mane 246 ace 270 yn Ann 270 san 247.109 201 :. Patricia 247 Betty Lou 207 jr. Dons 247 Odom Cheryl Mane 230 Odom Sara Frances 202.1 Odom Harriet Eugenia 27 Odonr ell. Kathleen 271.12 Offner , Karen Lee 202 imiser e 230 e Sus an 230 rqaret 230 ankie 247 la Su an 230 Larnbclh 202 ranee 247 iby A rila 271 ash. Cynthia 247 ash. Sylvia 249 n. Michelle 247 lan. Vicki Dawn 27 1 . Aniey 27 1 . Linda Joann 27 1 . Revonda Gaye 247 . Shirley Denise 271 . Susan Barry 27 1 by. Sarah 247 s. Barbara Sue 202 s. Jennifer L 247 s. Jennifer A 230 s. Kathleen 271 s. Shernll 202 nt Carolyn 230 Pace. Peggy Ann 27 1 Packard. Linda 230 Packer. Rebecca June Padgett. James 247 Padgett. Margaret 202 Padgett. Priscilla 202 Page. Deboi 271 Pair I 247 imihiel, C 202.1 14 m. Sharon 247 Edith Lindsay 203 Kathenne 230 Mary Hope 203 Susan 230 Suz : 271 Walda 271 on. Cynthia 247 lan Dale 247 bert Ed 147 n 203.103 jmia 247 :arol Sue 247 ;mily 203 203 Pat I 247 Payne. Jane Ellen 203 Paynle . Jams Gayle 27 Payonk Mary 103 Peaci Peaci . Na Pearce, Linda Leigh 27 1 Pearson. Mitzi Ann 247 Pearson. Myrtle 230 Peatross. Frieda Dell 203 Peavy. Vicki Ranee 247.109 Pecora. Sally Lou 271 Peddycord, Barbara 247 Peebles. Sharon 247 Peed. Lucy lola 247 Pegg. David Lester 247 Pegram. Joan 247 Pell. Gwyn 203 alt. Wa I 247 la 230 Pendergrass. Penny 203 Pendley, Nancie 203 Pentry, Mary Joe 134 Pepper, Kalhryn 291 Perl Pau 247 le 24 7 Perry Sud a K 3ther ne 230 Perryn- an Ka en 247,1 18 Perryn- an Tre va 27 1 Peters V, gin a 23C Peters Betty Lou 204 Peters on. eis Anne 271 Petree Linda Anne 204 Pettus Gl oria Jane 204 Pfaff, Eug ene E Jr 247 Pharr, Jen nife Ann 204 Phelps C the me 247 Phifer Fr« nee s Mar e 247 Ph.fer Sa -idra Gay 271 Philbeck, Sandra Ly nn 271 PhiMips, Donn a Car ol 271 Ph.Mip s, L ynn 204 PhiM.p ary 247 Phillip ., N anc ,. 204 103 Phillip ., S 230 Pipkin, Gayle 272 Pittman, Gayle 230.149 1 Ma 204 Playforth, Pamela Sue 272 Pleasants, Barbara 247 Plemmons, Peggy 204 Plonk, Linda Ellen 247 Plummer, Andrea 204 Plummer, Rachel Ann 230 Poe, Harriet Madelon 272 Poe, Shirley Lee 230 Poiek, Mane 230 Poller, Marsha 272 Polk, Ba ' 205 Ponder, Mary 272 Poole, Ada Karan 272 Poole, Kathryn 247 Poole, Margaret Rin 230 Poole, Shirley Dianne 272 Pope, Elizabeth Ann 272 Pope, Linda Joyce 248 Porter, Brenda Jean 272 Porte, Janice Mane 272 Porte, Susan 230 Posey, Margaret 205,137 Poleat, Linda 248 Powell, Brenda Carol 272 Powell, Mary Veveret 230 Powell, Susan Tillie 248 Powers, Joan 272 Pow 272 Prath er, Ashley 248 Pratt, Carolyn Louise 248 Pratt, Jane Blue 230 Pratt, Julie Maude 248 Pratt, Penelope 230 Pratt, Penelop Jean 205 Prentiss, Barbara 248 Presnell, Judy Ellen 248 Presson, Dale Terry 248 Peevette, Margaret 205,127 Prevost, Marsha Lynn 205,1 Price, Fredia Jane 205,149 Price, Judith 248 Price, Mary Ethel 248 Price, Mary Kathenne 272 Price, Rita Jane 205 Prince, Nancy Carol 272 Prince. Ussula 248 Pringle, Carleen Jane 205, 47 Pritchard. Kathryn 205,99, 146 Pritchard. Sara 272 Pntchett, Lydia Ann 205,1 37 Proctor, Rita Kay 272 Profenius, Cheryl Kay 248 Propst, Myra Ann 230 Propst. Pamela Diane 248 105 Propst. Una Ninette 272 Prosues, Richard 205 Pruett, Patricia Reed 230 Pruitt, Dorothy Ann 248 Pruitt, Patricia 230 Pruitt, Sylvia Leigh 272 Pugh, Patricia Helga 272 Pulley, Cassandra 120 Purgason. Teresa 272 Pusey, Phyllis 205 Putnam, Marion Nell 272 Pyle, Carol Jean 272 Raby, Sara Leigh 272 Rachels, Rosemary 272 Radford. Deborah Ann 272 Radloff, Allison 230 Rainey. Joan 272 Rains. Rebecca Diane 272 Rakestraw, Carolyn 272 Raney, Dale Hansard 206 Ramella, Lois Ann 272 Ramsey, Nancy Jean 272 Randall, Krma Jean 206,122 Randall, Sandra 248 Rascoe. Barbara Jean 272 Raup, Kathenne 230 Rawding, Ann Merrill 206 Rawlins, Linda 230 Rawlins, Nancy Joanne 248 Rawlins. Mary Alice 272 Ray. Laura Susan 248 Ray. Margaret 248 Ray. Margaret Simmons 248 Ray. Nan Hurley 206 Ray. Sybil J 206 Redden. Jane Evelyn 206 Redding. Brigitte 248 Redding. Martha Jane 230 Redmon. Susan 272 Reece. Patricia 272 Reece. Virginia Beth 272 Reed, Nancy Louise 206 Reeder, Janet R 206 Regan, Emille 230 Regan, Rebecca 230 Register, Carolyn 1 Register, Patricia 206 Reich, Pamela Jean 230 Reid, Kemma Amelia 206 Reid, Rebcca Ann 272 Reinhardt, Florence 206 Reinhardt, Jane 230 Reinhardt, Lucy Gail 230 Renn, Deborah Weldon 272 Renn, Janice Mane 206 Revell, Terry Jean 272 Rhoads. Anne Scott 272 Rhodes, Joyce Leigh 248 Rhod »s, Judith 248 Rhyn , Aliice Rebecca 207,137 Rhyne, Linda Dean 207 Rhyne, Susan Mananna 272 Rice, Bonnie Lou 248 Rice, Patricia Ann 231 Rich, Christine 248,118 Rich, Linda Faye 272 Rich, Nelda Elaine 207 Richa rds, Edith L 248 Rioha rdson. Jean B 231 Richa rdson. R Linda 248 Riddick, Margaret 231,1 18 Riddl 1. Laura Jane 231 Rider Dianne R 248 Ridey Paulette. Derr 273 Ridge . Janet Kay 273 Rigne y. Nariha Mane 231 Riley Deborah Lee 248 Riley Nancy Ruth 248 Riley Patricia Mae 273 Rime . Sybil Jean 273 Ritch e. Kalhryn Sue 207 Riven bark. Connie Lou 248 Roach. Jo Anne 207 Roane. Susan Carroll 231 Robb ns. Connie 273 Robe ts. Charlotte 273 Robe ts, Dorothy 273 Robe ts, Jonatha 207 Robe ts, Linda Ann 273 Robe ts, Margot 273.120 Robe ts, Patricia F 273 Robe ts, Susan E 248 Robe tson, Carolyn S 273 Robe tson. Freida G 248 Robe tson. Mary Jane 207 231.101.102 Robin on. Lind a J 207 Robin on. Linda Lee 231 Robin on. Lind a Mary 273 Robin on. Mar ha A 231 Robin on. Mar y Alice Rocke eller, M ary K Roder ck. Prist Ilia 273 Rodge rs, Catherine S 207 Rodge rs, Edna Lee 231 Rodge rs, Jane Alice 231 Roess er. Kalh een 248 Roger s, Barba a 207 Roger 5. Bernic e 273 Roger s. Donna Louise 273 Roger 5. Janet lA oody 248 Roger s. Leslie B 273 Roger s. Pamel J 248 Roger ,. Pamel S 231.128 Roger a. Patric a C 273 Rosenblum. Sylvia 121 Ross. Kathleen L 273 Ross, Meredith D 248 Ross, Nancy June 273, 07 Roughton, Bonnif Roi nt ee, R ta C 248 ROL se Pair cia A nn 231 Roc th Donr a C 248 Rou Ih Lind Alle nc 273 Kay 207 ret E fer L K 248 Bruce 273 la 248 i Kaye 208 ' Cheryl 231 e Ann 273,126 na Ann 273 Hush. Cynthia Gail 273 Russ. Frances Elaine 249 Russ. Sandra 231 Russell. Brenda Kaye 231 Russell. Nancy Barr 208 Rutledge. Ann Brown 273 Rutledge. Polly 273 Ryan. Elizabeth 208 Sabat. Mary Brantley 231 Sadler. Sandra E 231 Sain. Sara Kimberly 231,147 Sale. Donna Elizabeth 249 Salmons. Cathy Ann 273 Samuels. Donnie 273 Sanders. Mary 249 Sanders, Sandra Ann 249 Sapp, Sharyn S 249 Satterfield, Brenda L 104 Satterfield, Cynthia 23 1 , 1 1 8 Saul. Elicabeth Anne 231 Sauls. Donna Ruth 273.121 Saunders. Marsha L 231 Saunders, Rose Anne 231 Savage, Sara 273 Sawyer, Claudia Lee 231 Sawyer, Grace 273 Sawyer, Mary 208 Sayre, Pamela 208,147 Scales, Linda L 208 Scarborough, Barbara 273 Scarborough. Jean J 118 Scarborough. Mary C 208 Scarborough. Vickie S 273 Schaefer. Gail Karg 249.126 Scheff. William 231 Schmidt. Michele. 231 Schneider. Beverly J 249 Schneider. Sandra L 231 Schreiber. Kathenne 273 Schreiber. Martha 273 Schwartz, Judith L 249 Schwartz, Nancy S 273 Scott, Barbara Ann 231 Scott, Betty Carol 208 Scott, Bonnie Jean 208 Scott, Jane Anita 273 Scott, Karrina Elaine 249 Scott, Wilma Gay 231 Scurlock. Sandra 273 Seaford. Mary Kay 273 Seagrave. Martha H 273 Seals, Anna Lucinda 273 Sear y 274 Sears, Brenda Dianne 274 Sechnst. Janice 274 Secreast. Donald 274 Seehorn. Virginia 249 Seligmann. Helen 274 Sell. Diane Rebecca 208 Sellers. Mary Maxwell 274 Senger, Jeanne Ann 274 Senter, Margaret 249.107 Series. Grace Lewis 231 Sessoms, Sherrie 249 Setzer, Ladonna Fay 274 Setzer. Susan 249 Sexton, Amy Hill 274 Sexton, Becky Sue 231 Sexton, Dianthia 249 Sexton, Laura Gail 249 Seymour, Mary Wynne 231 Seymore, Norma Jean 274 Shaddy, Valerie 274,120 Shank, Margaret 209 Shankle, Elizabeth 274 Sharon, Sandra Jane 249 Sharpe. David 274 Sharpe, Ir.s June 209 Sharpe, Millie D 274 Sharpe. Virginia Ann Shaw. Barbara T 249 Shaw. Donna Leigh 249 Shaw. Ruth Faison 249 Shaw. Sarah Frances 274 Shearin. Barbara Jill 249 Shearin. Kalhryn B 209 Shearouse. Susan H 274.1 Shehan. Linda 249.1 14 Shemtoch, Phyllis 214 Sheldon, Melanie 209 Shelley. Catherine 209 Shelton. Barbara L 274 Shelton. Eva Gayle 274 Shelton. Rebecca 249 jn. Susan H 274 ird. Florence 274 lerd. Jane Myers 274 lerd. Eugnia 249 lan. Candace Joan 249. , Tall ■ 274 Sherriff. Sandra 274 Sherrill. Rebecca Ann 231 Shollinglaw. Jennifer 274 Shinn. Catherine 274 Shinn. Constance E 274 Shipley. Janie Davis 249 Shipman. Linda Irene 231 Shive, Janet Rushing 209 Shoaf. Roberta Louise 231.1 Shoe. Vicki Elaine 249 Shoemaker, Sandra J 249 Short. Adeline 274 Showfety Teresa 209 Shrum. Rebecca Ann 274 Shumate. Margaret E 274 Sidelinger. Joan 249 Siegel. Edyth Joan 209 Sigman. Brenda Allen 209 Sigmon, Jne Ikerd 231,104 Sigmon. Judith Kay 231 Sigmon. Wanda Holland 231 . Na I 274 Slier. TerrI Dawn 274 Silliman. Joyce 274 Simmons. Bonnie Gayle 209 Simmons. Judy Gayle 231 Simonini. Diane Mane 1 16 Simpson. Linda Ann 274 Simpson. Mary Lamar 232 Simpson. Shirley 249 Singletary. Linda K 249 Singletary, Sandra 232 Sink, Barbara 249 Sinica, Joan Enright 232 Sit?. Saura 209 Sjogren. Jane 232 Skidds. Linda Lee 210 Slade. Sandra 210 Slade, Susan Narcna Slawter. Carol Sue 249 Slo 274 Sloan, Lynda Pauline 232 Slone, Deborah Ann 274 Slover, Sherry Susan 232,106 a Ben Mam I 249 , 274 Smith, Brenda Kaye 210.137 Smith. Carolyn S 249 Smith. Cecelia L 249 Smith. Danne E 249 Smith Deborah Ann 274 Smith, Deborah Jane 274 Smith, Dons Jeanette 274 Smith, Emma Jane 210 Smith, Jacgueline K 249 Smith, Jeanette 210 Smith. Joey Lisbeth 232.137 Smith. Judith 249 Smith. Judy Carol 232 Smith, Judith Deane 274 Smith. Karen 210 Smith, Kathryne 210.120 Smith, Kathy Lynn 249 Smith, Linda Louise 274 Smith, Linda Louise 274 Smith, Lloyd Edward 232 Smith, Lola Belle 232 Smith. Mary Louise 274 Smith. Mary Paula 274 Smith. Pamela Anne 274 Smith, Patricia Ann 210 Smith, Patricia Lee 249 Smith. Patlie Marlene 275 Smith. Rebecca Gail 275 Smith. Roslyn L 249 Smith. Ruth Caroline 275 Smith. Shelley 275 Smith. Susan Frances 210 Smith. Susan Clarke 232 Smith. Sylvia Gail 232 Smith, Terry Diane 210 Smith, Terry Lynn 210,104 Smilhey, Alice Ann 210 Smithwick, Laura Glen 275 Snavely, Barbara D 249 Snead, Susan Harvey 232 Sneed. Marion Ann 232 Snelson. Linda H 232 Snider, Mary Jean 249 Snider, Shirley Gayle 249 Snow, Holda Gaye 275 Synder, Carol Frances 275 Somers. Rachel S 275 Somers Susan Carol 275 Sorrell. Brenda Diane 249 Sorrough. Gail Lee 275 Soto. Carmen Dianne 232 Souders, Susan Gay 275 Sova. Betty Celeste 275 Spadanuta. Connie Lee 232 Sparrow, Teresa Jane 21 1 Speed, Cheryl Pauline 21 1 Speight. Shirley L 232 Spence, Susan E 275 Spencer. Ruth Alice 275 Spivey. Glenn C Jr 232 Spradley. Sandra M 250 Spragg. Rita Mane 275 Sprinkle. Karen L 232 Sprinkle. Terry Lynn 21 1 108,109.144 Sprung, Ruth Naomi 275 Stacy, Sandra Graham 250 Stadenmaier, Christine 232 Stadermann. Barbara A 232 Stafford, Bonnie M 275 Stahl, Martha J 275 Staley, Barbara J 250 Slaley, Patricia L 275 Slallings, Judith H 21 1 Staley. Tamela 275 Slallings, Sarah V 275 Stalls, Dons E 250 Stalls, Susan ONeil 275 Stancil, Patricia E 232 Stanfield. Linda L 21 1 Slanfield, Mary A 250 Stanford. Nancy Jean 21 1 Stanley, Barbara 21 1 Slarer, Patricia L 275 Stark, Pamela Helen 275 Starling, Emily 21 1 Starnes. Suzanne 275 Starr, Helen Frances 275 Stilton, Jane E 232 Slaton, Martha Ann 21 1 Slearjall, Deborah Lee 275 Stearns, Carolyn P 275 Steed. Sylvia Elaine 275 Steele. Sharyn E 250 Steelman. Diane 250 Steelman. Nancy 275 Stein, Stephanie 275 Sterner, Dale Carol 250 Stephens. Dorothy 250 Stephens. Nancy 275 Stephens. Paul William 250 Stephenson. Carolyn 21 1 Stephenson. Ellen 275 Stephenson. Linda 275 Stern. Elaine Paula 275 Stevens, Mary Emma 250 Stevenson. Lois Jean 212 Stevenson. Nancy Mae 275 Stevenson. Roberta J 250 Slevvart. Cenia Joyce 250 Stewart, Linda Lou 250 Stewart, Peggy Ann 232 Stewart, Nancy Ross 212 Stewart. Nellie Bond 212 Stewart, Rebecca 250 Stewart, Wesley 232 StiHl, Barbara E 275 Stiles, Mary T 232 Stimpson. Louise C 232 Stinson. Elizabeth 212 Stinson. Kathy Lynn 275 Stipek. Beth Ann Stiwalt. Janet Ann 275 Stockert. Maureen 275.120 Stone Carolyn C 250 Stone, Mary Ellen 250 Stone. Michelle J 275 Stone. Virginia Lynn 250 Stonestreet. Ashley J 275 Story. Swendolyn L 275 Stoudenmire, Linda 250 Stovall. Bettie Robertson 212 Straiten. Karen E 275 Straughn. Doroghy L 250 Strauss. Erica Heidi 250 Streater. Dawn P 232 Stnbling, Audrey L 250 Strickland. Brenda 276 Strickland. Tamara 232 Stroble. Mary Ann 250 Strom, Christie 276 Stroud, Mary Sharon 250 Stroud, Susan J 276 Stroup, Mary Susan 232 Strcupe, Rebecca 232 Slrunks. Emily J C 276 Slrupp. Linda Susan 276 Stuart. Nancy Ann 212 Sturdivant. Judy K 212 Stutts. Harnette 212,107 Styron. Susan Jean 212 Sugg. Kay Layne 276 Sullivan. Beneshia 276 Sullivan. Glenda 276 Sullivan, Judy Ann 232 Sullivan, Mary Janet 212 Sullivan, Patricia 212 Summerlin, Carolyn 276 Summerlin, Marygold 250 Supulski, Gwendolyn 232 Surber, Beth Ann 212 Suter. Elizabeth Ann 250 Suther, Rose Ellen 276 Sutherland. Ann 213 Sutherland, Bonnie 250 Sutphin, Ellen 250 Suttles. Patricia 276 Sutton. Cynthia 250 Sutton. Linda 232 Sulton. Pamela Sue 276 Swaim. Carolyn Ann 213 Swaim. Roddy Jean 213 Swaim. Sharon 213 Swanlund, Sara 250 Swanson. Cathy 276 Swanson. Janice 276 Swanngen. Ltnda 213 Swanngen, Linda 213 Swaygim. Sue 213 Sweeney. Virginia 250 Sweet. Deborah Ann 232 Swerdloff. Stephanie 276,120 Swink, Sharon Lane 276 Swofford. Mary 213 Symms. Sandy 121 Szyperski. Ellen 232 Taft. Elizabeth 250 Talbert, Brenda Gayle 250 Talley. Deborah Sue 276 Tanenbaum. Lee Rona 276 Talton. Mary Lillie 232 Tannen. Paula 213 Tanner. Barbara Lee 2 1 3 Tanner. Carolyn Lee 250 Tapley. Ruth 276 Tarlton. Donna Kay 213 Tarlton. Linda 275 Tarlton. Paula 250 Tarlton. Rena Ann 276 Tate. Mary Jane 250 Tate. Nancy Clara 232 Tate. Sherry Lynne 276 Tate. Steve Arthur 276 Tatham. Linda Nell 250 Taylor. Anita Ellen 213 Taylor. Anne Weaver 276 Taylor. Catherine 276 Taylor. Frances Ann 276 Taylor. Frances 276 Taylor. Janice 232, 137 Taylor. Kay Frances 120,276 Taylor. Louise 114 Taylor. Martha Ann 276 Taylor. Martha J C 250 Taylor. Martha W 250 Taylor. Mary Kay 213 Taylor. Nancy Carol 232 Taylor, Sally Cecelia 233 Taylor. Sara Ann 233 Taylor. Sherry Elaine 276 Taylor. Susan Lynn 233 Teague. Adrienne 276 Teague. Nancy 250 Teague. Phyllis 250 Teem. Janice 276 Temple, Jo Ann 214 Temple. Mary 214 Templeton. Avery 214 Templeton. Faye 233 Tenney. Carol Ann 214 Terrell. Sharon 214 Terry. Becky Jane 250 Thacker. Barbara Lea 276 Thacker. Cynthia 250 Thaxton, Martha 214 Theep. Hilary 1 16 Thomas. Adeline 214 Thomas. Anita Lois 214 Thomas. Barbara Jean 214,137 Thomas, Darlene 250 Thomas. James K Jr 276 Thomas, Katheryn Sue 276 Thomas. Mary Slice 214 Thomas. Stephanie 276 Thomas. Wanda Louise 251 Thomasson. Nancy Sue 214 Thompson, Dale 214 Thompson, Demfordia 251 Thompson, Diana 233 Thompson, Donna 233 Thompson, Jan Carolyn 276 Thompson, Jane 276 Thompson. Rebecca A 233 Thore. Sarah Jo 276 Thornton, Sydney G 276 Thorpe, Reba Faye 276,120 Throckmorton, Carolyn 233 Thrower. Martha C 215 cknor, Gerogene H 233 dwell, Susan Kay S 251 elz. Virgmia Ann 215 lley. Susan Leonora 276 . Ma 109 ,n. Vivian Lee 233 am, Nora Jane 215 Tobaru, Kazue 215 Todd, Nancy C 233.137 Todd. Susan Davis 215 Todd. Theresa Eileen 276 Tomlin. Suzanne E 251 Tomlinson. Martha A 215 Tooker. Candaco Jean 277 Towe. Elizabeth L 251 Townsend, Karen B 277 Trammel, Lu|uanne J 215 Trammell. Anne P 251 Trask, Virginia C 277 Trent. Barbara Jane 277 Trent. Tjuana Taylor 277 Tripp. Julie Anne 233 Trotter. Patricia Ann 233 Troxell. Glenna D 233 Troy, Diane Faye 251 Truman. Margarette S 215 Tucker. Anne Merrell 277 Tudor. Margaret F 233 Tunstall. Frances E 251 Turlington. Mildred B 277 Turlington. Sandra C 215 Turner, Barbara G 251 Turner, Frances M 233 Turner, Janet Mane 233 Turner June S 233 Tun Ma 251 Turner, Sylvia G 215 Tutlle, Rebecca L 251 Tuttle, Sylvia Faye 277 Twining, Alice L 251 Tynch, Margaret H 251 Tyndall, Ann Denny 251 Tyndall, Jane C 233 Tysmger, Nancy Kay 2 1 1 Tyson. Mescal E 233 Umstcad. Imelda Mane 251 Underwood. Kay Bosl 251 Underwood. Marilyn 277 Upchurch. Beverly Ann 215 Upchurch. Carol Ray 277,120 Usry, Martha Helen 233 Uzzle, Elizabeth R 277 irt, Christi 277 Martha J 216 e, Mary J 277 Elizabeth W 251 Gretchen 233 1 251 Oidams 233,149 I Kay 251 Vinroot, Paula May 277 Vinson, Teresa Ann 277 Vivari, Barbara Gay 277 Viverette, Kathleen M 277 Vogel, Nancy Rosalyn 277 Vogler, Carol J 251,104 Voigt, Mary Beviia 233 , Kan 1 Elair I Mil I 251 jle 277 Wade. Randi Sue 277 Wagner. Candice C 277 Walden. Carolin Ann 215 Walker. Anita G 251 Walker. Ins Eliz 277 Walker, June Carol 277 Walker. Lynda Lee 233 Walker. Virginia A 233 Walker. Wanda Sue 277 Wall. Delbra Jo 216 Wall. Judy Ann 277 Wall. Linda Caroll 251 Wall. Melinda Ann 277 Wall. Rebecca Ann 277 Wallace. Mary M 277 Wallace. Rita 277 Wallace. Sally S 277 Walls. Frances E 233,114 Walls. Sylvia Yvonne 233 Wally. Carol Ann 233 Walsh. Jane Ayers 277 Walsh. Julia Rowe 251,103 Walston. Polly E 233 Walters. Michael S 277 Ward, Ann Baker 216 Ward, Evelyn Frances 251 Ward, Frances Berkley 277,120 Ward, Glenda Ann 277,120 Ward, Jean Russell 216 Ward, Jane Ann 216,99,1 18,146 Ward, Jillian Cole 233 Ward, Laura Ann 233 Ward, Lauren M 251 Ward, Mary Jill 277 Ward. Myra Stephens 233 Ward. Terry Anne 233 Ward. Virginia A 216 Warfford. Donna Jane 257 Warhck. Marjorie E 216 Warren, Beverly Jane 257 Warren, Jane Tart 216 Warren, Linda L 257 Wa Pari ■ 277 Warren, Peggy Irene 277 Warren, Ruth Ann 233 Warren, Verna Dean 233 Warren, Willie Lee 216,1 14 Washam, Deborah L 251 Wasserman, Beryl Sue 277 Wasserman, Susan 233 Waters, Judith Ann 233 Walkins, Mary Jane 277 Watkins, Shirley Ann 216 Watry, Barbara Ann 217,103,142 Watson, Anne Mane 217 Watson, Martha Ellen 217 Watson, Mary Sue 217,1 1 1 Watson, Nancy Dale 277 Watson, Nancy Lee 233,137 Watson, Shirley R 233 Watts, Barbara Jean 233 Watts, Deborah Chase 251 Weathers, Ella S 251 Weatherman, Joyce D 277 Weathers, Marion J 251 Weaver, Henri Anne 251 W eaver, Kathy Anne 277 Weaver. Robena L 217 Webb. Donna Mane 278 Webb. Janice Anne 251 Webb. Judy Ann 277 Webb. Judy Anne 217 Webb, Lucinda Anne 217 Webb, Rosann Mane 278,120 Webster, Anne King 233 Weeks, Margie Grey 251 Weeks, Mary Carmen 234 Weeks, Sally Ann 234 Weeks, Sylia Lula 217 Weidemuller, Carol L 234 Weinstem, Nancy A 217 Weisner, Tern K 278 Welborn, Betty Jo 278 Hbori I 234 Welch, Nancy Ellen 217 Welling, Pamela E 251 Wellinger, Janet Sue 278 Wellmon, Gloria J 234 Wells, Beverly D 234 Wertz, Carolyn Elaine 278 Wesley, Barbara A 234 Wesson, Mary K 278 West, Betty Ham 278 West, Lillian R 278 West, Sarah Jo 257 Wester, Joyce Ann 251 Westmoreland, Janine 234 Westmoreland, Judith 278 Weston, Linda Jane 234 Wethenngton, Barbara 217 Wethenngton, Cora L 234 Wetzel, Kathenne 217,107 Whalen, Peggy 217,107 Wharton, Nancy Rea 234 Whedbee, Jane B 251 Wheeler, Judith Kerry 278 Wheless, Trudy Joyce 218 Whichard, Catherine T 218 Whisnant, Virginia G 218 Whisnant, Diana M 251,1 18 Whilaker, Hettie E 251 Whitaker, Linda Joyce 252 White, Lucie Lea 234 White, Pamela 278 White, Sharyn Elaine 278 Whitehead, Anne R 278 Whitehurst, Edith D 218 Whitehurst, Carol Kay 234 Whitley, Judy Irene 252 Whitley, Linda L 252 Whitener, Margaret C 252 Whitesell, Melba R 278 Whitfield, Sandra V 278 Whit ord, Grace Moss 234 Whitlock, Susan R 252 Whitney, Candice I 278 Whitt, Nancy Helen 218 Whittaker, Judith H 234 Wiant, Kathy Sha 278 Wicker. Nancy Ann 278 Widener, Judith G 252 Wiegardt. Elizabeth 218 Wiener. Janet 216 Wiggs. Mary Dozier 252 Wilbern. Sue J 252 Wilburn. Pamela Lackey 218 Wilder. Beverly Joy 278.120 Wildermuth. Jonatha F 278 Wilkins. Teresa Ann 278 Wilkinson. Judith Ann 252 Wilkinson. Lynn E 252 Willett. Nancy E 252 Williams. Ann K 252 Williams. Bonnie E 252 Williams, Cassandra M 234 Williams, Carol Ann 278 Williams, Collette L 252 Williams, Constance P 218 Williams, Diane D 234 Williams, Elizabeth 278 Williams, Hilda V 218 Williams, Judy S 278 Williams, Julia Ann 234 Williams, Katura V 278 Williams, Leslie A 278 Williams, Linda Diane 278 Williams, Linda J 234 Williams, Margaret 218,137 Williams, Margie E 234 Willems. Mary H 234 Williams, Martha Jane 234 Williams, Mildred G 252 Williams, Peggy Lee 252 Williams, Phyllis L 252 Williams, Rebecca G 252 Williams, Sheryl L 218 Williams, Shirley D 218 Williamson, Brenda F 234 Williamson. Eve M 278 Williamson. Emily R 252 Williamson. Mary Lee 252 Williamson. Susan R 234 Willing. Nancy A 278 Willis. Susan Beth 252 Willmann. Margaret A 252 Willoughby. Beth A 234 Wilmer. Emily 252 Wilson. Bessie C 219 Wilson, Brenda Gail 252 Wilson, Debra Laverne 252 Wil 234 Wilson, Linda Kaye 218 Wilson, Lynda E 219 Wilson, Mary K 234 Wilson, Mary Linda 252 Wilson, Mary Lynn 219 Wilson, Nancy Marcia 234 Wilson, Pamela C 252 Wilson, Rebecca A 252 Wilson, Rebecca H 234 Wilson, Rebecca J 109,252 Winchester, Deborah A 234 Winchester, Paula 219 Wmdell, Fleta 252 Windley, Phyllis 234 Winters, Ann Veronica 219 Wolf, Sandra Gail 219 Wolfe, Barbara 252 Womble, Gail 252,127 Womble, Becki 234 Wood, Linda 252 Wood, Rebecca 252 Woodard, Particia 234 Wooden, Susan Olivia 278 Woodrow. Vernessa 234 Woodruff. Sera 219 Woodward. Cynthia 219 Woodward. Cynthia M 252 Woody, Karen Lee 278 Woosley, Patricia 252 Wooten, Anna Joyce 252 Wooten, Clara 278 Workman, Diane Carole 234 Workman, Sharon 252 Worley, Shirley 234 Worthington, Jane 234 Wrenn. Joan 278.120 Wrenn. Tanya Sue 219 Wright. Barbara 279 Wright. Brenda Faye 219 Wright. Janet 234 Wright. Judith Ann 279 Wright. Martha 219 Wright. Nancy Lou 219 Wright. Rebecca 219 Wright, Reida 252 Wright. Susan 279 Wright. Virginia 279 Wyatt. Dathryn 1 14 Wyche, Mary 252 Wynne. Wendy Virginia 279 Yancey Jerr. Delane 27m Yarborough. Lyncra 220 Yates, Emrly Jayne 252 Yeager. Kathryn 234 Yeager. Virginia 279 Yeargan, Palncia 220,104 Yelton, Margaret 279 Yoder, Donna Wray 252 Yoder Nancy Carolyn 279 York. Pamela Ann 279 York. Shirley Gail 234 Young Addie lylylinda 252 Young, Alice 279 ung, Golda I 252 Young, Mildred 279 Younger, Charlotte 279 Younl, Frances 234 Zagora, Ma ne Ann 253 Zelkin, Anr Ruth 220 Zender, Ka hy 279 Ziegenfuss Eva Lynn 2 Reflections , , 1967-68 Signs of the time- Some of which here compiled for you A word of thanks to: Mr George Hamer at the Develop- ment Office for permitting us to photograph the outstanding seniors and class beauties at Chinqua Penn Plantation; to Smith Studios in Raleigh (class pictures); and to Mr Ed Goldston, our Regional Sales Representative from Hunter Publishing Company To Peg Whalen (pages 17- 20) and Jean Goodwin for their creative writing, - , to all my staff and especially to Sally Meacham (typing editor), Pam Propst (organiza- tions editor), and Sue Houngan (photography editor and " write-in candidate for Assistant " ) we ' re through ' thanks to you and: to Peter Julian, the father of practically every photograph within these 292 pages, (yes, he was " the humorous little man with the beard " ) a special thanks, , , as to J.B, Edwards, from Hunter " How soon can an MG make it to Greensboro? So what, if it ' s snowing ' " Ideas, please, to Georgia Vinroot, ' 68 Faculty-Academics Editor, and candidate for ' 69 Editor, take it from here Brenda Surge Editor Cover Design by Brenda Burge mI HUNTER PU BLISHING COMPANY

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