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The Woman ' s College University of North Carolina The LIBRARY COLLEGE COLLECTION PINE NEEDLES 1967 Evelyn Brake, Editor Brenda Burge, Associate Editor Margie Sharff, Business Manager the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Our Seventy-fifth Year . . . We Dedicate the PINE NEEDLES Since 1891. when Dr. Charles Duncan Mclver urged legislators to pass a bill creating a school for higher education for women, our university has made great advances. From a physical plant in- cluding only three buildings and covering only ten acres, the North Carolina State Normal and Indus- trial School has grown to a full-fledged university. The institution has been named, in addition to State Normal and Industrial School. North Caro- lina College for Women, Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, and currently, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Over the past seventy-five years the dedication, time, money, and enthusiasm of many persons have entered into the making of a great institution. The work of early administrators and faculty only laid a foundation for the University. The present ad- ministration and faculty have contributed much to the continuing growth of this institution. And future administrations will continue to build on this groundwork. To the work, time, talents, and spirit of ad- ministrators, faculty, interested educators, alum- nae, students and friends that have helped the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to at- tain its present position, we dedicate the 1967 PINE NEEDLES. Early classes wore pins which were l;iler replaced by class rings Mrs. Blanche Harper Moseley. of the class of 1896, similar to this one. _ , living alumna of this school. W86p 1967 The statue of Charles Duncan Mclver. founder of the school, stands in front of the University library. 311175 In Our Seventy-fifth Year . . . We Are Organized page 54 We Are Led page 90 We Are Instructed page 100 We Are United page 148 " As new hopes are born, And friendships Herded to the hoard of waiting gentlemen Each adventure begins with an Orientation . . and a Registration j U f k Hh H REGISTRAR " Each student must appreciate the necessity and privilege of regular class attendance. " Traditions are important, and so we gather. There are less traditional gatherings, and some required meetings " There ' s a place just for you. " " Tomorrow through Today ' ' An open door A distant star A world — await. ' What did you learn? " they ask. What can we reply? How to study? How to wait? How to play? Recreation: A time for outdoor competion; A time for indoor relaxation. splashes of Color, a Sea Shell Enthusiastic Accolades for NRT UNC-G Two theatres, One goal - Response to Emotions and Symbols Some will lead, Some will follow Hub of Campus Activities Blaring Amplifiers, Enthusiam, and i ' 4 ' v H Spontaneity of Anticipation and Excitement Result in an Elegant Evening Weekends — Kaleidoscope of Activities Football Weekends autumn On Campus Weekends Come with me and E SML l|i |H a 1 ap i 1 -■ -. a: ir " " ' t ► i . 1 1 .1 r Play at playing games Nothing Special Weekends for catching up or loafing Dateless Weekends — They come for all. Lazy Sundays Holiday Spirits — uW twr - - mm Most Special at Christmas l l • 1 ' •-.. " " l- ' J M ' - " f -- lL k • • -M seii gll JjS JJiiSjww ' - - - • ' M ' • i And the inevitable Approaches ' Meeting the Challenge, We Go On. " mrw ♦ ' Overlaying the bark of UNC-G ' s tradi- ' ■ tional pine, are eight of our school ' s chosen I ; beauties. Because of their personality and » y poise as well as beauty, they were elected jL by their respective classes. The Senior lL ' . Class also selected the Pine Needles Beau- I ty. Neill Andrew Pine Needles Beauty Lynn Burkholder Consolidated — University Beauty Sandy Singletary Sophomore Beauty Pam Wilson Freshman Beauty Sandra Lasley Commercial Beauty In Our Seventy-fifth Year We Are Organized Since the early years of the school, students have been organizing. Organizations allow students who have potential ability to develop it by work- ing with other students. The third floor of Elliott Hall is lined with offices of the various organiza- tions which are not affiliated with any academic department. The doors of these offices are open to any one who is willing to spend his time and energy in some extra-curricular activity. PINE NEEDLES: Annual Publication Beginning soon after her election in May, the PINE NEEDLES editor must choose the publish- ing company, staff heads, and primary themes for the university ' s annual publication. The PINE NEEDLES staff then spends many hours organiz- ing pictures, layouts, and copy into a book that will please a majority of the UNC-G student body. Brenda Burge. Associate Editor Marjorie Sharff. Business Mana I icl n I ' .i.ikc, I Jil Wx-j A Class Editors: (seated) Lihby Stewart, Beverly Pin- nell. Senior Class; (standing) Martha Taylor, Fresh- man Class; Nancy Horsley, Junior Class; Deedee Harsey, Sophomore Class; Linda Wolff, Nursing Class. Janice Hinchliffe, Index Editor. Paula Brown, Organizations Editor. John Robinson, Photography Editor; Art and Layout Editor. Shelley, PINE NEEDLES staflF members work on an approaching deadline. hk. H M F1P Ruse r ' (, St.- ' Cpi " - .. ■.il. . ' 1 J Sheila Maxwell, Academics Editor. Karen Engard. Copy Editor; Becky Joyner. Typing Editor. C arolyn Furches, Associate Business Man- ager. CAROLINIAN Puts Out Bi- Weekly The editors and staff of the Carolinian have spent a great deal of time and effort to transform a sluggish weekly into a flourishing bi-weekly that keeps the student body informed of campus ac- tivities, current college events and editorial opin- ion. Terry Sprinkle, Feature Editor; Linda Bailey, As sistant Feature Editor. Rebecca Wilson, Glendel Honeycutt, Layout Editors. Katherine Bardin, Julie Stewart, Managing Editors. 1 I Georgiana Lester, Norma Jones, Circulation Managers. David Moore, Photography Editor. The CAROLINIAN staff burns the midnight oil in order to get the paper to press. CORADDI Publishes Student Work Under, the editorship of Joyce Shields, the cam- pus hterary magazine, CORADDI. gives all stu- dents the opportunity to publish their prose, poetry, or art works. The staff selects from anonymous submissions those student endeavors which express the best efforts of the contributors. f ■ " 1 Top. Linda Flowers. Literary Fditor; Barb Satterfield. Art Editor. Bottom. Susan Settlemvre, Managing Editor; Lila Summer, Business Editor. Joyce Shields, Editor. The Literary Staff looks over works to be included in the forth coming CORADDl edition. Barb Satterfield discusses with her staff the recent art submissions. Joyce takes time out to talk with staff mciiibc TV and Radio Station: Offers Educational Programs WUNC-TV offers facilities for laboratory work for drama majors. It is an educational non-com- mercial station. The radio station, WUAC, pro- vides FM music and a chance for students to gain experience as disc-jockeys. Hmil Young, Director of TV-Radio Station. Student disc-jockey gains e.xper]ence working at the campus radio The crew sets up one of WUNC-TV ' s educational programs. Y w Service League Conducts Varied Projects The Service League on campus has many proj- ects of service to the local and world communities. They sponsor a " Milk for Bali " program and a Christmas project to help needy families in the Greensboro area. Through its Halloween Carnival. Service League raises money for other worthwhile projects. V f Pam Freeze, Co-ordinator of Service League. Service League sponsors a Halloween Carni ' noney-making project NSA Publishes Student Directories The National Student Association is a nation- wide students ' organization designed to establish and maintain democratic student governments, high edu- cational standards, academic freedom, and responsi- bility. NSA is directed toward the student as an individual and is primarily concerned with the ex- pression of opinions by students on a national level. NSA publishes the Student Directory each year which proves to be very helpful in locating students enrolled at the University. Terry Ashe, Co-ordinator of NSA. The Young Republicans at UNC-G gain a better understanding of thie principles of the Re- publican party. The club stimulates Republican Party activity on campus and provides an oppor- tunity for political expression. Pal Gennaria, President of Young Republicans Club. Two Young Republic ,111 lip coming meeting. YRC, YDC Lead to Political Involvement UNC-G ' s Young Democrats Club acquaints the campus with national, state, and local govern- ment affairs and encourages voters to take active interest in politics. The highlights for this year have been visits by State Senator Voit Gilmore and Judge Richardson Preyer and a trip to Raleigh for a State Legislature session. Cary Jewitt. President of Young Democrats Club. The YDC meets to discuss current issues. Interfaith Council Co-ordinates Religious Groups " Recognizing the importance of religion in the life of the student, UNC-G offers various opportuni- ties for the student to grow spiritually. " The Inter- faith Council co-ordinates the activities of the various religious organizations on cainpus. It strives to enhance an atmosphere conducive to religious growth and to encourage the individual to participate in campus-wide religious activities, such as the Moravian Love Feast held at Christmas time, and in those of his chosen groups. Martha Johnson, President of Inlcilnih Dlmh k.iihciine lajlui, l,i,.iili XjMsor. After supper at the student centei. B;iptists listen to a speaker during one of their weekly forums. Some of the Jewish girls on campus participate in activities presented by Hill-EI. Guests and Canterbury Club members enjoy a parly at St. Mary ' s House. Members of the Westminister Fellowship have a thought session during one of their progr;ims at the Presbyterian House. Catholics engage in one of their lively discussions at a Newr Club meeting. The Moravian Love Feast is one of the highlights of Christmas activities on our campus. Outing Club Offers Release from Academe H ' 1 V. S f - 1 This year has witnessed the advent of one of the most exciting clubs on campus. The Outing Club, initiated to accomodate the outdoor interests of students, has grown to include a great variety of activities, including kayaking, canoing, scuba and skin diving, sailing, skiing, camping and more advanced forms of technical rock- climbing and spelunking; for the more conservative, biking, hiking, and ice skating are offered. Officers of the club are Judie Hickman and Barbara Leary, Co-Chairmen; Dail Barbour, Publicity Chairman, and Sally Meyland, Business Manager. Left: A Climber traverses out of a chimney which affords little headroom at Pilot Mountain, North Carolina. Right: " Neither rain, nor sleet, A Camper prepares a quick breakfast before a forty mile spring through the rapids. ■Off Belay, four climbers lounge before the last pitch to the suniniLtt of Geneca Rock, West Virginia. SGA Initiates Changes in Dress Policy, Playing a large part in all aspects of student affairs on the campus of UNC-G, the Student Gov- ernment Association is the one organization to which all students belong. SGA has been affected by the change in the size and status of the University, a transition which has required a number of revisions in the total structure of student government. While these changes have not been automatic or easily accomplished, SGA has attempted to direct the process and hopes that the future administrations will complete the transition. Carol Eustis. President of SGA, working closely with student leaders, members of the faculty, and the administration, has utilized various polls and has set up several investigation committees including those concerned with student curriculum, in an ef- fort to discern the main areas of student interest. These committees are indicative of the students " in- creasing interest and participation in academic affairs. The Vice-president of SGA, Nancy Dunn, has assisted Miss Eustis in executive activities and has provided leadership in legislative affairs on campus. Three other officers vital to the Student Govern- ment are Linda Margaret Hunt, Treasurer; Barb Watry, Secretary; and Anne Hinson. Cheerleader. Nancy Dunn, Vice-President. Carol Eustis, President. Judicial System, Freshman Regulations Linda Margaret Hunt, Treasurer. Barbara Watry, Secretary. Anne Hinson, Cheerleader Miss Judy Rand. Assistant to the Dean of Women, in charge of Student Government Affairs. Steve Ulosevich explains a judicial bill to the Legislature. Kathryn White answers questions of legislature members while Nancy Dunn looks on. Many hours and hard work are put inio counting ballots after SGA elections. SGA sponsored a farewell party for Dr. Singletar . Student Judicial System Deals With Social The Judicial System is vested with the judicial power of the SGA and is concerned primarily with aiding the individual student in becoming aware of his duties and responsibilities not only to society but also to himself. The system is divided into a Women ' s Court and a Men ' s Court, under which come a Social Court, an Honor Court, a Court of Appeals, and a Hall Board. The Social Court is primarily concerned with classifying and dealing with major social offenses, while the Honor Court hears infractions of honor regulations. There is a system of appeals which an individual may use if he feels he has been unfairly tried; he also has the right of defense counseling. The Hall Board and Court members strive not only for impartiality but also for concern and respect for the individual student. The Honor Policy, an element so vital to the campus life at UNC-G, is based on the " Responsible Freedom " of the individual. This Responsibility is of paramount importance to the Judicial System; the Honor Policy and the .system itself can be effective only as long as the indivdual student supports it. Jeanne Young, Judicial Chai „,L . r- . c- . t MrWhiripr Fxpriitive Secretary of Honor Alice Phillips. Executive Secretary of Gary Whittle, Executive Secretary of rf " Mcwnirier, r.xecuiive secretary oi noiiui Social Court and Honor Offenses Honor Courl (1-r), Ann Hall. Susan Prince, Bettv Ivie. Jeanne Younc. Jane Sjogren, Georgia Knighl. Claudettc Alexander. Barbara Check. Fran McWhirter, Gray Vmcenl, Ann Hipp. Standing (l-r). Linda Gale. Lyn Smith. Anne Hayes. Mary Ellen Butler. Social Coiirl ll-ri. JuJv Su;mn, ellc Rrins,.n S.mdr.i Jeffries. Jeanne ' oung, AIkc Pliillips, ( ,,inlu siinci. ( .ir..Kn ( .iihcari Standing (1-r). Jane Knight. Marilyn Fouler. Mary Jean Hand, Linda Kce. Anne Haniner. Donna Sorgi, Joanne Kares. Caroline Elliott. Men ' s Court (I-r), Jerry Kenninglon, Tom Smith, Jeanne Young Gary Whittle. Standmg (I-r) John Rohmson, Ray Lomax, Herman Lillard, Tar Kent McKc ry McAdoo. Not ithan. pictured: Jerry Carter. Larry Muffling, Ad Hoc Committees Aid Legisl ature The Ad Hoc Committees of Student Government Association are standing committees which come under the jurisdiction of two branches, the Legis- lative and Executive. Through these committees pass many of the bills to be discussed in Legislature and any problems which student groups wish to a.r about finances, food services, and student regulations. Kamerer Back: Joyce Cimc, k. Anne I e ' u Ann " ' ' ' " ' i ' ' ' " " " R " " - !!. Barhani Sharon Ham, Barbara Grady, G«en SupuKki. ' ' ' ' " ' " ' ' " " " " " ' ■ ' " renda BulS Legislation: (l-r) Linda Jackson. Diane Howell, Cheryl Davis, Chairman. Not pictured: Jean Hayworth, Betsy Cox, Barbara Tanner. Elections Board: Front; (l-r) Ann Haneline, Nancy Ty- singer, Suki Snuth. Middle: Carol Roach. Back: Gnselle Gholson, chairman; Rosalyn Fleming, Sue Cox, Carohne Snavely. Not pictured: Mickey Seaward. Food Liaison: Front: ll-r) Karen Offner, Courtney Wilson, Vitki Hailcj, Bcck Ludlum, Back: Sharon Mil- chin, Anne Price. Judicial: Front; (1-r) Linda G Smith, chairman; Anne Haniner. Back; Ann Staton. Nan Hammond. N il pictured: Sherry Changaris, Pam McLendon. Linda Rhyne. Finance Bo:ird; Front: (1-r) Mary Todd, Secretary; Margot Dale, Betty Norman, chairman; Pam Mars, Beth Robinson. Back; Linda Margaret Hunt. Sandra Clifton. Nancy kenyon. Bettie Treasurer. State Student Legislature: Front: (1-rl Anne Lambert. Margaret Riddick. Patti Daves. Melanie Spruill. ch:urman; Gaii Wright. Back: K:ilhcrine Brewer. Beverly L:inders. Karon Bush. John Pin- ni. . Norma Jones, C.icki B.irdin, ClMssllkation of officers: (l-r) Ruhy Sartin, Mariha Lou Green, Edwinna Bell, Donna Stewart, chairman. m Districting: Front: (l-r) Judy Hardin, Erenda Griffin, chairman; Carol Looney. Back: Barb Hayworlh, Pansy McGee, Judy Coates. Town Students Association — An SGA For Off-Campus Students The Town Students Association serves as a liaison between students living off-campus and student government and other important aspects of campus activities. Elliott Hall provides a lounge for the Town Students to relax in between classes. Town Sludcnls find a place lo pi)l ilmsn Ihcir hooks, rchix. Lounge. study in the Town Students ' Freshman Cabinet Trains Freshmen For SGA Freshman Cabinet is an organization formed for the purpose of introducing Freshmen to the various aspects of Student Government. Out of the Fresh- man class a group of students is selected to comprise the Cabinet. Through their work with the co- ordinator, Caroline Elliott, these students learn about the working of SGA and then share their information with other members of their class. Caroline Elliot, Co-ordinalor of Freshman Cabinet. Back Row (1-r): Brenda Lawrence, Brenda Satterfield, Linda Whitt, Myla Shetlar, Barh Short, Janet Arthur, Beverly Schneider, Katy (jilmore. Middle Row: Sharon O ' Quinn, Flip Nenadal, Nancy Levine, Linda Gale, Marcell Rosenblatt, Joanne Bridger, Gladys Coddington, Sylvia Rosen- blum. Front Row; Cherie Cox, Anne Tramniell, Kathy Smith, Suzanne Humbert, Mary Ann Stroble, Elaine Bashaw. Back Row (l-r): Celia Fuller, Connie Mangione, Karen Tim- nions, Toni Alexander, Gloria Jackson, Beth Robinson, Tina Batchelor, Betty Blackwell, Gayle Burnett. Middle Row: Alice Twining, Ginger Wallin, Nancy Baugh, Pat Morris, Dixie Horton, Sara Blank, Sandy Wollman, Barbara Helms, Joyce Stewart. Front Row: Mary Parris, Sheila B;irnard, Debby Berkman, Shirley Smipson, Meredith Ludwig, Sheri De Long, Henri Weaver. Links of Golden Chain: Scholarship, Leadership, Service Golden Chain is a campus honorary society. Nominations to Golden Chain are received by the members and the nominees " records of service, leader- ship, and scholarship are reviewed. The organization votes on those persons recommended for member- ship. New members are tapped in an impressive candlelight ceremony in the fail and in the spring of each year. New members are expected to uphold each link of the Golden Chain. Golden Chain Officers, seated (l-r) Lyn Smith, Barb Decker, Susan Prince; standing, Whitty Ransome, Carohne Elliott. Officers Whitty Ransome Caroline Elliott . Lyn Smith Barbara Decker . . Susan Prince . . , . President . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Social Chairman Advisors Dean Miss Tommie June P. Lou Smith Galloway Andy Anderson Martha Carson Isgett Margaret Britton Kitty Johnson Zelle Brinson Susan Prince Betsy Buford Whitty Ransome Sherry Changaris Lyn Smith Judy Davis Carol Stiner Barbara Decker Jane Taylor Linda Dick Gray Vincent Caroline Elliott Donna Whitley Rosalyn Fleming Jeanne Young Ginger Grier Phi Beta Kappa Rewards Academic Excellence. Class of 1968 Betsy Greenleaf Culbertson Kathryn Sue Ritchie Departmental Honor Societies Beta Beta Beta Shirley Aldridge Joyce Frazier Andrea Ray Mary Frances Lemira Guffy Mary Ann Russell Ballance Janet Hill Patricia Smith Elizabeth Ann Barbara Howell Dorothy Spates Barrow Betty Ann Jonej Mary Swofford Joyce Lee Barwick Linda Neskaug Abbie Lenora Margaret Britton Lois Poteet Worley Dawn Donahue Susan Prince Margie Poteat Yow Psi Chi Sigma Alpha PoUy Adams Barbara Gold Martha Lou Green Camden Greer Janice Gross Anne Hamner Devereux Horn Dottie Howard Beth McCutcheon Elsa McKeithan Kaye Nelson Linda Nunn Carolyn Register Linda Rhyne David Rice Mary Rice Shelby Rice Nancy Routh Minta Saunders Barbara Thomas Barbara Brazee Nathalia Sue Cox Lynda Gayle Hedgpeth Annie Elizabeth Ivie Rita Brice Miller Barbara Sue Owens Sonja Turner Omicron Nu Ava Lee Abemethy Sandra Barnes Lane Butler Frances Coletta Betty Coltrane Ruby Greer Wanda Hawkins Caroline Justice Rowena Love Victoria Martin Jeanne Matthews Jane Elliott Mclver Mary Rebecca Murray Sandra Neal Edna Ann Bernhardt Newman Mariana Nicks Betty Carol Scott Marjorie Elizabeth Warlick Induct Outstanding Students Alpha Kappa Delta Willine Carr Carolyn Snavely Norma Davenport Melanie Spruill Nancy Anna Hammond Jennifer Anne Taylor Beth Marie Harkey Sharon Taylor Janet Hunter Sharon Terrell Kitty Johnson Virginia Ann Tietz Vickie Sanford Glenda Tudor ;q Masqueraders Carol Accarina Heather Harwood Cindy Kouns Gay Baynes Judy Hopson Darrie Lawrence Betsy Culbertson Shelagh Huntley Russ Murphy Barry Dudley Martha Jones Becky Reeder Eliza Gidden Mary Louise Jones Tom Schumaker Janet Glazener Brenda Katz Lyn Stone Phi Alpha Theta Dorothy Jane Crowder Virginia Grier Esther Sue Kanipe Donna Paoli Beverly Pinnell Melanie Spruill Mu Phi Epsilon Carolyn Abbott Mildred Graves Betty Anne Myatt Frances Allen Nancy Hayes Lori Nelson Jean Anglin Susan Henley Jeanette Ogg Carolyn Berrien Anne Heywood Claire Parrish Mary Tate Blake Claudia Higgins Kay Phillips Rebecca Bradley Collis Hill Jane Reed Janice Callahan Karen Hite Jane Robertson Lorraine Carpenter Nancy Honeycutt Patricia Sapp Sylvia Cheek Pat Hope Ann Schadel Yvonne Cheek Chris Isley Billie Simmons Cynthia Clark Deanna Isley Jeanette Smith Coline Crews Rachel Jackson Alice Smithy Judy Crocker Jennings Jarrett Dana Spenser Jane Dixon Martha Jones Anita Taylor Dorrie Eldridge Sonya Kennedy Kay Wharton Lizabeth Ellis Beth Long Evelyn Wilkins Paula Gentry Frances McBane Joyce Witherington Avis Goodson Joan McClure Florence Young Celia Grasty Betty Anne Moore In Our Seventy-fifth Year We Are Led Soon after the opening of the Seventy-fifth session at UNC-G Chancellor Otis A. Singletary resigned to become Vice President of the American Council on Education. Dr. James S. Ferguson ac- cepted the position of Acting Chancellor and un- dertook the task of coordinating Administration, Faculty, and Student. Recognizing the growing pains of a young university. Acting Chancellor Ferguson and his administrative assistants have worked diligently to see UNC-G move upward in the ranks of institutions of higher learning. Ferguson Assumes Chancellorship Dr. James S. Ferguson, Chancellor of the Llnivcisiiy of North Chancellor Ferguson and former chancellor. Dr. Otis Singletary, Carolina at Greensboro. meet with newsmen. Administrative Heads Perform Various Services Dr. Rosemary McGee. Dean of Women. Mis!, Kalherine Taylor, of StuJenl Services. I IB 4t i Mrs. Tommie Lou Smith, Associate Dean. (Seated) Mrs. Margery Irby; (standing) Mrs. Nancy Mill- ner. Mr. Bennet Parks, Mrs. Bobbie Minton, Admissions Staff. Mr. Charles Adams, Head Librarian. Mrs. Mahlon Adams, Director of Housekeeping. Mrs. Josephine Schaeflfer, Director of Placement Otiice. Dr. Joseph E. Bryson. Director of Extension. Mr. A. A. Wilkinson, Director of the News Mr. Henry L. Ferguson, Business Manager. Mr. N. H. Gurley, Director of the Physical Pl:ml. Mr. George W. Hamer, Director of the Development Office Mr. Kennis R. Grogan, Director of Accounting. l ' MimS i i ' ' In Our Seventy-fifth Year We Are Instructed From the year when State Normal and Indus- trial School began, the faculty has been of a high calibre. The University continues to have its facul- ty filled with many distinguished professors. Under the leadership and instruction of these professors, students can, if they give of themselves, attain a more than adequate college education. Closely related to most of the departments are clubs which offer to students different facets of their major subjects. Dr. Bryant Returns to Head English Department English courses in all fields of literature and grammar are a major part of the University ' s curriculum. Students may choose either the English litera- ture, American literature, or writing sequence to fulfill major requirements. Dr. Joseph a. Bryant. Head of English The English department sponsors the Poetry Circuit and the Spring ° ' p ' " ' " ' Literary Festival. Mr. Tucker makes English 212 and Alexander Pope come alive. Romance Languages Sponsor Language Tables Students at UNC-G find that the Romance Lan- guage department has much to offer in the fields of literature, conversation, and culture. Undergrad- uate degrees in French, Spanish, and Italian may be obtained in either a literary, teaching, or com- mercial sequence. Aside from its academic offer- ing this department sponsors two clubs. Le Circle Francais and El Circule Hispanico; language tables in the dining hall; and numerous films throughout the year. Dr. J.imes Atkinson. Acting Head of Romance Language Depart- ment. Students of the Romance Languages frequently use the facilities of the language lah. Students on the French H.ill eat together with their advisor, Anne Marie Geradin. German and Russian Offer Challenge and Opportunity The study of German and Russian offers a range of opportunities to the students. Through this department outstanding students may partici- pate in the Junior Year Abroad Program, an en- deavor which gives them an opportunity to apply in a learning situation some of the conversation and grammar they have gleaned in the classroom. Under the direction of Dr. Anne Baecker, this de- partment offers courses in literature, grammar, and composition. Dr. Anne F. Baecker, Head of German and Russian Department German Club officers: (1-r) Dr. Baecker. Advisor; Elaine Query Vice-president; Bettie Jean Howell. President; Linda Robinson. Sec retary; Susan Williamson, Treasurer. Geography Department Has Guest Leaurer Under the leadership of Dr. Craig Dozier, the Geography Department offers both general courses in world geography and specialized courses in physical geography for upperclassmen majors. In addition to Charles Hays, noted for his work with the Greensboro City Planning Department, the Geography Department has a guest lecturer this year, Mr. Philip Shey from East Carolina College. Dr. Craig Dozier, Head of Geography Deparlnieni. Geography stuJents study formation of rocks as well as other pri.)perlics of the earth ' s composition. History and Political Science Boast of The History and Political Science Department is known state and nation-wide for its distinguished graduates and professors, many of whom have worked under Woodrow Wilson Fellowships and Fulbright Scholarships. Dr. Richard Bardolph, of Hislory and Political Science Department. Dr. John Becler discusses a paper with one of his hislory students Distinguished Professors Headed by Dr. Richard Bardolph. the Depart- ment has been enhanced this year by the loan of several professors from Guilford College. In addi- tion, the Department ' s professors have continued to add books and articles to historical scholarship. Students discuss problems in political science. Sociology and Anthropology: Popular Department Headed by Dr. Lyda Gordon Shivers, the De- partment of Sociology and Anthropology is per- haps one of the most popular departments on cam- pus, since it offers courses to fit such a variety of interests. The Sociology and Anthropology majors use the department ' s curriculum as a foundation for advanced study in several areas. Dr. Lyda Gordon Shivers. Head of Sociology and Anthropology Department. Kitty Johnson, president of the Sociology ( liib. and other members talk v.ith Mr Ronald Semone, speaker at their October meeting. Classical Civilization Adds a Course Dr. Francis Laine, Head of Classical Civilization Department. The Classical Civilization Department offers courses in Classical Literature in English Transla- tion for students who have no knowledge of Greek or Latin. Two of the more popular courses are Dr. Francis Laine ' s class on Mythology and his class on comparative studies in world drama, new this year. In addition, Dr. Laine and Miss Meriwether continue to provide individual attention for the Greek and Latin majors. Philosophy Department Offers Logic, Ethics An expanding Philosophy Department under the direction of Dr. Warren Ashby offers courses in many areas. Students may study in the fields of logic, philosophical history and ethics. Dr. Roberl Rosthal directs discussion in philosophy class Psychology Studies Human Behavior Dr. Kendon Snuih, Head of Psy- chology Department. Headed by Dr. Kendon Smith, the Department of Psychology offers a curriculum that explores the facts and principles of human behavior. Motivation, learning and individual differences are observed and compared in various subjects. Psychology lah provides time to study rellex action. Business Education Offers Bachelor of Science Degree Dr. Vance Lilllcjohn, Head of Business Education Department. The Department of Business Education and Secretarial Administration offers a Bachelor of Science degree for those who wish to enter busi- ness or business education. Business Students learn to type efficiently and accurately. GAMMA ALPHA OFFICFRS: (seated) Susan Mchring. Secretary; Donna Rogers, Vice- President; Gayle Campbell. Chairm.m; Sandra Perry, President; Betty Ivie. Project Chairman; (standing) Jean H;iyv.ard, Board mcmher; l.ou Harlow. Treasurer; Barh.ira Owens, Board member; Martha C ' urto, Co-edilor of SPOTMCiHT; Sonja Turner. Co-editor of SPOTLIGHT; Rita Miller. Publicity Chairman. Economics Department Opens Way to Business World Through the Department of Economics, stu- dents with an interest in the business world have the opportunity to learn the principles of economic theory as well as accounting and business law. Dr. John Kennedy, Head of Economics Departmenl. The newly formed Political Economy Club has a guest lecturer. Economics students study current problems Commercial Program Ends in 1967 Dr. Roscoe Allen, Head of Com- mercial Department. This year marks the end of the one year Com- mercial Program at UNC-G. This program trains many fine secretaries who are able to use their skills in many areas of business and industry. T . : . Commercial studenis learn accounting prmciples. Nursing Education Becomes Four Year Course The Department of Nursing Education began a four year program headed by Dr. Lewis this year, ehminating the two year program which has been in effect for the last several years. Nursing education students gain practical experience in their field by working at Moses H. Cone Hospital. Student nurses receive practical experience at Moses Cone Chemistry Offers Credits to Industrialists The Chemistry Department is headed by Dr. Walter H. Puterbaugh. This year the department has offered courses for graduate credit to local industrialists. Plans are to continue this program. Dr. J. P. Schroeder is currently doing research in the field of liquid crystals under a Petroleum Re- search Grant. Dr. Walter Puterbaugh. Head of Chemistry Department Dr. Juel Schroeder helps a Chemistry student master the slide rule. Biology Includes Undergraduate Research Work The Biology Department is headed by Dr. Bruce Eberhart. An important aspect of the depart- ment is its undergraduate research program, in which Biology majors are given the opportunity to engage in research projects in the Cutter Re- search Laboratory. " Ti A Biology major works on a lab project. The inevitable dissection which is necessary to learn muscle structure and anatomy. Physics Department Gets New Equipment The Physics Department, headed by Dr. CHf- ton Bob Clark, offers approved graduate courses and has plans for offering a graduate degree. The department has been enhanced by the acquisition of new equipment from a National Science Foun- dation Grant. Dr. Clifton Boh Cl.irk, Head of Physics Deparlnienl. Advanced physics students wire equipment for an experiment. A student puts into practice knowledge gained in a photog- raphy course. 4 alw mi ii k k Ik. «... ' ' Math Department Plans Graduate Program The Math Department, headed by Dr. Eldon Posey, is in the process of expanding. Several new professors have joined the department, and plans are under way for the development of a graduate program. The math club, the Square Circle, brings lecturers in the field of mathematics to the campus. Mr. W. W. Hokman works on a game at a Square-Circle meeting. Math students learn to formulate proofs for theorems in Mr, Carl Bitzer ' s Analytic Geometry class. Art Department Gains New Facilities Acclaimed as one of the finest in the South- eastern United States, the UNC-G Art Department is buildina new faciUties that will make available many courses never before offered by the school. Several degrees ranging from Bachelor of Fme Arts in Arl Education to Master of Fine Arts in Painting may be earned. Dr. Gilbert Carpenter. Head of Art Department. t...- All students learn the technique of we.iving. Music Department Expands Program The Music Department is one of the many ex- panding departments of the University. A wide range of subjects is available in addition to sev- eral degrees. The new Fine Arts Building will allow even more expansion in the School of Music. Dr. Lawrence Harl. Head of School of Music. The University Sinfonia presenting one of its performances. Student violinist puts many hours of practice behind her ahihty to play her instrument. ii ite s ■;:.. ' •» ««• The University Choir presents its Christmas Concert for the enjoymenl ol many. The University Chorale, under the directio touch to the Christmas Concert. of Dr. Richard Cox, added a delightfully new Drama Department Offers Praaical Experience Under the direction of Dr. Herman Middleton, the Drama Department of UNC-G offers a wide range of courses from history of the theatre to a theatre workshop. Students may obtain practical knowledge of this field by working with the Pixie Playhouse. UNC-G Theatre, and the National Rep- ertory Theatre when they are in residence on cam- pus. Dr. Herman Middleton. Head of Drama-Speech Department The cast rehearses a scene from " Family Portrait, " pro- duced on campus in Decern- and Development of Talent The final dress rehearsal for the seven one-act plays presented in January. Another rehearsal scene from " Family Portrait. " speech Department Adds Graduate Degree The Speech and Hearing Correction Sequence of the Drama-Speech Department is under the di- rection of Dr. L. M. Vanella. The operation of the University Speech and Hearing Center provides the Speech Correction majors with an opportunity for clinical practice. In the fall of 1966, UNC-G began the only graduate program in Speech Path- ology in North Carolina. Dr. Vanella discusses therapy phin-. ulh student lIm Student therapist performs audionietric testing. Physical Education Offers Variety of Courses The University ' s Department of Health and Physical Education is rated among the top five in the nation. Majors in these fields may specialize in many areas from teacher education to recreation in physical education. Miss F.lhel Marlus, Head of the Depart- ment of Health and Physical Education. It is essenlial that first aid students practice what they are learning. Demonstrations of first-aid techniques are a frequent classroom activity. ping-pong is part of ihe recreutional sports curriculum. Bowling is a popular choice of physical education students. Intermediate modern dance students practice in the dance studio. All senior physical education majors are required to participate in the Senior Forum program. iVater activities are a major part of the physical education program. " • - ' l . -.. 1 M kj 3 9 -i. -i ■ M " M JT ' Golf classes spend time improving Ihcii pulling on Iho pr.iclice green. The lodge at Piney Lake Recreation Center is one of the excellent facilities oflered to the campus. It is under the general supervision of Miss Margaret Duncan. Learning the various playing positions occupies these students in beginning tennis. Students learn the art of playing billards. RA Council: (l-r) Leenie Medlin, President; Marilyn Barchauski, ARFCW representative; Sarah Wicker, Awards Chairman; Miss Lynn Gaskin, Advisor; Liz Benbow, Treasurer; Sandra Sadler, Secretary; Jane Anne Ward. Publicity Chairman; not pictured. Miss June Galloway, Advisor; Jean Dalton, Vice-presi- dent; Jean Dalmus, Cabinet Representative. Ki both underondp,.,, j wealth ot courses for spect,ve te cLers I: ' " ' " ' " ' " ' - ?- education and a " h ' ementary or secondary program. " ' " Teaching Students Gain Practical Experience oJ eSuc ' °- " « ' be md,V-3L.nt " i ' ■ " -™ " dary educa.on en,oy working with ,he,r individual classes. in Educational Methods Dr. Bert Goldman condiicls educalionul research using closed circuit television and video tape. Mrs. Edith Briles helps students use the curriculum materials center. Many student teachers work with the elementary pupils attending Curry School. tcchniqui " - .ite :in important part of educational methods. SNEA officers: Front: (1-r) Kay Liverman, Parliamentarian; Kay Harper, Treasurer; Judy Harrell, President; Marie Parish, Vice-president; Dale Raney, Secretary, Back: (l-r) Sandra Jeffreys, Betsy Bunting, Judy Bradshaw, Committee Chairmen. Sludenis in Ihe clenienl.iry curriculum sUnly icachint; mclhods in irilhnielic, as well as in many other subjects. ACE officers; a-r) Claudia Andrews, Vice-president; Dr. Eugenia Hunter, Advisor; Gloria McCarler, President; Paula Myrick, Secretary; Marie Som- ers, Treasurer; not pictured, Mrs. Gay Manchester. Co- advisor. Students in the upholstery Inb learn how to refinish and recover various furnishings. Dr. Naomi Albanese, Dean of School of Home Economics. Home Economics Includes Various Majors UNC-G of the Consolidated University is the center of the Home Economics Graduate School in North Carolina. Both masters and doctorate degrees are offered by the school. Students in Home Eco- nomics are prepared to do a wide variety of jobs through their study in one specific field. AHEA Officers: (l-rl Linda Blanton. Secre- tary; Sandra Barnes. Chairman; Caroline Justice, Second Vice-Chairman; not pic- tured, Diana Watson, First Vice-Chairman, NSID Officers: Seated (l-r) Becky Murray, Secretary; Betty Burkhead, Vice-president; Jo Wehh. President; Terry Cooper, Trea- surer; standing; Vickie Martin, Program Chairman; Alice Phillips, Chairman of the Board. Students in the textiles research lab study abrasive resistence of materials Child development majors work with children at the nursery school affiliated with the SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS. Students in Historical Costume study examples on display in the costume room. Various courses in advanced clothing conslruclion arc offered. Students in nutrition and foods learn to use the equipment needed for quantity cookery. Graduate School Expands Programs Dr. John Kennedy, Head of the Graduate School. Dr. Rich;ird Current conducts the seminar in American History olfered to graduate students The Graduate School has grown to an en- rollment of approximately eight hundred fifty stu- dents. While an important part of this school is preparing teachers, the enrollment in non-teaching areas is increasing. Students in the graduate seminar in home furnishings discuss current furnishing problems. The modern painting class, which studies slides such as these, is only one of the variety of fine arts courses in the graduate curriculum. Pfi : Gail Wright, Junior year stu- dent at the University of Hawaii, and Lois McLean, junior year student at the Uni- versity of Madrid, ponder their chess moves. The International Studios Program is enhanced by such annual events as the Harriett t lliott Lectures, The student commiltee includes Ihc following; (1-r) Sheila Maxwell, Robin Alexander, Joanne Roach. Standing are Ginger Grier, Linda Hedgepeth. Not pictured are Judy Herrick, Whitty Ransome, Dan Hudson. special Studies Encompasses Several Areas Special studies programs provide an opportunity for tliose students qualified to engage in activities outside the normal area of study. The Honors pro- gram, established under a Ford Foundation Grant, began in 1962. The International Studies Program is designed for those who wish to acquire an under- standing of world affairs. The Junior Year Abroad gives students with sufficient foreign language train- ing the opportunity for work in some foreign country. Sophomore Honors students study a cross-section of literary worlds. Students in the Junior Honors seminar carry on an informal discussion. In Our Seventy-fifth Year We Are United All students are a part of the University, yet each student is also a member of his class. Two kinds of unity must therefore exist. In our Seventy- fifth year we unite as four classes, each with its individual characteristics. Seniors look ahead to the world beyond the college community. Juniors look toward their Senior year. Sophomores anticipate the broadening of their intellectual horizons. And Freshmen, just embarking on their college career. unite to bring spirit and enthusiasm to the Uni- versity of North Carolina at Greensboro. Class of 1967 Four years separate us from our first day at UNC-G. These college years have taught us to cope, to think, to choose. We have been a part of this institution at a most unique period of its hfe — the birth of a university. In this time of transition the University has provided us with a home, a taste of knowledge, and many invaluable experiences. Barbara Yoder. Vice President Barb Decker, President Ann Flye, Secretary- Dot Sawyer, Treasurer Elissa Joyner, Cheerleader Outstanding Seniors The Senior Class this year elected from a roster of fifty nominees twenty students who were considered by the majority of the class to be outstanding seniors. These individuals are ones who have worked for the class in many ways. This honor is just the class ' s way of showing its appreciation for a lot of hard work. Ginger Grier : !f 1 . w: -vv Griselle Gholson Donna Whitley Outstanding Seniors Senior House Presidents Head Upperclass Dorms Senior House Presidents, elected by the mem- bers of their dorms in the first SGA Elections, accept not only a job as a dorm leader but also a responsibility for such jobs as announcement mak- ing, door locking and gripe hearing. They work closely with their House Counselors, the SGA officers, and the girls in their dorms in order to strengthen communication among the various branches of student activity. Rewards for the serv- ice? Hectic days, late nights, and many friends. Men ' s Dorms (l-r), Jack Pinnix; Jerry Carter. Moore Hall (left), Mrs. Lucy White, counselor; Marilyn Watts, president; Strong Hall (right), Judy Davis, president; Mrs. Delia Arthur, counselor. North Spencer Hall (left). Miss Mary Horton, counselor: Ann Hurst, president. Kiser Hall (right! Mrs. OdessE McGuier, Counselor; Susan Matthews. Grogan Hall (l-r), Gayle Campbell, president; Mrs. Mary Ann Gibbs, assistant counselor; Linda Cunningham, president; Mrs. Joyce MacFadyen. counselor; Peggy Ridenour, president. Reynolds Hall (1-r). Suki Smith, president; Mrs. Dell McKeithan. coun- selor; Sandy Ellis, president; Miss Betty Watlington, assistant counselor. Weil Hall (left). Mrs. Nancy Melvin. counselor; Linda Hunter, president; Winfield Hall (right), Beth Walker, president; Mrs. Eloise George, counselor. Guilford Hall fleftl, Mary Helen Williams, president; Mary Foust Hall (center), Mrs. Helen Ruley. counselor; Andrea Ray, president; Guilford Hall (right), Mrs. Carolyn Atwater, counselor. Mendenhall Hill (left), Rachel Farmer, president; Mrs. Josephine Gross, counselor; Ragsdale Hall (right), Mrs. Ruth Johnson, counselor; Jane Taylor, president. Twenty-one Seniors Elected to Serve as Marshals Kitty Johnson, Chief Marshal. Marilyn Smith, Barbara Petkworth, Helen McDowell. Cindy Smith. Jo Ann Barnes, Julie Stuart, Mary Ruth Myers Sue Cox, Betsy Bunting. Martha Johnson. Each year during the spring elections. Senior Marshals are elected by their class. The Chief Marshal is elected by the entire student body. Marshals, dressed in their white dresses and regalia, present an image of charm and poise when they represent the University at functions held in Ay- cock Auditorium. Judi Wright, Ann Flye, Paula Myrick. ABBOTT. HARRIET CHEEK ABELl . HELEN ELIZABETH ADAMS, CLARITA ANN ADAMS, POLLY FARNUM AIKEN, KYLIE SUE ALBRIGHT, KAY FLORENCE ALBRIGHT, PAMELA ASHTON ALDRIDGE, SHIRLEY L. Commissioners Co-ordinate Class Activities ALEXANDER, MARY CATHERINE ALLEN, SARAH LOUISE f AMF.Y, DOROTHY M. ANDERSON. JUDY VIRGINIA ANDERSON. REBECCA SUSAN ANDREW, NEILL M. ANDREWS, CLAUDIA VIRGINIA ANDREWS, JUDITH ETTA ASPDEN, CAROL ADELE ATKINSON, BRENDA GAY ATWOOD, HAROLENE GAIL AYCOCK, BETTY LOU AYDLHTT, JUDITH WHITE AYERS, ANDREA JANE AYSCUE, SANDRA KAYE BACON, MARY ELLEN BAILEY, PATRICIA RUTH BAILEY, VIRGINIA DAWN BAIRD, VICKI DIANNE BALDWIN, JOYCE ANNE BARDEN, MARY ALICE BARDIN, CATHERINE LEE IP BARNES, BETTY JO BARNES, DIANA BARNES, JOANNE ELIZABETH BARNES, SANDRA KAY BARWICK, JOYCE LEE BEAL, PHYLLIS HOPE BARNETT, JUDY LYNN BARROW, ELIZABETH ANN BELL, EDWINA ANN BENDHEIM, JUDY ANN f BEATTY, BRENDA GAIL BECK, KAREN ELIZABETH Decisions for Gifts, Class Day, and Graduation; One Part of Class Meetings BENNETT, SHEILA ANNETTE BENTON, BRHNDA KELLEY BEVERLY, VIRGINIA ELEMA BILLINGS, BARBARA ANN BLACKWELL, SYLVIA ANN BLALOCK, BARBARA ANN BLANK.ENSHIP, MARY ANN BLANKNER, SUSAN SHELLINGTON m BLANTON, LINDA SHERRILL BLEDSOE, LINDA GLENISE BOAZ, JANE ELLEN BOEPPEL, LISA E. BONNET, JO BOWERS, GAYLE WEST BOYD, PATRICIA JOSEPHINE BRADLEY, REBECCA MARTIN Class Members: School Leaders BRAKE, EVELYN FLYE BRANCH. PEGGY YVONE BRANDT, JUDITH KAY BRAZEE, BARBARA ELIZABETH iFj BRIDGES, GAIL PFAFF BRIDGES, MARTHA SUSAN BRINSON, ZELLE POLLOCK BRITTAIN, MARY GATES BROSIUS, SUSAN C BROWN, CAROLYN SUEZETTE BRYAN, SARA OLIVIA BUIE, ANN PURCELL BUNTING, BETSY LEIGH BURG, LESLIE JANE BURROUGHS, MARY ALICE BUSH, KARON RUTH , " z. BUTLER, BETTINA CONCETTA BUTLER, JOHANNA LANE BYRD, BARBARA ANN CAISON, GAIL MAULTSBY CAMPBELL, GAYLE JOYCE CAMPLONG, LINDA JEAN CALHOUN, LINDA SUE CAMPBELL, ALICE EMILY CARR, WILLINE CARSON, MARTHA JANE CAREY, JUDY ANNE CARPENTER, LORRAINE w ipi CARTER. NANCY QUINN CASSELL. ANN BALDWIN CATHCART. CAROLYN TIRZAH CAZEL, AUDRE ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, IRMA GAIL CHAPPELL, NELAN FIELDS CHAPPELL. PAMELA ANN CHEEK, HELEN YVONNE C B C w Golden Chain Marks Tapping of New CHEEK, SANDRA MARIE CHURCH, LOUISE PARK n ANTON, BRENDA ANN ri ARK. JOYCE ANN CI AKKE, DINAH JOY ri.lHON, LYCIA SANDRA B ft flt CLIFTON, SANDRA CHARLENE CI. INF. JOYCE MARILYN COCKERHAM, ELIZABETH ANNA COLEMAN, SYLVIA C. Members COLETTA. FRANCES ALEXANDRIA COLLIER, JULIA ELIZABETH COLLIER, SUSAN CLAIRE COLLINS, SHERRY GALE COMPTON, MARY SUE COOK. DIANA DAY COOK. JUDITH DANIEL COOK, JUDITH LYNNE COOKE. BETTY JANE COOPER, TERESA JANE COX. BEVERLY SUE COX. NATHALIA SUE CRADDOCK, ANNA REGINA GRAIN, CAROL CRAWLEY, KATHRYN WARREN CREECH, OMEGA DIANNE fif CROWDER, DOROTHY JANE CRUMBLEY, GLENDA CRUMP, JAYNE PITMAN CULBRETH, CAROLYN CURTO, MARTHA ANN DANIELS, MICHAEL DEAN CRIDLEBAUGH, PATRICIA CROMARTIE, ELIZABETH Class Ring to Wedding Ring DARNELL. JANE MEREDITH DAUGHTRY, MARY HALLIE DAVENPORT, DORTHEA HOWARD DAVENPORT, NORMA lO THRYN DAVIS, BARBARA SUTTON DAVIS. BRENDA HANNA DAVIS, CAROLYN D. DAVIS, CHERYL EVE DAVIS, JOE ALAN DAVIS, JUDY ANN DAVIS, NANCY MOHR DEAL, ALMA RUTH DECKER, BARBARA JEAN DICK, KATHRYN CARRAWAY DICK, LINDA GARRY DIXON, ANNA WOLFF Placement Office: Filled with Forms, Files, and Future Plans DIXON, DOROTHY ELLEN DOGGETT, HELEN MANLEY DOSS. ANN BROOKS DUMAS. DORIS ANN ? DUNN. NANCY LYNN EARNHARDT, CAROLE ANNE EDSEL, LINDA BETH EGBERT, MARY JANE ELLIOTT, CAROLINE McHARDEY ELLIS, KAY ELLIS, REBECCA BLANCHE ELLIS, SANDRA KAROL ENGARD, KAREN SLEIGH ESKRIDGE, SUSAN VIRGINIA ESTES, CAROLYN LEE EVANS, FRANCES LYNNE EUSTIS, CAROL DIANE FARMER, RACHEL J. FEATHERSTONE, KAY CAMILLE FELTON, CAROLYN FRANCES , - FIELDS, BEVERLY CARROLL FINNE, VIRGINL ALICE FELTON, lUDY RYALS FENNELL, VALERIE INA FLOTO. LESLIE ANN FLYE, ANNIE DAUGHTRY FLATT, ANNA RUTH FLEMING, ROSALYN ROGERS FOLGER, EMILY LOUISE FONVIELLE, BARBARA ANN FORD, CELIA ANN FOSTER, EDITH FOLEY n FOY, ELLEN KEATING FRALEY, RUTH JANE FRAZIER, JOYCE ANN FREEMAN, GRACIE LEE First Jobs Are Met with Enthusiasm, FREEMAN. PATRICIA DREYMAN FUTRELL, ROBIN G. GAINFS, CAROLE ANNE GAINIY. MARTHA BYRD GALLOWAY. DAN ROSS GARNER, CONNIE SUE GARNER, LINDA MANESS GERAGHTY, PAMELA ANN GHOLSON, GRISELLE COOPER GIDDEN, ELIZA BRANCH Reticence r GILBERT. SARAH MARGARET GLOVER. LINDA MURRAY GOODF. BARBARA JEANNE GRAHAM. CAROLE LEIGH GRAVES, SHERRY GRFFNF. NANCY DONAVE GRIFR. NANCY HUDSON GRIFR. VIRGINIA MITCHELL GROSS. JANICE ELAINE GUDGFR. TRINA HAILF. ELIZABETH LYNCH HALL. ANN LINDSAY f HALL, SYLVIA MASSEY HALSEY, SARA ELIZABETH HALSTED. MARGARET ANN HAMNER. ANNE BRUCE HARRELL, JUDITH CAROL HARRILL, NANCY LEE HAND, PATRICIA LYLE HARMON, ALICE ANN HARSEY, JUDITH LARSON HARTMAN, MARY JANE HARRIS, ANNE CHAPPELL HARRIS, ELIZABETH ANN Both Students and Student Teachers Learn ftp HASSELL, BARBARA AMELIA HATCHER, FRANCES JOSEPHINE HAWKINS, WANDA MAE HAYES, NANCY ELIZABETH J l HAYWARD, ALISON HEDRICK, MARY MARVIN HELMS, NANCY HELSING, ELIZABETH C. HENDRICKS, DIANE EVE HERRING, ALICE RAYE HILL, RENA MAY HINSON, BETTY COLTRANE HINSON, CAROL ANNE HIPP, ANN BIRMINGHAM HIPP, DONNA DUFF HOKE, JANICE LEE Where Do We Go from Here? HOLLENBECK, BARBARA DIANE HOI LOMAN. BETTY ANN HOLMAN, CATHERINE ELOISE HOLMAN. NANCY GLAZEBROOK HONEY, TONI ELIZABETH HOPKINS. CATHERINE ELLEN HOPPER. CLYDA MARIE HOPPER, MARGARET GETTYS HOPSON. JUDITH LYNNE HORN. DEVEREUX HORNER. BONNIE ALICE HORTON. SANDRA LEE HORWITZ, TOBA EDITH HOWARD, DOTTIE WARREN HOWARD, PATRICIA SUSANNE HOWELL, BARBARA LILLIAN HOWELL, JOYCE DEAN HUCkS, ANN PIRTLE HUDSON, MARGARET ELLEN HUFFER, MARY SUSAN li HUNTER, LINDA LOUISE HUSSEY, BARRIE ELIZABETH HUGHES, SHARON P. HUNTER, JANET ALSPAUGH HUTCHINS, MARY JO HUTCHINSON, JOYCE LEE HUTCHINS, CHRISTINE JOSEPHINE HUTCHINS, JANICE RUTH HYMAN, RITA ESTHER INGRAM, DOROTHY FINLATOR ISLEY. DEANNA JO IVIE. ANNIE ELIZABETH JACK, MARTHA LOUISE JACKSON, MARY JO JACOEBEE, WILLY PETER JARRETT, MARY JENNINGS 0 likAal i Sister Class Parties — Still a Tradition JEFFREYS, SANDRA LYNN JENKINS, SUSAN TILLER f JERMAN. PATRICIA DIANE JOHNSON, RVFI.YN FRANCINE JOHNSON, KATHFRINE AMELIA JOHNSON, MARTHA ROSE JOHNSON. MARY KAY JONES, HARRY KENT JONES, JUNE CAROLYN JONES, MARTHA JANE JONES, MARY LOUISE JONES, SARAH KATHRYN JOYNER, MARY ELISSA JUSTICE, MARY CAROLINE KANIPE. ESTHER SUE KEETON, HOPE MARIE KEISLER, BRENDA LOUISE KELLY, NANCY DEAN KEMP, JULIA ELIZABETH KENNEDY, SONYA NELL KIKER, PATRICIA GAIL KING, CLARA DELORES KING, JANICE YVONNE KIRKMAN, JEAN SHERWYN KOPAK, PETER KOUNS, CYNTHIA ANN LAVIN. MOYA JEAN LAWHORN, RUTH RAINEY KRUSE, ELIZABETH POLLARD LAUGHTER, ALICE SUSAN LEE, JUDY RAYE LEEMON, SUSAN ANN LAWING, MARTHA LAWRENCE, DL NA HARRISON A Car — Senior Status Symbol? IB .fc-- LEIGH, MARY COKE LEWIS. ALICE RAY LINDAU. SARA ELIZABETH LIPP, KARLA SOKOL LITTEN, ROXTE ANN LIVERMAN, KAY CAMILLE LONG, PAULA LYNN LOVE, ROVVENA ANN lucas, annie poston lundy, patricia anne McAllister, joan stuart McCANLESS, MILDRED mccarter, gloria jean mcconnel, judith warren mccracken, frances carol Mccracken, mary susan Registration: Will This Be The Last? McDonald, judy ann Mcdonald, susan Caroline Mcdowell, helen gueth McEADDEN, ANNE CAROL McFARLAND, JUDY ELLEN McINNIS, NANCY LOUISE McIVER, JANE ELLIOTT McLEAN, LOIS ANN McLEOD, REBECCA LYNN McLFOD. SUE GRAHAM McMAHAN, BLANCHE H. McMAHON, ROXIE JANE l» McMillan, sandra britt mack.ay, joan marie madden, margaret PRESTON MADELEY, CLAUDIA CAROLE W T MAHAFFEY, JOYCE ANN MARLEY, DIANE HYLDAHL MARSHALL, JANET KYLE MARSHALL, LINDA MARLIN i SP MARTIN, PENELOPE ANN MARTIN, VICTORL MARTIN, JUDITH ELIZABETH MARTIN, MARY BETH MATHEWS. MARJORIE ELIZABETH MATTHEWS, ALICE SUSAN MASKE, LINDA LLEWELYN MATHESON, GEORGIA MARIE MATTHEWS, GLENDA FA YE MATTHEWS, JEANNE MAY, BETTY FRANKLIN MAYES, BRENDA JEAN MEIERE, JANET CAROLYN MELVIN, ELIZABETH ANNE MEDLIN. MARY AVELENE MEHRING, SUSAN ELLEN a MITCHELL, SUSAN HUNTER MOORE, DONNA JEANNE MEYLAND, SARAH JOCELYN MILLER, RITA BRICE A Final Pondering Before Last Exams MOOSE, CATHERINE JEAN MORGAN, MARGARET GAIL MORGAN, RUTH DODD MORRIS, AGNES MARIE MORTON, MARY ELIZABETH MOULTON, JEAN F. MUIR, ANNE LEE MYERS, MARY RUTH P f MYERS, SHERRY SMITH MYRICK, PAULA JEAN NAILLING, JOAN CARY NEAL, SANDRA MARIE NELSON, CAROLYN POLK NELSON, WOODIE ICAYE NORMAN, ELIZABETH MOIR NORRIS, BARBARA LEE NUNN, LINDA KAY OEHMAN. CAROL ANN OLIVE, GENEVIEVE GAIL OVERCASH, LUCY LORENE © OVERMAN, GLENNIE KAYE OWEN, BETTY ANNE PAOLL DONNA JEANNE PARCELL, CAROL ANN Z9 On Class Day, Memories Abound » 5 i y- . PARK. JOAN FRANCES PARKER, FRANCES LEE . . dMim m 4 PARR, JUDITH FAY PARRISH, CI.AIKF BEVERLEY PARRY, ANN ELIZABETH PATTERSON, TERIE LYNN PAYNE. MARGARET JANE PECKWORTH. BARBARA LOUISE PEELER, NANCY ELIZABETH PEEPLES, JAN PENNINGTON. KAY PHILLIPS PERRY. MARCIA CORILE PERRY. PATRICIA LEE PERRY. SANDRA AILEEN n PHILLIPS. ALICE WEST PIERCE, CAROL ANN PIERCE. DEWALA CAROLE PINNELL. BEVERLY JEANNE POLLARD, GAYLE LOUISE POLLOCK, MARY LOIS K. POOL, MARY KATHFRINE POOLE, LAURA VIRGINIA On Class Day, Traditions Abound POOLE, MARGARET LOU POPE, KATHLEEN SEAWELL POSEY. ZENIA FLORENCE POTEET. LOIS ZENA B w f POWERS, LINDA ANN PRESNELL, HENNETTA ANNE PRINCE, SUSAN R. PROCTOR, ALBERTA JEAN PROCTOR, SUE ELLEN PROFFIT, RHONDA GAYLE PUTNAM, ELVA ANN PYRANT, JUDITH CAROL RANSOME, ELIZABETH WHITNEY RAY, ANDREA MARIE REED, BARBARA LYNN REED, JANE HAYS REID, BARBARA JANICE RENFRO, BARBARA ANN REZAC, LYNN CAROL RICE, SHELBY JEAN ' Jf RIDENOUR, MARGARET WELLFORD ROACH, CAROL YVONNE RICHARDSON, JANICE SUE RICHARDSON, SARAH FORSYTH ROBINSON, LINDA JEAN ROGERS, DONNA LOUISE ROBERSON, PHYLLIS KAYE ROBERTS, LOLA CAROLYN ROGERS, NANCY ELAINE ROWLAND, SARAH ELIZABETH ROWLES, JEANNETTE RUDD. MARGARET ELLEN SANDFORD, VICTORIA BONBRIGHT SARTIN, RUBY PEARL RUSSELL, MARY ANN SADLER, JOYCE LYNN SCHADEL, ELIZABETH ANN SCHAR, KATHLEEN ANNE SATTERFIELD, BARBARA LEE SAWYER, DOROTHY BELLE f ' T Without Anticipation of Returning, We Pack, We Leave SCHER. LINDA E. SCOBEY. CAROLYN LEE SCOTT. MARGARET LEAR SHAREE, MARJORIE ANN SHELTON, ERANCES LYNNE SHELTON. MARY ELLEN SHIELDS, JOYCE ELAINE SHIPLEY. AGNES GRAY SIMMONS, BETTY MAE SIMPSON, MARTHA HELEN SISSON, LESLEY ANN SKINNER, MARJORIE LEIGH SKOGLUND, JULIANNA SMITH, BARBARA ERANCES SMITH, LELA ANN SMITH, LINDA GRACE Senior Good-Byes Filled with Nostalgia SMITH, LINDA SCOTT SMITH, LUCINDA FORD SMITH, MARILYN JANE SMITH, PATRICIA LYNDA SMITH, RACHEL MARGARET SMITH, SUKI ARMSTRONG SMITH, SUSAN CAUDLE SMITH, THOMAS CLIFTON SNYDER, FRANCES MARGARET SOMERS, DOROTHY MARIE SORKIN, MONA SOUTHWORTH, NANCY MARIE t SPARKMAN, JACKIE BATTLE SPATES, DOROTHY ANN SPRATT, CHOICE TOWNLEY SPRUILL, MELANIE ANNE x fff STANFIELD, JEANNE JOHNSON STANLEY, BEVERLY VIRGINIA STARNES. SARAH FRANCES STEGALL, MARILYN DIANE STEWART, ELIZABETH FFIMSTER STIMPSON. SUZANNE ELAINE STFLL, JEAN STEPHENSON STEWART, DONNA JEAN fi ■ir- ' . STOKES, CORINNA GANT STOUT, JANET BOGGS STINER, CAROLE ANN STIREWALT, EMMETTA STUART, JULIE FELLOWS SUMMER, LILA ELIZABETH SURBER, BETH ANN SWANN, JUDY SWEET, LOIS ELAINE SWICEGOOD, BARBARA JEAN SWINK, PATRICIA ANNE SWISS, ANDREA JANE Final Reflections Before . . . SWOFEORD, LENA MARIE SYKES, LYNN HAMILTON SZENASY. WANDA ANN TALLFY, MAUDF JOURDAN TAYLOR. BARBARA ANN TAYLOR, JANE WILLIAMS TAYLOR, ROBBIE DIANNE TFPPFR. FERN THOMAS, CAROLYN DELORES THOMAS, JOYCE YOUNG THOMAS, LINDA LOU THOMAS. SUSAN LARUE THOMASON, RUTH ANN THOMPSON, ANTHONY REGINALD THOMPSON, CHARLOTTE RUTH THOMPSON, ELIZABETH ANN THOMPSON, KATHR TM F. THORNTON, EILEEN STERLING r W C THORNTON, EMILIE SUSAN TODD, BRENDA PEARL TODD, MARY FRANCES TODD, SANDRA TRFMITIFRF, DIANE LESLIE TRIVETTE, FRANCES ANNE w TUCKER. CHERRY LYNN TUCKER, EDITH JUANITA TRIVETTE, TOMYE JOYCE TUCKER, CAROLE BRANDON TURNER, SANDRA SUE TURNER, SONJA LEE TUDOR, GLENDA JOYCE TURNER, BEATRICE TOMLINSON UPRIGHT. MARY LEVON VALENTINE, SYLVIA LEE UNDERWOOD, VIRGINIA UNTZ, ANDREA FAY VAN HORNE, JANICE LOUISE VAUGHN, BARBARA JEAN VANDENBURG, CLARISSA ROLAINE VANDFRSCHAAF, ANITA MICHELLE Everlasting Officers Assume Duties S VAUGHN, JUDI AYLEEN VINCHNT, Al ICF GRAY WAGNER. PHYLLIS ANN WAGONER. JENNY SUSAN WAKEFIELD. MARSHA ANN WALKER. ELIZABETH MORROW WANG. LOUISA TSANG WATERS, ALICE MARIAN WATERS. MARY MARGARET WATSON. DIANA EUGENE WATTS, DIANE LOUISE WATTS, MARILYN ANNETTE WATTS. REBECCA SUE WEATHERS, GWENDOLYN GRIER WEAVER. MONETTE ANNE WEBER, GAIL SANDRA Alumni House: Scene of Last WELLS. VIRGINIA ANN WHARTON. KATHLEEN BRYAN WHETSTINR. NANO ' LYNN WHITE, BRENDA SHERRILL ' • ' " i WHITE. CARY HELEN WHITE. KATHRYN LOWELL WHITE, MARY BETH WHITE, MARY ELIZABETH WHITLEY. DONNA TUCKER WHITTLE. GAR ■ L ' i ' NN WICKER. SARAH ABBY WICKHOLM, BARBARA GR. CE WIESNER, SALLY JO WILLIAMS. HARRIET WILLIAMS. ROYCE ANN WILSON, ANN PICKETT Class Meeting WTNGATE. SANDRA CAUDLE WINSTEAD, LINDA DL NNE WOLFE, MELINDA WOOD, CAROLYN ANN WORLEY, ABBIE LENORA WRIGHT, GAIL CATHERINE WRIGHT, JANE ELAINE WRIGHT, JUDITH ELLEN YATES, ILENE YATES, NANCY YELVERTON, VIRGINIA SUE YODHR, BARBARA ANN YOUNG, JEANNE GREENLEAF YOUNG, MARGARET MARIE YOUNT, CAROLE AVERY ZEZEFELLIS, YVONNE w w Goodwyn Heads Class of 1968 Arrival of rings: a ceremony, a dance. Junior Show tradition carried on with the satire, " Parable of the Four Rings. " First year for little sisters instead of big sisters. JUNIOR OFFICERS- Front (l-r). Mary Ann Goodwyn, President; Sandy Butner, Treasurer; Sally Blocker. Cheerleader; B;ick (l-r), Bea Brandon, Vice President; Sara Odoni. Setret.iry. Twelve Juniors Serve as Marshals Junior Marshals are elected by their class in the spring of their sophomore year. They serve as guides at activities held in Aycock Auditorium. They also serve at Class Day activities and at graduation. One of these girls will serve as Chief Marshal in her senior year. Glendel Honeycutt, Nancy Vann, Meredith Milchiim, Becky Murray. Vicki Hailey, Alice Rhyne, Terry Sprinkle. Juniors Serve as House Presidents for Chosen by their class in the March SGA elections, the Junior House Presidents begin work- ing during the summer months to prepare for the September onslaught of over thirteen hundred students. They accept much of the responsibility for orienting a hundred or so spirited freshmen to college life and share the triumphs and failures of their girls. Coit Hall (left), Mrs. M.iry White, counselor; Sharon Cowling. pre iJent. Cotton Hall (right), Ann Marie Watson, president; Mrs. Ruth Cor- nell, counselor. Shaw Hall, Mrs. Lowell Estes, counselor; Pam Mars, president. Gray Hall. Mrs. Isabelle Outlaw, counselor; Ashton Lilly, president. Freshmen Dorms Bailey Hall (left), Betsy Buford, president; Mrs. Aldine Beale, counselor. Hinshaw Hall (right), Margaret Royal, president; Mrs. Mary Grice Duff, counselor. South Spencer Hall, Kathy Levy, president lette, counselor. ounselor; Lemira Guffy. ' 0m The Daisy Chain is a favorite tradition carried on by the sister classes on Class Day and Graduation Day. Class of 1968 Abernethy, Ava Lee Adams, Helen Louise Adams. Myra Frances Albright. Patricia Lorene Alexander. Robin Alexander, Rosemary R. Alion, Susan Gail Allen. Barbara Ann Allen. Frances E. Allgood. Betty Louise Allmond. Margaret E. Allred. Patsy Lyon Alston. Elizabeth Johnson Altman. Margaret H. Anderson. Antoinette Souza Andrews. Mary Evelyn Apergis, Steven Arey, Sylvia Ann Armstrong. Loretta Aspden. Kathryn Jane Atkins. Cynthia Burroughs Auman, Mary McCormick Austin, Tina Elizabeth Autry, Mary Wesley Ayers, Carole Annette Bailey, Carolyn Virginia Baker, Anna Faye Baker. Joan Telfair Baldwin. Helen Ballance. Mary Francis Class of ' 68 G)ntinues Daisy Chain Tradition f» f f) © 9 ( W f f Barchauski, Marilyn Ann Barham, Charlene Knight Berliley, Mary Lee Barnes. Alice Odell Barnes, Doris Young Barnes, Georgia Lynn Barnett, Judy Kay Barrett. Rita Kay Barringer. Lillian Alice Barton, Myra Jane Bass, Emily Douglas Bauersfeld, Jane S. Baynes, Gay Helen Beck, Beverly Joan Beck, Sylvia Carol Bernstein, Susan Kay Binford, Bonnie Bishop, Judith Ann Black. Evelyn Dolores Blackburn, Cheryl D. Blalock, Lucille Anne Bland, Gay Vail Blankenbaker, Judith Blocker, Sally Ann Blomberg, Dale Frances Bobbitt, Patricia R. Boi-annan, Rebecca Allen Booker, Judith Ann Boseman, Carol Elizabeth Bowers, Mary Alethea Boyd, Linda Mae Boyd, Rebecca Ann Bradshaw, Judy Kay Bramer. Elizabeth Ann Brandon, Belinda Brandon, Myra Jane Beauchamp, Michael W. Brawley, Clara Cavin Breed, Marsha E. Brennan, Carol Ann Brewer, Janyce Marie Bridges, Joy Susan f ft Bullock, Lida Chapamn Burge. Brenda Preston Burgess, Bonnie Blair Burkhead. Betty Bush, Ann Stearns Butler, Anita Ryan Butner, Sandra Marie Caine, Barbara Ethel Callahan, Janice Faye Campbell. Ann Campbell, Sarah Elizabeth Cannady, Sandra Kay Cannon, Faye Cardinal. Betty Anne Carpenter, Wanda Jean Cashion, Betty Sue Carter, Gerald C. Cauthen, Julia Lorraine Cermele, Michele Anne Chadwitk, Martha Alice Check, Barbara Anne Cheek, Betty E. Cheek, Margaret Sylvia Chipman, Wende Leigh Chisholm. Carol Chandler. Sue Lee Clark. Ellen Kiger Clark. Tophie Allison Clem, Mary Sanford Close, Ariel Clare Bright. Shirley Gene Briles. Marlene Kearns Brinkley. Judith Lynn Brinson. Hilda R. ' Britten, Margaret Dodd Brooks, Patricia Anne n, Brenda Ray n. Carol T. n. Cynthia n. Frances Daryl n. Martha Jane own. Patricia Victoria Brown. Paula Ann Brvant. Anne Elizabeth Bryson. Julia Lee Buck. Robin Carter Buckner. Susan Anne Buford. Elizabeth Farrior Class of 1968 afif f n 1 V Vi JHP ' s Welcome Incoming Freshmen Junior House President, Kathy Levy, helps new student to sign in at her dorm. f € %, jg % f p C oates, Judith Gail Cochran. Teresa Dale Cohn. Beth Ellen Coley, Dee Ann Collins, Leslie Jean Colton, Marie J. Conn, Hazeline P. Constable, Chrysteena May Cooper, Irene Virginia Cooper, Penny Kay Cowling, Sharon Lee Cox, Frances Elizabeth Cox, Sandy Dean Cox, Susan Baker Coyle, Margaret Ann Craig, Brenda Louise Craig, Susan Cranford, Sandra Kay Crawford, Susan J. Cresimore. Judith Ann Cridiebaugh. Elizabeth Croft, Cynthia Christine Crowell, Julia Ellen Crutchfield, Carol Gray Junior Assistants help acquaint the Freshmen with college life, both socially and academically. Culbertson, Betsy Greenleaf Cunningham, Carol Jenkins Cutshall, Dale June Dalton, Nola Jean Daniels. Jeannie Frances Davenport, Sharyn Diane Davis. Elmerene Davis. Joyce Dawson. Rebecca Elaine Deloach. Dianne C. Dishman. Eileen Marlowe Donahue, Dawn Marie Doub, Janice Lynn Drew, Paulette Dulin. Lucy Bryn DuPont, Dianne Marie Dupree, Carolyn Rose Easy, Judith Ann Eatman. Elizabeth Ann Edgerton. Kathleen Paxton Edmondson. Marcia Lynn Edwards, Nita Carolyn Ehrhardt. Amelia Rose Eldridge, Amy Jane Elkin, Jacquelyn Rae Elkins, Gloria Jean Elosser, Karen Louise Engleman, Roberta Ann Fricson. Sharon Louise Errico, Judy Lynn Class of 1968 I .UK: i f ( M C V ik. Juniors Guide Frosh Through Orientation rt f P lii ' - Ervin, Mary Sandra Eure. Linda Faye Farmer. Kathleen Davis Faust, Diana June Faw, Martha Houck Federal, Margaret Amilie Fields, Sadie Davis Finch, Lorraine Traywick Fish, Terry E. Forbes, Sharyn Sue Forstadi, Frances Foss, Connie Grace Foust, Cheryl Elaine Foust, Sherry Lynne Fowler, Dorothy Meares Fowler, Marilyn Kay Francis, Barbara Sue Furches, Martha Carolyn Gabard, Anna Karen Gabis, Nancy Zerman Gambill, Mary Jane Gann, Kinda C. Garber, Alice Gail Gardner, Phyllis Anne Garland, Marjorie Gary, Judith Marlene Gaskell, Cheryl H. Galewood. Gloria Eudy Gatewood, Marilyn Hope Gaylord, Susan Frances Gehrmann, Virginia A. George, Cherry Anne Gelzer, Susan Neyle Gentry, Paula Dianne Gilliam, Kathryn Gielis, Patricia Ann Gooding, Virginia L. Goforth, Virginia Marguerite Godwin, Beverly Winslow Goodwin, Irma Jean Goodwyn, Maryann Golden, Mary Timewell o ' jp ,0 f 1 Gordon, Jacqueline Sue Gowcr. Patricia Ann Gragg, Jane Hudson Graham, Catherine Ann Graham, Julia Ann Graham, Virginia J. Grasty, Celia Annette Gray, Judy Aleatha Gray, Lola Jean Gray, Mary Dawn Gray, Mary Helen Green, Martha Louise Greene, Martha Lynn Greene, Sally Burdelle Griffin, Margaret Brenda Gutherie, Nancy Gayle Hailey, Victoria Leigh Hale, Brenda Louise Class of 1968 Hall, Mary Anna Hall, Mary Carolyn Halliday, Margaret Emily Hamilton, Dawn Elaine Hamilton. Nancy Carolyn Hammond, Judith Graham Hammond, Nancy Anna Hamrick, Cynthia Randee Hand, Eileen Teresa Hand, Mary Jean Harhaugh. Kristin Colter Harbuck, Patsy Ann Hardin, Judy Carol Hardy, Brenda L. Hare, Kathryn Suzanne Hare, Rebecca Suzanne Hargrove, Catherine Estelle Harkey, Beth Marie Harrelson, Carol Ann Harrell, Mary Harris, Celile Eleanor Harris, Jean Elizabeth Harris, Judy Ann Harrison, Joan Lee Harwood, Heather Ann Hasty. Patricia Anne Hayes, Margaret Anne Hayworth. Emily Jean Hedgpeth. Lynda Gayle Helms, Tommie Lee Charlie Gets New Class Jacket Juniors paint Mclver Statue with their class colors on Ring Day. Hemphill. Kay Annette Henderson. Carol Ann Henderson. Mary Elizabeth Hennis, Verda Idol Herndon, Beverly Corene Herrin. Iris Lavern Hickman. Judie N. Hill, Barbara Jean Hill, Carolyn Dianne Hill, Janet E. Hinchliffe, Janice Ann Hirsch, Anita Susan Hohgood. Nancy Lee Hobson. Marie Alta Hodges. Cassandra Delores Holder. Patricia Anne HoUeman. Mary Ann Holt, Marilyn Henharrier. Sandra Jane Hooper. Mary Boyd Hope. Patricia Ray Hord, Judy Catherine Horsley, Nancy Jane Horvath. Jayne Rynn Junior Commissioners serve as a Mason between class officers and class members. Kerrigan, Susan Michele Howell, Evelyn Gail Hower, Elizabeth Ann Howie, Jacquelyn C. Hov, Donna Kay Hunevcutt, Glendel Key Hunter, Virginia Lee Hurdle, Mary Elizabeth Hurst, Anne Garfield Hylton, Marilyn Elizabeth Hyman, Mary Frances Isenhour, Pratt Elizabeth Isley, Ada Chris Jackson, Rachel L. Jenkins, Janet Jenkins, Martha Glynn Jenkins, Sarah Lou Jewett, Cary Margarete Johnson, Brenda Faye Johnson, Emma Patricia Johnson, Patty Carole Jones, Annie Laura Jones. Betty Ann Jones, Diane Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth Leigh Jones, Susan Diane Jones, Katherine Rena Joyce, Elizabeth Anne Joyce, Jane Lynn Joyner, Becky Jo Class of 1968 Commissioners Inform Students C» f Judd. Cheryl A. Kahn. Virginia Helena Kanierer, Barbara Jean Katz. Brenda S. Keating. Mary Katherine Keel, Mildred Durand Keeling, Emily Charlene Keller. Beverly Jeannie Kesler, Frances Sue Kilian. Kathleen Evelyn Kimmel, Kathleen Virginia King, Barbara Jane King, Carol Rae King, Margaret Joyce Kierley, Pamela Dare Knight. Cynthia Gaye Knight, Dorothy Jane Knight, Georgia Lynn Latta, Mary Susan Law, Margaret Anne Lawrence, Brenda Carol Lawton, Barbara Jo Leary, Barbara R. Lebert, Frances Eileen Lee, Agnes Sylvia Lee, Eugeneia Jan Lee, Susan Safris Leebrick, Vickie D. Leonard, Jane E. Leonard, Judy Love Knight, Virginia Blair Koslow, Esther Sheryl Kukel, Carolyn E. Kusenberg, Carol Ann Lackey, Pamela Wrenn Lamar, Mary Josephine Lambeth, Catherine Ann Lambeth. Linda Kay Land. Doris Jean Laney. Janice. Kay Larkin. Linda Lee Lassen, Pricilla Ann i Z € P i Lester, Georgianna Levinson. Rhea Zippor; Levy, Kathleen O ' dell Lewis, Selma Ann Little, Sandia Carol Lobdell, Elizabeth Stratton Long. Christina Lavinia Looney. Carolyn P. Louis, Andrea Leslie Love, Mearlyn Rebecca Lowder, Margaret Longhi Lour, Malinda Brent Lucas, Hope Knight Lynn, Carlene Rebecca McBride, Loretta Gail McCain, Gwendolyn Feme McCallum, Eleanor Elizabeth Class of 1968 McCanless, Minnie Fretta McCarn. Nancy Gale McCaskill, Nancy Ellen McClure, Joan Marie McDowell, Marion Virginia McGalliard, Susan Ella McGee, Pansy Y. McKeithan, Kent Douglas McLean. Katherine Tiahrt McLendon, Pamela McLoud, Patricia Fla.x McMillan. Jane Ann McNairy, Joan Evelyn Macadoo, Larry Madison, Marjorie Ellen Magnant, Sharon Mary Malmquist, Gwendolyn Eva Marcus, Geraldine May Marks, Marilyn Ray Mars, Pamela Lynn Martin, Elizabeth A. Marvin, Kathryn A. Masuhr, Nancy Ann Maxwell, Shelia Ann Meacham, Patsy Meacham, Sally Lane Meiggs, Dana Christine Melville, Georgia Ann Memory, Julie Ann Meredith, Evelyn Ethel i c Ci f y i Rings Highlight Junior Year Rings arrive and now the Juniors wear the mark of distinction of the University. f ft Milchin. Sharon Diane Miller. Betty Elaine Miller, Bonnie Anita Miller, Frances Dianne Miller, Linda Ann Misenheimer. Martha Jane Mitchell, Shirley Clifford Mitchum, Meredith L. Moon, Rachel Anne Moore, Alice Raye Moore, Sandra Baker Motley, Ann G. Motley, Cheryl Ann Mularczyk, Arlene Mullis, Atha Elaine Mullis. Kitty Lou Murray. Mary Rebecca Myers, Teresa L. Napier, Mary Alexis NefT, Catherine Elna Neighbors, Brenda Gale Nesbilt, Kathleen Moore Neskaug, Linda Ruth Nester, Anita Louise The ring ceremany — a culmination of past hopes and future dreams. Newman. Dana Elaine Newton. Judy Paulette Nicks, Mariana Nim. Laura Joyce Noah. Pamela Kay Nusshaum, Barni Rose O ' Brien, Betty Lou Odom, Sara Frances Offner, Karen Lee Overton, Sydney Owens, Barbara Sue Packer, Rebecca June Padgett, Priscilla Charlene Pait, Jane Thompson Pappamihiel, Christine Park, Edith Lindsay Parker, Mary Hope Parrish, Lorraine Marie Pate. Marilyn Markham Patterson. Emily Claudia Patterson. Patricia Ann Patton, Mary Carolyn Payne, Jane Payne, Ruby Lee Peatross, Frieda Dell Pell, Gwyn Lynelle Pendergrass, Penny Ann Pelrec, Lmda Anne Fetters, Gloria Jane Petterson, Betty Lou Class of 1968 f ft Candlelight Ceremony Concludes Ring Day 1 ) f Phillips, Connie Lynne Phillips. Lynn Shearin Phillips, N.incy Elaine Plemmons, Peggy Elaine Pierce, Marion Ann Pigott, Diane Piltman, Raye Marie Polk, Barbara Jeanne Posey, Margaret Christine Pratt, Penelope Jean Prevette, Margaret A. Prevost, Marsha Lynn Price, Elizabeth Ann Price, Freida Jane Price, Rita Jane Pritchard, Kalhryn Pritchett, Lydia Ann Iniogene Pusey, Phyllis Elaine Randall, Irma Jean Raney, Dale Hansard Rawding, Ann Merrill Ray, Nan H. Ray, Sybil J. Redden, Jane Evelyn Reeder, Janet Rebecca Register, Carolyn Louise Register, Patricia Kaye Reid, Kemma Amelia Renn, Janice Marie Reynolds, Janet Elizabeth Rhyne, Alice Rebecca Rhyne, Linda Dean Rich, Nelda Elaine Roach, JoAnne Roberts, Jonatho Louise Robertson, Mary Jane Robinson, Linda J. Rodgers, Catherine Rogers, Barbara Anne Rogers, Merle D. Roop, Joalyn ' Elain? Roos, Patricia Jane Routh, Nancy Kay Royal. Margaret Elizabeth Rule. Rebecca Kaye Rushing. Janet Rebecca Ryan, Elizabeth Maxwell Sayre, Pamela Scales, Linda Louise Scarborough. Mary Diane Scott, Betty Carol Scott, Bonnie Jean Scott, Judy Carol Settlemyre, Susan Morrison Setzer, Donna Greer Shank, Marg.aret Emma Grace Sharpe, Iris June Shearin, Kay Shelley, C. Melissa Showfety, Teresa Ann Class of 1968 Siebel, Edythe Joan Sigman, Brenda Allen Simmons, Bonnie Gayle Sitz, Laura Diane Skidds, Linda Lee Slade, Sandra Smith, Amelia Lane Smith, Brenda Kaye Smith, Jeanette Marie Smith, Kathryn Randall Smith, Kathryn Taylor Smith, Linda Lee Smith, Patricia Anne Smith, Susan Frances Smith, Terry Diane Smith, Terry Lynn Smithey, Alice Ann Snavely, Barbara Caroline Sparrow. Teresa Jane Speed. Cheryl Pauline Sprinkle. Terry Lynn Spruill, Billie Louise Stallings. Judith Anne Stanfield, Linda Louise Stanford, Nancy Jean Stanley, Barbara Ilene Staton, Martha Ann Stephenson, Carolyn C. Stern, Susan Audrey Stevenson, Lois Jean " All the World ' s a Stage Pat Hope wrote the music for the Junior Show script which was written by Margaret Williams. f • f f f as ? ' ' o fil i t I p ' 41% Stewart, David Joseph, Jr. Stinson. Elizabeth Nipson Strickland, Brenda Gale Sturdivant, Judy Kay Stutts, Gayle Styron, Susan Jean Sullivan, Mary Janet Swaim, Roddy Jean Swaim, Sharon Lutricia Swaringen, Linda Louise Swayngin, Sue Memory Swofford, Mary E. Tanner, Barbara Lee Tarlton, Betty Jo Tarlton, Donna Kay Tart, Mary Holt Taylor, Afalda Julia Taylor, Anita Ellen Taylor, Catherine Ann Taylor, Jennifor Anne Taylor, Mary Kay Temple, Jo Ann Templeton. -Avery Elizabeth Terrell, Sharon Thomas, Anita Lois Thomas. Mary Alice Thomasson. Nancy Sue Thorud, Mary Gardner Thrower. Nfariha Cheryl Tielz, Virginia Ann Tinkler, Sara Jane Toharu. Kazue Todd, Sandra Hall Todd, Susan Davis Tomlinson, Martha Ann Trammel, Lujuanne Jane Turner, S. Gayle Tysinger, Nancy Kay Vaincourt, Martha Jane Vann, Nancy Lou Wagner, Dorothy Oakey Walden, Carolin Ann Waldron, Donya Carolyn Walker, Margaret Ruth Wall. Delbra Jo Walsh, Patricia Katherine Walston, Judy Karol Ward, Virginia Anne Warren, Willie Lee Wascher, Sande Rue Watkins, Shirley Ann Watry, Barbara Ann Watson, Anne Marie Watson, Matha Ellen Watson, Mary Sue Weber, Barbara Weeks, Sylvia Lula Welch, Nancy Ellen Wetherington, Barbara Grey Whalen, Peggy Jennifer Wheless, Trudy Whitehur-.!, Diane Whi(t, Doris Alberta Whitt, Nancy Helen Wiegart, Beth Anne Williams, Hilda Voncille Williams, Karen Elizabeth Williams, Margaret Williams, Shirley Dianne Williamson, Ann R. Wilson, Bessie Courtney Wilson, Linda Kay f C t jl Wilson, Lynda Wilson, Mary Kathryn Wilson, Mary Lynn Winchester, Paula M. Winstead, Nancy Reide Winston, Susan Maury Winters, Ann Veronica Wolf, Sandra Gail Woodward, Cynthia Jobe Woodward, Harriet Woodruff, Sera Elizabeth Woolen, Kay Worz, Jane Carol Wrenn, Lanya S. Wright. Jane McCall Wright, Martha Wright, Rebecca Wallace Yarborough, Lyndia Terri Yeargan, Sue Young, Jacque Lynn Zelkin, Ann Ruth Delaney, Cynthia Craven Femia, Joy ce Eileen GufFy, Lemira Ann Hall, Mary Swann Harry, Patricia June Land, Nancy Jean Mason, Frances Nan Mason, Phyllis C. McKeown, Adella Mae Pharr, Jennifer Ann Poole, Carol Evelyn Pringle, Carieen Jane Temple, Mary Russel Thaxdon, Martha Vickers Sophomores — new freedoms, new responsibil- ities. Hey Day followed by Rat Day. Half way through. The Blue have finally arrived. SOPHO fORE OFFICERS: Seated. Kathy Edwards, Treasurer: Standing (1-r), Pat Michelson. President: Sherri Budd, Vice President; Jean Anglin. Clieerieader: Sarah Horton. Secretary. Class of 1969 QA«« Ahhot. Jo Carolyn Abernalhy, Pamela J. Adcock. Brenda Dean Ainsley. Margaret Lynne Alexander, Claudette E. Alexander. Judy Nell Alexander, Rebecca Stokes Allen, Mary K. Allison. Kay Karen Allison. Pamela C. Allred. Jane Ellen Allred, Martha E. Allred, Rebecca Theodora Amend, Elizabeth Mary Anderson. Cynthia L. Andrews, Angela Helen Andrews. Sara C. Anglin, Gloria Jean Annas, Carolyn Pope Annas, Patricia Elaine Anthony, Donna Jean Apple. Anita M. Argintar, Susan D. Arrowood, Peggy Darlene Arrowood, Talitaa F. Ashcraft, Nancy Jane Atkins, Jane Sisco Atkinson. Linda Atkinson. William T. Jr. Austin, Edna Louise Avery, Ann Warlick Bagby. Anne Marie Bagcett. Shirley Allen Baker. Willie Mae Baker, Susan Janice Banks. Margaret Donaldson Barber. Margaret Anne Barker, Jane Louise Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes, Helen Barnes, Cheryl Barnette. Beverly Sue Barr, Robbie A. Barrett. Leigh S. Barton. Mary E. Baits, Cynthia Kay Baimigardner, Anita Teresa Baxter. EFizaheth A. Beane. Sharon Kay Beaver. Eleanor Jane Beck, Carleda Beulah Beck. Pat Diane Becker, Janice Belding, Barbara E. Benbow, Elizabeth Benbow, Marcia Lyie Bennett, Frances A. Bennett, Olivia Ann Benson, Betty Reid Benson, Elizabeth Benson, Susan Biggs, Sandra Lynn Bingham, Priscilla Sue Bishee, Donna Jean Black, Patricia Louise Bland, Mary Ellen Blumenreich. Susan G. Boing, Donna Frances Bolick, Sheila Dawn Bolin, Elizabeth Anne Bolin, Susan Anne Boone, Janice Gail Booher. Catherine Dick Bostic, Sara Donna Bouldin, Joel Elaine Bowers, June Irene Brady, Patricia Ann Braswell, Nancy Mae Braswell, Patricia Joyce Braxton, Laura A. Braxton, Lora Ellen Brewer, Pamela Jeane Bridges, Harriet Jane Brigman, Danita Carol Brinkley, Ellen L. Brinkley, Margo Fletcher Britt, Rita Daphne Britte, Peggy Lydia Britton, Barbara Anne Brotton, Sally Ann Brock, Helen T. Brooker, Sarah Foster Brooks, Nancy A. Brown, Bonita Terry Brov,n, Betty Jane Brown, Cornelia D. Brown, Deborah L. Brown, Susan Jeanneen Brown, Toni Reid Brown, Cynthia L. Brown, Nancy Ellen Brownlee, Mary E. Buchholz, Paige R. Budd, Sharon Lee BuiTaloe, Mary Carolina 5 ft i MM ' " tkik A ff O Sophomores Initiate Freshmen on Rat Day Burgin, Carolyn A. Burke, Claire Ann Burleson, Paula T. Burnetle, Carolyn E. Burnetle, Evelyn M. Burwell. Susan Katherine Butlerfield, Kay E. Cadwallader, Christine Lathonne Caldwell, Evelyn Lee Caldwell, Rebecca Ann Calverley. Janet Marie Campbell, Judy Dianne Campbell. Roberta Darlene Cannon, Judith Ann Cardwell, Carolyn McBryde Cargill, Ursula M. Carlin, Susan P. Carpenter, Elizabeth L. Carson, Anna Margaret Carson, Beverly Ann Carter, Carolyn Frances Carter, Kathie Jeanine Carter, Suzan Pamela Case, Frances Elizabeth Cash, Heady Angela Caudill, Betty Gwyn Causey, Jlidy Eon Chambers. Billie Lee Another Year of Required English Chaney. Myrtle Simpson Childs. Anne Church. Rebecca J. Clifford. Laura Rogers Cline, Laura June Coates. Kaye Ruth Cohb. Carol Cobb, Jean Cocke, Wanda Lee Crockett. Sally Dent Cockman. Ruby Jewell Cody. Sandra Lee Colenda. Paige Conilogue. Jeannine Connaughton. Ellen Karen Conrad. Wrenn Karen Cook, Judy Kay Cooke. Flizabeth L. Cooper, Betty Dianne Cooper, Jane McGinn Copley. Brenda Gale Cornelius. Doris Elaine Gosgrove. Helen Angela Coulter. Lynda Gayle Courville. Susan Lynn Cox. Linda Dee Crawford. Judy Bryson Crawford, Patricia Ann Crocker. Judith Ann Crooks. Linda Joyce Crowell. Julia Ann Crump, Cynthia Louise Crutchfield. Alice Dianne Culbrelh. Eva Mae Culp. Nora Agnes Dunlap lish novels make heavy book loads for Sophomores. ii r ii XA ttdklklMtttk %€ ' ! itl fl Dale, Margot Liicile D ' Ambrosio, Virginia Mary Davenport. Kalhy Vann Daves, Patricia Davis. Annette Williams Davis. Frances Ann Davis, Linda Lea Davis. Sheryn Elizabeth Davis. Shirley M. Davis, Sondra Roberta DeBernard. Cynthia Jean DeLancey. Barbara Karin Delaney. Mary Jo Denny, Larry Dewey, Diana Dial. Hugh Dorsey. Jr. Dickerson. Mary Kathleen Dickerson. Nancy Gale Dietz. Susan Dixon. Jane Donali, Mary Doty, Sue Ellen Doyle. Sammy F. Drum. Donna Michaele DuBase. Johanna Duncan. Rita Olsen Dunn. Sandra Marie Dunne. Karen Arlene DuPont. Suzette Dwiggins. Nancy Karen Dysart. Mary Margaret Dyson. Iris Juliana Farley, Patricia L. Early, Teresa Ransom Eason, Leona Edwards, Deborah L. Edwards, Joyce Lynn Edwards, Kathy Efird, Barbara Jewel Eldridge, Doris Jean Elkins. Daryl Meade Elliott, Anne Nixon Ellis, Lisbeth Anne Ellis, Marybeth El-Ramey, Teresa Endicott, Donna Lee Engel, Joyce Marianne Eppis, Elizabeth Jean Essick, Julia A. Evans, Joyce Ann Evans, Mary Elizabeth Farlow. Patsy Ruth Farmer. Susan Louise Farrell, Cynthia Elaine Farrell. Mai Karen Ferguson. Vivian Lee Sophomores Exhibit Leadership in Various Fields Ferracanc, Marie Anne Ferree, Linda Chloe Fields, Phyllis Ann Finch, Margaret FitzhDgh, Mary Julia Flanagan, Susan Jane Fogle, Sue Ann Forrest, Carol Ann Foster, Johnny Kay Foster, Susan Carol Fouls, Kay Frances Fowler, Joyce Gail Fowler. Kathryn Ann Fowler. Linda Annette Fowler. Reha Kay Fox. Helen Mansfield Frank. Judith Rebecca Frazier. Patricia Lynn Freeman. Janet Lu Freeman. Lela M. Freeman. Linda Joyce Freeze. Pamela Elaine Freeze, P. Elaine Friedman, Eunice Frve, Judith Ann Fuller, Linda Kay Fuqua, Janice Rebecca Furr. Jean Cecelia Gaffney. Ellen Gale. Linda Margaret Gant. Aubrey Lynn Gardner. Rebecca Dianne Gardner, Susan Gale Gardner, Belly Ruffin Garner, Nancy Leigh Garris, Emilie Ross Garrison. Sandy Lee Gaskill. Diane Jane Geimer. Mary Ellen Gennaria. Patrice Bronson Gentry. Linda Kay Gerard, Virginia Parker Gihbs. Betty Jean Gibson. Brenda Sue Gibson. Linda Sue Gibson. Mary Jo Gilherlson. Virginia Gill. Cynthia Jane Gillispie. Carolyn Li Gilmer. Anne Averyt Ginsberg. Barbara Glass, Iris Angela Gleason, Susan K. Godfrey. Susan Dale Godwin. Ingrid Rose Goins. Sharon Ann p Sophomores, Joa Bryant, interview a student for CCUN. Gold. Patsy Lee Goldberg, Jane Ann Goldberg, Janice L. Goldsmith, Jane Elizabeth Goldstein, Anita Rae Goodson, Axis Kay Goore, Myrtle Eliza Gordon, Lucinda Gottschall, Mary Erma Grant, Elizabeth Cheatam Gravely, Bettye Jacquelyn Gray, Anna H. Green. Lucie Coppedge Green. Lydia Bryant Green. Patricia Ruth Greene. Sylvia Darice Greer. Pam S. Griffin. Barbara Ann Griffith. Pam Grigg, Luanne Grimsley, Susan Elizabeth Guice. Julia Maudine Cuilkey. Maulyn Gulledge. Nancy Jean Gurkin. Martha Elizabeth Hailey. Donna Lynne Hall, Frace Theresa Hall, Phyllis Hall Hamlet, Margaret Alice Hampton, Cynthia J. Hamrick, Dovie Melinda Hamrick, Phyllis Jane Haneline, Helen Ann Hardin, Paula Kathleen Harkey, Janet Marie The Blue Jackets March Blue-blazer clad Sophomores march through dining halls and across campus, singing their class song. Harlev. Alice King Harlcv. Patricia Gay Harmon. Sheila B. Harper. Jacquelyn Mari Harper. Kay Elizabeth Harrell. Mary Rose Harrill. Margaret E- Harris. Carol Ann Harris. Nancy Jeanne Harris. Vicki Elame Harsey. Jennifer Anne Hartsell, Linda Jean Hartsell, Sandra A. Hartsoe, Lois Ann Hasselbach. Frances Charlotte Hatcher, Margaret McClung Hathcock. Bonnie Kay Hauser. Pamela Iris Hawkins, Sarah Erances Hayes, Sherry Merrill Hayworth, Barbara Sue Helms, Maria Elaine Helms, Pamela Marie Hendrix, Susan Collette Henley, Susan Gail Heiman, Janice Wanda Herman, Sheila Ann Herritage, Wilhelmena Rae Helhcoch, Clarice Elaine Hicks, Anne B. Hieb. IJnda Jane Higgins. Claudia Vance Hichlower. Martha Jo Hifl. Brenda Sue Hill, Collis Deen 2I 1?M Hill, Eleanor Hill. Rosemary Hines. Martha Hinshaw. Paula Elizabeth Hinson, Helena C. Hite. Karen Ann Hodge, Gwendolyn Nadell Hodgson. Betsy Gobble Holder, Jacqueline Gale Holder, Nancy Leora Holding, Harriet Diane Hollander, Patricia A. Honeycutt. J. Carol Honeycutt, Nancy Carroll Hornback. Anita Sue Horney. Julie Horton. Dixie Elizabeth Horton. Sarah Louise House, Judith Gail Howard, Betty Jane Howell, Diane Weathers Hoyle, Betty Blue Hoyle, Hugh Elliott Hoyle, Rachel Anne Hubbard, Barbara Gail Hudson, Timothy Daniel Huffstetler, Alice Ashley Huffstetter, Judith Presley Hughes, Vicky Ann Hunt. Linda Margaret Huston, Jerrilyn Elinor Hutchison, Judith Anne Hutto. Nancy Earle Ingram, Nancy Jane Israel, Mary Elizabeth Ivester. Judy Maureen Jackson, Barbara Jean Jackson, Jane Ellen Jackson. Laura Eugenia Jackson, Linda Kay James. Marjorie Lou Jarrett, Ilka Candetta Jaynes, Jennifer Elizabeth Jenkins, Pamela Jo Johnson, Edita Eileen Johnson, Paulette Johnson, Yvonne Louise Joines, Carol Loella Jones, Cecilia Ann Jones. Evelyn Ann Jones, Jerry Darmon Jones. Mary Suzanne Jones, Norma Louise Julian, Harry Gordon Kalick, Sbaron Eileen Kares. Joanne Chris Sophomores Show Prospective Students the Campus Kealh, Donna Jeanne Kee. Linda Carol Keefe, Margaret Ann Keeich, Mary Emily Keilh. Catherine Faye Kelley. Jan Elizabeth Kelly. Barbara Jean Kelly, Esther Joelle Kemp, Mary Bonnie Kennington, Gerald Wayne Kenyoh. Nancy Diane Kester. Elizabeth Ann Kibler, Lmda Branch Kimbro, Sharon Ella Kinlaw, Glenda Lee Kirkman, Ralph Mille Kite, Betsy F. Kivel, Monica Esther Knupp, Sandra Jean Koonts, Sandra Kay Krauss, Abey Lee Lamb, Rebecca Elaine Lambert, Anne Lambeth, Lynda Carole Lambeth, Susan Lampley, Janice Faye Lancaster, Janice Victori; Lanier, Rebecca Ann Larson, Linda Joanne Laughndge. Mary Jo Laughter, Carolyn Ann Lechieder, Eileen Marie Lee, Linda Carol Lefler, Fonda Jean Lemonds, Sam Lentz, Mary Jo Lentz, Terry Rae Leonard, Laura Lee Lester, Marilyn Moore LeTrent, Patricia Ann Levan, Doris Kay Levin, Iris Maxine Levin, Jill R. Lewis, J. Anne Lewis. Kathcrine Anne Lichauer, Robert William Lichtman, Ellen Jane Lihz, Martha Gilmore Lillard, Herman E. Lindsay, Linda Gray Lindsey, Raven Dail Linehatk, Brenda Kayc Lisk, Peggy Joanne Lisk, Susan Anne little, Barbara Lynn Lloyd. Avis w ( % P p m O dk M MS ML During Operation 71, Sophomores ested in attending UNC-G. ved as hostesses to high school seniors who were inter- Locke, Pamela Elmeda Lofland, Marian Lisa Lohin, Elaine Lomax, James R. Long, Alicia Lois Lovell, Martha Elizabeth Ludlum, Rebecca Ann Lyerly. Beverly Jean Lyerly. Ginger Leona Mabes. Patricia Yvonne Mann, Brenda Sue Mann, Sarah Margaret Marcus, Linda Lee Marcus. Marcia Elaine Marion, Pamela Gwyn Markham, Becky Martin, Barbara Ann Martin, John Randolph Martin, Mickey Fay Martin, Sandra Lynn Masalonis, Margaret Lynne Mask, Patsy Jean Mason, Linda Sue Mason, Margie Frances Massey, Rebecca Sherrell Massie, Jane Miller Mathis, Jeri Paige Matthews, Nancy Kathryn Mattox, Martha Mitchell Mayberry, Frances Lavinia Mayhew, Sandra Ann McBrayer, Margaret Carole McCall, Patricia McCann, Vickie Dianne McCarley, Margaret Gail Sophomores and Seniors perpetuate a tradition through a Sister Class Party. McCaskill, Myrtrice Penelope McCollum, Alice Odessa McCollum, Linda Kay McCuddin. Sharon Louise McCullouck. Margaret Gayle McDaniel, Janice Lee McElwee, Elizabeth E. McGregor. Catherine Ann McKenzie, Patricia Anne McLeod, Cathy June McLoud, Mary Linda McLurd, Cathy Murray McMillan, Shirley Jeanne McRary, Betty Medford, Martha Kay Mendenhall, Susan Kaye Mickelsen. Patricia Audrey Milam. Margaret Francine Miller, Linda Faye Miller, Marian B. Miller, Nellie Kaye Miller, Rebecca L. Mills. Janice Carol Mitchell. Donna Gail Mitchell, Kay Kincaid Mitchiner, Judith Lynn Moffitt, Virginia Carol Moore, Betty Anne Moore, Lynn Moore, Dorothy Louise Moore, Susan Lorraine Moore, Tollie Moorer, Marilyn Moose. Frances Millicent Morehead. Ann Calherme Mfi a Sophomores Share Sister Class Spirit Morris, Donna E. Joyce Ann Judy Lucretia Elaine Mary Catherine Morrissey, Dorothy Louise Morrison, Mary Gray Morri Morri Morri IMM, Morton, Donna Jan Mosteller, Patricia Kay Minilton. Lynn Greer Mueller. Helen Leigh Mundhenkc. Jeanne Murphrey, Elizabeth Hohgood Murphy, Betty Lou Murphy, Sandra Jean Murray, Ellen R. Murray, Mary Teresa Myatt, Eli aheth Anne Myers, Leslie Ann Nagler, Rebecca Ann Nance, Sherry Lynn Naylor, Martha Sue Nelms, Sandra Gay NeNon. Sue Royce Noah, Clara Stroud Noble, Carolyn L. Norfleet, Enimylou Monroe Nussbaum, Brenda Odom, Cheryl Marie Oliver, Sandra Lee Oliver. Thoniisene O ' Neal, Alice Susan O ' Neal, Margaret Irene Orlow. Anita Susan Outlaw, Martha Ann Packard, Lind a Etta Page. Ann Victoria Parker. Barbara Ann Parker, Katherine Brewster Parker, Susan Marion Parks, Elizabeth Ann Parks, Patricia Chloe Parnell, Emily Parrish. Phyllis Jean Parlhemos. Katina Maria Pavlik, Barbara Ann Pearson. Myrtle M. Peavy. Deidre Jan Peeples, Janet K. Peevy, Linda Jane Pendergraft, Wanna S. Penland, Amelia Gwen Perry. Suda Katherine Peters, Virginia Marian Phillips, A. Ann Phillips, Edith Kaye Class of 1969 Phillips, Patricia Gail Phipps, Harold Wayne Pickens. Linda Ann Pittman. Gayle L. Plummer. Andrea Jean Poe, Tonia Sharlene Poe, Shirley Lee Pohl. Nancy Veronica Polk. Susan Frances Poole, Margaret Rin Poplin, Judy Gail Poplin. Patricia Day Porto, Susan Margie Powell, June Diana Powell. Mary Beveret Pratt, Jana Blue Pratt, Penelope Prescott, Susan Randolph Propst, Myra Ann Proseus. Richard Albert Rainey, Regina Rhonda Rakestraw. Doris Dean RatclifTe. Anna Berul Raup. Katherine Elizabeth Ray. Anna Kate Reaves, Donna Joy Redding, Martha Jane Reece, Brenda Anne Reed. Marcella Ann Regan. Rebecca Lynn Regensburg. Margaret Louise Reich. Pamela Jean Reinhardt, Janie Frances Reinhardt. Lucy Gail Renfro. Patricia Roberta Rhyne. Jessica Rice. Patricia Ann Richardson, Jean Broaddus Riddick. Margaret Norman Riddle. Laura Jane Rider. Mary Olivia Rigney, Martha Marie Rigsbee. Barbara Faye Rivers. Susan Ann Roane, Susan C. Rohbins. Elizabeth D, Roberson. Jane Ellen Roberts. Betty Jo Roberts. Marie Ann Robinson. Doris Evans Robinson, John Andrew, Jr. Robinson, Lmda Lee Robinson. Martha Anne Rodgers. Edna Lee Rodgers. Jane Alice Rogers. Rebecca Carrie ikdk MhMM S a P 9 f t Sophomore Talent Livens Campus Barbara Wesley entertains students with a wide repertoire of songs. Rogers, Sally Anne Rogish, Ginger Lou Rosenblatt. Marcell Fay Ross, Jeannie Blanche Rosso, Diane Barbara Rouse, Patricia Anne Rowe, Martha Frances Rumley, Mary Cheryl Rumple, Leslie Ann Russ, Sandra Narine Sealfrank, Joan Carol Sadler, Sandra Elizabeth Sain, Sara Kimberly Sanders, Mary Ruth Satterfield, Cynthia Saunders, Marsha Lucinda Saunders, Rose-Anne Sawyer. Claudia Lee Sawyer, Mary Beth Scheff, William Paul Schmidt, Michele Melody Schneider, Sandra Lee Schneidmiller, Kenneta Alexander Scott, Wilma Gay Scotten, Dawn Beth Sebastian, Judy Ann Seilter, Laura Kathryn Series, Grace Lewis Settle. Mary Elizabeth Sexton, Brenda Cheryl Sharpe, Virginia Ann Sherrill. Cathy Bonita Shimer, Pamela Hayman Shipman, Linda Irene Shoaf, Roberta Louise Sides, Janis Laneth Sigmon, Jane Ikerd Sigmon. Wanda Holland Sigmon. Judith Kay Simmons, James Michael Simmons, Judy Gayle Simpson, Mary Lamar Singletary. Sandra Norma Sinica, Joan Enright Sjogren. Jane Durhin Slade, Susan Narona Sloan, Lynda Paulme Sloop, Jane Reid Slover, Sherry Susan Small, Martha Jane Smart. Pearline Joanne Smith. Caorlyn Anne Smith, Diane Eva Smith, Gary Franklin Smith, Jane Smith, Joey Lisbeth Smith, Judy Smith, Kathleen Patricia Smith, Marjorie Meador Smith, Peggy Dupree Smith, Rhonda Ann Smith, Susan Clarke Smith, Sylvia Gail Sneed, Ann Snider, Donna Ellse Sorgi, Donna Marie Spandanuta, Connie S. Spencer, Earlene Jacqueline Spivey, Glenn Conrad, Jr. Sprinkle, Karen LaVerne Commission Members Push Money Making Project SpruMI, Anita Gay Stadelmaier. Christianc Gerlrud Staderniann, Barbara Ann Slancil. Patricia Eleanor Stanley, Linda Carolyn Slaton, Jane Elizabeth Staudenmaier. Janet Lois Stephens. Rochelle Anita Stewart, Mary Washington Stimpson, Louise Cheryl Stipek, Beth Ann Stone, Susan Estelle Stover, Sharon Jean Streater, Dawn P. Strickland, Tamara Leone Stroup, Mary Susan Stroupe. Rebecca A. Stumpf. Robert Alan Slurgis, Sibyl Ann Stutts, Barbara Ann Sugar, Deborah Sue Suitt. Betsy Aris Supulski, Gwendolyn Eva Sutton, Linda Swanson, Beverly Lane Swanson, Julie Sweet, Deborah Ann Sykes, Margaret Ellen Szyperski, Ellen Mary Taylor, Barbara Sue Taylor, Janice Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Patricia Taylor, Sara Ann Talton, Mary Lillie Taylor, Susan Lynn Tate, Miriam Tatro, Edward Ray Teague, Hope Templelon, Eaye Elizabeth Terry. Paula Kaye Thacker, Charles Wesley Theep, Hilary Josephine Thompson, Rebecca Anne Tillman, Vivian Lee Tyndall, Jane C. Underdown, Carol Ann Vernon, Linda June Wally, Carol Ann Ward, Calvin Michael Wetherington, Cora L«e Williams, Anda June Williams. Linda Wilson. Rebecca Huxford Yarbrough, Joanne Carolyn Yelverton. Anne Benton Yogman, Ellen Joyce Diversified Freshman Class Unites Under Youthful enthusiasm, idealism, and unity — Key words for every Freshman Class. Proving to match words with deeds, the Class of ' 70 respond- ed to the first challenges of college life. FRESHMAN OFFICERS (Ir): Susan McCallum. Secretary, Kate Avery. Vice President; Gwen Boyd. President; Joanne Barnes, Cheerleader; Beth Robinson, Treasurer. Boyd Abernethy, Sandra L. Adams. Betsy Anne Adams, Judith Lane Adams, Kathryn Diane Adams, Wendy Jean Adeimy, Sara Catherine Aiken, Margaret Ellelson Alden, Kathryn Scott Alexander, Angela Faye Alexander, Fii aheth Ann Alexander, Tone W. Allegrone, Olivia Allen. Louise M. Allgood, Patricia Allmon, Kay Ann Allred, Lynda Calherme Allred, Mary Sue Alsop, Alice Fileen Amundsen, Carl A. Anderson, Harriette S. Anderson, Mary Grace Arthur. Janet Ashe, Karen Maurena Ashmore, Jerrie Gray Assaku, Pantipa Asien. Katherine L. Atkin son, Janine G. Atwood, Judith T. Auman. Sandra Gail Austin, Jr., Charles Elevan Austin. Debra Ann Auton. LaDonna Ree Autry. Nancy Sue Avery. Kate E. Avery, Linda Kay Aycock, Frances Evelyn Bahcock, Beverly Ann Bagatelle, Neol Ann Baggett. Susan Bailey. Linda Elaine Bailey. Mary Rosanne Bailey. Annabelle Lea Baker, Candace C. Baker, Carolyn L. Bales, Susan Elizabeth Ball, June Carol Ball, Wanda Avis Ballard, Myrtle Ellen Ballew. Suzanne Elizabeth Ballinger. Susan Carol Banks, Susan Joy Bare, Lois Ann Barker. Joan Paula Barker. Martha Jane Barlow. Lmda Kay Barnard, Sheila Fay Barnett, Julia S. Barrows. Wendy Bashaw. Elaine Susane Bass. Patricia Ann Batchelor. Emma Christii Batts. Dianna L. Baucom. Sylvia Diane Freshmen Conquer Registration B.iugh. Nancy Thomas Baxter, Laura L. Beach. Karen R. Beatly, Sylvia Ann Beeson, Linda Ka y Bellamy. Doris Gwendolyn Bennett, Norma A. Benning Anne Hirtnian Benton, Martha Ellen Berkman. Deborah Barrasch Bernanhe, Sara Beth Bernau, Elanor J. Berry, Elizabeth Linnell Beshears, Dorothy Marl Bethune, Sylvia Beth Beyer, Gail Janette BiggerstalT, Beverly Ann Billings, Sheila A. Bishop, Martha C. Blackmon, Constance L. Blackwell, Elizabeth C. Blanchard, Mary Elizabeth Blank. Sara Rebecca Blanton, Lorelei Bledsoe, Tom Lynne Blinson, Joyce J. Blythe, Betty Clarke Birch, Leslie Ann Boettner, Lynette Swain Bohrer, Marilyn E. Bole, Gwendolyn Ford Boles, Bertha Mae Bolick, Donna Booher, Vicki Louise Bowers, Rebecca Hawley Bowes, Joan C. Bowman, Judita Marie Bowman, Katherine C. Boyd, Brenda Cathy Boyd, Gwendolyn NIcNe Brabson, Jenmfir A. Brachetl, Benme C. Brachett. Linda L. Brandon, Nancy Elisabeth Braswell, Tamela J. Brawley, Susan Breedlove, Corliss Diana Brewer, Harriett L. Bridger, Joanne K. Brigham, Mary F. Britt, Dorothy W. Brooks, Sullie Ann Brown, Constance J. Brown, Judy Louise Brown. Margaret Alii Brown, Petrice Dow Brown, William E. Browning, Mary E. Brownscombe, Evelyn Carol Broyles, Beverly J. Broyles, Bonita Jean Bryan, Jo Evelyn Bulla, Artis Brent Class of 1970 Billiard, Brenda Kaye Billiard, Candace Gaylc Billiard, I inda Lucille Billiard. Patricia Ann Biillins. Amanda Berlella Bullock, Julia Elizabeth Bulman, Marilyn Ruth Burkett, Alberta Olivia Burnett. Gayle Leigh Burnette. Deborah Delorise Burns, Beth Teresa Burris, Barbara Jean Burrouffhs, Sue L, Bush, Beverly Sue Bolts. Ruth Ann Byrd, Carolyn F. Byrd, Gleta Elaine Byrd. Virginia Jane Cain, Billie Faye Cain. Marilyn Jean Callahan. Donna B. Campbell. Mary Campbell. Rita Nell Cantrell. Jan Capps, Lynda Faye Cardwell, Thomas Vaughn Carey, Molly Jane Carlton, Alma Ruth Carpenter. Jackie Paillette Carpenter. Sue Lynn Carter, Anita Frances Carter, Barbara Carol Carter, Patricia D. Carter, Patsy Jane Cartwright, Talula E. Cash. Rick Gordon Gates. Patricia Anne Cathey. Penny Darlynne Chambers. Christine Gina Chambers. Marie Anne Champion, Cynthia A. Candler. Jan Elizabeth Chapman. Jane L, Chappell. Judith C. Chaslain. Brenda Susan Cheek. Betty Jean Cheek. Wildon Kay Cherry, Wilsonia E. D. Chester, Ssuan Dale Childress. Frances Amanda Chiles. Alma Dixie Chrisco. Barbara Jane Chryssikos. Virginia Church, Susan K. Clark, Martha Louise Clark, Paula Gray Clayton. Vicki Long Clement. Mary Virginia Clement. Susan L. Clemmer. Catherine G. Clevel.ind. Dale LaVerne Cobb. Janet Faye Coble. Sara Louise Anxieties Released During Orientation Cochrane. Kresan L. Coddington. Gladys T. Coffey. Richard M. Collins. .Anne Collins, Constance L. Collins. Geraldine E. Collins. Patricia Anne Collins. Sarah Heath Colson. Elizabeth Ann Cokon. Lynn Combs. Carolyn E. Cook. Linda Gaye Cooper. Roberta Gene Coopedge. Marie Corali( Constance Caram, Phyllis Ellen Cousins. Carol Elaine Cox. Betty Joyce Cox. Claire Elizabeth Coyle. Mary Virginia Crabtree. Mary Lynne Cranfill. Cheryl Lynn Craver, Loretta Ann Crawford. Elizabeth Walton Crayton. Mary Anne Creech. Phyllis Ramona Crews. Sharon Marie Crocher. Lynne Cuddington. Linda D. Cunningham. Rieta Curry. Ola Frances Curtis, Edison Clinton Cuthbertson, Caroline Dagenhart. Janella K. Dale. Karen Hope Dalmas. Jean Autow Daniels. Florence E. Darr. Marie Elizabeth Daughtridge. Mary Fond Daughtry. Ginger Heloise Daughtry. Linda Carol Danes. Elizabeth Tayler Davis, Carol Jean Davis. Deborah Dawn Davis. Dona Lee Davis, Dorothy Irene Davis, Freddie Anne Davis, Jo Ann Davis, Johnnie Gale Davis, LaVerne E. Davis, Marietta Davis, Rebecca Jane Davis, Sylvia Anne Dawes, Linda Ann Dawson, Jacquenne Kaye Deal, Glenda D. Deal, Vicki Lyn Dean. Sandra Mae Decosler. Fdith Mae DeKok. Alice Miriam Delong, Sherilyn Elaine Dcmpsey. Martha Edwina Dennis. Virginia Anne Dickens. Linda Grey O ( ( §f ay around campus during Orienta- Downey, Beverly G. Draughn. Vicki Ann Draughon, Rosa Julia Duffy. Jemmi Ann Duncan, Mary Amanda Duncan, Mary Cecelia Dunn, Deborah June Dunn, Judith Carol Dunn. Marylynn Dupont, Elizabeth Durham, Nancy Sue Durkin, Patricia Ann Dyal, Mary Ann Edmiston, Ethel Edwards, Carol Anne Edwards, Ollie Winifred Elani, Elizabeth Carson Elkins, Martha Ann Eller, Sarah Lee Elliott, B. Elame Ellis, Cora Frances Ellis, Dianne Marie Ellis, Dorothy Mae Ellis, Frances M. Ellis, Segrid Ann Erickson, Lala A. Ethridge, Mary Wyatt Evans, Barbara Jean Evans, Diana M. Evans, Mina Jean Evans, Nancy Carol Evans, Patsy Ruth Coins, Laura Jane Eye, Christina Susan Farfour, Frieda Elizabeth Farmer, Judy Kay Favrao. Ann Mollis Fayed, Betty Jean Femia. Ann C. Ferguson, Anne F. Fields, Darlene Fisher, Ada Markita Dorms Compete for Banner at Class Meetings Fisher, Virginia G. Fitch, Charlotte Elaine Fite, Janet Ruth Fleming, Jane Goodall Fletcher, Patricia Carole Floyd. Mary Ann Ford, Alice Elizabeth Ford, Laura Jean Ford, Mary Craven Fordyce, Gwendolyn Hill Fox, Judith Claire Fox, Phyllis Ann Freeman, Donna French, Ronda Juliet Frick, Humis Dawn Friedlander, Myrna Dicky Frierson, Melinda A. Frye, Betty Jane Fulcher, Amy Leigh Fulkerson, Sallie Elizabeth Fullbright, Sharon J. Fuller. Celia Anne Fulton, Kalherine R. Funderburk, Kathy Karen Funderburk, Linda M, Furr. Deborah Renee Fusselniann, Donald E. Gabriel, Jean Elizabeth Gabriel, Louetta Jane Galasso, Janice Marie Gallimore, Darrell Willia Gallo, Coby Deborah Gamewell, Nancy Grey Gann, Janice Lane Garland, Carol Lea Garland, Kalherine Ann Garrett, Margaret Celeste Garrison, Jacqueline G. Garvin, Gale F. Gekle, Elizabeth Anne Gentry, Judy K. Gibbs, Mary Kathryn Gibson, Frances Elizabeth Gibson, Janet Maureen Gillespie, Abby Rose Gillis, Vicky Lynn Gilmore, Kathryn Gilreath, Flora R. Glass. Linda Catherine Glenn. Mary Ruth Goard. Jacqueline Claire Gahbel. Elizabeth Goldberg. Judy Kay Gondra. Maria Ines Goodman. Margaret Elizabeth Goodman, .Stacie Phyllis Goodwin. Martha R. Goodwin. Sarah Symons Gotsch. Karen Ann Grady. Barbara Joyce Graham. Mary Jacqueline Graham. Patricia Jane £ ££ Grant, Adrianna B. Gray. LaDonna Sue Gray. Linda Fli ahelh Gray. Nancy Spaulding Greal. Francine Mae Green, Wendy C. Greenberg, Ellen Gale Greene, Antoinette Christina Green, Deborah M. Greene, Evelyn C. Greene, Jill Lynn Greer, Laura Anne Grgurich, Cedric Helene Grice, Linda Ann Griffin, Louise F. Griffin, Theresa Jane Griffith, Catherine Gschwind. Jennifer Ha Hackney. Ellen Gail Hackney. Libba Sue Hahn. Martha ' olyn Hales. Priscilla Hall, Kay Hall, Linda Mae Halperin, Susan Joyce Ham, Sharon Elizabeth Hamrick, Roxana Hanson, Marjorie Ann Harding, Ann Farrow Hargett, Barbara Jean Hargrove. Mary Catherine Harlacher. Barbara Ann Harrelson. Peggy O ' Neill Harris. Camelia L. Harry. Catherine Elizabeth Harrison. Cynthia Lynne Hartigan. Julia J. Hartsell. Eugenia L. Harwell. Phyllis Irene Hatley, Patsy Ryan Hawke, Andrea Lee Hawthorne. Mary H. Hayden. Gail Eugenia Hayward. Roxanne Heafner. Martha Jill Helms. Barbara Ann Helms. Nina Lynn Bench. Virginia Ellen Henderson. Elizabeth English Joyce Henderson. Rebecc Hennings. Sarah E Henry. Gail Lee Henry. Mary Elizabeth Helper. Rebecca Sue Hernandez. Maria Rosa Herring. Cathy Heyl, Charlotte Fay Hickerson. Jeanne Yvette Hickman. Linda Kay Higdon. Hubert L. Higgins, Dlanne Lynn Higgins. Vicki Dawn Highfill. Nancy Kay Freshman English, History Upset Race for 3.0 Hildreth, Mary S. Hilliard, Margaret Gray Hincemon. Yvonne Mines, Linda Lou Hines, Mary Frances Hinshaw, Lucille W. Hinshaw, Rebecca E. Hinson. Delores Anne Hitchcock, Judy Lee Hoffler. Mary Angela Holder. Barbara Mane Holder, Sharyn f. Hollmgsworth, Serena Rosser Hollis. Donna Rae Holt, Ann Ware Holt, Marion Viola Hooks, Martha Dianne Hosley, Rebecca Ann Houck, Frances Carolyn Hovis, Gloria Jean Howard, Sheila Elaine Howe. Rebecca Ann Howerton, Steven Lee Huckabee, Marsha Joan Humbert, Suzanne Humphrey, Doris Lowe Hunt, Teresa Kristina Hunt, Virginia Elizabetr. Hunter. Tallulah Clare Hurley, Sarah Elizabeth Hutton. Katherine Elizabeth Hyldburg, Sandra Hyman. Maria Julienne Idol, Nancy Payne Ingle, Margaret Sue Ingram, Anne C. Isley, Betty Jean Jabsen, Linda Jo Jacobson. Arlene Zell James. Donna D. Jarman. Carol Ann Jarrett. Alan Frank Jarvinen, Dale Karen Jernigan, Rebecca L. Jester, Ann Renee Johns, Cheryl Lynn Johnson. Carol Louise Johnson, Carolyn F. Johnson, Dawn E. Johnson, Jeanette Sue Johnson, Kathleen Ruth Johnson, Lmda Kay Johnson, Linda Sue Johnson, Nina Elaine Johnson, P.iula A. Johnston, Jane Anne Johnston, Patricia E. Joines, Joyce Irene Jolley, Teresa Jane Jones, Babs Jean Jones, Bernadette Lucia Jones. Betty B. Jones, Elizabeth Ann f !5 t n ggZl Jones. Judith Ann Jones, Mary Sue Jones, Phillip lerry Jones, Sarah Norman Jones, Yvonne Susette Jordan, Kathryn C. Jordan, Susan L. Joye, Carol A. Joyner, Martha Cheryl Judge, Deloris Ann Kale, Linda Leann Kaminc, Nancy E. Karesh, Barbara M. Keating, Nancy Elizabeth Keck, Jennie C. Keener, Janice Marilyn Kelly, Cynthia Arlene Kendrick, Dana Heyward Kennel, Jennie I.eDilly Kerley, Karen Ann Kessler, Jennifer Lynn Kifcer. Elisabeth A. Killian, Paula Ann Kilpalrick, Linda A. Kirkman, JoAnne Kirzinger. Tana Neilsen Riser, Frieda LeGrand Kivett, Elsie Evangeline Klarpp, Ellen Dare Kluttz, Pamela Nesta Knight, Betty Joyce Knight, Charles T. Knox, Edythe Carol Knox, Judith Ann Kruchen, Catherine L. Koontz, Cynthia D. Kurtz, Cora Dawn Lackey, Elizabeth S. Lapkin, Dianne B. Landen, Nancy Ingram Lankford, Barbara Anne LaRoach, David James Latham, Melba J. Laughter, Linda Jean Lawrence, Brenda Jane Laws, Carolyn Jean Laytm, Joan S. Layton, Sylvia Anne Leach, Glenda Kay LeClaive, Kathy Jean Ledbetter, Connie Lee Lee, Carol Frances Lee, Kathy Claire Lee, Sandra Kay Lee, Sarah Anne Leggett, Elizabeth Carolyn Leichsenring, Nancy Leidy. Margaret Elizabeth Lemmons, Betty Sue Leonard, Susan F. Leslie, Kathryn M. Levi, Linda Kaye Upperclass Tension Worked Out on Levine. Nancy Sue Levine. Rosalie Shirley Lewis, Helen Louise Lewis. Joan Fllen Lewis, Margaret P. Libby, Mardene France Liles, Barbara Sue Liles. Susan Edith Lincoln. Mary Virginia Linn. Ann Douglas Little, Brenda J. Little, Patricia A. Littleton. Beverly Joyce Lindeman. Martha Gtbney Link. Linda Kaye Linker, Susan D. Livengood. Patricia Ruth Livingston, Jean Frances Llewellyn, D.ira V. LIo d. Anne Stephanie Lobdell, Gena Locke, Judy L. Loggans. Lateena G. Long. Betty . nne Long. Judy Alise Long. Karen Dene Long. Nancy Ann Longinotti, Synthia L. Lonsdale, Judith S. Love. Nancy Carolyn Lowe. Camilla Louise Lowery, Janice A, Lowry, Pamela A. Ludwig. Meredith Jane Ludwig, Nancy Ann Luna, Judi Anne Luther, Carrie Frankie Luther, James David Lyon-Vaiden, Rebecca Henrietta Maria Macbryde. Phyllis Estes Mackay, Judith Ellen Mahaffey, Millie A. Mahaney, Claudia Christine Mallan, Patricia Adele Malone. Hulda Ann Mandl. Lesley Ruth Mangione. Connie Fulton Mansky. Phyllis M. March. Laura Kaye Marcher. Marilyn L. Marler, Linda Sue Martin, Bruce McClure Martin, Majorie Ann Mason, Lynna Jean Mathis, Peggy Jo Matthewson, Mary S. Maxwell, Mary G. Mays, Deborah Jane McAllister, Kathryn E. McCallum, Susan W. McCaskill, Wanda G. McComhs, Mary Beth McDaniel, Doris Anna ' t) S ft. iS rl Frosh During Rat Day 2il£ ' ferf f M McDonald, Margaret Carolyn McDonald. Mary M. McFarland, Barbara A. McFarland. Shirley A. McGougan. Dorothy Clyde McLaughlin. Cynthia J. McLean, Kathryn A. Matthews. Sharyn Mac McLean. Linda A. McLean, Martha Marilyn McLendon, Barbara Lucinda McMillan, Patsy Jo McNaull, Jennie McRae McNeill, Rebecca Jane Meares, Irene Margaret Lee Meier. Nancy Jessalyn Mermelslein. Myra Ruth Migliore. Johnny Raffale Mibby. June E. Miles, Judie Ann Miller, Brenda K. Miller, Bronah Jane Miller, Diane K. Miller, Patricia J. Miller, Sandra Kay Miller, Sarah Ellen Mills, Cora Elizabeth Minton, Pat Mitchell, Pamela Ann Mitchiner, Mary Janelle Mizell, Mary G. Montray, Mary Lynn Moon, Margaret Wise Mooney, Mary Frances Moore, Barbara Jean Moore, David Bruce Moore, John Charles Moreni, Mary Louise Moretz, Wanda J. Morgan, Ann Ophelia Morgan, Joyce Marie Morgan, Marian Adele Morris, Patricia Rae Morrisett, Rebecca A. Morrison, Emnialyn T. Morrison, Frances Rowe Moschler, Anne Marie Moss, Jane Marie Moss, Patricia D. Mostertz, Barbara Ann Mowrer, Linda Mullis, Mary E. Munn, Carol Elizabeth Murphy, Dorothy Murphy, Elizabeth G. Musgrave, Judy D. Myers, Priscilla J. Myers, Sherry Leigh Napier, Francis Nash, Martha Anne Nash, Rachel Anne Neely, Deborah Ann Nenadal Phyllis E. Nixon, Sandra Faye Nodtvedt, Paula Lee Nolen, Carolyn Lee Norcom, Mary Anne Norman, Joyce Elizabelh Norman, Kay Marie Norris, Jacquelyn Nowell. Marilyn Laverta Norwood, Susan L. Oales, Janice Lynn O ' Briant, Patricia Odhani, Sandra Jean Odom, Cheryl F. O ' Qumn, Sally K. O ' Quinn, Sharon Orr, Gail Frances Osborne, June Gail Oslrum, Linda A. Overcash, Cynthia Ann Overcash, Sylvia Elaine Overlin, Michelle Anne Owenby, Sarah Kay Owen, Revonda Gaye Owens, Jennifer C. Padgett, Jim H. Palmer, Polly Anna Parham, Sharon Guynell Parks, Gloria Ann Parris, Mary Love Parrish, Janice L. Paschal, Vivian Dale Patrick, Virginia L. Patterson, Carol Sue Patterson, Sarah Ellen Payonk, Mary H. Peach, Susan Leslie Peacock, Anne Christy Peacock, Nancy Kay Pearson. Mitzi A. Peavy, Vicki Renee Peddycord, Barbara J. Pebles, Sharon Kathleen Peed, Lucy I. Pegram, Joan D. Pelser, Sandra Lee Pendergrass, Linda Lee Penman, Deborah A. Perkins. Jewell D. Perkins, Pauline E. Perry, Nancy Elizabeth Perryman, Karen P. Petrehn, Janet Lou Pharr, Barbara Louise Phelps, Catherine E. Phifcr, Frances Marie Phillips, Gena Phillips, Marion Hope Phillips, Mary K. Plonk, Linda Ellen Poe, I,inda J. Poole, Kathryn L. Pope, Dorothy Sandra Pope, Linda Joyce £ Dorm Spirit Prevails Throughout Freshman Class g r» n Porter, Anne Baldwin Poteat, Linda S. Poteal, Sara Louise Polls. Mary Lynne Powers, Phyllis Marie Prather, Ashley K. Pralt, Carolyn Louise Pratl, Julie Maude Pressly, Penny Price, Judilh Price, Mary Ethel Prince, Ursula Wosniansky Prizio, Judith Ann Pritchard, Lillian D. Propst, Pamela Diane Pusson, Dale T. Putnam, Doris Dean Quinn, Patricia J. Ramherg, Deborah Anne Ramsbotham, Sibyl Ann Ramsey. Martha Virginia Randall, Sandra M. Rash. Barbara R. Rawlings, Nancy Ray. Laura Susan Ray, Margaret Lindsey Ray, Margaret Simmons Rebalho, Sandra L. Redding, Brenda Gay Redd, Josephine Wiley Regan, Katryna Jordan Reid, Phyllis Doughas Reynolds. Bonita F. Reynolds, Molly Rhodes, Joyce Leigh Rhodes. Judith Rice. Bonnie Lou Rice. Sharon E. Rich. Christma Halheway Richards, Edith L. Richardson, Jane Ellen Richardson, Ruby Linda Riddick, Norma Jean Rider, Dianne R. Riley. Deborah Lee Riley. Nancy Ruth Rivenbark. Connie Lou Roberts. Susan E. Robertson, Freida G. Robinson. Ann E. Robinson. Ava Antoinette Robinson, Kay L. Roessler, Kathleen Marie Rogers, Janet Woody Rogers, Jennifer Hope Rogers, Pamela Jane Rollins, Linda L. Roscoe, Allison Palmer Rosenblum, Sylvia Natalie Ross, Meredith Catherine Rountree, " Rita Diane Routh. Donna C. Rowe. Mary Susan Candy Sales Supplement Freshman Rouens, Kathryn I. Royals, Jennifer Lou K. Rudell, Patricia Ann Russ, Frances Elaine Russell, H. Caroline Sale, Donna Elizabeth Samuels, Lynn C. Sanders, Mary E. Sanders, Sandra Ann Satterfield, Brenda Louise Saunders, Doris M. Scarborough. Jean J Schaefer, Gail Karg Schneider, Beverly Schwartz, Judith L. Scott, Karrina Elaine Seagle, Susan Lynn Seehorn, Virginia Gail Seely, Patricia Anne Senter, Margaret M. Sessoms, Sherrie D. Setyer, Susan Sprague Sexton, Dianthia Mae Sexton, Laura Gail Sharon, Sandra Jane Shaw, Barbara Todd Shaw, Donna Leigh Shaw, Ruth Faison Shearin, Barbara Jill Shehan, Linda Jane Shelton, Rebecca Ruth Shelton, Sandra Louise Shepherd, Eugenia Dale Sherman, Candace Joan Shetlar, Myla Ruth Shipley, Janie Shoe, Vickie Elaine Short, Barbara Cromley Shue, Sylvia Ruth Sidelinger, Joan L. Simpson, Shirley Gail Sinclair, Mary Elaine Singletary, Linda Kinla Sink, Barbara Elissa Sisty, Patricia Ann Slawter, Carol Sue Smith, Alecia Smith, Carolyn Selma Smith, Cicelia Louise Smith, Danne E. Smith, Jacqueline K. Smith, Judith K. Smith, Kathy Lynn Smith, Patricia Ann Smith, Patricia Lee Smith, Roslyn L. Smith, Vivian Snavely. Celia Ann Snider. Mary Jean Snider. S. Gayle Snow. Linda Faye Snyder, John N. Jr SoUoway, Harry P. Treasury Freshmen Commissioners use gotxl money for their class. pilch to make Steele. Anna Louise Steele. Sharyn Elizabeth Steelman. Diane York Steiner. Dale Carol Stephens. Dorothy D. Stevens. Mary Emma Stevenson, Roberta J. Stewart. Cenia Joyce Stewart. Linda Lou Stewart. Phillip Scott Stewart. Rebecca Deal Stocks. Betty Grav Stone. Carolyn Dean Stone, Mary Ellen Stoudenmire. Linda Rhodes Straughn. Dorothy Lloyd Strickland. Betty Alice Stroud. Lucy Elizabeth Stroble. Mary Ann Stroud. Mary Sharon Stroud. Susan Lea Suter, Elizabeth Ann Sutherland. Barbara Jean Sutherland. Bonnie L. Sulphin. Ellen Joanne Swanlund. Sara Suzanne Swicegood. Cheryl Elizabeth Syman. Martha Jean Taft. Elizabeth Breck Talbert. Brenda Gayle Tanner, Carolyn L. Tarlton, Paula C. Tate. Mary Jane Taylor, Martha Jo Taylor. Martha Wallace Teague, Nancy Gail Teague, Phyllis Gayle Terry, Becky Jane Thacker, Cynthia Renee Thomas, Mary Dianne Thomas, Wanda Louise Thompson, Betty Christine Freshman Mixers Make Many Matches Thomas, Darlene Virginia Thompson, Demfordia Suzetle Throckmorton, Carolyn Timmons, Karen June Tomlin, Suzanne Elizabeth Torrence, Carolyn Dianne Towe, Elizabeth L. Trammel!, Anne P. Troy, Diane Faye Tunstall, Frances E. Turlington. Nancy Lee Turner, Barbara Gayle Turner, Marian Austin Turner, Susan Tuttle, Rebecca Louise Twining, Alice Louise Tynch. Margaret Tyndall, Ann Denny Umstead. Imelda Marie Underwood. Kay Bost Van Clief, Elizabeth Worth Vann, Barbara Anne Varner, Margie Ramelle Vaughn. Barbara A. Vickery, Brenda Kay Vieweg, Patricia Anne Vinroot, Georgia Linda Vogler, Carol Jeanette Vollmer, Karen Elaine Wagger, Susan Heidi Walker, Anita G. Walker, Sandra Jean Walker, Sylvia D. Wall, Linda Caroll Wall, Rebecca Jane Wallin, Virginia A. Walsh, Julia Rowe Ward. Evelyn Frances Ward. Lauren Meredith Ward, Susan WarfTord, Donna Jane Warlick, Mary Elizabeth Warren. Beverly Jane Warren, Linda Washam, Deborah L. Waters, Kristina Margaret Waters. Sylvia Ann Watson, Frances Dianne Watts. Deborah Chase Weathers, Ella Scott Weathers, Marion J. Weaver, Henri Anne Webb, Janice Anne Weeks, Margie Grey Weeks, Mary Frances Welling, Pamela E. Wells, Barbara Joanne West, Sarah Jo West, Susan Annette Wester, Joyce Ann Whisnant, Diana Marianne Whitaker, Betsy Whilaker. Gilda Lorraine A fl Whitaker. Linda Joyce White, Marion Raniona While. Mary Larue Whitely, Judy L Whitley, Linda L. Whitrock, Susan Raphaela Whitener, Margaret C. Whitt, Linda Jeanne Widener, Judith G. Wiggs, Mary Dozier Wilbern, Sue Jeanne Wilkinson, Judith Ann Wilkinson, Lynn E. Willcox, Jill Veronica Willett, Nancy E. Williams, Ann Kendall Williams, Bonnie E. Williams. Collete Lynn Williams, Mildred G. Williams, Phyllis L. Williams, Rebecca G. Williamson, Emily Rose Williamson. Virginia Carol Willis, Susan Beth Wilmer, Emily Wilson, Brenda Gail Wilson. Debra La Verne Wilson, Gray Wilson, Linda Diane Wilson, Mary Linda Wilson, Pamela Darden Wilson, Rebecca Jane Wolf, Frances L. Wolfe, Barbara A. Wolfe, Glenda Ann Wollman. Sandra Lynn Womble. Gail D. Wood, Jeralyn Wood, Linda Marlene Wood. Rebecca Woody, Ann Victoria Woosley, Patricia Dane Wooten, Anna Joyce Workman, Sharon Lea Wright, Reida Wyrick, Elizabeth Yates, Emily Jayne Yoder, Donna Wray Young, Addie Mylinda Young, Golda Lavina Zaglin, Evelyn Zagora, Marie Ann Zingle, Linda Zuckerman, Eileen Janice A Decade of Pioneering This year ' s Nursing Class is the last to graduate from the Associate Degree Program, one which has been highly successful over the ten years of its existence here on campus. NURSING OFFICERS (I-r): Penny Roberts. Secretary; Barbara Biesecker, Vice President; Cathy Bahcin. Reporter; Shirley Chil- dress, President; Francis Harris. Treasurer. Batten, Corn Catherine Bey, Barbara Anne Biesecker, Barbara Ann Childress, Shirley A, Durham. Sandra Jo 1 ' % " I s Nursing Class of 1967 V: Edwards. Elaine Coggin Heniric, Linda Alley Hinshaw, Deana L. Hinton, Toni Sue Largent. Patricia M. Laycock, Linda E. Livingsten, Murirl Bishop Macon, Patricia J. Morgan, Candace North Pegram, Barbara Jean The girls re-enact their Bulner psychiatric experiences at an SNO Party. Moses M. Cone Memorial Hospital — home away from home. Nursing Class of 1967 The cap and pin reflect the modern trend in nursing. Occasionally even their off hours are spent at the hospital — carohng for the patients. Price, Rosemary Raines, Chiudia Ann Roberts. Pennie Ann Rowland, Linda Holmes Smith, Helen Frances Smith, Priscilla Jeanne Stanley, Mary Lynn Strayhorn, Patsy Dodson Taylor, Bradie Thorne, Sharyn Warner Thorp, Jacqueline Walker, Jacqueline S. Wasserman, Cheryl Wolff, Linda Louise Workman, Dolana Jean Class of ' 67 Marks End of Commerial G)urse COMMERCIAL OFFICERS (l-r): Gail Edwards, Cheerleader; ludy Harrell, Treasurer; Paula Huntzinger. Secretary; Brenda Hull. Vice President; Cathy Bowman, President. Although the Commercial Class of 1967 will be the last at UNC-G, its high standards have not been equaled in the state. Many excellent sec- retaries have received their certificates here. The ending of the one year commercial courses marks a turning point in the business education on campus. Commercials gather on steps of Forney, their second home. Alexander. Sara Doggett Alston, Patricia Lane Bailey, Susan Elizabeth Baker, Barbara Jean Bassinger. Joyce Elaine Batts, Alice Faye Beacham. Susan Elizabeth Berry, Theresa Elizabeth Bowden. Brenda Joyce Cathy Champion Br.inn. Brend.i Kay Brannock. Judith Kaaren Brannock, Virginia Lea Cobb, Judy Ritchie Comer. Myra Jean Conrad. Sharon Kaye Cox. Janice Annette Davis. Hilda Clarine Davis, Lynn Dickson, Margaret Anne Dixon. Georgia Coble Dugan, Kathleen Margaret Edwards, Jo Ann Edwards, Sandra Gail m 1967 Marks the Last of the White Blazers Forward, Joanne Lee Futrell, Joyce Carolyn Gale, June Gatewood, Margaret P.atricia Gilreath, Trudy Kay Goodnight, Patricia Ann Graham, Deborah Kay Greene, Martha Ann Griffin. Marcia Lynne Hale, Vicki Jo Holloway, Lestine Amy Harrell, Judith Dawn Harris, Sandra Diane Hartman, Olivia Jean Hicks, Margaret Faulkner Hodges, Claire Hull, Brenda Sue Huntzinger, Paula Jean Ingold, Terry Jane Jarvis, Virginia James Jessup, Penny Lynn Johnson, Patricia Inez Johnson, Phyllis Alta The Commercial students march across campus wearing white blazers, the mark of their class- I © f ' t f V M-SS W ft h :. k ' i: .., Kelley, Sharon Rebecca Kuester. Jane Olivia Landreth. Patricia Marie Lasley. Sandra Marie Lohr, Janice Carol Meadows, Judy Ann Moffitt. Lucinda Wrenn Moore. Jo Ann Moorefield. Phyllis Anne Morton, Bobbie Ann Nance, Beverly Sue Neal, Marcia Kay Noah, Lillian Joyce Norman, Dianne Joan Norton, Susan Phillips Pollard. Phyllis Margaret Powers, Jan Sherry Query, Margaret Melinda Rhyne. Emogene Robinson. Octavia Rogers. Barbara Jean Rowe, Phyllis Ann Scott, Vetorce Dare Sipsis, Lula Georgia Smith, Sherry Rae Stowe, Mary Anne Stowell, Sandra Leigh Summers. Claudia Ann Tillman. Mary Elizabeth Trivette, P.atricia Leigh Turner, Janet Lynn Tuttle, Wanda Jane Veach, Sylvia Sue Wakefield, Sharon Wallace, Mary Ann Ward. Brenda Faye West, Vonda Lynette Williams. Martha Jane Wilson. Donna Lee Withers. Rebecca Jane Wrenn, Emily Joyce f ff fl r Senior Statistics ABBOTT, HARRIET CHKEK. Warrenlon B.A. in Elementary Education; French Cluh 1,2; YDC 3; Town Students Association 2. 3,4; SNEA 3,4; ACE 4; Honor Roll 3. ABELL, HELEN ElZABETH. Chapel Hill B.A. in Political Science; YDC 1,4; History Club 1; Dorm Committee 3,4. ADAMS, POLLY FARNUM. Fairfield, Conn. B.A. in Psychology; Freshman Cabinet 1; Canterbury Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Dorm Committee 1,2,4; Rat Day Committee 2; Psi Chi 4; Election Board 4. AIKEN, KYLIF SUE. Durham B.A. in Fnchsh; Section Leader 3; SNFA 4. ALBRIGHT. MARY. Greensboro. A.A.S. Nursini;; SNO 1,2. ALEXANDER ' , MARY CATHERINE. Shelby B.A. in Mathematics; Saint Andrews Pres- byterian College 1.2; Square Circle 3,4; SNEA 4; Dorm Committee 4; NCEA 4. ALLEN. SARAH LOUISE. Greensboro B.A. in History; Dorm Committee Chair- man 3; History Cluh 3; SNEA 3,4; NCEA 3,4; Legislature 3,4. ALBRIGHT, KAY FLORENCE. Lexington B.A. in History; Freshman Cabinet 1; Sec- tion Leader 1; Dorm Committee 1,3, Chair- man 3; Parent ' s Weekend Committee 2; Pine Needles 2; Class Parliamentarian 3; Jr. Assistant 3; Chairman Steering Com- mittee for Commencement Speaker 3; Jun- ior Show Committee 3; Freshman Orien- tation Committee — JA Handbook 3; SNEA 3,4; GUTS 4; Dorm Elections Chairman 4. ALDRIDGE, SHIRLEY LOUISE. Forest City B.A. in Biology; Dorm Committee 1.2.3; SNEA 3.4; Glee Club 1,2. AMEY, DOROTHY MAE. Durham B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 1.2,3.4; French Club 1; German Club 2; Debating Society 1,2; Dorm Committee 1,4; Seminar 3; Hall Board 4. ANDERSON, REBECCA SUSAN. Lilesville B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 1.2,3,4; SGA Elections Board 1,2; Class Publicity Chairman for Dorm 2; Daisy Chain 2; Class President 3; Inter-Class Council 3; Exec- utive Cabinet 3; Golden Cha in 3.4; Legis- lature Representative 4. ANDREW. NEILL MACINTOSH, Charlotte B.A. in Psychology; Hall Board 1.2.4; Junior Show 3; Honor Roll 3; Miss Pine Needles 4; Dorm Committee 1.2. ANDREWS, CLAUDIA VIRGINIA. Siler City B.A. in Elementary Education; Jr. Assistant 3; ACI 3,4, Vice-President 4; SNFA 4; Sec- tion Leader 2; Hall Proxy 4. ANDREWS, JUDITH ETTA. Gastonia B.A. in Elementary Education; Freshman Cabinet I; Dorm Committee 1,2.3. Co- Chairman 3; EI Circulo Hispanico 2; Junior Show Committee 3; SNEA 3,4. Project Committee 4; ACEI 3.4; SGA Residence Hall Liaison Committee 3. ASPDEN, CAROL ADELE. Greensboro B.S. Home Economics, Textiles; Freshman Cabinet 1; AHFA 3.4; AATCC 3.4; Dorm Election Chairman 4. ATKINSON. BRENDA GAY. Selma B.S. H.E.— Interior Design; NSID 3.4. Board of Directors 4; AHFA 2,3.4; Dorm Repre- sentative 4; Dorm Committee 1,2. AYCOCK, BETTY LOU. Goldshoro B.A. in Enclish; Interfaith Council 1; Eng- lish Club 2.4; SNEA 4; SNCFA 4, AYDLETT. JUDITH WHITE Elizabeth City B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 4; SNEA 4; RA Representative 1; Rusty Link 4. AYFRS, ANDREA JANE. Greensboro A.C.A. 4; SNFA 4. BAHEN, CORA CATHERINE. Goldsboro A.A.S. Nursing; SNO 1.4, Reporter 4; Newman Club 1,4. BAIl.FY. PATRICIA RUTH. Salisbury B.SS.A,; Dorm Committee 1.2,4; Gamma Alphii 3.4; JA 3; Secretariat 3. BAll F ' l. VIRGINIA DAWN. Stokesdale B.S.S.A.; Gamma Alpha 3.4; Dorm Treas- urer 3.4; YDC I. BAIRD. VICKI DIANNF. Newton B.A. in Mathematics; YDC 1; Daisy Cham 2; Greensboro Associ;ition for Lutheran Sliidcnis 1,2.3.4; Square Circle 2,3,4; J A 3; SNI A 3,4; Junior Show 3; Hall Board 3; .Section Leader 4; Senior Commission 4. BAHEN, CORA CATHERINE. Goldshoro A.A.S. Nursing; SNO 1.2; Newman Cluh 1.2. BAI.LOU, MARY SUSAN McCRACKFN Guilford College B.A. in French and International Studies; French Club 2.3,4; Dorm Committee I. BARDFN, MARY ALICE. Plymouth B.A. in History; JA 3; SNFA 3.4. BARDIN. CATHERINE LEE. Tarboro B.A. in History; Freshman Cabinet 1; Carolinian 2,3,4, Business Manager 3, Man- aging Editor 4; State Student Legislature 2,3,4. Chairman 3. Interuim Council 4; Par- liamentarian SGA Legislature 3; Parliamen- tarian Senior Class 4; Cantebury Club 1,2. BARNES. BETTY JO. Kenly B.A. in English; Freshman Cabinet I; Chem- istry Club 1,2, Treasurer 2; LeKislature 3; English Club 4, Secretary 4; SNFA 3,4; JA 3; GUTS 3. BARNES, DIANA STEVENS. Wilson B.A. in Art Educ;ition. BARNES, JOANNE ELIZABETH. Morehead City B.A. in English; Dorm Committee 2.3; Eng- lish Club 4; Newman Club 1.2; Hall Board 4; JA 3 Spanish Club 2; Marshal 3,4; SNEA 4; Commission 4. BARNES, SANDRA KAY. Greensboro B.S. in Home Economics Education; AHEA 1.2,3,4; 1st Vice-President 3, Chairman 4; 4-H 1,2,3.4, Secretary 2, President 3; Wes- ley Foundation 1,2,3. Council 2. Co-editor " Wind " 3; JA 3; Omicron Nii 4; Honors 2.3.4. BARNFTT. JUDY LYNN. Martinsville, N. J. B.A. in French; Le Cercle Francais 2.3,4; Legislature 3; Service League 1; Section Leader 1; WSFW 2,3,4; SNEA 4. BARROW, ELIZABETH ANN. Annandale, Va. B.A. in Biology; Jefferson Scholar 1,2,3,4; Chemistry Club 1; Wesley Foundation 1, 2,3, Council 2,3; Dorm Committee 1; Class Song Committee 1; Honor Roil 1,2,3; Hon- ors Program 1,2,3.4; J A 3; Cutten Scholar 3.4; Beta Beta Beta 3,4. Historian 4. BEATTY, BRENDA GAIL. ClifTside B.S.S.A. in Distributive Education; Dorm Committee t,2,3; Gamma Alpha 3.4, Social Committee 3; Freshman Commission Mem- ber 1; Pine Needles Staff 1. BECK, KAREN ELIZABETH. Gastonia B.S.S.A. in Merchandising; Freshman Cabi- net 1; AHEA 1,2; Dorm Committee 2; Dorm Committee Chairman 3; G.imma Al- ph;i 3,4; Dorm Elections Committee 3; Jr Show Committee 3. BELL. EDWINA ANN. Canton B.A. in History; SNEA 4; Dorm Commit- tee 1,2; Classification of Officers Commit- tee 4. BFNDHFIM, JUDY ANN. Richmond B.FA. in Art Education; HiUel 1,2.3.4; Art Club 3.4, Art Club Vice-President 3; Stu- dent-Faculty Committee (Art Department) 3; Publicity Chairman Art Club 3; Dorm Flections Board 2; Dorm Represent;itive Chiss Publicity Committee 2; Weatherspoon Gallery Association 3.4; Dorm Social Com- mittee 2; Student National Art Education Association 3,4. BENNETT, SHEILA ANNETTE. Gastonia B.S.S.A. in Secretarial; Elliot Hall Council 1; University Choir 1,2; Young Democrat Club 1; Gamma Alpha 3,4. BENTON, BRENDA KELI FY. Gastonia B.A. in Elementary Education; ACEI 3, 4; SNEA 4; Dorm Committee 1; NLLB 1. 2.3.4. BEVERLY, VIRGINIA ELENA. Lilesville B.A. in English; Curoliniun Stalf 3. BEY. BARBARA ANNE. Annadale A.A.S, in Nursing; SNO 1,2. BIFSECKER, BARBARA ANN. Lexington A.D. in Nursing; Service League Represen- tative 1; SNO 1,2; Vice-President of Class 2; Nursing Class Beauty 2; Representative to District for Student Nurse of Year 2; District, StLite, Nurse ' s Association 2. BILLINGS, BARBARA A NN. Jonesville B.S.S.A. in Secretarial Administration; Dorm Flections Chairman 1; Social Com- mittee of Elliot Hall 2; Junior Assistant 3; Dorm Housekeeping Chairman 3; Assistant to Transfer Students 4; Assistant House President 4; Gamma Alpha 3,4. BLACKWELL, SYLVIA ANN. Charlotte B.A. in Elementary Fducati(m; Westminis- ter Fellowship 1,2; ACEL 3,4; SNEA 3,4; Young Republicans Club 3,4. BLALOCK, BARBARA ANN. Semora B.A, in Math; Square Circle 4; SNEA 4; Dorm Committee 2,3; NLLB. BLANTON, LINDA SHERRILL. Shelby B.S. in Home Economics Education; Dorm Committee 2,4; SNEA 4; Junior Assistant 3; AHEA 1,2,3,4; Dorm Representative 3; Finance Committee Chairman 3. Secretary 4; Spanish Club 1; BSU 2; Rat Day Com- mittee 2; Parents ' Weekend Committee 2. BLEDSOE. LINDA G. Dobson B.A. in History; Student National Educa- tion Association 3.4; History Club 3. BOAZ. JANE ELLEN. Albemarle B.A. in English; YDC 1; English Club 3.4; University Choir 4. BOFPPLF, LISA ERNESTINE. Valley Cottage. N. Y. B.A. m History; NSA Comniitteel; Fresh- man Cabinet 1; French Cluh 1; Rat Day Committee 2; JA 3; Daisy Chain Commit- tee 2; CU Council 3,4; Cantebury Club 1,2, 3,4; History Club 4; YRC 4; Commence- ment Day Speaker Committee 3; Parents ' Day Weekend Committee 2. BOYD, PATRICIA JOSEPHINE Charlotte B A. in Art; Pine Needles Staff 1; YDC 2; Westminister Fellowship 1,2; W.F. Dormer 2; Art Club 3; Dorm Social Committee 4. BRADLEY, REBECCA MARTIN. Raleigh B,M. in Applied Pi;ino; Carmen Orchestra 1; Junior Show 1; Freshman Cabinet 1; Dorm Social Committee 1; Greensboro Symphony 1.2; Section Leader 2; Mu Phi Epsiion 2.3,4, Pledge Ch;iirman 2, Treasurer 3; Phi Kappa Lambda Award 2; Honor Roll 1,2; JA 3; University Symphony 3.4. BRAKE. EVELYN FLYE. Rocky Mount B.A, in Math; Reynolds Scholar I; Honors 1; Intramural Basketball 1.2; Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee 2; JA 3; Pine Needles 3.4, Editor 4; Junior Show 3; Square Circle 3,4; Canterbury Club 3,4; SNEA 4. BRANCH. PEGGY YVONNE. Elkin B A. in Political Science; Transfer Maryville College 2; YDC 2.3.4; Dorm Committee 3; Elliott Hall Social Committee 2; Junior Class Publicity Committee 3. BRANDT. JUDITH KAY. Columbus B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 3,4; Honor Roll; SNFA 4; JA 3; Junior Show 3: Senior Dance Group 1; Pine Needles Staff 3.4; Honors Program 1; Junior Class Publicity Committee 3. BRAZEE. BARBARA ELIZABETH. Decatur, Ga. B.S.S.A. in Secretarial Administration; Dorm Committee 2; JA 3; Gamma Alpha 3,4; Social Committee 4; Dorm Treasurer 4. Senior Statistics BRIDGES, MARTHA SUSAN. Boiling Spnncs B.A. in Geography and International Stud- ies; University Choir 2,3,4; University Chorale 2,3.4; German Club 2,3.4; History Club 3,4; JA 3; Section Leader 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3. BRINSON, ZELLE POLLOCK. Kenansville B.A. in Mathematics; Freshman Cabinet 1; Dorm Committee 1; Square Circle 1.2,3,4; Daisy Chain 2; Parents ' Weekend Registra- tion Committee 2; Court of Social Regula- tions 2,3,4; Junior Show 3; SNEA 3.4; Political Economics Club 4; Elections Board Secretary 4; Golden Chain 4. BROSIUS, SUSAN CAROL. Garner B.F.A. in Art Education; University Choir 1.2; Newman Club 1; Dorm Committee 1. 3.4; Art Club 3; Pine Needles SlafT 3; Junior Class Publicity Committee 3; Na- tional Art Education Association 4; Senior Class Publicity Committee 4. BROWN. CAROLYN SUEZETTE. Earmville B.A. in Biology; Dorm Committee 1.4; Glee Club 1.2,3,4: Pre-medical Club 3,4. BRYAN, SARA OLIVIA. Charlotte B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 3.4; Dorm Committee 1; SNEA 4; German Club 3. BUIE, ANN PURCELL. Wagram B.A. in Spanish; Spanish Club 3,4; Fresh- man Talent Show 1; YDC 1. BUNTING, BETS1 ' LEIGH. Robersonville B.S.H.E, in Child Development; AHEA 1, 2.3.4. Handbook Chairman 4; SNEA 2,3.4. Social Chairman 4; Marshal 4; ACE 4; Pine Needles Staff 3.4. BURG, LESLIE JANE. Perth Amboy, N.J, B.A. in Sociology; Hillel; Brunch Chairman 2: Sociology Club 2.3.4; Dorm Social Committee 1.2.3; Social Committee Chairman 3; JA 3. BURROUGHS. MARY ALICE. Wadesboro B.A. in Elementary Education; Glee Club 1.4; Dorm Committee 1.2.3,4: SNEA 4; NEA 4; NCEA 4: ACEI 4. BUSH. KARON RUTH. Henderson B.A. in Mathematics; NS.A Council 3.4; Na- tional Student Congress 4; Square Circle 1. 2.3.4; YDC 1.2.3; State Student Legislature 4: Dorm Committee 1; J A 3; GUTS 2: Executive Committee 2.3: Honor Roll I. 2,3.4; Honors Program 2,3; NSA Regional Conferences 3. BUTLER. BETTINA CONCETTA. Croton Falls. N.Y. B.S.S.A. in Merchandising; Hall Board 2.4; Legislature 1; Assistant JHP 3: Editorial Board Alumni News 3.4; Gamma Alpha 4. BUTLER. JOHNNA LANE. Reidsville BS. in Home Economics Education: 4-H Club 1: AHEA Honors B:inqiiet Chairman 3; Omicron Nu 3.4. Secretary 4: Dorm Committee 1.3.4, Chairman 4. BYRD, BARBARA ANN. Clayton B.A. in English; Square Circle 1; English Club 2.3.4; History Club 3: Dorm Com- mittee 2,3; NCEA 3,4: .SNEA 3,4. Rep- resentative 4. CAHOON, SUSAN EI AINE. Rich Squ:irc B.A. in Elementary Education: Elliott Hall Social Committee 1; Cilec Club 3; Dorm Committee 3,4; ACEI 4: SNEA 4. CALHOUN, LINDA SUE. Rutherfordlon BS. in Home Economics: Dorm Commit- tee 2,3. Chairman 3; AHFA 2.3.4: Elliott Hall Committee 3; BSU 2.3.4: Tr:insfcr from Western Carolin.i 2: AHFA Olhccr 1: Section Leader 1. CAMBELL, ALICE EMILY. R.aleigh BS. in Physical Education; Junior Show 3; Assistant JHP 3: Daisy Chain 2; Senior Class Invitations Chairman 4; Class Day Chairman 4: Chairman of Handbook Eval- uation Committee 4: Varsity Basketball 2,4; Senior Representatixe of Major Council 4; Dorm Committee 1; President of Physical Education Major Class 2; Hall Board 3. CAMBELL, GAYLE JOYCE. Eayetteville B.S.S.A. in Merchandising: Pine Needles St;ifT 1: Dorm Bulletin Board Committee 1; Freshman Cabinet 1: Special Events Com- mittee for Elliott Hall 2: Dorm Kitchen Committee 2; Golf Club 2: Gamma Alpha 3.4, Board of Directors 3, Social Commit- tee 3, Social Chairman 4, Publicity Com- mittee 3; Chairman of Dorm Flections Board 3: Dorm Social Committee 3; JA 3: Junior Show 3; HP 4. CAMPLONG, LINDA JEAN. Rock Hill. S.C. B.A. in Biology; Chemistry Club 1.2: Ca- duceus Club 1,2.3,4: Young Republican Club 2,3.4, Dorm Representative 3; Flec- tion Bo:ird 4: Commission Member 4. CARPENTER, LORRAINE N. Albemarle B.M. in Music Education: Choir 2.3,4: Choir President 4; Chorale 4: Mu Phi Ep- silon 3.4: Dorm Social Committee 3: Music Educators National Conference 3.4. CARR. WILLINE. Charlotte B.A. in Sociology; Dorm Committee 2,3: Sociology Club 3,4: Alpha Kappa Delta 3: Secretary 4. CARTER, NANC Y QUINN, Laurinburg B.A. in Elementary Education: " DC 3: Junior Show 3; Dorm Committee 4; ACE 4: NEA 4. CASSFLL. ANN BALDWIN. Jacksonville B.A. in Elementary Fduc:ition: Dorm Com mittee 2; ACEI 3,4. CATHCART, CAROLYN TIRZAH Winnsboro, S.C. B.A. in Biology; Freshman Cabinet I; Court of Social Regulations 3.4: Class Commis- sioner 2: Medical Technology Club 4: Vice- President 4: Caduceus Club 1, CAZFL, AUDRE ELIZABETH. Burlington B.A. in Sociology; Hall Board 1; Coraddi Staff 1: French Club 1.2: Sociology 1.2. 3,4; Elliott Hall Council 2,3,4. Secretary 3, Representative 4. Special Events Com- mittee 2; Daisy Chain 2; Housekeeping Committee 4. CHANGARIS, SHERRY ' ELIZABETH Bcthesda, Md. B A in Drama and Speech: CU Council 1. Elliott Hall Committee 1.2. Chairman 2: Elliott H;ill Council 2: Masqueraders 3.4. Corresponding Secretary 3: UNC-G Theater Board 3; Class Council 2; Judicial Com- mittee 4: St. Mary ' s House 1.2: Dorm Com- mittee 1,2.3.4; Golden Chain 4; Raymond Taylor Scholarship 3; The;itre Participation Award 2; Honor Roll 3: Junior Show 3. CHAPPI LL, NELAN FIELDS. Durham B.A. in Spanish: Freshman Hall Board: Spanish Club; Sigma Delta Pi 3,4: SNEA 3,4; NCEA 3,4; Honor Roll 1.2.3 CHAPPELL, PAMELA ANN. Mooresville B A in Mathematics: Freshman Cabinet 1; Square Circle 4; SNE 4: Rusty Link 3,4. CHAPMAN, IRMA GAIL. Hopewill, Va. B.A. in History; Transfer from Averett Col- lege 3; SNEA 4. CHEEK. HELEN YVONNE. Warrenton B.M. in Music Education; Marshal 3,4; Dorm Committee 1.2.3: Chorale 4; Choir 1,2.3.4; 4-H Club 1: Mu Phi Epsilon 2.3.4, Vice-President 4: University Opera Produc- tion 3,4. CHEEK. SANDRA MARIE. Marion B.A. in German and International Studies; German Club 1.2.3,4. President 3: Square Circle 1.2: Honors Program 1: J A 3: Coraddi Staff 4; Reynolds Scholar 1.2.3,4. CHII DRESS, SHIRLEY ANN. Greensboro A. AS. in Nursing; SNO District, Slate, Na- tional 1,2, President 2; Town Students " As- sociation 1.2. CLANTON. BRENDA ANN. Taylorsville B A. in Elementary Education; Choir I; Dorm Social Chairman 1; Legislature Rep- resent, itive 2.3: Commission Member 4: El- liott H.iU Representative 4: Dorm Elections C 2. CLARK. JOYCE ANN. Lexington B.A. in History: Dorm Committees 2.3,4; louni: Republican Club 3; History Club 3.4. CLARKE. DINAH JOY. Norlina B.A. in Flementarv Education; Spanish Club 1: Honor Roll 2,3; SACEI 2,3,4, Membership Chairman 4: SNEA 3,4. CLIFTON, LYCIA SANDRA. Whiteville B.A. in Mathematics; Spanish Club 1.2; Dorm Committee 2,3; Republican Club 1.2, 3; Square Circle SNEA 4. Dorm Representative 4: Intramural Basketball 1. CLIFTON, SANDRA CHARLENE. Winston-Salem B.A. in Economics; Hall Board 4; SNEA 4; Finance Board 4. CLINF, JOYCE MARILYN Hickory B.A. in Sociology: Glee Club 1; Dorm Committee 2,3.4. Chairman 4: Choir 2,3.4; Lutheran Student Association 1; Sociology Club 4. COCKERHAM, ELIZABETH ANNA Mount Airy B.A. in Elementary Education: Legislature Representative 3,4, Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules Committee 3,4; JA 3; Associa- tion Childhood Education 3,4. Publicity Chairman 4: Debate Team 1,2; Dorm So- ci,il Comnuttee 2,3. COLEMAN, SYLVIA KATHRYN. Burlington B.A. in Art Education; Dorm Committee 1, 2.3: Intr;imural Basketball 1,2: Democratic Club 1: Students National Art Education Association 2.4. COIETTA. FRANCES ALEXANDRIA. Burnsville B.S.H.E. in Institutional Management: Omi- cron Nu 4: Section Leader 3: YDC 3,4; AHFA 2,4: Newman Club 3,4. COLLIER, JULIA ELIZABETH. Bayboro B.A. in Enclish: Freshman Cabinet 1; Freshman Commission 1: English Club 4. COLLINS. SHERRY GALE. Mocksville B.A. in NLithcmalics; HM Board 3,4; Chair- man of Elections in Dorm 2,3.4; JA 3; Special Events Comniillee in Elliot Hall 1,2; SNEA 4; Square Circle 1,2,3,4. COLVARD, BARBARA KEANE HOLLENBECK. Charlotte B.A. in History; Lutheran Student Asso- ciation L2,4. Refreshment Chairman 1, Treasurer 2, President 4; SNEA 1,2,4; GUTS 1; Senior Dance Group 2; Dorm Devotional Chairman 2; Inter-Faith Mem- ber 4. COMPTON. MARY SUE. Raleigh B.A. in Drama-Speech; Dorm Social Com- mittee 1.2,3; Dorm Treasurer 3; Service League 1.2; Honor Roll 3,4; Food Liason Committee 2,3; Class Marshal 3,4. COOK, DIANA DAY. Charlotte B.A. in Speech Therapy; Dorm Committee 1; Pine Needles I; Assistant HP 2; As- sistanlship Speech Dept. 2,3; University Speech and Hearing Association 4. COOK. JUDITH DANIEL. Raleigh B.A, in Math Education; Dorm Committee 1.2; Daisy Chain 2; J A 3; Square Circle 3.4; Elliott Hall Social Committee I; French Cluh 1.2. COOKE, BETTY JANE. Counselor of East Grogan Hall 3; ACE 3.4; NEA 3,4; Social Committee of Graduate Hall 2. COOPER, TERESA JANE. Alexandria. Va. B.S.H.E. in Interior Design; NSID 3.4. Treasurer 4. CORNELL. JUDITH PYRANT. Providence B.A. in Elementary Education; Transfer from Stratford College 3; Commission Mem- ber 4; ACE 4. Dorm Representative 4. CO.X. BEVERLY SUE. Wdmmcton B.S.H.E. in Home Economics; Transfer from Wilmington College 3; Pine Needles Staff 3; American Home Economics Asso- ciation 4. COX, NATHALIA SUE. Grassy Creek B.S.S.A. in Business Education; Elections Board 4; Marshal 4; JA 3; Gamma Alpha 3,4; Sigma Alpha 3,4; SNEA 4; Honor Roll 2.3; NLLB 1.2,3,4. CRAIN, JANICE CAROLE. Greensboro B.S.H.E. in Institution Management; Trans- fer from Emory-at-0. ford College 3; So- cial Chairman for Dorm 4; AHEA 4. CRAWLEY, KATHRYN WARREN. Littleton B.E.A. in Advertising; Dorm Committee I. 2.3; Pine Needles 1.3; Art Club I; Class Publicity Commission 2.3; Hall Board 3. CRISP, PRISCILLA GAIL. Hendersonville A.A.S. in Nursing; Freshman Cabinet I; Cantebury Club 1,2; Caduseus Club I, Sec- retary 2; Elections Committee 2.3; RA Rep- resentative 2.3; Newman Club 3.4; SNO 3,4. CROWDER, DOROTHY JANE. Ch.arlotte B.A. in History; Reynolds Scholar; Honors Program 1; Dorm Committee 1; Honor Roll 1.2.3; Sophomore Scholar 2: Square Circle 2; SNEA 2,3, Publicity Com- mittee 2; History Club 2,3,4; Junior Scholar 3; JA 3; German Club 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. CRUMBLEY, GLENDA YVONNE. Kannapolis B.A. in Elementary Education; JA 3; Class Commission 3; Hall Board 4; Baptist Stu- dent Union 1; SNEA 3,4; ACEI 4; Dorm Committee 1,2,3. CRUMP, JAYNE PITMAN. Lumberton B.A. in Elementary Education; Dorm Com- mittee 3,4; Elliott Hall Special Events Com- mittee 2; YDC I; SNEA 4; ACEI 4. CULBRETH, CAROLYN MAYFIELD Fayetleville B.S.S.A. in Merchandising; Transfer from Methodist College 3; Gamma Alpha 3,4. DANIELS, GLENNIE OVERMAN. Harmony B.S.H.E. in Home Economics Education; Publicity Committee for Sophomore Pa- rents ' Weekend 2; Dorm Housekeeping Chairman 2; Campus Housekeeping Chair- man 3; 4-H 3,4; AHEA 3,4. DARNELL, JANE MEREDITH. Cireensboro B.A. in Spanish; Spanish Club 1,2.3.4; Town Students ' Association 1,2.3.4. DAVIS, BARBARA SUTTON. Lake Waccamaw B.A. in Mathematics. Pine Needles 2,3, Business Manager 3; YRC 1,2,3. Treasurer 3; Square Circle 1,2.3; Daisy Chain 2; University Glee Club 1,2; JA 3; Transfer Assistant 4. DAVIS, BRENDA HANNA. Greensboro B.S.S.A. in Business Education; Town Stu- dents ' Association 1.2.3,4; Gamma Alpha 4. DAVIS, CAROLYN DICKSON. Pittsburgh. Pa. B.A. in History; Legislature I; Dorm So- cial Chairman I; Glee Club 1.2; YRC 2.4; History Club 4; JA 3; Consolidated Uni- versity Representative 3,4; Parents ' Day Show 2. DAVIS, CHERYL EVE. Lumberton B.A. in Elementary Education; Dorm So- cial Committee 1,2,3,4; Hall Board 3,4; Legislature 2.4; Committee on Legislation 2.4, Chairman 4; Junior Show 3; Honors Program 1; J A 3; ACE 3,4; YDC I; Class Newspaper 3. DAVIS. JUDY ANN. Pfaflftown B.A. in Chemistry; Hall Board I; Legisla- ture 2; Social Concerns Committee 2; Chem- istry Club 2,3, Secretary 3; German Club 2; Honors; Honor Roll 1.2,3; Gold- en Chain 3,4; JA 3; HP 4; Junior Class Commissioner 3; Reynolds Scholar DAVIS, NANCY MOHR. High Point B.F.A. in Advertising Art; Freshman Cabi- net 1; Art Club 1,2.3; Jester ' s Day Com- mittee 2; Daisy Chain 2; JA 3; Pre-School Conference 3; Dorm Committee 3; Wea- therspoon Gallery Association 2.3,4; TSA 4. DAUGHTRY, MARY HALLIE. Dunn B.A. in History and International Studies; Honors Procram 1; Honor Roll 3; Uni- versity Band I; UNC-G Theater 1,2; Ger- man Club 3; Hall Board 3; Section Leader 4. DAVENPORT. DORTHEA HOWARD. Lexincton B.A. m English; YDC 2.3; English Club 4; Honors 2.3. DAVENPORT, NORMA KATHRYN. Winston-Salem B.S. in Sociology; Alpha Kappa Delto 3,4, President 4; Sociology Club 3.4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Hall Board 3,4; SNEA 3,4; JA 3; Junior Show 3; Daisy Chain 2. DEAL, ALMA RUTH. China Grove B.A. in Sociology; YRC 1; Daisy Chain 2; Dorm Flections Committee 2.3. Chairman 3; Sociology Club 3.4. Senior Statistics DECKER, BARBARA JEAN. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. B.S.S.A. in Merchandising: Hall Board 1,2; Section Leader 1,2; Dorm Cheerleader 1; Consolidated University Council 2,3, Chair- man 3; Gamma Alpha 3,4; Executive Cabi- net 3,4; Inter-Class Council Chairman 4; Class Commission Co-ordinalor 2; Com- mittee on the Chancellorship 4; Campus Stores Committee 4; Chairman Student Co- operation Conniiillce 4; Class Treasurer 3; Class President 4; Golden Chain 3,4, Treas- urer 4. DICK, LINDA GARRY. Spindale B.S. in Home Economics; Freshman Cabi- net 1; Westminster Fellowship; House Chairman 2; Vice-Moderator 3; Moderator 4; Glee Club 3; Interfuith Coun- cil 4; Student Program and Policy Com- mittee for School of Home Economics 2, 3.4, 1st Vice-Chairman 3; Chairman 4; Faculty-Student Reviewing Committee 2.3; AHEA 2.3,4; Danforth Award 3; Golden Chain 4. DIXON, DOROTHY ELLEN. Mehane B.A, in English; English Club 4; SNEA 4; Dorm Committee 3.4; Honor Roll 1.2,3. DOGGETT. HELEN MANLEY. Raleigh B.S.H.E. in Education; AHEA 1.2,3,4; Dorm Committee 3,4; Commission 4; NEA 4. DOSS, ANN BROOKS. Haw River B.S.H.E. in Interior Design; Class Repre- sentative 1.2; Jacket Committee 1: NSID 3.4; AHEA 4; TSA 1.2,3,4. DUNN, NANCY LYNN. Rocky Mount B.A. in History; Dorm Committee 1,2; Legislature 2,3; Judicial Committee 3; Vice President of SGA 4; Carolinian 4; Exec- utive Cabinet 4; Edited Student Participa- tion Guide and Student Handbook 4; Stu- dent-Faculty Reviewing Committee 4; Stu- dent-Faculty Visiting Speaker Committee 4. DUMAS, DORIS ANN. Aberdeen B.A, in Mathematics; Summer School Court Member 2; Section Leader 2.4; Hall Board 4. EARNHARDT. CAROL ANNE. Winston-S;dem B.A. in Elementary Fduc;ition; Dorm Com- mittee 1.2.3; Lutheran Students ' Associa- tion I; Association of Childhood Education International 3; National Study Conference Delegate 3; SNEA 4. EDSEL. LINDA BETH. Moravian Falls B.A. in Enclish; English Club 2; SNEA 3,4. EDWARDS. ELAINE COGGIN. Greensboro A.A.S. Nursing; SNO 1.2; Town Students ' Association 2. EGBERT, MARY JANE. Greensboro B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 1,2,3,4; German Club 1; RA Representative 2; Volleyball Co-Head 3; Elections Committee 4; JA 3; Daisy Chain 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Canterbury Club I. FLKINS. JEAN KIRKMAN. Greensboro B.S. in General Home Economics. Senior Statistics ELLIOT, CAROLINE McHARDY. Charlotte B.A. in Recreation; Freshman Cabinet I, Sophomore Assistant 2. Co-ordinator -4; Hall Board I; Rat Day Court 2: Inter-Class Council 2; Daisy Chain 2; State Student Legislature 2; Honors 2; J HP 3; Honors Seminar 3; Golden Cham 3.4. Vice Presi- dent 4; Executive Cabinet 3.4; Court of Social Reculations 4; Junior Show 3. ELLIS. SANDRA KAROL. Pleasant Garden B.A. in French; Hall Bo;ird 1; Pine Needles Staff I; Honor Roll 2.3.4; French Club 2. 3.4; Honors Seminar 3; Executive Cabinet 3; HP 3,4; Social Concerns Committee 4; SNEA 4; HPA 3,4. ELLIS. WANDA KAY. Jonesville A.B. in Recreation: Freshman Cabinet I; Dolphin Se:il Club 2.3.4, Secretary 4; So- ciology Club 3.4; Parents ' Weekend Com- mittee 2; Daisy Chain 2; Senior Forum 4; NCAHPER 2.3. ENGARD. KAREN SLEIGH. Raleigh B.A. in English; Freshman Cabinet 1: Sec- tion Leader 1.4; Parents ' Weekend Com- mittee 2; Freshman Cabinet Advisor 2; Canterbury Club 2; Vestry 3. President 4; Hall Board 3; Freshman Hall Board 4; Junior Show 3; JA 3; Dorm Social Com- mittee 2.3; Class Commission 4; Copy Edi- tor for Pine Needles 4; SNEA 4; English Club 4; Commencement Speaker Committee 4; Inter-Faith Council 4. ESKRIDGE. SUSAN VIRGINIA. Rutherfordton B.A. in Elementary Education; Section Lead- er 1; Freshman Cabinet I; Dorm Eleclions Committee I; Dorm Housekeeping Commit- tee 2; Parents ' Weekend Committee 2; Sum- mer Session Court Member 2; Summer Session Section Leader 2; Honor Roll 3; JA 3; Class Committee 4; NCEA 4; ACE I 2,4; Westminster Fellowship; Legis- lature 3.4; Dorm Committee Chairman 4. ESTES. CAROLYN LEE. Chatham, N.J. B.S.H.E. in Interior Design; Student Pro- gram and Policy Committee for Home Eco- nomics 1.2,3,4; AHFA 1,2,3,4. Stale 1st Vice Ch;iirnian 3. State 4; NSID 3.4. Board of Directors 3; JA 3. EUSTIS. CAROL DIANE. Atlanta. Ga. B.S. in Physical Education; Transfer from Boston University 2; Legislature Represen- tative 2.3; Social Concerns Committee Chairman 3; Section Le;idcr 3; Varsity Basketball 3; SGA President 4. FARMER. RACHEL J. Bailey B.A. in Elementary Education; YRC 1.2. 4; Westminster Fellowship 3,4; SNEA 3,4; State Parliamentarian SNCEA 4; Dorm Committee 3; SHP 4. FEATHERSTONE. KAY CAMILLE. Charlotte B.A. in Elementary Education; ACFI 2,3,4. Social Chairma n 4; SNEA 2.3,4, Progr;ims Committee 3; GUTS 4; Elections Board 2, 3; Dorm Soci;il Committee 3; Dorm Ves- pers Committee 1; Library Assistant 2.3.4. FELTON, CAROLYN FRANCES. Rocky Mount B.S S.A. in Business Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1.3; Pine Needles Typing Editor 2; Board of Directors of Gamma Alpha 3. Gamma Alpha 3.4; Section Leader 3; Food Liason Committee 2; Co-Chairman of Junior Ring Dance 3; Ring Committee 2.3. FELTON, JUDI RYALS. Rocky Mount B.A. in Elementary Education; Section Leader 1.2; Social Committee 1.2; Junior Class Commissioner 3; Hall Board 3; Junior Assistant 3; Co-Fditor Junior Class Paper 3; Daisy Chain 2; Judicial Committee 2.4, Summer School; Advisor to Tutors in GUTS 4; SNEA 4; Grogan Transfer Assistant 4; Escheats Scholarship 4; Operation ' 71 4; State Teachers ' Scholarship 1,2,3,4 FINNER, VIRGINIA ALICE. South Plainfield. N.J. B.A- in Anthropology; Canterbury Club I; Unitarian Student Group I; Masqueraders 1.2; Sociology Club 3.4; Section Leader 3,4. FLATT. ANNA RUTH. Charlotte B.S. in Home Economics; Glee Club 1.2. 3.4; AHEA 1.2.3,4; Dorm Represent;itive 3; Flections Committee C h.iirman 4; SNEA 3.4; Housekeeping Committee 3; Junior As- sistant 3; Recipient of Stella Anderson Scholarship I; Recipient of Escheats Schol- arship 2.3,4. FLE.MING. ROSALYN ROGERS Greenville B.A. English; Honors Program 1,2,3,4; Katharine Smith Reynolds Schohir 1.2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,3; Golden Chain 4; Service League Representative 2, Chairman 3; Executive Cabinet 3; Junior Assistant 3; Daisy Chain 2; Hall Board 4; Elections Bo;ird 4; Section Leader 1: SNEA; English Club 3.4. FLOTO, LESLIE ANN. Greensboro B.A. Sociology; SGA Legislature I; Section Leader 2; Dorm Social Committee 2; Cam- pus Stores Committee 3; Sociology Club 3.4; Pine Needles 3; Newman Club 1.2.3. FLYE. ANNIE DAUGHTRY. Rocky Mount B.A. Elementary Education; Class Secretary 1; Class Flections Chairman 2; Section Leader 2.3; Parents ' Weekend Skit 2; SNEA 3.4; Commission Co-ordinator 3 ; Marshal 3.4; Class Secretary 4; Senior Gift Com- mittee 4; Secretary of Inter-Class Council 4; Daisy Chain 2. FONVIELLE. BARBARA ANN. Goldshoro B-A. English. FOSTER. EDITH FOLEY. Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. Home Economics; Dolphin Seal I; Lutheran Student Association N, C. Area Secretary-Treasurer 4; AHEA 2,3,4; Experimenter in International Living 4; Recre;ition Association Dorm Representative 1; Life Guard I; Honors Seminar I; Daisy Chain 1; Honor Roll 3. FORD. CFLIA ANN, Asheville B.A. English; Coruddi Business Staff I; Coraddi Business Manager 2,3,4; Junior Assist;mt 3; Carolinian Staff Writer 3. FOY, ELLEN KEATING. Mount Airy B S. Home Economics; Newman Club 1.2.3, 4; President Newman Club 2; North Caro- line Regional Director 3; Service League 1; Pine Needles 1; AHEA 2.3.4; Committee ChairriKin 3; Section Leader 2.3; Judicial Court Summer 3; Hall Board 3; NFA 4. FRALFY. RUTH JANE. Lenoir B-S. Sp;inish; Glee Club 1; El Circ ulo His- panico 4. FREEMAN. GRACIE LEE. Asheboro B.A, Mathematics; Square Circle 1.2; English Club 2; Dorm Committee Chair- man 3. FUTRELL. ROBIN G. Summerfield B.A. Elementary Education; Honor Roll 3; ACF 1,2. GAINES. CAROLE ANNE. Winston-Salem BA, Elementary Education; Elliott Hall Committee 4; sSlFA Dorm Representative 2; SNI A 2,3,4; ACE 4; Dorm Committee 1,2; Marshal 3. GAINEY, MARTHA BYRD. Maxton B.A. Political Science; German Club 1,2; Section Leader 1; History Club 4; Wesley Foundation Council 1.2; Young Democratic Club 1.2.3,4; President YDC 2.3; Secretary of N. C. Federation of College Young Democrats 3. GARNER, CONNIE SUE. Hope Mills B.A, Mathematics; Junior Assistant 3; Dorm Housekeeping Committee 3; Dorm Eleclions Committee 3.4; Square Circle 2,3,4; SNEA 4. GFRAGHTY. PAMELA ANN. Raleigh B.A. Mathematics: Glee Club 4; Newman Club 1.2; Square Circle 3.4; Campus Talent Show 3; Junior Assistant 3; Dorm Com- mittee 2.4; Honors Program 1.3. GHOLSON, GRISELLE COOPER. Henderson B.A. Psychology; Cultural Committee Chair- man, GUTS 4: Canterbury Club 1,2,3,4; YDC 1,2,3,4; English Club 2: Chemistry Club 2; Freshman Cabinet 1: Spanish Club 1,2; Dorm Housekeeping Committee 1,3,4; Elections Board 3,4; Elections Bo,ird Chair- man 4; Junior Show i. ssist;! St,ige Mana- ger) 3; Junior Show Record Ch.urman 3; Parents Weekend Committee 2; Handbook Evaluation Committee 4; Daisy Chain 2; Legislature Proxy 3,4; Advertising Manager " Handbook " 4; Student Curriculum Com- mittee 4; Campus Hostess 4; Hallboard 3,4; Summer School Court; Summer School Dorm Social Chairman. GILBERT. SARAH MARGARET. Durham B.S. Home Economics; AHEA 1.2.3,4; SNFA 4; Daisy Chain 2. GLOVER, LINDA MURRAY Garner B.A. Elementary Education; Freshman Cabinet I; Pine Needles Staff 2,3; Hall Board 3; SNEA 3,4; SNEA Publicity Com- mittee 3, Dorm Representative 4; Dorm Social Committee 4. C.OODE, BARBARA JEANNE. Greensboro B.S. Secretarial Administration; Gamma Alpha 3.4; Town Student ' s Association 3.4; M;irs Hill College 1,2, GRAHAM. CAROLE LEIGH. Salisbury B.S. Home Economics; Service League 1; AHEA 1,2,3,4; Elliott Hall Council 4. GRAVES, SHERRY ANN. Wilmington B.A. Elementary Education; ACEI 4; SNEA 4. GREENE, NANCY DONAVE. Charlotte B.S. Interior Design; YDC I; French Club 1,2; NSID 3,4; Wesley Foundation 1,2,3. 4; Inler-Varsity Fellowship 4; Section Leader 4; AHEA 4. GRIER, NANCY HUDSON. Matthews B.S. Home Economics; Westminster Fellow- ship 2.3,4; Secretary 3; AHEA 1,3,4; ACEI 2,4. GRIER, VIRGINIA MITCHELL. Raleigh B.A. History; Freshman Class Council, President 1; Westminster Fellowship 1.2. 3,4; Vice-President 2, President 3; Com- mittee on Legislation I; H;irriet Eliott Social Science Forum 3,4; University Choir 1,2,3,4; Elliott Hall Special Events Com- mittee 1; President Elliott H,ill 4; Golden Chain 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Slate Stu- dent Legislature 3; SNEA 4. GROSS, JANICE ELAINE. Goldsboro B.S. Sociology; Section Leader I; Dorm Committee 1,2,3; Baptist Student Union 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Honors Program 2,3; Sociology Club 3,4; Alpha Kappa Delta 3,4; GUTS 3; Psi Chi 4. HAI.STED, MARGARET ANN. Rocky River, Ohio BA. English. HAILE, ELIZABETH LYNCH. Greensboro BA. Biology; St. Mary ' s House I; Vestry 2,3.4; University Choir 1,2,3,4; University Chorale 3,4; Medical Technology Club 1,2, 3; Secretary 4; Victor Cutter Research Scholar 2,3,4; Dorm Committee 1.2; Fresh- man Cabinet 1; Summer Session Secretary- tre;isurer 2; Daisy Chain 2; Junior Assistant 3; Section Leader 3; Legislature represen- t.itive 4; Class Commission 4; Class gift comnvittee 4. HAI L, ANN LINDSAY, Draper, Virginia B.S. Physical Education; Tennis Club 1,2, 3,4; Faculty-Student Council Representative 2; Majors ' Voice Editor 3; Pine Needles Sophomore Class Editor 2; Staff 3 Honor Court 4; Westminster Fellowship 1,2,3,4, Council 3,4; R,A. Dorm Representative 2; Basketball Intramur;ils Sporthcad 3.4; Of- ficiating Club 4; Vice-President of Major Class 4. HALSEY, SARA ELIZABFTH. Piney Creek A.B. English; SNEA 3.4; Varsrty Basket- ball Team 3; English Club 2.3,4; Commis- sion Member 3; Dorm Committee 1,2; Dorm Basketball Team 1,2; Dorm Volley- ball Team 2. HAMNER. ANNE BRUCE. Gastonia B.A. Psychology; Freshm;m Cabinet 1; German Club 1,2; Orientation Week Com- mittee 2; Junior Show Chairman 3; Legis- lature 3,4; Court of Social Regulation 3,4; Psi Chi 4; Parents Week-end Committee Chairman 2; Hall Board 2; Daisy Chain 2; Class Publicity Committee 3; Judicial Committee of Legislature 4. HAND, PATRICIA LYLE. Westfield, New Jersey B.A. Biology; Cutter Lab 4; Medical Tech- nology Club 4; Dorm Committees 1.2. HARMON. ALICE ANN. Charlotte B.S. Physical Education; Dolphin Seal 3.4. HARRELL. JUDITH CAROL. Saratoga B.A. History and Social Studies; Dorm Housekeeping Chairman 1; English Club 2; Young Democrats 2; SNEA 2.3.4; Secre- tary 3, President 4; History Cluh 4; As- sistant Senior Commission Member 4; Pine Needles Staff 3,4; Honor Roll 3,4. HARRILL, NANCY LLK. Lalliniore BE. A. Art Education; Choir 2,3; Art Club 3,4; SNEA 4; Spanish Club 3. HARRIS, ANNE CHAPPELL. Candor B.S.H.E. Home Economics Education; AHEA 1,2,3,4; SNEA 4; American Youth Foundation Leadership Camp. HARRIS. FRANCIS SETTLE. Greensboro AA.S. Nursing; SNO 1. Treasurer 2. HARTMAN, MARY JANE. Bethleham, Pa. B.A. Spanish; Class Jacket Committee 2; Junior Commissioner 3; Finance Committee of PRAM 4; Dolphin-Seal Club I. Secre- tary 2. President 3,4; Favors Committee, Junior Ring Dance 3; Sophomore Parents ' Day Skit. HASSELL, BARBARA AMELIA. Raleigh B.S.H.E. Interior Design; AHEA 1,2,4; NSID 3,4, Pariiamentari;in 4, Board Mem- ber 3; YDC 2; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2,3,4. Dorm Representative 2, Publicity Chairman 4; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee 1; Dorm Social Committee 4. HATCHER, FRANCES JOSEPHINE. Kinston B.A. French; SNEA 3; Weatherspoon Gal- lery 4. HAYES, NANCY ELIZABETH. Carthage B.M. Music; Dorm Committee 1; Fresh- man Cabinet 1; University Choir 1,2,3,4; MU Phi Epsilon 2,3,4. HAYWARD, ALISON. Fort Bragg B.A. History; Legislature 1; YDC 2,3,4; Newman Club 3,4; Court of Social Regu- lations 3; History Club 2,3, Vice-President 4; CCUN 4. HEDRICK, MARY MARVIN. Lexington B.A. Elementary Education; Inter-Varsity 1,2; Pre-School Conference 3; Junior Assis- tant 3; GUTS 3; Honor Roll 3; Section Leader 4; Association for Childhood Edu- cation 4; SNEA 3,4. HELMS, NANCY CAROLYN. Charlotte B.A. Biology; RA 1; Daisy Chain 2; Junior Assistant 3; Handbook Evaluation Com- mitte 4; Hallboard 4; Cutter Lab Scholar 3,4. HELSING, ELIZABETH CHAMPLIN. Durham B.E.A. Interior Design; Freshman Cabinet 1; Wesley Foundation 1.2,3, Council 2,3; Class Song Committee 1; Dorm Committee I; Honor Roll 2; Pine Needles Photo- grapher 3; Art Cluh 3; Honors Program 3,4; Weatherspoon Gallery Association 3,4. HEMRIC. LINDA CHERYL. Winston-Salem A.A.S. Nursing; SNO 1.2; Town Students Association 1,2. HENDRICKS, DIANE EVE. Washington. D. C. B.S.H.E. Textiles; Section Leader 1; Sopho- more Commission Member 2; Tennis Club 2.3; UNC Tournament, Middle Atlantic Tennis Tourn;iment, National Inter-Collegi- ate Tourn;iment; Junior Assistant 3. HFKKING, ALICE RAYE. Roseboro B.A I leinentary Education; SNFA 4; Riisiy Link 4. HF WOOD. ANNE BRADLEY. Gastonia H,M, Music Education. HINSHAW, DFANA L. Mount Airy AA.S. Nursing; SNO 1,2. HINSON, CAROL ANNE. Greensboro B.A. Sociology; College Cheerleader 4; Assistant Junior House President 3; Mar- shal 4; Junior Assistant 3; SNEA 3; Junior Show 3; Sociology Club 3,4; Hall Board 4; Freshman Cabinet 1; Dorm Committees 1, 2,3,4; Elliott Hall Social Committee I; Freshman Orientation Committee 4; Rat D;iy Committee 2; Parents ' Week-end Com- mittee 2; Dorm Basketball 1,3; Scrapbook Co-ordinator 4; French Club 1; YDC 1. HINTON, TONI SUE. Middlesex A.A.S. Nursine; SNO 1.2; Intravarsitry Christian Fellowship 1.2; Housekeeping Committee 1.2. HIPP. ANN BIRMINGHAM. Charlotte B.A. Sociology; Dolphin-Seal 1.2,3; Honor Court 3,4; WSFW 2,3,4. HIPP. DONNA DUFF. Raleigh B.A. Politic;il Science. HOKE. JANICE LEF. Asheville B-A. Fnulish; Asheville-Biltmore 1. HOLLOMAN. BETTY ANN. Murfreeesboro B.A. Psychology; Dorm Elections Board Chairman I; Hallboard 3; Section Leader 4. HOLMAN. NANCY GLAZEBROOK. Wilmington B.A. Elementary Education: Honors Pro- gram 1; Reynolds Scholar 1,2; Class Jacket Committee I; Dorm Social Committee 1,2, 3,4, Chairman 1; Hall Board 1,3; Class Commission Member 3; ACE 3,4; SNEA 4; YDC 1; Section Leader 2. HONEY. TONI ELIZABETH. Charlotte B.S.P.F. Physical Education; Dolphin-.Seal; Freshman Commission 1; Co-editor Freshman Newspaper 1; RA Representative 2. Committee Head 4. HOPPER. MARGARET GETTYS. Shelby B.A. Math; Square Circle 1,2,3,4; LeCercle Francais 1,2; SNEA 4; Junior Assistant 3; Honors Program 1.2.3. Senior Statistics HOPKINS, CATHERINE ELLEN. Nashville. Tenn. B.E.A. Art. HORN, DEVEREUX. Glen Ridge, N. J. B.A. Psychology; Spanish Club 1; Canter- bury Club 1,2,3,4; Psi Chi 4; Sociology Club 3,4. HORTON, SANDRA LFE. Greenville, S. C. A.B. Psychology; Spanish Cluh 1; Young Republicans 1,2,3; Junior Assistant 3; Hall Board 4; Elections Board 4; Housekeeping Committee 1,4. HORWITZ, TOBA FDITH. Boston. Mass. B.A. Sociology; Boston University 1.2; Hillel 3: Sociology Club 3, Tre;isurer 4; Hall Board 3; German Club 4. HOWARD, DOTTIE WARREN. Cooleemee B.A. Psychology; Dorm Committee 1.2.3,4; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee 1; Psi Chi 3,4, Secretary-treasurer 4; Dorm CU Representative 4; Section Leader 4; Junior Class Play Committee 3. HOWELL, BARBARA LILLIAN. Greensboro B.A. Biology; Wheaton College 1; Beta Beta Beta Vice-President 3,4; Cutter Under- graduate Research Lab 4; Section Leader 2; Young Republicans 2. HOWELL, JOYCE DEAN. Raleigh B.S.S.A. Business Education; Service League 1; Gamma Alpha 3,4. HUDSON, MARGARET ELLEN. Griffon B.A. Math; University Band 2.3.4; St. Mary ' s House Vestry 1.2.4. President 3; Square Circle 1,2,3,4; Elliott Hall Council 3,4; SNEA 4; Dorm Vespers Chairman 1,2; Dorm Social Committee 4; Glee Club 1; Junior Show 3; Junior Ring Formal Com- mittee Chairman 3; Senior Gift Co-chairman 3; Senior Gift Co-chairman 4; Parents ' Week-end Committee 2. HUFFER. MARY SUSAN. Durham B.A. English; English Club 2,3,4, President 4; SNEA 3,4; Ring Committee 2; Section Leader 3; Junior Assistant 2. Senior Statistics HUGHES, SHARON PATRICIA. New Bern B.A. Mathematics; Newman Club 1,2,3; Square Circle 1,2, Second Vice-President 3, First Vice-President 4; Honors Program 1.2; Dorm Committee 1,3; Dorm Treasurer 4; SNEA 4; Freshman Cabinet I; Junior Assis- tant 3; Honor Roll 3; Shell Merit Scholar 1.2,3,4. HUNTER, JANET ALSPAUGH. Winston-Salem B.A. Sociology; Legislature 2,3,4; Moravian Fellowship 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; Alumni Scholar 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 3; Sociology Club 3,4; Honors Program 1; Alpha Kappa Delta 4. HUNTER, LINDA LOUISE. Columbus, Ga. B.A. English; Dorm Social Committee 2, Chairman 3; Junior Assistant 3; Senior House President 4. HUSSEY, BARRIF ELIZABETH. Taukkunen Americ;m Kaserne, W. Ger. B.S. Institute Management; YDC 1; French Club 1.2; Dorm Representative 2; West- minister Fellowship 1.2,3.4; AHEA 4; Dorm Committee 4. HUTCHINS, CHRISTINE JOSEPHINE. Kingsport, Tenn. B.S.S.A. Secretarial Administration; Dorm Committees 1,4; Junior Show Commilteee 3; Gamma Alpha 3,4. HUTCHINS, MARY JO Wmsion-Salem B.F.A. Art; WSFW 2.3.4. HYMAN RITA ESTHER. Waynesboro, Va. B.A. Elementary Education; RA I; Hillel 2; YDC 1; GUTS 2; SNEA 4. ISGETT, MARTHA CARSON. Rocky Mount B.S. Physical Education; Freshman Cabinet 1; Varsity Basketball 1,2.3,4. Co-captain 3: Dolphin-Seal 1; SGA Treasurer 2; Execu- tive Cabinet 2; Orientation Committee Chairman 2,3; Junior Class Vice-President 3; Inlerclass Council 3; Golden Chain 3.4; Honor Roll; Alumni Scholar 3.4; Honor Court 4; Finance Board 2; Honors Program 1.2.3,4. IVIE, ANNIE ELIZABETH. Leaksville B.S.S.A. Business Education; Salem College 1,2; Gamma Alpha 3.4; Projects Chairman 4; SNEA 4; Recording Secretary of Honor Court 4; Honor Roll 3; Sigma Alpha 3.4. JACK. MARTHA LOUISE. Bismark, N. D. B.S. Physical Education; Tennis Club Presi- dent 2; Square Circle 2,3,4; Westmmster Fellowship; University Band 1.2.3,4; Band Publicity Chairman 4; Dolphin-Seal 1.2: Daisy Chain 2; Intercollegiate Band 2; Intramurals 1.2,3,4. JACKSON, MARY JO. Dayton, Ohio B.A. English; Section Leader I; Dolphin- Seal 1; GUTS 2; English Club 4; French Club 1,2. JEFFREYS, SANDRA LYNN. Elon College B.S.S.A. Business Education; SNEA 1.2, 3,4, Vice-President 3. Projects ChairnKm 4; Westminster Fellowship 2,3,4, Treasurer 3; Gamma Alpha 3.4; Recording Secretary of Social Court 4; Dorm Committees 3; Junior Assistant 3. JENKINS. SU.SAN TILLER. Greensboro B.S.S.A. Secretarial Administration; Germ;m Club 1,2; Legisl;ilure 1; G.imma Alph.i 3.4; TSA 2,3,4. JERMAN, PATRICIA DIANE. Thomasville B.A. in Physics; Freshm;in Cabinet I; Hall Board I; Flections Coriunitlcc 1; Squ.irc Circle 2; NLLB 4 Cr 3.4; fM Jt)HNSON. h. FRANCiNt , I iiur O.iks B.A- m Mathematics; Dorm Committee 1; Squ.ire Circle 2,3.4, President 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Honors Program 1,2.3.4; Rey- nolds Scholar 1.2,3,4; Phi Beta K;ippa 3,4; Section Leader 4; Steering Committee for Graduation Speaker 3; SNEA 4; Phi Beta Kiippii Scholarship 3. JOHNSON. KATHERINE AMELIA. Raleigh B.A. m Sociology; Hall Board 1; Freshman Cabinet 1; Housekeeping Committee 1; Honor Roll 1,3; Study Group Chairman for Baptist Student Union 2; Marshal 3,4, Chief Marshal; Sociology Club 3,4, Secretary 3, President 4; Honors Seminar 3; Alpha K.ippa Delta 3.4; Forums Chairman for BSU 3; Golden Chain 4. JOHNSON. MARIANNE ELIZABETH Ch;irlotte B.A. in Elementary Education; Service Le.igue Representative 1; Intr;imural Sports 1; Dorm Conmtittee 1; University Choir 1; Section Leader 2; Hall Board 3.4; JA 3; Junior Show 3; SNEA 3.4; ACE 4; GUTS Advisory Board 4; Campus Representative Greensboro Human Rehitions Council 4. JOHNSON. MARTHA ROSE. Aiken, S. C. B.A. in Mathematics; Honors Program 1; Freshman Cabinet 1; Parents ' Weekend Committee 2; JA 3; Junior Show 3; Dorm Social Committee 2.3; SNEA 4; Pine Needles Staff 4; Senior Marshal 4; Square Circle; Newman Club 1,2.3.4. Secre- t.iry 2. President 3; Inter-Faith Council 3.4. President 4; Commencement Speaker Com- mittee 3.4. JOHNSON. MARY KAY. Rockingham B.A. in English; Pine Needles Stalf 1; ACE 3. JONES. JUNE CAROLYN. Apex B.A. in History; SNEA 4; History Club 4; JA 3; Rusty Link 3.4. JONFS. MARTHA JANE. Kernersville B.M. in Voice; University Choir 1.2.3,4; University Chorale 2,3,4; Opera Theatre Caribbean USO Tour 2; " My Fair Lady " 2; " Li ' l Abner " 3, Europe;in LISO Tour 3; " Carmen " 1; " Cosi Fan Tiitte " 2; Mu Phi Fpsilim 4; German Club 3; Honor Roll 3. JONFS. SARAH KATHRYN. Fayetteville B.A. in Elementary Education; Freshman Cabinet 1; Chairman Dorm Committee 1; Daisy Chain 2; SNEA 4; Chairman of Dorm Elections Commilteee 4. JOYNFR, MARY FLISSA. Clinton B-S.S.A. in Merchandising; Class Cheer- leader 1.3.4; Commission member 2; Hall Board 1,2; Class Paper 2; Gamma Alpha 3.4; Assistant JHP 3; Junior Show 3; Stu- dent Curriculum Committee 4; Dorm Social Committee 4; Publicity Committee 4; Assis- t.inl Chairman 4; Song Committee. Chair- iiKin 1; Weslminsier FelUiwship 2. RISTICE. MARY CAROLINE Arlington, Va. B.S. in Home Economics Education; Honor C ourt 3; Hall Board 4; Elections Board 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; BSU 1.2.3, Council 2; AHFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4; SNFA 4; Omicron Nu 3,4, Editor 4 -5-4A KANIDF, ISIHl-R SUF. Rockingham B.A. in History; Dorm Committee 1; Band 1; Honor Roll 1.2,3; Honors 2,3.4; Inter- national Studies 3.4; Phi Alpha Theta 3.4, Orticer 4. Delegate to National Convention 4; CCUN 4. KEETON. HOPE MARIE. Laurinburg B A. in French; Honors Seminar 2.3,4; French Club 2,3.4; Spanish Club 2; GUTS KEISLFR, BRENDA LOUISE. Gary B.A. in Elementary Education; Spanish Club 1,2; ACE 4; SNEA 4; Dorm Commit- tee 4; Lutheran Student Association 1,2,3,4. KELLY, NANCY DEAN. Bunn B.S.S.A. in Business Education; Freshman Cabinet 1; Kitchen Committee 1,2; Chair- man 1; YDC 1; J A 3; Gamma Alpha 3,4; SNEA 4. KFMA, JULIA ELIZABETH. Bethesda, Md. B.A. in English; ASEL 3,4; Section Leader 4; English Club 3; Dorm Committee 1,3; J A i. " KING, CLARA DELORES. Roanoke Rapids B.A. in English; Transfer from Louisburg College I; Dorm Committee 2,3,4. Chair- man 4; Le Cercle Francais 2; YRC 2,3.4 Canterbury Club 2.3,4; English Club 3.4 Caroliun 2; Service League 2; SNEA 3 Junior Show 3;lnlermural Basketball 2. KORNOV, PHYLLIS RENA. North Miami Beach. Fla. B.A, in Political Science; Carolian Staff 1,2; YDC; History Club 4; Hillel 1,2.3,4; Dorm Conmrittee 1.2. KUSFNBFRG. CAROL ANN. Greensboro B.A. in Psychology; Elliott Hall Social Committee 2; WSFW 2,3. LAKE, SANDRA EVENS, Greensboro A .AS. in Nursing; Transfer from Louisburg College 1; SNO 2.3; Housekeeping Com- mittee 3; Kitchen Committee 2. LARGFNT, PATRICIA MAF. Morganton A.A.S. in Nursine; SNO 1.2. LAUGHTER. ALICE SUSAN. Greenville B.S.S.A. in Merchandising; AHEA 1.2; Represenl;itive 1; Gamma Alpha 3.4. LAVIN, MOYA JEAN. R;ileigh BA. in Englsh; YDC 1,2; English Club 2,4; Legislature 3.4; Hall Board 3; Dorm Committee 1,2; WSFW 4. LAWHORN. RUTH ELIZABETH. Charlotte B.A. in Sociology; YDC 1; Dorm Social Committee 1; Sociology Club 4; Junior Show 3. LAWING, MARTHA ELIZABETH Charlotte B.A. in Elementary Education; Glee Club 2; ACE 2.4; Dorm Committee 2. LAWRENCE, DIANA HARRISON. Ale. ,indria. Va. B.A. in Drama-Speech; NSA Representative 2; CCUN Representative I; Hall Board I; Masqueraders 2,3,4, Board-Member-at-Large 4. I AYCOCK, LINDA ELLA Cr.inford. N. J. A.A.S, in Nursing; SNO 1,2. LEEMON, SUSAN ANN: Asheville B.S. in Physiccil Education; Freshman Cab- inet 1; Ral Day Comniitlee Chairman 2; Jacket Committee 1; Social Chairman Class 2; Project Committee Chairman Class 3; Legislature 1.3; Dolphin-Seal 1.2; Parenls ' Day Committee 3. LEIGH. MARY COKE. Durham B.A. in Mathematics; Hall Board 2; Section Leader 4; Dorm Committee Chairman 1; Honors Seminar 1; Honor Roll 1.2.3; Square Circle 1,2,3,4; SNEA 3,4; NCFA 3.4. LEWIS, ALICE RAY. Faison B.F.A. in Art Education; Hall Board 3; Junior Show 3; Dorm Committee 1.3; NAEA 4; Art Club 1,2.3.4; Rmg Com- mittee 2. LINDAU. SARA ELIZABETH. Southern Pines B.A. in English; Corraddi Art Stall ' 1. Liter- ary Staff 3; YDC 1.2; Masqueradcrs 2. LITTEN. ROXIE ANN. Maiden B.S. in Home Economics; Transfer 4; AHEA 4; SNEA 4. LIVERMAN. KAY CAMILLE. Plymouth B.A. in Elementary Education; SNEA 2.3.4. Parliamentarian 4; ACE 4; Hall Board 4; Dorm Committee 3.4; Dorm Creal Repre- sentative 2; Newman Club 1. LIVINGSTON. MURIEL BISHOP. Charlotte A.A.S. in Nursing; Section Leader 1; SNO 1.2; Canteburv Club 1.2. LONG. PAULA LYNN. Bessemer City B.A. in Sociology; Sociology Club 3.4; YRC 2; Dorm Committee 1.2; GUTS 4. LOVE. ROWENA ANN. Stanfield B.S.H.E. in Textiles; Freshman Cabinet 1; Honors Program 1.2; Honor Roll 1.2.3; AHEA 2.3; Co-Editor of Neivs from Slone 3.4; Student Program and Policies Com- mittee of the School of Home Economics 2.3.4. Secretary 2. 2nd Vice-President 3. 1st Vice-President 4; Omicron Nu 3.4. Presi- dent 4: Borden Award Winner 4; German Club 3; Stella Anderson Scholar 2.3. MCALLISTER. JOAN STUART. Chapel Hill B.A. in Sociology; Class Song Committee I; Dorm Basket ball and Volleyball teams 1.3; Class Commissioner 3; Louishurg College 2; Assistant House President 4; RA Repre- sentative 3; Sociology Club 3.4. MCCANLFSS. MILDRED SUE. Salisbury B.A. in Mathematics; Dorm Committee 1; SNEA 4; Square Circle 4. MCCARTER. GLORIA JEAN. Gastonia B.A. in Elementary Education; ACE 3,4, President 4; SNEA 4; Section Leader 1; Class Publicity Representative 3; West- minster Fellowship 1; Dorm Conunittee 1; NLLB MCCONNFL. JUDITH WARREN. Asheville B.A. in English; RA Representative 1. Secre- tary 2. Vice President 3. Honor Group 2; Dorm Social Committee 2; Assist. int IRP 3; UNC-G Representative to N.itional ARFCW Convention 2. MCCRACKEN. FRANCES CAROL. Rulherfordton B S. in Home Economics Interior Design Modern Dance Group 1; Ring Committee 2 National Society of Interior Designers 3.4 las Commission Member 4. MCDONALD. JUDY ANN. Jacksonville B.A. in Psychology; Legislature So- cial Concerns Committee 2. proxy 4; Fresh- man Honors 1; German Cluh 1.2; Square i; ircic Cluh 1.2; Chemistry Cluh 2; Vespers 2; (lass Publicity Committee 3; NSA Repre- sentalive 4; Section Leader 4; Alumni Schol.u MCDONALD. SUSAN CAROLINE. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Physical Education; Freshman Cabi- net 1; Legislature Representative 1; Hall Board 2.4; Dorm Social Committee 2; Junior Show 3; Daisy Chain Chairman 2; Assistant JHP 3; Senior Gift Committee 4; Varsity Basketball Team MCDOWELL. HELEN GUETH. Raleigh ti A in Mathematics; Senior Marshal 4; French Club 1.2. Program Chairman 2; Square Circle 3.4; YDC 1.2; Legislature Representative 3. Committee on Districting 3; Section Leader 4; Daisy Chain 2; JA 3; Dorm Committee 1; Class Reporter 4; NCFA 4; Hall Board 3. MCFADDFN. ANN CAROL. Morganton B.S. in Home Economics Education; Dorm Committee I; French Club 1.2; AHEA 1. 2.3. Publicity Chairman 3. MCFARLAND. JUDY ELLEN. Salisbury H.S. in Home Economics Education; Trans- fer from BlufTton College 3; AHEA 3.4; SNEA 4. MCINNIS. NANCY LOUISE. Ellerbe B.A, m English; Service League 2; SNEA 4; Fnclish Club 2.4; Dorm Committee 2. 3.4; JA 3. Senior Statistics MCIVFR. JANE ELLIOTT. Burlington B.S.H.E. in Home Econotnics Education; Transfer 2; AHEA 3,4. MACKAY, JOAN MARIE. Mineola. Long Island, N. Y. B.A. in Political Science; History Cluh 2,3. 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Assistant HP 3; WSFW 2,3,4. MCLEAN, LOIS ANN. Tampa, Fla. B.A. in Spanish; Transfer from University of Hawaii 2; Spanish Club 2.4. Publicity Chairman 4; Honor Roll 2; Year Abroad in Spain 3; SNEA 4; PRAM 4. MCLEOD. SUE GRAHAM. Biscoe B.A. in Speech Correction; University Glee Club 3.4; GUTS 4; SNEA 4. MACON. PATRICIA JEAN. Norlina A.A.S. in Nursing; SNO 1.2. MADDEN. MARGARET PRESTON. New Orleans, La. B.A. in English; Honors Program 1,2; Section Leader 2,3; Housekeeping Commit- tee 1,2, Chairman 2; Westminster Fellow- ship 1,4; University Choir 1; Elliott Hall Social Committee 2,3. MADELEY. CLAUDIA CAROLE. WrightsviUe Beach B.A. in Psychology; UNC-G Theatre Lab- oratory Play 1; English Club 2. MADREN. SANDRA JO. Pelham A.A.S. in Nursing; SNO 1.2. MAHAFFEY. JOYCE ANN. Dohson B.A. in English; Glee Cluh 3; English Clbu 4; Section Leader 4. MARLEY. DIANE H LDAHL Greensboro B.S. in Secretarial Administration; Spanish Cluh 1; Gamma Alpha 3.4. MARTIN. MARY BETH. Charleston. W. Va. B.A. Sociology; Sociology Club 3.4; Dorm Committees 1,3.4, Chairman 1; Section Leader 3; Hall Board 4. MARTIN. VICTORIA. Lafayette. Ind. B.S.H.E. Interior Design; N.S.A. 1.2. Secre- tary 2; C.U. Council 2; National Society of Interior Designers 3,4, Vice-President 3, Program Chairman 4; Omicron Nu 3,4, Vice-President 4; A.H.E.A. 4. MASKE. LINDA LLEWELYN. Rockingham BA English; Pine Needles 1; Dorm Com- mittees f.4; S.N.E.A. 3.4; English Club 3.4; Junior Show Committee 3. MATHESON. GEORGIA MARIE. Asheville B.A. Elementary Education MATHEWS. MARJORIE ELIZABETH. Clifton Forge, Va. B.A. Sociology; Spanish Club 1.2; Sociology Club 3.4. MATTHEWS. ALICE SUSAN. Charlotte B.M. Music Education; University Choir. University Chorale 3; Section Leader 3; Senior House President 4; Student Member of MENC. MATTHEWS, GLENDA FAYE. Sanford B.A. Sociology; Dorm Committee 1; AHEA 1.2; Sociology Club 3.4. MATTHEWS. JEANNE MARIE. Falls Church, Va. B.S.H.E. Interior Design; Chemistry Cluh 1; AHEA; National Society of In- terior Designers 2.3.4; NSID Scholarship 4; Omicron Nu 3.4; Honors Program 3; Baptist Student Union Council 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3. MAY, BETTY FRANKLIN. Franklinton B.S. Secretarial Administration; Freshman Cabinet; Dorm Committees 1.4; Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship 1; Young Democrats Club 1,2,3,4; Gamma Alpha 3,4. Senior Statistics MAYES, BRENDA JEAN. Charlotle B.A. English; Student Legislature 3.4; ' oung Republicans Club 2.3,4. Secretary 3; Caro- linian 1,2,3.4. Review Editor 2. Cop Editor 3; Enelish Club 3.4; Dorm Committee 1.3. .MEDLIN. MAR ' i ' AVELENE. Neuion B.S. Physical Education; Tennis Club 1.2. 3.4, President 3; Dolphin-Seal 1,2,3,4; Var- sity Basketball 1,2,3; R.A. President 4. MEHRING, SUSAN ELLEN. Meb;ine B.S.S.. ' . Business Education; Ereshnian Ori- entation, Junior Assistant 3; Gamma Alpha 3,4, Secretary 4; Section Leader 4; SNEA 4. MEIERE. JANET CAROLYN. Lexington B.A. Sociology MELVIN, ELIZABETH ANNE. Eayetteville B.A. Elementary Education; SNEA 3,4, Publicity Committee 3; ACE 4, Dorm Rep- resentative 4; Pine Needles 3; Dorm Social Committee 3,4, Chairman 4; Dorm Section Leader 3; Spanish Club 3. MEYLAND, SARAH JOCELYN. Greensboro B.A. English; R.A. Representative 3; Outing Club Treasurer 4. MILLER, RITA BRICE. Winston-Salem B.S.S.A. Business Education; Glee Club 1.2; Westminster Fellouship 1.2.3; Gamma Al- pha 3.4. Publicity Chairman 4; Sigma Alpha 3.4; Section Leader 3; Dorm Elections Committee 4; Honor Roll 3. MOOSE, CATHERINE JEAN Syracuse, N. Y. B.A. Psychology; Nev man Club 2.3.4; Outing Club 4. MORGAN, CANDACE NORTH. Kernersville A.A.S. Nursing; SNO 1,4. MORGAN, MARGARET GAIL. High Point B.S.H.E. Interior Design; Glee Club 2; Parents ' Day Program 2; AHEA 3.4; NSID 4; Dorm Social Chairman 3,4. MORGAN. RUTH DODD. Sylva B.S. Home Economics; Transfer Ohio Uni- versity 2; Canterbury Club 2; AHEA 2.3.4; SNEA 3,4; Section Leader 3; Assistant House President 3; Junior Assistant 3. MORTON, MARY ELIAABETH. Albemarle B.A. Speech Correction; University Choir 1,2,3,4; Pixie Playhouse 3. MOULTON, JEAN FRANCES. Durham B.A. Speech; Freshman C;ibinet 1; New- man Club 1,2,3,4; Dorm Committee 1,2.3.4; SNEA 4; French Club 2; Honor Roll 3, MUIR, ANNE LEE. Martinsville, V,i. B.A. English; Dorm Committee 1,2; Dorm Christmas Play 1; Dorm Volleyball Team 1; R.A. Representative 2; Elliott Hall Social Committee 2; Freshman Talent Show 1; YES 4; WUNC-TV 3.4; UNC-G Theatre 2.3.4; SA 2.3.4. MYERS, MARY RUTH. Charlotte B.A. Elementary Education; Pine Needles 1; Marshal 3,4; SNEA 4; ACE 4. MYRICK, PAULA JEAN. Carthage B.A. Elementary Education; Elections Chair- man for Dorm 1; Elections Board 2,3; Uni- versity Choir 1,2,3,4. Vice-President 3; Uni- versity Chor;ile 2.3.4; Committee Ch;tirm;in for Parents ' Day 3; Junior Assistant 3; Mar- shal 3,4; Honor Roll 2.3; SNEA 2; ACE 3.4. Secretary 4; Young Democrats Cluh 1; Freshman Cabinet 1. NAILLING, JOAN CARY. Asheville B.E.E. Sequence-painting; French Club 1; Commissioner 1; Freshman Cabinet 1; Art Club 1,2,3; Coraddi staff 2,3,4; Photo- grapher for Pine Needles and Alumni News 4; Wealherspoon Gallery Member 3; ' oung Republicans Club 3; Junior CKiss Bc:uiiy 3; News Bureau 4. NEAL, SANDRA MARIE. Greensboro B.S. Home Economics Education; AHEA 4; Omicron Nu 4; De;in ' s List 1,2; Christian Science Organization 1,2.3.4, Secretary- Treasurer 1, Reader 2, President 3; Young Republicans Club 1; Square-Circle 2; SNEA 4. NELSON, CAROLYN POLK. Plymouth B.F.A. Art Education; Honor Roll 2,3; Young Democrats Club 1.3; SNEA 3; SNAEA 3.4; Art Club 3,4; Dorm Com- mittees 1,3,4. NELSON, WOODIE KAYE. Greensboro B., ' i. Psychology; Psi Chi 3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Junior Assistant 3. NORMAN, ELIZABETH MOIR. Wmston-Saleni B.S.S.A. Business Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1; Hall Board 1,3; Daisy Chain 2; Junior Assistant 3; Gamma Alpha Treas- urer 3,4; Finance Board 2, Treasurer 3, Chairman 4; SNEA 4; Section Leader 4. NUNN, LINDA KAY. Greensboro B.A. Psvchologv; Town Students Association 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3.4; Psi Chi 3,4; National Institute of Mental Health Under- gr.iduate Fellowship 4; Collegiate Council for the U.N. 4. OEHMAN, CAROL ANN. Winston-Salem B.A. Elementary Education; ACE 1,2,3,4; SNEA 3.4; Junior Assistant 3. OLIVE, GENEVIEVE GAIL. Smilhfield B.S. Secretarial Administration; Freshman Cabinet 1; Dorm Social Committee 1,3; Young Democrats Club 3,4; Gamma Alpha 3,4; Hallboard 3; Senior Commission Mem- ber 4; Daisy Chain 2; Parents ' Weekend Progr;im 2. OWEN, BETTY ANNE. Le.aksville B.A. Spanish; Freshman Basketball 1; Sp;mish Club 1.2,3,4, Publicity Chairman 2, Secretary 3, President 4; PRAM 4; SNEA 4. PAOLI, DONNA JEANNE. Greensboro B.A. History; Dean ' s List 1.2.3; Junior Assis- tant 3; History Club 3.4; Phi Alph;i Theta 3. President 4. PARCELL. CAROL ANN. Greensboro B.S. HE. Home Economics Educ.ition; Pine Needles Business Staff 1; Town Students Association 1.2.3,4; AHEA; Town Students Representative 2; SNEA 4. PARK. JOAN FRANCES. Warrenton, Va. B.S.S.A. Business Education; Freshman Cab- inet 1; Section Le;ider 1; Parents ' Week- end Committee 2; Gamma Alpha 3,4; SNEA 3,4; Class Secretary 3; Honor Roll 3; GUTS 4; Conmiission Coordinator 4; Co-Chairman Gift Coniiiiiltee 4; Social Court Recorder 4; Special Secretary to President of SGA 4. PARKER, FRANCES LEE. New Bern B A French; French Club; German Club 3. PARR. JUDITH FAY. Amherst. V;.. B.A. Sociolocv; Averett College 1.2; So- ciology Club 3.4. PARRISH. CI AIRE BEVERLY. Richmond. Va. B.M. Piano; Mu Phi Epsilon 2.3.4; Uni- versity Choir 1,2,3,4. PATTERSON, TFRIF LYNN. North Ciinlon, Ohio B.A. Elementary Education; Handbook Fv,ilu;ititm Committee 2; Section Leader 4; Hall Board 4; Lccislature Representative 4 Pine Needles Business Staff 3; SNEA 2,3. PECKWORTH, BARBARA LOUISE. Charlotte B.A. Biology; Med Tech Club 1,3,4, Presi- dent 4; Westminster Fellowship 1,2,3,4, Publicitv Chairman 2, Synod Representative 3; North Carolina Synod Stated Clerk 4; Elliott Hall Council 3; Section Leader 2; German Club 1; Marshal 4; Victor Cutter Scholar 3,4; Dorm Committees 1,4. PEEPLES, JAN. Kingsport, Tenn. B.S.S.A. Secretarial Administr:[lion; 0;imma Alph.i 3.4; Junior Show Committee 3; Dorm Committee 1,3,4 PEGRAM, BARBARA. North Wilkesboro A.A.S. Nursing; SNO 1.2; Bulletin Board Committee 1; Housekeeping Committee 2; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 2. PENNINGTON. KAY PHILLIPS. Burlington B. . Elementary Education; Intervarsity 1; Section Leader I; Dorm Committees 1.2.3. 4; ACE 3,4; SNEA 3. PERRY. MARCIA CORILF. Charlotte B.A. English; Freshman Cabinet 1; French Club 1; Junior Assistant 3; English Club 4. PERRY. SANDRA AILEEN. Zebulon B.S.S.A. Merchandising; Junior Show 3; Gamma Alpha 3.4; President 4; Spanish Club 1; Carolinian I; Glee Club 2.3.4; Intramural Volleyball 2, Basketball 1; Fresh- man Cabinet 1; Young Democrats Cluh 1; Elliott Hall Social Committee 1; Golf Club 4; Dorm Social Committee 2; 4-H Club 1. PHILLIPS, ALICE WEST. Sanford B.S, Interior Design; Hall Board 1; Section Leader 1; Editor Class Newspaper 2 Rat D.iv Committee 2; Nation;il Student As- sociation Conference 4; NSID 3.4, Chair- man of the Board 4; Social Court 3,4, Fxecutue Secretary 4; Executive Cabinet 4; Junior Show 3. PIERCE, CAROL ANN. Conwav B A. English; Elliott Hall Social Committee 1,2; Housekeeping Chairman 4; Social Con- cerns Committee 4. PIERCE. DEWALA CAROLE. Marshville B . ' . History; Legislature 2; Section Leader 3; Glee Club 3 Hall Board 4; Faculty Schohirship 4. PINNFLL. BEVERLY JEANNE. Henderson B.A. History; Dorm Committee 1; Honors Program 2.3.4; Honor Roll 1,2.3; Parent ' s Day Show 2; History Club 3.4; Daisy Chain 2; International Studies 3; Pine Needles Class Civeditor 2.3.4; NSA Dorm Representative 3; Phi Alpha Theta 3.4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; GUTS 4. PINNY. JOYCE HUTCHINSON Cireensboro BA. Spanish; TSA 2.3.4; Sp;inish Club 1,2.3,4. POLLARD, GAYLF LOUISE. Burlincton B.S.S.A. Secret.inal; Ganini;i Alpha 3,4; Social Committee in Dorm 4. POOL, MARY KATHERINF. Elizabeth City B.A. Elementary Education; SNEA 4; SACE 4 Rusty Link 4. POOLE, LAURA VIRGINIA. Ch.irlotte B.A. French; SNEA 2.3; Young Republi- cans Club 3,4; Section Le;ider 3; French Club 2.3.4. POOLF. MARGARET LOU. Charlotte B.A. English and French; Section leader 4. POSEY. ZENIA FLORENCE. Bryson City B.A. English; Dorm Committee 3.4. POTEAT. LOIS ZENA. Greenville, S. C. B.A. Bioloev; Beta Beta Beta 3; Young Republicans Cluh 3. POWELL, CLARE SCOTT. Raleigh B.S. Secret;iri;il Administration; Gamma Alpha 3,4. POWERS, LINDA ANN. Greensboro B.A. Elementary Education; Junior As- sistant 3; Preschool Conference 3; Tutor 3; ACE. 2,3.4; Publicity Committee 4; Dorm Social Committee 4; Junior Show 3. PRESNELL. HENRIETTA ANNE. Asheboro B A. Mathematics; Spanish Club I; YD.C. 2.3; Square Circle 1.2,3,4; Secretary-Treasur- er 2; Honors Program 1,2. PRICE. ROSEMARY. Landis A.A.S. Nursinu; S.N.O. 1,2. PRINCE, SUSAN ROBERTSON, Knightdale B.A. Biology; Class President I; Ereshnian Cabinet 1; Honor Court 2,3,4; Golden Chain 3,4; Beta Beta Beta 3,4; President 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Honors Program 1,2, 3,4; Ring Chairman 3; Victor Cutter Scholar 3,4; Reynolds Scholar 1,2,3,4. PRITCHETT, JACQUELINE SUE. Greensboro A.A.S. Nursing, S.N.O. 1,2; Town Students Association 1,2. PROCTOR, ALBERTA JEAN. Saratoga B.A. Elementary Education: Glee Club 1; Dorm Committee 1,2; SNEA 3,4; Dorm Representative 4; ACE 3,4; Dorm Repre- sentative 4. PROCTOR, SUE ELLEN. Concord B.S.S.A. Business Education; Gamma Alpha 3,4; Housekeeping Chairman 1; Housekeep- ing Committee 3. PUTNAM, ELVA ANN. Shelby B.A. Sociology; Interfaith Representative I; Legislature Representative 3,4; Social Chair- man of Intervarsily Christian Fellowship 4; Committee member on By Laws and Constitution Committee 4; Junior Show Committee 3; Classification of Officers Com- mittee 2; Legislature Merit Award 3; So- ciology Club 2,3,4. RAINES, CLAUDIA ANN. Greensboro A.A.S. Nursing; S.N.O. 1,2. RANSOME, ELIZABETH WHITNEY. Riverton, N. J. B.A. Political Science and International Studies; R.A. Representative 1; C.U. Queen finalist 1; Freshmen Cabinet I; Sophomore Class President 2; Interclass Council 2,3; Executive Cabinet 2,4; State Student Legis- lature 2; Freshman Orientation Sub Com- mittee Chairman 2 Junior House President 3; Golden Chain 3,4; President 4; Harriet Elliot Science Forum 3.4; Honors Program 1,2,3,4; Y.D.C. 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. RAY, ANDREA MARIE. Smithfield B.A. Biology; Wesley Foundation Com- mittee 1,2; Chairman 3; Dorm Housekeep- ing Committee 2; Beta Beta Beta 3,4; Section Leader 3; Senior House President 4; SNEA 3,4; Freshmen Honors 1; Sopho- more Scholar 2; Junior Scholar 3: Daisy Chain 2; Junior Assistant 3. REED, BARBARA LYNN. Murfreesboro A.B. Sociology; Sociology Club 3,4. REED, JANE HAYS. Greensboro B.A. Applied Music; Band 2,3,4; Secretary 3; Symphony 4; Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; President 4; Freshman Cabinet 1; NSA 1; French Club I; Honor Roll; Music Edu- cators National Association 4. RENFRO, BARBARA ANN. Ellicott City, Md. B.A. English; Dorm Committee 3, SNEA 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; English Club 3,4. REZAC, LYNN CAROL. Matthews B.S.H.E. Interior Design; AHEA 1,2,3; Dorm Social Committee 1; National Society of Interior Designers 4; Junior Show Com- mittee 3; NLLB 1,2,3,4. RICE, SHELBY JEAN. Holly Ridge B.A. Psychology; Honors Program 1,2,3, 4; Psi Chi 3,4; Math Club 1,2; Ring Com- mittee 3. RIDENOUR, MARGARET WELLFORD. Greensboro B.S HE. Interior Design; House President 4; Junior Assistant 3; Pine Needles 1,2; NSID 3,4; Executive Board 4; Dorm Com- mittee 1,2,3,4. ROACH, CAROL YVONNE. Lenoir B.A. Elementary Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1,2,3,4; Section Leader 2; SNEA 2, 3,4; ACE 4; Publicity Committee 3,4; Elections Board Member 3,4; Commission Member 4. ROBERTS, LOLA CAROLYN. Kittrell B.A. Elementary Education; SNEA 4; ACE 4; Teacher ' s aid 3,4. ROBERTS, PENNIF ANN. Sanford A.A.S. Nursim;; S.N.O. 1,2; Secretary 2. ROBINSON, LINDA JEAN. Wrightsville Beach B.A. Political Science; Dorm Social Com- mittee 1,2,3,4; History Club- 3,4; YDC 4; Student Legislature 4; Glee Club 2; Service League Representative 4. ROGERS, DONNA LOUISE. Winston-Salem B.S. Secretarial Administration; Newm;in Club 1,2,3,4; Gamma Alpha Board Mem- ber 3; Vice-president 4; YDC 1,2,3; English Club 1. ROGERS, NANCY ELAINE. Asheville B.A. Mathematics; Square-Circle 4; SNEA 4; Junior Show Committee 3; Junior Ring Dance Committee 3; 4-H 4; NLLB 1,2,3,4. ROWLAND, LINDA HOLMES. Melane A.A.S. Nursing; Elections Committee I; Westminster Fellowship 1,2; Dorm Repre- sentative 2; S.N.O. 1,2. ROWLAND, SARAH ELIZABETH. Alliance, Ohio B.A. Speech Correction; WSEW 2.3,4; Junior Assistant 3. ROWl KS. JEANNETTE. Dunn B.S.H.E. Interior Design; NSID 3,4; Elliott Hall Council 3; Housekeeping Committee 4; Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee 1, 2,3; Secretary 2; Chairman 3; Faculty Children ' s Christmas Parly Committee Chairman 1,2,3; Chairman of Makeup Com- mittee for Junior Show 3; A.H.E.A. I; Dorm Decorations Committee Chairman 3; Spanish Club 1; Pine Needles Staff 1; Elliott Hall Orientation Welcoming Com- mittee 3. RUSSELL, MARY ANN. Jacksonville B.A. Biology; Dorm Committee 1,2,3,4; Chairman 4; Beta Beta Beta 3,4: Secretary 4: SNEA 3,4: Greensboro Tutorial Service 3,4: Dorm Volleyball 2,3,4: Honors Program SADLER, JOYCE LYNN. Morganton B.S. Secretarial Administration; Dorm Com- mittee 1,2,3; Gamma Alpha 3,4; Social Committee 3. SANDFORD, VICTORIA BONBRIGHT. Greensboro A.B. Sociology; Dorm Committee I; TSA 2,3,4; Legislature Representative 3; So- ciology Club 3,4; Alpha Kappa Delta 4. Senior Statistics SARTIN, RUBY PEARL. Providence B.A. History; Debating Team 1,2; French Club 1; Dorm Social Committee 3; Junior Assistant 3; History Club 3,4; Section Leader 4: SNFA Dorm Representative 4; Classification of Officers Committee 4. SAWYER, DOROTHY BELL. New Bern B.A. Elementary Education; ACE 2; SNEA 4; Junior Show 3; Junior House President 3; Senior Class Treasurer 4; Freshman Cabinet 1 Hallhoard 1,4; B.S.U. 2,33; YDC 1: Daisy Chain 2; Dorm Committees 1,2,3, 4. SCHADEL, ELIZABETH ANN. Fayetteville B.A. Voice; Spanish Club 1; Lutheran Students 1,2,3; University Choir 1,2,3,4: Sociology Club 4; Honors Program 1; Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2; l.a Tra- viafa 3. SCHAR, KATHLEEN ANNE. San Francisco, Calif. B.A. English; Transferred from Shippens- burg State College, Shippensburg, Pa., Dorm Social Committee 3: Carolinian Feature Writer 3; Tutor, Upward Bound 4; NSA Representative 4. SCOTT, MARGARET LEAR. Raleigh B.A. History; Ereshm:in Cabinet 1; Legis- lature 1; Legislature Proxy 3: German Club 1,2; Secretary 2; History Club 3,4; Presi- dent: Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum 3,4; Canterbury Club 2,3.4; Vestry 3,4; Dorm Bulletin Board Chairman 3; Student Curriculum Committee 4. SHAREE, MARJORIE ANN. Arlington, Va. B.Sb. Physical Educations; Daisy Chain 2; Elliott Hall Committees 1,2; Assistant Busi- ness Manager of Fine Needles 4. SHELTON, FRANCES LYNNE. Mt. Airy B.A. Mathematics; Dorm Basketball Team 1: Dorm Committee I; Honor Roll I; Circle 1,2; Honors Program 2; Elliott Hall Representative 3; Dorm Section Leader 4; Junior Assistant 3. SHELTON, MARY ELLEN. Chatham, Va. B.A. Sociology; Sociology Club 4. Senior Statistics SHIPLEY, AGNES GRAY. Vilas B.S.H.E. Clolhing; AHEA 1.2.3,4, Dorm Representative 4; 4-H Club 1.2.3,4; Com- mission Member 3.4; J A 3; NLLB 1,2,3,4. SIMMONS, BETT " C MAE. Durham BE. A. in Advertising; Dorm Committee 1; Coraddi Art Staff 3,4; SNEA 4; Honor Roll 3. SIMPSON, MARTHA HELEN. Kernersville B.A. in English; Section Leader 1; English Club 3.4; Dorm Representative 4. SKINNER, MARJORIE LEIGH. Red Oak B.S.S.A.; Gamma Alpha 3,4; Dorm Com- mittee 4. SKOGLUND. JULIANNA. Asheville B.A. m English. SMITH. BARBARA FRANCES. Raleigh B.A. in Elementary Education; Inter-Varsity Christian Fello ship 2,3, Vice-President 2, President 3; JA 3; Senior Marshal 4; ACE 4; SNEA 4. SMITH. HELEN FRANCES. Greensboro A.A.S. m Nursmg; Transfer from Salem College 1; Town Students Association 1; SNO 1.2. SMITH, LINDA GRACE. Kennett Square. Pa. B.F.A. in Art Fduc.ition; Dorm Committee Chairman 1; UNC-G Dance Group 1; Hall Board 2; SNEA 2.3; SHP 3; Art Club 3; National Art Education Association 3.4; Student Legislature 4; Chairman of Judicial Committee of Legislature 4; Transfer Stu- dent Orientation Assistant 4; Defense Coun- selor 4; Senior Class Commissioner 4. SMITH. LINDA LOCKHART. Oreland. Pa. B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle; Alumni Scholar 1.2,3,4. SMITH. LUCINDA FORD. Gastonia B.A. in Elemenl;iry Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1; Section Leader 1; Marshal 3.4; JA 3; Hall Board 4; ACEI 3.4; SNEA 4. SMITH. MARILYN JANE. Asheville B.A. in Elementary Education; Marshal 4; SNEA 3.4; NCEA 3.4; Junior Ring Com- mittee 2.3; Dorm Social Committee 2.3. Chtairman 4; AHEA 1,2. SMITH PATRICIA LYNDA. Goldsboro B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 1.2.3,4; SNEA 3.4; Junior Ring Dance. Favors Chairman 3; Honor Court 3.4; Golden Chain 4, Secretary 4. SMITH. PRISCILLA JEANNE. Garner .• .A.S. in Nursing; Kitchen Committee 1; SNO 1,2; District SNO 1.2; National SNO 1.2; St;ite SNO 1,2; Service League I; Inter- faith Council 1; Vespers Committee 1; SNO Committee 1.2. SMITH. RACHEL MARGARET. Mayodan B.A. in Sociology; Sociology Club 3.4. SMITH. SUKI ARMSTRONG. Miami. Fla. B.S. in General Home Economics; Spanish Club I; Dolphin Seal Club 1; 1 IcUions Board 1.2.3,4; Chairman 3; Fxcciilivc Cabinet 3; SHP 4; Handbook Evalii.ition Committee 4; AHEA 3. SMITH, SUSAN CAUDLE. Greensboro B.S.S.A. in Business Education; Toun Stu- dents Association 2.3.4, President 4; Elliott Hall Representative 3, Holiday Ball Decora- tions Chairman 3; Hall Board 2.3.4; JA 3; Gamma Alpha 3.4; AHEA 1.2; Inter- Class Council 4; Westminster Fellov ship I; Class Commission Member 2.3. SORKIN. MONA RUTH, Greensboro R.A. in History; Class Commission Mem- ber 2; Sophomore Parents ' Weekenti 2; JA 3; Junior Show 3; Hillel 1.2; Dorm Com- mittees 1,2; SNEA 4; NEA 4. SNYDER. FRANCES MARGARET. Newton B.A. in Spanish; Spanish Club, Vice- President 4; PRAM 3.4. Chairman 3, Presi- dent 4; SNEA 2; YDC 1; Daisy Ch;un 2; JA 3; Honor Roll 3; Junior Show Com- mittee 3; Dorm Committee 2.3; Hall Board 4: Legislature 3. SPARKMAN, JACKIE BATTLE. Greenville B.A. in History; Chief Jester for Rat Day 1; Student Legislature 1.2.3; Service League Representative 2; Class Cheerleader 2; YDC 1.4; Section Leader 3; Junior Show Chair- man 3. SPATES. DOROTHY ANN. Lessburg. Va. B.A. in Biologv; Chor;ile SMW I; Gernuin Club 1; Choir 2.4; Cutter Lab 3.4; Beta Beta Bet.i 3.4. SPRATT. CHOICE TOWNLEY. Charlotte B SS.A in Merchandising; Inter-Class Coun- cil Representative 1.3; Vice President Class 2; Co-Chairman Decorations for Fresh- man D;iuce 1; Junior Show 3; Commission 4; Section Leader 3; Gamma Alpha 2.3. 4; Dorm Social Committee 4. SPRUILL. MELANIE ANNE. Henderson B.A. in Sociology and International Studies; State Student Legislature 3.4. Chairman 4; GUTS 2; DC 1.2.3; Sociology Club 3,4; Phi Beta Kappa 3,4; Alpha Kappa Delta 3.4; Phi Alpha Theta 3.4; UNC-G Legis- lature 3.4; Service League 3; JA 3; Honors Piogram 1.2; International Studies Program 2.3.4; Dorm Committee 1; Honor Roll SOMERS. DOROTHY MARIE. Burlington B.A. in Elementary Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1.2.4; Section Leader 4; SNEA 3; ACE 3.4. Treasurer 4. SOUTHWORTH. NANCY MARIE Charlotte B.A m Biolocv; SNEA 4. STANFIELD. JEANNE JOHNSON. Greensboro B.A. in Biology; TSA; Medical Tech- nology Club 1; Chemistry Club 2. STANLEY. BEVERL " ' VIRGINIA, Winston-Salem B.A. in History; Freshman Cabinet 1; Stu- dent Legislature 3.4; NFA 4; JA 3; Social Concerns Committee 4; History Club 3.4. STANLEY. MARY LYNN. Cycle Liberal Arts 1; SNO 2,3; District SNO 2. ' . STARNFS. SARAH FRANCES. Shelby B.A. in Mathematics; Square Circle 2.4; German Club 1.2; Dorm Committee 4; Medical Technology Club I; BSU 1.2.4, STEGAI.L, MARILYN DIANE Marshville B.S. in Home Economics Education; Win- giile College 1.2; AHEA 3.4; Dorm Social rommiitee 4; Housekeeping Comniillec 4; Commission Member 4 STELL. JEAN STEPHENSON. Greensboro B.A. in Elementary EducLition; Modern Dance Group 1.2.3,4; Town Students As- sociation 2.3.4; Hall Board 2; Social Chair- man for TSA 3; Student National Edu- cation Association 2.3.4; Dorm Committee 1; Elliot Hall Fine Arts Committee 2. STEWART, ELIZABETH FEIMSTER. Newton B.A. in Speech and Hearing Correction Special Education; Dorm Social Committee 1.3; English Club 2; SNEA 2.3.4. Com- mittee 3.4; Service League Representative 3; Pine Needles Staff 3.4. Co-Editor Senior Class 4; Honor Roll 3,4; N.C. Senior Year Tr;iineeship in Speech Correction 4; Uni- versity Speech and Hearing Association President 4. STINER. CAROLE A Decatur. Ga. B.A. in Elementary Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1.3.4; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee 1; Town Student Association 2; Pine Needles 2; SNEA 3.4; ACE 4; Senior Class Elections Chairman 4; Social Court 4; Golden Chain 4; Hall Board 3; Junior Show 3. STIREWALT, EMMETTA. Old Fort B.A. in Elementary Education; ACEI 3,4; SNEA 3; Dorm Elections Committee 2.3. 4. STOKES. CORINNA GANT. Kinston B,A- in Elementary Education; Transfer from Stratford College 3; Elliott Hall Repre- sentative 3. Co-Chairman of Elliott Hall Ball 3; Canterbury Club 3; SNEA 4; ACE 4. STRAYHORN. PATSY DODSON. Greensboro A.A.S. in Nursing; SNO 1.2; Wesley Foun- dation 1. STUART. JULIE FELLOWS. Charleston. W. Va. B.A. in English; Carolinian 2.3.4. Reporter 2; Feature Editor 3. NLin.igmg Editor 4; Marshal 3,4; JA 3; Parents ' Day Program 2; Freshman Talent Show 1, SURBER. BETH ANN. Ch;irleston. W. Va. B. . in Mathematics; Dolphin Seal 1.2.3; JA 3; Junior Marshal 3; WSFW 2.3; Legis- lature 2.3; Square Circle 3. SWANN. JUDITH, Raleigh BSS.A, in Merchandising; Co-Chairman Freshman Decor;ition Committee 1; Gamma Alpha 2.3.4; JA 3; Junior Show 3; Junior CUiss Conmiission Member 3; Court of Social Regulations 3.4; Assistant SHP 4, SWEET. LOIS ELAINE Huntington. W. Va. BSSA, in Secretarial Administration; Cen- ter;iry College for Women 2: Tr;insfer from Marshall liniversity 3; Section leader 3. 4; Gamm.i Alpha 4. SWICEGOOD, BARBARA JEAN. Salisbury . BA in Hislory. Dorm rommittee 1.3; Carolinian Staff 1; BSU 1.2,3.4, Council 2.3,4. President 4; Inter-Faith Council 4; History Cluh 3.4. SWINK.. PATRICIA ANNE. Hickory BA. in Sociology; Sociology Club 3.4; JA 3; YRC 3; Dorm Housekeeping Chairman ' . SWISS. ANDREA JANE. Murrysville. Pa. B.A. in French; Dorm Committee 1,4; French Club 1.2.3,4; Junior Cl.iss Play Committee 3; Legislature 3. SZENASY, WANDA HOLLOWAY. Greensboro Freshman Honors Program; Alumni Scholar 1,2,3,4; Dorm Committee Chairman 1,3; Elliott Hall Fine Arts Committee 2; SNEA 3,4; Town Students Association 4; Honor Roll 3,4. TALLEY, MAUDE JOURDAN. Goldston B.A. in Elementary Education; ACEI 2,3, 4 Publications Chairman 4; JA 3; Section Leader 3; Hall Board 4; Dorm Committee 1,2; NEA 4. TAYLOR, BARBARA ANN Dasadena, Md. B.F.A. in Advertising; Art Club 1,2; Daisy Chain 2. TAYLOR, DORIS. Robhins A.A.S. in Nursing; SNO 1,2; YRC 1.2. TAYLOR. JANE WILLIAMS. Wilkesboro B.A. in Mathematics; Freshman Cabinet I; Inter-faith Council Treasurer 2; Daisy Chain 2, Commission Member 3; JA 3; Ring Committee 3; Co-Chairman Junior Ring Dance 3; YDC 3; Square Circle 2,3,4; Golden Chain 4; SHP 4; SNEA 4; West- Minister Fellowship 1,2,3,4; Honors Pro- gram 1,2,3; Reynolds Scholar 1,2,3,4. THOMAS, CAROLYN DELORES. Indian Trail B.A. in History; Dorm Committee 3,4; Legislature 3,4. THOMAS, JOYCE YOUNG. Raleigh B.A. Mathematics; Honors 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Elliott Hall Social Committee I; Daisy Chain 2; French Cluh 2; Junior Assistant 3; NSA Representative 3; Dorm Treasurer 4; Square-Circle Club 3,4. THOMAS, LINDA LOU. Asheboro B.S.H.E. Education; AHEA 3,4; Dorm Rep- resentative 4. THOMAS, SUSAN LARUE. Dunbar, W. Va. B A. Speech Correction; Sophomore Pa- rents ' Weekend 2; Junior Ring Dance Com- mitte 3; ACE 3; SNEA 4; University Speech and Hearinc Association 4. THOMASON, RUTH ANN. Salisbury B.A. English; Transferred from Catawba College; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2.3,4; SNEA 4. THOMPSON, CHARLOTTE RUTH. Selma BSHE Clothing; AHEA 2,3; Dorm Com- mittee 4. THOMPSON, DIANNE CREECH. Smithfield B.A. Elementary Education; CREAL 1,2; Dorm Committees 1,3,4; ACEI I; SNEA 4; Glee Club 3. THOMPSON, ELIZABETH ANN. Gastonia B.A. Elementary Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1,3,4: Junior Show Committee 3; ACEI 4; SNEA 4. THORNE, SHARYN WARNER. Enfield A.A.S, Nursing; State, District, National SNO 1,2; Freshman Class Co-ordinator I; District IV Student Nurse of the Y ' ear Rep- resentative 1; Young Democrats Cluh I. THORNTON, EILEEN STERLING. Goldsboro B.A. Elementary Education; Dorm Com- mittee 1; Newman Club 1,2,3; Section Lead- er 4; SNEA 4; ACE 4. TODD, BRENDA PEARL. Yadklnville B.S.H.E. Foods and Nutrition; AHEA 1,2,3, 4, Dorm Representative 1,3; Omicron Nu 3,4, Treasurer 4; Section Leader 3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Legislative 1; Junior Assis- tant 3. TODD, MARY FRANCES. Winston-Salem B.A. Economics and Business Administra- tion; Political Economy Club 4; Finance Bo;ird 3,4, Secretary 4; Daisy Chain 2; Junior 3; Dorm Committee 1.3. TODD, SANDRA WILLEFN. Yadkinville K I- A Interior Design; Dorm Committee I; Noung Republicans Club 1.2,3.4. Publicity Committee 2. Chairman 3.4; Ring Dance Publicity Chairman 3; UNC-G Dance Com- pany 2,3.4. Treasurer 3, President 4; R.A. ( .ihinel Member 4. IKIMITIFRE. DIANE LESLIE. Allendale, N. J. BA. French; French Club 2,3; Wesley Foundation 1,2, Publicity Chairman 2; Dorm Social Committee 4. Chairman 3; Senior Marshal 4; Class Banner 2; C;impus Talent Show 3. TRIVFTTE. FRANCES ANNE. Albemarle B.A. Mathematics; Square-Circle 3.4; Uni- versity Choir 1.2,4; French Club I; Sopho- more Scholar; Honor Roll 2,3.4; SNEA 4. TRIVFTTE, TOMYE JOYCE. West Jefferson B.A. Mathematics; Square-Circle 3.4; Pine Needles 3.4; SNEA 4. TUCKER. EDITH JUANITA. Granite Falls B.A. Psychology; UNC-G Debating Union I, 2.3; Dorm Kitchen Chairman 3; Junior As- sistant 3. TUDOR, GLENDA JOYCE. Madison B.A. Sociolocy; Inter-varsity Christian Fel- lowship l.2,.3 ' ,4; Social Chairman 2, Secre- tary 3, President 4; Inter-Faith Representa- tive 3, Inter-Faith Council 4; History Club 1,2 Sociolocv Club 3,4; Alpha Kappa Delta 4; Honor Roll 3,4; Marshal 3,4; Parents- Weekend 2; Dorm Decorating Committee 2; Junior Assistant 3. Senior Statistics TURNER, BEATRICE TOMLINSON. Wilson B.S. Home Economics; Dorm Social Com- mittee 1.2,3.4; Section Leader I; French Club 1,2; Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Assistant 3; Sophomore Class Treas- urer; Scrap Book Chairman 2,3; Hall Board 4; Senior Class Beauty. TURNER. SONJA LEE. Gaffney. S. C. B.S.S.A. Business Education. Gardner-Webb College 1.2; Gamma Alpha 3.4; Spollighl Co-editor 4. SpolliKht Committee 3; Sigma Alpha 3,4; SNEA 4. TURNER, SANDRA SUE. Elizabeth City B.A. Social Studies; Dorm Committee 1; History Club 3; ACEI 4; SNEA 4. UNTZ, ANDREA FAY. Gastonia B.A, Elementary Education; Junior Show Committee 3; Dorm Committee 1,3,4; ACEI 4; SNEA 4. UPRIGHT, MARY LEVON. Salisbury B SSA. Secretarial Administration; Baptist Student Union 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Gamma Alpha 3,4; SNEA 4; Honor Roll 3,4; Junior Assistant 3. VALENTINE, SYLVIA LEE. W;tynesville B.S.H.E. Home Economics; Mars Hill Col- lege 2; AHEA 3,4; University Choir 3,4; Service League 4; Young Democrats Club 4; NEA 3,4. VANDENBURG, CLARISSA ROLAINE. Hickory B.A. Elementary Education; French Club I; Section Leader I; Dorm Committee 1,4; Junior Class Play Committee 3; NEA 4; ACE 4. VAN HORNE, JANICE LOUISE. Vale BA. Chemistry; Section Leader 3,4; LSA 1,2,3,4; SNEA 4; Chemistry Club 2,3; Inter- faith Council 2; IVCF 4. Senior Statistics VAUGHN. BARBARA JEAN. Ne%vIon B.A. Elementary Education; Newman Club 1; Dorm Committee Chairman 2; Section Leader 2. ACEI 2. VAUGHN. JUDI AYLEEN. Stoneville B.S. Home Economics Education; AHEA 1. 2,4; Section Leader 1.3; Assistant House President 2; Pine Needles Staff 3.4; Presi- dent Moravian Fellowship 4; Elliott Hall Representative 4; Inter-faith Council 3.4. VINCENT. ALICE GRAY. Charleston, S. C. B.A. English; Ereshman Cabmet 1; Service League 1; English Club 2.3.4; Junior House President 3; Honor Court 4; Golden Chain 4. WAGNER. PHYLLIS ANN. Charlotte B.A. History; NSA Represent.itive 1; Dorm Elections Chairman 3. WAGONER. JENNY SUSAN. Greensboro B.A. History; Carolinian Eeature Editor 2, Advertising Manager 2.3.4. Col- umnist 4; Spanish Club 1.2.3. Publicity Chairman 3; TSA Legishiture Represent;i- tive 1.2. WAKEFIELD, MARSHA ANN. Greensboro B.S.S.A. Business Education; Town Stu- dents Association 1.2.3,4; Newman Club 1. 2.3.4; Gamma Alpha 3.4. WALKER. ELIZABETH MORROW. Charlotte B.A. Biology; Hallhoard 1.2; Section Lead- er 2; Assistant House President 3; House President 4; Med Tech Club 3,4; Cutter Undergraduate Research Laboratory 3,4; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee 1; Research Gr:int North Carolina Academy of Science 4; Junior Assistant 3. WASSERMAN, ANITA CHERYL. Silver City A.A.S. Nursing; SNO 1,2, WATERS, ALICE MARIAN. Falls Church. Va. B.A. Elementary Education; Averett Col- lege 1.2; Hallboard 3; Dorm Committee 4. WATERS. MARY MARGARET. Goldsboro B.FA.. Interior Design. WATSON. DIANA EUGENE. Durham B.A. Home Economics Education; Chair- man AHEA Honors Banquet 2; Member- ship Chairman AHEA 3; Junior Assistant 3; Vice-chairman AHEA 4. WATTS. DIANE LOUISE. Roanoke. Va. B.F.A. Art Education, Averett College 1, 2; University Choir 3; NAEA 4; Art Club 4; Dorm Social Committee 4. WATTS, MARILYN ANNETTE, Salsbury B, S, Textiles; Dornt Committees I. 2; Section leader 3; House President 4; Chairman of Senior House President 4; Honor Roll 1,3; AHEA 3,4; BSU 2; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee I, Social Committee 2; UCCF I. WATTS. REBECCA SUE. Mount Airy B.A. English; Social Committee 2.3; Kitchen Chairman 3; English Club Represent.itive 4. WEATHERS, GWENDOLEN GRIER. Columbus. Ga. B.A. Psychology; Spanish Club 2,3; Young Democrats Club 2,3,4; Honor Roll 3; Elliott Hall Social Committee l;Sociology Club 4. WEAVER, MONETTE ANNE, Greensboro B. A. English; Elliott Hall Council I. 2, Social Chairman 2; State Studen t Legis- laturel 1.2.3. Recording Secretary 3, Legis- lature 2. Parliamentarian 4; Chairman Social Concerns Committee 4; Secretary Of SGA 3; Carolinian 4. WELLS. VIRGINIA ANN. Edenton B.A. English; SNEA 3,4; English Club 3,4, WHARTON, KATHLEEN BRYAN. Greensboro B.M. Violin; Greensboro Symphony 2.3.4; University Sinfonia 2.3.4; Honor Roll 2.3. 4; Mu Phi Epsilon 3.4. WHETSTINE. NANCY LYNN. Morganton B.A. French; French Club; Soci- ology Club 4. WHITE. BRENDA SHERRILI . Kinston B.A. Political Science; CCUN Delegate to Model United Nations 1; CCUN 4; New- man Club; Newman Club Vice- President 2; Dorm Committee Chairman I; French Circle 1; GUTS 4. WHITE. GARY HELEN. Atlanta. Ga. BA. Elementary Education; ACE; SNEA 3,4, WHITE, KATHRYN LOWELL. Birmingham. Ala. B.A. Elementary Education; Transferred from Auburn University 2; Section Leader 3; Elliott Hall Council 3; ACE 3.4; Stu- dent legislature 3.4. WHITE. MARY ELIZABETH Fayetteville B.A. English; Westminster Fellowship 1; Dorm Committees 1.2; Caduceus Club 1; YDC 2; Hall Board 4; Medical Technology Club 2; RA Dorm Representative 2; In- tramur;il Basketball 1.2; Intramural Volley- ball 1. 2; English Club 4; SNEA 4; Elliott Hall Committee I. WHITLEY, DONNA TUCKER. Greenville BA. History; Golden Chain 4; Outstanding Senior 4; Chairman of Faculty Student Reviewing Committee 4; Director of UNC-G Greensboro United Tutorial Ser- vice 4; Assistant House President 3; Chair- man of Parents Day 2. WICKER, SARAH ABBY. Sanford B.S. Physical Education; RA representative I; Hockey Team 2.3,4; Section Leader 4; Chairman of RA 4; President of Major Class 4; Senior Forum 4; AAHPFR 1,2,3, 4; NCAHPFR 1,2,3,4. WIC KHOI M. BARBARA GRACE North I ' l.iinfield. N.J. B A I nc ' lish; English Club 4; Newman Club 3.4. SGA Representative 3; Curls Hockey Team 3. WIFSNFR. SALLY JO. Jamestown. N.Y. B.A. English; Art Club I; Junior Assistant 3; Coraddi Business Sl.ilT 3; YRC 3; English Club 4. WILLIAMS, JULIA HARRIETT. Wallace B.A. Elementary Education; Dorm Com- mittees; SNEA 3.4; ACE 4; Glee Club 1.3.4; Junior Show 3; Daisy Chain 2. WILLIAMS. ROYCE ANN. Raleigh B.A. English; Dorm Social Committee 1.2; Elliott Hall Social Committee I; Junior Class Publicity Committee 3; English Cluh 4; Section Leader 3; Senior Class Invitation Chairman 4. WINGATE. SANDRA CAUDLE. Elkin BA. Speech Correction; Elliott Hall Council 1; Flections Board 1; Sophomore Com- missioner 2; Tov n Students Association 3.4; Dorm Committee 1.2; University Speech ,ind Hearing Association 4. WINSTEAD. LINDA DIANNF. Wilson B.A. Spanish; Newman Club 1,2.3.4; Spanish Club Treasurer 4; SNEA 3.4; Junior Show Committee 3; Dorm Committees 1.4. WOLFE. MALINDA KAY. Landis B.S.S.A. Distributive Education Dorm Com- mittee I; Gamm;i Alpha 3.4; Social Com- mittee 3; SNEA 4. WOLFE. LINDA LOUISE. Miami, Fla. .• .A.S. Nursing; S.N.O. I; Vestry Mem- ber of Canterbury Club 1,2. WOOD. CAROLYN ANN. Leaksville B.A. Spanish; Dorm Committee 1; Fresh- man Cabinet 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Sec- retary 4; Pram 4; Secretary 4; Junior Assistant 3. WORKMAN, DOLANA JEAN. Thomasville A.A.S, Nursing; S.N.O. 1,2. WRIGHT. GAIL CATHERINE. Winslon-Salem B.A. Political Science and International Studies; Carolinian staff 1; Managing Editor 2; Editor-in-Chief 4; East-West Center Grantee 3; State Student Legislature 4; Freshman Cabinet 1; Canterbury Club 1,2; NSA Council 2. WRIGHT, JANE ELAINE. Burlington B.S. Merchandising; Hall board 4; Chair- man Social Committee 4; Gamma Alpha 2, 3.4; Junior Show 3; Junior Assistant 3; YDC 1 WRIGHT, JUDITH ELLEN. Charlotte B.A. Political Science; SNEA 1.2,4; Junior Marshal 3; Senior Marshal 4; Hall Board 4; YDC 4. ' I ' ATES. NANCY LEE. Greensboro B.S. Secretarial Administration; Dolphin Se;il; Vice-President 4; Gamma Alpha 3.4; Varsity Basketball 2; Daisy Chain 2. YFLVERTON. VIRGINIA SUE. Greensboro B.A. English; Freshman Cabinet 1; English Club 4; ' Dorm Committees ODER. BARBARA ANN Boone B.A- Physical Education; Section Leader I; Blazer Committee 1; Rat-Day Committee 2; Parents Weekend Committee 2; Ring- Committee 3; Sister Class Chairman 3; Sociology Club 3.4; Chairman Inter-Class Council ' 4; Class Vice-President 4; RA Dorm Representative 4; Westminster Fel- lowship 1,2,3.4. YOUNG, JEANNE GREENLEAF. Greensboro A.B. English; Freshman Cabinet 1; Hall- board 1; Social Court 2; Honors 2; Hand- book Evaluation Committee Chairman 2. Greensboro Symphony 1; Junior House President 3; Golden Chain 3.4; Judicial Chairman 4; English Cluh 2.3.4; Secretary 3; CCUN 3. lOUNT. CAROLE AVERY. Durham B.. , Biology; Chemistry Club 1.2; Medical Technology Club; Treasurer 4; Social Climmittee Elliott Hall 2; Dorm Committee 1.3.4; Gift Committee 4. FZFFELLIS. YVONNE. Wilmington B.S.S.A. Business Education; G.unma Alpha 3.4; Dorm Section Leader 4 Abboll, Carolyn 221 Abbott, Harriett Cheek 158 Abell, Helen Elizabeth 158 Abernethy, Ava 202 Aberncthy. Pamela J. 221 Abernethy, Sandra L. 239 Adams, Betsy Anne 239 Adams, Clarita Ann 158 Adams, Helen L. 202 Adams, Judith Lane 239 Adams, Kathryn Diane 239 Adams, Myra Frances 202 Adcock, Brcnda Dean 221 Adeimy, Sara C. 239 Aiken, Kylie Sue 158 Aiken, Margaret 239 Ainsley, Margaret 221 Albright, Kay 158 Albright, Pamela 158 Albright, Patricia 202 Alden, Kathryn 239 Aldridge, Shirley 158 Alexander, Angela 239 Alexander. Claudctte 77, 221 Alexander, Elizabeth 239 Alexander, Judy Nell 221 Alexander, Mary 158 Alexander, Rebecca 221 Alexander, Robin 146, 202 Alexander, Rosemary 202 Alexander, Sara 260 Alexander, Tom 85. 239 Alton, Susan 202 Allegrone, Olivia 239 Allen, Barbara 202 Allen. Frances 202 Allen. Louise 239 Allen. Mary 22! Allen, Sarah Louise 158 Allgood, Betty 202 Allgood, Patricia 239 Allison. Kay 221 Allison. Pamela 221 Allmon. Kay Ann 239 Allmond. Margaret 202 Allred. Mary Sue 239 Allied, Jane 221 Allred. Lynda Allred. Martha 221 Allred. Patsy 202 Allred. Rebecca 221 Alsop. Alice 239 Alston. Elizabeth 202 Alston. Patricia 260 Airman. Margaret 202 Amend. Elizabeth 221 Amey. Dorothy 159 Amundsen. Carol 239 Anderson. Cynthia 221 Anderson. Harriette 239 Anderson. Judy 159 Anderson. Lee A. 202 Anderson. Mary 239 Anderson. Rebecca 159 Andrew. Neill 49. 50. 159 Andrews. Angela 221 Andrews. Claudia 139. 159 Andrews, Judith 159 Andrews, Mary E. 202 Andrews, Sara 221 Anglin, Gloria J. 220, 221 Annas, Carolyn 221 Annas, Patricia 221 Anthony, Donna 221 Apergis, Steven 202 Apple, Anita M. 221 Arey, Sylvia 202 Argir I 221 Armstrong, Loretta 202 Arrowood, Peggy 221 Arrowwood. Talitha 221 Arthur. Janet 85. 239 Ashe, Karen 239 Ashe, Terry Barr 66 Ashecraft, Nancy 221 Ashmore, Jerrie G 239 Aspden, Carol 159 Aspden, Kathryn 202 Assakul. Pantipa 239 Asten. Katherinc 239 Atkins, Cynthia 2o2 Student Index Atkii Atkil Alkii me 221 Brcnda 159 on, Ja 239 Atkinson, Linda 221 Atkinson, William Jr. 221 Alwood, Harolene Gail 159 Atwood, Judith 239 Aunitin, Sandra G. 239 Austin, Charles Jr. 239 Austin, Debra 239 Austin, Edna 221 Austin, Tina 2112 Auton. Ladonna 239 Autry, Mary 202 Autry, Nancy 239 Avery. Ann 80, 221 Avery, Kate 238, 239 Avery, Linda 239 Aycock, Betty L. 159 Aycock, Frances 239 Aydlelt. Judith 159 Aycrs. Andrea Jane 159 Ayers. Carol A. 2112 Ayscue. Sandra 159 Babcock. Beverly Bacon. M. Ellen 159 Baggett. Shirley 221 Bagatelle. Noel Ann 239 Bagby, Anne M, 221 Baggelt, Susan 2,39 Bahen, Cora C. 256 Bailey. Carolyn 202 Bailey. Linda 239. 59 Bailey. Mary R. 239 Bailey. Patricia Ruth 159 Bailey. Susan 250 Bailey, Virginia 159 Baird, Vicky 159 Baker, Anna F. 202 Baker. Barbara 260 Baker. Candace 239 Baker. Carolyn 239 Baker, Joan 202 Baker, Susan J. 221 Baker, Willie 221 Baldwin, Helen 202 Baldwin, Joyce Anne 159 Bales. Susan 239 Ball. June Carol 239 Ball, Wanda 239 Ballance, Mary 202 Ballard, Myrtle 239 Ballew, Suzanne 239 Ballinger, Susan 239 Banks. Margaret 221 Banks. Susan Joy 239 Barber. Margaret 221 Barchauski. Marilyn 203. 135 Barden. Mary A. 159 Bardin. Catherine 159. 60. 82 Bare. Lois Ann 2.39 Barham. Charlene 203 Barker, Joan P. 239 Barker. Martha J. 239 Barkley. Mary Lee 203 Barlow. Linda 239 Barnard. Sheila Fay 239. 85 Barnes. Alice Odell 203 Barnes. Betty J. 160 Barnes. Diana Stevens 160 Barnes. Doris Young 203 Barnes, Georgia Lynn 203 Barnes, Joanne E. 156, 160 Barnes, Sandra Kay 141, 160 Barnetl, Judy Kay 203 Barnett, Judy Lynn 160 Ba , Juli; 239 Barr, Robbie Adair 221 Barrett, Leigh S. 221 Barrett, Rita Kay 203 Barringer, Lillian A. 203 Barrow, Elizabeth Ann 160 Barrows, Wendy 239 Barton, Mary E. 221 Barton, Myra Jane 203 Barwick, Joyce Lee 160 Bashaw. Elaine Susan 85. 2.39 Bass. Emily Douglas 203 B,iss. Patricia Ann 2.39 Bassinger. Joyce E. 260 Batchelor. Emma C. 85. 239 Batten. Catherine 257 Batts. Alice Faye 260 Batts. Cynthia K. 221 Batts. Dianna L. 239 Baucom. Sylvia Diane 239 Bauersfeld. Jane S. 203 Baugh. Nancy Thomas 240. 85 Baumgardner. Anita T. 221 Baxter. Ehzabcth A. 221 Baxter. Laura L. 240 Baynes. Gaynelle H. 203 Beach. Karen Rene 240 Beacham. Susan E. 260 Bcal. Phyllis Hope 160 Beamer. Elizabeth Ann 203 Beane. Sharon Kay 221 Bealty. Bienda Gail 160 Beatty. Sylvia Ann 240 Beauchamp. Michael W. 203 Beaver. Eleanor J. 227 Beck. Beverly Joan 203 Beck. Carleda B. 222 Beck. Karen E. 160 Beck. Patricia 221 Beck. Sylvia 203 Becker, Janice 221 Beeson, Linda K. 240 Bclding, Barbara 222 Bell. Edwina Ann 160. 83 Bellamy. Doris 240 Benbow. Elizabeth 222. 135 Benbow. Marcia 222 Bcndheim. Judy Ann 160 Bennett, Frances 222 No 1 2411 etty 22 Bei I 222 Benton. Brenda 161 Benton. Martha Ellen 240 Berkman. Deborah 240. 85 Bernanke. Sara 240 Bernau. Eleanor 240 Bernstein. Susan 203 Berry. Elizabeth 240 Berry. Theresa 260 Beshears. Dorothy 240 Bcthune. Sylvia 240 Beverly. Virginia 161 Bey. Barbara 257 Beyer. Gail 240 Biesecker. Barbara 256. 257. 49. Biggerstac. Beverly 240 Biggs. Sandra Lynn 222 Billings. Barbara 161 Billings. Sheila 240 Binford, Bonnie 203 Bingham. Priscilla 222 Birch, Leslie Ann 240 ' Bisbee, Donna J. 222 Bishop, Judith Ann 203 Bishop, Martha 240 Black, Evelyn 203 Black, Patricia 222 Blackburn, Cheryl 203 Blackmon, Constance 240 Blackwell, Elizabeth 240, 85 Blackwell, Sylvia Ann 161 Blalock, Barbara 161 Blalock. Lucille 203 Blanchard, Mary 240 Bland, Gay Vail 203 Bland. Mary Ellen 222 Blank. Sara 240. 85 Blankenship. Mary Ann 161 Blankner. Susan S. 161 Blanton, Linda 161, 141 Blanton, Lorelei 240 Bledsoe. Linda B 161 Bledsoe. Toni L 240 Blinson. Joyce 240 Blocker. Sally 203. 198 Blomberg. Dale 203 Blumenreich. Susan 222 Blythe. Betty 240 Boa: 161 203 Bobbitt. Boepple, Lisa 161 Boettner, Lynette 240 Bohannan, Rebecca 203 Bohrer. Marilyn 240 Boing. Donna 222 Bole. Gwendolyn 240 Boles. Bertha Mae 240 Bolick, Donna 240 Bolin, Elizabeth 222 Bolin, Susan Anne 222 Bonnet, Jo Ann 203 Booher, Catherine D. 222 Booker. Judith Ann 203 Booker. Vicki Louise 240 Boone. Janice Gail 222 Boseman. Carol E. 203 Bostic. Sara Donna 222 Bouldin. Joel Elaine 222 Bowden. Brenda J. 260 Bowers. Gayle West 161 Bowers, June Irene 222 Bowers, Mary Alethea 203 Bowers, Rebecca H. 240 Bowes. Joan C. 240 Bowman. Cathy C. 259. 260 Bowman. Judith M. 240 Bowman. Katherine C. 240 Boyd. Brenda Cathy 240 Boyd. Gwendolyn M. 238 Boyd. Linda Mae 203 Boyd. Patricia J, 161 Boyd. Rebecca A. 203 Babson. Jennifer A. 240 Brackett. Bennic C. 240 Brackett. Linda L, 240 Bradley. Rebecca M. 161 Bradshaw, Judy Kay 203. 138 Brady. Patricia Ann 222 Brake. Evelyn Flye 56. 222 Branch. Peggy 162 Brandon. Belinda 203. 198 Brandon. Myra Jane 203 Brandon. Nancy E. 240 Brandt. Judith Kay 162 Brann. Brenda Kay 260 Brannock. Judith K. 260 Brannock. Virginia L. 260 Braswell. Nancy Mae 222 Braswell. Patricia J. 222 Braswell. Tamela J. 240 Brawley. Clara Cavin 203 Brawley. Susan C, 240 Braxton. Laura A, 222 Braxton. Lora Ellen 222 Brazee. Barbara E, 162 Breed. Marsha Ellen 203 Breedlove. Corliss D. 240 Brennan. Carol Ann 203 Brewer, Catherine S. 82 Brewer, Harriett L. 240 Brewer, Janyce Marie 203 Brewer, Pamela Jeane 222 Bridger, Joanne K, 240, 85 Bridges, Harriet Jane 222 Bridges, Gail Pfall 162 Bridges, Joy Susan 203 Bridges, Martha ' Susan 162 Brigham, Mary F. 240 Bright, Shirley Gene 204 Student Index Bn man. Danila C, 222 Briles. Marlene K- 2(14 Brinkley, Judith Lynn 20 Brinkley. Ellen L. 222 Brinkley. Margo F, 222 Bnnwn. Zelle P. 78, 162 Brisson, Hilda Riilh 21)4 Pee Lydi; Brut, Dcitulhy W 240 Brill. Rila D- 222 Bnllain. Mary Gales 162 BrilKin. Barbara Ann 222 BriUon, Margarcl D. 204 Brock, Helen T. 222 Bro oker. Sarah Foster 222 Brooks. Nancy Anne 222 Brooks. Patricia Ann 204 Brooks. Sallie Ann 240 Brosius. Susan Carol 162 Brotton. Sally Ann 222 Brown. Betty Jane 222 Brown. Bonila T. 222 Brown. Brenda Kay 204 Brown, Carol Terrell 204 Brown, Carolyn S. 162 Brown, Constance J. 240 Brown, Cornelia D. 222 Brown, Cynthia Ann 204 Brown, Cynthia L. 222 Brown. Deborah L. 222 Brown, Frances Daryl 204 Brown, Judy Louise 24(1 Brown, Margaret A 24(1 Brown, Martha Jane 204 Brown, Nancy Ellen 222 Brown. Patricia V, 204 Brown, Paula Ann 204, 57 Brown, Petrice Dow 240 Brown, Toni Reid 222 Brown, William E. 240 Browning, Mary E. 240 Bruwnlee, Mary E. 222 Brownscombe. Evelyn 240 Broyles. Beverly Jo 240 Broyles. Bonila Jean 240 Bryan. Jo Evelyn 240 Bryan, Sara Olivia 162 Bryant, Anne E. 204 Bryson. Julia Lee 204 Buchholz, Paige R. 222 Buck, Robin Carter 204 Buckner, Susan Anne 204 Budd, Sharon Lee 22(1. 222 Buflaloe, Mary C. 222 Bulord, Elizabeth F. 201, 204 Buie. Ann Purcell 162 Bulla. Artis Brent 240 Bullard. Brenda Kaye 241 BulLird. Candace G. 242. 80 Bullard. Linda L, 80. 241 Bullard. Patricia Ann 241 Bullins, Amanda B- 241 Bullock. Julia E. 241 Bullock, Lida Chapman 204 Bulman. Marilyn R. 241 Bunting, Betsy Leigh 138. 1?6. Burpc, Brenda Preston 56, 204 Burg. Leslie Jane 162 Burgess. Bonnie B. 204 Burgin. Carolyn A. 223 , Cla 223 Burkelt. Albert D, 241 Butkhcad. Bcllie Sue 82, 141, Butkholder. Virginia 49, 50 Burleson. Paula T. 223 Burnett, Gayle Leigh R4. 241 Burnette, Carolyn E. 223 Burnette, Doborah D. 241 Burnette, Evelyn M. 223 Burns, Beth Teresa 241 Burris, Barbara Jean 241 Burroughs, Mary Alice 162 Burroughs, Sue L. 241 Burw •11, Susan K, 223 Bush Ann Stearnes 204 Bush Beverly Sue 241 Bush Karon Ruth 82. 162 Butle , Anita Ryan 204 Bulle , Bettina C. 162 Butle , Johanna Lane 162 Butle , Mary Ellen 77 Butne r, Sandra Mane tIK. Butle field. Kay 223 Butts Ruth Ann 241 Byrd. Barbara Ann 162 Byrd Carolyn F. 241 Byrd Gleta Elaine 241 Byrd Virginia Jane 241 Cadwallader. Chrisunc 223 Cain. Billie Fayc 241 Cain. Marilyn Jean 241 Caine. Barbara E 204 Caison. Gail Maullsby 163 Caldwell. Evelyn L. 223 Caldwell, Rebecca 223 Calhoun, Linda Sue 163 Callahan, Donna B, 241 Callahan, Janice Faye 204 Calvertey, Janet M. 223 Campbell, Alice Emily 163 Campbell, Ann 204 Campbell, Gayle 154. 163 Campbell. Judy Dianne 223 Campbell, Mary E, 241 Campbell. Rita Nell 241 Campbell. Sarah E. 204 Camplong. Linda Jean 163 Cannady, Sandra Kay 204 Cannon, Faye 204 Cannon. Judith Ann 223 Cantrell, Rebecca J. 241 Capps, Lynda F. 241 Cardinal, Betty Anne 204 Cardwell, Carolyn 223 Cardwell, Thomas V. 241 Carey. Judy Ann 163 Carey. Molly Jane 241 Cargill. Ursula M. 223 Carlin, Susan P. 223 Carlton. Alma Ruth 241 Carpenter. Elizabeth 223 Carpenter. Jackie P. 241 Carpenter. Lorraine 163 Carpenter. Sue Lynn 241 Carpenter. Wanda J. 204 Cart. Willine 163 Carson, Anna M. 223 Carson, Beverly Ann 223 Carson, Martha Jane 163 Anit . 241 Carter, Barbara C. 241 Carter, Carolyn F. 223 Carter, Gerald Clay 154, 2i Carter, Kathie 223 Carter, Nancy Quinn 164 Carter. Patsy Jane 241 Carter, Patricia D. 241 Carter, Susan Pamela 223 Cartwright, Talula E. 241 Case, Frances E. 223 Cash, Rick Gordon 241 Cash, Heady Angela 223 Cashion, Betty Sue 204 Cassell, Ann Buldwin 164 Gates. Patricia Anne 241 Cathcarl. Carolyn 78, 164 Cathey, Penelope D. 241 Caudill, Betty Gwyn 223 Causey, Judy Fox 223 Cauthen, Julia L, 204 Cazcl, Audrc E. 164 Cermele, Michcle 204 C ' hadwick, Martha 204 Chambers. Billie Lee 223 Chambers, Christine 241 Chambers, Marie Anne 241 Champion, Cynthia 241 Chandler, Jan E, 241 Chandler. Sue Lee 204 Chancy, Myrtle 224 Chapman, Irma Gail 164 Chapman, Jane L, 241 Cliappell, Judith C. 241 Chappcll, Nelan Fields 164 Chappell, Pamela Ann 1( 4 Chastain, Brenda 241 Check, Barbara Ann 58. 77. 211 Cheek. Betty Emarila 204 Cheek, Betty Jean 24 157, 164 Cheek, Helen Vv Cheek, Margaret S, 204 Check, Sandra Mane 164 Cheek, Wilda Kay 241 Cherry, Wilsonia E. 241 Chester. Susan Dale 241 Childress, Frances A 241 Childress, Shirley A. 256. 257 Childs, Anne 224 Chil Aln I Di Chipman, Wendy Lee 204 Chisholm, Janet Carol 204 Chrisco, Barbara J. 241 Chryssikos. Virginia 241 Church. Louise Park 164 Church, Rebecca 224 Church. Susan K. 241 Clanton, Brenda Ann 165 Clark, Ellen Kiger 204 Clark, Joyce Ann 165 Clark, Martha L, 241 Clark, Paula Gray 241 Clark, Tophie Allison 204 Clarke, Dinah Joy 165 Clayton, Vicki Long 241 Clem, Mary Santord 204 Clement, Mary V. 241 Clement, Susan L. 241 Clemmer, Catherine 241 Cleveland, Dale 241 Clifford, Laura 224 Clifton, Lycia Sandra 165 Clifton, Sandra C. 82, 165 Cline, Joyce Marilyn 80. 165 Clir 224 Close, Ariel Clare 204 Coates, Kaye Rulh 224 Coates, Judith Gail 83, 205 Cobb. Carol 225 Cobb. Janet Faye 241 Cobb, Judith Ritchie 260 Coble, Sara Louise 241 Cochran. Teresa Dale 205 Cochran, Krisan 242 Cocke, Wanda Lee 224 Cockerham, Elizabeth 165 Cockman, Ruby Jewell 224 Coddington. Gladys T. 85, 2 Cody, Sandra Lee 224 Coffey, Richard M. 242 Cohn, Beth Ellen 205 Coleman, Sylvia C. 165 Colenda. Jean Paige 224 Co Dei I 205 Colletla. Frances 165 Collier, Julia E. 165 Collier, Susan Claire 165 Collins, Constance 242 Collins, Gcraldine 242 Collins, Leslie Jean 205 Collins, Patricia 242 Collins, PrisciUa 242 Collins, Sara Heath 242 Collins, Sherry Gale 165 Colson, Elizabeth 242 Colson, Norma Lynn 242 Colton. Marie 205 Combs. Carolyn 242 Comer, Myra Jean 260 Compton, Mary Sue 165 Conilogue, Elizabeth 224 Conn, Hazeline 205 Connaiichton, Ellen 224 Conrad, Sharon Kaye 260 Conrad. Wrenn Karen 224 Constable, Chrysteena 205 Cook, Diana Day 165 Cook. Judith Daniel 165 Cook. Judith Lynne 165 Cook, Judy Kay 224 Cook, Linda Gaye 242 Cooke, Betty Jane 165 Cooke. Elizabeth 224 Cooper, Betty Diane 224 Cooper, Irene Virginia 205 Cooper, Jane 224 Cooper, Penny Kay 205 Cooper, Roberta Gene 242 Cooper, Teresa Jane 141, 165 Copley, Brenda Gale 224 Coppedge. Mane 242 Coran. Phyllis Ellen 242 Cornelius. Dons 224 Cosgrove. Helen 224 Coulter. Lynda Gayle 224 Courville, Susan 224 Cousins. Carol Elaine 242 Cowling. Sharon Lee 200, 205 Cox. Betty Joyce 242 Cox. Beverly Sue 165 Cox. Claire 85. 242 Cox. Frances 205 Cox. Janice 260 Cox. Linda Dee 224 Cox. Nathalia Sue 165 Cox. Sandra Dean 205 Cox, Susan Baker 205 Coyle, Margaret Ann 205 Coyle, Mary Virginia 242 Crabtree, Mary 242 Craddock, Anna Regina 166 Craig, Brenda Louise 205 Craig. Susan Kenf 205 Crain, Janice Carole 166 Cranfill, Cheryl Lnn 242 Cranlord, Sandra Kay 205 Craver. Loretta Ann 242 Crawford, Elizabeth 242 Crawford, Judy Bryson 224 Crawford, Susan Jane 205 Crawley, Katherine 166 Crayton, Mary Anne 242 Creech, Phyllis 242 Creech, Omega Dianne 166 Cresimore, Judith 205 Crews, Sharon Marie 242 Cridlebaugh, Mary 205 Cridlebaugh, Patricia 166 Crocker, Judith Ann 224 Crocker, Lynn 242 Crockett. Sally Dent 224 Croft, Cynthia 205 Cromartie, Elizabeth 166 Crooks, Linda Joyce 224 Crowder, Dorothy Jane 166 Crowell. Julia Ann 224 Crowell, Julia Ellen 205 Crumbley, Glenda 166 Crump. Cynthia 224 Crump. Jayne Pittman 166 Crutchfield. Alice 224 Crutchfield. Carol 205 Cuddington. Linda 242 Culbcrtson. Betsy 206 Culbreth. Carolyn 166 Culbrelh. Eva Mae 224 Culp. Nora Agnes 224 Cunningham. Carol 206 Curi lingham. Rieta 242 y. Ola Frances 242 Curtis, Martha Ann 166 Culbertson, Caroline 242 Culshall, Dale June 206 Dapenhart, Janella K. 242 Dale, Karen Hope 242 Dale, Margol Lucille 82. 22 Dalmas. Jean 242 Dalton. Nola Jean 206 Dambrosio, Virginia 225 Daniels, Folrence 242 Daniels. Jeannie 206 Daniels, Michael Dean 166 Darnell. 167 Darr. Marie 242 Daus!htridpe. Mary 242 Daui htry. Ginger 242 Dauehtry. Linda Carol 242 Dauplitry. Mary 167 Davenport. Dorothea 167 Davenport. Katherine 225 Davenport. Norma 167 Davenport. Sharyn 21)6 Daves. Elizabeth 242 Daves. Patricia Lee 82. 225 Davis. Annette 225 Davis. Barbara Sutton 167 D.avis. Brenda Hanna 16 Davis. Carol Jean 242 Davis. Carolyn D Davis. Cheryl Eve 81. 167 Davis. Cynthia 2611 Davis. Deborah 242 Davis. Dona Lee 242 Davis. Dorothy 242 Davis. Elmerene 206 Davis. Frances Ann 225 Davis. Freddie Ann 242 Davis. Hilda 260 D.avis. Jo Ann 242 Davis. Joe Alan 107 Davis. Johnnie 242 Davis. Joyce Ann 206 Davis. Judy Ann 167 167 Dav 242 . Linda Lea 225 Davis. Marietta 242 Davis. Nancy Jean Mohr 167 Davis. Rebecca 242 Davis. Sheryn 225 Davis. Shirley 225 Davis. Sondra Roberta 225 Davis. Sylvia Anne 242 Dawes. Linda Ann 242 Dawson. Jacqueline 242 Dawson. Rebecca 206 Deal. Glenda 242 Alma Ruth 167 Deal. Vicki Lynn 242 Dean. Sandra Mae 242 DeBernard, Cynthia 225 Decker. Barbara Jean 150. 167 Dccosler. Edith Mae 242 Dekok. Alice Maiiam 242 Delancey. Barbara 225 Delaney. Cynthia 219 Delaney. Mary 225 Deloach. Dianne 206 Dclonp. Sherilyn 85. 242 Dempsey. Martha 242 Denny. Larry Irvin 225 Dennis. Virginia 242 Dewey. Diana 225 Dial. Hugh Dorsey 225 Dick. Kalhryn Carraway 167 Dick. Linda Garry 167 Dickens. Linda 242 Dickerson. Mary 225 Dickerson. Nancy 225 Dickson. Margaret 260 Dietz. Susan 225 Dishman. Eileen 206 Dix. William 243 Dixon. Anna Wolff 167 Dixon. Dorothy Ellen 167 Dixon. Georgia 260 Di! : 225 Doggett. Helen Manley 1 Do . Da 1 Ma 206 Donati. Mary Camille 225 Donnell. Cynthia 243 Donnell. Susan Carol 243 Dorsett, Deborah 243 Doss. Ann Brooks 168 Doty. Sue Ellen 225 Doub. Janice Lynn 206 Doughtie. Martha 243 Douglass. Linda Ware 243 Doward. Lida Lee 243 Dowd. Emma Jo 243 Downey. Beverly 243 Doyle. Sammy 225 Draughn. Vicki Ann 243 Draughon. Rosa 243 Drew. Paulette 206 Drum. Donna Michaele 225 Dubose, Johanna 225 Duffy. Jimmi Ann 243 Dugan. Kathleen 260 Dulin. Lucy Brown 206 Dumas, Doris Ann 168 Duncan. Mary Amanda 243 Duncan. Mary Cecelia 243 Duncan. Rita Olsen 225 Dunn, Deborah June 243 Dunn. Judith Carol 243 Dunn. Mary Lynn 243 Dunn. Nancy Lynn 72. 74, 168 Dunn, Sandra M. 225 Dunne. Karen Arlen 225 Dupont. Dianne 206 Dupont. Elisabeth 243 Dupont. Suzette 225 Dupree. Carolyn Rose 206 Durban. Rosa Palmer Durham. Nancy Sue 243 Durham. Sandra Jo 257 Durkin. Patricia Ann 243 Dwiggins. Nancy Karen 225 Dyal. Mary Ann 243 Dysart, Mary 225 Dyson, Iris Juliana 225 168 Earley, Patricia 225 Early. Teresa Ranson 22 Earnhardt. Carole Anne Earp. Judith Ann 206 Eason. Leona Belle 225 Eatman. Elizabeth 206 Edgerton. Kathleen 206 Edmislon. Ethel 243 Edmondson. Marcia 206 Edsel. Linda Beth 168 Edwards. Carol Anne 243 Edwards. Deborah 225 Edwards. Jo Anne 259. 260 Edwards. Joyce Lynn 225 Edwards. Kathy Jane 225 Edwards. Nita 206 Edwards. Ollie 243 Edwards. Sandra Gail 260 Edwards. Virginia 257 Efird. Barbara 225 Efiand. Christopher 225 Egbert. Mary Jane 168 Ehrhardt. Amelia 206 Elam. Elizabeth 243 Eldridpe. Amy Jane 206 Eldridge. Doris Jean 225 Elkins, Daryl Meade 225 Elkin. Jacquelyn 206 Elkins. Gloria Jean 225 Elkins. Sue Lee 243 Elkins. Martha Ann 243 Elkins, Sue Lee 243 Eller, Sarah Lee 243 Elliott, Anne 225 Elliott, Phylis 168 Elliot, Caroline 78, 85, 268 Ellis, Cora Frances 243 Ellis, Dianne Marie 243 Ellis, Dorothy Mae 243 EUi! i 243 Ellis, Lizbeth 225 Ellis, Marybelh 225 Ellis, Rebecca Blanch 168 Ellis, Sandra Karol 168 Ellis, Segrid Ann 243 Ellis, Wanda Kay 168 Elo 206 El Ramey, Teresa 225 Endicott, Donna Lee 225 Engard, Karen Sleigh 168 Engel, Joyce M 225 Student Index Engleman. Roberta Ann 206 Eppes. Elizabeth 225 Erickson. Lala 243 Ericson. Sharon 206 Errico. Judy Lynn 206 Ervin, Mary Sandra 206 Eskridge. Susan 168 Esskk, Julia 225 Estes. Carolyn Lee 168 Esles. Patricia Ann 261 Ethridge, Mary 243 Eure. Linda Faye 207 Eustis, Carol Diane 72. 168 Evans. Barbara Jean 243 Evans. Diana Mescal 243 Evans. Frances Lynne 168 Evans. Joyce Ann 225 Evans. Mina Jean 243 Evans. Nancy Carol 243 Evans. Mary Elizabeth 225 Eye. Christina Sue 243 B Farfour. Freida 243 Farlow. Patsy Ruth 225 Farmer. Judy Kay 243 Farmer. Kathleen 207 Farmer. Rachel 155. 169 Farmer. Susan Louise 225 Farrell. Cynthia 225 Farrell. Mary Karen 225 Faust. Diana June 207 Favra. Ann Hollis 243 Faw. Martha 207 Featherstone. Kay 169 Fayed, Betty Jean 243 Federal. Margaret 207 Fellon, Carolyn 169 Felton. Judy Ryals 169 Femia, Ann Carmella 243 Femia. Joyce Eileen 219 Fcnnell. Valerie Ina 169 Ferguson. Vivian Lee 225 Fergusson. Anne 243 Ma • 226 Ferree. Linda Chloc 226 Fields. Beverly 169 Fields. Darlene 243 Fields. Phyllis Ann 226 Fields. Sadie Davis 207 Finch. Margaret 226 Finch. Wanda Traywick 207 Finne. Virginia 169 Fish. Terry Elaine 207 Fisher. Ada Markila 243 Fisher. Linda Carol 8(1 Fisher. Virginia 244 Fitch. Charlotte 244 File. Janet Ruth 244 Fitzhugh. Mary 226 Flanagan. Susan Jane 226 Flatt. Anna Ruth 269 Fleming. Jane 244 Fleming. Rosalyn 81. 169 Fletcher. Patricia 244 Flolo. Leslie Ann 169 Flowers. Linda Jean 62 Floyd. Anne 244 Floyd. Mary Ann 244 Flye. Annie Daughlry 15li. 157. 169 Fogle. Sue Ann 226 F olger. Emily 169 Fonvielle. Barbara Ann 170 Forbes. Sharyn Sue 207 Ford. Alice Elizabeth 244 Ford. Celia Anne 170 Ford. Laura Jean 244 Ford. Mary Craven 244 Fordyce. Gail Ann 244 Forrest. Carol Ann 226 Forstadt. Frances 207 Forward. Joanne Lee 261 Foss. Constance 207 Foster. Johnny Kay 226 Foster. Edith Foley 270 Foster. Susan Carol 226 Foust. Cheryl Elaine 226 Fouts. Kay Frances 80. 226 Foust. Sherry Lynne 207 Fowler. Dorothy 207 Fowler. Joyce Gail 226 Fowler. Kathryn Ann 226 Fowler. Linda Annette 226 Fowler. Marilyn Kay 78. 207 Fowlkes. Gwendolyn 244 Fouler. Reba Kay 226 Fox. Helen Mansfield 226 Fox. Judith Claire 244 Fox. Phyllis Ann 244 Foy. Ellen Keating 170 Francis. Barbara 207 Frank. Judith 226 Fraley. Sandra Kay 170 Frazier. Joyce Ann 170 I 226 a 244 Freeman. Gracie Lee 170 Freeman. Janet Lu 226 Freeman, Lela 226 Freeman. Linda Joyce 226 Freeman. Patricia 170 Freeze. Pamela Elaine 65. 226 Freeze. Phyllis 226 French. Ronda Juliet 244 Frick. Humis Dawn 244 Friedlander. M rna 244 Friedman, Eunice 226 Frierson, Mclinda 244 Frye, Betty Jane 244 Frye. Judith Ann 226 Fulcher. Amy Leigh 244 Fulderson. Sally 244 FuUbright. Sharan 244 Fuller, Celia Ann S5, 244 Fuller. Linda Kay 226 Fulton. Kalhenne 24-1 Funderburk, Kaihy 244 Funderburk. Linda 244 : 226 Furches. Martha 58, 207 Furr. Deborah Renee 244 Fusselman. Donalda 244 Futrell. Joyce Carolyn 261 Futrell. Robin Gloria 170 Gabard. Anna Karen 207 Gabis, Nancy Zerman 207 Gabriel. Jean 244 Gabriel. Jean 244 Gabriel, Lovelta 244 Gaffney. Ellen 226 Gaines. Carol Anne 171 Oainey. Martha Byrd 171 Gaither, Mary Nurcom Galasso. Janice Mane 244 Gaie. Linda Margaret 77. 85. 226 Gale. June 261 Galhmore. Darrell 244 Galloway. Dan Ross 171 Gambill. Mary Jane 207 Gamewell. Nancy 244 Gann. Linda Carolyn 207 Gant. Audrey Lynne 226 Garber. Alice Gail 207 Gardner .Phyllis Ann 207 Gardner. Susan Gale 226 Garland, Carol Lea 244 Garland, Katherine 244 Garland, Marjorie 207 Garner, Betty Rulhn 226 Garner. Connie Sur 171 Garner, Linda Mancss 171 Garner, Nancy 226 Garrett. Margaret 244 Garrison. Jacqueline 244 Garrison. Sandra 226 Garris. Emilie Ross 226 Gary. Judith 207 Oarvin. Gail Frances 244 Gaskill. Cheryl Hicks 207 Gaskill. Diane 226 Cask in. Lynne 207 Gatewood. Gloria Eudy 207 Gatewood. Margaret 261 Gatewood. Marilyn 207 Gaylord. Susan 2U7 Gehmiann. Virginia 207 Geimer. Mary Ellen 226 Gekle. Elizabeth 244 Gelzer. Susan Neyle 207 Gennaria. Patrice 67. 226 Gentry. Judy 244 Gentry. Linda Kay 226 Gentry. Paula Holmes 207 George. Cherry Anne 207 Geraghty. Pamela Ann 171 Gerard. Virginia 226 Gholson. Griselle 80. 81. 171 Gihbs. Betty Jean 226 Gibbs. Mary 244 Gibson. Branda Sue 226 Gibson. Frances 244 Gibson. Linda Sue 226 Gibson. Mary Jo 226 Gibson. Janet 244 Gidden. Eliza Branch 171 Gilbert. Gwynne 171 Gilbert. Sarah 171 Gill. Cynthia Jane 226 Gillespie, Abbiy Rose 244 Gillespie. Carolyn 226 Gilliam. Kathryn. 207 GiUis. Patricia Ann 207 Gilhs. Vicky Lynn 244 Gilmer. Anne Avery 226 Gilmore. Kathryn 85. 244 Gilreath. Flora 244 Gilreath. Trudy Kay 261 Ginsberg. Barbara 226 Glass. Iris Angela 226 Glass. Linda 244 Gle, , Sus; I 226 Glenn. Mary Ruth 244 Glover. Linda Murray 171 Goard. Jacqueline 244 Gobbel. Elizabeth 244 Godfrey. Susan Dale 226 Godwin. Beverly 207 Godwin. Ingrid Rose 226 Goforth. Virginia 207 Goins. Laura Jane 243 Goins. Sharon Ann 226 Gold. Patsy Lee 227 Goldberg. Jane Ann 227 Goldberg. Janice Lynn 227 Goldberg. Judy Kay 244 Golden, Mary 207 Goldsmith, Jane 227 Goldstein. Anita Rae 227 Gondra. Maria Ines 244 Goode. Barbara Jeanne 171 Gooding. Virginia 207 Goodman. Margaret 244 Goodman. Stacie 244 Goodnight. Patricia 261 Goodson. Avis Kay 227 Goodwin. Irma Jean 207. 59 Goodwin. Martha 244 Goodwin. Sarah Symons 244 Goodwyn. Mary Ann 198, 207 Goore, Myrtle 208 Gordon, Jacqueline 208 Gordon. Lucinda 227 Gordon. Mary Holt Golsch. Karen Ann 244 Gottschall. Mary 227 Gower. Patricia 2118 Grady. Barbara Joyce 18i.. 244 Gragg. Jane Fludson 21)8 Graham. Catherine Ann 208 Graham. Carole Leigh 171 Graham. Deborah 261 Graham, Julia Ann 208 Graham. Mary 244 Graham, Patricia Jane 2- Graham, Virginia 208 Adri 245 Grasty, Celia Annette 245 Gravely. Bettye 227 Graves. Sherry Ann 171 Gray. Judy Aleathea 208 Gray. Ladonna Sue 245 Gray. Linda 245 Gray. Lola 208 Gray. Mary Dawn 208 Gray. Mary Helen 208 Gray. Nancy 245 Green. Lucy Coppedge 227 Green. Lydia Bryant 227 Green. Martha Louise 83. 199. 208 Green. Patricia Ruth 227 . We 245 nbcrg, Ellen Gale 245 ne, Antoinette 245 ne, Deborah 245 ne, Evelyn 245 ne, Jill Lynn 245 ne. Martha Lynn 208 ne. Nancy 171 , Sylv. ■ 208 la 227 Greer. Laura Anne 245 Greer. Pamela Stuart 227 Grehl. Francine Mae 245 Grgurich, Cedric 245 Gnce. Linda Ann 245 Grier. Nancy Hudson 171 Grier, Virginia 146. 171 Grier. Vivian Ruth Grithn. Barbara Ann 227 Griffin. Lorna Griffin. Brenda 83 Griffin. Marcia L nn 261 Griffin, Louise 245 Griffin, Margaret 208 Griffin, Sarah King 245 Griffin, Theresa Jane 245 Griffith, Catherine 245 Griffilh. Mary Alexis Grigg. Luanne 227 I 227 Ela 171 Gshwind. Jennifer 243 Gudger. Trina Dianne 171 Guffy. Lemira Ann 201. 219 Guice, Julia 227 Guilkey, Marilyn 227 Gulledge Nancy 227 Gurkin. Martha 227 Guthrie. iNancy 208 Gutsell. Marnie H Hackney. Ellen 245 Hackney. Libba Sue 245 Hagen. William Hahn. Martha 245 Haile. Elizabeth 171 Hailey. Donna Lynne 227 Hailey. Victoria 81. 199. 208 Hall, Grace Theresa 227 Hale, Brenda Louise 208 Hale, Vicki Jo 261 Hales. Priscilla 245 Hall. Ann Lindsey 77. 171 Hall. Linda Mae 245 Hall. Margery 245 Hall. Mary Anna 208 Hall. Mary Carolyn 208 Hall. Mary Suann 219 Hall. Phyllis Kay 227 Hall. Sylvia Massey 172 Halhday. Margaret 208 Halperin. Susan 245 Halsey. Sara Elizabeth 172 Halsted, Margaret 172 Ham. Sharon 245. 80 Hamilton, Dawn Elaine 208 Hamilton. Nancy 208 Hamlet, Margaret 227 Hammond. Judith 208 H-immond. Nancy Anna 82. 208 Hamner. Anne Bruce 78. 82, 172 Hampton. Cynthia 227 Hamrick. Cynthia 208 Hamrick, Dovie 227 Hamrick, Roxana 275 Hand. Eileen Teresa 208 Hand. Mary Jean 78. 208 Haneline. Helen Ann 81. 227 Hanson. Marjorie 245 Harbaugh. Kristin 208 Harbuck. Patricia Ann 208 Hardin. Judy Carol 8.1. 208 Hardin. Paula 227 Harding. Ann Farrow 245 Hardy. Brenda Louse 208 Hare. Kalhryn 208 Hare. Rebecca 208 Hargell. B.irbara Jean 245 Hargrove. Catherine 208 Hargrove. Mary 245 Harkey. Beth Marie 208 Harkey. Janet Marie 227 Harlacker. Barbara Ann 245 Harley. Alice King 228 Harley, Patricia 228 Harmon. Alice Ann 172 Harmon. Sheila 228 Harper. Jacquelyn 228 Harper. Kay 1.18. 228 Harrell. Judith Carol 138, ir2 Harrell. Judilh 259, 261 Harrell. Mary Rose 228 Harrelson. Carol Ann 208 Harrelson. Peggy 245 Harrill. Margaret 228 Harrill. Mary 208 Harrill. Nancy Lee 172 Harris. Anne Chappell 172 Harris. Camelia 245 Harris. Carol Ann 228 Harris. Cecile 208 Harris. Elizabeth 172 Harris. Frances 256 Ha 208 Harris. Judy Ann 208 Harris. Nancy Jeanne 228 Harris. Sandra Dianne 261 Harris. Vickie Elaine 228 Harrison. Cynthia 245 Harrison. Joan Lee 208 Harry. Catherine 245 Harry. Patricia June 219 Harsey. Jenny Anne 57. 228 Harsey. Judith Larson 172 Harligan. Julia 245 Hartman. Olivia 261 Harlman. Mary Jane 172 Hartsell. Eugenia 245 Hartsell. Linda Jean 228 Hansen. Sandra 228 Hartsoe. Lois Ann 228 Harwell. Phyllis 245 Hartwood. Heather Ann 208 Hasselbach. Frances 228 Hassell. Barbara 173 Hasty. Patricia 208 Hatcher, Frances 173 Hatley, Patsy Ryan 245 Hathcock. Bonnie K.ay 228 Hawkins, Sarah 228 Hawkins. Wanda Mae 173 Hawks. Andrea Lee 245 Hawthorne. Mary 245 Hayden. Gail 245 Hayes. Margaret Anne 77, 208 Hayes. Maryetta Hayes. Nancy Elizabeth 173 Hayes. Sherry Merrill 228 Hay ward. Alison 173 Hayward, Roxanne 245 Hayworth. Emily Jean 199. 208 Haywonh. Barbara Sue 63. 228 Heafner. Martha Jill 245 Hedgepelh, Lynda Gayle 146, 20 Hedrick. Mary Marvin 173 Helms, Barbara Ann 85. 245 Helms, Maria Elaine 228 Helms, Nancy Carolyn 173 Helms, Nina Lynn 245 Helms, Tommie Lu 208 Helsing. Elizabeth 173 Hemric, Linda Alley 257 Hemphill, Kay 209 Henderson, Elizabeth 245 Henderson, Mary 209 Henderson. Rebecca 245 Hendricks. Diane Eve 173 Hendrix. Susan 228 Henley. Susan Gail 228 Hcnnings. Sara 245 Hennis, Verda Idol 208 Henry, Gail Lee 245 Henry. Mary 245 Hepler. Rebecca Sue 245 Herman. Janice Wanda 228 Herman. Sheila Ann 228 Hernandez. Maria 245 Herndon, Beverly 209 Herring. Cathy 245 Herritage, Wilhelmena 228 Herring. Alice Raye 173 Hethcock. Clarice 228 Heyl, Charlotte 245 Hickerson. Jeanne 245 Hickman. Judy Neil 209 Hickman. Linda Kay 245 Hicks. Anne Bramble 228 Hicks. Jan Engel 261 Hieb. Linda Jane Higdon. Hubert 245 Higgins. Claudia 228 Higgins, Dianne 245 Higgins. Vicki Dawn 245 Highfill. Nancy Kay 245 Hightower. Martha Jo 228 Hildrelh. Mary 246 Hill. Barbara Jean 209 Hill. Brenda Sue 228 Hill. Carolyn Dianne 209 Hill. Colhs Deen 228 Hill. Eleanor 229 Hill, Janet Elizabeth 209 Hill, Rena May 173 Hill. Rosemary 229 Hilliard. Margaret 246 Student Index : 246 HinchlifJe, Janice 57, 246 Hines. Linda Lou 246 Hines, Martha 229 Hines. Mary Frances 246 Hinshaw, Deana Lee 257 Hinshaw. Rebecca 246 Hinshaw. Paula 229 Hmshaw. Lucile 246 Hinson. Carol Anne 73. 157, 173 Hinson, Helena 229 Hinson, Delores Ann 246 Hmson. Betly Coltrane 173 Hu 257 Hipp. Ann Birmingham 77. 173 Hipp. Donna DufT 173 Hirsch. Anita Susan 209 Hitchcock, Judy 80, 246 Hue. Karen Ann 229 Hobgood. Nancy Lee 209 Hobson. Mane Alta 209 Hodge, Gwendolyn 229 Hodges, Cassandra 209 Hodges, Claire 261 Hodgson, Betsy Gobble 229 Hoffler. Mary Angela 246 Hoke. Janice Lee 173 Holder. Barbara 246 Holder. Jacqueline 229 Holder. Patricia Anne 209 Holder. Nancy Leora 229 Holding. Harriet 229 Holder. Sharyn Marie 246 Hollander. Patricia 229 Holleman. Mary Ann 2fl9 Hollenbeck. Barbara 174 HoUingsworth, Serena 246 Mollis, Donna Rae 246 Holloman, Betty Ann 174 Holloway. Amy 261 Holman, Catherine 174 Holman. Nancy 174 Holt, Ann Ware 246 Holt, Marion 246 Holt, Rolha Marilyn 209 Honbarrier, Sandra 209 Honey, Toni Elizabeth 174 Honeycult, Joan Carol 229 Honeycutt, Nancy 229 Hooks, Martha Dianne 246 Hooper. Mary Boyd 209 Hope. Patricia Ray 209. 217 Hopkins. Catherine 174 Hopper. Clyde Marie 174 Hopper, Margaret 174 Hopson. Judith Lynne 174 Hord. Judy Catherine 209 Horn, Devereaux 174 Hornback, Anita Sue 229 Hon : Alice 174 Homey, Julie 229 Horsley, Nancy Jane 57, 85, 209 Horlon, Dixie 80. 229 Horton. Sandra Lee 174 Horton, Sarah Louise 220, 229 Horvath, Jayne Lynn 209 Horwilz, Toba 174 Hosley, Rebecca Ann 246 Hostetller. Anna Houck, Frances 246 Hourigan, Susan 210 House, Judilh 229 Hovis, Gloria Jean 246 Howard, Betty Jane 229 Howard, Dollie Warren 174 Howard. Sheila Elaine 246 Howard. Patricia 174 Howe. Rebecca Ann 246 Howell, Bettic Jean 104 Howell. Barbara 174 Howell. Diane 81. 229 Howell. Evelyn 210 Howell. Joyce Dean 175 Hower. Elizabeth Ann 210 Howerton, Steven Lee 246 Howie. Jacquelyn 210 Hoy, Donna Kay 210 Howie. Betly Blue 229 Howie. Rachel Anne 229 Hubbard, Barbara 229 Huckabee. Marsha 246 Hucks, Ann Pirtle 175 Hudson. Margaret 175 Hudson. Timothy 229 Huffer. Mary Susan 175 Huffsteller. Alice 229 Huffsleller. Judilh 229 Hughes. Sharon 175 Hughes. Vicky Ann 229 Hull. Brenda Sue 259, 261 Humbert. Suzanne 185. 246 Humphrey. Doris Lowe 246 Huneycutt, Glendel 60, 199, 210 Hunt, Linda Margaret 73, 82, 229 Hunt, Teresa Kristina 246 Hunt, Virginia 246 Hunter, Janet Alspaugh 175 Hunter. Linda Louise 155. 175 Hunter. Tallulah 246 Hunter, Virginia Lee 210 Huntzinger, Paula 259. 261 Hurdle. Mary 210. 59 Hurley, Sarah 154, 210 Hurst, Anne Garfield 210 Hussey, Barrie 175 Huston, Jerrilyn 229 Hutchins, Janice Ruth 175 Hutchins. Josephine 175 Hutchins. Mary Jo 175 Hutchinson. Joyce Lee 175 Hutchinson. Judith 229 Hutto. Nancy Earle 229 Hiitlon. Katherine 246 Hyldburg. Sandra Jean 24 Hylton, Marilyn 210 Hyman, Maria Julienne 2 Hyman, Mary Frances 21, Rita Esther 175 I Idol, Mary Canlrell Idol, Nancy Payne 246 Ingle, Margaret Sue 246 Ingold, Terry Jane 261 Ingram, Anne 246 Ingram. Dorothy 176 Ingram. Nancy Jane 229 Isenhour. Pratt 210 Isley. Ada Chris 210 Istey. Betty Jean 246 Isley. Deanna Jo 176 Israel, Mary 229 Ivesler. Judy 229 Ivie, Annie 77, 176 Jabsen. Linda Jo 246 Jack. Martha Louise 176 Jackson. Barbara 229 Jackson, Gloria Jane 185 Jackson, Jane Ellen 229 Jackson. Laura 229 Jackson. Linda Kay 229. 281 Jackson. Mary Jo 176 Jackson. Rachel Lynn 210 Jacobson. Arlene 246 Jacoebee, Willy Peter 176 James, Donna Diane 246 James. Mariorie Lou 229 Jarman. Carol Ann 246 Jarrctl. Alan Frank 246 Jarrelt, Ilka 229 Jarrett, Mary Jennings 176 Jarvinen, Dale 246 Jarvis, Virginia 261 Jaynes, Jennifer 229 Jeffreys, Sandra Lynn 78, 138, 176 Jenkins. Janet 210 Jenkins. Martha 210 Jenkins, Pamela Jo 229 Jenkins, Sarah Lou 176 Jerman, Patricia 177 Jernigan, Rebecca 246 Jessup, Penny 261 Jester. Ann Renee 246 Jewell, Cary 210 Johns, Cheryl Lynn 246 Johnson, Brenda Faye Johnson, Carol 246 Johnson, Carolyn 246 John 246 Johnson, Edith Eileen 229 Johnson, Emma 210 Johnson, Evelyn Francine 177 Johnson. Jeanetle 246 Johnson. Katherine 156. 177 Johnson. Kathleen 246 Johnson. Linda Kay 246 Johnson. Linda Sue 246 Johnson. Martha Rose 68. 156. 177 Johnson. Mary Kay 177 Johnson. Nine 246 Johnson. Patricia 261 Johnson. Pally Carole 210 Johnson. Paula 246 Johnson, Paulette 229 Johnston, Jane Anna 246 Lavin, Moya Jean 178 Law, Margaret Anne 211 Johnston, Patricia 246 Johnston, Yvonne 229 Joines. Carol Loella 229 Joines, Joyce Irene 246 Student Index cy. Teresa Jane lit es, Annie Laura 210 es. Barbara Jean 246 es. Bernadette 246 cs. Betty Ann 210 es. Betty Berryman 246 es, Cecilia Ann 229 es. Diane 210 es. Elizabeth A. 246 es. Elizabeth L. 210 es. Evelyn 229 es. Harry Kent 177 es. Jerry 229 es. Judith Ann 247 es. June Carolyn 177 es. Katherine Rena 210 es. Lillie Frances es. Martha Jane 177 es. Mary Sue 177 es. Mary Louise 177 es. Mary Suzanne 229 cs. Norma Louise 82. 60. 229 es. Phillip 247 es. Sarah Kathryn 177 cs. Sarah Norman 247 cs. Susan Diane 210 es. Yvonne 247 Jan. Kathryn 247 ordan. Susan 247 oyce. Elizabeth Anne 210 oyce. Jane Lynn 210 eye. Carol 247 oyner. Becky Jo 210. 58 oyner. Martha Cheryl 247 udd. Cheryl Anne 211 oyner. Mary Elissa 177. 150 udge. Deloris Ann 247 ulian. Harry 229 ustice, Mary Caroline 141, 177 K Kahn. Virpinia 211 Kale. Linda Leann 247 Kalick. Sharon 229 Kamerer. Barbara 211, 80 . Nan ■ 247 Kares. Joanne Chris 78. 229 Katz. Brenda 211 Keating. Mary 211 Keath. Donna Jeanne 230 Keating. Nancy 247 Keck. Jennie 247 Kee. Linda Carol 78. 23-) Keel. Mildred. 211 Keeling. Emily 211 : 247 Keclch. Mary Emily 230 Keeton. Hope Mane 177 Keisler. Brenda Louise 177 Keith. Catherine 230 Keller. Beverly 211 Kelley, Jan 2311 Kelley. Sharon 262 Kelley, Barbara Jean 230 Kelley. Cynthia 247 Kelley. Esther Joelle 230 Kelly. Nancy Dean 177 Kemp. Juha 177 Kemp. Mary Bonnie 23i) Kendrick Dana 247 Kennedy, Sonya Nell 177 Kennel, Jennie 247 Kennington, Gerald 79, 230 Kenyon. Nancy 230 Kerley. Karen Ann 247 Kcsler. Frances Sue 211 Kessler. Jennifer 247 Kestcr. Elizabeth 2311 Kibler. Linda Branch 230 Kiker. Elisabeth 247 Killian, Paula Ann 247 Kilpatrick, Linda 247 Kimbro, Sharon EUa 230 Kimmel, Kathleen 211 King, Barbara Jane 211, 199 King. Carol Rac 211 King. Clara Delorcs 177 King. Janice Yvonne 178 Ma ; 211 Kinglaw, Glenda Lee Kirby, Pamela Dare 211 Kirfcman, Jean 178 Kirkman, Joanne 247 Kirkman, Ralph Miller 230 Kirzinger, Tana 247 Kiscr, Frieda 247 , Bets. , 230 Kivel. Monica Esther 230 Kivett. Elsie 247 Klarpp, Ellen Dare 247 Kluttz, Pamela 247 Knight, Betty Joyce 247 Knight, Cynthia Gave 211 Knight, Charles 247 Knight, Dorothy Jane 78, 211 Knight, Georgia Lynn 77, 211 Knight, Virginia B. 211 KnoN, Edythe Carol 247 Knos, Judith Ann 247 Knupp, Sandra Jean 230 Koonts, Sandra Kay 230 Koonlz, Cynthia D. 247 Kopak. Peter Paul 178 Koslow, Esther Sheryl 211 Kouns, Cynthia Ann 178 Krauss, Abby Lee 230 Kruchen, Catherine L, 247 Kruse, Elizabeth P, 178 Kuester. Jane O. 262 Kukel, Carolyn E. 211 Kurtz, Cora Dawn 247 Kusenberg, Carol Ann 211 Lackey, Elizabeth S. 247 Lackey, Pamela Wrenn 211 Lamar, Mary Josephine 211 Lamb, Rebecca E. 230 Lambert, Margaret A. 230, 82 Lambeth, Catherine A, 211 Lambeth. Linda Kay 211 Lambeth. Lynda C. 211 Lambeth. Susan 230 Lampley. Janice Faye 230 ■ 230 Land, Dons Jean 211 Land, Nancy Jean 219 Landen. Nancy Ingram 247 Landers. Beverly Kay 82 Landreth. Patricia 262 Laney. Janice Kay 211 Lankford. Barbara Anne 247 Lanier. Rebecca 210 Lapkin. Dianne 247 Largenl. Patricia 257 Larkin. Linda Lee 211 Laroacli. David James 247 Larson. Linda Joanne 230 Lasley. Sandra Marie 49. 262 Lassen. Pnscilla Ann 211 Latham. Bclba Jean 247 Ma 211 , 177 , Kathleen 211 Laughridge. Mary Jo 2.10 Laughter. Alice Susan 178 Laughter. Carolyn 230 Laughter. Linda Jean 247 Lawhorn. Ruth Rainey 178 Lawmg. Martha 178 Lawrence. Brenda 211 Lawrence. Brenda Jane 85. : Lawrence. Diana 178 Laws. Carolyn 247 Laws, Vicky Dawn 247 Lawton. Barbara Jo 211 Laycock. Linda Ella 257 Laytin. Joan Silvia 247 Laylon. Sylvia Anne 247 Leach. Glenda Kay 247 Leary. Barbara 211 Lebert. Frances 211 Lechleider. Eileen 230 Lcclaire. Kalhy 247 Ledbellcr. Connie Lee 247 Lee. Agnes Sylvia 211 Lee. Carol Frances 247 Lee. Eugenia Jan 211 Lee. Judy Parrish 178 Lee. Kathy Claire 247 Lee. Linda Carol 230 Lee. Sandra Kay 247 Lee. Sarah Anne 247 Lee. Suzan Safns 211 Leebrick. Vickie 211 . Susi 178 Lefler, Fonda Jean 230 Leggett, Elizabeth 247 Leichsenring. Nancy 247 Leidy, Margaret 247 Leigh, Mary Coke 179 Lemmons, Betty Sue 247 Lemonds, Samuel 2.10 Lentz, Ma 2.10 Lentz, Terry Rae 230 Leonard, Jane 211 Leonard, Laura Lee 2.10 Leonard, Judith Love 211 Leonard, Susan Faye 247 Leslie. Kathryn 247 Lester. Georgiana 212 Lester. Marilyn Moore 230 Letrent. Patricia 230 Levan. Doris Kay 2.10 Levi. Linda Kaye 247 Ma 230 Levin. Jill 230 Levine. Nancy Sue 248. 85 Levine. Rosalie 248 Levinson. Rhea 212 Levy Kathleen 53. 212. 49, 201 Lewis, Alice Ray 179 Lewis, Elizabeth Ann 212 Lewis, Helen Louise 248 Levi Lewis, Joan Ellen 248 Lewis, Katherine Anne 80, 231 Lewis, Margaret 248 Seir 212 Libby, Mardcne 248 Lichauer, Robert 230 lichtman, Ellen Jane 230 Lihz, Martha 230 Liles, Barbara Sue 248 Liles, Susan Edith 248 Lillard, 79. 2.30 Lilly. Ashton Wilson 200 Lincoln. Mary 248 Lindau. Sara 179 Lindeman. Martha 248 Linds.iy. Linda Gray 2.30 Lindsey. Raven Dail 230 Lineback. Brenda Kaye 230 Link. Linda Kay 248 Link. Linda Kaye 248 Linker. Susan 248 Linn. Ann Douglas 248 Lipp. Karla Sokol 179 Lisk. Peggy Joanne 2.10 Lisk. Susan Anne 230 Litten. Roxic Ann 179 Little. Barbara Lynn 230 Little. Brenda 248 Little. Patricia 248 Little. Sandra Carol 212 Littleton. Beverly 248 Livengood, Patricia 248 Liverman. Kay Camille 179. 138 Livingston. Jean 248 Livingston. Muriel 257 Llewellyn. Dara 248 Lloyd. Anne 248 Lloyd. Avis 230 Lobdell. Elizabeth 212 Locke. Judy 248 Locke. Pamela Elmeda 231 Lotland. Marian 231 Loggans. Lateena 248 Lohin. Mary Elaine 231 Lohr. Janice Carol 262 Lomax. James Ray 79. 231 Long. Alicia Lois 231 Long. Betty Anne 248 Long. Christina 212 Long. Judy Alise 248 Long. Karen Dene 248 Long. Nancy Ann 248 Long. Paula Lynn 179 Longinotti. Synrhia 248 Lonsdale. Judith 248 Looney. Carolyn 212. 83 Louis. Andrea Leslie 212 Love. Mearlyn 212 Love. Nancy 248 Love. Rowena Ann 179 Lovell. Martha 231 Lowder. Margaret 212 Lowe. Camilla 248 Lowe. Malinda 212 Lowery. Janice 248 Lowry. Pamela Anne 248 Lucas. Annie Poston 179 Lucas. Hope Knight 212 Ludlum. Rebecca 231. 81 Ludwig. Meredith 248. 85 Ludwig. Nancy Ann 248 Luna. Judith 248 Lundy. Patncia Anne 179 Luther. Carrie 248 Luther. James David 248 Lyerly. Beverly Jean 231 Lyerly. Ginger Leona 231 Lynn. Rebecca 212 L.von. Vaiden Rebecca 248 M Mabcs. Patricia 231 Macbryde. Phyllis 248 Mackay. Joan Marie 18 Mackay. Judith 248 Ma Patri I 257 Madeley. Claudia 180 Madden. Margaret 180 Madison. Marjorie 212 Magnant. Sharon Mary 212 MahalTey. Joyce Ann 181 Mahaffey. Millie 248 Mahaney. Claudia 248 Mallan. Patricia 248 Malmquist. Gwendolyn 212 Malone. Hulda Ann 248 Mandl. Lesley Ruth 248 Mangionc. Connie 248. 85 Mann, Branda Sue 231 Mann, Sarah 231 Mansky, Phyllis 248 March, Laura Kaye 248 Marcher, Marilyn 248 Ma aldir Linda Lee 231 Ma: , Ela ! 231 Marion, Pamela Gwyn 231 Marks, Marilyn Ray 212 Marler, Linda Sue 248 Marley, Diane Hyldahl 181 Mars, Pamela Lynn 82, 212, 200 Marshall, Janet Kyle 181 Marshall, Linda 181 Markham. Sally 231 Martin, Barbara Ann 231 Martin, Bruce McClure 248 Martin, Elizabeth 212 Martin. John 231 Martin. Judith 181 Ma Ma Martin. Mary Beth 181 Martin. Mickey Seaward 231 Martin, Penelope Ann 157. 181 Martin, Sandra Lynn 231 Martin. Victoria 141, 181 Marvin. Kathryn 212 Masalonis. Margaret 231 Masli. Patsy Jean 231 Maslie. Linda 181 Mason. Frances Nan 219 Mason. Linda Sue 231 Mason. Lynna Jean 248 Mason. Marjorie 231 Mason. Phyllis 219 Massey. Rebecca 231 Massie. Jane Miller 231 Masuhr. Nancy Ann 212 Malheson, Georgia 181 Mathews. Marjorie 181 Malhis. Jeri Paige 231 Matthews, Alice 181 Matthews. Glenda Faye 182 Matthews. Jeanne 182 Matthews. Nancy 231 Matthews. Sharyn Mac 249 Matlhcwson. Mary 248 Mattox. Martha 231 Maxwell, Mary 248 Maxwell, Sheila Ann 146, 212. 58 May. Betty Franklin 182 Mayberry. Frances 231 Mayes. Brenda Jean 182 Mayhew. Sandra Ann 231 Mays. Deborah Jane 248 Mc Mcadoo. Larry Leroy 79. 212 McAllister. Joan 179 McAllister. Kathryn 248 McBrayer. Margaret 231 McBride. Loretta 212 McCain. Gwendolyn 212 McCall. Patricia 231 McCallum. Eleanor 212 McCallum. Susan 238. 248 McCanless. Mildred Sue 179 McCanless. Minnie 212 McCann, Vickie 231 McCarley. Margaret 231 McCarn. Nancy Gale 212 McCarter. Glorida Jean 179, 139 McCaskill. Myrtrice 232 McCaskill. Nancy 212 McCaskill, Wanda 248 McClure, Joan Marie 212 McCollum, Alice 232 McCollum, Linda 232 McCombs. Mary Beth 248 McConnel. Judith 179 McCrackan. Frances 179 McCracken. Mary Susan 179 McCuddin. Sharon 231 McCullouck. Margaret 232 McDaniel. Dons Anna 248 McDaniel. Janice 232 McDonald. Judy Ann 180 McDonald, Margaret 249 McDonald, Mary 249 McDonald. Susan 181) McDoweU. Helen Gueth 156. 180 McDowell. Marion 212 McElwee. Elizabeth 232 McFadden. Anne Carol 180 McFarland, Barbara 249 McFarland. Judy 180 McFarland, Shirley 249 McGalliard, Susan 212 McGee, Pansy Yvonne 212, 83 McGougan, Dorothy 249 McGregor. Catherine 232 Mclnnis, Nancy Louise 180 Mclver. Jane 180 McKeithan, Kent 212 McKenzie. Patricia 232 McKcown, Adella Mae 219 McLaughlin. Cynthia 249 McLean. Katherine 212 McLean. Kathryn 249 McLean. Linda Anne 249 McLean. Lois Ann 180. 146 McLean. Martha 249 McLendon. Barbara 249 McLedd, Cathy June 232 McLendon, Pamela 212 McLeod, Rebecca Lynn 180 McLcod, Sue Graham 180 McLoud. Mary Linda 232 McLoud. Patricia 212 McLurd. Cathy 232 McMahan. Blanche 180 McMahon. Roxie 180 McMillan. Jane Ann 212 McMillan Patsy Jo 249 McMillan. Sandra 180 McMillan. Shirley 232 McNairy. Joan Evelyn 212 McNaull. Jennie 249 McNeill, Rebecca 249 McRary. Betty Sue 232 McWhirter. Frances 76. 77 Meacham. Sally Lane 212 Meadows. Judy Ann 262 Meares. Irene 249 Medford. Martha Kay 232 Medlin. Mary Avelene 182. 135 Mehring. Susan Ellen 182 Meier. Nancy 249 Meiere. Janet Carolyn 182 Meiggs. Dana 212 Melville. Georgia Ann 212 Melvin. Elizabeth 182 Memory. Julie Ann 212 Mendenhall. Susan 232 Meredith. Evelyn 212 Mermelstem, Myra 249 Meyland. Sarah Jocelyn 182 Mickelsen. Patricia 232. 220 Migliore. Johnny 249 Milam. Margaret 232 Mllby, June 249 Milchin. Sharon 213, 213 Miles. Judie Ann 249 Miller. Betty Elaine 213 Miller. Bonnie Anita 213 Miller. Brenda Kay 249 Miller. Bronah Jane 249 Miller. Diane 249 Miller. Frances 213 Miller. Linda Faye 232 Miller. Marion 232 Miller. Nellie Kaye 232. 80 Miller. Patricia 249 Miller. Rebecca 232 Miller. Rita Brice 182 Miller. Sandra Kay 249 Miller. Sarah Ellen 249 Mills. Dora Elizabeth 249 Mills. Janice Carol 232 Mil 1 249 Misenheimer, Martha 213 Mitchell. Donna 232 Mitchell, Kay Kincaid 232 Mitchell, Pamela Ann 249 Mitchell. Shirley 213 Mitchell. Susan Hunter 182 Mitchiner. Judith 232 Mitchiner. Mary 249 Mitchum. Meredith 213.199 Mizell. Mary 249 Moffilt. Lucinda 262 Moffitt. Virginia 232 Montray. Mary Lynn 249 Moon. Margaret Wise 249 Moon. Rachel Anne 213 Mooney. Mary Frances 249 Moore. Alice Raye 213 Moore. Barbara 249 Moore. Betty Anne 232 Moore. David Bruce 60.249 182 . Dorothy 232 , John Charles 249 , Jo Anne 262 Student Index Moorer, Marilyn 232 Moose, Catherine Jean 182 Moose, Frances 232 Morehead, Ann 232 Morelz, Wanda 249 Morgan, Ann Ophelia 249 Morgan, Candace 257 Morgan, Joyce Marie 249 Morgan, Margaret Anne 183 Morgan, Marian A. 249 Morgan, Ruth Dodd 183 Morris, Agnes Marie 183 Morris, Donna E. 233 Morris, Joyce Anne 233 Morris, Judy 233 Morris. Lucrelia E. 233 Morris. Mary Catherine 233 Morris. Patricia Rae 85.149 Morrisett. Rebecca A- 249 Morrison. Emmalyn T, 249 Morrison. Frances R. 249 Morrison, Mary G. 233 Morissey. Dorothy L. 233 Morton, Bobbie Ann 262 Morton, Donna Jan 233 Morton. Mary Elizabeth 183 Moschler. Anne M. 249 Mo . Ja : 249 Moorefield, PhyUis 262 Moss. Patricia L. 233 Mosteller, Patricia K. 233 Mosteriz. Barbara A. 249 Motley. Ann G. 212 Motley. Cheryl Ann 212 Moulton. Jean F. 183 Moulton. M.itilyn G 233 Mowrer. Linda 249 Mueller. Helen Leigh 233 Muir, Anne Lee 183 Mularczyk. Arlene 213 Mullfis, Atha Elaine 213 Mullis. Kitty Lou 213 Mullis, Mary E. 249 Mundhenke. Jeanne L. 233 Munn Carol E, 249 Murphrey. Elizabeth H. 233 Murphy. Betty Lou 233 Murphy. Dorothy E. 249 Murphy. Elizabeth G, 249 Murphy. Sandra Jean 233 Murray. Ellen R, 233 Murray. Mary Rebecca 213.199 Murray. Mary Teresa 233 Musgrave. Judy Diane 249 Myatt. Elizabeth A. 233 Myers. Leslie Ann 233 Myers. Mary Ruth 156.183 Myers, Priscilla J. 249 Myers. Sherry Leigh 249 Myers. Sherry Smith 183 Myers. Teresa L. 213 Myrick. Paula Jean 139 157 183 N Nagler. Rebecca A. 233 Nailling. Joan Cary 183 Nance. Beverly Sue 262 Nance. Sherry Lynn 233 Napier. Francia 249 Napier. Mary Alexis 213 Nash. Martha Anne 249 Nash, Rachael Anne 249 Naylor, Martha Sue 233 Neal. Marcia Kay 262 Neal. Sandra Mane 183 Neely. Deborah Ann 249 Neff. Catherine E. 213 Neighbors. Brenda G. 213 Nelms. Sandra Gay 233 Nelson. Carolyn Polk 183 Nelson. Woodie Kaye 183 Nenadal. Phyllis Edna 249.85 Nesbitt, Kathleen M. 213 Neskaug, Linda Ruth 213 Nester. Anna Louise 213 Newman, Dana E. 214 Newton, Judy P. 214 Nicks, Mariana 214 Nim, Laura Joyce 214 Nixon, Sandra Faye 250 Noah, Clara Stroud 233 Noah, Lillian J. 262 Noah, Pamela Kay 214 Noble, Carolyn L, 233 Nodtvedt. Paula Lee 250 Nolen. Carolyn L. 250 Norcom. Mary Ann 250 Norfleet. Emylou M. 233 Norman. Elizabeth Moir 82,183 Norman. Dianne J. 262 Norman. Joyce E. 250 Norman. Kay Marie 250 Norns. Barbara Lee 183 Norris. Jacquelyn 250 Norton, Susan P 262 Norwood, Susan L. 250 Nowell. Marilyn L. 250 Nunn. Linda Kay 184 Nussbaum, Barm Rose 214 Nussbaum, Brenda 233 Gates, Janice Lynn 250 O ' Brianl. Palrida 250 O ' Brien. Betty Lou 214 Odham. Sandra Jean 250 Odora. Cheryl Frances 250 Student Index Odom. Chervl Marie :.13 Odom. Sara Frances 198.214 Oehman. Carol Ann 184 Offner. Karen Lee 81.214 Olive. Genevieve Gail 184 Oliver. Sandra Lee 2.13 Oliver. Thomisene 233 O ' Neal. Alice Susan 233 O ' Neal. Margaret I. 233 O ' Ouinn. Frankie S. 250.85 O ' Quinn. Sally K. 250 Orlo 233 Orr. Gail Frances 250 Osborne. June G. 250 Ostrum. Linda Ann 250 Outlaw, Martha Ann 233 Overcash. Cynthia A. 250 Overcash. Lucy Lorene 184 Overcash. Sylvia E. 250 Overlin. Michelle A. 250 Overman. Glennie Kaye 184 Overton. Sydney 214 Owen. Betty Anne 184 Owen. Revonda Gaye 250 Owenby. Sarah K. 250 Owens. Barbara Sue 214 Owens. Jennifer C. 250 Packard. Linda E. 233 Packer. Rebecca June 214 Padcett. James H. 250 Padgett. Priscilla C 250 Page. Ann Victoria 233 Pait. Jane Thompson 214 Palmer. Polly Anna 250 Paoli. Donna Jeanne 184 Pappamihiel. C. 214 Parcell. Carol Ann 184 Parham. Sharon G. 250 Park. Edith Lindsay 214 Park. Joan Frances 184 Parker. Barbara Ann 253 Parker. Frances Lee 184 Parker. Katherine B. 233 Parker. Mary Hope 214 Parker. Susan 233 Parks. Elizabeth Ann 233 Parks. Gloria Ann 250 Parks. Patricia 233 Pamell. Mary Emily 233 Parr. Judith Fay 185 Parris. Mary 250.85 Parrish. Claire 185 Parrish. Janice 250 Parrish. Loraine 138.214 Parrish. Phyllis Jean 233 Parry. Ann Elizabeth 185 Parthemos. Katina 233 Paschal. Vivian Dale 250 Pate. Marilyn 214 Patrick. Virginia 250 Patterson. Carol Sue 250 Patterson. Emily 214 Patterson. Patricia 214 Patterson. Sarah 250 Patterson. Terie 185 Palton. Mary Carolyn 214 Pavlik, Barbara 233 Payne. Jane Ellen 214 Payne. Margaret Jane 185 Payne. Ruby Lee 214 Paynok. Mary 250 Peach. Susan Leslie 250 Peacock. Anne 250 Peacock. Nancy Kay 250 Pearson. Fitzi Ann 250 Pearson. Myrtle 233 Peatross, Frieda Dell 214 Peavy, Deidre Jan 233 Peavy. Vicki Renec 250 Pcckworth, Barbara 156.185 Peddycord. Barbara 250 Peebles. Sharon 250 Peed. Lucy lola 250 Peeler. Nancy 185 Peeples. Jan 185 Peeples. Janet K. 233 Peery. Linda Jane. 233 Pegram. Barbara 257 Pegram. Joan D. 250 Pell. Gwyn 214 Pelser. Sandra Lee 250 Penderpratt. Wanna S. 233 Pendergrjss. Linda 250 Penderprass. Penny 214 Penland. .Amelia 233 Penman. Deborah Anne 250 Pennington. Kay P. 185 Perkins, Jewell D. 250 Perkins. Pauline E. 250 Perry, Marcia Corile 185 Perry. Nancy 250 Perry. Patricia Lee 185 Perry. Sandra Aileen 185 Perry. Suda Katherine 233 Ferryman. Karen 250 Peters. Virginia 233 Peterson, Betty Lou 214 Petree. Linda Anne 214 Petrehn. Janet Lou 250 Pettus. Gloria Jane 214 Pharr. Jennifer Ann 219 Pharr. Barbara 250 Phelps. Catherine 250 Phifer. Frances Mane 250 Phillips. Alice West 76,78.141,185 Phillips, Amelia 233 Phillips, Connie Lynn 215 Phillips, Edith 233 Phillips, Gena 250 Phillips, Lynn 215 Phillips, Marion Hope 250 Phillips, Mary 250 Phillips, Nancy 215 Phillips, Patricia 234 Phipps. Harold Wayne 234 Pickens. Linda Ann 234 Pierce. Carol Ann 185 Pierce. Dewala 185 Pierce. Marion Ann 215 Pigolt. Diane P. 215 Pinnell. Beverly J. 185.57 Pinnix. John 82.154 Pittman. Gayle 234 Pittman, Raye Marie 215 Plemmons, Peggy 215 Plonk, Linda Ellen 250 Plummer, Andrea 234 Poe, Linda Jean 250 Poe. Shirley Lee 234 Poe, Tonia Sharlene 234 Pohl, Nancy V. 234 Polk, Barbara Jeanne 215 Polk, Susan Frances 234 Pollard, Gayle 185 Pollard, Phyllis 262 Pollock, Mary Kale 185 Pool, Mary Katherine 185 Poole, Carol Evelyn 219 Poole, Katheryn 250 Poole, Laura Virginia 185 Poole. Margaret L. 186 Poole, Margaret Rin 234 Pope, Dorothy 250 Pope, Kathleen Seawell 186 Pope, Linda Joyce 250 Poplin, Judy Gail 234 Porter, Anne Baldwin 251 Porto, Susan M 234 Posey, Margaret C. 215 Posey, Zenia Florence 186 Poteat, Lmda S. 251 Poleel, Lois Zena 186 Potts. Mary Lynne 251 Powell. June Diana 234 Powell. Mary Beveret 234 Powers, Jan Sherry 262 Powers, Luida Ann 186 Powers. Phyllis Marie 251 Prather. Ashley 251 Pra ■ 251 Pratt. Jane Blue 234 Pratt. Julie Maude, 251 Pratt, Penelope 234 Pratt, Penelope Jean 215 Prescott, Susan 234 Presnell, Henrietta 186 Pressly, Penelope 251 Presson, Dale Terry 251 Prevett, Margaret 215 Prevost, Marsha Lynn 215 Price , Anne Perry 81 Price, Ehzabeth Ann 215 Price, Fredia Jane 215 Price, Judith 250 Price, Mary Ethel 251 Price : 215 Price, Rosemary 258 Prince Susan 77,186 Prmce. Ursula 251 Pringle. Carleen Jane 21 Pritchard, Kathryn 215 Pritchard. Lillian 251 Pritchett. Lydia Ann 215 Prizio. Judith Ann 251 Proctor. Sue Ellen 186 Propst. Myra Ann 234 Propsl. Pamela Diane 25 Proseus. Richard 234 Pusey. Phyllis 215 Pusson. Dale 251 Putnam. Dons 251 Putnam. Elva Ann 186 Pyrant. Judith Carol 186 Query. Margaret 262 Query. Marion Elaine Quinn. Patricia J. 251 R Raines. Claudia Ann 258 Rainey, Reginia 234 Rakestraw, Doria Dean 234 Raney, Dale Hansard 215, 13: Ramberg, Deborah 251 Ramsbotham, Sibyl Ann 251 Ramsey, Martha V. 251 Randall, Irma Jean 215 Randall. Sandra 251 Ra 186 Rash. Barbara Ruth 251 Ratchtfe. Anna Beryl 234 Raup, Katherine 234 Rawding, Ann Merrill 215 Raw Nancy Jo : 251 Ray, Anna Kale 234 Ray, Andrea Marie 155,186 Ray, Laura Susan 251 Ray. Margaret 251 Ray, Margaret Simmons 25 Ray, Nan Hurley 215 Ray, Sybd J. 215 Reaves, Donna Joy 234 Rebalka, Sandra 251 Redden, Jane Evelyn 215 Redding, Brenda Gay 251 Reddmg, Martha Jane 234 Recce, Brenda Anne 234 Reed, Barbara 186 Reed, Josephine 251 Reed, Jane Hays 186 Reed, Marcella 234 Reeder, Janet 215 Regan, Katryna 251 Regan, Rebecca 234 Regensburg, Margaret 234 Register, Carolyn 215 Regis , Pair 215 in 234 Reid. Kemma Amelia 215 Reid. Phyllis 251 Reinhardt. Jane 234 Reinhardt, Lucy Gail 234 Renfro, Barbara Ann 187 Rentro, Patricia 234 Renn, Janice Marie 215 Reynolds, Bonita 251 Reynolds, Janet 215 Reynolds Molly Jean 251 Rezac, Lynn Carol 187 Rhodes, Joyce Leigh 251 Rhodes, Judith 251 Rhyne, AUce Rebecca 189,215 Rhyne, Emogene 262 Rhyne, Jessica 2.34 Rhyne, Linda Dean 215 Rice, Bonnie Lou 251 Rice, Patricia Ann 234 . Sha 251 187 Rice. Shelby Je; Rich. Christine 251 Rich. Nelda Elaine 215 Richards. Edith 251 Richardson. Jane 251 Richardson, Janice Sue 187 Richardson. Jean 234 Richardson. Ruby 251 Riddick. Margaret 234,82 Riddick, Norma Jean 251 Riddle, Laura Jane 234 Rldenour, Margaret 187,154 Ridei 1 251 234 Rider, Mary Olivia Rigney, Martha Mane 234 Rigsbee, Barbara Faye 234 Riley, Deborah Lee 251 Riley, Nancy Ruth 251 Rivenbark, Connie Lou 251 Rivers, Susan Anne 234 Roach, Carol Yvonne 187,81 Roach, Jo Anne 215,146 Ro.ine, Susan Caroll 234 Robbins, Elizabeth 234 Roberson, Jane Ellen 234 Roberts, Betty Jo 234 Roberts, Jonatha 215 Roberts. Marie Ann 234 Roberts. Pennie Ann 256.258 Robertson. Freida 251 Robertson. Mary Jane 215 Robinson. Ann 82.85.251,238 Robinson. Ava 251 Robinson. Dons 234 Robinson, John A. Jr. 79,234 Ro 257 Robinson, Linda 215 Robinson. Linda Lee 234 Robinson. Martha 234 Robinson. Dctavia 262 Rodgers. Catherine 215 Rodgers. Edna Lee 234 Rodgers. Jane Alice 234 Roessler. Kathleen 257 Rogers. Bargara 215 Rogers. Barbara Jean 262 Rogers. Donna Louise 187 Rogers, Janet Woody 257 Rogers, Jennifer Hope 257 Rogers, Merle 215 Rogers, Nancy Elaine 188 Rogers, Pamela 257 Rogers, Rebecca 234 Rogers, Sally Anne 235 Rogish, Virginia 235 RoUins, Linda Lee 257 Roop, Joalyn Elaine 215 Roos, Patricia Jane 215 Roscoe, Allison 257 Rosenblatt, Marcell 235,85 Rosenblum. Sylvia 251,85 ■ 235 Ross, Meredith 257 Rosso, Diane Barbara 235 Rountree, Rita 257 Rouse, Patricia Ann 235 Roulh, Donna 257 Routh, Nancy Kay 216 1 258 Rowe. Martha 2?5 Rcwc. Mary Susan 251 Rowe, Phyllis Ann 262 Rowens. Kalhryn 252 Rowland, Sarah 188 Rowland. Teresa Je Rowles. Jcannette 188 Royal, Margaret 216 Royals, Jennifer 251 Rudd, Margaret 188 Rudell. Patricia 252 Rule, Rebecca Kaye 216 Runlley, Mary Cheryl 235 Rumple, Leslie Ann 235 Rushing, Janet 216 Rus ' ■ 252 I. Frances Ela i, Sandra 235 .ell, Harriett 252 ;ell, Mary Ann 8C 1. Elizabeth 216 Saalfrank, Joan 235 Sadler, Joyce Lynn 188 Sadler, Sondra 135,235 Sain, Sara Kimberly 235 Sale. Donna Elizabeth 252 Sanders, Mary E. 252 Sanders. Mary Rulh 235 Sanders, Sandra Ann 152 Sanford. Victory 188 Sarlin. Ruby Pearl 83.188 Salterlield. Barbara 188 Satterfield. Brenda 252 Salterficld. Cynthia 235 Saunders. Doris 252 Saunders. Marsha 235 Saunders. Rose Anne235 Sawyer. Claudia Lee 235 Sawyer. Dorothy Belle 188. 1 50 Sawyer. Mary 235 Sayre, Pamela 216 Scarbrough, Jean 252 Scarborough, Mary 216 Schadel, Elizabeth Ann 188 Schaefer, Gail Karg 252 Schar, Kathleen Anne 188 Scheft. WiUiam 235 Scher. Linda Elaine 189 Schmidt. Michele 235 Schneider. Beverly 252.85 Schneider. Sandra 235 Schneidmiller. Kenneth 235 Schwartz. Judith 252 Scobey. Carolyn Lee 189 Scott. Betty Carol 216 Scott, Bonnie Jean 216 Scott. Judy Carol 216 Scott. Karrina Elaine 252 Scott. Margaret 189 Scott. Mary Alice 262 Scott. Velora Dare 262 Scott. Wilma Gay 235 ScolCen. Dawn Beth 235 Seagle. Susan Lynn 252 Sebastian. Judy Ann 235 Seehorn. Virginia 250. 80 Seely. Patricia Anne 252 Seitter. Laura K. 235 Senter. Margaret 252 Series. Grace Lewis 235 Sessoms. Sherrie 252 Settle, Mary 235 Settlemyre, Susan 62,216 Setzer, Donna 216 Selzer, Susan 252 Sexlon, Brenda 235 nthi£ 252 Sext Sexton, Laura Gail 252 Shank, Margaret 216 Shartf. Marjorie Ann 189,56 Sharon. Sandra Jane 232 Sharpe. Iris June 216 Sharpe. Virginia Ann 235 Shaw. Barbara 252 Shaw. Donna Leigh 252 .Shaw. Ruth Faison 252 Shearin. Barbara Jill 252 Shearin. Kathryn 216 Sliehan. Linda 252 Shelley, Catherine 216.57 Shcllon. Frances Lynne 189 Shcllon. Mary Ellen 189 Shcllon. Rebecca 252 Shellon. Sandra 252 Shepherd. Eugenia 252 Sheri I 252 Shcrrill. Calhy B. 235 Shetler. Myla Rulh 85.252 Shields. Joyce Elaine 62,189 Shimer. Pamela 235 Shipley. Agnes Gray 189 Shipley, Janie Davis 252 Shipman. Linda Irene 235 Shoat. Roberta Louise 235 Sho Vicki Ela 252 Short. Barbara 252.85 Showfety. Teresa 216 Shue, Sylvia Ruth 252 Sidelinger. Joan 252 Sides. Janis Laneth 236 Sicgel, Edylhe Joan 216 Sigma, Brenda Allen 216 Sigmon, Jane Ikerd 236 Sigmon, Judith Kay 236 Sigmon, Wanda Holland 236 Simmons. Betly Mae 189 nnie Gayle 216 . Ja 236 IS. Judy Gale 236 Simpson. Martha Helen 189 Simpson. Mary Lamar 236 Simpson. Shirley 85 Sinclair, Mary 252 Singlelary. Linda 252 Singlelary. Sandra 49,53,236 Sink. Barbara 252 Sinica, Joan Enrighl 236 Sipsis, Lula 262 Sisson, Lesley Ann 189 Sisly, Patricia 252 Silz, Lai 1 216 Sjogren, Jane 77,236 Skidds, Linda Lee 216 Skinner, Marjorie 189 Skoglund, Jul Slade. Sandra 216 Slade. Susan Narona Slawter. Carol Sue 2; Sloan. Lynda Pauline Sloop. Jane Reid 236 Slover. Sherry Susan Small. Mar 189 236 Smart. Pearline 236 Smith. Alecia Bertha 252 Smith. Amelia Jane 216 Smith. Barbara 189.157 Smith. Brenda Kaye 216 Smith, Carolyn 236 Smith. Carolyn S. 252 Smith. Cecelia 252 Smith. Danne 252 Smith. Diane Eva 236 Smith. Gary 236 Smith. Helen Frances 259 Smith. Jacqueline 252 Smith. James 236 Smith. Jeanelte 216 Smith. Joey Lisbelh 236 Smith. Judith 252 Smith. Judy Carol 2.36 Smith. Kathleen P. 236 Smith, Kathryn R. 216 Smith. Kalhryne T. 216 Smith. Kathy Lynn 252,85 Smith, Lila Ann 189 lilh, Linda Gr; Smith, Linda Lee 216 Smith, Lucinda Ford, 190 Smith. Marilyn Jane 190.156 Smith. Marjorie 236 Smith. Palricia Ann 216 Smith, Patricia Ann 252 Smith, Palricia Lee 252 Smith, Patricia Lynda 77, 190 Student Index Smith. Peg iy Dupree 236 Smilh. PrisciLla 258 Sniich. Rachel 19U Smith. Rhotida Ann 236 Smith. Roslyn 252 Smith. Sherry Roe 262 Smith. Susan A. 190,155.81 Smith. Susan Frances 216 Smith. Susan Clarke 2.36 Smith. Susan Caudle 84.190 Smith. Sylvia Gail 236 Smith. Terry Diane 216 Smith, Terry Lynn 216 Smith. Thomas Clifton 79.190 Smith. Vivian 252 Smithey, Alica Ann 216 Snavcly, Barbara 216.81 Snavely, Celia Ann 252 Sneed, Marion Ann 236 Snider, Donna Elise 236 Snider, Mary Jean 252 Snider, Shirley Gayle 252 Snow, Linda Faye 252 Snyder, Frances 190 Snyder, John N. Jr. 252 Solloway. Harry 252 Somers. Dorothy Marie 190 Sorgi. Donna 78.236 Sorkin. Mona 190 Sorrell. Brenda Diane 253 Southworth. Nancy 190 Spadanuta, Connie Lee 236 Sparkman. Jackie 190 Sparrow. Teresa Jane 216 Sparer. Dorothy Ann 190 Speed. Cheryl Pauline Spencer. Earlene 236 Spivey. Glenn 236 Spradley. Sandra 253 Spratl. Choice Towley 190 Sprinkle. Karen 236 Sprinkle. Terry Lynn 59.199,216 Spruill. Billie 216 Spruill. Anila Gay 237 Spruill. Melanie Anne 190.82 Slacy. Sandra Graham 253 Stadelmaier. Christine 237 Sladermann. Barbara 237 Slalcy. Barbara 253.80 Stallines. Judith 216 Stallings. Susan Kay 253 Standi. Patricia 237 Stanfield. Jeanne 191 Stanfield, Linda 216 Stanfield, Mary 253 Stanford, Martha Ann 253 Stanford, Nancy Jean 216 Stanley, Barbara 216,80 Stanley, Beverly 191 Stanley, Linda 236 Stanley. Mary Lynn 258 Slarling. Patricia 253 Slarnes. Sarah 191 Staton. Jane 237 Staton, Martha Ann 82,216 Staton, Mary Jill 253 Slaudenmaier, Janet 237 Steele, Anna Louise 253 Steele, Sharyn 253 Slcclman, Diane 253 Stegall, Marilyn 191 Steiner, Dale Carol 253 StcU, Jean 191 Stephens, Dorothy Day 253 Stephens. Rochelle 237 Stephenson. Carolyn 216 Stern, Susan Audrey 216 Stevens, Mary Emma 253 Stevenson. Lois Jean 216 Stevenson, Roberta 253 Stewart, Cenia Joyce 85,253 Stewart, David Joseph 217 Stewart, Linda Lou 253 Stewart, Mary 237 Stewart, Phillip 253 Stewart. Rebecca 253 Stiner. Carole Ann 78.191 Stimpson, Louise 237 Stmson, Elizabeth 217 Stipek, Beth Ann 237 Stirewalt, Emmclla 191 Stocks, Betty Gray 253 Stokes, Corrina Gant 191 Stone, Carolyn 253 Stone, Mary Ellen 253 Stone, Susan Estelle Stoudenmire, Linda 253 Stout. Janet Bogss 191 Stover. Sharon Jean 237 Slowe. Mary Anne 262 Slowell, Sandra 262 Straughn. Dorothy 253 Strayhorn, Patsy 258 Stri I 237 Strickland. Betty 253 Strickland. Brenda 217 Strickland, Tamara 237 Stroble, Mary Ann 85,253 Stroud, Lucy 253 Stroud, Mary Sharon 253 Stroud, Susan Lee 253 Stroup, Mary Susan 237 Stroupe, Rebecca 237 Stuart, Julie Fellows 60,156,192 Stumpf, Robert Alan 237 Sturdivant, Judy 217 Slursis, Sybil Ann 237 Stutls. Barbara Ann 237 Sulli Ha 217 1. Susan Jean 217 Deborah Sue 237 Betsy Arts 237 Ma . 217 Summer, Lila Elizabeth 192 Summers, Claudia 262 Supulski, Gwendolyn 237,80 Surber, Beth Ann 192.199 Suter. Elizabeth Ann 253 Sutherland. Barbara 253 Sutherland. Bonnie 253 Sutphin. Ellen 253 Sutton. Linda 237 Swaim, Roddy Jean 217 Sha 217 Swanlund, Sara 253 Swann. Judith 192 Swanson. Beverley 237 Swanson. Julie 237 Swaringen. Linda 217 Swayngim. Sue 217 Sweet. Deborah Ann 237 Sweet, Lois Elaine 192 Swicegood, Barbara 192 Swicegood, Cheryl 253 Swink, Patricia Ann 192 Swiss, Andrea Jane 192 Swofford, Lena Mane 192 Swoflord, Mary 217 Synan. Martha Jean 253 Sykes, Lynn Hamilton 192 Sykes, Margaret 237 Szenasy, Wanda Ann 193 Szperski, Ellen 237 Do 191 Sle Elizabeth 191,57 Talt. Elizabeth 253 Talbc t, Brenda Gayl 253 Talley , Maude Jourda n 193 Talto , Mary Lillie 2 7 Tanne r, Barbar Lee 217 Tanne r, Carolyr Lee 253 Tarltc n. Betty J o 217 Tarltc n. Donna Kay 17 Tarltc n. Paula 53 Tart. Mary Hoi 217 Tate. Miriam 237 Tate. Mary Jane 253 Tatro, Edward Ray 237 Taylor. Afalda Julia 217 Taylor. Anita Ellen 217 Taylor. Barbara Ann 193 Taylor. Barbara Sue 237 Taylor. Catherine Ann 217 Taylor. Dons Garner 258 Taylor. Janice 237 Taylor, Jane Williams 155 Taylor, Jennifer Anne 217 Taylor, Martha Jo 253 Taylor, Martha W. 253 Taylor, Mary Kay 217 Taylor, Mary Patricia 231 Taylor. Robbie Diane 193 Taylor. Sara Ann 234 Taylor. Susan Lynn 237 Teague. Lelia Hope 237 Teague, Nancy Gail 253 Teague, Nancy Gail 253 Teague, Phyllis 253 Temple, Jo Ann 217 Temple. Mary 219 Templeton. Avery 217 Templelon, Faye 237 Tepper. Fern 193 Terrell. Sharon 217 Terry. Becky Jane 253 Terry, Paula Kaye 237 Thacker. Charles 237 Thaxton, Martha 219 Theep, Hilary 237 Tho Anit : 218 Thomas. Darlene 254 Thomas. Carolyn 193 Thomas. Joyce Young 193 Thomas, Linda Lou 193 Thomas, Mary Alice 218 Thomas Mary D, 253 Thomas, Susan Larue 193 Thomas, Wanda Loui Thomason, Ruth Ann 193 Thomasson, Nancy Sue 2 Thompson, Anthony 193 Thompson. Belly 253 Thompson. Charlottcc 19 Thompson. Demlordia 23 253 Tho 193 193 Thompson, Kathryn Fa ' Thompson, Rebecca 237 Thome, Sharyn 258 Thornton, Eileen 193 Thornton, Emilie Susan 193 Thornton, Marie Thorp, Jacqueline 258 Thorud, Mary Gardner 218 Throckmorton, Carolyn 254 Tietz, Virginia Ann 218 Tillman. Mary 262 Tillmen. Vivian Lee 237 Timmons. Karen June 254,85 Tinkler, Sara Jane 218 Tobaru, Kazue 218 Todd, Brenda Pearl 193 Todd. Mary 1 ranees 82.193 Todd. Sandra Hall 218 Todd. Sandra Willcen 193 Todd. Susan Davis 218 Torrencc. Carolyn 254 Towe. Elizabeth 254 Trammel. Lujuanne 218 Trammell. Anne 254 Tremitiere. Diane 257,193 Trivelte, Frances 194 Trivette, Patricia 262 Tnvette, Joyce 194 Troy, Diane Faye 254 Tucker, Carole Brandon 194 Tucker, Cherry Lynn 194 Tucker, Edith Juanita 194 Tudor, Glenda Joyce 157,194 Tunstall, Frances 254 Turlington, Nancy Lee 254 Turner. Barbara 254 Turner. Beatrice 49.57,194 Turner. J.anet 262 Turner, Manan 254 Turner, Sandra Sue 194 Turner, Sonja 194 Turner, Sylvia 218 Turtle, Rebecca 254 Tuttle, Wanda 262 Twining, Alice 254.85 Tynch. Margaret 254 Tyndall. Ann Denny 254 Tyndall. Jane 239 Tysinger. Nancy Kay 81,218 U Ulosevich, Steve Nils 74 Umstead. Imelda Mane 254 Underdown. Carol Ann 237 Underwood. Kay Bosl 254 Underwood. Virginia 194 Untz. Andrea Fay 194 Upright, Maty Levon 194 Vaincourt. Martha 218 Vanclief. Elizabeth 254 Vandcnburg. Clarissa 194 Vanderschaaf. Anita 194 Van Home. Janice 194 Vann, Barbara Anne 254 Vann. Nancy Lou 199.218 Varner. Margie 254 Vaughn. Judy Lynn 195 Vaughn. Barbara Jean 194 Vaughn. Barbara A. 254 Vaughn. Judy Aileen 194 Veach. Sylvia Sue 262 Vernon. Linda June 237 Vincent. Alice Gray 77,195 Vickery Brenda Kay 254 Vieweg. Patricia Anne 254 Vinroo;, Georgia 254 Vogler, Carol 254 Vollmcr. Karen Elaine 254 W Wapger. Susan Heide 254 Wagner, Dorothy 218 Wagner. Phyllis Ann 195 Wagoner. Jenny 195 Wakefield. Marsha 195 Wakefield. Sharon 262 Walden. Carlin Ann 218 Waldron. Donya 218 Walker. Anita 254 Walker. Elizabeth 155.195 Walker. Sandra Jean 254 Walker, Sylvia 254 Wall, Delbra Jo 218 Wall. Linda Carroll 254 Wall. Rebecca Jane 254 Wallace. Mary Ann 262 Wallin. Virginia 85.254 Wally. Carol Ann 237 Walsh. Julia Rowe 254 Walsh. Patricia 218 Walston. Judy Karol 218 Wang, Louisa Tsang 195 Ward. Brenda Faye 262 Ward. Calvin 237 Ward, Evelyn Frances 254 Ward. Jane Ann 135 Ward. Lauren 254 Ward. Susan 254 Ward. Virginia 218 Warfford. Donna Jane 254 Watlick. Mary 254 Warren Beverly Jane 254 Warren, linda 254 Warren. Willie Lee 218 Wascher. Sandra 218 Washam. Deborah 254 Wasserman, Anita 258 Waters. Alice 195 Waters. Kristina 254 Waters. Sylvia Ann 254 Watkins. Shirley Ann 218 Watry. Barbara Ann 73 W .itson. Anne Marie 200,218 W.ilson. Diana Eugene 195 W.icson. Frances 254 Watson. Martha Ellen 218 Watson. Mary Sue ni. 195 Marilvn 195.154 W atts, Rebecca Sue 195 Weathe rs Ella 254 Weathers. Gwendolyn 195 Weathers. Marion 254 Weaver. Henri Anne 254.85 Weaver. Monette Anne 195 Webb. Janice Anne 254 Webb. Joyce Hasell 141 Weber. Barbara Marie 218 Weber. Gail Sandra 195 Weeks. Mary Frances 254 Weeks. Margie Grey 254 Weeks. Sylvia Lula 218 Welch. Nancy Ellen 218 Welling. Pamela 254 Wells, Barbara 254 Wells. Virginia Ann 196 Wesley. Barbara 235 West. Sarah Jo 254 West 254 West. Vonda Lynette 262 Wester. Joyce Ann 254 Wetherington. Barbara 218 Wetherington. Cora 237 Whalen. Peggy 218 Wharton. Kathleen 196 Wheless. Trudy Joyce 218 Whetstine. Nancy Ly 196 Whi! I 254 Whitaker. Gilda 254 Whitaker. Hettie 254 Whitaker. Linda Joyce 254 White. Brenda Sherrill 196 White. Cary Helen 196 White. Kathryn 196.74 Whit Whit. Whiti Whit Ma . Ma 255 Whitehurst. Edith 218 Whitley. Judy Irene 255 Whitley. Linda 255 Whitener. Margaret 255 Whitley. Donna 196 Whitlock. Susan 255 Whilt. Doris Alberta 218 Whitt. Linda 255.85 Whitt. Nancy Helen 218 Whittle. Gary Lynn 196,76.79 Wicker. Sarah Abby 196.135 Wickholm, Barbara 196 Widcner. Judith 255 Wiegardt, Elizabeth 218 Wiesner, Sally Jo 196 Wiggs, Mary Dozier 255 Wilbern, Sue 255 Wilkinson, Judith Ann 255 Wilkinson. Lynne 255 Willcox, JUl 255 Willett, Nancy 255 Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willian Willuan Willian Willian Willian Ann 255 Anda 237 Bonnie 255 , Collete 255 Hilda 218 Julia 196 Ka . Linda 237 . Margaret 218.99 . Martha Jane 262 . Mary 155 . Mildred 255 . Phyllis 255 , Rebecca G. 255 , Royce Ann 196 . Shirley 218 on. Ann 218 on. Emily 255 on, Susan 104 Williamson. Virginia 255 Willis. Susan Beth 255 Wilmcr. Emily 255 Wilson. Alton Graves 255 Wilson. Bessie 218.81 Wilson, Brenda Gail 255 Wilson, Debra Laverne 25 Wilson, Donna Lee 262 Wilson, Gray 255 Wilson, Ann Pickett 196 Wilson, Linda Diane 255 Wilson, Linda Kaye 218 Wil.son, Linda E. 219 Wilsi , Ma ' 219 Wilson, Mary Linda 255 Wilson, Mary Lynn 219 Wilson, Pamela 255,49.53 Wilson, Rebecca 237 Wilson, Rebecca J. 255 Winchester, Paula 219 Wingate, Sandra Caudle 197 Winslead, Linda 197 Winslead, Nancy 218 Winston, Susan Maury 219 Winters, Ann Veronica 219 Withers, Rebecca 262 Wolf, Sandra Gail 219 Wolf, Barbara 255 Wolfe, Frances Leslie 255 Wolfe, Glenda Ann 255 Wolfe, Linda Louise 258.57 Wolfe, Malinda Kay 197 Wollman, Sandra Lynn 255,85 Womble, Gail 255 Wood, Carolyn Ann 197 Wood, Jcralyn Ann 255 Wood, Linda 255 Wood, Rebecca 255 Woodruff, Sera 219 Woodward, Cynthia Jobe 219 Woodward, Harriet 219 Woody. Ann Victoria 255 Wooslcy. Patricia 255 Wooten. Anna Joyce 255 Wooten. Kay 219 Workman. Dolana 258 Workman. Sharon 255 Worley. Abbie Lenora 197 Worz. Jane Carol 219 Wrenn. Emily 262 Wrenn. Tanya Sue 219 Wright. Gail Catherine Wright. Jane McCall 219 Wright. Jane Elaine 197 Wright. Judith Ellen 197,157 Wright, Martha 219 Wright. Rebecca 219 Wright. Reida 255 Wyrick. Elizabeth 255 Yarbrough. Joanne 237 Yarborough. Lyndia 219 Yates. Emily Jayne 255 Yates. Marbaret 197 Yates. Nancy Lee 197 Yeargan. Patricia 219 Yelverton. Anne 237 Yelverton. Virginia 197 Yoder. Barbara Ann 197,150 Yoder, Donna Wray 255 Yogman, Ellen 237 Young, Addie Mylinda 255 Young, Golda Lavina 255 Young, Jacque Lynn 219 Young, Jeanne 197,76,77,78,79 Young, Margaret Marie 197 Yount, Carole Avery 197 Zaglin, Evelyn 255 Zagora, Marie Ann 255 Zelkin, Ann 219 Zezefellis. Yvonne 197 Zingle, Linda Gladys 255 Zuckerman, Eileen 255 Administration and Faculty Heads Index Adams, Charles Librarian 96 Adams, Mahlon Director of Residence Halls 96 Albanese. Naomi Dean of School of Home Kconomics 140 Allen. Roscoe Head of Commercial 114 Ashhy. Warren Head of Philosophy 110 Atkinson. James Head of Romance Language 103 Baecker, Anne Frances Head of German 104 Bardolrh, Richard Head of History 106 Bryant. Joseph Head of English 102 Bryson, Joseph Director of Extension 98 Carpenter, Gilbert Head of Art 120 Clark. Clifton Head of Physics 118 Creech. Joseph Director of Student Aid 97 Dozier. Craig Head of Geography 105 Eberhart. Bruce Head of Biology 121 Ferguson. Henry Business Manager 98 Ferguson. James Chancellor 92 Grogan, Kennis Director of Accounting 99 Gurley. N. H, Director of Physical Plant 99 Hamer, George Director of Development Office 99 Hart, Lawrence Head of School of Music 122 Howe, Kenneth Dean of Education 136 Irby, Margery Director of Admissions 95 Kennedy, John Head of Economics and Dean of Graduate School 113,143 Laine, Francis Head of Classical Civilization 109 Lewis. Floise Dean of School of Nursing 115 Littlejohn. Vance Head of Business Education 112 Martus. Ethel Head of Physical Education 129 McGee. Rosemary Dean of Women 93 Middleton, Herman Head of Drama and Speech 126 Morgan. William University Physician 96 Mossman. Mereb Dean of Faculty 93 Parrish. Barbara Alumni Secretary 97 Posey. Fldon Head of Mathematics 119 Price. Hoyt Registrar 95 Puterbaugh, Walter Head of Chemistry 116 SchaefTer, Josephine Placement Officer 97 Shipton, Clarence Dean of Men 93 Shivers. Lyda G. Head of Sociology and Anthropology 10 Smith. Kendon Head of Psychology 111 Smith. Tommie Lou Associate Dean 94 T.iylor. Katherine Dean of Student Services 94 Wilkinson. A. A, Director of News Bureau 98 Young. Emil Director of Television and Radio 64 Organizations Index Ad Hoc Committee 80 CAROLINIAN 60 Commercial Class Officers 259 CORADDI 62 Freshman Cabinet 85 Freshman Class Officers 238 Interfaith Council 68 Judicial System 76 Junior Class Officers 256 Junior House Presidents 200 Junior Marshalls 199 NalK nal Student Association 66 Nursing Class Officers 256 PINE NEEDLES 56 Senior Class Officers 150 Senior House Presidents 154 Senior Marshalls 156 Service League 65 Service League 65 Sophomore Class Officers 220 Student Government Association 72 Town Students ' Association 72 Young Democrats 67 Young Republicans 67 Sponsorships for 1967 PINE NEEDLES Hy-Way Cottage College Drug Store McCoy Lumber Industries, Inc. Flynt Studios Greensboro Coca-Cola Bottling Company Coble Sporting Goods Merle Norman Cosmetics Studios The Corner Greensboro Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company WHIG Radio Station Tony ' s Pizza House McDonald ' s Montaldo ' s Elam Cleaners Campus Cupboard Lucas Dry Cleaners Phipps Hardware Company The Hub, Ltd. Brownhill ' s The College Shop Miller Lumber Company Martin ' s Studio Hunter Publishing Company Smith ' s Studio Photography Credits Credit is given here to only two of our photographers, since they requested such recognition. Pictures by David Moore are on pages 22, 72, 75, and 147. Pictures by John Robinson are on pages 17, 19, 66, 67. 69, 70, 71, 74, 115, 122, 146, 154-157, 200, 201. In Retrospect . . ... I wonder how we made it. There always seemed to be too Httle time, too few pictures, too much confusion. But everytim e the confusion abated, the pictures materialized, and we made it. Hectic does not describe deadlines adequately. They were the times when we felt neglected: nobody loved us; the fates were against us. But when each bo.x was mailed and we could once again walk across the office with- out stepping on layouts or pictures or somebody, and could find a place to sit without having a type- writer stare us in the face, we realized that we were still alive and somebody MUST be looking out for us. Here I want to express our appreciation to some of those who did look after us. Mr. Ed Gold- ston. our Regional Sales Representative, was always in reaching distance and always seemed to have the answers to our problems. Mr. Jim Hunter, Vice President of Hunter Pubhshing Company, kept us in touch with our book throughout the stages of publishing. Mrs. Jo Walker, from the Art Depart- ment of Hunter, labored with Brenda and me over layout designs and cover design. Mr. Peter Julian spent many days, laden with photographic supplies, getting pictures for the student life section. Mr. Car- roll Miller, from Martin ' s Studio, came at all times in the day to take classroom shots, group shots, and administration pictures, and also had them ready for us on the spur of the moment. Mr. E. L. Thomas took pictures of graduation, class day exercises, and several physical education shots. Mr. Harrison Scott and Mr. Richard Byrd, from Smith ' s Studio, worked patiently to make our individual class shots. The CAROLINIAN and the News Bureau offered pic- tures from their files to fill in when we lacked shots. From my own corner, I wish to say thank you to Barbara Check for doing an excellent job with her section and for being a morale booster; to Paula Brown and Sheila Maxwell for taking care of the organizations, faculty, and administration; to Bev- erly Pinnell, Libby Stewert, Nancy Horsley, Deedee Harsey, Martha Taylor, and Lindy Wolff for or- ganizing the class sections; to Jan Hinchliffe for assuming the awesome task of arranging the index. To Dan Post and Joan Nailling for taking pictures, and to John Robinson for taking, developing, and printing pictures and for keeping the darkroom supplied and straight, go special thank yous. To Karen Engard. who wrote some and edited all of the copy and to Becky Joyner, who saw to it that all of the copy was typed, I say thank you. Brenda Burge. my right-hand helper, and Margie Sharff, who through some kind of wizardry kept our books in order, have been invaluable co- workers. Last but not least I wish to express my appreci- ation to my roommate for her patience with me, for her help, for her " shoulder to cr y on " ; and to all my friends who either worked on the staff or just had a word of encouragement at the most opportune times. Evelyn Brake Editor

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