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The University of North Carolina at Greensboro JACKSON LIBRARY _ x CO (w l |S6 P gy c.L UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES ri € V86p y EDITOR BRENDA MEADOWS BUSINESS MANAGER . . . . IDA SMYER -• (ilium ¥ WOMAN ' - ' ■ • ■ ' ■■■ I B Her Essence . 9Pi mm Her PrusciicL . The Individuals . . 128 - fcjtfs r ' ' ' " " -v- Greensboro - North Carolina THIS WOMAN, this creature ire are . . . our Essence . . . And all the wonderful and terrible things that are part of us. What? None of us knows for sure. But we glimpse . . . We reach out for the security of men who love us Or say they do, And give love lavishly . . . and often, foolishly. IT TAKES SO LITTTE to make us happy, The quiet pleasures and the boisterous The good feeling of all the nor Ids lovely things 47723$ AFFECTION . . . dogs and small animals . . . o Why so seldom to our Fellow man, where it is so much greater? o Why so much love of self, Our own prettiness and pettiness? Page 8 Page 9 WE ARE SO MUCH AFRAID; we Run and run to find the security We cannot find outside. Our reflection gives us no peace; We search for it in marriage, In God, and Our own private gods. ik ift 1 WE SEARCH for ourselves, . Ill the pieces and parts of ourselves. Where do we belong ire women? o What are the words to put us too ether Make us a unit. Strong, sure peaceful? WE LOOK SO MANY PLACES. . . In books, in expressions Of beauty and serenity, In all the outer trappings of Group security. We find part of us there Part. Page AFTER THE BOOKS, wemustfind The larger framework T h i ' i ' in our i ' L fc v u ' has n u anin p Take the su u I I picas we have found And try them out somewhere else . . . WOMAN created from and for man, we are told. And so ire look to them for ourselves. We find a kind of peace, a beauty, a gold, And the metallic aftertaste, an emptiness An excitement, a fear . . . What we are? None of us knows for sure. But we glimpse . . . I J The niai)i( l HER PRESENCE is a purpose and a smile herpurpose noi motivated by selfishness, nor her smile by falseness. This woman that we are is a friend, consoler, judge, counselor, roommate, a helper when we need her. an enemy when we abuse her. and a seeker of knowledge and love. She is something different to everyone, and something special to someone. She is primarily a student of life who is able to find truth in a dorm or a classroom and willing to share her time, her energy, and her heart. The magic of her presence is herself. Moving in — with trunks. boxes, and those little items that defy packing. What is a room without a congenial roommate? Arrival Is The First Difficult Step Toward A Crowded, Friendly R oom Arrival (nicaini.ii is, in one word, Chaos! Ii is the culmination of weeks and months of preparation and expectation. Vbruptly, the campus becomes a model of disorder as an endless line of carsunloadsm Ltains of boxes and luggage into the dorms. Once there it is Forgotten as the new roommates welcome each other and discuss the adventures of the summer. Finally, all the hello ' s are said, the unpacking done, the mom arranged, and the parents on their way; we settle down to enjoy our new room, new roommate, and our new status. We begin a new ear at UNC-G. ' Maybe if we come hack next week . Paj 23 Long Lines And Conflicting Schedules Frustrate Registering Students Registration can be best described as the " Reign of Confusion. " It is a process timing which we stand in line for two hours to get an IBM card that shows us we are in the wrong course at the wrong time. Coming at the end of the semester, it serves as a preview of the informative and necessary, but often unpleasant, courses required of us all. Registration is, in reality, more than all this — it is the growing conviction that we are going slowly but surely out oi our minds, and the still small hope that maybe next semester it will lie better. es. Virginia, you do have to have vour master card. There reallv must be an easier way. ia ■ ' .Jk it % JH ' J 1 1 m : ' TT. ' JSl ] wi m in ■7 l p 6 ? .» Ml Sfc J ' I r ¥i M ] F m B% £-. W Ho T i fl lr B ■ A l " t l 1 J b kt ■ i v= HI intWi V r iJ ■ » " : ■f J ■ , 1 1 flj Wn M 4 kflu -4k. l r T% » 1 r CS . E:-- - . ft ■■« 1 " i v «-3» ■ BBV i -m » .i! ' ' Lean againsl the nutnbei But if I switch from tennis . . . take English 1(1] at . . then I ' ll get Dr. Lucz nski for histon w « f hmm But I don ' t own a lie-flat-collar bloui Oh, for the good le barefoot i Excited and bewildered Freshmen meet the campus through their Junior ssistants. First Classes, Like First Dates, Are Exciting And Painful Classes begin; the formless excitement and expectation are soon channeled in the direction of hard work. The thrill of that first college class is not forgotten, but we settle down to the discipline of studying. We realize that this education is showing how little we know and making us long to know more. We begin our university careers: we also begin to turn into reality our plans and dreams for the future. A sale of old stock heralds a new name. Jicycles — the last resort of footsore and intelligent students. £.0. 1 iHJj W There ' s a long, long climb a-windin to third-floor Mclver. Seemingl) endless, the lasl 1(1 minutes dra2 l v. For some there is the knowledge of a date waiting outside Mclver. Page 27 ART Gilbert Carpenter Arrives From Hawaii To Head Art Department IK — r.s? B H " - all 1 Art majors learn the details of sculpture under the super ision of Mr. Vevers. Art 101 students experiment with the theories of color and line in their study of basie design. Page 28 ». atherspoon ftrtGallerj presen ii ied pi ogram of exhibitions lughoul the year. i t (Jul ' mi-mlii-i —111 [ » «i-r r- a- salesgirls For the department s Flea Market Well-known Japanese artist 1 n ' ichi Hiratsuka -ketches I Hi. ill 1 1. ill - lei i arc I ' d i u liii-li In- wood block. The creative atmosphere of the Art Department pro- vides an excellent opportunity for its students offering courses to undergraduates in design, color, lettering, interior design, textiles, and architectural design. Weatherspoon Gallery, one of the leading art facilities in the south, stresses the acquisition of contemporary works of art in all media. isiting artists such as William Zorach and Un ' ichi Hiratsuka provided additional perspective for students this year. Opportunities for art majors are unrestricted. Em- ployment possibilities include newspaper and maga- zine advertising, illustration, window display, and exhibition designing. student with a major in Art Histor) and Interpretation can gain employment as a curator for a museum or art library. Those who wish to teach primary or secondary schools are also given electives to fulfill their requirements. The Art Club is open to all students at UNC-G. Its purpose i in give interested individuals the opportu- nity to meet for sharing of opinions and experiences in a common field. In so doing, it sponsors Sundaj after- noon Folk Siniis as well as the nnual Student Art Exhibit Page 29 Heavenly Chorale assists Gabriel in " ' The Annunciati Wakefieid Mystery Cycle. One of the rare moments of privacy in the generally crowded music library and listening room. Music majors spend many hours in the practice rooms to bring themselves to performance level. sundai concerts in Weatherspoon are presented Sinfonia under the direction of Mr. George Dickieson MUSIC School Of Music Offers Variety In Undergraduate Study UNC-G ' s School of Music, a member of the National Association of Schools of Music, offers programs of study leading to three degrees: Bachelor of Music. Bachelor of Arts with a major in music, and Master of Education in Music Education. Within these three degrees are several options, allowing a major to specialize in whatever field of music is most appropriate for her. Practical experience is made available through the college orchestra, choir, ulee club, band, and other smaller ensembles. University Ensembles Civic Music Association brought the Schola Cantorum directed by Hugh Ross to i -in k Auditorium in November. Page 32 ive Music Students Practical Experience And Provide Entertainmem majors, the Scl I of Music contributes greatl) to campus entertainment and edification. The College Choii presents concerts to the studenl body, notabl) the annual Christmas concert, always well-received. The I niversity ' s Glee Club specializes in more secular works, ami often combines with groups from other colleges and universities in performances. Another series of presentations, sponsored bj the School of Music is that of the Civic Music Programs. I hese arc open to all students and sponsor either touring professional talent or resilient musicians. The I NC-G Glee Club ' s Christmas Concert, directed by William DeVeny. presented secul; and religious music of the season. Mr. Richard Cox directs the College Choii in the Benjamin Britten Carols for the annual Christmas DRAMA AND SPEECH Drama Department Brings National Repertory Theatre To Campus Ring [round the Moon, second premiere of National Repertory s ' 63- ' 64 season, captivated a eapacitv crowd. George Turner, of N ' RT. talks with members of a Shakespear ( lass after his lecture. Elliott Hall ' s Tuesday Tea plays host to members of the National Repertory Theatre Company. Farlej Granger and Vnm I l;i the major roles, John and Elizabeth Prod in iiliur Miller ' s TheQ The UNC-G Theatre, the Lecture-Entertainment Committee oi the University, and The American National Theatre and Academy brought the National Repertory Theatre to Aycock Auditorium in October for a two-week " in-residence " period. The group members presented class lectures in the fields of art, English, sociology, home economics, and music as well as in those directed to drama and speech majors. Tuesday 1 ea was given in honor of the visiting artists, who received a warm and interested response from the students. Eva La Galliene. Farley Granger, and Anne Meaeham starred in the three productions: Chekov ' s The Sea Gull, Anouilh ' s Ring iround the Moon, and Arthur Miller ' s The Crucible. The plays were open to state and local residents as well as to UNC-G students, and received excellent reviews. Opening night was distinguished by a congratulatorj telegram from the late President Kennedy. All productions have a beginning; LNC-G shows start with open try-outs. UNC-G Theatre Presents [963-64 Season Of I irsi Experiences, Plays Opening the season, Shakespeare ' s Midsummer ' s Vight ' s Dream was a firsl in mam ways. It was the campus ' first Shakespeare in manj years, and firsl pleasanl look al the work of Mi. James P. Rose, the theatre ' s new designer. The Nativity, directed bj Miss Kathryn England, gave us our first introduction to the vitalit) of medieval drama. The final first oJ the year was the world premiere of Mar) George ' s original play, One Dilemma, Denied Please, directed bj Susie New- man under the supervision of Mr. Maynard French. As an educational theatre the UNC-G organization experienced quite a successful year. The niiiih portion of the Wakefield Cycle Mystery plays, written about L000 . followed Midsummer on the theatre schedule. Mrs. Charlotte Perkins demonstrates the fundamentals of speech for her students. Speech Department Introduces Inter-Collegiate Debate Program There are three sequences in the Department of Drama and Speech: theatre, general speech, and speech correc- tion. In the speecli department, oral communication tests arc given to freshmen in an effort to survey all in-coming students and to acquaint them with their problems. Students with speech difficulties are re- quested to take a general speech course. The depart- ment ' s laboratorj has individual rooms, well equipped with tape recorders. Affiliated with the Speech Depart- ment is the introduction of inter-collegiate debating at UNC-G. One topic for debate this year concerned the federal government ' s allowing equal college oppor- tunities to all qualified high school graduates. The members of the UNC-G debate team attended tourna- ments in neighboring states and contests in other parts of the country. In the coming years more active pro- grams are planned as interest in debating increases. Members of the newly formed Debate Team search for arguments to help them win. Page 38 I .mil . Young, Jr. Directoi of B UNC-T) WUN( IV Closed-CircLiir Television Proves Useful For De Thesi monstration Purooses eai oJ a closed-circuit television system on this campus for demonstration purposes has proved that the system is .1 good „ -. Not onlj has the Psychology Depart- ment found ii in be helpful during .1 second yeai of use, but the closed-cinnit television system has been expanded foi use in some professional education courses. Operating undei the same regulations as the commercial Uiii ni-. though without advertising, it also gives students valuable experi- ences in the medium of communications. Closed-Circuit television presents Dr. Richard Bardolph, head of the Historj Department, discussing the " Social History of the United States Since L865. " ENGLISH English Department Offers Interesting Fields For All Students English as a language, and in all forms of literature, occu- pies one of the largest positions in the UNC-G curriculum. The department ' s program offers material from all possible angles on every academic level from freshman through senior. New in the department this year is a program for graduate students who may specialize in any field repre- sented on the university ' s staff, including the growing field of creative writing. New this year, too, is a one-semester course in journalism taught by the associate editor of the Greensboro Doily News, William Snider. The reference files of the invaluable for research t Randal] Jarrell and Robert Watson form the staff nucleus of the creative writing program at I NC-G. Literature courses require many hours of outside reading, and agai students turn to the library. GERMAN AND RUSSIAN German And Russian Departments Promote Conversational Facility Students taking German find that use of the language is not limited to classroom hours; professors meet students week!) at the dining hall, and during the meal everyone converses in German. For the third year some major- have participated in the Junior Year at Heidel- berg Program, returning with a fluent speaking knowledge of the language. The most distinctive aspect oi the Russian Department is its accent on the spoken language. Courses emphasize the basic principles of grammar and conversation, and include the reading of selected texts from nineteenth and twentieth century literature. Pa... Pfaff serves tea from asouvenii of ha summer ' s -tu l tour in Russia. German Club members and professors join in on a German song during one of their month!) meetings M. Jean-Paul Koenig speaks informally to members of Le Cercle Francais. ROMANCE LANGUAGES Professors Backgrounds Prove Asset To French, Spanish Students Students and faculty maintain and enjoy the Romance Languages Bulleti Perhaps the major asset to the students of languages at UNC-G is the background of the professors. Most mem- bers of these departments are natives of die country whose tongue is presented in their course. This is in- valuable in the learning of a spoken language since actual conversation requires a phrasing drawn from life rather than a textbook. The department sponsors two clubs designed for all students of these languages. Le Cercle Francais and El Circulo Hispanico provide an association of like interests and training. Through the establishment of a series of sequences in both French and Spanish, students majoring in these lan- guages find their work made more purposeful and definite. The series includes the literary sequence, the teaching sequence, and the commercial sequence. Dr. Charles Ble nd, head of the department, published this year a study of Andre Malraux: Tragic Humanist which received excellent reviews; this is again an indi- cation of the high quality of instruction available in romance languages on this campus. ECONOMICS Two New Courses Add Interest And Strength To Economics the past t " yeai creasing interest when thev enroll 9, this department anticipates that in- will be shown b) undergraduate men next i.i 1 1. The -tall consists " l experi- John . Kenned) and the Political Economj Club com- e a discussion group with a party at the December meeting. enced teachers, who are research-minded and activel) engaged in both publishing and consulting. The intro- duction of two new courses Economics and Business Statistics, and Economic Development — help to i e added strength to this liberal education major which provides excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in the business world. GEOGRAPHY Faculty Research Proves Valuable Asset To Geography Students The Department of Geography acquired this year a col- lection of raised relief maps for laboratory study; these are an invaluable asset to those courses dealing with the actual physical appearance of the earth ' s surface. Various faculty members in the department recently engaged in research projects involving sugar cane pro- duction in southern Florida, settlement of new lands in Latin America, and climatology of Michigan. Raised relief maps (left) are a great improvement over flat maps (right) in the study of physical geograpfn HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Social Science Forum Brings Associate Justice Goldberg To Campus The Department of History and Political Science can again point to the high caliber of its faculty as the number of doctoral degrees rose to fifteen this year; three faculty members have submitted manuscripts to the publishers, and two others have books near comple- tion. Offering a strong major to its students on both the graduate and the undergraduate levels, this department does much to prepare its students for successful careers after graduation. The Harriett Elliott Lectures, spearheaded by the Social Science Forum Committee, has in the past brought outstanding as well as interesting speakers to campus, and this year proved no exception; the lectures were delivered by Supreme Court Associate Justice Arthur Goldberg on the Rights of the People, State, and Nation. The body of his lectures was concerned with constitutional law, and at the end of each one a question and answer period was open to the students and audi- ence in general. Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg and Social Science Forum Chairman Gail Pate chat during an informal tea sponsored by the Committee. Page 44 (standing) Pam Pfaff. Leah Smith, Bunnie Proffitt, Karen Hayes. Jane Teal. Bonnie Caviness: (seated) Judy Williams, Gail Pate. Chairman. Linda Logan. Francine McAdoo. The librarj proves a valuable source for keeping up with current historical happeni through the latest newspapers and magazin National Repertory Theatre Director Jack Sydow participates in ; informal discussion of The Crucible with Sociology Club member SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY J Man ' s Background And Social Relations Concern Sociology Students Studying the human animal in all its ramifications and group particulars, students in the Department of Soci- ology and Anthropology gain a wide, invaluable knowl- edge of the whys and wherefores of social behavior. Sociology is a field concentrating on the interactions of individuals in their daily lives, while Anthropology studies the history of man. the ways and stages of his development. The Sociology Club carries these ele- ments outside the academic situation; its membership is devoted to a study of the department ' s principles, and it provides a social environment of companionship for its members. Arctic life is explained to anthropology students by their professors through the use of models. unong tlic prominent Philosophy Quo speakers tor the year was Dr. David Falk Formerly from the I niversit) of Syracuse and now the new Chairman of Philosophy at INC-Ch. PHILOSOPHY Philosophy Dcpr. Expands To Meet Students ' Needs, Desires In the second year oi its majoi program, the Depart- ment of Philosophy continues to sponsor a series " l lectures h prominent philosophers. Willi a growing number of students, the recentl) expanded department feels the need on this campus for students desiring .1 course in which the) ma) organize their own thoughts and. ultimately, their own philosophy of living. It is the feeling of the department that exposure to all major avenues of philosophical study should be opened to the student in order to facilitate this task. CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION Latin Students Observe Vergil ' s 2000th Birthday Through such courses as Mythology, Greek, Latin, and A new course offered in the department this year World Types of the Drama, the Classical Civilization concerns the history and politics of Julius Caesar " - era Department teaches the language and literature of and is taught by Miss Meriwether. Greece and Early Home. On October 15th. Latin students celebrated Vergil ' s 2000th birthday, complete with a cake. Page 4T Faculty and Student Honors Council Members — (sealer! I Dr. Richard Bardnlph. Dr. Anne Lewis, Dr. David Davies, Chairman of Faculrj Council. Dr. Joseph Bryant, Dr. Laura Anderton. Mr. Gilbert Carpenter: (standing) Judy Gilmore. Genny Gaither. Kaye Taylor, Pam Pfaff. Chairman of Student Council. The Freshman Honors Group was composed of seventj students who met in small groups and studied great books and ideas: directing the group was Dr. Elaine Burgess of the Sociology Department. IK NORS PROGRAM Council Sponsors I [onors Convocation In the fall ol 1963, a Student Honors Council, consistini two I ors students from each class, was created t comple- menl the functions of the Facultj Honors Council, headed bj Dr. David G. Davies. The mai pose of the Student C :il four I t groups, both individuallj and collectively. The honor of Dr. illiam Poteat, and Dr. Cornelius Km-,-, former I NC- ; i iiin,u |iiulr " c,i ' . who n-iiirm-d io the campus for .1 week this spring. The main project of the group was .111 exten- sive evaluation program conducted in the four honor- groups. In May the Facultj and Student Honors Council presented the Honors Day Convocation with Dr. Poteal as the guest speaker. Junior Honors Seminar under the direction of Dr. William Potest, professor from Duke Divinity School, had as its topic this year, " Romanticism. Nihilism, and the Be und. Page 49 CHEMISTRY a National Science Foundation Grants Funds For Research Equipment The Chemistry Department of UNC-G received a grant of $7,500 from the National Science Foundation under their Undergraduate Instructional Scientific Program, matched by an equal amount from the state for the purchase of equipment for the purpose of improving undergraduate instruction. Analytical and nuclear equipment as well as teaching models were bought from these funds. The chief item in the first category is an infrared spectro- photometer with accessories, one of the modern tools of chemistry used for the purpose of identifying compounds on the basis of their response to infrared radiation. This represents a much quicker method of identifying compounds, and makes it possible to do so with much smaller quantities of materials than the tradi- tional methods. Among the nuclear equipment are included a portable survey meter and a radionuclide set; the teaching models are atomic and are used to demonstrate the configuration of various kinds of molecules. The acquisition of these modern research tools will enable future chemistry students to explore their individual fields even more thoroughly. The flame and the culture dish serve as primary tools even Eor the beginning chemistry student. ..-« i :-■ .. - Long hours of individual experimentation and research are involved in the chemistry major ' s curriculum. Page SO 4 , fM Genera] Chemistrj courses offer an introduction to the theories, principles, and applications of the various fields. PHYSICS New General Physics Course Offered To Liberal Arts Majors Curriculum changes in the Physics Department this major ' s education by allowing her to deal with sub- year allow the non-majors to enroll in a general physics jects in greater depth and for longer periods of time course geared to the liberal arts curriculum. Other than was previously possible; thus she is better able to changes have broadened the scope of the physics prepare herself for a career in research or in teaching. Physics 333 students discovei the technicalities in electrical transmission. Page 51 Professors and students as well engage in research projects to help stimulate undergraduates in their field of biological studies. Cutter Memorial Lab provides resear facilities for advanced biology majors. BIOLOGY Research Emphasis Heightens With Attainment Of University Status Members of the biology faculty utilize facilities of new facultv research center. One of the most outstanding features of the 1963-64 school year is the laboratory for the research of staff members, set aside and completely remodeled for ex- perimental work in various fields of biology. On the undergraduate scene, Cutter Memorial Lab is now in operation on the fourth floor of the science building where qualified students take special problems and work independently to solve them. Special grants have been received by Doctors Eberhart, Morrison, and Roeder to further their individual research programs; almost every individual in the department is concerned with research that advances the scholarship level of the department and university. Also, at the present time a master ' s degree program is being instituted and should lead to a more university-like constellation within the department. MATHEMATICS Math Department Prepares Majors For Variety Of Employments The Departmenl of Mathematics offers modern algebra, advanced calculus, differentia] equations, statistics, Foundations of geometry, and the historj of mathematics. Majors from this departmenl go on to graduate study, high school teaching, and inl sitions as mathe- maticians with various governmental agencies or industries. Courses arc offered which provide opportunities for student from all areas of the campus to gain mathematical experience. New in the curriculum this year is a mathematics course designed especially for prospective elemental;, teachers. Square Circle is the math club on campus which carries out a three- fold purpose. It presents aspects of math omitted in the classroom; gives girls with a common interest the opportunity to become better acquainted with each other; and promotes a closer relationship he- tween faculty and students. uiiliri n Bell ' s representative fur Telstar [plains its workings to Square Circle members one of their niontliK meetings. Mi. .1 { JaFvl education majors the concept- of modern mathematics. Page 53 There have been two principal new developments in the Department of Psychology during the last year. The National Institute of Mental Health has subsidized undergraduate fellowships in psychology. This year one was awarded to Melissa Galloway who is conduct- ing a research project in the area of division of atten- tion. The department is also in the process of develop- ing a program leading to the master of arts degree in psychology. These plans have meant the acquisition of new apparatus and the improvement of the closed- circuit TV system which has been in use for several years. PSYCHOLOGY Melissa Galloway instructs Lynda Martin in , experiment related to her research project. University Status Brings Plans For Master ' s Degree In Psychology Dr. Frances Dunham demonstrates testing materials in her Wl ' NC-TV graduate course " Adolescent Development. " NURSING Two- Year Program Demanding Bur Worthwhile To Students he I). illege- , nd sing presents one 01 the lew llege-controlled nursing pro- rams available to young women todaj ; ii is .1 two-year rogram centering around work here al lite university nd al the Moses II. (lone Memorial Hospital. Schedu- les are tight and demanding, but the level of training stent with the university ' s standards demands S. A student begins actual hospital work within a 1011th of the first day of classes. When these majors raduate and begin hospital work, they live up to the Diversity ' s and the department ' s motto " Service " by trivine to improve community health levels. tl Practical hospital training comes earl) f ' r the nursing stu- dents and proves to be a vital part of theil two-year program. HEALTH Variety Of Courses Offers Practical Knowledge To Health Students Associated with the medical services of the university. Health as well as Safety and First Aid study the care of the Health Department affords students the sort of prac- the human organism through lectures, practical and tical information applicable immediately and through- laboratory demonstrations, and filmstrips. out their life. Classes in Family. Community, or Child Dr. Ellingwood, head of Guilford County Health Department, explains the duties of the Health Department to the visiting I NC-G Community Health class. HOME ECONOMICS Graduate . Undergraduate Degrees Offered To Home Ec Majors YS.l.l). Officers — Becky Morris, Chairman of the Board oj Directors; Judy Dale. Treasurer; Rae Whedbee, President: Kaye Cropp, Vice President; Poll) Colbille, Program Chair- man: Dottie Daniel, Secretary. Animal experiments give Home Economics majors an oppor- tunity to observe symptoms f classic nutritional conditions I luced in the laboratory and to learn about research tech- niques. The School of Home Economics provides instruction on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with courses leading to Bachelor ' s, Master ' s, and Doctor ' s degrees. Options offered by the department include both the professional fields such as clothing and tex- tiles, housing, foods and nutrition, and also a program of borne economics education designed for secondary- school teaching. The school requires in addition to its own courses a broad acquaintance with subject matter in the social, biological, and physical sciences and the humanities. The newest maj or offered is that of Interior Design. The National Society of Interior Designers has a student chapter on ihi campus which strives for the satisfaction and well-being of the American public and in the promotion of a better way of life. Home Economics Students test h clothing fadometer. f m ■P ! at the UNC-G Nursen School. CHILD DEVELOPMENT Nursery School Has Lab Facilities For Child Development Majors One of tin- most rapidly expanding majors within the To this building the 1 ( X . ' 5 state legislature provided area of home economics is that of Child Development an addition for use as an infant center. This opportunit) and Family Relations. This work is centered in the class for practical application is invaluable for majors, espe- room and at the UNC-G Nursery School. dally doctoral candidates, and serves the community as well. Page 57 EDUCATION Appointment Of Dean Howe And Election Of Dr. Edinger The Scliool of Education includes kindergarten, elementary, and high school facilities which serve as experimental centers for research, curriculum development, observation, and student teaching. Two honors came to the school this year, the first being the appointment of Dean Kenneth Howe by the American Associa- tion of Colleges for Teacher Education for a one-month study tour of higher education in India, with particular emphasis on the education of teachers. The second honor was the election of Dr. Lois Edinger, a member of the faculty, as President-Elect of the National Education Association, the world ' s largest profes- sional organization. For prospective teachers both A. C.E.I, and S.N.E.A. are professional organizations in which majors can learn more about their chosen profession and have the oppor- tunity for association with well-known educators. Mrs. Johnson helps prospective teachers discover up-to-date literature and textbooks in the Curriculum Materials Center. £§ Highlight Year For School Of Educan on 1 [ i A [ 2 s2t H ■rM ' T 4 PW ■fl Martha Ule .. President of A.C.E.I.. erves tea to the other officers, I " • ■ 1 1 lame. Juil Currin and Beth Forsha Practice teaching for the 1th grade at Currj involves music as well as academic t in 1 i • Dean Howe discusses future universih plans with Dr. Chiranji Sharma of India, a new appointment to the staff this year in the if school administration. Lois Edinger. President-Elect of N.E.A. talks M ith campus delegates at the Fall Conference. Linda McManus. President of the 1 NC-G chapter of S.N.E. . is at the extreme right Ij ow Warf pieces of holl ware on display for fla Student? in the business departments find the mi machine to he an often-used piece of equipment. COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS EDUCATION Two Courses Of Study Open To Secretaries And Business Majors Housed primarily in the Forney building, the Depart- ments of Business Education and the One- Year Com- mercial Course equip their students for careers in sec- retarial administration, merchandising, and business education with bachelor of science degrees or certifi- cates. The honor society of the department Gamma Alpha tries to further this education in a less academic spirit providing social and instructional experiences with other members of this field in its meeting. wmm Gamma Alpha Board — (standing) Patty Gabine. Susan Lane. June Kirby, Ruth Ennis. Nancy Dreher. Ersell Shane: (sealed ) Miss Louise Whitlock. Advisor, Jo Ann Bard. President. Carol Booth. Volleyball is 01 I w Both beginning and intermediate tennis instruction available for freshmen and sophomores. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Education Majors Offered Two Levels Of Study In addition to providing four semesters of requited The first-semester junior major defines and directs physical education to all students, this department her study to one of the many sequences in the program: offers a specialized major on both the undergraduate teacher or dance education, recreation in physical edu- and graduate levels. This major requires broad study cation, corrective physical education or .lance per- in all fields related to it. formance. Physical education majors learn exercises for physical fitness .1- a part of their extensive training. Variety Of R ecreanon al Courses, Facilities Open To All Students Piney Lake provides a recreation area fur all students ! the university as well as an instructional area for the physical education department. course serves as a practice field for golf students both in class and out. The d epartment offers a wide range l courses to both majors and non-majors. Freshmen and Sophomore elec- tives include such standards as tennis, swimming, and golf at all levels, but also such varied activities as bowling, modern dance, fencing, archery, and lacrosse. There are, also, specialized programs for commercial and nursing students, designed to fit anil complement both their schedules and needs. Majors are provided with several semesters of block work in all fields and with a sequence of courses oriented to her option in the department. Also operated by this staff is the recreation center Piney Lake: here are located camp sites, a lake for boating and swimming, a log cabin, two houses, a recreation hall, and picnic facilities. The Modern Dance Group under the direction of Miss Moomaw participates in campus theatre productions and also presents annual recitals. Recreation Association Cabinet — (standing) Linda McLeod. Scottie Hudson. Rita Louche. Janet Rurcham. Emily Moore. Julia Beam. Jo Ann Noonan. Retty Carol Harris. Doris Pope. Bev Rass, Sue Sandburg: (seated ) Patsy Johnson. Judy McLean. Kay Jacobs. Alice Park. Miss Nancy Porter. Advisor. Pat Ram. President. Lynn Habich. Ruth Patton. R. A. Encourages Dorm Participation In Spoils The I .Ml.! r plan chroi of ev Recreation Association exists for the pur] ■ " I integrating ncouraging participation in extracurricular physical educa- roups and clubs. Ii sponsors inter-dorm competition in the of basketball and volleyball; these games are always .1 of dorm rapport For those who participate. Members of R.A. ixtra-murals in basketball and organize field 1 1 i j - foi syn- ized ini teams and workshops; the) work for the success t conference, workshop, and play-daj scheduled on tlii- i| u . Another branch of K. . is the performing dance groups the Modern Dance Clul) and the Tap Club — which present 11. 1 1 recitals and seasonal programs. Recreation Association Council — Linda McLeod, B lie Barton, Pal Barry. President, I ' am Barnes, Janet Burcham, Doris Pope, Ka Jacobs. Students And Guests Utilize Departments Recreational Facilities UNC-G students and their dates find campus bowling lanes most economical and convenient. The Recreation Association and the Department of Physical Edu- cation are responsible for the facilities available for student dates and parties and for such entertainment as the annual Dolphin-Seal Pageant. Each Saturday the general gameroom in Rosenthal Gym, the bowling lanes in Coleman, and the golf course are open to UNC-G students and their guests. Equipment is provided, and any requested help is on call. The Dolphin-Seal Club is devoted to the perfection and performance of synchronized swimming and presents a recital to the general public and the campus each year. The performance t li i - year was planned around a toy-shop theme, and presented members in swim routines based on storybook themes and characters. Costuming lent a completely charming air to the evening, and the audience was enchanted by the group ' s ability and coordination. The billiard tables prove an ever-popular spot with the boys and thus heighten the girls ' interests as well. JJ mT " " n " The theme for this year ' s Dolphin-Seal Pageant of synchronize swimming was " A Tale of the Toys. " The Dolphin-Seal members conclude their 1963-64 pageant with an impressive candlelight ceremony. Page 67 i j 1 1 ' f 5 | New faces, new ideas, new architecture. Dorms Serve As Nucleus For Student Life At UNC-G Student life begins, culminates, and ends within the halls of the dorms. It is here that friendships are formed, renewed, and broken. It is here that girls share a secret dream, a fear, or perhaps a boy. The necessity to cooperate, the ability to understand, and the will- ingness to mature become a part of living with ot hers. The individual dorms and halls develop family units. Within this family girls study, relax, gossip, laugh, and cry. With this family girls find time for fun and work. The girls who emerge from these dorms are rapidly caught in the swirl of activities and campus life. It is, how- ex er. their dorm and their new family that are not forgotten. Page 68 Happiness is having a friend you can talk to. •| just don ' 1 know if 1 agree with this author. " Thnr comes a time « hen I and ga - musl cease. Sometimes it begins to get us d Term papers and book rev iews, lab report- and math problems — the studying that is required and the individual quest for knowledge — the " sophomore slump " that inevitably comes — though not necessarily in our sophomore year — the striving for QP ' s and the inspirations that move us to our best are verj much a part of the trials and tribulations o f studying. Some- times we have non-academic frustrations . . . like a broken candy machine; sometimes our minds wander and concentra- tion seems impossible; and then a quick bridge game or plain goofing-off releases our tensions. An occasional letter or phone call is the bulwark of our every day struggle for knowledge. A letter sure flues cheer up tl We can ' t study all the time ell, can think of better things to do Another side of dorm life is the companionship and fun it offers. Who has not passed by the kitchen and smelled a pizza or popcorn cooking? A part of each day is usually spent discussing anything from world events, Existentialism, art, and books to the Beatles; from the latest dance steps or hairdos and boys, to that " horrible history quiz. " Relaxing moments are spent in spon- taneous hootenannies and informal parties. There are also the necessary chores such as cleaning, washing, and ironing which cannot be overlooked in our com- plex dorm life. Room inspection? always come at the most inopportune time. Dorm sings . . . quad sings . . . room sings I The enthusiasm of students For ( Ihristmas at school is reflected (he Secrel Santa tradition. After all. we only have four days before Christmas. Inspiration waits in the hushed stillness of nature. An apple a day keep? the doctor away . . . we hope. What ikiuIiI we do without the U.S. mail? ni ing at the corner bus stop three minutes late is ime mine common bond for 1 ( -( student-. - r. v ri as ; " 2fc%= The serene atmosphere of Peabody Park provides a contrast to the hurried activities of dorm life. Frequently, we need to get away from our existence in the dorm. Even a trip to the corner for groceries or downtown shopping often provides just the needed break. Elliott Hall ' s Tuesday Teas have a large and faithful following. We some- times enjoy a coke in the soda shop or ice cream at the urn- ' t inn. luisk game ol tennis, a cool swim, or a dorm sports event brings enthusiasm and a release from tension. Peabod) Park provides a quiet place for study and enjoyment. When things get rough, one might find us gazing out a window in a daydream or perhaps just quietly thinking. LjLI ' X l K | ?nl ' -i r r 1k - v j fl ■ iff- mm ■ if , « mfe Jm ■fc | r i I " ' ■i fc- AOk ' Hl j» w m fjt ' CK - — - -. - t — . i.-- J HH Mice in onderland had nothing on us - Tea ever) Tuesda Wouldn ' t make any difference to us if we had three feet of snow! It ' s raining . . . it ' s pouring . . .and we get up anyway. R BfiM - - I Kjw Sometimes we davdr Despite tlie fact that we often forget it our sojourn on this campus is essentially one of a studious nature. On week-days the massive upheaval on the hour comple- mented by the lonely stragglers late for a thousand varied reasons presents that part of our existence founded in the classroom. Through the humid days of September, the picturesque days of autumn, the hitter freezing days of winter, the innumerable days of rain, and the unbearably lovely days of spring we walk with notebooks in hand to learn. We manage to spend a part of our time studying in the library, in research, or perhaps in daydreaming about what lies ahead. We look always to find ourselves in this knowledgeable world of which we are becoming a part. Page 77 ' At least I won ' t have to eat in the dining hall tonight. Advocates of a co-ed system find few complaints on the campus, a each week-end invariably brings a fair share of men into our midst. As if by prearranged signals, their arrival hails a certain vivacity and a reawakening of that coquettish quality inherent in every female. We spend hours deciding which color looks best; consulting neighbors for advice; and borrowing clothes, jewelry, or spray starch. We who natter ourselves as being mem- bers of the intelligentsia scarcely resemble this group with our inability to decide whether or not to wear bangs. We scheme, we connive, we coyly hint for dinner at the Plantation or the Jokers. Back in our rooms, we share happy experiences or civ over disappointments: it i always the same. ince the memory of man runneth not to the contrary . . . Manners and excitement ride high as couples don their finest clodies for the Fall Formats. Couples pause for refreshment e» itement of the Christmas Ball atmosphere of " Romance " at am dance Campus Social Life Reflected In Elliott Hall Activities, Popularity ,frl M ■ w «» ! r 3 | g v ELLIOTT H LLCOl NCIL— (standing) Ann Sagar, Sheila Bennett, Joanne Allen, Frances Hartline, Mary Ellen Ritzman, Jane Yancey, Nora Wilson. Janet Rae Paige. Diane (Jingles. Man Hunter: (on touch) Ka Summers, Janet Maulden, Sand] Dover, Carol Jones. Joan Dorsey. Kris Anderson. Margaret Inman. Wilma Ka Pegg: ton floor) Meta Turkelson. Monette ea er. Wendy Heffner, Sandra Caudle. Pat Sakayan, Gale Sigmon. Miss Eh ira Prondecki, Elliott Hall Director and Joan Dorsey, President A major pari of campus social life is centered in Elliott Hall, the modern, well-equipped student acti it center. Miss Prondecki and the Elliott Hall Council coordinate its sponsored events which range from combo dances and the formal Elliott Hall Ball to Tuesda) Teas, fashion shows and Sunday night movies. Informal lectures are often given i:i the comfortable lounges, and the lobby always displays impressive art exhibits from local and national artists. Campus Fellowship Grou] ' Sundaj Brunch " provides Eood, fun. and fellowship for members of Hillel. dive To Combine Religion And Education For University Students Students al I NC-G are encouraged to identifj themselves with an organized church group which sponsors in addition to their regular programs of worship, campus fellowship groups. The Episcopal, Baptist. Presbyterian and Methodist churches have student centers within easj walking distance of all parts of the campus and provide regular weekly programs within their student centers. In addition to a weekly informal supper- Eellowship and studj group, these four denominations present lectures and movies to the campus as a whole throughout the school year. Other groups on the campus follow much the same program. All of them — Hillel. Lutheran Student- ' Association, United Campus Christian Fellowship, Christian Science Organization, Newman Club, Carolina Christian Fel- lowship and the Moravian Fellowship — endeavor to bring the students ' religious lives into a common bond with the university. The Lutheran Student Association and Gamma Delta join together for Christmas caroling. Co-ed chi sponsored activ ities often spark increased enthusiasm among even the regular members of the groups. Page 83 Iii addition to individual worship, fellowship, and in- structional programs, the religious organizations on campus participate in the Interfaith Council. This group, with Dean (Catherine Taylor as its coordinator, is composed of student representatives from each of the church organizations, and its main goal is the promo- tion of a better understanding of all faiths. These groups, through the Interfaith Council, unite the cam- pus in various ways throughout the year. Each Christ- mas a Lovefeast and Candlelight service is sponsored, a Moravian traditional service commemorating the birth of Christ and designed for promoting love and brotherhood among all believers. This service is fol- lowed by caroling on the Elliott Hall patio. An Easter Sunrise Service is also sponsored by the Council and this year an exhibition of religious art from the Smith- sonian Institution was presented in the Weatherspoon Gallery. ornings find church-sponsored buses waiting to carry girls to the church of their choice. The Canterbury Club for Episcopal Students holds an informal meeting with their advisor the Reverend David Gutherie. nterfaith Council Coordinates Campus Religious Grou PS [nterfaith Council (standing) Pat Hopper. L ncla Lane. Louise Cherry. Phyllis Taylor, Gloria Sip,-. Marie Templeton ; (seated) AlmedaTesh. Vienna Kern. Margaret Kirkman. Chairman. Judy Tripp. Weekly Student Newspaper Ferrets News To Keep Campus Informed Carolinian Staff — Phyllis Kornov, Nancy Ferguson. Bonnie Pleasai Linda Neshamkin, Susan Wagoner, Sandra Perry. Margie Strasburg Page 86 Sanford, opy Editor; Barbara Wilkinson. Assistant Editor: Diane Oliver. Managing Editor; Carole Southerland, News Editor. Jane Hunsucker, Circulation Manager; Joan Donahue and Toi McKethan, Cartoonists. Getting the( arolinianoQ to pre whedule calls for work lasting well into Monda) nighl for Editor Winston .ind her staff. Horizontal captions which simpl) will nol lii into vertical spaces, numerous trips to the soda shop Eor two-cenl cups of water (until the stafl finall) buys its own supplj of paper cups), and rapidlj filled ash trays .1- panic mounts over making up the front page an- reoccurrences each time the " Cary " goes in press. The Carolinian has a double function: tin- reporting of campus news and the presentation and interpreta- tion nl campus opinion. The newspaper i- a completely student-written, student-edited, and student-managed publication which appears weekly. Ellen Giblis. Photography Editor: Vivian Mont-. U Sews Edit, ' i. ami Pattj Biggard, Layout Editor. Page 87 Idi pass through the literary staff reviewers. Editor aiifl staff members Bunny Devereaux and Martha Prothrc take sreat pride in the campus literary magazine. Coraddi Publishes Campus Literary Efforts The Coraddi is the fine arts magazine on campus which gives all UNC-G students an equal opportunity to contribute their original poetry, short stories, and art work. Under the general editorship of Tina Hillquist, who is assisted by Art Editor Lealan Nunn. the Coraddi is published four times during the school year. The staff spends a great deal of time evaluating and criticizing student submissions in order to present the best material in the magazine. One of its most rewarding serv- ices is its sponsorship of the Arts Festival in the spring which this year brought to the campus Fred Chappell, Poet and Duke professor. Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Robert Lowell, and Elizabeth Hardwick (Mrs. Robert Lowell) Advisory Editor to The New York Book Review. n Stafiheaded bi Lealan Nunn, hi Edi J£ Tina Hillqui: Editor Ida Smyer Business Mnnn er Nancy Price. Associate Editor and Nancj Stallings, Managing Editor. Brenda Meadows Editor 1963 PINE NEEDLES Wins All -American -Challenges ' 64 Staff Challenged by the 1963 Pine Needles ' Ail-American rating this year ' s staff worked extra hard to meet and hopefully sur- pass its predecessors. For the first time the staff had an advisor to work with, and Mrs. Mary Hunter was always on hand whenever needed to help out with the details. Nancy and " Charlie ' served as right-hands to Brenda as they worked on the opening section, layouts, picture schedules, and helped make the numerous decisions which must go into publishing a yearbook. Susie worked under great pressure and still came through on top with the page after page of copy assignments. Arden and Pete explored student life on campus in order to give a fuller picture of it in the yearbook. Ida spent long hours selling ads and drawing up layouts for her section making sure that it was highlighted bv interesting informals. Dead- lines arrived and it was with much anticipation that the staff awaited the arrival of the result of their long hours of hard work which they hoped would present a true picture of the year 1963-64 at UNC-G. Susan Stentz. Faculty Edit Sandra Bargamian, Assistant. Editorial StatI Rosie Killian, Organizations; Sue Richardson. Academics; Pete Cook and Arden Nelson. Student Li jr. Class Editors — Carole Whedbee. Commercial ; Delores Morton. Freshman: Bobbie Mullis. Senior: Barbara Massel. Soph and nn Beatty. Junior; I not pictured I Virginia Lowe, Nursing. Page 91 I ' inc eedles General Staff: (seated) Linda Glover. Barbara Kibler. Diana Cook. Gerri Kennedy, and Beth Hitchcock; (standing) Kathryn Pearsall. Elaine Nance. Brenda Beatty. Melinda Withrow. Bonnie Pleasants, and Kllen Fov. Tvping Staff: Klin Sihoen. Luc Williamson, Becky Pleasants, Mary Ann Kelly, and Catln (j ' hui: (seated) ' Carol Berlin. Editor. » ■ if iS Si iialfc. H _._ ■ g| .r B .Jil Business Staff: Camille Crowell. Vera Bl Linda Rickard. Carol Parcell: (seated) Bett] Baker, Assistant Business lnna:,r, nnie Farris. Moore and Bailey. .-1 7 Editor and l ' hotoiiraph y Editor The Youne l . ■K seek to Btimula students with th« 1 1 the ideals and principles as well as th. i r .1 ' the IV .bers to develop their own poli Phe basic objectives of the Young Republicans a ducate members in the principles of the Republic! for stimulati campus political activity. Noted political figures are often im ited to speak to club members; these informal lectures are open to all students. Through joint meet- ings with other chapters in the state, this club seeks to build better citizens through political awareness. ounj: Republicans take a random sampling B campus opinion on world political activity. Political Clubs Serve To Stimulate Students. Build Better Citizens Candy Hill introduces speaker Tom Gilmore, President of the N. ( ' . } oung Democratic Clubs, at a meeting of the I NC-G chapter. Page 93 N.S. A. Materializes Rides Board Plans As A Student Service The National Student Association serves as a link between our campus and the other campuses of our country. It gives us meaning in a wider frame of reference than does any other single organization on our campus. Moreover, its sole purpose is to serve the student body of this campus, and to broaden its horizons. NSA ' s projects for this year included a " See Europe Night " designed to familiarize UNC-G students with contem- porary Europe as available to us, and to foster interest and participation in the variously sponsored summer tours in Europe. During this year, NSA sponsored the placement of a Rides Board in Elliott Hall, a service to students needing a lift from school to some N. C. destination within zoned areas of the board and for those wanting riders to these areas. Delega- tions were sent, also, to the Model United National General Assembly. Service League Bases Its Functions On The Principle Of Service Providing Christmas gifts for need families is one of the important contributions of Service League. Chairman Jud) Tripp ( centei I supervises the wrapping. Service League has a unique place on our campus; it is the only organization which functions solely to help others. Purse Drive is the major fund-raising project; monej from this goes to the Foreign students ' fund, World L ' niversity Service, and other organizations. The main portion of the drive is a tremendous Halloween Carnival on October 31 which this year proved more successful than ever. Each Christmas. Service League sponsors a clothing drive, the results of which go to a needy family in this area through the cooperation of the Welfare Board. Dorms may also, if they desire, sponsor a Christmas for a needy family; in such a case the dorm collects money, food, gifts, and other items, which go to a specific family whose needs are posted in the dorms. This proved to be a completely success- ful and heart-warming project this year. Page 94 Around the World in One Evening is provided by the National The NSA Rides Board in Elliott Hall helps students gel Student ssoeiatiorfs " See Europe Night. " together to solve their transportation problems. Inter-Class Council Unites Classes And Aids Communication Inter-Class Council exists on this campus to coordinate the needs of the unified student body and the separate classes. Representatives from each class sit on the council-board, and the result is an integrated and smoothly-functioning group. It is this council which sponsors the Inter-Class Council Scholarship Fund awarded each year to an incoming freshman. Each class is assigned a monetary goal and the success of the fund depends on the success of the individual classes in reaching this goal. The Council also sponsors an " Elec- tions Rally " in the spring, just before the first S.G.A. election to inform and interest all classes in this portion of our campus life. The Inter-Class Council, made up of all the club and class presidents on campus, held their September workshop under the leadership of their president, Sharon Bristol. Page 95 E en u liere we look, Green Jackets ! Traditional Jester Day skit draws large and appreciative audience. Barry Muilenburg and Natalie Kil Jester Day Co-C.luiii men Jesters Join The Excitement And Bow To The Green Jackets Jacket Day proves one thing every year — clothes make the girl! With the arrival of their class blazers, the Sophomores take their place at last on the color-pole of UNC-G; they grow at least three inches taller, and smiles blossom all over campus. The Class of ' 67, however, greeted these new arrivals less enthusiastically. Traditionally, Jacket Day is the prophet of Jester Day. First warnings take the form of a sophomore parade around the quad and a stampede through freshmen dorms. The coming of the day is heralded by the cheery intercom announcement at 6 a.m. that it is time to get up. after which the semi- conscious freshmen are rushed to the quad for instruc- tions. Primarily, their duties are two: complete a dorm project for presentation at court that evening, and serve the honorable sophomores throughout the day. Despite everything, or because of it, the day ends with a new closeness between the two classes. Reverence and honor to the mighty Soph is the order of the day. for the Ring Ceremony the Junior form their ear ' 6.1 in candlelight. Juniors Proudly Display Class Rings In An Impressive Ceremony The Junior Class marched from Aycock to the quad and lit their candles: a double line was formed, and as the class filed through the giant ring the stillness rang with the Sister Class and College songs. From the quiet that followed came the words " into ' 65 ride the 600. " This was a time to think, a time to wonder about the future, and a time to he proud of basing achieved upperclassmen status at UNC-G. S nibol of the coming of age at I NC-G — the giant ring frames Chairman nn Beaver ing tin- candlelight ceremony. It Is Here In Our Hearts, O Sisters Dear Writer and Director Joan Donahue and Stage Manager Kay Smathers spent many long rehearsal hours getting the Junior Show in shape. The Sister-Class system on campus unites the alternate individual classes into a strong hond of friendship which is strengthened by sister class parties, programs, and the ever-popular Junior Show presented annually by the Junior Class. The Class of 1965 this year pre- sented a musical " The Better Life " which was written and directed by Joan Donahue. The cast was made up of over one-third of the members of the Junior Class and included an orchestra of twenty-four. This hond of closeness between classes is cemented by the often-heard and ever-familiar words of the Sister Song " . . . It is here in our hearts, O sisters dear, . . . We love college and that means you. " Class spirit was shown ] one-third of the Junior Class participated in the traditional production. Class officers conduct the indi idua] cla meetings during which cla s ami future plans are discussed and action is taken. Campus Hootenannies l oost school spirit -! Perhaps the high point of student enthusiasm for the Student Government Association occurs during the annual elections for the student body officers. After nominations azid candidate briefings, campaign- begin. Each aspirant has a platform, a theory, a campaign manager, and high hopes. Tensions rise after the elec- tions convocation where all major campus-office candi- dates are introduced and present a statement of their campaign aims and promises. Rallies and tea- in the dorms provide a more informal introduction U these candidates, and on election day the proof of the pud- ding is made. . . . There are two such elections in the spring — the first for major campus positions and Junior House Presidents, the second for class officers, marshals, and representatives to various bodies. Vnd then, there are the presidential appointments to those offices for whom there were no candidates. -ft U Competition, Hopes Run High During Campus Elections True to form, campaign posters attract attention and hopeful!) their votes. ft 4 F " OR kie Like a H jgl !i 5 J r WBA)iiyU Mre dentY In 1 L J m i cnivi v-ot Upholding I ' NC-G tradition, the entire student body gathers in Aycock Auditorium for the mass meetings. An important part of Student Government, thev are led I the SGA officers. Page 101 Anne Prince President Xt-i 2 Executive Cabinet members serve as a sounding hoard for future idea- and legislation. President Prince Works With House Presidents, Editors, And Freshmen Charlotte Vestal Vice-President The Student Government Association is the students ' self-governing organization at UNC-G of which all students are members. S.G.A. sponsors a pre-school conference in September to discuss plans for the forth- coming year establishing workshops representing the committees and the three main governmental branches. These workshops give students the opportunity to learn and ask questions concerning particular phases of stu- dent government and to give their own opinions con- cerning its operations. The Executive Cabinet is headed by the president and is made up of the student govern- ment officers, class presidents, and presidents of the campus organizations; it serves as an advisory board for student government and correlates the activities of the different organizations. Linda Logan. Chairman, presides over and coordinate? the newly- formed Freshman Cabinet. During 1963-64 the executive branch worked with house presidents to unify dorm policies; with the editors of the three campus publications for the formu- lation of a Publications Board: and established Fresh- man Cabinet as a leadership-training program. This latter accomplishment familiarizes interested fresh- men with the inner workings of student government and gives them experience in serving in various capacities from time to time and thereby training them as prospec- tive candidates for S.G.A. offices. HONOR COURT — (seated) Dr. Rosemary McGee. Advisor; Geri Smith. Jane Francum, Judicial Chairman; Judy Rand. Executive Secretary; Libbj utcn. Recording Secretary : Andrea Drum. Anne Setzer; Islanding l Patsy Routh. Mary Ellen Mangum. Dot Hostettler, Mice Park; ( not pictured ) Lura Winstead and Minette Clarke. The Mock Trial held acquaint students wit iutl h both courts serves to the Judicial System. EXECl TIVE SECRETARIES — Judy Rand. Honor Court and Glenda Sutton. Court of Social Regulations. Tu ajor branches compose the S.G.A. judicial sys- tem: the Honor Court and the Court of Social Regula- tions. Honor Court ' s main function is to make students aware of the importance of the Honor Policj and to hear cases of students who have violated the Honor Code. The Court of Social Regulal s deals with major infractions of the campus social rules. Hall Board isadivisio : the Court of Social Regulations consisting of four dorm members and a member of the Social Court; ii .leal- with minor social offenses. Changes this year have included the rotation of court members, the establishment of a Conn of ppeals, the revision of the stated rights of the accused, and a re- vision of the blanket seach policy: two open trials have been held to acquaint students with the court pro- cedures. Jane Francum I m it itil Chairman Mock Trials Acquaint Student Body With Courts ' Procedures COI KT OF SOCIAL REGULATIONS Members — (seated) Miss Marguerite Felton, Advisor; Starling Walters, Jane Francum, Glenda Sutton. Julia Lupton, Recording Secretary; Libba Wright, nita Sewell, and Sylvia Williams: (standing) Diane Check. Ellen Williams, Jud) Kinard, Bea Lee, Gloria Crook, and Sharon Williams. Page 105 Ad Hoc Committees Formed To Aid Legislative Body The Legislature, a branch of the Student Gov- ernment Association, entrusted with the formu- lation of campus regulations for submission to the administration, found itself quite successful during 1963-64. Perhaps the most notable achievement in terms of campus approval is the extension of Saturday-night dorm closings until one o ' clock, instead of the time-honored midnight hour. There occurred also a striking example of campus approval with the removal of The Red Door from the campus, a somewhat requisite action if state law were to be upheld. The formation of Ad Hoc committees to aid the legislature in evaluating which rulings are nec- essary proved an asset to the rule-making body. RESIDENCE HALLS COMMITTEE: (standing) Lynn Vdcock, killx Kuester, Ann Fagg. Rebecca Morris. Karen Tillev and Karen Ostdahl; (silling) Libby Cromartie. Gretchen Davis. Joyce Harris. Julie Huskey. Judy Harrell. and Vicki Sandford; (on floor) Clara Causey, Cathy Buie. Wanda Holloway, and Cokie Leigh. CLASSIFICATION OF OFFICES COMMITTEE: Joanne Allen. Kay Ta lor. Chairman : Lorene Moore, and Jackie Hendrick: not pictured ) Judy Lackey. Betsy Harris, and Eugenia Hodges. STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE DELEGATION (front row ) Jeannie Smith. Chairman: Emily Moore. Sherry OTJonnell. Ann Bennett. Jean Whitaker. Nora and Eloise Eller: (second row) Carolyn Bishop, Anne Prince, Charlotte Vestal. Jo Ann Elliott. Melindi Lobdell. Monette Weaver. Ann King. Cynthia Blythe, and Sherry Mullins. COMMITTKI: ON LEGISLATION— (sitting) Missj I Ink. Secretary ; Phyllis Snydor Bargoil, Chairman; Carolyn Bishop: (standing I Carol iinc l ' les. Linda Long worth. Ginger Grier, Phyllis Shaw, Toni Oster, and Sherry O ' Donnell. FINANCE BOARD— (sitting) Donna Cook,-. Hull, Kntiis. Chairman: Bels Morris: l sUimlinii) Susanna Kouns. Mr. Lindsey, Idvisor; Jo Vnn Bard: (not pictured) Jeanne Tanncnbauin. Sandra MrCawle : Dr. Vance T. Little John and Mi s Griffin, Advisors. FOOD LIAISON COMMITTEE — Barbara Gegenheimer, Katharine Rufiner, Shirlej Lowrey, Chairman; Donna Mlshrooks ' . Elaine Thomerson: (mil pictured) Rai Dearing. Sonya Morris. Joyce Pendergrass, and Jane Barber. DISTRICTING COMMITTEE - Janey Walters. Nancy Finan. Carol Thacker. Chairman: Jodi Rush. Scotty Kell (not pictured) Cynthia Alexander. ELECTIONS BOARD - (seated) Georgianna Gold. Emily Moore. Chairman: Mai Kathr) 11 Bailej : (standing) Pete Cooke. Suki Smith. Rosalind Neigher, Carol Knotts; ( not pictured ) Carol Thacker and Susie Bissett. Off-Campus Students Ate United By Town Students ' Associat ion Dorm students take full advantage of their classmates " " home cooking " and thereb) aid the Town Students ' most popular money- raising project — the bake sale. J J? T.S. . ( r FICERS — Connie Waynick, Vice-President: Man Capehart. President; and Ina Jean Harris, Secretary-Treasurer. Town Students work on Christmas project to aid a need family in the comfort of their lounge in Elliott Hall. Among the advantages of being a town student are access to a car and having all the conveniences of home. But the Town Students ' Association works to make stu- dents who live off campus an integral part of on-campus activities. Town students have the same opportunities for participation in school events and Student Govern- ment as dorm students, and many of them take an active part in school-wide and class activities. Their lounge in Elliott Hall provides a comfortable place to relax, study, or just " get-together. " They are encouraged to join campus organizations, and are becoming increas- ingly aware of their double advantage. ■ Elizabeth Ransome, Diane Gin] I NC-GonC.l . Da) at Chapel Hill. Jones repi esenl I Council Candidates, And Student Body Make C. U. Day A Success Chapel Hill is the scene of the year ' s first Consolidated The Consolidated University Council plans tin- evenl University Day attended by students Erom all three and two more such days held at the Greensboro and branches. Ii begins with the State-Carolina football Raleigh branches during second semester. The Council, name, reaches a peak of suspense with the crowning of not just a social committee, also meets to discus- and thcC.l . queen, and ends with an informal combo dance plan courses of action for events and problems that enjoyed 1 all attending. affect all three branches of the University of North Carolina. I NC-G CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY DELEGATION — (sealed) Linda Best Hufham. Secretary; Bets) Rogers, I r ■ ' ■ Chairman; Jean Ellen Jones. C.U. Council President; (standing) Fo) Clarke. Carol Griffin, iuie Prince, Beck) Fields, Mar) Ellen Guffy, nlen Nelson. Charlotte Vestal: (not pictured i Hannah White. WOR ' lD A heautv is elected b member? nf lier th photographs for reference. Beauties Serve Classes As One Representative Of Ideal Woman Election of campus beauties results in a bevy of nine under- graduates, each with her own personal brand of charm. The girls are chosen to represent each of the four classes as well as the nursing and the commercial classes, and ultimately the Pine Needles itself. Although each one holds a distinctive claim to beauty, their fields of study and hobbies are as varied as their individual ambitions. Majors range from elementary edu- cation to interior design and sociology; hobbies vary from art to music and writing. In their quiet grace and permeating charm, these nine girls embody the qualities of womanhood admired by their contemporaries. MISS DONN. 1 v I YE LANE Commercial Beauty j MISS ELEANOR ANNE JAMES Nursing Beauty MISS MARY HELEN HARRIS Freshman Beauty MISS JEAN KATHLEEN MEYER Sophomore Beauty MISS CLARA JUDITH REESE Junior Beauty Page 115 MISS MARTHA WARREN TREXLER Senior Beauty MISS KA YE BLICKENSDERFER Maid of Honor MRS MARGARET HARRISON STEIFEL Pine Needles Beauty SENIOR MARSHALS — (top to bottom) — Sally Crumpler. Martha Rogers. Pat Smith. Marjorie Spangler, Lillian Dane. Joan Decker. Angela Blanton. Sandra Simmens, Ann klutz. Jo Anne Mien. Barbara Wrenn, Jud) Williams, Fo) Clarke. Kaye Taylor, Libby Morrison. Margaret Inman: t not pictured) Sharon Beck. Marion Dotson. Rachel Spradley. Junior. Senior Marshals Serve University For Functions At Aycock bite gloves and sash are the familiar trademarks of a marsha Each year during the spring elections twelve junior and eight senior marshals are chosen by their respective classes on the basis of charm, poise, and leadership ; the Chief Marshal is elected by the entire student body. These young women will represent the university and their class for all functions held in Aycock Auditorium and in various other capacities on campus; they are one of our many images to the Greensboro community of which the campus is so vitally a part. Page 121) JUNIOR MARSHALS - nop to bottom) Harriett Eiler, Barbara Davis. Sue in- . Vnne Starr Minton, Karen Ostdahl, iiii Sagar, Frances Sullivan, Carol Gaines, Lee Brinkley, Sara Robbins; ( not pictured) Meliiida Coleman ; Sara Lou Thomas. Kimio Eto plays the Koto for Suzushi Hanayagi during their UNC-G appearance while on their first transcontinental tour of the United States. Each year the Lecture-Entertainment Committee brings to broaden the intellectual and cultural horizons of the students. During 1963-64 the committee cooperated with the Department of Drama in bringing the National Repertory Theatre t campus. UNC-G students were also pii ileged to see a performance by Kimio Eto, the greatest living master of the thirteen-stringed intrument of Japan, and Suzushi Hanayagi, a dancer in the Japa- nese elassieal and Kalmki theatre style. Following tins performance was a presentation of the Daniel Nagrin and Helen Tamil is Dance Company who revealed to the audience the power inherent in the modern dance form. In the spring the National Players of Washington pre- sented The Taming of the Shrew, and the committee also sponsored an all-star company of Korean musi- cians and dancers on their first American tour. Preceding Daniel Nagrin. Helen Tamiris. an (1 Compan) was Myra Kinch and Company show n here ii i a scene from The Light Fantastic Intellectual Horizons Broadened By Lecture-Entertainment Series One of the man) heautiful leaps in the Farmers ' Dance, presented on the campus by the Korean Dance Company. Bridal showers come fast and furiously as graduation draws With Eyes On The Future Seniors Look Past Graduation We fare graduation with our eyes on the future, straining to see what may lie there for us. For some there is the excitement and the happiness of marriage; for others, job interviews mark the beginning of careers for which we have been preparing for four years; for many, there is the combination of the two. We move forward into the future, but in our hearts will always ring the old familiar words " . . . We never shall forget the gratitude we owe to you — a never-ending debt . . . " " J oli ieiliT irus. (•(imluclcd l li . Schai ' lTei in the Placi ' iiienl Ollice. aid in Bolving the problem of post-graduate employment. r«r ts Page 125 sister-generation ends, one begins. Pomp And Circumstance Commencement exercises opened on Saturday, June 1, 1963, on the front campus of the University with the Senior Class Day Program at which the Sophomores paid their last tribute to their Sister Class with the tradi- tional daisy chain. The highlight of this program was the announcement of the outstanding seniors. Other events of the daj included the Chancellor ' s reception and an evening concert presented by the Chamber Music Players and the University Chorale. Sunday. June 2. found the Seniors gathered in the Coliseum. Rev. W. E. Wisseman gave the invocation, and Dr. Arthur Larson, professor of law at Duke University, delivered the commencement address after which Governor Terry Sanford, President William Friday and Chancellor Otis Singletary spoke and con- ferred the degrees. Hats, gowns, programs, and collars repeat tliemsek as graduating class attends Imal commencement sei : ' £ fk .OllS cum Ends College Years, Begins Official Adult Life Seniors perform their final task as a UNC-G student. the graduation recessional. mm hi i! BHIMWM ■ • •■ aH ICL5 i A ' ' ' sfs r a mfrnKSyi F -rv-;:; ' ,: ' -:--::. " -: : ' ;?; This woman thai we are is reflected in THE [NDIVID1 l. which make upourstudenl body. Eacl -i express her owi ideas and opinions, her like- ami dislikes. Though she is ai integral pari oi a group, its purpose is nevei to Btifle her indi viduality; it benefits from her uniqueness. - an individual she works, plays, plans her future, lives her present, and give! of herself to this universit) thus earning her indh idual place in the society of today. Administration TERRY SANFORD, Governor of North Carolina and Chairman, ex officio, oj the Board of Trustees oj the Consolidated University and WILL] M C. FRIDAY. President oj The Consolidated University. As an official of the I niversity. the Chancellor has an additional responsibility to students. Leadership i as ital to a college as it is to a corpora- tion or a country. Unless its girding officials are an outstanding combination of knowledge, organizational ability, concern for student and faculty, dedication, and practical experience, the college itself has little chance of becoming outstanding. We at UNC-G have been more than fortunate in having as our chancellor a man who possesses not only diese qualities but adds to them those resulting from a variety of interests and achievements. An honored and welcome sight on our campus, Chancellor Singletary has given us the leader- ship we need to assume and hold our place in the Uni- versity complex. Varying Facers Of Chancellors Character Combined In UNC-G Role The Chancellor manifests success as an author. Civil War and Rec.uistrurti Also a private citizen. Dr. Otis Singletary enjoys an M-G drive with Mrs. Singletary. -3 f S jf? .; f fe9 « • wlm B M " SPilBKi mfSn Page 131 Administration 4 KATHERINE TAYLOR MEREB E. MOSSMAN Dean oj Students Dean of the University Deans occupy a potentially unpleasant position in col- lege administration. They must weigh and make de- cisions on complaints, and many types of problems from students, faculty, and the administration itself. They cannot move forward for the college without the individuals of the campus. In quiet and in dignity, our Deans have maintained this balance between college and campus, and have in addition, provided us with a projection of ourselves in full maturity and an ideal for the present. MRS.GR CKM. KEZl VH, Sophomore Class Idvisor; MISS WO . PORTER, Juniot Class Advisor; MISS I I! ( I !S E. FALCK, Senio) Class Idvisor; (seated) MISS HELEN C. Bl RNS, Freshman Class Idi r MRS. MAHLON D M- Director oj llimsckci pin- DR. CURTIS I University Ph ysician MRS. TOMMIE EOl Assoc SMITH iiote .)eo7; lHr m fk l MRS. KATHLEEN P. HAWKINS Student Aid Officer MR. H. HOYT PRICE. Registrar and MISS S U DE MI NN, Director of Admissions M rv MR. G. M. JOYCE Auditor MR. GEORGE W. HAMER Director oj Development MR. N. H. GURLEY Superintendent oj Buildings and Grounds MR. A. A. WILKINSON Director oj News Bureau MR. CLARENCE 0. SHIPTON MR. H. L. FERGUSON. JR. Director of Extension Business Manager Faculty i;t Mr. Gilbert F. Carpenter, Head ;. ..- Miss Noma Hardin, . ' . ■(.. B.S., M. I.: Mr. John D.Kehoe,Jr.. ;. . .. I . .. Dr. John P. Sedg. wick, Jr., B. I., U. . .. Pk.D.; Miss Lou iinr Smith, . ' . ' . I., l .f. I.. Miss Helen Thrush, B.F. I.. M. ..- Mr. iiihum M. vevers, B. .; Dr. Chisaburoh ' i amada, Ph.D. BIOLOGY Dr. Bruce M. Eberhart, Head, B. I.. I ' h. I).: Dr. Laura G. Vnderton, B. I.. U.S.. Ph.D.: Dr. Edmund Berkeley, U.S.. M.S.. I ' h.l).: Dr. Lois Cutter, B. I.. M.S.. Ph.D.; Dr. Charlotte . Dawley, ' . !., If.S., ' ,. ;.. Dr. Virginia R. Gangstad. 8. I., I . I.. ' ,. ;..- Dr. Hilda T. Harpster, . ' . !.. M. I.. Ph.D.; Dr. Paul E.Lutz.B.,4., M.S., PA.Z).; Dr. Ralph M. Morrison, U.S.. Ph.D.; Dr. Martin Roeder, B.S.. M.S., ' ,. ..• Dr. Mollis J. Rogers, U.S.. If.S., I ' h.l).: Miss Sarah Sands. . I., 1 . ' .. If.S.; Miss Joanne Tontz, B. .. 1 . I. BUSINESS EDUCATION Dr. Vance T.Littlejohn, Head, B.A., U.S.. M.E,L. I ' h.l).: Mrs. Doroth) S. Darnell, B.S.S.A., M.Ed.: Mr. George P. Grill, B.S., M.A.; Miss Mar) Harrell, B. .. » ' ..S.. AL4.; Miss Sarah Y. Jones. U.S., M.S.; Miss Jeanette I). Sievers, R.A.. M.S.: Miss V. Louise Whitloek. B.S., M.S. CHEMISTRY Miss Florence Schaeffer, Head, II. .. 1 . .: Dr. Helen Bedon,B. ., 1 . .. Ph.D.: Miss Marguerite Fel- ton, U.S.. M. I.: Dr. Sherri For- rester, U.S.. Ph.D.: Dr. Guita Marble, ' . .. 1 . .. Ph.D.: Dr. Gertrude Vermillion, B.S., B.A.. M. I.. I ' h.l). M££f. ££ f I :. 4. Jrc i.v . pP Hanlin Kehoe Sedgwi. k Smith. 1.. Thrush Vevers Yamada Eberharl Anderton Berkel ey Cutter Dawlej Gangstad Harpster l.uu Morrison Roeder, M. Rogi re aml- Tontz Littlejohn Darnell,D. (.nil Harn-ll Jones, S. Sievers Whitloek Schaeffer Bedon Felton Forrester Marble Wrmillinn Page 135 Faculty Laine Meriwether Allen, R. Collins DeVinny Pierce Weyl Worsley French Seifrit Kennedy Brashear Davies Howe Aromi Colbert Edinger Franklin Hunter. E. Hunter. M. James Johns,.,,. 1. Jones, Joan Kreimeier Mosei Russell Sharma Bryant Bridjiers Bush Collier Eibel Ellis Gagen Hartwig CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION Dr. Francis Laine. Head, B.S., Ph.D.; Miss Margaret Meriwether, B.A., M.A. COMMERCIAL Dr. Roscoe J. Allen, Head, B.S., M.S.. Ed.D.; Mrs. Elizabeth P. Collins, B.S., M.Ed. ; Miss Margaret DeVinny, B.S., M.S.; Miss Lenore G. Pierce, B.A., M.A.: Miss Louise Weyl, B.A., M.S.; Mrs. Anne B. Worsley, B.S.S.A.. M.Ed. DRAMA AND SPEECH Mr. Maynard G. French, BA.,M.A., M.F.A.; Mr. William Seifrit, B.A., M.A. ECONOMICS Dr. John W. Kennedy. Head, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.: Mr. John H. Brashear. B.A., B.S.. M.A.: Dr. David G. Davies. B.A.. Ph.D. EDUCATION Dr. Kenneth E. Howe. Dean. B.A.. 1 . A., Ed.D.: Dr. Eugene Aromi. B.A.. M.A., Ed.D.; Dr. William Colbert, B.A., M.A., Ed.D.; Dr. Lois Edinger, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.; Dr. Marian P. Franklin. B.A., B.M., M.A.. Ed.D.; Dr. Eugenia Hunter. B.A., M.A., Ph.D.: Mrs. Mary Hunter. B.A.. M.A.: Dr. Grace James. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.; Mrs. Mary Frances Johnson, B.A., M.S.L.: Miss Anna Kreimeier, M.A., Ph.B.; Mrs. Sadie Moser, B.S., M.Ed.; Dr. Donald W. Bus- sell. B.A.. M.Ed.. D.Ed.: Dr. Chiranji Lai Sharma. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. ENGLISH Dr. Joseph Bryant. Jr., Head, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. John E. Bridgers. B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. May D. Bush. B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Mr. James Collier, B.A., M.A.; Miss Deborah Eibel, B.A., M.A.; Dr. James Ellis, B.A., I. I.. Ph.D.: Dr. Jean Gagen. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Miss Joan Hartwig, B.S., M.A.; Page 136 1963-64 Miss Carol Johnson, B. [., I . I., 1 . ' . I., Mr. George M»»n ' . ' . .. 1 . I.. Miss li. Marine Phillips, B.A..M.A.; Dr.Roberl O.Stephens, ;. I.. I . I.. ' ,. ..- Mr. Peter Tay lor, ;.. .; Mr. William M. Tucker, ;. .. 1 . I.; Dr. Robert Watson. ;. .. 1 . .. I ' h.l).: Mr. Thomas Wright, B.A.,M.A.; Miss Irma Ann Powell, ' . .. I . .; Dr. Rosamond Putwsl, ' . .. l. I.. I ' h.l).: Mr. William D. Snider, - ' . .: Mrs. I ' aim B. Walton, U.S.. M.A. GEOGRAPHY Dr. Craig L. Dozier, Head, III.. I . .. I ' h.l).: Mrs. Mary T. Parker, , ' . .. M.Ed.: Dr. Norma,, W. Schul, li.S.F.d., M.A., Ph.D. GERMAN AND RUSSIAN Dr. Anne F. Baecker. Head. ' ,. » ' .. M.A.. I ' h.l).: Dr. John G. Frank. » ' ., .. I ' h.l).: Dr. Frederick M. Rener, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Ethel L. Martus. Head. ' .(.. M.S.: Mrs. Margaret N. Alexander. B.S., M.S.Ph.; Miss Nancy Angle, R.A.. M.S.: Miss Dorothy Davis. R.A., M.A.: Miss Margaret Duncan. B.A., M.Ed.; Miss Shirley Flynn, B.S., M.S.P.E.: Miss June P. Gallo- way, U.S.. M.Ed.: Miss Margaret Greene. B.S.P.E., M.A.; Miss Ellen J. Griffin. B.S., M.A.; Dr. Gail M. Hennis, B.S., M.A.. Ph.D.; Miss Marjorie L. Leonard. B.S., M.A.; Mrs. Charlotte Locke. B.A.; Miss Madeleine McCain. B.A.. M.I ' . II.: Dr. Rosemary McGee, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.: Miss Virginia Moomaw, B.S., M.A.; Dr. Marie Riley, B.S., M.A.. Ed.D.: Dr. Alice Schriver, B.S.. M.A., Ed.D.; Miss Anne Shamburger: Dr. Celeste Ulrich, U.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. fp - 1 3 rr c c c. £ffi£fe Johnson, C. Moore Phillip. Stephens Taylor Tucker Watson Wright, T. Dozier Parker. M. Schul Baecker Frank Rener Martus Alexander. M. Angle Davis Duncan Flynn Galloway Greene Griffin Hennis Leonard Locke McCain McGee Moomaw Riley Schriver Shamburger Ulrich Faculty -a y ftf ft Bardolph Beeler Clowse lull- Connelly Hege.J. Hunt Kurland Luczynskj I ' lart Robinson Spuigeon Wright. L. Ubanese Buchanai Canady Dickej Dirks Hathaway Henkel Hobbs Johnson, H. Lowe Magee Penn Singletarj Smith, Rebecca Spahi Sperrv Street agonei White, N. WiUingham Lewis. A. Carroll HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Richard Bardolph. Head, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.; Dr. John Beeler, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Converse I). Clowse, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.; Dr. Betty Clutts, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Owen S. Connelly. B.S., M.A., Ph.D.; Miss Josephine Hege. B.A., M.A.; Dr. Margaret A. Hunt. B.A., 1 . ... I ' h.D.; Mr. Jordan E. Kur- land. B.A.. M.A.: Dr. Walter T. Luczynski, B.A.. M.A., Ph.D.: Dr. Eugene E. Pfaff. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. ; Dr. Blackwell P. Robinson, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.; Dr. Jonathan Spur- geon. B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D.; Dr. Lenoir C. Wright, B.A., M.A., LL.B.. Ph.D. HOME ECONOMICS Dr. Naomi Albanese. Dean. II. A.. M.A., Ph.D.; Mrs. Frances Bu- chanan, B.S.H.E., M.S.H.E.: Miss Helen Canadv. B.S.. M.S.; Mrs. Mar;. Dickey. B.S., M.S.; Mrs. Mar) Dicks. B.A.. M.Ed.: Miss Elizabeth Hathaway, U.S., M.A.; Miss Shirley Henkel. B.S.H.E., M.S.; Dr. Daniel Hobbs. Jr.. U.S.. M.S.. Ph.D.; Dr. Hildegarde Johnson, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; Miss Louise Lowe, U.S.. M.S.; Dr. Aden Magee. III. B.S., M.S., Ph.D.: Miss Ellen Penn. U.S.. M.A.: Mrs. Emeve Singletary. B.S.H.E.; Mrs. Rebecca Smith. U.S.. M.S.; Miss Sandra Spain. U.S.. M.S.; Dr. Irwin Sperrv. B.A., M.Ed., Ed. D.; Mrs. Medeleine Street, U.S.. M.A.: Mrs. Rebecca Wagoner, B.S.H.E., M.S.; Dr. Nancj White, B.A.. M.Ed., Ph.D.: Mrs. Alice Willingham. B.S., M.S.H.E. MATHEMATICS Dr. Anne L. Lewis. Head. B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D.; Miss Jane Carroll. B.S., M.S.; Mr. Joseph D. Jones, B.S., M.A.; Mr. David C. Leaird, B.S., M.S.; Mrs. Margaret Saun- ders. B.A., M.S.; Mrs. Ruby B. Smith. B.S.. M.Ed.; Mr. John L. Steinmetz. B.S., M.A. 1963-64 MUSIC Dr. Lee Rigsby, Dean, B.M., l .l .. I ' h.l).: M. . Claire Vtkisson, B.M.; Dr. Richard Cox, B. I., I . I.. I ' h.l ' .: Mr. Roberl Darnell, . ' .I ., l .l .. Mr. William DeVeny, B. I.. B.M.; Mr. George Dickieso n. ;.! .. l .l .. Mr. Paul Hickfang, B.M., 1 1 .. Mr. William Hilbrink, B.M.Ed., l .l ..- Miss Birdie Holloway, B.S.M., l .N.l .; Dr. Harold Luce, ISM.. MM. .I ' h.l).: Mrs. [nga Mor- gan, B.M., MM.: Mr. Phillip Mor- itan, :.! .. A .M. NURSING EDUCATION Miss Uice C. Boehret, Head, B.A.. M.S.: Miss Lois Galer. B.S., M.A.: Miss Martlia Heubner, U.S.. 1 . .: Miss Sarah Y. Korn, U.S.. M.A. PHILOSOPHY Dr. Warren D. Ashl.y. Head. B.A. li.l).. I ' h.l).: Dr. Robert B. Rosthal R.A..M.A.. I ' h.l). PHYSICS Dr. Anna .1. Reardon, Head. B.A., U.S.. I ' h.l).: Mr. Edward F. Card ..... » ' ..S ' .. M.S.: Mrs. Mabel L. Way nick. B.A. PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Kendon R. Smith. Head. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Elizabeth Duffy. R.A.. M.A., Ph.D.; Mr. William Friedman, B.A., M.A.; Mr. Katsu- sbifje Kazaoka. B.S.. M.A.: Dr. Charles Noblin. B.A., M.S.. I ' h.l).: Dr. William S. Ra . ' .(.. U.S.. I ' h.l). ROMANCE LANGUAGES Dr. Charles D. Blend. Head. B.A.. M.I.. Ph.D.: Dr. James Atkinson, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. Elizabeth M. Barineau. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.: Mr. Maurieio Charpenel. ..-(.. £££££ Im ££££f Rigsby tki-on 1 ox Darnell DeVenj Dickieson Hickfang Hilbrink HoUowaj 1 Morgan, I. Morgan. P. Boehrel Galei Efeubner Kor.i -l.ln Rosthal Reardon Gardner a nick Smith. K. Duffj Friedman Kazaoka Noblin Ray Blend Atkinson Barineau Faculty €,. O 1 M.A.; Dr. John P. Couch, B.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Virginia Farinholt.B. ., M.A.. Ph.D.: Dr. William Felt, B.A., M.A., D.M.L.; Mr. Robert Fiore. B.A., M.A.: Mrs. Annie Beam Funderburk. B.A.. M.A.; Mr. Mortimer M. Guiney. Jr., B.A., M.A.; Mr. Paul Koenig. Bacc; Dr. Meta H. Miller. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Dr. Lyda G. Shivers. Head. B.A., LL.B.,M.A.. Ph.D.; Dr. Donald F. Allen. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Elaine Burgess. B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; Dr. Harriett Kupferer. B.S., M.A., Ed.D.. Ph.D. Santa pays a visit to the Entertainment Committee ' s Christmas party for the facult ' s children. Faculty Lounge provides between-class privacy for administration personnel and teaching staff ■ Hfr.r x f f -. t M HONORARIES PHI BETA KAPPA Epsilon Chapter o) Sorth Carolina A section of the chapter of I ' ll i Beta Kappa at the I nivcrsity of North Carolina wa8 estab- lished at the Woman ' s College in 1935. In 1956 the Woman ' s College Section was granted a separate charter and became the Epsilon Chapter of North Carolina. Elections to mem- bership in the Society are held each spring. Senior candidates for the A.B. degree who have high academic standing are eligible for election. Juniors with exceptionally high averages are also eligible. OFFICERS Dr. John H. Beeler Dr. Charles Blend Dr. Betty C.Clutts Dr. John E. Bridgers, Jr. President Vice-President Recording Secretary Secretary ■Treasurer Elected from the Class of 1964 Joanne Allen Rebecca Allen Judy Ayscue Margaret Carmichael Melissa Galloway Joan Harris Patricia Hopper Kay Lindley Linda Logan Marie Moore Patricia Ann Morgan Joyce Nichols Carol Pyles Joanna Johnson Robbins Patsy Jean Routli Helen Stanfield Rave Taylor Harriet Thompson Gail Thomson Rosalie Tripp Dorothy Vandenliui Elected from the Class of 1965 Pamela Benbow Pamela Pfafi Page HI GOLDEN CHAIN Tapping new members into Golden Chain is an exciting event. After the dorm is closed, members of Golden Chain enter with lighted candles to tap the prospective members. This ceremony occurs in the Spring and fall of each school year to recognize juniors and seniors of outstanding merit. Advisors are Dr. Laura Anderton, Dr. Elaine Burgess, and Miss Marjorie Leonard. OFFICERS II hi White Joanne Johnson Robbins l i:i. w;ET CARMICHAEL 1.1 huberman Phyllis Snyder President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Jean Abernathy Cynthia Blythe Sharon Bristol Claudia Buchdahl Margaret Carmichael Lynn Huberman Joretta Kennerly Linda Logan Judy Mock Emily Moore Anne Prince Judy Rand Joanna Johnson Robbins Phyllis Snyder Glenda Sutton Charlotte Vestal Hannah lute PI KAPPA LAMBDA MUSIC Marcia Fountain Jean Littlejohn Johnson Roseman Pla SIGMA ALPHA BUSINESS Eva Louise Cherry M.n Ann Crocker James EA Geraldine R. Nielsc Julia RayeLupton 1. Suzanne Mane} OMICRON NU HOME ECONOMICS Dixie Ruth Couch Margaret Lou Gardner Mary Hilda McNeely Judieth Elizabeth Mock Julia Carol Renegar Tatty Sue Hardin Routh JudyDaltonWinstead Anna G. ellon Recognizing outstanding achievement and scholarship in fields other than liberal arts are three organizations which promote high endeavor in the fields of business, home economics, and music. Sigma Alpha not only honors the business majors but seeks to pro ide helpful programs for its members. Omicron Nu recognizes home economics majors who excel in their special areas. Pi Kappa Lambda inducts the highest one-fifth of the senior music majors. Page 143 PHI ALPHA THETA HISTORY Mary G. Hontz Dee Anne Moore Patsy Jean Routh Jewel S. Williams Sandra D. Smith Charlotte Ann Vestal Hazel Karen Whitley Cynthia Alexander Peggy Colmer Martha L. Ford Melissa Galloway Carolyn Haynes PSI CHI PSYCHOLOGY Patricia Lawless Linda Logan Teresa Martin Jean Gronquist Ray Sonja Grae Watson MU PHI EPSILON MUSIC Martha Stone Alley Lea Jane Berinati Mary Elizabeth Brett Blanca Rose Chapman Joan Adelia Clark Judy Edwards Emily Heath Ellis Alice Abbott Ely Nancy Elizabeth Finan Marcia Taylor Fountain Joan Minnette Fuestman Mary Johnston Gilley Delores Ann Halm Sallie Palmer Hitchcock Constance Elizabeth Hughes Jean Rosannah Johnston Angela Blanton Jolly Margaret John Kirkman Nancy Cooper Kredel Vera Leonard Elizabeth Dabney McClung Mary Barnwell Mathieu Nannette Jackson Minor Anne Starr Minton Henrietta Nance Mildred Hudgins Overton Anita Louise Patterson Rennie Peacock Virginia Kyser Pennington Judy Carol Price Myra Lynn Rink Jodi Thomas Rush Mamie Shepherd Ima Jean Spencer Christine Solem Rita Francine Taylor Carol Rives Thacker Mary Alyce Watson Frances Louise Weberson Anita Louise White Sandra Carol Whitener Patricia Williams Marion Jean Willis ALPHA KAPPA DELTA SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY KathleenClark Linda Logan Carolina Hubert Patricia Morgan DELTA PI SPANISH Blanca Chapman Barbara Hawkins Rebecca Douglas Sarah Langston Marsha Foust Linda Logan Valerie Florance Linda Middleton Joan Harris Elizabeth Ann Miller Teri Lee Hart Ann Vanderburg MASQUERADERS DRAMA AND SPEECH Shelby Archer Julie Kestnbaum Audrey Berry Austin Susie Newman Carlotta Blankenship Lynn Ogrhen Penni Drake Eulela Riddle Sandra Estes Susah Saari Montine Hall Kay Smathers Tina Hillquist Elnora Stuart Valerie Holliman Sylvia Teague Chris Kaffman Phyllis Thompson Vianne Keener Ellen Thome BETA BETA BETA BIOLOGY Mary Helen Ashton Jane Poston Linda Bernard Millie Price Barbara Berrier Susan Proud Cynthia Blythe Celia Donaldson Putnam Beverly Bryan Joanna Johnson Robbins Mary Lou Byrd Susan Rodman Jane Chambers Martha Rogers Jackie Hendrick Reta Sain Pat Hopper Kaye Taylor Dot Hostettler Charlotte VanZant Charlotte Jack Carole Wilkerson Edith Jolly Susan Williams Mary Ellen Mangum Mary Jo Winn Norma Nuttall Jane Yancev OUTSTANDING SENIORS Pine Needles presents this year ' s Outstanding Seniors as elected by their classmates. These girls have been UNC-G figures during their entire four years here contributing their time, talent and effort to the different organiza- tions on campus. We wish to recognize them for their excellent leadership while students on this campus and to predict for them equally outstanding futures. 1963 MEMBERS Jean Helen Ahernathy ( Abo) Emily Moore Carolyn Bishop Sherry Mullins Sharon Bristol Diane Oliver Margaret Carmichael Anne Prince Lynn Huberman Judy Rand Linda Logan Linda Vann Judy Mock Charlotte Vestal Hannah White TOimRsi SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS are: Judy Mock. Secretary; Bonnie Dean. Cheerleader; Sharon Bristol, President; Happ) Harris. Treasurer; and Linda Vann. Vice-President. Responsibilities And Privileges — A Yearly Prelude To Graduation i i . sometimes find more responsibility than fun in their car privileges U LBLlliU I The Senior Class devoted most ot its spare lime and energy to preparing for graduation. Invitations Chair- man, Class Day Chairman and speaker, and Outstand- ing Seniors had to lie chosen. Raising fund- fur the Interclass Scholarship was another class project. Many memories came to mind as May HI approached . . . the first Class meeting. Talent Show, and S.G.A. elections were reminders of the freshman year . . . Rat Da) and class blazers highlighted Sophomore year . . . the Junior Show. Sister Class parties, arrival of class rings provided a lew remembrances ot the immediate past. ith Senior status came many new responsibilities, as well as privileges which included car- on campus and more social freedom. Pride and a feeling of accom- plishment as tour years " hard work culminated in graduation enveloped all the class members, as the goal was finally realized. Page 147 Ulen,M. Allen. R. NANCY ELIZABETH ABELL JEAN HELEN BEKNETHY B.A. IN MATH! 1 I 1(. s I -]]i..u Hall Council (II; Band Westminster Fellowship (1. 41, Treasurer (2), President Club (1. 2. 3, 41; Hall Board (2 l; Square Circle (2, 3, 4); 1 (2 1; Junior Show (3 1; Legislature (4). CYNTHIA ANN ALEXANDER B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. BETSY JANE ALLEN B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. College Choir (1, 2, 3, Committee (3); Sociology Club (4); Commis Points Committee (2. Circle i 3. 4). Sludenls ' Curriculum Com- l i; Elliott Hall Council (4). MARTHA FLORENCE ALLEN Henderson B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1, 2l; Rat Day Committee (2l; S N.E.A. (2. 3. 4); ACL. (3). President (4i; Junior Show (31. Parents ' Weekend Committee (3); Annie Mclver Young scholarship (41; Honors Seminar (3). REBECC KATHERINE ALLEN ELLEN DONN U.I.SBROOK Raleigh of Dorm MAR. FRXNCES WIMONS NANCi LAMAR ANDERSON High Poii B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Section Leader (1); Dor Committee (2. 3. 4); ACE. (3. 41; Town Students ' 1 IBB1 AUTEN Springfield, Vi B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Mars Hill Junior College (1.2) Elliott Hall Social Committee ( 3 I; Dorm Sooal ( oninnttee (3); Gamm Alpha (3, 4); Honor Court Recording Secretary (4). Page 148 € f? Baker, A. Baker, B. Ball CLASS OF 1964 I,K SI SAN BAER B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Hi] I H , K VTHRYN BAILED l.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Cc ' hairman (II; Gamin.. Alpha ( 3. 4). Publicity Con ons Board I J. 4); S.N.E.A. (3); Junior Show Ticfc NNETTE I.OI ISK H kER Bah! Cr nillce (31. E CommiUcc HETTY WHITWORTH BAKER Dorm Elections Chairmai Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee Vice EUGENIA RUTH BALL B.A. IN ENGLISH. S.N.E.A. (3. 4); English Club I JO ANN BARD Gastonia B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (I, 2. 3. 4); German Club (I. 21; Section leader (2l; Gamma Alpha Projects Com- SpotUght Sla ' - Council Secreta Finance Board Secretary REBECCA CAROLINE BARHAM Greensboro B.F.A. IN ART AND PAINTING. Honor Roll (1. 31; Town Students ' " Art Club (3,4). Bard Barham 4 ) ; Song Committi 2, 3, 4); unior Show (31; S.N.E.A. Sigma Phi (3, 4). PAT E. BARRY Morganton I.S.P.E. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dorm Committee Chairman 1 l. Recreation Association C abinei ( 1 ). Activiiy Head (2), Vice Presi- ient (3), Honor Group (3. 4), President (4); Commission (2); S.G.A. eculive C abinet (4). Id F. lURTLETT Salts! B.S.H.E. IN INSTITUTION MANAGEMENT. Home Economics I (4); 4-H Club (1,2, _ BEVERLY SIMERIL BASS Charlotte B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Section Leader (II; Dorm Cheer- leader I); Majors Council (1). President (2. 3); Rat Day Committee ' l-Seal (1. 3). Secretary 12 1. Vice President |4|; Hockey R.F.C.W. Committee (31; Co-Off (1, 2. 3. I.l (TM)A ANN BATTEN Smithfield B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS. Dorm Committee (1. 2); A.H.E.A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Rat Day Committee (21; Junior Show Committee (3); Junior Assistant (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); Committee Chairman for HE. Banquet (31. G Page 14 " CLASS OF 1964 JULIA CAROL BEAM Lawndale B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. JERRY ANN BECK Thomasvffle B.S.S.A. IN RETAILING. SHARON DURAN BECK Scarsdale, N. Y. Biggard Bischofl BA. IN SPANISH. Dorm Committee I 1. :. 3. 4); St. Mary ' s House (1. 2. 3 ; Puk Secdles 12. ? ; Spanish Club 1 2. 3. 4 I ; Marshal (J. 4); s N 1 A. (3,4); Junior Show (3). LINDA LOU BERNARD Gastonia B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Caduceus Club (1. 2): German Club (1. 2); Beta Beta Beta (3, 4); Section Leader 13 1; Junior Assistant (3); Hall Board SUSAN BEYER Chevy Chase, Md. B.A. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Commission (11: Philosophy Club Secre- tary (2 1; Sociology Club (2, 3, 4). PATRICIA FAYE BIGGARD Pittsburgh. Pa. Bishop B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Legislature (2,3,4); Assistant House Presi- dent (2); Jacket Committee (2): House President i3). iarahnum Slat! (4); Rules Committee Chaitmati (4i: Junior Sinus ill. Rat D.i Com- mittee (2). Blackmail 1 M t.M KLINE BISCHOFF Chatham, N.J. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Y.R.C. (3); ACE. (3); N.E.A. (4). I Mini., JO BISHOP Raleigh B.A. IN ENGI ISH. Hall Board ill. Dorm Committee (1); Honors Seminal li. 1 ■ M. 2 1 .eumve ( unmet, S (, A. l2l. Finance Board. Fs Otlicio i2i. Daiss chain 12); 1.i Committee (2); Westmmslci lellouchip 2 1 l.inioi House I ' icsiuent (3); Legis- lature (3l; Junioi Show l3l; Business Manager of Carolinian (41; JUDITH HARRIS BLACKM B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm C Pine Xeedles Stall l2l; Elliott Hall Committee (2) I l D WIIXIN BLACKMON IARLOTTA BLANKENSHIP AshevilJe I.A. IN DRAMA. Masqueraders (1. 2. 3. 41; W.C. Theater I I. 2. 3. 4); unior Show Choreographer ( 3 ; Modern Dance Club ( 1 ) ; Lab Theatre JUDITH COATS BLANKINSHIP Smithfield B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY. Elliott Hall Social ( ommiltee I 1 I . Dotm Social ( hair man ( I I. Scnioi Dance Group (_1, 2. 3); Tour Group (1); Junior Show Choreographer (3 4). Treasurer (4); Girl State Dinner Chairman (3); S. N.E.A. (3. 41. ;. DIE RACHEL BLANTON Shelbj I. A. IN SPANISH. Tap Club I 1. 2. 4). Secretary (3|; Modern Dance .roup (1.2); Spanish Club (2. 3. 4); Inter-Yarsiu I I. 2l; S. N.E.A. 141. .Midi 1 I IK. t. i i BOWERS BRENDA JEAN BRADLEi IMi.|dKll ' . C.NHA BKIl.K ' t Kinston HA. IN INcllMI l-rench Club III " . « ' nlo I oundalion Hi. Dorm oiniiiiiu-c i I. 41, Squ.iif (lick ' c: I. Honoi Id. 11 i . ' i 1 Mil ' (4); -i D.C. Mi. SHARON LEE BRISTOL B.S.P.E. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. President (3), President (4); Golden Cha Council Member (4). Board I I I ; ( l.iss Vi .41. I ' M sic III I ducatli ISriiill. Brili BETTJ JEAN BR1TT H A. IN I Rl N( II n.iini Cheerleader llonois Seminal i I. 1 I. I icnch ( lub I I. Wll ' .l I ISKdOKSHIRK Norlli Wilk, -lion, IN I1IM1NIARY EDL1CATION. Mars Hill College (1. V Dorm Representative (3 1; DSL 1 Council (3). President E. i.i. 4i. Dorm Representative (3); Interfaith Council BOWIE .IEEEKE1S BlioWN Bristol liritt MMit.MiET KOSE BKOWN ' ATRICIA LOUSE BRYAN New Bern I.A. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (1); U.C.C.F. (1, 3), Vice President 2. 4); Dorm Committee- l2i; Junior Shou ( osuimc (ommitlee (3); 1) ( I l. 41. ( ommission 141. Hall Board 14 I; English Club (4). PENNY BUCHANAN NANCY KATHRYN Bl CKI.EY Devon, Pa. B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Merrimack College ti); Newman Club (2. 3, 4); Dorm Committees (2. 3.4|; Junior Assistant l; Polllical tconorm Club (4). Treasurer (31: Elliott Hall Social (ommitlee (3, 4); Co- Chairman Dorm Vesper Board (3). By Bui tie] a 4b £ ? Burbage Burcham Callicotl Callowav MARGARET ALMENA BURBAGE Charleston, S. C. B A. IN ENGLISH. Jacket Committee (1); French Club (1); Dorm Social Committee (1, 2); Elliott Hall Social Committee II. 2. 31; Rat Day Committee (2); English Club (4); S.N.E.A. (4). JANET MARIE BURCHAM State Road B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Service League (1); Commission |2 ; Hockey Team |2. .1 1 . Tap Dance Club (II. Secretary (2); C.U. Council 3|; Junior Show (3); Varsily Basketball 111. Junior Assistant (3 ); Dorm Committee (1. 4); R.A. Social Chairman (4 1; R.A. Council (4); Sister Day Chairman (4). SUSAN Bt RRISS B.A. IN BIOLOGY. VERA JANE BUTNER B.A. IN ECONOMICS Class Treasurer ill. II. urn Social C ha 13, 41; Junior Advisor I 3|; Pine eedle (3. 41; Junior Show Political Economy Club (3). Secretary (4); Section Leader (4). PATRICIA ANN BYRD FR ANCES OLIVIA CALDWELL BETTY ANN CALLOWAY Ashevill. B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING Dorm Committee ( 1 I ; Service Leagu, (2); Ring Committee I2l; Elliott Hall Council (31; Junior Show (31 Gamma Alpha (3. 41; House President (41. PEGGY ANN CAMP Graham Square Circle MAM SHUFORD CAPEHART Greensboro B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Town Students ' Association (1). Secrelary- Ire.isurer i2l. Vice President (3). President (4); Inter-Class Council (3. 4); Psychology Club I 3. 4i; Executive Cabinet (4); Legislature (4). LOUISE CARDEN B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Glee Club (I. 2, 3 German Club (1. 31. Vice President (2); Sectii M RG RET NEIL CXRMICHAEL Rocky Mo B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committee (1); Sister Class Chairman (II; N.S.A. (II; Rat Day Committee (2); Commission (2); Junior House 1 ' iesidcm i ' i. Rules Committee (31; Inter-Class Council 14); Junior Show ill. Golden Chain I 3 I. Secretary (4); Commission 14 i; bnclish (. lub I4i. Hall Board (4). VNGELA CxRPENTER B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Dorm Committee Square Circle (2. 3. 4); House President (4). - Carmichael Carpenter Page 152 ©Cfcp© CLASS OF 1964 JANE ELIZABETH CARRAWAY Washington B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (I. 2. 3. 41; S.N I A i). 4); I .limn H.ill ( ommittee til: Hall Board t I I ; N.C.E. A. I 3, 4 I ; N.E. A. I 1. 4 1 ; Section leader (4); N.S.A. IJMH HOLBROOK CARRIGAN Greensboro B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Hall Board (21; Sociology i lub (2); German Club (2); N.E.A. (2, 4). Cathcan Candle ELIZABETH CAROLINE CARRIKER Harrisburg B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS. Honor Roll (2. J). LAURA NN CARSON Rutherfordton B.S.S.A. IN DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION. Dorm Committee Chair- in. in M. li, 1 limn Hall Special 1 veins I ommtllee |2|; Rat Day Com- mittee l2t; Junior Show Committee (3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Com- MARGARET JANE CARTER Uheboro B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. MARGARET W. CATHCART King-port. Term. Causby B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS. Hall Board (11; Assistant House I ' lesiJcm i2l; Court of Social Regulations (31, Faculty-Student Review- ing Committee (3). Causey I ' RISCILLA ANNE CAl DLE Greensboro B.A. IN ENGLISH. Randolph Macon Colleg e (1, 2, 3). l.l YVONNE CAUSBl Gastonia B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committee Chairman (1.2); Social (hair- man (3); S.N.E.A, 12. 4); Rat Day Commiilce (2), Junior Show (3); Sociology Club (3. 41; Commission (4). CLARA BELLE CAUSEY Elkin B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. A.H.E.A. (1. 2. 3, 4); German Club (2); N.S.I.D. (3. 4); Dorm Committee (4). Chandler. B. Chandler. Marjorie J. BONNIE ANNETTE CHANDLER Asheboro B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Elliott Hall (1); N.S.A. (2); Dam Committee (2 I; Junior Show (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4l; AC E. (4); ( ommission (41. MARJORIE JEAN CHANDLER Maple B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Louisburg Junior College (1. 2l; Spanish Club (31; A.C.E. (3. 41; S.N.E.A. (3, 4). MARJORIE KAY CHANDLER Greensboro B.A IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. MARY JACQUELINE CHANDLER Greenville, S. C. Chandler. Marjorie K. B.A. IN ART. Chandler. Mary 01 fh CLASS OF 1964 llarke, V. .larke. E. 0f$ %yf KKliFi : .|(»F.I HLNE HIII ' MW JESSICA DUNE CHEEK B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Section Leader (1); Alceslis (1); Dorm Social Committee ( E 1.(11 ISE CHERRY Tarboro B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Westminster Fellowship Dormer (2), Synod (3). Moderator 1 4 i , Student Advisory Curriculum Com- U.I1ERTA k Vllll.KINI i l. Kk Rich Square . Honors Seminar ( I ) ; Sociology Club 111. Vice President I 4 I , Uph.i kappa Helta | |. President (4 1. S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Glee Club (4). KATHLEEN CLARK IN SOCIOLOGY. Choir I I IE MINETTE CLARKE EI.E M)R DEEOIX CLARKE Columbia, S. C. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (I, 2); Westminster Fellowship I 1 . 2 I ; Elliott H.dl C ommittees ( 1. : i; Marshal (3, 4); Class Sony Committee (3i; Assistant House President Juiuoi Show 1.3) - Xll ' HELEN REBECCA CI.F.M.MER Morganlon B A IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Show (3); S.N.E.A. (3,4); A.C.E. (3). Dorm Representative OP L MWINE COLLINS IN PKIMARi EDUCATION Seen. - K I.I I II I E COLLINS Da Costume Committe MARGARET BESS COLMER Gre« B A IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dorm Committee 111; Honors Semir Honor Roll I I. 3 l; Assistant House President I 2 I. I.egislatu Social Science Forum Committee 13. 4); Psychology Club (3. Chi i 3 i. Secretary-Treasurer (4). MARY PAULINE COLVILLE B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Section 1 eadei 12); N.S.I.D. (3. MIT , -H iron ( OMBS Dorm Committee Chait High I ' omi 3 Dorm Rep- Page 154 HARRIETT VNNE I 0RD1 I I harlotte n in i i i mi n i m i i ' i i i n N Glei c luh i i v.iimin I , ll.,« nI,,|.. ,, , I ' ,. M.l, ... , I ,. I ' loiJnil I . ' . I , Sun,. !,,,!, , |4); MSI II. I). I, ,,„,. I luh I I ' 1 , I I II II. S N I , I I . I Ml I ' ll. ulli I i.HIKll I I. . ' , 1 I. I K-.IMIUI III. I IIMI.n S|„,u Charlotte Fellowship 1 1. 2, I), Vice R 1 1, : i, s,, i, .... . (3), . S|,.,Misi, ( lub H ■ ' . ' . 1 1. ■ Win; DAR1 ENE I 0TTRE1 I Henderson lss IN SI ( Kl I AK1AI MIMIMSI RAI ION I ..kill Show ( I I ; lonor Roll ll. :i; I il. ' . U, llonu Committees ll. :. 1, 4i. I I. 4 1. Sicm.i I ' l I I. 41. I mi I... SI... ii I ,,,ii„iili,, i l i . I , ilpha (3, 4); Legislature (3, n. Spotlight ..mi.hick.-i (3), Co-editoi 4.. ,.Msliiuii,,n .mil Hi I .in I oniiiiiiui- 14) B.S.II I IN 1IDMI 1 l (1M)MI II.Hlm Roll ll. . ' . ll. 11... Ill 1 ...1 Dmm i ' im ' uiii ' .im i ' ' h. " nT ' a , " ' . (4). V;; n, ; ' ,,„,,,„ tsaittanl ( 1 l;4-H MARTHA LOU cow Powellsville B.A. IN II 1 Ml NIARY 1 IHK A SI (3. 4): N.C.E.A. (3, 4); i ommission i4i. i lections Board HON. Dorm Com S N 1 Pi, ..eels (4) ; Junior Show (3); A.C.E. (4). BETTi MILDRED COX Raleigh USUI IN MOMI ll ONOMICS EDUCATION. Cilee Club (1. 2, 3); Dorm Committees ll. 4|; Junio. Show ill; A 111 A, Dorm Renrc- senutive (3, 0; S.N.I A. (4). SARAH ELLEN COX kiii !- Mountain B.A. IN BIO LOGY. Do. in 1 o.nni ittee Chat man 11. 3 ) ; Caduceus Club FLORA JF. N CRAIG Charlotte B.S. IN PHYSK 1 1 HI i l In N i Hi (11; B.S.U. (1.2. Co-Olt luh i 1. l. 4 i. President i K.llVl. 2, 3,4);. Basketball SUSAN DIANNE CRAVEN Chariot B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committees (1. 2. .3. 4); Elliott Hal! Fh Arls Comminee ( 1 ); ( arolnmin SlalT III; Cantcrbun Club ( I, 2. 3. 4 Hall Bo.irJ (2 1: ( ..r. . . i 1 2. 1. 4); Chairman of Junior Show (3 Y.R.C. (3, 4); English Club (4); (ommission (4). I RIO SI K IK WU ' llRII l! RI! R IIF.I.KN CRKI ' l ' S Meban Medical Technology CIu RETSY GWYNNE CRESS B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. A.C.E] JANICE CRESS B.S. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Daisy Chain fP Craven Crawford Crepps Cress, B. £) Q © Page 155 Y - y ft V Crocker Crook Crossley Crumplei Culler Currin NANCY HARWARD CROCKER Henderson B.S. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. 4-H Club (1). Treasurer (2); A.H.E.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committee (2); Finaiwc ( hairman 3 ; Bazaar Chairman 111; House President (3); N.C.H.E.A. State Treasurer (4). GLORIA JEAN CROOK B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Advisor 131; Commission (3); Section Leader (31; S.N.E.A. (3 A.C.E. (3). Co-Pubhcitv Chairman (4); Court of Social Ri ' jul.i JEAN DUDLEY CROSSLEY B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Legislatun Circle (1): Dorm Committees (1, : omy Club (3. 41. ; I.I.i CR1 MIM.ER B.S.S.A. IN HI SIM ss ADMINISTRATION Elliott Hall 1 ' uhliciiv ( i mmittee (I. 2 1; C.U. Dorm Beauty Representative (31; Class Elec- tions Chairman (31; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Marshal (4). LINDA I ' M LINE CULLER HighPoil B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Choir (1, 2); Dorm Sports (21; Chorale (3. 4 Hall Board (3); Sociology Club (3. 4); Dorm Committee (31. Chai JUDITH MARIE CURRIN B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Baptist Student Union (1. 2) Social ( hairman i 1 i; Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3. 4); S.N.E.A. N C.E A. 13. 4|; A.C.E. (3). Treasurer (41; Inter-Class Conn, luniot Show ill. Section leader (4); Rat Day Committee (2l Id CURTIS B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. 4-H Club (1); Honor Roll Committee (3l; S.N.E.A. (3.41; Section Leader (41; Squ: JOYCE DALE B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. i Springs JOANNE DA. I- L; B.A. IN FRENCH. Sister Class Committee (31; Junior Phi Beta Kappa i 3. 4i; Commission Secretary (31; Le Cercle Fra (3. 4); Student Advisory Curriculum Committee (3, 4). I (il |s MilMOSH DAVIS B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION Choir (1. 2. 3. 41; N F.M.C 4 i antcrhurv Hub I I. 4 I. Yestrv I 2. 3); M.E.N.C. (3, 4); . Guild of Organists (3. 4); S.N.E.A. (4). PF.CC, DAVIS B.S.H.E. IN TEXTILES. Legislalur cine " (II; Hall Board (2. 3. 41; A.I Daugherty Davis, C. Davis, J. Davis, L. s p $$ Mil DKKII WINSTKM) H s(i B.A. IN MATHEMATICS Dolphin-Seal i BONNIK DEAN ire Circle (3, • Summervilli ,S.C. B.F.A. IN ADVERTISING Canterbutv Club (1, 2. .1. (2. .3. 4); Inleil.iith li.iiiniiiift (2. 3); Fine Arls Commit ' (lub (3, 4); Program ( li.uiman l.u I icshman Formal (I 3); Junior Show (3); Sludcm Advisory Cu Art Department (3, 4); Cheerleader (4j. •HIM II I W. E DEAN 13.41; A. C.E.I. (3,4). JEAN HELEN DECKER B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. El mittee (I): Senior Dance t .t imp 11, 2). Treasurer (3). (41; Junior Advisor i 3 ; Section Leader C i Alpha (3,4); Chief Mar: 1 Hall Corn- ice President Council (.3); Mar- Raleigh ( 1 ) ; Dorm Com- lomics Scholastic Economics Club Day Committee shal I 1 JOW Mil. I ICENT DEI KEK i I. 2)1 D. i2l; Jun.o ( JOAN MARIE DORSE, B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS. Elliott Hall Representative (1); t. SI. A. Ball 111. French (. ' lub 111: Dorm Vespers Chairman ( 1. 21; C hail man Special I cms (. ommittce (2). Rat l)a ( ommillee 121; AH FA ll. 3 1; Legislature Hi: Assistant .IMP |3 ; Hholl Hall Piesidt-nl (41. MARION DOTSON B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Section lent (.3); W.S.F.W. (2 ; Sociology Club (3. 4); Marshal (.3. 4) Wesley Foundatit Charlotte Al NDRA REBECCA DOUGLAS IN SPANISH. Sigma Delta Pi (1.4). Secretary (2 Hall Board (4 1 GasK (4) MARGARET SANDRA DOVER Charlotte B.A. IN ENGLISH. Chairman Freshman Formal (II; Elliott Hall Rep- resentative ll): Vic Vcc.liV. ll. 2l: Chairman special I vents Coir miiiec i 2. 1. 4i. Hostess in Elliott Ha " ' S.N.E A. |4i. English Club (4) RUTH W E DRAKE HendersonviUe B.A. IN HISTORY. Masuueraders ( Vice President ill. Hall Flection Ch: Representative (4). WC. EI.OISE DREHER Garden City, N. Y. B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Section Leader (1): Publicity Chairman Gamma Alpha VNDREA PHYLLIS DRl M I ). Talent 3, 4); S.N.E.A. A. 12. 3. 4i; N.C.E.A. (I. 2. 3. 41. ACE. (3, 4); Junior Intert.iith Council (3): Elliott Hall Fine Arts Committee Page: CLASS OF 1964 Dover Drake © $ ci f? fr CLASS OF 1964 - . IlRA 1)1 i. VIRGINIA GAIL EARNHARDT Concord B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Western Carolina College il. ; , Ycsle I,ninJ.iiH,n Council i). 4i. Choir 3 ; Home - man (4); 4-H Club (3. 4); SARA N EDGE B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. 1 R1 JACOBS EDWARDS Wilson B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Peace College (1. 2); Junior Show (3); AC El Social Chairman (4); S.N.E.A. 4l: Section Leader i ] I Wl. Il SSDS Wingate B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION Dorm Committee ill; A.H.E.A. (1. 4). Dorm Representative (2). ( oninumc t h.nrmaii ill. 1 reshman [Xintorth Award ill: Student Program and Policy Com- mittee (2, 3. 4); Summer Session Junior House President (3). CAROL JEAN EISERER Silver Spring, Md. B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Section Leader ( 1 l; Newman Club i I i , R A i !. : i. o-oti Club 13. 4): Hall Board 111; Commission 13); Junioi Show iji; Hi use President (4) . INDA P. ELKINS Gr A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Mars Hill College (1, 2). RUTH CARROLL ENNIS Greensboro B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Town Students ' Association (1. 2i. Dais (ham i2i. Gamma Alpha ill. V " " ' " ; ' " Co-Editor (41; Honor Roll (31; Finance Board 13). Chairman (4). l Rt I KTI F.TCHIXIN REBECCA ANN EVANS Reidsville B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION Junior Show (3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). tRRING rON t 1 ROSE I U LCONER II A l I I ll (l IK s 4); S.N.E.A. (3 l Mil l tCE I IDLER B.S.S.A. IN 111 SIM ss I I.I ( WloN I own ,1); (iimnu Alph.i i ' i. I ' uhlicm ( omm.ltce I I I 11. CUUM.YN FITCH . IN HISTORY. Dorm Scrapbook Chairman ( I itory Club (3. 41. German Club (3. 4); Y.D.C. DOROTHi LOUISE FITTS Raleigh B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Coordinator of I Nuisinc class ill; Section 1 cider III; Freshman Talenl Show III; Ho. in Committee I I. 2l. .Inn. C.amma Alpha 1.1. 4); Elliott Hall 14). (3); Glee Club DONNALEA ALLEN FLYNT Gre BS IN MIDI! 1 III IINOIOGY. Dorm Social Chairman Sophomore Parent Technology Club i BESS C. lui;s|I s,l. [ N ST SI FORTNER BETTY JANE FOSTER MARCH TAYLOR FOUNTAIN B.M. IN CELLO. Greensboro Symphc Players i I. :. 3, 4); Mu Phi Epsilon (1 PAULA CECILE FOUNTAIN Norll.Wilki-horo Rocky Moun Dorm Commit! BETTY JANE FRANCUM Gastonia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee Chairman (2); N.E.A. Dorm Representative (2); Rat Day Commmee Chanman |2); House President Hi; Legislature 111 Junior Show (31; Judicial 1 f Flyn Forshau Freeman Fu JEAN WALKER FREEMAN VICTORIA RUTH CHIA-LING FU B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING AND TEXTIIES. Jacket Commit legislature (I. 2. 1); Town Students ' Awvution (1, 2, 3, 4 ■ ' (2); Canterbury Club (2, 3); A.H.I WILLA KAY FULLER Rocky Mount B.S.S.A. IN DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION. Rat Day Committee (2); Dorm Kitchen Committee i2i, Jiinmi Show it I: C.amma Alpha Com- mittees (3. 4); Section 1 e.ulcr 14); Dorm Social Committee (4). CAROLYN JO FURR B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING. Section Leader (1) Dorm Representative (J, 4), Social Committe mission (3). ROF.NA VIRGINIA GALLIMORE B.A. IN ENGLISH. S.N.E.A. (4). MELISSA A GALLOWAY Badin B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Home Economics Club (1); Honors Seminar ill; Dorm Committee (21; B.S.U. (21. Council I 3 I ; Psvchologv Club I 3. 4); Psi Chi I 3 l. President (4); Student ( umculum Committee (3, 4). HARRIET SUE GARRISON Weaverville B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Dorm Housekeep- ing Committee 111. Home Economics Club (1. 2. 4); Glee Club (1.2. 4i. (31; - ' De-cues " (3,4). Gallimore SELMA ANN GENTRY Burlington Galloway B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1); A.C.E.I. (3. 4); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); Commission (4). MART SENATE GEORGE Herndon.Va. B.A. IN ENGLISH. LINDA ANN GOOCH Stem B.S. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. A.H.E.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (1. 21. Section Leader (II. ImnuiMiv ( Fellowship (1. 4). Treasurer (21. Vice President i l ). Dorm Devotion Committee (2. 3. 41; Interfaith Council (31; Legislature (3); S.N.E.A. (4). CAROLYN SUE GRAVES Seagrove B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Caduceus Club (1. 2); Sociology Club (3, 4); Young Republican Club (3. 4). CAROL ANN GRAYSON Charlotte B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Section Leader (1. 41; Newman Club. Vice President (II. President (21; Psychology Hub. Vice President (31. President (41; Psvchologs I aboratorv Assistant (4). JUDITH GALE GRAYSON High Poin B.A. IN ENGLISH. Meredith College (1, 2); Dorm Committee (3. 4) English Hub (4i. S.N.E.A. (4). George Grayson, C. © s © f FLORA LINDA CRIGCS Kannapolia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. JANE MARGARET GROSSNICKLE Greensboro B.A. IN ENl.l 1SH 1 tNDA GRl I ' .ll Reading,Pa. Hair B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Newman Huh II. 2, i); Psychology Club Hall SHE HARRISON HAGOOD Burlington B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. A.H.E.A. (3, 41. TAMARA KAY HAHN Concord B.A. IN HISTORY. Band ll. 2. 31; Inlervarsilv Christian Fellowship (1. .3), Secrelai (2); I uihcian Students ' Association l 1. 4). Devotions 14 1. Interfailli Conned 1 2 I. Treasurer (3 1. Seerel-iry 14); Dorm Com- mittees 12, 31; lnler-Dorm Basketball |3|. SARAH CATHERINE HAIR FayetteviUe B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Housekeeping Com- mittee 111; Special 1 enls ( ommillee l 1. 2. 3. 4i; N.E.A. (4); N.C.E.A. 141; ACE. (41. Hanc. )ck, B. Hanc ock.J. N OMI MONTINE HALL B.A. IN DRAMA. Masqueraders JUNE JEANETTE HANCOCK Courtland, Va. B.S.P.E. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dorm R.A. Representative (I. 41 ; Class Soncui Kmc ommitue I I ' I; t.oll t I lib I I ) , College Band (I. 21; Mu Plu Epsilon I 2. 3. 41; B S .U. Musk Chan man i 2i. ( ouneil i:i. Sistei (lass Committee (3); Dorm Committees i 4i; Jumoi Gymnastics Club 131; Life Saving 13); 1 IX. (4); Hall aid C ommission |4); Hockey Club (41 NANCY JO HANNAH MARTHA Ll CIM) H RI!IS ) I RC RET MONTVCl K HUiMW JANET MARIE II R1 ' ER I 1 i Hall social Commit CLASS OF 1964 fl f f I- CLASS OF 1964 Henkle CAROL H RRI (,ToN BETS1 N HARRIS DK.m CAROL HVRRIS El Circulo Hispanieo .NELLIE PATRICIA HARRIS I S HE IN llnMl I-C ONOM1CS. 4-H ill. Commit ): A. HE. A. II, 2. 41. Dorm Representative (3), El 3); Y.D.C. 13. 41; N.E.A. (3, 4). JEAN ABBITT HARRISS B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Commit (11; Legislature 11.21; Elliott Hall Committee i 1. (1. 2. 3); Rat Da Committee l2); Assistant Set UREMIA LEE HART 111; Talent Show Canterbury Club LI.M) MORGAN HARTGROVE Rockingham B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Pine Needles Staff (1); Dorm Vespers i3i; S. N.E.A. (3. 4) " I WICK. ELIZABETH HAWKINS B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Secti lature (II; Dorm Committees I 1. 2. 3. 4); Junior Show (3); A.t 4 i I A 13, 41; N.C.E.A. |4|; lndes Ldnoi . ' I Pine eedle Uheville Leader (1); Legis- JOYCE BLAKE HAWKINS Reidsnrille B.A. IN FRENCH. B.S.U. (1); Dorm Committee Chairman (1. 21; Junior Show Committee 13); French Club (1. 2. 3. 4|; Spanish Club (3. 41; Section Leader (4). MILDREK ROXANNE HEFFNER B.A. IN FRENCH. Hall Board Member S. N.E.A. (1. 4); Lc Cercle Francais I] 1 eauue |2|. Honors Seminar I I, 2, 41 minster Fellowship I 1 ) ; Legislature 1 4 I ; CHRISTV HENKEL Dorm Committee III. President I 4 I . Service Honor Roll i I. 2. 41; Wesl- r uinculiim Committee 14). Square Circle (2) ; i (,i ism { arollnlm Slid (l)j II Hi nmlttei (1); [ onnnillic II. :, II, lunioi Sim , I u kcl I nimi v i I i Senium , I ,. s N I ■ I ! ■ .I. I nilli.ll I Inh I II II 1ZABETH WM HIGH Raleigh USUI INI Mil I) HI I I ClPMI N I lli.nn ( oluuiir -k.lll High SALUE PALMER III K HCO( K B.M. INMUSK ll l( tTION. Dorm Com [2, I), Secretan (4); i M.C. (2, «. 4i , i, m, i i. 1 1 , N ' Music i a i onference i 111; Mu Phi I ipsilon (.1.41. -II Mil HOENSHE1 I BETH Ju llni LAND B.A. IN ELEMENTARY I s I ,;. i. 4i. II, inn, K..II i .KS1.IK ANN HOLT MARTHA I,I I HOLT B.A. IN HISTORY. P„w Needles Marion Music Ed. Con- irriage of Figaro " Pittsburgh, Pa. Caroleen Rockinghi Editor (1); Westminster F n Committee (4|; Hall Ba; M XK i HONTZ B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Cora C.ermati Club ( I. 2. .1); Glee Club (3. 41 (.1, 4i. Phi Alpha [beta l4l; 1 ettislatuie i ONSTANCE MICHELLE HOOPER B.A. IN HISTORY. Ball Entertainment Chairman Dorm Social Comnunee l.. ' i Spanish Club (ll. 1 R( 111. Vice President I 4 I : Golf Club 1 .1). M RTHA JO HOOVER B.A. IN HISTORY. VVesles Foundation i 1. :. l 4i. ( horus I I. 2l. I ' M -TV i ;. 1 1. ice Presidenl (4 I; " i R.C. (2, 3 j Holl.L. Holt.M. Hontz Hooper Hoover Pagi L63 e»?i Hopper Howell l ' TRICI F.I. I.F.N HnPPFK ( hcmis ( hns Club I ell. i ship B.A. IN BIOLOGY. I President (3). President (2, 3); Honors Work (3, 4); Cutter Scholar (3, 4); Junto It): Student Curriculum Committee (3. 41; Beta Beta Bet: torian (4); Nauru. il SuirKc I ..und.ti n Summer Research t Leader (3); Legislature (4); Interfaith Publicity 14). M ■ - n . . i k. ' ll CELIA MAE HOWELL Huberman Hubert Huff Huggii LYNN HUBERMAN B.A. IN ENGLISH. Vice President of Class Inlctclass C ounul Ml. 1 ccislalure 11.21. II. .11 Board I 2 I : Ho (2, 3, 4); Sludent-Facultv Reviewing I ommiucc i2, tl. c hairr Hall Committee ill: Junior Assis Honors Council (4 I. Golden Chait CAROLINA ROSE HUBERT B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sociology Club CORNELIA ORR HUFF B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Ma S.N.E.A. (4); ACE. (41. FAYE GOODWIN HU.U " s Creensbort Alpha Kappa Delt; MARTHA ELIZABETH HUNT MARTHA 1SINKLEY HUNTER B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. A.C.E. 13. 4i; SN.E.A. |3. 4|; Dorm C (3); B.S.U. 13. 41: Council (4). MARY MORNING HUNTER B F.A. IN ART. Dorm Committee Chairman (II: Talent Show (II: Section 1 cadet ill. Elliott Hall Fine Ails Committee |2|. Publiul Committee Chairman I 3. 4); C uruhnum Stall I 2, 1. 4 I . Art Club (3.41; BRENDA DOWELL HUTCHINS Thomasville B.A. IN ENGLISH. Wake Forest College (2); Dorm Committees 111: S.N.E.A. (4); English Club (4). ELIZABETH DEBORAH INGRAHAM Laurinburg B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY. Legislature (1. 2): ( . oun of Social Regulations t3i: unilmum I 2. 4 I . Student Curriculum MARGARET ANN INMAN TaborCity B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Vespers (II; Chain Wesley _. . Glee Club (2 Commission (31; College Ch r Show _ lerlaith Council Vice Committee C hair- Marshal (4 I; Elliott Hall Repre- BETTY LEA JAMES Burlington B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Commission II); Dorm Com- nnllecs i! 2.1). Kal D.n Committee I 2 I. Commission it I. Junior Show Ml. Summer School Honor Court (31; S.N.E.A. (3, 4); A.C.E. (31. Vice President (4). Jamil Johiwon,G. J.,l,„-„„.j. CLASS OF 1964 Greensboro 111; 13. 41; Sigma III ' . WOK 1 K JARRELL JEAN LITTLEJOHN JOHNSON Greensboro B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Mu Phi Epsilon II. 21. Alumnae Sec- ici.ii i l ). President Mi. Honor Knll i I, 2. l i . Chamber, Orchestra ( I. 2. 41; Orchestra (I. 2. 3, 41; Band I I. 21; Student Curriculum Com- mittee (3,4); Junior Ass M.E.N.C. ROBERTA I . IF.L JOHNSON Greensboro B.S. IN GENERAL HOME ECONOMICS. Home Economics Club Member (I. 2. 3, 4l; Junior Advisor I 1 1 , Section Leader (31; Town Suidenls ' wvi..lion (4). )ITH RAYE JOLLEY IN BIOLOGY. Medical Technology Club i i; ( hcmislu Club il, 2); German Club (I. ; Beta Bela Beta 14 I ; Section Leader (4 1. ANGELA BLANTON JOLLY Lawndale B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Choir (1,2), Vice President 131, Presi- dent 14 1. Dorm Co m m it lee I I. 2. I l. Social ( h. in man 14); A.Ci.O. (21. Treasurer Hi; M.E.N.C. I 3. 41. Sone Comnnltec 111, Junior Show ( ommillce I 31; Chorale 13 l; Sigma Phi I 3. 4); Mu Phi I psilon (2). Chorister (.3), Secretary (4). JEAN ELLEN JONES B A. IN ART. Section Leader (2); Rin (3): Legislature (3); Handbook Adverri-. cil 13). President (4). INTERIOR DESIGN I ov, n Students ' Association (I. 2. 3. i Dance Club I I I; ( horns ill. Weslc) I oiuidalion Devotions II). Second Vice President (2). Secretary 13). Scrapbook l VRi CAROL JONES Raleigh B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Dorm Committees 11.2. 3.4). P..U D.i) i2l. I llioll I l.i II Spec i.i I I vents t ommittee I 2, 1 41. Junioi Show 111. Junior Assistant (3); Section I e.idei ill. Gamma Alpha Board (3). Secrelar) 14); Elhotl Hall Council Secretary (4). Jon,-. Mar Jon.-. Mj f (R ££f f § Kan CLA Knox Kriega MICHALE SCOTT KARNES Hall Board (.R ( K I WK KEENER JANK E MARIE KENNED " Charlotte B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION Dorm Committees (I, 3): Ral Da Committee i — » : Section leader i ' i; Junior Assistant (3); El Circulo Hispanico (3»; Gamma Alpha (3, 4). NINA JANE KENNEDY Show (3) ; Sociology Club I I! A IV S()( ICIl H, , |)..rm I Hall Board (3 - Town Students [ENN Row M W KERN B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. El Circulo Hispan Fvents Committee il. 2 : esle Foundation til. Vic Inteifaith Representative |4|; S.N E A. ( I. 2. 4l; At I Leader (2); Legislature (4). Greens MARY GLENN KIKER ROSE ADEI.MDE Ml. 1. 1 PATRICIA GAIL KINSEY B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Pine Xeedles Staff (II; Dorm Committee (I, 21. Chairman (3. 4); German Club Show (3); S.N.E A (3. 4i; AC EI. (4). Y.D.C. (4). WAR] W KI.I TTZ B SHE. IN INTERIOR DESIGN Co (II: Section Leader (2); Glee Club Elliott Hall Representative (3); N.S.I.I I RG- RET VLLISON KNOX CAROIAX OWEN KRIEGSMAN LYNN SUSAN 1 HMAN B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Commit Sociology Club (3, 4); Junior Show Co ANI E El IN I NI M Z N II i i:i I II I NI l Iil. HKT SI I ' . I VIIIWI .1 NK GAIL LATIIAN B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. N.E.. 4); I ' mr V.viHn (2|; Dorm Millions I nnim Committee (3); lunioi Show (3). (I Section 1,4); Ch Junior Show (3 ) A NET LEAZER JOAN FRANCES I EONARD B.A. IN ART EDUCATION. Mars Hil (3, 4); Modem Dance Croup (41. IAROL LEA I II LJENDAHl JTDITHKVi UNDLEl Greensboro B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Town Sludenls ' Associa- tion (2. 3. 4); Student Advison i urriiuluni Committee O. 4): Political Economy Club Secretary (3), Vice President (41, Program Chairman M KTH LYNN LINEBERGER Shelby B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Gamma Alpha (3, 4). MALINDA LOBDELL 4 Dfl $ Page! LINDA AYLENE LOGAN B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY. r Pi (2, J, 4i. Alpha Kappa Delta (3. 4); Psi Chi it, 4). Sociology Cluh I 3. 4i; Social Science F Cabinet Co-oi,ln ioi • ; I .old, n I haul i 4 i SHARON LOVINS B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Dorm Committees (I. 2, 3, Circle (2. 3, 4i; S.N.E.A. I4 ; Young Democrats Club I lections Board Representative (4). -MIHI Ki W LOW UFA .11 Ll RAYE LUPTON Lowlaml B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (II; Honor Roll II. 2l; Hall Board (21; Daisy Chain (2); Conn ol Social Regula- tions Recording Secreury 141; Gamma Alpha Projects Chairman (4). TO! ROBESON MACKETHAN B.A. IN ART. St. Marys Junior College bury Club (3); St. Marys House Vestry I Marketh Malone PATRICIA CANDACE MALONE A B.A. IN ENGLISH. Legislature (I, 21; Elliott Hall Entertair mince (1.2 l. I I Hall ( ouncil I 2. 3); Pine eedles i Honors Seminar III. ISA Vice President (11; Dorm S mince (3 ; Juniot Advisor |3|; Commission (41; N.E.A. ( BARBARA Rl TH MANN . IS sot If II (H.i German Club 1 t l 1 (I. 2 i I llioit Hall Social Commit b (31. Secretary (41; U.B.C.A. (3). BARBARA DUNE MARGOLIS B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Hillcl tan (3). President 14 I. Intel 1 ail li ( ouncil ( S.N.E.A. (3. 4i. Junior Show (3 1; A.C.E. ( 2 l; Dorm ( onimiiiee BRENDA DIANE l Rl.o V Dorm Commil GRA( E i VR01 U MARLOWE Ashevil BA l CHEMISTRY. Seclion Leader 111; Chemistry Club (1. 2. 4 iti. Student Advisory Curriculum Committee (3. 4). APRIL COLLIER MARSHALL Winslon-Sale B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Brenau College (1. 21; S.N.E., MEREDITH RHEA MAR! S B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. CLASS OF 1964 l VRi BARNWE1 1 M I HIKt Burlington ( hamhci Mum, PI.ocis ll. 2. ' 4 ' i ' ; 1 nY ' m( " l 1 . 2. 1. 4 i ; Mu Phi Epsllotl (2, ' . 4); M.I .N.C. (2, !)i N.C M.E.C. (2, J). JANET CLAIRE MAI LDEN Kannapolis III IN INTERIOR DESIGN. College Band 111; Tap Club III; Junioi Mum I ' l; I l.i-. ' - Song (ranmilKt 111. ( l.iss I ommission 131; University ( In. u I l. 4); 1 Hi. uc H. nc Nils ( h.urman 1.1. 41; Dele- gate to Conference ot N.A.C.U. (3, 4). McCall McClure K 1 FRANCES MAY Zebulon B.A. IN ENGLISH. B.S.U. 11). Council Member (2, 3, 41; Dorm ll.iskelh.ill Team ll. 2|. Dorm Devotions Committee 12, .1); English EVE MAZOL) Charlotte B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Section Leader (II; German Club 11.2); Newman Club 1 1. 2. 3, 41; Junior Assistant I 1); Gamma Alpha in. Social Chairman (4). FRANCINE McADOO Greensboro B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Hall Board 111; Sociology Club 12. 3, 4); Social Science Forum (3. 4); StuuVnt-l -iculrs Reviewing ( ommittee (4). Mc( Irerj DORIS ANN McCAI.I. Balsam Grove B.S. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Brevard College (1, 2); Honor Roll (.1); Home Economics Club 13. 4). McGimsey NANCi i: R0LMcCH1RE Kings Mountain B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Square Circle (2. 3), Vice President (41. .11 K McCRERl HighPoinl B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. JANE SHELTON McGIMSEi Marion B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Canterbury Club (1. 21; Service League (2); Psychology Club (3. 4); Junior Show ( Ji; Sociology Club (4); Elections Mclnnis McKinney 1NA VON McINNIS Winston-Salem B.F.A. IN ART I R I ' TRIC1 M.MWHI .INIIA CAROLE M.MXNTS MARi KATHRYN McMILLAN B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Square Circ McManus McMillan r n CLASS OF 1964 HI Mitlrflebronk I RV HILDA Mc.N ' EELY Greensboro B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Dean ' s List (I. 2. 3); Class Parliamentarian (1): Honors Sem.nar ( 1 l: Omicrra Xu (1.2. MEREDITH ANNE McNEILL Greensboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1,2, 3); Home Economics Club (1): Square Circle (2 i; ACE. (3,4); S N E.A. I 3, 4 t, WINIFRED GAIL McNEILL Greensboro II S S A IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Town Students ' Associa- tion ( I. 2. 3. 4). Gamma Alpha (3. 4 I : " Wiling Democrats Club (4). FRANKIE HOLT MEDLIN Goklsboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1, 2); Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 41. French ( luh il, 2i. N( E A H. 1. 4i. S.N. FA (3.4); AC. E.I. (3,41; ACE. (3.4); Young Democrats Club (4). ELLEN II i II I E MEIERE Lexington B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. N.E.A. (3, 4); ACE. (4). II D1TH MELVIN Greensboro I) in I NGI ISH BETTIE C0 [NGTON MERCER Goldsboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. German Club (1, 2); Dorm Com- mittee (I. 2): NX. E.A. (1. 3. 4); ACE (3. 4i. A. C.E.I. 1 3. 41: S.N. E.A. (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (4); Hall Board (4). MARGARET MICE MERRITT Burlington B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. SANDRA HOLMES MERRITT Wilmington B.A. IN ENGLISH. Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (3, 4); Eng- lish Club (4i, Legislature (4); S.N. E.A. (4). JENNIE KEMPER MIDDLEBROOKS Alexandria, Va. B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Greensboro Orchestra (1, 2); Sociology Club (3, 4). .11 DITH STONE MILLER Greensboro B.A. IN SPANISH. Meredith College I I, 2): N.E.A. (2. 3, 4); Town Students ' Association (3. 4); Spanish Club (3. 4 1. SANDRA k i MILLER Marion B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Mars Hill College (1, 2): A.C.E. (3. 4); S.N.E A i 3 . 4 I ; Dorm Committee (3); Junior Show Committee (3); B.S.U. (3); Westminster Fellowship (4). SI SAN MITCHELL CuUowhee B.A. IN SOI [OLOGY Glee Club (1. 2); Section Leader (2); Dorm ( ommiltcc Mi. s. ' ciol ,j t luh (3. 4). nie hi, lackei Chairman iii. House President (3); Omlct I ' n ,1,1, 111 III i I.. ■-. SiMl ' l.ili III. II. ' Mil I i nil. ' Inl. . Ilonoi K.ill II.:. li. Illinois Vmin.ii I I. I I. Mi..« I lli t ES III I I M Mm I IN Richmond, Va n I is mii EDUI VTION .1 (I. 2 «), Vice Presldeni (3) I, ,ni,. i Sl,..» ,n s,.:i n I ....hi , i , [NDA I Wl MOORE Kings Mountain SMI IN III All ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee ll, A II I II. :. . 41. I ninmitUT I 1.41. Dorm Representative IUCI I M ' .I ' .WNF. MOORE Smi it is iiisiorn. Commission (1, : Honors Seminal 11. i) V,„ Piesi.lcni ill. I uin.nlun, c ommillce Snuk ' nl ( li.m iii.m II, .,„. I K..II ,1 : ll. Senioi II, in,, is i4l; Durm Corlimulccs Histor] Club ,:. ), 4); Phi Alpha rheta (3,4). 1 ROGERS 10RG N B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION A.H.I I , , H s I i 1, 2. V 41 ; Dorm Committt II. ill Social ..iiiniii 111. I MORGAN IS SOI IllliH.-i I .); Sociology Club (3, 4); B.S Wilmington Alpha Kappa Delia I I l l 10RRI KHII ' CI W Molilil EMIL) ELIZABETH MORRISON Monroe B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Glee Club II. 3): Westminster liil.-uslvp ,2. li. SesreLir (4l: Dorm Committee Chairman (4); Junior Slum ll,. S.N.F.A i).4l; ACE I 1. 4 I . Marshal |4| Moore, V. Morgan, A. Morgan. P. Morrill RONNIE ALICE MOSES « lrv m V Q g B r e ff f © %: f © Mullis Munde Mn.t- Neel Lutheran Students ' Association (I. 2. J. 4l, Vice President (2), Secre- tar -Trcasurer (1, 3); (nterfaith Council (2), Vice President (.It; S.N.E.A. (3, 4); N.E.A. 13. 4); N.C.E.A, 13. 4); Traffic Board (4). ( ,r . ti-lt ' .r 5HAR0N (.RIKFITH MILLINS ).A. IN ENGLISH. Service League (II. Socia ature (2. 4i; Daisv Chain (2); State Studt •Mphin-Seal (2. 4i; Secretary of S.l ' i.A. (3l; Junior Show (3); Execu- ivc Cabinet (3); N.E.A. (4); Legislature Social Concerns Committee M I!IK Ml I.I. IS II 1)1 IH Ml MULL Bel Air, Md. B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Canterbury Club ( 1. 2); Dorm Committee ( 1. 31. Chairman III; Elliott Hall Committee III; Band (It: Inlranui! ..I Basketball (I. 2. 3|; RA. Representative Hi; Intramural Vollc%hall (2. 3,; Gumma Alp " ' " South Pacific MARGARET Ml RRELL B.A. IN ENGLISH. SAND1 LEE MYERS GERALDINE NIELSON B.S S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. S.N.E.A. (4); Squ II li, MYRENE NIXON Asheville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2), Chairman (3. 4i. Elliott Hall Special hients Commit Committee (3. 4); El Circulo Espanol (, ll. .1(1 N NOONAN B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Nichols Nielson Nix Nixon Noonan Page 172 CLASS OF 1964 HDD, li , NORMAN Bethesda,Md I. A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Section Leader (1); Sociology Club (3, 4 1 ANNIE LOIS NORTON LEALAND ANDERSON NUNN 3.A. IN GERMAN. Student-Faculty Advisory Comn Business Manager 12. 3), Art Editor (4); Spanish i . lub 2. }), President (4 . NORMA NUTTALL Charlotte B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Assistant House President (2); Legislature I 2. i I ; SI Mail ' s 12 1. Hall Board Hi; Junior Slum 111 Medical I cs hnology Club (3, 4); House President (4i. Beta Beta Beta t4). DIANE ALENE OLIVER B.A. IN ENGLISH. Carolinian (1. Editor 14 1; Literary Staff CoraJJi College Board (2, 3, 4). BRENDA COCHRAN OSBORNE B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS Wesley Foundation I i Club (I. 2); Pine VreuVei Staff It. 2); Berea Students ' Association (41, Oli, Osl.or Overton, B. Overton. M. MILDRED HI I B.M. IN MUSIC 1 4); Dorm Commit Choir (2,3,4); Ju University Chorale horns ( I ); Mu Phi Epsilon I l.C. 11.2. 1. 4 i; Daisy Cha I.C.M.E.C. (3. 4); M.E.N.C. .lub (3,4). Padgetl Parker JO ANN PARKER Show (3); Sociology Club (.1 CLU 111 A MA, PARKS OLENDA KITH l ' VRRISH Pa Parrish, TIT W $ CLASS OF 1964 I K MARTHA PARRISH Shelby B.A. IN ENGLISH. Y DC (3.4); English Club (4); Pine Needles (4). Pegg Phillips PATRICIA FAYE PARRISH B IN ENGLISH. Dorm Commitl Leader (3); Commission (3); Junic I nglish C lub (4). Creetlmoor lb (2, 3 i. Section S.N.E.A. (3, 4); GAIL PATE Clio.S. C. B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Chairman of Dorm Committee 111; Glee Club III. Inlramuruls ( I I . I lltoll Hall Representative I 2 I ; t ommission (31; Junior Show it.. SSI A ( 3. 4 I . N.C.E.A I 3. 4 I . Political Econom) t luh Piesidenl i3. 4i; Harnell Elliott Social Science Forum Committee ill. Student Chairman (4). RUTH PATTON Stoneham, Mass. B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Section Leader 111; Dolphin-Seal II. 21. Vice President (31. President (4i; R.A. Life-Saving Sporthead 13 i; Junior Advisor |3I; R.A. Council (4 I. - LL. LYNN PAXTON I. A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Ju III W PAYNE Fuquay Springs B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Section Leader (ll; Service League Representative i2 . Chairman i3i; legisl.itute i2l. I lass Vice- President (2); Executive (3. 4i; Student Curr.culum Committee (3. 4); Junior Show (3l; House President (41; Julius I Foust Scholai- (4) 1 K . HI WM. PAYNE B.A. IN ENGLISH. S.N.E.A. Club (4 1. Doini C omn High Point REBECCA RAVE PEELE Jack; B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees ( man (3); Elliott Hall Social Commi Presidenl (3); Junior Show (3); Junic (31; Class Committee Chairman I 3 ) ; C heerleader |4|. Slum., Phi t 3. 4i . II. M K , PEGG Chair- Summer Session House 3 1; Class Checi leader S.N E.A. I4l; College JK . ELLIOTT PIERCE B.S. HE. IN CLOTHING. Hor Junioi Show Committee (3); . Dorm Comm.ttee 14). JACQUELINE MAE P1TTMAN B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Psychology I ( VTHERINE Pi I M ST FAYE PORTER B.S.H.E. IN IIOM1 I ( IIMIMI I reasurei (2); A.H.I i i 2, ' AMELA PORTER K. ..S.S.A. IN SI c Kl I AKIAI AOMIN IS I HA I ION Dorm Social c 1,111 ill. Glee Club ii.:. i. .ii. Gamma Alpha (3.4); De-ettes i ' ATRIC1 .1 M- POSTON K U1L ' -| ' ' I I, I i HI IN llllll 111, -i Icchnoloe. I lull I I. :. Ii. 1 oMcspondme .■tan in, Section I cadet ill; Chcnusin Club ll, It: Herman I I. 2); rim- X,;-JI -s Class I dilor III. Hoi m Comniillces (I, 2, 3); Ho.ud I I. 41 ; Hcia Beta Beta I 1. 4 I . : Koi, FORT POTTER lilil M K , I ' ll F.I.I, .11 Dllll POYNER Mom College RUTH ANNE PRINCE B.A. IN MATHEMATICS Westminster Fellowship Chapel Hill nsboro Symphony Orchestra (1. 2. 3); , 4); Square Circle (1. 41. Secretary I ic.isuici i: I. Vice I ' lcsiikin 111; III mils 1 ' ioci am I I . - «. 4 I ; ( lassl [nation nl Olliccs Committee (1. 21. Chairman 111; Health liaison ( ommitlee ill. (.„.„ , . I ' lihlmli Chairman (2l; Student I ihran Award t2l: Club 1.1. 41; Junior Assistant 111; Junior Shim (. oiiiinnui ill. (.olden (ham ll, 4i. Sliuknl ( .om-i iiminl I ' lcsidciu (4). J WICK LEE I ' KI ETT B.A. IN MATHEMATICS 1 eadei (2): Junioi Assista S.N.E.A. (41. 4-H Club (1); nt (3); Y.D.C Sp w ish Clul Poyner Rand Ratchford FRANCES LAI RA PURYEAR (.KLIA DONALDSON IM TNAM Show (3); Dorm Comn CAROL ANNE PYLES EVA RUSSELL 01 ALLS Graham B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Dorm Committees (1, 2); Junior Show (31; S.N.E.A. (3. 4); A.C.E. (4). JUDITH FURBER RAND Aurora. Ohio B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. College Band II); Daisy Chain |2 ; Hall Board l2l; Physical Education I JUilu -Student Council 121. doll Club President 111; Honor Court 131. Executive Secretary (4); Junior Assistant |3); C. olden Chain (3, 4). SARA ROSALIND RATCHFORD B.S.H.E. IN TEXTILES. Dorm Elections Chairman ( W ' simiiiste! M.4i 1 iL ' hl;miit I I. 4 1 ; Junior Show I Y.R.C. 13. 41. Secretary (31 JEAN GRONQUIST R ' ATRICIA ANNE RAY Traffic Commill -I ZVN.NF. FRVNCFS RE D B.A. IN ENGLIS Junior Show ( 3 I ; Committee 14 I. (4l; RA. Pubhcil SI SAN REECE B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. ELIZABETH MARIE REED B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. W.C. Theatt 3. 4); Dolphin Club (2); U.C.C.F. (2 Psychology Club (3,4). Ft. Lauderdale, 3 l ; Section Leader Elliott Hall Committee (3); ; Tennis Club (3, 4); Dorm ry of Legislative Committee LINDA CAROL REES Wheaton. Md. B.A. IN ART EDUCATION Greensboro College (II; Rat Day Com- mittee |2|. Ring Chairman |2 . Junior Shou ill. C I Keprcsentamc 13); Art Club (3. 4). II LI C ROL RENEGAR Monroe B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Christian Science Organization President (2), Reader (2). Secrelary (3). Lecture Chair Summer Fellowshii Chai Chairman (3); Student Curricului Treasurer (3). President Student Program and Policy Corn- Committee 13. 4); Senior Danforth CLASS OF 1964 JUDITH MARGARET KF.NFRO B.A. IN FRENCH. Glee Club (I. 4). Secretary F.nsemhle (2); Chairman Dorm Committee (2); Ji De-ettes (3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (2, 3, 4). MARGARET EULELA RIDDLE B.A. IN DRAMA. Section Leader (I); Tap Masqueiaders i2. l|. Sccretars -Treasurer (41 Tour (.1); Dance Group (1.2); R. A. Council Cullov President ALICE l.LO.D ROBBIN- RockHilLS.C. 3g Rock College JOANNA JOHNSON ROBBLNS B.A. IN BIOLOGY. College Band (1): C hcrniMrs Club (2. ll; Medical technology Club ( Beta Beta Beta |1). Sccrolars |4|. Commission |2|; man 1.1); Hall Board III, Golden Chain (3), Vic Caducous Club (4); Junior Show (3); Circle (3); N.S.A. (2). West Point, Va Club Secretary (2) President (4) ter Day Chair President (4) ; Squari DORIS CALVIN ROBFRSON ELLEN JEAN ROCHESTER B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Commitees (1 (1. 2, 4); Sociology Club (2. 31. Social Chair lunioi Show (3). BETSY ALLEN ROGERS B.A. IN ENGLISH. French Club (1); Ju Leader (3); C.U. Council Secretary (3 Seminar (3); Honors (3. 4); Legislalurc MARTHA EDWIN A ROGERS MARTHA LEE ROGERS MINNIE REBECCA ROGERS B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Commute. FRANCES VICTORIA ROSS Lillington B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION Dorm Committee (I, 2); Rat Day Committee (2); S.N.E.A. (2. 3. 4); Westminster Fel- lowship (I, 4). Council Member |2. 31; Intramur.ils (1); A.H.E.A. PATSY JEAN ROLTH Greensboro B.A. IN HISTORY. B.S.U. (1). Executive Council (2); Chorus (I); Honor Roll ll. 2. U. Historj Club (3. 41; Phi Alpha I heta (3. 4); Rochester Rogers. B. Rogers, Martha E. Rogers. Martha L. Rogers. Minnie Ross, F. Ross. M. Routh, Patsv CLASS OF 1964 « .. i Scott Seay PVTTi HARDIN ROITH Climax B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Pine Needles Busi- ness St.itt i 1 I; Chemistry Club (1. 2): Home Economics Club I 1. 2. 3, 4i. I A (I. 2. 1. 4 ; SN.E.A. il. 2. 3. 4); 4-H Club (21; Town Y.R.C. President LYNDA MARIE ROWE B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Legislature i SUSAN KAY SAARI B.A. IN DRAMA. ; German Club Sident ' (4); Sister C (3); Dorm Comn LORNA SI E S ND Jl PITH NNE SANKOR1) l; Camlnnun St.ilT (2). Copy Edit l ' IEI. I.lll SCHROEPER ir i h i;i:ii i x mi Hickory B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS. Hall Board (11; Dorm Committee (1. 2. 3); Rat Daj I ommitiec .21. AH 1 A. (3. 4); N.C.E.A. (3. 4); N.E.A. (3. 41; SN.E.A. 13. 4): Student Traffic Committee (4). WW PATRICIA SEAY REBECCA STAMEl SEHORN Glen Alpin B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Social Committee ( 2); A.C.E. (3,4); S.N.E.A. (3.4). HILDA JOSEPHINE SHARPE Graham B.F.A. IN ADVERTISING. Section Leader (1); Art Club (3,4); Caro- linian (3), Advcnismc M.inacer (4); Junior Show (3). Shaver BARBARA ANN SHAVER Charlotte B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Section Leader (1); Newman Club II. 2). Junior Show Sets ( ommittec 111; A.C E. I 3. 41; N.S E.A. (3.4). VIA DIANNE SHOE IN IliMINI UO 11)1 . UION (1. 41. SN 1 ill. MSI Ml, -, I A I SIMPSON innate Collccx- il. 2l. Hc.ihh 1 laison Committee aroilnlan Stall I I): Histon Club (3.4) Vounj sc Picsulcnl III SI 14 I ISMCIMI HliMIMIlS IIIM.MIIIN I i ( .iIl.nulH-v III A. ( I. 2l. Chan man I . l-usi Vict- I liauman I4l; dvisot III, Home Uotnitnus Piocuam and folio Committee :ll K ll N II I I s ||ii| Queens Village, . 1 . . IN SPANISH. Stale Universit College of Education, New Paltz. Hillel II, 2. .1. 41; Dorm Committees 12. .1. 41; U.B.C ' .A. (.1, 4); ush Huh (4). ;i.KM MARGIE SMITH I.S.S.A. IN DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION. Scale I ellowship I I. 2. ' i . Pubhcit Chairman E.A. (3). Treasurer (4); Gamma Alpha I mm Modems ' Associ: :. RTIN SMITH Pleasant Ga •INESS ADMINISTRATION. Dorm Committee PATRICIA AILEEN SMITH Charl B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Summer Session Section L er (2). Assistant House President |2|; Section leader (3. 41; Ju Show (31; N.E.A. 14); A.C.E. Dorm Rcpresentamc U ; Marshal Hall Board (4). iANDRA HKI CDXA SMITH , C ord I.A. IN HISTORY. Honors Seminar (II; German Club (I. 2); Junior Lssistanl (3); Chairman Dorm Committee i.ti. .imnoi show di, I ' inr .,,, o Mall i i. 41. Hislorj Club (3, 4); Phi Alpha Theta It, 41; Hall II) GRIZZELLE SM . ER Edenton B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Elliott Hall (1. 2); WUNC-TV Crew (1); Tennis Club I 1 . 4 I . Dorm Social ommitlcc I 1 . 2. 4 I , Junior Show (31; Icononn Club I I. 41, c.amma Alpha (3); Pi,if . ,v,(lo Simpson Sloop ft £%f$ £S t ' j PHYLLIS MARIE SNYDER Winston-Salem B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Honors Seminar (1, 2. 3); Honor Roll II); Moravian Fellowship I I. 2), President ( 3. 4i; Interfaith Council (2, 3. 4); Legislature (1. 4); Band (1); Ring Committee (2); Junior Show legislation (2, 3). Chairman (4); Assistant House n Chain (3); Alumnae Yn Advisory Board (4). Somers Soyars SISANNE SOMERS M R, SO.ARs Wythevill B.S.P.E. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Legislature (3. 4); Projects Chairman 111; R.A. Volleyball Sportshead (3 1; Student visor Curriculum l ommittec ( I, 4 , S N t .A Secretary (41 Vice President (4); Dorm Social Chairman (4 I; Class Elect l KJOKIE NN SPVNCI.ER C.E., Spangler Spencer IMA JEAN SPENCER Morgan B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION Greensboro Symphony (I, 2, 3. University Band Librarian (1. 2. 3. 4i. Assis(ant Director (41; Mu European Tour (2) PAMELA DELLA SPESSARD B.A. IN ENGLISH RACHEL VICTORY SPRADLEY Whiieville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Class Publicity Chairman (2. House President (31; Marshal it. 4 1. Junioi Show i3i. 4); A.C.E. (4); S.N.E.A. (4). Falls Church, Va. m BEEBE STANFIELD Charlotte all Publicity Greensbori IN MATHEMATICS. Dorm Committee (1); Mathematics Awar. Deans Lis! i I. 2, 1 i. Square t ircle I 2. D. Presidcnl (4); S.N.E.A ll; Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship (31. HELEN N t. IE-EN STANFIELD VICKY STANKWYTCH B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. JANET LESLIE STARNES B.A. IN ENGLISH Pine Seedles Staff (1. 2). Academic Rat Day Committee (2); Junior Show (3); English Club Sprinkle f 0 ni; t r es MARGARET HARRISON STEIFEL Washington. D. C. ; College Chorus (1,2, 3, XARY ANN STIMSON .A. IN ENGLISH. Section Leader (3, 4); S.N.E., REBECCA ANN STROUD kin t,,,. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chorus (1); U.C.C.F. (1. 2); Dorm Committees (2. . ' . 4l. Elliott H.ill ( ommittee 13. 4); ' ; A.C.E. (3). Dorm Reprc- CLASS OF 1964 Stuart Stump NANCY ROY STUMP INDA ELAINE STYONS GLENDA SUTTON B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Hall Board (I); Pine ( III; Dorm Committees ll. 2. li. Su.ii.iic Junioi Show Committee (31; Honor Court (3); Cou lions Executive Secretary (4). GLORIV JANE SI TTON JANET NN SWANSON Arlington. .,. B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. R.A. Dorm Representative (1); Tap Club Secretary (21. Presidenl (3. 4). Senior Dance Group (2. 3. . M)R SI [• ' . SWINDELL . I h.iuman l4l; S.N.E.. .AURA ANN FORREST TALBERT l.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committee Chairman ll; English Club 14); S.N.E.A. (4) Page 181 Gloria f „- V CLASS OF 1964 - JEANNE LOUSE TANNEBAUM Greensboro B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Legislature (1. 4); Square Circle (1); Service League (2l; Social Committee l-l. Sociologv Club i2 . Finance Bo. ml (3. 4); Carolinian Advertising Manager i3i; Political Economy Club (3. 4); N.S.A. Congress (31. Delegate (4); Social Concerns Committee ELAINE ROSEMARY TARO High Point B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Goll Club (I); Newman Club til; Dorm Committee (3. 4); Honor Roll 131; Gamma Alpha (31; SfoiliKhi Stall (4i. S.N.E.A. (3.4). K . E KELLY TAYLOR Monroe B A IN BIOLOGY. Dorm Committee Chairman I I. 2 ; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3l; Commission (2 l; Marshal I 3. 41; S.N.E.A. (3. 4); Beta Beta Beta 13.4); Junior Show Publicu Chairman (3); Honors Seminar (3. 4i ( lassihcation of Offices Commit Thomason RITA FRANCINE TAYLOR B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Huntersvil Thompson. D. ELIZARETH JANE TETTERTON B.A. IN ENGLISH. Band (ll; S.N.E.A. ,3.4,; English WashingK Club (4). CAROLYN FAY THOMAS B.A. IN ENGLISH. Glee Club (II; Horn (1.3.4). S.N.E.A. 13. 4 l; Hall Board (4) 5r Roll (1); H ; English Club Burlingtt jnors Semin (Thompson, H. PRl DENCE TIlnMVSoN DOROTHY THOMPSON B.M. IN VOICE. HARRIET [SENHOUR THOMPSON Greensboro B.A. IN MATH EDUCATION. Dorm Social Committee (1). Council (4r. Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 4|; Westminster Fellowship (I. 2. 3. 4); Honor Roll tl. 2. 3. 4|; Section leader 111; Junior Show I 3 l. Junior Assm.iiu (3). Leeislature I 3. 4i. Committee on Classihc.inon ol (Mine-. (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4i; Hall Board (4). House President (4). Thomson Thornhill M lil N Eli M ES JJKiRMlll .U. (1.2); Dorm Committer 4); S.N.E.A. (3); Elliott Show Ticket Committee ( v IA Kl EABETH THORNl I harlotti in drama Masqueraders (t, - ' i). Pn ildenl I I] I om it ( hatiman ill; I I heaiie ( I. 2. 1. 4 I ; Seiviee I eamii i N M lil-l INK TOWK i -i DALTON ' I ' nw ERi .1 VMCK : l. TRAYNHAM Burlington U.S. Hi:. IN HOME ECONOMICS IIH ' I MInN Vim ,., , Stall III; I),, mi S.hi.iI l ommmee Mi AIM A il. :. 4). Dorm Rcpre- sini.iim- ill. I Hi, .11 1 1 .ill I ' lihlmn ruiiimilla- il. 21; Dorm Kilchcn Committee I )); lunioi Show Stage Crew (3). MARTHA WARREN TREXLEB Charlotte B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Home I continues ( lnh II. 21; Council |2|; Section I i.uki l2»; H I oimtiittccs ill. Ilhotl Hall Committees (2, l)i C.U. Representative Hi. VIA i4i; ACT Mi, I lass Beauty (4). [RIPP Honor Roll II. Squure Circle IATHERINE L01 [SE II CKER Charlotte ;.A. IN MATHEMATICS AND FRENCH. Appalachian State reach- rs College (1. 2); l.e Cerclc Francos H. 4); S.N.E.A. (J, 41; Dorm ■iimniiltee ( .1 I ; House President (41; Square Circle (41. Travnli Trex JUDY LYNN TURNER Kannai B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Class Treasurer (1); t Committee I I, 2); N.S.A. (21; Rat Il.o Committee (2); Assi: House President Hi. Junior Show Hi. Commission l4l; All .K V NN Elizabethtown sll I lass I. IhciIc.kIci ill. ll.iss Sarn Committee .mmission 11.2.41; Rat Da, I o-l hall man 12 I. House III.™ Show HI; Doim Committees I I. 2l; t lass Vice estminster Fellowship O. 4 1; Hall Board (4). MARGARET P01 CKE HARLOTTE MAE YANZANT Tripp Tucker Spanish Club (.1) ¥ . Vaughn Vestal PATRICIA ANNE VAUGHN B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. B.S.U. (1); Dorm Committee i (HUil.OTTE ANN VESTAL Siler City B A. IN HISTORY. Commission (II; Hall Board (1); State Student Legislature (2). Interim Council, (3); Legislature (3); Phi Alpha Theta Walker, C. Walker, I. ISABEL JEAN WALKER B.A. IN HISTORY. Hall Board (1); Se Assistant il); History Club (3, 4); Legisla r ommillee (4). HREN1 I ' RISCILLA WALSH CAROLYN JANE WALTERS B.S.H.E. IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT Dorm Committee (I. 2. 3, 4): A HE A (2. 3. 4); ACE 13. 4): Chorus Events Committee ( 3 ); Junior Show (3). Social Concerns I. INNER I RIE WARD Walsh Walters .. IN HISTORY. Spanish Club II 2. 3, 41; Special 1 vents t ommitlee (3); jun Science Club (3. 4); Y DC 1.3. 4 Charlotte Sociology Club 111; B.S.U. IHlKoTII, I.ol WARREN SHE. IN HnMI IttiStiMltS EDUCATION. 4-H Club (1. President (3 l; Student Program and Polio Comm Secretary " of School of Home Economics Chairman (4); Dorm Committee! A ILEA. II. 2. 3. 4); NCHEA I 1. 2. Spanish Club (1. 2); B.S.U (3); Junior Show Commit HELEN J(I NN W SHIil RN :y Vice Chai Social Chairman (41; . State Reporter (4 1; I. 2. 3); Trallic (. .mi 1 1 RY ELIZABETH WATERS B.F.A. IN ART EDUCATION. Greensboro College MINJ CRAE WATSON B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Ma (.31. Vice President (4). JANE SUTHERLAND WELLES Mayocla Psychology Clu V BEVERLY ANN WELLS Lexington B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Mars Hill College (1. 2); Home Economics Club (3. 41. Methodist Student Movement (3. 4); 4-H Club (31; Home Economics Honor Roll (3). CLASS OF 1964 ELLA WHEDREE Burlington B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Legislature (I, 2); Dorm Com- munis il 2 14); A UFA. II, :. 1. 4|; Rat D.i Committee (21; Sp.mish I luh i2l. Jumoi Show ill. N S.I. D. ( 3. 41 ; Policy Committee (.11; S.G.A. Campaign Chairman (.11. HANNAH E. WHITE Dunn B.A. IN HISTORY. Class Secretary (II; Dolphin-Seal (11; Class Presi- dent 121; Commission Chairman eslnimslei lellowslnp I 2. 41; C.U. Council (2. 4l; Junior House President 111; Histoiv Club 111. Vice President (4); Junior Show (.1); Golden Chain (3), President (4). ELIZABETH DAYVAULT WHITEFIELD Concord B.A. IN HISTORY. Dorm Committees (1); Canterbury Club (1), Veslrs I 2. 3. 41; Y.R.C. I 1. 4 1; Junior Show 111; Hislon ( luh I 1. 4 I ; S.F W. (2. 1. 41; Commission (4). OK l CI FAN WHITEHEAD B.A. IN ENGLISH. Honor Roll (1.3.4); i ship i 1 r . Morrow Scholar slop ol C la S.N.E.A. (3.41 KAREN RELLE WHITLEY Wicker MM GALE WICKER ).A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. Dorm Committi 1. 2. 3); S.N.E.A. (2. 3. 4); N.C.E.A. (2. 3, 4) listory Club (3. 4); Y.D.C. (4); Section Leader (4 MATTIE CAROLE WII.KKRSON Medical Technologv (luh 2. 3. 4l; I llioll Hall Corn- Beta Beta Beta (3. 4); Hall Board (3. Caduceus Club i BARBARA WILKINSON B.A. IN HISTORY. Legislature II. 2. 3); Class Parli; Rat Court (21; (, olkur.rle Press Convention I 2. 4); Carolinian Columnist (1. 2. 3). Associate l-dttoi (41; Junior Show (31; State Student Legislature (31; History Club (3. 4). JENNIE DODSON WILLIAMS Sandy Ridge B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (I) Student Nurses ' Association il). Town Students ' Association I 2. 31; Home Economics Club (2. 3. 41; Traffic Committee (4); S.N.E.A. Williams. Jenni, Williams. Jewe IEWEL SYDNEY WILLI WIS B.A. IN HISTORY. JUDY WILLIAMS B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY Board (1, 3); Sociologv Club Science Forum ( 3. 4 ) ; Marsh; 111; Rat Da Committee i Alpha Kappa Delta (3. 4 liiMI.tli.rns c l 4 l . KATIE LOU WILLIAMS B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Carolinia League ( 1 ) ; Wesley Foundation Section Leader Gamma Alpha (1. 4l; Hall Boa 4-H Club ( 1 Elliott Hall Social Commute (41; S.N.E.A. (4i. Williams, Judy William-. K. Williams, L. Wi CLASS OF 1964 Williams. Syh ,ia Winn Winstead. J. LYNDA DODSON WILLIAMS Liberty B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. ACE. (3, 4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); V.R.C. (3,4). SUSAN FRANC ES WILLIAMS Greensboro B.A. IN BIOLOGY. German Club (I. 2); Medical Technology Club (3. 4) ; Beta Beta Beta (3), Vice President (4) . Winstead, L. inston SYLVIA INEZ WILLIAMS Monroe B A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1); French Club (1); Rat Day Committee (2k Assist. ml House President (3 1; S.N.E.A. (.3, 41; Junior Show (3); Court of Social Regulations |4|. A.C.E. (4). MAM 10 WINN Albemarle B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Beta Beta Beta (4). .11 l)V D ALTON WINSTEAD Durham B.S.H.E. IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT A.H.E.A. (3. 4); ACE. I. (4); N.E.A. (4); Omicron Nu (4). ise LURA DEAN WINSTEAD Roxboro Wolf.!, . B.A. IN CHEMISTRY. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3); Wesley Foundation (1); Chemism Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Caduceus Club II. 2. 4). President (3); Square Circle (2. 3); Junior Assistant (31: Commission (3); Junior Show (3); Honor Court (4); Section Leader (2, 4). JUDITH ANN WINSTON Chapel Hill B.A. IN ENGLISH. Carolinian Editor-in-Chief (4). SCOTTY LOUISE WISE Gastonia B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1. 2); Band 12. 31. Commission (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); Section Leader (3); A.C.E. ANNA GRACE WOLFE Shelby Wolfe, P. Womack B.A. IN HISTORY. Dorm Committee (1. 3. 41; History Club (3. 4); Psvcholoo ( luh i 1. 4i. I ' B.C. A. (3. 4); S.N.E.A. (4). Daiss Cham (31; Elliott Hall Social Committee (3). PATRICIA ANN WOLFE Greensboro B.A. IN ENGLISH. JUANITA KAY WOMACK Greensboro B.S.S.A IN RETAILING. SUSANNE W00DH0USE Elizabeth City B.A IN PSYCHOLOGY. BARBARA ELIZABETH WRENN Badii B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4) Chorus (1); Junior Assistant |3 ; Junior Show (3). Marshal 1 3. 4 1 Gamma Alpha (3. 41; Honor Roll 131; Sicma Phi (3. 4); S.N.E.A. (4) (vi tp fv? ?i • K ELIZABETH WRIGHT LA. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Vespers nnsier Fellowship l 1 . 2 , 3.4); Court of Social Rctriil.iru MINTA ANN WYRE B.F.A. IN ADVERTISING. Class Publicm legislature III; Honor Roll (.1); An Club I BRENDA EUGENIA WYRICK B.I- A. IN ADVERTISING. Dorm Committees (2 1 . . Hall Committee (l». Parents " Weekend ( omniiMee (2 (2); Service 1 eague (3); Junior Show (3); Art Club (3, inston-Sa Commission m-Salem I); Elliott Rat Day Committee INN YARBR01 GH B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION Don Chairman Mi. Parents ' Weekend Chairman (2); Junioi Chain Chairman (2). Commission (4); A.HJ A (1,2 1,4 Raleigh VNNA J ELTON Bakersvill, B.S.H.E. IN INSTITUTIONAL MANAGEMENT. East Tennessee Slate Uni- versity (I); 4-H Club (2. I. 4|; Home Economics ( lub 12. . 4); Intcrfaith Vesper Commune i2i. II ( mulo Espanol (li; Honor Roll I 2. i. W cslcv - - Nu (3), Senior Patty Bryan has learned the value of relaxation during the frustration-filled moving days. Permission slips provide no problems for Se another prh ilege em ied li underclassmen. Senior House Presidents And Counselors Much of the responsibility for coordinating the activi- ties of the upperclassmen dorms rests in the hands of the Senior House Presidents. These girls are elected from their dorms in the first S.G.A. elections. Some of their duties include presiding over Hall Boards and House Meetings, locking the dorms, and supervising the paid hostesses. Working with their house counselors and the S.G.A., they present the girls in their dorms with the latest information concerning rules, and various organizations and activities on cam- pus. As chairmen of the various committees in the dorms, they coordinate and regulate functions and activities. There are many responsibilities involved, but the rewards in terms of accomplishment and ex- perience are great. RAGSDALE HALL — Left: Jo Anne Payne, President, and Mrs. Nell Bigler. Counselor; and MENDENHALL HALL — Right: Angie Carpenter. President, and Mrs. nne Carter. Counselor. GUILFORD HALL — Claudia Buchdahl, President, and Mrs. Odessa McGwier. Counselor. WEIL HALL — Seated: Norma Nuttall. President, and Mrs. Nancj Melvin, Counselor; and WINFIELD HALL - Standing: Barbara Eschenbach. President, and Mis- i»ne ' e . Counselor. SOI Til REYNOLDS HALL — Lejt: Helen Washburn. President, and Mrs. Josephine Gross. Counselor; and NORTH REYNOLDS HALL — Right: Harriett Thompson. President, and Mrs. Ruth Johnson. Counselor. MARY EOl ST HALL — Carol Eisen-r. President, and Mrs. Ruth Lott. Counselor. MOORE HALL — Le : Mike Calloway. President, and Mrs. Lucy White. Counselor: and STRONG HALL — Right: Sylvia Simpson. President, and Mrs. Helen Cloninjrer. Counselor. WEST GROGAN HALL — Left: Midge Johnston. President, and Mrs. Delia Arthur. Counselor: and EAST GROGAN HALL — Right: Catherine Tucker. President, and Mrs. Eloise George. Counselor. Class Rings Help Remind Juniors Of Senior -Year Responsibilities JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS are: (lop J Lucy Williamson, Vice-President; (sealed) Gary Clarke. President: (lejt to right) Judy Adams. Cheerleader: Sarah Langston, Treasurer: and Angela Sills. Secretary. Much was accomplished this year through the energy and industry of the Junior class. Raising money for senior year was the primary activity; the class sold tickets to Coliseum events and candy over Christmas vacation to help themselves in this area. Another im- portant project was the Junior Show, given in February. Sister-class parties and Sister Day were also very ex- citing and rewarding events during the year. The Juniors published their own newspaper this year, The Junior Progressive, which contained editorials and class news. The rings which the Juniors received sym- bolized all that had been accomplished, and also served to remind them of goals still to be attained. As work on their majors progressed, they realized how close gradu- ation really was and how much had been gained in the preceding two years. Junior Progressive staff meets to discuss next issue of the CLASS OF 19M tdams, Judj LytUe h) m-. I in. 1. 1 [ane ,|,,,,k. Jll.lltl, I.M Mini. (,l,ii,lii Darleni ll,n. J, un Elizabeth Uley, Martha Stone Ml,-,,,,. Brenda Lorel AJlred, Judith Anne ndei Edith nn, ,derson, Kristin iderson, Mania Gail iderson, Pamela Sue iderson, Suzanne Morgan Ashton. Mary Helen Austin, Margarel Lee Vyers, Vnne Hamilton Babb, Reba Ellen Bach. Suzanne Elizabeth Ball. Marv Lee Barber. Jane Carroll Bargamian, Sandra Barnes. Jean Diane Barnes, Pamela Memerj Barrow. Brenda Louise Bartlett. Loi nn Beasley. Barbara Car. Beam. .Margaret Am Beauer. Elizabeth An Beeson. Hilda Jo Bell. Martha Alice Bell. Mildred Elaine Benbow. Pamela Fraz Benedict, Julia Anne Bennett. Elizabeth An Bennett. Nancy Fortu Berlin. Carol Ann Best. Linda Joanne Birke. Betty Ann Blackwelder, Janie Sue Blanton. Blair Lyell Blythe. Cynthia Ruth ' it W 1 00 ® % fi ft £ ft fl «■ JUNIORS Boone, Diane Boone, Patricia Ruth Bo uchard, Delia Marie Bradshaw, Shirley Jane Brady, Judith Carr Brake, Jean Gardner Briceland. Martha Linda Brinkley, Leoma Glenn Brinson, Lois Ann Broome, Gedis Hope Brown, Linda Ann Brown. Phvlli- nne Bruce, Barbara Lynn Bryan, Beverly Shelton Bryan, Mary Pat Bryden, Carol Ann Buffaloe, Nancy Louise Buie. [Catherine McDow Bullock, Gwendolyn Am Bunting, Carolyn Ellen Burch, Lena Corinna Butler, Carla Ann Butner, Ann Elizabeth Butterfield, Dianne Blai Byers, Carey Hartsell Cain. Virgie Maureen Caldwell, Jean Barry Cameron. Judith Elizabeth Campbell. Vickie Gaye Canaday, V irginia Ruth Carpenter. Charlene R. Carpenter. Mary Ann Carpenter, Sarah Ellen Casey, Jacquelyn Delores Casteen, Frances Kaye Caviness. Bonnie Jeanette Chambers, Betty Jane Chapman, Blanca Rosa Chermak. Kathey J. Chester, Jane Lee Cipar, Jeanne Louise Clark. Heeth Hendren Clark. Joan Adelia Clark, Martha Carson Clarke, Cary Beverley Clifton. Cecelia Wright Coble, Virginia Pegeen Coleman, Melinda Courtney pk f p ® € ©££g ' - 1 1 » © ■ f r €?. I Page 192 CLASS OF [965 oilier, Martha Willii i . . 1 1 1 r, - nr. Blaii Collins, B Collin I ( oil,,, I Compton, M i look, Freda Maj ,,..k.-. Donna Dane i orpening, Sarah Adelaide Corsun, Catherini Knot Cranford, Jane Brown • Ford, Laura Frank Cropp, ka ,- arnei Crowell. Ann Belue Clumpier, Clara Lynn Crutchfield, Tommie „„ • i,n ie, Martha Louise Dale, Judith Helen Daniel, Dorothy Ann Davis, Vnni -Win-tea. I Davis, Barhara Vera Davis, Doris Jean Davis, Gretehen Charlene Davis, Phyllis Ann I a i . Sara Jo Davis, Susan Elizabeth Dawkins, Dorothy Jean Dealing, Rae Decker Deaton, Hilda Maxine I lellinger, Carol Ann Denning, Elizabeth Ann Denton, Susanne Dickens, Mrs. Sandra Cole Dickerson. Martha Ann Dickson, PamelleJane Dixon. Nancy H. Dominick, Nancy Anne Donohue, Joan Katherine Doolitlle. Julia Ann Dote. Linda Frances Downs, Linda Ruelle DuBose, Jeanne Denise Durvin, Melissa Noble Eagle, Rebecca Jane Edwards. Barbara Louise Edwards. Dorothy Jane Edward-. Edith Anne Eidani. Addie Sylvia Page 193 JUNIORS Eiler, Harriett Spencer Eller, Natalie Eloise Elliot, Jo Ann Ellis, Emily Heath Ellise, Frances Marian Elmore. Janice Marilyn Ely. Alice Abbotl Epley, Joyce AniU Ernestsons. Maija A Fagg, Alice Anni Farrell. Rena Catherim Farthing. Abbey J( Fau t. Marsha Pamela Fielder, Ruth Elizabeth Fields, Mary Rebecca Finan. Nancy Elizabeth Fisher. Saundra Carolyn Foster. Theresa Ann Fowler, Ella Paige Fox, Patricia Anne Frank, Nancy Ellen Frankel, Elizabeth Ellen Frazcr. Bonnie Frazier, Jane Sharon Joan Minnette Fuller. Gloria Hinton Gabriel. Patricia Anne Gaines, Carole Anne her. Genevieve Elizabeth Gann. Janice Josephine arret!. Alice Elizabeth Gatlin. Sammie Carol Gentry. Doris Jeanne Gillev. Mary J. Gillis. Barbara Glass, BillieLee Godfrey, Anna Delton Gold, Georganna Goode, Linda Jo Gorman. Diana Carol irahain. Cynthia Chapman Grayson, Jeanette Frances louse. France- Lynn Gregsan, Nan. v Jo Grice, Bettj Sue Griffin. Melba Sue Grogan. Judy Ann iufTey. Madge I arol Page 194 CLASS OF [965 Hiilin. Delorea nn II;, II. Phyllis nn Hardison, Barbara , Hare, Mar) Vnn Hargia, Sandra Louiai Harper, Elizabeth I,. Harrell, Enid Mitchell llai relson, Elizabeth n Hartis, Marj Gayle Hartline, Frances Lew i Hatley, Nancj Jane Hauaer, Rebecca Kaj Hawk. Una Vgnes Hawkins, Barbara Jean Hayes, Karen Pearce Hedgpetb, Marianne A Helms, V ynema June Hendrick, Jacqueline Henry, Pamela Shaw Hensley, Barbara Sue Herring, Galena Newell Herring, Claudia Leigh Hill. Marlha Helen Hin.-. Carrie Beatrice Hinnant, Gloria Jean Hitchcock, Beth Hobgood, Rebecca Beverly Hobson, Patricia Marie Holder, Charlotte Jean Holder, Nancy Jane Holmes, Man Melinda Holt. Janice Rose Honeycutt, Doris J. Hoyle, Marjorie Linda Hubbard, Marj .„, Huckabee. Emilj Man, Hudson, Agnes Scotl Huff. June Marie Hugh,-. Constance Elizabeth Hunsucker, Jane Greenwa) Hunt. nn Hampton Hunt. Marilyn Elizabeth s= :i © Pi (?» I JUNIORS Hunt, Nancy Carmen Hunter, Carol Lorraine Hussey, Peggy Joyce Hutchins, Christine Hutchinson, Susan Elizabeth Hutton, Susan Wilmot Irvin, Virginia Caro Isley, Alice Jack, Charlotte Lee Jacobs, Kay Joan Jacobs. Leslie Diani Jarvis, Evie Rosalee Johnson, Cornelia Mill Johnson, Joyce Eilene Johnson, Judith Ann Jones, Carolyn Jean Jones. Dolores Anne Jones, Linda Victoria Jones, Lora Ann Jones. Marcia Brogden Jones, Martha Ann Jones, Mary Porter Jones, Nancy Carolyn Joyce, Brenda Ann Joyner, Jacquelyn Kay Julian. Betty Jo Kartt, Judith Louise Kennedy, Geraldine Jo Kennett, Grace Ka Kessler, M. Susan Kinard, Judy Ann King. Carolyn Sue King. Janice Yvonne Kirby, June Kirk, Dorothy Jean Kirkman, Margaret John frf © i H ft Kirkpatriok. Helen Jane Kirkum, Linda Dale Kisselbrack, Patty Ann Knight, Frances Ann ■ £__ Knight. Jacquelyn Hazel Knott. Carol Ann Knott, Willie Mae Knotts, Carole Ann Knox, Mary Hall Koons, Susanna Kay Kornegay, Judith Elain Kowal, Mae Holliday Page 196 CLASS OF [965 £)($ © - f 1 Q v © KredeL Nancy Cooprr Krick, K..-aK„ Kronman, Patrii ii 111. n I all ' e, N h]i al.. Hi I .in. . irginia ' arok Langiton I atham, Man ii ' ■• ntrj I awleas, Patricia Jordan LeBraa, Mary Mailene Levinson, I .in. I ,i„ Lewis, Mary Harden Lineberger, Man li. • Link. Rarliara Jane I. it. hfield, -u-an Lee Livermon, Betty Gray Lofland, Dee Vnne Loflin, Peggj M. Neal Long, Lin. la Alice Looney, Michele Anne li -Ca-kill. Catherine Janet McCIintock, Eleanor Kay Mc( oy, Gail Annette McDowell. Betty Josephine McFarling, Mary Lou McCee. Elizabeth m McGee, a ah Vnne McGimpsey, Sina Irene McLean. Juiliih Hungcrfortl McMahon. Janice McLaml. McNeill, Margaret Janice Madren. Nancj nn Maguire. Carol Ann Mall.mee. Eula Jane Mangum, Man Ellen Maready, Patr icia Eileen Marr. Caroline Holt Martin. Eloice Joyce Martin, Gloria Rebecca Martin. Prwilla Lam- Martin. Tere-a Vnn Mason. Jencev Mae Massy. Patricia Helene Mayberry, Martha Elizabeth Meadlock, S l ia Vnn JUNIORS fa ft ( fa fa 1 ■-V fa 1 Bfa I 9 - tf I n r V v 1 1 © JT 1 Mr : aa ©o a$£ fa Meador. Man Ellen Meadows. Brenda Kay Medley. Sue Ellen Medlin. Nancy Jo Melton, Judy Carolyn Melvin. Sandra Lynn Meredith. Edna Marie Middleton. Linda Lee Miller. Marilyn Elsie Miner. Mary Ann Minish. Linda Raye [inor, Nanette Jackson Minton. Anne Starr Mitchell. Kathleen Ann Mohr. Marilyn Eugenia Mont-. Vivian Caroline Moore. Betty Jean .Moore. Judy Carol Moore, Linda Darlene Moore. Maxine Huggins Moore. Parola Lorene Moore. Sarah Joyce Morgan. Carole Gilbert Morrice. Pamela Starr Morris, Amelia Marlene Morton. Betty Carol Mottsman. Susette Blaii Mullen. Rebecca Joyce Mullinix, Cookie Jeanette Murphy, Carol Dorset! Murphy. Mrs. Mae Ellen Myer. Faith Joan Myers, Donna Kay Nailling. Mary Elinor Nance, Henrietta Nance, Phyllis Elaine Neigher, Rosalind N ' ewby. Carol Virginia Newsom. Janet Gwen Newton. Anna Earle Newton. Mary Ann Teague Overby. Glenda Dale Overman. Mary Clyde Olive. Mary Cammie Painter. Linda Lou Pankovich. Judy Anne Park. Alice Herman Parker, Janet CLASS OF 1965 Patterson, tnita Louise Patterson, Doris Elizabe PearsalL Kathrj n Pendergrass, W.Joyce Pennington, Virginia Ki Permar, Kaj Fern Petrea, Faye Houck Perry, Joan Rogers Peterson, Cheryl Lee PfaS, ( iarolyn Joan Phillips, Doris Jean |.„,,„.K„ 1, Katherine nn Poffenbaugh, Susan mi Poleat. Sandra Lee Pound, Shirk) mamla Pratt, Martha Elizabeth Preimats, Rudite Preslar, Margaret Ann l ' i ice, Jud) Carol Price, Mildred I Ion Pritchard, Sandra Fehr Privott, Irma Sall Proffitt, Helen Louise I ' ruitt. Patricia Ann Pulley, Sandra Vestal PuUium, nn Purgason, Barbara Ar Purgason, Janice Elizi Queen, PhHlis Quincannon, Teresa i Ramey, Ma Mae Rankin. Karen Anne Raper. Linda Hayes Ratchford, Jane Henri Reese, Clara Judith Regan, Mellia Louise Rhodes, Rita Faye Richardson. Sue Ki. liter. I.enora nne Rickards, .loan Eileen ft ■■ ' V ftAOfl P) r « Page 199 JUNIORS Lynn 1 Joyce Rink. Myi Riser. Car Robbins, Marguerite Lovett Roberson. Elizabeth O ' Neal Roberts, Elizabeth Ann Roberts, So-an Warren Robertson, Patricia Ann Robinson, Sara Elizabeth Rogers, Mary Marie Ross, Elizabeth Louise Ross, Ella Lee Rousselle, Shar.. Marie Rush, Thomas Safrit. Glenna Catheri Sagar, Ann Vernon Sanford. Elizabeth An Saunders, Becky Jord; Schubart, Vera Vnne Scott, Mary Draughon Scurry, Julianne Wells Sears, Nancy Jane Sellers. Sandra Sue Sells, Kay Frances Setzer, nn Hastings Sewell, Anita Marie Shade, Belinda Anne Shane, Ersell Louise Sharpe, Charlotte Alice Shaw. Phyllis Kaye Shearin, Carolyn Elizabeth Shields, Mollie Diane Shope. Linda Dell Shrank, Letitia Elizabeth Shreve, Elizabeth Anne Sills, Jo Angela Simpson. Doris Lillian Db Single Smathers, Anita Lucille Smith. Alice Brandon Smith, Bobbie Carole Smith. Jeannie 1. Smith. Leah Loretta Smith. Patricia S. Smith. Virginia Elizabeth Smitherman, Sarah Alice Snodderly, Lorene Nolen Snow, Evelyn Carole Soiset, ii inia Lois v) $ $ - m i £ " 9 CLASS OF [965 e © i ?} oa — V © ft - ni. Ira Jran bara w- Speni er, Nam ) inn Sullivan, Ni Sun rs, Linda Kay Sutherlin, Elsie Patricia Stainbai k. Carol Ruin Stallings, Nam ( Charlea Stanford, Paula Harding Starling, Ann Highl Stentz, Susan Elizabeth Stealer, era Enuna StiUey, Ruby Eloiae Slillman, Roberta Either Stmts, Judith Carolyn Stutta, Linda Kay Taylor, Donna Joan Teagur. Martha Teal, Jane Elizabeth TVmpleton, Alice Marie Tesh, Umeda Frances Thacker, Carol Rives Thomas, Sara Lougenia Thomason, Sandra Lee Thompson, Claudia Irene Thornton, Hrrnda Joyce Tice, Barbara Elizabeth Tissue, Carol Van Titus, Charlotte Lynne Todd. BeUe E. Townsend, Jamis Cecilia Trogdon, Garlie Bonita Troxler. Martha Vmelia Turner, Betsy Rose Susan Emilj Twigg, u-an Esthe I lrey. Dale Carolin Vaughn, Martha Jan Vaughn. Man Jea it-kv. Barbara Le Wagner, Connie Del alker, Gayle Yvonne Walker, Man Henderson Ward. Minnie I ecilia Washburn, Iris F.lnita Watkins, Jean I sserj Watson, Marilyn J " JUNIORS Walts. Nancy Lyndon r ' aymick. Cornelia Anne ffeavil, Jeanne Lorraine ebersen, Frances Louise Welch. Linda Arlene West. Sarah Marjorie Wheeler. Phyllis Joan White, nita Louise White, Ann Stewart Whitener, Sandra Carol Whitley, Patricia Elizabeth Wicks, Lynne Rae l.-JMIl M. Williams. Jeanette n Williams. Lily Deann Williams, Nancy Eleanc Williams. Sharon Roi Williamson, Lucj Memoi Willis. Marion Jean Wilson. Barbara Elaine Wilson. Joyce Louise Wilson, Patty Elizabeth Wilson, Roberta nn . ' inchester. Julia Delores Withruw. Melinda Elizabeth Wolfe. Judith Wright Wood. Alda Elizabeth Worthington, Patricia Ann " 1 anci-y. Jane Win hnrough Junior House Presidents And Counselors Each spring the sophomore class elects several girls to serve as Junior House Presidents in the freshman dorms the next year. Their duties begin by sending welcome letters to incoming freshmen and continue through the year in cooperation with the house coun- selors as thev preside at house meetings, check and file permission slips, lock the dorms, and inform the girls in their dorms of campus events. The duties end as the freshmen become sophomores and they, seniors. They are friends and advisors and their rewards are many. S()l ' I ' ll SPENCER HALL — Jeanne Stegman, President, and Mrs. Carlynne Gillette. Counselor; and NORTH SPENCER HALL — Mrs. Gladys Knight. Counselor, and Eloise Stilley, President. HINSH II M.I. Mrs. Mary Gr Dull. Counselor, and Pal Smith, President. COITHALL MissFrances Falck, Counselor, and Sue Twigg, President. I VMISON II l.l. Miss I. Cunningham, Counselor, and Pam Dickson, President. COTTEN HALL — Clara Reese. President, and Mrs. Ruth Cornell, Counselor. SHAW HALL — Marianne Hedgpeth. President. and Mrs. Lowell Estes, Counselor. GRAY HALL — Mrs. Isabel Outlaw, Counselor, BAILEY HALL — Rae Dearing, Preside and Cynthia Blythe, President. and Mrs. Aldine Beale. Counselor. SOPHOMORF. CLASS OFFICERS are: Jackie Furrey. Cheerleader: Barbara Gegenheimer. Vice-President; Mary Ellen GufTy. President: Randy Webb, Treasurer: and Jean Meyer. Secretary. Sophomores Find Themselves One Step Nearer Graduation Pete Cook and Barbara Gegenheimer, Sophomores, extend a UNC-G welcome to Justice Goldberg. With pride the sophomores realized they were one step nearer their goal of graduation. This was a year of changes, added responsibilities and privileges. Green class blazers became their symbol and the emblems were a nostalgic reminder that the sophomores were no longer a part of Woman ' s College, but now belong to UNC-G. Some of the privileges sophomores acquired were moving from the " quad " into upperclassmen dorms, unlimited class cuts, and more social freedom; their responsibilities to the college increased propor- tionately. One of the most meaningful events of the year was " Jester Day, " formerly known as " Hats Off Day. " Sponsored by sophomores for freshmen, it was fun for all involved and served to unify the classes. C] ASS OF 1966 Vbenuuhy, Jessie Gayle Ibernethy, Uice 1 j Vbrams, Marilynn Vbrame, Jacquelim Idams, Jeanie Gail Idams, (Catherine Elizabetl UfonLVicki Lajuan Ml. ii. Man Elizabeth Uley, Bai bara Inderson, Beverlj Patricia Andrews, Judith Carole Baker, Jacque Nan Baker. Nancye Rebecca liakule.. Man I ' .ilrieia Barkley, Melinda Gail Barney, Barbara Porter Barahill, Mildred Diane Barrett, Tobie nn Barrier, Donna Gaynelle Barringer, JoAnn Barrow, Mary Lou Barton, Laura Stella Battle, Mary Josephine Bayless, Mabel Elizabeth Baj nes, Jaca Lynn Beach, Rebecca Clark Beale, Melissa Lee Beam. Brenda Joy Beard. Brenda Jane Beattie, Susan Helen Beckerdite, Sandra Judith Begg, Jane Stephanie Bell. Marianne Bennett. Carol Jean Bennett, Sara Frances Berinati. Lea Jane Bernheim, Naomi Jean Best, Carolyn Dee Best, Margaret Lucy Bingham, Pamela Mien Billington, Lin. la nn Bishop. Paulette Ellamae Bissette, Susan Fleming Blaek. Carolyn Ruth Black. Lois Marcia Blackstock, Marston Bates Blackwelder, Doris Elizabeth Blair. Linda Jeanne Blair. Virginia Sutherland Blithe. Barbara Louise Blount. Betsy John Bolin. Rosa Camilla arbara Jean 5 fe A %fj f! MPiSi? W r r ±Jt k. Page 205 SOPHOMORES Bonnet, Linda Lee Boone, Jo Carolyn Borneman, Barbara Anne Bostian, Karen Elizabeth Bowden, Margaret Bowden, Page Adele Bowen, Linda Jean Bowen, Patricia Bowen. Cathy Lee Boyer, Mary Marleigh Boyle, Susan Elaine B05 les, Z. Maureen Branch. Nancy Garland Brannon. Carolyn Ann Bridges, Diana Nell Brinkley, Pamela Diane Brock. Mica Anne Biockman. Frances Caroline Brogdon, Elizabeth Parker Brooks, Gretta Suzanne Brooks. Sally Jane Brown, Vnita I ouise Brown. Emily Susan Brown, Glenda Dale Brown. Johnsie Charles Brown, Melinda Charles Brown, Nancy Annette Brown, Priscilla Anne Brown, Vivian Sarita Buffaloe, Claire DeAn Bunton, Sylva Patricia Burch, Nancy Jane Burgess, Man Lynne Burton, Eliza Vnn Burton, Emih, Lee Burton, Vicki Lynn Byers, Patricia Lou Byrd, Cynthia Anne Byrd, Sara ( aldwell, Pamela Rae Calloway. Don- Vnn Campb.-ll. Lin, la Kathryn ( lannon, Pamela Carlisle, Carol Diane Carraway, Mary Ella Can inger, Linda Louise ( arroll, Nam j Elizabeth Carter. Elizabeth Chesnej ( asey, I ynthia Lea Casey. Linda Jean Caton, Stephanie Ann Causey. Joan Annette Chandler. Carol Elizabeth 1 handler, Catherine Louise Chandler, Eva Geulieme ( bapinan. 11-an I tale Chienciego, Mary Ann Emil 1 hoplin, Carolyn Elizabeth Chrislip, Vnn Miller Clapp, nnie June Clark. Billie Dean MiZ ztmjmm - r r r v, t: " ' H;t ' -;tt;? ' - ' »rT CI ASS OF [966 8© £C£M M £ m £ Sl£fi a ■$ fan fiOf; 9 " M Qf ' ft a V 7 3£ sen fl 1 . f 2flf!flS fifi fwC 4 k. Oark, ■ leriu Ro ' irol nti Collina, Cheryl Cotinteaa ollini Margaret Lucille i ih Morgan i onrad ' ' lonwelL Mara, u i ook, Mabel I ouisi Cooki i i o«by, Barbara Kaj I mi, h. Mull. Courta, Willie Ruth Cowling, Deborah nn ubelh nn Craven, Suzanne Winatead Cr.-.-. h, Bettie Ruth Cremer, Juan Rosalind Crimmins, Meredith Ann I rooks, Claudia Vnn ' ross, Betty ir-ini.i Crumpler, --arali Millicenl Crutchfield, nn Croome Cummin;:-. ir inia Ann i lunningham, Judith Vnn Cutler, Lou Vnne Daw-. Brenda Lee Da i-. Marian Davis, Man Nell Deal I arolyn Leah tejarnette, Katherleen Holmes Dennis, Ruth Gayle Di-rkii ■-. Dorothy Jean Dewar, Marian Filz-Ramlolpli Dieterich, ( larorj n Dixon. Jul Dodson. Iri- nn I tonat, s jra nne Donovan, Charlotte Phyllis Dorsett, Mary Lynne Downey, Linda Kay Doyle, Margaret Elaine Doyli . Ruth Lestha I irakr. [ inda I • i 1 1: tughon, I ' alri. ij Duke, Deborah Vnne Dumas, eda Jeanette Dunbar, Evelyn Louise Dunham. Phyllis Eileen Dunlap. Carolyn Fat- Dye. Frances Louise Eargle. Janice Earp. Ruth Etta Edmundson, Belsy Doan Edmund-en. Carolyn Frances Eilson. Marx Alice Edwards, Juily Thompson 1 dwards, Ka e Shirley Marian Minis Ellis Patricia Elizabeth Elli-or. Cheryl Cranford Elmore. Linda Kay- Page 207 SOPHOMORES I Epps, Karen Frances Evans, Beverly Ann Fabbri, Alexandra Faison Faber, Anne Marie Fair, Tessa Karen Farrow. Margaret Kathleen Ferguson. Nancy- Fisher, Ellen Lee Fisher. Margaret Gayle Fitzgerald. ictnria Frances Fitzhugh, Margaret Ballow Flinchum, Bonnie Gray Florance, Valerie Fobert, Mary Elizabeth Fnlge . Ruth Forrest. Elizabeth Eure Foster, Betty Kay Foushee, Treva Ann Fowler, Natalie Fox. Marjorie Ann Fox, Mary Alice Franklin. Nancy Sue Frazier. Brenrla Gray Frazier. Carolyn Elsie Frazier. Meredith Lynn Friday. Kathryn Lovelace Fritz, Mary ' Anne Fuller, Evelyn Louise Furrey, Jacqueline Marie Futterer. Mary Julian Gabrys, Gloria Jean Gange, Carol Louise Gardner, Ann Elizabeth Gardner, Mary Olga Gardner, Patricia Marie Garner. Janice Gay larriss. Charlotte Elizabeth Garst, Elaine Gatlin. Ann Traylor Gavigan, Joan Eileen Gaylord. Ella Martin r.egenheimer. Barbara Mae George. Rita Bernice Gerringer. Gail Jerome Gibbs, Ellen Sherrill Gibbs, Patricia Ann Gibson, Anna Mae Gibson. Patricia Ann Giddens. Karen Elaine Gillette, Patricia Eileen Gillikin. Judith Eileen Gi-nmon, Susan Gayle Glass, Ruth Ann Glouer. Nancy Kay Goble. Judy Clarice Godfrey. Gloria Claire Goldblatt. Evelyn Marcia Goldstein. Susan Gooch. Sara Elizabeth Gordon. Georgia Sheridan Gordon. Sallie Gore, Mary Kathleen Grace, Patricia Elizabeth CLASS OF [966 (.1 Graham, irginia nn Graves, Toni Fear (ir.iv. Elizabeth Reaville Green, Margaret V aleria Gregory, Judith Hazel Griffin, Jean Carole Grilea, Deloris Patricia Grace, Vonda Oleda Gufly, Man Ellen Gunn, irginia Alexand. Gurkin, Betty Lou Guthrie, Martha Anne Hadden, Margaret nu Hairston. Emma Lois Hall, Sandra Ann Haller, Margaret Ann Hamlin. Esther Lei- Hammer, Victoria Mary Hamnelt, Mary Katherine Hammond. Mildred Anne Hankins. Beverly Brenda Faye Hardy. Margaret Ann Harkey, Carol Jean Harley. Rosalie Anne Harnden. Elizabeth Boatwrighl Harrington, Frankie Elizabeth Harris. Alice Morris Harris, Deloris An,. Harris. Ina Jean Harri.. Lois Marion Harrison. Sara Jean Hartman. Mary Esther Hartsfield. Melanie Lucille Hatcher, Elizabeth Cayle Hatcher. Lorraine Ann Haynes, Elizabeth Kelly Heafner. Phyllis Heilig. Frances Weddington Helms. Jane Eloise Hendrix. Shirley Kay Henry, Lee Elizabeth Herring, Mary Dawn Hesser. Martha Carver Heyward. Mary Hamilton Hicks, Nelle Harmon Hicks. Virginia Blanche Higdon, Waynette Hill. Scarlette Rave Hill, Sharon Jane Hipps. Eleanor Lois Hobgood, Elizabeth Lacy- Hodge, Ruval Jeanette Hodges, Mary Eugenia Holbrooks. Phyllis Lee Holebrooks, Elizabeth Ann Holton. Doris Elizabeth Hoover. Ann Wyrick Hopper, Sandra Kay- Homer, Jane Ellen j . SOPHOMORES Horner, Nancy Corrinne Homey, Ellen Laurin Horton, Julia Caroline Horvath, Janis Elayne Howard, Rose Marie Howard, Sally Ann Hough, Sara Janice Huberman, Diane Ellen Hughes. Marie Ann Hughes, Mollie Yaun Huleatle. Martha Jane Hunter, Clemellyn Hunter, Sharon Lee Hurley. Frances Mary Huskey, Juli Anne Inman. Mary ' Leigh Isenhower, Mary Lynn Jackins, Joe Anne Jackson, Doris Mae Jarrett, Susan Fern Jenkins. Anne Cantrell Jenkins, Faye Jenkins, Jerrie Lou Jenks, Andrea Gay Jernian, Jean Anne Johnson, Debra Ernestine Johnson, Linda Ruth Johnson, Mary Elaine Johnston. Doris Marie Jones, Barbara Jane Jones, Jean Carolyn Jones, Paulette DaZelle Jones, Sandra Lee Jones, Suzanne {Catherine Jones, Valjeanne Jordan, Carla Diane Jordan. Kakie A. Kamenetz, Frances Eileen Kanter, Brenda Eileen Kasuboski. Rebecca Ann Keene, Martha Susan Kellani. Sylvia Scott Keller, Carolyn Wolfe Kendall, Lily Adele Kilpatrick, Margaret Lee Kirknian. Judith Lynn Kiser, Barbara Jane Kling, Victoria Marie Koontz, Judith Victoria Kornegay, Margaret Ann Koty, Dana Kay Lackey, Judith Annette LaFontaine, Laurie Jean Lail, Anne Reynolds Lambeth, Mary Jane Lane, Edith Lane. Miriam Rose Langstaff. Joan Beth Lanning. Beverly Irene Lauder, JoAnn Law, Kathryn Bane Lawrence, Emma Jean L2XK lfiJI u SiiflilMfi :- ' Page 210 CLASS OF 1966 r o f» i ii ,., Dlani Lee, M.I,.,.!.. Lou I edbeuer, I inda Sue Ledbetti r, Petri la Sue I., .in. in Leonard, ■ ... I onin I eonhardt, I ydia Belle Lewin, I Lindsay, Ingela Lynetle I ink. J.iln 1 I ...nun, i Livesay, Sandi i Let lane! Elaine B irbara Kan ,, Lollar, Susan Eileen Longworth, Linda Gray Lorber, Janel Kami Lowder, 5 Lowrance, Betty Lou l.oy. Mar Katherine Luther. Cara Jeanne Mai,,. Elizabeth W.l.lia Mabe, Judith .n, Macon, Alii ••• Jewell VfacQaeen, Margaret Adam Mantalc, Diane Lucille Martin. Elizabeth r ran, ■ - Martin, Judith Elizabeth Manin. Pamela Boren Masline, Patricia Ann Mason, ,,rina MasseL Harbara Jane Mail,,-.,.,. Georgia Marie Mathews, Carolyn Veronica Matthews, Louise Kelly Matthis, June Lee Maw. Anne Carole May. Jean Inn Mayer, Harriet Iris Mayer, Maxine Sui McCaU, Lynda Ellen McCauley, San, Ira Jean M, I nil. Mary Tipton McConnell, Carol Lynne McCord. Barbara Alice McCuiston, Linda Lee McDanieL Patricia Ann McDermott, Alice Suzanne McGilL P, Mclnnis, Mar] Hugh McKee, Betty J,an McKeown, Wilma Jean McKnight, Norva Hope McKnight, Phyllis McLean. Mary Rose McLeod, Linda Ray McNeil. Virginia Marie McPherson, Ju.litli Kav M -wain. Patricia Ann Meacham, Nancy Floyd Medlin, Judith Ann Meginnis. Marjorie Ruth Mehaffey, Iris Ann Merrill. Ruth Maureen Page 211 SOPHOMORES Meyer, Jean Kathleen Meyers. Dee Heather Michaux, Janet Marinn Mikeal. Janice Elaine Miller. Arlene Alice Miller. Betty Lou -Miller. Carol Joy Miller, Elizabeth Ann Mitchell, Sallie Anne Moffitt, Sally Mae Monahan, Helen Stroud Moore, Beverly Ruth Moore, Dorothy Jane Moore, Jo Ellen Moore, Marie Suslice Moore, Penelope Ann Morgan. Barbara Lee Morgan. Margaret Anne Morris, Joan Marie Morrison, Marian Nisbet Moseley. Wonda Lynn Moss. Carole Sue Munden, Brenda Joyce Murray. Jimmi Kay Myers, Joan Ellen Myers. Martha Ann Nanzetta, Harriet Anne Neal. Sandra Marie Neese. Billie Carole Nelson, Arden Jennifer Newlin. Katherine Marie Newman, Beverly Jean Newman, Carol Minettee Newton. Sara Louise Nichols. Sara Eugene Nicks, Miriam Anne Norris, Julia Adele Nuge nt, Jean Veffrex Oakes. Nellie Joyce Oates. Martha Frances O ' Brien, Lucile Norman O ' Donnell, Sharon Marie Olson. Nancy Paula Orth. Linda Leigh Oster, Toni Claire Packer. Carol Marie Pachol, Marcia Louise Padgett, Emily Marsha Parcell, Bruce Anne Parfitt. Carolyn Margaret Parker, Frances Marian Parker. Marie Fay Parks, Catherine Annette Passavant. Elizabeth B. Pate. Judith Diane tten. Connie Lenora Deam Patton. Charla Gene Peacock. Mary Reynolds Peevy. Tomarie Pegram. Sharon Virginia Pellegrin. Kathleen Ann Penny. Margaret Ann Perry, Ann Elizabeth Page 212 CLASS OF 1966 IVm.i I Jean Peny, Enidjanno Peterson, I ynn Marie Phillips, Vmelia Vnn Phillips, Susan Brown Phillips, Twalla Gail Pirtle, Gloria Jean Piserchia, Marj I " Pittman, Virginia Marie Pleasants, Bonnie Sue Pleasants. Ruth Evelyn Poindexter, Betrj ictoria Poole, Marilyn Seta P s, Doris Bivins P Jeanne Parker Porter, Jan.- Redd Price, Nancy Lee Proffit. Sandra Graj Prophet, Diane Elizabeth Purdom, Anne Elizabeth Quinn, Millicent Elizabeth Quinn, Peggy Ann Rankin, Mary Cornelia Raulslon. Sara J. Reavis, Judy Rose Rector, Linda Sue Rees, Mar-ha Lorraine Reeves, Harriet Jane Reichenbach, Elise Marie Reilly, Sandra M. Reinheimer, Naney Louise Reiss, Donna Rae Renegar, Kathleen Norris Reynolds, Ann Thomas Reynolds, Polly Ann Reynolds, Shirley Katherine Rhodes, Carol Lee Rhodes. Linda Margaret Rice, Lynnette Dee Rice, Sheila Eileen Richardson, Judy Sin- Riddle. Mary Lou Ritchie, Judy Elaine Robbins. Pamela Ann Roberts, Carol Ramnna Roberts, Pamela Rae Roberts, Sandra Kay Robinson, Anita Gayle Robinson, Dorothy Gail Robinson. Mary Ellen Roe, Marcia Roe. Martha Jane Rogers, Lucy Annette Rogers, Reece Ann Rogers. Virginia Ann Roper. Man, Gwynne Rose. Anne Fontaine Rosen, Sharon Joyce Ross, Martha Jane Rosser. Carolyn Elizabeth Rossman. Julaine Renee Rothman. Doreen Dale Rouse. Constance Margaret o r? fi£ 6 m %P " k i ft l + L O f- 1 ■■ ft O SOPHOMORES Ruben. Katharine Celia Rubin. Judith Susan Rudisill. Elizabeth Sherrill Ruffner, Katharine Thiein Rufty, Nan Pittman Rush, Vicki Lynn Ryan, Evelyn Amanda Ryle, Patricia Anne Saleeby, Shirley Libbie Samet, Ida Ruth Sandberg, Susan Elizabeth Sanders, Sharon Ann Sandlin. Carole Saunders. Greta Carolyn Sawyer, Carolyn Ann Sawyer, Susan Joan Schlein, Betsy Caren Schmidt, Margaret Lisette Schneider, Edith Louise Scully, Martha Hemphill Secrest. Sandra Lee Seely, Annie Mary Self. Rachel Ann Seligman. Sandra Esther Sellars. Barbara Jean Sellew, Sandra Lelia Sewell, Carol) n Ka) Seymour, Jane Sharp, Joan Shaw, Barbara Ann Shearin, Carolyn Joyce Shell, Carol Jackson Shepherd, Mamie Irene Sheppard, Elizabeth Ann Sherrill. Anita Sherrill, Barbara Sue Sherrill, Kay Saville Shoflner. Linda Carol Shropshire, Carolyn Ruth Sides, Frances Ann Sigmon, Angela Gale Silverberg. Elizabeth Louis Siminoff, Nancy Carole Simpkins, Carolyn France: Sinclair. Mary Jean Sipe, Gloria Darlene Slusher, Pamela Anne Smith, Alexa Jane Smith, Beulah Jane Smith. Brenda Kay Smith, Dorothy Leatherma Smith, Linda Kathryn Smith, Martha Jo Smith, Mary Lou Smith, Nancy Carolyn Smith. Patricia Carole Smith, Sandra Delores Smither. Diane Lee Smyre, Linda Wike Snuggs. Gay Marguerite Snyder. Janet Maxine Solem. Christine Willins Sondey, Jo Ann 5§lf? ' OB.® S!£MJM5 5u ±k£ , CLASS OF 1966 mm?«s • |JTJ gjp p ! p, to a f -i in, ii ki.- J. Southi rland, Re Spangler, Sherry Mi Farland I .• Be Inns | " Dl • r, Martha Lee Steena I Stein, l Stephenson, Brendi ka Stewart, Marj Beth Stewart, Sarah I rani ■ ■- Stoki . Stu Rea Stone, Barbara Lynn Stone, Mary I-oi» Strickland, liarbara Jean Stumpf, Sheila k;» Styons, Janice Gayle Sullivan, Barbara Lee Swain. Irene Stroud Tanner, Margaret Louise Tarleton. Harriett Louise I .Mi , Ii. anna Dawnc Taul, Virginia Batterton Taylor, Carolyn Ann Taylor, Clair.- Met ..If Taylor. Delia Harried Taylor, Julia U inston Taylor. Marilyn Diane Taylor. Phyllis Mil, lull Temple. Nam im Terrell, Susan Theiling. Elizabeih Jan.- Thomerson, Rowena Elaine Thompson. Sara Vnnette Thompson, Sarah Drake Thorns, Mary Beth Thrasher. Peggy Elaine Tilley, u.lrey Karen Tonson, Susan V ilhelmina Topodas. Kathy Joanne Townsend. Samantha Ann Tripp, Judith Lucille Tucker, Katherine Ann Tueche, Rita Dean Turban. Mary Kathryn Twiddy, Phyllis Kathleen TyndaU. Linda Faye I nderwood, Marian Louise Upright, Mary Levon I sher, Linda Faye an Vrsdale, Susan rlarkness Vaughn. Carolyn Elizabeth Vester, Man Richard ick, Barbara Loi Viguers, Diane Elizabeth Walker, JoElla Hendricks Walker. Mary Arden Wallace. Ann Louise Walter, Starling nm- Walters. Agnes Jane Warden. Johnna Lynne Ware. Margaret Anne Warren. Wanda Rose SOPHOMORES i jr. i 2 QfifiM2 Waterfield. Diana James Watkins, Elia Jane Watson, Mary Alyce Webb. Diana Kay Webb, Mary Randolph Webster, Roxanne Lucille Wellons, Joyce Marie Wenstrand. Sally Stuart Wesley. Judith Lynne West. Ann Barbette West, Stacy Ann Wharton, Billie Leslie Whedbee, Carole Jean Wheeler, Shirley Ann Whitaker. Jean Graham White. Car, Homer White, Delia Mae Whitener. Edith Lee Whitley, Carolyn L. Whitley. Judy Carol Wiggins. Agness Ann Wiggins. Anne Louise Williams. Anna Patricia Williams, Brenda Kay Williams, Carol Ann Williams. Kippie Louise Williams. Patty Faye Wilson. Abie Barnette Wilson. Lois Estelle Wilson, Nora Ellen U instead. Laura Leggett W instead. Mamie Webb Winstead, Sandra Kay Winters, Ann Wilmuth Winton. Nadine Barbara Wirick. Kathryn Mary Alice Wisenburg. Cindy Ann Wolfe. Mary Mathilda Worsley. Lydia Ann Worthington. Jelaine Anne Worthmann, Nancy Wray, Connie Dale Wrenn. Barbara Ann Wyatt. Linda Carroll ■ arbrough. Sarah Kathryn Yates. Joyce Ruth York. Cecelia Faye Ycirke. Barbara Jane Young. Linda Ruth Young. Missy Yount. Martha Ann Sophomores and Seniors ignore eold weather during their annual Sister-Class caroling. Freshmen participate in the first of their class elections. This year ' s freshman class was unique in many ways. The largest freshman class in the school ' s history, it was also the first freshman class to register as students of UNC-G. After a week of orientation, freshmen be- gan to discover that college life was not all meetings and filling out forms. Of course there were the usual complaints about lights-out, fire drills at midnight, dining hall food, and exams, but freshmen soon ad- justed to these things and found a place of their own on campus. Class meetings, elections, the talent show, and various other activities unified the class. Jester Day and sister-class parties brought freshmen closer to upperclassmen. It was a wonderful first year, but the freshmen eagerly looked forward to becoming sopho- mores and accepting upperclassman responsibilities. UNC-G Freshmen Enter A New Life With Spirit And Enthusiasm FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS are: Elissa Joyner. Cheerleader: Jody Wright. Treasurer: Anne Five. Secretary: Ann Cunningham, Vi and Carole Brandon, President. -President; CLASS OF 1967 H0 f! €1 ft f? f% r% m tsiiagti M..II. Helen Elizabeth l». r rombie, Kerr] Jane tbbott, )..,„ Bntlei hr.iiii-. I .ir ••! I .,,■ I lair im W -. I ' .. IK Farnmn tdamt, Sheila Rebet ca d. ... k, Linda Lou Uken, Kylie Sue Ubright, K Hen, .tr.tli Looiae Uney, Doi ■■ Mai ,ndei on, Inne Harriet nili i-i.n. Corella Lnderaon, Rebei ca Snaan Vndi Neil] M... mi., -I, Andrew , Claudia Virginia «-. Klla tnzeL Diana Jean r. her, Juan Carol Vrni.ntroui. Jmliili Sharon Uhton, Pamela Inne Vapden, Carol Adele tk, rkii, 1 in. .av ttwood, HaroleneGail Atwood, Sandra Lynne lycock, Betty Lou Vydlett, Judith White U Bi u -. amJra Kaye Bacon, M Bailey, Lydia Bailey, I ' atri. ia Rulh Bailey, V irginia Dawn Bain, Man. Lee Hair. I. ickv Diane Baker, Joan Telfair Baldwin. Barbara Jane Baldwin, Joyce Anne Barbrr. Judith Lee Barbour. Helen Ehne Harden. lar Uice Banlin. Catherine Lee Barn.-. Betty Jo Barnes. Diana Stevens Barn.-. Joanne Elizabeth Bam.-. San.lra Kay Judy Lynn Barwick. Joyce Lee Barrow. Elizabeth Ann Beal. Nancy Beattv. Brenda Gail Bei k. Kar.-n Elizabeth Belote. JoAnne Louise Bendheim, Judy Ann Bennett. Judy Sandra Sheila Annette Bennett. Virginia Jane Bernard. Rosclea Canda.e Beverly, Virginia Elena Billing-. Barbara Ann Black, Carolyn Rebecca Blackwell. Sylvia Ann Blalock. Barbara Ann Blaloek. I ' aulette Candice Blankenship, Mary Inn Blanton. Donna Gean Blanton. Linda Sherrill Bledsoe. Linda Clenise Boaz, Jane Ellen Boepple. Lisa Ernestine Boget, Sallie Evaline Bolton. Man Jan. Bonnet. Jo Ann Booth. Deborah Ellen Boring. Judith Anne Boxru.le. Karen Lee Boyd. Man H. Boyd. Patricia Ann FRESHMEN £2££ fi£ Boyd, Patricia Josephine Bradley, Becky- Bradley, Sarah Beatrice Brake, Evelyn Flye Brandon, Carole Ruth Brandon, Mary Patricia Brandt, Judith Kay Brann, Carol Ann Brazee, Barbara Elizabeth Brewer, Sarah Amanda Bridges, Martha Susan Brinson. Jean Brinson, Zelle Pollock Brett, Anne Randolph Britt, Barbara Ann Brookbank, Loma Lee Bros ius, Susan Carol Brown, Carolyn Suezette Brown. Pamela Eileen Brown, Pamela Isbell Brown, Patricia Ann Brown, Sarah Jeannette Bruton. Judith Mae Bryan, Sara Olivia Buckner. Judith Lee Bundy, Sharon Lee Buie, Ann Purcell Bullen. Patricia Ann Bunting, Betsy Leigh Burg, Leslie Jane Burke, Catherine Lee Burkhart, Betsy Ann Burleson, Carol Jo Burns, Virginia Kathryn Burris, Lois Ilene Burroughs, Mary Alice Bush, Karon Ruth Butler, Bettina Concetta Butler. Johnna Lane Byrd, Barbara Ann Cain, Sarah Elizabeth Callahan, Patricia Elaine Cameron, Anne Kay Campbell, Alice Emily Campbell, Gayle Joyce Campbell. Sally Mae Camplong. Linda Jean Cardinale, Susan Lynn Carey, Judy Anne Carpenter, Linda Kay Carpenter, Lorraine Narcissi? Carr. Willine Carraway. Kathryn Elaine Carruthers. Carolyn Sue Carson. Martha Jane Carter, Brenda Ann Carter, Martha Wynne Carter, Nancy Quinn Carter, Patricia Vey Carvalho, Portia Stone Cassell, Ann Baldwin Cathcart, Carolvn Tirzah Caudill, Sallie Ann Caudle, Arlyss Susan Caudle, Sandra Gaye Caulkins. Jane Sanford Cazel. Audre Elizabeth ( Jiambers. Kathirine Merrill Changaris, Sherry Elizabeth Chappell. Anne Fitzgerald Chappell, Pamela Ann Cheek, Harriet Joan Cheek, Helen Yvonne Cheek, Sandra Marie Christie, Saundra Dyanne Church. Barbara Ann Church, Louise Park Cilley, Robin Elizabeth Clanton. Brenda Ann Clark, Joyce Ann CLASS OF 1967 Clifton, Sandra Charlei ( line, Joyce Marilj n Cochcroft, Gini Susan Cockerfaam, Elizabeth Cole, Mnia Mac Coleman, Sylvia Kathryn Collier, Julia Elizabeth Collins, Sherry Gale ( lollier, Susan ( lain- Coltrane, Betty ( loltrunr. Joyce Mai ic Complon, Marv Sue Cook, Diana Day Cook, Judith Daniel Cook, Judith Lynne Coven, Linda Ann Cox, Betty Jean Cox. Linda Kathleen Cox. Nathalia Sue Cox. Patricia Ann Craddock, Bertha Jeannine Craw lev. Kathrvn Warren Crews, Jane Penlield Cridlebaugh, Patricia Ann Crisp. Priscilla Gail Crowder, Dorthy Jane Cromartie, Elizabeth Nann Crumbley, Glenda Yvonne Crump. Jayne Pitman Cserpnyak, Charlotte Sedonya Cunningham, Ann Miner Cunningham. Linda Faye Currie, Judith Ann Curry, Kathleen Candace Cushen. Nancy Mae Cuthrell. Lee Ellington Darnell. Jane Meredith Daughtry, Mary Hallie Davenport, Nancy Elaine Davenport. Norma Kathryn Davis. ( larolvn Dickson Davis, Cheryl Eve Davis, Judy Ann Daw-. Mary Elaine Dawson, Norma Diane Day. Marilyn King Dayberry, Nona Kav Dea I. Alma Ruth Deal. Judith Rebekah Decato, Daphne Dale Decker, Barbara Jean Devine, Sandra Antonia Dewey, Betty Sue Dick, Linda Garry Dickson, Connie Kay Dietsch, Glenda Irene Dixon, Dorothy Ellen Doggett, Alice Ovater Doggett. Helen Manley Doherty, Margaret Anisa Donaldson. Linda Mai garel Doyle. Elizabeth Ann Driscoll. Monica Dunn. Nancy Lynn Earnhardt. Carole Anne Easley. Sidney Curlett Eason, Lilyan Ann Ea lerlin«. N.mcv Jane Edsel, Linda Beth Edwards. Linda Carol Egbert, Mary Jane Eichholtz, Marietta Louise Elliot. Caroline McHardy Ellis. Cornelia Handley Ellis, Rebecca Blanche Page 221 FRESHMEN Ellis, Sandra Karol Ellis Wanda Kay Engard, Karen Sleigh Engle, Elizabeth Ann Epperson, Mary Arthur Erirh-im. Margaret Lynn E-kridgc Susan Virginia Estes, Carolyn Lee Estes, Karen Elizabeth Faggort, Alice Ann Fain loth. Jane Stewart Farmer. Rachel Jackquelon Farris, Jean Leslie Faulkner. Linda Lee Featherstone, Kay Camille Felton, Carolyn Frances Felton, Judy Ryals Fernbach, Susan Anne Fields. Joyce Faye Finch. Rose Mary Finison, Elizabeth Josepbin FitzSinmns. Linda Roux Flake, Ellen Sue Flah, Anna Ruth Firming, Ro alyn Rogers Flippin, Margaret Sue Floto, Leslie Ann Flye, Annie Daughtry Foley. Catherine Gayle Folger, Emily Louise F on ielle, Barbara Ann Ford, Celia Anne Foster. Edith Foley Foutche, Helen Diane Foy, Ellen Keating Frankel, Pale Micki Frazier, Joyce Ann Freeman, Gracie Lee Fr.ti. Su-an Bliss Fritz, Nancy Elaine Fulp. Frances Jo Futrell. Robin G. Gable, Pamela Harris Gainey, Martha Byrd Galloway, Poinsettia Saudi, Galumbeck, Marcia Lynn Garner, Connie Sue Garrou. Leith Louise Gartrell, Nancy Alyce George. Terry June Geraghty, Pamela Ann Gholsnn, Griselle Cooper Giannetti, Caraway Gibble. Ann Laura Gidden, Eliza Branch Gilbert, Sarah Margaret Gillespie. Nancy-Brooke Gille , Marlene Ann Gilmore. Judith Merrill Gingles, Diane Glassgow. Suzanne Glazener, Janet Olivia Glover. Linda Murray Gobble, Vivian Dianne Goldstein, Linda Ann Gooch. Linda Sue Goodnight, Patricia Lynn Gossett, Lynda Carol Graham, Carole Leigh Grantham, Dorothy Evelyn Graves, Sherry Ann Gray, Betty Gray, Carolyn Jean Gray, Shirley Ann Greene, Jacquelyn Lynda Greene, Nancy Donave Grier, Ginger Grier, Nancy Hudson Griffin, Joyce Mae Griffin. Martha Evans a r» t n o m Page 222 CI ASS OF 1967 2JM3££lJ2fi © £ £ Q £$ Qu$M® Q® a f» Pi ft 111. ■- Elaine I - ma Diaiine ' .llll i ,11.. I abeth Lynch II, ill. Donna I ran Halt, i Hall, Swan Hewlett HaUinger, lane I lot ii J i ii. i Elizabeth Hamilton, Elizabeth Lynn Hamilton, " vira Florence II ii Bi Hani .» I.. Vnn Han. I. I ' alriria l.yh- Handy, Lou Ellen Harmon, Uii e Inn Harrell, Janit Myiee llarr.ll. Jndilh Carol Harr.ll. Nanc) Lee llarri-. Uetia Dell llarri-. J. a. .- Annette llarr,-. Man Helen Haney, Judith Lar-.n Hani-. Sandra Res llartman. larv J an.- Harl-.IL ' Hart-ell. Rel i .m Ha-ell. Man J.. Hasiak, --aiiilra nn ILi-.ll. Barbara Vmi lis Hastings, Jan. ' larol itcher, Frances Josephine laun, . ronika Gertrude Hawkin-. Dianne Laws Hayes, Marj I ewis Hayes, Nancy Elizabeth Haywar.l. Vlison Heatwole, Linda Lee Hedrick, Man Manin Heffner, Wend) Jill Ii Uniu. Elizabeth I lhamplin Hendricks, DianeF. Ilenkel. Miriam Huson lln. nk. Judith Leigh Herring. Alice Rave Hill. Frances Hale Hill. Laura 5ui Hinson, Carol Annr Hinson, Judith Anita Hngan. Katherine Virginia H..hler. Pamela Bessent Holloman, Betty Ann ds n lan. Nancv Glazebrook Horn, Derereui Honey, [oni Elizabeth pkins. Catherine Ellen Hopper, i lyda Marie ipper, Margaret Gettys Hooper. Manin Eula Hopson, .lu.lith Lvnne Horton. San.lra Lee Hostettler. Anna Barbara Houck, Pamela Houser, Blanche Evangeline Howard, Dottie Warren Howard. Susanne Patricia Howell. Joyce Dean Hoyle, Ruth Pamela Hubbard. Margaret Louise Hudson. Margaret Ellen Huffer. Man Susan Hughe;. Sharon Patricia Hugh-. Man- Melinda Huh?. Dorothy Jean FRESHMEN £ ■■ ' v: ' : 2 Q ' 4 mm mm Hundley. Annie Joan Hunt, Patricia Marcene Hunter, Janet Alspaugh Hunter. Linda Louise Huntley. Linda Lorraine Huntley. Marsha Carol Huntlev, Sheila Margaret Hussey, Barrie Elizabeth chins. Christine Josephine Hutchins. Janice Ruth Hutchins. Mary Jo Hutchinson. Joyce Lee Hutchison. Mary Ann Hutton. Linda Joyce Hyer, Anna Ray Hyldahl, Diane Elizabeth Hyman, Michele Wendy Hyman. Rita Esther Ingram, Dorothy Finlator Isley, Deanna Jo Jack, Martha Louise Jackson, Janie Louise Jackson. Mary Jo Jackson, Sandra Dianne Jaich, Gloria Jeanne James. Billie Jarrett, Mary Jennings Jeffreys. Sandra Lynn Jenkins. Nancy Irene Jerman, Patricia Diane Johnson, Betty Gave Johnson. Elizabeth Rosa Johnson. Evelyn Francine Johnson, Jeanne Ashton Johnson, Katherine Amelia Johnson. Linda Jean Johnson. Marianne Elizabeth Johnson. Martha Rose Johnson. Mary ' Kay- Johnson, Pamela Leigh Jolly. Mildred Franklin Jones, Helen Christine Jones, June Carolyn Jones, Lynda Sue Jones, Lucreatia Ann Jones, Martha Jane Jones, Sarah Elaine Jones, Sarah Kathryn Jones, Mary Louise Joyner, Mary Elissa Jumper. Linda Carol Justice. Mary ' Caroline Kale. Mary Lois Kanipe. Esther Sue Karl, Betsey Ann Kayler. Susan Claire Kaufman. Ann Terry Keesee, Margaret Dianne Keeton. Hope Marie Keisler. Brenda Louise Keith, Linda Ann Kellenbergen. Man Anne Kelley, Brenda Joyce Kellogg. Ruth Martha Kelly. Mary Ann Kelly. Nancy Dean Kemp. Julia Elizabeth Kennedy. Sonya Nell Kibler. Barbara Ruth Kiker. Patricia Gail King. Sara Anne Kirby. Elizabeth Jane Kirkman. Brenda Joyce Kirkman, Jean Sherwyn Klendworth. Mari Kay de Kok. Nelie Maria Koontz, Velna Janet Kopp, Barbara Jean Kornov. Phyllis Rena Kouns. Cynthia Ann CLASS OF 1967 .... Kl .,1m i Kuester, Kate tdele Lackey, Linda Jeanne I mm, Kewy Lynn I. anil. Christianna Ingram I a, ninth. Pal Latham, Janet Elizabeth Latta, Marj Susan Lauder, Linda Lee Laughter, Alice Susan I a inilii. Judith Carolyn Lavin, Moya Jean I aumt;. Martha Elizabeth Lawson, MarthaSue I earn, Emma Beth Leavitt, Barbara Jo Leaser, Annie Lee Lee, Barbara Emerson Lee, Barbara Rose I , ■nil.. n. Susan nii Lett, Carolyn Hedges Leigh, Marv Coke LeMieux, Norma Jean Lemieux, Theresa Marjorie Lew i-. Alice Ray Lewis, Linda Kay 1 Mr-. Ituris Ann Lindau, Sara Elizabeth Litten, Carolyn Elaine Livermon. Barbara Ann Liverman, Kay Camille Lockhart. Linda Scott Long, Martha Anne Long, Paula Lynn Line. Rowena Ann Lowe. Nelia Gray Lowery, Sue Jo Ludwig, Mary Frances Lundy, Patricia Anne Macaulay. Patricia Beth Madden. Margaret Preston la. Farlanc, Marjorie Jean Mackay. Joan Marie Mahaffev, Joyce Ann Mandel.Rhona Sue Maness. Linda Jane Marks. Marianna Marlin. Linda Sue Marshall. Janet Kyle Martin. Mary Beth Martin. Penelope Ann Martin. Victoria Maske. Linda Llewelyn Massev. Sylvia Mae Masters. Billie Delores Matthews. Cheryl Dean Matthews. Glenda Faye Matthews, Jeanne Marie Maultsby, Emily Gail May. Betty Franklin May. Carolyn Rebecca Mayes. Brenda Jean McCanless. Mildred Sue McConnel. Judith Warren McCarter. Gloria Jean McCombs. France- Elizabeth McConnell. Catherine Margar McCrackan. Frances Carol McCracken. Mary Susan McCuiston, Lucinda Jane McDaniel. Mary Beth McDonald. Joyce Annette McDonald, Judy Vnn McDonald. Susan Caroline McDowell. Helen Gueth McDowell. Susan Reade McEadden. Anne Carol McCavin. Lynda Louise McGehee. Becky Ellen Mclnnis. Nancy Louise Page 225 FRESHMEN McKay, Ellen Marie McKenzie, Carolyn Hay McLean, Kathryn Carrell McLeod. Becky McMahan, Eula Elizabeth Medford, Linda Marlene Medlin, Man Vvelene Meed. Ellen Ann Meekins, Elizabeth Rebecc; Mehring. Susan Ellen Meiere. Janet Carolyn Melvin, Elizabeth Anne Memory, Judy Merritt, Ann Carol Merritt, Donna Lee Metrock, Karin Eileen M viand, Sarah Jocelyn Miller. LaDonna Fav Miller, Rita Brice Milstead, Mary Lillian Mitchell, Susan Guion Mohr, Nancy Jean Monteleon, Martha Josephi Moore, Andrea Moody, Karen Lee Moore, Donna Jeanne Moore, Emily Sue Moore. Judy Carlehe Moore, Sandra Kay Moore. Wanda Lee Moran, Barbara Janice Morgan, Elizabeth Clement Morgan, Patricia Ann Morris, Agnes Marie Morris Sonya Rae Mo -er, Sandra Ka i, Jean France Muir. Anne Lee Mulieri, Mary Jo Murray. Aleata Josette Murrav. Drusylla Ann Myers, Man Ruth Myles. Elizabeth Ann Myrick. Paula Jean Nailling. Joan Cary Napolitano. Julia Delores Nelson. Carolvn Polk Nelson, Woodie Kaye Neshamkin, Linda Christ Nielsen, Pamela Anne Noffz. Mary Kay Noland, Shirley Norman. Elizabeth Moij Norment, Anne Marie Northcutt, Pamela Sue Nunn, Linda Kay .Nye. Melanie Shepherd Oates, Meredith Joan Oates, Routh Elizabeth Oehman. Carol Ann O ' Connell, Lorraine L. Olive Genevieve Gail Overcash, Lucy Lorene i Ivennan, Glennie Kaye Owen, Betty Anne Paig.-. Janet Rae Palmer, Carol Jean Paoli, Donna Jeanne Parcell, Carol Ann Park. Joan Frances Parker. Frances Lee Parker, Mary Faye Parker, Sophie Victoria Parlier, Mary Alice Parrish, Claire Beverley Parry. Ann Elizabeth Pate. Emma Jewel §@A ££§§S2 xS a © © © Page 226 CLASS OF [967 f £ S2£ f3Cf ft«a©© n Patten, Nam ■. Mai Patten, Rat hel Harriett Patterson, Patrii Pa n -. Margaret Jan. Peckworth, Barbai Peeler, Nan. Elizabeth Peak, Kathleen Maj Pearci I k,n Phillip- Pel,,,. I ' . hi, Man i.i i orili Perry, Patricia Let Perry, Sandra Vileen Pickett, Katherine m. Pien e, Billie Vnne Pierce, ' arol inn PinneU, Beverl) Jeanne ,i Gwendolyn Louise Phillips, Mice West Phillip-. Linda Kav Ponder, Betty-Lee Pool, Man Katherine Poole. Laura irginia Poole, Margaret Louelynn Poole, Marsha m, Pope, Man Louise Posey. ' Zenia Florence Potts, Margaret Karen Powell Judith Lynn Powers, Linda Vim l ' n- 1 nit. Pri-cilla Ca— aunnra Presneli, Henrietta Vnne Price, Doris lean Prince, Susan Robertson Pril. h. It. Laura Ellen Proctor. Alberta Jean Profit, K. hi. la Gayle Purvis, Katherini Vnn Putnam. F.lna im Racine. I.L.ria Louise Rainey. Rulli Elizabeth Rankin. Slargaret Patricia Ransome. Elizabeth Whitney Ray. Andrea Marie Ray. Carnlwi Nil hols Reed, Jane Hays Reed, Sue kav Rei.l. Vnna Priscilla Reid, Lola Cynthia Reinerl-on. Barbara Jo R.-i lit. Elizabeth Ann Renfro, Barbara Vnn Rerac, Lynn Carol Hi... Shelby Jean Richardson, Janice Sue Richardson, Sarah Forsyth Rickard, Lin. la Carolyn Ridenow, Margaret ,-Ilf..r.l Ritzman, Mary Ellen Roach. Carol i vonne Roach, Shirley Clyde Roberson, Carol Lynn Rober-.m. Phj Hi- ka . Roberts, Faye I liana Roberts, Lola Carolyn Roberts, Pamela Jane Roberts, Sally Orr Robertson, Cornelia rliiv Robey, Elizabeth Ann Robinson, Linda Jean Robins,,,,. Pal. Roeder, Anne Catherine Roelofs, Mary Louise Rogers. Donna Louise Rogers. Laura Teague Rogi .-, Nan. Elaine Rogers. Roxanne Irene FRESHMEN € ££3 gff f HH mMW $ ft O G mm Roquemore, Libby LaRee Rose, Marjorie Jacqualyn Ross, Nancy Dianne Rowland. Sarah Elizabeth Rowles, Jeanneile Rudd. Margaret Ellen Rufty. Anna Louise Russell, Mary Ann Russell. Janet Sutherland Rutherford, Rebecca Lee Sacrinty, Dianne Kay Sadler, Joyce Lynn Sa.U.-r. Susan Ann Sakayan, Patricia Ann ■ andford. ictmia Bonbt ight Sartin. Ruby Pearl Salter, Karin Lea Satterfield, Barbara Lee Sawyer, Dorothy Belle Sawyer. Loutricia Gayle Sayre. Jacqueline Elizabeth Schodel, Elizabeth Ann Schenck. Lutisha Ann Seher, Linda Elaine Schoen, Elin Louise Schwintzer, Iris Emma Scobey, Carolyn Lee Scoggins. Miriam Etrulia Scott. Margaret Lear Seawell, Kathleen Bert Sebastian, Judy Ann Shard. Marjorie Ann Shellington. Susan Ann Shelton. Frances Lynne Shields. Joyce Elaine Shields, Sandra Claire Shipley, Agnes Gray Sills, Linda Jo Simmons, Billie Louise Simpson, Martha Helen Singletary. Bonnie Singletary. Nelan Lee Sisson, Lesley Ann Skillman, Patricia Ann Skinner. Marjorie Leigh Skoglund. Julianna Sloan. Fredericka Sue Smith, Barbara Frances Smith, Charlotte Lesley Smith, Julia Cart Smith. Leslie Ann Smith, Linda Grace Smith, Lucinda Ford Smith, Marilyn Jane Smith. Nancy Ida Smith, Patricia Lynda Smith, Rachel Maigaret Smith, Sally Ann Smith, Sherry Ann Smith. Suki Armstrong Snyder. Frances Margaret Sokol. Karla Lofton Somers. Dorothy Marie Sorkin. Mona Ruth Southworth. Nancy Marie Sparkman. Jackie Battle Speas, Claudia Anne Spencer, Jeanette Catherine Spratt, Choice Townley Spruill, Melanie Anne Stacy, Mary Patricia Stafford, Rita Kaye Stallings. Shelley Paris Stanley, Beverly Virginia Starer, Susan Starnes, Jeanne Louise Stegall, Susan Stein. Diana Ruth Stephenson, Gloria Jean Stewart, Donna Jean CLASS OF 1967 Swieognod. Mar mi Swink. Patricia nn Swiss, Andrea Jane Swofford, Lena Marie Talley. Maude Jourdan Tarpley, Brenda Kaj Tart, Sandra .lean Taylor, Barbara Ann Taylor, Jan.- Williams Taylor. Robbie Dianne Taylor. Sandra Elizabeth Taylor. Sanilra Hemne Teapue, Suzanne Elizabeth Tennent, Vlexandra Thomas. Carolyn Delores Thomas, Joyce V oung Thomas. Pat Diane Thompson. Sonya Kin;; Thomas, Susan Larue Thomas, Wanda Lou Thompson. Charlotte Ruth Thompson. Elizabeth Ann Thompson, kalhn n Fae Thornton. Eileen Sterling Thornton, Emilie Susan Todd, Brenda Pearl Todd. Mary Frances Todd, Sandra Willeen Toogood, Anna Coxe Trapnell. Elizabeth Cokton Tremitiere. Diane Leslie Trexler, Connie Elizabeth Trivette, Tomye Joyce Tucker. Cherry Lynn Tucker. Edith Juanita Tudor. Glenda Joyce Turkelson. Meta Louise Turner. Beatrice Tomlinson Turner. Sandra Sue Turner, Sue Lynn Umstead, Jane (Catherine Underwood. Jessica Ann Untz. Andrea Fay Vandenburp. Claris-a Rolain Vandersohaaf. Anita Michell Van Home. Janice Louise Vaughn, Barbara Jean Vaughn, Judy Ayleen estal. Margaret inne Vincent. Alice Gray VonCannon. Helen Ada Waponer. Jenny Susan Wagner, Phyllis Ann Wagner. Renia Patrice Wakcfuld. Marsha Ann Walker. Elizabeth Morrow Wall, Mary Bradley Wallace. Laura Anne Waller. Joan Carol Walston, Judy Karol Walton, Carla Lynn Warren. Ethel Elisabeth Warren. Mary Dunn Warren, Susan Jane sag gf % FRESHMEN arren. irgiinu mm Watkins. Be tty Leigh Watkins, Judith Annette Watson. Diana Eugene Wat-on. Donnis Virginia Wan-. Janice Elizabeth Watts. Marilyn Annette Watts, Mary Ann Lyiov Watts. Rebecca Sue Weathers. Gwendolyn Grier Weaver. Monette Anne Weber, Gail Sandra Wells, Virginia Ann Welton, Mary Sue Werner. Anita Leslie Whetstine. Nancy Lynn White, Brenda Sherrill White, Cary Helen White. Lucie Lea White. Mary Elizabeth White, Sherxj Lynn Whitehead, Nona Laure Whitford. Mary Spencer Whitley, Donna Tucker Whitley, Gwendolyn Carol Whitlev, Juanita June Whitley. Linda Sue Whittington, Sarah Louise Wicker, Sanford Abby i. -n. r. Sally Jo ijigins. Beverly Gaynelle Wight, Margaret R. Wilkinson, Carol Sue Wilkinson. Esma Ann Williams. Janet Gibson Williams, Julia Harriett Williams. Patricia Sue Williams. Royce Ann Wilson, Carolyn Frances Wilson, Jane Gilbert Wilson, Margaret Ann Winstead, Linda Dianne Witcher, Laura Lee Wolfe, Malinda Kay Wood, Carolyn Ann Woods, Brenda Dianne Worley, Abbie Lenora Worley. Donna Jean Wright. Gail Catherine Wright, Jane Elaine Wright. Jo Ann Wright, Judith Ellen Wright, Martha Louise Yarbrough. Victoria Doreen Yates, Nancy Lee Yelverton. Virginia Sue Yoder. Barbara Ann Young. Jeanne Greenleaf Young, Margaret Marie Yount, Carole Avery Yount. Gail Elizabeth Zimmerman. Winnie Margu Zweigart. Cynthia Ann S22 Q flf?ft ?v:Pf»Q f|C 0 A W 5 £l A, mm SI flff iff £1 g££§g £1 as ■-, S I ' NC-G bookstore is a scene of confusion as Freshmen search I ' m their texl books. f NURSING CLASS OFFICERS are: Carole Alle Virginia Lowe, Secretary; Mallie Penry, Vice-l- and Judy Bing. President. Hospital Practice Reinforces Classroom Theory In Nursing Program Work of the nursing students in the two year program was centered around Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital where the students meet their first patients. Picnics, class meetings, and various informative speakers all added much to the year. The reward at the end of two years is more than receiving a degree and becoming a Registered Nurse, but is also the ability to help meet the physical and emotional needs of human beings. Nursing Students spread the Christmas spirit as they carol at the Moses H. Cone Hospital. STTDENTM USING VSSOCIATION COORDINATORS are Ruliliie Bin:: and Zade Garvin. to r L964 NURSING CLASS i; i ES i Mini i i i i -i feijS jTuSmi PATSt W l ., ' ; ' ' X " sn l nnVomnut ' l ' c, ■ " A ' rai JULIA Bl Mli ,! ; ' !n !A " M n in PA Student Nurses ' SSLSSf SHARON EIL EEN COLE Pratt- I H. 2)1 Dltlrlcl National Studem ( ouncll (2) I iimiiilin VIRGINIA LYNETTE CI RRIN Oxford Recreation Assoeialion Kcpiescnl.itive III; Dorm Com- mittee II. 2 ; H.iplisi Student Union (I, 2); Student Nurses ' Organization u. 2). CAR! MARIE HARMAN Jacksonville legislature 111; Student Nurses ' t ligunizalion (I. 2); Nutsing Represeni.itive lo Health I iaison Committee 121. PATRICIA LEIGH HARTSOOK Greensboro I egtelatun (1); rown Stud« MARIKST.CI.MR III ITSTETlEli Green-Un, Student Nurses ' Organization (I. 21; District Student Nurses ' Association (1. 2); National Student Nurses ' 2); Cone Merit Scholarship Award (2). ELEANOR NNE I MES Greensboro Greensboro College (I); Student Nurses ' Organization |2 ; Class Beauty (3). BARBARA PAIGE LOVELL Lexington Legislature (II; Dorm Committee Chairman (11; Student VIRGINIA MAE LOWE Greensboro Town Students ' Association (1); Pine Needles Staff (I). Class Kditor 12); Sludenl Nurses Organization (11. Sec- retary (2); Distiicl Student Nurses ' Association |2|; National Sludenl Nurses ' Association (2); Hall Board Jl ' LIA KAY MiBRIDE Welcome Student Nurses ' Organization Publicity Chairman (11. Program Committee i2i. Disiricl Sludenl Nurses ' Asso- ciation (I, 2l. National Student Nurses ' Association ANNE GORDON M«.I ER Durham Sullins College 111; Student Nurses ' Organization I 2. .11; District Student Nurses " Association (2. 3); National (2, 3): Doim Social Com- BRENDA KAY NEAL Dorm Social Committee (I); (1); Student Nurses ' Organi; I Mi. .11 II. ill Kepiesenl.i CAROLYN SOI THER Student Nurses ' Organizatio Social ommiltee 12). Social Committee |2). Doim Social Commute 9 dm Wl Alley Hartsook Lowe Penrj Bing llllll-lrtl.l McBride Rupard Taylor James Melver Smith Wesl Bowman Harnian Lovell Souther 1963 NURSING CLASS {5 © »■ " ' .■ fr t Andrews. Ellen Stone Bing. Barbara Butler. Janeen Claire Craig. Ruth Watson Crowell. Charlotte Camille Dockery. Judy Carol Faircloth. Iris Gardner. Linda Catherine Garvin. Zade Turner Holder. Margaret Ann Inman. Margaret Ann Israel. Hellen Paula Lain. Jeanette Darnell Loftis. Nellie Kay Lovett. Rebecca Louise Matkins. Jo Ann Maxin. Patricia Ann Mi Lamb. Patricia Ann Morgan. Martha Jeannette Norman. Lane Smith Perkins. Willa Mae Phillips. Virginia Page Poole. Linda Faucette Pratt. Penelope Jean Rav. Martha Louise Redding. Brigitte Lrsula Renfro. Johana Dee Rhyne. Shirley Jane Rogers. Diana Jane Salter. Jimmy Elzara Salmon. Carolyn Anne Sampson. Judith Anne Schrader. Ann Piper Singletary, Helen Emeve Sink. Brenda Carol Slater. Anne Strickland. Diane Willis Teal. Ella Juanita atkins. Nancy Carolyn f V Nursing Graduates Urged To Combine " Service With Wisdom " Two years of theory and practice supervised bj the Medical Center School of Nursing delivered the majoi l ' NC-G department of Nursing, Cone Memorial Hos- address, an evaluation ol nursing in our world. Miss pital and the John Umstead Hospital lead to graduation Virginia Mims was recognized bj the award as i li - with an Associate Degree in Nursing. The ' )U: cere- outstanding graduate; the Chancellor, Dean Mossman, morn included short addresses, presentation ol the and Miss Alice Moehret, head of tlie School of Nursing, Moses H. Cone award, and the conferring of these conferred all degrees, degrees, hm M. Jacobansky, Dean of Duke University Children of a nursing graduate Diplomas [•company their mother to the reception following the ceremony. ml nursing students for two ears of stud After Graduation ceremonies, these former nursing students take time to celebrate. COMMERCIAL CLASS OFFICERS are: I seated) Sondra Shelton. President; (standing) Tricia Ridenhour, Cheerleader: SalK Wince, Secretary; Diane Hicks. Fire President: anr) Pin His MrC.arn. 77 Commercial Students Spend Year Acquiring Requisite Business Skills Carlanne Foushee and Becky Cain check the efficiency of Snz Males ' touch typing. Arduous hours in Forney and various class activities will highlight the memories of this year ' s Commercial students. As in years past, the commercials could be recognized by their white jackets. Commercial students aim to become informed, efficient women of the busi- ness world. Some will become secretaries; others may prove to be of great assistance in their husbands ' busi- ness someday, but all will have profited in some way from their year at UNC-G. Forney lounge offers business majors a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. COMMERCIAL CLASS i ,(. Umond, Helen Fra Iman, Margarel It. tmmons, Martha ( Anderson, Kathleei Bagget, Gwendolj n Sue Baker, .;•■■ 1 I orraine Belle, Nancj I ee Bennett, Barbara Faye Bray, Betty Lois Brewer, Miriam Eliza Brown. Margaret Ann Bryson, Marion Y. Bunting, Frances Evelj i Carmichael, Mary Beth Carpenter, Mary Jean Carson, Beverly Vnn Cook. Dian Rea Cratch, Bobbie Hamilioi Crowell, Susan Gaj Crump. Carolyn Irene Curtis, Betty Ruth Davis. Mary Ellen Davis. Nancy Earle Dickson. Linda Jean Doerter, Shirley Sampson Dulin, Lempie Moore Edwards, Frances Carol Edwards, Jane Nelle Everett, Brenda Kay Ezell, Sandra Elaine Foushee, Marjorie Carlanr Garner, Loretta Jane Garren. Palricia A. Gourlcy. Marilynn Dell Griffin, Sylvia Jean Grubbs, Bonnie Lynn Gtinn, Mary Louise Hales, Mary Suzanne Hauser, Linda Louise Haves. Alma Grace Hayes. Maxie Jayne Hiatt. Edith Carol Hicks, Virginia Diane Hill. Patricia Lane Hobbs, Barbara Ellen Hodge, Shellej Arlene Holyfield, Linda Carol Hurdle. Patsy Anne Jarrett. Nina Emille Johnson, Sandra Kaye J.dlev. Toni Rose Ketner, Mary Frances Key, Carolyn Kiker, Myra Elaine Kins. Margaret Elaine Landis. Nancy Ellen Lane, Donna Kaye Largen, Cheryl Dianne Lawing, Dorothy Ellen Lineback, Phoebe Anne Lingerfelt, Delores Anne Little. Brenda ? f 9 i ' f? 0 v f$f 9 1? ft a HW w ? (?$ 4M 0 a P 9 ft 9 f PA COMMERCIAL CLASS @f fff P 999?9?a McAdams. Carol McCarn, Phyllis Ann McGuire. Ala Sue Middleton, Peggy Lane M ock, Barbara Ellen Moure. Carol Virginia Nelson, Cynthia Ann Newton, Diana Gayle Owens. Sunny Elaine Pat rum. Nellie Dace Phillips, Linda Mae Pleasants, Becky Lynne Poindexter, Peggie Elizabeth Pollard. Barbara June Raisner. Janice Ann Ray. Joan Elizabeth Reagan, Melba Arey Rhvne. Dana Elizabeth Ridenhour, Patricia Gail Russell. Janice Louise Sessoms, Mary Ida Shelton, Sondra Ruth Shepherd, Celia Low Simpson. Peggy Jean Strawn. I 1a I ' .i Taylor, Reeva Anne Thompson. Carol Madoleen Thompson. Sue Frances Troutman, Jane Von Metzger. Sara Wagstaff. Lillian Cheryl Way, Jane Elizabeth Way. Linda Diane Welch, Gayle Lewis Wentz, Sally Elizabeth Westmoreland. Jane Ellen White. Judy Faye Ma Willi; . Carolyn Sue Wise, Janet Carolyn food, Elisabeth Gordon ood. Elizabeth Hadatha Wood. Jerris Sylvia Woodruff, Phyllis Ann Wright, Linda Gayle Graduation Culminates Year ' s Preparation For Business Positions Opening the college ' s 71st commencement weekend, the commercial course ' s exercises graduated 104 stu- dents. The department head, Dr. Roscoe .1. Allen. presided over the ceremony, which was held at II a.m. on May : 31, L963, in Elliotl Ballroom. After the devo- tional, led by Rev. Allen C. McSween of Starmount Presbyterian Church, addresses were presented l Patricia Estridge, the Class President and spokesman. and Chancellor Otis A. Singletary. Chancellor Single- tary and Dean of the Faculty Mereb E. Mossman awarded the certificates to each member of the com- mercial graduating class. These young ladies are now members of the modern business community and will serve as examples for students in subsequent classes. University officials participate in 1°63 commercial commencement. ial class opens exercises with processional Page 239 Jeffe rson Standar d Life v, f hi ii 11 19 11 3 ii at i nf ii ii IIIHIIIU ii IT ii if ii is a: s: ss isi ti ii la ■■ pi ■■ ii n s§ :s f i 91 I s: ■■ ii ■■ ■■ ii n 5SS2 $f «- rmrjgf IHHi ii II l .. .1.1. r-.A " S m w ■s-S-s ADVERTISEMENTS and INDEX Page 241 GUILFORD DAIRY Air Conditioned — Television — Room Telephones Tile Bath, Tub Shower — Wall to Wall Carpets Swimming Pool fjo-uteteyi £ td Motel Gaunt Highway 220 North Inside City Limits Near Charcoal Steak House Mrs. Edith C. Price. Owner-Manager Telephone BR 3-8216 Greensboro, N. C. Phipps Gift Shop 2nd Floor Phone BR 2-5831 For Gifts for the Home Sterling Silver — Fine China Crystal Gourmet Department and Outdoor Cooking Items Phipps Hardware Company 215 North Elm Street Phone BR 2-0179 L iotkei of tJjistinction For Your College Wardrobe Visit Our Colony Shop Coats ♦ Suits ♦ Sportswear ♦ Dresses ♦ Shot ' s Accessories ♦ Furs ♦ Hats Cosmetics ♦ Lingerie Student Index — A— Barrow, Brenda 1 . 1 . . , i llullrr 219 Barrow, Elizal , Vhell. Helen Elizabeth. 21 ' i Barrow, Marj 1 ou, 2 VbelLNancj Elizabeth, 148 Bai ii. i laire hristi Vbe mbie, Kerr) .1 ,,219 ' | " n i ' ' ■ ' Elaii Ih i ii.nln. Darthi S., 1 W BeTtUel ' Su Hel " natlll . .|es-le (,., 20, i Vbernethy, Uice L, 205 ' ;■ »Hyi B la 1 -.ill. Abernethy, Eleanoi .. I ' M Beatty, Margaret In Vbernethy, Jean Helen, IIH Beaver, Elizabeth V., Beck,JeiT) inn, 151 Beck, Karen Elizabel Vbrams, Vnne Maril) mm. 205 Vbrams, Carol Lois, 219 Vbrams, Jacqueline, 205 Beck, Sharon Duran, Vdams, Clarita Vnn,219 Vdams, leanie Gail, JO. " , Beeson, Hilda .1 " . 19 Vdams, Judy U, 190,191 B.-gg, Jane Stephanii il.iin-.. kaili.une K., 205 I!. Ik. Nam lir. 23 " Vdams, Linda Jane, I ' M ■ " ' i i " i " " " ' i Vdani . Sheila Rebecca. 21 ' ) Vdcock, Judith 1.. I ' M Vdcock, Linda Lou, 106,219 liken KylieSue,219 MiI-im. Georgene Lee Virey.Sue Inn, 121. 191 kerman. Einilv R.. 191 Vlbright, Kay F.. 219 AJdridge, Ruth K. M.Iri.lji.-. Shirl.-v I... 219 Alexander. Cynthia Ann, 148 Mfonl. Virkil.ajuan.205 Mlrl.rand, Barbara A. Ulen, Betsj Jane, 118 Allen, Donna Jean, 237 Mien, Glenda Darlene, 191 Mien, Joan Elizabeth, 191 Allen. Joanne Julia, 81, 106, 120. 118 Allen. Marlha Florence, 148 ■Mien. Man ' Elizabeth. 205 Ulen, Rebecca Katherine, 148 Ulen, Sarah Louise, 219 Alley. Barbara W., 205 Ml,!. Frames Carole, 232, 233 Mlri. Martha Stone. 191 Ulison, Uremia L, 191 Mlre.l. Judith Anne. 191 Mlsl.rook. Ellen Donna. 107. 148 Almond. Helen Frances. 237 Aman, Margaret Rose, 237 Andrews. Ellen Stone. 234 Andrews. Judith Carole, 205 Andrews. Judith Etta, 219 Angel. Diana Jean. 219 Annino. Judith. 205 Appell. Lorna Barbara. 205 Archer. Joan Carol, 219 Archer. Miriam Shelby. 191 Arledge, Susan Eve. 205 Armentrout. Judith S„ 219 Armistead. Sheila J.. 205 Arciuette. Stephanie M„ 205 shlon. Man Helen. 191 -hton. Pamela Anne. 219 Aspden. Carol Adele. 219 Atkins, Barbara Jean, ?05 11a, on. Man Ellen. 219 Baer, Myra Susan, 149 Baggett. Gwendolyn Sue. 237 Bailev, Bobbie Jean. 92. 205 Bailey. Lvdia Janette, 219 Bailey, Man Kathryn, 106. 149 Bailev. Patricia Ruth. 219 Bailev. Virginia Dawn. 219 Bain. Man Lee. 219 Baird. Vicky Diane, 219 Baker. Annette Louise, 149 Baker. Betty W.. 92. 149 Baker. Carol Lorraine, 237 Baker. Jacque Nan. 205 Baker. Joan Telfair. 219 Barnes. Joanne E.. 219 Barnes. Pamela M.. 191 Barnes. Sandra Kav. 219 Barnes. Virginia C. 149 Barnett. Judy Lynn. 219 Barnev. Barbara Porter, 205 Rarnhill. Mildred D.. 205 Barrett. Tobie Ann. 205 Barrier. Donna Cay. 205 Barringer. Jo Ann, 205 llenliow. Pamela I-.. I ' M Berrier. Barbara I ' M Best, Carolyn Dee, 205 Best, Linda Joanne, 191 Best, Margaret Lucy, 205 Beverly, V irginia E.. 219 Beyer, Susan, 150 Biggard. Patricia Eaye, 87. 150 Billings. Barbara Ann, 219 Billington. Linda Ann. 205 Bing, Barbara R., 232, 234 Bing. Julia Anne. 232.233 Bingham, Pamela Allen, 205 Birke. Betty Ann, 191 Bischoff, Jacqueline M., 150 Bishop, Carolyn Jo, 86, loo. 150 Bishop. Paulette E., 205 Bissette, Susan F., 205 Black, Carolyn R.. 219 Black. Carolyn Ruth. 205 Black, Lois Mania, 205 Blackman, Judith Harris, 150 Blackmon. Linda Wilson, 150 Blackstoek. Marston B., 205 Blackwelder, Doris E.. 205 Blackwelder, Janic Sue, 191 Blackwell. Sylvia Ann. 219 Blair. Linda Jeanne, 205 Blair, Virginia S„ 205 Blalock, Barbara Ann, 219 Blalock. Paulette C, 219 Blankenship, Ezzie C. 150 Blankenship, Judy Coates, 150 Blankenship. Mary Ann, 219 Blanton. Blair Lyell, 191 Blanton. Donna Jean. 219 Blanton, Linda S., 219 Blanton, Sadie Rachel. 150 Bledsoe. Linda C. 219 Blickensderfer. Kaye, 117 Blithe. Barbara Louise, 205 Blount. Betsy John, 205 Blythe. Cynthia Ruth. 106, 191, 20 Boaz, Jane Ellen. 219 Bostian, Karen E., 206 Bouchard. Delia M.. 192 Bowden, Margaret. 206 Bowden, Page Allele. 200 ISonen. Linda Jean. 206 Bowen. Patricia. 206 Bower. Cathy Lee, 206 Bowers, Linda, 151 Bowers, Pats) Mine, 233 Bowman, Julia Blair. 233 Boxrude. Karen Lee, 219 Boyd, Mary, 219 Brandt. Judith Kav. 220 Brann. Carol Ann. 220 Brannon. Carolyn Ann. 206 Bray. Bettv Lois. 237 Brazee. Barbara E.. 220 Brett. Mine Randolph. 220 Brewer. Miriam E.. 237 Brewer, Sarah Amanda. 220 Briceland, Martha L„ 192 Bridges. Diana Nell. 206 Bridge-. Martha Susan. 220 Briley, Marjorie C. 151 Brinklev. Leoma C. 121. 192 Brinklev. Pamela Diane. 206 Brinson, Jean, 220 Loi mm. rc Byrd, ( rnlhia Vnne, 206 Brinson, Zelle 1 ' .. 220 Bird. M Bri lol -i • i ■■ 95 ii. 151 B rd I ' .iiii. ia Vnm . 152 Britt, Barbara Inn, 220 B rd Sara, 206 Britt, Beiti Jean, 151 i:.,„ k Mica Vnne, 206 ( Brockman, Francei :.. 206 ( .,..,. Helen Rebecca Brogdon, Elizabeth P.. 206 Brookbank, 1 i lee. 220 ( .„,,. virgi.- l.„„,.„l .. 192 Brooks, Gretta Suzanni !06 ( aldwell, Prances, 152 B k-. -..IK 1 tni 106 ell, Jean B., 192 Brook hire, Vmelia Inn, I ' M (aldwell. Pamela Rae.206 Bi ledit H 192 ( allahan, Pair., ia E.. 220 Brosius, Susan 1 aroL 220 ' all , Ora NelL 152 Brown, Vniti 1 ouise, 206 ( alloway, Betrj .,... 152, 18 ' ' Brown, Bonnie [eHri i 1 il alloway, Dorii Inn, 206 ll, mi,,. Carolyn S.,220 C. -ron, Anne Kay, 220 Brown, Dudley Hanet ' i iron, Fuditfa 1 . 192 Brown, Emilj Susan, 206 ( amlin, Sybfl Eileen, 206 Brown, Glenda Dale. 206 1 amp. I ' egg, mm. 152 lllllll M. Illllll-le 1 h.ll le-. 200 Campbell. Mice Emily, 220 Brown, Linda Ann. 192 Campbell. Elizabeth Bum m. Margaret Inn, 237 Campbell, •■ail, Joyce, 220 Brown, Melinda C.,206 Campbell. Katherine It. Brown, Nancy Annette, 206 i ampbelL Linda K., 206 Brown. Pamela Eileen. 220 Campbell. Sail, Ma.-. 220 Brown, Pi la [shell, 220 Campbell. Vickie Cave. 192 Brown, Patricia Inn, 220 Campden, Ida Ward, 206 BiowM. Phyllis Vnne, 192 Camplong, Linda Jean, 220 Brow,,. Priscilla Vnne, 206 Canada,. Virginia R.. 192 Brow n. Sarah J., 220 Canfield, Leu nara C. Brown, Vivian Sarita, 206 Cannon. Cordelia Penn Browning, Mary L. Cam Pamela. 206 Bruce. Barbara l.i mm. 102 i ansler, Karen E. Bruton. Judith Mae, 220 Capehart, Man Shuford, 108. 132 Bruton, Man Ella. 15] t ard.M. W. Louise, 132 Bryan, Beverly S., 192 Cardinal.-, Susan Lynn. 220 Brian. Mary Pat, 192 i .... i. Frances Vnne Bryan, Patricia L., 151 Carey, Jud] Ann. 220 Brian. Sara Olivia, 220 Carli-le. Carol Diane. 206 Bryant. Mary Virginia Carmean, Janet Lee Bryant. Melinda Lou Carmichael, Ann C. Bryden. Carol Ann. 192 Carmichael. Margaret N . 152 Bryson, Marion Watson, 237 t . mm, hael, Man Beth. 237 Buchanan. Marian J. Carpenter, Vngela, 132. 188 Buchanan. Penny E.. 151 i ,,.|„ nter. Cbarlene R., 1,2 Buchdahl. Claudia R., 188 1 arpc nti r, 1 inda Kay, 220 Buckley, Nancy K.. 151 Carpenter. Lorraine S ' .. 220 Buckner. Judith Lee. 220 Carpenter. Man Vnn, 102 Buffalo,-. Dean. 206 Carpenter. Man Jean. 237 Buffalo.-. Nancv 1... 192 ( larpenter, Sarah E.. 192 Bui.-. Inn Purcell, 106.220 Carr. illine. 220 Buic Katherine M„ 192 Carrawav. Jam- Elizabeth. 153 Bullen. Patricia Ann, 220 Carraway, Kathnn E.. 220 Bullington. Rachel Bullock, Gwendolyn V. 192 Carraway, Mar, Ella. 206 1 arrmali. Fill, la 1 -ra, , . 1 " , . ' • Bundy, Sharon Lee. 220 Carriker, Elizabeth C. 153 Bunting. Carol™ E.. 192 1 an inner. Linda L.. 206 Bunting. Bet-, Leigh, 220 Carroll. Nancv E., 206 Bunting. Franc- E.. 237 Carruther-. Carolyn S.,220 Bunton, Sylvia P., 206 Carson. Beverly Vnn, 237 Burhage. Margaret. 152 ( arson, Dorothy Irene Burch, Lena Corinna. 192 ( larson, Laura Vnn, 153 Burch, Nancy Jane, 206 Cai-.,n. Martha Jane. 220 Burcham. Janet Marie, 152 Cart.,. Brenda Ann. 220 Burg. Leslie Jan,-. 220 Carter. Elizabeth ( .,206 Burgess. Man Lynne, 206 , Fiances Elda Burke. Catherine Lee. 220 Carter. Margaret Jane. 153 Burke. Sara Margaret Carter. Martha W., 220 Burkhart, Betsy Vnn, 220 ( ail, i. Nam, Quinn, 220 Bnrkhart. Katherine G. ( arler. Palri, ia .-, . 220 Burleson, Carol Jo, 220 Carvalho. Portia Stone. 220 Burns, Virginia K., 220 Casey, Cynthia Lea. 206 Burris. Lois lien,-. 220 I a-.-i. Jacquelvn I).. 192 Burriss, Susan S., 152 ( a-,,. Linda Jean, 206 Burroughs, Man Mice. 220 Cassell. Vnn Baldwin. 220 Burton. Betsv Hall Casteen, Fran,,-- Kaye, 192 Burton. Eliza Mm. 200 Cath.arl.Can.K. Burton. Emilv Lee. 206 ( all., art. Margaret .. 15.1 Burton. Vioki Lvnn. 206 Calim. Stephanie Ann. 206 Bush. Karon Ruth. 220 Caudill. Sallie Ann. 220 Butler. Bettina C, 220 Caudle. Arlvss Susan. 220 Butler. Carla Ann. 192 Caudle. PrisciUa Anne. 153 Butler. Janeen Claire. 231 Caulkins, Jane Sanford, 220 Butler. Johnna Lane. 220 ( lausby, Mi . 153 Butner, Anne E.. 192 1 lausey, Clara Belle. 106. 153 Burner. Vera Jane, 92, 152 ( ao-ei. Juan Annette. 206 Butterfield. Dianne B.. 192 Caiine-. Bonnie J.. 192 Byrne, Mice Darlene I a el. Audre E.. 220 livers. Care, Hartsell. 192 Chambers. Bettv Jane. 192 Bvers. Patricia Lou. 2m,, Chambers. Katherine M.. 220 Bvrd. Barbara Ann. 220 Chandler. Bonnie A., 153 Student Index I handler. Carol E.. 206 Chandler. Catherine L.. 206 ( handler. Catherine P. Chandler, Eva C, 206 Chandler, Marjorie J.. 153 Chandler. Marjorie Kav. 153 Chandler, Mary J., 153 Changaris. Sherry E.. 220 Chapman, Blanea Rosa T.. 192 Chapman. Rebecca J.. 154 Chapman. Susan Dale. 206 Chapp.ll. Mine F.. 220 Chappell. Pamela Ann, 220 Cheek. Harriet Joan. 220 Cheek. Helen Yvonne. 220 Cheek. Jessica D., 105, 154 Cheek. Sandra Marie. 220 Chermak. Kathey J., 192 Cherry, Eva Louise, 154 Chester. Jane Lee, 192 Chiemiego. Man- Anne E.. 206 Choate, Margaret Ann Choplin, Carolvn E.. 206 Chrislip. Ann Miller, 206 Christie. Saundra D„ 220 Church, Barbara Ann. 220 Church. Chiplev Marie Church. Louise Park, 220 Cilley. Robin E., 220 Cipar, Jeanne Louise. 192 Clanton. Brenda Ann. 220 Clapp. Annie June. 206 ( lark. VlbertaK., 154 Clark. Billie Dean, 206 Clark. Heeth 11.. 106,192 Clark. Joan Adelia, 192 Clark. Joyce nn. 220 Clark. Kathleen Conner. 154 Clark. Martha C, 192 Clark. .Nancy Jewel, 207 Clark, Rebecca Locke, 221 Clarke. Amalie Minette, 154 Clarke, Can- Beverley, 190, 192 Clarke. Dinah Joy, 221 Clarke. Eleanor D.. 154 Clemmer. Marion Reid, 221 Clemmer, Helen Rebecca, 154 Clifton. Cecelia W„ 192 Clifton, Lvcia Sandra. 221 Clifton, Sandra C, 221 Cline, Joyce Marilyn. 221 Cline, Linda Lou Coble. Virginia P., 192 i oi hcroft, Gini Susan, 221 ( ,„ k. rham. Elizabeth A.. 221 Cogdell. Derita Rose, 207 Coker. Constance B., 221 Cole, Uma Mac 221 Cole. Sharon Eileen. 233 Coleman, Melinda C, 192 Coleman, Sylvia K., 221 Coley. Carol Ann. 207 Collier, Apr il " i on Collier, Julia E, 221 Collier. Martha W .. 193 i olUer, Susan Claire, 221 Collin-. mv Blair. 193 I nil,,,-. Billie S., 193 Collin-. Carol Lee. 193 Collins, Cheryl C, 207 ( ollins, Margaret L.. 207 Colli, ,-. Opal Mavin--. 15-1 . ollins, Pamela Kay, 193 , ollins, -,.., I ucille, 151 Collins, Sarah Morgan.207 CoUins, Sherrj Gale, 221 Colmer. Margaret Bess. 154 Coltrane, Betty, 221 Coltrane. Joyce Marie, 221 CoKille. Man Pauline. 154 Comb-. Mitzy Sharon. 154 Compton, Mary C. 193 C ton, Man Sue, 221 Compton, Sylvia Dean, 207 Cone, Lora Kate Conrad, Cynthia Ross, 207 Conwell, Margaret L., 207 Cook. Barbara Welch Cook. Diana Dav, 221 Cook, DianRea. 237 Cook, Freda Maj 193 k. Judith Daniel. 221 Cook. Judith I.Mine. 221 Cook. Mabel Louise. 91. 106.207 Cooke. Bettv Jane. 207 ke, Donna Dane. 106. 193 Coppley, Hilda Lvnn ( ordle, Elisabeth B. Cordle. Harriett Anne. 155 Cordle, Rachel Alma. 155 Corpening. Sarah A.. 193 Corson, Catherine A.. 193 I o-b . Barbara Kav. 207 Con, ,11. -an, Ira Darle. 155 Couch. Dixie Ruth, 155 Marx Ruth. 207 Court-. Willie Ruth. 2117 Coven, Linda Ann. 221 i ovington, Barbara W. ( .man. Martha Lou, 155 Cowling. Deborah Ann. 207 Cox. Bettv Jean, 221 Cox. Bettv Mildred, 155 Cox. Elizabeth nn. 207 Cox. Linda Kathleen. 221 Cox. Nathalia Sue. 221 Cox, Patricia Ann. 221 Cox. Sarah Ellen. 155 Craddock. Anna Fey Craddock. Bertha J. ' . 221 Craig. Flora Jean. 155 Craig, Bull, Watson, 234 Crandell. Evelvn Robin Cranford, Jane B., 193 Cratch. Bobbie H.. 237 Craven. Susan Dianne. 155 Craven. Suzanne W., 207 Crawford. Laura F., 193 Crawford. Marion Sue. 155 Crawley. Katherine W., 221 Creech. Bettie Ruth. 207 Cremer, Joan R.. 207 Creeps. Barbara Helen. 155 Cress, Betsy Gwynne. 155 Cress. Janice Lvnne, 155 Crews. Jane Penfield. 221 Cri.llel.augh. Patricia. 221 Crimmins. Meredith Ann. 207 Crisp. Priscilla Gail. 221 Crocker. Nancv Harward. 156 Cromartie. Elizabeth N., 106, 221 Crook. Gloria Jean, 105. 156 Crooks, Claudia Ann, 207 Cropp. Kaye Warner, 193 Cross. Bettv Virginia, 207 Crossley, Jean Dudley, L56 Crowder, Dorothy Jane. 221 Crowell, nn B..193 I roweU, Charlotte C, 92, 234 Crowell. Su-an Gav. 237 Crumbley. Glenda Y.. 221 Crump. Carolvn Irene. 237 Crump. Jayne Pittman. 221 Crumpler, Clara L.. 193 Crumpler, Sarah M., 207 Crutchfield. niiG, 207 Crutchfield, Tommie A.. 193 C-erpnyak. Charlotte S.. 221 Cucuzella. Josephine E. Culler. Linda Pauline. 156 Cummings. Virginia V. 20, Cunningham. Ann M.. 221 Cunningham. Judith Vnn, 201 Cunningham, Linda Faye, 221 Currie, Judith nne. 221 Currin, Judith Marie. 156 Currin, Virginia L.. 233 Curry. Kathleen C. 221 Curtis. Bettv Ruth, 237 Curtis, Jo Ann. 156 Cushen. Nancy Mae, 221 Cuthrell, Lee E„ 221 Cutler, Lois Anne, 207 — D— Dale, Joyce Brown. 156 Dale. Judith Helen. 193 Dameron. Cynthia V Daniel. Dorthy Ann. 193 Daniel. Patty II, i, hei Harden. Joanne Darnell. Jane M.. 221 Dau hertv. Carol Sue, 156 Daughtry, Man Hallie. 221 Davenport. Nancy E.. 221 Davenport. Norma K., 221 Davis. Anne W .. 193 Davis. Barbara Vern, 121. 193 Davis, Brenda Lee. 207 Davis. Carolvn Dickson. 221 Davis, ( beryl Eve, 221 Davis. Cynthia Ruth, 156 Davis, Doris Jean. 193 Davis, Frances J. Davis, Gail Williams Davis, Gretchen C., 106, 193 Irene Lynne C. Davis. Joanne, 156 Davis, Judj Ann, 221 Davis, Linda Foy Davis, Linda Jean Davis, Louisa Mc, 156 Davis. Marian. 207 Davis, Man Elaine. 221 Davis, Mary Ellen, 237 Davis, Man Nell. 207 Davis, Nancy Earle. 237 Davis, Peggv Ann, 156 Davis. Phyllis Ann. 193 I taxi-. Sarah J., 193 Davis, Susan E., 193 Dawkins, Dorothy Jean, 193 Dawson, Donna Leigh Dawson, Mildred W inst Dawson, Norma Diane. 221 Day, Marilyn King, 221 Dayberry, Nona Kav, 221 Deal. Alma Ruth. 221 Deal, Carolyn Leah, 207 Deal. Judith Rebekah, 221 Dean. Bonnie Laura. 147. 157 Dean. Priscilla A.. 157 Hearing. Rae D.. 193.203 Deaton. Hilda Maxine, 193 Decato. Daphne Dale, 221 Decker. Barbara Jean. 221 Decker. Jean Helen. 121. 157 Decker. Joan M.. 120. 157 D.kok. Nelie Maria. 221 Delafield. Carter Dellinger. Carol Ann. 193 Denning. Elizabeth A.. 193 Dennis, Pamela E. Dennis, Ruth Gayle. 207 Denton. Susanne, 193 Derkics. Dorothv Jean. 207 Devereux. Elizabeth F.. 88 Devine. Patricia Ann Devine. Sandra Antonia. 221 Dewar. Jo Ann Workman Dewar. Marian F. R.. 207 Dewey, Betty Sue. 221 Dey, Sharon Loui-e Di.k. Linda Garry, 221 Dickens. Sandra M. Cole. 193 Hicker-on. Martha .. 193 Dickson. Connie Kav. 221 Dickson. Linda Jean. 237 Dickson, Pamelle Jane, 193. 203 Dieterich. Carolyn. 207 Dietsch. Glenda Irene. 221 Dixon. Dorothv Ellen, 221 Dixon. Julia Catherine, 207 Dixon. Nancy H„ 193 Dobson, Margaret A. Dockery, Judv Carol. 234 Dodson, Iris Ann. 207 Doerter, Shirley S.. 237 Doggett, Alice Ovater. 221 Doggett. Helen Manley. 221 Doggett, Lois Elizabeth, 157 Doiiertv. Margaret A.. 221 Dominick. Nancy Ann. 193 llnnal.Un. Linda M.. 221 Donat, Sara Wynne. 207 DonnelL Vivian Wells Donohue. Joan K.. 87. 193 Donovan, Charlotte P., 207 Doolittle, Julia A.. 193 Dore. Linda Frances, 193 Dorsett, Man L nne, 207 Dorsey, Joan Marie, 81. 1.57 Do—, inn Brooks Dotson. Carolvn Jane Dot-on. Marion Lou, 157 Douglas. Harriet Coble Douglas. Saundra R.. 157 Dover, Margaret S., 157 Downey, Linda Kay. 207 Downs, Linda Ruelle. 193 Dovle. Elizabeth Ann, 221 Dovle. Margaret E„ 207 Dovle. Ruth Lestha. 207 Drake, Linda Lee. 207 Drake. Ruth Anne. 157 Draughon, Patricia, 207 Dreher. Nancy Eloise, 157 Driscoll. Monica. 221 Drum. Andrea Phvlli-. 104. 157 Dreyer. Muriel S. Dubose. Jeanne Denise, 193 Duke. Deborah Anne, 207 Dulin, Tempie Moore. 237 Duma-, Veda Jeanette, 207 Dunbar. Exelvn Louise. 207 Dunham. Phyllis Eileen, 207 Dunlap. Carolyn Fae, 207 Dunn. Nancy Lynn, 221 Dunnagan, Sandra Lynn. 158 Durden. Virginia Dun in. Melissa Noble. 193 Dye. Frances Louise. 207 Eagle. Rebee.-a lane, 193 Eargle. Janice. 207 Earnhardt. Carole Anne, 221 Earnhardt. Virginia G., 158 Earp, Ruth Etta. 207 Easley, Sydney Curlett, 221 Ka-„n. l.ilyan Ann. 221 Ea-terling. Nancv J.. 221 Edge. Sara Ann. 158 Edmundson, Carolyn F.. 207 Edmundson. Betsy Doan, 207 Edsel, Linda Beth, 221 Edson. Marx Alice. 207 Edwards. Barbara L., 193 Edward-. Dorothy Jane, 193 Edwards, Edith Anne, 193 Edwards. Frances C, 237 Edward-. Jane Nelle. 237 Edwards. Judith Anne Edwards. Judv T.. 207 Edwards. Kave Shirley. 207 Edwards. Linda Carol. 221 Edward-. Mary Jacobs, 158 Edwards, Patricia Alan Egbert. Mary Jane. 221 Eichb.dtz. Marietta L.. 221 Eidam. Addie Sylvia. 193 Eidson. Marian Minis. 207 Eiler. Harriett S.. 121. 194 Eiserer, I arol Jean. 158. 189 Elam. Mary Glendinning Elkins. Linda Pauline. 158 Filer. Natalie Eloise. 106. 194 Elliot. Caroline L. 221 Elliot, Jo nne. 103,106.194 Elliott. Phyllis E. Ellis, Cornelia H.. 221 Elli-. Emih Heath. 194 Ellis, Nikki Catherine Ellis. Patricia E„ 207 Ellis. Rebecca Blanche. 221 Ellis. Sandra Karol. 222 Elli-. Wanda Kay. 222 Ellise. Frances Marian. 194 Ellisor. Cheryl Cranford. 207 Elmore. Janice L. 194 Elmore. Linda Kav, 207 Ely, Vlice bbott. 194 Engard. Karen Sleigh. 222 Enale. Elizabeth Ann. 222 Emu-. Ruth Carroll. 106. 158 Eplev, Joyce Anita. 194 Epperson. Man ' Arthur. 222 Epps. Karen Frances. 208 Epstein. Berta Sylvia, 158 Erichson, Margaret L.. 222 Ernestsons, Maija A.. 194 Ernst. Lvnn Marie Eschenbach, Barbara A.. 158. 188 F.skri.lge. Su-an V.. 222 Estes, Carolvn Lee. 222 Estes, Karen E.. 222 Estes. Sandra Kav. 158 Etchison. Man- Martin. 158 Page 244 The Place foi Youi Parents and Friends MANOR MOTEL L04SWesl Markel Streel MR. AND MRS. S. T. DICKINSON DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE " A " - ALL THE WAYI Phone UK 3-2517 mnn m l " wj PET DAIIT PRODUCTS 1 V i UfJ Make Our Store ) our Headquarters Complete Line of thletic Equipment and Sporting G Is I COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER 1 We Cam Famous Line of Wilson and Spalding Tennis Racquets " It Pays to Play " Coble Sporting Goods Co. 1 19 N. Greene St. Greensboro. N. C. ®cmr and (Tattle Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop Look Young Be Young Shop Belfe CAROLINA CAMERA CENTER MCDONALD ' S MENU 100°o Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheeseburgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fries Thirst-Quenching Coke Delightful Root Beer Coffee As You Like It Full-Flavored Orange Drink Refreshing Cold Milk Coke brings you back refreshed BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY »Y Greensboro Coca-Cola Bottling Company HIGH POINT ROAD, GREENSBORO, N. C. irfl Mf:l n ■ Z3W MARTIN ' S Student Index Evans. Beverly Ann. 208 Evans, Rebecca Ann. 158 Evan-. Suzanne Everett, Uremia Kav. 237 Everhart. Lendra Lee Ezell, Sandra Elaine, 237 — F— Fabbri, Alexandra F„ 208 Faber, Vnne Marie. 208 Fagg, Alice Anna. 106, 194 Fair. Tessa Karen, 208 Faircloth, Iris Dade. 234 Faircloth, Jane S., 222 Faircs. Patricia M. Farlovv. Joy Isley Farmer, Rachel J„ 222 Farrell, Rena C, 194 Farrington, Mary Ann, 159 Farris, Jean Leslie. 222 Farrow, Margaret K„ 208 Farthing. Uili.-v Jo. 194 Faulconer, Nancy Rose, 159 F aulkner, Linda Lee, 222 Faulkner, Susan Eileen Faust, Marsha Pamela, 194 Feather-tone. Kay C, 222 Felton, Carolyn F., 222 Frlton, Judv Kyals, 222 Fennell, Valerie Ina Ferguson, Frances C. Ferguson, Nancy, 86, 208 Fernbach, Susan Anne, 222 F ' ickling, Fraiicrs E., 159 Fidler, Mary Alice. 159 Fielder, Ruth F... 194 Field-. Beverly C. Fields, Joyce Faye, 222 Fields. Mary Rebecca, 194 Finan, Nancy E., 106. 194 Finch. Rose Mary. 222 Finison. Elizabeth J., 222 Finkelman, Karen T. Fisher, Ellen Lee, 208 Fisher, Saundra C, 194 Fitch. Billie Carolyn, 159 Fitts, Dorothy Louise, 159 Fitzgerald, ictoria F., 208 Fitzhugh, Margaret B., 208 Fitzsimons. Linda Roux, 222 Flake, Ellen Sue, 222 Flatt. Anna Ruth. 222 Fleming, Helen Hynes Fleming. Rosalvn R., 222 Flinchum, Bonnie Gray. 208 Flippin. Margaret Sue, 222 Florance. Sheila K. Florance. Valerie, 208 Floto. Leslie Ann. 222 Flowers, Linda Jean Flye, Annie Daughtry, 218. 222 Flynt, Donnalea Allen. 159 Fobert, Mary E„ 208 Foley. Catherine Gayle. 222 Folger. Emily Louise. 222 Folger, Ruth. 208 Fonyielle, Barbara Ann, 222 Ford, Celia Anne, 222 Forrest, Elizabeth E.. 208 Forshaw, Bess Cocke, 159 Fortner, Sylvia A., 159 Foster, Antoniette P. Foster, Betty Kay, 208 Foster, Betty Jane. 159 Foster, Edith Foley, 222 Fo-ler. Theresa Ann, 194 Fountain. Mania Taylo. 159 Fountain, Paula Cecile, 159 Foushee, Flavia Holt Foushee. Marjorie C. 237 Foushee. Treva Ann. 208 Foust, (Jora McNeill Foutche. Helen Diane, 222 Fowler. Ella Paige. 194 Fowler, Natalie, 208 Fox, Marjorie Ann. 208 Fox, Marj Mice, 208 Fox, Patricia Ann, 194 Foy, Ellen Keating. 222 Francum. Betty Jane, 104. 105. 159 Frank, Nancy Ellen, 194 Frankel. Dale Micki, 222 Frankel. Elizabeth E., 194 Franklin. Nancy Sue, 208 Frazer, Bonnie, 194 Frazier. Brenda Gray, 208 Frazier, Carolyn Elsie. 208 Frazier, Jane Sharon, 194 Frazier, Joyce nn. 222 Fra ier. Meredith l.vnn. 208 Freem an, Gracie Lee, 222 Freeman. Jean Walker. 160 Frett. Susan Bliss. 222 Friday, Kathryn L.. 208 Fritz, Marx Anne. 208 Fritz. Nancy Elaine, 222 Fu. ictoria Ruth. 160 Fuer-tman. Joan M.. 194 Fulk. Patricia June Fuller, Evelyn Louise, 208 Fuller. Gloria Hinton, 194 Fuller. Willa Kav, 160 Fulp. France- Jo. 222 Fulton. Linda Page Furr, Carolyn Jo, 160 Furrey, Jacqueline L. 204. 208 Futrell. Robin Gloria. 222 Futterer. Mary Julian. 208 — G— Gable, Pamela H„ 222 Gabriel, Patricia A.. 194 Gabrys, Gloria Jean. 208 Gaines, Carole Vnne, 121. 194 Gainey, Martha Byr.l. 222 Gaither, Genevieve E., 194 Gallimore, Roena .. 160 Galloway. Melissa Ava, 160 Galloway. Poinsettia .. 222 Galumbeck. Marcia Lynn. 222 Gauge. Carol Louise. 208 Gann. Janice J.. 194 Gardner. Ann E.. 208 Gardner. Linda C, 234 Gardner. Margaret Lou Gardner, Mary Olga, 208 Gardner. Nathaniel K. Gardner. Patricia M., 208 Garner. Connie Sue. 222 Gamer, Janice Gay. 208 Garner, Loretta Jane. 237 Garren, Patricia Ada. 237 Garrett, Alice E„ 194 Garrett, Carole E. Garrison, Harriet Sue, 160 Garriss, Charlotte E„ 208 Carrou. Leith Louise, 222 Garst, Elaine, 208 Gartrell, Nancy Alyce, 222 Garvin, Zade Turner. 232, 234 Catlin. Ann Travlor. 208 Gatlin. Sammie Carol. 194 Gavigan, Joan Eileen. 208 Gaylord, Ella Martin. 208 Gegenheimer, Barbara, 107. 204. 208 Gentry, Doris Jeanne, 191 Gentry. Jane Ellen Gentry. Selma Ann. 160 George, Eloise George. Mary Senate. 160 George. Rita ' Bernice. 208 George. Terry June, 222 Geraghty, Pamela Ann. 222 Gerringer. Gail Jerome. 208 Gerwin, Gloria Marlene Gholson, Griselle C, 222 Giannetti. Caraway. 222 Gibble. Ann Laura. 222 Gibbs. Ellen Slurrill, 87. 92. 208 Gibbs, Patricia Ann. 208 Gibson. Anna Mae, 208 Gibson, Patricia Ann. 208 Gidden. Eliza Branch. 222 Giddens. Karen Elaine. 208 Gilbert, Oliver W. Gilbert, Sarah M., 222 Gillespie, Nancy B., 222 Gillette, Patricia E.. 208 Gillev. Marlene Ann. 222 Gillev. Nary J-, 194 Gillikin. Judith F.. 208 Gillis. Barbara. 194 Gilmore. Judith M.. 222 Gimmon. Susan Gavle. 208 Gingles. Diane. 81. 222 tila-gow. Suzanne, 222 Glass. Billie Lee. 194 Glass. Ruth Ann. 208 Glazener. Janet Olivia, 222 Glenn Wendellyn W. Glover. Linda Siurray, 222 Glover, Nancy Kay, 208 Cohble. nian Dianne. 222 Goble, Judy Clarice, 208 Godfrey. Anna D.. 194 Godfrey, Gloria Claire, 208 Gold. Georganna, 106, 194 Coldblatt, Evelyn M.. 208 Goldstein. Linda Ann. 222 Gold-tein. Susan M.. 208 Gooch. Linda Ann, 160 Gooch. Linda Sue, 222 Gooch, Sara Elizabeth, 208 Goode, Linda Jo, 194 Goodnight. Patricia L„ 222 Gordon, Georgia A.. 208 Gordon, Sally, 208 Gore. Marx Kathleen, 208 Gorman, Diana Carol, 194 Goslen, Mary (.o-eii. Lynda Carol. 222 ..„„lev. Marilvn Dell. 237 Grace, Patricia E.. 208 Graham. Carole Leigh. 222 Graham, Cynthia C, 191 Graham. Julianne. 209 Graham. Linda Carole. 209 Graham. irginia Ann. 209 Grantham. Dorothy E.. 222 Grave-, (arolvn Sue, 160 Grave-. Sherry Ann, 222 Grave-. Toni Jean, 209 Gray, Carolyn Jean, 222 Gray. Elizabeth, 222 Gray. Elizabeth R.. 209 Gray. Judy Thompson Grav. Shirley Ann, 222 Grayson, Carol Ann. 160 Grayson, Jeanette F.. 194 Grayson. Judith Gale. 160 Greathou-e. Frances L„ 194 Green. Margaret V., 209 Greene, Jacqueline L., 222 Greene, Nancy D.. 222 Greenwald. Alison L. Greer, Mary Ann Gregory. Judith Hazel. 209 Gregson, Nancy Jo, 194 Grice, Betty Sue. 194 Gricr. Elizabeth Ann Grier. Nancy Hudson, 222 Griffin. Jean Carole, 209 Griffin, Joyce Mae, 222 Griffin. Martha Evans. 222 Griffin. MelhaSue. 194 Griffin, Sylvia Jean, 237 Griggs, Flora Linda. 161 Griles, Deloris P., 209 Groce. Vonda. 209 Grogan, Judy Ann. 194 Gross. Janice Elaine. 223 Grossman, Kaye G trickle, Jane M., 161 Grover. Joan Eleanor Grubb, Linda May, 161 Grubbs, Bonnie Lynn, 237 Gudger. Trina Dianne, 223 Guffev, Madge (and. 191 Guffy, Man- Ellen. 204. 209 Guice. Frances Ann, 195 Guise, Ann Carol, 223 Gunn, Mary Louise, 237 Gunn. Virginia A.. 209 Gurkin. Betty Lou, 209 Gurley, Lola Ellen, 223 Guthrie, Martha Ann, 209 Gut-ell. Mamie S. — H— Habich, Lynn Charlotte. 209 Hadden. Margaret A.. 209 Hagood. Sue H.. 161 Hahn. Delores Ann. 195 Hahn. Tamara Kay, 161 Haile. Elizabeth L., 223 Hair. Sarah Catherine. 161 Hairston. Emma Lois. 209 Hales, Mary Suzanne, 237 Hall. Ann Lindsey, 223 Hall, Donna Lynn. 223 Hall. Linda Kay. 223 Hall. Naomi Muntine. 161 Hall. Patricia Roots Hall. Phyllis Ann. 195 Hall. Sandra Ann, 209 Hall. Su-an Hewlett. 223 Haller. Margaret Anne, 209 HaUinger, Jane Doris, 223 Halsey. Sara Elizabeth, 223 Hamer. Janet Ernst Hamilton. Elizabeth L.. 223 Hamilton. Sara F.. 223 Hamlin. Es ther Lee. 209 Hammer, Barbare Henley Hammer, Victoria Mary, 209 Hammond, Mildred Anne. 209 Hamner, Anne Bruce. 223 Hamnett, Mary K., 209 Hancock. Barbara Gale. 161 Hancock. June Jeanette. 161 Hancock. Karen Ann, 223 Hand. Patricia Lyle. 223 Handy. Lois Ellen. 223 Hankins, Beverly. 209 Hannah. Nancy Jo. 161 Harbison. Martha L.. 161 Hardin, Dorothy H. Hardison. Barbara Ann. 195 Hardv. Brenda Faye. 209 Hare. Mary- Ann. 195 Hargi-. Sandra Louise. 195 Harkey, Carol Jean. 209 Harless. Judith Ann Harley, Rosalie Mine, 209 Harman, Gary Marie. 233 Harman. Margaret M., 161 Harmon. Alice Ann, 223 Harnden. Elizabeth B., 209 Harper, Elizabeth L„ 195 Harper, Janet Marie, 161 Harrell. Enid Mitchell, 195 Harrell. Jani- Myree. 223 Harrell. Judith Carol. 106. 223 Harrelson. Elizabeth. 195 Harrill. Nancy Lee. 223 Harrington. Carol A., 162 Harrington. Frankie E.. 209 Harris. Aletia Dell, 223 Harris, Alice Morris. 209 Harris, Betsy Ann. 162 Harris. Betty Carol. 162 ll,i.u-. Delori- Vim, 209 Harris. Elizabeth Ann Harris. Ina Jean. 108.209 Harris, Joan. 162 Harris. Joyce Annette, 106. 223 Harris. Leonorah H. Harris. Lois Marion. 209 Ham-. Mary Helen. 114.223 Harris. Nellie Pat. 162 Hani- in. Barbara C. 195 Harri-on, Sara Jean. 209 Harriss,Jean Vbbitt, 147,162 Harsev. Judith Larsen. 223 Hart. Brenda Lee, 162 Hart. Carol Ann. 195 Hart. Polly Robertson. 195 Hart. Teri Lee Hartgrove. Linda M., 162 Harris. Mary Gayle. 195 Hartis, Sandra Rea, 223 Hartline. Frances L.. 81, 195 Hartman. Mary Esther. 209 Hartman. Man- Jane. 223 Hart-ell. Olivia Gail. 223 Hartsell, Rebecca Ann. 223 Hart-field. Melanie L.. 209 Hartsook. Patricia L„ 233 Ha-ell. Mary Joyce, 223 Hasiak, Sandra Ann, 223 Hassell, Barbara A.. 223 Hastings. Jane Carol, 223 Hatcher. Elizabeth G., 209 Hatcher. Frances J.. 223 Hatcher. Lorraine Ann. 209 Hatlev. Nancy Jane, 195 Haufler, Marilyn, 162 Haun, Veronika G.. 223 e k— 1 q J IP! 1 H 1 J-- 1M 5 ■ f 7f University Restaurant ( Located on the first floor of Llliott llalli Electric Comfort Heating is trouble-free! Enjoy trouble-free operation and save on repair bills with flameless electric comfort heating. The only moving parts are in standard ther- mostats, so there ' s virtually nothing to wear out or re- place. e ectnci better fi DUKE POWER LUCAS CLEAXEItS Opposite Aycock Audito Phone BR 2-5865 First with the Latest in Fashion for College I loeds re rrtwwsi iicrjQ! C. J. KERN, Contractor, Inc. 601 NORTH ELM STREET GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 27402 Student Inde: Hauser, I inda Louise, 237 llauser. Rob,,, ., k.n. l ' i., Hawea, Gwen Uford Hawk, Lana Vgnes, 195 lla«kl„-. Il.lil,,,., I I ' ., Hawkins, Dianni I a 223 Hawkins, Ja Elizabeth, 162 Hawkins, loyci Blake, 162 Hawkins, Marilyn Hodge Hayes, Grace,237 Hayes, Karen Pearce, 195 Hayes, Marj I ewis, 223 Hayes, Mazii [aym . 231 Hayes, Nancy Elizabeth, 223 Haynes, Carolyn S., 195 Haynes, Elizabeth K., 209 Haynes, .1. t I eleste,223 Heyward, Uison.223 Heafner, Phyllis I.. 2tw Heatwole, Linda Lee, 223 Hedgpeth, Marianne, 195, 203 Hedrick, Man Marvin, 223 Heftier, Mildred R., 162 Heftier. Womb Jill. HI. 22.! Heilig, Frances Y., 209 11. I,,,-. Jan.- El..i-e. 209 Helms, Nancy Carolyn Helms, Wynemajune, 195 Helsing, Elizabeth C.,223 Hemliv, Jac.|iiel n SWiil Hendrick. Jacqueline, 106. IT. Hendricks, Diane Eve, 223 II.ii.Imx. Shirley Kay, 209 Henkel, Christy, 162 Henkel, Miriam Huson, 223 Henry, Lee Elizabeth, 209 Henry, Pamela Shaw, 195 H i.-I.n . ISarhara S., 195 Herrick, Juditli Leigh, 223 Herring, Galena Newell, 195 Herring, Claudia I... 195 Herring, Mary Dawn. 209 Herring. Aliee Raye. 223 Hesketh, Sandra Sue. 163 Hesser, Martha Carver, 209 Heyward, Mary Hamill.m. 209 Hiati. Edith Carol, 237 Hibhar.l. Cathie L. Hicks, Nelle Harmon, 209 Hicks, irginia B„ 209 Hicks. P " D.. 236. 237 Higdon. Waynetle. 209 Huili. Elizabeth nne. 163 Hill. Frances Hale. 223 Hill. Georgia Can, lace. 163 Hill. Laura Sue, 223 Hill. Martha Helen. 195 Hill. Patricia Lane. 237 Hill. Rena May Hill. Scarlette Rave. 209 Hill. Sharon Jane. 209 Hill,pii-t. Jan C. 89. 163 Hines. Carrie B., 195 Hinnant. Gloria J.. 195 Hinson. Carol Anne. 223 Hi,,-..,,,. Judith Anita. 223 Hipp-. Eleanor Lois. 209 Hitchcock. Beth. 195 Hitchcock. Lucy E. Hitchcock, Sallie Palm, 163 Hobbs, Barbara Ellen, 237 Hobgood, Elizabeth L.. 209 Hobgood. Rebecca B„ 195 Holison, Patricia L. IT. Hodge, Ruval Jeanette, 209 Ho.lge, Shelley Vrlene, 237 Hodges. Mary Eugenia. 209 Hoenshell, Sharie Dee, 163 Hogan, Katherine V.. 223 Holbrooks. Phvllis Lee. 209 Holder. Charlotte Jean. 195 Holder. Margaret A.. 234 Holder. Melinda Blair Holder. Nancy Jane. 195 Holder. Pamela Bessent. 223 Holebrooks. Elizabeth. 209 Holland. Betty Jo, 163 Holland. Christine P.. 195 Holliman. Valerie Holloman. Betty Ann. 223 Holloman. Man- M. Hollowav. Wanda Ann. 106. 223 olman, I atherim I.. 223 olman, Nancy G.,223 olmes, Man Melinda, 195 163 an I icll. 163 .223 209 223 22. ' , Home, Helen Corinne Horner, Jane Ellen, 209 Homer. Nancy Corrinne, 210 Homey, Ellen Laurin, 210 Horsman, Virginia Lee Horton, Julia Caroline. 210 Horton, Sandra I.e. 223 Horvath, Janis Elayne, 210 Hoskins, MaryK. Hostettler, Anna B.. 223 Hostettler, Marie I).. 104 Hnuek, Bonnie Eaye. 223 llouck. Dougla- Pamela. 223 Hough, Sarah Janice, 210 Houser. Blanche E.. 223 Howard, Dottie Warren. 223 Howard. Judith Anne Howard. Rose Marie, 210 Howard, Sally Ann. 210 Howard, Susanne P., 223 Howell. Joyce Dean. 223 Howell. Celia Mae. 164 Howell. Helga Hoyle, Marjorie Linda. 195 Hoyle. Ruth Pamela. 223 Hubbard. Margaret L„ 223 Hubbard. Marx Vnn. 195 Huberman, Diane Ellen. 210 Huberman, Lynn Betty, 164 Hubert, Carolina Rose. 164 Emily Marie 195 Hudson, Vgne- Scott. 195 Hudson, Margaret E.. 223 Hull. Cornelia Orr. 164 Huff. June Marie. 195 Huffer, Mary Susan, 223 Huffstetler. Marie S., 233 Huggins, Faye Goodwin, 164 Hughe-, C„n-lance E.. 195 Hughes, Marie n„, 210 Hughes, M.dlie aim. 210 Huh-, Dorothy ban, 223 Humphrey. Rebecca „n Hundley, Vnnie Joan, 224 Huneycutt, Patricia Z.. 224 Hunsucker, Jane C. 87. 195 Hunt. iin Hampton. 195 Hunt. Marilyn E., 195 Hunt, Martha Elizabeth, 164 Hunt. Nancy C, 196 Hunt. Patricia M., 224 Hunter. Carol I ... 196 Hunter, Celia B. Hunter. Clemellvn. 210 Hunter. Janet Alspaugh. 224 Hunter. Linda Louise. 224 Hunter. Martha B., 164 Hunter, Man Morning. 81. 161 Hunter. Sharon Ire. 210 Hunter, Susan Marie Huntley. Linda L.. 224 Huntley. Mar-ha Carol. 224 Huntley, sh.ila M.. 224 Hurdle ' . Patsy nn . 237 Hurley. Frances Man-. 210 Huskev. Juli Anne. 106.210 ril E.. 221 Hu-.ey. P.-g.., |...... I ' ». Hulchins, Brenda D., 161 Hut, Inn-. Christine, 196 Hut, hi,,-. Jan., . Ruth. 221 Hut, bin-. J ph.neC. 221 llui.hi.i-. Man Jo. 221 Hutchinson, loyci i ■ Hutchinson, Mary iiii. 221 Hutchinson, Susan L.. 196 Hull,,,,. Linda Joyce, 221 ll„ Susan W., 196 Hyer, Inns Ray, 224 Hyldahl, Diane E., 224 llwmin. Mi.1i.Ic 221 IKman. Rita Esther, 221 .mi, Elizabeth D., 161 . Dorothy F.,224 Margarel Vnn,81, 120,234 Man 1,-igh. 210 -J- Jack, Charlotte Lee, 196 Jack. Martha Louise. 224 Jackins, Joe Anne, 210 Jackson, Doris Mae. 210 Jackson. Janie Louise, 221 Jackson. Mary Jo. 224 Jackson, Sandra Dianne. 224 Jacobs, Kay Joan, 196 Jacobs. Leslie D„ 196 Jaich, Gloria Jeanne, 224 .lame-. Betty Lea. 164 James, Eleanor Anne, 112. 233 James. Elizabeth Y., 224 James. Mary A. Crocker, 165 James. Sandra Jerusha. 165 Jarrell, Eleanor Mae, 165 Jarrett. Barbara G. Jarrett. Mary Jennings. 221 Jarrett, Nina Emille. 237 Jarrett. Susan Fern, 210 Jarvis, Ewe R.. 196 Jeffreys. Sandra Lynn. 221 Jenkins. Anne C. 210 Jenkins. Doris Fay e. 210 Jenkins, Jerrie Lou. 210 Jenkins. Nancy Irene. 221 Jenks, Andrea Gay, 210 Jerman. Jean Anne. 210 Jerman. Patricia D„ 224 Johnson, Betty Gaye. 224 Johnson, Cornelia M., 196 Johnson, Debra E.. 210 Johnson. Elizabeth R.. 224 Johnson. Evelyn F.. 224 Johnson. Gail Ellen. 165 Johnson, Jean L„ 165 Johnson, Jeanne A.. 221 John-on. Joyce Eilene. 191, Johnson, Judith A.. 196 Johnson. Katherine V.. 221 Johnson, Linda Jean. 224 John-on. Linda Ruth. 210 Johnson. Marianne E.. 224 Johnson, Martha Rose. 224 John-on. Marv Ann John-.. n. Man Elaine. 210 Johnson. Marv Kay, 224 Johnson. Pamela Leigh. 224 Johnson. Patricia E. Johnson. Roberta D„ 165 Johnson. Ruth Hunter, 165 Johnson, Sandra Kaye, 237 Johnston. Dori- Marie. 210 Johnston. Rave Midvette. 165. 18 ' Jollev. Edith Rave. 165 Jolley. Toni Rose. 237 Jolly. Marv Angela Blanton. 165 Jollv. Mildred F.,224 Jones. Barbara Jane. 210 Jones. Carolyn J„ 196 Jones. Dolores Ann. 196 Jones, Helen C, 224 Jones. Jean Carolyn. 210 I lien, 165 I . June! arolyn.224 Jones, Linda V . 196 Jon.-. Lota Graves, 196 Jon.-, I. u. realm Vim. 221 i i Sue, 221 Ion... Vlar. ... II. 196 loni Margarel Karoly Jones, MarE loni Marsha nn (ones, Manha Vnn, 196 J. .lie-. Maltha Jane. 221 tones, Man an, I. 81. 165 loni -. Man Porter T„ 196 lones, Man Louise, 221 lones, Nam j I arolyn, 196 loni -. Paulette l .. 210 loni Sandra I 210 Ion - iran Elaine, 221 Jones, aral, kallmn. 221 Jones, Suzanne K.. 210 Jones, V aljeanne, 210 Jordan, Carla Diane. 210 Jordan. Katherine Ann, 210 Joseph, Marjory Low loyci Brenda Vnn, 196 Joy ner. Jacquelyn E.. 196 Joyner, Man Ei, -a. 218. 224 J iidd. Penelope Julian, Betty Jo, 196 Inn r. Linda Carol. 224 Justice, Man Caroline, 224 — K- Karen Kale. Mary Lois, 224 Kamenetz, Eran. .-. E.. 210 Kanipe. E-ther Sue. 221 Kanter. Brenda E., 210 Kaplan, --an. Ira Carol Karl. Elizabeth Anne. 224 Karne-. Michale Scott, 166 Kartt. Juditli Louise, 196 Kasuboski, Rebecca Vnn. 210 Kaufman. Anne Terry, 221 Kauffman, Man C. Kay. Teddy Lynn Ka e. Suzanne Kayler, Susan Claire. 224 Keener, Grace Vianne. 166 Keene, Martha Su-an. 210 Keesee. Margaret D.. 224 Keeton. Hope Marie. 224 Keisler. Brenda Louise, 224 Keith. Linda Ann. 224 Kellam, SvKia Scott. 106.210 Kellenberger. Man A.. 224 Keller. Carolyn Y ,,lfe.210 Kellev. Brenda Joyce. 224 Kelh-v. Carrye Hill Kellogg. Ruth Martha. 224 Kelly. Man- Ann. 224 Kellv. Nancy Dean. 224 Kemp. Julia E.. 224 Kendall. Lily A.lele. 210 Kennedy. Geral.line Jo. 196 Kennedy. Janice Marie, 166 Kennedy. Nina Jane. 166 Kennedy. Sonya Nell. 224 Kennett. Grace Kav. 196 Kern. Vienna B.. 166 Ke-ler. Mabel Su-an. 196 Kestnbaum, Julie B. Ketner, Marv Fran, .-. 237 K.v. Carolyn, 237 Kibler. Barbara Ruth. 224 Kik.-r. Man Glenn. 166 Kiker. Myra Elaine. 237 Kikcr. Patricia Gail. 224 Killian, Rose V.l.laide. 91. 166 Killn.on. Natalie Vnn Kilpatrick. Margarel. 210 Kinard. Judy Ann. 105,196 Kinch, irgie Coggin King. Carolvn Sue. 196 King. Janice Yvonne, 196 King. Margaret E.. 237 King. Sara Anne. 106. 224 Kinsev. Patricia Gail. 166 Kirby, Elizabeth Jane. 224 Kirbv. Jane. 196 Kirk. Dorothv Jean. 196 CONGRATULATIONS! North State Chevrolet Company, Inc. 451 N. Eugene Street Greensboro. North Carolina We invite you to visit our one stop service center DON JOHNSON ' S ELAM CLEANERS LAUNDRY 604 S. Klam Ave. Greensboro. N. C. Electronic Controlled Mycel Cleaning Process CITY-WIDE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY See Our Campus Representatives COMPLIMENTS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO A GREAT CLASS ALBERT BEALLE-JOHN BRUCE SSACHUSET.TS HIGGINS CYCLE SHOP STORE 1214 Spring Garden St. I Two Blocks from Campus! RENTAL and SALES and SERVICE on BIKES. TVS. RADIOS W e Invite Parlies for Rental Phone 272-0272 CONSIDER TEXTILES for a rewarding career • NORTH CAROLINA PLANTS J. P. Stevens Co., Inc., operates 16 plants in North Carolina, producing fabrics of wool, cottons and syn- thetics for apparel, home furnishings and industry. teven i J.P.Stevens Co. in Fint Film IMetaAaofci J FIXE FABRICS MADE IX AMERICA SIXCE ISIS Sine 1813 Page 253 FRANKLIN DRUG STORE 401 Tate Street I At the Corner I Prescriptions — Cosmetics — Fountaii Records — School Supplies Free Delivery — Open ' til 10 I ' ll,,!!,- 27_ ' ::l ' )7 TrailMobile, inc. 4610 High Point Road BE A BEAUTY EXPERT in just 30 minutes That ' s all it takes to learn proper skin care and the latest trends and shades in make-up. A specially trained Merle Nor- man beauty advisor will select shades just for you and you will personally experience the re- freshing Merle Norman " 3 Steps to Beauty " ... at your MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO 124 WEST SYCAMORE STREET Srudcnr Index Kirkman, Brenda Joyce, 224 Kirkman, Jean S.,224 Kirkman, Judith I ynn, 210 Kirkman, Margarel J.. 196 K..k,,;.tr u k. Helen J.. | ' J6 Kirkum, Linda Dal.. 196 Kiaer, Barbara Jane, 210 Kisselbrack, Patty, 196 Klendworth, Mari Kay, 224 Kling, Victoria Marie,210 Rose. 225 Klu M.i 166 Knight, Francea nn. 1% Knight, Jacquelyn II.. 196 Knott, Carol Vnn, 196 Knott, Willie Ma,-. 196 Knotta, Carole nn. 106, 196 Knox, Mar Hall. 196 kn.. . M :ir -al ,1 lli-nll. 166 Koontz, Judith V.,210 k H . Velna Janet, 224 k,,|,|,. Barbara Iran. 221 Kornegay, Judith E., 196 Kornegay, Margarel Vnn, 210 Komov, Phyllis Rena, 86, 224 Kolv. Dana Kay, 210 k,„„,.. Cynthia nn. 221 koun-. Susanna ka . 106, 196 Kowal, Mae Holliday, 196 Kredel, Nancj Cooper, 197 Kri.k. Rosalyn, 197 Kriegsman, Carolyn O., 166 K .in. Pat.icia. 197 Krose, Elizabeth I ' .. 225 Kuester, Kate Adele, 106. 225 Kutchei, Ki.ka Kolari kachiuan. Lvnn Susan. 166 Lackey, Judith V.,210 Lackey, Linda Jeanne. 225 I.aFontaine. Laurie J., 210 kail, Anne Reynolds, 210 kail. Brenda Saunders, 166 Lain. Jeanette D. Lamar. Nancy Annette, 148 I .am lift h. Janet Gale. 167 Lambeth. Man Jane. 210 Lamm, kerry Lynn, 225 Lance, Susan E., 197 Land, Christianna 1., 225 Landis. Nancv F.llen, 237 Landreth, Patsv Gail, 225 Lane. Donna Kave, 111,237 Lane. Edith, 210 Lane, Lynda Evelyn, 167 Lane, Miriam Rose, 210 Lane, Suzan Elizabeth, 167 Lane, Virginia C, 197 Langstaff. Joan I ' .eth, 210 Langston, Sarah Ruth, 190. 197 Lanier, Bonnie June, 197 Lanier, Brenda Gail, 210 Lanning, Beverly Irene. 210 Largen. Chend Dianne. 237 Latham, Janet E.. 225 Latham. Mania Gentry, 197 Latham. Margaret Sue. 167 Lathan. Jane Gail, 167 Latta. Man- Susan. 225 lander. Jo Ann, 210 Lauder. Linda Lee, 225 Laughter, Vlice Su-an. 225 Lawn. Mova Jean. 225 Lavinder. Judith C.. 225 Law. Kathrvn Bane, 210 Lawing. Dorothy Ella. 237 Lawing. Martha E., 225 Lawless. Patricia J.. 197 Lawrence, Diana H. Lawrence, Emma Jean. 210 Lawson, Martha Sue, 225 Layne. Rachel Mae Layton. Catherine Pace Lea, Patricia Diane, 211 Learn, Emma Beth. 225 Leavitt. Barbara Jo. 225 Leazer, Annie Lee. 225 Leazer. Janet. 167 I. .lira-. Man Marlene. 197 Ledbetter, Linda Sue. 211 Ledhetter. Patricia S., 211 Lee, Barbara Emerson. 225 Lee, I!,, I ee, Beatrice I ouise, 105 Lee, I Hula I- ii. Melinda Lou, 211 I ee, Susan 91 Leemon, Susan Vnn,225 Legg.Car.dvn Hedge-. 22. " . Leigh, Man ( oke, 106,225 I ematty, hriatine M.I. Leonard, Joan Fran, es, 1 I ■ »,, a,,l. sue Baxter Leonhardt, Lydia Belle, : l..vins.m, Carol ..u. 197 l.ewin, Lois Roberta, 211 Lewis, Vlice Ray, 22, ' . Lewi-. Linda Graj Ma 197 22. ' . Ma Liles, Doris Ann, 225 l.illien.lahl. Carol Lea, 167, Sara F... 225 Lindlev. Judith kav. 167 ng.da I... 211 Lineback, Phoe nn.237 Lineberger, Martha I... 167 Lineberger, Man .. 197 Ling. Carol Strickrntl. 167 Lingerie!!. Delores A., 237 Link, Barbara Jane, 197 Link. Janet Corinna. 211 Lilchliehl. Su-an L„ 197 kitten, Car.dvn Elaine. 225 kittle. Brenda Gail, 237 kittle, Susan B. Litzie, Diana Lee Liverman, Betty G. Livennan, kav Camille, 225 Livermon, Barbara Ann, 225 Livesay. Sandra Lee, 211 koafman, Janet Elaine. 211 kobdell. Marv Malinda. 106. 167 Lockhart. Linda Scott. 225 Lodmell, Lyla Loflan.l. Dee Anne. 197 Loflin, Peggy M.-Neal, 197 Loftis, Nellie Kay, 234 Logan. Barbara karen, 211 kogan. Linda Aylene. 103. 168 l.ollar. Susan Eileen. 211 Long. Linda Alice, 197 I.nng. Martha Anne, 225 Long, Paula Lynn, 225 Longworth, Linda Gray, 106. 211 Loonev, A„ 197 Lorber. Janet Rand. 211 Lott, Ruth Calista Love. Rowena Ann, 225 Lovell, Barbara Paige, 233 Lovett, Rebecca L., 234 Lovins. Sharon June, 168 Lowder, Selma Elaine, 211 Lowe, Nelia Gray. 225 Lowe. Virginia Mae, 232. 233 Lowery. Sue Jo. 225 Lowranee, Betty Lou. 211 Lowery, Shirley Ann. 107. 168 Loy, Mary Katherine. 211 Lucas. Gale M. Luce, Evelyn Herring Ludwig. Marv Frances. 225 Lundv. Patricia Anne. 225 Lupton, Julia Rave. 105. 168 Luther, Cara Jeanne. 211 Mabe. Elizabeth .. 211 Mabe. Judith Ann. 211 Macaulay, Patricia B.. 225 MacFarlane, Marjorie. 225 Macllwincn. Louisa B. Mackav. Joan Marie, 225 MacKethan. Toi,,,,. 87. 168 Macon. Mice Jewell. 211 Macqueen. Margaret A.. 211 Ma.lren. Nancv nn. 197 M.I. .11. r, loyce Vim. 225 Mall . I lane, 197 M.I and,,..- P., 168 Ma... 1. 1. Rbona Sue, 225 Man, I, an.,. liol.eila I ... Man,--, land., Ian.-. 225 Mai Marj EUen Manev. Ma.lelvnn S., 197 Mangun,. Marv Ellen. 101. 197 Ma,,.,. Barbara Ruth, 168 Maniak. Diane I ucille, 211 Ma, , ■.„!.. Pat.., la F... 197 Margolie, Barbara I).. 168 Marka, Mariat Marli... Linda Sue, 225 Marlow, Brenda Diane, 168 Marlowe, Grace Carolyn, 168 Ma... i aroline II.. 197 Marshall. pnl I oilier, 168 Marshall, Janel Kyle, 225 Martin. Elizabeth F., 211 Martin, El,. ice J.. 197 Martin, Gloria R.. 197 Martin. . In. Nil, I. .211 Martin. Lynda Joyce Martin. Marv 225 Martin, Pamela Boren, 211 Martin. Pene ! nn. 225 Martin. Priscilla L, 197 Martin, Teresa Ann, 197 Martin, Victoria, 225 Marus, Meredith Rhea, 168 Marvin. Karalee T. Masline. Patricia Ann. 211 Maske. kinda L., 225 Mason. Carolyn Medlin. 168 Mason. Jen, rv Mae. 197 Mason. Norma Evans, 211 Massel, Barbara Jane. 91. 211 Massev, Svlvia Mae. 225 Massv. Patricia H.. 197 Master-. Billie D.. 225 Matheson, Georgia M.. 211 Mathews. Carolyn V.. 211 Mathews, Marjorie E. Matthews. Cheryl Dean, 225 Matthews. Glenda Faye. 225 Matthews. Jeanne M„ 225 Mathieu, Man Barnwell, 169 Matkins, Jo Ann. 234 Matthes. Mem M. Matthews. Louise Kelly. 211 Matthews, Trina Carole Matthis, June Lee, 211 Maulden, Janet Claire. 81. 169 Maultsbv. Emilv (.ail. 225 Maxev. Anne Carole. 211 Maxin. Patricia Ann, 234 Mav. B.ttv Franklin. 225 May. Carolyn Rebecca. 225 May, Jean Ann. 211 Mav. Kav Frances. 169 Mayberry, Martha E.. 197 Mayer, Harriet Iris. 211 Mayer, Maxin.-. 211 Mayes, Brenda Jean. 225 Mazolv. Eve. 169 McAdams, Carol. 238 McAdams, Jean Holmes McAdoo. Francine Alston. 169 McAlister. Patricia A. McBride. Julia Kav. 233 McCall. Dori- „n. 169 McCall. l.vnda F.llen, 211 Mil,lr,-,l Sue, 225 McCarn. Phyllis nn. 236. 238 McCarter. Glorida Jean. 225 McCaskill. Catherine. 197 McCauley. Sandra Jean. 211 McClintock. Eleanor k.. 197 McClung, Elizabeth D. M, (Mure. Nancv Carol. 169 M.C..1I. Marv Tipton. 211 McCombs, Fran,.- F... 225 M.-Connell, Carol L.. 211 McConnell. Catherine M . 225 McConnel. Judith W„ 22.5 McCord. Barbara Alice. 211 ,,1 nnelle. 197 I i inoi lune, 169 ID kinda I.e.-. 211 I a, indi I 22. McDanieL Man Beth, 225 M, Daniel. Patricia V. 211 McDermott, Mice v. 211 McDonald, Joyce V., 225 McDonald, Jud) nn. 225 McDonald, Susan C. 22 ' , l,l),.well. Bett) J.. 197 M,D„W.||. Ilele,, I. I.. l,D,.w.||. ,,-an Reade, 225 McFadden, VnneCaroL22S M.Farling, Man kou, 197 McGavin, Lynda i on l,(.,,, I l, .,l„th r,n. 197 M ,ee. .irall lllie. 197 McGehee, Becky Ell.-,,. 225 McGill, Peggy Louise. 211 I, Miaron kellv McGimp-ev. Si... Irene. 197 McGimsey, Jane Shelton, 169 McGovern, Patrii ia ( .. McGuire, Ua Sue, 238 Mclnnis. Ina Von. 169 M.lnn... Man Hugh. 211 Mclnni-. Nan. v Louise, 225 l, Iniv i, . anda Ann Mclver. nne Gordon, 233 Mclver, J.-.i.t Chadwich M.Kav. Ellen Marie. 226 McKee. Betlv Jean. 211 Mckenzie. Carolvn Mav. 226 M.-keown. Wilma Jean. 211 McKinney, Man Patricia, 169 M. Knight, Norva Hope, 211 Mcknight. Phvlli-. 211 McLamb. Patricia Ann. 234 Mckean. Judith II.. 197 McLean, kail, rv „. .226 McLean. Man Rose. 211 McLeod. Linda Rav. 211 McLeod, Rebecca Lvnn. 226 McMahan, Eula 1... 226 McMahon, Janice McLamb. 197 McManus. Linda Carole. 169 McMillan. Mary Kathnn. 169 M, Man Hilda. 170 McNeil. ,r ,,,a Marie. 211 McNeil. Margaret J.. 197 McNeill. Meredith nile. 170 McNeill. Winifred Gail. 170 McPherson. Judith kav. 211 McSwain, Patricia Ann. 211 MeWhirter. Frances . Meacham. Nancv Floyd, 211 Meadlock, Svlvia Ann. 197 Mea.lor. Marv F.llen. 198 Meadows. Brenda Kay. 90. 198 Medford. kinda Marie,,,-. 126 Medlev. Sue Ellen, 19 8 Medlin, Frankie Holt. 170 Medlin. Man Avelene, 226 Medlin. Nancv Jo. 198 Medlin. Judith Ann. 211 Meed. Ellen Ann. 226 Meekin-. Elizabeth K.. 226 Meginnis. Marjorie R.. 211 MeharTey. In- iin. 211 Mehring, Susan Ellen. 226 Meiere. Ellen Lucille. 170 Meiere. Janet Carolvn. 226 Melton. Judy C. 198 Melvin. Elizabeth A.. 226 Melvin, Judith W .. 170 Melvin. Sandra Lvnn. 198 Memory. Judith Nell. 226 Mercer. Bettie Covington. 17o Meredith. Edna M„ 198 Merrill. Ruth M.. 211 Merrill. nn Carol. 226 Merritt. Donna Lcc 226 Merritt. Margaret A.. 170 Merritt. Sandra Holme-. 170 Metrock, karin Eileen, 226 Meyer, Jean Kathleen, 8, 114,204,212 Meyers. Dee Heather. 212 Mevland. Sarah Jocelyn, 226 Michaux. Janet Marion. 212 Student Index Middleton. Peggy Lane. 238 Mikeal. Janice Elaine, 212 Miller, rlene Alice, 212 MiUer, Betty Lou, 212 Miller, Carol Joy, 212 Miller. Elizabeth Ann, 212 Miller. Judith Stone, 170 Miller, LaDonna Fay, 226 Mill.r. Marilvn Elsie, 198 Miller. Rita Brice. 226 Miller. Sandra Kay, 170 Millians, Sandra Mil-tead. Mary L., 226 Miner. Man- Ann, 198 Minish, Linda Rave, 198 Minor, Nanette Jackson, 198 Minton, Anne Starr, 121, 198 Minton, Sandra C. Mitchell, Kathleen Ann, 198 Mitchell, SaUie Anne, 212 Mitchell, Susan Guion, 226 Mitchell, Susan, 170 Mock. Barbara Ellen. 238 Mock, Judieth Elizabeth, 147. 171 Moffilt, Sally Mae. 212 Mohr, Marilyn E., 198 Mohr, Nancy Jean, 226 Mollen. Frances Helen, 171 Monahan. Helen Stroud. 212 Monteleon. Martha J.. 226 Monts. Vivian C. 87. 198 Moody. Karen Lee. 226 Moore, Andrea, 226 Moore, Betty Jean, 198 Moore. Beverly Ruth. 212 Moore, Carol Virginia, 238 .Moore. Donna Jean. 226 Moore. Dorothy Jane, 212 Moore, Emily Marie. 106, 171 Moore, Emily Sue, 226 Moore, Jo Ellen, 212 Moore. Judy Carlette, 226 Moore, Judy Carol, 198 Moore, Linda Darlene, 198 Mi - Linda Jane. 171 Moore. Maria Justice, 212 Moore, Mary Ruth Moore. Maxim- H.. 198 Moore, Parola Lorene. 92. 106. 198 Moore. Penelope Vnn, 212 Mo,, re. Sandra Kay. 226 Moore, Sarah Joyce. 198 Moore, Virginia Deeanne, 171 Moore. Wan, la lee. 226 Moran. Barbara Janice. 226 Morgan. Anne Rogers. 171 Morgan. Barbara Lee. 212 Morgan. Carole G.. 198 Morgan. Elizabeth C., 226 Morgan, Margaret Anne. 212 Morgan, Martha J.. 234 Morgan, Nancy Elaine Morgan. Patricia Ann. 171 Morgan. Patricia Ann. 226 Mortice, Pamela Starr. 198 Morrill, Edith Josephine. 171 Morn-, gne- Marie. 226 Morris, Amelia Marlene. 198 Morris. Betsy Ross, 103. 106 Morris, Carolyn Elaine. 171 Morris. Joan Marie. 212 Morn-. Mary Carolyn. 171 Morris, Rebecca Ann. 106. 171 Morris. Soma Rae. 226 Morrison, Emily Elizabeth. 120. V, Morrison. Marian N., 212 Morton, Betty Carol, 198 Morton. Mary Elizabeth. 226 Morton, Vetra Delores. 91. 226 Moselev. Wonda Lynn. 212 Moses. Bonnie Alice. 171 Moss, Carole Sue, 212 Mosteller. Susan G., 226 Motley, Eleanor Jean Motsinger. Sandra Kay. 226 Mottsman. Susette B.. 198 Moulton, Jean F.. 226 Muilenburg. Martha B. Muir, Anne Lee. 226 l n. Mary J., 226 Mullen. Rebecca J., 198 Mullinaz. Linda Fave, 172 Mullinix. Bessie J., 198 Mullins. Sharon Griffith. 106. 172 Mullis. Bobbie Marie, 91, 172 Munden, Brenda Joyce, 212 Munden, Harriett Branch, 172 Munhall, Judith Ann. 172 Munvan, Joan Virginia Murphy, Carol D., 198 Murphy, Edna Anne Murphy. Mae Gregory. 198 Murray. Aleata Josette. 226 Murray, Drusylla Ann. 226 Murray. Jimmi Kay. 212 Murray, Judith Salko Murrell, Margaret H., 172 Musselman, Bonnie Kay Mver. Faith Joan, 198 h,,-. Donna Kay. 198 Myers. Joan Ellen. 212 Myers, Martha Ann. 212 Myers, Man Ruth. 226 Myers, Sandra Lee, 172 Mvles. Elizabeth Anne. 226 Myrick. Paula Jean. 226 — N— Nailling. Joan Cary, 226 Nailling. Man Elinor, 198 Nan,,-. Henrietta, 198 Nance, Phyllis E., 198 Nanzetta. Harriet A., 212 Napolitano. Julia D., 226 N.-al. Brenda Kav. 233 Neal. Sandra Marie, 212 Neel. Nancv Caroline. 172 Neese, Millie Carole, 212 Neighcr. Ro-alins, 106. 198 Nelson. Arden Jennifer, 91. 212 Nelson. Carolvn Polk. 226 Nelson, Cvnthia Ann, 238 Nelson. Woodie Kaye. 226 Neshamkin. Linda C. 86, 226 Newby, Carol .. 198 Newby, Man Sawyer New lin. Katherine M„ 212 Newman, Beverly Jean. 212 Newman. Carol Slinette. 212 Newman. Susan Diane Newsom, Janet Gwen, 198 Newt,,,,. nna Earle. 198 Newton. Diana Gavle. 238 Newton. Man nnT.. 198 Newton, Patricia nn Newton, Sara Louise. 212 Nichols, Barbara L. Niehol-. Billle F... 172 NichoK. Jovce Ci-el Nichols, Sara Eugene. 212 Nicholson. Monte Hyatt Nick-. Miriam nne. 212 Nielson, Geraldine R., 172 Nielson. Pamela Anne, 226 Nix, Tanya Lpchurch. 172 Nixon. Judy Myrene. 172 Noble, Emily Diana Noffz, Man Kay. 226 Noland, Shirley Mae, 226 Noonan. Gail J,, aim. 172 Norman. Elizabeth Moir. 226 Norman. Lane Smith. 234 Norman. Kav. 172 Norment. Anne Marie. 226 Norris. Jusia Adele. 212 Northcutt, Pamela Sue. 226 Norton. Annie Lois, 173 Nugent. Jean Jeffrey. 212 Nunn. Lealan Anderson. 89. 173 Nunn. Linda Kay, 226 Nuttall. Norma Frances. 173. 188 Nye. Melanie S., 226 — O— Oakes, Nellie Joyce, 212 Oates. Martha Frances, 212 (lal,-. Meredith Joan. 226 Oates, Routh E.. 226 O ' Brien. Lucille N.. 212 O ' Brien. Patricia Anne O ' Connell. Lorraine L.. 226 O ' Donnell, Sharon Marie. 106. 212 Oehman. Carol Ann, 226 Ogilvy. Margaret Virgi, 173 Ohgren. Lynn Carol Olive, Genevieve Gail, 226 Olive, Mary Cammie, 198 Oliver, Diane Alene. 87. 173 Olson. Nancv Paula. 212 Orth. Linda Lee, 212 Osborne, Brenda C. 173 Ostdahl. Karen J.. 106. 121 Osteen, Emma N. Oster, Toni Claire. 106. 212 Overby, Glenda Dale. 198 Overcash. Lucy Lorene. 226 Overman. Glennie Kave. 226 Overman. Man- Clyde, 198 Overton, Beckj J... 173 Overton, Mildred Hudgin-. 173 Owen. Betty Anne. 226 Owens. Dori- Richardson Owens, Sunny Elaine. 238 Paige. Janei Rae. 81. 226 Pachol, Mania Louise. 212 Packer. Carol Marie. 212 Padgett. Emily Marsha, 212 Padgett. Peggy Lynn. 173 Painter. Linda Lou. 198 Pall. Emilv Ann Palmer. Carol Jean. 226 Pankovich. Judv Anne. 198 Paoli. Donna Jeanne, 226 Par, ,11. Bruce nne. 212 Pareell, Carol Ann, 92. 226 Parfitt. Carolvn M.. 212 Parham. Man Lewi- Park. Alice H.. 104, 198 Park. Joan Frames, 226 Parker, Frances Lee, 226 Parker, Frances Marian. 212 Parker. Jennie Borden Parker. JoAnn, 173 Parker. JoAnn Parker. Lola Janet. 198 Parker. Marie Fave. 212 Parker. Martha Jean Parker. Man- Fave. 226 Parker. Sophie .. 226 Parks. Catherine A.. 212 Parks. Claudia Ma . 173 Parlier. Man Alice. 226 Parri-h. Claire B.. 226 Parrish. Glenda Ruth. 173 Parri-h. Man Martha, 174 Parrish. Patricia Fave. 174 Parry. nn Elizabeth. 226 Pa-savant. Elizabeth B.. 212 Pate. Emma Jewel. 226 Pate, Gail Ann. 174 Pate. Judith Diane. 212 Patrick, Betsy 0. A. Patrick. Odessa R. Patrick. Patricia J.. 227 Patruni. Nellie Dace. 238 Patten, Connie L. D.. 212 Patten. Judy Ann Patten, Nancy Mae, 227 Patten. Rachel 11.. 227 Patterson. Anita L., 199 Patterson. Doris E.. 199 Patterson, Patricia L.. 227 Patton. Charla Gene. 212 Patton. Ruth Lois. 174 Paxton. Sally Lynn. 174 Payne. Jo Ann. 174. 188 Payne. Joyce Lee. 174 Pavne. Margaret Jane. 227 Pavne. Man- Dianne. 174 Peacock. Man- Reynolds. 212 Peak. Kathleen May. 227 Pearce. Georgia Kav. 227 Pearce. Lydia Coleman Pearlman. Joan G. Pearsall, Kathryn Anne. 199 Peckworth, Barbara L.. 227 Peele. Rebecca Rave. 103. 174 Peeler, Nancv F... 227 Peeples. Jan, 227 Peew. Tomarie. 212 Pegg. Wilma Kav. 81. 174 Pegram. Sharon V.. 212 Pellegrin. Kathleen A., 212 Pendergrass, W. Joyce, 199 Pennington, Kay P., 227 Pennington. Virginia, 199 Penny. Margaret Ann, 212 Penn-. Mallie Bennett, 232, 233 Penny, Pat Lee, 227 Perkins, Willa Mae, 234 Permar, Kav Fern, 199 Perry, Ann E.. 212 Perry, Carol Jean. 212 Pern, Enid Janno, 213 Pern-. Joan Rogers, 199 Pern ' , Marcia Corile. 227 Perry, Patricia Lee, 227 Perry, Sandra Aileen, 86, 227 Petersen, Lynnelle Petersen, Cheryl Lee, 199 Peterson. Lvnn Marie. 213 Petrea. Fave Houck, 199 Pfaff. Carolvn Joan, 199 Pfaff. Pamela Kay Pheagin, Gwendolyn L., 227 Phillip-. Alice West. 227 Phillip-. Amelia Ann, 213 Phillip-. Dori- Jean. 199 Phillips, Doris L., 199 Phillips. Linda Kav. 227 Phillips. Linda Mae. 238 Phillips. Martha Judith. 174 Phillip-. Man Joann. 199 Phillips. Susan Brown. 213 Phillip-. Twalla Gail. 213 Phillips. Virginia P.. 234 Pickett. Jacquelvn, 199 Pickett. Katherine Ann. 127 Pierce, Billie Anne, 227 Pierce, Carol Ann, 227 Pierce, Jean Elliott, 174 Pierce, Patricia Ann, 199 Pinnell. Beverly J.. 227 Pipkin. Janet Sue. 199 Pirtle. Gloria Jean, 213 Pi-erchia. Marv Jo. 213 Pitt, Jo Jane, 199 Pittman. Jacqueline M., 174 Pittman. Jane C. Pittman. Katherine A., 199 Pittman, Virginia M., 213 Piatt. Roseman- Dowe Pleasants. Bonnie Sue. 86. 213 Pleasants. Rebecca L.. 238 Pleasants. Ruth E„ 213 Poffenbaugh. Susan A.. 199 Poindexter. Betty ' .. 213 Poindexter. Peggie E.. 238 Pollard. Barbara June. 2.38 Ponder. Belly Lee. 227 Pool, Man- Katherine, 227 Poole. Janet Dehetre. 175 Poole. Laura Virginia, 227 Poole. Linda Faucette, 234 Poole, Margaret L.. 227 Poole. Marilyn Seitz. 213 Poole, Marsha Ann. 227 Poole. Man- Love. 175 Pope, Doris Bivens, 213 Pope. Jeanne Parker. 213 Pope. Mary Louise. 227 Poplin. Catherine L.. 175 Porter. Dorothy Cama. 227 Porter. Jane Redd. 213 Porter. Janet Fave. 175 Porter, Pamela Louise. 175 Posey. Zenia Florence, 227 Poston. Patricia Jane, 175 Poteat, Sandra Lee. 199 Potter. Carol Fort. 175 Potts, Margaret Karen. 227 Pound. Barbara Cecile. 199 Pound. Shirlev A.. 199 Powell, Brenda Kay, 175 Powell. Judith Lynn. 227 Powers, Linda Ann, 227 Poyner. Alpha Judith, 175 Pratt, Martha E.. 199 Pratt, Penelope Jean, 234 Preimats. Rudite, 199 Prentice. Erin S.. 175 Prescott. Priscilla C, 227 Preslar. Margaret A., 199 Presnell. Henrietta A., 227 i ii i: c o it i: it Hooks . . . Gift! II. -.-...-.I- Again, it is a real pleasure to Bay that we have certainlj enjoyed working with you during the past year. To the Seniors, congratulations and the very best if luck to vou — we are going to miss seeing you about every day! - please drop in and tell us tile latest news when in town or down our way. HUGH J. SNAVFLY .ill Tate Street Phone BR 1- !, ' !(.(. oitet Jjruq S tom loos Spring Garden St. Greensboro, N. C. Across from Aycock Auditorium BR 5-6343 For your sandwiches, drinks — also cosmetic and prescription needs WHAT ' S NEW IN LIFE I Sl RANG ? For a Free Copy of Southern Life ' s Catalog of Life Insurance Plans See or Call ' l our Local Southern Life Representative SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. Home Office Greensboro, North Carolina CATERERS, IXC COMPLIMENTS GF A FRIEND Radio Dispatched . . . New Cars BLUE BIRD-CHECKER TAXIS, INC. Dial BRuadway 2-5112 L omp tim en ti of HART HARDWARE COMPANY Visit Our Modern Plan Phone CY 9-1341 now ite Pepsi for those who think young PEPSI-COEA BOTTLING CO. !317 Spring Garden Street GREENSBORO. N. C. Student Index I ' " won, vv anda I | I Price, Doris Jean, 227 Price, Jan» e Marie Price, [udi i arol 199 Price, Martha Vicki, Price, Mildred G., 199 Price, Nancj Lee, 90, 213 Prince, Ruth Vnne, 102, 106, Prince, Susan It.. 227 , ll.ll Pritcl Proi i " Profit, Rhonda Ga ) li . 227 Proffit, Sandra Gn ij 213 Proph, 21.1 Prothro, Martha G .,88 Proud, Susan Gaj 1 Pruett, Janice Lee 177. Pruett, Penelope 1 ee, 199 Pruitt, Patricia Vr hi. 199 Pulley. Sandra .. L99 P.lllill, n. iiii. I " 1 ' Purdoi a. Vnne Kli, abeth, 21 Purgas V . 199 Purgas nil. I.I 1 [99 Purvis, (Catherine Puryea r. Frances 1 .aura. 1 7( Putnam. ( i.-lia Dor aldson, 1 I ' m iiiitti. KK.i iiii 227 Pyles,( larol Vnne, 106, 17(. Quails, Eva Russell, L76 Queen, Phillis Ann. 199 Quincannon, Teresa .. 199 Quinn, Millicenl E., 213 Quinn, Peggj Inn, 213 — R— Racine, Gloria Louise, 227 Raisner, Janice Ann. 238 Rainey. [da Mar. L99 Ramsey, Irvin Diann Rand, Judith Furber, 104, 176 Rankin. Kami Ann,-. 199 Rankin, Margarel P.. 227 Rankin, Man Cornelia, 212 Ransley, Pamela Ransley, Susanne Ransom,-. Elizabeth W.. 227 Raper, Linda Hayes, 199 Ratohford. Jam- ll.-nri. 199 Ratchford, Sara R., 175 Raulston, Sara Jean, 213 Ray, Vndrca Marie, 227 Hay. Can.lyn Nichols, 227 Ray, .lean Gronquist, 176 Kay. Joan Elizabeth, 238 Ray, Manila L., 234 Ray, Patricia Anne, 176 Read. Su .annr Frances. 176 Reagan, Melba Arey, 238 Reavis,Judy Rose, 213 Rector, Linda Sue, 213 Redding. Brijiilt.- H., 234 K Sii-an Max. 176 Reed, Elizabeth Marie, 176 Reed, Jane Hays, 227 Reed, Susan Kay. 227 Rees, Linda Carol, 176 Rees, Marsha Lorraine. 213 li Clara J.. 115. 199.2113 Reeves, Harriet Jane, 213 Regan. Melba Louise. 199 Reichenbach, Elise M. 213 Reid, Anna Priseilla. 227 Reid, Carolyn Carlyle Reid. Lola Cynthia, 227 Reillv. Sandra Mae. 213 ReindehL Elizabeth V., 227 Reinertson, Barbara Jo. 227 Reinbeimer. Nancv L.. 213 Reiss, Donna Rae,213 Renegar. Julia Carol. 176 Renegar, Kathleen N., 213 Renfro, Barbara Ann. 227 Renfro, Johanna Dee, 234 Renfro. Judith Margare. 177 KevnobU. nn Thomas. 213 Rex nobis. Pollx nn. 213 Rex nobis. Shirley K., 213 Rezac, Lynn ( and. 227 Rhodes, i arol Lee, 213 Rhodes. Linda M.. 213 Richard lanice sue. 227 Richardson, Judj Sue. 213 Richardson, Sarah K.. 227 Rid ml. Pali ii ii Hide, r, Margai el VV .. 227 Ride, d i. Patrii ii G 2 16 238 Kink. Myra 1 j nn, 200 Riser i arol Joyci , 200 Ritch ie,Judj Elai lie, 213 Kilzu an, Man El len, 81. 227 Rives Margarel 1 Road ..Carol Yvo nne. 227 Roberts, Lola Carolyn. 227 Roberts, Pamela Jane. 227 Roberts, Pamela Rae, 213 Roberts, Sally Orr, 227 Roberts. Sandra Kay. 213 Roberts. Susan W., 200 Robertson, uelia .. 227 Robertson. Palrieia A., 200 Kobex. Elizabeth nn. 227 Robinson. Annita Gale, 213 Robinson. Ann T. Robinson. Dorothy Gail. 213 Robinson, Patricia F.. 227 Robinson. Linda Jean, 227 Robinson, Marx Ellen, 213 Robinson. Sara E.. 121.200 Rochester, Ellen Jean. 177 Rodman. Susan Margaret Roe, Marcia. 213 Roc Martha Jane. 213 Roeder, Kane C, 227 Roelofs, Marx Louise. 227 Rogers. Betsy Allen. 177 Rogers, Diana Jane. 234 Rogers. Donna Louise, 227 Rogers. Laura Teague, 227 Rogers. Lin x Vnnette, 213 Rogers. Martha E.. 120. 177 Roger-. Martha Lee. 177 Rogers. Marx Marie. 200 Rogers, Minnie Rebecca, 177 Ro-ei-. Nanex Elaine. 227 Ro-e,-. R -, ' ■ nn. 213 Rogers. Roxanne I.. 227 Rogers, Virginia Ann. 213 Roger. Marx Gxvxnne. 213 Roquemore. Libby L.. 228 Rose. Anne Fontaine. 213 Rose, Janet Rose. Marjorie J.. 228 Rosen. Sharon Joyce. 213 Ross, Elizabeth L, 200 R..--. Ella I.e. 260 Ross, Frances ictoria, 177 Ross, Martha Jane 213 Ross, Marx Eloi-e. 177 Ross, Nancy Diane, 228 Rosser, I arolyn E.. 213 Ro-iiian. Julaine R.. 213 Rothman, Doreen Dale. 213 Round-. Penelope V. Rouse, Constance M., 213 Rouselle, Shara M.. 200 R 1, Pal |. in 104, 177 Routh I ' m. Hardin, 17K Rowe, 1 vnda Marie, 178 Rowla „d. Sarah E.. 228 Rowle 1 tie. 228 Rllde,, . Kail,,, ( e|, .,. 211 Rubin .Judith Susan, 214 li, eld. l .228 i; m.i i , ■II. Elizabeth S., 211 iiniiii, ,. (Catherine T., 107, 21 Ruftj ,iii., Louise, 228 Rufty, Nan Pit in.211 Rupai 1. Nancj 1 ouise, 233 Rutherford, Rebecca 1... 228 Ryan, Evelyn , nam la. 21 1 Ryle, Patricia „„.2II Saari, Susan M. Kav. 178 Sa, rinty, Dianne Kax. 228 Sadler, Joyce Lynn, 228 Sadler. Susan Ann. 228 Safrit, Glenna C, 200 Sagar, ,.., Ven ,81, 121,200 Vi L, a, 178 Ann, 8 Sam eth, Myrna Gail Sam pson, Judith Kane, 23 Sam uels, Patricia Mae San, 1, 1 ,,,,,., Susan, 178 Iberg, Susan E.. 211 Sam I. ... Sharon „n, 211 . 228 •s.n ii. Minnie Carole. 214 Sanford, Elizabeth A.. 200 Sanford, Judith Anne. 87. 178 an. II., id. ictoria II.. HM . 228 Sari in. Ruby Pearl. 228 •s.iiu.K. Barbara Well- Salter, Karin Lee, 228 Satterfield, Barbara I... 228 Saunders. Becky Jordan, 2011 Saunders. Doris Jordan Saun.ler-. Greta C, 214 Saxvyer. Carolyn Ann. 214 Sawyer, Dorotbx Belle. 228 Sawyer, Loutricia G.. 228 Sawyer, Susan Joan. 214 Saxon. Rosalie W. Savre. Jacqueline E., 228 SchadeL Elizabeth , in. 228 Schenck, Lutisha .nn. 228 Scher, Linda Elaine. 228 Schlein, Betsi I aren, 214 Schloss, Diane K. Schmidt. Margaret L.. 214 Schneider, Edith L.. 214 Schoen, Louise, 228 Schrader, Anne Hazard. 234 Schr ler. Pamela Lou. 178 Schubart, Vera Anne. 200 Schwintzer, In- E., 228 Scobey, Carolyn Lee, 228 Scoggins, Miriam E., 228 Scott, Irma Harriett. 178 Scott. Margaret L.. 228 Scott. Marx Draughon. 200 Scully, Martha H.. 214 Scurry, Julianne W., 200 Sears, Nancy Jane. 200 Seawell, Kathleen B., 228 Seax. nna Palrieia. 1 ,8 Sebastian, .ludx nn. 228 Secrest, Sandra 1 ee, 211 E.. 214 .an. 21 1 ie,200 •I,.,. 21 1 s, 200 Man Ida, 238 Setzer, „i, II.. 104, 2ihi Sewell, " mill Man. . (05, 200 Sewel), i arolyn Kay, 214 Si i ii [an 21 I Shade, Belinda Vnn, 200 Shane, I rsell I oui e, 200 Sharif, Marjorie " inn, 228 Sharp, Man I.,.,,,. 21 1 Sharp, . i i, ,i,l, ,n, v. 2iKi Sharpi lb, i, I., I, ,-.|,l,,n. 178 Sharpe, Sheron, 178 Shaver, Barbara, 178 Shaw, Barbara ,,„. 211 Shaw, Linda Vgnes, 179 Shaw, Mai Shaw, Phyllis Kax,-. 106,200 Shearin, I arolyn I Shell Carol lackson, 211 Shellington, Ni-a„ nn. 228 Shelton, France. I.xnne. 228 Shelton, Sondra Ruth, 236, 238 Shepherd, I elia Lou, 238 Shepherd, Mamie Irene, 214 Shepard, Jane Hood, 179 Mieppard. Elizabeth V.. 211 SherrilL Vnita .. 211 Sherrill. Barbara Sue. 21 I SherrilL Kax Saville •shield-. J,,-.,, I I,, Shield-. Mollie Diane. 200 Shield-. Sandra C, 228 Shipley, Vgnes Crax. 228 Shoe. sxKi a Dianne. 179 Shoemaker. Pri-eilla P. 179 Shoffner, Linda C.. 214 Shope, Linda D.ll. 200 Shrank. Letitia E.. 200 Sbrexe. Elizabeth „ 200 Shropshire, Carolyn R„ 214 Side-, France. nn, 214 Sign,,,,,. Gale, 81, 211 •Nullum. Vvis II. •sill-. Jo „gela. 190,200 Sills, Linda Jo. 128 •s.Keib.rg. Elizabeth. 214 Siminoff, Nan.,- Carole, 214 Simmons. Billie Louis,-. 228 Simmons, Marx Jacquelj Simpkins, Carolyn F.. 214 Sim|,-on. Doris i... 200 Simpson, Martha Helen. 228 simp. ,,,.. Peggy Jean. 2.38 Simpson, Sylvia nn. 179. 189 Sinclair. Marx Jean. 214 Singhtarv. Bonnie. 228 Singletarx. Helen E.. 234 Singb-iary. Jam- M. Singletarx. Nelan Lee. 228 Singleton. Rita Diane. 200 S,„k. Vnne Taylor Sink, Brenda Carol. 234 Sipe, Gloria Darlene, 214 Si-on. Lesley nn. 228 Skilbnan. Patricia Vnn. 228 •ski, in, ,. Marjorie L. 228 Skoglund. Julianna. 228 Slater. Vnne. 231 Sloan. Frederieka Sue. 228 Sloop. Linda Carol. 179 Slusher, Pamela Vnne. 214 Smathers, Vnita Louise, 200 Smathers, Katherine P. Smith, Vlexa Jane. 214 Smith, Mice Brandon. 200 Smith. Barbara F.. 228 Smith. Beulah Jane. 214 Smith. Bobbie Carole. 200 Smith. Brenda Jane. 238 Smith, Brenda Kax. 214 Smith. Charlotte L.. 228 Smith. Charmian E.. 179 Smith. Dorotbx I... 21 1 Smith. Emilx V orth Smith. Geraldine E.. llll Smith. Glenda Margie. 17u Smith. Gloria Brother-. 233 Smith. Jane Kirkman. 17m Smith. Jeannie M.. 106. 200 Smith. Julia Cart. 228 Smith, Leah Loretta. 200 Smith. L.-lie Ann. 228 Page 259 Student Index Smith, Linda Grace, 228 Smith, Linda Kathryn, 214 Smith, Lucinda Ford, 228 Smith, Margaret C. 179 Smith, Marilyn Jane, 228 Smith, Martha Jo. 214 Smith, Mary L„ 214 Smith. Merle Elizabeth Smith, Nancv Carolyn. 214 Smith, Nancv Ida, 228 Smith. Sherry Ann, 228 Smith, Patricia A.. 120, 179 Smith, Patricia Carole, 214 Smith, Patricia Lynda, 228 Smith, Patricia Sue, 200, 203 Smith, Rachel M„ 228 Smith, Sally Ann, 228 Smith, Sandra Delores, 214 Smith, Sandra Drucilla, 179 Smith. Susan A.. 106. 228 Smith, Virginia E„ 200 Smither, Diane Lee, 214 Smitherman, Sarah A., 200 Smyer, Ida Grizzelle, 90, 179 Smyre, Linda W ike, 214 Snider. Anna Blake, 180 Snodderly. Lorene N„ 200 Snow, Evelyn Carole, 200 Snuggs, Gay Marguerite, 214 Snyder, France. M„ 228 Snyder, Janet Maxine. 214 Snyder. Phyllis Marie. 106. 180 Soiset, Virginia L.. 200 Sokol. Karla Lofton, 228 Solem, Christine W .. 214 Somers, Dorothy Marie, 228 Somers, Susanne, 180 Sondey, Joann. 214 Sorensen, Vickie V.. 215 Sorkin, Mona, 228 Southerland, Rosa C, 87, 215 Southern, Linda Ruth Southworth, Nancy M.. 228 Sowers, Betty Jean Sox, Sandra Jean. 201 Soyars, Man ' Broders. 180 Spangler. Marjorie Ann. 120, 180 Spangler. Sherry Hord, 215 Sparkman, Jackie, 228 Sparks, Gene Anna, 215 Spears. Jean Carolyn, 201 Speas. Claudia Anne, 228 Spencer, Barbara A„ 201 Spencer. Ima Jean. 180 Spencer, Jeanette C, 228 Spencer. Martha Lee, 215 Spencer. Nancy Ann, 201 Spessard. Pamela Delle. 180 Spradlev, Rachel V., 180 Spratt. Choice Townley, 228 Sprinkle, Sandra Lee, 180 Spruill. Melanie Anne, 128 Stacy, Mary Patricia. 128 Stafford. Rita Kave, 128 Stainback. Carol Ruth, 201 Stalling . Nancv C. 90, 201 Stallin-.-. Shelley P., 128 Stanfield. Esther B.. 180 St.mheld. Helen V., 180 Stanford. Paula H., 201 Stankwvtch. Vickv G.. 180 Stanley. Beverly .. 128 st;„ei. -u-un Meryl, 128 Starling. Ann Hight. 201 Starne-. Janet Leslie. 180 Starnes, Jeanne Louise, 128 Starnes. Myra Lee. 181 Starr, Lacy Coble, 181 Steed, Annette R. Steeneck. Loise Claire. 215 Stegall. Susan. 228 Stegman, Helen Jean, 202 Steifel, Margaret Harrison. 118. 119, Stein. 1 liana Ruth, 228 Stein. Linda Rose, 215 Stent?.. Susan E., 91. 201 Stephenson, Brenda Kay. 215 Stephenson. Gloria J.. 228 Stettler. Vera Emma. 201 Stewart, Donna Jean, 228 Stewart. Elizabeth F., 229 Stewart. Linda Joyce. 229 Stewart, Marsha Earle, 229 Stewart. Mary Beth, 215 Stewart, Sarah Frances, 215 Stewart, Susan E, 238 Stiner, Carole Ann, 229 Stillev, Ruby Eloise. 201. 202 Stillman. Roberta E.. 201 Stimpson, Suzanne E., 229 Stimson. Clarv Ann. 181 Stinson. Elizabeth N., 229 Stirewalt. Emmetta. 229 Stokes, Sue Rea. 215 Stone. Barbara L., 215 Stone. Martha Trent, 229 Stone. Man Kennedy. 215 Strasburger, Margaret. 86. 229 Strawn. Donna Gail, 238 Strickland. Barbara J., 215 Strickland. Diane W., 234 Strieker. Mary Diane Siringheld. Julia M.. 229 Stroud, Rebecca Ann. 181 Stuart, Elnora Louise, 181 Stuart, Julie Fellows, 229 Slump, Nancv Rov, 181 Stumpf. Sheiia Kay. 215 Stutts. Judith C, 201 Stutts, Linda Kay. 201 Stvdns. Janice Gavle. 215 Styon-. Linda Elaine. 181 Sugg. Brenda Kav Sullivan. Barbara Lee, 215 Sullivan. Neva F.. 121.201 Sultan. Sandra Phyllis Summer. Lila Elizabeth. 229 Summers. Linda Kav. 81, 201 Sutherline. Elsie P..207 Sutton, Barbara P.. 229 Sutton. Glenda Kav. 104. 105. 181 Sutton, Gloria Jane, 181 Sutton. Sandra Jean, 229 Sutton, Susan Forrest, 238 Swaim, Carolyn nn Swaim. Irene Stroud, 215 Swann. Judith. 229 Swanson, Janet Ann. 181 Swicegood. Barbara J.. 229 Swicegood. Man Ann. 229 Swindell. Sandra Sue. 181 Swink. Patricia Ann. 229 Swiss. Andrea Jane. 229 Swofford. Lena Marie. 229 Taggart, Alice Ann Talbert. Laura Forrest Talley. Mau.le Jourdan. 229 Tannenbaum. Jeanne L., 182 Tanner. Margaret I... 215 Tarleton, Harriett L.. 215 Taro. Elaine Rosemary. 182 Tarplrv, Brenda Kav, 229 Tart. Sandra Jean. 229 Tate. Deanna Dawne. 215 Tate, Willa Yvonne, 182 Taul. Virginia B., 215 Taylor. Barbara Ann. 229 Tavlor, Carolyn Ann. 215 Taylor. Claire L. 215 Taylor. Claudia E.. 233 Tavlor. Delia H.. 215 Tavlor. Donna Jean. 251 Taylor. Jane WilHams. 229 Taylor. Julia Winston. 215 Tavlor. Kaye Kelly. 106, 120, 182 Tavlor. Marilyn Diane, 215 Tavlor. Phyllis M.. 215 Tavlor. Reeva Anne. 238 Tavlor. Rita Francine, 182 Tavlor, Robbie Dianne. 229 Taylor, Sandra E.. 229 Taylor. Sandra Wynne. 229 Teague. Martha Ross, 201 Teague, Suzanne E„ 229 Teague, Sylvia A. Teal. Ella Juanita. 234 Teal. Jane E., 201 Temple. Nancy Ann. 215 Templeton. Alice M.. 201 Tennent. Alexandra. 229 Tepper. Fern, 215 Terrell. Susan. 215 Tesh, Almeda Frances, 201 Tetterton, Elizabeth J., 182 Thacker, Carol R., 106. 201 Theiling, Elizabeth J„ 215 Thomas, Carolyn D„ 229 Thomas, Carolyn Fay, 182 Thomas, Edith Merritt Thomas. Joyce Young, 229 Thomas, Patricia Ann Thomas, Patricia D„ 229 Thomas, Sara L., 201 Thomas. Susan Larue, 229 Thomas. Wanda Lou. 229 Thomason. Prudence C, 182 Thomason. Sandra Lee, 201 Thomerson, Rowena E., 107, 215 Thompson. Carol M.. 238 Thompson. Charlotte R.. 229 Thompson. ( daudia I.. 201 Thompson. Dorothy N.. 182 Thompson, Elizabeth A., 229 Thompson, Harriett I.. 182. 189 Thompson. Kathnn Fae, 229 Thompson. Phyllis Ann. 182 Thompson. Sara A.. 215 Thompson. Sarah Drake, 215 Thompson. Soma King. 229 Thompson, Sue Frances, 238 Thorns. Man Beth. 215 Thomson. Gail. 182 Thome. Ellen Elizabeth. 183 Thornhill. Marian F.. 182 Thornton. Brenda J.. 201 Thornton. Eileen S.. 229 Thornton. Emilie Susan. 229 Thrasher. Margaret E.. 215 Tice. Barbara E.. 201 Ticehurst, Laurie Jean Tiller. Susan E. Tillev. Audrey Karen. 106.215 Tissue, Carol Ann. 201 Titus. Charlotte L., 201 T 1. Belle Elizabeth. 201 Todd. Brenda Pearl. 229 Todd. Man Frances. 229 Todd. Sandra Willeen. 229 Tomson, Susan W., 215 Tonev. Brenda Mae, 183 Toogood. Anna Coxe. 229 Topodas, Katherine J„ 215 Towe. Susan Madeline, 183 Tow en. Nancv Dalton. 183 Townsend. Jamis C. 201 Town-end. Samantha Ann. 215 Trapnell. Elizabeth C. 229 Travnham. Janice Calva. 183 Tremitiere. Diane L.. 229 Trexler. Constance E.. 229 Trexler. Martha Warren, 116. 183 Tripp. Judith L.. 94. 215 Tripp. Rosalie Holmes, 183 Trivette. Tomve Joyce, 229 Trogdon. Garlie B., 201 Troutman. Jane. 238 Troxler, Martha A.. 201 Tucker, Catherine L., 183 Tucher, Cherry Lvnne, 229 Tucker. Edith Juanita. 229 Tucker. Katherine Ann. 189. 215 Tudor. Glenda Joyce. 229 Tueche, Rita Dean. 215 Turban. Man Kathnn, 215 Turkelson. Meta L.. 81. 229 Turner. Beatrice T., 229 Turner. Betsy Rose. 201 Turner. Judith Wilson Turner. Judy Lynn, 183 Turner. Sandra Sue. 229 Turner, Sue Lynn. 229 Tuttle, Susan E.. 201 Tvviddv. Phyllis K.. 215 Twigg, Susan Esther, 201. 203 Tyndall. Linda Faye, 215 — U— Ulrey. Dale C. 201 Umtsead. Jane K.. 229 Lfnderwood. Jessica Ann. 229 Underwood. Marian L.. 215 Untz. Andrea Fav, 229 Unchurch, Rose Andrea Upright, Man Levon. 215 Usher, Linda Faye, 215 Van Arsdale. Susan H., 215 Vanderburg, Dorothy A., 183 Vandenburg, Clarissa R., 229 Vanderschaaf, Anita, 2 29 Van Home. Janice L., 229 Vann. Linda Carole, 147, 183 Van Poucke. Margaret B„ 183 VanZant, Charlotte M„ 183 Varner, Carol Sue Vaughn, Barbara Jean. 229 Vaughn, Carolyn E., 215 Vaughn. Judv Aileen, 229 Vaughn, Martha Jane. 201 Vaughn, Mary Jean, 201 Vaughn, Patricia Ann, 184 Vestal, Charlotte Ann. 102, 106. 184 Vestal, Margaret Anne. 229 Vester, Mary Richard, 215 Vick. Barbara Lois, 215 Vick, Empress Jones Viguers, Diane E., 215 Vincent. Alice Gray, 229 Vitskev. Barbara Lee, 201 Von Cannon. Helen Ada, 229 Von Metzger. Sara. 238 Wagner. Connie Dell. 201 Wagner. Phyllis Ann. 229 Wagner. Renia P., 229 Wagoner. Jenny S., 86. 229 Wag-taff. Lillian C, 238 akefield. Marsha A.. 229 Walker. Cum Kirk. 184 Walker. Elizabeth M., 229 Walker. Gavle Yvonne, 201 Walker. Isabel Jean. 184 Walker. JoellaH.. 215 Walker. Man Arden. 215 Walker. Man Henderson, 201 Wall. Man Bradley. 224 Wallace. Ann Louise, 215 Wallace, Laura Anne, 229 Waller. Douglas Anne Waller. Joan Carol, 229 Walsh, Brenda Prisilla. 184 Walston, Judv Karol. 229 Walter. Starling Anne. 105. 215 Walters. Agnes Jane. 106. 215 Walter-. Carolyn Jane, 184 Walton. Carla Lynne, 229 Ward. Linner Marie, 184 Ward. Minnie C. 201 W arden. Johnna L.. 215 Ware. Margaret Anne, 215 Warner. Vivian Hope Warren, Dorothy Lou. 184 Warren. Ethel E., 229 Warren, Mary Dunn, 229 Warren, Susan Jane. 229 Warren. Virginia Ann, 230 Warren. Wande Rose. 215 Washburn, Helen Joanne. 184. If Washburn, Iris Elnita. 201 Watertield. Diana J..216 Waters. Mary E.. 184 Watei " " Walk Walk Walk Walk Walk Mary Margaret . Betty Leigh. 230 . Elia Jane. 216 I -sen. 201 .Judith A.. 230 , Nancy C. 234 Watson. Diana Eugene. 230 Watson, Donnia V„ 230 Watson. Marilyn Jo. 201 Watson. Mary Alyce, 216 Watson. Sonja Grae. 184 Watts. Janice E.. 230 Watts. Marilyn A.. 230 Watts. Mary Ann L., 230 Watts, Nancy L., 202 Watts. Rebecca Sue. 230 Way. Jane Elizabeth, 238 Wav. Linda Diane. 238 Wavnick. Cornelia A., 108. 202 Weathers, Gwendolyn G., 230 Weathers. Man M. Weaver. Nell R. Lee Weavil. Jeanne L., 202 THE COLLEGE SHOP 413 Tate Street Phone BR 2-5941 Gifts. Stationery, Stuart Nye and Costume Jewelry. Yarn and Knitting Supplies Flowers jor All Occasions by Anne Lee ' s Floris THE LOTUS RESTAURANT Chinese and American Dish DELICIOUS CHOW MEIN TO TAKE OUT Closed Each Monday 105 South Greene St. Jke J ' ikeri Jkt ■ J Jv. L» - K (AX Jm. E R fy%k 5 JX. k§ c 2114 Walker venue ree 6 blocks west ofUNC-G Page 262 Student Inde: Weaver, M itte Vnne.81, 106,230 Webb, Diana Kay,216 .1,1,. Man Randolph. 201, 216 Weber, Gail Sandra, 230 Webersen, Frances I ., 202 Webster. J.-nife, Wynne Web-tei. Koxanne I ...211. Welch, Gayle LewU,23B Welch, Linda . Icon, 202 Welles. Jane S. Wellona, Joyce Marie, 216 Wells, Beverly nn. 184 Well-. Cav (..„.l..„. 18. " . Wells, Virginia ..... 23d Welton, Marx Sue, 230 Weinatrand, SaU) S., 216 Wentz, Rebecca Vnn Wentz, Sallj Elizabeth, 238 Werner, Vnita Leslie, 230 Wernick, Ronnie F Wesley, Judith Lynne,216 West, ini Barbette, 216 West, Brenda Joan, 233 West, Sarah M„ 2112 West, Stacy Ann, 216 Westmoreland, Jane E„ 238 Wharton, Billie Leslie, 216 Whedl , Carole Jean, 91, 216 Wh.-db.-e. Ella Ra,- li.. 185 Wheeler, PhyUis Joan, 202 Wheeler, Shirley Ann. 216 Whitaker, Jean Graham, 106.216 W l.ii.-. nila Louise. 202 White, nn St.-warl.202 White, Brenda Sherrill, 230 White, Cary Helen, 230 White, Cary Horner, 216 White, Uelia Mae, 216 White, Hannah E., 185 White, Irene White, Judy Faye, 238 White. Julia Anne White, Lucie Lea, 230 White, Mary Elizaheth, 230 White. Nancy Ann. 238 While. Sherry Lynn, 230 WJ.itcliel.l. Eli al.etll. 185 hill. , l..i ■ 1 .mi.-. 230 Williams, Sharon l(.. 105.202 Woodi Bn 1 „, Glenn, 185 Will,.,,,,-. Susan Frances, 186 Worley, tbbie 1 enora, 230 I.e. 216 Wilkin.-, xylvu In. . 105, 186 Worley, Donna 1 ., .. 202 Williamson, Lucj M 190 Worsley, Lydia Vnn, 216 S . 230 Willis Marion Jean. 202 Worthing (el . 216 arolyn I 216 Wilson, Uice Barnette, 216 Worthington, Patrii ia, 202 ruckery, 230 Wilson, Barbara E.. 202 Worthmann, Nancy, 216 ,Kn :.. 230 Wilson, Brenda Kiv. 216 Wray, 1 onnie Dale, 216 J.. 230 W.i Carolyn t . 230 Wrenn, Barbara Vnn, 216 ;,,,,l. 216 Wilson, la,,.- Gilbert, 230 Wr.1,,1. Barbara Elizabeth, 120, iw, Belle, 185 Wilaon, Joyce Louise, 202 Wright, -ail 1 athi Sue, 230 Wilaon, Lois Eatelle, 216 Wright. Jane Elaine. 230 ,- Marie. 238 Wilson, Margarel Inn, 230 Wright, J-. Vnn, 218, 230 i E.. 202 Wilaon, N.,ia Ell, -n. 81. 106, 216 Wright. Judith 1 ah 1... 230 Wilaon, Pattj E.. 202 Wright, Linda Gayle.238 lie. 185 Wil-on. Koh.-rta 1.11. 2112 Wright. Martha 1 LI. v. 230 Wince, Sally,236 Wright, -aia Elizabeth. 105. 187 ie, 202 Winchester, Julia Delores,202 Wvalt. Carroll. 216 M., 202 Winn, Man Jo, 186 Wyre, Myntba Vnt ... 230 Win-tea.!. Jud) llalton. 186 Wyrii It, Brenda 1 ti( 187 ilkl.,-011. I ' .-ina nn. 230 illiam-. 11na P., 216 illia.,,-. Brenda K., 216 illiam-. Carol Ann. 216 illiam-. Carolyn Sue. 238 illiam-. Jennie Dodson, 185 illiams. Janet G., 230 illiam-. Jeanetle A., 202 illiam-. Jewel Sydney. 185 illia.,.-. Julia H.. 230 illiam-. Julia K.-i.l. 120. 185 illiam-. Katie Lou, 185 illiam-, Kippie L., 216 illiams. Lily D.. 202 illiam-. Do.lson. 186 illiam-, Martha Ellen. 105 illiams, Nancy E.. 202 illiam-. Patricia Sue, 230 illiam-. Patty Kaye, 216 illiams, Royce Ann, 230 Winstead, Lura Dean, 186 Winstead, Laura L.,216 Win-lead. Mamie W ,1,1,. 216 Winstead, Linda D., 230 Winstead, Sandra Kay, 216 Wins I.i.lith Inn, 86, 186 W inton, Nadine B., 216 Winter-. „nie W.. 216 Wirick, KathrMi „ 216 Wise, Janet Carolyn. 238 W i-e. Seollv Louise, 186 Cynthia nn. 216 Wit. her. Laura I.,-,-. 230 Withrow, M.-limla, 202 Wolf.-. nna Crace. 186 Wolfe, Judith Wright,202 Wolfe, Malinda Kay, 230 Wolfe, Mary M., 216 Wolfe. Patricia nn R., 186 Womack, Juanita Kay. 186 Wood, Alda E.. 202 Wood. Carolyn Ann. 230 Wood. Elisabeth Cordon. 238 Wood. Eli .ah.-th H.. 238 Wood. Jerris Sylvia. 238 W Ihouse, SusanneJ., 186 Woodruff. Phyllis Ann. 238 Yancey. Jane W., 81, 202 Yarbrough, Martha nn. 187 Yarbrough, Sarah k.. 216 1 arbrough. i. i. r Yates, loyce Ruth, 216 Yati -. Nan. Yelton, VnnaG., 187 Yelverton, Virginia -.. 230 lod.-r. Barbara Vnn, 230 York, Cecelia Kay.-. 216 1,,rk.-. Barbara lai Young. Jeanne (... 230 Young, Linda Ruth. 216 Young, Margarel Marie, 2 ' . ' . . nun?. Nan. v bigail, 216 Yount, Carole Vverj Yount, Cail Elizaheth. 2.30 Yount, Martha nn, 216 ZezefeUis, i vonne, 2.38 Zimmerman. Winnie M., 230 Zweigart, Cynthia Vnn, 230 Organization Inde: dv 2 Hi Alpha Kappa Delta. 1+4 nicriean Home Economics -sociatio Art Club. 31 ooiation for Childhood Education.! Baptist Student Union, 82 Basketball, 62 Beta Beta Beta. 144 Canterbury ' Club. 82 Carolinian Staff. 86 Chemistry Club. 50 Choir, 33 Chorale. 31 Classes, 128 Class Beauties, 110 Classification of Officers Committee. It Class of 1964, 148 (das- of 1965.191 Class of 1966. 205 Class of 1967. 219 Commercial Class, 237 Commercial Class Officers. 236 Committee on Legislation, 107 Consolidated I Diversity Council. 109 Coraddi Staff. 88 Counselors, 188. 202 Court of Social Regulations. 105 Department of Art. 28 Department of Biology, 52 Department of Business Education. 60 Department of Chemistry, 50 Department of Classical Civilization, 4 Department of Drama and Speech. 34 Department of Economics. 43 Department of English. 40 Department of Geography. 43 Department of German and Russian. 4 Department of Health. 55 Department of History, 44 Department of Mathematics. 53 Department of Nursing Education. 55 Department of Philosophy. 47 Department of Physical Education. 61 Department of Physics, 51 Department of Psychology. 54 Department of Romance Languages, 42 Department of Sociology and nlhr..p..l.,g . It, Districting Committee, 107 Dolphin-Seal, 66 Elections Board, 107 Elliott Hall, 81 Executive Cabinet. 102 Faculty. 135 Finance Board. 107 First Year Nursing, 234 Food Liaison Committee, 107 Freshman Cabinet. 103 Freshman Class Officers. 218 Gamma Alpha. 62 German Club, 41 Glee Club, 33 Golden Chain. 142 Hillel. 82 Honor Court. 104 Honors Program. 48 Interfaith Council. 85 lnt,-r- ar-ilv Christian Fellowship. 82 Jester Day, 96 Junior Class Officers. 190 Junior House President-. 2(12 Le Cercle Francais. 42 Lecture Entertainment Series, 122 Legislature, 106 Lutheran Students iation.82 Marshals. 120 Masqueraders. 144 Modern Dance Group. 64 Moravian Fellowship. 82 Mu Phi Epsilon. 144 National Repertory Theatre. 34 National Society of Interior Designers. 56 National Student — ociation. 94 Newman (dub. 82 ur-ing (da- Officers, 232 Omicron Nu, 143 Out-tan. ling Seniors. 146 Phi VlphaTheta, 145 Phi Beta Kappa. HI Philosophy Club. 47 Pi Delta Phi. 145 Pi Kappa Lambda. 143 fine Seedles Beauty. 118 Pint Veeo7« Staff, 90 Political Economy (dub. 13 I ' -, Chi, 145 lie-id. -in .- Hall- ( ..mmitlee. 106 Ring ( a-remonv. 97 School of Education. 58 School of Home Economic-. 56 Scl 1 of Music, 30 Second i ear Nursing. 233 Senior Class Officers. 1 17 Senior House Presidents. 188 Service League. 94 Sigma Vlpha, 143 Sigma Delta Pi. 145 -,,, i.d Science Forum. 41 So. iolog] Club, 46 Sophomore Class Officer-. 201 Square Circle (dub. 53 Mate Student Legislature Delegation. 106 Student Government Association. 102 Student Life. 20 Student National Education Vssoi iation, 59 Sinfonia. 30 Theatre. 36 Town Students Organization. 108 Volley-ball. 61 Wl ( -TV. 39 Weslej Foundation. 82 W estminster Fellowship. 82 Young Democrats Club. 93 Young Republicans Club. 93 THE EDITOR NOTES It was with much anticipation that I undertook the editorship of the 1964 Pine Needles last spring and began the planning which has led to the yearbook which you now hold. In the process of this planning a great transition took place on our campus which involved much more than a name change, for we had at last attained university status and would in the near future become a coed institution. It was with this latter fact in mind that the staff chose to take advantage of our last year as a girls ' school and dedicate the book to Woman as we see her on our campus. Summer hours were spent reading and researching on the topic and when Septem- ber came we were able to compile a questionnaire on woman and her general characteristics which was then sent to about five hundred students on this campus, and it was from this source that we related " Woman " to our campus. Our aim has been to talk about woman in our theme, put her into the student life on the campus, and finally to show through the class sections the individuals which go into the makeup of this woman. Academics, organizations, and special events have all been in- cluded in the much-expanded student life section of which they are so vitally a part. Departmental clubs have been more closely related to their respective de- partments, and we have attempted to note the academic improvements which will result from our new status. No book can be published by only one person, and I have many staff members to thank for the help they have given me: Mrs. Mary Hunter — who has been both an advisor and a friend to me and helped in so many little ways to make decisions. Ida Smyer — for the financial advice which I so sorely needed and for so ably handling the advertising section. Nancy Price — to whom credit for the main of the research on our theme goes and for the compilation of the questionnaires, and the actual work of these pages. Nancy Stallings — as Managing Editor she handled picture schedules and spent many willing hours on other aspects of the book. Susie Newman and her Literary Staff — for being so patient with me and working under tight schedules to get the copy ready. Sue Richardson — who spent many hours working with department heads and professors to present a true and meaningful picture of the academic life on our campus. Pete Cook and Arden Nelson — for their long hours, careful planning, and good ideas on Student Life at UNC-G. Ann Beatty, Carol Berlin, Virginia Lowe. Barbara Massel, Bobbie Mullis, and Carole Whedbee — who assisted me in so many ways even after having com- pleted their own individual sections. On campus a word of thanks must also go to Chancellor Singletary and Dean Taylor for their sup- port and cooperation; to Miss Patterson for her finan- cial and " legal " advice; to Miss Prondecki and her staff for being so cooperative and willing to help in Elliott Hall; to Mr. Wilkinson. Mrs. Alspaugh and the News Bureau for their picture files and ready assistance on photography. Deep appreciation on my part and heart-felt thanks go the following: Mr. Ralph Van Dyke, Miss Molly Flanders and the others at Jahn Oilier who worked so hard to fulfill our wishes and cooperate with us; Mr. Frank Fleming and Washburn Printing Company for their never-ending advice and especially their pa- tience: Mr. Fay Smith and his photographers Mr. Harrison Scott and Mr. Richard Byrd at Smith Studio for providing us so efficiently with class pictures, de- spite our mixed-up schedules; Mr. Carroll Martin and Mr. Malcolm Miller of Martin Studio for many of our student life and group pictures as well as those of the administration; Mr. E. L. Thomas who came so will- ingly on short notice to take candids for us. It has been a rich and rewarding experience to have edited the last yearbook which this university will have as an all-girls ' school. It is now completed, and it is with continued anticipation that I await your reactions to it. Our motto for the year has been " anything worth doing is worth doing well. " The staff hopes that we have carried out this motto and presented to you a true and memorable story of the year 1963-64 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Brenda Meadows Page 264

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