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NEEDLES The Woman ' s College of The University of North Carolina LIBRARY COLLEGE COLLECTION Gift of Pine Needles Staff — r i ' ■ - 1 ?■ 3 LU T • 1 THE 1963 Page 2 PINS NEEDLES PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE WOMAN ' S COLLEGE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA EDITOR LINDA NELSON BUSINESS MANAGER . . . ELLEN MAYO Page 3 hi r CONTENTS Academics 16 Classes 44 Student Life 130 Organizations 170 As North Caroliaa moves toward a new era in education, The Woman ' s College prepares to make many changes in policy. There is an intrinsic excite- ment in this blueprint for the future, because it provides Woman ' s College with a chance to gain new heights of excellence. Yet students cannot help but think with sadness of the many small and wonderful aspects of life at W. C. that will necessarily be sacrificed to progress. GO N8bp 9bZ 249798 rough }leetlng yeard " jKm •SB wB s B9n ■ ■ ' .» ' ■■■.••• " . " ' - ' ' .-.■ " ' . ;:• ' -■•;■.■ ' . $w and among jrienddkipd true ■tffl I A k w W o L The girls on the hall, always willing to help you shop or dress for a dance ... the friends with whom you exchange the day ' s news in the Soda Shop ... the special confidantes with whom you explore attitudes, problems, and dreams. i ead we our lived Away to another school for a weekend party or off to church on Sunday morning — both representative of the individual lives which revolve around an educational institution which does not attempt to dictate how students spend their leisure time. and widdom ' d truth pursue 8 M ! H L .• Jta K% We are here to learn . . . not from classes and texts alone . . . but from informal conversations with our professors . . . the suggestions of our fellow students . . . independent work and research in lab and library, often involving long hours of trial and error. Page 9 T kougk memoried jade Time, like rain, washes away the dust of memories . . . already it is difficult to remember our campus without the new Mclver building — Soda Shop — Strong and Moore Halls. Someday our entire college life will be seen in this hazy perspective. Page 10 J)reavnd will not die Dreams may be altered somewhat in shape and scope . . . but they remain essentially the same. Graduation will mark the culmination of one dream ... an exchange of rings will signify the first step in fulfilling another. to I earn We become increasingly aware of the rapid flow of our lives . . . and wonder if we will have time to investigate all we had hoped to learn. Forced to specialize, we think with regret of courses and books we cannot explore. t£ i}e hurried by % . H -38flpi=». Em " «« - - ' S czMnd dome golden day token yeard deem do lew jDitk goald in hand . ♦ . Signing the coveted contract . . . receiving the desired grant . . . bring a sense of great accomplishment . . . but also a feeling of nostalgia. For we are reminded that we have played only a minute role in the perpetuation of a great school. Page 14 C lOe7 turn Ok, c 10. 6- to you. For four long years we have called this campus " home. " Graduation brings a sense of humility . . . and of grati- tude. We realize W. C. has enhanced our lives . . . un- locked many doors for us . . . carved for itself a permanent place in our hearts and minds. V ' f f £ 3 -r E i. jj- -ij •MR- w The academic segment of the Woman ' s College stands to profit most by the new policies. Moving from college to full university status presents a challenge and motivation to students and faculty alike. Already well-known for its academic excellence, our school will now have the means to develop its potential in many varied directions. ACADEMICS Administration Faculty Departments 18 23 28 Administration TERRY SANFORD Governor of North Carolina WILLIAM C. FRIDAY President of the University of North Carolina Page 18 OTIS A. SINGLETARY Chancellor of Woman ' s College Quite at home on the Woman ' s College campus in this his second year, Chancellor Otis Singletary has proved he can provide the dynamic leadership needed by this institution. Each phase of college activity has received his attention in an effort to co-ordinate campus life. Facing an era of great educational change, Woman ' s College is indeed lucky to have such a forceful leader. KATHERINE TAYLOR Dean of Students A Japanese enthusiast, the build- er behind Elliott Hall, an expert in human relations — this is Miss Katherine Taylor, Dean of Students at Woman ' s College. Her appearances at the Found- er ' s Day program, at class meet- ings, and at social functions embody the dignity of woman- hood and thereby raise the dig- nity of Woman ' s College. A source of help to the student, a source of pride to the University — Dean Taylor. Administration MEREB E. MOSSMAN Dean of the College A dean and teacher whose real love is her work, whose favorite entertainment is chamber music, whose travels have been extensive, whose love for the mountains is exercised with frequent trips connected with her work, whose services abound among the faculty and student body of this campus, whose work in community service is well-known, whose friendliness is familiar to all — this is our Dean of the College, Mereb Mossman. DR. LAURA ANDERTON Associate Dean of the College DR. JAMES S. FERGUSON Dean of the Graduate School MR. H. HOYT PRICE Registrar MR. HENRY L. FERGUSON Business Manager MR. GEORGE M. JOYCE Auditor MR. CLARENCE O. SHIPTON Director of Extension MR. ALBERT A. WILKINSON Director of Nt ws Bureau DR. RUTH COLLINGS Physician Administration MISS KATHLEEN HAWKINS Director of Student Aid Woman ' s College Faculty Adams, Mr. Charles M. Librarian Aiken, Dr. Lewis R. Department of Psychology Albanese, Dr. Naomi G. School of Home Economics Allen, Dr. Donald F. Department of Sociology Allen, Dr. Roscoe J., Head Commercial Department Anderton, Dr. Laura G. Department of Biology Aromi, Dr. Eugene J. School of Education Atkinson, Mr. James C. Department of Romance Languages Atkisson, Mrs. Claire H. School of Music Baecker, Dr. Anne F., Head Department of German and Russian Bardolph, Dr. Richard, Head Department of History Barineau, Miss Elizabeth M. Department of Romance Languages Barton, Dr. Helen Department of Mathematics Bedon, Dr. Helen D. Department of Chemistry Beeler, Dr. John H. Department of History Berkely, Dr. Edmund Department of Biology Blend, Dr. Charles D., Head Department of Romance Languages Boehret, Miss Alice C, Head Department of Nursing Education Brashear, Mr. John H. Department of Economics Bridgers, Dr. John E. Department of English Bryant, Dr. Joseph A., Head Department of English Buchanan, Mrs. Sarah Francis School of Home Economics Buchert, Dr. Jean R. Department of English Burgess, Dr. M. Elaine Department of Sociology Canady, Miss Helen School of Home Economics Carmona, Francisco Department of Romance Languages Charpenel, Mr. Mauricio Department of Romance Languages Clowse, Mr. Converse D. Department of History Clutts, Dr. Betty Carol Department of History Colbert, Dr. William P. Department of Education Collier, Mr. James G. Department of English Collings, Dr. Ruth M., Head Department of Health Collings, Mrs. Elizabeth P. Commercial Department Connelly, Dr. Owen S. Department of History Couch, Dr. John P. Department of Romance Languages Cox, Mr. Richard School of Music Darnell, Mr. Robert A. School of Music Davies, Mr. David G. Department of Economics Davis, Miss Dorothy Department of Physical Education Dawley, Dr. Charlotte Department of Biology It g " t Page 23 Faculty f S PC SECOND HOME tor Dr. Luczynski is the library. If not in his office, this history professor can alway r be tound here. Delabarre, Mrs. Helen C. School of Nursing Education De Veny. Mr. William C. School of Music De Vinny, Miss Margaret C. Commercial Department Dickieson. Mr. George W. School of Music Dicks, Mrs. Mary Taylor School of Home Economics Dozier, Dr. Craig Lanier Department of Geography Duffy, Dr. Elizabeth Department of Psychology Duncan. Miss Margaret Department of Physical Education Farinholt. Dr. Virginia C. Department of Romance Languages Felt, Dr. William N. Department of Romance Language i Felton, Miss Marguerite Department of Chemistry Fiore. Mr. Robert Department of Romance Language Forrester. Miss Sherri Department of Chemistry Franklin, Dr. Marian P. School of Education French, Mr. Maynard G. Department of Drama an J Speech Funderburk, Mrs. Annie Beam Department of Romance Language I Gagen, Dr. Jean Department of English Galer, Miss Lois School of Nursing Education Gangstad. Dr. Virginia B. Department of Biology Greene, Miss Margaret A. Department of Physical Education Greenfield, Dr. Robert . Department of Sociology Griffin, Miss Ellen J. Department of Physical Education Hardin, Miss Noma D. part men of Art Harrell, Miss Mary Commercial Depart me nl Harris, Miss Dorothy V. Department of Physical Education DR. ROGERS has two favorite hobbies — plants and girls. Here he is discussing wild flowers with interested biology students. Page 24 Faculty Hartwig, Miss H. Joan Department of English Hathaway, Miss M. Elizabeth School of Home Economics Hege, Mrs. Ruth C. Department of English Henkel, Miss Shirley L. School of Home Economics Hennis, Dr. Gail M. Department of Physical Education Hickfang, Mr. Paul A. School of Music Hilbrink, Mr. William School of Music Hobbs, Dr. Daniel F. School of Home Economics Holloway, Miss Birdie Helen School of Music Howe, Dr. Kenneth E., Head School of Education Hunt, Miss Margaret A. Department of History Hunter, Dr. Eugenia M. School of Education Hunter, Mrs. Mary A. School of Education James, Mrs. Grace R. School of Education Johnson. Dr. Hildegarde School of Home Economic Johnson, Miss Joanne M. Department of English Johnson, Mrs. Mary Frances K. School of Education Jones, Mr. Joseph D. Department of Mathematics Jones, Miss Sarah Wilson Department of Business Education Kehoe, Mr. John D. Department of Art Kennedy, John W., Head Department of Economics Kennedy, Mr. Joseph C. Department of English Keziah, Mrs. Grace M. Department of History Kingston. Miss Margaret Department of Physical Education Koenig, Mr. J. Paul Department of Romance Lttnguages Korn, Miss Sarah School of Nursing Education Kreimeier, Miss Anna M. School of Education Kruse, Dr. Cornelius Department of Philosophy Kupferer, Dr. Harriet Jane Department of Sociology Kurland, Dr. Jordan E. Department of History I.aine, Dr. Francis A., Head Department of Classical Civilization I. argent. Miss Vera lone Department of History Leaird. Mr. David Carson Department of Mathematics Learned, Dr. Mary Department of Romance Languages Leonard, Miss Margorie L. Department of Physical Education Lewis, Dr. Anne L., Head Department of Mathematics Littlejohn, Dr. Vance T., Head Department of Business Education Lowe, Miss Louise School of Home Economics Luce, Dr. Harold T. School of Music Luczynski, Dr. Walter T. Department of History J rffetfifc Page 25 Faculty .- irfctifc iMl fc Alii £« , r £■ ft o (£) ft vr. irk Lutz, Paul E. Department of Biology McCain, Miss Madeline Department of Health McGee, Dr. Rosemary Department of Physical Education Magee, Dr. Aden C. School of Home Economics Marble. Dr. Guita Department of Chemistry Martus, Miss Ethel L. Department of Physical Education Maurette, Christian W. Department of Romance Languages Meriwether. Miss Margaret Department of Classical Civilization Miller, Dr. Meta H. Department of Romance Languages Moomaw, Miss Virginia Department of Physical Education Morgan, Mrs. Inga B. School of Music Morgan, Mr. Phillip School of Music Morrison, Dr. Ralph M. Department of Biology Parker, Dr. Franklin D. Department of History Parker. Mrs. Mary T. Department of Geography Partin, Mr. Robert E. Department of Art Penn. Miss M. Ellen School of Home Economics Penninger, Dr. Frieda E. Department of English Pfaff, Dr. Eugene Department of History Porter, Miss Nancy A. Department of Physical Education Ray, Dr. William S. Department of Psychology Reardon, Dr. Anna Joyce, Head Department of Physics Rener, Dr. Frederick M. Department of German and Russian Rhea, Miss Mary Judith Department of Romance Languages Rigsby, Dr. Lee School of Music Roeder, Dr. Martin Department of Biology Rogers, Dr. Hollis T. Department of Biology Rosthal, Dr. Robert Bernard, Head Department of Philosophy Russell, Dr. Donald William School of Education Sands, Miss Sarah Department of Biology Schaeffer. Dr. Florence L., Head Department of Chemistry Schriver, Dr. Alice Department of Health Schul. Dr. Norman W. Department of Geography Sedgwick, Dr. John P. Department of Art Shamburger, Miss Anne Department of Health Shivers, Dr. Lyda Gordon, Head Department of Sociology Sievers, Miss Jeannette D. Department of Business Education Sills, Mrs. Dorothy S. Commercial Department Singletary, Mrs. Emeve P. School of Home Economics Slosson, Dr. Preston W. Department of History Page 26 Faculty Smith, Dr. Kendon R., Head Department of Psychology Smith, Miss Lou Anne Department of Art Smith, Mrs. Rebecca M. School of Home Economics Smith, Mrs. Ruby Bass Department of Mathematics Smith, Mrs. Tommie Lou Department of Business Education Spahr, Miss Joann Sandra School of Home Economics Sperry, Dr. Irwin V. School of Home Economics Spurgeon, Mr. Jonathan Department of History Steinmetz, Mr. John L. Department of Mathematics Stephens, Dr. Robert O. Department of English Street, Mrs. Madaleine B. School of Home Economics Thompson, Mr. George M. School of Music Thrush, Miss Helen A., Head Department of Art Tontz, Miss Joanne Charlotte Department of Biology Ulrich, Dr. Celeste Department of Physical Education Van Hoven, Mrs. Jane H. Department of Biology Vermillion, Dr. Gertrude Department of Chemistry Wagoner, Mrs. Rebecca F. School of Home Economics Weyl, Miss S. Louise Commercial White, Mrs. Esther Boyd Department of Health Whitlock, Miss V. Louise Department of Business Education Willingham, Mrs. Alice J. School of Home Economics Wright, Dr. Lenoir C. Department of History ft A ft ' MEMBERS of the faculty, Mrs. Street, Miss Shivers, and Miss Hathaway, pause for a chat in the new W. C. Restaurant. AFTER his 8:00 a.m. Renaissance art history class, Dr. Sedg- wick takes a break and cunningly looks at some plain old walls ! Page 27 Departments WEATHERSPOON Art Gallery presents an exhibit of beautiful Japanese silk screen prints in delicate textures and hues. ART Department Prepares Students For Varied Opportunities THE MOMENT of critical analysis of one ' s own work is one of the most important and difficult moments to an art student. L2H km I The creative teaching of the staff of the Art Department is its most unique facet. Widely acclaimed, the Weather- spoon Gallery with its outstanding art comprises the department ' s most valuable asset. When a student graduates from Woman ' s College with a major in art, she is qualified for various em- ployment opportunities. For example, a graduate hold- ing a B.A. or B.F.A. in Design for Advertising is cap- able of applying for a position in many fascinating fields, including window display, newspaper advertising, magazine advertising and illustration, and exhibition designing. A student, also holding a B.A. or B.F.A., with a major in Art History and Interpretation can easily be acceptable for employment as curator in a museum or art library. In this day when the need for educational instructors is so great, the Art Department of The Woman ' s College trains students, working for their B.A. or B.F.A., to be art teachers in primary and sec- ondary schools. With additional graduate study, stu- dents may go on to fill positions as instructors in col- leges and universities. Opportunities are not in the least restricted, as one might candidly observe. Other opportunities include that of occupational therapist, medical instructor, recrea- tional specialist, and draftsman. Page 28 BIOLOGY Much Work To Be Done In New Research Laboratory The space occupied in the Science Building by the Biology Department is a bustling, compact area and there is a constant search for more research space. This department is interested in blending training and re- search, and it is for this reason that Dr. Berkley and Dr. Roeder instituted the construction of the Cutter Memo- rial Laboratory. This well equipped laboratory has car- rels where students can concentrate on studies and research space where they can do original research under the guidance of faculty members. Half of the research space in the Science Building is found in this laboratory. The Biology Department trains pre-med students and medical technologists. Twenty percent of the depart- ment ' s majors continue into graduate work and each year, four or five of them receive assistantships or fel- lowships to do further work in biology. GRIN AND BEAR IT! A certain amount of unpleasantness is good for everyone, especially everyone in Biology 101-102. STUDENTS catch a glimpse of life as the minute world of micro-organisms unfolds beneath the powerful eye of a microscope. Page 29 WHILE WORKING TOGETHER in an afternoon lab ses- sion, these girls determine the speed of sound by the Kundt ' s Tube method. CHEMISTRY Many Chemistry Majors Are Utilized For Research The majority of interest in the Chemistry Department is placed on analytical and physical chemistry and its associated equipment. This is the explanation for the large number of well trained chemistry majors that graduate from Woman ' s College and are employed with so much success in industrial chemical research. Ap- proximately twenty-five percent of the chemistry majors enter graduate work at some later date. Research is an important facet of the Chemistry De- partment. Last year, in conjunction with an honors program, one of the majors did much research on chromotography. There are, at present, two staff mem- bers engaged in research projects, one of which is in collaboration with the University at Chapel Hill. PHYSICS Major Curriculum Changes Take Place Next Year The curriculum as planned in the Physics Department trains a student towards a career in industrial, govern- mental, or private research and in teaching. Majors are trained in laboratories such as the one begun last spring for the purpose of undergraduate research. Part of the outstanding equipment to be placed in this laboratory is a mass spectrometer with a low pressure vacuum system. Next year, there will be three major curriculum changes in this department. The general physics course will become an eight semester hours course instead of six, and there will be two kinds of general physics courses taught. One of these will be aimed at satisfying the needs of the students in liberal arts and the other will be geared to the level of all science and mathe- matics majors. The electrical sequence for physics majors will also be rearranged to allow a full year ' s work in- stead of the previous one semester. HOURS OF HARD WORK and much experimentation and research typically mark the four college years of a chemistry major Page 30 AN ELEMENTARY ASTRONOMY class is given a lecture on the equinox in relation to the position of stars and planets. MATHEMATICS Undergraduate Program In Mathematics Kept Up-To-Date The Department of Mathematics offers a sound under- graduate major in mathematics, including work in modern algebra, advanced calculus, differential equa- tions, statistics, foundations of geometry, and the history of mathematics. In addition to the major program, courses are offered which provide opportunities for students from all areas of the college to gain mathe- matical experience. The department also offers a course in elementary descriptive astronomy. The program of this department is under constant surveillance, and changes are made in accordance with developments in mathematics. As an example, for the first time this year, as part of the new College Honor Program, an honors section of Math 121 is being taught; and a graduate course for present high school mathematics teachers is being offered. TEST TUBES, flasks, beakers, and bottles line the shelves of the chemistry supply room. Page 31 THE SPEECH laboratory with its individual rooms, micro- phones and tape recorders is a familiar sight to speech students. ENGLISH DRAMA AND SPEECH New Major Involving Three Sequences To Be Offered Beginning next semester, the Department of Drama and Speech will offer a major with three sequences: theater, general speech, and speech correction. When this plan is put into the curriculum, it will be the only major of its kind offered in North Carolina. This department also teaches the only course in creative dramatics in the state. This type of dramatics is concerned with impro- vising plays from stories and is the form of theater best suited for children through the eighth grade. Another facet of the department that is also unique as far as the norms of the state are concerned, is the freshman speech testing program. An effort is made to survey the speech of all in-coming freshmen and ac- quaint them with their problems. Creative Writing Stressed In Expanding English Department A strong program in creative writing is one of the assets of the English Department. This program is administer- ed here primarily by Professors Randall Jarrell and Robert Watson, both of whom have had books pub- lished within the last year. The English Department has greatly expanded its offerings this year. Many courses, such as Shakespeare and Victorian Literature, that were previously offered for only one semester are now being offered as full-year courses. New courses have also been added to the curriculum. THESE BOOKS and manuscripts represent the professional activities, from editorial projects to creative writing, in which the English faculty is engaged. POEMS I LATIN. _,.«.!»•» HISTORY High Standards Set And Maintained By The Faculty TWO HISTORY PROFESSORS show another member of the faculty at WC the beauty and the importance of an historic old map. ECONOMICS This Department Offers A Strong Major To Students With the addition of a new faculty member and an International Economics course, this department offers a strong major in the economics field, striving always to create a liberally educated girl who is prepared for a later career. In 1962, Dr. John Kennedy, collaborated with his collegues to write a textbook and a workbook. MR. BRASHEAR graphically points out to a class of graduate students specific details of statistics concerning American economy. The most unique facet of the Department of History is the high caliber of instructors — a very strong faculty which has not only excellent professional training but also an impressive record of creative scholarship. The assets translate themselves into high standards of ex- pectation from students, for which the department is known on campus. The staff includes specialists in various areas of historical study, people who have travelled widely, read extensively, and written for the progression at large with notable success. The students derive much from this outstanding de- partment. Many majors have gone to graduate school in increasing numbers. They have a long list of scholar- ships, fellowships and distinguished appointments. This field, and especially the Woman ' s College Department of History, does much to prepare the student for suc- cessful undertakings after graduation. A DUSTY VOLUME of New York Times, taken from many, provides a history major with information for a research paper. A FRESHMAN HEALTH STUDENT learns more about her- self and her body as she studies a small replica of a human skeleton. GEOGRAPHY HEALTH Well Equipped Department Offers Wide Range Of Topics The Health Department plays an important role in the liberal arts held of education at Woman ' s College. It is an instruction division which is affiliated with the medical services of the college. The Health Department includes a broad range of associated topics in its cur- riculum. Although there is no major as yet, this course gives to students practical instructions and information which can be used in college and later life. There are five qualified, full time members of the instruction division. Well equipped classrooms aid in understanding many aspects of this field. Filmstnps, charts, skeletons are just part of the equipment which is used. The department has access to a laboratory as well as a complete supply of first aid instructional equip- ment. The prospects for expansion in the Health De- partment will probably materialize in the next few years. Courses Promote Student International Understanding The Department of Geography emphasizes in its course of studies, appreciation of physical environment and of foreign nations. This promotes within the college stu- dent international understanding which is so vital dur- ing our time. A well equipped geography laboratory broadens the range of this department. A full time staff of three help prepare students for vocational opportunities in government services, cartography and social studies education. WITH THE WORLD literally spread before them, these students learn the basic facts and application of modern geography. ■v. A MAJOR FACILITY for foreign language study is the lab, where students receive oral instruction in a chosen language. ROMANCE LANGUAGES, GERMAN AND RUSSIAN COLORFUL TRAVEL POSTERS blaze the glory of romantic lands to foreign language students in the department. Cosmopolitan Staff Is Unique Facet Of Language Departments One of the language department ' s major assets is the cosmopolitan quality of the staff. Many teachers are either natives of or have lived in the country whose language they teach. The staff also has a number of people whose work in their field has gained them na- tional reputations. Through the use of our excellent language laboratory, it is possible for all students to receive intensive drill in the language of their choice. Courses in the Romance Languages prepare a student for teaching and for numerous positions which require language knowledge both in the government and private industry. Contact with the language and literature of other countries greatly contributes to a young woman ' s cultural background. The most distinct aspect of the German and Russian Department is the increased emphasis they give to the spoken language. The possibility of spending the junior year at the University of Heidelburg, Germany, is a privilege greatly desired by many earnest language stu- dents. Regarding expansion in courses, a course in the Survey of German Literature, placing special emphasis on the period from 800 to 1800, is being offered. When a young woman graduates with a language major, she is qualified to teach either here or in Ger- many or Austria. In governmental work, the Foreign Service always provides unlimited opportunities. The United States has a teaching exchange in many of the European countries which sponsor and place teachers in the countries whose language they teach. THE ALWAYS HANDY and usually essential dictionary re- mains close at hand as a German student begins a writtten exercise. WHEN A STUDENT begins studying shorthand, it is like taking a course in a foreign language requiring much practice. THE FOUR YEAR business majors as well as the one year commercials are acquainted with operation of all types of office machines. BUSINESS EDUCATION AND COMMERCIAL STUDIES Business Majors Offered Four Areas Of Concentration The curriculum of the Department of Business Educa- tion integrates a broad general education with special education for students who are planning to enter busi- ness or business teaching. Four areas of concentration are provided: a secretarial sequence, a business teacher sequence, a distributive education sequence, and a mer- chandising sequence. Requirements of the freshman and sophomore years are those of a liberal arts curriculum. The chief asset of the commercial department is the well-trained, experienced staff that is continuously car- rying on individual and class research to meet the de- mands for well-trained girls in a changing business world. Other assets include adequate equipment and well lighted classrooms. DAILY PRACTICE and individual desire to learn aid students in mastering a skill necessary for life in the business world. Page 36 STUDENT TEACHING means many thin optional choice, fulfillment, intellectual stimulation, and ever-present tired feet. EDUCATION Curry School Is Unique Asset To The School Of Education Curry, the campus laboratory school, is the focal point of the teacher education program at Woman ' s College. The college-controlled school, readily accessible to stu- dents and staff, is vital to all phases of educational experience. Outdoor education and school camping are an im- portant part of the curriculum in the School of Educa- tion. An educational and recreational school camping program for the sixth grade is conducted during the school year at the college recreation center, Piney Lake. Future plans for expansion include outdoor education experience on other grade levels. The School of Education provides its students with many varied aspects of educational training. The Read- ing Program offers its services to any student who wishes to improve her reading and study skills. Pro- cedure is quite flexible and usually varies with the individual student with different types of training and material available. Page 37 IN THE NEW home economics lighting lab, students are shown fundamentals of correct lighting for later use in homes. FRESHMAN MAJOR, Sally Moffitt, applies the principles of dressmaking that she learned in her Home Economics 101 HOME ECONOMICS Useful Residential Lighting Laboratory Is Unprecedented HOME ECONOMICS MAJORS are not always working in the kitchens. Girls eagerly learn the useful art of upholstering chairs. The School of Home Economics is nationally and inter- nationally recognized for its staff, the caliber of students who graduate with majors from this school, and its up-to-date facilities. The staff is known not only for its teaching but also for its research and publications. Op- portunities for graduate and research study in this school are unlimited, but this does not minimize the existence of a strong and versatile undergraduate program . Much expansion has taken place in the School of Home Economics during the past academic year. An associate professor has been added to the department in the area of child and family development. The school has seen the completion of a clothing construction- conference laboratory and a housing research center as well as a new residential lighting laboratory. This lighting laboratory is quite unique in that it is the only one of its kind in any of the schools of home economics in the United States. As far as major courses are con- cerned, a four-year program in interior design was an- nounced in July of 1962 and a new course has been added at the doctorate level in child development. Page 3S PSYCHOLOGY Closed Circuit Television Is Rarity In Departments In quality, the facilities and equipment of the Psy- chology Department are unusually adequate. Many new items of laboratory equipment have been added, among them, a closed circuit television system used for demon- stration purposes. The department has tried to foster a close working contact between psychology majors and the psychology faculty. A great deal of emphasis is placed on Honors Work and on other forms of independent research. Students are regularly employed as teaching assistants in the laboratory, in faculty research, and in the College Vocational Counseling Service. One of the members of the faculty. Dr. Elizabeth Duffy, has recently published a book entitled Act ration and Behavior, which deals with practical application in psychology. SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY ALONG WITH its class instruction, the Psychology Depart- ment acquaints students with the operation of the lie detector. Faculty Members Gain Distinction From Many Sources Faculty members of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology have made themselves well known. Arti- cles have been published by every member of the staff at some time, and in 1962 Elaine Burgess ' book, Negro Leadership in a Southern City, was published. Dr. Richard Lieban, on leave of absence from the d epart- ment this year, is doing research in the Philippines through a research grant from N. I. H. DR. SHIVERS, head of sociology and anthropology, discusses recent surveys made on the campus of Woman ' s College. Page 39 ASSISTANCE AND COOPERATION in all matters bring great rewards to student nurses as they do their laboratory work. NURSING CHARLENE BLETCHER carefully practices the instruction given to her concerning the preparation of a hypodermic injection. Hard Work And Long Hours Rewarding For Student Nurses The only two year program in Nursing Education in North Carolina is offered by the Department of Nurs- ing Education at Woman ' s College. The average num- ber of girls accepted each year in the past has been twenty-eight, but enrollment may be doubled next fall. The department requires a rigorous program for would-be nurses. During their first year, the girls are required to spend six hours a week in laboratory practice at Cone Hospital, and the hours are increased to fifteen during the second year. After the first year, students work during the summer at the John Umstead Hospital in Butner and during the following summer as nurse interns at Cone Hospital. THROUGH ACTUAL HOSPITAL work, student nurses gain the skills and knowledge that accompany them throughout their careers. THE LONG MONTHS of cold winter weather and outbreak of the flu epidemic require careful diagnosis and treatment. Page 40 i J0 THE BALL is released and rolls swiftly toward the pins; then a strike, a squeal of delight, and another X on the score sheet. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Physical Fitness For All Students Is Department Aim This department offers many things to many people. Its aim is to give students a general college program in physical education designed to meet needs and interests of college women for fitness, recreation, and leisure. To those who major in physical education, it offers a professional program in physical and health education, dance, and recreation preparing for teaching and leader- ship, as well as other undergraduate and graudate de- grees. These majors also have the use of unusually com- plete library resources, including the Wellesley College Homan ' s Collection, unequaled in this field. The department unquestionably has facilities ap- propriate for the offering of a comprehensive program for all. There are two gymnasiums, a pool, a nine hole golf course, bowling alley, tennis courts, archery range, playing fields, dance studios, and a corrective laboratory. All of these facilities are open to all students for in- struction, practice, and recreation. Expansion has taken m any forms in the Physical Edu- cation Department. Future hopes include new tennis courts and an enlargement of the swimming pool, as well as an increased emphasis on advanced degrees pre- paring for college teaching. ON A SUNNY DAY the greens of the W. C. golf course re covered with students practicing techniques learned in class. It a MfH flkBMiHBIIIi EPitt m ■ ' " Jm ■HE _ THE TEMPERATURE outside is low, but the pool thermome- ter registers a warm 85° as these girls get a first diving lesson. THE GRADUATE INSTRUCTOR for this gymnastics course is from Finland, and the methods she is teaching are also Finnish. AN INSTRUCTOR teaches the technicalities of breath control while playing the accompaniment on an old fashioned spinet. MUSIC PRACTICE ROOMS are the home away from home for most of the music majors, no matter what their held of concentration. All Members Of Faculty Make Music Themselves Due to the nature of its curriculum, the School of Music varies greatly from other departments at Woman ' s Col- lege. A Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree are offered to those students majoring in music. The attain- ment of these degrees requires many long hours of practice, and these students find it necessary to spend most of their waking hours in the practice rooms of the Music Building. Every member of the faculty is a per- forming musician, and many have gained national recognition through publications and national conven- tions. The recent addition of a nine foot Steinway grand piano, has rounded out the facilities of the school. LONG YEARS OE PREPARATION and hoping reach their Woman ' s College. durinir a student ' s first violin lesson in the Music Building of Page 42 PHILOSOPHY Visiting Professor At WC Is Eminent Philosopher A major program in Philosophy has just recently been established at Woman ' s College and is in part respon- sible for the growing enrollment of the Philosophy De- partment. There has been expansion in the curriculum of the department also, by the addition of such courses as Introduction to Logic, Contemporary Philosophy of America, American Philosophy, and a reading course. An eminent philosopher. Dr. Cornelius Kruse of Wesleyan University, is a visiting professor this year. He is teaching during the absence of Dr. Warren Ashby, who has been granted leave to complete a biography of Dr. Frank Porter Graham. Dr. Kruse also directs the Junior Honors Seminar, a program that is offered at the college for the first time this year. DR. CORNELIUS KRUSE, Visiting Professor of Philosophy, and Dr. Robert Rosthal discuss the addition of a new course. CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION Greek Plays Are Presented By Students And Faculty In Greek and Latin literature can be found the origin of much present day knowledge such as the philosophy of Aristotle, the basis of history, and many principles of math. The Department of Classical Civilization places most of its emphasis on the teaching of this literature and on the Greek and Latin languages. During past years, there have been eight Greek plays presented by the department and the Classical Club. During the next academic year, a full time member will be added to the staff, along with a course on politics in the time of Julius Caesar. DR. LAINE, head of the Department of Classical Civilization, writes in Greek, for his class, the opening line of Homer ' s Iliad. Page 43 3 V , CLASSES -» ■ I — £ How strange it will seem to find men as well as women in classes on this campus ! Many of the traditions which bind the various classes together — Hats Off Day, Sister Day, Daisy Chain — will undoubtedly fall by the wayside; yet, just as certainly, new events will grow to serve the function of these. Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Commercials Nurses 46 80 94 108 122 126 ■HH ■p% Ak tm Lr- Jm j Susan Meacham, Cheerleader Tempie Outlaw, Vice-President Day Heusner, Secretary About To Graduate, Seniors Pause, Recall College Days The second of June represents both an end and a begin- ning for the members of the Class of ' 63. Looking back over the four years which are coming to a close, many memories are brought to mind including Rat Day, Jacket Day, Ring Day, and the Junior Show. This year has witnessed many memorable occasions: senior privileges . . . new cars . . . rings and wedding plans . . . student teaching . . . applications for jobs . . . interviews . . . invitations . . . caps and gowns . . . Class Day . . . finally graduation, marking a true commencement for the seniors. Libit Ripley, Treasurer PEGGY JEAN ALDERMAN Galax, Va. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. N.E.A. (3, 4); N.C.E.A. (3, 41. FRANCES CAROL ALEXANDER Franklin B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Assistant House President (3); Marshal (4): N.E.A. (3. 4): A.C.E. (4): Junior Show (3); Dorm Com- mittees ii. 2. 41. FLORA GREEN ALLEN B.A. IN " PRIMARY EDUCATION. A.C.E. (2, Ii Leader (3); Honor Court (4) : Daisy Chain (21 JUDY LEE ALLEN B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Chemistry Club (3): Beta New Bern N.C.E.A. (3, 4) : Section Charlotte (3), Secretary Allmond Anderson «T_ MILDRED THOMAS ALLEN B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Troy KATHRYN TUCKER ALLMOND Thomasville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Wesley Foundation (1, 2). Pub- licity Committee (2 1 ; A.C.E. (2. 3, 4) ; S.N.E.A. (3. 4). Fort Bragg ; Club (1. 2. Elliott Hall Social Committee (1); Dorm Committees (1. 3). CECILIA KEIST ANDERSON B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. Home Econom 3. 4); Circulo Hispa Section Leader (3 Anthony Apple JEWEL LEIGH ANTHONY High Point B.A. IN " SPANISH. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3). Chairman (3); Circulo Hispanico (2. 3). Treasurer (3); Legislature (3); Wesley Foundation (D: Town Students " Association (4); Student Curriculum Committee (3) : Junior Show (3). ALICE PAMELA APPLE Reidsville B.M. IN MCSIC EDUCATION. Chorus (1 ) : Choir (2. 3. 4). Secretary (3) ; American Guild of Organists 13. Ii; M.E.N.C. ( 1 1 ; M.C.M.E.C. (41: National Federation of Music (Tubs (1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1); Daisy Chain (■• : K.oith fu, ,n, (2). LINDA JEAN ARMSTRONG Gastonia B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Lees-McRae College (1, 21 : Gamma Alpha (3. 41, Publicity Committee l 11. SANDRA KAYE ASHFORD Red Springs B.A. IN HISTORY. Dorm Committees (1, 2. n: Rat Day Committee (2); History Club (3. 41. Secretary-Treasurer (t); Carolinian (3. 41. Circula- tion-Subscription Manager (4); C.U. Council (4); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); Pine Needles 4i. Editorial Staff (I); Junior Show (31; N.C.E.A. (3, 4). LORRAINE ELIZABETH BACKLIN Blauvelt, N. Y. B . IN " PSYCHOLOGY. Honors Group ill : Elliott Hall Committee (2) : Modern Dance Club (II; Chorus Hi: Dorm Committee (1): The Boy- friend (1); South Pncifte (2): Psychology Club ill. President (4). JANE ADELE BARKER Badin B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Medical Technology Club (2, 3, 4). Secretary (3). Vice-President (41 : Beta Beta Beta ( 3. U. President (41; Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Junior Advisor (3); Dorm Committee (41: Honor Roll (2. 3): Senior Commission Member (41; Young Republicans Club (2. 4). Class of 1963 Armstrong Ashford Backlin Barker Page 47 Bartling Batts Bennett Bergren MARY ANNE BARTLING New Bern B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1); Sec- t.on Leader (S) ; Dorm Committees (3, 4); S.N.E.A. 13. 1): A.C.E. (4); Junior Show (3). JOAN WERNICK BATES B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION ' . Greensboro BARBARA NAN BATTS Florence, S. C. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1. 2, :i. 4), Chairman (4); Service League Representative 3); Pirn , ■,!!,.. Stall I3i; N.E.A. 13. 4); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); N.C.E.A. (3. in A.C.E. (4); A. U.K. I. i 1 1 ; Rat Day Committee (2). Berlin Bernath CAROLINE LINK BEACH Lenoir B.S.H.E. IN " INTERIOR DESIGN. Home Economics Club (2, 4) ; A.I.D. (3, 4); N.S.I.D. (4). MVRNA JOANN BECK Clarendon U.S. U.K. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION ' . Dorm Committee, (1. 2) ; Junior Advisor CI); Honor Roll (3); Chemistry Club (3); Home Eco- nomics Club C2, 31. Committee (3). GAIL BENNETT Narberth, Pa. B.A. IN " FRENCH. Section Leader (1); Le Cercle Francais (l. 2, n: Fine Arts Committee (3); Dorm Committees (3). BONNIE LEE BERGREN Greensboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION ' . Town Students ' Association (2. 3. 4): Moravian Fellowship (3); S.N.E.A. (4): A.C.E. (4); Senior Council (4). Berry Bershtein JEAN WATTS BERLIN B.S. IN HOME ECONOMICS. Greensboro JUDITH ANN BERNATH Winston-Salem B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION " . Dorm Committees II, 2. 3, n. Chair- man (I, 3); Modern Dance Club (2); Interfaith Council (2); Marshal (3. ii; Rat Day Committee (2); Elliott Hall Committees 13. 41; Senior Commission 14); S.ster Day Committee (4); Elections Hoard (4). AUDREY ANN BERRY Lenoir B.M. IN MUSIC EDI CATION " . Lenoir Rhyne College (1): Choir (2, 3): Chorus (4): Madrigals (2. 3i: Annie Get Your Gun (3); Thi Pajama ,,,,„, U.S. ci. Tour i it. Biddy Bjorneboe HINDA BERSHTEIN B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. MARY EUGENIA BIDDY U.S. U.K.. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. ELLYN MARIE FISHER BJORNEBOE B.A. IN PHYSICS. Honors Seminar (1). Class of 1963 Greensboro Greensboro Page 48 Class of 1963 PEGGY ANN BLACK Kings Mountain BETTY JANE BLAKE B.A. IX ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Tap Club (1); S.N.E.A Dm in Committees (1): A.C ' .E. (4); c.l " . Ciniiniittee (2). Raleigh ESTHER LOVELACE BLYTHE Huntersville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Charlotte College (1. 2); A.C.E. (8, 4): S.X.E.A. (3. I); Dorm Committees (3). JUDITH FOSTER BOCK Forest Hills, N. Y. B.A. IN ART HISTORY. Philosophy Club (3); Dorm Committees 1 1. 2, 3, MAY OLIVIA BONEY Clinton B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. St. Mary ' s College (1, 2); Pine Needles Staff in: Gamma Alpha (3. i) ; Dorm Committee (4); Elliott Hull Committee (4); Elliott Hull Council, Secretary-Treasurer (4). KATHRYN PATRICIA BORDEN Charlotte U.K. A. IN ADVERTISING. Dorm Committees (3); Interfaith Representa- tive [. ' ii ; Senior Council (4) : Coraddi Staff (4) : Junior Show (3). Black Blake Blythe Bock £) MARGARET ANN BOSTIAN Granite Quarry B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Canterbury Club (1) ; I.e Circle Frnncais ill: Dorm Committees n. 3. 4) : Gamma Alpha 13. 4i ; Honor Roll (3i : Hall Board Member in: Intramural Volleyball (2). CLARA PHYLLIS BOSTIC Shannon B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (2); Pirn- .Vni i s Staff (2. II. Co-Editor. Organizations ill; S.N.E.A. (3. n ; A.C.E. (8, i) : N.E.A. is. n : Junior Show (3). ANNE BIRELY BOURNE Greensboro B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Chemistry Club it. 2i: Home Economics Club (I. 2); Sociology Club i.i. c. Treasurer in; N.S.A. (8, n. Travel Director 13. Ii: Dorm Committees (1, 2, li; Honor Roll (2); Junior Show (8); Section Leader (2, 3). Boney Borden REBECCA FAIRCLOTH BOWERS LINDA ALINE BRADSHAW Greensboro Ringgold, Va. B.A. IN HISTORY. Dorm Committees (1, 2); Elliott Hall Commitl 1 Section Leader (2); Histor) Club (3, n: S.N.E.A. i 1) ; Junior Show (3). MILDRED VIRGINIA BRANTLEY B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Section Leader (3). ALIENE BARBARA BREAZEALE Raleigh Greenville, S. C. Bostian Bostic Brantley Page 49 Brown, A. Brown, D. Class of 1963 JEAN ELIZABETH BROADWELL Durham B.A. IN ART EDUCATION ' . Elliott Hall Committees (1, 2. 3, 4): Dorm Committees (1); Modern Dance Club (1) ; Ring Committee (3): Student Union Conference (3. 4); Junior Show (3); Elliott Hall President (4). NANCY CAROL BROADWELL Fuquay Springs B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Section Leader (1); German Club (1); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); A.H.E.A. (2, 4); Dorm Committees (1). ANITA ROSALIND BROWN Stacy B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Flora Macdonald College (1. 2); B.S.U. (3); Intramurals (3); Pine Needles Staff (3); Recording Secre- tary of Honor Court (4) ; Gamm a Alpha (3, 4). DOROTHY BROWN Mooresville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Hall Board Member (1, 3) ; Purse Drive Chairman (3): Ring Committee (3): Assistant House President (3); Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (2. 3. 4): S.N.E.A. (4): A.C.E. (4); House President (4); Officers ' Classification Committee (2, 3). FRANCES DEE BROWN Burlington B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Elliott Hall Committees (1. 2) ; Sociology Club (3, 4); Dorm Committees (2, 3); Dorm C.U. Queen Representative (2); Junior Class Beauty (3); Pine Needles Beauty (4); Le Cercle Francais JUDITH ANNE BUCHANAN Raleigh B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3, 4); Elliott Hall Commit- tees (2, 8); Le Cercle Francais (4); S.N.E.A. (4); N.C.E.A. (4); Pine Needles Staff (4). Brown, F. Buchanan MARY JEANNIE BULLOCK B.A. IN BIOLOGY. MARY HELEN BURCH B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. Greensboro Chapel Hill Panama City, Rep. of Panama LUISA MARIA BURILLO B.A. IN FRENCH. University of Miami (1) ; Circulo Hispanico (2. 3. 4) ; Committee Chairman (2). Vice-President (3). President (4); Le Circle Francais (2. 3. 4). Vice-President (4): Sigma Delta Pi (2. 3. 4); Col- legiate Council United Nations Assembly (3) ; N ' .S.A. Delegate (3) ; Dorm Committees (2) ; Social Science Forum Foreign Student Delegate (3) ; Consolidated University Day Representative (2). Bullock Burch SARAH MARGARET BURKE Siler City B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2, 4) ; Sec- tion Leader (1) ; S.N.E.A. (3. 4): A.C.E.I. (3, 4). ELIZABETH HOOD CAMPBELL Greensboro B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (I. 2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Junior Advisor (3); Section Leader (3); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Elliott Hall Committee (2); Town Students ' Association (4). DIANA GAYLE CANSLER Winston-Salem B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committees (1, 2) ; Junior Show (3). LILLIE SUZANNAH CARPER Raleigh B.A. IN BIOLOGY. St. Mary ' s College (1, 2) : Honor Roll (3) ; Canterbury Club (3. 4); Beta Beta Beta (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Medical Tech- nology Club (3. 4). Burke Campbell Cansler Carper W - --f Page 50 Carraway Carringer Carter, L. Carter, M. Cash MATTIE FRANK CARRAWAY McCoII, S. C. B.A. IN ENGLISH. Honors Seminar (1) : N.E.A. (3, 41 ; Dorm Committee Chairman (4); Theatre of Woman ' s College (1, 2); Class Committee (2) ; Junior Show (3). JANNETTE CARRINGER Andrews B.A. IN HISTORY. History Club (3, 4) ; German Club (4) ; Young Republicans (4); Dorm Committees (2. 3); Elliott Hall Committee (4). LINDA ANNE CARTER Thomasville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. S.N.E.A. (3, 4) ; N.C.E.A. (3, 4) ; A.C.E. (3, 4). MARY LEA CARTER Ellerbe B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. N.E.A. (3. 4); N.C.E.A. (3. 4); A.C.E. (4); R.A. Representative in: Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2); Honor Roll (3); Dorm Committees (2. i) ; Junior Show (3). REBECCA JEAN CASH Apex B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4); Elliott Hall Committees (I. 2); Rat Day Committee (2); R.A. Representative (3) ; Service League (3, 4). Committee Chairman (4) ; Pine Needles Staff (4); A.C.E. (3, 4); N.E.A. (3, 4). DRUSCILLA PAGE CHAMBERLAIN Greensboro B.A. IN HISTORY. N.E.A. (3); S.N.E.A. (4), Committee (4); West- minster Fellowship (1, 2); Junior Advisor (3). ELIZABETH ANNE CHANDLER Ruffin B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4); Special Events Committee (1); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); A.C.E. (3, 4). ELIZABETH JANE CHANDLER Albemarle B.A. IN FRENCH. Legislature (1. 2, 3); Assistant House President (2); House President (3 1: Sister Dav Committee (4); Pi Delta Phi (3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (3, 4). Committee Chairman (4); N.C.E.A. (4); Sec- tion Leader (2) ; Dorm Committees (1) ; Rat Dav Committee (2) ; Junior Show (3). NANCY JANE CHEW Dalton, Ga. JENNIFER DAPHNE CLARK Guilford, Conn. B.S.P.E. IN DANCE. Senior Dance Group (3. 4). President (1): U.S.O. Tour with Woman ' s College Theatre (4); Spring Dance Concert (41; Junior Show (3). EULENNA BETH CLINKSCALES Charlotte B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Legislature (1. 2. 3): Service League Representa- tive (1): Carolinian Staff in: Sophomore Commission (2): Daisy Chain (2); Sociology Club (3. 4): Alpha Kappa Delta (3. 4i: House President (3) : R»t Dav Committee Chairman (2) : Executive Secretary of Court of Social Regulations (4); Junior Show (3); Freshman Talent Show (1); Golden Chain (4). Chamberlain Chandler, Anne Chandler, Jane Chew SENIORS PREVIEW fashions which promise to be popular on June second. Clodfelter Cobb Coble Coleman, D. Coleman, M. JUDITH DEANNA CLODFELTER B.A. IX ENGLISH. Mars Hill Junior Colleg N.C.E.A. (3, 4). High Point .•I ; S.N.E.A. (3, 4); INA PATRICIA CLONTZ B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Section Leader (1): Talent Show (1) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 4). President (4); Jun i. ' i); Elliott Hall Social Committee (3). NANCY MAURICE COBB Rockingham B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committee (1) ; Dorm Basketball Intra- murals (1. 2): Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (l, 2. 3, n: Section Leader (2); Glee Club (4); X.E.A. (4); Sociology Club M). NELLIE ELIZABETH COBLE B.A. IX ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1) Liberty B.S.U. (I). Collins Cooke LAURA JEAN COCHRANE ATIOX. Commission Member (1. 2. Ii: Interelass Commission (1). DELIDE VAUGHAN COLEMAN Hickory B.A. IX ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Elections Hoard in: Legislature (1); Dolphin-Seal (1, 2). Treasurer (1. 2); Dorm Elections Chairman i2 ' ; Daisy chain (21; Junior Commission (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); A.C.E. (3. 4); Junior Show (3); Section Leader (3); Court of Social Regula- tions (4). Coppley Cordle MILDRED CHALKLEY COLEMAN Greenville B.S.S.A. IX MERCHANDISING. Legislature (1): Section Leader (2); Marshal (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3, I); Elliott Hall Publicity Committee (3): Sigma Alpha (3, n. President (I). CAMILLA ANNE COLLINS B.A. IX HISTORY. Hildebian ELEANOR ROSS COOKE Winston-Salem B.A. IX MATHEMATICS. Legislature (8, 1 1 : Square Circle (2, 3, n. President i n : Junior Advisor on : Elliott Hall Social Committee (2, 3); Dorm Committee i 1 1 ; Class Elections Co Chairman (4) ; Junior Show (3 I. LYNN COPPLEY Spencer U.S. ILK. IX CLOTHING AXD TEXTILES. Elliott Hall Publicitj (1) J Home Economics (Tub (4 1. ELISABETH BUTLER CORDLE Cottingham Covington Greensboro (Tub 13. ti : Le Cercle BRENDA LEIGH COTTINGHAM Kernersville B.A. IX BIOLOGY. Medical Technologist Club (1); Rat Day Committee (2i ; German Club (1) ; Elliott Hall Representative (3): Junior Show i:d ; Carolinian Stall ' (4). SALLIE MAE COVINGTON High Point Class of 1963 Page 5 2 Class of 1963 ESTHER HILL COWARD Griffon B.S.H.E. IX HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Hall Board Member (1. 2); Section Leader (1. 2); Home Economics Club (2. 8. n ; Dorm Com- mittees (1. 3); Marshal (3. i : Daisy Chain (2); S.N.E.A. (3, I); K.A. (1, 2); Disciple Student Fellowship (1); Junior Show CI). CYNTHIA DIANE CUTHBERTSON Charlotte B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Pine Needles (1) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 4) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Marshal (3, 4) : Le Cerele Franeais ( l ) ; Senior Com mission (t ; Westminster Fellowship (1) ; Dorm Committees (1, 3). Coward Cuthbertson ANNE EDDY DAUGHTRIDGE B.A. IX ENGLISH. Junior Advisor (3) Staff (3, I). Editor ( li ; Honor ' s Semim Greensboro IEANNE L T NDER " OOD DEVANT Greensboro ); Hall Board B.A. IX HISTORY. Dorm Committees u. 2); Choir (1 Member (3, 4); Town Students ' Association (3. 4). Vice-President ( President (I): Executive Cabinet (I): Lesislature (41; Interclass Coun cil (4); X.E.A. (3, o: N.C.E.A. (4); History Club (3, 41. MARY ALLISON DAVENPORT Spruce Pine B.A. IX ADVERTISING ART. Dorm Committees (1. 3, 4) : Elliott Hall Committees (1.3): Pine Needles Staff ill; Section Leader ( t) ; Chairman of Christmas Dance (3). Daughtridge Davant DIANA INGRAM DAVID Pinebluff B.A. IX EXGLISH. Section Leader (1); Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Dorm Com- mittees (1. 2) : Hall Hoard Member I I) : N.C.E.A. i 1) ; Voting Democrats Club (1, 2i ; Wesley Foundation (1. 2); Junior Show (3). CYNTHIA ANNE DAVIS Morehead City B.F.A. IX ADVERTISING AND DESIGN. Dorm Committees (l. 2. 3. I); Camp Counselors ' Club (1); Art Club (2); Section Leader (3); Elliott Hall Committee ( . ' ( I : I;,,,,,,,,, I, ,,„, ■ i l ; Junior Show (3). DIANA UNDERWOOD DAVIS Fayetteville B.A. IX ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. S.X.E.A. (4); A.C.E. ( t) ; Dorm Committees [1, 2, 3) ; Town Students ' Association (4). DOROTHY LEWELLYN DAVIS B.A. IX SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committee (1): Le C Westminster Fellowship (l, 2. 3. I); Rat Daj Conn Davenport David r ELIZABETH PERRIE DAVIS Warrenton IX ELEMEXTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee ill; t-H Club 3); S.N.E.A. (2, 3, I); N.S.A. (3); A.C.E. (4); Section Leader lunior Advisor (3); Circulo Hispanico 12, 3, 1). LINDA FOY DAVIS B.A. IN EXGLISH. Liberty Rocky Mount JANICE DAWSON B.A. IX ENGLISH. Le Cerele Franeais (3, n ; Coraddi Staff (3, 11 ; R.A. Handbook Chairman (4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Advisor (3). JACQUELINE FARMER DEATON Greensboro B.A. IN DRAMA. Masqueraders (1, 2. 3, I). Vice-President (I); Theater of Woman ' s College it. 2. 3. 4). Production Manager (4). Daws, C. Davis, Diane Davis, Dot Davis, L. Page 53 Denning Derr Class of 1963 DONNA LEE DENNING Angier B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Chemistry Club (1. 2): Gamma Alpha (3, l); Junior Show Committee (3); Dorm Committee (I). SARA JANE DERR Raleigh B.S. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Elections Chairman (3) : House- keeping Committee (3) : Junior Show (3) ; Social Chairman 5.N.E.A. (3) ; Hall Board Member (4); A.C.E. (4); Marshal (4); Senior Class Beauty (4). MARY JO DeYOUNG Asheville B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Woman ' s College Choir (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Sociology Club (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Talent Show (1) ; Junior Show (3). DeYoung Dilda SUZANNE CATO DILDA Raleigh B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. Jacket Committee (1. 2) ; Elliott Hall Social Committee (1); Plans and Program Committee (1. 2, 3, 4); College Chorus (1); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Dorm Social Chairman (3); Junior Show (3). SANDRA JOAN DILDAY Ahoskie B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1); Junior Advisor (3); Junior Commission Member (3): Gamma Alpha (3. 4), Committee (4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Show (3). BARGARA GWEN DOBBINS Wake Forest B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4) ; N.S.A. Dorm Representative (1): National Society of Interior Designers (4); American Institute of Interior Designers (3. 4) ; Rat Day Committee (2). Dilday Dobbins Donohue Drummond MARGARET ELIZABETH DONOHL ' E Durham B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY. Carolinian (1. 2, 3). Manag- ing Editor (2). Editor-in-Chief (3) ; Executive Cabinet CD ; C.V. Council (. ' ]) : State Student Legislature (2. 3. 4). Chairman (4) : Parliamentarian Senior Class (4); Senior Commission (4); Legislature (4). MARGARET LECATO DRUMMOND Eastville, Va. B.A. IN HISTO RY. Social Committee (1, 2. 3, 4) : Dorm Committee Chair- man (4) : History Club (3. 4); S.N.E.A. ( i : N.E.A. (4): Section Leader (3): Junior Advisor (3). ELEANOR CAROL DU NCAN Charlotte B.S U.K. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Dorm Committee (1) ; Home Economics Club (I. 2. 3. H; Special Events Committee (2): A.I.I). (3. H; N.S.LI). 13. 4). Vice-President (3), Scholarship Award (3): U.C.C.F. (3); Junior Advisor (3) ; Section Leader (4) ; Dorm Council (4). LOIS KATHRYN EASTERLING Greensboro li.M. IN EDUCATION. Hall Board (1); Greensboro Orchestra (1. 2. 3, t) : Chamber Orchestra (1. 2. 3, 4i ; Pi Kappa Lambda Award (3) ; Town Students Association (1. 2. 3. 4); Junior Advisor (3): Mu Phi Epsilon 13. 41. Alumnae Secretary (3), Historian (K; South Pacific (2); .-liniie Get Your Gun (31: Pa ' wnm Gum, (I): National Federation of Music Clubs (1. 2. 3, ti; M.F..N.C. 1 3. 4); N.C.M.E.C. (3, 4); American String Teachers Association (4). CAROLINA PATRICIA EBERT Winston-Salem B.A. IN ELEMENTARY - EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2); Junior Marshal (3); Chief Marshal (4); Junior House President (3); N.E.A. (4); Moravian Fellowship (1, 2); Junior Show (3). FAITH EDWARDS Leicester B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Mars Hill College (1, 2) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 41. IDA LOU EDWARDS Burlington 1). . IN HISTORY. Dorm Committees (1, 2); N.E.A. (3. 4): S.N.E.A. 13. Il: History Club (3. t): Rat Day Committee i2i; Dorm Secretary (4): N.C.E.A.Ci. Ii ; Campus Stores Committee 13): Annie Get Ymir Gun (3) : Pine Needles (1. 2. 3. 4). Editorial Staff (1, 2), Co-Organizations Editor (3): Senior C ' a-s Editor (4); Junior Show (3); Dorm Elections Chairman (4); Golden Chain (4). Easterling Ebert Edwards, F. Edwards, I. Page 54 Ellenburg Erhardt JUDY ANN ELLENBURG Spencer B.A. IN ENGLISH. Chorus (1) ; Honor Roll (3) ; S.N.E.A. (4). NANCY JO ELLIS Goldsboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Assistant House President (2) : Sopho- more Commission (21: Points Committee (2. 3). Chairman (3); Ring Committee (2); Hall Board Member (2, 3, 4); A.C.E. (3. 4): S.N.E.A. (3, 4). BETSY BRAUSA ERHARDT B.A. IN " ENGLISH. Charlotte Worcester, Mass. JEAN LAVERACK EVANS B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committee (1) : Sophomore Commission (2) : Co-Chairman Parents ' Dav (2): Section Leader (2): Class Elections Chairman 13) : Elliott Hall Committee (3); Senior Commission (4i ; Ring Committee (2. 3): Committee on Legislature (4): Hall Board Member (4) ; Sociology Club (3, 4) ; Junior Show (3) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Pine Needles Staff (4). ANN BOSTON EVERETT Farmville B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Section Leader (1) : Hall Board Member (1, 3. 4): Home Economics Club (1. 3. 4); C.U. Council (3. 4). Chairman (4); Executive Cabinet it): Marshal (3. 4): Dorm Committee Chairman (3): Westminster Fellowship (1. 4); Honor Roll (3) ; Junior Commission (3) ; Junior Show (3). CAROLYN BEVERLY EVERIDGE Jonesville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Mars Hill College (1. 2); A.C.E. (3. 4;; S.N.E.A. (4): Dorm Committee (3); Hall Board Member (4). NANCY MARIE FERRELL Millbrook B.M. IN PIANO. B.S.U. (1); Mu Phi Epsilon (3. 4): Dorm Committees (3. 4); Honor Roll (3); Chorus (1); A.G.O. (3, 4); Choir (2, 3, 4): N.F.M.C. (1. 2, 3, 4). BARBARA JANICE FINK B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Lumberton GERTRUDE RIVA FINMAN Charlotte B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Hillel (1) : N.E.A. (2, 3. 4) : S.N.E.A. (2, 3. 4), Projects Chairman (2), President (3): Dorm Committee (2, 3), Chairman 3); Woman ' s College Theater (2. 3. 4): Masqueraders (2, 3, 4); A.C.E.I. (4); Theater of Woman ' s College U.S.O. Tour (4). CLEVE WHARTON FLETCHER Winston-Salem B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Saint Man ' s College (1. 2); Dorm Committee (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4). Projects Chairman i 1). JEAN ANNE FLANAGAN Scarsdale, N. Y. B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dorm Council (3); R.A. Cabinet (2. 3. 4) ; R.A. Council (4) : R.A. Activity Head (2) : A.R.F.C.W. President- elect (3, 4) ; Hockev Club (2, 3) ; Co-Off Club (1. 2. 3. 4) : Junior Advisor (3). Everidge Ferrell MR. HERTER seems to enjoy talking to members of the Social Science Forum. Floyd Franklin Freeman SHELIA KAREN FLORANCE B.F.A. IN ART. MARIAN ELAINE FLOYD II. A. IN MATHEMATICS. Greensboro Roanoke Papids MARTHA LEE FORD B.A. I SOCIOLOGY. Section Leader (1) ; Hall Board Me Legislature (2. 3); Canterbury Club (1, 2, :(. n. President I (2 : Junior Advisor i. ' d : Sociology Club (3, ti : Alpha Kappa I President in; Social Science Foruin ill. n; Junior Comrn N.S.A. Council (1) ; Intcrfaith Council (3). Penland iber (2); I, Vestrj ilta ci, i), Jl ' DV DARYL FOREMAN Washington H.M. IN PIANO. Mount olive College (1): Choir (2, 3, t) ; A.G.O. (8, I); Mil I ' lii Epsilon (I). Secretary (I); S.N.E.A. (4). Freudendorf Friedberg Fulk Fuller JOAN CAROLYN FOSTER B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Honor Roll (1, 2, 3 I : Squa B.S.F. (1. 2); Dorm Committee (1). Winston-Salem e Circle I 1. 2, 3. 1) ; Valdese JUDY KATHRYN FRANKLIN B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. College Choir (l); Elliott Hall Com- mittee 1 ; I ' m, ' Needles Staff i l : Flections Cominittcc r2 : Section Leadei (8); A.C.E. (1); S.N.E.A. (41: House President (4). CAROL ANNE FREEMAN B.F.A. IN ART EDUCATION. Greensboro College (1) Committee (11; Dorm Committees C2, 3). Asheville llioti Hall MARY ANNE FREUDENDORF Tuscaloosa, Ala. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Commission (1, 2); Section Leader (1 ; Chorus (1 i ; Legislature (2) ; B.S.U. (1, 2. 4i. Secretarj H: Intcrfaith Council (2, II : Hat Day Committee (2) ; House President (3) : Philosophy Club (3); N.E.A. 13. 4); A.C.E. (4); Daisy Chain (2); Court of Social Regulations ' n ; Junior Show (8). CAROLYN KOHLER FRIEDBERG Wilton, Conn. B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3) ; Too Needles Staff (8). PEGGY BOWEN FULK Pinnacle II S S IV HI ' SINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee in; Honor Roll i2. :u : Sigma Alpha (3, I). Vice-President (4); Gamma Alpha (S, n; S.N.E.A. (3); Town Students ' Association r. 3, I). BETTY GAIL FULLER Rocky Mount B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Legislature (1, 2): Section Leader (1): Honor Roll (1. 2. 3 i ; Masqueraders 1 1. 2. 31 : R.A. Treasurer ( n ; Square Circle II); N.E.A. 13); N.C.E.A. (31; S.N.E.A. (3). Fullerton Furey ANN JEAN FULLERTON Charlotte B.A. IN ENGLISH. Freshman Show. Chairman (1): Circulo Hispanieo (1); Westminster Fellowship (11; Sister Day Committee (2); Rat Day Committee (2) ; Hat Court (2) ; Dorm Cheerleader (1) ; Sophomore Dance ( Iki ii man (2): Junior Advisor (31; Junior Show Co-Ordinator (3); S.N.E. . ill; Woman ' s College Theater (1, 2). CAROLINE A. Fl ' REY Asheville B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY. Hall Hoard Member (1) ; Intcrfaith Council Hi; Newman Club (I): President of Sophomore Class (2); Interclass Council (2); House President (:l I ; Social Science Forum (3. 4): Psi Chi (3, 1); Alpha Kappa Delta (3. I); Golden Chain (3. n; Slate Student Legislature mi; President of S.G.A. ( n ; Junior Show (31. Class of 1963 Page 56 Class of 1963 VIRGINIA LYNN GANIM B.A. IN ENGLISH. Legislature Florence, S. C. SALLY FOIST GAY Seaboard B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. Dorm Committee (2, 3); Modern Dance Club (2); Section Leader (3); Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Junior Show (3). DAPHNE SUE GENTRY High Point B.A. IN ENGLISH AND HISTORY. Tennis Club (1. 2); German Club (I. 2. 3): Honor Roll (2. 3 1 ; Dorm Committees (I, 2, 4); Readers and Writers Club (2) ; Junior Show (3). SHEILA RUTH GERTNER Lakewood, N. J. B.A. IN ENGLISH AND SOCIOLOGY. Hillel (I. 2. 3. 41 ; Section Leader (1): English Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Hall Board (2): Masnueraders (2. 3. 4 i ; Sociology Club 12. 3): Cinderella Tour (2); N.E.A. (3. 4i ; N.C.E.A. (3. 4); Pinocchio Tour (3); Dorm Committee (3); U.S.O. Tour (4); Junior Show (3). LOUISA STATON GODWIN NX ' illiamston B.A. IN HISTORY. Court of Social Regulations (2. 3): Social Science Forum (3. 4): Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Elliott Hall Social Com- mittee (1 ) ; Dorm Committees il. 21 ; Publications Hoard (2 l : Hall Board (4); Senior Council (4); History Club (3. 4i; Le Cercle Francais (4): Honor Roll (3). JEANNIE FAY GOODEN Elizabethtown B.A IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 1). Honor Group (3); A.R.F.C.W. Publicity Chairman (H; Wesley- Foundation (1). Treasurer (2, 3), President (4); Interfaith Council (4i; Hat Dai Committee 121 : Assistant Junior House Preside nt (3) ; S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; A.C.E. (3. ti ; Dorm Social Committee (2) ; Junior Show (3). PAMELA ANNE GRAHAM Kernersville It. A. IN MATHEMATICS. Dorm Social Committee (1. 2. 3. I). Chairman (2); Dolphin-Seal (1); Moravian Youth Fellowship (3, 11. Vice-President Mi : Junior Show (3). Wilmington Greensboro ELIZABETH GLOVER GRAVES B.A. IN HISTORY. Wilmington Junior College (1. 2). MILDRED ANN BLAKELY GREESON B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Wittenberg University (1); Choir (2); Band (2. 3): Home Economics Club (2. 3); Hi r Roll (2. 3): S.N.E.A. (3); Omicron Nu (3, 4), President (4); Town Students Association (2. 3. It. NANCY ROSE GREGORY Bryson City B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (2. 3); B.S.U. (3, 1 ' ; S.N.E.A. (3, 4) ; A.C.E. (4) ; Junior Show i :l I . BETTY FRANCES GRIFFIN Williamston DOROTHY GAIL GRIFFIN Charlotte B.A. IN ENGL ISH. Dorm Committee (1. 2). Chairman (1); Theater of the Woman ' s College (1, 2. 3. Ii: Masqueraders (2. 3. 1): Pine Needles Editorial Staff ( li ; Rat Day Committee (21, Rat Court (2). PATRICIA ANNE GRIFFIN Reidsville II. A. IN MATHEMATICS. Legislature (1. 21 : Class Commission Member 11. 2. 3, li; Assistant House President (21; Vice-President Junior Class (3). Ganim Gay F? Gentry Gertner Godwin Gooden Graham Graves Greeson Gregory Griffin. B. Page 57 Griffith Gudger Guffy Gunn Guy Habicht Hahn Hall Hand Harrington Class of 1963 CARRIE SUSAN GRIFFITH SANDRA LEE GUDGER B.A. IN PHYSICS. Circulo Hispanico (I. 2). GWENDOLYN LEE GUFFY Greensboro Chorale (4) ; A.G.O. Norwood B.A. IN CHEMISTRY. Section Leader (1): Elliott Hall Committee (1): Wesley (1); Chemistry (1. 2. 3, 4), Secretary (3); Dolphin-Seal (2): Rat Dav Committee (2); Kin? Committee (2): Honor Court (3. 4); Curricu- lum Committee (3, 4); N.E.A. (3, 4); N.C.E.A. (3, 4); Legislature (4); Junior Show (3) ; Junior Advisor (3). NANCY MARIE GUNN Yanceyville B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Section Leader (1, 2. 3); Service League (3). CAROLE LEE GUY Statesville B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Secretary (3, 4); Dorm Elections Chairman (1); Circulo Hispanico (3, 4); S. N.E.A. (3, 4); Omicron Nu (3. 4), Treasurer (4). LOUISE ANN HABICHT Towson, Md. B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Daisr Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3): Dorm Elections Committee (1): Coraddi Staff (4); Legislature (4); Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship (3); Junior Show (3). ELIZABETH CATHERINE HAHN Mt. Pleasant B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Lenoir Rhyne College (1): N.E.A. (3. 4) ; N.C.E.A. (3, 4) ; S.E.A. (3. 4) ; Section Leader (3) ; Chorus (2) ; Dorm Committees (2. 3); L.S.A. (2. 3, 4). CAROL JO HALL Winston-Salem B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Intramurals (1) ; N.E.A. (3. 4) ; A.C.E. (4); Wesley (1. 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Rat Day Committee (2). JUDITH HARRELL HAND B. ' .S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Greensboro CAROLYN ANNE HARDISON Roanoke Rapids B.A. IN ENGLISH. Tap Club (I) ; Modern Dance Club (1) ; Dorm Com- mittees (1, 3. 4); Senior Council (4); Circulo Hispanico (3); Young Democrats Club (4); United Campus Christian Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4). Secretary (3). CATHERINE JUDITH HARRINGTON Sanford B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Dorm Committees (I, 2. 3, 4): German Club (1, 2); Beta Beta Beta (3, 4) ; Student Traffic Committee (4). JANICE MARSHA HARRIS Albemarle B A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Cheerleader (1) : Tap Club (1. 2), Secretary (2): Hillel (1, 2. 3. 4). Secretary (2). President (3); Sociology Club (3. 1 1 : Section Leader (4); Junior Show (3). BRENDA WILSON HARTSELL Richmond, Va. B A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Section Leader (1) : Elliott Hall Committees (1. 2, 3): Daisy Chain (2); Pine Needles Staff (3): Sonth Pacific (2); Soci- ology Club (4); Town Students ' Association (4); Junior Advisor (3). fj: % Page 58 Hartsell Hawkins Hayes NETTIE ELIZABETH HARTSELL B.S.H.E. IN " INSTITUTION MANAGEMENT. Midland MARY BENSON HASSELL Raleigh B.F IN ART EDUCATION. Freshman Class Publicity Chairman (1) ; Westminster Fellowship 11, 2, 3, 4). Publicity Chairman (2) : WUNC-TV Crew I 1. 2 3, 4) : Freshman Dance Committee ( 1 i : Carolinian Staff Pho- tographer i:i); Dorm Social Committee (1); N.C.E.A. (3, 4) ; S.N.E.A. (3, 4) : Associated Artists of N. C. (4). LOLLIE CAROLINE HAWTCINS New Bern B.M. IN PIANO. College Choir (1. 2. 3, 4i; Madrigal Singers (3, 4): Accompanist (4): Mu Phi Epsilon (3. 4). Secretary (41. Treasurer (3); Chorale (4). Accompanist (4); Annie Get Your Gun (3); South Pacific (2). MYRA CAROLE HAYES Ashe ille B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Honor Roll (2, 3) : Student Coun- cil Member 2i; S.N.E.A. (3. 4); A.C.E. (3. 4); Section Leader (1): Dorm Committee (1, 3). REBECCA SHARPE HEATH Fayetteville B.S H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Dorm Social Chairman (1. 3): Dorm Council (1. 3. 4): Representative to H.E. Club (1. 2): Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 41 : Dorm Committee (2, 3) ; Senior House President. Summer School 4) : Hall Board (3); Rat Day Committee (2); Junior Show [3). MADELINE ELIZABETH HEEDEN Wilson B.A. IN ENGLISH. Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 11. Secretary (2. 3). Vice- President (li : Dorm Committee (1, 3. 4) ; S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; Junior Show (3). Newton shal (4): Dorm Committee (1. 3. 41. Co-Chairman (1): S.N.E.A. (3. 41: Dorm Representative (4); A.C.E. ui ; Wesley Foundation (1); N.E.A. (3, 4). CAROLINE CHAPMAN HEFFNER B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. LINDA LEWIS HEFFNER Glen Alpine B.A. IN ENGLISH. Canterbury Club (1): Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3); Rat Day Committee (2): Junior Show Script Committee (3); Carolinian (2. 3). Managing Editor (3): Cormlili 1, 2 . Circulation Editor (2); S.N.E.A. (4); Headers and Writers Club (2) ; Young Democrats Club (1). NANCY LILLIAN HEFNER Hickory B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4) ; Organizations Co-Editor for Pine Needles (4) ; Home Economics Honor Roll (2. 3) : Dorm Committee (1). MILDRED HATLEY HELMS B.S.H.E. IN " TEXTILES. Oakboro DAY HEUSNER Chapel Hill B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Hall Board (1) ; W ' esley Founda- tion 13. 4); A.C.E. (2. 3. 4), Dorm Representative (3). Vice-President (4): Junior Commission (3 ; Daisy Chain (2); Senior Class Secretary (4); N.S.A. (3): Junior Advisor (3); S.N.E.A. (4): Dorm Committees (1. 2); Parents ' Day Committee (2): Junior Show (3). Heeden Heffner, C. Heffner, L. Hefner Helms Heusner MISS FALCK approves a class change and a senior ' s final semester begins. : Higgins Hildebrand GAYLE VENABLE HICKS Henderson B.A. IN HISTORY. N.S.A. (1); Commission Member (2); Daisy Chain (2): House President (8); Social Science Forum Committee (8, 41; Chairman n: History flub (3. I): Legislature (31: I ' lii Alpha Theta (8, n. President (4); Golden Chain (3, n. Vice-President (4); Honor Roll (I, 2. 3) : Junior Show (3 I. innan t. D. NANCY ETHEL HIGGINS Morganton obbs B.S.H.K. IN " CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Band li; c, Advertising Manager (2. (): Home Economies Club II A.C.E.I. I 11: N.C.E.A. (3, I). iron n (2, 3. 4). : S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; LURA BERRY HIGH Lucama B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Dame Club (1, 2); Hall Board Member (2); Legislature (3, t) ; Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 0, Second Vice-President (3); Hodge, C. Hodge, M. CAROLYN FRANCES HILDEBRAND DELPHIA ANNE HINNANT Greensboro stry Club (2i ; Medical ; Service League 4) ; Kenly B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee, il. 2, 3, II: Gamma Upha 13. 4). Publicity Chairman in: Honor Roll (3); Pine Ntedles Staff (41 ; Rat Day Committee (2); Junior Advisor (3); Sigma Alpha Hi. DONNA MURRIEL HINNANT Staunton. Va. B.A. IN ENGLISH. Legislature 111: Hall Board Member 1 1 i : Carolinian Staff i:n; Pine Needles Staff (2, 3) ; Coraddi Staff (4); German Club (2). Hodges, E. Hodges. S. MARY ARAMINTA HOBBS Edenton B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Class Publicity Committee (1); Dorm Committee in: Section Leader (3); Home Economics Club (2. 3. n; A.I.D. (3. 1) : Senior Commission III: Clubs Editor, Pine -V, edles (4). CYNTHIA IMOGENE HODGE B.A. IN ENGLISH. Raleigh MARY IDA HODGE B.M. IN ORGAN. Golden Interfaith Council (2, S Salisbury i 13, l); Pi Kappa Lambda Award (2. 3); Liaison Chairman (3). President (4i: n (1. 2. 3, 4). President (2. 3 1 : Mu Phi 3): Choir (1. 2. 3, II. Accompanist (1, 2. : Orchestra (3, n : A.G.O. (8, I ' : N.F.M.C. I ; Junior Advisor (3). EMMA LOU HODGES B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Greensboro ' f Holleman Horn SAMMY LEE HODGES Whiteville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Section Leader 13): S.N ' .E.A. :; i Parliamentarian Mi; N.C.E.A. (3. I); Hall Hoard Member (I : .( ' .E. (3, I). KATHERINE JOHNSON HOLLEMAN B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Chapel Hi I REBECCA STONESTREET HORN inston-Salem B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club M 2 :i. li. Reporter 12 1; Dorm Committee (.1): Legislature i 3 i ; Omieron Nu 13. ii. Secretary (4); Jacket Committee (1). Class of 1963 Page 60 Class of 1963 VIRGINIA ANNE HOWARD B.A. IN HISTORY. History Club (3, I) ; S.N.E.A. i I). REBECCA ELIZABETH HOWELL WaynesviHe B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Health Liaison Committee (1, 2); Vespers Board (3); Rat Day Committee (2); A.C.E. (4); A.C.E.I. in: N.E.A. (4); S.N.E.A. ( 1 1. Howard Howell SARAH STEPPE W ATKINS HOWLE B.A. IN ENGLISH. Florence, S. C. JULIA GAIL HUDGINS Forest City B.A. IN ENGLISH. B.S.I ' . (1. 2); Le Cercle Francais (1); Dorm Elec- tions Chairman (2); Elections Board (3, l); N.E.A. (3, I); Junior Show (3). MARGARET RUFFIN Hl ' MPHREY Greensboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Westminster Fellowship (1. ■ . 3, 4); X.E.A. (3, 41 ; A.C.E. (4); Class Commission (1, 2): Hal! Board Member (.■(): Town Students ' Elections Chairman (31; Elliott Hall Council (4); N.C.E.A. (3. 4); Town Students ' Association (1, 2, 3. I). Sl ' ZANNE McNEILL HL ' MPHREY Greensboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Chairman of Motto Committee 111; Legislature (3. 41; N.E.A. (3, 41: A.C.E. (4i; Senior Commission 141; Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 3, u: N.C.E.A. (3. 4); Town Students ' Association (1, 2, 3. 4). Howie Hudgins BETTY LOUISE HUNT Jacksonville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. N.C.E.A. (3. n; A.C.E. (3, i : Section Leader 13): Elliott Hall Committee (1). BARBARA ANN HURLEY Wantagh, N. Y. B.A. IN FRENCH. Honor Roll (2, 3); Le Cercle Francais n. ' - ' . 3. n. President (3, li : Junior Advisor (3); Newman Club ( 1. 2, 3. 41 : Pi Delta Phi (3. 41 ; Junior Advisor (3). SARA JANE ISON B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Ct Committee (4i; Section Leader (4). Charlotte ittees (1, 31 ; Class Humphrey, M. Humphrey, S. • SHARON KAYE IVESTER B.A. IN ENGLISH. Morganton LINDA ELLEN JACOBS Raleigh B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. St. Mary ' s College (1. 2) ; A.C.E. in; S.N.E.A. (3); Dorm Committees (3, 4). PATRICIA LYNN JEROME Greensboro B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Commercial Certificate (1) ; Dorm Committee (1) ; Town Students ' Association (2, 3. t); Student-Faculty Reviewing Com- mittee (1): Sociology Club (3. I): Dorm Alumnae Association Repre- sentative for Commercial On-.-. LINDA ROSE JESSUP Greensboro B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4); A.C.E. I I) ; N.C.E.A. I l ; Junior Show (3). Hunt Hurley Jacobs Jerome Jessup Page 61 Johnson, C. Johnson, L. Class of 1963 JUDITH CAROLYN JOHNSON Mt. Holly B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION . Elliott Hall Committees (1, 2); Dorm Committee (2); Section Leader (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 1); Carolinian Staff (3, 1). Advertising Manager (31, Business Manager ( n ; S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Pine Needles Staff in; N.C.E.A. (3, 4} ; Junior Show (3). LUCY CATHERINE JOHNSON RUTH BLACKBURN JOHNSON B.F.A. IN PAINTING. Raleigh Johnson, R. Jones, A. Jones, Gwen A. Jones, Gwen F. Jones, Joanna JOY SUE JOINES Reidsville B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Class President (3) ; Golden Chain (4). ANITA LOUISE JONES B.A. IN ART EDUCATION. Coker College (1, 2) ; N.E.A. (3, 4) (3. 4) ; Dorm Committee (4). Gibson S.N.E.A. GWENDOLYN ANN JONES High Point B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Section Leader (1) ; Caduceus Club (1. 2) ; Circulo Hispanico (1. 2); Daisy Chain (2): Legislature (3. 4): Sociology Club (3, 4), Secretary (4) ; Senior Council (4) ; Junior Show (3). GWENDOLYN FAYE JONES B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Smithfield JOANNA MARIE JONES Asheville B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Honor Roll (3): S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Section Leader (3); Dorm Committees (1, 3); Junior Advisor (3). JL ' ANITA LACY JONES Fayetteville B.A. IN MUSIC. Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3. 4), Council (2. 4); Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4); Band (1, 2. 3, 4); Choir (4); Dorm Committee (3). NANCY SUE JONES Durham B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committee (1); Sociology Club (3, 4). PATSY ANN JONES Salisbury B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. A.C.E. (4): A.C.E.I. (4); Dorm Com- mittees ii, 4 : N.E.A. (4); S.N.E.A. (4); N.C.E.A. (4); Hall Board Member (41 : Circulo Hispanico (1. 2i : Junior Show (8) ; Junior Advisor (3). SUSAN MERCER JONES Swansboro B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Elliott Hall Committees (2. .1)1 Dorm C mittei ' s (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Elliott Hall Ball Chairman (1); Junior Advisor (3). MARGARET RAY JOYNER Weldon B.A IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Dorm Cheerleader (1): Dorm Committees (1. 3. 4). Chairman (4); Daisy Chain (2); Sophomore Council (2); Assistant House President (21 : Pine See lies, Co-Editor Organizations (2) ; Dorm Council (4) ; History Club (2. 3). Jones, Nita Jones, Nancy Jones, P. Jones, S. Joyner Page 62 Kausch Kellenberger CLAIRE JEAN KALIN Hendersonville B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Hillel (1. 2. 3. 4), Secretary (3); Sociology Club (3. 4), President (4) ; Carolinian Staff (4) ; Honor Court (4) ; Hall Board (1); Junior Show (3). JEANNE KAUSCH B.A. IN ENGLISH. Chorus (1, mittees (1, 2, 3). Winston-Salem Pine Needles Staff (3) ; Dorm Com- FLORENCE PATRICIA KEEL Robersonville B.A. IN FRENCH. Chorus (1); Le Cercle Francais (2, 3, 4), Publicity Chairman (3). Secretary-Treasurer (4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); N.E.A. (4); Circulo Hispanico (3, 4). ELEANOR JEANNETTE KELLENBERGER Greensboro B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Caduceus Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2); Honor Roll (3). Kelly, A. Kelly, E. DOROTHY NEAL KELLER Cayce, S. C. B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Greensboro Symphony (1. 2. 3. n; Mu Phi Epsilon (2. 3, 4), Warden (3), Vice-President (4); M.E.N.C. (3, 41; N.C.M.E.A. (3, 4). ALICIA ANNE KELLY Bunn B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Flora Macdonald College (1, 2) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Section Leader (4): Pine Needles Staff (3); Intiamurals (3). EMILY BAXTER KELLY Lillington B.A. IN ENGLISH. Wesley (1. 2, 3. 4). President (3) ; Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4); House President (4); Interfaith Council (2, 3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4): N.E.A. (3, 4); Ring Committee (3); Hall Board Member (2, 3); Elliott Hall Committee (1, 2); Parents Weekend (2). Kimrey Klock KATHERINE ELNORA KIMREY Haw River B.S.H.E. IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4) ; A.C.E. (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Dorm Committees (2, 3); Section Leader (4). MARION ARDENA KLOCK Greensboro B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Town Students ' Association (1. 2, 3, 4), Committee (4) ; Hall Board Member ( 4) : Medical Technology Club (1. 2. 3, 4). Treas- urer (3), President (4; ; Beta Beta Beta (3, 4) ; Chemistry Club (4). CAROL CELESTE KLOSE B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. R. i (2); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Volleyball (1, Raleigh Cabinet (3. 4) ; Hockey Club i, 3): St. Mary ' s House (1, 2). VIRGINIA KOONCE Columbus, Ga. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Comm ittees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Westminster Fellowship (I, 2); A.C.E. (2. 3, 4), Secretary (4); S.N.E.A. (2, 3, 4). Klose Koonce ONE MOMENT in a busy day— a stu- dent teacher aids a questioning pupil. Lambeth Lang Lavelle Lee MARTHA ROSE LAMBETH MARY MARTHA LANDER B.A. IN ENGLISH. Service Leairue (2 ' : Elliott Hall Committee (1, 2). Secretary (2); Section Leader (1, 3); Marshal (3, li: Hall Hoard Mem ber (4); Elliott Hall Council (3); Mademoiselle Contest (2); Junior Advisor (3). MARY ANN LANE Micro B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2) ; Pine Xeeilles Staff (21; Daisy Chain (21: Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Town Stu- dents ' Association (3. li; Junior Advisor (3). Leinbach Levin SARAH FRANCES LANG WTLLA CLAUDETTE LEATHERMAN B.A. IX MATHEMATICS. ELIZABETH PRATT LAVELLE B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. Walstonburg Franklin Greensboro REBEKAH CHRISTINE LEE Kannapolis B.A. IN " ENGLISH. Honors Seminar (1); Traffic Co lission n; S.N.E.A. (It; Ciiriiliiiiini Staff (2. 4). Feature Editor (.2). PHYLLIS CHRISTINE LEINBACH ELLEN LEVIN Lewis, B. B.A. IN ENGLISH. Lewis, J. Lindsey Linkhaw Winston-Salem Baltimore, Md. BETTY BURKE LEWIS FRANCES JEAN LEWIS Winston-Salem B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee Chairman (1); Moravian (1, 2. 3. I). Secretary (2); S.N.E.A. (2. 3. 0. Vice-President (3), President (4) ; Section Leader (3) : A.C.E.I. (3. 4) ; Junior Show (31. MARY ROSS LINDSEY Pittsboro B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Dance Group (3. 4); A.H.E.A. (I, 3, 4); Wesley (1); Dorm Committee Chairman (1); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Town Students ' Association (2. 3, 41; Josephine Kremer Award (1); Olnicron Nu in. Vice President (41; Borden Award (4). MARYLYN LINKHAW ' B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Class of 1963 Page 6-4 Class of 1963 JOYCE LOCKHART Greensboro B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Mars Hill College (1. 2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; Sigma Alpha (4) ; N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Pine Needles Maid of Honor (4). CATHERINE JANE LOWE Dillsboro B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Chorus (1); Elliott Hall Council (1); Dorm Committees (1, 2); Elliott Hall Committee Chairman (2, 3): Sophomore Commission (2); Gamma Alpha CI. t): Elliott Hall President (4); Executive Cabinet (4) : Conference of College Unions (3) ; Arrange- ments Chairman (4) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Junior Show (3) ; Class Cheer- leader (3). NELLE GWYNE LOWRY Pineville B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Choir (1, 4) ; Song Committee (1) ; Eco- nomics Forum (2); Finance Board (3); Tap Club (2, 3). Secretary (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Dorm Committee Chairman (1, 4). RUTH ELLEN LUCK B.A. IN HISTORY. B.S.U. (1, High Point 3. 4). LINDA ANNETTE LYLES Roanoke Rapids B.A. IN ENGLISH. U.C.C.F. (1, 2, 3. 4), Secretary (2), President (3); Hall Board Member (3, 4) ; Marshal (4) : Elliott Hall Committee (3, 4) ; Square Circle (1). MARY ELLEN MANESS Burlington B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; S.N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3. 4). MARILOU MARTIN Winston-Salem B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Section Leader (1): Hall Board Member (I); Square Circle (3. 4) ; Dolphin-Seal (3) ; S.N.E.A. (3, 4). Committee Chair- man (4): Moravian Group (1, 2). Vice-President It) ; Intramurals (2, 3, 4) ; Junior Show (3). SUSAN MARVIN Greensboro B.S.H.E. IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Service League (1); Danforth Award (1); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Section Leader (2); Home Economics Student Program and Policy Committee (2, 3, 4), Vice- President (3), President (4): Merrill-Palmer (4); Junior Advisor (3). BETTY LOUISE MATTHEWS Nashville B.A. IN BIOLOGY ' . Section Leader (3) ; Beta Beta Beta (3. 4), Historian (4); Co-Election Chairman (4); Dorm Committee (4); Rat Day Com- mittee (2). ELIZABETH JOANNE MATTHEWS Wade B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 4); 4-H Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committee Chairman (3); Circulo Hispanico (2. 3. 4). Treasurer (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; N.C.E.A. (3, 4); B.S.U. (1); Junior Advisor (3). ELLEN WESTBROOK MAYO Charlotte B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Section Leader (1); Westminster Fellowship (l. 2. 3. 4). Treasurer (2). Council (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4): Hall Board Membe r (4); Senior Council (4); Daisy Chain (2) ; Pine Needles (3, 4). Business Manager (4) : Junior Advisor (3) ; Junior Show (3); Chairman Graduation Invitations (4). EDNA McAULAY Huntersville B.A, IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2, 4). Chair- man (1); Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4), Treasurer (4); R.A. (1). REBEKAH GRAY McBANE Pittsboro B.A. IN ENGLISH. Honors Seminar (II; Scottish Dance Group (1) ; Daisy Chain (2); Readers and Writers Club (2); Sister Day Committee ( li ; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Junior Show (3) : Junior Advisor (3). Matthews, B. Matthews, E. Lockhart Lowe Martin Marvin Mayo McAulay Page 65 McCuiston McEwen McKinney McLawrin McLeod, M. McLeod, N. Class of 1963 NANCY CAROLE McCUISTON B.A. IN BIOLOGY. MARY KATHERINE McEWEN Greensboro Charlotte B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Section Leader (2); Le Cercle Francais (1. 2): Philosophy Club (3, 4); Fine Arts Committee (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3. 4); Young Democrats Club (2); Honor Roll (3); A.C.E. (3, 4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Coraddi Staff (3, 4); Student Cur- riculum Advisory Committee (4) ; Junior Show (3). CHARLOTTE DRAKE McINTYRE Rocky Mount B.A. IN PRIMARY KDl ' CATION. Section Leader (1); Pine Needles (1. 2), Class Editor (1,2); R.A. (2); Junior Class President (3); Interclass Council (3) ; Elliott Hall Committee Chairman (1). GLORIA ANNE McINTYRE BRENDA MARGUERITE McKINNEY B.A. IN SPANISH. Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Ellerbe 4) ; A.C.E.I. (4) ; Bakersville Cireulo Hispanico (1, GWENDOLYN VIRGINIA McLAWRIN Fayetteville B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Junior Advisor (3): Dorm Committee Chairman (3) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Committee Chairman (2). Treasurer (3) ; Home Economics Honor Roll (2. 3) ; Honor Roll (3). MARION KELLY McLEOD B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sociology Club (3, 4). Norwood NANCY LtlCILLE McLEOD Carthage B.S.H.E. IN CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committee (2) ; Junior Advisor (3). LAURA ELIZABETH McMEANS Asheville B.A. IN ENGLISH. St. Mary ' s House (1. 2, 3, 4), Vestry (2); Dorm Committees (1. 2); Section Leader (2); Daisy Chain (2); S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; Theater of Woman ' s College (1) ; Junior Show (3). SUSAN HUNTER MEACHAM Charlotte B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Dorm Committee (1); Sophomore Com- mission (2); Rat Day Committee (2); Elliott Hall Committee (2); Assistant House President (3); Marshal (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4), Social Chairman (4); Senior Class Cheerleader (4); Sister Day Com- mittee (4). JULIA CAROL MEADOWS Wilson B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (1): Elliott Hall Committee Hi: Basketball (1. 2); Section Leader (3); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Dorm Representative for CV. (2). MARY LOU MEED Elkin B.A. IN PHYSICS. R.A. (1) ; Chemistry Club (2) ; Dolphin-Seal (1). DEBORAH WEINSTEIN MILLER Washington, D. C. B.A. IN HISTORY. Section Leader (1) : Dorm Committee Chairman (1) ; Young Democrats Club (3, 4), Secretary (3. 4); History Club (3, 4). McMeans Meadows Meed Miller Page 66 Miller, J. Mondy ELIZABETH ANN MILLER Greensboro B..M. IN -MUSIC EDUCATION ' . Mars Hill College (1); Greensboro Col- lege (2, 3); Mu Phi Epsilon (4, 5); Chorale (5); Choir (4, 5); M.E.N.C. (4, 5); Madrigal Singers (4). JULIA MILLER B.S.H.E. IN INTER 4) ; X.S.I.D. (3, 4). Man Lincolnton ' s College (1, 2) ; A.H.E.A. (3, Mooring der Charlotte (2); Psi Chi (3. 4), Program Morgan MILDRED MILLNER JUDITH NELL MONDY Charlotte B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Elliott Hall Committee (3): A.C.E. (H; S.N.E.A. (3, 4) ; Rat Day Committee (2) ; Sister Day Committee (4). MARY MARGARET MOORE Goldsboro B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Dolphin-Seal (1. 2. 3, 4), President (4); R.A. (1, 2, 3. 4), Treasurer (3i; Legislature (3. 4); Elliott Hall Committee (3); Dorm Cheerleader (1); Square Circle (2. 3, 4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); A.R.F.C.W. (4). MARY WOMBLE MOORING Nashville B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. D orm Committees (1, 2) ; Chemistry Club (1); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Reporter (3); Student Program and Policy Committee (I, 2. 3, 4), Secretary (2), Chair- man (4); Curriculum Committee (3); Rat Day Committee (2); Town Students ' Association (4). NANCY ELAINE MORGAN Marshville B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Choir (1, 2, 3, 4). Librarian (2), Treasurer (3): B.S.U. (1, 2); Madrigal Singers r ;i i ; Circulo Hispanico (4): N.C.M.E.A. (3, 4) ; S.N.E.A. (4) ; N.C.M.F.C. (2, 3, 4) ; College Chorale (4). Moring Morris PATRICIA ANN MORING Durham B.A. IN HISTORY. Sociology Club (3); History Club (l); Carolinian Staff (3. 4i ; Vim- ,-,-dles Staff ill; Elliott Hall Committee (1) ; S.N.E.A. (3, 1) ; N.E.A. (3, 4). MADGE ETTA MORRIS Columbia B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. B.S.U. (1, 2, 3. 4), Council (3) ; Hall Board Member (1); R.A. (2); Young Democrats Club (21; Section Leader (3): Legis- lature (4); Sociology Club (3, 4), President (4); Junior Show (3). FRANCES CAROL MORRISON Statesville B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Hand (1, 2, 3. 4); Westminster Fel- lowship (1, 21; Hall Board Member (2i; Section Leader (3); Glee Club (41 ; S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; Rat Day Committee (2) ; Dorm Committee (1, 2, 3). Morrison Murdaugh CISSE MURDAUGH Charlotte B.A. IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Song Committee (1); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3) ; Class Projects Committee (2 i ; Elliott Hall Committee (2, 3) ; Rat Day Committee (2i: Marshal (3. 4); Sociology Club (3, 4): Legislature (4); Co-Chairman of Elections Committee (4). WOMAN ' S COLLEGE provides for her student teachers as Gene rolls again. Murray Myers Nelson Neville Newland Newton, G. Newton, N. Nicholson JUDITH JEANNE MURRAY B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3) ; A.I.D. (3); Elliott Hall Committee (1, 2, 3): Dorm Com- mittees (1, 2). LOIS ANN MYERS Wilkesboro B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. A.C.E. (3, 4). Committee Chairman (3), President (4) ; Hall Board Member (3) ; B.S.U. (1, 2, 3, 4). Treasurer (3. 4); Freshman Commission (1): Jacket Committee (1); Dorm Com- mittees (1, 4), Chairman (1) ; Honor Roll (3); Classification of Officers Committee (3, 4). BETSY PURDUE NEESE B.A. IN HISTORY. Greensboro LINDA JEAN NELSON Burlington B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Pine Xeedles Staff (2. 3. 4). Junior Editor (3); Editor-in-Chief (4); Dolphin-Seal (2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship ii. 2. ii. Council (2); Motto Committee ill; Square Circle (1, 2, 3. 4); Le Cercle Francais (1. 2. 3 i ; N.E.A. (3); Junior Show (3): Daisy Chain (2); Honor Roll (2); Curriculum Committee (3). CARA ELLEN NEVILLE Chapel Hill B.S.H.E. IN TEXTILES. Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Chemistry Club (1. 2): Dorm Committee (I, 2, 3, 4), Chairman (4); Elliott Hall Committee (4) ; Junior Show (3). MARGARET EUGENIA NEWLAND Jacksonville, Fla. B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (3. 4). Chairman (4) : A.C.E. (4) : N.E.A. (4i : Junior Show (3) ; Pine Xeedles Staff (3, 4), Faculty and Administration Editor (4). GERALDINE MURRAY NEWTON Burlington B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committee Chairman (II ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Choir (1. 2. 3i : Talent Show (1). NANCY KING NEWTON B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. North Wilkesboro Norman Oakley O ' Brien Outlaw EDITH CHLOE NICHOLSON Greensboro B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. A.G.O. (4); Choir (1. 2, 3, 4); N.F.M.C. (1. 2. 3. 4i ; N.E.A. 131 : N.C.E.A. (3) : Mu Phi Epsilon 12, 3. 4), Secretary (3). Treasurer (4); N.C.M.E.N.C. (3, 4); M.E.N.C. (3. 4). CLOTILDA KEMP NORMAN Winston-Salem B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (I); Hall Hoard Member (1); Pirn: Needles Staff (2); Junior Commission (3): Gamma Alpha (3. 41. Treasurer (3): Lesislature (3. 4); Elections Board (3, 4). Chairman (4); Sister Day Committee (4); Elliott Hall Committee (3); Student Union Conference (4): S.N.E.A. (4). NANCY ANN OAKLEY Hillsboro U.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Dorm Council (1, 2); Carolinian Staff U); Rat Dav Committee (2); Daisy Chain (2i; Freshman Show (1); Junior Show ' (3); Junior Advisor (3); R.A. (1. 2. 3, 4). Cabinet (3. 4). Council (3); Hockey Club (1. 2. 3. 1); Varsity Basketball (1. 2. 3, 4): Basketball Sporthead (3i: Co-Off Club (1, 2. 3. 4). President (4): Tennis Club (1. 4): Major ' s Voice Editor (3); Class Reporter (4): Physical Education Representative Council (3); R. A. Honor Roll (I. 2. 3); A.R..F.C.W. Convention Committee (3. 4). ELEANOR DELORES SELF O ' BRIEN Lawndale B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Wesley (I, 2), Committee Chairman (2); Dorm Committee (1); Sociology Club (3, 4). DOROTHY TEMPLE OUTLAW Raleigh B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Hall Board Member (1); Dolphin- Seal ill; Class Treasurer (2); Rat Day Committee (2); N.E.A. (3. I); A.C.E.I. (4): Marshal (3, II; Assistant House President (3); Class Vice-President (4). Class of 1963 Page 68 Class of 1963 MONTA ETHEL OWINGS Winston-Salem B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committee (1): Dolphin-Seal (2); N.E.A. (4) ; Sociology Club (3. 4) ; N.C.E.A. (4) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Calendar Committee (3); Junior Show (3). JANE ELIZABETH PAGE Lincolnton B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. East Carolina College (1): Assistant House President (2); Legislature (21; Hall Board Mem- ber (2); Home Economics Club (2. 3, 4). JANET ELIZABETH PALMER Lenoir B.M. IN " ORGAN " . Choir (1. 2. 3. 4); Band (1. 2); Greensboro Symphony (2, 3, 4) ; Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4) ; A.G.O. (3. 4), President (4). MARGARET JANE PARDEE Hendersonville B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dolphin-Seal (1) ; Section Leader (3. 4) ; Sociology Club (3, 4); Dorm Committee (1). ELIZABETH JANE PARK Raleigh B.S.H.E. IN " CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Lutheran Students " Association (1. 2. 3. 4), Committee Chairman (2 1; Dorm Committees (1. 3. 4); Junior Commission (3); Junior Show (3); Marshal (4); Scottish Dance Club (1). EDITH HALL PARKER B.A. IN ECONOMICS. Legislature (1) ; Committee (4). Raleigh ance Committee (2); Dorm ANDREA LEE PARSONS Stamford, Conn. B.A. IN ENGLISH. Hall Board Member (1); Section Leader (1, 3); Rat Day Committee (2) : Junior Advisor (3) ; Legislature (3. 4) ; Senior Com- mission (I); Committee on Legislation (4). " WTLMA IRENE PATRICK Griffon B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Chorus (1. 2); Canterbury Club (1. 2i : Altar Guild (21; Le Cercle Francais (1. 2); Daisy Chain (3); A.C.E. (2, 3. 4), Committee Chairman n; S. N.E.A. (S, II, Delegate to Study Conference (3); Dorm Committee (1. 2, 3); Honor Roll (3). KAREN LOUISE PATTON Asheville B.A. IN " HISTORY. Dunbarton College of Holy Cross (1. 2): Newman Club (3, I): History Club (3. 4); Carolinian Staff (3. 4): Pine Needles Staff (4); S.N.E.A. (4); N.C.E.A. (4); Inter-Faith Vespers Committee EMILY LOUISE CHALK PEACOCK B.A. IN " SOCIOLOGY. JEAN CAROLYN PERKINS B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. G 4) ; N.C.E.A. (3. 4) ; Junior Advisor (3) Committee (1). DOROTHY NELL PERRY Durham B.A. IN HISTORY. Dorm Committee Chairman (I): Talent Show (1): B.S.U. (1) ; Rat Day Committee Chairman (2) ; Class Elections Chairman (2); Assistant House President (2); Daisy Chain (2): Ring Chairman (2); House President (3); Junior Show (31; Legislature (2, 3): Choir (2. 3): Mu Phi Epsilon (8, 4); A.G.O. (3. 4). President (4); Elections Board (4): Court of Social Regulations (4); Sister Day Chairman (4); Golden Chain (4). DAISY MAE PETERSON Elizabethtown Park Parker Parsons Patrick Perkins Perry Page 69 Petkas Petree Class of 1963 VIRGINIA PETKAS Atlanta, Ga. B.S.H.E. IN " INTERIOR DESIGN " . A.I.D. (3. 4): N.S.I.D. (4); Dance Group (2, 3) ; Junior Show (3) : Hall Board Member (2). BETTY JUNE PETREE Burlington B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. M.E.N.C. (3. 4); M.M.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Chamber Orchestra (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Greensboro Symphony (I, 2. 3, 4) ; Band (3. 4) ; Choir (3. 4) : String Quartet (3, 4) ; Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4). Chap- lain (4); Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 4), Secretary (2); Inter-Faith Council (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), Secretary (4); A.G.O. (3, 4); A.S.T.A. (4). %r Phillips Pickett ALICE CAROLINE PHILLIPS Durham B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Home Economics Club (2. 3, 4) ; N.S.I.D. (3. 4), Secretary (3); A.I.D. (3. 4); Elliott Hall Committee (1. 2 : Dorm Committee (1, 2): Legislature (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley (1); Rat Day Committee (2) ; Chorus (1, 3, 4). JANICE RAE PICKETT Burlington B.F.A. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Pfeiffer College (1, 2); Junior Advisor (3). LYNDA LEA PICKUP LINDA ELIZABETH PITTS Newton B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3), Chairman (1); Home Economics Cluh (1, 2. 3, 4); Legislature (3. 4); Lutheran Students ' Association (1. 2, 3. 4). Publicity Chaiman (2), Secretary- Treasurer (3): A.I.D. (3. 4); N.S.I.D. (3, 4), Chairman (3); N.S.I.D. Scholarship (3). Pickup Pitts LINDA LEE POLK Charlotte B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Commercial Class Vice-President (1): Finance Board (2. 3. 4), Chairman (4) i Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Hall Board Member (2); Assistant House President (3); Junior Show (3); Marshal (4); Section Leader (2). CAROLYN PATRICIA PONZER Greensboro B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Band (1, 2. 4); S.N.E.A. (I. 2, i). Committee Chair- man (2): Vice-President (41; Wesley (1. 2. 4). Vice-President (2); Medical Technology Club (I. 2. 4i; Elliott Hall Committee (2); Section Leader (2); Dorm Committee Chairman (1). NELDA WELBORN POOL Polk Ponzer BARBARA WELCH POOVEY Charlotte B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee (2, 3, 4). Chairman id: Elliott Hall Committee (1); Dorm Cohncil (4); A.C.E.I. (3, 4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4). MARGARET ANNE POTEAT Marion B.A. IN ' HISTORY. Young Democrats Club (2); History Club (2, 3, 4): Phi Alpha Theta (3. n. Secretary-Treasurer (4): Dorm Committee (3. 4); Section Leader ( 1 1 : S.N.K.A. (3, I) ; Elliott Hall Committee (1) ; Honors Seminar (1). BRENDA KATRINE POTTER Bayboro B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Carolinian. Staff (2); S.N.E.A. (3, l : A.C.E. (8, I ; Dorm Committee (3): Junior Show (3): R.A. (4); Senior Commission I : Assistant Associate Editor Fine Needles (3): Associate Editor I ' m, Xicllcs (4). LYNN COOPER POWELL Greensboro Pool Poovey Page 70 Prakke Proffitt Pyatt PETRONELLA ELISE JOHANNA PRAKKE Asheville B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dolphin-Seal (1, 2. 3); Cadaceus (1), Committee Chairman (1) ; Hall Board Member n i : Legislature (2) : Junior Advisor (3); Social Science Forum Council (S, 4); Psi Chi (3. 1). Vice-President (t): History Club (3. 4); Golden Chain (3. 4). President (4); Court of Social Regulations (4). MARTHA JANE PRESTON B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Gamma Co-Editor (4(; S.N.E.A. (3); Sigma Alpha (1) Belews Creek Alpha (3. 4). Spotlight, LINDA GAIL PRICE B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. A.C.E. (2 Senior Commission (4). Goldsboro 4); N.E.A. (2, 3, 4); SARAH ELLEN PROFFITT Bald Creek B.S.H.E. IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); A.C.E. (3. 4). Committee Chairman (4); Dorm Committees (1, 3); Freshman Show (1); Choir (1). MARTHA ROGERS PYATT Marion B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Medical Technology Club (2, 3, 1) ; St. Mary ' s College 1UDY DELIA RAMSEY Marshall B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION " . Mars Hill College (1. 2): Dorm Committee (3): A.C.E. (3, 4); S.N.E.A. (4); Senior Commission (4). Salisbury Dorm Committees (3, 1 ; Beta Beta Beta (3. 4); Phi Alpha Theta (3. 4); S.N.E.A. (4); Honor Roll (2). CHRISTINA MAE RANKIN B.A. IN BIOLOGY AND HISTORY MARTHA CAROLYN RAY Fayetteville B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Junior Advisor (S) ; Gamma Alpha CAROLYN LOUETTA REESE B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Band CD ; Junior Show (3). Hickory Home Economics Club SUZANNE ELAINE RICE Hanover, Pa. B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Legislature (I. 2. 3. 4); Sophomore Commission (2); C.U. Council (2, 4): R.A. (1, 2. 3. 4), Co-Off Chairman (2i : Daisy Chain (2); S.G.A. Secretary (3); Junior Show (3); State Student Legislature (3): Golden Chain (3. 4), Secretary (4); S.G.A. Vice-President (4i ; Honor Roll (1, 2, 3). JILIA LEE RICHARDSON B.A. IN ART. Rice Richardson PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS investi- gate opportunities in the Charlotte area. Riley Ripley Roderick Rogers Rogerson NANCY GREY RILEY Greensboro B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Flora Macdonald College (1); Town Stu- dents ' Association (2, 3. 4); Choir (2, 3, 4). President (4); Madrigals (3): Chorale (i); Mu Phi Epsilon (3. 41; N.M.E.C. (2. 3. 4); N.E.A. (3. 4): N.C.E.A. (3, 4); A.G.O. (3. 4); Daisy Chain (2): Honor Roll (31; N.F.M.C. (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Woman ' s College Theater (2); N.C.M.E.C. r_ 3. 4). VIRGINIA FRANCES RIMMER B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Roxboro ELIZABETH RIPLEY High Point B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Elections Chairman (1): Hall Board (1); Le Cercle Francais (II; Canterbury Club Hi: Jacket Committee (2); Co-Chairman Projects Committee (J); Commission (2. 3. 4); Class Secre- tary (3); Social Science Forum (3. 4); Dorm Committee (3); Sociology Club (3, 4) ; Class Treasurer (4) ; N.E.A. (4) : Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4). Roman iw Rosenberg HELEN JEANETTE RODERICK B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Sociology Club (3, 4); Alpli Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Dorm Committee Chairm MARY ELIZABETH ROESS B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Spencer Kappa Delta (3, 4), n (1). Winter Park, Fla. PATRICIA ANN ROGERS B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. BETTY ANNE ROGERSON Robersonyille B.A. IN BIOLOGY. S.N.E.A. (I : United Campus Christian Fellowship (1, 2. 3. 41. Vice-President C- ' i. President (4i: Medical Technology Cub 12. 3. II. Committee Chairman (4): Chorus (1. 2); Junior Show 1 3 1 ; Dorm Committees ti. 2, 3, 4). Ross Roth KAREN PATRICIA ROMANIW Winston- Salem B.A. IN ENGLISH. Syracuse University ( 1) : Dorm Committees (2. 3. 4) ; Section Leader (31: Junior Show (3); Pine Needles Staff (3); Young Democrats Club en. JESSIE JANE ROSENBERG B.A. IN ENGLISH. Anniston, Ala. NANCY JOSEPHINE ROSS Pleasant Garden B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Chorus (1) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (2. 3, 4); R.A. (3); Varsity Basketball (2); Hall Board Member (3). Russ Russell NANCY PAULINE ROTH Washington, D. C. B.A. IN SPANISH. Dorm Committee (1); Hillel (1. 2, 3, 4): Circulo Hispanico (1. II: Le Cercle Francais (1. 4): Rat Day Committee (21; Daisy Chain 121; Assistant House President (3); Committee on Legisla- te ;i ti. Chairman (I); Junior Show (3); C.U. Council (4). ALICE FAYE RUSS Smithfield B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Dorm Committee (1) : Caduceus Club (1, 2. 3i ; Medi cal Technology Club (3, I). PATRICIA KATHERINE RUSSELL Charlotte BA IN HISTORY. Elliott Hall Committees (1. 2); Dorm Committee (1. 2. 4): Hall Board ci ; History Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (3): Pirn- Needles Staff ( I). Class of 1963 Page 72 Class of 1963 MARTHA REA RUTLEDGE Kannapolis B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Section Leader (3); Dolphin-Seal (3, 4): Traffic Committee (3. 4), Secretary (3), Chairman (4); R.A. (2, 4), Committee Chairman (2) ; Hall Board Member (4). PEGGY JEAN SADLER Burlington B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Committee Chairman (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4): N.E.A. (3. 4); Honor Roll (2); Home Economics Honor Roll (2, 3); Dorm Committee (I). PATRICIA MARGARET SANDERS B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Rutledge Sadler Greensboro LOIS GAYLOR SANDLIN Raleigh B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Hall Board Member (1 ) : Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Honor Roll (1) : Choir (2) : Class Council (2) : Ring Committee (2) : B.S.U. (1. 2) ; Service League (1); Section Leader (3): A.I.D. (3, 4); N.S.I.D. (4); Henry A. Foscue Interior Design Scholarship (4). BARBARA ANN SCOTT Pinnacle B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. S.N.E.A. (3. 4): A.C.E. (3. 4); B.S.U. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3, 4). Chairman (3). CAROLYN JEAN SCOTT Cincinnati, Ohio B.A. IN HISTORY. Hall Board Member (2. 3); Dormitory Committee (2); State Student Legislature (3, 4); Executive Cabinet (4); History Club (3, 4); Phi Alpha Theta (3. 4): Carolinian Staff (2. 3. 4). News Editor (3); Editor-in-Chief (4); C.U. Council (4). Sanders Sandlin MARILYN KNOX SELLERS Leland B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 4). Committee Chairman (3) ; Junior Show (3) ; Section Leader MARION LOUISE SHOOK B.A. IN HISTORY. S.N.E.A. (4); History Club (3, 4); Statesville Mitchell College CONNIE WILSON SHORT Charlotte B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Council (1); Freshman Commission (1) : Hall Board Member (1) ; S.N.E.A. (2. 3. 4) ; A.C.E. (4); Carolinian Staff (I); Town Students ' Association (3. 4). Scott, B. Scott, C. ROSE MARIE SIDBL ' RY B.A. IN HISTORY. Greensboro VIRGINIA LEE SIKES Concord B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Band (1. 2, 3. 4); Greensboro Orchestra (1, 2. 3, 4); Trumpet Trio (2. 3. li; Woman ' s College Theater Orchestra (2. 4); Choir (3. 4): M.E.N.C. (3. I); N.C.M.E.A. (3. 4); Dorm Com- mittee (1. 2), Chairman (1): Young Republicans Club (4): Mu Phi Epsilon (3. 4); Honor Roll (3); Carolinian (1. 2, 3, 4), Music Editor (3, 4). LINDA DEBORAH SILVER Charlotte B.A. IN HISTORY. Elections Board (1): Hillel (1. 2, 3. 4). Treasurer (3): Circulo Hispanico (1, 2); History Club (2, 3, 4); Junior Show (3): S.N.E.A. (4); N.E.A. (4); Legislature (2. 3, 4); Section Leader (3): Parents Weekend (2); House President (4). PENELOPE LYNN SLACUM Madison, N. J. B.A. IN HISTORY. Elliott Hall Committee Chairman (2) : History Club (3, 4), President (4); Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Golden Chain (4). Sellers Shook Sidbury Sikes 4 Page 73 Slaughter Smith, Eleanor Smith, Elizabeth Smith, I. Smith, L. S mi tli, Margaret Smith, Martha Smith, S. Class of 1963 CAROLE ANNE SLAUGHTER Charlotte B.A. IN ' SOCIOLOGY. Dorm Committees (1, 2); Freshman Commission (1): Class Cheerleader (1) ; Rat Day Chairman (2); Sister Day Chair- man (2); Legislature (2); House President (3); Junior Show (3); Senior Cass President (4); Hall Board Member (4). ELEANOR ELIZABETH SMITH Robersonville B.F.A. IX ART. Greensboro College (1) ; Dorm Committees (2. 3) ; Elliott Hall Committee (S, I). ELIZABETH ANN SMITH Albemarle B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4), Historian (3), President (41 ; Choir (2. 3. 4) ; Chorus (.1) ; Greensboro Symphony Orches- tra (2): M.E.N.C.A. (3, 4); A.G.O. (4); N.F.M.C. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committee (1). INDIA SMITH B.A. IN ENGLISH. Ge Savannah, Ga. ence (4) : Section Leader (4) : N.E.A. (4) ; Dorm Council (4) ; Rat Day nmittee (2); Class Council C3). LOIS HELEN SMITH Charlotte B.A. IN MATHEMATICS. Dorm Committee (1. 2. S. 4): Square Circle (3, 4). Vice-President (4): N.E.A. (4): Marshal (4); Junior Show (3); S.N.E.A. (4); Dorm Committee Chairman (4). MARGARET RIDLEY TYLER SMITH Guilford College B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committee (11 : Honor Roll (31; Dance Group iii; cmthli Managing Editor (4); Elliott Hall Committee Chairman (1); N.E.A. in. MARTHA ANNE SMITH Albemarle B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Junior Show (3): Volley Ball (1. 2) ; Dorm Committee (3) ; S.N.E.A. (3, n, Committee Chairman (4) ; A.C.E. (41. SANDRA LANE SMITH Asheville B.A. IN SPANISH. Dorm Committee (1, 4) ; Junior Show (3) ; Le Cercle Francais (4); Health Liaison Committee (4); Circulo Hispanico (4); Language Day Committee (1, 2. 4). EDWINA SUE SNOW Greensboro B.A. IN GERMAN. German Club (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Square Circle (1) : Chemis- try Club (1. 21: Legislature (21; Hall Board Member (2); Omicron Nu Scholastic Award (3) ; Junior Year Abroad in Heidelberg, Germany (3). ELAINE CHRISTENE SOWERS Advance H IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Talent Show (1); A.C.E. (3. 4); S.N.E.A. (4). DOROTHY LOUISE SPOON Liberty B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Dorm Committee Chairman (1): S.N.E.A. (3, 4); Section Leader (4); Dorm Council (4): Junior Show (3). PEGGY JEAN STANLEY B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Tabor City GWENDOLYN JEAN STARLING Fayetteville BS.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Dorm Elections Committee (2); Circulo Hispanico (2. :(. 41. President (4); Honor Roll (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; Gamma Alpha (2. 3. li ; Senior Council (41. Spoon Stanley Starling V Page 74 Stephens Stiles Straughan JOAN NANCY STASS Greensboro B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Dorm Committees (1, 3); Talent Show (1): German Club (1, 2); Choir (2); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4): Junior Show (3): Annie Get Your Gun (3); Town Students ' Association (t): Medical Technology Club (4), Treasurer (4); Class Elections Committee (3). REBE CCA ANNE STEPHENS Erwin B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Campbell College (1, 2); Chorus (3) ; Home Economics Club (3. n ; S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; N.E.A. (3. 4) ; X.C.E.A. (3, 4). REBECCA BELL STILES Morehead City B.F.A. IN FASHION ILLUSTRATION AND COSTUME DESIGN. Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3. 4); Junior Show (3); Camp Counselors ' Club (1); Elliott Hall Committee (3); Section Leader (3). BARBARA JEAN STONE Greensboro B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. S.N.E.A. (2, 4) ; Elliott Hall Com- mittee (1): A.C.E. (2). Stroud Stutts HELEN ANNE STRAUGHAN Warsaw B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Section Leader (2): Junior Ad- visor (3) ; S.N.E.A. (3) ; Gamma Alpha (3, I). Spotlight Co-Editor (4). BERTA ALBRIGHT STROUD Faison B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Legislature (1. 3, 4) : Section Leader (3); Dorm Committees (1. 3); N.E.A. (3. 4); A.C.E.I. (3. 4); Class Song Committee (1); Class Historian (2); Rat Day Committee (2); Class Commission (3): State Student Legislature (31 ; Faculty-Student Lecture Entertainment Committee (3) : Junior Show (3) : Elliott Hall Committee (2, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Chorus (1. 2); Accompanist (2): Service League (3): Pine Needles Staff (2. 3); Square Circle (1. 2): West- minster Fellowship (1); German Club (1, 2); Golden Chain (3, 4); State Student Legislature Board (3, 4). CAROL LEE STUTTS Shelby B.A. IN ENGLISH. Section Leader (1) : Freshman Seminar (1) : Rat Day Committee (2); Junior Show (3); Junior Advisor (3); Le Cercle Fran- cais (2, 3) ; Honor Roll (2) ; Honors Work (4). ANNE VICTORIA SULLIVAN Wilmington, Del. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Dorm Committee Chairman (1. 41; Chorus II); A.C.E. (2. 4); S.N.E.A. (3, t : Coraddi Staff (3, 1). Circulation Manager (4); Marshal (4); Dorm Elections Chairman (4). MARILYN GAYLE SUTTON Thomasville 2). Committee (2); S.N.E.A. MARY ANN SUTTON Lake Waccamaw B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. 4 II Club (2. 3, 4) ; Home ' i Club (2. 3, 4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4). REVONDA ANN SUTTON Franklin B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Wesley (I) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2) ; Hall Board Member (3) ; Junior Show (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; A.C.E. (4); House President (4); Circulo Hispanico (1). Sullivan Sutton. Marilyn Sutton, Mary Sutton, R. «L u.- VLB f MISS SCHAEFFER lends a hand in com- pleting still another application form. Sykes Thaxton Thomas, Janet Thomas, Janice Thompson, B. MARGARET ANN SWART B.A. IN HISTORY. EUGENIA GILLESPIE SYKES Wilmington Greensboro B.A. IN HISTORY. Honors Group (1): State Student Legislature (2, 3, I): Social Science Forum (3. 4): Faculty Student Reviewing Committee (3): Junior Show (3); Legislature (3). Parliamentarian (41: Phi Alpha Theta (3. 4); History Club (3. 41, Vice-President (4); Westminster Fellowship (2, :). ii : Junior Advisor (3). ANGELA TALTON Lenoir B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4). Chairman (1. 3): Home Economics (Tub (2. U; Junior Show (3): A.I.D. (3, 4); N.S.I.D. 13, H; Hoard of Directors (3); Elliott Hall Committee (3). MILDRED FAYE TART Newton Grove B.S.H.E. IN TEXTILES. Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Newman Club (1, 2. 3, 41; 4-H Club (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1, 3); Junior Advisor (3). RENA STREET TERRELL Raleigh B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. S.N.E.A. (4); A.C.E. (4); Rat Day Committee (2). PATRICIA ANN THAXTON Bedford, Va. B.A. IN BIOLOGY. Chorus Hi. Librarian (1); Section Leader (1. 2); Hall Board Member (3 1: Elections Chairman (1): Elliott Hall Council (3); Legislature in: Medical Technology Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Chemistry Club il. 2. 3, li: Elections Hoard (1). JANET HATSELL THOMAS Morehead City B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Newman Club (1. 2, 3, 4): Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Junior Show (3): Dorm Committee (2). Thompson, G. Thompson, T. JANICE KATE THOMAS Nashville, Tenn. B.A. IN ART. Chorus in: Tennis Club (1. 2): Class Cheerleader (2): Sister Day Chairman (3); Marshal (4); College Cheerleader (4): Junior Show (3); Pine Needles Staff (1. 2); Canterbury Club (1. 2. :i 1 : Rat Court i2i ; Elliott Hall Committee (3); Class Commission (2. 3): Dorm Committee (1 i. BARBARA JEAN THOMPSON Graham 11. A. IN ENGLISH. Westminster Fellowship (1, 2); Section Leader (2. 4) ; Junior Show (3) : Dorm Committee (1, 2). GENEVA SUE THOMPSON Greensboro B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. S.N.E.A. (3, 4); A.C.E. (4): B.S.U. II. 2. 3. 4). Council (4); Section Leader (41; Pine Needles Staff 13); Camp Counselors ' Club (1): Junior Show (3). Tinkham Tucker TONI MARIE THOMPSON Greensboro B.A. IN ENGLISH. Chorus (8. 4); Commission Member (3); Junior Show (31; N.C.E.A. (3, 4); S.N.E.A. (3. 4); Town Students " Association (1. 2, 3. 4). ANNA TINKHAM Charlotte B.A. IN PRIMARY EDUCATION. Pine XeeWex Staff 111: Honors Semi- nar (1) : N.E.A. 13, I) ; A.C.E. in; Hall Board Member (4) ; Elliott Hall Council Ml. SYLVIA BEDFORD TUCKER Badin B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; S.N.E.A. (2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 41; B.S.U. (2): Young Democrats Club (4): Le Cercle Francais (1); Circulo Hispanico (3); United Campus Christian Fellowship (4). Class of 1963 Page 76 Class of 1963 RUTH TURNER Wadesboro B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3, 4). EMILY CAROLYN VAUGHN Mount Airy B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Gamma Alpha (3. 4) ; N.E.A. (3. 4); N.C.E.A. (3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Sigma Alpha (4); Dorm Com- mittees (1, 2). SYLVIA DALE VAUGHN Gastonia B.S.S.A. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. Junior Advisor (3) : Gamma Alpha (3, 4). Vice-President (4); Finance Board (4); Honor Koll (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Elliott Hall Committee (3). LINDA GERTRUDE VERNON B.F.A. IN ART. Stokesdale MARY DENISE VICK Lucama B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. 4-H Club (1, 2. 3. n. Sec- retary (2). President (3) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Committee Chairman (3), President (4); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 4), Com- mittee Chairman (2). Secretary (3), Vice-Moderator (4); Intramurals (1. 2, 3, 4); Junior Advisor (3): Section Leader (3); Home Economics Honor Roll (3) ; Home Economies Student Program and Policy Com- mittee (4). ALMA LEE WATERS Jacksonville B.A. IN HISTORY. History Club (3, 4) ; Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4) ; Junior Commission (3); S. N.E.A. (3, 4); Elliott Hall Committee (3); Dorm Committees (2, 3, 4). CAROL FULLER WEBB B.A. IN ENGLISH. Stratford College (I, 2). LINDA LEE WEBSTER Cliffside B.A. IN BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY. Honors Seminar (II ; Hall Board Member (4); R.A. (2); Legislature (3): Chemistry Club (3. 4): German Club (3, 4); 4-H Club (3. 4): Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 4); House President (4); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4). CAROL EUGENIA WEIR Asheville B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. li; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3, 4); S.N.E.A. (3, 4); N.E.A. (4); Junior Show (3) ; Class Committee (4). JEANNE MILLIKIN WESTBROOK Courtland, Va. B.M. IN MUSIC EDUCATION. Chorus (1) ; Choir (2, 3, 4), Secretary (4) ; Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4) ; M.E.N.C. (3, 4) ; N.C.M.E.C. (3, 4) : A.G.O. (3, 4), Secretary (3), Vice-President ( n ; Daisy Chain (2) ; N.F.M.C. (1. 2. 3. 4). Vice-President (3). President (4); Annie Get Your Gun (8); Pine Needles Staff (2); Service League (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2). JIMMIE LEE WHITLEY Wilson B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. A.C.E. (4) ; S.N.E.A. (4) ; Mar- shal (4); N.C.E.A. (4); Dorm Committees (1, 2). ILA JEAN WIDENHOUSE Raleigh B.A. IN HISTORY. Legislature (2. 3). Parliamentarian (3); Elections Board (21 : Treasurer of Junior Class (3); Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4); Collegiate Council of U.N. (4). JUDITH ELLEN WIGGINS Bryson City B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (2, 3. 4); N.C.H.E.A. (2, 3. 4). Vice-President (4); 4-H Club (1. 2, 3. 4), Reporter (2), Vice-President cij: B.S.I ' . 12, 3, 4). Council (31, Presi- dent (4). Turner Vaughn, E. Vaughn, S. Vernon Vick Waters Webb Webster Weir Westbrook Whitley Wiggins Page 77 Williams, Carol Williams, Charlotte Class of 1963 CAROL SELF WILLIAMS Greensboro B.A. IN HISTORY. Dorm Committee (1) ; Canterbury Club (1, 2), Vestrj (2) : Section Leader (3) ; Town Students 1 Association (4). CHARLOTTE MAE WILLIAMS Rock) ' Mount B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Class Treasurer (1); Tennis Club (1, 2. 3); Hockev Club (2. 3. 4); Co-Off (1, 2, 3, 4); R.A. (1. ' 2, 3, 4i. Vice- President (3). President (4); Volley Ball Sporthead (2); R.A. Honor Croup (1, 2, 3). Williams, E. Williams, L. ELVA JO WILLIAMS Williamston B.S.H.E. IN INTERIOR DESIGN. Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Young Democrats Club (2) ; N.S.I.D. (3, 4). LOIS ANNE WILLIAMS Arlington, Va. NANCY JEANEANE WILLIAMS Elon College B.A. IN ENGLISH. Woman ' s College Theater (1, 2); N.E.A. (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 4); Glee Club (4). VIRGINIA ALICE WILLIAMS Chester, Conn. B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. R.A. Council (3, 4): Dance Group (1. 2, 3) : Junior Show (3i ; Hockey Team ti, 2. 3. 4) : Curriculum Com- mittee (3, 4i ; Physical Education Council (2. 3. 4); Physical Education Majors President (4) ; Junior Advisor (4). Williams, N. Williams, V. NANCY CAROLYN WILLIAMSON Clinton B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Committee (3): B.S.U. (1, 2); Hall Board Member (4); S. N.E.A. (3. 4); N.C.E.A. (3. 4); Dorm Committees (1, 3). MARY LEE WILLIS B.S.H.E. IN EDUCATION. MIRIAM LOUISE WILLIS Belwood B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dorm Committee tl i : Wesley 1 1, 2), Officer (2); Community of Lay Scholars (2); Psychology Club (4). .V Williamson Willis. Mary BETH CRAWFORD WILSON Dunn B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. A.C.E. (3, 4): N.E.A. (3, 4;. THELMA ELAINE WILSON Littleton B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. N.E.A. (3, t) ; N.C.E.A. (8, 4); Dorm Committee (1). SANDRA KLING WINDLEY Greensboro B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chorus Hi; Woman ' s College Theater (1). EDITH LOUISE WINECOFF Rockwell B.S.H.E. IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Mars Hill College (1, 2); A.C.E. (4); S.N.E.A. in. Willis, Miriam Windley Winecoff Page 78 Winstead BRENDA SUE WINSTEAD B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. B.S.I - . (1. A.C.E. (4); N ' .C.E.A. (3, 4); Junior Slum (3); " Pine A " . . dies Staff (4). Wolfe Woodard Sanford ELIZABETH PRISCILLA WITHERS Charlotte B.A. IN ENGLISH. Dorm Committees (1, 2) ; Tap Club (21 ; Daisy Chain (2) : S.N.E.A. (3) : Circulo Hispanico (3) : Junior Show (3) ; Classification of Officers Committee (4); Pine Needles Staff (3). JOY ANN LOUISE WOHLBRUCK Charlotte ELIZABETH P. WOLFE Greensboro B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY. Le Cercle Francais (1) ; Sociology Club (3. 41. H. BROOKS WOODARD Raleigh B.S.H.E. IN HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION. Home Economics (1, 2. 3, 4); Junior Show (3); S.N.E.A. (3. 4) ; N.C.E.A. (3. 4). KATHERINE SUE WOODWARD Durham B.A. IN FRENCH. Dolphin-Seal (1); German Club (3, 41; Le Cercle Francais (3, 4). JUDITH ANN WRAPE Burlington B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY. Dorm Committee (1) J Seminar (1); Pine Xeedles Staff (1, 2, 3, 4). Co-Organizations Editor 2. 3), Copy Editor (4i : Legislature (2. 3); Rat Day Committee (2); Section Leader (3); Psi Chi (3. 4). Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Coraddi Staff (2) ; Junior Show (3); N.E.A. (4): S.N.E.A. (4,i ; Dorm Treasurer (4i; Psychology Club (4); Golden Chain (4). SYLVIA ANNE WRIGHT B.S.S.A. IN MERCHANDISING. Gamma Alpha (3. 4) ; Fii (4); Junior Advisor (3). Charlotte nee Board JUDITH ANNE WURST I B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Wesley (1) ; S.N.E.A. Circulo Hispanico (2) ; A.C.E. (3, 4) ; Junior Show (3). ELIZABETH FARNUM WYCHE Ann Arbor, Mich. B.S.S.A. IN SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION. Section Leader (1); Pine Xeedles Staff (1): St. Mary ' s House (1, 2, 3, 4). Vestry (1. 2). President (4): House President (31; Student-Faculty Reviewing Com- mittee Chairman (4): Gamma Alpha (3, 4): Dorm Committees (1. 4); Legislature (3) ; Penick Lecture Committee (1. 2, 3) ; Senior Commission (4) ; Glee Club (1) ; Junior Advisor (3). FRANCES ELIZABETH YOST Rocky Mount B.A. IN " PRIMARY EDUCATION. Assistant House President (3 i : Dorm Committee (1. 2. 4). Chairman (II: Junior Show (3); Section Leader (1); S.N.E.A. (3. 4). Wright Wurst Wyche Yost THE CULMINATION — a blend of emotions, an End and yet a Beginning. Sharon Bristol, Vice-President Nancy ClinarJ, Secretary Charlotte Mclntyre, President Vera Butner, Treasurer P Responsibilities, Major Fields, Rings, Highlight Junior Year The Junior class experienced many things as a cohesive group this past year. As Big Sist ers to the Class of ' 66 they gained an added responsibility; the anticipation and excitement of Sister Day was one of the highlights of the year. The academic side of campus life gained new im- portance as the Juniors began to study in their major fields. Along with increased interest in their work, they discovered a sense of closeness to department heads and professors. Working together on class projects such as selling Christmas cards and on the Junior show, the Juniors have grown in status as individuals and as a group and have gained a feeling of leadership on campus. Wear- ing their new class rings with great pride, the Class of ' 64 looks forward to that most exciting time of all — Senior year. Becky Peele, Cheerleader Class of 1964 Abell, Nancy Elizabeth Abernathy, Dartha Susan Abernathy, Jean Helen Adams, Carol Ann Alexander, Cynthia Anne Allen, Betsy Jane Allen, Donnalea Allen, Joanne Julia Allen, Martha Florence Allen, Rebecca Katherine Allsbrook, Ellen Donna Amnions, Mary Frances Anderson, Bettie Slade Auten, Libby Ann Ayscue, Judy Ann Baer, Myra Susan Bailey, Mary Kathryn Baker, Annette Louise Ball, Eugenia Ruth Barden, Sandra Margaret Barham, Rebecca Caroline Barnwell, Mary Lee Barry, Claire Christine Barry, Patricia Elaine Bartlett, Jo Anne Bass, Beverly Simerie Batten, Lucinda Ann Beam, Julia Carole Beck, Jerry Ann Beck. Sharon Duran Biggard, Patricia Faye Bischoff, Jacqueline Mary Bishop, Carolyn Jo Blackmon, Judith Harris Blake, Anna Dale Blankenship, E. Carlotta Blanton, Mary Angela Blanton, Sadie Rachel Blickensderfer, Kaye Booth, Carolyn Leigh Bowers, Linda Lucille Boyce, Claire Lynn Bradley, Alice Leigh Bradley. Linda Carole Brady, Mary Ann Bristol, Sharon Lee Brooks, Norma Lee Brookshire, Amelia Ann r±J L4 m „+. • Page 81 Class of 1964 Brown, Janis Gail Brown, Margaret Rose Bruton, Mary Ellen Bryan, Patricia Louise Buchanan, Marian Jorden Buchanan, Penny Elizabeth Buckley. Nancy Kathryn Bumgarner, Linda Carole Butner, Vera Jane Byrd, Patricia Anne Caldwell, Frances Olinia Caldwell, Joan Wanda Calloway, Betty Ann Campbell, Barbara Ann Capehart, Mary Shuford Carden, Winifred Louise Carmichael, Margaret Neil Carpenter, Angela Carraway, Jane Elizabeth Carrigan, Linda Holbrook Carriker, Elizabeth Caroline Carson, Laura Ann Carter, Margaret Jane Causby, Alix Yvonne Causey, Clara Belle Chandler, Bonnie Annette Chandler, Marjorie Jean Chandler, Marjorie Kay Chandler, Mary Jacqueline Chapman, Kay Frances Chapman, Rebecca Josephine Cheek, Jessica Diane Cherry, Eva Louise Clark, Alberta Katherine Clark, Kathleen Conner Clark, Peggy Ann Clarke, Eleanor deFoix Clement, Virginia LaVoda Clemmer, Helen Rebecca Clinard, Nancy Shore Coggin, Rebecca Ann Collier, April Yon Collins, Opal Maxine Collins, Sara Lucille Colmer, Margaret Bess Combs, Mitzy Sharon Cordle, Harriett Anne Cordle, Rachel Alma 1 ft t!l£l ofl ± X to Page 82 Class of 1964 ££££ ft i Cottrell, Sandra Darlene Couch, Dixie Ruth Cowan, Martha Lou Cox, Betty Mildred Cox, Sarah Ellen Craven, Susan Dianne Crawford, Marion Sue Crawford, Mary-Annis Crepps, Barbara Helen Cress, Betsy Gwynne Cress, Janice Lynne Crocker, Mary Ann Crocker, Nancy Harward Crook, Gloria Jean Crossley, Jean Dudley Crumpler, Sally Ann Culler, Linda Pauline Curren, Judith Marie Curtis, Jo Ann Daniel, Mary Long Daniel, Roberta Nell Daugherty, Carol Sue Daughtridge, Sue Hutchings Davis, Cynthia Ruth Davis, Joanne Davis, Louisa Mcintosh Davis, Peggy Ann Dawkins, Harriet June Dawson, Mildred Winstead Dean, Bonnie Laura IN OCTOBER, Suzie McNeely purchases her long awaited onyx class ring from the Balfour representative. JUNIOR RING CHAIRMEN, Linda Rees, and Jean Ellen Jones proudly gaze at their newly acquired rings, campus status symbols. Page 83 Class of 1964 Dean, Priscilla Anne Decker, Jean Helen Decker, Joan Millicent Denning, Marie Antoinette Dodson, Lynda Carolyn Doggett, Lois Elizabeth Donaldson, Celia Gouger Donnelly, Mary Elizabeth Dorsey, Joan Marie Dotson, Marion Lou Dover, Margaret Sandra Drake, Ruth Anne Dreher, Nancy Eloise Drum, Andrea Phyllis Dunnagan, Sandra Lynn Earnhardt, Virginia Gail Edge, Sara Ann Edwards, Mary Jacobs Edwards, Nancy Jane Eiserer, Carol Jean Elkins, Linda Ennis, Ruth Carroll Eschenbach, Barbara Ann Etchison, Mary Martin Evans, Rebecca Ann Farrington, Mary Ann Ferguson, Emma Lena Fickling, Frances Elizabeth Fidler, Mary Alice Fitch, Billie Carolyn Fite, Cynthia Diane Fitts, Dowthy Louise Forshaw, Bess Cocke Fort, Carol Olivia Fortner, Sylvia Anastasia Foster, Betty Jane Fountain, Marcia Taylor Fountain, Paula Cecile Francum, Betty Jane Franklin, Linda Sue Freeman, Jean Walker Frye, Glennette Louise Fu, Victoria Ruth Fuller, VC ' illa Kay Furr, Carolyn Jo Gainey, Evelyn Victoria Gallimore, Roena Virginia Galloway. Melissa Ava Gardner, Margaret Lou Garrison, Frances Elizabeth Garrison, Harriet Sue Gentry, Doris Eugenia Gentry, Selma Ann George, Mary Senate Gideon, Sara Grace Golding, Linda Merle Gooch, Linda Ann Goodman, Shirley Ann Goodwin, Rebecca Faye Graves, Carolyn Sue Grayson, Caroi Ann Grayson, Judith Gale Greene. Judy Anne Griggs, Flora Linda Grouquist, Jean Elaine Grubb, Linda May Hahn, Tamara Kay Haigler, Wanda Miriam Hair, Sarah Catherine Hall, Naomi Montine Hancock, Barbara Gale Hancock, June Jeanette Hannah, Nancy Jo Harbison, Martha Lucinda Harman, Margaret Harper, Janet Marie Harrington, Jean Parker Harris, Betsy Ann Harris, Betty Carol Harris, Joan Harris, Nellie Patricia Harriss, Jean Abbitt Hart, Brenda Lee Hartgrove, Linda Morgan Haufler, Marilyn Hawkins, Jane Kay Hawkins, Janice Elizabeth Hawkins, Joyce Blake Henkel, Christy Hesketh, Sandra Sue Hester, Joyce Ann High, Elizabeth Anne Hill, Georgia Candace Hillquist, Jan Christina Hinkleman, Heidi Ann Hitchcock, Sallie Palmer m Page 35 Class of 1964 Hoenshell, Shari Dee Holland, Betty Jo Holloman, Betsy Falls Holt, Helen Jane Holt, Leslie Ann Holt, Martha McLean Honeycutt, Ginger Lee Hontz, Mary Gladys Hoover. Martha Jo Hopper, Patricia Ellen Howell. Celia Mae Huberman, Lynn Betty HufF, Cornelia Orr Hunt, Martha Elizabeth Hunter, Martha Binkley Hunter, Mary Morning Hutchins, Brenda Joyce Ingraham. Elizabeth Deborah Inman, Margaret Ann Isom, Kathleen Hazel Jacobs, Rosalind Ann James, Betty Lea James, Sandra Jerusha Jarrell, Eleanor Mae Jeffreys, Bonnie Dell Jenkins, Susan Alice Johnson. Gail Ellen Johnson, Joanna Marie Johnson, Ruth Hunter Johnston, Raye Midyette JACKETED JUNIORS SERENADE their Sister Class by can- dlelight in the Quad during the fall ring ceremony. FIRST EXAM PANIC in the freshman dorm as depicted by Laura Frank Crawford in the sophomore production " Hat ' s Off. " Page 86 Class of 1964 4BH iTA i alft A Jolley, Edith Raye Jones, Empress Victoria Jones, Jean Ellen Jones, Marlis Jones, Mary Carol Joyner, Mary Stuart Kay, Teddy Lynn Keener, Grace Vianne Kennedy, Janice Marie Kennedy, Nina Jane Kennerly, Jane Hancock Kennedy, Joretta Kay Killian, Rose Adelaide Kinsey, Patricia Gail Kluttz, Mary Ann Knox. Margaret Allison Kreeger, Deborah Lynn Lachman, Lynn Susan Lamar, Nancy Annette Lambeth, Janet Gale Lane, Lynda Lane, Suzan Elizabeth Lathan, Jane Gail Lavery, Paige Leazer. Janet Leitzes, Mollie Marie Leonard, Joan Frances Lewis, Evelyn Lilliendahl, Carol Lea Lindan, Susan Theresa FRESHMAN-JUNIOR Sister Classes wish the campus a Merry Christmas with voices ringing, brightening the month of December. Page 87 Class of 1964 j fh (B i ik Lindley, Judith Kay Lineberger, Martha Lynn Littlejohn, Jean Rosannah Logan, Linda Aylene Lookabill, Sylvia Sidney Lovins, Sharon June Lowder. Martha Sue Lowrey, Shirley Ann Ludwig, Teresa Dare MacKethan, Toi Robeson Malone, Candace Patricia Maness, Mary Jo Mann, Barbara Ruth Margolis, Barbara Diane Marlow, Brenda Diane Marlowe, Grace Carolyn Martin, Linda Faith Martin, Lynda Joyce Maulden, Janet Claire May, Kay Frances Mazoly, Eve McAdoo, Francine Alston McBryde, Mary Lynn McCall, Doris Ann McClure. Nancy Carol McGhee, Frances Wilson McGimsey, Jane Shelton McKinney, Mary Patricia McManus. Linda Carole McMillan. Mary Kathryn McNeely, Mary Hilda McNeill, Meredith Anne McNeill, Winifred Gail McSwain, Frances Green Medlin, Carolyn Jean Medlin, Frankie Holt Meiere, Ellen Lucille Melvin, Judith Wainscott Mercer, Bettie Covington Merritt, Sandra Holmes Middlebrooks, Jennie Kemper Miller, Judith Stone Miller. Sandra Kay Mitchell, Susan Will Mock, Judieth Elizabeth Mollen, Frances Helene Moore, Carolyn Elizabeth Moore, Emily Page SS Moore, Linda Jane Moore, Virginia DeeAnnc Morgan, Anne Rogers Morgan, Patricia Ann Morrill, Edith Josephine Morris, Carolyn Elaine Evelyn Williams is, Mary Carolyn is, Rebecca Ann son, Emily Elizabeth Moses, Bonnie Alice Motley, Eleanor Jean Morr Morr Morr Morr Mulhnax, Linda Faye Mullins, Sharon Griffith Mullis, Bobbie Marie Munden, Harriett Blanch Myers, Sandra Lee Neel, Nancy Caroline Nixon, Judy Myrene Noonan, Jo-Ann Norton. Annie Lois Nuttall, Norma Frances Odyniec, Marianne Cecelia Oliver, Barbara Anne Oliver, Diane Alene Overton, Becky Jo Overton, Mildred Hudgins Padgett, Peggy Lynn Parker, Glenda Parker, Jo Ann Class of 1964 A ±£ m fS f% t) f) © f £; f © §t © $ » ife fe IUNIORS REHEARSE their show, " Our Hearts Were Young and Gay " as the " once-a-year day " approaches Page 89 Class of 1964 Parks, Claudia May Parrish, Glcnda Ruth Parrish, Mary Martha Parrish, Patricia Faye Passamaneck, Randi Lea Pate, Gail Ann Pattern, Ruth Lois Paxton. Sally Lynn Payne, Jo Ann Payne, Joyce Lee Payne, Mary Dianne Peele, Rebecca Raye Pegg, Wilma Kay Pennington. Ann Kathaleen Pergerson, Wilma Kay Phillips, Martha Judith Pierce, Connie Greer Pierce Jean Elliott Pinkston, Priscilla Faye Pittman, Jacqueline Mae Poplin, Catherine Lavonne Porter, Doris Carol Porter, Janet Faye Porter, Pamela Louise Poston, Patricia Jane Powell, Brenda Kay Poyner. Alpha Judith Presson, Wanda Lynn Prince, Ruth Anne Prior, Muriel Ann Pruett, Janice Lee Purcell, Virginia Sharon Puryear, Frances Laura Pyles, Carol Anne Pyshny, Joan Ellen Quails, Eva Russell Rand. Judith Furber Ratchford, Sara Rosalind Read, Suzanne Frances Reece, Susan Reed, Elizabeth Marie Rees, Linda Carol Renegar, Julia Carol Renfro, Judith Margaret Rhyne, Dorothy Linda Robbins, Alice Lloyd Roberson, Doris Calvin Roberts, Patricia Ann iafcjM ■ : G f f% fa © Page 90 Class of 1964 Atfk n Rochester, Ellen Jean Rogers, Betsy Allen Rogers, Martha Edwina Rogers, Martha Lee Rogers, Minnie Rebecca Ross, Mary Eloise Ross, Frances Victoria Routh, Patsy Jean Routh, Patty Hardin Rowe, Lynda Marie Sain, Reta Arnetta Sand, Lorna Susan Sanford, Judith Anne Saunders, Brenda Kay Schmidt, Lynne Scott, Irma Harriet Seay, Anna Patricia Sharpe, Hulda Josephine Sharpe, Sheron Ann Shaver, Barbara Ann Shaw, Linda Agnes Shepard, Jane Hood Shoe, Sylvia Dianne Simpson, Sylvia Ann Sloop, Linda Carol Smith, Charmian Ellen Smith, Glenda Margie- Smith, Marsha Paulette Smith. Patricia Aileen Smith, Sandra Drucilla Smyer, Ida Grizzelle Snyder, Phyllis Marie Somers, Suzanne Soyars, Mary Broders Spangler, Marjorie Ann Spencer, Ima Jean Spessard, Pamela Delle Spiegel, Lynn Ellen Spradley, Rachel Victory Stamey, Rebecca Anne Stanfield, Esther Beebe Stanfield, Helen VanGiesen Stankwytch, Vicky Gwen Stanley, Lynda Brewer Starnes, Janet Leslie Starnes, Myra Lee Starr, Lacy Coble Stimson, Clary Ann Page 91 Class of 1964 W± ± L a - 4tffcJfifc Mk »k f£fc i 4sfe T ■fife. M A 4 i Strickrott. Carol Joanne Stroud, Rebecca Ann Stump, Nancy Roy Styers, Nancy Ann Styons, Linda Elaine Sutton, Glenda Kay Sutton, Gloria Jane Swanson, Janet Ann Swindell, Sandra Sue Tannenbaum, Jeanne Louise Taro, Elaine Rosemary Tate, Willa Yvonne Taylor, Kaye Kelly Tetterton, Elizabeth Jane Thomas, Carolyn Fay Thompson, Harriet Isenhour Thompson, Phyllis Ann Thome, Ellen Elizabeth Thornhill. Marian Frances Toney, Brenda Mae Torpy, Lynn Ethel Towe, Susan Madeline Towery, Nancy Dalton Traynhem, Janice Calva Trexler, Martha Warren Tripp. Rosalie Holmes Tucker. Catherine Louise Turner, Judith Wilson Turner, Judy Lynn Upchurch, Tanya Katrine Vanderburg, Dorothy Anne Vann, Linda Carole VanPoucke, Margaret Belle VanZant, Charlotte Mac- Vaughn, Patricia Anne Vestal, Charlotte Ann Walker, Isabel Jean Walsh, Brenda Priscilla Walters. Carolyn Jane Ward. Linner Marie- Warren, Dorothy Lou Washburn. Helen Joanne Washburn, Katherine Caters, Mary Elizabeth Watson, Sonja Grae Wells, Beverly Ann Wells, Gay Whedbee, Ella Rae Page 92 Wheeler, Margaret Frances White, Hannah White, Jan Carolyn Whitefield, Elizabeth Dayvault Whitehead, Norma Glenn Whitley. Karen Bel Wicker, Lyda Gale Wilkerson, Mattie Carole Williams, Hazel Dodson Williams, Jewel Sydney Williams, Judy Reid Williams, Katie Lou Williams, Sylvia Inez Williamson. Ann Pearson Winn. Mary Jo Winstead. Judy Dalton Winstead, Lura Dean Winston, Judith Ann Wise, Scotty Louise Wolfe, Anna Grace Womack, Juanita Kamin Woodhouse, Juanita Woolley, Kathryn Wrenn, Barbara Elizabeth Wright, Sara Elizabeth Wyre, Mintha Ann Wyrick, Brenda Eugenia Yarbrough, Martha Ann Yates, Margaret Ilene Yclton, Anna Gwendolyn Class of 1964 a £ £1 l ft ft ft l?$ " TO THE BASEMENT with those coke bottles! " commands the omnipresent pink-smocked Adams. " That will be §21.00 or twenty-one days. " ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, a familiar scene and a familiar comment after a week of tests and papers: " I ' ll clean it up Sunday night. " p - N_ 1 m Pn VKRKti m ' v dfa HlZXAll 1 ' Ji ' " WfllS iV ■JPRINK , B ■ L2 £ 1, ■ !.■ Page 93 udy Wolfe, Cheerleader ' , H Bonnie Raines, Pit tident Lucy Williamson, Vice-President Blue Jackets Again Appear; Hats Off Day Alters Rat Day Sophomore Year is an experience like none other in a college career for transition must be made from fresh- man status to that of upperclassman. From unlimited class cuts, to more social freedom, to having a sink in one ' s room — all these things are part of being a Sophomore. Highlights of class activity this year included Parents Weekend, the presentation of " Key to a Memory " in honor of the Seniors, and Jacket Day. Sally Elmore. Treasu Pam Benbow, Secretary Class of 1965 Abernethy, Eleanor Ann Adams, Judy Lyttleton Adams, Susan Elizabeth Adcodc, Judith Irving Airey, Sue Ann Akerman, Emily Robertson Alexander, Nora Mairs Allen, Barbara Ann Allen, Glenda Darlene Alley, Martha Stone Allison, Brenda Loretta Allred, Judith Anne Anderson, Edith Annette Anderson, Kristin Anderson, Marcia Gail Anderson, Pamela Sue Anderson, Suzanne Morgan Angell, Julia Kaye Archer, Miriam Shelby Aronson, Sieglinde Hermine Ashton, Mary Helen Auman, Noela Sue Ausband, Susannah Ella Austin, Margaret Lee Ayers, Anne Hamilton Babb, Reba Ellen Bach, Suzanne Elizabeth Backer, Joan Meryl Badgett, Ann Sharon Bagwell, Nancy Eleanor Baile, Pamela Baker, Betty Whitworth Barber, Jane Carroll Bargamian, Sandra Barker, Judith Anne Barnes, Jean Diane Barnes, Pamela Memery Barnhill, Jill Carmen Barrow, Brenda Louise Barsky, Sonya Lee Bartlett, Lois Ann Barton, Bonita June Baucom, Janice Lynn Baugh, Harriett Louise Bazemore, Bernice Madry Beasey, Mariane Ruth Beasley, Barbara Carole Beatty, Margaret Ann Beaver, Elizabeth Anne Beeson, Hilda Jo Beinstein, Joan Carole Bell, Martha Alice Bell, Mildred Elaine Benbow, Pamela Frazier Benedict, Julie Anne Bennett, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Nancy Fortune Berrier, Barbara Anne Best, Linda Joanne Betts, Patterson Cochran Birke, Betty Ann Blackwelder, Janie Sue Blanton, Blair Lyell J 5 ft £% p» 4$ ft t W% fj f t £ ft ft ft ft mfthft , ft ft ft q p dMAk A± k I v. ft ft ft f ft f- tf ft ft M + m Page 95 Class of 1965 Blanton, Lyn Welch Blythe, Cynthia Ruth Boatner, Sandra Ann Bond, Betty Jane Boone, Diane Boone, Patricia Ruth Booth, Barbara Anne Bouchard, Delia Marie Boyles, Rose Anne Bradshaw, Shirley Jane Brady, Judith Carr Brake, Jean Gardner Brauch. Carolyn Ann Brett, Mary Elizabeth Briceland, Martha Linda Briley. Marjorie Cynda Brinkley, Leoma Glenn Broome, Gedis Hope Brown, Dudley Hanes Brown. Linda Ann Brown, Phyllis Anne Bruce, Barbara Lynn Bruecken, Sally Lou Bryan, Beverly Shelton Bryan, Mary Pat Bryant, Catherine Carter Bryden, Carol Ann Buchdahl, Claudia Ruth Buffaloe, Nancy Louise Buie, Katherine McDowd Bullock, Gwendolyn Ann Bunting, Carolyn Ellen Burch, Lena Corinna Butler, Carla Ann Butner, Ann Elizabeth Butterheld, Dianne Blair Byers, Garey Hartsell Byrd, Mary Lou Cabel, Joyce Marie Cain. Joye Daphne Cain, Virgie Maureen Caldwell, Jean Barry Coleman, Melinda Courtney Camenzind, Peggy Cameron, Judith Elizabeth Campbell, Barbara Ann Campbell, Judith Kaye Campbell, Vickie Gaye Canaday, Virginia Ruth Canipe, Linda Diane Cann, Carlton Helene Carmean, Janet Lee Carpenter, Charlene R. Carpenter, Mary Ann Carpenter, Sarah Ellen Carter, Frances Elda Casey, Jacquelyn Delores Casteen, Frances Kaye Caviness, Bonnie Jeanette Chambers, Betty Jane Chapman, Blanca Rosa Chester, Jane Lee Church, Chipley Marie 4 kA r fa ($ th % P 4 it h£» I? fr p f fp p p k - Page 96 Class of 1965 ▲t dhd d±d 2k dh ±dtk2t dhA h fi 5 ft © P © 3 © ft 0 ... -J O P P: " Clark, Celia Virginia Clark, Elizabeth Louise Clark, Heeth Hendren Clark, Janet Lee Clark, Joan Adelia Clark, Mabel Jean Clark, Martha Carson Clarke, Cary Beverley Clendenin, Martha Anne Clifton, Cecelia Wright Cline, Linda Lou Coble, Virginia Pegeen Cole, Sandra Marie Coleman, Pamela Dale Coleman, Susan Gayle Collier, Martha Willis Collins, Amy Blair Collins, Billie Sandra Collins, Carol Lee Collins, Pamela Kay Coltrane, Jane King Compton, Mary Carolyn Cone, Lora Kate Cook, Freda May Cook, Gloria Marcella Cooke, Donna Dane Cooper, Janet Susan Copley, Helen Ruth Corey, Edna Gray Corpening, Sarah Adelaide Corson, Catherine Anne Cowman, Judith Ryder Craig, Barbara Katherine Craig, Sandra Carolyn Cranford, Jane Brown Cratch, Bobbie Hamilton Crawford, Laura Frank Crockett, Diane Elaine Cropp, Kaye Warner Crowell, Ann Belue Crumpler, Clara Lynn Crutchfield, Tommie Ann Curran, Lois Anne Currie, Martha Louise Currier, Sherry Norton Cutler, Janice Elaine Daber, Judith Lynn Dale, Judith Helen Daniel, Dorothy Ann Davis, Anne Winstead Davis, Barbara Ann Davis, Barbara Vern Davis, Doris Jean Davis, Frances Jeanine Davis, Gretchen Charlene Davis, Phyllis Ann Davis, Sarah Josephine Davis, Susan Elizabeth Davis, Sylvia Louise Dawkins, Dorothy Jean Deacon, Randi Mare Dearing, Rae Decker Deaton, Hilda Maxine Page 97 Class of 1965 d i4 Akil fi ft $ es o ft a r -«-• 6) ft © » r ft 4 i4 Ak iUk iWl f © ft O £| ♦-. $ f» « a rf Jt4 k 4 ▲ A ir Dellinger, Carol Ann DcMarcus, Leslie Diana Denning, Elizabeth Ann Denton, Susanne Dickerson, Martha Ann Dickson, Pamelle Jane ixon, Nancy Hollingsworth Dobson. Margaret Andrea Dominiek, Nancy Anne Donohue, Joan Katherine Doolittle, Julie Ann Dore, Linda Frances Douglas, Saundra Rebecca Downs, Linda Ruelle DuBose, Jeanne Denise Duncan. Mary Kay Dun-in, Melissa Noble Eagle, Rebecca Jane Edwards, Brenda Joyce Edwards, Edith Anne Edwards, Sylvia Anne Eidam, Addie Sylvia Eiler, Harriett Spencer Eller, Natalie Eloise Elliot. Jo Ann Ellis, Emily Heath Ellise, Frances Marian Elmore, Janice Marilyn Elmore, Sally Gallant Ely, Alice Abbott Emerson. Louise Dorothy Ennis, Leta Patricia Epley, Joyce Anita Ernestsons, Maija Astride Ervin, Mary Alice Eskridge, Judith Lee Eskridge, Stanley Elizabeth Fagg. Alice Anna Farmer. Nancy Farrell. Rena Catherine Faust. Marsha Pamela Fickes, Barbara Lynn Fielder, Ruth Elizabeth Fields, Mary Rebecca Finan, Nancy Elizabeth Finkelman, Karen Toby Fitzgerald, Mary Ann Foote, Diana Gayle Foster, Louise Lawrence Fox, Patricia Anne Frank, Nancy Ellen Frankel, Elizabeth Ellen Franklin, Betsy Lee Franklin. Linda Carolyn Fratkin, Judith Deborah Frazer, Bonnie Frazier, Jane Sharon Freer, Carol Linda Fuerstman, Joan Minnette Fuller, Margaret Elizabeth Fulton, Linda Page Gabriel, Patricia Anne Gaines, Carole Anne Page 98 Class of 1965 Gaither, Genevieve Elizabeth Gann. Janice Josephine Gardner, Suzanne Garrett, Alice Elizabeth Gaskey, Dorotha Ann Gatlin, Sarnie Carol Gilley. Man ' Johnston Gilliam, Sarah Susanne Gillis, Barbara Glosson, Kay Renalda Gold, Georganna Goode, Linda Jo Gore, Judith Faye Gorman, Diana Carol Graham, Cynthia Chapman Grant, Annette Grant, Kathleen Virginia Graybeal, Kay Sandra Grayson, Jeanette Frances Greathouse, Frances Lynn Green, Ella Grace Greenblatt, Elaine Diane Gregory, Barbara Elizabeth Gregson, Nancy Jo Grice, Gwendolyn Lee Griffin, Mary Diane Griffin, Melba Sue Gritz, Pamela Ellis Grogan, Judy Ann Grubb, Nancy Jane Guard, Ruth Ellen Guffey, Madge Carol Guice, Frances Ann Hagood, Sue Harrison Hahn. Delores Ann Haines, Martha Elizabeth Hale. Patricia Dane Hall. Phyllis Ann Hamilton. Mary Mae Hampton, Elizabeth Louise Hardison, Barbara Ann Hare, Mary Ann Hargis, Sandra Louise Harmon, Virginia Lane Harper, Bonnie Glenn Harper, Elizabeth Harrelson, Elizabeth Ann Harris, Minnie Ellen Harrison, Barbara Carol Hart, Carol Ann Hartis, Mary Gayle Hartline, Frances Lewis Harvie. Catherine Dorothy Harward, Rebecca Dunn Hatley, Nancy Jane Hawkins, Barbara Jean Hawkins, Linda Josephine Hayes, Karen Pearce Haynes, Carolyn Spencer Haywood, Ina Carolyn Hecht, Eleanor Miriam Hedgpeth, Barianne Austin HefFner, Mildred Roxanne f ft « r-i fa ft A±dMdh k4k dM $ © © ft fl hAk ft P P @ 4? JS f$ (% I Jhdk £ A d Page 99 Class of 1965 Helms, Linda Rebecca Helms, ' ynema June Henderson, Mary Cordell Hendrick, Jacqueline Henry, Pamela Shaw Hensley, Barbara Sue Herring. Calena Newell Herring, Claudia Leigh Hill, Martha Helen Hines, Carrie Beatrice Hinnant, Gloria Jean Hinton, Gloria Dianne Hitchcock, Elizabeth Hobgood, Rebecca Beverly Hobson, Patricia Marie Hodge, Marilyn Gail Hoffmann, Rosemary Birky Holder, Nancy Jane Holland, Christine Peterson Holliman, Valerie Holloman, Mary Margret Holmes, Mary Melinda Holt, Janice Rose Holton, Elizabeth Fuller Honeycutt, Doris Julia Horsman, Virginia Lee Hostettler, Marie Dorothea Houck, Bonnie Faye Houser, Rebecca Kay Hout, Patricia Joan Howell, Carolyn Leslie Hoyle, Madelyn Kay Hubbard, Mary Ann Hudson, Agnes Scott Huff, June Marie Hughes, Constance Elizabeth Hunsucker, Jane Greenway Hunt, Ann Hampton Hunt, Nancy Carmen Hunter, Carol Lorraine Hunter, Celia Bradford Hussey, Peggy Joyce Hutchins, Christine Hutchins, Mary Hutchinson, Susan Elizabeth Hutton, Susan Wilmot Iobst, Nancy Jeanne Ippolito, Yolanda Maria Irvin, Virginia Carol Isley, Alice Louise Jack, Charlotte Lee Jackson, Linda Sue Jacobs, Kay Joan Jarvis, Evie Rosalee Johnson, Jane Lee Johnson, Joyce Eilene Johnson, Judith Ann Johnson, Mary Ann Johnson, Patricia Elizabeth Johnston, Joanne Christine Johnston, Pamela Susan Johnstone, Margaret Robertson Jones, Beverly Dienelt UkiMI i4iMA 4h ± t ft £ t - f F57 F! n f JL 1 ;i Page 100 Class of 1965 ft ft r ei f (? H A f) r a f% f , jr r © Ak A d hA MA k h d M d M± rfA.4.14 k 1U k44 Jones, Carolyn Jean Joans, Dolores Anne Jones, Linda Victoria Jones, Marcia Brogden Jones, Marsha Ann Jones, Martha Ann Jones. Mary Porter Jones, Nancy Carolyn Jordan, Doris Rebecca Joyner, Jacky Faye Kanzer, Nancy Jane Kaplon, Carol Diane Kartt, Judith Louise Kauffman, Mary Christina Kelly, Sally Shannon Kendall, Juliet Carol Kendrick, Elwanda Kaye Kennedy, Geraldine Jo Kennedy, Sharon Ann Kennett, Grace Kay Kern, Vienna Bowman Kessler, M. Susan Kestnbaum, Julie B. Kimbrell, Mary Diane Kinard, Judy Ann Kindel, Cecelia Anderson Kindle, Elizabeth Lee King, Carolyn Sue King, Janice Yvonne Kirby, June Kirchoorfer, Betty Jean Kirk, Dorothy Jean Kirk, Rebecca Jean Kirkman, Margaret John Kirkpatrick. Helen Jane Kirkum, Linda Dale Kisselbrack, Patty Ann Knight, Frances Ann Knight, Jacquelyn Hazel Knott, Carol Ann Knott, Jo Anne Knotts, Carole Ann Knox, Mary Hall Kornegay, Judith Elaine Kouns, Susanna Kay Kowal, Mae Holliday Krattler, Kathryn Laura Kredel, Nancy Cooper Krick, Rosalyn Kronman, Patricia Ellen Lance. Susan Elizabeth Lane, Catherine Rose Lane, Virginia Carole Langston, Sarah Ruth Lanier, Bonnie June Lauder, Barbara Ruth Lawless, Patricia Jordan Layne, Rachel Mae LeBras, Mary Marlene Lee, Beatrice Louise Lee, Linda Jeannette Lee, Susan Ann Lemmond, Margaret Sue Page 101 di Class of 1965 ., Ji FS £) ft ft ft ft f ft ft £5 f {■ jft ft l : @t ft ft f £ ftftP$ Leonard, Mary Ellen Levinson, Camille Sue Levinson, Carol Ann Lewis, Mary Darden Lichtenfels, Frances Mary Lineberger, Mary Alice Link, Barbara Jane Litaker. Nancy Lee Litchfield, Susan Lee Little Susan Bennett Livermon, Betty Gray Livingston, Margaret Frances Lobdell, Mary Malinda Lofland, Dee Anne Long, Linda Alice Looney, Michele Anne Lupton, Julia Raye Lutes, Brenda Louise Lynch, Barbara Ann Madren, Nancy Ann Maguire. Carol Ann Mallonee, Eula Jane Maney, Madelynn Suzanne Mangum, Mary Ellen March, Mary Elizabeth Maready, Patricia Eileen Marks, Jacquelyn Frances Marr, Caroline Holt Martin, Eloice Joyce Martin, Gloria Rebecca Martin, Patsy Anne Martin, Priscilla Lane Martin, Teresa Ann Martiner, Joan Massy, Patricia Helene Mattox, Eunice Hoyle Maj berry, Martha Elizabeth McCaskill, Catherine Janet McClintock, Eleanor Kay McClung, Elizabeth Dabney McCoy, Gail Annette McDaniel, Margaret Ann McDowell, Betty Josephine McGee, Elizabeth Ann McGee, Margaret Ann McGimpsey, Sina Irene McLean, Judith Hungerford McLeod, Wanda Gail McNeal, Peggy Lynne McNeill, Margaret Janice Meador, Mary Ellen Meadows, Brenda Kay Medley, Sue Ellen Medlin, Nancy Jo Melton, Judy Carolyn Melvin, Ora Christine Melvin, Sandra Lynn Mendelson, Barbara Arlene Meredith, Edna Marie Middleton, Linda Lee Mies, Meredith Ellen Miller, Carol Louise Miller, Mary Alice Page 102 Class of 1965 Miner. Mary Ann Minish, Linda Raye Minor. Nannette Jackson Minton, Anne Starr Minton. Sandra Carlin Mitchell, Ella Rae Mitchell, Kathleen Ann Mohr, Marilyn Eugenia Monts. Vivian Caroline Moore, Betty Jean Moore. Judy Carol Moore. Linda Darlene Moore. Mary Ruth Moore, Parola Lortne Moore. Sarah Joyce Morgan. Carole Gilbert Morrice. Pamela Starr Morton. Betty Carol Morton. Emma Dianne Morton, Louisa Barbee Mosteller, Pamela Elizabeth Mottsman, Susette Blair Mullinix, Bessie Jeanette Munroe, Sylvia Gayle Murphy. Carol Dorsett Murphy. Mae Ellen Murphy. Margaret Biggs Myer. Faith Joan Myers. Donna Kay Nance, Henrietta Nance, Phyllis Elaine Naumoff, Susan Gail Neblett, Jane Andrews Neigher. Rosalind Neville, Mary Anne Newby, Carol Virginia Newman. Susan Diane Newsom, Janet Gwen Newton. Anna Earle Newton. Mary Ann Teague Nicholson, Alice Madeline Northen, Kathryn Gail Ohgren. Linnea Carol Olive. Mary Cammie Ostdahl. Karen Joanne Overby, Glenda Dale Overcash, Drusilla Ann Overman, Mary Clyde Painter, Linda Lou Palmer. Judith Luise Pankovich, Judy Anne Paper. Susan Merle Park. Alice Herman Parker. Karen Lynn Parker, Linda Ann Parker, Lola Janet Patterson. Anita Louise Patterson, Doris Elizabeth Pearsall, Kathryn Anne Pcndergrass, Wilma Joyce Pennington. Virginia Kyscr Permar. Kay Fern Perry. Joan Rogers n k dh ±A fcA v k d±A. k e- ft ft r, ■•- f» m fj f i - fs f» f| f f) f i k A k Ah A kf rf ±a m P C ft ft k kj d A, , A Page 103 Class of 1965 Petersen, Nancy Peterson, Cheryl Lee Pfaff, Carolyn Joan Pfaff, Pamela Kay Phelps, Mary Martha Phillips, Doris Louise Phillips, Kay Elizabeth Phillips, Mary Jo Ann Pickett, Jacquelyn Montgomery Pierce, Margaret Anne Pipkin, Janet Sue Pitt, Jo Jane Pittman, Glenda Alice Pittman, Katherine Ann Poffenbaugh, Susan Ann Pollard, Jane Shipley Pratt, Martha Elizabeth Preimats, Rudite Preslar, Margaret Ann Price, Judy Carol Price. Martha Vickie Price, Mildred Gordon Pritchard, Sandra Fehr Pritchett, Dorothy Montgomery Privott, Irma Sally Proffitt. Helen Louise Propst, Mae Belle Prothro, Martha Grace Pruett, Penny Lee Pruitt, Patricia Ann Puckett, Ann Kathryn Pulley, Sandra Vestal Pullium. Ann Queen, Phillis Ann Quincannon. Teresa Anne Raff, Lois Elizabeth Raines, Lou Bonner Ramey. Ida Mae Rankin, Karen Anne Raper, Linda Hayes Ratchford, Jane Henri Ray, Patricia Anne Reese, Clara Judith Regan, Melbe Louise Renfrew, Jean Thornton Rhodes, Rita Faye Richardson, Alice Sue Richmond, Patricia Ann Richter, Lenora Anne Rickards, Joan Eileen Rink, Myra Lynn Riser, Carol Joyce Roberson. Elizabeth O ' Neal Roberts, Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Susan Warren Robertson, Patricia Ann Robinson, Sara Elizabeth Robinson, Sydney Ann Rodgers, Linda Rogers, Mary Marie Rose, Janet Ross, Elizabeth Louise Ross, Ella Lee £| 1 Ld± 4MdL± 4M J MA to d± ±A Page 104 Class of 1965 ¥ ' T ' r m " xL i " 4 A a£ 4 tfk ■4 BIAIAk 4 ft ? rt ir:j. 4 dM » M ttfj ww $ t) t ei m Rousselle, Shara Marie Rowland, Susan Rush, Jodi Thomas Safrit, Glenna Catherine Sagar, Ann Vernon Samuel, Barbara Lee Sandling, Sharon Jadee Sanford, Elizabeth Ann Sanner, Helen Joyce Schaffer, Rita Gail Schubart, Vera Anne Schwender, Sue Ann Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Mary Draughon Scurry, Julianne Wells Sears, Nancy Jane Sellers, Sandra Sue Sells, Kay Frances Setzer, Ann Hastings Sewell, Anita Marie Shade, Belinda Anne Shane, Ersell Louise Sharpe, Charlotte Alice Shaw, Phyllis Kaye Shearin, Carolyn Elizabeth Shearon, Constance Odeneal Shelton, Mary Jane Shepperd, Carolyn Joyce Shields, Mollie Diane Shields, Sylvia Lillian Shope, Linda Dell Shope, Patricia Ann Shrank, Letitia Elizabeth Shreve, Elizabeth Anne Sills, Jo Angela Singleton. Rita Diane- Simpson, Doris Lillian Slater, Eileen Smathers, Anita Lucille Smathers, Katherine Pittman Smith, Alice Brandon Smith, Bobbie Carole Smith, Harriet Ramey Smith, Jeannie Marshland Smith, Leah Loretta Smith, Patricia Sue Smith, Virginia Elizabeth Smitherman, Sarah Alice Snodderly, Lorene Nolen Snow, Evelyn Carole Soiset, Virginia Lois Sowell, Georgette Spears, Jean Carolyn Speight, Martha Frances Spencer, Barbara Ayres Spencer, Nancy Ann Stack, Cura Blanche Stafford, Mary Elizabeth Stainback, Carol Ruth Stallings, Nancy Charles Stanford, Paula Harding Starling, Ann Hight Stegman, Helen Jean Page 105 Class of 1965 4ft ▲ 4 4 ki4 b JL 4 M t± Lik± f» €} C C ft ? ft |5 tf t 15 Q 1 ft Stentz, Susan Elizabeth Stephenson, Ella Catherine Stephenson, Patsy Gay Stettler, Vera Emma Stevenson, Ann Lawton Stewart, Judith Jo Stewart, Judy Carolynn Stilley, Ruby Eloise Stirewalt, Kay Virginia Stutts, Judith Carolyn Stutts, Linda Kay Sugg, Brenda Kay- Sullivan, Neva Frances Summers, Linda Kay Sutherlin, Elsie Patricia Swisher. Cynthia Ellen Taylor. Patricia Elise Taymore, Iris Jane league. Martha Ross Teague, Sylvia Adelaide Teal, Claudia Jean Teal. Jane Elizabeth Templeton, Alice Marie Tesh, Almeda Frances Thacker, Carol Rives Thomas, Sara Lougenia Thomason, Brenda Gale Thomason, Sandra Lee Thompson, Claudia Irene Thornton, Brenda Joyce Threatt, Nancy Wood Tice, Barbara Elizabeth Tissue, Carol Ann Titus, Charlotte Lynne Todd, Patricia Ann Towe, Catherine Bradley Townsend, Jamis Cecilia Trauben, Marilynn Eileen Tribble, Xina Trogdon, Garlie Bonita Trott, Sara Anne Troxler, Martha Amelia Tudor, Jane Powell Turner, Betsy Rose Turner, Jeanne Marie Tu igg, Susan Esther Ulrey, Dale Caroline Underwood, Marian Louise Underwood, Sandra Nicole Vail, Marilyn Irene Vanderburg, Rachel Elaine Vaughn, Martha Jane Vaughn. Mary Jean Vaughn, Suzanne Victor, Rena Lynn Vinick, Bethann Vitsky, Barbara Lee Volitz, Sarah Louise Wagner, Connie Dell Walker. Gayle Yvonne Ward, Minnie Cecilia Waters, Molly Jo atkins, Georgiana Page 106 Class of 1965 Watson, Judy Lynn Watson, Marilyn Jo Watts, Nancy Lyndon Waynick, Cornelia Anne Weavil, Jeanne Lorraine Webersen, Frances Louise Welborn, Judith Anne Welch, Linda Arleen Wellons, Diana West, Sarah Marjorie White, Anita Louise White, Donna Marie Whitener, Sandra Carol Whitesides, Linda Catherine Whitesides, Martha Joyce Whitley, Patricia Elizabeth Whitsett, Jo Ann Wicks, Lynne Rae Wiegand, Carole Marjorie Wilkins, Evelyn Vance Williams, Jeanette Ann Williams, Sharon Ross Williamson, Lucy Memory Willis, Marion Jean Wilson, Barbara Elaine Wilson, Joyce Louise Wilson, Patty Elizabeth Wilson, Roberta Ann Wimberly, Norma Jean Winchester, Julia Delores Windham, Carol Ann Winter, Nancy Ellen Wolfe, Judith Wright Wood, Alda Elizabeth Woodell, Sandra Lea Wright, Judith Lee Wynne, Janet Kay Wyrick, Evelyn Charlene Yancey, Jane Winsborough Yount, Mitzi Jean Zehring, Patricia Ann h M O f? ; € v dk+ hdAA 3Jn dHrUmonam FRANCES ANNE GLUCK September 18, 1943 February 7, 1963 Page 107 Mary Ellen Guffy, Secretary Kathy Friday, Treasurer Shirley Salieby, Vice-President Jackie Furrey, Cheerleade Freshmen Add Enthusiasm, Sparkle To The Campus The freshman class dance — talent show — freshman- sophomore party — contribution to the scholarship fund — these were the projects which bound the Class of ' 66 together. Selection of class song, motto, jacket, and banner further strengthened this unity. Complaints of closed study, lights out, permission slip problems, and semester exams ... all smilingly acknowledged by sympathetic upperclassmen. As sophomore status rapidly approaches, freshmen look back longingly to another Hats Off Day, to another rally in the Quad, in short — to another freshmen year. Betsy Morris, President Class of 1966 Abernathy, Jessie Gayle Abrams, Anne Marilynn Abrams, Jacqueline Adams, Jeanie Gail Adams. Katherine Elizabeth Alford, Vicki Lajuan Allen, Mary Elizabeth Alley, Patricia Anne Anderson, Beverly Patricia Andrews, Judith Carole Andrews, Judy Miles Annino, Judith Appell, Lorna Barbara Archer, Joan Louise Arledge, Susan Eve Arquette, Stephanie Moore Atkins, Barbara Jean Atkinson, Linda Austin, Nancy Carolyn Avett, Louise York Ayers, Jane Carrington Babula, Carole Jean Bailey, Bobbie Jean Bailey, Katherine Conrad Baker, Jacque Man Baker, Nancye Rebecca Bakutes, Mary Patricia Barbee, Julia Gray Barkley, Melinda Gail Barnes, Nancy Carol Barney, Barbara Porter Barnhill, Mildred Diane Barrett, Julia Brent Barrett, Tobie Ann Barrier, Donna Gay Barringer, Jo Ann Barrow, Mary Lou Barton. Laura Stella Basnight, Nancy Coles Battle, Mary Jo Bayless, Mabel Elizabeth Baynes. Jaca Lynn Beach, Rebecca Clark Beale, Melissa Lee Beam, Brenda Joy Beard, Brenda Jane Beard, Doris Louise Beckerdite, Sandra Judith Begg, Jane Stephine Bell, Marianne Bender, Andrea J. Benjamin, Carol Ann Bennett, Carol Jean Bennett, Sara Frances Berinati, Lea Jane Bernheim, Naomi Jean Berry, Carolyn Clark Best, Carolyn Dee Billington, Linda Ann Bingham, Pamela Allen Bishop, Paulette Ellamae Bisset, Charlotte Anne Bissette, Susan Fleming Black, Carolyn Ruth Black, Lois Marcia Blackson, Carol Isabel Blackstock, Marston Bates Blackwelder, Doris Elizabeth Blair, Linda Jeanne Blair, Virginia Sutherland Blalock, Carolyn Virginia Blithe, Barbara Louise Blount, Betsy John Blume, Brigitte Irene Boisseau, Margaret Ann Bolin, Rosa Camilla Boney, Wilmot Gatling Bonnet, Linda Lee Bonomo, Barbara Jean Boone, Jo Carolyn ft - ft ft ft m i ft ft £ P © r ft ty r ft Page 109 Borneman, Barbara Anne Bost, Mary Elizabeth Bostian, Karen Elizabeth Bowden, Margaret Bowden, Page Adele Bowden, Virginia Earlene Bowen, Linda Jean Bowen, Patricia Boyer, Mary Marleigh Boykin, Linda Lee Boyle, Susan Elaine Boyles. Zanie Maureen Bradley, Jennifer Bradsher, Nancy Carole Branch, Nancy Garland Brannon, Carolyn Ann Bridges, Diana Nell Bridges, Pamela Anne Brinkley, Pamela Diane Brock, Mica Anne Brockman, Frances Carolyn Brogdon, Elizabeth Parker Brooks, Gretta Suzanne Brooks, Sally Jane Brown, Anita Louise Brown, Elizabeth Jane Brown, Emily Susan Brown, Glenda Dale Brown, Johnsie Charles Brown, Judith Alene Brown, Nancy Annette Brown, Priscilla Anne Brown, Vivian Sarita Browning, Mary Lockhart Budd, Deborah Buffaloe, Claire Dean Bunton, Sylvia Patricia Burch, Nancy Jane Burgess, Mary Lynne Burke, Ellen Mary Burton, Eliza Ann Burton, Emily Lee Burton, Vicki Lynn Butler, Janeen Claire Butler, Julie Kay Byrd, Cynthia Anne Byrd, Sara Byers, Patricia Lou Caldwell. Pamela Rae Calloway, Doris Ann Cameron. Linda Kay Camlin. Sybil, Eileen Campbell, Katherine Bland Campbell, Linda Kathryn Campbell. Peggy Marie Campen, Ida Ward Cannon, Pamela Carroway, Mary Ella Carringer, Linda Louise Carroll, Nancy Elizabeth Carson, Dorothy Irene Carter, Elizabeth Chesney Carter, Joelyse Dawson Carter, Techier Ann Casey, Cynthia Lea Casey, Linda Jean Caton, Stephanie Ann Causey, Joan Annette Chandler, Carol Elizabeth Chandler, Catherine Louise Chandler, Eva Geulieme Chapman, Susan Dale Cheshire, Bonnie Lynn Chiemiego. Mary Ann Emily Choplin, Carolyn Elizabeth Chrislip, Ann Miller Clapp, Annie June Clark, Billie Dean Clark, Nancy Jewel Coble, Barbara Ann Class of 1966 ' ■£% f% (ft f ft q e Page 110 Class of 1966 ft ft ft } ft $ i f I ft © © ft ft ft ft | - ft ft ft ft ft Coble, Stephanie Dawn Cogdell, Derita Rose Coles, Nancy Jane Coley, Carol Ann Collins, Cheryl Countess Collins, Janet Louise Collins, Margaret Lucille Collins, Sarah Morgan Compton, Sylvia Dean Conrad, Cynthia Ross Conwell, Margaret Leigh Cook, Mabel Louise Cooke, Betty Jane Cosby, Barbara Kay Couch, Mary Ruth Courts, Willie Ruth Cowling, Deborah Ann Cox, Elizabeth Ann Craig, Nancy Faye Cranford, Cheryl Elaine Crater, Jane Craven, Suzanne Winstead Creech. Bettie Ruth Cremer, Joan Rosalind Crimmins, Meredith Ann Crocker, Linda Brooks Cross, Betty Virginia Crumpler, Sarah Millicent Crutchheld, Ann Groome Cucuzella, Joell Cummings, Virginia Ann Cunningham, Judith Ann Cutler, Lois Anne Darden, JoAnne Davis, Brenda Lee Davis, Harriet Jeanne Davis. Linda Jean Davis, Marian Davis, Mary Nell Davis, Patricia May Davis, Ruth Gay Dawson, Donna Leigh Deal, Carolyn Leah lejarnette, Katherleen Holmes Denning, Joy Elizabeth Dennis, Pamela Eloise Dennis, Ruth Gayle Devine, Patricia Ann Dewar, Marian Fitzrandolph Dieterich, Carolyn Dillon, Patricia Marie Dixon. Julia Catherine Doby, Barbara Ellen Dodson, Iris Ann Donat, Sara Wynne Donovan, Charlotte Phyllis Dorsett, Mary Lynne Dawney, Linda Kay Doyle, Margaret Elaine Doyle, Ruth Lestha Drake, Linda Lee Draughon, Patricia Dry, Charlotte Elizabeth Duffie, Blanche Elizabeth Duke, Deborah Anne Dumas, Veda Jeanette Dunbar, Evelyn Louise Dunlap, Carolyn Fae Dye, Frances Louise Eargle, Janice Earp, Ruth Etta Eason, Bettie Jean Edmundson, Carolyn Frances Edmundson. Elizabeth Doan Edson, Mary Alice Edwards, Judy Thompson Edwards, Kaye Shirley Edwards, Patricia Alan Eidson, Marian Mims Elixson, Mary Sue Page 111 Class of 1966 ft ft P m « © o © ©© Elliott, Phyllis Elizabeth Ellis, Patricia Elizabeth Elmore, Linda Kay Engels Arby Lee Epps, Karen Frances Evans, Beverly Ann Evry, Joyce Elaine I jhbri, Alexandra Faison Faber. Anne Marie Fair, Tess Karen Farlow, Rebecca Ann Farrow, Margaret Kathleen Faulkner, Lynda Louise Ferguson, Nancy Ferrell. Frances Elizabeth Ferris, Janice Lee Finegan. Mary Patricia Fisher, Ellen Lee Fisher. Margaret Gayle Fitzgerald. Victoria Frances Fleisig, Judith Victoria Fleming, Helen Hynes Flinchym. Bonnie Gray Florance, Valerie Fobert, Elizabeth Mary Foiger, Ruth Forbis, Mary Lynn Forrest, Elizabeth Eyre Foster, Betty Kay Foster, Carol Jean Foushee. Treva Ann Fowler, Natalie Fox, Marjorie Ann Fox, Mary Alice Franklin, Nancy Sue Frazier, Brenda Gray Frazier, Carolyn Elsie Frazier, Meredith Lynn Freeland, Judith Ellen Freeman. Barbara Antoinette Friday, Kathryn Lovelace Frye, Mary Rose Fulk, Patricia June Fuller, Evelyn Louise Furrey, Jacqueline Marie Futterer, Mary Julian Gabrys, Gloria Jean Gange, Carol Louise Garcia Virginia Tarleton Gardner, Ann Elizabeth Gardner, Mary Olga Gardner, Patricia Marie Garner, Janice Gay Garrett, Carole Elizabeth Garriss. Charlotte Elizabeth Garst, Elaine BUBBLE GUM seems to be a very popular item with girls in Kirkland Dorm when the studying yets rouuh before exams. A TRIM FIGURE is the vogue of today, and these energetic girls have found the answer to the weight and figure problem. 8 r i| u Jfc) Gatlin, Ann Traylor Gavigan, Joan Eileen Gaylord, Ella Martin Gegenheimer, Barbara Mae George, Rita Bernice Gerringer, Gail Jerome Gibbs, Ellen Sherrill Gibbs, Patricia Ann Gibson, Anna Mae Gibson, Patricia Ann Giddens, Karen Elaine Gill, Judith Ann Gillette, Patricia Eileen Gillikin, Judith Eileen Gimmon, Susan Gayle Glass, Ruth Ann Glover, Nancy Kay Goble, Judy Clarice Godfrey, Gloria Claire Goldblatt, Evelyn Marcia Goldstein, Susan M. Gooch, Sara Elizabeth Goodson, Judith Anne Gordon, Georgia Sheridan Gordon, Sallie Gore, Mary Kathleen Grace, Patricia Elizabeth Graham, Carol Sue Graham, Julianne Graham, Linda Carole Graham, Virginia Ann Graves, Toni Jean Gray, Elizabeth Reaville Green, Margaret Valeria Greene, Mary Louise Greer, Mary Ann Gregory, Judith Hazel Griffin, Charlotte Ann Griffin, Emily Elizabeth Griffin, Jean Carol Griles, Deloris Patricia Grace, Vonda Oleola Grover, Joan Eleanor Grubb, Susan Kaye Guffy, Mary Ellen Gunn, Virginia Alexander Gurkin, Betty Lou Guthrie, Martha Anne Habich, Lynn Charlotte Hadden, Margaret Ann Hahn, Pamella Sue Hairston, Emma Lois Hales, Mary Suzanne Hall, Beverly Jean Hall, Sanda Ann Halsey, Lenna Parsons Class of 1966 I £ 1 PIZZA AND POPCORN are familiar sights around the dorms. These Coit girls are brightening up their Saturday night. i - i MUSIC, COKE and talk seem to be a favorite pastime of most hard working college girls when they take a study break. Hardy, Margaret Ann Hamlin, Ester Lesa Hammer, Victoria Mary Hammond, Mildred Anne Hamnett, Mary Katherine Haney, Sandra Anne Hankins, Beverly Hanna, Brenda Lee Hardison. Mary Frances Hardy, Brenda Faye Harley, Rosalie Anne Harkey, Carol Jean Harden, Elizabeth Boatwright Harrill, Dorothy Charlotte Harrington, Frankie Elizabeth Harris, Alice Morris Harris, Deloris Ann Harris, Ina Jean Harris, Lois Marion Harris, Lynn Hamlin Harrison, Elizabeth Green Harrison, Sara Jean Harriss, Sarah Riddick Hartman, Mary Esther Hartsfield, Melanie Lucille Hatcher, Elizabeth Gayle Hatcher, Lorraine Ann Haynes, Brenda Clarene Haynes, Charlotte Lynn Haynes, Elizabeth Kelly Heafner, Phyllis Elease Hedrick, Laura Ann Heilig, Frances Weddington Helms, Jane Eloise Hendrix, Shirley Kay Henry, Lee Elizabeth Herring, Mary Dawn Hesser, Martha Carren Heyward, Mary Hamilton Hicks, Nelle Harmon Hicks, Virginia Blanche Higdon, Waynette Hill, Reba Jewell Hill, Scarlette Roye Hill, Sharon Jane Hill, Victoria Deane Hipps, Eleanor Lois Hobgood, Elizabeth Lacy Hodge, Ruvel Jeanette Hodges, Mary Eugenia Holbrooks, Phyllis Lee Holebrooks, Elizabeth Ann Holton, Doris Elizabeth Hoover, Ann Wyrick Hopper, Sandra Kay Hord, Sherry McForland Horner, Jane Ellen Horner, Nancy Corrinne Horney, Ellen Laurin Horton, Julia Caroline Horvath, Janis Elayne Howard, Rose Marie Howard, Sally Ann Huberman, Diane Ellen Hughes, Marie Ann Hughes, Mollie Vaun Huleatte, Martha Jane Humphrey, Rebecca Ann Hunter, Clemellyn Hunter, Sharon Lee Hunter, Susan Marie Hurley, Frances Mary Huskey, Juli Ann Hutton, Sally Caroline Hyer, Linda Lee Ingram, Sue Manson Inman, Mary Leigh Innes, Barbara Ann Isenhower, Mary Lynn Israel, Hellen Paula Class of 1966 ft fi f! ft ft 9 ft r$ ft ft f ft ft ft ft fa f)- £ CS f% Page 114 Class of 1966 w C By-? $ p f © £ f € ■ ft 1 © © ?• © O f r;- f} Jackins, Joe Anne Jackson, Doris Mae Jacobson, Susan Margaret Jenkins, Anne Cantrell Jenkins. Doris Faye Jenkins, Jerrie Lou Jenkins, Marilyn Jenks, Andrea Gray Jerman, Jean Anne Johnson Debra Ernestine Johnson, Jean Ann Johnston, Doris Marie Jones, Barbara Jane Jones, Jean Carolyn Jones, Paulette Dazelle Jones, Sally Sue Jones, Sandra Lee Jones, Suzanne Katherine Jones, Valjeanne Jordan, Diane Jordan, Jacquelyn Ann Jordan, Kackie A. Kadis, Karen Kanter, Brenda Eileen Kasoboski, Rebecca Ann Katzenmoyer, Bette Alice Keene, Martha Susan Keller. Carolyn Wolfe Kendall, Lily Adele Killmon, Natalie Ann Kilpatrick. Margaret Lee King, Marsha Kern Kirkman, Judith Lynn Kiser, Barbara Jane Kling, Victoria Marie Koontz, Judith Victoria Koontz, Katherine Lane Kornegay, Maruaret Ann Koty, Dana Kay Lackey, Judith Annette Lafontaine, Laurie Jean Lail, Anne Reynolds Lamb, ' Wallace Louise Lambeth, Mary Jane Lane, Edith Lane, Miriam Rose Langstaff, Joan Beth Lanham, Patricia Kathleen Lanier, Brenda Gail Lanning, Beverly Irene Lashmit, Marian Alice Lassiter, Martha Eileen Laughter, Janice Irvin Law, Kathryn Bane Laurence, Emma Jean Lea, Patricia Diane Ledbetter, Linda Sue Ledbetter, Patricia S. Lee, Lelinda Lou Lennon, Linda Fay Leonard, Vera Louise Leonhardt, Lydia Belle Lewin, Lois Roberta Lewis, Lida Kidd Lewis, Linda Gray Lindsay, Angella Lynette Link, Janet Corrinna Livesay, Kay Carolyn Livesay, Sandra Lee Lizotte, Carol Ann Loaf man, Janet Elaine Logan, Barbara Karen Lollar, Susan Eileen Longworth, Linda Gray Lorber, Janet Rand Louder, Selma Elaine Lowrance, Betty Lou Lovelace, Lynn Karen Loy, Mary K. Lucas, Gale Margarette Page 115 Class of 1966 a Pi f) WWW Luther, Cara Jeanne MacQueen, Peg Adams Mabe, Elizabeth Aufeldia Mabe, Judith Ann Macon. Alice Jewell Maner. Hazeline Janette Martin, Elizabeth Frances Martin, Judith Elizabeth Martin, Pamela Boren Mase, Marcia Anne Masline, Patricia Ann Mason, Norma Evans Massel. Barbara Jane Matheson. Georgia Marie Matthes, Merry Marilyn Matthews, Louise Kelly Matthis, June Lee Maxey, Anne Carole May, Jean Ann Mayer, Harriet Iris Mayer, Maxine Sue McAdams, Carol McAllister, Joan Stuart McCall, Lynda Ellen McCauley, Sandra Jean McColl. Mary Tipton McConnell, Carol Lynne McCord, Barbara Alice McCuiston. Linda Lee McDaniel, Patricia Ann McDermott, Alice Suzanne McGill, Peggy Louise Mclnnis. Man ' Hugh Mclver, Janet Chadwick McKee, Betty Jean McKeowan, V ilma Jean McKnight, Nona Hope McKnight, Phyllis McLean, Mary Rose McLeod, Linda Ray McNeil, Virginia Marie McPherson, Judith Kay McSwain, Patricia Ann Meacham, Nancy Floyd Medlin, Judith Ann Meginnis, Marjorie Ruth Mehaffey, Iris Ann Melnicove, Joan Linda Merrill, Ruth Maureen Meyer, Jean Kathleen Michaux, Janet Marrion Mikeal, Janice Elaine Miller, Arlene Alice Miller, Betty Lou Miller. Carol Joy Miller, Constance Anne HEAVE! HO! A dip in the tub and a heap of fun for the Cotten girls go along with |udy Tripp ' s new fraternity pin. IT IS HARD even for the Gray girls to believe that there real- ly is a man on the hall, but as usual it is only a school workman. Miller, Elizabeth Ann Miller, LaDonna Fay Miller, Marilyn Elsie Miller, Nancy Heha Mitchell, Sallie Moffett, Alice Rodd Moffitt. Sally Mae Monahan, Helen Stroud Monteith, Cherly Reid Moore, Beverly Ruth Moore. Dorothy Jane Moore, Jo Ellen Moore. Maria Justice Moore, Marilyn Mclver Moore, Penelope Ann Moorefield, Jane Arlene Morgan, Barbara Lee Morgan, Linda Carol Morris, Betsy Ross Morris. Joan Marie Morris, Ruth Ann Morrison, Rhoda Tyson Moseley, Wonda Lynn Moss, Carole Sue Munden, Brenda Joyce Murray, Jimmi Kay Mustard, Joan Gail Myers, Joan Ellen Myers. Martha Ann Nanzetta, Harriet Anne Nash. Brenda Elaine Neal, Sandra Marie Neill, Frances Ellen Nelms, Mary Elizabeth Nelson, Arden Jennifer Newell, Carol Ann Newman, Beverly Jean Newman, Carol Minette Newton, Sara Louise Nichols, Sara Eugene Nicholson, Marilou Nicks, Miriam Brown Norris, Julia Adele Nugent, Jean Jeffrey Nunnery, Mary Lou Oakes, Nellie Joyce Oates, Martha Frances O ' Brien, Lucile Norman O ' Donnell. Sharon Marie Ogletree, Joan Elizabeth Olson, Nancy Paula Orth, Linda Lee Oster, Toni Claire Owens, Janet Sunderland Pachol, Marcia Louise Packer, Carol Marie Padgett. Emily Marsha Paget. Valeria Francesca Palmer, Marci Ann Pankin, Theodosia Ann Parcell, Bruce Anne Parfitt, Carolyn Margaret Parker, Frances Marian Parker, Laura Ann Parker, Marie Faye Parks. Catherine Annette Pate. Judith Diane Patrick, Betsy Olivia Anne Patten, Connie L. Deam Patten, Judy Ann Patton, Charla Gene Peacock, Mary Reynolds Peacock, Sarah Ann Peele. Judith Ray Peevy, Tomarie Pegram. Sharon Virginia Pelkey. Edith Elaine Pellegrin, Kathleen Ann Perry, Ann Elizabeth Perry, Carol Jean Class of 1966 ft ft ft ft ft i ft ft ft ft ft ft ft 3- £1 ■ ■♦ ft ft B r p ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft A O f Page 117 Perry, Carol Jean Perry, Enid Janno Perry, Margaret Ann Perry, Mary Holt Peterson, Lynn Marie Pfaff, Karen Elizabeth Phillips, Amelia Ann Phillips, Susan Brown Phillips, Twalla Gail Pickard, Melba Ann Pierce, Anne Louise Pirtle, Gloria Jean Piserchia, Mary Jo Pitkin, Kathleen Pitkin, Pamela Pittman, Jane Carolyn Pittman, Virginia Marie Pleasants, Bonnie Sue Pleasants, Ruth Evelyn Poindexter, Betty Victoria Polakoff, Elinor Marslla Poole, Marilyn Seitz Pope, Doris Bivins Pope, Jeanne Parker Pope, Patsy Anna Porter, Ellen Sue Porter, Jane Redd Prevatte, Nancy Lewis Price, Mary Wilson Price, Nancy Lee Pridgen, Mary Linda Prigoff, Cheryl Frances Promt, Sandra Gray Prophet, Diane Elizabeth Purdom, Anne Elizabeth Quinn, Millicent Elizabeth Quinn, Peggy Ann Radomski, Mary Suzanne Ramsey, Irvin Diann Rankin, Mary Cornelia Rankin, Onetta Blanche Rappaport, Linda Sue Raulston, Sara Jean Reavis, Judy Rose Rector, Linda Sue Redding, Rita Gail Reece, Dorothy Virginia Rees, Marsha Lorraine Reeves, Harriet Jane Reichenbach, Elise Mane Reilly, Sandra Louise Reinheimer, Nancy Louise Reisinger, Sara Louise Reiss, Donna Rae Reistetter, Mary Morris Renegar, Kathleen Norris Reynolds, Ann Thomas Reynolds, Polly Ann Reynolds. Shirley Katherint Rhodes, Carol Lee Rhodes, Linda Margaret Rice, Lynette Dee Rice, Sheila Eileen Riddle, Mary Lou Ritchie, Judy Elaine Robbins, Carolyn Dianne Robbins, Pamela Ann Roberts, Carol Ramona Roberts, Pamela Rae Roberts, Sandra Kay Robey, Janet Ann Robinson, Anita Gayle Robinson, Dorothy Gail Robinson, Johnnie Ann Robinson, Mary Ellen Robinson, Peggy Faye Robson, Elizabeth Ann Roe, Marcia Roe, Martha Jane Rogers, Lucy Annette •V r Class of 1966 - jfe m M c ft © o f © fi f ft £1 «fe A t Page 118 Class of 1966 ft f ' ft t t% } £ f ft ft ft ft ft ftp © ft ft ft ft $ © ft) ft f rri fv» f .» fv Rogers, Reece Ann Rogers, Virginia Ann Roper, Mary Gwynne Rosen, Sharon Joyce Ross, Martha Jane Rosser, Carolyn Elizabeth Rossman, Julaine Renee Rothman, Doreen Dale Rounds, Penelope Winston Rouse, Constance Margaret Ruben, Katharine Celia Rubin, Judith Susan Rudisill, Elizabeth Sherrill Ruffner, Katharine Thiem Rufty, Nan Pittman Rush, Vicki Lynn Ryan, Evelyn Amanda Ryle, Tatricia Ann Seleeby. Shirley Libbie Samet, Ida Ruth Samuels, Patricia M. Sandberg, Susan Elizabeth Sandlin, Minnie Carole Sawyer, Carolyn Ann Sawyer, Susan Joan Schapp, Linda Carol Scheffel, Barbara Muriel Schidlovsky. Sophie Alexis Schlein, Betsy Caren Schloss, Diane Katharine Schmidt, Margaret Lisette Schneider, Edith Louise Scott, Glenda Faye Scully, Martha Hemphill Sears, Catherine Averill Secrest, Sandra Lee Seely, Ann Mary Selby, Margaret Ellen Self, Rachel Ann Seligman, Sandra Esther Sellars, Barbara Jean Sellew, Sandra Lilia Seyk, Susanna Rita Seymour, Jane Shank, Dorothy Sharp, Mary Joan Shearin, Carolyn Joyce Shell, Carol Jackson Shepherd, Jane Elizabeth Shepherd, Mamie Irene Sheppard, Elizabeth Ann Sherrill, Anita Virginia Sherrill, Barbara Sue Sherrill, Kay Saville Shigley, Jane Ann Shoffner, Linda Carol Shropshire, Carolyn Ruth Sides, Frances Ann Sigman, Angela Gale Silverberg, Elizabeth Louise Simpkins, Carolyn Frances Sinclair, Mary Jean Singer, Carolyn Joan Sipe, Gloria Darlene Slaughter, Betty Regenia Sloan, Martha Carolyn Slusher, Pamela Anne Smathers, Nancy Louise Smith, Alexa Jane Smith, Barbara Anne Smith, Beulah Jane Smith, Brenda Kay Smith, Dorothy Leatherman Smith, Geraldine Elizabeth Smith, Linda Kathryn Smith, Martha Jo Smith, Mary Lou Smith, Mimi Lees Smith, Nancy Carolyn Smith, Patricia Carole Page 119 Class of 1966 Fj fy f? (-.• t H ?) ?■ Smith, Sandra Delores Smithers, Diane Lee Smyre, Linda Wike Snuggs, Gay Marguerite Snyder, Janet Maxine Solomon, Judith Ann Sondey, JoAnn Souther, Ann Blake Southerland, Rosa Carole Southern, Linda Ruth Sowers, Iris Edwina Spach, Nancy Jane Sparks, Gene Anna Spencer, Martha Lee Stackhouse, Brenda Gayle Starr, Jerri Arlen Steeneck, Lois Claire Stein, Linda Rose Stephenson, Brenda Kay Stewart, Sarah Frances Stewart, Mary Beth Stokes, Sue Rea Stone, Barbara Lynn Stone, Mary Lois Stumpf. Shelia Kay Styons, Janice Gayle Sullivan, Barbara Lee Sultan. Sandra Phyllis Swain. Irene Stroud Tanner, Margaret Louise Tarleton, Harriett Louise Tarleton, Shirley Marie Tate, Deanna Dawne Taul, Virginia Batterton Taylor, Carolyn Ann Taylor, Claire M. Taylor, Delia Harriett Taylor, Marilyn Diane Taylor, Phyllis Mitchell Temple, Nancy Ann Tepper, Fern Terrell, Susan Theiling. Elizabeth Jane Thing. Jean Marie Thompson, Sara Annette Thorns, Mary Beth Thrasher. Peggy Elaine Topodas, Kathy JoAnne Townsend, Samantha Ann Tripp, Judith Lucille Tucker, Katherine Ann Tueche, Rita Dean Turban, Mary Kathryn Twiddy, Phyllis Kathleen Tyndall, Linda Faye Upchurch, Rose Andrea L ' pright. Mary Levon Usher, Linda Faye Van Arsdale, Susan Harkness Vanwegen, Chrinstine Adele Vassey. Dorothy Susan Vaughn, Carolyn Elizabeth Vester, Mary Richard Vick, Barbara Lois Viguers, Diane Elizabeth Wade, Virginia Louise Walker, Annette Elizabeth Walker, Jo Ella Hendricks Walker, Mary Arden Wallace. Ann Louise Wallace, Marie Katherine Wallace, Marc Susan Walter, Starling Anne Warden, Johanna Lynne Warner, Julia Ann Warner, Vivian Hope Warren, Wanoa Rose Waterheld. Diana James Watkins, Elia Jane Watson, Mary Alyce Page 120 Weatherford, Cheryl Webb, Mary Randolph Webster, Roxanne Lucile Wellons, Joyce Marie Wenstrand, Sally Stuart Wesley, Judith Lynne West, Ann Barbette Wharton, Billie Lislie Whedbee, Carole Jean Whedbee, Lucy Ann W ' hitaker, Jean Graham White, Can ' Horner White, Delia Mae White, Judyth Allen White, Willie Jane Whitcner, Edith Lee Whitley, Carolyn L. Whitley, Emily Sue Whitley, Judy Carol Wiggins, Agness Wiggins, Anne Louise Wilkins, Gwendolyn Grace Williams, Anna Patrico Williams, Brenda Kay Williams, Carol Ann Williams, Eleanor Gail Williams, Emily Louise Williams, Kippie Louise Williams, Martha Ellen Williams, Nancy H. Williams, Patty Faye Williamson, Mary Linda Wilson, Alice B. Wilson, Brenda Kay Wilson, Julia Anna Wilson, Nora Ellen Winstead, Laura L. Winstead, Mamie Webb Winstead, Sandra Kay Winton. Nadine B. Wirick, Kathryn Mary Alice Wisenburg. Cindy Ann Wolfe, Mary M. ' Wood, Sandy Woodward, Carolyn Joyce Woosley, Phyllis Anne Worsley, Lydia Worthington, Jelaine Wray, Connie Wray, Janie Wrenn, Barbara Wright, Barbara Lee Wright, Shirley Wyatt, Linda Yarbrough, Sarah K. Yates, Joyce York, Cecelia Yorke, Barbara Young, Linda Young, Susan Elizabeth Yount, Martha Ann Class of 1966 e e m r- i ft ft , v ft fl ft " ft fe ft f% ft ft f , t f J « Page 121 Judy Hatley, Cheerleader Jane Bare, Vice-President Elizabeth Young, Treasurer Forney Habitants Aim For Efficiency To become chic, intelligent, informed women of the modern business world is the goal of the commercial class of ' 63. Programs presenting clothing tips, job opportunities, advice from previous graduates and from employers constitute a major part of the class activities. Fashion show . . . visitor from the placement office . . . white jackets . . . senior privileges second semester all provide a climatic conclusion and present commercials with pleasant and useful experiences in their year at W.C. . . . All hail, to W.C. . . . Even through eternity . . . We ' ll cherish the memories . . . Down through the years ... All hail, hail to W.C. . . . Love and loyalty. Pat Estridge. President ' limn Margie French. Secretary Commercial Class Allen. Julis Annette Andreas, Margaret Susar Austin, Linda Ann Aycock, Virginia Grey Bare, Elicia Jane Bayliff, Elizabeth Ann Beck, Teresa Ann Biser, Barbara Hale Biser, Carol Ann Blalock, Barbara Marie Blume, Virginia Kathleen Bostian, Sheila Marie Bratton, Virginia Mae Brim, Grace Ann Brown. Roberta Morrow Browne, Beverly Burke Carter, Carolyn Jane Cattelona, Carole Joyce Cline, Belinda Elliott Collins, Eleanor Jean Coltrane, Madora Alice Davenport. Dorthea Howard DePaola, Mary Frances Dixon. Martha Bolick Dodson, Carole Jean Dorsett, Peggy Ann Edwards, Prudence Gay Estridge, Patricia Ann Farmer, Angeline Carmen Ferrell, Janet Gayle Fishburne, Lavinia Wharton Fortenberry, Anne Carole French, Margaret Graham Freund, Joan Carol Gammon, Barbara Ruth Glasgow, Judy Gwynette Graves, Glenda Gayle Grayson, Linda Anne Harpe, Patricia Ann Hartsook, Anne Hendrix c - Page 123 Hatley. Judy Carolyn Henderson, Jewel Anne Henderson, Linda Marie Hobson, Helen Jean Hollingsworth, Judith Ann Holloway, Ruby Louise Holt, Betty Carolyn Hooks, Carolyn Lee Hopper, Molly Diane Hughey, Trudy Anne Karnes, Michale Scott Kilcrease, Patricia Lenora Killian, Virginia Wells Kimrey, Jean Carol LaMarr, Jacqueline Commercial Class ft Lane, Sharon Elizabeth Lassiter, Cheryl Ann Lawson, Phyllis Kay Lawson, Sherry Lynn Lomax, Linda Kay Long, Alice Sue Long, Harriet Hazlett Martin, Nancy Hines Mastin, Carol Alice McCoy, Mary Elizabeth McDowell, Patricia Irene McGinn, Mary Linda Mclntyre, Lucy Williams Michael, Mary Sue Monsees, Linda Mitchell Moore, Betty Jo Moore, Gwen Moore, Sandra Louise Murray, Juanita Carolyn Nash, Cynthia Boyd Neal, Diana Dawn Newton, June Edens Nimetz, Rosalie Ann Osborne, Carol Celeste Owens, Andrena Elaine ▼ ■ l l Pag l J ( Commercial Class Page, Joyce Carol Partridge, Willene Jane Payne, Tommy Wilson Peed, Julia Grey Petsthe, Mirtha Marcelina Pickett, Anita Elizabeth Pickle, Glenda Gaye Presgraves, Carol Ann Price, Judy Holt Pruett, Peggy Joan Purgason, Barbara Jean Reynolds, Bobbie Carolyn Rierson, Rebecca Wilson Roberts, Patricia Ward Sale, Sandra Kay Segraves, Nancy Loretta Shankle, Anne Currie Shaw, Linda Dianne Sheets, Alma Jean Smith, Margaret Lloyd Soyars, Ann Parzade Sprinkle, Deanna Speas Sprouse, Peggy Jean Steed, Martha Jean Stroupe, Dorothy Jane Swain, Jo Ellen Tart, Anne Hamilton Tate, Anne Ferree Thornton, Willie Jane Thrasher, Connie Christine Turk, Margaret Ann Turner, Virginia Diann Vaughan, Brenda Ann Vaughn, Evanna Let Waddell, Katherine Joan Walters, Nancy Jo Ware, Judith Ann White, Irma Laura Williams, Carol Faye Wilson, Carol Faye Wilson, Glenda Ann Wilson, Martha Jane Young, Martha Elizabeth Page 125 Billie Pearce, President Gladys Phillips, TV Kathryn Whitener, Vice-President Nursing Organizes For Its Future The Woman ' s College Student Nurses ' Organization is a voluntary association open to all nursing students at the college, and its officers are class officers. The organization coordinates the efforts of the first and second year nursing students in academic and social activities on campus. With an awareness of each student ' s role in the future of nursing it promotes the professional goals for nursing. It is a local affiliate of the National Student Nurses ' Association and provides opportunity for member participation in projects at the district, state, and national level. Sula Parks, Secretary Patsy Bowers, Coordinator Judy Bing, Co-Coordinator Page 126 Second Year Nursing Charlene Bletscher Shaker Heights, Ohio Anne Bolton Chambers Jamestown, N. C. Katherine Kerr Green Winston- Salem, N. C. Virginia Baker King Raleigh, N. C. Judith Green Lomax Charlotte, N. C. Martha Ann Makedonas Greensboro, N. C. Virginia Lucille Mims Greensboro, N. C. Gwendolyn Sue Nichols Millers Creek, N. C. Sharon Lee Noss Cortland, N. Y. Billie Jean Pearce Burner, N. C. Gladys Irene Phillips Matthews. N. C. Julia Trogdon Pickard Greensboro, N. C. Beverly Elmore Robbins Randleman, N. C. Ruth L. Summey High Point, N. C. Bernice Vestal Jonesville, N. C. Vickey Lynn Walker Liberty, N. C. Kathryn Masten Whitener Winston-Salem, N. C. Treva Elaine Williams Kernersville, N. C. Ann Henry Winchester Summerfield, N. C. Page 127 First Year Nursing Alley, Frances Carole Bing, Judy Anne Bowers, Patsy Anne Bowman, Julia Blair Brothers, Gloria Jane Cole, Carol Ruth Cole, Sharon Eileen Connolly, Gaydie Currin, Virginia Lynette Harman, Cary Marie Hartsook, Patricia Leigh Holder. Audrey Maie Huffstetler, Marie St. Clai: James, Eleanor Anne Lovell, Barbara Paige Lowe, Virginia Mae McBride, Julia Kay Mclver, Anne Gordon Neal, Brenda Kay Pegram, Judy Ann Penry, Mallie Bennett Rupard, Nancy Louise Smith, Aileen S. Souther, Carolyn Taylor, Claudia Elizabeth Wallace, Gelia Bryson West, Brenda Joan Page 128 ■K? " " - - H«ilMW O«l USUI ' • ilff r | 1 4 T Hw i-— ■ MAKING USE of library medical references is a very frequent necessity for Carolyn Souther and Virginia Lowe. CARING FOR her patient is the endeavor of Sue Nichols as she transfers knowledge of principles into nursing practice. College centered study is combined with patient center- ed care at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. Students transfer learning to the development of nursing skills beneficial to their patients. After two years of study and application of knowledge, six weeks orientation in psychiatric nursing at John Umstead Hospital, Butner, North Carolina, and a four month internship at Cone Memorial Hospital, the student is ready for licensing by the State Board of Nurse Registration. One Sunday in Autumn she graduates . . . the reward is hers ... an Associate Degree in Nursing . . . symbol of so much, passport to so much more. " Putting learned principles into pra ctice " is indeed a phrase symbolic to each stu- dent of nursing at the Woman ' s College. 1962 GRADUATION. From row: Alice C. Boehret, Chancellor Otis Singletary. Mrs. Eva Warren, Benjamin Cone, Rev. H. D. Roe, Dean Mereb Mossman. Speaker: Susan Smith. Second row: Linda Hursey, Joyce Creech, Sylvia Smith, Rosa Johnston, Chrintine Cardwell, Judith Rogers, Mary Lee Hardin. Elizabeth Bush. Back row: Elizabeth Harrington, Maggie Southwell, Gail Vincent, Gloria Dunn, Carolyn Lyons, Ellen Walker, Mary Frienschner, Margie Hatley. Page 129 w. J ' -1 . 5 j rV 1 1 , I • M D STUDENT LIFE Campus Life Special Events Beauties 132 150 162 Vifc » " . . . Oh, I want to be in that number, when W.C. becomes co-ed! " Now that the facetious wish of generations of Woman ' s College students is about to be granted, one wonders what changes in student life will take place. Although some of the aspects pictured here will remain essentially the same, many will be altered. Confusion, Excitement, And Anticipation Confront Freshmen September 13, 1962 — freshmen arrival at W.C. turn ed the campus into utter chaos with parents, girls, cars, and clothes, not to mention books, lamps, chairs, and pictures. The first look at roommates after weeks of anticipation, the friendliness of JHP ' s and assistants all eased the uncertain feelings about starting a new life. One thousand three hundred and fifty new members of the campus plunged straight into a week of orienta- tion designed to familiarize them with the campus. The major side effect was breaking in new loafers. Discover- ing the Yum Yum, library, dining hall, soda shop, book- store, the corner, house counselors, JHP ' s, house meet- ings, lines, and girls — this was Orientation. BOXES, BAGS, CLOTHES, and more clothes fill the girls ' arms who are moving into the dorm the first day of orientation. HOUSE PRESIDENT Beverly Bass and Assistant House Presi- dent Sylvia Williams greet six new Gray girls in the quad. CARS, CARS, EVERYWHERE, and not one to drive! Anxious Freshmen and parents crowd the quad as moving day begins. TIRED FRESHMEN rest on steps of Mclver while their Junior Advisor relates detailed instructions concerning orientation. Page 132 MASS CONFUSION reigns on the first day of registration as Freshmen have their first taste of that W.C. pastime, waiting in line. ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION provides refreshing lemonade to quench students ' thirst during the hot, fall registration hours. PERPLEXED FRESHMAN wonders during the first trying registration period why she is the only one con- fused by the barrage of signs, sections, and cards. She decides a long wait in the regular English line is de- cidedly preferable to immediate registration in English Honors. Having carefully checked her IBM card to be sure it has not been folded, spindled, clipped, or stapled and assured she still has a lunch period, in spite of them all, she sits down in a most welcome seat to begin bravely the interminable copying. Page 133 Students Welcome New Soda Shop Addition To Campus GOOD FOOD and good service tempt patrons of the new Woman ' s College Restraurant to return again to enjoy a pleasing atmosphere. The new Soda Shop and restaurant located in Elliott Hall present one more reason for this building ' s popu- larity among the student body. The Soda Shop serves as a constant spot of communication since the company is great; the music, new; and the food ■ — best threat yet to the dining hall. For those infrequent moments of wealth among stu- dents and often for faculty and guests, the Woman ' s College Restaurant provides excellent service and food in a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Appreciation runs high for this new addition. COKES, HOT DOGS, lots of snacks! Not only is the Soda Shop a grand place for study breaks, but great for dates, too. MODERN FIXTURES in new Soda Shop permit stu- dents quick, courteous service between classes and for study breaks. Julia Barbee, W.C Freshman, Chosen CU. Queen Fifteen Trailway buses conveyed W.C. students to the State-Carolina game at Chapel Hill on September 22, 1962, for Consolidated University day. Julia Bar- bee, a freshman in Hinshaw, was crown- ed C.U. queen during half-time cere- monies amid a capacity crowd of enthusiastic fans. The weather, for a change, cooper- ated nicely and the day ' s proceedings were conducted under a warm Septem- ber sun. The Carolina campus offered a wide variety of entertainment after the game with open houses, an outdoor combo, and of course, the " Rat. " Ten- thirty p.m. saw the conclusion of a well- hlled day. Girls found themselves home- ward bound with hands full of souvenirs and a stock of memories for the 1962 C.U. day. HANNIS LATHAM, Carolina ' s head cheer- leader, utters a moan as opponent scores again. C.U. QUEEN, Julia Barbee, receives an admiring gaze from her date, Kenny Edwards, just after she was presented a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed CAROLINA CHEERLEADERS urge fans to yell louder, spurring Tar- heels to a T.D. V e, f J jM BEAMING OWNERS of new class jackets proudly sing their class fight song under the direction of the Sophomore class cheerleader. Freshmen And Sophomores Find New Hats Off Day Fun Six-thirty a.m., Wednesday, October 10, dawned noisily for freshmen and sophomores as Hats Off Day made its official appearance on campus. Under the supervision of members of the Class of ' 65, freshmen dressed in black skirts, white blouses, bobby sox, tennis shoes, and handmade top hats and bow ties. A big assembly was held in the quad with Rae Dearing and Kay Smathers in charge. Instructions were given for the day and as- signments were made to each dorm. The crowd had breakfast en masse complete with the freshman seren- ade to their superiors. Highlighting the day ' s events was the sophomore show held in Elliott Hall during the afternoon. Joan Donohue ' s original work of songs and a skit made the program a memorable one for both classes. Finally, in a session with the Supreme Court, the proceedings came to an end but with a new sense of friendship between the Classes of ' 65 and ' 66. FRESHMEN DON their new hats, receive their orders and march off to breakfast in the dining hall and a fully-planned day. r i y % 4 DELIGHTED SOPHOMORES squirm into their new class jackets during the ceremony held in Cone Ballroom in Elliott Hall. AT 6:30 A.M. Hats Off Day Chairmen Rae Dearing and Kay Smathers instruct the sleepy Freshmen in the crowded quad. EARLY MORNING hours of Hats Off Day find Freshmen constructing the hats they will tip to the Sophomores all day long. EACH SPOONFUL HELPS! Freshmen contemplate digging a hole in Coit ' s lawn big enough for planting Sophomores ' tree. FRESHMEN OF KIRKLAND HALL present to the Supreme- Court a cardboard replica of hat they wore for Hats Off Day. FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES unite on Hats Off Day in a might)- effort to create charcoal for the dining hall to broil our steaks. ;?• iTT. AHA ! THE CHANCE to really let the Carnival. irofs " know how we honestly feel about them presents itself at the annual Purse Drive Purse Drive Carnival Held In Elliott Hall Big Success The Service League each year sponsors a drive similar to the United Fund. The 1962 Carnival was a success due to the widespread participation of the student body. This year the features were a talent show, a professors ' dog show, a cake walk, a favorite professor poll, a cookie booth, a slave auction, a caricature booth, a limbo contest, a miscellaneous auction, and the campus- wide penny race. The Carnival provided compus partici- pation in community service — available to all through Service League. ALUMNAE HELP Service League in its efforts to raise money by selling useful items like bookmarks and pencil holders. GASPING FOR BREATH, vision blurred, hands trembling and knees shaking, this Limboer wonders if it ' s really Love. WHAT A FOAMY MESS ! A careless slip of a razor on the balloon and shaving cream coats the unsuccessful contestant. Fall, Christmas, Valentine ' s Bring Elliott Hall Dances A main feature of Elliott Hall ' s contribution to the campus is the formal and casual dances it sponsors during the year. The Elliott Hall ball, the only formal affair for the whole campus, was held during November with the theme " Autumn Nocturne. " The Christmas dance in December was semiformal in tune with the yuletide festivities. In February, a sweetheart dinner and dance was held and climaxed the more formal events. Still offering record or combo dances on Satur- day nights, Elliott Hall succeeds in serving the campus with recreational and social affairs. GAILY DRESSED GIRLS with handsome dates take a breather in the crowded Soda Shop during the annual Christmas Dance. FLOWING GOWNS, dreamy music, and the lovely decora- tions create an appealing atmosphere for the Elliott Hall Ball. THOSE JUNIORS sure know how to treat their sister class! THE TWIST has gotten to just about everyone! Even Santa, There are parties, food, fun, and even real live angels. his W.C. ring, and his scarab bracelet have gotten into the act. THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS echoes across campus as Freshmen and Juniors unite to cheer the heart with a song. SEE THE PRETTY GIRLS? They are W.C. students who sang Christmas carols on TV to the listeners. Color them celebrities Christmas Spirit Spread By Sister Class Caroling Party One of the special ways of celebrating Christmas on the Woman ' s College campus is the sister class party. The 1962 Yuletide festivities were marked by a Sopho- more-Senior and by a Freshman-Junior party. The special feeling of unity that normally exists between these class groups was climaxed by these cele- brations. Quizzes, papers, and problems were tempo- rarily forgotten as the holiday spirit pervaded the gatherings. The informal gatherings culminated in caroling and singing at the TV station. The girls bundled themselves into heavy coats and scarfs to pro- tect them from the crisp cold and set forth to bring the Christmas spirit to others in the traditional old carols. AT THE FROSH-JUNIOR PARTY Santa Claus (and his Woman ' s College ring) asks a Freshman if she ' s been a good girl. NO ONE can deny that the Senior-Sophomore Christmas Party was a great success; of course they served refreshments! GATHER ROUND, little girls, and I will tell you a story. ' " Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house . . . " On Campus THE FACULTY ' S young children are hard at play during a Christmas party given for them. Special treat is Santa ' s visit. IF THESE happy expressions mean anything, the weekly teas in Elliott Hall are a big success and anxiously awaited by starving girls. HOPE THIS isn ' t permanent! A DORM PARLOR isn ' t the Maybe they were rushed. best place for an argument. TOWN STUDENTS take time out for relaxation and a hand of bridge between classes in their spacious lounge in Elliott Hall. Page 142 THIS IS going to be an extra long chapter I Her mind keeps wandering to the not-so-far future of this weekend. Wonder why? DOLPHIN-SEAL girl skeptically eyes further ornament. Her cry, " But all I need is a smile with my Jantzen, " goes unheard. THE P.E. DEPARTMENT offers many opportunities to stu- dents. Included on its curriculum is a course in " Pin Setting. " " COME WITH ME to the Casbah, " beckons the model of this bewitching after-five dress, but members of the audience seem a bit reluctant. I NOT ONLY are there lines to get the food, but lines to get rid of the dirty dishes! " So this is where our $50 went, " wail impatient girls. W.C. GIRLS stroll through the lovely, white, but bare- ly recognizable campus during a beautiful snow fall. THE AUDIENCE of W.C. students feels that this is not quite the picture of their ideal wedding gown. On Campus THERE ALWAYS SEEMS to be some long line to wait in somewhere on this big campus even at the Soda Shop in Elliott Hall. THIS GET-TOGETHER after the Hats Off musical provides jolly Sophomores with more good music. " JUST TESTING to see if it is sharp enough, " remarks a prop girl who works backstage in Aycock on " The Suspect. " ABSORBING KNOWLEDGE at the proper angle is important. The hard, straight-backed chairs and the tables upstairs just do not meet this requirement. Page 145 NEITHER RAIN nor blocked sidewalks keeps W.C students from taking a break in the Soda Shop. DATES really brighten W.C. The Soda Shop takes on a different atmosphere, studying is suddenly more interesting, and there is some- thing about a man ' s pipe . . . THE SPANISH CLUB, like other organizations on campus, feeds its members well. But the unusual feature is that they import boys! Page 146 JUST THINK of all those long, hard hours in the art lab. And what have you to show? Just an old piece of wood. On Campus THIS W.C. STUDENT approaching the construction work at Elliott Hall is about to be informed that her footprints are not desired in the fresh cement. THIS IS THE ONLY QUIET place in this whole entire dorm! On Campus CAROLINA BOYS and dates fill Cone for Phi Mu Alpha ' s dance. DON ' T LOOK NOW, but you ' re under a watchful eye. -yw ' -= £ » - V m El SENIORS look at the pamph- SPRING increases the number SAXOPHONIST goes to town AT LAST, NO MORE three- lets in the placement office. of bicycles on campus. at Phi Mu Alpha ' s concert. girl rooms ... we hope! Page 148 NOW you ' ve got us served, where are you going to put us? ONE OF W.C. ' s many traditions comes to life on the nights of the Freshman ' s dorms ' Open Houses for their former residents MATH MAJORS enjoy a Christmas Tea given by the faculty in the gaily decorated Alumnae House. Special Events Eleni Tsaouli ' s Panhellenion brings together the many strands of Hellenic dance and music into a colorful salute to all of Greece and its peo- ples. Ad ding to the color and shifting moods of the Greek Folk Festival are the amazing instru- mentalists, including the clarinet and the San- touri as well as the violins and the lute-like Bouzouki. In October the Lecture-Entertainment Series in conjunc- tion with the Inter-Faith Council sponsored the production of Ortin Corey ' s The Book of fob. To quote from the Ne w York Times, it " is an awesome and most majestic rendi- tion to be remembered both for the adaptor ' s concept as well as for the costumes and make up of the participants. " Former Secretary of State, Christian Herter appeared at the Woman ' s College in the 1962 Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum. Mr. Herter is now head of the United States Citizens Commission on NATO and the Atlantic Council of the United States, Inc. Choosing " The At- lantic Community " as his topic, he presented lectures on " Developments Since World War II, " " The Present Situ- ation " and " The Outlook for the Future. " Mr. Herter is pictured here with Gayle Hicks, Student Chairman of the Forum. Page 150 Randall Jarrell, poet, critic, novelist and Woman ' s College teacher of writing, was this year invited to speak at the Na- tional Poetry Festival at the Library of Congress in Washing- ton. His lecture, " Fifty Years of American Poetry, " which he also presented on campus, was a wide-ranging account of all the fascinating practitioners of poetry in the modern period. John Browning, a renowned young piano virtuoso, appeared at Woman ' s College in October. After making his musical debut at 10, Browning has gone on to become an international star, who has appeared throughout Europe, the Middle East, and America. His success is astounding, his repertory is limit- less, and his performances are superior. The Woman ' s College was honored to have Mrs. Charles W. Tillett as the Mclver Lecturer at the Founder ' s Day ceremony on October 5. Mrs. Tillett began her political career as the Woman ' s College ' s first S.G.A. President and continued to move through the political vein of our country by becoming an ardent worker in the Democratic Party. She is currently the U. S. Representative on the U. N. Commit- tee on the Status of Women. Pictured here with her are Miss Barbara Parrish, Chancellor Singletary, and Carol Furey. Page 151 The Weavers, a popular folk- singing group, presented a program entitled " Folk Songs Around the World " October 6, 1962. The quartet sang work songs, blues, ballads and spirituals from countries in- cluding the United States, Israel, Spain, Chile and South Africa. The group, which is composed of three men and a woman, presented a somewhat different performance for Woman ' s College students; the leader of the Weavers had lost his list of stories and so regaled the audience with ad-libs. Cesare Valletti appeared in Aycock Auditorium on March 26, 1963 in a concert sponsored by the Greensboro Civic Music Association. An outstanding tenor, Cesare Valletti thrilled his large audience of music lovers with his varied and quite excellent repertoire. One of the highlights of the Lecture Entertainment Series this year was the Phakavali, the famous dance-music and drama company of Thailand. The Phakavali, on its first coast-to-coast tour of the United States, included in its program not only the classical Epic dance- dramas of Thailand but also several of the colorful folk dances which so beautifully typify the spirit of the Thai people. Page 152 On January 15, 1963, The Greensboro Civic Music Association sponsored a subscription concert in Aycock Auditorium which featured Ruggiero Ricci. This extremely talented violinist presented an excellent and versatile program which was well attended and enthusi- astically received. The Woman ' s College was fortunate in having Boris Margo, a very talented artist, participate in the annual Arts Festival this year. Under the sponsorship of the Greensboro Civic Music Associa- tion, The Goldowsky Grand Opera Theater presented Giuseppe Verdi ' s La Traviata in December. Written originally in Italian, an English translation was rendered here. Pajama Game Tours Northern Countries Through A. E. T. O. On October 28, 1962, the Theatre of the Woman ' s Col- lege Touring Company of Pajama Game left Greens- boro for a six-weeks tour of American Military Installa- tions in Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland, and Iceland. The W.C. group was selected to make the tour by the American Educational Theater Association; sponsorship and arrangements were provided by the United Services Organizations. The company covered approximately 10,000 miles and ended their tour at Reykjavic, Iceland. MEMBERS OF THE Pajama Game troop are weighing in at Thule Air Force Base, Greenland, just like the baggage. THESE PAJAMA FACTORY employees realize that the sizes are incorrectly marked during W.C. ' s showing of Pajama Game. DURING THE PRODUCTION at Sondrestrom Air Force Base, Greenland, the cast enjoys the play while awaiting cues. ANXIOUS TOUR MEMBERS board the plane at the Greensboro-High Point Airport for the first stage of their 10,000 mile trip. The Theatre Of Woman ' s College Presents Drama, Comedy LIZZIE BORDEN took an ax . . . " provides the basis for W.C. production, The Suspect. THE CLIMAX of the play shows Lizzie frantically chopping with her This year the Theatre of Woman ' s College celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Their productions for the year in Aycock Auditorium included Suspect, an English mys- tery thriller based on the legend of Lizzie Borden ; The Royal Giim bit. a modern morality play which stems from the story of King Henry VIII; The Turn of the Screw, Henry James ' famous ghost story; and The Red Shoes. The scope and range of these presentations prov- ed once again the versatility to be found in our theatre. STAR BARBARA MENDELSON is in the early stages of ap- plying character make-up for her fascinating role as Mrs. Smith in The Suspect. BACKSTAGE WORK in Aycock is as essential to a successful production as is the more glamorous work before the audience. Page 155 Junior Class Celebrates Class Rings With Candlelit Ceremony The arrival of class rings is always an exciting event in the life of a Woman ' s College student. The traditional onyx and black ring is symbolic of many things — it is tangible evidence of successful completion of the first half of a college career, rapid passage of time, increased awareness of upperclassman status and nearness to a degree. The Class of ' 64, no less than those before it, realized the awesome importance of their class rings; they cele- brated the occasion with a traditional ring ceremony which took place in the Freshman Quad and was attend- ed by Dean Taylor and Dean Mossman. The Juniors began their candlelit procession between Shaw and Gray, and led by the class officers moved to the center of the Quad. There they walked through a large, spot- lighted replica of a ring while their Sister Class, the Freshmen, looked on. The Junior Class cheerleader led the group in the singing of the ring song to the melody of " Moon River, " the new class song, and the Sister Song. ELATED JUNIORS step through a giant replica of their new ring in an impressive candlelight ceremony held in the quad. THE ANNUAL RING CEREMONY includes a beautiful medley of familiar songs, including, of course, the Junior Class song and the College song. ' Our Hearts Were Young And Gay " Is Smashing Success THE NICE PROTECTED GIRLS of N.C.C.W., clad in middy blouses, giggle at an idea proposed by their daring leader Phoebe. After weeks of planning, rewriting, and rehearsing, the much awaited opening night finally came. Only those who have been a part of Junior Show production could know the excitement and thrill gained from such an experience. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay was an authentic and amusing farce of college life in the 1920 ' s. DURING HER " EXILE " to U.N.C., Phoebe meets a fraternity man. Purpose of her trip is to expose her to the cruel world. THE JUNIOR SHOW tries to explain why a sheltered life at N.C.C.W. is better — but fraternity parties are great fun ! THE OTHER SIDE ot the situation is seen during a meeting of the shocked faculty members called by Dean Goodharte. Page 157 tf» fe» r. • v -% « THE SOPHOMORES, too, have a share in Class Day as they provi Daisy Chain Climaxes Class Day Exercises For Seniors The Sophomores ' last tribute to their Sister Class of ' 62 was the traditional daisy chain. At 5:00 A.M., June 1, fifteen sleepy-eyed sophomores climbed aboard a truck and made their way to the held of daisies. Having picked twenty laundry baskets of daisies, the girls set to work making the chain. Several hours later, the finished product was transported to the freezer to await its debut at Class Day exercises. The following day twenty sophomores dressed in white formed an isle of daisies for the graduating seniors. A highlight of the day was the announcement of outstanding seniors. 1 i iathway tor their graduating sister class. ANOTHER VIEW of the Daisy Chain shows Seniors leaving Class Day exercises as parents and friends watch. PARENTS GATHER for Class Day exercises as the Class of ' 62 announces the girls it has selected as Everlasting Officers. A Seniors Receive Degrees During 62 Graduation Exercises June 3, 1962 was Graduation Day for the Class of 1962. Although it was hot and rainy, the girls could not have cared less. This day was all too important for them to be spoiled by a few showers. Once inside the comfort- able air-conditioned Greensboro Coliseum, parents, families and friends sat, many with tear-filled eyes, as they thought proudly of their own special graduate. Governor Sanford was the main speaker; Chancellor Singletary and other members of the college faculty also took part in the graduation exercises. 4$ J(4 DURING COMMENCEMENT exercises Seniors anxiously SPEAKER FOR THE SENIOR CLASS, Mary Vann Wilkins, await the long walk to the platform to receive their diplomas. talks to and for her class during the commencement exercises. THE FAMILIAR SCENE in the Greensboro Coliseum as seniors proudly receive their diplomas and become W.C. graduates. HI Marshal: Every spring in the second S.G.A. election twelve marshals are elected from the rising junior class and eight from the rising senior class. The chief marshal is chosen by the student body from the rising marshals of the senior class. These girls marshal at plays and con- certs in Aycock Auditorium and Elliott Hall as well as Commencement and Class Day activities. With their beauty, charm, and poise, they represent our school with honor and dignity. ■A SENIOR MARSHALS Front row: Betty Park, Janice Thomas. Mildred Coleman, Judy Bcrnath. Susan Meacham. Second row: Mary M. Lander, Ester Coward. Sally Derr, Diane Cuthbertson, Cisse Murdaugh. B.ick row: Linda Polk, Linda Lyles, Tempie Outlaw, Caroline Hoffer, Ann Sullivan. Jimmie Lee Whitley, Fran Alexander, Ann Everett, Lois Smith. Page 160 PATSY EBERT Chief Marshal JUNIOR MARSHALS Front row: Angela Blanton, Rachel Spradley, Jean Decker, Foy Clark, Joan Decker, hack row: Barbara Wren, Sandra Cottril, Mary Ann Dot- son, Sally Gideon, Sharon Beck, Kay Taylor. Not pictured: Jo Ann Allen. n fi ft ( Page 161 Beauties COMMERCIAL REPRESENTATIVE Miss Ann Tart Ann is a commercial student from Clinton. Listening to music, dancing, and water skiing are a few of her favorite pastimes. She enjoys spending her summers around the beach. NURSING REPRESENTATIVE Miss Judy Lomax As a second year nursing student, Judy will graduate in October. Her home is in Charlotte. She enjoys sewing, drawing and sketching, and listening to albums of Broadway musicals. Page 162 FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE Atiss Julia Barbee Eighteen-year-old Julia Barbee is from Goldsboro, and is majoring in Interior Design. She enjoys playing the uke, skiing, and traveling. Julia hopes to spend this summer in Japan. Page I6 ' i SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE Aim Jan Cooper Jan, a Medical Technology major, has enjoyed traveling to many interesting places and has even lived in Turkey. She enjoys modern dance, sewing, and water skiing. Jan has her Senior Life Saving in swimming. . ' . ' .■,-■■ JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE Miss Marilyn Hauflt r Marilyn, a junior from Watchung, New Jersey, is majoring in Elementary Edu- cation. Her favorite hobbies include modern dance, water skiing, sailing, and skin diving. Marilyn is a former Miss New Jersey. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Miss Sally Den Sally is majoring in Primary Education. A senior from Raleigh, she is to be mar- ried this summer and will teach the sec- ond grade next year. In the summer she enjoys tennis, fishing, and swimming. MAID OF HONOR Miss Joyce Lockhart A transfer from Mars Hill, Joyce ' s in- terests include art, golf, folk music, and travel. She spent last summer working at a resort on Long Island. Joyce is a business major and a member of Sigma Alpha; she plans to begin working to- ward her master ' s degree next year. Her home is in Guilford College. L PINE NEEDLES BEAUTY QUEEN Miss Dee Broirn A senior from Burlington, Dee is majoring in sociology and history. As a beauty she has modeled in Montaldo ' s Bridal Fashion Shows on campus and has represented W.C. at the annual Azalea Festival. As Miss Burlington she advertised winter sports at the Coliseum on TV. D ee, often seen driving a maroon jeepster, enjoys outdoor sports such as tennis, water skiing, swimming, and sailing. While at home she spends her leisure time arranging flowers, trying out new desserts, and sewing. Dee spends her summers serving as a camp counselor or working at a beach resort. ■fi. 1 5 V nsT " : ORGANIZATIONS -W -•a As the campus enlarges and encompasses an ever greater number of individuals, the organizations found here will also expand to provide outlets for the varied talents of the student body. The present organizations will be faced with the challenge of revising their operations in order to maintain their excellent record of service to the college community. Student Government 172 Honoraries 188 Publications 194 Departmentals 201 Religion 111 Hh BL00DM0BIE! SBKJfi Wast to q S.G.A. Offers Workshops, Mock Trial To Inform Girls Student Government Association began its extensive activities with a two-day pre-school conference in Sep- tember which featured a panel discussion on the role of student government on this campus. Workshops were held at Piney Lake to discuss the various programs for the coming year. In October S.G.A. attempted to bridge the gap be- tween the students and student government by holding workshops and a mock trial. The trial consisted of a double case utilizing both courts in order to acquaint the students with court procedure. Following the trial, four thirty-minute discussion sessions were held by the different branches of S.G.A. including the Judicial Sys- tem, National Student Association, Legislature, and the Inter-Faith Council. These groups gave students an op- portunity to ask questions concerning that particular phase of student government, as well as to voice opin- ions and offer constructive criticisms. Although the three branches of S.G.A. are separate bodies, they have co-operated this year in an effort to improve conditions on campus. As the enrollment of Woman ' s College grows larger, the tasks of the Student Government Association be- CAROL FUREY, President of Student Government Associa- tion, holds the gavel which is used to call SGA meetings to order. EXECUTIVE CABINET Front row: Jean Broadwell, Charlotte Williams, Judy Askew, hack row. Carol Furey, Jo Ann Payne, Ann Everett, Linda Nelson, Sherry Mulhn Dot Davis, Sue Rice, Carol Slaughter, Carol Knotts. Not pictured: Carolyn Scott. Page 172 TYPING the legislature agenda before each meeting of legis- lature is one of the many jobs of Sherry Mullins, SGA secretary. SGA TREASURER Carol Knotts finds that balancing the books can be perplexing but knows it is a duty required of her office. come more complex. It is increasingly difficult to reach the individual student and make her realize her part in S.G.A. The Executive Cabinet, composed of various student leaders, will be called upon for even more as- sistance to co-ordinate the respective groups with which they are most closely associated. JANICE THOMAS, College Cheerleader, is found on stage in Aycock, where she leads the college song during mass meetings. VICE-PRESIDENT of SGA, Sue Rice distributes the legisla- ture agenda to dorm representatives prior to each meeting. Page 173 HONOR COURT. Seated: Dot Davis, Lynn Ganim, Executive Secretary; Dr. Rosemary McGee. Standing: Joretta Kennerly, Judy Rand, Anita Brown, Recording Secretary; Gwen Guffy, Flora Allen, Claire Kalin, Bethann Vinick, Glenda Sutton. COURT OF SOCIAL REGULATIONS. Seated: Dot Davis, Beth Clinkscales, Executive Secretary; Dr. Betty Clutts. Standing: Libby Wyche, Aliene Breazeale, Recording Secretary; Beth Ingraham, Libba Wright, Mary Anne Freudendorf, Dot Perry, Margaret Wheeler, Dee Vannoy, Judy Kinard. Page 174 Judicial System Attempts To Introduce A Court Of Appeals The Judicial System on campus is composed of two branches: the Honor Court and the Court of Social Reg- ulations. The main function of the Honor Court is to make the campus aware of the Honor Policy and what it means, for this court deals with all honor violations. The Court of Social Regulations deals with all major social offenses. Both courts must be firm yet flexible, understanding, yet rational. They must meet each indi- vidual case with open-mindedness. The courts do not always punish. Depending upon the offense, sometimes only a reprimand is given. Hall Board is the sub-division of the court system, existing in each dorm. One member of the Court of Social Regulations must be on each Hall Board. Hall Board deals with minor social offenses. During the first semester the two major courts han- dled a total of 221 cases. Of these, 19 cases were handled by the Honor Court; 189, by the Court of Social Regulations. There were 13 double cases involv- ing both courts. An important effort of the Judicial System this year was the attempt to establish a Court of Appeals. CHAIRMAN of the Judicial System, Dot Davis is interrupted by the telephone while reviewing a case for Honor Court. PRIOR TO court, Beth Clinkscales, Executive Secretary of the Court of Social Regulations, talks with individual students. LYNN GANIM, Executive Secretary of Honor Court, is con- cerned with honor violations. Here she is checking the tiles. Page 175 Legislature Active, Passes Districting, Drinking Bills Legislature is the medium through which the students assume the responsibility of self-government. Elected representatives from each residence hall meet every two weeks to voice student opinion and to make decisions according to the wishes of the majority. This body sug- gests, discusses, and enacts the important business that eventually affects all students. Almost every rule which pertains to W.C. life is passed through the Legislature; this important group is composed of one representative for each fifty students. Through the work of its committees, the Legislature has attempted to keep itself informed and make im- provements on the campus. Among the most important legislation passed this year were the Districting Bill, the Drinking Bill, and the bill to oust N.S.A. from the S.G.A. which was passed by Legislature but defeated by the student body. Many proposals swelled the agenda and received due consideration by the delegates. Action has been the by-word of the Legislature for the 1962- 1963 session; the leaders have worked long and hard hours, in and out of official session. The members of Legislature sometimes seem to have a thankless task, but they are vital to the campus life of Woman ' s College. This branch of Student Government is a growing concern, always striving for the progres- sive change. DURING A LENGTHY legislature meeting, Louise Habicht reads the list of new legislative districts for every dorm on campus. BI-MONTHLY on Wednesday nights during the year, legislature, conducted by Sue Rice, meets in the Alexander room of Elliott Hall. Page 176 C.U. Council Sponsors Functions Among University Branches The Consolidated University Council acts as a liaison between the students of State, Carolina, and Woman ' s College. It co-ordinates and initiates activities to pro- mote harmonious relations between the three groups which make up the greater university. Consolidated University days are arranged by the council to promote a feeling of unity among the stu- dents. Carolina was host for the first C.U. Day last fall. Crowded buses, packed to the brim with singing, high- spirited girls, traveled to Chapel Hill for the State- Carolina game and were welcomed by smiling, eager male faces. The carnival at State and the dance here at W.C. were also successful functions of the council. ANN EVERETT, chairman of the W.C. delegation of the Con- solidated University Council, co-ordinates C.U. activities for us. Jim Jones President o] C.U. Council Jerry Jackson Secretary-Treasurer oj C.U. Council C.U. COUNCIL. Seated: Sue Rice, Jean Ellen Jones, Ann Everett. Janet Burcham. Standing: Nancy Roth, Sandra Ashford, Marty McDamels. Betsy Rogers, Linda Best. Page 177 V f Committees Vital To COMMITTEE ON LEGISLATION In an effort to provide more efficient use of time during legislature meetings and aid accurate formation of bills, this com- mittee reviewed and assembled legisla- tion to be presented before each meeting. Front row: Sherry O ' Donnell. Frances Lichtenfels, Nancy Roth, Chair nun: Andrea Parsons. Bach row: Phyllis Snyder, Charlotte Vestal, Missy Clark, Jeanie Evans, Carol Ann Pyles. FACULTY-STUDENT REVIEWING COMMITTEE This committee sought action regarding traffic routing in Mclver and procure- ment of bicycle racks. These and other suggestions had been placed in the fa- miliar suggestion boxes sponsored by the committee. Front row: Ann Soyars. Ann Badget, Carolyn Par- fitt. Second row: Margaret Wheeler. Libby Wyche, Chairman; Dr. Elaine Burgess, Miss Helen Canady, Miss Frances Falck, Miss Josephine Hege. Back row: Dr. Robert Greenfield. FINANCE BOARD The Finance Board is the student ' s voice in budgeting the use of money in the General Fund. About ten dollars of each student ' s tuition is set aside for this fund. From row: Ruth Ennis, Linda Polk, Chairman: Jeanne Tannenbaum, Dale Vaughn. Back row: Sylvia Wright, Dr. Vance Littlejohn, Susanna Kouns. Carol Knotts. HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Each spring, this committee collects all recommended changes to be made in the handbook and begins gathering ads. The task of distributing handbooks to the freshmen is done by Greensboro girls during the summer. Sara Ann Trott. Jackie Abrams, Jean Ellen Jones, Sue Latham. Chairman. Well-Run Campus ELECTIONS BOARD Elections Board supervises campus-wide S.G.A. elections, major class elections, and elections for constitutional amend- ments. This year the committee made policy revisions and held a freshman election rally. Front row: Gail Hudgens, Barbara Eshenback, Mary Kathryn Bailey, Susan Bisset. Back row: Etta Farrior, Dot Perry. Kemp Norman, Chairman; Carol Thacker. POINTS COMMITTEE In addition to distributing questionnaire cards in order to check requirements for holding offices, this committee visited freshman dorms to discuss the classifica- tion system and the S.G.A. elections. Front row: Lois Ann Myers, Miss Frances Falck, Miss Lillian Cunningham, Elizabeth Withers. Back row: Joanne Allen, Anne Prince, Chairman: Betty Kindle, Harriet Thompson, Dudley Brown. STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE Headed by Margaret Donohue, who served as parliamentarian in the Senate, Woman ' s College delegates attended the annual state meeting in Raleigh. Notable was the defeat of the resolu- tion concerning N.S.A. Front row: Cam Collins, Charlotte Vestal. Second row: Genie Sykes, Sue Rice, Lynn Ganim. Back row: Sherry O ' Conneli, Carol Miller, Jeanne M. Smith, Sherry Mullins, Emily Moore. Not pictured: Mus Donohue, Chairman. DISTRICTING COMMITTEE Much attention has been focused on the new districting committee which has been responsible for setting up legis- lative districts. The committee adjusts districts, maintaining the required num- ber of girls in each and hears appeals from districts. Cynthia Alexander, Carol Thacker, Louise Habicht, Chairman. Upperclassmen On Campus Find More Dormitory Freedom Much of the intra-campus communi- cations system is centered around ten seniors and their respective house counselors. Working in cooperation with the president of S.G.A., they bring important matters, announce- ments, and issues to the residents of their dorms and present them in an informal atmosphere conducive to discussion and suggestions. These girls work together in seeking solu- tions to common problems and in dis- cussing campus issues. The S.H.P. is not only the main administrator of the dorm who locks up, files permis- sion slips, and presides at house meet- ings, she is also the co-ordinator of all dorm functions and committees. Communicator, administrator, co- ordinator — she is also a friend. STRONG HALL Linda Silver, President Mrs. Helen Cloninger, Counselor MOORE HALL Ann Sutton, Pri tidi ' Mrs. Lucy White. Counselo WIN FIELD HALL Emily Kelly. President Mrs. Anna Stevens, Counselo WEIL HALL Dorothy Brown, Presidt nl Miss Margaret Patterson, Counselo MARY FOUST HALL Patty Biggard. President Mrs. Eloise George. Counselor Page ISO RAGSDALE HALL " B " High, President Mrs. Nell Bigler, Counselor MENDENHALL HALL Judy Franklin. President Mrs. Anne Carter, Counselo WOMAN ' S HALL Jane Francum, President Miss Marjorie Hood, Counselor GUILFORD HALL fo Ann Parker, President Mrs. Delia Arthur, C NORTH SPENCER HALL Linda Webster, President Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Counselor Page 181 GRAY HALL Beverly Bass, President Mrs. Isabel Outlaw, Counselor Junior House Presidents Lead Active, Exciting Year After frantically writing welcome letters to the incom- ing freshmen in her dorm, the J.H.P. eagerly awaits that first house meeting with high hopes and shaky knees. She begins to realize the full weight of responsibility she has taken upon herself. A never-ending job, full of meetings, organizational problems, explaining permis- sion slips, locking up, hostessing, presiding, legislating, advising, answering thousands of questions and just plain listening, is in store for her and her combination roommate-assistant. However, there are rewards ■ — the dorm parties, the sister parties, " their " first class meet- ing, the perennial short-sheeting, the feeling of pride in each of her girl ' s accomplishments. Working in close co-operation with her house coun- selor, the J.H.P. occupies herself with the administrative duties in the freshman hall, organizing committees, put- ting up bulletin boards, making announcements, and getting to know the girls by name — all one hundred and fifty of them! COIT HALL Emily Moore, President Miss Frances Falck, Counselor HIN ' SHAW " HALL Carolyn Bishop. President Mrs. Mary Grice Duff. Counselor JAMISON HALL Hannah White. President Miss Lillian Cunningham. Counseloi BAILEY HALL Margaret Carmichael, President Mrs. AMine Beale, Counselor COTTEN HALL Linda Vann, President Mrs. Ruth Cornell, Counselor SHAW HALL Judy Mock, P t tident Mrs. Lowell Estes, Counselor KIRKLAND HALL Elizabeth Doggett, President Mrs. Carlynne Gillette, Counselor Page 183 Elliott Hall Program Varied Four Lads, Dances, Teas One of the most important activities sponsored by Elliott Hall this year was the first big dance weekend held on the Woman ' s College campus. The weekend included a concert by the Four Lads, a box supper and a dance with a popular combo. Although this function was special, it is representative of the many recreational services Elliott Hall provides for the students. The elegant modern building which is known as Elliott Hall houses an extremely efficient group of peo- ple. Headed by Miss Prondecki and the Council, these people make possible the ever-popular coffee breaks, informal dances, dinners and the Elliott Hall Ball. This building is also the site of the fashion shows, Sunday night movies, lectures and teas. A special feature of Elliott Hall is the art exhibit; this exhibit is changed often and ranges from high school award winners to campus and local artists. In all these activities, Elliott Hall reflects a desire to enrich the social and cultural life of the campus. ELLIOTT HALL ' S Director, Miss Elvira Prondecki and Jean Broadwell, President, plan activities for our student center. ELLIOTT HALL COUNCIL. Front row: Nancye Baker, Phyllis Holbrooks, Margie Fox, Jean Broadwell, President; Juan Gawgan, Jean Pierce, Mike Calloway. Stroud row: Sally Donal, Ann Sagar, Evelyn Goldblatt, Ann Yelton, Do ' ris Phillips, Ann Hoover, Anna Tinkham. Margaret Humphrey. Back row: Anne Bourne. Sandy Dover. Jinx Herring, Mary Hunter. Tip McOall, Janet Mauldin, Ann Klutz. Not pictured: Sue Airey, May Boney, Candy Malone. Page 184 Purse Drive Carnival Is Sponsored By Service League SERVICE LEAGUE. Front row: Becky Cash, Jo Moore, Carolyn Hildebrand. Carolyn Vaughn, Carol Fort, Roxanne Heffner, Jo Ann Payne. Back row: Claudette Leatherman, Anita Rankin, Barbara Berrier, Kay Smathers, Carol Chandler, Ellen Thorne, Jacky Joyner. Connie Waynick, Ruth Pleasants. The Service League strives to aid those who are less fortunate in this country and abroad. The Purse Drive, the League ' s main project, is conducted each fall with the money collected being apportioned by the group to deserving causes and organizations. The Drive is cli- maxed by the carnival, featuring the traditional penny race between the classes and the Faculty Dog Show. The Service League ' s Christmas project was " Christ- mas for a needy family. " Each dorm collects food, clothing and toys for a family. The Red Cross Blood- mobile was also sponsored by the Service League. JO ANN PAYNE, Chairman of Service League, and Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Advisor, discuss projects of the group for the year. BECKY CASH and Jo Ann Payne are busy printing posters to announce one of Service League ' s projects, the Bloodmobile. Page 185 Town Students ' Association Represents Off-Campus Student JEANNE DAVANT, President of Town Students ' Organiza- tion, reads over her notes before the next meeting of the town students. A car to drive, home-cooked meals, no curfew, a soft bed, and her own quiet room — these are pleasures which the Town Student never has to give up. These fortunate girls can pursue higher education while en- joying all the comforts of home. There are unfortunate- ly also some disadvantages — such as finding a parking space, having to rise in the early morning hours to return that overnight reserve book or returning from home for those required mass meetings. However, the advantages outweigh the slight inconveniences. To make college life even better, these girls have a home away from home in Elliott Hall. In their comfort- able lounge they often enjoy a few hands of bridge and a moment ' s relaxation between classes. These students are all members of the Town Students Association which functions much the same way as the residence hall unit; it is represented as such in the legis- lature. These students, by their enthusiastic participa- tion in all college activities, have proved themselves an integral part of college life. SECRETARY Susan Stentz checks at- tendance for the last Town Students ' meeting. PLANNING FOR CHRISTMAS car- oling is Vice-President Mary Capehart. SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Lou Hodges is ready and willing to start a bridge game. Page 186 NSA. Front row: Barbara Scheffel, Betsy Franklin, Carolyn Parfitt, Judy Askew, Coordinator; Virginia Harmon, Nora Wilson, Myrna Sameth, Stella Barton. Back row: Adelaide Corpening. Ann Bourne, Pat Todd, Patsy Thaxton, Jeanette Grayson, Lynn Torpy, Nadine Wenton, Carol Patrick, Margy Fox. NSA Attempts To Rejuvenate Its Programs And Policies The National Student ' s Association, which strives to inform students of the national and world affairs that vitally concern them as citizens, has been the center of much controversy this year. Criticized for failing to serve a useful function, N.S.A. has survived an attempt to remove it from the Woman ' s College campus. The organization is now involved in modifying its program so that it can reach more students. Christian Herter Appears In 1962 Social Science Forum Each year the Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum brings to the Woman ' s College campus a program aim- ed at contemporary problems. The 1962 Forum featured former Secretary of State Christian Herter who analyzed " The Atlantic Community. " Mr. Herter was warmly and enthusiastically received; lectures, informal discus- sion and teas attracted large numbers of students, facul- ty members, and Greensboro citizens anxious to learn more about this important aspect of world affairs. SOCIAL SCIENCE FORUM COMMITTEE. Front row Ripley, Carol Furey, Dot Davis, Gayle Hicks, Gail Pate. Martha Ford, Genie Sykes, Lou Godwin, Francine McAdoo. Bad Peggy Colmer, Libit HONORARIES PHI BETA KAPPA Epsilon Chapter of North Carolina A section of the chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at the University of North Carolina was established at The Woman ' s College in 1935. In 1956 The Woman ' s College Section was granted a separate charter and became the Epsilon Chapter of North Carolina. Elections to membership in the Society are held each spring. Senior candidates for the A.B. degree who have high academic standing are eligible for election. Juniors with excep- tionally high averages are also eligible Dr. Elaine Penninglr Dr. John H. Beele Dr. John E. Bridgers, Jr Dr. Betty C. Clutts . President ice-President Secretary-Treasurer eccrding Secretary Eleanor Ross Cooke Joan Carolyn Foster Betty Gail Fuller Caroline Agnes Furey Patricia Anne Griffin Louise Ann Habicht Elected from the Class of 1963 Jane Adele Barker Lura Berry High Sarah Steppe Howie Rebekah Gray McBane Mildred G. Millner Edith Hall Parker Penelope Lynn Slacum Edwina Sue Snow Ha Jean Widenhouse Elected from the Class of 1964 Joanne Davis PI KAPPA LAMBDA Marie Burnette Kay Easterling MUSIC Grey Riley Mary Ida Hodge Dorothy Keller SIGMA ALPHA BUSINESS Louise Cherry Mildred Coleman Mary Ann Crocker Peggy Ann Fulk Anne Hinnant Joyce Lockhart Jane Preston Carolyn Vaughn OMICRON NU HOME ECONOMICS Eugenia Biddy Mildred Greeson Carole Guy Elizabeth Hartsell Nancy Hefner Rebecca Horn Mary Ross Lindsey Mary McNeely Judy Mock Janice Penn Frances Pollock Janet Porter Sarah Shoffner Anna Yelton Recognizing outstanding achievement and scholarship in fields other than liberal arts are three organizations which promote high endeavor in the fields of business, home economics and music. Sigma Alpha not only honors the business majors but seeks to provide helpful programs for its members. Omicron Nu recognizes home economics majors who excel in their special areas. Pi Kappa Lambda inducts senior music majors and one member of the faculty each spring. SCHOLARSHIP CHARACTER GOLDEN CHAIN Tapping new members into Golden Chain is an exciting event. After the dorm is closed, members of Golden Chain enter with lighted candles to tap the prospective members. This ceremony occurs in the Spring and Fall of each school year to recognize juniors and seniors of outstanding merit. This year the organization sponsored a tea honoring new faculty members. OFFICERS Gayle Hicks . President Peetje Prakke Reynolds .Past President ■ Mary Anne Freudendorf . Vice-President Sue Rice .Secretary Dot Davis . Treasurer Lynn Ganim . Social Chairman Margaret Carmicheal Joy Sue Joines Dot Davis Judy Rand Mary Anne Freudendorf Peetje Prakke Reynolds Carol Furey Sue Rice Lynn Ganim Gwen Guffy Gayle Hicks Berta Stroud Genie Sykes Hannah White Mary Ida Hodge OUTSTANDING SENIORS This year the Pine Needles is including a group of girls who were voted by their class as outstanding seniors. Not only have they been outstanding during their senior year but they have also led their class all four years while at Woman ' s College. College has meant much to them; in return they have given much of their time, talent and effort in contributing to the different organizations on campus. It is true that college is what we make it. It can be a very rich and rewarding experience for those who wish to make it so. One does not have to be a leader on campus for this to be true, but without someone to take the initiative in campus activi- ties as these girls have done, we would be lacking a very vital part of college life. Therefore, we wish to recognize them for their excellent leadership while students at the Woman ' s College. 1963 MEMBERS Beth Clinkscales Jean Cochrane Dot Davis Mus Donohue Ann Everett Mary Anne Freudendorf Jean Fullerton Carol Furey Day Heusner Patsy Griffin Gayle Hicks Joy Joines Kemp Norman Tempie Outlaw Dot Perry Sue Rice Libit Ripley Penni Slacum Carole Slaughter Berta Stroud Judy Wrape Page 191 Superior Students PHI ALPHA THETA HISTORY MEMBERS. Front row: Jenie Sykes, Gayle Hicks, President. Back row: Chris Rankin, Alma Waters, Carolyn Scott. PI DELTA PHI FRENCH MEMBERS. Barbara Hurley, Jane Chandler Davis. No pictured: Mary Alice Grogan, Betty Cordle. BETA BETA BETA BIOLOGY MEMBERS. Front row: Chris Rankin, Celia Donaldson, Betty Matthews, Reta Sain. Sec- ond row: Jane Barker, President; Carole Wilkerson, Nancy Chew, Sue Carper, Joanna [ohnson. Back row: Ginger Honeycutt, Jane Poston, Pat Hopper, Kaye Taylor, Judy Allen. Page 192 Attain Distinction ALPHA KAPPA DELTA SOCIOLOGY MEMBERS. Front row: Beth Clinkscales, Jeanette Roderick. Back row: Carol Furey, Libit Ripley, Dot Davis, Martha Ford, President. SIGMA DELTA PI SPANISH MEMBERS. Front row: Anne Vanderburg, Margaret Gardner. Back row: Blanca Chap- man, Marsha Faust, President; Luchita Bunllo. PSI CHI PSYCHOLOGY MEMBERS. Front row: Mildred Millner, Jean Gronquist. Back row: Peggy Colmer, Melissa Galloway, Judy Wrape, Carol Furey. Not pictured: Peetje Prakke Reynolds, Linda Logan. Page 193 PUBLICATIONS CAROLINIAN Staff Works To Keep Student Body Informed The hectic world of Carolyn Scott, newspaper editor, and her staff members was one huge rush from Septem- ber until May. An average week consisted of separating mail from Raleigh ' s accident statistics, sorting stories two hours late, eating suppers at the Soda Shop, con- suming vast quantities of cherry lemonades, squeezing or padding articles, redoing everything as a late picture appeared, and turning gray as the finished product re- turned from the printer with fifty mistakes. Only after the papers were distributed Friday p.m. could staff mem- bers relax and rest until Monday. Several typographical improvements were found in the Carolinian this year. The use of additional type faces for heads added variety to the paper. The staff also made use of more subheads and boldface type to break up long articles. These changes made a more readable paper. Having a staff photographer permitted the Carolinian to include more pictures this year. During the year the staff put out 27 papers, five of which were expanded to six pages and one to eight pages. AS CAROLYN SCOTT SUDDENLY raised her hand to be excused, someone asked who wanted to be editor, and then . . . ! ORDERED CONFUSION reigns in the Cory office on Monday nights as the staff works late into the night to meet its deadline. Page 194 WORKING ON LAYOUT are Feature Editor Diane Oliver, Associate News Editor Melissa Durvin, Photographer Car)- Clarke, and Columnist Barbara Wilkinson. TONS OF MAIL plague the Cory office daily, as PRIOR TO PUBLICATION of the Carolinian, numerous news flashes clutter Business Manager Carolyn Mundy well knows. the desk of News Editor Judy Winston, who is reaching for a particular article. STAFF MEMBERS Jeanne Tannenbaum, Advertising; Karen Patton, Circula- tion; Mary Hunter and Joan Donohue, Cartoons, admire a latest Cary edition. MANAGING EDITOR Jerry Beck keeps busy editing late articles as deadline nears. Page 195 WITH THE APPROACHING deadline for entries co-editors Anne Eddy Daughtridge and Jessie Rosenburg edit submissions. Outstanding Writers Attend The Coraddi Arts Festival The only student fine arts magazine on campus, the Coraddi, is published four times during the year under the co-editorship of Jessie Rosenburg and Anne Daugh- tridge. Applications are reviewed as anonymous articles by the staff members in the fields of music, art, drama, and fiction. Strangely enough with W.C. ' s well- known departments of art, music, and English, the Coraddi suffers from lack of student participation. The Arts Festival is held yearly in cooperation with the magazine, and this year boasted of an excellent panel composed of Randell Jarrell, X. J. Kennedy, Robert Watson, Peter Taylor, and Adrienne Rich. With the support of the student body and an increase in participation, the Coraddi will be able to continue its service to the literary, dramatic, and musical aspects of W.C. d f — — — 1 PJ- ... J 1 f ■ imk JUST ANOTHER DUTY of dedicated Leland Nunn, Business Manager, is riling all the advertising correspondence. A CORADDI ATTEMPT at originality? Ridley Tyler Smith, Managing Editor, glances up from her work in a confused state. Page 196 THE LITERARY STAFF CRITICIZES Ridley Smith ' s suggestion for a different approach in a poetry layout. LITERARY EDITOR DONNA HINNANT delights in Coradd ' s progress when she compares it with earlier issues. SELECTION AND CREATION of cover designs for Coraddi capture Art Editor Kathy McEwen ' s undivided imagination. THE ART STAFF discovers that the comfortable informality of a floor lends itself to the evaluation of submitted art works. Page 197 THE DUMMY — most used book in the world for Editor- in-Chief Linda Nelson as plans for the ' 63 Pine Needles progressed. BUSINESS MANAGER Ellen Mayo is kept busy with corre- spondence for advertising, plus other responsibilities — the budget! 1963 Pine Needles Expands An editor ' s workshop at the University of Minnesota last summer provided new ideas, and plans for the ' 63 Pine Needles began to materialize. Numerous changes were evident, as the book progressed from a rough miniature to the finished product. The frequent trips of Mr. Coursey and Mr. Fleming, hours on end in the office planning layouts, cropping pictures, Mr. Martin, Mr. Miller, a camera, weeks in Elliott Hall with the class photographer Scotty, late hours in Strong writing copy, captions, and identifying pictures — all this and much more went into the year ' s work. Efficient Ellen kept the books well in hand. More and more clubs sprang forth to haunt Minta. For Janet, the photographer just couldn ' t stay long enough. Jo covered this and that event with relentless energy. Ida really worked at getting one of her senior house president ' s pictures. The dummy was in shreads by March. Every- one worked hard to make this edition of Pine Needles on e the student body will enjoy. MANAGING EDITOR Mary Ann Crocker and Associate Edi- tor Brenda Potter talk about pictures for the opening section. Page 198 Devotes More Space To Academics And Student Activities SECTION EDITORS Minta Hobbs, Phyllis Bostic, Jean Newland, and Nancy Hefner meet for informal discussion in the Pine Needles office. PHOTOGRAPHERS Alice Davenport and Cary Clarke compare their two cameras. INTRODUCING NEW SECTIONS are Jo Ip- polito, Student Life, and Janet Starnes, Academics. CLASS EDITORS have the tremendous job of scheduling, sorting, and identifying pictures for their respective sections. They are: Lydia Leonhardt, Mary Alice Edson, Virginia Mims, Ida Edwards, Brenda Meadows, and Celia Donaldson. Pine Needles IN A PENSIVE MOOD, Copy Editor Judy Wrape concentrates on revising the copy for the Judicial Sys- tem to provide interesting reading. Jp fS f) IfBrti W J ' J: £ 1 I Wfc £HkA I I JHLt r B V mm BUSINESS STAFF. Front row: Betty Baker, Sue Richardson, Lorene Moore. Back row: Ann Puckett, Judy Martin, Anna Newton. Not pictured: Ida Smyer, Assistant Business Manager. -JW it JANICE HAWKINS, the index; Judy Boch, cover design; Anne Hinnant and Pat Russell, typists — all perform jobs diligently. EDITORIAL STAFF. Front row: Margaret Kilpatrick, Sandi Reilly, Stephanie Arquette. Sandra Bargamian, Karen Patton, Peggy Clark. Second row: Nancy Horner, Sue Schwender, Virginia Lowe, Pete Cook, Louise Green, Linda Rhodes, Bobbie Mullis. Third row: Nancy Branch, Jane Seymore. Beverly Hankins, Melinda Holmes, Bruce Ann Parcell, Gretchen Daws. row: Lenna Halsey, Pat Ellis, Gaydie Connolly, Arden Nelson. Judy Buchanan. Page 200 PRESIDENT of the Recreation Association Charlotte Williams is an avid golfer. R. A. COUNCIL. Jody McLean, Jean Flanagan, Charlotte Williams, Pam Baines, Betty Gail Fuller. Ruth Pattern. Recreation Association Provides Variety Of Sports Activity Promoting interest in recreation and providing oppor- tunities and leadership in recreational activities for all students is the aim of the Recreation Association. The Executive Council, which is an administrative council, works as an advisory body to the officers and the Cabinet. However, the governing body of the Recre- ation Association is the Cabinet which is composed of the elected officers, all Committee chairmen, club presi- dents, heads of sports, residence hall representatives and the faculty advisers. The Cabinet establishes the policy and initiates the planning for the Recreation Associa- tion ' s programs. Facilities available to the Recreation Association are very adequate. They include a swimming pool, two gymnasiums, a nine-hole golf course, dance studios, sports fields, a bowling alley, a skating rink, tennis courts, and the Piney Lake area. ;■: row: Linda McLeod, Annette Thompson, Ruth Patton, fudi Munhall, Lynn Habich, Mary Lee Carter, Brenda Potter, Nancy Oakley, Flora Jean r- ri £ ' - ,em ? lfer Clark - Second row: Betty Carol Harris. Sandy Sprinkle. Scottie Hudson, Pat Devine, Betty Gad Fuller, Sarah Langston, Miss Ellen Gnflin i Adviser, Miss Gad Hennis. Adviser; Judy Eskridge, Mary Soyars. Joan McAllister. Dianne Griffin. Lena Birch, Lynette Currin, (amis Town- send Back row: Jean Flanagan. Lynn Haynes, Judy McLean, Patsy Johnson. Nancy Kredel, Peggy Moore, Dottie Warren, Pam Barnes, Janet Sw anson Pat Barry, Charlotte Williams. SOFTBALL IS an active R.A. sport in the spring. If only Brenda Barroce had hit that homer in the Student- Faculty game! ON THE GOLF GREENS at W.C., Patsy Johnson shows the form that won her the South Carolina Amateur Championship. TAP CLUB members Geri Smith, Mary Lou Riddle, Pene Moore, and Vickie Koontz rehearse for their dance. AKIKO HONDA, ranked second in women ' s tennis in Japan, slams another serve across the net to score over her opponent. Students Active In Sports, Participants Vie For Plaque Pictured on this page are only a few of the highlights of this year ' s Recreation Association activities. In addi- tion, Saturday afternoon recreation included bowling, table tennis, and billiards. The pool was open frequently for R.A. swimming and life saving. The Co-Off Club sponsored the officials for the intramural games. Fac- ulty-Student softball games and golf tournaments added to the successful R.A. season. Participants in each sports activity are given points toward winning the Recreation Association ' s Participa- tion Plaque. At the end of each year the plaque is given to the dorm whose girls have accumulated the highest number of points. ACTION AND FUN were for all in the fall as interested stu- dents met twice each week to play the fast sport of hockey. MODERN DANCE. Frazer, Church, Hunter, Cole, Cropp, Watkins, Archer. Modern Dance, Dolphin-Seal Clubs Lead Active Seasons During first semester members of Dolphin-Seal, the synchronized swimming club, worked to perfect old stunts and learn new ones. All emphasis turned toward the pageant second semester, and rehearsals lasted many long hours during the final weeks. Costumes, lighting, choreography, and the culmination of everyone ' s talent and effort made the pageant one of the best ever. Pre- sented March 28, 29, 30, the theme of the pageant was " Shoes. " The Modern Dance Club worked throughout the year creating and practicing dances for their annual spring concert given February 22. In addition to the concert for the Woman ' s College students, the club traveled to Raleigh to perform for the State College students and faculty. The season was climaxed when the members participated in the thesis dances written by graduate students who received their Master ' s Degree in Fine Arts. PEGGY MOORE, President of Dolphin-Seal, leaps out of the Rosenthal pool after a swim. DOLPHIN-SEAL. Front row: Shearon, Stanfield, Frank, Jones, Gritz, Jack. Second row: Ruthledge, Abrams, Gerringer, Howard. Third row: Nelson, Porter, Habich, Morris. Fourth row: Nicholson. Moore, Lewis, Dawson, Bryden, Johnstone, Hutton, C. Patten, Crutch- field. Mullins, Dearing. Fifth row: Freer. Herring. Mohr. Bridges. Jacobs. Finkleman. Noi pictured: R. Patton, Bass. MOORE VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Front row: Alice Park, Patsy Kisselbrack, Pat Southerlin, Claudette Leatherman. row: Jean O Oakley, Flora Jean Craig, Diane Singleton. Nancy Dorm Intramurals In Volleyball, Basketball Get Wide Support A popular phase of the Recreation Association ' s pro- gram is the intramural dormitory competition. Volley- ball began the fall intramural season on campus as twenty-three dorm teams, each coached by students, entered the competition. Excitement grew as the cham- pionship approached. Each coach kept her fingers cross- ed for her team. After several weeks of dormitory wins and losses, an exciting championship game between Moore and Kirkland was played. Moore Hall ' s team came out victorious as the ' 62 champions. The winter season of basketball intramurals began at the first of second semester. Some changes in rules went into effect this year to make a fast, new game of girls ' basketball. The addition of roving players to the girls ' game added speed to the game as well as more fun and excitement for the players and spectators. The intramural teams were divided into leagues as they vied for the championship. Fifteen dorms participated in the intramurals. The winner of the 1962 basketball intra- murals was Moore Hall. MOORE ' S VOLLEYBALL STRATEGY works again as a team member knocks the ball to the opponents who fail to return it. STUDENTS take part in every phase of R.A. Here four girls keep the official score for an intramural basketball game. Page 204 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM. Finn row: Nancy Oakley, Captain; Janet Burcham, Jeanne Gooden, Charlotte Williams, Julia Beam, Sue Sand. Back row: Scottie Hudson. Alice Park, Claudette Leatherman, Diane Singleton. Sandy Sprinkle, Lynn Habich, Lynn Haynes. Woman ' s College Basketball Team Finishes With 3-1 Record The Woman ' s College Varsity Basketball Team played a total of four games this season. Guilford College and High Point College participated in the round-robin tournament. W.C. and Guilford tied with a 3-1 record each at the end of the season. The first game was played against Guilford at Cole- man Gymnasium on the W.C. campus. Woman ' s Col- lege won by a score of 45 to 41. However, W.C. suffered defeat when they next played Guilford on the Guilford campus. For the third game of the season W.C. beat High Point. The last game was played at home again against High Point. W.C. won the game by the score of 51 to 10, handing High Point its worst defeat of the year. The team was coached this year by Miss Ellen Griffin of the Physical Education Department. Players had to have a C- average the previous semester to be eligible, and the squad was limited to fifteen. NUMBER THREE makes a good lay-up shot during a practice session between two dorms prior to the ' 63 dorm intramurals. AN ANXIOUS CROWD watches the jump ball between W.C. and Guilford during our first varsity basketball game. Page 205 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS. Front row: Griffin, Beasley, Clark. Groce, Greer. Second row: Blackstock, Godwin, Hurley, President; Parks, Burrillo, Renfro. Third row: Morrice, Chandler, Conwell, Keel, Davis. Back row: Hunsucker, Taylor, Palmer, Vail, Tucker. Le Cercle Francais Enjoys Slides, Conversation, Skits Le Cercle Francais is a club for students who are in- terested in the French people as contributors to culture. It offers a good opportunity for students to speak French with other students as well as to hear interesting lectures. Square Circle Club Presents Numerous Programs On Math To permit an exchange of ideas between faculty and students not possible in the classroom and to promote more interest in math and the possible careers in the field of mathematics are the main purposes of the Square Circle Club. SQUARE CIRCLE. Front row: Chester, Clark, Ayscue, Levine, Pyles, Kennedy, Cooke, President; Brauch. Second row: McMillan, Downs, Thompson, Nelson, Allen, McClure, Smith, High. Third row: Jones, Todd, Hunsucker, Carpenter, Thompson, Baker, Harper, Ippolito. Back row: Ward, Stan- field, Prince, Abernethy, Gaither, Melton, Moore, Little. GERMAN CLUB. Front row: Hoffmann, President; Shope, May, Oster, ReiUy. Second ww: Gillikin, Gegeanheimer, Carden, Downs, Poindexter, Bayless. Third row: Stettler, Ross, Murphy, Clark, Bach. Back row: Schlein, Henderson, Windham, Green. Folk Songs, Skits, Slides, Presented By German Club In an effort to broaden student interest in and under- standing of the German culture and language, the Ger- man Club meets monthly to discuss some phase of German life. Interested members meet weekly for a German-speaking luncheon with Dr. Baecker. El Circulo Hispanico Holds Annual Pan-American Party El Circulo Hispanico meets once a month to study the culture and social aspects of the Spanish speaking peo- ples. One of the highlights of the year is the yearly Pan-American Day party with students from State, Carolina, and Guilford. SPANISH CLUB. Front row: Burillo, President; Upright, Myers, Cordle, Selby, Butner, Petsche, Bostian, Koontz. Second row: Lineberger, Holt, Kendrkk, Leverman, Kornegay, Higdon. Gibbs, Jordan, Oakes. Third row: Blanton, Kennedy, Bridges, Blithe, Knight, Young, Hedrick, Monahan. Fourth row: Chapman, Kirkun, Keel, Dickerson, Middleton, Beck, Miller, Logan. Back row: Foster, Corpening, Wester, Vail, Kartt, Farrington, Leitzes. Ml ' PHI EPSILON. Front row: Rink, Chapman. Hawkins, Overton, Littlejohn, Keller, Pankovich, Ely. Second row: Alley. Westbrook, Gilley, Patter- son, White, [ones, Pctree, Hitchcock, Hodge. Third row: Whitener. McClung. Foreman, Roberson, Thacker, Ellis, Dlanton, Taylor, Willis. B.ick row: Terrell. Sanders, Webersen, Hahn, Brett, Kredel, Myers, Easterling, Barnwell. Mu Phi Epsilon Scholarship Given Yearly To Music Major An interest in music therapy has prompted Mu Phi Epsilon, organization of music majors, to present pro- grams at a rest home in Lexington this year. Other activ- ities have included the presentation of public musicals, the provision of publicity for all music events on campus, and a caroling party with Phi Mu Alpha. Business Majors Investigate Field Through Gamma Alpha The purpose of Gamma Alpha is to help the business majors develop a professional attitude and to acquaint them with the opportunities in their field. Under the leadership of Pat Clontz, Gamma Alpha strives to promote interest, enthusiasm, and progress. GAMMA ALPHA. Fimil row: Jones, Hinnant, Campbell, Dilday, Wyche, Williams. Mayo, Bailey, Dreher. Second row: Straughan, Jones. Lane, Mun- hall, Odyniec, Kelly, Clontz, President; Boney, Tarn, Third row: Powell, Fulk, Wright, Meacham, Lowry, Fletcher, Preston. Auten. Cress. Fourth row: Ennis, Smith, Decker, Ray, Lockhart, Haigler, Crocker, Kennedy, Boyce. B.ick row: Cherry. Calloway. Crumplcr. Norman. Mundy, Chapman, Bostian, Brown. Vaughn. p rflrv 4-H CLUB. Front row: Merrill. Pickard, Matthis, Carter, Harris, Williamson. Second row: Earnhardt, Roberts, Vaughn, Puryear, Porter, Guffey. Third row: Davis, Wrenn, Meador, Vick, Gardner, Bartlett. Back row: Nelms, Advisor; Lawrence, ' Warren, President; Hicks, Hostettler, Wiggins. Purpose Of Collegiate 4-H Is u To Make The Best Better " The Woman ' s College Collegiate 4-H Club is one of two of its kind in North Carolina. The other one is located at State College, and the two clubs occasionally get together for joint meetings and parties. This year ' s programs have included a tour of Cone Hospital and a talk of diamond selection. American Home Economics Association Led Busy Year Members of this organization have enjoyed varied pro- grams this year: new students and faculty were wel- comed with a picnic, a banquet was held to honor outstanding Home Economics students, a bazaar was sponsored, and lab breaks were provided for Home Economics students. " International Needs for Home Economists " was the state-wide theme. A.H.E.A. Front row: Collins, Pickard, Johnson, Moffett, Moore, Sloop, Jordan, Hornshell, McGill, Crocker, Frazier, Jordan. Second row: York, Mat- this, Harris, Mock, Gooch, White, Dawkins, McCaskill, Couch, Kartt, Robinson. Third row: Downey, Broome, Bayless, Edwards, Slusher, Renegar, Yelton. Anderson, Cucuzella, Winchester, McCall, Teal. Fourth row: Koudall, Martin, Furr, Smith, Foster, Lane, Jordan, Lawrence, Wilson, Sears, Harthne. Fifth row: Blair, Tart, Alavis, Poindexter, Pratt, Phillips, Basnight, Hicks, Simpkins, Rush. Back row: Vick, President; Park, Moore, Brad- shaw, Robbins, Earnhardt. Anderson, Regan. Gatlin, Hunt, Thomas. -■ i t i !■ 1 DURING AN INFORMAL meeting in Elliott Hall, members of the newly-formed Psychology Club share an amusing anecdote. Departmental Clubs Provide Varied Activities For Members In their programs the departmental clubs seek to sup- plement knowledge brought forth in the classroom and discuss matters for which there is no time in class. The monthly meetings provide an opportunity for students to associate more informally with others in the same major or sharing common interests. Faculty members as well as students are often active participants in the clubs relative to their field. Spaghetti dinners in Elliott Hall, joint meetings and parties with clubs and groups from surrounding col- leges, projects for the school and community, and holi- day socials are among the varied activities of the de- partmental clubs. SPANISH CLUB members and their dates gaily try out Latin American dances at the Christmas party in the gameroom. MR. LEAIRD relates to the members of the Square Circle Club some important information on the development of IBM. DR. RENER plays well, accompanying German Club members as he teaches them to sing favorite traditional German songs. SEVERAL YOUNG REPUBLICANS sign up for committee work to help with the November elections held in Greensboro. PAT CLONTZ, president of Gamma Alpha, leads the club in Christmas carols at their party held in Strong Hall gameroom. MARY STUART JOYNER reads as avid listeners gather around during an informal meeting of the Readers and Writers Club. YOUNG REPUBLICANS. Front row: Epley, Rowe, Eury row: Whitefield, Ogilvy, Pruitt, Ratchford, Jones, Neal. Hooper, Maner, Palmer, Lee, Bourne, Smith. Back Young Republicans ' Club Is Again Active On W.C. Campus Founded in 1956 the original Young Republicans ' Club had but a short existence. The 1962 revived club has two basic objectives: to educate its members in the principles of the Republican Party and to provide an opportunity for political expression and recognition in an effort to stimulate political activity on this campus. ACE Sends Representatives To International Convention The Association for Childhood Education, designed to promote better educational opportunities for children, has this year doubled its membership and is now the largest of the five student branches in North Carolina . Outstanding speakers for the club have included the International A.C.E. president and a noted author and collector of children ' s literature. A.C.E. Front row: Hedrick, Selby, Carter, Lambeth, Myers, President; Collins, Price. Alexander. Second row: Ramsey. Tinkham, Pratt, Murphy, Pres- son. Cole, Mclntyre, Ellis, Scott. 1 bird row: Kirkum, Kimrey, Franklin, McManus, Sutton. Hunt, Pinkston, Wilson, Boyles, Blythe. Fourth row: Higgins, Drum, Davis, Williams, Currin. Shoe, Koonce, Hodges, McDaniel. B.wh unt: Byrd, Jarrell, Warner, Strickrott, Brookshire, Phillips, Crook, Proffitt. A i 1 . -n. 8- KB ■ ■ A • MHi ' kht YOUNG DEMOCRATS. Fro ; row: Hutchins, Parrish, Hart, Thaxton, Babb. Second row: Bissette, Burke, Sorensen, Jordan, Williams, Rowland. Thud row: Corpening, Gibson, Passamaneck, Neville, Smith. Bjck row: Hartman, Lackey. Taney, Perry, Hill, President; Tucker. W.C. Young Democrats ' Club Emphasizes Current Issues With the help of its faculty advisor, Miss Margaret Hunt, the Young Democrats ' Club strives to stimulate in the students an active interest in governmental affairs and to acquaint them with issues and candidates. In October several representatives attended the state Y.D.C. convention which is modeled after the national and state conventions. SNEA Readies W.C Students For Their Future Careers The Woman ' s College chapter of the Student National Education Association, which is one of the largest chapters in the state, has as its main purpose the pro- vision of professional training and experience for future teachers. The monthly meetings include lectures and informal discussions on current problems which face the field of education. S.N.E.A. Front row: Butner, Carter, Hodges. VX ' instead, Selby, Clark, Campbell, Lewis, President. Second row: Kirkum, Meadows, Little, Soyars, Currin, Thornhill, Jones, Mclntyre. Third row: Smith, Sutton, Phillips, Crook, Pinkston, Pate, Rogerson, Williams. Fourth row: Towe, Haigler, Ramsey, Scott, Kinsey, Folger, Conrad, Blackstock. B.ick row: E. Davis, Collier, Huden, McManus, Carpenter, Franklin, D. Davis, Ponzer. CADUCEUS. Front row: Bunton, Bowden, Winstead, President. Second Shape, Sharp, Black. Back row: Byrd, Murphy, Herring. Scientific Clubs Encourage Individual Research, Study CADUCEUS CLUB The purposes of the Caduceus Club are to keep the premedical students in touch with the medical field and to acquaint them with the requirements of this field. In addition to seeing films and hearing talks related to the current medical problems, the members often take trips to the various medical schools in the state. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY. Front row: Barker, Thornhill, Honeycutt, Porter. Second row: Stass, Ponzer, Clark, President; Rogerson, Crawford. Back row: Yancey, Wilkerson, Johnson, Jolley. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CLUB In an effort to promote an interest in medical technology as a career, the Med Tech Club meets once a month to hear lectures by specialists in the various areas of the field. Among the programs scheduled for this year have been talks by the head of Medical Tech- nology at U.N.C. and a specialist in cancer research. CHEMISTRY CLUB Since stimulating further interest in the field of chemistry is the primary purpose of the Chemistry Club, the members are presented with opportunities not offered them in the classrooms. At times, selected specialists talk to the group; on other occasions, the varied and available jobs are discussed or students present their own topics for informal debates. CHEMISTRY CLUB. Front row: Davis, Honeycutt, Latham, Porter, Crawford. Second row: Gentry, Winstead, Murphy, Ponzer, Henkel, Shape. Back row: Jolley, Kirchdorfer, Johnson, Brown, President ; Klock. Page 214 Specialized Information On Major Fields Given By Clubs HISTORY CLUB The monthly meetings of the History Club have featured a variety of speakers, among them members of the college faculty. Activi- ties, too, have been varied as the group had a faculty-student Christmas party, a Book- sale, and helped sponsor a tea for Christian Herter. The Club boasts the largest member- ship in its history now including potential and declared majors. HISTORY. Front row: Harper, Collins, Slacum, President; Hart. Second re Hutchins, Moore, Hicks, Ward. Back row: Sykes, Russell, Wilkinson, Whitley. SOCIOLOGY CLUB The Sociology Club provides an opportunity for the sociology majors to exchange ideas with each other, the faculty in the depart- ment, and often interesting speakers from both the practical and theoretical fields of sociology, anthropology, and social work. Twice each year, in December and May, the majors and the faculty get together for an informal party. N.S.I.D. Members of the National Society of Interior Designers consider the well-being, culture, and satisfaction of the public of primary importance. This co-ordinated professional organization recognizes that all segments of their field combine to create and advance the highest taste level possible for the American home and business. Each member helps to promote a better way of life for Americans. SOCIOLOGY. Front row: Morris, President; Culler, Kendrick. Second row: Ingraham, Murdaugh, Eshenbach, Decker. Back row: Kalin, Ford, Bourne. N.S.I.D. Front row: Hobbs, Petkas, Sandlin, President; Dobbins. Second row: Phillips, Pitts, Duncan, Biddy. Back row: Stump, Kluttz, Hunt, Morris, Talton. Page 215 Emil W. Young, Jr. Director of WUNC-TV METICULOUS TUNING of equipment insures the engineering crew of a clear telecast. WUNC-TV Gives Students Experience In the original programing charter it is stated that: " All programs broadcast by WUNC-TV shall have a definable purpose; to bring the individual viewer toward informed adjustment to his society, to improve his cultural appreciation, to increase his range of valuable information, and to stimulate him to undertake worthwhile activities. " WUNC-TV operates under the same regulations as commercial sta- tions, but is not allowed to advertise. W.C. students have gained valu- able working experience there in the past. Mary Hassel, a W.C. senior, this year was the staff artist, acting audio-operator, and floor director for the TV studio. FOCUSING LENS, measuring light, and settling details are last minute tasks for technicians in taping the Page High School Chorus. William H. Alspaugh Program Director an ' » Maynard French Direc or of Aycock Herman Middleton Drama Department Minor Rootes Drama Department Masqueraders Have Important Role In Play Production The W.C. Theatre strives to present a variety of plays to an ever-increasing audience. This year marked the 40th Anniversary of the organization and witnessed many fine performances. An important highlight of the season was the fact that the Theatre received its second invitation in three years from the Department of De- fense to make a tour under a program jointly sponsored by Defense, U.S.O. and the American Educational Theater Association. Playing an important role in all the activities of the Theatre are the Masqueraders. This honorary organiza- tion states its purpose as being " to aid the Theatre of Woman ' s College in presenting the best possible plays while upholding good standards of educational theatre. " Membership in the Masqueraders is not limited to drama majors but can be gained by anyone who fulfills the requirements. MASQUERADERS. Front row: Phyllis Thompson, Susan Newman. Second row: Susan Kay, Sheila Gertner, Carlotta Blankenship. Sandra Estes. Bad row: Mary Annis Crawford, Penni Drake, Kay Smathers, Elnora Williams Stuart, Trude Finman, Ellen Thorne, Eulena Riddle. f ft Choir, Chorale Provide Musical Enjoyment The Woman ' s College Choir adds a great deal of enjoyment to our college life. Made up of girls from all classes, it provided special music for occasions throughout the year, such as Founder ' s Day and graduation. The Choir also gave two concerts, one at Christmas and another at Easter. There was an air of anticipation and excitement concerning the Christmas Concert, for with this performance the holiday season official- ly opened at W.C. The Christmas spirit spread over the campus as the Choir sang traditional Christmas music. The Choir, directed by Mr. Richard Cox, is an asset to the college and the cultural community. Organized in September of this year, the Chorale is the smallest of the three choral groups on the Woman ' s College campus. Also directed by Mr. Cox, it contains both undergraduate and gradu- ate members. The group has been very active this year and has made appear- ances in Charleston, West Virginia, as well as in towns in North Carolina. It appeared before the North Carolina Music Educators ' Conference in Greens- boro in November. CHOIR. First Soprano: M. Alley, Bell. Boisseau. Butler, Carlisle. Clark. Foushee, Gilley, Guthrie, Hawkins. Hughes, M. Jones, McGhee, Morgan Overton. Ryan, Sawyer, Thompson, Weberson, Westbrook. Second Soprano: Allen, Anderson. Blanton, Dale, L. Davis, Ellis, Fair. Finan. Gray, Hairston Hitchcock, J. Jones, Kirkman, Lowry, Matthews, Moore, Pankovich. Pennington, Petree, Pitkin, Price, Proffit, Ritchie, Rosser, Scheffel, Shepherd Simmons, NX ' hitener, Williams, Willis. First Alto: B. Alley, Apple, M. Brett, Carringer, Carson, Choplin, Cottrell, Daugherty. G. Davis, DeYoung Drum. Ely, Ferrell, Florance, Foreman, Fuerstman, Garey, Goble, Gorman. Griffith, Hahn, Heafner, Helms, Hodge. Lee, Marlowe, Nicholson Purgason, Riley, President; Robbins. Rush, Smith, Underwood, Whitaker. Second Alto: Barrett. Berinati, Bowen, R. Brett, Brockman, Chapman Devereux, Dieterich. Furr, Gillikin, Greene, Hoover. Hughes, Inman, Naulden, Miller, Packer, Palmer. Parker, Patterson. Preslar. Prothro, Robinson Sanders, Sikes, Solem, Twiddy, White. Page : l s GLEE CLUB, front row: Slane, Slade. Blount, B. Edwards, E. Edwards, Moss, Swisher, McCIintock, Burton, Wimberly, Graybeal, Hawkins, Sugg, Brinkley, Beasley, Lowrance, Jackson, Walters, Robinson, M. Boyles, Earnhardt, Bowers, Cosby, Harrison, Torpy, Porter. Second row: Hall, Babbri, Morrison, Farmer, Perry, Moore, Kelly, Welch, Kluttz, Adams, Garrett, Lawrence, Warner, Perry, Gillis, Cox, Ratchford, Rogers. Knight. Jackson, Emerson. S. Lane. Third row: Reinheimer. Puryear, Gatlin, Parrish, L. Lane, Carden, Stafford, Downey, Griffin, Compton, Hitchcock, Hurley. Mc- Connell. Higdon, Cobb, Stettler, Ippolito, Renfro, President; DeVeny. Back row: Baynes, Maxey, Thacker, Deal, Caldwell, Towe, Petersen, Carter, Meyer, Daniel. Stewart, Pirtle, R. Boyles, Spencer, Stirewalt, Coleman, Styons, Ratchford, Rogers. Fitts, Allred, Biddy. Woman ' s College Glee Club Has Large Membership, Crowded Schedule Directed by Mr. William DeVeny, the Woman ' s Col- lege Glee Club is a popular campus-wide musical organization. It has a membership of over one hundred students, drawn from many majors and all classes. The Glee Club presented a number of concerts dur- ing the 1962-1963 school year. In addition to the Christmas Concert and the annual Spring Concert, the W.C. Glee Club combined forces with the Carolina Glee Club to present a joint concert during Carolina ' s Parents ' Weekend and to produce the operetta " Down in the Valley. " Mixers with the glee clubs from other schools were a bright spot of this musical organization ' s calendar. The De-ettes, a small group composed of members of the Glee Club, was active this year in singing for campus affairs and in the dormitories. Members of the De-ettes are Genie Biddy, Sue Garrison, Suzanne Lane, Pam Porter, Judy Renfro, and Lynn Torpy. CHORALE. Front row: Elizabeth Miller, Audrey Berry, Judy Price, Linda Keller, Susan Griffith, Barbara Purgason, Marie Burnett. Second row: Lollie Hawkins, Millie Overton, Angela Blanton, Dorothy Thompson, Sue Riley, Martha Jo Hoover. Third row: Elaine Morgan, Martha Alley, Mary Gitley, Joyce Gift, Jeanne Westbrooke, Pam Apple, Joan Fuerstman. Back row: Nannette Minor, Mandy Ryan, Mary Ruth Moore, Rachel Hudson, Andrea Drum, Connie Hughes, Pat Sanders. Hi! 3 8 S fcjeSW s9 ORCHESTRA — WOMAN ' S COLLEGE MEMBERS. Violins: Kaye Blickensderfer, Dons Davis, Kay Easterling, Judith Edwards. Ruth Folger. Nancy Kredel, Vera Leonard, Anne Starr Minton, Henrietta Nance, Card Newell, Eugenia Perkins. June Petree, Anne Prince, Mary Alice Watson. Viola: Susan Stentz. Violoncelli : Mary Barnwell. Marcia Fountain, Fran Guice. Double B.t : Betty McClung. Finns: Dorothy Keller. Jeannie Littlejohn. Bassoon: Joan Noonan. Trumpet: Ginger Sikes. Harpsichord: Mary Ida Hodge. Greensboro Orchestra Represents College-Community Effort The Greensboro Orchestra, conducted by Mr. George W. Dickieson, is a college-community organization. The enterprise has been a co-operative effort on the part of the Woman ' s College, the Public School System of Greensboro, and interested citizens in the community. The City of Greensboro and the Woman ' s College are fortunate in having a symphony orchestra of such high caliber; few cities in the United States can claim this distinction. Each year this organization presents us with concerts and various performances, giving each student an op- portunity to become aware of and appreciate the best in the field of music. CHAMBER ORCHESTRA. Seated: Marcia Fountain, George Dickieson, Conductor: Fran Guice. Standing: Dorothy Keller, Annette Anderson, Mary Bourne, Doris Davis, Barbara Blithe, Kaye Blickensderfer, Kay Easterling, Vera Leonard, Glenda Parker, June Petree, Anne Starr Minton, Henrietta Nance, Mary Alyce Watson. Woman ' s College Band Grows, Becomes First Co-ed Activity The Woman ' s College Band, under the direction of Dr. Harold T. Luce, has the distinction of being the first coed activity at Woman ' s College. The band is made up of music and non-music majors from Woman ' s Col- lege, students from surrounding colleges, city high schools, and even junior high schools. The members find the music played both interesting and challenging as is indicated by the fact that the group is larger this year than in the past. The band had its annual Fall Concert in November. Highlights were the Trumpet Trio and the Flute Trio. They also gave a concert at Page High School in November. The annual joint concert with the Davidson College Band was given in May. BAND. Steve Apergos, Carl Bailey, Clyde Bailey, Barbara Beasley, Caroline Brockman, David Brooks, Dean Buffaloe, Bonnie Cheshire, David Clark, Joan Clark, Marian Dewar, William Fisher, Tamara Hahn, Mary Herring, Patricia Hope, Juanita Jones, Margaret Kirkman, Elizabeth McCIung, Jane McGimsey, Pamela Morrice, Frances Morrison, Harriet Nanzetta, William Oden, Drusilla Overcash, June Petree, Carolyn Ponzer, Marilyn Poole, Jane Reinhardt, Myra Rink, Lucy Rogers, Glenna Safrit, Anne Shipwash. Virginia Sikes, Mimi Lees Smith, Steve Squires, Lynn Torpy, Mary Ardcn Walker, Roxanne Webster, Agness ' Wiggins. Laura Winstead, Scotty Wise, Don Wood, Susanne Woodhouse, Connie Wray. m ma I - ii AN AIR OF REVERENCE reigns in the candlelight atmosphere of the Moravian love feast held in the gameroom of Elliott Hall. Moravian Love Feast Is One Of Year ' s Religious Highlights The religious groups on campus are active ones. Those that meet weekly serve suppers before their programs. Typical programs include speakers, films, and panel discussions, as well as worship. In October the Inter-Faith Council brought to campus an outstanding production by the Everyman Players of the " Book of Job. " One of the most impressive cere- monies of the year was the Moravian love feast at Christmas. In February Canterbury Club sponsored a film, " Cry, The Beloved Country, " for the campus. Westminster Fellowship was host in March to the Pres- byterian Religious Drama Team who presented a re- ligious drama, " The Sign of Jonah. " PASSING AROUND BUNS and hot coffee is one of the well- known traditions of the Moravian service held at Christmas time. STUDENTS ATTENDING the love feast hold lighted can- dles, their only source of light, as they sing Christmas songs. HOT DOGS ARE ON the menu at Wesley. Members, glad to be eating away from the dining hall, eagerly fill their plates. IN THE SPACIOUS Baptist Student Center, members relax to read, talk, and watch TV before the evening program begins. THE SANCTUARY of College Place Methodist Church offers interested students a quiet and restful place for meditation. JEANNIE GOODEN, president of Wesley Foundation, and other members talk informally prior to their Friday night meeting. RELIGIOUS LIFE Worship, Study, Fellowship Provided By Religious Groups WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP. Front row: Lynn Torpy, Pat Summers, Ann Lail, Peggy McGill, Alice Moffett. Second row: Janice McNeill, Judy Freeland, Harriet Thompson, Mary Heyward, Ruth Pleasants, Barbara Jones. Buck row: Linda Nelson, Denise Vick, Dudley Brown, Genny Gaither, Jean Abernethy, Phyllis Shaw, Hannah White. Westminster Fellowship After having supper together every Friday night, the girls of Westminster Fellowship participate in a 15- minute worship program. The program which followed usually featured a visiting speaker or panel of speakers. The Presbyterian House also offered opportunity for spiritual growth through study groups. These study groups searched for the Christian way of life in the involvement of our world today. Wesley Foundation Meeting weekly in College Place Methodist Church for supper, the Wesley Foundation afforded W.C. students the opportunity to worship, study and have recreation and fellowship with other Christians every Friday night. The programs were usually led by some outstanding person in the field concerning the program. Among Wesley programs this year were films, talks on " History of Cartoons " and on " Japanese Art. " WESLEY FOL ' NDATION. Front row: Miss Iris Summers, Director: Marlis Jones, Vienna Kern, Karen Bostian, Sheila Bostian, Day Heusner, Pat Gibbs, Linda Graham. Second row: Gail Earnhardt, LaDonna Miller, Annette Rogers, Patty Kisselbrack, Ruth Folger, Beverly Wells, Patricia Wil- liams. Back row: Gretchen Davis, Lynda Lane, Pat McKinney, Ann Perry, Jeannie Gooden, Janice Laughter, Reece Rogers, Frances Fitzgerald. f s ft ft O o f Students Meet In Religious Activities Room Of Elliott Hall (P O Lutheran Students Association And Gamma Delta Twice a month Gamma Delta and L.S.A. met jointly. Typical meetings included a fifteen minute fellowship period with refreshments. This was followed by the necessary business, a devotional and programs of various sorts: speakers, movies, buzz groups, skits, and panel discussions. Special events during the year were the retreat with the L.S.A. ' s from State, Duke, and Carolina; the Freshmen Welcome-Dinner; and the annual spring convention, Little Ashram. GAMMA DELTA and LUTHERAN. Front row.- Jane Helms. Eloise Eller. Second row: Jimmie Kay Murray. Millicent Quinn, Bette Katzenmoyer. Back row: Marie Templeton, Anna Newton. Moravian Fellowship Every other Monday night the Moravian girls on campus met for informal meetings in the religious activities room of Elliott Hall. Lectures by guest speakers and business comprised the main part of the meetings. Afterwards they had social periods with refreshments. Christmas they held a beautiful candlelight service, a Moravian love feast, where everyone received a lighted candle. MORAVIAN. Front row: Becky Kasuboski, Almeda Tesh. Second row: Melinda Lee, Phyllis Snyder, Nancy Williams. Buck row: Ann Puckett, Jane Crater. Christian Science Organization Annually, the Christian Science Organization sponsors a free public lecture on Christian Science. The lecturers this year were members of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. Regular meetings consisted of readings from the Bible and their demonstra- tional textbook, followed by a testimony period. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. Front Smith, Julia Renegar. Back rou Neal, Sandra Neal, Judy Tripp. ow: Virginia Canady, Mimi Marston Blackstock, Diana All Religions, Denominations Active In Mixers, Conferences HILLEL. Front row: Rosalind Neigher, Susette Mottsman, Fran Mollen. Bonnie Moses, Diane Margolis. Second row: Joan Melnicove, Joan Cremer, Frances Lichtenfels, Lois Black. Judi Fratkin, Lois Raff. Back row: Nadine Winton, Judy Rubin, Patsy Kronman, Margy Fox, Betsy Schlein. Hillel The purpose of Hillel is to bring together the J ewish girls on campus. Their programs center around religious, cultural, and social activities. Their informal meetings were held the first Thursday of each month. On Sundays there were brunches and often suppers for the girls. This year they had a big-little sisters program and mixers with Chapel Hill, Duke and N. C. State. Inter -Varsity Christian Fellowship As an interdenominational student led organization the I.V.C.F. is open to everyone. There are advisors who guide the group and help when needed. They had two conferences this year — in the fall and also in the spring. Students from I.V. chapters from North Caro- lina and South Carolina came and had fellowship together through speakers, Bible studies, discussion groups, prayer groups, and recreation. INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. Front row: Carolyn Bunting, Anne Cordle, Alma Cordle, Judy Mackintosh. Second row: Pat Hout, Brenda Edwards, Camille Levinson. June Petree. Linda Gooch. Back row: Kay Burkhart, Ann Puckett. Patricia Todd, Paige Fowler, Judy Tripp, Pat Hopper. r§ Suppers, Meals Included In Activities Of Some Groups B.S.U. Front row: Mary Upright, Mary Helen Burch, Cami Melissa Gallaway, Madge Morris, Jane Bradshaw, Judith Reba Perry, Ann Brookshire, Betsy Holebrooks. inson, Sally Sue Jones, Kaye Edwards, Martha Myers. Second row: Linda Painter, ns, Marty Etchison, Sara Newton. Back row: Kay May, Sue Thompson, Candy Hill, Baptist Student Union Weekly forums were held at the B.S.U. House follow- ing a supper every Friday night. " The Protestant Ecumenical Movement " and " Religion in the Space Age " were among the topics for the forums. Speakers included ministers, professors, and visitors from South- ern Seminary. Other highlights included their fall state convention, spring leadership conference, summer mis- sions programs, socials with other colleges, and pre- holiday worship services. Canterbury Club Services are offered by St. Mary ' s to the Episcopal stu- dents, as well as other interested W.C. students. They had weekly services of Holy Communion Wednesdays and Sundays, followed by breakfast. Their Inquirer ' s classes dealt primarily with the Anglican Communion. There were opportunities to attend various church con- ferences with neighboring college students and to teach Sunday school at the home for retarded children. CANTERBURY. Front row: Betty Roberson, Claudia Crooks, Peggy Selby, Pam Dickson, Glenda Pittman. Second Dean, Letitia Shrank, Katherine Pittman, Beth Thorns, Carolyn Whitley. Back row: Reverend David Guthrie, Adviso Janet Owens, Phyllis Taylor. w: Elizabeth Whitefield, Bonnie ■ Marion Dotson, Cecelia Kindel, UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. Front row: Jill Barnhill, Betsy Reed, Linda Tyndall, Pat Hout. Second row: Janet Porter, Linda Lyles, Carolyn Murray. Back row: Mrs. Clyde Rudd, Advisor; Nancy Winter, Betty Anne Rogerson, Emma Jean Lawrence. RELIGIOUS LIFE United Campus Christian Fellowship On the first and third Wednesdays of each month the members of this organization met for informal meetings, which featured a guest speaker. They planned several projects for the year, for example, their Christmas Party for the underprivileged children here in Greensboro. They also visited the Eastern Star Home for the Aged. Newman Club Weekly, the Newman Club met with their advisor who led their discussions. Topics concerned their faith and church as compared with their intel- lectual advancement as college students. Father McCue celebrated Mass with them the first Friday of every month and on certain holi- days. Non-Catholics were always welcomed. NEWMAN CLL ' B. Front row: Jane Shigley, Madeline Heeden. President: Ruth Ann Morris. Second row: Ellen Burke. Marianne Odyniec, Susan Poffenbaugh, Juliet Kendall. Back row: Linda Grub, Mary Ann Miner, Gene Anna Sparks. INTER-FAITH VESPERS BOARD. Front row: Martha Pratt, Carolyn Rosser, Becky Hobgood. Second row: Brenda Nash, Sally Jones, Norma Brooks, President: Linda Hartgrove, Gwynne Lowry. Back row: Pete Cook, Melmda Lee, Mary Perry, Binkie Hunter, Susan Jacobson, Julia Renegar. THE BOOK OF JOB Presented Through Inter-Faith Council The co-ordinating body of religious activities on campus is the Inter-Faith Council, composed of representatives of the various religious groups. Serving as president for 1962-1963 has been Mary Ida Hodge. Co-ordinator of religious activities, Dean Taylor, is advisor to the Council. Various programs were carried out through the year in the form of faculty lectures and readings from the Bible, both presented in Elliott Hall. The dormitory vespers program is a direct means of communication between the Council and the students. A special feature of the year was the October presentation by the Every- man Players of The Book of Job. The unusual costum- ing with the mosaic facial features made the play quite memorable. Also, during the Easter season, a sunrise service was held. Stimulating and strengthening the spiritual life of the students — this is Inter-Faith Council. MARY IDA HODGE, President, and Miss Katherine Taylor, Religious Co-ordinator, ably direct the Inter-Faith Council. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL. Front row: Bonnie Dean, Jean Abernethy, Linda Gooch, Judith Wiggins, Mane Templeton. Second row: Rosemary Hoffman. Norma Brooks, Mary Ida Hodge, President; Jeannie Gooden, Lynne Wicks, June Petree. Back row: Anne Cordle, Dotty Pritchard, Jonny Canada, Diane Margolis, Almeda Fish, Susette Mottsman, Phyllis Snyder. Page 229 ■ T J II ADVERTISEMENTS AND INDEX tff ' s-v DORMITORY FOR 640 WOMEN WOMAN ' S COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA GREENSBORO , NORTH CAROLINA C. J. KERN, Contractor General Office 601 North Elm Street Greensboro, North Carolina C. J. KERN JOHN BOST Page 232 MONTALDO " L lotned or Distinction For Your College Wardrobe Visit Our Colony Shop (oats ♦ Suits ♦ Sportswear ♦ Dresses ♦ Shoes Aeeessories ♦ Furs ♦ Hats osmetics ♦ Lingerie Electric Comfort Heating is trouble-free! Enjoy trouble-free operation and save on repair bills with flameless electric comfort heating. The only moving parts are in standard ther- mostats, so there ' s virtually nothing to wear out or re- place. DUKE POWER THE LOTUS RESTAURANT Chinese and American Dishes DELICIOUS CHOW MEIN TO TAKE OUT Closed Each Monday 1 05 South Greene St. Air Conditioned — Television — Room Telephones — Tile Bath, Tub Shower Wall to Wall Carpets — Swimming Pool flauiftep ' d. C td Motel Gautit Highway 220 North Inside City Limits Near Charcoal Steak House Mrs. Edith C. Price, Owner-Manager Telephone BR 3-8216 Greensboro, N. C. ( otnplimenti of HART HARDWARE COMPANY THE COLLEGE SHOP 413 Tate Street Phone BR 2-5941 Gifts, Stationery, Cosmetics Knitting Supplies and Notions Flowers for All Occasions by Anne Lee ' s Florist DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL. ARE GRADE " A " - ALL THE WAY! COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER Student Patronage Approved by Student Council Boar and dk iXt Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop it WEST MARKET STREET EXTENSION CYpress 9-0263 CURB SERVICE 3 Going Up in the World? Interested in going up in the world? Consider textiles, this state ' s industrial backbone and, for intelligent young people, a pathway to a top career. As a pro- ducer of fine fabrics since 1813, J. P. Stevens Co. is a leader in the textile industry. Stevens needs intelligent young people who welcome the challenge of progress. Come to see us if you want to learn about opportunities in the textile industry. Stevens SYNTHETICS DIVISION J. P. Stevens Co.. inc. s A V!i!iX j Wih Jinniversarf- w-1963 - Page 235 HIGGINS CYCLE L oniniimenti of SHOP STORE 1214 Spring Garden St. (Two Blocks from Campus) GREENSBORO FORD Rental and Sales and Service We Repair All Bikes We Invite Parties for Rental " The South ' s Largest and Friendliest Ford Dealer " Phone 272-0272 315 N. Elm Street Greensboro, N. C. WHERE IT ' S FUE1 TO ERT now its Pepsi for those who think young PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. 33 1 7 Spring Garden Street GREENSBORO, N. C. Phone CY 9- 1341 The Place for Your Parents and Friends MANOR MOTEL 1 045 West Market Street MR AND MRS S. T DICKINSON Phone BR 3-25 17 Kearns Paint Company DEVOE PAINTS ARTIST MATERIALS SPORTING GOODS GYMNASIUM COSTUMES styled for the modern physical education program 1 12 N. Greene St. Phone BR 2-4171 THE CORNER Hook . . . t.ifls . . . Station n . . . il« ' «or«ls Again, it is a real pleasure to say that we have certainly enjoyed working with you during the past year. To the Seniors, congratulations and the very best of luck to you — we are going to miss seeing you about every day! — please drop in and tell us the latest news when in town or down our way. HUGH J. SNAVELY 344 Tate Street Phone BR 4-4866 JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN J: y Vjff Mkm ATTLGBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINGS AND PINS • CLUB INSIGNIA • MEDALS TROPHIES • PLAQUES • DIPLOMAS • INVITATIONS BE A BEAUTY EXPERT in just 30 minutes That ' s all it takes to learn proper skin care and the latest trends and shades in make-up. A specially trained Merle Nor- man beauty advisor will select shades just for you and you will personally experience the re- freshing Merle Norman " 3 Steps to Beauty " . . . at your MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO 124 WEST SYCAMORE STREET Radio Dispatched . . . New Cars BLUE BIRD TAXI, INC. Dial BRoadway 2-5112 Special Rates to Airport 1-3 Passengers — $3.00 Additional Passengers — $ 1 .00 Each m First with the Latest in Fashion for College Coeds DESIGNERS AND CREATORS OF BEAUTIFUL INTERIORS FOR HOME, OFFICE AND CLUB GUILFORD GALLERIES INTERIORS 341-363 N. Elm Greensboro Offers the Following Services: Soda Shop Service Restaurant Service Catering for Parties Night Delivery to Dormitories The II Dm a tt m s College Restaurant Open 7:00 A.M. to 1 1 :00 P.M. (Located on the first floor of Elliott Hall) LUCAS CLEANERS Opposite Aycock Auditorium Phone BR 2-5865 CONGRATULATIONS ' North State Chevrolet Company, Inc. 451 N. Eugene Street Greensboro, North Carolina We invite you to visit our one stop service center Phipps Gift Shop 2nd Floor Phone BR 2-583 1 For Gifts for the Home Sterling Silver — Fine China Crystal Gourmet Department and Outdoor Cooking Items Phipps Hardware Company 215 North Elm Street Phone BR 2-0 179 Tailored in the Classic Manner — Second Floor Shop — founts -TJe oe Go. HWHEKL QUALITY IS HIGHER. THAN PMCLrt 106 N. 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FRANKLIN DRUG STORE 401 Tate Street (At the Corner) Prescriptions — Cosmetics — Fountain Records — School Supplies Free Delivery — Open ' til 10 Phone 272-8197 llrotviiliiir Little Shop FEATURING: 1 . The Villager 2. Glen of Michigan 3. Harburt of Boston 4. Evan — Picone 5. Craig Casuals SPECIALISTS IN CASUAL CLOTHES 435 Tate Street ffiM .- wi w; C; M U_ jfe ll ' r O — " If I ' ♦ :• I S SBO RO.N.C. - ' - - - - Directory — A— Abell, Nancy Elizabeth 81 Abernathy, Dartha 81 Abernethy, Eleanor A 95 Abernethy, lean Helen 81, 206, 224, 229 Abernethy, Jessie G 108 Abrams, Anne Marilynn 109, 203 Abrams, Jacqueline 109, 178 Adams, Carol Ann 109 Adams, Jeanie Gail 109 Adams, Judy L 95 Adams, Katherine E 109 Adams. Susan E 95, 219 Adcock, Judith 1 95 Airey, Sue Ann 95, 184 Akerman, Emily R 95 Alderman, Peggy Jean 47 Aldrich, Sharon B — Aldridge, Ruth K — Alexander, Cynthia Ann 81, 179 Alexander, Frances 47, 160,212 Alexander, Janice B — Alexander, Nora M 95 Alford, Vicki Lajuan 109 Allebrand, Barbara A — Allen, Barbara Ann 95 Allen, Betsy Jane 81, 218 Allen, Donnalea 81 Allen, Flora Green 47, 174 Allen, Glenda Darlene 95 Allen, Joan Elizabeth — Allen, Joanne Julia 81, 161, 179, 206 Allen, Judy Lee 47. 192 Allen, Julia Annette 123 Allen, Martha Florence 81 Allen, Mary Elizabeth 109 Allen, Mildred Thomas 47 Allen, Rebecca K 81 Alley, Barbara W 218 Alley, Frances Carole 128 Alley, Martha S 95, 208, 218, 219 Alley, Patricia Anne 109 Allison, Brenda L 95 Allison, Patsy Kale — Allmond, Kathryn T 47 Allred, Judith Anne 95, 219 Allsbrook, Ellen Donna 81 Ammons, Mary Frances 81 Anderson, Bettie Slade 81, 218 Anderson, Beverly Pat 109, 209 Anderson, Cecilia K 47 Anderson, Edith A 95, 219 Anderson, Elinor H ■ — Anderson, Kristin 95 Anderson, Marcia G 95 Anderson, Pamela Sue 95, 209 Anderson, Suzanne M 95 Andreas, Margaret S 123 Andrews, Judith Carole 109 Andrews, Judy Miles 109 Angell, Julia Evans 95 Annino, Judith 109 Anthony, Jewel Leigh 47 Appell, Lorna Barbara 109 Apple, Alice Pamela 47, 218 Archer, Joan Louise 109, 203 Archer, Miriam Shelby 95 Arledge, Susan E 109 Armistead, Sheila J ■ — Armstrong, Linda J 47 Aronson, Sieglinde H 95 Arquette, Stephanie M 109, 200 Ashford, Sandra Kaye 47, 177 Ashton, Mary Helen 95 Atkins, Barbara Jean 109 Atkinson, Linda 109 Auman, Noela Sue 95 Ausband, Susannah E 95 Austelle, Patricia E ■ — Austin, Linda Ann 123 Austin, Margaret Lee 95 Austin, Nancy Carolyn 109 Austin, Patricia B — Auten, Libby Ann 81, 208 Avert, Louise York 109 Aycock, Virginia Grey 123 Ayers, Anne H 95 Ayers, Jane Carrington 109 Ayscue, Judy Ann 81, 172, 187, 206 — B— Babb. Reba Ellen 95, 213 Babula, Carole lean 109 Bach, Suzanne E 95, 207 Backer, Joan Meryl 95 Backlin. Lorraine E 47 Badgett, Ann Sharon 95, 178 Baer, Myra Susan 81 Bagnal, Susan Lofton — Bagwell, Nancy Eleanor 95 Baile, Pamela 95 Bailey, Bobbie Jean 109 Bailey, Katherine C 109 Bailey, Mary Kathryn 81, 179, 208 Baker, Annette Louise 81 Baker, Betty W 95, 200, 206 Baker, Jacque Nan 109 Baker, Nancye Rebecca 109, 184 Bakutes, Mary Patricia 109 Ball, Eugenia Ruth 81 Ball, Mary Lee — Bamberger, Barbara C — Barbee, Julia Gray 109. 135, 163 Barber, Jane Carroll 95 Bard, Jo Ann — Barden. Sandra M 81 Bare. Elicia Jane 123 Bargamian. Sandra 95, 200 Bargail, Phyllis 225 Barham, Rebecca C 81 Barker, Jane Adele 47, 188, 192, 212, 214 Barker, Judith Anne 95 Barkley, Melinda Gail 109 Barnes, Jean D 95 Barnes, Nancy Carol 109 Barnes, Pamela M 95, 201 Barney, Barbara Porter 109 Barnhill, Jill Carmen 95, 228 Barnhill, Mildred D 109 Barnwell, Mary Lee 81, 208, 220 Barnwell. Nancy M — Barrett, Geneva Anne • — Barrett, Julia B 109 Barrett, Tobie Ann 109, 218 Barrier, Donna Gay 109 Barringer, Jo Ann 109 Barrow, Brenda L 95 Barrow, Mary Lou 109 Barry, Claire C 81 Barry, Patricia E 81, 201 Barsky, Sonya L 95 Bartlett, Jo Anne 81, 209 Bartlett, Lois Ann 95 Bartling, Mary Anne 48 Barton, Bonita June 95 Barton, Laura Stella 109, 187 Basnight, Nancy Coles 109, 209 Bass, Beverly S 81, 182, 203 Bates, Joan W 48 Batten, Lucinda Ann 81 Battle, Mar ' J 109 Batts, Barbara Nan 48 Baucom, Janice Lynn 95 Baugh, Harriett L 95 Bayless, Mabel E 109, 207, 209 Bayliff, Elizabeth Ann 123 Baynes, Jaca Lynn 109, 219 Bazemore, Bernice M 95 Beach, Caroline L 48 Beach, Rebecca Clark 109 Beale, Melissa Lee 109 Beam, Brenda Joy 109 Beam, Josephine S — Beam, Julia Carole 81, 205 Beard, Brenda Jane 109 Beard, Doris L 109 Beasey, Mariane R 95, 206 Beasley, Barbara C 95, 219, 221 Beatty, Margaret Ann 95 Beaver, Elizabeth A 95 Beck, Jerry Ann 81, 195 Beck, Myrna Joann 48 Beck, Sharon D 81, 161, 207 Beck, Teresa Ann 123 Beckerdite, Sandra J 109 Beeson, Hilda Jo 95 Begg, Jane Stephanie 109 Beinstein, Joan Carole 95 Bell, Marianne 109 Bell. Martha Alice 95, 218 Bell. Mildred Elaine 95 Benbow, Pamela F 94,95 Bender, Andrea J 109 Benedict. Julie Anne 95 Benjamin. Carol Ann 109 Bennett, Elizabeth A 95 Bennett, Carol Jean 109 Bennett, Gail 48 Bennett, Nancy F 95 Bennett. Sara F 109 Berinati, Lea Jane 109, 218 Bergren. Bonnie Lee 48 Berlin, Jean Watts 48 Bernheim, Naomi Jean 109 Bernard, Linda Lou — Bernath. Judith Ann 48, 160 Berrier, Barbara Anne 95, 185 Berry, Audrey Ann 48, 218, 219 Berry, Carolyn Clark 109 Bershtein, Hinda 48 Best, Carolyn D 109 Best, Linda J 95,177 Betts, Olive P — Betts, Patterson Cochran 95 Beyer, Susan ■ — Biddy. Mary Eugenia 48, 189. 215, 219 Biggard, Patricia Faye 81, 180 Billington, Linda Ann 109 Bing. Julia Anne 126, 128 Bingham, Pamela Allen 109 Birke, Betty Ann 95 Bischoff, Jacqueline M 81 Biser, Barbara Hale 123 Biser, Carol Ann 123 Bishop, Carolyn Jo 81, 182 Bishop, Elva Elizabeth ■ — Bishop, Paulette E 109 Bisset, Charlotte A 109 Bissette, Susan F 109, 179, 212 Bjorneboe, Ellyn F 48 Black, Carolyn Ruth 109, 214 Black, Lois Marcia 109, 226 Black, Peggy Ann 49 Blackman, Judith H 81 Blackmon, Linda W — Blackson, Carol Isabel 109 Blackstock, Marston B 109, 206, 213, 225 Blackwelder, Doris E 109 Blackwelder, Janie Sue 95 Blair, Linda J 109, 209 Blair, Virginia S 109 Blake, Anna Dale 81 Blake, Betty Jane 49 Blalock, Barbara M 123 Blalock, Carolyn V 109 Blankenship, Ezzie Carlotta 81, 187, 217 Blanton, Blair Lyell 95 Blanton, Lyn Welch 96 Blanton, Mary Angela . .81, 161, 208, 218, 219 Blanton, Sadie Rachel 81, 207 Bletscher, Eltra C 127 Blickensderfer, Kaye 81, 219, 220 Blithe, Barbara Louise 109. 207, 219 Blount, Betsy John 109, 219 Blume, Brigitte Irene 109 Blume. Virginia K 123 Blythe, Cynthia R 96 Blythe, Esther Lovelace 49, 212 Boatner, Sandra A 96 Bock, Judith Foster 49, 200 Boisseau, Margaret Ann 109, 218 Bolin, Rosa Camilla 109 Bond, Betty Jane 96 Boney, May Olivia 49, 184, 208 Boney, Wilmot G 109 Bonnet, Linda Lee 109 Bonomo, Barbara Jean 109 Boone, Diane 96 Boone, Jo Carolyn 109 Boone, Patricia Ruth — Booth, Barbara Anne 96 Page 246 Directory Booth, Carolyn L 81 Borden, Kathryn P 49 Borneman, Barbara A 110 Bost, Mary Elizabeth 110 Bosta, Shirley Ann — Bostian, Karen E 110, 207, 224 Bostian, Margaret Ann 49, 208 Bostian, Sheila M 123, 224 Bostic, Clara Phyllis 49, 199 Bouchard. Delia M 96 Bourne, Anne B 49. 184, 187, 212, 215 Bowden, Margaret 110 Bowden. Page Adele 110 Bowden, Virginia E 1 10, 214 Bowen, Linda Jean 110 Bowen, Patricia 1 10, 218 Bowers, Linda L 81 Bowers, Patsy Anne 126. 128, 219 Bowers, Rebecca F 49 Bowman, Julia B 128 Boyce, Claire Lynn 81, 208 Boyer. Mary M 110 Boykin, Linda L 110 Boyle, Susan E 110 Boyles, Rose Anne 96. 212, 219 Boyles, Zanie M 1 10, 219 Bradley, Alice Leigh 81 Bradley, Brenda J — Bradley, Linda Carole 81 Bradley, M. Jennifer 110 Bradshaw, Linda Aline 49 Bradshaw, Shirley Jane 96, 209. 227 Bradsher. Nancy Carole 110 Brady, Judith C 96 Brady, Mary Ann 81 Brake, Jean G 96 Branch, Nancy G 1 10, 200 Brandon, Erlyst H — Brannon, Carolyn Ann 110 Brantley, Mildred V 49 Bratton, Virginia M 123 Brauch, Carolyn Ann 96 Brauch. Susie 206 Breazeale, Aliene B 49, 174 Brett, Mary E 96, 208, 218 Brewer, Rebecca J — Briceland, Martha L 96 Bridges, Diana N 1 10, 207 Bridges, Pamela A 110, 203 Briley, Marjorie C 96 Brim, Grace Ann 123 Brinkley, Leona Glenn 96, 219 Brinkley, Pamela Diane 110 Bristol, Sharon Lee 80, 81 Britt, Betty Jean — Broadwell, Jean E 50, 172, 184 Broadwell, Nancy Carol 50 Brock, Mica Anne 110 Brockman, Frances C 1 10, 218, 221 Brogdon, Elizabeth P 110 Brooks, Gretta S 110 Brooks, Norma Lee 81, 228, 229 Brooks, Sally Jane 110 Brookshire, Amelia Ann 81, 212, 227 Broome, Gedis H 96, 209 Brothers, Gloria Jane 128 Brown, Anita Louise 110, 208 Brown. Anita R 50, 174 Brown, Dorothy M 50. 180 Brown, Dudley H 96, 179. 224 Brown, Elizabeth J 110 Brown, Emily S 110 Brown, Frances Dee 50. 168 Brown, Glenda D 110 Brown, Janis G 82, 214 Brown, Johnsie C 110 Brown, Judith Alene 110 Brown, Linda Ann 96 Brown, Margaret R 82 Brown, Nancy A 110 Brown, Phyllis A 96 Brown, Priscilla A 110 Brown, Roberta M 123 Brown, Terrie A — Brown, Vivian S 110 Browne, Beverly B 123 Browning, Mary L 110 Bruce, Barbara L 96 Bruecken, Sally Lou 96 Bruton, Mary Ella 82, 219 Bryan, Beverly S 96 Bryan. Mary Pat 96 Bryan, Patricia L 82 Bryant, Catherine C 96 Bryden, Carol A 96, 203 Buchanan, Judith. A 50, 200 Buchanan. Marion J 82 Buchanan. Penny E 82 Buchdahl. Claudia R 96 Buckley. Nancy K 82 Budd. Deborah 110 Buffaloe. Claire Dean 110, 221 Buffaloe, Nancy L 96 Buie, Katherine M 96 Bullock. Gwendolyn A 96 Bullock, Mary J 50 Bumgarner, Linda Carol 82 Bunting. Carolyn E 96, 226 Bunton, Sylvia P 1 10, 214 Burbage, Margaret - — Burch, Lena Corinna 96 Burch, Mary Helen 50, 227 Burch, Nancy Jane 110 Burcham, Janet Marie 177, 205 Burgess, Mary Lynne 110 Burgoyne, Jo ■ — • Burillo, Luisa Maria 50, 193, 206, 207 Burke. Ellen Mary 110. 213, 228 Burke, Sara Margaret 50 Burkhart, Katherine G 226 Burr, Dorothy J — Burton, Betsy Hall - — Burton, Elizabeth A 110 Burton. Emily Lee 110 Burton, Vicki Lynn 110 Butler, Carla Ann 96, 218 Butler, Janeen C 110 Butler, Julie K 110 Butner, Ann E 96, 207, 213 Butner, Vera J 80, 82 Butterfield, Dianne B 96 Byers, Barbara R ■ — Byers, Garey H 96 Byers, Patricia Lou 110 Byrd, Cynthia A 110, 214 Byrd, Mary Lou 96 Byrd, Patricia Anne 82, 212 Byrd, Sara 110 — C— Cabel, Joyce Marie 96 Cain, Joye Daphne 96 Cain, Virgie Maureen 96 Caldwell, Frances 82 Caldwell, Jean B 96, 219 Caldwell. Joan W 82 Caldwell, Pamela Rae 110 Calloway, Betty Ann 82, 184, 208 Calloway, Doris Ann 110 Camenzind, Peggy 96 Cameron, Judith E 96 Cameron, Linda Kay 110 Camlin, Sybil Eileen 110 Campbell, Barbara Ann 96 Campbell, Barbara Ann 82 Campbell, Elizabeth H 50. 208, 213 Campbell, Judith K 96 Campbell, Katherine B 110 Campbell. Linda K 110 Campbell, Peggy Marie 110 Campbell, Vickie Gaye 96 Campe.i, Ida Ward 110 Canaday, Virginia R 96, 225, 229 Canipe. Linda Diane 96 Cann, Carlton H 96 Cannon, Pamela 110 Cansler, Diana Gayle 50 Capehart, Mary S 82, 186 Carden, W. Louise 82, 207, 219 Carey, Frances Anne — Carlisle, Carol Diane 218 Carmean, Janet Lee 96 Carmichael, Margaret N 82. 183, 190 Carpenter, Angela 82, 206, 213 Carpenter, Charlene R 96 Carpenter, Mary Ann 96 Carpenter, Mary Jean — Carpenter, Sarah E 96 Carper, Lillie Sue 50, 192 Carraway, Jane E 82 Carraway, Mary Ella 110 Carraway, Mattie Frank 51 Carrigan, Linda H 82 Carriker, Elizabeth C 82 Carringer, Linda L 1 10, 218 Carringer, Jannette 51 Carroll, Nancy E 110 Carson, Dorothy 1 110, 218 Carson, Laura Ann 82 Carter, Carolyn Jane 123, 209 Carter, Elizabeth C 110 Carter, Frances E 96 Carter, Joelyse D 1 10, 219 Carter, Linda Anne 51 Carter, Margaret J 82 Carter, Mary Lea 51, 201, 212, 213 Carter, Techier Ann 110 Casey, Cynthia Lea 110 Casey, Jacquelyn D 96 Casey, Linda Jean 110 Cash, Rebecca Jean 51,185 Casteen, Frances K 96 Caton, Stephanie Ann 110 Cattelona, Carole J 123 Causby, Alix Yvonne 82 Causey, Clara Belle 82 Causey, Joan Annette 110 Caviness, Bonnie J 96 Chamberlain, Druscilla 51 Chambers, Ann Bolton 127 Chambers, Betty Jane 96 Chandler, Bonnie A 82 Chandler, Carol E 110, 185 Chandler, Catherine L 110 Chandler, Catherine P — Chandler, Elizabeth A 51 Chandler, Elizabeth 1 51 Chandler, Eva G 110 Chandler, Marjorie J 82 Chandler, Marjorie Kay 82 Chandler, Mary J 82, 206 Chapman, Blanca Rosa T. . . .96, 193, 207, 218 Chapman, Kay Frances 82 Chapman, Rebecca J 82, 208 Chapman, Susan D 110 Cheek, Jessica Diane 82 Chermak, Kathey J - — Cherry, Eva Louise 82, 189, 208 Cheshire, Bonnie Lynn 1 10, 221 Chester, Jane Lee 96, 206 Chew, Nancy Jane 51, 192 Chiemiego, Mary Ann E 110 Chipman, Elizabeth May — Chisholm. Betty Lou — Choplin, Carolyn E 110, 218 Chrislip, Ann Miller 110 Church, Chipley M 96, 203 Clapp, Annie June 110 Clark. Alberta K 82 Clark, Billie Dean 110 Clark, Celia V 97 Clark, Elizabeth L 97, 207 Clark, Heeth H 97 Clark, Janet Lee 97 Clark, Jennifer D 51, 201 Clark, Joan Adelia 97, 221 Clark, Kathleen C 82, 161, 218 Clark, Mabel J 97, 178 Clark, Martha C 97, 206 Clark, Nancy J 110 Clark, Peggy Ann 82, 200, 206, 213 Clarke. Amalie Minette ■ — Clarke, Cary B 97, 195. 199 Clarke, Eleanor D 82 Clement, Virginia L 82 Clemmer, Rebecca H 82 Clendenin, Martha A 97 Clifton, Cecilia W 97 Clinard, Nancy S 80,82 Cline, Belinda E 123 Cline, Linda Lou 97 Clinkscales, E. Beth ... .51. 174, 175, 191, 193 Page 247 Directory Clodfelter, Judith D 52 Clontz, I. Patricia 52. 208 Cobb, Nancy Maurice 52. 219 Coble, Barbara Ann 110 Coble. Nellie E 52 Coble, Stephanie D Ill Coble, Virginia P 97 Cochrane, Laura Jean 52, 191, 204 Cogdell, Derita R Ill Coggin, Rebecca Ann 82 Cole, Carol Ruth 128 Cole. Sandra Marie 97. 203, 212 Cole, Sharon E 128 Coleman. Delide Vaughn 52 Coleman, Melinda C 96 Coleman, Mildred C 52, 160, 189 Coleman, Pamela Dale 97. 219 Coleman, Susan G 97 Coles, Nancy Jane Ill Coley. Carol Ann — Collier, April Yon 82 Collier, Martha W 97.213 Collins, Amy Blair 97 Collins, Billie S 97 Collins, Camilla Anne 52, 179, 215 Collins, Carol Lee 97 Collins, Cheryl C Ill Collins, Eleanor Jean 123 Collins, Janet Louise Ill Collins, Margaret L 1 1 1, 209 Collins, Opal Maxine 82, 212 Collins, Pamela Kay 97 Collins, Sara Lucille 82 Collins, Sarah Morgan Ill Colmer, Margaret Bess 82, 187 Coltrane, Jane K 97 Coltrane, Madora Alice 123 Colville, Mary Pauline — Combs, Mitzy Sharon 82 Compton, Mary C 97, 219 Compton, Sylvia Dean Ill Cone, Lora Kate 97 Connolly, Grace H 128, 200 Conrad, Cynthia Ross 111. 213 Conwell, Margaret L 1 1 1. 206 Cook, Freda May 97 Cook, Gloria M 97 Cook, Mabel Louise 111. 200, 228 Cooke, Betty Jane Ill Cooke, Donna Dane 97 Cooke, Eleanor R 52, 188, 206 Cooper, Janet Susan 97, 164 Copley, Helen Ruth 97 Coppley, Lynn 52 Cordle, Elizabeth B .52, 192 Cordle, Harriett Anne 82, 226, 229 Cordle, Rachel Alma 82, 206, 226 Corey, Edna Gray 97 Corpening, Adelaide A 97, 187, 207, 213 Corson, Catherine A 97 Cosby, Barbara Kay 111. 219 Cottingham, Brenda L 52 Cottrell. Sandra D 83. 161, 218 Couch, Dixie Ruth 83. 209 Couch, Mary Ruth Ill Courts, Willie Ruth Ill Covington. Sallie Mae 52 Cowan. Martha Lou 83 Coward, Esther Hill 53. 160 Cowding, Deborah Ann Ill Cowm an, Judith Ryder 97 Cox, Betty Mildred 83, 219 Cox, Elizabeth Ann Ill Cox, Sarah E 83 Craig, Barbara K 97 Craig, Flora Jean 201,204 Craig, Nancy Faye Ill Craig, Sandra C 97 Cranf ord, Cheryl E Ill Cranford, Jane B 97 Cratch, Bobbie H 97 Crater, Jane 111,225 Craven, Susan D 83 Craven, Suzanne W Ill Crawford, Laura F 97 Crawford, Marion Sue 83, 214 Crawford, Mary Annis 83. 187, 217 Creech, Bettie Ruth Ill Cremer, Joan R Ill, 226 Crepps, Barbara Helen 83 Cress, Betsy Gwynn 83 Cress, Janice Lynn 83, 208 Crimmins, Meredith Ann Ill Crocker, Linda Brooks Ill Crocker, Mary Ann 83. 189, 198, 208 Crocker, Nancy Harvard 83, 209 Crockett. Diane E 97 Crook, Gloria Jean 83. 212, 213 Crooks, Claudia Ann 227 Cropp, Kaye Warner 97, 203 Cross. Betty Virginia Ill Crossley, Jean Dudley 83 Crowell, Ann B 97 Cruikshank, Betty A — Crumpler, Clara L 97 Crumpler, Sally Ann 83, 208 Crumpler, Sarah M Ill Crutchfield, Ann G 1 1 1, 203 Crutchheld, Tommie A 97 Cucuzella, Josephine E Ill, 209 Culler, Linda P 83, 215 Cummings, Virginia A Ill Cunningham, Judith Ann Ill Curran, Lois Anne 97 Currie, Martha Louise 97 Currier, Sheridan N 97 Currin, Judith Marie 83,212,213 Currin, Virginia L 128, 201 Curtis, Jo Ann 83 Cuthbertson. Cynthia D 53, 160 Cutler. Janice Elaine 97 Cutler, Lois Anne Ill — D— Daber, Judith Lynn 97 Dale, Joyce Brown 218 Dale, Judith Helen 97 Daniel, Dorothy Ann 97, 219 Daniel, Mary Long 83 Daniel, Roberta Nell 83 Darden, Joanne Ill Daugherty, Carol Sue 83, 218 Daughtridge, Anne Eddy . 53, 196 Daughtridge, Sue H 83 Davant, Jeanne U 53, 186 Davenport, Dorothea H 123 Davenport, Mary Alice 53, 199 David, Diana Ingram 53 Davis. Anne W 97 Davis. Barbara Ann 97 Davis. Barbara Vern 97 Davis, Brenda Lee Ill Davis, Cynthia Anne 53 Davis, Cynthia Ruth 83 Davis, Diana Underwood 53 Davis, Doris Jean 97. 213. 219 Davis, Dorothy L. 53, 172, 174, 175. 187, 190. 191, 192. 220 Davis, Elizabeth P 53, 212, 213 Davis, Frances J 97 Davis, Gretchen C 97, 200, 209. 22 1 Davis, Harriet Jeanne Ill Davis, Joanne 83, 188, 206 Davis, Linda Foy 53 Davis, Linda Jean Ill Davis, Louisa Mcintosh 83, 218 Davis, Lynne Chambers — Davis, Marian ill Davis, Mary Nell . — Davis, Patricia May Ill Davis, Peggy Ann 83 Davis, Phyllis Ann 97 Davis, Ruth Gay 111,218 Davis, Sarah J 97 Davis, Susan E 97, 21-1 Davis, Sylvia L 97 Dawkins, Dorothy Jean 97, 209 Dawkins, Harriet June 83 Dawson, Donna Leigh Ill Dawson, Janice Faye 53 Dawson, Mildred W 83, 203 Deacon, Randi Marie 97 Deal, Carolyn L 111. 219 Dean. Bonnie L 83. 227, 229 Dean, Priscilla Anne 84 Dearing. Rae D 97, 203 Deaton, Hilda Maxine 97 Deaton, Jacqueline F 53 Decker, Jean Helen 84, 161, 208 Decker, Joan Millicent 84, 161, 215 DeHetre, Janet M — Dejarnette, Katherleen Ill Delafield, Carter — Dellinger, Carol Ann 98 Demarcus, Leslie D 98 Denning, Donna Lee 54 Denning, Elizabeth A 98 Denning, Joy E Ill Denning, Marie A 84 Dennis, Pamela E Ill Dennis, Ruth Gayle Ill Denton, Susanne 98 Depaola, Mary F 123 Derkics, Dorothy Jean — Derr, Sara Jane 54. 160, 166 Devereux. Elizabeth F 218 Devine, Patricia Ann 1 1 1, 201 Dewar, Marian F. R 111.220 DeYoung, Mary Jo 54. 218 Dickerson, Martha A 98, 207 Dickson, Pamelle J 98, 227 Dieterich, Carolyn Ill, 218 Dilda, Suzanne C 54 Dilday, Sandra Joan 54, 208 Dillon, Patricia M Ill Dixon, Julia Catherine Ill Dixon, Martha B 123 Dixon. Nancy H 98 Dobbins, Barbara G 54. 215 Dobbins, Nancy C — Dobson. Margaret A 98 Doby, Barbara E Ill Dodson, Carole J 123 Dodson, Iris Ann Ill Dodson, Lynda Carolyn 84 Doggett, Lois E 84. 183 Dominick, Nancy Ann 98 Donaldson, Celia G 84, 192, 199 Donat, Sara Wynne Ill Donelly, Mary E 84 Donohue. Joan K 98. 195 Donohue, Margaret E 54. 191 Donovan, Charlotte P Ill Doolittle. Julia A 98 Dore, Linda F 98 Dorsett, Mary Lynne Ill Dorsett, Peggy Ann 123 Dorsey, Joan Marie 84 Dotson, Marion L 84. 161, 227 Douglas, Harriet Coble — Douglas, Judyth Ann — Douglas, Saundra R 98 Dover, Margaret S 84 Downey, Linda Kay Ill, 209, 219 Downs. Linda R 98, 207 Doyle. Margaret E Ill Doyle, Ruth Lestha Ill Drake, Linda L 111.217 Drake, Ruth Anne 84 Draughton, Patricia Ill Dreher, Nancy E 84, 208 Drum, Andrea P 84, 212, 218 Drummond, Margaret L 54 Dry. Charlotte E Ill Dubose. Jeanne D 98 Duffie. Blanche E Ill Duke, Deborah Anne Ill Dumas, Veda J Ill Dunbar, Evelyn Louise Ill Duncan, Eleanor C 54, 215 Duncan, Mary Kay 98 Dunlap, Carolyn Fae Ill Dunnagan, Sandra L 84 Durvin, Melissa N 98, 195 Dye, Frances L Ill — E— Eagle, Rebecca J 98 Eargle, Janice Ill Earnhardt, Virginia Gail . . . .84, 209. 219. 224 Earp, Ruth Etta Ill Eason, Bettie Jean Ill Easterling, Lois K 54, 189, 208. 219, 220 Ebert. Carolina P 54. 161 Page 248 Directory Edge, Sara Ann 8-i Edmundson, Carolyn F Ill Edmundson, Elizabeth Doan Ill Edson, Mary Alice 1 1 1, 199 Edwards, Brenda J 98. 219. 226 Edwards, Dorothy I — Edwards, Faith 54 Edwards, Ida Lou 54, 199 Edwards. Janet Rose — Edwards, Judith Anne 220 Edwards. Judy T 111. 209 Edwards, Kaye Shirley 1 1 1, 227 Edwards, Mary Jacobs 84 Edwards, Nancy Jane 84 Edwards, Patricia Alan Ill Edwards, Prudence Gay 123 Edwards. Sylvia Anne 98 Eidam, Addie Sylvia 98 Eichholtz, Marietta L — Eidson, Marian M Ill Eiler. Harriett S 98 Eiserer, Carol J 84 Elixson, Mary Sue Ill Elkins, Linda P 84 Ellenburg, Judy Ann 55 Eller, Natalie Eloise 98, 225 Elliott, Jo Anne 98 Elliott, Phyllis E 112 Ellis, Emily H 98, 208, 218 Ellis, Nancy Jo 55, 212 Ellis. Nikki C — Ellis, Patricia E 112. 200 Ellise. Frances Marion 98 Elmore. Janice M 98 Elmore, Linda Kay 112 Elmore, Sally G 94, 98 Ely, Alice Abbott 98. 208, 218 Emerson, Louise D 98, 219 Engels, Arby Lee 112 Ennis, Leta P 98 Ennis. Ruth C 84. 178, 208 Epley, Joyce A 98, 212 Epps, Karen Frances 112 Epstein, Berta S — Erhardt, Betsy B 55 Ernestsons, Maija A 98 Ervin, Mary A 98 Eshenback. Barbara A 84, 179. 215 Eskridge, Judith L 98, 201 Eskridge, Stanley E 98 Estes, Sandra K 187, 217 Estridge, Patricia A 122, 123, 227 Etchison, Mary Martin 8-1 Eury, Joyce Elaine 112. 212 Evans, Beverly A 112 Evans, Jean L 55, 178 Evans, Rebecca A 84 Everett, Ann B 55, 160, 172, 177, 191 Everidge, Carolyn B 55 — F— Fabbri, Alexandra F 112, 219 Faber, Anne Marie 112 Fagg, Alice Anna 98 Fair, Tessa K 112, 218 Farlow, Rebecca Ann 112 Farmer, Angeline C 123, 219 Farmer, Nancy 98 Farrell, Rena C 98 Farrington, Mary Ann 84, 207 Farrior, Etta W 179 Farrow, Margaret K 112 Faulconer, Nancy Rose — Faulkner, Lynda L 112 Faulkner, Susan E — Faust, Marsha P 98. 193 Ferguson, Emma T 84 Ferguson, Nancy 112 Ferrell, Frances E 112 Ferrell, Janet G 123 Ferrell, Nancy Marie 55.218 Ferris. Janice L 112 Fewell, Margaret E — Fickes, Barbara L 98 Fickling, Frances E 8 4 Fidler, Mary Alice 84 Fiedler, Ruth E 98 Fields, Mary Rebecca 98 Finan, Nancy E 98, 218 Finegan, Mary P 112 Fink, Barbara J 55 Finkelman. Karen T 98. 203 Finman, Gertrude R 55. 187, 217 Finne, Virginia A — Fishburne, Lavinia W 123 Fisher. Ellen Lee 112 Fisher, Margaret Gail 112 Fitch. Billie C 84 Fite, Cynthia D 84 Fitts, Dorothy L 8-1. 219 Fitzgerald, Mary Ann 98 Fitzgerald, Victoria F 112, 224 Fitzhugh, Margaret B — Flanagan. Jean Anne 55, 201 Fleck. Annalee M — Fleisig, Judith V 112 Fleming, Helen Haynes 112 Fletcher, Cleve W 55, 208 Flinchum, Bonnie Gray 112 Florance, Shelia K 56 Florance, Valerie 112, 218 Floyd, Marian E 56 Fobert, Elizabeth M 112 Folger, Ruth 112. 213. 22(1 Foote. Diana G 98 Forbis. Mary L 112 Ford. Martha Lee 56. 187. 193. 215 Foreman. Judy D 56. 208. 218 Forrest, Elizabeth E 112 Forshaw, Bess C 84 Fort, Carol Olivia 84, 185 Fortenberry. Anne C 123 Fortner. Sylvia A 84 Foster, Antoinette P — Foster, Betty Kay 112 Foster, Betty Jane 84, 207, 209 Foster, Carol Jean 112 Foster, Joan Carolyn 56. 188 Foster, Jo Ann — Foster, Louise L 98 Fountain, Marcia T 8-1. 219. 220 Fountain. Paula C 84 Foushee. Treva Ann 112, 21S Fouts. Cynthia C - — Fowler. Ella Paige 226 Fowler, Natalie 112 Fox. Marjorie A 112. 184, 187, 226 Fox, Mary Alice 112 Fox, Patricia Ann 98 Francum, Betty Jane 84, 181 Frank, Nancy Ellen 98. 203 Frankel. Elizabeth E 98 Franklin, Betsy L 98, 187 Franklin, Judy K 56, 181, 212, 213 Franklin, Nancy Sue 112 Franklin, Linda C 98 Franklin. Linda Sue 84 Fratkin, Judith D 98, 226 Frazer, Bonnie 98, 203 Frazier, Brenda G 112 Frazier, Carolyn E 112 Frazier, Jane Sharon 98, 209 Frazier, Meredith Lynn 112 Frederick Constance — Freeland, Judith Ellen 1 12. 22-1 Freeman, Barbara A 112 Freeman, Carol Anne 56 Freeman, Jean Walker 84 Freer, Carol Linda 98, 203 French, Margaret G 1 22. 1 23 Freudendorf. Mary Anne . . . .56. 174. 190, 191 Freund, loan Carol 123 Friday, Kathryn L 108, 112 Friedberg, Carolyn K 56 Frye, Glennette L 84 Frye, Mary Rose 112 Fu, Victoria Ruth 84 Fuerstman, Joan M 98, 218 Fulk, Patricia June 112 Fulk. Peggy Bowen 56. 189. 208 Fuller, Betty Gail 56. 188. 201 Fuller, Evelyn Louise 112 Fuller, Margaret E 98 Fuller, Willa Kay 84 Fullerton, Ann Jean 56, 191 Fulton, Linda Page 98 Furey, Caroline Agnes 56, 172, 188. 191, 192, 193 Furr, Carolyn Jo 84. 187, 209, 218 Furrey, Jacqueline M 108, 112 Futterer, Mary Julian 112 — G— Gabriel, Patricia A 98 Gabrys, Gloria Jean 112 Gaddy, Anna Kaye — Gaines, Carole A 98 Gainey, Evelyn V 84 Gaither, Genevieve E 99, 206, 224 Gallimore, Janelle B — Gallimore, Roena V 84 Galloway, Melissa A 84. 193, 227 Gammon, Barbara R 123 Gange, Carol L 112 Ganim, Virginia Lynn 57, 174, 175. 179. 190, 191 Gann, Janice J 99 Garcia, Virginia T 112 Gardner, Ann E 112 Gardner, Margaret L 85. 193, 209 Gardner, Mary Olga 112 Gardner, Patricia M 112 Gardner, Suzanne 99 Garey, Margaret M 218 Garner, Janice G 112 Garrett, Alice E .99, 219 Garrett, Carole E 112 Garrison, Frances E 85 Garrison, Harriet Sue 85 Garriss, Charlotte E 112 Garst, Elaine 112 Gaskey, Dorothy A 99 Gatlin, Ann T 113, 219 Gatlin, Sammie C 99, 179, 209 Gavigan, Joan E 1 13, 184 Gay, Sally Faust 57 Gaylord, Ella M 113 Gegenheimer, Barbara 1 13, 207 Gentry, Daphne Sue 57 Gentry, Doris E . . 85 Gentry, Jane Ellen 214 Gentry, Selma Ann 85 George, Mary S 85 George, Rita B 113 Gerringer. Gail J 113, 203 Gertner, Sheila R 57, 187, 217 Gerwin, Gloria M — Gibbs, Ellen S 113, 207 Gibbs, Patricia Ann 1 13, 224 Gibson, Anna Mae 113 Gibson, Patricia Ann 113, 213 Giddens, Karen E 113 Gideon, Sara Grace 85, 161 Gilbert, Oliver W _ Gill, Judith Ann 113 Gillette, Patricia E 113 Gilley, Mary J 99, 208, 218,219 Gillian, Sarah S 99 Gillikin, Judith E 113, 207, 218 Gillis, Barbara 99, 219 Gimmon, Susan Gayle 1 1 3 Glascow, Judy G 123 Glass, Ruth Ann 113 Glosson. Kay R 99 Glover, Nancy K 113 Gluck, Frances E — Goble, Judy C 113,218 Godfrey, Anna D — Godfrey, Gloria C 113 Godwin, Louisa S 57, 187, 206, 215 Gold, Georganna 99 Goldblatt, Evelyn M 113, 184 Golding, Linda Merle 85 Goldstein, Susan M 113 Gooch, Linda Ann 85. 209. 226, 229 Gooch, Sara Elizabeth 113 Goode, Linda Jo 99 Gooden, Jeannie Fay 57, 205, 224, 229 Goodman, Shirley Ann 85 Goodson, Judith Anne 113 Goodwin, Rebecca F 85 Gordon, Georgia S 113 Gordon, Sally 1 13, 200 Gore, Judith Faye 99 Page 249 Directory Gore, Mary K 113 Gorman, Diana C 99, 218 Grace, Patricia E 113 Graham, Carol Sue 113 Graham, Cynthia C 99 Graham, Julianne 113 Graham, Linda Carole 113, 224 Graham, Pamela A 57 Graham, Virginia A 113 Grant, Annette 99 Grant, Kathleen V 99 Graves, Carolyn Sue 85, 212 Graves, Elizabeth G 57 Graves, Glenda Gayle 123 Graves, Toni J 113 Gray, Elizabeth R 113,218 Graybeal, Kay S 99, 219 Grayson, Carol Ann 85 Grayson, Jeanette F 99, 187 Grayson, Judith G 85 Grayson, Linda Anne 123 Greathouse, Frances L 99 Green, Ella Grace 99 Green, Katherine K 127 Green. Margaret V 1 13, 207 Greenblatt, Elaine D 99 Greene, Judy Anne 85 Greene, Mary L 1 1 3, 200 Greene, Sally A 218 Greenwald, Alison L — Greer, Mary Ann 113, 206 Greeson, Mildred B 57, 189 Gregory, Barbara E 99 Gregory. Judith H 113 Gregory, Nancy R 57 Gregson, Nancy Jo 99 Grice, Gwendolyn L 99 Griffin, Betty F 57 Griffin, Catherine J — Griffin, Charlotte A 113 Griffin, Dorothy G 57 Griffin, Emily E 113 Griffin, lean Carole 1 13, 206 Griffin, Mary Diane 99. 201 Griffin, Melba Sue 99, 219 Griffin, Patricia Anne 57, 188, 191 Griffith, Carrie S 58, 218, 219 Griggs, Flora Linda 85 Griles, Deloris P 113 Gritz, Pamela E 99, 203 Groce, Vonda 113.206 Grogan, Judy Ann 99 Grogan, Mary Alice — Gronquist, Jean E 85, 193 Grossnickle, Jane M — Grover, Joan E 113 Grubb, Linda May 85, 228 Grubb, Nancy Jane 99 Grubb, Susan Kaye 113 Guard, Ruth Ellen 99 Gudger, Sandra Lee 58 Guffey, Madge Carol 99, 209 Guffy, Gwendolyn Lee 58, 174, 190 Guffy, Mary Ellen 108. 113 Guice, Frances A 99. 219, 220 Gunn, Nancy Marie 58 Gunn. Virginia A 113 Gurkin, Betty Lou 113 Guthrie, Martha Ann 113, 218 Guy, Carole Lee 58, 189 — H— Habich, Lynn C 113, 188, 203, 205 Habicht, Louise Ann 58. 175, 179, 201 Hadden, Margaret A 113 Hagood, Sue H 99 Hahn, Delores Ann 99, 208, 218 Hahn, Elizabeth C 58 Hahn, Pamela Sue 113 Hahn, Tamara Kay 85, 221 Haigler, Wanda M 85, 208, 213 Haines, Martha E 99 Hair, Sarah C 85 Hairston, Emma Lois 113, 218 Hale, Patricia Dane 99 Hales, Mary Suzanne 113 Hall, Beverly J 113 Hall, Carol Jo 58 Hall, Naomi Montine 85 Hall, Phyllis Ann 99 Hall, Sandra Ann 113, 219 Halsey, Lenna Parsons 113, 200 Hamer, Janet E ■ — Hamilton, Mary M 99 Hamlin. Esther Le e 114 Hammer, Victoria M 114 Hammond, Mildred A 114 Hamnett, Mary K 114 Hampton, Elizabeth L 99 Hancock, Barbara Gale 85 Hancock, June J 85 Hand, Frances L ■ — Hand, Judith H 58 Haney, Sandra A 114 Hankins. Beverly 1 14, 200 Hanna, Brenda Lee 114 Hannah, Nancy Jo 85 Harbison, Martha L 85 Hardison, Barbara Ann 99 Hardison, Carolyn A 58 Hardison, Mary Frances 114 Hardy, Brenda Faye 114 Hardy, Margaret Ann 114 Hare, Mary Ann 99 Hargies, Sandra Louise 99 Harkey, Carol Jean 114 Harley, Rosalie Anne 114 Harman, Cary Marie 128 Harman, Margaret M 85 Harmon, Virginia L 99, 187 Harnden. Elizabeth B 114 Harpe, Patricia Ann 123 Harper, Bonnie G 99, 206 Harper, Elizabeth L 99 Harper, Janet Marie 85, 215 Harrelson, Elizabeth 99 Harrill, Dorothy C 114 Harrington, Cath erine Judith 58 Harrington. Frankie E 114 Harrington, Jean P 85 Harris, Alice Morris 114 Harris, Betsy Ann 85 Harris, Betty Carol 85, 201 Harris, Deloris Ann . 114 Harris, Ina Jean 114 Harris, Janice Marsha 58 Harris. Joan 85 Harris, Leonorah H 114 Harris, Lois Marion 114 Harris, Minnie Ellen 99 Harris, Nellie Patsy 85, 209 Harriss, Jean A 85 Harriss, Sarah R 114 Harrison, Barbara C 99 Harrison, Elizabeth G 114 Harrison, Margaret L 219 Harrison, Sara Jean 114 Hart, Brenda Lee 85, 213, 215 Hart, Carol Ann 99 Hartgrove, Linda M 85, 228 Hartis. Mary Gayle 99 Hartline, Frances L 99, 209 Hartman, Mary Esther 114, 213 Hartsell, Brenda W 58 Hartsell, Nettie E 59, 189 Hartsfield, Melanie L 114 Hartsook. Anne H 123 Hartsook, Patricia L 128 Harvie, Catherine D 99 Harward, Rebecca D 99 Hassell, Mary B 59 Hatcher, Elizabeth G 114 Hatcher, Lorraine Ann 114 Hatley, Judy Carolyn 122, 124 Hatley, Nancy Jane 99 Haufler, Marilyn 85, 165 Hauser, Rebecca Kay 100 Hawkins. Barbara J 99 Hawkins. Jane K 85 Hawkins, Janice E 85, 200 Hawkins, Joyce B 85 Hawkins, Linda J 99, 219 Hawkins, Lollie C 59, 208, 218, 219 Hayes, Karen P 99 Hayes, Myra Carole 59 Haynes, Brenda C 114 Haynes, Carolyn S 99 Haynes, Charlotte L 114. 201, 205 Haynes, Elizabeth K 114 Haywood, Ina C 99 Heafner, Phyllis 1 114,218 Heath, Rebecca S 59 Hecht. Eleanor M 99 Hedgpeth, Marianne 99 Hedrick, Laura Ann 114, 207, 212 Heeden, Madeline E 59, 213, 228 Heffner, Caroline C 59, 160 Heffner, Mildred R 99, 185 Heffner, Linda Lewis 59 Hefner, Nancy L 59, 199 Heilig, Frances W 114 Helms, Jane Eloise 114, 225 Helms, Linda R 100, 218 Helms, Mildred H 59 Helms, Wynema June 100 Henderson, Jewel A 124 Henderson, Linda M 124 Henderson, Mary C 100, 207 Henderson, Mildred — Hendrick, Jacqueline 100 Hendrix, Shirly Kay 114 Henkel, Christy 85, 214 Henry, Lee E 114 Henry. Pamela S 100 Hensley, Barbara S 100 Herring, Catena N 100, 184, 203 Herring, Claudia L 100 Herring, Mary D 114, 214, 221 Hesketh, Sandra S 85 Hesser, Martha C 114 Hester, Joyce Ann 85 Heusner, Day 46, 59, 191, 224 Heyward, Mary H 114, 224 Hicks. Gayle V. 60, 187, 188, 190, 191, 192, 215 Hicks, Nelle H 114 Hicks, Virginia B 114, 209 Higdon, Waynette 114, 207, 219 Higgins, Nancy E 60, 212 High, Elizabeth A 85 High, Lura B 60, 181, 188, 206 Hildebrand, Carolyn F 60, 185 Hileman, Carolyn F — Hill, Georgia Cordy 85, 213, 227 Hill, Martha Helen 100 Hill, Reba J 114 Hill, Scarlette R 114 Hill, Sharon J 114 Hill, Victoria D 114 Hillquist, JanC 85 Hines, Carrie B 100 Hinkleman, Heidi A 85 Hinnant, Delphia Anne 60, 189, 200, 208 Hinnant, Donna J 60, 197 Hinnant, Gloria J 100 Hinton, Gloria D 100 Hipps, Eleanor L 114 Hitchcock, Lucy E 100 Hitchcock, Sallie P 85, 208, 218, 219 Hobbs. Mary A 60, 199, 215 Hobgood. Elizabeth L 114 Hobgood, Rebecca B 100, 228 Hobson, Helen Jean 124 Hobson, Patricia M 100 Hodge, Cynthia Imogene 60 Hodge, Mary Ida 60, 189, 190, 208, 218, 220, 229 Hodge, Marilyn Gail 100 Hodge, Ruval J 114 Hodges, Emma Lou 60, 186 Hodges, Mary E 114 Hodges, Sammy Lee 60, 212, 213 Hoenshell, Sharie D 86 Hoffman, Rosemary B 100, 207, 229 Holebrooks, Betsy 114, 227 Holbrooks, Phyllis L 114, 184 Holder, Audrey M 128 Holder, Melinda B — Holder, Nancy Jane 100 Holland, Betty Jo 86 Holland, Christine P 100 Holleman, Katherine J 60 Holliman, Valerie 100 Hollingsworth, Judith 124 Page 250 Directory Holloman, Betsy F 36 Holloman, Mary M 100 Holloway. Ruby Louise 124 Holman, Katherine A — Holmes, Mary M 100, 200 Holt, Betty C 124 Holt, Helen Jane 86 Holt, Janice Rose 100, 207 Holt, Leslie A 86 Holt, Martha M 86 Holton, Doris E 114 Holton, Elizabeth 100 Honeycutt, Doris J 100 Honeycutt, Ginger Lee 86, 192, 214 Hontz, Mary G 86 Hooks, Carolyn Lee 124 Hooper, Connie M 212 Hoover. Ann W 114, 184 Hoover, Martha Jo 86, 218, 219 Hopper, Molly Diane 124 Hopper. Patricia E 86, 192. 226 Hopper, Sandra K 114 Hord, Sherry M 114 Horn, Rebecca S 60, 189 Horner, Jane E 114 Horner, Nancy C 114 Homey, Ellen L 114 Horsman. Virginia L 100 Horton, Julia C 114 Horvath, Janis E 114 Hostettler, Marie Dot 100, 209 Houck, Bonnie F 100 Hout, Patricia J 100. 226, 228 Howard, Rose Marie 114 Howard, Sally A 1 14, 203 Howard, Virginia Anne 61 Howell, Carolyn L 100 Howell, Celia M 86 Howell, Helga — Howell, Rebecca E 61 Howie, Sarah S 61, 188 Hoyle, Linda Sue — Hoyle, Madelyn K 100 Hubbard, Mary Ann 100 Huberman, Diane E 114 Huberman. Lynn B 86 Hubert. Carolina R — Hudgins, Julia Gail 61, 179 Hudson, Agnes S 100, 201, 205. 218 Huff, Cornelia 86 Huff, June M 100 Huff, Patricia Ann — Huffstetler. Marie S 128 Hughes. Constance E 100, 218 Hughes, Marie Ann 114 Hughes, Mollie V 1 14, 218 Hughey, Trudy A 124 Huleatte, Martha J 114 Humphrey, Margaret R 61, 184 Humphrey, Rebecca A 114 Humphrey, Suzanne M 61 Hunsucker, Betty M — Hunsucker, Jane G 100, 206 Hunt, Ann Hampton 100 Hunt, Betty L 61, 212 Hunt, Martha E 86, 215 Hunt, Nancy C 100, 209 Hunter, Carol L 100 Hunter, Celia B 100 Hunter, Clemellyn 114 Hunter, Martha B 86, 228 Hunter, Mary Morning 86. 184, 195 Hunter, Sharon Lee 114 Hunter. Susan M 114, 203 Hurley, Barbara Ann 61, 192, 206 Hurley, Frances M 114. 219 Husky, Juli Anne 114 Hussey, Peggy J 100 Hutchins, Brenda J 86. 213, 215 Hutchins, Christine 100 Hutchins. Mary 100 Hutchinson, Susan E 100 Hutton, Sally C 1 14, 203 Hutton, Susan W 100 Hyer, Linda L 114 —I— Ingraham, Elizabeth D 86, 215 Ingram, Sue M 114 Inman, Margaret Ann 86, 218 Inman. Mary L 114 Innes, Barbara A 114 Iobst, Nancy J 100 Ippolito, Yolanda M 100, 199, 206, 219 Irvin, Virginia C 100 Isenhower, Mary L 114 Isley, Alice L 100 Isom, Kathleen H 86 Ison, Sara Jane 61 Israel, Hellen P 1 14 Ivester, Sharon K 61 Jack, Charlotte L 100, 203 Jackins, Joe Anne 115 Jackson, Doris M 115, 219 Jackson, Linda Sue 100 Jacobs, Kay J 100, 203 Jacobs, Linda E 61 Jacobs, Rosalind — Jacobson, Susan M 115. 228 James, Betty L 86 James, Eleanor A 128 James, Sandra J 86 Jarrell, Eleanor M 86, 212 Jarrett, Susan F ■ — Jarvis, Barbara Ella - — Jams, Evie R 100 Jeffreys, Bonnie D 86 Jenkins, Anne C 115 Jenkins, Doris F 115 Jenkins, Jerrie Lou 115 Jenkins, Marilyn 115 Jenkins, Susan Alice 86 Jenks, Andrea Gay 115 Jerman, Jean Anne 115 Jerome, Patricia L 61 Jessup, Linda R 61 Johnson, Debra E 115 Johnson, Gail E 86 Johnson, Jane L 100 Johnson, Jean A 115, 209 Johnson, Joanna M 86, 192, 214 Johnson. Joyce E 100 Johnson, Judith A 100 Johnson, Judith Carolyn 62, 208 Johnson, Lucy C 62 Johnson. Mary Ann 100 " Johnson. Patricia E 100. 201 Johnson, Ruth B 62 " Johnson, Ruth H 86 Johnston, Doris M 115 Johnston, Joanne C 100 Johnston, Linda L ■ — Johnston. Pamela S 100 Johnston, Raye M 86 Johnstone, Margaret R 100, 203 Joines, Joy Sue 62, 190, 191 Jolitz, Sarah L 106 Jolley, Edith Raye 87, 214 Jones, Anita L 62 Jones, Barbara J 115, 203, 224 Jones, Beverly D 100 Jones, Carolyn J 101, 208 Jones, Dolores A 101 Jones, Empress V 87 Jones, Gwendolyn Ann 62 Jones, Gwendolyn Faye 62 Jones, Jean C 115 Jones, Jean Ellen 87, 177, 178, 212 Jones, Joanna M 62, 208, 213 Jones. Juanita L 62. 208, 218, 221 Jones, Linda V 101 Jones, Marcia B 101 Jones, Margaret K — Jones, Marlis 87, 218, 224 Jones, Marsha A 101 Jones, Martha A 101 Jones, Mary C 87, 206 Jones, Mary P 101 Jones, Nancy Carolyn 101 Jones, Nancy Sue 62 Jones, Patsy A 62 Jones, Paulette D 115 Jones, Sally 115, 227, 228 Jones, Sandra L 115 Jones, Susan M 62 Jones, Suzanne K 115 Jones, Val jeanne 115 Jordan, Carla Diana 207, 209 Jordan, Doris R 101, 209 Jordan, Jacquelyn A 115 Jordan, Katherine A 115, 209, 213 Joyner, Jacquelyn F 101, 185 Joyner, Margaret R 62 Joyner, Mary Stuart — — K— Kadis, Karen 115 Kalin, Claire J 63, 174, 215 Kallenbach, Barbara — Kanter, Brenda E 115 Kanzer, Nancy J 101 Kaplan, Sandra C — Kaplon, Carol D ... 101 Karnes, Michale S 124 Kartt, Judith L 101, 207, 209 Kasuboski. Rebecca A 115, 225 Katzenmoyer, Bette A 115, 225 Kauffman, Mary C 101 Kausch, Jeanne C 63 Kay, Susan M 187, 217 Kay, Teddy Lynn 87 Kaye, Suzanne — Keel, Florence Patricia 63, 206, 207 Keene, Martha S 115 Keener, Grace V 87 Keith, Jayne I — Kellenberger, Eleanor Jeannette 63 Keller, Carolyn W 115 Keller, Dorothy N 63, 189, 219, 220 Kelly, Alicia Anne 63, 208 Kelly, Emily B 63. 180, 219 Kelly, Sally S 101 Kendall, Juliet C 101, 228 Kendall, Lily Adele 115 Kendrick, Elwanda Kaye 101, 207, 215 Kennedy, Geraldine J 101 Kennedy, Janice M 87, 207, 208 Kennedy, Nina J 87 Kennedy, Sharon Ann 101 Kennedy, Jane H 87 Kennedy. Joretta K 87. 174, 206 Kennett. Grace K 10 1 Kent, Margaret — Kern. Vienna B 101. 224 Kessler. Mabel Susan 101 Kestnbaum, Julie B 101 Kiker, Mary Glenn — Kilcrease, Patricia L 124 Killian, Rose A 87 Killian. Virginia Wells 124 Killmon. Natalie A 115 Kilpatrick, Margaret L 115, 200 Kimbrell, Mary D 101 Kimbro, Jeannie Hicks — Kimrey, Jean Carol 124 Kimrey, Katherine E 63, 212 Kinard, Judy A 101, 174 Kindel, Cecelia A 10 1, 227 Kindle, Elizabeth L 101, 179 King, Carolyn Sue 101 King, Janice Y 101 King, Marsha K 115 King, Virginia B 127 Kinkade. Carol A - — Kinsey, Patricia G 87, 213 Kirby, June 101 Kirchdorfer, Betty J 101. 214 Kirk, Curry Ann — - Kirk. Dorothy J 101 Kirk, Rebecca J 101 Kirkman, Judith Lynn 115 Kirkman, Margaret J 101, 218, 221 Kirkpatrick, Helen J 101 Kirkum. Linda D 101, 207, 212, 213 Kiser, Barbara J 115 Kisselbrack, Patty 101. 204, 224 Kivett, Martha A — Kling, Victoria M 115 Klock, Marian A 63, 214 Klose, Carol C 63 Page 251 Directory Kluttz, ludy A — Kluttz. Mary Ann 87, 184,215, 219 Knight, Frances Ann 101 Knight, Jacqueline H 101, 207, 219 Knott, Carol Ann 101 Knott, Jo Anne — Knotts, Carole A 101. 172, 173 Knox, Mary Hall 101 Knox, Margaret Allison 87 Koonce, Virginia 63, 212 Koontz, Judith V 1 15, 202 Koontz, Katherine L 1 15, 207 Kornegay, Judith E 101, 207 Kornegay, Margaret A 115 Koty, DanaK 115 Kouns, Susanna K 101, 178 Kowal, Mae H 101 Krattler, Kathryn L 101 Kredel, Nancy C 101, 201, 208, 220 Kreeger, Deborah L 87 Krick, Rosalyn 101 Kriegsman, Carolyn O — Kronman, Patricia 101, 226 Kuhn, Elizabeth Dowell — Kutchei, Rivka K — — L— Lackey, Judith A 115,213 Lackman, Lynn S 87 La Fontaine, Laurie 1 115 Lail. Anne R ' 115,224 Lamarr, Jacqueline 124 Lamar, Nancy A 87 Lamb, Wallace Louise 115 Lambeth, Janet Gale 87 Lambeth, Martha R 64, 212 Lambeth, Mary J 115 Lance, Susan E 101 Lander. Mary Martha 64, 160 Lane, Catherine R 101 Lane, Edith 115 Lane. Lynda Evelyn 87, 209, 219. 224 Lane, Mary Ann 64, 208 Lane, Miriam R 115 Lane, Sharon E 12-4 Lane, Suzan E 87, 219 Lane, Virginia C 101 Lang, Sarah Frances 64 Langstaff, Joan B 115 Langston, Sarah R 101, 201 Lanham, Patricia K 115 Lanier, Bonnie J 101 Lanier, Brenda G 115 Lanning, Beverly 1 115 Lashmit, Marian A 115 Lassiter, Cheryl Ann 124 Lassiter, Martha E 115 Latham, Marcia G — Latham, Margaret Sue 178, 214 Lathan, Jane Gail 87 Lauder, Barbara R 101 Laughter, Janice 1 115,224 Lavelle, Elizabeth P 64 Lavery, Paige 87 Law. Kathryn B 115 Lawless, Patricia J 101 Lawrence, Emma Jean 115, 209, 219. 228 Lawson, Phyllis Kay 124 Lawson. Sherry L 124 Layne, Rachel Mae 101 Lea, Patricia D 115 Leatherman, Willa Claudette 64, 185, 204, 205 Leazer, Janet 87 Lebras, Mary M 101 Ledbetter, Linda S 115 Ledbetter, Patricia S 115 Lee, Beatrice L 101. 212 Lee, Harriet A — ■ Lee. Linda J 101 Lee, Melinda L 115,225,228 Lee, Rebekah C 64 Lee, Susan A 101. 218 Leinbach, Phyllis C 64 Leitzes, Mollie M 87, 207 Lemmond, Margaret S 101 Lennon, Linda Fay 115 Lentz, Brenda L — Leonhardt, Lydia B 115, 199 Leonard, Joan F 87 Leonard, Mary E ■. 102 Leonard, Vera L 115, 219. 220 Levin, Ellen 64 Levin, Mildred B — Levinson, Camille S 102. 226, 227 Levinson, Carol A 102 Lewin, Lois R 115 Lewis. Betty B 64 Lewis, Evelyn B 87 Lewis, Frances Jean 64, 213 Lewis, Lida K 115 Lewis. Linda G - — Lewis. Mary D 102, 203 Lichtenfels, Frances 102. 178, 226 Lilliendahl. Carol L 87 Lindau, Susan T 87 Lindley, Judith K 88 Lindsay, Angela L 115 Lindsey. Mary Ross 64, 189 Lineberger, Martha L 88 Lineberger, Mary Alice 102, 207 Link, Barbara J 102 Link. Janet C 115 Linkhaw. Marylyn 64 Litaker. Nancy L 102 Litchfield, Susan L 102 Little, Susan B 102, 206. 213 Littlejohn, Jean R 88. 208. 220 Liverman. Betty G 102, 207 Livesay, Kay C 115 Livesay, Sandra L 115 Livingston, Margaret F 102 Lizotte, Carol A 115 Loaf man, Janet Elaine 115 Lobdell, Mary M 102 Lockhart, Joyce 1 65. 167. 189. 208 Lofland. Dee A 102 Logan, Barbara Karen 115. 207 Logan. Linda A 88, 193 Lollar. Susan E 115 Lomax, Judith G 127. 162 Lomax, Linda Kay 12-4 Long, AliceS 124 Long, Harriet H ' . 124 Long, Linda A 102 Longworth. Linda G 115 Lookabill, Sylvia S 88 Looney. Michele A 102 Lorber. Janet R 115 Lovelace, Lynn K 115 Lovell, Barbara P 128 Lovine. Sharon 1 88, 206 Lowder, Martha S 88 Lowder, Selma E 115 Lowe, Catherine J 65 Lowe, Vitginia M 128, 129 Lowrance, Betty Lou 115, 219 Lowrey, Shirley A 88 Lowry. Nelle Gwyn 65. 208, 218,228 Loy, Mary K 115 Lucas, Gale M 115 Luck, Ruth E 65 Ludwig, Teresa D 88 Lupton, Julia Raye 102 Lutes, Brenda L 102 Luther, Cara J 116 Lyles, Linda A 65, 160, 228 Lynch, Barbara A 102 — M— Mabe. Elizabeth A 116 Mabe. Judith Ann 116 Mackethan. Toi R 88 Mackey, Helen H — Mackintosh. Judy 226 Macon. Alice J 116 Macqueen. Margaret A 116 Madren. Nancy Ann 102 Maguire. Carol A 102 Makedonas. Matha A 127 Mallonee, Eula Jane 102 Malone, Candice P 88, 184 Maner, Hazeline J 116, 212 Maness, Mary Ellen 65 Maness, Mary Jo 88 Maney, Madelynn S 102 Mangum, Mary Ellen 102 Mann, Barbara R 88 March, Mary E 102 Maready. Patricia E 102 Margolis. Barbara Diane 88. 225, 229 Marks, Jacquelyn F 102 Marlowe, Brenda D 88, 218 Marlowe, Grace C 88 Marr. Caroline H 102 Martin, Elizabeth F 116 Martin, Eloice J 102 Martin, Gloria R 102 Martin, Judith E 116, 200 Martin, Linda F 88 Martin, Lynda J 88 Martin. Marilou 65 Martin. Nancy B 124 Martin, Pamela B 116, 209 Martin, Patsy A 102 Martin, Priscilla L 102 Martin, Teresa Ann 102 Martiner, Joan 102 Marus. Meredith R — Marvin, Karalee T — Marvin, Susan H 65 Mase, Marcia A 116 Masline, Patricia A 116 Mason, Norma Evans 116 Massel. Barbara J 116 Massy, Patricia H 102 Mastin, Carol Alice 124. 219 Matheson, Georgia M 116 Matney, Anna V. Mc — Matthes, Merry M 116 Matthews, Betty Louise 65, 192 Matthews, Elizabeth Jo 65 Matthews, Louise K 1 16, 218 Matthews, Trina C — Matthis. June Lee 116, 209 Mattox, Eunice H 102 Maulden, Janet Claire 88, 184, 218 Maxey, Anne Carole 1 1 is Maxwell. Catherine B — May, Jean Ann 116, 207 May, Kay Frances 88, 227 Mayberry, Martha E 102 Mayer, Harriet 1 116 Mayer, Maxine 116 Mayo. Ellen W (.5, 198. 208 Mazoly, Eve 88 McAdams, Carol 116 McAdoo. Francine A 88, 187 McAllister, Joan S 116. 201 McAlister, Patricia A — McAulay, Edna Watts 65 McBane. Rebekah G 65, 188 McBryde, Mary Lynn 88 McBride, Julia K 128 McCall, Doris Ann 88, 209 McCall, Lynda Ellen 116 McCallum, Harriet E — McCaskill, Catherine 102, 209 McCauley, Sandra J 116 McClintock, Eleanor K 102, 219 McClung. Elizabeth D 102, 208, 220, 221 McClure, Nancy C 88. 206 McColl, Mary Tipton 116 McConnell, Carol L 116. 219 McCord. Barbara A 116 McCoy, Gail A 102 McCoy, Mary E 12-1 McCrery, Eleanor J — McCuiston, Linda L 116 McCuiston, Nancy C 66 McDaniel, Margaret A 102. 177, 212 McDaniel, Patricia A 116 McDermott. Alice S 116 McDowell, Betty J 102 McDowell. Patricia 1 124 McEwen, Mary K 66. 197 McGee, Elizabeth A 102 McGee, Margaret A 102 McGhee, Frances W 88. 2 1 s McGill, Peggy Louise 116. 209. 2 2 i McGimpsey, Sina 1 102 McGimscy, Jane Shelton 88. 221 McGimsey, Sharon K -. . . — McGinn, Mary L 124 Page 252 Directory Mtinnis, Ina Von - Mclnnis, Mary H 116 Mclntyre, Charlotte D 66, 80 Mclntyre, Gloria A 66, 212, 213 Mclntyre, Lucy W 124 Mclver, Anne G 128 Mclver, Janet C 116 McKee, Betty J 116 McKeown. Wilma J 116 McKinney, Brenda M 66 McKinney, Mary P 88, 224 McKnight, Norva H 116 McKnight, Phyllis 116 McLaurin, Gwendolyn V 66 McLean, Judith H 102, 201 McLean, Mary R 116 McLeod, Linda Ray 1 16, 201 McLeod, Marion Kelly 66 McLeod, Nancy Lucille 66 McLeod, Wanda G 102 McManus, Linda Carole 88, 212. 213 McMeans, Laura E 66 McMillan, Mary K 88, 206 McNeal, Peggy L 102 McNeely, Mary Hilda 88, 189 McNeil, Virginia Marie 116 McNeill, Margaret 1 102, 224 McNeill, Meredith A 88 McNeill, Winifred G 88 McPherson, Judith K 116 McSwain, Frances G 88 McSwain, Patricia A 116 Meacham, Nancy F 116 Meacham, Susan H 46, 66, 160, 208 Meador, Mary Ellen 102. 209 Meadows, Brenda K 102, 199, 213 Meadows, Julia C 66 Medford, Janice Jo — Medley, Sue E 102 Medlin. Carolyn J 88 Medlin, Frankie H 88 Medlin. Nancy Jo 102 Medlin, Judith A 116 Meed, Mary L 66 Meginnis, Marjorie R 116 Mehaffey, Iris Ann 116 Meiere, Ellen L 88 Melnicove, Joan L 116, 226 Melton, Judy C 102, 206 Melvin, Judith W 88 Melvin, Ora C 102 Melvin. Sandra Lynn 102 Mendelson, Barbara A 102 Mercer, Bettie C 88 Meredith, Edna M 102 Merrill. Ruth M 1 16, 209 Merritt, Sandra H 88 Messer, Judy G — Metter, Tacie A — Meyer, Jean K 116, 219 Michael, Mary Sue 124 Michaux. Janet M 116 Middlebrooks, Jennie K 88 Middleton, Linda L 102, 207 Mies, Meredith E 102 Mikeal, Janice Elaine 116 Miller, Arlene A 1 16, 200 Miller, Betty L 116 Miller, Carol J 116 Miller, Carol L 102, 179 Miller, Constance A 116 Miller, Deborah W 66 Miller, Elizabeth A 117, 218, 219 Miller, Elizabeth Ann 67, 207 Miller, Judith S 88 Miller, Julia 67 Miller, Ladonna Fay 1 17, 224 Miller, Marilyn E 117 Miller, Mary A 102 Miller. Nancy H 117 Miller, Sandra K 88 Millner, Mildred G 67, 188, 193 Mims, Virginia L 127, 199 Miner, Mary Ann 103, 228 Minish, Linda R 103 Minor, Nanette J 103, 218 Minton, Anne S 103, 219, 220 Minton, Sandra C 103 Mishoe, Patricia G — Mitchell, Ella R 103 Mitchell, Kathleen A 103 Mitchell, Sallie A 117 Mitchell, Susan Will 88 Mock, Judith E 88, 183, 189, 209 Moffett. Alice R 117, 224 Moffitt, Sally M 1 17, 209 Mohr, Marilyn E 103, 203 Mollen, Frances H 88, 225 Monahan, Helen S 1 17, 207 Mondy, Judith N 67 Monnett, Norma F — Monsees, Linda M 124 Monteith, Charyl R 117 Montgomery, Elizabeth — Monts, Vivian C 103 Moore, Bealer G — Moore, Betty Jean 103, 206 Moore, Betty Jo 124 Moore, Beverly Ruth 117 Moore, Carolyn E 88 Moore, Dorothy J 117 Moore, Emily M 88, 179, 182 Moore, Gwen 124 Moore, Jo Ellen 1 17, 185 Moore. Judy Carol 103, 215 Moore, Linda Darlene 103. 209 Moore, Linda Jane 89, 209 Moore, Maria J 1 17, 219 Moore, Marie D — Moore, Marilynn M 117 Moore, Mary M 67, 201, 203 Moore, Mary Ruth 103, 218 Moore, Parola Lorene 103, 200 Moore, Penelope A 117, 202 Moore, Sandra L 124 Moore, Sarah J 103 Moore, Virginia D 89 Mooreficlu, Jane A 117 Mooring, Mary W 67 Morgan, Anne R 89 Morgan, Barbara L 117 Morgan. Carole G 103 Morgan, Linda C 117 Morgan. Nancy Elaine 67. 218, 219 Morgan, Patricia A 89 Moring. Patricia A 67 Morrice, Pamela S 103, 170, 206 Morrill, Edith Josephine 89 Morris, Betsy R 108, 117, 203 Morris, Carolyn E 89 Morris, Evelyn W 89 Morris, Joan J 117 Morris, Madge Etta 67, 215, 227 Morris, Mary C 89 Morris, Rebecca Ann 89, 215 Morris, Ruth Ann 117, 228 Morrison, Emily E 89, 219 Morrison, Frances C 67, 221 Morrison, Rhoda Tyson 117 Morton, Betty C 103 Morton, Emma D 103 Morton, Louisa 103 Moseley. Wonda L 117 Moses, Bonnie A 89, 226 Moss, Carole S 1 17, 219 Mostellc-r, Pamela E 103 Motley. Eleanor J 89 Mottsman, Susette B 103. 226, 229 Muilenburg, Martha B ■ — Mull, Mona Kay — Mullinax, Linda F 89 Mullinix. Bessie J 103 Mullins, Sharon G 89. 172. 173. 179. 203 Mullis. Bobbie M 89. 200 Munden, Brenda Joyce 117 Munden, Harriet B 89 Munhall, Judith Ann 201, 208 Munroe, Sylvia G 103 Murdaugh, Cisse 67, 160, 215 Murphy, Carol D 103, 212 Murphy, Mae Gregory 103 Murphy, Margaret B 103. 207, 214 Murray, Jimmi Kay 117, 225 Murray, Juanita C 124, 228 Murray, Judith S 68 Murrell, Margaret H — Mustard, Joan G 117 Myer, Faith Joan 103 Myers, Donna K 103 Myers, Joan E 117 Myers, Lois Ann 68, 179, 212 Myers, Martha A 117, 207, 227 Myers. Sandra L 89 — N— Nahikian, Patricia L ■ — Nance, Henrietta 103, 219, 220 Nance, Phyllis 103 Nanzetti, Harriet A 1 17, 120 Nash, Brenda E 117,228 Nash, Cynthia B 124 Naumoff, Susan G 103 Neal, Brenda K 128 Neal, Diana D 124, 225 Neal, Sandra M 117, 212, 225 Neblett, Jane A 103 Neel, Nancy C 89 Neese, Betsy P 68 Neigher, Rosalind 103, 226 Neill, Frances Ellen 117 Nelms, Mary Lorene 117, 209 Nelson, Arden J 1 17, 200 Nelson, Linda J. . . .68, 172, 198, 203, 206, 224 Neville, Cara Ellen 68 Neville, Mary Anne 103, 213 Newby, Carol V 103 Newby, Mary S — Newell, Carol A 117, 220 Newland, Margaret E 68 Newman, Beverly J 117, 199 Newman, Carol M 117 Newman, Susan D 103, 187, 217 Newsom, Janet G 103 Newton, Anna E 103. 200, 225 Newton, Geraldine M 68 Newton, June E 12-1 Newton, Maryann T 103 Newton, Nancy K 68 Newton, Sara L 1 17, 227 Nichols, Billie E — Nichols, Gwendolyn S 127, 129 Nichols. Joyce C — Nichols, Sara E 117 Nicholson, Alice M 103 Nicholson, Edith C 68, 208, 218 Nicholson, Marilou 117, 203 Nicholson. Monte H — Nicks, Miriam B 117 Nielson, Geraldine R — Nimetz, Rosalie A 124 Nixon, Judy M 89 Noonan, Gail J 89, 220 Norman, Kemp 68, 179, 191, 208 Norris, Julia A 117 Northen " . Kathryn G 103 Norton, Annie Lois 89 Noss, Sharon 1 127 Nowell. Dorothy — Nugent, Jean J 117 Nunn, Lealan A 196 Nunnery, Mary L 117 Nuttall, Norma F 89 — O— Oakes, Nellie Joyce 117,207 Oakley, Nancy A 68. 201. 204, 205 Oates, Martha F 117 O ' Brien, Eleanor Self 68 O ' Brien, Lucille N 117 O ' Donnell, Sharon M 117, 178, 179 Odyniec. Marianne C 89. 208, 228 Ogilvy, Margaret V 212 Ogletree, Joan E 117 Ohgren, Lynn C 103 Olive, Mary Cammie 103 Oliver, Barbara A 89 Oliver, Diane A 89, 195 Olson, Nancy P 117 Orth, Linda L 117 Osborne, Carol C 124 Ostdahl, Karen J 103 Oster, Toni C 117, 207 Outlaw, Dorothy T 46, 68, 160, 191 Overby, Glenda D 103 Page 253 Directory Overcash, Drusilla A 103, 221 Overman, Mary C 103 Overton, Becky Jo 89 Overton, Mildred H 89, 208, 218, 219 Owens, Andrena E 12-i Owens, Janet S 117, 227 Owings, Monta E 69 — P— Pachol, Marcia L 117 Packer, Carol M 117, 218 Padgett, Emily M 117 Padgett, Peggy Lynn 89 Page, Jane E 69 Page, Joyce Carol 125 Paget, Valerie F 117 Painter, Linda Lou 103, 227 Pall, Emily A — Palmer, Janet E 69, 218 Palmer, Judith L 103. 206, 212 Palmer, Margaret A — Pankiw. Theodosia A 117 Pankovich, Judy A 103, 208, 218 Paper, Susan M 103 Parcell, Bruce A 117, 200 Pardee, Margaret J 69 Parfitt, Carolyn M 117. 178, 187 Park, Alice H 103, 204, 205 Park, Elizabeth J 69, 160, 209 Parker, Edith H 69, 188 Parker, Frances Marian 117 Parker, Glenda 89, 218, 219 Parker, Jo Ann 89, 181 Parker, Joan — Parker, Karen L 103 Parker, Laura A 117 Parker, Linda Ann 103 Parker, Lola J 103 Parker, Marie Faye 117 Parker, Martha J — Parker, Paula J — Parks, Catherine A 1 17. 206 Parks, Claudia M 90 Parks. Sula 126 Parrish, Glenda R 90 Parrish, Mary M 90, 213 Parrish, Patricia Faye 90, 219 Parsons, Andrea L 69. 178 Partridge, Willene J 125 Passamaneck, Randi L 90, 213 Passavant. Elizabeth B — Pate, Gail Ann 90. 187, 213 Pate, Judith D 117 Pate, Linda N — Patrick, Betsy 117 Patrick. Wilma Irene 69 Patten, Connie L 117, 203 Patten, Judy A 117 Patterson, Anita L 103. 208. 218 Patterson, Doris E 103 Patton, Charla G 117 Patton. Karen L 69. 195, 200 Patton, Ruth L 90. 201, 203 Paxton, Sally L 90 Payne, Jo Ann 90. 172, 185 Payne, Joyce L 90 Payne, Mary D 90 Payne, Tommy Wilson 125 Peacock, Emily C 69 Peacock, Mary R 117 Peacock, Sarah A 117 Pearce, Billie J 126, 127 Pearsall, Kathryn A 103 Peed, Julia Grey 124 Peele, Judith R 117 Peele, Rebecca R 80, 90 Peevy, Tomarie 117 Pegg, Wilma Kay 90 Pegram, Judy A 128 Pegram, Sharon V 117 Pelkey, Edith E 117 Pellegrin, Kathleen A 117 Pendergrass, Wilma J 103 Pennington, Ann K 90 Pennington. Virginia 103. 218 Penny, Margaret A — Penry, Mallie B 128 Pergerson, Wilma K 90 Perkins, Jean C 69, 220 Permar. Kay F 103 Perry, Ann E 117, 219, 224 Perry, Carol J 117 Perry, Carol J 117 Perry, Dorothy N 69, 174, 179, 191 Perry, Enid J 118 Perry, Joan R 103 Perry, Mary H 1 18, 228 Perry, Reba E 213, 227 Peters, Linda E — Petersen, Nancy L 104, 219 Peterson, Cheryl L 104 Peterson, Daisy M 69 Peterson, Lynn M 118 Petkas, Virginia 70, 215 Petree, Betty J. 70, 208, 218. 219. 220. 221, 229 Petsche. Mirtha M 125.207 Pfaff, Carolyn J 104 Pfaff, Karen E 118 Pfaff. Pamela K 104 Phelps, Mary M 104 Phillips, Alice C 70,215 Phillips, Amelia A 118, 209 Phillips, Doris L 104. 184 Phillips, Gladys 1 126, 127 Phillips, Karen A — Phillips, Kay E 104 Phillips, Martha J 90 Phillips, Mary J 104. 212, 213 Phillips, Susan Brown 118 Phillips, Twalla Gail 118 Pickard, Julia T 127 Pickard, Melba Ann 1 18, 209 Pickett, Anita E 125 Pickett. Jacquelyn 104 Pickett, Janice Rae 70 Pickle. Glenda G 125 Pickup, Lynda L 70 Pierce, Anne Louise 118 Pierce, Connie G 90 Pierce, Jean Elliott 90, 184 Pierce, Margaret A 104 Pinkston, Priscilla F 90. 212, 213 Pipkin, Janet Sue 104 Pirtle. Gloria J ' . 118,219 Piserchia, Mary Jo 118 Pitkin, Kathleen 118 Pitkin, Pamela 1 18. 218 Pitt, Jo Jane 104 Pittman, Glenda A 104, 227 Pittman, Jacqueline M 90 Pittman, Jane C 118 Pittman, Katherine A 104, 227 Pittman, Virginia M 118 Pitts, Linda E 70, 215 Piatt, Rosemary D — Pleasants, Bonnie S 118 Pleasants, Ruth E 118. 185, 224 Poe, Susan M — Poffenbaugh, Susan A 104, 228 Pomdcxter, Betty V 118. 207, 209 Polakoff, Elinor M 118 Polk, Linda 70. 160. 17S Pollard. JaneS 104 Ponzer, Carolyn P 70. 213. 214. 221 Pool, Nclda W 70 Poole, Marilyn S 1 18, 221 Poole, Mary L ■ — Poovey, Barbara W 70 Pope, Doris B 118 Pope, Jeanne Parker 118 Pope, Patsy A 118 Poplin, Catherine L 90 Porter, Doris C 90, 214 Porter, Ellen S 118 Porter. lane R 1 18, 203 Porter, Janet Faye 90, 189, 209, 228 Porter, Pamela L 90. 219 Poston, Patricia J 90, 192 Poteat, Margaret A 70 Potter, Brcnda K 70, 198, 201 Powell, Brenda Kay 90, 208 Powell, Lynn Cooper 70 Poyner, Alpha J 90 Prakke, Petronella E. J 71, 190. 193 Pratt, Martha E 104. 209. 212, 228 Preimats, Rudite 104 Presgraves, Carol A 125 Preslar, Margaret A 104, 218 Presson, Wanda Lynn 90, 212 Preston, Martha Jane 71, 189, 208 Preston, Trena L — Prevatte, Nancy L 118 Price, Judy C 104 Price, Judy H 125, 218, 219 Price, Linda G 71, 212 Price, Martha Vickie 104 Price, Mary W 118 Price, Mildred G 104 Price, Nancy L 118 Pridgen, Mary Linda 118 Prigoff, Cheryl F 118 Prince, Ruth A 90, 179, 206, 220 Prior, Muriel A 90 Pritchard, Sandra F 104 Pritchett. Dorothy M 104, 229 Privott, Irma S 104 Proffitt, Helen L 104 Proffitt, Sandra G 118, 218 Proffitt, Sarah E 71, 212 Prophet, Diane E 118 Propst, Mae Belle 104 Prothro. Martha G 104, 218 Proud, Susan G — Pruett, Janice L 90 Pruett, Peggy J 125 Pruett. Penelope L 104 Pruitt, Patricia Ann 104, 212 Puckett. Ann K 104, 200. 225, 226 Pulley, Sandra V 104 Pullium, Ann 104 Purcell, Virginia S 90 Purdom, Anne E 118 Purgason. Barbara A 200, 219 Purgason, Barbara J 125 Puryear, Frances L 90, 209, 219 Putnam, Nancy L — Pyatt, Martha R 71 Pyles, Carol Anne 90, 178, 206 Pyshny. Joan E 90 — Q- Qualls, Eva R 90 Queen, Phillis Ann 104 Quincannon, Teresa A 104 Quinn. Millicent E 118, 225 Quinn, Peggy Ann 118 — R— Radomski, Mary Suzanne 118 Raff, Lois E 104, 226 Raines, L. Bonner 94, 104 Ramey, Ida Mae 104 Ramsey, Irvin Diann 118 Ramsey, Judy D 71, 212, 213 Rand, Judith F 90, 174, 190 Rankin, Christina M 71, 192 Rankin, Karen A 104, 185 Rankin, Mary C 118 Rankin, Oneta B 118 Ransley, Pamela — Ransley, Susanne — Raper, Linda H 104 Rappaport, Linda S 118 Ratchford, Jane H 104, 219 Ratchford, Sara Rosalind 90, 212, 219 Raulston, Sara J 118 Ray, Martha C 71, 208 Ray, Patricia A 104 Read, Suzanne F 90 Reavis, Judy R 118 Reavis, Karan A — Rector, Linda S 118 Redding, Rita G 118 Reece, Dorothy V 118 Reece, Susan M 90 Reed, Elizabeth M 90. 228 Rees, Linda C 90 Rees, Marsha L 118 Reese, Carolyn L 71 Reese, Clara J 104 Reeves, Harriet J 118 Regan, Melba L 104, 209 Reichenbach, Elise M 118 Reilly, Sandra M 118, 200, 207 Reinheimer, Nancy 1 118, 219 Reisinger, Sara L 118 Page 254 Directory Reiss, Donna R 118 Reistetter, Mary M 118 Renegar, Julia C 90. 209, 225, 228 Renegar, Kathleen N 118 Renfro, Judith M 90. 206, 219 Renfrew, Jean T 104 Reynolds, Ann T 118 Reynolds, Bobbie C 125 Reynolds, Polly A 118 Reynolds, Shirley K 118 Rhoades, Patricia Q — Rhodes, Carol L 118 Rhodes, Linda M 1 18, 200 Rhodes, Rita F 104 Rhyne, Dorothy L 90 Rice, Lynette Dee 118 Rice, Sheila E 118 Rice, Suzanne E. 71, 172, 173, 177, 179, 190, 191 Richardson, Alice S 104, 200 Richardson. Julia L 71 Richert, Carol A — Richmond. Patricia A 104 Richter. Lenora A 104 Rickards, Joan E 104 Riddle. Margaret E 187, 217 Riddle. Mary L 118, 202 Rierson, Rebecca S 125 Riley, Nancy G 72, 189, 218, 219 Rimmer, Virginia R 72 Rink, Myra L 104, 208, 221 Ripley, Elizabeth 46. 72, 187, 191, 193 Riser. Carol J 104 Ritchie, Judy E 118, 218 Robbins. Alice Lloyd 90, 209 Robbins. Beverly E 127 Robbins. Carolyn D 118 Robbins. Pamela A 1 18, 218 Roberson, Doris C 90 Roberson, Betty 104, 227 Roberson. Mamie Jo 208, 2 19 Roberts, Carol Ramona 118 Roberts, Elizabeth A 104, 209 Roberts. Pamela R 118 Roberts. Patricia A 90 Roberts. Patricia W 125 Roberts, Sandra K 118 Roberts, Susan W 104 Robertson, Patricia A 104 Robey, Janet A 118 Robinson, Anita G 118 Robinson. Dorothy G 118 Robinson, lohnnie A 118 Robinson, Mary E 118, 218 Robinson, Peggy F 118 Robinson, Sara E 104, 209 Robinson. Sydney A 104 Robson, Elizabeth A 118 Rochester, Ellen Jean 91 Roderick, Helen Jeanette 72, 193 Rodgers, Linda 104 Rodman, Susan M ■ — Roe, Marcia 118 Roe, Martha J 118 Roess. Mary E 72 Rogers, Betsy A 91, 177 Rogers, Lucy A 118, 219. 221, 224 Rogers, Martha E 91 Rogers, Martha L 91 Rogers, Mary M 104 Rogers, Minnie R 91 Rogers, Patricia Ann 72 Rogers, Reece Ann 1 19, 2 19, 224 Rogers. Virginia A 119 Rogerson, Betty Anne 72, 213, 214. 228 Romaniw, Karen P 72 Roper, Mary Gwynne 119 Rose, Janet 104 Rosen, Sharon J 119 Rosenberg, Jessie J 72, 196 Ross, Calla J 72 Ross, Elazabeth L 104, 207 Ross, Ella Lee 104 Ross, Frances V 91 Ross, Martha J 119 Ross, Mary Eloise 91 Ross, Nancy Josephine — Rosser, Carolyn E 119, 218, 228 Rossman, Juliane R 119 Roth, Nancy P 72, 177, 178 Rothman. Doreen D 119 Rounds, Penelope W 119 Rouse, Constance M 119 Rousselle, Shara M 105 Routh, Patsy J 91 Routh, Patty H 91 Rowe, Lynda M 91, 212 Rowland, Susan 105, 213 Ruben, Katharine C 119 Rubin, Judith S 119, 226 Rubin, June J — Rudisill, Elizabeth S 1 19 Ruffner. Katherine T 119 Rufty, Nan P 119 Rupard, Nancy Louise 128 Rush, Josephine T 105, 218 Rush, Vicki L 119, 209 Russ, Alice F 72 Russell, Patricia K 72, 200, 215 Rutledge. Martha R 72, 203 Ryan, Evelyn A 119, 218 Ryle, Patricia A 119 — S— Sadler, Peggy Jean 73 Safrit, Glenna C 105, 221 Sagar, Ann V 105, 184 Sain, Reta A 91, 192 Sale, Sandra K 125 Saleeby, Shirley L 108. 119 Samet, Ida R 119 Sameth, Myrna G 187 Samuel, Barbara L 105 Samuels, Patricia M 119 Sand, Lorna S 91, 205 Sandberg, Susan E 119 Sanders, Patricia M 73. 208. 218 Sandlin, Lois G 73, 215 Sandlin, Minnie C 119 Sandling, Sharon J 105 Sanford, Elizabeth A 105 Sanford, Judith A 91 Sanner, Helen J 105 Saunders, Brenda K 91 Savage, Camilla C — Sawyer, Carolyn A 119, 218 Sawyer. Susan J 119 Saxon, Rosalie W — Schaffer, Rita G 105 Schapp, Linda C 1 19 Scheffel, Barbara M 119. 187, 218 Schidlovsky. Sophie A 119 Schlein, Betsy C 119, 207, 226 Schloss, Diane K 119 Schmidt, Lynne E 91 Schmidt, Margaret L 119 Schneider, Edith L 119 Schroeder, Pamela L — Schubart, Vera A 105 Schwender, Sue A 105 Scott, Barbara Ann 73, 212, 213 Scott, Carolyn J 73, 172, 192, 215 Scott, Elizabeth 105 Scott, Glenda F 1 19 Scott, Irma H 91 Scott, Mary D 105 Scully. Martha H 119 Scurry, Julianne W 105 Sears, Catherine A 119 Sears, Nancy Jane 105, 209 Seay, Anna P 91 Secrest. Sandra L 119 Seely, An nie M 119 Segraves. Nancy L 125 Selby, Margaret E 119, 207. 212. 213, 227 Self, Rachel A 119 Seligman, Sandra E 119 Sellars, Barbara J 119 Sellers, Marilyn K 73 Sellers, Sandra S 105 Sellew, Sandra L 119 Sells, Kay F 105 Setzer, Ann H . 105 Sewell, Anita M 105 Seyk, Susanna R 119 Seymour, Jane 119, 200 Shade, Belinda A 105, 219 Shane, Ersell L 105, 219 Shank, Dorothy M .... 119 Shankle, Anne Currie 125 Sharp. Mary J 119 Sharpe, Charlotte A 105 Sharpe, Hulda J 91, 214 Sharpe, Sheron 91 Shaver, Barbara A 91 Shaw, Barbara A Shaw, Linda A 91 Shaw, Linda D 125 Shaw, Phyllis K 105. 224 Shearin, Carolyn E 105 Shearin, Carolyn J 119 Shearon, Constance 105, 203 Sheets, Alma J 125 Shell, Carol J ... 1 19 Shelton, Mary J ... 105 Shepherd, Jane E , ..119 Shepherd, Mamie 1 119, 218 Shepard, Jane H .91 Sheppard, Elizabeth A ... 119 Shepperd, Carolyn J 105 Sherrill. Anita V 119 Sherrill. Barbara Sue 119 Sherrill. Kay S 119 Sherrod, Elizabeth A — Shields. Mollie D 105 Shields, Sylvia L 105 Shigley. Jane A 119, 228 Shoe, Sylvia D 91, 212 Shoffntr, Linda C 1 19. 189 Shook, Marion L 73 Shope, Linda D 105, 207 Shope, Patricia A 105 Short, Connie W 73 Shrank, Letitia E 105, 227 Shreve, Elizabeth A 105 Shropshire, Carolyn R 119 Sidbury, Rose M 73 Sides, Frances A 119 Sigmon, Angela G 119 Sikes, Virginia L 73. 218, 220. 221 Sills, Jo A 105 Silver, Linda D 73, 180 Silverberg. Elizabeth 1 19 Simmons, Dinah S — Simmons, Mary J 218 Simpkins, Carolyn F 1 19, 209 Simpson, Doris L 105 Simpson, Sylvia A 91 Sims, Stacie S — Sinclair, Mar) ' J 119 Singer, Carolyn J 119 Singleton, Rita D 105, 204, 205 Sipe, Gloria Darlene 119 Slacum. Penelope L 73, 188, 191, 215 Slater, Eileen 105 Slaughter, Betty R 119 Slaughter, Carole A 46, 74, 172, 191 Sloan, Edith V — Sloan, Martha Carolyn 119 Sloop, Linda C 91, 209 Slusher. Pamela A 119, 209 Smathers, Anita L 105 Smathers, Katherine P 105, 185. 217 Smathers. Nancy L 1 19 Smith, Alexa J 119 Smith, Alice B 105, 209 Smith, Barbara A 119 Smith, Beulah Jane 119 Smith, Bobbie C 105 Smith, Brenda Kay 1 19 Smith, Charmian E 91 Smith. Dorothy E — Smith, Dorothy L 119 Smith, Eleanor E 74 Smith, Elizabeth A 74 Smith, Geraldine E 119, 202 Smith, Glenda M 91 Smith, Harriet R 105 Smith, Helen S 128 Smith, India 74 Smith, Jeannie M 105, 179 Smith, Leah L 105 Smith, Linda K 119 Smith. Lois H 74, 160, 206 Smith, Margaret L 125. 208, 213 Smith. Marsha P 91 Smith, Martha A 74 Page 255 Directory Smith, Martha Jo 119 Smith, Mary Lou 119 Smith, Merle E — Smith, Mimi L 1 19. 212, 221. 225 Smith, Nancy Carol — Smith, Nancy Carolyn 119 Smith, Patricia A 91 Smith, Patricia C 119. 213 Smith, Patricia S 105 Smith, Ridley T 74. 196, 197 Smith. Sandra Delores 120 Smith, Sandra Drucilla 91 Smith, Sandra L 74 Smith. Virginia E 105 Smither, Diane L 120 Smitherman, Sarah A 105 Smoilen, Mary L — Smyer, Ida G 91. 200 Smyre, Linda W 120 Snodderly, Lortne N 105 Snow, Edwina Sue 74. 105, 188 Snow, Evelyn Carole — Snuggs, Gay M 120 Snyder, Janet Maxine 120 Snyder, Phyllis M 91, 178, 229 Soiset, Virginia L 105 Solem, Christine W 218 Solomon, Judith A 120 Somers, Susanne 91 Sondey, Joann 120 Sorensen, Vickie V 213 Souther, Anne B 120 Souther, Carolyn 128. 129 Southerland. Rosa C 120 Southern, Linda R 120 Sowell, Georgette 105 Sowers, Betty J — Sowers, Elaine C 74 Sowers, Iris E 120 Soyars, Ann P 125, 178, 201 Soyars, Mary B 91, 213 Spach. Nancy J. 120 Spangler. Marjorie A 91 Sparks. Gene A 1 20, 228 Spear, Carole S ■ — Spears, Jean C 105 Speight, Martha F 105 Spencer, Barbara A 105 Spencer, Ima J 91 Spencer, Martha L 120, 219 Spencer, Nancy A 105 Spessard, Pamela D 91 Speigel. Lynn E 91 Spoon, Dorothy Louise 74 Spradley, Rachel V 91. 161 Sprinkle, Deanna S 125 Sprinkle, Sandra L 201. 205 Sprouse, Peggy J 125 Stack, Cora Blanche 105 Stackhouse, Brenda G 120 Stafford, lean D — Stafford, Mary E 105, 219 Stainback, Carol R 105 Stallings, Nancy C 105 Stamey, Rebecca Anne 91 Stanheld, Esther B 91, 203 Stanfield, Helen V 91, 206 Stanford, Paula H 105 Stankwytch, Vicky G 91 Stanley, Linda B 91 Stanley, Peggy J 74 Starling, Ann H 105 Starling, Gwendolyn J 74 Starnes, Janet L 91, 199 Starnes. Myra Lee 91 Starr, Jerri A 120 Starr, Lacy Coble 91 Stass, Joan N 75, 214 Steed, Martha J 125 Steeneck, Lois C 120 Stegman. Helen J 105 Stein, Linda R 120 Stentz, Susan E 106, 186, 220 Stephens, Rebecca A 75 Stephenson, Brenda Kay 120 Stephenson, Ella C 106 Stephenson, Patsy G 106 Stettler, Vera E 106. 207, 219 Stevenson, Ann L 106 Stewart. Judith J 106 Stewart, Judy C 106. 219 Stewart, Mary Beth 120 Stewart, Sarah F 120 Stiles, Rebecca B 75 Stilley, Ruby E 106 Stimson. Clary A 91 Stirewalt, Kay V 106, 219 Stokes, Sue R 120 Stone. Barbara Jean 75 Stone. Barbara L 120 Stone, Mary K ■ — Straughan. Helen A 75. 208 Strickrott. Carol J 92.212 Strieker. Mary D — Stroud, Barta Albright 75. 190, 191 Stroud, Rebecca A 92 Stroupe, Dorothy J 125 Stuart, Elinora L 217 Stump, Nancy R 92,215 Stumpf, Sheila K 120 Stutts, Carol L 75 Stutts, Judith C 106 Stutts, Linda K 106 Styers, Nancy A 92 Styons, Janice G 120, 219 Styons, Linda Elaine 92 Sugg. Brenda K 106, 219 Sullivan, Anne V 75. 160 Sullivan, Barbara L 120 Sullivan, Neva F 106 Sultan. Sandra P 120 Summers, Linda K 106 Summers, Patricia L 224 Summey, Ruth L 127 Sutherlin, Elsie P 106 Sutton, Glenda K 92, 174 Sutton, Gloria J 92, 212, 213 Sutton, Marilyn G 75 Sutton, Mary Ann 75, 180 Sutton, Revonda A 75 Swaim, Irene S 120 Swaim, Jo Ellen 125 Swanson, Janet A 92, 201 Swart, Margaret Ann 76 Swindell, Sandra S 92 Swisher, Cynthia E 106 Sykes, Eugenia G. 76, 179. 187. 190. 192, 215,219 — T— Talbert, Laura F — Taliferro, Esther P — Talton, Angela 76, 2 1 5 Tannenbaum, Jeanne L 92, 178. 195 Tanner, Margare t L 120 Tarleton, Harriett L 120 Tarleton, Shirley M 120 Taro, Elaine R 92, 208 Tart, Anne H 125, 162 Tart, Judith Ellen — Tart, Mildred Faye 76, 209 Tate, Anne F 125 Tate, Deanna Dawne 120 Tate, W. Yvonne 92 Taul, Virginia B 120 Taylor, Ann A — Taylor, Carolyn A 120 Taylor, Claire M 120 Taylor, Claudia E 128 Taylor, Delia H 120 Taylor, Kaye K 92, 161, 192 Taylor, Marilyn Diane 120 Taylor, Patricia E 106 Taylor, Phyllis M 120, 206, 227 Taylor, Reba 208 Taylor, Rita Francine — Taymore, Iris Jane 106 Teague. Martha Ross 106 Teague, Sylvia A 106 Teal. Claudia Jean 106. 209 Teal, Jane E 106 Temple. Nancy Ann 120 Templeton, Alice M 106, 225. 229 Tepper, Fern 120 Terrell, Nancy 208 Terrell, Rena Street 76 Terrell, Susan 120 Tesh. Almeda Frances 106. 225 Tetterton, Elizabeth J 92 Thacker, Carol R 106, 179. 208, 219 Thaxton, Patricia Ann 76. 187, 213 Theiling, Elizabeth J 120 Thing, Jean Marie 120 Thomas, Carolyn Fay 92 Thomas, Edith Merritt — Thomas, Janet Hatsell 76 Thomas, Janice Kate 76, 161. 173 Thomas, Patricia Ann — Thomas, Sara L 106, 209 Thomason, Brenda G 106 Thomason, Prudence C — Thomason, Sandra Lee 106 Thomerson, Rowena E ■ — Thompson, Barbara Jean 76 Thompson, Berry G — Thompson, Claudia 1 106. 206, 219 Thompson. Geneva Sue 76. 227 Thompson, Harriett 1 92, 206, 224 Thompson, Phyllis Ann 92, 187, 217 Thompson, Sara A 120. 201 Thompson. Toni Marie 76 Thorns, Mary Beth 120, 227 Thorne, Ellen Elizabeth 92, 185, 187, 217 Thornhill, Marian Frances 92. 21 3. 21 I Thornton, Bre nda J 106 Thornton, Willie Jane 125 Thrasher. Connie C 125 Thrasher. Margaret E 120 Threatt. Nancy Wood 106 Tice. Barbara E 106 Ticehurst, Laurie Jean — Tinkham, Anna Frances 76. 184, 212 Tissue, Carol Ann 106 Titus, Charlotte L 106 Todd, Patricia Ann 106, 187. 206, 226 Tomson. Susan W 214 Toney, Brenda Mae 92 Topodas, Katherine J 120 Torpy, Lynn Ethel 92, 187. 219. 221, 224 Towe, Catherine B 106, 219 Towe, Susan Madeline 92, 213 Towery, Nancy Dalton 92 Townsend, Jamis C 106, 201 Townsend, Smantha Ann 120 Trauben, Marilynn E 106 Traynham. Janice Calva 92 Trexler. Martha Warren 92 Tribble. Anina 106 Tripp, Judith L 120, 225, 226 Tripp. Rosalie Holmes 92 Trogdon, Garlie B 106 Trott. Sara Anne 106, 178 Troxler. Martha A 106 Tucker. Catherine L 92, 206 Tucker, Katherine Ann 1 20, 2 1 3 Tucker, Sylvia Bedford 76 Tudor, Jane Powell 106 Tueche, Rita Dean 120 Turban, Mary Kathryn 120 Turk, Margaret Ann 125 Turkelson, Hazel Ann — Turner, Betsy Rose 106 Turner, Jeanne Marie 106 Turner, Judith Wilson 92 Turner, Judy Lynn 92 Turner, Ruth 77 Turner, Virginia Dianne 125 Tuttle. Susan E — Tweed. Rosalind Shelton ■ — Twiddy, Phyllis K 120, 218 Twigg, Susan Esther 106 Tyndall, Linda Faye 120, 228 Tyson, Donza E — — U— Ulrey, Dale C L ' nderwood, Marion L 106, L ' nderwood, Sandra N Upchurch, Rose Andrea LIpchurch, Tanya K L ' pright, Mary Levon 120, 207, L ' slier, Linda Faye Llssery, Jean M 106 2 IS 106 120 92 227 120 — V— Vail, Marilyn Irene 106. 206. 20 " Van Arsdale. Susan H 120 Page 256 Directory Vanderburg, Dorothy Ann 92, 193 Vanderburg. Rachel E 106 Vann, Linda Carole 92. 183 Vannoppen, Mary Carter — Van Poucke, Margaret B 92 Vanzant. Charlotte 92 Vanwegen. Christine A 120 Vassey. Dorothy Susan 120, 17-4 Vaughan. Brenda Ann 125 Vaughn. Carolyn E 120. 185. 189. 209 Vaughn, Emily Carolyn 77 Vaughn, Evanna Lee 125 Vaughn, Martha Jane 106 Vaughn, Mary Jean — Vaughn, Patricia Ann 92 Vaughn. Suzanne 106 Vaughn. Sylvia Dale 77. 178. 208 Venable. Mary Dianne — Vernon, Linda Gertrude 77 Vestal. Bernice 127 Vestal. Charlotte Ann 92. 178, 179 Vester. Mary Richard 120 Vick. Barbara Lois 120 Vick. Mary Denise 77. 209. 224 Victor, Rena Lynn 106 Viguers, Diane E 120 Vinick, Beth Ann 106. 174 Vitsky, Barbara Lee 106 — W— Waddell. Katherine J 125 Wade, Virginia Louise 120 Wagner, Connie Dell 106 Walker, Annette E 120 Walker. Gayle Yvonne 106 Walker. Isabel Jean 92 Walker. Joella H 120 Walker, Mary Arden 120 Walker. Vickey Lynn 127 Wallace, Ann Louise 120 Wallace. Gelia Bryson 128 Wallace. Marie K 120 Wallace. Mary Susan 120 Walsh, Brenda Priscilla 92 Walter, Starling Anne 120 Walters, Agnes Jane — Walters, Carolyn Jane 92, 219 Walters, Nancy Jo 125 Ward, Linner Marie 92, 215 Ward, Minnie C 106, 206 Warden, Johnna L 120 Ware, Judith Ann 125 Warner, Julia Ann 120. 212. 219 Warner, Vivian Hope 120 Warren. Dorothy Lou 92. 201, 209 Warren, Wanda Rose 120 Washburn, Helen Joanne 92 Washburn, Katherine 92 Waterfield, Diana J 120 Waters, Alma Lee 77, 192 Waters, Mary E 92 Waters, Molly Jo 106 Watkins. Elia Jane 120 Watkins, Georgiana 106, 203 Watson, Judy Lynn 107 Watson, Marilyn Jo 107 Watson, Mary Alyce 120, 219. 220 Watson, Sonja Grae 92 Watts, Nancy L 107 Waynick. Cornelia A 107. 185 Weatherford. Cheryl 121 Weathers. Mary M — Weaver, George Ann — Weavil, Jeanne L 107 Webb. Bonnita Mae — Webb. Carol Fuller 77 Webb, Mary Randolph 121 Webersen, Frances L 107, 208. 218 Webster, Linda Lee 181 Webster. Roxanne L 121 Wehner. Lynn Helen — Weir, Carol Eugenia 77 Welborn. Judith Anne 107 Welch, Linda Arleen 107, 219 Wellons, Diana 107 Wellons, Joyce Marie 121 Wells, Beverly Ann 92, 224 Wells, Gay Gordon 92 Wenstrand. Sally S 121 Wesley, Judith Lynne 121 West, Ann Barbette 121 West, Brenda Joan 128 West, Sarah M 107 Westbrook, Jeanne M 77, 208, 218, 219 Wester, Joyce 207 Wharton, Billie Leslie 121 Whedbee, Carole Jean 121 Whedbee. Ella Rae B enda 92 Whedbee. Lucy Ann 121 Wheeler, Donna Sue — Wheeler, Margaret F 93. 174, 178 Whitaker, Jean Graham 121, 218 White, Anita Louise 107. 208. 218 White. Ann Stewart — White. Cary Horner 121 White. Delia Mae 121 White, Donna Marie 107 White, Hannah E 93, 183. 190, 224 White. Irene — White. Irma Laura 125 White, Jan Carolyn 93, 209 White, Judyth Allan 121 White, Julia Anne — White, Willie Jeane 121 Whiterield. Elizabeth 93, 212, 227 Whitehead. Norma G 93 Whitener. A. Kathryn 126, 127 Whitener, Edith Lee 121 Whitener, Sandra C 107. 208. 218 Whitesides, Linda C 107 Whitesides, Martha 1 107 Whitley. Carolyn L 121, 215, 227 Whitley, Emily Sue 121 Whitley. Jimmie Lee 77, 160 Whitley, Judy Carol 121 Whitley. Karen Belle 93 Whitley. Patricia E 107 Whitsett, Jo Ann 107 Wicker. Lyda Gale 93 Wicks, Lynne Rae 107, 229 Widenhouse, Ila Jean 77, 188 Wiegand, Carole M 107 Wiggins, Agness Ann 121 Wiggins, Anne Louise 121 Wiggins, Judith Ellen 77, 209, 227, 229 Wilber, Stephanie Jane — Wilcher, Gloria J — Wild, Judith Coffin — Wilkerson. Mattie Carole 93, 192, 214 Wilkins, Evelyn V 107 Wilkins, Gwendolyn G 121 Wilkinson, Barbara 195, 215 Willett, Brenda Bntt — Williams, Anna P 121, 224 Williams, Brenda K 121 Williams, Carol Ann 121 Williams. Carol Fay 125 Williams, Carol Self 78 Williams, Charlotte M 78, 172, 201, 205 Williams. Eleanor Gail 121, 187 Williams, Elva J 78 Williams, Emily Louise 121 Williams, Hazel Dodson 93 Williams, Jeanette A 107 Williams, Jewel Sydney 93, 213 Williams, Julia Reid 93 Williams, Katie Lou 93. 208 Williams, Kippie Lynda 121, 212. 213 Williams, Lois Anne 78 Williams, Martha Ellen 121 Williams, Nancy E 225 Williams, Nancy H 121 Williams, Nancy J 78 Williams, Patty Faye 121 Williams, Sharon R 107 Williams, Susan Frances — Williams, Sylvia Inez 93 Williams, Treva E 127 Williams, Virginia A 78 Williamson. Ann Pearson 93, 209 Williamson, Lucy M 94, 107 Williamson, Mary L 121 Williamson. Nancy C 78 Willis. Marion Jean 107. 208, 218 Willis, Mary Lee 78 Willis, Miriam Louise 78 Wilson, Alice Barnette 121 Wilson, Barbara E 107. 212 Wilson. Beth Crawford 78 Wilson, Brenda Kay 121 Wilson, Carol Faye 125 Wilson. Glenda Ann 125 Wilson, Harriett Anne 209 Wilson, Joyce Louise 107 Wilson, Julia Anne 121 Wilson, Martha Jane 125 Wilson, Nora Ellen 121. 187 Wilson, Patty E 107 Wilson, Roberta Ann 107 Wilson, Thelma Elaine 78 Wimberly. Norma J 107, 219 Winchester, Ann Henry 127 Winchester. Julia Delores 107, 209 Windham, Carol Ann 107, 207 Windley, Sandra Kling 78 Winecoff, Edith L 78 Winn. Mary Jo 93 Wmstead, Brenda Sue 79 Winstead, Judy Dalton 93 Winstead, Laura L 121 Winstead, Lura Dean 93, 214 Winstead. Mamie Webb 121 Winstead. Sandra Kay 121, 213 Winston, Judith Ann 93, 195 Winton, Nadine B 121, 226 Winter. Nancy Ellen 107. 228 Wirick, Kathryn M 121 Wise, Scotty Louise 93, 221 Wisenburg, Cynthia Ann 121 Withers, Elizabeth P 79, 179 Wohlbruck. Joyann L 79 Wolfe, Anna Grace 93 Wolfe, Elizabeth P 79 Wolfe, Judith Wright 9-i. 10 " ? Wolfe, Mary M 121 Womack. Juanita Kay 93 Wood, Alda E 107 Wood, Sandy Hamrick 121 Woodard, H. Brooks 79 Woodell. Sandra Lea 107 Woodhouse, Susanne J 93. 221 Wooding, Marcia A — Woodward, Carolyn J 121 Woodward, Katherine Sue 79 Woolley, Kathryn Agnes 93 Woosley, Phyllis Anne 121 Worsley, Lydia Ann 121 Worthington, (elaine A 121 Wrape, Judith Ann 79. 190, 191. 193. 200 Wray, Connie Dale 121 Wray, Janie Cline — Wrenn, Barbara Ann 121.161, 209 Wrenn, Barbara Elizabeth 93 Wright, Barbara Lee 121 Wright, Judith Lee 107 Wright. Sara Elizabeth 93, 174 Wright. Shirley Dean 121 Wright. Sylvia Anne 79. 178, 208 Wurst, Judith Ann 79 Wyatt, Linda Carroll 121 Wyche, Elizabeth F 79. 17-1. 178, 208 Wynne, Janet Kay 107 Wyre, Mintha Ann 93 Wyrick, Brenda Eugenia 93 Wyrick, Evelyn Charlene 107 — Y— Yancey, Jane W 107. 2 1 1 Y ' andell, Mary Jane — Yarbrough, Martha Ann 93 Yarbrough, Sarah K 121 Yates, Joyce Ruth 121 Yates, Margaret Ilene 93 Yelton, Anna G 93, 184, 189, 209 York, Cecelia Faye 121, 209 Yorke, Barbara Jane 121 Yost, Frances E 79 Young, Linda Ruth 121, 207 Young. Elizabeth 122, 125 Young, Nancy Abigail — Young. Susan Elizabeth 121 Yuunt, Martha Ann 121 Yount. Mitzi Jean 107 — Z— Zehring, Patricia . 107 Zimmerman, Carol O — 257 Organization Index Page Academics 17 Administration 18 Advertisements 231 Alpha Kappa Delta 193 American Home Economics Association 209 Association for Childhood Education 212 Band 221 Baptist Student Union 227 Basketball 205 Beta Beta Beta 192 Caduceus Club 214 Canterbury Club 227 Carolinian Staff 194 Chamber Orchestra 220 Chemistry Club 214 Choir 218 Chorale 219 Christian Science Organization 225 Classes 45 Class Beauties 162 Class of 1963 47 Class of 1964 81 Class of 1965 95 Class of 1966 109 Commercial Class 123 Comercial Class Officers 122 Committee on Legislation 178 Consolidated University Council 177 Consolidated University Queen 135 Coraddi Staff 196 Counselors 180 Court of Social Regulations 174 Department of Art 28 Department of Biology 29 Department of Business Education 36 Department of Chemistry 30 Department of Classical Civilization 43 Department of Drama and Speech 32 Department of Economics 33 Department of English 32 Department of Geography 34 Department of German and Russian 35 Department of Health 34 Department of History 33 Department of Mathematics 31 Department of Nursing Education 40 Department of Philosophy 43 Department of Physical Education 41 Department of Physics 30 Department of Psychology 39 Department of Romance Languages 35 Department of Sociology and Anthropology 39 Districting Committee 179 Dolphin-Seal 203 El Circulo Hispanico 207 Elections Board 179 Elliott Hall 184 Executive Cabinet 172 Faculty 23 Finance Board 178 First Year Nursing 128 Four-H Club 209 Freshman Class Officers 108 Gamma Alpha 208 Gamma Delta 225 German Club 207 Glee Club 219 Page Golden Chain 190 Graduate Nurses 129 Handbook Committee 178 Hillel 226 History Club 215 Honor Court 174 Inter-Faith Council 229 Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 226 Junior Class Officers 80 Junior House Presidents 182 Le Cercle Francais 206 Legislature 176 Lutheran Students Association 225 Marshals 160 Masqueraders 217 Medical Technologists Club 214 Modern Dance Group 203 Moravian Fellowship 225 Mu Phi Epsilon 208 National Society of Interior Designers 215 National Student Association 187 Newman Club 228 Nursing Class Officers 126 Omicron Nu 189 Orchestra 220 Organizations 171 Outstanding Seniors 191 Phi Alpha Theta 192 Phi Beta Kappa 188 Pi Delta Phi 192 Pi Kappa Lambda 189 Pine Needles Beauty Queen 168 Pine Needles Staff 198 Points Committee 179 Psi Chi 193 Psychology Club 210 Readers and Writers Club 211 Recreation Association 201 School of Education 37 School of Home Economics 38 School of Music 42 Second Year Nursing 127 Senior Class Officers 46 Senior House Presidents 180 Service League 185 Sigma Alpha 189 Sigma Delta Pi 193 Social Science Forum 187 Sociology Club 215 Sophomore Class Officers 94 Special Events 150 Square Circle Club 206 State Student Legislature Delegation 179 Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee 178 Student Government Association 172 Student Life 131 Student National Education Association 213 Theatre 217 Town Student ' s Organization 186 L ' nited Campus Christian Fellowship 228 Volleyball 204 WUNC-TV 216 Wesley Foundation 224 Westminster Fellowship 224 Young Democrats Club 213 Young Republicans Club 212 Page 258 About The Pine Needles As you close the 1963 Pine Needles, we hope you have read it and enjoyed it. Many changes were brought about this year to give what we consider a better por- trayal of Woman ' s College. An academic section of sixteen pages was included, to place accent upon the outstanding features of our academic institution, mentioning some contributions of our faculty in research and professional areas. We were fortunate to be able to include formal portraits of the faculty members. Although Woman ' s College is a large school, the tie between students and faculty is great. Student life was greatly expanded in the ' 63 Pine Needles. This is one area of campus life that never fails to be interesting. We tried to cover the major campus events of the year, such as registration. Hats Off Day, Junior Show, and graduation, to name a few, as well as the daily ones. The book was increased twelve pages this year, and space throughout was reapportioned to enable us to include more of the activities of the Recreation Associa- tion, the departmental clubs, the religious groups, and other organizations which have been neglected in the past. An increased effort has been made this year to write interesting and informative copy. We have included many more write-ups than in the past. The material merits reading; give it a try. Use of feature heads, rather than label heads, is another, we feel, successful change in the book. Many thanks go to the staff members of the Pine Needles: Br end a Meadows — one of the most valuable staff members, who helped enthusiastically on other sections, particularly student life, when her own was complete. Virginia Minis — for her interest and conscientious- ness in doing her job well, for helping willingly with last minute problems. Janet Starnes — who spent many hours and devoted much thought toward getting good pictures for the academic section. Janet also wrote much of the copy for this section. Jo Ippolito — for the expedience with which she han- dled the student life section. Jo had the largest section in the book, in that it was not sub-divided among other editors, and did a beautiful job with pictures of the class beauties and special events, as well as campus life. Brenda Potter — to whom credit for the fine opening section may be given. This section was developed around the familiar words of the Senior Class song. Judy Wrape and her copy staff — for their co-opera- tion and efficiency in writing more copy and heads than we have had in any other recent Pine Needles; Minta Hobbs — who worked diligently during a tight schedule with the clubs, honoraries, and religious groups; Janice Hawkins — who devoted uncountable hours to compil- ing a complete index; Ida Edwards, Celia Donaldson, Mary Alice Edson, Lydia Leonbardt, Pat Russell, Anne Hinnant, Cary Clarke, Alice Davenport, Jean Newland, Judy Boch, Mary Ann Crocker, Phyllis Bostic, Nancy Hefner, Ellen Mayo, and the many staff assistants — who likewise devoted much time in working on the ' 63 Pine Needles. A special note of thanks goes also to: Mr. Price Coursey — from Charlotte Engraving Com- pany, who, as " advisor, " spent so many faithful hours helping us; Mr. Carol Martin and Mr. Malcolm Miller — of Martin ' s Studio, who were so gracious and co- operative in taking pictures at all hours of the day and night; Air. E. L. Thomas — who also came over most willingly at any time to photograph campus events; Mr. Frank Fleming — of Washburn Printing Company; Mr. A. F. Smith and Mr. Harrison Scott — of Smith Studios; and Air. Albert Wilkinson — from the News Bureau. We could hardly have managed without their valuable assistance. The ' 63 Pine Needles represents a lot of hard work by a great many people. The staff hopes you, the stu- dent body, thoroughly enjoy it. We have tried to present you and the ' 62- ' 63 year at Woman ' s College as you have lived it. LINDA NELSON, Editor Page 259

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