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The Woman ' s College of The University of North Carolina LIBRARY COLLEGE COLLECTION Gift of The Senior Class, 1959 n Pine Woman ' s College University of IV. C Cireensboro. orlli Carolina Sfeodle$ Editor-in-Chief MARY DALE SHUE Managing Editor FRANCES SIDES Manager MARIE MOORE COLLEGE SONG We raise our voices; let them swell In a chorus loud and strong; The rolling hills send back the sound Of our triumphant song. For in one great unbroken band With loyal hearts, and true Your daughters stand, and hand in hand Sing, college, dear, to you. Our college days run swiftly by, And all too soon we part; But in the years that are to come, Deep graven on each heart. Our motto, " Service, " " 1 will remain, And service we will do. And as we serve our hearts will turn, O college dear, to you. Dear Alma Mater, strong and great, We never shall forget The gratitude we owe to you — A never-ending debt ; All honor to your name we give And love we pledge anew, Unfailing loyalty we bring, O college dear, to you. Words by Laura Weil Cone, ' 10 Pagr 4 1 _ j — i _ E H. {41 1 WBB 1 1 ' K 1 ■ 4 I i ! aQJP . KVt : %P B R Ft flinti pJ- tilt r EL - rJ " S £ ■ jfci - THE ELEGANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF ELLIOTT HALL ON A MISTY TUESDAY NIGHT. Page 5 210401 OiAouJta tM C mfttoi . . . THE QUAD The entrance to our rid the quad you go ELLIOTT HALL Elegance, beauty — dreamy dances; twinkling Christmas tree lights; art exhibits: a varied assortment constituting the center of social life at Woman ' s College. LIBRARY Dignity of structure; .1.1. ..I knowledge; scone of count- less hours of studying: the intellectual center of Woman ' s College. Smoke filled SODA SHOP al conversations; a hurried snack; a between-class stopover: the scene of the " get together " at Woman ' s College. Page 7 • • • ADMINISTRATION BUILDING The dire need for the ID card when cashing a cheek; the happy (?) visits to the Class Chairman ' s, the Registrar ' s, and the Dean ' s offices: the center of the ruling body at Woman ' s College. HOME ECONOMICS The horrors of pattern construction, sophomore introduction to Chaucer. The many cooking labs with burned fingers. Page 8 SCIENCE BUILDING ad of fre§hman biology; those countless lab hours for najors: the long trek to the Physics Lecture Room movies: , the center of scientific knowledge at Woman ' s College. FORNEY The click of typewriters the weariness of machines lab: the puzzling problem of numbers, facts, and figures: the budding of efficiency : the center of busi- ness education at Woman ' s College. Page 9 a;; ] AYCOCK Migration to mass meeting; the spectacular of staged productions; the inspiration of lectures and forums; Saturday night movies: the center of special presentations at Woman ' s College. INFIRMARY The restful atmosphere; the ever-present thermometer: the necessity for one ' s medical record; the never- ending pills; the present home of nursing education: the health center at Woman ' s College. we Page 10 McIVER STATUE The magnitude of his wisdom; the foresight of his judgment: his guiding principles, the basis for past progress; his high ideals, the inspiration for future achievements. PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING The variety of every sport and dance; the energetic instructor; the hectic race from the Science Building to Coleman; the hard-working PE majors: the center of physical education at Woman ' s College. Page 1 1 is PEABODY The long walks; the hiologv excursions; the beauty of the springtii land: the center of rustic surroundings at Woman ' s College. Page 12 MAIL BOX The daily dash to catch the mailman; the necessity of writing letters before one receives them : the center of the biggest traffic problem at Woman ' s College. GOLF COURSE The rolling hills; the heauly of the sunset; the enthusiasm of the golfer a eenter of outdoor recreation at Woman ' s (lollege. CORNER The patient proprietor; the diligent searches; the leisurely coffee breaks; the across the street: the metropolis of Woman ' s College shoppers. Page 13 — 1 u — 1 p In. Chancellor ' s welcoming smile i plemenled bv his embroidered handkerchief • ' ! Like Girls " To Gordon W. Blackwell, our Chancellor, we proudly dedicate the 1959 edition of Pine Needles. Since July 1, 1957, when he hecame our Chancellor, we have confidently relied upon him for capable leadership and guidance. The school could have no better f riend or more loyal supporter than Dr. Blackwell. His greatest wish is for growth and im- provement in the college, and he works diligently toward those ends. The white handkerchief in Dr. Blackwell ' s coat pocket, which he invites the students to see, says " I Like Girls, " and any girl who goes close enough to read that message and says a word to the Chan- cellor can say honestly, " I like Chancellor Black- well. " We do like him; we respect and admire him, and we are extremely proud to say that we have him to lead and direct our college. The hustle and excitement his robe for his inausuratic Millie and Blair help their father into ■ I r» j i v mm ■M BS PvSBE Wi vr 11 Our Classmates Pages 20-145 Organizations and Clubs Pages 146-189 Special Events Pages 190-211 Administration and Faculty Pages 212-225 How good a bed feel; at the end of a day. You do know of a l etle way to waste time! Page 22 e Lscc . . . ' ' Girls, is that required literature? Not all students go to the librarv to stud Page 23 k d Qu Oh, how nice those greenbacks! As ihe wonders of winter fall Page 24 Study break The Horrors of Home E a H Page 25 SENIOR ClASS SONG To W. C. our song we raise, A loyal melody of praise, We stand together bound in love, Seeking guidance from above. We pledge ourselves in word and deed, To always help where we see need, And we will leave behind each day, A light to guide another ' s way. Oh, we are the girls in red and white, And we ' ll stand bold on any sight, Our fame will live throughout all time. For we are the class of ' 59. Page 26 pS»A z: 1 «r I » -« ft " V B ■ kf i • » ■ H Ml -% - £ fe ? 1 r l B « ... 4 , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Renna McNair Cheerleader Christine McNeil Treasurer Sue Dudley Secretary Mary Louise Coleman Vice-President Jeannie Leslie President ish into reality " Senior " Eleanor Kimball — already beginning her efficient young teacher ' DIGNIFIED SENIORS? - - Arkerman Allen Anderson, F. Aldridge Anderson, M. JAYNE ANNE ACKERMAN Bethlehem, Pennsylvania U.S., Physical Education Moravian College; Carolinian, Sports Writer (2); Honor Roll (3); Curriculum Committee (3, ll; Section Leader (2); Junior Advisor (3); Choir (2); St. Mai - Church Group; Recreation Association I 2. 3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (3. 4) ; Camp Counselors Club 12, 3) ; Co-Of (2, 3, 4); Golf Club (2, 3, 4); Caduceus Club (3, 4). JACQUELINE ELAINE LATTIMORE ADAMS Shelby B.S.i Home Economics Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3); Home Economies Club (1, 2, 3); Student Education Association (2, 3); Dorm Committees (1. 3); 4-H Club (2, 3). MARY LEA ALDRIDGE Greensboro A.B.. English Junior Show (3); Masqueraders (2, 3), Vice-President (4); Town Students Hall Board (3, 4) ; Student Education Association (4) ; Dance Group (2. 3); Dorm Committees (1, 2); Woman ' s College Theater (1, 2, 3, 4); Senior Council (4). MARY CHARLOTTE ALEXANDER Charlotte A.B., English Canterbury Club (1. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3); Camp Counse- lors Club ll, 2. 3); Co-Of (ll; Le Circle Francais (1, 2); Young Republicans (1, 2) . PATRICIA KATHRYN ALLAN Albemarle B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textiles Carolinian News Staff ll); Sen ice League 111; Section Leader (3); Elliott Hall Council (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1, 21; Junior Show (3); Special Events Committee ll. 21. NANCY DAWN ALLEN Greensboro B.S.S.A., Business Education Carolinian Business Manager ill : Town Students ll. 2. 3. 41 ; Choir ill; Square Circle (2 1 ; Gamma Alpha (3. 4 1 ; German Club 1 1. 2). ELMA FRANCES ANDERSON Mars Hill B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Mars Hill College; Home Economics Club (3, 4); Student Education Association (4); Hall Board (4). MARIS MURELLE ANDERSON Enfield B.S.H.E., Home Econontics Canterbury Club 1 2. 3. 4l ; Home Economics Club (3. 4l ; S. E. A. 13. 4); Dorm Committees (2, 3); Junior Show (3); Tap Dance Group ll). AMELIA DELANEY ARDREY Pineville B.F.A.. Advertising Pine Needles ll) Masqueraders 13. 4); Dorm Committees I L I : Coraddi Club 14): Woman ' s College Theater (3. 4): Ail Club ll. 2. 3); Classical Civilization Club (3); Elliott Hall Fine Arts Committee 13); Dorm Council (3). BETTY BRUCE ARNOLD Elkir B.A., Biology Judicial Board 13); Medical Technologists (3,4). West Vii Page 30 1959 SENIORS Arrowood Atkinson i Baker Bame ] CAROLYN FAYE ARROWOOD Dallas B.S.H.E., Education Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Dorm Representative 14); Student Education Association (4); Dorm Committees (2, 4); Le Circle Francais (1, 2, 3, 4); Fine Arts Committee (2. 3). JANICE BAUM ATKINSON Farmville it. (.. Sociology Cheerleader (1); Marshal (3. 4); Carolinian Circulation Staff (2); Section Leader (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (1); Sociology Club (4), Officer (3); Dorm Committees (1, 4). MARY LOU AVERITT Sledman .4.B., Primary Education Section Leader (1) Wesley (1, 4), Council 12); Botany Club (3); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (3); Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (3). JOAN RIDDLE BACKAT Rocky Mount 4. II., English Marshal (4); Beauty (3); Maid of Honor (4); C. U. Queen (3); Section Leader 11); Le Circle Francais (1, 2). NORMA FAYE BAINES Enfield B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration Senior Elections Chairman (4); Section Leader (4); Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley, Treasurer (3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Dorm Com- mittees (2, 3, 4); N. S. A. (2). I Backat Baines e Barrett Barrow PATRICIA DnPREE BAKER Southern Pines B.S.H.E.. Home Economic) Education Student Education Association (4); 411 Club (3, 4). ALICE JOANNE BAME Newton MATTIE IRENE BARBEE Oakboro B.A., Biology Medical Technology Pfeiffer College; Botany Club (4); Chemistry Club ( 1. 2, 3); Medical Technologist (3, 4); Student Educational Association (4). BETTY BARRETT Charlotte A.B., History Parliamentarian (2); Carolinian News Editor (3). Editor-in-Chief (4) ; C. U. Council (4) ; Social Science Committee (4) ; Sigma Delta Pi (2, 3, 4) ; State Student Legislature (2, 3, 4). ALMA ELIZABETH BARROW Oak Ridge B.S.H.E., Teacher Education Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Education Association (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (2, 3, 4). Page 31 k J Batten Belhea Black Blankenbeclr CAROL MARIE BATTEN Thomasville B.F..-L, Art Education Honor Roll (3); Dance Committee (41: Elliott Hall Chorus ill: S. E. A. (4); Spanish Club (2); Dorm Committees U); Art Club (1, 2, 3. 4). JANE ELLEN BAUCOM Banner Elk B.S.S.A., Business Education Lees McRae Junior College (1, 2); Elliott Hall Chorus (3); West- minster (41 ; Gamma Alpha I 3. 41 : S. E. A. (3) : Dorm Committees (3, 4); Tap Dance Group (3, 4); Young Republican Club (3). BARBARA ALICE BENNETT Raleigh B.S.H.E., Housing and Management Canterbury (1. 2, 3, 4), Vestry (41 ; Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 41; Dance Group (2); Dorm Committees (1. 3); Junior Show (3). JEAN MORTON BENNETT Wilmington B.M., Music Education Junior Advisor; Elliott Hall Chorus (1); Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); West- minster Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Music-Education Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Tap Club (1). FERIBA ANN BERRY Wilmington A.B., Primary Education Honor Roll (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (3); Choir (1), Secretary (2); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (2, 3, 4); Fine Arts Committee (3, 4) ; Junior Show (3). BEVERLY JUNE BETHEA McCoIl, Sonili Carolina B.S.H.E., Clothing and Textiles Marshal (3, 4); Service League (4); Junior-Senior Dance Chairman (3) ; Junior Advisor (31 ; Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chemistry Club (3) ; Home Economics Club (2. 3, 4l ; Spanish Club (1. 2): Dorm Com- mittees (1, 2) ; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (3, 4) ; Junior Show (3. 4). KAREN DOLORES BLACK Charleston, South Carolina A.B., Chemistry Legislature (2. 3); Section Leader (2); Junior Advisor (3): Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3, 4); Chemistry Club (2, 3. 4); Dorm Com- mittees (1. 3. 4); Le Circle Francais (1. 2); Secretary, Points Committee (31; Hall Board (41. PATRICIA ANN BLACKBURN Ingold • ' .(.. Sociology Carolinian News Staff (2); Major ' s Voice, Co- Editor (3); Wesley (1. 2. 3, 41. Council (1. 2. 3i: Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committees ( 1, 3, li : Camp Counselors Club (1. 2), Presidenl (3, 4); Co-Of (1. 2. 3); Golf Club (3); Le Circle Francais (1); Dorm Council I 2 I . JOYEUSE ANN BLANKENBECLER Kingsport, Tenr, (. . ' .. Primary Education Elections Board III; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2) ; Westminster (1) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3) ; Le Circle Francais (2) ; Young Republican Club ill; Special Events Committee (3, 4); Junior Show. LOU ANNE BLEVINS Roseboro A .B., Primary Education Section Leader (2) ; B. S. U. 1 1 1 ; S. E. A. (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1); Junior Show; Elliott Committee (1). Page 32 1959 SENIORS Boggs Km kin Bost Bradley Boswell Bradsher RITA RAE BOGGS Greensboro I.H.. Elementary Education Secretary, S. C. A. (3); Secretary, Sophomore Class (2); Marshal (4) ; Class Editor of Pine Needles 1 31 ; Honor Roll (1, 2, 3) ; Stu- dent-Faculty Reviewing Committee (3); Service League (3); Daisy Chain Chairman 1 21 ; Dance Committee (1, 2) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Wesley (1, 2, 31 ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Hall Board (1. 3, 4). PATRICIA FOIL BOST Eagle Springs B.S.H.E., Home Economics Junior Advisor (3) ; Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Wesley Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (2, 3). Social Chairman (41; 4-H Club (1,2,3,4); Junior Show 13). MRS. JEANNE JENKINS BOSWELL Burlington (. ' .. Sociology Pine Needles (1); Sociology Club (3, 4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (3). KATIE ANN BOYD Waynesville B.S.H.E., Institution Management Carolinian, Circulation Manager (31; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y. D. C. (2, 4) ; Senior Council. SADYE ANNE BOYD Raleigh B.M., Instrumental Music Education Honor Roll (3); Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2, 3. 4); Chamber Music Group (1, 2. 3. 4); Music-Education Club (1); Woman ' s College Theater (3, 4) ; Hall Board 13) ; Junior Show (3). CAROL DEE BOYKIN Wilson 4.B., English Honor Roll (1, 2, 3) ; Choir (1) ; S. E. A. (2, 4) ; Dorm Committees ll); Special Events Committee (2, 3); Hall Board (4). MARTHA STACY BRADLEY Roeky Mount B.A., Primary- Education MRS. VIRGINIA BASS BRADSHER Greensboro B.S.H.E., Home Economics Teacher Dance Committee (2); Town Students (3. 4t; Westminster Fellow- ship (2); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4); S. E. A. (4l ; Dorm Committees (1, 2); Y. W. A. (1). BILLIE ETTA BREWER Winston-Salem A.B., Elementary Education Honor Roll (3t; Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee 14): Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Hall Board (2, 3, 4) ; Legislature Member (4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). PATRICIA ESTELLE BRINTNALL Bryson City B.S.H.E., Home Economics Choir (1); Westminster (1.2. 3. 4) : Band (1); Dance Band (1. 21 ; Junior Show; Dorm Council 1 1. 3): Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4 1 : Le Circle Francais ( 2. 3. 4 1 . Page 33 I!, hi., n Brown, L. Br Brovhill Bruton Br MARY ELIZABETH BRITTON Williamston B.S., Home Economics Honor Roll 131 ; Greensboro Symphony Orehestra (2) ; Wesley (1, 2. 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (It ; N. S. A. (4) ; W. C. Band (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary- Treasurer (4). LENORE ANN BROWN Rocky Mount A.B., History Section Leader (2t ; Dance Committee (2. 31 ; Wesley; S. E. A. (4) ; Dance Group (1) : Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Le Circle Francais (2. 3); V. D. C. Treasurer (41; History Club (2, 3, 4). PAULA KAY BROWN Weaverville A.B.. Elementary Education Mai Hill Jr. College (1) ; Choir ( 1, 2 1 ; Botany Club (2l ; S. E. A. (3, 4). SALLY FAYE BROWN Rockv Mount B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Daisy Chain (2); B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3) ; 4-H Club (4). HELEN MARSHALL BROWNING Fort Meade, Maryland B.S.S.A.. Secretary Elliott Hall Council (3t; Junior Advisor (3); Canterbury Club Brown. S. Brvan, R. Browning Burncttc 11.2, 3. 4l. Visiting Committee (2): Gamma Alpha (3. 4l; Spanish Club (3); Dorm Committees (1, 21; Junior Show (3); Elliotl Hall Special Events Committee (1). VIRGINIA HAMILTON BROYHILL Lenoir EVELYN B. BRl TON Candor B.S.H.E., Home Economics Junior Advisor (31; Wesley Foundation; Home Economics Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dorm Committees 1 1, 2. 3. 41 ; Camp Counselors Club (2, 4); Dolphin-Seal (21; Junior Show. LINDA LEE BRYAN Graham A.B.. Primary Education S. E. A. (4). RUTH EVELYN BRYAN Asheville B.S.H.E., Home Economics Honor Roll (3) ; Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; S. E. . (3, 4 1 : Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Legislature (3, 4); Marshal 4l. LORETTA JOAN BURNETTE Highlands A.B.. Elementary Education Honor Roll (31 ; Y. W. C. A. I 3. 4) ; B. S. II. (3. 4) ; S. E. A. (3. 4 ; Recreation Association (3); Dorm Committees (4). Page 34 1959 SENIORS Bush Bvrd Caldwell Cannon, C. Can MARY ELIZABETH BUSH Morganlon -LB.. History Elliot! Hall Chorus 111; S. E. A. (4); History Club (3, 4). ANNE HELEN BYRD Willow Springs MARY EVELYN CABE Fontana Dam B.S.H.E., Teacher Education Decorations Committee Junior-Senior Ball (3); Wesley (1, 2, 3), Council (1, 2); Home Economics Club (2, 3), Secretary (4); S. E. A. (3. 4) ; Spanish Club (3) ; Dorm Committees (3). ANNETTE CECILE CAGLE Sylva B..-L, Chemistry Dance Committee (1) ; Elliott Hall Chorus 1 1. 2. 3. 41; B. S. U. (2. 3. 4): Chemistry Club (2); Fine Arts Committee (1, 2). BETTY ANN CAGLE Hendersonville 8.5., Home Economics Canterbury Club; Home Economics Club (2, 3); S. E. A. (4). MRS. JOANNE RISER CALDWELL Greensboro A.B., Primary Education Town Students (3); Botany Club (2); S. E. A. (4); Dance Group (1) ; Dolphin-Seal (1). Cagle, A. Carothers CHRISTINE CELESTE CANNON Cagle, B. . . Wilmingto EMILIE TERESA CANNON Farmville i.B.. Spanish Honor Roll (31; Elections Board (2); Section Leader (4t; Junior Advisor (31; Newman Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Masqueraders (2. 3. 4i. Business Manager (3); Sigma Delta Pi (3, 4); Alpha Psi Omega (3, 4); Dorm Committees (31: Woman ' s College Theater (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Band (1, 2) ; Junior Show (3). MARY ANN CAROTHERS Gastonia B. F.A.j Art Advertising Design Section Leader (It; Arts Forum Committee (2, 3, 4); Interfaith Council (4); B. S. U. (1, 2. 3). President (4); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4); Art Club (1, 2, 3. 4). NANCY EDWARDS CARRIER Greensboro I. It.. Drama Wesleyan College; Curriculum Committee (3) ; Town Students (2. 3, 4t ; Masqueraders (3, 4); Alpha Psi Omega; Junior Show; Recrea- tion Association (2) ; Dance Group (3. 4) ; Woman ' s College Theater (2. 3, 4). Page 35 Carter Chandley Cates Chang Causbv Chappell I , . . . i . 1 1 . Clegg SUZANNE CARTER Richmond, Virginia B.F.4., Painting Coraddi Art Staff; Richmond Professional Institute; Honor Roll (2); Arts Forum Committee (2); Art Club (1, 2, 4). KATHALEEN SHELTON CHANDLEY Marshall B.M., Piano Mar- Hill Junior College (1. 2): Choir I], 2. 3. 4). EUGENIA MARIE CATES Hillsboro (. . ' .. Elementary Education Carolinian. Circulation Co-Editor (3), Exchange Editor (4); Section Leader (1. 2); S. E. A. (3); Dorm Social Chairman (4). REBECCA ANN CAUSBY Bessemer City B.S.S.A., Business Education Pine Needles (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 41; Dorm Committees l2). NG THI HONG CHANG Saigon, Vietr B.4., English and French S. E. A. (4). ANN BURKE CHAPPELL Hertford B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration Gamma Alpha (3, 4). MRS. PATRICIA LENTZ CHAMBERS Jamestown B.S.S.A., Business Education Service League (4); Town Students (4): Lutheran Students (1. 2, 31 ; Gamma Alpha 13, 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Social Chairman (3) ; Tap Dance Group (1. 2); Young Republicans Club (3). JANE CHEEK Greensboro (. » ' .. English Carolinian, Feature Staff (2, 3) ; Handbook Circulation Manager (4) ; Service League, Treasurer (3); Dance Committee (2); Junior Advisor (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (1); Westminster Fellowship U, 2, 3. 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (3) ; Le Circle Francais (I); Junior Show (3); Elections Board (3). JOAN BERNHARDT CHANDLER Charlotte B.S.S.A., Business Education Junior iKisor 13): Town Students (2l ; Elliott Hall Chorus (I); 15. S. U. 1 1. 2. 3. 4) ; Gamma Alpha 13, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 4) ; Hall Board (2). SARA VIDA CLEGG Sanford .4.B., Elementary Education Wesley (4) ; Section Leader (3) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (t. 2. 3. 4); Senior Council (4). Page 36 1959 SENIORS Clifton Cobb, N. Coleman Collins PATRICIA DARRINGTON CLIFTON Williamson, West Virginia A.B., Primary Education Legislature (3); Dance Committee 13); Newman Club 11, 2, 3, 4); S. E. A. 14); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 4); Junior Show (3). NELDA LUTICIA COBB Gibsonville B.S.H.E. Home Economics Freshman Council Member (1) ; Y. W. C. A. ll); Elliott Hall Council 13); Lutheran Students Association (1, 2. 3, 4); Home Economics Club 1 1. 2. 3. 4); Dance Group (1); Dorm Committees (1, 3) ; 4-H Club (1. 2. 3), President (4) : International Farm Youth Exchange Delegate (3); Delegate to National 4-H Congress 1 1, 3). SARAH LOU COBB Charlotte B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Wesley II); Home Economics Club 1 1, 2. 3. 4) ; S. E. A. (3) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Le Circle Francais 1 1, 2, 3). NANCY ELIZABETH COCHRAN Charlotte A.B., Elementary Education Senior House President (4); Meredith College; Honor Roll II. 3); Section Leader (3); Daisy Chain 12); S. E. A. (4); Recreation Association 13); Dance Group (2, 3), Treasurer 14); Dorm Com- mittees (2, 3); Tap Dance Group 12). President (3); Legislature (4) ; Hall Board (4) ; Dorm Council (4) ; Junior Show (3) ; House President Association (4). VIVIAN MORGAN COCKMAN Greensboro B.A., Elementary Education Wake Forest College; Town Students (3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3. 4). Cobb, S. Cochran Cockman Coltrane Conner Cooke i MARY LOUISE COLEMAN North Wilkesboro A.B., Sociology Junior House President (3) ; Legislature (3, 4) ; Class Vice-President (4); Carolinian Circulation Staff 12), Make-Up Staff 14) ; Outstand- ing Senior (4); Golden Chain (4); Daisy Chain 12); Elliott Hall Council II); Social Science Committee 12, 3, 4); Sociology Club (2, 3. 4); Recreation Association (2); Dorm Committees ll); Executive Cabinet (4). KATHERINE LYNN COLLINS Greenville A.B.. Primary Education Mars Hill College; Service League (3); Section Leader (3); Baptist Studenl Union 14); S. E. A. 13, 4). MAXINE H. COLTRANE Asheboro A.B., Primary Education REBECCA FERN CONNER Woodvillc A.B., Elementary Education Section Leader (4); Baptist Student Union II, 2); S. E. A. 13, 4); Dorm Committees (4). MARY SUE COOKE Asheville A.B.. Primary Education Mars Hill College; Wesley (4) ; S. E. A. 13, 4) ; Recreation Associa- tion (3); Scriblerus Honor Club 11, 2). Page 37 -- ■ Cotlrell Couric Cox, D Creech Creger Cross PEGGY AINN COTTRELL Oak Ridge A.B., Primary Education Wesley ( 1. 2. 3. 4) ; Wesley Council; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 4-H Club (4). CAROL MARIE COURIC Charlotte B.A.. Primary Education Judicial Board (3); Honor Roll (3(; Service League 14); Dance Committee (3) ; Elliott Hall Chorus (2) ; Baptist Student Union (1) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Golf Club (3) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2). MRS. DIANE WHITE COX Greensboro A.B.. History He. nor Roll (31 ; Town Students (3, 4). MARGARET ALICE COX Movork .4. B.i Sociology Dance Committee (3); Sociology Club 13. i ; Dorm Committees 13. 4) ; 4-H Club (1. 2. 31 ; Le Circle Erancais (1, 2). PEGGY JANE GRAVER Winston-Salem B.S.H.E.. Housing and Management Interfaitb Council i4t: Moravian (1, 2). Vice-President (3). Presi- dent (41; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committees (1, 3) ; Le Circle Francais (1, 2). Cox, M. Craver Crumpler Culbreath ANNE MARIE CREECH Selma A.B., Art Education Pine Needles Art Staff (31; Dance Committee (1, 2); Arts Forum Committee (II ; Baptist Student Union (II ; Wesley (2. 4) ; S. E. A. (31 ; Dorm Committees ( 1, 2. 31 : Art Club (1. 2, 31. JANICE CAROLYN CREGER Johnson City, Tennessee B.F.A.. Art Advertising Service League (4); Dorm Committees (3); Art Club (41; oung Democrats Club (4); Special Events, Elliott Hall (3. 4); Junior Show (31. MARY ANN CROSS Sunburv B.S.H.E., Textiles and Clothing. Teacher Education Honor Roll (21; Elliott Hall Chorus (1.2); Omicron Nu (41; Home Economics Club (3. 41; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 31. DOROTHY JEAN CRUMPLER Gnldsborn A.B.. Medical Technology. Biology Honor Roll 131; Section Leader (31; Baptist Student Union 111; Chemistry Club (2. 3. 41; Medical Technologists (2). Secretary (3). President (4); Dorm Committees (2. 31; Le Circle Francais 1 31. NANCY HELEN CULRREATH Lumberton B.A., Primary Education Section Leader (3) ; Dance Committee (1. 41 ; Baptist Student L T nion (1, 2) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4). 1959 SENIORS 5T a Cur lee Darlington Daughtridge Davis, A. Daw », C. DeCroot Dent Dickson JO ANN CURLEE Wadesboro B.M.. Voice Honor Roll ll. 2. 3 ; Daisy Chain (21: Junior Advisor (3); Arts Forum Committee 13, 4); Choir ( 1, 2. 3, 41 ; Canterbury Club (2, 3, 4); Music-Education Club (2. 31, Vice-President (4); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 41; Woman ' s College Theater (31; German Club (2, 3, 4); Madrigal Singers (1. 2); Honor ' s Work (4); Class Song (1). DORIS DELLA DARLINGTON Mooresville ' .V. Physical Education Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2); Recreation Association (1. 2. 31. Treasurer (4); Camp Counselors Club (4); Co-Of (1, 2, 3. 4); Golf Club (3); Hall Board (41; Woman ' s College Band » 1. 2. 3. 1 1 . SUZANNE DAUGHTRIDGE Wilson I.B., Primary Education Honor Roll (3) ; Dance Committee (II ; Baptist Student Union (1) ; S. E. A. I 3. 4); Dorm Committees II. 2); Tap Dance Group (ll. BARBARA ALLEN DAVIS Harkers Island A.B.j Elementary Education University of North Carolina: Honor Roll 1 21; Dance Committee 12. 41; Wesley (1); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (2); Young Democrats Club. BARBARA JEAN DAVIS Cornelius B.S.H.E., Education Curriculum Committee (3) ; Student-Facultv Reviewing Committee Hi : Daisy Chain 12); Town Students (3. 4) ; Y. W. C. A. II. 21 ; Wesley (1,2); Home Economics Club 1 1. 2. 3. 4) ; Home Economic Student Program and Policy Committee 131; Danforth Award (3); Dodd Special Events Committee 111; Dorm Committees (2) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chancellor ' s Advisory Committee (2). CHARLENE GREY DAVIS Wj theville, Virginia B.S., Physical Education Carolinian Exchange Staff; Elections Board; Section Leader (2. 31; Junior Advisor (3); Wesley; Recreation Association (2. 3, 4); Recreation Association Cabinet (3. 4); Dorm Committees 111; Co-Of (2, 3, 4), President (4); Vice-President of Senior Physical Education Majors (4); Junior Show (31; Senior Council (4); A. A. H. P. E. R. (1. 2. 3, 41. ELIZABETH JOANN DeGROOT Falls Church, Virginia It. I.. Home Economics Education Maryville College; Home Economics Club (41. DEANNA DENT Gastonia B.S.S.A.. Business Education Carolinian (4) ; Honor Roll (3) ; Finance Board (4l : Section Leader (3); Dance Committee 131: Junior Advisor (3); Baptist Student Union 111: Gamma Alpha 1 3. 41; S. E. A. 14); Spanish Club 1 1. 2. 31 ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Special Events Committee. GENEVA ANN DICKSON Garner B.S.S..4., Teacher Training Baptist Student Union: Junior Show (3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Tap Club (ll. PENNY SUE DODD Winston-Salem A.B.. Primary Education Daisy Chain (2) ; Dance Committee (41 ; Wesley (1. 2. 3) ; S. E. A. (4); Pre-Nursing II. 2); Dorm Committees (4); Golf Club (4); Special Events Committee. Doughton Dvkslra Duke I dm l- ' in hum .111 I In. I JON LEE DOUGHTON Sparta B.S.S..-L, Teacher Education Honor Roll (31 : Section Leader (3. 4) ; Junior Advisor (3) : Elliott Hall Chorus (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees 1. 2. 31; Le Circle Francais (1); Junior Show 1 31. MARY SUE DUDLEY Charlotte A.B., Primary Education Class Secretary (4); Carolinian 11.41; Handbook (11; Daisy Chain (2); Elliott Hall Council (3. 4); Junion Advisor (31; Special Events Committee (2): S. E. A. (4); Spanish Club (1, 21. Vice- President (31; Dorm Committees (1); Tap Club (1); Assistant House President (.3). ANNE CAROLE DUKE Elizabeth City A.B., English Dance Committee (1); Wesley; S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (31. PEGGY ANNE DUNCAN Fairborn, Ohio Student Government President (4), Treasurer (2); Class President ill; Junior House President (31: Carolinian (1.2. 41; Outstanding Senior (4); Golden Chain (3. 4); Honor Roll (2); Dean ' List (3, li: 1 . . C. Council (4); Daisy Chain (2); Dance Committee ill; Social Science Committee (3. 4); Westminster (1. 2. 3. 4); National Students Association (4): Junior Show (3); College Hand (1). KATHRYN ANN DWIGHT Southern Pines A.B.. Primary Education Daisy Chain (2t ; Westminster (1, 2. 3. 4); S. E. A. (3. 4); Golf (lull (2); Fine rts Committee (31; Debating Society (2, 3); Sergeant-at-Arms (3). ALMA P. DYKSTRA Chapel Hill (. . ' .. Biology Junior Council (3); Service League (1. 2); Junior Advisor (3); Hall Board (4); Dorm Council (4); Medical Technologists 1 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1); Camp Counselors Club (1. 2. 4l. Vice-Presi- dent (3); Woman ' s College Theater (2); Beta Beta Beta (3). Presi- dent (41; German Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Caduceus Club (1. 2). Secre- tary-Treasurer (3). MADGE ELMINA EARLEY SpinHalc A.B.. Mathematics Carolinian (41; Dance Committee (11; Wesley (4l; Square Circle (1. 2. 41; S. E. A. 14); Dorm Committees (11; Science Fatuity Scholarship (31. ELLA OLIVIA EDMUNDSON Fremont B.S.H.E.. Teacher Education Executive Cabinet (4); Service League (31. Chairman 111; Dance Committee (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4 i : S. E. . (3. 41 ; Dorm Committees 11. 2. 3); 4-H Club (1. 21; Hall Board (3); Junior Show 13). ELIZABETH V. EFIRD Winston-Salem A.B.. English Legislature (31; Coraddi Staff (41; Carolinian (3); Honor Roll II, 2. 3. 4); Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3); Choir (1. 2); Square Circle (1. 21; National Student Association (4). JEANNE ELLER Statesville B.F.A.. Art Education Legislature (4i; Mitchell Junior College: Richmond Professional Institute: Honor Roll 131: Baptist Student Union (3, 4): S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (31; Art Club. Page 10 1959 SENIORS Far Ephland Farthing Eskridge Fishel MARY SUE ELLIOTT Tyner B.S.H.E., Home Economics Pine Needles Business Staff (1) ; Elliott Hall Council (1, 21; Dance Committee (3); Y. W. C. A. (1); Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MRS. EVELYN ATKINSON ELLIS Kenly B.S.S. I., Secretary Dance Committee (3) ; Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Dorm Committees (2, 3); Le Circle Francais (1); Elliott Hall Committee (1, 2, 3). NANCY KAY EPHLAND Burlington i.B., Primary Education Elections Board (4); Section Leader 13): Elliott Hall Council (2); Dance Committee (2) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Dolphin-Seal (1. 2). PEGGY JOYCE ESSICK Lexington A.B.. Elementary Education Daisy Chain (2) ; Elliott Hall Chorus (1) ; Wesley; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Le Circle Francais (2, 3, 4). SARAH ANNE ESKRIDGE Hillsboro B.A.. History Legislature (3); Junior Class Parliamentarian (3); Finance Board (3); Dorm Committees (1); Young Democrats Club (1, 2); History Club (2. 31. FRANCES SERENA EVERETT Williamston Primary Education Baptist Student Union (1, 2); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1. 4). PATRICIA CATHERINE FARR1S Cherrvville B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Junior Advisor (3); Interfaith Council (4); Lutheran Student Asso- ciation (1), President (2), Vice-President (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 4). MARY JOYCE FARTHING Tryon B.A.j Sociology C. U. Council (3), Chairman (4); Service League (1, 3); Daisy Chain 12); Dance Committee (2); Baptist Student Union 11, 2), Vice-President (3); Masqueraders (2. 3. 4); Sociology Club (3. 4); Dance Group 12. 3. 4); Dorm Committees II); Woman ' s College Theater (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Debate Society 12. 3), President (4) : University Sermon Committee (1) ; Student Government Executive Cabinet (4). BETTIE ROSE FERRELL Raleigh A.B., Music Junior Advisor (3) : Choir (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Baptist Student Union (1. 2) ; Music-Education Club (1); Dorm Committees 13); Woman ' s College Theater 14) ; German Club (1, 2. 3) ; Junior Show (3). WANDA LAYNE FISHEL Winston-Salem B.S.H.E.. Housing and Management Section Leader (2. 4); Interfaith Council (3); Moravian President (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 41 Fisher. E. Freeman, H. Ford Frost Fowler Fulp Franklin Gales EVELYN ERNESTINE FISHER Favelteville A.B., Primary Education Honor Roll (3); Elections Board 13): Daisy Chain 12): Chemistry Club HI; Julius I. Foust Scholarship (4); " Miss Future Teacher " (3): S. E. A. (2. 3, 4); Dorm Housekeeping Committee Chairman (1); Dorm Kitchen Committee Chairman (2). FRANCES JOANNE FISHER Marion B.S.. Physical Education Dorm Council (3) ; Recreation Association (1, 2. 3, 4). Secretary (2) ; Dorm Committees (2) : Co-Of (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Legislature Representative 14): Physical Education Council (4): Junior Show (31: President of Major Class (3); A. A. H. P. E. R. (1. 2. 3. 4): Recreation Association Cabinet Member (1. 2. 3, 4); Chairman. Recreation Association Honor Group (4). HENRIETTA FORD Seaboard B.S.S.A.. Business Education Junior Advisor (3): Gamma Alpha (3. 4); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (2). ANNE RIERSON FOWLER Walnut Cove A.B.. Recreation Senior House President: Section Leader (3): Daisv Chain (2); Elliott Hall Chorus l2l; Wesley II. 2); Hall Board (1, 3); Dance Band 11. 2) ; College Band (1. 2) ; Junior Show (3). ANNA VICTORIA FRANKLIN Elkin A.B., Economics Section Leader (4); Gamma Alpha (3); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Com- mittees (2, 3. 4). HELEN JEAN FREEMAN Brvson City A.B„ Sociology Baptist Student Union (3. 4) ; Sociology Club (3. 4); Dorm Com- mittees (1. 4); College Band (1, 2). Page 4! MARTHA ANITA FREEMAN Louisburg B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Education Phi Beta Kappa Junior Award (3); C. U. Council: Honor Board (2. 31 ; Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee Chairman l3l : Junior Advisor (3): Wesley (2. 3. 4); Omicron Nu 13. 4), President (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2; Danforth Summer Fellowship (1): Borden Home Economics Scholarship (4); Home Economics Student Program and Policy Committee 1 2. 3): Junior (3); Sigma Nu (2. 3. 4). HELENA JANE FROST Kensington, Maryland B.F.A.. Music History Carolinian Editorial Staff (3. 4) ; Section Leader 13) : Junior Advisor; Arts Forum Committee (2, 3, 4); Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2. 3. 4l: Masqueraders (41; Music-Education Club 1): Dorm Committees (1); Coraddi Club (41; Woman ' s College Theater (3. 4); College Band (1, 2, 3. 4); German Club (3); Classical Club (2, 3. 4). ELIZABETH HESTER Fl LP Winston-Salem (. • ' .. Sociology Carolinian News Staff ( 1 ) : Honor Roll (2. 3) ; Section Leader (2. 1 1 ; Junior Advisor (3); Moravian Group (1. 2. 3. 4). Secretary (3); Sociology Club (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees 1 1. 3) : Alpha Kappa Delta (3. 4). President (4); Senior Council (4): Hall Board (11. SHIRLEY JEAN GALES Laurinburg B.A., Mathematics Marshal (4); Section Leader (3); Square Circle (1, 2. 3. 4). Vice- President (3). President (4); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4). Social Chairman (4); Junior Council (3): Elliott Hall Committees 1 2, 3, 4). 1959 SENIORS Garrison, F. Gibbs Gibs Garrison, P. Gilreath Gold i, T. Gerow Goocb FLOY HAWKINS GARRISON Ke B.S., Physical Education Section Leader (2); Junior Advisor (3); Town Students (3, 4); Chemistry Club 12); Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 41. Vice-Presi- dent (31; Dorm Committees 1 1. 2): Camp Counselors Club (1, 2); Co-Of (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Golf Club (2). LUCILLE GARRISON Burlington .4.B., Elementary Education Section Leader (1. 3): Interfaith Council (41; Church Group 11. 2, 3. 41; U. S. F. (1, 2). Secretary (3), President (4); S. E. A. (2, 3, 4). Historian (4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 3) ; University Sermon Committee (2. 41. PATRICIA GARRISON High Point .4.B., Primary Education High Point College; Honor Board (4); Section Leader (1, 2); S. E. A. (4); Hall Board (1). TERRY ANNE GARRISON Greensboro (. (.. Sociology Judicial Board Chairman (4); Class Treasurer (1); Class President 121 : Junior House President (3); Outstanding Senior (4); Golden Chain (3. 4); Honor Roll 1 1. 2. 31; U. N. C. Council (2); Section Leader (1); Daisy Chain (21; Westminster (1, 2, 3, 4); Sociology Club (3, 4); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4). BLAND ELIZABETH GEROW LB., English Choir (2). .Hickory MARTHA CHADWICK GIBBS Beaufort LB., Primary Education S. E. A. (3, 4). ANNA FLEURY GIBSON Warwick, Virginia B.S.H.E., Housing and Management Service League (4) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; St. Mary ' s House (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3); Le Circle Francais (It; Elliott Hall Publicity Committee (1. 2). MARTHA JANE GILREATH North Wilkesboro B.M., Music Education Coraddi; Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (2. 3. 4) ; Chamber Music Group (2. 3, 4» ; Music-Education Club (2. 3); Woman ' s College Theater 111; Le Circle Francais (1); Honors Work (4); Woman ' s College Band ll. 2. 3. 4). EDITH SHIRLEY GOLD Shelby B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textiles Section Leader II. 2); Choir II); Home Economics Club II. 2. 3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2). ANNE LOUISE GOOCH Hallsboro A.B.. English Legislature (2. 3); Coraddi (3. 4); Carolinian (1); Junior Advisor (3) ; Social Science Committee 13. 4( ; Arts Forum Committee I 1 1 ; Masqueraders (1, 2); Coraddi Club (2. 3, 4); N. S. A. 1 1, 2), Co-Ordinator (3); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Page 43 Graham, A. Graham, N. Hall Hamilton Ha ADELE ADEN GRAHAM Annapolis, Maryland B.S.H.E., Clothing and Textiles Legislature (3, 4); Junior Advisor (3); Home Economies Club • 2. 3, 4); Dance Group ( 1, 21: Dorm Committees 111; Home Economics Student Program and Policy Committ ee (3. 41; Junior Show (31. NANCY FAYE GRAHAM Durham PATRICIA ELLAN GREY Pulaski, Virginia VIVIAN ELLEN GRIFFIN Montreal A.B., Elementary Education CAROLYN JOYCE HAIR Fayelteville 4.B., Biology Honor Roll (2); Elections Board (1) ; Daisy Chain (2); Interfaith Council (31; Church Group. B. T. U. (1, 2,3); Chemistry (1, 2); Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3, 4) ; N. S. A. (2) ; Beta Beta Beta (3, 4) ; German Club (1, 2, 3). MARY KATHRYN HALL Salisbury LB., Sociology Junior House President (3) : Hall Board (4) ; Senior Council (4) ; Honor Roll (1, 2) ; Service League (4) ; Section Leader (2) ; Sigma Griffin Hair rk Hanna, D. Hanna, M. Delta Pi (2. 3. 4); Recreation Association (4); Alpha Kappa Delta 13. 4); Faculty Scholarship (4). BILLIE FRANCES HAMILTON Clinton B.S.H.E.. Housing and Management Section Leader (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Daisy Chain 12) ; B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Camp Counselors Club (2); 4-H Club (4). MRS. GLORIA PUTNAM HAMRICK Shelby LB., Sociology Honor Board 14); Curriculum Committee (3. 4); Section Leader (1); Wesley (1. 2); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Recreation Association (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2); 4-H Club (1, 2); Junior Show (3). MRS. DELOS ANN WELCH HANNA Greensboro !. »-. Mathematics Legislature 14) : Pine Needles Staff (3) : Agnes Scott College (1. 2) ; Honor Roll (3); Dance Committee (3); Town Students 13. 4 1. President (4); Square Circle (3, 4). MARY JANE HANNA Gastonia ' • . V (.. Business Education Honor Roll (2); Interfaith Council (4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3). President 14); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Spanish Club (1); Dorm Committees (3. 4); S. G. A. Handbook Committee 3); Elliott Hall Committee 1 1, 2). Page 44 1959 SENIORS GENEVA ANN HARDESTY Newport It. t. Biology Medical Technologists (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4); Dorm Committees (3). BETTY LU HARDIN Greensboro B.S.S.A., Business Education Section Leader (3) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4), President (4) ; S. E. A. (3) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). EDITH ANN HARGROVE Greensboro B.S.S.A.. Secretarial Advertising Staff (1) ; Elections Board (1) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Junior Advisor (3 : B. S. U.; Gamma Alpha (3. 4», Treasurer (4); Dorm Committees (1, 3) ; Tap Dance Group (1). FLORENCE KATHERINE HARRELL Goldsboro .4.B., Primary Education Service League (1); Dance Committee (1); Junior Advisor (3); Wesley (1) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2) ; Dolphin-Seal (2, 3), Treasurer (3); Points Committee (4). MRS. ANGELA YOUNG HARRELL Roanoke Rapids B.S.P.E., Dance Education Junior Class Cheerleader (3); Junior Advisor (3); Recreation Asso- ciation (1, 2, 3); Dance Group (2, 3, 4), President (3); Dolphin- Seal (1). I.. Harrell, A. Harris, L. M. FRANCES ANNE HARREI.SON Cherryville B.M., Organ Honor Roll (3); Curriculum Committee (4); Daisy Chain (2); Elliott Hall Chorus 11) ; Choir (1. 2, 3, 4), Organist (3. 4 1 : Chamber Music Group (2. 3. 4) ; Wesley (1, 2) ; S. E. A. (3) ; Music-Education Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2). President (4), Reporter (3) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Junior Council (3); Freshman Class Council (1); Junior Show (3); Music Educators Association of N. C. (4). BERTHA ANNE HARRIS Fayetteville I.C., English Co-Editor of Coraddi (4) ; Carolinian (1. 2) ; Coraddi (3, 4) ; Honor Roll (3, 4); Arts Forum Committee (3, 4); Coraddi Club (3, 4), President (3) ; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Executive Cabinet (4). MRS. FRANCES SETTLE HARRIS Roekingham I. . ' .. Mathematics Pine Needles (1) ; Service League (1, 2) ; Section Leader (2) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Town Students (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3). Secretary (2), Vice-President (3); Square Circle (2, 3, 4); S. E. A. (4); Dance Group (2, 3, 4); Le Circle Francais (1, 2); Political Affairs Com- mittee (2); Assistant House President (21. LILLIAN DARLENE HARRIS Roanoke Rapids (. • ' -. Primary Education Section Leader (2); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4); Special Events (3). LUCY MARIETTA HARRIS Charlotte B.S.H.E., Clothing and Textiles Section Leader (2); Wesley (1. 2); Botany Club (3. 41; Home Economics Club 1 2. 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4). Page LI . Wf% ' - Harris, M. Helms Harris, S. Henderson Harrison, Henricks, Han Herman MARTHA MAXINE HARRIS Thomasville A.B., Psychology Honor Roll 13); Sociology Club 2t; Psychology Club (3); Le Circle Francais (3); Psi Chi (4), Secretary. S. CAROLYN HARRIS Greensboro B.F..-L, Painting Coraddi (3. 4). Co-Editor (41; Arts Forum Committee (3, 4); Coraddi Club (3. 4); Classical Club 13. 4); Executive Cabinet (4). JANE DUDLEY HARRISON Badin B.F.A. Interior Design Service League (4), Publicity Committee Chairman; Daisy Chain (2); Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3); Art Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Junior Show (3); Elliott Hall Publicity Committee (2); University Sermon Committee (41. PATRICIA ANNE HARRISON Williamston A.B., Mathematics House President (4); Carolinian Staff (2); Square Circle (1. 2. 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 3) ; Le Circle Francais (1). CONSTANCE MARIE HART Durham MARGARET JEANNETTE HELMS Charlotte B.S.S.A.. Business Education Legislature (4); Junior Class Secretary (3); Pine Needles (2. 4). Identifications Editor (4), Typing Staff (21 ; Carolinian (II ; Golden Chain (4): Honor Roll (2, 3. 4); Section Leader (1); Elliott Hall Council (1); Dance Committee (3t; Junior Advisor (31; B. S. U. (11; Gamma Alpha (3. 4). Secretary (41; S. E. A. (3); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 4); Special Events Committee (1. 2); Junior Show (3); Consolidated University Queen (4). ANN VIRGINIA HENDERSON Charlotte t.l .. Sociology Legislature (3, 4); Judicial Board (4); Honor Roll (3); Daisy Chain (2); Westminster Fellowship (2. 3, 4); Square Circle (2); Sociology Club (3. 4 1 : S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3); Alpha Kappa Delta (3. 41; Points Committee (3). MAE CAMILLE HENDRIX Hiekorv B.M.. Music Education Lenoir Rhyne College; Honor Roll 12); Section Leader 111: Choir (1,2,3); B. S. U. (1, 2. 3); Dorm Council 111; Music-Education Club (1, 2, 3); Dorm Committees (3l ; Hall Board (2). GRETA CHRISTINE HENRICKSON Durham B.A.. History and Economics Carolinian (1) ; Honor Roll (2. 31; Section Leader (4); Social Science Committee (3, 4); Choir (1); Square Circle (2); Dorm Committees (1); Sigma Alpha (4). BARBARA MAE HERMAN Winston-Salem A.B.. Primary Education Senior Council (41; Sophomore Council (21; Carolinian (1) ; Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3. 41; Special Events Committee (1, 2); S. E. A. (3, 4), Vice-President (4). 1959 SENIORS BARBARA HERR Long Island, New York B.S.S..4., Merchanditing Honor Roll (3): Youth Fellowship: Square Circle (2); Gamma Alpha (3, -H ; Spanish Club (1, 2) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee ( 1, 2, 3, 4). EUGENIA LEE HICKERSON Greensboro (. ' .. Elementary Education Carolinian ill: Honor Roll; Section Leader: Town Students; Sigma Delta Pi: S. E. A. I 3. 4i ; Spanish Club (1, 2, 3) ; Hall Board (1). ANNE MARIE HINTON Raleigh MARJA SUSAN HINTON Kenlv t.ll.. Elementary Education Senior House President (4): Legislature (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Wesley (1, 2. 3. 4), Council 1 2. 3t : Ring Committee (2, 3) ; Junior Show (31 ; S. E. A. (3) ; Recreation Association (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Camp Counselors Club (2, 3). ELIZABETH BARNARD HINES Wrightsville Beach B.S., Secr etarial Administration Points Committee. Secretary; Section Leader (4) ; Elliott Hall Council (4); Dance Committee (1, 2); Junior Advisor (3); Gamma Alpha (2, 3, 4) : Dorm Committees (1, 4) ; Tap Dance Group (3l ; German Club il. 2, 3). CLAIRE DAVIS HOLT Greensboro t.B., Sociology Virginia Intermont College (1); Honor Board (41: Town Students (3. 4); Sociology Club 13. 4); S. E. A. (4l ; Senior Invitation Committee (4). PEGGY SUE HINSON Chapel Hill B.S.S.A., Dittributire Education Legislature (3, 4); Carolinian (3); Finance Board (4); Elections Board Chairman (4) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Y. D. C. (3, 4) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 4l; Dorm Committees 1 1. 2. 3); Senior Class Co-Project Chairman 14). THELMA HINSON Whiteville SANDRA GAYE HORTON Belmont ANN FERRELL HUDNELL Kinston (. ' .. Primary Education Honor Roll (3); Elections Board l3l. Chairman; Greensboro Sym- phonv Orchestra (3, 4); Wesley (1. 2); S. E. A. (4); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Hall Board (2); Band (3, 4). Hughes I I it iini. in I Hux FRANCES HOLT HUGHES Graham A.B., English Sophomore Council (2); Marshal (4); Carolinian (1, 2), Circulation Manager (2); Fine Needles (4); Section Leader (4); Dance Com- mittee (3); Junior Advisor (31; University Sermon Committee (3), Program Chairman; Junior Show (3): Hall Board (3); S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3). NANCY LYTTLETON HUNMCUTT Holly Hill, South Carolina A.B., English Carolinian 1 31; Coraddi (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Arts Forum Committee (3, 41. Student Chairman; Masqueraders (2t; Psychology Club (2. 3) ; Coraddi Club (2. 3, 4) ; Woman ' s College Theater (1) ' : Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4). SYLVIA MORGAN HUNT Swannanoa A.B., Elementary Education Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2) ; S. E. A. (3, 4). MARY ANN HUNTER Charlotte A.B., History Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee (3. 4); Psychology Club (3); Dorm Committees (3); History Club (4). JOYCE JUANITA HURDLE Sunbury B.A., History Honor Roll (1. 2); Dorm Committees (1); Y. D. C. (3); Dorm Elections (3). Chairman; Hall Board (1). Hunter Hurdle Jackson, A. Jackson, B. SANDRA JANE HUX Roanoke Rapids B.S.S.A., Business Education Elliott Hall Council (3. 4) : Junior Advisor (3); Gamma Alpha (3. 4 1 : S. E. A. 1 3, 4). LINDA BAYNE INMAN Lumberion B.S.P.E.. Physical Education Major ' s loice (P. E. ) (31. Editor; Westminster Fellowship; Recrea- tion Association (2. 3. 4); Dance Group (3. 4l ; Dorm Committees (1, 3); Camp Counselors Club (2. 3); Co-Of (3, 4); Woman ' s College Theater (4) ; Junior Show (31. DOROTHY LOUISE ISLEY Boiling Springs B.M., Music Education Honor Roll (2. 3) ; Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Music-Education Club (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Dorm Committees ll. 2) : German Club (1. 2 1 : Junior Show (3) ; A Cappella Choir ( 1 ) ; W. C. Dance Band (2. 3). ALICE JEANNE JACKSON Hertford B.S.S.A., Business Administration Section Leader (4); B. S. U. (1. 2. 3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4l; S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees 1 1, 31. BARBARA DALE JACKSON Asheville B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 41; S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Com- mittees (1. 2); German Club (1, 2). Page 48 1959 SENIORS Jackson Jamerson Ja Johnson, J. Johnson, O. Johns MRS. DIANA REED JACKSON Rock Hill, South Carolina A.B.. English Carolinian (2); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3): Curriculum Committee (3); Junior Advisor (3) ; Choir (1, 2) ; Interfaith Council (2, 3) ; Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3, 4), Vice-President (3); Madrigal Singers (3). ANN LOU JAMERSON Chapel Hill U.S., Physical Education Carolinian, Sports Editor; Honor Roll (2, 3); Junior Advisor (3); Recreation Association (1, 3, 4); Dance Group (2, 3); Tap Dance Group 11); Co-Of (2, 3, 4). FRANCES ELAINE JARMAN Willard B.A., Psychology Section Leader (3); B. S. U. (2); Psychology Club (2, 3); Dorm Committees (2); Psi Chi (3, 4), President (4). MARY DOUGLAS JENKINS Chatham, Virginia II. t.. Sociology Canterbury; Sociology Club (3,4); Psychology Club (2). BETTY EVELYN JOHNS Charlotte B.F.A., Interior Design Dance Committee (3) ; Dorm Committees 14). Chairman; Art Club (1, 2. 3. 4), President (4); Elliott Hall Fine Arts Committee (4); Junior Show (3) . an Jenkins John . R. Jollev Jone JoANN r AYETTE JOHNSON Ca B.S.S.A., Business Choir (2); Gamma Alpha 13.41; Dorm Committees 131. ORA JANE JOHNSON Canton LB., Primary Education Section Leader (4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4); Dorm Committees ( 1, 2) . RENATA JEANETTE JOHNSON Bronxville, New York A.B.. Spanish Senior Marshal (41; Carolinian (4); Daisy Chain (2l ; Elliott Hall Council (1, 4); Spanish Club (4); Junior Show (3). SHIRLEY JEAN JOLLEY Mooresboro B.S.S.A., Business Education Gardner- Webb Junior College (1, 2) ; B. S. U. (3, 4), Greater Council (3). Treasurer (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S. E. A. (3); Dorm Committees (3). NANCY PRISCILLA JONES Favetteville B.A.j Primary Education Elliott Hall Council (3, 4); Westminster (1, 2. 3. 4); Botany Club (3) ; S. E. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3) ; Dorm Committees (2. 3) ; Camp Counselors Club (1), m Jordan Kennedy Julia Kenvc K i in. t Kerley Kasev Key Keart Kill,., EMILY CATHERINE JORDAN Fayelleville .-I. if.. Elementary Education Section Leader (4); S. E. A. (2. 3, 4); Dorm Committees (3. 4); Junior Show (3). MRS. HARRIET HILTON KENNEDY Thomasville !.!•,. English Honor Roll (2. 31: Section Leader (31; Town Students (4); Elliott Hall Chorus (1) ; Spanish Club (2. 3); Elliott Hall Publicity Cmi- mittee (2. 3). BETTY LOU JULIAN Hialeah, Florida .4.B., Elementary Education Legislature (41: Westminster (1); S. E. A. (3, 4). ETTALEA ESTHER KANTER Hampton. Virginia B.S.S.A., Distributive Education Legislature (4); Pine Needles (1) ; Section Leader (3); Elliott Hall Council (3. 4i. Publicity Committee Chairman (31: Hillel (1, 2. 3, 4); Points Committee Chairman (41; Gamma Alpha (3, 41; Dorm Committees (1, 3. 4). MARY ELIZABETH KENYON Hillsboro B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Mars Hill College (1, 2); Interfaith Council (31 : B. S. U. (3. 4 1 ; Omicron Nu (41; Home Economics Club (3, 4); S. E. A. 1 3. t) ; Dorm Committees (31. MARGARET KAY KERLEY Louisburg B.S.H.E.. Child Development Campbell College; B. S. U. (3, 4) ; Y. W. A. (4) ; Home Economics Club (3); Recreation Association (3. 4); Dorm Committees (3, 4). SUE CARRELL KASEY Leaksville NANCY JEAN KEARNS Asheboro B.S.P.E., Physical Education Honor Roll (3. 4); Section Leader (4); Junior Advisor (3); Inter- national Farm Youth Exchange Student to Israel (1957) : Recreation Association (3). Publicity Chairman: Dorm Committees (3, 41. Social Chairman (31; Co-Of (3); 4-H Club (2, 31, Secretary (2). President (3); Ring Committee (3). MARY MON KEY Mount Airy f.s.s. (.. Secretarial Administration Dance Committee (3) : Junior Advisor (3); Methodist Choir (3,4); Gamma Alpha (3.4); Dance Group (1); Dorm Committees (1,2,3); Junior Show (31. ERNESTINE O ' NEIL KILLIAN Charlotte 1. , ' .. Mathematics Honor Roll (3); Service League (4); Junior Advisor (3): Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 4). Vice-President (4); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Com- mittees (1. 2). Page 50 1959 SENIORS Kimball Krieger kinard Kyles Lamberth Krider Lee ELEANOR JOAN KIMBALL China Grove B.S.S.A., Distributive Education Honor Roll (3. 41; Junior Advisor (3); Interfaith Council (4); Lutheran Students Association (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Spanish Club (1, 2) ; Recreation Asso- ciation (4); Dance Group (1, 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committees (4). MARTHA JANE KINARD Concord ;.(.. Primary Education S. E. A. (41; Spanish Club (2); Dorm Committees (3). JUDITH ALICE KNOWLES Hickory B.S.H.E., Housing and Management Carolinian (1), Circulation Staff; Daisy Chain 2t ; Dance Committee (3) ; Home Economics Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (2, 3, 4) ; Hall Board 13. 4 1 ; Assistant House President 1 2). MRS. FRANCES BLACKWELDER KOON Charlotte B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Honor Roll (2. 3); Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3); Choir • 1, 21; Omicron Nu (3. 4). Vice-President (4l : Home Economics Club (1. 3, 4); Dorm Committees (3); 4-H Club (11. FRANCES MARION KRIDER Salisbury (. ' .. Elementary Education Pine Needles Organization Staff (4); Carolinian Circulation Staff (1, 2); Honor Roll (31; Section Leader (3); L. S. A. (1. 2); S. E. A. (3 4), Dorm Representative (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Tap Dance Group (1. 21, Secretary (2 J ; Rat Day Committee (2); Junior Show (3). MARSHA KRIEGER Greensboro ). !.. Primary Education Honor Board 1 1) ; Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee (1, 2. 3, 41. Secretary (4) ; Town Students. Senior Representative; Interfaith Council (3); Hillel (1, 2, 3); Dorm Committees (1), Social Chair- man. PATRICIA ANN KYLES Maiden B.S.H.E., Education, Home Economics Pine Needles, Feature Staff (4); Dance Committee (2); Junior Advisor (3) ; Lutheran Students Association (1. 2. 3), Secretary (4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Home Economics Program and Policy Committee (2), Secretary (4). JOHNSIE INA LACKEY Statesville LB., Biology Mitchell Junior College; Medical Technologists (3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3). GEORGIA ANNE LAMBERTH Graham (. (.. English Carolinian (2); Honor Roll (3); Student-Facultv Reviewing Com- mittee (3); Sociology Club (3); S. E. A. (2); Dorm Committees (2. 3); Y. D. C. (2). KAY VIRGINIA LEE Dunn Elementary Education Honor Roll (1. 3); Section Leader (4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1); Junior Show (3). Page 51 Lentz Lomax Long. A. Lineberger, C. Long. J. Lineberger. M. Longest Linnev Lverlv MEREDITH BLAKE LENTZ Ral. -igh A.B.. History Honor Roll (1, 2. 3. 4l : Westminster Fellowship (1, 2); Sigma Delta Pi i:5. 4i. Secretary 12) ; Phi Alpha Theta (3). Secretarj i4i ; Spanish Club (2. 3); Dorm Committees (3); History Club (3). GEORGINA LESLIE Springfield, Massachusetts A.B., Sociology Junior Show Co-Chairman (31: Junior President (4): Outstanding Senior (4); Sociology 7 Club (3. 41: Camp Counselor- Club ill; Co-Of l2l : Dolphin-Seal 111. CAROLYN LOl ' ISE LINEBERGER Bessemer City A.B., Chemistry Lenoir Rhyne College: Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Lutheran Student Association (3. 4); Chemistry Club (3, 4). FRACES MARILYN LINEBERGER Maiden A.B., Elementary Education Legislature (2): Marshal (3. 4); Service League (3); Section Leader (2); Wesley 111; Botany Club (2); Hall Board (3); Assist- ant House President (3) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (1) ; Dorm Committees (2). LUCY EVANGELENA LINNEY Statesville B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Mitchell Junior College; Pine Needles (2); Baptist Student Union 1 3. 4). Church Representative; Sigma Pi Alpha 12): French Club II. 21; Home Economics Club (3, 41; S. E. A. (3. 4l; Dorm Committees (3) ; 4-H Club (3, 4). MRS. SARAH SHATLEY LOMAX North Wilkcsboro B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Junior Advisoi (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (2); Home Economics Club il. 2. 3, 4l. ANITA RUTH LONG Marion I. ... Spanish Carolinian (1); Honor Roll (3); Sigma Delta Phi (2). President (3), Vice-President (4); S. E. A. (41; Spanish Club 2 ; Dorm Committees (If. JACQUELINE LONG Rocky Mount (. .. History MARY HUGH LONGEST Graham .4.C. Elementary Education Carolinian (1. 2) ; A Cappella Choir (1) : Botany Club (2), Treasurer (3t; S. E. A. I3l; Dorm Committees (3). MARILYN DELLENE LYERLY Mooresville B.S., Physical Education President of Recreation Association: Junior Advisor (3) ; Elliott Hall Chorus ( 1, 2, 3) ; Lutheran Student Association (1. 2. 3) ; Recreation Association (1. 2, 3 4) ; Dorm Committees (1. 2) ; Camp Counselors Club (2. 4i ; Camp Committee (41; Co-Of (3. 4): Golf Club (4): Junior Show (3); Vice-President of Junior Physical Education Majors (3). 1959 SENIORS McAlisler McGregor McComb McLeod McC McMah McGee McMahoi JANE MANESS McALISTER Biscoe A.B., Primary Education Campbell College; Choir (1. 21: Baptist Student Union: S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (3). NANCY McNEILL McCALLl M Lenoir B.S.H.E,. Home Economics Institutional Management Appalachian State Teachers College; Home Economics Club 13. 11. MARTHA ANN MeCOMB Kavcltcvillc A.B., Primary Education Marshal (4); S. E. A. (3. 4); Dorm Committees (3, 4| ; Special Events Committee (1) ; Junior Show (3). SYLVIA ELAINE McCOMMONS Kannapolis B.S.H.E., Education Dance Committee (3); Interfaith Council (3), Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). President (3): Westmin-ter (1. 2. 3. 4). Council (31; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4) ; S. E. . (3. 4); Dorm Committees 13) ; Le Circle Francais lit ; Junior Show (3). JANE WYATT McGEE Ahoskie B.S.H.E., Home Economics Section Leader (1); Interfaith Council (2). Vice-President (3); Baptist Student Union (1). President (2. 3. 4) ; Chemistry Club (1) ; Home Economics Club II, 2, 3. 4); S. E. A. (3); Interfaith Forum Committee. Chairman (3). JANE GLENN McGREGOR Gibson BETH McLAMB Garland A.B., English-Teacher Education Marshal (4); Interfaith Council (3). Vice-President (4): Wesley 1 1. 2). President (3. 4) ; Hall Board 12) ; Assistant House President il); S. E. A. MELISSA JANE McLEOU Lumbcrion A.B.. Mathematics Senior House President (4) ; Judicial Board (3) : Golden Chain ill; Honor Roll (2) ; Sen ice League (1. 2) ; Section Leader (1) ; Square Circle (1, 2. 3, 4); Spanish Club (1. 2); Jacket Chairman (2); Sister Day Chairman 13). SALLY COTHRAN McMAHAN Greenville, South Carolina A.B.. History Carolinian Circulation Staff (1. 2) : Honor Roll (3); Section Leader 1 1. 2); Special Events Committee (2, 3); Dance Committee (1); Westminster 1 1, 2); International Relations (3, 4); Psychology Club (2); Dorm Committees 1 1. 2. 3. 4); History Club 13. 4). EMMA JACQUELINE McMAHON Sw A.B.. Biology- Honor Roll 13); Junior Advisor (3); Botany Club i2l. President (3), Vice-President (4) ; Beta Beta Beta (3, 4). McNair Martin, M. McNeill Martin, P. Madry M.i-on RENNA MeNAIR Winston-Salem (. ' .. Primary Education Cheerleader (4); Westminster; S. E. A., Vice-President (3), Presi- dent (4); Spanish Club (1, 2); Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3); Hall Board (3). GRACE CHRISTINE McNEILL Wilkesboro A.B., Chemistry Treasurer (4); (Carolinian Circulation Staff (2); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3) ; Curriculum Committee (3, 4) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Chemistry Club (2, 3). President (4); Recreation Association (2); Dorm Committees (1); Camp Counselors Club (1); Co-Of 1 ; Junior Show (3); Rat Day Committee 12); Sophomore Council (2). PATRICIA ANN MADRY Scotland Neck 1. !.. Spanish Cheerleader (41; Legislature (1); Carolinian Circulation Staff (2). Feature Staff 13), Columnist (4); Honor Roll (3); Curriculum Committee (3, 4); Service League (2); Elliott Hall Council (3); Dance Chairman (1, 2); Junior Advisor 13); College Choir (1); Hall Board (4); Spanish Club (3); Dorm Committees (1); Execu- tive Cabinet (4). MARILYN MALLARD Charlotte A.B„ Primary Education Legislature (2); Hall Board (1,4); Assistant House President (2); Marshal (3, 4) ; Pine Needles Staff (1) : Honor Roll (3) ; U. N. C. Council (4) ; Finance Board (2) ; Curriculum Committee (3. 4) ; Elliott Hall Committee (1); Dance Chairman (2); Dance Committee (3); Westminster (1, 2, 3); S. E. A. (3, 4); Spanish Club (2); Dorm Committees (1). MARY MATILDA MANN Raleigh B.S.H.E. Home Economics, Housing and Management Lutheran Student Association (1, 2); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Psychology Club (2); Dance Group (1, 2). MARGARET MARTIN Charlotte A.B., Art Student Government Vice-President (4); Legislature (1. 2). Chair- man (41; Vice-President of Junior Class; Outstanding Senior (4); Golden Chain (4); U. N. C. Council (4); Section Leader (1, 2); Daisy Chain (2); Westminster (1, 2. 4). Treasurer (3); Assistant House President (2); Y. D. C. (4); Freshman L ' niversity Sermon Committee (1). PATRICIA ANN MARTIN Rowland B.S.H.E.. Teacher Education Section Leader (3); Westminster (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1. 2), Vice-President (4). NANCY FAYE MASON Beaufort A.B., History Wesley (1); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (1, 3); History Club (3, 4(; Hall Board (1). ALETHEA MASSEY Waxhaw B.S.S.A., Business Education Section Leader (2); Dance Committee (3); Junior Advisor (3); Westminster (1, 2. 3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S. E. A. (4). SHIRLEY OLEEN MASSIE Canton B.A., History Carolinian Circulation Staff (3). Circulation Manager (4); Elliott Hall Council (2) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Dining Hall Committee (4); Sophomore Council (21; Dorm Committees ( 3) ; Tap Dance Group ( 1 ) . Page 34 1959 SENIORS !• Masters Mattox Mauld Mearcs Mebane B BETTY LOUISE MASTERS Asheville A.B., Elementary Education Section Leader (4) ; Wesley (2) : S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 3, 4); Special Events (1). ELIZABETH I). MATTOX Salisbury B.S., Merchandising Gamma Alpha (3, 4»; Spanish Club (2, 3); Dorm Committees (2). GILBERTINE MAULDEN kannapolis A.B., English House President (41; Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3, 4); Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee (2, 3); Service League (3); Section Leader (1. 2); Junior Advisor (3); Greensboro Symphony Orchestra ( 1. 2. 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3. 4); Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4); S. E. A. (3, 4) ; N. S. A. Project Director (4) ; Executive Cabinet (4) ; Advisory Committee to Chancellor (4); Publications Board (2, 3). MARY ELIZABETH MAY Dudley B.S.S.A., Secretariat Interfaith Council (4); Disciples of Christ President (3); Gamma Alpha (3,4). May May field Michael Michelle BARBARA ANN MAYFIELD Lenoir MRS. JILL BATTS MEARES Greensboro B.S.H.E., Teacher Education Pine Needles (4); Town Students (4); Interfaith Council (2); Canterbury Club (3, 4), Secretary (4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3. 4) ; Purse Drive (3) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3). JULIE MEBANE Jackson Heights, New York B.A., Elementary Education MARJORIE ANNE MEMORY Randleman MATTIE ELIZABETH MICHAEL Boslic A.B.j Elementary Education B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (3); S. E. A. (3, 4); Pre- Nursing (1); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). EVELYN HUNTER MICHELLE Charlotte B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Pfeiffer College (1. 2) ; Wesley Foundation (3. 4) ; Home Economics Club (3, 4); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (3, 4). i g0 A Miller, B. Monev MUler, J. Moore, B. Miller, L. Moore. D. Mills Moore, N. Modlin Moore, R. MRS. BARBARA HARRIS MILLER Greensbor. B.S.S.4., Business Education Carolinian 12). Advertising Manager 1.31: Elliott Hall Council (2): Junior Advisor (3) ; Town Students (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4). J ACQUELINE DIANE MILLER Winstnn-Salen .-I.B.. Primary Education Freshman Council (1); Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee (3): Westminster (1. 2. 3): Dorm Committees (1); S. E. . (2. 3). LEAH MILLER Greensboro B.S.H.E., Clothing and Textiles Carolinian (11 : Honor Roll (21; C. U. Council (4); Section Leader (3); Junior-Senior Dance Committee (3); Choir (1. 2. 3, 4); Hillel (1, 2, 3, 41: Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3); Dorm Committees (1); Le Circle Francais (1, 2). EVELYN REBECCA MILLS Polkton B.S.S.A., Business Administration Dean ' s List (3); Section Leader (2. 4); Junior Advisor (3); Choir (1); Gamma Alpha (3, 4): Tap Dance Group 11); Dorm Cheer- leader (2); Pine Needles Typing Staff (4). ESSIE LYNETTE MODLIN Plymouth B.S., Clothing and Textiles B. S. U. (3); Home Economics Club (3. 4); Dorm Representative (4); Dance Group (1, 2); Dorm Committees (3). CORNELIA VAUGHN MONEY Lexington A.B., English Dorm Committees (3). BARBARA ANN MOORE Lenoir DOROTHY DUfNCAN MOORE Chapel Hill NANCY MOTLEY MOORE Littleton B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Education Junior House President (3); Judicial Board (4); Legislature (31; Golden Chain (4); Service League 14): Wesley (1) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (1. 2. 3. 4) ; S. E. A. (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees II. 2). REBECCA JANE MOORE Winston-Salem B.S.S.A.. Business Education Pine Needles Business Staff 11. 2. 3. 4); Daisy Chain (2): Dance Committee (3); Wesley (1, 2, 3. 4). Council (2, 3. 4); Gamma Alpha l 3. 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Council Member. Recreation Association 13, 4); Dorm Committee (4); Camp Counselors Club (2, 3, 4). Page 36 1959 SENIORS Moore Myers, K. Morris, K. Myers, M. Morris, M. Myers, P. Morris, P. Neece Motlev Newbould ROSE MARY MOORE Elizabeth Cily A.B., Elementary Education Section Leader (4) ; Dance Committee (3) ; B. S. U.; S. E. A. 13, 4) ; Dorm Committees II. 2, 3, 4). KAY JEANETTE MORRIS Graham A.B.. Primary Education Carolinian Circulation Staff 1 1. 2 1 ; Pine Needles Organization Editor (4); Curriculum Committee. Town Students (4); Botany Club 2. 3); S. E. A. (3, 41; Dorm Committees (2. 3); Junior Show (3). MARY EUGENIA MORRIS Sylva 4.B., English Honor Roll (3); Section Leader (1); Wesley (1, 2); Dorm Com- mittees (1, 3); Le Circle Francais (1, 2). PAMELA ANN MORRIS Salisbury II. 1.. Primary Education Carolinian Staff (2); Honor Roll 1 2. 31; Interfaith Council 131; S. E. . (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees 11, 2. 3) ; Junior Show (31. BETTY ENGLISH MOTLEY Danville, Virginia B.S.S.A.. Business Education Legislature (2. 4); Finance Board Chairman (4); Elections Board (2, 3. 4) ; Honor Board (3. 4) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Dance Committee Orchestra Chairman (It ; Junior Advisor (31 ; B. S. U. ( 1. 2. 3, 4) ; Square Circle (1) ; Junior Show (3) : Executive Cabinet (41 ; Fresh- man Commission (1); Hall Board (2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4). Vice- President (4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1) ; Golf Club (4) ; N. S. A. Regional (2); Assistant House President (2); State Student Legislature (2, 4). KATHERINE YVONNE MYERS Jacksonville. Florida A.B., English Pine Needles Literary Staff (4); Section Leader (3); B. S. U. (1. 2. 3. 4): Square Circle (2); Chemistry Club ( 1, 2); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (2. 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 21; German Club (1, 2). MARGARET ELAINE MYERS Leaks, illr -4.B.. Chemistry Marshal (3, 4); Pine Needles Staff (4): Honor Roll (3); Special Events Committee. Elliott Hall (2, 3, 4) ; Junior Advisor (31 ; Wesley II. 2. 3. 41 ; Chemistry Club (1, 2. 3. 4). Secretary (3), Vice-Presi- dent (41; S. E. A 1 2. 4); Dorm Committees 12. 41; Der Deutsch Verein II, 2. 3. 4); Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society (2. 3, 4». MRS. PAT LEONARD MYERS Lexington LB., Biology Honor Roll (3); Section Leader (1, 2); United Students Fellowship 1 1. 2. 3, 4), Treasurer (4) ; Botany Club (3, 4) ; S. E. A. (41 ; Dorm Committees 13): Le Circle Francais 111; Beta Beta Beta (3, 4). Vice-President (4). BARBARA NEECE Elizabeth Citv ANN LAWTON NEWBOULD Goldsboro A.B., Primary Education Botany Club (2); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees II, 2, 3, 4). Page 37 Newlin Ormond Nichols Outen Nicholson Owen Noggle Owen, O ' Connell Pait ANNE MOORE NEWLIN Burlington B.S., Home Economics Pine Needles (4); Service League (4); Dance Committee (31; Westminster: Home Economics Cluli (2. 31 : S. E. A. (3. 41 ; Hall Board (1); Chairman of Clothing Drive (41: Junior Council (3). RACHEL JEAN NICHOLS Mcbanc A.B., Primary Education S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (3) : Junior Show (3). MARY KATHER1NE NICHOLSON Monroe B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Legislature (3); University of North Carolina: Honor Roll 11); Section Leader (1. 2); Dance Committee (3); Wesley (1. 2. 3); Omicron Nu (4); Chairman of Rules Committee (4); Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2. 3, 41; S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (2); 4-H Club (31; Hall Board (1. 2. 3). LINDA ANN NOGGLE Shelby B.S.S.4.. Business Education Wesley 11, 2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Com- mittees (1). CAROLYN JOY O ' CONNELL Sanford A.B., Primary Education Marshal (3. 4); Section Leader (3); Elliott Hall Council (4); Wesley (1, 2). Cabinet (2); Junior Show (3); Special Events Com- mittee (1, 2. 3, I), Secretary (3), Chairman (4» ; S. E. A. (3, 4); Recreation Association (1, 2. 3); Dorm Committees ( 1, 2. 3, 4); Dolphin-Seal ( 1, 2, 3). EMMA SUE ORMOND Dover B.S.H.E., Teacher Education Dance Committee (2); Baptist Student Union (1, 4), Executive Council (2. 31; Masqueraders (2. 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 3, 4): S. E. A. (3, 4); Woman ' s College Theater ( 1, 2, 4); 1-H Club (1, 4). Co-Publicity Chairman (2. 3). PEGGY JANE OUTEN Monroe B.S.S.A.. Distributive Education Honor Roll; Service League (21; Section Leader (3); Daisy Chain (3); Junior Advisor (3); Gamma Alpha (3, 41; S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2, 3); 4-H Club (4). PAULA PATRICIA OWEN Wallace B.S.H.E.. Teacher Education Baptist Student Union (3. 41. Dorm Representative; Home Economies Club (1. 2. 3. 4); S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4); Young Republicans Club Secretary (3. 4). REBECCA ANN OWENS Lexington B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Pfeiffer College; Lutheran Student Association (2. 3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4). SARAH ELIZABETH PAIT Huntersville A.B.. Primary Education Marshal (4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (2. 3); Junior Show (3). 1959 SENIORS Fyi r Paramore Park Peevy Perkins BETSY HELEN PARAMORE Falls Church, Virginia A.B., History Legislature 13. 4): Elections Board (3. 41: S. E. A. (4); History Club (3, 41. MARGARET EFFIE PARK Raleigh A.B.. Elementary Education Assistant Junior House President; Circulation Staff. Carolinian 111; Honor Roll (2. 31: B. T. U. ill: Y. W. A. (II; S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 4): Junior Show (3); Special Events Committee II. 2) . JANET THAYER PATE Durham B.S.S. L, Secretariat Section Leader 111; Junior-Senior Dance Committee 13): B. S. U. Ill; Gamma Alpha 13, 41: Dorm Committees (2. 41; Senior Council (4); Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee 111; Elections Committee (4). MARGARET ANN PEACOCK Salisbury 4.B., Primary Education Honor Roll (31; Wesley 111; Junior Show 131: Hall Board (1. 4); Special Events Committee 111. MRS. KATHRYN DIANE CARPENTER PEEBLES Greensboro B.F.A., Advertising Design Junior Advisor (3); Town Students l4l: Westminster Fellowship (1); Art Club 11. 4); Designed Cover for 1959 College Bulletin. Pate Peacock Peebles Perry Peter Peterson SYLVIA KJO PEEVY Washington LB., Biology Pine Needles Business Staff 14); Section Leader (31; Daisy Chain (3); B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 41: Botany Club (2, 3). Secretary 141; Zoology Field Club (4); S. E. A. (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1, 2. 3, 41: College Band 111; Debate Society (1. 2. 3. 4); Elliott Hall Committee, Fine Arts II. 2); Elliott Hall Dorm Representative (1). JANE PERKINS Wakefield. Rhode Island B.A., English Section Leader 13. 41; Masqueraders 1 3. 4): Psychology Club (3, 4) ; Woman ' s College Theater 11. 2. 3. 4 I ; Psi Chi (4). PATRICIA ANN PERRY New Canaan, Connecticut ' . V. Dance Sophomore Council (2); Carolinian Circulation Staff; New London School of Dance (19581: Section Leader (1. 2l ; Arts Forum Com- mittee (41; Choir 111: Recreation Association 13. 4); Dance Group 1 2. 3, 1), Secretary 131. President 141; Dorm Committees 11. 2. 3, 4); Woman ' s College Theater 13. 41; Physical Education Major Council ill. MARY ANNE PETER Kingsporl, Tennessee A.B.. Biology Hall Board (41; Medical Technologists 12, 3, 41; Dorm Committees 13, 4); Beta Beta Beta (3. 41 ; Dolphin-Seal Hi. JULIA CAROLYN PETERSON Clinton Primary Education Botany Club (2) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; ' Dorm Committees (1, 2, 31. Peterson Poole Phillips, S. Posner Phillips, M. PratI Pierponl Prilchard Plot! Proctoi HELEN JUNE PETERSON Asheville B.S.. Physical Education Section Leader (1, 2, 3) ; M. Y. F. (1, 2) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Recreation Association ( 1. 2. 3. 4 1 : Dorm Committees 1 1. 2, 3. 41 ; Camp Coun- selor? Club (3) ; Co-Of 13, 4) ; Recreation Association Sport Head of Tennis (2): Special Events Chairman (3); Awards Chairman (4); Dorm Representative (4); Alpha Beta Gamma (4). si m IANE PHILLIPS Lumberlon B. I.. Primary Education B. S. U. (1, 2) ; S. E. A. I 1 : Dorm Committees I I. 2. 3. 4) ; Junior Show 131. -hip (1. 2. 3. 4), President (21 ; Psychology Club (2) ; Camp Coun- selors Club i 2 1 . CARA ANN POOLE Candor B.S.S.A., Secretarial Westminster; Gamma Alpha (3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (2. 4) ; Le Circle Francais ill; Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee. MIRIAM POSNER ShelM A.B., Primary Education Hillel ( 1. 2. 3. 41 ; S. E. A. (4) ; Golf Club (1). MARY JANE PHILLIPS Cameron 4.1!.. English Legislature (1. 3); Judicial Board (41; Carolinian Staff 12, 3, 4); Outstanding Senior (4); Golden Chain (3. ll. Vice-President (4); C. 1. Council (3): Dance Committee (1. 2); Junior dvisor (.3); Westminster; Assistant House President 13): Dorm Devotions Com- mittee (1. 2) : Ring Committee Chairman (3); Invitations Committee Chairman 14); State Student Legislature (3, 4). NANCY MORGAN PIERPONT Blueneld, VI est Virginia SARAH JOANNE PLOTT Greensboro A.B.. English Pine ' teedles (3); Town Students (1, 2. 4); Hall Board 12); Elliott Hall Chorus 13) : Interfaith Council I 2. 3. 4) ; United Student Fellow- J ANET LEE PRATT Raleigh B. E.A.i Art Education Marshal (4); Section Leader (3); Elliott Hall Council i4): Dance Chairman 14); Dance Committee (3); Junior Advisor (3); rts Forum Committee ' 4) ; Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Canterbury Club; S. E. A. 13) ; Art Club (1,2, 3. I). PATRICIA ANNE PRITCHARD I.enoir PAMELA KENT PROCTOR Coekevsville. Maryland B.S.H.E.. Housing and Management Service League 1 3. 4): Section Leader 1.3. 4); Daisy Chain (2) j St. Marv ' s House (1. 2) : Home Economics Club 1 1. 2, 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees 1 1. 2. 3); Junior Show (.3); Elliott Hall Publicity Com- mittee (1). Page 60 1959 SENIORS P.valte Pycior Register Rice OLA LYNNE PYATTE Lenoir B.S.S.A.. Secretary Honor Koll (3); .Section Leader (3); Baptist Student Union; Square ( lircle il); Gamma Alpha (3. 4» ; Dorm Committees (2. 3) ; Le Circle Franeais (1, 2) ; Elliott Hall Committee 11, 2). MRS. MARIE GAYLOR PYCIOR Jacksonville J. . ' .. Spanish Town Students (3. 4) ; Wesley (1, 2) ; Spanish Club (1, 2. 3). Presi- dent (4) ; Special Events Committee (1, 2. 31. MARY ELIZARETH QUILLIN Sanford B,S. . ,.. Home Economics Section Leader (2); Dance Committee (1, 2, 3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2). MARY FLORENCE RADFORD Henderson I. II.. Primary Education S. E. A. (41 ; Le Circle Franeais (2) ; Hall Board (2). JULIA LOVE READ Henderson B.A., Art Section Leader (4); Dorm Committees (4). BRENDA NELL REGISTER Smiihfield I. It.. English Pine Needles Literary Editor (4| ; Honor Roll (2, 3) ; Section Leader Quillin Radford Read Richey Robbins, J. Robbins, A. (1, 3); Daisy Chain (21; Elliott Hall Council (4): Elliott Hall Chorus (1); Wesley (1, 2, 3. 4| ; Botany Club (2); Canima Alpha (3) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees (2, 3, 4) ; Senior Council (41 ; Junior Show (3). JANET LEE RICE Raleigh B.S.S.A., Secretary- Pine Needles (4); Dance Committee (3); Junior Advisor (3); Bap- tist Student Union 111: Gamma Alpha 13. 4); Dance Group (1); Dorm Committees (1, 3) ; Junior Show (3). CAROLYN SUE RICHEY McLean, Virginia A.B., Primary Education Honor Roll 13) ; Dance Committee 13) ; S. E. A. (3, 4). JEAN RAY ROBBINS Ruffin B.A.. Primary Education Section Leader (3); Daisy Chain (2t: Elliott Hall Chorus 12. 3l ; Choir (1); Interfaith Council (41; Wesley (1); Council Member (2, 3), President (4) ; S. E. A. (2, 3, 4). ANN LEE EARNHARDT ROBBINS Raleigh B.S.H.E., Teacher Education Honor Roll ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Inter- faith Council (3); Westminster (1). Treasurer (2), Vice-President (3), Council (4) ; Omicron Nu (3), Secretary (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 3) ; 4-H Club (1). Page 6 I • PV1 Robinson Rumfell Rumniagf Ross Russell Roulh Sand NANCY ANN ROBERTSON Greensboro B.S.S.A., Merchandising Junior Advisor (3) ; Town Student- 1 1. 3, 41 ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; lap Dance Group (1); Freshman Commission 111; Town Student Judicial Board 111: Sophomore Commission (2). LINDA RUTH ROBINSON Dallas !. » ' .. Biology- Honor Roll (3); Dance Committee (3); Junior Advisor (3); Inter- faith Council (3); Lutheran Students Association; Pre-Nursing (II; Recreation Association (4); Dorm Committees (3); Beta Beta Beta (4) ; German Club (1. 2). 4), Vice-President (4l ; Stale Student Legislature 1 2. 3); Debate Societ) (1, 2, 3). MARY KATHRYN RUMFELT McAdenville B.M., Piano Mars Hill College (1, 2) ; Elliott Hall Chorus (3, 4). OMIA SUE RUMMAGE Albemarle B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Education B. S. U. ( 1. 2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club 1 1. 2, 3. 4) ; S. E. A. (3) ; Dorm Committees (II; 4-H Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4); Special Events Com- mittee. Elliott Hall (2). ANNE MARIE ROGERS Durham A.B. Art Education Newman Club ( 1. 2) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees ( 1 1 ; Art Club 1 3. 4 i : Elliott Hall Fine Arts Committee (4). LUCILLE PEEL ROSS Charlotte A.B., English MRS. DELAINE TURNER ROUTH Greensboro LB., Elementary Education Town Students Association. MRS. BECKY GEDDIE ROWE Fuquay B.S.S. I.. Business Education Honor Roll (3) ; Choir (1) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4 1 ; Sigma Alpha (3, WANDA LORRAINE RUSSELL Norwood B.S.S.A., Business Education Elliott Hall Chorus (1, 2) ; Wesley (1. 2. 3) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 41 ; Wesley Council (2) ; Entertainment Committee (1,2); Special Events Committee (4). JANEEN LORNA SAND Upper Montclair, New Jersey B.S.P.E., Dance Education Junior House President; Legislature (31 ; Sophomore Class Cheer- leader; Honor Roll 11. 2, 3. 41; Service League (4). Purse Drive Chairman; Section Leader (1. 21; Choir (1, 2, 3); Newman Club II, 2) ; Executive Council 11, 2) ; Senior Council; Recreation Associa- tion (1, 2, 3, 4); Dance Group 11, 2. 3. 41. Treasurer (31; Dorm Committees II. 2. 31; Woman ' s College Theater 13. 4); Le Circle Francais (2l: Rules Committee 12); Junior Show; Co-Chairman Dance (31. Page 62 1959 SENIORS Saunders Sealey EUNICE DOLORES SAUNDERS Elon College B.S.S.A., Secretary Honor Roll (2); Methodist Youth Fellowship 11, 2); Dorm Com- mittees 13). MARY ELIZABETH SCISM Pelham B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Honor Roll 13. 41 ; Section Leader (4) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (1) ; Dance Group (4) ; Dorm Committees ( 1. 2, 3. 4) ; Junior Council. CAROLE LEE SCOTT Greensboro B.A., Primary Education Legislature 13); Carolinian Staff (1) ; Section Leader 1 1, 21; Town Students (4); Elliott Hall Chorus (1,2), Vice-President (2); Wesley Foundation 1 1. 2. 3, 4) ; S. E. A. 13. 4 1 ; Executive Council (41 : Dorm Committees (2. 3); Junior Show; Elliott Hall Special Events Com- mittee (3). MARVELLA GEORGE SCOTT Greensboro H. I .. Sociology Amberland Junior College (1, 2) ; East Kentucky State College (Sum- mer 2. 3 1 . SUE JANE SEAGLE Lincolnton (. . ' .. Primary Education Montreal College (1. 2); Section Leader (4); Elliott Hall Council i4i : Westminster Fellowship (3. 4l ; S. E. A. (4) ; Dorm Committees 1 3, 4 ) . LUNA CAROLYN SEALEY Orrum t.H.. Elementary Education Section Leader (2, 4); Wesley 1. 2); Home Economics Club 11); S. E. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4). JOHNNIE ANN SEYMOUR Alamance II. I.. English MRS. EDNA COX SHACKELFORD Dudley B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Education Choir 111 ; Interfaith Council (3) ; Home Economics Club 1 2. 3. 4 1 ; S. E. A. (2, 3, 4) ; 4-H Club (1, 2. 3. 4). JOANN MARIE SHARPE Harmony A.B., Mathematics Wesley; Square Circle (2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (2, 4). DENISE SHEA Camden, Maine I. II.. English Legislature (1, 2, 3); Judicial Board (4); Golden Chain (4); Elec- tions Board (3) ; Section Leader (11 ; Masqueraders (2. 3. 4 1 ; Botany Club (2); N. S. A. (3). Page 63 V ± Shearin Shugar Shipley Sides Shipwash Sigmon Singletary Shue Sistare MARJOR1K MAE SHKARIN Weldon A.B.. Biology Medical Technologists (3, 4) ; Caduceus Club ( I, 2, 3, 41. MRS. BETTY HENDERSON SHIPLEY Asheville A.B.j Primary Education Pine Needles (4) ; Section Leader (1, 2) ; S. E. A. (3). GLORIA ANNE SHIPWASH High Point B.M., Trumpet Junior Show Co-Chairman; Town Students (1, 2. 3, 4); Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Music-Education Club (4); Golf Club 14) ; Le Circle Francais (4) ; College Band (1, 2. 3, 4), Presi- dent (3. 4). Director (4) ; Dance Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; All State College Band (2); Madrigals (3); German Club (4). JULIA ANN SHORE Winston-Salem B.A., Art Chief Marshal (4); Class Secretary (1), Beauty Representative (1), President (3); Outstanding Senior (4); Li. N. C. Council (2. 3); Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee (1, 2) ; Dance Committee (2) ; Arts Forum Committee (4). MARY DALE SHUE Haw River B.S.H.E., Home Economies Education. Clothing and Textiles Pine Needles, Freshman Editor (1), Sophomore Editor (2), Manag- ing Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4); Executive Cabinet (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Junior Show (3) ; Asso- ciated Collegiate Press (3, 4). MARILYN GOULD SHUGAR Raleigh A.B.. Primary Education FRANCES LOUISE SIDES Winston-Salem B.S.S.A., Distributive Education Marshal (4); Junior Council (3); Carolinian (1); Managing Editor. Pine Needles (41; Special Events (3); Junior Advisor (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (1) ; B. S. U. (2, 3, 4) ; Projects Chairman (3) ; Gamma Alpha 13. 4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Junior Show (3). EDNA LOUISE SIGMON Newton B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Legislature (3); Marshal 131; Honor Roll (3); Junior-Senior Dance Figures Committee Chairman (3); Junior Advisor (3); Lutheran Students Association (1. 2. 3. 4), Treasurer (21 ; Omicron Nu (3. 41 ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (21, Vice-President (3), President (4); S. E. A. (3); Dorm Committees (1, 2); University Sermon Chairman (2); Junior Show (3); Home Economics Student Program and Policy Committee (2, 3). MARNIE BELL SINGLETARY Baton Rouge, Louisiana B.F.A., Painting Louisiana State University (Summer 3) ; Honor Roll; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MARIAN SUZANNE SISTARE Charlotte A.B.. Primary Education Legislature (4); Daisy Chain (2); Chemistry Club l2»; S. E. A. (3. 41 ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 4) ; Senior Council (4) ; Junior Show (3). Page 64 1959 SENIORS Slade Smith, J. Sloan Smith, M. Smart Smith, P. Smith, C. Smith, S. Smith, D. Snider WANDA HOFFMAN SLADE Gr ANN ELIZABETH SLOAN Raleigh B.S.H.E., Housing and Management Service League Freshman Class Representative (1) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2); Home Economics Student Program and Policy Committee (4) ; Junior Show (3). EDYTH SMART Bostic A.B., Sociology Honor Roll (3); Section Leader 11); B. S. U. (3); Sociology Club (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (2. 31 ; Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4) ; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (1). CLARE JOAN SMITH Conover B.S.S.A., Business Education Lutheran Students Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S. E. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Section Leader (3). DOROTHY ANNE SMITH Guilford A.B., History Honor Board II. 2); Dorm Committees (11; History Club (3, 4); Hall Board 11). MRS. JOYCE EWING SMITH Stoneville A.B., Elementary Education Mars Hill Junior College 1 1, 2) ; University of North Carolina (Sum- mer ) ; Honor Roll ( 1. 2. 3 ) ; S. E. A. ( 3 ) ; Dorm Committees ( 3 ) . MARY LOU SMITH Gastonia B.S., Physical Education Hall Board (3); Honor Roll (2. 3): B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 4), Council (3, 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2); Camp Counselors Club (1); Dolphin-Seal (1, 2, 3, 4). MRS. PATRICIA HALL SMITH Nashville, Tennessee B.A., Sociology Sociology Club (3, 4) ; Dorm Committees (3) ; Tap Dance Group (2, 3) ; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee 12, 3, 4) ; Junior Show (3). SHIRLEY RUTH SMITH Harmony B.S.H.E.. Home Economics Senior House President (4) ; Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Hall Board (3). FRANCES MAE SNIDER B.A., Prin S. E. A. (4). Page oj F «S: 1 Snotherly Spivey Springs Snuggs Stauffer Spark Slev Speir Stewart GLORIA MARILYN SNOTHERLY High Point I.H.. Sociology Honor Roll (2) ; Junior Advisor i3 : Sociology Club (3, 4) ; S. E. A.; Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4). ANNIE MARGARET SPIVEY Charlotte It. I .. Mathematics Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 4); Le Circle Francais (1, 2); Junior Council (3). JANET LORETTA SNOW Winston-Salem B.S.H.E., Teacher Education Section Leader (1); Moravian II, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4). HELEN PATRICIA SNUGGS Rockingham B.S.H.E.. Foods and Nutrition, Home Economics Daisy Chain (2); Elliott Hall Chorus (1, 4); Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3. 4 1 : Home Economic Club (3, 4i : German Club (2) ; Senior Council (41; Junior Show (31. HAROLYN JANE SPARKS Cliffside ). ' .. Chemistry Gardner-Webb 1 1. 2) ; B.S.U. Greater Council (3, 4) ; Chemistry Club (3. 4l; Dorm Committees (3, 4); Tap Dance Group (3, 4), Presi- dent (4). ANNE GALLOWAY SPEIR Morganton B.A., English Section Leader (3); Canterbury-St. Mary ' s House (3, 4); Senior Council (4); Dance Group (3); Dorm Social Committee (3, 4); Hall Board (4); Carolinian Interview Staff (41; St. Mary ' s College (1, 21. HARRIET DUNN SPRINGS Mt. Holly I.B., Elementary- Education Honor Roll (2, 3) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Camp Counselors Cub (1) ; Debate Society (2), President (3), Vice-President (4). JANET LOUISE STAUFFER Anderson BM., Voice Junior Advisor (3); Choir ( 1, 2. 3. 4). Treasurer 1 3). President (4); L. S. A. Il); Music-Education Club 1 1. 4); Dorm Committees (4); German Club (1, 2, 3. 41, Vice-President 11), President (4). MARY DEANE STEVENSON High Point Phi Alpha Theta (3,4). A.B., History KAY MYRA STEWART Greensboro B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration Section Leader (1, 3. 4) ; Gamma Alpha 1 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (1, 2. 31 ; Dorm Committees 1 1. 2. 3, 41. Page 66 1959 SENIORS Slrickla Swayr Slrowd Tandy Sugg Sutton, II Taylor Teal PATRICIA MILES STRICKLAND Durham A.B.i Chemistry Honor Roll (3), Section Leader 1 1. 2. 3); Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3); Dorm Committees 1 2, 3); Junior Council (3). MARGARET ELLEN STROWD Pittsboro A.B.. Primary Education S. E. A. (3, 41; Spanish Club 1 3). ELIZABETH HAMILTON SUGG Silver Spring, Mary land B.M.. Music Education Judicial Board Member (4); Westminster Fellowship 11, 2, 3); Music-Education Club (3. 41; Junior Show 1 31; Band ( 1, 2. 3, 4 1 . Vice-President 12, 3); Band Council (41; Assistant House President 12. 31. HARRIET RICHARDSON SUTTON Kinston B.M., Music Education Senior House President (4); Assistant House President (2); Section Leader ll); Elliott Hall Chorus 13, 4); Westminster 1 1. 2); Music- Education Club 14) ; Dorm Committees 1 1. 3) ; Social Chairman (3). MERLE SUE SUTTON Burlington Lit.. English Honor Board Chairman (4); Judicial Board 1 4); Legislature (1); Pine Needles Staff (1, 2. 3l; Junior Advisor (31; United Student Fellowship. Treasurer ( 1 1 ; Dorm Committees Social Chairman (II; University Sermon Chairman (31; Ring Committee (21; Student Advisory Committee (4); Executive Cabinet (4). HENRIETTA SWAYNE Kinston t.H.. Sociology Legislature (1); Sociology Club (41; N. S. A. (ll; State Student Legislature (1, 2, 41 ; Debate Society (41. LOUISE TANDY Arden B.S.H.E.. Foods and Attrition Honor Roll (2); Section Leader (41; Daisy Chain (21; Junior Ad- visor (3) ; Omicron Nu (3, 4). Treasurer (4l ; Hall Board ( 1 1 : Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees Social Chairman 14). MARY LANE TAYLOR Fremont B.S.H.E., Education Pine Needles (4) ; Wesley (1. 2) ; Home Economics Club ll. 2. 3. 41 ; S. E. A.; Dorm Committees (1. 2. 3. 4l : Tap Dance Group (2). EMMIE LOU TEAL Wadesboro B.S.H.E., Home Economics Coraddi Staff (2. 3) ; Section Leader ( 4 I ; Y. W. C. A. 1 1. 2 I ; B. S. U. Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 41 ; S. E. A. (3, 41 ; Dorm Committees 1 1. 2. 3. 4 ) ; Tap Dance Group 1 2 1 : Elliott Hall Special Events ( 3 ) . RUTH MARY TEMPLE Zebulon B.S.H.E., Home Economics Education Wesley 1 1. 2. 3. 41 ; Home Economics Club ( 1, 2. 3. 41 ; S. E. A. (3. 4); Dorm Committees (1. 31: 4-H Club (1. 2. 3,4), Officer (2. 31; Junior Show Chorus (31. Page 67 Teinpleton Terrell Townsend Triplelt EDNA ROSE TEMPLETON Salisbury B..4., Elementary Education Section Leader (1, 3) ; Bapti-t Student (1, 2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4i ; Dorm Committees 1 1, 2). PATRICIA ANN TERRELL Haw River .-LB., French Elon College: Honor Roll (3) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Le Circle Francais (3, 4), President 1 4). NANCY SUE THAMES Charlotte B.S.H.E., Clothing and Textile, Section Leader (2, 3t; Home Economics Club (3, 4); Dorm Com- mittees (2, 3); Hall Board (4). SUE CAROLYN THORPE Cedar Falls B..-L, Primary Education Service League (3); Section Leader (3); S. E. A. (41. MARY ALICE TIBBETS Washington, D. C. (. {.. Biology Legislature (4); Pine Needles Business Staff (1, 2); Carolinian, Circulation Staff (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Honor Roll (3) ; Section Leader (1. 2) ; A Cappella Choir 11): Canterbury Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Botanv Club (4); Chemistry Club (3); Medical Technologists (3, li; Spanish Club (31: Dorm Committees (2. 3): Golf Club (4). Thames Thorpe Tibbets Turner Underwood Van Hoose SARAH MANDEVILLE TOWNSEND Lumberton B.S.S.A.. Secretarial Administration Section Leader (2): Junior Advisor (31; B. S. 11. (1. 21: Gamma Alpha I 3. 4 I : Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3) ; Sigma Alpha (3, 4), Pre-i- dent (3. 4). NORMA GAY TRIPLETT Lenoir B.S., Home Economics Dance Committee Junior-Senior Ball: B. S. U.; Dorm Council (4); Home Economics Club ( 1, 3. 4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4). WILMA KAY TURNER Hendersonville (. ' .. Spanish Section Leader (1. 4) ; B. S. U. (1, 2, 3, 4), Hostess 3l : Sigma Delta Pi 13. 4i. President (4) ; S. E. A. (4) ; Spanish Club (1, 2 1 ; Dorm Committees (1,2); Y. D. C. (1, 2). MARGARET JOYCE UNDERWOOD Rockingham t.H.. Sociology Honor Roll (3); Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3): Interfaith Council (2); Interfaith Forum Committee (4); Sociologv Club 1 2. 3, 4), President (4) ; Dorm Committees (1, 2) ; B. S. U. Council (2). MRS. NANCY JACKSON VAN HOOSE Greensboro B.S.. Business Education Town Student- (4) : Wesley (1. 2. 3) ; Gamma Alpha (3, li ; S. E. A. (3). 1959 SENIORS Vernon Vincent Wall Walsh MARY ANN VERNON Mavodan B.S.S.A., Business Education Pine Needles, Typing Staff; Choir 111; St. Mary ' s (4) ; Gamma lplia (3, 41; S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (3); German Club (1, 2). SHELIA KAY VINCENT Greensboro B.F.A.. Art Education Pine Needles (41; Dance Committee (2); Arts Forum Committee i2): S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees 13); Le Circle Francais (2); Art Club (3, 4); Special Events (1. 2. 3, 4), Secretary (4); Junior Show 13). MRS. MARY ALICE VOGLER Winston-Salem B.S.H.E,, Housing and Management Moravian (1, 2. 3). Secretary-Treasurer (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (3) ; Le Circle Francais (1. 2). LANEY WALDEN Tabor City NINA KING WALKER Winston-Salem II!.. Mathematics Marshal 13. 4) ; Coraddi (3. 4) ; Greensboro Symphony (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Chamber Music Group (4) ; lnterfaith Council 13) ; Y. W. C. A. (3), President (3); Canterbury Club; Masqueraders (3); Recreation Association (3) ; Coraddi Club (3, 4). Walden Walker Warlick Warren BILLIE JO WALL Greensboro A.B., Education Town Students (1. 2, 3, 4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4) ; Young Democrats Club (4). CLAUDIA MAE WALSH Asheville B.A., Drama Honor Roll (31; Junior Advisor (3); Masqueraders (1, 2. 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3). President (4); Dance Group (3); Woman ' s College Theater 1 1. 2. 3. 4) ; Alpha Psi Omega (3, 4) ; Undergraduate Assistant in Department of Drama (4). MARY DANIEL WARD Charlotte (. . ' .. Sociology Sociology Club (3. 4); Dorm Committees (2); Student-Faculty Com- mittee of Elliott Hall (4); Assistant House President (2). PEGGY DeANNE WARLICK Slatesville A.B.. English Legislature (1. 2. 3); House President (3); Golden Chain l4l ; Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee Chairman (4) ; S. E. A. (3, 1 ' : Dorm Devotions Chairman (1. 2): Health Liaison Committee (3. 4); Executive Cabinet (4); Class Regulations Reviewing Committee (4). SONJA HENRIETTA WARREN Washington A.B., Chemistry Chemistry Club (2. 3. 1). Page 69 Wellons Wiese Westbrook Wilkerson Westmoreland Wilkes TERRELL ELIZABETH WEAVER Asheville B.S.S.A., Secretary- Pine i eedles 13). Senior Editor (4): Summer School. University of California (3); Section Leader 14); Junior Advisor (3); Gamma Alpha 1 3. 41 ; Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3) ; University Sermon Com- mittee (3); Projects Committee (3): Dorm Council (4). JO ANNE WEBER Statesville B.M., Voice Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2): Choir. Vice-President; .Music- Education Club; Woman ' s College Theater (3, 4). DELIA ANNE WELLONS Selma I. .. Sociology Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (2. 3, 4) ; Junior Show (3) ; Sociology Club (3, 4); Dorm Committees 1 3). MRS. LENORE RUFKIN WESTBROOK Tarboro B.A.. Elementary Education House President (4); Legislature (3); Points Committee (3); Sec- tion Leader 2» ; Canterbury Club I 1. 2. 3. 41 ; Vestry (31 ; F. T. A. (3, 1 i : Dorm Committees (2. 3). SARAH KATHERINE WESTMORELAND Gibsonvillc B.S.H.E., Housing and Management Section Leader (2) ; Choir (1) ; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Dorm Committees (3. 4); Camp Counselors Club 111. NANCY CREIGHTON WHEELER Favetteville B.S., Home Economics, Housing and Management Section Leader (1) ; Daisy Chain 12) ; Canterbury Club 1 1. 2. 3, 4) ; Chairman of Altar Guild (4) ; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 41 : Dorm Committees 13. 4). Social Chairman (4); Junior Show 13). CAROLYN YVONNE WHITE Greensboro .4. J.. Psychology Section Leader (1) ; Dance Committee ( 1. 2. 3) ; Elliott Hall Chorus (1, 2). Secretary (2); Hall Board (1); Sociology Club (2); Psy- chology Club (2, 3) ; Recreation Association (1. 2) ; Dorm Committees Devotions Chairman (1) ; Tap Dance Group (1. 2) ; Golf Club (2. 3, 4): Le Circle Francais 1 1. 2. 3); Psi Chi i4l; Junior Show (3); Classical Club (2. 3); Rat Day Committee (2): Freshman Com- mission 111. MARY PAGE W1ESE Lenoir B.S.S.A., Business Education Pine Needles, Typing Editor (4); Dean ' s List 13. 4); Curriculum Committee 13. 4); Daisv Chain 1 1. 2): Junior Advisor (3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Treasurer (2); Canterbury Club 11. 2. 3. 4); Vestry 11. 2, 3, 4); Gamma Alpha I 3. 4). Publications Co-Chairman I H ; S. E. . 13. 4): 4-H Club (1, 2. 3. 4). Secretary (2), Vice- President 13); Editor, Religious Activities Handbook (3): Chairman, Chapel Committee 14). GERALDINE WILKERSON Charlolle B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration Pine Needles Staff 1 1. 2); Honor Roll 12. 3); Section Leader 12); Junior Advisor 13); Baptist Student Union (1); Gamma Alpha 13. 4 i : Spanish Club (3); Dorm Committees II. 3). DRU VAN WILKES Lcaksville 1959 SENIORS W ill,., wa» BENNIE KITH WILLIAMS Narrows, Virginia A.B., Art Education National Students Association Campus Coordinator; Honor Roll (3) ; Service League (3); Dance Committee Decoration Chairman Junior- Senior 1 31 ; Arts Forum Committee (3. 4 1 ; Westminster Fellowship; Botanv Club (3); International Relations (1. 2): S. E. A. (3. 4); Dance Group (1. 2. 3) ; Woman ' s College Theater 111 ; N. S. A. 13, 4) : Art Club 11). FRANCES LOLISE WILLIAMS Elizabeth City B.S.H.E., Home Economics, Housing and Management Dance Committee (3); Wesley Foundation (1, 2); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3,4). SYLVIA JOAN WILLIAMS Hickory B.S.S.A., Education Pine Needles. Commercial Class Editor 13); Section Leader (1); Gamma Alpha 13, 4) ; S. E. A. (3, 4). BETSY ANN WILSON Littleton B.S.S.A., Business Education Carolinian, Circulation Staff II); Honor Roll (2); Junior Advisor 13); Elliott Hall Chorus 12, 3); Wesley (1. 2); Woman ' s College Chorus (3) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 4) : Dorm Committees (1. 2) ; Junior Show (3) ; Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (1, 2. 3). ELLA MAE WILSON Polkville B.S.H.E., Foods and Nutrition and Institution Management Baptist Student Union II, 2. 3. 4) ; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4). Wilson E. Wingale JOYCE WILSON Charlotte A.B., Elementary Education S. E. A. (3. 4) ; Senior Council 1 4 1. ' OREIDA ANNE WILSON Reidsville B.M.. Voice Elliott Hall Chorus ill: Choir (2, 3, 4): Wesley (1); Music- Education Club (4) ; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 41 ; Dorm Com- mittees 11, 2). WILMA GLADYS WILSON Littleton B.S.S.A., Merchandising Honor Roll (1); Elliott Hall Council (3); Junior Advisor (3); Wesley 111; Chemistry Club 12. 3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4 1 ; Dorm Committees (1, 3. 4). GRACE HOWARD WINCHESTER Morganlon B.S.H.E. Section Leader (1,4); Daisy Chain 12): Wesley (1, 2) ; Home Eco- nomic- Club H. 2. 3. 4l; S. E. . Hi; Dance Group (3); Young Republicans Club (1). MARY ALICE WINGATE Rulherfordton I. II.. English Parliamentarian of Legislature (3); Legislature (1,2,4); Carolinian Staff (1. 2, 3), Managing Editor 14); Golden Chain (3), President (4); Section Leader (2); Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3); Westminster (3); Phi Alpha Theta 14); Outstanding Senior (4); N. S. A.. Delegate to Congress 14), Delegate to Regional Convention II. 2, 3); Delegate to N. S. A. Seminar on Human Relations; State Student Legislature Delegate 131, Chairman of Delegates (4) ; Debate Society ll), President (2). Page 71 1959 SENIORS Woolen Worsley Young LUCY GUY WINN Henderson 1. . ' -. Sociology United Student Fellowship; Sociology Club (4); Young Democrats Club (4). LOUISE GORHAM WINSTEAD Elm Cily A.B., Primary Education The Wesleyan Editor; Elections Board (1) ; Elliott Hall Chorus (4) ; A Cappella Choir (1) ; Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4), Council (2, 4) ; S. E. A. (4); Dorm Committees (1. 2. 4l ; Band (2); Elliott Hall Special Events Committee (1); Junior Show (3). MARY SMITH WOLFE Mount Olive -4.B., Elementary Education Elliott Hall President (4); Marshal (3) ; Golden Chain (4); Elliott Hall Council (3. 41; Elliott Hall Ball Chairman (31; S. E. A. 13); .Modern Dance Group (21; Camp Counselors Club (2); Co-Of (2); Le Circle Francais (1); Student Advisory Committee (4); Executive Cabinet (4); Legislature (4); Lecture-Entertainment Committee (4); C. U. Council (4); Young Democrats Club (4). SALLY PARKS WOLFE Mount Olive A.B., History Legislature (1); Marshal (3, 4); Beauty (2, 4); Dance Committee (4(; Wesley (1, 2); Dorm Committees (3, 4); Le Circle Francais (1, 2): Junior Show (3); Assistant House President (2); History Club (3) ; Y. D. C. (4) ; Special Events Committee (3, 4) ; Calendar Committee (4). KAY SHELMIRE WOOTEN Wilson B.S.S.A., Business Education Dance Committee (3); Junior Advisor (3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); S. E. A. (3. 4) : Dorm Committees (1, 2, 3). ANN REGINA WORSLEY Greenville .4.B., Chemistry [nterfaith Council (3. 4). Interfaith Forum; Newman 1 1, 2, 3), President (4); Square Circle 111; Chemistry Club (1. 21; Dorm Committees (1, 3); Woman ' s College Theater (1, 2). MRS. GLADYS SUE YOUNG Greensboro A.B.. History Carolinian (1, 2); Town Students 1 3, 41; Baptist Student Union (1,2); S. E. A. (3. 41 ; Dorm Committees (1. 21. OUTSTANDING " THEY ARE NEVER ALONE THAT ARE ACCOMPANIED WITH NOBLE THOUGHTS. " Jerru Lja mson WHO WILL NOT MERCY INTO OTHERS SHOW, HOW CAN HE MERCY EVER HOPE TO HAVE? " Page 74 SENIORS sranc y hi i lips " INTEGRITY IS BETTER THAN CHARITY. THE GODS API»Rm E OF THE DEPTH AND NOT OI THE TUMULT OF THE SOUL. " oLouise L oiei " SO EARNEST IN HER WORK AND FUN, WE KNOW NOT HALF THE WORK SHE ' S DONE. " OUTSTANDING reqqit Jjm " HONOR IS PURCHASD BY THE DEEDS WE DO; . . . HONOR IS NOT WON UNTIL SOME HONORABLE DEED BE DONE. " d n tie J ii •A LADY . . . GENTEEL AND REFINED, OBLIGING AND CHEERFUL, INDUSTRIOUS AND KIND. " Page -h SENIORS . sreannie =LeSlii ' TO BE A WELL-FAVOURED MAN IS A GIFT OF FORTUNE, BUT TO WRITE AND READ COMES BY NATURE. " Office Vv innate " LET THIS SUFFICE, BY THIS CONCEIVE THE REST. SHE SHOULD, SHE COULD, SHE WOULD, SHE DID THE BEST. " Page 77 SENIOR HOUSE PRESIDENTS AND The upperclassman house requires less individual guidance and attention than the freshman houses, hut the president and counselors of these dormi- tories have a great responsibility that they perform lovingly and diligently. They must direct, instruct, and reprimand. They are the Chiefs of the tribes who must show by their leadership the manner in which a citizen should conduct herself in a college or a world community. WEIL HALL Mrs. Janet Warren, Counselor Alelissa McLeod, House President WINFIELD HALL Miss Lee Hudgins, Counselor Harriette Sutton. House President MENDENHALL HALL Mrs. Anne Carter, Counselor Naney Cochran, House President NEW GlILFORD HALL Miss Anne Powell. Counselor Leno re R tiffin W estl.rook. House President COUNSELORS RAGSDALE HALL Mrs. Nell Bigler, Counselor Pal Harrison, House President MARY FOIST HALL Miss Marian Deininger, Counsel Susan llinl.ui. House President SOUTH SPENCER HALL Miss Celeste Ulrich, Counselor Shirley Smith, House President NORTH SPENCER HALL Miss Wanda Callin, Counselor Cilbertine Maulden, House President KIRKLAND HALL Miss Mary Alice Griffin, Counselo Ann Fowler, House President Page 79 JUNIOR ClASS SONG W. C, we sing to thee, Loud our voices raise. Sixty brings her loyalty. Her honor and her praise. Charcoal gray and white we wear. Our colors proud we show. Our motto we will e ' er uphold As on through life we go. Proudly now the story tell Let our song resound. Knowledge, love, and fellowship Through college life we ' ve found. Spreading peace and brotherhood. Encircling all the earth. The Class of Sixty inarches on To prove her matchless worth. Come on along, girls, stand up and shout! Wake all the people and tell them about Our class, the one that leads all the rest ! That ' s Sixty! The class that is the best! Page 80 ■ i Ah if- . S JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sandra Margolis President Lynn Mahaffey Vice-President Ann Phillips Secretary Doris Ann McGill Treasurer Jill Foltz Cheerleader ' If HEP H « 5£KH£3 Katie George and her staff make " weird " plans for Junior Show. Junior Class Program — anyone? Juniors initiate Ring Ceremony. Could this he the heginning of another W. C. tradition? fwm mm Page 83 Aaronson, Brenda Caryl Acton. Margaret Adams. Hilda Kay Aldridge. Martha Lou Allen. Martha Cole Allison. Margaret Lane Alston. Jean Allen Anderson. Margaret Ann Armstrong. Julia Lynn Arnold. Carolyn Bently Ayers, Linda Anne Babcoek. Barbara Bailey, Mary Catherine Baker. Priscilla Jean Baldwin. Mollie Amelia Ballard. Martha Carol Ballard. Margaret Elizabeth Ballard. Wanda Louise Barbee, Patricia Ellen Bareer, Barbara Lois Barker. Elizabeth Deppe Bornos. Linda Lee Barnes. Suzanne Cale Barry. Charlotte Barry. Linda Ann Bates. Joan Wernick Batts. Willa Fay Beam, Mildred Ashlyn 3ean. Bonnie Louise Jennett, Margaret Alice Bennett. Martha Christina Jerryhill, Carol Jean Page 84 V ' " v. -JUNIORS Black. Louise Rebecca Blackwell. Sandra Jane Blevins, Evelyn Roberta Boerner, Beatrice Barbara Boggan. Delia Ann Boone. Ethlyn Joyce Boren. Martha Gay Bowman. Emma Lois Bradley. Lois Elaine Breitenbach. Kay Frances Brett. Rachel Britt, Wanda Fay Bruadhurst. Sandra Vendetta Brown, Angela Marie Brown. Carolyn Elizabeth Brown. Elizabeth Jurv Bryan. Martha Amelia Bryson, Elsie Woduska Bulluck. Norma Fave Burke. Etta Ruth Bush. Barbara Lee Butler. June Carolyn Butler. Sally Mann Bvrd. Roberta Canada. Faye Cardwell. Marie Loraine Carroll. Lynn Dare Carson, Carol Joyce Carter. Margaret Louise Castelloe, Margie LaRue Caudle. Sarah Lou Rita Cheek, Mollie Sims Page 83 n Chinn, Ilene Roberta Chisholm. Mary Clyde Cochrane. Shannon Colby. Marilyn Fairfax Coleman. Peggy Ellen Collins. Ora Faye Cook. Evelyn Levuna Corpening, Leta Susan Cox. Brenda Ann Craig. Barbara Anne Crawford. Mary Joan Crawley, Virginia Eouise Crews. Ann Carolyn Crotts. Patricia Reynolds Crouch. Helen Maxine Crouch. Nellie Catherine Crouter. Lynn Culp, Carol Sue Daniels. Treva Bland Daughtry. Joyce Davis. Carolyn Ann Davis, Elizabeth Rose Davis. Jeanne Saphire Davis. Lucy Boyde Davis. Man Burwell Davis. Marjorie Lynn Davis. Merrilie Marguerite Dearsley. Ann Lilian Dixon. Rebecca Dodge. Sarah Lee Draper. Patsy Carrol Drye, Nancy Jo Page 86 i -JUNIORS Duncan. Ann Caroline Dutton. Virgina Darrell Earnhardt, Mary Charles Edmonds, Mary Catherine Edwards. Carolyn Jeanette English. Sheila Jo Ervin. Joan Erwin. Mildred Estevez, Silvia Elena Evans (Mrs. I. Glenda Leigh Evans. Lelia Rose Everett. Sarah Lamar Falls. Carmen Isabel Farrar, Betty Lee Fasick, Helen Ferguson. Susan Welch Fisher. Patricia Gretchen Fisher, Sara Louise Flanagan. Toni Flynn, Linda Frances Foil. Frances L mi Foil. Jerrie Eugenia Foltz. Jill Lamour Ford. Carolyn Kay Fort. Bennie Marie Fort, Mary Keris Fry, Elizabeth Ann Fuguay. Margaret Faye Futchs. Johanna Louise Gaither. Mildred Jane Gardner, Janice Maxine Garland. Joan Page 87 i t CJC tv ll Garrett. Mary Carol) n Jones George, Bettye Catcs Glasbyj Betty Lou Globus. Nina Goodwin, Sylvia Virginia Greene. Mary Hester Gulledge, Lavon Derenda Halm. Celia Caroline Hall. Peggy Anne Hall. Sydna Ann Hambright. Margaret Susan Hamriek. Edith Suzanne Hamrick. Mary Vivian Hancock. Mary Ann Hancoth. Jean Ruth Haney. Sally Thomas Hanev. Suanne Harper. Barbara Lou Harris. Martha Jo Harris. Nancy Dwiggins Harris. Zalotta Belali Harrisan. Carol Ann Hart. Patricia Anne Hatchett, Andrea Lynn Hawkins. Ann Jane Hayner. Catherine Paddison Heafner. Carolyn Heiserman. Annette Mae Helms. Martha Ann Hendrix. Jacqueline Hewell. Hylan Elizabeth Hicks. Evelyn Louise Page 88 n -JUNIORS Hill. Betty Bruce Hilton. Dickey Vincent Hoffman. Daphne Ruth Hogan, Ann Louise Holmes, Virginia Holt, Barbara Adele Holton. Shirley Jane Holtzmann, Shirley Lena Hood. Marjorie Anne Hoover. Mary Ann Hope, Mary Lleanor Home. Ella Joan Howell. Carolyn Gay Hudson, Julia Kathryn Huested. Margaret Holbert Hughes, Anna Louise Jackson. Helen Faye Jackson. Randa Josephine James. Nancy [Catherine Jobe, Sarah Leigh Middleton Johnson. Martha Hardy- Johnson, Sylvia Anne Johnson, Virginia Elizabeth Jones, Carolyn Faye Jones, Lucia Lillian Jones. Marian Dean Jones. Mary Keithley Joyce, Nora Lee Nixon Karnsnak, Elizabeth Anne Kelly. Marjorie Patricia Kelly. Rexine Matthews Kennerly, Sharon Lynn Page 89 Kinsey. Kay Cecile Kinsinger, Sara Emily Kiser. Charlene Octavia Kistler. Barbara Jean Klein. Elizabeth Vaughan Klenos. Petitesa Knudson, Mary Theresa Lamprinakos, Maria Palivious Lancaster. Tonnnie Ann Laughan. Diane Lavine. Barbara Gail Leatherwood. Patsv Minerva LeConte. Elizabeth Neill Eenderman. Paula Agnes Lenhardt, Peggy Virginia Leonard. Sarah Katherine Leonard. Ruby Dolores Ann Leonard. Rebecca Louise Levy, Carol Anne Lewis. Edith Rav Locke. Julia Ann Long. Mary Jane Luther. Annie Louise McCall. Betty Ann McCarthey, Sue Vaughn McCormick. Alice Faye McGill. Doris Ann McGinnis. Amelia Ann Mclntyre. Louise Kay McLester. Virginia Rose McNeely. Mary Ann McPherson. Virginia Lee Page 90 -JUNIORS McQuague. Patricia Joanne Mahaffey. Mary Lynn Marcus. Beverly Elaine Margolis. Sandra Lee Martin. Alma Jo Matheson. Evelyn Marie Matthews. Alma Louise Miller. Betty Sue Mercer Miller. Patricia Ann Mincev. Marv Sue Minich. Lynne Elizabeth Mitchell. Barbara Ann Mock. Marianne Louise Moore. Allie Marie Moore. Fay Clark Moore. Jean Watson Moore. Mary Lou Moore. Sue Von Morris. Bette Fay Morrison. Patricia Ziem Morse. Catherine Elizabeth Moseley. Lelia Adis Moser. Sylvia Jean Mulkey. Ann Louise Mustian. Peggy Louise Nakutis. Regina Needham. Judith Andua Newell. Patsy Anne O ' Briant. Jo Ellen Oliver. Donna Outlaw. Danielle Susan Owen, Nancy Sue A Parker, Sarah Lynn Parker. Sylvia Jane Patterson, Julia Annette Pearson, Alice Ann Pegram, Mary Lois Perkins, Brenda Gail Perry, Emma Clara Peters, Joce Paulette Peterson. Peggy Jean PfeifFer. Karen Marlenc Phelps. Phyllis Jean Phillips. Ann Sheri ill Pichard. Elizabeth White Plummer. Peggv Ann Ponder. Glinna Evelyn Pope. Katherine Susan Pritchett, Alice Eaye Putnam. Trudv Ann Queen. Patricia C. Rahil. Madeleine Claire Raper. Johanna Reid. Carolyn June Reinbach. Nancy Lathan Reyes, Ana Rhyne, Avis Hendrix Robertson. Janice Marie Robinson. Elizabeth Ann Rogers. Sandra Powell Rose. Mary Patricia Ross. Carolvn Elizabeth Rothrock. Ramona Anne Rothrock. Sarah Winifred Page 92 m -JUNIORS Rufty, Nancy Jean Russ, Mary Mildred Russell, Nancy Ann Sanderlin, Nancy Bradley Sandrone, Dorothy Mae Sapero. Renee Nancy- Savage, Norma Frances Schnable. Janet Claire Schreiber. Liliane Hariz Louise Sechrist. Jacqueline Money Sharp, Mary Ellen Sharpe. Sarah Albright Shell. Margaret Anne Sherrill. Julia Rebecca Shields. Kay Watts Simmons. Lois Simpson, Camilla Boston Slagle. Lois Evelyn Smart. Elizabeth Joanne Smith. Betty Jane Smith. Bevelyn Kay Smith. Linda Blythe Smith. Shirley Grace Smith, Sylvia Ann Smith. Virginia Ann Davis Snipes. Ann Proctor Snyder. Ruth Helen Snyder, Sonja Sue Southerland, Barbara Ann Sparger. Mary Gardner Spease. Wanda Gale Spruill. Mary Eugenia Page 93 3r Stanton. Janice Bland Stark. Elizabeth West Steele. Carolyn Irene Steele, Mary Crawford Stephenson. Glenda Yvonne Stephenson. Patricia Ann Stevens, Mary Louise Stewart. Alice Floyd Stockton. Doris Ann Stout. Elizabeth G. Stubblefield, Joan Elizabeth Sullivan. Marv Rose Sullivan. Paula Dean Swann. Rebecca Sue Sylvia, Avis Latham Talton. Nancy Carolyn Taylor. Marion Elizabeth Taylor, Patricia Susan Teague. Doris Mae Teeter. Frances Louise Templin. Louise Ruth Tester. Shirley Dean Thompson. Nancy Hannah Thornton, Barbara Ann Thrower. Judith Elizabeth Tillman. Bettve Davis Todd. Carolyn Jayne Toenes, Sara Jane Trontham, Dianna Dann Trump. Chrystelle Lee Tucker. Ellen Tucker. Vivian Thomas Pag.- 94 n -JUNIORS Turner. Patricia Ann Tutterow, Harriet Ruth Tyndall. Sara Mary L pchurch. Mary Moore Uzzell. Betty Ruth Uzzle. Virginia Louise Vanhoy. Minnie Leyuna Wall. Joyce Marie Wall. Mary Linda Wall. Sara Jean Walston. Betty Jo Ward. Mary Lou Warley. Jeanne Trexler Warren. Florida Eleanor Warren. Helen JoAnne Warren. Katherine Earl Watson. Betty Josephine Watson. Zenobia Winnie Wellborn. Mary Rebecca Wellons. Leta Emmogene Welsh. Gloria Faye West. Betty Lynn Wexler. Rosalind Carol White, Peggy Anne Whittley. Betty Jean Wildman. Elizabeth Brown Williams. Minnie Lorene Williams. Sherrill Lyle Williams. Shirley Ann Williams. Sue Marion Williams. Sylvia Anne Williamson, Lou JUNIORS Willis. Sarah B. Winstead, Sara Sue Wiseman, Doris Caroline Wolfe, Frankie Sandra Woody, Nancy Jane Worsley, Elsie Rebecca Wright, Mary Ann Yates. Martha Moss Yundt. Joanne Zezefillis, Helen Zwicky, Eleanor Jean It ' s lime for lea, dearies! Page 96 Voodoo Incorporated Meanwhile — l..i. k-i.. You ' re a cup-cake Page 9 Junior and SHAW HALL Miss Dorothv Harris, Counselor Mary Clyde Chisholm, House President The duty of the Junior House Presidents and Coun- selors, together with her house officers, is to he responsible for the administration of the house. GRAY HALL Mrs. Isabelle Outlaw. Counselo Sally Hanev, House President JAMISON HALL Miss Lillian Cunningham, Counselc Carol Carson, House President COIT HALL Miss Frances Falck, Counselor Barbara Boerner, House President Page yH House Presidents Counselors It also falls their task to make a home away from home for the new recruits. Their sympathetic under- standing and words of encouragement make dormi- tory life a delightful memory that is never lost by anyone who has been a Freshman. BAILEY HALL Mrs. Lucy White, Counselor Belsv Stark, House President COTTEN HALL Miss Patricia Todd, Counselor Margaret Acton, House President HINSHAW HALL Mrs. Nancy Melvin, Counselor Mary Ann Hoover, House President Page 99 SOPHOMORE CLASS SONG The tide of all our lives it seems, Has surged vis to our golden dreams. N ' er to look behind an hour, To wait in meekness, walk in power, To wait in meekness, walk in power, To hold our faces toward the sky, And walk w ith God until we die. SO, Now as we begin anew, We know our college days are few, So here ' s the class of ' 61, To carry on the work begun, With scholarship and loyalty, We ' ll stand in hand with W. C. So we ' ll sing — Blue and white, the class of ' 61 ! Here we are in fellowship and fun. We ' ll be true to you our college friends, Yes, to you, we ' ll be true, always — So — Blue and white, the class of ' 61 ! Here we are in fellowship and fun, We ' ll be true to you our college friends, Yes, to you, we ' ll be true, W. C. Page 100 1 § 4 T «tM Hi uluhc v : 1 art MI SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jeanne Walker President Sally McCotten Cheerleader Lynndy Logue Vice-President Emily Herring Secretary Lynn Rankin Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Page 103 y » c ,4 First Row. left to right: Abbey, Ann Ross; bernethy, Hannah Crowe 11; Ach, Mary Eliza- beth; Adkins, Ruby Christine; Allen, Julia Banner; Allen, Maryann; Allen, Patricia Ann. Second Row: Amey, Zelma Elizabeth; Ander- son. Florence Scheirich; Anderson, Joyce Marie; Angley, Judith Ann; Appleyard, Mar- garet Carol; Askew, Linda Jo; Atcheson, Vir- ginia Hill; Atkinson, Sally Lynn; Austin, Annabelle Elizabeth. Third Row: Autry, Myrna Louise; Avery, Mildred Martin; Bailey, Barbara Jane; Rare- foot, Delila Ruth; Barnhill, Betsy Jane; Bar- ton, Judith Allen; Beanion, Margaret Anne; Bernau, Sara Shirley; Best, Gladys Joanne; Binkley, Annie Faye; Binkley, Ruby Mae; Blackwelder, Judy Dare, Sophomore Class Page lOt Sophomore Class First Ron. left to right: Blankenship, Phillis Rae: Blue, Patricia Joyce; Rolick, Marilyn Estelle; Bowden, Doris Elaine; Boyd, Norma Louise; Brandon, Amelia Ann; Brandt, Elinor Jane. Second Row: Brannock, Beverly Joan; Bran- son, Nancy Carolyn; Brantley, Betsy Faye; Braswell, Mary Lily; Bray, Betty Jo; Brindle, Margaret Elizabeth: Brinson, Shirley Louise: Britton. Nancy Holliday; Broad well. Valerie Jean; Broda, Nancy Fay; Brown, Amy Eloise. Third Row: Brown. Lela Gail; Brown. Helen Mae; Brown, Jayne; Brown, Sandra Read: Brown. Sarah Elizabeth; Brownell. Sally: Brownstein. Judy; Bryant, Anne Milton: Bryant, Sandra Jo; Burch, Cornelia St. Clair: Burke. Judith Forester: Button. Judy Rogers; Carabateas, Estelle; Carmichael, Mary Char- lotte. ■ RIP »svlf v,« First Ron ' , left to right: Caroon, Anne Joyce; Carson, Mary Alice; Cash, Linda Rose; Cauble, Barbara Josephine; Chambers, Diane; Chockley, Laura Louise; Christopher, Carol Ellen. Second Row: Clark, Evelyn Dee; Clippard, Judith Terissa; Coble, Brenda; Cochran, Ellen Jane; Cole, Phyllis Eugenia; Colvard, Allie Elizabeth; Connor, Marilynn Davis; Crabtree, Ulga Frisard; Cridlebaugh, Mary Caroline. Third Row: Cromartie, Adelaide Boger; Crump, Betty Grace; Culp. Carol Jean; Curl, Barbara Jean; Dagenhart, Thelma Marie; Davis, Nancy Delores; Degenaar, Joan Blair; Dejarnette. Elizabeth Keller: Denham, Mil- dred Charlene; Dodson, Clara Jean; Dorsett, Effie Ruth. Sophomore Class " «• i ■£ « v Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: Dowdy, Anne Rogers; Dowdy, Paula Ann; Dunagin, Joyce Marie; Duncan, Sudie Beth; Dunning, Julia; Durham, Iris Anne; Eggleslon, Ann McCain. Second Row: Ellinwood, Elizabeth Hayes; Ellis, Sybil Jane; English, Joy; Erdody, Jean Elsie; Estes, Rachel Louise; Eubank, Mamie Kirk; Eudy, Brenda Kay. Third Row: Earrell, Betty Sue; Barrington, Margie Lee; Beregee, Kathryn Sina; Fisher, Jo Meeks; Flowers, Joanne; Forrest, Glenda Lorretta; Fountain, Martha Ann; Fowler, Cynthia Lou; Fowler, Julia Leach; Frazier, Sondra Annette. J First Row. left to right: Evans, Lynn Allison; Gabriel, Mary Ann; Gadd, Virginia Dale; Gaines. Sylvia Alice; Galligher, Vera Collene; Game, Nancy Jill; Gardner, Josephine Glenn. Second Row: Gardner. Jnlia Ann; Garrenton, Constance Mather; Garrison, Sara Boone; Garriss, Dorothy Lorene; Gaskins. Mary Ann; Catling. Anna Darden; Gettys, Mary Lynn; Gilbert, Betsy Ann; Gooch, Jane. Third Row: Goode. Elizabeth Ann; Gourley. Lee Carol; Graham, Dorothy Berryman; Gra- ham. Janice Claine; Graham, Jon Nelson; Graves, Claudette Treva; Grayson, Dolores Ann; Green, Kay Elizabeth; Green, Sandra Moore; Greenberg. Marsha Annette; Greene, Imogene; Greulach, Mary Susan. Sophomore Class HHflb ' Hi Hmh ' ft • r J 4 m n - •■ ] First Row. left to right: Guill, Doris Dawn: Gustafson, Sandra Elizabeth; Gwynn, Ruby Marie; Hardy, Ann Howell; Hargett, Betty Sue; Hargrove, Emily Inez; Harper, Rosa Lee. Second Row: Harrell, Judith Love; Harring- ton, Brownie Zelota; Harrison, Jeannette Wenstead; Harvey, Ethel Ann; Hay, Ardith Elspeth; Haynes, Nancy Claudie; Heath. Patricia Ann; Heeden, Mary Nebeah; Heilig, Ameial Jane. Third Row: Helms, Jackie Elizabeth; Hemp- hill, Emma Jean; Hensley, Barbara Jane; Hensley, Beverly Jean; Herr. Marcia Bradlee; Herring, Emily Louise; Higgins, Emily Caro- lyn; Hirt, Lynda Karen; Hobgood, Barbara Ann; Holland, Ruth Ann. Sophomore Class Page 109 Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: Holton. Betty Lor- raine; Holton, Teddy Ann; Hornstein, Leda; Howard, Wilma Lee; Howey, Rebecca L ee; Huff, JoAnne; J nil, Dorothy Marie. Second Row: Humphrey, Reginald May; Humphries, Glenda Moore; Huneycutt, Midgie Karol; Hunter, Carolyn Louise; Hutchinson, Deanne Hill; Isgett, Sonja Jo; Jacobson, Eliza- beth: Jarmon, Joan Frances; Jarrett, Margaret Elizabeth; Jenkins. Barbara Jeanne; Jenrette, Catherine Oliver. Third Row: Johnson, Elizabeth Anne; John- son, Wilma Anne; Johnson, Dorothea Schar- lotte; Johnson, Lea Joy; Johnson, Nancy Elizabeth; Johnson, Rebecca Ann; Johnstone. Nancy Elizabeth; Jones, Carolyn Jane; Joseph. Camilla Louise; Joyner, Emily Shelbourne: Joyner, Sally Harris; Kadison, Ellen Deborah; Kaplan, Phyllis Debora. First Row, left to right: Kelley, Shirley Ann; Kertzman, Rita Mildred; Kesler. Elizabeth Carol; Kidd, Louella Dabbs; Klapp, Beverly; Klieger. Judith Arleen; Kornegay, Martha Elizabeth. Second Row: Krapf, Carol Jean; LaFerney, Anita Kay; Lane, Rosalyn Jay; Lambeth. Linda Olive; Lee, Hilda Wright; Lee, Linda Mariam; Lee, Linda Mozelle; Leek, Geneva Leona; Lefler, Harriette June. Third Row: Leggette, Blanche Elizabeth. Legum. Rosalind Dee; Leigh, Emily Ann; Leinbach, Betty Jane; Little. Barbara Rose; Livas, Elaini; Logan, Linda Rebecca; Long, June Gail; Long, Sarah Ann; Lynn, Kay Nichols; Lynn, Mary Elizabeth. Sophomore Class Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: McArthur, Ruth Eliza- beth; McAulay, Sarah Richardson; McBride, Bonnie Kathryn; McCorkle, Lynda Coleen; McCotter, Sally Parker; McCracken, Heather; McDevett, Dorothy Stancill. Second Row: McDonald, Candace Lydia; McElroy, Jane Patterson; McRacken, Janet Anne; Madren, Sandra Bertie; Mann. June Carolyn; Manning, Mary Elizabeth; Marcus. Carol; Marley, Rebecca Rose; Marshall. Melinda. Third Row: Martiner, Anne; Massengill, Nancy Chloe; Mourney, Marcia Elise; Mem- ory, Flora May; Midyette, Nancy Karen; Miller, Frances Ann; Mills, Myrna Mc- Keithan; Mines, Mary Elizabeth; Mitchell, Linda Kay; Mixon, Carolyn Faye. Page 112 Sophomore Class First Row, left to right: Logue, Lynnsday Lee; Moore, Frances Strowd; Moore, Nancy Poole; Morgan, Teresa Lynn; Morgan, Marilyn Blanche; Morton. Ann Carter; Mnrrell, Glenda Rachael. Second Row: Naliikian, Marta Alice; Neiinan, Gwendolyn Wiesen; Norris. Margaret Eliza- beth; Nushan, Lois Frances; Parrish, Barbara Yvonne; Patterson, Margaret Anne; Pearce, Nancy Arlene. Third Row: Peele, Betty Lou; Perkins, Caro- lyn Faye; Phelps, Kay; Phillips, Paillette; Picket Ann Eliza; Pickel, Cecelia Estelle; Pierce, Marian Taylor; Pittman, Janiece Vir- ginia; Pittman, Jean Marguerite; Peasky, Lorraine Mary; Pleune, Joan Frances. = il fei o l%iWf First Row, left to right: Plonk, Betty Jeanne; Poindexter, Nancy Carol; Pope, Ellen O ' Neal; Powell, Janice Marie; Powers, Rhoda Maria; Primm, Linda Withers: Prince, Karen Eliza- beth. Second Row: Putnam, Sandra Louise; Quinn, Zona Gale; Rabil, Patricia Jean; Rankin, Lynn; Ray, Bertha Lois; Raynor, Calla Ann; Reavis, Frances Louise; Renfroe, Paula Daphne; Renn, Diana; Reynolds, Lucy Jane; Reynolds, Peggy Joyce. Third Row: Rhodes, Rebecca Anne; Richard- son, Peggy Ann; Ricks, Elizabeth Anne; Robinson, Lellian Earle; Robinson, Sarah Margaret; Ross, Dixie Ann; Ross, Heather Ann; Ross, Shelley Jean; Rouse, Martha Ann; Rucker, Dorothea Ellen; Rudisill, Patricia Ann; Satterwhite, Joanna; Sawyer, Patricia Lynn. Sophomore Class a n o o %■ First Row, left to right: Sehimmelpfennig. Louise Elizabeth; Sehnell. Harriet Elizabeth; Self, Carol Ann; Self, Janet Leslie; Shaffner. Josephine Burwell; Shallant. Judith Selma; Sikes. Margaret Elizabeth. Second Row: Simos, Gloria Yvette; Sizemore, Dorothy Anne: Sleath, Nancy Louise; Smith. Ann Lynn: Smith. Nelda Jane: Smith. Helen Margaret; Smith. Helen Sue; Smith, Vicki Jean; Smithdeal, Harriette. Third Row: Smyre. Jo Anne: Snider, Cornelia Olivia; Southern, Jo Anne: Spencer, Clara Frances; Springs, Nancy Rebecca; Springs, Sandra Caroline; Stallings, Patricia Ann; Stanley. Gloria Meadows; Starnes, Norma Sue: Staton. Helen Louise; Stephens, Carolyn Joyce. Sophomore Class Page 1 1 5 First Row. left to right: Stewart, Lucy, Stewart, Patsy Jo; Stone, Gypsey Caniille; Strain, Elizabeth Lee; Tatiun, Mary Lundie; Taylor. Hazel Anita; Teague. Emma Jean. Sophomore Class Second Row: Thacker, Shirley Ann; Thigpen. Peggie Ann; Thomas, Alice Joan; Thomas. Frances Bagwell; Thomas. Jacqueline Eva; Thomas, Patricia Wade; Thomas. Victoria Ann; Thompson, Mary Bradley; Thornburg, Linda Kristin. Third Row: Tilly, Frances DeRose; Todd, Joanne Elizabeth; Tripp. Barbara Ann; Truck- enport, Jayne Hazel; Turlington, Mary Eleanor; Turner. Helen Maureen; Underwood. Mary Sidney; Veasev. Linda Mac; Vickers, Mania Winifred; WahL Sheila Lynn; Walker, Carroll Lawson. Sophomore Class First Row, left to right: Walker, Jacqueline; Walker, Pat; Wallers, Elizabeth Ann; Ward, Gwendolyn Kay; Watson, Lynda Cates; Weaver, Linda Lee; Weinslcin, Joan Marian. Second Row: West, Carolyn Ruth; White, Mary Carolyn; Whitesell, Elizabeth Joan; Whitesides, Beverly Anne; Wiggs, Carol Joan; Wigley, Martha; Wilder, Joan Millicent; Wilkerson, June Leona; Wilkins, Sarah Jane. Third Row: Williams, Brenda Joyce; Wil- liams, Diana Ray; Williams, Nancy; Wingate, Daphne Herron; Winokour, Elaine Frances; Wood, Elva Kenyon; Woodall, Patricia San- ders; Woodall, Susan Kay; Wooten, Carolyn; Wright, Sara Lou; Yates, Judy Leigh; Yount, Gail Annette. CI L " O oo) FRESHMAN CLASS SONG Above the pines our song drifts out, Our voices strong and true ; The earth ' s far corners hear our shout, Oh, W. C. to you. Our days are swift ; our moments dear ; Our friendships gro v and bloom ; We plan our lives without a fear, Futures without gloom. Four years we learn beneath your hand : Our spirits rise and soar. When we depart we ' ll take our stand Singing evermore : Chorus : We ' re Freshmen now at W. C, The Class of Sixty-two. Our green and white, our faces bright, Will lead us bravely through. FRESHMAN " ! CLASS OFFICERS Becky Hayward President Marjorie Aiken Vice-President Carol Mann Secretary Roberta Page Treasurer SWICEGOOD . Cheerleader " And I didii ' i gel mv nickel hack either! " FRESHMAN CLASS •Closed Study alrea.h V " We freshmen serfs bow down. " Rat Day, 195 I ' age 121 First Row, left to right: Caroline Abernethy, Judith Abraham. Mary Lee Adams. Marjorie Aiken. Rachael Vernette Albritton, Nancy Carolyn Alexander. Willa Daniel Alexander. Second Row: Mary Allen, Nancy Allen, .lean Copeland Allretl. Katlierine Almond. Judy Carter Amiek. Mary Ann Elizabeth Andres, Jewel Anthony. Mary Inez Arnold. Third Row : Judith Arrington, Jean Arthur. Jo Ann Ashburn. Elizabeth Askew, Mary Lou Aycock, Betty Leigh Babson. Laurel Baird. Anne Baldwin. Carole Barclay. Fourth Run-: Betty Lou Barefoot. Nancy Louise Barker, Lucy Barnes. Justine Barnes. Emily Lou Barr, Judith Carol Bason. Kathleen Beakley. Judith Carol Beale, Doris Evelyn Brain. Mary Katlierine Beam. FRESHMAN ClASS Firxl Row, left to right: Judith Beam. Marion Beasley. Ethel Louise Beatty. Sara Nan Beck. Helen Bell. Patricia Bell. Friscilla Ann Bellamy. Second Row: Joyce Bestgen. Annette Bivens, Janette Bivens, Joan Bivens, Nancy Lea Blackard. Roberta Bland. Gladys Blanford, Betty Lou Blanton. Third Row: Phyllis Sue Bloom, Esther Blythe, Billie Ann Boatwright. Celeste Bochret. Mahala Booher, Helyn Bost. Mary Bost. Francis Bostick, Mary Bourne. Fourth Row: Katlierine Anne Bowling. Judith Bowman, Judith Rebecca Boyette. Kay Brackenbury, Fonda Bradley. Patricia Brantley, Evelyn Susan Brauer. Sylvia Bridges. Wilma Mae Brinson, Nancy Jane Britton. First Row, left to right: Jane Bradley. Alice Faye Brown. Claudia Brown. Julia Brown. Mary Joe Brown. Millicent Brown. Nancy Brunton. Second Bow: Maggie Elizabeth Bryan. Patricia Bryant. Sandra Lynn Buff. Carol Bullock. Carolyn Sue Burch. Teresa Burchette. Josephine Burgwyn, Barbara Burleson. Third Row: Helen Marie Burnette. Olivia Burnham. Joyce Burris, Barbara Busic. Betty Busic. Evelyn Byrd, Janice Cain. Patricia Caldwell. Marie Campbell. Fourth Row: Margaret Campbell. Barbara Candler, Wilma Sue Canter. Patricia Carmines. Frances Carpenter. Grace Penny Carroll. Martha Elizabeth Carroll, Toni Jerry Carson. Dorothea Jane Cass. Marian Frances Caton. FRESHMAN CLASS Fist Roto, left to right: Linda Ann Caudle, Anne Elizabeth Chagaris. Rosa Jean Chance. Judith Ann Janie Clapp. Margaret Alice Clare. Second Row: Rosemary Ann Clark, Deborah Arleen Clarke. Rebecca Coble. Alice Cole. Carolyn Cole, Judith Cole. rAird Koto: Anna Collier. Susan Collins. Comer. Sarah Cooke. Sue Cooke. Roslyn Cooley, Patricia Cooper. Mrs. Phyllis Cooper. Fourth Pamela Corlett. Rosalie Cornelius. Caroline Corpening, Greta Coulter. Gloria Rose Cox. Emily Cr; ( natli. Mary Ann Creech. Chostner, Maxine Christmas, Phyllis Clay. Linda Cleaver. Cornelia Coltrane, Jeanette Row: Dorothy Ann Copple. btree, Betsy Cratch. Patricia n I i ■ 1 l a i If Tl First Row, left 1 right: Carol Culbreath, Louise Currence, Gwendolyn Currin, Linda Daniels, Jane Davenport. Brenda Day Second . ' " " •: Emily Dickerson. Donna Diggo, Joyce Dixon. Juan Dobson, Marcia Dodd. Sarah Dolierr. Martha Dough ton. Third Row. Joyce Douglas, Carolyn Dowdle, Betli Duncan, Betsy Dupree, Rebecca Earley. Ollie East. Sarah Ebert, Linda Edwards. Fourth Row: Marguerite Edwards. Mary Louise Efird, Martha Elani. Barbara Ellis. Elizabeth Ellis. Judith Ellis. Karen Ent, Shirley Epps, Nancy Evans. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, left ' • right: Sheila Farbman, Sharlie Farrington, Mara Fenninger, Fiances Ferrell, Peggy Flatt, Kay Fletcher. Second , ' .. Judj Floyd, Jane Folger, Joyce Forbis, Ann Ford, Nancy Foster. Virginia Fowle. Evelyn Frank. Third Row: Nancy Franklin. June Flanks. Jean Freeman, Martha Fuller. Sandra Fullinston, Gail Funderburk, Lindia Funderburk, Peggy Funston. Fourth Row: Hetty Fusco, Betty Gardner, Jane Garrett. Alice Garrison, Phyllis Garriss. Susan Genser. Frances Gery, First . ' »» ' , left to right: Carol Gilford, Ola Giles. Martha Gilliken. Rebecca Gilreatli, Gail Given. Judy Goodman. Second Row. Jean Graham. Alice Grant. Margaret Elizabeth Graves, Alethia Green. Jill Greene. Roberta Greeson, Barbara Gregory. Thin Row: Wilnia Greeler, Phyllis Griffin, Linday Curley, Susan Curley. Alice Haase. Joan Halin. Fourth Ron- : June Hall, Mary Hall. Nancy Coe Hall, Sandra Hamilton, Linda Hanchrow, Louise Harley, Judy Harlow, Carole Harrington, Patricia Hani- FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, left to right: Linda Harrison, Martha Harrison. Elizabeth Hartsell, Margaret Elizabeth Harwell. Elizabeth Ingrid Maun, Patricia Ellen Ilausi. Second How: Helen Hawkins. Janet Hawkins. Elizabeth Susan Haves. Laura Gladys Hayes. Becky Haywanl. Delores Heath, Rebecca Hedgepath. Third Row: Trudy Ann Held, Flora Faye Helms. Lynne Henderson. Mary Constance Henderson. Alice Carol Hendrix, Linda Kerr Henry. Fourth Row: Carol Hester. Laura Lee Hetyles, Patricia High, Bobbie Joyce Hine. Barbara Helen Hoey. Patricia Hoffman. Paillette Hoke. First Bow, left to right: Angela Eve Hollingsworth, Julia Hutching Holmes. Betty Ruth Holt. Helen Honeycutt, Frieda Kaye Hopper. Clara Ann Home. Second Ron:: Margaret Lucille Howell. .Judith Jean Hubbard, Annie Marie Hudson, Chitquita Faye Hudson, Diane Hullinger, Julia Gorham Humphreys. Nancy Ann Hunnings. Third Row: Sara Ellen Hunter. Dorothy Ann Huntley. Evalyn Pearl Hussey. Diana Jackson, Rebecca Joyce Jackson. Frances Jarmati. Fourth Row: Carolyn Marie Jarvis, Mabel Elizabeth Jefferson, Stelea Jefferson, Carolyn Jenkins, Virginia Carol Jenkins. Barbara Anne .lobe. Agnes Annie Johnson. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, left to right: Ann Rouse Johnson. Nancy Lea Jones, Patricia Elinor Jones. Sandra Kay Jones. Sharon Jones. Stelia Joyner. Second Row: Patricia Jane Karro, Judith Lynne Keene. Beverley Lynn Keough. Betty Louise Kennedy, Hilda Mary Kenner, Mary Arlene Killebrew, Marilyn Ann Kimball. Third Row: Carolyn Kins. Rachel Levina King, Myra Kinlaw. Georgia Jane Kirkman. Sandra lone Kling. Fourth Row: Judith Ann Knepper, Teddy Lloyd Knight, Mary Anne Knudson. Beverly Ann Koblin. Ruth Kologiski. Kaja K el. Janice Maxine Kramer. f r ! ♦ wit L...L IJC First Note, left to right: Stephanie Ann Kroboth, Mary Frances Leak. June Leggett. Dorotliy Jean Lenning, Betty Jean Leonard. Michaels Phillippa Levy. Second Row: Mary Liles, Cathy Little. Barbara Long. Lillian Lovings. Janice Lowman. Third Row: Elizabeth Lucas. Yvonne Lowry, Ellen Luce. Sandra MacDonald. Carina McCall, Janet McConnell. Fourth Bow: Mollie McCotter Alma Mo McCullen, Linda McCurdy, Jo Carole McDnniel. Susan McDevitt, Kitty McDonald. Louise McDonald. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, left to right: Linda McFarland, Linda McGee, Priscilla McGee. Adora McGlamery, Linda McGregor. Maud Lee McKeithan. Second Row: Jo Anne McKinney. Saundra McKinney. Sandra Mcl.ester. Mary Jane McNeill. Helen Marie McPher son. Third Row: Rebecca McQu een. Sue Mable. Barbara Maddux. Anne Mallard. Linda Malmros. (iail Maltbie. Fourth Rmr (anil Maun. Jean Mantiply, Alice Martin. Enid Masinter, Martha Mason, Judy Matthews. Linda Matthews. |nAA t r tfifj .f f of 1 aHHHMI 1 ■ . h h J ; [ " ■ ■■ ■- ■ •■ !-■■ ■ " H- H ' • First Row, left t right: Mary Matthews, Eclitli Mayfield. Nancy Meadows. Anna Mecca, Sara Melasky. Lois Mendezoff. Second Row: Joan Meyer. Martha Miles. Emilie Mills. Martha Mills. Alice Mintz. Third Row: Carol Mitchell. Nancy Mitchell. Mary Moffitt. Mary Moore. Nancy Moore. Fourth Row: Sarah Moore. Jane Morgan, Neal Morgan, Edna Morris. Jane Morris, Mary Alice Morris, Brenda Morton. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, left t» right: Patricia Jean Morton. Joann Moseley. C ' ecile Moses. Mary Murphy, Patricia Murray. Cynthia Myers. Second . ' ..»■.- Martha Myers, Mildred Myers, Carolyn Elaine Naumoff, Judith Kay Nemeroff, Anne Lois Newton. Third Row: Deana Newton. Rebecca .lane Nichols. Irina Nikitin. Martha Noble, Margaret Louise Norwood, Marjorie Orr. Fourth Row: Rebecca Overby, Nina Overton, .lane Owen. Anna Pack. Brenda Page, Ann Pardue, Helen Ann Parker. - First Row, left to right: Beth Parker, Sally Parkins, Serena Parks. Lynn Parnell, Sarah Jane Payne. Nina Phillips. Second Row: Barbara Ann Phillips. Doris Evelyn Philyaw. Betsey Faye Pierce. Sandra Louise Pinkston, Patrica Lynn Plaxico. Third Row: Madaleine Polhemus. Gall Polk, Martha Pool. Wanda Presnell, Evelyn Price, Hazel Price. Fourth Row: Jane Price, Patricia Proving, Linda Pultz, Harrlette Putnam. Helen Rabenhorst, Margaret Rand, Judy Ray. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, left to right: Kerinit Ratledge. Carol Raye, Ramelle Kea. Jane Reavis, Barbara Reid, Mary Reid. Second Row: Alice Reit .el, Judith Rhodes. Nancy Rhyne, Milly Richardson, Paula Richardson. Third Row: faye Rivenbark, Brenda Roberts. Ann Robinson, Laura Rodgers. Nancy Rorie, Anita Rosefleld. Fourth Row: Constance Rouse. Linda Rovin, Catherine Royster, Arlene Rutkin, Judy Salsbury, Nancy Samuel. Ethel Sanders. % 1 1 A A. First Row, left to right: Lillie Sasser. Myra Satisky, Susan Sehell, Harriet Sanilra Schiffley, Shirley Ann Scott, Margaret Scouten. Second Bote: Karen Seals, Frances Seaman. Johnnye Seaton. Virginia Seaver. Third Row: Elsie Shaw, Madeline Shaw, Ravonda Shelley. Ann Sherrill. Romelda Sheppard. Margaret Shipp. Cynthia Ann Shirley. Fourth Row: Helen Shore, Mary Shotwell, Call Shugart. Harrie Sldenberg. Glenda Slegel. Florence Simmons, Margaret Sink. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, left to right: Marsaret Mayer Sink. Patricia Ann Sink. Anita Elizabeth Sloter. Alice Evelyn Smith. Belinda Carol Smith. Edna Smith. Second Row: Gladys Marie Smith. Joyce Key Smith. Rudeen Smith, Faye Smith, Lynette Smith. Third Row: Pesciy Smith. Pat Smith. Becky Smith. Carole Smither. Joyce Spake. Dayetta Snyder. Fourth Row: Karen Lee Spangler. Judy Sparkman. Susan Lee Sparrell, Joan Spier. Elizabeth Harrison Spivey. Barbara Sprinkle. Edna Staton. First Row, left to right: Myra Lynn Steele, Rita Stephenson. Alice Stevens. Nancy Stevens. Nancy Carolyn Caldwell. Lynda Jane Stonestreet. Priscilla Story. Brenda Louise Strada. Second Rote: Betty Gayle Strickland. Helen Stroud. Judith Stun], Mary Jo Summerlin, Mary Anne Swain. Nancy Swicegood, Kay Swindell, Carolyn Taylor, Frances Teague. Third Row: Carol Ann Tesi, Rosaline Tharpe. Deanna Thomas. Nancy Thomas. Jane Thoniason. Kay Thompson. Mary Frances Thompson, Lea Tiller, Laura Tilley. Mary Tipton. Fourth Row: Beverly Gay Todd, Katherine Torrence, Elizabeth Toth. Terry Ann Tracy. Jane Travis, Nancy Marylynn Trivette. Auirlla Anne Trotter. Berta Sue Tunstall. Nancy Turney, Beth Hedden. Evelyn Underwood. Fifth Row: Wilma Margaret Underwood. Joan Van Boskerck, Marilyn Ann Voss. Ella Walker. Anne Walker. Carolyn Wall. Kay Wallace. Banks Wallace, Frances Wands, Sally Jane Ware, Barbara Gayle Warlick, Carolyn Warner, Rachael Warren, Lee Watson. FRESHMAN CLASS First Rou-, left to right: Barbara Watson. Brenda Watts. Jerilyn Barbara Weiner. Sally Wetherhorn. Hannah White. Linda White. Second Rou-: Nellie Whitfield, Marilyn Wiggins. Lila Wiley. Judith Wilkie. Mary Vann Wilkins. Sylvia Jean Wilkinson. Betty Lou Williams. Judith Williams. Third Row: Mary ' Ann Williams. Mary Lou Williams. Sue Williams. Bronna Willis. Anne Wilson, Jane Earl Wilson, Jane Hancock Wilson. Linda Wilson. Margaret Linda Wilson. Fourth Row: Sue Winn. Emogene Wiseman, Clara Withers. Mary Katherine Witherspoon. Jane Wolfe. Anna Wolff. Bette Anne Wood. Diane Woodward. Pollyanna Woodward. Linda Wright. Fifth Bow: Beverly Wright. Sarah Rebecca Yarborough, Jean Yates. Nancy Young. Rose Elaine Young. Sally Young, Nancy Zelley. Joan Zimmerman, Rachael Garrett, Jann Graham. COMMERCIAL CLASS SONG All hail, hail to W.C. We the Commercials sing. We ' ll honor and love thee. Even through eternity. We ' ll cherish the memories Of all you hold dear, And carry your standards Down through the years. All hail, hail to W. C. We the Commercials sing. We pledge to thee always Love and lovaltv. COMMERCIAL — " l CLASS J OFFICERS Sue Lee Cheerleader Mary Parks Caldwell Treasurer Susan Stephenson Secretary Virginia Hackett President GlNNY HOLSHOUSER Vice-President Girls, this must not happen a year from now COMMERCIAL CLASS Gabbv, what is Ronald Baying? Firs! Row, lejt to right: Betsy Jane Alexander, Catherine Ann Alexander. Marina Stanly Alexiou. Twila Janette Allen. Barbara Nell Atkinson. Second Row: Patricia Ann Autry. Nancy Ball. Martha Jane Bare- foot. Linda Lee Barnett. Phyllis Joan Belk. Third Row: Brenda Jean Bennett, Jo Ann Blanchard. Mary Sue Brav. Judith Catherine Brown, Judith Leah Butler. Joyce Anne Byrd. COMMERCIAL CLASS First Row, left to right: Helen Ellis Caldwell. Mary Parks Caldwell. Carolyn Elizabeth Cates. Kathryn iiii Cato. Katharine Ann Church. Second Row: Cynthia Ann Clark. Ann Fayne Clifton. Jo Ann Con- ley. Carol Jean Conrad. Nancy Anne Costner. Third Row: Georgia Ann Cranfill. Janet Catherine Craford, Zona Kav Creswell, Mary Catherine Cross. Carolyn Leath Dalton. Katharine Fenner Davis. First Row, left to right: Dolores Faye Deal, Linda Gail Deal. Bettie Ruth Dellinger, Frances Eliza- beth Dermid, Dianne Dibrell. Second Roiv: Glenda Marie Dodson, Sheila Ann Downing. Phyllis Carolyn Duke. Brenda Lelia Earwood, Carolyn Eason. Third Row: Julia Ellender Eberenz. Celeste Rachel Edwards. Joan Carol Edwards. Jewel Rose Everhart. Jo Ann Felts, Ada Jacqueline Fields. COMMERCIAL CLASS First Row, left to right: Patricia Hope Flanagan, Claudia Marie Flynt, Delores Kate Foster, Doroth) Stuart Galliher. Martha Helen Garner. Second Row: Phyllis Anne Garzik. Martha Helen Gilbert. Linda Frances Gilliam. Linda Jo Godbey. Brenda Joyce Goines. Third Row: Constance Leona Griffin. Evona Carol Guinn. Virginia Joan Hackett. Kathrvn Redmond Haigler. Linda Mae Hall. Linda Louise Hardie. First Roiv. left to right: Martha Jean Hardin. Janice Rae Harkey. Lorene Elizabeth Harrell. Nancy Ruth Haskins. Linda Jean Hatchett. Second Roiv: Norma Gayle Helms. Carolyn Ann Hill. Judy Garland Hobbs. Elizabeth Ann Hodges. Sandre Sue Hodges. Third Row: Virginia May Holshouser. Brenda Shayle Hood, Theo Carol Horton. Wilma Gail Hughey. Virginia Faye Huntley, Olivia Gail Ingram. COMMERCIAL CLASS First Row, left to right: Suzanne Jacobs. Patricia Lynn Jerome. Doris Kay Johnson. Ora Elmina John- son. Barbara Jean Jones. Second Row: Jon Elizabeth Jones. Katharine Rives Jones. Rebecca Lou Jones. Sandra Anne Jones, Sue Ellen Jones. Third Row: Betty Jean Jordan. Rachel Ellen Kepley. Frances Carolyn Kernodle. Rosemary King. Joan Maxine Kinzie. Amelia Ann Kiser. First Rou; left to right: Louise Gabrielle Kittles. Nancy Lee Kyles. Patsy Ruth Lamarr. Carol Sue Lee, Sylvia Virginia Leonard. Second Row: Thelma Mae Lloyd. Nan Spotswood Lucas. Frances Aileen Mackie. Betty Maria Maness. Ruth Helen Martin. Third Row: Janice Linda Matthews. Patricia McCarty. Vera Jane McClain. Nancy Alice McDowell. Jo Ann McLean. Judy Ann Metier. COMMERCIAL CLASS First Row. left to right: Beverly Ann Mitchell. Margaret Elizabeth Money. Paula Maria Montgomery, Norma Ellen Moorefield, Phyllis Lee Morris. Second Row: Patricia June Morrow. Rosalee Brown Moxley, Priscilla Lou New. Rosemary Newman. Susan Elizabeth Nicholls. Third Row: Barbara Ann Nordan, Dorothy Marcia Novin, Ruby Jean Painther. Virginia Faye Parude. Julia Anne Paul. Linda Phipps. First Row, lejt to right: Jean JNorine Poindexter, Norma Sue Potts, Linda Jo Pounders. Kay Frances Queen. Annette Ray. Second Row: Joyce Ann Richardson. Glenda Carroll Sarratt. Mary Grace Scar- borough. Libby Anne Shaw. Gayle Banks Shelton. Third Row: Brenda Joyce Shoaf, Florence April Shumway, Ileene Joyce Silvers, Mary Frances Simpson. Alice Lane Evans Sink. Joan Marie Slate. COMMERCIAL CLASS First Row, left to right: Deborah Smith. Edith Ann Smith. Elizabeth Gwendolyn Smith. Mary Alice Smith. Patricia Kay Comer Smith. Second Row: Wilma Lee Smith. Mary Virginia Solomon. Barbara Louis Southerland, Nancy Regina Startsman, Margaret Carol Stephenson. Third Row: Susan Lee Stephenson, Linda Maie Strader, Laurie Anne Striegel. Linda Striegel. Lucy Kathryn Swaim. 1 i 1 a Danie Swart. -» - i i i First Row, left to right: Judith Evelyn Tatem, Judith Thomas. Judith Wade Trent, Patricia Jane Truitt. Carolyn Sue Tuttle, Mary Geraldine Vanmeter. Second Row: Esther Diane Vuncannon, Gladys Eliza- beth Walker, Judith Kave Walker, Linda Lee Weddington, Joan Dell West. COMMERCIAL CLASS First Row, left to right: Kathleen Louise White. Marjorie Elise White, Nancy Jane White. Martha Louise Whitfield. Judy Gale Wilkinson. Second Row: Patricia Adele Williams, Virginia Alice Williams, Frances Havnes Withers. Xancv Lee Womble. Linda Faye Wood. NURSING CLASS OFFICERS Faye Benton President Brenda Beal Secretin) Evelyn Holi.owell Treasurer Peggy Campbell l RILYN VOSS Freshmen Nurses Representatives i THE NURSING EDUCATION SCHOOL The Department of Nursing Education at Woman ' s College began in February, 1957. It is a co-operative agreement and action between the college and Cone Hospital, which first gave a grant of S100.000 and later added S20.000 to begin and aid in the opera- tion of educating nursing students. The Department purposes to prepare young women for graduate registered nurse duties in staff or general duty positions. It is patterned somewhat after the eight Pilot Schools begun in 1952 under the guidance of the National Research Project in Columbia Uni- versity. The first class was registered in September, 1957. The girls wear an attractive blue uniform with a white cap, shoes and hose in the clinical laboratory area, and have blue jackets with an insignia of their own design which distinguishes them as W. C. stu- dents. Indeed, they are full-fledged W. C. students during their two years here. ilk toward a familiar sight Miss Mansfield, head of the IVursing Education De- partment, " at home " in her office. Brenda Beal. Carolyn W« stop by to chat with a yoi tard at Cone Hospital. •ten, and Evelyn Hollowell lg patient in the pediatrics DEPARTMENT OF NURSING EDUCATION Graduating Nursing Students BEAL. BRENDA Greensboro, North Carolina BENTON. FAYE Matthews. North Carolina BOGER, SARAH Morsanton. North Carolina HOLLOWELL. EVELYN Greensboro, North Carolina III CUES. DOROTHY Greensboro, North Carolina MELTON. DUANE Charlotte. North Carolina WESTMORELAND. AVERY Charlotte. North Carolina WOOTEN. CAROLYN Greensboro. North Carolina Page 144 Miss Boehret and the freshmen proceed with the serious business of inoculation. First Year Nursing Students First Row, left to right: Louise Beatty, Margaret Ann Black. Judith Bowman. Sylvia Frances Bridges, Margaret Eleanor Campbell, Rosalie Cornelius, Betty Thosdes Cratch. Second Row: Ann Elizabeth Darnell. Patricia Ellen Hause. Lynn Marlin Henderson, Bobbie Joyce Hine, Dot Huntley, Jane Kirkman, Dorothy Jean Lanning. Jean Mintz. Third Row: Alice Reitzel, Nancy Jo Samuel, Judith Ann Snyder, Marilyn Voss, Linda White, Alpha Jean Whitley, Jane Earle Wilson, Nancy Green Wood. J PEGGY DUNCAN President MARGARET MARTIN V ice-President STUDENT GOVERNMENT " I hereby pledge to every citizen of this community to use all my powers of head, heart, and hand to strengthen and uphold the principles of the honor policy and the ideals of Student Gov- ernment, which are individual respon- sibility, loyalty, and honor. " The Student Government Association is the organization which permits the students to govern themselves, and depends for its success upon the in- terest, participation, and responsibility of every member of the college com- munity. Through this organization we at Woman ' s College prepare for the democratic way of life which is our country ' s greatest asset. MARGIE DAVIS Secretary Sl ' DIE DUNCAN Tr PATSY MADRY Cheerleader s U • » « ti S «■ S Fi ' rsl Roir, fe »o rig il: Mary Dale Shue, Sandy Margolia, Gil Mauldin, Belly Motley, Jaekie Long. Aliee Wingate. Second Row: J. P. Wolfe, Peggy Warlick, Margie Davis, Peggy Duncan, Joyce Farthing, Dylene Lyerly, Merle Sutton. Third Role: Bennie Williams, Sally Haney, Terrv Garrison, Sudie Duncan, Belli Barrel!, Olivia Edmundson, Patsv Madrv, Mary Louise Coleman, Margaret Marlin. Not Pictured: Berllia Harris, Carolyn Harris, Jeannie Leslie, Jeannic Walker. EXECUTIVE BOARD The Executive Cabinet is composed of all the girls who hold elective oflices on the campus. The Cabinet brings these officers together in order to co- ordinate their efforts to represent and serve the student body. The Cabinet, headed by Peggy Duncan, the President of the Student Gov- ernment Association, meets regularly to discuss various problems and topics pertinent to the college as a whole. It also acts as host to distinguished visitors on our campus. Page 1 19 JUDICIAL BOARD Judicial Board, the branch of student govern- ment which handles all major offenses, is composed of a chairman and eight associate members, which includes five seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore. Judicial Board offers firm justice tempered with sympathetic understanding, and strives to create in the Woman ' s College student an awareness of the importance of responsible freedom. TERRY GARRISON Judicial Board Chairman Left to right Nancy Porter. md table: Merle Sutton, Nancy Moi i-..r: Margie Davis. Lucia Jones. An e. Elizabeth Sugg. Denise She; Henderson. Marv Elizabeth Ma Mar. Jane Phillip., Terr Cs ning. Lucv Davis. HONOR BOARD The general purpose oi the Honor Board, which is to per- petuate the honor policy, is ful- filled each year as the members of the board introduce the policy to new students and re- mind upperclassmen of its ideals. l.ejt to Right: Claire Holt. Patsv Garrison, Ann Hogan; Merle Sutton, Chairman: Betty Motley, Elinor Brandt. Gloria P. Ham- rick. ! ot Pictured: Jackie Walker. The NSA Council functions as the connecting link between the i:zri,r:i: national student association tions of NSA. By meeting with these various regional and national groups, our local division of NSA shares and gains ideas that are beneficial to student government. Left to Right: Hannah Ahernath , Be Morse. Not Pictured: Jill Game. Williams. Coordinator: Elizabeth Efird, Ruth Dorset!. Martha Ann Helms. Callr ELECTIONS BOARD First Row, left to right: Sue Mincey, Mary Alice Carson, Joan Dohson. Second Row: Sylvia Smith, Peggy Hinson, Chairman; Mrs. Melvin, Advisor; Margie Aiken. Vol Pictured: Belly Molley, Betsy Pa FINANCE BOARD In Front: Betly Motley, Chairman. Sealed in Burl:: Dr. Littlejohn, Advisor; Sarah Eskridge, Dr. Lewis, Advisor; Elinor Brandt. Vol Pic- tured: Martha Yates, Miss Griffin, Deanna Dent. POINTS COMMITTEE Front Row: Beth Hines, katherine Harrell, Ann Ross Abhey, Jean Pittman. Second Row: Ettalea Kanter, Chairman; Mrs. Alice Irby, Miss Lillian Cunningham, Advisors; Lou Black. Mot Pic- tured: Martha Vates. STUDENT FACULTY REVIEWING COMMITTEE Front Row, left to right: Joyce Bestgen, Carolyn Stephenson, Jacqueline Hendrix. Back Row: Peggv Warlick, Chairman; Dr. Mathilde Harda- way. Dr. Hollis J. Rogers, Miss Frances Falck, Jean Spruill. LEGISLATURE " The Legislature shall have the power to make all rules and regulations which shall be necessary and proper for the gov- ernment and for the best interest of the Student Government Association and all subdivisions thereof. " Legislature is the medium through which the students assume responsibility of self-government. Representatives from each residence hall voice student opinion and make decisions according to the wishes of the majority. Margaret Martin leads legislature members in debate on honor policy ELLIOTT HALL Our beautiful Elliott Hall was built to fulfill the glowing need for a place on campus where the social life of the college could be integrated. Indeed it is the social center where students may enjoy television, coffee hours, dances, parties, faculty-student teas, and the large record collec- tion. Publications offices are situated in this building of many activities, also. The Elliott Hall Council is a representative body elected by the students to govern Elliott Hall. Under the direction of the council a well- balanced and varied social program that is in- tended to meet the individual needs of every girl on campus is planned. MARY SMITH (JAYE P.) WOLFE President of Elliotl Hall first Rote, left to right: Mar Jarvis, Jane Wilson, Claudia Anne Mallard, Pat Allan, Be ELLIOTT HALL COUNCIL Ann MeNeelv, Janel Pratl. W ' ilma Wilson, Jane Davenport, Anne Walker, Mimi Avery. Seeond Rote: Carol n rown, Jave P. Wolfe, Sue Jane Seagle, Sarah Wallace, Jeanne Davis. Mna Globus. Third Row: Rennv Johnson, rlv Marcus, Ettalea Kanter. Sue Dudley, Jov O ' Connell, Beth Hines, Lois Simmons. MISS ELVIRA I ' RONDECKI Director of Elliott Hall Elliot! Hall Lol.l.v Scene »»i t v ¥ :w jgj ■ ' ni f w f ! r i W M Ibli 24l 1 n Hall Ball I ' age 135 II. ANN BANNA President FAYE FUQUAY V ice-President TOWN A car to drive, home-cooked meals, a soft bed and her own quiet room — these are mild but neverthe- less real pleasures which the Town Student never has to give up. These fortunate girls can pursue higher education while enjoying the comforts of home. Headquarters for Town Students is their very own lounge in Elliott Hall, a comfortable place for a few hands of bridge or a moment ' s relaxation between classes. These students have their own officers and representatives to legislature, and by their enthusiastic participation in all college activi- ties have proved themselves an important part of campus life. Time out for a Coke at the Soda Shor Page 156 STUDENTS DIANA K V S Secretary Mimi Avery, Elliott Hall Representative Nancy Latham Reinbacli, Social Chairman — ■ ■■■fc DYI.F.NE LYERI.Y i I STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN left to right: Linda Inman. Martha Yates, Peggy Cole nd Row: Joanne Fisher, June Peterson, Dolores Cray ASSOCIATION k 1 Ihe Bcaulv of Teamwork CLUB PRESIDENTS Left to Right: Grey Davis, Co-off; Becky Dixon, Dolphin-Seal: Nancy Russell, Camp Counselors. ! ot Pictured: Harolyn Sparks, Tap Dance; Pal Perry, Modern Dance: Belly Mines and Jean Stubblefield, Golf: Belly Brown, Tennis. Graceful and Poised DORM REPRESENTATIVES Front Rote, left to right: Jeanine Haase, Linda Inman, Nancy Russell. Second Roic: Sue Lee, June Peterson, Carol Mann, Dolores Grayson. Third Rote: Linda Robinson, Judy Beale, Beckv Dixon, Sandra Fulling- ton. Phyllis Kaplan, Linda C. Wilson. l ot Pictured: Betly Lynn Wesl, Treva Daniels, Chris McNeil. Page 1 59 SERVICE The Service League aims to serve students on our campus and to help those less fortunate in this and other countries. Each year the league conducts a " drive to end all drives, " the Campus Purse Drive. Special events are planned during this drive to raise money in addition to contributions of the students and the faculty. Various other drives and campaigns are conducted during I lie year to satisfy the needs of the campus such as a clothing drive, the Bloodmobile in co-operation with the American Red Cross, a Campus Clean-Up Campaign, and the hook exchange. The league encourages the individual of the college community to strive through an educational process to become a responsible and conscientious citizen. OLIVIA EDMliNDSON President Service League Irani Koir: Pal Allen. Mary Kay Hall, Janeen Sands. Bad. K.i Nancy Moore, Beverly Bethea, Pat Chambers, Jane Ha INewlin. Kathy Morse, Marilyn Co LEAGUE First Row: Joyce liurri-. Lynn II. .1. I:. 11. Joan Speer, Gulehen Fenningee, Judy Rhodes. Ernestine killian, Janice Cuger. Hack Ron: Dudy Angley, Ellen Rueker, Laura Goldin. Tina Paul. Virginia Johnson, Carol Couric, Harriet Tutterow. Jovce Farthing of Woman ' s College THE CONSOLIDATED m Long of tin University of North Carolina. Eddie Knox of State Margaret Helms of Woman ' s College, elected Consolidated University Queen this fall II UNIVERSITY COUNCIL The C. U. Council was organized in 1948 to act as a liaison between the students of the Consolidated University of North Carolina. The Council is made up of members from each of the three branches of the Consolidated University. Its purpose is to represent the opinions, interests, and welfare of the students. Dr. Friday, our presi- dent, works with the Council to make the best rec- ommendations on the students ' behalf. Firm Roiv, left to right: Tom Long, U.N.C.; Don Furtado, U.N.C.; Curtis Gans, U.N.C.; Laurie Guard, U.N.C.; Paddy Wall, U.N.C.; Margaret Martin, W.C.; Ervin Fuller, U.N.C.; Pat Hamer, U.N.C. Second Roto: Ralph Cunnings, U.N.C.; Charlie Gray, U.N.C.; Nancy James, W.C.; Joyee Farthing, W.C.; Betty Barrett, W.C.; Becky Hayward, W.C.; Jaye P. Wolfe, W.C.; Larry Baxter, N. C. State; Ed Knox, N. C. State. Third Rote: Paul Essex, N. C. State; Jim Hunt, N. C. Stale; Clarence Rowell. N. C. State; Ben K. Hrell, N. C. Slate; Tom Gilmore, N. C. State; Rhodes Corbett, U.N.C; Roy Lathrop, N. C. State. f wc EMIL W. YOUNG, JR. Director There is mueh " behind the scenes " work in preparation for a telecast ALTON J. WARD, JR. Production Manager Page 16 UNC-TV WUNC-TV, now an integral part of North Carolina ' s television network, joins stations in Chapel Hill and Raleigh to telecast a variety of pro- grams. The station is directed by Bill Young, who has a permanent staff of five, plus a number of interested students. This vear Channel 4 has completed two years of In-School television made possible by a grant from the fund for adult education. The after- noon programs, directed toward elementary and high schools, provide music education and aid the students in choosing careers. Evening pro- grams include dramatic presentations such as " Illusion, " a woman ' s program entitled " Potpourri, " credit courses, and a special series for deaf viewers using sign language. TV CREW Left In Right: Barrie Heitkamp, Zeb Peoples. Woodrow McDougald. Marlene Klett. Cordon La Cox. Jane Perkins, William Alspaugh. Bill Young. The TV Towe symbol of kn. and adventun Boalrighl, Richard in ■■ 1 01 ■■ WOMAN ' S COLLEGE CHOIR 77;e members of the College Choir are: Willa Alexander, Faye Baines, Faye Batts, Bonnie Bean, Lee Bellaver, Joyce Boone, Claudia Brown, Anne Helen Byrd, Linda Caudle, Kathaleen Chandley, Alecia Conrade, Jo Ann Curlee, Donna Diggs, Tamara Earls, Eleanor Early, Jean Erdody, Betty Rose Ferrell, Katie George, Betty Gordon, Jon Graham, Barbara Gregory, Mary Jane Griffin, Linda Hall, Anne Harrelson, Carolyn Heafner, Mary Ann Hancock, Camille Hendrix, Julia Hudson, Anna Hughes, Dottie Isley, Catherine Jenrette, Joan Kirby, Marianne Mack, Sally McCotter, Sandra McDonald, Linda McGee, Gloria Miller, Leah Miller, Marylyn Myer, Danny Sue Outlaw, Jean Wall Penland, Betsy Pierce, Carolyn Reid. Shelly Rogers, Betty Jane Smith, Janet Stauffer, Brenda Strada, Libba Strain, Libba Sugg, Carolyn Todd, Nancy Turney. Jo Ann Weber, Brokie Willis, Anne Wilson, Reida Wilson, Frankie Wolfe, Sara Yarborough, Nancy Young, Dr. Robert B. Morris, Director. • - - GREENSBORO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Greensboro Orchestra is a college-community organization and the enterprise has been a co-operative effort on the part of the Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, the Public School System of Greensboro, and inter- ested citizens in the community. The orchestra is conducted by George Dickieson. Woman ' s College students who participate in the orchestra are: Bassoons Violins — Mary Bourne. Sadye Ann Boyd. Mary Charles Earnhardt. Linda Ely, Sara Kinsinger, Lynn Rankin. Dixie Ann Ross, Martha Yates. Violoncello — Janet Pratt, Marlene Stewart, Nina Walker Basses — Raehel Brett, Ann Miller Flutes — Doris Guill Oboes — Sue Gettys, Rebecca Ann Davis Clarinets — Sara Toenes. Brenda Aaronson Martha Jane Gilbreath Trumpets — Anne Shipwash, Helena Frost, Ann Hudnell Horns — Betty Brown. Jean Erdody Trombones — Emily Crabtree Tuba — Rachel Brett Percussion — Carolyn F. Jones Piano — Carolyn F. Jones Mr. G. M. Thompson, college organist, is pictured playing the three- manual Wicks Organ in preparation for the first public organ recital, February 15, 1959. Mr. Thompson, who has been at Woman ' s College since 1923, specialized in the playing of Bach and his forerunners, studying under Joseph Bonnet in Paris for sixteen consecutive summers. Mr. Thompson founded the Woman s College Choir in 1936 and served as its conductor until 1956. Left to Right: George Dickieson, violin; Phillip Morgan, piano; Elizabeth Cowling, violoncello. The faculty trio, organized in 1946, presented a recital of Chamber Music on March 1, 1959. Mr. Dickieson conducts the Greensboro Orchestra, Mr. Morgan is an instructor in piano, and Miss Cowling teaches music history and music appreciation. P ir nrr ' M Chorus Members: Marjorie Aiken, Linda Jo Askew, Deppe Barker. Doris Beam, Priscilla Bellamy. Sandra Blackwell. Nancy Britten. Sandra Brown. Nancy Brunton. Marie Burnette, Annette Cagle, Marie Campbell. Linda Cash. Barbara Caudler. Sims Cheek. Jeanette Connor. Betsy Cratch. Margaret Crenshaw. Carol Culbreth. Patsy Draper, Kay Durham. Sabia Eubanks. Peggy Flatt. Joann Flowers. Jane Folger. Dale Gadd. Frances Gay. Lynn Gettys, Libby Giles, Georgia Hancoth. Pat Hart. Claudia Haynes. Shirley Holtzman. Julia Humphries. Carolyn bun -. Marian Jones. Stella Joyner. Betty Kennedy, Sandra Kling, Maria Lamprinakos. Barbara Long. Betsy Lucas. Edith Mayfield. Louise Morris. Glenda Murrell, Dee McLaurin. Nina Overton. Sylvia Parker. Paulette Phillips. Alice Pohe. Kathryn Rumfelt. Margaret Scouten. Patricia Snuggs. Deanna Thomas, Anne Walters, Nellie Whitfield. Bronna Willis. Louise Winstead. Judy Yates. Harriet Sutton, Accom- panist Mr. William DeVeny. Director. WOMAN ' S COLLEGE CHORUS WOMAN ' S COLLEGE BAND Flutes. Janice Lowman. ail Perkins. Serena Parks. Lily Wiley. Oboes: Sue Gettys, Doris Darlington, Sandy Davis. Bassoon: Janet Simpson. French Horn: Dot Johnson. Martha Jane Gilbreath. Clarinets: Brenda Aaronson. Margaret Shell. Sarah Cooke. Timmie Sylvia. Shelby Rogers. Mary Ann Gabriel. Edna Staton. Nancy Wood. Bass Clarinet: Nancy Stilwell. Alto Clarinet: Linda Ely. Saxophones: Judv Beale, Belt) Min.-. Trumpets nn Hudnell. Helena Frost. Olga Crabtree. Trombones- Emily Crabtree. Dale ( ' .add. Baritones: Man Lib Bettye C. George. Percussion: Phyllis Griffin. Lynn Gettys. Tuba: Rachel Brett. String Bass: Ann Miller. Timpani: Libba Sugg. Mi " riii.- Shipwash directs the College Band. a r Honorary Organizations Page 169 Honorary Organizations Presidents KAY TURNER Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish) ALMA DYKSTRA Beta Beta Beta (Biology) ELIZABETH FULP Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology) SARAH TOWNSEIND Sigma Alpha ( Business Education ) MARTHA FREEMAN Omicron .. (Home Economics) BETTY HARDIN Gamma Alpha (Business) Page 170 oh i beta kaD oa EPSILON CHAPTER OF NORTH CAROLINA OFFICERS Dr. Kendon Smith President Dr. John H. Smith Vice-President Dr. John E. Bridgers, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Jean Buchert Recording Secretary MEMBERS IN COURSE. CLASS OF 1959 Carol Dee Boyken Elizabeth Vearl Efird Elizabeth Hester Fulp Greta Christine Henricksen Nancy Lyttleton Hunnicutt Mrs. Dorothy Moore Jackson Mrs. Dianna Reed Jackson Meredith Blake Lentz Mrs. Linda West Little Jacqueline Long Gilbertine Maulden Grace Christine McNeill Edyth Glynn Smart Mary Dean Stevenson MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1960 Sara Jane Toenes — S! GOLDEN CHAIN Officers .« Alice Wingate President Mary Jane Phillips Vice-President Melissa McLeod Corresponding Secretary Terry Garrison Recording Secretary Peggy Duncan Treasurer Nancy Moore, Mary Louise Coleman Social Chairmen MEMBERS Margie Acton Olivia Edmundson Sandy Margolis Shirley Smith Fay Batts Sally Haney Margaret Martin Peggy Warlick Lucy Davis D ' Ann Hanna Gilbertine Mauldin Lenore Westhrook Margery Davis Margaret Helms Betty Motley Bennie Ruth Williams Sue Dudley Beth Hines Ann Phillips Jaye P. Wolfe Lucia Jones Denise Shea Counter-Clockirite from Bottom Center: Denise Shea, Peggy Warlick, Melissa McLeod, Peggy Duncan, Mary Louise Coleman, Margaret Martin, Alice Wingate, Mary Smith Wolfe, Nancy Moore, Margery Davis, Terry Anne Garrison, Mary Jane Phillips, Sally Haney. 3 V v V Religious Organizations Page 1 73 Vice-President of Interfaith Council Beth McLamb. INTERFAITH COUNCIL The Interfaith Council is composed of the president and one representative from each of the eleven organized religious groups, the Young Woman ' s Christian Association, the Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, and the Dormitory Devotions chairmen. Assisted by the advisor, Mrs. Robert Morris, the Council fulfilled their plans of the year which consisted of a discussion group on W. H. Auden ' s " For the Time Being, " a drama, " The Way of the Cross, " from Union Theological Seminary, discussion groups after the University Sermons, and the annual Interfaith Forum. an Love Feast, sponsored the Interfaith Council. 1 ' TERFA1TH COUNCIL MEMBERS First Row, left to right: Eleanor Mini. .ill. Rita Caudle, Marlene Stewart, Jacqueline Long, Sarah Fisher. Second Roic: Patricia Farris. Joanne Plott, Nancy James, Mary Ann Carothers, Sylvia McCommons. Ruth Dorsett, Jean Ray Rohbins. Third Roir: Leta Corpening. Alicia Conrad, Susan Woodall. Reggie Humphrey, Mary Jane Hanna. Connie Hart. Phyllis Cole. Mrs. Morris. Jennie Lou I zzle. INTERFAITH FORUM President of 1 1 1 1 • i t.mli Co il Jaequeline Long Coordinator of Religious Activities Mrs. R. Mo Dr. Robert L. Slater. Professor of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School; Dr. Henry J. Stob, Professor of Ethics and Apologetics at Calvin Sem- inary; and Dr. Malcolm H. Stern, Rabbi, Temple (Jhef Sholom. Norfolk. Virginia, were the speakers for the Interfaith Forum held February 24. 25 and 26. Immortality, self-fulfillment, and social re- sponsibility as desired by the Eastern Religions were discussed by the speakers. The play, The Way of the Cross by Henri Gheon. was sponsored by the Forum and produced by the Program in Religious Drama at Union Theological Seminary. INTERFAITH FORI M COMMITTEE Front Roic. sealed, left to right: Dr. Richard Bardolph. Mrs. Morris. Jacqueline Long, Margaret I ' nd d, Jane Abrai h Abernath . Dr. Parker. Beth McLamb. Connie Hart. O. ' PEGGY GRAYER Moravian Student Group MARY JANE BANNA Westminster Fellowship ROSALIND WEXLER Hillel PATRICIA FARRIS Lutheran Student Assoeiati Religious Organization Presidents LETA COR PEN I NG Canterbury Cluh WARY ANN CAROTHERS JEAN RAY ROBBINS Baptist Student I nion Wesley Foundalh TIMMIE SYLVIA Newman Club Club Presidents Page K CLUB The various clubs on campus are organized for the purpose of en- abling the stu dent to work further in her chosen field or interest. The club meetings provide business and BETTY JOHNS President of Art Club DOROTHY MOORE President of Botany Club DRU WILKES President of Caduoeus Club CHRISTINE McNEILL resident of Chemistry Club PAT TERRELL President of Le Cirele Francais PRESIDENTS entertainment under the direction of the students themselves. Faculty members act as sponsors for the different clubs. ANNE DEARSLEY President of Coraddi Club JOYCE FARTHING BECkY DIXON NELDA COBB President of Debating Club Pr, Mem of Dolphin-Seal President of 4-H Club LOUISE SIGMO.N President of Home Economies Club CLAUDIA WALSH President of MaBqueraders Club DOROTHY CRLMPLER President of Medical Technologists Club CLUB PAT PERRY President of Modern Dance Clul ANNE HARRELSON President of Music Education Club ELAINE JARMON President of Psychology Club REINNA McNAIR President of Student Education Association PRESIDENTS MARGARET UNDERWOOD President of Sociology Club MARIE PYCIOR President of Spanish Club SARAH ESKRIDGE SHIRLEY GALES President of Young EVELYN MATHESON President of Square Circle Club Democrats Club President of German Club nd these candidates receive their lasl minute instructi Publications THE Mass confusion reigns paramount on Thursday nights — make-up nights — in the Carolinian office. The first problem faced by the haggard staff is the frantic search for rulers that belong to the Carolinian, but which have been misplaced by light-fingered measurers. Another problem is the new camera that doesn ' t work. The first two pictures taken on each role of film never turn out. Much sleep and gallons of coffee disappear as the staff works to meet its deadline. On the following Wednesday, the faculty is made aware of the fact that the Carolinian has come when they lecture at a class that is busy reading the campus news. BETTY BARRETT Editor-in-Chief ALICE WINGATE Managing Editor Page 184 Zhe € rrt«™c CAROLINIAN Woman CBEENSBOB ,t ' s About Christmas... ' ' T " I ' LliM. | ■„, m Wt« a j„ep..on - ' " " , m " ■« - .. • - ■ " f „ £ . and no. « ' ! ' " l " " n5 j„„ , think .t»»« ' •» ' " ' itr Well not »■ ' " ' , b,„tmav .(• ' " lirtcw--- ' r Spir „.bu, 11 (OH Anil " 1 " . , hntnut. !• " " « ,.„■.. „a.rf p-« ' " saf But, the in " t because ,l ' ugh. il «■ " ' ■ ' " „,,,|d in which ' FEATURE AND INTERVIEW STAFFS. First Roir. sealed, left to right: Martlia Needels, Mary Jane Phillips, Feature Editor. Second Roir: Nancy Talton. Louise Crawley, Linda Barnes, Sylvia Parker, Assistant Feature Editor; Deanna Dent. NEWS STAFF. Seated, left to right: Betty Nasll Mel Louise Templin, News Editor. Second Rote: Cynthia 1 Ann Miller, Chris Thornberg. Beta) Assistant News Editor; : Cynthia Fowler, Margaret Patterson, k. Judy Shallant. Martha Aldridge. w -, . - -| rX «« »«» beast, its hout come " " " » bom? " . . ta „ do Christ AnJ « wondtl i« • , • Xm»« no. mote cor way. wid. dung. • «• " X£ ™ " " " ' U the rymbo! « " orA-P ' " ' ' , . „_, bird.? t „ rth ™ Bethlehem. . horrible b«d, ■ Inwi that Ac symbols arc But no. The »l« f » - £ hrl , t we celebrate have no, changed, h I. dK ta rfC « mjybe „ to some, and to omc ' " ° , been the same-, ' woe,., but if. ,us r VOU.K It ' s al " »V j.Keren. „e not different-, if. iu that the 1 " , „, our free „, ,he people. r™ " f ™ r b,r " n b , h „ to do. A. we bdi«« and « can taffl - —1 , r , r „ and And we can sec the beauty of d , feel ,t warmly. And we can tnn si ■- J( mcn ;„, of honestly dunk there i Rood will toss believe w. ou Wes.hat.te twnd c., „„„„ ;, by wanting it The trouble, even only temporary. „„.,„«. but we ' ll all Perhaps we should say Merry Ch- mor Christmas to some degree. We only • di((c „ nc e tbe . But, even .f won tmJte too mu get back. w-.ut.ful and the true That ' s the w.v it » w,th « • " Wnow they « work ,„ real, everyday life will -he, ' wo[ider . „•„ fooluh enough, chddtsh enough. ftssociied Goteedo Pr T - £ DISTRIBUTION, CIRCULATION, ADVERTISING COPY EDITORS. MAKE-l P STAFF. Seated, left to right: Ellen Rucker, Copy Editor: Marian Jones, Make-up Editor; Oleen Massie, Circulation Manager; Jo Ellen O ' Briant, Advertising Man- ager; Amy Brown, Distribution Manager. Standing: Ann Phillips, Mel Sheppard, Madge Earley, Mary Louise Coleman, Sue Dudley, Jan Pittman. COLUMNISTS, SPORTS EDITOR. EXCHANGE STAFF. Seated o Floor: Benny Johnson, Eileen Wilner. Sealed, left to right: Jeann Cates, Exchange Editor; Ann Lou Jamerson, Sports Editor; Merrili Davis. Standing: Emily Herring, Grey Davis, Betty Mines, Pats Madry. BERTHA HARRIS Co-editor CAROLYN HARRIS Co-editor CORADDI Coraddi, published quarterly, is the College ' s Fine Arts Magazine which contains the hest student writings and graphic art submitted to the staff. A Coraddi Club, which is open to all students, encourages interest and work in the field of creative art. I LITERARY STAFF Left to Right: Heather Ross, Louise Gooeh, Nancy Hunnicutl, Hazel Ford. Is this business or pleas Each year the Coraddi staff pays special attention to the Arts Forum Issue. The Arts Forum enables the Woman ' s College students to compare their work with that of students from other schools. Panels composed of faculty members criticize material included in the Arts Forum Issue. BUSINESS AND CIRCULATION STAFF Sealed on Floor: Mary Meekins Gilbert. Sealed, left to right: Ann Fry, Pat Spencer. Standing: Reita Matheson. ART STAFF Left to right: Ann Duncan. Suzanne Carter, Anne Dearsley, Nancy Neill. I ol Pictured: Christine Cannon. Nina W alke DOTTIE GORDY Circulation Manas, Page 187 PAT McQIAGUE Associate Editor Pine Xeedles .00 s MARY DALE SHLE Editor-in-Chief Pine EDITORIAL STAFF MEMBERS. First Row, left to right: Sarah Pait, Mimic hridcr. Daphne Wingate, Margaret Beaman. Barbara Thorton. .Second Row: J Carol.- Mr- Daniel. Alice Pearson. Carolyn White, Mary Lane Taylor, Pat Kyles, Susie Cecil, Karen Midyelte. Third Rote: Yvonne Myers, Barbara Moore. Janet Rice. Anne Newlin, Jill Meares, Holt Hughes, Martha Harrison, Diane Laughon, Betty Williams, Polly Woodard. EDITORS — PINE NEEDLES. First Row, left to right: Doris Teague, Margaret Helms, Mary Wiese, Brenda Register, Ann Hogan. Second Row: kav Morris, Jo Harris, Judy Flovd, Lee McKeillian, Brenda Walts, Louella kidd, Terry Weaver, Sarah Sharpe. It ' s all completed, and this is our 1959 Pine Needles. It is no longer just a vision in the minds of the staff, but a reality. This Pine Needles is the con- summation of our efforts to produce a permanent record for this school year. As you turn the pages, the world of W. C. will unfold before you. We hope you will, as you turn the pages of this annual, remember this great school year . . . that the faces, buildings, and spirit of Woman ' s College will not be forgotten, and that the Pine Needles will immortalize Woman ' s College and its students. Needled MARIE MOORE Business Manager ART AND TYPING STAFF MEMBERS. First Ron, left to right: Becky Mills, Marta Nahikian, Jean Davis, Roberta Byrd. Second Row: Ann Vernon, Sharon Kennerly, Evelyn Hicks, Amelia Me- ( innia, Anne Creech. Von Moore. Seated, left to right: Smith. K ' Jo Peevy. ' oeeM HI fl vmti K| 1 w ■ful ' !_.l_.ftJB A BEAUTY QUEEN MISS NANCY MOORE ' What ' s female beauty, but an air divine, Thro ' which the mind ' s all gentle graces shine ? They, like the sun. irradi- ate all between ; The body charms because the soul is sun. " Nancv strikes a pretty pose as Woman ' s College pin-up. needs her apple a day. Page 195 MAID OF HONOR " Beautiful in form and feature Lovely as the day. Can there be so fair a creature Formed of common clay? " MISS JOAN BACRAT SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE MISS SALLY WOLFE ' 0, thou art fairer than the evening air Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE MISS BETTY TAYLOR ' A lovely lady garmented in li ht From her own beaut v. " SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE MISS ALICIA CONRAD ' Her beauty makes This vault of feasting presence full of light. FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE MISS JEANETTE BIVENS ' Beauty enough to m ike a world to date. mwM COMMERCIAL REPRESENTATIVE MRS. KAY SMITH And beautious. even where beauties most abound. 1 MISS JULIE SHORE CHIEF MARSHAL First Ron: left to right: Marilyn Lineherger. Martha McComb, Renny Johnson, IVa Walker. Second Row: Shirley Gales, Betsy Arnold, Rila Boggs, Mailvn Mallard, Jo 11 11 M I A n VI t II II 4 I l ' Walker. Second Row: Shirley Gales, Betsv Arnold. Kita Boggs, Mailvn Malla T I (I K VI r II H r i Backet - Ho " Hughes, Margaret Myers, Sarah Pate. Standing: Ruth Br, an, kJLlllVU KlilHUUillJkJ Si( , es Sa)lv Wo i fe Beth McLamh, Janet Pratt, Jov OConnell, Beverly Janice Atkinson. JUNIOR MARSHALS Seated, left to right: Patti Taylor, Mary Lou Ward. Jeanne Warley. Betty Taylo Sandra Margolia. Standing: Peggy Lenhardt. Sarah Everett. Lucia Jones, Lyr Carroll, Carolyn Heafner, Lucy Daiis. THEATRE The Woman ' s College Theatre, under the direction of Mr. Herman Middleton, has four types of pro- ductions which include the Major Productions, the Television Productions, the Experimental Lab Plays, and the Children ' s Plays. The theatre productions this year have included The King and I ' . Stage Door. The Good Woman of Setzuan, and a World Premiere. The Television series is called the Hour of Thespis and is presented for a half hour every four weeks over WUNC-TV. The Children ' s Play this year was King Midas and the Golden Touch which toured the state in May. All the students are invited to try out for the plays and work on the various crews. The Major Productions incorporate several other departments such as the Department of Music and Physical Education. W oman ' s College students, faeultv, and Greensbo of the theater productions. citizens gathe the lobby of Aycock Auditorium before one production of " The King and Page 204 The cast spends many hours in preparation for the members of " Stage Door, " John Bonitz, !Sar products Carrier, Ja ■k Thurmond. First Roic, left to right: Mary Liles, Jo Ann Davis, Joyce Farthing, Edith Gordy, Frances Gay, Jane Parkins, Claudia Walsh. Second Roir: Charlene Weeks, Beverly Klaff, Mary Tyndall, Ellen Graves, Jane Perkins, Peggy Fail Frost. Third Rote: Jeannetle Harrison, Sue Ormond, Tucky Hinton, Eniilie Middleton, Martha Needels, Louise Crawley, Ratherine Wright. Lewis, Dottie Maskal, Ann cloth, Helena Ca MR. MAYNARD FRENCH Director of Ay-cock MR. MIDDLETON and MR. SMITH of the Drama Department Page 20.1 Robert Mill! and Delores Viola arc tin interest, Orsino and Olivia in the Players porated production of Shakespeare ' s comedy Twelfth ISighl, March 10, 1959. Players Incorporated presented Roherl Mill! in tl title role of the anguished ruler in Sophocle Oedipus Rex, March 11, 1959. LECTURE The Woman ' s College Lecture-Entertainment Series has pre- sented four outstanding programs this season. The delightful adaptation of Voltaire ' s " Candide " on Octoher 15 filled Aycock with enthusiastic applause and laughter. In his search for good in the world Candide and his friends found, at least, an appreciative audience on this campus. On November 20 the widely known " Little Singers of Paris " charmed a Woman ' s College audience with the beautiful music of their child voices. It was the boys ' second visit to the campus in the last four years. The Players Incorporated presented, on March 10. a hilari- ous production of Shakespeare ' s Twelfth Night. The cast was an excellent one that caught the audience up and held it. shriek- ing with laughter, throughout the entire play. Oedipus Rex, a Greek drama by Sophocles was presented by the Players Incorporated on March 11. This adaptation of the traged) of King Oedipus was an adroit and effective one. SERIES " Candide, " October 15, 1958 Left to Right: Lee Bergere, Mary Costa, Robert Rounseville. • ' Tbe Little Singers of Paris " — November 20, 1958 Robert Lo well — Noted Ami rican poet leetured and Mr. John Frank — Instructor in English at Woman ' s presented a poetry rending. and discii seed the Arts College, was a member of the Arts Festival Coraddi dis- Festival is ue of Coraddi. cussion group. ARTS FESTIVAL Dr. Harry Finestone, Faculty Chairman, and Nancy Hunnicult. Student Chairman, were the directors of the sixteenth annual Arts Festival which featured lectures, exhihits. and programs in all phases of the fine arts. The Festival of the Arts aims to bring together student writers, poets, actors, and musicians with dis- tinguished professional artist in the various phases of fine arts. Wallingford Riegger — Cues! composer . posed of Music Department facultv. ri«l conductor, lectured and - .1 student works and conducted a chamber group Page 208 Randall Jim II — Outstanding poet and English instructor at Woman ' s College, gave a poetry reading and conducted a poetry discussion. Dr. Murray Nauss — Novelist and poet and a member of the Woman ' s College English faculty, discussed the Arts Festival Coraddi. Betty Smith — Playwright and novelist, re- viewed the three prize-winning plays in a one-act playwriting competition sponsored by the Arts Festival. Lucas Hoving — Guest artist in the field of dance, conducted a master class of dance and evaluated examples of student choreography. Robert Tui tour of the Leading ceramist, lectured and conducted a gallery exhibit. HARRIET ELLIOTT SOCIAL SOCIAL SCIENCE FORUM SPEAKERS. Reading from Top to Bottom: (A) Harrison E. Salisbury, (B) Arthur Bestor, ( C ) George S. Counts, ( D ) Arthur Larson, Moderator. MISS VERA LARGENT and JACQUELINE LONG Chairmen " H Left to Right: Mary Jane Phillips, George Counts, Sudie Duncan, Arthur La Jacqueline Long, Harrison Salisbury, Greta Henricksen, Arthur Bestor. Page 2 1 SCIENCE FORUM " The Challenge to American Higher Education Today " provided the topic for the twelfth annual Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum. A committee of faculty and students joined together with leaders in education to stimulate interest in the present and future educational programs. Arthur Bestor, George Sylvester Counts, Arthur Larson, and Harrison Evans Salisbury analyzed the main topics of education during forums and in- formal discussions. ELLIOTT HALL NAMED FOR HARRIET WISEMAN ELLIOTT Pean of Women and Professor of Political Science People. Not Systems. Are Important ' SCIE1NCE FORUM LEADERS. Front Row. left to right: Betsy Klein, Sue Willi; Lamprinakos. Standing: Carolyn Steele, Mary Louise Coleman, Peggy Dune Barren. I ot Pictured: Barbara Bush. s, Louise Gooeh, Jacqueline Long, Anne Memory, Maria , Greta Henricksen, Catherine Haynes, Betsy Stark, Betty Page 2 11 h tut f 5S l m } ,v: i Y 1 1 1 f P President William Friday ' s leadership and planning have been a great factor in making the Woman ' s College feel a more integral part of the Consolidated ftnrCIFkr ATHT University. His work is full of devotion, wisdom, understanding, and co-oper- IllJjkjIl JjlMl ation " Woman ' s College is proud to be a part of the University under the direction of such a man as he. YOUR GOVERNOR The Woman ' s College students are ever conscious and appreciative of the guid- ance Luther Hodges has provided in the development of our school since he has been Governor of our State. His wish is for an educational system that will train leaders as well as provide a good aca- demic program for students. His wisdom and devotion have contributed much to the educational advancement which has been a direct benefit to our college. BOARD OF TRUSTEES front Row: Frank Taylor, Wade Barber, Mrs. Virginia l.alhrop, Mrs. Rosa Parker. Second Ron-: John I m-i. ad Reid Mavnard, Rudolph Mini . John Clark, Walls Hills, Sr., Arch T. Allen. I jo £ o- = 15 » § u -a - u 5 53 n -s Q - 01 CJ — 73 U - — " -X ° % 2 £ = S g .2 Shu ■s .g a ... u 7; •_- bo I 5S J3 pci - = ff 3 = i =— i 2 T3 O B K rt fc» - ' -• " KATHERINE TAYLOR Dean Katherine Taylor is the student ' s and the campus ' understanding friend and leader. She was formerly a member of the Woman ' s College faculty and she has a valuable knowl- edge of college affairs and the college student. As Dean, she has been a golden link between the student body and the administration on our campus. No problem is too large nor too small for Dean Taylor, and her warm greeting and bright smile invite students to share both the bad and the good with her. MEREB MOSSMAN Mereb Mossman, our Dean of Instruction, is responsible for organizing teaching and learn- ing on the campus. Her valuable experience in the field of sociology and her knowledge and understanding of people make her a valua- ble asset to our college community. She was born in Kansas and educated at Morningside College in Iowa and at the University of Chicago. Page 217 MRS. HELEN S. NYGARD II, „,l Dietitian ADMINISTRATIVE MR. WKM KIJ. M. MURRAY College Business Manager DR. JUNIUS A. DAVIS Dean of the Graduate School _ - -i.uiLJ. ii a MRS. ELIZABETH S. BOONE Director of Residence Halls MR. ALBERT A. WILKINSON Director of Veics Bureau MR. GEORGE M. JOYCE Auditor ASSISTANTS MR. C. W. PHILLIPS Director of Public Relations MR. CHARLES M. ADAMS DR. RUTH COLLINGS Physician MR. ROBERT GROGAN Registrar 4.- i Mr. Gregory D. Ivy Dr. Victor M. Cutter, Jr. Ur. Vance T. Littlejohn Miss Florence Schaefer Dr. Francis A. Laine Uplift Dr. Roscoe J. Allen Dr. Herman D. MiriHIeton Dr. John W. Kennedy Dr. Kenneth E. Howe Dr. Leonard B. Hurley w. c. Dr. Edna Arundel Dr. Ernst Breisarher Dr. Ruth Collings Dr. Richard N. Current Dr. IN ' aomi G. Alhanese Dr. Helen Barton Miss Birdie H. Holloway Miss Mary D. Mansfield Miss Ethel L. Martus Dr. Warren Ashby X X Dr. Anna Reardon Dr. Kendon Smith Dr. Meta H. Miller Dr. Lyda Gordon Shive Dr. Junius A. Davis Page 220 MR. GREGORY D. IVY Art Department B.A., 1928, Central Missouri State; M.A., 1936, Columbia. Member of North Carolina Education Association; Southeastern Arts As- sociation. Southeastern College Art Conference. National Arts Education Association: President Art Section, N.C.E.A.. 1838-40; President. S.E.A.A.. 193H39; Member. Executive Hoard. S.E.A.A.. 1939-42; Chairman. Program Committee. 1942; President. S.C.A.C. 1949-50. DR. VICTOR M. CUTTER, JR Biology Department B.A., 1938, Dartmouth; Ph.D., 1942, Cornell Member of Yale Faculty; Research in Cancer and Mychology; Sigma Psi; Phi Kappa Pi. DR. VANCE T. LITTLEJOHN Business Education and Secretarial Administration B.A. , 1931, Bowling Green College of Commerce; M.Ed., 1935, Ph.D., 1948, Pittsburgh. Member of North Carolina Education Association; Southern Business Education Association; United Business Education Association; Delta Pi Epsilon. Sponsor UNC Chapter; National Office Management Association; Secretary. Greensboro Chapter; Special Appointment as Consultant, Fourth International Program Planning Committee, 1950-51 ; W.S. Office of Education Care Information Committee, 1952. MISS FLORENCE SCHAEFER Chemistry Department B.A., 1920, Barnard; M.A., 1922, Ml. Holyoke; University of Chicago; Yale. Member of Curriculum Committee. Honors Work Committee; Contributions to the Journal of the Steering Committee of the American Chemical Society. DR. FRANCIS A. LAINE Classical Civilization Department B.S., Memphis State; Ph.D., Vanderbilt; Sorbonne, University of Paris, 1946. Member. Classical Association, Phi Sigma Iota, Eta Sigma Phi : Instructor, Memphis Board of Education. 1939-42; Translator, U.S. War Department. 1942-43; U.S. Army Strategic Bombing Survey. 1943-46; Instructor Vanher- bilt University. 1946-49. DR. RICHARD N. CURRENT History Depa rtment B.A., Oberlin College; M.A., Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. American Historical Association. Mississippi Valley Historical Association, Southern Historical Association. Wisconsin Hstorical Society. 1955 Winner of Bancroft Prize for Distinguished Writings in American History. DR. NAOMI G. ALBANESE Home Economics Department B.A., Muskingum College; M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., Ohio Slate University American Home Economics Association, American Association of Univer- sity Women, N. C. Home Economics Association. Ohio State Alumnae Home Economics Association. American Vocational Association. Home Economics Section NEA. Omicron Nu. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Phi Delta Gamma, Sigma Kappa Chi. Sigma Kappa Phi. Chimes, Pi Gamma Mu. DR. HELEN BARTON Mathematics Department B.A., 1913, Goucher; M.A., 1922, Ph.D., 1926, Johns Hopkins. Chairman, Mathematics Section North Carolina Academy of Science; Vice- President of North Carolina Academy of Science; President. Woman ' s College Section. Phi Beta Kappa; Special Appointment to Standards and Recognition of Colleges, 1949; Delegate to International Congress of Mathematicians, 1950. MISS BIRDIE H. HOLLO WAY School of Music B.S.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music, MsM., Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Music Educators National Conference, North Carolina Education Associa- tion, Delta Kappa Gamma, North Carolina Music Education Association. MISS MARY D. MANSFIELD Nursing Education Department B.S., Catholic University of America; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. National League of Nursing Education. State League of Nursing Educa- tion. American Nurses Association. Sigma Theta Tau. DEPARTMENT HEADS DR. ROSCOE J. ALLEN Commercial Department U.S.. Concord College; M.S., University of Tennessee. United Business Education Association, Southern Business Education Asso- ciation, Member of the Executive Board — North Carolina Business Education Council. DR. HERMAN D. MIDDLETON Drama Department U.S., Columbia University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. American Educational Theatre Association, Speech Association of America, Phi Delta Kappa, Theta Alpha Phi. DR. JOHN W. KENNEDY Economics Department B.A., B.M., Duke University; Ph.D., North Carolina. Delta Sigma Phi; American Arbitration Association, Member on Arbitra- tion Panel of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service; Southern Economic Association. DR. KENNETH E. HOWE School of Education A.B., Eastern Michigan College; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Northwestern University. North Carolina Education Association. National Education Association, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, John Dewey Society. National Aviation Education Council. Kappa Delta Pi. Phi Delta Kappa; Vice-President. Representing Intermediate. Association for Child- hood Education International. DR. LEONARD B. HURLEY English Department B.A., 1913, M.A., 1916, Duke; Ph.D., 1932, North Carolina. Member of Central Committee of North Carolina English Teachers Asso- ciation; President Regional Division of College English Association. 1950; Member of Executive Committee, I9S1 ; Former President, North Carolina Council of English Teachers; Former Secretary, American Literature Division of South Atlantic MLA; Former President. Local Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa; Central Committee of North Carolina English Teachers ' Association. DR. EDNA ARUNDEL Geography Department B.A., 1921, Ohio University; M.A., 1929, Columbia; Ph.D., 1942, Yale. Member of American Geographers; National Council of Geography Teach- ers; State Chairman, International Relations Committee, American Asso- ciation of University Women; Geographical Publication. DR. ERNST BREISACHER German Department Ph.D., University of Strasbourg. American Historical Association, Foreign Policy Association. American Association of Teachers of German, Honorary Research Fellow, Depart- ment of International Relations, Yale University, 1940-41. DR. RUTH COLLINGS Health Department B.A., 1919, Pomona; M.D., 1923, Pennsylvania. Member of Council of American College Health Association. 1935-37; Vice- President. American College Health Association, 1950-52; Committee. Guilford County Medical Society. MISS ETHEL L. MARTUS Physical Education Department B.A., 1929, Pembroke; Brown University; M.S., 1931, Wellesley. V ice-President, Southern Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. 1949; National Section on Women ' s Athletics, 1942-48; Athletic Federation for College Women, 1945; N. C. Association for Health. Physical Education and Recreation; Chairman. Committee on Standards and Evaluation, North Carolina College Conference; Regional Director. Mary Hemenway Alumnae Association; State Chairman. Softball, Volley Ball, Basketball; Representative National Association of Physical Educa- tion for College Women on National Program Planning Committee. DR. WARREN ASHBY Philosophy B.A., Maryville; B.D., Ph.D., Yale. Member, American Philosophical Society, Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. American Association of University Professors, Special Appointment to Ford Fellowship at Princeton, 1952-53. DR. ANNA REARDON Phvsics Department B.A., 1930, College of W. Teresa; M.S., 1933, Ph.D., 1937, University of St. Louis. Member. Delta Kappa Gamma, Sigma Psi, New Orleans and Kansas Academic-; of Science. American Museum of National History. National Geographic Society. Symposium of Modern Physics, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Contributions to Science Journals. DR. KENDON SMITH Psychology Department A.B., 1941, University of Minnesota; M.A., 1942, Ph.D., 1943, Princeton University. Research Psychologist, Office of Scientific Research and Development, U.S. Government, 1943-46; Research and Teaching. University of Princeton, 1946-48; Associate Professor of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 194 54; Publications in Fields of Physiological Experimental and Theoreti- cal Psychology. DR. META H. MILLER Romance Languages Department B.A., Goucher; M.A., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. Modern Language Association, Archaeological Institute of American, Lutheran Academy for Scholarship, Sigma Delta Pi. Tau Psi Omega, American Association of Teachers of French, American Association of Teachers of Spanish. DR. LYDA GORDON SHIVERS Sociology Department B.A., LL.B., M.A., Mississippi; Ph.D., North Carolina. Chairman. Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum Committee. 1955-56; Chair- man, Planning Committee. State of the University Conference 1955-56; President. North Carolina Conference for Social Service, 1955-56; Contribu- tions to Professional Journals. DR. JUNIUS A. DAVIS Graduate School A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University; Ph.D., Columbia University. American Psychological Association; American Personnel and Guidance Association; National Council on Measurements Used in Education; South- eastern Psychological Association : Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology; Southern College Personnel Association; North Carolina Psychological Association ; National Vocational Guidance Association ; Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Xi. Page 221 Dr. Beeler hilling ihe 1 k- Miss Culling ami her Spanish tape Mr. Brashear and his soda shop conferences WOMAN ' S COLLEGE FACULTY ART Susan Barksdale B.A., M.A. Noma Hardin B.A., B.S.. M.A. Gregory D. Ivy B.S.. M.A. Elisabeth Jastrow Ph.D. John D. Kehoe B.F.A.. M.A. Edward Loewenstein B.Arch. Walter J. Moran. Jr B.S.. B.F.A. Robert Partin B.A.. M.F.A. Helen A. Thrush B.F.A., M.A. Laura Anderton Inez Coldwell Victor M. Cutter. Jr. Charlotte Dawley Virginia Gangstad . . . Hilda T. Harpster Helen Ingraham Martin Roeder Hollis J. Rogers Sarah Sands Archie D. Shaftesbury Maude Williams B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. B.A. B.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.S., Ph.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.S.. M.S. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. B.S.. M.T.. M.S. B.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. BUSINESS EDUCATION Mathilde Hardaway B.B.A.. M.B.A.. Ph.D. Sarah Wilson Jones B.S.. M.S. Vance T. Littlejohn B.A. , B.S.. M.Ed., Ph.D. James E. Orange B.S.. M.Ed. Jeanette Sievers A.B., M.S. Tommie Lou Smith B.A.. M.A. V. Louise Whitlock B.S., M.S. Marguerite Felton - Janice L. Greene Guita Marble Florence Schaeffer Gertrude Vermillion B.S., M.A. B.A.. Ph.D. . M.A. .Ph.D. B.A.. M.A. B.A.. B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. B.A.. CLASSICAL C1MLIZATION COMMERCIAL Roscoe J. Allen B.S Margaret C. DeVinny B.S Mary - Harrell B.A.. B.S. Ernest E. Miller B.S Lenore Pierce B.A., M.A., Dorothy S. Sills B.S.S.A.. Louise Weyl B.A .. M.S. ., M.S. . M.A. .. M.S. Ed.S. M.Ed. .. M.S. Maynard G. French B.A.. M.A.. M.F.A. Herman Middleton B.S., M.A. Raymond A. Smith B.A.. M.A.. M.F.A. ECONOMICS John H. Brashear John W. Kennedy V. E. Lindsey B.A., B.S.. M.A. B.A., M.A. .Ph.D. B.A.. M.A. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Mary Elizabeth Avent B.A., M.A. Frances Erleene Best B.A. Elizabeth Ann Bowles B.A.. M.A. Monnve S. Brown B.A.. M.Ed. Billie G. Cooke B.S. Janet Frederick Decker B.A. Mildred English B.S.. M.A. . D.Ed. lone H. Grogan B.A.. M.A. Ruth Gunter B.A.. M.A. Kenneth E. Howe M.A.. Ed. I). Eugenia Hunter B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Mary A. Hunter B.A.. M.A. Eula Mae Jarrett B.A. Anna M. Kreimeier Ph.B.. M.A. Gav G. Manchester B.A.. M.Ed. Margaret J. Martin B.S. Harriett Mehaffie Ph.B.. M.A. Barbara C. Miller B.A. Jane Tucker Mitchell B.A.. M.A. Sadie M. Moser B.S., M.Ed. Herbert W. Park Jessie Peden B.A.. M.A. Anna Reger B.A.. B.S. in L.S. David Rigsbv B.S.. M.S. Beverly C. Rollins B.A. Donald W. Russell B.A.. M.Ed.. Ed.D. Clarence O. Shipton B.A.. M.Ed. Herbert E. Vaughan. Jr. . B.S.. M.A. Bluma B. Weiner B.Ed.. M.A., Ph.D. Josie Nance White B.A.. M.A. ENGLISH Reta Anderson B.A., M.A. John E. Bridgers B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Jean Buchert B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. May D. Bush B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Amy Charles B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Arthur W. Dixon B. A.. Ph.D. Kathrvn England B.A.. M.A. Harry Finestone B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. John Frederick Frank B.S.. M.A. Jean Gagen B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Leonard B. Hurley B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Randall Jarrell ... B.A. M . Katherine Millett B. . George M. Nauss. Jr B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. James W. Painter B.A.. M.A. Kathleen Painter B.A Edwin N. Perrin B.A.. M.A.. M.I.itt. W. R. Taylor B.A.. M.A. Robert W. Watson B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D MATHEMATICS GEOGRAPHY Ernst Breisacher Ph.D. Barbara Blackwell Ruth M. Collings Alice Schriver Anne Shamburger Esther B. White B.A.. M.S.. M.P.H. B.A.. M.D. B.S.. M.A.. Ed.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A., M.A. B.A.. M.A. B.A.. M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Lenoir Wright B.A.. M.A.. I.L.B.. Ph.D. Richard Bardolph John H. Beeler Barbara Brandon Richard N. Current Bernice Draper Josephine Hege Jordan Kurland Vera Largent Franklin I). Parker Eugene Pfaff Blackwell P. Robinson HOME ECONOMICS Naomi G. Albanese Mary Andrews Helen Canaday Savannah Day Marian Deininger Rose Mills Freedman Joyce Lee Harris Elizabeth Hathaway Betty Austin Hunter Alice Dixon Jackson Pauline Keeney M. Josephine Kremer B.A 11 M.A.. B.S B.S B.S M.A.. B.A B.S us. B.S US B.S.. M.S B.A Louise Lowe B.S Winston Osborn B.S. Ellen Penn B.S. Rebecca M. Smith B.S Irwin V. Sperry B.A., M.Ed., Helen K. Staley B.I., B.S. Madeleine B. Street B.S. Virgie Lee Stringer B.S Helen K. Surratt Comfort Tate B.S Mary E. Taylor B.A Ph.D. . M.S. . M.S. . M.S. Ph.D. .. M.S. .. M.S. . M.A. M.S. .. M.S. Ph.D. Ph.D. . M.S. M.A. M.A. . M.S. Ed.D. . M.A. , M.A. M.S. B.S. M.S. M.Ed. Helen Barton Whitfield Cobb Anne Lewis . . B.A.. M.A., Ph. I). B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. MUSIC Carl J. Alexius B.M., M.M. Claire H. Atkisson B.M. Elizabeth Cowling B.A.. M.A.. M.M. Robert A. Darnell B.M.. M.M. William C. DeVeny B.A.. B.M. George Dickieson B.M.. M.M. Birdie H. Holloway B.S.M.. M.S.M. Sara L. Holrovn B.S.. M.A. Inga B. Morgan ........ B.M.. M.M. Phillip Morgan B.M. . M.M. Robert B. Morris B.S.M.. M.S.M. . D.M.Ed Hans-Earl Piltz B.A.. M.M. Frank Starbuck B.M.E George Thompson B.M.. M.M. PHILOSOPHY B.A.. B.D.. Ph.D. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Dorothy Davis B.A.. M.A. Frances E. Falck B.A. Margaret Greene B.S.. M.A. Ellen Griffin B.S.. M.A. Dorothy Harris B.S.. M.Ed. Gail M. Hennis B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. Marjorie Leonard B.S.. M.A. Ethel L. Martus B.A.. M.S. Rosemary McGee B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Virginia Moomaw B.S.. M.A. Nancy A. Porter U.S.. M.Ed. Celeste Ulricb B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Elizabeth I ' m-tead B.S.. M.A. NURSING EDUCATION Alice Boehret B.A.. M.S. Francise L. Bowman B.S., M.LitL.M.A. Eleanor Carlson B.S.. M.A. Mary D. Mansfield B.S.. M.A. PSYCHOLOGY Irenaes A. Burch B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. William J. Christy B.A., M.S. Elizabeth Duffy B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Julia H. Heinlein B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. William McGehee B.A. . M. A., Ph.D. Robert Racllow B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. Kendon R. Smith B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Adrian Solomon B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. ROMANCE LANGUAGES Alice Abbott James Atkinson John Philip Couch Helen F. Cutting Virginia Farinholt Annie B. Funderbunk Mortimer M. Guiney. Jr. Josefina Hardre Eleanore M. Maxwell Meta H. Miller Janine R. Nauss Ruth A. Shaver B.A.. M.A. B.A., M.A. B. A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A. B.A.. M.A. B.A.. M.A. II. A.. M.A. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. M.A. SOCIOLOGY Clara B. Bell B.A.. M.S.W. George Grace Ph.D. Robert W. Greenfield B.A. Mereb E. Mossman B.A.. M.A. Lyda Gordon Shivers B.A.. I.L.B.. M.A.. rh.D. Page 224 THE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The Alumnae Association, which includes among its member the more than 24.000 grad- uates and former students of the Woman ' s College, was organized and is maintained to advance the interests of the College and of its members. OFFICERS Mrs. Paul R. Maulden President Miss Marjorie Hood First Vice-President Dr. Celeste Ulrich Second Vice-President Mrs. Edgar A. Womble Recording Secretary Miss Barbara Parrish Executive Secretary BOARD OF TRUSTEES Miss Susan Borden Dr. Ezda Deviney Mrs. Sidney H. Gordon Mrs. Frank C. Lauten, Jr. Mrs. John R. Maness Miss Patricia Markas Mrs. Cuyler Poor Miss Nancy Porter Mrs. Richard L. Rice We will always remember this year at Woman ' s College Kearns Paint Company Devoe Paints Artist Materials Sporting Goods Gymnasium Costumes styled for the modern physical education program 112 N. Greene St. Phone BR 2-4171 The 0. Henry Hotel Greensboro ' s Leading Hotel Convenient and Comfortable Coffee Shop and Bedrooms Air Conditioned Convention and Banquet Facilities 300 Rooms 300 Baths Nolan B. Williams, Manager The Place for Your Parents and Friends MANOR MOTEL 1045 West Market Street Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Dickinson Phone BR 3-2517 Keep those College Memories with KODAK PICTURES Your snapshots of school activities will be greatly prized in the vears ahead. Film — Black and White or Color Color Prints and Enlargements drop in at The Art Shop, Incorporated 118 West Market St. Index Ackerman, Jayne Anne, 223 Summit. Bethlehem, Pa. Adams. Jacqueline E. L., Rt. 4. Shelby Aldridge, Mary Lea, 535 Jefferson St.. Greensboro Alexander. Mary Charlotte. 2121 Lombardy Cir.. Charlotti Allan. Patricia Kathryn. 13? . 4th St.. Albemarle Allen, Nancy Dawn. 1119 Elwell Ave., Greensboro Anderson, Elma Frances, Mars Hill Ardrey, Amelia. Polk St., Pineville Arnold. Betty Bruce. 242 Boundary Ave.. Elkins, W. Va. Arrowood. Carolyn Faye. Route 2, Gastonia Atkinson. Janice Baum. Bensboro, Greenville Averitt. Mary Lou, Rt. 1, Box 256. Stedman — B— Bacbat. Joan Riddle. 1101 Sycamore. Rocky Mount Baines. Norma Faye. 220 Bryant, Entield Baker. Patsy DuPree. 775 N. Ashe St., Southern Pines Bame. Alice Joanne. 334 Charlotte Ave., Carolina Beach Barbee, Mattie Irene. Box 590. Oakboro Barrett. Elizabeth Marie. 212H Dilvvortb Dr.. Charlotte Barrow, Alma Elizabeth. Oak Ridge Batten, Carol Marie, 200 E. Guilford St.. Thomasville Baucom, Jane Ellen. Box 66. Banner Elk Bennett, Barbara Alice, 2922 Barmettler St.. Raleigh Bennett, Jean Morton. 233 N. 23rd St.. Wilmington Merry, Feriba Ann. 127 Forest Hills Dr.. Wilmington Bethea, Beverly June. 505 S. Main St.. McColl. S. S. Black. Karen Dolores. 205 I ' arkwood Dr., Charleston, S. C. Blackburn, Patricia Ann. Ingold Blankenbecler, Joyeuse Ann, so9 Yadkin St., Kingsport, Tenn. Blevins, Lou Anne, Box 214, Roseboro Boggs, Rita Rae, 702 Longview St., Greensboro Bost, Patricia. Box 66, Eagle Springs Boswell, Jeanne Jenkins, 2009 N. Ashland Dr., Burlington Bowles. Barbara Flynn. 921 Restmore La.. Statesvilles Boyd, Katie Ann. Rt. I. Waynesville Boyd, Sadye Ann, 300 E. Whitaker Mill. Raleigh Boykin, Carol Dee, 409 Hill St.. Wilson Bradley. Maltha Stacy. 1313 Rosewood Ave.. Rocky Mount Bradsheer, Virginia Elizabeth. 1109 Market St.. Greensboro 33 Brewer. Billie Etta. 3333 Arlington Dr.. Winston-Salem Brintnall, Patricia Estell. P. O. Box DD, Bryson City Britton, Mary Elizabeth. 121 Simmons Ave.. Williamston Brown, Lenore Ann, 1126 Tarboro St.. Rocky Mount Brown. Paula Kay. 11 Grove St.. Weaverville Brown. Sally Faye. Rt. 3. Box 74. Rocky Mount 34 Browning, Helen Marshall. 219 S. Monterey St., Odenton. Md 34 Broyhill, Virginia Hamilton. Norwood St. Ext., Lenoir 34 Bruton. Evelyn Burt, Earl Orchard Hatcher. Candor 34 Bryan. Linda Lee, 435 N. Main St.. Graham 34 Bryan. Ruth Evelyn. 16 Forest Hill Dr., Asheville 34 Burnette, Loretta Joan, Box 167, Highlands 34 Bush, Mary Elizabeth. 417 Alexander Ave.. Morganton 35 ISyrd. Anne Helen. Box 305, Willow Springs 35 — C— Cabe, Mary Evelyn. P. O. Box 11. Fontana Dam 35 Cagle, Annette Cecile, Box til, Sylva . 35 Cagle, Hetty Ann. 201 Grove St.. Hendersonville 35 Caldwell. Joanne Kiser, 1000 Sunset Dr.. Greensboro 35 Cannon. Christine Celeste. 2509 Adams St.. Wilmington 35 Cannon. Emilie T., loo E. Church. Farmville 35 Carothers, Mary Ann. 536 Derby Ct.. Gastonia 35 Carrier. Nancy Edwards. 231s Fortune Ln.. Greensboro 35 Carter. Suzanne. 1300 Whitby Kd.. Richmond 27. Va. 36 Cates, Eugunia Marie. Wake St.. Box 614. Hillsboro 36 Causby. Rebecca Ann. 602 E. Virginia Ave.. Bessemer City 36 Chambers. Patricia Lentz, Box 335. Jamestown 36 Chandler, Joan. 615 Tyvola Rd.. Charlotte 36 Chandley, Kathaleen Shelton. Route 3. Marshall 36 Chang. Ng Thi Hong, 359 Than Dinh Phung. Saigon, Vietnam 36 (happell, Ann Burke, 104 S. Perry St., Hertford 36 Cheek. Jane. 452m Winston Road. Greensboro 36 Clegg. Sara Vida. Rt. 5. Sanford 36 Clifton, Patricia Darrillgton, 6? W. Fourth Ave.. Williamson, W. Va. 37 Page 228 Index Cobb. Neltla Luticia. Rt. 1. Gibsonville 37 Cobb, Sarali Lou, 1816 N.E. Independence. Charlotte 37 Cochran, Nancy Elizabeth. Rt. 1, Tuckaway Park. Matthews 37 Cockman. Vivian Morgan. 218 Mayflower Dr.. Greensboro 37 Coleman. Mary Louise. Forest Hills, N. Wilkesboro 37 Collins, Katherine Lynn. 125 Harding St.. Greenville 37 Coltrane, Maxine H.. Rt. 2. Asheboro 37 Conner, Rebecca Fern. Woodville 37 Cooke, Mary Sue, 34 Montana Ave.. W. Asheville 37 Cottrell. Peggy Ann. Box 165, Oak Ridge 38 Couric, Carol Marie. 1520 Scotland Ave.. Charlotte 38 Cox. Diane White. 217E Mclver St.. Greensboro 38 Cox. Margaret Alice. Moyock 38 Craver. Peggy Jane, Union Cross Rd.. Winston-Salem 38 Creech, Anne Marie. 611 W. Waddell St.. Selma 38 Creger, Janice. 814 E. Chilhowie Ave.. Johnson City, Tenn 38 Cross, Mary Ann. Sunbury 38 Crumpler. Dorothy Jean, Rt. 2, Box 337. Goldsboro 38 Culbreath, Nancy Helen, 1205 Chestnut St.. Lumberton 38 Curlee, Jo Ann, Center St., Wadesboro 39 — D — Me Darlington. Doris Delia. 725 E. Center Ave.. Moores Daughtride. Suzanne. 302 S. Rountree St.. Wilson 39 Davis. Barbara Allen. Harkers Island 39 Davis, Barbara Jean. Box 1H4. Cornelius 39 Davis, Charlene Grey, 201 Franklin. Wytheville, Va. 39 DeGroot. Elizabeth Joann, 5432 Virginia Ave., Falls Church. Va. 39 Dent, Deanna. 30s S. Willow St.. Gastonia 39 Dickson. Geneva Ann. 125 Broughton St., Garner 39 Dodd. Penny Sue. 1135 Bolton St.. Winston-Salem 39 Doughton. Jon Lee. Box 41. Sparta 40 Dudley. Mary Sue, 301 Canterbury Dr.. Charlotte 40 Duke, Anne Carole, 718 Westover Blvd., Elizabeth City 40 Duncan, Peggy Anne. 211 Holmes Dr.. Fairborn, Ohio 40 Dwight. Kathryn Ann. Box 485, Southern Pines 40 Dykstra. Alma Price. 304 McCauley St., Chapel Hill 40 Farley. Madge Elmina, 111 Ohio SI.. Spindale Edmundson. Ella Olivia. Rt. 2. Box 9, Fremont Efird. Elizabeth Vearl. 121 N. Spring. Winston Salem Eller. Hazel Jeanne. Rt. 3. Box 316, Statesville Elliott. Mary Sue, Tyner Ellis. Evelyn Atkinson, Rt. 2. Kenly Ephiand, Nancy Kay. 191 Parkview Dr.. Burlington Eskridge. Sarah Anne, Box 334. Hillsboro Fossick, Peggy Joyce. Rt. 8, Lexington Everett. Frances Serena. 005 S. Taughton, Williamston — F— Farris. Patricia C, H06 Old Port Rd.. Cherryville Farthing, Mary Joyce. Box 326. Trynn Ferrell. Bettie Rose. Millbrook Fishel, Wanda Layne, Rt. 4. Winston-Salem Fisher, Evelyn Ernestine, 212 Davis St.. Fayetteville Fisher, Frances Joanne, E. Marion, Marion Ford, Henrietta Ford, Box 175, Seaboard Fowler. Anne Rierson. Walnut Cove Franklin. Anna Victoria. 134 Victoria St.. Elkin Freeman. Helen Jean. Rt. 2. Bryson City. Freeman, Martha Anita, 903 N. Main. Louisburg Frost. Helena Jane. 727 S. Fulton St.. Salisbury Fulp, Elizabeth Hester. 633 Fenimore St., Winston-Salem — 6— Gales. Shirley Jean. 324 Vance St.. Laurinburg Garrison. Floy Nell H.. Mrs., 4537 W. 1st St.. Winston-Salem Garrison. Lucille. Rt. 2. Burlington Garrison. Patricia, High Point Garrison, Terry Anne, 214 N. Ridgeway Dr.. Greensboro Gerow, Bland. 132 2nd St., N.W., Hickory Gibbs, Martha Chadwi ck, P. O. Box 246, Beaufort Gibson, Ann Fleury, 12 River Rd.. Warwick. Va. Gilreath, Martha Jane. 507 E St., N. Wilkesboro. . . L ompum enti North America Assurance Society of Virginia, Inc. RICHMOND, VA. Non-Cancellable . . . Accident Insurance . . . Hospital Insurance . . . Polio Insurance Full lines of Life Insu rance coverage for all needs Major Hospital expense coverage. Hospital Insurance for older people. Blanket Accident and Hospital Insurance for Colleges and Prep Schools, for Students and Faculty Members. We are leaders in these coverages in these institutions. We have openings for representatives in Alamance, Davidson. Guilford. Randolph, Rowan and Rockingham and other territories. Inquiries welcome. We are honored to have again been selected to insure the young ladies at Woman ' s College, also the faculty and staff. J. M. WOOD, District Manager 821 North Elm Stre et Greensboro, N. C. Page 229 CASEY ' S " The World ' s Rest Barbecue " Telephone BR 4-7728 1615 Madison Ave. Greensboro. N. C. Delivery Service — 1 :30 to 5:30 — 7:30 to 9:30 CHICKEN FRIED IN PEANUT OIL Steaks . . . Country Ham Sandwiches of All Kinds SOUTHERN PHOTO PRINT SUPPLY CO. " Everything for the Engineer, Architect and Artist " 431 Walker Avenue Greensboro, N. C. Phone BR 4-1541 Southern Sales Company Electrical Appliances Kelly Springfield Tires Recapping 224 East Market Greensboro, North Carolina P. 0. Box 2727 Phone BR 3-3431 THE LOTUS RESTAURANT Chinese and American Dishes DELICIOUS CHOW MEIN Closed Each Monday 105 South Greene St. Index Gold. Edith Shirley. Rt. 4, Shelby Gooch, Anne Louise, Box 205. Hallsboro Graham. Adele Aden. Newfane. Vt. Graham. Nancy Faye, 1920 Arbor St.. Durham Grey, Patricia Elian. 35 6th St.. N.E.. Pulaski. Va. Griffin. Vivian Eleanor, Montreat Rd., Montreat — H— Hair, Carolyn Joyce, 600 Glenville Ave., Fayetteville Hall, Mary Kathryn. 816 S. Main St., Salisbury Hamilton. Billie Frances, Rt. 2, Box 367 C Clinton Hamrick. Gloria Jane Putna, Rt. 2. Shelby Hanna, Delos Ann Welch, 2505 W. Market St.. Greensboro Hanna, Mary Jane, 517 W. Second Ave., Gastonia Hardesty, Geneva Ann, Rt. 2, Newport Hardin. Betty Lu, Rt. 3. Guilford College Hargrove. Edith Ann. 104 X. Holden Rd.. Greensboro Harrell. Angela Young. 429 Sunset Ave.. Roanoke Rapids Harrell. Florence Katherin, 1510 E. Holly St.. Goldsboro Harrelson, Frances Anne. East 150. Cherryville Harris. Bertha Ann. 603 Plot Ave., Fayetteville Harris, Frances Settle, 309 Florence St.. Greensboro Harris. Sue Carolyn. 3501 Friendly Rd., Greensboro Harris, Lillian Darlene, 62s Monroe St., Roanoke Rapids Harris, Lucy Marietta. 2225 Winter St., Charlotte Harris, Martha Maxine, Thomasville . Harrison, Jane Dudley, 15 Tallassee St. Badin Harrison, Patricia Anne, 113 Marshall Ave., Williamston Hart, Constance Marie, 1005 Monmouth Ave.. Durham Helms, Margaret Jeanette, 323 Bacon Ave.. Charlotte Henderson, Ann Virginia, 152 Biltmore Dr., Charlotte 7 Hendrix. Camille Mae, 1126 English N.E., Hickory Henricksen, Greta C. 216 Forestwood Dr.. Durham Herr. Barbara Ann, 24 S. Lewis PI.. Rockville Ctr.. N. Y. Herman, Barbara Mae, 2348 Westover Dr.. Winston-Salem Hickerson, Eugenia Lee, 2107 Wright Ave., Greensboro Hines, Elizabeth Barnard. 10 W. Salisbury St.. Wrightsville Beach Hinson, Peggy Sue, lis Kenan St., Chapel Hill Hinson, Thelma, Rt. 3, Whiteville 47 Hinton. Anne Marie, 1223 Ridge Rd.. Raleigh 47 Hinton. Maria Susan, RFD 3, Kenly 47 Holt. Claire Davis. 1413 Whilden Place, Greensboro 47 Horton. Sandra Gave, 408 Church St.. Belmont 47 Hudnell, Ann Ferrell. 900 Perry St., Kinston 47 Hughes. Frances Holt. Banks St.. Graham 48 Hunnecutt, Nancy Lyttleton, Box 147. Holly Hill, S. C 48 Hunt. Sylvia Morgan. Buckeye Rd.. Swannanoa 48 Hunter, Mary Ann. 1423 Queens Rd.. W. Charlotte 48 Hurdle. Joyce Juanita. Sunbury 48 Mux. Sandra Jane. 409 Jackson St.. Roanoke Rapids 48 Inman, Linda Bayne. 308 W. 17th ST., I.umberton 48 Isley. Dorothy Louise. Box 126, Boiling Springs 48 — J— Jackson. Alice Jeanne, Rt. 3. Box 5 A. Hertford 4s Jackson, Barbara, 379 Stratford Rd., Asheville W Jackson. Diana E. Reed. 545 Chestnut. Rock Hill. S. C 49 Jamerson, Ann Lou. 910 Roosevelt Ave.. Chapel Hill 49 Jarman. Frances Elaine. Willard 49 Jenkins. Mary Douglas. Woodlawn. Chatham. Va. 49 Johns. Betty Evelyn. Drawer M. Paw Creek 49 Johnson, Jo Ann, Rt. 2. Cameron 49 Johnson, Ora Jane. 5 Bailey St.. Canton 49 Johnson, Jeanette Renata, 31 Desmond Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. 49 Jolley, Shirley Jean, Rt. 1, Mooresboro 49 Jones. Nancy Priscilla, 245 Circle Court. Fayetteville 49 Jordan. Emily Catherin, 70 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y 50 Julian, Betty Lou, 615 E. 41 St.. Hialeah. Fla. 50 — K— Kanter. Ettalea Esther, 4026 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, Va. 50 Kasey. Sue Garrell, 435 Second St.. Leaksville 50 Kearns, Nancy Jean, Farmer Rural Station, Asheboro 50 Page 230 Index Kennedy, Harriet Hilton, 902 Hill St., Greensboro 50 Kenyon, Mary Elizabeth. Rt. 2, Hillsboro 50 Kerley. Margaret Kay. Rt. 1. Louisburg 50 Key, Mary Mon, 120 Cherry - St., Mount Airy 50 Killian. Ernestine O ' Neil. 604 W. Blvd., Apt. 3. Charlotte 50 Kimball, Eleanor Joan. Rt. 3. China Grove 51 Kinard. M. Jane. 42 Ingleside Dr.. Concord 51 Knowles. Judith Alice, Second St.. N.E.. Hickory 51 Koon, Mary Frances. Blaskwe, 4142 Statesville Hi., Charlotte 51 Krider, Frances Marion. " 03 W. Henderson St.. Salisbury 51 Krieger. Marsha. 3801 Dogwood Dr.. Greensboro 51 Kyles. Patricia, 205 Boyd St., Maiden 51 Lackey, Johnsie Ina, Rt. 1. Box 355 A, Statesville 51 Lamberth. Georgia Anne. E. Harden St.. Graham 51 Lee. Kay Virginia, Rt. 5, Dunn 51 Lentz. Meredith Blake. 1706 Nottingham Rd„ Raleigh 52 Leslie. Georgina. 86 School St.. Springfield. Mass. 52 Lineberger. Carolyn Louise, Rt. 1. Bessemer City 52 Lineberger. Frances Marilyn. 10 W. Klutz St.. Maiden 52 Linney, Evangelena. 322 E. Broad St.. Statesville 52 Lomax. Sarah G. S., Rt. 1. N. Wiklesboro 52 Long. Anita Ruth. Rutherford Rd., Marion 52 Long, Jacqueline, Rt. 4. Rocky Mount 52 Longest. Mary Hugh. 329 N. Main St., Graham 52 Lyerly. Dellene. 171 Cedar St., Mooresville 52 — M— Madry. Patricia Ann. 301 Cherry St., Scotland Neck 54 Mallard. Marilyn. 2634 Selwyn Ave.. Charlotte 54 Mann. Mary Matilda, 2608 Clark Ave., Raleigh 54 Martin. Margaret. 3801 Arborway. Charlotte 54 Martin. Patricia Ann. Box 214. Rowland 54 Mason, Nancy Faye, 1008 Ann St., Beaufort 54 Massie, Shirley Oleen, Rt. 2. Canton 54 Massey. Alethea F.. Box 218, YVaxhaw 54 Masters, Betty Louise, 44 Killian Rd., Asheville 55 Mattox. Elizabeth Douglas, 4(ih Gates St.. Salisbury 55 Maulden, Gilbertine. 204 Williams St.. Kannapolis 55 May, Mary Elizabeth. Rt. 1. Dudley 55 Mayfleld, Barbara Ann, 406 S. Main St.. Lenoir 55 McAlister, Jane Maness. Rt. 1. Biscoe 53 McCallum. Nancy McNeill. 339 Maple Dr.. Lenoir.... 53 McComb, Martha Ann, 113 Woodrow St.. Fayetteville 53 McCommor.s, Sylvia Elaine. Rt. 2. Box 534. Kannapolis 53 Jane Wyatt. 620 CI urch St.. Ahoskie 53 McGregor, Jane Glenn, Gibson 53 McLamb, Beth, Clear Run, Garland 53 McLeod. Melissa Jane, 1004 N. Elm, Lumberton 53 McMahan, Sally Midge C. 1 D Lewis Village, Greenville, S. C. 53 McMahon, Emma Jacqueline, Rt. 1. Swannanoa 53 McNair. Retina E., 701 Summit St.. Winston-Salem 51 McNeill. Grace Christine. W. Main St.. Wilkesboro 54 Meares. Jill Batts. 1608 Wright Ave.. Greensboro 55 Mebane. Julie. 3441 85th St., Jackson Hgts.. N. Y 55 Memory, Marjorie Anne. 134 N. Main St.. Randleman 55 Michael. Mattie Elizabeth, Bostic 55 Michelle. Evelyn Lee Hunte. 411 E. 13th St., Charlotte 6 55 Miller. Barbara Harris, 215 Mclver St.. Apt. E., Greensboro 56 Miller. Jacqueline Diane, 1255 Wedgewood Dr.. Winston-Salem 56 Miller, Leah, 706 Nottingham Dr., Greensboro 56 Mills. Rebecca Evelyn, Rt. 1. Polkton 56 Modlin, Essie Lynette. 105 Darby Circle. Plymouth 56 Money. Cornelia Vaughn, 104 W. 3rd Ave.. Lexington 56 Moore. Barbara Ann, Rt. 7. Box 29 2. Lenoir 56 Moore, Dorothy Duncan. 110 North St.. Chapel Hill 56 Moore. Nancy Motley, 200 Roanoke Ave., Littleton . 56 Moore. Rebecca Jane. 407 Summit St.. Winston-Salem 56 Moore. Rose Mary, nil Selden St.. Elizabeth City 57 Morris. Mary Eugenia. Box 295. Asheville Hwy., Sylva 57 Morris. Pamela Anne, 1403 S. Fulton St., Salisbury 57 Motley. Betty English. 828 Halifax Rd., Danville. Va. 57 Myers. Katherine Yvonne. 9754 Geiger Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. 57 Myers, Margaret Elaine, S50 Harris St., Leaksville 57 Myers, Pat Leonard, Rt. 3. Box 16, Lexington 57 WASH-O-MAT Self Service Complete Laundry Service 328 Tate Street Phone BR 2-1329 G-E Appliances — TV Sporting Goods Gray-Seal Paint Hart Hardware Company 334 Tate Street Greensboro. N. C. Phone BR 4-1943 Phipps Gift Shop 2nd Floor Phone BR 2-5831 or BR 2-0179 For Gifts for the Home Sterling Silver — Fine China Crystal Gourmet Department and Outdoor Cooking Items Phipps Hardware Company 215 North Elm Street Phone BR 2-0179 Dine Tonight by Candlelight at the GLASS HOUSE RESTAURANT 900 Summit Avenue Greensboro. N. C. Famous Home Cooked Meals at Moderate Prices open 6:30 a.m. ' til 10:00 p.m. Page 231 Have you tried a Krispy Kreme lately? Idea) for snacks, dessert, breakfast. . . good in school lunches, too. DOUGHNUTS Krispy Kreme DOUGHNUT COMPANY 504 S. Greene Street Greensboro, N. C. Radio Dispatched . . . New Cars BLUE BIRD TAXI, INC. Special Rates to Airport 1-3 Passengers — $3.00 Additional Passengers — SI. 00 Each Index — N — Neece, Barbara, 603 Westover Blvd.. Elizabeth City Newbold, Ann Lawton, 709 Rudolph St.. Goldsboro. . . . Newlin, Anne Moore, Box 34, Haw River Nichols, Rachel Jean, Rt. 2, Mebane Nickolson. Mary Katherine, 203 N. College St., Monroe Noggle. Linda Ann, 1039 S. Lafayette St., Shelby — O— O ' Connell, Carolyn Joy, U0 YV. Main St., Sanfc Ormond, Sue. Rt. 1. Dover Outen, Peggy Jane, Rt. 7. Monroe Owen, Paula Patricia. Rt. 1. Wallace Owens, Rebecca, Rt. 1, Linwood — P— Pait. Sarah Elizabeth, Box 527, Huntersville Park. Margaret Effle, 1405 Hillsboro St., Raleigh Paramore, Betsy Helen, 408 Valley Lane, Falls Church, Va. Pate, Janet Thayer, 2723 Stuart Dr., Durham Peacock, Margaret Ann, 428 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury Peeb ' es, Diane Carpenter. 217 Mclver St.. Apt. D. Greensboro Peevy. Sylvia K ' Jo 920 E. Main St.. Washington Perkins, Jane, RFD, Post Rd., Wakefield, R. I. Perry. Patricia Ann. 35 Richmond Hill Rd., New Canaan, Conn. Peter. Mary Anne, 1504 Brightridge Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. Peterson. Helen June. 226 Broadway, Asheville Peterson, Julia Carolyn. 325 Main St., Clinton Phillips. Mary Jane. Cameron Phillips, Sudy Jane. 602 E. Seventh St.. Lumberton Pierpont, Nancy Morgan. 2822 Bland Rd.. Bluefield, W. Va. Plott, Sarah Joanne, 113 W. Green Ct., Greensboro Poole, Cara Ann, Box 125, Candor Posner, Mirian, Cleveland Springs Rd., Shelby Pratt. Jaret Lee, 202 Furches St., Raleigh Pritchard, Patricia Anne, 104 Wayside Circle. Lenoir Pyatte, Ola Lynne, 504 Hospital Ave., Lenoir Pycior, Marie Gaylor. 130 Tate St., Apt. 3, Greensboro — Q— Quillin, Mary Elizabeth, 500 S. Third St., Sanford — R— Radford, Mary Florence. 121 Railroad St.. Henderson Read, Julia Love, 145 Clark St.. Henderson Register. Brencla Nell. Rt. 3, Smithfleld Rice. Janet Lee. 406 Yarmouth Rd.. Raleigh R ichey, Carolyn Sue. 215 Westerly Lane, McLean. Va. Robbins, Ann Lee Barnhardt, 2502 Stafford Ave.. Raleigh Robbins, Jean Ray, Ruffin Robertson, Nancy Ann. 1404 W. Market St.. Greensboro Robinson. Linda Ruth. Rt. 1, Dallas Rogers. Anne Malic, loos Green St., Durham Ross, Peele Ethel L.. Mrs.. Rt. 5, Box 1095 V 2. Charlotte Routh, Delaine Turner. 2716 Rockwood Rd., Greensboro Rowe, Becky Geddie, 408 Raleigh St.. Fuouay Rumfelt, Mary Kathryn, Box 96, McAdenville Russell, Wanda Lorraine, Box. Norwood Sand, Janeen Lorna, 23 Aubrey Rd.. Upper Montclair, N. J. 62 Saunders. Eunice Dolores, Rt. 1. Elon College 63 Seism. Mary Elizabeth. Rt. 1, Pelham. . .... 63 Scott, Carole Lee. 224 S. Tremont Dr.. Greensboro 63 Scott. Marvella George, 708 N. Greene St., Greensboro 63 Seagle, Sue Jane. 429 W. Pine St., Lincolnton 63 Sealey, Luna Carolyn, Rt. 1. Orrum 63 Seymour. Johnnie Ann, Box 143, Alamance 63 Shackelford, Edna Cox, Rt. 1. Fremont 63 Sharpe, Joann Marie. Rt. 1. Harmony 63 Shea, Denise, 19 Central St., Camden. Maine 63 Shearin, Marjorie Mae. Box 243, Weldon 64 Page 232 Ill«l V SliiDley, Betty Henderson. II! W. Avon Pkwy., Aslieville Shipwash, Gloria Anne, 1416 English St., High Point Slmre. Julia Ann. 1212 W. ith St.. Winston-Salem Sliue. Mary Dale. Rt. 1. Haw River Shugar, Marilyn Gould, 223 Forest Hd„ Raleigh Sides. Frances Louise. 2S31 Bon Air Ave.. Winston-Salem Signion. Louise. S. College Dr.. Newton Singletary. Marine Bell, 2(11.1 F.. Ramsey Dr.. Baton Rouge 8, La. Sistare, Marian Suzanne. 2oos Greenway Ave.. Charlotte Slade. Wanda Hoffman, sun F.lam Ave.. Greensboro Sloan, Ann Elizabeth. 1107 Canterbury Rd„ Raleigh Smart. Edyth, P. O. Box 61 . Bostie Smith, Clare Joan. P. O. Box 151. Conover Smith. Dorothy Ann, Box 13 , Guilford Smith, Joyce Ewing. Mrs., Box 275. Stoneville Smith. Mary Lou. 505 S. Marietta St.. Gastonia Smith, Patricia Hall, 4209 Farra Ave., Nashville 12. Tenn. Smith. Shirley Ruth. Rt. 2, Harmony Snider. Frances Mae. Rt. 1. Thomasville Snotherly. Gloria Marilyn, 606 Gatewood Ave.. High Point Snow. Janet Loretta. Rt. 3. Winston-Salem Snuggs, Helen Patricia. 207 Roberdel Rd.. Rockingham Sparks, Harolyn Jane. Box 175. Cliffside Speir. Anne Galloway. 505 Collect St., Morganton Spivey, Annie Margaret, 326 Cameron Ave.. Charlotte Springs, Harriet Dunn. Box 346. Rt. 1. Mt. Holly Stauffer, Janet Louise. 409 Pine Hill Ct.. Anderson, S. C. Stevenson, Mary Deane, 907 E. Homestead Ave.. High Point Stewart, Kay Myra, 2209 Pinecrest Rd„ Greensboro Strickland, Patricia Miles. 117 W. Seeman St.. Durham Stowtl. Margaret Ellen. P. 0. Box 132. Pittsboro Sugg. Elizabeth Hamilton. 23 Jefferson St.. X.E.. Washington. D. C. Sutton. Harriet R.. 609 Edwards Ave.. Kinston Sutton. Merle Sue, 1029 Tarleton Ave.. Burlington Swayne, Henrietta L„ 302 Wilson Ave.. Kinston — T— Tandy. Louise, Oak Park. Arden Taylor. Mary Lane. Fremont Teal. Emmie Lou. 1314 Center St.. Wadesboro Temple. Ruth Mary. Rt. 1. Zebulon Templeton. Edna Rose. 1126 Arden Rd.. Salisbury Terrell. Patricia Ann. Box 2k4, Haw River Thames, Nancy Sue. 2240 Commonwealth. Charlotte Thorpe. Sue Carolyn. Box 162. Cedar Falls Tibbets, Mary Alice. 3261 Worthington St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. Townsend. Sarah Mandeville, 306 E. 17th St.. Lumberton. Triplett. Norma Gay. Rt. 2. Box 26s.. Lenoir Turner, Wilrnu Kay. 303 Buncombe St.. Hendersonville Underwood. Margaret Joyc N . Rockingham Yanhoose. Nancy Lee Jackson. 122 Tate St.. Greensboro Vernon. Mary Ann. 4th Ave.. Mayodan Vincent, Shelia Kay. 1601 Independence Rd.. Greensboro . Vogler, Mary Alice Martin. Rt. 6. Winston-Salem — W — Walden. Lany. 104 Orange St.. Tabor City Walker. Nina King. 2332 Elizabeth Ave.. Winston Salem Wall. Billie Jo. 3711 Oak Grove Ave.. Greensboro Walsh, Claudia Mae, Rt. 5. Box 450, Aslieville Ward. Mary Daniel. 2139 E. 3th St.. Charlotte Warlick, Peggy De Anne. 1040 Davie Ave.. Statesville Warren. Sonja Henrietta, Washington Park. Washington Weaver, Terrell Elizabeth. 11 Buckingham Ct.. Aslieville Weber. Jo Anne. Rt. 5. Statesville Wellons. Delia Anne. Rt. 3. Selma Westbrook. Lenore Ruin, 503 St. Andrews St.. Tarboro Westmoreland. Sarah K.. Eugene St.. Gibsonville Wheeler. Nancy Creighten. 112 Stedman St.. Fayetteville White, Carolyn Yvonne, Rt. 1. Greensboro Wiese. Mary Page, Pattrson School, Lenoir Wilkes. Dru Van. 3os St.. Leaksville Wilkerson, Geraldine. 1624 Independence, Charlotte Williams. Bennie Ruth, 429 Cave St.. Narrows. Va. Williams. P ' rances Louise, 1500 Fairfax Ave.. Elizabeth City Williams. Sylvia Joan. Drawer 33A. Hickory Wilson. Betsy Ann. Littleton Wilson. Eula Mae. Rt. 5. Shelby Wilso n. Joyce. 1200 Sugaw Creek Rd.. Charlotte 6 Wilson, Oreida Anne. P. O. Box 943, Reidsville Wilson, Wilma Gladys, Littleton Winchester. Grace Howard. 304 Avery Ave.. Morganton Wingate. Mary Alice. 302 Pine St., Rutherfordton Winn. Lucy Guy. RFD 1, Box 203, Henderson Winstead, Louise Gorham, Box 365, Elm City Wolfe. Mary Smith. Smith Chapel Rd.. Mt. Olive Wolfe. Sally Parks. Smith Chapel Rd.. Mt. Olive Wooten. Kay Shelmire. 1015 Branch St., Wilson Worsley, Ann Regina, 403 Eastern St.. Greenville — Y — Young, Gladys Carter, 4524 W. Market St., Greensboro 72 W. C. girls are always welcome at Greensboro ' s Leading Theaters . . . CAROLINA and NATIONAL THEATERS Where you will always find the BEST in Motion Picture Entertainment! SUNSET HILLS RESTAURANT 161!! Friendly Road Greensboro. N. C. Phone BR 24239 Page 233 3om and (Tattle Student Patronage Approved by Student Council Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop WEST MARKET STREET EXTENSION PHONE BR 3-2205 CURB SERVICE Robert Rollins Blazers, Inc. 832 BROADWAY NEW YORK 3. N. Y. Schools Colleges Golf Clubs SPECIALIZED BLAZER SERVICE to Sororities Classes fraternities Athletic Teams Honor Societies Awards Committees Bands Glee Clubs Choral Grout Coke brings you back refreshed " Colt« " »« o registered trode-mark. 60TTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COIA COMPANY »Y Coca-Cola Bottling Company HIGH POINT ROAD, GREENSBORO, N. C. Flecrronic Teletray Car Service Take Out Service Dining Room Service Visit Greensboro ' s Newest and Most Luxurious Restaurant Hot Slioppes 1100 Summit Avenue GREENSBORO, N. C. BRoadway 5-9561 Counter Service Good Food Reasonable Prices Page 235 THE CORNER Books . . . Gifts . . . Stationery . . . Records Again, it is a real pleasure to say that we have certainly enjoyed working with you during the past year. To the Seniors, congratulations and the very hest of luck to you — and if you ever want an item from the Corner, just drop us a line and it will he mailed immediately, if possible. Satisfaction Guaranteed Hugh J. Snayei.y 344 Tate Street Phone BR 4-4866 Drink 3 Glasses of Guilford Dairy Milk Everyday! GUILFORD DAIRY Milk makes Energy YELLOW TAXI BR 2-5161 " The thinking fellow calls a yellow " College Giils ilways Welcome at Franklin ' s Drug Store 401 Tate St. Greens horo. N. C. " We Know How " Phone BR 2-5865 LUCAS CLEANERS 1005 Spring Garden St. Greensboro. N. C. Opposite Aycock Auditorium Woman ' s Gollege otteae t ed-)ruq t 9 .ore 1003 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, N. C. Across from Aycock Auditorium For your sandwiches, drinks — also cosmetic and prescription needs Page 236 GREGORY ' S DRIVE-IN Summit Avenue (I ew Extension I Dining Room Service and Curb Service GREEN ' S Dine and Dance New Reidsville Road Route 5. Greensboro Phone BR 2-9527 I PET I " HOMOGENIZED MILKl HOMOGENIZED MILK ICE CREAM at your Favorite Fountain Greensboro. North Carolina Phone BR 2-6131 LUCIELLES tOriaau ana jrormaLs ' Everything for the llriilc and Bridesmaid ' 2nd Floor 219 East Nash Street Wilson. N. C. LARGE ECONOMY SIZE Potato Chips use one ll (MB save one 2 0-OZ. Bags In One-ONLY TOWN ana COUNTRY HOTELS HAYWOOD DUKE, President The King Cotton Sedgefielil Inn GREENSBORO NORTH CAROLINA Pago 237 TUCK PHOTO SUPPLIES, II . 225 NORTH ELM STREET Near 0. Henry Hotel Phone BR 3-7170 GREENSBORO, N. C. Cameras . . . Films . . . Projectors . . . Darkroom Supplies PHOTO FINISHING to refresh without filling DELUXE TAXI SERVICE RADIO DISPATCHED CABS When-U-Go — Ride DeLuxe 24 Hour Service DIAL BR 4-8438 505 E. Market St. Greensboro, N. C. Compliments of BLUEBIRD CLEANERS, INC. 1613 Madison Ave. Greensb oro, N. C. Phone BR 3-2270 Compliments of College Shop Compliments of Melvins Grocery Store Page 238 y ' 7 r tffl ' wf IhHE T SyS ■ Vi £ £ - J • EL 4; $ SyLv. ' - 5k M —. — . ■ ■ ' ■ ■- l3US ■ : ■■ i. • ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ' : - • i i . r fern— % k « t2££ TMONTALDCfr ELM AT GASTON GREENSBORO, N. C. L iotkej or cUJistinctiovi For Your College Wardrobe Colony Shop Coals ♦ Suits ♦ Furs ♦ Sportswear ♦ Hats ♦ Aeeessories ( osmeties ♦ Lingerie ♦ Shoes AUTOGRAPHS Page 2 12 AUTOGRAPHS Page 243 AUTOGRAPHS Page 24 4 AUTOGRAPHS Page 2 15 AUTOGRAPHS Page 246 AUTOGRAPHS Page 211 AUTOGRAPHS Page US

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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