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The Woman ' s College University of North Carolina The LIBRARY _££. COLLEGE COLLECTION ' ■ -r ' .rf mm 0mp 0mt tan - K f - 1 ijflk ---S5M - M flWM " v fe vgtj w i 1955 ute Uccdtei 11. m ja wu i= • 1 — Jbm 5r-- ■»,■„.- , ; Arnnual publication m students of WOMAN ' S COLLEGE 0 A Mnlverdltu or If forth Carolina SUZANNE MYERS, Editor-in-Chief MARY RUTH HART, Business Manager «--; 7A S wsm : W % T ? - » ■ -, ±A ■ • A t . r : ' . • (£)tx P -lie helped us build a bridge betweei ways that are called good — ways ssible way of thinking about th dm of the world. te the 1955 PINE NEEDLES to Dr. Franklin Holbrook McNi ■ I) E I) I C A T I () N page 6 WOMAN ' S COLLEGE page LO ADMINISTRATION page 18 STUDENT BODY page 30 Seniors, 36 Juniors, 80 Sophomores. 96 Freshmen, 116 Commercials, 126 CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS page 136 ACTIVITIES page 156 FEATURES page 172 f The Melti dateless f Cronyn an Shop fille ng Pot in :w . . . a i id Tandy 1 d with c raffic jam Miniature . . . Aycock on Saturday night foi concert and lecture series to set us all agog lad coffee in our Soda Shop . . . steps of the ! mplaint and gossip . . . umbrellas caused . . . blink of the five-minute Saturday night white sweater to show off that new pin . . Tuesday ti . . . the ii levitable latest styh ?s as modi ;led by the practice teachers . . . getting to k fessor over coffee ment of an empty mail box and the thrill of more th.= -ent to disagree with a rival hall . . . Dreamtime Monday morning blues and Friday cheer This, and more, is Woman ' s College. 1 n n G3 Gi B (10 TiToT CTI C7 ' 01 fl_ s m n Writ Hallrmim houirt " dUplaml f The Davs To most OF us the rain and the classes were old stuff, but to some of us it was new. We watched this year, as Hazel took her toll of our campus greenery, and classes took their toll of good grades. In spite of ourselves, wasn ' t 1954-55 a good year? To Remember Seniors and Commercials had June in their hearts — jobs and the future were very real. Juniors looked on enviously, as they waited for their day to come. The Sopho- mores gloried in the newness of belonging to a jacket, and the Freshmen waited gaily for those privileges that would soon be theirs. K,,l «» ! , , ,. huilil lh,,r , , ■ .i » . 0$euiatOrj alut ' . " mmiMJO Woman ' s College and the State of North Carolina have been blessed with a tradition of remarkable leadership in our governors. Both as Chief Executive of the State and as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina. Governor William Bradley Umstead fulfilled with distinction the trust of public service to which his life was dedicated. A graduate of the University in the class of 1916. and member of a North Carolina family long prominent in public affairs. William Bradley Umstead so ordered his career as to bring his great strength and talents most effec- tively to bear on the welfare of our people. As a young man, he first taught in the public schools and then served with the United States Army during the First World War. Next came the legal training which was to serve him so well in public life. Entering politics as prosecuting attorney in county court, he later became Solicitor of the Tenth Judicial District. Congressman from the Sixth Congressional District. United States Senator, and eventually Governor. Courage and devotion to duty were foremost among the qualities oi character that predestined William Bradley Umstead for leadership. It was typical of the man that a grave illness, which struck him just as he embarked on his responsibilities as Governor, in no way deterred him from his resolu- tion to fulfill the exacting duties of the highest office that his State could give him. In the year and a half that was left to him before he died in unselfish service, the mark of greatness was clearly evident upon his record. Our loss of his leadership at the height of his career is immeasurable. But many generations will share with us the testament of his enduring contribu- tions to the welfare of North Carolina, her University, and her people. i : ?iifcK " i GORDON GRAY Prrnidenl of the Contolidaletl I niremily oj «rlh Carolina Our President President Gordon Gray, a native Tar Heel, and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina, became president of his alma mater in 1950. His excellent background as a newspaper publisher and Secretary of the Army in 1947 through 1950 well prepared him for this present responsi- bility. Equally well-known in national circle-, he ha- done much for our Greater University, for our state, and for our country. Edward Kidder Graham Chancellor Just as Edward Kidder Graham has been a great force in boosting the progress of education, he has been an outstanding leader and director of the Woman ' s College campus. After receiving his A.B. and M.A. degrees from the University of North Carolina, he served as Dean of Faculties at Washington University in St. Louis. Missouri. He came to the Woman ' s College as Chancelor in 1950. His friendliness and his read wit and charm have made him a real part of this campus — a friend as well as an administrator. Luther H. Hodges Governor The students of Woman ' s College welcome Governor Luther H. Hodges as Chief Executive of our State, and his wife. Martha Blakeney Hodges, an alumna of this College, as our First Ladv. 1 pon the death of Governor I instead in Novem- ber, L954, he succeeded to the higher office, to which he brings his mature experience and riper The Woman ' s College looks to Governor Hodges, our good friend for many years and one who has demonstrated his devotion and vision, for guidance in the future development of our College. Mereb Mossman Dean of Instruction Miss Mereb E. Mossman. our able Dean of instruction, was born in Kansas aiul attended Morningside College in Iowa and the University of Chicago. Her excellent background of ex- perience in the field of sociology and her vigor- ous personality help to make her a valuable asset to our college. Katharine Tavlor Ih ' im of H niinn Oi it i mm i;i Dean 01 Studi ■ rs, Katherine Tay- lor, who plays a vital pari in all phases of out Bchool life, is a former membei of the Woman ' s College faculty. The experience Bhe gained in this position ;i I . 1 1 with bei consideration, her interest, and her keen insight into campus affairs, i ' .nil ibute to her being the respe ted and admired link between the student bod) and the adminis- Administrative Assistants MR. ALBER Director of Apirs Burt Mil I - M. M l- Behind the scenes these people carry out a tremendous portion of the administrative duties of Woman ' s College. We are greatly indebted to them for our fine graduate school, our efficiently run infirmary, the many, many meals so carefully prepared, the pub- licit) of our affairs, the intricately detailed budget upon which we operate, our well-equipped and well-run library, and the attitudes toward us by those who are outside our college sphere. To them we wish to express our admiration, respect, and thanks for their undertakings, so often left unnoticed in the hubbub of our college activities. JftT ! t o; tS ' CO ntf v o Y " « 5 r r» Department Heads Mr. Gregory Ivy 4 " Department f . ' l.i. . " ti..i ' i jiim.i: I ■ r , - . . 1 - ,,i. In v.r , i I v. 1938-40 President, S.E.A.A., 1938-39; mcml..-,. I„.„i,,, ii...,i.i -I 1939-42; Chairman, Progr m 1942 President 5.1 A.C., 1949-50. Dr. Victor M. Cutter. Jr Biology Department B.A.. 1938. Dartmouth; Ph.D., 1942. Cornell M.„l„, ,,l Yale faculty; reaearch in cancer and mychology; Sigma Pai; Phi Kappa Pi. Dr. Vance T. Little John Business Education Department B.A.. B.S.. 1931, Bowling Green College of Commerce; M.Ed., 1935, Ph. LI.. 1918. Pittaburf Membei ol North Carolina Education :ia ; Southern Business Education Association; United Business Educat Assoc!, Ii i, P, I,.- S, -.., IM II.. i, .1.,: N.,1 al U Management Association: Secretary. Cc-I.,,,,, Chapter; - ,il .i|.| i i j, , ... -,ili mi, 1 rili Im. i. in. n... Vocal 1 Education, 1952; Delta P. Epailon National Program PL.... nut I Ite. 1950 .1: .V.S. ml I Ed Core Informal Commit , 1952. Ilis 1 i OBENCE Schaeffer Chemittr) Department B.A., 1920, Barnard M.A 1922 Ml Holyoke; University of Chicago, Yale l mbei ..; Curriculum Committee. Hoi Worl I I tributions m the Journal of Ihe Steering Committee " I the Amei - ty. Dr. FRANCIS LaINE Classical Civilization Department l; S II. mphis St ... Ph Ii indctbill . Sorbonne, University " I Pari,. 1940 l, „,l, , I l,..,. d ] ss.„ -iation. Phi -igm. I. .1.1. I 1. 1 -igma Phi instructor Memphis Board of Education, 1939-42; I ...... Lit.., 1 5 «... Department, 1942.43; I - Arm) Strategh B bing Survey, 1913-16; instructor. Vanderhili Univemit; 1946-49 DR. ALBERT KEISTER Economic Department B.A.. 1910. Olterbein; M.A., 1911, Columbia; Ph.D.. 1927. University of Chicago President, Southern Fmn.miii ' III,. I. III... - hern F. ..nonn. lou.nal; special appointment ..- . ., . V II, ........ Plat ■■ Hoard. 1941; I ' lihli. Panel M.n.her an, I Arl.ilialiit. National War Lahor Hoard, 1942- la: in.-lnhrr I « Lout .iee,..|„.i... I ' i:t. ' . ' i. Ii I. -| ali-t. I. -I... I .V . " ii. Summer, 1928-30; member Board of Directors, Guilford National Bank and Gale City Sat ings and Loan Association. Dr. Ch Prall Sekool » Education B.A., 191J. I in.,.- I Iowa; M A., 192S, I niversity of Chicago: Ph.D.. 1928. Iowa -o, ,.,t I ii i, training ol I.. ...... Consull S Bureau -I the Budgd ......•- .lr. ,.,,-. ,.,. ...,,t I - II. .I ' h - Dr. Leonard B. Hurley English Department B »., 1913, M.V. 1916, Duke; Ph.D.. 1932. North Carolina Membei ol Central Col ttee ... North ' irolins L:.ig!i,li Teachera ' Association; President, Regional Divis I Collegt English Associs t, 1950; membei ol F.x,.iitn, ,,tn,, [95 i Presid North Carolina Council ol English Teaeh, . ion,, , -.i.i.n, ni .,,,. ,, ■ I - At! Ml V; I .er President, loral . In. r ol Phi Beta h,,,., Ite. ol N Carolina English I eat hei ' - Ass tl Dr. Edna Arundel Geography Department B.A.. 1921. Ohio I nivcrsit) : M. A., 1929, Columbia; Ph.D.. 1942. Yale Member ol Association " I American Geographera; National Council of Geography Teachers; Slate chairman, Internationa] Relations t ■ n. Association ol Univeraiti w Geographical publications. DR. RUTH CoLLINGS Health Department B.A.. 1919, Pomona; M.D.. 1923. Pennsylvania i .,,,. 1 1 ot ni.rn,in College Health aesociation, 1935-37; " - president, American College H .i ' tl. v- ..,,. I,,,, ,,,,.,„ in an toll,-, II. .,1,1, — .ttee. Guilford Count) Medical - ty. Miss Louise Alexander History Department B.A.. 1907. Presbyterian College; Queens College; I niversity ol 1,-nne.sce: North Carolina Recipicnl ot Brsl Mas tl Gardner award lor distinguished contribution t,, I, no, an welfare; Clerk of the Court. Dr. KaTHERINE ROBERTS School of Home Economics B.A.. 192.,. I „,,,,.,., ol h.nturky; M V. 1930, Ph.D., 1932, Stale University of Iowa M.iiil.. i Stall ,,f Mjt.i Clinie; Sigma i ; Phi Beta Kappa, contributions to Parenf ' .. t ag«;tne and f tiMnmei tilievitniii DR. HELEN BARTON Mathematics Department B.A.. 1913, i her; M.A., 1922, Ph.D.. 1926. Johns-Hopkins I Ii.,.. Mill .in.. : — 1 1, ... North I amino, Wad, in, ,.l Sinn-. ' ; Vice-president, North Carolina Acad I - President, w .m ' . College Section, Phi Beta Kappa; special appoi nt to American Association of University Women; National Committe St., ml. ,1.1. .nni I: g n of Colleges. 1 ' U ' I; Del, gale I.. Internal I Congro., of Malhematicians. 1950. Dr. WARREN AsHRY Philosophy Department l: Maryville; B.D.. Ph.D.. Yale Member. American Philosophi. t] - ty, Soutl Society l,,r Philosophy and Psychology, American Associati ,1 l ' m ,r-it. I ' m!,— ms gpei ..I appointment to For.l Fellowship at Princeton. 1952-53. MISS ETHEL MARTUS Physical Education Department B.A., 1929. Pembroke; Brown University; M.S.. 1931. Wellesley ,, , |,,l,nt. Smith, in ' --,., i,, in. n of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1940; National Se. ti„n mi Women ' s tliletn-. I ' M. ' IK . Mhl. In I, .Im.,. liege Women. 1 ' HI; N. C. A „ ... i a t , oi, l„r Health. Physiral Education and Recreation: I Inn. nun I .in. .1 si,.!.,. 1 - in. I 1 , J., it,,.,,. No, t), Carolina College Conference: Regional Director. Mar, Hen.enwa, Alumnae -. Horn;, thai, man, Softball. Volleyball, Ba.ketl.all: Represent,,!,, ... Nat ,i t 1 .,in.„ ..! Education for College Women ..,, N.n . I mmittee. DR. Ann REARDON Physics Department B.A.. 1930. College of St. Teresa; M.S.. 1933. Ph.D.. 1937 1 niversity ol St. Louis Member. [I, It., Kappa C -,-m., I ' -, N.v. Orleans and Kansas Academies ,,f Science. Amerieat, Museum of Natural H.-.n, N.,i, Geographi, Society, Byropos I Modem Physics, Oah Ridge, Tenne contributions to science journals. Dn. Welton G. Marquis School of Music B.A.. 1936. M.A.. 1942. Whitman I ollegt Ph.D . 1 niversity of Southern California. 1950 Member, A rican Musicologn ,,1 -., i. . Mediaeval Academy of America. Phi Delta Theta. Phi Mu Alpha, arranger, composer, eomlnclo. in Hollvw I California; poser ,.l -■,, 1,,-tr.i I aork- and , - Mh. MICHAEL CASEY Drama Department B.A., 1945, Williams College: M.A., 1950, North Carolina; Professional Certificate. Old Vic Theatre School, London Assistant to the director ol Old Vit Theatre Scl I. Instructor on faculties f Williams College and the University -.1 Notre D : in. nil., r ot S, ,,.,., 1, Association of America: American Education Theatre Association; Psi Epsilon; aulhor of pla s and short Stories Miss 4le.vand, ' woman J L oileae . . . UlnLuersltiA of v onk L aroii v nut 3 Dr. Hi .11, L.i, W. C. I a«nl« Art Marv A. Hunter B.A., M.A. Vera Largent B.A.. M.A. Anna Kreimeicr M.A.. Ph.B. Lenoir C. Wright B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Gregory D. Ix B.S.. M. . Elizabeth Liddle B.A., M.A. Harold Allman B.F.A. Franklin McNutt B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.. LL.D. Math Susan Barksdale B.S.. M.A. Harriet Mehaffie M.A.. Ph.B. Margaret Click B.F.A. J ay lee Montague B.A.. M.A. Helen Barton B.A. . M.V. Ph.D. Mary Click B.F.A. Herbert Park B.A. lone Grogan B.A.. M.A. M.A.. Ph.D. Marx Uexia Demopi tulos Jessie Peden B.A.. M.A. B.V. Noma Hardin B.A .. U.S.. M.A. Anna Reger B.A. . B.S. Lila Peck Walker B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Elizabeth Jastrow B.S.. Ph.D. M.A., Ed.D. Ruth Shaver Garmon Smith B.A.. B.S.. M.A. M.Ed. Emilv Watkins B.A., M.V John Opper John M. Steele B.F.A. Herbert Vaughn. Jr. B.S.. M.A. Helen Thrush Biology B.F.A., M.A. English G. Welton Marquis Natalie Aharonian B.A. M.V. Ph.D. B.A. Leonard B. Hurley B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Claire Atkisson B.M. Victor l. Cutter B.A., Ph.D. Wayne Bowman B.A. . M.A. Harold F. Atkisson B.A. . li M . 1. Laura G. Anderton B.A., M.S. John Bridgers B.A. . M.V. Ph.D. Elizabeth Cowling B.A, , M.A.. M.M. Inez Coldwell B.A. Max 1). Bush B.A., M.V. Ph.D. Robert Darnell B.M., M.M. Charlotte W. Dawlev It V . M.S.. Ph.D. Kathryn England B.A. , M.A. William Devenv B.A.. B.M. Jane C. Frost lt. .. Ms. Marc Friedlander B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. George W. Dickieson Birdie H. Holloway KM M.M. irginia Gangstad B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Jean Gagen B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. B.S.ML Hilda T. Harpster B.A.. M.A., I ' li.D. A. C. Hall B.A. . M.A. Sara L. Holrovd B.S.. M.A. Ester Wooten Hatch ■tt Robert C. Humphrey B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Alleine R. Minor B.S. Helm Ingraham U.S.. M.S. Randall Jarrell B.A.. M.A. lnga B. Morgan B.M., M.M. Eliza helh . Kin- B.A., M.A. William Lane B.A. . M.A. Phillip Morgan B.M.. M.M. Robert J. Laffin B.S. Peter Lisca B.A.. M.A. Leonard Samuels B.M., M.M. Lois Ko-e, ran- B.A. James Painter B.A.. M.V George Thompson B.M.. M.M. Archie I). Shaft-bun B.A., Ph.D. William Mueller Ph.D. Elliott Weisgarber B.M.. M.M. Albert F. Thiel B.A.. M.V. Ph.D. Kathleen Painter Lettie Rogers B.A. B.A. Bonnie-Jean K. Wold B.M., M.M. Businest i Education and Gaynell Spivej B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Secretarial Administration Jane Summered B.A. . M.V. Philosophy W. Raymond Tav lor B.A. Vance T. Littlejohn It. A. . B.S., M.F.d.. Ph.D. Nettie Sue Tillett B.A.. M.A. Warren Vshby B.A .. B.D.. Ph.D. Maude Adams B.A., M.A. Robert W. Watson B.A. . M.A. Mathilde Hardaway B.B.A. George Wilson B.A., M.A. Physical Education Max ItVlle Jones B.A., M.A. Sarah Wilson Jones l!». Geography Ethel Martus IS M James E. Orange B.S., M.Ed. Dorothy Davis B.A., M.A. Tommie Lou Smith B.S., M.A. Edna Irundel B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Margaret Greene B.S. Louise . Whitloek Its.. M.S. Coy T. Phillips B.A. . M.V. Ph.D. Ellen Griffin Gail M. Hennis B.A.. M.A. B.S.. M.A. Chemistry German Lorraine Lu Larson Marjorie Leonard B.A., M.S. B.S., M.A. Florence L. Schaeffe lt. .. M.A. Madie Barrett B.A.. M .. Ph.D. Rosemary McGee B.S. . M.S.. Ph.D. Elizabeth Adams B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Ernst Breisachcr Ph.D. Kathrvn Luttgens B.S.. M.A. Guita Marble B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Virginia Moomaw B.S., M.A. Martin Roeder B.S. . M.S.. Ph.D. Molly Rogers B.A. Mice J. Ryan B.A. Medical Diris. Ruth M. Collings B.A. . M.D. Marx E. Van Dxke B.S.. M.S. Classical Civilization Dock Curtis B.A. . M.D. Physics Robert L. Garrard B V 1 . M.D. Francis . Laine B.A., Ph. II. Anna Reardon B.A. . M.S., Ph.D. Margaret Reesor B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Health Elsie Jane Cox Wilson J. Hicks R.N.. X-Rav B.S. Commerce Mice Srhrixer B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Joseph R. O ' Donnell B.S.. M.S. Mildred Harri- B.V . M.A. George M. Joyce . Madeleine McCain B.S.. M.P.H. Psychology Margaret C. DeVinm Marv Harrill B.A B.S.. M.S. .. B.S., M.A. Anne Shamburger B.S.. M.N. Kendon R. Smith B.A. . M.A.. Ph.D. Madee Hollis B.S.. M.A. Elizabeth Duffy B.A. . M.A.. Ph.D. Dorothy S. Sills B.S. Home Economics Franklin Eicher B.A.. B.S. , B.D., M.A.. Ph.D. Saralyn Sammons Louise Weyl It. .. M.A. B.A., M.S. [Catherine E. Roberts Bette Allison Agnes N. Coxe Savannah S. I)a B.A., B.L M.A., B.S. .. B.S.. B.S. Ph.D. . M.S. M.A. . M.S. Julia H. Heinlein Douglas McNair Richard Myrick B.A. B.A.. . M.A.. Ph.D. B.A.. Ph.D. M.A.. Ph.D. IS. V. M.S. Nancy Catherine Greenlee B.S. Michael 1 asej B.A.. M.A. Elizabeth Hathawav B.S. . M. V Romance Langu ages Josefina Niggli B.A.. M.A. Evelyn Howell B.S. . M.A. EroRontin Pauline E. Keeney Josephine Kremer it.s. . M.S., B.S., Ph.D. Ph.D. Meta Miller Alice K. Abbott Pascal Biagini Helen Cutting B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. B.A., M.A. Albert S. Kci-ler B.A. . M.A., Ph.D. Nell Logan Louise Lowe B.S. B.S. , M.S. . M.S. IS. V. M.V Eleanor Craig Virgil E. Lindsey B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Johanna B. McCarthney Ellen Penn B.A. B.S. . M.V , M.A. irginia Farinholt William Felt B.A.. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. M.V. D.M.L. B.A., M.A. B.A., M. V . T. Littlejohn li. .. M.S.. M.Ed.. Ph.D. Bess N. Rosa B.S. . M.A. Annie B. Funderburk B.A.. M.A. Helen K. Stalev Madeline B. Street Helen Surratt Elizabeth Swindell B.S.. B.S. B.S. M Josephina Hardre Education . MA. B.S. . M.S. Rene Hardre Malcolm K. Hooke Ligia Hunt Prof. des.E.N. B.A.. D. de Tuniv. B.A., M.A. Charles Prall B.A. M.A.. Ph.D. Magdalene R. Teulel B.S. Augustine La Rochelle Ruth Shaver B.A.. M.A. B.A., M.V. Audrey Turner Vusti n B.A., M.A. Comfort Knox Tate B.S. . M.S. Mary Elizabeth Vve B.A. Elizabeth Bertram li. V. M.A. History Sociology Rita Marv Burke IS. A.. M.S. Frances Daily B.A., M.A. Louise Alexander B.A. Lyde Gordon Shivers B.A.. LL.B. . M.A.. Ph.D. Marie Denneen B.A., M. . John H. Beeler B.A. . M.V. Ph.D. Ruth Harwood B.A.. M.A. Walter J. Gale It.S.. M.F..I. Bernice Draper B.A.. M.A. Guy B. Johnson. Jr. B.A. Ruth Gunter B.A., M.A. Lawrence L. Graves B.A.. M.A. Mereb Mossman B.A., M.A. James J. Hagood. Jr B.S., M.A. Ruth E. Green B.A. . M.A. Leonard I. Pearlin B.A., M.V. Dorris Harrington B.S. Magnhilde Gullander B. V. M.A. Ruben Reina IS. V.. M.V. Eugenia Hunter B.A., M.A., 1 ' h.l). Josephine Hege B.A. . M.A. Sara Smith IS. V . M.V. II on si Presi dents and Counselors % LlFE in W.C. ' s DORMS is hectic and hus . but wonderful and unforgettable. Despite the many call downs and hall boards and the lectures at house and section meetings, we realize that our house presidents and our house counselors, who give up so much to share this wonderful part of college life with us. an- helping us to develop into solid and democratic Americans. While they scold us for leaving coke bottles in balls and window sills and breaking closed study, thej also overlook our water fights and other practical jokes. We ' ll always remember and treasure the small things that make up dorm life — surprise birthda parties, bridge games, the sound of stampeding feet when a telephone call is announced over the amplifier, teas in the parlor, bouse meet- ings complete with weird attire and hilarious talent shows, alarm clocks suddenly pealing in the middle of the night, the argyles we began last fall, umbrellas lining the halls on rainy days, and the dash for tubs five minutes before lights out. The house coun- selors will long remember our demonstrations on the nights before vacations began. " Is that the Bunny Hop or the ceiling falling? " COIT HALL— Brit. idrnt; Miss Julia Barrrlt. Coumelor r Prr.idrnl: Hist al.rlh kine. IHNSHAW HALL— Fa.. Brown. Housr Prrsidr Javlrr Montafcur ss Hrlrn JAMISON HALL Joan Atkinson, House President Mi- Lillian ainningham. Counselor KIRKLAND HALL Martha Fulcher, House President Miss Moll. Rogers. Counselor MARY FOl ST HALL P0U5 McDonald. House President Mi " Mar. Demnpnulos. Counselor House Presidents What woi ld we have done without kitchens in the dorms to make a decent meal once in a while or just fix a snack to relieve the strain of studying all night.- ' The davs of the water shortage were probably the only time anyone walked into the laundry or shampoo room- and found a dry floor. We owe a lot to the maids who were always there when some disaster occurred. " Beulah, I know I saw a mop in this eloset last month! " House Meeting M i.l ILFORD HALL Evie Winkler. House President Mi.. Ruth Crun. Counselor NORTH SPENCER HALL Johanne Curran. House President Mi-s Laura Anderton. Counselor RAGSDALE HALL SHAW HALL 9 1 SP1 m I B n . ii Bristol, House President killi Jurri 11. HOUM President Helen K..-.II. 11,.,,.. IV In t. .. ,-., tadrews, Couiuelor i lie» Natalia Aharonlan, Comualor Mi- Jean Hatnleson, „ nd C Ounselors Anyone attending an R.A. volleyball or basket ha II game would assure you that W.C. girls have plenty ol dorm spirit and loyalty. For all this, we are indebted to our house presidents, who were always willing to take a few minutes to answer our questions and boost our morales, and to our house counselors, who in the midst of running the dorm, always had a friendly word for a member of " her family. " To them we can show our sincere appreciation only by saying " thanks. " House Meeting V, F.IL II U.L •egg} Ormabjr, II..,,.,- Preside Mi..,. I, ,iu- Cum.t-l,,! WINHELD hall It,-, k. Smith. Honse President Mi-. YLirjorir L,-« n:iril. Cmm.i-lor WOU WS HALL Gloria ..lliii- Honse Preside Mi.- Josephine Schaeffer, mm the usual fifti _ost popular; jackets f the Junior Shoi Show . . . each red, grey, blue, and green — trying to out-sing the other on 1 • . . echoes of hall songs in Ay cock . . . steps of on, with or without wat her last stand in Octol Germans and pledge dances I of conversatio Ayr— ' J ifast line wound round respect for Si — 98% Class Day and the t blue jackets for the soph Thanks to those wh is these, our Gold [USUI m (?) © O M ra te %tr voices hri ' % ' let them swell! - a be :. " Freshman in Lif - wnkk cd 1955 Jwkai uou wilt . . . ou can, l DIS-MI M Act IV With Deanie playing the lead, and our own Mi s Walker as stage-manager, the class ill ' 55 took its place on stage for this, our last appearance. The curtain rose in September, when even heat and drought couldn ' t dim our. " Look Ma. we ' re Seniors! " glow. By October we knew why underclassmen think the Seniors look so old. Practice teachers found themselves coping with real pupils, lesson plans, and P.T.A. meetings. Coordinating took its quota of mid- night lights and pre-dawn coffee and ciga- rettes. We took time from the books to go to class meetings, where we defied tradition — the Queen and her court took the place of tra- ditional May Day. There were informal nights at Elliott Hall, concerts and lectures by famous personalities. We burned the candle at both ends, and gloried in its light. Applauding the Juniors on their night, we realized we were seeing our last Junior Show. Tht k Finale The mini. t hi Christmas brought more las! times lor us the dance in Elliot! Hall, the c ert, dorm dances and open Ih, mm-. We filed our " Blue Cards " in the Placemen! Office, ■ vacation departure cards in the dorm, and wen! home wondering where we ' d be next Christmas. Second Semes Book and drean tained the camp Elliott Hall balh romance as Elle: Senior hall. er found manj of us reading Bride ' s ing ol our own weddings. We enter- s with the greatest Senior Show; and i became the setting for royalty a d the court reigned over the Juni Tl exeit d.l nd nph arrived we were as ass jacket day. Then came last mass meeting and we were marching into Vycock to the strains of the Sister Song. Class Day meant white dresses, daisies, and a sudden nostalgia as we watched our red and white lowered to make way for the lavender and white. We elected everlasting officers, and became members of the Alumnae Association. Graduation came. We were happy, sad, and proud. Our diplomas signified the achievements of our four years at W. C; four years of living, working, and play- ing together; four years of preparation for the life ahead of us; the years we ' ll remember as — the best years. X v • Jfi 111. ,1 iirl- ill •D.-ar Folks . . Bm ■ darling Seniors Frances (armi Viiwnhkr. A.B.. Psychology Legislature (4); - I) Dikean; Dean ' s Lisl (3): Honor R«ll (3) i Student Idvisor) Curriculum Committee (3, I): Y.W.C.A Mi: Lesley Foundation (1); Caduceus lb (3, li. President Hi: Psychology Club (3, 4); Recreation - I); CI sin I lub (2, 3). I.M I 1 N I l l l I I V M.u-IimII. •: U.S.. Home r.Vunii S nm Hoi 1 l I 4 . .i.l. -Imr..: . ' . V. Home r . ooomo s I ' M I I I 1 I imin. III. I Fort: U.S.. Home Economit Brerard Ir. t ollege Home Economic live (4): F.I Carole Marie Amman. Newberry, S. C; II. A.. Spanish and English CABOLYM Slf hliliw . M:,r- Hill: «.H.. I. Mars Hill t olleg. .1 2); M„ ],,i. I „,..., ' :i. We Preside: AI.ARY Lois ANDERSON. It.-iini-tls% ill.-. S. C: U.S.. Home Economics rlev Marie Ani ehs(in. R »rk Mmnii: H.4.. Englis Alctheian; Dean ' s Lisl (3); Y.W.A. (4); F.T.V (4); Cosm Andrews. Stiepsoirtille: U.S.. Business Eilu Union Council (4) ; Gamma Alpba (4 Jewell Arnold, Fuquav Sprin;:-: II. I.. Elementary Education 1955 KimlMt MKIV-. Murium,; BM..t., K „ Mary Eaton iVBNT, Red Oalt| U.S.. BWiuui Education l.i..l,.,l (8)i Pint Vfdlu (1, . ' , i. li. rypini -1..11 (1, . ' . 1), Yctlvillol Co-Ei Uelpl : ll,.., ii,„ m.i (4) l W.{ ii. . ' i; Weile) l ,„,.., i.,i , 2, :i i : Ci Up ' . ii; P.T.A. ii. li: ll,,,,,, i I . ' I ii Co ioIIIui Club i- ' i. tt in ' i Collefi ll ll 2)l Elliot! Hill lie. (S I); Sho« Hi. II. I.. Elementary I li i ■nlian Marios Tiiwsshnii Bailey, Kuliigh; B.S.H.E., Clothing anil Textiles MarII.YNNE IlAIRIl, St. John ' s, NY»fou.n llun l; B.A., Sociology Eva McKay BAKER, K.haIuiuI; B.S.H.E., Teacher Training Melba Lee Banks, Mavsville: B.A., Sociology Dean ' s List (.1); Chnir (II: Y.W.C.A. II. I. I); S log] Club (3, Club (ll: Mpbi K«pp. Ill .1. l)i Elliotl H.ill Entertainment Con. collegiate ( mission . u , M„.i„ ..... I.OIS KARI.EM IUhi t It. II. ..n; U.S.. Basinet Education Joel Carolyn Hvkioy , Ilii-lvor : U.S.. Itn ine s Education Peggy Barnes. Lncamu; B.A., Recreation Pence luniol College; Cboii (I); Cornelian. Seniors . . . 1955 K 1 1 hi him Ann Barrier, Farmer; A.B., Elementary Education ILONA ELOISE Bates, Roanoke, Va.; B.A., Elementary Etlue Union (3, J) ; F.T.A. EMILY Jean Baucom. Wilmington; B.S., Secretarial Administration Legislature in Clans Elect Chairman (5); Elect - Board (4) I I I Seetii l .,.1, , U.2I; Elliott Hall Committee (3, I). Seen e Circle (1, 2 i llpha II. -II: Dikean; Junior Show; V,. SecdUl Typing Stall (4); Recreatii Nancy Patricia Beam, Shelby; B.A., Mathematics Dean ' s List ill: Elections Board (3); Daisj Chain (2); [nteriaith Council (4) j 1 W ' . il. 2, ii: Wesle Foun.lation 11. . ' , 3. I), Presidcnl (4) j Square Circle (1, . ' . 3, 1 Seeretan rreaeuret (2); Galilean Club (1. 2, I) i Spanish Club (1, 2); Dance Croup (1, 2 Cornelian. MOLLY Jo BEATTY, Haw River; B.M.. Piano it ib (1. 2) I ol polil htl BEAITY. Ila» River: H.S.H.E.. fond and Mary Owens Bell, Fayetleville; B.S.. Home Ei Student Government 111. Vice-Presid I 1 Outstanding Senioi in Dean ' s I i-i ' ; Honor K..I1 II. 2i; solidated I. till I i) Student-Fncultj Reviea I n, . (2, I); Section Leader 11. 3); I r vdvisor 111; Dikean. Sara Galor Bennett, Charlotte; B.A.. Primary Education Polly Ann Sevens, Elkin; B.A., English , ,„.■ ,,,il,. II. 2. 1, li ; Dean ' s 1 ial I I) : II Circle 1 1. 2 i : F.T.A. 13. -1 ) ; Cos politan Club vdelphian. NANCY Ann BLANCHARD, Charlotte: B.A.. Primary Education Marshal Hi: Class Social Chairman HI: Pine VeedJej B - StaS (3, l ' : I ' m- Lit 13. I, ; Dan,.- Committee 13. Il ; Chairman I, , Bi lUti li ; I l,,,,„,.,n Elliot! Ha ttee 131: F.T.V Hi: Spanish Club 12. 3); r..,. Dance Club 111; Dikean. ,.l P„ lured: M VHV HtVINS Seniors . . . 1955 II Mill MH VN lllll. Mi.r.l..,,; U.S.. H..I,, I, ,,!,,. II. .11 i|. . ' . :i . Section I. .1.1 (1. 2); Y.W.C.A. (1 I I . . ; SpinM i l„ I, il . i in us II.. i n k. ( ni„; It. a.. Primary Education Dixie 1.ef. Bonev, Clinton: II. A., i „.i,.i, ' " ■ " ' " ■ ■■■■ ■ , i . ' " ' ' " " ' ; ' !■ ' • ' ' I ' ' ' ■■ : I I I :■ I ■:■ 1 ' ■■ (3) ; SDA (1. 2. 3, 4) j tt ■- Colleai Il,..,i., | Nancy Vandiver Booth, Atlanta. Ga.; B.s., Secretarial AdminUtration Pirn India Burinen Slid (3, I); Stint M.ry ' . J i College ' i 2); Deaa ' i l.,.i (1, Mary Ann Boris, Fa?etteville: B.A., French ANN, Statesville: U.S., Secretarial Ada Carol Staton Bradford. Davidson: U.S.. Home Ec Home Economics Club 11. 2, 3, II: F.T.A. (3. 4 I ll I .. Ensa Bright. Rutherford College: H.S.. Butin, .. I ,i„. ,„,. Anne Bristol. Andrews: B.S., l.,:h. main . lunioi t. (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (I. 2. S. 4 President (3); House Presidents ' Onjenimli I); Legislature (4); Galilee SccrcUry-Treasurei (3) j lunioi Show (3) ; I Patricia Brittain, Graham; B.A.. Elementary Education Club (1) : Ale (4); Denn ' a Lis! (3); Finince B,.ar-I (3, I); Dance Committee; 5puii Si " Vr Pi i Seniors TOMMAE BRITTAIM, Chapel Hill; B.S., Home Economics Maitiand Broadwell, Sainl PauU; B.A.. Primary Education Idelphian: BoUn] I lob (2, I I ; F.T.A. (II; Tap Dance Club (21; Cosmopolitan Club (21 S. C.i B.A., Art ill: Pine VeerKei Stall ill; Carolinian (3, II: University o( South Carolina (21 Dean 1 . List 13 1 : Honor K..I1 111: Kill,,!! Hall Council 141: Han, -e Committer: (3. 4) I, 2, 11 : Art Club III. AL ' TREl BROWN, George; U.S., Teacher Training Dikean; S n Leader (3, I); Home Economic! Club Kilie Robert i Blown, IWks Mount; B.A.. Che Dikean: Dean ' . I ,.i (3); Sec Margaret LOUISE Brown, Charlotte; B.A., Primary Education Dikean: [lean ' , list 1.1. II; H. r Koll ll. 2. .11; Section Leader 111; Daisy Chain Junior Advisor 13); F.T.A. 13. II; Le Circle Francais (1. 2): Elliott Hall Pobl Mary Lee Brown, Spencer: U.S.. Foods and Vulr.Ii ' on Y.W.C.A. 13. II : Wcle, rell...,! Olive Jean Brown, Wilmington; B.A., Chemistry Adelphian; Dean ' s Lie! 131: Honor R.,11 III: Section Lea. George Stradi.ey Browning. Asheville: B.A., English ,rl Hi; Idelphian; Dean ' e Lilt (3); Service League (I); Dance Co or (31; Interftith Council (3, II; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 31; Vestry President (41; Cosmopolitan Club 111. Martha Ann Browning, Graham; B.M., Music Education Husic Education Clu .1955 Hi mi i i Idami I ' m m ' n. Laxlngtoni " ■ I.. Biology I .,t„ltt,i.m II. I, I, I] M I IIIOI (4) II.... ' . I i.i lli. II , II.. -,,„.,,. Circle Hi; Bonn) Club (1, . ' . I, I), Preildenl (S) | Zoolof) Field CI Preildenl (S) nolll ... I lub in. Bi II Bell Bell (S, I) ; I homluri Club liimil.n Hum I ItmsoN, franklin; U.S.. Wiv.iiiil Education »UH1 F.THEI lln kM.K. Sil.-r Cil ; II. I.. Primary Educ Burt, Bisrot-; B.4.. Medical Technoloiii, SUE CAROLINE Biiikii, Durham; B.J.. Primary Education Jeainettf. Hankin.s Bvro, High Point; B.4.. Englith Mary Ann CaLLIHAN, Crei-nsboro: B.S., Home Economics Anne Louise Cami-BII.I.. Salisbury; It. .4., Primary Edm F.T.A ill; I ' au Dance Cln RBARA LOUISE Ca.mpbeM., Klizab.-lhlown; It.S.II.E., Teacher Education Dean ' i Lial I I I ; S» ' I eidei i n : Junior Ad BETTY Lorene Campbell. Demon; U.S.. Phoical Education Tnw y Seniors . . . 1955 Karen DeLANEY Campbell. Clinton; U.S., Secretarial tdminigtration MARY JO CAMPBELL. % inston-Salrm; U.S.. Si-cretariat Adminintrution SARA Talbert Cannaiiy. Greinslioro: II. 4., Sociology Martha eai Cuts, Caslonia; It. A., : Carson, Greensboro; B.S., Secretarial Idminintration i (l)j Daisy Chain (21; Junior Advisor (3) ; Town Students Orgmii KARBtRA Ann Cahihi. H. i.|sy,||, : IIS.. („„„. . Education Dikean: Dean ' s Lis; 13 i: Honor Roll Foundation (I, 2. 3. 41; Sonar, Cm 1 Spotlight; F.T.A. (3, 4j ; North Spence Imogens Carier. Mar, Hill; B.A.. English Mars Hill College II. 2) J Hen ' - List (3); Choir (1. 21 LlNN CASHWELL, Ml. Airy; B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean; Pine eedles (3); Dean ' s List (3); 5e n Leade] (2, 3); Daisy Chain Dance Committee (31; Elliott Hall Council 13); Canterbury Club; Camma Alpha (3, Spanish Club (2. 31; Archer) Club 121; Golf Club (2. 3). GERTRUDE CaITUKK. Ka rtle ille: It. I.. Elementary Education EYELYN GeRALOINF CHANIll m. Marshall; It. I., Elementary Education Seniors . . . 1955 l ' »l I HUIV I ,11, .l t II. I.. f. ,„.„„.„, I ii It ii •- i i ii mm iv. i barlow . II. I.. Sodatog) I)|A N YlAHt.AHl I (IIMIHM.M in.lon-Sal, ,„. II. f., Englilh - ' " ' ' I I ' " ■ " ' • " ' (4) : Vice-P Saaloi (4); Cold, n i I I. 4) Dean i I I Honor Ro [1 I . Utcd I „,.-r.,t, • I I ' I in,,. ,,1, ,„, ..ii ,. . , .,„, m jn, r (2) ; 1 9 ' Mi. Wei ustei Fellowship Couocil ,1. i. J). Katharine Seagle Childs, Wadeaboro; B.A., Primary Education Flora Nick Christopoulo, Charleston, S. (. ' .: B.S., i:„.,„. .. Education Carolyn Gravely Clodfei.ter. Brevard; U.S.. Home Economic, Dike,,: Ii .„, ' . 1.,., (3); , Student. - Economic. Joan Kearns Cl.ODFELTER. Lrxinglon: II. A.. Primary Education Senior Editor (4) ; Dikean ; Dean ' a 1 Section Lcadci II. 31 : Jum Elliot! Hall Chorus 13. Ii: Choir II. . ' i : Lulhem - l r x ,n Spanish Club i - ' . 3. Ii . lunioi Shon , I) DOLPHINS ELIZARETH Cobh, McLeatUTUle; B.S.H.E.. Teacher Training tdelphian; Dean - . Lisl (3) | Honoi Roll (1.5 - I - •.„ Leadet i3i : Dane, ' ...,..,. in.. (2), L.S.A., S (4) II Ecoi Club (S ii Publ ;hairman (4) ; F.T-A. (4) ; 4-H Clob l. 2) ; H,„n.- I . - ittee Norma Cofer. W H.F.A.. Art J,,,li,,.,l II. ...r. I l.n,l,.T 13. I.I- i al ll: Project Chairmsn ill; Smi-.r Shoti Chairman (4) s Dikean: Oulataadinf Seniot Hi: C.IJrn, (3, I). President III: List (3. 4): D (1) ; Junior Adsisor (3) ; Recreation (1, 2, I, I ' : i, Club (2) j Rulea Committee (3); State Stodei (3, 4) 1 ,,„, ( ouncil ill: Sl lum Committee I I). Betty Jean Collins, Kannapolu; It. I.. El • tion Leader 13 enicm CharioI IK THINK ( " 1 I sun, (,r.-.-n .l...r.,; II. i.. Primary Education Ivv Wkic.hi Cm ml . H..l.l.n..» ill. : ' .v. ;,,....., -.. I.h, Joan Marie Conner, North V. ilki-I.oro; A.B.. Mathematics M KM IKvMiincn. V-Ij.-i ill.-; 4.B., Mathematics Coi ' EKAN. lour ' Hvillt ; .4. 1?., Primary Education - I i-l (S)i I Ml I ii, ll.-.- HI : Section Lea. li; J ........ r (3) J Intcrfaith Council (3); F.T.A. 1.1, 2, I, 4); I I niverait] Sermon Committee (3). Iva SUE Cooiits. (,rt-rni.l »ru: A.B.. Mathematics Nancy McQlAt.UE CoRNWEl.l.. Linrolnton; B.F.A., Art Freshman Commissi...! Ill; Pin, Veedles Slaff (1, 2. 31; Adelphian; Dean ' s Lis! 1.1. 4 Dance Commiiiee 111; Arls Forma Committee I - I : B.S.U. II. 2); N.S.A. (2. 3); Congrl Hi; rl Club (2. 3. 4 1 . I I I v.. .11 l M i . iml...r; II. S., Business Edn. ,u ..... JlMMTE LOUISE CounciLL, Lenoir: A.B., Sociology Project Chairman 14) ; fine Veed e! SlalT (1. 3) ; Dean ' s List (3) : Curriculum Committee (31 Section Leader (II ; Social S. ien. e I ommittee (3, I ' : Choir Hi; St. Mary ' s House. Vestr M ,„|., , Hi; Sociology Club (31 : I ,. , i.u. i I I. u t) ; N.S.A. 3) ; Beauty Court (4) BETTY Lou COVINGTON, Whileetl; B.S., Business Education AJpha (3. 4) : F.T.A. (3. 4) ; Square Dan 1955 M. Jean Cbaic, Hadd laid, N. J.: BJS., ' ' .. s. Troulmnn: II. I. it. ii : ii II, II ; Psychol I. II. I.IAN J.IMI Chomhi, I ' rM.n; II. I.. Primary Edneatim Rose CAHOI1N llllilM, D.nlon; It.S.U.E.. Teacher Training MaHI.AHKI Willi. II I Chow, Wilson; II. 4.. Engli, - 11:1 egialature noi Board III: Se 2, :i. II: Idelphian Johanne il Mm (i khan. Bethesda, Seniol Hm,» President : I aroliaian I I , ■»,„.„, Club ii. J. II : Legislature (I i I. ). kAIHHIN Seals Cihkii. lnli.n: It. I.. Primary Ida, JEANETTE ParkLSH CuLHRELL, Norfolk. Vu.; B.A.. English lion il. -■. .1. ; So. lal - li-l. . Kapi I i I, Frances Louise Dalton, Winstnn-Salt ' ni; R.4., Mathematics Dean ' s List l. ' ll : Honor II. .11 i:ii : Currii ulum I millee (3) : lunioi Uvisoi I I I i I W.C.A. (J, -. I ' : - Circle (I, - ' . I), Presidenl il.: Galilean Club i- ' : F.T.A. ill: Spanish Club (1) i Lc Cir. I.- Francais (4); lunioi Sho« (3) j l. H.. ...... Soma Ruth Daniel, Durham: B.F.4., Advertising Design Carolinian 1.1. II: Dean ' . LisI (31: Inlerlaith Council III; Y.W.C.A.; Hillel, Public it Chairman i- ' i. Vice-Presidenl m. Presidenl Hi: Elliott Hall Committee 111: ui Cln (2, l. I), Secretan ' I) : Spanish i lub (2, I) , idelphian. Seniors . . . 1955 ZoRA Fai DANIEL, Durham; B.F. (., trl Education Maui in Kaik Dams. Cluirl.ill.-; It. I.. Biology - ir. Di H. 2, 3, II. Tre« i I mi I ' . «n I lub NANCY Jane Dams. ltiirlinglnn: U.S.. Secretarial Ilia Mary Jane Dm ki.kmin. kiltri-ll: !. .. Home Economics Man ; tdelphian; Dean - I 1-1 (3) : Baptial Smcl I 11 I lull II, J. I. II : K.-.t.mI I - I) | I ' I I ' m S I I.A Df.AIVE DlSMlKE. Burlington: U.S., Physical Eilncalit 1 i ..l. (2) li -- I o I ' ga il 2), Via I ' - lid Pub | Chairman III : Dam Dance I lub (2, I i : Squan 1 ' I li i ij Baptial Stud, nl Phi li- k i 1. 2 I i. . ,l : i li Vici Preaid. at (3) I rea. ) I ,,. Shoa i I ' Bi autj ' -.,,! i i IANDA BARBER DOBSON, High Point; B.A., Elementary Edncat tli il i .hi ' - I i-i i I I Servici Li gm (2) ; - n Lea let II I li. hi ee in ) « i n. 2, I, I ' I i v (4) B i l i in Dolphin Seal (1 2 I 1) Vici Preaidenl in- I amp Co i a polMi b il 2) N.S.A il ' b Circli - (2) MARY kAIHFRINK IIiiM. Rnrlo Mount: It. I.. Kecreatian Barbara Fletcher Dunn, Blarlenboro: B.4.. Sociology I lian; Dean ' s Li i (3, ll; Ellioll Hal rus Hi: Baplial Stud incil 1.1. li ; Inter K Forum I " .hi- I I ' I Don i I hail i lub ' I. li: Pi madi - i 2 I i as politi lb (2) ; Le Circle Franc I ' I: Ml - ' ■• S. " ijl . " .... ' II Hums V N DlRHAM. Itiirj:.i»: It. 4.. Elementary fcV ni i I I Boti Hub I- ' . 3, IlKlim F.AHNH.ARIII, hnrlnll.- : J.V. Secretarial tilminislralion r.a,„„, a Alpha (3, f!3 © Seniors . • . 1955 Mwiimi i I. mm., Edwards, Rockwell) B.A., Soelotog) It. I.. BUmtntan Bmueati JANET Mahie K nis, Frwin; It. A.. Elrmentan Education IMII HlKI ' M Fl ' I ' LEI. (.r,-, -ii-lniri : H.M.. I. II.AZEl FlsHEIt Kl ' llM.. Sulishurt: U.S.. Srcrrlarial !, „ , Cornelian; Dean ' t List (3 ' H r II. .11 (3); 5e I..,.,., (2); Dai ) Cltmin (2); tnter. i. II: Y.W.C.A. HI: I Student Fellowship (1.5 Preaidenl (3); Gai Upha (3, 1) S| S| ihl (li: s, B „... U,.l,s n. l, ; l 2). 4RCM.VN Falls. Sh.-ll » : II. I.. iViic i. i JANIE MAE Fek«.Is i . (.a-l,,Ili„; H.S.. Buiinfs Education ' Seel cadet (1, 2) ; 1T.W.C.A. (3. I): W . -i„m„.i, , FelWa] Gamma Nona (3, I); F.T.A. (3, I); S - i Spotlight 1.1. Cos lilan Club (1, J ' : Promenaders (2); Ellioll H.,11 Committee (3, I). N»M l Poe linilM,, (.rin.,-.lun,l: 11.4., Sociology He I II l.„i,il„rtnii: (. I.. I ' rimary Edu li l)| U . ,1 , : Botan] Hi i ii Jm Fiinn. High I ' oint; II. A.. Elementary Education Seniors £1 3 f v .Vary Elizabe ih Forrest. I Alethcian; Dean ' s Lisl 111: Hi Field Club (3. 41 ; Beta Beta I 4.B., Biology (2); Section Leader Hi: Botanj Club (3); Zoolog) I ' HOMHIM Fo , l.nth. r ill. . Mil.: U.S.. Physical Education a Marie Filler. Grf-enslioro; B.A., Biology Metheian; Elections Board (3); Town Student Dance Committee 12. 3 I : Town Students 0r» -■ ■ ii IT.W.C.A. (4) ; Bapliel Student Union (4); Medical Technology (2, 3, H: Recreation v — ... ...t.-. t . (2 t) Cosmopolitan Club 111. Shihi.ei Ann Gaines, Jamesville; B.S.. !:,,.,„, .. Education Pin, eed e. I I stall II. Ii : lletbeiai 2, 3, Ii : Gamma Uphs (3, 4) ; F.T.A. (3. 4 s Hope Gaj i.n; - nrlinglon; B.S.. Home Economics Club II. 2, 3, II : F.T.A. 2i ■ Cosmopolitai b (1 2) Terry Odiene Gaulde . Crein.lmro: (.If., violin I dian; Dean ' s Li.l i.ii: H r Roll (3) j T..»., Student! Greensboro S ihon) Orchestra ' l - I " Chambei Mum. E lion i lub n 2 I 1) Judith Elizabeth George, Maiden; B.A.. History I i Rhym I oil. ei ' I - ' • I isl (3) i Y.W.C.A JOEI.LEN GILL. Zebulon; B.S.. Physical Education Uelphian; Seel Leader (1, 2 I I) lunioi k. r (3) ; Darlinettes (1) ; Bav. 1st Student I „,..,. II, 2. 3, II; Recreation Si - (1 2 I I) ; Spanish Club (21; Recreal s : : li; Dolphin-Seal 12. 3, I). Secretary 131; Camp Counselors Club (2, I); Camp Itee (2); I o-OI (1. 2 I I); Goll I lub 12. 31 : Chemistr, Club (21. Carol AmIE Giroiti. S.«ar.n. V J.; U.S.. Physical Education Patricia Mae Gordon, Mount Airy; U.S.. Home Economics Project Commil 12 I; tdelphian; Consolidated University Council (3); Section Leader III: Elliott Hall i icil Mi: Interfaith Council 141: Y.W.C.A. II. 2, 3. 41. Secretary (2. I,, President Hi. President ul V (. Y.W.C.A. (3) i Home Economics Club II. 2. 3, II: Unreal 1 al 2 I I) I til Club (l, 2. 3, I) | Legislature Hi. 1955 J »M I IliM.N . Churl •; II. M.. I . KMin GKIMllr I.IHIIU1, Krnin; II. I.. Elementary Education II. I.. Matlo ' iiiHfii . MEI.I. GREEN. R.ilrizh: «..»!.. IN Diantha Elizabeth Grif UN. Willianulo n: B.A., Element Edt ill. [phi Ian : Dean ' i 1 ill I 1) : Service League (1); F.T.A. (3, 1) ; Ch Jean C. Griffin, Williams Ion; U.S.. Butinet, Education Marahal hi: ' :»■ Vetdli typing Si i: Dikean; Elliott Hn II i Ga Mi-li.i (3, 1 i : F.T. ill; l.i,, Dam . Club Hi: Tenni - CI Beaut) I ourl in. Mary Ruth Griffin, Rock) Mount; U.S., Business Educalitm Melon : Dean ' s 1 i-i i 1) : Cal 1, Hi; Recreation 3, 1 Josie Elizabeth Grimes, Thomasville; 11 .S., Burineu Education Lenoir Rhync College 11. 2 i ; Lutheran Studi " " ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' Cai Clyde Ernestine Hall, High Point; B.S .. Home Econom Dean ' s Lial (3); Y.W.I . , I, ; n,„. , |, ||, ; H ■ !,,„ . , F.T.A. Hi: h ian. SYLVIA Ann Hamer, Lenoir: B.S.H.E., CI. •tiling nnrl Texti, r, :::::: ' ' (I, : -. Home Ecoi ■Vol Pictured: Lee Hall. Lexington t Seniors . . . 1955 Elizabeth Jean Hammond, H.ii«l.r»oiivill.-; 11.4., Spanith Joan Hammond, Hind, ill.-; II. I.. Englinh June Hamrick, Mount Holly; B.4., Elementary Education Dikean; Dean ' s 1 ,-i (3); 5e eadei (3) ; F.T.A (4): Re Lillian Long Hardini.. Charlotte; II. i.. Sociology Interfaith Council President III; Legislature (2); Idclpbian: Golden Chain (3, II: Dean Lial (3); Honor Roll (1, - ' I : Section Lca.lci (1, 2); I . ., ■ , , . I (21; luninr VI.,., i.ll: Interfaith Council u. 3, H: V.W.I . 11. 2, i. n. St. Mary ' s Houai Vestrj (2 President (3); P Committee i ' h S log) Club (3, I) j Dolphin-Seal (1. J. : lolitan Cl.ih (2) j Upha Kappa Delia (3, I) Betty Jo II won i i . Wilson; B.S.. Physical Education Cornelian; Dean ' s List 111; Sect Leai I u. II. 2, .1. II : I I.,,, Seal (3, I i ; I 2, I, H... reation tssoi ii sbinel (3, 1). Patsy Ann Harrei.son, I Dikean: Elliott Hall lenonville; B.E.4.. In Educati, HlRRII I II. Harris. Kranklinlon; «.» ., Hi: Beautj Court III. U«- I ■In. lb Peggt Lee Harris, North Wilkesboro; B.S.. Physical Education " ■ ' " ' k Chairman (3) | Idelphian; Section Leadei III; Elliott Hall Chorus ■■) ; T.p Dan.- (2) j Co-Of (3, 1); Point: I H President (2). f Mary Ruth Hart, Gaslonia; B.S., Butiness Education I I V in: Modern Dane Wanda Louise Hart, Lenoir: B.A., Elementary Educa Mar. Hill [r. I ollege (1, 2) : Dean ' s Liu (3); Seel Lea. ft Seniors . • . 1955 JAYMi ll " l-lll ' li.irlnlli ■; B. I.. PrillMV) I ». il ..» I I I HjII Inc. ' II. I.. Primal • I iucatU I , »..!., 1 lii i i i Jim II Mi EV, Wll It. t.. Primary Education Lois Harw win. Norwood; ;.s.. ,.„,. •.. m I mi llwwiiiii. Washington, l . :.: I. I.. French • orn. i ' i List (3 I . Cin I. I. UtlTH HA VK1 . .rr -ll-liorn: It.M.. ) ttit r Idelphian; Dud ' i I isl (3) ; Honoi I!. .11 (3) : Choh i 1, 2, 3, I !„1. II. J. ' .. Edna J« m i Hayes, fl Llminglon; ll. I., Etemenforj hilmniinn Vdelphian i - in ■ ' Sophi n id Camcii] II V. il Hki.k Hll«:s. Hiidsiill.-: H.4.. Primary Education N.S. . i nainnan I 1 1 i ! lite i :. , Int.,.,, Dea (1, 2) j Y.W.I v (2, 3); I tan i lub i. ' . I); Si Sakab F.i IZABI in Hi UM», Kington; K.I .. Piano ■ II,..;, ,1 il (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2) ; - i lub ,- ' ■ i Moai, I ... itiou Club (I. , i . Dance Club Club (1). Foaodatioo (1. Mary Elizabeth Heatom, tndrews; !.».. Voice Flora I.„.I.,M.,1,I i ollege (1); I lliall H € -1 Seniors Pearl R. Heci:. I..-xineton: 4.B., English Christina Coruairl Hkiiii ki.kk. Norfolk, Va.; A.B., French Joan Farrah HlCKS, Wilson; 4.B., Primary Education Marshal III; tssislanl House President (2) ; Pint VeeoKea Business Stall Slid li D u ' l Lial (3); hi X Hi: Dance Group III : tdelphian. Jane Cornelia Hk, .1ns, Grrrnalinro; 4.B.. Biology (3, l);Botan) Club (3, I) Vic. Prealdenl (♦) ; Zoologj Field Club (2,3, I). Vice- Secretary-Treaeurei (3) Vice Presidenl (4); Spanish Club u. 3, I) ; Beta IMa Be Historian il I hernial b (2). laine Randolph Hill, Brevard; 4.B.. Spanish M in.. Mil i MARSHALL HILL, Wilmington: B.S.H.E., Teacher Training Dikean; Elections Board Hi: Dais] Chi I) V.W.C.A (I, 2); Westminstei tr Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3) ; F.T.a ui; Recreation ition il. 2. 3): lun in. Elliott Hall I .i " ... il (3) Frances Louise Hinnaht, Durham; B.A., Mathematics Julia Frances Hix. Tlmma»vill,-; 4.B.. Sociology Cornelian; Dean ' s I i-i 111: Dais; II;. 2); Darlinelt; Elizabeth Helen Hobbs. WaUtonburg; 4.B.. English Sei League Chairman (II: Ur-ili.-i.ui: Set League 1-1. II; Seel Leadei ' I V |ARY ELIZABETH llllHi.oon. Oxford; 4.B.. Elementary Education -Vol Pictured: Grace Hicks, Henderson .1955 -. H,,l,i K l,; II. M. Il„„. •., „, i AHKiii Jim Holt, .Ii.».II.: ll.h.l.. Art tdelphlan : Si. Mary ' a; 1! i I, 2, 3, n. pu I i. i Pn ildenl (S, i i : W i olli - I 1 2) kit ( lul (! I. 4 1 Ia.ll P Hi; I n II. ill P , i Hill Special I ■ i lit. in. M;,n-.m; II. U.. Muni.- Kiln. ,, i„n I ' ll III- Jim Honui ill. ■ Wi-.mouiii. Vu.; It.: MARIAN Vibi.IMA Hol-KIN .. Itroun Summit: II.S.H.h;.. Inslillitinn Management LOUCRETIA Jam-: Horn. I.awnduli ' ; H.S., Home Economic! Adclphian; Dean ' s Lial 111; Section Lradei 11. 2. li; Elliotl Hull Cou i ii... Hi: 1 W.A (2, li; Bapliil Sludenl I, (1, 2, J, I) ! Baplii i icil (2, :i. li, President I li ; Home I i (2, 3, li ; Sep ill Club li. I i ; Beaut] Court ( II. lloHolin Patiimin Howard. Buiis Creek; .4.11.. English Henrietta lliniiii, lli s h l ' ..i.,i; I.H.. I he VlKllM I mil III n M . : li. .ll.r.. Tea, her Tr Sally Elizabeth Huffman. Pfafflown; H.S.H.E., Teacher Training M ...I Dean ' s I .-. Ill; Honor Roll (1, I) I Nu (3 I), Secretai Seniors . . . 1955 : IK»I Si E Ml MI ' HKEV. Smith. Til I ' ili.--: t.ll.. Psy i hntitfiv Marian David Hunter, ' ,,,, VeeoV, . Business urn] E II Mall So, ial I lion II. 2); Dolphin-Seal : .4.1!.. Primary Eiluc i.,II II, II : I..k. .... . I.,.,. . I I (3). Vice Pres i; t - REBECCA Wii.SON HURT, Greensboro; A.K.. Primary Education i Mary ' s e e; II ■ . ■ ■ • II. .11, Si. Mary ' s III: Dance c: in.-. ' C.A. II. J. 3, li; Bolanj Club IJ. 3, li; F.T.A. Hi; Tap Dance l.u H Jean Im.ram, Tii l.»r-»ill.-; H.S.H.E.. Child I),; ,1, ,,„,:,■, n LURA EVADEANE INGRAM, Princeton; B.S.H.E., Home Economi, i ; N II J. I, 1); Wealei Fo Bettve Louise 1nm:iie, Loui-liurB; ( ' .. Musi, E« " ii l.AI.AH PERKINS Iseev, Greensboro: B.S.S..4.. , ' „.,„.,. Education Vdelphian; Greensboro Symphoi heslra II 2, 3, I.; Chambei Musi. Croup .1 ' ; ! ' ■ " •- il. - ' . 3); Weslej 1- I. ; Ci Vlpha (3. li; Recrei ..,,. ,.,, (1, - ' I I ' : I..] ' I ' . Club U. J. :i. II; F.T.A. Ill; Dais) Chain I J i . J.. -I I) MESSICK ISON. (I, ill, ,11. ; t.ll.. Primary Educ MaRV Lou Jackson. Charlotte; t.ll.. Mathematics vi. iri, ...... So I ii. I. i li . I I V ii Janet Jarre i " i. Shells: t.ll.. Primary Educatii Seniors . . . 1955 . KONCMMI J v-l V Brooklyn, V .. II. (.. fr.nrh " • Hush Mwilr Jolissov, Sn.ilhli.l.l: !. (.. I ' „„„„ h.,h, Elizabeth Mei i«m Jones, St. ingiuline, H.,.: I.H.. Primary Education Bfteini Si Mary ' i H (I, 2, : . li ; Bonn) I lub (2. 3. 4 I I I. II I UN I ' HM I is J. .Ms, l.„iirillliur«; «.«... Ilu.inr,, fcrflir 13. II; I. i ( HIS (.. Jones. IVml.rok. : !. .. „„. ■ Krono Dikcsn Seel ..-.„].■, (I, ji ; n |.|| Chorui (3) ; B.S.U. (1. S I. 4) ; H Economics Club II. . ' . 3, I); F.T.A (4) Group (3); rap Banc. Club Dance II. J i : I cgislalure Mi. ALICE Jovner, Rocky Mount; B.S.H.E.. Child Drrrlopmml ial Bnjr.l I,.inI..-i III; .lf l|.lu.n ; I .u-s Ch Chairman 12) j looiol tdaieol (3); W ' • | ' ' • " ' ■ - ' : Home Eeoi I lunior I -,.„,.., Project i ommillee i I i : I nivi rait) Si d (4) ; I bemialrj I SUH Jul Mil. ltork M II: I. It.. Primary t,l„ JE4N Loi k UK. kill-Ion; J.S.. „ V.l.lpliii.o : s.. I I ■ ,,.| Home I n 1.1. I). Frances ku mux. Collinc-x I. V J.; K.S.. ,„„,,, Ec.momic. Vol Pictured: VVONNI KALMAN, ... ork. V . Seniors Martha Gwiswilis kH-. W ' ashingtnn, I). C; B.A.. Spanish Ann Hai m: Rime. .rt ; (.«.. Fr Lutheran ippl, j U.S.. Physical Edut Inez ViVIAIS kiSEH. Stanlc : B.S.H.E., Tearher Training Lenoii Rhyne Collect Hi: I ■- Lial i I I ; Section Leader (3); l a lail .1 i: 1 Seereur) up: L.S.A. (2, i. I), Vice-President Recreation X-- ition (2) Horn F " ... - Club u . ran .. Mildred Lot 1st kist.n. St;iit ' s ill -; A.B.. History Choir (21 ; B.S.U. . I . Vice IV--I. .„r Th. aler Co Billie Frances km tits. Wayncsville; B.S.. Business Education kdelphian; 5« I cadei (2 I Gamma llpha m I f.A. Hi. S 11E WllF.I kizzutt. Salisliur? : A.B.. English ludicial Board in. Legislature (1, i. I) ; lunioi Class President Hi: s t Repi tenia li,,. (2); sdelphian; Dean ' s I i-i (3); 1 I I . Council ill: Section Leader (3); Dais) Chain I2i; u.-imun-m 1.11 lur. •«,.,, ..I n.. II. 2.; Chancellor ' s advisor) Committee (3) ; N.S.A i oum .1 (2) Ellen KjoSNES. Greensboro: B.F.A., Art .-ni..r Marshal I I I : Pine VerdYea srl Editoi Roll in ; May Court i- ' I I . Beanlj •_•..•■ n (4) (3); Y.W.C.A i- ' 1 I os politao Cluh (1, 2) ' ,...,. : : ! ,,„ kdelphian; Dean - I ... I 1 I . II,...-. oi ,!-.-.. Hi: Vrt Forui tee I lub (2, I, li. Vice-President III : I n i kjuSNES. Sao Paulo, S. P.. Brazil: I.B.. Biology II-- President (3) | Legialal I :. Rules 1 oi (3, 41. Chairman |4 . : k.l Honor Board 111: llai! Cham (2) i Y.W.C.A. .2. ; L.S.A 111: Saint Mar] ' - 12. House Presidents Organisation (3) ; ' ounopolitan Club 11. 2. I. li, Sei retai) III: Bela Beta Beta 1 II : Be | 1 " ... 1 l) Sally Neale Rluttz. Albemarle; A.B., History 1955 VUllll KOIINM.II. Yli.lllll HI,-.. U.S. II. E.. I,,, I, I, ,!,,,„ l„ Nil III I VMM! Ill, l.umhrr : !.«.. I I ' n.i.i June Lambeth, Ur Mil mini limnn History i.D.A. i IJ i s i, Clul i-Sulrin; Primary Edaration MAUI Cahsiin Laytun, Churlolle; A.B., Mathematics Cornelian; Dais) Chain (2); Junior Idvisoi (3); Y.W.C.A. Squire Circle (3, II : Gl in C I, 2)i F.T.A. (4); Re. Kn her) Cluh (2) : Co ipolilan Clnh (1, 2) S D V. n. 1 Shandy Leigh, IWkinghiiin: t.n.. English osmopolilan I lub ii.: U.S.. Physical I IllKllWIl 1.INA1. .Sl:il, ill.. ; (. (.. English F.DWI.NA Hah » I.I.N... Mock„ill, : ll.S.II.E.. Housing Patricia Anne Long, Ruih.rfordion: A.M.. Primary Education Seniors . . . 1955 CAMILLA GAYl.t LUMNUhN. Cmicord; li.M .. Instrumental Music Education Margaret Louise Limb. Newton: B.A., Biology li.n; Dean ' s Lisl (3) ; II ; Botanj i lub I I : Beta Bel., Bela III. L IIkohn MtlCl.ELI.AMiD, Stntesville; 4.B., Primary Educatit SARA ELIZAHET ' M M CtiRMIl K, Siiinl Paul : H.S., Teacher Training Fell hi,, CuueM 121. I „ Mari Kl .IZAHETH Ml 1)111. Fateltetillc: «. I.. Primary Education Elizabeth Berneh e M Donald, Korkingham; B.M., Music Education i 1 4 7- £ HELEN Street M( Donald. Carthage: U.S. HE.. Teacher Training PoLLYAN.NA MtDoNALD, Rnekillgham ; !.!.. Elementary Education House President (4); Legislature (3, 1) ; Freshman Commission Hi: 1 reasurer (2 1 i Council (3); Alelheian; Dean ' s Lisl (31; Elections Bonnl Hi ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Committee 111: Westminster Fellowship 11. 2, 1. II: F.T . (3, I i . Pi.;,, airm u Spanish Club (3); Recreation Nation 11. 2); 1-H Club 11. 1 PAT McDufFIE, Paw Creek; B.S., Physical Education li,k.-.,„: Dance Committee (3) ; Recreation - i 2. 3, I) i imp i .,i ttei i Jane G. McKeithan, Raeford; B.A., Mathematics Dean ' s Lis. CI) : Daisy Chain 12 1; Y.W.C.A. (1, 3), 1 al 1 1 1) Squar. 1 ircl. (1 2 l„.,,„r Sh..»: F.T t. (4); Y.D.I (3) M 0 Seniors . . . 1955 V r f Katherini Piabi Hi Neeli Morganiom «. ., u a, „.,„ Dlki n D D - Marion Mai Phai ii. Ubevlllei I.H.. Soetotog) ' M ' • ' ' ' ' Mari Daniels Mi Raini i. 1 ' ay, ii. ■ x ill.-; (. (.. Soeiolog] Welp List 1 V ' ! ' W, 1 In), I :, ■ 1 ' Howahipi S ... . lub . , III i i n M vi i.,. Char] ■: II. s. . •... Borne Economics ;■::: ' ;::,; ' ;; " „ ' ;,:; " ,,: linnan. (.4...,.u. N HOLLINCSWORTB M nmm.. Greensboro; History (3. 4); Y.W.I Hi Spa •■ League (1); Se. 1 I i ' " -Ii Club Mi : R ,,.., i, NNK Mil III! Ms M ,.,,N. Yadkinville; H.S.H.E.. Home Economic! Pin, . ., ., Stall III: Cornelia I • . . . I - || ; J„„,„ r v.l ....r id: " 1. 2. 3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. ) ; H...,„. f , „„..„„,. C l„h u. J. I 1 1 Spanish I I..1. (I, 2, IJ ; I hemistr) ' lub (1, 2). Weale) r..„n.l,. Laura Jean Massky, Z.lnil.m; 4.B.. Primary Educa ELIZABETB Ann Madney, Newton; (.«.. Louise E. Merz, Catonnrille, MH.: I.H.. Soeiolng? ' ,l " ' " " ' ' ' " " " " (4), Make-Up Editor i. ' i. Minacine Editor (3). I ' ° ««ndini Seniot (4); Phi Beta Kappa (3. I) : Golden Chain (3. I); Ii n ' . !.,.• ' : ' ' " ' ■ " " " " I i«oi (3); Soeial S I lub I I: Vlphl ►. ipp. I.. || . Mil i. hi i, Messii k. Lenoir; AM.. English I -I (3| J j„ni..r W,hH , 111; «, , ,, ide ra (2, :. I) ; Recrea lati I. 2) ; Woman ' s College n -i.i III. Seniors V ■ - JUDITH A Mic lllll». Durham: 4.H., Primary Edu JERITA ANN MILLER, Greensboro; B.S.S.A.. Secretarial Sequence lletheis i: !»..... ■ - List (3. l)i Elliotl Hall Entertain in C niltee (3): I Studen Orgoniziion (1, 2, 3, II. Social Chairman III: Iii.tI.ihI, Council (2, 3, I), Treasurer III Sally Ruth Miller, Hillaboro; 4.B., Elementary Education Hik..,,,. li. ,i, i I ,-i I I - ...I. , u i : Botanj Club (2); F.T.A. It. II. President I I) i oi polilan I lob (2 ' • I. Vivian It. Miller, lli»ii Point; M.W.. Piano Dean ' s List (3); Honor Roll (1,2 I) Section Leadei (2, I) Elliotl Hall III i In,,, II 2. I, I, ; B.S.I (1, 2 : n Pecci Anne MINOR, Charlotte; U.S. II. E.. Institutional Management Dikean; Dean ' s List (3); II Roll (1, J. I) ; lunior l, i (3); B.S.U. (1, 2 in..,,.,,,, N„ II. I ' : H I , I , ,2, V li: Recre kssoei , II,: Tap Dan, Club in. Mtin ELIZABETH Moore. Ahoakie; It. A., Primary Education 2. II Vice-President (4); Square Circl. (2); Home Economics club (II: F.T. , i. I,: Recreation ., „•„ (1, 2. ' .. I,: Square Da Hi: Cos ,...liian Club (1 I II Club i 1. J. I. li : l.i lr. I. I,. (2) LAURA Ellen MOORS, Lenoir; H.S.H.E.. Teacher Training (1. 2. 3); II P i lub U 2 Beaut) Conrl III. MARIE Moore. States ille; U.S.. Home Economics M.,1,.,,,1. Dean ' s List ill: V.W.C.A. II. 1), Vice-President il,: Westminster Fellowsh II. 2, .1, II. Council It. II: Home Economics Club II. 2. 3, II; M,„lern Dance (1. 2 !,,,, I,.,, .. I lub (2) i II i lub II. 2. 3, li. OMEITA ElHOGENE Moore, Elon College; A.B.. Elementary Education il. 2. :i. li. President (3) j Botan) Club (2); F.T.A. (4); Square Dance (1, 2. ;. 1, JANE ELLEN MORRIS. Charlotte: B.S.. Home Economics Idelphian; Dean ' s List III : Y.W.C.A. in : Economics Club II. 2. .1. II: Cosmopoliti i lub ,1. : l, : III i Inb il. 2. li, PACE 64 .1955 I i i I i i v MoRRia, Charl it) B.S., Dll D ' ■ I 1-1 (4)| II loll n Horn Economla : - ...I.. Ill ; J I t I . II I (1,1, I, ll . I I 1 (1, l)i saalauol II,.,,.. IV , I IIuiuhm Hi. UN s, Oxford; (.«.. S.,ci.,l., K Mmissa Vnnk Mouse. Raleigh: r. (.. Snrinlot-y Ml III. m«lo.i.S.,|eiii: 4.11., Mathematics Patricia Clara Huller, Durham; B.4., History Dikein; Newman Club (1, - ' . 3, I) i Maaqueradera (1, i Classical Club (4); Nnrlh Spencer Spotlight (21; Tap I Theater II. - ' . I. I); I. I ircle Fnncais ll. 2. S). Si m Iiismi l, 1ykh-., Lexington and Spruee I ' ine; i.B.. Primary Education Ruth Crisp Nelson, Lenoir; A.H., Primary Educalio Elizabeth Newton, Highlands; A.B., Chemistry ANNE RoLFE Nostbani.t, Danville, Virginia: 4.B.. English Anne HUDSON Obenshain. Bristol. Tennessee: 4.B.. Economics Univorsit) „i fenneasec (1, 2); nr a ,r. Lis (S, li; Curriculum Committee Seniors . . . 1955 Josephine YoRKE Okev, Graham; B.A., Recreation Junior House President (31; Senior Class President in Freshman I mi n (1); Dean List (3); Section Leader 111; Dame Committee 111; Urn,, ill; Y.W.C.A. (2) j Recreati, Association (31; Camp Counselors Club (2 1; llel „ SHIRLEY Olds, Nashville, Tenn.; B.S.H.E., Foods and Nutrition Legislature (4); Dean ' s List (3); Honor Roll II. 2. 3); Curriculum Committci Junior Advisor (31; Elliott Hall Chorus (3. II. Secretary (II; Mm n Nil (3, President lit; Horn.- rem tica Club 11. - ' . 3. Ii. Treasurei I ' d; Dance Grou] Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2. 3). Secretary III; SI) . III. PECGV SUE OLIVER, Jefferson; B.S., Distributive Education I ,,,,1, i . Daisy I Dean ' s List (3. 11; Honor Roll 111: Sec (3 .) Spanisl i I J I . I; i sum,., M,,l,a 13. -II ; Dikean. Shirley Mills O ' Neill, Bro..k-i,le. . J. ; U.S.. Physical Education Dean ' s List 131: Honor Ft . . 1 1 I ' ll: Section Leadei (1) i Recreal issociation (4); Dance Croup (2, 31; Dolphin-Seal Hi; C amp Connaeloi I. (1 - I 1) l- Presidem Hi; Camp Committee (2. 31: Colli I. ' . 3. n. President (4). W PEGGY Lou OrMSBY, Laurinhurg: B.S., Business Education Senior House President III: Legislature 111: Dean ' s Lial (3) i II Roll II. 2. 3) Section Leader (3 1 : Dance Committee 131: Y.W.C.A. Hi. Gamma Mpha I ' ■ I ' - ssun (3); F.T.A. Ml; Spanish Club 111: Alpha 1.1. II: Jooo.r Shot. 13.: Dikear Young Democrats Club 131. Frances Ruth (Herman. Charlotte: IS. I.. Sociology Legislature II. 21; Class President (21; Honor Roll (I. 2): Hon,., Hoard I ' . 1. Sectii Leader 121; Junior Advisor 131; Social Science Committee 13 ' : Wesley Foundation II. 3, 4); Sociology Club 13. II; Freshman Commission 111; l . !.,.,, fe Barbara Ann Painter, Mount Holly: B.4.. Primary Education Margaret Jane Palmer, Hickory: IS. 4., Sociology Lenoir Rhvne (l, 2) . Asthid Eva Parmele, Wilmington; B.A., Spanish In, .mi, E. PARMELE. Wilmington: B.A.. Spanish II. 2. 1. Ii : I 01 J Vol Pictured: Yin vt Oyering. Raleigh Seniors . • . 1955 mil I. I ' uihi. Wii..l-..r; Its.. SatrmUoHal 4dmlnUtratlm llik.,.., : I i i i. Club (I) Patricia Ann PATTOIf, Hickory; I.B., BUtog) i ■ in; II , Roll II. 2, 3); Botaa; Clab (2. I, n ; Zoolof) Field F.T.A • i. ; li. u li. i, li. i. (», l .. Via Preeldeal Mi . Chembtr) i lub (3 I Mill JEAN PCHl, Chill. ImiiI.-: I.H.. Ilitlnr? Dllcean; Di I I I I) ; Y.W.C. A. (1) ; F.l NNl Sim MIS I ' llll ' l is. Pill.horo: I.S.. „„„ E. ,„„,,„„ Eugenia Frances Pettfwai , Jacksonville; A.B.. Biology Dikca,,; Medical I ..!■,..!... -t - .J I -,.,,.. -I, Clab ' - ' . 3); Recreation Aai Barbara Nell Pickett, (.r. . nshoro; A.B.. Primary Education Suzanne Pickett. Winston-Salem: A.B.. Elementary Education S Leader Hi; St. Mary ' a Boaee; F.T.I, ill; I..- Circle Fn ANNE KraiiI r PIERSON. Charl sville. Virginia: B.S.. Secretarial Administration BARBARA MERLE PlI.ATT. Savannah. Georgia: A.B.. Primary Education MARGARET Deas Pori.hek. Pinopolis. South Carolina: A.B.. History Cornelian: Section Leader (1) ; Dance Group (S). Seniors Sara Ann Powell, Lenoir; B.4., English Junior Show Chairman (3); Carolinian Columnist 13. 4); Dikean : Dean ' s List (3); Elli Hall Council (4 1; Dance Committee 111; Junior Advisor 131; Y.W.C.A. II. 21; F.T.A. II Recreation Association Hi; Student , ! ,..., Commission 141; Project Committee 141. Mary FLOUt PKU.E. Mnnrofi U.S.. Home tV, MARY LOUISE RahIL, vVol.Imi: B.4., Elementary Education CLARA ELIZABETH Ramsey, Marshall; B.4.. Elementary Education delphian; Dean ' s List 1.1 I ; Student Ke.iewing Committee III ; Section Leader (2) Daisy Chain 12); Elliott Hall Council (41; Elliott Hull Chorus III; Cboil ll. - ' . S) Bot.n, (Jul. (2, 3); F f.A. (4) ! Recreation tuoeial 1, 2) Patricia Ann Ramsey, Sali»l ur ; H.4.. Business Educ KVIMIHIM Mil IKK RaNsi.V. Vtc . { ■■■ Slart III; Adelphian; Charlotte College til; Service league 12, 3); West- linster (2, 3. 4 1 ; Botany Cluh 12 I; Home Economics Club (2, 3. 4); Recreation Associa- ion 12. 3. 41; Square Dunce 13. II; Cosmopolitan Club (4); Elliott Hall Public, Iv Com- littee (2. 3. 41; Junior Show Chorus; Section Leader (2). JUNE RAPP, . -Hi. I.I. N. J.j B.S., Business Education :minster Fellowship; Square Circle (I. 21; Gamma Alpha 13. II: Recreation Alice Carolyn Rei „ Castonia; B.4., English Mars Hill College (1, 21; Dean ' s List (31; Choir 131; Baptist Student Union; F.T.A. 141. Cornelia Ann Reece, Rutherforctton. B.4., English Flora Elizabeth Reid, Winnabow; B.4., History wship; Young Composer. KlKANOH lllEM HllN . W m.l.m S„|, ,„ ; II. I., ' riniurt Eilucalio i n ICiwin, Woodland) II. A.. History»ill.-; II. I.. Elementary E , l-.. . Ill ; Wc.lcy r„ BARBARA MEL VI N Ricks. Charlotte; H.A., Spanith kdelphisn; Dean ' s Lin Hi; Student Idviaorj Curriculum Committee Advisor Hi; Y.W.C.A. (l. 2); Sigma Delia Pi (2, 3, I), Treasurer I Secrellr) (4) i Spanish Club (2, 3, n. Treasurei in. President ill; Ci ui : Debating So. let; (3. -II. I iIium Kin... -hivilh-: It. A., (infos? Beta Beta Bela (3, II ; Chemia SUZANNE Croft II m. Scotland Neck; B.A., English CoradJi Literar) St.irt " I i. t» ; Adelphlan; Dean a List (.1); Dance Committee 111; Si. Mary ' a House (2. 3. 4); Square Circle 0): Dance Croup (1, 2. 3. 4) j Cosmopolitan CIul» (2) i .- ,.!.!, Club (2, J, I), Chairman III: Woman ' s College Theater (II; St. Mary ' . House Vestry (3, II; Arts Forum Dances (2, ll; Playlikeri II. 2). V ' ELMA FLOWE RiMM.ERs. Charlotte; B.S.. Secretarial Administration VlRA Anne Rom. his, Hi B h Point; B.S., Home Economic$ High Point College 111; Adelpfcian; Dean ' s Liu (3); H,.....r Roll 111; Si Y.W.C.A. in; Baptist Student Uni - ' . .11; Home Ee Club II. Club II. .11 ; Y.W.A. i:n. SARAH »mi R.OCERS, Durham; B.A.. Primary Education Dikean; Y.W.C.A. 111; F.T.A. Ill; Pre-Nureing (11; Golf Clul Mary Lou Roman. Fnison: U.S.. Home Economics Seniors . . . 1955 Eva C. Rosenblim, Willard; B.A., Chemittry Cornelian; Hillel (1, 2, 3, 41; Recreation al 1) ; (I itr) Club (2 I I Iiarbaba Ann Rowland, Rocky Mount; B.A., Hittory Legislature Representative lli; Dikean; Section Leader III; K 4 ;1 M m llBIE Run I.AM), kitlr.ll: U.S.. ' ixi™ 1,1,,.., I,. Frances Lenora Royal, Crernsboro; B.A.. English Marl Hill (1. 2); Town Students Organization (3, I) ; Baptist Student Union Council (4 Joan Ruark, II. nn. 11 ill. , S. C; U.S., Butineta Education Dikean; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3, 41; Section Leadei (2); Y.W.C.A ii li: Square Cii (1. 2. 3. 41; Gamma Alpha (3. 41; F.T.A. ID. Spanil I (1 - ' I); V , . 1 (2, 3). Secretary-Treasurer (3); Sictna Alpha 13. I); Dean ' s Lisl (3, I) Helen Elizabeth Risseii, i-Salem; H. I.. r ychology President (2); Social Planning Council (1); Carolinian III; Business Manager, Handl k (3); Golden Chain (3. II. S. . r,tdr 111; Dean ' s I i-i (3, II; II i Roll II. 2 I : I.m solidated University Student Council (3. 4); Dance Committee (1) j Beaut) Court HI; Junior Advisor I3i; Si. Mary ' s Veetrj id, Psycholog) Club (3, li; Recrei assoeii 12. 3, II : Le Circle Francais I 1. 2. 3 I . EDYTH LORRAINE Savis. Marshall; B.A.. Elementary Education Adelphian; Bouny Club (2. 31; Junior Sho» (3); I- I . (3, II; Rei 3ARBARA Franklin SaNDEHEORI), Car ; K.N.. ««.iiiru Educatii JULIE JEANNETTE SANDERS, Tryon; B.A., Elementary Education Legislature (4) ; Junior Council (31; Class I r, .,-.,,. , Hi; ( Union. Cil III: Dikean; Dean ' s List 131; Dan..- Committee, In r-Senioi 131: B F.T.A. Hi ; Psychology Club (3 i Mary Boddie Sanders. Smithfield; B.A., Primary Education Idelphian; Section Leadei I i W. Hi: Botany Club (2. 3. II r © Seniors . . . 1955 Mu.m.s DlJCKrl iimi HI. .| Ill . f, ,,,„„, 1. 1„. .„..„, ILICE ini n s m,.i. K I...r..: III.. Jim n m.i. ILil.-iu-li: I.H.. Enuli ' h l.oi; Alice Sawyer, Salemburg; I.B., Elementary Education l Ipki ' " ' - I I ler (4); Y.W.OA. (2. 3) j B.S.O.J F.T.A. (4) j Al.lllA W. C. ScHILTHllS, Ashetilli-: (.«.. Erimnmir, Carolinian Circulation - Dike ; Inlerfaitb Council HI; Y.W.C.A. Ill- ft- -In i.r Fellowship II. 2, 1. l| ; Gamma Alpha II. I Club ' i politan Club (1, 2, 3, I) ; Le Circle Francaia (2. 3). Beverly Lacy Schoon » er. Kensington. Maryland; 4.B., Art i arolinim (4) I oroddi Irl 1 ditoi (4) : U Ipl uu D Roll 11. 2, 3, (3, I), Chairman (4); Dance niltee (3) i Conufsti CM. 1.1. »i ••i II. 2) ; n Club (2. 3. Ii. Woman - s . I h, Jean Carolyn St Dikean; l.l.l.. ' :ii. Carthage; U.S.. Horn,- EconomU 2. 3, II ; B S.I . (1, 2. 3. 4); Home Eton Betty Sue Sexton, Drnion: A.B.. Prim l Service Lea t (3) j EUiolt Hall CocrncU (3. 4) j Bolaoy Club (2) ! Ion Florence Siiearin. It.i Cornelia ro: A.B.. Elementary Education I - Y.W.I i I. - II : U.S. I " .: I ' l.l Hi: Spanish Club Dikean; Dean ' s I.i-I III; H..n„i K.-ll (I, 2); J.ini... ' (1, 2); Square Cir.-lc i2. 3 : hV. r- Chemistry Club U. -. 3, I), Prcsi.lem in. Seniors BETTY JEAN SHEETS, Fairvie : H.S., Institutional Manageme Ellen Carolyn Sheffield, Rose Hill: B.4.. French Club II); F.T.A. Ill; Dormitory Representative; Re. reation SARAH Ri ' TH ShfrriI.L, Hirkori ; 4.B., Primary Education Huiiiwh I.EE Simmons. Charlotte; I.H., English Lynda Simmons, Atlanta, Georgia; 4.B., History arT 111. Intern.- L.lil News Editor (3), Editor III; Dik.-an : Outstanding Senior III; Phi Bela Ka , I I. Ii; Dean ' s List 111; Gol Chan. (3, 11: HonOI Roll U. - ' I; C.U.S.C. Council III; Honor ll...,r.t iji; Student Reviewing Committee III; Daisy Chain (2); lunior Advisor (3) N S t . I rensurer of Virginia-Carolina Region 111 ; N. C. Stale Student Legislature (2, 3). Hit I if Frances Sleim.e, Charlotte; 4.B., Sociology Dikean: 1,-1 .1. Ii; Bonol Roll il. ' ■. ,, Ii; Section Leader ( Fellowship; Sociolog) Club (3, n. Vice-President (41: Spanish Club (2, (3); Upha Kappa Delta (3, I), Presidenl ill; Senior Council II ' ; Beaut] Dorothy Caskin Sloan, Greensboro; B.F.4., Interior Design !, .11 ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 21 ; Ta| Belle Brlnner Smith, Atlanta, Georgia: B.S., Home Economics Dikean: Arts Forum Committee 111; Masqueraders Cosmopolitan Club ill; Woman ' s College Theatei Committee (2. 3. II. Secretary I .t I , Chairman (4 University Sermon Cot inee (3) ; Senior Council. JANE Smith, Albemarle: 4.B., Primary Education JULIA Anne Smith, Stalessille: B.S., Home Economics 1955 ■o Elizabeth Smith, StalwviHei I.B., Blemenlarj Education llti hi ii i ir i Dean ' s I i w • v ' ii tt - ' Hi i l ■ II hip ' i I); F.T.A (4 I) i Shod ' i til III MM i v SMI I II. tluiiln. t-itin: III- s,„„. „ t .. I ildon ' hain (4), Vlci Pn lidenl I Di m ' l I I I I I - cadi (2) i I i lub (1.1, i n. Vestry (2) S h | i (3 I ' . House President I I) i Im lackel i • (2). SHEILA Ma SMITH, itlanta, Georgia; U.S.. Physical Education i. ii.. ■. ' (■■.,., n „r. •;.;,! Ilnil.iri lot l-l M.H IIIK-. t.r.iii lioni: I. II.. I , irmulr. Legielal (3, li. President ol I Students (4), I Studenl rudicial Board (3 I Dean ' s Lis! Hi: 11 , Hull II. J. 3); Curriculum Con tee I : . II; Junior .1, (3 [•own Students Organization (1 . ' I I) ; Galilean Club (2) Chemistry Club 2.3.4). 1 im n Suiiiiliu, l.r, .ii-lxini; 4.11. History Legislature Representative (2); I - h-i iii: Honor Roll 11. 2) C lei i:i: lunioi Vdvisoi (3) ; rown Students Orgi slion (1, . ' . .1. ii I .1 i I, I ' Publi. it) i hi owr, -I.,. I. ' in. hi- i Dkkai.ii Dkan Si ai mm.-.. Jumt-xville; B.S.. Bunincu Education Sara Jam: Siimii. Junior Marshal (3) ; i lian l ov, ii Stu lents ' » ' i. .i ' i i J.. ..I II, i.,.. I Hi; F.I V in Marguerite Stapleford, Durham; IK.. Primorj Educalu Ntssem Siiiiiim.. H;il.i s li: U.S., I ' hy.-icnl Education l; ,i ,. l J ; n Pr. sidi m i I) . Dikear, Dean ' s Ust (3) ; Junior Advil (3) i Bapti ! Student Union (4) ; S - Club snci G p (2 : Camp Counsel) Club 12. 3. II; Cam,, ( i,» L P ; ..-Of I Club (2). Seniors . . . 1955 Lillian Sue SlARRETT, Charlotte; B.4., Psychology irsier Fellowship; Gai Upha (3) : Spaniel BARBARA LOUISE SlEELMAN, Rinslon; B.A.. Elementary Education College Cheerleader in. Dikean Dean ' s 1 1-1 (3) Servici League (1) ; Dais; C a (2); Dance Committee (2); [unioi Wvisor (3); Choit II. 2, J); r .T. I :. I); Juniot SI : ELLEN Jerrine Steifle, Greensboro: B.S.. Business Education Class Representative Hi: Freshman C mission III: Carolinian Stan (2 I) Cornelian; Dean ' s List (3); Honoi K..II m . Sei eatlei (3); rown Students Orga ion (1 1 « C.A. I- ' . 3, 1); B.S.U. II. 2, ' .. Ii; Ci i Llpha (3, n. Publicitj I F.T.A. i It . . . hi i I. (2 I), Vic. PresideM (3) : 1 W.A. (2, I) : lunioi - PHYLLIS Anne Stevens, Lynchburg, Va.; B.A., Biology Laboratory Technician Pirn Veedfes 111; Cornelian : Section Lesdei H. 2, 3); lunioi Idvisoi (3); Weslej Foundation; Medical Technologists (2, I, n. Sccrelarj (3), President il ; Cos politer] Club 111 : Beta Beta II. la I I i . miati I. II. 21. Ann Stewart, Reidsville; B.4.. English Dikean; n. I ttei (2); Y.W.C.A. 11. 2, 3); B.S.I II. J. I, Gave Montgomery Stewart, River Edge. N. J. ; 4. II., Recreation President ol Elliott Hall ill; Secretarj ol lunioi Class (3) tie n; Outstanding Si ' l ' : Universit) ol North Caro i Council (4) ; Dance Chairman (2) ; Dance Coi ittee I St. Mary ' s estrj : 1 ft I (2) Dam c Group Hi. Doris Stone, Prinrelon: B.4.. Chemistry JUNE CAROLE Stow e. (,a»l..nia: B.S.. Business Education Mary Ellen StRAWBR1D ;e, Henderson: U.S.. Physical Education House President (3); Legislature (3): N.S . Representative III; Fres salon (1) " ' • Lisl i;. ii Honoi Roll (1, I); Seel Leadei (1) ; Daisj Chain (2); Dance 1 " ei Hi: l 1. 2, 3, Ii: JT.W.C.A. Hi; tt.-l.v Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Recreation Issociation il. 2, 3, II. Treasurer (2); Square Dance (1) ; Ci i Counselors l. lull (2, 3) ; N.S.A. (1) ; ( hemistrj Cluh (2); I n Hall I ssion Croup Committee (3), Chairman ill: Student Idvisorj Committee (4); Classical Cluh 11. J. I I), Secretarj (2); Dikean. Gloria Anne Talbot, Winston-Salem: B.4.. English Carolinian; Dikean; Honor Roll (2); Dance mil (4); lunioi Id [sol (3) 1 ft i ' I - ' I mopoliti nb I I, II : Le Circle Francais (3, II : Elliol I I mittee (3 1) Vol Pictured: THOMASINE STROTHER, High Point c Seniors . . . 1955 } n H Ml U I miii, Dml, .» Jeney; t I; pin, 111 -I (I. 2. I. ERALDINI It. I MINI. i,k-l„.r t . HbdMlppii I.W.. ' Vi i 01 mill (3, 4) ; Don Croup (i , ,i. u. 2) 1 1 .■ 1 (I, S) »M1 LEI TAYLOB, Arlington, Virginia: H.I.. Mathematics NANCY Moore Teacue, Marthwille, Virginia; I.B., Ana Maria Terhadas, Central Maearena, Camagtwr; II. I.. Spanish Cornelian; Dean ' s Lial (.1. I); Sec Ui Nomas dob Sigma Delia Pi (1, 2 1 11 ,. . I ' ,, .,,1, „i 1:1 - ,h Club (1, 2, 3, li. lir.wr t (2) PEGGY JEAN TESH, WinM,.i,-SaI. m: I. It.. Primary Education PECC1 GEORGE Thomas. Raleijih: B.S.. Physical Education " ik " ' " ' ; »■ ' ■- Cbj J ; Recr, i ;. ,, ,,. , ,.,„.. |; ' ( ' . - ' • ' ): Dolpbin-Senl (4); Co-01 (1. . ' . J. I) ; Chrnn.ln Clob I- ' ' : looior Shoa (31 Mae Thomas, Cameron; B.S.. Distributive Edu Hari Banks Timmons, laheville; R.A.. r,,_i..i, Pine VeedYei StaB (1) ; Idelphian; Dean ' t Liu (3, I); 11 r K..I1 (1, (2); Y.-W.CA. (1, - ' . I), Cool -■ We. iter Fellowabip 1 oui - ' ■ I); » i (4); 1.1 (4). RoBINSon I Charlotte; ' .s.. Secretarial Administration Section Leadei (1, . ' . 3); llelheiao; Wcalminslei Fellowabip 111: Oanin, Alpba (3. 4.1; Seniors Nancy Young Totten, Reidsville; B.A., Primary Educati, Ilikean : Daisy Chain (2) j rown Students Organization (3, I). Mary Helen Wall Tbevino. Micro; B.S., Business Education Adelphian; Dean ' s List (31; Honor Roll 12. 3); Curriculum Committee (3. 41; Y.W.C.A. Hi; Baptist Studeul Union (2) Gal ■ llpha n, 1), Vice-President (4); F.T.A. 13. 41; Recreation ition (1) i Sigma Upha (3, I), Program Chairman (41 ; Junior Council (31. Elizabeth Troi.i.inger, Asheboro; B.A.. Primary Educ eiheian. Treasure! (2): " ...lev Fonndat II. - ' . 3, »). Secrets Inn JEANNE W igoneh. Wadeaboro; H.S.. Physical Education ' ,„. Veerffa Buaineas Stafl (1, J. 3. tl; V.lelphian; Section Leader (2); North Spencer Spollighl (2); Recreation lasocial I, J. J, I) ; Camp Counselors Club (41; Camp Committee (4 i I) Poblicitj chairman (1): Chemistrj Club (2); He. , II. .HI I ..I I 1 II. MtKl MHFOI imi Inm: Walker. Hi in Elizabeth Walker, .l. Iphian: Se. lion Leader (1 ngton; B.S.. Secretarial Administration Krilerlaiiii.ieiil C Ilec . ' .I I); Wesm nst. I Fell hip II. 2. 3. U.S.. H.E.. Housing dation 111 ; Home Economics Club (1 E ELEANOR WALKER, Curri.-: B.A.. Chemistry Adelphian; Dean ' s list (3) I Idvisoi (3) u i stminati . Fellowship (1, 21; Medii Technologists 12. 3, I), Treasurer (3), Vice-President III; Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3, I Secretary (3), ice-Presidenl 111 I.I I MARGARET «lll. ; II. .. Physical Education Mary Anne Wall. Wadeaboro; B.A., Elementary Educati ot Pictured: Nancy Vann, Rich Squ 1955 Main limit « II I Ml, luir lllulT; II. I.. Elementary Eduction till II K. Ho ill.-; K.M.. Edn, ■ ' » ■ J- W All! ( l,.„, i l. 2, I, I), Huili I ■. RACHEL HaiiIIM m n W K, Casl.Mii.i; II. M.. Music Education Cornelian; [u..h..l (3); 1)™,,-. I i-i (8); Elliotl Hall ..- (S) CI I I) Interfailh Council i 1 1 . 1 u I k. (1, 2, I, n Baptist Student l , (1, 2, 3, I), l- r — . ■Lin in. E«c Co uncil (3, li. Ore r Council ll. J. ... li; Choir Secretar) (3), tili-liiliurf.; W. •«., Elementary Educt Martha Frances Washam, Charlotte; B.F.A.. Art Education lion — ... iation 1- ' . 3) : Art Cornelian (2 (2) ; Y.W.C.A Club (2, 1, I 1 ; Legislature R . (3. II ; Weale) 1 Iation (31: (2. 3. [Ion., 11, 4) ; Reere Alice Miller WATTS, Hie kory; B.A.. (falnemoiici Cornelian: Sreli ..n Leadei 11 ' : S " m Ic 11. 2. 3, ll: 1 It in Margaret Ann Way, Reid Isville; U.S.. Business Education (2) . v lion Chairman £ ' na Mpba (3, 1 soli.late.l L ' nivers I ; Square Dance Ill : J, tn z:t Frances Elain e Wbadon, Brown Sum mil; B.M., Ml ■air Erfurn Cornelian; So 1 Club (2. 3, li Square Dam i ; Choir II. 2 GLORIA Anne Weaver. Shelby; B.S., Secretarial Administration Legislature Representative 131; Ring Chairman (3. 11; Pane ..,«., I,,.,„ t Edit Alelheian: Dean ' s List (3, II: Honor Roll l- ' l: Section Leadei 11. 2); Daisy Chain (2 Dante Chairman (31: Dan.,- Commit (2, 3 I : J„o...r kdvisot (3) i i W. t (2, I) So. Westminster Fellowahip (1, 2) ; Gamma AJpba (3, ll; Cosmopolitan Club (2 Alpha 13, 41; Woman ' s Colleg. Debating Societj (3), Treasurer (3); Pointa Cu (41; Junior Shori (3); Social Planning Council 111. 9 i £j Seniors . . . 1955 Jeannette i ASH Weaver, Raleigh: B.A.. Spanish Legislature (3); Dean ' s l-.-i (3, II: Honor Hull (I, J. I) ; Honor Board I ' ll: luni Idvisor (3); Sigma Delta Pi, Secretary (3) Preaident lit: Spanish Club, Social Chai ,„.,„ (3), Program Chairman (4); N.S.A., fravel Comm . (3); Le Circl. 1..,.,..,,- (3, I Frances Donez West, Franklin: U.S.. Business Education ANNE DeIEE WHITE, Greensboro; B.A.. English p,-„e !„,«,, (2, I li I it. ran Stan (3), Organisations Editor 111: StuJcnl Handbook (41 Dean ' s List (3); Section Leadei (1, I); Elliott Hall (3) j [ " own Students Organ in tion (4) ; Choir (1, 2, li : i ft I . i n.-. 3, n ; Weslej Foundation; Botany Club (2, 3, 4) I r.A. i ' ■ li Ircherj I lul - polita ib (2 I Dikean. D ' Orsay Cornelia White, Altamont; B.A., English JAMCE A. White. Lynehburg, Vu.; B.M.. Voice Pegcv Ann White, Kington; U.S., Home Economics Dean ' s I-i t (4); Ju i Idviaoi (3); [nterfaitfa Council (3); i ft I Student Fellowship (3, n. I I I Hall Enterta m Committee (3); Ho Club 11. - ' . -I. li : F.T.A. (4); Uetheian i.izabeth Ann Whitley. Knfi.l.l; U.S.. Business Educati, Alpha (3, 11; f.T. Patty Jewel Wilheim, Hooresville; B.A., Elementary Education Carolinian (2, 3); Dean ' s Lisl (3); Section Leadei Hi: 1 ft I » (1) ; Baptist Studenl Barbara Beam Wilkinson . Maiden; 11. 1.. Elementary Educatic House President I It : 1 . ,.!. , . . : Kill. .It Hall Chorus i :. 1) ; t ii il. 2, 3, II : F.T 1. Ill: X. lelphiai M una Lucille Will I lib. I.t Irl-ln ri ; B.A. . English William an.l Mar. (l) . Daii v Chain (2); F.T.A (4) Seniors . . . 1955 Mm iii i i i w iMBiaa -i.i , I, .,.,,: B.A., Prlmar} Education Ml. I.u-lmii.i: U.S., s,- i.iaruil t ' l; s ku VmSTSAD, W.iwl.lh II. I.. Prlmar) Education : BaptM - i .i„i. (2, I): Fayetleville; (.(.. Elementar} Edui JOYCE Ann WOODARD, Raleigh; «..•!.. EnglUh St. M.ry ' l College (1, 2); !).•.„, i Ll.l [«)j I ,nlerbu r I lob (3, I); FT fCUSTA Jean Wooih.ey, Colnmbia; B.S.H.E.. Borne Economics Uetheion; H I ,. . I lull (1, 2, S, 1) ; P.T.A. (3, li: l-ll Club (2, I hi Nancy Jean Wright, Landia; B.4.. Mathematics Nancy Jean Young, Smyrna. Ga.: B.4.. History lilaati Division, I imersilj ol Georgia (] . ■ : , ,. .. ;! .,, , ,, . ,, . ( , , ,,. Edith 1. Wi. Kowloon Tnng. Hong Hong: B.M.. Music Education MARY Myrtle HERRING, Towson. Md.; B.4.. Sociolne,? Vice-Preeidei I Sopboi isn: Iv Jn ' . Li t (3); Hoooi R..I1 (1, 2, 3); Fill! Board (3, I); Hoooi B....r.l (3. It; Slu.lrnl VUj ..r. Curriculum Committee 13. It; Funioi .!.,-.r i;i -.. cl. 4i : Sigma Dslu Pi 1.1. I Club 1.1. II; F.T.A. II ' ; Spanish dob (S itioo (4); Alpha Kaon ELIZABETH Sl ' RlTLI NANNBY, Charlolte; H.V. Secretarial Administration Alpha 13. II ; « JL ■ _j _ IV I j j Ebb ft Framd and Mary inn ftaitm a 1 1 |y Junior Show Junior Chiss 1955 I I.IWOIf MM! I IN No BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINKss. and nothing like the spirit (if oil I show as Jap-happy Juniors sang of the Woman ' s College of the U. of Titipu, a rollicking satire on Student Government in the manner of Gilbert and Sullivan. We were Sophistication in black jackets, and on our fingers were Mack rings rimmed in gold distinctive upper-classmen. Fall of I Til marked the end of our project to help a Korean girl through a Korean aid society, and our class officers and committees bustled about with plans to increase the treasury. Commercials did the dirty work in Junior rooms on J AC. Day, and we got together with our sisters for the first lime at the KIM..II Hall party. Junior Class Thi, U »n EDI CATION? First mi: i mi m m; was signing up for M UOR courses now E could talk aboul sociology, and primal-) education, and English, and history. Halls at night s ded like symphonies of typewriters and fluta- phones, and from the regions below drifted Btrains ol " Mar 3 had .1 little lamb. " With unlimited cuts in sight we spent wear) hours in the library, and looked toward the honors of Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Chain and ownhonorar) organization which would finall) be possi- ble. Suddenl] it was time for elections and we realized that Student Government leadership was our responsi- bilit) we could and would step into that empt) pair of shoes left b) the class of ' 55. We longed for a letter in thai dust) box, hungril) trudged to those eighl o ' clocks we thought Juniors didn ' t have, wondered whether this was the right major after all, and who had said Junior year was such a breeze. Finally spring came and music, moonlight and mood set off the Queen and her court at the Junior-Senior, adding more of those sequined memories to our scrapbooks of . C. We laughed, we played, we worked, we loved and the sear passed. ■•For Fifty-Six will rule! " proclaimed the rising Seniors in that blissful stale of security — the knowledge of one more year at W. C. before facing the fv iO t 4 J ; i a o ? fQ$9 y fir »▼» Firs Row: Beverl) dams, Asheville; Evelyn Warns, Henderson; Sarah Warns, Morganton; Eleanor ll,„. Shelby. »,■» „ , ' ,„ .■ Marietta Allen. Greensboro; Poll) Ulen, Charlotte; Doroth) Anderson, Washington; Nanc) n- drews, Durham. Third Row: Beverl) nnis. Chattanooga. Tenn.; Medora ,,,i Arnold, Elkins, W. Va.; J, .ami. ' Arrant, Brasstown; Joan Atkinson, Greenville. Fourth Row: Marx Edith Bagwell. Henderson: Carolyn Bain, Hickory; Carolyn Baldridge, Winston-Salem; Re- becca Daines. Lucama. FiftJi ll nt: Romaine Barnes, Lucama; Edurina Barnett, Durham: Sylvia K. Baty, Parrls Island. S. C; Mar) m. I ' .ainn. Mel I irk. Y V Sixth Row: Amaryllis Beasley. Henderson: Beverl) I. Beaufor, Burlington; Annette Keek. Morga n; Mar) Lou Becker, James tow a. Set enth Rou : Bert) H. Bell. Elizabeth Cit) : Marijane Beltz. Springfield. Mass.; Esther Benedict. Kingsport, Tenn.: (Catherine Biles. Maxton. Eighth Row: Grace Blanton. Hazelwood; Diana Blevins, Galax. Va.: LaVerne Blue. Mount Airy; Joan C. Bon- durant. Glyndon, Md. Vol Pictured: Frances tkin-. Lillington; Nanc) Birgel, ( Greensboro. - : Juniors ? f $© 1 V V? ' d ae FirslRow. Ellen Bonner, Raleigh; Gail Bost, Kannapolii Rebecca Bowen, Vsheville; Jean Bowman, Brown ' i -•,,„„ Row: Lois Boyd, Roanoke Rapids; Inne Brad- dock, Morganton; Elizabeth Bratton, Winston-Salem; Myrna Breitbart, Bloomfield, . I. Tin,, I Rou : Virginia L Breithaupt, M clair, N. I.; Nanc) Bright, High Point; Yvonne Britt, Lumberton; Martha Brooks, Gastonia. Fourth Row: Nancj Broome, Charlotte; Wii a Brothers, Elizabeth City; Faj Brown, Four Oaks; Orlando Brown, Boone. Fifth Row: Shirks) Brown, Selma; Paula Bruce, Atlanta, Ga.; Jean Bryant, Durham; Innie Pearl Buie, Bladen- Sixth Row: Uice Jewell Bull, Greenville, S. C; fea Marie Burgin, Charlotte; Barbara Burkett Iville Frances Burroughs, Reidsville. Seventh Row: Louise Butts, Halifax; Vnnie Blue Cam- eron. Raeford; Beverlj Campbell, Greensboro; Man Frances Campbell, Nichols Eiglah Row: Ann Carlton, Morehead City; Pauline Car- roll, Zebulon; Patricia Carson, Statesville; Colleen Carter. kernel s ille. Juniors First Row: Betsy Castelloe. Winterville; Alice Eliz. Caton. Concord; Margaret Clark. Greenville, S. C: Katherine Clay, Vilas. Second Ron: Peggie Cochrane. Arden: Ann Cofield, Eden ton; Sarah Jane Cole, Raeford; Carol Collier. Pike- Third Row: Poll) Condrev. Murf reesboro ; Carolyn M. Cooley. Charlotte: June Cope. Drexel; Shirley Council- man, Bonlee. Fourth Row: Faytie Cox. Moyock; Bonnaleta CoxwelL Roanoke, Va.: C Jane Crawford. Shelby; Mary Frances Crawley, Morganton. Fifth Ron: Sybil Crotts, Winston-Salem; Margaret Crouse. Thomasville: Mar Crouser. a nes i Hi ■ : 1111 Crymes, Oxford. Si ili Ron : Shirle Curran, Reidsville; June Curtis. Nor- wood: Barbara Daves. Lincolnton; Margaret Ann Davis. Seventh Row: Hilda Davis, Pikesville; Jessie Mac Davis, Wake Forest: Carol Dawson, (.oldslmro; Jane Deans. Eighth Row: Dottie Dixon. Monroe: June Dixon. States- x ill.-: Sudie Doggett, Bluefield. W. Va.: Dorothy Donald- son, Montgomery, W. Va. t I ' irlureil: Kinnia Costcllo. Richmond. Y; m " 3 k - 99 Juniors First Rou .- Beverly V Dorman, Daniel Conn.; Be Doughton, Sparta; Susan Dunham, Cary; Mar) Dunl Kerneraville, Second Row: Elizabeth Vnn Dunn. Leaksville; Janel Durham, Burgaw; Marj Wells Edwards, Chocowinity; lane Elliot, Gastonia. Third Row: Judith EUeson, Viken, S. C; Marx Faste Elting, Roanoke Rapids; Bert) Elzey, Robbinsville Myrde V. English, Maxton. Fourth Row: Doris Etheridge, Elizabeth City; Jean Eu- bank, Wilmington; Madge Evans, Greensboro; Mary Falls, Gastonia. Fifth Row: Bert) Felmet, Waynesville; Hattie Ferebee. New Rem: Sarah Ficquett. Dunn: Audrey Fisher. Durham. Sixth Row: Elizabeth Fisher, Fayetteville; Mariam Flake. Rockingham; Rita Fleishman. Fayetteville; Anita Fletch- er. Raleigh. Seventh Row: Jean Wright Fletcher, Wilkesboro; Edr Foustu, Mars Hill: Frances E. Fortune, Brevard: Edit Foster, Lexington. Eighth Row: Janet Frederick, Greensboro; Ebba Freund, Raleigh; (Catherine D. Friar. Rock) Mount; Martha Fulcher, Davidson. Juniors First Row: Man Lois Garrell, Clarendon; Frances Gene Garrett. Kisco, N. Y.; Ellen R. Garrison. Weaverville; Ruth Geieer, Greensboro. Second Row: Gladys Gelfman, Woodmere. N. ' l . : Jo Gillikin. Wilmington: Patricia Godwin. Wilson; Rosa Kelly Godwin. Wilmington. Third Row: Margie Goldman. Greensboro: Juanita Goode. Mt. Olive: Maxine Goodwin. New Britain. Conn.; Evelyn Goslen, Pfafftown. Fourth Row: Dixie Ann Graham. Elkin: Phyllis Ann Graham, Mount Ilia: Eugenia Green. Ramseur. Evelyn Greenberg, Greensboro. Fifth Row: Jacqueline Griffin, Arlington. Va. : Arlene Griset. Raleigh: Elizabeth (;ulstrom. Bromma. Sweden: Belmar Gunderson, rmy Chem. Center, Md. Sixth Row: Pegg Gunnell. Mount Airy; nna Hagan. ( harleston, S. C; Geraldine Hagan. Gastonia; Billie J. Hail. Rich Square. Seventh Row: Judith Hall. Springfield, Mass.: Leslie Hall. Oxford: Mary Allan Hardin, Wilmington; Joan Harlow, New Bern. Eighth Row: Ann Harrell. Suffolk. Va.: Nancy Harrill. Salisburj ; Sheila Harris. Greensboro: Janice Hartman. Summit. N. J. ol Pit lured: Johanna Gorter, Enka. £ f P Juniors First Ron ; Bett) tnn Haynes, ReidsvihV I arolyn Head, Matthews; Patricia Raye Hemphill, Vfarioi Herzberg, Norfolk, Va. Second Rou Sara nn Hickerson, Greensboro; • hristine Hill, Greensboro; Vnne Hill, Uioskie; Peggj tnn Hinton, Mounl Olive. A ft £ Third Row: nn Hoke, Morganton; Margarel Holland, Gastonia; Laura Marie Hopkins, Reidsville; Martha Carolyn Home, Fayetteville. Fourth Row: Rachel E. Hudson, Ramseur; nne Elease Hull. Charlotte; Coanne Isley, Graham; Patricia Jarrcll. Fifth Row: Kittj Jarrett, Thomas ville; Jerrj Hill Jenkins, Fayetteville; Helen Jernigan, Wilson; Natalie Johnston, Miiiirov illc. Sixth Row: Juan Carol Josack, Roanoke, Va.; Libbj Kaplan. Baltimore L5, Md.; Helen Karrass, Charlotte; Martha Kennedy, Vtlanta, Ga. Seventh Row: Virginia Kennedy, Vsheville; Margii Kenerly, North Wilkesboro; M. Lewis Kluttz Ubemarle: Esther M. Krasny, Danville. Va. Eighth Row: lll Kyriakides, Portsmouth, Va.; Roberta Lail, Charlotte; Mar) June Lance, iden; Uice Lenning, Vol Pictured: Claire Hum. Lexington; Marj Catherine Kirkman, Greensboro: Peag) Jean Lamb, Greensboro. Juniors First Ron: Lucinda Lanning, Graham: Mary J. Lassiter. Marion; Martha Jane Laughridge. Rutherfordton: Vir- ginia Lawler. Long Beach. Calif. Second Row: Vali Lazarr. Greensboro: Marjorie S. Leder, Whiteville: Betty Lee. Durham: Alice Harold Lee. Asheville. Third Row: Sybil Lcnnon. Bordman: Ellen Lewis. Dara- ville. Ga.: Frances Linville. Oak Ridge: Joyce Long. I! Mount. Fourth Row: Clarajo Lovett. Asheboro; Anna Kate Lov- ingood, Hendersonville; Nancj Lowder. Salisbury; Eliza- beth Luther. Winston-Salem. Fifth Row: Margaret Anne McArthur, Durham: J; McClung, Robbinsville; June McDuflic St. Pauls: Joai McGill. Fayettevillc. Sixth Ron: Pats) McGuire, Boone; Lucj Mclntyre, Red Oak: Marion McKay: Charlotte: Joyce McKinney, Marshall. Seventh Row: Nancy McLemore, Henderson: Nancy Mc- Whorter. Beulaville: Peggy Mabe. Stokesville: Debora Marcus. New York. N. Y. Eighth Row: Virginia Marshall. Jacksonville; Eleanor Martin. Kingsport. Tenn.; Ruth Mathews. Asheville: Helen Mavnard. Raleigh. Vol l ' i lined: Jean Little] obn, Charlotte: Gayle Mc- Mahon. Greensboro. 9$$$ o Jk 3 - i f 5 f 9 Juniors First Row: Jo Vnn Meacham, Raleigh; Mar) L Michal, Wayneaville; Mildred Miller, Sanford, Fla.; Emilj Milton, Ubemarle. Second Row: nne Misenheimer, Concord; Belt) n Mitchell, Denton; Nancy Mitchell, Charlotte; Sara Eliza beth Moore, Kinston. Third Row: Sara Moore, Whiteville; Louisa Mordi Raleigh; Marj Jane Moring, Greensboro; Bets) Mi son, Bethesda, Md. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Morton. Charlotte: Sandra Mot- singer. Taylorsville; Hope Murphy. Kinsale. Va.: Kenan Neese. Greensboro. Fifth Row: Caroline Neill, Charlotte; Carolyn Newsome. hoskie: Delia Carolyn Newton. Faison: Doroth) Obrop- la. Wenel. N. J. Sixth Row: Jane Olds. Venice. Fla.; Marion Osborne. Greensboro; Martha Shirley Osteen. Florence. S. C: Anna Lynn Owen. New Bern. Seventh Ron: Elsie J. Painter, Lincolnton; Doroth Parshall, Overland Pk.. Kansas: Helen Pate. Durham Patsy Ann Paulson. Raleigh. Eighth Ron: Margie Payne. High Point: Patej nn IVttit. Ml.emarle: Josephine Phillips. Hickory; Sail) Pickett, Blue Island, 111. Wot Pictured: Belt) Jean OTCelley, Candler; Mar) Towe Parker. Greensboro. a p t ? v irJ t Juniors First Row: Carol M. Pittard, Charlotte: Bettie Potts, Louisville; Marion Lois Prescott, Raleigh; Betty Proctor, Rocky Mount. Second Row: Sylvia Pullen, Rock) Mount: June Pulliam. Leaksville: Margaret Ann Quillen, Alcoa. Term.; Nancy Jim Oiiimi. Clemmon . Third Row: Ka Ramsey. Asheville: Glenda Ray. Win- ston-Salem: Cynthia Reed. Reading- Pa.: Pats) nn Reeves, Walnut. Fourth Ron: Shirk) Reid, Mayodan; Jane Reinecke, Fayetteville; Hazel Reilzel. Efland; Nanc) Reynolds. Baltimore, Md. Fifth Row: Bernie Roan, Cresco, Pa.; Bert) Rogers, Manteo; Marguenya Roope, N. Wilkesboro; Margaret Hose. Greensboro. Sixth Row: Eleanor Rosenberg, Port Chester, Y Y.; Juditli Ann Rosenstock. Baltimore. Md.; Carolyn Royal. Greensboro; Pat Rudman, Martinsville. Va. Seventh Row: nn Rutherford, Falls Church, Va.; Rose Samet, isheboro; Norma Saunders, Reidsville; Anna Marie Schulken, Wilmington. r.i lii i Run: Philomena Schuman, Hickory; Mar) E. Scott, Raleigh; Sail) Scott, Concord; E. Anne Scruggs. Charlotte. P ft f f f . $ f f f l £} 4 £1 3 If 9 f ni Pictured: Margaret L. Rose. Juniors ill. Lenoir; Mar) ii. Leaksville; Cvnthia First Row: l.n Second Rou Ma sherrill, Kannapol 5hope, Sanford. Third Rou : Belt) Winston-Salem; Ji Singleton, Visheville • ' ,.i , , Row: Marj Slaughter, Charlottesville, Va.; Bar- bara iin Sloan. Gastonia; Ruth Smart, Foresl City; Beth Williams Smith, Wallace. h. Marion; Laur Fijlh Row: Patricia L Matthews; Sarah Helen Draper. Sixth Row: Winifred Smith, Charlotte; Jane Sowers, High Point; Joan Sprinkle, North Wilkesboro; Nanc) Stafford, Greensboro. Seventh Row: Bertie Steelman, Hamptonville; Barbara SlcpliiMis. ( ' ai : Klizabetli Swain. Halt ' ijih: rnia Sxrrnii. Athens, Greece. Eighth Row: Stephanie Szold, Vsheville; Gloria Talbot, Winston-Salem; Mar) Talley, Randleman; Cvnthia Tay- lor, New Preston, Conn. VoJ Pictured: Martha Jane Snipes, Knoxville, Tenn. Man • Sullivan, Mount Olive. w- © f P ? ) © Juniors c 1 V p V V f a 5 •7 . A ' oh • Patricia Teague. Marion: Sybil Ann Terry. Douglaston, L. [., N. Y.: Gerotha Thompson, Mountain Park: Ann Thrower. St. George. S. C. Second Roic: Ann Thunberg. Fayetteville; Marv Jean Tinsley. High Point: Mary Trepke. High Point: Barbara mii Truett, Bryson City. Third Roto: Frances Turner. Staten Island. N. Y.; Pat Turner. Greensboro: Ruth Turner. Henderson: Delaina I nderwood, Burlington. Fourth Row: Patricia Vaughn. Greensboro: Mice Dillon Walker. Washington: Jane Walker. Laurel Hill: Patricia Wall. Burlington. Fifth lion: Mar) I). Watts. Stanle : Glad s Weinstoek. Winston-Salem; Barbara Weiss. Lawrence. N. Y. : Caro- l n Welch. Greensboro. Sixth Row: Mar) Evelyn Wellons, Selma: Mary Westray, Enfield; Rosemary Whitmire. Asheville: Elizabeth Wiese. Lenoir. Seventh Row: Ann Wilhelm. Boonville: Bonnie Williams. Last Bend: Mildred E. Williams. Newland: Nona Wilson. Polkville. Eighth linn: Shirk) Wilson. Rose Hill: Sylvia Wilson. Greenwich. Conn.: Alice Ann Winfield. Chocowinity; iieha W inkier. Lenoir. Not Pictured: Ellen Towne, Kingsport, Tenn.: Rebecca Jane Walker. Summerfield; JoAnn Thrower Walters. Rockingham. ) m Juniors First Row: Marj Wisseman, Greensboro; Vnnetle Wright, Elizabeth I itv. Second Rou [Catherine n,, right, I. Int..,,: Sylvia ,,n Wyrick, Gibsonville. Third Row: Wilma Yarborough, Sanford; Bert) Yea panis, Dillon. S. C. Fourth Row: Jean Young, Winston-Salem; Joyce Young, Charlotte. Fifth Run: Valerie Vow. Greensboro; Ruth Helen ' .,- § 1 Mcintosh So|»iioini rc 4 lass 1955 Hn.i.n,- i,i ii n,;: Autumn 1954 ushered in a new W. C. year of endless blue skies (or to be realistic — no rain). There was blue also in the thoughts of the sophomores — navy blue! Hurricane Hazel came and put an end to the drought, and the jacket salesman came and anything but ended our wistful thinking. Thanksgiving found us trying desperately to look sophisticated in our newly acquired navy blues while we pushed and twisted protesting suitcases and hat boxes into car trunks and bus racks. Wasn ' t it wonderful though, to walk down " home town street " with squared shoulders and proud hearts? Yes, the life of a sophomore has its proud moments, its ironic incidents, and its many hours of study. Who was the optimist who declared that after freshman year, all classes were " crips " ? Maybe we just took the wrong courses! At any rate, we learned a lot; and we really began to feel " at home " in classes as well as in the soda shop and in campus organizations. This feeling of belonging reached its peak, not on Monday, nor Friday, but on Rat Day. Of course we belong! The rat- told us so! They wore our blue and white, sang our praises, and scurried to do our every bidding. But we didn ' t devote our whole year ' s attention to studying books and rats. In the fall we made history when our gallant counterparts at Chapel Hill invited us over for the first ex- clusively sophomore dance between W. C. and U.N.C. Finish thai eight letter from Sophomore 4 ' hi In the month of Valentines, we each felt like the queen of hearts at our very own dance in Elliott Hall. The main colored lights reflected our scintillated excite- ment as we danced the week-end awa to the " week-day " music of the Soda Shop ' s juke box. Iii vears to come we will always remember those supreme moments of our Sophomore year. Yet. we will also remember those little things which made their claim to fame in smaller ways. Such events as moving down- stairs in Aycock, and the thoughts of meeting next year with our major advisors will glow in our memories when the lighted dance floor has lost its exciting sparkle. As we watched the red jackets march out of mass meeting for the last time we realized that next year we would play the second lead in the drama of Woman ' s College — in a setting of charcoal gray and navy blue. Our farewell to our sister class was to the familiar strain- of the Sister Song. For us. it meant " goodbye " for the first time. Looking hack, we can remember this, our Sophomore year at Woman ' s College, as one of the fullest and most rewarding years we ' ve ever known. During these nine months we have climbed a little higher on the scale of maturity, and we. the class of 1957, can look forward to our Junior year with confidence, and with hopes of achie ing the third quarter of our reasons for being here. T ifi ' « ». «!.. " imrallel rrmting " v.iii ' r.. „in s l i f y . , F £ f - . -5 » " 1 ' ll.K 1IMI Firsl Row, left to right: Frances bee, Johnsie Vbernethy, Joan icker- man, Elizabeth Adams, Sara Ubright, Norma Uderman, Jacquelyn Udridge, Marilyn Alexander, Gail 1 1 -... Second Row: Barbara Jane Mley, nn Almond, Helen Alspaugh, Betty Loyd Amis. Audrey Ander- son, Caroline Anderson, Mary Henry Arthur, Jo Ann Astor, Sallj husband, Jane C. ustin, Bess Bach. Third Row: Betty J » Bailey, Patricia Bailey, Mary Bell Baker, Martha Ann Ballard, Mata Barack, Joan Barnett, Dorothy Barrier, Mary Ann Bass, Shirley Bates, Margaret Beck. Sue Ann Bell. Not Pictured: Irene Abernethy, Alice Albert. Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: Ben Nita Black, Julia Mae Black, Marsia Powell. Joan Blanchard, Betty Jean Bland, Marilyn Blanton, Shirley Blanton, Linda Blayney, Marilyn Boston. Second Row: Joan Boyette, Sara Glenn Boyles. Sarah Bradford. Kathryn S. Bradley. Glenda Brady, Dorothy Breazeale. Joyce Breeze. Patricia Brendle, Geraldine Britt. Martha Lou Brookshire, Barbara Scott Brown. Third Row: Karen Bryant, Maharona Allen Bryant. Annah Barkley Buff. Nancy Ann Burke. Peggy La Vein Burke. Frances Burns. Jane Burn, Orlu Elaine Burns. Sarah Nan Burn, Beverley Carson, Rose Callahan, Mary Johns Cameron, Mary Lou Cameron. Not Pictured: Joanne Bennett. Susan R. Bennett. Eleanor Butler. Sophomore Class First Ron. left to right: Patricia Calvert Camp, Delia Canada, Jean Cannady, Janie Anne Cannon, Sarah Cannon. Virginia Carol Cardwell, Ann Carlson. Elizabeth Ann Carnegie. Second Roiv: Shirley Joy Car- penter, Cynthia Carttedgr. Jean Canble. Joanne Causey, Elizabeth A. Chapman, Patricia Chappell. Nancy Carolyn Chesson, Mary Ann Chil- ders, Betsj Muriel Clayton, Nancy Elizabeth Clayton. Nancy Alice Clayton. Sue Cochran. Third Row: Phyllis Cohen. Shirley Collins. Harriel Conrad, Mary Jo Conrad. Patricia Sarah Cook. Rebecca Sea- well Cooper, Mary Corpening, Josephine Couch. Nancy Little Coulter. Martha Elizabeth Crafton, Patricia Wrcnii Cramer, Ursula Ann Craven, Mm Coman Crawford. t Pictured: Jeoria Collins, Marjorie Cooper. First Ron. left to right: Diane Crenier. Doris E. Crews. Fiance- Crew-. Sylvia Crocker, Eleanor Crosley. Mona Rae Crotts. Barbara Culp, Rebecca Currin. Second Row: Carolyn Virginia Dalton, Erma nn Dance. Mattie Speight Danford. Adelaide Daniels. Evelyn Daniel-. Diana Morris Daire. Barbara Ann Davis. Barbara Evelyn Davis. Martha Ann Davis. Sandra Ann Davis. Mary Dillon Dawson. Third Row: Frances Deal. Linda Kay Deal. Therrv Nash Deal. Linda Deutsch. Agnes Anne Deviney, Cynthia Dietschi. Nancy Lane Dillard. Lorrerta Dillehay, Mary Ann Divine. Shirley A. Dixon. Nancy Jo Doggett. Vo Pictured: Dorothy Dail, Patricia Davis. PACE mi First Row, left to right: Caryl Mae Doll, Hilda Donaldson, Elinor Sara orsh, Margaret R. Dukes. Elizabeth C. Duncan, Julia Dunn. Sayde tunii. Susan Durham. Second Row: ddie Neville Early, Carol bin Cdmundson, Barton Edwards, Doroth) Jane Elder, Jane Elizabeth !lder, Mar) Elliott, Martha Ellis, Claudette Epting, Eleanor Evens, ,ucj Rhea Everette, Sylvia Evosevick. Third Row: Phyllis Carol Fair- cloth, Shelbj nnr Faircloth, Ina Farb, Bets) . Farmer, Mar) Virginia Fan-. Christine Feather, Shirk) Featherstone, Ruth Wilson Ferrell, Nanc) Fishel, Barbara Jean Fisher, nn J. Fitzhugh. Vo Pictured: Lois ime Duncan, Joan Elizabeth Eberenz, Joan English, Shera II. Feldman. Sophomore Class First Rote. left to right: La Vein Fleming. Nancy L. Flowe, Pauline R. Freeman. Sandra Freemen, Carolyn Frink, Barbara Ann Furr. Jacque- line Gabriel. Elizabeth Gantt. Second Ron: Sandra Garfinkel. M. Elaine German. Laura Gilliam. Leva Anne Gordon, Patricia Gorman. Willie Mae Graham. Sally Grant. Priscilla Anne Graper. Betty V. Gravitte, Carmen Greene. Margaret Elizabeth Greene. Third Row: Nancy Ann Green, Rose Marie Green, Sue Gross. Felice Guld, Edna Mae Guyer, Patricia Ann Hammond. Sylvia Hammond. Susan Hanes. Rachel Harel- son. Mary Hargrove, Mary Carol Harmon. Wot Pictured: Bert) Flinchum, Neal Fringer, Sarah Hall. Sophomore Class First Ron. left to right: Laetitia Harrer, Gwendolyn Harrington, Betty Harris, Rose Davis Harris, Elizabeth Ann Harris, Paula A. Harris, Virginia Ann Harris, Harriet Harrison. Second Ron: Shirley Anne Harrison, Carol Hatfield. Bettie Hawes, Caroline Hayes, Elinor Ann Hays, Bobbie Joan Helton. Carolyn Hendrix, Elmira Herring, Joan Hester, Margarel McLaurin Hester, Jean Hicks. Third Roie: Car olyn Jane Hill, Dorcas Hill. Una Jon Hix, Mar 5 Arlene Hobbs, Sara L. Holliday, Sandra C. Hollingsworth, Margaret Hopkins. Bettj Joyce Home, Peggy Jean Horner. Franco Hosley. Vol Pictured: Jane Harrell. Ann Bryan Hani-. Barbara Yvonne Harrison, Patsy K. Hefner. Patricia Ann Holton, Martha nn Home. First Row, left to right: Mollie irginia Hough, Carrie Allison Howell, Joyace nn Howell, Florence rlcwett, Martha Pearce Hoyt, Barbara Hudgins, Patricia Gay Huff. Alary Ward Huffman. Second Ron: Caroline Hume. Sara Humphrey, Betty Claire Hunt. Alalia Burgwyn Hunter. Joe Anne Hutchison, Virginia Hyatt. Mary Isabel Ingram, Mai Faye .lark-on. Elizabeth James, la ine Jarrett, Jerry Anne Jervis. Third Rmc: Mildred Anne Jessup, Betty Boyd Jinnette, Barbara John- son, Elaine Johnson, Alary Dell Johnson, Nancy Johnson. Greta Jones, Janie Gay Jones, Mary France- Jones, Shirk} A. Jones. Betty Jordan. ot Pictured: Anita Huffington, Margaret E. Humphrey, Jeannette Isaacs, Julia Jes sup, Emily F. Johnson. First Row, left to right: Lucille Ellen Jordan, Martha Sue Jordan, Shirlejo Keever, Barbara Jean Kelly, Nan Kelly, Ruth bin Kelly, Vnnie Hellen Kent Second Row: Barbara King, Shirley Gooch Knott, Mary Louise Kolk, Donna Carolyn Kurtz, Margarel Lachot, Lelia Jean Lamm, PatSJ Lamont, Lillian Lane. Mar) Fiances Laurence. Third Row: Shirk) Leary, Mary Louise Ledbetter, Dorothea Lee. Martha Legette, Jeanette Leonard, Louise Leonard. Norma Leu is. Genet Little, Poll) Gray Lloyd. Not Picture,!: Geraldine Kaplon, Nancy Keller, Elizabeth Ellen Lavinder, Patricia Alice Lentz. Sophomore Class First Roiv, left to right: Jacqueline Virginia Lone, Barbara Lowder. Lou Anne Lundy, Sharon Lupton. Sarah Lyday. Laura Lyle. Martha McBrayer. Margaret McCrary. Second Row: Patsy McDaniel. Mary Faye McDowell, Linda Ann McEvoy, Carolyn McCranahan, Ann Lyon Mcintosh. Catherine McLaughlin, Fay McLellan, Neill McLeod. Miriam May Macdonald. Jen Mackey, Mary Frances Mackie. Third Ron : Jane Elizabeth Maddison, Isabel Madry, Marguerite Adele Mann. Shirley Barbara Mann, Shirley Markham, Elizabeth E. Martin, Karen Martin. Kay Masterson, Shirley Matheson. Not Pictured: Patricia McCauley. Mary Frances McCracken. Betty Lou McGee. Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: Marie E. Mattingly, Catharine Hornsby May, Doris Winifred Medd. Mary Nell Meroney. Emily Michal, Sydney Millard. Gertrude Miller. Dolores Antoinette Mills. Second Row: Jane Carolyn Mills. Marilyn Lee Mondy. Charlotte May Money. Doris Jean Moore. Elizabeth G. Moore. Martha Ann Moore. Peggy Moore. Anne Dudley Morgan. Martha Anne Morgan. Jacqueline Ann Moser, Joan Moser. Third Row: Marion Louise Moss, Dorothy Lucille Mom tan. Mary Jo Myrick, Beverly Nance. Carolyn Nance, Rebecca Anne Neel, Marx Mine Nelson, Rose Marie Newton, Ina Janice Noble. Sure Norris. Sandra Norton. Ot Pictured: Bettj Ann Mitchell. Barbara Gail M e, Ruth Moskow, Leon Murphy. First Row, left to right: Pats) Ann Odom, Johnnye Oglesby, Sharon Eileen O ' Neal. Jane Orcutt, Patsy Nell Owens. Sara Park. Jewel M. Parker, Elizabeth Dean Parrish. Second Row: Julia Parsons. Marie Partridge. Helen Patterson. Thelma Payne. Undine Perry. Beryl Jean Peters. Rachel Pharr. Ruth Marietta Phillips. Jeannette Pittman. Joan Pitts. Third Row: Mary Frances Pohl. Mary Allen Poteat. Nathalie Ann Powlas. Barbara Price. Catherine Priest, Annie Lou Pugh, Betty Ann Rabil. Sibyl Radford. Francine Lee Ramsey. Not Pictured: Nancy Jo Paschall, Emily Lyndall Payne. Faye Payne. Sylvia Phillips. Georgiana Photinos. Barbara Joy Prago. Barbaree Prestwood, Shirlee Prestwood. PAGE 112 First Row, left to right: Man Sue Rankin, Joanne Rathman, Mary Ellen Reece, Margarel Reid, Barbara Robinson, Lillie Mar Robinson, Martha Sue Robinson. Second Row: Emilie Marie Rue, Barbara U s- sell, JoAnne Safrit, Margarel Sanders, Nellie Sanderson, June Claire Sarratt, Elizabeth Walker Sartin, Rita Satisky, Shirlej Ruth Scar- borough, Linda School ' . Sarah Seawell. Third Row: Caroline xme Sevier, Patricia Nan Sexton. Shirley Sherron, Anne Shields, Mar) Margaret Shipman, Jeanne Sillay, Ann Simon. Jobyna Smith, Kay Smith. Margaret Elizabeth Smith. Vol Pictured: Anne Roberts. Beverley Rosenbaum. Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: Marjorie Smith, Martha Elizabeth Smith, San- dra Summers Smith. Donna Lee Snyder. Carolyn Jean Somers, Jane Ross Sommers, Frances Speagle. Kay Speas. Second Row: Alice Sylvia Spell, Anne Spell, Shirley Louise Spivey, Dorothy Allen Stafford. Anne Stalvey, Eva Janet Stanton. Elisabeth Staines. Mary Miller Starr. Delores Stephens. Lucille Stephenson. Barbara Rita Still. Third Row: Nancy Stilwell. Shirley Ellen Stilwell, Betty Starling Stone. Virginia Giddens Stone, Josephine Strickland. Carolyn M. Strong. Johnsie Ann Sugg, Mildred Frances Sutton. Katie Swain. Carolyn Talbot. Margaret Tandy. Not Pictured: Elaine Spain, Patsy Swaim. Betty Van S ke . Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: Josephine Tanner, Eleanor Anne Tatum. Sadie Mae Taylor, Carolyn Lenine Teachey. Betty Fay Thacker, Frances Tharrington. Ann V. Thomas, Anne C. Thomas. Second Ron: Molly Kate Thomas. Joan Thompson. Joyce Tilley, Marjorie Joan Tillman. Anna Tilson, Helen Gore Trader, Sara Jean Trent, Barbara Lea Tucker. Toaksie Tucker, Elizabeth Tuggle. Third Row: Evelyn Turlington. Joyce Anne Turlington, Margaret Virginia Tyson, Joan Van Sise, Chrisoula Velonis, June Carolyn Vick, Katherine Ann Waldroup, Martha Wallace. Nell Rose Wallace. Martha Watts. Not Pictured: Carolyn Ann Thomas. Lois Thompson. Carolyn Walke, Marjorie Ward. Sally Falls Watson, Sally Vinton Watson. First Roic. left to right: Margaret Welch. Cynthia Ann Weld. Doris Westbrook, Frances Westmoreland. Kate Wharton, Adelia White, Bettie Lu White. Weeta White. Second Row: Virginia Mason Whitley, Anne Whitlock, Lee Dorothy Wieland, Nancy Wilkerson, Carolyn Wilkie, Mary W. Wilkinson, Blanche Williams. Jewell Williams, Sue Williams. Mary Saunders Williamson. Mary Barbee Winchester. Third Row: Virginia Winner, Elizabeth Carol Winston, Kathryn Woodard. Ann Woody. Anne Mae Wooten, Martha Ann Worley, Nancy Jan V rick, Donna Yancey, Jean Yelton, Martie Yow, Betty Jean Zachary. Not Pictured: Joan Roslyn Wernick, Mary Catherine White, Patricia Ann Willis. Margaret Vivian Wyatt, Jane Zager. PiGI 111 " This library hat everything in it— there mutt he a million I Freshman Class . . . 1955 Combine: 1 set of l)iitterHie I the kind one has before such occasions as the Elliott Hall Ball or one ' s first exams). 1 re- curring case of home sickness, endless numbers of letters to relatives and friends at home, the excitement of that first week- end at Chapel Hill, with: a fantastic network of rules and regulation;-, a million and one themes, recitations, and vocabu- lary lists, the realization of how ver much there is to learn. and there before you. you find a generous helping of the excite- ment ot freshmen year at W. C. C3 IP l II I -MINI i what vi: i; oub freshman mEAB has been ! We have studied and " crammed, " but we have also had fun and lots of it. Freshman year is not half so bad when you are at a school Like W. C, and we found it out in short order. Uler we had learned the ropes ( i.e.. how main minutes it takes In get from the dorm to Meher if one i late: the shortest route to the post office from any point on campus; that one must sign a white permission slip to go away lor a week-end — or is il a green one?), became acclimated to our new surroundings and aeeustomed ourselves to the fact that we were going to have to reallj buckle down and study, we found time to begin taking part in the many wonderful extra-curricular activities in which we were offered a chance to participate. First we had some catching up to do. We were without a class -ong. without a motto, and without officers. Undaunted and unruffled we soon chose our leaders, selected a motto, and would upon the slightest provocation unite in a vibrant rendition of our newlv written chanson. The animals on I mi m her ll., girls ill this house HK.m B Rk That book has Freshmen We were now all set, or at least so we thought. The sopho- mores did not agree, however, and made their point by pro- claiming " Rat Day. " You do not begin to realize just how many upper classmen there are until you start dodging and kowtowing to them on " Rat Day. " Getting a good attendance at class meetings was our downfall. It always seemed so hard for all of us to gel there. In our effort to stimulate attendance we decided that the three dorms having the smallest number of girls present at the meetings would have to give a party for the rest. As a result Shaw, Coit, and Jamison threw a wonderful party right be- fore we all headed homeward for the Christmas holidays. During exams we chose as our class project, to set up booths in the dorms to sell food. A very enterprising under- taking which was not only fun but quite lucrative. While we attended many all-school functions throughout the year, April was a big month because on the 16th we had our big freshman dance followed by the University Sermon on the morning of the 17th. It was our freshman week-end, and it was wonderful. K THE ERESIIMVN COMMISSION . . . lh h.-lp to solve our problei Sue Mackey, Barbara Burroughs, Sue Slgmoa, Harriet Hard. .Second J Smith. Nelda Cobb. Judv It.irch, Mickie » h.lun. und Jane Marlelte. Jan.- Draper, ..rri For the class of ' 58, freshman year is all over. And as we look back over this, our first year as college women, we can smile a bit indulgently as we recall the sad droop of our tails on " Rat Day, " that feeling of uncertainty which so en- veloped us during our first few weeks here, the terror of our first final exams, and the proverbial " Freshman Blues. " We have lived through it all, and we feel very proud of the way we came through it. Nothing will ever replace our memories of freshman year, but we eagerly await to add to these, recollections of future years at W. C. The nnintnl (ruts I jterform for " Four letters and a package n Reckon she ' ll erer pass that Traffic jam at 10:30 first m i rail . Jli r.. f ' .r.t Roic, e l (,» right: Margaret Ellon Abernathy. Belle Mae Adams. Belt Dole Adams. Marilyn Adams, Patricia Addison, Josephine Albert. Ann Elizabeth Alexander. Jessie Alexander. Janet Dean Allen. Joanne Dexter Allen. Marjorie Allen, Romalda Joyce Alligood. Second Roir: Joyce Ann Alston. Stella Anderson. Joan Elizabeth Asay, Joan Ash. Suzanne Atchison. Mary Margaret Alwell, Harriet Alwell, Linda Aycoek, Nan .rs. Raoula Smith Bach. Sarah Baldree, Carolyn Faye Baldwin, Edith Balentine. Third Roic: Anne Elizabeth Bardin. Betty Anne Barker, Pace Barnes. Katharine Barringcr. Bedie Beth Barrow. Jennie Lee Bartletl. Gloria Alcyone Bass. Joan Phyllis Bass, Jean Baleman, Elizabeth Barefoot, IS ' anry Bales. Paislev Beall. Jennie Lynn Beaver, Shirley Beaver. Fourth Rote: Jo Faye Beddard, Tilsa Beleos. Bellv Sue Benton. Lorelta Berlin, Marv Elizabeth Berrier, Arville Patricia Bishop. Cvnlhia Bivins. Eva Bix. Vo» Pictured: Vaughn Adkisson. Janet Agnew, Beverh Bates. Vicki Beddoea. Freshmen Jean Beryl Black n n, Ann Foster Blev larv Howard Bower ray Bradshaw. Jane Lee Hr; First Roic. left to right: Cecilia Ann Bla Calholeen Blankenship. June Bla Boger. Dorolhv Ann Bouldin. Second Rou belli StOWC Braddv. Pfancj Bradfield, Poll Mary Miles Bridges, Been Rut Louise Brougham, Barbara G; Gayle Brown. Lou Anne Brumley. Sara Buford. Judith Maria Burch. Millie Burch. Jo Ann Burge. Fourth Roic: Mary Ai Burke, Annie Maude Burns, Barbara Louise Burroughs. Joy Burwell, Belly Jean Busby, Claudelte Butler, Patricia Ann Bull. Janice Virginia Butner, Glenda Cabra Caldwell, Sandra Carole Caldwell. Shirley Frances Call, Lynn Margaret Callahan. EInti i Blackwelder. pvins. Betty Bio Bowman. Annette Boyetle. Patsy Boyle, Eliza- irlene Beverly Bravers, Joyce Worth Bridgers. Brigmon. Billic Rose Brill. Third Rote: Margaret Estelle Brills. Elizabeth Ann Brooks. Betty rown, Anne Brown. Elizabeth Ann Brown. Jacquelyn Brown. Mary Clayton Brown. Ouida Mattie Pictured: Ca Bryant. w , □oner DD[j]DC r r« Rom, left In right: Clair.- Cannon, Marjoric Klla Canterbury. Patricia J. an Cardcn. Mela arlli.n. Jan. I arp. nl.-r. Mar, Jan.- Carroll, Salli.- Ann Carroll, Mary Miller Carson, D.»ri» Caynell Carsw.ll, Mary Jan.- Carter, Sarah Elizabeth i arter. .... ..( ' .... • Carrie V,,,,,,,,. Cartwrighl. Betty Sue Cash, Anne Posey Calhev. Bertie Diannc Caul.ler, Emily Chagri.. Nellie Or. Ha Chalmers, Tini It... Chambers, Anita Love Chandler, Nancy Childress, Janelle Iris Church, Betty Sue Clark, Shirley Kenned] Cloningcr. Colli,. Third Roic: Nancy Alice Coekerham. Delphine Jeunelle Corhrane. Mescal inn Co.-. Joan Carol Coltrain. Barbara Cone. Fmna Conn, Edith Margaret Conrad, Violet Carleen Cook, Barbara Marian Cooper. Wilmi la,.- Cooper, Harlan Weeks Cornelius, Claire Coston, Carolyn Anne Cotehell, Joan Ellen Collen. Fourth Roic: Cynthia Sue ..urine,. Kalherine Covington, Martha Lee Cox, Mildred Ardella Coxe, Frances Elaine Craft. Joanna Carol Crawford. Imogen.- Small Creech, .l. Mil. Crou.-li. Nancy Carol Crowell, Shirle, Crnmpacker, Carolyn Cnneo, Mar, Rue Dallas. Juanita Bora nn e Dark. Florine Vnlha Davenport, Barbara Jean Davis, Carolyn Davis. Vol Pictured: Joanne Cause,. Winnie Rebecca Coslello. Julia Ann Crater. Mrs. Julia Elizabeth Crosby. Freshmen First Rim: left to right: [telle Davis, Carrie Naomi Davis. Mary Louise Da, is. Vine, Elizabeth Da,i-. Norm., Say re. II.,,.-. Joyce Dayvault, Mildred Joan Dean. Reberra Louise Dealon, Evelyn Beatrice DeHart, Carol Evelyn Demmon. ar..lwi 11. n. rick Denny, Phyllis Josephine DcYoung. .Second Role: Margaret Louise Dial. Marian Lou Dickens. Jan.- Vrulr.w- Dickson, Sybil Dickslein. Rebecca Ann Dixon, Cayle Marie Dohson, Laura Frances Doby, Irene Dodson. Judith Docker,. H.I... . , lurn-r Houghton. Edna Bruce Dowdv. Gail Garnelt Downer, Janie Draper. Third Roir: Johnnie DuFour. Margaret Roger. Dunlap. Janet Dwyer, Mary Lou Earnhardt, Patricia Anne Eason, Jalna Dawn Eaton, Doris Jean Edward-. Mar, Vnn. Ehle. Carol Sue Edwards, Martha Wilson Ellington. June Eudv, Adele Frances Evans. Dorothy JoAnn Eians. fourth Rote: Rhoda Pearl Evans, Nancy Lee Everett, Nanev Carolvn Everhart, Blanche Elizabeth Ewell. Diane Fary, Erna Jane Feldman. Cladyi Elisa- beth Ferrell. Lois Janet Finch, Kav Frances Fish, Rita Franklin. Rebekah Fitzgerald. Virginia Forehand. Joan Forester, Mr-. Reva Ingram Fortune, Svlvia Fowler. Vol Pictured: Patricia Davis. Vivian Elizabeth Davie, Sandra Farmer. first Rote, left to right: Nancv Green, Frances Haynes, Margaret Jewell Head, Helen Heck, Margaret Palriria Helgeson, Janice Louise Hepler, Madeline Gail Herman. Rebecca Hester, Wanda Faye Hester, Mar. Anne Hill, Christine Hines. Anne Hinkle. Second Row: Peggy Christine Hinson, Harriet Hodgin. Sara Elizabeth Hogue. Jane Hoke, Joyce Holland. Virginia Holmes. Sybil Oveda Holshouser, Carolyn Jean Hon, Martha Jo Hopkins, Harriet Hord, Rachel Marie Howell. Peggy Lee Hubband. Anna Neese Huffine, Beltv Carolyn Huffman. Third Row: .Norma Jeanne Hughes. Barbara Jean Hunter. Phyllis Joan Hutrhins, Theresa Ann Hyatt, ' Dorothy Anne Jackson, Gladys Jacobs, Claire Jacoby, Jo Len Jamerson. Phyllis, Jefferies, Mary Douglas Jenkins, Patricia Jenkins, Nancy Ray Jernigan. Patricia Jernigan, Dagmar Johannessen. Dorothy Jane Johnson. Fourth Row: Edythe Viola Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson. Grayce Arnette Johnson. Lillian Ashton Johnson, Mary Tew Johnson, Wilma Grayce Johnson. Sara Jo Johnston, Norma Elizabeth Jones, Patricia Ann Jones. Frances Jordan, Marjorie Faye Jordan. Cecilia Justice, Sondra Kalfin, Yvonne Kalman, Janet Kauffman. No Pictured: Mary Jo Hippie. Martha Jester. Freshmen Firtt Rote, left to right: Julia Ann Fox, Carrie Freeman, Gloria Friedman, Jean Adelaide Fuller. Barbara Ann Funderburk, Sylvia Irene Galloway, Joy Gann. Carolyn Gardner, Nancy Carol Garner, Emily Sue Garrett, Elizabeth Lore Garvie, Mary Arnold Garvin. Second Row: Carolvn Gaskill, Ann Scherer Gaskin, Ann Beverly Gates, Joan Hassell Catling. Christine Dale Gentry, Julia George, Janet Gibbs, Katherine Giles, Mary Winfield Gilmer. Gloria Gilmore, Suzanne Bell Glenn, Flora Belle Glover, Julia Anne Godwin. Third Row: Dorothy Joan Goode, Evelyn Hope Goode, Judith Carol Goodman. Cordelia Ellen Good- night, Peggy Jean Grady, Alma Eleanor Graham, Barbara Ann Green, Carolyn Green, Patricia Greer, Patricia Ann Griffin, Meda Cash Grigg, Joan Marie Griggs, Gail Grineff, Morah Patricia Grubb, Freida Louise Hagan. Fourth Row: Voye Jacqueline Hailhcock, Anne Hamor, Jane Mitchell Hammond, Rubv Lucille Handlev, Olivia Lee Handv, Reba Hankins, Joyce Evelyn Hannah. Martha Ellen Harbison, Ann Hardin, Elizabeth Wave Hardy. Barbara Catherine Harris. Ellen Douglas Harris. Nancy Louise Harris, Wayne Frances Hart, Rebecca Louise Hatcher. Hot Pictured: Nancy Iona Green, Linda Charles Griffin. sir M ]QDC[ IIDI1LC Fi ' r«f Roir, left In right: Nancy Jean Kearns, Mary Ann Kennedy. Barbara Jean Kcnnerly, Ccnclda Sue Kepley, Myrtle II. .n- Kern, Mary Elizabeth Killinn, Elizabeth Ann King. Arline Kirkpatrirk. aney Lee hi-.r. Phyllis Gertrude ki«ll.r. Seconal Kme: Barbara Kleinert. Marlene Carole Klutt, Carole Knight, Toby Ely Koeh, Ann Jackson kolk. Barbara l.aMar. Genera Kathryn Lambert, Joy Lambert, Stella Lambeth, Sara Lancaster. Elizabeth Lane, Sue Carolyn Lanning, Mary Fenton I ,r-...,. Third Roir: Carole Lavine. Anne Everelte I.each, Edna Lee Lennon. Martha Leonard. Nancy Rose 1 sard, Mar] Ruth I . -. -n. Alice Lilcs, Mary Martha Louise Lineberger, Janice Claudine Little. Emily Ann Livingood, Frances Helen I ing. Mary Ruth l ong. Sandra Jean Love. Evelyn Lowe. Fourth Row: Mary Ann Lucas, Betsy Carroll Lyon. Betty Ruth MrBroom. Julia nn MrCa.kill. I ' atsy Joan McClung, Dorothy MrCnnnell. Doris June MeCraw, Julia Ann McDonald. Bobbi Jean MeGuire, II., Gre] Mrllwcan. Jo Mary M. Inturfi, Barbara Lee McKeown, Margaret Ann McPhaul. Joyce McRorie. Joyce Thelma Mac,-. „i Pictured: Panla Lachman, Rosa Jean Little. Freshmen Fir.t Roir. left to right: Anita Jean MacKay. Sue Caldwell Mack... all. Gloria Anne Maready, Jane Davis Marlette, Katherine Carter Marsh, Ann Sandra Jane Martin. Second Rote: Carol Ann Matheson, Phyllis Ann Maultsb . Jennie Margaret Meador, Christina Mecca, Nancv Amanda Meiggs, Marianne 1 Gladys Evelyn Miller, Norma Faye Mills, Mary Lewis Mims. Jean Lea Mincer- ' Jane Minor. Natalie Evelyn Moel, Sandra Adeje Monti, Barbara Jane Moore. Jin- Bland Moore, Patricia Anne Morris, Susie Morrison, Margie Ann Moseley, Ett Mulvey. Fourth Rote: Rebecca Frances Murray, Carole Ann Nance. Marilyn Neeri Newton. Clenda Noble. Nancv Noble. F.sta Mae Nobles. Mar. Louise Noice. Margaret loanne Elizabeth May, Patty Lour Mayne. izabeth Merrill, Virginia Julien. Metiers, u ' rrf Rote: Carolyn Steigcr Minogoe, Mitzi Moore, Katharine Fatio Moore. Margaret Mozingo. Celia Mae Mullen. Jane Bolton lan, Carole Hope Neuman. Mary Josephine Suzanne Mold, Frances No,.. . Man (.1. n Nor- .111 No ... :, Now. II. yn Norpoth, Mar inn ,klc ot Pictured: Pall. Ann Mumford. SrX Roic. left to rig il: Sylvia O ' C.mnell. Sylvia V Conner, Nancy Lee l, Mary Phyllis Pake. Judith Ann Parker, Ruth Parks. Norma Jean Parrish, G Patterson. Second Roic: Peggy Doris Palton, Shirley Pearman. Evelyn Brads Peter. Elaine Marie Peters. Barbara Petrohoy. Atha Geraldinc Pfaff, Elo tr, Patlie Winifred Pitlman. Barbara Pontsler. Third Roic: Jennie Rae Pope, ter, Yvonne Louise Potts. Is. Caroline Morton Osborne. Shirlev Ann a Elizabeth Pasehal, Phyllis Passes. Carey » Pennev, Bettv Catherine Penny. Mary Phillips. Jacqueline Pickard, Noel Faye rginia Pope, Lucia Marie Porcelli. Peggy Ann Poteat, Jacqueline Poller, June Yvonne Potter, Yvonne Louise Potts. Alice Rose Powell. Eleanor Powell, Helen Rose Press- ley. {Catherine Preslwood. Loise Amelia Privelle. Nella Purringlon. Martha Doub Rainey, Barbara Wray Rankin. Fourth voir: Jan Rankin, Barbara Rash. Mary Alice Kaulerson. Carolyn Marie Rawls. Annie Frances Rayle, Linda Recce, Martha Anne Reid. Suzanne Elizabeth Rexrode. Eleanor Reynolds, Helen Ann Rich. Nora Gertrude Richards, Dorothy Richmond. Nancy Lee Rickey, Carolyn Riddle, Charlotte Ridinger, Mary Ellen Rierson. Not Pictured: Annette Elizabeth Palton. Freshmen Nancv Pamelia :..-... i ■ i.i Betsv Ryals, Minnie Firnt Roic. left to ripht: Louise Robertson, Mary Bartram Robeson. Nancy Sue Robincttc, L. Robinson. Bettv Anne Roper, June Parker Roland, I em... Elizabeth Rose. Elaine Marie Rose. Leila Marl V.m. Ross. Patricia Ross. Second Ko.r: Relda Shirlene Roysler. Eleanor Mae Rutty. Phyllis Runyon. 1 Virginia Sabiston, Eloise Saunders. Eunice Delores Saunders. Louise Sidney Saunders. Jane Crouell Sawyer. Virginia Vnne Scar- borough. Shirlee Scerry. Ann Ruth Scheidt, Adelaide Schnell. Third Roic: Haryce Schoenzeit, Marilyn Scolt, Ann Margaret Scripture, Annette Jean Shaw, Christine Shaw, Sylvia Shelton. Quinelle Shipp. Patriria Jane Shore, Sarah Frances Shuping, Ruth Sides, Daralie Jovce Siegcl, Hazel Sue Sigmon, Rochelle Simon. Betty Sue Simpson. Joanne Sink. Fourth Rote: II. .-. I... Sara Sklut. Marv Jane Smilev, Alice Robioux Smith. Beltie Jeanne Smith. Charlene Ruth Smith. Clifford Smith. Gerri Smith. Janet Smith, Jovce Ann Smith. Margaret Elizabeth Smith. Millicenl Smith. Ouwatha Valentine Smith. Zadah Jayne Smith. Sir Kf MM ]DDC[ :iD fil GC Urn Rote, left t„ right: Kll.-n Sp.-ilman, Betty Loui»c- Splawn, Helen Wright Spronl, Evonne Sufford, Marfan! Diana Stampley, Dorothy Ann Stanley, Jessie Ann Stanzel, Gail Steacy, Frances Pauline Slob-. Marilyn liarbara J..n. Stewart. Second Rote: Joan Stockman, Amelia Louise Stockton, Miriam Storey. Susan Caroline Stout, Franc,-. So-Other, Itilli. Joan Slubbleiield. Kay Sullivan. Rebecca Josephine Swain, Peggy Byrd Swarington, Patricia nri Swart, PriadOa Swindell, Ikev Kllen Tarlclon, Betty Joyce Taylor. Third Rote: Dor,, ill, Marie Tailor. Nancy Levada Taylor, Diana Nona Teg,,.-. J....I, Kathleen Tcague, Doris Jan.- Teeter, Jane Terrill, Nancy Elizabeth Tharrington, Martha „„ -lia [ho in.,-. Sail} Lonlat Ih. .,,,.,.. Sara Thompson, Shirley Ann Thompson, Sarah Gail Thrower, Evelyn Anne Tic,-, Margaret f „„r i („i . Margaret Tim- merman, Ann Mae Toler, Joan Carol Torgescn, Elizabeth Preol Townscnd, June Trollinger. Sandra -Miiilli Tucker. II. I,,,.., Raj Turner, Ruby Shirley Turner. Cynthia Tynuck, Shirlc, Tyner, Laura Seal I ndcrwood. Fli ah, -lb I ,lc. Ku llenr. aughn Inn Vol Pictured: Carolyn Sue Stegall. Belli,- Jane Unchurch, Hemic- Yvonne irkre, . Hr.-t Rot., le t to right: Julia Sprague Voorhis, Leltie Sue Waddell, Hilda ?: lace, Jo Ann Waller, Flora Sue Walton, Nancy Marie Walton, Mary Ann Ward. Mary Irene Waters. Second Rote: Lorette Lee Weatherly, Kalherine Anna Sarajane Weinatein, Barbara West, Jane Graves Warlon, Rose Evelyn Whirl Kalherine Aycock White, Peggy Mae While. Virginia White. Third Rote: Gra Phyllis time Whitley, Sylvia Elaine Whillev. Sara Lou Kalhryn Williams. Sylvia Joan Williams, Ann William Koir: Jacqueline Marcia Wolfsohn, Inez Woodward, Jo Walker Yelton, Suzanne Yerman, Martha Lee York. Eliz Louise Yow. ,Yol Pictured: Nancy Kalherine Woodard. Freshmen rtha Jean Walker. Jacqueline Ma, W al- tregan Warren, Sarah Patricia Warren, ancj We r. Beryl Ann Weclrwerth, ant Whelan, J.,11,11, Eliiabcth While. W hiti-liur-l. Emma Sydney W hilencr. e W hillock. Sandra Brewer W ilkerson. Jean William-. J., Vim on, Miriam Wilson. Yvonne Wilson. Margaret Ann W ink), Anne Wooaley, Ann Carolyn W.lie. Margaret Howard Ye belh Ann Young. Palricia Carolyn Young. Polly MozeUe ,.u fourth KRANCES PERM S Commercial Class 1955 We, the white jackets, had the unique distinction of being freshmen and seniors in the same year. First semester we faithfully trudged into our rooms at seven-thirty, but second semester, that was a different matter! Outside our hall were cars and men, for now we could date while our " former " equals — the freshmen — had their study hours. We knitted socks and made stoles — in the hours we weren ' t typing, or accounting, or transcribing. Looking back, though, it wasn ' t so bad. after all. We were the class of the traditional song — the class of only two halls. In Hinshaw and Kirkland. we found friends we never will lose — and in class we became competent and efficient secretaries, prepared for a bright future in the world of business — or marriage. At first it was hard to adjust. Soon, though, we began to take the strain of an 8 o ' clock, the tension of tests, and the restrictions of the hand-book in stride. We became a part of this little world to itself, and the things we had once feared and dreaded became a part of the past. Forgotten were the unpleasant moments — supreme were the times that set apart this year as a special one filled with pleasant surprises and fruitful promises. kirkland j enjoy that nice front porch. ho y M 3? R i retting something besides the " three R s l ' C.K 12H Comme ■• « • i a I Class September we moved into the hall never having Been SO main lieu faces. isiting around we soon found. though, that here were girls who were essentially the same as llie ones we haled to Leave in our home towns. The month passed (after thai hilariously rushed week of orientation ) and there we were in the midst of Octo- ber with grades flying in this way and that. Earl) November found us. complete with wrong-side-out clothes, doing the biddings of our Junior Si ters. and tapping it oil with a party in Elliott Hall. November was big in another way, too, for that was the month of maroon-trimmed while jackets. Weren ' t we proud as we ran through the dining hall shouting. " All hail, hail to W. C " ? With pride we showed them off, casually, we hoped, in our home towns over Thanksgiving. Then we were hack — W. C, studies, and more closed nights. But we blinked our eyes, and lo! and behold! the eighteenth of December was upon us and Christmas holidays just beginning. Two weeks of parties, dates, and ceaseless talk. Hut it ended, and we were again back at W. C. What a difference though! So many girls seemed to have flashlights on the third finger, left hand. Now June weddings were the topic on the weekday- agenda for gossip sessions. Ten day exams — remember? And then another holiday. Between semesters — could you believe it? But it was. and half our time at Woman ' s College was gone. We took our place, with relief, as upperclassmen, with all the privileges it meant. Time flew as it had first semester, and before we knew it, it was spring holidays — a time for more rest, fun — and a time for wedding planning. Oh, what a time we had!! And we came back as seniors! Butterflies fluttered in many a stomach as we thought of certificates and diplomas in accounting or shorthand. The time would be here soon enough, we figured, and we plowed merrily on our way through volumes and volumes of forms and briefs and problems. At last May came, with finals and notices. We had made it! We were distinctive college women — pre- pared for the demands that would be made for us — and we were proud. We were proud of what our being here had meant, in growth and knowledge, and we were proud and humble in saying that we truly owe to the WOman ' s College of the University of North Carolina our " love and loyalty. " A quick game of bridge before dinner To Avcock Jo,e Greco « First Row, left to right: Mary Blohn Aldridge. Sally Daniels Alford. Rebecca Allen, Bobbie Rae Allred. Joan Arrington. Joanne Ashley. Mary Ann Austell. Judith Bar- dent Avers. Commercial Class Second Row: Patricia Jane Ball. Margaret Barnhardt. Sallie Ann Bartholomew. Jo Ann Beasley. Rosemary Beck. Mary Ella Beeson. Barbara Ruth Black. Sarah L an Black. Third Row: Ann Bovven. Peggy Ann Brannock. Nancy Jane Brown. Marilu Burch. Hazel Burris. Ann Burton. Barbara Ann Byrum. Shirley Elizabeth Caddell. Fourth Row-: Wilma Campbell. Jacqueline Carlton. Dana Vee Carson. Pegg Joyce Clark. Fleta Eugenia Cloyd. Barbara Ann Cobb. Shirley Jean Collins. Alsie Jean Comer. Barbara Ann Conner. Joanette Conner. Not Pictured: Mary Edna Apple. Betty Louise Bledsoe. Donna Clark. First Row, left to right: Retta Elizabeth. Ann Marsh Cornelison. Edith Josephine Cox. Shirley Ann Cox. Tommye Cox. Barbara Ann Cranford. Anna Louise Crayer. Second Row: Carolyn Yvonne Creech. Mary Bernard Crowley. Mary Helen Davis, Romona Sue Da is. Nancy Carolyn Denny. Rebekah Dickerson. Bobbie Dickson. Gail Douglas. Third Row: Betty Dunlap. Helen Dunlap. Julia Edwards. Mary Ellington. Ruth Ann Evans. Carole Eyerleigh. Virginia Faison. Fourth Row: Kay Felton. Faye Merita Flinchum. Dorotln Fowler. Ferri Christine Freeze. Frances Jane Fulchur. Jane Gerringer. Margaret Shirley Giles. Jean Carol Goins. Ann Gray. Not Pictured: Amy Coxe. Ruth Culbreth. Helen Dayis. Darlene Dickerson, Frai Eline. Helen Marie Fields. First . ' " ». left to right: Nona Harding, Dew Harding, Patricia [o Harrison, Hartman, Neaie Crystal Haate, Suzanne Hawkins, Sophie Hedrick Jo n,, II, Second Row: Bettj Jean Herring, Shirlej Hereon, Nancj Hilliard, Uice Hollid Susan nn Home, Corlene Horrell, Barbara Howell, Frances Eloise Hughes. Third Row: Helen Blondell, Joan Marie Ivey, Barbara Jarrett, Sue Jarrett, Edith , Johnson, Sarah Vann Johnson, Jo n„ Johnson, n„ Wrighl I a, Frances Eliz Fourth Row: Jeanette Jones, Margaret Jones. Nancy Ward Jones, Arm Julian. Frances Kc . Carolyn Sue Kin;;. Jewell ka Kin;;. Rachel king. Carolyn Sue Lambeth, Loretta Lawson. Commercial Class Pictured: Patsy Jones. First Roir, left to right: Louise Leh, Bette Jean Lewis. Elizabeth Linker. Barbara Lisk. Barbara Jean Little. Jackie Long. Joyce Long. Second Row: Joan McCall. Barbara Gray McCombs. Anna McDonald. Shirlene McGill, Sarah McKinnon, Jean McLean. Joann Manning. Hilda Marks. Third Row: Evelyn Martin. Mary Jo Mears. Joan Lee Mixon. Frances Monnett, Martha Emma Moon. Sandra Moore. Garrett Morrow. Martha Leigh Moxley. Fourth Row: Bonnie Jean Mullinix. Deanna Neel. Norma Newton. Shirlej nn Oakley, Carolee O ' Neal. Jo Anne Palmer. Susan Pardington. Daphene Jean Parker. Not Pictured: Vivian Lindsay. Donna Bell Lineberry, Nancy Lee l.owdcrmilk. Shirley McLean. Elizabeth O ' Neal, and Nancy Pave. Commercial Class First Roiv, left to right: Barbara Ann Peacock. Harriet Reid Perkins. Anna Lee Pettigrew. Eloise Phillips. Norma Ann Philips. Julia Pittman. Peggy Pope. Second Row: Nancy Helena Howell. Patricia Ann Raker. Frances Ann Ra Third Roiv: Dale Dorson Reaves. Gail Reid. Elizabeth Reinecke. Gladys Jerry Ren- frow, Ella Ridenhous. Fourth Row: Pauletta Smith. Carol Smith. Clara Ann Smith. Doris Jean Smith. Martha Snow. ot Pictured: Phyllis Jean Ragan. Gypsy Ranking. Marlene Ritch. Shirley Saleeby, Ann Shelter), Anna Smith-Peterson. First Row. left to right: Dorothy Springs. Marie Stallings. Jo Alice Stanfield. Maude Meacham Stanley. Evelyn Stanten. Tanya Stephens. Patricia Ann Stroud. Second Row: Janice Louise Sumner. Marie Frances Stewart. Bobbie Carol Swing, Betsy Ann Tart. Jean Catherine Taylor. Josephine Taylor. June Katheran Tew, Peggy Joyce Thomas. Third Rou : Frma Kathleen Tillman. Ann Marie Tillotson. Sarah Tippett. Dawn Marie Tucker. Marty Elizabeth Turner. Lynda Vogler. Beatrice Wallace. Bertha Watts, Joanne Gwen Webb. Fourth Row: Barbara Ann Webster. Mary Lou Westbrook. Sue Whiting. Catherine Wilinson. Betsy Williams. Pat Mary Williams. Joan Wilson. Kathryn Workman. Not Pictured: La Retta Stanley. Ann Still. Sara Amelia Taylor. Elizabeth An Torrence, Frances Alston Trent. PAGE 135 ' MOM otuMd Three branches of a government which IS th efficient and effective, movements of the ' Y ' . . . Interfaith prt iting the students with in the Soda Shop signifying th meaning of the S Elliott Hall Cou in the Golden Ch ' Is ... A big day in anybody ' s book — election to the honorary organization representing her major vide the plus. 11 1 1 li ! ( 1 ii U ' J 111 1 1 1 II III ■ 1 r } i • I - f POM BSmr % % : y 5 3 F_ 1 -; Ml | y$ Student Government Diana Chatham President of Student Government Mary Owens Bell Vice-President Fran Turner Secretary Pat Davis Treasurer Barbara Steelman Cheerleader MARY OWENS BELL ■RA Tl RISER III (II U ' ll ' I ' m in 11 gh the Student Government Association the students of The Woman ' s College of the Universitj of North Carolina have an excellent opportunity for self government The students who take an interest in their government, participate in this government and feel a responsibility for Student Government, can experience the actual workings of a democratic society after having had such an experience. The task of Student Government is to help the morale and strength of the nation through faith in a democratic way of life. Students, faculty, and administration plan and work cooperatively to promote the general welfare at Woman ' s College. All officers and students of Woman ' s College take the pledge of the Student Government Association: " I hereby pledge to every citizen of this community to use all my powers of head, heart, and hand to strengthen and uphold the ideals of Student Government, which are individual responsibility, loyalty, and honor. " iiwuukv The im rpose of Jr u Board is to work in cooperation with Honor Board to establish and carrj oui the II ir Policj in a manner which is most beneficial and educational to the indi- viduals of this campus and to the communirj as a whole. The organization of Student Government provides for the separate functioning of the Legislative and Judicial branches coordinated through the Executive branch. The Judicial System is composed of the individual Mall Boards which deal with minor infractions of the technical regulations and the Judicial Board which deals with serious infractions of the Honor Policy. The Judicial Chairman, elected bj the student body, is the head of the Judicial System. Members of Judicial hoard are appointed from the three upper classes. The Secretary of SGA keeps the records of the meetings and cases, while the student body President is an ex-officio voting member of the Board. Meetings are held on Monday nights in the Pecky Cypress Room of the Alumnae House. The Board has been guided this year by the capable, sympathetic, and understanding help of Miss Laura Anderton, faculty advisor. The Board makes every effort to carry out its functions in an understanding, personal, and corrective manner, while retaining the formality and seriousness necessary to its purpose. i Judicial Board Kixriah, Uio»- J., I ' AI.K 1HV OofW First Rmc. left In right: Poll. McDonald. Pal Davis. Peggy Orm-I... irginia Blue. Jean Blarkmorc. Ccrotha Thompson. Mar. Il»™. Bell. Chairman; Kilt. Jarrell, Bell. Calon, Millie Cooler, Anne Bristol, Dot Fowler, Eleanor Martin. Julie Sanders. Helen Ha.m-s. .Second Roir: Shirley Wilson. Mimi Burke. Dol Stafford, Julia Ann Crater, Diana Chatham, Glo Collins, Shay Harris, Harrold Lee, Miss Elizabeth King, advisor; Mrs. Ann Carter, advisor; Mary Ann Baum, Betsy Swain, Bebe Wilkinson. Emily Baueom, Jo Okey, Pearl Parr., Jan Snipes, Barbara Rowland, Dr. William Mueller, advisor. Third Rote: Martha Fuleher, Joan Atkinson, Helen Russell. Frances Alexander, Virginia Lee Breithaupt, Jo Anne Curran, Mary Evelyn Winkler, Belt. Hnbbs, I • n.l.i Simmons, Mar, Her- ring, Karen Jensen, Barbara Lisk, Sayde Dunn, Martha Legem . Louise Merz. Nanette Starling. Sue Mackey, Meela Carlton. Suzanne Glenn, Mary Nell Meroney, Jo Len Jamerson. Mar, Lib Sroll. Cail CrrnrJ, Fa. Brown. Eleanor Powell. Janr Olds. Rebecca Squires, Joan Fuller. Legislature Student Government, the official organ of student action and opinion, promptly came to order at 7:15 p.m. the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the spacious Legis- lature room of Elliott Hall. With suggestions that " the speaker please rise " and reminders that " the amendment is not germane, " order was obtained by Legislature Chair- man Mary Owens Bell in collaboration with that reliable and unimpeachable source of authority. Robert ' s Rules of Order. Proposals affecting college and community, extra- curricular activities, student-faculty relations, and inter- collegiate contacts, swelled the agenda and received a thorough mulling over by the representatives in Legisla- ture. Fat Davis, the conscientious and efficient Secretary of Legislature, recorded the innumerable motions, discussions, observations, and amendments to the amendments that came from the floor of Legislature. Throughout the year Legisla- ture set up various special committees and sub-committees charged with preliminary tasks necessary to expedite par- ticular programs. On a similar plane were the Standing Committees established in years past with charges to ad- minister standing programs set up by Legislature. The members of Student Legislature, 1954-55, experienced in- spiration, deliberation, and compensation in their continued efforts to render an over-all program of far-reaching bene- fits to Woman ' s College. FINANCE HOARD group . •omposcd of Btudents and faculrj . . . allots monej to student organizations . . . Mar) Herring, Chairman. ELECTIONS BOARD . . . Emil Baucom, Chairman . . . makes arrangements for all campus elections . . . ami voting simple for the students. POINTS COMMITTEE . . . Peggy Harris. Chairman ... to enlarge the number of those who serve us. HONOR BOARD . . . Upholds the students ' personal codes of honor . . . strives to develop responsibilit) . . . Peggy Crow. Chairman. FACULTY-STUDENT REVIEWING COM- MITTEE . . . Looks out for any points of friction between faculrj and students . . . strives to work out ways of compromise. NATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION . . . Helen Haynes. Chairman . . . sponsors the book exchange . . . sponsored the Leadership Training Program for would-be leaders of Woman ' s College. F cttlty-Stttilent Rerietcing Committee Motional .Student 4 f 1 Wr B w% 4 ' « k m Itfii 4 ri ' A (% r : B nT v i. ' d 1 H A II TJ 1 V Aw- r v W| W " v MmX Jhi + m. J Young Women ' s Christian Association The Young Women ' s Christian Association is the nonsectarian religious organization on the campus and it welcomes every girl as a member. The " Y " Cabinet, the legislative body of the associ- ation, is composed of the officers and committee heads, with Mrs. Ruth A. Clarke, acting as advisor. All that we do, whether projects, programs, or socials, is carried out with a higher goal in mind, " to unite in the desire to realize a full and creative life through the growing knowledge of God. " We want to make Y.W.C.A. meaning- ful to all students, and we want you to include it in your college activities. We welcome you into our fellowship. The program meetings are for the entire student body. They are centered around the following: Basic Christian Beliefs; Faith. Sex, and Love; You in the University: You and Your Struggle For Freedom; Where Are You? and You. The Nation, and The World. ?«ss« Kmr. left to right: Rachel W ■, Marjorie Leder, Imogenc M bridge, Dolphine Cobb, Patsy t, Ida Schilthui», Dorothj Dail, lean Lamm, So Helen Maynard, Jackie Aldridge, Georg, Stradl i, Flora Christopaulo. Helen karras. Dot Station urfinrkl.-. Barixx Third Rnu: Petunia Nanc. ConltC Inter-Faith Council " What is the student ' s need, and how can it best be filled? " was the theme for the work of the Inter-Faith council this year. Faith, inspiration, integration, Friday night suppers. University Sermons, and dorm devotions were only a few of the highlights in religious activities encouraged by the Council. All were designed to help religion become an essential phase of each student ' s life at W. C. With Mrs. Ruth A. Clarke, advisor, and twenty-eight enthusiastic members — the president and one representative from each denomi- national group, the Y.W.C.A.. and the Dormitory Devotions Chair- men Committee — the Inter-Faith Council has worked to co-ordinate religion on the campus, to help each denominational group when help was needed, and to sponsor activities of a campus-wide nature. Changes were made, such as the organization of the Dormitory Devotions Chairmen Committee and the presentation of four pro- grams on Religion and the Intellectual Disciplines. Ideas were carried forward from the past, such as the publication of a monthly bulletin of all religious events, and the presentation of the Inter- Faith Forum, entitled " The Significance of Religion in Human Affairs. " Service League Service League, an organization unique to the Woman ' s College campus, unifies the function of many organizations on other cam- puses. The Service League was chartered during World War II by the Student Government Association and has been working hard since the day it was organized. Its chairman is appointed by the President of Student Government. The advisory group is appointed h the chairman of Service League, and each advisor is chairman of a particular project committee. Each dorm representative is elected bv her dorm. The Town Student ' s Association also is represented by its elected member to Service League. The League has three faculty advisors. The purpose of Service League is two-fold : To serve the campus and the students: and to serve those less fortunate than we. B means of various drives and projects. Service League strives to accomplish these goals. [faculty Food Fair A 0$L g§£: BETTY HOBBS Since all charit) organizations seek recognition of college campuses. Service League conducts an annual Purse Drive, the proceeds of which are apportioned by the League to the Foreign Student Scholarship Fund. World University Serv- ice Fund. CARE. Community Chest. American Friends As sociation. National Scholarship Fund for Negro Students Cancer. Polio. Red Cross, and the American Heart Asso ciation. Other drives sponsored by the League are: A clean-up campaign for grounds and the Soda Shop, the Book Ex- change, the Bloodmobile. and the Clothing Drive. The motto for Service League this year was " Service Through Education and Participation. " Firjtl Rote, left lit ritiht: (.lad- «i-in,K.rk. Sarah lipp. II. S I . rr. . Vnn Hill. Second Ro,c: Belly Harris. Anita Chandler, Belly Jo Bailey. Gail Slacy, Jane Stanley. Third Rote: Nanc Kohinelle. Mary Hobgood. Joey Allen, Pat Shore. V Er M Susan Pardington, tnita Huffinglon, Berryl Weck».irili. 11,11. Smith. Second Kn K.iwU, IVgj: Swi-itriiiKt-n. iin»- llufl " . hot llowunl. Barbara Linzy, Kat Barrier in Strawbridge, Sail) Powell, Stella Lambeth, Roth Sbeidt, Carol Fredericks, Julia Pi an, Roxanne Mark. I I! mm i Hall Conneil PLACE FOR EVERYONE - lliat is the motto of Elliot! Hall a- il strives I.. integrate the social activities on campus. Realizing that student needs varj from the entertaining to the cultural, the Council attempts to present .1 diversified and flexible program which will include ever) student. The Elliott Hall Council functions as the policy-making board of man- agers of Elliott Hall. It consists of the president of Elliott Hall, a representative elected from each residence hall, and one representative from the Town Stu- dent ' s Association. The director of Elliott Hall, her assistant, two counselors, and three faculh members ad as advisor- to tin ■ Council in its administrative Closely integrated with the Council arc the chairmen of the seven com- mittees which organize the student activit) programs of Elliott Hall. The Fine Arts Committee, composed of students interested in writing, music, drama, and dance, sponsors discussions and lectures on the fine arts, concerts, art exhibits, and a student glee club. The Faculty-Student Social Committee work- toward a better relationship between the facultv and students on an informal social basis. This is accomplished through the weekl) coffee hours, faculty-student bridge night, and personal imitations to the facult) for various social events. The Publicit) Committee is responsible for publicizing all phases of Elliott Hall activities. The Foster Committee makes all the posters advertising Elliott Hall functions and performs a campus-wide service 1 making posters foi an) organization for a nominal fee. The Discussion Group Committee works with the Fine Arts Committee in sponsoring informal discussions and panels on topics of interest to the campus. The Entertainment Committee centers its activit) in the game room b) sponsoring Saturda) night entertainment and informal dances. The Special Events Committee works with various campus and universit) groups and sponsors the big informal dances in Elliott Hall. Elliott Hall is for the students, and an) student ma take part in its functioning b) joining a committee. Its program is a constant endeavoi to meet student needs and desires. ' , Woman ' s College Vlice Harrold Lee vAjQ State College Eugene Pieklec The Consolidated Carolina M -■ 1-4.1. ' iL i s 1 I-,-- y-3g ppi at ' Wt ; J " m. . ■ J i ff 1? W 1 MinifitifMi 1 B £ -- ■ « 1BPI a l ii WF yi J j r JTT | ™ l«J i jf AI= Firrt, p In right: Lynda Simmon., Mary Owen. Bell, Ro.alie Kizziah, Harrold Lee, Mar. Nell; Pegg Crow, Ann Way, Martha Leggett. Diana Chatham. Mar? Ann Baum. Helen H II, University Council Fun For Us The Consolidated University Coi m ii- represents the opin- ions, interests, an.] welfare of the student bodies of the Consolidated I nivers ity of North Carolina, It acts as a liaison between the students and the administrations of Stat.- ( al- lege in Raleigh, the I niversit) of North Carolina in Chapel Mill, and the Woman ' s College of the I niversit) of North Carolina in Greensboro, co-ordinating and initiating activi- ties which promote harmonious relation- between the three groups. The ele en members from the three schools meet quarter!) to discuss important issues which are considered b) them to be common to all the students concerned. These issues are taken, b) an executive committee, to Gordon Gra . President of the Consolidated I niversity, for consultation. Remember the fun we had at the three " C. I . Days " ? The basketball game, the football game, and the dam - I, ' member those crowded buses enroute to Chapel Hill and Raleigh, packed to the brim with singing, high-spirited girls? These were the accomplishments of our C. I . Coun- cil. We hope you liked it! Town Students We live in Elliott Hall! Yes, Town Students do live in Elliott Hall. From their arrival earl) in the morning 1 6:45 a.m. is the earliest on record I to the closing hour. Town Students eat. drink, sleep, and make merry in the student union building. The Town Students ' Lounge is the mecca of all Town Students and a red hot bridge game or knitting session is usually in progress. Located on the ground floor of Elliott Hall, it has an adjoining powder and locker r ns. All students not living on campus are members of the Town Students Association. Obeying all college rules except those of the residence halls, the Town Students are an integral part of campus life. I nder the aide leadership of Beck) Squires, president of the organization, and Christine Hill, vice-president, the group has had a good year. Records and treasury are cared for h Chris Velonis, and Jeri Millet is the tireless organizer of all social func- tions. Miss Prondecki is the able and patient advisor of the " town First part) planned h Jeri thi year was the tea For freshmen and commercials. I pperclassmen eagerl) attended the tea in order to catch up on summer gossip and to canvass the new -tudents for talent in Fridge or basketball. A Halloween part) (will anyone ever forget the jack-o-Iantern smoking the Phillip Morris? I. Christmas parties, and. the highlight of the year, the formal dance in the spring are the main social activities of the vear. Living in homes off campus and in Llliott Hall on campus has its confusing moments, too. 1 he have mail Foxes in two places, but even at that, the mail still seems to get mixed up. Even so. the Town Students manage to take part in all of the " on campus " phases of Student Government. Thev get back from lunch or supper to help put out the Cary and the Pine A eedles. plus the million and one committee meetings that seem always to conflict. The influence and insight of their view of the campus and its activi- ties gives new life and Fetter perspective to the all-round purpose of filling the needs of the whole community. Without them the balance between this and the " outside " would be incomplete. It can trul be said that the Town Students lead " double lives, " lives which contribute to well-rounded individuals. r OFFICERS Chris Velonis Jeri Miller Miss Elvira Prondecki President Vice-President Treasurer Si »ial Chairman Advisor Jen, Dawn, Ian, and I hr„,,„, ,, „. ■ eonpU aj hand. ,. bridg,- mhiU I arol looleM on. Jnnrl nml Wur nr- eontani ( » knit and mudr. 1 1 w if phi beta kaona The oman ' s College Section j the Alpha Chapter i f North Carolina OFFICERS Di. Heir, i Barton Ml— I- l.lllir. SeliaelTer Dr. John E. Bridgers Miss Frances Wolfe i. e Presidi nl Secretary-Treasurei Recording Secretarj MEMBERS IN COURSE. CLASS OF 1955 Frances Carol Alexander. Carole Marie Mtman, I ' 11 nn Bivens, Dixie Lee l!(ine . I a Sue C.ooiue-. Henrietta Adams Bruton, Joyce Yvonne ( ' reus. Mary Elizabeth Forrest. Mar Myrtle Herring, Henrietta Howell, Louise Merz. Doris Marian MaePhail. Patricia Ann Patton. Helen Elizabeth Russell. Lillie Lagene Shearin, Lynda Simmons, Hill it Frances Sledge, Rebecca Squires, Marx Anne Stafford. Jeannette Nash Weaver, D ' Orsa) Cornelia White. MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1956 Bets) Castelloe, Joyce Long. Elizabeth A. M President of yj Sigma Alpha Uolphinr Cobb Millie Messiclt President of Classical Club Upha Kappa I) Mar. Forest Preside f Beta Beta Be Debating Society Religious Organizations BAPTIST STIDEiNT UNION . w ESI MINS1 EE FEL1 OWSHIP the hospital for polio patients . choir concerts ol their very own. MOB W I . . . Tr. active participation i Honorary Organizations SIGMA LP1I . . . Achievement to this honor means outstanding work scholastically in the field of business. It- goal is cementing good relation- ships between its members and the professional busines s world. about the life in LPH KAPPA DELTA . . . Honorary fraternity for sociology majors over the nation . . . meetings with outstanding speakers in that field. Society tor majors lil I BETA BETA scholarship . . . inter H(. l DELTA PI . . . Honorary society foi majors in Spanish Spanish culture and manners. DEBATING SOCIETY . argumentative processes wide. I I tests " Presky " Pi n Friday night . . . conventions spring outings and the art festival. LI 1 ' IIKri STl DENl ISSOI IVI ' loN with panel discussion groups . . . uu-riin suppers once a month. NEWMAN CLUB . . . Communion of mind and spirit with fun and fellow- ship .early Friday services ... devotion to a purpose. SAINT MARY ' S . . . Informality is the keynote oi sociability and fun . . . suppers on Friday night . . . communion . . . able direction from the steering Nanc) Jim Oiiiiin President of Moravian Dolphine Cobb President of Lutheran Student Jeri Miller President of or i ainpu- WESLEY FOI NDATION . . . Meth sts foi fun at Friday Fellowship . come one, come i . . . choir, drama, and a service to our college f f £ © v I ' U.P I ..2 Organization Presidents MM CI.l I Hall . . . h in Arts Forur nenta In n. CADI CE1 S . . . Tostimulate interest in the medic under the able direction of Dr. Ruth M. Collings. CHEMISTRY outside lab . . Miss Schaeffe lOSMOPOLITAN CL1 I! . . . Getting to know people It, vhere . . . dances al State, Duke, Carolina, and Woman ' DOLPHIN CM I! . . . A beautiful an Esther Williamses of Woman ter pageant Colle Cull, I ' l Tl RE TEACHERS l AMERICA . . . To Create lain the interest in education . . . isitin lecturers . learn u liat to do in an inten iew . MODERN DANCE CLI B... Participi firace. balance, an, I poise, plus. Ml SIC 1.1)1 CATION CUB.. . For and banquets . . . fun for the singers. Arts 51 1 DENTS FOR DEMOI R I l( U I ION , Intereated in good government and politics . . . open meeting! ... a stimulating ■wtcioi.nci ci, i i! oblems are studied SPANISH CI. I I? . . . Fun foi all . . Spanish Night . SOI ARE CIRCLE . . . Foi the " adders " and the " subti fun for all . . . not limited to math majoi TAP DANCE CI. I B. .. Open to beginners and expsrte . . . alwa eagei to get new members. MM NG COMPOSERS CLI I! . . . Problems oi modem air . . . compositions for the Vrts Forum. !. ) ;, CI. I B . . . lor all tfi, animals and their li e . Jean Burgin President ..f rt Cluh Frances 41exande President of Zoolog) Field Clo Mar. Hichal Chemistry (Huh Unni I Cosmopolitan Cluh Jean Craig President of Dolphin Cluh Ruih Miller President of Future Teachers of America Lou Wall President of Modern Dance CIul Kathryn McNeel) Pr.-i.idcn! of Music Education Cluh Nancy Revelle President of Students for Mary Herring Preeidenl of Sociology Cluh Barhara M. Ricks of Spanish Cluh France Dalton President of Square Circle Patsy Peltit Tap Dance Cluh Sara Beth Ilearn 4-s O GOLDEN CHAIN k Golden Chain embodies the seven high ideals of leadership, scholarship, service, judgment, tolerance, magnanimity, and character. It seeks to recognize those students in whom these ideals are characteristic. Each year members of Golden Chain become " ambassadors " I good will " for our college as the go out to various high schools, giving prospective students an insight into the benefits of Woman ' s College. Everj year Golden Chain writes a spring letter to the old members and gives a Graduation Da 5 Breakfast for those members who have alread) graduated. The capable advisors to Golden Chain are Miss Bernice Draper, Mi Nancj Porter, and Dr. Warren Ashhy who have served them well. Honorary members are Mrs. Julius Cone. Dr. W. C. Jackson. Mrs. Bettj Jester. Miss (Catherine Taylor, and Dr. Edward Kidder Graham. K UKUISKKS )K (,()!. I K. CHAIN: Norma Cof.r, Smith. i. •■- President; Helm Rnssrll. Krrnrding Secretary; Lillian Harding. Corresponding Secretary; 1V S K Crow, Treasurer; Diana Chatham. Lynda Simmons. Louis.- Hera, .Lir- Owens Bell, Henrietta Brulon. Jo Ok... i ' ats. Beam, Pollj Mc- Donald, t nni Kjosnes, Gaye Stewart, EUen Strawbridge, Beta) S»ain. Martha r ' ulehcr, Fran I urmr, Beck Squires. - Q it-owls . . . coffee pots " perked " and headli progressivism and reali ■rfaith Forum took us above and beyond . . . 11 ted for Arts Forum . . . nd out the cultural circle vocal, orchestral, and c . . . Pine Needles ' flash ig debut . . . tl 7%e G o€uuan Carv visits . . . The Carolinian. It is any Monday night . . . Just after supper. Henri) trudges up to the Cary office and picks up the envelope to examine the proof. Not much this week . . . the printer didn ' t send hack the hold-overs from last week. One lone proof-reader saunters in to wade through a pile of typographical errors. Fifteen minutes later Pats dashes in. followed by three faithful re- porters. She dashes to the phone to call a fourth not-so-faithful one to find out where her story is. She gives Henny a brief report on the state of the campus and dashes off somewhere, bumping into Claire on the way out. Claire enters, followed by Helen, who has a photograph of the dean in one hand and a sticky bun in the other. Both settle down with some headless stories. A columnist, a headwriter. and Marvelous Amy Brown enter. F.ach grabs a desk in a different office. loud noise is beard from the Stairwell, and in run Louise and Lynda, laughing and joking. They go down the ball to the R.A. office, close the door, fill the room with smoke, and talk about unwritten edi- torials. They are soon interrupted as Henny comes flying through the inner offices asking which shall be page one lead: Arts Festival or Legislature ' s latest decision. P. comes up with a real scoop — seven-column banner stuff. After much consultation, it is decided that all three stories shall In- -u.-n seven-column banners, and the masthead will be dropped to the bottom of the page. I.1MH MMMONs I IIIIDHIM ST FI COLUMNISTS ell, Joan M TWI NTY-FIVE MINI lis iM ONE . . . le-s than I go . . . the Cary editors glance al an unfille can be done with the holes on pages three a thins is in, including Dottie ' s Sports. GLOP! E dl through the nine- hundred pages » f hark issues, exchange papers, and circu- lars looking for most anything to fill the holes. Marvelous ■ m gets inspired and (lashes oil a feature, filling page three. The other hole is filled with Folders From the N.S.A. office. Henin Folds up the dumm) sheets and the galle) For the printer. Somebod) mutters, " Thai ' s it, " somebod) Mirks off the light, and the wear) siaff members ii iidge dow n the -lairs. M Mild wiiimiumivi STAFFS l.-i, to Rlghti Jo Ci , Marj - ■ Barbara Alley, Carol 1 an lot I.. Sara Buford, J .., Sua Har) .... II I. „ ).,„,,.„ i..„ " I Baat Bach 1 i H Harrall, Jerrj III.. in-. KWS STAFF: First K».r. left lo righl: Eroa l.l.l........ Marih, Neerman, Nancj McWhorter, Pataj Paulson. Si i .. .. Row: Pi Brendle, J.:... Ili.k . Mar. Hull. I...n e . Jennie Margaret Heado Marilyn Idams, Pal Carden, I r i:, Be r. Cordelia ( .Init. Ill SINKSS STAFF: .. In Ri K hl: Jan.- Zack, Roxanne Dark. Ma l " i Pre Inn (arson. Fran Kaufman. 11.11. Lee, Anne Til Alice!,. Raoula Bach. HclH Barker. MIIIIWlls ST FF: Hr,l K„„. I.fl l.i r. B ll: Klowe RodgC Claire Hum. Sue Lanninc, Ida Srhilllu.i-. Juli. Sanders, II. nri. I Bruton. Karen Jensen. Second Row: hi... Clodfelter, Marfan Ii. ,.,,..-. Jean Fletcher, Libbj Parriah, Jewel Willi....... II. 11, i ... I 9 5 4 I 9 5 5 X DEBOBA MARCUS % SIE DUNHAM The Coradili is our campus literary magazine, published four times during the year. A glance at any issue reveals talent in fiction, poetry, and graphic art which are found at Woman ' s College. While its main purpose is to provide an outlet for student expression. Coraddi also aspires to produce an interesting, read- able magazine. Both the literary and business staffs held trvouts earl in the fall and were rewarded with a large number of capable girls who participated. This resulted in an expansion of both staffs. As for Coraddi material, contributors were no problem and mam students saw their work in print. Vfter this material had been placed on the dummy, the printer was its next stop. Fortunately, he was a patient man and after the usual last minute cop) rushes, could still muster a friendly smile when Coraddi »a- mentioned. Layout changes were made as the) bei ame the propert) of the arl editor as well as the editor-in-chief. Of course the business staff had its hands full trying to stay- out of the path of its creditors. The year ended with them singing praises to their National Advertisers who remained close at hand without a whimper. Now quite humorous, but not so at the time was the mysterious displacement of the exchange and circulation lists. Nevertheless, using the trial and error method Coraddi made its a into many colleges over the country. Yes. Coraddi had a good year. The Coraddi Club was rein- stated under the firm hand of Suzanne Rogers and continued to hold discussions and informal meetings for interested students. The staffs were enlarged and both managed to come up with enough material for their assigned year. There were a few changes in policy but these were aimed for the benefit of contributors as well as the reading public. The staff realizes that those main late nights spent with coffee pot and sagging lids were not wasted as they did their best to produce four good Coraddis. I III HUH STVFF: Left t„ Right: Suzanne Roger . J " I kin. 1US1NFSS STAFF: .e l to Right: llansje Gorier, Libbv Parrish, Jewell Williams. II II II II II 1 ■ 1 I I II ART STAFF: f.e l lo Right: H.»,rl- Srhnonover. Lee Hall. Jo Ann H£AT£J£ on o c " T I 1.0 jB Bl iy aD % BEj p l lo r. s i : Sarah Cannon. Margaret (lark. Rae Haralson, Ellen Ton Second Row: Julia Dunn. Amanda Heiggs, li. ii - Shuford, Nell Rose V Joan Hammond. Sarah Nan Burns. Susan Durham. Third . ' ... : Nam •k. Pal Holler. Sue Dunham. Thomasin,- Strother. I.ihha Jam.-. Gajrle [ i i. L.i- Hon.-.. — i »i. - e. Jim. Copej Brent (Chapman. ;arol Giroud. Stephanie S .old. What kind of year has it been? For our the atre it has been a good year- a year of " firsts. " The department of Drama was established and with it came our new advisors. Miss Niggli and Mr. Casey. The Students ' Theatre, featuring; all student work in writing, directing, and acting was organized. During first semestei " Choruses In The Theatre ' " and an outdoor Christmas Pageant wire presented. Our opening production in A v cock was " Children of Bride. " This was the first time we had the privilege of working with both the playwright and a professional actress. For Arts Festival uur pla was " The House of Hernarda Alba. " and we sponsored the Piedmont District Festival of the Carolina Dramatic Association. It has been a good year in other respects. The Theatre has become a more integral part of Woman ' s College life through participation of students from e er department and through heightened interest of the whole college community. ny student can find a place in our organization. The plays that we choose offer opportunities for acting to girls of all ranges of experience; and. backstage there are diverse activities for everyone interested. In summing up our year of the Theatre we shall attempt to answer the people who ask. " Win do vi.u like it so much? " The answer lies in the satisfaction that comes .d working with a group of people dedicated to a common goal, and in the sense of accom- plishment resultant from the finished production. Recreation Association No SCHOOL COULD BE entirely SUCCESSFUL without an active recrea- tion program, and W. C. is proud of its Recreation Association which hoasts " A sport for every girl and a girl for every sport. " Working to provide an all-round program for the campus are stu- dent coaches, club presidents, and cabinet members who have made " Play with the R. A. today and every day " alive in the spirit of every student. Hallball. which was created here at W. C, initiates the girls in dorm competition early in the fall. Volleyball, basketball, Softball — from the first thrilling game the girls participate with a maximum amount of enthusiasm. Hardly a day passes that our newly renovated tennis courts are not filled with aspiring " Little Mos. " Saturdays find the bowling alleys, the Hobby Shop, the game room, and the terrace skating rink crowded with girls taking advantage of these recreatonal activities. For the winter season, basketball reigns supreme and the Co-Of Club busies itself with scheduling games. Again dorm competition becomes the byword. Necessary to R. A. ' s uniformity is its club activity. These groups terminate the year with performances which display the various skills for the entire campus. The Dolphin-Seal Club, with its Spring Water Pageant, features synchronized swimming in water ballets, stunts, and diving exhibitions. The Golf Club, Promenaders, Tap Dance Club, Co-Of, Fencing. Life Saving, Camp Counselors, and Modern Dance groups are all a part of the complex web of R. A. A Play Day is observed once a year on campus as the Recreation Association acts as hostess to various high schools and colleges which arrive bringing skills in different fields of athletics. Warm spring da remind the girls of R. A. Camp, " A-Hut-for-Fun. " located off- campus which offers an excellent place for dorm picnics and relaxing week-end outings. Honors are not forgotten either as the annual Spring Banquet is held. At this time the outstanding Senior Physical Education major and non-major along with the Honor Group com- posed of girls rating high in service, interest, sportsmanship, and attitude are recognized. The Recreation Association plays a vital role in life at Woman ' s College. First Row. left to right: Vlar Slaughl. r, Judy Ellison. Mar, Filing, Belmar Second Roic: Sylvia W ilson, Helen Jernigan, Doltie Moreau, Alice Bull, Belly Nanette Starling, President. Third Roic: Bet Campbell, Sally Thomas, Sally S Jean Craig, Ann Carlson. Audrev Anderson. Bett Thacker. Nancy Childress, Fifth Row: Fran Turner. Lou Wall. Jo Ann (Jill. Shirley OWeil, Man Ann P son, Peggy Thomas, Betty Jo Ilarrell, Nancy Reynolds, Helen Alspaugh. r. Jean Wagner. Pegs? Harris, Sylvia Dismuke, Doltie Lee, Beverly Dorman. homasine Fox, Peggy Harris. Mvrna Breitbarl. Fourth Roic: Amelia Kirliy. ,nn Moss Elliott, Jo Ann Safrit. Shirley Collins, Patsy Petite, Sayde Dunn. Jan Snipes. Neal Fringer. Ellen Strawbridge, Mary Botten. Kitten Baringer. The girh ., Dflphin-Sral. Thr romance rhyihn Harriet Elliott Social Science l ; or 1 1 in The eighth annual Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum presented an analytical discussion on Forces Underlying International Tensions November 18 and 19. The guest panelists were Dana Adams Schmidt, an international correspondent. Klauss Knorr. an in- ternational economist. Margaret Meade, an anthropolo- gist, and Leonard Cottrell. a social psychologist, who showed the ways in which the understanding and tech- niques emerging from the social sciences are being applied t reduce international tension. Discussions were focused on idealogical conflict, economic pres- sures, and underlying differences in national character. Louise Merz. student chairman of the Forum com- mittee, and Dr. Lyda Gordon Shivers, faculty chair- man, headed the Social Science Forum Committee in planning the various events that were to take place. The Social Science Forum is held in honor of Dean Harriet Elliott, and endeavors to stimulate interest in international affairs and give the students a chance In hear experts in the field of the social sciences. College Inter-Faith For Inter-Faith Forum " The Significance of Religion in Human Affairs " was the theme of the tnter-Faith Forum on February seventeenth and eighteenth. 1955. There were two major addresses: (1) " The Significance f Religion in Intellectual Life " concerning freedom of intellectual im|uir and the relationship of religion to scientific and technological advances and (2) " The Significance of Religion in Life Values " concerning our national traditions, politics, and concepts of government as affected In religious concerns and influences. Between the two addresses a panel discussion was held to discuss " The Significance of Religion in the Heritage e ll Share. The panel consisted of faculty members and some interesting speakers. There were eleven committees that worked hard to have a g I Inter-Faith Forum. They planned exhibits, religous group supper meetings, and dorm discussions led bj facult) members and ministers. The steering committee consisted of Dr. Hollis Rogers. Dr. Franklin Parker. Dr. Godfrey, I.ela Morris. Barbara Dunn, iine Misenbeimer. Dot Obropta. Mrs. Ruth Clarke, and Margie Leder. The Inter-Faith Forum is one of the main projects of the Inter-Faith Council. The problem they et up this ear was how we can relate religion to other fields of knowledge and action — science. bistor . politics — in such a way as to establish values 1 which we ma lead meaningful, purposeful lives. Arts Festival The 12th annual Arts Festival was held in the Spring Semester under the direction of the Fine Arts Depart- ment. The Festival opened with a dance program participated in by 12 schools. The program came to a climax with the presentation of Jose Limon and his company of dancers. Robert Sessions, contemporary composer, was the guest artist for the music portion of the Festival. He gave two lectures and reviewed student work. A program of con- temporary chamber music was presented by Robert Help, a guest pianist. The writing portion of the festival included an evalua- tion and review of student works by Peter Taylor. Flannery O ' Conner. Randall Jarrell. and Robie Macauley. Robert Frost was a guest of the school and read his works plus other works to the student body. The Drama Department was fortunate to have the Piedmont District Festival of the Carolina Drama Festival held on the Woman ' s College campus. Federico Garcia Lorca ' s magnificent plav. The House oj liernarila Alba was presented by the Students ' Theatre. The Art Department program consisted of a series of contemporary films shown over a period of time. They included new ideas in art films, documentary, foreign films, and cartoons. The Arts Festival has accomplished its purpose in that the students have pentrated farther into the creative and cultural aspects of life. Randall J.irr, II WOMAN ' S COLLEGE CHOIR MEMBERS: Joan Sue Ackerman. Belle Mae Adam., Jc Molly Atkins, Patricia Bailey, Carolyn Bain, Shirley Bales, Molly Jo Beally. Peggy Ban Jacqueline Brown. Carleen Bovender. Millie Burrh, Jo Anne Burge, Joy Burwell, Shir Chambers, Janelte Church, Mescal Coe, June Cope, Carolyn, Cynthia Courlm Carolyn Danny, Elinor Dorsk, Rebecca Doughton, Johnnie DuFour, Elizabeth Duncan, Frances Evans, Pauline Freeman, Janet Gibbs, Janet Dixson Gowen, Frances Green, A hine Albert, Norma Ann Alderman, Mary Aldridge, Carolyn Ande Jane Braswell, Lou Ann Brumlev. Martha Browning, Nancv Bro Call. Lynn Callahan. Shirley Carpenter. Elizabeth Caton, Tina Rae Bonnaleta Coxwell, Vivian Davis, Flo Davenport, Joyce Day! an Durham. Janet Dwver, Anita Epplev, Doris Etheridge, June Eudv. Harrell, Harriet Harris, Nanr. Harris. Rebecca Hatcher. Ruth Haw Ann Hays, Sara Beth Hearn, Elizabeth Healon, Carolyn Hollis, Evelyn Holtzman, Mollie Hough, Phyllis Honeyrutt. Rachel Hudson, Claire Hunt, Theresa Hyatt, Jeanette Isaacs, Julia Jessup. Elaine Johnson, Emilv Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Sara Jo Johnston, Ann Livengood, Man Ann Lucas. Janice Manning. Virginia Marshall. Joanne May. Vivian Miller, Delores Mills, Jane Mills, Milzi Minor, Hill. Mitchell, Jane Mulvev. Jane McClung. Elizabeth McDonald. Julia McDonald, Shirlene McGill, Ann Mcintosh, Neill McLeod, Jo Mary Mclnturff, Katherino McNeely, Carolyn Newsome, Rose Marie Newton, Mary Glynn Norman, Mary Norpoth, Nancy Payne, Noel Faye Pinner, Sylvia Pullen, Jerry Renfrow, Eleanor Reynolds. Charlotte Ridinger, Ann Roberts, Mary B. Robeson, Margaret Rose, Virginia Sabislon, Iola Shearin, Ruth Sides, Sue Sigmon, Anna Lvnn Smith-Peterson, Miriam Slorev, Ellen Strawbridge. Patricia Swart, Ikev Tarleton, Geraldine Tatum, June Tew, Ann Thunberg, Barbara Truett, Chris Velonis. Hilda Walker, Nancy Walton, Patricia Warlick, Rachel Warlirk. Frances Weadon. Jane Wharton. Janice While, Weela White, Nancy Wilkerson. Sandra Wilkerson. Mary Wilkinson, Edith Wu, Betty Yeapanis, Margaret Yeats, Martie Vow. Ruth Zelinski. Lyndall Payne, Sue Leonard, Marjorie Cooper, Betty Jean Floyd, Phyllis Jefferies, Patricia Eason. Peggy Poteal, Martha Thomas. Leslie Hall. Woman ' s College Choir Our College Choir adds a great deal of enjoyment to our college life. It is made up of one hundred and sixty girls from all classes, and this group, under the direction of Mr. George Thompson, provides special music on various occasions throughout the year: assembly. Founder ' s Day. University Sermons. Arts Forum, and graduation. The choir also appeared on the opening pro- gram of WUNC-TV in January of this year. Besides furnishing the music for these programs, however, the choir gives two concerts each year, one at Easter and another at Christmas . There is always a feeling of anticipation and excitement about this Christmas concert. for with this performance, the season officially opens for most of the campus. On a stage filled with tall white Christmas trees contrasting with a bank of bright red poinsettias, the choir, in their red and white robes, sing again the seasonal music to an audience filling Aycock to its top row. Each spring, the college choir holds an election of new officers to serve for the following year, and these officers assume a great part of the responsi- bility of the organization. The officers for the vear. 1954-1955. are: President. Pattv Warlick: Vice-President. Rachel Warlick: Secretary, Chris Velonis: Treasurer. Harriet Harris. We, the college choir, are proud of our organization and proud of the great service it renders to the college. GEORGE M. THOMPSON Greensboro Symphony Orchestra The cm of Greensboro and the Woman ' s College campus arc fortunate in having a symphon) orchestra of the calibre of the C.rcensboi (i Symphony. Few cities of this size in the United States can claim thai distinction. Capable musicians from the com- munity, the faculty, and members of the student bod) perform under the direction of George Dickieson. conductor, and with the assistance of Leonard Samuels, Concertmaster. In Januar of the 1954-1955 season, the Symphon) presented a concert, with Kliza- beth Cowling of the college faculty, ' cello soloist. t graduation each vear the orchestra present- a concert in conjunction with the College Choir. The Chamber Orchestra consists entirely of student musicians selected from the Woman ' s College. This group, most of whom are in the Greensboro Symphony, is also led by George Dickieson. The chamber musicians, less than twenty in number, specialize in the large chamber music works of both classic and contemporary types. Students in the Music Department have the opportunity to gain experience in conducting, and to hear music they haw orchestrated performed. This ensemble of string and woodwind playrs are often in demand to play for organizations which are isiting the campus, as well as before groups in Greensboro and neighboring towns. Chamber Music Players pool of ihe tei d for a dav as the Se- ade tennis dates )f the social phase of our life for f lillllfffl (HMA U t Chief Senior Marshals Fir»l Rote, I. II to right: Jean Griffin, Barburu Stetlnian, Mar; I.. Raliil, Silvia Hamer. Second Rote: Joanne Iliok.. i Brown, Ingrid Parmele, Jan.- Dickerson. Joan Clodfeller. Third Row: Barbara Pillall. Melissa Jones. Sarah Sherrill. Ma Ann Carson, Harriet Harris, Kllen kjosnes. Nancy Blanehard, Joel BarJowe, Kal Barrier, Flo Ropers. Junior Marshals Firm Roiv. left lo right: Yvonne Brill. Marjorie Leder. Second Rote: Ann Ellen Cofield. Jud Rosenslork. Ann Buie. Third Rote: Kdilh Foster. Joanne Meaeham. Margaret Rose, Harrold Lee, Reba Jean Winkler, Esther Benedict, Helen Maynard. Outstanding Seniors . . . 1955 The Outstanding Eight, chosen because of their ability to personify the ideals and attitudes of the student body as it would be. are selected in their senior year. They have proven themselves worth) of the trust that the students put in them, and they were selected because of the respect we have for them and the gratitude we owe them as true leaders of a democracy which they helped to strengthen. iana am President of Student Covernim Association . . . " Deanie " . . thoughtful decisiveness . . . that famous Chatham humor , English major . . . patient subtlety . . . Miss Efficiency in mass meeting . . . deep, deep voice. JF an v Jweni (L eU " Mo " ami " Mobile " . . . Vice-President of Student Government Issoeii lady with Robert ' s Rules ... an undomestiratcd home-ec. major . . . bubbling ... an N. C. pendant around her neck. oLunda 2)i immonS Has her fingers in lots of pies ... a Carv " eo-ed " . . . Phi Beta kappa and Phi Beta kappa Sophomore Award . . . Historv major . . . will be one of those " we-knew-her-when " girls . . . friendly slap on the baek . . . interested and interesting. oLc oui$e erz A drawl and a smile from Maryland . . . " co-ed " of the Cary . . . Phi Beta Kappa . . . office hours regularly in the Soda Shop . . . well on her way toward a positive goal. n i V forma Looter Wit with a capital W, and in every sense of the word . . . Senior Show Chairman . . . Judy Board member . . . art major . . . quiet contemplation . . . sincere and balanced judgment. 2)ara f ebecca S mith Atlanta to Hawaii . . . " Beck " . . . always a smile . . . bundled up like an Eskimo in red . . . Secretary of S. (i. A. ... a little " hig whr . . . Georgia Tech . . . Golden Chain. il ■ ' . P. li.iimi.ui of JuHirial Board . . warmth, a smile, and a kind word . . . sincere . . . sympathetic understanding . . . discretion, patience . . . optimism from Wilson with eye taue President if Elliott Hall . . . always a laugh and a bit of good cheer . . . one of those Yankees . . . and those stories about the North! ... at home on second floor Elliott Hall with her companion. Miss " Pron. " C llevi J l odned PROM OtEEN Honor A i iv 11 da n is 1955 Ulnnl _ ( jodned MAID OF HONOR S iw ' d Mc amer MAID OF HONOR r p o q o ® n o NWO BLANCHARD The Queen ' s Court lUKIUKt WK1SS ESTHER BENEIHCT M tRC-VRET ROSE l ' I.K 1HI. Ill I! MOIIIII JANE BORNE III I IN l!l ssH I mi i ii -i i ik. i jineteen 4i incited and irtu- sive Jke csjt vteen $ JEAN GRIFFIN NANO TKU.I 1 rtl.VII DIsMI K l oud IZANNE MYERS i Mil: n I i mm: ■ i JIMMIK COINCI s b vil SHE { [ eehdau $-5mah: Lab break and hungry girls bring huge croud to our Soda Shop. nml Cor, .,))„ „„, ;..„«,■ v,-,,, . { Weekend yun, and . . rrf limp a-plenty for a snack at The Co g - ™ " 7TT ™?T F f n™ T . ■■HE[| ' M m 4 lKjI Wem iyouna and Ljau " Steady fmiiil . . . rl. .. " I " ' - tOO, fl ' " " Jhi$ Ujear at PACE I ' ll Your 1955 Pine Needles And Hon It Came From Our Hands To Yours . . . not onl have new Student Government officers, but we ' d also lia r a new year to look forward to. When it was over we would still remember it. and prove those tales we told. about " Hazel. " Coraddi, our very own T.V. station, practice leaching, the grueling nights of study, dates, dances, those funny looking " Rats. " ' job-seeking Seniors, and the Christmas diamond display, for we would have a lasting reflection 01 the academic year, 1954-1955 in our Pine Needles. June. 1 ( 54 ... it all began in March, and on the last da) id June Suzanne turned in a miniature of the book you have now. What would the artist in Charlotte do with this little book, sketched, planned, and lived for o man) long hours ' . - ' Would it eve) reallj be a yearbook? August rolled around and Joan and Suzanne drove to Charlotte to see what had happened and to make am correc- tions necessary. It looked as if our dream would come true. Mr. Coursey, the engraver, and Mac Cannon, the artist, had given us something big and beautiful to work with ... the dummy, that huge oblong book that you ' ve seen Suzanne and her staff members cradling as they trudged around campus with Mr. Martin. September came and the time for some real work was upon us. hut first we had to get some new people on our stalls. Rudi, our Business Manager, had a meeting for new members - after tryouts, Rudi and the girls were pounding the streets of Greensboro foi subscribers to advertisements. Next came Finance Board — the) appropriate our money. The four dollar- that you pa doesn ' t begin to cover the cost of your yearbook. When Suzanne opened the literar statf for new members, she had SO main experienced | pie to tr out that it was difficult to choose between them. Everyone had a position on the staff, but from these she chose Sand) Seigel for Freshman Editor and Sybil Dickstein for Com- There x ere pictures ti be taken, won - to be written ait u ,rk to he iloui a lol of work. but it seemed to magnif when Coursey and 1 . Flemi lg were finished with Us. We planned, re-pla inec . ai d re-re-pla ined. Endless hours wi- e spent taking 1 " ' ures thai turned out beauti- fully- -the on thing wt ing was that th horizontal- a id we needed vertical !! Then there was the Outstandi Ig Senior who had ll ■r eyes losed and thai huge group i [ girls Llld dentifv them. Remember registration da) when Junior- and Seniors mad.- their pictun appointments?— what a time we had making arrangements for that -and you didn ' t show up for wars until three days after it was scheduled! Thought Gloria would never get enough liiil- t " -la down in the basement of tin- Alumnae House to type all day, but somehow she managed. Mr. Golden left and we waited anxiousl) for everyone to send her proofs in -,, that we would soon receive our glossies: then Joan and Land) could go on with the Senioi andjunioi sections. (We found out in Januar) that some girls still had their proofs, hut we fooled them— Colonna Studios sent us one anyway.l When the) finall) arrived we were much amazed to find out that half of these liiil- went 1.. ( ' .. C. . . . " Wonder where OUI girl- arc. ' . ' " Poor Huff! She got all th. ' odd jobs and -he had to -it in on all those -c-si,,„s with Course) and Suzanne, i B now you must think thai Price Course) is a real brute nevei satisfied with the plates thai you have read) he always want- more. U - usuall) gets them. especiall) when a thick juic) steak i- in the offing Foi the editor! He ' s always around to gel us out of a light squeeze ildn ' l do without him! Pictures. Captions. Copy, and October. .November, ami t ).-i -.-n 1 1 i was one long siegi and re picture-taking. The class editors, Jean Clodfe Mar ilia Jordan, Sand) Seigel, and S hil Dickstein worl alplialu li ing llnir respective classes anil getting pliui..; packaged fur the engraver. We made our first deadline. By December Mr. Martin and all the staff members were oman ' s College to begin their Christmas holidays. After Christina-, the worst part came. All interest diamond- dud with January. No one wanted to work £ to ha e bis picture taken! It was like pulling teeth ti nne While, the Organizations Editor, was well entrant taking picture- of the thou-an.l-and-one clubs, societies organization- on campus. With the help of Dottie Par-hal ed in spite oi the many obstacles that stood in their »i ' Kappa would come out with their selections before April! After all. our very last deadline i- March 15! And then there were the Organization Presidents. This job fell to Suzanne and it took an age to find out ju-t who these people were and another age to get their pictures from Colonna. •lad In, erything but one wanted photograph. n her iob ol I ' ll! Beta February lulled around and the pressure made its way to Carolyn Falls and her literary -taff ... so many, many words and so many spaces to till! " lure ' s the copy for the Senior Class and how about those captions?? ' . ' Aren ' t you ever going to write those captions??? " could be heard echoing down the hall from Suzanne ' s room to Fall ' s. Many nights were spent ekeing out words. If there was any possible way to get ten words out of one, we did it. And don ' t ever lei anyone tell you that Fall ' s isn ' t the bestesl word- stretcher on campu-! i Here, we ' d like to add our thanks to those organiza- tions responsible fur ibeir own write-ups. I Poor Gloria Weaver ... she and her typing staff had tons of copy to finish up. But meeting together in the Pine Needles office helped to add a little cheer to jusi plain rj ping. No one could have ever done a better job than our Art Staff under the capable direction of Ellen Kjosnes. Her ' s is the only Staff in the his ton " ' Pine , eedles to ever hand in their completed work before their deadline! Roses to you. Ellen. Sunni. and Ann. Mar. h and April dragged themselves in and all the work that no one else wanted to do was left to the Editor and the Assistant Editor. The lights EDITORIAL STAFF: first row, left in right: Carolyn Hill. EInora Calla- way, Rose Wharton, Mary Kirkland. Peggy White, Jane Marlette, Shirlev Owen, Peggy Patton. Second row. Russell, Patsy Smith, Martj Yow, Ann Mason, Joan Hicks, Mickit li. hoi. Betty McGhee, Jane Smith Frona Conn, Celia Mullen, Marilyn Neennan, Lynn Bairrl. Not Pictured: Margaret Mel mK WJto m SEfjSsfi ' " ill BT Sum Jan. W.inslcin. liurli, Jan Jarr.ll. Tni Rutherford, Gloria Friedman, Pace Bames, lacquelii .,i Pictured: Joyce MIegood, Sallie Klutz. III ' IV. SI FF: Se» e,I: l,r. Kat..n X....1. I.l.,ria U.....r. T. p» B Editor. Second row: Velma Thomas, Emilj Baneom, lean Griffin. Third row: Jean Fletcher, Shirk) Gaines, Pearl Parry, Belt] Wraj Rogers. . . . Whoopee! . . . We ' re Through! .125 Weil, where Suzanne bung her hat, could be seen burning into the Ma . 1955. It ' s all ovei bul the shouting ever) picture tak.-n. ever) word •c hours. Her constant comment was. " Do you realize that I haven ' t played written, and ever) proof checked. It t. " k fourteen months to do it, but i.l e once this year!!! " Huff. Martha. Landv, Joan. an. I Sarah beljie.l nrn member of the -tall i- imviht proud to vou v. air black-and- mpile the Student Directors 2,400 names and addresses! gold-bound volume of the I ' 55 Pti - ORGANIZATIONS STAFF: Hr,i ,.,„. Lit ,„ right: Inn Carlson, v.... I-. -... Hunt....,,. M.,rj..r.. Smith. Gwen Harrington. Second r.,ir: Ann Mcintosh, uut Who.. Organisations I .lit..r: Dorothj Marshall. Assistant: Can, Hunt. Not Pictured: Hilda Walker. Susan Stout, Jnlia Vnn at.-, li.-lli- Moullsk,. Kaoula liach. F.»a Hip. Irene Water-. I ' al-. II. fix r. I.,.. Payne, I • rn.. Hats off to these Indispensable Ones! Without them we could have never published vour 1955 PINE NEEDLES! Mr. ;,rr..ll Merlin To MR. PRICK COl RSEY, our faithful engraver, advisor, and constant helper from Charlotte Engraving Company ... he guided us when no one else could. To MR. FRANK FLEMING, our soft-voiced and congenial printer from Lassiter Corporation in Charlotte ... he waited so patiently and pro- duced so beautifully. To MR. CARROLL MARTIN, our photographer from Martin Studios in Greensboro ... he gave us his genius in photography for endless hours and never once complained of rainy weather, tardy subjects, or just waiting for the right moment to snap the picture. To MR. JERR " GOLDEN, our portrait photographer from Colonna Studios in New York ... he was here when fall forgot to come. To MR. ALBERT A. WILKINSON of the Woman ' s College News Bureau . . . always willing to take a last minute picture or to let us rummage through his files. To MRS. MAY ADAMS . . . she helped us with our finances, budgets, and in any other wa that she possibly could. To the entire STUDENT BODY . . . they were our subjects. To the FACULTY . . . the) let us interrupt their classes to get that all- important picture. To the III SINESS MEN of Greensboro and surrounding areas . . . the advertised in our book. And last, but certainly not least, to the MEMBERS of the PINE NEEDLES STAFF ... we extend our sincere appreciation for helping us make the 1955 PINE NEEDLES the best yearbook ever! SUZANNE and RLDI Mr. Jerrv Cold ■fesi Mr. ll rrl . W ilk NTIII Wll I. HI I. OKI Commencement Program 1955 SATURDAY, .11 K FOURTH 10:00 A.M. Ait Exhibit . . . Weatherspoon Gallery and Elliott Hall 10:00 A.M. Alumnae Association Meeting . . . Alumnae House 12:00 M. Class Reunion Luncheons 4:30 P.M. Senior Class Day Front Campus 6:00 P.M. Alumnae Supper Alumnae House 8:00 P.M. Guest Performance by the Theatre of the Woman ' s College Aycock Auditorium 8:30 P.M. Senior Ball Elliott Hall SUNDAY, JUNE FIFTH 00 A.M. Baccalaureate Sermon 00 P.M. Faculty Reception 30 P.M. Concert by Greensboro Orchestra and the College Ch Wcock Auditorium Aycock Auditorium Elliott Hall Terrace MONDAY, .11 NF SIXTH 10:30 . 1. Graduation Exer ycock Auditorium Our Advertisers 4-WLM 1 [f Student Directory Page No. Abee, Barbara Frances, 212 Elizabeth Ave.. Rockingham 100 Vbernethy, Irene Mo], 1004 John-on St., High Point Ibernethy, Johnsie Catherine, 1910 Kenwood Ave.. Charlotte 100 Abernethy, Margaret Ellen. 1 10 Kenwood Ave.. Charlotte 118 Ackerman. Joan Sue. 16 Hawthorne Ave.. Nutley. N. J. 100. 170 dam-. Bette Mae. 2219 E. Seventh St.. Charlotte 118. 170 Adam-. Bettv Dove. Star Route. Olin 118 Adams, Beverly. 389 Monford Ave.. -heville 84 Adams. Eleanor nne. 813 S. Church St.. Winston-Salem Mams, Elizabeth, 1205 Park Ave. F., Hartsville, S. I . 100 Adam-. Evelyn Mae. 701 Williams St.. Henderson 84 A. lam-. MariUn Gibson, 317 E. Church St.. Laurinburg 118. 146, 159 Warns, Nirali Catherine, 102 Pearl St.. Morganton 84 Addison. Patrieia Elizabeth. 412 Hillside Dr.. Green-horo ,lki-o„. Vaughn Alleyne, 1512 Ellison St., Falls Church, a. Agnew, Janet Burnett. 121 Swanee St., Spartanburg, S. C. Albert, Alice F.. Box 1093, Shelb) Albert. Josephine Taylor. 600 Gladstone We., Baltimore 10. Md. 118. 170 Albright. Sarah Lynn, Riverside Dr.. Coleridge 100 Alderman. Norma Ann, 202 Lafayette St.. Galax, a. 100. 170 Mdridge. Jacquelyn, 131 Oak Kd.. Winston-Salem 100 Aldridge, Mary Blohn, 902 Broad St.. Durham 131, 17(1 Alexander. Ann Elizabeth, 1310 W. Market St., Greensboro 118 Alexander. Frances, Kt. 6, Burlington 40. 140 Alexander. Jessie Miller, 111 Hospital St., Waynesville 118 Alexander. Marilyn Amelia. Box 32. Wrightsville Beach 100. 119 Alford. Ernestine Daniels (Sally), Manteo 131 Allen. Eleanor Elizabeth, Fallston Rd.. Shelb) 81 Allen. Evelyn. Main St., Marshville 40 Allen, Gail. 94 Ivanhoe Ave.. Uheville 100 Allen. Janet Dean. 102 Lucas Ave.. Wilson 118 Allen. Joanne Dexter. 2812 Fore-I Dr.. Charlotte 118. 141 Mien. Marietta, 1511 Walker Ave., Greensboro 84 Allen, Marjorie Ann. 611 W. Craham St.. Shdl.v 118. 119 Allen. Polly Jane, Rt. 1. Box 302. Charlotte 84 Allen. Rebecca Ann. Rt. 4. Roxhoro 131 Allen. Sarah, 421 Mormen Rd.. Wadesboro 40 Alley. Barbara Jane. 328 Ceorgia Ave.. Burlington 100. 159 AHigood, Romalda Joyce, Rt. 1. Box 241. Washington 118 Allison. Annie Lou Etta, Rt. 1. Old Fort 40 Alston, Joy,.- Mm. 109 West Burgess St., Elizabeth City . .. 118 Allmond. Ann. 107 Jones Circle, Thomasville 100 Mired. Bobbie Rae. 1410 Bridges St.. High Point 131 Alspaugh, Helen. 320 Corona St.. Winston-Salem 100. 164 Altman. Carole Marie. Rt. 3. Newberry, S. C. 40. 159 Amis. Betty Lloyd. 1517 E. Morehead St.. Charlotte Hill Anderson. Audrey Judith. 46 Kenzel Ave.. Nutlev. N. J. 40. 100. 164 Anderson. (Billie) Stella Williams. Jeffcr-on Me.. W. Jefferson 118 Inderson, Caroline A„g„-ia. 2221 Briarwood Rd.. Charlotte 100 Anderson. Carolyn Sue. Mars Hill HI. 1711 Anderson. Dorothy B.. 428 W. Second, Washington 84 Ander-on. Mary Lois. Box 4431. Bennettsville. S. C. 40 Anderson. Shirley Marie. 315 Rn-e St.. Rocky Mount Andrew-. Nancy Carolyn. 713 Club Blvd.. Durham 84 Andrews. Peggy Ann. Swepsonville 40 Annis. Beverly Jean. 900 Young Ave.. Chattanooga. Tenn. 84 Apple. Mary Edna. Box 466. Gibsonville 131 Arnold. Jewel. Fuquay Springs 40 Arnold. Medora Ann. 242 Boundary We., Elkins, W. Va. 84 Arrnat, Joanne. Brasstown 84 Arrington, Joan Norri-. 30 ' ) Maple Dr.. Lenoir 131 Mthur. Mary Henrie. 4115 Walk., We., Greensboro 100 Way, Joan Elizabeth, 6310 Owen PI.. Bethesda. Md. 118 sh. Joan William-. 324 White Hor-c Pike. Haddon Height-. N. J. 118 -hley. Joanne Dolores 114 Grandin Rd., Charlotte 131 -tor. Jo Ann. 2119 Oak Avenue. Newport News, a. 100 ikin-. France-. Lillington Atkins. Molly. 926 W. Trinitv Me.. Durham 11. 1711 Mkinson. Joan Streeter, Bensboro, Greenville 28. 84. 140 Atchison. Suzanne Hester. 9608 Parkwood Dr.. Bethesda, Aid. 118 twell. larv Margaret. 219 E. Court St.. Marion Alvvill. Harriet L.. 832 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rar Ausband. Sally Ellen. 320 Green St.. Albemarle Austell. Alary Ann. 206 W. Church St., Cherryville Austin. Jane Carol. 2522 Greenway Ct., Win -ton-Sa Went. Mary Eaton. Rt. 2. Whilaker- Aycock. Linda Frances. 307 N. Layton Me.. Dunn Avers. Judith Barden. Rt. 1. Oak City Avers. Nan. B-3 Countrj Club Vpts,, Greensboro Page No. 118 Bach, li.— una. 1821 Colonial We., Greensboro 100. 159 Bach. Raoula Smith. 1824 Colonial Ave.. Greensboro 118. 159. 199 Baches, ula Ellen. 1701 Rhem Ave.. New Bern Baggett. Henry, Lillington 14. 36, 41 Bagwell. Alan Edith, 745 Florida Ave.. Hendersonville 84 Bailey, Betty Jo. Chalvheale Springs 100. 144 Bailey. Joan McCoy, Rt. 3. Carthage Bailev. Marion Townsend, 1040 Nichols Dr.. Raleigh 41 Bailev. Patricia. 702 We-t Main St.. Elizabeth Cm 100. 170 Bain. Carolyn Sue. 516 7th St., Y A .. H.ckorv 84. 170 Baird. Alarilvi,,,.-. 7 ' ) Waterford Bridge Rd., St. John-. Newfoundland, Canada 36. 38. 41. 198 Bake,. Box 334. Rowland 41 Bakei. larv Bell. Box 334. Rowland 100 Baldree. Sarah Winifred, Black Creek 118 Baldridge, Carolyn Douglas, 2529 Buena i-ta Rd., Winston-Salem 84 Baldwin. Carolyn Fave. 1212 Park Ave. A. Coldsboro 118 Balentine, Edith, 2513 ,.gu-ta Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 118 Ball. Patricia iPa-lv. Jane. 2613 Shenandoah Ave.. Durham 131 Ballard, Alartha M,„. 110 Riverside Dr., Warwick. A a. 100. 197 Bank-. Alell.a. Alav-ville 41 llarack. Alata. 5.533 Beacon St.. Pitt-hurgh 17. I ' a. 100 Bardin. Anne Elizabeth (Betty), 202 A . Trinilv Ave.. Durham 118 Bare! Lois, E. Hill -t.. Be,,.,,,, 41 Barefoot. Mary Elizabeth. 6 W. Salisbury. Wrightsville Beach 118 Barker, Bettv „,„. 201 A hitaker Mill Rd.. Raleigh 117. 118. 159 Barlow. Joel. 610 Third St.. S.E.. Hi. Un 41. 175 Barnes, Elizabeth I ' a..-. 211 Board St.. Wilson 118. 199 Barn.-. Peggv. Rt. 2. Lucama 41. 170 Barnes, Rebecca Love. Lucama 84 Barnes. Romaine. Lucama 84 Barnett. Edwina Louise. 200 Knox Circle. Durham 84 Barnett. Joan. 24 Evelyn PI.. Nutley. N. I. 100 Barnette, Kay. Box 2.38. Ellerso,,. A " a. Barnhardt. Margaret Catherine. 114 W. Fir-t St.. Kannapolis 131 Barrier. Dorothy Lee. Farmer 100 Barrier. Kalherine. Farmer 15. 38. 42, 145, 175 Barringer. Katherine. 3404 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 118. 164 Barrow. Bedie Beth. Star Route. Kernersville 118 Bartholomew. Jo Ruth. 2710 Grandview Ave.. Portsmouth. Ohio Bartholomew. Sallie Ann. 700 Alarigold St.. Rockv Mount 131 Bartlett. Jennie Lee. Kure Beach 118 Bass, Gloria Uycone, 205 Hillcrest Ave.. Fayetteville 118 Bass. Joan Phyllis. 129 Clay St.. Suffolk. A a. 118 Bass, Man Anne. 1004 Monmouth Ave.. Durham 100 Bateman. Nancy Jean. 636 N. Elm St.. Greensboro 118 Bate-. Eloise, 2401 Pennsylvania Ave.. N.W.. Roanoke 17. A a. 42 Bates. Nancy Louise. 1314 Grace St.. Wilmington 118 Pate-. Shirley Anne. Boulevard Dr.. Alurphy 100. 170 Baty. Sylvia Kathnn. Qrtrs. 225. Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Parris Island. S. C. 84 Emily Jean. 1906 Ann St.. Wilmington 42. 140. 199 Baum. Alary Ann. 1842 Gardenia Ave.. Alerrick. N. Y. 80. 84. 140. 158. 159 Beall. Paisley. 3427 Wheat Street. Columbia. S. C. 118 Beam. Patricia. Merriwood Farm. Rt. 1. Shelby 42. 152 Beasley. Amaryllis Stanford. 213 Clarke St.. Henderson 81 Beasley, Jo Ann. 505 W. Henderson St.. Salisbury 131 Beam. Molly Jo. Haw River 42. 170 Beam. Winifred Kay. Haw River 42 Sllj? Moat and dtetle WEST MARKET STREET EXTENSION Student Patronage Approved by Student Council Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop Phone 3-2205 CURB SERVICE THE CORNER BOOKS - GIFTS - STATIONERY Again, it is a real pleasure to say that we have certainly enjoyed working with you during the past year. To the Seniors, congratulations and the very best of luck to you — and if you ever want on item from the Corner, just drop us a line and it will be mailed immediately if possible. Satisfaction guaranteed. Hugh J. Snavely 344 TATE STREET PHONE 4-4866 Student Directory Page No. Beauford. Beverly Jean, 209 W. Holt St., Burlington 84 Beaver, Georgia Lee. 1325 Sunset Ave.. Albemarle 159 Beaver, Jennie Lynn. 221 Ann St.. Kannapolis 118 Beaver, Shirley Colleen. Rt. 2. Box 34. Bear Creek UK Beck, nnette, 11 State Hospital Grounds, Morganton H4 Beck, Margaret. 424 Gaston Ave.. Belmont 100 Beck, Rosemary, 218 Rice St., Hamlet 131 Becker. Mary Lou. Box 22, Jamestown 84 Beddard. Jo Faye, Winterville 118 Beddoes, Helena Victoria, 1103 Blair Ave., Hampton. Va. Beeson, Mary Ella. Kt. 4. Asheboro 131 Beleos, Titsa G., 1203 Mill St.. Camden. S. C. 118 Bell, Hetty Holland, 1417 Riverside Ave., Elizabeth City 84 Bell, Mary Ownes. 1108 Belmont Circle, Fayetteville 31. 33. 42. 128. 138. 140. 177. 190 li.ll. Sue Ann. 146 Southern W.. Henderson HID Beltz, Marijane, 134 Fountain Si.. Springfield, Ma-. 81 Benedict, Esther G.. Rt. 3. Hemlock Park. Kingsport, Tenn. 84. 175. 186. 187 Bennett. Joanne Fairchild. Box 6. Rt. 1. Princeton. W. a. Bennett, Sara Galor, 2441 Vail Ave., Charlotte 33, 12 Bennett. Susan. 37 Riverside Dr.. New 1 ork. N. V 32 Benton, Betty Su.-. Hi. 6. Box 283. Morganton 118 Berlin, Loretta. 23 Woodlawn Ave.. Wilmington 118 Berrier. Mary Elizabeth. Rt. 8. Lexington 118 Biles, Katherine. Box 156. Maxton 81 Birgel. Nancy Vnne, 213 McJVei St.. Greensboro Bishop, rvillo Patricia, Box 275. Skyland 118 Bivins, Cynthia Leigh, 807 Courtland St.. Greensboro 118 Bivins, Mary. 3503 Lawndale Dr. Ext.. Greensboro 148. 114 Bivins, Polly. 241 Surry Ave., Elkin 42 Bix. Eva Madeleine. 2516 Linden Vve., Baltimore 17. Md. 118 Black. Barbara Ruth. Rt. 1. West End 131 Black. Ben Nita. Wcstridge Rd.. Greensboro LOO Black, Cecelia Ann. 113 Lavv-om ill,-. Reidsville 118 Black. Julia Mae. Rt. 8. Box 53. Charlotte 100 Black, larcia Powell, Pinehurst 10(1 Black. Sarah Lynn. 2505 E. Fifth St.. Charlotte 131 Blackmore. Jean Beryl, 32 Soco St., Asheville 118. 140 Blackwelder. Martha Jon. 106 S. Elm St.. Cherrvvillc 118 Blackwell. Sally Ann, Castalia 118 Blalock. Patricia Ann. 184 Clifton Ave. Spartanburg, S. C. Blanchard, Joan. Rt. 2. Burlington 100 Blanchard, Nancy, 1950 Sterling Rd.. Charlotte 42. 175. 186. 187. 197 Bland, Betty Jean. 1701 Pugh St.. Favciicvillc 100 Blankenship. Shirley Catholeen. E. Green St.. Rutherfordton 118 Blanton. Grace Gwendlyn, 131 Church St.. Hazelwood 84 Blanton. June Marise, 58 Flint St., Uheville 118 Blanton. Marilyn Jewell. Box 523. Spindale 100 Blanton. Shirley Vdelia, 613 Marcella Dr.. Kinston loo Blayncv. Lin, la. 252 North We., Washington, Pa. 100 Bledsoe, Betty Louise, 23 Fourth St.. Laurinburg 131 Blevins, Ann Foster, 506 Corona St.. Winston-Salem 118 Blevins, Diana Reeves. 308 S. Main St.. Galax. Va. 84 Blevins, Geraldin ! (Jerry), Box 453. Rt. 1. N. Wilkesboro 118. 159 Block, Betty, 524 S. State Si.. Lexington 118 Blue. Barbara. Box 206. Vberdeen 43. 140 Blossom. Ella Beall. I . S. Fisheries Station, Hoffman 118 Blue, LaVerne. P. O. Box 536. Mount iiv 84 Boger, Billie Jean, 817 Cliff Rd.. Asheboro 118 Bolick. Carmen Hilburn, Rt. 2. Gastonia 43 Bondurant, Joan. 108 Butler Rd.. Glyndon, Md. 84 Boney, Dixie Lee, 707 College St.. Clinton 43. 163 Bonner, Nancy Ellen. 225 Hawthorne Rd., Kalcigh 85 Booth. Nancy. 3906 Club Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga. 43 Hon-, larv Ann. 60 Bryden Circle. Fayetteville 43 Bost, Gail. Rt. 4. Box 418. Kannapolis 85 Boston, Marilyn Jean. Box 5409. Murfreesboro 100 Bouldin. Dorothy Ann. Klyce St.. Leaksville 118 Bovender. Bettie Carleene. Box 154. Boomille 170 Bowden, Eleanor, Summerfield Page No. Bowen. Lela Ann, Plymouth 131 Bowen, Mary Howard, 325 N. Market St., Washington 118. 164 Bowen, Rebecca. 702 Center St.. Asheville 85 Bowles. Elizabeth Ann. 110 N. Center St.. StatesviUe 43 Bowman. Dorothy Jean. P. O. Box 475, Browns Summit 85 Bowman. Nancy Carolyn. Rt. 2. Box 145. Walnut Cove 118 Boyd. Lois Arden. 1020 Franklin St.. Roanoke Rapids 85 Boyette, Joan. 1523 Anderson St.. Wilson 100 Boyette, Myrtle Annette. Rt. 2. Warsaw ... 118 Boyle, Wilma Patsy. Rt. 6. Box 29 B. Lenoir 118 Boyles, Sarah Glenn. 206 Gwyn Ave.. Elkin 100 Braddock. Anne, 111 Forest Hill St., Morganton 85 Braddy, Elizabeth Stowe, 208 E. Eleventh St., Washington 118 Bradfield. Nancy Elizabeth. Battery Park Hotel. Asheville 118 Bradford. Carol. Concord Rd.. Davidson 43 Bradford. Sarah, 2233 The Circle. Raleigh 100 Bradlcv. Kathrvn Stutts. 709 Phillips St.. Burlington 100 Bradshaw. Pollj Gray. Rt. 2. Wallace 118 l ' »r:i.l . l.lciiila. College Si.. Conover 100 Brannock. Peggy Ann. Rt. 1. Reidsville 131 Braswell. Jane Lee. Jackson 118. 170 Bratten. Elizabeth Ellen. 3500 W. First St.. Winston-Salem 85 Brauns, Virginia (Ginger), 928 Lexington Ave.. Greensboro Braver. Marlene Bcvcrlcv. 132 S. Market St.. Petersburg. Va. 118 Breazeale, l ..r.,ih . 551 trvin We., Spartanburg, S. C loo Breeze, Joyce. 314 Minturn Ave.. Hamlet 100 Breitbart, Mvrna. 38 Emerson Terrace. Bloomfield. N. J. 85, 158 Breilhaupt. Virginia Lee. 320 Park St., I pper Montclair. N. J. 85. 140 Brendle, Paiii.ia Ruth. Balsom Rd.. Box 242. Waynesville loo. 159 Bridgers, Foyce Worth, Jackson 118 Bridges, M arv Mile-. 915 Burch We., Durham 118 Bright. Ensa Elizabeth, Box 563. Rutherford College 43 Bright. Nancy C.. 702 Park St.. High Point 85 Brigmon. Reen Rutisha. 804 LaRoque Ave.. Kinston 118 Bristol. Anne. Box 14. Andrews . . .29, 43, 140 Britt, Billie. Rose, 1001 Maple St.. Lumberton 118 Britt. Geraldine. Rt. 6. Cedardale Ave.. Ext.. Winston-Salem 100 Britt. Mae Yvonne. 1001 Maple and Winona Ave.. Lumberton 85. 175 Brittain. Patricia. 221 S. Main St.. Graham 43 liriitain. Tommae, C-l Craham Court Apt.. Chapel Hill 44 Britt-. Margaret Estelle I Peggy I. Country Club Rd.. Box 189. Mt. Airy 118 Brnadwell. Maitland. Rt. 1. Saint Pauls 44 Brooks. Elizabeth Ann. 2400 Walker Ave.. Greensboro Brooks, Janet Anne, 831 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro Brooks. Martha Elizabeth, Modena Extension. Gastonia 85 Brookshire, Martha. Randleman 100 Broome. Nancy Lou. 1408 Nassau Blvd.. Charlotte 85. 170 Brothers, inona .. 803 Agawam St.. Elizabeth City 85 Brogham. Betty Louise. 226 S. Colonial Homes Cr. N.W.. Atlanta. Ca. 118 Brown. Ann. 9 Colonial St.. Charleston. S. C. 33. 44. 175. 199 Brown. Autrey. George 44 Brown. Barbara Gail. Blackville. S. C. 118 Brown. Barbara Scott, P. O. Box 605. Salisbury Dr.. Mooresville 100 Brown. Daphna J.. Rt. No. 1. Leicester Brown. Elizabeth Ann. 600 Washington Ave., Weldon 118 Brown. (Elizabeth) Ann. 204 W. Main St.. Lake City. S. C. ... 118 Brown, Georgie Jacqulyn. Rt. 1, Jonesville 118. 170 Brown, Marv Clayton. 5022 Pine St.. Wilmington 118 Brown. Nancy Jane. 228 Church St., Randleman 131 Brown. Margaret Louise. 1231 Lexington Ave.. Charlotte 44 Brown. Mary Clayton, Route 3. Box 282 A. Wilmington 118 Brown, Mars Lee, 108 Spencer Ave.. Spencer 44 Brown. Olive Jean. 2305 Market St.. Wilmington 44 Brown. Oudia Gayle. Rt. 2. East Bend 118. 119 Brown. Roberta. Rt. 2. Rocky Mount 44 Brown. Shirley. Rt. 1. Sehna 85 Brown, Sylvia Fay. Four Oaks 27. 85. 140 Brown. Virginia Orlando. 415 E. King St.. Boone 85 Browning. George Stradley. 36 Lakeview Rd.. Asheville 44. 152 Browning. Martha Ann, 244 S. Melville Si.. Graham 44. 170 W C girls are always welcome at Greensboro ' s leading theaters . . . CAROLINA and NATIONAL THEATERS Where you will always find the BEST in Motion Picture Entertainment! THE PARAGON 930 E Bessemer Avenue " Where Friends Pork to Eat " TUCK PHOTO SUPPLIES, INC. 225 NORTH ELM STREET GREENSBORO, N. C CAMERAS • PROJECTORS ■ FILMS DARK ROOM SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING L ompiimentd of H. L COBLE Construction Company GREENSBORO, N C, THE O. HENRY HOTEL GREENSBORO ' S LEADING HOTEL Convenient and Comfortable Coffee Shop and Dining Room Air-Conditioned Convention and Banquet Facilities 300 ROOMS - 300 BATHS Nolan B Williams, Manager Discount to Students Schoolfields Flower Shop 333 TATE STREET " Flowers Designed With You in Mind " TELEPHONES Night 4-7961 Day 5-3451 Student Directory Pas;,- No. Bruce, Paula. 2127 Beecher Circle, S.W., Atlanta, Ga. 85 llrumley. Lou Ann. Armstrong Park Ril.. Gaston ia 118. 171) Bruton. Henrietta A.. Junior Home. Lexington 45, 158, 154 Bryant, Beverly Jean, 208 Parkview Dr., Brevard Bryant. Karan. Box 726. Elkin Kill Bryant, Laura Jean. Rt. 3, Durham 85 Bryant. Maharona Allen. 17(12 Merriman We., Charlotte 100 Bryson, Carolyn, Franklin 45 Buckner, Mary. 254 St. Johns St.. Concord 15 Buff, Annah Barkley, 615 S. Ridgecrest Ave., Rutherfordton lull Buford, Sara Emily. Twin Oaks Apts.. Manor Grounds, sheville 118. 159 Buie, Annie Pearl. Bladen St., Bladenhoro 85. 175 Buis, Anne Jean, Castle Hayne Bull, Alice. Box 239. Wade Hampton Blvd.. Greenville. S. C. 85, 164 Burch, Judith Maria. Rt. 3. Lake City, S. C. 118 Burch, Marilu, Walstonburg 131 Burch, Millie Clayton. Kenansville 118. 170 Burden. Carolyn Myers. Aulander Burge, Jo Ann, 1801 Georgia Vve., inston-Salem 118. 17(1 Hurge--. h-. Elizabeth Lane. Rainseur Burgin. Jean Marie. 3905 Monroe Rd., Charlotte 85 Burke. Mary Ann. 250 7th St.. N.W., Barberton, Ohio 118. 1 Id Burke. Nanc Ann, Box 245. Silei Citj 10(1 Burke. Pegg5 LaVerne, Rt. I. Pittsboro 100 Burkett. Barbara Jean. Woodville 85 Burns. Annie Maude, Atkinson 118 Burns, Elaine Orlu. Sylvan Heights, Emporium, Pa. 100 Burns. Frances Josephine, 907 Elm St.. Luniherton 100 Burns. Jane. Crestwood Dr.. Roxhoro 100 Hum-. Sarah Nan. 816 Steele St.. Sanford Km. 163 Burris. Hazel Irene. Rt. 6. Lexington 131 Burroughs, Barhara Louise, 965 Meadow Heights Dr.. Jackson. Miss. 118. 197 Burroughs. Man Frances, 707 Barnes St.. Reidsville 85, 152 Burson. Beverly Carson. 5315 Caledonia Rd.. Richmond. a. Burl. nn. Biscoe 45 Burton. Anne Harden. 2117 Myrover St.. Favelleville 131 Burton. Nancy, 245 Ferncliff Rd„ Charlotte Burwell, Joy Kyle, Rt. 4. Oxford 118. 170 Busby, Hetty Jean. Sunbury 118 Butler. Claudette, 1006 N. Mitchell St.. Kinston 118 Butler, Eleanor, 106 Morehead St., Morganton Butler. Patricia Ann, Rt. 4, Dunn 118 Butner. Janice Virginia. 762 W. Main St, Elkin 118 Butts, Louise Marvin. Rt. 2. Box 89, Halifax 85 Byerly, Caroline, 2315 Sprunt St.. Durham 45. 197 Byrd, Jeanette Hankins. 411 E. Slate St.. High Point 15 Byrum, Barhara Ann. 1604 Ward St.. High Point 131 — C— Caddell, Shirley Elizabeth. 211 Bracken St., Sanford 131 Caldwell. Glenda Cabra. 821 Main Vve., S.W., Hickory 118. 140 Caldwell. Sandra Carole. Box 805. Kannapolis 118 Call. Shirley Frances. Box 443. Coolee e 118. 170 Callahan. Lynn Margaret. 715 Victoria PI.. Louisville, kv. 118. 17(1 Callahan, Rose, Union Leval. Va. 100 Callihan. Mary Ann, 2909 Wildwood Dr.. Greensboro 45 Calloway, Elnora, Box 405. Newland 118. 198 Cameron. Annie B., Raeford 85 Cameron. Mary Johns. 465 N. Ashe St., -southern Bine- 100 Cameron. Mary Lou, Box 362. Aberdeen Km Camp, Patricia Calvert. Rt. 5, Box 480, Charlotte 103 Campbell, Anne. 325 West Thomas St.. Sali-burv 45 Campbell. Barbara Ann. 65 Church St.. Spray Campbell. Barbara Louise. Rt. 1. Box 165. Elizahethtown 45 Campbell. Betty L.. Box 302, Denton 45 Campbell. Beverly Ray, 138 Northridge St.. Greensboro .85 Campbell. Karen Delaney, Fayetteville St.. Clinton 46 Campbell, Mary Frances, Nichols, S. C. 85 Campbell. Mary Josephine, Rt. 7. Oak Summit Rd.. Winston-Salem 16 Page No. Campbell, ilma Jean. 341 Paul St., Rockj Mount 131 Canada. Delia Bessie. Spencer St.. Randleman 103 Cannady. Man, Jean. Box 558. Uamance 46. 103 Cannon. Claire Elizaheih. (,02 W. Wilson St.. Fanmille 119 Cannon. Janie Anne. 250J Adams Si.. Wilmington 103 ( annon, Sarah, Johnson Dr.. ( anion 103 Canterbury, Marjorie Etta, 907 Lee St., Whiteville 119 i apps, Martha Neal, 815 E. Maple Vve., Gastonia 46 Garden. Patricia Jean. 1 Fisher Vve., Concord 119. 159 Cardwell, Carole. Rt. 1. Stoneville 103 Carlson. Ann. 1006 Carolina St.. Greensboro 103. 164, 199 arlton, Carol Ann. 3305 Arendell Si.. Morehead City 85 Carlton. Mrs. Jacqueline Scott, 817 N. Elm St.. Vpt. 5, Greensboro 131 ( iarlton, irginia Meetta, P. O. Box 82. Trading Ford Rd., Salisbury 119. 140 Carnegie. Elizabeth Ann. Box 229. Rutherfordton 103 Carpenter. Emma Jane. , o Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Wellons, II ' » Stagg St.. Burlington 114 Carpenter, Shirley Joy. Box 101. Rt. 1. Oakboro 103. 170 Carroll. Linda Joyce, 501(1 Mill Creek Rd.. R.F.D. 6. Atlanta, Ga. Carroll. Mary Jane. Box 128. Hookerton 119 Carroll. Pauline Betsy, Zehulon 85 Carroll. Sallie n„. 166 Rawlej We., Ml. Virj 1W Carson. Dana Vee, Rl. 1(1. Box 381. Youngs Mill Rd.. Greensboro 131 Carson, Marianne, 2511 Berkle) PI., Greensboro 46. 152. 175 Carson, Man Miller, Box Y Taylorsville 119 Carson. Patricia Anne. 921 Boulevard. State-wile 85. 159 arswell, Hon- Gaynell, Box 263, euion 114 ( arter, Barhara „n. 1007 Wenlvvorlh St.. Keid-ville 46 ( arler. ( olleen, Box 113. Kerner-ville 85 Carter. Imogene. Rt. 2. Mars Hill 46 Carter, Man lane. 5113 College St., Morganlon 119 ( arter, . arah Elizaheih. 27 Edgevvood Rd.. A-hevllle 114 i artledge, ynthia, 127 E. ( atawba, Mount Holly Cartwright. Carrie vonne, 1112 Harrington Rd.. Elizaheih City 114 ( ash, Belli Sue, 1101 Lafayette Vve., Roekv Mount 119 Cashwell, Linn. Country Club Rd.. Mt. Airy 46 Castelloe, Betsy, Kt. 2. Winterville 86 Cathey, Vnne Posey, Svlva 114 ( .Hon. Vlice Elizabeth, 130 Eastover Vve., Concord 27. 82. 86. 140. 17(1 Cauble. Jean. 414 W. Henderson St., Salisbury 103 Caulder. Bertie Dianne, Box 238. Kendall St.. Norwood 119 Caulder, Gertrude, 145 Pern Si.. Fayetteville ....46 ( ausey, roanne Walton, Box 327. Davidson 103, 159 i hagaris, Emily, 125 Kendrick Cl.. Mount Hollx 119 Chalmers, Nellie Orella, Rt. 5. Box 430 Tuckaseegee Rd.. Charlotte 114 Chambers, Tini Rae, 1315 Florida St.. Greensboro 119. 170 Chandler. Vnita Love, 1810 Crofl ve.. N.E., Viken, S. C. 119. 144 ( handler, (.eraldine. Box 501. Mar-hall 46 Chapin, Louola Patrick. Rt. 3. l.illington 47 Chapman. Brent. 2943 Temple Lane. Charlotte 47. 163 Chapman. Elisabeth Ada. 122 James River Dr.. Warwick, a. 103 Chappell, Pa ' rieia Hope, Rt. 2. Castalia 103 Chatham. Diana Margaret. 2362 Elizaheih Vve., Winston-Salem 35, 47. 138. 1.34. 140. 176. 141 Cheek. Lynn Wilma, Box 303. Newland hesson, Nancj Carolyn, 313 Sunset Ave.. Louisburg 103 I hilders, M..rv Vnn, Rl. 2. Thomasville ... 103 Childress, Nancy, 7011 Hillcrest PI.. Washington. D. C. 119, 164 Childs. Katharine S„ 215 Morven Rd.. Wadesboro 34, 47 Christopoulo, Flora Nick. 208 Rutledge Ave.. Charleston. S. C. 47 Church. Janette Iris. Rt. 1. Purlear 119. 170 Clark. Betlv Sue. 304 Franklin St.. Williamston 119 Clark. Donna Agnes. 218 Circle Dr.. Englewood, Rockv Mount 131 Clark. Margaret Davis. 312 McDonald St.. Greenville, S. C. 86 Clark. Peggy Joyce. Box 27. Rt. 3. Pittsboro 131 Clay, Evelyn Kathryn. ila- 86 Clayton. Betsy Muriel. 1402 Alahama Ave.. Durham 103 Clayton. Nancy Elizabeth, 115 Forest Hill Dr.. Asheville 10.3 Claytor, Nancj Mice. 315 West Main. Lincolnton BLISS RESTA1 RAXT " We Know How " Phone 2-5865 Lucas Dry (leaning Company 1005 Spring Garden St Greensboro, N C Opposite Aycock Auditorium Woman ' s College DIAL 2-5112 DIAL 2-5112 .- BLUE BIRD TAXI, Inc. 229 E. Sycamore St Greensboro, N. C. 3 MONTALDOfc s ELM AT GASTON GREENSBORO, N. C. or =Jjijtinct oihed of = LJi$uncUon For Your College Wardrobe Colony Shop Suits ♦ Furs ♦ SporKmar ♦ Hals ♦ Accessories Cosmetics ♦ Lingerie ♦ Shot ' s Student Directory Page No. Clodfelter, Mrs. Carolyn Gravely, 115 Mclver St.. Greensboro 31. 47 Cox. Clodfelter, Joan Kearns, 214 Fairview Dr.. Lexington 14, 31, 47, 175, 198 Cox- Cloniger. Shirley Kennedy, Corner E. Main and Gaston Sts., Dallas 119 Cox Cloyd, Fleta Eugenia (Genie), 1617 Garden Terrace, Charlotte Cobb. Barbara Ann. Rt. 3, Roxboro Cobb, Dolphine, Rt. 1, McLeansville 47, Cobb, Nelda Luticia, McLeansville Cochran, Carol Sue, 307 Hillside Ave., Charlotte Cochrane. Delphine Jeanette, P. 0. Box 64. Hudson Cochrane. Peggie. Arden Cockerham, Nancy Alice, Rt. 2, Box 136, Elkin Coe. Mescal Ann, 3413 Anderson Dr., Winston-Salem 119. Cofer, Mrs. June Bryan. 1205 Walker Ave., Greensboro Cofer, Norma Jean. 636 S. Sunset Dr.. Winston-Salem 47. 139. ( lofield, Annie Ellen. Rt. 2. Box 198. Edenton 86. Cohen. Phyllis. 1242 23rd St., Newport News, Va. Cole, Sarah Jane, 102 N. Magnolia St., Raeford Collier, June Carol, Pikeville Collins, Betty. Rt. 1. Box 135, Kannapolis Collins, Gloria, 833 Barnard Rd. No. 4, Aiken, S. C. 29. Collins, Shirley B., Box 87, Angier 103. Collins. Shirley Jean, 306 S. Market St., Madison Collson, Charlotte Twine. 207 S. Chapman St.. Greensboro 48. Coltrain, Joan Carol, Rt. 1. Box 226. Williamston Colvard. Ann Wright, Robbinsville 48. Comer, Alsie Jean. Rt. 1. Cameron Condrey, Mary Paula. College Si.. Murfreesboro ( ., Barbara Jean. 1025 Belvedere Ave.. Gastonia Conn, Frona Reed. 1135 17th St., Newport New- a. 15. 119. Conner. Joan, 716 " B " St., N. Wilkesboro Connor, Barbara Ann, 2202 Lawndale Dr.. Greensboro Connor. Joanette. Delco Conrad, Edith Margaret, Jackson Springs Conrad, Harriet. 101 York Dr., Waynesboro. Va. Conrad, Mary Josephine, 201 S. Laurel Ave., Charlotte Conrad, Retia Elizabeth, Rt. 1. Thomasville Cook. Carlene Violet. Rt. 1. Box 272. Kemersville Cook, Patricia Sara, 142 Hamilton Rd., Glen Lenox Cooley, Carolyn, 1929 Ewing Ave., Charlotte Cooley, Millicent. 19-D Edgewood Knoll Apts.. Ashi Coomes, Ina Sue. Rt. 7. Box 549, Greensboro Cooper, Barbara Marian, 1130 Graydon Ave., Norfolk. Va. Cooper, Marjorie Ann, Box 238 A-Rt. 4. Morganton Cooper. Rebecca Mills Seawell I Mrs. t. Merry Oaks Cooper, Wilma Faye, Rt. 2. Nashville Cope, Neva June, Drexel 86. 163, Copelan, Sara Frances, 142 Cedar St.. Mooresville 3 Cornelison, Ann Marsh. 316 Mitchell Ave.. Salisbury Cornelius. Marian Weeks, 3809 Henderson Rd.. Greensboro Corpening. Mary R.. Rt. 1. Horse Shoe Cornwell, Nancy McQuague. 825 S. Aspen St., Lincolnton Costello, Emma Lee. 4111 Spring Hill Ave.. Richmond. Va. Costello, Winnie Roberson, 3240 Brightwood PI.. Roanoke. Va. Coston, Linda Claire, Hubert Cotchett, Carolyn Ann, 1919 Market St.. Wilmington Cotten, Joan Ellen, Rt. 1, Box 330. Bluefield, W. Couch. Josephine. 604 Gaston Ave.. Belmont Coulbourn. Eleanor, 204 Watson St.. Windsor Coulter, Nancj Little. 520 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte Councill. Jimmie I ouise, - ' lid Beall St.. Lenoir Councilman. Shirlev Frances. Bonlee 86 Courtney. Cynthia Sue. Rt. 4, Aiken. S. C. 119. 170 Covington, Betty Lou. Rt. 1. Whitsett 48 Covington. Katherine Munroe (Kay). 3019 Fairfax Dr.. Charlotte 119 Cox. Edith Josephine, 340 Dall St.. Madison 131 Cox. Faytee Harrell, Moyock 86 Cox. Martha Ann, Box 1139, Greensboro Cox, Martha Lee, 2301 Kery Dr., Greensboro . . 119 Cox. Shirley Ann, 508 Bryant St.. Leaksville 131 Cox, Tommye Jay. 220 Fairview Ave.. Mt. Airy 131 3Ches (Millie St.. Gr Chapel Hill 33. 48. 19, 48. 186. 187. 189 Mildred Ardella (Millie I. Rt. 1. Wagram Coxwell. Bonnaleta. 1715 Devon Rd.. Roanoke. Va. Craft. Frances Elaine. Rt. 1, Cherryville Crafton, Martha Elizabeth, Beverly Apts. O-l, Asheville Craig, M. Jean. 420 Mansfield Ave.. Haddonfield. N. J. Cramer, Patricia Wrenn. 127 Sir Oliver Rd.. Norfolk 5. Va. Cranford, Barbara Ann, Box 322, Troy Crary, Phoebe Uice, Neely Rd.. Brevard Crater, Julia Ann. 1106 Harvey St., Raleigh Craver, Aroula Ann, 121 N. Elm St.. Asheboro Craver. Ann Louise. Rt. 8. Lexington Crawford, nn Coman. 411 Branner Ave.. Waynesville Crawford. Garro Jane. 1501 Kings Rd.. Shelby- Crawford. Joanna Carol. 1018 N. Main St., Danville. Va. Crawley, Mary Frame . Rt. 6. Box 49, Morganton Creech. Carolyn Yvonne. 209 N. 4th Ave., Mayodan Crech, [mogene Small, 5217 Goddard Rd., Bethesda 14. Md. Crenier, Diane. 50 Stony Brook Rd., Darien. Conn. Crews, Doris E.. 515 Summit Ave., Greensboro Crews. France . 620 Joyner St.. Greensboro ( rews, Joy e onnc. Box 317. Troutman Crocker, Sylvia. 812 School St.. Rocky Mount Cromer. Lilian, Box 425. Tryon Crosby, ' Mr-.i Julia E. (McEachren), 2001 S. she St.. Creei, ( rossley, Eleanor Anne. 2201 Elizabeth Ave.. Win ston-Salem Crotts. Mona Rae. 406 Peachtree St.. Albemarle CrotK Patri.ia Reynolds, Box 866. Thomasville Crotts, Sybil, Rt. 5. Winston-Salem Crouch. .lc-liah Smyer, 347 S. College Ave.. Nc-wlcm Crouse. Carolyn. Rl. 2. Lexington. Denton Crouse, Margaret, Rt. 2, Thomasville Crouser, Mary 110 Academy St.. Waynesville Crow, Margaret Wright, 309 Sunset Dr.. Wilson Crowell, Nancy Carol. Rt. 2, Denton ( rowley, Man Bernard. 1022 W. Haven Blv Crumpacker, Shirley Patricia, 906 Burch Av Crymes. Margaret Ann. 330 Kingsbury St., Oxford Culbreth. Ruth Mary. General Delivery. Laurinburg Culp, Barbara Edith. 613 Cable St.. Thomasville Curran, Johanne Marie. 8718 Grant St.. Bethesda, Md. Cuneo. Carolyn Keck. Route 2, Box 327, Hickory Curran. Shirley Ann. Box 684. Reidsville Currie, Kathryn. Box 12. Maxton Currin, Lillie Belle. Rt. 4. Oxford Currin. Rebecca Ernestine. Rt. 4. Oxford Curtis. Norma June. Box 101. Norwood Cuthrell. Jeanette Parrish, 4513 Newport Ave.. Norfolk. — D— Dail, Dorothy. 607 N. Pineview Ave.. Goldsboro Dallas, Mary Rue, 215 S. Clairmont Dr.. Salisbury Dalton, Carolyn Virginia, 2204 Westfield Ave., Winston-! Dalton. Frances Louise. 707 Clover St.. Winston-Salem Dance, Erma. 322 Valley Rd.. Fayetteville Danford, Mattie Speight. Rt. 1. Stantonsburg Daniel. Sonia. 203 Broadway St., Markham Apts. No. 8. 1 Daniel. Zora. 203 Broadway St.. Apt. 8. Durham Daniels, Adelaide Worth. 1540 Caswell St., Raleigh Daniel . Evelyn, Children ' s Home. Winston-Salem Dark. Juanita Roxanne. 118 West Fort St.. Marion Davenport. Florene A., Columbia Daves. Barbara. 303 N. High St.. Lincolnton Davie, Diana Mnrri-. 1710 Westbury Rd.. Charlotte Davis, Barbara Ann. 167 fdlewild Dr.. Winston-Salem Davis. Barbara E.. 2409 Commonwealth Ave.. Charlotte Davis. Barbara Jean. Box 56. Cornelius DaU . Bette Lee. 1318 Maple Rd.. Richmond 25, Va. Davis, Carolyn Jane. 226 McCauley St.. Chapel Hill Davis, Carrie Naomi. P. O. Box 32. Pikesville 119 5 . 170 119 116. 140 103 131 103 33, 103 49, 111. 145 103 44 Rocky Mo Durham 49. 139. 182 103, 158 28, 49, 140 119 49 50 103 103 14S. 159 119. 170 86 flCt 21CI Many of your friends of earlier classes are now members of the telephone family We join with them in wishing you every success and good fortune for the future SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY W mvnw HOME FURNISHERS TO THE CAROLINAS FOR 38 YEARS INTERIOR DECORATING — A STAFF OF 10 TO SERVE YOU 12 SOUTH GREENEST. GREENSBORO, N. C. Student Directory Davis, Mrs. Geraldine Somers, Box 364, Elon College Davis, Helen Maria, Box 261. Chadbourn Davis, Hilda. Box 32. Pikesville Davis, Jessie, Rt. I, Wake Foresl Davis, Margaret Ann. Rt. 1. Box 218 A. Wade Davis, Marllia Ann. 1107 Civile St.. High Point Davi-. Martha Faye. Box 880, Rt. 9. Charlotte Davis. Mary Helen. Rt. 5. Lexington l a i-. Mary Louise, 1507 Allandale Rd„ Greensboro Davis, Nancy Elizabeth, 1226 Yale PL, Charlotte Davis. Nancy Jane. 1405 Garfield Rd.. Burlington Davis. Norma Savers. 1410 6th St.. N.W., Box 344. Hickorj Davis, Patsy. 1011 Richard St.. Salisbury Davis. Ramona Sue. 101 N. Main St.. Canton I taxi-. Sandra. 642 N. 6th St.. Albemarle Davis, Vivian Elizabeth, tin Y Randolph St.. Rockingham . . Dawson, E. Carol. 1300 Park Ave. B. Goldsboro Dawson, Mary Dillon. 414 W. Church St.. Elizabeth City Dayvault. Sarah Joyce, Box 356. Landis Deal. Fran..- Olivia. 144 Park Terrace. Statesville D.-al. Linda, Box 5, Morganton Deal. Mrs. Therry Nash. Hickory Hgh» . Box 1146, Statesville Dean, Mil. lid loan. 1710 Sleepy Hollov, Rd., Fall- Church, Va. Deans, F. Jan.-. 1105 Kenan St., Wilson Deaton, Rebecca Louise. 1128 W. Fourth Ave.. Gastonia I -.-. Mice. 89 S.v.nth St.. Lexington DcHart. Evelyn Beatrice. 1833 Ninth Ave.. N.E.. Hickory Dellinger, Sylvia Carroll. Edgewood B.I.. I . mer City Demmon, Carol Evelyn. Blue Briar Cottage. Rt. 2. Uheville Denny. Carolyn Hemrick, 31 White Lane. Concord Denny. Nancy Carolyn. Rt. 2. Carthage Deutsch. Linda. 32 Lenox Ave., Mount Vernon, N. V. Deviney, ignes Vnne, Casar DeYoung, Phyllis Josephine, 1114 Sam Lions Trail. Martinsvil Dial. Margaret Louise, lor, Archer St.. Kannapolis Dickens, Marian Lou, 6 Fifth ye., Thomasville Dickerson, Darlene Marie, Hamptonville Dicker-.. n. Jane. Rt. 2. Kittrell Dickerson. Rebekah Mae, Rt. 5. Box 24. Reidsville Dickson, Bobbie Annette, Rt. 1, Box 6. Grassy Creek Dickson, Jane Andrews. 2620 Avondale Ave.. Charlotte Dickstein, Sybil, 221 E. 53rd St.. Savannah. Ga. . Dietschi, Cynthia We, 269 Rua Belfort Roxo. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, S. . Dillard. Nancy. Jefferson Dillehay, Ma i- Loretta, 43 Church St., Oxford Dismuke, Sylvia Dean,-. 114 Trail 1, Grove Park. Burlington 37. 50. 164, Divine, Mar) Vnn, 201 Borden We., Wilmington Dixon. Dorothy Elizabeth. Rt. 1, Box 163. Monroe Dixon. June, 510 Queens Ct.. Statesville Dixon. Rebecca Vnn, Bennett Dixon. Shirley Anne. 103 Park Lane. Rockingham Dobson, Box 709 High Point Dobson, Gayle Mane. Kt. 1. Ml. in Doby, I aura Frances, 516 N. First St.. Albemarle Dockery, Judith. 107 Mountain St.. Rutherfordton Dodson, Minnie Irene. Wentworth Doggett, Nancy Jo. 908 Rotary Dr., High Point Doggett, Sudie, MM North St.. Bluefield. W. Va. Doll, Caul. Perrj We., Norwalk. Conn. Donaldson. Hilda. Rt. 1, Statesville Donalson, Dorothy Ann. 506 Ferry St.. Montgomery. W Dorman, Beverly, 12 Hawkins St.. Danielson. Conn. Dorsk, Elinor Sara. 1595 Westover Ave.. Petersburg, Va. Doughton, Elizabeth, Box 41, Sparta Houghton, Rebecca Turner. Box 41. Sparta Douglas, Gail, 207 N. Dotger We., Apt. C-16. Charlotte llov.. Katherine, 751 Falls Rd.. Rocky Mount Dowdy, Edna Bruce, Broad St.. Manteo 119. 170 103 103 119 119, 170 119 131 50, 175 131 131 119 119. 198 103 32. H2 186. 187. 188 98. 103 86 . 86. 186. 187 119 103. 199 14. 50 114 119 119 119 103 86 104 104 86 87. 164 101. 170 Page No. Downer, Gail Garnelt. Rt. 5, Box 376. Durham 119 Draper. Janie Lou. 2023 Alston Ave. Rd., Durham 119 DuFour, Johnnie Ann. 906 S. Washington St.. Rocky Mount 119, 170 Dukes, Margaret Rosalie. Box 255, Ahoskie 104 Duncan. Elizabeth Campbell. 200 West Queen. Edenton 104. 170 Duncan, Lois Anne. 1803 Sylvan Rd.. Greensboro Dunham. Susan Eaton. Cary 87, 160, 163, 199 Dunlap. Betty Jean. Robbins 131 Dunlap. Helen Mendenhall. 207 N. Tarboro St.. Wilson 131 Dunlap. Margaret Rogers. Rt. 2. Mount Gilead 119 Dunlap, Mary Cowles. Kernersville 87 Dunn. Barbara. Bladenhoro 50 Dunn, Elizabeth Ann ( Betsy I, 1401 N. Hamilton, Box 155. Leaksville 87 Dunn, Julia Mae, 121 Union Rd., Gastonia 104. 163 Dunn, Sadye, Bladenboro 104, 140, 164 Durham. Doris, Burgaw 50 Durham. Sylvia Janet. Box 332. Burgaw 87 Durham. Susan. 2510 Forest Dr.. Winston-Salem 104. 163. 170 Dwyer, Janet. Box 267. Huntersville 119. 170 — E— Early, Vddie Neville, 334 S. Pearl St.. Rocky Mount 104 Earnhardt. Carolyn. Rt. 8. Plaza Rd.. Charlotte 50 Earnhardt. Man Lou. 718 Maupin We., Salisbury 119 Eason. Patricia Anne. Willowood Dr.. Henderson 119, 170 Eaton. Jalna Dawn, 1202 W. Market St.. Greensboro 119, 197 Eberenz, Jo Ann Elizabeth. 600 Lakeview St.. Greensboro Edmundson. Carol Ann. Fremont 104 Edwards, Barton. Rt. 1, Box 264. Rich Square 104 Edwards, Carol Sue, Sparta 119 Edwards, Mori- Jean. Sparta 119 Edwards. Harriet Lodge. Box 25. Rockwell 51 Edward-. Julia Lynn. 121 Tate St.. Greensboro 131 Edwards. Marx. Rt. 1. Box 171. Chocowinity 87. 161 Ehle. Mary Ann. 209 Midland Dr.. Asheville 119 Elder. Dorothy Jane. 501 W. Park Dr.. Siler City 104 Elder, Jane Elizabeth. 110 Glendale Ave.. Burlington 104 Elkins. Sarah Frances. 906 W. Trinity Ave.. Trinity Apts.. Durham 131 Ellington. Martha Wilson, 608 Sun-et Dr.. High Point 119 Ellington, Man Elizabeth. Route 2. Park Rd.. Charlotte 131 Elliott. Barbara. Third Ave.. Chadbourn 51 Elliott. Jane. 515 W. Second Ave., Gastonia 87 Elliott. Man Carolyn, Box 2266. Hickory 104 Ellis, Martha. Box 835. Goldsboro 104 Ellison. Judith Elin. 2819 Hayne Ave.. Aiken. S. C. 87. 163 Elting. Mary r ' oster. 339 Charlotte St., Roanoke Rapids 87. 164 Elzey. Betty. Robbinsville 87 Engli-h. Joan. 14th St.. Altavista, Va. English, Myrtle V.. Maxton 87 Ennis, Janet, Box 224. Erwin 51 Eppley. Anita B.. 822 Spring Gar.len St., Greensboro 51, 170 Epstein. Carol Jean, 3610 Sequoia Ave.. Baltimore, Md. Epting. Claudette Lorene. 513 N. Mills St.. Orlando. Fla. 51, 104 Etheridge. Doris Elizabeth. Rt. 1. Elizabeth City 87. 170 Eubank, Jean Sykes, Rt. I. Box 374. Wilmington 87 Eudy. June Carolyn. 819 Potters Rd.. Charlotte 119. 170 Evans. Adele Frances. 423 Park St.. Cary 119. 170 Evans. Dorothy Jo Ann. Rt. 1. Jacksonville 119 Evans. Madge Hoyal. 3704 Manor Dr.. Apt. D. Greensboro 87 Evans. Rhoda Pearl. Box 35. Sparta. Tenn. 119 Evans. Ruth Ann. 403 W. Lenoir Ave.. Kinston 131 Evens, Eleanor, 131 N. 11th St.. Pulaski. Va. 104 Everett, Nancy 1 709 Graydon Ave.. Norfolk. Va. 119 Everette, Lucy. Elon College 104 Everhart. Nancy Carolyn, Stanley 119 Everleigh, Carole. Rt. 1. Red Springs 131 Evosevich. Sylvia Sophie. 52 S. 10th St.. S.S.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 104 Ewell. Blanche Elizabeth. 441 Ridgeway Ave.. Statesville 119 PACE 312 The Place for Your Parents and Friends MANOR MOTEL 1045 West Market Street Mr and Mrs. S. T. Dickinson Phone 3-2517 MACKS 5. 10 25c STORES INC. The College Shopping Center Tate Street Greensboro, N. C. Compliments of The Gl iss House Restaurant 900 Summit Ave. Greensboro, NIC. Keep those College Memories With Kodak Pictures Your snap shots of school activities will be greatly prized in the years ahead Film - Black and White or Color and Flash Bulbs THE ART SHOP. INCORPORATED 1 1 8 West Market St. Powell s Shoe 1. Miller Mademoiselle Walk-Over Joyce Store 115 SOUTH ELM STREET s. T. Wyrick Company Engraving Office Equipment Supplies 1 17 N Greene St Phone 2-4 133 Greensboro, N C iYVVNJ 1 Vi s ' t th e C W GUILFORD l@Ftob DAIRY BAR KJ f L for delicious 4 • Ba nana Split • Sundaes • Sodas • Milk Shakes • Ice Cream located on J NE QUART name W. Market Street OPEN DAILY until 11:00 p. m. Student Directory — F— Faircloth. Phyllis Carol. Box 773. Pinehurst Faircloth, Shelby Anne. Box 165. Clinton Faison. Virginia A. I. lie. Rt. 3, Wake Forest Kali-. Carolyn, 119 Grover St.. Shelby 12. 33, Falls, Mary. Rt. 1, Gastonia Farb. Ina. 2000 Beach St., Winston-Salem Farmer, Betsy Anne. 2109 Vernon Dr.. Charlotte Fanner. Sandra, 532 Overlook St.. Greensboro Farr. Man- Virginia, 1211 Worthington Ave.. Charlotte Farv. Ruth Diane, 315 W. Flaring St., Elizabeth City Feather, Christine, Box 233. Vberdeen Featherstone, Shirley, lit. 5, Hendersonville Feldman, Erna Jane. 500 13th St.. Miami Beach. Fla. Feldman. Shera H.. 10 E. Cedar Lane. Maplewood, N. J. Felmet, Betty. Rt. 3. WaynesviUe Felton, Catheryn Bass (Kaj I, 215 Hinsdale Dr.. Fayetteville Ferebee, Hani,- Elizabeth, 111 Queen St., New Bern Ferguson, lame Mac Kt. 1. York Rd.. Gastonia FerreD, Gladys Elizabeth, Rt. 2. Ubemarle Ferrell, Ruth Wilson, 103 Ash St.. Elizabeth City Fie it. Sarah, Rt. 5. Dunn Field-. Helen Marie. 1415 William- St., Greensboro File, Naomi Oneida. Rt. 4, Box 240. Salisbury Finch, Lois Janet. 208 Marsh Ave.. Raleigh Find.. Sheila Kav. 1115 Lafayette We., Ro. k Mnunt Finn, Barbara Ellen. 1511 Chase Vve., Bethesda 14, Md. Fish, Kav Frances. 210 Willborough Ave., Fayetteville Fishel, Nancy. 211 Acadia We., Winston-Salem Fisher, Audrey. 1411 Woodland Dr.. Durham Fisher, Anita. Durham Fisher. Barbara Jean. East Marion Fisher. Elizabeth R.. 212 Davis St., Fayetteville Fisher, Hazel. 920 Scales St.. Salisbury Fishkin, Rita Lee. 5713 Rush Vve., Baltimore 15. Md. Fitzhugh, Anne, 4208 Dresden St.. Kensington, Md. Fitzgerald. Rebekah Rahlff. 908 Watson We., Winston-Salem Flake. Agnes Miriam. 107 Page St.. Rockingham Fleishman, Jacquelin Breen, 2603 E. North Vve., Vnderson, S C Fleishman, Rita I!.. I ' M l Morganton Rd., Fayetteville Fleming. LaYerne. 225 S. Tillerv St., Rocky Mount Fleming. Nancy Poe. Grime-land Fletcher, Anita Boykin. 510 Burton. Raleigh Fletcher. Jean Wright. Box 69. Rt. 3. N. Wilkesboro Flinchum, Betty. Rt. 10. Greensboro Flinchum. Fay Merita. Rt. 2. Leaksville Flowe, Nancy. 508 Biltmore Vve., Asheville Floyd, Betty, 1801 Pine St., Lumberton Floyd, Bettj Jean. 1(15 Smith St.. High Point Forehand, Alice Virginia, 2425 Vail We., Vpt. V-19, Charlotte Forester. Edna Mae. Rt. 1, Mars Hill Forester, Joan, Finlej Park. N. Wilkesboro Forrest. Mary Elizabeth. 1420 Duplin Rd., Raleigh Fortenberry. Helen. 201 N. 24th Ave.. Hattiesburg, Mi-. Foster. Edith. Rt. 3. Lexington Foustu, Edna. Mar- Hill Fortune, Frances Elizabeth, Route 2. Brevard Fowler, Dorothy Richardson. 306 Second St.. Oakland Heights Leaksville Fowler, Man Lu-Phenia, 107 S. Franklin St.. Whiteville Fowler. Sylvia Jane. 12 " kendri, k Ct., Mount Holly Fox. Florence Thomasine, 206 Melanchton Vve., Lutherville, Md Fox. Julia Ann. 86 Herron We., -heville Frazier. Sylvia Rose. Rt. 2. Box 17. Louisburg I i- k ranet, 508 Mayflowei Dr.. Greensboro Freeman, Garrie Pawnee. 104 Wallace St.. Spindale Freeman. Pauline Roberta. Laurel Lake. Salemburg Freeman. Sandra Jean. 805 9th Ave.. N.E.. Hickory Freeze, Ferri Christine, Rt. 3. Mooresville Freund. Ebba, 413 Furches. Raleigh Friar, Katherine, 1022 Sunset Ave.. Rocky Mount 87. 145. 149 Page No. Friedman. Gloria Ann. 184 E. Dorrance St.. Kinston, Pa. 120. 199 Fringer, Margaret Neal. 1726 Reisterstown Rd.. Baltimore, Md. 164 Frink. Sarah Carolyn. Rt. 3. Box 192. Tabor City 104 Fulcher, France- Jane. Highland Park. Beaufort 131 Fulcher, Martha Elizabeth. 215 Woodland Vve., Davidson 28, 87, 140 Fuller, Adelaide Jean. 1952 Runnymeade Rd.. Winston-Salem . 120 Fuller. Joan Marie. 2111 Pomona Rd.. Greensboro 52, 140 Funderburk. Barbara Ann. Matthews 120 Furr. Barbara Ann. 427 S. Spring St.. Concord 104 — G— Gabriel, Barbara Jacqueline. 102 Cook St. Ext.. Kannapolis 104 Gaines, Shirlev. Jamesville 52, 199 Galloway, Sxlvia Irene. 224 Middleton Dr.. Charlotte 120 Gann. Joy I.equita. Rt. 1. Madison 120 Gantt, Elizabeth Joanne. 243 N. First St.. Albemarle 104 Gardner. Jane Carolyn, Box 7311. Southern We., Henderson 120 Garfinkel. Sandra. 100 Morris St.. Charleston. S. G. 104 Garner. Nancy Carol. 603 Holly St.. Asheboro 59, 197 Garrell. Man Lois, Rt. 1. Box 240. Clarendon 88 Garrett. Emily Sue. 42 Highland Vve., Ml. Ki-co. N. Y. 120 Garrett. Fran.e- [mogene, 12 Highland We., Ml. Kisco, N. Y. 88 Carri-on. Ellen Rae. WeaverviUe 88 Garrison, Ferral Jeannine, 1390 Boulevard, N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Garrison, I mogene. Rt. 4. Burlington 52 Garvie. Elizabeth Love. 3827 Princess St. Rd., Wilmington 120 Garvin, Man Vrnold, Kalmia Hill. Laurel Dr.. Viken, S. C. 120 Gaskill, Carolyn Drue. 2243 Gin le Dr., Raleigh 120 Ga-kin. nn Scherur, Rt. 2. Galivant- Fern. S. I . 120 Gate-. nn Beverley. 605 Jeffer-on St.. Roanoke Rapid- 120 Catling. Joan. 547 Murphy St., Madison 120 Gaulden. Terry Odiene, 114 Price St.. Greensboro 52 Geiger. Ruth Irene. 2810 Sherwood St., Greensboro 87 Gelfman, Gladys, 889 Princeton Rd.. Woodmere, N. Y. 87. 158 Gentry, Christine Dale. Rt. 2. Roxboro 120 George. Judith Elizabeth. 211 W. Main St.. Maiden 52 George, Julia Bryant, 412 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill 120 German. M. Elaine Shryock, 504 Hatherleigh Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md. 104 Gerringer. nita Jane. 1535 McCormick St., Greensboro 131 Gibbs. Norma Janet. Murfreesboro 120. 170 Giles, Katherine Wardlaw. 5 Carolina vc. Forest Citj 120 Giles, Margaret Shirley. 413 Cameron Ave.. Chapel Hill 131 Gill. Joellen. North St.. Zebulon 52. 164 Gilliam, Laura E.. 9310 W. Parkhill Dr.. Bethesda 1 1. Md. 104 Gilliken, Dura Jo.. 108 Setrell Ave.. Wilmington 88. 161 Gilmer. Man Winfield, 512 Fenton PI.. Charl-Me 120 Gilmore. Gloria Dawn. 521 Jeffer-on St.. Greensboro Giroud. Caml. 575 est We., Sewaren, N. J. 52, 163 Glenn, Suzzanne Bell. 1205 Vmherst Vve., Richmond. Va. 120 Glover, Flora Belle. 5 11 Hardendori Ave.. N.E., Atlanta. Ga. 120 Godwin. Julia Ann. 2955 Arden Rd.. N.W.. Atlanta. Ga. 120 Godwin. Patricia. Rt. 1. Box 238. Wilson 88 Godwin, Rosa Kelly. 406 N. 15th St.. Wilmington 88 Goins, Jean Carol. Box 15. Burlington 131 Goldman. Margie Libby. 2107 Rolling Rd.. Greensboro 88 Goode. Dorothy Joan, Italy St.. Box 212. Valdese 120 Goode. Evelyn Hope, Mountain R oad. Rutherfordton 120 Goode. Juanita. Rt. 3. Mt. Olive 88 Goodman. Judith Carol. 112 Churchill Dr.. Fayetteville 120 Goodman. Lois Jean. Upper Cross Rd.. Fallston. Md. Goodnight, Bargara Ann. 702 Old Bethpage Rd.. Box 946 Kannapolis Goodnight. Cordilia Ellen. 1808 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro 120. 159 Goodwin. Maxine. 114 Brighton St.. New Britain. Conn. 88 Gordon, Lena Anne. 514 Maple St., Leaksville 104 Gordon. Patricia. Rl. 2. Mt. Airy 52. 190 Gormon. Mary Patricia, 401 Gaitber Rd.. Winston-Salem 104. 161 Gorter. Johanna F.. 14 Hillcrest. Enka Goslen. Evelyn. Rt. 1. Pfafftown 88 Gowen, Irma Dixon. 3826 Sedgewood Rd.. Gharlotie 53, 170 Grady, Peggy Jean. Albertson 120 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY BY Compliments of PAUL ' S DRIVE-IN CURB MARKET Open Daily ' til Midnight Sunset Hills Restaurant 1618 Friendly Road at Aycock Phone 2-4239 Greensboro, North Carolina UURSH-O-ITIRT Self-Service Laundry 328 Tate Street Phone 2-1329 Norge Appliances Gray-Seal Paint Hart Hardware Company 334 Tate St Greensboro, N. C. Phone 4-1948 Student Directory Graham. Alma Eleanor. 2235 Circle Dr., Raleigh Graham, Dixie Anne, 430 N. Bridge St., Elkin Graham. Emily, 500 East " G " St.. Erwin Graham, Jane. 1202 Central Ave.. Charlotte Graham. Mary Lewis, Flemingsburg. Ky. Graham. Phyllis Anne. Rt. 1. Mount Ulla Graham. Willie Mae. Rt. 6, Box 219, Salisbury Grant. Sally Jane. 203 Bethel Rd.. Raeford Graper. Priscilla Anne. Ill Westview K.I.. 1 pper Monte] Gravitte. Betty Victoria. Ri. 2. Pilot Mountain Gray, Ann. 501 Sherwood Rd.. Jacksonville Green, Barbara Ann. 2317 Marlowe Ave.. Charlotte Green, Carolyn Ann, 209 Taylor St., Raleigh Green, Eugenia, Rt. 1, Box 40. Ramseur Green, Frances. 3127 Banbury Rd.. Raleigh Green. Nancy lone. 100 Colville Rd., pt. 62B, Charlotte Green, Rose Marie, Pittsboro Greenberg, Evelyn, 408 Crestland We., Greensboro Greene, Carmen. Rt. 3. Mocksville Greene, Margaret Elizabeth, Maxton Greene, Nancy nn. Comdr. T. J. Greene, Com. Serv. Div. c o F. P. O.. San Francisco, Calif. Greer. Patricia Ann. Wilkesboro Griffin, Elizabeth Diantha, 101 Williams St., Williamstoi Griffin, Jacqueline H., 3540 S. Wakefield St., Wlington, Griffin. Jean Carole. Kt. 1. Box 220. Williamston 38. 53, 175 Griffin, Linda Charles. 311 E. Main St., Marshville Griffin. Patricia Ann. 2632 Elon St., Charlotte Griffin, Mary Ruth. Rt. 3. Rocky Mount Grigg. Meda Cash. 134 Mclver St., Greensboro Griggs. Joan Marie. 127 Washburn We., Spray Grimes. Josie Elizabeth. 12 Boyles St., Thomasville GrinefT, Gail Valerie, 1628 Vestal Rd.. Vestal, Y. Griset, WIene Emily. 1623 Dixie Trail, Raleigh Gross, Sue, 2 i Austin We., Uheville Grubh, Morah Patricia, Box 1100. Salisbury Guld. Felice. 1618 Prices St.. Wilmington Gullstrom, fngebrit Elisabeth. Ornbogatan 66. Bromnia. Sweder Gunderson. Belmar. Rt. Command. Armv Chemical Center, Md. Gunnell, Peggy. Box 310. Rt. 1. Mount Airy Guyer, Edna Mae. Box 45. Rt. 1. Elkin — H— Hagan, Freida Louise, 712 Townsend Ave., Gastonia Hagan. Geraldine. 712 Townsend Ave.. Gastonia Hagen. Anna Elizabeth. 205 St. Johns We., Charleston Hgl-.. Charleston. S. C. Haithcock, Voye Jacqueline, Sulphur Springs Rd.. Forest Citj Hall. Billie Jane. Rich Square Hall. Ernestine. 2221 Hayworth Rd.. High Point Hall. Judith E., 58 Meredith St.. Springfield. Mass. Hall. Lee. Rt. 9, Lexington Hall. Leslie Perry. 219 Main St.. Oxford Hall, Sarah, Pine Cone Dr., Oxford Hamer, Sylvia Ann, 205 Maehill Park. Lenoir 53, 175. 185, Hammond. Jane Mitchell. 2017 Matheson Ave.. Charlotte Hammond, Jean. Rt. 1. Box 44. Hendersonville Hammond, True Joan. Route 1, Box 44. Hendersonville Hammond. Patricia Ann. 2501 Belvedere Ave.. Charlotte Hammond. Sylvia. Park Dr.. Chesterfield. S. C. Hamor. Janet Anne. Box 802. Pinehurst Hamrick. June. 155 Charlotte Ave., Mt. Holly Handley, Ruby Lucille, 1312 Park Ave. A. Goldsboro Handy. Olivia Lee, 206 N. Haughton St.. Williamston Hanes. Susan. Rt. 1. Mocksville Hankins, Reba Anne, 513 Vista Dr., Fayetteville Hannah, Joyce Evelyn. Rt. 2. Waynesville Haralson. Rachel Shively (Raet. Rt. 10, Box 122. Greensboro Harbison. Martha Ellen. 1109 Courtland Ave.. Reidsville lUd. 187. 188. I ' l ' l 120. 197 88, 195 53 80. 88 161 88. 170 186. 187 120 . 54 54. 163 104 104 35. 120 120 120 104. 163 Page No. Hardin. Mary Allan. 102 South 4th St.. Wilmington 88 Hardin. Rebecca Anne. Rt. 1, Guilford College . . . 120 Harding, Leonora Ryland (Nona I. 1400 irginia Ave.. Durham 132 Harding, Lillian Long. 2425 Sharon Rd.. Charlotte 54 Harding. Mildred Dew, 1400 Virginia We., Durham 132 Hardy. Elizabeth Wave. Box 88. Bland. Va. 120 Hargrove, Mary, 104 N. Holden Rd.. Greensboro 104 Harlow, Joan. 612 E. Front St., New Bern 88 Harmon. Mar Carol. 401 West 6th Ave.. Gastonia 104. 199 Harrell. Betty Jo. 1118 Sunset Crescent. Wilson 54. 164 Harrell. Jane Louise. St. Brides, Va. ... Harrell. Marjorie Ann. Rt. 1. Box 597. Suffork, Va. 88. 170 Harrelson, Patsy Ann, 301 Thompson St., Hendersonville 54 Harrer. Laetitia Mary. 208 Wilson Ct.. Chapel Hill 1(17 Harnll. Nan, j Carroll, 1201 . Church St., Salisbury 88, 159 Harrington. Gwendolyn, Lewiston 107. 199 Harris. Ann Bryan. 919 Raleigh Rd.. Wilson Harris, Barbara Catherine. 928 W. Stuart Dr.. Galax. Va. 120 Ham-. Betty Jean. Kt. 3, Box 147. Henderson 144 Harris. Elizabeth Ann. 609 Connor Ave.. Hendersonville 107 Hani-. Ellen Douglas. 305 Noble St.. Louisburg 120 Harris. Harriet. 504 Ma-,,,, St.. Fraiiklinton 54, 170. 175. 186. 187. 189 Harris. Nancy Louise. Carthage 120. 170 Harris. Paula Ann. 201 Bria. » I Rd., Spartanburg, S. C. ... 107 Harris. Peggy Lee. Pilson St.. North Wilkesboro 54. 164 Harris. Rose Davis, loo . Doyle St., Toccoa. Ga. 1(17 Harri-. Sheila. 3601 ,,rmand Rd.. Greensboro 27. 88. 140 Harris. Virginia Dare. Rt. 3. Box 10. Littleton 107 Harrison, Barbara Yvonne, 944 Brooks Lane. Baltimore, Md. Harrison. Harriet. 100 LuRay Ave.. Front Royal. Va. 107 Harris,,,,. Martha. Box 22. Palimra Harrison. Patricia Jo. 2808 Wildwood Dr.. Greensboro 132 Harrison. Shirley Anne. 705 Cherry We., Waynesboro, Va. 107 II... i. Mary Ruth, 715 Lee St.. Gastonia . 33. 54 Hart. Wanda, Bt. 2. Box 55. Lenoir 54 H.ii I. Wayne Frances. 2239 Ba St., Charlotte 120 Hartman, Gayle Woodward, 2512 Greenway I t„ Winston-Salem 132 Hartiuan. Janice Mvra. 88 Pas-ai, Vve., Summit, . J. 88. 158 Hartsell. Jayne. 3023 [dlewood Cr.. Charlotte Hartsell. Wayne M., 3023 [dlewood Cr., Charlotte 55, 197 Harvey, Betty Jane. 206 Gray Court Vpts., Winston-Salem 55 Harward. Lois. Rt. 2. Norwood 55 Haste, Nezzie Crystal, 104 V Broad St.. Edenton 132 Hatcher, Rebecca Louise. 211 Church St., Mount ir 120. 170 Hatfield, Carol. 4300 Windermere St., Columbia. S. C. 107 Hawes, Bettie, Rose Hill 107 Hawfield, Anne Carv. 3108 Hue St., N.W., Washington. D. C. 55 Hawkins. Annie Mae. 923 N. Broad St.. Edenton Hawkins. Janet Bruce McNicoll. 36 Palmvra St.. Springfield. Mass. Hawkins. Ruth. 2601 Williams St.. Greensboro 55. 170 Hawkins. Suzanne. 3157 Fairfax Dr.. Charlotte 132 Hayes, I an, line. Moravian Falls 107 Hays. Flinor Ann. Franklin 107, 170 Hayes. Joyce. 520 S. Second St.. Wilmington 37, 55 Haynes. Betty Ann. Rt. 2. Reidsville 89 Havnes. Frances Elizabeth. 942 W. Front St.. Statesville Haynes, Helen. 1221 Richardson Dr., Reid-ville 55. 140 Head. Carolyn. Matthews 89 Head. Margaret Jewett. Rt. 3. Box 64. Greenville Sound. Wilmington 120 Hearn. Sara Beth. 109 E. Daniel St., Kinston 55. 170 Heaton, Mary Elizabeth, Aquane Rd.. Andrews . . 55, 170 Heck. Helen Morgan. 215 West 10th St.. Salisbury Hedgepeth. Julia Ann. 508 Jackson Ave.. Lexington. Va. Hedrick. Sophia Layne, Rt. 3. Lexington 132 Hefner. Patsy Kay. Box 111. Conover Hege. Frances Jo Ann. 921 Bellview St.. Winston-Salem 132 Hege. Pearl R.. Rt. 4. Lexington 56 Heiberger. Christina Crdaire. 524 Pennsylvania Ave.. Norfolk 8. Va. 56. 175 Helgesen. Margaret Patricia. 306 N. Elan, Ave.. Greensboro Helton. Bobby Joan. Rt. 1. Fast Bend K17 l ' W.K an. ROBERT ROLLINS BLAZERS honored to serve Woman ' s College University of North Carolina w Robert Rollins Blazers 832 Broadway New York 3, N. Y GRamercy 7-1802 102 South Elm Street EXQUISITE FEMININE APPAREL Visit: TALL SHOP and WOMAN ' S WORLD 212 S. Greene St. Kearns Paint Company Devoe Points Artist Materials Sporting Goods Gymnasium Costumes styled for the modern physical education program 1 12 N. Greene St Phone 2-4171 THE LOTUS RESTAURANT Chinese ond American Dishes DELICIOUS CHOW MEIN Open Seven Days a Week 105 South Greene St. Student Directory Page No. Hemphill, Patricia Raye. Martin Ave.. Marion 89 Henderson, Jo Anne Cumi. Hillcrest Ave.. Franklin Hendrix, Carolyn. 213 S. Tremont Dr., Greensboro 107 Hepler, Janice Louise, 710 Silver Ave., Greensboro Herman, Madeline Gail, 306 Olive Ave., Lenoir 120 Herring, Betty Jean, 413 E. Fifth Ave.. Gastonia 132 Herring, Elmira House, 1506 Anderson St., Wilson 107 Herring, Mary, Box 26. Providence Rd.. Towson 4. Md. 79. 140 Herron. Shirley Lou. 414 Charlotte St., Washington 132 Herzberg, Elayne, 216 West 37, Norfolk. a. 89 Hester, Joan. 517 Muirs Chapel Rd., Greensboro . 107 Hester, Margaret McLaurin. 105 Matheson St., Bennettsville, S. C. 99. 107 Hester, Rebecca Anne, 309 Woodvow Ave.. High Point 120 Hester, Wanda Faye. Rt. 1. Walkertown 120 Hickerson, Sara Anne. 2107 Wright v.-.. (Greensboro 89 Hicks, Grace Boyd. 115 Jennette Ave.. Henderson Hicks. Jean. 115 Jennette Ave.. Henderson 107. 159 Hicks, Joan, 103 Bragg St., Wilson 56, L75, 198 Higgins. Jane. 1010 Willowbrook Dr.. Greensboro , . 56 Hill, Anne, 208 Colony Vve., Ahoskie ....89 Hill, Carolyn. 132 Isabella Ave.. Washington 99. 107. 141. 198 Hill. Christine E., 338 Murrav St.. Greensboro 89. 149 Hill. Dorcas Larene. Rt. 3. Lexington 107 Hill. Elaine Randolph. Country Club Rd.. Brevard 56 Hill. Margaret, 1715 Ann St.. Wilmington 56 Hill. Mary Ann, Rt. 2, Stanfield 120 Billiard, Nancy Marie, Rt. 4, Box 46, Greensboro 132 Hines, Christine Louise, 501 W. Vsh St.. Goldsboro 120 Hinkle. Anne Bernadette. En-or PI. Park Ave.. Box 248. Island Hts.. N. J. 120 Hinnant. Louise. 1607 Maryland Ave.. Durham 56 Hinson. Peggy Christine. Rt. 1. Box 208, Goldsboro 120 Hinton. Peggy Ann, Box 228. Mount Olive 89 Hippie, Mary Jo, 752 Austin Lane, inston-Salem Hix. Julia Frances, 6 School St.. Thomasville 56 Hix. Lana Jon. Moravian Fall- 107 Hobbs, Arlene, Walstonburg 107 Hobbs, Elizabeth Helen. Rt. 2. Walstonburg 56. 140 Hobgood. Mary. Rt. 1. Oxford 56. 144 Hodgin. Harriet Adams, Rt. 1, Red Springs 120 Hodgin, Nancy Claudine, Box 1001, Liberty Hoffnet, Thettis S. (Mrs.), 106 Leonard Dr., Greensboro Hogue, Sara Elizabeth, 110 N. Trenton St.. Gastonia 120 Hoke, Ann Goodwin, Rt. 1, Box 27C, Morganton 89 Hoke. Jane Elizabeth. 427 Marsh Rd.. Charlotte 120 Holland. Joyce Yvonne. 5700 Massachusetts Ave., Washington 16. D. C. 120 Holland. Margaret, 413 S. Chester St.. Gastonia 89 Holliday, Alice Dare. 318 Montgomery St.. Henderson 132 Holliday. Sara Letetia. 318 W. 20th St.. Lumberton 107 Hollingsworth. Sandra Claire. 89 Herron Ave.. Vsheville 107 Hollis, Carolyn, Avent ' s Ferry Rd., Raleigh 12. 33. 57. 170 Holmes. Virginia. 25 Fairmont PL, Indian Head, Md. 120 Holshouser, Sibyl Oveda. 1209 S. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem 120 Holt. Jane, 626 Fairview Rd.. Biltmore .57 Holton. Patricia Ann. Rt. 1. Box 585. New Bern Holtzmann. Evelyn. Rt. 1. Box 234. Manson 57, 1711 Hon, Carolyn Jean, 1009 Belmont Ave.. Fayetteville 120 Honeycutt. Phyllis Jane, 1918 Atlanta Ave., Portsmouth. a. 57, 170. 191 Honsinger. Valerie Templar, c o Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach. California Hopkins, Diane. Rt. 1. Brown Summit 107 Hopkins, Margaret Porter. 29 Ridgewood PI.. Asheville Hopkins, Marian, Rt. 2, Brown Summit 57 Hopkins, Marie, 746 Crescent Dr., Reidsville 89 Hopkins. Martha Jo. 403 Gilmer Ext.. Reidsville 120 Hord, Harriett Ann. 2044 Wendover Rd.. Charlotte 120 Horn. Jane. Rt. 1, Lawndale 38, 57, 186, 187 Home. Betty J.. Box 145. Peachland 107. 145 Home. Martha Ann. 1419 Greenville Highway. Hendersonville Home. Martha Carolyn. .¥.11 Raeford Rd.. Fayetteville 89 Page No. Home, Susan Ann, 403 W. Blount St.. Kinston 132 Horner. Peggy, Rt. 1, Asheboro 107 Horrell. Nettie Carlene. Wright St.. Burgavv 132 Hosley, Frances. 2403 Madison Vve., Greensboro 34, 107 Hough. Mollie Virginia. 726 W. Second St.. Washington . . . 170 Howard. Dorothy Patteson, Box 456. Buie " s Creek 31, 57, 145 Howell, Barbara Sue. P. O. Box 124. Ya.lkinville 132 Howell, Carrie Allison, 335 N. Centei I t., Statesville 107 Howell. Henrietta. 110 Centenial Ave.. High Point 57 Howell, Joyace Ann, 2307 Fairview Rd.. Raleigh 107 Howell. Rachel Marie. Rt. 1. Midland 120 Howett, Florence. Columbia 107 Hoyt. Martha Pearce. River Road. Washington 107 Huband. Peggy Lee, 4712 New Kent Rd., Richmond. a. 120 Hudgins, Barbara. Tucker St., Box 615. Enfield 107 Hudson, Rachel. Box 58. Ram-eur 89, 170 11,01. Vnne, 2055 Hastings Dr.. Charlotte . . . .35, 89, 145. 192. 198 Huff, Patricia. 5 Fisher Mill Dr.. Columbia. S. C. 107 Huffine. Anna Neese. 1806 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 120 Humngton, Anita. 3811 Chatain Rd., Baltimore 15, Md. . .. 145 Huffman. Betty Carolyn. Rt. 2. Catawba 120 Huffman. Larue. Rt. 2. Box 498, Hickory 57 Huffman, Marj Ward. Rt. 1. Box 67. Pfafftown 107 Huffman. Sally. Rt. 1. Pfafftown 57 Hughe-. France- Eloi-c. 415 Hillcre-t Dr.. Greensboro . .. 132 Hughe-, Norma Jeanne. 2709 . Fayetteville St.. Asheboro 120 Hume. Caroline. 3114 45th. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. 107 Humphrey, Carol, Ma-. Vve., Southern Pines ... 58 Humphrey, Margaret E.. 1610 Pope Ave.. Richmond, Va. Humphrey. Sara Elizabeth. 2716 Di.lwav St., . .. Washington, D. C. 107 Hunt. Cam Thomas, lot Fisher 1 ' k. Circle, Greensboro ... 199 Hunt. Betty Claire. 205 West Center. Lexington 107, 159, 170 Hunter, Barbara Jean, Clemmons 120 Hunter. Marie Burgwyn. 321 Hamilton St.. Roanoke Rapid- 107 Hunter. Marian. 626 Queens Rd.. Charlotte 58. 197 Huti bin-. Phyllis Jean. Box 511. Swannanoa 120 Hutchinson, Carolyn Gail. Rt. 2. N. Wilkesboro Hutchison. Joe Anne. 1118 Portland St.. Greensboro 107 Hvam-. Joan Ann. 8110 Tryon PI.. Jamaica 32. N. Y Hyatt, Theresa Vnn, Box 14. Cherokee 120. 170 Hyatt. Vcrlena Faye. 909 Wayne St.. Marion Hyatt. Virginia Ann. Bra-iovvn 107 Ingram. Evadine. Rt. 2, Pri Ingram. Marv Isabel. Box 4. Taylorville 107 Ingram. Laura Jean. Box 4. Taylorsville 58 Inscoe. Bettye L., Rt. 3, Louisburg 58 Isaacs, Jeannette. Box 65. Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham 170 [senhour, Helen Blondell. 353 W. Main St.. Clayton 132 Isley, Coanne. 603 N. Main St.. Graham 89 Isley. Lalah Perkins. 640 Asheboro St.. Greensboro 58 [son, Tir .ah Messick. 421 E. Park Ave.. Charlotte 58. 197 I ' vey. Joan Marie. Route 2. Bear Creek 132 -J- Jackson. Dorothy Anne, 2004 E. Fourth St.. Greenville 120 Jackson, Mary Faye. Rt. 4. Box 367. Mount Airy 107 Jack-on. Marv Lou. 2500 Independence Blvd.. Charlotte 58 Jacobs, Gladys Mae. 1127 Melrose St., Winston-Salem 120 Jacoby, Claire. Ill W. Wendover Ave.. Greensboro 120 Jamerson, Jo Len, 205 Ledbetter St., Cordova 120, 140 James. Elizabeth. 600 E. Ninth St.. Greenville . . . 107, 163 Jamil. J. Patricia. 418 E. Park Ave.. Charlotte 89 Jarrett, Amelia Sue. Nebo 132 Jarrett, Barbara Ann. 200 Tate St.. Greensboro 132 Jarrett, Kara Kittrell, 12 Morrison Ave.. Thomasville . 29, 89, 140 Jarrett. Maxine. 622 Greene St.. Kingstree. S. C. 107 Jarrett. Ora Janet. 510 W. Warren St.. Shelhv 33, 58. 199 Jeffries. Phyllis Jan. McCreary St.. Winston-Salem 120, 170 ■ t i Visit Belk ' s Beauty Salon Where Styles Are Created, Not Duplicated Phone 8372 Southern Sales Company Electrical Appliances Kelly Springfield Tires Recapping 224 East Market Greensboro, North Carolina P.O. Box 615 Phone 3-3437 l Uomen 5 —Mpparel 308 S. El m Street Greensbo o, N. C. Phone 3-1155 _ § 9 -T to 1 IBL R -f « H . : " s N i Mi Jj| Student Directory Page No. Jenkins, Jerry Hill, FayetteviUe 89 Jenkins, Mary Douglas, Box 430. Chatham. Va. 120 Jenkins, Patricia Darden. 1406 E. Ash St., Goldsboro 120 Jensen, Karen Vnn KongsdaL 266-89th St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 59, 140, 159 Jernigan. Helen. Rt. 2. Wilson 89. 159. 164 Jernigan. Nancy Ray, 111 N. Ellis Ave.. Dunn 120 Jernigan. Patricia Sharon, Rt. 3, Mt. Olive 120. 158 Jenis. Jerry Anne. 124 West Sprague St., Winston-Salem 107 Jessup. Julia, Rt. 2, Box 277. Mount Airy 170 Jes-up. Mildred Anne. Rt. 2. Box 277. Mt. Airy 107 Jester, Martha Sparks. 2202 W. Market St.. Greensboro 119 Jinnette, Betty, 315 E. Chestnut, Goldsboro ... 107 Johannessen, Dagmar, Langveien 77, Kristiansund, N. Norway 120 Johnson, Barbara, 402 Valdese Ave., Morganton 107 Johnson, Claire Flowers, 726 4th Ave.. N.W., Hickory Johnson. Dorothy Jane, Rt. 1. Randleman 120 Johnson, Edith Anne, 950 Tarboro St., Rocky Mount 132 Johnson, Edythe Viola, 1601 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 120 Johnson. Elaine Constance, 31 Desmond Ave., Bronxville. N. Y. 107, 170 Johnson. Elizabeth Dalton, 209 Murphy St.. Madison 120 Johnson, Emily Franklin, Box 483, Bryson City 170 Johnson, Grayce Arnette, 603 Watts St.. Durham Johnson, Ida Jane, Rt. 2. Huntersville 38. 59. 144 Johnson, Lillian Ashton. Rt. 5. Goldsboro Johnson. Mary Dell. 106 E. 4th St.. Weldon 107 Johnson. Mary Tew. 205 W. Whitaker Mdl Rd.. Raleigh 120 Johnson. Nancy Lee. Box 77. Spartanburg, S. ' .. 107 Johnson. Rose Marie. Rt. 3. Smithfield 38, 59 Johnson, Sarah Vann. 403 Glenville Ave.. FayetteviUe 132. 170 Johnson, Wilma Graye, Box 97. Spring Lake 120 Johnston, Jo Ann. 701 D. St., N. Wilkesboro 132 Johnston. Natalie. W. Center Ave.. Mooresville . . . 89 Johnston, Sara Jo, Box 87, Pittsboro 120. 170 Jones, Ann Wright, Bath 132 Jones, Frances Elizabeth. 203 College St.. Henderson 132 Jones. Greta. 218 Guthrie St.. Graham 107 Jones, Janie Gay, 3028 Kentucky Ave.. Charlotte 107 Jones. Lillian Jeanette. 1108 Welch St.. Burlington 132 Jones, Lois. Box 111. Pembroke 14. 36. 38. 59 Jones. Mr-. Margaret Swann. 412 S. Chapman St.. Greensboro Jones. Margaret Virginia, 1202 Crescent Dr.. Mt. Airy 132 Jones, Mary Frances. Bolton 107 Jones, E. Melissa, 59 Almeria St.. St. Augustine. Fla. 59. 175 Jones. Nancy Ward, 111 E. Chisholm St., Sanford 132 Jones, Norma Elizabeth, Rt. 3, Box 180, Norfolk. Virginia 120 Jones, Patricia Ann. 257 N. Irwin Ave., Spantanburg, S. C. . . . 120 Jones, Patsy Jean. Rt. 1. Julian 132 Jones, Phyllis. 107 Vance St.. Lanrinburg -.59 Jones, Shirley. 1426 Woodland Dr.. Durham 107 Jordan, Betty Lee. 719 Westover Blvd.. Elizabeth City 107 Jordan, Frances Meena, 199 Edgewood Rd., Asheville 120 Jordan. Lucille Ellen. 100 S. Broad St.. Edenton 108 Jordan. Marjorie Faye, 4103 David St.. FayetteviUe 120 Jordan. Martha, 1416 Garland Dr.. Greensboro 31. 33. 108. 198 Josack, Joan Carol, Carleton Ter. Apts.. Roanoke. Va. 89 Joyner, Alice Elizabeth. 1516 Lafayette Ave., Rocky Mount 50. 139. 194 Joyner, Sara, 1315 Beal St.. Rocky Mount 33. 50, 186. 187. 188, 199 Julian. Ann Earle. 2405 Farthing St., Durham 132 Justice. Cecelia Florence. VAH. Oteen 120 — K— Kalfin, Sondra Louise. 2510 Guilford Ave.. Wilmington 120 Kalman. Yvonne, 26A Georges Mandel. Paris. France 120 Kandell. Phyllis. 3280 Chase Ave.. Miami Beach, Fla. Kanter. Jean. 1205 West Rd.. Kinston 50 Kaplan. Libby, Clarks Lane, Apt. 4, Baltimore 15. Md. 89 Karras, Helen, 814 Central Ave.. Ch arlotte 14. 89 Kauffman. Frances. 215 D Park View Apts.. Collingswood. N. J. 59. 159 Kauffman, Janet Reed, 9519 Bruce Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 120 Kearns, Nancy Jean. Farmer 121 Page No. Keck. Jennie Lynn. Rt. 4. Burlington Keever, Shirlejo. 616 Rosemont Ave., Wilmington 108 Keller. Nancy. 21 Delaware Ave.. Apt. 9. Charleston. W. Va. Kelly. Barbara Ann. 435 W. Radiance Dr.. Greensboro Kelly. Barbara Jean. 141 Raines Dr., Henderson 108 Kelly, Gretchen. 435 W. Radiance Dr.. Greensboro Kelly, Lillie Nan. Hospital Rd.. Rockingham 108 Kelly, Ruth Ann. 504 Hawkins. Sanford Kenerly, Margie. Trogdon St., North Wilkesboro 89 Kennedy, Martha Delay, 482, Pinetree Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga. 89 Kennedy, Mary Ann. 296 Statesville Ave.. Mooresville 121 Kennedy, Virginia C. 506 Biltmore Ave.. Asheville 89 Kennedy. Barbara Jean, 115 N. Holden Rd., Greensboro 121 Kent. Annie Hellen. 27 Grestview St.. Granite Falls 108 Kepley. Genelda Sue. Rt. 6. Box 228. Salisbury 121 Kern. Myrtle Doris, Ether Kev, Frances Irene, Rt. 1. Pilot Mountain 132 Keys, Martha J.. 3401 N. St.. N.W., Washington 7, D. C. 60 Killian. Mary Elizabeth. Gilkey 121 Kime. Ann Haynes. Box 235. Liberty 60 King. Barbara. 1041 Martin St.. Winston-Salem 108 King, Carolyn Sue. Littleton 132 King. Elizabeth Ann. 904 Club Blvd.. Durham 121 King. Jewel Kay. 1825 Forest Rd.. Durham 132 King. Rachel Walker. Rt. 2. Burlington 132 Kinsella. Arlene. 1305 Glenn Ave.. Augusta. Ga. 121 Kirby. Amelia. Supply 60, 164 Kirkland. Mary Baynard. 714 June Dr., Fairborn. Ohio 198 Kirkman. Mary Catherine. 438 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro Kirkpatrick. Dorothy Anne. 720 W. Boulevard, Charlotte 121 Ki-er. Iiuv, Stanley 60 kwr. Mildred Louise. 143 Bost St.. Statesville 60, 174 Ki-er. Nancy Lee. 143 Bost St.. Statesville 121. 140 Ki-tler. Phyllis Gertrude 128 E. Naomi St.. Randleman 121 Kitchen. Billie Frances. 928 East St.. Waynesville 60 Kizziah. Ro-alie WUey, 209 W. Hank St.. Salisbury 60. 139 Kjosnes. Ellen. Al. Barao de Limeira. 1039 Sao Paulo. Brazil 60, 175, 184, 186. 187, 192, 199 Kjosnes. L ' nnie. Al. Barao de Limeira. 1039 Sao Paulo. Brazil 60. 184. 185 Kleinert. Barbara. Rt. 4. Box 130, Goldsboro 121 Klett. Marlene Carole. 1335 Webster Dr.. Apt. 3. Decatur. Ga. 121 Kluttz. Mary Lewis. 316 Green St.. Albemarle 89 Kluttz. Sally, 316 Green St.. Albemarle 60 Knight. Carole Jane. 221 Hillside Ave.. Charlotte 121 Knott. Shirley Gooch. 202 College Street, Henderson 108 Koch. Toby Ely, 405 Pettus St., Demopolis. Ala. 121 Kolk. Ann Jackson. 158 S. Willard St.. Burlington. Vt. 121 Kolk. Man- Louise. 158 S. Willard St.. Burlington. Vt. 108. 144 Kornegay, Ila Marie. Rt. 2. Box 165. Mount Olive 61 Krasney, Esther. 250 Randolph. Danville. Va. 8 0. 89, 144 Kurtz, Donna Carolyn, 2217 Briarwood Rd.. Charlotte 108 Kyriakides. Hloy. 19 So. Colin Dr.. Portsmouth. Va. 89 — L— Lachman. Paula Ruth. 27 Windsor Rd.. Asheville Lachot. Margaret Susanna. Box 493. Rutherford College 108 Lail. Jessie Roberta. Rt. 4. Box 98-D. Charlotte 89 LaMar. Barbara Hayden. 565 Overlook Ave., Leaksville 121 Lamb. Peggy Jean. 3886 Greenpoint Dr.. Greensboro Lambert. Geneva Kathryn. Bennett 121 Lambert. Joy Hunter. 3120 Birnam Wood Rd.. Raleigh 121 Lambeth. Carolyn Sue. Route 4. Box 65. Greensboro 132 Lambeth, Nettie. Elizabethtown Rd„ Lumberton 61 Lambeth. Peggy June. Rt. 1, Brown Summit 61 Lambeth. Stella Henrietta. 833 Woodland Rd.. Statesville 121 Lamm. Lelia Jean. 403 Broad St., Wilson 99. 108 Lamont. Patsy Jean. 112 Donaldson Ave.. Raeford 108 Lancaster. Sara Elizabeth. Windsor 121 Lance, Mary June. Royal Pines. Box 144. Aiden 89 Landers. Mildred Llewellyn. 509 Miller St.. Winston-Salem 61 coLonne studios, inc. Jfflciat j hotoarapher • 114 Park Row New York, N. Y. Phone Beekman 3-7514 Student Directory Lane. Elizabeth, Ramseur ' 121 Lane. Lillian. Rt. 3, Tabor City 108 Lanning. Lucinda Adelaide, 104 Latham Lane. Plymouth 90 Lanning, Sue Carolyn, Rt. 1, Linwood 121, 159 Larson, Mary Kenton. 308 S. Mulberry St., CherryviUe 121 Lassiter, Mar) Joanne, 244 S. Main St., Marion .90 Laughridge, Martha Jan.-. 913 N. Main St.. Rutherfordton 90 Lavinder. Elizabeth Ellen. Rt. 3. Henderson Lavine. Carol Flo. 229 W. 78th St., New York 24, N. Y. 121 Lawler. irginia Katharine. 3364 Senesac :. Long Beach 8. Calif. 90 Lawrence, Mary Frances. Rt. 1, Box 391. Mount Viry 108 Lawson. Loretta Carolene, Wesl Washington, Mayodan 132 Layton, Mary Carson. 832 Central Ave., Charlotte 61 l.azarr. Valentine Romana. 308 E. Lake Dr., Greensboro 90 Leach, Vnne Everett, 107 E. Prospect Ave.. Raeford 121 Leach, Millicent, 223 Edgedale Dr., High Point 132 Leary. Shirley. 101 Elm St.. Elizabeth Cit) 108 Ledbetter, Marj Louise, Arden 108 Leder, Man Sara, Box 820. Whiteville 90. 175 Lee. Dorothea. 614 Parkway Blvd.. Reidsville 108, 158, 164 Lee, Vlice Harrold. 127 Edwin PI., Ash,,, lie 90, | M . 175. 190 Lee, Margaret Elizabeth. 1028 Gloria Ave.. Durham 90. 159 Legette, Martha. 1706 Bucna Vista Rd., Winston-Salem 108. 140, 111 Leh, Louise Beekman, Box 307. Madison 132 Leigh, Shandy, FayetteviUe Rd. Ext., Rockingham 61 Lennon. Edna Lee. 142 Colonial Dr.. Wilmington 121 Lennon, Sybil Y. Lindell Kan,,-. Boardman 90 Lenning, Alice. Greensboro 89 Lentz. Patricia Vlice, Rt. 2. Nebo Leonard, Louise C. 16 Sudbrook Lane. Pikesville, Md. 108 Leonard. Martha Josephine, 504 Northridge St.. Greensboro 121 Leonard. Nancy Rose. Rt. 4. Lexington 121 Leonard, Sarah Jeanette. 30 Fairview Dr.. Lexington 108 Lesesne, Man Ruth. 34 Pinckne) St., Greenville, S. C. 121 Lewi-. Belle Jean. 128 Wayne I i.. Wilmington 132 Lewis. Ellen. Rt. 1. Doraville, Ga. 90 Lewis, la, Rt. 5, Hendersonville 108 Lewis. Sarah Carolyn. Box 597, Iluig.iu Liles, lic, nn. 303 N. Boylan Vve., Raleigh 121 1 in. I. Virginia, 232 Lewiston Ave., WiUimantic, Conn. 61 Lindsay. Vivian Alene. 1306 Paul St.. Greensboro 132 Lineberger, Mary Martha Louise, Rt. 3, Gastonia 121 Lineherry. Donna Bell. 1212 12th St., Greensboro 132 Linker. Mrs. Elizabeth James. Mount Pleasant 132 Linville. Ada Frances, Box 57. Oak Ridge 90 Linzy. Barbara. 338 N. Oak St., Statesville 61. 145 Lisk, Barbara, 1610 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte 132. 140 Little, Barbara Jean. Garysburg 132 Little, Genet, 221 E. Wade St., Wadesboro 108 Little, Jane. Rt. 9, Box 101, Charlotte Little. Janice Claudine, 222 Kanna is Highway, Con ord 121 Little, Ro-a Jean. Oakboro Littlejohn, Elizabeth Jean. 2055 Creenway. Charlotte Livengood, Emily Ann. Rt. 5, Winston-Salem 121. 170 Lloyd, Pollj Gray, 141 O ' Neal St.. Burlington 108 Lone, Jacqueline Virginia, 3 Brookside, Clayton 24, Mo. 108 Long. Edwina, 440 Salisbury, Mocksville 61 Long. Frances Helen. 724 N. Main Ave.. Newton 121 Long. Jone, 809 W. Highland Ave., Kinston 132 Long. Joyce. 809 W. Highland Vve., Kinston 90. 132 Long. Joyce. Rt. 4. Rocky Mount I ong, Mary Ruth. 1000 E. Sprague St.. Win-Ion. Salem 121, 159 Long, Patricia nn. Rt. 2. Rutherfordton 14. 61 Longest, Judith Carol. 329 N. Main St., Graham Love. Sandra Jean. 918 Fairmont Vve., Salisbury 121 Lovett, Clarajo, 357 S. Park St.. Asheboro 90 Loving I Vnna Kate, 307 Step? Vve., Hendersonville 90 Lowder, Barbara, 212 S. 3rd St., Vlbemarle 108 I owdei Van, v. Salisbury 90 Lowdermilk, Nancy Lee, 3803 1 Bessemei Vve., Greensboro 132 Lowe. Evelyn. Box 242. Liberty Lucas, Greta Boe. 105 Erwin St.. Greensboro Lucas, Mary Ann, 507 N. Endor St., Sanford Lumsden, Camilla Gayle. 10 Willowbrook Dr.. Concord Lundegren, Herberta Marie. 123 Main St., Hingham, Mass. Lundy, Lou Anne. Rt. 5. Statesville Lupton, Sharon. Ill W. Gale St., Edenton Luther, F.lma Elizabeth. 634 Irving St., Winston-Salem I.yday. Sarah Ellen. 63 Washington Ave.. Asheville Lyle, Laura Bowers. Harrison Ave.. Kranklin Lynch, Margaret Louise, Rt. 1, Newton Lyon. Betsy Carroll. 1107 N. Gregson St., Durham — M— McArthur, Margaret Anne. 3612 Hope Valley Rd., Durham McBrayer. Martha Ann. 2316 Warwick Rd.. Winston-Salem McBroom, Betty Ruth. 923 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham McCall, Joan Elizabeth, 1512 Thomas Vve., Charlotte McCaskill, Julia Ann. Box 612. Pinchurst McCauley, Patricia, 1239 Lebanon St.. Bluefield. W. Va. McClelland, Vnnie Brown, 141 Bost St., Statesville McClung, Patsy Joan, Robbinsville M, Clung. Rila Jane. Robbinsville McCombs, Barbara Grey, 400 Centra] Dr.. Kannapolis McConnell. Dorothy Nell. 1631 St. Marys St., Raleigh M.i .„ k. Sara Elizabeth, Rt. 2. Si. Pauls McCracken. Man Krances. Rt. 4. WaynesviUe McCrary, Margaret, 17 William- Circle, Lexington Mc( raw, Doris June. 1712 Dilworth Rd. E.. Charlotte McDaniel, Patsy Ann. 608 Rush Rd.. Kayetteville M. 11,11. Mary Elizabeth, 123 DeVane St.. FayetteviUe Macdonald, Miriam. 411 Dyer Vve., Melrose, Ma-. McDonald. Anna Kathleen. 117 Woodside Vve., Kavdtcville McDonald. Elizabeth Bernice. Rt. 2. Rockingham McDonald. Helen. Carthage M. Donald. Julia Ann. 1808 Washington St., Durham McDonald. Pollyanna. Rt 2. Rockingham Mi Dowell. Man Faye, 778 Palmetto St.. Spartanburg. S. C. McDuffie, June Howard. 506 W. Armfield. St. Pauls McDuffie, Patty Lu, Paw Creek McEvoy. Linda Ann. 53-1 Revere Rd.. Drexel Hill. Pa. McGee, Betty Lou. 306 W. Second St., Lexington McGill. Anna Shirlene, 1408 Morningside Dr.. Charlotte McGill. Joanne Buie. 335 Cedar Creek Rd.. FayetteviUe McGranahan. Carolyn May. 1115 Ninth St., Durham McGuire, Bobbie Jean. 232 Gwyn Vve., Elkin McGuire. Patricia Ellen, 123 Orchard St.. Boone Mcllwean. Ila Grey. 2111 Center Ave.. New Bern Mcintosh. Ann, Creedmoor 10 Mi Inlurff, Jo Mary, 1 " . O. Box 182, Swannanoa Mclntyre, Lucy. Red Oak MacKay, Anita Jean. 1342 Vrgonne Rd.. South Euclid, Ohio McKay, Betrj Marian. 2821 Vrcadia Ave.. Charlotte McKeithan. Jane Gertrude W. Donaldson Ave. Raeford McKeown, Barbara Lee. 19 Rosewood Ave.. Asheville McKinney, Joyce Adam-. Box 3S5, Marshall McKinney, Shirley Jean. 118 Beaufort Dr.. Havelock McKinnon, Sarah Townsend, 607 Carthage Rd.. Lumberton McLaughlin. Catherine. 906 N. 6th St.. Albemarle McLean, Jean. 1002 Poplar St., Lumberton McLean, Shirley Franklin. Box 113, Rowland McLellan. Fay. Rt. 1. Hamer, S. C. McLemore, Nancy. 320 Charles St.. Henderson McLeod, Neill. 2224 Creston Rd.. Raleigh McMahon, Mrs. Gayle Walden. 609 ' - Kenilworth, Greensboro McNamara. Joyce Marie. 2504 Sylvan Rd.. Greensboro McNcely. Katherine. 115 Cascade St.. Morganton MacPhail, Doris. 127 Rutherford PL, Arlington. N. J. McPhaul, Margaret Vnn, 104 Church St., Box 295. Red Springs McQuague. Nancy Aileen. Box 630. Wadesboro Page No. 121 132 62. 170 62 121, 170 i. 62. 140 108 35, 90 Student Directory Page No. McRainey, Mary Daniels, 201 Brookwood Ave., Fayetteville 31, 36. 63. 145 McRorie, Joyce, 310 W. Third St., Rutherfordton 121 McWhorter, Nancy Anne. Box 252. Beulaville 90. 159 Mabe, Peggy, Stokesdale 90 Mace, Joyce Thelma, Route 4. Lincolnton 121 Mackey, Jen Rose. Rt. 2. York. Pa. 108 Ma, key, Sue Caldwell, Rt. 2, York. Pa. 121. 140 Mackie, Man- Frances. 105 S. Main St.. Granite Falls 108 Maddison. Jane Elisabeth. 101 Church St.. Scotland Neck 108 Madry, l-abel MacKenzie. 108 Summit Ave.. Kinston 108 Makeever, --ally Ann. Rt. 5. Greensboro ... 121 Malkin, Harriet Sue. 2122 Rock Ave., Fayetteville 121 Malis. Helen. 1540 E. Worthington Ave., Charlotte 63, 144 Malone, Sarah Jane. 408 West Second Ave.. Gastonia Mann. M. dele, 1812 Princess St., Wilmington 108 Mann, Shirley Barbara, Raeford 108 Manning. Mrs. Ann Hollingsworth. 2107 N. Elm St., Greensboro 63 Manning, Janice nne. 109 Williams Street, Williamston 121. 170 Manning. Jo Ann. 202 E. 10th St.. Greenville 132 Marcus. Debora Ann. 1246 Shakespeare W.. New York 52, N. Y. 80. 90. 95, 160, 161 Maready. Gloria Anne. Chinquapin 121 Markham. Shirley Marie. Rt. 3. Durham 108 Mark.. Babette. 4077 Silsby Rd.. Universitj Height- 18. Ohio Mark-. Hilda Morris, Vcme 132 Marlette, Jane Davis. 607 Willobar Terrace. High Point 121. 198 Marsh. Katharine Carter. 110 Brently Circle. High Point 121 Marshall. Ann Calvert. 2227 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem 121 Mar-hall. Virginia. 31 E. Bayshore. Jacksonville 90. 170 Martin. Eleanor Hohon. 1219 Watauga St., Kingsport, Tenn. 81, 90, 140, 173 Martin. Elizabeth, 306 Ridgewood Ave.. Charlotte 108 Martin. Elizabeth Dell, 1931 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem Martin. Elizabeth Edgerton. Guilford 108 Martin. Evelyn Joyce. 2515 Adams St.. Wilmington 132 Martin. Ida Ruth. Ronda 121 Martin. Karen. Box 322. Elon College 108 Martin. Mit i Kathryn, 601 West 16th St., Winston-Salem 121 Martin. Sandra Jane. 165 Woodrov, Vve., St. ClairsviUe, Ohio 121 Mason, nne. Box 338. Yadkinville 38, 63. 198 Massey. Jean. Zebulon 63 Masterson, Kay. 300 Circle Ave.. Charlotte 108 Matheson, Carol Anne, Box 291. Taylorsville 121 Matheson, Shirley. 308 Spring St.. Hamlet 108 Matthews, Ruth Parker. 351 Lakeshore Dr.. Asheville 90 Mattingly. Marie. 3008 McKinley St.. N.W., Washington. I). C. Ill Maultsby, Pin Hi- nn. Rt. 2. Mebane 121 Mauney, Elizabeth, 350 S. Main Ave.. Newton 63 May. Catharine Horn-In. 1314 St. Julien St.. Charlotte 111 May. Joanne Elizabeth. 502 W. Lenoir Ave., Kin-ton 121, 170 Maynard, Helen. 220 Chamberlain. Raleigh 90. 175 Mayne, Patty Lou. Box 482. Washington 121 Meacham. Jo Ann. 2716 Everett Ave.. Raleigh 81. 91, 175 Meador. Jennie Margaret. 2200 Winter St., Charlotte 121. 159 Mear-. Mary Jo. 616 Arlington St.. Rocky Mount 132 Mebane. Mr-. Peggv Wolfe, 305 W. Main St.. Mount Olive Mecca. Chri-lyna Emma. 2505 C ascadilla St.. Durham 121 Medd, Doris Winifred. Rt. 2. Sugarloaf Rd.. Hendersonville 111 Meiggs, Nan, n manda. Moyock 121. 163 Meroney, Mary Nell. 828 Knollwood St.. Winston-Salem 111. 140 Merrill. Marianne Elizabeth, 214 W. 7th St.. Gastonia 121 Merz. Louise E.. 112 N. Symington Ave.. Catonsville 28. Md. 63. 158. 179 Messick, Mildred. Rt. 8. Box 151. Lenoir 63. 152. 163 Metiers. Virginia Juliene. 303 Buffalo St.. Statesville 121 Michaels. Judith Ann. 1411 N. Mangum St.. Durham Michaels, Emily. Rt. 2. Canton 64. Ill Michal, Mary L„ 115 Hamer St.. Waynesville 91 Millard. Sydney Tyler, 3707 Gunston Rd.. Alexandria. Va. Ill Miller. Gertrude Boger, Box 62, Morganton 111 Mill.r. Gladys Evelyn, Rt. 2, Hillsboro 121 Page No. Miller. Jerita Ann. 1503 Northfield St., Greensboro 64, 149. 152 Miller. Mildred. 2404 Myrtle Ave., Sanford. Fla. 91 Miller. Sally Ruth. Rt. 2. Hillsboro 64 Miller. Vivian B., 1013 Country Club Dr.. High Point 64. 145. 170 Mill-. Dolores Antoinette. 738 S. Main St.. Mount Airv 111. 170 Mills. Jane Carolyn. 1402 Morris Crescent. Norfolk, Va. Ill, 170 Mills, Norma Faye, 404 Rotary ' Ave.. Green ille 121 Milton, Emily Burns, 518 N. Second St., Albemarle 91 Minis. Mary Lewis. 202 Gallivan Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 121. 140 Mincey, Jean Lea. Rt. 1. Hillsboro 121 Minogue. Carolyn Stieger. 2325 Commonwealth Ave.. Charlotte 121 Minor. Mitzi Jane. York Road. Rt. 3. Charlotte 121. 170 Minor, Peggy Anne, York Rd., Rt. 3. Charlotte 64 Misenheimer. Anne Elizabeth. 62 Edgewood Ave.. Concord 91 Mitchell. Betty Ann. 421 College Ave.. Bluefield. W. Va. Mitchell Billy Ann. Box 139. Denton 91. 170 Mitchell. Nancy Gean. 633 McDonald Ave., Charlotte 91 Mixon, Joan Lee. 800 Rose St., Rocky Mount 132 Moel Natalie Evelyn, 1712 i-ta St.. Durham 121 Mondy. Marilyn Lee. 2217 Grecnway Axe.. Charlotte 111 Money. Charlotte May. Rt. 3. Box 298. Kernersville 111 Monnett. Frances Jean. Rt. 4. Box 664, Greensboro 132 Monti. Sandra Adele. 401 S. Spring St., Fall- Church. Va. 121 Moon. Martha Emma Jeanie. P. O. Box 288, Pinehurst 132 Moore. Barbara Gail, 108 Johnson St.. Canton Moore. Barbara Jane. 708 S. Second St., Smilhfield 121 Moore. Dori. Jean. 10] Sclden St.. Elizabeth City 111 Moore. Elizabeth Gordon. 30 Crestview St.. Granite Fall- 111 Moore, Emogene. Rt. 2. Elon College 64 Moore, Helen E., Rt. 4. Box 145. Ahoskie 64 Moore. June Marion. 209 E. Geer St.. Durham 121 Moore. Katharine Fatio. Lazy K Farm, Whortonville 121 Moore. Laura. Box 705. Lenoir 64. 186. 187 Moore. Margaret Bland, Rt. 1. Pittsboro 121 Moore. Marie. IK7 N. (enter St.. Statesville 64, 195 Moore. Martha. 209 Burtner St.. Greensboro 111 Moore. Peggy Jean. Church St. Ext.. Greensboro 111 Moore, Sandra. Box 76. Stanle 132 Moore. Sara Elizabeth. 117 ¥.. (.rainger Ave.. Kin-ton 91 Moore. Sara Lou. 116 E. Nance St.. Whiteville 91 Mordecai. Louisa. 605 N. Bloodworth St.. Raleigh 31. 81 Morgan. Anne Dudley. 1137 Belvedere Ave.. Gastonia 111 Morgan. Martha Anne. 423 West Bell St.. Statesville 111 Moring. Mar- Ian.-. 301 Woodbine Ct.. Greensboro 91 Morris, Jane. Rt. 8. Box 232, Charlotte 64 Morris, Lela Evelyn, Rt. 1. Charlotte 65 Morris. Margaret Lydian. c o Granville Hospital. Oxford 65 Morri-. Margaret Skadding. 3034 Tennyson St.. N.W.. Washington. 1). C. Morris. Patricia Anne. 1926 Wendover Rd.. Charlotte 121 Morrison. Elizabeth. 7200 Exeter Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md. 91 Morrison. Susie Kathryn. 1632 Biltmore Dr.. Charlotte 121 Morrow. Laura Garrett. 13 Maiden Lane. Raleigh 132 Morse. Melissa. 1905 Craig St.. Raleigh 33, 65, 158 Morton. Elizabeth Luella. 2418 Vernon Dr., Charlotte 198 Morton, Leah Frances. 320 West Boulevard. Charlotte Mosley. Margie Ann. Rt. 4. Reid-ville 121 Moser, Dorothea Joan. Rt. 1. Swannanoa 111 Moser. Jacqueline Ann. 781 Roslyn Rd.. Winston-Salem 111. 163 Moskow. Ruth. 107 E. Lewis St., Whiteville Moss. Marion Louise, Box 12. Waco 111. 164 Motsinger. Sandra Rose. Rt. 3. Taylorsville 91 Moureau. Dorothy Lucille. Box 56. Currituck 111 Moxley. Martha Leigh. Rt. 2. Boonville 132 Mozingo. Etta Frances. 327 Miller Blvd.. Havelock 121 Muir. Gayle, 2919 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem 65, 163 Mullen. Celia Mae. 2428 E. Geer St.. Durham 121, 198 Muller. Patricia. 828 Wilkerson Ave., Durham 65, 163 Mullinix, Bonnie Jean, Rt. 2, Albemarle 132 Mulvey. Jane Bolton, El Country Club Apts.. Greensboro 121. 170 Mumfurd. Peggy Ann. 202 W. Grecnway, South. Greensboro v V-i ' -il .. . v,v. ♦■•• •• ■. ' LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA c ckwl yiwlu ' tuieiis Student Directory Page No. Murphy. Hop.- A.. Kinsale. Va. 91 Murphy. Leon Gold, D-2 Country Club Apt.. Greensboro Murray. Rebecea Frances, 320 Westwood Ave.. Charlotte 121 Myers, Suzanne, 118 Sunrise Ave., Lexington 14, 65, 186. 187, 189. 196 Myrick, Mary Jo, 37 Arlington St., Asheville . .. Ill — N— Nance, Beverly Jean. 500 E. Wright St., Winston-Salem 111 Nance, Carole Ann, 2510 Monroe St.. Wilmington 111. 121 Nance. Carolyn, Brookford, Hickory Nanney, Elizabeth S., Charlotte 19 Neel, Alice Deanna, Rt. 3, Mooresville 132 Neal, Rebecca Anne, 407 Fountain Place. Burlington 111 Neerman, Marilyn, 2333 Hiawatha Lr.. Greensboro 121, 159, 198 Neese, Kenan, 511 Wesley PI. Greensboro 91 Neill, Caroline, 1418 Kenilworth Ave., Charlotte 91 Nelson, Mary Ann, Rt. 2. Mebane 111 Nelson, Ruth, 226 Maehill Park, Lenoir 33, 38. 65 Newman. Carole Hope. 72514th PI., Miami Beach. Fla. 121 Newsome, Carolyn, Rt. 2, Box 287, Ahoskie 91, 170 Newton, Carolyn, Faison 91 Newton, Elizabeth. Highlands 65 Newton. Mary Josephine, Box 324. Highland- 121 Newton, Norma Lois, 2 Bowley St., Fayetteville 132 Newton, Rose Marie, 762 Brookridge Dr., N.E.. Atlanta. Ga. 111. 170 Nisle, Virginia Mae, 2942 Franklin St.. Highland. Ind. Noble. Glenda, Rt. 1, Deep Run 121 Noble, Ina Janice, Deep Run 111 Noble, Nancy Ethel, Box 68, Fairview 121 Nobles, Esta Mae, Rt. 1, Box 68, Chadbourn 121 Noice, Mary Louise. 3111 Cambridge Rd.. Charlotte 121 Nold, Margaret Suzanne. 180 S. Country Rd.. Box 479, Bellport. N. Y. 121 Nooe, Frances, Highlands, Leaksville 121 Norman, Mary Glyn, Box 452, Robersonville 121. 17(1 Norpoth, Mary Evelyn, 151 Oneida St.. Denver, Colorado 121. 170 Norris. Carolyn Elizabeth. 1019 Beech wood Lane. Falls Church. Va. 121 Norris, Sue Ufford. 38 Baker St.. Holliston. Mass. Ill Norton, Sandra Jill, 5314 Augusta St.. Washington 16, D. C. Ill Nostrandt. Jeanne. 879 Pine St., Danville. Va. 65 Nowell, Linda Marie, Box 514. Wendell Nye, Marilyn Ann. Derita 121 — O— Oakley, Peggy Jan, Rt. 2. Box 51. Hillsboro 121 Oakley, Shirley Ann. 613 Oak St., Kannapolis 132 Obenshain, Anne, King College Park, Bristol. Tenn. 65 Obropta, Dorothy. 21 Burnett St.. Avenel, N. J. 91. 159 O ' Connell, Sylvia June. 410 W. Main St.. Sanford 122 O ' Connor, Sylvia Sherleen, Rt. 5. Box 97. Greensboro 122 Odom. Patsy Ann. 209 E. Church St.. Laurinburg 111. 159 Oglesby. Johnnye, 23 Cliffside. King-port. Tenn. Ill O ' Kelley, Betty Jean, Rt. 1. Candler 91 Okey, Josephine Yorke, 106 Albright Ave., Graham 33. 37, 66, 140 Olds. Jane Winborne, Valencia St.. Venice. Fla. 91 Olds, Nancy Lee, Box 322, Galleon St.. Venice, Fla. 122. 140 Olds, Shirley. 60 Hastings Rd.. Donelson. Tenn. 66 Oliver, Peggy, Jefferson 66 O ' Neal, Carolee, Manteo 132 O ' Neal. Elizabeth Ann, 2103 Wrenn St.. Greensboro 132 O ' Neal, Sharon, Eileen, 2103 Wrenn St.. Greensboro 111 O ' Neill, Marion Veronica, 7 Codman St.. Hingham, Mass. O ' Neill, Shirley, Rt. 1. Morristown. N. J. 66. 164 Orcutt. Jane. 123 Hinsdale Ave.. Fayetteville 111 Ormsby, Peggy Lou. 205 W. Church St.. Laurinburg 29. 38, 66. 140. 191 Osborne, Caroline Morton, 215 Meadowbrook Dr.. Smithfield 122 Osborne, Marion, 304 Hillside Dr.. Greensboro 91 Osteen, Martha Shirley, 1506 Jackson Ave., Florence, S. C. 91 Overing. Vina], Rt. 4. Raleigh Overman, Frances R.. 421 Louise Ave.. Charlotte 66 Owen, Anna Lynn, Rt. 4. Box 408. New Bern SI Page No. Owen. Gilda Elizabeth. Rt. 6. Box 137. Salisbury Owen. Shirley Ann, 4869 Monte Vista St., Winston-Salem 198 Owens, Patsy Nell. Box 95. Rutherfordlon 111 — P— Painter. Barbara Ann. River Bend. Mt. Holly 66 Painter, Elsie, Rt. 5, Lincolnton 91 Pake, Mary Phyllis. Beaufort 122 Palmer. Jo Ann. 305 Oakdale St.. Mt. Airy 132 Palmer. Margaret Jane. 798 Main Ave.. S.E.. Hickory 66 Pardington. Susan French. 1299 W. Fourth St.. Winston-Salem 132. 145 Park. Sara Belle. 2801 W. Lake Rd., Greensboro 111 Parker. Daphne Jean. 609 N. Ellis Ave.. Dunn 132 Parker. Jewell Margaret. Rt. 1. Casar 111 Parker. Judith Ann. 222 Mocksville Ave., Salisbury 122 Parker, Mr-. Mary Towe. 1621 S. College Park Dr., Greensboro Parker. Nancy Louise. 1814 Friendly Rd., Greensboro Parmele, Astrid. 1509 Market St.. Wilmington 66 Parmele, Ingrid, 1509 Market St.. Wilmington ... 66. 175 Parks, Ruth Delores. Rt. 6. Lexington 122 Parrish. Elizabeth Dean, 501 E. Virginia Ave.. Bessemer City 111. 161 Parrish. Norma Jean. 151 E. Corriher A ve.. Salisbury 122 Parry. Pearl. Box 121. Windsor 67. 140. 199 Par-hall. Dorothy Jean, 5609 W. 69th St.. Overland Park. Kans. 91. 145 199 Parson. Julia A.. 136 Cottage PL. Charlotte 111 Partridge, Marie 2246 Westminster PI.. Charlotte 111 Paschal. Gloria Elizabeth. 804 Willowbrook Dr.. Greensboro 122 Paschall. Nancy Jo, Rt. 2. Norlina Passes, Phyllis Arlene, 144-46—76 Road. Kew Cardcns Hills 67. N. ' 1 . 122 Pate, Helen, 1410 Shawnee St.. Durham 91 Patterson. Carey Lelia. Rt. 6. Burlington 122 Patterson, Harryet, 3109 Collier Dr.. Greensboro Patterson. Helen Andrews, 419 Clement Ave.. Charlotte 111 Patton, Annette Elizabeth. 1216 W. Market St.. Greensboro Patton, Patricia. Rt. 2. Box 522. Hickory 67 Patton. Peggy Doris, 222 N. Anderson St.. Morganton 122. 198 Paulson. Patsy Ann, 2705 Everett Ave., Raleigh 91. 158. 159. 190 Payne. Emily Lyndall. Rural Hall 170 Payne. Faye. Knollwood Dr.. Jamestown Payne. Margie. Rt. 2. High Point Payne, Nancy Crymes, 212 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro 132. 170 Payne. Thelma, Mountain Orphanage. Black Mtn. Ill Peach, Mary Louise, 615 S. Lee St.. Gastonia Peacock, Barbara Ann. 607 S. Fulton St.. Salisbury Pearman, Shirley Anne. Rt. 1, Summerfield 122 Penney, Evelyn Bradshaw. Box 3, Beulaville 122 Penny. Betty Catherine (Kayl. 1111 N. Duke St.. Durham 122 Penny. Sammy. Chalybeate 67 People-. Siewers Anne. 100 W. Chatham St.. Pittsboro 67 Perchan. Elizabeth Ann. 23 High Street. Elkins. W. Va. Perkins, Harriett Reid. 417 Church St.. Greensboro Perry. Undine. 1308 River Shore Rd.. Elizabeth City 111 Peter. Mary Anne. 1504 Brightridge Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. 122 Peters, Beryle Jean, 323 S. Pearl St., Rocky Mount 111 Peters, Elaine Marie. 323 S. Pearl. Rocky Mount 122 Petrohoy, Barbara Ann, 1502 Highland Dr.. Wilson 122 Petteway. Eugenia Frances, Rt. 1. Box 164. Jacksonville 67 Pettigrew. Ann Lea, 516 Maple Ave.. Reidsville Pettit. Patsy Ann. 121 E. South St.. Albemarle 91. 164 Pfaff, Atha Geraldine. 2013 W. Polo Rd., Winston-Salem 122 Pharr, Rachel. 206 S. Mountain St.. Cherryville 111 Phillips, Eloise Rebecca, 310 N. Fifth Ave.. Siler City Phillips. Eula Eloise. Box 130. Route 1, Robbinsville 122 Phillips. Josephine. 42 8th St.. S.E.. Hickory 91. 190 Phillips. Ruth Marietta. 601 University Dr.. Greensboro 111 Phillip-. Sylvia. 308 Tate, Greensboro Phipps, Dorothy Marie, Rt. 1. Grassy Creek Photinos Georgiana, 914 Gates Ave.. Norfolk 7, Va Pickard, Jacqueline, 2820 Forest Dr., Charlotte 122 Pickett. Barbara Nell, 902 Fairmont St.. Greensboro 34. 67 I -J ! : CoskJLJL Student Directory Pickett, Sally Jean. 2305 Collins St.. Blue Island, 111 Pickett, Suzanne, 10-11 S. Hawthorne Rtl.. Winston-Salem Pierson, nne Bradley. O.A.R.M.A. A.P.O. 63 c o P.M., San Francisco, Cal. Pillatt. Barbara. 615 E. 44th St.. Savannah, (.a. Pinner, Noel Faye. West Main St., Belhaven Pinnix, Marie. Boonville Pittard, Carolyn Moore. 330 Hillside Axe.. Charlotte 7 Pittman, Jeanette, Rt. 3. Box 48. Elm City Pittman, Julia Brown. Box 152, Halifax Pittman, Pattie Winifred. 1107 Falls Rd., Rocky Mount Pitts, Joan, 614 N. Main Ave., Newton Pohl, Mary Frances, Box 38. Aberdeen Pontsler, Barbara Clarice, Rt. 9, Box 147. Greensboro Pope, Jennie Ray, Rt. 1. Mooresville Pope, Peggy Ann. Box 575, Halifax Pope, irginia Lee. Rt. 1. Box 12. Hickory Porcelli, Lucia Marie. 905 Cleveland St.. Durham Porcher, Margaret Deas. Pinopolis. S. C. Poteat. Mary Allen. 106 Rutherford Rd.. Marion Poteat. Peggy Ann, Box 145. Yanceyville Potter, Jacqueline. 655 Irving St., Winston-Salem Poller. June Yvonne. 309 College St., Wallace Potts. Bettie Eileen. Rt. 1, Louisville Potts, Yvonne Louise, 216 Fifth St., Spencer Powell, Vlice Rose, 1326 W. Franklin Vve., Gastonia Powell, Eleanor. 308 Woodsway Lane. Lenoir Powell, Eleanor Morton. Rt. 1. Norlina Powell. Nancy Helena, 301 E. Fourth St., Kannapolis Powell, Sara Ann. 308 W Isway Lane. Lenoir Powles, Nathalie nne. Ri. 6. Box 444. Salisburj Prago, Barbara Joy, 324 N.E. Greenway, Greensboro Prescott, Marion. 2708 Lockmore Dr.. Raleigh Pressley, Helen Rose, Star Rout.-. Carthage Prestwood. Annie Katherine. Rt. 9. Box 4. Lenoir Prestwood, Arlene Barbara. Hickory Rd.. Lenoir Prestwood. Madeline Shirlee. Hickory Rd.. Lenoir Price, Barbara Curtis. 505 S. Church St.. Monroe Price, Mary Floyce, Rt. 2. Monroe Priest. Catherine Ann. 33 Clinton Ave.. Nyack, N. Y. Pritchard. Jeanne. 119 Wellington St.. Wheville Privette. Lois Amelia. Box 622. Hillshoro Proctor. Betty Lou, Rt. 4. Rocky Mount 1 ' ugb. Annie Lou. 229 Guthrie St.. Graham Pullen, Sylvia, 307 E. Ridge St.. Rockj Mount Pulliam. June. Ill F.llitt Ave.. Leaksville Purrington, Nella Crimes. 1501 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh Page No. 80, 91 34. 36, 67 -Q- lancy Jim. Margaret Rabil, Bettj Ann. 207 E. Fourth St., Weldon Rabil. Mary L., 209 E. Fourth St.. Weldon Radford. Sibyl, 311 S. Sharpe St.. Draper Ragan, Phyllis Jean. 1113 Rankin Ave.. Greensboro Rainey, Martha Doub, 609 Holly Ave.. Winston-Salem Raker, Patricia Ann. 220 W. 2nd Ave.. Lexington Ramsey, I lara, Marshall Ramsey, Francine Lee. Box 333. Marshall Ramsey. Kay Dean. Rt. 4. Box 208. Asheville Ramsey, Patricia Ann. 1016 Scales St.. Salisbury- Rankin. Barbara Wray, Box 172, Stanley Rankin. Mrs. Gypsy Yount, 401 Lawsonville Ave.. Rei Rankin. Jan. 2603 Sherwood St.. Greensboro Rankin. Mary Sue. 511 N. Main St.. Mocksville Ransom. Katherine. Box 66. College St., Huntersville Rapp, Menla June, 931 E. Kimball Ave., Westfield Rash, Barbara Dorine. 47 Middlemont Ave.. Asheville 122. 191 122 67 122 122. 140 159. 164 122 122 92. 170 92 122 92, 152 92 Page No. Rathman, Joanne. 2135 Southland Rd.. Baltimore. M,l. 112 Raulerson, Marj Alice, 9761 Lily Rd.. Jacksonville, Fla. . 122 Rawls, Carolyn Marie. 3413 Lewis Farm Rd.. Raleigh 122. 145 Ray, Frances Anne. 917 Graham Hopedale Rd., Burlington Ray, Glenda, 906 Madison Ave., Winston-Salem 92 Rayle. Annie Frances. Rt. 2. Seagrove 122 Rea, Mrs. Betsy G.. Route 1. Matthew- Reaves, Dale Dobson. 2531 Country Club Ct„ Raleigh Redding, Carolyn. 1515 Wesl 5th We., Gastonia . . 68 Reece. Ann. 1250 Y Main St.. Rutherfordton 68 Reece, Linda Lee, Box 172. Rt. 1. Jonesville 122 Reece, Man Ellen, 1215 W. Main St., Rutherfordton 112 Reed. Cynthia Ann, Box 37, Elton, Pa. 92 Reeves, Patsy Ann. Walnut 92 Reid. F. Elizabeth. Box 109. W innabov, 68 Reid, France- Margaret. Box 1203. Uheville 112 Reid. Gail Joyce, 130 W. McNeel) We., Mooresville Reid. Martha nne. Richlands 122 Reid. Shirlej Elizabeth, Mayodan 92 Reinecke. Elizabeth Holler. Cottonade, Fayetteville Reinecke. Jam- Sutherland, Cottonade Farm. Fayetteville - 92 Reins. Irene. 608 Irving St., Winston-Salem 69, 197 Reitzel. Hazel Miller. F.lland 92 Renfrow. Gladys Geraldine, Ciri le Dr., Englewood, Rocky Mount 170 Revelle, Nan, v. Woodland 69 Rexrode, Suzanne Elizabeth, 1010 Third Ave.. Marlinlon. W. Va. 122 Reynolds. Eleanor Lawton, 20 Ware St.. Ware Shoals. S. C. 122. 170 Reynolds, Nancy, 1028 Deepwood Rd.. Baltimore 18. Md. 92, 164 Rub. Heh-n Ann, 1101 Nassau Blvd., Charlotte 122 Richard. Nora Gertrude, Box 75, bard 122 Richardson. Maria. Lilesville 38, 69 Richmond. Dorothy Louise, Rt. 2. Rocky Mount 122 Ricker, Nam | I ee, 1002 Boulevard, WestBeld, N. J. 122 Rick-. Barbara Melvin, 2335 Greenway, Charlotte 69 Riddle, Carolvn Juan. Rt. 1. W in-ton-Salem 122 Ridenhour. Ella Jewell. Rt. 1. Mt. Plea-ant Ridinger. Charlotte Alice. 137 Beech St.. Concord 122. 170 Rierson. Mary Ellen, 1618 Walkei Vve., Greensboro 122 Ring. Alfrieda Elaine. 6A Veterans Dr.. Uheville 69 Ritch, Marlene. 2015 (dub Rd.. Charlotte 135 Ritchie. Barbara Elaine. Myrtle Vve., China Grove Roan, Berntelle. Cresco. Pa. 92 Roberts, Vnne C, Hillsboro 170 Robert-. Margaret Elizabeth. Pikeville 135 Robertson, Louise Barnwell, Rt. 1. Matthews 122 Robeson, Mary Bertram, 610 S. West St., Culpeper, Va. 122. 170 Robinette. Nancy Sue. 1217 Cedrow Ave.. High Point 122. 144 Robinson. Janet Neal, 410 S. Oakland St.. Gastonia 112 Robinson. Lillie Mae. 1332 Carolyn Dr.. Charlotte 112 Robinson. Lois. 522 Parkview Dr., Burlington 122 Robinson, Martha. Box 199, Biscoe 112 Robinson. Nancy Pamelia, 1624 Morningside Dr., Charlotte 122 Robison. Barbara. 812 N. Lee St.. Salisbury 112 Rodgers. Flowe, 812 Jackson Ave.. Charlotte 69, 159, 175 Rodgers, Laura Lorena. 721 S. Church St., Sab-bun 135 Rodgers. Suzanne. Sun-et iw.. Scotland Neck 69. 161 Rodgers. Vira Anne. 2102 Centennial Ave.. High Point 69 Rogers. Betty Rae. Mantee 92. 140. 199 Rogers. Sarah. 215 Manmouth Ave.. Durham 67 Roland. June Parker, Rt. 2. Hillsboro Roman. Man Lou Hill. Faison 67 Roope. Marguenya. Rt. 1, Box 175-B, N. Wilkesboro 92. 159 Rooer. Bettv Ann. 426 1th St.. N.W., Hickory 122 Rose, Elaine Marie. 504 N. West St.. Falls Church. Va. 122 Rose. Lenna Elizabeth. 501 E. 10th St.. Greenville Rose. Margaret E., 410 Hillside Dr.. Greensboro 92. 175 Rose, Margaret L„ 2027 Club Blvd.. Durham 170. 186. 187 Rosenbaum. Beverley. 1756 Varina Ave.. Petersburg. Va. Rosenberg. Eleanor. 181 Newton Vve., Port Chester. N. Y. 92 Rosenblum, Eva. Rt. 1. Willard 70 I ' M. I liJH Student Directory Page No K. ,-,,,1,1,1. Leil« Morlene, 123 W ■ -i Farii Rd., Greenville, S C. 122 Rosenstock, ludilh, 3928 Fairview We., Bal re, Md. 92, III. 145, IT. " , Ross, Betsj tan, Beth 122 Ross, Patricia, 2404 Springs I Hi.. Greensboro 122 Rosser, Barbara Lee, 135 W. e Di . Creeml Roll k. Jeanene Mae, lit. 3, Thomasville 135 Rowland, Barbara tan, U6 Marigold St., Rockj Mount 70, 140 Rowland, Marj Earle, Rt. 1, Kittri II 70 Roya] arolyii Rae, 624 Whel St., Greensi ' ' 2 Royal, Frances, 624 Vshel St., Greensi 70 Royster, Reida Shirlene, lit 2. Lawndale 122 Ruark. Joan. 112 Marlboro, Bennetuville, S. I , 70 Rudman, Patricia, 625 Mulberrj Rd., Martinsville, a. 92 Rue, Man,. 1307 Mordecai Dr., Raleigh 112 Rufly. Eleanor Ma,-. Box 211!. Taylorsville 122 Runyon. Phyllis Laliab Kinike, III Garland We., Decatur, Ga. 122 Russell, Barbara, mi . Kivetl St., Uhel 198 Russell, Helen Elizabeth, 652 S. Sunset Dr.. Winston-Salem 29, 70, 1 Ml. 186, 1K7 Rutherford, inn, 121 E. George Mason Rd., Falls Church, a. 42. 139, 199 Ryals, Emily Stewart. 1317 Rosewood We., Rock) Mount 122 — S— Sabiston, Minnie irginia. 702 S. Main Si.. Wake Forest 122. ITU Safrit. Jo tane, 1(11 Mil, loll We., Salisbury 112. 164 Sal,, In. Shirley, H lo Walk,-. We., Greensboro 135 Samet, Rose. Redding Rd., Uheboro 92, 197 Sams. Edyth, Box 285, Mai-hall 7(1 Sanilerford. Barbara. 320 Dry We., Can 70. 159 Sanders. Julia, Warrior Dr.. Tryon 36. 70. 140 Sanders. Margaret. Rt. 1. Smithfield 112 Sanders, Mary Boddie. Rt. 1. Smithfield 36. 70 Sanderson. Nellie Maxine, Chinquapin 112 Sarratt. June Claire, Box 870. Shelbj 112 Sartin, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Walker, 308 Tate St.. Greensboro 112 Satisky. Rita. 1603 Dare St.. Raleigh 112 Satterfield. Mr-. Marion Duckworth, 539 Jefferson St., Greensboro 71 Saunders. Eloise Smith. Asheville 122 Saunders. Eunice Delores. Rt. 1. Elon College 122 Saunders, Georgia Norma. Rt. 1. Reidsville 92 Saunders, Louise Sidney. 1607 Chestnut St.. Wilmington 122 Savage. Alice Vivian. Rosehoro 71 Savage. Jane. 2207 Breeze Rd.. Raleigh 33. 37. 71 Sawyer. Jane Crowell, 1611 Providence Rd., Charlotte 122 Sawyer, Lou Alice. Box 15. Salemburg 71 Scarborough. Shirley. 109 Eldorado. Troy 112 Scarborough. Virginia nn. Beaverdam Rd., Rt. 1. Box 153. Asheville 122 Seen v Shirlee, Rt. 3. Concord 122 Dixie Lee, 520 McGill Dr., Ubemarle Scheidt, tan Ruth. 2338 Hathaway Rd., Raleigh 122, 145 Schilthuis, Uida, 12 While Oak, Uheville 71. 159 Schnell, Adelaide McAnally, Pinebluff 122 Schoenzeit, Han,,- Lee, 515 W. 110 si.. ,-« York. N. Y. 122 Seholl. Cecelia Belle. Rockingham Rd., Rockingham 135 Schoof, Linda, 2730 Picardj Ph. Charlotte 112 Schoonover, Beverly, 9501 Stanhope Rd., Kensington, Md. 71. 161 Schulken. Anna Marie. 2031 Chestnut St., Wilmington 92 Schumann. E,a l ' hih.mena. Box 1654. Hickory 92 Schweikardt, Kristin. S. Highland We., Nyack, . V Scott. Etta Jean. Route 1. Rowland 135 Scott. Marilyn Lee. 18 7th We., N.E., Hickory 122 Scott, Mary Elizabeth, 1753 Brook- We., Raleigh ' 12. 1HI Sett. Sally. Box 32. Jackson Training School. Concord 80. 92. 95. 161 Scripture, tan Margaret. 703 Fisher St.. Morehead Citj 122 Scruggs. Elisabeth Anne. 1234 Parkwa) Vve., Charlotte 92 Seawell, Jean. Box 692. Carthage 71 Seawell. Sarah Elizabeth. Men, Oaks 112 Seite. Mary Louise. 260 W. Broad St.. Stamford. Conn. 93 Setzer. Delia Dawn. 130 S. Sterling St., Morganton Seviei lini -. hi Edwin PL, Uheville 112 Sexton, Betty, Box 69, Denton 71 Sexton, Palrii is Noun, Box 69, Dei , 112 Sexton. Peggj Florine, Englewood, Rocky Mount Shannon, Rachel, 607 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte Shaw, tanette lean, 3826 Old Sardii Rd., Chi 122 Shaw, ChrUtini Lorraim Box 382, Richlandi 122 Shi u hi I, ,l.i. Ron bun, 71. 17u Shearin, Lillie Lagene, lit. I I 71 si,,,!-. Belt] .ban. Rt. I. Box 265, Foirview 72 sheet-, Shirle) Mae, Rt. I. Box 265. Fairview Sheffield, Ellen C, Rt. 2. Box 26. Rose Mill 72 Shell,,,,. Mrs. tan Price, Madison 135 sh,li„n. Sylvia tanette, Box 131, Stanlej 122 Shepard, Carolyn Virginia, 122 West. I Dr.. Chapel Hill 93, 145 Shepard, Elisabeth Chamberlain, 5004 Green Leaf R,h. Baku Hi. Md. 93 Slierrill. Margaret. 510 Kent! I St, Lenoir 93 Sherrill. Mary nne. 18th St., kannapoli- 93 Slierrill. Sarah. 878 8th St.. YE.. Hickory 33. 72. 175. 186. 187. 189. 198 Sherron, Shirle} tan, Rt. 2. Fmpjay Spring- 112 Shields, Elizabeth tane, 208 Hill St.. Murphy 112 Shinn, Jean. Reidsville Rd., Leoksville 93. 195 Shipman, Mary Margaret. Rt. 1. Elal Rock 112 Shipp. Dorothy Quinelle, 118 Fifth Vve., W., HendersonvOle 119. 122 Shope, Cynthia Elizabeth, Sanford 93 Shore, Patricia Jane, Rt. 2. Ea-t Bend 122, 144 Shuford, BettJ R., 116 Butler Dr.. Clinton 93. 163 Shuping, Sarah Frances. 313 W. Hinder-,, n St, Salisbury 122 Sides, Mary Ann. 2831 Bon „ We., Winston-Salem 93 Sides, Ruth Reese, 1309 Eastern We., R„, k Mount 122. 170 Siegel. Daralie Joyce. 831 19th Ph. Newport New-. Virginia 122 198 Sigmon, Hazel Sue. 3117 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte 122. 170 Sillax. Jean. 207 1)1,1 lu Rd., N.E., tlanta. Ga. 112 Simmons, Barbara Lee. 908 Lunsford PL. Charlotte 72. 163 Simmons. Lynda. 3668 Kingsboro Rd.. N.E.. tlanla. Ga. 1 U t. 1.58. 178 Simon. Ann II.. 321 Cre-cent Ave., Greenville, -. I - 112. 195 Simon, Rochelle Fran,,-. Church St.. Box 185. Tabor Citj 122 Simpson, Betty Sue, Rt. 1. Box 572. Kernersville 122 Simpson, June Carolyn, Rt. 1. Box 417. Charlotte 93 Simpson, Martha Rachel. 628 W. Sharp.- St.. Statesville 135 Sink. Joanne Elizabeth. 2715 Anderson Drive, Raleigh 122 Singleton, Jeanne P.. -heville 93 Sklut. Rascha Sara. 630 Stratford Rd„ Winston-Salem 122 Slaughter. Mary Hoke. 1843 Edgewood Lane. Charlottesville, Va. 93. 164 Sledge. Billie Frances. Rt. 3. Box 127-M. Charlotte 72. 152. 186. 187 Sloan, Barbara tan, 111 E. Fourth St.. Ca-t,,nia 81. 93 Sloan. Mr-. D,,r,,th Fa ,- Goskin, 8 Springdale t.. Greensboro 72 Smart. Ruth E alinc. 712 Georgia Ave.. Fore-t Citj 93 Smiley, Man Jane, 220 Milford Hill- Rd., Sali-bun. 122 Smith. Mice Robioux. 2280 Circle Dr.. Raleigh 117. 120. 159 Smith, Wis Pauletta, Rt. 1. Box 150, Lexington 135 Smith. Belle. 60 Dehnont Dr.. N.F.. tlanta. Ga 72. 115. 163 Smith. Bettie Jeanne. Box 300. ngi,-r 122 Smith. Bern William-. Walla,.- 93 Smith. Carol Ba K. 1218 Hill St.. Crc.-,,-b..r,, Smith, Charlene Ruth. 4.514 Pitt St.. New Orleans 15. La. 122 Smith, Clara tan, Box 361, Trenton 135 Smith. Dori- Jean. Rt. 2. Box 45. Thomasville Smith. (Jerri Blanche. 2216 Crescent A e.. Charlotte 117. 122 Smith. Jane. 12.5 S. Third St.. Albemarle J I ' M. 198 Smith, Janet Eileen. 811 Bradford We., W e-tfield. N. J. 122 Smith. Jobvna France-. N. Garden St.. Marion 112 Smith. Joyce Ann. Rt. 5. Goldsboro 122 Smith. Julia Anne. 1500 Charlotte Rd.. Statesville 72 -null,, kax Ma..,. Hi. 3, Box 4H8. Kernersville 112 Smith. Laura. Box 174. Matthews 93 Smith. Louise Clifford. State Hospital, Morganton 122 Smith. Margaret Elizabeth, 738 S. Brady We., Newton 112. 122 Smith. Margaret Elizabeth. 801 Jackson Bldg.. Ashe, ill.- Student Directory Page No. Smith. Marjorie Louise. Rl. 1, Ruffii, 112. 199 Smith. Martha Elizabeth. 415 S. Willow St., Gastonia 112 Smith. Martha Joan. 408 Centennial Ave., High Point 135 Smith, Mary Evelyn, Rt. 5, Box 325, Kannapolis 135. 159 Smith, Millicent Covington, 211 Tate St., Greensboro 122 Smith. Patricia La Trelle, 18 State St., Marion 93 Smith, Patsy. 106 Feimster St., Statesville 36, 38, 73, 198 Smith, Quwatha Valentine, Rt. 6. Winston-Salem 122 Smith. Sandra Summer- I .Mrs. I, 422 E. Radiance Dr., Greensboro 112 Smith. Sarah Helen. Rt. 8. J.H.S.. Sanford 93 Smith. Sarah Rebecca, 2526 Dellwood Dr., N.W.. Atlanta, Ga. . . . 29. 31, 73, 181 Smith, Sheila, 797 Wilson Rd„ N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 73 Smith, Thelma, 213 S. Fieldcrest Rd., Draper 93 Smith, Winifred, 236 Middleton Dr., Charlotte 93 Smith, Zadah Jayne, 306 Pamlico St., Belhaven 122 Smithcrman, Dorothy Mae. 1828 W. Polo Rd.. Winston-Salem 122 Smith-Peterson. Anna Lynn. 423 Beaumont Avenue. Charlotte 135, 170 Snider, Jennie, 504 Barker Ave., Salisbury 73 Snipes, Caroline Elizabeth. Rt. 4, Roxboro 135 Si s, Frances Ella, 601 Hillsboro St.. Fayetteville 122 Snipes, Martha Jane. 3353 Alta Vista Way. Knoxville. Tenn. 93, 140, 164 Snow, Clenda Joy, Box 49, Mt. Airy 135 Snyder. Donna Lee. 3329 Draper Ave., Charlotte 112, 144 Somers, Carolyn Jean. Rt. 2. Greensboro 112 Sommers, Jane Ross, 1317 Linville St.. Kingsport. Tenn. 112 Sowers, Carol Jane, 603 Woodrow Ave.. High Point 93 Spain, Elaine. Varita Court Apts.. Wilson 122 Spark-. Susanna Alef Milner. Box 242. East Point, I. a. Speagle, Frances. Rt. 4. Box 230. Hickory 112 Speas, H. Kay. Rt. 2. East Bend 112 Spell, Alice, Rt. 1, Box 172, Roseboro 112 Spell, Anne Powell, Roseboro St.. Roseboro 112 Spence, Marjorie Anne, Homewood Acres, Siler City 122 Spielman. Ellen Linde. 303 Mayflower Dr.. Greensboro 123 Spivev. Jean. 304 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh Spivey, Shirley Louise, Box 12. Brunswick 112 Splawn, Betty Louise, Rt. 1. Box 220. Rutherfordton 123 Sprinkle. Joan, Rt. 1. N. Wilkesboro 93 Springs. Dorothy Rhyne. Rt. 5, Box 585. Charlotte 135 Sproul. Helen Wright. 1387 Pawtucket Ave.. Rumford, R. I. 123 Squire-. Rebecca Louise. 1521 Tucker St.. Greensboro 73, 149 Stafford. Dorothy, Dixon School. Dixon 112. 140 Stafford. Evonne Louise. Moyock 123 Stafford, Mary nn. 441 McAdoo Ave.. Greensboro 73 Stafford, Nancy, 3601 Kirby Dr.. Greensboro 93 Stalling-. Dean, Box 260. Rt. 1, Jamesville 73 Stalling-. Esther Marie, 510 Hamby St.. Clayton 135 Stalvey, Anne, 1018 E. 7th St.. Lumberton 112 Stampley, Margaret Diana, 3020 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte 123 Stanfield, Jo Alice. Rt. 3. Mebane 135 Stanley, Dorothy Ann. Rt. 1. Four Oaks 123 Stanley, LaReeta Ellen. 1603 Lovett St.. Greensboro 135 Stanley, Maude Meacham, 806 Perry St.. Kin-tnn 135 Stanley, Sara Jane. 2102 Wrenn St., Greensboro 73. 144 Stanton. Eva Janet. 105 N. Virginia St.. Goldsboro 112 Stan el. Je-sie Ann. 587 Sherwood Parkway. Westfield, . J. 123 Stapleford, Marguerite. 806 E. Forest Hills Blvd.. Durham 73 Starling, Nannette. 1909 St. Mary ' - St.. Raleigh 73. 164 Starne-. Elisabeth, 27 Mount Vista Ave.. Greenville, S. ( :. 112 Starr. Mary Miller. 611 Memorial Ave.. North Wilkesboro 112 Starrette. Sue, 3410 Central Ave.. Charlotte 74 Staten. Evelyn. 1417 Scott Court, Charlotte 135 Steacy, Gail Barbara, E. Lake Blvd.. Mahopac. N. Y. 122 Steele, Frances Pauline. Sandy Ridge 123 Steelman, Barbara, 608 Pollock St.. Kin-ton 74, 138, 175 Steelman, Bettie, Hamptonville 93 Steifle, Jerrine. 220 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro 74 Steinberg. Marilyn Beth, Box 458. Erwin 123 Stephens, Alice Delores. Rt. 2, Elkin 112 74 145. 164. 170 112 Stephens. Barbara. Gary 93 Stephens, Lanya Faye. Rt. 1, Cary 135 Stephenson, Lucille. Box 337. Saluda 112 Stevens, Phyllis Anne, Rt. 2. Glenacre Farm, Lynchburg. Va. 74 Stewart, Barbara Jane. 204 N. Lamar St., Roxboro 123 Stewart. Catherine Fitzgerald. Apt. IB, Yolanda Court. 83 Reservoir Ave.. Riveredge. N. J. Stewart, Gaye, 83 Reservoir Ave., Riveredge, N. J. 74. 145. 183 Stewart. Jessie Ann. Rt. 3. Reidsville 74 Stikeleather. Catherine. Rt. 1. Taylorsville Still, Barbara, 1614 Liberty Dr., Greensboro 112 Still, Shirley Ann, McLaurin Ave., Laurinburg 135 Stilwell, Nancy Marie, Lexington Rd., Thomasville 112 StUwell, Shirley Ellen, 317 Polk St., Thomasville 112 Stockman, Sylvia Joan, 52 Franklin Rd., Warwick. Va. 118. 123 Stockton, melia Louise, 463 S. Church St., Winston-Salem 123 Stone. Betty. Glenn St.. Stoneville 112 Stone, Doris Ada. Box 82. Princeton 74 Stone. Fl-ie Irene. 30 Eighth St., E.. Laurinburg Stone, Virginia Giddens, Glenn St., Stoneville 112 Stonemetz. Barbara Jane. 3310 N. Meridian St.. Indianapolis. Ind. Storey. Miriam Eldorado. Rt. 1. Box 168. Murfreesboro 82, 123, 170 Story, Mary Lilla, Eure Stout, Susan Caroline. 131 Thompson St.. Clarksburg, W. Va. 123 Stowe, June Carole. 1502 Wayside PI.. Gastonia Siraw bridge. Mary Ellen. 727 N. Garnett St.. Henderson 74, Strickland, Josephine. Oakboro Strong, Carolyn Montgomery. 741 Lincolnton Rd.. Salisbury 112 Strother, Frances Ramsey, 2134 Wright Ave., Greensboro 123 Strother. Thomasine, 513 Sun-et Dr.. High Point 163 Stroud, Patricia Ann. Rt. 3. Morganton 135 Stubblefield. Billie Joan. Rt 1. Box 330. Greensboro 123 Sugg, Johnsie Ann. Rt. 4. Rockingham 112 Sullivan. Kay Patricia. 311 E. First St.. CherryviHe 123 Sullivan. Man nne. Rt. 1. Box 182, Mount Olive Summer-. Sliirlev. 765(1 Old Fort Rd.. Washington 22. D. C. Summey. Dathene, Rt. 1, Box 17C. Hillsboro Sumner. Janice Louise. 521 Western Ave.. Ruckv Mount 135 Sutton. Mildred Frame-. Rt. 2. Matthews 112 Swaim. Patsy, Rt. 1. Whitsett Swain. Elizabeth nn. 2268 Circle Dr.. Raleigh 27. 93 Swain. F. Muriel. 676 Tioga Trail. Willoughby, Ohio Swain. Katie. Rt. No. 1. Box 211. Columbia 112 Swain. Rebecca Josephine, 132 East 2nd St.. Washington 123 Swaringen, Peggy Byrd. 1625 Wilt-hire Rd.. Salisbury . . . 123. 145 Swart. Marie Frances, Rt. No. 1. Box 838. Wilmington 135 Swart. Patricia Ann. Rl. 1. Box 197. Castle Hayne 123. 170 Swindell. Priscilla, 2(18 Irving PI., Greensboro ... 123 Swing. Bobbie Carole. 600 N. Salisbury St., Lexington Sykes, Bettv. 1112 S. Mam St.. Burlington Syrrou, Xenia Sp., 10. Eginitou St., Athens, Attica, Greece Szold, Stephanie. 449 Beaucatcher Rd.. Asheville T— Talbert. Sara Ann (to be Mrs. Cannady). Box 98, Guilford College Talbot. Anne. 3904 Indiana Ave.. Winston-Salem 74 Talbot. Gloria. Winston-Salem 93 Talbot, Mary Carolyn. 1715 Spencer Ave., New Bern 112 Talley, Mary. 319 High Point St.. Randleman 93 Tandy. Margaret Ruth. Oak Park. Arden 112 Tanner. Josephine. 1102 Chestnut St.. Henderson 115 Tarleton. Ikey Ellen. 314 S. Green St.. Wadesboro 123. 17(1 Tarr. Marcia. 6 Morgan Ave.. Deal, N. J. 12. 31, 33. 74. 199 Tart. Betsy Ann. 607 W. Broad St.. Dunn 135 Tatum. Eleanor Anne, Cooleemee 115 lain,,,. Geraldine, 3709 Parkview St.. iek-burg. Miss. 74. 170 Taylor, Betty Joyce, Trenton 123, 164 Taylor. Cynthia E.. Rt. 1. New Preston. Conn. 93 Taylor, Dorothy Marie, Box 121 H. Rt. 3, Charlotte 123 Taylor. Jean Catherine. Seaboard 135 135 93 93, 163 Student Directory Page No. Taylor. Josephine Tucker, 509 Boddie St., Nashville 135 Taylor, Nancy, 2107 Scotl St., Arlington, Va. 75 Taylor. Nancj I evada, Bos 161, East Bend 123 Taylor. Peggy Riddle, 121 Coi i St., Winston-Salem ' Mae, Rl i, Bos 979, New Bern 115 Taylor, Sarah Imeua (Millie), 324 Highland St., Mt. II., IK 135 Teachey, Carolyn Lenine, 225 K. Polo Rd., Winston-Salem 115 Teague, liiana Mona, Rt, 2. Box 34, Lenoir 123 Teague. Joan Kathleen, 2.53 Maple St.. Brevard [23 Teague, Nancy Moore, 813 Starling Ave. Martinsville, Va. 31, 75. 186. 187, 188 Teague, Patricia Lee, Box 616, Marion 94 Teeter, Doris Jan.. Rt. No, I. Box 139 . Harrisburg 123 Terradas, Ana, Central Macareno, Camaquey, Cuba 75 Terrell, Barbara Jane, 207 E. Stair St., Black Mountain 123 Terry. Sybil Ann. .ill Forest Rd., Douglaston, L 1.. N. V 94, 144 TerwilUger, Barbara bene, 402 Enos PL, Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. Tesh. Peggy Jean. 118 S. Green St., Winston-Salem 75 Tew, June Katheran, 839 Bellevue St., Greensboro 135. 170 Thacker, Betty Kay. Kt. 1. Whitsett 115, 164 Tharrington, Frances Marie. 340 Dabney Dr.. Henderson 115 Tharrington, Nancy Elizabeth, 214 Cherry St.. Mt. Airy 123 Thomas, Vnne Carolyn. Kt. 5, Winston-Salem 115 Thomas. Ann Virginia, 9921 River Mont Terra..-, Warwick, a. 115 Thomas, Martha Amelia, 131 N. Mulberry St.. Statesville 123, 170 Thomas, Molly Kate, County Home Rd.. Rt. 4, Asheville 115 Thomas, Peggy. 701 E. Whitaker Mill Rd„ Raleigh 75, 164 Thomas. Peggy Joyee. 2302 Nash St.. Sanford 135 Thomas, Sally Louise. 406 Reservoir Dr., Boonton, N. J. 123, 163 Thomas, Velma M„ Cameron 36. 38, 75, 199 Thompson, Gerotha Ann, Box 16, Mountain Park 94, 140 Thompson. Joan, 15 Spears Ave.. Asheville 115 Thompson. Lois Bertelle. 652 W. Front St.. Statesville Thompson. Sara Jeanetle. Box 121, Windsor 123 Thompson, Shirley Ann, Sparta 123 Thrower, Ann. St. George, S. C. 94 Thrower, Jo Ann I to be Mrs. Walters). Rt. 4. Rockingham Thrower, Sarah Gail. 232 Woodrow Ave.. High Point 123 Thunberg, Ann Leslie. 108 Parkview Ave.. Fayetteville 94. 170 Tice, Evelyn Ann, 532 Morven Rd.. Wadesboro 123. 159 Tillett, Margaret Jean. Wanchese 123 Tilley, Joyee, Timberlake 115 Tillman. Erina Kathleen, 311+ Morgan St., Roxboro 135 Tillotson. Ann Marie, 1900 E. 25th St., Winston-Salem 135 Tilson, Anna, Rt. 2, Chapel Hill 115 Timmerman, Margaret Louise, 1239 Yale PL, Charlotte 123 Timmons, Mary Banks, 18 Tacoma St.. Asheville 75. 139 Tinsley, Mary Jean. 315 Woodrow Ave.. High Point 32. 94 Tippett. Sarah Genevieve. Rl. 3, Zebulon 135. 144 Todd. Ann Robinson, 1909 Tippah Ave.. Charlotte 75 Toler, Ann Mae, 808 N. Virginia St., Goldsboro 123 Torgesen, Joan Carol, 3726 Powers Ferry Rd., Atlanta. Ga. 123 Torrence, Elizabeth Ann. Box 175. Davidson 135 Totten, Nancy Young (Mrs.), 1412 Richardson Dr.. ReidsviUe 76 Towne. Ellen Forbes, 1709 Lamont St., Kingsport, T.-nn. 94, 163 Townsend. Elizabeth Preot. 514 California Court. Norfolk. Va. 123 Trader. Helen Gore. Avents Ferry Rd.. Rt. 4. Raleigh 115 Trantham, Mary Louise. 1906 Textile Dr.. Greensboro Tr.nt. Mr-. Fran,,- Vlston, 734 Crescent Dr., ReidsviUe 135 Trent. Sara. Rt. 6, ReidsviUe 115 Trepke, Man ' Joan. 710 Brookside Dr.. High Point 94 Trevino. Mary Helen. Box 55. Micro 76 Trollinger, June Rowena. 106 Chatfield St.. Crosland Park. Aiken. S. C. 123 Trollinger. Sara Elizabeth. 136 Ridgecresl Rd.. Asheboro 76 Truett, Barbara Ann, Box 14. Bryson Citj 94. 170 Tucker. Barbara Lea. Rt. 3. Box 57. Greensboro 115 Tucker, Dawn Marie, Rt. 6. Box 571. Greensboro 135 Tucker. Sandra Smith. High St., Murfreesboro ... 123 Tucker, Toaksie, 202 Virginia Ave.. Fayetteville 115 Tuggle. Elizabeth. 134 West lOtli vc. Huntington. W. Va. 115 Turlington. Evelyn. Fremont 115 Turlington. Joyce Anne. 408 Churchill Dr.. Fayetteville 115 Turner, Fran tbo We., ragewo. Stat.-n (aland 8. Y v -,i i 18, v , 164 l urn. . Mar) Elizabeth, Rt I. Uak, 1,.., n ir, Turner, Patricia tnne, iit s Edgewortb St, Greensboro 94 Turner. Rebecca Ka . Jackson 123 Turner, Rub) Shirley, King 123 Turner. Ruth Brook-, lit. 2. Henderson 94 TyacV I ynthia, 12) Virginia Rd., Winston-Salem 123 In,,,,. Shirle) Humphrey, Box 155, Pineblufl 123 Tyson, Margaret, 307 W. Nash St., Wilson 115 — U— I nden I, Delaina Gr« Mebane St., Burl. net,,., 94 1 nderwood, Laura Neal, Rt 6, Box 653, harlotle 123 I pchurch, Bettie Jane, 319 S. Chapman, Greensboro Uzzle, Elizabeth Mitchiner, li„ 56, Wilson ' s Mills 123 Vann, Nancy. Rich S,,uar,- Van Sise, J., an Lee, 117 Carle) Vve., Huntington, N. . 115 Vaughn. Kay Henry. 116 Hal.- v... Castonia 123 aughn, Mar) Patrii ia. 912 Olive St, Greensboro 81. 91 Velonis, Chrisoula, 1501 Fairmont St, Greensboro 115. 1 1 ' . 170 Vick. June Carolyn. Seaboard 115 Vickrey, Bernice Yvonne, 609 Westover UK, I.. Elizabeth Citj Vogler, I ynda Mae, Vdvanci 135 Voorhees, Ann Randolph, 7144 Byron Ave.. Miami Beach. Fla. 123 Yoorhis. Julia Sprague, Box .387. Glenn Lennox. Chapel Hill 123 — W— Waddell. Lettie Sue, Ennice 123 Wagner. Camilla Caine. 3103 Peebles Dr.. Greensboro Wagoner, Jeanne, in I ' m, Ures, Wadesboro 76. 164, 197 Walbach, Mary Van, 2268 Mimosa PI.. ilmington 76 Walden. Frances Angela. Box 136. Scott-burg. a. Waldroup, Katherine, Hayesville 115 Walk,-. Carolyn, 1611 Allen St.. Springneld, Ma-. Walker. Alice Dillon. 610 W. 2nd St.. Washington ' .t Walker. E. Jane. Laurel Hill 94 Walker. Hilda Lee. 1300 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh 123. 170 Walk.-r. Martha Jean. 134 Orchard St.. Mt. ,„ 123 Walker. Nancy Anne. Rt. 2. Summerfield Walker. Rebecca Jane. Rt. 2. Summerfield Walk.-r. Ruth. Rt. 2. Box 214. Greensboro 76 Walker, Sue Eleanor. Currie 76 Wall, Lula M.. LUesville 7 ' .. 161 Wall. Mary Anne. 14 Ashe St.. Wadesboro 7 ' . Wall. Patricia. Rt. 5. Burlington 94 Wallace. Beatrice 213 E. Second St.. Washington 135 Wallace. Jacqueline May. Rt. 2. Box 298. Edenton 123 Wallace. Martha Roberta. 104 N. Jackson St.. Goldsboro 115 Wallace, Nell Rose, 400 S. 4th St.. Smithfield 115. 163 Waller. Gilliam Jo Ann. Pilot Mountain 123 Waller, Mary. Fair BlulT 77 Walton. Flora Sue. 109 S. Fifth St, Wilmington 123 Walton. Nancy Marie. 537 Tarleton Ave.. Burlington 123. 170 Ward. Mary Ann. 6006 Monument W.. Richmond. a. 123 War, I. Marjorie Ann. Clarendon Warli.k. Catherine. Box 100. Mooresboro Warli.k. Patricia, 120 Havi.- W.. Statesville 77. 170 Warli.k. Rachel, Spencer Mountain Rd.. Rt. 2. Gastonia 77. 1.52. 170 Warren. Anne Keregan, 1419 Inchon St.. Tarawa Terr.. Camp Lejeune 123 W an. ii. Okrisse, Salemburg 77 Warren, Sarah Patricia. 161 Dorchester n.-.. Vsheville 123 Washam, Martha Frances. 317 Westwood Ave.. Charlotte U alers. Mary Irene. Rt. 1. Box 227. Pinetown 123 Watson, SalK Falls. Rt. 4. Box 710. Charlotte Watson, SalK .. 6309 Br,„-k Ave. Baltimore, M.I. Watts, Mrs. Alice Mae Miller. 35 First Ave.. N.E.. Hickory 77 all-, li.-rtha Carlinda. Rt. 2. Box 322. Tav |,,r-ville 135 W alls. Martha Joanne. 2719 Tanglewood Lan.-. Charlotte 115 Watts, Mary Doris. North Main St, Stanley 94 Way, Margaret Ann. 923 S. Scales St.. Reid-ville 7 _ Weadon. Frances Elaine. Rt. 2. Box 570. Brown Summit 77. 170 Student Directory Weatherly. Loretta Lee. 202 W. Main St., Washington Weatherly, Sylvia. 202 W. Main St., Washing Weaver. Gloria Anne. 906 Hawthorne K.I.. Shelb) 33 Weaver. Jeannette Nash, 414 Morrison Ave.. Raleigh Webb, Joanne Gwendolyn. 102 Richmond Rd.. Rockingham Webb, Katherine Anna. Swansboro Webster, Barbara Ann. Rl. 1. Box 219. Pinetown Webster. Nancy Mae, 2507-D Miller Park Circle. Winston-Salem Weckwerth. Hen I inn. 15 Fenvvav Dr.. Springfield, Ma--. Weinstein, Sara Jane. 1100 Cornwallis Or.. Greensboro Weinstock. Gladys Blossom. 1527 S. Hawthorn.- Rd.. W inston Salem Weiss, Barbara Lu, 284 Central We., Lawrence, . V ' ' 1. Welch, Carolyn. 110 E. Avondale, Greensboro Welch, Dorothy Nell. Rt. 7, Box 1522. Charlotte 123. 198 123 salein 115. 170 123 123 nam. la. 135 Welch, Margaret Handy, 308 S. Tremont Dr.. Greensl 33. Weld, Cynthia Ann, Altamont Wellons, Mary Evelyn, Rt. 3. Selma Wernick, Joan Roslyn, 1003 Hill St.. Greensboro West, Barbara. 2838 Woodleigh St.. Winston-Salem West, Frances Donez. Rt. 5, Franklin 32 Westbrook, Doris, Rt. 1. Tryon Westbrook, Mary Lou. 108 N. Orange Ave. Dunn Westmoreland, Frances. Box 315. Tabor City Westray, Mary Finch, Rt. 1. Enfield Wharton. Jane Graves. 914 N. Elm. St.. Greensboro 123. Wharlon. Kate Harrison. 1007 W. Market St., Greensboro Wharton, Rose Evelyn. 1007 W. Market St.. Greensl 123. Win Ian. Margaret Irwin. 3600 S St.. Washington 7. D. C 119. 123. White. Adelia Rhodes. 118 Camden St.. Windsoi White. Anne deLee, 212 Country Club Dr., Greensl 78. White, Bettie Lu. 1016 S. Main St.. Burlington White. D ' Orsav. Altamont White, Janelle Elizabeth, Ash White. Janice A.. 410 Lakewood St.. Lynchburg, Va. 38. 78. White. Katherine Aycock. 205 S. Wilson We., Dunn White. Peggy Ann, Rt. 2, Box 258. Kinston White. Peggy Mae. 1219 Gaston St.. Charlotte White, Virginia Moon, Poole Rd., Rt. 2. Raleigh Whit.-. Weeta Louise. 1010 E. 30th St.. Winston- Whitehurst, Grace Ellen. Rt. 1. Beaufort Whitener, Emma Sydney, Rt. 1. Box 303. Huntersvilli Whiting, Sue Ann. 1630 F. Valley Ave.. Binuingh; Whitley. Elizabeth Ann. Box 278. Enfield 78. 152 Whitley. Phyllis Anne. 5 Chiles Ave.. Asheville 123 Whitley. Sybia Elaine. 721 Montgomery We., Albemarle Whitley. Virginia M.. Box 296 Fremont 115 Whitmire, Rosemary. 20 Mount isia Rd.. Vsheville 94 Whitlock. Patricia Anne. 1419 Charlotte Rd.. Albemarle 115 Whitlock, Sara Louise. 108 Fairview St.. Lake City. S. C. 123 Wieland. Lee Dorothy. American Embassy. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil 115 Wiese, Elizabeth George, Patterson School. Lenoir 94 Wilhelm, Patty, 220 W. McNeel) We., Mooresville 78 W ' ilhelm. (Sara) Ann. Boonville 94 Wilkerson, Nancy. Rt. 4. Roxboro 115. 170 Wilkerson. Sandra Brewer. Rt. 9. Lexington 123. 170 Wilkie. Carolyn. Box 1003. Old Spartanburg Rd.. Hendersonville 115 Wilkinson, Catherine gatha. 831 Wilkerson Ave.. Durham 135 Wilkinson. Barbara, 105 South C Ave.. Maiden 28. 78. 140 Wilkinson. Mary Wimberley. 600 Falls Rd.. Rocky Mount 115. 170 Williams, Betsy Brent. 128 Carolina We., Henderson 135 Williams, Bonnie Davis. Rt. 2. East Bend 94 Williams. Hiawatha Jean. Box 801. Beaverdam Rd.. Canton 123 William-. Jewell. 242 E. Polo Rd.. Winston-Salem 115. 159. 161 Williams. Jo Ann. Burgaw 123 W illiams. Lucille. 205 E. Holly St.. Goldsboro 78 Williams. Margaret Blanche. Box 384. Siler Ciu 115 Williams, Mary Patricia. 321 Avalon Rd.. Winston-Salem 135 Williams. Mildred Elizabeth. Three Mile Rural Station. Newland 94 Williams, Sarah Kathryn. Newton Grove 123 Williams. Sue Bocreet, Pear Tree Point Rd., Norton. Conn. 115 Williams. Sylvia Joan. 340 9th St.. N.W.. Hickory 123. 191 Williamson. Marx Saunders. K02 Son-et Dr.. I.reen-lioro 115 Page No. Williamson. Virginia Ann. Clemmons 123 Willis. Patricia Ann. 1101 Arendell St.. Morehead City W ilson, Barbara Joan. Rl. 2. Carthage .135 Wil-on. Marv Leonard. Rt. 2. Kernersville Wilson, Miriam Elizabeth, Rt. 2, Nebo 123 Wilson, Nancrj Yvonne. Rt. 1. Mooresville 123 Wilson. Nona. Polkville 94 Wilson. Shirley McPhail. Ruse Hill 27, 80. 94. 95, 140 W ilson, -svlwa. 2 West Brother Dr.. Greenwich. Conn 94, 139, 164 Wimbish, Lottie. Rt. 2. Graham 79 Winchester, Mar) Barbee, 304 Wrv We., Morganton 115 Winfield, Alice Ann. Chocowinity 94 Winkler, Margaret nn. 1006 South St.. Gastonia . 123 W inkier. Reba. 128 Broadway St., Lenoir 94 W inkle,. Mar) Evelyn, L006 South St.. Gastonia . . 28, 79, 140 W inner, irginia. 1242 Pamlico Dr.. Greensboro 115 W instead. Ann Ka . Wendell .79 W inston. Elizabeth Carol. Rt. 2. irgilina. Va. 115 Wisseman. Marv Graham. 315 N. Edgeworth St.. Greensboro 95 Wolfe, Phyllis. 127 Camellia Dr.. Fayetteville 79 Wolfsohn. Jacqueline Mania. 3311 Turner Lane, Chew Chase. Md. 119. 123, 199 Womble. I.ouvene. New Hill Woodard, Carolyn Rutherford. High Market St.. Georgetown. S. C. Woodard. Inez. 15111 nn St.. Beaufort 123 Woodard. Joyce nn. 5301 Western Blvd.. Raleigh 79 Woodard. Kathryn, Sunsel We., Scotland Vrk 115 Woodard, Nancy Kathryn. 1017 Nickols Dr., Cameron Village. Raleigh Woodley. Jean, Columbia 79 W Iv. Dorothy Jean. 2648 University Dr.. Durham ,.,„lv. Minnie nn. 117 . Washington Ave.. Bessemer Cilv 115. 199 Wooslev. Jo Vnne, J " nesi„vv„ Rd.. Rt. 2. Winston-Salem 123 Woolen. nne Mae. Stantonsburg 115 Workman. Kathrvn Karl,-. 509 W. Council St., ali-burv 135 Worlev. Martha. Rl. 2. Leicester 115 Wright. Annette. 1406 Riverside Ave.. Elizabeth City 95 right, Kailuvn nn. 813 E. Main. Lincolnton . 95 Wright, Nan, v. l.andi- 79 Wu, Edith I., e „ li-s enetia Cox. 126 N. Harding St.. Greenville 79. 170 W ' yatt. Margaret Vivian, Candor Wylie. Ann Carolyn. 109 Church St.. Chester. S. C. 123 Wvrick. Nancy, Rt. 7. Box 236. Greensboro 115 Wyrick, Sylvia im. GibsonvUle 95 — Y— Yancey. Donna Joanne. 230 W. View St.. Harrisonburg. Va. Yarborough, W ilma Crystal, 510 Summit! Dr.. Sanford Yeapanis. Betty Adele, Box 86. Dillon. S. C. Yeats. Margaret Howard, 1223 Logan St.. Arkadelphia, Ark. Yelton. Clara Walker. 414 Maryland St.. Spindale Yelton. Jean. Rt. 1. Burn-ville Yerman. Suzanne Spring. Cordova Apts.. 755 Lake Dr.. Baltimore 17. Md. York. Carolyn Jean. 2115 Forest Dr. E.. Charlotte York. Martha Lee. Box 211. Taylorsville Young. Elizabeth Ann. Box 157. Y oung. Jo Anne. 3706 Tampa St.. Tampa, Fla. . Young. Joyce Adele. 2700 Roswell Ave.. Charlotte Young. Martha Nan. 75 Ponce De Leon Ave.. N. E.. Atlanta. G; Young. Nancy Jean. 285 Church St.. Smyrna. Ga. Young. Jean. Winston-Salem Young. Patricia Carolyn. P. O. Box Q. Taylorsville Young. Polly Mozelle, Rt. 1. Brevard Rd.. Arden Yow, Martie Ann. 2513 Camden Rd.. Greensboro 115, ln». Peggy Louise. P. O. Box 396, Swannanoa Yow. Valerie Raleigh. 2912 E. Bessemer Ave.. Greensboro — Z— Zachary. Betty Jean. Rt. 1. Snow Ca Zager. Jane Harriet. 301 N. West Gi Zelinski. Ruth Helen. Lincolnton 95. 170

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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