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WW»BeBBM«WBWHWWW MBIW l WUWll l « ll ll l l .!U l i ! UMUUM l KWWOT WUB The Woman ' s College University of North Carolina The LIBRARY Hfi. JAMp- . 19 54 c.Z COLLEGE COLLECTION Pine Needles 1954 Mnn WOM LAniuerdiL aru t utn msSmm ' j . 5 f ¥j Z1 l LkJ Academic Administration Student Body Activities The Wheels CONTENTS 352287 the best of the We have watched W.C. grow for four years, just as we have grown. As Freshmen old bridge crumble beneath the blows of construction machinery. We stood for ours was the first class to know four full years of their beauty and muddy paths, woke in the morning to the rumble of bulldozers instead of alarm new wings rose on the Science Building. As Sophomores we gasped at the new Home Economics building and Coleman the terrace and caused us to wonder if we would ever be dancing to music leaving to the strains of " May God Build for You a Harmony . . . " The Junior year brought Elliott Hall and such luxury that we forgot the rush hours House, and dances in Rosenthal Gymnasium. With pride we guided When finally as Seniors we had our temperatures taken in the midst of the to our new infirmary, our pride soared even higher. A new nursery in wonder if those who came before us would even recognize their old Building, realizing that they were symbolic of an older but just This is our effort to preserve for you the intangible atmosphere of W.C. in revive for you memories of the summer heat and winter cold of ys and sorrows shared with roommates and friends, the weekends back lingering memories of College days as we have lived them. green years 6 smiled with amusement ,uul awewlnlt Seniors tearful lj admiration and wonder before the new lihr. H ndenhall, ;)(s hdin Scpii-inlu-i to May as protection against the ocks, and trad to balatuc equations above the beat of hammi rymnasium with their modem furnishings and comfort. Mum. t a Junior-Senior. A little nostalgia hit us at ' ' B :alization that we were part of W.C. was growing stror l the bookstore in the basement of Spencer, dBrded office grants and friends through its portals. pest in modern design, smoked in bed, and even welcomed visitors instruction and rumors ot an art budding ton the future made U! impus. And yet we looked at Woman ' s, Mch H ipor it the Woman ' s Coll ege. ?54 so that both now and many years hence, [elver ' s basement, the laughter and music in glance within the covet ie Soda Shop, the id vacations crammed full of pleasure, and t H ■ n Run To Edward Kidder Graham . who has come of age with the seniors. His years at the Woman ' s College have just begun, and while we perhaps regret tha urs are over, we are happ ' that the memories of one who grew with us of fifty-four. The familiar pipe, the rimless sport coat with a tweed cast, the giant size twinkling Phi Beta Kappa key: these arWiet us as a friend. With affection tempered with proudly dedicate the 1954 Pine Nicies to ' o de those of the class upraised hand, the the ' j bay window, and his deared him to and respect, we ? 5C. iV I- %• ' O W .. . - x. ACADEMIC ychology class ... !s it a family pet? . . TWI41 c=?4-UCj2ck LO K olt emcm to Sociology and Psychology. Lectures, sewuuats,, amjjes, tabs i ,i - •zi c ELLIOTT HALL A Dream Comes True . . ' Walk into my parlor . . . ' but we ' ve changed the story a little, because it now starts ' Walk into our building, and LOOK! ' This is Elliott Hall, as we see it and live in it. The days begin with a pilgrimage to the Post Office, still crowded in spite of attempts to traffic the stream at 9:04 in the morn- ing. Passing through the main lobby, which houses at various times election posters, booths for the Activities Fair, and announcements of events soon to take place, we come to the bookstore, where it ' s possible to purchase nearly every text- book known to man and the Woman ' s College, but where the animals seem to hold much more fascination for the students. The game room, a good place for a casual cigarette, a better place for informal dances, coke parties, dorm dances, and general campus social functions, is just to the left of the bookstore. Up the steps we find the lounge and the immense The latest in physical trainina i ballroom, which has hostessed dances, exhibits, concerts, and even some one-acl plays. The East and West Lounges, beau- tifully and comfortably furnished, provide facilities, in col- laboration with .1 large kitchen just of] the ballroom, foe coffee hours, faculty functions, or those ' date but no car ' couples on weekends. The switchboard, lifeline of the campus com- munication system, is located in the foyer of the side entrance from College Avenue, as are the stairs leading up to the offices on the second 8oor. The publications and the student government activities originate here; legislature meets in a room at last all its own. The Religious Activities Center occupies several offices and a versatile room for meetings, panels, and forums. Down the stairs we come to the main entrance, with its gleaming mobile, and the glass doors that offer a cordial invitation to come in. ™ i»n»in unit i n Elliott Hall was designed to fulfill the growing need of a place on campus where our social activities could be inte- grated. Under the direction of the council, we hope to build a well-balanced and varied social program which will meet the individual needs of every girl on campus, be they social or cultural. Therefore, the program is flexible, depending on the interests of the students here now and those who will come in the future. Elliott Hall Council exists to function as the governing body of Elliott Hall. The council consists of the President oi Elliott Hall, as chairman of the council, the Hall representa tives, and one representative from the Town Students ' As sociation. The faculty director, her assistant, two counselors and three faculty members act as advisers. This board o: directors and the representative group on campus are the administrative group, a deliberative body. They review all plans of the seven Committees before they are put into effect and act as the official hostesses for Elliott Hall. All activities center around seven committees. The Fine Arts Committee, which is composed of students interested in drama, dance, writing, and music, sponsors discussions and lectures on the fine arts, art exhibits, concerts, and a student glee club. The Student-Faculty Social Committee is created for the purpose of the furtherance of better faculty-student relationships on an informal basis. Their year has been com- posed of teas, open houses, and a square dance. They are in charge of any social function on campus to which the faculty is invited. The Publicity Committee publicizes all Elliott Hall functions and edits Here ' s How, a freshman brochure. The Poster Committee makes posters for all Elliott Hall functions and performs .1 campus-wide service in making posters for nominal fees. The Disc ussion ( iroup ommittee sponsors .ill informal discussions and panels on topics ol current interest. I he Entertainment Committee has charge of tin.- name room .in.l sponsors monthly entertainments, such .is tin- Turkey Hop. Juke Box Saturday Night, and informal dancing in the game room on weekends. The Special Events Committee works with the Arts Festival and Social Science Forum, the Consolidated University Day here .it the Woman ' s College, ami the big informal dances on a campus-wide scale. Elliott Hall is unique in the respect that any student who is interested may join and work on any of the seven Com mittees. At present there are nearly five hundred and fifty students, all volunteers, participating in Elliott Hall ' s pro- gramming. All plans and activit ies are guided by the stu- dents, their desires, wants, needs, and ideas. ELLIOTT HALL COUNCIL First Row: Kathenne Brown, Ben Nito Black, Carmen Greene, Peggy Jordan, Martha Moore, Pat Boesser, Joan Ann Hyams. Second Row: Anne Ford, Jo Ann Black, Peggy Daughtndge, Mary Louise McRainey, Barbara Dobyns, Jo Ruth Bartholomew, Elizabeth Boiick. Third Row: Mr. William DeVeny, Miss Dorothy Davis, Mr. Willard Barchinger, Carolyn Styron, Ettalee Monroe, Miss Shtrley Mohan, Miss Elvira Prondecki. Student Government The Student Government Association on the Woman ' s College campus is a remarkable con- tinuity of the democratic spirit. It perpetually strives to assist the individual in fulfilling the right and responsibility she has to help educate herself through active participation in a democratic educa- tional community. Inspiration, though, and action directed toward the most efficient fulfillment of this program is the vital diet upon which student government thrives. In a tripartite community of students, faculty, and administration, S.G.A. is the official organ of student opinion and coopera- tion in the promotion of common welfare at Woman ' s College. The year 1953-54 saw active consideration of the extension of the Honor Policy to embrace Chapel attendance. Initially confounding confusion at an October meeting of Legislature, the question of extending the Honor Policy was subsequently spearheaded at mass meeting of the student body to undergo a process of further dissection. Judicial Board and House President ' s Organization, as re- liable pillars in the bulwark of Student Govern- ment, worked side by side with the Legislative and Executive branches to support and implement a program contrived to best meet the needs of Woman ' s College students. REBECCA SM FRANCES BURROUGHS w, left to right: Ann Robinson, Frances Jac kson, Carolyn Smith, Becky Lane, Kav Best, Geraldine Fish, Ellen Strawbndge. Second Row: Jeanne Si Hay, Mary Banks Timmon Ford, Betty Jean Hagan, Rose Farah, Shirley Waugh, Gloria Weaver, Unni Kjosnes, Tommi Martha Washam, Helen Russell, Sory Guthrey, Sue Newton, Joan Atkinson, Mary Owens Bell, Mary Ann Carpenter. Fourth Row: Polly McDonald, Pat Thomas, Anne Rothgeb, Frances Harris, Patsy Paulson, Laura Moore, Alice Joyner Irby, Nancy Benson, Jean Watson. Fifth Row: Jerry Sommers, Ruth Brown, Lo Carolyn Wood, Jo Okey, Jeanette Weaver, Bernie Roan, Sarah Henkel. Sixth Row: Ruth Jim Atk.ns, Hele Mitchell, Dr Warren Ashby, Marion Sutton, Caroline Goforth, Sue Koenig, Barbaro Blaylock, Becky Squn et Craw Third Row: do Frances Burroughs, Peggy Mary Anne Spencer, Anne Alspaugh, Saroh Emily Butner, Susie Banks, , LaVerne Fleming, Barbara Elizabeth Poteat Legislature Student Government, the official organ of student action and opinion, promptly came to order at 7:15 p.m. the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the solemn but spacious Legislature room of Elliott Hall. With suggestions that " the speaker please rise " and reminders that " the amendment is not germane, " order was obtained by Legislature Chairman Kay Neelands in collaboration with that reliable and unim- peachable source of authority Robert ' s Rules of Order. Pro- posals affecting college and community, extra-curricular activities, student-faculty relations, and inter-collegiate con- tacts, swelled the agenda and received a thorough mulling over by the masterminds of Legislature. Frances Burroughs, the conscientious and efficient Secretary of Legislature, jotted down the innumerable motions, discussions, observations, amendments to the amendments, and other sage comments, both spontaneous and premeditated, that issued from the floor of Legislature. From this mottled confusion Frances compiled an accurate and concise record of actions passed and constitutional changes proposed. Throughout the year Legislature set up various special committees and sub- committees charging them with preliminary tasks necessary to expedite particular programs. On a similar plane were the Standing Committees established in years past with charges to administer standing programs set up by Legisla- ture. The members of Student Legislature. 1953-5-4. experi- enced inspiration, deliberation, and compensation in their continued efforts to render an over-all program of far-reach- ing benefits to Woman ' s College. The purpose of Judicial Board is to deal with serious infractions of the Honor Policy. The Board works in conjunction with Honor Board to establish and carry out that policy in a manner which is most beneficial and applicable to this campus society, as well as the individual and the community. Following a change in 1953 in the organization of Student Government, the Judicial System functions independently of both the Legislature and Executive branches, with the Judicial Chairman as its head. Members of the Judicial Board are appointed from the three upper classes. The Secretary of S.G.A. attends the meeting to keep records of the meetings and cases, while the student body president is an ex-officio voting member of the Board. Sessions held by Judicial Board now take place in the Pecky Cypress Room of the Alumnae House. This change was insti- tuted so that the atmosphere of the meetings might be less ap- prehensive, while retaining the necessary formality. Judicial Board In Front, left to right: Geraldine F.s Miss Laura Anderton. Second Ro Blackmore, Rebecca Smith. I M ■• J .il Slu. lulls . . .1 group which is rapidly rising in important impus was led this year by Mary Anni S] ei in addition to spons g thi bool i ! foreign tours pi. nun. I to fit a student ' s budget, they have worked toward thi furtherance of relations between our students and thosi ol othei Finance Board is composed ol students and facult) members skilled in the handling ol group finances This board determines thi distribution ol funds among thi various student organizations according to theii needs and student interest. Tin group was headed this year by Sarah Carpenter, Chairman; with Di Albert Keister, Mr. John Lockhart, Miss Eleanor ( raig, and Mrs Maj Adams sen ing .is ad isors .it " , , strives to make the idea and group responsibility on Us .md upperdassmen, The board id aided by the guidance of Dr. Honor Board . . . the visible example of the Hono ol .1 personal code of honor leading campus, a working reality to both ne Was tins year headed by ( ' icraldini Warren Ashby. Points Committee . . . Under the leadership of Becky Lane, Chairman; Mrs. Annie Beam I ' un derburk and Dr. ( harlotte Dawley, advisors; has carried out the policy of limiting the number of points that each student may carry in order to have more people, rather than a few, serve as the campus leaders. The committee determines the number of points for each office on the basis of responsibility involved. NATIONAL STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION . . First Row, left to right: Helen Hoyncs, Rosemond Foroh, Mary Anne Spencer, Chotrmon; Jimmie Council, Grace Blockmore Second Row; Amtttt Beck, Noncy Benson, Betsy Swoin, Esther Elections Board . . . with Barbara Mitchell as chairman has installed the preferential ballot in order to eliminate primaries and reduce the tedious work that accompanies the democratic method of election. They also arrange the dates for campus elections. Miss Rita Burdette is advisor to the board. Reviewing Committee . . . with Miss Anne Lewis serving as chairman, has continued in their effort to maintain smooth relationships between the faculty and students. It is con- stantly on the watch for possible points of friction and means of cooperation between these two groups so important to each other. This year the group worked to suggest ways of improving the registration system. POINTS COMMITTEE . . . In Front: Margie Preisinger, Peggy Harris Second Becky Lane, Chairman; Lillian Harding, Mrs. Annie Beam M Funderburk, Joyce Haye: Dawley. ELECTIONS CO Ruth Sutherland, Dr. Charlotti REVIEWING BOARD . . . Rita Burden, Barbara First Row, left to right: L nda Simmons, Caroline Sevier, Nancy Gilbert, Mory Owens Bell, Ruth Brown. Second Row: Pat Crabtree, Mr. William DeVeny, Miss Ellen Griffin, Mrs. Anne Fulton Carter. Not Pictured: Dr. Anne Lewis, Chairman; Miss Susan Barksdale Mr. Herbert Vaughn. W.C. DELEGATION OF CONSOLIDATED UNIVERSITY STUDENT COUNCI Consolidated University Student Council The Consolidated University Student Council is a liaison between the students of the three branches of the greater University — State. Carolina, and the Woman ' s College, each branch being represented by eleven students. The occasion of the fall Consolidated University Day at Chapel Hill was the annual State-Carolina football game. Sponsored by the Council, the special program was planned to emphasize the unity of the three schools which make up the University. A luncheon was held for the Council and the Uni- versity trustees, followed by a welcoming address by Gordon Gray, president of the University, at half-time. The members of the Council were hosts at the afternoon reception, and an in- formal dance highlighted the evening. The Winter CU Day was held at State in Raleigh during February. It featured the traditional basketball game and dance as well as the meeting of the Council. The Woman ' s College was hostess in the late spring and presented a talent program and a hall ball game, soon to rival football in its popularity among University students! The exchange of newspapers among the schools helps to keep the " Big Three " informed as to the activities of each. The Consolidated University Council is one channel through which we may establish a meeting ground for the three branches of the University of North Carolina. 29 The L954 Pint- Needles is no longer just a vision in the minds of the staff, but a reality. Within it, we hope, are the keys to many happy memories of one year in your college career. Our main object was to portray W.C. just as we the students see it, from 6:45 a.m. until the wee hours of the next morning. The main emphasis is on the newest addition to our campus — Elliott Hall, complete with gleaming doors, smoke-tilled offices, and the early morning rush in the post office. Our problems were higher prices, reduction in color content, and more material than space. The windfalls were a modern layout and the best photography job we ' ve had in years. BUSINESS STAFF rha Legette. Second Row: Nancy Blanchard, Joan Hk Charlotte Colls ' fWi EDITORIAL STAFF A»hley Hollond, Lou Bradley, Sorah Shcrrill, Saroh Carpenter, Anne Huff, Left McQi Crawford, Photographer It all began in the humid days of the summer of ' 53. Then there wasn ' t a theme; the pictures were only ideas in Mr. Martin ' s eye; the layouts were dreams in Birgel ' s brain. Copy hadn ' t been thought of, much less planned and ready to go. But the staff was, and with an office of minute dimensions and five copy dummies, September rolled on. Colonna came and went; with him were the junior and senior portraits. Miraculously, all those green, red, purple, and brown sweaters did photograph black, but it was strictly luck. We all but stood the class officers on their heads in search of something different. All during the fall, that search continued: for cover design, for art work, for pictures. With Elliott Hall, it was easy; with some of the traditional topics that have always been a part of campus life, it wasn ' t so easy. The rains came, and pictures were held up; closed study and mid- semester exams took their toll on the staff; and the deadline drew closer. Captions were many and labored; after all. how original can three people be in one night? But after much coffee, many cigarettes, adding and discarding, everything was ready to go. And this is it. The story of a year, this year, the best of the four " green years. " We ' ve tried to put it on paper, for you to see and remember as you actually lived it. TYPING STAFF Seated, left to right: Irene Peck, Typing Editor; Dail Clandge. Standing: Margai Burch, Evelyn Mills, Carolyn Davis, Barbara Cornelius, Shirley Gaines, Maxi Michalove, Mary Ann Boil, Linn Cashwell, LITERARY AND ORGANIZATION STAFFS In Front, left to right: Florence Bowden, Literary Editor; Suzonne Myer: Editor. Second Row: Joan Keorns Clodfelter, Anne White, Jean Rogan, Nancy Council, Mary Eaton Avent, Sharon EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right: Jean Rogon, Louise Mer; Freund, Mary Ann Bourn, Pat Thomas, Prescott, Virginia Gray, Lynda Simmor Pictured: Miriam Auskern, Diane Berg, H 7%eG Woman ' s College — " L VOLUME XXXIV WOMAN ' S COLLEGE OF i s n m - 1 n Cary, like most newspapers, is many different things to many different people. To the nearly 3.000 students and friends who read it each week, it ' s a pint-sized bulletin board, a glorified campus directory, a sounding board, and the best wastecan liner yet devised by woman. To those who call its offices home Monday through Wednes- day nights, it ' s a happy confusion of antiquated typewriters, perpetually-missing galley sheets, ear-bending crusaders, and the good-natured gripe. Cary, also like most newspapers, is a chronic worrier; it wor- ries about little things like deadlines and make-up and pictures with the wrong captions. Sometimes it worries about big things like what its readers want it to be and how free a truly free has a richt to be. newspape Left to riqht. Pottv Wilhelm, Helen Jerr Soma Daniel, Cartoonist; Dot Obropta, Feature Staff Editor; Ehba Freund, Inti tographer: Carolyn Falls, Alice Vivian n, Marv Anne Nelson, Trader, Jean Ragan, Lois Anderson, Pho- MECHANICAL STAFF Seated, left to right: Audrey Fisher, Betty Rogers. I Mary Ann Bourn, Make-up Editor, Carolyn Beosley Ann Raney, Lou Mordecai, Mary West Ray, Kitty J Campbell, Helen Russell, Weeta White, Jeannette P George Stradley. trw-zyj €uuan ed for Its Democracy " N. O. NOVEMBER «. 1953 Monogcr Diane Berg Car) is a smoke-filled office and desks piled high with masses of last week ' s copy ... it is a din of frantic shrieks as the dead- line draws near and front-page make-up hasn ' t been started . . . it is Editor Pat at the phone, screaming for quiet so she can hear . . . Louise assigning heads with the plea, " Please no passive verbs " . . . Lynda, Ebba, and Jean, flipping coins to see whose Staff gets that terrific freshman who just tried out . . . Marian and Virginia, proudly exhibiting those exciting action shots for the sports page . . . Dee, tearing to remind us that we have " more ads than ever " . . . ( ' ary, most of all, is more than one hundred persons, working in every way they know to make Woman ' s College as proud of its newspaper as that newspaper is of its college. BUSINESS STAFF Seated, left to right: Diane Berg, Busmen Man- ager. Miriam Au r-rr, Standing, left to right Ann Brown, Gretchen Kelly, Ina Forb, Betty Lee. Fran Kouffman, Henrietta Bruton, Betty Chop- h Lozarr, Shcro Fctdmon, Beverly Mcx NEWS STAFF Seated, left to right COLUMNISTS left to right: Terry Schukraft, Gladys Walling, Margaret BARBARA McLELLAN THE 1953. .1954 Coraddi, The Woman ' s College literary magazine, appears four times yearly, publishing undergraduate work in graphic art, fiction and poetry, the purpose being to provide a place in which rising artists may see their work set down in black and white. It also serves in some wise to let the campus know what is being undertaken in the various fields. Since Arts Forum this year is to be made a campus affair, stretching over some eight weeks, Coraddi will follow suit, bringing out, instead of the usual Arts Forum issue with the pages and pages of miniscule type, a larger than usual issue devoted to a fine arts spread. This year, the usual problem of material, material, who ' s got a story, has not presented itself; the printer has converted himself into the most obliging human being in the world, the advertisers have consented to stop crowding material off the back pages, and the composite picture would seem to be, although black and white, rosy all over. Coraddi Club, established by Coraddi staff members several years ago, functions as a discussion group working with topics of such variety as developments in French literature to the practical workings of General Education. Coraddi Club meetings are held for everyone and anyone who is interested. Coffee is always served, and he informal conversations following the meetings are, we feel, perhaps the most valu- able part of the discussions. This also represents one of Coraddi ' s efforts to serve as a campus medium for student thought. If any attempt were made to sum up what this year ' s staff has accomplished, we might say, " Well, we put in an art spread, we published some good work, we got some headings into san-serif type, and cut down on using lower case italics. We had a fine arts issue; we found out how to be peaceful with our printer, and we had the prettiest covers Coraddi ever printed. " Is there anything else? There is. It ' s the same understood purpose, which perhaps remained only in our minds, but which was very definitely there, and which we hope showed in the four issues. We did the best we could to put out four good Coraddis. f to right: Virginia Jane Horn Editor, Tommye Barker, Feature Editor, v McLetlan, Editor-in-Chief; Virginia Morr Terrill Schukraft, Business Manager. LITERARY STAFF Seated, left to right: Debora Marcus, Ebba Freund, Rena Furlong Oppenhcimer CORADDI CORADDI BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Miriam Auskern, Mary TOWN STUDENTS ' OFFICERS Cheek, Social Chairman; Chris- Lucv Cheek, and BACK HOME The Town Students ' Association, functioning in much the same way as a campus-dormitory unit, provides an organized group for those students of the Woman ' s College who do not live in the residence halls. Although they ha e a special organization of their own and hold recjuired monthly meetings, they are subject to the rules and academic regulations of the college, with the exception that their judicial board is a separate one. Successfully, these girls have made themselves an integral part of the college community through their participation in Legislature, the Elliott Hall Council, the various sen ice projects of a campus-wide nature, and other activities in which the student body has a part. Their contribution to campus life has served to make them and their organization a very purposeful part of the college. The officers of the organization have drawn up a constitution for the Town Students ' Association patterned after that of the Student Government. President Lou Bradley, aided in this work by Mary Bi cns, vice-president, and Christine Hill, secretary-treasurer, hopes that a constitution such as this will further help to make their contri- bution to the college and their benefits from their campus activities more vital ones. Miss Elvira Prondecki has served in the capacity of advisor to the group, working with the officers and the organization as a whole to further the ever-growing relationship and communi- cation between the girls who live at home and the girls whose home is a dormitory. Their Lounge, on the ground floor of Elliott Hall, is the center of the daily activities which all college students seek. A telephone, chairs, study tables, and the restroom and lockers provide the facilities which have been so long needed, and the girls planned as line of their pro|eets the complete decoration of this lounge, their home away from Home, ' if not so far away. Relaxation with each other, comprised ol ;al ions brid i games, and trips to thi Soda Shop, and stud) tak up thi parts ol thi daj which the girls do not spend in i Lis-., bul when tlu must bi on campus Mi. year began weeks before the opening ol id I as plans foi thi in. i .... i.ii function wen well undei waj ' II formal tea foi r Ik new students, an annual affair to introduci them to thi collegi as a body, was followed bj thi actual " Ice breaker, " a costumi part) when thi girls look off their gloves and hats and revealed theii most secret, suppressed desires Costumes were indicativi ol no on. had ever imagined, and probably the wearei hadn ' l either! The party brought a happy feeling ol belonging, " which carried throughout the year Christmas brought thi chano to plaj Santa I .ins in .1 group ol wi II deserving youngsters, .is well as an informal dance, and .1 chano to prove to th nun that Woman ' s ( ollege isn ' t ilu plao the] thought it was at all. Spring brought an enthu spoils, with volleyball, Softball, and basketball taking the limelight, Gym meet found the teams ready and eager to show their prowess With the holidays came reminders that the time was drawing nigh to begin preparation tor the big spring formal, which has become a part ol the year ' s activities. It involved selecting .1 theme and planning decorations, refreshments, and entertainment to fit, selecting chaperones and the best Saturday night in the year, mean- ing, of course, no prospects of rain! The disadvantages in living off campus -finding parking places, rushing to return overnight reserve books, and perhaps missing the fun of living in the residence halls — are off-set by the absence of curfew hours, of " no-men-on-campus-Mondays, " and by the possi- bility of staying up all night, if necessary to read those overnight books, and of driving to and from classes. All of this and more makes up the Town Students ' Association. The girls make up a group who go to college without leaving home. They are a part of Greensboro and a part of the college community, both on the campus and off. FOR SUPPER America leads the Bunny Hop. First Row: Morgoret Alexander, Marietta Allen, Winifred Cates, Betty Jo Hill, Patricia Gordon, Alice h Burch, Ann Bevan, Jane McKeithan Second Row: George Stradley, Nancy Evans, Rebecca Shiver, Peggy Ann Bissett, Martha Fulcher, Tommie Lentz, Shirley Wilson, Patsy Beam, Anne Bristol. Young Women ' s Christian Association The Young Women ' s Christian Association is the non- sectarian religious organization at Woman ' s College. The organization is divided into six clubs which meet regularly during the month in the residence halls, and which come together in the Religious Activities Center for general meetings at regular intervals during the year. The " Y " Cabinet, the legislative body of the As- sociation, is composed of the officers, committee heads, and club leaders, with the Co-ordinator acting as advisor. The program emphasis for the year is divided into four units: Marriage and Vocation, Bible Study, Con- temporary Faiths (a series of eleven lectures, " The Eleven World Religions, ' ' presented by Mr. Charlie Phillips), and Social Responsibility. The Y.W.C.A. sponsors a campus-wide vesper service on Sunday nights, a caroling service at Christmas time, and a sunrise service at Easter. The Y.W.C.A. offers to every student of all denomi- nations opportunities in the fields of spiritual enrich- ment, leadership development, and social activity. The " Y " should play a meaningful part in every student ' s college life. The Inter Faith Council attempts to promote an atmosphere of spiritual growth and to encourage each student to participate in the activities ol the religious group ol her choice It is com posed ol the president and one representative from each ol the i [even organized religious groups and the V.W.C.A., and one representative From each " I the unorganized groups. Among the contributions of the Council tins year were: a handbook entitled " Religion at Woman ' s College, " observance ol Brotherhood Week; informal Sunday afternoon discussions; a program series, " Religion in the Fine Arts, " presented in co- operation with departmental clubs in music, art, drama, and modern dance; the publication of a monthly bulletin of all religious events, campus-wide and denominational, as well as the maintenance of a bulletin board serving all religious groups. The Inter-Faith Forum, based on the theme " Faith for our Times, " was the most extensive activity. Mrs. Ruth A. C advises the Council irke, Co-ordinator of Religi Act Inter-Faith Council First Row, left to right: Polly Roberts, Emogene Moore, Thirza Benedict, Mc Ann Abernethy, Anne Rothgeb, Nancy Jean Hill, Carolyn Smith, Nancy Qt Daniel, Nancy Shankle, Lillian Hardina, Marv HoHnood ppnov Wn.-d Po-n Joan Purser, Mary Service League An organization unique to the Woman ' s College campus is the Service League, which unities the functions of different clubs on other campuses. This group was chartered during World War II by the Student Government Association and has been working hard ever since its founding. The purpose of Service League is two- fold. It serves both the campus and students and those less fortunate than we. By means of various drives, it strives to accomplish these goals. The Main project of the organization is the Campus Purse Drne. Because of this collection, the students are not approached by various charitable agencies coming to collect money several times during the year. Money is collected once, and then apportioned by the Service League to deserving causes and organizations. This year a new plan was instituted whereby those on campus contributed to the purse fund the amount of money they would ordinarily have spent on Christ- mas cards, thus sending greetings to their friends in a true Christmas spirit. Towards the end of the drive, the League sponsored the an- nual Faculty Talent Show, a truly enlightening event. Money col- lected was sent to state, national, and international associations. The largest percentage was given to a worthy foreign student as a scholarship, and the next largest appropriation was made to the World University Service Fund. CARE, Community Chest, American Friends Association and other worthy groups were helped by our contributions to the Purse Drive. For the first time money was also sent to the National Fund and Scholarship for Negro Students. Service League has many other functions. It sponsored a Clean-up campaign of the grounds and Soda Shop. Although students are urged to keep our facilities clean all year, a special week was devoted for emphasis of this service. The organization also spon- sored the Bloodmobile unit, which made its annual appearance on the campus. Another of Service League ' s projects was the clothing drive. Most of the clothing collected was sent overseas for relief. Still another division of Service League is concerned with the conservation of food, water, fuel, and electricity on the campus. This project was given greater emphasis this year than ever before. Service League has twenty-rive members. There are eighteen dormitory representatives, who are either elected in the various halls or appointed by the house president, and an advisory board consisting of seven members of the student body and faculty. On the advisory board are the publicity director, the treasurer, the faculty advisors and the committee chairmen. The Service League is an important part of our campus as a whole, for only with student understanding and cooperation can it function. QycocK fckels tfi 9 £ 7Mt SO " - illl i irrt-i-Oi ADMINISTRATION flW° William B. Umstead was Rraduated from the University of North Carolina with a B.A. decree. After he returned from service in France during World War I, he studied law at Duke University. He has served his nation well, and continuing in his tradition of public service begun years ago, he is now governor of the state of North Carolina and a trustee of the Consolidated University of North Carolina. President Gordon Gray, tar heel by inheritance and by choice, scholar who led academically his graduating class of the University of North Carolina, newspaper publisher, left his native state to become Secretary of the Army under President Truman; but returned ac- claimed by national and world figures, to assume re- sponsibility as president of his alma mater. In this position again he has proven himself worthy of the great task that is his. An outstanding leader in the field of education. Chancellor Graham has become a vital part of the Woman ' s College Community. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of North Caro- lina. After serving as Dean of Faculties at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Graham assumed GOVERNOR WILLIAM B. UMSTEAD Administration PRESIDENT GORDON GRAY DEAN KATHERINE TAYLOR DEAN MEREB MOSSMAN 1954 CHANCELLOR EDWARD KIDDER GRAHAM the position of Chancellor at Woman ' s College in 1950. His progressive ideas and forceful personality will continue to stimulate Woman ' s College students on every level of college life. The experience Miss Taylor gained as a member of the Woman ' s College faculty enables her, as Dean of Students to c ombine the aims of faculty and students into a well-coordinated whole. Through her contacts with the residence halls and her participation in student organizations Miss Taylor integrates all phases of stu- dent activity and channels student energies in the proper direction. Thus she has won the admiration and respect of Freshmen and Seniors alike. A native of Kansas, Miss Mossman received her de- grees from Morningside College in Iowa and the Uni- versity of Chicago. She has had a wide and varied ex- perience in the field of Sociology, having worked with the Chicago Orphan Asylum; Gingling College. Nan- king, China; and Alabama Woman ' s College. A rich background and vigorous personality combine to make Miss Mossman a valuable asset as Dean of Instruction at Woman ' s College. Administrative Assistants R CHARLES M ADAMS MR. JOHN C. LOCKHART 9 06 4 23 54 34 41 4 4 50 Welcome Class of 1954! The Alumnae Association has watched with pride as you have made your contribution to Woman ' s College during the past four years and will follow your future accomplishments with interest as they are added to those of 26,000 other Alumnae throughout the world. You leave something of yourself at Woman ' s College; you take something of Woman ' s College with you when you leave. The College belongs to all of us who are thus charged with the responsibility of helping to make her greater all the time, of protecting the good name that she has won for her- self, and of adding our own service to her distinguished record in the knowledge that " . . . as we serve our hearts will turn. O College dear to you. " OFFICERS President Miss Annie Lee Singletary First Vice-President .... Martha Biggs Thompson i Mrs. Lester R.) Second Vice-President Emily Harris Preyer (Mrs. Richardson) Recording Secretary Miss Dorothy Ward Executive Secretary Betty Brown Jester I Mrs. C arlton. Jr. ) MEMBERS OF THE ALUMNAE BOARD OF TRUST! I - Betsy Bulluck Stranberg (Mrs. Howard. Jr.), Frances Faison John- son (Mrs. Jeff). Doris Hutchinson. Julia Taylor Morton (Mrs Hugh), Bert) Dixon Paschal | Mrs. James G). Ellen Griffin, Nana Kirhy st (Mrs Walter Carr, 2nd). Emma Lewis Speight Morns (Mrs. Claude S. ). Virginia Sloan Swain (Mrs. Hall). Marion Sifford. Department in; . i;i i.nKY IVY i: I I .t I - " !■ rence He tlwaj - pai .ates DB I MM 0MB1 l: CUTTEB I A (nrmer Yale fai till | member, Dr. Cu Sigma F ' si ami Phi K.i i I ' i. DB VANC1 I I II II 1 IOHN li B.S 1931 Bowlin hi i [itli iohn has ontinued to direi i State: M V. 1936, I in., ology. He is a me .., ...... Education De, 1948, Pittsburgh . ' . ' " M. ' " .- i ' I i MISS FLORENCE SCHAEFFER Cnemijlr) Department B.A.. 1920, Barnard; M ., 1922, M Holyolte; Univeraitj ol igo; Vale Mi-- i li.i. llr i has I " in invaluable eonttibution t,, . amt-n- life through her work on the Curriculum and Honors ' 1. - .1- |.. II.IIIHII. 1. II " I.ih.m.l ..I I ' ll, [.. |.li ' l II..I: HI-. DR. FRANCIS LAINE Classical Civilization B.S., Memphis State; Ph.D., Vanderbilt After .i year ' s leave ■ ! absence Dr. Laine has returned from Harvard where he studied under a General Education I rnahip. - an horit) hi Classical Civilization, hi has made I .. ' hi .i living force in the lives of hie students. Ml! INGELO FERGERSON Commercial Department B - Llabama Stat, fee I.. .- I olleg. M li. .. Indiana As head of the Commcreial D. part hi Mr. F.-r-.i. i, ,,,,,. t.. challenge In- students to become _ profici stniionrapln-r- .in.l I kk.-i |. i- II. In. 1. 1 mlierships in Hi. IiiIIkhiiiu national hono D-lta Pi Epailon UK. U. Ill 111 M Is I i it .... BconomU - Depori B.A.. 1910. Otterbein; M.A., 1911, Columbia; I ' i. D 1921 i niveraits ol ' tali igo hi k.i.i.i - . facult) i I., i ami a 1,-a.ler in , is i, and community affairs, endeavora to bring In- student most up-tn.dale issu.--. H, ......1 ,- . ...... li mi I... ..t il I;....... ,-s I ' laiinini: II. ..,, I ami i v, the Editol • DR. CHARLES , I ' ll l I II 1912 Dr. Trail. Deal, ..t the Si htW Commit n the traiimiu ,il I ' ll I I n IRD B. HURLEY Universitj ol Iowa M.A., 1921 -.. ..I Education, has I.. Id posil .... exei In. .ill. .1.. ,1 i. n .mil in- .,..,...1 iVnonl of Edu P I- 1928, Iowa ive eommittees nl national groups dealing ehairman of tin American Hospital V--... B.A.. I ' ll:. M.A., 1916, link.- Ph.D. 1932, North Carolina A member ,.f the central . •■■ ttei ol North Caro English rcachers ' iation !■■. thi past five peara, hi H - i. . ..L.. .... I f-.r In- I k- -mil .,- n lt dn,, ,,, Enel h . ' inc " I the Ai.( m i Voce , ll lieipant on the e e.,ilive eommittee . :n L . ,i. .. ' .,.,..,,. .....I Outline " f ie t-ncltvll he Regional Division ..I College English is stioi ., 1942, Vale , . I ' ._ " ! I „1„ lill MiNX YRLNDEL ll. . 1921, " I.... - -t.,t, chairman ..I the Internationa] Relations ' and the I....... .1 ..I I ....-r.i|.ln I ..... Ii.t-. I an. I Man. ' ' ami " The of Geography. " III! WILLIAM BARRETT Department B.A., 1939, l.i. I; M.A.. 1940, Duke; Ph.D., 1948 North I In,.,. Michigan mi lull, i ,.l llilla I ' -i l|ill;l. Ml 11.111. II link.. ■ linn Inl k n . .,, 1 , ,1 in- l l ,utm T,t |, clones I.. Ilin Liiitriiislii Sum ,., ill-Present I ..: .. DR. Rl ' TH COLLINCS 1 li. i ..Ilin.- .in.l Inn -MIT. comfortabl) Miss | nl isl I!. U.l X Wl ' l i; A- a. ling l " .i. I " I the ll.-i.n, Depat ml ll.. Mn.l.ri, I .ui. in. He KATHERINE ROBERTS B.A., 1925, l sit) ol l-l nl tin -l.ili nl 111. ' I ......... in i .inn- r field. SI.. Kentui It) M ! " ' ■ inie. Dr. Roberts as . and ( ' ii ' - ' I Edu Monograph. The School ol Horrw eji one-mji I S S -in I niverailj ,.( Iowa ■• 111 ' s, | I ..I If,. in. 1 ,.,„,.. ill. - L ;,.- III. ninli, fn| ' DR. HURLEY Mi, l 1922 I ' I. D.. 1926, Johns-Hopkins produce nun, pliahed students a ii i deli gate I- the I rnational Con C res DR. WARREN ISHBY Philosophy Deportment ll V, Maryville; B.D., I ' I,, I ' Yale Returninc this .... aftct B rear ' s stitsls ..I Prineeton on a Fold Fellowship, Dr. sl,l,, ,s again preaenting thought- |....i,; in. .1.1. in- I,, i I..- H. li..- |,.i il n 1 1.., I. .1 ,,- Mnher nl I Im American 1 ' 1. 1 1..-..|.|. n . I ii.i.Iv and the Southern S it) lor Philosoph) and Psychology. Miss ETHEL MARTUS PI ti Education Department BA.. Pembroke College, Brown University; M.S., 1931, Wellesley Mi-- Mi, in- anil In, -I. ill tlin.nnl, , .ii ( ., n i-um ami I. null, .nl, n ■ ' , have leil tfie Students in physical education am,,, ,.l Health, Physical Educ DR -NW RI IRDON B.A.. 1930, I ollege ol St. I..-,,. M.S. 1933, Ph.D.. 1937. . " . Racial I Mr. .lohnson has e include Upha Kappa Delta and the America spei ...I .-. - .-I photograph) member of Delta Kappa Gamma 4 s y tat DR. BARTON Heads DR LITTLEJOHN MR. FERGERSON Romans College . . . University of North Carolina DR. ARUNDEL DR BARRETT DR. COLLINGS MISS ALEXANDER Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Four MISS MARTUS DR. REARDON MR. JOHNSON m mtl -, ' } 5S ' .-.--? - ' ,V f X iit : y St, w m I in in s m 5 WN N - SsterS E -i3£S3 Si • • V 111- _; £; a V ess? . ' C ££•; MfiaF Calm in the midst of bedlam — Coleman Gymi THE OLD AND THE NEW Cunvonny notes? Classes uffee break in the Home Ec Taylor stops to chat with Anne Brown and Evelyn Griffin W. C. Faculty Willard E. Borchenger A B Noma Hordin B.A., B.S.. M.A John Opper B.S., MA., Ed.D B F A MA Mary K. William. B.S., M.A Elizabeth Lidc Franklin McN Herbert Park Jessie Peden Anna Reger Ruth Shaver Josephine Hege Vera Largent Lenore O ' Boyle Eugene E. Pfaff Lenoir C. Wright L G Anderton B.A Charlotte W. Dawley B.A M S Ph.D. B.A. lane C Frost B S M A Virginia Gangstad Hilda T. Harpster Ester Wooten Hatchett Helen Ingraham Elizabeth N. King . Robert J. Loffin B.A. B.A. BS Ph.D. Ph.D. , M.S. B A PhD Albert F. Thiel Carolyn Thompson B.A. Ph.D. B.A. M S Ph.D. BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION Mortha May Belle Jones Sarah Wi son Jones James E. Orange ou Smith Louise V. Whitlock Florence CI . Schaeffer Elizabeth Adams Elvo E. Barrow Guita Marble Elizabeth McRimmon Betty Jea n Pegram CHEMISTRY CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION A Lame Angclo Furgerson Margaret C. DeVinny Mory Harrell Dorothy S. Sills Louise Weyl ... Albert S. Keister Eleanor Craig . Virgil E. Lindscy V. T. Littlejohn Charles Prall Audrey Turner A Mary Elizabeth A Elizabeth Bertram Rito Mary Burke Frances Daily Marte Denneen Walter t Gale Ruth Gunter Wayne Bowman John Bridgers May D. Bush Kathryn England Marc Friedlaender A. C. Hall Randall Jarrell Goynell Spivey one Summerell W. Raymond Taylor Nettie Sue Tillett Benjamin Townsend Robert W. Wotson George Wilson GEOGRAPHY MEDICAL DIVISION Ruth M, Collings Dock Curtis Robert L. Garrard Mildred Harris A, Madeleine McCo Anne Shomburger HOME ECONOMICS ►Catherine E. Roberts Bette Allison Mary Louise Boquist Agnes N Coxe Evelyn Cox Savannah S. Day Nancy Catherine Gree Elizabeth Hathaway Evelyn Howell Pauline E. Keeney Catherine Kehoe S Luello Laughhn Louise Lowe B.S., Johanna B. McCarthney B A Viva M. Ployfoot B.L. BS, , Bess N. Rosa BS, Helen Surratt Magdalene R. Teufel Louise Alexander John H. Beeler Berntce Droper Lawrence L. Graves . Ruth E. Grun Magnhilde Gullander Elizabeth Cowling Robert Darnell William DeVeny George W. Dickies Inga B. Morgan Phillip Morgan Leonard Samuels George Thompson Elliott Weisgarber Bonnie-Jean K. Wo PHILOSOPHY PHYSICAL EDUCATION B.D.. Ph.D. Ethel Martus B.A. M A Ph.D. Rita Burdett BS. M A Dorothy Davis 6 A. MA Sara Diaz Gandia R 5 Morgaret Greene B s PhD Ellen Griffin BS. U A Ph.D. Gail M. Hennis B.S., V. A Lorraine Lee Larson B.A M s Marione Leonord BS. V A Kathryn Luttgens BS. M A M.D. Virginia Moomaw BS. M A M.D. Mane 1. Riley BS. M.D Mary Elizabeth Van Dyke BS ••■ PSYCHOLOGY Kenneth S McCutchan ROMANCE LANGUAGES . B.A., M.y Rene Hardre Prof des Malcolm K. Hooke B A.. D. de 1 ' Ligia Hunt B.A., Augustine LaRochelle ... B.A., Ruth Shover B.A., M A Ph □ D M L •s t N V A VI A Leonard I. Pearlif Laura H, Rhyne Lyda Gordon Shi House Presidents and Counselors House Presidents Life on our campus, the life that doesn ' t have anything to do with classes or conferences or the soda shop or trips to the class chairman ' s office or the gym or the Placement Office or all the way down to Aycock or to town to the sales on cashmere sweaters, is an indefinable state. It doesn ' t take place in the proverbial " home away from home " ; it isn ' t lived among the members of " one great big happy family. " It isn ' t personified in the building of the name it bears; it isn ' t one counselor, or one house president, or the pair of roommates in the room just down the hall. It is a group of people, living together . . . laughing together . . . crying together . . . growing to- gether. It is all these things rolled into one, welded with the small, infinitesimal, happy, and unhappy, times that we shared. Things like the confiscation of the battered perculator ... the bridge games: " just five hands, please " . . . the lost nickels in the Coke machine . . . cigarettes and Sunday funnies . . . cigarettes and a glance at Coraddi . . . and just cigarettes . . . Christmas without a tree in the dorm . . . " Trash Man " at eight-seventeen a.m. . . . the notes on the call-board, and the ones that weren ' t there . . . the " tea " that turned out to be tomato juice . . . the friendly peace of Thursday night devotions . . . that first hall board . . . the night that Weil locked Golden Chain out . . . that late pot of coffee in the kitchen . . . the blind dates that turned out well, and the ones that didn ' t . . . the house meeting that ended up being the best of the year with Dean Taylor as guest ... to buy, or not to buy: that is the question of the TV set . . . " second floor, Second Floor, SECOND FLOOR! " . . . wistful good-byes to the lucky ,iS and Counselors ui.iiv. perhaps .1 little em ious too ? " . . . the alarm clock that fell spheres thai are only the tops ol girls who graduated in |j . . . " Who blev the fus( down on the job. . . Ha- ni, and sometimes forgetting both the shower thai went hot and cold, mostly cold . . . the shower in the parloi for the lucky bride-to-be . , . watching the wrecker at the eleventh hour on Sunday; wonder what the poor urn- was doing behind the dorm? . . . (he " before Starnes " rush . . . tension at exam time, with garlic cheese and onion sand- wiches we can ' t go oul for days anyway . . . the odor of popcorn mingled with the slow turning of pages . . . two calls, two phones, one girl: Whoopee! . . . the Jamison " flood " booming with the velocity of Old Faithful ... the barricade of laundry in front of the corner room on Mon- day night . . . the one tire drill when all the showers are running full blast . . . Sunday morning breakfast, a la dormitory kitchen . . . one Moor, forty doors, one " Dream Time " . . . " has anybody seen my typewriter? " . . . the surprise company, just after a session with a Toni . . . the uncertainty that comes with the first ' unsat ' . . . And be- side us through it all, the good and the bad, stand the three who guide us; our counselor, our house president, and her assistant. During the year we do all those things that Woman ' s College students do, and we don ' t often stop to think about the women behind the women behind the ivy- covered walls. Hut now, to each house president and counselor, we offer special thanks. We couldn ' t have made it without you, and we won ' t forget you. 2N - J STUDENT BODY Spring is on the pi t 4 Ha Our final year offered us much, and we joined together to give in return our concerted efforts, vitality, and time. The importance of general education struck us, and we worked to leave behind us our ideals and ideas for our sisters here and those yet to come. As the calendar moved along with unaccustomed swift- ness, we adopted the old adage of " last but far from least " — seeing our last Junior Show, leaving for our last Christ- mas vacation, carrying out our last class project at the Victory Theater, marching down Aycock ' s aisle from the last Mass Meeting to the strains of " May God build for you a harmony . . . " and bidding " Toodle-loo, so long, good- bye . . . " taking the exams when ' final ' has a new meaning for us. We of the class of 19 -J came into our own with humility toward our parents, our teachers, our class leaders, our friends. Through their efforts and understanding we have come this far. As ( practice) teachers many of us draw con- fidently upon what they have given us; as future wives and mothers, we go forth well-supplied to educate the family; as professionalists, we go forth to create ideas inspired and trained by them. With the strength they have given us, we, who in four years have seen a cold war begin and end. enter a world of cold peace, determined to right it. EMMA BELLE PICKETT 4 Seniors At Last! We i ame in with a new dc years, having made only .1 large collection oi experiei memories. de Wi ..ill de We walked the planks , . - firsl to the library, to the Home Economics Building . . then to Coleman Gym . . . we still walk them to the Infirmary! En route, we got mud en our shoes; once there we acquired what only strong minds and great books have to offer. We danced to Link Smith ' s Orchestra first in Rosenthal, then in Coleman, finally in Elliott Hall; to jukeboxes in the dorms; to bop records in our rooms. With amazing con- sistency, we ' ve fallen in and out of love, making our grand finale in Dr. Shiver ' s Marriage course ' We donned the green jacket in ' 51, and with it came the responsibilities of upperclassmen. Unlimited week- ends made for a big collection of memories; unlimited lights made for long hours of cramming . . . and bridge! In retrospect, it was the Forgotten Year, the Year of Discouragement. Term papers became longer and more frequent, and parallel reading made the library our home. But June came, and waving good-bye to our sister class, we saw a goal come clearly into focus. We returned in ' 52 and promptly set out on a " Mad- cap Mission. " Aycock became more to us than the scene of Tuesday chapel and the lecture series. Elliott Hall opened its gleaming glass doors and became " the " building; Hall Ball was born and became " the " game. Sunday, for years only twenty-three hours and forty minutes long, finally became a full twenty-four. That June, we became " the " class — the class of 1954. The things we did from then on had an unfamiliar finality about them: electing a May Queen from our own ranks, watching the red-robed choir at the Christmas midnight program, putting on the Senior Show, attend- ing .1 Junior-Senior given in our honor, addressing graduation invitations, planning for the Senior Ball, and being active participants in Class Day. Although victims of small painful twangs when we didn ' t even show in the March elections, when exams ended and we still couldn ' t pack, we set no limits on our anticipation and finally ... it was May 31! We had become alumnae, parties to the Latin term which simply means " those who have gone away. " And the things we do have an air of being " first " now, not last and certainly not final. This was another beginning, perhaps the best of all. MARY ANN ABERNETHY. Hickory; B.M.. Music Education Choir (1, 2. 3, li: F.T.A. Ill: ,.rrt Spencer Spotlight ui; Musi, 1, ttion 2. 3, 41, Social Ch.iiu li: I i-.ti-hin Club III: Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3, 4 faith Council II. li. Treasure (3) I irum Steering Committee (3. 41. I ' ublici man (II; Lutheran Students A ssociation II, 2, 3, I), Pal n I i I) | ln„,.„ M, u v.. BOBBIj I AYE ALLEN. Snow Camp; B.A., English Junior House President (3); Elections Board (2): Service League (1): Section Leader (2); J,im,,r 1,1,1-,, II,: Wesle] I,, „,,,]., 1. 2, 3. 41; Recreation Association (1, - I 1, : Square Dance Club (1, 2). ANABEL ADAMS. Asheville; B.A.. Elementary Education " ■■ ' " ' • ' " (3); Interfajrt ucil (3); Planning Committee i: Christian Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 41. Program Chairman III: Recrea - ion I 3. 4). Cabinet HI: Square Dance Club (1. 2. 3, 4). Pr,-. nl l.n. festival Chai (2); Camp Counselors Club 11. 2); Greensboro Christmas Messiah i I i i :, MARY LOUISE AHERN, Greensboro; B.S.. Secretarial Administration Elections Board (3): Section Leader (1, 31; Dance Committee 131: I Idvisot Y.W.C.A. (1. I); Westminster Fellowship II, 3); Square Circle (1, J I, ,. Alpha (3, 4). Cabinet I I politan i lub ,l J, Marshal (4) LI BUY KIIH ALMOND. New London . B.M SARAH ELLEN ALMOND. Asheboro ; B.S.. Secretarial Administration Dean ' s Lint (3) ; Special Events Committee (3. 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3) ; Wesley Founds- li..„ II, 2. II: Gamma Upha (3, II; F.T.A. (3): Cosmopolitan Club 131. PEGGY STROLD ALBRITTON. Kinston; B.A., Primary Educa MARGARET ANN ALEXANDER. Charlotte; B.S., Administration Assistant House President (2); Class YicePr. .,!,„, in. - Leader HI (1. 3. -II. Cabinet III: Westminster Fellowship ill: Gamma Upha (3 i, ill; It,,,,,, I - i lu I, ill: Spanish Club 1 1, 2) ; Tap I ' . lub (3) MARY ELIZABETH ALSPAUGH. Winston- Salem; B.A.. History House President (4) J Judicial Board 131: Hall Board (1, 21; Legislature (4); Sopho- more-S-n; , 1 1 : Dean ' s List (31 ; Newman 1 1. 2. 3. 41; Phi Alpha Theta (3. 4), President (4); S.D.A. (3. 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3), BLAIR LILLIAN ALSTON ' . Wilson; B.S.. Business Educ.u,. Seniors . . . 1954 ANNE YVONNE ARNOLD. Beaufort; B I I R11H JAMES ATKINS, Clinton; B.S., Secretarial Administr, II, ,„., Preaidenl (4) i Legislature (4) i .. .t. (1) j «.. nste. Camma Alpha (3. I) i osraopolil Huh (2); l. in (4) MIRIAM JUNE AUSKERN, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B.S., Physical Education ludii il Board III: Ball Board (4) i lunior Show Chairman (3); Carolinian (1. 2. 3. I). Sporta I. I), ilatlon Uanagei (4); Caraddi il. 2, 3, II: Outstanding Senior (4); Service League u II, ll, I il. 2. li : Recreation vasoi iation i I J I, u ( (1, JEAN AVERS. Greensboro; B.F.A.. Interior Design Dean ' s I i-i Dance Committee (3) j m Forum Commit!,-,. (11; n Clob (2, 3, 41: Recreation laaoi i n H, J. u ; Dolphil fa (1, 2) NANCY CAROLYN BALLINGER. Guilford College; . ' . ' ■ . ' . ' . ; EJue.ilmn Elliot! Hall Council (4) ; Tovrn Student! Organiialion il. 2, 3, 41 : Congregi Fellowship (2, I, li; II..,,,. Economies Club 111; FT. . (II: Recreal —» M SANNA NEWMAN BARBEL. EntitlJ; B.M.. Pi.i. MARC, ARE! ANNE BARBER, Richlands; B.F.A., Art Education BE I sEY BARBER. Mount Ulla; B.A., An l- 1. I : 11,, tan, I, c, LADIES SHIPE BARKER. Greensboro; B.A., Englisi rOMMYE ELIZABETH BARKER, Salisbury; B.A., English Coraddi (2. 3, 41. Feature Editor (J) ; Dean ' s List (31 ; Honor Roll (1, 2) ; In (3); Corel, a 10b with Borden AGNES ANNE BARNHARDT. Deko; B.A., Elemi Mat ) Education Botany Club (2, 3, 4; ; Square Dance Club (3). NAN V BEAMER, Mount Airy; B.A.. History - I •! (4); Baplial Si id n ;. n : F.I. V DOROTHY ELLIS BARRETT, Burlington; B.A.. P„m.ny EJuciti, FRANCES JEWEL BEAl ' FORD, Burlington; B.S . U mi Ed Man Hill Jr. College (1, 2); Dean ' s I i-i I 1 1 . 1 » I (3); Bapti i :i . II ■ Economics Club (3, 4). MARIJENNIE BARRINGER. Hickory; B.A., Biology Daisy Chain (2); Lutheran Students lasoci 2, 3, I); Chemial b 4); Medical Technologists (J. 3. 4); Galilean Club (3, II; Coal Itan CI Beta Bet. Beta (3, ♦) ; Hall Board (2) ; Marshal (4). MARGARET SUE BELL, Asheville; B.A., Biology 1st (3) Section Leadei I - ' I ; Chemiatry Club (2, 3); Beta Beta Beta (3. idem ill; Caduceus (2. ; U Via Preaidenl (3); Zoolog, Field Club (3. I, „i (4). JEWELL GERTRl ' DE BASS, Fayetteville ; B.S Horn, I, •• FLETA JOYCE BATEMAN, Columbia; B.S., Business Education I HIR7.A LOIS BENEDICT, Kingsport, Term.; B.S.. Home Econ Dean ' s List 131; Junior Advisor (31; Intcrlaitb Council (4); Wesln.insl I I) II I mi. - I !.,!. (2 I li | II .X Hi ; Marshal II MARGARET ANNE BENFIELD. Valdese; B.S., Secretarial Adn felt MARY ANN Bl NN1 Hill ' s M-NNI B S S crelarial Ada, B.A . Biology Seniors . . . 1954 PEGGi I i IZAB] in BES1 Kinston; B.A., Mali 5tud0Dl Govcrni I S I) J Houai Prealdeal (4 j Froahaait Cold Hi. li, ..,, - LIU in; ll HI I IV [O ANN] BEVAN Burlington; B.A., Primary Edu NWCY BENSON, tirccnshoro; B.A.. Hiuor) Legialaluro til; N.S.A. Cou HI; Clan N.S.A. Represent! (3); Carol in (4) | y.;„l,„c III; Deu ' l II; ll„n,,r Roll (l, 2) j Poinli Commit Ill; In... " . Wviroi in. Social S I , i ;, n, Chi m Hi; Sigma Delta Pi (2)j Sociology Club (2, 31; Tap Dance Club Hi, S.D V (2, J, I), Program I halnnar, i ii ; Golden I l i (4). DIANE I.AI ' RA BERG. Nut Icy. N. J.; B.A., Sociology ROSA MAY BERNSTEIN, Spring Lake; B.A., V , .. . , MARGARET ELIZABETH BILL, Hendersonville; B.A.. Chemistry CAROLYN MAl ' DE BIRGEL, Greensboro; B.A., Biology Claai Secretary ill; Pirn Veedfa (1,2.3,4).! (1), Orgamiatiom Edit™ (2), taaietanl I ditoi (3) , Editor-iu-l I emiatri Clab (2, ll; Medical Technologist! 12. 1. II; J,,n„ir Sboa (3) | Hall Elcriiom Ch.irm.n (2, l)| Social n ..- I (2)| Ci lion hn. c .r ..I H»ndb., n k (8); M.» NOEL PHYLLIS BIRKBY, Nutley, N. J.; B.A.. An Coradii (2, I, 1); Piai ladla Mi. I. , mlcibun Club (1, 2) i ,i Club 12. 3. I ' ; I;,,... ii il. J :i; li,.l|.inii i lub (1, 2, ' ■ ti; Coraddi Club (2. 3. i). o %y Seniors . . . 1954 IDA MAl ' DE BLACK. Sparta; B.S.. Home Economics Dean ' i Lial (3); Section Leader [1, 3, t) ; Hay Courl (4); Wesley Foundation (II Home Economics Club (2, i. 11; F.T.A. Ill; Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 41 Square fiance Club (2); 4-H Club (1, 3, 4); Junior Show (3); Hall Boar.] III. ,IO ANN DELORES BLACK, Roanoke Rapids; B.S.. Physical Education Hall Board (2); Junior Council 131; Yearling (1); Elliott Hall Council (4); Choir (2, 1i; Baptiat Student Union II. 2, 3. 4); Chemistry Club (2); Recreation Associ- 2, I, I); II • |. 121; Archery Club (31; Camp Counselor. Club (21; Co-of (31. President III. ILLIE ALMETTA BLACKMON, Lancaster, S. C; LA.. Elementary Education Wineate Junior College (1. 2); F.T.A. (4) 1 Phi Psi Omega III, Preaidenl I4i. GRAC1 GEORGIA BLACKMORE, Asheville; B.S., Physical Education Judicial Board (41; National Students Association (41; Elections Board (2); Section Leader (II; Junior dvisor (3); Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3 I) 1 Si Maiy ' a (1, 2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (2. 3); Spanish Club (2. 3, 41; Recreation Ast... iation II. 2. 3, II; Camp Counselors Cltlb I - I) 1 I 3, II; Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2. 3. 41, President (31. sAKA Lll KI.ACKW ELDER. Concord; B.A.. Fnnth JANE McLAl ' RIN BLAKE, Chadbourn; B.A.. Primary Education Seel Leadei (2, 3); Dean ' i Lib! (3); Young Democrats Club (.); Future Teachers of .America (4); Cosmopolitan Club (3); Phi Sigma Nu (4). PVIR1CIA JO BLAI.OCK. Waynesville BARBARA ANN BLAYLOCK, Greensboro; B.A.. Chemistry Legialaflire (41; Dear ' s List (3); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Town Stud II. 2, 3. 41; Chemistry Club (I, 2, 3, 41; 1;.... ,i Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2. 3). DOROTHY ANNE BLUETT, Baltimore, Md.; B.A., Prima,} Education CarolMan (2); Section Lea.],-. Ill; Y.W.C.A. II ' Canterbury Club II. II: 1.1. ' 1 . . .. ' . . . I:. • r ...... ..,„ ,.,t II, Ii.hi. . I I MARY PATRICIA BOESSER. V. i-Saltm; B.A.. Rec Saint Inr ' s Junior B e II. 21 j Elliott Hall Council 111; D ! Co Choir (3t; Y.W.C.A. (3i; Canterbury Club (3, 41; Recreation Assoc ia Sonar. b I I) | Co-ol (4). ADA |( bori N, Silei City; B.A., Englis, GLENDORA LOCKHAR1 BOYCE, AnsonvUle; . Physical Education IK)RI- (I i: RI HOWDI-N. (it.Wsboro; B.A., English - Shoti il. n. Carolinian (I. 2, 3); Pin. Vtadli ■■ 1) Literary Editor il. I); IW1. .J i Il; (...Wen Chain (8, 4), Secretary (I); I ean-» List (3); l.-aguc (1); Dance Committee (2, 3); Westminster Fellowship (I, 2, 4). Secretin (2) ; Masqueradera (3. 4 . Vice-President (4). INA LOU BRADLEY, Greensboro; BA., Primary Education Pim Seed . Ton Students iirc.nii.tion (1, 2. 3. ♦), Pul ' J I rmaa I); Y.W.C.A. (4); K.culi.- Student i " i ■■ i ii . 1 I I I I 1 1 . i (l)j V...,..t Bepobliuii ' i Clol (1, ii. Baptist Studenl Council (1); I. .-■.!,!,,. (4); Social, Council (3). LENNA ANNE BOWDEN, Summerfic-ld; B.A., Elementary Education Lis t in. Seel Leader (1); Wesley Foundation (II; F.T.A. (II; S.D.A. (4); 1 t Dr. rata I tub ' ; . I I BARBARA ANNE BRAGG, Wilmington; B.A 1 Yearling (I); Carolinian f 4) J Dean ' s Ii-- | Masqueradera (2, 3, II; Phi Alpha Tbeta 13. II; M|,ha Pal (U; Playliker. ( ATHERINE McCRAE BOWEN, Hampstead; B.A., Elementary Edu Mara 11.11 College I 1. 2) ; Baptist Studenl I ..i™ (3, 4) ; F.T.A. (-1). EMILY ROBBINS BOWEN. Washington; B.P.A., An Pine Weedlei (3, 1) j Poster Committee Chairman (4); Dance Committee (3, 4); Y.W.C.A (2 1); We.l . I i II hip (4) .i (2 I 1) S I I I i n : II . s. (4); Recrei Association (2) ; litai i (1 2) Marshal (3, 4) : H. II rleade lapel Checker (3); Junior Show (31; Activities Fair Chair- (11. NORMA FRENCH BRAMLETT, Canton; B.A., Sociology Choir (1. 2); Boll lub (1 2) San in MARILYN BRANNON. Asheville; B.S.. Physical Education n ...... I.-. (3); Honor Roll (2); Chemistry dob (2) J h ' ..„,,io„ Association 3, 4); Dolpl ah (3 I) I Sqnan Dane. (2, li; Camp. Counselor. Club i i ; l - politan Cluh (1. 2. 3, 11. S . Physical Edtica 4) ; Y.W.C.A. (4) ; I ELIZABETH STEWART BREWER, Jamesville; The Major ' , I ' o.Vr (2. 3), Editor (31; Section Lead, Student Fellow. hip (1, 2), SccreUrj (2); Chemiatrj Club (2); Recrei (1, 2. 3. 4); Camp Counselors Club U 3), Secretory (21 j Cool (1. I Show (3) ; Sports Coach (1, 2. 3, II. POLLY WILLIAMS BRIDGES, Tryon; B.S.. Homt Economn CardncrWcbb Jr. Colics- (I, 2); Baptist Student I Home Economics Club (3, 4) DORIS LORRAINE BROOKS. Kannapolis; B.A., English I RAM ES JA 1 ) BR( ) . Mooresville, B.S., Horn, Economics K " .W. II. ii; Weale) Found .. H J I ; Horn, Ecol - Club (2, 3, II: 111 I ' 1. - ' . I. Ii : r.l V in : H. ....... r lub 13. II. MIRIAM TABITHA BRIGHT, Virginia Bea.h, Va.; BS . !• ■), n.,l Education Emory and Henry College (1); Dean ' s List (31; Scct.on Leadei I : I . Weale) 1 1.. tion (2, 3, II; Association (2, 3, II; Dolphin Club 1.1. 41: Square Dance Club (2); Co-ol (3, Ii; Hall Board 131; Hall Social Chairman III; Recreat Association Cabinet (4). MARY ANN BRITT, Hi.qh Point, B.S.. Bu Y.W.C.A. (II; Baptist S ™t Union (4) j I Square Dance (3). IJm.i PEGGY ANN BRITT, Lumt s Horn, Ecoi ; Junior Advisor (31 ; Baptist Studenl I oioB 11; Maaqueraden 12. 3, Ii. Presidenl (4) Bui Manager I P Lil , Make-up Miatresa (II; lpha Psi Omega 13. 4), Buainesa M ( il. 2, i. Ii ; Dolphin i lub (1, - ' . I, I) I I - Slag. (3); Debating Society (II; Dance Committee (2) KATHERINE BLAND BROWN. W inst..n-Salem; B.A.. Primary Education - ..,.!.. (2, II; F It Hall Coun. .1 III: M... ........ Maid ..I H. .,,.., Ill: LOIS CArBLE BROWN. S.ilishurv; B. 4 . Elementary Education II Preaidenl (4) Dean ' a Lial (3); lunior Advisor 131; Y.W.C.A. II. 2. 3. Ii; Baptist Student n .1. 2) ; Botany Club I- ' . 3. Ii; Recreation ■- II. 2. I I; F.T.A. II II: S.,„.„. Dance (1, 2, 8) ; Hall Board (1. 2); Junior Show (3). RITH ELIZABETH BROWN Zebulon; B.A., English Seniors . . . 1954 SALLY TREPKE BROWN, High Point; B.A., Sociology Kapp Ill (3, I ' ; S Ion Club i :. I) ; R il 1. 2, 3). SUMALEIGH BROWN. Burgam ; B.S., H , BETSY ROSS BROWNE. Morganton; B.S., Physical Education Junior . ,lvijor (3); Chemistry Club (2); Recreation Aesocil II. Co-ol II PEGGY JOYCE BUNION. Union Grove; B.A., Sociolog) W.-.I., Foundation ([. 2); Bolnny Club (2, 3); S log i I I, MARGARET CARRINGTON Bl ! RCH. Raleigh; B.S., Secretarial Administration I ' -iii ' - 1 i-i in. Consolid i Universitj C il M: V.W.C.A. ill. Publicil) Chair- man (4) i Gamma Alpha (3, 1i : Spotlight, Ediloi (4); Pine ..,i .-.. fyping SiulT (4); ANNE MARIE BURNIE, Wilmington; B.A., History EMILY II AX Bl TNER, m ,, Sal. in. I . , ' , DiiKUliiliiiS S , III, « ... I . I .-. . Il,,,,, II II; I .„,-,, I, .).,,. ,1 I ,,,1,-rsin .1 III: HoraTian (1, 2, 3, I) . B Association ' I. -■ i , Dai sir (2) Clas! Pi (1); Cheerleader l-l; Junior House President III: Student Coven nl President III. MARY ELIZABETH BYKD. Wortlnilk; B.S.. II I. NANCY GRAYBEAE BVRD. Hopewell, Va.; B.I. Primar) Education (3, II : Vortfl Spt n, a Spotlight u. 3). LINDA JOYCE CARROLL. Atlanta. Ga : B.F.A., An Dean ' s 1 i-i (3) Dance I , (3) : Y.W.I I. (1) ; rap Di I l : Art Club SARAH JANE CARPENTER, Monroe; B.S.. Scnt.nul Admiuist I lass Ring Chairman (3. II; Pine Nteilu (3, II. Junior Editor (31, Senior Finance B 1 (3, n CI ' •. Si eadei (1, 3) ; Dance Commil Camma Alpha (3. 41; Dance Group 131; Chapel Che. k. MARGARET MERLE CATES. Greensboro; B.A.. Primary Eduction Service League (3) ; Dance Committee (3) ; Town Students Organization (2, 3) Y.W.C.A. II, 2. 3. II; Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3, 41; Cosmopolitan Club (3) Special Events Committee (4). SHIRLEY HENKEL CARR, Statesville; B.S., Home Economics Dean ' s Lial (3, I) j Honor Roll (1, 2, 3) i Sect! lei (1 2 H; Dance Committee (3); Y.W.I hi; Werie) 1 lation (I, 2, 3, l)j (Jo (3 t). Secretary III, Editoi I! ' ; Cbemistr] Club (1 2) ; Se I (4); Borden Home Economics 5. bol i -i I] Is i i i tab (1 2 I I) Publicil] Chairman Hi ; MAR, ' AUGUSTA CASE. VC ' inston-Salcm; B.M., Musi, Education Tn»„ Students Orgaohu I - r (2 I I) ; Muai Educal lub (2. 3. 41. IMFRED ANN CATES, Ramseur; B.A.. English Choii 12. oj ; Vr.W.CA. in. Clubl eader (41; Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3. 41; Masrrucraden ' 2. ;;. 1), Secretary of Treasury (3); Square Circle (2, 3, 4); F.T.A. ill; S.D.A. (4). II CY FINCH CHEEK. Greensboro; B.A., Prim.,,) Education Dean ' s List (3); Dance Committee (3); Town Students Organization (1, 2, c ■i I Mi, Cat ,- Vide Church Relations Board (4); Botany Club (2, 3); ] : 1) I i Stadenta Judicial Board (3); Elections Committee (3); Town St Social i hainnan (4). II I II II AN CASPER, Swansb , B S H I I ie (2) ; Section leader (3) J YVW.C.A. (21; Home Economics DOROTHY JEAN CHLRCH. Wilmington; B.A., Primary Eduction |i, n, . 1 lit (3, 4) ; Junior Advisor (3) j Wesley Foundation (1) ; Botany Club (2, F.T.A (4) ; Square Dance Club (I, 2). I A BKKVIAMAXAMImln,,, HI I I A ( Y DATE (T.ARIDGE. Raleigh; B.S.. Secretarial Administration fine Weedier, Typing Staff (4) ; Comma Alpha Spolliihl (4) ; Section Leader (4) ; imma Alpha (3, 4) ; Chapel Checker Seniors . . . 1954 FREDA ii UNCI ARK Ash, Ml 1. 1., P .in Education M.ll B M Stud 1 ,1 (1) ; n,«n-» n (1. 2. S. 4 U.I III; Sci ■• „ II. Ii " « I 1 l : l, MARY Rl ill ( l ARK, V.iss; B.S . Busiti, - Educa ion i . isor (1) i Cm Uphi , i French Clut (3) ; I. uisburg College ( , 2) I VI (, ' i MIA ANN BAKER CLAYTON. Oxford; B.S., Horn l Ecc f arolinia ill: Rei (3); Dane- i: lie, 1 1) ' -! ' . ' ! " , Ill |.ll. .1. I ii. 1. -II. 1 cation As.oci.liou (1. 2): (4). Junior A,lv 111 ; riirii,,. Ill i on .or (31 ,« Clal cil i:n Town Sill Hi: H Elliott H Eco, ill E 2 JO ANN COLLIER, Pikeville; B.S., Secretarial Adminislratio Sei tloo l udi i i 1 1 , ,..,„,,ii.i Upbi (3, 4) ; Recr, DOTTIE COLLINS. Angier; B.S . -■. Dean ' . Li.l I ' ll . - ,, I . ...!. , MACIE COLLINS, Gastonia; B.A., Chemistry Hall Baud ill; The YcarliiH (I). D, Lin ; League III. |f.« I S (4), VIci Mn -!■ I. ,il , i, . u. -i. . I . „„. nioi ' 1 (2, 3); I I, ,,„,-,,, , lob ,1 - , i, ; H ll votions Chairman (3); Intcrfaith Forum Committee (3); Zoology Field I I HELEN Mo 1 III CLINARD, Winston-Salem; B.S., Business Education Dtan ' l Li.l (3); Honor Roll (2); Choir (1, 2); Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 31; Sigma Alpha (3, 4). Secretary-Treasurer (4); Sigma Delta Pi (3, 4). Treasurer (4); Camma Alpha (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1): Spanish Club (3, 4); Won Spt-ncrr Spotlight (3. 4). ERMOFILE CONSTANTINIDLs. Salonica, Greece; B.A., Biology HELEN ELIZABETH COI.EY, Elizabeth City; B.A., English Dcan ' e i i-i (3); Section (2); Greensl Sympl j Orchestra (I, 2, 3, Darlinettec (2, 3) j Baptist Student I .nun il. 2, 3, ti ; Masqueradcra (4); F.T.A JANET CORINA COOK. C.oldsboro; B.A.. Primary Education Campbell Junior College (2); College Cheerleader »..; F.T.A. (4); May Day Chair Constant in ides Seniors . . . 1954 EVELYN JOYCE COOK. Driver, Va .; B.A., Hi Carolinian (21; Dean ' s List (3); Honor Roll (3 MARY HELEN COOPER. Albemarle; B.A.. Primary Education V.W.C.A. (3. 4); Bolaov Club HI: Hall Cheerleader (1); F.T.A. (4) ; •notation (1, 2, S, l)i Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, .), Council (1). BARBARA STEELE CORNELIUS, Greensboro; B.S . Secretarial Administration Marshal (4) J Pint er He. (.11 ; Section Leader (21 ; Daisy Chain (2 1 ; Y.W.C.A Westminster Fellowship (31; Camma Alpha (3. 41. Publicity Chairman (4); Ell Diacuaaion Group in. Secretary Hi; Hall Social Chairman (41; Camp,,. Sto miltce (3. II; Juniot -!„.» 131. Publicity Chairman (31; Chapel Checker (3 JO ANNE CORRELL. Concord; B.M.. ! Dean ' i Lial (3); Svmphmn iinl.-Mi. II, 2, 3. t ' . Young Co (2 : l)l Muei, I du, Itioo ( lub (1, - . rap Danct I (2) BEVERLY ANNE COWMAN, Greensboro; B.S.. Business Education Plan ' s, 1 i.l I3i; lititii Shi.ioiiU Oiparn jMon II. L ill; Gamma Alpha (3, ll; Cnamopoli- PATRICIA ERNESTA CRABTREE. B.A., Elementary Education ll; III III: nrth Spencer Spotlight (3); CLARA MARGARET CRAIG. Greensboro; B.I A At Town Students Organiiation (1. 2, 3. n ; Art Club (2. 3, 4). MARGARET LOUISE CRAWFORD, Raleigh; BE. A., Art Legislature- (1. 3. 41; Freshman Commission (1); Carolinian, Co Columnist 11. II: Pine Vei ■ ■•■ Photograph, Star! (3, 4); Consolidated University Council (3, 4), Chairman (4); Daisy Chain (2); Dance Committee (2, 3); Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 41; Recre. ■I iati I, 2, S, II. Cabinet 12. 31: Camp Counselors Club (31; S.D. II,; Woman ' ! College Debating Society, Speaker II,; Playlikers (4); Golden Chaio (ll. MARY ANN ( K( SS. RuJsville; 6.5.. H-», : • i . . If. W.I ' i PEGGY MARIE DAUGHTRIDGE, Rocky Mount; B.A.. Primary Educ. Lisl I •■ll.ii I. - ry; Se, lion I cadet ill; Y.W.C.A. I) ; I l . i I I ; Dance Ct i CI. - ' , .11. Cook Cooper Correll owmon Crabtree Crcg Crawford Cross Daughtridge y M ► .. y " J £ • • A m HKB££ «£Ni i2K UMMk. I obvious cases of ipi i Bl l IV fOANNl DAV1 NPORT, reswell; . ' .v.. Secretarial Adminii " ' lub i I, n. - irj i ii . S ii. i. 2, I, ii. S I) . Hall S 1 bi .„, as. RUTH ANGELINE DAVIS, Gastonii B Education Ph. ' " • i Fan oil. I i I i i ... ii . A i . i . Foundation (2, 3) j t , (2, 3, 4;. MARY KATHERLNE DAVIDSON, Rockingham; B.S., Businesi Education RUTH PATTBRSON DAVIS, Leaksville; B.A., Elementary Education i ■nlerbur) i lul I I (4) ; S.D.A (4 BETTY II AN DAVIS, Pink Hill; B.S., Secretarial Administra LORRAINE HELEN DECKER, Winston-Salem; B.S., Secretarial Administration Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3, t); Newman Club il. CAROLYN DAVIS. Hillsb..r... H.S.. ««.»,... EJmaii,,,, JULIA ELIZABETH DESKINS. Greensboro; fl.Af., Theory Ii. ..i-- I i,i in; II....... Roll il. - ' .. Di Ii Oriamzati. 11,2, 3, 1 1 ; i r Music Ci Secretary (3), Pre» (4;; M.,-„ Educ»l I (1). NORA VENETIA DAVIS, Eureka; B.A.. English Dean ' i Lisl (3); II. - 11. ..,,,1 Chairman (1) ; Y.W.C.A. (I, I): Wesle) 1 .. MARY JANE DEVINEY, Jackson Heights, N. Y.; B.S.. Secretarial Adr m Section Leader (1. 2, I) ; Y.W.I right over that RMA BRUCE DICKEY, Dunn; B.S., Secre Seel eider (1) ; 1 Idvisoi 1 1 ) ft 1 Alpha (3. 4); Marshal (3); Hall Cheerleader (3). larial Adn ALMA LOUSE EASTLRLINt,. Rock) Mount; B.S.. Statt.u ji Administration Freahman N.S.A. Representative 111: Dance Committee (2); Gam Vice-Presid Ii: Idvertislng Manager, Band Boole (3): Plsylikera (1. 2, 3). ANNIE FRANKLIN DIXON, Belmont; B.A., Element i) Education Dea„-» List 131; H .r Roll 11. 2i: Botin] F.T.A. l.l ii - « l.ll I 1 .HI in. FREDA ECHOLS. Ashewllc; B.A., Biology Dean ' ! List 13) i H r Roll J 2); Si n Leader (2); Intel tt i ' 1. 2, 1, I); Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 4), Pre.ident (3, li. Beta Beta Bets (3, n. Dolphin Club (4); Cosmopolitan Chi BARBARA LEE DIXON, Jackson Heights. N. V. ; B.A., Mathematics I VI I Y Rl I H DIXON Belmont; B.A.. Elementary Education Dean ' i I Honoi Roll (2); Bolan) Club (2 3 li ; strj i lub (2); HI. PEGGY JEAN EDMONDSON. Rocky Mount; B.A.. Biology If.W.t v (1, - ■ Canterburj Club I. J. 3, li; Scfuare Circle 12. 3); Chemisl i 2) i Medical rechnologista (3, li ; Tap Dance Club (3, 4); Beu Beta Beia IA II BI I.LI EDWARDS, Fayetteville; B.S., Bus, Carolinian ill; Wesle) Foundation (1.2 I L) Secretai E. Eyt in: Gamma Alpha (3 I) F.T.A (4) ll.inii 1.. j.I. r i J I . BARBARA GANNT DOBYNS, Washington, D. C. ; B.A.. Primal i .. . — i. airman I I) Dean i List I I II toll (1) Sei lion I eadi I (2 1) ; 1 tl Hall Cou i. ' i I) hi. in., Idvisoi (3) ; Y.W.I n I Club i- ' . I, I), Vestrj (3 n I I (4) Reereal -- i 1 1. 21 : Cosmopolitan Club (2). NANCY CARTER EDWARDS, Raleigh; B.S., Business Edu Seniors . . . 1954 SI I I ar H.YWN EGERTON, Mill Spring; B.S., Business Education Dean ' s LiM (3); Honor Roll (3); Chemistry Club II }; Cantma Alpha (3, I); Recn ■Uoo Association I - ' . 3); Tap Dance Club (3) : 5 ire I- I lub (2) { Cosmopolitan Club (3). SARA JANE El.DRED. Me of Palms, S. C; B.S.. Physical Education I idviB I Club ' ' I I Dtistry Club (2, 3, 4J ; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. II : Dolphin Club 11. 2, 3, II. Via President ol Dolphin Sen! (4) In hi i i lub (2); Ci ..mi-. Ion I lub i - ' . I) ; Co-oi (2 I PATSY ANN ELLINCiER. Chapel Hill; B.A., Primary Education If.W.C.A. ' . 1); Voile] I lotion (1 2); Square Circle (11; F.T.A. Hi: Recre- ation Associa II. 2); Square Dance (1, 2): Ball Cheerleader (3). A ( V ELIZABETH ENSLEV. Clyde; B.S.. Hum, B Junior Advisor; Y.W.C.A. (1) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Square ETHEL MAE EVANS, London Bridge, Va.; ..-).. Englil FRAN ES BERNICE EVAN ' S, Ashexille; B.A., Primary Education Dais] 2) i li. mittei i I i : JT.W.C.A. ' 1. I) j Baptist Studi N ( Y AROLVN EVANS. Northfork, Va.; B.A., English ' - I ' -I (3) : Sei lion I i idi I I I 2) Choir (1 2 I) ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3) . I sbinel i 1 ' . Club I cadi r Mi; Wesle] Foundation il Z I, I), ' on 2. 3 ol tt.-l. , Singers i: I) ; F.T.A (3 I Musii Education Club 111; Reel Vi (12) Squ I-. li. i lub (12). IRANI is MARIAN I AIM i.N. dvenshoro; U.S., . , n-.„ ; _,i .-Umiui rMi,,,, PRIM " II. LA I RANI Is I AKAH. Rmk He Club 12. II ; 11,11 11,.. (hi 1, .-II I (li ; I lei lions Board [A ROSEMOND FARAH, Mount Olive B.A M Junior Class Preside] I ; Senior I Repreaentatire; Outsta in : Golden Chain (3 I), Vice-Pn sidi nl (4) ; Dean ' s List (3) ; H , RoU (1. 2. 31; May Court, Maid of H I) lui idvii 1 « 1,(1 2) Wesley Found.- ■ Il- 2. 3, 41; Square Circle II. 2. 3, II. President (4); Recreation Association (1): Student Advisory Council (3) ; National Student Association Council (4) ; Hall Board 0). titafefc Egerton Ellinger o BOl NEVA FREN H FARLOW, Sophia; B .S . V , ,.-,., Education t.W.C.A (4) ; Congreg il Christian (2, 3, 4), Sochi Csiainnan (3) Secreler) C ) I Bolan; Club (3, I) h I in. R ion Lsi - 2, I n. Cabinet (3, ») j Archery Club (. ' . 3, 41. President (4) ; Co-ol (3, I i Cm Bolitai Club ( ). ELLEN FARMER. Charlotte; B I A . Art Coraddi (3, 4). Art Editor III: Arts Forum Co tjii ili:l Club 13, 41. i (3 .), Sei re PATRICIA JEAN FARRELL, Apex; B.A.. EU-uu-uUrt EducMio PATSY RUTH FINLF.Y, Cramerton; B.A., Chemistry GERALDINE RANKIN FISH. Clyde; B.A., Spanish Judii ial Board (3. 4). Chairman (41 ; Cheerleader (3,1 ; Outstanding Senior (II j Golden I I, n , Dc i " ! List (3) I onsolidated I t) I ouni ,1 ill: Dais) I hain (2) : Signu Delta Pi (3 I I ■ i I sir) i i- ' , I I) 5] b ( lub II. 2, 3. 41. DOROTHY FAYE FISHER, Fayettevtlle; B.A. Elementary Education NANCY ANNE FETZER. Reidsville; B.A . Primary Education Honor Roll il, 2, 3i, Dean ' s Lisl 1 3 ; Junior Advisol (3) So i F.T.A. (4); Recreation Issocli s (1 : I l Iphi b (1 2, I ANNE SCOTT FORD, Charlotte; B.S.. Home El Elliott Hull President (4); Outstanding Senior (4); Golden Chain (4); Dean ' s List (4); Honor Roll (3) i I Ill Hi d I nivi rail) Council (4) ; Section Leadet Hi. Daisj I bain (2)i Elliolt .1 ,1 Hi: Dance Chairman (31; Choir (. ' . 3) : Canlerl lub il. nr i. Chemistr) Club (1, 2); Home Economics Club (2, li; Recrea x I J I) | Squan Di I lub (2) , [i I 5bo« I I Sop re i ommisaion iji ; Hall So. ial Chairman I I) JLLIA BYNL ' M FINCH, Henderson; B.A.. Primary EducMio,, Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. li; Canterbur) Club (1, J. 3 I), Veslr) in I 1 (3 MARIAN FORTUNE, Asheville; B.S.. Physical Education Carolinian (41: Daisy Chain (2); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 4 Hun. i I l„l, J, 3. II. I ' r.-..l. ..I I I i : I .. ... j. Han Board (3. 4). o Seniors . . . 1954 A ( i rHORNTON FOX, I hatham, Va.; B.A., Engli (LIMA GARRISON, linton S. !■ I - 1 .!•.• n ' - l .-i Hi; H. ...... Boll Hi: a.i. Ftrul f.W.CA. I l. K, pi ,i. i . ' .i. i i BEATRICE ELAINE FRANCIS, Waynesville; B.A., Biology Dean 1 . Li.t (31; Honor Roll (31; Daisy Chain (2 1; Dance Committee 111; Jun. Idvlaoi (S); I.W.CJi ii ii. Square Clrel (2, I); Chemistry Club (1.2. 3. 4 Uedli il r«i I lot.. i- ii, n ; Bell Beta Beta (3, I). PHYLLIS DELIA FRANKLIN. Asheville; B.A., Sociology Junior House Presidem 1 9 I ; LegitUtuK RcpreBeaUtiv« (2); Pin Vcedles, Commen MARTHA ORACI GASTINEAI . Lillington; BS., Secretarial Administration Dean ' s Lilt (3); So. 11.11 Social C Section I eadei (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (2, 1) j Wi ' Gamma llphi (3 I) Seal I lub (2). MAID F GATEWOOD, Vanceyville; B.A.. An Dean ' . List (3) ; H. ...... Boll I - I REBECCA ANNE FREEMAN, Star; B.S.. Ham, Economics Hall Board (31; Dean ' s List (3 1; Honor Roll (1. 2. 31; Service League (II. l ' ur-.- Drlve Chairman; Seel cadet ill; Dale) (2); lunioi .K,-..r (3); .1 ' ..|.n l.,iM.,l.iti..n. 1 reshman Council 111, Dorm Leadei 121. i. . -1 ' r. -i.l.-.ii (31, Council ill; Omieron Nu 13, Ii, Preaident (41; Chemistry Club (1. 21; Home Eco- Domii i Club i l, - ' , 3, li ; Danforth Foundation Scholarahip (1 ) ; Omieron Nu Sopohomore S. holarahip (2). MILDRED LOWE FILLER. Pisgah Forest; B.A.. Elementary Edut Y.W.C.A. Ill: rlaniist Student Union (2, I. l«: r.I. . (It. MARY MORGAN GATTIS, Raleigh; Bi H ROW ' ENA ARTESSA GEE. Ashevilie; B.A., Elementary Educjtwn Copy Editor Religious Handbook I 3 ' : Han Baptist Stud il. 4i. ice-Preaidenl I I i : I I . (4). Seniors . . . 1954 MARY CAROLYN GIBSON. Greensboro; B.A., English ' s I .-i I II : II , Roll (2) : Junior Advisor (3) ; To»n Students Orguniii 3) ; Chemistr) Club (2) F.T.A (3 I); B ilion si 2 I) ; ludicial II " . MARY CARLINE GIBSON, Rockingham; B.S., Horn, E, Dean ' . List I 3) : lot I, I) Y.W.C.A (1, 3, 4) I Wesle) Founds! (1. 2 I, 1), Council (3, 4) ; 4-H Club (] 2, 3 I ' ll I. oi i. - Club (2 ,3 I) i I I (4) Squari D I lub i I I. NANCY BARBARA Gil BERT, Absecon, N. J.; B.A . Elementary Educa rd Mi F.T. CAROLINE MVI Ks COIORTH, Lenoir; B.S.. H,-m l : . ,.,i„„ Ch.mislrt Club II l MARIE GRAVELY, Brexard; B.A., Dean 1 . Liu (S) ; Section Leadet (I); Dais] Chi 2); lu Uviaoi I 1 1| Baptist Student Union (1, J, H; Square Circli (2, I, 4i; Chemistry Club (1. 2, 3. 41; Galilean Club (2, I, I Recreation Association i 1. J. 3); Archery Club (2); Square Dance Club (1. 2) ; Y.D.A (3 I) . Treasurer (4) ; Playlikers (3) ; Y.W.A (2) Vice PARTICIA ANNE GRAY, Charlotte; B.A., English ANN FRAN IS GRAYBEAL. West [efferson; B.S Hon I. MARGARET M LEAN GREEN. I.illinnton ; B.F.A.. An Art Club II. I); Recreation Hi I, 1) i Square Dance I lub (3). II l ( AROL I, KEEN! . Mulbv; B.S.. H„„u Ec. MARY ALICE GRIFEIN. Vi ' illiamston; B.A.. An Yearling Mi: Dean ' a I i-t (3, i ' ; Service League u. 3. 4i. Co-Publicity Director li Y.W.C.A (2 I i. Wealej 1 lation 11. 2, 3, 4); Hay D - [3) I ii.. km i in .in ' . .i.l I. 2 ' ■ Hi F.T.A. 13. II. . C. Gibson M. E. Gibson Gilbert Goforth Gravely Gray Graybeal Green Greene Griftin unq qoinq on imide l II c lob i I. 2) AWII MARGAR1 i GRISSOM, Louisburg; B.A taii ELIZABETH MA( km Gl (ON, harloth B.M Oi BETTY JEAN HAGAN, Gastonia; B.A., History II loard II. 2); Carolinian (3); Consolidated Univerailj Council (2, S. II i. a i millet (1 :. I) ; S I ■ id. .in I llioll Hall C Hi ili. .inn. I. (2, II j II I nun., (I. 2, i II: I i Vdviaoi (3) ; Baptist S i I, 2, l. li i II..I....1 i I Z, 3)sF.1 ». (4) j Spanish CI 2, 3) ; Recr ill I. - ' . I, 4) j Doln il. 2, I, n : Legisli (3, I). MAUI I-: II I AHI I II H MRIC K. M....11 sh,„,.. US . H„m t E,„, BARBARA ANN HARRIS. Charlotte; B.S., Secretarial Administrate IRANI is i.oi im HAKRIs. North Wilkesboro; B.A., Elementary I Senloi li P i In v-i . I. JEAN CAROLYN HARRIS ( C I,., ,11,1,111 III. I) II.,,,. I VIRGINIA | l HARRIS, Greensboro; B.A i 1 led Board (4) ; I ' i Ual (S) ; I oraddi I); H......r H (1, 2) : Kin ti..i. B,.ur.l ( 1) : Town Stud ' i. ' 1.2.1. IRGINIA JOHNsox HARRIS. Hartsville S ; B.A., Hiilor) SARAH HARRISON. Newberry, S. C; B.A . English lunioi II Prealdenl (3)i Coldi , I I . ■ didated Uo verait] i 2) . St. M ir) - B (1, 2) i 3g ding up what??????; SHARON FITCH HART. Greensboro; B.A., English MARY DEAN HEDRICK, Lexington; B.S., Business Education Man Hill College (1, 2); K.W.C.A. II, tl; Cammii Alpha (3. 4 ; F.T.A ANOUSH HARUTL1NIAN. Tehran. Iran; B.A., Physics Junior H. US f President (3); Judicial Board (41; Golden Chain (4); Daisy Chain (3); Galilean I l„li I J. 1. 11 NANCY ANN HEAD. Matthews; B.A.. Elementary Education Dean ' s Lial III; Section Leadei (2) i lain,., idrisoi i I I ; 1 W.C.A. (1) i F.T.A. (4); li..,, , las 1.3.4 - ibi " ' !■ (1); Le Cere!, 1 rancaii (3, 4), Secrclar, in I ' t.-i,1. „l I I i ; Juuiui Slio» l.ll. EUNICE SILLIMAN HEILIG. Granite Quarry; B.S.. Hum, Economic! Meredith (3); Dean ' s Lisl (31; Town Students Organization (3) j Choir (2, 4); Inter Id, III Council (2)1 Lutheran Students Association (1, 2. 3. 41; Home Economics Cluh (1, 2. 3. 4i : Re, r. ,,,.„, laeoi iatioi I ! CATHERINE HEINSBERGER. Lumberton ; B.5.. Distribulivi Education l-.W.I ill: a Mpha 13. 41 ; F.T.A. (4) ; Cosmopol itan Club (2). MAR, ' JEAN HEAINER. Lincolnton B.M I List I I I , lc 141; [la,,,, I ,.,„mitt,-c II. 2. 31; Junior Advisor : 1,2 n If.W.C.A (2 I n, ltd ,-, Musi, Education Club II. 2. .. I, , Re, real Isso, ii I I I - I) Hal] I I cadet in : i hape kei £3) ealej Pound, l I REBECCA LEE HEMPHILL. Marion; B.S.. Physical Education Chemialr) I lufa (2 I I ' Recreation Associalion (1. 2. 3. 4); Dance Croup J I I) Co-ol HI JIT.IA ANN HEDGEPETH, Lexington, Va . B.S., Physical Edu, I ' h,. I, i, Majors President (3); Dean ' s Lial (3): Section Leader (1. 2); V.W.C.A 111; Chemistry Cluh (1) Recreal all 2. 3. 41. President (4); Dance Group i 2, I, I); l.,| Dance Club (2 aelors Club (3.4); Cool (3. 4). SARAH JANE HENKEL, Charlotte; B.S.. Secretarial Ad,, Seniors . . . 1954 RANKI1 MAK •RMAN. Conover; B.A . Math, 11,11 I ,-g, stature It.-i.r .11 ,ili c II. . ' !, II: Class Tr.-a.iir.-i III; Coll I). Secretin in. Dean ' s Lial (.1. II; Honor Roll (1); Service League (2), Pub Chairman (2); Daily Chain (2); Choir (1. 2); Int.. I.,,. I I. Lutheran Sludenl i I, 2, 3, li. Treasurer (2), Viee-Presidenl .;.. Presidenl u. ANNE HILL, High Point; B.F.A., An Forum Committee (1. 3) ; Cosmopolitan Club (2. »). Junior Advisor 131; Town Students Organist i (1) ; Vrl Art Club (2, 3. 41; ,Vor . Spencer Spotlight (2, 3, 4) BETTY JO HILL, Newpt rt; B.A.. English III; Wesley Foundation (1 1 Vorlfl Sprncrr Spotlight . 2, 3, 11 ; Debating Society (2); Sei lion 1 cadet in ; Y.WC. ,. II. 2, I I.. 1 .1 2. 3, 11. Council CI. n. Vice Pn idi ... (4) ; F.T.A. 1 [2 1 ; S..D . |2. 3. 11. Secretary 1 11 ; [ntercollegil (4); Hall Devotions Chairman lie LaRIE ROSE HILL, Smithfield; B.S.. Horn, Ecu Section Leader (1) ; Home Economics Club (I, 2, 3, 4.1. MARY LOUISE HILL, Charlotte; B.S., Secretarial Administration II II It Committee (31; Dance Committee (2); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 4); Weslmir NANCY JEAN HILL. High Point; B.A.. English Hall Board I I) ; Golden Chain ill: Den ' s list 13 .; H, ...... Roll . J . . Dal sin (2) 1 ' ' " 11.11. ,n. . 131; I,,,,,,,, d is..r 131; ,t- Forum Committee 131; Inlerlaill. li. Vice-Presideni .H: Y.W.C.A. n. 2. 3. ») ; Wesle) I I... I . 2, 3, li; Mastrueradera (2, 3, II; Square Circle (3); Playlikcrs (I. 2. 3, H: Marshal ill: 1 b I- ' . I, 4) J F.T.A. (3, 4) ; Recret 1st . Dance Club (2) . imp selors t;lub (31. CARRIE WATKINS HOBGOOD, Oxford; B.A.. Biology Chemiatr) Club C3, I) j Medical Technologist (2. 3. 4); Galilean SUE HODGES. Dover; B.A., Elementary Edu Pfeiftej lunlor College II. 21; Wesley Foundation I RACHEL EDITH HOLCOMB, Yadkinville; B.A., Elementary U; JEAN BLACKBI R HOLCOMB, i B.S.. Secretarial Administration Y.W.C.A. (3. 41 ; Gamma Alpha (S, n gjL Maybe she ' ll get ASHLEY ANN HOLLAND. Greensboro; B.A., Primar) Educa CATHLRIM AW Hoi s I ON M, n ; Hi II. li S . !,..„. I , ..,. Service League (2) JIAMTA JEAN HOUSTON, Lenoir; B.A., Drama ELIZABETH ANN HOLLAND. Olin ; B.A., Sociology Carolinian (2, 1, 1) ; Seel eadei Hi: Westi -i. . Fellowship (1, 2, 3, li: Mas- Sect Leadei (3); Town Students Organiai n III: Baptist Student Union (1); S log] Club (3). queraders (2, 3, li. Publicit) Managei (3); Upha Pal Omega Hi: Playliken (1, 2. 3, 1) ; F.T.A. (4) D 1 ip ill: Tap Han. e Club (3). DOROTHY MAE HOOD, Burgaw; B.S., Homt Economit i Election. Board (3); Hall I hainnan i .1 1 : Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, !, n : II ■ Et I i III II GREEN HI GHES, Myrtle Beach, S. C; B.A., Spanish Ome 6 a IJ. 3, 1), Preaidenl (3), Treasure! (4); Chapel 1 heckei (2, 1) j •-,.„,„, Council (4) ; Canterbury Club (I, . ' . ' ., 1 JULIA JOANNE HORN, Lawndale; B.A., Primary Education ANN KIMREY HUMBER, Clinton; I.I. Elementary Education Service Leagui in. Section Leadei (3); Y.W.C.A. (3), Hall Ri i alive (3) Pii ■ Ve, i: 1 i hap. ker (3) 5.D.A (2, :!. II. Baptist Studem Union il. J, 3, 1), i ouncil i n : Botanj Club (2, n ; Square i lub (1 . AI.K E JOYNER IRBY. Weldon; B.A., Economic! RUBY JEANETTE HOL ' SER, Asheville; B.S., Home Economic! Hall Board i . ' i . ' .... Veealta (2, 3); Dean ' s List Hi; Honor Roll (I. 2, 3) | Se League Hi: [own Students Organiaation ll. li: Social Scienci Forum Commit! li. I.-, i I. .i i.i (2) ; Y.W.I t (1, 2 ; 1) ; Bi il Stud i ' 1 I) B i l 1. 2 1) ; Interfaitl il (4) ; Y.W.I (1 2 1 n Preaidenl (4); Weal . 1- mica Club (1 2, 1, n. President in. Recrei n lea lion (] 2 1 n. Squar. Foun.Lit 1 : - |.|.. ' .I. " .. s ' in... r.irt, 1 I..IIIIH.HI 1 J 1 ; 1. ....... ln. ..-il , Danrc Clot. 111. Chairman (3) 5.D.A (4) Legial .i n Golden CI. I 11. Seniors . . . 1954 AVIS 11(11 I.I IKVIiV Hi B.S . Horn, Eco Doris ( iikimim [ONES Winston-Salem fl I I ' i ».• (I, 2. 1. tl : KM, mi 11.11 ........... i biln i ; l i I MAli I IIA I I I [RVIN, HendersonvilI . B.A., Hislor) Dana i m, (2) j S I S Foi Imih in (3 li: li.irl ttca (2) j i w i iii. m, ..,„. red. ra (2 I ii Spanish i lub i n : Coll I lub I n M I LIZAB1 III [ONES, rhomasvilli B S II ■■ I 1 V !| l); -Wtion U-.der (31; Y.W.C.A. Ill; H.,m- r.o. i lub (2 ' ..ii.l ■RAN( ES I AKI I IA( KSON, Washington; B.A., Sociology FAY) CONN [ONI S Greensboro; B A Bu ri BETH ANN JARVIS, Mooresville; B.S., Home Economics Y.W.I 1 (] 1) i Horn. I - Club n. I) i Recreation — . ... t ..... ii Croup (2, I, li Tap Dance Club (I. 2. 3. 4). President (31; 4H Club (1, ) l.i ,. . PEGGY ANN JORDAN. .smithiit-W . U.S.. Horn, Economics Daisy Chain (2); Elliotl Ha] 1 : Y.W.C.A. (2); Weale) Foondataon (1. . 4) ; Home Economic Club (2, I, 1. LOTA HAKKIsoN JOHNSON. Old Trap; B.A., Elemental) Educa I -I...IE Collegi 11. 2); W.-I.i Found. n (3); Baptist Student Union I III ; III Club (3). BARBARA SCO I I KEARNS, Greensboro; B.A., Primar) Education 5e I i adi i 1) ; Y.W.C.A (I) Wi ilej Foundation i I . I. 4) ; H.T. i i ■ Seniors . . . 1954 MARY ANNE KEEVER. Charlotte; B.S.. Distributive Educatit Legislature (41; Marshal (41; Carolinian (1); L.S.A. II. J. 3, II; G 4) : Freshman Home Economies Club; F.T. . KATHARINE MEES KELLER. Darien, Conn.; B.A., English Dean ' s List (3); Y.W.C.A. (4); Spanish Club (21; Marshal (3); Junior Commil (3); May Court (4). HELEN CAROL KETNER, Han IS., Home Eco,,„m,c Section Leader (1); Junior Advisor (3); Arts Forum Committee (3. 4); Bapt denl I Ill; Home Economics Club (2, 4); Senior Modern Dance Group 3, 4); 4-H Club (4); Cosmopolitan Club (4). KATHRYN KAROLYN KIPKA. Mooresville; B.A.. Biology Carolinian (1); Junior Advisor (3); Y.W.C.A. (II; Wesley Fo Chemistry Club (I, 2. 3); Medical Technologists (2. 3, 4); Galileai Recreation Association (I. 2, 3. 4); Square Dan. :e 111. .It L1A ANN KNOTT. Clayton; B.S., Horn, Econon (21; Home Ero- Sl ' E KOENIG, Erwin, Tenn.; B.A.. Chemistry Dean ' s List (3); Section Leader 111; Y.W.C.A. (II. Hall President (II; Chemistry Club (I, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2). President (41; Horth Spencer Spotlight (41: Square CAROLYN NELL KOONTS. Lexington; B.A.. Elementary Education Elliott Hall Council (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 41 ; F.T.A. (3. 4) ; Recreation Association S.D.A. (4); Hall Social Committee (1. 2). MINERVA JANE KUNZE, Leaksville; B.S. Physical Education Choir (1); Y.W.C.A. (1); Westminster Fellowship (1); Galilean Club (2. 31; ation Association (3) J Square Dance (2. 3), Festival Hostess Chairman (3 1 : I f (3) MARY HELEN KLYKENDALL, Madison; B.S.. Physical Education F.T.A. (4); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 4). Cabinet (3); Dance Group (2, 3. 41; Archery Club (3) ; Co-ot (2. 3. 4) ; Junior Show (3) ; Basketball Coach (2. 3 I : Voile,. ball Coach (2. 3); Speedball Coach (3. 4); Hockey Coach (3). CORINNE LEE LAMBETH, Lumberton; B.A., Primary Education Section Leader (21; Y.W.C.A. II. 21; Botany Club (2. 3. 41; F.T.A. Spencer Spotlight 1 .1 1 I oa politi I (2) 5 .al Event, Committee (4 Ketner Kipka Knott Koenig Koonts Kuykendoll Lambeth p k What ore they eclcbrohnq, Than I — " SALL1 CATHERIN] I VMONS, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S., Physical Educat l l Y l ANDERS, W inston-i PATRICIA JUNE I ANDRIM. Franklin; HA Elementary Educa 1 tt ' (1 2) ; B.S.U. (1. 2, 3, 4) ; F.T.A. (4) i Spanian c lull i 2, S) ; s, REBECCA ANNE LANE, Wilmington; B.A., Mathematics 1 .T ' -U ' iin- tit; Sn|.]i,,tn..rr I Minima,,,,, - ' I . S.tiiui (It; l.i.l.lni Chain III Dean ' s List Oil; II r R.,1] ll. L ' I ; Pointa Commiaa I. II- S Itary (3); Chai man tit; v., .,„„„. ., Fell hip tl. 2); Square Circle II. - ' . 1. I) ; Phi Alpha Thel tit. Secretary III; Botany Club l. ' t; Cbemislrj Club l. ' i; Recrea II. 2. .1. II ; Phi I ' .i Omega (1. :. 3). BARBARA CI THBERT LASHLEY, Ashevillt . U.S.. Secretarial Administration I let ti.,..-. Chairman, Senior Cla t ll ; Dean ' i Lial I ' ll : Honor Roll 111; Seclion Lead tl. Jt: Derlinettca (I) j Gi ■ Mpha (3, I); Recreation Association tl. 2. 3, I Squari Dam i t I. J. I, I), rreasurci (2), ViccPresidenl if. Greenal t (3). MARTHA LOUIS1 I. ASHI I i H s . s i,, Administration PATRICIA ANNE LA II A, Mebanl . R.A.. Btolofty (, |s WOOD III. Knsun; U.S.. II Flora Manlonat.i (1) ; Dean ' i 1 i-t (3) j Seel I . ..!. , : B.S.I (2, 3, t ' ; Daafort •—. Fellowahip (3); ll I. .„„.„,„. Club (I. 2. 1. I ■ . I I ' (2, 3, l). Vice-President fit. ANN Mr KAY LLII.IR, Nora I. B.A.. Edu, Dean ' i Lial tit; y.W.C.A. ll. H; «,-],, Foundation (I. - ' . ,1. It: Bout r.A, (3, It ; Recreation s- ELIZABETH ADELINE LENHARD I Charlotte; B.S.. Secretarial Adn y.w.c.A. 3 i© And thus began Ihe locking TOMMIE MORROW LENTZ, High Pent; B.A., English Honor Board (3, 4) ; Clan Secretary (2) Class Vice-President (3 P VeenVej (2, 3) ; I); ! ' ..■• Chain (2); Elliott Hall t rtainmenl Committee ill: Dane I, 2) 1 w ' l Program Chairman (4) j Westminstei Fell hip I Dance Group 11. 2, I, 4) ; n- I , 2, 3) - n I NAM Y CAROLYN LEWIS, High Point; B.A., Sociology " ■- ' " ' Liat (3) Roll (2) Section Leader (1, 3): Sociolog (3, I Ii " reation i ,,. i. ;, : ,, . i .,,. |,. , |„|, ,, _. , Chapel Checker (3). VIRGINIA LEONARD LILES. Garland; B.A., Mathema IDA HOPE LEONARD. Greensboro; B.A.. Englii SHIRLEY ELIZABETH LEONARD, Greensboro; B.M., Music Song Committee 111: Yearling II ' ; Town Students Association II. 2, 3, I); Greens- I Sympl v Orrho.irj (1. J I. Ii : il,.,u,l,., i.,. n Darlinettcfl JANE LEPLEY, Philadelphia. Pa. (•CATHERINE GRA I I [Ml HOI SE, Summerville, S. C; B.A., Biology f-W.C . Hi: Wesley B „l. (2); Chemistr, Club (2, 31 reel logisl i (2, ; 1), tan (3), Vice-President (4); Cosmopolita ARAMINTA ANNE LITTLE, Salisbury; B.S., Physical Education Catawba College ' l 2); Senioi Idvisoi ( ) ; -i I V. (3, 4) i VCesle) Foundation (3, l ' i Ii " l ' -i Omee i (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Botanj i lub (3) ; n (3) ; Recn ' ■ -■■ ' «! ; I I »1 I I 1) I ' Group i :. 1 • : ,. Di I i ; I Preaidenl (4) ; „ hen luh (3, I) i Camp Counselors Club (4); i (3, 1) ; Cos politan Club (S) j Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (3, H: Student Faeuhj Re. lal - I mittei (4); Hall Soi ial I ommittee HI ; lunioi S I) NELLIE GRAY LEVENS, Gibsonville; B II ,;. . i Stud, i.i- -- I j ,n ANN! LIVINGSTON) Ishevill, 8 I 1 luh. ial Board i n : II. I Board in : Legislature (3) D 1 ill Psi Omega (I). Seniors . . . 1954 ALICE MILLWOOD LONG, Roanoke Rapids; U.S.. Secretarial Administration Dean ' s List (3); Honor Roll (31; If.W.C.A. Ill: Baptist Student 1 ,„..„ ill; 1 Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A. Ill; Recreation (.eeociation (1, 21; Square Dance Club I Devotional Chairman (2); Caller ' s Club (1). JUNE FRANCES LONG, Dobson; B.A., Elementary Education To,,,, Studenla Organization (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (1) ; F.T.A. (1, 2), Activitlea Commute MARY TREVALEAH LONG, Roanoke, Va.; B.A., Spanish May Court (41. Rl ' TH LONG. Cornelius; B.S., Home Economics Catawba College (1, 21; Dean ' s List (3 1; Y.W.C.A. 141; Wesley Foundation (41; Economic, Club (3, 11; F.T.A. (II; Spanish Club (3, 41. JANELLE LOVETTE, Asheville; B.M., Music Mean ' . I.i.1 13,; 11„„„, R„l| ||. _•, .,,. s,,l, on Lead,-, (ll; J,,,,„„ Wviaoi HI li.runi Commi (3); Greensboro Symphonj Orcbealra (1. 2, 3. 4); Chamber Croup 13. 11; Darlinettea (1. 2); Baptist Student 1 , ill -,,.„„,: Composers CI, 3. II. President 13. 11; Music Education Club (1. 21. Treasure, 13. 11; Recreatil MARY LEE LOVIN, Robbinsville; B.A., Elementar) Educ.-Hon Junior Meiaw (31; Bapt,!l S cnt Union (3, ll; F.T.A. Ill; Square Dance It. 11. JEAN RACHEL LfFFMAN. State Road; DM. Misii Mars Hill CoUege II. 2); Dean ' s List (1. 2. 31; Choir (3, 41; Baptist Student (1. 2. 3. l)l Music Education Club 13. II. DOROTHY CAROL McALISTER, Biscoe; B.A., Primary Educttion Dean ' s List (3. 4); Finance Board (41; F.T.A. Ill, Program 1 ID (4); Hill College (I. 2). MARIANNE ELIZABETH McDONALD, Richmond. Va. ; B.S., Physical Eduction 11 Sophie Newcomb , ollege, Tulane 1 niversitj in : Dean ' s I let i )) ; J„„i,,r Vdvisol 1 ' ' - ' ■ ' . 1); Chemistrj Club (2, l. 1) j Recreation Association (2 l n IEANNE McGUFFIN, Raleigh; B.A.. English Dean ' a Lial (3); K.W.C.A. (1, ;i; Baptist Student Union h iv, ,cfl (S, 1, Galilean Club (I); FT. v. ill; Square Dance Cl„l, tit; Ctrotinim ll. 2, 3. I,. HURRAY ' HURRAY! EMILY GREGG McLEES, Anderson, S. C; B.M P; • Dean ' s List (3); Honor Roll (I, 21; Choir (1. 2, 1. II. BETTY CAROLYN McSWAIN, Thomasville; B.S.. Secretarial Administration Y.W.C.A. il. Ii ; Weale) I idation in ; HI Hi BARBARA McLF.LLAN. Charlotte; B.A., English LOIS ELAINE MAGNUSON, Wilmington; B.A. Elemenlar) Educ EMMALEN McLEOD. Greenville. S. C ; B.A., Biology V. C.A. Hi: Westminster Fellowship (1. 2); Chemiatrj Club (I, 2 ■ ' tdm . Medical Technologists (4); Recreal -- ilion (I, 2); Ircherj ' lub i. ..n i Hi; Hall Board I I). SARAH JANE MALONE, Gastonia; B .5.. Physical Education Section Leadei [1) ; Chemislrj Club (2, 1.4); Recreation Association (1. 2. 3. 41. Hall Representative 121. Cabinet 12. 3. t): Dance Group (2. 3. II; Dolphin Club 111: Tap PATRICIA JO McMAHAN. Greensboro; B.A., Elemenlar) Education lection Leader (3) ; Town Slu- Committee (21. RITH MANGUM, Angier; B.S.. Secretarial Administrati ■ Y.W.C.A. (1, 21; Baptist Stu.l-ni Inion (I, 2. 3. Il; Gamma tlpha l3. 41: trcher) Club (1) ; Square Dance Club [2). MARY I.OI ISF McRAINEY, Lumberton; B.A S . HIRST MARTIN. Richmond. Va. ; B.S . Home Economic Shepherd College II. 2i; Hall Special Eeenu C ...1 ill: Westminstei hello., ship (31; Wesley Foundation in Home Econo mics Club (3, H: I T . Ill; Reere ation Association 13. 41 ; Hall Board (4). Seniors . . . 1954 MARION I KANf I s Ml sM K. H.,t 5 n Leadei (1, S) ; Y.W.I x i - H I omica Club (I, 1, I, 4), PmMi i. ; 1 I 1 it, KIM ( A M W . Yadkim.lU; B.A . FJuc.ilfm JOAN RATCLIFFE MIAI.IK, Reidsville; B.A.. Enylnh Deu ' l Lilt (3); Town Student! Organization (3); Baptist Student I ....... BI] I II [RENE MASH RS, Henderson; B.F.A., An Deati ' i Lial (3); Sereici League (4) i Sec Leadet II); l . Chairn 3); v I. ...hii I ii. • II ' Interfaith Council (2. 3); Congregational Christian Stude II. . ' . 3, II ; AH- Club (2, :. U ROSE MAXINF. MICHALOVE Forest City; B S . Secretarial Administration Pint Wtedla t«)i H.llel (I, 21 : Gamma Alpha 13. 41 ; FT. JANE BOLAND MAY, Charlotte; U.S.. Business Administ Student Union Council (1, - ' . S, I) I Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; Spanii mopolilan Club (1). CAROLYN PASOl H.MIIII K. Dallas; B.S.. Home Economics OLIVIA ANNE MERRIMAN. Raleigh; B.S.. Secretarial Adn Gamma Alpha 12. 3, I); Hall Board ill: Y.W.C.A. ill. SARAH EVELYN MILLS, Richlands; BS , Secretarial Adn If. W.I I (I. 2) j Gamma Mpha (3, 4) j 1 ■ I i.»hman Coram Hi: Chapel Checker 11. 2 1 ; fi»r Veed et (4). Seniors . . . 1954 JEAN CARROLL MILLS, Apex; B.A., Elementary Education Dean ' s Lis! 111; Y.W.C.A. (31. Hall Representative (3); Baptist Student (1. 2. 3. 4). Greater Council ( ) j Youne Women ' s Association (3, 41, Sedan F.T.A. 13. 41. Present 141; French Club (3, 4). ELLEN BARBARA MINK, East Orange, N. J.; B.A.. Recreal BARBARA ANN MITCHELL. Brown Summit; B.A.. Elementary Education Deans List ( 3 1 ; Honor Roll (31; Elections Board (41; Section Leader (3); Junior Uvisoi (31; Tap Dance Club (4); Square Dance Club (2. 3, 4), Festival Chairman II ' : Cosmopolitan Club (3); Chemistry Club (2). PEGGY JO MITCHELL, Wilson; B.A., Primary Education Elliott Hall Entertainment Committee (4). Hall Representative (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3, 4); Botany Club (1, 2, 3. 41; F.T.A. (II; Recreation STELLA RUTH MJZELL, Palmyra, B.A., Mathe MARTHA MOORE. Albemarle; B.A., Elementary Education Dean ' s Lilt (3) J Honor Roll (2. 3| ; Section Leader (21; Daisy Chain 12); Elliott Hal Council (3. 41; Dan, e Chairman 111; Dance Committee (2); Junior Advisor (3); Art Forum Committee III; Choir (1. 2. 3, 41; Y.W.C.A. (1. 4); Square Circle (1. 2, 31 Caliban Club (2) ; F.T.A. (4). CLARA ELIZABETH MORRIS. Charlotte; B.A.. Elementary Education Dean ' s List (3); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Elections Board (4); Junior Advisoi i.i Siema Delta Pi (3, 41; Square Circle (2, 3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Spanish Club (1. . ' . J, II. VIRGINIA KATHARINE MORRISON. Laurel Hill; B.A., English Coraddi (2. 3. 41, Make-Up Editor (4J ; Carolinian (4) ; Dean ' s List (3); Honor Roll 11. 2. 3); Section Leader (1); Daisy Chain (2); Choir (1); Westminster Fellowship 12. 3. 4), ' Council (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), Recording Secretary (4); Cosmopolitan Club (4) ; Coraddi Club (2. 3, i) . CHARLOTTE MIRPHY. Tomahawk; B.S.. Home En Section Leader (31; Dance Committee (21; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3 ship II. 2 I ; II ! I mil - I 1 ■ • I ■ I 1. 2, 1. II i Recreation Al Club 12. in. S I ' ii " H 2); Kitchen Chairman ( GERTRUDE BARNES MYERS. Wilmington; B.A.. English Dean ' s List 131; Section Leader 111; Y.W.C.A (3) J Westminster Fellowship Square Circle 12. ii; Bounj Club (21; Assistant House President 121; U Why don ' t wc i l I I MY1 us, ( layton; B.Ai lush Education il in; Hoi I I); Servici I i iguc I I i S i idi I (S I i ■ I i ' : Band (3); Y.W.C.A (1 2, 3, 4) ; BaptiM Student I (1 !) On it. - ' I . Wcelo) l lal ii Mini. I Club (2, I, I), Vic. Pri id. n Hi, I! ' ■ ' ' oi polil b i : I ' ll, I, Y kA, l I I AMis I ' .. Us ml, . I . ,„, Legislature I!. I 1 1 ouei Pr, lid. m (3); Vic. President Studcn i laai n... 2 ' Yearling in Outstanding S Coldoi Chain ii. Ii: Conaolidi I Univerall) i ........ I ill: Section Lcadci (2); Social - I ' ..,... toe l.i. Ii; St. Mary ' i ll..„-, (1, 2 i : B kssociati 2, I) Dance Gro 2) j SJ . . (2, 3, II. GEORGIA ELLEN NICOLAS, Winston Salem B.A E Servii .1 i Newman I Inb I I. - ; Botany I Beta Brn Bi ta (3, 4) ; R Squar. Da lib (2); I .ol Inb (2); Council Bepreseotatlv, I ' n i on H. NANCY GENE NORMS, Holliston Mass . B I 8 NANCY ANNE NEILL, Charlotte; B.A., Mathematics Ii.-.,,, ' - I ,.i I ' ll; ,r Roll II- 2 l);1 W.I 1. ii. ii: Wei nstei Fell I. J. 3, u: Square Circle H. 2, 3, I); Phi Upha rheta 1.1, I), I, ...-.,,.■. r:i. HI I I Y ANN Nl inston Salem; B.A., Elementary Education Dean ' a Lial in. II Roll (1, 2 I) j ».-!.■. Fi ■ ■■. lal [1. I I Ii » 2 ; i Squ ... Dai ul I i CI.Al ' DINE NICHOLS. North Y B.5., Secretarial Administration s|,.| Spi llifhl (3); Phi GEARL DEAN RUSSELL PAGE, Bi I BA I Ii..,,. . I,-. , :, : Ii..,.,.,. , lub (2. 3, 4) F.T.A. (3, 4) V.W.C.A. (I I) MARY SI I NI HOLS, Raleigh; B.S., Horn, Eco Servici Leaeui (3) ; Baptist Student Uni ,2,3, I) j Rome E I Club n . i ,,. i II Club il, 2, 3, II. Hi- 1. ....... i-n, Vice-Presldenl 1 rnational I ...... " » outh 1 v. banfi. to lusli ilia (3 I JILIA BOWERS PACE, Boonville; B.S . ' Service League III. Facult) Talenl Sbo« Chairman (4); St. Mai Vestr] , I. : H 1 • I lub (1, I) I Hall Board ill. But I ' ll never make it to an eight o ' clock ' ♦V ' AKIENI HOYD l ' KM) s. Mount GilcaJ. B.S.. Stcrd.nul AJ„ MADELINE JOHNSTON PETERSON, Durham, B.S.. Hume Econon ' smpbell Meg, I 1. ; i snt, -I lib (2, I, li . H Economii - i [2, IRENE TAYLOR PECK, Shelby; B.S.. Busmen Education Pine Needles (4), Typing Editor (4) ; Dance Chairman (4) ; Dance Committee (2. 3. 41 ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 41; Wesley Foundation (I, 2) i Gamma llpha (3. 41; F.T.A. (4); Recreation Association (2. 3, II; Special Events Committee Chairman ill Chape! Checker (2, 3); luniot S Proa ha 1); S uncil Hi; Hall Cheer. leader (4) ; Senior Show. NANCY REGINA PETREE. Winston-Salem; B.A.. Mathematics Dean ' s List 13 1; Honor Roll II. 2, 31; 1 W.C.A (1) i Wealey Foundation (1); Square Circle (1. 2. 3, II j Chemistry Clul. II. 21 ; Calilean Club (2. 3. 4). Vice-President (31 President ill. WINIFRED DICKINSON PERKINS. Fort Union, V., ; B.A., Elementary Education Section Leader 141; Y.W.C.A. in, Baptisl I- i I)j F.T.A. [3, H; Danee Group (1). PEGGY ANN PERRY, Enfield; B.A., Primary Education ANNIE U lis PHELPS Ash. fl 5 , ■ .. . CAROLYN LENOIR PHILLIPS. Ingalls; B.A.. Elementary Education i u I List (3); Section Leader (I, 31; Y.W.C.A. (1, 4); Westminster Fellowship (II Square Circle (2, ' .. i) j II (2, I) Sorth Spencer Spotlight ill: Recreation At so. iatioo in : French Club i u ELIZABETH COLLINS PETERSON. Clinton; B.A., Primary,,,,, LILLIAN GRANGER PHILLIPS. Rocky Mount; B.A., Primary Educ, Seniors . . . 1954 I MMA BELLI Pit KM l. Greensb. I laaa I real I I j I ' i I ,-t i I) : (2) s ft 1 in. ft,.,,, B.5., Secretarial Administration ., Roll ' I ! I) Section Leader (3); I. II I,,,. (3 i ' : Sigma Upha I I, I), MIRIAM llsi) | ' |( KM I. (mnish li VS., d Ad Marsha] |ti. In- I Marshal III; Finance Board (3, 4), Secretory (4); Service League (2)] I ' .i Ji Cha an (2) j Junior-Se r Dance Chairman (3) ; May Court (4) 1 il - ' I) ft. -I I., I. II...... I. 2. 3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4) J I. in i. — ■■ ... i - ' i; rap Dance Cltlh (1, 2); Sophomore Commission (2); Junior Show (3). DAPHNE PATRICIA PIASTER, W Section Leader Orchestra I I . - ' . I); I . " 1 " • is (1) j Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Moravian Students (si il. 2. 3, II- Upha Kappa Delta (3), President (4); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4), P Mi; I ..-I, ,,,[., ,1,1,1,1 i lu t, u, :t. Il; S.D.A. (4): N. C. Moravian College Students 111- Fr,„, I, II., I. 1(1 PmI.II. II.- 1 ' li.lnn.n ( .11 • r»tol»»»n ill Salem; HA.. Sociology isboro Symphony ...... ...uil.-nts Club (2. 3, 4), President ANNA LEE PONDER. Leicester; Junin, Advis„r (.11. Y.W.C.A. (1. 2 Economics Club (1. 2. 3. II ; Galilei 1 1, 2. 3. 11 ■ Cosmopolitan club (3. B.S.. Horn, Economics 3. 41 ; Baptist Student Union (1. 2, 3, 4) : Home Club (3. 4) ; F.T.A. (41 ; Recreation Association I; IH Club (1, 2. 3. 41, Publicity Chairman (4). MARGIE ANN] PREISINGER, BaJ.n; B.A., Chemistry Junior House President (3), Bouse Presidents Organization (3); Legislature (3); Hall l: I i- ' i Bo Board in, Free] in Commission (1); Class Jacket Chairman (2); Coldcn Chain (4) ; Dean ' s List (3) j Honor Roll (2) ; Points Committee (4) ; Section Lender (2); May Court (II. May Queen III; Newman Club (1. 2. 3). Vice- r,,-, 1 1 Sojuari I ii, I, 12. 3, 4); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (I. 2); Recreation laaociation il. 2. 3. 4). Cabinet (4); Dolphin Club (1), Treasurer (2, 3), President (4); Tap Dance Club (1) j Mull Social Chairman (1). JANET PAULINE PRICE, Greensboro; B.A., Sociology Service Lr.mii. ill; I,,,,,, Slu.lents Dance Cuniniiltec (3); Town Students Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Sociology Club (2. 3, 4); Recreation Association (3, 4); Honor Board (4). MARY ELIZABETH PRICE. Windsor; B.A., Primar) Education Dean ' s I iat (3); I, aith i .1 (2) ; . ft ( V 111. Council (2); F.T. MARGARET MEBANE PRITCHETT, Greensboro; B.M.. Music Education Dean ' s List (3 ; Town Students Organization (1. 2, 3. NANCY LEE PRITCHETT. Brown Summit; B.A.. Biology D. an ' s I.i-t ill; Honor R-.ll (31; Congregational Christi: ' " i-i " ' I " !. III; Cnduceus (2), Sccretary.Treasurcr (31. President (4); Galilean Club (3); Square Dance Club 12, 3, 41; Cosmopolitan Club (1); IH I 1,1 President (3) ; Beta Beta Beta ( II ; Phi Psi Omega (2. 3). CLARA FAYE Pl ' GH, Graham; B.A.. Sociology Service League (3); Junior Show (3); Sociology Club (3. 4). E. Pickett M Pickett Plaster Ponder Preisinger J. Price M. Price M. Pntchett N. Pntchett Pugh W.C. in the spring. - FANNY ELIZABETH PUTNAM, Waco; B Dean ' s Lint (3) ; Section Leader (1) ; Baptist S (2. 3, 4) j F.T.A. (4) ; Square Dance Club (2, 3) . LORA LEA REEVES, Fayetteville; B.A., Prin JEAN ELLEN RAGAN, Lexingl Carolinian i 1, - ' . 3), Feature Editor III: Pin, List (3) ; Honor Roll (1, 2, I i : Se I eadi Association (I, 3); Dance Group (3, I ' : - Va.; B.A., English (H. LIterar) Si.itl (4) J Dean ' s ; Daisy Chain I - ' I . Rei reation Co-I I ' .i hi ilt: Marshal I n . GAIL REILLY. Charlotte MARY ANN RANEY, Raleigh; B.A.. Spanish Carolinian (1. 2. 3, 41, Associate Editor (2, 3, I (3, Hoi ilphi Serrlei League 111: Junior Advisor (3); Arts Forum (1) ; Tf.W.CA ' ! : i (3, 4); Sigma Delta Pi (2), Secretary (3), President (4); Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3): Camma Alpha (3); Spanish Club (1. 2), Vice-President (3), Pro e ram Chairman Ill; Vorth Spancer Spotlight (2. 31. Editor (4,1; Recreation Association II. J. 3); Square Dai .1. (2) i Debating Society Pari " iin.i.i il- Weile) Foundation 11. 2. 3); Playlikers 11. 2); tt .uk-loir. 111. JOAN ELIZABETH RASH, Asheville; B.S.. Horn, Economic Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Junior Advisor (4): Baptist Student l ! n Future Teachers PEGGY JEANNE REASON. X ; PleirTer Junior College (1. 2). LEOLA SHEFFIELD RICHARDSON. Kemersville; B.A., Education Town Students Organization (3. 4). JEAN ROBERTS. Willow Springs; B.S., Hun Dean ' s List (3) ; Section Leader (1, 2) ; Y.W.C.A. (: Square Dance Club I POLLY CABL ROBERTS, Hillsboro; B.S.. PhysciJ Educatic Section Leader (1, 2) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Int, (1, 2), Secretary (3), President (4); Chemil (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Square Dance Club (2) ; Co-of (3. (1. 2, 3). Secretary (4). Ii Council (4) ; Wesley Foundation Club (3); Recreation issocis Cosmopolitan Club (3) : 4-H Club Seniors . . . 1954 SANDRA STEVENS ROBERTS. Wilson, B.A.. H,Mo, Dou ' a list (8)i Com hum Club (3); Hnll Seoul Chain HARRIM ELIZABETH ROBINSON, Kingsport, Tcnn.; B.F.A, An Cum Set retarj i n ; Dun ' i 1 : An Club C2, ». " ; Legislature (3); II. II Board I : i . khnbal (4) I Cinwrburi Clofa 1 1, . ' . 3. 4). AW ROBI RTSON, M. N. J.; B.S.. Physical Edu Botany Club (4); Chemistry Club (2); Recreation Association (1, 2. 3). Cabin,-! (4) Dolphin Club (1, 2, 3); Camp Committee (3), Chairman (4); C I I- ' . 3, II : Junloi Show (3). DOROTHY ANN ROSE. Pikeville; B.A., Physical Education Section Leadoi inci ii irta Forum Committer (3) ; Choir (I. 2. J) ; Darlinrtte. I 2 I : loletUlll I C4) ; Y.W.C.A (li - ; ' ' • ' " Foundation (1, 2. 3); Chemistry Club (2) ; Recreation I Dim ■ I ■ I I, I) i Dolphin ' lub (2) ; Camp I I- 2. 3. 4) ; Conch. Stum (I, 2. 3j ; Coach, Basketball (S lo| (2. 3). i R ( I s | Kohl K |so (,., CATHERINE ANNE ROBINSON, Gastonia; B.A., Primary Education Legislature (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 4) J Future reachen ol rica (3, 41; Recreation Association (1, 2, 3. 4); Square Dance Club CHARLOTTE PATTON ROBINSON. Marion; B.S., Secretarial Adn ANNE CLAIRE ROTHGEB, Raleigh; B.M., Voici House President (3) ; Inter! 2.3.4) Via Pi sidenl 8] Colden Chain (3, 4) ; Deal I ' I ' m- Committee 111; Choir (1, 2, 3, li: Weele) Fouudal 2. 3. 4 i Education Club (1, 2, 3, II ; Squan Dance I lub (2) ; Interiailh Forum, Steering Committer (2. 4| ; State Student I egialaturc (2). : Seel Leader (II; Daisy Chain I nil., ill: i;amma Alpha (3, Association (1). BETTY NN SA1 NDERS, Sanford; B.A. Primary Education Class Cheerleader I 1 ' Sectiol Leader (1 Dl I) ; Jl Committee (3) ; Y.M .C.A. (1, 2) ; Wesley 1 Future Teachers of America (3. ; 1 J, 1. 4) ; Seal Club (3) ; Square Dance Club II. - NAN SCHLEISNER. Harrisburp. Pa.: B.A.. S u Carolini,,,, i n j 11,11. I (1, 2. 3. 4) ; So. Seniors . . . 1954 TERRILL SUSAN SCHUKRAFT, Arlington, Va.; B.A., English Coraddi (2. 3, 4). Business Manager (4) ; Carolinian (4) ; Dean ' s List (3) ; Honor Roll (1, -i; Curaddi Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Student General Education Group (3. 4); Play. MARJORIE JOANN SCOTT, Greensboro Legislature (3); Junior Advisor (3) j Town Sim (- l : Judicial (4) ; F.T.A. (41. B.A., English ents Organization ( I. 2, 3. I CAROL ROBIN SELZER, Rye. N. Y. Dance Committee (2. 3) ; Y.W.C.A Economics Club (2, 3, 4) ; R, B.S. II ui . tnomici 4) ; Home BARBARA JEAN SETZLER, Alb emarle; B.S., Business Education DenVa Lial ' i 1) ; Honor Roll (2) ; Y.W.I (3, 4) ; Wesley Foundation (1 2). NANCY CAROLYN SHANKLE, Tit y; B.A Elemealarj Educatio Y.W.I I. (1, 2, ; li . , ongregational CI, ■ (2) 1.1. V 1 l R i isso, Dance Club (1. 2). Secretary (2). ;::: : ' :::::: " :::::, I ; Caller ' s 1 : Square GILLIE DARST SHAW. Fayetteville; I re I ommial 2) ; Marshal . 1 H. 2)i Y.W.C.A. (2. 3. 4) ; F.T.A (4) k.r (4). B.A., Primary Education i 1 : I I reasons. 4) ; Choir i , . napel PATSY ALYCE SHERRILL, Fayette. Si i ' i adi - (2) Baptisl - Archer) Club (3) : Co-ol Club (3, 41. tile; B.S.. Physical Education 2, 3, 4); DOROTHV MAE SHIELDS, Murphy Hall Board (4); Mji, Hill 1 i lub 1 , BS 1 1. , Home Economia 2); Dean ' . List (3); Home ALLENE JOYCE SHORE. Lewisville; B.S., Physical Education Y.W.C.A Hi Botanj 1 lub 1 Jtr, Club (2) ; Rccrealiun ' 1. - ' ■ ; " 1 ■ ' 1) rap n. lub (3) j Co -I (2, .:. 1) ; Co-Head Besketball MARGARET ANNE SHORE, Yadkir F.H. (t); Square Dance Club (1). vile B.A.. Elementary Education fW : ■ not lo pcd, thot n (he que%ti( •A IKK I A III i.lll S ski | . Asheboro B.A., 1 li, .,,, " - l,-i il, li: lunioi Uviroi III; I Studenti Organlittl n. i ■«« (3, 4). HI I I Y II A. v MI RS I Ion I Dili g . U.S., Dislribulivi Education D " U) l V. i . 1.1, 4); Congregational Christian (2, I); Cu i I, 1 i I I i I . . ,. I,. , , i ; ib . (2J ; S.D.A, ii ' ' , i, • i losl PHINI W si l DG1 Rich Square ; B.A I - ili; Seel Uadei in. I.W.C.A. (2); Botany Club CAROLYN ANN SMITH. Concord; B.A., Primary Educali, ll l -.,-,. i . nt il); Religious Handbook. Editor (4) j Dean ' s I i. ,n, , I It. ll; 1 ,.iii ,-li, ;,] .,„,) Reformed Slud nil Fellowship ll. Interlaith Representative (4) ; Reereation l»i,l,., Club I.-. S), PKBidont (4). (2); T«p Dan ANN SMITH. Kt KARLYM M SPEAR, Madison; B.A. Primary Educali, - I I ,1 , (1 . I I • II ; Hall Hoard (4). MARY ANN! SPI N IK ( Estonia; B.M., Music Edu l , . Drlecall, N.S.A.. Council (2. 3. 4). i Chairman (41; Hall Board (1); Dean " - LiM I ■■ II I Roll I - :,; Jom„, ,.| , ill; Greenlboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2. 3. II; Chamlier Moi Darlinelles. Vice-Presidenl (31; Music Education Club (1. 2. 3. »), Secrctan 3|; Cosmopolitan Club (2. 3. 41; Legislature (t). MARILYN JOSEPHINE SNOW. Walkertown; B.S.. Business Education laplist Sludent Union (I. 2. 3. 4). Conn, , I (3); MARG RET STAMEY. High Point. B.A.. Primary Education Prondecki Lake. PATSY LEE STANFIELD. Brown Summit; B.A., Elemental? Education Hall Board (4); Service League 111; Section Leader (31; Wesley Foundation (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Botany Club (2, 3, 4) ; Fulure Teachers ol America (3) ; Activities Committee Chair, man (4); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 4); Square Dance Club 111. Rl TH ANN SUTHERLAND, Madison; B.S., II m, . 3. II ; Home Economics Club 2. 3, 4), Secretary (2;. Vice-President Hall Social Chairman (4). PEGGY LOUISE STROTHER. Creedmoor; B.A., ;.- .. ) Section Leader (2, 3) ; Botany Clnb (2) ; Chemistry Club (2. 3) ; Caduceua Medical Technologists (3, 4) ; Zoology Field Club (3. 1:1 OIIDopolitail Club MARIAN ' SITTON. Kii leor uij (1) ; Y.W.C.A. ( i; B.A.. English oli Club (41 ; Legislature GLADYS ANNE STUTTS, Rockingha Choir (1, 2), Secretary (3. 4); Music Ed, M., Music Ed i Club (1, 2, 3. MARGARET BAILEY SWANN. Statesville; B.A., Ele Gardner-Webb Junior College (1. 2); Baptist Student Union y Education Future Teachers CAROLYN LOUISE STYRON. Durham; B.S .. Secretarial Ad. Elliott Hall Council I II ; Ma; Committee (4) ; Wesley Foundation ( Spotlight it ' ; Cosmopolitan Club (3 1 Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3). Vespers Steering ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; A ' orrt Spencer Hall Poster Committee (4) ; Elliott Hall S ial K, (4). |OY( I ANN TAYLOR, Asheville; B.A., English Mars Hill (1, 2); Baptist Student Union (3). Council (4). ANNE TRIPP SUMMERS, Greensboro; B.A., History Town Students Organization (1, 2, 3, II ; Futui.- Teacher! of America (4 (1) | Cosmopolitan Club (2. 3) ; Elliott Hall Fine Arts KM n IOIIM [ I M 1 ■ I I l ( h.iilott, h S . ,S,,. ., ' .„-,.■ ' AdminiMi Seniors . . . 1954 HARBARA MALLARD IHOMW Raleigh; B.A., Biology Deen ' a I .-i (S)j Bonoi Roll (I, 2) j Se ■ League (3); Secti™ Wviaoi in; ( miatry , 2) s Bota Beta Beta (8, I) j Cadu Field i lub i I) Vo, l s ' , , Spniliiln I n. PATRICIA AREME THOMAS, Hagerstown, Md.; B.A., English Hi- Vice-Preeident (1); Carolinian (2, 3. I). Rewrite Editor (2), News Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4); Coraddi (3); Handbook Committee (3); Yearling Staff (1) ; Outstanding Senior Hi; Colda air, 13. I); Dean ' . List (3.1; Honor Roll (1. 2); I i.HHoliii.i|...l 1 mi. i-ilv I .urn. 1 1 III; Si.rinl Sc iencr Liiruill I ' . uni mil I. ' .- Ill; Art Kuril III Committee (4) ; Coraddi Club (3. 4) ; Sophomore Commission (2) ; Hall Board (1) ; Junior Show (3). THEIMA III IHOMI ' SOX, M.ninUin Park; B.A.. Prin MARY GEORGE THRASH, Asheville; B.S., Physical Education Recreation laaociation (1, 2. 3. 4). Cabinet Hi; tnheiy Club (2); Cool (3. 4); Junior SI 3); Coach Basketball (3), s Iball (4), Speedball Head (4). JOSEPHINE TILTON, Washington, D. C; B.A., Sociology Udera Ileg, (I); Section Leader (2. 3) j Sociology Club (3. 4). EMMA LAURA SPRINKLE TUCKER, Winston-Salem; B.5 Hon Economics Dean ' s Lial Ml; Y.W i ».; Marshal (3); Home Economics Club (3. 4); Spanish Club MARY LAKE TICKER. Whu.ikus. R.I. p,„„jn ILJucii. ETHEL AW II RXER . B A . .;. :. LOIS DEBORAH TURNER. W ' adeshoro; B.M., Piano Choir (1. 2. .1. II. Vice-Preaidenl III; V t rmti;. ..sirs Club Ml; Music Education JUNE HAMILTON VAN HORN. Greensbon B.S.. Secretarial Administration l.iun ti, .lent Judicial Board (1, 2); Town Studenl Alpha (3. 41 ; Marshal (3). n+m P. Thomas E. Tucker The Dream Gir JO ANNE W ADDELL. Malverne, N. V. ; B.S., Home Economics Dean ' a List (3) ; Honor Roll (1, 2. 3) ; Section Leader (1) ; Newman Club Omicron Nu (3, 4); Chemistry Club (1); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 4 lion Association (1. 2, 3); Cosmopolitan Club (2). I -ARI I M VIM A!. WARD.; B.S.. Stcva.nhl Adminislr, MILDRED JEAN WALKER. Bostic; BA. Primary Education Dean ' . List (3) ; Section Leader (4) ; Botany Club (2, 3, 4) ; Future Teac America (4); Square Dance Club (1, 2). ESTHER MAE WARD, Mount Holly; B.A.. Elementary Education Dean ' s Liat (3) ; Westminster Fellowship (I. 3, I I I Chemistry Club (1 I ; Future Tei NANCY ALEXANDER WALKER, Hickory; B.A., English Legislature (3) ; Sophomore Commission (2) : Caro Roll (1, 2) ; Reviewing Committee (31 ; Dance Comtc Circle (2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (1): Hall Board THERESA DOZIER WARD, Whitakers; B.S., Home Economics Dean ' s List (3); Section Leader (2); Junior Advisor (3); Baptist Student Union (1) Home Economics (1, 2. 4); Future Teachers ol America (4). PERDITA SAl ' NDERS WALKER, Reidsville; B.S., Physic! Educati, Town Students Organisation (4) j Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4) j Coof (2, Coach, Speedba] Coach, Softball Coach. Basketbal ANNE WARNER, Raleigh; B.A., English Dean ' s List (3); Section Leader (2); Y.W.C.A. (1); Botany Clu Spur CI, 2). GLADYS WALLING, Springfield, Mass.; B.S., Physical Eduction Carolinian (1, 2, 3, 4), Sports ' Editor (2), Columnist (3, 4); Dean ' s List (3); Leader (1. 4) ; Newman Club (1, 2. 3, 4) ; Chemistry Club (2) ; Recreation As (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (2); Dolphin Club (4); Seal Club (3) J Archery Club I 4); Camp Counselors Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Cool (1. 2. 3, 4). JEAN ALLEN WATSON, P.nehurst; B.A Primary Educati, Dean ' s List (3) ; Service League (2. 31. Chairman (4) ; Choir (2) ; Sq Future Teachers of America (4). BFm li AN « A Seniors . . . 1954 I IV GREY WEST, Warsaw; B.A Prin Y.W.C.A. (1. li, It,, Student U n I I I lub (lj. •A I I II I AVI K, Red Oak, N. JEAN MARII-: WHITAKER, Kannapolis; B.A . Elementary Education Sec. ion Leader (4); Dance Committee (3); Choi, (1. 2. 3, 4 ; Sou.. ' Cll Future hen el 1 ■ (3 I); ■ CoamopoliUo Club 12); S.D.A. (3, 4); Young Demo crats Club 1.1. I), SUZANNE WEISS, Yonkers, N. Y.; B.S., Secretarial Adn Alp 3, «) ; Future reai hen ol i (4); HUM I 1, AMIE ISABELLE WHITE, Kii Section I eadei (S, 4); Y.W.I I. S.S.. Secretarial Administration ' ■« -hip (1) ; Gamma Alpl 1URBARA JEAN WERNER. Charlotte; HA.. Primary Education Sectioo Leader (1, 2) J Y.W.C.A. (2, 3); Botany Club (2); Future Teachers (4); Assistant House President (2); Marshal (II. ALICE CLARK WHITEHEAD. Greensboro; US II Dean ' c Lial C3) ; Seel Leadei [2) rowu Student! Organfataliofl (4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 4), Secretary (3). Treasurer (4) j Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3); Chemistry Club (1. 2); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Galilean Club (3. 4); Fulare Teacber. of America (3, 4) ; Spaniah Club (2, 3) ; Marahal (3) ; 1 BETTY ETCHISON WEST, Cana; B.A., Primary Education Dean ' l List (3); Honor Roll (2); Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3. I); Botan] i In (2. 3, I) ; Chemistry Club (2, 3) j Future Teachers ol America (3. 1) ; Snani-li (hi (2. 3. 4). REBECCA RHODES WHITESIDE, Gastonia; B.A., English Whitehead Seniors . . . 1954 MARY JANE WHITLEY, Norwood; B.S.. Home Economi BETTY JANE WTBLE, Asheville; B.F.A.. Art Dean ' , Liit 111: Honoi Roll 111: Baptist Student Union (I, 2, 3. 4); Art Club (2, I, I- Recreation foaociation ill. JO ANNE WTER. Mount Airy; BS.. But, nets Administration Dean ' . Li.l (.11: Dance Committee (31; Gamma Alpha (3. 41; F.T.A. (4); Dance DORA LEE WILEY, Loray; B.A., English CAROLE WILLIAMS, Greensboro; BS . Physical Edu CATHERIM I I l ABE I H WILLIAMS. Asheville; B.S.. Horn, Eowon REBECCA JANE WILLIAMS, Rose Hill; BS., Home Econon Peace College ( 1, 2); Wrstniinstrr ¥ llnwship (3. 4). MARGARET ANN WILLIS. Reidsville; B.A., Primary Education LOtTSE HILL WILSON. Hamlet. BS.. Hume Economics RLTH FRIDDLE WILSON. Walnut Cove; BS.. Home Economics ( AROLYN GAIL l I I Kl ING, harlotte; B.A ( hemistry S« ii i idei (] Ih ran Student! lira in ! i ; Chomlitr, Club (l. j. B, Calilcan Club (2, 3, 4); Pre-Nursin B (l)i Seal Club (.1, II; General Educi («). I II I II I I I I isl , Cirtlum; R.S . II..,,.; I;,.,,..,, BILL! rO works. Rock) Mount; .-1 •..»..„, education Dean 1 . Lill (3) - I. .,.!., (1, 4) j Y.W.Cit ELSIE JACQl ' ELINE WOOD, Camden; B.A., Primary Edt Section Leader (3) ; Future Teachers of America (4) ; Camp Couns. EDITH WU, Greenville FRANCES ELIZABETH ZAHRAN, Fayettevilli . B.A., English 1ARBARA ANN WOOI.ARD. Washington; B.A., Mathematics House President (4) j Hall Board (1) ; Golden Chain (1) ; Dean ' s LiBt (3) ; St. Mary ' s House (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Inter-Faith Forum Committee (4) J Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Galilean Club (2) ; Recreation Association (1, 2. 3, 4). Junior " Red and white our colors e ' er shall be. " The red is slightly faded, and the white is yellowish- grey, but our jackets still make us pretty out- standing . . . especially Freshman Week with ASK ME ribbons pinned on the lapels. Now we were the Big Sisters! Then the " Red Coats " sang their way through " the best Junior Show ever, " and enthusiastically sold their booklet, " Oh, College Dear To You. " Suddenly we sat up and looked at ourselves, and saw just how far the Red and White had come . . . why, we only have one year to go! MARY LOUISE PEACH What You Will Conceited? . . . Maybe, just a little . . . Proud? . . . You ' re mighty right we are! . . . After all, we ' ve come a long way . . . We ' ve been the guardian angels of the shiny-new Freshman and Commercial Classes, wearing down their resistance (and their shoe leather!) on those twenty-mile hikes Freshman Week . . . then tried to win back their affection with our " P. S. Send Money " all-girl, slightly musical fashion (?) show . . . Finally got involved in our majors ... or should we say " entangled " ? . . . Counted the steps as we trudged to Curry and Education classes at eight o ' clock on those cold bleak morn- ings . . . Never dared overcut Soda Shop 315 ! ! . . . gotta ' have that Java and cig . . . Came close to flunking out during those six weeks of practice for " A Place In The Shade, " as Simon Legree Sally Powell kept us jumping, dancing, and singing . . . Then in November we opened in Aycock and presto ! . . . we ' re famous ' . . . with Stardust swimming around in our eyes. . . . " Why, we oughta ' go on Broadway! " . . . " Maybe those hours spent in the Old Library weren ' t wasted after all! " . . . " What am I ever going to do with my time? " . . . Before Christmas those class rings arrived . . . and we realized that June ' 55 wasn ' t too far in the future . . . Old Saint Nick added " sparklers " to many left hands . . . and more people signed up for Sociology 335 ! . . . Exams, exams, exams . . . " If I flunk I ' ll just die! " . . . Third-floor stacks became home as we " re- viewed " ... or started from scratch! . . . Then it ' s all over, and those precious " unlimiteds " made a lucky few feel like Phi Women of Distinction. You Can Bete materia] . . . beach week-ends, Midwinters, Spi I ' n i mans, hen I come! . . . Thai beautiful, disgusting snow which kepi so many •. • I us on campus between semesters . . . We registered again . . . Don ' ! they know my home address by now " An you working oul your schedule for ' no Saturday ' s ' or sun court? " . . . and here we go again . . . Weathered th wintry Masts through February in those bat- tered jackets . . . just tall US lil " ol ' faded Valentines . . . wondering who our dales for the Junior Dance would be . . . March rushed in . . . and we proved our originality again with our " Abstract Ball " . . . from the combo in the afternoon ' til " Goodnight, Sweetheart " we waltzed on (loud No. Seven . . . except for the loyal ones who spent the evening writing to their G. I. Joes . . and dreaming of a dance in the future . . . " Till Then " . . . Spring blossomed forth . . . Our very first Junior-Senior Prom . . . Everyone began to speculate on S. G. A. officers for the following years . . . wondering who could pos- sibly live up to the achievements of Emily, Kay, and the others. . . . " Remember how we stood in awe of the ' wheels ' when we were freshmen? " . . . Talk, talk, talk, in the Soda Shop, at Coney Island, between classes . . . Then the elections . . . and what do you know? . . . looks like our Alma Mater is in pretty good hands for another year! . . . Aw, we knew we could do it . . . Didn ' t we confess that we ' re pretty proud of these red jackets and what they stand for? C F 4 x The long arm of Mrs. St First Row. left to right: Eleanor Anne Adams, Winston-Salem; Frances Alexander, Burlington; Evelyn Lee Allen, Marshville; Sarah Allen, Wades- boro; Annie Lou Etta Allison, Old Fort; Carole Marie Altman, Newberry, S. C; Carolyn Anderson, Mars Hill. Juniors Second Row: Mary Lois Anderson, Benn ettsville, S. C; Shirley Anderson, Rock-y Mount; Peggy Andrews, Swepsonville: Jewell Arnold, Fuquay Springs; Molly Atkins, Durham; Mary Eaton Avent, Whitakers; Addye Henry Baggett, Lillington. y Freshmen advisees Third Row: Marion Bailey, Raleigh; Marilynne Baird, St. John ' s, New- foundland, Canada; Eva Baker, Rowland; Martha Banks, Greensboro; Melba Banks, Maysville; Lois Earlene Barefoot. Benson; Eleanor Toy Barksdale, New Brunswick, N. J. Fourth Ron: Joel Barlow, Hickory; Katherine Barrier, Farmer; Emily Baucom, Wilmington; Nancy Patricia Beam, Shelby; Molly Jo Beatty, Haw River; Winifred Kay Beatty. Haw River; Mary Owens Bell, Fayetteville. Fifth Ron: Sara Bennett, Charlotte; Carolyn Bigham, Charlotte; Polly Bivins, Elkin; Nancy Blanchard, Charlotte; Barbara Blue. Aberdeen. Carmen Bolick, Gastonia; Nancy Booth. Atlanta, Ga. Sixth Row: Mary Ann Borts, Fayetteville; Ann Bowles. Winston-Salem; Margaret Reese Boyd, Waynesville; Carol Bradford, Davidson; Anne- Bradley, Falls Church, Va.; Ensa Elizabeth Bright, Rutherford College; Anne Bristol, Andrews. Seventh Row: Patricia Brittain, Graham; Tommae Brittain, Chapel Hill: Maitland Broadwell, Saint Pauls; Doris Elsie Broom, Monroe; Ann Brown. Charleston. S. C; Autrey Brown, George; O. Jean Brown, Wil- mington. Eighth Row: Margaret Brown, Charlotte; Mary Lee Brown, Spencer; Roberta Brown, Rocky Mount; Martha Browning, Graham; Henrietta Bruton, Lexington; Carolyn Bryson. Cullasaja; Mary Ethel Buckner, Concord. Not Pictured: Eloise Bates, Roanoke, Va.; Judith Ann Betz, Henderson- ville; Mary Bivins, Greensboro; Dixie Lee Boney, Clinton. } o k i £ AAA aa££ it ' i Row, It ft l " right: Ann Harrington Burt, Biscoe; Sue Byerly, Durham; Mary Ann Callihan, Greensboro; Anne Campbell, Salisbury; Barbara Louise Campbell, Elizabethtown ; Betty Campbell, Denton; Karen Delaney Campbell, Clinton. Juniors Second Rmi : Mary Josephine Campbell, Winston-Salem; Martha Neal Capps, Gastonia; Alice Dunn Carlyle, Burlington; Marianne Carson, Greensboro; Linn Cashwell, Mount Airy; Gertrude Cauldec, Fayetteville; Geraldine Chandler, Marshall. No more Thanksgiving holidays? Third Row: Louola Patrick Chapin, Lillington; Brent Chapman, Charlotte; Diana Chatham, Richmond, Va.; Katharine Childs, Wadesboro; Flora Nick Christopoulo, Charleston, S. C; Joan Kearns Clodfelter, Lexington; Dolphine Cobb, McLeansville. 1 Row: Norma Cofer, Winston-Salem; Nadine Cole, Fayetteville; Betty Collins, Kannapolis; Charlotte Collson, Greensboro; Ann Wright Colvard, Robbins ille; Joan Marie Conner, North Wilkesboro; Milhcent Cooley, Ashe tile. fifth Row: Martha Ann Cope, Landisville, Pa.; Sara Frances Copelan, Mooresville; Eleanor Coulbourn, Windsor; [imrnie Louise Councill, Lenoir; Betty lean Covington, Roanoke. Va.; Betty Lou ( ovington, Whitsell; Jean ( raig, Haddonfield, N J. Sixth Ron: Joyce Crews, Troutman; Lillian Cromer, Tryon; Carolyn Crouse, Lexington; Margaret Crow, Wilson; Kathryn Currie, Maxton; leanette Cuthrell, Norfolk. Va.; Frances Louise Dalton, Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Sonia Daniel, Durham; Zora Daniel, Durham; Martha D.i is. High Point; Nancy Jane Davis, Burlington; Mary Jane Dickerson. Kittrell; Sylvia Dismuke, Burlington: I. Janet Dixson. Charlotte. Eighth Ron: Franda Dcbson. High Point; Katherme Dove, Rocky Mount; Marion Duckworth, Asheville; Doris Ann Durham, Burgaw; Carolyn Earnhardt. Charlotte; Harriet Edwards, Rockwell; Jane Edwards, Ruthc-r- fordton. Not Pictured: Margaret B. Burch, Wadesboro; Barbara Ann Carter. Reids- ille; Barbara Dunn, Bladenboro. ft a £ © C) O f i ? € B ££ ££££ f A l . Jfr © iik«4 First Row, left to right: Barbara Elliott, Chadbourn; Janet Ennis, Erwin; Carolyn Falls, Shelby; Janie Mae Ferguson, Gastonia; Barbara Anne Fisher, Huntersville; Hazel Fisher, Salisbury; Nancy Fleming, Grimesland. Juniors Second Row: Sue Fleming, Boonville; Betty Jean Floyd, High Point; Betty Jean Floyd, Lumberton; Mary Forrest, Raleigh; Thomasine Fox, Luther- ville, Md.; Joan Marie Fuller, Greensboro; Shirley Gaines, Jamesville. Row: fmogene Garrison. Burlington; Dorothy Gaskin, Albemarle; Terry Gaulden, Greensboro; Judith George, Maiden; Joellen Gill, Zebulon; Carol Giroud, Sewaren, N. J.; Patricia Glenn, Henderson. Fourth Ron: Patricia Gordon. Mount Airy; Emily Graham, Erwin; Jane Graham, Charlotte; Nancy Carolyn Gravely, Brevard; Frances Green, Raleigh; Diantha Griffin, Williamston; Evelyn Griffin, Marshville. Fifth Row: Jean Griffin, Williamston; Mary Ruth Griffin, Rocky Mount; Josie Grimes, Thomasville; Sory Guthery, Charlotte; Ernestine Hall, High Point; Lee Hall, Lexington; Sylvia Hamer, Lenoir. Sixth Ron-: Jean Hammond. Hendersonville; Joan Hammond, Henderson- ville: June Hamrick, Mount Holly: Lillian Harding, Charlotte; Jill Harke, Charlotte; Betty Jo Harrell, Wilson; Patsy Harrelson, Hendersonville. Seventh Ron: Clairene Harris, Seaboard; Harriet Harris. Franklinton; Peggy Harris, North Wilkcsboro; Mary Ruth Hart. Gastonia; Wanda Hart. Lenoir. Wayne Hartsell, Charlotte; Betty Jane Harvey, Winston-Salem. Eighth Row: Lois Harwook, Norwood; Anne Hawfield, Washington, D. C; Ruth Hawkins, Greensboro; Edna Joyce Hayes, Wilmington; Helen Haynes, Reidsville; Sara Hearn, Kinston; Donna Thomas Hege, Greens- boro. Not Pictured: Anita Eppley, Jamestown; Betty Funderburk, Charlotte; Violet Galvin, Fort Bragg; Jeanette Hankins. High Point; Jayne Hartsell, Charlotte; Mary Elizabeth Heaton. Andrews. .. 0% f% 3 f - t 4 First Ron. left to right: Cordaire Heiberger, Norfolk; Mary Myrtle Herring, Towson, Md.; Grace Hicks, Henderson; Joan Hicks, Henderson; [ane Higgins, Greensboro; Elaine Hill, Brevard; Margaret Hill, Wilming- Juniors Second Rmi : Louise Hinnant, Durham; Julia Hix. Thomas ville; Elizabeth Hobbs. Walstonburg; Mary Elizabeth Hobgood, Oxford; Carolyn Hollis. Raleigh: Katie Dunn Holloman, Selma; Elizabeth Jane Holt, Asheville. Third Row: Evelyn Holtzmann, Manson; Phyllis Honeycutt, Portsmouth, Va.; Marian Hopkins. Brown Summit; Jane Horn, Lawndale; Dorothy Howard. Buie ' s ( reek; Rachel Hudson. Ramseur; Larue Huffman, Hickory R u Sail) Huffman Pfafftown; Carol Humphrey, Southern Pines; Marian Hunter. Charlotte; Rebecca Hurt, Greensboro; Evadean Ingram, Princeton; Jean Ingram, Taylorsville; Bettye Inscoe, Louisburg. ' R w: Lalah Perkins Isley, Greensboro; Tirzah Ison, Charlotte: Marj Lou Jackson. Charlotte; Genevieve James. Raleigh; Ora Jarrett, Shelby; Karen Jensen, Brooklyn, N Y.; Ida lane Johnson, Hunters ille. Sixth Ron: Rose Marie Johnson, Smithheld; Lois Jones, Pembroke; Melissa lones. St. Augustine. I ' l.c; Phyllis (ones, Laurinburg; Rebecca Jordan. Charlotte; Alice Joyncr. Rocky Mount; Sara Joyner, Rocky Mount. R ... lean Kanter. Kinston; Frances Kauffman. Camden, N. J. Rita Bumgarner Kenion, Greensboro; Martha Keys, Washington. D. C. Ann Kinie. Liberty. Amelia Kirhv. Supply; Inez Kiser, Stanley. Eighth Row: Louise Kiser, Statesville; Rosalie Kizziah. Salisbury; Ellen Kjosnes, Sao Paulo. Brazil; Unni Kjosnc-s, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Sally Kluttz, Albemarle; Ila Marie Kornegay, Mount Olive; Nettie Lambeth, Lumberton. (red Pearl Liege-. Lexington. Henrietta Howell. High Point. 2£ £i £ Bj tv First Row. left to right: Peggy Lambeth, Thomasville; Mary Layton, Char- lotte; Shandy Leigh, Rockingham; Virginia Lind, Garland; Barbara Linzy, Statesville; Patricia Ann Long, Rutherford ton; Gayle Lumsden, Concord. Juniors Second Row: Margaret Louise Lynch, Newton; Annie McClelland, States- ville; Sara Elizabeth McCormick. Saint Pauls; Mary Elizabeth McDill, Fayetteville; Elizabeth McDonald. Rockingham; Helen McDonald; Polly- anna McDonald, Rockingham. Third Row: Patty McDuffie, Paw Creek; Jane McKeithan, Raeford; Kath- erine McNeely, Morganton; Doris MacPhail, Arlington, N. J.; Nancy Mc- Quague, Wadesboro; Mary Daniels McRainey, Fayetteville; Helen Mali ' s, Charlotte. Fourth R " i : Anne Mason, YadkinviUe: Laura Massey. Zebulon; Elizabeth Mauney, Newton; Angelyn M.iynard. Harrells; Barbara Melvin, Charlotte; Louise Merz, Catonsville, Md.; Judith Michaels, Durham. Row: AIkc- Miller, Hickory; Jerita Ann Miller. Greensboro; Sally Miller. Hillsboro; Vivian Miller, High Point; Peggy Ann Minor, Charlotte; Emogene Moore. Elon College; Helen Moore, Ahoskie. Sixth Row: Laura Moore, Lenoir; Marie Moore, Statesville; Jane Morris, Charlotte: Margaret Morris, Oxford; Melissa Morse, Raleigh; Patricia Muller. Durham; Suzanne Myers, Lexington. Seventh Row: Ruth Nelson, Lenoir; Eileen Newsome, Danbury; Elizabeth Newton, Highlands; Jeanne Nostrandt, Danville, Va.; Josephine Okey, Graham: Shirley Olds, Donelson. Tenn.; Peggy Oliver, Jefferson. Eighth Row: Peggy Lou Ormsby, Laurinburg; Vinal Overing, Raleigh; Anna Jane Owens, Wilson; Ann Painter, Mount Holly; Margaret Jane Palmer, Hickory; Astrid Parmele, Wilmington; Ingrid Parmele, Wilming- ton. Not Pictured: Carolyn Lentz Lithgo, Greensboro; Ann Hollingsworth Man- ning, Greensboro; Joyce Mellis, High Point; Mildred Messick, Lenoir; Anne Obenshain, Bristol, Tenn.; Joyce Olive, Olivia; Shirley O ' Neill, Morristown, N. J. !20 .- J ? £2J. 3 ££ £££v) J tin iu. ; l ' l O £ First Ron. left to right: Pearl Parry, Windsor; Patricia Pattern, Raleigh; Mary Louise Peach, Gastonia; Sammy Jean Penny, Chalybeate; S. Anne- Peoples, Pittsboro; Eugenia Petteway, Jacksonville; Barbara Nell Pickett, Greensboro. Juniors Second Row: Suzanne Pickett, Winston-Salem; Barbara Pillatt, Savannah, Ga.: Margaret Porcher, Pinopolis, S. C; Barbara Hutton Powell, Greens- boro; Sara Ann Powell, Lenoir; Mary Floyce Price. Monroe; Nancy Paschal Price. SilerCity. Third Row: Mary Louise Rabil, Weldon; Clara Ramsey. Marshall; Patricia Ann Ramsey, Ashe ilk; Katherine Ranson, Huntersville; June Rapp, West- field, N. J.; Ann Reece, Ruthcrfordton; Elizabeth Reid. Mayodan. Doing very nicely, thank ' R Irene Reins, Winston-Salem; Nancy Revelle, Woodland; Lola Sheffield Richardson, Colfax; Maria Richardson, Lilesville; Susan Rukcrt. Statesville; Alfrieda Ring. Asheville; Elowe Rodgers, Charlotte. Fifth Row: Suzanne Rodgers, Scotland Neck; Vira Ann Rodgers, High Point; Sara Rogers, Purham: Eva Rosenbhim. Willard; Barbara Ann R w land, Rockv Mount; Mary l.irlc Rowland, Kirtrell; Frances Royal, Greens- boro. Sixth Ron: Joan Ruark, Bennettsville, S. C; Patricia Ann Ruddick, WyckofF; Helen Russell Winston-Salem; Edyth Sams Marshall; Barbara Sanderford, Cary; Julie Sanders, Tryon; Mary Boddie Sanders, Smithfield. Roseboro; Jane Savage, Raleigh; Lou Alice Sawyer, Salemburg; Alida Schilthuis, Asheville; Be erly Schoonover, Kensington. Md.; Jean Seawell, Carthage; Betty Sexton, Denton. Eighth Row: Iola Florence Shearin, Roseboro; Lillie Shearin, Essex; Betty Jean Sheets, Fairview; Ellen Sheffield, Rose Hill; Sarah Sherril, Hickory; Lynda Simmons, Atlanta, Ga.; Billie Sledge, Charlotte. Not Pictured: Carolyn Redding. Gastonia; Barbara Simmons, Charlotte. ■4 f) o $£l Jk i fc|J £l £ I ' iliiiil First Ron: left to right: Belie Smith, Atlanta, Ga.; Jane Smith, Albemarle; Julia Anne Smith, Statesville; Patsy Smith, Marion; Sarah Rebecca Smith, Atlanta, Ga.; Sheila Smith, Atlanta, Ga.; Jennie Snider, Salisbury. Juniors Second Ron: Geraldine Somers, Elon College; Jean Spivey, Raleigh; Carolyn Sprinkle. Winston-Salem; Elizabeth Ann Spruill, Windsor; Rebecca Scjuires, Greensboro; Mary Ann Stafford, Greensboro; Dean Stallings, Jamesville. 7 bird Ron . Sara Jane Stanley, Greensboro; Marguerite Staple-ford. Durham; Nannette Starling. Raleigh; Sue Starrette. Charlotte; Barbara Steelman. Kinston; Jerrine Steifle. Greensboro; Margaret Lee Stevens, Goldshoro. R u : Phyllis Anne Stevens, Lynchburg. Va.; Ann Stewart. Reids- ville; Gaye Stewart, Guilford, Conn.; Catherine Stikeleather, Taylorsville; Doris Stone. Princeton: June Carole Stowe, Gastonia; George Stradley, Asheville. Fifth Ron Ellen Strawbridge, Henderson; Marcia Tarr. Deal, N. J .: Jerry Tatum, Vicksburg, Miss.: Nancy Taylor. Arlington, Va.: Peggy Riddle Tayloi Winston-Salem; Nancy Moore Teague, Martinsville, Va.; Ana Man.i Terradas, Camaquey, ( nba. Sixth Ron : Peggy Jean Tesh, Winston-Salem; Peggy Thomas, Raleigh; Velma Thomas, Cameron; Mary Banks Timmons, Asheville; Ann Robin- son Todd, Charlotte; Sara Trollinger, Ashcboro; Nancy Vann, Rich Square. Seventh Ron: Jeanne Wagoner. Wadesboro; Mary Van Walbach, Wil- mington; Ruth Walker, Greensboro; Sue Eleanor Walker, Currie; Lula Margaret Wall. Lilesville; Marv Anne Wall, Wadesboro; Mary Helen Wall. Micro. Eighth Ron : Mary Waller, Fair Bluff; Catherine Warlick, Mooresboro; Patricia Warlick, Statesville; Rachel Warlick, Gastonia; Clarisse Warren. Salemburg; Martha Frances Washam, Charlotte; Margaret Ann Way, Reidsville. Not Pictured: Mary- Scott Strickland, Carolina Beach; Grace Thomasinc Strother, High Point; Nancy Young Tottin, Reidsville; Camilla Cline Wagner, Greensboro; Nancy Anne Walker, Summerfield. - t tt. ± M ,Z ( AZ » ft » £©©£© First Row, left to right: Frances Elaine Weadon, Brown Summit; Sylvia Weatherly, Washington; Gloria Weaver, Shelby: [eannette Weaver, Raleigh; Done West, Franklin; Paula Whitaker, Kinston; Anne White Greensboro. Juniors Second Ron: D ' Orsay White, Altamont; Janice White, Lynchburg, Va.; Peggy Ann White, Kinston; Elizabeth Ann Whitley, Enfield; Patty Wil- helm, Mooresville; Barbara Wilkinson, Maiden; Lucille Williams, Golds- bo ro. Third Row: Lottie Belle Wimbish, Graham; Man Evelyn Winkler, Gas- tonia; Ann Kay Winstead, Wendell; Peggy Wolfe, Mount Olive; Phyllis lean Wolfe, Fayetteville; Martha Wood, Stafford. Va.; Joyce Woodard, Raleigh. fourth Row: Jean Woodley, Columbia; Joanna Wood ' Nancy Wright, Landis. Sat Pictured: Nana Jean Young. Smyra, Ga. o o LP f Nov. we VI ly dl III nun. |n i pn iidi hi foi thi Sophon 01 H ( l.iss iii i ' . oui I r ihman bul a little shaky. Now «. ' v gol oui class tj iril and oui m wholi In .m. dlj into the vario mi tin. framework ol thi colic; u nitj Wi can judge a little i i to | I oui ol i m i irs .11 W. and wi n relating our interests and picking 01 W« know thai ncxl year omi ol us will be Junior advisors, and others will writi the class show, and wi r preparing lor thi responsibilitii s befo I his in i I i year of diamonds and fraternity pun Many girls did not ..mi. bai I liter their Freshman year, and still others will leave at the end of this year. Alter Christmas vacation the dining lulls and dorms were filled with girls oohing and aahing over rings, and some of us could be heard pic! Wedding March with one finger on the dorm pianos. Apparently I Graham was right when .it the first chapel hour that the Class of 1956 attended, he said ours was the best-looking class he had seen. Well, we think so, anyway. But here is the end of our Sophomore year at college. It will be remembered by all of us as a year filled with tun, hard work, many new friends, and wonderful tunes. It will also be remembered in some way by the little Korean orphan we adopted this year, and by the members of the administration and the advisors who worked with us. And, happy or sad as the realization makes us, it means that our college career is half over, and we have only two more years to go. Class of 1954 Stairway To The Stars. there ' s the soap, Peggy The Gals This was the gray year, charcoal gray, of course. This year we changed from a bunch of bright green freshmen to a group clothed in fashion ' s biggest color — gray. How we waited for those jackets! October passed, and still they hadn ' t come, and we accosted Jodie- Meachum and every officer of our class, but they just shook their respective heads mournfully. Finally, right before the first snow, and after Thanksgiving, they arrived. The cold weather didn ' t deter us. We wore them while we shivered, and some hardy (or foolhardy) Sophomore, warmed by class pride, wore them through rain and sleet. They were worth waiting for, though, because all heads turned as we raced through the dining halls. Even those girls who fought so valiantly for black jackets (remember that class meeting when every Sophomore showed up wanting a different color jacket ' i were- satisfied. Now our jackets are a familiar sight on campus, but to us they will always be special, because they ' re the symbol of our class. Although this year we were separated into different dorms, we stuck together as a class. We built a " Stairway to the Stars, " and the class that last year initiated Elliott Hall with its Coronation Ball, held an even more successful dance. The lights, music, formal dresses, and beautiful surroundings seemed a dream, and midnight came too soon. But then, it always does. In Gray We ' ve had .1 lot o! fun, but there ' s also been some work. We thought that the worst was over last year, when Freshman History was a thing of the past, only to step into American History. Chaucer, and Wordsworth. But now we ' re more sure of ourselves, and we don ' t have to tremble at the approach of exams, or at the end of every six weeks period. We know W.C. now, and we know the teachers and policies. We ' re truly a part of it now, and somehow that makes things easier. This we were the rats who sponsored Rat Day, and we could laugh at the Freshmen with their laundry bags full of books, and lipsticked foreheads. Last year seemed far away, and it a little more difficult to understand why we were in sin h aw i ol thi uppenlassmen. Although we have more work, we can handle it better, and there are always plenty of gray jackets in the Soda Shop. We ' re busy choosing (and chang- ing ) our majors, in preparation for next year, and are plaguing the seniors with e]ucstions about practice teaching and co- ordinating. It ' s fun now to go back to the dorms we occupied last year, to see our old rooms and the new girls in them ( the) never do fix the rooms as nicely as we did). There ' s a lot to remember of our Sophomore year, because it was such a good one, and deep inside we know that the Junior year of the Class of 1956 will be even better. First Row, It It to right: Carole Abbott, Faye Abell, Nancy Abell, Beverly Adams, Evelyn Adams, Ruth Adams, Anne Alexander, Eleanor Allen. Second Row: Marietta Allen, Polly Jane Allen, Ann Amouri, Betty Ann Ander- son, Dorothy Anderson, Beverly Jean Annis, Medora Arnold, Joanne Arrant, Joan Atkinson. Third Row: Phoebe Ann Aydlett, Mary Edith Bagwell, Carolyn Bain, Rebecca Love Barnes, Romaine Barnes, Edwina Barnett, Sylvia Baty, Mary Ann Baum, Amaryllis Beasley, Carolyn Beasley. Not Pictured: Nancy Andrews, Frances Atkins. Sophomore First Row, left to right: Annette Beck, Marj l ou Beckei B ttj Holland Bell Marijane Beltz, Esthei Benedict, Lelah Bennetl Kath Nancj Anne Birgel. Second Row: Lou Ann Bissett, Patsy Ann Bivens, Janice Blaisdell, Diana Blevins, LaVerne Blue, Linda Hoi. ml, Juan Carol Mun.lui.iiii I lien Bonner. Third Row: B. Gail Bust, Rebecca Bowen, Jean Bowman, Lois Boyd, J. Faye Boyette, Anne Braddock. Elizabeth Bratten, Myrna Breitbart. Virginia Lee, Nancy Bridgers. Class... 1954 Not Pictured: Shirley Bowers, Ann Bransford. • ' •i Row, left to right: Nancy Bright, Yvonni Britt, Janel Br Broome, Winona Brothers, Mar) Vi Broughton Shirlej Brown, Sylvia Faj Brown. Second Row: Virginia Orlando Brown, Paula Bruce, Barbara Jane Bryant, Annie Bun-, Alice Bull, Jean Burgin, Barbara Burkett, Frances Burroughs, Butts. Third Row: Annie Blue Cameron, Beverly Campbell, Mary Frances Campbell, Juliette Canada, Carol Ann Carlton. Pauline Carroll, Patricia Carson, S. Colleen Carter, Betsy Castelloe, Alice Elizabeth Caton. Nut Pictured: Carolyn Carson. Sophomore Class First Row. left to right: Elizabeth Clark. Margaret Davis Clark. E. Kathryn Clay, Martha Cline, Patsy Louise Coble, Peggie Ann Cochrane, Ann Cofield, Sarah Jane Cole. Second Row: Catherine Coleman, Carol Collier, Carolyn Cooley, Iva Sue Coomes, June Cope, Faytie Cox, Bonnaleta Coxwell, Sara Craig. Mary Frames Crawley. Third Row: Betty Lou Cresdy, Elizabeth Crews, Sybil Crotts, Mary Crouser, Julia Sue Crumpler, Ann Crymer, Johanne Curran, Shirley Curran, June Curtis. Not Pictured: Margaret Rose Crouse, E. Anne Curtin. First Row. left to right: Barbara Daves, M. Ann Davis, Hilda Davis, Jessie Davis, E. Jane Deans, Alice Deese, Doris Marie Delimiter. Second Row: Billie Sue Dixon, June Dixon, Roberta Dixon, Sudie Doggett, Dorothy Ann Donalson, Beverly Dorman, Elizabeth Doughton, Susan Dunham. Third Row: Mary Cowles Dunlap, Elizabeth Ann Dunn, Janet Durham, Betty Edgeworth, Etta Jane Elliott, Judith Elin Ellison, Mary Foster Elting, Betty Elzey, Virginia English. Not Pictured: Carol Dawson, Mary Wells Edwards, Irene Emory, Laura Ervin. Sophomore First Rou . A to rq bt I oi is Etl Mary Enola Falls Bi ttj Carolim Felmel Hattii l lizabi th 1 irah Fii qui tl Sheila Kaj Finch, Audrey Fisher. Second Ron: Miriam Flake, Rita Fleishman, Anita Fletcher, Jean Fletcher Edith Fostei Sylvia Rose Fraziei fanel Frederick, (Catherine Friai Barbara Friedman. Third Row: Martha Fulcher, Dun. is Ann Gaines, Mary Lois Garrell, Frances Imogene Garrett, Ruth Geiger, Gladys Gelfman, Dure Jo ( iliikin. Patricia Godwin, Rosa Kelly Godwin. Class... 1954 Not Pictured: Madge Evans, Ebba Freund. f f a r First Row, left to right Gilda Goldstein, Juanita Goode, Maxine Goodwin, Johi .1 Gorter, Evelyn Goslen, Dixit- Anne Graham, Phyllis Anne Graham Virginia Gray. Second Row: Eugenia Green, Evelyn Greenberg, Jacqueline Griffin, Phyllis Griffin, Peggy Gunnell, Geraldine Hagan Judith Hall foai Harlow. Third Row: Marjorie Ann Harrell, Nancy Carroll Harrill, Vista Harrington, Phyllis Harris, Sheila Clark H irris, Margaret Hartle, Janice Hartman, Caroline I lawkins. Not Pictured: Margie Goldman, Arlene Emily (inset. Belmar Gunderson, Julia Perry Hall. Sophomore Class First Row, left to right: Betty Ann Haynes, E. Carolyn Head. Patricia Hemp- hill, Margaret Herring, Elayne Herzberg. Sara Ann Hickerson, H. Anne Hill. Second Row: Jerry Elizabeth Hill, Sue Hinshaw, ' i len Hinson. Ann Goodw in Hoke. Tamara Holliday, Mary Ann Hoover, Marie Hopkins. Martha Carolyn Home. Third Row: Ann Weekes Houser. Jane Howie. Anne Huff, Patricia Hutson, Coanne Isley, Lael Jackson, Patricia larrell. Not Pictured: Christine Hill, F. Louise Hinnant, Peggy Hinton, Holland, Rachel Hudson. First Row, left to right: Kara Jarrett, Helen Jernigan, Lorraine Johns, Ann Johnston, Natalie Johnston, Virginia Johnston, Jo Jones. Second Row: Shirley Jordan, Joan Josack, Phyllis Kandel, Patricia Kannon, Libby Kaplan, Helen Karras, Rochelle Katzin, Ann Kean, Margie Kenerly. Third Row: Virginia Kennedy, Billie Frances Kitchen, M. Lewis Kluttz, Esther Miriam Krasny, Hloy Kyriakides, Roberta Lail, Mary June Lance, Mary Joanne Lassiter, Martha Jane Laughridge. Not Pictured: Lanning. Kelly, Mary Catherine Kirkman, Peggy Lamb, Lucinda K Sophomore First Row, left to right: Marjorie Ledci Harrold Lei Margarel Lee, Marion Leml) i Hi n Lewi I ram • I invillt Jan Littl Second Row: Jem Littlejohn, Joyce Long, Clarajo Lovett, Anna Lovingood Elizabeth Luther, Anne McArthur, Patricia McBane, Anne Moss McCabe, Jane Mi I lung Third Row: June McDuffie, Joanne Mcdill, Lucy Mclntyre, Marian McKay, Joyce McKinney, Nancy McLemore, Nancy Anne McWhorter, Peggy Marie Mabe. Not Pillared: Virginia Lawler, Valentine Lazarr, B. Sue Liles. Hdwina Long. Class... 1954 First Rou . left to right: Libby Mallard, Suzanne Mai ; r us. Vir- ginia Marshal] I leanor Martin, Ruth Matthews, Joan Mauney. Second Row: Helen Maynard, Jo Ann Meacharri Marj Lenoir Michal, Emil) Milton, Anne Misenheimer, Billy Ann Mitch in Mitchell. Third Row: Rosalind Mollock, Sara Elizabeth Moore, Sara Lou Moore, Louisa Mordecai, Mary Jane Moring, Lela Evelyn Morris, Elizabeth Morrison, Eliza- beth Morton. Not Pictured: Avis Moore, Rita Moscatelli, Gayle Muir, Martha Mullins, Hope Murphy. Kenan Neese, Caroline Neill, Bobbie Newman Sophomore Class First Row, left to right: Carolyn Newsome, Delia Carolyn Newton. Karen O ' Beirne, Dorothy Obropta, Jane Olds, Marian Osborne. Second Rmc: Martha Osteen, Frances Overman. Elsie Painter. Frances Parham, Margie Payne. Flizabeth Perchan. Patsy Pettit. Third Row: Josephine Phillips. Nana Ann Phillips. Mary Veakle Phipps, Carol Pittard. Bettie Potts. Jeanne Pritchard, Nancv Pugh. Not Pictured: Sidney Newton, Beverly Oden. Bettv Jean O ' Kelley, Helen Pate, Patsy Paulson. Marion Prescort. First Row, left to right: Sylvia Pullen, June Pulliam, Joan Purser, Kay Dean Ramsey, Glenda Ray, Shirley Reid, Jane Reinecke. Second Row: Hazel Reitzel, Nancy Reynolds, Betty Rogers, Morguenya Roope, Margaret Ennis Rose, Judith Rosenstock, Gloria Rucker, Patricia Rudman. Third Row: Ann Rutherford, Rose Samet, Sue Sanders, Norma Saunders, Philomena Schumann, Nell Scott, Sally Scott, Elizabeth Anne Scruggs. Not Pictured: Nancy Jim Quinn, Anne Rawls, Berntelle Roan, Margaret Little- ton Rose, Mary Elizabeth Scott. K Sophomore at First Row, Ujt to right: Mary Louise Sette, Rachel Shannon, Mary Sue Slack ( arolyn Virginia Shepard, Elisabeth Shepaid, Margaret Sherrill, Mary Anne Sherrill, Rebei i .1 Sue Shoemake. Second Row: [ean Shinn, Rebecca Shiver, Cynthia Shope, Mary Ann Sides. June Simpson, Barbara Anne- Sloan, Ruth Smart, P, Latrelle Smith, I. aura Faye Smith. Third Row: Thelma Smith, Winifred Smith, Martha Jane Snipes. ( Jam Sowers, Joan Sprinkle, Nancy Stafford, Bettie Steelman, Barbara Stephens, Barbara Stubblefield, Class... 1954 Not Pictured: Betty Reel Shuford, Sarah Helen Smith. First limi . left to right: Elizabeth Ann Swain, Mary Idena Talli rayloi Patricia Lei reague, Sybil Terry, Demetrial Thompson. Second Row: Gerotha Thompson, Ann Elizabeth Throwei JoAnn Thrower. .Ann Thunberg, Mar) Jean Tinsley, Ellen Towne, Mary Trepke. Third Row: Barbara Truett, Frances ' Turnei Patricia Ann Turner, Ruth Brooks Turner, Ciilda Gray Tuttle, Delaina Underwood, Frances Angela Walden, E. Jane Walker. Not Pictured: Mary Anne Sullivan, Stephanie Szold, Sara Ann Talbert, Gloria Anne Talbot. Patricia Vaughn, Gayle Walden. Sophomore Class First Row, lift to right: Margueritte Elise Ward. Mary Dons Watts. Gladys Weinstock, Barbara Lee Weiss. Carolyn Welch. M. Evelyn Wellons. Second Row: Mary Westray. Barbara Whitley. Elizabeth Wiese. Bonnie Wil- liams, Carol Wilson, Nona Wilson. Shirley Wilson. Sylvia Wilson. Third Row. Reba Winkler. Annette Wright, Kathrvn Wright, Wilma Yar- borough, Betty Adele Yeapanis, Marjorie York. Barbara Jean Young, Joyce Odele Young. Not Pictured: Rebecca Walker. Patricia Wall, Jane Walton, Louise Ward. Diane Weltner, Audrey Palmer White. Rosemary Whitmire, Anne Wrenn. M. Nan Young, Valerie Vow Freshman Class CHRISTINE VELONIS September 10, 1953 . . . Greensboro, North Carolina . . . and we, the Class of 1957, found ourselves suddenly in the midst of unpacking and taking placement tests. " Is this college? " were the doubtful queries. We were greeted warmly by our counselors and house presidents, and in the first assembly by Miss Mossman and Miss Marion Sifford, acting as " Chancellor pro-tem, " we were inspired to hope by Miss Taylor ' s reminder that 1957 ' s President of Student Government was then sitting in the audience. To the unfamiliar strains of " We raise our voices; let them swell, " we witnessed the S.G.A. introductory program and on a lighter note, to thi tune of " P.S., Send Money, " the skit and party by the Junior Class and Elliott Hall Council. Registration was finally completed, and classes began. Miss Burns and the Juniors guided for a while, but soon we were on our own. The Freshman Commission was elected, and this group carried out plans for a return party for the " sister class. " The theme was Circus, and a good time was had by all — from elephants to spectators. Suddenly it was time for a class song and we were overwhelmed at the response to the song contest — five excellent entries. One was Velonis, Jo Ruth Bartholomew, hi. I iiii wmm M II iving iuco ..hilly completi .1 out fii rd with mttrtsi to th rking hard on our plans for the Fresl on, and other 1 1 were drawi As this " in firsl ear, drew to a dose, we faced thi fact that we were now a diss " with .in idenity. " No longer would we respond to the seemingly degrading statement thosi fri hi en! on our way, and " this was really college. " II Freshmen The official literature during the summer, the letter from our house president, those from the Y.W.C.A. and others, all assured us that we would soon feel " right at home " at W.C. That first night in the dorm we swon it could never k ! ' 11k handbook became our Bible; but no matter how hard we tried, those call-downs seemed to pile up. and eventually we " earned " our first hall board. The newness began to wear off, however; and with the understand- ing help of our Junior advisors, rules eventually became second nature. The campus, which at first loomed so large in our minds, surprisingly enough became more compact. In fact, after we had gained a speaking acquaintance with each tree on campus, we felt we knew all there was to know of W.( . Classes became easier, and we soon learned that every word the teacher spoke was not the gospel truth and did not have to be quoted verbatim in our notes. We even learned to cut open our frogs and worms without feeling siek or squeamish. The end of our first semester in college came swiftly and with it the first of " those " exams of which we had heard so much. Somehow we managed to survive them and afterwards had to admit that they weren ' t really so bad after all. Second semester was here at last and with it came unlimited week- ends, the welcome end of closed study, and the feeling that we were at long last catching on. We were losing those forlorn expressions and were eagerly looking forward to the freshman dance, C.U. Day, and r Informals Obviously they ' ve hecn stood Entertaining our B19 S weekends at Carolina, State, Davidson, and Duke. No longer must we think back, trying to remember it ' we had already taken that one precious cut in each class, for most of us had earned two or three cuts by working extra hard the first semester. We still felt rather guilty- leaving for the movie with a date or bunch of girls after seven-thirty. The end of our tirst year was drawing nigh. Having survived closed Study, r.U day, the dreaded lot classes, .md exams, we felt that we were really a part of W.C. It wasn ' t so bad after all, and we were actually looking forward to our next year here when we would claim the envious title of upperclassmen. Why, we could even cross campus and actually know some of the girls we passed ! We belonged, and it was wonderful! Uspaugh, Audrey Anderson, Caroline Ander -d, Juanita Barts, Second Row: Mary Anne Bass, Sue Ann Bell, Martha Brookshire, Peggy , Janie Anne Cannon, Elizabeth Carnegie, Ann Chaplin, Donna Clark. Third Row: Carol Sue Coppersmith, Sylvia Crocker, Eleanor Crossley, Frances Deal, Linda Deal, Margaret Ann Dekte, nn Divine, Hilda Donaldson, Eleanor Evens. Fourth Row: Betsy Farmer, Shirley Featherstone, LaVerne Fleming, Suzanne g, Sally Grant, Rose Marie Green, Carmen Greene, Sherlyn Harrell, Jane Harrell, Peggy Harrell, Betty Jean Hams Fifth lirly Harrison, Harriet Harrison, Patsy Hefner, Jean Hicks, Jerry Anne Jervis, Nancy Keller, Barbara Jean Kelly, Mary Lee Not Pictured: Anne Aiken, Mary Ella Burrage, Delia Canada, Barbora Davis, Lois Anne Duncan, Elizabeth Elliott, linchum, Pauline Freeman, Sandra Freeman, Claire Johnson. Bailey Hall First Row, left to right: Patsy Klutz, Shirley Knott, Donna Kurtz, Shirley Leary, Dorothea Lee, Martha Legette, Shirley Long, Laura Lyle, Margaret McCrary. Second Row: Ann Mcintosh, Catherine McLaughlin, Fay McLetlan, Miriam MacDonald, Jane Elisabeth Maddison, Shirlet Markham, Louise Harrison Miller, Anne Morgan, Dorothy Mozingo, Gertrude Myers. Third Row: Mory Ann Nelson, Patsy Odom, Sara Park, Judy Parsons, Marie Partridge, Helen Potterson, Faye Payne, Beryl Peters, Jeannette Pitt- man, Sara Randall, Charlotte Reaves. Fourth Row: Mary Russ, Patricia Rutledge, Linda Schoof, Anne Shields, Ann Simon, Alice Spell, Anne Spell, Josephine Tanner, Frances Tharrinton, Joyce Tilley, Anna Tilson. Fifth Row: Nell Rose Wallace, Betty Anne Welch, Sue Ann Whiting, Nancy Wilkerson, Carolyn Wilkie, Mary Wilkinson, Martie Yow. Not Pictured: Ellen Lavinder, Barbara Lowder, Sandra Norton, Johnnye Ogtesby, Nancy Parry, Rachel Phorr, Margaret Shipman, Mary Starr, Patsy Swaim, Betty Thacker, Joan Van Sise, Betty Lou White, Weeta White. First Row, left to right: Sara Albright, Gail Allen, Kay Barnette, Margaret Beck, Marcia Black, Pot Btalock Sarah Bradford, Marilyn Brinkley. Second Row: Barbara Brown, Shirley Bumgardner, Eleanor Butler, Joyce Campbell, Patricio Chappell, Mary Ann Childers, Nancy Clayton, Gloria Collins, Mary Jo Conrad. Third Row: Pat Cooper, Martho Crofton, Comon Crawford, Erma Dance, Shirley Dixon, Dolores Dollar, Barbara Driver, Phyllis Faircloth, Ina Farb, Nancy Fishet, Betty Fisher. Fourth Row: Barbara Gambill, Laura Gilliam, Muriel Goodfellow, Anne Gordon, Pat Hammond, Elizabeth Harris, Soro Hart- grove, Anne Hawkins, Caroline Hayes, Sara Holliday, Margaret Hopkins, Mary Frances Hoornbeek. Fifth Row: Martha Home, Tat Howell, Joyace Howell, Anita Huffington, Ward Huffman, Caro ' me Hume, Peg Humphrey, Sara Humphrey, Joan Hyams, Vir- ginia Hyatt, Lynne Jaffee. Not Pictured: Vivian Alexander, Mary Corpening, Joan English, Nancy Flowe, Dorcas Hill. Coit Ha First Row, left to right: Julia Jessup, Mildred Jessup, Betty Jinnette, Lillian Lane, Peggy Leonard, Myro Lewis, Phyllis Lewis, Sara Lyday, Pat McCauley. Second Row: Peggy McKinney, Isabel Madry, Patricio Martin, Mane Mottingly, Doris Medd, Betty Peggy Moore, Mary Jo Myrick, Beverly Nance, Therry Nash. Third Row: Libby Parrish, Jane Pratt, Barbara Prest- Cathy Priest, Anne Roberts, Janet Robinson, Rita Sotisky, Frances Schmtd, Patsy Sexton, Rose Shell, Sherron, Carol Shockey. Fourth Row: Joy Lynne Sica, Donna Snyder, Jean Somers, Peggy Spraft, Shirley Stilwell, Katie Kate Thomas, Joan Thompson, Sara Trent, Joyce Turlington, June Vick, Carolyn Walke Fifth Row: is Westbrook, Virginia Whitley, Jean WMk.ns, Jewell Williams, Sue Williams, Patricia , Carolyn Woodard, Anne Wooten, Margaret Wyatt. Not Pictured: Betty McGee, Betsy Rouse, Elizabeth Swindell, Ann Thomas. First Row, left to right: Norma Ann Alderman, Marilyn Alexander, Betty Lloyd Amis, Sally Ausband, Betty Jo Bailey, Mota Barack, Jo Ruth Bartholomew, Odessa Benbow, Joan Boyett, Sara Boyles. Second Row: Karen Bryant, Frances Burns, Jane Burns, Shirley Caddell, Rose Callahan, Carole Cardwell, Ann Carlson, Jean Cauble, Judith Chandler, Betsy Clayton, Nancy Claytor. Third Row: Sallie Coveny, Kathryn Cranford, Ann Craven, Doris Crews, Mono Crotts, Joan Crumley, Rebecca Currin, Diana Davie, Pat Davis, Sandra Davis, Lorretta Dillehay, Nancy Jo Doggett, Ernie Dosher. Fourth Row: Julia Mae Dunn, Susan Durhom, Carol Edmundson, Mary Elliott, Sylvia Evosevich, Barbara Finn, Ann Fitzhugh, Barbara Ann Furr, Elizabeth Gantt, Elaine German, NNIah Gilbert, Willie Mae Graham, Margaret Green, Kay Griffin. Fifth Row: Ann Hale, Sarah Hall, Sylvia Hammond, Mary Har- grove, Mary Harmon, Gwendolyn Harrington, Ann Harris, Elmira Herring, Joan Hester, Margaret Hester, Carolyn Hill, Ann Holton. Not Pictured: Elizabeth Adams, Jennie Lee Barringer. Cotten Hall First Row, left to right: Mollie Hough, Barbara Hudgins, Patricia Huff, Maria Hunter, Eliz Jordan, Nancy King, Jean Lamm. Second Row: Norma Jean Lewis, Patsy McDaniel, Jeor Elizabeth Charlotte Martin, Betty Mortin, Catharine May, Mary Nell Meroney, Marilyn Row: Anne Dudley Morgan, Deborah Morgan, Leah Frances Morton, Joan Moser, Ruth Lorraine Phillipps, Nathalie Anne Powlas, Betty Ann Rabil, Mae Robinson, Barbara Robis h James, Mary Defl Johnson, Martha cLean, Neill McLeod, Adele Mann, Mondy, Martha Ann Moore. Third ikow, Carolyn Anne Nance, Sylvia Barbara Russell. Fourth Row: Jo Anne Safrit, Harriet Lavinia Schrum, Caroline Sevier, Jeanne Sillay, Margaret Smith, Jane Ross Sommers, Elaine Spam, Anne Stalvey, Detores Stephens, Mildred Sutton, Margaret Tondy. Fifth Row: Barbara Irene Terwilliger, Evelyn Turlington, Elizabeth Walker, Susan Wallace, Margaret Welch, Kate Wharton, Elizabeth Carol Winston, Kathryn Woodard. Not Pictured: Shirley Jones, Mary Frances Lawerence, Jeanette Leonard, Jen Mackey, Delores Mills, Nancy Parker, Virginia Stone, Betty Stykes, John- sie Sugg. First Row, left to right: Jocquelyn Aldndge, Ann Almond, Patricio Bailey, Mary Bell Baker, Dorothy Barrier, Catherine Berryhill, Patricia Blolock, Joon Blonchard, Martlyn Blanton. Second Row: Shirley Blanton, Linda Blayney, Dot Breazeale, Joyce Breeze, Joan Brown, Anna Buff, Mary Lou Cameron, Sarah Cannon, Shirley Carpenter, Cynthia Cortledge, Betty Chapman. Third Row: Ernestine Clodfelter, Shirley Collins, Patricia Cook, Marjone Cooper, Nancy Coulter, Patricia Cromer, Diane Crenier, Mattie Danford, Adelaide Daniels, Martha Ann Davis, Helen Davis, Cynthia Dietschi, Margaret Dukes. Fourth Row: Betsy Duncan, Sodye Dunn, Barton Edwards, Claudette Epting, Mary Farr, Christine Feather, Ruth Ferrell, Barbara Fisher, Sue Foster, Mary Lu Fowler, Carolyn Frink, Jacquelyn Gabriel, Ferral Garrison, Tommy Goodman. Fifth Row: Betty Goodson, Nancy Greene, Dorothy Greulach, Mary Harrer, Paula Harris, Carol Lee Hatfield, Bettie Hawes, Ann Hayes. Not Pictured: Johnsie Abernathy, Carolyn Ballard, Dianne Britton, Evelyn Daniels, Neal Fringer, Susan Hanes. Gray Hall First Row, left to right: Joan Helton, Arlene Hobbs, Mary Ingram, Jeanette Issacs, Barbara Jane Johnson, Elaine Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Betty Jordan, Lucille Jordan. Second Row: Ruth Ann Kelly, Nan Kelly, Barbara King, Mary Louise Kolk, Sue Lochot, Pot Lamont, Patsy Lentz, Genet Hardison Little, Sharon Lupton, Mary Frances McCrocken. Third Row: Mary Foye McDowell, Karen Martin, Emily Michal, Gertrude Miller, Marilyn Miller, Ell ie Mims, Barbara Gail Moore, Marion Moss, Rose Marie Newton, Jo Pascholl, Sandra Paul, Lynn Payne, Thelma Payne, Mory Frances Pohl. Fourth Row: Mary Allen Poteot, Mory Sue Rankin, Loura Rodgers, Marie Rue, Joby Smith, Mary Ann Steele, Josephine Strickland, Carolyn Strong, Shirley Summers Helen Trader, Eliza- beth Tuggle, Helen Vinson, Mariorie Ward. Fifth Row: Sally Watson, Frances Westmoreland, Peggy Whctaker, Adelio White, Sylvia Whitley, Pat Whitlock, Lee D. Wieland, Joan Williams, Jean Woody, Donna Yancey, Betty Jean Zachory Not Pictured: Mary Faye Jackson, Louise Leonard, D( First Row, left to right: Mary Henrie Arthui Susan Bennett, Ben Nita Black, Shirle " Bli Geraldine Britt, Maharona Bryant, Ann Bu Davis, Sylvia Dellinger. Third Row: Agnes Elder, Martha Carolyn Ellis, Shelby Fairclot Priscilla Graper. Fourth Row: Betty Gravity Jo Ann Alice Astor, Bess Bach, Joan Barnett, Shirley Ann Bates, Joanne Bennett, kley, Betty Jean Blond, Joan Boseman. Second Row: Mitzi Bowling, Glenda Brady, e, Barbara Ann Campbell, Phyllis Cohen, Dorothy Dail, Carolyn Dalton, Barbara ne Devtney, Nancy Dillard, Elinor Dorsk, Margaret Edmonds, Dorothy Elder, Jane Shera Feldman, Elizabeth Floyd, Barbara Fox, Geraldine Fox, Sandra Garfrnkel, Sue Gross, Felice Guld, Edna Mae Guyer, Rachel Shirley Haralson, Virginia Dare Harris, Barbara Yvonne Harrison, Nancy Lee Hawkins, Judith Evans Holmes, Betty Home, Frances Hosley, Florence Elizabeth Howett, Frances Maxine Jarrett. Fifth Row: Lois Johnson, Greta Jones, Mary Frances Jones, Shirlejo Keever, Annie Hellen Kent, Mary Louise Ledbetter, Polly Gray Lloyd, Elizabeth Anne Long, Martha Ann McBrayer, Linda Ann McEvoy, Carolyn McGranahan. Not Pictured: Evelyn Lewis. Jamison Hall First Row, left to right: Shirlev Mann, Koy Masterson, Shirley Ma thesor Moore, Dorothy Moreau, Jacqueline Moser, Sue Newton. Second Row: Harryet Burns Patterson, Joan Pitts, Georgie Photinos, Barbara Price, J Joanne Rathman, Marjorie Rawls, Mary Ellen Reece, Frances Margaret erly Max, Sydney Millord, Charlotte Money, Elizabeth e Noble, Jane Orcutt, Gilda Owen, Patsy Nell Owens, i Puryear, Sibyl Radford. Third Row: Francine Ramsey, Barbara Elaine Ritchie, Sally Roberts, Martha Sue Robinson, Sally Rubin. Margaret Sanders, June Sarratt, Jean Sherrill. Fourth Row: Theresa Sloan, Kay Smith, Marjorie Smith, Martha Elizabeth Smith, Frances Speagle, Kay Speas, Janet Stanton, Betty Starnes, Lucille Ann Stephenson, Milburn Stubbs, Frances Ellen Sumner, Mary Carolyn Talbot, Sadie Taylor. Fifth Row: Anne Thomas, Lois Thompson, Toaksie Tucker, Margaret Tyson, Kathenne Waldroup, Sally Watson, Blanche Williams, Barbee Winchester, Ann Woody, Janice Faye Woosley, Betty Jeon Yelton. Not Pictured: Martha Wallace, Travis Walser, Joan Wernick, Mary Catherine Marie Phillips, Marietta Phillips, Freshmen Town Students Freshmen Living In Upperclassmen Halls First Row, left to right: Frances Abee, Barbara Balentine, Jean Buis, Sara Nan Burns, Jean Cannody. Second Row: Dot Elmore, Lucy Everette, Helen Gallimore, Kathryn Holt, Peggy Horner, Jennie Keck. Third Row: Lorraine Mitzel, Annie Lou Pugh, Nellie Sanderson, Shirley Scarborough, Carolyn Teachy, Martha Worely. Commercial Officers We not only type, we sing too ' " K| T|-|r]-r " |TFR- :ra-|7KiT|-|-|Trra Here For Just A Year From .ill p. Mis ol North Carolina the Commercials migrate in September with th resl of the prospective Woman ' s College Fresh- men When w come to Woman ' s ollege, w .irt- confronted with the same freshman life except lor our curriculum. Ours consists of a concentrated one year commercial course, but do not think for a moment thai we do not m to become a vital asset to the W n ( ollege campus. We come to W. ( with a definite goal in mind, that of preparing ourselves lo be the future secretaries of America, and we base our class activities around this theme. This year such people as the world ' s champion typist for six years in a row and successful secretaries in Greensboro have come to speak to us. Mr. Phillips gave an inspirational talk and Mrs. Jester shared her ideas. Meyers Department Store sponsored a style show which we presented with the lour year business department. On the social side of our college year, we entertained at dorm parties and dances at Halloween, Christmas, and the final Commercial Formal The class revealed many talents other than sixty words a minute. At one oi tin class parties held 11. mpressive m I. .in Mm, tta Bumgardni 1 and Janii ' n ndicion ol the latest hit tunes A flapper danci ti am from Kirkland lured Mi Fergerson to join in thi I I Patsy Bernhardt gave an authentii Hawaiian dance. After experiencing th lifi ol .1 freshman for one semester, we assumed the privileges and responsibilities of an upperclassman for our last semester. Participation in student government and organiza- tion led to the mature thinking of a college woman. We exercised our powers in dormitory government, legislature, and the election of class and campus officers. The possibility of obtaining college life in one year was accomplished by this commercial class. With a ' i rtificate in hand, as young women, we left the Woman ' s Collegc with a final " All hail, hail to W. C— We pledge always to thee— love and loyalty. " Better wotch it. gals! Off for o big weekend. Future Secretaries . . . Dear W. C, Thank you for the invitation you extended us in the spring of ' 53 to spend a few months with you. The w eeks between September and June flew by in such a succession of joyous and instructive days that it seemed we were hardiy here before it was time to go. Remember that first day when we invaded your silent, peaceful cam- pus with our bags, teddy bears, and ukuleles? How strange everything seemed, but in no time at all our shyness vanished over a friendly game of bridge or a get together in some room and we felt a part of the college campus life. There were the dorm part ies and dances, C. U. Days at Carolina, State, and here on our own campus, and of course don ' t forget the eventful day that marked our complete acceptance here and found us in strange costumes bowing to the commands of our upperdassmen. These and numerous other extracurricular activities filled our spare time, but that bell called a " goal, " (or should we say " gold " ) was still ringing in the back of our minds reminding us of our main objective in being here. Ah yes, how many packs of cigarettes we smoked, how many cokes we drank to help us survive those eight weeks of machines, balance sheets that wouldn ' t balance, and those impossible shorthand notes! But all was not in vain. The day finally came and the coveted Certificates were rewarded the faithful workers. Our balance sheet for the year showed that our assets, knowledge, balanced perfectly with our liabilities to our parents and the generous proprietorship of good times and experience gained. Sunday afternoon date — on Kirkland ' s swing. The unbelievable happens — SNOW! Commercials get I I ..1.1. ' . i. .I., " . rn....l I.,, in -. I v I . ■ The long climb up from the boiement ' . 1 With May flowers those last few weeks blossomed and disappeared in the rush of final exams, obtaining jobs, and those extra privileges. Suddenly we found ourselves in Aycock waiting eagerly, but a little sadly, for that last dismissal. And then it was " so long " to you, W. C, for we Commercials will never say Good-bye First Row, left to right: Sally Gray Adams, Scottie Sue Adams. Alice Albert, Frances Lou Albright, Jacqueline Alspaugh, Mary Ann Anderson, Nancy Andrews, Jacquelyn Armstrong, Shirley Marion Auten. Second Row: Dorothy Ann Averette, Myrtle Jane Barnes, Jo Ann Baynes, Patricia Elaine Bennett, Elizabeth Adele Bolick, June Walton Bonds, Augusta Gwendolyn Bost, Peggy fuanita Bost. Coralie Bowers, Joan Faye Boyd, Hilda Jeanette Boyles. Third Row: Nell Ruth Boyles, Joyce Ann Bradshaw, Betty Gray Brown, Geraldine Brown, Anita Louise Bubb, Rebecca Mae Buchan, Peggy Joyce Bullock, Mary Rita Bumgardner. Kay Burgess, Margaret Marie Burns, Mrs. Betty Tysinger Buzhardt, Clara Campbell. Not pictured: Margaret B. Allen, Bobbie Gray Apple, Patsy Bernhardt, Shirley Boswell, Ann E. Burroughs. Commercial Class First Row, left in right: Linda Cannon, Catherine Carruthers, Jean Casey, Patricia Cashion, Carol Chambers, Patricia Ann Chriscoe, Linda Clodfc-ltcr. Shirley Pauline Ccbb, Carolyn Ann Cook. Second Row: Sylvia Joan Cooke, Ruth Ann Copley. Margaret Cox. Marion Cox, Ruth Craddock, Lillian Davenport, Mary Lou Davis, Nancy Ann Davis. Barbara Dellinger, Claudette Downing, Dixie Donavant, Bobbie Durham. Third Row: Marjorie Edwards, Molly Ann Elledge, Yvonne Everhart, Carolyn Faircloth, Betty- Jean Fisher, {Catherine Frerking, Carolyn Frye, Lynda George, Jacqueline Gilbert, Barbara Gillian, Barbara Glover. Not Pictured: Nellie Covington, Glenda Dennis, Juanita Elledge, Barbara Farley, Bobbie Fraley, Sandra Giles. Mary Goodwin. %£L o A t i M H 05)00000 First Row, left to right: Melba Gorden, Flora Grantham, Mamie Groome, Lorene Harrison, Sara Hatley, Frances Haywood, Dina Heath, Nancy Henninger. Second Row: Carolyne Hill. Emma Hill, Dorothy Hobbs, Betty Howard, Lallage Hunt, Margaret Hunter, Phoebe Jessup, Mary Edith Johnson, Sue Johnson, Marianne Jones. Third Row: Nancy Jones, Norma Jones, Betty Jo Joyce, Anne Kerr, Janie Key, Ann Kilby, Shirley Kinlaw, Betty Kneeburg, Joy Knox, Martha Lambeth. Not Pictured: Lora Hebdricks, Helen Holt, Martha Hunt, Carlene Joyner, Jerlene Joyner, Anna Justice, Janice Kirby. Nancy Knopf. Commercial Class First Row. left to right: Bobbie Layne, Gloria Lipp, Mary Low, Julia Lowder, Annie Lowrance, Reba McCall, Patricia McHaney, Catherine McLean, Angel McLendon, Shirley Marcom. Second Row: Shirley May, Barbara Miller, Cary Miller, Clara Miller, Patricia Mills. Ettalee Mon- roe, Doris Morgan, Faye Moore, Sarah Morris, Nancy Morrow, Sally Murray, Nancy Myers. Third Row: Mary Lou Nance, Thyra Jean Nance, Catherine Neece, Martha Norwood, Nancy O ' Brient, Joy Overcash, Hazel Overcash, Myra Padgett, Nancy Page, Elinda Parker. Shirley Parrott, Peggy Patton, Jacqueline Peeler. Not Pictured: Mrs. Barbara C. Mock, Betty Myers. First Row, left to right: Marjorie Perryman, Grace Peterson. Fay Pharr, Fay Phillips, Mary Pittman, Jeanette Ponton, Shirley Pope, Martha Potter, Patricia Powell. Second Row: foyce Pratt. Dorothy Price. Justine Quinn, Dorothy Rabil. Carolyn Rayle. Alice G. Ritter, Jeanne Robinson, Joyce Rollins, Nancy Saferight, Marlene Saunders. Third Row: Doris Shuford, Carolyn Sides. Margie S ; mpson, Roberta Sink. Sadie Sink, Corinne Sit tison, Mary Sledge. Shirley Smith. Emma Stanton. Jeanne Staton, Jo Ann Stone. Not Pictured: Betty Phillips. Helen Reitzel. Emma Sheffield, Lorena Shreve, Evelyn Siebart. Caro- lynne Smith, Roberta Soucy. Commercial Class . . . First Row, left In right: Marcia Stroup, Doris Stuts. Annette Sullivan, Lorene Sutton. Jean Temple, Jerelie Temple-ton, Racine Tickle, Alice Tyson, Emogene Wall. Second Row: Barbara Walston, Betty Walton, Betty Waugh, Shirlej Waugh, Betty Webster. Bar- bara Welch, Mary White, Elizabeth White, Kathryn Williams, Sarah Williamson. Celia Williford, Dolores Willis. Third Row: Ruth Willis, Nancy Wilson, Yvonne Wilson, Bobbie Lee Woltz, Elizabeth Womble. Carolyn Wood, Shirley Wood, Johan Wray, Barbara Yokley, Jane Young, Willa Young, Pat Younts. Not Pictured: Barbara Swain. Mary Taylor. Peggy Tucker. Guol Ward, Barbara Weldon, Judy Whitley. ACTIVITIES ft 6fi g o g % . Q g $ %_e % Q $ Q qJ Abernethy, Mary Ann; Albright, Sarah; Aldridge, Jacquelyn; Alexander, Anne; Almond, Libby; Anderson, Carolyn; Atkins, Molly; Aydlett, Phoebe; Bailey, Hatr. Bain, Carolyn, Balentme, Barbara; Barbee, Susanna; Bates, Shirley; Beatty, Molly Jo, Benbow, Odessa; Bransford, Anne, Broome, Nancy; Browning, Martha Ann; Bryi Barbara Jane; Burt, Ann; Canada, Delia; Case, Mary; Caton, Elizabeth; Clayton, Nancy; Conrod, Harriet, Cope, June; Corpening, Mary; Coxwell, Bonnaleto; Di Roberta; Dixson, Janet; Dollar, Dolores; Dorsk, Elinor; Doughton, Elizabeth; Duncan, Elizabeth; Dunn, Elizabeth; Durham, Susan; Edwards, Harriet; Edwards, Jane; Eppley, Anita, Etheridge, Dons; Fox, Barbara; Galvin, Violet; Garrison, Ferral; Green, Frances; Guion, Elizabeth Mackey; Harrell, Ann; Harrington, Gwendolyn; Harris, He Hawkins, Ruth; Heafner, Jean; Hearn, Sara Beth; Heaton, Mary Elizabeth, Heilig, Eunice Siltiman; Holds, Carolyn; Holtzmann, Evelyn; Honeycutt, Phyllis; Hough, K Hudson, Rachel; Inscoe, Bettye; Isaacs, Jeannette; Jessup, Julie; Jessup, Mildred Anne; Johnson, Elaine; Johnson, Emily; King, Barbaro; Knapf, Noncy; Long, J Luffman, Jean; McClung, Jane; McDonald, Elizabeth; Mcintosh, Ann; McLees, Emily; McLeod, Neill; McNeely, Katherine; Marshall, Virginia; Martin, Eleanor; M Hirst; Martin, Karen; May, Jane; Miller, Vivian; Mills, Deiores; Mitchell, Billy; Moore, Barbara; Moore, Mortho; Myers, Nell; Newcome, Carolyn; Newton, Rose r Norris, Sue; Nostrandt, Jeanne; Osborne, Joan, Park, Sara; Parrish, Elizabeth, Parsons, Julia; Patterson, Helen, Payne, Lyndall; Penny, Sammy; Phipps, Mary; Pinyan, Patricia, Prestwood, Barbara; Prestwood, Shirlee; Pullen, Sylvia; Ramsey, Clara; Redding, Carolyn; Roberts, Anne; Robinson, Janet; Rose, Margaret; Rosenstock, Ji Rothgeb, Anne; Shearm, lola; Sink, Jane; Smith, Sarah; Spivey, Jean; Stafford, Nancy; Stephens, Deiores; Strawbndge, Ellen; Stutts, Gladys; Talbert, Sara Ann; Ttaum, Geraldme, Thunberg, Ann; Truett, Barbara; Turner, Lois; Velonis, Christine; Walker, Elizabeth; Walton, Betty Lou; Warlich, Patricia; Warlich, Rochel; Warren, Mildred, Weadon, Frances, Whitaker, Mane, Whitaker, Peggy, White, Anne; White, Janice; White, Weeta; Wiese, Elizabeth; Wilkinson, Mary; Woody, Jean; Wu, Edith; Yeapanis, Betty; Yow, Mart.e Woman ' s College Choir Our college choir, under the direction of Mr. George Thompson, adds a great deal of enjoyment to our college life. The one hundred and fifty girls from all i lasses provides special music for chapel programs. Arts Forum, Founders Day. graduation, and University Sermons. The Christmas concert is always the favorite and each year capacity audi- ences fill Aycock to hear the seasonal music once again. The red and white robes have become a symbol of the Christmas season for most of the campus. The Choir has been an asset to us by making us aware of the beauty of music. Greensboro Orchestra ( ndei the direi tion ol ( reorge W I i ( rreensboro Orel il est ol talenl from die- com munity, students, and faculty. Each yeai tins organization awards us with its presentation " I Thi Messiah, " concerts, us petti. mi. inns, giving each student an opportunity to become aware ol and apprei iate the best in the field of musii 5 W. C. Chamber Music Players A group of students experienced in die use of string instruments make up the W.C. Chamber Music Players. Under the guid- ance of George V Diekieson. the group studies pieces using wind and string in- struments. Performing with the Greens- boro Orchestra as well as alone, they have presented programs in numerous cities and at Woman ' s College. Our interest and enjoyment of music has been furthered through the work of this organization and their concerts. MASQUERADERS inifred Cates, Barbara Bragg, Jean Houston, Sue Fleming, Thomasine Strother, Mildred Mes- e Weltner, Brent Chaptman, Pat Muller, Helen Coley, Dixie Lee Boney. All The World ' s A Stage The philosophy of student drama as it has been practiced by the Play-Likers this year, is toward the worlds being a stage, at least in a modified form. The program has been one of theatre education for all. both participants and audience, and it has been highly successful. Staffed by three faculty members, the organization present- ed such plays during the year as Shaw ' s " The Apple Cart " and Chekov ' s " The Three Sisters, " both superior plays which challenged the workers of every area involved. These plays have truly exemplified the fact that drama is a combination of all the larger phases of the Arts: acting, music, painting, dance, and design. This is particularly pertinent in view of the fact that L953-1954 marked the first year of the Festival of the Arts. Many faculty members of other departments offered assistance in their respective fields. Mr. Randall Jarrell prepared a new translation of " The Three Sisters " for Play-Liker production. Mrs. Dee Boquist designed and supervised the execution of the costumes for the first two shows of the year. Original music by Mr. Elliot Weisgarber was a highlight of those same productions. Miss Virginia Moomaw choreographed dances to be included in " The Three Sisters. " Designed by Mr. Willard Barchinger, Mr. Wayne Bowman, and Mr. W. P. Crews, the scenery of the plays was acclaimed among the best in Play-Liker history. Mr. Giles Playfair, a visiting professor on the campus, was head of the Department of Theatre. He is British born and bred and is with the British Broadcasting Company and Television Network. Apart from his directing talents, he performed in several of the plays and is well-known for his books. His principal aim for the Play-Likers has been student stimulation. Assisting him in the activities of the group have been Miss Kathryn England and Mr. Wayne Bowman. Behind the finished performance has gone the work of the students. They are concerned with such phases of theatre as staging, lighting, make-up, costumes, scenery, house and business management, sound effects, and properties. The girls who assist on these crews are all Play-Likers, and from these come the members of Masqueraders, the honorary drama group. The organization this year had Peggy Britt, Florence Bowden, and Thomasine Strother in the three execu- tive positions. Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary fra- ternity, has had for the greater part of the year, as its acting members Jean Houston, Peggy Britt, and Barbara Bragg, who was director of the Woman ' s College Cast. • tBt " M» A%;S 1 1 ' i v trxii 1 a i ' i, ' ■ » S H£ S Carol Giroud mosters the complicated lights at Aycocl Scene from " The Applecart " starring Ann Amouri and Giles Ployfair Freda Echols, President of the Baptist Student Union. Thirza Benedict, President of the ' Religious Organizations kA- W Top to bottom: Peggy Taylor, Moravian; Diane Berg, H 1 1 lei; Frankie Herman, Lutheran; Gail Reilly, Newman Club, Barbara Woolard, Saint Mary ' s Vestry, Polly Roberts, Wes ' ey Foundation. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Friday night suppers . . . deputations from State and Carolina . . . inspirational speakers. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP A choir and special concerts . . . the " Presby Press " . . . visits to the polio hospital . . . Friday night suppers. MORAVIAN Love feasts at Christmas . . . substitute teachers and choir members at the First Moravian Church. Friday night services . . . state-wide meetings and dances . . . picnics in the spring . . . Hillel arts festival in April. LUTHERAN STUDENT UNION Informal discussion groups . . . meeting in R. A. room . . . monthly suppers. NEWMAN CLUB Spiritual fun and fellowship . . . Friday morn- ing services. ST. MARYS Headed by an able steering committee . . . Friday night suppers . . . informal sociability. WESLEY FOUNDATION Methodist service group . . . informal suppers for fun . . . choir and dramatic group . . . active and helpful. Honorary Organizations SIGMA ALPHA (. age outstanding achievement and to tostei relal business world Formal hum.ii OMICRON NU Honorarj iocietj Foi Hoiro Economics git HI II PS1 OMEGA Outstanding girls in the field of classics . . . lectures concerning life, customs ol ancienl Greea and Rom ALPHA KAPPA DELTA National honorarj sociology fraternity . . . outstanding speakers on various phases ol social work. MARY ANNE RANEY BETA BETA BETA — Honorary biology society . . . purpose is to stimulate sound scholarship . . . encourage investigation in the life sciences. SIGMA DELTA PI — Study of Spanish culture . . . formal initiation. PHI ALPHA THETA — Honorary history fraternity . . . promotes Social Science Forum . . . International Student Committee. ALPHA PSI OMEGA— Honorary Dramatics Club . . . the theatrical world of Woman s College . . . " Living is acting but you ' ve gotta ' know how. ' ' Organization Presidents C 1 |v) %P n M ?v y % 4i4 Top to Bottom, left to right: Linda Carroll, Art Club; Henrietta Bruton, Botany Club; Nancy Pntchett, Caduceus; Sue Koenig, Chemistry; Manlyn Brannon, Cosmopolitan; Margie Preisinger, Dolphin Second Row: Jean Carol Mills, Future Teachers of America; Nancy Petree, Galilean; Peggy Alexander, Gamma Alpha; Jeannette Houser, Home Economics; Nancy Norris, Medical Technologists; Becky Hemphill, Modern Dance. Third Row: Mary Case, Music Education; Marion Fortune, Promenaders; Ruth Brown, Students for Demo- cratic Action; Daphne Plaster, Sociology; Clare Morns, Spanish; Rose Farah, Square Circle Fourth Row: Araminta Little, Tap Donee; Julia Deskms, Young Composers. participation in Arts ART CLUB— Co-sponsers of the El Grecc Forum . . . textile exhibit in Elliott Hall. BOTANY CLUB — Flowers, hikes, picnics, and good times . . . faculty members and a large group of students . . . Dr. Theil. CADUCEUS — Stimulates interest in the medical profession . . . Dr. Col lings. CHEMISTRY CLUB— The Chemistry Fair . . . Miss Schaeffer to guide us . . . good times outside labs. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB— Formal dances at State. Duke ( aro- hna, and W. C. . . . purpose to further the understanding between the peoples of the world. DOLPHIN CLUB — Annual water pageant . . . Seal club for the less experienced. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA— Create and maintain interest in teaching . . . visiting lecturers. GALILEAN— Physics ... Dr. Reardon . . . keeping up with the world of Science. GAMMA ALPHA — Large group of enthusiastic business majors ... the SPOTLIGHT . . . panel discussions . . . social functions. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB— Purpose to arouse interest in the Home Economics field . . . emergency loan fund for a worthy cause. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS CLUB— The white-coated crew . . . interest in scientific advancement ... a never-to-be-forgotten initiation. MODERN DANCE — Arts Forum participation . . . takes grace, many practices and hard work. MUSIC EDUCATION CLUB— Music majors who will teach . . . social meetings to study the music world. PROMENADERS CLUB— Swing your partner . . . large group with fun in mind . . . very active, STUDENTS FOR DEMOCRATIC ACTION— Enthusiasts of good government politics . . . contributes much to campus life . . . open meetings. SOCIOLOGY CLUB— Social trends and social problems . . . sur- veys . . . case work studies. SPANISH CLUB — Good fellowship . . . promotes interest in Spanish people and Spanish speaking countries . . . Spanish Night. SQUARE CIRCLE— For those who can add 2 and 2 . . . math majors lead the group . . . always eager for new members. TAP DANCE CLUB — Open to beginners as well as girls with experience . . . special program in the spring. YOUNG COMPOSERS CLUB— Problems of modern music . . . the struggle to get compositions ready for Arts Forum. Recreation Association The Recreation Association, administered by and for the Students, is the focal group of out-of-class recreational activi- ties. Coaches, club presidents, and cabinet members work to provide an all-round program for the campus, and " A sport for every girl and a girl for every sport " and " Play with the R. A. today and every day " have become recognized slogans, Well-supported by campus spirit, the R. A. has taken full advantage of after-school time. Crisp fall after- noons find the athletic field full of participants in speedball, hockey and lacrosse. Recreational sports get off to an early start with the fall volleyball tournament. V. C.s own crea- tion, Hallball, has again fostered the unrelenting spirit between Shaw and Mendenhall. On Saturday afternoons, the bowling alleys, the Hobby Shop and the terrace " skating rink " of Coleman Gym hum with activity, while inside the gym, racquets and birdies are involved in badminton games. First Row, left to right: Neill McLeod, Arominta Fox, Joy Overcash, Beve Miss Sally Ogilvie, Advis Starling, Bet Campbell, J t, Becky Jordan, Sylvia R.A. CABINET Peggy Thomas, Sally Scott, Fran Dobson, Jenny Lind, Peggy Paton. Second Row: Sharon Lupton, ittle, Joellen Gill, Barbara Lowmiller, Myrna Breitbart, Margie Preisinger, Peggy Malone. Third Row: Betty Jo Harrell, Sylvia Dismuke, Thomasine y Dorman, Margie Edmonds. Fourth Row: Miriam Bright, Terry Rowland, Miss Kay Luttgens, Miss Mary Elizabeth Van Dyke, Miss Ellen Griffin, ■s; Jo Ann Black, Glendora Boyce, Jan Hartman, Jeannette Goodfellow. Fifth Row: Helen Alspaugh, Polly Roberts, Ann Robertson, Nonnette an Craig, Helen Kuykendall, Virginia Gray, Ruth Adams, Allene Shore, Bouneva Farlow, Sally Lamons, Mary George Thrash, Betsy Browne, The old favorite — ping pong. A Sport For In Winter sports, basketball claims the spotlight with the Co-Of Club busily scheduling games, timers, scorers, and officials. For the less energetic, bridge instructions and tournaments take place in Coleman ' s student lounge. Preparation for Gym Meet includes practicing stunts and tumbling. With Spring in the air, activity moved outside to the athletic field for Softball, tennis, and archery. Clubs are an integral part of the Association. Dolphin and Seal feature synchronized swimming, water ballets, stunts, and spectacular diving exhibitions in their annual Water Pageant. The Prom- enaders extend open invitations for square dancing with students from neighboring colleges. Excellence of performance can onlv indicate the work which the Callers Club, the Golf Club, the Tap Dance Club, and the Modern Dance groups accomplish during the year. The life-saving course offered each semester provides life guards for the pool which is open for recreational swimming the entire year. Every Girl The R.A. acts as hostess to neighboring colleges for play days in such sports as speedball, field hockey, basketball, and Softball. Often W.C. students carry their team spirit to other colleges for a play day. Gym Meet is " the biggest and bestest " of all. The stunts, dances, and performances made up the most popular event of this year — The Olympics of W.C. Weekend retreats to R.A. Camp provide off-campus relaxation. At the end of each season, a Seasonal Dessert is held. Honorary varsity teams for the current sports are announced and platters awarded to the dorms leading in participation and total points for the season. At the Spring Banquet in North Dining Hall, faculty and students come to- gether to mark the end of the year ' s activities. The outstanding Senior Physical Education major and non- major and the Honor Group, girls of outstanding serv- ice, interest, and sportsmanship, and attitude, are honored. ■ L y f- Watch the shins, gi Two points???? $ Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum Endeavoring to throw light on the problems which the United States faces today as the strongest nation of the free world, the seventh annual Harriet Elliott Social Science Forum presented a discussion of the topic United States: World Power or World Leader? on March 18 and 19. Participants were Mario Einaudi, Ernest Gross, Joseph C. Harsch, and Alex Inkeles, who led round table groups and pooled their knowledge in panel discussions. The Forum, held in honor of Dean Harriet Elliott, presents the opportunity for students to hear experts in the field of international relations and aims toward stimulating their interest in such affairs. Nancy Benson acted as student chairman of the Forum com- mittee and Lyda Gordon Shivers as faculty chairman. Inter-Faith Forum " Faith for Om Times " was the theme oi the L954 Inter Faith Forum sponsored by the Inter Faith Council. Panel discussion, exhibits, and worship services wen- planned by the thirteen committees who wcr- led by Nancy Jean Hill, general chair- man, and advised by Mrs. Ruth Clarke. Some ol the topics for discussion were " World Problems that Challenge Our Faith, " " How Intelligent Can Our Faith Be? " and " Faith Meets the Challenges to College Students Today. " Committee Chairmen First Row: Margie U Rothgeb, Betty Guion, Helen Sally Copelon Second Row: Noncy Jean Hill, Nancy Evans, Sue Hodges, Martha Fulcher, Linda Carroll, Faye Allen, Peggy The eleventh annual Festival of the Arts was held from February 12 to April 24. Formerly the Arts Forum, the Festival was extended this year over an eight-week period in the hope that more students and faculty would be able to participate in more activities, and that better integration with normal campus life would result. The critics were: for dance, Emily Frankel and Mark Ryder; for writing, Elizabeth Bowen and John Crowe Ransom; for music, Halsey Stevens; and for art, James Johnson Sweeney. Anton Chekov ' s " The Three Sisters " was produced for the drama session. Chairman of the Festival was Katherine Taylor; student secretary was Terrill Schukraft. Festival of the Arts ELIZABETH BOWEN ANNA RUSSELL The Players, Inc. Artist and Lecture Series ¥v iriam [- icmtt CHIEF MARSHAL i I WM ' i f f o a O ' o n ' TcSl k « ESI ED j V .rgi p| ,5, J Senior Marshals Sealed, left to right: Nancy Jean Hill, Emily Bowen, Mary Anne Keever, Gillie Show, Elizabeth Peterson, Christine Jones, Mary Louise Ahem, Jeon Forrell. Standing, left to right: Julia Knott, Joonn Scott, Harriet Robinson, Nancy Walker, Jean Rogan, Jean Heofner, Patricia Boesser, Borbaro Werner, Barbara Cornelius, Margaret Albntton, Linda Carroll, Marijennie Barringer. Junior Marshals ane Owens. Standing, left to right: Roberta Brown, Mary Eaton Avent, THE WHEELS standing in their contributions to the Wo College os part of the class of 1954 Left to beginning in front: Janet Cook, Jean Watson Frankie Herman, Sally Harrison, Peggy Best, Margaret Crawford, Kay N m Outstanding Seniors . . . 1954 f o5e jrarak 1 Vice-President of Golden Chain . . . leader of the juniors . . . d conscientious . . . the biggest gr Moth . . . friendly. . headed for big things lined . . . Soda Shop . . . the world . . . NSA . . . iM ' : . . % ' i ft 1 Ljeratdine jriik Chairman of Judicial Boord . . . " Fish " . . . Where ' d you get that red hoir? . . . Cuba . . . them thar ' hills . . . " Right! " . . . Spanish . . . freckles . . . dynamo in potential. Mnne jrord President of Elliott Hall . . . creating a new job . . . leaving her mark in o new era . . . Office hours, twenty-five hours a day . . . Omieron Nu . . . " food — I love it! " . . . popular . . . poised ond capable . . . humor tucked way down deep. ■ V v i Pat Z)k oma5 CAROLINIAN Editor . . . CUSC . . . " Pete " . . enthusiastic . . . reliable . . . the spark of livin; . . . advocate of general education . . . trips t Virginia . . . coffee till deadline time ... in spired and inspiring. ■» ' J au v leelandd Vice-President of Student Government . . . champion of NSA . . . service . . . her lights never go out . . . coffee anytime . . . a zest for living . . . and liking it . . . dependable . . . eyes on Alaska . . . discriminating . . . idealism in perspective. :lu ( Sim L milu flSuttnet President of Student Government . . . nice to tell your troubles to . . . Bailey . . . presiding at Aycock . . . Recreation . . . friendly . . . Winston-Salem . . . sincere . . . enthusiasm. f nMiild ranf?un President of the Senior Class . . . " Fill " . . . original . . . thoughtful . . . always the sound of knitting needles . . . ready to work, or play . . . good judgment . . . junior house prcxy . . . pigtails . . . the big bass fiddle, so to speak . . . bubbling personality. GOLDEN CHAIN Golden Chain is an honorary organization that seeks to recognize those students who have been outstanding in the qualities embodied in its seven golden links . . . leadership, scholarship, service, judgment, tolerance, magnanimity, and character. And yet it does more than confer honor, for it offers to the campus leaders an opportunity to unite in order to render still further service. Although few are aware of the important work which Golden Chain does, each year the members serve as ambassadors to the high schools of North Carolina to tell the girls of the benefits of Woman ' s College. Highlights of the year for the members are the annual spring letter the old members, and the Graduation Day breakfast given by the present members for those who have already graduated. Just as the advisers point with pride at Golden Chain, it is proud of Miss Bernice Draper, Miss Ellen Griffin, and Dr. Warren Ashby who have served so well this year as advisers. The honorary members are Mrs. Julius Cone, Dr. W. C. Jackson, Mrs. Betty Jester, Miss Katherine Taylor, and Dr. Edward Kidder Graham. Left to right: Margie Preisinger, Phyllis Franklin, Pat Thomas, Martha Cope, Peggy Best, Anoush Harutunian, Kay Neelands, Becky Lane, Anne Rothgeb, Nancy Jean Hill, Mary Anne Spencer, Rose Farah, Barbara Woolard, Frankie Herman, Nancy Benson, Alice Joyner Irby, Mary Elizabeth Alspaugh, Diane Chatham, Emily Butner, Carolyn Birgel, Anne Ford, Margaret Craw- ford, Florence Bowden, Geraldine Fish, Peggy Crow. oh Deta kappa Tht Woman ' s Collegt Section of the Alpha Chapter of North Carolina OFFICERS Miss Elizabeth Cowling Presidt nt Dr. Helen Barton I ' ice-President Dr. John E. Bridgers Secretary-Treasurer Miss Shirley Mahan Recording Secretary MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1954 Tommye Elizabeth Barker, Nancy Benson, Ruth Brown, Macie Collins, Annie Franklin Dixon, Freda Echols, Nancy Evans, Rosemond Farah, Virginia Jane Harris, Virginia Johnson Harris, Alice Joyner Irby, Rebecca Lane, Jeanne Martin, Barbara McLellan, Stella Mizell, Martha Moore, Clara Morns, Virginia Morrison, Gertrude Myers, Nancy Neill, Betty Ann Nunn, Nancy Petree, Jean Ellen Ragan, Mary Ann Raney, Barbara Mallard Thomas, Nancy Alexander Walker. MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF L955 Louise E. Merz, Lynda Simmons. ■ f » w n i Margie Preisinger May Queen r IV KATHERINE BROWN Maid of Honor A Day In May 1954 ROSE FARAH Maid of Ho MARGARET ALEXANDER ASHLEY HOLLAND ELIZABETH LENHARDT PHYLLIS HARRIS RUTH JAMES ATKINS KATHARINE KELLER May Day IDA MAUDE BLACK ANNE FRERKING ELLEN KJOSNES TREVALEAH LONG MARY MORGAN GATTIS BETTY ANN SAUNDERS CAROLYN STYRON Attendants CAROLYN BIRGEL RIAM PICKETT SYLVIA CROCKER Commencement Program 1954 FRIDAY, MAY 28 4:00- 10:00 P.M. Registration of Alumnae Alumnae House SATURDAY, MAY 29 10:00 A.M. Art Exhibit Weatherspoon Gallery and Elliott Hall 12:00 Noon Class Reunion Luncheons 2:30 P.M. Annual Meeting of Alumnae Association Alumnae House 4:30 P.M. Senior Class Day Front Campus 6:00 P.M. Alumnae Supper Alumnae House 8:00 P.M. Guest Performance by Play-Likers Aycock Auditorium 9:00 P.M. Senior Ball Elliott Hall SI NDAY, MAY 50 1 1 :()0 A.M. Baccalaureate Sermon Aycock Auditorium 5:00 P.M. Faculty Reception Elliott Hall Terrace 8:30 P.M. Concert by the Greensboro Orchestra and the College Choir Aycock Auditorium MONDAY. MAY J] 10:30 A.M. Graduating Exercises Aycock Auditorium i JOHN UMSTEAD KAREN CARLSON my four ye September 10, I9M) and 7 Ml greei dence halls or the Woman ' s Collect confide nt only faci that their actions and of ' 5 I with undiluted aum idi we say more . . . tests in the hff ness of the " Ask Me " sigr the Science building and yet more house meet , U s for everything from bres kfajst to Class offering of a " Fri weren ' t enough to bre age, registration day dawlntd twenty degrees above that of J for ten o ' clock classes on Mond than an atom, and we found DAY-EVERY DAY under tl well, four more months and r lie i lass colors JWfeek . . . ftrikiliai fr W. C . " e w;re the only college m the country with a 1 scholarship ' oh ;el es jgolno to class ALI gei d;|ry kl(av)e-drivers. s round again; better luck next time murmured th unsympathetic Sopho mores. Freshman medicals brought fo th from Dr. Callings the comment that " extra pounds ver ' pot uncommon among the new students. " She should ta( e : g°°d ' °°k at gs noy Our first CU Day was highlightelo V speech fron Choo and 770 of us took off via Carolina Trailways to Chapel Hill with misty-eyed notions of how many good looking boys would be anticipati w _uui_airival. Founder ' s D honored the Chancellors af thenresent and past . . J fE came to W.C. to take a picture that wasneveTroettiiy all cancg ltecU our twenty-year subscriptions) . . . the Freshman Mixer look ed like a Junior High School dance with males and females staring across Rosenthal at each other ... we sang " Good- night Irene, " " My Heart Cries For You, " " Tennessee Waltz, " and " My Foolish Heart. " The Social Science Forum on " Public Opinion in a Democracy " impressed us with the realization that ther e, was more to W .C. than classes, coffee in the Soda Shop, and gab sessions . . . Dean Taylor announ- and we became the first woman ' s Republicans Club . . .1 1 «t ate tuna fish by candlelight tea in the bath tubs, learned that the desig yfiun on Saturday night was the Carolina and the Castle, majlc kijldge on the radiators, acquired a taste for arlic cheese £rT NQnion sandwiches from Monday through ealizfd thajMiouse meetings were planned so you he r eel ot JoVs socks, and counted the days until g, Ye Ve e oK the old generation . . . absolutely ly R ' o w ekWids. The Infirmary handed out XrXthan in the three years since gal, not onh were we depression babies, bornnr r«ai_too soVi- But in spite of this, we e hmaxjJccmmission to|lT$tp-i auise Mooney, chose h knowledge, " learned our xplain those Unsats with " But, them! Never before or since has he meaning it did that year even if Fejat Ca dj fa. Th Korean Conflict hit home harder rien4s|fnd brothers joined the ranks of itlOr emphasized the importance tc thel kstebasket went those WAVE facult)| liscusjidl " What ' s Wrong With Educa- We elected flmlly_ as our pre sident, heard our Chijstm(is Cc ndert, arJJ wtnt home to await the arrival :t e lc ng whi e whiskers. Food, sleep, dances, 11 eiilell iutha bang one Sunday with away. New Year ' s Resolutions ' ailed rjlansj |fdr STUDY. STUDY, STUDY, lders. tl Dn at A 7, y we v ere Sl£dp becarie ancfcC ' kes the novie a ic cramming in history dates and irgotten luxury; soup, peanut h 1 diet; and still Miss Ryan told rgfctit all. Gosh, she had a lot of . . . my four years at " W. C. " faith in the old memory. Somehow it was over and we were back at registration again . . . what a vicious circle!!!! Some- one tried to burn down Bailey between semesters with a cigarette . . . nice try, but no luck. Golden Chain tapping in Aycock was inspirational . . . general education was in the air. " Come get your flu shots, " cried the Infirmary as an epidemic spread in England and Scotland . . . can those germs really swim???? The old Weil-Winfield rivalry changed to the Country Club vs. the Waldorf Astoria . . . Cotten buried courtesty ... the Junior Show professed that " Women Are Here To Stay " and we agreed . . . Snooky Ookums became the campus by-word . . . Mona Lisa had her litter of seven in the physiology lab . . . the gals in Kirkland and Womans moved their beds out on the porches and appeared at 7:00 o ' clock breakfast expounding the marvels of fresh air . . . Arts Forum and again we eagerly tried to take it all in . . . the Plantation burned and a few of the lucky ones with regular Sunday night dates wore mourning for days . . . Phi Beta Kappa not only honored the Seniors, but Dr. E. K. G. as well. We danced to " Younger Than Springtime " in Rosenthal with Jeannette Snyder doing the planning and practically held a class meeting at Hanging Rock the next day. We had our first taste of sun, sand, and three-dozen radios all blaring " Saphoronia B " at Coney Island, and liked it . . . felt our importance as we helped choose Rainey and Bullard and defied the rest of the campus by voting to retain the societies. Exams rolled around, but we were old hands by now and the last exam just meant that the beach was that much closer. We went away singing " Too Young " and mentally practicing the phrase " rising sophomore. " One down and three to go. but now we were upperclass- look at the freshmen prompted that green! " A few of us finally e rjest registered for Typing 211. The d j ortraits that even a mother couldn ' t had a minimum of one cut . . . eekends, of course. The hi title " A Night With The ijlaidbnjbrnis, ' Campbell Soup Varieties, jaJs i$s . . . we had unlimited week- d twp ettl-en o ' clocks .week . . . Social Science Forum concentrated on China and we con- centrated on taking more courses undei Di Pfafl On th side- we took in everything from Bertram Russell to Billy c rraham , . . wenl to the cir us to see real live elephants and eal cotton candy, and ol course counted the days to Thanks giving and Christmas. The opening of Coleman Gymnasium offered bowling alley, pool tables, and something new to do on Saturday afternoon. Tins time we danced to the theme " Midnight in Pans in oleman and watched Hetty Jean Hagan, dance chairman, and Jean Williamson, class presi- dent, lead the figure. Religious Emphasis week offered food for thought in the theme " What Does Religion Offer In A orld of Conflict. " The first CI ' Winter Playday was held at State College . . . exams for the third time . . . and we agreed with the old theory that Sophomore year is the hard- est. Nine of our class originated the " Open Door Policy " and landed in Judy Board for it . . . the Junior Show " Agape " was completed only by Pat Marcus having to stand up and laugh when the record stuck, and we began to dream of giving the best show W.C. had ever seen. We discovered the smoke-tilled Soda Shop packed each hour with a new crowd trying to gulp clown enough coffee to last through the next hour ' s lecture . . . we hounded our P.O. boxes (and Miss G.) for even a post card from Saturday night ' s blind date . . . and hung out windows to hear the fraternities serenade. Ray Anthony came South for Midwinters at every college that could afford him . . . the " Saints Come Marching In " . . . ukes were still the ra ge . . . source themes forced us to the library . . . and the Bloodmobile made its first visit to the campus ... we sang " Little White Cloud That Cried " but only Johnny Ray could cry as he sang it . . . and it snowed !!! !Ly= TIe Florida natives stared in utter bewilder- blue, j£ r|s appeared on front campus, faculty and thr w snowballs, and cardboard boxes served 11 besicMttie Science Building . . (sprinK ge Avenue with color ar d ment tion only boosted the Castle ' s popularity. Suddenly we were singing " May Cod Build For You A Harmony. " carrying the Daisy Chain, and bidding our sister class farewell. c returned this time harmonizing " They Say. " serving as Junior Advisors, and wondering what to major in now that Bardolph, O ' Boyle, and Pfaff were all on leaves of absence. We substituted Painter ' s novel course for English 212, Sociology 335 (better known as marriage) for Spanish, and took few major courses on the side. The Biology De- partment eagerly awaited the arrival of Dr. Cutter, the Home Ec building boasted of their new Dean Roberts, and Philoso- phy courses soared in popularity under Dr. Proctor. Rose Farah called our class meetings to order, and Mike strove to teach the monotones to " Toodle-lo. " November 12 went down in the history books as the birth date of musical comedy on campus and we collapsed after weeks of practicing for " Madcap Missions. " Bennett Cerf entertained us . . . two freshmen got locked in the library (yep. they were Laura Coil mils) . . . CU Day was called ofl because of Polio . . . four years at " W.C. " hall born was born and followed immediately by Shaw- Mendenhall rivalry . . . TV sets were moved in for that long, long night in the parlor while we waited for the Presidential election returns ... we added pounds eating everyone ' s Valentine candy . . . and counting noses made us realize that although some had transfered, others had married, but there were still over five-hundred left to carry on. The Middle East was the topic for the Social Science Forum with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt adding the final touches. The Faculty cavorted in honor of the Campus Purse Drive . . . Mclver House was doomed to fall ... we received post cards with semester final grades on them . . . initiated faculty evaluation . . . and rolled up our sleeves as the Bloodmobile returned. The day after we ordered a lifetime supply of stationery with our box number printed on it, the Carolinian announced that Elliott Hall would open both its gleaming doors and the brand new post office. We dan ced there to " Moon Mist " under the planning of Anne Ford. We used the preferential ballot in class elections, elected our own to the big SGA offices, had the first CU Day here, and stayed out until 12:00 on Sunday nights. Then suddenly it was spring again and we rushed to the sun court in preparation for the Junior-Senior ... it was great even if we did have to pay for it . . . May Day was beaut ached for days from laughing at just enough time to peer over the ! Davidson, Wake Forest! ai to, but there were also only coffee and cigarettes ing, lesson plans, recitals, (rta Juate and lectures seemed to pi permits were no longer a back of our minds was the |J up to us The--w _wekx)k( dj up o challenge only heightened managed to take time out Detroit Symphony . . . WhitiMrelanc . . . Arts Festival . . . Socij production of The Three Sis linian . . . genera] education We were proud when ( played hosl to the Regional Student I fnion ( lonference, NSA, and numerous othei conventions The purpose and depth ol education was instilled more firmly than ever. The publica- tion heads went to ( hicago; the Physical Education majors to Biloxi; the Recreation majors to Florida. Bui there was also the other side , - we chose our outstanding eight, .i May Queen and her court, Senior Show Chairman, and mascots. Elliott Hall, now in lull use. was .1 center of activity day and night. We took time out to admire the ever- growing collection of diamond rings and pins. We filled out application blanks, had interviews, and talked jobs until the mere mention of next year sent those still in the ranks of the unemployed into a state of panic. And we still had fun . . . no Saturday classes for the lucky ones . . . wearing the gray jackets for a day and realizing that we loved the battered-buttonless green ones . . . singing Christmas Carols by the tree on the terrace of Elliott . . . harmonizing on " Heart of My Heart " . . . practicing " Ham and Leggs " until our throats ached, only to walk back to the dorms in the spring air singing " Old Seniors Never Die " . . . chatting at Wednesday afternoon Faculty-Student Coffee Hours . . . still taking Soda Shop 10:30 . . . making that last, List payment . . . walking the floor outside Legislature room for hours until the SGA election returns came in and we were sure we were leaving the place in good hands . , . making use of the unlimited uls . watching the lucky ones try to pick a June wedding dale that didn ' t contiut with tour others . . . hiding the COD popcorn poppers from Mrs Starnes . . . selling tickets to " The Thirteenth Letter " for the class project . . . having the Senior Physical that showed you were underweight, run down, and typically Senior . . getting panic-striken over the notice from the Registrar, only to find out that it was to fill out your application for a degree . . " Yes Ma am. Miss Tcnnant, I ' ll be glad to fill out six applications if necessary . . . still looking for jobs, jobs, jobs . . . relaxing at night to Dream- time . . . writing letters to those boys who would soon be out of service and to those who would soon be going . . . fighting the nine o ' clock rush in the P.O. and the one o ' clock rush to South . . . ordering graduation invitations. We ' ll never forget those last few weeks ... Phi Beta Kappa . . . Golden Chain ... the Senior Show under Flo and Ragan as the biggest success yet . . . khaki uniforms and hunting for a title that would pass the censors . . . May Day with aqua dresses, red roses, and sunlight ... the Junior-Senior pro- claiming " It ' s May " . . . marching out of the last mass meet- ing behind Phyllis; perhaps it was a trifle sad. but gratifying too . . . the Senior Ball . . . Class Day . . . Baccalaureate . . . and GRADUATION!!!! OUR ADVERTISERS rz ss B i HI !■■ Jm 19 r-tt z ,-• — pHj ?- ' - " 1 liJJL ii I,, ' .IT ■■ ■ l|| II . W 2? : ' " j ' i ' i i I - H SL THEBOflRRnDCflSTLE WEST MARKET STREET EXTENSION Slmh ' iii I ' tit roiiiii f pprO tfil tiff Slmh ' iil ( oiiik il Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop Phone 3-2205 CURB SERVICE THE CORNER Books — (lifts — Stationery Again, it is a real pleasure to say that we have certainly enjoyed working with you during the past year. To the Seniors, congratulations — and if you ever want an item from the Corner, just drop us a line and it will be mailed im- mediately if possible. Satisfaction guaranteed. Hugh J. 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The finest and most modern place across the street from the Woman ' s College PARTHENON COLLEGE RESTAURANT 407 Tate Street Tel 9500 Greensboro, N C Compliments of S iW Appliances Motorola Gray-Seal Television Paint HART HARDWARE COMPANY 334 Tate Street Greensboro. N. C. Phone 4-1948 H. D. BARNES INC. BUILDING CONTRACTORS P. O. Box 2408 Greensboro, N. C MATLOCKS Groceries and Meats TheO. HENRY HOTEL Greensboro ' s Leading Hotel Convenient and Comfortable Coffee Shop and Dining Room Air-Conditioned Convention and Banquet Facilities 950 Walker Ave. 3813 E. Bessemer Ave 300 ROOMS - 300 BATHS Nolan B. Williams. Manager SUNSET HILLS RESTAURANT " YOUR CHARACTER " the best 1618 Friendly Road at Aycock " COLLATERAL IN THE WORLD " Phone 2-4239 City Industrial Savings Bank 124 N. Greene Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro, N. C. yszloscj " Ip? In Any Language . . . A Job with SOUTHERN BELL Means a Good Future! SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY VlorrHon-ileete £ Home F FURNITURE COMPANY urnishers to the Carolinas for 37 Years 112 South Greene St. coLonnn studios, inc. Jmcial rkotoarapner if 114 Park Row New York, N. Y. Phone Beekman 3-7514 %m . CHARLOTTE ravina COMPANY araviriQ ENGRAVERS AND DESIGNERS OF COLLEGE YEARBOOKS CHARLOTTE, N. C I ASM I IK OIll ' OIC I ION 1 J- ri titers ot 14 our ijcaroooli IIAKI Oil I Mill I II I UIOIIW Index Alumnae Association 47 Administration 44 Administrative Assistants 46 Advertisers 210 Artists and Lecture Series 183 Arts Forum 181 Carolinian 32 Chamber Music Group 171 Choir 170 Clubs 176 Commencement Program 204 Commercial Class 158 Consolidated University Student Council 28 Coraddi 34 Dedication 8 Department Heads 48 Elections Board 27 Elliott Hall Council 22 Faculty 54 Finance Board 27 Freshman Class 148 Golden Chain 196 Honor Board 27 Honorary Organizations 175 House Presidents and Counselors 55 Interfaith Council 39 Interfaith Forum 182 JikIu ial Board 26 Junior ( l.iss los Legislature 25 Marshals 181 Masqueraders 172 May Court 201 May Queen 200 National Students Association 27 Orchestra 171 Outstanding Seniors 188 Phi Beta Kappa 198 Pine Needles 30 Playlikers 173 Points Committee 27 Recreation Association 177 Religious Organizations 174 Reviewing Committee 27 Senior Class 62 Service League 40 Social Science Forum 180 Sophomore Class 1 28 Student Government 24 Town Students ' Association 36 Young Women ' s Christian Association 38 Faculty Directory V .11. Alloc K. Adams, Charles M. Attains, I»r. Elizabeth daiii-. Maude L. Austin. Mrs. Audrey T. A....1. Elizabeth V. .1.1.11.. Mrs. Emily Barrett. Dr. Madie W. Barrow! Elva E Rcelcr. Dr. John H. Bell. Mrs. Frances W. Bunker. Elizabeth Boquist, Mrs. Mary Louii Bowman, Wayne Bridgcrs, Dr. John E.. Jr Burdelt. Bita Burgess. Mrs. Judith llurk.. Ilila Mary Burns, Helen Carter. Mrs. Anne Full Carter. Kul. Mae Clarke. Mrs. Buth Ahbo Mrs. Buth T. (..field. Mrs. Terrell W. Coldwoll. Inez ( ..Hints. Dr. Buth M. Cooke, Mrs. Billie C. low ling. Elizabeth Co , Elsie Jane Cox, Evelyn M. Craig. Eleanor Crews. Mrs. Louis.- S. Cunningham, Lillian Curtis. Dr. Dock Cutter. Dr. Victor M„ J Culling. Helen Darn. -11. Hoberl A. Davis, Dorothy Dawley. Dr. Charlotte Dav, Mrs. So- annah S. Dean, Mrs. Evon W. Drbter, Mrs. Oulda C. Denneen, Marie B. DcYonv. Mrs. Doris K DeVenv, W illiam C. DcVinny. Margaret Dirkieson. George W. Draper. Bernice E. Droste. Mildred A. Duffy, Dr. Elizabeth 403 W . Fisher Ave, Apt. 1 315 S. Chapman St. 101 N. Mcndenhall St. 3171 ; Tate St., Apt. 3 1516 Walker Avenue 1310 West Market St. 802 Twickenham Drive 320 Melver St. Ragsdale Hall 11)27 Spring Garden St., Apt. 6 1706 Wright Avenue 209 Elmwood Drive 2911 Hayden Street 4041 . Forest Street 224 N. Edgeworth St. 2714 Shadv Lawn Drive Angelo I. Josephine I nderburk, Mrs. Gale. Walter J. Gandia. Sara Diaz Gangstad, Dr. Virginia Garrard, Dr. Bobert L. C.rriiig.r. Mrs. Margarel Glass, Irene Godfrey. Bollin E. Graham. Dr. Edward K. Craves, Lawrence L. Green, Mrs. Helen D. Greene, Margaret Gresham. Edna Earle Griffin, Ellen Crigg. Dorothy Claire Grogan, lone H. Grun. Buth E. Gullander. Magnhilde Gunter, Buth Gurley. N. H Gyles, Mrs. Mary R. 329 Melver St. 11127 Spring Garden St. 406 North Spring St. 2715 Spring Garden St. 313 Melver Street 3171 .! Tale St.. Apt. 2 927 Carr Street 1023 Spring Garden St. 303 Warren Street Boutc 4. Box 24-F 21814 Talc Street 203 South Trcmont Dr. 222 Mayflower Drive 207 Tate Street 3701-C Manor Drive 3701-C Manor Drive Apt. B-6. Winhurn Ct.. Tate St. 310 Hillside Drive 1119 Lexington Avenue Jamison Hall 3707-B Manor Drive Forsythe Dr.. Srdgcfield, N. C. 1015 Guilford Avenue 203 Tate Street 2 M»7 Oakwood Drive Colfax. N. C. 914 Spring Garden St. 309 Melver St.. Apt. 8 202 S. Elam Ave. 202 S. Elam Ave. 403 Wcstdale Place 2003 Queens Court 217 N. Cedar Si. 1908 Walker Avenue Woman ' s Hall 1412 West Lake Drive 606 Jovner St. 1708 Friendlv ltd. 1211 West Market St. 928 Hill Street Womans Hall 1910 Ella,.. I Hr... Soulh Spencer Hall 7 Springdale Court 101 N. Park Drive 2009 Pembroke Rd. 1600 Asheboro St. 504 E. Lake Drive 1102 Spring Garden St. 613 Stirling St.. Apt. D 517 Park Tr. ns ..a. ii i 502 F 203 Tate 1341 1027 Spring Garden St. 206 Tale Street 3805 Madison Avenue 1011 Spring Garden St. 321 Melver St. 2312 Walker Avenue 2512 Walker Avenue Hinshaw. Edith Holder. Mrs. Elizabeth J. Holloway. Birdie H. Hood. Marjorie Hooke. Dr. Malcolm K. Horlon, Miles C, Jr. Howell. Evelvn iailcv Hall Percy St. .rllaiul St. i ' alkcr Ave., Apt. 8 ' Spring Garden St. North Spencer II .11 IVgrani. Betty Jean IVnn. Ellen PfalT. Dr. Eugene E. Phillip-. Charles . Phillips. Dr. Cov T. Pierce. Virginia M. Plavfoir. Giles W. all. Dr. Char! Mull, 1 1. .Hi Huffman. Edith Hunt. Mrs. Ligia Kalli. ri... Beger. Anna Benfroe. William . Rhyne. Mrs. Laura 309 Melver St.. Apt. 7 1002 Fairmont St. 2814 Masonic Drive. Apt. C 1201 West Market St. 101 Woodbournr Rd.. Itt. 9 1207 Bothwell St. Rt. 1. Gibsonvillc. N. C. 633 University Drive Big-I... David 1202 Cornwallis Drive Riley. Marie 819 North Elm Street Rizoti. Gloria 1515 Spring Garden St 2304 West Market St 932 Carr St 1006 Walker Ave., Apt. 26 319 Melver St. 210 S. Trcmont Drive 308 Tate St. Weil Hall 1403 Madison Avenue 329 Melver St. 102 Homcwood Drive Mary Foust Hall I Udell Place. Apt. 1 9 Spring Garden St. (.112 Kenilworth St. HI A Jarkson Circle, Chapel Hill. N. C. 542 Overlook St. Johnson, Mrs. Jeanctte W. Johnson. Mrs. Louise D. Johnson. Mrs. Mildred 11. Johnson. N. F. Jones. Mrs. May Belle Pent, Tate St., Apt. 4 400 Forest St. Randleman, N. C. 1 tl6 West Lake Dr. 523 Jefferson St. 2324 Hiawatha Dr. 22(12 West Market St. 209 S. Chapman St. 27()6 Stratford Drive Bobinson. Mrs. Eloisc T. Rockey. Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ro.I.n. Zella Marie Rogers, Dr. Hollis J. 409 ] Pin I.affin. Robert J. I.aine. Dr. Franci, I a...-. Mr.. Marie I arte, .Ilia.., LaRochelle, togoj I.aughlin. S. I.uella Leonard. Marjorie Lewis. Dr. Anne L. I.iekor. Mrs. Eunice I. Fiddle. Elizabeth Ann Lindsay. V. E. I -itt I. John. Dr. Vance Livingston. Mrs. Ella I ...kharl. John C. McCain. A. Madeline McCartney. Mrs. Johanna MeC.llum. Mrs. Pearl F. McCutchan. Dr. Kenneth S. McGcadv. Frances A. McN ' utt. Dr. Franklin H. McRimmon. Mrs. Elizabeth Mahan. Shirley H. Malli.on, Mrs. Marv K Manchester. Mrs. Gay Grant Marble. Dr. Guita Martus. Ethel L. Mehaffie. Harriett Mellinger. Mrs. Jeanne C. Memory. Mrs. Marjorie W. Miller, Mrs. Margaret P. It,,,. ft Rd. S21 S. t k St. Rt. 2. Summer!,. I.I. V ( . 3()1 Melver St. 323 Melver St. 1613 W..1 End Plae 503! ; S. Aveoek Si 11,17 I allege Park Driv UMl Hillere.t Dri ' 531 Highland t, l.l Walker tvem .ge Park Dr.. S„„ Winhrld Hall 3701-C Manor Ilr. V.W.C.A.. 312 N. Davie St. 5 Springdale Court 808 Fairmont St. 603 Kenilworth St. 2414 Walker Ave. Winburn Court. 203 Tate St. 1003 Fairmont St. 207 Tate Street 519 Park Avenue 1(110 Walker Avenue 809 Northridgo St. Rt. 1. McLcansvillc. N. C. 534 Overlook St. Kirklan.l Hall 415 Wostovcr Terrace 1814 Madison Ave. 206 Adams St. 102 Homcwood Drive Gimghoul Rd.. ! ( Mel, pel Hill. Mints. Helen Wall: Minor. Alleine R. Moomaw. Virginia Mumford. Mr.. Sollie T. Murray. Mrs. Mabel P. Mvers. Mrs. Mozclle Myriek. Richard rton, Mr.. M.,r, Edit .ton. Mildred P. ton. Margaret E. 202 West Grecnway. South Obara. Estellc It ' ll.., I.. Dr. Lett., I | r. Dr. John Orange. James E. Painter. Mrs. Kathleen S. Park. Herbert W. Parker. Dr. Franklin D. 21 Spring Garden St. 1011 Spring Garden St. 7 Springdale Court I I Springdul. . I 935 Carr Street 512 University Sampson. Elizabeth Samuels. Leonard amu.l-. Mrs. Leonard Sehaeffer. Florenee L. Scxtopp, Mr.. Belly R. Sehrieer, Dr. Alice Seawell, Marv Robert s r. Miriam E. Shafor. Ruth. Miafl.-l.ury. Dr. Archi s.ll .,,! Marion sill.. Mr-. Dorothy S. i..k. Mr.. Elizabeth B. Slattery, W. C. Smith. John Aaron Smith. Mrs. Tommie Lou Spivey, Dr. G. Callaway Staler, Mr.. Helen K. Slam... Mrs. Laura L. Street. Mr.. Ma.lelin. B. Summered. Jane Surralt. Mrs. Helen K. Swanson. Mabel N. Swecling. Mr.. Vesta t - k... Mr.. Virginia F. Tavlor. Catherine Taylor, I ..i- Tavlor. W. R. Tennent. Mar, A. Tennvson. Mr-, •il.ei Thiol. Dr. Albert F. Thomas. Virginia Th. .nip-. .11. Carolyn Il......p-..n. George M. Van Dyke. Mary Elizabeth Vaughan. Herbert E.. Jr. Venable. Ray W, Mrs. Bethiah , Elliott Wovl. Louise hit. . Mr-. Julia W Lite. Mrs. Louise H. White. Nanrv Whilloek. Louise Wilkin. on. A. A. William.. Mrs. Anne Williams. Marv Kalharina William.. Dr. Maude W illiams. Sue Vernon W ilson. George P. Wold. Mrs. Bonnie-Jean K. Wolfe. Frances Lee Womhle. Mrs. Hazel W. Wright. Dr. Lenoir C. 207 Tate Street 12 S. Mcndenhall St. 500 Forest St. lot W ..odlawn Ave. le 1. Guilford, N. C. North Spencer Hall 126 1 W clover Terrace 329 Melver St. 2634 Becehwood St. 203 Tale Street 506 Willowbrook Drive 201 S. Mcndenhall St. 201 S. Mcndenhall St. 203 Tate St., Apt. A-6 504 Westchester Drive 815 Rankin St. 927 Carr St. 1025 Spring Garden St. ■lis W. Gaston St. 315 Tate Street 517 Highland Ave. 1009 Guilford Ave. 1006 Courtland Si. 2O07 Hawthorne St. 1109 W. Market St. 20314 S. Spring St. 217 Kensington Rd. 423 Hillside Drive 400 S. Aveoek St. 1912 Walker Avenue 333 Melver Slrcel Route 1. Box 252 1008 Wrstovcr Terrace 1003 Fairmont St. 606 Joyner St. 515 Franklin Boulevard 10 Springdale Court 3708-D Manor Drive 116 Melver St. Woman ' s Hall 307 N. Elam Ave. 419 East Radlanre Drive W inburn Ct.. 203 Tate St. Box 370-B. Boute 3 506 Willowbrook Drive Infirmary 1109 West Market St. 710 E. Lake Drive Infirmary 17 1027 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 6 403-A N. Edgeworth St. 2721 Shadv Lawn Drive 2721 Shady Lawn Drive 403 Wesldale Place 2208 Wright Ave. 313 Melv.r St! 224 S. Mcndenhall St. 2209 Wright Ave. 210 E. Bessemer Ave. 1027 Spring Garden St. 1026% W. Market St. 1027 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 2 1813 Rolling Rd. Mrs. Alice B. GRADUATE Alexander. Josephine Click. Margaret Coakley, Ann O. Fricdler. Betty Greenlee. Nancy- Hawkins. Janet Bruce Ilein. Marilyn L. Jones. Mrs. Bertha Pate issl-l Wis 1027 Spri -v Collage Garden St. Bagsdale Hall Woman ' s Hall arris. Mildred Rag.dale Hall lendenhall Hall endenhall Hall lest Market St. Ragsdalc Hall Student Directory ,..,h.«... Pa. I. I, V.. , II... kl.u I, ... -I -,,,,,1,1,. I.I i,,i St., High r Bal it... i . ... . p .. Hi. .-.. Creenv 1.17,,. M. ,,!.,. J. ..II ll„, ..., -, u III. " -I...I.. I.I.I,- --HI II I....I 10 i 13 Bl..l...k II. ,1,.,. IT 1-. | |. |,,| , III. 6 7 " 1. 1 I...I. I ■■ ir.-l n ■IT.. 1 II in i,..l 1 II Blur. Barbara li... :i». l....l..„ 111 Blur. La v.,„. II... ' . ii. m vi,. 1.7 " I.- II D H.. i IN i 1 ... l li... „ HI.. l,.-r».-ll... M.,r. Voo. 7.17 Sivll. M., Ili.knr, VI.,,, I, on. x,„a...... I UK, . St.. I.r ,.|,„r„ Aokerm loan Sue. It. Hawthorne ,, ... Nailer, N. I. V.I.. V .... I.. 1 . S89 Montford V,... V.I,., III. Ml Br. eel.. .Ill ' ) M..olf....l V..-. V.I.,, ill. v .i. ill.-.-. 21 Albright, Franco Ubrlght, Sarah Kin. I, Vhl ' rhl,.-. VV instoll-Sob-m Vliv.iiui. r. Inn, I.r,,.-,.. " 117 W . Muuue. Alrxo.t.ler. Frame.. III. . Itiirliiiiilun Vlexamler. Josephine. Box I :i. Sl„ii, l „ Minir,.! Ann. I Mil VI. vamlor. Maril.n Vn.olia. II.,, I,.., Island. II... .12. Wriulll.,ill. II. ,.l, VI. ..,,,. I.r. Vlrlan Marie, lii. 2. II... 196-A, Edenton Vll.n. Brrniro Gail. »| Ivnnh...- V,... V.h.-v illr V Eleanor Elizabeth, loll. I..., 11,1.. Shell., Vll.n. Evelyn Lee. Main Si.. Marsh, illc Vll.n. II, ,1,1m,- I " ,,,.. III. 1. s....x Camp All,-,,. Margaret Belle. 111. 6. Box S17-C. I.r VII,,.. Marietta. 1.111 Walker V.... Greensboro Allen. P .lane. III. 1. I ln.rb.tlr VII,,,. Sarah, Wadesboro Alley, Barbara Jane. 3211 Corgio V..-.. Burling!. ... VIII- , ,,,.. Lou Rt. V 1 1 ..... ...1 . Von Mar.hall. Ill7 Jones Circle. 1 Vlmon.l. 111. I,,. III. 1. Box lr.ll. , ,. I .,.,,! Vim Sarab F... Bov »7:t. A .Inborn VI. paush. Catherine Helen. .1211 Corona St VV in.ion-Salem VI. |, a, .si.. ,la..,|„ali„e Vi u.-slhoff, Rl. 2. Jo. Vlspough. Vlar, Elizabeth. 1120 Corona Si.. VV juston-Salem Alston, Blair. 108 S. Deans St.. Wilson VI. ma... Carole Marie. 111. II. Nrxh.rr.. S. Amis. Belt, Llovd. SO-I E. Markham A,e. Aiuouri. Ann. 3.13 1 limber Si.. WV .. VV a. Anderson. Andre, Ju.lill,. II, K. nz. 1 I.e.. Anderson. Belt. Ann. Box 33. Yadkin, ill,,. Caroline Augusta. 2221 Briarwo Anders,,... Vlar. i. Shirle, Marie. 31.1 It,,.,- Si.. 11,,,-k, Moon Nanry Carol.n. 713 Club Blvd.. Durham Naney Fa. e. lit. 2. Grabatn Vnnis. lle.erl, Jean. V|. Bobbie l.ra, Mary Jo Itr.o.kl, ,, i.m .1.. 1 1 V V . 188 istin, Jane Carol. 2.122 Greenwa] II.. VV insion-Salen, 1.12 ill.,,. Shirle. Marion. Bov 17 1. II .inter., ill,- 163 ..,,1. Mar. Eaton. Hi. 2. Bov 1.13. VAhitokrrs 31. 113. 18.1 .eretle. Dnrolhy Ann. 1510 Fori Rragg Hd.. Baeh. Bessin.a Edna. 1821 lob.oial V.e.. Creensb, Raggett, llenr. . Bov 12. I.illington Bou .ll. Morv Edith. 7 1.1 Florida V,.-.. Henderson Chalybeate Sprit Bail,-.. 11,11 Bail,-,. Mori,... Toxnsrnd. lllll) Nieliol- Dr.. Boil.-.. Mor. Polrieia. 71.2 W. Main St.. Elizoho Boin. Carol.n Sue. .116 7th Si.. N. W .. lli.ko Boir.l. Moril.nne. 71., Water S,.. St. John ' s, Quartan II — 1 . Hal,, -,1,1a kalhr,, Bo, J.. 1 ' MII, V„„ -l.. Itauiu. Mar. A.m. 18 12 Car.lenia VV ,1,,,,, Ave.. Merrick, V i. 32, 33. 132 Bo.n.-s. J„ Anne. 122 W . Main Si.. Burlington 163 Beam. Potrieio. M.-rriw I Far,,,. 111. I. Shell,, 27.38 Bea,„,r. Nan,,. III. 3. M„„„| Vir, 68. 113 Brash.. Slanlord. 213 Mark, Si.. II, ml. r-..n 132 Ilea- lev. Carol,., P. II. Bov 661. Durban, .12. 132 B.-aii.. M..II, l„. Hav, River 113 Beau,. Winifred h.„. Has, River 113 Benuford, Jewell, 2iim w . ll„li xi.. Burlington 68 Beek. Vnnetle. 1 I State II ilol l.rds.. Horganlon 27. 32. 33. 133 Beek, Fern Morie. 711) Park Si.. High Point 1.17 Beek. Margaret 11,-11. . 12 1 Gaston Ave., Belmont 1.13 Beeker. I rl, June. 6 16 F. 28th St., Paler...... V J. Becker, Mar, Loo, Il„v 22. Jamestown 133 Bell. Bell, Holland. 1117 111. er.i.b- V.e.. Ill, 1 3.1 Bell. Mar, Owens, linn Belmont Circle, Fayetteville 2.1. 27. 28. 113 Bell, Margaret Sue. 18 Lungwell V,,.. Vshe.ille 68 Bell. Sue Ann. Southern Ave., Homier-.... 152 „k Hi.lgo -i.. Sprii ,r. tnn. HOI M. Donald Ave.. Hamlet 31.69 .Irieio Elaine. Rt. .1. Reidsville 163 mi, Phillip-. Id. 1. Hertford 69 ra Color. 2111 Vail A. .... Charlotte 311.113 -an Roberta. .17 Dr.. 76 St.. v. ». 1- 1.1.1 nr . 707 Fairmont St.. Creen.boro 117 Lauro. 1.1 Patterson Ave., Null... V J. 39.69 - ■ Spring Lake 69 uanito. Rt. 1. Box 1811. Ml. Pleasa. ,nn. 318 Fifth Ave.. Henderson, ill.- lo Ann. 419 Fountain PI.. Bnrlingto Birecl. Carol.n. 213 Si.. Green Birgel. Naney Anne. 213 Mclver St., I Birkl... Noel Pb.lli-. 13.1 -.Ml.rlhx.Ml. 311. 69. 197. 21)3 Bis., li. I .,„ Ann. 811 Broad « Blvena, Pot-. Ann. 12 Brenl Bi.ins. Mor,. Box 96. Hi. 2. Bi.i.... Poll.. 2 1 I snrr. V, Black, ll.,. Nita. Weatridge Sparta I Ik, ,-l..„. Bloek. Ido Rloek. Jo Vn„. 132 1 Haii.ill.,,. St.. II.., k. Rapid- Blaek. Julia Mae. Rt. R. Box 711 I horb.ll. Bloek. Powell. Pin, hurst Blorkburn. Jean. 903 Jer-e, Ave.. VV inston-Sl Bla.kl... Xhirl., Ion,. 1007 Park V.,-.. Durham Blaekn.on. I.illie. Rl. 2. Fanoa-lor. S. I. Blaekn.ore. I. rare Georgia. 32 - St.. V-lleville 2 Ilia, kv, elder. Sara. II Miller i.e.. I oneord Hlai-.lrll. lloroth. Janice. I " 2 I lippal, V.... Ihorloll. Blake. Jane. Box 1.1. Cl.o.lbourn Blaloek. Palri.ia Voo. 1H1 lllll.,,, V ... Spartanburg, S. C. Blaloek. Palrieia Vone. 1505 V II,,,.,, x,.. Kin Blaloek. Palrieia Jo. 1.17 I. .1,1. 11,11 ... „. -, ill. B hard, Joan. Rt. 2. BurUnatoa nan. Belt, Joan. II Auau.ta Cwendolj Barbara Call In ,11. Shirle] H,..r- - v, 11... I IK Kannapoli. 2232 Park... Dr.. I nte, x,.. Princeton, » . A .. Brown .„,„,„,, Bo«o.a... Joanne. III. 2. Br... o .„„.„., I 11 Il.o.lora l.orkhart. Bov 236. „...n.lllr Boyd. Joan F a, e. 2112 M. trail x, . N,. |,. r „ Howl. I..I-. 1. 1211 franklin St., Roanoke Rapid. II... ,1. Mr-. Margaret K ill H „.,l v.. vv .,,,... ,11 B,.,. II.. Joan Hulh. 1.121 Vn.l.r x, »||.„„ Juanila Fa... 12 1.1 x. | jr |„. r „ ., »j| — n H...1.-. 11,1,1.1 Jeannelle. 111. I ,,. Ho, I.-. Nell Roll,. 2IIII ll-h.r l.rr, -1 Ibom...ille Bo.le.. Sarah Glenn. 2116 I..,,, V.. Ilk,,, Bra.l.loek. Eliaabelh V Ill lore.l 11,11 S,„ Movant Bradford. I.r.. I. Da.|.|...„ Bradford. X..r., I. ...ion. 22 11 II,. I In I.-. Baleiah llra.ll... V„„. W .. r o It. I..I. J. I Hra.ll.. IIVIIMV A.P.O. 63. San Calif. Bradle,. |„a Lou. Box 1.173. I.r. .,,. I,..r.. 28. 31. 36. 37. llra.ll.-.. Mr-., n x, u ,,.. Tll ., Phillip- »t.. Eliiabelh I it. Ilarhar Brannon. V Bran-for.l. Voo. I ..„,.. |. Brail,,,. Elizabeth HI.,,. 3.1IHI I Rreazeale. Dorothy Jean. .1.11 Ir. Spartanahunc, 5. I . Breeze. Elizabeth J II.. v 21. Hamlet Ann. 3111 x. v.!,. nan. 309 3rd St., Von. . 2 1211 V|„,,r... x,.. Uilmin,,,, . lit. 2. Canton Hrishl. VI,,,.,,,, |.,|,,,|,.,. .„,, -, | ,, , t , Virginia H.-aeb. Va. Rriehl. Nanrv l.x.ndol.n. 7112 Park St.. II, eh 1 Brinkl... Vnna Maril.n. Rt. 3. n„, 21.1. Marion Bristol, bin,.. Box 11. Vmlrex. Brill. I.erabline. Hi. 6. Clar.lal. V.. lo . Winston.Salrm Rrilt. Marv Ann. 107 Find Brill. P.e,.,. 28 Macnolia It. I ..,,.,„ Brill. Yvonne. HUH Maple ami «i„.,„a V 22 1 Broadvoll. lit. |. Xaini Brooks. Dori. Lorraine. 7211 Mar, K3I I oroxalll. Hi -I 11,1.-1, P I e.. Lumbrrlo I hapel lllll II... ill. Br „. D..ri. Elsie. Griffith Rd.. Broome. Nanrv Lou. 1 108 Na.-au 111..!. Iharl Brothers. Winona. 80.3 -I. Eli.ab.ll Hr.oilhl..,,. Marv ir. lit I. . I...I..., Brown, Ann. 9 Colonial St.. I harl ., x , Br„v.n. Aulrey. Griirer Broxn. Barbara Seolt. .17 Templelon Ave.. Moore Brown, Belt] Gra.. Ill Perr) St., Raleieh Broxn. S, l.ia Fa.. Four tlak- Br..-,,. Fro...... Hi. I. Vlooreavllle Broxn. Geraldine. 1 112 ljr.l-.ll x,.. V|a,|i..,„ Bro.o. I Hi,. J..,„. 2.III-. Markel x,.. « ilminal.,.. Broxn. J„an. 1112 Irving St., » in.|„n. .l.-,n 1 rbor R.I.. and. Belly Je llroxn. Lois, x. V| Hroxn. Vlorizor.l I..,.i.. . 12ll I . v i iu.-t.... V..-.. I Brown, Mar. I,. lllll xp,,,.,r V.. -,,„,., Broxo. Mrciuia llrla.,,1... Ill F. K,„s- -I.. II... Broxn. Roberta. 112 Rock] Mount Broxn. Hulh Elizabeth. Wendell I.e.. .bub... Ilrox,,. Mr.. ollv T.. 7Hl Hr.„.k-,.l, Dr.. Iliah Student Directory Brown. Shir] ■v. Rt. 1. Sclina Brown. Suma eigh. Bucgaw Browning, Mi rth.i Inn, 211 ' . Bruce. Paula 3208 Sewell R 1 Bruton, II, nr ctla. Junior Hon M.I,, II, -I Graham Burhan. Rebecca Mac III. I. Box 122. Buckncr. Marv Ethel, 23 1 Si. Johns St.. Buff. Annah Barklo. (.15 S. Ridgocresl Kutherfonilon Bui.-. Annie. Bladen Si.. Rladrnboro Bids, Ann, Jean, Bull. Alice J.. Box 239. Greenville. S. C Pugg] Joyce, 1007 II II,,,,,-.,, ,1m Rita. St., Charlotte urch. Margaret B.. 417 ureh. Margaret Carringto Ralei S h 27118 Kitlrell Dr.. 28. 38 .31, 73 Kav. 105 llillar.l St.. Murph. Burgin. Jean Marie. 39113 Monroe Rd.. Charlotte Burke. Nanc, Ann. Box 293. Siler Cil, Burke. Peggy l.averne. Rt. I. Pillsboro Burkelt. Barbara Jean. V. I, ,11. Iliirnie. Anne M.. Rt. 3. Boy 273. Wilmington Burn.. Josephine. 9(17 Kin, St.. I .iimherton Burns. Jane Cobb. Crolwood Dr.. Roxboro Burn-. Margaret Marie. Box 137. Pill-l.or., Burn-. Orlec Elaine. Silvan Heights. I .riuni. Pa. Burn-. Sarah Nan. 81 . Steele St.. Sanford Burner. Mar, Ella. Rt. 2. Va. Burroughs. Ann Elizabeth. Bt. 4. Henderson Burroughs. Frances. 7117 Barnes. II. 1,1-, ill. 24,23 Burrow-. Evrl-n 1082 Prat St.. Chile Burson. Bc.ccl. Car.,,,,. 3.113 Caledonia II. I.. Richmond. Va. Burl. Ann II.. Bi 113 Butler. Lillian Eleanor. 1116 Morrhcad St.. Morganton 149. 153 Butnrr. Entile. 2IIII3 Colonial PI.. Winston-Salcm 24,25.26,28.73. 187. 19 1. 197 Bulls. Louise Marvin. Rl. 2. Ho. 89. Halifax 134 llu hardi. Mr.. Bellv Jean. Rl. 6. Lexington 163 Bvcrlv. Sue Caroline. 2313 Sprunl St.. Durham 30. 113 lis c.l. Mar, Eliiahelh. General D.liv.rv. Uorlh.illr . . 73 Caddoll. shirle. Eliiahelh. 211 Brack..,. Sj„l, Callahan. II Eliiahelh. I itiati Level. Va. Callihan. Mar, Ann. 29119 Vtildwood Dr.. C.rce Cameron. Annie Blue. Raeford Cameron. Marv Lou. Box 362. Aberdeen Camp. Palricia Calvert. Rl. 5. Box 480. Charloli Campbell. Anne. 325 V . Thomas St.. Salisbui Campbell. Barbara Ann. 63 Church St.. s, lrJ , iphcll. Barbara Louise. Bl. 1. Box 165. Eliz. npbell. Betty Lo Box 31)2. Do Campbell, Bcverlv llae. 138 Northridgr s,.. I.r. . n-boc. 134 1 ampbell. Jo.ce Elda. 111. 6. Box 203. Slatrs illo 1S3 1 an.phell. Kacen Delano. Favetleville St.. Clinton 1 15 1 ampbell. Mar, Clara. Box 186. Fl izabr 1 hi ow n 163 1 ampbell. Marv Frances. III. 1. Nichols. S. C. III 1 Mary J phinc. 111. 7. Ilak Summit Rd.. V. inston-Salem 32 115 Canada. Delia Be... Spencer St.. Ran.llcman Canada. Juliette E.el.n. 1 lll ' » Hittcnhou.e Si.. Lynchburg. Va. 134 Canna.l,. lean. B..v 538. " lamance 137 Cannon. Janie Ann. 23119 Adam. St.. Wilminglnn 132 Cannon. Linda Lee. 115 E. College M.. Mounl Olive Cannon. Sara Eliiahelh. Box 1034, Canlon 153 Capps. Martha Neal. 815 E. Maple Ga i.i 115 Cardwcll, Virginia Carole. Rl. 1. s v ill.- 154 I arlt,,,,. Inn. 53113 rendell SI.. Moreh. larlvh. Hi,. Dunn. 613 Fountain PI.. Carnegie. Eliiahelh Ann. Box 229. Rull Carpenter. Sarah Jane. 113 Magnolia Dr Moor,,, I arpent.r. Shirle, Joe. Box 101. Rt. 1. Carr. shirle, llenkel. III! V. . St.. • I acroll. Lin, la J.. 5II1II Mill I reek Rd.. Rl Allan!.. Ga. nil. Pa el.u Carrulhers. Catherine Je Carson. Carolvn Augusta. 12113 Crescent Ave. Gastoni Car-,.,,. Maria.,,,.. 25 11 Bcrkl, PL. Greensboro Carson. Palricia Anne. 921 Boulevard. Slatesville Carter. Barbara. 1IIII7 V. rnlw ,,rlh St.. II. ids. illc Carter. Eliiaheth. 12118 E. Morrhcad St.. Charlotte Carter. S.l.ia Colleen. Box 113. Kornor., illc Cartledgc. Cynthia. Mount Holly Case. Marv Augusta. 132 Cherrv St.. Winston-Salem Casev. Jean Norton, lit. 5. Box 208. Clinton Cashion. Patricia Ann. Rl. 1. Mooresville Ca.hwcll. Edith Linn. Country Club Rd.. Mount ir, Casper, Billic Jean. Swansboro la. t. Hoc. Bet... III. 2. V, intocvillc Gates. Margaret Merle. 122 " Norths..,.,.! St.. Grccnsbo Cates. Winifred. 901 Raleigh ltd.. Ramscur Caton. Alice Elir lb. 1.1 " Fa.lovcc Ave.. Concord Cauble. Jean Marie. 419 Henderson St.. Sali.l.or, Caulder. Gertrude. 115 Peer- St.. Favetleville Chambers. Carol Yvonne. 2617 Shenandoah Ave.. ck. Rt. 3. I.illii l.ila Hreul. 29 13 ' lemple I an. Palriria Hope. Rt. 2. I a-lalia Diana Margaret. 82 " ! Shell.-. Chcck. Luev. 1507 Walker Ave.. Gl Childcrs. Marv Ann. Rl. 2. Thon.a.v Child.. Katharine Scaglc. 215 Morven 55 Church. Jean. 12117 Ih.-lnul St.. iln.inglon 34 Claridge. Hail. 2211 1 B, rd St.. Raleigh 57 Clark. Bets, Ross. E. Blue Ridge St.. Smart. Va. 34 Clark. Donna Ague.. 218 Circle Dr.. Englcw I. 63 Rocky Mount 63 Clark. Eliiaheth. 12.1 " Oakland SI.. II. n.l. r-,.n, ill. 51 I lark. Freda Ellen. 82 1 Sand Hill Rd., A. ho ill. 73 Clark. I, .lw, Bulb. Il.ll ». Market St., Grccnsbo Clark. Margar.l Da, i.. 312 McDonald Si.. Greenville. S Clark. Mar, Rulh. Box 1.16. Va.. Clav. Kalhrvn Muriel. 1 HI2 Alabam Clayton. Mrs. Jacquetta B.. Apt. 4-B. I.r. . Clayton, Nancy Eliiahelh. 115 Fore I la, t..r. Nano Alice. 2119 t . Main I lick. Margar.l. 1,22 « est Main S I linar.l. Mrs. Dorolhv C, 2775 Foi in- t. ...-Sale,.. Dur! Si.. Lineolnlon I lin Hi. 5. Tho irtha J Clodfellcr. Ernestine S.. Fair Oak Farms. Clndfcllor. Mr.. Joan K.. 214 Fairvirw D Linda Little. 2110 Oakw I Dr Coaklev. Ann. Ill.lhan.. 19 Linden St.. N.,r» I. Ma«. I ..I.I.. Dolphin.. III. 1. McLean., ill. Cobb. Shirlo Pauline. 621 « alnul As... Charlotte Coble. Pats, Louise. 3004 ». Market St.. Grcensbor Cochran. Carol Sue. 3 " 7 Hill-id. .... Charlotte Cochrane. Peggie Ann. Rl. 1. Arden Cofor. Norma Jean. 636 S. Sunset Dr.. Winston-Salon Coll, Id. Annie. III. 2. Box 198. Edcnton Cohen. Ph.lli. I arole. 1212 23r.l St.. Newport News, Cob. Nadinr. III. 3. Fa. ello ill.- Cole. Sarah Jean. 102 N. Magnolia St., Raeford Coleman. Catharine. 24 Taenia St.. A. ho ill. Colo. Helen Eliiahelh. 3117 W. Colonial Ave.. Eliiaheth Cil, Collier. June Carol. Pikoill.- Collier. Jo Ann. Pikoill. Collins, Betty, Rt. 1. Box 395. Kannapnlis Collins. Dottie. Box 87. Vngi.r Collin.. Gloria Dare. 1117 S. Boundary Ave.. Aiken. S Collin.. Marie Richardson. 315 «. 6th Ave. Ga ,i Collin.. Shirle, Rertha. Box 87. Angler Collson. Charlotte Turin.. 2 " 7 S. I hapman St.. Cnl.ard. Ann Wright, Rob Connec. Joan. 716 B. Street Conrad. Harriet Elizabeth. ft a, ncshoro. Va. Conrad. Mar, J phi. York Dr.. Laurel Ave., Charlotte nstantinides. Ermofilr. 173 Ashland Ave. ' .he.ille Cook. Carolyn Ann. 25 Grove St., Concord Cook. Janet. 109 N. Kornegav St.. Goldsboro 20. 21. 24. 7 Cook. Jnyce. Driver. Va. Cook. Sarah Palricia. 5-B Glen Lennox. Chapel Hill look.. Svlvia loan. 12113 Northup Si.. Reids.ille Coolev. Carolvn Mcdcalf. 1929 Ewing Ave. Charlotte [illiccnt. 19- C no. Iva Sue. Rl. Cooper. Marjorie Apt. 549. Grccnsbo Marv Helen. Leonard Ave.. Albemarle Cooper. Palriria Morris, 125 Madison St.. Roanoke Rapids C„|... Nera June. Drexel Copelan. Sara Iran,-,.. 1 " 8 Cedar St.. Mo Copley, R uth Ann. 2 18 N. Third St.. A 155 lave Ellen. 8 " 7 Raleigh S, 74 Elizabeth lit, Corn.liu.. Rarbara S.. 21118 Wright Ave. . 185 Greensboro 134 C.rpening. Mary Reese. Rl. 1. Horse Sh Corrcll. Jo Anne. 110 East Depol. Concord Coulbourn. Eleanor Anne. 204 Walson St.. Windsoc C.ult.r. Nano Little. 5211 Grandin R.L. Charlotte Couneill. Jimiui. Louise. 2116 Bcall St.. Lenoir 2 Coveney, Sallic Wayne. Rt. 2. Graham Covington. Bellv J. an. 18(15 Ilennislon Ave.. Roanoke Covington. Rett, Lou. Rt. 1. Whit.ett Boc .III, 1 .. Rt. 1. La . 3219 Sumn n.l ,1 rc.-n.ho I handler. Ev 501, Marshall v. Margar.l Allen. McAllister S «. Marian I.oui-. . 923 S. Park swell. Bonnal.ta Lewi.. 1715 Dr Crafton. Martha Elizabeth. Beverly tvpt. N.. 1. I Craig. Clara Margaret. 1701 Trogdon St.. Greens] Craig. M. Jean. 1211 Mansfield Ave. Haddonficld. Craig. Sara. Box 12, High Rock Cramer, Palriria W renn. 127 Sir Rd.. 121 St.. Flkin rawford. Ann Coman. 411 Branner Ave.. Wa.ncs.illc raw ford. Margar.l. 3204 Clark Ave.. Raleigh 25, 31. 33, 76, 187, rawlcy, Mary Frances. Rt. 6, Box 49, Morganton renicr. Diane. 50 Stonv Brook Rd.. Darien. Conn. Apt. 1, Greensboro Crews. Doris Eliiahelh. 515 Summit Greensboro Crews. Fran,,. Isabel. 6211 Jo.ncr St.. Gr Crews. Jove. Yvonne. Box 317. Troutma Crews. Mary Eliiaheth. Mavodan Crocker. S, l.ia Joan. 812 School St.. Re Cromer. Lilian J.. Box 831. Trvon Cross. Mary Ann. Rt. 5. Reids.ille Crosslrv. Eleanor Anne. 22 " ! Elizabeth Winsion.Salem Crotts. Mon a Rac. 406 Pcachtree St., A Crotts. Sybil. Rt. 5, Winston-Salem lit. I r,.o Margaret II 111. 2. I I, no, a- v i 1 1. Mar,. 110 Academy. « a, no. ill argarrt Wright. 309 Sunset Dr.. H.lhe.da. Md. St. Augustine. Fla. I rumple,-. Sue. 625 Shenandoah. Ill,,, li. Crvmo. Margar.l Ann. 330 King.l.ur. St Curran. Johannc Marie. 8718 Grant St.. I urran. Shirlo Ann. 401 Lawsonville A Currie. Kalhrvn Seals. Box 12. Maxton Currin. Kobe, .a Ernestine. Bt. 4. Oxford Curlin. Eliiaheth Anne. 911 Anderson Si. funis. Norma June. Box 101. Norwood Culhrrll. Jeanell. Parri.h. 1513 Newporl Norfolk, Va. Ilallon. lar.d.n irginia. 22 " I ttolheld Ave. Dallon. Frances Louise. 707 Clover St.. Winslon-Salci Dance. Erma Ann. 322 Vallo ltd.. Favetleville Danford. Mattie Speight. Rt. 1. Stantonsborg Daniel. Sonia. 2113 Broadway St.. Apt. 8, Durham Daniel. Zora. 203 Broadway St.. Apt. 8. Durham Daniels. Adelaide worth. 1540 Caswell St.. Raleigh Daniels. E. el, n Marie. Children-. Home. W inslon-Salrm Daiightridge. Pegg. . 218 Villa St.. Rock. Mount Daughlridge. S„. M.Gce. 268 Tarboro Si.. Rocky Moui Da.cnpocl. Joanne. Creswell Davenport. Lillian Ain.lo. 725 Seldon Dr.. Charlotte Barbara. 201 N. High St.. Linrolnton Da. id. on. Kalhorim. 627 Ann Si.. Rockingham Davie. Diana Morris. 1710 W olbur. Rd.. Charlottr 7 Barbara Ann. 167 Idlewilde Dr.. Winston-Sairm Da, is. Barbara E.el.n. 2409 Commonwealth Ave.. Charl Davis. Belt. Jean. Pink Hill Carolyn. Box 3 12. Hillsboro Davis. Helen. R»v 26 1. Cha.ll.ourn Da.i.. Hilda Ann. Pike, illc Jessie Rl. 1. Wake Forest Margaret Ann. Rt. 1. Box 218-A. Wade Marlha Ann. 1 1 " 7 Cl.dc St.. High Point Martha. Rt. 9. Box 880. Charlotte Da.i-. Mar. Lou. 12 1 Beaumont Ave.. Charloltr Nano Ann. 12 1 Beaumont Ave.. Charlotte Nano Jane. 1405 Garfield Rd.. Burlington Davis. Nora Venelia. Eureka Pal-, Hubbard. 101 Da.i.. Ruth A.. 217 S. Tren Rulh Patter...,,. Law .on St.. Leaksvillc Sandra Ann. 6 12 N. Sixth St., Albemarle Dawson. Carol. 1300 Park Ave. B. C. .1.1-1 Deal. Frances Oli.ia. 144 Park Tec. Statesville chard St.. Sali-bur, Deans. Emma Jane. 1105 Kenan St.. Wilson Deck. Peggv. Duke Power Co.. Cliffsidc Decker. Lorraine. 201 Fairfax Dr.. Winston Dcese, Alice. 89 Seventh St.. Lexington Deklc. Margaret Ann. 408 Donehoo. Stales Dcllinger. Barbara Ann. 1927 Maryland Ave Dellingcr. Doris Marie. P. O. Box 140. Mon II. II,, Syl. Clrnda An Edge n.l || „ Ki.v 578. I.r. en. I, nr Jackson Height.. Dickcr.un. Jane. Rt. Dick.,. Bruce. 310 Dillard. Nano Lane. Jefferson Dillehav. Mavis Corolla. 41 Church St., Oxford Dismukc. Svlvia. Ill Trail 1. Grove Park. Burlinglo Divine. Marv Ann. 201 Borden Ave.. Wilmington Dixon. Annie Franklin. Rl. 1. Belmont Dixon. Barbara Lee. 37-42 78lh St.. Jack...., Heights 72. N. l. Dixon. Bctlv Lou, Jefferson Dixon. Billic Sue. 623 N. Endor St.. Sanford Dixon. Eliiaheth Ann. Rt. 1. Ml. Vernon Springs Dixon. E.el.n. Rt. 1. Belmont Dixon. June. 510 Queen ' s Ct.. State., illc Dixon. Roberta. 27O0 Van Dyke Ave.. Raleigh Dixon. Shirle. Anne. Rt. 3. Skvland Dr.. Rockinghan Dixson. Irma Janet. 26 " I Commonwealth Ave.. Charb Dobson. Franda Barber. Box 7()9. High Point Dobyns. Barbara. 531)1 Worthington Dr.. Student Directory Hoggon. s KM Wlh si.. I.. I.I. W ll..ll..r, Holer... 27. 19 lawu.lale 11,1.. I hurl I.I Ill Sain, Hi. I. State., Hie D.mal II. .roll,, ,,,... . " .111. Forr, Si.. :..,,, Ave., Dunn Alton, s. i . ,-.. Richmond 26, V. ii,, 111,1b, Ave., Dutilap, Mar, I„hI,... kiriiir-, ill, ' Dunn. Ilarhara. Illuilriilioro llui,,,. Filial,.-, I,. I llll N. Ha. oil Ilunn. j.ill. Mar, 1211 I ill.,,. H.I., Ii, Sadyc Elisabeth, Box 216 Danevant, Dixie Dae, Mayodan Hurl,.,,,. h..i,i.i, j,„„. Hi. i. i;,,,.,„i„, Durham. Hurls Ann. Box 332. llurgaw Dnrhun, Sua, l r., Winston-! ii. . . Earnhardt. Carolyn, III. H. Plaxa H.I.. Charlotte Fosterling. Alma Louise. 3 19 llalriiih St., Hock F.hrrnra. Jo Ann. 600 Lakrvirw St.. Green.!... Echols. Freda, 12 Graenhlll A.e.. Ashe. 111.- Edgrworth, Betty Jean, Box 1 30. V. adesboro rds. Priscilla Ja 1. Box 264, II A,,.. ,.-, St.. Foy.ii.-.illc l .u.,,-,1. Well., Hi. 1. Box 171. Edwards. Nancy Carter. 117 S. Baylon Egrrlon. Sue. Mill Spring Elder. Dorothy Jon,-. 501 W. Pork Dr.. Elder. Jane F.liaabrth. HO Glendale A Eldred. Sara Jane. 1 1 llollv S Isle Pain II " . oily Ann. lit. 1. 11,,, Elling.r. Pal., Ann. Durham Elliott. Rarlinra Carol, Third Elliott. Eliiahelh. 1I 1 Acadcmv St.. Roxboro Elliott. Etlo Jane. 515 W. Seeond A..-.. Caslnnia 2266. Hickory Ellis, III. Box 1135. (.„ In. 2819 Ha, .„ A,.-., like Elmore, Dorothy Lee. 1K6 Daniels Bd.. CI Filing. Mary Foster, 339 Charlotte St.. Ron El.ey. Betty. Rohhins.illc Emory. Irene Ellis. 11121 Country Club Rd.. English. Joan Eliiahelh. Fourteenth St.. Alt, Eoglish. Myrtle V., III. 3. Maxton Ennis. Janet. Old Paste Rd.. Erwin Ensley. Nancy Elizabeth. Box 245. Clyde Epplcy. Anila Byriim. Jamestown Epling. Clauilclte I.nrrno. 549 Oak St.. Ham Erlach. Sandra Fayc. 1 1 IB Ferguson Ave. . No. -p., r in. I.a ra Powc. 515 Lenoir St.. Mora Doris, lit. I. Eliiaheth City J, an Sj kc. 111. 1. Box 37 1. el Mae. Box 2119. lit. 2. I.onilo Shelby Anne. Box 163. Clinton larian. 30.3 Elmwnod Dr.. C.rrrnshoro Mar; Carolyn. 119 Graver St.. Shell,. Falls. Mary Enola. Farah. Priscilla. 529 1, Farah. Bo.rmoii.l. 3117 Rock Hill. S. C. 27. 35. 79 25. 27. 79. 189. 197. 201 i. Ina Ann, 2IIIIO Beach St.. Apt. C.2-] e, . Barbara Dcllosc. 1 1 4 Norlhridgc Si.. Greensboro .«, Boune.a French. Sophia ,,cr. Ellen. 21119 , rn..n ' l r. ' ] Charlotte ■, Mary Virginia. 1211 W orthington Aye.. Charlotte II I ' ... Feather, hrl Aberdeen I ••! . , .,!.. I ' ,: . %.. MO llir. II r. II. 1 ' . ' II O, fart .... i.i .... 27. I 15 Feu I I, ■errn Hi... 1112 II... 21 1. Hill. i. I. Inn J,,,.-.-. 1211H Dresden St., Kent iam. 1117 Page Si.. Rockingham Rita Beatrice. 1911 M„rganl,.ii R, Faye Fleming, Mlckej I aVarne, Rock, Mounl Fleming Fletcher] Anita. 5 111 Burl,.,, SI.. Raleigh Fletcher. Jean, III. 3. North ilke.hor., Flinchum. Belly Mae. Hi. 111. Box 217. (.r, en. hoc. Floor. Nane, I.oui.en. 51111 11,1,,,,..,, I.e.. y.he.ill. Floyd. Betty Jean. 1 llll I Pine St.. Lumber!.... Floyd. Bell, Jean. III. " . Smith Si.. High Point Flo,, I. Hannah Eliiahelh. Junior Home. Lcxinglon Ford, Anne Sen. lit. 9. Box 7KO. Charlotte 22. 23. 2 1. 28, Ho. loo. Forrest. Mar, Eliiaheth. 11211 Duplin ltd.. Raleigh Fortenberry. Helen Ruth, 2111 N. 2 1th Ave., Ilattiesburg. Mi... Fortune, Marian, 7 Thump. on Si,, ' .he.ille Foster, Edith. Rt. 3. Lexington Foster. Sue Fa, dene. Rt. 3. Selma Fowler. Mar, Lu-Plicnia. 1117 S. Franklin St.. Whlle.lllc „,. R.irba Spring 78 Fox, Ceri 79 Fox. Nan Box 720 ' A.e.. End 25. N. Fralc, Francis. Beatrice Elaine. Ashcille Rd.. Wa.ncille Franklin. Phyllis. 3 Ambler B.I.. Ashcille 62. HI. 195. Frailer. S,l,ia. Bt. 2. Box 17. I.ouisburg Frederick. Janet. 17IIH Walker Axe.. Grcon.hor.. Freeman, Mia Christine. 266 Hi.erdolr A.e.. Brooklyn 12. N. V. Freeman. Pauline Roberta. Laurel Lake. Box 96. Salemhurg I reel 136 Erie. He . Kalherine Dudley. 1022 Suns, oan. Barbara. 3116 F Rd., Par nge St.. Lewi, far, Margaret Nca Eeaville 8. Md. .. Sarah Carolyn. Carolyn Frances. Rt. 4. Stal Myrtle Katrine. Hi. 3. Lib 1726 Reislerstown Rd.. Fuller. Mildred. 111. 1. Pi.gah Forest Fulton. Judith I.e. . 22(13 llill.horo St.. Rale I iinderl.urk. Bell, Helena. 1712 I n s,. Furr. Barbara Ann. 127 S. Spring St., I on, spoils Gaine Gaines, Shirley Ann. James.ille Callimnre. Helen. Houle 1. Ilox 168. Jam,-. too n Calvin, Mr.. Violet K.. 27 1 Castle Dr.. Fori Bragg Camhill. Barbara Down.. 3 1 Taenia SI., l.he. ill, I. anil. Eliiahelh Jo,,,,. 211 V lir-l S,.. ' ||„morlc Garfinkcl. Sandra Pearl. Hill Morri. Si.. Charleston. S. C. Carroll. Mary Lois. Rt. 1. Box 210. Clarendon C.arrett. Frances Imogen.-. 12 Highland Aye.. h,- N. 1. Atlanta. I.a. Garrison. Imogen.-. III. I. Burling!.,,, Goskin. Dorothy Fa, ... 265 N. Third St.. All,,- rle l..,-,,.,r. ,,lri,..,a Paula Jo.efine. Juchgasse 12 111. Vienna 3. Austria I. a. line.,,. Martha Grace. I.illiugt.,,, Galcwood. Maud V .. Box 12. Vance, ill, Cattis. Mar, Morgan. 2111 While Oak Rd.. Raleigh Gauldrn. Terry Odiene. 114 Price St.. Greenabare 1,11 ..,,..1.11... II 1 1 SI - ■ II. 1 V. ... M.,,. -, ' Id, -.III ll.ll,.,l, Igh 11,1 ' ■! 1 • ' Hi 2. Ilorklnaham Gilbert. Jar,,,.. 1.. 1 ._•_■-,. ,.,..,.! pi I h.rloll. Gilbert. Nane, Barbara ..111 ». -1 II. 1 1 » 1 27. Gilbert. NUI.h kail....... J„.| ,. N ». ||ie.„ r . I.a Ann. 126 II... rl, PL. Gr I...... ' ■■II. !•■■ N ' »•■■• S89 Broad St Pan oil., V II Gillian.. Barbara Gail H.I. ,, -1 Kann. Gilliam. Laura l.l, I.|..„. ' Mill ». P.rkhlll Dr.. Betheads 1 1. Md. ' •(16k ' ■ !■• III 1 It-.. I- ' " . » .l....i.«l..n Gin. berg. Sin. no. .-. 1 1 -._•„. 1 -, 1..., -..,„„.„. ...,,,.1 1 ar.,1. 575 W r.l A.e. .... . r . „. N. j (I, Elisabeth i .,. in Cenrtland A.e H. 1,1. , Hie Glenn, Patricia 9116 Ih. .11,1,1 s, || Glenn, s jr a Virginia. HUH lackland t,.. V, i „.,„„. s , |, ,„ ' • r, Barbara Jewell, III. 2. II... 285. Ih.,m...ille Godwin. Palrlrla. III. 1. Box 2 IH Wil.nn Godwin. II,,.. K.1I,. llll. V l.-.ih s, Wilmington Goforth, .roll,,. Moans, Gafarti H.I 1 r Goldman. Margi. . 2Hl7 Rolling II. 1 1 . .. . „.|„„ „ Gold- Cilda. llll V Ml.,,, H.I.. Miami Beach. 11. . Go.,,!.. Jaanlta, In. 3. M ■ 1 51 Gir cl I. .„,,.,,. 3IH M.di.on Ilox 157. Hi II- 1.- Jan, 1 ' alrlria. III. 5. Ml V.r, ler, Johanna. I 1 lliller. .1 Ink, tun. Arlene Eliiahelh. 2H II. . . I, P ,wl II. I. I. ...leu. Evelyn, Hi. I. PlalH..»n l.r.h.m. Dixie. 1311 N. Bri.lg. s,.. Flkin I.,. I ...1,1... 51111 | I. ., , ,.,„ I.raham. Jane Holt. 1262 Central .. ,|,,.l I. rah.,,,,. Mar, Lewi-. H, ,,,, ng-hurg. K.. I.raham. PI,, Hi- •„,,.. Rt. 1. M ount I II., Graham, w.lli. Mac Rt. (.. Box 219. Granl, Sail, Jan.. 2113 li.-tl.el Road. Harford Grantham. Flora. III. I. Fairmoni Graper. Pri.cilla Anne, 111 We. I,..- H.I. 1 pper Monirlair. N. J. Jean Marie. r.„,kl,„ y, Gra.l.eal. ,„„. W .., j,-ff, r Green. Eugenia Cole. Bl. I. Bam-ur Green. France. Nell. 3 127 Banbur. 11,1.. Kal.igl Green. Margard M.. Rl. I. R„x 7H. I.illing,,,,, Green, Rase Marie, Pitt.boro i.e.. .i.i, e.g. Evelya, iiih Creatland .... Gr..n.|. Greene, tarm.n A rla. Rl. 3. Hoduvill. Greene. June larol. Hi. 1. h. II,. Creene, Nane Anr Port-,,, h. a. Greenlee. N.nre I . Norfolk Creutarh. Il„r„lh, Gould. Tl ' I.i Griffin. Mar. tli... III. I. It... tiriffin. Dlantha Eliiahelh. llll William. St.. William.!.... Griffin. Harwell Ka,. Rl. 3. Na.h.ille Griffin. Evelvn Creech. S. Elm St.. Mar-h.ill. Griffin. Jacqueline Holme.. 35 to S. Wakefield St.. Arlington. Va. Griffin. Jean Carole. Rt. 1. Box 220. W illiam.ton Griffin. Ph. Hi. C. Into l.le.worlh A.e.. Charloll, Griffin. Mar. Bulh. Rt. 3. Rock. Mounl Grim.-. Jo.i, Eliiaheth. 12 I1...I.. -I. Ih„...a...l Emily. 1623 Dixie Trail. Raleigh Gri-oi... to Hull, III Guion. Mr-. Eliiaheth Mack,.. 6 I 6 I harletti I., ,1,1 I. hee I.oui.e. 1618 Prince.. tmi, I h. l.lieal I enter. M.I. Gun... II., Irene, Box I Hi. Hi Guih.r.. ..r. 1126 tluren. R.|. W. Edna Mae. Ilox 27- . Ill 1 ■ lagan. E, a G.raldi... . 712 I... ,,..,, ,| ,, ... 1... Ionia 13 Hale. Maiii. tnn,. 2H8 E.I. n T.r.. Wi, n-Salcm IS Hall. Erne.iine. 222 1 Ha,w.,nh H.I.. High Point 1 1 Hall. Judith. 58 Meredilh ,.. pr illgl, eld. Ma-. 13 Hall. Julia Per-. Pin, l„„. |lr Oxford Hall. Lee. Filig. raid ' .. I.xington 31 33. 11 Hall. Mar. ' ,,.,. 1 ..1. Hall. Sail, Patricia. 136 Rankin S,.. Fa, die. ill, Student Directory nn. 205 Machi 1 Pk„ No 1. II, „,l. ,...,,.,11 Juan. Rl. 1. Hcmler... Hill, Pair ,i.i Ann. 2501 c- Ave a la,,-. Park II. .. 1 li. -1. Hi. I.I irk. June. 155 Charlotte Ave., M . Iloll, irk. Mablo s. Mar, Susan. Hi. 1. l. rks.illr IDS, Gilbcr .Iran. II.. Ill St., Hie ...... Rarh. 1 Shivcly. Rl. 12a. i. ng. 1 .11,.,,. I.,.ns. 2 1-! " , liar..n R.l. rove. Mar, Isabel, llll . Hold .,. K.J.. I.r. ■ . Jill, 71 5 E. Kingston, ( harlot «f, Joan. 6 1 I .. K. Front St., New Brn, Soil, ,1k. .l Harr.ll. Marjorir Ann. Rl. 1. Box Harr.ll. Rotlv Jo. 1O05 Branrh Si.. Wilson Hacrcll. Eleanor Sherlyn, Avent Ferry Rd.. Rt. 4. Raleigh llarrell. Jane Louise. Sainl Brides. V«. Harr.ll, Peggy Lou. 117 V. liar,., M.. Washington Harrelson, Pats, Ann. 31)1 Thompson Si.. Henderson, Harrer. I.aelitia Mary. Apt. 12. Abernelhy Hall. Chapel Hill Harrill. Nancy. 1201 N. Church Si.. Sail. bur, Harrington. I. v. .-ndol, n Ra, . Lei. Harrington. Margaret Vista. Box 2112. I a, lor., ille Harris. Ann Br, an. 919 Raleigh Rd.. Wilson Harris. Barbara Ann. 3IWI Ave.. Charlotte Harris. Belt, Jean. Rt. 3. Box 147. Henderson I I , Pilson Si.. II Ha Harris. Franeb Harris. Frames Hoggs. 111. 5. Shell,, Harris. Harriet Hortense, ..Ill Mason S Harris. J. an. Rt. I, Carthage Harris, Paula Ann. 21)1 Briarwood Rd.. Harris. Pegg, . N. Wilkesboro Harris. I ' ll, His. III. 8. Hiekor,,e H Charlotte Harris. Sheila. 1013 N. Elm St., Creel Harris. Virginia Hare. Rl. 3. Box 10. Li Virginia Jane. 11)1:1 V Ho, s,.. larris. Virgi Harts, ille. Yvonne, 9 1 I It, Baltimore. Md. Harrison. Harriet Lawrence, 100 Luray Front Royal, Va. Harrison. Lorene. 107 Hrvan St.. Jael Harrison. Martha I).. Palmyra Harrison. Sarah Franees. 106 Heogle, I.e.,.,, ille. S. C. llarri...... Shirk. Anne. 705 Cherry A, Harl. Mar, Ruth. 715 Lee St., I.a.|.,„ Hart. Sharon. Rt. 10. Box 262. Greens Hart, Wanda Louise, Hi 2. Box .-,.-.. I Hartgrove. Sara. Hi. 1. Rural Hall Harlle. Margaret. 1029 Miller St., Winston-Salem llartman. Janiee. 88 Pass: Hartman. Harlsrll. Javne. 31123 Idle- .....I IV.. Charlotte Harlsell. Wayne. 31123 Idle.nnd I r.. Charlotte Betty Jane. 2 h Gray Ct. Apis Lois Marie. Rl. 2. N„r» rl,. 221 1 R . I ,r Hall). I.I. Carol Lee. 4300 Hatlry. Sara Elizabeth. I. Betty Stewart, Ros, Hawficld. Anne Car,. Ill) Washington, D. ■nubia. S. C. nnie Ma,. 923 V Broad St.. E.lenlon 153 ophia Caroline. 1539 W a, . Charlotte 128. 138 ami Hr.l.l, M.Ni.oll. 3.. I ' ah.ora Si.. Hi. 520 S. 2nd St., W liming lla, ties. Bell, Ann. 111. 2. Hrid-.ill. Ha, nes. Helen. 122 1 Hi. hard-on Dr.. Reid Ha,.. Elinor Ann. Mel ullum Dr.. Box 388. Haywood. Franees Clarila. 177 S. Spring St. Head. Eunice Carol, n. Box 2 to. Matthews Head. Nam, Aon. Box 2 11,. Matthews Heafner. Mar. Jean. 413 N. Cedar St.. Line Hearn. Sara Beth. 109 E. Daniel St.. Kinsto Healh. Dina I 926 Walker Ave., Greensbr Heat,.... Mar, Elizabeth. A,|„a.,e ltd.. In.lre Hedgepeth. Julia Ann. 508 .la.k..,,. ,... Lexington. Va. Hedrirk. Mar, Dean. Hi. 7. Lexington Hefner. Pats, Ka . Box 111. Conover llegc. Mrs. Doooa T., 311 Tale St.. Creensh.i Hege. Pearlie It.. Rt. 4. Lexington Porters, lleinsberg. Helms. VI , St.. Luniberlon 171 I Spring Garden S. Tremont Dr.. Greensboro 17 Wilmorr Dr., Charlotte 2903 Hampton Ave., Charlu Herring. Flu.ira House. 1 51)1. Anderson Si.. Wilson 154 Margaret II.. 2111 Ral.-igh lid.. Wilson 138 Herring, Mar, Myrtle, Box 21.. Providence Rd.. 27. 119 138 He. I.r. Joan frclrirka. 517 Muir. Chapel Rd.. 154 Heater, Margaret M.l.auri.i. 11)3 Matbeson St.. Hirk.T-on. Sara Ann. 2107 Wright Ave.. Green.bor. 138 Hicks, Grace, 115 Jennelte Ave.. Henderson 119 Hieks. Jean Parham. IIS Jennetle Ave.. Henderson 33. 152 Hieks. Joan Farrar. 1113 llr.ics St.. Wilson 30. 119 Hill. Hatlie Anne. 208 Colon, Ave. Hill. Betty Jo. Newport Hill, Carolvn Jane. 132 Isabella A, W ashington Hill. I I.r. .tin. Elizabeth. 338 Murr; Hill. Curtis Carl,...-. Choeowinilv Hill. Dor. a. I .an n, . Rt. 3. Lexinr, Hill. Elaine Randolph. 221 Maple A, La Rue. Rl. 2. Smithfield Hill. Margaret. Wilmington Hill. Mar, Louise. 2105 Brandon Hill. Nan., Jean. Rt. 3. High Point ! ' Hinnant. Frame, l.oui.e. l!.l 7 Ave.. Hi.ish.iw. Carol, n Sue. Ohio St., Sheridan. 1ml. I ashington Pk.. II,,,.. i,i. II... I., ill,, I, K.I.. Mo Hint..... Prcg, to... Box 228. Ml. Illi.e Hix. Julia Fran.... «, School St., 11 ill. H..1.I... Doroth, Ann. 711 Fairmont St.. C.reeii.l.or.. Hold... Elizabeth. Hi. 2. Walslonburg Hohbs. Mar, Arlene. Rl. 2. W alslonl.urg 1 arrir. Finch A,.-.. Oxford Hobg Mar, E.. Rt. 1. Box 1711. Oxford enberger, Elaine Mae. 1266 E. Hoke. Ann Goodwin. Rl. 1. Box 27-1. Morga.,1.,,, Holron.b. Edith. Rl. 1. . a.lkin, ill. Holland. Ashle, Ann. 2617 Reeehwood Si.. II. ,11 1 113 s. i heater St., Ga, W. 2lllh. Si.. Box II Holid.v Hollls, 1 ar.l,... Box 91.87. Raleigh Holloma n. Mrs. Katie A. Du nn. Rt. 1. Selena Holmes. Judith Evans, e o Vi ■thodi.t Orphanage. R Iloll. II, len Catherine. 2131 Wright Ave.. I.r... i-l. II..II. El zabeth Jane. 626 F lir, iew 11. 1.. Ashe, ille .eekah Kalhrvn. Hi 6. Box 138. lt.irlio._-l. Holton. ' alriria Ann. Hi. 1. Box 385. New Bern Holtzmann. Evelyn, Rt. 1. 11 ox 23 1. Mansnn Hone, eu.t. Pl„lli. Jane. 1918 Mlanta A,e.. Portsmouth. Va. 119 Rood. Doroth,. Iturgaw 86 lloornbeek. Mar, tram... 1 rag-,„....r 153 Hoover. Mar, Ann. Box 262. Concord 138 Hopkins. Laura Marie. Ill Main St.. Rrid-ill. 138 Hookins. Margaret Porter. 29 Ridge. I PL. Grove Pk.. Asheville 150. 153 Hopkins. Marian V.. Rl.. 2. Box 2- A. Brow. Summit 119 Horn. I.ouerrlia Jane. Rl. 1. Law u.l 119 loli., Jo III orne. Belt, Joyce, Box 1 13. Peaehland orno. Carol, n, Rt. 3. I av, lie, ille or.,,. Martha Ann. 1419 Greenville Hi Box 138. Henderson, ille orner. Peggy Jean. Rt. 1. Ashehoro ...lev. Iran..- S|„ ppar.l. 2 tO.3 Madi-on ongh, Mollie Virginia. 726 W. 2nd. St. Murray Rd.. IO. 86 156 Houser. Ann Weekes. 211 West Palm Beaeh. Fla Houser. Jeanette. 64 Jonestc Houston. Catherine. Matthews Houston. Jean. 305 Beal St.. Lenoin II,... i R.L. Ashe, ille Hudtins. Barbara tunc Tucker Si.. Box 613. Ei.fie Hudson. Rachel Elisabeth. Box 58. Ramsour Huff. Anne F.leas. . 21135 Hastings Dr.. Charlotte Huff. Patricia Ga,. 3 Fi-hers Mill Dr.. Columbia. S. Huffin-lnn. Anita lovee. 3811 Chatham Rd.. Baltimore 15. Md. Huffman. LaRuo. Rt. 2. nickory Huffman. Sail,. Pfafftown Huffmao. Mar, Ward. Rt. 1. Pfafftown Huggins. Mrs. Blllir Lowe. Box 674. Elon College Hughes. Willie Green. 41)8 King. Highway. Myrtle Beaeh. S. C. Humber. Mrs. Ann Kimrev. Petterson St.. Clinton Hume. Carolina Fitzgerald. 3114 43th St.. N. W.. Washington. D. C. Humphrey. Carol Sue. Longvic. Southern Pines Humphrey. Margaret Elise. 1610 Pope Ave., Humphrey. Sara Elizabeth. 2716 Ordway St.. N. W Hunt. Betty Claire. 205 W. Center. Lexington Hunt. Lallage Colleen, Rt. 1. Casar Club Dr.. I i Derita lamillon St.. Hurt. R.l, Greensb Hot. In Patricia. 1630 Dale A, and St., Greensbo PL. J» Brasslown Jackson, France. El la.k.,,,,. Lael II. .III. Jackson. Mary Fayc .laff.e. Lyme I ar ' ..L Jan..-.. Carol.,, lliz lam... I.oc, Genevieve. 115 Hawthorne Rd.. Raleigh Jarrell. Janie Patricia. 118 E. Park Ave., Charlotte Jarrell. France. Maxim. Box 3 12. King-tree. s. I. Jarretl. Oca Janet, 510 W. W acre,, St., Shell.. Jarrell. Kara K.. 12 Morrison Ave. Thomas, ille 32, 33. Jarvi.. Betty Ann. 71.3 Cabarrus St.. Moor,-, ill. Jensen. Karen Ann. 266 89il, St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Jerniga... Helen Ernestine. Rt. 2. Wilson 32, Jerrv Anne. 121 W. Sprague S t .. Winston-Salem Jessup. Julia. Rl. 2. Box 277. Mount Airy Jessup. Mildred Anne. Rl. 2. Box 2T7 Mount t,,. Jessup. Phoebe I ranees. Farmer li,,.,. lie. Bill, Bo,. I. 315 E. Chestnut St.. Goldsboro John-. Elhel Lorraine. 571)1 Bidgrlield Rd.. Springfield. Md. Johnson. Barbara Jane. 1112 aid.-. A,.-.. Morganton ,1. borage. Alaska . -peiidciicc Bl,.l.. Charlo ..veil St.. W oilfield. N. J , E. Ninth St.. Greenville lli.k.. Johnson. Claire Flowers. 726 4th St.. Johnson. Elaine Constance. 31 Desmond Ave.. Bronx, ille. N. . . Johnson. Emil, Franklin. Box 183. Brvson Citv Johnson. Ida jane. Bt. 2. Hunlersville John...... Loi. low an. 205 37th St.. Va. Beach. V Johnson, Mr-. I II.. Old Trap I, ,l,n. ..1. Mar, Dell. 1 1)6 E. Fourth St., W ol.ion John-on. Mar, Edilh. 1205 Jefferson Ave.. Winston-Salem Johnson. Naney Lee. Box 77. Old Union Rd., ' . ' .,o. Hose Marie. Smithfield Johnson. Sue Carole. Hampton, ille John...... Shirle, Fay, Boonville Johnston. Ann Thorn.. 625 N. Tr, on St.. Chariot! Johnston, Natalie, 3116 W. Center Ave., M....r.-,ill Johnston. Virgin.., I. rev. €.25 V ! ,..., St. Charlo Jones. Mrs. Bertha Pate. 1104 Cherry St., Tarbor Jones. Christine. 2363 Elizabeth Ave.. W intson-Sal, Jon.-. Mr-. Fa.e I. ...... llll Wilson St.. tie .-b..r Jones. Mabel Elizabeth. Rt. 3. Thomasville Jones. Greta George. 218 Guthrie St.. Graham Jones. Lois. Pembroke Jones. Marianne. 1 00 Crescent Dr.. Ml. Airy Jones. Mary Franees. Bolton Jones. E. Melissa. 59 Aim. ria St.. St. Augustine. Jon Nam, Lee. Rt. 1. Pin Nellie Jo. Box 443, Jones. Norma Kalherinc. Hi. 2. W insion-Salem lonea, Lillian Phyllis, K 7 Vance St.. I.aurinburg Jones. Shirlev Ann. 1426 Woodland Dr.. Durham Jordan. Betlv Lee. 719 W ..lover Blvd.. Elizabeth til, Jordan. Lucille Ellen. 100 S. Broad St.. Edenton Jordan. Martha Sue. 1416 Garland Dr.. Greensboro Jordan. Prggr. 115 Da, i. St.. Smillili.l.l Jordan. Jennie Bebecca. 1301 Belli. 1 R.L. Charlotte Jordan, Shirlev. 199 Edge, nod Rd„ Asheville Josack. Joan Carol. 2800 S.l.,n Ave.. Iharlolle 7 Joyce. Betty Jo. R.F.D.. Ma,. .dan Joyner. Alice. 1516 LaFayette Ave.. Roc Jovner, Carlene. Rt. 1, Summerfield Jovner. Sara. 1315 Real St.. Rocky Mou Jovner. Jerlene. Rt. 1. Summerfield Justice. Anna Ellen. 1729 Second St., S 3280 Chase a. 21 Mornii Mount Kanter. Jean. Kin-ton Kaplan. 611)9 Park Heights 13, Md Student Directory k.,t.i„. h...i,.ii. •.,,! ..-I... Aye., wi Kalzmaii. I.canora II. ml... 2 loll II.. Ilrookl, " . N I kauflman. rimed, 1886 hn V ' Lwtu, Martha Loll « i „.t...i.sal. .,. I .,l... I .I..I. II... I.I.I,,,. Krarna. Barbara Sell. . ' .Ill S. ll„ I. I.r.. Keek. Jannlc Lynn. Route t. Burlington, «.„ V 122:1 K. Fifth SI.. Charlotte Shlrlojo. Box 1632, » i Keller, Katharine. 27 Ha, o, Is, I1.111 K. II.-.. V ...I- II I... . " .22 ' I,. Kill,. Barbara V,,„ I 15 W It.i.lianeo Dr.. Croc K. II. It... I I. I II II, II. ...I, k.ll.. I.r,,. he... II.-, VV. II ,„. I....M-I K,-l 1% . Il.,il, Inn, r.ul Hawkini V,,,. s.. ,,| K. Margie Marie, Trogdon St., Ki-mImm. IU1.1 Humgarner. 25 13 1 an,-,-,. III.- H,l.. Greenaboro Kenned,. Virginia I ' ., r.lll, Hill,,,,,,. I,,-.. V.hcillo K.i,,. I,,,,,. Il.-ll.,,. Granite Fall. kerr. Vi Elizabeth. 193 Spring St., M.m.mI Air, Kralrr. Mar, 1... I.2K ,, 11,1.. W in. Ion. Sal, ,„ k.lii.r. II. I,, 1, till Spring M.. Iliiiiili-I Kc . J.,,1.- Vmm. VV..I M.,,„ s,.. I ' ll,,, Mountain Key -. Martha J.. :l lol . Si.. V W. W ashing!.,,, 7. kill,,. Ann J II... 229. Hall, hi.o. V„„, Ha, II... 2:ir,. Libert, king. Ilarl.ara. Hill Marli,, SI.. W In-t Sal.,,, king. N ■ Elizabeth. :ilK Powell llr.. It id, hiiila.. Shirle, It.,.,-. 963 Slraigli! Si.. V I..,r.. kl,.ka. Kalhrwi k..r„l,„. 217 W. Center V,.-.. M....r..,ille kirl.. . Vmeliu. Supply kirl,,. Janice Ira,,,-,,. 1111 Park ltd.. Charloltc Kirkman. Marv Catherine. 138 S. Mendonhall Si., hi-.c. I„.z. Stanley ki-.r. Mildred Lonlae, 1 13 B,. Kiiohcn. llilli.. Frances, 928 Ei hizzi.ih. Il„..,li,. VV ile . 209 W Salisbury 207 N. Ridg.-wa, llr.. Greensbere St., I.r,-, dc Lbneira 1»:19 Kjos, Kj„s, 1 MMi. VI. 11 Sao Paulo. Brazil KIulz. Palsv Ann. 9 19 Rcstmorc I. an,-. Slat. •-, ill. klultz. Mar, Lewis. 3K, Gr,-,-,,,- Si.. Albemarle kluitz. Sallie, :lll Green St., Albemarle Knapp. Benjamin. 92 1 Prospect A,,-.. Pulaski. Va. Kn,.,.l,„r K . 11,11, J.-un. 21 Van,-,- Cr,-,,-,-,,!, Ashovillc K.,,,11. Julia Ann. 115 Blanche Sir,-, -1. Clartun Knott, Shirl.-. Gooeh, 2(12 College si.. Hendenon Koi-niR. Sue, 30 111, St., Erwin. Toon. Knopf. Nancy- L,-,-. Route 5. Lexington Knox. Joy Da,i.. 512 S»n,,l V,... High Point kolk. Marv Louis,. 158 S. W illar.l St.. Burlington Vl. Koonlz. Carol,,,. 707 W. Fifth A,,-.. Lexington Korncgav. Ila Mario. Route 2. Mount Oli.e krosn,. Esther Miriam. 250 Kandnlph St.. Danville. Va. Kunze. Minerva Jane. 505 N. Hamilton St.. Leaks, ill. Kurtz. Donna I ar.,1, n. 2217 Hriarw ,„„l. Charlotte Kuykendall. Mar, Helen. Box 311 I. Madison k.Miaki.le-. HI,,,. 19 S. Colin Dr.. Portsmouth. Va. I.ail. Roberta. 107 Faith Si.. Char l.aehot. Margaret Susanna. Box 19.1. R o lamb. Peggy Jean. 3886 Greenpoint Dr.. Lambeth. Corinne. Elizabc » n H.I.. I, .1. II,.. ..ill,- Lambeth. Nettie To l.umberton Lamm. Lelia Jean. 4(13 Broad St., Wilson Lam,,,,,. Solly. 1192 (lak.lale ltd.. N. E.. Atlanta. C.a l.amont. Patsy Jean. Donaldson A.c. Roeford Lance. Mar, June. Ho, al Pines. Ardcn Landers. Llewellyn. 5119 Miller St.. W i„-l„M.Sal. „, I.andrum. Patricia. Route 4. Franklin Lane. Lillian Rhodelia. Route 3. Tabor City Lane. Rebecca Anne. 1512 llran e cSt.. Wilmington 25. 2 " Lanning. Lueinda. 131 N. Main St., Graham Lashlcy. Barbara C... Box 5169. AabevUle La. hie, . Martha Louise. 819 Fifth A,.-.. Greensboro La.sil.r. Mar, Joan,,,-. 211 S. Mai., St.. Marion Lalta. Patricia Anne. 410 S. Fourth St.. Mebanc 1 aughridg... Martha Jane. 913 X. Main St.. Rutherfor l.a.inder. Elizabeth Ellen. Root. .1. Henderson Lawlcr. Virginia Kath.rine. Otr.. C-l -S. Naval ll..-|.. Lawrence. Mar, Fran.,-,. III. 1. H„x 391. Mount Air, La, no. Robbie Jean. R„ul. 1. Sanford Lavton. Mary C. 832 Central Ave.. Charlotte I.azarr. Valentine. 308 E. Lake Dr.. Greensboro Leach. Millicent J.. Box 1454. Mvrlle Beach. S. C. I.eary, Shirle, Louise. 101 Elu, St.. Elizabeth Cil, Loagon. Carolyn. 836 Ave.. Slates, ill,- l.edhetter. Mary Louise. Arden I.. I.r. Marjorie Sara. N. Franklin St., Whit,, ill. I .-.-. Vgins. Route 2. Benson Lee. Dorothea. 611 Parkway Blvd.. Roid.sillo Lee. Alice Harrold. 127 Edwin PL. Ash., ill. Lee. Margaret Elizabeth. 1028 Gloria A,e.. Durham LoBcr. Ann McKay. Norwood r.l. Hope. 1 108 i.. Si i i tie. Fair, lev II. 1 t ! " ' ! " ' J l " ' " , ' , ' " , , ' " , Norlbridg. M., I.r...,.l.,.r i ! ' , ' , L ' " " , ' M ' | • IT tt Ira], v.. ' ., v.h. .ill Dnrbi Id.. PhUad, Ipbla, st.. GlbaonriUa 11.. Ml. 1 II..X 2(19. I,.I,m Vllor.l Boa 168, koight, M,ra I ' b.lli., 27 Mark.l St., 1 air 1 Lewli Nan,, Carol,,, Fio.-r.v. |l - llle Lewla N.,r„,„ feu, 1 ,,,(, 5. II. M.I.I .11. Levis Pl„lli. Irene, 175- 111 Grand 1 . oii.l Pk Liles. Li V nr. ..i.. 1 ...... I i.M.I, Grace, Box I 12. I.iii.l. V Irgtnla, 2:12 I .»,-,..„ Lin. ill,.. Ada Frances. Box 187. Oak Ridge Linz,. Barbara. 433 W. Sharp , ,.,, I ipp. Gloria v..... 1519 GreenTilla lligb.a, l.ithgo. M Little. Vr. I illle. (.,-, Litlle. Jane. Route 9. Box K)l. Charlolte Liltlejohn. Elizabeth Jean, 205S Greenviay. :har!o Livingstone. Anne. 58 Larchmont R,L. V-bcill, I.l.„d. Poll, Gra,. Ill St.. Burlington Long. Alie. Millv.,,,,,1. 1,115 llakle, V.... I!...,„„k, Long. Fdsina. 1 III Salisl.ur, SI.. Mock,. ill.- Long. Elizabeth Anne. Koule 2. Hillshoro Long. June F . Dobs, Long. Patricia Ann. Long. Ruth. Cornelii Long. Shirle, JaM.I. Long, Trevaleah. 2(K Roanoke. Va. 2. Rutherford!,, ll. Vernon ltd.. Clorajo. 357 Park I Ho 29, ,,ll. ...I „ Low. Mary Hall. 119 Kraton A,,.. Wilmington Lowder. Barbara Bel. 2 12 S. Third S|.. Vllo-marl, I.owder. Julia Louise. Route 1. Box 16. Richfield Losmiller. Barbara Ann. S,l,a„ V,,-. Fvl.. I , , Lowrancr. Annie White. 410 Oak St., Mooresville I ueo,. Nanc, Jane. 91.1 Forreal Ave., High Point Luffman. Jean. Stale Road Luffman. Winnie France,. Slate Road Lumsden. Gavlc. 10 Willow brook Dr.. Concord Lundv. Lou Anne. Route 5. States, ill.- Luplon. Sharon. Ill W. Gale St.. Edcnlon St.. Elle 23 : 187. ,cr. Martha Ann. 2316 ston-Salcm 118 Kensi -h. .ill. i.-k 11,1 . Rd.. Crc IcCabe. Anne M M.I all, Vmm. Route 1. Ellcrbc Met aul.-,. Patri.ia .,.,e. 1239 L.I, „ S, Bluefield. W . a.. M.-l l.lland. Anne B.. Ill Bost St.. stale-, i MeClung. R. Jane. Robbinsville Mellu.ka,. Mr.. Na.„„i ||.. HII8 Sil,er A e. M.I ..riMi.-k. s.,ra Elizabeth. Route 2. Saint Pauls M.t r. 11,1 . Du McDonald. Helen Street. Carthage McDonald. Marianne Elizabeth. .1.1 lill V,.-.. Richmond. Va. M.M.Iooald. Miriam Ma,. Ill D .r V,... Melrose. Ma McDonald. Poll, anna. Rl. 2. Box 99 V. Rockingham V well, Marv Ease. 778 Palmetto SI. Spartanburg. S. C. McDume. Jane Gray. Armfield St.. St. Pauls McDuffic. June Howard. Armfield St.. St. Paul- MeDuffie. Patty Lu. Pas Creek MeE.o,. Linda Ann. 53 Revere Rd.. Apt. 1. Drcxcl Hill. Pa. Rett, Lou. 306 W . Second St.. Lexington MeGranahan. Carolvn Ma,. 1113 Ninth St.. Durham McGill. Joanne Bnic. Rt. S. Cedar Creek Rd.. Fax cite, illc I N M.n.l.Ml.all -l I I...... McLean. Jean. IIHI2 P -i M.I I- -.1 III I M.I ,. Nan,, llr...,, 1211 I I, ar I . . -I II. ,..!.. M.I V„g. 1 I V.,- M. I . ...I i I,., ii. • . .11 -•- ' -• I I .• I.... II. I Ball .. M.I....I. F, ale,,, ail. " . Dunbar -t I • - M.I. ...I s|„rl., I. a,, linn ' , spring Garden St.. I... - .. I MeMahan. Patricia. 708 Flfllt V.. Gl bora M. N..I, kail,.,,,.. Hi i Ban (- ' •. Merganloa l ■•!■ ■-.. I-: II ..rd PL. Arlington. 1 MrOuaguc a„. V II... 680, »ad M. Ku Mar, Daniel.. 2111 II... ret ■Iner, Mar. I MM I .1 i M.s» a.. 11.11. larol,,,. 202 Walnut St., Thoma. MrWhorl.r. Nan., Von. II... 252. II. ula.ill. Mabe, P gg, Marti -i..k...lal. M.,.k. . 1 ..-. Saaqni aanaa IraJI Sent Hi lori,. Maddi.on. Jane Elizabeth, lol 1 hoc. 1, -i Scotland N..k Madi.on,. 1 .1.-1 M..K. ...... Kill Summit Ave., Kln.l Mag,,,,-. n. Lois Elaine. 11(17 Azalea Dr.. W ilmina lal,- II len. I.-.IIII. V.c. 1 harloltc Mallard. 1 ll.l.- II I 1 . I...r s, . liMrbam Sarah Jan. . HIK W . „,l V Mand.l. Suzanne. 1070 Lincoln V.. Ilighl nd Park. III. Man..-. s.,||. (..„. IIKii, lib.rlii, ltd.. Raleigh Mangin. Lola Virginia. 2 1.1 l„„, ... Trr.. 1 ,11.. Pa. Mangiiiii. ItMlh. Mai,,.. Marguerite V.I. I.. Ills. Fifth St.. Sandra II.. k. Oat v.. -.. li.,y 271. Shirley Barbara. Raefurd 156 g. Mr-. V,.o II.. 52 1 J. II. r -I I.r.. ... ,. slurb, Vmm. Rt. I. V.igi.r 163 . II. bora. 1216 -bak. -p. ar. V,. ,..rk 52. N. v . „,. Shirl., Marl.. III. .!. Durham 132 r, III,,!.. Jack-..,,, ,11- I 12 arlin. Eleanor llollon. 1219 Watauga St.. King- |...rl. Ten,,. artin. Elizabeth. 3116 Hi.ig.- I V- Elizabeth l.lg.rt.. ( harloltc M ,,,, 623 Owrbrook Road. Richmond 22. Va. Jeanne Ta.lor. I.IO.I Princeton V . I .r. . „■ b..r. Karen Elizabeth. Flu, I .11. g. Martin. Patricia Anne. Rl. .1 . Ma.„n. Anne, ladkin.ille Ma-on. Rebecca. Box 338. ladkin.ille Mass... Laura Jean. Rl. 2. Zebulon Masters. Billic Irene. 1512 Oxford. II. „,l. r...„ M..-I. r-.u. -,.r., k.„ llll King- Dr.. t harlotle Matheson. Shirle, Jean. .1118 Spring s,.. ||am|.l Maul,..,. Roth Parker. 16 I al.. I.,ni. Rd.. Maltingl,. Marie Eleanor. luilH Mrkinle, S,.. . V W ashington 15. D. C. Maultsl... Mr,. Anne I I hap. I Hill Mauno. Elizabeth Ann. 3311 «..uih Main s, N. . Maun,,. Joan. 20.1 I enter -I. Spindale Max. Fieri,. 38111 Dr.. Baltimore 15. Md. --..r... I... 1112,1 I. Ibirtx-sixlh s,.. Ma,. Ill IS I May. Jane. 1(123 F. Ihirl.-iv s,.. Charlotte 93 Mav. Shirlev Bcasb , . 1916 Ha, S,„ t harlotle 11. 163 M...„.,r,| Vogel.n Vllci. llarrell, 121 Ma.nard. Helen. 2211 I bamb. rlain SI.. Raleigh 128. 112 Mea.ha..,. J.. Ann. 271.. A ... Raleigh 112 M..I.I. Dori- Winifred, lit. 2. II. ml. r-...., .11. 133 Mollis. Edith till Richard...., «!.. High Point Barbara Jeanne. 2335 I.r. . ,,. a. . I 121 Merone,. Mar, Nell, 828 kn.,11. 1 V.. . Win-,..,,- sal.,,, 150. lot M. rrima... Anne. 2H3II lol,, I ircle. Raleigh 93 M.-.-er. I ranee-. Bat Ca.e 93 Me- i.-k. Mildred. Rl. 8. Box 131. Lenoir Mcrz. Louise Elizabeth. 112 V s.„,,„gl ill.- 28. Md. 32. 33. Hick.. Michal. Emil. Fabalcrra. Rl. 2. Canton Michal. Mary Lenoir. 112 Howard St., H " . Michael-. Judith Ann. llll N Mango, „ s, |, Michalove. M.xinc 712 Broadway, lore,, I i, Millard. Sidne, Tyler, 17117 Go a Miller. Alice Mae. 33 I,r-| V,. N Miller. Clara Vli. . . Rt. I. -Ui Miller. Barbara E. ans. Laurel Springs Miller. Cara Luc. S. Main St.. Miller. Mr.. Carolyn P., 115 N.I Dr.. J a. k ill. Miller. Gertrude Boger. Rt. 3. Morganton Miller. Jerita Ann. 15(1.1 N..nhli,l,l St.. (. Miller. Loui-e Harrison, 51 I W. I,,,,., s,.. Salisbury Miller. Marilyn Fa,. :in lull..,, si.. v-l,.,ill. Miller. Sail. Ruth. Rt. 2. Hillshoro Miller. Vi.i.n. 1013 I ountr. Club Dr., High Point Student Directory Mills, Dolores Antoinette 24S S. Main S Mill.. Patricia Ann, 319 Fairviow Dr., Mills. Sarah Evelyn, Box 13. Richland. Mills. Jean Carroll. Rt. 3. Apex Milton. Emily Burns. 518 N. Seeond St.. Mil..-. Ellir l(.,lh. ..loader. " S " V A. S Hi. R. 1. 125 Prosper! 3 McDonald HO West En Cha argarel Lorraine. Kt. 7. Charlotte .11., Ruth, Cal.uvoa Rosalind. 1913 Matoax A.... Petersh aril... 22 I T Creonwa. U,„ I I... " " y. Rt. 3. Kornersville Mary Ettalee. 1003 Tipton. High P.. Avis B.. Walked. .wn Barbara Gail. 108 Johnson St.. Canto Doris Jean, lol Selden St.. Elizabeth Elaine, Boa KIT. Walnut Cove Elizabeth Gordon, Granite Falls I .... I ....... lit. 2, Box 190. Greensbot Helen E.. Rt. 1, Box 115, Ahoskie Marie. 187 V te r St.. Statesville , Chi Moore, Page Jean. Bo Mo..r.. Sara Eliz.ahelh. H I5 V 1j,I Si., Kii.stoo Moore, Sara Lou, 116 E. Nance St.. While, ill. Mordrcai. Louisa. bll.1 V Bloodw orlh St.. Raleigh M,.r K a... V...,.- Dudl... 11.17 Kel.edere. ta.lai.ia M..r K ON. Ilori- l.oro.lia. lit. 7. Box 88 1. Charlotte Morgan. Martha Anne. 12.1 W. Bell St.. Statesville Mi.rir.ii. Mar. Jane. 3111 X Il.ine Cl.. I.r, . ...|, Morgan. Mar. Deborah. 1 2UI. St.. Harts. ill.- Morris, Clara. 1937 Wilinnrr Dr., Charlotte Morri s. Jane. Rt. 8. Charlotte Morris tela E.elvn. 111. I. Charlotte Morri-. Margaret L.dia.i. e o Gran, ill.- II iial. tlx Morris. Sarah Nell. 7(13 I aliarru. A..,-.. Moore,, ill.- Morrison. Elizabeth I... 72(111 Exeter R.I.. II. theda 1 I Morri...... Virginia. Box 1(187. laurel Hill Morrow. Naney Cayle Rl. 3. Box 167. Statesville Morse. Melissa. 1905 Craig Si.. Raleigh Morion, Elizabeth. 2 118 Vernon Dr.. Charlotte Morton. Leah Iran 32(1 W. Boole, ar.l. Chariot!. M atelli. Rila. I aixa Po.lul 3215. Rio de Janeiro. Alosor. Dorothea Joan, Swannanoa Moser. Jaei|ueline Ann. 781 Roslyn While. w, Rulh. Mo... Marion Lou Moor.;.,.. Dorothy Lucille. Box 56. Currituck Mozingo, Dorothy Jean. Rt. 5. Goldshoro Muir, Gayle Carol. 29 19 llueoa Yisla lid., Winston- Mullcr. Patricia. 828 W ilker.oo Ave.. Durham Mullins. Martha Louise 32 1 N. Bethel St.. Thomasl Murphy. Charlotte, Tomahawk Murray, Emma Jan.. 92 1 Walker i.e.. Crron.boro Murray. Sally Anne, 1 130 S. Park Ave.. Burling!.,, Myor. Gertrude Barn... 1117 V 13th Si.. Wilming!. Myers. Belly Gray. 23(11 1 airfield Ave. I.reenslu.r. Myers. Nell. 103 Blanchar.l St.. Claylon Myers. Onie Gertrude. Box 106. Hoffman Myers. Nancv Jane. 605 Cla. Si.. Myers. Suzanne Connolly. 118 Sunri.c Ave. M, rick. " Mar. Jo. 37 Arlington St.. Ashc.ille Nan.,. Beverly Jean. 3(1(1 E. Wright s,.. W i„.i„„-Salem 153 Nanee. Carolyn Anne. Brooklord. Hickory 154 Nance, Mary Lou. 704 lord St.. L.-xiiigi..., 165 Nance Thyra Jean. Liberty 165 Nash. Therry Diana, Box 1146. Stale-, ill. 153 Neeee. Mary Catherine. 111. 1. Box 2113. Greensboro 165 Neelands. Kav. Rl. 6. Box 3(IO. Porlsmoulh. Ohio 24, 25. 28. 95. 187. 193. 197 e.-c he, an Terrell. 511 W esle, PI.. Greensboro Neill. Caroline L.. 1328 Kenllworth We., Charlotte Neill. Nancy. 1328 Kenil worth Ave.. Charlotte 95 Nelson. Mara Anne. Rl. 2. Mebane 32, 152 Nelson. Ruth Cri-p. 221. Ma.l.ill Pk.. Lenoir 121 Newman. Bobbie Pearl. III. I. Box 832. Greensboro New son Box 287. Aho -. Norma Eileen. Danbury Delia Corolvn. Faison Elizabeth. Highlands Rose Marie. 762 Brookridge Dr.. Newton. Sidney He We.t Point. Va. n. Fir Lee Sis., s. W .. Hick., Newton. Sue Ann. 978 First Nichols. Claudine. Pil.oll SI.. Nichols. Sue. Rt. 5. Raleigh Nicolas. Georgia Ellen. 318 Carolina Cr.. Wit — Baker St.. Hollislon. Noble, lua Ja Norri-. Nancv Gene, ..rri.. Sue I Hoed. 38 Baker S,.. Hollislon. Norton. San.lia Jill. 53 11 Augusta Si.. Glenn ad. Martha Ann. Rt. 3. Henderson ..It. Jeanne 11.. 879 Pine St.. Dan. ill,-. Vo Betlv Ann. Rl. 2. Ilov 33.1. W i. ...Sal. n OBrirno. Karen Gail. 1(139 S. 26lh Si.. Arlington. V O ' Brianl. Nancy Carol.,,. 1(1|8 llaklan.l V.c. Durban (,. Von, Hods..,,. King College Park, Bristol. Tcnn. Obropla. Dorothy. 21 Burnett Si.. A.enel. N. J. Oden. Wanda Be.crl.. 212 Mayflower Dr.. Greensbor, Odoni, Patsy. 209 E. Church St.. Laurinburg ( Jolinii.c Elizahelh. ( lifl-i.i.. hingsport, Tcnn. (iKolley. Betty Jean, Rt. 1. Candler (Ik... Josephine. 1(16 Albright Ave.. Graham Olds. Jan. W inbarne. Box 322. Venice. Fla. Olds. Shirley, 611 Ha. ling. ltd.. Doi.olson, Tcnn. Olio-. Joyce. Olivia Peggy Sue. Jefferson O ' Neal. Sharon Eileen. 21(13 W r.-un Ave. Greensboro O ' Neill. Shirley. Rl. I, Morri.lown, N. J. Oppeiiheimer. Kena Furl. , tig. 116 First Ave. N. W„ Hickory Oreuti. Jan. Lesley, 123 Hi al. ..... Facet lie Peggy Lou. 2(15 W. Church St.. I.aurinborg Osborne. Eleanor Joan. 727 South Elana Ave, Greensboro Osborne. Marion Theresa 301 Hillside Dr.. Martha Shirley. 15116 Jackson t.e. Florenc S. C. 142 Rt. h.M O.erca.h. Jo. Carolyn. 309 Oak St., Overcaah, Myrtle Hard. Rt. 3. Thot O.ering. Ruth Vinal. Rt. I. Raleigh Overman, France- R.. 121 Louise Av, Owen. Gilda Elizabeth. Rl. 6. Box 1 Owen., „..a Jane. 402 Brood St.. Owe,,.. Pals. Nell. B„v 95. Rulh Page Mr-. Carl Dean, Rl Page. Julia. Boon. ill. Page. Addl. Rl. 1. Painter, Barbara Ann. Ill ' Painter. Elsie J 5. I. inch 789 Parham. Frai W illiam.hom Si.. Oxford Park. Sara Belle 28(11 W. Lake Rd.. Greensboro Parker. Elinda 1(15 Redd Si.. H.I.I. .ill. Parker. Nanc. LeCat... 211 E. Johnson St.. Clinto Parmele Astrid. 1509 Market St.. Wilmington Par Ic, li.gri.l. 13(19 Market St., Wilmington Parri.b. Elisabeth Dean. SOI E. Virginia Ave. Bessemer (h. P.rrolt. Shirley Elizabeth, lit. 3. Box 42-A. Hende Parry. Nancy Carolyn. 711 Marigold St.. Rocky Mi Parrv. Pearl. Kill King St.. Windsor Parsons. Arlene Boyd. Rl. 3. Ml. Cilead Parsons. Julia Ann, 136 Cottage PI.. Charlotte . Partridge Marie Mar.lon, 22 16 Westminster PL. hall. Nancy Jo. Rt. 2. Norlina . Helen. 1410 Shawnee Si.. Durham Harrvet Burns. 3109 Collier Dr„ Green, Helen Andrews. 119 Clement ..... (ha, Pegg.. Melhodi.t Orphange Raleigh a Ann, Rl. 2. Box 522. Hickor. 876 Davis Dr.. Pi. W., Allanta. Ga. Ave. Raleigh P.lton, Mar. » I I Pa. ,,.-. Earlc Fa. Pav lie Emilv Lyndall, Rural I Pavne. Margie. Rt. 2. High P Payne Thelma Harriet. Mou. all Jan Orphange Hla, k 1(11 S. Belvedere, Gastonia Peek, Irene Taylo Peeler. Jacqueline Pal. 52(1 West End Ave. States. Penny. Sammy Jean. Chalybeate People.. Siewers Anne Pilt.boro Pereha... Eli,, ll, ..,.,. 23 High Si.. Elki,,». West V Perkins. Winifred Dickinson. Fort I „,,,„. Va. Perry. Peggy. W hilakcr. St.. Enfield Perry. I inline Dodge. Hi. 1. Box 111. Elizabeth I it. Perryman, Marjorie Maurine 715 Laurel St.. Win.lon-Salem Peters. Beryl. Jean. 323 S. Pearl Si.. Rock. Mount Peterson. Elizah.-ll, I „lli,,.. 325 Main St.. Ciinton Peterson. Grace Rl. 1. Kerr 38(13 Duke Hospital. Durham P. tree Nancy Hegina. 397 Petrce Rd.. » inslon-Salc P.ll.wav. Eugenia. Box 164. Rl. 1. Jacksonville P.llil. Pal-y. 121 E. South St.. Albemarle Pharr. Elizabeth I av. 514 Alexander St.. Stale,. ill,- Pharr. Rachel Jnsephine 2116 S. Mountain St., Cherrvville Phelps. Annie Lois. Ash Phillip.. Belt. Jean. Box 411. Bobbins Phillip-. Carol, n Lenoir. Ingalls Phillip.. J phi.... 12-Eightb St.. S. E.. Hickor. Phillip.. Lillian Granger. Englewood. Rock. Mount Phillip.. Margaret la.,-, 2733 Rubinhood Dr.. 30. 111. 123 Phillips. Phillip-. Phillips. v Ann, Ingalls Marie 6(11 diversity Dr.. Grcensb, Marietta. 601 University Dr., Greel a Lorraine, 308 Tote St., Greensbor Ph., lino- . Georgiana. 911 Gates A.e. Norfolk. Va. Pickett. Barbara Nell. 9112 Fairmont Si.. Greensbor Pickett. Emma Belle 9(12 Fairmont Si.. (,r ,-horo Miriam. 3(16 Aberdeen Ter.. Greensboro 27. 9 ' Pickett. Suzanne, loll S. Hawthorn, 11,1. . Winston Sale, Pillal, Barbara. 613 E. 4 llh St.. Sa.annah, Ga. 1 Piny an. Patricia Dolores. Sharpe Rd.. Greensboro Pittard. Carolyn. 3311 Hill. id, Ave, Charlotte Pittman. Alice Jeanclte. Rl. 3. Box 18. Elm City Pitlman. Mary Elizahelh. 1(1115 Fairfield Ave.. Kin. Ion Pills. Joan Idella. 614 N. Main St.. Newton Plaster. Daphne 1875 Meadowhrook Dr.. W iii.ton-Salen Pohl. Mary France. Box 38. Aberdeen Pollard, Ann Carter. 7 III N. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem Ponder. Anne Lee. Rt. 1. Leicester Ponton, Jeanette Allha. 1713 Fori Bragg Rd., Fay. lie ill,- Pope. Shirley Ann. Rt. 1. Box ISO. Clinton Porcher. Margaret It. as, Pinopolis. S. C. Poleal. Marv Allen. 1116 Rutherford Rd.. Marion Poller. Marlha Ann. 1521 Stanford PL. Charlotte Poll-. Belli. Eileen. 111. 1. Lew is. ill.- Powell. Mrs. Barbara Hutlon. 2405 Azalea Dr.. Powell. Palricia Anne. Kenlucky A.e. Rl. 1. Box S2. Kannapolis Powell. Sara Ann. 3118 Wood.wav Lane, Lenoir Powlas. Nathalie Anne Rl. 6. Box 444. Salisbury Pratt. Jane Roberta. IK Harwich Rd.. Brockton. Mass. Preisiiiger. Margie 23 Henderson St.. Ila.lin 27, 97. I Preseotl. Marion Lois. 2708 Lochmoor Dr.. Raleigh Pr.-lw I. Barbaric Arlene. Rt. 9. Hickor. Rd.. Lenoi Prestwood. Shir Madden, . Hi. 9. Hickory Rd- Lenoi Price. Barbara Curtis. 3(15 S. Church St.. Monroe Price. Dorothy Jean. Rt. 1. Selma Price. Mary Elizahelh. Box 232. W insdor Price Janel Pauline. 519 Guilford Ave., Greensboro Price Marv El,,.,,. Hi. 2. Box 117. Monroe Price Mrs. Nancy P.. Box 129, Siler City Priest. Catherine Ann. 33 t Union A.e. Nyoek. N. Y. Prilchard. Jeanne. 119 Wellington Si.. West Ashc.ille Pritchelt. Margaret, 216 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro Prilchetl, Nancy Lee Rl. 1. Brown Summit Pugh. Annie Lou. 229 Gulhric Si.. Graham Pugh. Clara Eaye 229 Guthrie St.. Graham Pugh, Nancy. 401 E. Bessemer Ave. Greensboro Pullcn. Svlvia Bennett. 307 E. Ridge St.. Rock. Mount Pulliam. June Violet. Ill Ellin Ave. Leak. ..II, Purser. Joan. 2722 llriar, lill PL. Charlotte Puryear. Joan Juanila. Box 199-G. Rt. 2. Peter-burg. Pulman. Elizabeth. Waco Bell, Ann. 2(17 E. lourlh St.. W cldon Rabil. Dorothy Jane. 3(13 Kenmorc A.e. Louisburg Mary Louise. 2(19 E. 1th St.. W cldon Radford. Sib. I Inez. Box 301. Draper Ragan. Jean Ellen. 613 Stonewall St.. Lexington 31. 32, 98. Ramsey. Clara Elizabeth, Marshall Ramse y. Francine Lee. Marshall Ramsey. Kav Dean. Rl. 4. Box 308. Ashc.ille Ramse.. Patricia Ann. K116 Scales St.. Salisbury Randall. Sara Rulh. 292 W ilkerson Blvd.. Charlotte Rancy. Mary Ann. 320 E. Park Dr.. Raleigh 32. 33, Ranson. Kathrrinr. College St.. Hunters, ill. Rapp. June. 931 E. Kimball A.e Westfield. N. J. Rash. Joan. 369 Sulphur Springs Rd.. Asheville Ralhman. Joanne Ago.-. 2 135 Southland Rd„ Baltimore 7. Md Rawls, Anne. 3413 Lewi. Earn. Rd.. Raleigh Raw Is. Marjorie Dean. Rl. 3. Jackson, ille Ra.. Clcnda. 3624 Connecticut A.e. Washington. D. Rayle Carolyn DcWaync. Rl. 3. Box 167. Statesville Reason. Pegg. Jeanne Box 375. W alstonburg Reaves. Charlotte Elaine Dillon. S. C. Redding. Alice Carol, n. 15 15 W. Fifth A.e. Gastoni Reece Cornelia Ann. 1215 Norlh Alain. Rulh. rfordton Recce Mar, Ellen. 125(1 N. Main Sl„ Rulherf ordlon Reeves. Lora Lea, Rl. 4. Box 168. Favelteville Redmon. W ilia. New Hope Rci.l. Elizabeth. Box 109. Winnabow Reid. Shirley Elizabeth. Mayodan Reid. Frances Margaret. Box 1203. Ashc.ille Rcillv. Gail. 2522 Sherw I. Charlotte Reinecke Jan. Sutherland. I ollo.iade Farm. Fa.ellev Reins, Irene, 601 Irving Si.. W inslon-Salem Keilzel. Hazel Miller. Efland Reilzel. Helen Reba. Box 371. Liberty Rev die. Nancv Aloss. Woodland Reynold-. Nanc. Tupper. 1(128 D.-epwood Rd„ Baltimore 18. Md. Richardson. Mr., I.cola Sheffield. Colfax Hi. I,ard-„n. Maria. Iil.-.ille Kickerl. Susan. Rl. 5. Statesville Ridge. Howard Don. 1146 St. John St., High Point Ring. Elaine. 6-A Veterans Dr.. Ashc.ille Ritchie. Barbara Elaine Box 268. China Grove Riller. Alice Gail. 2111 W. 26th St.. Lumbcrton Roan. Berntelle. Creseo, Pa. Roberts. Ann. Carringlnn. King St.. Ilillsboro Student Directory Ruber i. Vim. I I Midi. ...I It.. I. it I run Ann.-. I 3112 l.lnehcrger Si.. Ca. II..I J.... Bllm, 207 Elmo ... Creenahore II.. I lull,, rim V Ill I. I nl I II. ,1.1, 1 Pultun. Ill I. II... 2115. M,.ri.. Sherrlll, J. rrnll. I I " . Magnolia St.. Sherrlll., A . " .Ill K.„i. I - - I M II... III. Franklin Sherrlll. ll.r, lit t, II... 21.1 k. I....... . ' .-.. h. I.I ii.. Barbara l Bl ' •- li. I mllsa in - ii .. i II Stepp, Mr.. Pa »-.ll. 122 -I l..r.-.l II. I.. I lint..., M-.-n. I I I.N.,.1 i.„,li.,,.i i Sl,„r I all I .,|.„.,|||, Still, Barbara Kit.. K.I I Ubart) Dr.. Croenel Mil-. II. -I,,,l. .Ml.,. ,17 -, II ... - ii....- .i ■ ii... 112 T, ,..,. II nliliiin. K.ii ju.lil Roster. Barbara Lee, 135 ll.i.l ■ H -.. Graanabor Rolhgeb, A I. -.r.ii Iredell H. , Raleigh It,. Bala) It...-. II... 975, Wal burg Ii.. 1 1 . . I . . . .. III. Marigold !.. Hock. M....I, Rowland. M.i, Earl,-. III. I. Klttr. II Royal. France. Lenora, 52H Julian St.. Cr sbor, Kuark. Jus... 112 M.,rll,..r.i Si.. II. ...... It., ill... s. I Rabin, Sail) I... 5611 i ,... i ..,,.. n. 111,. I.. Itu.k.r, Gloria. 2.1113 Murk. I Si.. W liming Il.i.l.ll, k. Patricia Ann. 392 Fern A.,-.. Wvckoff. N U,,,l„,u„. Patricio Harriet. 1,25 Mulberry St.. ManlnaviUa, I.. II..,. I,,, ill. Marie. I. HIT Alordccal Dr.. Raleigh ll„... Mur. Finer,. Burgaw ltus.,11, Ilurliuru Aim,. III! tt. Kivelt Si.. George Mason ltd.. 2t.ll.-. II.. Hi. 1,1 Aval, Sulrit, J„ An,,,. Illl Mitchell A..-.. Siili.l.ur. So t. II Redding 11.1- Ashcboro S»...». Edyth. Box 285. Marshall Sundcrlord. Ilarl.aru. 1211 llr. A..-., Cary Sander.. Julie Jcanncltc. Warrior Dr.. Box 1102. . Sun.i.-r.. Urcar,-t Stuart. Rt. I. Sn.ilhfi.-I.l Sander,. Mur. II.. .1,1,., III. |, Sn.ilhri .1,1 Sanders. Susan. M. It..... 2115 Lancaster A..-.. Mon Sanders.,,,. .Ne Maxim-. I I,, ,,,,,, upin Sarrall. Ju.n- Claire. H..x 870. Shelby Sati.k,. II, la. 161)3 Dan- St.. Raleigh Saunders. Ball) Ann. 1916 Le,- Ave., Sanlord Saunders. Marline Ar.enia, TOT Piedmont St.. B It. id., ill.- Georgia Norma. Rt. 1. Reids.ill. Savage. Alio,- Vi.ian. Box 391. Roscboro Savage. Jan.-. 220T Breeze Rd., Raleigh Sawyer, Lou Alice. Salen.burg Scarborough. Shirley Ruth. H„x 296. Trov Sehaper. Monna Jean. Glasco, Kansas Schilthuis. Alida. 12 While Oak II. I.. Asl.ovillc Schlclsncr. Nan. 3601 Rd.. Harrishurg. Pa., Corin.ic Frances. 328 llamilluii St.. Roanoke Rapid. Sehool. Linda Ann. 2T30 Pieardv PL. Charlolte T Sehoonover. Be.erl, Lacy. 93111 Stanhope ltd.. 25. 2B. 32. 123 62. 99. 2112 Sehrun.. Harriet l.a.i.iia. 1112 N. Cedar Si.. Lincolnl S.hukruft. Terrill. 5000-3011. Si. N., Arlington 13. Va. 3 Sehuman. Philon.ena. Box 301. Hickory Scott. Joann. 80T Scott A.e.. Greensboro 38 Sell. Mary Elizabeth. TI2 E. Franklin St.. Raleigh Sol!, Nell. 2111 S. Virginia St.. Coldshoro Seolt, Sally. Box 32. Concord Scruggs. Elizabeth Anne. 1231 Parkwu. A.e.. Charl Seawall, Jean. Box 692. Curthag. Soawcll. Sarah Elizabeth. Merry llak. Selzer. Carol R..hin. 61) tl.crlook PL. R.c. N. V. Setle. Mary Louise. 260 West Blood St.. Stamford. Con... Selzler. Barbara. 312 N. 5th St.. Albemarle Se.ier. larolin, tune. Ill Clayton St.. A.he.ille Sexto... Betty Sue. Box 69. Denton Sexton, Patricia .Nan, Box 69. Denton Shannon. Itaehel. 6IIT Hawthorne Lane. I l.urloll, Shaw. I. ill.. II.. lOOl Clarendon St.. Fa, .tie. ill.- II Shcari... lola Florence. Box 82. II I...r.. Shear!... Lillie Login,. Rt. 1. Essex Sheek. Mary Sue. Vadkinville Sheets. Betty Jean. Rt. 1. Box 265. Eair.ic Sheffield. Ellen. Rt. 2. Rose Hill Sheffield. Emma Clara. Plnehurst Shell. Alice Rosa. Dallas Shepard. Carolyn V.. 422 W cslvrood Dr.. I I,, I Hill Shepard. Elisabeth I l,un,l,erlui„. 511111 Crrculraf It Baltimore lo. Md. Ilrickland, Har) S, ..n n I 5 llorteii.e. .12 1 I recent. I.r Ill .,,..!, „. lit. I. II. .x I 17. I liar Simp.,..,. Margie Ni. hoi.. Box I.I. White Pla Sink. Roberta l.a.le. III. 3, Lexington Sink. Sadie Jam. Rt. 5. Lexington Sltiaon, Corinne. Country Club Rd, M I A Sk..... Mr-. Patricia Hugh.-. Ill ». I.ntral I a.. . I-.7.I Oakland -I Mount II rbara A....... In 6, Ib.x 171, i. . • ...I...... ,„., 1.. ,., I Bl. I. Moore.. Hie .,,,. . lit 2 II... kingha... Sledge. II. Hi. F .31, 152 Smith, Box 127. M. Charlotte Ilich Square Mur. Edith, lit. 2. Nu.l.-ille Barbara Ann. Ill E. III. St..„,,i„ Theresa Love Mr-. I Edwards, I Ruth F.uli.,,-. T12 l.c.rgia A.e., Forest Belle ltr„ r. 60 Belmonl Dr.. Apt. B, lur.. I,, Dorothy, Pinehnrai Jan.. 125 S. Third St.. Albemarle ll„l,l,. Road, llr Stnilh, Jobxna Frances. ,N. Garden Sl„ | Smith. Julio Anne. ISO!) Charlotte ltd.. Smith. Ka, Marie, III. 6, Winston-Salem Smilh, Palrieio Lair, lie. 18 Slat, St.. Smith. Laura Fay.. Box 17 1. Matthew, Smith. Margaret Elizabeth. Bill Jaek.oi Asbc.illc Smith, Marjoric Louise. III.. I. Ituff.i. -..aim, llurl...r.. I ,.2 1 - lull..., «... -all- Swalm, Pala) June, WhJtaetl -wain. Elizabeth A,,,,,. 2268 lirrle Dr.. Raleigh Swain. Katie Marie. III. I. II.. x 211 Colombia Swindell. Margaret Eli abelh. 6 13 Mi.rgan -I.. Elizahell, I it, S.k.-. Belt) Nun. 1112 V Main St., Burliugt.,., Szi.l.l. Stephanie All. Ion. 119 II. auraleher Rd.. 123 Smith, Phyll Joneaboro llgt-.. Su.,l.,r.l ltd.. V V, .. Atlanta. Ca. aldwell St., Stale. .ill. Crest St., Draper diet..,, Dr.. Charlotte I Barker ..... Sali-hur. Kenilworth Dr., Knox.ille larilyn Josephine, lit. 1. Walk.rlown Donna Lee, 3329 Draper Ave.. Charlotte Bell, Joan. Bl. 1. Elm, College Carolyn Jean. Rt. 2. Box 155. Crr.u-l...r.. Box 361. Trollingor St.. Elon 26. 123 Toll.ert. Sara An. Talbot. Gloria ka 125 Talbot. Mar. I ar, 16T Tall,.. Mar,. Ill 145 T.nd.. Margar.l Snipes, Martha . .. I ni2 i beam St.. Hen. Morgan I.e.. Deal. V J. 229 N..r- I St, I • " ...r 99 Summers. Jane It.,-. 1.117 1 in.ill, s,.. Ki.ig.p.irt. Tenn. 153 Soue,. Huberts Gail, 2511 E. Lexington Ave. High P.. 152 Sowers. Carol Jane. 61)1 W oodrow A.e, High Point Spain. Rita Elaine. Vorita It. Apt. V, Wil-„n 123 Speagle, France- Ellen. 111. 1. Box 2311. Hickory 154 Spea.. Henri, ka,. III. 2. Fast Bed 34 100 Spell. Alice Svlvia. III. 1. Ru.ehor., 144 Spell. Anne Powell. lt„-el,„ro St.. H„„.|,oro 100 185 Gaslonia 25. 2T. 1111. 18 Splvey, Jean Pri.att, 304 Brooka Ave.. Raleigh 1 1 1 Spratt. Margaret Ruth. III. 2. V Orange St.. Media. Pa le 144 Sprinkle. Carol, n Ita. . 15D5 A. a.leiu, St.. W inston-Sal I Mr- I . II. 218 Ma I. ,. lor. I.n ll.l-. It, I, Ne» Pr.. Ion. Conn. Taylor. Jo.r, t„„. II, Ir.-I. A.... A-h.. Taylor. Mar. E.In,.,nd-.„,. Whllaker- Ta. lor. ll.r. II r. III. 2. Stokclal. Ta.lor. Nan,.. 21117 V Seatl St.. Arlington. Taylor. Pegg. Sue II, .1,11. 12 1 I oroan St.. r.,i, ..Sal.n, Mae. III. 5, H " . Hill. N.. ll.r., Carolyn L.. 225 F. Polo Starling A.. M-.r,,„-. Patricia Lee. B Jean Porter. Ill on, II, it. . 2.1HII on. Jerelle Frances. Rl. 4. , Ana Maria. I . nlral Ma, Marion Rd„ Charlotte Cuba 125 Sprinkle. Joan. Rl. 1. Box DHL N. W ilk. -hoc. Spruill. Elizabeth Ann. W in.lsor Squires. Rebecca. 1521 Tucker St.. Greenshiiro Stafford. Dorothy Allen. Dixon School. Dixon Stafford. Mary Ann. Ill Mc.Ad.,,, Ave. Grecnsbo Stafford. Nan.-,. 36111 Kir].. Dr.. I.r. ...-!.. .r.. Stalling.. Dean. III. 1. Box 2i.ll. .1 ........ HI. Slalvev, A.... I I.... I. r.l.i 1. nil, St, Lomberton Stan,,.. Margaret, 103 Lindsay M.. High Point Standi, Rett, Jo-, plum. 1117 llaeford St.. Sel.u, Muni,. I.I. Pal-. I .. 11,..-,, -„,„„,il ■25 T.rwilli, H...H...ku Ir. ,,. . 1112 I.,..- ltd., lloiiglu-t..,,. N. I ..alt. Peggy Jean. 118 w. ., Tcufcl. Mrs. Magdalen, H.. Thacker. Betty la., lit. I. Whit. .-It Tharrington. France. Marie. 3IO llabney Dr.. Hender.on Thomas. Anne Carol..,, lit. 3. W in.ton.Salem I ' h a-. Am. A.rgl.ila 992 1 It... r nl Trr.. V1..IL. i Cr.. High Poi„ -1 I. ,.1.1.1...,., Hill- Blvd., Dm ... Raleigh 125. 185 Thorns Whilsker Mill ■ Rd, Rt. I. 27 Alt ir. Miller. Oil Memorial I.e.. N. Wilkesbo Sue. 3410 Central A.e. Charlotte ami. Elisabeth, H.F.II. 1. Flat Rock ar. Anne. 6 tt. Mar.1,.,11 ltd.. I a,,., low ,„ . P Harbara Louise. 60B Pollock St.. Kinston Thomas. Patricia. 121 E. Franklin St . llagerstown. Md. 23. 32. 33. lo: Thomas, Pal.. Ann. 216 1. ISth A.e. Emporia. Kan.a. Thoma.. Pegg. t... 711 1 r. VAI.iiak.r Mill Rd.. Raleigh Thomas, A . I„,u Ala., I II...... ,. v,,„ Caroline, 3500,, A.enue Thompson. Ernia Lee Rt. 8. Box ll.l. I .r. .,,.!., .r„ Thorn ,.. Cerotha, Box In. Mountain Park Student Directory juetrial. 308 W. 19th St.. Lumbertun rah Joan. IS Spear- Vv... Asheville ona Inn Marie, 1111 Duncan Hill, Blurt it., Springfield. Ma 111 Willi: I I.e.. I I,. Bel Thrash, Mary George, 111 Action Hills Thrower. Ann Elizabeth. St. George, S. I Thrower. Jo Ann. III. 1. Rockingham Thunberg. Ann Leslie. 108 Parkview A, rirkle. Carrie Racine. 1506 S. Park Av Tiller, Bertha M. 1619 Ashe St., Green! lillev. Joyce Christine, lit. 2, Timbcrlal. lil,,,,,. ,„.a I lair., lit. 2. Chapel Hill lilt..... phinc. .1712 S. St.. N. W.. Washingto !,,„.,... 18 St.. A, ho ilary J 315 Woodrow Ave.. High Point .bin. on. 19(19 Tippah Ave.. Charlotte Nancy 1 . 12IH Richardson Dr.. Reidsville 1709 Lamont St.. Kingsporl igh 32. 125 W. Thomas St.. S Ward. Carol. 315 W. Council St.. Salisbury Ward. Mrs. Earlene Vestal. 920 Cox St., A Ward. Esther. 133 W. Catawba Ave., Ml. H Ward. Louise Margaret. 1117 Hording PI.. Ward. Margueritte Elisc. lit. 1. Box 179. B W ar.l. Marjorie Ann. Kt. 1. Clarendon W aril. Theresa, lit. 2. W hitakers W.rli.k. Cora Catherine. Box lOO, Moorish Warliek. Patricia. 12(1 Da, i. Ave.. Stales, ill. W arlick. Bachel, Spencer Ml. Rd., Gastonii W arm r. Ann. 6 Enterprise. Raleigh Warren, Clarisse, Salcmburg .,.„. VI ., 306 W . Parrish llr.. Be Rl. Iteid-.illo 710 Brookside Dr., High Point Troiling.r. Sara Elizabeth, 136 llidgeeresl Rd.. Asheb Trosper. Barbara V.„,e. 852 Boulevard, Salem. Virgin Tru.-ll. Barbara Ann, Box 14, Bryson City Triiell. Carolyn Jean. Box 11. Brvson City Tucker. Barbara Lea. Rl. 3. Box 57. Greensboro Tucker, Mrs. Laura Sprinkle. 1SOS Academy St., Winston-Salem Tucker. Mary Lone. Main St., W hitakers Tucker. Pehhv Berladean. 42 I ..ion Cemetery Bd„ Rl. 9, Box 390. Concord Tucker, Toaksi. Jua.iita, 2(12 Virginia Vv... Ka.ette.i Tuggle. Elizabeth Rose. 134 VV. 10th Ave., Huntington. W. Va. Turlington. Evelyn. Fremont Turlington, Joyce Ann, 108 Churchill Dr.. Fayottcvill Turner, E. Ann, Wallace lurn.r. Delaine. 1.121 S inole Dr.. Greensboro Turner, Frances C, 170 Eseanaba Ave., Great Kill-. Staten Island 8. N. Y. Turner, Lois. Rl. 2. Wadesboro Turner. Patricia Ann. 117 Turner. Ruth Rrook-. Rl. Futile. Barbara Anne Fullon, 820 Ranki co Mrs. Stack, Greensboro Tuttle. Gilda Gray. Box 172. Rural Hal Tuverson. Audrey Kothrvne. 760 Arbor W Sally I all-. III. I. Box 71(1. I h.,rlottc Watts, K.ii. Von. 209 ». K.ib St.. i.umhcriui Watts, Belt, Jean, Bt. 1. Box 29 1. lay lor- ill. Walt-. Martha Joanne. 2719 Itchier Lane. I l.arl Watt-. M..r D..ri-. V Main St.. Stanley Wuugh. Betty Dawn. lit. 3. Box Kt.. s. ..(.-. ill. W augh. Shirley An... . Box 97. W hite Plains «.,-. ,,„. 923 S. Scale- St.. Reidsville W cadon. France- Elaine. Rt. 2. Box 570, Brown Wcatherl.. Sylvia Joan. 202 W. Main St., W ashi Weaver. Gloria Anne. 9116 Hawthorne Rd.. Shelb Weaver. Naeh. Ill M.,rri-.,n Ave.. Raleigh O, 104. «.. M.I. ebb. . P. 33. Red Oa [elver St.. I.. Edgeworth St.. Tyson, Margaret Virgil I Na.h, ia. 307 W. Na W.I.I.. Barbara J, .... 115 El.rd -1 . ft io ton-Sali Welch. Belt. .tine. 1 1115 II. .sew Winatoi 110 E. Av Welch, Margaret Handy. 308 S Tremont Dr., W.I.I, t a Vnu. M,a„ Well-. Violet Mae. 1 Wellons. Mar. Weltner. Diane. 63 S n. 1003 11 11 Cl., Gr West. Mrs. Belt, El l.i. 1 .. West, 1 ranees ■ Hi 1. Ft Wo.lhmok. Dori- 1, Ida, lit. 1 Try on St.. Gre. Van Horn. June. 18(11 Ave., Greensboro Von Sisi. Joan Lee, 117 Carle Ave., Huntington Vann. Nancv, Rich Square Vaughn. Mar, Patricia. 912 (lliv. Velonis. Chrisoula John. 1119 W. 118. ISO Virk. June Carolyn, Seaboard W a. 1,1. II. Jo Anne. I.I I tterl.y Rd.. Malverne. V 1 Wagner, Mrs. Co.i.illia I .. 3HI3 Peebles Dr., Gree Wagoner, Jeanne, IO Pine Acres, Wadesboro Walbarh, Mary Van, 2268 Mimosa PL, W ilmiiigto Walden. Frances Angela, Box 136, Scottsburg, Vj Waldcn, Gavle Ben... 8 arc St.. High Point Waldroup. Katherine Ann. Ilaersville Walke, Carolyn Doris. 1644 Allen St., Springfie Whilaker. lean Marie. Whitaker. Paula I red. W hilaker. Pegg, Dare. 1205 h......a| Landis Rhodes, 118 I amden St., W indsor de Lee. 212 t ...nitrv I I..I. Dr.. Greer, cv Palmer, 502 Lee St.. Bristol. Va. e Lu, 1016 S. Main St.. Burlington say Cornelia. Altamont labrlle, 506 Rhodes Ave.. Kinston . V.. III. I.akewood St.. Lvnchburg. arolina Beach ton-Sale... 32 W hiteside, Rebec. II... I, a 2 13(1 Mb. marl. sboro Walker. Elizabeth Jan.. 3(15 W a, .rl- V Walker. Elizabeth Jane. Laurel Hill Walker. Mildred Jean. Box 26, BoStle Walker. Nancy Alexander. 1112 llh St.. Hickory 32, II Walker, Nancy Anne. Rt. 2, Summcrncld Walker, Mr., lira I.e. Scott. 619 Alwater St.. Burlingto Walker. Mr-. P.r.lita S.. 1322 Ave.. Greensbor Rebe. Rl. 2. Rulh Elizabeth. Rt. 2, Box Sue. Currie v. Elizabeth Vi.n. II. .v 278. Enfieli y. Jane. Rt. 2. Norwood v. Judith Ann. 236 S. Morrow Av ,. Sylvia Anne, 933 Herri. v. Virginia Mason. Box 296, Fremont ,ck, Patricia Anne. 1119 Charlotte Rd„ Albemarle ire. Rosen.ary II.. 211 Monte Vista Rd.. Asheville Belly Jane. 249 I until. Hand V,.-.. Asheville id. Lee Doroth.. Embassay. dc Janeiro. Brazil. S. A. 296 W. McNeely Emogene Iteid. Lula Margaret. Vlary Anne. 14 W all. Patricia. Rl. S W allaee. Martha Rob W allaee, Nell Hose, -loo S. F. she St., Wadesboro 55, Micro lurlington Wilkie. I Hondo. Wilki.... St.. Goldsboro .an Fellow.. S3 Kingwood PL. Asheville Barbara Beam. 1 OS South C. Ave.. Maide Mar, W i„.herle,. 600 Fall, ltd.. Rock, M Bonnie. Rt. 2. East Bend Carole, 4302 Harvard Ave. Carra Joan. Box 1111. Jac Catherine, 336 Hillside St.. Jewell Dean. 242 E. Polo P Willia...-. Kallir... Lucille. B..X 2 16. Vadkiliville Williams. Lucille. 205 E. Hollv. Coldsboro W illia...-. Margaret Blanche. Box 381. Silcr City 1! Williams. Rebecca. K..-e Hill W illia,.,-. „. Beckett, Pear Tree Point Rd., Noroton, W (Ilia......... Sarah Lee. 120 Mill St.. Lexington Williford, Celia Rav, Rt. 1. Roxboro W illi-. Dolor. - Bennett. Atlantic Willi-. Margaret V...,. 1212 Hi. hard..... Dr.. Reidsville Willi.. Patricia Ann. 1101 Arendell St.. Morrhead City Willi.. Both Nance. 1212 Richards.,., Dr.. Reidsville Wilson, Carol Baldwin. 933 Belmont PL. W. Palm Beach. Fla. Wilson. I.oni.e Hill. 2113 Hylan V.c. Hamlet 11 Rd., Greensboro iville Clav. Box 30. Polkville riddle. W alnut Cove Plarrtown Mel ' l.ail. Hose Hill ■ 2 West Brother Dr.. Greenwich. Conn, e Belle. Rt. 2. Graham irv Barbec. 304 Averv Ave.. Morganton Evelyn, 1006 South St.. Gastonia 128 Broadwav St., Lenoir ia 12 12 Pamlico Dr.. Greensboro W Instead, tnn Kay. Wendell Winston. Elizabeth Carol. Rt. 2. irgilina. Va. Winterling. Carolyn, Rt. 2. Carmel Rd.. Charlotte W i... Lillie. Carthage Woernle. Wanda Hie.,.. 31110 Southern Ave., Baltimore 14. Md. Wolfe. I ' .ggv Daughlrv. 305 W. VI. Street. Vlount Olive Wolfe. Pbvllis Jean. 127 Camellia Dr., Fayrtteville Woltz. Bobbie Lee. 310 S Hold... Rd.. Greensboro W omhlc. Sarah Elizabeth. 1123 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh W ood. Carolyn Joyce. 229 New St.. New Bern Wood. Jacqueline. Camden W 1. Martha. Vlartin-Sherw in VIotor Cl., Stafford. Va. W I. Shirley Vlargaret. 233 Hillside Ave.. Fayrtteville W inkl.r. Marv Winkler. Reba Winner. Virgil W oodoll. Ann W cs. Woodward. Carolyn Rutherford, 739 M Aiken. S. C. Woodard, Jovce Ann. 5301 Western BIv Woo.lar.l. Kathryn Elsom. Sunset Ave.. Woodle,. Jean. Columbia Wood. on. Joanna. 205 Kensington Rd.. Woody, Dorothy Jean; 2648 University Woodjr, Minnie Ann. 117 W. W ashing!. City 2116 Key Boulevard. W a-l, W oodvard. Aim Arlington. Va. W ar.l. Barbara Ann. 114 E. Wo.-lev. Janice lav,. Rl. 1. Keener,, ill. Woolen. Anne Viae. Stanton, burg Work.. Hillie .1... West Ha...,. Rocky Mount Worbv. Martha Ann. Rt. 2. Leichesler Wrav. Joltan Kerner. Rt. 5. Box 172-c. Greei.-I.or.. Wren... Vnne Webster. 409 Scott Ave. Crcoii.l.nri. Wright. Vnnelte. 11(16 Riverside Vv... Elizabeth til Wright. Mr,. Doroth. C. 1917 Walker Ave.. Green. Wright. Kalhrvn Vnn. 62S E. Vloiu St.. Lin, ..Into Wright. Nancv. Landis Wu. Edith. 126 N. Harding St.. Greenville V ..Thorough, la...- It.. alw right. 1425 Park Dr.. Raleigh Varborough. Wiln.a Crystal. 5111 Summit! Dr.. Sanford Ycapanis. Belt, Allele. Box 86, Dillon, S. C. V.llo... Bett] Jean. Rl. 1. BurnsviUo Vokley, Barbara Ann. Denton York. Marjorie. Edgewood Knoll Apt. 2-F. Asheville Voung. Jon, Keith. S1I7 West Side Dr.. Lexington Young. Barbara Jean. 1339 W. lib St.. Winston-Salem Young, Jove, tldele. 2700 Boswell Ave. Charlotte Young. Marti Atla , Helen Plunkcl Creensboro Vow. Marti. Ann. 2513 C Vow. Valerie B.. 2912 E. B Leon Ave. V. I ltd.. 111. I " .

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