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me 952 The Woman ' s College University of North Carolina The LIBRARY LSL Ntep c.2 COLLEGE COLLECTION - » Needles Annual Publication Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina Greensboro, North Carolina JACQUELINE JERNIGAN, Editor JANE SPENCER, Business Manager 5 ' 952 ...a yea i our Administration ami Leaders the Underclassmen then Winter and . . . our Social Hours our Activities the Juniors Spring and . . . our Honorarie the Graduating Seniors I iii f n mb wa tf J —4 35228G Fall «A the season of aging and dying in the universe hut in the world of Woman ' s College student it is the In-ginning — the nucleus of a created woman whose philosophy and ideals change and mature from day to day as quickly as the leaves color and fade. The nucleus takes shape the beginning of Freshman week when the Freshmen. Commercials and Sophomores come into their world and begin the initiation of a new year in a new world . . ; If - ;- ■ ' ;, - % an, J den Winter i V ' i . . . and our students have begun to mature into that ideal woman we seek for on the Woman ' s College campus. We settled down and watched our organizations grow. There were great strides of progress. We were growing with a purpose in mind: looking ahead and Beeing our campus " second to none. " It was a year we liall never forget; ;i - in which we worked and Btrived for progress and attained our goal . . . Spring came this year and we looked at our world spread before us. We saw changes in the physical shape of our c ampus but what impressed us more was the change in our students. They were now thoughtful, mature women; they had lifted and directed their eyes to main new ideas ami ideals; and had developed a great eapaeity for sharing and for friendship. They had taken Woman ' s College in their stride and within them grew the spirit of this year in our world at Woman ' s College. Jackie and Jane - V •» laWA IV III .J 1 to Dr. EUGENIA HUNTER W ithout hesitation we dedicate our annual to you, Dr. Eugenia Hunter. Being our advisor for three years was part of the job: but being our elose friend. mosl helpful critic, patient listener, and earnest believer in our class was part ol you. For those unconscious ol credits, you spent many of vour extra hours being sure we could all graduate. And now we leave. Our thanks we oiler you in the shape ol this Pine Seedles, for yourself when we needed you most. C D VL evi are v dedicated to Service Ihey always way thai Autumn is the most beautifn] lime al W. C. ami. after all. maybe they are right. The quick light feeling in ihe air is synonymous with the Freshman spirit and the warm colors of fall blend into lh«- hearts of all members of the college community. There is a newness in the air; each ear is a challenge and its beginning marks a great step in the life of every student. Relations with faculty, administration ami other college leaders are forget! and sire realized as the backbone of the year. It is now we sel » 1 1 1- standards and make our biggest plans. Of all the Autumn happenings. Frcsl seems like il will remain forever in our memories; hut how soon the excitement of npperclassmen, registra- tion, classes, housemeetings, dates, and movie- move the thoughts of Freshman week out of our minds. We wonder how a large institution such as Woman ' s College can exist until we hear of all the committees; and then we wonder who has time to serve on com- mittees. Greater University Day looms as the greatest event of the season, and it is. The pep rally, the bus ride, the game, the reception, the planetarium party and finally the dance. Yes, the fall is glorious. It represents the initiation of a grand new year in our World, the Woman ' s College. ft ' • t E ■■ Si ■-■: i V president Gordon Gray President Gordon Graj came to us from Washington, D. ( ' .. where he served as Secretarj of the Vrmj undei President Truman from L947 until L950. Our new president is not onlj well known in his own nati r state, rolina, but has gained praise from national ami world figures for In- outstanding record of service to the Nation. His alerl knowledge i Stale and National affairs are nowhere more evident than in his awareness of iln needs of the students of the I niversit) of North Carolina; and » ■ reater Woman ' s College in the future under his leadership. II. .r Graham ml l i-;in TayloTi Administration 1952 Governor . Kerr Scoll Puh lucal n North I arolina ha madi great advan ami W. Ken Scott, n all n and i ffii ii nl nil,, ial hi ii keenly in 1 i ml i n,i in. I in its studenU who will becomi responsible citizei .im.I alerl knowledge ha Ii Governoi Scott awan " i thi outstanding figure in the nation as well .i- the itati Om Hal «iih the prominenl individual aa in head. ■ted mi the I Diversity of North ■ liberaliani ' ■ il publii institutions and an which !■• live beltei pi Chancellor Edward K. Graham Dr. Edward Kiddei Graham, rth head nl fifty yeai old institution, i- one citizen ol out world iii Woman ' s Coll.- .- iliai ni ' ivnnr kn..«- and admin Hi if .■ inn nmiiIhthit in that In- was horn in Chapel Hill, and latei attended the I niwr-ih ,,( „nl, ( amlina. Wter obuining ln- IS.A. anil M. . ili-jim- limn ill, i, . Ii, «,. H | |„ ■ ■ n.- 1 1 I nnn-ih. ;nnl .i II, an nl Faculties al Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, before he accepted tl til i Chancelloi ol !, ami three children have made iring their two years here. They ' -nil. mil Informal ami very Idea Dean of Students Katherine Taylor Through her position as Dean of Students, Miss Katherine Taylor i- known to every student at Woman ' s Colli-}! ' -, ami lii-n- -In- is a part nl all plia-rs ,,( „„ r ., |„„,| |if .-. - a fnrim-i m, ml,, r oi the faculty, she i- well qualified to advise on scholastii matters, and al pre-school conference she is called upon fnr advice on the numerou s problems and questi which ari-,- there. In addition i " lier many Other duties, she i- a populai Bpeakei ami plan- h,r--lf al I Ii, -lu.l.iil ■ consulations or just friendlj chats Miss fayloi works with class advisers and counselors on social activities and in every school function she rdinates faculty and students action with the EIIMlK «. KERB SCOTT w. c. Administration 1952 Our world at Woman ' s College has competent, alert leaders who guide the students and plan for their needs. This world into which each new student steps is the result of days, months and years of planning and hard work on the part of the administration of the college. The many new. modern buildings on campus are a realization of the hopes and dreams of the administration. They are forever looking ahead to the betterment and growth of the college. President Gordon Gray. Chancellor Edward Graham. Jr.. and Dean of Students (Catherine Taylor head the administration of Woman ' s College. Working with these, however, are the many faculty members who are so necessary for the welfare of the college. Yes. the administration of Woman ' s College favors a happy and progressive student body, and man) new plans are being made for future years. JOHN . I III KIUKI :harles «. piiii.i GEORGE M. JOYCE 1 - MEKEII E. Mossmw I lltlllEs M. IK. Ill III I III I l (.» Administrative foresight, planning, and practice have started for the Woman ' s College a program of General Education which will offer the students a broader educational scope. Concentrated efforts on the parts of the administrative leaders and faculty have made this program not a dream hut an ensuing reality. The Uumnae Association extends a cordial welcome to ii- newi of 1952: and we invite snioj the privilege thai go wi ( last srship. ..Mil Woman ' s College. Uumnae Board of Trustees: Martha Fowlei McNaii (Mrs. [ohn F.), Uinie Kizi Bosl (Mrs. W. T.i. Elizabeth Reeves Lyon (Mrs. I!. L), Elise Rouse Wilson (Mi George D.), Kathryn Freeman, Emilj Harris Preyer (Mrs. L Richardson), Oriam McArthui McKinnon (Mrs. Vrnold B.), Uice Suiter, Sarah m. Hamilton, Jai Wharton Sockwell (Mrs. John). Alumnae Association OFF1CKRS President in Swain i Mrs. L. H First Vice-President Margaret Moss Hodnett (Mrs. II. Thomasl Second I ice-President Louise Dannenbaum Falls iMrs. Herbert) Recording Secretary Jean Dickey Executive Secretary Bett) Brown Jester I Mrs. Carlton. Jr. I MR. GREGORY IVY hi Department B.S., 1028 (Central Mi Slate); M.A., 1936 (Columbia). Outstanding in the field MISS HELEN INGRAHAM B.S.. 1918 (Knoi College); M.S., 19.U (I nil tlie Library Committee. She I the Golden Chain. DR. VANCE T. LITTLEJOHN Business Education Department B.A.. B.S.. 1931 (Bowling Green College ol C rrce) ; M.Ed., 193-., Ph.D., 1948 (Pittsburgh). has helped to advance the Business Educa r ol the N.E.A. I.. p. ...I Eduei Dec the National -- I llu- lea. MISS FLORENCE SCHAEFFER Sehaetler works DR. LEONARD B. Ill RLFA I Hi. r Chen.,. 1 (in- -I,, i- well inforun Honors Work i. .tie, as an author of English I ).-. including the Outtini favorite in the English depnrtmei Arts Forum Co DR. EDNA ARUNDEL. . . , Geography Department B.A.. 1921 (Ohio University) | M.A., 19Jo (Columbia): Ph.D.. 1912 (Y.le). DR. WILLIAM R. BARRETT German Depart, B.A.. 1939 K itadel) : 1 V, [940 (Duke) | . Mi.ii -I ,|.li. The Germanic Aotist-Pr, W. C. ' s German Department. He is his elasses. For hobbies. Dr. Barrett DR. WARREN ASHBY Dr. Ashb) has a firm background lor He was once a Methodic ininisler, but he ha- I,, • n , i, ears. Dr. Ashb) is especially interested in the study of el ught of by students in eni fishing. Philosoph) Department 942, Ph.D., 1949 I ,v,,lk III the lill]..-,i|ill. He,,, lltlllelll MISS ETHEL L. MARTUS . Physical Education Departn A.B., 1929 (Pembroke College); (Brown University); M.S.. 1931 (Welled; Miss Martus, I I.e ilefiarliiu ' iil her hobbies of photograpliy DR. ANNA JOYCE REARDON Physics Departm B.A.. 1930 (College , [ St. Teresa); M.S.. 1933, Ph.D., 1937 (St. Louis). Under Dr. Reardon ' s advancements. She te the I ' liv-n - II. . i il fl i bas made great orse in photography whieh e.ieh year grows in tnber of the M.-n.l, n lu II , li,,larship Committee the Fulbiighl -. I,i.l.,i-I,,|.. DR. JAMES ALBERT HIGHSMITH Psychology Department B.A., 1910. M.A., 1915 I North Carolina); Ph.D.. 1923 (George Peabody). . I ,.11.,, field and he Journal of Applied Psychology. ' DR. FRANK V I MM ,,, Department 1 II w. C. Iii l HI tGl M IOYI i ■ xutmenl II - . 19 • I i Hi: l BER1 S KEISTER Ecot II v 1911 . Ph.D 19 DR. ' IIM. ' I I - I PRA1 I Education Department ' ' 1 lion and I,.. IBd l ' " .I.Urr, DR. Rl TH COLLINGS ffeaWi Department B-A.. 1919 (Pi U x 1923 . i- em ..l.anial. liDft min.l now, but - linuing I i ildiof irilh hei sal n ' ' ■ ' i- li ' l|--.l ' Iiu-I (111 II. .III. I urn. ill. t..j C Brtii I. - lot North ' irolim publi, ,i V. . I . MISS MEREB MOSSM Idministrativt hairman lor School of Home Economics B.A . I ' ui, (Morningaide) j M I 928 (I dI ii.. ... . s, h ..! of Home u " ; ' " - ' " ' ■■ ' I " ! ' ■ i direct. DR. HELEN BARTON Mathematics Department U.K.. 1113 (Coucher); M.A., 1922, I ' . 1 ' J6 (Jonna-Hopkbu) . Hi. Math H. ,..niiii.i,i i, kept wide, awake l„ the department head. Dr. Barton. She •- . .iii-i K ...i..:_ ntribating to magazinei ■Hl.l in ' .!. --:.... ■ I ,,,,,„ , II,. H.,,,.„l I. DR. W INFIELD S. B VRNE Roman, e Language Department B I 1905 (Dai iln M I 191] (Hoi - miao). 1 " ' " ' ;l1 of our R ., , n rampm been I ' ,e,„lent ol the s . " i " i , linn. Hod .. i In 1910 he wrote a leitbook. ' and has edited numeronn other »orlt-. DEW II. Ill (.11 ILTVATEH School B.A., 1920. Mus.M.. 1929 (Michigan) l .. l . 1925 (Sou lerni. II " Mus D Uifeal at W. C, and Dean Altrater ia well k " " " " ' I ' " . " -I ■ - ' il.. ..- -.11 n ram,,,,,. lor h,- »..rlt in the depart- in ,-■ oenilion of h, ' , MR (.1 ENN R. rOHNSON - s ' epartment B.S.. I91S (Reed); H.A., 1916 (Colombia). lo the wise an, I patient diree. ■ iurih.-r development « lor hi- work on the North Carolina - nice an. I the Guilford Count) Inter-Racial . MISS I ' M BE B. l EXAND1 R History Department B.A.. 1907 -! M.M llcxaodci i. .nk over as acting head of thr History Department in 1951. Miaa have taken one of Hiss - - ' - ' .-i l.w- in local, state, and national politics. One of «j thr fir-t Mas Gardner Award in 1949. Faculty... W.C ART Gregory D. Ivy B.S., M.A. 11,1, ,1 Thrush B.F.A.. M.A. Elizabeth Jastrnw Ph.D. , .,,„., Hardin B.A., B.S.. M.A. 1 ,, j K. illiama . B.S.. M.A. I,.l,„ I Courtney B.S., M.A. Susan Barksdale B.S., M.A. Blair Smith • Certificate Emma 1 avii B.A. BIOLOGY Helen Ingraham . B.S.. M.S. Inel Coldwell B.A. r.-hie D. Shall, -lii. B.4.. Ph.D. I I. « B.A., M.S., Ph.D. I ila Belle Love B.A.. M.S. Ml,,,, I I I... 1 B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. irginia Gangatad B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Hilda l Harpat, i . B.A.. M.A., Ph D. I harlotte Dawle] B I., M.S., Ph D Holli. I Roger. B I.. M.S.. Ph.D. I Inde, B.S., M.S. -i B.S., M.A. Mar) Ruth Uoyd B.A. Harrielte (.. Mel " v III SIN ESS EDUCATION AND SECRETARI 1. ADMINISTRATION , i l ittlejohn B.A.. B.S.. M.Ed . Ph D Spruill B.S., B.A.. M.A. Mathilda Hi, I,., B.B.A.. M.B.A.. Ph.D I n Whitlock B.S.. M S. Maude I . Idnms B.A., M.A. I: na WeUman B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Evelyn Fowlar B.A., M.S 1 , I ou 5 1, Bs - Mildred . Orr,-ll B.S. CHEMISTRY M. I I,.t.-.i Wi.-.l.-l.-l.l X i Hall Petei raylor Irtl I George Wilson (.EnCRxPHY V,I DeVeny B. Crorge Dickieaon B.Muf I owling B.A.. N PHILOSOPHY PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mart™ II M. M.S. Doroth) Davis B.A., M.A Poller. B.A . M 5 Marjorie Lronar.l B.A.. M.A Ellen Griffin U.S.. M.A. Virginia Moomau B.S., MM Rita Burdctl B.S., M.A. Margaret Crocus B.S. Han • " IKk ' B.S.. M.S. Mildred Olson B.A. Uice Suiter B.S. Ml IMi l DIVISION Guita Marble l l,,,,l„ih .l.,, Vlice I. Ryan I McGinn i I »SSI l. CIVILIZATION George M. I »•»-. » ■»■ Mar) Harrell B.S., M.A. Di vinn) B S., M - ngelo Fergel B.A.. M.S. h. ,thryn VI McEntire B.A., M.S, ECONOMICS Ml,, ,1 s K, i.i, r . B.A., M.A., Ph.D. I Lindsey B.A., M. M SI I ittlejohn . B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. I ,, |yn I owl i B. v., M.S. I leanoi I raig B.A.. M.A w. ,lli. B.A.. M.A. EDUCATION Charlea I ' . .,11 B.A.. M.A., Ph D " - B.S., M.A Franklin McNutl B V. M.A., Ph.D.. L.I.. Marie Dcnnecn II V MX ! Hunter B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Ruth -I B.A.. M.A. lohn . Smith B.Ed., M.S. n rb ,, Vaughan, Jr. B.S., M.A Alma Ht.,»,,i„ B . . . B.S.. M.A. Mar) I ■■■ B.A., M.A B.A., M.A Anna Kir irr B.A.. M.A. II. ,i Mel B.A.. M.A. ]...,. Pcden B.A., M.A. ,. A.A.. B.S., M.S. HUME E( (INUMK - I .,.,,-, I ow, B.S . M I Evelyn Cox B.S., «.! Caroline Jones .. B.i - . , D, Ion) B.S., M I HISTORY Magnhilde Cullander B X M Eugene I ' lall B.A M Ph I B.A., -I It. ,,,,. . Drapei B X.. XI I l. v.,,1.1. , I: loaephim Hegi B.A., M Richard Bardolph B.A.. MM. Ph. I Robert II... k. , II X . M. Lenore O ' Boyle ... B V. M M. Ph. I W. C. lackaon B.A., I. I I ' . I H I D, ... , Crantham, Jr. B 1 M.A Ph.l lo ampbell Caima B.A.. M.A., PI 1 PHYSIi S nna Reardon B.V, M.S Ph.D. P Burgan B.A. . M.S. PSYCHOLOGY 1 Higbsmith B.A., 1 liiabeth Duffy B. V Emma Layman HA. Mar) h II,,.. Franklin Eich.-r B.A B.Se., Ed., B.D llic, Zi nn..n M.A., . M.A . M 1 B.A. . M.A., B.A. Ph.D. Ph.D, Ph.D. . M V. Ph.D. M M Kenneth - McCutchan B.A. . B.S.. Ph.D. ROMANCE LANGUAGES Winfield Barney B.A.. M. M. Ph.D. M.ia II Miller B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. R, „, ll,,.li. Prof. .I, - I N M,., k. Abbott B.A., M.A II, ,11, Shaver B.A.. M.A. irg 1 irinholt B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. II. I, „ I utting B. X.. M.S. i h rburk B.A MX , B.A., M.A. Josefma Har.Ir.- .. B.A.. M.A. Ligia Hunt B.A., M.A. SOCIOLOGY Glenn lohnaon B M I 1 yds G. - - B.A.. L.L.B.. M.A., Ph.C. Gu) B Johnson, Jr B.A. Miriam l. lo on B.A . M.A dm- World ' s Besl C . C. 1 1.- fn.„,ll president! and counselors. The) gjve us chat., the times whei i c selors A f birthdaj part, in he, paj, ,- th, help W. L. fanning ..I ,l„, „rties, the ise presi thi badl, needed " pep talks jusl before II _ . . _ _ , i. ■ lersofou. house leaders. MOUSe us ..II the la ' .mi con .In .1 ..I... Ill il Bo Presidents » M I .HUM Who comforts us in our times of unsats or maybe a Ml for thai bridge game the night before our Biolog) practical? These angels ..1 mere] are . ur coun- selors, and without them there would be no unity in the residence halls. The first to congratulate on that sparkling diamond, the lasl to leave when we need them most. Our counselors smile l.raveK through the loudest " uke " serenade in the parlor, the crowded dances, and the hi esi messes in the kitchen after a spaghetti supper. The tears and laughter of the entire year are shared bj counselors who stand In us and in their own words " enjoy " it as much a we do. . . . and Counselors 1952 The well-liked House President, whose endless duties include checking the permission slips, blinking the lights at five minutes til twelve on Saturday night, scolding the dates for bringing " her girls " in late, and trying to make house meetings as short as possible, is o ei bud s " big sister. " She reminds us about the honor policy and the penalty for breaking rules. She worries with us and about us, gives advice on teachers and courses, and finds the night watchman when a fuse is blown. The things she does are really too numerous to list, but every WC-ite realizes and appreciates them beyond words. It wouldn ' t be college without dorm life and dorm life wouldn ' t be complete without House Presidents! W. C House Presidents MAin LENA PATTFIiSON ■ u oi l m i: ion Dorm life — forgetting to file a permission slip and dreading the inevitable hall board, the " food-from-home. " parties at midnight, learning the latest boy ' s footsteps on the walk, shouts of " Anyone want to play bridge? " the rush to borrow a mop and dust cloth ten minutes ahead of Mrs. Starnes, the rainy Sunday parlor dates when you had planned a picnic in the mountains, the race to answer that call from Davidson, the oohs and aahs when your next door neighbor gets a new evening dress, swapping dances for the class formal, the envious green eyes when a new fra- ternity pin appears on the hall, the last minute cramming for a forgotten quiz, and the vain efforts to get " Our Best To You. " 24 nd Counselors . . . 1952 . . . and iIh- joyful -li ' Mii- when you mmati gets • lettei from thai cute blind date, the lazj Saturdays spenl sitting bj thi radio praying l " t Duke to win . ' football game, the unoke filled rooms and thi unheard phonograph, the unfinishi meant foi Bill ' i birthday, bumming cigarette and the everlasting problem oi being broke, living out youi new Bash camera, the Friday night date when youi term papei i- due, the fashion showt befon German week-ends, the time you took five girls home with you iusl to gel awaj li i .ill " when lohnnj comet inarching borne again, " fifteen coke bottles in one window, and the endless " tlp-i incidents thai make . (.. home. Come rain or come shine, every girl on campus is duly proud " f her college familx wilh Mother Counselor to keep her on " the straight and narrow. " and Sister House President to see that all the doors are tightly locked and bolted at night and all the family in and safely snug in hed. Who scares away the burglars and keeps all the pink elephants away from " ye olde campus " and who keeps our morals and morales high — " It ' s that House President again! " Everj girl at Woman ' s College joins in to sing. " Hats off to the Counselors and House Presidents We love college and that means you . . . " OFFICERS June Rainey. President Elizabeth Moore Billiard. ice-Presideni Lura Clingenpeel. Secretary Betty Robinson. Treasurer Bobbie Strickland. Cheerleadei .1 1 t It MNK-i Student faithfulR provide ;i better world She presided over all meetings of the Student This year, as in past years, Student Government officers for Woman ' s College students. June Rainey has headed Student Government this j Government Association and the Judicial Board. Vice-President this year was Betty Bullard. It was her duty to serve as chairman of the Legislature and as Parliamentarian at all Student Government meetings. Lura Clingenpeel held the office of Student Government Secretary. Her office required that she keep records of all Association proceedings. The records of receipts and expenditures were kept by Betty Robinson, the Treasurer. She also acted as Secretary of the Legislature. These officers have worked together in carrying out a successful year. ii oman ' a lollege t " i man) yi ai -. igheal reapei i oi .ill facult) mi mbei - Everj W an ' a I ollege themselves mual i " ai I i e il. democratic governing syste advisors. t of the program, tor the students i inn- committees. Thus » • have a ml fm the with faculty three branches of Woman ' s College go ,,l of the elected officers. the power i ake all rules, regulati The college jud and all fractions of Firsl i- ilir executi if elected representatives. I law- in the besl interest Earl iber, l.efore tin ,1 .-..II. elected representatives and officers if the Student Government meet together in a Pre-School Conference to make plans l " i the coming yeai . This year the Conference voted to establish a Student Government Training Pro- gram throughout the residence halls. Ms... a large number ..f facult) members wit. ' present at ilii- year ' s conference, and the) offered their further support .if the rlonoi Policy. Here at Woman ' s College, Student Government provides a better, more organized college lift-. Tin ' officers, representatives and facult) members only guide the students; for Woman ' s College is a democratic world. Legislature Members a.... 1. 1, . • Ir 11.11. K . Park. , HIH ... II. II..,. .11 . ., I, ...... SHI riK-.M ' li. Jran I ' rr. «», Annr 11.11. . Mar.ha I ..I.. ... II..-T.I • II. I " " . II n Ila.lrn. J.-r. Il.rrl.. Main. i ' .l W...„,rr. J..w. j.,1,,,...,.. p,„, II. ,11 • II....I »„,. Stroud, I1...-I.. hl Ul,. k-r... »,.,, I II..BB .m llllln«l,.... J..,rr ||.,r.. J„.|, ■ I.. Mar Anna IV. t. Hurl. LoWfa, »• M- «|I. r • M ,, M.rL.n Durlworth. Ann l.onr. I..II. M.....I.. !,.»..■ Pereboe, Kuih Si.rr. Mn. MtLajad • trn vtmOi «..u Ml.. Laura An.lrrlon. Ml.. Sur I n.lrrhlll. Lamia M..,.„... l.,.nn J..I. ,.-..... TV Il...r,..r II..I.I...M. M..r. Lena Pattanam, M..r. J M.r,. Purnr. Kino. 11.11, J.,h.....n. P. , Jrrnlo.n • .Vol ficlur.;!. Ml.. J phi... II. .. -hlrl. , Hark. -.11, II. r- jovernment r. 51 Hole. If I to r.S " A. ne Sutton n ry Agnes Tola Jo an Roberts De Ju t Kendall road Row: uiae Moonej ne Rainey 1) . Lydia Cordon Shi enna By rd Beltve Etans. Kalhryn Pai Judicial Board President of the Student Government Association, June Rainey, heads the law enforcing body of the Woman ' s College Govern- ment. This Judicial Board handles all student cases except those dealing with suspension and expulsion. The nine members " f the board are appointed by the chairman. From the student body. the Judicial Board members take their seals at the horse- shoe table in the Alumnae House each Monday night, the) are completely aware of the democratic responsibility resting on their shoulders. The board is counseled on the graves! issues b) Dr. Lydia Gordon Shivers. This year the board is experimenting with a plan to keep the student body informed of tin proceedings. n article i printed monthly in the Carolinian stating the offense and penalty in each case, without mentioning the name of the offender. Judicial Board holds the highest power mi campus and the members realizing this, exact every effort on all matters to uphold their reputation of democratic action. ll cases receive long and hard deliberation where evei j possible fact is included and the student ' s rights and situation is considered with the utmost care. Each offender knows that her case has been tried and weighed individual!) b) her peers anil has been judged with the democratic truths of the Woman ' s College. m TjMJpnf fit wN 1 V ft 1 J ELECTIONS BOARD I ndei the able direction " I K.n Parker, the elections board arranges the time and date Foi .ill elections and bandies the votes, This committee assures us nf oui ri lii to the ' l moi ratii rate in the world of Woman ' s College. Each yeai we give oui praise For the excellent political rallj staged b) the elections POINTS COMMITTEE mii Whittington heads iliis group f students whose job ii is in be sure more leaders can serve in the W an ' s College world. Ii i- the) who decide the numbei of points suited to each office according in the responsibilirj of the office. HONOR BOARD Headed li Louise Mooney, Chairman, and Dr. Warren -U, . Facult) ilviscir. Honor Board succeeded in making ui Woman ' s College student realize that slir lia her nun personal code of honor and that it is her nun responsibility to applj this code i " all phases of her college life. lis ideal is a prai tii al FINANCE ItiiMtl) Students and Facult) members who are trained in matters regarding group finances, determined how funds would l»- ' Ii-- tributed among campus organizations. Man] times during the lied ii|inn to decide tnonetai •■ issues thai hem li campus leaders. U le and consci- provided b) • arol Rogi i- ' hairman, and iculrj Idvisor. b, Foi lli are brougl • ni i. in- I. .1.1. rship i Hi. Ml- 1 1 Keister, f REVD W l (. COMMITTEE This group plans ways and means foi maintaining the best relations between facult] and students. Ii is ol greatest impor- tance thai these groups remove possible points of friction to be Bure of the besl campus relations and the reviewing com- mittee led b) Doris Huffines makes this their aim. CURRICUL1 M COMMITTEE Each department is represented b) one student on thi I iiluin Committee where student views concerning courses an liniiifilii in tin- aiirniiun ..I the I ai ult) Curriculum Committee. Thi ' iimiiniiii ' c is influential in pointing mil the need foi new courses on the campus and also foi the dropping of others. Ii i headed 1 « Montae I ml it. Student Chairman. FINANCE BOARD . . . f ' .r.l R..11 . (. I la right: Miriam lla- i-. S, ,r, lar, : la. Rog.r.. Chairman; Op. Albert Krister, Farult. Ad isor. Second Row: Mr. John C, Lockhart, Miss Anne Lewie, Marlon Sifford. Herri Greater University Council The four-year-old tradition of having a Greater I niversirj Couni State, Woman ' - College, and Carolina continued tlii- yeai n numerous activities. F.,tablished in 1947 the council lias worked • bond between branches of the Mat.- University. Chief among it- purposes is making campus social and academic activities available tc other school . For the lir-t meeting of the year the council assembled in Chapel Hill cm Gr University Day. Action was taken to improve publicity exchange among the three this responsibilirj on our campus and musical presentations, plays, lect Forum are announced on all campuses with encouragement (or attendance. Increasing intramura athletics is also favored as part of field day. ting of a delegation from ivacious group planning to further strengthen the llti; ' ' -. Golden Chain has •s. and the Social Science CREITER UNIVERSITY COUNCIL MEMBERS First Rote, left to right: Jon,- Sarslicld. President ; Sally Harrison, Secretary; s„„i a Angsladt, Betty Hill. Marilvn Robinettc • Second Rou : June Rain.-. Elaine Hull.. Louise Mo.,..e . Betty Bullard. Rozelle Royall • Third R... . t.eral.l Mann. Kenneth Hanson. H..»ard Well,. Uiek Pitt,, t,. V. . Willi, • Fourth Rot, Jav Brvan. Poul Fought. Jack McCormiek. Bobb. Con.,. John Jack Baugh. ineent (lutland. Ccorge Prudcn • Vol Pictured: Hank smith. Vincent Uutland. Bill Patter,,,... Monro. Brettler. Ed Hollowell. Rose- mary Bono. L.nn Brinkle. . |ohn llarri-. P,.«. Stewart. Tom Sully. John Robinson. Bill Hogshead. Bob Vaughn. John liorleh. Jo Vnn Page. Bun.., Da. is. Hcnr Bouers. Dick Pcncgar. Program lihiii) V.M.— Meeting of the Student Council of the Greater I niversitj Speaker: Mr. Gordon Gray, President, University of North Carolina 12:00 Noon -Luncheon. Morehead Building, honoring the Board of Trustees 2:30 P.M. -State vs Carolina Football Game, Kenan Stadium Half Tim.-- Special Band Formations and Card Stunts b) the I . ol V C. Student Body of the day ' s events 5:00 P.M.— Reception, Graham Memorial, honoring visiting students 6:30 P.M. -Performance: " Music of the Spheres, " Morehead Planetarium ■Greater University Day Da Sponsored by the Grail Vjfc4 If M iff Afii It ft fjlf 1 jj Greater University Day Twenty-five buses packed full of W. C. girl- pulled into the Chapel Hill station on Saturday. September 22. in a state of excitement which always precedes Greater I niversirj l a . Throngs of Slate and Carolina l. i - awaited the arrival, and from there the students proceeded to the long awaited football game. Gathered in a bod) in the end zone of Kenan Stadium, W. C. screamed our cheers with State Cheerleaders an. I then those from Carolina according to our preference. Highlighting halftime were tributes to the three co llege- In the hand and the colorful card trick-. t a reception in Graham Memorial Hall, everybod) gol acquainted and planned to go to thi dance held later in Woolen Gymnasium. Lati thai night the buses pulled out slowly in an atmos- phi : " i ' ontentmenl i aused b) the success of the day. XX i n The Beginning seemed to enter an entirely different world when we first arrived at W. C. as bewildered freshmen. Everything was so new and strange and so big that we tagged after our junior ad- if our very lives depended on our keeping them in sight. Finally, however, the horrors of Freshman Week and registration passed, and classes began. Once more we felt completely lost because never before had we had to study so long or so hard. Rat Day also served to show us just how lowly nsignificant we Freshmen were, and when we received our six weeks ' reports, our morales were not boosted one little inch. • MM 4 I llw III I II Romp, !« « lO rieht: we had to start Sowiewk But the sun began to shine for us because after electing " iir class officers, writing oui song, and choosing our motto, we began to Eeel that, at last, « ■ were a real part of W. C. nil then- ui-rc mam highlights nf ■■in Freshman year. Greater 1 niversit] l a . the societ) dances, and that wonderful Freshman Formal were events that will ever serve as reminders of the good times we have had. ' we can look back cm our first year at . I . and know that it was literall) a year in another world. Dr. Shafubwj First Row. left to right: Eleanoi ■ Aflams. Blair Lillian Alston. Shirlej Marie VnnV rson. Iolb Rob i-nia Atkins . Ann Michum Bailev. Martha Suzie 1 (anks, Melba Lee Banks, Lucille Manning Harbour. Carolyn H Barnes, Na lomew, Nancy Patricia Beam • Secon, Rou Sara Gali .1 I ' m III,. It. Judith Ann Betz, Carolyn Rove, Bryso n. Barbara nn ( arter e rtrudo Canlder, Diana Margaret Chat ham. Mar) Lou 1 Jark. St ira Ann Clark, Charlotte Hollingsvn mil ( : nda • ira Cleme in. Betty Joan Collins. Vnn Wright Helen Hayn ' es, :;:: , ' h. ' ;;;, ' , l «k ; ' r ' ;i a : . Third Row: Lilian Janet Cromc •y Katherine Dove, Carol Louise Du|i a Hand) • Fourth Ro 1 barlyne ar Hicks, Faye Carolyn Hollis, Pfa) ■r. Ma Ss ■ K.lw ard-. ' ' lan i Harringt, 1 Mason Davis. Grace Carolyn Falls. Shirley n. Edna Joyce Hayes, i Hopper. Betsv Page Horton, Ora .1, met Jarrett • r. i Roa . Pats) Vnn Jenkins, Patricia Car roll J. imI.hi. Sai a Jo) nor. Sallie Neale Kluttz, Nancy Bail ey ilkley Hamilto First Row. lelt to right: C Elizab Betty Jean I ..Mil Virginia Ford, Ml Sara Beth Hearn. Shirley Held. Marion Jordan • Fourth Row: Martha Keys, ' Anderson. Patricia Ann Basinger. Iris Bi Daltnn. Joan Foushee, Mabel Graham. Je Humphrey. First Row, It Barbara ,,, M I • New. B, i-. Marj it, , „„, I ou I lughton Marj Canll Lewis, „,. M. Ivin, ludilfa Vnn Michael. Mi,. l... Mill., u-,. a l,l„,., m Moon lam I lien Moi Necdham Nomu Marj I Peach Rulh Weatraj Phi - Nam m tddii Mari, Richard 01 Palri, ia Robin Rowland lulii leannetl. Sander., Lou Uice Sawyer, Bera Lou Fourth Ron Leila Smith, Cwen I ' an S| Beverl) lam l,|,|, Vna Maria l.,,.,.l.-i. Marj van I lorif Mari, Whit, I n Nicholla Whit, P I op in..,, Ruth Vnn Pittman lacqu, l; Wagoner. Hall First Row, left to right: Carolyn Little, t McNeely, Marj Daniels McRainey, Peggj Row: Margaret Morris. Carol Morgen, i Patton, Pennj Paul, Sammj Penny, Eugi Elaine Sails, Gaye Sanders, Sylvia Sati-k Nancj Tew, Lu Kane Thomas, ,„ Tillii Warren, Janice White, Shelia White • Catherine Stikel, alher. Joanne T in;:er. J ■th M, 11,11. Helen McDonald, Barbara Mclver, Elizabeth McLean, Helen mli.K ii 1.,mi.i,,I. Delmas Mendenhall, Louise Men, Laura Moon • . I ' Oliver. Patricia On. Jean Overman. Kitty Rose Paton, Patricia iv. ara „„ IVnii. Nancj Moss Revelle • Thin! Row: Susan Rickert, SI, affner. nn Margaret Mev,,,-. Doris Stone, Lois Vl inn Tillman • Fourth Row: Ann Walker. Ruth Walker, l ' att Warlick, Jane : Martha Revel]. Jean Rhyne, Jane Surrat. BettJ Sexton, Joan Spillman. 1.,-nell Walker, Jean Woodley. First Row, In low, I ' gg) Cotten Nell Green, Di Bertha Elairu I Graci Boj d Hii Keams, Velma Jraci Ki r, Sarah Elizahet Mason • Voi I 1 . ' .. 1 try Jo Campbell. Lottie Kav Cha . Carolyn Sue Dietz. Ruth Loga I erguson, Man .lane Garrell. Im Gregory, Jean Carole Griffin. Be Ann Hudspeth. Laura Jean Imiram. Eliza Ellen Kjo-ne-. Patrieia nn. I .mi- • u Donald. Pollvanna McDonald. katl,e,,„e 5 Lee Bonev, Peggy Brasch, Mary Lou H. Gray Hall First Rou left U i I,,,, lelton Ida Ian, lol o lo ea, Betty 1 Vlici ! 1 R l Vnn K I„i.. i K ih.I K. • Sei ond Ron 1 in: i K ioanei Paddi Neale K , Helen 1 i McPhereon, I.I. . :1m il, Mitchell 1 aura lean Ma ej Beltj M....I. I,, , ,.1,,,,. | ' .,i iin Powell • T, u 1 Rou Ma rj I R il i;, in !■■ ■ -,„■ Knl.iir. i(ii,-,ia |(, mi., Simmon 1 nd i . Savage, Phyllis - Sheila Maj i. Vnni Stevei ' -■ Mai ,- Slowe, Sara Inn 1 i loi Pi N Wall, Man Heli . i Wall • hm i Rou Emilj Weel P 1 ., w l,n, . I i„ : .|. I.ii.l. (onci l. Man Lynn, Pall} McOuffie, Lura I, i.i Murray, loaephinc Ok, i Smith, I 03 -ii. i I rollinger, Lula I, il. mi lull, v. Elizabeth hilaell, Hall •■• r-uhl: .1,, iiii Ma-Ion. I ' .-arl Millie M.itli, -,,„. Eli al.elh nn Maunev. P -za „ne Mm,, nne Mur.-. u anne ConmlK Mvers. Dorolln Eli a!,.-tl, ul ilu.l . 1-on. Shirley Olds, Ruth Vil Barbara Inn Painter . Jean Parker. Harriet Parrish. Pea, I Pin,. -IuiI.n Phillip.. Suzanne Piekett. Carol Ka.k eece, ISorina Loretta Riddick. Pan nn Ri.hout. Edna Cuemlolvn K,,|,in-,,„. Man Earie Rowland, Helen Eliza - Franklin Sanderford • Third Rou: Eleanor nn Saun.ler-. li,la Charlotta Nhilihui-. J, .,, . Elea Jean SiUiman, Clenna Hoban Siswi.k. Man Elizabeth Spicer, • Second Row: Cornelia Ann F lieth Russell, Be Lillie Lagene Shearin, Sarah Ruth Sherrffl, Ernest! Jean Privotl Spivey, Elizabeth n„ Spruill, Pallie nn Stack, Nanne.te Starling . Fourth Rou. Sue Starrette, Barbara ' Louise ' Steelman. .eorji.- Chtherall Mra.lley. Man Ellen Straw hrhlfre. Mae Pran, - -tn.klan.l. j,„, Ro.e Swinz. Geraldine Bennetle latum Sal Mar,, 1 he,li„ s . elma Mae Thomas. Man Ranks Timnmns. Pe OeWeil Tinker. Elizabeth nn Tomlin-on. Man Olivia Wallet • Fifth Ron: Jeannette Nash Weaver. Barbara „n White. Helen Erlene Whilly. Pattj Jewel Wilhehn, Barbara Beam WUklnson • W Pictured: Elvira Mihlre.J Me-si,k. Rosala- Ethel Miller. Pain, , a la, a Mull,, 37 hit right: Frances Alexander. Addye H( Baggetl Blanchard, Ann Bowles. Louise Roberta Brown. Henrieiia Bruton. Rita Kathryn Currie, Frances Cutlirell. Louis Janet Ennis • Third Row: Hannah Lov Gordon, Carolyn Creaxes. Ernestine Hal Holtzman • Fourth Rate: Janet Jenkin Bumgardner. Carroll Butts • Second Ron: Sidnev Cain. Millicenl Cooley. Arlene Croce, Uail. Marilyn Daly. Julia DuBose. Marion Duckworth. Dori- Ann Durham. Sylvia Eaton. Felton. Nancy Poe Fleming. Joan Foster. Margaret Freeman. Margie Garner. Patricia Mary Louise Harris. Erne Lou Hawley. Jean Hick-. Elaine Hill. Mary Hobgood, Evelyn Mai) Kenny, Betty Kirby, Louise Ki-er • Not Pictured: Daphne Adams. Geraldine Teasa 111 n, Ja Cohe Mildred Cilliken. Pearlie Hege Jamison First Row, - - - Sarah If ..It Ulen, Mary Eaton ivent, Maryanne Barton, Molly Jo Beatty, Winifred Kay Beatty, Pollj nn Bivens, An... Webb Bradley, l;m Jean Breeland, n,„ Bristol, Margaret Bradley Burch. Geraldine Chandler • Second Row: Pat Chapin. {Catherine Seagle Childs. Dolphine Elizabeth Cotib. Mary Josephine Core. Martha Faye Davis. Ruby Morris Daw,-. Sylvia Deane Dismuke, Jeannette Ruth Eddy. Harriet Lodge Edwards. Hazel Lee Fisher. Betty Jean Floyd. Norma Smith Gabriel o Third Row: Audrey Lee Gibbs, Patricia Glenn, Emily Geddie Graham, Mary Ruth Griffin, Mary Lee Hansbarger, Jill Marjo Harkey, Quita Joy Harrell, Peggy Lee Ham-. iuu- Cary Hawfield. Julia Frances Hix. Elizabeth Helen Hobbs, Jane Holt • Fourth Row: Marian Virginia Hopkins, Claire Hutchison, Lura Evadeane Ingram. Man Elizabeth Johnson, Lillian Phyllis Jones • Vol l.ila Brent Chapman, Sara Virginia Finger. Kirkland Hall First Row, left to right: Jan. I. tslei Vnn 1 [an. I I Gayl Luimden [can Mclntyr. Virginia McM MacPhail Vane) McQuague, Barbara Mi - Miller, Vivian Millet Broolu Mo • Hi . Pi i Hi,, !, Shirley Pend I B - i P I ■ ■ P I mi R ipp, Marii R Pal tivenbarl Barbara Rongei i ■ R bl , Charlolli Rolh • Third Ron Mar; Boddii it SI II Sidelle Simi », Marie Sizei lerahlini - Call Si pheii rhomaaim Slrolher, Vdrianm Slul Terradaa, H i lam II a, Vnn [ " odd Sylvia Wcathcrly, Kalhryn Williami • Fourth Rou Pcgg) Wolfe, Vnn V lard, Barbara Zibelin, Sonia Daniel, Zora Daniel, lean Kantci • Voi Pictured lam McKeithan, Mar] France. 1 ill. r. Helen Moore, Paffenbarger, Mollii Sammet, Roalyn Shelton, Pataj lan Shoffner, lennie Snidei Hall In, Moger, Jeanne Rolfe Nostrandt, Suzane Charlotte Ogden, Shirlej Mills O ' Neill, Patricia Louise Uermenter, Margarel Deas Porcher • Second Roto: Marilyn JoAnne Porter, Clara Elizabeth Ramsey. Pal Ramsey, Suzanne Croft Rodgers, Patricia Ann Ruddick, Edyth Lorraine Sams. Beverly Lacj S.I lover, Ellen Carolyn Sheffield, Dorothy Barbara Smoker, Carolyn Ray Sprinkle. June Carole Stowe, Virginia lane Stroud • Third Ron: Patricia Vnn Surrett, Sara Ann Susman, Mary Hill Swop.-. Marcia Vnne Tan. Betty Jean Tesh, Florence Kendrick Townsend, leanni Wagoner, Sue Eleanor Walker. Marj Vnne Wall. Vnn Walton. Rachel Harrelson Wariick • Fourth Row: Vnna Ruth Warren, Frances Elaine Weadon, D ' Orsaj Cornelia While. Mary Evelyn Winkler. Martha Seaman Wood • Not Pictured: Sally Ruth Miller. Margarel Hathryn Reese. 39 C ( t c §1 First Row, left to right: Carolyn Virginia Apple. Nancy Ballenger, Mary Lucy Bivens, Mary Maness Bolden, Lou Bradley, Merle Gate • Second Row: Lucy Cheek. Margaret Craig. Joan Marie Fuller. Mary Carolyn Gibson, Phyllis Greer. Barbara Hackney, Patricia Ruth Hawkins • Third Row: Jo Ann Hendrix, Jam- Higging, Joan Magdallen Hudson. Barbara Hutton. Ann Kersey, Mary Carolyn Lentz, June Long. Town Students of 1952 First Row, left to right: Ruth Mabe, Joan Paschal Marsh. Jerita Ann Miller. Dorothy Jean Miller. Poll) lane Payne, Barbara Pickett • Second Row: Patricia Rierson, Lurlei Ann Routh. Joann Scott. Jane Silliman. Barbara Smith. Jo Soyars. Rebecca Loui?c Squires • Third Row: Marv Ann Stafford. Carolyn Stan. Sara Jane Stanly. Ellen Steifle. Nancy Ann Walker. Ann Rivers Tripp. June Van Horn. mi Here to stay a Year... I ± Freshmen and Seniors in one year w - v « " V.t " Wo l.o-.- White la . . . time to take a tetter Polly McnuIRo First Row, left to right: Betty Lou Vbbott, Nancj Mams, Kaj Vgner, Dori« Uexander, Margarel Lou Vlford, Margarel i n Ulen, Phyllis Vlligood, Elizabeth Anderson, Jean ustin.Jo inn Ba ' 1 y, Mary John Bass • Second Row: nne Benthall, Adelaide Berg, Evelyn Bergen, Isabel Blackburn, Adelaide Blair, irginia Bobbin, Norma Jean Boham • Third Row: Mar) Man,--. Bolden, Elzene Boyles, Emilj Rose Brantley, Uicejean Brewer, Ulene Britt, Iris Broach, Nancj Burgin, Reba Bynum, Belt) lean Callicutt, Barbara Carpenter, Joan Carpenter • Mot Pictured: Nam ) B ale, Catherina Carson. 1952 Commercial Class First Row, left to right: Beverlj Christy, Nancj Clapp, Barbara Collins, Maxine Cook, mi.- Crews, Janet Daniels. Pattie Di nton • Second Row: Bett) Dowell, Nancj Dowell, Carolyn Duncan. Bettj Dunlap, Gwen Eddings, Lett) Eudy, Gladys Everett, Peggy Ezzell, Pegg) Farrell, Juan Farrow • Third Row: Mick) Fleishman, Juan Foushee, Mar) Fowler, Bett) Franklin, Sally Elizabeth Fulford, Lois Fuquay, Geraldine Gardner, Elizabeth L. Greene, Barbara Hackney, Marion Hall. Christine Hansen. Martha Hargrove, First Row, left to right: Bol Hauck, KaN Helms..],, Ann II Hooks. Ann Hoois. Barbara I amby, Bethel Harris. Nanc) Hartman, Jacqueline :. Ruth Hipps, Louise Hodges • Second Row: Carol Jacqueline Howard, Glenda Howe, Rachel Howell, Lena Hughes, Julia llunnicull. Dolls Johnson. Barbara Join ' s. Bett) Jewell Jones • Third Row: Lillian Gray Jones. Margaret Jones. Ruth Joyner, Stella Kemp, iwa Kersey, Helen Keye, Jeanne King, Pegg) Jean Lamm, Anne Louise Lawing, Callie Lou Little. Alice Lowrance • Not Pictured: Mildred Holland. First Row, left to right: Evelyn McClintock. Barbara McCoy. Jane McCullers, Carol McMahan. Ruth Anne Mabe. Lois Ann Marley. Joan Paschal Marsh. Esther Martin • Second Row: Maude Martin. Joretta Michael. Pat Miller. Rachel Miller. Katherine Mock. Betty Moore. Shirley Mulwee. Dorothy Munday. Olga Murphy. Elizabeth Nau. Martha Jaye Neely • Third Row: Marlene Oakley. Lucine O ' Brien, Elizabeth O ' Connor, Astrid Parmele. Ingrid Parmele. Gwen Peeler, Lou Jean Pethel, Lorraine Petty. Peggy Phelps. Sarah Jane Phipps. Ann Pierce. Firs! Row, left to right: Martha Pitman. Frances Poole. Nellie Mae Powers, Shiela Powers. Gloria Ramni. Barbara Reich, Patricia Rierson. Jean Robinson • Second Row: Pattie Lee Rooker, Dorothy Rosson, Pauline Royal. Dixie Royster. Peggy Saint- sing. Oleen Seawell. Ramona Self. Mary Frances Sharpe. Jean M. Shepard • Third Row: Mary Jane Shirley, Jane Silliman, Enid Silver, Joan Smith. Johnnie Smith. Jeannine Snelling. Margaret Snow. Jo Soyars, Ruin Maie Sparks. Catherine Speight. Joan Spillman • Not Pictured: Joyce Satterthwaite, Jeanette Smder. un miii in First Ron-, left to right: Carolyn Starr. Bessie Lea Surratt. Eleanor Swaringen. Helena Swart. Jean Thomas. Eleanor Sue Thompson. Helen Troutman. Marie Tucker • Second Row: Carolyn Turner. Joanne T singer. Lucille Vaillancourt. Billie Vann, Joanne Vann. Rachel Walker. Jane Ward. Shirley Watts. Aileen White • Third Row: Barbara White. Anne Williams. Frankie Williams. Carroll Ann Willis. Betty Baucom Wilson. Betty Grey Wilson, Virginia Dare Winstead. Janice Wood. Barbara Wyrick. Maxine Yar- brough. Barbara Young • Not Pictured: Sarah Swain. Charlotte Tankard. v r OFFICERS Jean Williamson. President Maude Gatewood. I ire -President Tommie Lentz. Secretary Kav Neelands. Treasurer Emily Butner. Cheerleader The Deciding Year A ncu life greeted us in September— a life of privileges and responsibilies. We were the Sopho- more Class of ' 52, and we could not believe it. But we soon realized the second year was here and we shouted the class song at the top of our voice-: " So it ' s Bah! Rah! Ye Sophomores . . . " + First Row, left to ris,ht: Mary Ann Abernethy, Anabel Adams. Mary Louise Ahern, Margaret Ann Alexander. Faye Allen. Frances Allsbrook. Sarah Almond. Mary Eliza- beth Alspaugh. Yvonne Arnold. Second Row: Ruth Atkins. Barbara Auer. Jean Avers. Jacquetta Baker. Jeannette Baker. Susanna Barbee. Anne Barber. Betsev Barber. Third Row: Tommye Barker. Anne Barnhardt, Dorothy Barrett. Mari Jennie Barringer. Gertrude Bass. Joyce Bateman. Joyce Baumgardner. Nancy Ann Beamer. Melba Beck. Sue Bell. ot I ' ictured: l.ibbv Hutli Minnnd. Jeanne Askren. Miriam Auskern. Nancy Ballinger. Nancy Barrow. Sophom 19 First Row, left to right Thirza Benedict, Margarel Be ild, Mar} m, Bennett, Nancj Benson, Joyce Benton, Peggj Best, Betrj [o Bevan Margarel Kill. Second Row: Carolyn Birgel, Phyllis Birkby, Ida Maude Black, lo Vnn Black, lean Blackburn, Grace Black Sara Blackwelder, Jane Blake, Peggv Blakely. Third Row: Dorothj Bluett, Christine Boger, tda I. Boren, lane Bouldin, Florence Bowden, Lenna Bowden, Emil) Bowen, Birmah Bowman, Lou Bradley, Barbara Bragg. Xm Pictured: Diane Berg, Rosa Bernstein, Patricia Blalock, Barbara Blaylock, bine re Class 52 c 1 n First Row, left to right: Norma Bramlett. Amelia Brandon, Marilyn Brannon, Pauline Bresnahan. Elizabeth Brewer. Lyn Brinkley, Mary Ann Britt, Peggy Ann Britt. Doris Brooks. Second Row: Frances Brown. Katherine Brown. Lois Brown. Ruth Brown. Sumaleigh Brown. Betsy Browne. Jeanne Bunch. Peggy Bunton. Third Row: Margaret C. Burch. Emily Butner. Elizabeth Byrd. Sarah Carpenter. Shirley Henkel Carr. Linda Carroll. Jessie Carter. Billie Jean Casper. Becky Castanas. Merle Cates. Winifred Cates, Lucy Cheek. Dail Claridge, Alice Clark. Not Pictured: Rosa Bugg. Anne Burnie. Jean Church. Sophom 19 First Row, left to right Freda I lark, Doris Clemmer, Helen I linard, lean I ole, Helen Coley, Jo .i.i Collier, Dottie I o -. Faye Conn, Joyce Cook. Second Row: Mar) Helen Cooper, Barbara Cornelius, I " Vnne Correll, Inne Council), Beverlj bine Cowman, Patricia I rabtree, Margaret Craig Margarel Crawford, Marj Ann I Iross, Jane lumb) - Third Row: Nell Daughtridge, Peggj Daughtridge, Joarni Davenport, Katherin Davidson, Bettj Jean Davis, Carolyn l ;ni . Marguerite Davis, Mar) Elizabeth Davis, Nora I )a is. liiiih Angeline Davis, Ruth Patterson Davis, Lorraine Decker. i Pictured: Christine Clark. Joyce Cohen. Macie Collin-. Frances Crowe. : re Class 52 A First Row, left to right: Helen Deitz. Mary Jane Deviney. Brucie Dickey, Rebekah Dirickson. Frankie Dixon, Barbara Lee Dixon. Evelyn Dixon. Second Ron : Barbara Dobyns, Joanna Doggett. Betty Draughon, Louise Eaker. Peggy Edmondson. Ann Bennett Edwards. Janie Edwards, Nancy Edwards. Sue Egerton. Third Row: Anne Eidson. Sara Jane Eldred. Laura Nan Ellen. Patsy Ellinger. Eliza- beth Ensley. Betty Etchison. Betty W. Evans. Frances Evans. Nancy Evans, Priscilla Farah. Rosemond Farah. Mary Ellen Farlow. Xoi Pictured: Julia Deskins, Harriet Dolin, Denise de Gardein, Louise Easterling. Freda Echols. Betty Erstling. Sophom 19 First Row, left to right Bouneva Farlowe, EUen Farmei lean FaxrelL Inne Fetzei Julia Finch, Pato) Finley, Geraldini I ish D thj Fisher. Second Row: Joanne Floyd, .m Folger, Vnne Ford, Marian Fortune, Nanc) Fox, Vim Francis, Vudrej Francis, Elaine Francis, Phyllis Franklin, Rebecca Freeman, Ruth Friddle, Mildred Fuller. Third Row: Barbara Fulton, Clelia Garrison, Grace Gastineau, Maud Gatew I, Earline Gibson, Nam ) Barbara Gilbert, Doris Vnn Godbey, Mar. ia Godshalk, Caroline Goforth, Patricia Gosting. Vol Pictured: Nancj Faust, Sarah Garvey, Eve Gellerman, Evelyn Gold! )re Class )2 ■ V he mmt • ■■MM mtt. n } h: First Row. left to right: Anne Graham. Jean Marie Gravely. Patricia Gray. Nancy Graybeal, Alice Griffin. Margaret Griffin. Shirley Griffith, Annie Margaret Grissom. Second Row: Winnifred Gunnersen. Anzalette Ham. Barbara Harris. Frances Harris. Virginia Johnson Harris. Sally Harrison, Sharon Hart. Ann Hartzog, Anoush Hani- tunian. Evelyn Hasty, Jean Hayes. Third Row: Nancy Head, Jean Heafner. Julia Hedgepeth. Pat Heinsberger, Rebecca Hemphill. Sarah Jane Henkel. Frankie Herman. D. Anne Hill, Betty Jo Hill, La Rue Hill, Louise B. Hill. Not Pictured: Betty Jean Hagan. Jean Harris. Virginia Jane Harris. Laura Ha Sophom 19 mMm o k 3 M First Row, left to right: Mar) l. -, H.ll Nancy Jean 11.11. Pataj Hiott, Valeri. Hobbis, Carrie II. .1. ,l. „„ Hofler, Edith Holcomb, I lizabetfa Holland Second Row: La Rue Holton, Dorothj II I. Helen ...... II I. l.„ . „„.- II I Dorotn J v " " ll " " 1 -- Joan™ Horn, Jeanette Houeer, Catherine II.,,- fean Honaton Patricia Hughes, Willie Green Hughes, Helen Hutchins. Third Rou . Ivis Irvin, Martha [rvin, Marian Jackson, Bert) xm Jarvis, bine Join son. Willu Belle Johnson, Christine Jones. Elizabeth Joins. |V»» Ann Jordan, Ui( Joyner, Barbara Kearns. Sol Pictured: Frances Jackson, Gennifei Joh Dre Class 52 vfo n £Lo First Row, left to right: Mar) Anne Keever, Katharine Keller. Dian Kimball. Ann Kimrey, Kathryn Kipka. Barbara Kirkley. Julia Knott. Sue Koenig. Second Row: Carolyn Koontz, Roberta Kunz. Jane Kunze. Carolyn Lambeth, Corinne Lambeth, Sally Lamons. Patricia Landrum, Rebecca Lane. Barbara C. Lashley. Third Rmv: Martha Lashley. Katherine Laseter. Cornelia Lassiter, Patricia Latta, Ida Lee Lauck. Agnes Lee. Kitty Lee. Anne McKa) Lefler, Elizabeth Lenhardt. Tommie Lentz. Jane Lepley. Not Pictured: Helen Kuykendall. Susan LeClerc. Hope Leonard. Shirley Leonard, Nellie Levens, Barbara J. Lewis. Sophom 19 © 4 U First Row, left to right Nancj Lewis, Virginia Liles, Grace Limehouse, Mar) Bennett Little, .m„- Livingstone, [anel Lons rrevaleah Long. Second Row: Janelle Lovette, Joan Luria, Suzi Mel loskey, lane McDuffie, Belt) lean M( Farland, I osie McGovern, leanne McGuffin, McKay. Third Row: Carole McKinney, Connie McLain, Phyllis McLean, Barbara McLellan, Ei alen McLeod, Patricia McMahan, Marj Louise McRainey, Belt) McSwain, Betrj Mackey, Ruth Mangum. „i Pictured: Joan Lightdale, Carole Litch, June Long, Marianne McDonald, Emil) McLees, Janel McMahon, Lois Magnuson, Barbara Mallard, Sara Malone, Etta Rose Mann. re Class )2 First Ron. left in right: Jeanne Martin. Ramona Martin. Rebecca Mason. Billie Ir Masters. Anne Mauldin. Jane May. Anne Merriman. Second Row: Frances Messer. Rheta Micol. Diane Miller. Evelyn Mills. Alice Millwood. Barbara Mitchell, Peggy Jo Mitchell. Stella Mizell, Martha Moore. Third Row: Clara Morris. Virginia K. Morrison. Lila Mudge, Charlotte Murphy. Gertrude Myers. Mary Catherine Myers. Nell Myers. Kay Neelands. Nancy Neill, Catherine Newlin. Claudine Nichols, Iva Lee Nichols. Georgia Nicholas. Jelelie Norman. Not Pictured: Maxine Michalove. Nancy Jo Miller. Jean Carroll Mills, Nancy Norris. Sophom 19 ! a ■ flO Oft) ' First Row, left to right: Bett) Vnn Nunn, Mary Keen Olivei Peggy Otterbourg, Nancj Overton, lulia Page, Beverl) Parker, Joan Parker, Irlene P Second Row: Nancj Paschal, Carolyn Pasour, Mar) Fraziei Paul [rem Peck, Pollj Peltz, Winnie Perkins, Peggj Perry, Nancj Perryman, Elizabeth Peterson, Nam Petree fean Carol Phelpj Third Row: Carolyn Phillips, Lillian Phillips, Pattie Phi s, Emma Pickett, Mickej Pickett, Daphne Plaster, Vnna Lee Ponder, Wele Poteat, Margie Preisinger, Elizabeth Price, Janet Price, Norene Price. ot Pictured: Virginia Parsons, Patricia Pinyan, Mildred Pittman. Dre Class 52 I First Row, left to right: Clara Pugh. Beth Putnam. Jean Ragan. Mary Ann Raney. Gloria Kattchiili ' . I.oia l.ea Reeves. Gail ReilK. Pat Rhodes. Second Row: Melba Rice. Eleanor Rights. Jean Roberts. Polly Roberts, Sandra Roberts, Frances nnr Robertson, Anne Robinson, Charlotte Robinson, Betty Robinson. Third Row: Harriet Robinson, Dorothy Rose. Anne Rothgeb, Katherine Royster. Mary Frances Ruggles. Gearl Dean Russell. Mary Anne Russell. Bett Ann Saunders. Perdita Saunders. Joann Scott. Xoi Pictured: Margaret Pritchett. Faith Purisch, Ai Sylvia Sacks. Nan Schleisner, Terrill Schukraft. Robertson, Mildred R. Sophom 19 First Row, left to right: Cathe Seibert, Carol Selzei Barbara Setzler, Nancj Shankle, Ruth Sharpi Gillie Shaw, Patoj Sherrill, Helen Shewmake. Second Row: Vllene SI Vnne Shore, Bobbie Jane Shore, Pal Shuford, Eunice Silliman, Shirlej V.nne Simington, Joanne Sledge, Carolyn nn Smith, Dol Smith, Third Rou : Bert) .Iran S irs, Karlyn Spear, Vshlyn Spencer, 1.n Spencer, I, aura Sprinkle, Katie Spurrier, Margarel Stamey, Bettj Jo Sti I, Peggj Strother, Peran Jo Stroud, Gloria Stroupe, Gladys Stutts. „t I ' icuunl: Slii,l. Smiley, Pats Stanfield. re Class 2 First Row, left to ritcht: Carolyn Styron, Edith Summey. Ruth Sutherland, Marion Sutton, Helen Swaringen. Betty Templeton. Sallie Thigpen, Patricia Thomas, Frances Ann Thompson. Second Row: Margretta Thompson. Thelma Thompson, Mary George Thrash, Jose- phine Tilton, Ann Tinder. Jeannette Tousley. Mary Frances Trager, Sally Trepke. Edith Trosper, Mary Lane Tucker. Lois Turner. Third Row: Anne I mstead, June Van Horn. Nancy Vann. Jo Anne Waddell. Mildred Walker, Nan. 13 Walker, Sara Walker. Nanc Wallace. Gladys Walling, Barbara Walter, Theiasa Ward. ! ' ot Pictured : Margaret Upchurch, Barbara Wilson Veatch. Sophom 19 First Row, left to right: bin Warner, Jean Watson, Bett) lean Watts, I irelyn Waugh, Paltie Weaver, Barbara Werner, Betrj West,Joj Whisonant, Marie Whitaker, Isabelle White. Second Row: Rebecca Whiteside, Eleanoi Whiting, fane Whitley, Barbara Whitney, Belt) Jane Wible, Jo Inne Wier, Vzalee Wight, I arole Williami I atherine Williams, Margarel Willis, Budd Wilson, Katherine Wilson, Carolyn Winterling. Third Row: Anne Wofford, Jacqueline Wood, Sara Wood, Katharim W Uey, Bar- bara Woolard, Bonnie Fa) si, Bilhe lo Works, Elinor Wrenn, I mie Lou Young, iin Zemp, .Iran Carol Mills, Jan Sessions, June Carol Greene, Vnn Tripp. re Class .2 Vol Pictured: Doris Waueh, Suzanne Weiss, Jean i m he settling down process is over, and all the little intimate parts of college life that we dream of come true. Winter often means snow, but the weather does not prescribe the activities in our world nor the feel- ings of its citizens, for we become alive with the excitement of the constant movement of happenings. Lyeock Auditorium literally buzzes as plans for the Social Science Forum, concerts, lecture series. Arts Forum, play performances, and class shows become realities. There is something special about hearing a great philosopher or poet, or listening to a famous orchestra or singer, especially when you know its all yours just at the showing of an identification card that you swear was never you. You get the feeling that part of this greatness is yours and you are a greater person because of it. The broad view of our world is gained by the in- clusion of wide and various social privileges. The Social Planning Council works busily to keep the calendar filled with exciting doings. Class and society dances change the gym each week-end into a fairyland of color and romance. We even wander away tem- porarily to visit and enjoy the campuses of neighbor- ing colleges. It is all here at our finger tips. The challenge awaits every student to enjoy the broad scope of the Woman ' s College world. WW . ■ T. v. tfffetf i iT- : i 1 W. C. at NIGHT It is all part of the romantic mystery of life to be walking slowly down a dark path hand in hand with your someone special. These feelings are not new to mankind, but everyone has his own special initiation into the world of romance and knows no one else has ever felt that billowy, glowing way. College is never complete without those feelings, even if they occur more than once, and Woman ' s College knows them in a special way because this is a special place. We speak of developing our ideas while in college but we musn ' t forget that we also develop our tastes, desires and our choice. It ' s wonderful to belong to someone and to know that you are secure in your love. Dreams of the future fill the hours and whether it is the man of your highest ideal, or onlv the b next door, love on in your world of happiness. I ' jlri. ij PmOU " •! I »r. Arts Forum and Lecture Series Affording opportunity for presentation of student work in the field of drama, dance, art, writing, and niusic, the ninth annual Arts Forum was held March 13-15. Colleges from all over the Southeast were represented, and experimental work of their students was criticized by the leading authorities of the Arts in the country. Mr. John Earl Courtney chairmanned this year ' s Arts Forum Committee, working with Barbara Jobe, secretary and student chairman, and the student committee. A vital experience in the life of the W. C. student body is the presentation of the lecture entertainment series. Through- out the year artists performed in Aycock Auditorium before an audience of eager and appreciative spectators. These thrilling and enlightening programs by actors, dancers, musicians, critics, and writers combined with the student self-expression apparent in Arts Forum participation yielded the broad cul- tured viewpoint of a W. C. graduate. ( arulinia.i sH.IT .-..j.. 1 Ja. those deuahtrut h f hours JOHN MASON BR Drama Critic nniiiiiMi hi SSE1 I W... .rn fhilotophtr HARRIET ELLIOTT SOCIAL SCIENCE ith the impact of the inevitable meeting between two vastly different ideologies, two cultures long mutually misunderstood, two racial groups living geographically on opposite sides of one world, modern man. so recently exhausted bv World War. once more has found his world insecure and feverish. The awakening of the western mind to a " Renaissance " in the ancient East with its recent rise of a violent nationalism, and the rapid spread of Russian Communism, was rude and late. Last fall the Annual Harriet Elliott Forum, for the first time in its five-year history, focused its attention on a specific area nf the world — China — where the conflict between East and West has crystalized. And Woman ' s College students, vitally concerned with the kind of world that is theirs today, and. especially, tomorrow, participated with a grim realization that their own fate could perhaps depend on the outcome of the present clash between Oriental and Western worlds. FORUM me id ur late dean, Harriel Elliott, the Fon sua- tomaril) brought to the campus four outstanding authorities to lead the three-da) discussion of " The Meeting o East uml Weil in China. " During the course of t h - sessions, lln Shih, Chinese scholar and former ambassador to the I . S. contrasted the cultural aspects of Easl and West: Derk Hodde. professoi of Chinese history at Pennsylvania 1 niversity and autl I Peking Diary, discussed Political Tensions; Harold Isaacs, Far Eastern e | er1 and former associate editor of Neivsiveek, heated Russia ' s Influence in the I ' .a-I : ami Vera Mielicles Dean. research director of the I . S. foreign l ' olie Association approaelicd the question of a Reconciliation Between East and West. Question periods following panels and individual round tables were also on the agenda. With another successful year behind, the Social Science Forum is becoming established tradition with all indications of being an eagei 1 -aw aited experience in W. C. college life Roir. sealed le t STUDENT COMMITTEE Spector, Nanej w Itherspoon, M 4 v n With or without (V KB v Malonr drear Helen S»arin C er Ha : un at W. C. world of chance is n ' s College, chance to date the man of youi choice al the glitter- ing - it) ball, or chance to attend the Aycock [fyou like, you can be present al theswii eel Sundaj afternoon, ... if you would rather, lis- ten to the Chamber Music Players perform in tin- Music Building Auditorium. Mam join the l,„ l|». wi work long, bard hours on one f the publica- tions. Some visit at Chapel Hill, while you find Duke or other local colleges. world of chance is Woman ' - College; chance to be yourself and Follow your interests; Follow your u hims, and Follow our man. Joan Pharr CkiJ WaJJ Elaine Holly lamnan Greatei Universit) Day, a Davidson deptutal - the fall-spring Fashion shows and a tails bj a Revlon Fashion Consultanl these are jusl a few ol the tnanj enjoyable social activities provided bj the Social PL ing Council l,.i W. C. students. The Council this year is headed bj Elaii representatives from each residence hall cl Vssociation. orking together to provide foi the presidents of the I societies, and There are also three faculty tnemben Holly. On the Council are . and ili ' Town Students ' [or the traditional . C. fun are presidents of R. Land Y.W.C.A. Miss Leonard, Miss Suiter, and Mrs. Carter who .id as advisors to the Council. The Social Planning Council has four principal aims: first, to allocate responsibilities to certain groups; second, to prepare a schedule l fixed programs for the year; third, to manage a flexible social program; and Fourth, to bring aboul greater integration of social activities among the three branches of the Greater University. Of special interest this year were the inter-hall [unctions and the increase of the hall social life. Greater co-operation with the four Societies was also stressed this year on campus. These Societies — the Adelphian, Aletheian, Cornelian, and Dikean — sponsored Rat Day and two dances throughout the year. Without the varied social program planned by our Council, we would not have the well-rounded W. C. world to enjoy. Socia Planning Counci Tint ROW, I. , t„ right: Mar, I .... liar,,,-. Elaine II, ,11.. Shirley 11,1,1. Nan,, ,.l,.,l..n. Cr.ilva Hirpel. Wair tl nr.a Ian. ■!-..,. • Ueond Row: Sail, MaaaengUI, leanell. Sn.der. Anne Payne, Snider, Kathrrne,. !,,„. i„ • ll,,r.l lt..„ „„ I ..II Ann T,»,.„. Louise Pickard, Jeanne Slraiton. Peppy Hull. Mallie Barrlnger, Helen Runell, Rosalie Kiiziah. Joan V, renn Knaup. Nannie « - i I I, Jean Straiton President Eugenia McCart) ice-President Jane Reilw i in- Secretin Patricia Pasour Treasurer Hilda Marston Social Chairman Adelphian Society Marshal Hr„ K l.-fl ,„ rich,: I Alethian Society hi I [ I RS Louise Pii Icard President Isabel inil.nv . • President - ii .1 I [i nnebergei Set ' •■i ' ii t -l.l. . Holland Treasure) Elizabeth Lane Kenl Social Chairman OFFICERS Peggy Hull President Betty Coffey Vice-President Sara Hunter Secretory Emily Bowen Treasurer Margaret Crawford Social Chairman H»l HI), pi Ik ■ i t JhT H , v Jm » Mr i m " fH EA. «F J«EtN J ! Dikean Society PEGGY HULL Marshal Ii.irl.ur.. M.K. Cornelian Society Ann I President Norma Hunle] u ■ President I .mi .1 Brodfield Set i-i ' ii Martha Ma] reasurei Barbara Mi Keithan So( i ' il Chairman Pari of the greatness of Woman ' s College lies in the vastness of its education. Those students who exchange views concerning religion at Interfaith Council meetings ami the magnificent services done by Y.W.C.A. and Service League members give them a fuller meaning of life. Students of music and drama can try their talents in a non-classroom atmosphere. There is broadening of interests and minds in the many clubs and organizations that exist in the World of Woman ' s College, and only those who tasted of their fruit can appreciate their nourishment. 1 1 1 M ■ «? ■PC-lf Town Students Association We never left home The Town Student ' s Association is composed of all the Woman ' s College students who do not live in residence halls. It functions in much the same way as a campus hall unit and is represented as such in the Legislature. The Association has its own Judicial Board, which is made up of the Town Student ' s officers and a representative from each class. This hoard tries all the cases concerning its group. This year the Town Student ' s Association is headed hy Sharon Newnam, President; Georgia Katsikas, Vice-President; and Joanne Scott, Secre- tary-Treasurer. All these officers have put forth a great amount of time and effort to make their group one of the most efficient on campus. Its members take part in all the campus-wide activities, and in addition to these, also enjoy the entertain- ment planned for Town Students only. Each daj the Town Student ' s room, located in the basement of the Administration building, is open for study, recreation, and rest. Here the crowd gets together for those wonderful " gab sessions " or for that last game of bridge before the next class. There are usually heated arguments too, on everything from the new trend in clothes to Eisenhour ' s running for president. Knitting also is a favorite pastime, but this hobby sometimes becomes a nuisance because those pointed needles always manage to get in the way when one tries to sit down. Of course, the Town Students miss the fun of dormitory life, but just think of their many compensations — no Saturday night deadline, and no " no men on campus " Mondays. Their social functions, fashions, shows, parties, and weiner roasts — climaxed by the big formal dance, make the life of a town student loads of fun. The Soda Shop or the Spic and Span is usually filled with some of them who want to grab a bite between classes. They have their problems, too. however, for parking be- comes quite difficult on those days when too many of them bring the family car. But who wouldn ' t welcome a problem like that? And. the first ones in line at the library for the overnight books are usually the Town Students. But. just think, they can stay up all night, if necessary, to read them. without leaving home. Yet, the arc as wl ch a pa i college n of the Woman ' s College communit] as dreds of miles away. College jusl them. those w would ' ho n ' t come fi inn liiin- withoul 01 I ii I RS Sharon Newnam, President President [oanne Scott, Secretary-Treasurei Young Women ' s Christian Holding a prominent place among the clubs and organizations on the Woman ' s College campus is the Young Women ' s Christian Association. It occu- pies the spot that it does because the students themselves feel a need for an organization which offers them an opportunity to discuss their religious views. The " Y " fills this need and many more. It welcomes members of all faiths — Protestant, Catho- lic, and Jewish — and encourages these members to rethink their faith in the light of changing world conditions. It also helps them to develop personal basic convictions which will provide direction for them for the rest ol their lives. The " Y " of Woman ' s College extends beyond the bounds of our campus and finds a keynote to its activities in the purpose of the National Y.W.C.A. " We, the members of the Y.W.C.A., unite in the desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We deter- mine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. " In carrying out this purpose, the Woman ' s College " V " unites with others all over the country. ' ■» -CABINET le lo righ,: Elizi ,1, k.,,1 . Louise Madison. Re . II, Ho; ale. Suzanne M,.r- • Seated: Selma on. Mar; i Frances Skidniorc. Clara 1 llilhcri. V,,„ T. I..I, 1,...!, Barbara Helms. Adelaide Blair. ma, Dian a Chatham. Paula Sul ton. Tr ea,urer; Joan 1, inn Knaup. President: Mil re Clark. Secre- Silliman • SloWing.- Colcen Brock, Soeial Chai, : Elizabeth Price i Annelt. Pcgg) Darling! on, Virginia Bridget. .Nell I ..• . Fatrieia Ran isey. Pal ricia Cordon. Bai ■bara Maugha... II H U III N k l I ' l Mil 1 ,E A PATTERSO Association OFFICERS Joan hum Knaup, President Mary Lena Patter ' ice-President Alice Clark, Secretin Paula Sutton, Treasurer The Y.W.C.A. dm tlii- iaiii|ni- i- not primarily interested in " program- " : instead, the chief interest of the association lies in the development of the individual. It i the aim of the organization to help each student find herself in her first adjustment to the college environment as a freshman, and to help her develop on a higher and more mature level throughout her sophomore, junior, and senior years. The " Y " is a religious organization and a such operates on the basis that religion is not a mere department of life but an attitude that covers all actions. Therefore, the " " i- itally interested in our social, as well as our personal problems, and in the development of effective human relations on this campus. Because of its attitude toward these prob- lems, the organization deals with a variety of everydaj activities and interests in the main stream of student living. Although the Y.W.C.A. does not have " ■programs " as its primary interest, it does, nevertheless, sponsor many clubs and commissions. There are four Freshmen Clubs, which hold meetings once a month, and four com- missions — World Relativeness. Social Responsibility. Personal and Campus Affairs, and Christian Heritage — which the upper classmen join. These groups carry out various projects which they have undertaken individually. Thej also serve as means of bringing the students together for the discussion of our current problems, religious and social. Since religion is a way of life and thought, it has always been regarded as a matter of significance by college men and women. From the earliest beginnings of higher education in America, there have existed voluntary religious societies through which college students have grown in religious life and thought. The Y.W.C.A. at Woman ' s College is a true descendent of these societies which have composed the Student Christian movement in the United States for many years. This year, under the leadership of Mrs. Ruth Clark, advisor; and Joan Wrenn Knaup. President: Mary Lena Patterson. Vice-President; Paula Sutton. Secretary: and Alice Clark. Treasurer: the " Y " has been undergoing a reorientation program. Its leaders have endeavored to ma ke the .Y .C. . play a vital part on campus in creating and perpetuating a wholesome under- standing among the student. Through its program and it- work, the " " developed personality and leadership ability. The opportunity for responsi- ble and creative participation was offered to each student. In order to continue to carry out this program, the " Y " needs the co-operation and interest of every individual on this campus. Interfaith Counci The Interfaith Council is an organization which provides brotherhood among the -indents of Woman ' s College. Anne Hall acted as the president of the council this year, and working with her was Mrs. Ruth Clarke, the Director of Religious Activities. Members of the Council were representatives of the organized student religious groups on campus, which are: the Baptist, Catholic, Congregational. Disciples of Christ, Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Moravian, and Presbyterian. Also, there were accredited members of the Council representing the non- organized student groups. Of special interest is the Religious Emphasis week in February. The program for this week is planned and presented by the Interfaith Council. Radio and television programs were given by Council members in prepara- tion for this yearly event. Yes, the Interfaith Council is an active and important organization which carries out its purpose in creating a better religious understanding at Woman ' s College. OFFICERS Anne Hall President Anne Rothgeb Vice-President Edna Friedman Secretary Margaret Fuquay Treasurer IN II in l III (III Mil. ... IL.ll. .b. ..n. Ha Service League D isoin choi ps The Advisory Group is made up of all the committee heads and the faculty advisors. This group meets together from time to time to plan the work of the group. The committee also draws up suggestions to pass on to the next year ' s group. These members are ap- pointed h the Service League Chair- HALL LEADERS The Hall Board members are com- posed of one person from each dormi- tory. This group ' s job is to carry hack to the halls the plans made by the advisory committee and to work di- rectly with the students. This group is responsible for the success of each drive and work. These members ran either he appointed or elected in each hall. " Make W. C. ring tin- bell " was the plea oi all Service League workers as the) diligentl) sponsored their annual Campus Purse Drive. This drive the drive i " end all drives i- conducted bj tin- Service League in the tall oi each year. This i- tin- onlj time the students an- asked to contribute to charitj organizations, and the mone) i- distributed i worth) organizations accord- ing to their needs. One appealing factoi of tin- year ' s drive was ti Bazaar. the world in it- present state of uncertainty, the Service League, s originated during World Wai M. once again fought alongside this lime in Korea K contributing unselftshl) it- time, energy, to maintain the things precious to US. Greensboro Orchestra DIRECTOR: George W. Dickii DIRECTOR: George W. Dickieson An organization which enriches our " world in itself " at Woman ' s College is the Greensboro Orchestra. This group is organized so that qualified players from the community as well as students and faculty from Woman ' s College may he members. With George W. Dickieson as conductor and A. Hugh Altvater as concertmaster. the orchestra participates in the annual presentation of " The Messiah, " in rts Forum, and in various other performances throughout the year. Several years ago, the orchestra membership was reduced from seventy to fifty-seven members in order that this more careful selection would give a higher calibre performance. The orchestra is a definite asset to the life of the Woman ' s College. Through its concerts and per- formances we are made aware of the beauty and richness of music. The orchestra gives each student here a marvelous opportunity to become acquainted with the great works of such masters as Handel. Schuman. and Beethoven, and to appreciate the finest in music. W. C Chamber Music Players The Chamber Music Players, under the direction of George W. Dickieson. is composed of students who are experienced players of wind instruments. Occasionally, this group studies pieces with use of wind instruments, but for the most part, it devotes itself to the reading and performing chamber music for strings. They perform in conjunction with the Greensboro Orchestra and also separate from them, hav- ing appeared in many cities of North Carolina and in Virginia. In January, the Chamber Music Players presented a program in Aycock Auditorium for the benefit of all the students. Thus, through activities and programs such as these, this organization is contributing to the " well- roundedness " of our students and to their enjoyment as well. Helen Da,. Carol; n Bonn. Marshall Dc Sha.o. Doris Humnrs. Patricia Har Norma Bramlcl. Dorothy Hoots. Frankio Herman. Sara Butt.. Mary Frazicr Joan Carol Phelps, Amelia Brandon. Phyllis McLean, Gillie Shaw. S,l ia Ka Randall Yoncc. Carol; n Nerse. Martha Moor.-. Dorothy Rose. Rosa Bugg, No Ellbanks, Nancy Faust. Rose Finchor. Barl.ara Waller. Eleanor Weber, Virgin Anderson, Ethel Ball, Elizabeth Utile, Imogene Pons. Patria llece. Joyce How Thompson. Barbara Anne Harris. Ann Snead. Emily Mcl.ecs. Jtianita Stokes. IIII1K MEMBERS Dorothy Keener. tgne. Gee, J.anclt. Syk.s. Jcsc Ford. Ann. Rothgcb. Margaret Heck Stroud. i.l. Sarafa MeCoogan, Vnn Harrison, Bobbie Fuller. Caroline Crews. Alice Joyncr. Lois Turner. . I.ibb; Ruth Almond. Nell Myers. Ann Tyson. Helen Lola Swaringcn. Belt; Jo Bean. Bell; Crenshaw. Helen Jo; Howell. Mar; V,.„ U,.rnalh . Dora Barren. Mar; Ann Dudley. Ellenor Parentis, Vine; E, ans. Jean H.aincr. Frances Thompson. Mar; Brumley. Helen Clinard. Margaret lean Williams. Marie W hilokor. Mae, Anne Weather! , Elisabeth Mackey. Mildred Warren, Thelma ihryn Oliver, Belly Oldham. Ann. Strnu.i. anr; Pace Smilh. Ann Heafner. Ccniclh Elmore. Elizabeth Banc Ruth Herring, Pauline Maun.;. Laura Scxl l.a;e Sanders. Irene Reins. Kathcrinr Williams, Janet Trembath. Ca Jo Ann Master, Frances Green, Mary Case, Rachel Barbour, Mary J Spivcy. Helen Hayncs. Anne White. Marion Duckworth. Mary Spic. Browning. Doris Smith. Lifa Newton, Jane May, Kay Kostcr. Molly Frances Strieklin, Marietta Jolliff, Jeanne Askren, Jane Warren. P Rose Frederick. Jewel Helms. Ruth Hawkins. Mclba Banks. Jeanne Gloria M..,,k. Helen (ran I are, Bobble I bo Dollie Randall. Bera Shaw. Dot Ferebee. Ellen Slrawbridge. Mar; Lee Hansbaeger. ,-nn;. Rachel W arliek. Kalhie Lascter. Janice White. Ann Burt. Harriet Edwards. Joan Kearns. Daphne Adams. Janet Dixon. Sara Beth Hearn. Jcrr; Tatum. Jean ys Slutts. Frances (a.hwrll. Anne Ford. Jiinmie ConneUl, Vi.ian Miller. Martha Doro Pick G ■enrs 1 1 ■» I ! •■ r — eW V r-t %± : l.-...i.rd. J- Kimball ll.rrl,,..... I I l.l.l, rl I r..i.rl.k. I Koarnoy, Patricia rin un. Halt) Brook ! Lawret II., .11. Bllaabath Cowling, Dorb Hi II. Martha Tailor, II mar] lr„ l,i. I. .11 I 11111..I. u. Marllm Leonard, Ron ,ai Shlrla] I. r.l. j I I. M « SI ,..„.. Sarah Hurray, Richard Kli.u. Da| I ' l r, Elllol Wolagarber, Mm-, Anne 9ponoer, Katharine « n . Hark . Hargarel Prltoholt, lanello Lor- CorroU, Barberl Haa« 11.1... ll.. Mur; h }% 9 1 .AJu II ' y w LfJjv Vitvw99Pdi3 W m3U . £s ) w U jV ' ■ LV Ol p rr -__ i life ■ 1 IUtt iWhin V IWVW ' ' i I. B VJ 4 l i fccl © i i r- r ,r ■ i 4 h t:. 1 I A- m Fir,l Roir. le l l„ right: llcl.n Ba.i.n. lu.ill, lla-.ll T. rr l.aul.l.n. l.„ Erick.on. Julia Dcskim. Call Lumadrn. Dori. • Serand Roar: Shi Leonard. Lvdia Jimc. Sara Murray. Marfan! Prilebott, George W. Dickie Barbara Garvin, M.r Jot K. II. - Martha Talk.. Woman ' s College Choir Composed of L50 girls from all classes, the choir enriches the college with its musical presentations. Under the direction of Mr. George M. Thompson, the choir performs at many campus functions — Founder ' s Day. chapel programs. Arts Forum, University Sermons, graduation. Ever) year, attired in robes of red and white, they begin our holiday observance with their Christmas concert which draws capacity audiences. Varied carols and hymns from all parts of the world are presented. Vocal solos by members of the choir and instrumental accompaniment by guest performers add to the richness of the program. The theme of beauty of Christmas is tenderl) and appropriately summarized in the final selections. Stille Nacht, which is softly sung in German. DIRECTOR Mr. George M. Thompson MR. TAYLOR TALKS TO HARVEY Weeks filled with mystery and suspense previewed the arrival of a 6-foot rabbit into the Woman ' s College world. It was not many days after Mr. Taylor, director, accompanied Harvey to tbe Aycock stage in one of the Playlikers superb presentations. SUNDAY COSTS FIVE PESOS Freshmen rallied all over the stage at Aycock after the presen- tation of this one act play. Playlikers held open house back stage, refreshments and all, to introduce the catacombs of Aycock to the tenderfeet. BURNSVILI.E PLAYHOUSE Art, drama, writing, dance, music . . . yes, all these fields can lie studied at the summer playhouse called " Parkway Play- house " up in the Carolina Mountains in Burnsville, North Caro- lina. Woman ' s College students yearly receive many hours of training and fun here. Curtain Going Up Lights are dimmed, the stage is made ready, and the audience is eagerly waiting for the plaj in begin. Tin- place is yicnk Auditorium, and the time, eighl o ' clock. The play can be any one of mam . . . Sunday dosts Five I ' esos. Harvey. Coodln l Fancy, The Importance o) Being Earnest, or one of the Vrts Forum plays. Backstage, everything is in turmoil. Mr. Taylor and Miss England arc shouting last minute directions; Mr. Bowman and his ere are busily checking lighting and properties; and Mr. White is prayerfully hoping thai every seal will be taken. The cast arc nervously biting their fingernails and adding the finishing touches to their costumes; bul at the stroke of eight, the Playlikers go on the stage, and the play begins. To be a Playliker one has to have interest in dramatics, willingness to work, a love for Aycock, and blue jeans. She has to give up many of those week-end dates, trips to Carolina, in coke- in the Soda Shop. She practical!) has to dedicate every one of bei free minutes i " Vycock. I hose who do work hard arc rewarded, however, foi the Playlikers who do out- standing work technically and dramaticallj are tapped in Masqueraders. The officers of Masqueraders this year were Bette Barksdake, President; Jean Satterthwaite, Vice-Presi- dent; and Bobbie Fisher, Secretary-Treasurer. Another reward Inr some Lucky Juniors or Seniors who have earned the required number oi points by their participa- tion in all phases,, I dicic. is membership in the Upha Psi Omega. National honorary dramatic fraternity. This fraternity is represented on this campus li the eta Omega Cast which had as its president. Corinne lii-sctte. Those who are Playlikers are proud of their positions, foi they are the only ones who really know how much actual laboi goes behind one of their productions. But the work does not seem to be work to them, for they are in love with the theater. MASQUERADERS First R..U-, loll to right: ll.„l...... Brace. Corinne Bi.»c Jean Sallerlhwaite, Elaine Dorton, Rena Furlong. Bel Winifred Cale., Georgia Nichols, Carolyn Mclntvre. J Loitnc.n, Ann Pollard • Third Rou : Pal Donnoll. Bonn. I.rrfnhure. Hold.!. I i-h.r. II. It Hark. dale. Alice Dixon • Second Dm: Catherine MarRae. 1 Llghtdale, Roscmar. Br.n.v. Martha Lohr. Alma W r u iMA ttiA i PHOTOGRAPH AMI ART STAFF Carolyn Burlon. Hilda Mar.lon, Barbara Jobc. Photographers ; Je nn Pollard, Betty Jean Pegram. Kay Roster, Janet Langley, Mildr • „( Pictured: Mary Lou Barnes. Photography; Betty Green H.usi Janet Baits, Catherine Sitterson. f JLCk Jaequeline Jernigan, Erfil The PINE LITERARY STAFF red: Mary Rose Complon, Literary lor • Standing, left to right: ey McOuaBur. Ann Stroud. Har- t Wade • ; ol Pirlurerf: Phyllis ■ eyrlitt. Tommy I.enl7. Colleen Ck, Marilyn Robinelte. EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right: Joan Kearns. Marion Kimmrlstiel. Mary Eaton Avent. Ann Harrison. Betty Jean Conley. Mary Banks Timmons. Ann Sle.ens. Frieda Ring • Second Row: Rose Marie Johnson. Suzanne Myers. Peggy Jernigan. Dot Williams. Polly Bi.ins. limmie Counrill • -Vol Pictured: Elinor Wrenn. Mary Keen Oliver, Lillian Phillips. Patrieia MrBarron. Ruth Atkins. Sarah Carpenter. Aliee Joy ner. Margretia Thompson. CLASS AND SECTION EDITORS Fir 1 Rote, left „ rig ,!. C ml Rogr rs. Senior Editor; Jane Fulle r. Assistant Editor; M Catherine Myers Sophomor e Editor • Second Row: Ann Whiltington. Speeial and Soc Edi or; Phyllis Franklin, Comma ial Editor; Peggy Phillips. Sports Editor; Mar h,, melsliel. J„ •ior Editor Rebeee liuiii. Opening Editor; S;i a Ann Taylor. Freshm Edi or; Carolyn Birgel. Or • ..i Pictured; Mildred hite. Junior Editor. nIEEDLES W I - a world in itself was the theme thai Jackie chose foi the 1952 ' ' • eedles, .mil with enthusiasm and hard work, she sel oul to make this year ' s ..n - thai .ill " I you would In- proud to nun. The art Btafl worked hard to carr) oul the theme in their drawings, and the literar) stafl often slaved ovei copj until the wee hours oi the morning. ll oi n- attempted to make Pine eedles portra) life on the campus ..I oman ' s I ollege bo that years aftei graduation youi mem- hi ies ul college days would still live. Manj i :b the stafl did nol only have to fighl deadlines; ilirs had in battle the elements .1- well. This was very evident the da) thai ii rained fust .1- the freshman pictures were being taken. Nevertheless, the work did go ..n unfamiliai faces uric identified, proof was read, and typing l n Meanwhile, Jane and her crew 1 bus) beavers had nol been idle. The) had been diligently seeking advertising man- agers and collecting ads so thai Pine Veedles could of the red. Finally, alter much hair pulling, gnashing of teeth, and much genera] disorder, the last deadline was met and the book was in the hands of the printer. .- waited eagerly for iis return, and now we give ii to you. Ii is our hope that as you turn through its pages the world of . C. will unfold before you. Bl 50VESS -1 U I O right: B.-l ;. Gohman. Janr Sprnrrr, Norma ..5. Maril n Porler. J.ann. S., c „,„ r . .,. B...k ..rrl-. ,,„ Snead, Pcggj Neighbours, Van la I.- • ».,,.„, R„„ |.r Jo Kcllr J. an llarri...... I..„i-.- loon • Thi, . Bel t] Hill, i.r.l.,, Sprinkle, Ma, II....... K.lit. The CAROLINIAN EDITORIAL STAFF Rote, l. l l„ rixht: Willie Hughes, Bunny G Marion Mines. Barbara Hulton. Carol).. I.,. ,!...!,, a!liti«. Frances Smith, Mary Ann Raney. Uumna I d. II - ild happen to wander behin House some bright Bpring daj and Bee jected girls crawling one bj i through die window, don ' l be alarmed, it will Bimplj be the departing Seniors and the old officers of the Carr) Btaff. II we could peep into the minds of these girls, we would probablj find thai the) were thinking something like this: " Could we ever forget the Wednesdaj nighl make-up ' til 3:00 . M. . . . the undiluted filth in the Cairo offices . . . the onlj waj we could ever clean the place would be to use a shovel . . . dear Mr. Wilkie and In- Hash that never went off . . . coffee-h ■ for Carl Sand- burg when we used the kitchen behind James ' back . . . the policeman who escorted us home after we finished [ate at night; he never forgot the Carry . . . the birth of ncu ideas in the office; parlies. Social Science Forum cuts, n,-u headlines, the world news column; we Eelt a real need to go beyond our campus . . . the chief grief of a paper, ads . . . our Nearly wastebasket bonfire . . . the wildest time of the year when the forum rolled around: rushing here to interview one person, rushing (here to interview another . . . extra pages, extra work . . . our desire for a stove for that early morning coffee . . . Chancellor Graham who Beemed a part of oui office . . . the hysterical misprints, Buch as the time " World Mews in Bri P i tme back to us, " World News in Gi ief, " and compliments of tin- " Dailj Tarheel Staff " . . . could we evei forget Mi. Wilkie ' a " George " ; maj he never die . . . the hustle, the bustle, the enormous bags under our eyes, the frantic search foi an article to till a vacant Bpace, the late hour- and hard work that make up . C. ' s Carolinian . . . could we ever forget? " II.., .r. . I l.i INTERVIEW SI VI I Finl Rom, la l .. rigM: Florence Bowden, Linda Simmons. 11..1IU- Closer • Second Roir: Louis, ' Men, Zlle Spector, Jeanne HcGnffin. M» - iND FEATURE STAFF fir.I Ron. U i i.. right: Rebecca I.amy. Jarrad D.nhard • Second Rot,: Bub] Horrii II..-.. li.... I-. li Marilyn Robinrtte, Joy. Sherrill, Viola Hull,. J„an I.urla. Jon. Trojr, Radelle Patt.-r v....,n. Ir Wells, Gwendolen Ham.r. Lola 1oI .r • Third Ron: Dorothy Lipscomb. Jran Rata " . H Mari. J..I, Mar, An., Pelu, Doru Ha, i.. Henrietta llrut..,.. The CORADDI... 1952 BLSINESS STAFF r.i-A • Marjoric Cagle, Palsy Ha,»o»,l. % r,.t M;ir-ar.i Foui-f Fak.-r. Mike Austin. ny member of Coraddi stall will tell you that getting out four issues a year is no small task. The fiction and art editor have the not-quite-sedentary occupation of rounding up mate- rial from would-be contributors who are remarkably shy about submitting their masterpieces. The feature editor must decide on material for two or three features, assign it. and extract the finished products before deadline. The business manager ' s task includes securing all the advertising to be used in the next issue. These are only a few of the myraid thing- to he done to get one issue out. The laboring editor hes the job of seeing that everything gets done on schedule. Margaret and her stall have done a fine job this year. It has been a memorable year for Coraddi. As always, there is the heartfelt cry from the students, " Please, Coraddi. give us material we can understand! " And the equally heartfelt response from the staff. " Please, students, give us material! " STAFF Editor Business Manager Managing Editoi Feature Editor Fiction Editoi Make-up Editor illation and Exchange Miir. L v: Cc or a ddi tneetinq at seven Monday Morning . . . locals in the P. 0. boxes . . . meeting tonight .it seven in the basement . . . starting on the Arts Forum issue ... - Ming ads . . . maybe the Pine Needles will lei us have .1 lev, of theirs . . . Deadline dale! . . . one week later . . . Deadline!!! . . . reading copj " til the lines run together . . . Bedlam . . . Coraddi office . . . wadding through the cigarette stubs to get to the desk ... 1 know I had a typewriter; I loved it even when the Vs stuck . . . drawing a imaginary line on the fourth row i tiles to separate the office when Pine Needles staff members are working too . . . dreaming of next war when we have a private office u top floor o! that dreamy Student Union Building . . . dreaming of the finished product that the campus would like . . . and dreaming of one day when the students in this world become more conscious of tin- beauty and magic found in putting words together to convej their thoughts. CLUBS MunlliK cultural programs mulil services in R. A. room on Friday — combined HUM council. BAPTIST STl DENT UNION Deputations from other colleges — hot rolls on Friday night — singing sprees — inspir tion. WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP The " Presley-Press " — meditation — good Friday night suppers — combination of studv and fellowship. SAINT MARY ' S Religious Emphasis Week Friday night suppers sociability at teas — guest speakers. MORAVIAN Active group — substitute teaching and choir participation. WESLEY FOUNDATION Choir and dramatic group — fellowship and fun for Methodists — suppers at the church. NEWMAN " Small, but active " — spiritual fellowship and fun — weekK discus LUTHERAN STUDENT UNION Meetings in the RA room — monthly supper — fun and fellowshi] I ' ll I PSI OMEGA Membership on merit of scholarship— culture and ideals of classical antiquity — lectures ing life, customs of ancient Greece and Rome. BETA BETA BETA Purpose is to stimulate sound scholarship, promote the dissemination of scientific truth and to encourage investigation in the life sciences — Honorar) biolog) society based on B average in biology. SIGMA ALPHA Goals to encourage outstanding achievement and to foster relationship- between members and professional business world formal initiation. OMICRON NU Honorar) society for Home Economics girls — social meetings — reports of new research. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Honorary Dramatics Club — the theatrical world of Woman ' s College — " Living is acting but you ' ve gotta " know how. " PHI ALPHA THETA Youngest honorary fraternity on campus — Social Science Forum and International Student Committee — " Brains " ' of the History Department. SIGMA DELTA PI Formal initiation er Spanish in nature — stud of Spanish cul TA1 PSI OMEGA Studies of French culture — " We speak French " — French songs — movies — learning and fun. llll ' IM s|| iii-m Irire Wood. F.M-lvn S|„.,rf;„ e , jani,, Mur Hi l P -IMIMslH! inioWsFill ' — fir, I Koir. It-It to right: alyn Johnson. Pr. si.l.nt ; O.iroihv Roanlman. Student ■et..r: V,... M.I uiin • W..« J Da : Horenrr Ro»den. SAINT MARIS Sratrd. Irjl u, right: Fran Thompson Luey Pago. President; Barhara Lee Dixon, Brinklev Sally Harrison. Diannr Miller. Karl.iri W illard CLUBS ALPHA KAPPA DELTA NiiiriiTiMi- iii ' « itH ' tnl mts — National sociology fraternity — initiation — outstanding speakers on various phases of social work. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS CLUB Interest in scientific advancement — movies — lectures — " after-lab " teas. CADUCEUS For stimulating interest in the medical profession — Dr. Collings — Observations — picnics. MUSIC EDUCATION Miss Holloway and Mr. Kline — better relationship among music majors — picnics. GAMMA ALPHA Attention on problems facing those in the business world panel discussions. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Membership restricted to Junior and Senior Psychology students — to bring closer rela- tionship between faculty and students. BOTANY CLUB Flowers — hikes, picnics, jollv good times — facult) members and about 50 students — Dr. Thiel. CHOIR No cuts! — Christmas and Easter Concerts — double practice before holidays. GALILEAN CLUB Physics — informal but informative talks — monthly meetings — keep pace with the progress of science. SPANISH CLUB Good fellowship club — parties — promotes interest in Spanish people and Spanish speaking countries. PRE-NURSING Hospital trips — annual social function — " Will 1 like nursing? " — Angels of Mercy. Seventh year — voice of all students interested iti art — participation in Arts Forum. Textile Exhibit, and annual student show socials. SOCIOLOGY CLUB Majors in sociology — group stud of social trends and problems — surveys — case work studies. lll CKI • I..- I ., riaht: « I...... H.,H. . Jo rr Bo SQUARE CIRCLE Welcome mathematicians! — For those ambitious girls who learn even outside of class HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Members from Sophomore and Junior and Senior classes — purpose to arouse interest in the field of Home Economics meetings twice monlhh with guest speakers. RADIO WORK SHOP Tune in Friday night at 7:15 — active group of girls interested in making the talents of Woman ' s College known to outsiders — speakers on Health. History, and other phases of college life. Ml Ml Kill I ITHIN— fir.l H..„. i„ ri s l„: Nancy Pa Smith. President; Bobbie Fuller • Second Koir: Pauli Ah tL h l.,r.,,„. II,.. PHK-M It-IM. I I I II s,.„„.,l. J,. , ,„ ria h,: Elram.r Ris.1,.-. II. I. ii M. .,l.. Vi. s ,I ii Mawianl • Mandine: Ida L. . Lauds, President. BOM ECONOMIC! Fir.1 «..«. Ufi t, right: Peggy .I..I111.I..1.. Njni.i. I.H.-.n. Dunham. President; Bets; Wrenn, So. Pag. • ,,. R„„. J...rr Cim, Fnlrza Benedict, Dorodq Lamrenee. MOIIKI1N UAXIi: — . • I " riskl: Carolyn Junker. Cr Coutraa, Jo Carroll Kmiis, President : Nanrv Gray Winsl Carol,.. Miller. • II I I ' . 11 Firm Koir. „ rishl: Hoi iatl.r... Nan,-. Prilehelt, Pros! tow: Mary Farmer, Evelyn Wangh. N.S.A. Fir«l Koir. • r,. risnt: Elijah, ll. Roioll Ho. all. J..ann Wicker, Lucille Gills, Hull. Idol • Seeoli Km. : Sara ..usl... Martha I.ohr. Hacrl Steele. linn l -l-l 11- CLUBS MODERN DANCE Participation in Arts Forum — " funny antics ' " and the try-outs — " grace and charm, aches and pains. " FITLIRE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Create and maintain interest in teaching — became acquainted with Educational leaders — Social activities. YOUNG REPUBLICANS Rapid!) growing club with active mem- bers — Highlight of the ear: visit from Senatoi Robert Taft — Confederate flags. New opportunities for leadership — ac- tive participation in Farm Youth Pro- gram — broadening experiences. DOLPHIN SEAL " Scared to try out! " — annual water pageant — beautiful dives — physically fit. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Conferences, informal gatherings — pro- mote interest in and appreciation of the peoples of the world — formal Halloween Dance with Duke. State. U.N.C. NATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Varied activities — interest in National affairs — open house — second year of ac- tivity. DOOT ' N SPUR Horse show and gala festivities — try- outs, and the saddles aren ' t padded — The " Horsey Crowd. " Recreation Association OFFICERS Mattie Barringer, President Carolyn Miller, ice-President Gladys Walling, Secretary S;u ;ili Jones, Treasure! The Recreation Association places emphasis on a sporl for ever) occa- sion and a sport for every girl. Through their cabinet made up of sports heads and club presidents, the) determine the advancement and pro- ceedings of recreation for the entire coDege. This year they expanded the coun- cil to include all dorm representatives as non-VOting members. This action increased the width of association and expanded the activities to every corner of the campus. Any residence hall may now offer suggestions to the association through their repre- sentatives even though the) are not members of the physical education department. II. V. CABINE1 Row: Maui. Barringer, Carole Willi-....-, lean Palls, M-- Eliaabelh VnnDrke • Second K.„. Richardson, Llbbj Boulns. Itutlii. Srrler, .ruini.. Van Il-k. • rAird H.„. Bell] J.,,.. II. I ; Virginia Lewis, Nanr, Maples • l.;„il, K.„. Barbara Lowmiller, Babbie Strickland, ar..l,n ble, Barbara Taj l..r • fifth Ron . Ann Shufnrd. Il.ii- GrcJ Ilarriiiai.,11. Mar] Mil. I.. II • Sixth ■ EUiabctb Bell. Jean Si.,.,... Carolrn Miller • Serenln R..o- Lucille Hannah. Fran,.- Fowler I,. Walling • Eighth K,,i Nancj I -•• Gaalnn, ,-. Prist ill., Snider, Fmil. Bi r • T™ih Roic. I ..-I.e. M.-. Mir, - Ellen (.riffin. ! ' w. Listen i.. Mba ;... Dyke full., firl.. ,,.,.1 , become Paiii. Berg. Play With The R. A. - Ever) girl is yearl) offered the invitation to " phvj « il » R - A - " Translated lliis mean- that the Recreation Association is ready and eager to take care of any who has a yearning to play and play. 1952 found the R.A. going sportier than ever before. Freshmen were ushered into the gayer side of camp life with series of supper trips to the Freshmen R. A. Camp. The annual arts forum brought a hurried week to the dance majors. Then the crowning glory of Gym Meet and the big. big surprise. As if one year could hold any more on its program, the new gym burst Eorth, and the li. A. found itself sponsoring sports it hardl) dared dream of before — roller skating and bowling. To join your K. A. does indeed mean that life is not all work, but part- time play. One More Year To Go Some ill us came a week early in the fall with the freshmen and used our knowledge and worldliness — acquired during two years of orientation at W. C. — to guide our new sisters over boards, around fences, and over walls to their countless meetings. We began to feel at last as if we were coming into uni own. The vice-president of our class served as president of the freshman class until they elected their officers in December. We chose a chairman and began hard work on the annual Junior Show which proved to be a tre- mendous success under the direction of Pat Markas. Those of us who planned In teach found ourselves snowed under by education classes and looking forward to student teaching — the unmistakable mark of an upperclassman. Our Junior year meant a lot to lis and somehow when graduation time came. we were elad we would be back for another year. Carolyn Haden Marion Sifford mm Darlington Helen Hawfield Wynn Norman OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Cheerleadfi Marj Anna P. " So Near... Yet So Far " Two years behind us and we were back with six months of age on our navj class jackets . . . walking blisters on Eeel as advisors to the freshmen andpr I as punch to shoM off the new [ibran and Mom,- Ec. building . . . ildings spj ered look ke, »..-». . ' V- thai cluttered look on campus we ' d be lost without . . . our rings al lasl on 3rd fingers right hand . . . sitting down- stairs middle in Vycock for chapel . . . beginning to think thai maybe the walls around the library don ' t look so bad alter all . . . getting dance pro- grams tor our " Formal " and thrilling to Burl Massengill while " smoke gol in our eyes " . . . practicing for the Junior Show and being sure that ours would he the best yet . . . worrying about exams as usual but suddenly realizing that our courses really meant something to us . . . Spring with elections and our class stepping into the lime-lighl . . . our lii watching May Court and knowing one of us would be its queen next year . . . running like lorh seats but missing the black jackets after they had filed out . . . asking. ' " What is the best class at W. with all our hearts. ' " It is the class of ' 53 " . . . because that ' s us . . . and we ' re almost there! lor th( C? " a i »enior . . . oni chapel mnouncing Junior Class f ft f ) £ e o r a e n o r £ » a o g c fi a First ffoic. lejt to right: Anne Marie Abernathy. Chapel Hill: Judith Buist Adams. Goldsboro: Lois Marie Anderson, McLeansville: Margaret Wood Anderson. North Wilkesboro: Gelene Andrews. Sparta: Jean Elizabeth Andrews. Durham: Hariette Anthony, Shelby. Second Row: Frances Armstrong. Belmont: Sara Isabel Armstrong. Greensboro: Mary Dickson Arrowood. Barium Springs: Sara Lynn Bailey. Charlotte: Virginia Barbour. Fayetteville : Carolyn Ann Barker. Ringgold. Va.: Betty Ruth Barnes, Boone. Third Row: Anna Bamhill. Wilson: Gladys Yarboro Bamette. Charlotte: Susan Batten. Kinston; Mary Alice Batty. Charlotte: Elizabeth Ann Baucom. Southern Pines: Iner Parnell Baysdon, Clarkton; Mary Jane Beam. Shelby. Fourth Row: Sally Beaver. Albemarle: Rebecca Fondren Beck. Greensboro: Barbara Jean Beckner, Clemmons: Carolyn Walters Beeson. Greensboro: Sheila Doreen Bell. Greensboro; Elizabeth Ann Bennett. Charlotte: Louise Katherine Beverly. Bethel. Not Pictured: Ruby Grey Baker. Buies Creek: Gladies Barker. Greensboro. ..1952 i ft f) ft " r e A fk f £ 9 a o T — J — 1 i L_i F; .sr Sow, e to right: Leslie Louise Black. Charlotte: Margaret Ann Blackwell. Ruffin; Joan Elin Blumberg. Fairlawn. N. J.: Kathleen Bodenhcimer. Kernersville: Trilbj nn Boerner. Winston-Salem: Ethel Bonner. Raleigh; Joyce Bowen, Windsor. Second Row: Joyce Bowie. Welcome. Md.: Tahitha Miriam Bright. Virginia Beach. Va. : Patsv Brinson, New Bern: Brabston Brown. Charlotte: Marjorie Jean Brown. Black Mountain: Mary Garland Brumley. Gastonia: Beverly Bryant. Charlotte. n Bryson, Bryson Citv: Merle Buie. unn. Roanoke Rapids; Valinda Lee Third Row: Julia Bryant. Charlotte: Charlotte Ai Fayetteville: Hilda Bullard. FayettevUle; nm- I Butler. Burlington: Sarah Ann Butt . Halifax. Fourth Row: Marjorie Nell Cagle. Castle Hayne: Sarah Dot Call. Advance; Barbara Ellen Carden. Durham: Mary Sue Carpenter, Gastonia; Patricia Ann Carpenter. Vi ashington. D. C: Mary Vnne Carrington. Nelson, a.: Frances Elizabeth Carroll. Hookerton. Not Pictured: Dorothy Bowden, Teachey. Junior Class £ i IK £ K $ ft @i a r e i f $ B 9 § F .S ?oic. e o rtgAt; Emily Carter. Siler City: Greta Sue Cashion, Kannapolis: Frances Cashwell. Greensboro: Betty Sue Causby. Bessemer City; Dorothy Louise Causey. Greensboro: Nelle Chandler. Burlington; Unlrcv Jane Cheek. Baltimore. Md. Second Row: Luta Spann Chipley. Rocky Mount: Barbara Clark. Roanoke. Va. : Betty Sue Clark. Burlington: Janice Clayton. Niagara Falls. N. Y.: Audra Jean Clinard. Winston-Salem: Lura Clingenpeel. Bluefield. W. Va. : Patsv Ruth Clodfelter, High Point. Third Row: Betty Lee Cobb. ClifTside: Olivia Coggins. Lexington: Ann Cohoon. Columbia: Emily Cole. Charlotte: Ann Turner Collson. Greensboro: Annabel Lee Colvard, Jefferson; Patricia Connolly. Plainsfield. N. J. Fourth Row: Ermofile Constantinides. Asheville: Mildred Cooper. Ennice: Nancy Joan Cornelius, Greensboro; Elizabeth Cornwell, Lincolnton; Claire Craven Cox, Elon College; Margaret Cox, Cove City; Piney Cox, Washington. ...1952 ? i ® R f • f c © c £fc fr 9 $ ? It nst Ron . left to right: Jane Cragan, Sanford : Virginia Tax lor Craig, Lenoir; Colleen Crenshaw. Asheville; Caroline Crews. Oxford: Joan Helen Crossley, Winston-Salem; Patricia Crow ell. Newell; Margaret Crumpler, Towson, Md. Second Row: Mary Scott Daniel. Raleigh: Ann Darlington, Winston-Salem; Bennette Daughti . ( oldshoro: Bett Jean Davis. Lincolnton; Doris Vrnold Davis, Siler City; Doris Nelle Davis. Cornelius: Louise Davis, Lexington. Third Row: Joyce nn Deas, Canton: Peggie Jean Deck. Cli Aside; Jean Stone Denny. Raleigh; Catherine Marshall DeShazo. Atlanta. Ga.: Marilyn Joan Deviney, Spindale; Julia iine Doggett, Greensboro; Patricia Ann Donnell, Goldsboro. Fourth Row: Mary Dowtin. Lexington: Mary Anne Dudley, Canton: Hazel Elizabeth Duval. Waxhaw; Barbara Helen Dyhrberg, Elizabeth Cit) : Elizabeth Earlv. Charlotte: Man Mice Kllicitt. Oxford: (Catherine Elmore, Franklinton. Junior Class f 9 fJ C f " $ ® $ o a $ Firsi ?ori ' . to rzgAt: Billie Jo Ervin, Shelbj : Phyllis Page Eure. Eure: Ann Falls, Lawndale; Mary Farmer. Marble: Ruth Lenora Farmer, Bailey; Ramona Farrington, Salisbury: Katy Sue Farthing. Valle Crucis. Second Roiv: Jean Fogleman. Greensboro; Claire Forney. Westport, Conn.: Barbara Ann Foster. Deland. Fla. : Mary Howard Franck. Fayetteville: Patricia Ann Fredrik- son, Raleigh: Bessie Jane Freeman. Hendersonville: Katherine Freeman. Charlotte. Third Row: Bobbie Leigh Fuller. Norlina: Jane Fuller. Monroe: Jo Ann Fuller, Mount Holly: Mary Margaret Fuquay. Snow Camp: Rena Ann Furlong. Hickory; Janet Fyne. Sumter. S. C: Mary Gaither. Havelock. Fourth Rote: Doris Delores Gantt. Mount Holly: Lois Kathryn Gardner. Angier; Lorna Hope Garrett. Draper: Martha Evelyn Gaston, Asheville; Nancy Lee Gaston. Asheville: Agnes Kietredge Gee. Atlanta. Ga.: Julia Elizabeth Gibbs. Statesville. Xnt Pictured: Joyce Fishbach. Brooklyn. N. Y.: Shirley Lyon Freedman, Greensboro. ...1952 fr $ £» $ $ fl ft a f o o f V.s7 Row, left to right: Lucille Martin Gills. Bluefield. W. Va.: Rebecca Glass, Balti- more, Md.; Malissa Glenn. Marion: Peggy Ellen Glenn, Waynesboro, Va.; Jo Good- win. Durham: Jean Jefferies Ooudelock. Miniruc: Doris Ann Graham. Clvde. Second Row: Ellen Brogden Gravely. Washington: Margaret McLean Green, Lilling- ton: Alma Louise Greene. Parkersburg: Mary Jane Gresham. Beulaville: Gwendolyn Keller Griffin, Greensboro: Carolyn Irene Haden. Asheville: Sue Hale . Lion College. Third Row: Harriet Hall. Greensboro: Helen Hall. Oxford: Peggy Ann Hall. Trinity: Gwendolyn Hamer. Lenoir: Helen Ma) Hammond. Charlotte: Elizabeth Handley. Goldsboro: Frances M. Harmon. Skylank. Fourth Ron: Patricia Ann Harrelson, Charlotte: nn Walkei Harris, Charlotte: Doroth) Mae Harris. Mountain Park: Faye Harris. Washington; Martha nn Harris. Shelby; Mars Alice Harris. Norwood; Anne Marie Harrison, Wilson. Xat Pictured: Barbara Jean Gryder, Greensboro; Vnnie Lama Hani-. McLeansville. Junior Class a O ft € . $ o a a o d o f ) f e ® f A ' ™ Roto, e 7 o rc ' gfct; Martha Delia Harrison, Palmyra; Lucile Hassell, Henderson- ville; Helen Houston Hawfield, Washington, D. C: Selma Haydock-Wilson, Atlanta, Ga.; Patsy Jean Haywood. Charlotte; Martha Ann Heafner, Lincolnton; Barbara Rae Helms. Monroe. Second Row: Margaret Helms. Charlotte: Lois Carmen Herring. Wallace: Ruth Herring. Wilson: Dorothy Jean Hicks, Selma: Betty Clyde Hill. Wilson; Elizabeth Hill. Wilmington: Patricia Ann Hocker, Guilford. Third Row: Rose Marie Holden. Shalotte: Mavis Geraldine Holland. Salemburg; Jean Carolyn Hollinger. Gastonia: Mary Ellen Hollomen. Jonesville; Peggy Home. Char- lotte: Jane Everette Howard. Salemburg: Jean Stewart Howard. Salemburg. Fourth Ron: Jean Wandean Howard. Sanford: Barbara Howell. Lillington: Helen Howell, Candler: Mary Lou Howie. Monroe: Barbara Louise Hunt. Greer, S. C; Margaret Josephine Hunter. Fayetteville: Sara Hunter. Charlotte. .1952 c a o o £ O ? I A e « $ a ft o Firsi Row, left to right: Frances Mason Huss, Gastonia; Ruth Graj fdol, Ke Montae Imbt, Fori Worth, Tex.; Oph.-lia Pierce Ingold, Taylorsville; Nellie Williams Key. Roanoke Rapids: Sally James. Maxton: Cherie Ann Erline Jantz. Bedford, Ya. Second Row: Peggy Marie Jernigan. Selma: Martha Jane Johnson. Durham: Marv Elizabeth Johnson. Greensboro; Man Lou Johnson. Winston-Salem: Marietta Jolliff, Belvidere; Doroth) Jones. Statesville; Sarah nne Jones. Franklinville. Third Row: Shirlej ka Jones, Greer, S. C: Delores Julia Joseph. Wendell: Arlene Joyner, yden: Grace Carolyn Junker. Concord: Beverlj nn Justice, Biltmore; Sylvia Joyce Kanter. Kinston; (Georgia Katsikas. Greensboro. Fourth Row: Mary Joe Kelley, Winston. Salem: Susanne Elizabeth Kemp. Rungsted Kyst. Denmark: Dorothy Anne Kendall. High Point: Doroth] nn Kerner. Kerners- ville; Marion Kimmelstiel. Charlotte: Evelyn Kirbv. Roxboro: Pearl Kornegay, Greensboro. Not Pictured: Eugenia Jarvis, Greensboro: Mi Kaplan. Durham. Junior Class op(?fi c $ O w ® V f a ft o ifk o e 1 ® e o f $ Ci A ' .s7 Row, left to right: Katherine Henrietta Koster. Morganton: Ruth Marie K les. Taylorsville: Anna Marie Kyzer, Hamlet: Janet Sue Langley. High Point: Angelia Miriam Lassiter. Jour Oaks; Peggy Ann Lawing. Belmont: Pattie Elvina Leach. Wilson. Second Row: Barbara Ann Ledford. Wendell: Lois Elizabeth Lee. Asheville: Carolyn Leibler, Lawrence. L. L. N. Y.: Ida Hope Leonard. Greensboro: Doris E. Lewis. Scotia. N. Y.; Lou Ann Lewis. Goldsboro: Margaret Lewis. Greensboro. Third Row: Geneva Lois Lineberger. Gastonia: Barbara Ann Little. Ayden: Elizabeth Frances Little. Gastonia: Mary Jean Lohr. Lexington: Louise Long. Leaksxille: Bar- bara Ann Low miller. Farmington. Conn.: Sara Cherry Lucas. Lucama. Fourth Rote: Winnie Frances LufTman. State Road: Patricia Anne McBarmn. Balti- more. Md.; Minnie Elizabeth McCoy. Lexington: Doris Josephine McCrary. Clyde: Pauline Cameron McDuffie. Biltmore: Jean Mann McGhee. Raleigh: Patricia Mc- Gougan. Smithfield. Not Pictured: Carolyn Alice Leagon, States ville; Marj Louise McDaniel. Greensboro. ..1952 it fiO O 9 © f. ) e E r $» e» e S[ First Row, left to right: Maxine Mclnnis, Pinebluff: Carolyn Mclntyre. Ellerson. Va.; Katherine Mclntyre. Laurinburg: Lois Mclver. Gulf: Barbara McKeithan. Gastonia: Sarah Jane McLean. Winston-Salem: Edna Marie McManus. Greensboro. Second Row: Janet MacPhail. Charlotte: Jean McPherson. Burlington; Virginia Murphy McQueen. Fayetteville: Catherine MacRae. Wilmington: Ann Carol Manley. Tappan. N. Y.: Patricia Anne Markas. Morganton: Caroline P. Marshall. Third Row: Joanne R. Martin. Eton College: Patricia Anne Martin. Mayodan: Ruth Hamlin Martin. Cleveland: Susan Martin. Brussels. Belgium: Pauline Maunev. Kings Mountain: Peggy Anne Maunev. Kings Mountain: Sammie Lane Mercer, Bolivia. Fourth Row: Gloria Miller. Winston-Salem: Lena Carol Miller. Mocks ville; Mary Carolyn Miller. Salisbury: Nancy Jo Miller. Salisbury: Julia Carolyn Mill-. Monroe; Margie Ann Mitchell. Greensboro; Mar) Frances Mitchell, Denton. Vol Pictured: Patricia Ga Matlock, Ti ille; Jan.! Miii . ' l. Southern Pines. Junior Class ft ? p 4 © " © a ■ ' A ' dic. left to right: Mar) Norma Montague, Clayton; Lydia Moody, Siler City; Florence Elizabeth Mooney. Aiken. S. C: Margaret Topping Moore. Coral Gables. Fla.; Lois Marie Moore. Reidsville; Laura L. Morgan. Hamlet: Peggy Marie Morgan, Spindale. Second Row: Anna Neva Mormino. Waynesville; Sue Brevard Morris. Shelby; Vnne Wilson Morrison, Spencer; Dorothy Ann Morrison. Rowland: Marlene Louise Muller, Winston-Salem; Jean Kathryn Murray. High Point: Martha Faye Myers. Thomasville. Third Rotr: Peggy Ann Neighbors, Hillsboro: Lois Nelson. Aulander: Martha Ann Nesbitt. Edneyville: Sarah Martha Newton. Raleigh: Malinda Lou Nichols. Durham: Lula Wynn Norman, Raleigh: Carolyn Ruth O ' Brien. Farmington. Fourth Roiv: Betty Lea Oldham. Durham: Billie Oliver. Jefferson: Kathryn Lenora Oliver, Fairmont: Edna Mae Otterbourg. Charlotte: Lou Ruth Outen, Charlotte; Isabel Bryan Outlaw. Albemarle: Patricia Joan Owen, Thomasville. Not Pictured: Anne Pepper Neal, Swarthmore, Pa.; Norma Welborn Norman, Mor- ganton. 1952 ot I P © « £l B £ €) ffc J I tt f £ F»r f Row, e i to right: Julie Melisse Packer. Brooklyn. N. Y. : Sue Page, Wake Forest: Arline Elizabeth Palmer, Winston-Salem; Barbara Vnn Parker. Kelford; Marie Annette Parker, Clinton: Jean Paschal. Greensboro; Patricia Pasour, Dallas. Second Row: Viola Ernestine Pate, Kinston: Margaret Louise Pearson. Raleigh; Mary Anna Peck. Shelby: Betty Jean Pegram. High Point: Dorothy nne Pepper. Hamlet: Margaret Leah Petree, Charlotte: Eleanor Joan Phillips. Greensboro. Third Row: Elizabeth Lou Phillips. Raleigh: Doris Marie Pierce. Greensboro; Jane Plyler, Gold Hill; Nancy Carolyn Potter, Winston-Salem; Jean Marilyn Potts, Long Meadow. Mass.: Charlotte Preas. Danville. Va.; Carolyn Audrey Preble. Waterville. Me. Fourth Row: Imojean Presnell. Siler City: Patricia Dell Prince. Fuquav Springs; Kathryn Lucille Pritchett. Brown Summit: Nancy Lee Pritehett. Brown Summit: Virginia Lee Pruitt. Mount Air : Jean Evangeline Raines. Cary: Dorothy Rockwood Randall. Brevard. Not Pictured: Lois Carolyn Peters, Lindenhurst, N. Y. 4 Junior Class a O €1 $ € 4 M F o e r 7rs Rotv, left to right: Edith Rawley, Winston-Salem; Roberta Jean Ray, Selma: Lorena Reames, Atlanta. Ga.; Margaret Elizabeth Reavis, Yadkinville; Jane Red- wine, Albemarle: Doreen Davis Reynolds. Franklinville; Rebecca R. Rhyne, Dallas. Second Row: Marie Whisnant Richardson, Reidsville; Jeanne Elizabeth Rigby. High Point; Rachel Roberts, Shelby: Josephine Robertson, Quebec, Canada: Rarbara Anne Robin. Winston-Salem: Marilyn Robinette. High Point: Mary Jean Rollins, Newton. Third Row: Lois Rosecrans. Greensboro: Joan Phyllis Rosen, Charlotte; Rozelle Robinson Rovall. Clinton; Marv Elizabeth Sampson. Greensboro; Ruth Sevier, Ashe- ville: Laura J. Sexton, Zebulon; Harriett Shain. Wilmington. Fourth Row: Rarbara Jane Sheffield. Washington. D. C: Kathryn Dale Shields. Kernersville: Peggy Shotwell. Henderson: Sue Harris Shugart. Elkin: Marion Sifford, Albemarle; Nancy Simpson. Charlotte; Catherine Dare Sitterson. Southern Pines. .1952 ft f $ a r f f • O O ft $ ? € O First Row. left in right: Mary Sizer, High Point; Jeanne Dresden Skees, Greensboro; Mary Frances Skidmore, Albemarle: Doris Ann Smith. Charlotte: Gloria Smith, Charlotte; Juanita Smith, Lexington; Norma Delores Smith, Greensboro. Second Row: Dorothy Stauffer Snider, Uniontown, Pa.: Catherine nn Soloman, Wilmington: Zita Ann Spector. Brooklyn. N. Y.: Barbara Benton Stacy, Ruffin; Stella Ruth Starr. Greensboro: Edna Mae Stephens. Liberty; Jean Stephens, Yanceyville, Third Row: Janet Leona Stern. Orange. N. J.: Carol Marie Stockard. Graham: Juanita Loftin Stokes. Greenville: Mary Jane Strelitz. Lexington: nnetle Strickland, Wade; Anne Witherington Stroud. Faison: Margaret Heck Stroud. Salisbury. Fourth Row: Betty Styers, Morganton; Billie Marie Suitt, Hillsboro; Paula Sutton. Clinton: Alice Lee Swann. Statesville: (Catherine Swanson, Upper Montclair, N. I.: nnic Jean Sykes. Whitakers: Connie Jeanelte Svkes. hitakers. Junior Class o § r f a ft £ 5 a © j t e First Row, left to right: Fav Sylvester. Richlands; Lady Lynn Talton, Zebulon; Jean R. Tandy. Fletcher: Mary Sue Tate. Danville. Va.: Barbara May Taylor. Greensboro: Mary Elizabeth Teague. Chapel Hill: Jean Kelly Thacker, Greensboro. Second Rote: Lorene Earley Thomas, Enfield: Eunice Marilyn Thomas, Oakboro: Betty Jane Thompson. Greensboro; Mary Frances Thompson. Salisbury; Jane Long Thompson. Graham: Bertha Mae Tilley. Greensboro: Bettie Townsend. Fayetteville. Third Row: Janet Adelaide Trembath, Laurel Hill: Doroth) Mar Tribble, Charlotte; Carolyn Jean Truett, Bryson City: Ann Kettrell Turner. Henderson: Shirk) Uden, Leaksville; Sally Underwood, Boonville: Lea Upchurch. Four Oakes. Fourth Ron: Margie Vander Schalie. Castle Haynes; Barbara Anne Veach. Mayodan; Barbara Wilson Veatch, Sumter. S. C: Nellie Lee Waddell. Eunice: Harriett E. Wade. Roxboro; Greta Waldos, Swan Lake, N. Y.; Mary Anne Ward. Goldsboro. Not Pictured: Ruby Faye Taylor. Kinston; Beatrice Vida. Hend lie. ...1952 ft O ft C ft o 7 r 9 e $ $ v f 9 o poo £k -!• F rs ?o;c. e to right: Cora Lee Warren. Conetoe; Mildred Whitaker Warren. Ben- son: Marian Dale Watkins. Weaverville: Man nm- Weatherly, Durham: Mary Eleanor Weber. Salisbury; Rebekah R. Welborn, Thomasville; Barbara Grej Wells, Charlotte. Second Row: Marie Delores Werner, Charlotte: Ruth Powell Wheeler. Durham: Maysie Joan Whelpley. Baltimore. Md.: Margaret nn Whisenhunt, Newton: Emma Lou White. Oxford: Mildred Boyles White. Winston-Salem: Virginia Mae White. Winston-Salem. Third Row: Harriett 1 Whitmore, Charlotte; Mar) Faulkner Wilkinson, Nelson, Va.; Dorothy Lee Williams. Wilson: Jean Jarrett William-. Thomasville ; Jo nn Williams. Mt. Holly; Mar) Louis,- Wilson, Winston-Salem; a Helen Wimbish, Graham. Fourth Ron : Miriam Grace Winterling, Charlotte: Frances Sylvia Wiseman. Salisbury; Ann Claire Woodall, Smithfield; Mar) Woodward, Raleigh: Dorothy Jean Woody. Sanford: Doroth) Mar Wray, Spindale; Jean Wray, Shelby. Not Pictured: Marion Weinert. Northbridge, Mass.: Elaine Wilkinson. Asheville: Ruth Wilson, Greensboro: Lelia Lee Winslow, Hertford. Junior Class. ..1952 9 9 n ® $ First Ron. left to right: Betsy Ray Wrenn, Reidsville; Sarah Wright. Henderson; Violel Mae Yarborough, Reidsville. Second Ron: Nanc) Lee Yelverton, R x k Mount; Uice Mae Young. Raleigh: Diane Young. Reidsville. Third Ron: Joyce Lee Young, Durham; nn Rives Zappa. Ra- leigh; Jo Ann Zimmerman, Greensboro. A CHANGE OCCURS Sonia Ingstadt mid CI ••mi a B rd ■ £ s f f [H ficx cyrj WJt . . seen in a tk e uears to come i Xes, we ' re the Class of ' 52; and Spring came this year before we even realized that we were sitting in the front seats during Chapels. May Day plans and a mem- ber of our class was May Day Queen. How could it have happened so fast? We were so busy trying to find enough credits to graduate and making trips to Dr. Hunter ' s office that when the reality hit, it was too late. Three other years before we had listened and watched the Phi Beta Kappa chapel program and were impressed, but the nostalgia was almost overpowering when we saw people we knew being elected to the highest and oldest honorary fraternity in the nation. And Golden Chain; people who for years had been working without recognition and then the too were part of the golden chain of leadership, scholarship, service, tolerance, magnanimity, judgement, and char- acter. This was our class, born in the midst of a de- pression, raised during a world war. and facing the biggest complexity of mankind. We were tempted to stay and retreat from the confused; but our upbring- ing had been on a new theory of independence and individuality so we took our front row seats at the last mass meeting to take the back row seats in the biggest mass of eternity. We gained a diploma, a degree, yes. But so much more. There can be no degree awarded to match the friendships, happinesses, quiet moments and the awing awareness of being a member of a world full of learning. ( Leadership • S cholcMkip • S ewice • Jole t P erance GOLDEN CHAIN Membership in this honorary societ) is based on the consideration of the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, tolerance, magnanimity, judgement, and character. These characteristics form the links of the golden chain. With service as its main function, the organization operates a " poster exchange ' between the three schools composing the Greater University, and its members serve as ambassadors at large to high school girls of North Carolina. The group works closely with the Alumnae Association and the Public Relations Office to keep the public and the Alumnae of the Woman ' s College in- formed of what activities keep the present students busy. Golden Chain was organized to replace Who ' s Who in American Colleges on this campus and to precede the establishment of Mortar Board. It strives to emphasize service and this year was influential in presenting the annual impressive Thanksgiving chapel program. Miss Ellen Griffin, Miss Bernice Diaper, and Dr. Hollis Rogers can point with pride to the Golden Chain. And. Golden Chain can point with pride to their Honorary Members: Mrs. Julius Cone. Dr. Walter C. Jackson. Mrs. Bettj Jester. Miss Katherine Taylor, Dr. Edward K. Graham. K„„. I. II -,„ ,,.- Pharr. Jan.- Sarsfield. Dori. Hut- Boney. Marlha Lohr. Lura Cling- enpcel • Second Roic : Jacqueline Jernigan. Elizabeth Boulus. Millie Barringer. Janice Murchison. Nan. cy Barton. Joan Bobcrls. 1.1. ...... DeWill, June Baincy. Ann Whit, tington. Marion SiHord. Sonia Angstadl. Dot Kendall. ' a a luiiunu tu • yudament • L karach (•I FN l RS Nancj Barton, President Janice Mm, In-,, n. ice-President Joan Roberta, Secretary Jacqueline Jernigan, Corresponding - Carolyn Burton, Treasurer Joan Hi. ii i. Social Chairman Honorary Wembmt phi beta kaDoa The Woman ' s College Section of the Alpha Chapter of North Carolina Dr. Charlotte W. Dawlej Dr. Anne L Lewis Dr. John E. Bridgers, Jr. Mrs. Josephine Schaeffer President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary- Treasurer Recording Secretary EX1 1 Mil IKK Miss Katherine Taylor Mr. Phillip M. Griffith Miss Ahisail E. Row lev MEMBERS IN C01 RSI Patsy Allen. Anita Bolinger. Rosemar Boney. Anne Bradford. Nancy Cross, Charlene Thomas Dale, Glenna DeWitt. Mildred Fain, Josephine Mundy Hill. Evelyn Lawrence, Helen Linville, Katheryn Miller. Louise Mooney, Kathryn Parker. Elizaheth Poplin. Anne Preston. Ruth Raw litis. Rachel Sarbaugh, Shirley Tegg, Mary Alice Turner. Adeline Tyson. Freda aid. Colista Weisner, Miriam Whitley. Nancj Witherspoon. Sally Beaver v v - 1 ¥mm ML MM h ■%. i - k And Now At Last " II began in September, just as other years . . . but this year was different for the Seniors . . . and if we tried to ignore that feeling of finality about even the most usual, ordinary events, it was because we had suddenly realized that before long those ordinary events would lie cherished memories. Next September we will be finding our way around a larger campus . . . one not so familiar as that of Woman ' s College . . . one where all of us will live, for the rest of our lives. In so many little things, we have discovered the wisdom of our professors and counsellors ... the thoughtful guidance which has made the Seniors of ' 48 the Seniors of ' 52. Oui last long holidays took on a -pccial significance B Thanksgiving, at Christmas, we questioned silently: Where will next year find us? . . . The election of our May Queen, our choice of class mascots . . . our plans tor the Senior Hall . . . and we began slowly to think of that last triumphant semester, still ahead. The new year dawned, our year of promise . . . the year of graduation, the commencement of our lives . . . and on the campus, the spring elections began to be held . . . the rising Senior class stood ready to build upon what we had helped to create . . . we were being interviewed for jobs, planning June weddings . . . the Senior Show more than gratified our pride in our class . . . and at last, we sat for our final exams ... a little startled to - t the vounger classes packing up to go home, as we had done, not so long ago . . . Commencement week-end . . . and class day on a memorable Saturday after- noon . . . the Senior Hall, when some of us especially missed iw in Korea, or San Francisco, or Germany, or Fort r Japan . . . the Baccalaureate Sermon, and the deep- demnity and importance of our approaching com- mencement became a part of our every thought . . . the final bright morning: June 2. Our loved ones, happy in our success . . . and us. with mixed emotions, knowing that this vear, now but six months before us. will be ours to live in the tradition rrrTWir Woman ' s College. As this vear fades in reality, it will live i i " memories, its lessons becoming our life-time guides. the fell. Mead, o ening - OFFICERS Glenna DeWitt Sarah Henneberger Jo Carroll Ennis Nancj Page Smith Mary Virginia Lewis President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Cheerleader September March he SENIOR YEAR of Octob er November April May fty Nineteen Fifty-Two l wko f eacnea J or Jne Sclavs, ouncl J 4ers, ureated L om n i en cement fa December June January July February August COURTESY OF MONTAIDO ' ! Marian Elizabeth Adams Winston-Salem B.F.A., Art Adelphian; Social Planning Council (31; Hall Social Chair- man (31; Arts For,,,,, I ' .mmhl,, I ' ll; C r (II; l.W.C.A. Ill; Art Club (2, 3, 4). Y Peters Adams High Poii B.A., Mathematics I ■ i (4); S,,uare Circle (4); Volley Ball. Diana Elizabeth Addison Durhan B.S., Secretarial Administration I.Ui.-iaii ; Proctor 111; Dance Comir Gamma lpha 13. Il : Galilean Clu 21 ; FBLA Commillec Chairman (41 ; Josephine Alexande B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Appalachian Slate Teachers College (1. 2| : So, ,,1 Planning 111; Mali Social I I,:,,, man (41; Horn. I ,nc - i :. Ii : 4-H III. Mary Charles Alexande B.A.. Rec -,.,„,. Patsv Lee Allen B.A.. Primary Educa Adelphian; Brenau Colleg, (1 2) Dea Roll 13, ; Future Teacher , d! I— i, Lis! (31; Honor £f Anderson Greensboro A., Recreation I ..rnelijn; I ' r r 111 ; Y.W.C.A. (l, 2, Fellowship II, . ' . 31 ; Recreation Asso, u reation Club. Secretary (3 . Treasurer (I I ,. | Ball (3.1. Dance Com Sonia Angsladt Charlotte B.A.. French Cornelian; Marshal U Legislature (2. 4); Class President I2i: i ' r.- ,. . T Chairman ill; Dean ' s List 13 1; Greater Uni- versit, Council (2, 1): Daisy Cham 121; Junior Advisor Hi; If.W.C.A. il. 2, ii; Future Teachers ..( America ill Margaret Ann Arthur kings Mountai B.A., Biology Adelphian; Daisy Chain (21; Junior K I); 1 A 1 ' (1. 2. 3. II; Westminister Fellowship (II; Medical Tecl nologists (31. Vice-President 111. Adams, M. E. Adan.s. V. P. Alexander, J. Alexander. M ( Andcr.on Angstadt IM Omega 13. II ; R« Mary Ami Barlow Hickory B.S., Home Economics (Catherine Lee Harno-. Fayetteville It. I.. Soi iologi Janice Pierce irwood Buffalo, N. V ' P. 11 Hllll nun «i i I fl II ' .... I. , , I ..,. | , Marj Gordon Au-iin Jeffe It. i.. I ' tiuuits luluratiun .lli K... In...... II.. 1. 1 : l Prima I ' " - " ' " " . • € f Mar] J. .In Bellej Stantonabori l: I Elema tai ■ I ducation i . „u„ t M . r.W.C.A. (I, 2. 4); TU.I-. IflMrlea Ml ; S..I.I..1I .-■. ; B..k-i I.. II II. 21. A " Mary Louis,- Bu h.n l.u-h.ll ll : I ' --. , .If ., |M l Mt, r,,|,ln t ill I I •s Lis! (3); Proctor 111: Pai- n.... ling Council ( ) : Hall Sm Chairman Ml; Arts Forum i.itt.-c (3, II: Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Botan, Club (2). Dora Mat- Barrel! Cornelian; !»• ' (I J :i future Teacher i ' . n ; Square Dance Club I .11 in- ill. Spanish Choir II. - ' . 3, in Y.W.C, I. ol 1 II ; Spanish Club Nancy Lou Barlon Longmeada B.A., Biology I gislatur. I- ' . 3) : Hall Board (3. 4) Beltie B. Barringer Hickfl A.B., Psyi hology 11 : ll.-au ' ante Com. i i f...u. II : l.ulbol,, Club II, 2. 3). I b. ini-tr. I bib 121 : Beta Beta Beta 13. II : .alii, .... I Jul, l.ll; future Teachers ol ..,eri,.i I4l; Spanish Club 12. 31: Recreation ss... latum II. 2. 3. 41; Dance Hocke, ill ; Voile- Ball 121. dents ' Usoeiation; Psycholo v Club in. Frances Erleene Bason Greensboro Mallie (lamella Barri B.S.,Physi al Education Albemarle B. -).. English; ' s fist 1,11: Town Stu.but- ' (1,-ai.i at l 2. 31; fla.lik.r- il 2, 1, ll; Radio Workshop 12, II Se. retarj Treasurer HI. Janel M. Bails Waynesboro, Va. ircherj I b (21 1 .p C. " ■ •- ' ' ■■ ,1 i l) ■ An h, o B.F.A., Art Education ii HS§L° 2 : n Hon ; |); Basket. C. i (2 ■■ VI, , M irshal .1, Pin, Veed ra S.i Slarl (3 1) j Dean ' . 1 1st 111: ,.. Kol 1 ittee 11. 11 ; IS C - , ... be,- ol (,„,,... 11. 11 . Spanish c lub (2) Viola Daphne Batls Thomasville B.A., English Elizabeth Dalby Baucom B.A.. Primary Education Adelphisn; Hall Board (1); Dormitory Elecl Virginia Lee Beck Burlingtc B.A.. Primary Education Marv Joyce Biggs B.A., Biology Bissetle Zebulo A.B., English Marie Blake Lumber!. A.B.. Elementary Education Coif 2. 3. 41; Future Teachers of America 13. 41; Proctor Elisabeth .,„ It, II barlow 1 n Ijm Moore Bert Wallace B S Ph) licalEducal ; I lot il. ' . i U I i. (1 I. . , . . Si ■ in. 5. . x . Carolrn Blcgentafl Shelbj Peff) 1 lllrii i.i II. Ilmi M..UMI Vin S i Sociology Ji.ti.tti. ki.ilirwi lli KK .r-i.,M Marion Sarah EUa U. Stockeadale B - Bit ■• Education B. 1 . Biology ii. Ii . -i b ' iub ' i ' . . ' , 1 ' A ■ II Q Biggentaff, :. IliUB.T-ljlT. I. Ruth Carolyn Blanchard Lowell B.A., Primary Education Dikean; Junior Advisor 131 : Interfaitli I «» ■! III: l.»J A U), Cabinet (2. Si: W.sle, Found. .: (.-I. Ldilor of Th, -.. (3), President in Future Teachers oi America lli. Juequeline Boflie Adelphian; Lutheran Student ' s 1, 3, I), urer (21; Chemistr, I lub (2. :. Ii : Galilean Cln Cadueius Club (1. 2, 3. 41; Summing II, 2, 3. 41. Anita Ilese Bolinger Va B.A.,Biology Dean ' s I ial (3) : Botany Club (3, 1) ; I I str, Club 11. I. H : S|.ani- I II 21 Mil II. 21 : Bela Beta Be ■ . r.larv I3l, President Ml. losemary Clifford Boney Clinton B.A., English llethcian; Hall Board (21; Legislature ,3, 41; Coraddi lu.i Mall I ' ll: I ,„. Re,„,rle, -I1,»|.I- Editor 121. lews Editor 131. 1 .li:..r-in I In. f 111: l „t-tjnding Senou I al I , I ...I l.i ie Evelyn W Volt Boone Louisburg B.S.. Home Economu s Peggy Joyce Boyetle Wilson B.A.. Biology . 2i : Bolan) Club ill: ' ...i - ' lub ' . ' . ii. Sue Annette Boykin B.S.. Home Economics .l. Iphian; Pine Veed. I Business Mall I 1. 1.11 : llai., I I ..... . 121 . V.I VII. 2. I. II I - ' . 3. II : Chemislr Idol. 12, ll : 1 Elizabeth Raney Braeken Charlotte B.A., Sociology Cornelian, Dormitorj Representative 141: Hall Board (1, 4) Senior Council (4); Senrice League 131; Proctor (1, 3) Choir II. 21; Y.W.C.A. II. 2 I : Foundation (2. 3, 41 Sociology Club (3. 4). 952w2 l.;,„ra Ma. lira. Hi, 1.1 Dillon. S. ; I B , ., ii. i , i ii i.. (. I., N .,,ni, i • ii II loll ii Bridge) ForeatCirj ; II: i ; li. Phi Margaret Elizabeth Brown Rocky Mount B.A., Priman Educatu I ' i- Nursing il. 2). ' " ' w " " ' ' " " ' Virginia Elinor Brown WcaverviUe . .. Secretarial Administration Come] in Man Hill College 11. 2 Hi; Westminister Fellowship (4); Gamt Square Dan — (3, ll. ,, i Uphi (3 1) Elizabeth Moore Bullai-d Charlotte B. A., Psychology Crn-lun; Virr l ' i.-.,,l,.,il „l !wl. i.l l...,-i l ill !,•,- latare (3. 1) ; r.hap-l Committee (3, ti ; i Rin 6 Chairman 12. 3. Il; Pin- . , ,i, ' . , 121. II,.. 1 .1,1.., (3); Outstanding Senior il ; Greater Unirersit) Council (3, 11; n.,i» Chain 121; Dnn. - Cc.mmill-e (1. 21; Wvi...r 111; V.W.C.A. 11. 2. 3. II; W.-I-, Fmindation (11; Psychnh.gv Club 13, 41; K -, i.,i, (..«.., ijtion 11. 2. 3. 41; rrh-rv (s) i Tennis (2. 3); Vollej Ball il. 2i; Baslcelbsll Sara Uice lln ■ il, n Morganton ; I Primal i ( ■ i mlttei (3); Y.H.I..V. il It. II, Brock Ma. Ilri.ik War-a ; I Pi in si . I .titration ft © i f) P Mr , .11., I.I lr., n. H. 1. Carolyn Gilbert Burton Greensboro ' .F.A., Advertising Art Betty Zane Causey Randleman B.S., Set retnritil idministration (41; Dean ' s List (31; future 1V.„ hers ,. An Franees Anne Clegs Carthage B.S.. Set retannl At! minis! ration Margaret Ann Cliek Elkin BJ.A., Art Education ( l...n; Coraddi, Make-up Editor 1. 31. Art Editor (3), Editor (4); Dean ' s List (3); rts Forum Committee (31; V.W.C.A. (1. 2); Art Club (2. 3. 4); Lite Saving 1). D Vrlin K . Va. EduA ilium Charlotte Sedberr) ( .,1. LealuriUi fi v. Distributive Education I « i (1); Koravlu i. i li. Margaret Joiepblne Coffej rl B I ' , »,«,, Education Surii Frances Coggin Winston-Salem B I ,. ,.,. ! ' ■ " ■ ' i- ■ ■■ ■ ' -mi r, i , » ' ' «i ij: v.w. :.v. d. 2. 3. n i.s.. . c 1 " I ' . ' li ' ■ 1 1 1 1 Mu.leiu. loi II., i„ v.i, I, Swimmlni (1). Man Bom Compton lil.......ii. I.I. N. J. B l English Bettj Jean Conlej Marion W. 5i (ration li. II ; Falun Virginia Trenmore Conner B.S., Secretarial Admi II. -M: Swimming, ii. j. 3); Softball (1, 2. 31. Constance Grace Coutras Charlotte B.S., Sei rrttrnii! tilministration Mary Josephine Cox Birmingham, Ala. B.A.. English Legislature III: I ' aratinian (2, 3); Dean ' s ■ M 21 l ' t,„lor 131 : V.W.C.A. (1. 2. ub (11; Future Tea, Square Circle 121; Chemil Coffe,. E. I Cola i:..«t.- . m.j. Anna Fey Craddock Greensboro Nancy L. Cre B. A.. Biology Hackensack, N. J. .A., French Elizabeth Mildred Crensenzo Reidsville U.S.. I ' ln si( ill Ediu ation lelheian: Dim .in.] Hkm- I .ill,,, | I 1 ' ; i W.-tmini-l. , f.-l]„»!l,. 1 . I I i V. cialion (2 I H: Camp I .. I..i- Club (2) i Camp Com- ■ t ill I. II , :, II.., Itej (4); -|... .1 Ball Berlha Graham Crockett Wvtheville. Va. B.S., ' ' retarial idministration 1 01 I I Dortnil • I I. . tionfl Chairman Evangeline Tucker (rulchfield B.S., Home Economics l ' :l.. .,,,. i eotral College in : Greensboro College Leola Elizabeth Culbert Marion. Va B.A., English Cornelian; Masqueraden (2, I); Playlikers (3, i i ; Kadi. Diana Jo Cnmmings B.A., Elementary Educ Charlene Thomas Dale High Point B.A.. Elementary Education Vdelphian; Dean ' a List (3); Honor Roll (1, 2. 31; Dance Committee 131; Greens!...! " .. Svmphonv Orchestra U. 2, 3); Chenmtr, Lluh t 1, J. 31; Future Teachers of America (3); North Spt-n. er Spotlight (3|. Hazel Eugenia Dale B.A .. Elementary Educa Dance Commit P.C.A. (1); Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3, 4); Future Swimming (1, 2, L) B 1, 2); Ping Crensenzo Dale, C. T. i ! David tahei (. I., Primarj Edm ation , v. I (i VoIU) li.ii I raj Davii Pikeville - , ' - ntiitml ttliiiinislruliiin Loll Christine Davis Shelb) ; i Primal i Edm ation Ideli B i - i K . .1 1| i Grace Davii Rock) Moon Helen J Da) «■■• ., , U I 1. 1. ,,,,.. Dewitl -i. Pet rabnrfc I I... : I H • ; Ugiibton Hi . i . - Jessie Ruth Dillanl Glendale Springs B.S.. Home Economii s Adelsbian; Gardner- Webb I I ColleM (1 Z) i 1T.W.C.A (3. 41 : Baplisl Slu.l.-nt I iu,.n, I ! Mi H I , ..n.inn. - [ lub I .;. n ; Galilean Club (3). Aliee Wilson Dixon Thoniasville B.A.. Primary Education Dikean; SI. Marj ' s lu i c ollegi i 1. 1 1 : D in " ! I iffl (3); T..«n SI.I.1.-M- Oiganiial (4) ; 1 iitui ttu hi ra ol Imi rii Bettie Aliee Dixon New Orleans. La B.A.. Biology Dikean, Bouae Pn lid. rl (3); D ' an ' s Liu ■• . 1 1.. ' . . -r Ro III; [Ills l.liaill !- ' . M.i .|u. r L.I. t- I . ' . ' . I l|l..i ! ' ■ - | D.- 1.. I-. c. Dortll Dlsoo. A. B. Margaret Louise Dock B. !.. Spa Smelana Dorto B.A. Concord Morris Dryden B.A.. Primary Education Jetty Myrl Duncan U.S.. Home Ec, Mary Lucinda Driver B.S., Distribu wimming (II; haskethall 3, 4) ; Softball Senior Class Annette Cole Dunham Elizabethtoui U.S., Home Economics Uetheian Legislator. (4); If.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3) j Weale; I, .l.i 1. J. :t. II; Hnni.- Club (1,2,3,4) PresidenI t 1 1 ; Future Teachers of Vmerica (4) ; Square Dane Mi: I 11 i lub (2, i) £ fl f Shirley Mae Ehret Raleigh B.S., Distributive Education Mary Frances Elsen Washington B.A., Primary Education V« V.V. ' M ' II ; ( ' ).• .,,,-ir ■ CJI ; ' Future ' Teaclier, ..( America (3, li. Josephine Carroll En lis Hickory B.A.. Prima ry Educati on Dikean; Class Secretary (4) mittee (2. 3) ; May Day Cha Arts Forum Committee (3, 4) Teachers of America (3, 41: Dance Group 11. 2. 3. 41. Pr Proclor 12. 31 ; Dance Com- ; Square Circle (I, 2) ; Future Recreation Association (3. 4) ; Kill, HI, k- II U. l„ It,. i, Catherine Evam W.I.I.,., i: l English i .... n,,.„i in, « i ii . ' i , ii..|.ii.i si,„i Si I, 11, , ' i •. i.l .,. , i Nancj J» Everharl ThonuuvtUc ; l Primal i Erfm olio i Club (2, I, n J i I iUferald I reritl • ' •trial idminislration ,r.- I.,,,, i: I I ■ Craci Alexandra Farrior «..s.. ' , , „, „ •.. ,„ , Sa ' ik- Inifnlclol Mi y f i Wray Faurello R.A., Primary Educatio li.n; Tau P»i Omega (4) ; Future Te Peggy Ann Foimster Olin U.S., Physical Education Dlktan; Dun Chain (J): Y.W.OA. (1, 2, 3, 41; Chemistry Club ,2, 3. II; H.i r.. iti. .r, Uso.-iation (1, 2. 3. 41: Clogging Club 12. 31 ; Whet. I ],.!, 121 ; S.,11.1,. I). I, 2, I, II 1. .imp Coaaaelofl Clul. 12. 3, 1); Camp Committer (3) I.. ..I (3, H; III 12. I. 1); Ari ' briv ,21; ,.vmria lns I. 8, 11 ; Hockej ft S, n : I lie Si I (2 3) : Soeerr (21 Spec. Boll (2. 3. II; Swimming II, 2, 3, II; Tennis (2, 31 Vollev Ball II, 2. 3, 41; Basketball (1, 2, 3, II; Softball Sara Frances Ferebe Cha Bui ding frienJly Loii VION r REAfT, N( of II se Mo pok C-lll.lll leader of tin : sist r clas|s Judicial Hoard. oney CAR0LEN for ! ie right capaMe anjd effi Science ■ient .1 tor-ii -Chi Clii.. w . . a Sigma ac que of •apal 1 me AIlEIGH, NORTH lea der f nom tl ie fir: t stai j, erni CAR( LIN l ile 220 mg u -old. n Chkin liiik gan Swjcethe rt of mior Rose Ellen Fi Concord Jessie Louise Ford Norfolk, Va. B.A.,An di MI, .-,.,„: I ' .,,. ,„ I I, ; luni.., .U ..„ , 11 : I 3, li : Lutheran Student Issociation II. 2, 3, Chairman (II ; Music K.l.i. at lul. II. J. !. Mary Roberta Fisher Roanoke Rapids B.A.. English iccl ' rcsulciil IU: Ma-, |n. li, I.,- I _ ' ' , I, - . , , , , , i • I , .,- , I II. I ' ,, ,,„■,! M,-l,,- I II , !■!,,, l,k.,- II. J. .1. II . Ellen Dupree Fleming , ' , {..English Franees Emma Fowler Mt. Ail B.S.. Physical Education Virginia Gladys Francis Waynesvillc B.A.. Elementary Education 4H € p Senior Class Betty Jean French Greensboro B.S., Sei relarial id ministration kathrvn Vauehan Friday Salisbury B.A., Elementary Education Dikean: Dean ' s List (31; Proctor (3): Social Planning Com- mittee (41; Hall Social Chairman 141; Dance Committee Edna Rivy Friedman Charlotte B.A.. Elementary Education Ailelphian; Dean ' s List (3); Interfaith Council (3, 41, Secretary (41; Hill, I Church Clou,. II, 2. 3. 41, Choir (31; Square Circle (21 ; Future Teachers of America (3, 4), Secretary (4); Radio Workshop (3). (Catherine Louise Fuit Franklin U.S.. Sn rrtaiiu tiltmni Lillian Ann Gravely Brevard B.S.. Home Econo mks Association (1, 2. 1. 1); Baskelbsll ' tr::-l-,i Cora Lillian Green Hamplonville B.S.. Home Econo rates Adelphian; Pfrirlet Juni..r College; M 11. 21 ; Y.W.C.A. 11. 2 ; lit Club Club 12. 3. 11; Galilean Club (3. 11; (3); Basketball 13. 11. r- Hill College; Choir 11 ; Home Kcnuomi.- Recreation tssociation Hortaue Bee Galling Charlotte B l t hemUlry I I. " ... v . ;. . l v. ' v .11. 1 1. : S.,11.1. I ...I. .1 ' I . . i l i n Hi; ' . .LI ' .... ' l .l . : 1 I. ' .:• Elsie I ill.- Gaj Black Creek ' . ,. Primal i Edut ation Beta) It.- Cehi Bock] Moonl ti retarial idminutration Ni le Lorrena .il -i n M. bam ( S m (.;ii,. ; i P, ■ •i » i (i, j i, o o G t i cv Bernice Edith Greenberg New York, N. Y. Minnie Raehel Hackne y Siler Citv BMPriman Education B.A., Physics Dike.,,; hi™ (2 " Interview. (2) Feature Edit... 121 ; . 1 !■ .. - i M bo . Pro. i " . (4); Baptisl Student I uion 11. 2, 3, 4) : I r I.: 1) . I ' .. iti.. 1 ;i : HUM ( bun h Group Squar, 1 I) Galilean lub 12. ' .. n Vic. Pr. -i Ii nl 11. - ' . 3. " . Sei reran U ' l S ' 1 ' rman 1 II ; Mas- n unopolitan Club 13. 1 . oil. i Ball (1 2 1 l queraders I ' !. II; for Democratic Iction i I. h Chairman; Radio Workahop ill; Playlilters (2 1 1). Softball Barbara Jean Griggs Pageland, S. C. ' ..S.. Set retarial tdministration Dikean, Man II ; 1 W.C.A. (1, 2); Ga Alpha (3, nnc Hamilton Hall Charlotte ii ; Square Dance (2, 1). B i 1 h mistn Shirley Aliee Haek Nutlev, N. J. Cornelian : ' iroliniM ' 1 1 ; Kl (1) J Dean ' s List i:i II Roll Hi; Pro. i-i B.S., Distributive Education Inierfaiil. Council (3, 1 1 Pres dent in 1 W.C.A. Cabinet U.H.. i. lor] R. pr. - utativ. 1 1 . tislature (4); i : . - i in ' ■ (2) 1 hi to str; Club .1.2 in Vic. Ilea., ' , 1 ,-. 1 l| I " , II ' .l 11. 2 1 ' : Square Preaident in Seer. i harm 1 ni I ir. le II. 21 ; (.,. , Mpha (3, Ii : Future real hen " 1 Vmeri.a 1 :l 1 ; » Miliums III: V.,11,., Ball 11.21; Bailn.inl.,.. (I, 21. Committee 1 1) Galilei b H 2) 1 n 2). :: Vaaoi iation €) O Barbara Ann Hall South HoJefon. B.S., I ' h i sit nl Education Id... ' .. ' . ' . ' ' " M..i. ' ' .• ' - ' .,. ' l " ll V . . , . . . I,„ lie-. - i Spotlight (3 I) ; Recn at on - ition [3. . ... . ... . I. t .nil, i : li Spei .1 Ball (3, n ; Swim, g (3); I.. mi. (4); V.illei Ball 13. II : Basketball 13. ll: S..IH...II 13. II. Man Rose Hall Kaiinapolis B.A., English Dik. hi I List (3); Y.W.C.A (1, 2 :. Ii ; Wesley I I..H. ... i I . i . .. .„. .1 i n. l .11 b Futui I - Dorothy Frances Hallenbeek Charlotte B.A.. English li .., - I .-i in; Pro. tot i it (2, ii : ' n Spui Nancy Lucille Hampton Rutherfordton B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Y.W.C.A. (2); Baptiat Student Union, Council 13. II : H,.u„ 1 . „n. .nil. - . liil. I n I I mure 1. ... In .5 " I .. i I ' Sipia., .■ (21. Dorli Sil.r Hi »rk Slier Cltj . ' s. irtiintil l(lmitti lr tluiti (dalphlu; H ( lub il! . Si ,nl,«ll 3). Lneille I.. era Hannah B S PA ,M„ I i,.i. (2) I . ' I ; II... I -•, 9, U : S« I); ... I II. Margie inn Harding Pilol M lis s,-, rrtartal hlnunnltaliiiri mi Barman Gai It s . Sei filarial tdminittration M«rv Lou llai Sonlhpon tt.S., Stf ntuniil t hnirn-,lrfili " ti Dr.n-. I ... 1 ft i in • Chi Margaret Inn Harrel Klnga Mountain ; s. Horn I ■ onomii . ■ Brtlv Grey Harrington U.S.. i ' h . su . Edit . iai,.. ' ,. ' iV :. ' V ii : iiji. 1 . ' .- I.. ' ■ ' r.liih 12. .1. Ii : I ....... I ..„„,,,.,.,■ i li : 121: Gymnastic II. 2. J, II; Hocl nunc 111 : V.. II. . ILill ' 1 I. ' li . Fij-k-l fOU II 111 t N.l. (..v. Home ft c $ I «i £ Barbara Anne Harris Salisbury B.M., Voice tdelphUn; Dean ' i List l.ll: H..n..r R..11 (3) j Procl I] ,l i«..r 131; II. 2, 3. II; Mu-„ 1- .1 ... Club (1. 2, 3, 41. Trea.urer (3). Eddie Jean Harris Ourhur B.A., Primary Edin ation Hartituniaii I.I..,. B.S., Secretarial Administration II. R. »,,,.■ 1 .lit. .1 . II ; fin, .; II. III: I ' ..,-. 1 li.i.n 121 ; Cornelian: Na .,1 Mii.l.n, — ... latum li. |.r, -.„,.,, ,-.. Ill: International Stu.l.-nt 1 ,.,ii,„i,,,e ,2i; Ta„ 1 ' -, 1 1,„ ■ ,. , II. 2. i u 11. J. 3. li : Wealey 1, : Gamma llpha ,1, 2, 1. Il : „ 1, -,, 111 : »»„„n„na F..11...I.1I1 2, 3 11; Futui reachers ol In (31 ; Tennis (3, 41. Recreation Association (2) ; Clogging Club (2); Volley Ball (2) Elizabeth Green Hauser Thomasville Patricia Anne Harris Jacksonville, Fla. B.S.. Secretarial idministration 11)1.. Vusii Adelohian; Class Treasure, 13, ; Pin, ...(, - Photograph) Cornelian; Choir (1, 2, 3, 11. Social Chairman 1.11; Dire. I..r III: Pi , 111: Dan, -e II,. t tt 1 1 U.I.V. Ill; " .(,-, F.ll,.» ship 1 . ' 1 ; Mu-i. 1 il, 2,: Wesley Foundati 1. 2. ' ,. 1) j Sigma Delta Pi (1) ; li lot. n. 2, .:. n ; ,i. - i ..II..-- i horal Cionp (2J Gamma Alpha i.l. li: l„i.,,.- T-.,. h.-r- ..1 rica n,. B.A., Primary Education i.l. m m irshal (3) ' ». V. edli 1 1) Pro, loi 1 I 1 Dsin. Roseman Sweene} Harden Wilmington 11. 1.. English II,, i„ l- ' l: Mai Curt III; Y.W.O.V. 11. 21: Baj.n-i -lu Adelphian; Class Seereui (2) Dean ' s List (3) ; Honor Roll .l.-i.i ltii..n; l!„i„n Club i- ' i Future Teachers ol America ll 21; I ' -., I 1 -• 1 I,: 2, 1 .|..,-,., 1 I, ; i : i, . Ball (2) Basketball 11. 21. ' - llil, .,. i lub (2), Tommie Lee Haywood Charlotte B.S.. Business Education .l.-l|,ln.,„: Class Secretary (2) I [Van ' - List (3); Honor R..II II. 31: Junior Vdvisoi 111: Y.W.C.A. (I, 2. 3. I); Wealey F lation II. 2. 3. tl. Council (3. 41; Sigma Alpha 13. 41. President 14): Square Circle II. 21; Gamma Alpha 13, II 1 ' atria Ilene Hege Lexingto B.A.. Voice Cornelian; High Point College l.W.C.A. 13, ; R, .,,,„, Dolly Ann Hedgecook B.S.. Business - Educ, liar,,-. E.J. liar,,, „„,..„ Haywood Harris, P. Beg. s Secretarial dministratinn Sara n. - Henneberger TVoj ; Primal Edu ation l I II : V.W.i J phine Mm.. I- Hill Chapel Mi It. A.. Elementan Education Patricia Jane II... k,,, 111 Dorolhj i . Hogan • hapel II. ucal Education Margaret Mc lure Holland Raleigh ( l Primarj Education Jane Moore Holloman Ahoskie B.S., Institutional Economics eft " ian; Dean ' , List (3. 4); Proclor (3): Home Economies (11. Mae Elaine Holly Davidson B.S.. Secretarial Administration ?..■„;, ». h ' i« Cm. ,,..1.1. ian: College Social Chairman (41; Treasurer o( Class Legislature Representative of Class (3); Ontstandine. III; Great,-, 1 niversily Council HI; Daisv Chain Social Planning C,. 111; May Curt III; Junior .r (31; Y.W.C.A. 11. . ' . 3. 41. Tre.mrei 1 ;, 1) a Alpha 13. 41: K.-.reati..ii ss... ij[,.„, ill. 1 ,,-ni.. n Cluh 141. Catherine Ann Holm Cassadaga. Fla. B.A., Biology . u ' 11. 2. 3, 41; Medical TeehnologiKls (3. 11; Swimming H « fM ?? Jean Pinchback Holl Greensboro Jovce Isabelle Howe Springfield, Mass. B.S., Secretarial Administration R. M.. Music Education Comeli.n; Dean ' . Lisl (4); Honor Roll (2): Town Students Organization (1. 2. 3. 11; Ll.i.i. , Commilte ' i2l; Gamma Alpha 13, n . 11 n Aletheian; Secretary of Class (3j ; Dean ' s List (31; Honor K..11 11. - ' 1; Junior Advisor (31; Choir 11, 2. 3, 4), Treas- urer 121, Vice-President 141; V. W.C.A. Ill; M.E.N.C. (3. 41; Music Edu.atio, 1. 11. 2. 3. 11. Vice-President (41; ' ■ - llol|,l,|l, - 1.1 1 ,1. Saving (11; Volley Ball (1). Susan Elizabeth Hooks Fremont B.S., Home Economics Dilccan: 1 vdvisoj 1 1) : I boil (2) ; • .W.C.A. (11 : Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 41; F.T.A. (31; Square 1 11 Hi ; 1 111. Nancy Glair Howell Gandler B.S., Home Economics (.delphian; Y.W.C.A. II, 2. 31; Botany Club (1); Home Economic, Cluh (31; Dane,- Croup (21; Square Dance (1) ; Basketball (11. Eleanor Graham Hoskins Summerfield Edith Marge Hovle Forest Gity B.S., Secretarial Administration B.A., Biology Adel,,l ... Gamma Upha i 1, n . Rei realion Association 11. 2 ; Basketball 11, 21. Cornelian; If.W.C.A. 13. 41; Council (4); Botany Club 4| ; B.u Gamma (4); F.T.A. (3, I); Square Dance (3); Tennis OP f ■ Catherine Eleanor Hudson Jacksonville U.S.. Hume Economii Uetheian Dean ' s Lis! (3. 41; Omieron Nu nomics Club 141; Spanish Club 111; Squ 141 ; H hi 0- ,,.- Dance 1 : 1 Bette Ann HufThau Clinton B.S., Distributive Educa ion Mplia " li. 1 ( " ' luiii ' r, ' - ' ' iVachers o " i!n,e ' i-l ' i2. . Basketball 121 : Softball „« J . b il] Squ ' a ' .e Doris Gelesle Huffines Lenoir B.M.. Musi, Cornelian; Hallboar.l 13. tl; Golden Chain Board 131; Curriculum Committee (31; Re Advisor (3); Choir (1. 2. 3. 4) ' i Musi (3. 41. Preside,,! 111. (3. 41 ; Elections ievrine Committee m 5 Pagg) I... Hull Charlotte . I., Piycholog) Norma Rlehardaon Hunlej Rock) M i I., Primary Edm alion Martha Evann Hnrloeker 1 1 ....... r I . ; I Primal ■ I dm ' ih,,n Virginia Rae Ingram T» lor.»ill. BS., Physical Education France McLeod Hum Pleasant Garde B.S., Home Economics I i I- Pro In (1) Da - ' ' ; li i ti. i ■ ' , H 1 I. i Ip . I I I U , I II II Jacqueline Johnson Jackson Oecnslioro B.A., Primary Edm anon Gran- Jahn Morgan toll B.A.,Chemistn Jacqueline Jernigan Ralrigli B.S., Home Economics ■ ...,.-,....,.i„. t -.-.,.,.,,, , " i. i.. .. . i ,., i ' .u " .... t ....... t M„.|..,,| I ..„,„,,.... l|. . ' . ; 1 ft I ■ I « ii ' -iii K, II, .«-!.,,. II. . ' . 1. M: H..„„ f..-„nomic» Club II. 2. 3. 41; Galilean Club (31 ; Volley Mall I .• . ; Ha-k.-lball (2)i 5 11 (21; Coll (2); De!e e ate to Slale Student ' Henrietta l». Jackson Sobbin Us., Secretarial tdministration Dlkeui V.W.C.A H. - ' . I. . Cuuu Uphl wr M a $ li t?fc Hull ilurloeker Jaek.on. J. Ja,k,.,n. II. II. Barbara Jobe Alethei.n. Dorm Representative (1) ! Hall Board (1); Pine Neeiles (2, 3, 4) ; Coraddi (4) Dean ' s List (3) ; Honor Roll il, :i ; S, rvi. E 1 eague 111; Dani c I ommittee Hi; Irti Forum I itte, i:i n - ; Y.W ' .i 111 Vn Club (2, :il. Social Chairman (3). Vice-President (4); National Students ' Assoc; ., I ' ■ : s,, , lu -li I lull ( 1 1 ; Square Dance (1). Johnson B.A., History ,,.,,, I II ; 1 .« I V.I Betly Wilson Johnson Benson B.S., Se rrttui il Athuinistration Cornelian; Legisli I) Cosmopolitan Club (II; Gamma Joyce Prune Johnson Smithfield B.A.. Biology Vl.lli. ,.„, ; Senioi House President (4) J Hall Board (31; Elections Chairman (3); Dean ' s List (3); Proctor (31; Dance Committee (2. 31: Botani Club 131; Chemistry Club (2) ; Re real Usoi ial I - 3) ; Camp Counselors Club 12, 31; Camp Committee (31; Archerv (2); Gymnastics U, 2); Hoclce) I - ' I Lit, Savins, i- ' l; Soccer (1, 2); Tenni. Ill ; Softball (1. 2. 31 ; Golf (2). Miralyn Lucille Johnson Ashley Heights B.S., Home E uminu, ■. i lis ,,,, ' • I isl i ii ; Honoi Roll Hi : lunior V i ill, , i I, - ' I ; I, , I, il.,,.!; I ,„„„ ,1 II,. VW.C.A. II, 2. , W, - isle, fell-,,.- 1,,,, 11. 2. I I, President I II H 1 ..,„ - Club ' - ' Mary Susanna Johnson B.A., Mathematit s Dil i..-s I-ist (3) : Ho, ® « f f ? 2, .!, . 21 ; Square Cirrle II. V. Ill: Spanish Club PSS Adams Johnston B.S.. Home E, Cornelian; Dean ' s List (31: Honor Boll 131; Jim,.,, A 131; To»n Student. Organization II. 2, 1, 41. Lecis 121. Judicial Board Economics Club (2, Dorothy Winters Jones B.S.. Secretarial Adminii Junior College (1) Johnson. A. T. Johnson, M. I Johnston. P. A. Jobn.on. II. Johnson. H. Jones, D. t ( Claire Jonet nv 1 . N !) ..III. ri... Keck lll.rlh,| ; i Primal • I ■ - ' ■ s Barbara Jordan Wen Hartford, ' ....... ; l lm Uclphl ■ ■ Club (1 C • (! 1) C (1) Elizabeth Lane K...i Klnaaport, Tenn. I: 1 Engluh (HI Marj Elizabeth Kenl Lenohr Lillian G. Joyner Crifton W..v. Biuineu 1 ■ U.S.. Home !■• onomit i 11 II I ' m ,!.,..,., 1 P . ' i . II I ' lub 1 ' p|l lualoi CaUefa (1 VVl 1 11. II ; l ' l,,l,l., hi ' ; M -kn. Susan Berkeley kimbmugh Richmond, Vi H.A.. Biology ll. 2, .1. II : Botan) I ..I (2, 3, II : F.T.A. (II : Elizabeth C. Kinard Randallstown, Md. B.A., Sociology I ; II. inn It. |n. -.iiiain, ■ III; Vi. ,t;lte . HnsiiH ' -i. Stag (3. 41 I y.W.C.A. (2, 3. II : Sociolog) I lub : I) Prasidenl (li; Recreal Association (I. 2, .1. II; Play Bellv Jane Taylor Kin S Mount Airv BS.. Home Economics AJctboian: Botany dull CI; Hum.- Economics Club (2, 3, Jones. C. C. Keck ki.nlir I, Joan Wrenn knaup Greensboro B.A., History ■ : : , ,:. . h I ' . [I ,1 - List (3) ; Honor Roll (2, 3) ; Reviewing Committee (4) ; Service League (2) ; Junior Advisor (3) ; Town Students oi ini.MtH.n ill, s,ui,i i i - n. e Forum Committee (3, n. Interlaith (2, 31; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2. 3, 4). Marie Johnston King Pelham B.S., Secretarial Administration Aletheian; De.n ' s list (31; Y.W.C.A. (1. 21; Gamma Alpha (3, II. K.I A III. Spanish Club II. 2) ; l»r Spencer Spotlight (4). Eleanor Kathrvit Kirschner York, Pa. B.A., Primary Education Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41: Lutheran Si ciation (1. 2. 3. 4); Botany Club (2. 3, 41; F.T.A. (3. 4); Swimming (II; Volley Ball (1. 21. Senior Class Club (1. 2, 3, 4). i- Langdon .A.. Primary Education ® £ ki., L -. M I . Knaup Lawrence, D. B. Doroth] Blanche Lawrence B.S..HomeEc 1 1 ... 1 1 - I i-i 111: B..|.ii-I Stiul.-iil Council (1. 2. .■ -l-i, -i.i.-nt I II ; Hum. ' L. ..ii....... - Club 11. J :i. ret 12. 31. Se. flat. Ill ; 4-H 12. 1 l| Volli - E»el n Gorham Lawrenee Falkland B.A., History Idelphian; ,...,Un f ill: Dean ' s Lint ill; H.,.,.,t Koll II. I..... Committee 141 : Y.W.C.A. i I) Squat. Circh -. J .i: Phi llpha rheta (3. Ii, Secretar) in in- politan i lub I I) ; Calilean I lub (1. 21; I l. (3, n . I; , ,,. .In , i ollegiate Council in. Wanna Kaye Laws Thomasville B.A.. English Y.W.C.A. (II: y Marv Helen LinvUle Oak Ridge B.A., Spanish Adelphiaa; Hull Board (II; Deaa ' a LlM 13. It; Proctoi (1) ; lunioi Uvwoi i I) ; Sigma Delia Pi 13. Ii, President (41 ; - I i«l. (1)1 Club II. 2, S, I). Martha Cordelia Lippard Albemarle U.S.. Secretarial Administration T.C.A. (1); V ii ' , Mary Scarborough Llewellyn Thomasville B.S., Home Economics Francei Leather Its .11,,,,,. I , Ledbetter 8.S., Home Ei M.,..- ir K i..ia Lewi. Null... V J. BS„ Physical Education ■ i. - l ; Softball (9 Marj Ola I. ill.- William. I. II . I. ....I... . U.I.I. I M II...... t... Marilyn Kuih Lentz Colllngawood, N. I U.S.. Home Et onomit i [1) ; Buekni I Dmj I II l I " " " • !... L i " ' ' I ' -■ ' H I ■ ■■. " Ii .. li " .. Spni ... Janet inm I ml. . 4 v I , achera ..i Vol. ... . lub (1); 4-H I • r»..„ Lewi. ill. Linker L1...I1... Alma Lorraine Loftness Irvington, N. J. Mary Moore Lovett Asheboro B.A., English B.A., Sociology Uetheian: Marshal 111; Fiance Chairman, Junior. Senior (3); , omelian; Roi kc College (1. 2); Lutheran Studenfi taio Dance Commit 1- ' . 31: Y.W.C.A. 11. 2, 3. 41: Wesl.v . ,.n . il i id. n n. 1) ; Alpha Psi Omega (2, 3) 1 ..un.lal, - ' I : ,|u.,re Circle 111 : Sock.lorn Chit, 1.3. 41 : Future IV... her. ..1 America 13. 41; Commission Chairman (41: Recre. al AaBOciation 11. 2, 3. 4); Clogging Club (31; Square Dan.-e (11; Shimming (11; Tennis (4); Volley Ball (2); Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4). Lillian Lois Loftis Walnut Cove ' ..V. Secretarial idministration Carol Deati Lowery 1 ..... II I lian Can ft. bb 1 olleg. (1 2); Gamma Upha li. n ; Future rea. ben ol America Hi. B.A., Biology l. .2. 3i : I hemistri c luh (1, 2, 1, 1, ; Medical Technologists (3. ll; Galilean Club (3. 41; Spanish Club Martha Elaine Lohr Lumberton ll 2, 1, li ; Ax, he,. Club (3). B.A., English Dikean; National Studenfa Aasocia Chairman in. Vic. Mary Elizabeth Lynch Catawba Chairman ol Virginia-Carolina Region [4) ; Legielature Mi: ... 1 II : 1 ', life ,3. ll ; Pro.!.., - B.S., Home Economii s Y.W.C.A lit; l.i-,i„.r.,.l.-.- ll. 2. 3. 41: Nat .1 M„.|.,i, - Dikean; Western Carolina Teacher ' s College (1, 2); Home ..,„ ,,1,,,,, (2 1. 4); I ...,„. .,...lii.ii, 1 luh .3. II ; Student ' s Economic! 1 lub (3. tl; Future Teachers of America (3| ; 1 H (3, 1) ; Tennis (4). .U-l| ludi ; M. Mark ' s Junior i,. U-- - ll. J I ; t W.I III; !»t. MarV- Hiiiisp; Home Economics Club (3, 4| ; Future Teachers of America (4); Dance Croup (3); Co: I.l. al.illi VtCoOMMB U.S., Home Et onomu ■ Sara Lonlac HeCoogan KM.. Piano m i (1) StudeDl ' i ii,.., • Martha J..... Hejankiu U...I... ; I Primary Edu c ation II.IK MiKnikIiI Mi.rKiiiiH, i: l B i„, . , i ■.,.-,» i Man Elisabeth Helnnii Pleaaanl Garden B.A., Primar) Edttl utwn Uikra,,; 1 own Sludriil ' i Onjeniaalioo (1. 2, 3. 4). Caroline Idami McLean II. s.. II- C Elizabeth Setaer McLeod Rowland B.S., Home Economics rVdalphian; Dean ' , List 13. 41; Honor Roll (1. 3); Junior .liis„r HI; V. ».C. . II. - ' . 31; W.-l -I.-I I. II I„|, II. . ' . , ' t. II;,, N„ 11, Ii. Vice-President Hi; Home I. ..„.,, Ilul. II. J. : ' ., II; Future IVa.l,.,. .,1 ,,„-ri,a Nina Marie Mil. .oil Robbins B.S., Secretarial idmintetration Dikean; I egislalure I II ; I ' , r (4) j Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. S. 4) j Gamma Mpha II. II; Ion,,,- l,-.,.l„,- ,.| n,.„, a U. II; Ka-krll.all (1. . ' . 3. 4 1 . Ii, ii- Will McReynoIds Winston-Salem B.A.. History Aletririan: lul-Tlailh Coum-il III; H.,|.ii-1 Student ' s Union II. 2. 3. 41; Greater Council (2, 3. 4); Executive Council Baptist Student ' s Union 13. 41; President Younc. Woman 1 " McGoopan. E. , Mcjunkrr McLeod. E. S. Juanita Louise Madison Webster Faye Marshall Winston-Salem B.F.A., Art • !• " " ■ ' Hi: Art Club (. ' . ' ■ 1); B.S.. Distributive Ediu ation Cornelian: Peace Junior College (11: Dean ' s MM (3); Town Mu. I.i.l- Ili-ani al . ' i ; l.anima Mpha 13, 41; Volley Ball Nan MeArn Malloy Laurinburg B.A.. Primary Education Hilda Hancock Marston Scotland Neck, Marshal I I) Dorm Representative (1) D mitle, 131; Y.S.C.A 111; Boti lub 1 11 - Future ■ 1 1 i B.F.A.. Art Melphian, Social Chsi in III: Pin. v...;;... I1..1,, ' . I i-i in Pi i ili; Dance 1 mittei 1 - ' 1 Irts Forum Com- Nancy Lee Map].- Rocky Mount B.S., Physical Education Cornelian: Carolinian |3|; Proctor 11. 31; Recreation K.... elation 11. J. t. 11; Dolphin Seal 11. 21: Clogging Club 111: Camp I ,.„.... Ion ' lub (1, 2. 3. 4): 1 o-oi ' - ' . ; ' Goll Sara Lou Masengill Johnson City. Tenn. ' ,- ' .: ;: [ : i.;;; 1 :.. ' .- " ,. ' ; " ,l, -;:;::; " i,!,n B.A.. History Id. Iphian; Proctot n. 2); So. ial PI. g 1 1 i I) i Hall s oira D - .1 (2). fc R ih Barbara Fairfield Maughan Durham B.A., Sociology Cornelian: Mao Washington College (II: Dean ' s List (3» ; Honoi Roll (2)| Junior A oi (3) j Y.W.C.A. (2. 3. 4); Council 111; Alpha Kappa Delta (3. 41; Sociology Club (3). Martha Borden May Burlingtu B.S., Home Economics Cornelian. Treasurer (41; Service League 131; Proctor (4 , .« 1.1 II. - ' . I. II; M- Man ' s House (41; Home Ec ice Club ll. J. 1. II; Square Dance (3, 4); Cosm Martha Elizabeth Maynard Winston-Salem B.F.A.. Art Vm,.. i iraljm Hedford Qyde Dorfl Jo- pin.,. Mill, r Spencer II 1 , Mull,, a,, ih. i ; 1 ' ,.-.,• . location Dlkun; II. II Bi Bed] In...... Mill, r Win l..,,-s,.l.n M.niii.i Ann Miilliii Creemboro 1 S. " I,,lttf, ; s Se " tarial tdmim Iralion | f.w.l 1 1 I V Emily Alice Hieol N.J.I.-, Katharine Sandman Mill, r Ufaerille B.5., Sei retarial tdmini tration Vdi lp ' 1); 1 ma Up B l H (j, n- phi i f V f f Pallv Jovner Mills Winston-Salex B.A.,Spanish tddphian; !)...„ ' . LW ill: if.W.C.A. Ill : Fulun ..I tmerirea in. Pruidenl n. II; n ,.arr Dance I Gloria Anne Monk Winston-Salen R.A.. Primary Education I V B.S.. Distributive Education Corm-li.n: Y.W.C.A. (1); Gamma Alpha (3. II; Norlt Spenrer Spotlight III; R, r re.ili..i, „„ ialion (1, 2, 3, 4): Tenni. (2, 3. 4 I . Mill.r. II. I Mill.r. K V May Louise Mooney Aiken, B.A., Biology Aletheian; Chairman Honor Board (4); Legislature (1 Indicia! Boar. v v I .m null. . sitv Sermon Com- Dean ' n List (3) ; Roll (2 ; Greater L ni-.t-ily Council 141; Social Planning Council (II; Hall So. ial I liairman 111; Choir (II; Y.W.C.A. (I. 2. 3, 4) ; Council ol Wcstminisl II. 2, 3. 41 ; Botany I 12. :. II ,. . 1 Chemistry Club 12. 3. 1 1 ; Beta Beta Bela 13, II li -- iJ I li.iirnian I II . Future m rica i I ' Di Group (3, I Voile) Ball Outstanding Senit Baik.ll.all 121 : -.ilil.all Fellow ent (41; Galilean Dikean; Proctor (1. 2, 31 j Junio. A.hisor (41; Phi Psi Omega (1. 2. 3, 41, Treasurer (21. Vice-President (3. 41; Medical technologists I.I. II, Pto.nlenl 111; Galilean Cluli 12. .!. II ; S.iuaie Hi J. li. s,., „ ,.,,, I4i |.H 12. .1. 41; Cosmopolitan Club 13. II. Treasurer (41; Swimming n .i tennis (2); Basketball (1. 2. 3. 4); Softball (1. 2, Fay Irene Morgan Pinehurst B.A., Primary Education Adelphian; Y.W.C.A. (II; Proctor (II; Bolan, I Itlb 12. J, 1) B I laaociation (3) ; Da Gr...,,. I li . Gvm. nasties (1. 21; l.nnis 12. 31; Vollev Ball (2. 3. II; Basket, ball (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Softball (2, 3). Joyce Blue Morton Raleigh B.S., Home Economics l. tin urn : II. Representative 111; Proctor (1. 21; Dance Committee (2|; Punic .l,i.„r 131; Y.W.C.A. U. 2) j Bom. Economics Club (1. 2); Galilean Club (2. 3. 4 1 . Dollie Gloria Moser High Point B.A., English . .... Carolinian (3, 4); Dean ' s List (41; Town Stu. deal - m. ... I I ' 1 W 1. . I I. 41 . ff ealej Foundation (3. 4); Galilean Club 12. 3. 41; Future Teachers of America (41 ; Square Dance Club 131 ; Cosmopolitan Club (3, 4) ; Cornelian. Marshal (31; Legislature II. 3. II: House l,„i Hi: Hall Board II. 3); ' in.- ee,«„ (31; Golden Chain 13. li; Vice-President ; Dean ' s List (3); Service league 111; P,.,.1... Ill; Dai ) Chain 121; l W.C.A. II. Catherine Carole Myrich Fayetteville B.A.. Elementary Education Dikean; Pineland Junior College; Service Lei Club 111 ; 4-H Club 131 Carolyn Neece Elizabeth City Mildred Elizabeth Newitt B.A., Sociology Jnda Christine Owen Lake Toxj R.A.. Primary Education C.rnrlian: Y.W.C.A. (1. 21: Galilean I lub (2, .11 ; Recn Lucy Stewart Page ( ..rnfh..n I • r :■. , I.l.nn M.ll (J. " I. II; Cirol I rf.ntl. ' .1 til; ! |,,n ' . II.. 111. President III. ii Ann Parker (Mm, B.A., Mathematics Carolinian. CnlumniM 111: Dean ' s Lisl 111; H..r. 2); Electioni Board. Chairman Hi; Curriculi ... in : Proctoi (.11 : Y.IXjt (2, I, 4), Fri ihn II: K..un.ijli..n. Hire, l..r ..( Wesley Plav. Circle (1, 2. 31. President (II; Galilean Cli 4); in. It. C. I ' rmuti i l:du itlii ' ti w Ogtlrie North U ,lk, Je«lc (.r;.» Mchola E B.S.,Sci relarial tdmiaistration . i Sara Wall Oden Waahlngton . I.. Primary Edm ation Id, Ip i Dtu ' l Llat j 1 I llotany Club i I Am.™. , ill: Spaniih Club l. Edna I ngenia Okej t.r.,1,., Br I Virginia Ellxabetfa Oliver Cartha BS. HonU I I " noma s Diktat; If. W. I A (1 o ? V ft .el„.l. Okej Page Patricia Harrison Parker Eagle Springs Rubv Ann Pavnc Wilmington .A., Primary Ed in Jsl (31 ; Dane- Co Mar; Lena Patterson B.S., Secretarial Admit live (3), V President (II. Raedelle Patterson White Plains B.A.. English Adelphia.i; Elections Chairman III: Carolinian (31; Dean ' s I i9l I I) Pi I (2) ; II,.,- Chain (2) : i .W.C.A. (1. 21; Future Teach,.. ,.( Imeriea (3, II: Clogging Club (21; Square Dan..- (I. I); III (2, 3, II; Basketball (2. 3. 41. ' .A., History (; Dai-v Chain (2. ; Soo; 11,11 S..i lal Chairman III; dance Co II. 2) J Square Danre Club (3). Ethel F. Pendleton Wilmington B.A.. Biology Adelphian; Carolinian (41: Proctor (1); Dance Committee Nellie Grey Peterson B.A., Spanish £i £ ,l. ' l[,l,,.i, , I, ,r.. II. 2. 31 ; Elect, o - (31; Omicron Nu (3. 41; Home Economics Club (1. Danforth Fellowship Award (1); Home Economics ship Award (21 ; Borden Home Economics Scholarsh Margaret Elizabeth Petrea Salisbury B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Choir 111; Y. W.C.A. II. 2. 3. 41; Lutheran !,..!,, ,1 -.... ...don : H,.r„e Ec.nnm.cs Club (1. 2, 1, ll; ' .A., Pn ■Ednc arshal (II. Junior Marshal (31; Treasurer ot Student C rnuient 121; Outstanding Senior (4) ; Golden Chain (3. 41; Dean ' s List (31; Freshman Flection, Chairman (II; Dance Committee 121; Dan. e Chairman 131; Y. W.C.A. Ill: »..!,„, ,,,-ler Fellowship I ....... il 11. 2. 3) ; Future America (41; Clo B gin s Club (4); Freahman 111; Dormitory Society Representative (1); Uni. ion Committee (It. delph.. lea. her- Patterson. l. L. Pendleton Petrea. M. E. -T t W °k : I Hwr J -1. i 1 1 «,-- Bocklngfaai B.A.,Engltih i 1), P leal (4); 1 ulun l dI la i MtMred renc Phillip. Blckorj It 1 t ' lrinrlilm i ' ., iltlnn Peggj J. dc Phillip. Soothern Plnei BS., Physical Education llatbi Ian 1..,. 1,. ,- „i Voll , Ball v. i 1 1 1 n i lab ' - ' 1 ' ; Pulan ., Mi - 1 11 II: 1 ,. II.; 1, ii . Badtall 2, 1 1) ( Ian I....,-. Plckard EUadlc Its , Set retarial idministration Alathalaa. !.• ■• I, I,,,. ,1. -•! I ' ■ Ml. 1 » I ■ Clab in . Ba.knun in P gg) -ii. Pickle I • ringlon s . „;„. -.. onomii I mill, inn rill.Mi Savi ■! ;s Home Economic ii - ' . in i , i i . , Jeanne Annette Pinner Tabor City B.S., Home Economics Ann Carter Pollard Winston-Salem B.A., Art 131 : An. Forun 111; M.,-iHM 1.1.1- t- I 1 Imogene Anita Pons .,1,1, - B.A., Frenrh Adelpbian; Dean ' , Li«t (3); Pioctor (2): Ma, Court (1 Choir (1. 2. 3, 41, Accapella Choir (2, 31; Tau Psi Ome, H)l Basketball (1). i f V f v Mary Elizabeth Poplin Wilmington Ramona Powell Enfield B.A., English B.A., Elementary Education Edna nue Preston Fayetteville B.A., Hiology 121 ; Dane- Committee (2); Y.W.C.A. Delia Pi (3, 41; Cosmopolitan Club ( (1, 2. S. 41; Sigma Bobbie Lee Potts Clemmons B.S., Home Econo, ics Carolyn Jovre Powell Charlotte BS., Physical Ediu lion Senior Class .Ipliian: Erskiue 1 oll.-ge (1. 21 ; K, ,. ii..„ --, 4) ; Square Dam i I Coot (4) ; 4-H (2) ; Gyn li : II " . k. 13. li ; I ,1,. Saving (3, II : Soccei ;ed Ball (3, 41 ; S»in.i..inu (.1, li . ,,ll. , li.,1 .Utball 1.1. II ; S..!ll.all III. ft) Ina Mae Price Spindal B.A.. Elementary Education Cnru.lian: Future TYa.-hi-fs ..I me. P In Powell. R r Lucile Stowe Ragland Kernersville B.A., English B.S.. Secretarial Adm Dikean; [lormilo.y Representative 111; President nl Slu Government (41; Board li. 41; Hall Board II. -,.t.,„. House Prestden. 121; ... ' p. lulure (3. 4|; ju -..,[.,..[ I hairman III; urth Sp?n t ,r Sjjullighl (2. 3, Outstanding Senioi 111; Golden Chain 13. 41; Greater .i-iM l. ill; Weslev Foundation (1. 2); Gal Alpha (3. 41; Spanish Club (1, 2. 3. 41; P,ng Pong I ' ., ii Eubank Randall I ' .. B.S.M., Music Educati, VMphian: MEM: 141; Dean ' s List (3) 31; Choi. (1, 2. 3. 41; Y.W.C.A. II Choir (3. 4); Musi, Education Club (1. 180 RodferTB Inn " ' ■ " wbu -Salei ' . I s i I ' m.. ' ' II; li, r A. I I I 1 •k %V . I I .. ..I.,„, C.lul, II Lora Jean Reeves W: ,, ..V, »■ ' ft -turial ilmini triittnn Kmli Virginia Ri ; Baton Greensboro Franca Mildred Bhlnaharl Clyde Antoinette Maria Reavii 1 1 .... r. : I Soi v.i. i , y.w.c.A. (I) i ib (a u i 2) - ' i etaj v.... Richardson I IU ... I Si malum; -A . ft J- irginia Ellen Rickert StatesviUe li.t..rr,;„l, ,r. 1 j. 1. ..... : Pi 1, 3, 11; Y.W.C.A. . in; V .. 1 . achera ..I rica 111; l.iu Psi in Playlikers Joan Roberl« Leaksville B.A.. English Metheiau; House President (3) : Legislature I 1) ll ill Board 13. 41 : :.,! 11..., ..1 I 1, : 1 .1,. S....I..... II II 1 ( ); Cold™ Chi 3), R ling «... ....... in. Dean ' s 1 isl i 1) : Bonn II 2) ; funioi Uvisoi (3) : V.W.C.A. H. - ' . li Squi 1. i- ' i . 1 re 1 . ... h. n ol Vrneri. i (3, li: H I ' .. -..I- hi ' - Organization Hi: Ma) Da) Cos- lume Cornmill.-c (2). Jean Carol Rogers Albemarle B.S., Sei retwial tdministrat ion Arielphian ; Dean ' s 1 -. ■ Pine A Srmor 1 1.,- t .1.1... . 1. • 1 , . . . 1 1 -. . . 1 ■ ■ i .■. ■ 1. «... . 1 ■ 1 . , 1 ., H : J V.I -.«■■ ■ i - ■■ »■■■ . ... it J •■ . ; ■ c I..1. . li . K-.....I v- ■ .1 : ■■ li.. ;.,. (Yl; ' l. ' .l ' l 12. ' li ' " llo, k. ; " " l ' l. . S«„„ " .„mu .1. 2 i ' : " " " . ' .ll. ' - ' . Hill II. 2. 3); Basketball (I. 21; Soflb.ll l|.. 1 ■ Ric-hardsoi Elizabeth Ross Pleasant Garden B.S., Business Education i, .11 Pro. loi ili; Ca .1 llpha (3, t). Nancy Rothroek Thomasville B.S., Home Economics i lii n ' s I isl i I) DaiB] I bain (2) Wcsli . Founda - ' I n- II K.-...I I.-. Club 1.1. II: S.|.iaie Di i- ' i ■ l H ili Anne Russell Winston-Salem A.B.,Primar } Education Everette Claire Sanderford Cary U.S., Home Economics II. ili,,,, i, Marshal III; Ii.-.iii ' - I.i-I i. ' : I ' in- . I ..minil!,-. i ;, V.W.C.A ' li II 1 • - I l„l. (1, 2. 3. 41, lr...,.„r. , ill : F.T.A. Hi: Spanish Club (I, 2, 3, I). Susan Rivers Sanderson Washington A.B., Primary Education Vdclphian, Marshal 111. tdelphian Council (41; Dance i ,.,„,„, ii... Ill: M j - I I li : ' .C.A ( II : Saint Mary ' a I ■ I V III - " ii M.iiiI,,, III ; Basketball Raehel Jeanelle Sarltaugh ■I.H.. Spanish , ' « II,,,,-,. I I, J, I. II : Hall 11,,,. i, I „.. I i ii,, 121 ; F.T.A. 1.1. li ; :i ' , 2, .11 ; An h,-i 0 R Jane Sarsfield Charlotte A.B., English Jean Doris Satterthwaite elde A.B., English M.lll, ,.,„; (2, ' ., li : I ,.- J " , lit N-.tlli S F „.l]icht June Dolores Saunders 1 A.B.. Elementary Education -i.W.I.A. (1, 2. 3. 41; F.T.A. 141; Squa 111: ( ..-in,. i.. ,liMr, Club ill. Russell Sarbaugh Lillian Maria snxwr Elisabeth ii (. V, V. ri-tiiiml tilnmnslrnlnm Dorothj m Scotl w .,-l.i.,«i..., (. I Elementary Education II; I I 1 III « ■■%.- Until Sedgwick lli al.elh CltJ t.B., English H..1....1 I li.l. I. ' . 1. II : I I 1.1 ' I •.. " (J) R«l Olive inn aura Rich] l S . ... litnnnl l-ltturn-.lf ' lllnfi Norma Jean Sherrer taherilli I ; Primary Edui niton Joyce Sherrfl] Hkki B i ■ menlarj Edut " ' " » .„ll, s,,..,,, Belt? Jane Sherron Fuquav Springs U.S.. Home Economics Dikean; Dean ' i List (3); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3, I); Hum.. Eco. i.- Club II. i. 3, II; F.T.A. Ill: Square Dane- (II. Dorothy Emmie Shiver Charlotte A.B.. Primary Education Sarah Ann Shuford B.S., Physical Educatit mm., ,11; Co-of (3. Spved Bull (3. 4) ; Swi. S»i,„n„„ e 14); Volley Ba ball (3. 4). II... k. , . Ol Uf,T,..lli.l .11 (3. 4) ; Si Sedgwick sh„l..r.l RosenWy 3onc:y Caro l;i 1 1 1 1 ; . week ends Edii »nth LIN ON i siasti Ca roliiu NORTH CAROLINA poli ical jiartiei imbe tevab le en rgy ambitious Stud« nt Legis- sii icere Ellen Brent Shuford Hickory l Hi . ni Diane Simon Tabor City AM., English B.S., Distributive Education AdelpMan: Dtin ' l I 1st (3) Servic. Commillee 1 1 1 : 1. c 1 . - ' 1 H 41 ; Hall Board III; Cosmopolitan Club Club (2. 3. Adelpbian: Carolinian (1, 2). Adv ertising Manager (3), Busi- ness Manage, 141: Dean ' s I.isl 131: Honor Roll (2. 3); Inl.-rf.,itl, Council III: Hillel 11. 2. 3, 4 1 . Treasurer (3); Sigma Alpha 3. 41 ; Gamma Alpha 13. 41 : Square Danee (3) ; Stale Student Legislature 13. 41: Interim Council (4). Nancy Ann Sides B.S., Secretarial Admim Spencer Carolyn Atkinson Simpson Fayetteville A.B., History Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. (1); Can..,,., Alph. Elizabeth Rankin Siler 1 F.T.A. in. Asheville II, ' , ' , ' ! ill II. Ill ' ! ' . ' , 1 111. P, .„■ ' ;„, III! Social ' Planning Council (11; Hall Social Chairman ill; Y.W.C.A. (1) ; A.B., Psychology Marion Talitha Skinner Lumberton •delphian; Legialaturi (4); H Pre Proctot (1); Y.W.C.A ' 1 1) II cholog) I Inb (3 , Secretai (4) Hockej (2) ; Bsiketb 2) Softbi s " !, " , ' ,, ii r,, -i.i.n, (3, 41 ; Psy- B.S., Home Economics liikco.,; l ' rudor II. 3i; Dance Committee IJI; Y.W.C.A. 11. 21 : Home 1 1, il. 2. 3. 41 : 111 (41 ; Basket- ball (1, 2. i Senior a m Durham Smith B.S., Home Ec Frances Smith Roaring Gap B.S., Secretarial Admi, blheian; Carolinian ill; Lditor of Gamma Alpha Spalttgl ill: Dean ' s List (31; Gamma Alpha (2. 3. 41; D,,lph,i] Se. (2. 31; Life Saving (II: Swimming (1. 2. 31; Baskelba s,„iih. . II. Jane Klrkman Smith Greetub II: II- menial lulu- ilium - ■ ' lei (3, 4); Cool (3, 4) li Ball ' ■ ' llan Siniih Ijiki- Wacca , ' s s,-, trim it hlitiittr B W M Honor Boll II. 21 i Dun i I . ' Mi . Mall Pi »..ll iniili Waltral ' • • . Idelpblu; Han I Mac Smith K.r, v Secretarial dminutratum l.iniia Ami Suratf 131 ; Honor Roll 111 ; P S I- on, in I t Y.W.C.A. 1); Psycho ico ' Presideol (4). -lafT 13. II ; II...,, ' . l.|. Ila, , l.hain 121 : Son, ; I h,.„ il. . ' , 3. 41 I ' riscilla Anne Snider Springfield. Mass. B.S., Physical Education 1. r hi ,.,r, : Yearling; Carolinian (2, S, n. s,.„ri« Editor 131. Dean ' i Lial (3) ' l Pi i ( - ' " -W.I I I I |Wi -l. f ■ Drfphln ' sl. •! . ' . " ' . " ,. ' Pre tde.l (4). Sec " :,,, ' , : I ,(.- S., , „ c III : s.,,.,.,1 M.,11 III ■ s.i.nniin Voile) n I, 2, 3, li | Bni.krib.ill 11. 2. U li ; I. .,11 III : It. k. Honor Croup 131. Marv INanry Sorrenlitio Bronx. N. V. A.B.,French Tan Psi !)»!. Il ■■ (2, 31 ; Cosmopolitan • r? TV Smith. J. II. Smith, - Snider Evelyn Jane Spencer Rocky U.S.. Set retarial Administration Cornelian; Pine Yeefftej | List 131 : Pro, lor (1. 3 I ; II. 21 : Camilla Alpha I ■ I Jean Mary Stanley Perr) Point, Md. B.A., Sociology Y-Tc.-n t.luF . -1111111 Young Republicans Club Hazel Virginia Steele Greeiisuoi B.A., History Dikean. Marshal (4); Service League (II; Hall Social Cba man (1); Vestry, St. Maiv ' . House 13. I Club (3. II; Dance Croup (1, 2) J N.S.A. (3. 4). Jean Weaver Stevens Winston-Salem B.S., Physical Education Unh. ,.„,: Mars Hill Junior College: Dean ' s List (31; Junior Ad ,sor (31; Y.W.C. ,. ■ ' , " Cabinet til; Baptist Student Union Council (4); Recreation Association (41. Cabinet 141; Camp Counselors Club (4) ; Co-of (4) ; Senior Council (4) ; II, k Hi; Life Saving (4| ; Speed Ball 13. 41; Voile) Ball t-3. 41; Swimming (4); Basketball (3. H Softball Tarry Straiton B.A., English Soi ial Plat B Council (4| ; Datr Hi Wesle) Foundation (1. 2. Future Teachers of ttnerii B I I ' . I,.,,,. College Cheerleader (4) i Cljss Che, II.-.,,, ' . I i-l t.ii : I ' r... I.,i II. Ji : Chemist™ Club i ,, in. .,1 (I. J. 3. II: Dolphin " " Anne Stilton LaGrange B. S., Home Economics It, k : II " I,- President 131; Judicial Board ill Pit Hi: VTeslej Found n (2), I Member 141; Home Econ - Club 11. 2, 3. II; Future Teachers ..t America Margaret Elizabeth Sutton Pageland B.A.. Elementary Education A it ite Taylor Elon College IH.. Biology 183 W 52 wi Janice Tolo.hko H.A.. English l, il,. un ; ( ,11,1 111,1111. K.| t ,.innt; .n„J Fi-alur.- Slalls 4)1 Make-up E I (2); [utervien El Ill: I ,.1 in I » " «Wi. ( .111.I t i luiiiu ' ' Manan.-i Ctl. MaW.-iii 1.1 in : Dcan ' i 1 .1.1 (.11 : [nterfail ,1 111, Vic. I ' r.-i.l.-iM 1:11 ; llill.-l in. I, ..,-„,.■, i. ' i „, Pr. .,.1 I) Trot! 111.. S,„ iolo ' I I r. Jane Martilia Troy Wilmingto B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphiait; Dormiton RepnaenUlm 111 Carolinian 11 Dam Chain (21: Y.V .C.V II. J I ; W, ■-!.■, FuunJalloi. (1 Camma Alpha lit, 11; Cl. ginp lluh III; Square Dan. Club (3, II ; Ba.krlball (3, 41 Shirley Jeannette Tegg Norfolk, ; l English i i . Mahals Gcraldinc Thomi - II. I.. („. ..A-| , « I V Ruth Kaighl TUlman • .Home Ei mei I ...111 ( v Hon Ann Thomaa ; I Primal i Edut atii ..i v i ' I. Harj Ifnei I. .1.. Fayetlevilh ; i - ■ i § f e C3 f Tegg Tillman I.. I. ..lik,. II,....,.,- m. ;. Todd Marv Alice Turner (1. 2. 3); Servic, La i (4) 1 ttee I ;i: Junior Advisor (3) - Pi (2 I), 1 reasurer (31; Square Circle (1. J II •■ ■ I ' r nl III. Botany Club (31; Calilean Club 11. 2, 3. 11; Future Teachers o( America (4); Recreation ti lorn r) 1:. ;.. — .native (11. I ,„,,.-l,.„, Preaidenl 111; Hall Board (31; Daisy Chain (2) s.. ...1 Planning Council (11; Dance Chairman (11; Dane li ; Ut- Forum Committee 11. 2. 3, 41 C r 11. J. ... II; Y.W.C.A. 11. 2); Baptisl Student In... II, :. . 1 Clul) (2. 3, 41; Botany Club (2. 3); Futur Teachers of America (4); Spanish Club (- ' . 3). Sarah Parker Turner Mounl Ulla B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Proctoi (3); Y.W.C.A (1, 2) Btminisl. i Fellowship (1. . ' 1; H..„„. 1 ,. - Clul. Ill; Re creation 1st . ' . :. n l ll in. Voile] Ball 1 1, 4) ; Basketball II. I. II ; s.. 111. .,11 II. 3, 41. Adeline Sibley Tyson Monroe B.A.. Biology Vl.l,.l„a„. .„,... I li ; Vt»«a -I • Spollighl (3. libel I title B.A.. Prir. jod Greensboro V Education i orn, l.. .. Dean ' s 1 .-i (3) ; H t Roll I- ' . .1 1 : Proctoi 111 ; Town Student. I i,ejui al ..... II. - ' . 3, 41; Y.W.C.A.. Reprc tentative (4); Phi Sigma Nu 111; Future Teachers ol l ii € oa r? f 1 Virginia Ma VW-» 4itw I Tazewell, Va. I.S.. l ' h w r Edui ativn delphian; Hall " .11 UJ le.w.c.A r Betty Lou Van Hook Henderson B.A., Biology Adelphian. Marshal (31; Medical Technologists (3. 4). Franees C. Van Ness Wilmington, Del. B.S., Home Economics Cornelian: A.erett Junior College; Y.W.C.A. (31; Home Economics Club 13, 41; 4H 111; Archerv (41; Hockey |4l; Speed Ball (31; Volley Ball 131; Basketball (31; Sullball Patsy Anne Wagoner Greensboro B.A., Primary Education Cornelian; Dean ' s Liat (31; Dance Committee (31; Junior AdviBor (31; Town St.i.l.r rizaniruliun (1. 2. 3, 4); Town Students Judicial Hoard (2. 31; Judicial Board (4); Future Turner, M. A. Tyson. A. N. Van Hook Turner. S. P. h. . ..i.l.l. w, II S II,;,,. I. il, Ward Saliaburj ( I , En« uA (31 ; Pi lo. [I II (I I. • I ' hi I i II..I II, ll; I ....... .... Ward B.S..HomeE, . u . v . : W. -I. v I I .1 I . ' ' : " . i. I I I I..I. I . I ... I | l: l ' ,.«,. Reg, ,,., Lee WaU , » . . .1 rnatioul f ' Charlotte Frances Well? HampslcaH R. 4.. Elementary Edm « ' .. « Marv Joan Whisonant Beln H.S.. Horn? Economics UelheUn; Y.W.C.A (1, 2, 3) : 4-H (2, u : Borne Econ. C e « ...l F. E. Joan Avis White York, Pa. Miriam Ann Whitley Albemarle B.A., Sociology B.A., English n , , . 1,-1 i , Y.W.I 1 LI, ib 111: Dam, L-r.uip II - ' : 1 .imp I -.].,,- lint, ,| ii , I .;, I ,i. Savins Hi; Soccei (3); Swim ■rung 1, 2, 3)i Volley Ball (2) s Baalcetball 111. Pauline Linwooil While Greenshoro llikean: House Pre-id-M 111; Student Handbook. Business M ii igei in. n, ., " - 1 i-i rn ; Honoi Roll (1 - 1) ; Servic. League (3); Dance Committee (31; Junior Advisor (3) il YT.W.C.A. 1.31. Cabinet 1.11 : Lutheran Studrn Association 11. J. 3, 11; B.,tan 1 Club (2, 3, 41: Future l..„ here ol Imerica in. B.F.A., in l„,l„i.,l Board III; Hall Board 111: Social l ' l,„,,,n, .1 (3)1 I Studi in- ii- mil ,i, 2, 1), Seen lar) (2) i.e. President 111; Iimi,,i Ydwsor 111: H- Forum Cm- i„,u, ' , 1 11 : H.i|,n-i student 1 ni ; ,l 1 li.l, 111, 1. H. Secretary (3); Phi Tsi Omr S a (2). Anne Pendleton Whhtington Charlolt. B.A., Sociology Sam Margaret White Cornelius . Hall Board 111; Vice-President ol Class (11 Pin. Veedfej 11. n ; Ii. .,., ' - I ,-i (3); Points 1 ittei B.A., English VI .1 id ' s 1 i-i iii Y.W.C.A II. 2) ; Phi !■-, Omega (1, 2, :. n . Botan. 1 Int. i J l. n . N„rlh Spence, Spotlight (2. i) ; Square Dance Club (11. , n Ii.,,-. i l 2); lunioi Idvisoi i 1) So- ial Si ii ni 1 ,.,„,„ 1 null.. ii, li ; V » i 3 il 2); ft. -i ■ ' 1,11 hip, Ii,.,- , in Mpha Kappa Delta 13. 4) Sociology Club (3, 4) ; Vocational Guidance Chairman (21 Ellen Joann Wicke B.S., Secretarill Administratio D.kea.i; II. 21 ; tt e.t (41 ; Gamma Alpha 13. n Musir Fducalion Club (II Maria Catherine Williams Winslon-Saleri B.A., History : Dean ' s List (3); Y.W.C.A. (1. 21; Cot p Future Teachers ,,l America (41 : ,,rl,l lede indents for Democrfttit Action in Emily Ann Williams Siler Cily B.S., Secretarial Administration Vlclphian: Proctor (II: May Court 111; Bnlany Club (41; Camma Alpha LI. 41; Future Tea, he,, of intend 13, ll; Voile, Ball (3). Elizabeth Joan Williams Mill Spring B.4., English Brevard College (1. 21; Dean ' s List (31; Future Teachers I ,,.„„,,... (4). Helen E. Wilson Frankli B.A., Elementary Education Katherinr Joyce Windley 1 1, ml. B.S., Home Economics Alethrian; Dormitory Representative 111: Y.W.C.A. Hnnir Economic Cl.ih III; C.iI.I.m.i IImI, Ill; Elizabeth Brvan w I.l Washington B.A.. Mathematics Joscelyn It. Willi. UhariHe It I , Biology I " .n ' . I Man J- WilUi ' Y .. . . .. ntiomii Marie i .,,,„. lllorifhbj UumUi || ' Ipl ' i...,. ' . i la (S) ii R " l u i i l 1 Prwuu - Education Servl. . 1 an. ' I . t x , . Louise Mi..- Willi;,, , Roek, M.,„„. Elizabeth Caldwell W uaon Charlotte B.A., English ..S.. Home Economics IdelphUm ' . 1 ,.i in. v tt.i.A. .1. J) | ••] ] r..ini.l.ii I..,,!,.-,. of Am-rir. (.1. 41. Adalphiug L).,.. (21; V VI . I .| Economi. ■ ' 2. S) | Hon - ,11. an,-. N R William, „, « ' illouchlx WlUon. E. Vlndlry Winfirld hief o do lo ev Mars ler si OIK . r CHARLOTTE ■1. are Joan Pharr Rock sor al chi irnia 1 of C oldei I lion: Infill . . . ioi- - In li 1 1 ps to of joise INOJtTH CARO|J . | Mou Cha ng a fine willing friendly narsli al. Nancy Gray Winslow Robersonville B.A., Elementary Education Cornelian; Dean ' s List (3); Junior Advisor (3); Y.W.C.A. (1); Galilean Club (2); Future Teachers of America (3, 4); Treasurer (4) ; Clogging Club ' (1, 2). Nancy Sue Wilherspoon Lexington B.A., History Alelheian; Kuanoke College (1, 2); Carolinian. News Editor (31; Columnist (4); Dean ' s List (3); Curriculum Committee 131; Serial ,„■„.. 1 „rum Committee III: Lutheran Studei (4). State Student Legislature (3, 1,1, Earle Wolf Mt. Oli ' B.S., Physical Education Aletheian; Carolinian 131; Proctor (2. 3); Dance imitl II. 31; Recreation Association 11. 2. 3. 41; Dance Gro 13. 41: Camp Counselors Club 1 3 1 ; Camp Committee 1.1 Gymnaatice It. II; Hockey 12. 3. II; Life Saving (3 - :. ; -. ' . " n in n.i.k.ii..,ii ii. 2. i. i -..III. all 11. 2. 3, 4). Martha Almetrice Wood Wilson ' s Mills B.A., Mathe |i,; Lean ' s List 131 j I ' rodor 11. H; I!a[.ii-i i« Union Council (1. 2. 3, 4); Square Circle (1. 2. 3. Gal, lean club 12. 31; Future Teachers of America 13. Spanish Club U. 2. 3, 41; Square Dance Club (2. 3). Sara Bridgers Wyche Henderson B.S., Home Economics; Lean ' s Li-t 111; Social Planning Council til; Hall Social Chairman III; l»an,e t.unmiltee 131; Junior Advisor 131; Y.W.C.A. 11. 2. 3, 4); Wesley Foundation (1. 2). Iris Marie Young Asheville B.A., Psychology Senior Class ...1952 o Jean Amanda Noting Prii B.A., Primary Education Seniors Not Pictured M;, y Ann. Tho mpson Saluda B.S . Home Economics Dike " m. - tT (3. 4). s L,«t i (3, (31; Chemistry Club logi. (3. 4) ; Home s (2) ; Cal.lean Fra ices Gathright Shaw Greensboro B.A. Primary Educ Leno Rosa Pars ... Little Wadesboro B.A. Primary Educ itiOT Younu. I- M - If I i MAY . i r .r DAY at W. C. With the coming of spring, the gentle breeze and blos- soming trees always bring to mind the approaching of the May Day festival. This age-old holiday took its origin in England long ago, but its celebration is ever new in the minds of the merry-makers. The custom was observed this year at Woman ' s College with more than its usual high colored pomp and excitement. Making il more than just a holiday, the committee extended a cordial invitation to parents oi the students, and to add more festivity they executed a reunion of the . C. alumnae — a day to Ions be remembered. Top: ll..r..lh Hogim. Maid ,1 wh The faculty and the student bod} heartedly to make the entire day a tremendous success. Open houses, reception, dances, and the high light of the day — the presentation of the May Court were all a part of the rich entertainment afforded the eager audience. May Day In tin- rally afternoon the diiTerrnt departments were hosts to the visi- tors at open house. At this time, the alumnae and visitors were shown displays iii the various fields followed by tours of the new buildings. As m id -afternoon slowly drew nigh, the crowd began to gather ex- citedly, impatient for the highlights of the entire occasion — the presen- tation and crowning. At the hour of three the royal procession of the May Queen and her attendants proceeded to the lawn of front campus I mil. ill. Attendants w y i (lorned with t-luste 1 a lialo of beaut Queen was crowne T . jA spring flowers. The efore an awffstruek a| ThejrMty then inmiediately rlcessed to thH stage of Aycock aud toriuin where the Queen was seated on an exalted throne with her eon and mascots in stair-step fashion at either side. Before her. the four societies presented the May Day program. A tea dance and reception followed in the new gymnasium; and the final curtain was drawn with the Junior-Senior formal given that night. I 1952 Commencement Program FRIDAY, MAY 30 SATURDAY, MAY 31 SUNDAY, JUNE 1 MONDAY. JUNE 2 9:00 P.M. Senior Class Ba 10:00 A.M. Art Exhibit— Weatherspoon Gallery, Mclver Building 12:00 Noon Class Reunions 2:30 P.M. Annual Meeting of Alumnae Association — Alumnae House 4:30 P.M. Senior Class Day — Front Campus 6:00 P.M. Alumnae Supper — Alumnae House 8:30 P.M. Guest Performance by Playlikers — Aycock Auditorium 11:00 A.M. Baccalaureate Sermon — Aycock Auditorium — Dr. Liston Pope 5:00 P.M. Faculty Reception — Front Campus 8:30 P.M. Concert by the Greensboro Orchestn and College Choir — Aycock Auditorium 10:30 A.M. Graduation Exercises Avcock Auditorium m Mt ! « 1952 ... On though ,lk into Avcock ours now to remember. We are s i to leave our old life and begin new and challenging opportunities in a different world -a world thai will test our firm convictions which have been built during our lour years at oman ' s College. Yet, we leave with assur- ance, as well as humility, and look forward to the years ahead. I S«3iy« 3i 35 " »«5i OUR ADVERTISERS T JSi3 - m smr Ti ' I- •• . II I wwm ■ e ; FJ»jj« : i -dj ■ •• II ti H M j • II II II » llll M ■ I I I 1 Ml Mil II ,« ■ I ■ ■ | 9| ■ Pi W, 9 jiT ml $ iC r :. ' « ' • ' ' ShMlllH ifeP ;OLD l WHITE There ' s something about Woman ' s College colors which serve to inspire not only the student body and faculty but also thousands who contact them. Gold — for the hair of some but for the hearts of all who have contributed, and who will con- tribute increasingly, to the betterment of our state, nation, and world. White — not for tissue pigmentation, but for un- sullied minds and bodies which make such a contribution possible. Gold and White — we salute you! Wimbish Insurance Agency 917-925 Southeastern Building FRANKLIN DRUG STORE " ALL YOUR DRUG NEEDS " College Girls Welcomed SAM McFALLS and RUSSELL FRANKLIN Tate at Walker Avenue Greensboro. North Carolina MONTALDO ' S ELM AT GASTON Visit our Colony Shop on our second floor for your school clothes COATS — SUITS — DRESSES — SWEATERS — SKIRTS — JACKETS HATS — COSMETICS — ACCESSORIES — LINGERIE — SHOES S. T. WYKICK WD i:illll ' l l ENGB WING OFFICE EQ1 ll ' Ml l SI PPLIES L17N. Greene Street Phone 2-4133 Greensboro, N. C. McMINN NDHI ' im . Architects 233% Y Greene St Greensl Y • . POWELLS SHOES Miller — Mademoiselle — Walk-Over Joyce 115 South Elm SASLOW ' S Greensboro ' s 214 South Elm Street A colonial home with true southern hospitality for parents and friends VICTORY MANOR AND MOTOR ((Mill 1045 West Market Street — Greensboro, N. C. owned and operated by MR. and MRS. S. T. DICKINSON Guests 9400 — Telephones — Business 3-2792 WALTON ' S SHOE SHOP, Inc. FINE SHOE REBUILDING DYEING IN COLORS 124 West Sycamore Street Greensboro, North Carolina Students Given Special Attention The Jewel Bdx Greensboro ' s Leading Diamond and Gift Store for over 29 years 134 South Elm Street Greensboro, North Caroli WASH-0-MAT Self-Service Laundry 328 Tate Street Phone 2-1329 Edward Loewenstein A.I. A. Architect LOEWENSTEIN l (.11 VSSOC1 WES irchitectt and Planning Consultants LOO] East Bessemer Avenue Greensboro, North Carolina Compliments S.H. KRESS CO. REDD ' S SELF SERVICE SHOES 1 14 West Sycamore Street Phone 4-3609 IImii Fashionist -:- Make-Up Consultant Beauty SIk»|»|m- 311 North ycock Street Phone 3-1606 Greensboro. N. C. l l e thank uou . . . BLACK-52 — BLUE-53- -GREEN-54 l l e look forward to . . . RED-55 BLAZERS by ROBERT ROLLINS 832 Broadwaj New York 3, New York THE BOA II an tl c ASTEE W. MARKET STREET EXT student patronage approved hy ttudei ,,,„„ cil A Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop PHONE 3-2205 CURB SERVICE SPIC and SPAN (mI ' W tllttl S nlu Shtt t 330 Tate St Specializing in uv Favorite Snark Golden Brown Waffles Steaks and Chops Compliments oj THE KING COTTON FURNITURE COMPANY Home furnishers to the Carolinas for 35 years L2 South Greene Street Guilford Dairy Bar for delicious • Banana Splits • Sundaes • Sodas . Milk Shakes • Ice Cream located on W. Market St. OPEN DAILY until 11:00 p. m. •PILOT TO PROTECTION SINCE 1903 ' PILOT Life Insurance Company Greensboro, North Carolina BREWER Paint Wall Paper Company, Inc. PAINT AND WALLPAPER CONTRACTORS 1612 Madison Ave. Greensboi o, N. C. Compliments of COLOniHL PRESS, Inc. North Carolina Compliments of ADDRESSOGRAPH SALES AGENCY 201 N. Greene Street BLUE BIRD TAXI, INC. Two-way radio equipped cabs 2-5112 — DIAL — 2-5112 THE CORNER Hooks — t.h ' fs — Sl.ilioin i if you nmedii 344 Tate Street from the Corner, just itisfaction guaranteed. Hugh J. Snavely Plume 4-4Bfifi FIELDS 102 Sonrh Elm Srreer C xaviL$Lte jreminine Sunset Hills Restaurant 1618 Friendly Road at ycock Phone 24239 Greensboro. N. C. Hospitality Is An Art Coke Makes It So Easy Complete Line of SPORTING GOODS DEVOE PAINTS ARTISTS MATERIALS KEARNS PAINT COMPANY 112 N. Greene Street SUNSET CLEANERS 1616 Friendly Road Dial 5650 You will be glad tomorrow You will be glad today That we clean your clothes See our representative in each dorm Perfect for Parties KRISPY KREITIE DOUGHNUTS In Many Taste Varieties BLISS 9 , l Lcilercrs o . iuc roocL GREENSBORO, N C 1416 Norwood at Wendover Telephone 2-1450 I . .1. BUSS, President . • .. ir I- are alwaj - well ome al • ! Leading I heatres . . . Meet youi friend al the Carolina National Center always End th.- BEST in Motion BLUE BIRD CLEANERS 1613 Madison We. Greensboro. N. C. Carolina Camera Center PHOTO FINISHING Cameras Projectors 1o ie I quipmenl I ilmg Dark Room Supplies Film Libran When the GREAT DAY- your Graduation Day Arrives! Be prepared for that eventful day. Have an Underwood Portable Type- writer ready to assist you in your future work — whatever it may be. Modern tools are " musts " for a modern world. The typewriter is a modern tool — whether used at home, office or shop. An Underwood Portable Typewriter helps get things done— quickly and pre- cisely. With your faithful Underwood Portable Typewriter you can see your ideas flow onto paper. Typewritten matter commands atten- tion from teachers, business and pro- fessional people. It saves the reader both time and effort. It gets action- quicker. For the ambitious student of the Woman ' s College, an Underwood Portable will give w-i-n-g-s to your words. Yes. there ' s an Underwood Por- table Typewriter for every t yping need. Ask your I ndcrwood Dealer to show miii til.- Underwood " Big Three " line of portables. He ' ll help you make a choice of one of these fine machines made by Underwood: Tvpewriter Leader of the World. Underwood Finger Flit, thampion Portable Typeuir UNDERWOOD CORPORATION 426 West 4th Street H. Fehr, Regional Mgr. Charlotte 2. N. C. Noiseless Typewrit Accounting Machit Portable Typewriter- Standard Typewriters Adding-Figuring Machines Office Supplies w- N ALL ROADS GUIL REX DRU GS SQUARE Complete Line oj Cosmetics LEAD TO FORD ALL L798 Telephones 5 We Know How LUCAS DRY CLEANERS 1005 Spring Garden Street Across from Aycock Auditorium MATLOCK ' S ' . " .! I Walker Ave. 3813 E. Bessemer Av THE O. HENR HOTEL GREENSB Conv R0 LEADING HOTEL nient and Comfortable Coffee Ur-I onditionw R 300 Rooms Nolai ..i. and Banquet B. Williams, M . ' {(id ISatli The Loins Restaurant Chinese and American Dishes Delicious Chow Mein t (pen i ' en days a week 1 OS Siniili ( Sreene Street UOMC OB »£B ' «0«£ IMCU THE COLLEGE SHOP " Your Shop " 413 Tate Street ' s LITTLE s for Economy MEATS — GROCERII- FRUITS — VEGETABLES 403 Tate Street j$m LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA zz clu 4 lJiwlu iticns portraiture by TAYLOR STALEY STUDIO greene • gree nsboro • telephone 2-0197 ' fT.ffl Student Directory Abbey. Constance Louise. 49 Zinnia St., Floral. N. V. U.I. ..II. I ..... Iin ' t I l..rk A,e. New Bern Abcrnalhv. Ann Marie. 413 Hillsboro Si.. Chapel Hill Abernelhv. Mar. Ann. 7.17 Sixth St.. Hirkory .ia Anohrl. :!«• M....lford Ave.. Asheville Adam.. Daphne Hunter. Willow Spring. Adam.. Eleanor Anne. 813 S. Church St.. W inston-Salem Adam.. Judith Ruist. 402 N. Knrnegay St.. Coldsboro Adam.. Marian E.. lit. 1. Winston-Salem tela..... .nn Jean. 5 Bowlcv PI.. Fayelteville Adam.. Susan Drake. 2115 A.e.. MeKee.port. Pa. Adams. Yvonne Peter.. 7111 Sunset Dr.. High Point Addi.nn, Diana. Box lnlln. Durham Agner. Kay France.. 2113 Wilson St.. Durham Alexander, Dor Alexander. Fra Jo Ale Alexander. Margaret Ann. 1130 Harding PI., Alexander. Marv Charles. Rt. 1. W ilkosboro Alford. Margaret l.ou. 1113 Maple St.. Fairmont All.,,. Bobbie Fax. Itt. 1. Snow Camp Allen. Margaret Ann. 211 W. Main St.. Lincolnton Allen. Patsy Lee, Box S22. Canton Allen. Sarah Holt, Morven Rd., W adesboro Vllig 1. Ph. Mi. Ann. 61(1 Charlott e St.. Wa.l.ingtn All. brook. Mary Frances. 423 Washington St.. Boanoke Rapid. Almond. Libby Buth. Rt. 1. New London Almond. Sarah. 347 V Favelloille St.. Ash. boro vlspaugh. Mar, Elizabeth. Rt. 2. Country Club Rd.. Winston-Salem Vision. Blair Lillian. IIIH S. Deans St.. Wilson Anderson. 11. r. South Mt. Rd.. New City. N. Y. Anderson. I.oi. Marie. Rt. 1. McLeans, ille Anderson. Margaret Wood. » 1 2 D Street. N. W ilkc, Anderson. Marion Elizabeth. Rt. 3. Burlington Anderson. Mary Lois. P. O. Box 443. Bennetts, illo. Anderson. Patricia. I.reen.boro Anderson. Shirlr, Marie. 406 High St.. Rockv Mo. Andrews. Gelcne. Rt. 2. Rox 28. Sparta Andrews. Jean Elizabeth. 713 Club Blvd.. Durham Angsladt. Sonia. 1 103 Lilac Rd.. Charlotte Elizabeth. Casio Armstrong. Sara Label. 62 1 Joiner St.. Crorn.bnr. Arnold. Jewell Lane, Rt. 1. Fuquay Springs Newport News, Va. Arrowood. Mar. Dickson. Barium Springs Arthur. Margaret Ann. 201) West King St., Kings Mountain A.krrn. Laura Jean. 683 Timm Vallc. Bd.. N. E.. Atlanta. Ga. Ml...-! Hull. Jan.,-. til. Mai... Clinton Atwood. Janice Pier... 223 North Dr.. Buffalo 16. N. Y. Au.r. Barbara. 2 17 Cramcrc, PI., tile. Rock | Aulberl. Jar,,,,, line 3K12 Walker A.e.. Crrenshnro Auskern. Miriam. 1 1 (13 F. lKlh St.. Brooklvn, N. Y. Austin. Kathrvn Jean. Rt. 2. Ruffin Austin. Mar. Cordon. Jeffer.on A.ent. Marv Eaton. Rt. 2, Box 133. W l.itokers Aver.. Jean. Ml Countrv Club Apt... Greensboro Baggett. Addvc Henrv. Box 42. I.illinglon Baglev. Martha LaVeri.r, 1808 Arlington St Rale Bailev. Sara I.vnn. 1703 Fountain View Ave Charlotte Bailev, Jo Ann. 1720 Plaza. Charlotte Bailee. Marion Tow nsend. HIIO Nichols Dr Rait Bailev, Marv John.on, Bl. 2. Slanlonsburg Bailev, Sara I.vnn. 1 7113 Fountain View. Cho Raird, Marilyn,,.-. 1 111. Houndar. Ave.. Elkin Baker. Jacjuelta Ann. Rt. 1. Oxford Baker. Alice Jeannette. Bt. 2. Pine. ill. Rd. Char Baker. Buby Grey. Rules Creek Ethel, Box 2S8. Rallinger. Nan.. Carol, n. Guilford College Banc. Geral.linc. 513 Newborn A.e.. Raleigl Bank.. Martha, 22116 W. Market -,.. Green. Bank.. Melba I.e. Ma.. -ill. 521 Cla. St.. Cost.. Barb.c. Susanna. 1 I 1 N. Main St. Barber. Anne. Box 99. Riehlan.l. Barber. Belsev. Box 83. Mt. Ilia Barbour. Barhel Lea. Bt. 3. Box 82 Barbour. Lucille Manning. 1704 B Barbour. Virginia. 827 Hav St.. F; Barefoot. I.oi. Farlene. P. O. Box Roxboro ll.rk Hi. 2. Hi. gold. Barker, Cla.lirs shupr. |02 Sh.rrill St.. Green.boro Barker. Ton.n... Elizabeth. 110 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury SO Barksdale. Belle. 399 I ok. shore Dr.. Asheville 94. US Barlow. Joel Carol,,,. .117 Eighth Street. Hickory 5.9.36 Barlow. Mary Ann. 317 Eighth St.. Hickory 145 Barnard. Margaret Ann. 139 S. Cox St.. Box 29, Ashcboro 36 II, me.. 11.11, Ruth. III. 2. Boone. N. C. 114 Barnes. Carolyn Home, 805 Fairfield Ave.. Kin.ton 34 Barn.,. Kalheri... Lee. lit. 3. Fayelteville 143 Barn,.. Marv Louise. 214 Broad St., Wilson Barnes. Progv Graham. Rt. 1. Linwood 36 Rumour. Glad,. Yarboro, Thrift Rd.. Rt. 6. Charlotte 111 Rarnhardt. Ague. Anne. Deleo 50 Barrett. Dor,,. 213 Belcher St ., Barrett. Dorothy Ellis, 212 Fif Barrier. Kalhcrlne Ann. Farmer Farm 1 I 1 Barrow. Nancy. Oak Ridge 103. 137. 146 Ba.ingrr. Patricia Ann, 111 Coleman Ave.. Asheville Bason. Frances Erleene. 811 Elwell A,c. Greensboro 146 Bass. Jewell Gertrude. 2tl3 Hill, rest Ave. Fa.elle.ille 50 Ba... Mar, John. Rt. 2. Newton Grove 45 Batentan. Fleta Joyce, Columbia 50 Batten. McKinnie. HUH V East St.. Kinston 114 Batts. Janet M., 649 Wayne A.e.. Lyle Apt... Waynesboro 81. 146 Batts. Viola Daphne. Mill. Home. Thomas, ille 99. 146 Mary Alice. 123 Cherokee Rd.. Charlotte Ha. Elizabeth Ann. 565 India..:. A.e. Soutl Raucom. Elizabeth Ann. 21 Camden II. 1.. W adrsbor. Baucom, Elizabeth Dollv, Rt. 2. Raleigh llaucm., Jean. 1906 Ann St.. Wilmington llauiugar.lnrr. Joyce Carols n. Box 105, Pine St.. B Bavsdan. Iner Parncll. Box 338. Clarkton Heale. Naur, Elizabeth. 907 Magnolia St.. Greensbo, Beam. Alar. Jane. Merriwood Farm. Rt. 1. Shelbv Ream. Nancy Patricia. Rt. 1, Box 50. Shelby Bcamer. Nanev Ann. Rl. 1. Mount Air, llealtv. M..II, Jo. Box 212. Haw It. .... Winifred Kav. Box 212. Haw Beaver. Sally, 312S Sunset Ave.. Albemarle Beck. Melba. 518 W. 15lh St.. W in.ton-Salem Beck. Mrs. Rebecca Fondren. 1626 Friendly Rd.. Heck, Virginia Lee. 612 Webb Ave.. Burlington Beekner. Barbara Jean. Rt. 2. Clcmn.on. Beeson. Carol, n Louise Wallers. P. O. Box 2916. Greensboro 11.11. Elizabeth Ann. 1114 E. 17th St.. Charlotte Bell. Helen Elizabeth. 4000 Dover Bd.. Hope Vallc Bell. Mar, Owens. 1108 Belmont Cirrle. Bell. Margaret Sue. 18 Langwell Ave.. Asheville Hell, Sheila Doreen. 207 N. Park Dr.. Greensboro Helton. I ' egg, lulricia. 32 1 Grace St.. Mount Air, Benedict. Thirza. 7112 A adkin St.. King.port. Tenn Benfield. Alargaret Ann, Bov 62 1. Valdcsc Bennett. Elizabeth V .. n . 131 lento,. PI.. Charlotte I I I II. ,, aid Bennett. .:.,.. Galor. ill Fcnton PL. Charlotte Bennett, Sarah Ella. Bt. 2. Stokesdale Benson, Nan.,. 7117 Fairmont St.. Greensboro Benton. Joyce. Monroe Benthall. Ann. Dean.. 123 Memorial Dr.. Ahoskic Berg. Adelaide Magdalene. Box 126. Plnebluff Berg. Diane. 15 Paler..,., A.e.. Null,-. Bergen. Evelyn Mar, Loui.e. 915 Country Bd.. W ilmin. Bernstein. Rosa Ala.. Rox 2 1. Spring Lake Bel. Evelyn. Rt. 2. Wallace 90. He. I. I ' .gg, Elizabeth. 106 Harding Ave. Kinston Betz. Judith Ann. 318 Fifth Ave. Hendcr....,, ill. Bruit. Betty Jo Ann. 628 Fountain Place. Burlington Beverly, Louise Katherine. Bethel Bierman. Joan Vivicnne. 2901 Sheridan Ave. lligg.r.taff. Carol, n. 222 Young St.. Shelbv r.taff. Kalhr, n. 12 1 S. Garden St.. Alarion 27. Bigg.. Jo. re. 1601 Front St.. Beaufort 90. Rlgham. Carol, n Gw.n. Rt. 4. Charlotte Bill. Alargaret Elizabeth. P. O. Box 377. Henderson.! Blssettr. Corrinr. Bl. 2. Zrbulon 95. Bl.lns. Poll, Ann. 211 Surry Ave. Elkin Bi.lns. Alar, Luc,. 1515 Garland Ave.. Greensboro Rla.k. Ida Maude. Sparta Black. Jo Ann. 1.12 1 Hamilton St.. Boanoke Rapids Black. Leslie Louis.. 1232 Ea.t BlwL. Charlotte Blackburn. Label Newman.. P. O. Box 547. Reidsvill Bl.rkn.atr, Grace Georgia. 32 Soco St.. A. ho illo Hl.ckw. I.l.r. Sara Lee. 10 Alvrtle Ave.. Concord Blarkwell. Alargaret Ann. Box 58. Buffin Blair. Adelaide Womble. Box 97. Pittsboro Blake. Jane. Box 45. « 1 .... 1 1 Blake. Pearl Marie. 309 E. 17th St.. Lumberton Blakclv. Peggy Sue. North Main St.. Box 605. Cornellu Blolock. Patricia Anne. 1505 N. Queen St.. Kinsl. Ill .... I..... I Bettv Joe. 1517 Rhem Ave.. New Hern III...,. I.ur.l. Carolyn, Lowell 90. 103. 1 Blanehard. Nanr, Ann. 1950 Sterling Rd.. Charlotte Rla.loek. Barbara. 3733 Hiah Point Rd.. Greensboro Bloom. Teaso. 229 Edgcdal- Dr.. High Point Blue. Barbara Ann. P. O. Box 206. Aberdeen Blurtl. Dorolhv Ann. 514 Costlr Dri. e. Baltimore. Aid. Joan Eli... 13-35 B Sperbcr Rd.. Fairlawn. N. J. 95. 105 115 Robhlll. Virginia Franrrs. Rt. 3. Box 311. N Bodrnheimer. Kathleen. Rt. 1. Krrnr ..illo IIS Bodlr. Jaoqurlinr. 110 Sninr S... Kann •polls 148 II... .... . Trilby. 1060 E. Polo Bd.. Winston-S 2 1 27. 115 137 Boger. Alarv Christine. 1704 Garden Terrace. Cha Hot 51 Bohannon. Norma Jean. 812 S. Sun.e Dr.. 45 Boldon. Mary Frances Maness (Mrs.l. I..1 1 anil co Dr.. 10. 13 Rolingrr. Anita. Rt. 1. Vale 103 148 Rone. Dixie Lee. 707 College St.. Clin Boncv. Bosemarv, 707 College St.. Clin on 27 95 98. 137 148 Bonner. Ethel Crawford. 225 Hawthor no St. Ra clgh lis Boone. Evelyn. Rl. 4. Louisburg 148 Roren, Ada Jo. 232 South 3rd Avenue. Siler C.IJ 52 Rorow. Anne. 934 Pork A.e. PlsinfielH . N. J. Boris. Marv Ann. 60 Brvden Circle. Favelte 34 Bouldln. Martha Jane. 644 Arbor Bd.. « io.t .n-Salen SI Boulus. Elizabeth. 95 llrun.lo St.. Concord 148 Housnold. Elizabeth Anne. 388 Ricoma Bay Cite, Mich. Bowden, Dorothy Rebecca, Teachey 300 N. Audubon Ave. Lrnna. Summerficld Page No. Bowen. Emily Robbins. 325 N. Alarkct St.. Washington 51.82 Howie. Jove. Elizabeth. Welcome. Md. Bowles. Elizabeth Ann. 2232 Parkwa, Dr.. W inston-Salem Bowman. Birn.ah Palle. Pollock St.. Srlma Boyrtte. Jovce. 1215 S. Tarboro St.. Wilson 104. Boykin. Sue Annette. 409 Hill St.. Wilson 97. Boyles. Luwana Elzene. 414 Fourth St.. High Point Boyles. Margaret Nanrv. Dallas Brarkrn. Elizabeth Rancv. 1316 Kenilworth. Charlotte Bradfield. Laura Alae. Dillon. S. C. 88. 149. Bradford. Anne. Box 73. Mar.hv .11. 83. 90. Bradford. Carol Stalon. Concord Rd.. Davidson 36 Bradlrv. Anne Webb. 219 Buxton Rd.. Falls Church. Va. 38 Bradley. Lou. 2621 Springwood. Greensboro 40.51 Bragg. Barbara Anne. 2 121) Monroe St.. Wilmington 51.95 eh. 111. Ashe, ill . Red Ba 52 718 on, PL. N.l Rreedland. Ala Bre.nahan. Pa W ashington 16. D. C. Brewrr. Alirr Jean. Bl. 3. Box 51. Hendcr..... Brewer. Elizabeth Stuart. Box 207. Jamesville Bridge. Virginia. Rt. 2. Box 90. Forest Cite Bright. En. a Elizabeth. It... 563. Rutherford College Bright. Tabilha Miriam. 9th St.. and Holly Lake. Virginia T nkley. J.. |.„ a .,r 12 L.urll Rl. cat Nc,k. Ill av St.. High Point 52 Brill. Peggy Ann. Box 207. Alorven 29, 52 Britlain. Alma Patricia. 221 S. Alain St.. Graham 36 Briltain. Tommae Alae. 4B Graham Ct. Apt... Chapel Hill 36 Broach. Iris Cove. Rt. 2. Hurdle Mills 45 Broadwell. Alaitland. Bl. 1. Saint Pauls 36 Brock. Colcen. 501 Pearl St.. Favettevillc 88. 149 Brork. Alae. Box 173. Warsaw 106. 149 Brooks. Doris. 720 Martin Circle Kannapoli, 52 e. Cr K.I . Mo Br....,, Ailcen Autrey. George Brown Ann. 9 Colonial St.. Charleston. S. C. Barbara Ann. 439 Pec Dec Ave. Ml.. ...... i Hr..-„ Brabston. 301 E. Park Ave.. Charlotte Brown Hrown Franrrs Joy. Rt. 1, Moorrsvlllc Brow n Marjorie Jean. North Fork Rd.. RIark Mom Brown kalh.r ine 811 Arbor Rd.. W inston-Salem Brown Lois. S. Main St. Ext.. Box I lOR. Sali.bur. Hrown Bessie Louise. 809 Circle Dr.. High Point n Ave. Chorion Elizabeth. Rt. Hrown. Alargaret Louise 1231 Brown. Olivr Jean. 2305 Alarket St.. Wilmington Brown. Ruth Elizabeth. Arendell Ave. Zrbulon Brown. Sumalcigh. Burgaw Brown. Virginia Elinor. Alnnllrrllo Rd.. Weaver, ill. Browne. Betsv. 503 S. Green St.. Morganton Browning. Alartha Ann. 503 N. Alain St.. Graham Rrumlo . Alary Garland. Rox 944. Inion Rd.. Gastot Br. ant. Bov.-rl. Belle. 1915 Sterling ILL. Charlotte Bryant. Julia Catherine. 515 W. Park Ave. (harlo Bryson. Carolyn Royrr. Cullasaja Br, son. Charlotte Ann. Bryson City ille 36 Bugg. Rosa. Alacon Bute. Merle P. O. Box 718. Favrltr 103. 147 Bollard, Elizabeth Aloore. 2123 Selwy 38. 96 Rullard. Hilda. 401 Churchill Dr., F 51 Bullard. Sara Neil. Bt. 3. Box 57. M 51 Buntgarner. Rita Ann. Yanrc.villc Rd 113 Bunch. Jeanne 3306 Nichols Ave. S. Ic 45 Bunn. Blonnir Dale. 208 Lee Street. Bunn. Etta Anne. 620 Hamilton St.. Bunion. Peggy J.. Union Grove 115 Burch. Alargaret Bradley. P. O. Box 45. 88 Burch. Alargaret Carrington. 2708 K 51 Burgin. Nanev Jane Rt. L. Linrolnto 147 Burnir. Annr Alarie Bl. 3. Box 275. Burns. Carole Louise. 409 Hospital A Burt. Ann Harrington. Biseoe 38 Burton. Carolyn. Rt. 2. Greensboro Hull.. Carroll Atlanta. Ca. Butt.. Sarah Ann. Bt. 2. Halif B.erlv. Su. Caroline 2313 Sp, Stephen Long Dr. Bt. 5. 28. 29. 115 0. 103. 115 Caglc. Marjorie Nell. Castle Cain. Sidney Jane S Downing St.. Call. Sarah Dot. Rt. 1. Advance Callicutl, Betty Jean. 1421 S. Favettevillc 45 I atuphell. Annr Louise. 323 AA . Thomas St.. Sali.bur, 36 Cam II. Barbara Louise. Rt. 1. Box 165. Flirabolhtow n 34 Campbell. Belt, I.orcne Box 3(12. Denton 36 Campbell. Karen Delano. Box 837. Clinton 36 II. Mac, Jo. Oak Summit R.L. Rt. 7. Winston-Salem 36 Capp.. Marlha Ncal. 402 E. 7th Ave.. Gastonia Garden. Barbara. 1 300 B St.. Durham 113 Carpenter. Barbara Zone. 2(17 Jackson Ave. Kannopolis 45 Elizabeth. 1115 Patterson Dr.. Alarv Sue. 115 E. Third Ave.. Cast. Patricia Ann. 1401 Columbia Rd.. I IS Student Directory — C dun I irrln i ■ I Ann. 11II1T W worth St.. Hold., 1 ri.. ( ill,. Villi I. rill.... HUM M -, M.. Srluiii I ale M.rl. . I 2211 North nod Si., Creo I, Winifred, I 136 Wail r Tame C.ulder, Gertrude. I 15 Perry Si I u.i.l... 11.11. S . ' .2. ' 12 Virginia A.e. II. i.r Clly III. High Point SI. Ext.. K M, ...... 8 1. ISO Cauaay. Il,, Louise, 161o Front Si.. Greanaboro in. Chandler, F.ol.ii Marshall 38 Chandler. Collie Ka . .HI " Crlor Si.. I.i Int.... 3 Ila.w Id.. Henderson, die to. Ire. i:i llshorn (lurk. Lucy Finch, 15117 W alder Ffioh.a. (.on Cnlrli St., Monroe i:r v. 2231 Westminster PI.. Charlollr ora Nick, 211 Rutledge A..-.. S. C. Chrisl., Marion Re.crl,. P. ( . Box 18.1. Franklin Church. Dorolh. Jean. 1207 Chestnut Si.. W ilminglo Clapp, Nan,-. Carroll. 111. 1, Silcr Cily Clari.lge. Nancy Hail. 22111 11. r.l Si.. Raleigh I I,, ,111. ltd.. H.i. Is, Sanfo 116 I lark. Freda Ellen. 821 Sand Mill ILL, Clark. i;»,.„,l.,l,„ Itulh. 2101 Walkc. Clark. Mar. l.ou. 122h Richards. " Clark. Sara Ann. 113 Franklin Si.. Rcidsvidr Cla.l Janice, J, Her.,.,. Apl. HOI. Niagara Kail,. Clcgg. France, Ann. P. 0. Box 13. Carthage Clemenl. Charlulle llollingsw „rll . 21.13 Co, kmorr 1 Raleigh Clem. ill. Linda l.ra, . 21.18 l.orkmnrc Dr.. Raleigh I le r. Doris 1 3112 $1.. Click. Margarel Ann. 622 W. Main i Clinord. Ar.lra Jean. 131 F. Dc.onshirc Si.. W iiisi.„,-Saleni 111, Clinar.i, Helen Mnzodo. Rl. 5. W inslon-Sulem 53 Cline. Camilla Anne. P. 11. Box 122. Concord Clingenpoel. l.ura. 13211 Lebanon Si.. Hluelield. W. Va. 26. 28. 116. 137 llo.ll.ller. Pals,. .118 Modelfarm ltd.. High Poinl 103. 116 Cobb. Hell. 1 P. IJ. Box 31. Cliff-idc 116 Cobb. Uophine Elizabeth. Rl. 2. Box 8. llr.,.. ' . Summit 38 tobum. Maril.n Jo, ee. 8116 Franklin Si.. Roanoke Rapids Cofcr. Normu Jean. 636 S. Sunset Dr.. Winslon.Salcm 36 Coffey. Elizabeth I... 37118 N. Uih ltd.. Arlington. Va. 88. 151 toff... Margaret. 5708 N. 1 1th Kd.. Arlir t ' ..iburn. Phvlli, Cogen, J, Coggin. Sara I ogglnj, nil Rt. 1. Candle. Doris. 981 52 St.. Brooklyn ranees. 2371) L.ndhursl A. I ' ll Peler ' .bu. , 226 Park Ave., I II. .ib. Cole. Charlotte s.dbe, Cole. Souihcrlond, 1 101 N Cole. Elizabeth Jean. Popular Si.. Colcy. Helen. 307 TV. Colonial A.e.. Elizabeth t Collier. Jo Ann. Pike, ill,- Clli.r. Marguerite Joanne. II S, I. an A.e.. Ash. Collin.. Barbara Lou. 111. I. It. id-, ill. ColUna, Belly Jean. Rl. 1. Box 395. Kannapolis I ollins. Hottie Lou. Box 87. Angler Collins. Made Richardson. 515 W. Sixth A.e.. G Collson. Ann Turner, 2ll7 S. Chapman St.. Greens Collson. Charlotte Tw inc. 207 S. Chapman St.. C. Cliard. Ann Wright. Bobbin., ill.- Colv.rd. Annabel. Jefferson Compton. Mary Rose. 159 Harrison Si.. Bloomli Conlcy. Belt. Jean. Rt. 3. Marion Conn. I .-. Rl. 2. Box 16. Henderson Connolly. Polrieia. 531 t , -I Hth St.. Plainlield Constanlinidcs. Ermolilc. 173 Ashland Dr.. CI, Cook. Joyce. P. t). Box 196. Drl.rr. Va. Cook. Lucie Moxine. Coolcv. Dads. Edgewood Knoll. Apt. 3 llhcmarle Ashe.ille Cooper. Mary Helen. Leonard A. Cooper. Mildred C.. Eunice Cope. Martha Ann. Rl. 1. Manheim. Copclan. Sara Frances. 108 Cedar St. Core. Mar. Josephine. Hi. 1. Si. Jam, Marshallton. Del. Cornelius. Barbara. 2108 Wright Ad- Cornelius. Nan,-. Joan. 2108 Wright Cornwall. Elizabeth Ann. 121 S. Aspen St.. Lincolnton Correll. Jo Anne. 110 Fast Depot St.. Concord Coulbourn. Eleanor Anne. 20 1 Watson St.. Vt ind-or Council!. Anne Elizabeth. 623 Lincolnton ltd.. Soli-bur. Councill. Louise. 206 Beall St.. Lenoir Coutras. Constance Grace. 300 W. Park A,,-.. Charlotte 1 Covington. Belly Jean. 1803 Den „.l,„r,, Manchester 1,1... | 1 ) 922 l. 1 ,,,...,. L !.. l.r. . li.hor.. IBS II.,.. 11. .,,, J.,,,. 2i»l miliar— 1 l», . s.nford 117 1 — . H g. Margaret. 170] 1 rog.l.... -1 . l.r. . 111. 15:1 U — i ... g. Marlha J... " . 29.1 V..-I.I.. «.,,, P. .... . Ion. N.J. 32. 31 1 In ' • « Hi »»•, 1 a r 1 17 ,, r III. 2, Ii,..l.„ .11. Helen, II. US M II, .1 .lord. Margaret l.oul.e, 32 " 1 Hark A.... Raleigh -.3.112 Duck.. , Colleen Emily. 75 New Haw Creek lid., , ... Elizahell.. H..x 111 .. Ill .1. Palrici. Ann, Htlll Mock. -ill. .,.-.. s.ll.hury Crew.. Barbara Ann. 1818 VI. xc.dcmy St., »i. .... I. I ,.r„li..a. Willlam.boro St., tlxlord Ire... J.,,,e ..... , Hi. 1, Trouluian Croee, Arlltie Louise. 3113 1 iitiiberlaud A.e., Ashe.ille Crocker, Hilda Louise. Box 177. Pin. Lett el Berllha t... 115 F. SI., Wylhe.ille, . Cromer. Lilian Janet, Box 831, Tryoo Cross, Mary Ann. III. 5. Box 297. II. id., 111. Cross. Nanc, 1... 173 Bl.nehard Terr.. Apt. 17. Hackensack, N. J. Cro.sley, Joan. 22HI Elizabeth A.e., VI Install. Salem Crouse, Rose Carol, ii, Rt. 2, Lexington Crow. Margaret VI right. 3119 Sunset Dr., Wilson Crowe, Frances Vivian, 219 V Bridge St., Elki.i CrovK-ll, Patricia Anne. Box 55, .Newell Cruii.pler. Margaret II., 108 Alleghany A.e., Towaon 4, Md. Crutchfirld, Evangeline Tucker, -105 Asheboro St., Culb.rl, Leola, 1111 Cherry Si.. Marlon, Va. Cumby, Norma Jane. Rt. 2, W Inslon-Sulem tummings. Diana J... Box 1113. Rol.bins I orrie. Kalhr.n Seals, Box 12, Muxlon Cuthrell, France, Weaver, 76 Dover St.. Ashe.ille »S E. I " - ' St., High Point 152 Dale. Hazel, 771 S. 36th St.. Hickory 27. 152. 201 Dalton. France- Louise, 7116 Closer St.. Winston-Salem Halt. Marild, Nell.. 32 1 Fieldbrook PL. Charlotte 38 Daniel. Mary Sell. 82 1 Bryan Si.. Raleigh 117 Daniel. Sonia Itulh. 2113 Broadway St.. Apt. 8. Durham 39 Daniel. Zoro la,. 2113 Broadway Si.. Apt. «. Durham 39 Daniels. Jan.l Louise. 603 N. Road St.. Elizabeth City 4S Darlington. F.lilh Ann. 2232 Wrslovcr Dr.. V. inslon-Solcm 88, 89. 117 Daughtridge. Nellie E.. 526 Marigold Si.. Hock, Mount 53 Daiightridge. P,gg. Marie. 2 18 Villa Si.. Hock. Mount S3 Daughlr,. Beinielle. 1.107 F. Walnut Si., l.old.boro 117 Davenport, Bait] Jeanne, Cre.well 53 Dae Glen Fall. II I son, Mary Kalherine. Mills Rural Alma. Pike, die Belt, 2111 North High St.. Betty Jean. Pink Hill Carolvn. Box 342, Ilillsboro Christine. Ht. I. Shelby lation. Koekinghan Lincolnton old. Rt. 1. Sil |l„ri- Box 56, Cornelius Davis, Janet Mason. 216 l.i.e Oak St.. Beaufort Dads. Jean Marguerite. Franklin Turnpike ltd.. Danville, Va. Davis, Louise. Rt. 5. Lexington Dads. Marlha Fuyo. Kt. 9. Box 8811. Charlotte Davis, Mary Elizabeth, Rt. 2. Newport Dads. Miriam. 919 Eastern A.e. Rocky Mount Dads. Nanc. Jane. 211 I t.arliel.l R.L. Burlington Dads. Nora Venelia, Eureka Dads. Kebie Itulh. 1229 Jefferson St.. Iloai.ok. Hi Davis. Ruth, Leaks. Hie Dads. Ruth Angeline. 217 Trenton St., Gastonia Dawes. Ruby Morris. Kt. 2. Box 61. Elm til. Day. Helen Joyce. Box 272. Garner Dcas. Jovce Ann. 9 Hampton St.. Canton Deck. Peggie Jean. Duke Power Co.. Cliff-id, Decker. Lorraine Helen. 2111 Fairfax Dr.. Win.lo, Deilz. Helen Rhyile. 31.9 Mo.llfor.l A.e.. Ashe.ille Denhard. Lucy I. ,,,.,. I Winaru ltd.. Randall. low n. Denny, Jean Stone. 920 Cow pee Dr.. Raleigh Denton. Patlie Blanche. Norlina D.Shazo. Catherine Mar-hall. 119 Sixth SI.. N. F... . Atlanta. Ga. Deskins. Julia Elizabeth. Kt. 8. Box De.iney. Maril.n Joan. 701 W. Mai DcVine. . Mar. Jane. 76-09 3 llh A. 11,-Voe. Chri.lilia Florence. 3 7 H.-.kl. Dew. Craee Joanne. 522 Branch St.. DeWitt. Glenna. 2619 Walker A.e. 37 1. Greensboro in St.. Spind.le ,-.. Jackson Heights .— PL. Red Bank. . Rock, Mourn 75. 1113. 137. 1 HI. Clcndale Springs Dickev. Norm, Did . Carol., Ii.ll ...I Ruth. Diriek-on. Krbckah H.i Salisbury.,,,, Dixon. Alice W ilson. 204 E . Main Dixon. Annie Franklin. Rt. 1. I Dixon. Barbara Lee. 37- 12 78 St., N,„ 1„rk Dixon. Beltie Alice. 920 Marengo I I I.. 7 .-. I la „. Harris, ll„. II. » l " III I ItaaJ III. I. Arden Marian Field,., 100 Ma I.e. 19. I aribb. -o I ' -., 11.11, M.rl. III. 3. Slier 111, I ar III. ah. Ih |9 lloogla. t,. Hell. « added. III. 2. larb.r. I leleher. Ho. 215. Iliad. I -..-.I I - Highland . . II Durham. Dorl. Faker. Margaret l.oui-.. Ill Mayflower t,c I ...„.ri„.. .1 Earl., Elizabeth B.-rlha, 7111 Royal Cl., Ch.rlolle 117 Earuliardl. I jr.. I,... III. 8. Pla.a ltd.. Iharlolte 36 Fa.l.rling. tlma l.oul.e. 319 Raleigh SI.. Hock. Mount Falo... S.l.ia Irene... (.Ill W. Dad. SI.. Burlington 38 Echols, Freda. 42 Gre.-nhlll A.e.. A.he.lde Eddillg.. la,. 1. we... Haul li„l, I. a. Ionia 15 ji-.nn.llr Roth. IIH2 h.og SI.. Ih.rle.ion. S. C. 38 F.I.. ds„n, Peggy Jean. Country Hub Dr. Hod.. Mounl 51 Edwards. Ann Bennell. 2112 Camden ILL. l.r.-. n.l...r» ,1 Edward.. J.nie Belle. 16117 B.m.e. St.. I.yelle.llle 51 Edward.. Harrl.1 Lodge. 111. 6. B„x 211. High Point 18 Edward.. Nanc. 117 S. Haglan A,e.. Il.ldgh 54 Edward-. Pri-eilla Jan.. 1118 N. Mitchell A e.. Kulherfordlon Egerlon. Sue Carol, nn. Mill Spring ltd.. Hi. 3. Chapel Hill Ellioll. Ilarbar. Caro Flliolt. Mary Alice, Rt Eld.. Dorolh. Gray. 2 2. Fr.nkliolon Elscn. Mar, France.. 516 E Second SI.. W ..hingto Fniii-. Janet Marie. Erwin. Box 221 Eiuley, Nanc. Elizabeth. H..x 2 13. Erlekson. Louise Marie. Kalmi. Erslling. Belt.. 8112 .1 SI., la.cltedlle Fr, in. Hill.. Jo. .129 St.. Shelby Etchlson. Betty France.. Cana Eubanks. Mary Ellenor. Ha— II Eudy. Lell. Colhcrine. 1521 Ann SI.. Beaufort Euro. Phvllis. Eure E,an.. Betty W. Maxton E, an.. Bell.e C. Box 12 1. W cldon France, Bernice. 775 lair,..- R.L. H.llo,... Evan,. None. Carol, n. Norlhlork. W. Va. Everett. Glad... Hamilton Everilt. Janet Fitzgerald. Ill Wadded SI.. Selm. F.erliart. Nanc. Jo. 211 Walnul St.. Thorns. 111. F...II P.-gg, Lynn. 108 E. Di.ine St.. Dunn ► .in. Mildred. Spartanburg H»... Hender-ond Fall.. Ella Ann. Hi. 2. I.awndalr Falls. Mar, Carolyn. 119 l.r r SI.. s|„||„ larah. Pri-cilla. ,29 l,,rk A.e.. Rock Hid. S Far.h. Bo.cmond. 307 Marlii. St.. Mount Oil, Farlow. Mary Ellen. 807 W. South St.. Raleigh Farlowr. It.,,..,., a French. Soph larni.r. M.rtha Ellen. 21t)9 Vr Farmer. Mar . Rl. 1. Marble Farmer. Ruth. Dr., Charlollr Farc-ll. Pa ' da .1. 1 116 Huffin Si.. Durh.n Rt. 3. Apex Faucclle. Hice Wray. 8n2 M Fau.l. Nanc. 1109 Randolph V lei. r.,. llli " Fellon. Hannah Lo.c. 511 OTLar A.e. N. lb.: Ferebee. Dorolh. Eliz.brlh. 104 Maple St.. 1 1. Gro.r Park. 3 4 Ferguson. J.nie Mac. Rt. 1. Gastonia 36 Frtzer. Anne 525 Maple Ave. Reidj 5S. 106 Finch. Julia B.n.m. 226 Belle S,.. Hender.on e 153 Finrhrr. Ko-e Ellen. Rt. 3. Box 229. Concord 72. 158 54 Finger. Sara Virginia. Rt. 2. Box 71. Dallas Finlev. Pat-. Ruth. 21 1 Tenth Si.. Cramerton 3 1. 1112 Fish. Grraldine. Clyde Fishback. Jovce. 915 Washington A.e. Brookly 103. 105. 153 Fisher. Barbara Anne. P. O. Box 198. Hunter -dlle 36. 94 54 Fisher. Hazel L. e. 92n S, ale, St.. s a li.|,„ r . 38 Charlotte 34 li-h.-r. Dorolh. Faye 212 Had. St.. Fayette t-« 7119. Hig. p„ Co, Betty Lou. Rl. 1. Dobyns. Barbar. Dock. Margaret . ....Ill . C. Hal.,,.,, Ki-h.r. Mar, K„|,.rla. 8114 .ncc St., Ro.n Myr... 1005 Belmont A.e. F, Fleming. Mrs. Eden Dupree Rl. 1. Smilhne Fleming. Ina Sue. Boon.lde Fleming. Nancy Poe. Rapid. 95. 1S8 Student Directory — Continue J .1. Belt, I 811 1 Pirn- St.. I „,„b M.„l. Joanne Box 17 1. I. I all. logician, Joan, Hi. .. Greensboro Folgcr, Ann. 1111 Jul,,.,,,,, Si., High 1 ' ,. Ford. Anne Scott, I ord, Jessie Louise lord. Virgin ( la Rt. !6 E. Ocean Av 805 A in..,,., 1 . -., Lumberlo . Canton, Ohio 38 beth, 1420 Duplin lid.. I! Fortune, Marian. 7 Thompson Si.. Ashe, ill.- Foster. Ann, 301 N. Delaware. D. land. Fla. Foster. Joan Thomas. . ' Ill I Logan V.,,. V F....-I J,.a... 21)1)9 Sprunl St.. Durham Fowler. Frances. Countr. Club lid.. Ml. Air. Fowler. Mar,. 7 Fair, lew A.c. Hi. 2. Kannapolis Fox. Nanc, Thorton, diatom. Va. Francla, Shearer Ann, Smithporl Francis, ludrc Ann. 830 Pine St., Dan. ill.-. Va. Iran,,-. A,rg,,„... V.h.-.illo ltd.. Wuyncs.ille I ranrk. Mar, II.. w ar.l. 8.1 1 Ar.cnal A. e. Fa. etle ille Franklin. Belt. Ann. 111. 1, Box 571), Waynes, ilk- Franklin. Ph.lli-. 3 Amber lid.. A. he, ille 27,55 Fredriksen. Patricia. 1 ' 1 1 9 Alexander ltd., Kaleigh Frederick, Hose Eleanor, 1 10 Court St., Koxboro Freedman, Shirley Lyon (,Mr».|, 3SI3-C Parkwood Dr Greensboro Freeman, Bessie. 9 1 2 Shepherd St., Henderson, ille Freeman. Katharine Gra.. Hi. 2. Boz 395. Charlotte Freeman, Margaret Lee, 720 Caldwell A,,.. W ilmingl Freeman. Rebecca Anne. Star French. Betty. IOH Blandwood A.c., Greensboro Iri.lav. Kathr,,,. 125 N. Caldwell Si.. Salisbur. Friddlc. Kuth, Walnut Cove Friedman, Edna Him. 22111 Floral A.c.. Charlotte 9 ). I ulfnrd. Sail. Elizabeth, 115 Front St.. Beoutort Fuller, Bobbie, Norlina 104, Fuller. Jane S.. 3 111 Bickelt St.. Monro. 27 Fuller. Joan Marie. 2111 Pomona ltd.. Greensboro Fuller. Jo Ann, IIO . Alexander St.. Mount Holl. Fuller. Mildred. Rt. 1. Pi-gah Forest Fulton, Barbara Anne. Summit A.c., Walnut Cove Fu.|..a . Lois kala, Hi. 3. Burlington Fuquay. Margaret. H.F.D.. Snow Camp Furlong, Rena, 31 S. Twelfth St., Hickory I urr. kalhrrin... Box 12. " ., Franklin Fync, Janet, 207 W. Calhoun, Sumler Gabriel, Norma Smith. Pil.on SI.. I , , Park. N. Wilkesboro Gaines, Shirley Ann, James. ille Gaither, Mary Norcom, III Ocracoke Dr., Ha.e Gantt, Doris Dolores. Mount Holl. Gardner, Ceraldine Bcalrice, 23 Tampa A.c, V Gardner, Lois Kathr, n, .North Cross, Angicr Gamer, Margie Mary, P. O. Box 466. Pinehursl Garrcll, Mary Jane, Lillinglon Garrelt, Lorna. 222 I i. 1,1. re. I Hd., Draper Garrison, Clelia, 1112 E. Ferguson St.. Clinton. Garrison, Imogene Hope, Rt. 4. Burlington Carrey, Sarah. " Gastincau, Martha Cri Gaston. Martha, 20 12 lla.wo.,.1 Hd.. Ashe, ilk- 118 Gaston. Nunc, Lee, 2012 Ha, wood ltd.. Ashe, ille 118,187 Gat, wood, Maud Fluranrc. Box 12, . ancey.ille 48,55 Galling. Bee, 514 Hermitage It.. Charlotte 80. 159 Gaol, I,,.. Terr, Odiene, 114 Price St.. Greensboro Gay. Lucille. Black Creek 159 Gee. Agnes. 1753 Pelham ltd.. N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 118 Gehman, Bets., 1534 Lafayette Ave.. Rocky Mounl Spruce Pine Whitethorn St., 83. 97. 159. 2IIO Gell.rman. E.c. 1459 57lh St.. Brookl.n, N. .. — Gibhs, Audrc, Fee. Box 1091. Gastonia 38 Cihbs. Julia Elizabeth, 910 Sherwood Dr.. Stairs, ille 118 Gibson. Edna Bond. 1IIOO N. Elm St.. Apt A-l, Greensboro Gibson. Mar, Carol, n. 1518 Marion St.. Greensboro 40 Gibson, Mary Earline. Hi. 2. Rockingham 5S Cibson. Nannie. Rt. 1. Mebane 79. 10S. 159 Gilbert. Clara, Star Route. Silcr tit, 102.159 Gilbert. Naur. Barbara. 1,1)1 S. Shore ltd.. Absecoll. N. J. 55 Gill, Joellen, North Street. Zebulun 36 Gillikin, Mildred Carole. Newport Gills. Lueile Mar ' Bluefield. W Ciroud. t;arol Amir. 575 West A,.-.. Scwaren, N. J. Glass. Rebecca. 3311 Powhatan A.c.. Baltimore. M.I. Glenn. Melissa Marian. 906 Chestnut Si.. Henderson Glenn. Patricia. 91)6 Chestnut St.. Henderson Glenn. Peggy, lol C i„ul A.c.. W a, nesboro, Va. Codbr,. Dori- Ann. Pil-.n St.. North Wilkesboro Godshalk. Marcia Lois. 3115 Mar.lan.l ' ,„„.. A „ Goforth. Carolina. Goforth ltd.. Lenoir Goldl.urg. Virginia. 7(17 Market St.. W ilmingl Goodwin. J.. Flai,,,-. I.lli, Bel. in Ave.. Durham Gordon. Patricia. Rt. 3. Box 86. Mounl Airy I. oss. Elizabeth. 3 16 Monlford Ave.. Ashe.ille Gosling. Patricia Louise, 431-A Chester St.. Norfolk Coudelock, Jean. 31)5 S. Hovne St.. Monroe Couldman. Hazel Elizabeth. 1307 General I.e. A.c. Graham, Anne, 815 Lamar A.c. Charlotte Graham. Doris, Clvdc Graham. Emil. G.-.ldic. 5011 East G. Si., Erwin Graham. Jane Holt, 1202 Central Ave, Charlotte Gravely. File,, Brndgrn. 73 1 W. Mai,, Si.. Washington I.e. I.. Jean Marie. Illl Franklin i.e.. Brc. ard Gra.. I,. Lillian Ann. Ill I Franklin A.c. Brevard Cro.rly, Nancy Carolyn. 104 Franklin A.c. lire, ard Charlotte Craybeal, Nanc La Grange. III. 3127 Banbury Rd.. Raleigh Ph. I.rillio. Griffin. Griffin. Lucy Janet. 309 N. Tremonl Dr.. Gr, June Carol. Itl. I. Sh, lb, Virginia Ann. 2419 Crescent A.c, E Law. 4241 Oakland Ave. Gr, . Dorothy Naomi. Rt. 2. Candler ,. Mar; Jan.. B.ula.illa Rub. Robeana. Rt. 2. Dallas Diantha Elizabeth. 104 Williams St., E.clyn Creech. S. Elm St.. Marsh, ill Mrs. Gwendol.n Keller. Greensboro Jean Carole. Rt. 1. Box Lena Margaret. Bobbins . Box Ruth. Hi. 3. Ho Griffith. Shirley. I .bur, . Va Vnitie Margaret. Hi, 620 S. Mendcnholl. Greensboro Griggs. Crlaaon, Gr.der. Box 120. I.ouishurg 1126 Queens Rd.. t hile 33 i Hack,,.,. Barbara Jean. Rt. 7. Box III. Greensboro 40.45 Hack,,,.. Rachel. Itl. 3. Slier Cil. 105, 160 Hade.,, Carolyn, 50 Pemuyl. ania A.c. Ashe.ille 27,89,119 Hagan. Belt. Jean, Towusend Ave.. Gaslonia . . . 29 Haley, Emma Sue, Rt. 2, Elon College 11,28.105 Hall. Anne H.. 620 Dow.l H.,.,.1 I harlotl. 3 27.911. 160 Hall Barbara Ann. Box 313. South Boston. Va. 99. 160 Hall. Charlotlc Marion, 113 E. Chi. holm St., Sanford 45 Hall. Ernestine Clyde, Ha. worth Hd.. Box 2221. High Point 38 Hall. Glad,- Ethel. 1312 E. Green St.. High Point 36 Hall, Harriet. 3117 Victoria St., Greensboro 75,103,119 Hall. Helen. Pine Cone Dr., Oxford 119 Ball, Mar. Rose. Rt. I, Kannapolis 160 Hall, Peggy Ann, Hi. 1. Trinity 90, 160 Hall.,, I k. Dorolhv. 2157 Norton Hd.. Charlotte 160 llallenbeek. Dorothy. 2157 Norton ltd.. Charlotte 160 Ham, Louise Anzalctlc. 1809 Friend), Rd.. Greensboro 56 Hamby, Bobbie Lee. Illl Butler Dr.. So.. Midwav Park 45 Manor. Gwendolyn. 21)5 Ma.hill Park, Lenoir 99. 106, 107, 119 Hamilton. Anne Brinklcy. 67 Pinccrrsl Parkway, Wilmington II ,«n.l. Elizabeth Jean, 2017 Malheson Ave. Charlotte 75, H9 Hammond. True Joan. Rt. 1. ]l„x II. Henderson, ill, 3 1 Hampton. Lucille. Itl. 3, Hutherfordlon 160 llamrirk. June. 155 1 harlot!,- Ave. Ml. Hollv 34 Hancock. Doris Silcr. Silcr City 161 Handle.. Elizabeth. 1312 Park A... " A " . Gold.boro 119 Handy. Julia Francs. Greensboro Rd.. Reid.ville 34 llanna. Charlv „ 11,-rnard. 1722 Iheslnul ..... I harlotl, II Hannah. Lucille, Rt. 1, Franklin H)7. 161 llansharger. Mar, I 311 Dr.. Logan. W. Va. 38 Hansen, Pearl Christine. 305 Moor. St.. Beaufort 45 Hanson. Mary Lou. Box 871. Southporl 161 Harding. Lillian long. 2 125 Sharon ltd.. Charlotte 36 Harding. Margie. Pilot Mountain 161 Hargrove, Martha Louise. 516 Stirling St.. Greensboro 45 Hark,,. Jill Marjo. 715 E. Kingston A.,.. Charlotte 38 Harman. Frances M.. 119 Harmun. Gcralyn, 401 W. Sixth A.c, Gaslonia 161 Harrell, 11.11, Jo. Oxford Orphanage. Oxford 36 Harrell. t.luita Jo,. 21)8 Pollock St.. Ml. Oli.e 38 Harrclson. Margaret. Hi. 2. Kings Mountain 161 llarrel-.,,,. Margaret Rt. 1. Chrrrvvllle 36 Harrclson. Palricia, Bt. 2. Randolph ltd.. Charlotte 3 119 Harrclson. Patsy Ann. Rt. 1, Box 33. Henderson, ille 3 1 Harrclson, Rilma Maude Rt. 1. Cherryvillc 36 Harrington. Bell. Gr... Box 31)3. Rd.. Wadcsboro 107. 161 Harrington. Katharine Rt. 2, Sanford 161 Harrington. Margarel Visla. Box 202. la, lor-, ille 34 Harris. Ann VA alker. 1115 Queen, ltd.. West. Charlotte Harri.. Annie Laura. Rt. 1. Box 140, McLeans, ille Harris. Barbara Ann. 3 168 Sclw,„ A,.-.. I harlotl, 56 Harris. Barbara Ann.-. 2,12 H.iling I.e.. Salisbur, 161 Harris. It.rlha Elaine. Rl. 3. Box 10. Littleton 36 Harris. Bethel Delano. 331, I hula,,, A.c. Silcr Cil. Harris. Chairrne Seaboard 34 Harris. Dorothv Mae. Box 15. Mt. Park 119 Harris. Eddie Jean. No. 3 Chalcn Apt... Durham 27. 97. 98. 162 Harris. Faye. 216 Hudnell St.. W ashington 119 Harris. Frances Loui.e. Pil.on St.. N„rlh Wilkesboro 56 Harris. Jean Carolyn. Hi. 1. Carthage 80 Shell.. eh St., Harr.s. Martha. 31)6 W. Mari Harris, Mar. Alice Box 133, Harris, Mary Louise Box 69 Harris. Palricia Anne. 1714 ' Jacksonville. Fla. 162 Harri.. Peggy Lee. Pilson St.. North Wilkesboro 38 Harris. Virginia Jan,. 37(H) Parkwood Dr.. Greensboro Harris. Virginia Johnson. 1719 College Ave., Harls, ill,-. S. C. 56 Harrison, Anne 306 E. Green St., Wilson 96, 119 Harrison. Jean. 306 E. Green St.. Wilson 97.162.201 Harrison, Martha Delia. Palmyra 96.119 uolia ,.,, 102 Harris.. Laura Ma.Nair. 1802 Grace St.. W ilmii Harry. Jean Frances. Grovcr Han. Mar, Ruth. 713 S. Ice St.. Gaslonia 36 Hart. Sharon Fitch. Rl. 6. Box 322. Greensboro 56 Bartman, Nunc, Ann. Rl. 4. W inston-Salem 45 Hart. ell. Ja.n. Jacqueline 31)23 Idle I Circle. Charlotte 36 Harlscll. Wayne Madeline. 3023 Idlew I Circle. Charlotte 36 Hartzog. Ann. 21)1)9 II. ..teller St.. Raleigh 56 Elea 11.1. . Gr, Camden Rd.. Greensboro 103. 10 Har.el. Belt. Lou. Box 91, Biscoe Harvey. Betty Jane. 206 Cray Court Apts., W inston-Sale, llarwar.l. Lois Marie. Hi. 2. Box 182. Norwood Hassell. Lueile. 823 Oakland St.. Hendcrsonvilk- 7 lla.t.. So.iih. 2,1.1 S. Church St.. Monroe 105 Haw 1,. I.I. Wash llawlicld. 8,28, 89, 111. 120 ricia Ruth. 2601 Wi llawl... Effie Lou. 818 King A.c. Flore,,,.. -. ( . Haydcn, Rosemary Sweeney, 1920 Nun St.. W ilmingto 2(19 Pcachtr.-e St.. Ha, dock. W il.on. Selma Atlanta. Ca. ,-. Edna Joyce. 520 S. Second St.. Wil.ning ,-». Marian Jean. Rt. I. Box 235. Durham lies, Helen. 122 1 Hi. hard-on Dr.. Reids.illc wood. Patsy. 327 S. Torrenc, Si.. Charlotte »ood. Tommic. 327 S. Torrence St.. I harlotl. 103. 106. 120 103. 103. 162 H.afn.r. Martha Ann. 113 N. Cedar St., Liucdnlou llrafner. Mar, Jean. 113 N. I ,-dar St.. I.incolnlon Hear,,. Sara Beth. 1 1)9 E. Daniel St.. Kin. Ion Heck. Margarel Karen. 215 W. Tenth St.. Salisbur. Hedge k. Doll. Ann. Rt. 1. Box 63. High Point lledgepelh. Julia Ann. Sllll Ja.k.o,, I.e.. Lexington. Va. 56 Il.gc Patricia 11,-nc 512 W. 5th A.c. Lexington 162 Hcgc. Pcarlie Rcyneable Hi. 4. Lexington llein.bcrgrr. alh.-ri.,.- Palricia. 31)9 F. 18lh St., Lumberton 56 Held. Shirley Anne. 621)3 33rd St.. W ashington. D. C. 34, 70 11.1,,,.. A. i. Ka . Box 61. Kcrner., ill. 45 Helm,. Barbara Hue 21)5 S. Church St.. Monroe 88. 120 36 Helm.. Margarel. 1571 Queen. Hd. West. Charlotte 88, 105. 120 II. ,,.,.1,111. Rebecca I... Martin Hemrirk. Ph. His Loui.e. Kt. 1. W in.ton-Salcm Henderson. Anne. 129 Wadcsboro A.c, Monroe Henderson. Shirley Lou. Box 13 1. Ston. Point Hcuirix. Jo Ann. 219 S. Tremonl Dr.. Greensboro Henk.l. Sarah Jane. 1717 W ilmorr Dr.. Charlotte Hennebergcr, Sara, P. O. Box 237, Troy llcming. Marie Irene Herman. Frankie Marie. Rt. 1. Box 18, Conover Herring. Lois Carmen. Wallace Herring. Mar. Mvrtlc Box 26. Providence Rd„ M.I. Herring. Ituth. 1506 A oderson St., Wil son Hicks. Ilorolh, Jean. 7 1 1 W . ,1 Oak Si .. Selma Hicks, Grace Bo.d. 11 3 Jen, Hick-. Ima Jean. 1001 ton A.c .. Gastonia 1 llr.igi; Biggins. Jane. 1010 W e, Grecnsbi Hill. Annie. Rt. 1. Ker Hill. Belt. 1311 Hill. Belt, Jo. Ncwpor Hill. Elaine Randolph. 221 Ma pie St., Hill. Elizabeth Howell. 1715 Ann St.. Wilmington Hill. Josephine Mundv. Apt. 41 1 A Clin Lennox. Chapel Hill Hill. La Hue. 111. 2. St.lilhuehl Hill. I -. Bircher. 2113 II, Ian A.c.. Hamlet.. . Hill. Margar.t Marshall. 1715 Ann St.. W ilmingl.,,, Hill. Alar. Lou. Rl. 3. Faison Hill. Mar, Loui.e. 21115 Brandon Circle. Charlotte Hill Nan,, Jean. Hi. 3. High Point llinc. Marion Erwin. 3212 Fdgewaler Dr.. Greensb.i Burlingto nn. 1404 South Park A. Hi, .11. Pal., Hipps. Sano Ilix. Julia Frances, Box 162. Thomas llobbi,. Valerie Ga,. 178 N. Pleasant Ridgcwood. N. J. Hobbs. Elizabeth Helen. Hi. 2. Walstonburg llobgood. Mar, Elizabeth. Rt. 1. Oxford Hol.g 1 t arric Finch A.c. Oxford Hoek.r. Patricia, Box 125. Guilford ll...k. II Palricia June. 318 W. Bessemer Av Hodges. Helen Louise Box 151. Tabor Cil. llodgin. Hull, Willar.l. lit. 6. Greensboro Holler. Annie VI.. Hobbs. ille c. Gastonia ille A.c. Dor, Holland. Mildred Moore. 31)3 N. Bovcc St.. Cast. Hollingcr. Jean Carolyn. SOS South St.. Gastonia Hollcnien. Mar, Ellen. Rt. 1. Jones.illc Holloman. Jane Moore. Hi. 4. Box 145. Ahoskic Hollis. Fayc Carolyn. 706 West Oak St.. Shelb. . Biltmore Box 188. : Holl. 1 !,,.,!,. II, Jane, 626 Fairvie Holten. Nanc L, Holtzmann. E.t a Edith Anna. R Hone. cull. Ph. 1918 All: II 1. Dorothv VI ae Bo x 382. Bu II 1 ll.l.n W nn. 13 15 W ake Hood. Alar. An 171)7 Chestnut Hook- . Carol C . Rl. 1 AA hile. i Hook! :, Susan. II Dorothy Hi " , 2 East Be nn. 213 Church St.. High Point . Virginia. Rt. 1. Brown Summit Anne 8111 E. Alorion St.. Shell,. Home Barbara F.I. lie Home. " . . 12 11 Bt Horn.-. Ro.c Rebecca. 1 Horton, Betsy. 200 E. II. ..kins. Eleanor Grahi 162 Hous Houston. Juanita J Houston. Catherine. Kt. 3. Howard Jac.,uclino Mae Rt 305 Beall St.. Le, Student Directory — Continued ■ i.i.i.. i .. . i it »...i i. St., Lull.,. SOS N...II, M...l.„a S re Isabel!. , 15 Magnolia Terrace, ■1,1.. ( I le Highland l»«. Hull. Peggj I .■ loin ' , ' " .■ Hiitii|itirt ' . Carol Sur. 165 i„. ,.11. Mnriiin II.. 626 l.luoon» Hd., Char Hunter. Sora Caldwell, 2121 Slur. I A. Hurlorkor. Marlha. 111. 3. Albemarle Huss. Frances. II 111 McArver Ave, Casl Hutchison, Clair , 111. 9, Box 92. Boat.. Kuril lid.. Charlotte III.. III. 2. 1. Hull. Grm. III. I. Bax 2 12. Krrurra.ille 106, 121 . Mania.-. 1218 Kenwood II.. Fori W orlh. Tex. 29 III, Joan Kcrler. 2007 Mar Sl„ la,,- ill.- 34 Id. Ophelia Pierce Box 3111.. Taylor., ill.- 121 ■ in, Laura Jean. 1 ' . II. II, ,x 1. la, lorsville 36 im, l.ura Evudeune 111. 2. Princeton 38 ..... Virginia Bar. ll„x I. To. lors. ill.- 165 ... 11.11,, [,.iii„., lit. 3. l.ouisburg 3 1 I, A. is Lucille, m, 1. Box 7. Huntcrsxillc 57 . Martha. 301 Ave., Now Hern 57 . Lalah Perkins, 6 II) Ash.boro St.. I,r, dishorn 35 Tcrzah Mcssick. 421 E. Park A,.-.. Charlott.- 36 Nellie. Rt. 1. Box 351. Roanoke Rapids 88. 103. 121 Ja.k Iran,-,, Larle. 111. 1. Jackson, Henrietta. Box 279. Grace P.. 111. 6. Sail,. N. Florence. 510 W. Warn H. Pearson, Dr.. W il.on ton Ridge. .. Moorcs.illo Greensboro Dr., Raleigh 96. 137. 157 Jenkins, Mar; Simon.. 711(1 Hush Hd.. Fa.etlo Ull W. Si.. Raleigh i. Box 54. Crecdmoor 21.6 89lh St., Brooklyn 9. N. V Hamsour. I 132 Green. 1 I lill. Johnson. Ida Jan.. Rl. 2. Hunters, ill.- Juhnsun. Jo.ce. Rl. 1. Box 299, Sniilhh.ld 2 John..,,.. Marlha Jam. loll Minor,., A,.-.. Durham Johnson. Mar, Elizabeth. Ht. 2. W inston- Salem Johnson. Mar. Elizabeth. Ull S. Flan. A,... Gr. . n-h, John.,,,.. Mar, Lou. 1.128 W. Fourth St.. Win- -.., Johnson, Miralyn. Ashley Height. Johnson. Rose Marie. III! ermoiil St.. Sniithli.ld John...... Willa 11.11... Rl. 5. Box 133. State., ill, Johnston. Joan... 3116 W. Center I.e.. Mooressllle 2 John-Ion. Pcgg, . 500 S. M, ml. nhall. Greensboro JolliAT. Marietta. Rt. 1. Box 27. B.I, id. re Jones. Dori- Christine. 2363 Elizabeth i.e.. Win-ton Jones. Ann Spencer. 1978 Maryland A,.-.. Charlotte Jon... Barbara Jean. Ill Hilton Me. Durham Jon.-. Belt, Ga. I.. 111(1 Koi....rth Terrace. Hickorv Jones. Belt. Jewel, Rt. Pike.ille Jones. Dnrothv. 213 . Park St.. States, ill,- Jones. Dorothy Winters. Box 82. Maxton Jones. Mabel Elizabeth, Rt. 3. Thomas, ill.- Jones. Mary- Adelaide. 3811 Highland A. Ion.-. Almorla St.. s ' t. t„g„. W ,11,. .,.. While Salem 1. light..,,. Lout.,. IIS ■ arbot Suferd 1 .-,., U a loo. " 1 2 l. - 1 V. in.lon-S.l.n, |( la.log P. A Box 26. Franklin. Ille III?, 121 1 a., ha,. IOII2 W. 1- ill Dr.. Greer. 8. 1 121 ara, Ill M.lgra.e 11.1. V...I llarll...,! 161 la... «.,, 1., a. ItOl Bethel Hd.. 1 h.rlolle 1 1 I Mi lVgg , 1 15 lla.i.. Smlthlicld ln , Hi lb. 1511. I ,1 tl... I ,,g, nia. HO Elm St.. Wei, •rime, 6113 K. Third St.. M.l.o Lillian. Grill..., Km, I, Margaret. Box 2 15 I .III. I. sura. 13 15 Ileal St., Ilo.k. Moon Carol,... 21 V In... II S,.. 41 Hilltop St., Hill, Ji :«, II.. ..I, V Kanler. S.l.iu J.i.ce. Kaplan. Miriam. 367 Kalslkas. Georgia. 4 16 Hillsi.l, kaiill ' nian. Frances May, Durham lr.. Greensboro Kenwood A,,., keari,,, Barbara. Ill) Be.erl) PL. Greensboro Kear..-. Joan Lamar, 211 Dr., Lexington Kearns. H. b.-ei a Ann. 2211 Libert, St.. V.liebor., Keek. Nam, Catherine, 1336 S. Church St.. Burlington ,e. 1223 E. Filth SI.. I harlntl. Keller. Kalher ine M 27 Ra.mond s,.. Daricn. I Keller, Morj Joe, 210 Pine Yalle Kemp, Stella , 58 7. 121 e, 819 S. Park St.. Ash.boro 15. 12 1 Kemp, Susaiine Eli aheth. Ilamiebjerg pr. Rting-teil Kysl. Kenan, ' Vclma Grace, Ht. 3, Box 248-A. Greensboro 36 Kendall. Dorothy Anne. 409 « oodro. Me. High Point 28. 75. 1115. 121. 137 Kenned,. Julia Carol,,,. 32 1 I SI I t.ctl, ill, Kenny, Mar, Cogswell, 17 Allen A,... Ft. Mot, oil.. V J. 38 Kent. Fli abell. Lai,.. 811 Watauga. kine.purl. lent,. 81.167 Kent, Mar, Eli abelh, Rt. 6, Lenoir 88. 1U6, 167 K.rncr. Dorothy Ann, Cherry St.. Kerners, ill.- 27.121 K.rr. Kill. Kiuniard. IB2-I Mead... brook Dr.. Winston-Salem 37 Kersey, Marilyn Ann. 211)6 Wright A.c. Greensboro 40.45 K.lii.r. Helen Carol. 118 Spring St. Keye. Helen Christine. E. Main St.. Pilot Mountain Keys. Marlha Gwendolyn, 3401 N St., N. W ., Washington 7, D. C. Kiii.l, rough. Su-aii. I III I W ilniiiigtoi. A,... Kichnion.l Ki Virginia Hope. 27 17 and. rl.ill Me. Raleigh K iclsliol. Mari 2627 Sher.ood Axe.. Charlotte Kimrcy. Ann Wright, 45 King. Mrs. Belt; Taylor. 20 Ha. Icy Ave. Kinard, Elizabeth I aroline. Libert, and lllaekslonc Rd„ Randallslo.n, Md. 105. 1 King. Marie. P. Iham 1 Kipka. Kathrxn Karolyn. 217 W. Center. Moore-. ill. Kirb.. E.elyn. Rl. 1. Roxhoro I Kirl... Nam, Elizabeth. 77 Sand Hill Hd.. A.hcille Kirkie,. Barbara. 5tl2 Market St.. Chera.. S. I. Kirschner. Kathr.n Eleanor. 139 E. Market St.. ■ ork. Pa. 1 Ki-er. Mildred Louise. Ill Host St.. Stotcsxillc Kisllec. Palrieia Elizabeth. 72 1 l.randin H.I.. Charlotte Kizziah. Rosalie Wile.. 2O0 W , -1 Bank St.. Salisbury 27. 37. Kjosne,. Ellen, Caixa Postal 115. Anapolis. Goia-. Brazil Kjo.,,,-. I ..„:. Caixa Postal 115. Anapolis. Goias. Brazil Klutli Knott. Julia Ann. 15 Blanche St.. Clayton Kocnig. Sue. Box 222. Burns, ill. Koonce. t ' Noah, 2 12 Hidg. er.-l R.I.. Ash.boro Koonl-. Carol, n .ll. 707 W. Filth A,c. Lexington Kornega, . Pearl, Rl. 6. Box 164. Greensboro Ko.ler. Kall.ori,,, Henrietta. It ear.ol, Dr.. Morganton Ku.. . Roberta Elizabeth. 35 11 Da.enporl St.. Wa-liingloi, 8. II. I. Kunze, Miner, a Jan.. 5115 Hamilton St.. Leak-, ill, Ku.dendall. Mar. Helen. Box 311 I. Madison Kurtz. None, Elizabeth. 9211 lounlr. Club Hd.. W ilu. KM,-. Ruth. Rl. 1. Tuylur.illr Kvzer. Anna Mar.,. .11111 II, Ian Ire., Hamlet Lambeth. N.ltie Tonilii— ,„. Elizabcthlo. n K.I.. Lumbe Lambeth, toriniio. I li ab, ihtow n H.I.. Lumber!,... Lambeth. Peggy June. Brown Summit 3 1 .1,1, |..lkla„.l I . ■ 201 I Male -. II a I.e.,...,. I .role, Alice II I....I, Pallia ll.ina. 1129 ». Na.h St.. « ll.„„ Leather. ood. I,. Hi 2 II.. 569 »-.. 1 .1 1... -., h. II ..... ---I Ik.,,,. I..II....I II.,, I,. tra, w.o.l. II II 1 ad in - li Let II, ..I 127 Edwin PI tl ■ 1 .... KaUterlm 1 orr.. 5119 1. oil, -il„ ,„l,.,|..o 1 . II. r. too Ml ho. Nor. „ I 12 Monroi -i 1 a.,.,,.. 1 1 X , I...I, Be. Shandy, la. .11 1 HI 1 .1 Ilo.k,,. gh. l,a,a too. Ill 1 11... 72. Matthew. 1., , Eli, .bell. Adeline. 62 1 L.m.r A 1 . niz. Mar Ilotl, Mill xrilmore Terrace, 1 . „t, M....I.., 1 . 1 21 1 St.. Gr 1 . ill, M.,,, I I ml, ii. 2111 Spring 1 li ' . i. ' ' ■•■■ I .. .1 I Morr... I. r.l I, I., II lint »..i lata -i i., I...... Leonard. s|,irle, lli abelh. 501 Nortl.bri.lg. St.. Gree I. pie, . Jan.. 1.16 E. Durham 11,1.. PI, II a.|. I |.l. , a I ' a l.e.i.. Barbara Julia. 551)11 Park Height. I Baltimore, Md. I.e.i. . Dori. I. 18 R.L. 9 Lewb, Lea t..... Hi. I ll„x 1 1 I. Lewis. Margaret. 130 Northr.dg. -I Gr..,. Lewi.. Mar, I. anil. I1H2 Mrgilli. A.c. Dor I . . , Maaer-VlradBia, M Vl.xao.l.r ,... N I...I-. inc . Liner. .,,„d I I. xpt-.. High l.ighldale. Joan Barbara. 31 Glcn.ood A.c. Im ■ V- J- III.-. Virginia Leonard. Garland Lill... Mar. Ola. 111. 1. Willi I imeliou-e. Grace. P. II. I1..X 112. Summer, Lio.b.rg.r. Gen., a I 111. 3. Ca.lonia Lin.l. Virginia. 232 l.ewi.lon V-c. Willi,,,. Linker. Janet, Rt. 1. Raleigh Lin. ill.. Helen. Box 187. Ilak Hl.lg. I.inzv. Barbara Anne. 133 W Sharp. Si Llpman. Shirle, Fayc. Eullord St.. Beauloi 1 ippard. Marti, r.l.lia. 111. 1. Mb. marl. Lip-eou.b. Doroth. Delle. Ill Grace St, H " Gainer, S. I . I IpalU loan.,,, I 17 W alk, , -I I I..... ' ,i- 1 nil. Barbara Inn. 6111 I Lb. r.l St, t-.l... Little Elizabeth. 2115 S. 11.,,,-,,,,, St, Ga- Ionia Mar] Bennett 12 1 V Washington St.. 1 Inl. Rosa Parsons. 424 V Washington St, Rl. 1. H..X 16, I olh.r-..., arol.n. Box 155. Ht. 4. Durham ,n. Anne 58 Larch,,,,.,,! 11.1. t-l n. Mar. Srorhnrough. 21)8 Spring Si.. .. Alma. 857 Chancellor A.c. Ho, St, Lnntbert 95. I n.l. 172 28. 95. 106, 137. 1I..I... Long. June France. Lena I ..,.,-. 7 Spruce St.. l.e.k-.ille Ml. Vernon K.I.. Roanoke 1...,:. ..„,. Box 311. Italy St.. V.ldr.e Long. Patricia Anne Rt. 2. Il..ih.„, Lett, kalher... Gin. Hill l|j..i. Apt... North W ilk.-l. I.....II. Mar. Moore 337 Park Si., t-heboro lo.clle Jam-lie Ull Pearson Dr.. A-hr.illr LOTIIUJ I Mar, lane, larolioa V,.l- -he.illc ,te Road W ill,.. br.„.k 1,1, St. N.- V, MaePhail. Don- Marl.,,,. 7 aklaiol Me. tharlo MarPhail. Janet 700 Daklan.l t-e. Charlotte M.ellae Catherine. 612 Central Boulc, ard. W ilmingto Mellarron. Patricia. (.lie McCarty. Eugenia. 252 P. achlrcc Hills A. Ga. la sail.. 1192 Ilak. lab 11,1. . . E.. Atlanta. Ga. Lam.. Rebecca. Box 111.16. Jack-,.... ill. Mcllo.k, . M. .„,a,,n. till Sherman Dr.. Faj-Cttet Lancaster. Jan. Elizabeth. 1112 S. Ho lan A.... Raleigh 39 Mcllu.k. , . Mr. N „,. Hi.. " , -il-.r t Land. Barbara Ann. 52 1 V Daughlr, St.. Ho, k, Mount .15 Melorn.iek. Sarah Hi ab, ll. Hi 2. s i,,, p.ul- Langdon. Rebecca Jan., H. ,,-,. n 168 McCox. Barbara M„„ 27 kirk.oo.l Me. I exinglo I.angle.. Janet Sue. 3211 llttera, Dr.. High Point 96.122 Melo.. Minnie Elizabeth. 1511 Park Court, tharb. La.eler. Kalherinc Parker. Rl. 1. Pisgah Forest 58 Mel rare Dori- Josephine. Rt- 1 did. ox 718 819 Fillh ,.h.,r. Student Directory — Continue J Pag. No. Eavcttc 171, R ill ngham 35 11)2. IT McDonald. Polls anna. Hi. 2. Box 99-A. Bockin McDulfir, Jan. Ui,. Armheld M„ St. Paul, McDuffie, Patt Lu, Paw Creek McDuffie, Paul,,,. Cameron. I ft hit.. Oak lid., I McFarland. Belt) Jean, 102 Oakdale St., Martin McFarland, Virginia, Coldsboro MrGhee. Jean Mann. 2 1(111 Re, .bridge Rd.. Hal McGoogan. Anne. 110 Ar.ulield St.. St. Pauls McGoogan. Sarah Louise. III! .null. Id St., St. MoGougon. Paliicia Anne, South 1,1,1, St.. Smilhlield 1C 2. 173 M.Co.eni. Lelilia. I Jefferson . .-.. East Point, Ga. 59 M.Guil.n. Rett,- Jeanne. ;t I I Grainger A,,.. Kinslon 59,99 Melnni-. Mar, Elizabeth. Pleasant Garden 173 Mel,,,,!,. Max!,,,. Box 21. Pinel.luff 98,123 Melnlyre. Carolyn. Hi. 2. Ellorson, Va. 95,123 Mclntyre. Katlierine. Box 25 1. I.aurinburg 123 Melnl re. Mamie Jean. P. (I. Hon .VI, Red Oak 39 Mclxer, Barbara Ann, Till Fifth Ave., Greensboro 35 Mclxer, Lois. Gull 99. 123 Mejunkins. Martha Jane, It, Tallassee St.. Badin 173 McKay, Anne. Marslon 59 MeKeillian. Barbara. Ill, S. Marietta St., Gastonia 83,123 M. kcilhan. Jane Gertrude. Raeford McKinncy, Carol, lean,,,. 2 Si. Jan,,. SI.. Boston 19. Mass. S9. 103 McKinney, Margaret P. L.. 1103 Anderson St.. High Po, cKnight. Belly. 203 McLain. Connie Nell. ] McLean. Caroline. 2112 Fourth St.. Mebanc McLean. Eliz. Ih. IIHI2 Poplar St.. I.umberlon McLean. Phyllis, 170S Walnut St., Lnmbcrton McLean, Sarah Jane. 1115 He.iinlda ltd.. » inslon-Salen nil, Gregg. Kl. I, Anderson. S. C. - bara, 137 Plymouth Aye.. Charlotte 105. 173 59 McLell McLeod, Elizabeth, McLeod, E ale,,. 8115 Dunbar McLeod, Nina Marie. Roy 12 1. I Mc.Mahan. Miriam Carol. .103 Ke ill, I I5ti II R.I M.,,,1, I V X McManus. Edna Marie. 511 S. t.,„„k St.. Green.l,,, McMillan, Mrginia John..,,,. 218 Bradford A.e. McNcclx ' . Helen. 1 1 9 ft. Stewart A,,.. Moores.ille McNcoly, Kalherine Pearl, lit. 3. Morganlon MePh.-r-,.,,. J,.,,,. Hit I Maple V,,.. Burling MePher.on. I „ra I ... ill. U ' lll ' l Pi.dn, It, I.. N. F... Atlanta. Ga. MeOuaguc. Nano Box 1,31). ft ad.-boro Mrginia. llllll Vr-rnal l.enue. MeKainey. Mar, llaniel.. 2lll Brook. I V,... M.Raiii.,. Marv Louise. 3IH, E. 16th St.. Lun.berto, M. 11, ,,,..1.1.. Bell, Will. 2.11,11 L.udhur.l .,,-.. Winston-Salcm M.S.ain. It. II,. 2(12 ftaloul St.. I I... „, a., i 1 1, Mane, Ruth Ann, Kt 2. Sum.n.rli. Id 40 47 Maeon. Barbara J 925 o Country Club Rd., A 39 Madison. Juanita Lou 82 B8 171 Magnuson. Elaine 1...I . 1107 Azalea Dr . iliuingion Malis. Helen. 151 E. Wurthington A.. 39 Mallard. Barbara Jean 103 W. Whilak r Mill R.I. Ra eigh Malloy. Nan McA rn. 116 S. Main St.. I.aurinburg 80. 174 107, 174 75. 81, 123 ft i,,s|o,,-Sal,„ Marsh. Joan P.. 627 Joy.. Mar. hall. I arolline P. Marshall, Fa.,. ..77 ft . -I Mars!.,.,. Hilda. 120 S. Ro Martin. Esther Cassandra. P. O. Box 5011,. Ma, ...Ian Martin. Jeanne Taylor. 13113 Princeton A,.-.. Grecnsbor Martin. Joanne R., Box 322. Elon College Martin. Patricia Anne. Box 516. Ma,,, Martin, Ramona. Box 143. Bobbin-, Martin. Ruth Hamlin. Box 26.1. Cleveland Martin. Susan M.. American Embassy, 66. rue Ravens! Brussels. Belgium 80. Martin. Virginia Maude. Rl. 1. R„x 65-11. I.aurinburg Masengill. Sara Lou, 728 W. Locust St.. Johnson Cite. Ten.,. Mason, Anne Matthews, Box 51. Yadkin, ill, Mason. Rebecca Lylc, Box 51. Yadkin, ill.- Ma..,-,. Laura J. an. Rl. 2, Zebulon Hasten. Jo Ann. V albert... n Master.. 11,11,.- Irene. 15 12 Oxford Rd.. Henderson Mail,,..,,,. P. arl llillie. Stony Point Matlock. Patricia Gay, R.,x 97. Tayl„r„ill. Maughan, Barbara, car. „f Rd.. Durham 88. Mauldin, Anne. 161 Huntley PL. Charlotte Maun,,. Elrzaboth Ann. 426 S Main A,,-.. Newton Mauney. Pauline. Rl. 2. King. Mountain Mauney. Peggy. 2111 N. Ga.ton. King. Mountain Ma,. I, a Lea. Clifton May. Jane. ll 23 E. 36th Si.. ( harlot!,- May. Martha Borden. 5115 X . Hay is St.. Burlington Mayer, Lora. 2406 Springyvnod Dr., Greensboro Maynard. Angelvn Allen. Kerr Maynard. Martha Elizabeth. IIS Craft.,,, St.. Winston-Salem Mayo. Elizabeth Henry. 12 3 S. Franklin St.. Hock Medford. Nancy Carolyn. I |y ,1. 6. Box 339-C. Grcensbo 2335 Greeny..,,. I I, a Medlin. Ma 105. 174 ount 35 28. 175 Jeann Mcndenball. Ilrlmas Ye no 1 Box 39 Lewis, He Janet, 217 v-h. St. South.- n Pines Mercer, Sammic Lane, Boli Merriman. Oliyia Anne 2831) Exele Cirrlc. Rol igh Merz. Louise Elizabeth. 112 N. Symington A yille 28. Md. M.I. Mi.-h.lel. .1 " Hi. Michael,. Judith Ann. 1111 N. Mangum St.. Du Miehalove, Rose Maxim-. 712 Broadway. Forest Micol, Emily. Laurel Rd., V aides,- eol. Khela Madeline. N. Laurel Rd.. Valdos. Her, Alice Mae. 1022 Eleventh ,,-.. Ilieko. Her. Carol, Rl. 2. Mock,, ill.- Her. Diane Clair, Ht. 1. Arden Her, Doris Josephine, till Pi . Sali,bury Ave i. 1226 S. Hawthor -r. Jerita Ann, 1503 Northheld St.. ■r. Kathrvn Sanderson. 91 N. Grifnn { A-be.ille r. Gloria Elizabeth. 2826 Patterson 60. 102 Ipencer 175 i-Salem 175 Miller. Mary Carolyn. 410 E. Miller. Mar, Mrginia. Rl. 1. Miller. M, rile Iris, Rt. 5. Mo Box 53. Concor, Miller. Patricia I ilia. Kill Hills Miller Barbel Da.i,. Kt. 5. Mt. Airv Miller. Rosalie Ethel. 7 7118 I Rd.. Pikes Miller. Sail, Hulh. Kl. 2. Hillsboro Miller. M.ian Blanche. 1013 Country Club Di High Point Mills. Jacqueline l.oui.e. 1.13 Allison St., Sta Mill,. Jean Carroll. Ht. 3. Apex Mills. Julia Carolyn. Rl. 2, Box 757. Monroe Mills, Pattv Jovncr. 17211 One... SI., ft in, Ion- Mill-. s., r .,h, Richland Millwood. Alice. Roanoke Rapids Minor, Peggy Anne. York Rd.. Rt. 3. Charlolt, Mitchell. Barbara Ann. Kl. 1, Brown, Summit Mitchell. J. Elizabeth. Apt. 18. Brookw ood Gai Mitchell, Margie 37 are Frances. Denton .,11. Peggy J... I III fte.l End ve„ Wilson 60 II, Stella Ruth. Palmyra 60 .. Kail,, rim- Lucille. 726 E. Park Ay... Charlotte 49 r. Ph.llis I i... «..l..y,r Boulevard. Elizabeth City 32. 39 Mnuerirl. lugela Vldora. 106 Jack-on St.. Albemarle 35 Monk. Gloria Anne. Box 827. Old II,,,., I Hall Rd.. Winston-Salem 175.199 Monlague. Mary Norma. Rl. 2, Clayton 27.29.124 Moody. L.dn 305 S. C. I it. . 27. 12 1 Louise, Aiken t ... Hospital. liken. S. C. 27. 28. 29. 3d. 11(5. 156. Morehead St., Held-, ill, . Atkinson .-. Eva Kate. Rl. 2. Hurdle Mills II) 1. 106. e. Helen Elizabeth. Rt. 4. Box 1 15, Ahoskie c, Laura Ellen, P. t). Box 705. Lenoir e. Low Marie ft . 1 Ith St., oore. Martha. 322 S. Ith St.. Albemarle oorc. Ometa Emogene. Rl. 2, Elon I ollege oore-. Ju.lilh Ann. 229 Dolger I.e.. Iharl oose. Marie. 609 Roach St.. Rcidsvillc organ, lay Irene. Box 155. Pinehurst organ. Laura. 230 Rice St.. Hamlet organ. Pegg. Marie. 711.1 ft. Main St.. Spi, org;,,,. Madeleine I arol. 55 Trenton St.. :i.-, Mormino. Anna Neva. 281 Main Si., ftaynesville 124 Morris. Clara Elizabeth. 1937 ft ilmorr Dr.. Charlotte 60 Morri-. Jan. Ellen. Rl. 8. Box 232. Charlotte 35 Morris, Margaret Lvdian, Granville Hospital. Oxford 35 Morris. Sue Brevard. 407 N. Morgan. Shelbv 103,124 Morrison. Anne S ilson, 215 Salisbury Aye.. Spencer 124 Morrison. Dorothy Ann. Box 215. Rowland 121 Morrison. Virginia Katharine. Rox ID87. Laurel Hill 60 Morse. Melissa Anne. 1905 Craig St., Raleigh 37 Morton. Joyce. R-3-11 Cameron Ct. Apis.. Raleigh 176 Moscr, Dollie Gloria. 1211 Taylor St.. High Point 99.176 Mudge. Lila Marie. 769 Kimball Ayr., ft e.tlield. N. J. 60 Muller. Marlene I.oui,,-. 1835 Meadow brook Dr.. Winston-Salem 124 Muller. Patricia. 828 ft ilkerson A,.-.. Durham Mulwee. Shirley Sue. 730 Lamar Ave.. Charlotte 47 Mundav. Dorothy Jean. Rt. 7. Box 228-C. Green, boro 47 Many on. Josephine Faith, Box 42. Sky land 37 Mur.-hi.nn. Dorothy Janice. 81)1 Sunset Axe.. Bock, Monnt 25. 27. i02. 137. 176 Murphy. Charlotte. Tomahawk 60 Murphy . Olga Ladelle. Rt. 1. Elm City 47 Murray. Jean Kathrvn. Rt. 4. High Point 124 Murray. Patli Dow dell. 2814 Peaehtree Rd.. Atlanta. Ga. 37 Myers. Gertrude Barnes, 107 N. 13lh St Myer,. Martha Fa,,-, Rt. 2. Thomas, illc,, Mar, I alherine. 3211 S. Chapman. Green-bo Myers. Nell Irabelle. ft. Main St.. Clayton,. Suzanne Connelly. 118 Sunrise Axe.. Lexingt. in. ( ' . Box 133. Fa ley ill, Bear Wallow Nan. Elizabeth Anna. Hi. 2. Box 281. Norllna Neal. Anne Pepper. 23 1 Benjamin ft ..I Axe.. Swarthmore, Pa. Neal. Dorolh. Elizabeth, ft alkertown Neece. Carolvn. 603 Blvd.. Elizabeth City 1 Necdham. Peggy Parks. III. 3. New Bern Ncelands. Peggx Kay. Pine Ridge Dr.. Clark Hill. S. C. 48. Ncelv. Martha Jay,. 326 King St.. Brevard Neighbour.. Pegg, Ann. Box 91. Hillsboro 97. 1 Neill. Nancy. 1328 Kenilworlh Ave.. Charlotte Nelson, Carolyn Nelson, Lois. A Ne.biti. Martha New in, Mildred Maehill Par. ler ,lherine. Box 28. Ha Eileen. Haul,,,., 11.1. . Raleigh Nichols. Claudine. Rl. 1. North ft ilkesboro Nichols. Iva Lee. Box 183. Carolina Beach Nichols. Jessie Gra . Efland Niehol,. Lou. Box .126. Rl. 4. Durham Nipper. Betsy Anne. Rl. 1. Raleigh Norman. Jelolie. 113 Vanderhorsl St.. ft innsboro. S. C. Norman, ft nn. 36 11 Hill. boro Si.. Raleigh 41.89 38 Baker St.. Ilollisl ,lfe. 887 Pine St.. Danville. Va. 1. 2. ft in.ton-Saleni Peterson. N. Caroline. Norlh ft ilkesboro ((key, Edna Eugenia. 1(16 Albright Ave., Gr III.... losepbine M.rke. 11)6 Albright A,,-.. Oldham. Il.ii. Lea. 813 Broad St.. Durham old.. Shirley Ann. Rt. 3, Box 376. Baleigh Olive. Beulah Joyce. Oliyia Oliy.r. Billie. Jefferson Oliver. Mary Keen. Hargrabc Bl d.. Chatham Oliver, Pegg. Sue. Jefferson Mrginia Elizabeth. Carthage (II.,,... Mildr.d Naomi. 150(16 Perry Ay... liar (( ' Neill. Shirlc, Mills, ft oodland Rd.. Brooksi Ornish.. Pegg, l„„. 2()5 ft. (Lurch St.. Lau Marg hallo Ave 61 105 Charlotte .harlottr 124 .... Albemarl e 81 12 1 (llterbourg. Edna. 2IOO (re-cent A.e Out,-,,. I.,.,, Hull,. 1726 Chestnut St., Outlaw. Label Bryan. 8(18 Pee Dee Oxcring. Buth Vinal. Bl. 4. Raleigh ll.erlon. Nancy. 2721 Oberlin Rd.. Raleigh Overman. Barbara J. an. S» autiaunoa St.. Box 307-A. Libert. Owen. Patricia Joan. 104 Car.nalt St.. Thomas, ill,- Owen, Juda. Lake Toxawav Ow.-n,. Anna Jane. 4(12 Broad St.. Wilson Packer. Julie 1386 I ,, St.. Brooklyn. N. ,. Paffenbarger. Anne. Boxds. Maryland Page. Julia. 1511 Hillside St.. Ashcvillc Pag,. Luc. 1511 Hillside Si.. Ashcxille 90.10 Page, Sue. 215 Jones St.. ft ake Forest 10 Painter. Barbara Ann. Box 338. Mount Holly Palmer. Arlin. Elizabeth. 2 129 Fairway Dr.. ft inston-Salem Parker. Marie Annette, 21 1 E. Johnson St.. (Union 88.9 Parker. Barbara. Kelford 6 Parker. 11, , erl. Ilealh, Sunbury Parker. Jean Yvonne. Sunburv Parker. Joan Fuller. 112 Fores! Ayr.. Oxford Parmele. Ingrid Ethel. 2 12(1 (lie Parrish. Harriet Amelia, Fair Bluff Parry, Pearl Lillian. 1011 King St.. Parsons. Arlene. Rt. 3. Mt. Gilead Parsons. Virginia Louise. 2111 Sy 1. : Raedelle. Box 5. Shite Mrs. Nancy Joel Halsev. Grassv Creek iricia Ann. Rt. 2. Box 522. Hickory 24. 27. 89. 178 60 Paul. Penelope, Qtrs. 90. Foi I o„i. Peck. Irene Tavlo Peck. Marx Anna. 725 W. ft arren St.. Shell Peeler, Gwendolyn. 900 Central Dr.. Kannap Pcgram, Betty Jean. 507 Jones St.. High P. Pcltz. Polly Pellz. Mar. Inn. 212 E. Ml. Pleasant Ave.. Philadelphia Pendei all. whirl,., Ethel F ,,„,, Jea, ,thv An Ann. 915 W. South St.. Ralei Oleander Apts. B-3. ft ilmin, Chalybeate Springs e. 303 Henderson St.. Hamlet Perkins. Winifred. Fork V Prrmcnter. Palricia Louise. 712 Elorcnrc St.. Aiken. S. C. Perry, Eliza Caroline, Garner Perry. Peggy Ann. Whitakers St.. Enfield Perrxman. Nancy Anne. 449 ft, Lexington Ave. High Poin Peters. Lois Carolyn. 105 Ihir nil, Si.. Lindenhur-I. N. . Peterson. Elizabeth Collin.. 325 Main St.. Clinton Peterson, Elsie Jane. Leland Peterson. Nellie C... Rt. 2. Box 192. Clinton Student Directory — Continual P.11..1. 1...U 1 11 IV. in, 11,11. J... -.11 27, IO81 . l lift. I h.rlollr W I -S.I.-,,, 1 1. 1, J..k HI, Prlrrc. Nat a 597 IV.,.. II. I,, M Pelteway, Eugenia I. ..,,,,-. Ri. 1. Boa 16 I ' ,. HI. Sar. l.m, 1129 V I r. .... -1 , IV.!, 11,1 1. I.,n , l(.. I. II.. Hill -II. Pl.arr. J. , ' .IH Hermitage I I ' l.,l|... jr... Carol. 11. I » ..Ik.,.. Phelps, Pagn Inn. II.. 2. :l, ........ I ' l.ill i ,... .ml,,, I . .,..!, l,,„„ll. I ' l.lllli... H,„.,.,r J....... I... I I ...,,,. Phillip.. Mi, ..I.., I, I ,.„. 2..1.7 .l.rl A,,.. H.I.IbI, I ' l.lllli... I Mil... Criuv, Engl,. 1 M.rv J.. Boelrj M .11... .,1 E, w. .•...„ St.. Rooklngham nil. 17 ' ) I ' l.lllli... Mil. Ire. I lr„„. ' ..-. ' I Four.1. St.. Hickory 17V Phillip.. Paul... III. I. II.. I r.lH. II. rlf.T.I .. 1 I ' l.lllli... Peggy. :i:iii s„„.l, .l„ Si.. S..„.l„r.. I ' i..,. 96.179 I ' l.lllli... 11. .ill l,.ir,„. II. a, Middlesex 35 I ' l.lllli.. -hiil,, II...I,. Iir, K. Main St.. Swep.,„„ill. .17 Phippa, Sarah J...,, lit. 1. J..II... 17 Plokard. I . I I.e. 323 High IV.I..I Ml.. H... .Neman 20, 79, 81. 179 I ' I, ke II. Hurl...... Nell. 902 Fairmont St.. Green. I, or., II. Pickett. Emm. 11,11,. " " - ' Fair.. St.. ,.,,.,,- 1.,,,, , 61 1153 Haiti, gr,.„.,,I I,.... Greensboro 127. Pierce. Joancltc An... Ht. 1. 1I..II- 1 17 ll.rl.or. Merle. . 1 3 E. I III. S... S„,»n..ah. ;.. .19. Ill I ' , II..... Lucille Ann. 61.% E. I III. St.. Su, an... Ii. I..,. 179 ! ' !„„, r. Jeanne, Tal».,r Cltv 179 Piny an. Palrirla Dclnrcs, .109 Pr|„ St.. Greensboro Pit....... Marth. I.. Arrowhead lor,,,.. Barnes, ill, 47 Piltm.n. Mildred Ann. Box 12 1. (.. .1,1.1,.,,., Pitt,,,.,,. 111.) 1. Ann. II. .x 82. M.,,l,.ji,l,l Plu.t.r. Il.|.li.„. IH7.-. Meadow brook Dr.. W inslon-Solcm 61 Plyler. Jan.-, Rl. 2. Gold Hill torno R.I.. w Inaton-Salein Ponder, Anno Lee, Rl. 1. Leicester P..n.. Imogen,. Rt. 1. Box SI. ValdeM Pool,, Krone, s Susan. Rt. 3. Mrhinr Poplin. Elizabeth. 117 S. lSlh St.. Wilmingt., Porcine. Margaret I),,,.. Pino,,„li.. S. C. Porter. Marilyn J..o,„„. 767 Oaklawn I,,.. WTnston.Salrm Porter. Raifonl Mill,. Winslon-Solem Potral. Add,, Powo. Potter. None, Crohn 72.95.96. 179 120, 179 Northwest Bird., 1I..1. 12.-, 107. 12., Potts. Bobbie Lee, Clcmmons P...... J.-on. 71 S. Pork Ave.. Longmoodow. Ma Powell. Carolyn Joyce, 1139 W. Rl,d„ Charlo Powell. Ramon.. Enfield 106, 180 Powell. S.roh Ann. 31)8 W nn.l.w a, lone, Lenoir 37 Powrra, Nellie Mae, Rl. 2. Box 79. Bennett 17 Powers. Sl.ielo Marie. 12.. Hillside c. rharlotle 17 Pre... Charlotte, Stonewall Apis. A-3. Don, ill,, v.. 12S Preble. Carol,,, indrev. 22 Morrill Ave.. Water, ill,. He. 107. 125 r. Margie, 23 Henderson St.. Badin 61. 106 Preanell, Imojean, N. 3rd C„,.n St., Siler Citv 27. 125 Pr.-lon. Inn,-. 118 Highland V,... Fa, etlev ill, 103.180 Priee. In. Mae. 108 W. Border St.. Spindale 180 Priee. Janet. 319 Guilford Ave.. Greensboro 61 Priee. Mar, Flizah, th. Box 232. Windsor 58. 61.90 Roeklond. Me. ..I Pri„. Norono. Rl. 1. KM. ,.!...,. Priest. Aliee Louise. 67 Mas... Prinee. Patricia Dell. Fuqua, Springs Pritehelt, Kalhr, ,. I.ueille. llr„w„s Summit Prltehell. Margaret Mebane. 216 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro Prltehett. Nanev Lee. Browns Summit IVui.I. Virginia Lee. 1 19 Granite Si.. Mount 4ir, Pugh. Clara Fa, e. 229 Guthrie St.. Graham Puriseh. Faith, 69 Fairview Ave.. Spring Vallev. Purvis., J,,on. Arrhd.I, Putnam, Faun, Elizabeth. Waco Raglai.,1. Mrs. I Rt. 2. Raines. Jean. Car, R.lne,, June. 123 Acker! A.... Salisbury 26. 27. 28. 30. 137. 180. 183 R.min. Gloria Lillian. 608 W i,k,r ,,.. Greensboro 17 Ramsey, flora Flizoh,th. II.. v 382. Marshall 39 Ha,...,,. Palrieia Ann. Kll6 Scales St.. Salisbury 39.88 II W , 11.1. Baltimore 12. Md. 180 Randall. Dor,.ll„ U„,kw„„d. 1.05 Prol.orl, Si.. Br„ ord 125 Randall. Mar, Glenn, Rt. ... I reednaoor 11,1.. Raleigh 35 M.,r, Inn. 320 E. Park Dr.. Raleigh 62.98 Itapp. Me nlo June. 931 F. Ki.ol.oll y... W .-..field. N. J. 39 Rattelade. Gloria. 610 W illard St.. Durham 62 llou. Rodger,,,. 3366 " V ' ott i „.-!, ..... 11,1.. W i „ ..„ n-Salem 81,103 Rowley. F.di.h Maude, 110 Weatorer lye., Winston-Salem 28.126 Rawlins. Ruth. 709 .,lk„ V.,.. Greensboro 75.1,13.181 Ray. Roberta Jean. IOH V. W add. II S,.. Selma 126 Raynor. Violet Marie. Maple Hill 39 l.orena. 2125 Fairha.en Circle. X.E- Atlanta 5. Ga. 126 R.-ams. Pauline Floine. F.lg.wnod Knoll Apt. 10-A. Henderson R,a,is. Margaret Eliaabeth, H..v 55 Redwine. Jane. Rt. 2. Albemarle Reeee. Cornelia Ann. 1250 N. Mai, r» I ».. Oil Ir.lna B 1117 arbor II. I. Bel 21. .. I....... |.i II... k. M W In ' .lon.S.I,, I., ill. Hid.liek No,,,.:, lore. I... Whale,, Ille. Vl. 37 Riddle. Pegg, s,„.. II,. |, V. i -»..l, „. 37 Rid., ,ul. P. I., Ann, 22 11 Glenn Ave.. Win -Sale,., 37 Hi. r Pa.ri.-i. Hull,. 1 1. 1 8 Walker V,... Green, horo 17 High,. J, on,., Elisabeth. 1221 Cdrow ,e.. High Point 126 RiKlils. Eleanor. 2321 Sui.ny.lde Ave.. w .„..,.,,. Sole... ,,2. 108, 10S Rlg.hoe. Norm. la,,. 29.11 Monroe ,,.. Durh.u, 35 RIlCT, Mar. ho. 25.18 LaFavelte Drive. Greensboro. V I. King. .Uriel. Eluine, Veteran. II Hal, Oleen 37.96 Rivenbark, Patricia Marie, H.II7 Spcnecr Ire., Net, Bern 39 Robert.. . »ro Rachel. Rt. 3. Shrike 126 Robert.. J.a... 111. 1. Ilov 131. Willow Sprint;. Roberts. Jo.,.. III. 1. Leak., ill, Robert.. Poll. Cabe. 111. I. 11 i 1 1 -l,„ r .. Roberts. Sandra. Raleigh ltd.. W il.„„ Roberl-on. Ann. II Midland Dr.. Morris. own. V Roberlsun. Frances Anne. 311 S. Marietta St.. Gas Roberl-on. J phi,,. Gushing. 66 llol.i, V,,-.. I ... Mounl Roval, Montreal H . t.luebce. Canada Robin. Barbara Anne. 23 12 Lvndl.urst Ay.-.. Wlnslon-Salrm Robin, He. Marilyn. 1217 C.-dmw S... High Point 28. 137. 18 1 Rodger.. Suaanne Croft, Snaaari .,.. Seotlend X„k Rodgers. Velma Flow,. 812 Jarkson V.... Charlotte I Rogcra, J, an Carol, 160 V - .,,1 St., Ubemarle 29.9 RnOi.... Mar. J.-an. 6113 V Main ,,,.. Newton Ronger. Barbara Sondra. 110 Bennett Ave.. New York. X Hooker. Panic Lee. 111. I. Noclina Rose. Dorothy Ann. R„x 1 IS. Pikcville Rosccrans. Lois. 713 Summit A,c. Greensboro Rosen. Joan PI,, 111-. 3811 1 .monwealth .,.-.. Charlotte Rosenl.lath. May Maiyck. 2S9 Preston Ave.. Rosenhlum. E, a Clementine. Rt. 1. W illard Ross. Elizabeth. Pleasant Garden Ross..,,. Dorothy Ann. 415 Hill St.. Ashrboro Roth. Charlotte Estelle. 158 Kimberl, Ave., t.he, ill. Rothgeb, Ann, Claire, 1550 Iredell Dr.. Raleigh Rolhroek. Nancy, Bo. 563. Thomas, ille Routb. I.uclci Ann. Rt. 8. Rov 170. Greensboro wland. Barl.oro ,,„. Ill, Marigold St.. Rock, M..„n. Rowland Foil,. Hi kil.,,11 II... rail. Roael I,- Robinson, 31o B,- am.n 27 ' " ,; " Ro- Dixi . Il„. 1 Vine St., Leaks ' .ille ll,, Kathcrine. 305 Main St. Oxford llu .rk. Box 1 17, 100 Weal St.. ville. S. C. Rnddld Pal ricia Ann. 392 Fern W ,cl lluggl,. Mar 1 Frances. 2411 Eve. ett A ,c. Ra l,i-l, R... ...II . 652 S. Sonset Dr.. , ,„ lean R... Grarl Ilea,,. 1!.. 1. Box HH5. Belmont I!„ .sell. Helen Elizabeth. 652 S. II... W inston- Rm ..ell. Anderson, 1823 Bel vedcr. ■ A%e.. Charl Sainlsing., V..„. Route I. Thorn. " ille wack-. w,|,ia. 1127 11,11, .lew I.e.. Camden. X. Sails. Elaine Marie. 200 W arren 11,1.. Framingha Sao,, I. Mollie. 3 18 Louise Avenue. High Point Sampson. Mar, Elizabeth. 27.17 W . Mark.. St.. G Sams 1 .1,11, Lorraine. Marshall Sanderford. Barbara Franklin. Box 27. Gar y Senderferd, Everettc. I ' r, .,.. Cerj Sander.. Gas, Il„a,„. I. ,12 W,..l.r....k Dr.. Chat Sander.. Julie J.-annetle. Box 1102. Try on Sander.,.,,. S,,..,„ Hi,, ' ,.. 12 1 1 „.l .. 8... 182. 2,11 ugh. R.„l„ Wintbrop Are., Dare St.. Ralei Halifax Sattcrtbwailc. l.ula Joyce, Rl. 2. I1..X 13., llolif Sounder.. 11,11, „„. 1 •» 1 „ I „ t,,.. o„f„„l Chapel ' Hill ' Saunders. June Dolores. 609 Earl. Ire., Drop. So,,,,,!.!.. Perdita. Rt. 1. R.-idsiilJe Sa.age. Jan.-. 221.7 Breeze Rd.. Raleigh Sawver. 1 ou llice. Salemburg Marie. Rl. 3. Elirabeth fit, Pegs s... -k ii.i Aran.,.,. PI Seewell, J,.., CarelyB, f .r.h.a, 8. --• II M. ... n . . artbeg, Se.lBwIck. Hull,. II I I I Self. It. ,„.,„., 5111 » 8.1. s, Seller, Carol Robin 60 Orarleel P S.--1 M.i. J.,,,.. 1121 I ...k... I. ..I.., I, II....... I ... Bei . ,.i..„ .. I1..I,..,. -i .l.„l„„ I I,, 1 I...... .,_. Wllmlnalon Shaw, Prances G Hi 2 ..... nabera sl.os. I.illi, , 11,1.1 1 I.e. „.|..„ ., 1 .., si,.,. ,,!,.. t„„ II, 2. II,. 1,1, o.l Shearln. lol. Flocnc. P ,1 II, , „. I Shear!... Llllle I..«enc. Ill I I . , ll.ii. J,.n. Hi. 1. Palrrtew 17 ShctBeld. Barbara J. Wa.hinglon 7. D. 12,. s|,. Ili.ld. III... . .rolyn. III. 2. It... 26. H..., Hill 39 Sh.lton. Ro.l.n lork. 105 Maple l. II... I, „ Shepard lean M. Long v.. II. ., k,„.-l, .,,,, 47 Shepherd. Phylli. Vnn. 71.3 M.lro.. s, tt s.|, m ,7 Shcrrer, Norma Jean. 21 lil.k. -1 . .l In. rill. Joyce, 2 116 12th ,. . i.t.. BUekaarj .1,11 11,11. hoc -i ■■ I 11.11 Fayette. Ill, I, A.,.. Hickorv Shields, Kalhr, , Shirley, Mar. J Shi..r. Doroihv f... 2212 M.I Hi I. 11... 526, sholw.dl. A.,,,.. Hi. .-,. II. o.l. 1... „ Shuford. Sarah Ann. Arden Shuford. Ellen H.. 1320 Twelfth St.. Ilickor Shuford. Pal-,. Roger I ... s,... |.inc..l„i„n Shugort. Sue Harri.. 332 W. Main S,.. Flkin Fourth s,., .,.. „.. , siir„r.l. Marion. 819 E. Main St.. 27. 29. 32. 89. 137 Sil.-r. Elizabeth Rankin. 2.. 7 I H.,w,.„.l 11,1 .l,„ill, 25. 27. Ill " , 18.. silli..,.,,. Eleanor Jean. Rt. 1. Box 32... I hi... Gr,„. 17 17 Sillim.n. Eunice. K..x 91. Granite Quarn ,11. 120O Hill s, . ..r. . „.|., Silver. Enid There... 3 Cam.len A.,.. -h,. Simincton. Shirley Anne. 102 Blue Rock Rd d. Nell, 3668 KJngal Marx Louise. Ill Oil. ra, Dr.... II, gl. Petal Ske... Jeann. Dr.-.l,„. 221,2 Pin.-crest Rd.. Skidmore. Mary Fr. ...... 925 1 M..., ... Ml., marl, Skinn,r. Marion. I Inl Pine St.. Lumberlnn sl.dge. Bllllc Franc... Rl. 1. Box 127-M, ■ harlotte Sledge, Josephine v,.„. Ri,h s,,„ Jr . Small. Fran,,-. " Smile,. Shirlc. s,„i,b. Greensboro Smith. 11,11, Rrunner. 61. Dolmon. Dr.. ttlsnla. Ga. Smi.h. Car.d.n ..n. 6 Hillcr.-st Dr.. ...n.„r.l Smith. Carolyn It.. Lndrews Smiib. Il„ii. V.,„. 1335 s. Mint St.. Charlotte Sn.iil,. Iloroth, J.-an. ..Ill s fhird St., Smilhfiel „,.l, 216 Second .1.1 France. B-. Rl. 1. Burling.,. Smith. M. Franc... Roaring Gap Smith. Gloria. 815 V D.,id.,.n. Charlotte Smith. Jane. 125 S. 3rd S,.. Alkcmarle Smith. Jane Kirkm.n. 1I..I.I.. H.I Green. hum s.Mi.h., II.. Pike, ille s h. I...M Charlotte. 1.1.15 M,„, ., . , h.rlolle Smith. Jo Ann. Rt. I, Box 178. K.rn,r..,ll. • " .ill. Johnn.e I.I. II 2 " . I , 1 ,.„„.l,-n Rd.. Crren.bnro 222 St.. I,x 128 Ri,lg„r nith. Leils nith. Lillian. Lake nith. Xancy Page nilh. Sh.jl. M.v. 797 W nith. Shirley. Cherry St. nokcr. Doroth. Barbara. • on Rd.. X. W.. Atlanta. Gs. 37 Krmorsville 187 34 Drexel A.e.. Dr. x,l Hill. P.. 39 Student Directory — Continued Box 294, T» s„„w. Margarel l Box 16. Snow, Marilyn Josephine, Rt. I. Walkerte Sn.der. Ella J TOO Founlain PI.. SolO! - I all....... Inn, 103 Forest Hill. » 11.11- Jo il 1 Hon go Son,,... Ceraldine. II . v .11.1. Ho, leg.- - nlinn, Mar,. I IM M I. I ...... Br. Spark.. Huh, Male. III. 3. 11.1.1-, ill. Spear. Karl,,,. Wil-..,, St.. Ma Spooler. Zila Ann. 81 Ocean Parkway. Br Speight, Catherine Maglonn. 217 S. Chnr Hook, Mount, N. C. Speneor, A. 1.1,,. 1 ard ell. 322 Pro, 1,1. ... -.- Sponoor. Jano. 1.11 I Eastorn A,o.. Hook, Sponoor. Mar, »„,... S 1 (■ W o.l Third A,, Spieer. Mar, Elizaboih. 108 Hyde Park A Spiegel. Gwen Eva, " Spillman. Joan. Bo Yioksburg. Miss. 102 Talum. Paulino. Elizabelhlow n Salisbury — Ta,lor. Ann. Elon College la, l,.r. Barbara Ma,. 9117 Elwell A.o.. l.roonsboro 187 Tailor. Bub, Fave. Jll E. Povton A,... Kinslon villc Ta,lor. Sara Ann. nil. " , . Mondonhall Si., Creensbor 63 Toaguo. Mar, Elisabeth. 213 W. Dr.. Burlington Chapel Hill Ilr.. w Umlngton | Toff. Shirlo,. 134 Nov. I„,k .,.■.. Norfolk, a. Tent ton. B.ti. Louise, 2300 Overhill ltd.. Chariot l.rr.,,1.,-. V„a Man. Vega, Central Haearens, nx. PI. Y. ' 47 l.rr.:.,:,: ' ,:: ' .,: ,.;.: ' no,,i„a. c™,r a . Maearens. 63 I..I, Betty Jean, i l ' l Westover live., Win i-Salem ooklyn. (j, 1. Tosh. Pegg. Jean. 118 S. Green St.. Winston-Salem 73. 99. 1112 127 Tow. Nan.. Cornelia. Hi. 1. Godwin oh St., Tharker. Jean Kelly. 1803 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 17 Theilinc. Sail, Mario. 1331 The Plaza. Charlolle 11. 1. Chariot!, 63 I ' higpen. sallio I.illlo. N.,rlh Main. s,,„| a „d Nook 188 Thomas. Donna Jane. Rt. 5. Winston-Salem Thomas. Geraldine. 111. 1. Box 17. lull,, ...,,, ,, ' ham 37 Thomas. Jean Carolyn. 103 W. Alabama Ave., 121 Rvnda Rd.. South Ora , Cooleemee Spi.ev. Joan Priv.,11. 31)1 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh Sprinkle. Carol,,. Rav. 1928 » ake Eoresl Rd.. D Sprinkle. I.aura. 1 929 Wak. I or, -1 Rd., Durham Spruill. Elizabeth ,,, " . Box 2113. Windsor Squires. Robeooa l.oui.i . 1521 lu.k.r s,.. |,„,„. Staek. Pollie Ann. 708 Hawkins Ave.. Sanford Slaoy. Barbara. KulT.n Stafford. Marv Ann. Ill MoAdoo Ave.. Greon.h. Slallings. Derald Dei Stamey. Joan M.. 1 1 Stanley, Margaret. 1 Fourth Si.. Perrv 1 Find. a, St., High Stanoil. Belly Josephine. 107 Raeford Si.. ' StanBeld, Pai-y Lee, Rt. 1, Brown Summit Stanley. Sara Jane. Slarlin B . Car Slarr. 1909 St. Mary ' s Louise. Rt. 6. Box th. 606 Courtland St.. Gr. Lillian s„,.. 3110 Central izel Virginia, 907 Curtlan 131. 82. IOI, 188 „. Barbara 1. 608 V Pollock ' 37 Ellen Jorrino North 1 Slephoi s. Catherine Louise 1721 Do A mon Dr.. 1 hartotlo 39 s. Edna Mao. Rt. 2. Libert, 127 Slephot .. Joan Sonte , Box lie 1117 Stern, J 1 1 Melrose PL, s... Orange N. J. 127 s „- 132 S. Broad S:. V ,,.- Salem 188 Margaret Lee, 111. 1. Goldsboro 35 I ' hylli. inn . Rt. 2. Box 99. ■• Caye Monlg Brookland . Suffer,, V 1. 35 Box 113. l.i.l-.ill. Stikoh, no. 111. 1. 1 ox 290. Stookar 127 SlokoS., 1 II in .1 " " ' - ' ' ■ eon. ill.- 127 Stove. Juno 1 arole. 15112 Wa.-ido PL. Gaslonia Stove, Marjori.. 111. 2. Wake Forest Stradlev, George Clilhorall. 36 l.ako.iow Ilr.. . he, ill. Slroiton. Joan Terry, 211118 Be crl] Dr.. I harlotte 79.8 Slrawbridge, Mar, Ellen. Box 136. Parkton Strelitz. Jane. Parkview Apis., Lexington Slrirkland, Annette B.. Wade Slrirkland. Bobbie. 9117 Markol St.. Smilhfiold 26. Ill Sco 815 stri.-kl.ind. Strolhor. Margaret. Croodmor. Stroud. Anno W ill., ringtnn. Fai- Stroud. Pegg, J " . Pink Hill Stroud. Virginia Jano. Deep Ru Stronpe, Glo St.. Durham Styers. Betty. S03 Coneord St.. More, St.ron. Carol,.. Louise. 2106 Wilson Suiit. Billio Mario, lit. I. llill.l.oro Summey. Edith Elizabeth. Rt. 4. Box 15.1. High P Surralt. Bessie Lea. 221 W. Fifth St.. Lexington Surratt. Sarona Jane. Box 311. Denton Surretl. Palrieia Ann. 305 Meadow St.. High Poii Susman. Sara Ann. 6118 Chancers PL. Groonsboi Sutherland. Ruth Ann. P. O. Box 17. Sutton. Anne. Rl. 3. La Grange Suit,,,,. Marearol Elizabeth. Box 2 It. Pagel.ind Sutlon. Marian. 111112 N. MoI.ev.oan St.. Kin.t.,,, Sutton. Paula. 300 Boaman St.. Clinton Swaim. Raehel Shaw. Si. Loo ' s Nurse ' , Home. Gi Swain. Sarah Ann. 6113 V M. ndonhall St.. Groensl Swann. Alioe Leo. Rt. 1, Stat... ill, Swanson. Katherino. 17 W atorbury Rd.. 1 pper Montelair. N " . J. Swaringon. Elea Helen Lois. Point .15 Sv. Mar, Bill, Sykes, 15 1 Fran Rl. 2. v ■lie. Rl. : lion. Lady I ...... Norlh .x I l„„, " lir.l. I harloll. I " 2 . Ann. 360 Rose, ill.- A.... Newark Jan.. Bail.-, Ann. 6 Morgan Ave.. Deal. V J. Thomas. Lorene. Box 591. Enfield Thomas. Lu Anne. 104 Dime St.. «.,„!.., , Thomas. Marilyn. 111. I. Oakboro Thomas. Nancy Anne. Cameron Thomas. Palrioia .rem.-. S. Mull., rr. Si.. Bagerstown, M.I. II,,,,.,.,- Pegg] rgo. 7111 E. Whitoker M 1 1,,., i, ,,...,,. B. it. I .... . 1112 Glenn I ... I I. ..... ■•- .. T. . 1 l.anor s,,,.. Rt. 2. Lumborlon 11,...,, „. Ira,,..- Vnn. 1 laverock, -, I l,„... P- „.,. Mr-. John. l.„,l(,.rd College Thompson. Marv Franees. Rt. 6, Box 16. Salisl Thompson. . " ..Ill V Main s,.. s.,|i,] Thompson. Marv Anne. Saluda Thompson, Thelma. Box 16. Mountain Park Thra.h. Mary George, 111 Arlon Hill. Cirele. Tilley. Bertha. |6|9 l.h, St.. Greensboro • rworlh Farm. H.I . Raleigh an. Ill M.I Tilln.a lilleii. I phine llonriotla. 3712 s. Street, ' W ashington 7, D. C. Timmons. Mar, Bank-. 15 Pear.on Dr.. - ' Tinder. Elizaboih Ann. 1916 Vino, ard s, r , II I.I W . Va. Tinker. Pegg, llo ' Hill-id. Terraoo Bd. Todd. Ann Robinson. 19119 Tippah Ave.. Ch Todd. Mrs. Franee. Palmer. 1029 Granville I l ' ola. M.,r. Vgn... 111,7 Raeford Rd.. Fa.etl Toloehko. Mar J. .-. Ill s,,,,,,,,;, ,,,... Ii„.„.,. Elizabeth Inn. Gold Park Ilr.. Wilson Tone,. Margarel. 213 Hidgowood » ,-.. Charlotte TousJey. Jeannelle Gail. 127 Reeeb A,,.. Melrose. Town. end. Botlio. 2 IO I Fori Bragg Rd.. Fa, .11., ill Lewi.. 22 Kirkpalriek Si.. Chose. Md. Trombalh. Janet ..lelaide. Laurel Hill Tropke. Sail, Joan. 7111 Brook. id. Ilr.. High Poinl Trihhlr. Ilorolh, Mao. 1915 Meeklenhurg .o.. Hi. Tripp. Anno Ri.ors. 307 Blandwood e.. Green. I. Irollingor. Sara Elizaboih. 136 Ridge, r.-l 11,1. V. Trosper. Edith W oodma x ill.- 28. 73. 189 Konlwo B. Carolyn. 23118 Walker A.o.. Geo, Lois. Rl. 2. W ' adesboro Mar, .lire. Rt. 2. Henderson Sarah. Ml. Ulla r. Joanne. Rl. 6. Lexington Adeline. Rl. 3. Monroe Inn, 2 12 North East. Rosehoro ood. Sally Lo Rl. 2. Boon.ille Main s,.. Four Oak- n,..url. Lucille Mire. Rt. 1. Fa.l Flat Ror r Sehalie. Margie. Castle llavnes ,ke. Virginia VI.. Box 29. Tazewell. Va. look. Rett. Lou. Edgewood Dr.. Henderson lorn. June. 1804 Madison A.o.. Green. horo Billio Joanne. Rl. 1. Box 106. Clinton Joanne Li.ingston. Bt. 1. Ilinlon III Voaeh. Barbara Anne. Via, odan Vealoh. Barbara W il.on. 16 ( ro.oenl Venable. Ra, . R..x 219 ' . Rt. 7. Cri Vida, Bealriee. 1501 Greenville llw, Jo A line. 61 Fllerb Rd.. Mai Noll, e Leo. Enniee l.irri.l E.. Box 362. Roxboro . Elm Jeanne. IO Pine Aeres . Lora Louise. Rl. . Pals Anne. 311 L ftwieh Si. . Mar. Van. 2268 M mosa PL. Grela Box 201. Sw ■n Lake Mildred Jean. Box 2 6. Ho. lie A.. 140O 15th St.. Hiok Anne. Rl. 2. -in ,1, Piggy Lonoll. Hi. L. Box 59. sar.i Kalhr, n. 2 Th. rndal, Ilr. Raehel Ann. Rl. 1. Ruth Elizabeth. Rl. 2. Box 2 Wall. Marv Helen. Box 55. Miero Wallaee. Nane; Loo. Elm Si.. Carthago Wall er. Mary llli.ia. Fair Bluff Walling. Gladys. 15 Gold St.. Springfield. Waller. Barbara Dolores. 450 Lvnn Ave.. Walton. Dorothv. Hamlet Walton. Harriet Ann. 735 Marshall Ave.. W ard. Freda. Rl. 7. Salisbury Ward. Jano Proetor. 315 W. Counril St., Ward. Mar, Anno. Rl. t. Danville, Va. Ward. Mar, Ann. 310 S. Audubon St.. Go Ward. Theresa llozier. Rl. 2. Wbiiak.r- Warliok. Palrioia Jano. 1211 11a, i. »,... W arli, k. Raehel Barrel. ,.n. Rt. 2. Sp. no, , Lee. Bo Rt. Con irren, Eva Clarisso irren. Jane V.I... 7211 Ro.lgate Ave.. Rorkv ,rron. Mildred W hitaker. 31)6 W . Parrish Dr.. irren. Palrieia. 734 S. Main St.. W inston-Sali Herman, Regrna. 901 S. Orleans Ave.. Tamp: ,lkin-. Belly Jean. 1611 Doek St., Wilmington itkins. Marian Dale. Rl. L. Wea.erville 88 1. Pin.hur-1 Roll, Joa Rl. L. Ill I augh. Ilori.. 233 Kollv St.. Slat, augh. Eve P. ). Bo ' 2.1 s. s,-.i| Plaii SI.. H. Brown Summit 1 llw,.. Durham Wealherly. Sylvia Jean. 202 W. Main St.. Washington Weaver. Gloria Anne. 9116 Bawihorne Rd.. Shelb. Weaver, Jeannette Nash. 414 Morrison Ave.. Raleigh Weaver. Paltio Leigh. Box 33. Red Oak Weber. Marv Eleanor. 109 Mitehell Ave.. Salisbury Week.. Emif, Nane.. P. O. Box 3 12. Enfield Welborn. Rebekah R.. Rt. Fells, Frances, llamp.ioad vomer. Barbara Joan. 2216 Malvern Rd.. Charlolle , orner. Marie Dolores. 2216 Malvern Rd.. Charlolle 1,-1. Palrioia Nell. 1316 Biltmoro Ilr.. Charlolle I heeler. Ruth Powell. 919 Englewood A.o.. Durham tholplo, . Joan. 5602 Rnek.pring R.I.. Rallin.ore. Md. V hi... .hunt. Margarel Ann. West I Si.. Newton 18. Whisonanl. Mary Jean Whilaker. Jean Mario. 202 Sloop St.. Kan,, i- While. Anne deLeo. 3118 Country Club Dr.. Croons White. Barbara Ann. Rl. 2. Littleton,. Barbara Ann. P. O. Box 142. Ra„,-,„r While, Doris Marie. Rt. 2. Hox 229. Kinslon White. D ' Orday lornolia. Box 275. Allamonl W hite. Franoes Nieholls. 203 W. Marl While. Isabelle. 506 Rhodes Ave.. K While. Janiee Audrey. 110 I.akewood While. Joan Avis. 1636 Second Ave.. W hilo. Maltie Aileen. 1805 W aldo A While. Mildred Bovles. 2432 Maplew., Win, 1 bile. Pauline I inw„ -ll.gto W hit.-. I ' ogg. Inn. Hi. 2. Box 222. hi,,- ion White, s a ra. Box 637. Cornelius While Sheila Anno. Oak Villa Far,,,.. Guilford College Virginia. 8211 Miller Sir.-ol. W in.ion-Salem Whileside. Reheroa Rhode-. 515 West Fifth Ave.. Gasloni. Wbi.l.,. Elizabeth Ann. P. O. Box 278. Rl. 2. Enfield Whiling. Eleanor Kellogg. 1904 I.vltlelon St.. Camden e. Rl. iam. 721 Mo ory A, Lee. 1219 Prinooion hittinglnn. A nne. 3221 Willow Oak Rd.. Charlotte 28 3 ' Helen Frleno. 3 1 1 A, nue D.. New Bern il.lo. ane. 219 Cumbr rland Ave., Ashe.ille Ellen Joonn. 308 E. Si xlh St., Lumberlon 183 West Poplo r. Mnunl Airv zal.r. 307 Seeond St. S. E„ Cairo. Ga. ill,, 1 n, Pallv Jewel. 296 W. M.N..I, .,,. M,„. on. Ba bars Beam. Box 132. 105 So. C A ,1k, ., on. Fla no. 28 Blake S .. Ashe.ille ilkin „„. Ma , Faulkner. Rt. 1. Box 7 1. Nol.oo. illiams. Ann Shorter. 3715 Wake Forest llw... Du Student Directory — Continued s.r.. Ill | Barbara J. J..„ I .,..L. .Kill-. " . . " . " I V.rlli si.. Un.-ki. Barbara A.I. I.. 2.-.II2 « alk.r t... l.r.-.-i il-.. ... II. II. II i. r.ll ' 1 I. in. 1.. II K.I.. I. mil, I 11.11. I. ■•,.,. III. .1. II.,, I ■on, Kllrab.-ih ...... II. I.,, II K In, i, nl.i.l,. II, I,,,. III. 2. I.nlian. . I ..III, II. II. . III. -. I.raham kalliirin.-. 22 u V.iiiik M.. Himl.-r,..!, Main Si.. Wa liin K lu " ' 2. 1 ar„„.| 11,1.. 1 harl.,1 .. Crui in 2, i 1 li.l i l in 1 . Boa « i - Jl l ., -.2:. - Slab Si I • ....u- - in ». » r .. , 1 ... HI " . » Main -1.. M . " . tt . Main ,.. Mnuiil III! !■■ -I.anla Dr.. ii ' .. ' VI ...Iri.... II..X -,. » II.,... ' . Mill ,L ' . IT Si., ..r. Mr.. II., ,r. 2S9 Pari %,... IA , p.rk 12. ' Infield, II.. t.2T » lall. V lair.. 2IKI V S | s, . s ,,.|,| « 1....1. LI " " Ann. Ilnrl, 11,1., I ha,.. I Hill « II... J...... III. I. ll„» III. ,,., » Hi ' !. K.llliarl..,. Ill I W. Main M. Hi ill,, ll, III, tt ,.,..!» ar. I. Mar,. 22 I I lir.l. Ilr.. Kalilgh tt..rk.. Ililll. J„. tt,.l Ha..,,. Rock] ttra . Dorolh] Ma.. . " .IIK il..,n Si. Wr.„. J..,n. .1111 V H..-.M, s,.. s|, ttr.nn. Klinnr. Ill ' l ScOll Ire., Cl Wrcnn, Eliiab.-lh Hay. III. I. Reldar! 1 arl.r. mli. Ma. II 1. II... 231 ■ II... k. Moan, M .. I-. 1 1 ..I ... 11.1.1,1. Barb ».., Sill .. 1 . ,n„ ii.,., II. 121 H ,., Ilr II., .1 ,11 Iri. Marl,. IB 1 1 J.-..I. Pr.n..,.., J..,.. 1., Ill » an Si llnrh.n, " «» Na„. III. " . 1 llrr.rn PI.. II.. 1 11,,, L. l..n,, U .... 1 ..r.ll. , 121 . II. II. ,.!■ .11. 1 , ,1.111.1. 1 ...,. ■.,.-. 11.11. ..1 Ilr II. .1. P| Hi,al,.ll, Iran... 2 I I, lla.i. S,.. |..rllr, llin lll.rr. P. " , Kal.-liil. l,.l. H.lrl.h „,, I Til. " . V Mill s, . , .,,.,1. ,. - I Barbara Jr.,,. 222 s„|,,|, ur -,„!„«. Hd . A.I Ann. .118 w ,„.,, ,|. i.r.. ,,. !,.,., Faculty Directory At.drrlt.ii. Laura G. Andrews, Mrs. Cozeal Arundel, Dr. Edna Ashby, Dr. Warren Atkisson, Mrs. Claire H. Bush. Dr. May E Butler, Elhel V. Butler. Franee. ( sir Carter, Mrs (lark,. Mrs. Ruth A. Clutts. ( . P. Coldwell, Inez lolling,. Dr. Ruth M. Comings. Carolyn C. Courtney, John E. Covington. Dorothy Cowling. Elizabeth ox. El-ie Jane Co.. E.elyn M. Co.c. Agnes N. Craig, Eleanor Crews, Mrs. Louise S. unningham, Lillian lulling. Helen F. II... 1. Mrs. Frances R. Darnell. Robert A. Davis, Dorothy Davis, Mr.. Emma Lou Davis, Louise Dawlev, Dr. Charlotte Dean. Mrs. Evon W. Deane, Dr. Helen M. Delony. Susan G. Denneen. Marie B. DoVcn., Mrs. Doris K. DeVcnt. William C. DcVinney, Margaret Dickicson. George W. Dickson. Marilyn 315 South Chapman St. 101 N. Mendenhall St. 317M; Tate St., Apt. 3 1316 Walker Ave. 802 Twickenham Drive 1205 Madison Ave. 1009 Spring Garde 1412 West Lake Drive 307 Tale St. 907 Spring Garden St. !12 West A.ondale Dr. 426 Forest St. 3171 2 Tate St. 1303 Fairmont Si. 119 E. Smith St. Kirkland Hall .1.(11-1. tian..r iir. . 11 Spring Garden St. pi. B-(». 203 Tate St. 16 S. Mendenhall Si. Rt. 7. Box 21.9 Jamison Hall 11115 Guilford 4... .1(1(1 West Market St. 408 Guilford Ave. 1112 llomewood Ave. E. Ho.rmart St., Cha Box 250 203 Tale St. Colfax. N. C 2 17 9 Melver St Rd. Eicher. Dr. C. Fr England. Kathryn F.rinholt. Dr. Virginia C. Felt. Dr. William Pi. Ferderson. Angelo liug.rald, Mary Fowler. E.elyn (;angslad. Dr. Virginia Garfield. Hoslyn Garrard. Sr. Robert L. Crrringrr. Mrs. Margaret Glass. Irene Graham. Dr. Edward K. Granlhan. Dr. Dewev W. Green, Mrs. Helen D. Greene. Margaret . Gresham. Edna Earlr Griffin. Ellen Crilt.ih. Philip M. Grigg. Dorothy C. Grogan. lone H. Gullander. Magnhilde Cunti-r. Ruth Curler, N. II. Gyles, Mary Randolph J„ Jr. 202 S. Elan. Ave. 202 S. Elan. Ave. 403 Westdale Place 301 Melver Si. 6 Springdale Courts 217 N. Cedar St. 1908 Walker Ave. 1412 West Lake Drive 213 Wilson Si. 1400 Spring Card 7 Springdale Conn 531 Jefferson St. 1(11 . Park Drive South Spencer Hall 1(12 Spring Garden Si. 1211 West Market Si. 517 Park Terrace !19 S. Mendenhall St. 311 Melver St. 1112 llomewood Ave. 423 Tate St. 315% Melver St. Coit Ball 502 Forcsl St. 212 West A.ondale 203 Tale St., Apt. A-4 1004 Eras land St. 1109 W. Market St. 206 Tale St. 620 Asheboro St. Spring Garden St. 321 Melver St. 2512 Walker Ave. 2512 Walker Ave. 506 Lake Drive Harris. Mildred Harwood, Edith Halha.n. Elizabeth Hawkins. Mrs. Kathleen P. liege. Josephine ■ 1. ....... Gail M. Highlill, Mrs. Margaret A. Highsmilh, Dr. J. A. Ilocker, Robert G. I ler. Mr.. Elizabeth J. Hollow a.. Birdie H. Hunter. Dr. Eugenia Hunter. Mrs. Mary A Hurl... Dr. Leonard Ho-.. Mrs. Mary K. Jaslrow. Dr. Elizabeth Jessup. Mrs. Ruth Keener, Dr. Pauline E. Kohne. Mrs. ( Keister. Dr. Albert S. Kellv. Mrs. Ida H. Kigcr. 1 ranee, king. I.,,., Lee Kli... . Iluane P. Komegay. Mrs. Annie Ben Kr, ler, Anna M. Kremer. Dr. Josephine Lain,-, Dr. Francis A. Lane. Mrs. Marie Largcnt. Vera La I..1I.. Lngt La. man. Dr. Emma McCIo MeCoUum, Mr-. Pearl I. MeCutchan. Dr. Kenneth S. McEntirc. Mrs. Kathr. n V. . McGinn. Mrs. Marjorie C. McGuire. t ■ ........ C. McNutt. Dr. Franklin 11. Maeanlev, Mr. Robie Marble. Dr. Guila Marsh. Betty Lou Martin. E.elyn ! Garden 1006 ( ..... .1 ....I St. 2211 Sherwood St. 317 Tate St., Apt. 2 129 S. Mendenhall M. 920 Walker Ave. 121 Vandalia H.l. 2013 Liberty Dri.e 218 Talc St. 1201 W " . Market St. .-,115 1 ni.ersit) Dri.e !(I2 I ornwallis Dri.e 819 N. Eta St. Spring Garden St. 3171 g Tate St., Apt. 4 620 N. Elm St. Rl. 1, R.ndlem.u, N. C. 210 Melver St. 523 Jefferson St. 2324 Hiawatha Drive 2202 W . Market St. Box 1142, Frien.ll. Road 911 Spring Garden St. 323 St. 323 Melver St. 306-D Ashland Drive Kalt.rr... Mar-iar-l s. Mrs. Leltie Mrs. Bess N. ■v. Abigail E. Sampson, Eli at., il. I. Joanne Elizabeth ■ell, Mary Robert rr, Rulhe tesbury. Dr. Archie nburger, Anne er. Ruth A. ers. Dr. Lyda Gordo mund. Dorothy E. lctary. Mrs. Emeve M.i Painter. Mrs. Kathleen S. Park. Herbert W. Parker, Dr. Franklin 1). Pcden. Jessie Penn. Ellen P.ltit. Mr-. Ph. His B. Pelt.. Mar. M. Pfaff. Dr. Eugene E. Phillips. Charles W. Phillips. Dr. Coy T. Pirkard. Helen Lee IMa, foot. Viva Porter. Helen Poleat. Elizabeth McNeill Poller. Mrs. Jeannelle R. Powell. Virginia Prall, Dr. Charles E. Price. Mary Louise Theda 1617 College Park Drive 622 Joyner St. 1242 Terrace 1801 Walker Ave. 126 Patlon St. 1518 Cardinal Plare 531 Highland Ave. liege Park Dri.e. S W infield Hall 1701-C Manor Drive 7 Springdale Court 808 Fairmont St. I.ll. ' l K.nilworth St. 2414 W alker A. c. 106 Bc.erlv Place inborn ( I.. Tale St. 112. V Whil.lcn Place 1(1(1.1 Fairmont St. 519 Park A.e. 1008 W alker A.e.. Apt. 3 2513 Bcrkle. Place 222 College Place 321 St. Rt. 1, McLeans, ill.- 1607 Spring Garden St. 206 Adams St. 2640 Walker Ave. New Guilford Hall 102 Hom.wood A.e. 321 St. 309 Melver St. 12(1 V Main Si.. Handle....... Route 1. li...., II. ....... 1908 W alker Ave. 610 Joyner St. 524 Highland Ave. 1028 ' :. West Market St. 317 St. 1005 Guilford A.e. 1005 Guilford Ave. 504 Forest St. 1009 Guilford Ave. 21)2 West Creenway, S. 935 Carr S 935 Carr S 01 West Lake R 12 I ni.ersit, Dri. Spring Garden S 308 Tale St. 402 South Ayeoek St. 329 St. 323 Tate St. Mar, Foust Hall 1011 Spring Garden. Apt. 4 North Spencer Hall 1001 Hill St. 103 West Creenwav, North 216 Kensington Rd. Surral ' t, Mrs. Helen Swanson, Mabel N. Thiel. Dr. Albert F Thomas. Virginia I Thompson, George 1 Thrush. Helen Tillell. Nellie Sue Tillman. Jeanne Toole. Marjorie Trumper, Virginia Turbi.ille, Mary Turner. Louise inderhill. Sue H. Watson, Mrs. Margaret J. Watson. Marion W eisgarber. Mrs. Bethiah tt eisgarger. Elliot Wellman. Dr. Rowena Weyl, Louise Wharton. Jane M. W hite. Mrs. Julia L. While! Nathaniel S., Jr. While, Mrs. Nell Chilton Whitlock. V. Louise W iedefeld. Dr. M. Theresa W ilkinson. Albert A. William,. Mary h .. I. ... Williams. Dr. Maude Williams. Sue Vernon Wilson, George P. Wold, Mrs. Bonnie-Jean K. Wolfe. Eleanor V. North Spencer Hall 335 Melver St., Apt. 2 919 Spring Garden St. 3800 Walker A.e. North Spencer Hall 409 Woodlawn Ave. Rl. 1, Guilford College 300 Warren St. 329 St. 203 Tate St.. Apt. A-6 5201 ; Stirling St. 4215 Ashland Dr. 203 Tate St.. Apt. A-6 315 Tate St. 517 Highland A.e. 1013 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 6 1006 Courtland St. 716 Asheboro St. 106 S. A. cock St. 905 Fair..... ..I SI. 2335 Albright Dr. 1827 Colonial Ave. 400 S. A. rock St. Box 252. Randlem 1003 Fairm Mendenhal 316 St. Elon College, N. C. !1 Spring Garden SI. 612 Joyner St. HI Springdale Court 1 1(19 W est Market St. 710 East Lake Drive 3509-C Parkwood Dri.e 204 South Tremont Dri.e 301 Melver St., Apt. 2 2010 Veasley St. 2721 Shady La 403 Westdale Place 1704 West Market St. 2208 Wright A.e. 313 Street 1708 W alker Ave. 608 Courtland St. 224 S. Mendenhall St. 921 Spring Garden St. 2209 Wright Ave. 1027 Spring Garden St. 10261,:. West Markel St. Spring Garden St.. Apt. 2 1813 Rolling Road 100 Wilson 129 S. Mendenhall St. 1109 West Market St. GRADUATE ASSISTANTS Alli-on, Bette Jean Austin. Betty Ruth It. ....field. Betsy Crick-. .n. Louise Parker. G. Ruth Potts. Jessie Shield-. Dorothy Ann Smith. Jean Minni, Teague. Emily E. Melver House 303 Victoria St. Ragsdalc Hali Ragsdale Hall cndenhall Hall

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