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The University of North Carolina at Greensboro JACKSON LIBRARY CO with annual ublication of the woman ' s college un versiiy of north Carolina »7 north Carolina k • ' •■ ■■ fe . ti ,_ ■ w v . ■ 2 lite- J . ' ' ■ • ' V?» " ' -0» iff ■-■- M V r main peadache .... page 33 classes .... page 153 campu fe . . . day night out ... . page 189 35t 3 the new W. C. began to take shape and grow from a dream into a Ragsdale-Mendenhall had many curious visitors, gaping at the luxui paint to green, gray, and yellow at the tiled lavatory space reple! furniture . . . the luxurious counselors ' apartments with square bathtut We stared; we liked what we saw; and we were proud We gasped when we inspected the new library- Breathtaking was had emerged a truly majestic building. We crossed the threshold of c We wondered how we survived in the small, cramped library of previou listening rooms for the music lovers . . . of more comfortable chairs . . cigarette when the books got us down ... of easy chairs scattered thrc We realized we were taking an important step toward making W C " j We began to admire the flat landscaping where the old bridge u misgivings at the passing of the old landmark, but we realized that pr Directly across from the library rose the new wing to the Home I marble columns. We anticipated the opening of a larger cafeteria whi majors looked forward to more room and better facilities. ut that ' s not all. We watched day by day further construction gc 4i •5 ;- . ».- • t N ■ ■-,. Miss Dorothy Davis, advisor, helper, co-worker, and, above all, friend, we, the class of nineteen fifty-one, gratefully dedicate the Pine Needles. For her interest in us as individuals and as a class, for her patient listening to our troubles, for her infectious, ever-present smile, for her unceasing encouragement and faith in us, and for being our Miss Davis, we offer to her . . . our annual. for advice, for help, for friendship Jlfftl Ml President Gordon Gray Governor W Kerr Scott iNfci administration ...1951 PRESIDENT GORDON GRAY We can agree with Presidenl Gordon Cray wh en he said, " I have the highest hopes lor the Woman ' s College, State College, and ( hapel Hill. " The new President of the University of North Caro- lina is -i Tai Heel bj inheritance and by choice, but he is equally well known and valued outside the state. IK came to the University from Washington, D. ( . where he served .is Secretary of the Army under President Truman from L947 until 1950. His record of service to the nation is one that brought him praise from anil world figures. President Gray ' s work as a newspaper publisher and radio station owner will provide an excellent background for his work as chief administrator for the University. A member of Phi Beta Kappa at Chapel Hill, he has shown himself a scholar by leading his gradu- ating class scholastically. He assumed his duties in Chapel Hill in September and was inaugurated on October 10 in ceremonies attended by educational dignitaries from all over the United States and from abroad. GOVERNOR NX ' . KERR SCOTT Since his inauguration in 1949 Governor Kerr Scott has shown an active interest in the advancement of public education in North Carolina. He has worked closely with the officials of the University in planning its operation and growth. As an alumnus of State College in Raleigh, he was well acquainted with the University before he became connected with it in an official capacity. His aggressive liberalism and alert knowledge of affairs of his state are nowhere more evident than in his awareness of their needs and his interest in the students of the University of North Carolina. CHANCELLOR EDWARD K. GRAHAM Dr. Edward Kidder Graham is another part of the Woman community that is as new as the physical changes we have known this year. Our new Chancellor came to this college from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he was Dean of Faculties from 19 is until L950. A graduate of the University of North Caro- lina in Chapel Hill, his name is one connected with long and loyal service to education in North Carolina. Chancellor Graham and his family are already a familiar and vital part of the campus activities. His three children arc- enrolled in Curry School. Dr. Graham ' s new ideas and vibrant personality have brought added life and interest to the many organizations to which he has given his time and attention. We can see a bright and forward-moving future for the Woman ' s College under his leader DEAN OE WOMEN KATHER1NE TAYLOR Miss Katherine Taylor was a member of the faculty of Woman ' s College before she became Dean of Women three years ago. Her intimate contact with students as their teacher has made her an understanding administrator. She is a familiar figure to everyone from freshmen to seniors. We see her as she presides in Chapel or speaks at Pre-School Conference or meets to add her opinions and help to student ideas. She keeps in touch with the residence halls through her relationship with the counselors and plans with them a homelike atmosphere in the dorms. By virtue of her position. Dean Taylor participates in every phase of student activity. Thus she is a link between the student body and the administration as a whole- Chancellor Edward K Graham Dean Katherine Taylor administration The realization of the plans for the new Woman ' s College — the construction of its long awaited buildings, and the enlargement of its student body — is the result of hard work and inspired planning by the entire administration of the school. They have created a larger and more varied program in the Graduate School. This year the Physical Education Department and Home Economics Department have been expanded to meet the new demands in those fields. As we see their plans take physical shape, we can feel and appreciate more fully the long years they have spent building a bigger and greater college for us to enjoy. officers fi r 4 John E. Sockwell, Jr President Mary Jane Wharton Sockwell 1M1 John, Jr.) First Vice-President. . . Margaret Mos Hodnett (Mrs H I | Sunn, | Vice President Virginia Sloan Swain (Mrs. Louis) Recording Secretarj Mary Lois Gordon Thomas (M Executive Secretary Betty Brown Jester (Mrs .lrlton, Jr.) the alumnae association BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Josephine Hege, Annie Mdver Young (Mrs. James R.). Julia Ross Lambert (Mrs. W. L.), Jane Summerell, Martha Fowler, Annie Kizer Bost (Mrs. W. T.). Elizabeth Reeves Lyon (Mrs. R. L.), Elise Rouse Wilson (Mrs. George Dean). Nell Jones. The Alumnae Association welcomes the Class of 1951 into membership. Woman ' s College is ours. We are proud of her past; we are privileged parts of her present; and through our support, our interest, and our help, we can assure her future. department heads Forum i a atennlnrist- ... II,,- I ' - i ■ ,,p. I Hill. M.-l pmgn --i ' It. |v) lakes pari in nun Curriculum, Creative ,i- r Miss HELEN IXGRAHAM Biology Department U.S.. 1918 (Knox College); M.S.. 19_ i U ' niversiu ,.i « (Bryri Mawr) In hei Erst yeai .1- head ol the Biolog) Department, Miss Ingrahain has upheld the departmi ol u hievi meat. Shi r. ,t, bi nti .1 thi 1 olli .• 11 1 ll sley ' s e rent) fifth birth . ■ ■ .mil has M-rvr.l ..-1 the Steering Committee ■■! the Curriculum Com- Department B.A., B.S.. 1931 (B ing Green College of Commerce) M.Ed I93S I ' h D . 1948 (Pittsburgh). vm ' 1 ' 1 ' . kimnii .uith.-r i ( art idea on bus iducation. Dr. Littlrjohn 1- .in actiTi membei ol man] aational bus ■ — . — ..■ 1 ' ' ■ in the N 1 v I I " - " ill Educal ion I li partment, and DR. WILLIAM R. BARRETT. . . German Department B , 1939 (Citadel) U 1940 (Duke) ; Ph.D., 1918 (North Carolina 1 : 1 I niv r-ilv ,,! I 1, I . T 1 - ■ l.. mi. in 1. iii-ii, t -. i- langled ami untangled on the third floor " I M. ]wr in [)r. [iarrelfs classes. He is a favorite of students in and out of In- department. He 1- a member of numerous language the monograph. The Ge hunting and fishing in thos, DR. WARREN ASHB , . . .Philosophy Department . ., 1939 (Maryvffle); B.D., 1942, Ph.D.. 1910 (Yale). The Philosophy Depart] I ia enjoying a greater pouularity than • ' vi I ' l ' lni- nnl tin- 1- line to the efforts of the head of the deparl- Ni.i.i H. W..11.11 -hln. Hi- I,.,, k-ri.iir.d .,- ., teacher and a Methn- li«l 1 - 1 veil ,- I,,- own personal sense ..f fairness and ■! 1 ■ i.-.m li ..II pli.i-. - m( ni.ln-..j.|iv. Mr. liby is par- MISS FLORENCE SCHAEFFER. Chemistry Department (Barnard) j M.A., 1922 1 Mount Holyoke) ; (Univerait) of c hicago) (Yale) l.eliewi in III. nupr.. win. -til ..I ■ ..I . In r.M-ir ■ - effer is well informed 111 tin. h.l.l ft. ' in her work »u the Me.-nni: Committee ol ' ' ■ ■ ' ! v - in. I tin :ir(i. I- -li. lias written for 1 .11 V W « -l . |..irii. i|i.ii.-- ■■ ■ iii. ( nrrieulum and MISS ETHEL L. MARTl ' S ducation Department A.B.. 19- " (Pembroke College, Brown University) ; M S., 1931 (Wellesley). I In 11. ■» bml.l.ti- I.. 1 tl,, n,..-,,.,l K,In, atiMii Department is a par- loulai [.mi. ,t ,,,.i i„i ,,! l, l. ,,!.i- tin- war. It is a much needed Til-. V I though finding time for painting. Miss Martus is an active 1 0U1 -■ OR I.IONARD B. HURLEY English Department B.A.. 1913, M.A.. 1916 (Duke); Ph.D., 1932 (North Carolina). The students ' needs and welfare an always placed firs) by Dr. 1 the English Department, one ..f the largest departments at W. C. He is active in campus affairs , serving on the Vdministrative Council of the Uni- versal) " I Norl ' t i- Forum Committee, and as Chair- DR ANNA JOYCI REARDON Physics Department l: V 1 ■ ' ■.■ ' 11 .. ' :. .. .1 -1 I. ,..,1 . l S-, 1933. Ph.D.. 1937 (St. 1 -1. much less my. I to the Btudi nts al W. C. H.-r 1. 1.. .!.■_. ,„ in popularitj every year. She ami (he Screening Com- OR JAMES ALBERT HIGHSMITH Psychology Def B 1910, M.A., IQI.i (North I arolina) : P D l " -; (Georg, Peabody). feats, experiments, thcori - white rats this is Iir. Hiebsmith ' s Page 18 of nineteen fifty-one DR FRANK A. I.A1NI Classical Civilization Depart) (M ibli Sun i : Ph.D., 1949 ( indi rbill). r.i|iii|lv cmwinn •!• | .irl n I -In t r ..m. [.u I. " U Di I lit I.I -III I. I I ,1 I ImI„.,I,i„1. II, I- ., ....... I.. . i.l III. ' I I. i.l I III.- Mid-Wesl ami thf S Ii .in. I of Phi Sigma Iota in. I in Phi, Language an. I classic! organisations. Reworking furniture ami Listening to music a,.- In leis lime interests. MR george m. ioyc.i: I lii- .im ' s C.-ll.-i ' I r m - the hazards of the business world loyce ' a deparl at Besides sen tng ib ii ,■ president ol the Piedmont Ch DR. ALBERT S KEISTER Economics Depart laim for himself in Ins work Willi the American Arbitration Association am! the V. S. Concilia- i Service. He is a past president of the Southern Eeo ica -ni i.iiion and has had articles published in several journals. MEss MARGARET M. EDWARDS .... ' . • Department B.S., 1912 (Monti Stat, i i M . t 192 luminal j ii orni The II I Ii.i-.ii I i- nit ..iili an .-turi.-n.-v llial i. charai Btii ..I li-- Edwards. She La a membei ol lh. lllllll. I li. . --,,. I. III. -II. III. lll.ll. Ill ... ..ll.TI ,i ,11 ii,,.. -i„ urine sriiclci and collect old cook book I mt-. DR. HELEN BARTON. Mathematics )■ ...;.« » B.A., ru I ii..,,. I. ii . M . 1922, Ph.D., L92IS (Johns-Hopkine) . DR WINFIELD S. BARNEY Romance Lmgujge Dtp, ..,,rk in Hi. in.-- 1 ancu.ii;.-- .11 ...iii|..i-. Hi. Ham. i .- in 11. 11. il .un.iiii .iiiiiii- 1 " In- Ii. I.l. H ' ha. done work ..11 the Nal al Foreign Language Committee. A ll,i. |,, ,1,1,1 I ..1, -i,.,-.. ,.,t ..I iti.iiia. In- Iia- ..-.1 as President ,-f the South Vtlantii Modern Language Associa- French AVu I....MI, in l-UCI ami I,.,- DR CHARLES E. PRALL 11. v.. L912 il rsit] oi towa) : ' Ph.D., L928 1 I . Having 1 ompleted lii- sei ond yea in a program to improve teai he DR RITH COLLINGS. -k ..( adjusting the .Education Department ihMih n. uin.,. 1 111,1, 1,1,,,, DEAN H. HUGH ALTVATER.. v B.A., 1920, M11-.M., 1929 [Michigan); Mus.M., 1925 (Southwestern). It. .in Utvatcr i- i- u,. ' , kn..n -,..,1 , ...ii- .11 our campus as Ik- i- in tin- mu-x l-mt-iii.-. Ii.- mat lie found cood Greensboro Orchestra I o ■ ' - I hoir, presidii Greensboro Civii M - laaoi ' oi making plans foi thi Stati MR. GLENN R. JOHNSON Sociology Department B.S.. 1915 (Reed) : M.A., 1916 (Colombia). n- growth and progress .ire dm Way from on i .anion , h,- i- kin »n tm In- »nrk on County 1i.t.-i-I{a,i,il i-i-o ami lli.- North Carolii ol Soi ial Servit e. He ■- i mi mb mo aouinern - 1. -H .1 -■■■ i-li. -. l-oi i, i. in .,--■- i .. . in -no. ito .■ Page 19 in memonam C.D.JOHNS head of the history department 1888-1950 Page 20 LU.C. acu u Helen [ngrahan ii Beelei MA I HI MA IK S i Barton it i l II, .In,.-. V;,tki,,- i ,.,i,-. i ev. Is H.. II. Grogan Peck Walker MUSIC U.S.. M V B.A., M Jane ( ' . Frosl B.A., M.A. Esther Wooten Carolyn Dees B.S. Betty Mom. I B.S Margaret Stewart All. BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION Vance T. l.ittlejnlni H.A.. U.S.. M.Kil.. fli.l). Patrj Spruill M.S.. B.A., M.A. Maude I.. Adams B.A., M.A. Mathilda Hardawaj M.M.A.. | M. Rowena Wellman B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Evelyn Fowlei it . M.S. Louise V. Whltlock M.S.. M.S. Mary Giles B.S.S.A. Robert Chapman M.A. (HI MISTRY Florence I . Schaeffer B.A., M.A. Elva E. Barron B . i S Gulta Marble II. .. M.A.. 1 ' h.l). alu-tl. M.A.. M.A.. I ' ll I). Hice i. Ryan M.A. CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION Prank A. Laine B. . Pli l Mm lit ' Soles M.A M. Angela D. Pardington M.A.. M A. on leave ,,r absence n .-.«i .-. i i OMMERCE George M. Joyce us, M.S. Marj ll.iii.-ii B.S M.A Margaret C. I ,-Yi„„v B.S., M.S ECONOMICS Eeister I l.ittlejolui 11. V. M. Evel) 1. Powler Eleanor Craig Taylor I.. Burton EDl ' CATION Mildred U Gould AbiB.-iil K. It.mlev Mettle Sue Tlllett i E. Bridgers KmiiiI.iII .larrell Maj Dulaney Musi. B.S.B.. M.S.M! GEOGRAI ' HV GERMAN MEDICAL DIVISION- HEALTH Mi,.- SehriMT B.A., M. . Mildred Harris ma. M. At, in- Slianitini L-,-i Uutli Dalrymple M.S.. M.N. HOME ECONOMICS Margaret M, Edwards It s | Mabel V Swanson its.. M.s! PHILOSOPHY Ishbj It. A.. Ill PHYSICAL EDI CATION Vnna Joyce Rea Elsie J t ,,x Doane Douthetl PSY HOLOGY - Albert Higlismith It. A.. M ,.iii Duff) It. v., M i Mel to) I urn .in B.A., M. K. Huse . I, B.A., MS,.. Ed., B.D., M. John A. Il„ M|,1,. v M.-m dark ROMANf I LANGl AG! S s. Barnes B.A.. M K. Hooke It. .. D.i Herbert E. Vaughi Mm., Browning Mary Kitzscr.-il.l Ruth Gunter Vnna M. Kreimeiei Harriett Mehaffle Jesse Peden Anna Reger Marion M v.,i Man bs M.-m ,--. II. 1 : Ph.B., M V. I ' ll. 11.. M.A. B.A., M . M.S.. M.S. M:ii;i,IiiI.I. I Mmie Benin Knn.lerhnrk William . Fell i. da Hardre SOQOLOGY 11 M.A . I.I.H.. M. I a. Ii Gordon Shi M.-r.-i, E. Mossma Sara E. Smith Marv-.,r.-t V I II.-,lL-e|»-tl, Page 21 The house president, the girl who runs the dorm. She presides and decides, and the results are what make life in the dorms an experience never to be forgotten ... the gab sessions that take precedence over anything except a date . . . the main light switch that blows out on the night before a coordinating test . . . the lending, borrowing, and re-borrowing that take place before the dorms are deserted in favor of a Carolina week-end ... the dash for a tub at five til eleven every night . . . dragging down to house meeting with pajamas and pincurls the fashion . . . our house 19 MSS KATHERINE MIMS ANN INGRAM presidents 51 . . . the smell of shampoo every Thursday night . . . your date coming in with muddy feet because he isn ' t familiar with our mud puddles . . . the Busy signs that proved a solution to the problem of too-friendly friends on the night before a test . . . bridge sessions with the dummy always knitting ... the rush to get a room in Ragsdale-Mendenhall and the feeling it gave to be the first girls to live in such luxury . . . more telephones added at last to reduce the population of the phone booths . . . the sympathy of your friends when " he was drafted, and the " I know just how you feel, but you ' ll live ' ' . . . CLARA DEE BANNER V ARS. GOZEAL ANDREV Dunselor of Ragsdae t FOLLY KEITH mam- t j J -.-: , fl tj ( ? ; 1 7 . . . the left-handed greeting your roommate perfected the day after she got her ring . . . the trading of brothers when your dance date didn ' t show . . . the Sunday night description of the date that made you wish you were blind . . . Christmas Dorm Dances, mistletoe and open house in front of the fire . . . stealing down to the parlor for dorm devotions . . . eternal looking for a cracker and some peanut butter . . . reading and re-reading that wonderful letter . . . more bridge, if there ' s a fourth available . . . those wonderful boxes from home . . . these make the dorm life at the " new W ' C " house presidents MISS LAURA G. ANDERTON HAZELBELLE PEARSALL ISS PATRICIA E. CARRUTHERS Counselor of Wmfield Hall MARY ANNE CAMPBELL JOAN ROBERTS student government New buildings, new faces, new roads! We are recovering from our first growing pains and beginning to resemble the plans made for the new WC of the future. More girls have been admitted to the college in keeping with our physical growth. As we spread and increase our num- ber, there is one factor that makes unity out of twenty- five hundred personalities and connects the campus from Aycock to Peabody Park. This is the Student Government Association . . . the backbone of the spirit at Woman ' s College. Nancy Blanton has been a President of whom c- were proud, and she has had able assistance from Sarah Carter, Vice-President; Carolyn Simpson, Secretary; and Marion Sifford, Treasurer. These are the students recog- nized as the leaders of our Student Government, but be- hind them stand the house presidents, legislature, judicial and hall board members who support these leaders in administering the duties of our government. And the source of all student governmental power is, of course, the twenty-five hundred students who make up the new Woman ' s College. MARION SIFFORD Page 26 Legislature is the representath e voice oi Student Governmenl and Chairman Sarah Carter has worked with this organization to make it truly .1 mouthpiece ol .ill the students. Represenl ing the residence halls, the classes, and the organized stu dent groups from all parts ol campus, Legislature has dis- cussed and adopted ideas thai arc- nl concern to the entire student body. The National Student Association representa- tive was made a member of Legislature. The Busy sign idea that originated in S.G.A. ' s Pre-School Conference was tted on and put into operation by islatur ager make ,niv adjustment that will be beneficial to the students. Legislature re-vamped the Points System in certain cases in an effort to make the points carried more equally match the responsibility of the job and to distribute office-holdinu to a larger number of students. The faculty participates in tins organization, and we welcome their guidance. Bui at the same tune we appreciate their recognition of our own ability to do the main job Ourselves. This is a greater lesson than could be learned from any textbooks in making decisions and assuming responsi- bilities similai to those we shall meet after leaving this campus. Student Government did not begin with us this year, and we cannot take credit for its successful establishment. But our selection of leaders and the cooperation of faculty and student body in the smooth operation of S.G.A. ' s func- tions have carried on the tradition that is a part of the old WC and the plan of the new W ' C At table: Sarah Carter, Chairman, Marion Sifford, Secretary First row, left to right: Margaret Lewis, Mimi Lentz, Dot Copeland, Carol Byrd, Barbara Garvin, Gwen Homer, Jane Swindell, Betsy Howard. Second row: Frankie Herman, Lynn Williams, Mildred Orrell, Jaylee Montague, Mane Aventt, Betty Bullard, Patsy Fowler, Polly T. Keith, Barbara Kinsman, Nell Adkms, Sterling Moore. Third row: Janice Murchison, Joan Roberts, LaRue Wilson, Ann B. Ingram, Clara Dee Banner, Carlene Cathey, Mary Holshouser, Drusilla Bolick, Janice Wilhams, Nancy Barton, Anne Sutton Fourth row: Charlotte Bunch, Rozelle Royall, Mary Anne Campbell, Sue McCormac, Emmalynn Gettys, Hilda Bullard, Saleta Scoby, Lydia Moody, Jody Mundy, Ann Deans, Sarah Ann Hamilton, Bettie Alice Dixon. Fifth row: Jane Sarsfield, Elsie Jane Green, Carolyn Burton, Virginia Clough, Betty Jean Troutman, Elaine Holly, Rosemary Boney, Wendy Ward, Louise M001 MEMBERSHIP OF COUNC Merrill, Jaylee Montague, Eugene Jeffords, Charles Prince, Herbert Mitchell, Donne ' oman ' s College . . . Frances Fulcher, Nancy Blanton, Carolyn Burton, Sarah Carter, Betty Bullard, Nancy Holder, Tempe Hughes, Betty L ia Moody, Saleta Scoby State College . . . Henry OduTt, Charles Legrand, Jack McCracken, Henry Brown, Robert Scott, Harvey Schwic Charles Pugh, William Haas, Jack McCormick, Sam Furches. University of North Carolim Noppen, Jr., Thomas Sully, Jr., Horace Stacy, Larry Botto, Ted Leone greater university counci Three years ago students from State, Carolina, and Woman ' s College, recognizing the need for greater unity among the three parts of the University, established the Greater Uni- versity Student Council. Their aim was to make the academic and social functions on each campus available to the students from the other two schools and thus strengthen the bond among the students of the three divisions. This year the council elected Henry Odum of State Col- lege as President. Other officers were Nancy Holder of W. C, Vice-President; Charles LeGrande of State, Secretary; an I Tom Sully of Carolina, Treasurer. Jaylee Montague of W. C. was chairman of the projects committee. Their first project of the year was Greater Universit) I )ay in Chapel Hill. Council members gave a reception for Presi- dent Gordon Gray and represented the student bodies as hosts and hostesses at the inauguration. They adopted a plan by which exchange lectures from the three faculties could be called to speak on either of the three campuses. An active and widespread publicity campaign was planned so that students of the University would be made aware of plays, glee club concerts, and social functions occurring at all the schools. They planned for the exchange of programs among groups of similar interests. These activities are important steps forward toward the goal of greater unity. We are proud of the interest taken by the students in this attempt to work out the conflicting needs and common problems of the three schools that form the Greater University. greater university day The State-Carolina football game in Chapel Hill on September 23 was the setting fur the L950 Greater University Day. Seven hundred V( u i r I s joined with students from the other two schools in make tins Student Council project We had our own cheering section in the end zone of Kenan Stadium. Our cheerleaders joined first with the cheerleaders from State, and then with the Tar Heels ' to yell for both teams. At halftime, the songs from all three schools were featured and the card tricks emphasized the (heme of unity. A reception at Graham Memorial Hall fol- lowed the game. We paired off " with the State and Ca rolina boys and made plans to attend the informal dance that night, climaxing an en- joyable Greater University Day. Page 29 judicial board Each Monday night that the members of Judicial Board gather around the horseshoe table in the Alumnae House is an additional proof that great responsibility has been wisely placed in the hands on the students on the Woman ' s College campus. This organization demonstrates that we are capable of handling our own problems with open minds and firm understanding. Members of Judy Board deal with each case as an individual one and use their combined judgment in an effort to be fair and just. Theirs is a responsibility not to be taken lightly, and the knowledge of this fact is an integral part of their code. To the ones who must face the horseshoe table, Judy Board meeting may be a time of dread. But even these few come away with a new respect for a system under which a student ' s mistakes are judged and punished by the group most likely to understand and sympathize, a group of her fellow students. The organization has gained respect by adhering strictly to their rule that all information revealed is to be kept in strictest confidence. Final jurisdiction in all cases, except those involving suspension and expulsion, rests with Judy Board. This responsibility is upheld, and all matters are dealt with in a manner befitting an organization whose byword is de- mocracy. First row, left to right: Miss Louise Alexander, Faculty Advisor; Carolyn Simpson, Nancy Blonton, Chairman; Jaylee Montague, Frankie Taylor, Kitty Grill Second row: Jane McDaniel, Fran Fulcher, Ann Brothers, Glenna DeWitt, June Rainey. POINTS COMMITTEE lct» to right: Jone McOonicl. Chairman, Libby Boulul, Nell Martha Lohr, Anne Whitnngton, Mickey Sugg. ass, Dons Huffir POINTS COMMI1 II of Patsy Fowler, has the detailed vising tii.- numerous elections on ■a?-. It handles the tedious paper It ' part of tin- democratic mt-t lioil n tu have more people, rattier ttian a in our campus. The points are suiter! i the office, and the limit nf fifteen etly enforced, .lane MeDaniel is stu HONOR HOARD ie Bonduront, Mimi Temko, Frances Fulcher, Chairman; Dr. Warren Ashby, Faculty Advisor; Nancy Burton. " :,Tin FiNAXCi: HOARD 1 uf stuilenls an. I faculty ineiiihers trained in of croup tinnnres. .leterniines how funds shall the various stink-nt ..iL ' .iiii atinns. Ann Fowler. 1 Ilr. Albert Keist.-r. Facility Advisor, head I RRM I [I ' M COMMITTFI ui.-l ihroiiL ' li which Mi. ' students can voice their s on matters iccnrdiiu: the addition of new i. mii.ii.iI iliniun ones in our curriculum. alley heads the croup nl students I i ,- ei Kl II W l l, ( OMMII II I the f.i.iitty and students. It is c lantly on the watch for possible points of friction and means of better conpel at ion between these two groups » important to each other. mam we cussed ... we discussed V 3Q P . we slaved ... we played senior class . . . 1951 v7 rr . senior class song Here ' s to the class none can surpass; We ' ll never be outdone. Our love and pride can ' t be denied For the class of ' 51. Keep well in sight both red and white. Our colors bold and clear. Loyal are we to W. C; Forever hold it dear. Chorus: The best that V. C. has known. Class of ' 51, march on! senior class officers NELLIE BUGG, President ANN BROTHERS, Vice-President TAVIA HOLBROOK, Secretary CORINNE ETHRIDGE, Treasurer BETTY CARROLL WIMBISH, Cheerleader J . . . Dr. Edward Kidder Graham, our new Chancellor and our friend. Mr. Graham is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, and therefore was well-acquainted with the W. C campus in quite a different capacity from being its Chancellor. He came to this post from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he was Dean of Faculties. We extend a sincere welcome to him and his family. In recognition of his energetic work toward making the new W. C. a reality . . . with appreciation for his vigorous interest in us . . . for his ready wit and hearty laugh . . . for adding a new spark of life . . . for all this and much more, we, the Senior Class, proudly honor our Mr. Graham. Grahom at home . . . ? family circle gathers around " Pop. " Page 39 IXZA LAURA ABERNATHY, Valdese NELL ADKINS, Franklinton Y.W.c.) i lub (3, li. VIRGINIA DARE ALBRITTON Dikean; Coraddi. Business Staff 1.1. II. BETTY SUE ALEXANDER, Greensboro PATRICIA JACQUELINE ALFORD, Middlesex MARTHA ELLEN ALLEN, Chad MARY UPTON ANDREWS, Glade Valley BONNIE BROWN ASHE, Lumbe PATRICIA ANN ASHLEY, Smithheld senior class l. n : I il- - t Hi: -|..-.-.l ll.ill II. Basketball (1, 2. :l. II: Softball ll. . ' . 3 NANCY STRAIN ATKINS, Durham Int. (1, 2, 3, 1 1 ; Square Dance ill. Page 40 |()A AW I I I I ; M II MARII AVI Id I H.A , .. ■ .. ' i , I ...,.l I x r llr ,1 I I ... I It ll.l. I . (1 ' .,.ili II AN Hi in A " , i OCI i 111 I M.. li I duel ■ M 2, I, li . MI) fi l ks. Lexington H M . Mu ; MM. I: LANCASTER BAILEY, High Point NANCY JEAN BALLARD, Ellertw i. n II... " - I .-i i li 1 w i I CLARA DLL BANNER. Burnsvill Basketball 12. 3, 4). BETSY WAIWVRIOHT BARBER, Wilkesboro Dlkeas; Ugialature (3); Mall B.„ (3): Ji, Idviaoi (3) | 1 K i Irnerii ,i Hi: Squan n 2). ROSEMARY HAWTHORNE BARBER, Atlanta, Ga ..I, in : -,,„.„. D B A , Priii B A . M.itlicmjtics B.S.. Physical Edu • I-eague (1) ; Proelor -ii. i n. I. i. : 1. I ' .... i Dolphla S l .... I...- il - ' ■ n ' . . • ■ ' ..mnali.:. : Lilc .-.iMiit Ci; S, I Hall II, J. J, I); Swimmin, .: - SARA LEE BARKER, Burlingt,; B.S., Home Economics lean ' a List I ' ll: Proctor (3); H.,ll Social Chairman (3, i) ; Da . II. J. li. ,. ..I 1 ,, -i.l. „i i I i i ..I i i: :. tt -i ' . ■ . ... Km. I I : (i.ilil... I. ... I i ' ■ II i I). Austin Averitt Aycock Ayers Bailey Ballard Banner Barber, B. Barber, R. Barker MELLIE HILL BARLOW. Wilmington GRACE IRENE BASS. Fayetteville an ' s List I li . I ,. ,.l Vmerici (3, 1 ' JANE ANNE BASS, Spring Hope MARY FRANCES BASSETT, Asheville Cornel MARGARET ELIZABETH HAITI- . Stjic-svilk HAZEL OPALEENE BEAMER, Mount Airy Adelphian; North Carolina Baoli-I Hospital Si COAN BELL, Fayetteville Adelphian; Handbook Chairman 1,31; Dean ' s Lis! ' ■ II I I - , ;i - - ■ ■ !l 1 W.C.A. U. 2) : ;,.,| Club II. 2. I. li M. I.. .-. I nl- I- ' ' : 1 ' hi Bela Kappa (4). MARGARET GORDON BENTLEV. G LOIS MATTHIS BEST, Clinton Cornelian; Campbell College (1. BETTY GREY BILLINGS, North Wilkesborc Alelheian; Brevard College (1, -I: Squill I ' ..1 U ' l: Dan B.A. e Com His t..ry ,, B.A. His turv B.S. H me Economics senror class © f Beamer Page 42 hi II ' , KM lt| VI NS, All ii Bizzell Blanton K ANN1 M I ii M AKl nil isl BLA K, Pinehursl MII.Y WILSON HI A K I l I Pim H I VI LYN BLALOCK, A-,l„b,, ANN Bl RGJ N HI ANKSTEIN, Greensb MARY NAMV HI. ANION. ,n-t,,n-s.,lim FA , Inli i H A . I ' n 11 1 s, Distribute HA . Biology, Pre Medical M, H„ ,.„, ■ s.l. IV .,,!.„! Ill: I i 11.1,1- I ' II,,- Leaialaluri Rel " " ■ (2) I Ootetandina Senloi in. Golden Ch.ii] I I. II: Deu ' i R H II J ; I, ,.,, ,, ,., , I III ; I- - ' I ' " u , , I .■ : n „. .| ' „-„l,„t l. ' l. ,1 j ; I , ,. ,:, „l, ,.,,..■ D Volley Ball I ' ll : Basket! 3) i Phi Bel. Kapj JANE DICKIF. BLEDSOE, Laurel Springs NANCY BOWEN BOGART, Greensbo II ■ 1 , i lob (3, 4) PENELOPE BOGART, Washington rea, hen ol W.I I , i . ' , , ,l 2) G, n j ; F, ,!„,,■ It, ,-,, ,.-- 1..-...1- r ,,l n„ li- I l conomiG II ; GaUleaa I B.S., Home Economics , lob iv »); I.S . Business Education II,: Flown Chairman (21: i $ f Block Bledsoe Blockwell Page 42 REN A WELLS BONEY, Balboa, Canal Zotw Cornelian; Dean ' s List (4t ; Psychology Club (It BELLA BOUHUYS. Enka Aletheian; Mars Hill College 111; Y.W.C.A. (3, MATILDA CLAIRE BOWERS, Rich Sqi BULOW WILSON BOWMAN, Charlotte JOSEPHINE LOIS BROOKS. RALEIGH Cornelian: Freshman Commission ill: Cla s Se cretary (41; Dean ' s I. Inierlanl. Council in, u i v I.. 3, 11; Baptist Student Union (1, Col 1 (2, 3), President (4); Alphs Kappa Delia (3, 4); Recreation (3); V C. Recreation Society Student Section (3, I), President (41; (41; Recreation Association (3, l Squan Dance (3); Camp Counse " i Chain (4). ANN NEELY BROTHERS, New Bern BARBARA ANNE BROWN JOE EVELYN BROWN, Sparta Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. (4); Fulnre T, JOSEPHINE McKAY BRYAN, Lillingto M K .11 III HI ( K. k,n,i..n .A., Primary Edu 111 5q A . Sociology ' .W.C.A. (3, 41; Educatii ; II. II II... senior class 0B Bowman Brooks Bryan Buck She ' s probobly .1 I I II DAVIs HI GG W li M M I ' II Kl VIRGINIA Ml Mil Ed nl l ism i ' , i i INI I ' .i RCHETT1 Ll.« (3J Honoi Roll I 111 IS| III I I HI K(,| SS, Q A ( Y ANN] HI RTON, Greensbor B A - IS, Physical Ldu Ui Ihi Ian l Koun P (3) I i ui,i -: - I .III.,. I ..., . ■ i l. _■ . :i I i .. i. I .i Honoi II. .11 (1. S I li- Ion i I.. I. H : li I . II. I ' i.-. , .l.-iii I II : , (1. 2 : I. S I Hull II. . ' . I. II : S.ln ' I i Bukctball II, l! I n -..ltl„,ll il : i n LUCY CAROLYN BVKD. Greensb Ill: l». in i i I ..i It. .■ IJI : I ...mi Mini . i- i . Hi: Future I.,,. I,-,- ..I t , (4) ; Reel DORIS BRYAN BVRD. Lenoii MARY ELIZABETH CAHILL, Braintrei M I ..,.1. ii.ii- li. .in - l,-i (3) II Roll (1, 2); I ' i- ARLENE CALLENDER. Greensboro ■ A., Primjr. ELIZABETH ANN CALVIN, C,i H FA . Art B.A., Mathematics B.A I.S , Hume Economics CV 3 Bugg Byrd, L. C. Bunch Byrd, D. Burchette Cohill Page 45 LEONA CAMERON, Cameron klethi ian; [i. .,.. ' - Lial (3) j Hull S. I I istr) Club 13. II : Hall Board Carolina Slat. HI I I. I ollee b 3); Home Economics Clul,. |-i. -i.l. ■. i 131, Presidenl ill, ..,.ll ai ' I) Galilean i lub (3, li : F.T.A. III. PEGGY JEAN CAMERON. Southern P,nc» i [ian, ,.. ia] ' hairman ill: Sei I ' mlJpnl I II I hemistr) I |ub I- ' . 3. II ; R... „ Counsel. .r I I2l . I ,-i,. B.S., Physical Education St. Mary ' s II...... . .... I I) ; Clogging Club (3, 41 ; Can,,, - .il 2) S lull i:i, Ji : Swim. MARIA CARROLL, Oxford Cornelian; Dean ' s l.i-i 111 Presidenl I II : Calilean CI,. SARAH HOLMES CARTER, W Ldelphian S.C.A. Vic. Pn sidi C..,l.l.-ii Chain 13. II; Dean ' s Lisl ill; H Roll 12. 3. n : li... re. i, ...,. i, ,t I I Chairman ui ; Phi Beta Kappa I n LOURAY CARTWRIGHT, Harmony Dikean; Mitchell College II. 2) j fun, CARLENE CATHEY, Gastonia Aletheian; Legislature III: Pi I MARTHA FULLER CHAFFEE, Morgantc ANN MARIE CAMLIN, Hamlet Dikean; Ma) Day, S.-i- .....I p,..,,. .,,.. ' i .„ i I,.,,, n i:u : (,„„.(, .. Bus Stall (2), Isaistanl Businesi Man anagei (3), Business Managei in. Dean - I ... 131 ; Honor Roll 12, II ; 1 , « ' , I . . i 1, 2, ,:i : Weslo I la I II: Ma.iiuera.lcrs |3. 41; Si mn l|.ha III: C.iinuia l|.l... 13. Il; s,,.-..,.-. ■. ,,,,1 1,..|,| J 3 4|. Square Dance 12. 3, I); Playlikeri 1 J, 3. II; Junior Sho« c MARY FRANCES CAMPBELL. Pinehurst MARY ANNE CAMPBELL, Washing! senior class .A., Primary Edu i.A., Primary I-Jucat f Q © 1 - 1 Page 46 Cameron, P. Corter Camhn Cartwright Campbell, M. F. Carney Campbell, M. Choffee WC ' s Coney Island a vicious circle, but merry-go-round . . . II I MA ANN] I II ( HANI SA1 IV ANN ' ill N) -i Pi II.,,.,. I ' I I IRIS CHESTNI l. Kinston Idelphl, irbanji i i, . poll! in i lub i li. i ARROl l HRISTIAN, ( harlotfc II AM I II ROM CHRISTIAN („ Hon (1, 2, J 1 P i (2); Da Dolp - J, 4), Pi I i l.,i„, r Teachers .,( „„, B.S., Physical Education n Club I. Clu I.. II.,. II . ; NENA ELIZABETH CLAIBORNE, Greensboro Pin, Veerf , (♦): i. „- (1. 2): V.V..I DOROTHY ELIZABETH CLODFELTER, Hij:h Pent I conomics .l. ' l|.luai. . ill..,.. I I., i... I ' , i j. li: 11,11 »,„ ,.,i i „„„„„i.... i| l; |i an , r Commllte« (2); J,,,,,.., vl " - " r ' ' " : I ' ifrl.iil , I. li. 1 I Hi; l.oll,.rji. Sli„lrnl. ' ' •■ -i " I- ' ■ IV. ,,!,„■ ,1, II., i| j , I). hll , llT . |.,,,..,. .., i„,, t „, (3, |). tV.n ' . |OV( I I Y. I.O! IS1 (.OATS, SiiutlituU i.S„ Physical Education,.i.,n. Treasure! (2), Uarahal ' ' ■ ' I ' ,, :i i h ■;..,,, |i.,„.-r Cbajrnuu I I) ; Y.W.C.A. (3); Baptlat Student 1 I . ..( smrri. I - ' B I I S : Ci Camp I " ! ' •■ " ' - ' ' • - !- ' • ■ ' ■ II: H...k. li. I II 1,1, . c 1.1, ; Sprr.l 1I..H . (2, J, li : Coll i- ' i EVANGELINE COKER, Garysburg VMnhian; Junior Idvisol II, ) X I H. en .ill. ,n ssocintion I 1. 2, ' I] Squ man i li ; Basketball (3). ELEANOR VIRGINIA COLE, Salisbur IS , Home Economics l 2, S, l)| r it). Social Cbair- B A . Sociology Chestnut Christian, C. Coker Page 47 BARBARA JEAN COLLINS, Reidsville Dikcau; [nlerfa h li Council (3); Home Ec CECELIA MARY CONE. Raleigh DORIS SMITH CONRAD, Winston-Salem 2, 3, IP : Future Te B S oi An Home .erica (4) Economic! ; III I 1, I) B.S., Home Choir 1 Economic; B.S., Home 1 conomic: DOROTHY BELLE COPELAND. Gicmshnn B.S., Business Ed Adelphian; I-.-i-Ln.. ■ ■ III; h.,in- l.-i i ' . I : Town Students Organi aiion (1, . ' . . ' !. I); Wesley Fi i I - ' , 3 1 I . Can i in, i l|.i. i (3 I) ; Futun 1 1 si hei - ol a (4) ; Recreation Usoeiation (1, 2, 3, 4 Group (2, 3, 41 ; Boot ' n 5] - - ' ■ ' . Secretarj rreaaurei (2), Presidenl (4) j Honor Board (3). MARY ROBERTSON COPENHAVER, AshevMe Dikean; Mary Washington Collfgo H. J I ; M.r, t NANCY LOUISE CORBITT, Gatesville lUetneian; Dance Commillce (3); Junior Advisor (3) Dance (3). ANNE REBECCA CORRELL, Winston-Salem y.W.i v (4) i ii MARY KATHLEEN COSTON. Hendersonville B.A., Elementary Educai Economics lurcb Croups 1.1. 11 : Borne I VA ANN COX, Mount Oli B.A., Primary Education 2), Council 4); I rica Hi: senior class CATHARINE Mc.KAY COX. Catthag Page 48 ANN KACAV Sanford 3 l All i( iltMI.IA RAM(IHI), f harlo n hill ( KOI ( II, AsIrv.II, B A , Primi IA REBECCA CROWDER, Peachland BA. Sociolog) kdi [phltn i Honor I DIXIE DEAN CRUMPLER, Mint,,,, Ui ti If.W.I (I. 2): BtpiUi Si CRAY Dl -ANS Cl ' I.BRETH. X ' ,I JOSEPHINE RYMER CUSICK, Raleigh • trial Administration ill Administration U i . i. ' ,i , FI..,,i,.i si„,|.-„i : I. : II r V, NADIA IRENE DAl ' GHTRIDC.E. Rocky Mount Cornelian. Vice-President 111. (4) I 1 lab (2, I, n : Future re., ben ..I Imeiii I (4), Seci MINNIE LEE DAUGHTRV, Clinton B S . Home Economics iol Cluirman A , Elementary Education (1, ai; M»y Court (4); Boun CORNELIA ELIZABETH DAVIS. Blanche IS. Distributive Edu B.S., Business Education % f f Cranford Cusick Crowder Doughtry JANE CAMPBELL DAVIS. Carthage Aletheian; Pi I (2) : KVW.C.A. in HOKOTHV ANN DAY. Snntl,h,IJ ANN TERRELL DEANS, Wilson VlclpllMii ; II. n,-.- P,.-i.|. „!- ', mince 131 : V.W.C.A. Ill; " Ann ' in .1 III; Dance Croup KATHLEEN COUSINS DEANS, Greensboro EVELYN DEARMAN, Harmony ine A ' ecl c, II, II : unci! 1.1. n : Garni ■li : B.,-k,H..,ll 131 ; Si. CAROLYN DIETZ. Fieldale, Va. KATHRYN DOBBINS, Y, ,1k, -mil. I ' : i hni. n I - ' I ; ir i I..I1.-. Advilot (3) . i I I. II i l.U «. . i. ' I ' - Teachers u{ America Mi; Square Dance 13. II. LAURAH DOBSON, Statesville Aletheian; Dean ' s List (3, 4| ; Honor Roll (2. 31; Senile Lea e ue 111; Ju Church Croup. Council |1. 2. 3); M.S. raden 12. 3, II; Phi Alpha Thcla Chemisln Clul. 121; rutnr.. Tea, her- ,.[ iii.-ii. .1 III; 1 ' hi Ka LAI ' RA MARIE DODSON. Reidswllc ROSEMOND DOUGHTON, Sparta Pikcan ; P-v,h,.l..cs (Int. II I ' : -ii ' iir, Dance I : i ■ Basketball I ..An Editor (2) : Junioi ; VS. A.. Public, u 1 .. I hail B.S., Home Economics Election. Board 1 3 1 ; Junior mic. Club (2. 3. 4) ; Future B.A., History riaoi , 1, : Y.W.C.A. (1, 21; Vice-President. Treaaurei ' 1) 1 B A . Personnel Psvi In ' l " .c Lor class © f) Page 50 I l I ffli the londmarks Douthit Drennen Early Eddy I I I I A [)I l 1)1)1 I llll B i .1 i I IR] . i . ■ Point, N I i, KAIIIIKIM l.ol IM 1)1 Kl It s , Set retarial Adminr M- 1 1 I .in... I. .. I,.,. i ' . I . Basketball (I, 2, S, 4] MARILYN C.KAY DUNN, I DORIS l.ORETTA DWYER, Kannapolis .AINE EARLY, Arlington. V., B A . Primary Education IS . HuMni.s Education B.S., Secretarial Adminisirati JANE I.J I: EDDY. Eayettevillc . So. ...I PI C.A. II. J. ill ; I I,.... I. !......,. II, J. . f.n ANNE LOVKX EDWARDS, New Bern b A .A., English Cornelian; Cla»» Treasurer (- ' I; Coraddi, II..-....- Sufi i .:. 1) ; Di ... - I .- ' I I D ru Forum Comni II. II; Ma«i|ii.T».i.-r» I- ' . ' !. ll. M .• ' • -. I ' ' ' ■ • . Pi lenl Up; Alpha P.i Om.-ea (3, ll i I ' lu. ] -ikr-T - 1 1, 2, 3, it ; l.itur.- I.,.. I..-.- ..i lm ...... I] EUdlo Wort ibop ' i. DOROTHY ELAINE ELLIOTT, Shelby B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Gardner-Webb Junior College (1, 2) s 1,., ..-!■. Idvi Club (3, 41; Square Dance 13. 1) j III (3, H: - gap it. li: H..n,. Economics ESTHER CANTRELL ELLIOTT, Roanoke, Va. ll M . Music Alethi-iaii; Carolinian (41; Dean ' s LlBl 131; Prorlor 111; Ar Orchestra (1, 2. 3. 41: Cbambei Musi. .1 2, 1, I) ; North Spencer Spot Light (2. 3). ts Forum Commilte. Young Composers | | i ; «... rubor .niphony C) vl Dukes Edwards Elliott, D. Dwyer Elliott, E. Page 5 nancy blanton winston-salem, north Carolina President of Student Government . . . Al Jolson impersonations . . . hard working Science Building . . . Gray Hall energy plus . . . determination . thoughtful . . . wide-eyed enthusiasm . . . hard working. Page 52 nn brothers lew bern, north Carolina Jnderstanding . helpful . .. art major . . . efficiency plus . . . 5 ' 2 " . . . Jamison Hall . . Texas bound . . . good taste . . . vice-president of the Seniors . . . willing to do her ihare. Page 53 NANCY CAROLYN ELLIOTT. Stony Point B.S., Home Economics i Marshal 1 n Home 1 i onomii . 1 lub 1 1, Il ; 1 reachen ol Ame Basketball 11. 21. M MARY JANE ENGLISH, Ashford B.S., Home Economics III Club (1, . ' . j) ' i Home Eel .«■ ( lob (1, 2, 1 1 1 1. 4), ( 1 teachers ot ' Tme! . Alumnae .v. reiar : Chemiatrj 1 LOUISE MARIE ERICKSON, Kalmia B.M., j i orneliar, , ' - Lisl (3, n : H»™, R..I1 (I, 2 (1. 2, 3, II : Chambei Music Croup 12. I II : 1 Club (3, II | World Federalisl 1 ' 1 ; Wl. ' ( " ' . ' " , ' , ' , , ' l " l " l ' l " ; ' " l 1, 1.. ., . 1 2. 1 oung 1 ompmen 1 CORINNE ETHERIDGE, WHtakers B.S., B usiness Education 1 M «lphi.»;C..» Treasurer (4); P tor( 2 );C 1 ' li 1 1,,,. 1. merica (4). ANNICE PAGE EVERETT, Laurinburg B.S.. E usiness Education lb il ; Dean ' a Lisl 13. II : Honor K..II 11. i ' l). Vice Pres M m Gamma Alpha (3, II 2. 1. 1 . 1 reasui 1 . Pi , i 11 ei 1:1, 1 ulun ; 1 ' 1. ... 1., . 1 ,,,„,„, II, I ol Uie, . .H: Sigma Alpha y ,.a 111. EULA ANNETTE EZZELL. Dunn B.A., Primary Education Mil. .in Mi. -li.J in. Senioi i ii il in. Dei i li ' ■ i il. 21; Future rea. ben " 1 Vrr, n in ' s 1 1-1 II, Il ; 1 ,,„ k. 1 ill iculuin Committee ocialion II. 2. 1. (3) ; Y.W.C.A. U T " ' ' ' ' " ' V " ' ' ' ' " ' " ' " ' ■ ' ■•■ ' ' • ' • " " l; ' h " MILDRED ELIZABETH FARLOW, Randlem; :n B.A.. Physics Adelphian : C ' trnlinmn 11. 2, 3, Il, Ml .-rl i-mt: Handbook Business Manager III: Caliloan Club 11. II. Manager (2 - n Vic. Prei . ' ' ' , " !i " i ' i III. In. ulaii..n Manager III; a a i; Future Teachers -.1 America " ANN RULFS FARMER, Wilmington B.A., Primary Education Adelphian; Juin„r House President (3) ; 1 sgislal 131; Chapel Checker 121: Future 1 . .1. ben 1 11. .1. Dance Chairman III; Ilance Committee I II ' ; Y.W. III; 11- -an ' - 1 1-1 1 i 1 1 .1 2, 3 11 ; 1 bun House P League 111; Proctor MARGIE BURKE FERGUSON, Reidsville H A . Sociology Adelphian; 1 tt 1 1 1 2, 1 1, 1 abinet 121 : Si I..1. 12. 3, n. MILDRED JACKSON FERGUSON, Belmont B.A.. Biology ian P 1 1 . ' 1) ; Dance 1 ommittet 1 1) Y.W.I V 11. 2. 3. II ; Chemiatrj Club 12, 3. 11 1 Technologists Greensboro Svmphi 1 1 n. u: senior class Page 54 MAUI (.1 ADYS I Mil it, Gi ANN I l IZABI m FLACI ll.ll 3i MARi i I IZAB1 in him Roclcj Mouni lltA I s JEAN FLOYD I i incsi Administration B A . I ' m B FA., Ai- BLANCHE FOSTER, Blanch M. II I Sigma Mphi (3 Alpha I. II : Falun I , .. I. . , ANN FOWLER, Durham h s . Busim a Education i ' i I) ; Y.W.C.A. (1. 4) ; B Club (1 ■ I (4) Squai D H S . Business Education . » I . II. : IIA .I l. PATRK IA FOWLER, Durham B.S.. Secretarial Adrnirmiraiion ii or Board I I halrman ill ; I ti : N. «.(.. A. BARBARA JOANNE FRIEND, Roanoke, Va. B.A . - Cornelian : Ma) Day Commiltee (4) ; I: I i I olli f I i I, ii . Sigmi Ita Pi i I), ici Pn arid i) Mpha S log] i lull (3), Pn -..Lin i 11. FRANCES DANA FULCHER, Davidson BA. History Alerheian; S.C.A Secreur] (3); Honoi Boar. n ■ i I ... Via Preaideol (1 mon Conn ,,„, : Oulatanding Senior (4); Golden Chain c.l. 41: Dean ' a Llat (3 IJ B i K..II (1. 2 : Create! Univoreitj Council (2, I); Daiaj Chi - urnalion (3) i loirrlairh O.unril II. II: V. V.I. . II. J. . ' I. II. I ' ,. -,.l. i.l 111; ... ,„,„,-.., r B„».hi,, l..„, I (4) ; Square i:.r. I. II. -II : Internal ..I Ri I. - World Federalial (3, n : Camp Counai ming (3) : Baalcelball 11. - ' . n. BETTY SUE FULLER. Liberty Cornelian: Crern.1 ( ollege B A . Biology Pi Fleer Friend Floyd Foster Fuller Page 55 MURIEL LORRAINE GALLAGHER, Ridgewood, N J Adelphjan: Honor Roll (1); Proctor (1): Y.W.C.A Future JOHNSIE RUTH GAMB ILL, Sparta Cornelian; Dean ' s List (3); Home Economies (2, 3, BETTY SUE GANDY, Darlington, S. C. Ditean; Carolinian, Reporter (2). Headline Editor I3J jmmercial Advisor (31; Y.W.C.A. til; Raptist (3, I ' i Sociology (3, 4). BARBARA ANN GARVIN, Spruce Pine EMMALYNN GETTVS, Bostic Aletheian; Legi nologists (3, 41 MARY TASKER GIBBS, Wanenton Cornelian; Hall Social Chairman (1 Mary ' s (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Art Club (2. 3. BETTY ALICE GODWIN, Faycttev 3. 4): Lite , 4) ; Softball 11. J. 3 ADELE MAUNEY GOLD, Shelby MIRIAM H. GONELLA, Franklinton Cornelian; Dane, Committee III; ' I " t .In ra National I ouferem ■ (3, I ' . ANN HAMIITON G( H 1)1 K«K. M.„„,„ Dikes n, I li.l. III ; I .;. (2 ;i . iii ii ' ■■ " (1, 2, i. l. : Tennis (1. - . :i. li B.M., Music Education I.S., Physical Edu mi i ; n : i amp i - V y v senior class Godwir Gandy Gold the usuol Saturday MARY GRA 1 GRADi . Kinston Ii A 1 i . i -■ 2j ir.w.i i (i. si ci i p • ii. i, . — • ■ i .. B.ll MARY l l 1 ANOR GRAY, Lexingl ,„, UFA. Att ' ■ " •■ ' •■ k " c, » i ii , Callleu • ANN] BRIDG1 S GRI 1 N Lillingl on Ii A 1 1 1 ollef, (J, 8) i Baetalball (J) i Softball 1 11 l LSI! IAN] GRJ I N, Waynesville nomics ■ ■ i ! 13); H ■ l „ II Hi . IV. 1 n,i i ii EMILY UZZELL GREEN, Winstoi i-Salem B A., Si Dlki in l 1 nittei (S, 1) ; (2, : n Publii lt| i baina 1). ,,,1,1, 1 » 1 " ,; M .,...,.., 13. 1, imiMII II AW! GRI 1 NE, Washington ness Educ. l Marahal in : Hall Social Chairman III ' . Can klpha i » - Teacben ,•! Ajnarka (1 GERTRUDE ANNE GRIER, Smithficld | ical Education Cornelian : College 1 !hi i rlt adi i (4) V Mine 1 nun. ,1 13, 11 H.,11 S.„ ,., 1). 1 abim i i ii ' imp 1 Ion 11,-1, iball (1 : ■ Mill. II. J. 1, i ! : n Life S 1 1 - ' (3); Delay Cbj Recmiioo Aaan lalioa il. Cool 13. 11 ; Archery II 3. Ii ; Voile] ll.ll 11. ;. ! loeial 2. 3. . - ' I . MARY LOUISE GRIFFIN, Willian iston B S.. Home Economics (2); Y.W C.A. (1. 2); 1 Home 1.... i lob .1 2 , l, „ - 1 . . , . : Honor K«ll i 1 . ■ .. ; InUrtaith C. II .„, Nil ■: li 1 ' .. -„!-., 1 Mi; Ch-miUrT Club II rabip I3i. - CATHERINE LOUISE GRII.!., Valdese B.S.. Secretarial Administration BsiffiS SildLia p il - ' . 1, 1 iudl, lal Board ' II 1 Ural, . i ,.■ , ., r.w.i Spent -, Spotlight 13. 4| . ■ 3 ' - 1 LEANOR HAYNES GRISWOLD, Durham B.F.A., Art Idelphian ; ( urolinian 11. -. 3. II i mill.-.- I ' ll : Iril, rl.nll, I ,1 111 I l„l, (2. l. II : World Federnli.1 11. t SI. MaryV Ho j ii : i logginc . J. 1. Ii : Dean ise II. J. I, Ii. Pro, lot Hi-. Irti 1 erara i , Irrs 13. 41 : .4.1 £ Grody Groy Green. A. Green, E.J. Green, E. U. Greene. T.J. Grier Griffin Grill Griswold Page 57 SHIRLEY MAE HAASE, Charlotte elball II. 2. 3, II . 1 VV . : - II, J I : I utlierau Mud.-i.t- V-- ,1 B d 1-- " . iation (1, - ' . 3, li ; Dolphin Seal 1 2. 3, li ; Hockey Hi : Life Saving I I) - Physical Educa (l. J. 3 DOROTHY CAMERON HALES, Broadway BETSY ROSS HALEY, Elon College VI. tl.. ..... : Junior V,l ,-..r III ; L.S. V (1, 2, I I al :. I); I loeeinc Club 1 .1 1 : r. her) Club President (4) I I I . l. . v.. her) (2, 1, 1) Speed Ball ' 3. 41: S» imming 111; Tennis II, . B.S., Hume Econoi i B.S., Physical Educa MARY RUTH HALL, Brevard SARAH ANN HAMILTON, Smtthfield Vdelplnun: 1 111: Golden (2) ; Junior . ird (1, 2, 3, 41; I.e e i»lalu.e III: House [■resident (I); Judiri 11. II. Vice-President (4) ; Dean ' s List (3. I. . Honoi Roll in ; Sigma Vlph. 13. li ; Camma Vlphs . I. House P I. B.S., Secretarial Admimst, : Class 5i NANCY CARROL HAMLET, Statesville Aletl.eian; Pine Nerd ,, 13. II. Editorial SlalT I4l Gam...;. Alpha (3, l), Camina I .;. ., i Veiw III; W.- SALLY JO HAMRICK, Tryon Cornelian: Proctor ill: Y.W.C.A. U. - ' » : Square Ci 13, 41. FRANCES WARE HARBISON, Morganton Aletheian; Dean ' s List (3. 4): Honor K 3); Pro Wesley Foundation (1, 2. 3, li, President ( ), I lion A.sociation (3» ; Square Dance (31: Phi Beta ELIZABETH MORRISON HARDING, Cana MARY ELIZABETH HARPER, Deep Ru Dikean ; Marshal (31 ; May Day Committee U ' . 2. ' 3.41. tl.uai. S„ Secretarial Admii B.A.. Elementary Educat at Primary Edu V.W.I v (1,2 linen.a 13, ll ; IS., Home Economic 31: Home Eionomics Ch I; l-H 13, 41; H.i-keil,., senior class Homlet Homilton Horper Page 58 hi i l ' , ANN IIAKKl l l. m Ms, H . lab ii ii . ■ Win II AN HARRIS, Oxford HA. Eli mi ni.nv Education 1 ,.fll. IlUI. s... ,, (2, 1) . 1 ' i .r. 1. (1. 2, 1); Y.W.C.A II, ail Callli IA I l RUTH HARRIS rhomasvilli li S Hon 1 1 onomii ■. Dlkean; Han Mill l , Coll " JEAN 1 LIZABJ ill HAR1 foi H A . Primarj Education Uethi [an; l loci • D 1 w v...-. 1) : Squan Duci 1 1) . Ho I- • (1); 5w inloi Vdrlaoi (3); ■. ' .I 1 ban ••( Bal (1). VIRGINIA MILLER HART. Moore sville Ii s . Home 1 conomia ;;i;i l lSN ' l n! ; ' i;:: ' , , r Fellowi ; 1 II 1 l, n ■. ' «,., : ll. ' iket. JANE GAYLORD HAWK. New Hern B.S., Secretarial Administration Cb3. U U, : 2.T ' 4) " c.m™ aSSTcJ ,. Hi ; 1 VI 1 .1, ; Square la, 3. u. BOBBIE JEAN HAYNES, Gastonia B.A.. Recreation Adelphian; Deu ' i • - i - « (3, II; Daiaj Chi 2) Y.W.C.A. (1. 21 ; Church Croup (1) 1 Program Chairman (4) ; Sociology Club (2, 3, i[ Cabinet (4); Square Dance (3). Soela , l ' ;. .,1, 1 (,h.,rro.n (11; Club (3 i -ii ' ,r.,lina Rerrealion Awviiti-.n o Workahon ( ) j Recreation- nvaaoclatloa (2. 3, 4), EDITH MAE HENDRIX, Rockingham B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; U.jii ' - I.i-I III; 1 ' iortnr 111; Church Spot Light (2, 31; III (3, ll; Life SaTing (2). it. li; Home Econoeaice ' 2. 3. 1) ; North Spencer JEAN ELIZABETH HESTER, Roxboro B.S., Business Education Alelhcian; Daisy Chain (21; ll.irlin.ti.- Al r ba (3. 4), Gamma Alpha Ncwa (4). •i U c V. Hi; Future Tea.ber. „l America (41; Gamma HELEN LOUISE HIGH, Rocky Mount B S ■ ' Ionic Economics America " (4). rOC1 ° ' i ii. ll. J. 3, II; Future Teachera ol f f f £ Hart, V High MARGARET ALSTON HIGHFILL. Greensbo .S., Business Edu Aletheian; Freshman Commission (1); Dean ' s List (.1); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3. 41; Sigma Alpha (3, 41; Honor Board (21; Judicial Board (3 ; Gamma Alpha (4). ELIZABETH ANN HILTON, Asheville B FA., Art Cornelian; Carolinian (4); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2. 3, I) i Weale] ' " nation Club (2, 3. 4); Galilean Club (3, li; Square Dance (3, I). (1. 2, 3, 41. Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Art MARIAN HINES, Wilmington B.A., Primary Education Adelphian; Y.W.C.A. (1); Botany Club (2. 3, 4); Future Teacher! ol America (4). MARY BRYANT HINNANT, Charlotte B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Election 1 Chairman Itl; ProctOI (l) ; Daisy Chain Chairma (1. 2 ; National liit.-r-cull ' T-at ' Bridgf- Tinirnaiin-nt (2); Westminister r (21 ; Danre Committee (21 ; Y.W.C.A. Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 41; Camma Alpha JEAN KEARNS HOGSHEAD, Greensboro B.A., Primary Education Adelphian; Daisy Chain (2); Social Planning Council t2. 31; Hall Soci Future Teachers ol mcrira til; Recreation lo iiiimn 11. 2, 3. 41; (3, 4); Tennis It. II; Volley Ball 11. 2. 3. II; Basketball 11. 2, 3. 1 Chairman (2) : Botany Club (2. 3, 4) ; Dance Group (2. 3. II; Clogging Club 1 ; Softball 131. SUSAN GUSTAVIA HOLBROOK. Rocky Mount B.A., English ( Aletheian; Class Secretary (4); Dean ' s List (3. 41; Hr.ln Foun.lalio, America (3, 4); Dance Croup (2. 3. 41, Treasurer. 11. 2, 31. Council; Future Teach-,, ol NANCY JEANNINE HOLDER, Charlotte B.A., Recreation Dikean; Legislature 13. 41; Class President 131; Greater University C ning Council (11; Hall Social Chairman 111; Recreation Club (3, 4 r. LSI. Voir, solent (4). nn. ,1 (3, li ; Proctor 111 ; Social Plan- : Recreation teaociation 11. 2. 3, 1) ; KATHRYN CYNTHIA HOLLY. Marshville B FA, Art Aletheian; John B. Stetson tniiersilv (ll; Dean ' s Lilt H Sit- 1.., Future Teachera ..I Imerica n 5pani.ll Club (2, 3). nt Committee (3|; An Club (2, 3. 4); MARGARET LILLIAN HOLMES, Wilmington Dikean. B.S., Home Economics JANE HOLTZCLAW, Charlotte B.S., Secretarial Administration Meiheian. Hill Board ill: Carolinian in. Dean ' i 1 i-i (3); H.m», R Delta ri 12. 3, li; Gamma llpha (3, li; Voile) Ball in. Softball ' I senior class o V Page 60 Peobody furnished the II.A.WI l II MAI HOB PON Zebulon f.W.I DORIS ■ HOVIS, ' harlotti i, ii. . ' . Ml I I rial Adiiiinistralion It A : .1.1 Fellowship ' -•. . " hi rSi ANN lluWAKl), Salemburg I . ni.luliii. i holi STELLA FRAN is HOW! I l I mti Vd.lphl.Di I - — - l.-i Hi: I (Ji Ki[iiiK (-lull -. ' . 1»; (..irnj. Cououlort i MIRIAM HUGGINS, Shannon . r ' .iuti.lalc. . B.M., Mu l. : li.,. r CI h A Sac n Ctab (I, 2. 3. 4i ; thcfnatia ii. ... i Dine, (2) : rln .1 II. II; H i I- I. ' . .!. II. I ' r hUpp, in TEMPI ANN1 HUGHES, Myrtle Beach, S ' i in I. MARY ANNE HUNT, I A.l..||,l,iu, ll .11 Soi 1 I, 1 1 H II ; 1 U J CI. J, J. 4; i Cl.ui M.l.i K..j.]... Ml B.A , Spanish, I renrfi Hudlio. Write! (21. Nawi l..|,c,.r (J), ,-c,C% C,. . ' B A.. English i it . i „,., i,i,,,„ ii i, ii. . i . ■ . mi I ,2 I, 4); Y.W.O. I i II; ftVslrv Foundation (3. tc. HjII - a AMELIA ANN HUNTER, Charlotte NANCY ANN IJAMES. MmUill, i omelian | ' arolin K.,11 131 ; PlOClOI Secretin I I) ; Ho i:l,il, i.l. Ii r quart , I ANN BLALOCK INGRAM, Mount Gil 1. Hi. ■ . II, .„-, l ' i, -1,1, eel iHil .tcljli.c I l ' i : c.i ca lip I, 4) i reac ll.-ll II..-C ., B.A., Elementary Education .1 (3 ; Hooor B.S., Secretarial Administration ... II ...c.i 131 : Proclot , Q® ? Huggins lr gram, A. B. EUGENIA RUTH INGRAM, Asheville B.A., Elementary Education I I. ii (3, II: Future Teachers of America (4). SARAH ELIZABETH JACKsON. Washington FLORENCE HELENE JACOBSON, Greensbo (2, 3, MARY MARGARET JANSEN, Asheville Uetheian . Si c »ieve ..I the Pin. Club (3, Ii ; Future Tern hen " I Vm. AVA LAURA JENKINS, Cherryvill SUSAN ELIZABETH JENKINS, Goldsb. ALMA JOAN JOHNSON, Union Grove ELIZABETH GREY JOHNSON, Smithfield JOAN JOHNSON, Raeford Cornelian; Pel liege i senior class .A., Spanish MARGARET ANN JOHNSON. Robersonvills Future Teach ' , " ,! ' ,. I W ! ' , ' , " , i ' i ' i ' " ' lunioi III.,-,,, (3) CI 1A . English Y .W.C.A. (31; 9 f f o V $ © r r Page 62 MARY KAMI M I IOHNSO It A . Pi I II r Roll (3, 4), Tn 1 J A M MERRIMON FOHNSTON B.A, S l nil i iam i il [ONES, Badin B.A Elementary Education ELOIS1 1 FORDAN, Milton HA. M I (3); Fnlp ' i rlc. (4). r£ sAKA KAIIIIKIM [ORDAN, Fayetteville HA. English Illkrali; Mars V. ,,-],,,i (..!!.-. I| . ' I : [1, .1 |i; | ar„ I " i " •■ ' ■ i " . M. ' ' 1 ' . -I .!-.. 1 1 hapel ( 1.. ' . k. r III; N - . Ill; II 1. , 1 II 1. Wk Mini GRACE FOYCE, Stoneville B.S., H - Economics i Man Mill inll.t. ' il. ji: |i..,,, ' - 1 ,.i ii, H; II.,,,,., It . .11 ,_ ' ,; If.W.C.A. (3 l| Chufd 1 I.I. 11; Oi.,„i..ii N„ III; l„„ni: ll.-,.„|.l (Jul, III Baikctbi .li WALDEEN COLTRANE KEARNS, Randleman B.F.A.. Inic-rmr Design Dikean; i .» .( 1. (1, 2, 1, I) ; Weal, l ■ i n Irt I lb 1 12): Archery Club (8, I). THERESA KEITH, Hendersonvilie B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; II,.,,..- Preaidcnl III; Home 1 i i ;. I, 1 !,,.!,.,. .,l Intel . (4); l:.. nation Aasociati.m l.i. Ii. POLLY JEAN KENNEDY. Atkinson B.A.. v Uetheian; Dean ' a 1 isl Hi; Senile. League (I) Pmcl 1) | 1 W.C.A ,i ■ ; |,, i;,,.,„. Club 1.1. 4)s Baptist Slu, 1. lit I ' ninn 11. . ' , :i. 11: Fiilur, 1 ,-.,, 1,,-r- ,,( Am. n, i I ;. 1 , - . ■ r-ation VIRGINIA BELLE KEY. R,,hhins B.S., Hom Economics Cornelian; rilcnrn Bible College in I hi If.W.C.A. (3, 1); Bonn 1 mice dub 12. 3. 4) ; Future Teachers ol America III; III III. Page 63 KATHERINE MAY KILGORE, Charlotte Fulure Teachers of America (41 : Life Saving (3) ; .11 ELIZABETH GAITHER KING, Statesville Adelphian: Pr.u-I BARBARA LEE KINSMAN, Longmead, NANCY ANN KIRKPATRICK, Waynesvill ELSA JANIS KITTRELL, Lumb Dikean; Flora Macdonald Ci Delia (3, 4.1 ; Sociology Clul PHYLLIS MARY KLINE, A CORNELIA KUYKENDALL, Madison Cornelian; Mar, Hill Junior College (3. 41; Co-ol 13. 41; Cvmnaslics (2 111; Basketball (2, 31 ; Sollball 131 JULIA ROSS LAMBERT, Asheboro -. 13. 41 ; II., im Idriaoi I ; (3) ; Hall S PEGGIE ROSE LAMBERT. Kannapolis senior class letheian; H. in - list I ' ll; s, rv ,,,. League |3| ,,n 111: ; r ,..- n «lM.r.. Svu,pl,,,n dr. I..-.!,, I I Clul, II. 2. 3, JEANNETTE LAMBERTSON. Rich Squ Alelhcun; Mar. 11,11 luniot I ol - B.S.. Home Economics incil (4) ; H.U Social Chair- ■ S . Business Edu 0© King Kuykendall Page 64 W I m SARAH IKA ( 1 - i (J) i i | ' ' " ir.w.i i hi A 1 RK 1 1 AMI K, ( hinquapin [. |p] .1.. •x 1 i.d i 1 I ' hl 1 ' -. 0m i;i i i ' , mai LATHAN Mom » B.S., M 1 ' Cot .. 1 1 i Y.W.I V Rl ill MARGAR1 i i i ai i Ba lin HA . Sociology ' Man 11.11 I... ' , I IV " : i bun 1, ' • ' :,,. 11 PATSI1 I AM ill. Durham B.S 1 Administration i 1 ;;, ' ;; ( u ' v ' " " ' - ' s " " ,e " 1 BETH l.l NNON, Boardman H S H, 1,. 1 , ,,n,,mic., Dikean; M in Id " 1 i 1 i I N„ (4). l J, 1,: Bapti. Stud Cream RUTH DINA LEVIN, Burlington B.A.. Art Dikean; i arolinlnn (4); Dean ' i Uat (3) Radio Workihop in. n ■ li l •I .1. ANN UNVILLE, Kernersville B.A., S ll,k...„. M.,,-1,.,1 I Ii : 1 1 ... i-. 1 Chrckci i i : ,li: Dam e 1 i tlec Hi; Soi , ' r ' " " " " NN THOMAS LITTLE, Statesville B.A., Sociology VM ' ' ' " " ' " • ' ' ' " ■ 2, 1, l. - ' ■■- ' ' 1 ' • " ' 1 ' • ' ' " MARTHA LITTLEFIEID, Ga B.A.. Hiu,.r ..,,-. ii..,,-. (: f»c? 9 o V- a -— nellie bugg warrenton, north Carolina Primary education . . . Monroe and the pin . . . always smiling . . . President of the Senior Class . . . popular " aboot " . . . always eager to serve where needed. Page 66 WS harlotte bunch ;denton, north Carolina President of Inter-faith ... big help in the Junior Show . . . steadfast . . . Music Buildi dependability plus friendliness . . . ideas . willing participation at all times. Page 67 CAROLYN HIKES LIVERMAN, Ahoskie S lollighl (3)- JEAN PORTER LLOYD, Sanford 1 I. Iphian Dean ' s List I I, I) ; II I Roll (3) : Social Plan c I If.W.CA. I); Sienn ilphs I I) Presidi -ii ' li . Gamma Uph« (3, |A 1 HUDSON LOFTIS, Greensb Dikpan; Blackstone College F..r Girls III: Town Students li. II : Future 1 ■ -.,. hers ol V Hi i i -. lors I lub . -• I. DORA FRANCES LOMAX. Charlotte Idelphian; House President (!) i I. _, .!...„ ass leadei (3); Carolinian; (2, :. li I ' - I i.i in Proi tot ' I - CI i i i u. i j. l.W.l . ' ■ ' Weslej Fellows l " au Psi ca [3, I) Spaa -l ' lub (2 I I ! ' ■ ■ ' ' H.isk.-tl.ull II I .A., Primary EJ ca 1,, ,- ol „„ r„ MABLE FRANCES LONG. Prospect Hill DAISY ALICE LOUD, Red Bank. I Cornelian: Dean ' s List 111; Service I. it " President 13) ; Baptist Student I i i I » rica (3, li: - ■ Dance II. I). ANN SHARPE LOWRANCE, Statesville MILDRED JANE LOWREY, Winston-Salem Cornelian: Dean ' s List (4 i 1 W.C.A in ■ Ga Upha (3, n, : i i ELIZABETH GREGG LOYD. Washington, D C. Cornelian; Dean ' s I isl . I) I n „. ,1 (3) : W ELEANOR ANNIS LUCAS, Greensboro ileth. ii " : . !..-■ M I I,,.. Ill I i s .S., Home I . . ii . i Loftis Page 68 DORIS LYERLY, Salisbury lis Ph] lical Education c... loili ■. i II FRAN II 1 NAM, Morganton B A , Q li.... ' ' ' i. ' i " u ' h i ■ ■ i . n li Ro i i F.LIZAB1 in SIMMONS LYNCH, Kings Mountain HA . English D y.w.c.A. (I VIRGINIA 1 YTM( H, Rowland H A . English MARGARET LAUGHLIN LYON, Greensboro H A , Sociolog] l..k..,„; Mi) li. linatoi iii : Pin, V. «H. (4J Sli ilfonl (3) i Y. W.C . A . (4) " l. ( Ql II IN) 1 si li I I M.i M Kl Douglaston, N. V N. Y. HA. spjnish Dllcean . I Liat (3) H loll 1 1 s, ,.,..,.. ill !;,,.. .-... III: », i,. K . : 1 V. .C.A. ■ :. 1. . Signi Dl LI si 1 Mi ARTHUR McCORMAC, Rowland H A . Sociology l.-il,. ..... Maral :. l ■ |iil nun i 1) Hill I: CI. II : Dane. C He Juni... ,Ki II 1 w ■ 12, :. n . l: -- .i . ibii (3); 1 !■ VIRGINIA McDADE, Greensboro B.F.A., An u " ' " Vl " ,v " ' " ' " " ' ' " ' • " " ' ■ " " ' " : Slratlord lui (ANE MARIE McDANIEL. Kinston B.A., Primary Education mil II, 11. CI ill: Dai.) 1 111 1 ' ,,, Botany Club I - ' I : F Teachen ol America Mi. ERANCES AGNES McGEADY, Greensb HA. English P I $ $ Page 69 BETTY JEAN McINNIS, Henderson (4); Legislative R, FLORA THERESA McIVER, Wilmington Dikean. Marshal n . Queens College (1) ; Hall Social Chairman LYDIA MAYE McKEITHAN, Rat-ford i.S., Home Eo ittce (2. 4) ; Choir (2. 3 A., Elementary Educati [4) ; Botany Club (3, 4) ; Fu JOANNE MCLEAN. Lumberton B A , English Dikean; Coraddi (2, I, I), E in- I III. Feature Editor (31, Literary Stall (2); CWr ' niun (1. 2. 3. 41 Columnist III. ni-. Fdilnr HI: .;„hn e . K.I, lor .in-Chief 111; Dean ' , List 13. l|; Honor Boll (1. 2. 3) Arts Forum Commii ii, li . i. lib (2); Phi llpba I l,,!., ii li , Phi Beta Kappa (4). BARBARA JEAN MANGUM, Burlington B.A., Primary l. ,1.. i.iii, Marshal 111: ll..n..r It.i.u.l (3); Hall Boaril 111: (1, 2, 3); Daisy Chain (21; Dane.- t ...mmil i.-e 111. Inn,,,: . Ill: Y.W.C.A. Ill; Baptist Student I n II. 2. 3. II: Srpiar President Hi: lt..,.i ' ., Spur 11. 2, 3. 41. Vice-President (41. GLORIA ANNE MARLETTE, High Cornelian: Dean ' s 1 i-l III: II. .in. ' I . . EMILY MORGAN MANLOVE, Cecilton, Md. lotlieian; St. Man ' s Seminary (1. 21; Dean ' s Li isor (31 ; Choir BETSY ANN MARSH, Raleigh Dikean; College II. 21 : DOROTHY LOUISE MARTEL, Waynesville Radio Workshop (- ' . 3, It : »..rl,l Federalist ELIZABETH CALLAHAN MARTIN. Franklin Cornelian; Florida Southern Coller., (I) ; Y.W.I I I, IS.. Home Eco B.S.. Home Economics Y.W.C.A. I I A. Primary Education € f senior class Mongum Martin t. 1 J i,l -.1 v, MAI MASSI1 ( inton ■ ■■ " I V ■ ' ■ I... W.,rk.l,..|. I ' la) llkr,. I. ' , II . „ I,. - n c.KII WX ' (K)I) MATHESON, Ahoskii HA, Eli PATRK IA Ml LLONAS, Hi| ! ink. .... Mi) D«) i Illi ■ (1 I) ; Maaquaradora (3, 4) i I I I LIZAB1 in RANDOLPH MEMORY, Mechanicsburg, Pa. ROSALIND MERCER, hadbourn Adelphlan; i n (3) Hi I iv ioi MERRILL, Beauforl |. ll,. ,.,, . -.,„ ,.,l I I, I : r M,,.w l Di m ' l lu (3) Gn Hi .I.. Chairman (3) ; Dum t I tec (2) J Ma] Court I REBA l.RET III N MET , s„, ,,,,„■ h. 1,1 B A , Spanish B.A., Laboratory Technician b ' 2. 3. 41 ; h A . English II ; ) .„it:r, g l], ; B S., Hume Economics i I. .in H.-an . I.i-I II. II; II i 11. ,11 II. - ' I. II: I11111..1 !■ Ill; - . ' . 3. 41; On,,, r,,,, u 11, It, ,, . I ' f I. •„! Kit; l.,„ I ' -, Omega (S, l); hater c ..Meruit Council (2, I, . K. i,- B Club 12. :i. II, I. ,1,1. ,n Club [3 n I I •. .1 km - .alion 12. 9, 11 ; Si .ne (2, 3, 4). EDITH GRAY MEWBORX, Snow Hill BARBARA CRITTENDEN MILLER, Greensboro Dikean; Carolinian (3, 4); Pine ..dl, (4) Sainl ' Future Teaefaen ol kmerii a (4). HELEN EMILY MILLER, Wi B C B A., Elementary Education lliman (I); Club II, 2, 3. 4); B.A., Primary Education ; Saint Mary ' . Hoiix (3, «) ; IS., Home Economic-. iraviani OrfaahatioB il. 2, ®9 Mellonas Mewborn Memory Miller, B. Page 71 JEWEL JACQUELINE MILLER. VC ' inston-S. MARGARET JO MILLER, Statesvill ihian. Preside MARY RUTH MILLER, Laurel Springs : Home Econoi EMMA PARKER MILLS. Polkt FRIEDA MARIE MILLS, Chariot Dikean: Y.W.I V (1, 2, I, n Medical I.. hnolofji.t. I I, h Gali BETTY LOU MITCHELL, Burl MARY LOU MONNETT, Greensboro Alctheian; Town Students i BARBARA JAYLEE MONTAGUE, Clay; JEANNE ISABELLE MONTGOMERY, High Point Dikean: I.r.v ri-.|...|., Stniphuin f li. )i.--lra (1, L ' .. I); MARGARET MONTGOMERY, Farmington Dikean: Appalachian Stale Teacher ' s College 0ft 1 -jr »- Miller, M. R. Montague Montgomery, M. Page 72 Bl i i . i.i Al FORD MOO i DA i m MO( hi G eiuboro Bl I TV mi MO IR] G Del d| im. ... .i (41 LAI Dl. A MOOR1 Elizabeth Citj AWI Moss MOORE, i IA GODWIN MOORE, Ahoskii In i [i, I. . North S 1 Spot] RITA ELIZABETH MOORE, Leaksville Cornelian; Proctor (1) ; i W.C.A. I- ' ' ; Future Teachers ..I ■ . S., Busiru B s . Business Education I In..,,.. III. LUCY STERLING MOORE, Warra B.S.. Hume Economics B A , Primary Education tdelphian, Vici President (4); LegtsUtore (4); Ring Chait n (4); Proctoi Y.W.C.A. i I) Wealminisl. i i Uoirahln I ou n - Teachers oi America (4); Basketball (3). ANNA MARIi: MORGAN, Gold Hill CAROL LEE MORGAN, Hende Dikean; Dean ' s List (3, n : Hon B S., II. .mc Economics AH Kappa Delta (3, I); Bol I £, £k $ { ) ( ft O € » £ Moore, C. A. Morgan, A. M Page 73 PATRICIA MARIE MORRELL, Asheville lapel Checker CI CECILIA ELIZABETH MORKISV FanmilL JOAN FRANCES MUELLER. WestBeld, N. T NAOMA GLORIA MULLER, Babylon, L I.N Y Cornel : Dean ' s I..-. I I) : Soi ...1 Planning I (S [nterf.ith .... ... .1 (3 ntenar) luni. SARA EMMA MYERS, Hoff PHYLLIS NIVEN, M. DOROTHY NORFLEET, Greensboro EKAM Ls l.nihl m OWOK Ck,.,.sK, CATHERINE MANTON OLIVER, Reid: Ml! I KI 1) AIM I l l OKRl 1 L, WTi I.S., Secretarial Admi V.-.I., Fonndation; Ca -$f 0 Orrell Page 74 No car, doubtless . Osborne Osheroff Parker, I. E. Porrish I ssll RAJ OSBORN1 Swe| Corn. I Ill I osin Rl II I I IZAB1 ill rORDAN 01 MAW M, U, Ipl Hi D i ... i ii : |„„ I ll AltlTll I ' ll R( l I ' ARKIK. Raeford Idi Ip H .M B, irJ (8 I) it. y . w.c. a. ( 1 ) , ,: . . i . D ■ ■II .... " ' ' . I-T.VA SUTTON I ' ARKIK. Goldsboro . II..II II.. ...I in : Man Hill II. 2 [RENE ELIZABETH PARKER, Williamston DOROTHY SPAIN PARRISH, Smithfitld li.k : 11,11 II I (3); S (1, 2 ;i.i I ii. i... ,.. . i I (2 l.... I.. ■- ..I . i. -, I I. (2, ' . 1.. I. : I I • Ion . I..I. Ml : I II . PATRICIA DRASDELL PATON, Fayc Cornelian, Mai bal (3) 1 1. ... ' - I .- ' .1 Trarli.T- ..I . 1 III; I . ,.,. . I Upfca ( , )i H s 1 1 Primary Education Dwrica (3, HA. I I. ii.. in... 1 I B.S.. Ii i H I ' umary Edu GERAIXHNE W P1ARC E. Mm,. l. il, ..... Proi .... .I.:i boh I ..-. .. . I ' .. -..I. ,.l III: Gami II. . " ' ,. ..I I B.S., Secretarial Admi l , s ,1 1. : Baptiel Studem Union (1, . ' . I. II. P., I.!,. ,1. U.a.rman III ; iulutr T .,, I, B laki 11. .11 ' i ! ;■ Softball (I); ' " .II 111. HAZELBEI.LE LOUISE PEARSALL, Rucky Muunt .1. ,,„ I.,.. 1 ■ gisl .. ' ... 11 : Houae Preai. S. ' .r.-I.irv III; [ .;,.. ' . l.isl 13. Il; H. .....r I PUnning CoUl I. : 11,11 Social Cha.rmai Kappa Delta CI. I. II ,. 11b I I I S log) 1 lob 11. 1 . : Ii-. real ( Ii, Inalrucloi (3) ; S ng il. 2. .1, II. ... , I ' : l-.l.l... ' I II ,,. ,..,., ,n.|,.,c .11 (II : Point. i:...,.„„ll. . 1 :. : IV,, ..., . I ■ I. ,. , ... 121 ; S.«-i.l , ' il. So. , ,1 -, ,, r, ,1 11 : Alpha I l;l D Ohio Sea! ,1. 2, : 1,1 - $ er m $ Outlaw Parker, E. P. Page 75 CAROLINE ANN PEARSON, Baltimore, Md. B.S., Home Economics Idelphian: Ma) Da) (4); Proctor (4); Club (2) II 1 Illl, - 1 l.lll II. . ' I- MVRLE MAUREEN PEOPLES. Mocksville B.S., Home Economics Uetheianj Mare Hill College 11, 2) i Dean ' s 1 isl (3, n II. .in. Ken. 1 miiiv- ni; Basketball (4). f.W.C.. . (3 I): Westminister Fellowship 13. 4); il Recreal 1 1 l-H (4); Swim- PEGGY ANNETTE PETERS, High Point B.A., Biology vi.-Ii.Kmh: Dean ' s Lial (3, I) ; II... toll (1 1 1 1 U II - 1 II; Ii i 11. 2. :. II - l il ' !. ' . Inn (2, I n. x srsa w. ' ssss: BETTY PETTEWAY, Jacksonville B.F.A.. Art MARIAN HAZEL PHILLIPS, Winston-Salem B.A., English Comeliani Mars II Ileg. (1 J ■ I) Baplisl III ; Tennis (3, 1) i Bask. iL.ll (3, n. Student I ii (3, li ; 1 .1. Saving I n : Speed Ball MARTHA VIRGINIA PHILLIPS, Thomasville B.A., Sociology Dikean 1 egislal in Ihapel kcr (2 I) ; M i] 1 ' a List (3 ' i 1 ' - I:.. ....I III: s.-i .... 1 ci n. i 1 Vic. - .. , s, , 1 -,., i II : Si l. s,„ i,.l,.-v (.Int. u 1. It Vice-President (4); Recreation Da) (4) ; Pirn V. , dlt ■ -■ .. asi 1 i 1 1 t)i ji ] Dais) ' 1,-iin (2) ; Dance Committee (I) ; [unief , ' . H,,,,-,. II. . ' . 1. Il: l|,lu Kappa Delia (3, 4| v.- I 2) n Group 111 ; Swimming! L. CAROLYN PICKEL. Cli.nim.ins B.S., Business Education VI, li.l.i.ii, : ( ,„,, ,»„,., (2, : t), Ex. hang. M ; i .,r.,,t.l, (2, 3. 4); 1 . " , . I. (I, J. 3, li : Wcale) ,i..i (4)| -, i.i.ii, li 2 1, 4). JEAN NOBLE PITMAN, West Hartford, Conn. B.M.. Music 11. II,. ...n : II toll il. 2) : [unioi kdvisoi •. ' I i 1 li Mi,-.. Kducatioi b (1, 2, 1, n Se. r. ta 1 1 N.I (3, ii. ,2 1, 4); Y.W.I 1 ii J ■ !■ : Wealey Founda- . ,, Vic. I ' ., sidei boral i (3, 1) EDITH FRANCES PLYLER, Gold Hill B.S.. Home Economics Dik 1. m ' s List (3); Y.W.C.A (1, 2 1 1) Weel. 1 - . I..I, (1 J. 1, l. Future reai h. .- ..I Vme f„l.l bairmi Voll. | Ball (2, 3) ; Basketball 11. l lal H - ' 1 I), i onncil (2, I) i Horn. | i: i --,„ iatioc (1, 2, 3, 4) ' il . 1 I) 2, J, II. ZII.PHIA VAUGHN FOOL, Greensboro B.A., Primary Education i 2 SSSSiH,? Ihambei Music l.. 1. - ' . 3 li ; Y.W.i 13 Ii ; f f $ - senior class Petteway Plyler k, nil Ki i i« i ill POO I ; k.v 111 1 i i i i i ii » ii i rii..m.isviiu • ■I A.ImumisU, ii im i Club (I i II. - ' I . ' I); Y.W.I V i|. J. ( akmi N ERCEL1 POP! ' - I ' I I) ; 11.11 II.. II..-. " . IKMA A.WI lira I I I All. , - : 11 I, .1 .1. 11 Pro EMOGENE POWEI.I., ValoW kd.lphl.ii Sorvlo, i- - • NANCY BUSH PREAS, Danville, Va. V.I. I|.li,.,„. II..,..-. Ii.l I n I - i lob (3, li : 5! CHATTIE PRICE, Monroe v.l.l|.l„.,„. li..,.,-. I,.i in ; V.W.C.A. (1 - I I i I. - ' . I, 4); Future Tea. I..-,. ..I V,... ..... i li : I II I li. JANE MAYO PR1TCHARD. South Mills I 8) Bull. Ib.ll il. 2). NANCY CURTIS PRITCHETT, Burlington 111 ; Jim,,., v.lvisoi . I. : Sigmi Uphi i :. L), -. . reluj . I. Editor, Comma Alphl NeWB (4) i I HIV .11: II ' .. Spul EVELYN MARION PROCTOR, Elm City I.J..: 1 V I V .1 J. II: tt.-l.-v t..„,„l.,l...„ II. II: 1 HA.. English HA . Biolog; B.S., Economics B.S., Home Economics B.S.. Secretarial Administration H.U Social I B.S., Home Economics II. 3. li; Future Teachen Pntchard Powell. I. A. Pritchett Powell, E. Page 77 NANCY ELIZABETH PURVES, Notch, N. B.A., Sociology nriite U); St. ' Mary ' s Hon (3)° lot olog) Club 1 i :. n ! 1 il. Ji « Chairman ( I.,,., i hail (2) : [lance Com- 1. PEGGY HAMILTON PUTNAM, Falls Church V. B.S , Home Economics Club 0 2) ; " » Wai Action. C Sis 11 .i I M i 1 - Econom - i lub (2. 3. . - ' I : 1 I. Re. W.CA. (1) ; Chemistry ealion Association (1). MATTIE CORNELIA QUINN, Ken.i isville B.S , Home Economics Cornelian; Y.W.C.A. (2, SI: Wealey Foundation 11 Galilean Cluli (3, II : Fill. ire Teachers ol 1 r, i Botan) Squari 1 Club 13 : Ho 2, 1) me Econc ; 4H 13 mics Club (1. 2. 3. 41 ; NORMA FAYE QUINN, Beulavi le B.S.. Business Education Cornelian; Camma Alpha 13. 11 : . ii. i - ' ■ ng il. . ' ' MARY EMILY RANSON, Charlotte B.A., Mathematics Dikcan; Daisy Chain (2) ; Y.W.I Club (2. 3| . 1 1); Ch r.-l. i- (2 ; ii Squa .- i in 1- 11. 2. 3. 4! : Galilean HATTIE RATCLIFFE, Charlotte B.A., Primary Education Adelphian; Proctor (1) ; Bolanj 1 Iuh 2. 3); Ful i„, ,„ j ' " ' HARRIET TOMPKINS REAVES Gr iham B.A., Sociology Alelheian: („„„l,l, (2. 3 1 : Limei ka|.,,., Delia ii. 1), Preaid, nl 1 I - i ollege H : II. ,r. i.i-i i .1 : 1.W C.A. (2); il rch Croups 12 1 : Alpha HILDA MARIE REDDING, Randleman B.S. Secretarial Administration Uelheiau; Dean ' n Lisl (3, Ii " i -.pence, Spr-.tlielil 1 11. i 1.(1.2,3 " ; Claaaical lub il. 2 ; li: Can ma Alpha (3. 4 1 : North ROBERTA FRANCES REDMAN Asheville B.A., Mathematics Cornelian; Proctor (3); Y.W.C.A (l rcl. 2, 1, n l.jlile.m Club (2. 3. 4 : Voile, Ball (21. PATRICIA ANN REID, Lowell B.A., Chemistry Vlelbeian, Marahal in 1 i Chemistry i iuh (1 - ' 1 I) J Cal ee (3) ; M . tub i 1, l 1 i . rl (4) ft n ii 1 sociation , l. . 3, n : Square Circle (2, 1, 1) ; Boot ' n Spur 12. 3. 41. senior class i»0 (? Purves Putnom . Quinn, C. Quinn, F. Ronson Rotdiffe Reaves Redding Redman Reid COLLEEN ki NEGAR, Yadkinvilh , . i . ub ' - ' . 1, l ' . P 1 1 ' 1 " ' " ' m awn hi NO! i s I HA . English Mi Ipl ' " " - ' i ii. j. 1, n. Mwtleina. Hiiim 111 II AN |i) l s RI( II, s.ilishuiv US Secretarial Administration 3 ' " " " ■ ' - ' : ' ' - " ' Onunlaatlon (4); Y.W.I i Upha ll. li. Mil ll aim RI( HARDSON Wendell Its. Secretarial A HELEN MAKll RIGBY, High Poinl ha. Personnel Psychology Cornelian; 5 .1 -.....■■ !•■ lei i ' .. IJ 1 VTA (1 21: Pieeholaf) Club (I I) •I (,(, ' ANN HIMMI ' R, " ,k ' ' : ' " ' ' " b ' ■ " ' l. ii ; Calileaa Club (2, 1, li. MARY MARGARET RITCHIE, Greensboro B.F.A, Art .l. l|.l,....,: D oi llei (2, 3) i rown Student! Orcanbal :. J, li: Hi: . ■ Club I 1. . ' . i. li : li. Croup (3 I) 1 w V i MARYLYNN BONNER ROBERSON, Walkertown B A . Primary Education M.ili. in.. : ( „r.,l„i,u„. B.i-.m — Stall ri. ll; Inlerfaitb i 1 (1, . ' . 3, 1); Gi ii ii I....... reai hen ol Vmeri. (4) i h 1 1 1) V « i ii. j. 1, ii . Cbarcb EACQUELINE GREY ROBERTS. Durham B.A.. English I|J " : " ; ' ; f WCA - " • - ' • • " MARILEA ROBERTS. Reidsville B.S.. Hiirm- Economics Dilcean; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, J. 1) ; Chemietrj Club (2, 1) ; Home 1 niea Club Coll ' lub (2). ll. 2. J, li. Vice-PreaMeBI in. ..1 t.-iif. il. 1); t ll ©ac Reynolds Ritchie sarah carter winston-salem, north Carolina " Sorry " . ■ . a four-year leader . . . i merit . . . leader of the sister class rims with class. thematics . a grin . Vice-President of the Student Govern- school spirit with a bounce . . . horn |rances fulcher aavidson, north Carolina IFran . . . Honor Board . . . serious minded . . a leader from way back . . . missionary plans . blond hair . . President of Sophomore Class . . . respected . . . Secretary of Page 81 EMII.IE FAY ROBINSON. Charlotte ( orneluin: II.-.,., •- I isl 131 ; H , 3, 4) ; Ch.u,,l., , Music Group (2, 3, Home Ec i ( luh 11. 2. 3. II JOAN SYBIL ROBINSON, Hamlet MILLICENT ANNE ROLLINS. Marshville II. 2. 3. -II ; Onii, B.S.. Home Economics I.S., Secretarial AJn v , Seen Aclmini ELEANOR VANN ROSE, Frankl JUNE HALL ROSE. High Point Cornelian: Greensboro Symphony Ore World Federalist Hi. MARY JANE ROSS, Asheboro Cornelian; Dean ' s Lill (3) | Han,- ( 131 ; Swimminu I 1. 31 : Tennis I J, 3. ELSIE JEANNETTE RUITER, Char ELLEN COLVILLE RUSSELL, High Point MARION MARIE RUSSELL, Norfolk, Va. Aielheian ; Fuirfax Ha PATRICIA BUTLER SANDERFORD. Car ' i.S., Physical Education ,l,i-„ Education Clu A., Elementary Education V II. 2. 3, II : Galilean Cl.ib Spencei 5] -In B A . Biology i,, i l„l. ii i, S . Home Economics A. Ill; Home E,»nonii,s l.A . Socii logj V V.« senior class fri Page 82 ft DOROTHY [OYC1 SAND] IN, I ' - ll MAI SARD - I ClADYs MAI.V. B.iiiksmIU [OANNE UIXON M ' HKIsT, Hu,|. H A , Prim u H M . Musk HA. Elei h A . Chemistry .. 3. It ; Calllaaat dak ANNA HI AIR si ' REST, Monro M. ii,. ,..,, i bun li Groupi (1, . ' li, li : Future I • ., hen ,,i I i » ' - NANCY LEE SELECMAN, Washington, D. C. Ilik, ,,i,: ' ,;.. ,„,», . I I. li lln- l...i ,„. . i li : I) I I I Mull li.....,l III . -,„ ,, t u. I, -.....:.. i .. , ll.i, III ; s»i. nit cl, J i ■ Bi , 2, S) ; Baaketball (1, 2. ») H A . Sociolqg] lioa II. ' 2, ' ». ' 4i ! SHIRLEY DIANNE SHARPE, Winston-Salem Alcthri,,.,; Daia] I 1 2) : D I, II : ll.ill li.... i, I i " I , Upl i;,, f- -m , i.iti.... i- ' . n : iid-;.. MARY WARD Mil AKIN luuk.- ROSE ANN S HEARIN, Rocky Mount S., Adm IS.. Hunt Economics [tikcan. Social Chair Ill; Ctn.lmian ; S.-rvi,,, League Ml; Dance Committee (S) | Junior . ' (II : Cliur. li i.r - II. - ' . t. II ; I I -,,,.:,, I, i I . _■ ., i. ...... k.-r IJ. II ; I.- - III : ..ll.-N B.ill II. J I ; Ha.kctl.all .. ' . I 1. B A . English or Ad.i.or (3); - ■ .11. JO ANNE SIDES, Rocky Mount lance Board. Secretary III; I ' m. t„r (21: Dan..- Committee 111 l.iii, (I. - ' , I. II. Co-E Methodist Paper (3), Council M Future Teachera oi Imerica ( ) i Se n Leader (31; Social Co i S . Business Education I « . V , ( I. : Camma Alpha t3. I), A n MM l - _Mf Sealy Shearin, M. Sheorin, R Secrest Sides Page 83 MARGARE1 MARY SIMON, Bayonne, N. J. B.A.. History A Idelphian Bayonne lunioi College 11. 2); V ft .1 V. (3 1 (3, n : Squan Di (3) j Softball (3 1). " : F " T, ' " ' " ' ri " ' A, " " ri ' j " l; ,; - " ' a,i ° " M NINA ADALEN SINGLETON, Harmony B.S., Home Economics III Diki .1 " 1 • r . :il liege 1 1 2) i W.C (3 1) America Ill 1) ) oun| K bli 111 Wesley 1 H I mi. - in l inn..- 1.... hers ol 1 KATHRYN SINK, Lexington B.S., Home Economics III U on; Pi 1 (2) ; Y.W.I (1, 2, 3) ; I. ran Stud 1 ■ (3, 11 : Future K.. hen ol Imerica 1 11 -i.i V .H 1, 2, I Ii Secretarj III: Hum,- lit ELLEN HEILIG SKINNER. Rock) M unl B.A.. English 1 Dikean: Dean ' s Lisl (3); Service League (2); Lutheran Stud Clul, (2 11 ' " V ' J ' ' " vs " - f " ' ii " t - B « " « ' 1 IRIS Rl ' TH SLEDGE, Graham B.S., Physical Education Dikean: Recreation 1.. (1, 2, 1 11 : Square Dance 1 I ' ll ' II 2); Ill 1: . G -In . 1. ' 1. II ; Hock?) (1 ■-ii 1 1. Softball (1, !, 3, 4). ' MARTHA RAVE SMATHERS, Canton BA. Bioifwf j Uethe i .ft .1 . i 1, n i i l ietrj i lub (3 n Mi di. i 1 ' " ' " " " ■ " • »• : Galilean Club (4). CAROLYN SYKES SMITH, Lemon Springs B.S., Distributive Education — l ..:. 1 .in Dance Committee (2) i 1 1. - ' . 3, II : Weslej Foundation 1 1, - ' . .1. Ii Can llphs II -i lei I Ji -ilu.l Marketing 1m- bull (2). Wvisoi i i ettei (S) ; V.W.C.A. ■ i i ' M...I. I an. ■ ii ' lub ill. ft orld 1 ederalisl ' .i i S« " -■ i i J : ' 1 ennis I 1 ' : Basket- DANNY KATE SMITH. Charlotti B.A., Art 1 1 EANOR HILL SMi IH. Kin«ton BA. Historj : " , " " ' " " ,: " ' J,: u ' Club IJ I ' " ' 1 " - ISABELLE SMITH, Gibson BA. Chemistrj U n. .,..■. Lisl ii. i i tei i 1 ' lunioi 1 1 II II,. -,,,-!,, 1 l„b II . ' 1 Ii 1,1. V ' ' ■! y.W.C.A. (1 2 I n - . ' I in I. • 00 Singleton- Smith, C. Cr senior class Page 84 MARGAR1 i I DWARDS sMlin I Nl ii w 111 1 in smiiii i ■ i ■ (;,„„„.|| in ; ii, HA I W [AN] SMIIII. Kullin NAM -i HKI I I M ' ihii MAN. Winds DOROTHY DeLANCEY STANFIELD, Brown Su II ANNI.NI BYN1 M STANL1 Y ( arolina Beach DOROTHY IIAN SPAHR, Abingdon, V... in. Business Edu B A l !■ mi nl I ■nomics LOIS ( RAVI N s ' ll I ' HINS, Durhan I.A.. Primary Ldu MARY ANN STI1.W I LL. Chailntti B.A, Sociology i DOROTHY STROTHLR. Oxford B S Home Economics in: H.,11 Board (4) j M £ p $ £ Smith, N. W. Stanley Smith, W. J Stephens Spoolman Strother MILDRED VIRGINIA SUGG, Kinston B.A.. Mathematics Adriphian: House President (3); Points Committee 141; Proctor (II; Dance Committee (4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2); Westminister Fellowship II. 21; Si B n,a Helta I ' l I- ' . 3. II; Square Circle II, 2. 3. II. Secretary -Treasurer 121; Galilean Club 12. 3. II; Life Savine, (21; Basketball (21. PEGGY ONEIL SUTTON, Clinton B.A., English letheian- May Dav Script Chairman (41; Dean ' s list 131; Honor Roll 111; Proctor (31; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. 3. 41; We.lev Foundation II. 2. J, II; Masquerade™ 11. 1) j Square Circle (1, 2) J Cbemiatrj Club 12. 31; Future lecher- ..( V .... r i. ., II. II ; Ra.ln. . . r k I , . . , . Ul R,-, ication Association It. 21 ; Swimming (1, 2. J) J (. " II (1) B.S.. Secretarial Adi NAIDA LYON SWAIN. Greensboro JANE FRANCES SWINDELL. Elizabeth Ci- lea, hers ' ol America 1 1 ; ' Legislature (41. ELIZABETH LaVERNE SYKES, Durham B.S.. Business F.du ANN FTTA TALLEY, Randleman B.S., Bu iness Education -™- ni:l ' ' ' l " " ,,:f ' : Da ace Committee 21; Ca una lpha 1 i •. Futur MARTHA LYNN TALLEY. Greensboro BM . Musk Alrtheian: Town Student. Organization (I. 2 1, 1) (3, 41; Chamber «... (.roup III: Youn| | (1, 2, 3. 4). ,:;;. 1 I..I. 121 : Choi (2, ;. i 1 ,..,. Greeo-b,.,.. ire, i .. Mi b ELIZABETH N. TANCH, Pittsfield, Mass. B.A., History Cornelian; Carolina III; Spanish Club 12. 31: Pro v:..,; 1 : Masrn Reputdi, (2 1 I) PI., liken 1. 2. 3, SYBIL LIBBY TANNER, Wilmington B A. English Dikean; Dean ' , Lis, ,3,:l.,llol ,1.2.3. II: F e Te cher, ol Americ a (4). MARY ELIZABETH TART, Dunn B.S Secretaria Administration III : Hall Board (3) | 1 egi ' elatun i !• ■ • x f . t ' . ' u Daisy Cha 1 :;,, ' ,; ' , i y.w.i x u II ; Recreatio :i . i hi ' on ( " .T senior class Svkes Tort Page 86 AWII IKANt I s TAYLOR, Duiluni ■ .|.„ ' .rt 121 I LOIS i .v. LOI MARY ANNA IAYI.or. Willisunston Dlk.M rrara .1 Hi ,.i .i • K 2. 3| •II (2. I): (I, 2. 1)1 MIMI TEMKO Green boro GRACE THOMPSON. LaurinburK B ADDIE JEANNETTE THOMPSON. Goldsboro Comi-liun : Vole) Foundillon (1, 2); H I .„ . MARY ANNE THOMPSON, Saludj MARY UL1JE THOMPSON. Clarkto PIGGY ANN THOMPSON. Durh.ui VIRGINIA DARh THOMPSON. Whitakcr H s . H..iin Economic] Economics (3, li ; Fatare tmt bm ■( i S., Hume Economics I.A., Sociology ln, un (1, 2. 31; 1 A , Elementary Education IC-dcy S.. Distributee- Education ll. 2. 3. 4); J " - k r% ? ( i € c y , w t c e Tcylo r.A.F. Toylor, L. Toylor, M. A. Temko Thompson, G. Thomi 3son, J . Thompson, M. A. Thompson, M. L. Thompson, P. A. Thompson, V. D. Page 87 BETSY LAUGH LIN TUNSTALL, Ahoskii SARAH HELEN TURLINGTON. Clii LYDIA JANE UNDERWOOD, Yadkinvillc GERTRUDE ANNE VAN HORN. Grrcn-hu,,, I.A., Prin , Spotlight ELIZABETH JANE VANN. ( ornelian ; Y.W.I • I i ; I ANNE ROYSTER VEASEY, Washington HATTIE MURDOCK WALLACE, Kannapolii HILDA WALLERSTEIN, Richmond, Va. Cornelian: Dean ' s I isl I I) H to Di 01 Hillel II. 2, J, 11. President ill: Upha k. a Delta l.i. Secretary III; Recreation -- i I. 2, 3, ii Dam Life Saving (2). MARY WENDY WARD, New York, N Y. Aletheian, Vice-President (3); Legislature (4); N.S Re| Colle e e Hi . i;,.l,le„ I I :, U Dean - I ,.i , :i I ,1, I, ii N Spent i . Si ghl 1 2 I 1 1 I i (2, I) ; ..lie. Ml : Pla) hk,,. I : ,„i -,„ , „,,,.,. ,21. CAROLYN LOUISE WATSON, Greensbon ,.r.l. , l. .t t ' Jltm III; K... U..F.I i Q I (3. 4) In I tab (2, l l ' I- • ' I PQ Tunstall Turlington Wallace senior class € £ £.$ W otson Page i were rushing for Weotherspoon Wilborn Vhite, AS, Wilkins M K ' , FAYNI w I Aim RSPOO B.S.. H Dlfcean; I Chain (21; ANN SHIKKII I WHIM ' ! PRAM is MAKII Will I I ■ v in V.W.C. I (I . ' I, 4); BipUM It S . Business I ducation Al K I MAKII W Hill HI RST, South Mills NAM 1 I RAM I s Willi I I V . h.iU.r. h s . Homi Sri n Mi How l b (I, GWENDOLYN WILBORN, Lillington h A . Sociology 1 in Marahal (4J Di in ' i 1 ,-i 1 1) ! Honoi Roll (3); s, » a . (3) i IK e (1 IJ 5» ; Chun 1. Ci M; Ball So. lal SARAH M.I.IAN WILKINS, Wytheville, Va. B.A., Sociolog) (3 ii Squ in NAN STRONACH WILKINSON Rocky Mount HA . English .l. 1 |.li ..... : Ii..... ' - i.i-i .i. Pro. i " . iJ !); S ' In ■ • 1) i|i..-i win- 13. ii I ' .-i. " 12 ■■ H I ' " lidral ... i lur, i n : Han. V.. ..L.I,..,, (2, Ii : EMMA JEAN WILLARD, Winston-Salem B A , English i omi linn; Hall Board I li : Pin. VenM Ii....... c ......... ii- i II ; V.W.C.A. 11. 2. 1. II B..H .1 (3, Lilerarj E. r (4); Pi eacbera .-1 i .- i HI m lO WILLIAMS. Monro. B S Home 1 (...mimics V.11™ Ball (a! ken H 1 „ • i $ O f White, F M Page 85 ( I.OIM LINE Will lAMS. Sutesville JACQUELINE WILLIAMS, Middle NANCY WILLIAMS. Elizabeth City B.S., Home Econom i.S., Hume Ecnnomi I ' RIst ILEA TALBITT WILLIAMS, Durhan I: i: il iU: -- -i- r Fellowship Council (2. 3 1M Ill: i; il,-. . ..„,., ii, .ii 11. 2. 3. 41; Dolphin Seal I Int. i- ' ■ Ii I i I I ' " Hi. I ' 3. II " i . s, | Ball (! I I ' i .... I, i ; n , ollej Ball I ADDIE DAVIDSON WILLIAMSON, Asheville LOUISE WILLIAMSON, R ocky Mount BARBARA MAE WILLIFORD, Farmville lethelan; Dean ' s Lisi (3); Procior (1, II:,,- i ..,„, - lion (1. 2. 3. 41; Fulurc Teachers ..I tmerica 11. I). MYRTLE LaRUE WILSON, New Bern M.-iIi.i.mi. Houie President (4); IleaiCs List 13. II; 11 r K..1I ll. 2. 31: Pi r Hi: If.W.CA. i Bapti.l Studenl Uni 2) Squan Citcli (1 - ' 1, 1) Galilean Club (2, ll; Future ol III: Kecreation Association II. 2. 3. II; Haskclh.ill II. 2. Ill; flu B.-lj Kappa III. 12. 1. ll : Y.W.C.A. ll. 2. BETTY CARROLL WIMBISH, Greensboro Cornelian; Class Cheerleader 141; Ser ice League Hall I tadi I I Hall Social I. rman 111: Dance I I, air,,,,,,: (2); «,-n i-i.-i Teacher! " I Imerica I I. II; Chapel Checker (31; Hall Board ANN BONNER WINSLOW, Raleigh ».A., Primary Education Social Planning li Boun, Club (4); Fului B.S., Home Economii ll..-- - II. .ii- (1, 2. 3. r class f C Page 90 I ai KA win II WO] M (.: ensboro UFA. An ( LARA REBEO A WOODR! PI 1 HA. Elei . i, . Squa „ D ,,::., Kl Mill A II MM WOODWOH 1 B A , Sociology ' ' ■ " PATRICIA ANN WORKMAN, Burlington HA, An " " ' " ■ ' DOROTHY HELEN Wl IF B.S., Economics iMfU.1 r.wxji . lab ii.. MARGAKIT ANNE WORSLEY, Oak Citj B A , Primarj Education ComelUn, Club (3) i ol .■ Hi Hock. (1) I- -■ H..W.I..II SARAH LOUISE WRIGHT, Roanoke, Va. B a 1 conomici ( Dim Il.ii: II k, Coll.(. ' I - ' i Y.W.i .A. ill: 1 g 11. publico Club i II : Phi II For.- l,i...n» (4); BKULAH UPCHURCH YATES, Elkin li S . Home Economics Church ' C. " .i|.- 1- ' , 1. H : Hi.i.i. 1 1 L. Spotlighl I II : 1 11 (4). 1 ' : 1 ,.[.... ANN KIRKLAND YOUNG, Rockford, III. B.A., French Uelhe : Lcgialatur, (3); I hail N.S.A. (3, 1) li. .in ' - LI.I in. 1 i kdvixn (3) | Sigma Dell. Carolinian (4) j Rockford c r 111: (..,1.1m chain 13. 11: • dab i. ' . li i ..ll " ELIZABETH JAM; YOUNG, Charlotte B A . English Ci.rn.-lij.. : Hall It... ml . I. 1) ; Pirti 1. . - Found.- . " " 1 1 ' «• l.-r BO Page 91 senior class LILLIAN EATON ZACHARV. Taylorsville ill: So. iel) Marshal I I) Gi i Upha (3. I); Km I.S., Distributive Education MARTHA ZACHARV, Charlotte B.A., Primary Education SALLY-ANN ZEIGER. Greensboi B.F.A., Art Club (2, 3, li I ' ll. -i ' - seniors not pictured MARGARET C. EMERSON, Greensboi ELIZABETH ANNE HENDERSON. Burlington Adelphian; luniol V Ivisoi I 1) i In I lub (3, I). SHIRLEY YOUNG, Bowling Green, Ohi. i s . Adnimistiation last mass meeting . . . highlighting the seniors Page 93 jaylee montague clayton, north Carolina Inspiring . . . Cotten Hall . . . loyal service . . . likely to succeed . . liberal minded . . quiet dignity . . . mathematics . . . dependable . . . enthusiastic . . . poise . . . Golden Chain . . . Legislature. Page 94 ■ I azelbelle pearsa rocky mount, north Carolina i ' Boo " . . . May Coui najor , . . school spi iked . . . personality. President in Weil . . . sparkling eyes President of our Freshman Class . . friendly . recreation conscientious . . . well- Page 95 phi beta kappa the woman ' s alpha chap HWpi C BXiir beet ion of the er of nor of iqdrth Carolina OFFICERS Miss Abigail E. Row ley Prt sidt ut Dr. Charlotte Y. Dawley I " tct -Prt udt tit Dr. John E. Bridgers, Jr Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Emma Layman Recording Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. Richard Bardolph Miss Florence Schaeffer Mrs. Lettie H. Rogers MEMBERS IN COURSE. CLASS OF L951 Joan Austin, Coan Bell, Nancy Blanton, Pauline Burchette, Sarah Carter, Anne Correll. Laurah Dobson, Mary Ruth Hall. Frances Har- bison, Elizabeth Harding. Miriam Huggins, Tempe Hughes. Julia Ross Lambert, Erancie Lynam, Joanne McLean, Jaylee Montague, Eileen Osheroff, Mary Reynolds. Anne Van Horn, LaRue Wilson, Louise Wright. m GOLDEN CHAIN The members of the Golden Chain are chosen on the basis of the seven golden links . . . leadership, scholarship, sen-ice, tolerance, magnanimity, judgment, and character. These students are the outstanding campus citizens in all phases of activity at Oman ' s College. Golden Chain replaced Who ' s Who on the campus and is a preface to the establish- ment of Mortar Board. Service is its main function, service from the organization and from its individual members. Golden Chain does not seek publicity, nor are many people aware of the important work it does. This year they have purchased moving picture equipment to be used by the students and have continued their project of ambassadors at large, telling North Carolina high school girls about the benefits of Woman ' s College. On the campus, the Golden Chain serves wherever it sees a need or is called upon for help. Pat Ashley has served as president of the organization this year. Sarah Ann Hamil- ton, Vice-President; Jaylee Montague, Recording Secretary; Hazelbelle Pearsall. Cor- responding Secretary; and Ann Brothers, Treasurer, have helped her in the job of planning. Faculty advisors and student members alike contribute constructive criticism and able guidance in an effort to serve the college best. We can point with pride to the girls who symbolize through their leadership at Woman ' s College the seven-link chain of honor. First n », left to right: Pat Ashley, Pres ident; Sarah Ann Hamilton, ' President. Second row: Hoze 1. Correspond mg Secretary; J, ry, Ann Brol a Third row: t- Bugg, ' Ann Young, Jackie Jernigon, Nancv on, Frar Fulcher. Fourth Barton, Sara Kav Jor Wendy Ward. Sarah Cc Fifth r ow: Ann Ingram, Frances Taylor, . Br. oks, Chorlotl Averitt , Barbara Kinsman. junior class . . . 1951 junior class song Yes, we ' re the Class of ' 52. Our service we will render To thee, our dear old W. C, And all who will defend her. Yes, we ' ll strive to make her glory shine Through faith and loyalty. So come on, Class of ' 52, We ' re all for W. C. junior class officers NANCY BARTON, Presidt nt LOUISE MOONEY, Vice-President JOYCE HOWE, Secretary BETTY GREENE, Treasurer BOBBIE STRICKLAND, Cheerleader If we can honor brin£ your name. If we can ever serve you. We ' ll seek in all the years to come By actions to deserve you. Yes, our aim to make your glory shine We ' ll strive for faithfully. Then come on. Class of ' 52, We ' re all for W. C. 1951 junior class First Rou . left to right: Marian Adams. Winston-Salem; Diana Elizabeth Addi- son, Durham; Patsy Lee Allen, Canton; Josephine Alexander, Stony Point; Mary Charles Alexander, Wilkesboro; Dorothy May Anderson, Enfield; Patricia Anderson, Greensboro. Second Ron: Sonia Angstadt, Charlotte; Sara Isabel Armstrong, Greensboro; Peggy Arthur, Kings Mountain; Janice Atwood, Buffalo, N. Y.; Mary Gordon Austin, Jefferson; Betsy Bachman, Henderson; Ethel Ball, Swannanoa. Third Row: Bette Barksdale, Asheville; Mary Ann Barlow, Hickory; Katherine Barnes, Fayetteville; Mary Louise Barnes, Wilson; Dora Barrett, Farmville; Bettie Brown Barringer, Hickory; Mattie Barringer, Albemarle. Fourth. Rou : Nancy Barton, Longmeadow, Mass.; Erleene Bason, Greensboro; Jan Batts, Jamestown, N. Y.; Viola Batts, Thomasville; Elizabeth Baucom, Raleigh; Reulah Beatty, Elizabeth town; Virginia Beck, Burlington. Fifth Ron : Elizabeth Bell. Charlotte; Peggy Belton, Mount Airy; Rachel Ben- held. Asheville; Sara Ella Bennett, Stokesdale; Evelyn Moore Best, Wallace; Carolyn Biggerstaff. Shelby; Jimmie Kathryn Biggerstaff, Marion. Sixth Ron: Joyce Biggs. Beaufort; Mary Louise Bikle, Hagerstown, Md.; Corinne Bissette, Zebulon; Marie Blake, Lumberton; Carolyn Blanchard, Paw Creek; Jacqueline Bodie, Kannapolis; Anita Bolinger, Vale. Seventh Row: Rosemary Boney. Clinton; Evelyn Boone, Louisburg; Elizabeth Boulus, Concord; Peggy Joyce Boyette, Wilson; Sue Boykin, Wilson; Beth Raney Bracken, Charlotte; Laura Bradfield, Dillon. Eighth Ron : Anne Bradford, Marshville; Sara Breeden, Morganton; Virginia Bridges, Forest City; Coleen Brock. Fayetteville; Mae Brock, Warsaw; Mar- garet Elizabeth Brown, Rocky Mount; Margueritte Eleanor Jones Brown, Greensboro. Not Pictured: Barbara Barbour, Smithfield; Dorothy Louise Morton Browi Greensboro. Page 102 f f I £ f fc ? 7 ■IT I 1 § i WW w f PN f fl fv O C C £ |3 A 3 £ 1951 junior class First Row. left to right: Virginia Brown, Weaverville; Betty Bullard, Char- lotte; Carolyn Burton, Greensboro; Glenna Byrd, Marion; Jane Cabaniss, Shelby; Mary Milton Campbell, Newton; Lena Carter, Maxton. Second Row: Bessie Cartwright, Hamptonville; Joyce Casey, Burgaw; Betty Causey, Randleman; Frances Anne Clegg, Carthage; Evelyn Louise Clement, Greensboro; Margaret Click, F.lkin; Elizabeth Coffey, Arlington, Va. Third Row: Margaret Coffey, Arlington, Va.; Sara Coggin, Winston-Salem; Mary Rose Compton, Bloomfield, N. J.; Betty Jean Conley, Marion; Virginia Conner. Charlotte; Nova Corbett, Wilson ' s Mills; Dorothy Corpening, Horse Shoe. Fourth Row: Grace Coutras, Charlotte; Mary Jo Cox, Charlotte; Elizabeth Anne Crawley, Littleton; Jill Crawley, Lattimore; Betty Cresenzo, Reidsville; Bertha Crockett, Wytheville, Va.; Nancy Cropsey, Elizabeth City. Fifth Row: Nancy Cross, Hackensack, N. J.; Leola Culbert, Marion, Va.; Diana Cummings, Robbins; Hazel Dale, Hickory; Anne David, Asheville; Alma Davis, Pikeville; Christine Davis, Shelby. Sixth Row: Miriam Davis, Rocky Mount; Helen Day, Garner; Glenna DeWitt, Greensboro; Bettye Jo Dillard, Willard; Ruth Dillard, Glendale Springs; Bettie Alice Dixon, New Orleans, La.; Margaret Dock, Balsam. Seventh Row: Mary Lou Driver, Raleigh; Anne Dryden, Wise; Betty Duncan, Siler City; Annette Cole Dunham, Elizabethtown; Ellen Dupree, Smithheld; Shirley Mae Ehret, Raleigh; Mary Frances Elsen, Washington. Eighth Row: Jo Carroll Ennis, Hickory; Ellenor Eubanks, Hassell; Bettye Evans, Nashville; Nancy Jo Everhart, Thomasville; Janet Everitt, Selma; Mildred Fain, Hendersonville; Grace Farrior, Burgaw. Page 104 r»c v V V V % V i 1951 junior class First Rou . left to right: Dixie Rae Farthing, Valle Crucis; Alice Faucette, Reids- ville; Peggy Feimster, Olin; Sara Frances Ferebee, Ernul; Anna Fey, Winston- Salem; Rose Fincher, Concord; Mary Roberta Fisher, Roanoke Rapids. Second Row: Ruth Eleanor Fisher, Alexander; Frances Fowler, Mt. Airy; Vir- ginia Francis, Waynesville; Betty French, Greensboro; Kathryn Friday, Salis- bury; Edna Friedman, Charlotte; Katherine Furr, Franklin. Third Row: Marcia Ann Furnas, Guilford College; Martha Gaston, Asheville; Bee Gatling, Charlotte; Lucille Gay. Black Creek; Betsy Gehman. Rocky Mount; Nannie Gibson, Mebane; Clara Gilbert, Siler City. Fourth Row: Betty Goss, Asheville; Lillian Gravely, Brevard; Nancy Gray, Robersonville; Cora Lillian Green, Ivy; Elizabeth Green, Thomasville; Bernice Greenberg, New York, N. V.; Ann Griffin, Selma. Fifth Row: Myra Griffith. Charlotte; Barbara Griggs, Pageland, S. C; Shirley Hack. Nutley. N. J.; Rachel Hackney. Siler City; Anne Hall, Charlotte; Bar- bara Hall, South Boston, Va.; Mary Rose Hall, Kannapolis. Sixth Row: Sara Neal Hamer, Maxton; Betty Christina Hamlin, Milo, Maine; Lucille Hampton, Rutherfordton; Doris Hancock, Siler City; Lucille Hannah, Franklin; Mary Lou Hanson, Southport; Margie Harding, Pilot Mountain. St. i -1.11th Raw: Geralyn Harmon, Gastonia; Margaret Ann Harrilson, Kings Mountain; Betty Grey Harrington, Wadesboro; Katherine Lou Harrington, Sanford; Barbara Anne Harris. Salisbury; Jean Harris, Durham; Patricia Harris, Jacksonville, Fla. Eighth Row: E. Patricia Harrison, Eagle Springs; Jean Harrison, Wilson; Eleanor Harutunian, Teheran, Iran; Tommie Haywood, Charlotte; Dolly Hedgecock, High Point; Patricia Hege, Lexington; Anne Henderson, Monroe. Page 106 ? Q $ f ) O 1951 junior class First Row. lift to right: Sara Henneberger, Troy; Dot Hogan, Chapel Hill; Margaret Holla nd, Raleigh; Elaine Holly, Davidson; Catherine Holm, Cassa- daga, Fla.; Mary Holshouser, Blowing Rock; Sue Bet Hooks, Fremont. Second Row: Eleanor Hoskins, Summerfield; Joyce Howe, Springfield, Mass.; Nancy Howell, Candler; Edith Hoyle, Forest City; Catherine Hudson, Andrews; Doris Huffines. Lenoir; Bette Hufham, Clinton. Third Row: Peggy Hull, Charlotte; Sarah Louise Humphrey, Shelby; Norma Hunley, Rocky Mount; Clara Gray Hunt, Thomasville; Frances Hunt, Pleasant Garden; Martha Hurlocker, Albemarle; Mary Idol, Pleasant Garden. Fourth Row: Virginia Ingram. Taylorsville; Henrietta Jackson, Robbins; Grace Jahn, Morganton; Jackie Jernigan, Raleigh; Barbara Jobe, Raleigh; Ann John- son, Albemarle; Betty Johnson, Benson. Fifth Row: Jackie Johnson. Raleigh; Joyce Johnson, Smithheld; LaRue John- son, Randleman; Miralyn Johnson. Ashley Heights; Susanna Johnson. Burgaw ; Joann Johnston. Mooresville; Peggy Johnston, Greensboro. Sixth Ron : Geari Claire Jones, Whiteville; Sarah Jones, Franklinville; Barbara Jordan. West Hartford, Conn.; Lillian Joyner, Griffon; Nancy Keck, Burling- ton; Elizabeth Kent. Kingsport, Tenn.; Mary Elizabeth Kent, Lenoir. Seventh Ron : Susan Kimbrough, Richmond, Va.; Betsy Kinard, Randallstown, Md.; Marie King, Pelham; Kathryn Kirschner, York, Pa.; Harriett Ann Kro- balski, Savannah, Ga.; Rebecca Lamy, Jacksonville; Martha Lane, Ramseur. Eighth Row: Rebecca Langdon, Benson; Dorothy Lawrence, Eure; Evelyn Lawrence, Falkland; Wanna Faye Laws, Thomasville; Martha Lazenby, Fay- etteville; Frances Leatherwood, Waynesville; Elaine Ledbetter, Shelby. R $ f $ -ft f © P©© £ ft 1951 junior class First Row, left to right: Marilyn Ruth Lentz, Greensboro; Mary Virginia Lewis, Nutley, N. J.; Mary Ola Lilly, Williamston; Janet Linker, Raleigh; Helen Lin- ville. Oak Ridge; Martha Lippard, Albemarle; Lois Loftis, Walnut Cove. Second Row: Alma Lorraine Loftness, Irvington, N. J.; Martha Lohr, Lumber- ton; Lois Long, Virgilina, Va.; Mary Moore Lovett, Asheboro; Carol Dean Lowery, Lowell; Mary Elizabeth Lynch, Mooresville; Shirley Lyon, Greensboro. Third Row: Eugenia McCarty, Wilmington; Mary McCullen, Clinton; Virginia McFarland, Goldsboro; Anne McGoogan, St. Pauls; Sarah Louise McGoogan, St. Pauls; Mary Elizabeth Mclnnis, Pleasant Garden; Jane Mcjunkins, Badin. Fourth Row: Betty McKnight, Morganton; Caroline McLean, Mebane; Eliza- beth McLeod, Rowland; Nina McLeod, Robbins; Betty Will McReynolds, Winston-Salem; Louise Madison, Webster; Nan Malloy, Laurinburg. Fifth Rou-: Nancy Maples, Rocky Mount; Faye Marshall, Winston-Salem; Hilda Marston, Scotland Neck; Sara Lou Masengill, Johnson City, Tenn.; Bar- bara Maughan, Durham; Martha May, Burlington; Martha Maynard, Winston- Salem. Sixth Row: Nancy Medford, Clyde; Martha Ann Medlin, Greensboro; Emily Micol, Valdese; B. Frances Miller, Winston-Salem; Doris Miller, Spencer; Kathryn Miller, Asheville; Patty Mills. Winston-Salem. Seventh Row: Joan Minton, Mayodan; Gloria Monk, Winston-Salem; Carolyn Moon, Graham; Louise Mooney, Montreat; Eva Kate Moore, Hurdle Mills; Jane Moore, Ahoskie; Nancy Mae Moore, Greensboro. Eighth Row: Fay Morgan, Pinehurst; Joyce Morton, Raleigh; Dollie Moser, Greensboro; Jody Mundy, Morganton; Janice Murchison, Rocky Mount; Catherine Myrick, Fayetteville; Carolyn Neece, Elizabeth City. Not Pictured: Naomi McCluskey, Greensboro; Anne Pepper Neal, Swarthmore. Pa. xr w € f$ W l ft (£ Iff © 1951 junior class First Row, left to right: Mildred Newitt, Charlotte; Sharon Newnam, Greens- boro; Jessie Gray Nichols, Efland; Sara Oden, Washington; Caroline Ogilvie, North Wilkesboro; Eugenia Okey, Graham; Virginia Oliver, Carthage. Second Row: Juda Owen, Lake Taxaway; Lucy Page, Andrews; Kathryn Parker, Clinton; Mary Lena Patterson, Morganton; Raedelle Patterson, White Plains; Ruth Henry Patterson, Charlotte; Ann Payne, Wilmington. Third Row: Mildred Pearson, Elizabeth City; Ethel Pendleton, Wilmington; Marjorie Perry, Lincolnton; Yvonne Peters, High Point; Nellie Grey Peterson, Clinton; Betty Jo Petrea, Kannapolis; Margaret Petrea, Salisbury. Fourth Row: Joan Pharr, Charlotte; Jean Phillips, Salisbury; Mildred Phillips, Hickory; Peggy Phillips, Southern Pines; Louise Pickard. Randleman; Peggy Sue Pickle, Lexington; Lou Ann Pillatt, Savannah, Ga. Fifth Row: Jeanne Pinner, Tabor City; Ann Carter Pollard. Winston-Salem; Elizabeth Poplin. Wilmington; Imogene Pons. Yaldese; Robbie Lee Potts, Clemmons; Joyce Powell, Charlotte; Ramona Powell, Entield. Sixth Row: Margaret Pressly, Arden; Anne Preston, Fayetteville; Ina Mae Price. Spindale; June Rainey, Salisbury; Betty Randall, Baltimore, Md.; Rodeeryn Rau, Winston-Salem; Ruth Rawlins, Greensboro. Seventh Row: Antoinette Reavis, Henderson; Lora Jean Reeves. Walnut; Mildred Rinehart. Clyde; Betsy Richardson, Elkin; Ellen Rickert. Statesville; Roberta Riesman, Chestnut Hill, Mass.; Joan Roberts, Leaksville. Eighth Row: Carol Rogers, Albemarle; Elizabeth Ross, Pleasant Garden; Vir- ginia (Jean) Rotha, Hendersonville; Nancy Rothrock, Thomasville; Anne Rouse, Dunn; Anne Russell, Winston-Salem; Everette Claire Sanderford, Cary. Not Pictured: Mary Jo Phillips, Rockingham; Jean Pinchback, Greensboro; Lucille Ragland, Greensboro. Page 112 i?iqr c f ; T m m__2 1951 junior class First Row, left to right: Susan Sanderson, Washington; Rachel Sarbaugh, Lum- berton; Jane Sarsfield. Charlotte; Jean Satterthwaite, Halifax; June Saunders, Draper; Marie Sawyer, Elizabeth City; Mary Scarborough, Hookerton. Second Row: Dorothy Seism, Shelby; Dorothy Ann Scott, Washington; Char- lotte Sedberry, Leaksville; Olive Ruth Sedgwick. Elizabeth City; Frances Shaw, Greensboro; Olive Ann Shaw, Richlands; Ellen Shepherd, Harwood, Md. Third Rote: Norma Sherrer. Asheville; Betty Jane Sherron, Fuquay Springs; Dorothy Shiver, Charlotte; Ann Shuford. Arden; Ellen Shuford, Hickory; Nancy Sides, Spencer; Elizabeth Siler, Asheville. Fourth Ron: Millicent Simon, Tabor City; Carolyn Simpson, Fayetteville; Ranee Singh, New Delhi, India; Marion Skinner, Lumberton; Frances Small, Tabor City; Elaine Smetana, Concord; Carolyn Smith, Andrews. Fifth Row: Frances Smith, Roaring Gap; Jane Kirkman Smith, Greensboro; Janie Smith, Pikeville; Lillian Smith, Lake Waccamaw; Nancy Page Smith, Greensboro; Sally Anne Smith, Walnut Cove; Shirley Smith, Kernersville. Sixth Row: Ann Snead, Charlotte; Priscilla Snider, Springfield, Mass.; Mary Sorrentino, Bronx, N. Y.; Jane Spencer. Rocky Mount; Carolyn Spinks, Ruther- ford College; Jean Stamey, Perry Point, Md.; Hazel Steele, Greensboro. Seventh Row: Jean Stevens, Winston-Salem; Jeanne Straiton, Charlotte; Bobbie Strickland, Smithfield; Anne Sutton, La Grange; Margaret Sutton. Pageland. S. C; Rosemary Sweeney, Wilmington; Anne Taylor, Elon College. Eighth Row: Shirley Tegg. Norfolk, Va.; Charlene Thomas. High Point; Geraldine Thomas, Culberson; Nancy Thomas, Cameron; Ruth Tillman, Carthage; Mary Agnes Tola, Fayetteville; Marilyn Tolochko. Kinston. Not Pictured: Marguerite Senter, Pomona; Sophia Steffan, High Point: Frankie Palmer Todd, Charlotte. Page 114 II 1 T T 1 1? £ €» © ©» - $o? pi 1951 junior class First Row, left to right: Mary Evelyn Trott, Lenoir; Betty Jean Troutman, Char- lotte; Jane Troy, Wilmington; Evangeline Tucker, Kernersville; Mary Alice Turner, Henderson; Sarah Patker Turner, Mt. Ulla; Carolyn Tweed, Walnut. Second Row: Adeline Tyson, Monroe; Ann Tyson, Roseboro; Ruth Under- wood, Greensboro; Virginia Van Dyke, Fayewell, Va.; Betty Lou Van Hook, Henderson; Frances Van Ness, Wilmington, Del.; Anne Venters, Trenton. Third Row: Patsy Anne Wagoner, Greensboro; Dorothy Walton, Rockingham; Freda Ward, Salisbury; Mary Ann Ward, Goldsboro; Patricia Warren, Win- ston-Salem; Regena Waterman. Tampa. Fla.; Colista Weisner, Olin. Fourth Row: Ella Lee Wells. Wallace; Frances Wells, Hampstead; Joy Welsh, Monroe; Mary Jane Wessman, Wilson. Mary Jane Whisonant, Belmont; Joan White. York, Pa.; Pauline White, Greensboro. Fifth Row: Sara White, Cornelius; Miriam Whitley, Albemarle; Anne Whit- tington, Charlotte; Joann Wicker, Lumberton; Emily Williams, Siler City; Lynn Williams, Asheville; M. Catherine Williams, Winston-Salem. Sixth Row: Nancy Ruth Williams, Wilkesboro; Ann Elmore Williamson. Asheville; Mary Jo Willis, Lawndale; Yvonne Willoughby, Ahoskie; Alice Wilson, Thomasville; Elizabeth Wilson, Charlotte; Helen Elizabeth Wilson. Franklin. Seventh Row: Elizabeth Winheld, Washington; Kathrine Windley, Henderson; Dorothy Winters, Maxton; Nancy Witherspoon, Lexington; Edna Earle Wolfe, Mount Olive; Almetrice Wood, Wilson ' s Mills; Joan Wrenn, Springfield, Pa. Eighth Row: Sara Wyche, Henderson; Iris Young, Asheville; Jean Young, Princeton. e «o 9 f € BE_JZJL_tI_l)T " sophomore class . . . 1951 . 7 sophomore class song What is the best class at W. C. ? It is the class of ' 53; And like our colors, white and blue. We represent the good and true. What is the best class at W. C? It is the class of ' 53. Who has the spirit, stands for the right ? It is the girl in the blue and white. So give a cheer for our dear class; It is the one they can ' t surpass. What is the best class at W. C? It is the class of ' 53. sophomore class officers ROZELLE ROY ALL. President HARRIETT WHITMORE. Vice-President LDITH RAWLEV. Secretary LURA CLINGENPEEL. Treasurer MARY ANNA PECK. Cheerleader Page 119 First Row, left to right: Carolyn Abell, Ann Marie Abernathy, Carolyn Adams, Nancy Ader, Betty Ahem, Virginia Alexander, Winnifred Allen. Louise Almond. Second Run: Lois Anderson, Gelene Andrews, Je.m Andrews, Harriette An- thony, Frances Armstrong, Mary Arrowood, Daphne Avers, Mary John Bailey, Sara Lynn Bailey, Dorothy Haillie. Third Row: Gladys Baker, Mary Alice Ballew, Hetty Jo Banks, Virginia Bar bour, Mary Ann Barker, Betty Barnes, Yarboro Barnette, Anna Barnhill, Susan Batten, Mary Alice Batty, Elizabeth Baucom, Mary Jane Beam, Ruth Beam, Sally Beaver. Not Pictured: Mary Elizabeth Baugh. sophomore class of 1951 First Row, left to right: Anna Beeson, Sheilia Bell, Ann M. Bennett, Ruta Berg- manis, Louise K. Beverly, Ann Blackwell, Christine Bland, Joan Blumberg. Second Row: Kathleen Bodenheimer, Ann Bondurant, Ethel Crawford Bonner. Dorothy R. Bowden, Joyce Bowen, Patsy Brinson, Brabston Brown, Jean Brown, Martha Brown, Margaret Bruton. Third Row: Beverly Bryant, Julia Bryant, Charlotte Ann Bryson, Hilda Bullard, Anne Bunn, Sylvia Bunting, Patsy Butler, Valinda Butler, Betsv Bynum, Mar- jorie Nell Cagle. Not Pictured: E. Ann Bennett, Betty Ann Bishop, Celeste Bishop, Betty Lee Blalock, Trilby Boerner, Louise Bonin, Blonnie Dale Bunn. Page 122 Fit U Ron . it ft to right: Kathryn ( ampbell, Barbara ( arden, Marj Sui Car] I ' .iIik i.i ( arpenter, Anne Carrington, ( hristine Carroll, I lizabeth Carroll, Emily Carter. Sect nd Row: Greta ( ashion, Sue ( ausby, Dorothy Causey, Nelle ( handler, Audrey Check. Luta Chipley, Betty Sue Clark. Mildred Clark, Janice Clayton, Audra Jean Clinard, Lura Clingenpeel, Patsy Clodfelter, Betty Lee Cobb. Third Row: Olivia Coggins, Ann Cohoon, Emily Cole, Ann Collson, Annabel Colvard, Patricia Connolly. Mildred Cooper, Elizabeth Cornwell, Claire Cox, Margaret Cox, Piney R. Cox, Jane Cragan, Elizabeth Craig, Virginia Craig, Joan H. Crossley, Patricia Crowell. Not Pictured: Dot Call. sophomore class of 1951 First Row, left to right: Margaret Crumpler, Mary Scott Daniel. Barbara Daniels, Ann Darlington, Bennette Daughtry, Doreen Davis, Doris Arnold Davis, Doris Nelle Davis. Second Row: Evelyn Ann Davis, M. Louise Davis. Peggie Deck, Jean Denny, Marshall DeShazo, Joan Deviney, Julia Ann Doggett, Patricia Donnell, Maria Eulalia Donoso, Charmian Dotson, Mary Dowtin. Annie Lee Dunn. Third Row: Hazel Duval, Barbara Dyhrberg. Mary Alice Elliott, Billie Jo Ervin, Altaree Estes, Phyllis Eure, Ann Falls, Mary Farmer. Ruth Farmer, Ramona Farrington, Katy Sue Farthing, Ann Ferre. Joyce Fishback. Not Pictured: Cenieth Elmore. Phyllis Flynt. Page 123 Page 124 First Row, left to right: Jean Fogleman, Clare Forney, Ann Fostei Mar) Howard Franck, Bessie Freeman, Joanne Freeman, Katharine Freeman, Bobbie Fuller, Second Rou .Jane Fuller, Jo Ann Fuller, Margaret Fuguay, Rena Furlong, Janel Fyne, Mary Gaither, Doris Gantt, Lois Gardner, Marilyn Gardner, Lorna Garrett, Mary Gavin, Agnes Gee. Third Row: Shirley Gee, Lucile ( ' .ills. Sara Jane Glascock, Rebecca Class. Malissa Glenn, Peggy Glenn, Jacqueline Goodwin, Jo Elaine Goodwin, Jean Goudelock, Doris Graham, Ellen Gravely, Alma Greene, Elizabeth Green. Not Pictured: Rebecca Fondren, Margaret Fox, Martha Gaston, Nancy Gas on. sophomore class of 1951 First Row. left to right: Betty Jean Gregg, Mary Jane Gresham, Margaret Griggs, Jean Grover, Sue Haley, Helen Hall, Gwendolyn Hamer, Helen Ham- mond. Second Row: Elizabeth Hundley. Trances Merrimon Harman, Patricia Harrel- son, Ann Harris, Faye Harris, Martha Harris, Mary Alice Harris. Anne Harri- son. Martha D. Harrison, Carolie Hatsell, Lucille Hassell, Selma Haydock- Wilson. Third Row: Patsy J- Haywood, Ann Heafner, Margaret Heck, Margaret Helms. Lois Herring, Ruth Herring, Dorothy Hicks. Hetty Clyde Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Rose Marie Holden. Geraldine Holland. Not Pictured: Carolyn Haden, Peggy Ann Hall. Angela Hamer. Annie Laura Harris, Patricia Hocker. Page 125 Page 126 First Row, left to right: Jean Hollinger, Virginia Holloman, Catherine Holmes, Peggy Home, Ann Horner, Mary Grace Houser, Mary Carolyn Houston, Jane Howard, Jean S. Howard. Second Row: Jean Y. Howard, Barbara Howell, Helen Howell, Mary Lou Howie. Barbara Hunt, Josephine Hunter, Sara Hunter, Ruth Idol, Montai Imbt. Ophelia Ingold, Nellie W. Key, Joan Jacobi, Sally James. Third Roic: Peggy Jernigan, Martha Jane Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Johnson. Mary Lou Johnson, Madeline Johnston, Barbara Jones, Mabel Jones, Shirley Jones, Dolores Joseph. Arl ene Joyner, Margaret Anderson, Mary Garland Brumley, Caroline Crews, Mary Anne Dudley. Not Pictured: Phyllis Hoist, Frances Huss, Patricia Jansen, Cherie Jantz. sophomore class of 1951 First Row. left to right: Carolyn Junker, Sylvia Kanter, Miriam Kaplan. Georgia Katsikas, Patricia Kaufman, Phyllis Keese, Gwendolyn Keller, Mary Joe Kelley, Dorothy Kendall. Second Row: Dorothy Kerner, Marion Kimmelstiel, Betty Ann Kirby, Evelyn Kirby, Pearl Kornegay, Katherine Koster, Ruth Kyles, Anna Kyzer. Janet Sue Langley, Miriam Lassiter, Peggy Ann Lawing, Margaret Layton, Pattie Leach. Third Row: Barbara Ledford. Elizabeth Lee, Carolyn Leibler, Doris Lewis, Lou Ann Lewis. Geneva Lineberger, Barbara Little, Elizabeth Little, Celia Lively, Jean Ann Livengood, Jean Lohr, Louise Long. Dorothy Allen. Sue Ellen Baxter, Barbara Beckner, Merle Buie. Sarah Ann Butts. Not Pictured: Joyce Lewis. Margaret Lewis. ■■■ ■■ First Row, left to right: Dorothy Lowenstein, Barbara Lowmiller, Sara Lucas, Patricia McBarron, Pauline McDuffie, Patricia McGougan Maxim Mclnnis [Catherine Mi Intyre. Second Row: Lois Mclver, Barbara McKeithan, Barbara McKinney, Billie J. Mi Kinney, Sarah Jane McLean, Janet MacPhail, Jean McPherson, Catherine MaiRac. Marion Machesncy, Ann Carol Mann. Patricia Anne Markas, Louise Marks. Third Row: Joanne Martin, Patricia Martin. Ruth Martin, Susan Martin, Pauline Mauney, Peggy Anne Mauney, Mary Carolyn Meeker, Elizabeth Melching, Janet Menzel, Sammie Mercer, Carol Miller, Carolyn Miller, Carolyn Mills. Not Pictured: Carolyn Mclntyre, Edna McManus. sophomore class of 1951 First Row, left to right: Margie Ann Mitchell, Mary Frances Mitchell, Mary Louise Mitchell, Mary Norma Montague, Maurine Montgomery, Lydia Moody, Elizabeth Mooney, Marie Moose, Edna Morgan. Second Row: Laura Morgan, Peggy Morgan, Anna Mormino, Sue Brevard Morris, Dorothy Ann Morrison, Charlotte Moscovitz, Mary Jane Mosteller. Marlene Muller, Carolyn Murray, Jean Murray, Martha Myers, Evelyn Nance. Third Row: Lois Nelson, Martha Ann Nesbitt, Sarah Martha Newton, Malinda Nichols, Sue Nichols, Wynne Norman. Carolyn R. O ' Brien, Betty Lea Oldham. Geneverette Oldham. Billie Oliver, Kathryn Oliver, Ann Osborne, Edna Otter- bourg, Lou Outen. Not Pictured: Anne Morrison. Norma Y. Norman. Caroline Ogilvie. Page 129 First Row, left to right: Isabel Outlaw, Patricia Owen, Julie Packer, Su Pag Annette Parker, Barbara Parker, Inerjane Parnell, Jean Paschal. SecondRow: Barbara Pasour, Patricia Pasour, I rnestine Pate, Mary Anna Peck, Betty Jean Pegram, Anne Pepper, ( arol Perry, Ellen Perry, Leah Petree, Eliza beth Phillips, Joan Phillips, Alice hit- Third Row: Ann Plott, Jane Plyler, Betty Ann Pope, Nancy Potter, Jean Potts, Edith Powell. Charlotte Preas, Carolyn Preble, Jean Presnell, Kathryn Pritchett, Nancy Lee Pritchett, Virginia Lee Pruitt, Cathryn Puckett. Not Pictured: Arline Palmer, Marjorie Perry, Yvonne Peters. sophomore class of 195 First Row, left to right: Jean Raines, Edith Rawley, Roberta Ray, Lorena Reames, Anne Reams, Margaret Reavis, Jane Redwine, Marie Richardson. Second Row: Jeanne Rigby, Tomasene Ring, Nancy Ripple, Rachel Roberts. Josephine Robertson, Barbara Robin, Marilyn Robinette, Mary Elizabeth Rogers. M. Jean Rollins. Margaret Romefelt. Third Row: Joan Rosen, Louisa Roth, Rozelle Royall, Mary Elizabeth Sampson. Ellen Seligson, Ruthie Sevier, Laura Sexton, Mildred Shackelford. Peggy Shackelford, Emily Shaffner, Harriett Shain. Not Pictured : Rebecca Rhyne, Barbara Ann Rogers. Lois Rosecrans, Saleta Scobey. Page 132 First Row, left to right: Ruth Sanderson, Jean Sharp, Polly Sharpe, Andre) Shellman, Elizabeth Shelton, Joyce Sherrill, Kathryn Shields, Peggy Ann Shol well, Marion Sifford, Second Row: Nancy Simpson, Martha Sisk, Catherine Sitterson, Jeanne Slcees, Mary Frances Skidmore, Doris Smith, Gloria Smith, Juanita Smith, Mar) I liza beth Smith, Nancy Jo Smith, Norma Smith. Third Rou : Dorothy Snider, Catherine Solomon, Zita Spector, Barbara Stacy, Marianne Stanley, Ruth Starr, Susan Stearns, Edna Stephens, Jean Stephens, Janet Lila Stern, Elizabeth Stimson, Carol Stockard, Juanita Stokes. Not Pictured: Carole Shean, Sue Shugart, Virginia Spake. sophomore class of 195 First Row, left to right: Janet Leona Stern, Emily Stone, Jane Strelitz, Annette Strickland. Anne Stroud, Betty Styers, Ruth Suessmuth, Billie Suitt, Ruth Ann Sullivan. Second Roir: Oveda Summerlin, Paula Sutton, Katherine Swanson, Carolyn Swindell, Jean Sykes, Jeannette Sykes, Fay Sylvester. Lady Talton, Jean Tandy. Peggy Tate, Pauline Tatum. Third Row: Barbara May Taylor, Frances J. Taylor, Ruby Taylor. Mary Eliza- beth Teague, Patricia Tesh, Jean Thacker, Jane " . Thomas, Lorene Thomas, Marilyn Thomas, Betty Jane Thompson, M. Frances Thompson. Jane Long Thompson, Barbara Tilley, Colleen Crenshaw. Not Pictured: Charlene Thomas, Bertha Tilley. Page 134 First Row, left to right: Marjorie Tilson, Ik-tin.- Townsend, Janel Trembath, Dentin Tribble, Carolyn Jean Truett, Ann Turner, Shirley Helen, Sally Under- wood. Second Row: Lea Upchurch, Margie Vander Schalie, Barbara Veach, Earlene Vestal, Anne Voorhis, Nellie Waddell, Harriet! Wade, ( arolyn Walters Bar- bara Walton. M. Anne- Ward, Cora Lee Warren. Third Row: Frances Warren, Mary Anne Weatherly, Eleanor Weber, Rebekah Welborn, Barbara Wells, Mane Werner, Jacqueline Wheeler, Ruth Wheeler. Margaret Whisenhunt, Dolores White, Emma Lou White. Not Pictured: Beatrice Vida, Joan Whelpley. sophomore class of 195 First Ron: left to right: Mildred White, Virginia White, Shirley Whitford, Harriett Whitmore, Mary Wilkinson, Dorothy Williams, Jean Williams, Jo Ann Williams. Second Row: Barbara Wilson, Mary Louise Wilson, Helen Wimbish. Miriam G. Winterling, Sylvia Wiseman, Ann Woodall, Mary Woodward, Dorothy Jean Woody, Elizabeth Ray Wrenn. Third Row: Sarah E. Wright, Mae Yarbrough, Nancy Yelverton, Alice Mae Young, Diane Young, Joyce Young, Ann Zappa, Jeanette Zimmerman. Jo Ann Zimmerman, Helen H. Hawfield. Not Pictured: Ann Elmore Williamson. S. Ann Williamson. (Catherine Windley, Marjorie Jo Womack, Jean Wray. freshman class . . . 1951 freshman class song Our colors are the green and white; Our goal is higher knowledge. We came to learn, will leave to spread The fame of Woman ' s College. For we ' re the Class of ' 54, And all through our days, Thy name we ' ll cherish evermore And always sing thy praise. Our ideals and our deeds will speed us On through Woman ' s College. Our motto will forever lead us: " Charact er through knowledge. ' ' Our alma mater we adore; To her we ' ll stand true. Our classmates we shall ne ' er forget As friends we make anew. Chorus Oh, rah, rah, ye Freshmen, we ' ll always be So proud of our class, and so glad to know that w e Will never forget our love and loyalty To our Woman ' s College: Hail to Thee! freshman class officers EMILY BUTNER, President PATRICIA THOMAS. I ' ice-President ELINOR WRENN, Secreta, ) ANN HARTZOG. Cheerleader MARY CATHERINE MYERS. Treasurer (Not Pictured) Page 137 Firtt Roto, ■ ft I " 111,1,1. Frances Maye Allred, Pal Alphin, Fleta Joyce Bateman, Melba Beck, Mary Christine Be3s!ei Noel Phyllis BIrkby, Pauline Estelle Breanahan, Ada Jo Boren, Elizabeth Stuarl Brewer, Ann,- Marie Burnie. • Second Row: Dona Jean Capps, Dorothy Jean Church, Virginia Marie Clough, Rose Mary Courie, Bertie Jean Culp, Mary Ann Cross, Frances Beatrice Crouch, Elizabeth Faye Dail, Peggy Mario Daughtridge, H.-tty Joann Davenport, Joanna Doggett. • rftird Ron Bettj Susan Draughon, Alma Louise Easterling, Peggy Jean Edmondson, Sara Jane Bldred, Patsy Ann Ellinger, Betty Frances Etchison, Ellen Farmer, Julia Bynum Finch, Ruth Hanes Friddle, Mildred Lowe Fuller. Co-Merman. • Fourth Row; Freddie Greene, Lena Margaret Griffin, Nell (aniline Griffin, Virginia Johnson Harris. Julia Ann Hedgepath, Catherine Patricia Heinsberger, Shirley Leona Henkel, Mary Louise Hill. Nancy .lean Hill. Peggy Anne Hill. Valerie Gay Hobbis. Rebecca .lane Hodges, Jessie Leigh Holloman. • Fifth Row: Sara Joanne II. .It. Doroth] nn Hoots, Hetty line Unwell. Willie Green Hughes. Avis Lucille Irvln, Frances Earle Jackson, Anne Walker Johnson, Rocalle Johnson, Wills Belle Johnson. • Not Pictured: Mary Elizabeth Alspaugb, Jean Ayers, Gladys Durango Broadway. Christine Elizabeth Hark. Man Helen Cooper, Minerva Jane Kunze. bailey hall First Row, left to right Shirley Ann Lacy. Nancy Carolyn l.ainhetl.. Rein a Anne Lane. Kli ahetl. Adeline Lenhardt. Dorothy Delle Lysscomb, Geraldean Long, .lane Graj McDuffie, Connie Nell M.l.ain. Phyllis McLean, Emily Gregg McLees, Lois Blaine Magnuson. • Second .•..« Susie Ann Marshall. Frances Ramona Martin. Patricia Gay Matlock, Jane Boland May. Marianne Elizabeth May. Joretta .lane Michael. Sarah Evelyn Mills. Peggy Jo Mitchell, Leila Privet! Martha Moore, Gertrude Barnes Myers. S hv Marie Oglesby. • Third Row: Nancy (lark.- Paschal, Irene Taylor Peck, Nancy Anne Perryman, Nancy Regina Petree, Clara Faye Pugh, Marie Anne Gloria Rattlade, Sara Catherine Reynolds, Sandra Stevens Roberts, Ann Robertson, Catherine Ann Robinson, Elizabeth Randolph Robinson. Brona Jean Rollins. • Fourth •..»-. Betsi Rowland. Bettj Inn Saunders, Barbara Jean Setzler. Alice Faye Smith. Ashlyn Cardwell Spencer, Bobbj nn Stallings, ViU Lee Stanlield. Betty Louise Templeton, Doris .lean Thomas, Frances Thompson, Jeannette (.ail T.nis.-y. • Fifth Row: Esther Mae Ward. Doris June Waugh, Marie Wl.itaker. Barbara .lane Whitney. Margaret Anne Willis. Katherine (Idell Wilson. Maiiau liudd Wilson. Billie .1.. Works. • .Vol Pictured Susan McClosky, Barbara Ann Mitchell, Joyce Evangeline Nelson, Mary Frazier Paul, Adele Elizabeth Poteat. S i Marie Smilei tarn.. a Laura Sprinkle. m rv 3 Barrett, Susanna Barbee, Gertrude Jewell Baas. • Second Bov Joyce Baas, Margaret Sue Bell, TMria Lout Bene garel Inne Benfleld. Margaret Mi ahcth inn, .1,, tun Black, Elizabeth Boat, Norma French Bramlett, Man Byrd, Freda Ellen chirk. • Third . ' " » ' , Dottie Lou Collins, Margaret 1 ouise 1 rawford, Freda 1 ee Daniel, Denlse de Gardeln, Man Jane DeViney, Helen Rbyne Diete, Barbara I Dixon, Harriet Rosalind Dolln, Frieda ti mi Bennett Edwards, Betty Wheeler Evans. • FourtA Row: Bouneva Farlowe, Patay Ruth Flnley. Phyllis Delia Rebecca Anne Freeman, Maude Florence Gatewood. Man Nell Gleason, Patrida Louise Costing, Nancj « 11 Ilnffan. I.aliue Hose Mill. • Filtti l; r : Malign W. Jaekson, (ieiinifer Johnson. Shirley Johnson. Jane Parks Jordan. rustice, (allelic Kanecr. Katherine Keller, Sue Koenlg. • Vol ■„ Eleanor Sue Wen, Llbbj Ruth Almond. Ice Barrow, Miriam Louise Bowen, Barbara Ann Bragg, Ruth Elizabeth Brown, Doris Ann Clemroer, Dorothea litis. Klla Marie Cnvil. [Ioroth Fnye Fisher. Aliee Carolyn Flynt. ane Hartiara (iillicrt. Man Anne Keever, NanC] freshmen 1951 coit hall l Bout, left t i right: Katherine .Iain leplex. - Carolyn Lewis. Anne F.liz.-ihcth l.inville. tmir Livingstone, erl] Ann Lonon, Janctte Lovette, .loan Dian Luria, Betty Jean McFarland. Pegg] Vnn McGowan. • 8ecmd Row: Mary n-e McRainey. Barbara Jean Mallard, Willie Ruth Mangum, Aliee Millwood, Clara Elizabeth Morris, i.ila Marie Mu.lrc. Catherine Myers. Nancy Gene Norriss, Polly Aim Pelts, Winifred Perkins. Man Ann Raney. • Tlunl Row: I.ora ves. Elizabeth Joyce Redding, Patsj Ruth Rhodes. Harriet Kli al.eth Ktihins,,,,. Vnne (lair.- Rothgeb. Marjorle Louise roeder, (o-rrill Susan Schukraft, Reheeea Seawell. Carol Robin Seltzer. Nancy Shankle, Gillie Itar-t Shaw, .lean Moore pard. • FourfA .• " »■ Helen Shewmake, Kthel l-.unne Sillinian. Frances B. Smith. Betty Jean Sonters, Bett 1 Morris Stanlev. Gladys Ann Slntts. Margaret Irene Sublett. F.velyn Irelta Sul-l ' s. Linda II pson, Elizabeth Ann Tinder. y Trepke. • r, u, ..„■ i.ydin Camilla Turner. Gladys Walling, rheresa Ward, PatUe Weaver. Devilla William-, n Williamson, Scottie Sue Withers. • Not Pictured: Janel McMahon. Vl.-le Hannah Mom-. Nan Schlelsner. Frances 1 Sheurer, Sallie Little Thigpen. Mars Thor 11. Phyllis I .-.■ h.iun Mildred .lean Walker. Bett) Ann Warren. Finn (■Si ' ' S Fir»t Row, left u, right. Anabel Adams, Mary Frances AUsbrook, Joan Marie Vnthony, Mice Jeannette Baker. Anne Barber, Ti.inune Kliziiheth Barker. Nan. I n ll.- 1Umim.ii. .lean Elizabeth Blackburn. Cr« Georgia Hla.kiiM.n-. Patricia Anne Bla- lock, Barbara Ann. ' Boozer, Martha Jane Bouldin. • Second Bow: Emily Robbins Bowen, Marilyn Brannon, Catherine Bland Brown, Sumaleigh Bn.vwi. Winifred Ann Cates, Nancy Dail Claridge, Jo Ann Collier, Elizabeth Anne dun. ill. Frame- 1m. m Crowe, Johanne Mam- Curran, Lorraine Helen Decker, Norma Bruce Dickey, Frances Bernice Evans. • Third Sow: Elynor .lean Fishel, Ann Folger, Audrej Ann Francis, Barbara Anne Fulton, Laura Anne Gale, Clelia Garrison, Sue Garvey, Caro- line Myers Goforth. Anne Louise Graham, June Carol Greene. Frances Elizabeth Grey. Winnifred Gunnerson. • Fourth Ron Louise Anzalette Ham. Barbara Ann Harris. Dolores Ann Hartzog, Evelyn Smith Hasty, Nancy Ann Head. Mary Elizabeth Herring, Ashlej Ann II. .Hand. Nancy Larue Holton, Mary (Irr Honeycutt, Jacqueline Annette Isenbour, Clara Grace Jones Doris I hristine Jones. • Fifth Roto: Peggy Ann Jordan, Alice Eugenia Joyner, Joan Salomesia Kazalski, Barbara Se.itt Keariis. Corinnc Lee Lambeth, Sally Catherine Lainons, Barbara Cutbhert l.a-hley. Martha Louise Lashley, I. la Lee l.auek. • .V..I I ' irturvil: Diane Davis. Shirley Paulding Grillith. l ' riseilla .lenninirs Harris . Sarah Frances Harrison. cotten hall First Row, U " -• right I Mary B. eti Little, Man Olivia Anne Meirilnan. Dia Sarah Gertrude Page, Pegg Patricia Plaster, Norene P Man Frances Ruggles, Pel Anne Simington, Dorothy .1 Styron, Helen Lois Swarin§ Thrash, Anne Wiggins Tole .lean Welch Elizabeth Brow F.liiiur Lucy Wrenn, Ann Maxine MJchalove Man Whitener. me Kemsin Malti-on. Sus.mnc Kn.ipp Margaret Miller Maxwell, rlotte Murphy. • Second .••• " • Nancy Anne Neill. Georgia Kllen N las. i-tb ( ' ..Bins Peter Lillian Granger Phillips. Kmnia Belle Piekett. Daphne hi-, .ban Ellen H.i-mii Eleanor Rights, Katherine Royster. • Third Bow: lyi Fishel Schon Bol Jean Shore. Margaret Anne Shore, Shirley . . Steppe Mar] nne Strange, Margaret Louise Strother, Carolyn Louise Jo D.-. 5wlng. Kathleen rh.unas, Shirley Anne Thornton, Mary George ger, Innis Brirtingham Trout, Barbara Dolores Walter. Ann Warner, Pegg] a- Wofford. • Fifth Row Katharine Camilla Woodley. Barbara Ann Woolard, e Lou young. • Vol Pictured. Sarah .lane Malone, Betty Martin. Rose .lb Parker Frances Anne lt..i..-n-,.n. Sylvia Minnette Sacks, Marian Miller freshmen 1951 Anne Barnliarilt. Marijennie Han in-ri , r —:; I. i it., in II.- ' I " . Boger. Amelia Anne Brandon. • Second . ' ..«• Dais) .1 Hunk ' . Browne, Peggj Joyce Bunton, I. in. la Joyce Carroll. Jane Uleen I Richardson Collins, Margaret Joyce Conner, Margarel Ruth ( ' a. Erne3ta Crabtree, Nellie Emily Daughtridge, Marj Katherlne Dai Belle Edwards, Nancj Carter Edwards, Sue Carolyn Egerton, N lakely. Dorothy Anne Bluett, Mi Pi in. ' .-. Jo) Brown. Betsy Rom Grej Cartwright, Helen Mozelle Cllnard. Made ;.■... Beverlj Gayle, Jo Inne Correil, Patricia Jean Davis, Rebekah II. .1.1.1 Dlrickson, Ja Elizabeth Ensley, Mar) Ellen Parlow, Nancj Feteer. • Fmirtl, :..» ' . r..-ral.lin.-, Man Karlinc (ill .lain,- la-iu-li I...I.I.I,-, Mar. la Lois LiKlshalk, Jean Man, Carolyn Louise Hat!.. " . Virginia Jane Harris, Wylma RuUi Hawkins, Rebecca Lee HlmpblU, Barbara Aim Mm.-, Gwendolyn Dris HiHlKt-s. Annie Margaret Holler, Rachel Klin. Holcomb. • h ' liu, 1:,.,, Elizabeth Ann II.. Man. 1. Helen Wrenn Hood. Rubj 1. a... it.- Houser, Mary Patricia Huir Mas Josephine Ipock, Bettj Mm Jarvls, Peggj Harpei Kenned] Karolyn Kipka. • Not Pictured: Evelyn Ruth Dixon, Marsarct Josephine IIumI.t. Helen Blanche Hut. I. ins. Mabel Kliz.i gray hall Fint Messe Row, l it tn right McKay, Carol Joa -, Rheta Madeline s. Iva Lee Nichols, Julia Bow Phelps, Pattie Nora Phillips. Ai llertha Isma llumuth. Carolyn Nell Knouts. Cornelia 1 as.iter. Patricia Anne I.alta. Ami Letter, le McKinney, Betty Can.hii M.-Sw.iin. Ktta Rose Mann. Rebecca Lyle Mason, Marion Prances icol. • Svr.,,1,1 Bow: I ' alri.ia l.ini Miller. Stella Ruth Mizell, Hazel Kathryn Moore, Oaudlne Beverly Heath Parker, .loan Puller Parker, Arlene Boyd Par Jean •oii.l. ' i. Kniii Powell, Man Elizabeth Price. • Ti.1,,1 1:..,, Faith Puriach, IVayne Reynolds. Norma Jean Roberts, Dean K 11 — «-ll. Man tnderson Russell, I. la .lean Sandlin. . Patsj Alyce Sherrill, Nell Catherine Sigmon, .1.. Inn Sledge. Jo Ann Smith. Lou Ella Smith. Marilyn • Fourth Row: Peggy Jo Stroud. Gloria im Stroupe, Marlon Brock Sutton. Janet Woodl) raylor, Martha Jat 1 Areme Thomas, Tlielma Lee Thompson. Edith W in. in I r ..-j.. 1 Mary Lane Tucker, Anne Rea.le Urns troupe Upchurch, Nancy Vinnie Vami. J.. Anne Waddell, Nancj Alexander Walker. • ynti, .■„„ Rett) .1, 1 Jean Werner. Is.ibelle White. Man Jane Whitley, Jo im Williams, taiii ' vn Gail Winterling, Elizabeth j Faj Wooten. • Not Pictured Elizabetli Love. 1 ...a Mae 4PjpK %zm . ■ ' First Sow, left to man. Rosa Bernstej • — nd Row: Doi Coon, Beth Copenb Voe, Betty Dunlap. (iastineau. fat lira) Bennett, Murielle Joyce Benton, Suzanne Ber- Cyntbia Bolton. Florence Bowden, Peggj Unit v Cohen. Fvelyn Joyce Cook, Janet Cook. Jean larietta Deutsch. • Third Sow: Christina De Farah. Joanne Floyd. Marian Fortune, Grace tel, Betty Jo Hill, Louise Hill, Dot Hood. Joanne Ise Kelly, Betty Lou Kennedy. • Fifth Boo irn. Barbara Lewis, Joan Lightdale. • Yof is, Arm Hoot-. Marilyn Kertzman. Jamison hall Firs Bow, ' ■ ft to right . ' airieia Long, Jeanne McGuffin, Barbara M Nora Mae Mills, LUCJ tchell, Myrna Moffltt, Alyce Morse, Nell Ms erine Newlin. Lou News rue. .lolclie Norman. Betty Anne Sunn. IV. Pasour, Joan Pe ger, Carolyn Phillips, Jane Phipps. • FAird fii lotte Robinson, Pegg] R lyall, Jan Sessions. Marilyn Sharp, Mary F Jeanette Snyder. • Foil ii, Sow Karlyn Spear, Faye stone. Reid S II as. Andre Ihonil son. Peggy Toney, Sara Walker, Jean Wat West, Bettj Wilile. Jo nire Wier. Catherine Williams. Eloise Wi Pictured Anne Mauldin Margaret Stamey, Lois Turner. Becky Whi Maekey. Billie Masters, ids. jane Nelson, I .Hi uin Parkinson, Carolyn e, Polly Roberts, Cliar- Shuford, Carolyn Smith. Lou Teague, Frances Fifth Sow Bettj Graj fa? " W$w w-«cr. VfrT " First Row, left la right; Bobbie Faye Allen, Barbara Ann Auer, Miriam u-k. i ,.■■■ !;,._■ ■ .. r. Diane Laura Berg, nn Bevan, Carolyn Blrgel, Jane Blake, Ann,- Borow, Lenna Vnne Bowden. • Second Row Blrmali Bowman. Bett] Brewer. Man Ann [hilt. Barbara Ann Brown, Lola Cauble Brown, Slieba Marem- Hry-on. R,„.a Ruck, Hart,. it:, .lean Milliard. Louise Bumgardner, Margaret C. Hureh. .Invro Elaine Burnett. Emily .(t-an Ihjtner. Sarali .Ian,- Carpenter. • Th nl Bom Frances Carroll, Jessie Carol Carter, Margaret Cates, Alice i lark, Elizabeth Jean Cole, Helen Coley. Catherine Fai Conn, Barbara Cornelius, Norma Jan,- Cumby, Nora l a i-, Ruth Davis. • Fourth Rou Barbara Dabyne, Patricia Durham, Louise Baker, Amu- Bidson, Bettj Lee Brstting, Rosemond Farah Patricia Nan Farrell. Nanc) I Faust • Not i Ewanna Becks Castanas, Joyce Sybil Cohen, Helen Joyce Duncan. freshmen 951 kirkland hall First Row, left to rit ltt : Anno Scott Furd, Beatrice Elaine I i.u.t .i,, nn i,ih».,n. Doris nn Godbey. Evelyn Virginia Goldburg, Julia Carole Gray, Man Alice Griffin, Annie Grisson, Frances Harris, Mildred Joan Hartioge. • S ■ Row: Dorothy Hathaway. Anoush Harulunian, Nancy Haynes, Mary Jean Heafner, Frances Faye Henderson, Frankie Herman. lai niie Hood. Bobbie Kirkley. Julia Ann Knott, Joan Clementine Layman. Elsie Nancy Lotnax. • Tluril . ' .or. Jeanhe Martin. Mary Ella Martin, .lean Carroll Mills. Sybil Virginia Morgan. Virginia Morrison, Mary Keen Oliver, Miriam Pickett, Man Johann I ' osta, Funny Elizabeth Putnam, Mildred Arm Robin-. Dorothj Ann Rose. • Fourth Row: Catherine Seibert Mary Anne Silencer. Margretta Thompson, Farida Toomay, Nancy Lee Wallace, Ann.- Welch, .lo Whlsonant. • Not Pictured Peggj Christine Green, .loan Rena Hamilton, Katbryn Hyatt, .lean Kloss, Christine Beckj Mum- Sybil Virginia Ward, ■£ k P j£m S w • First Itmi; lift In liijlil: Elizabeth Anne Allied. Nanc ( ' . H.i Hi niri ' i . Mr-. Tninmye K. C. Rlnrk. Inn 1 .tin Bradley. Audrey Iti.nh K nl ' Jewel Brown, Dorothy Anne Buchanan, June Ccyette rnllioun. Dorothy Louise Causey. Lucy Finch Cheek. Marj Catherine Clymer, Beverly Anne Cowman. • Second . ' ..« Clara Margaret Craig, Anne Victory Day. Julia Elizabeth De-kin-, Mrs. Edna Lee Dickerson. Nancy Ann Faires, Pegg] Inn Hall, Alice Hardin. Jo Ann Hendrix. Anne Hill. Doris Helene Hill, Nancy Lee Hudson. Clara Cray Hunt. • Tliiril Rmr: Mildred Cornelia Joyce. Georgia Katsikas. Barbara Rae Kent. Patsy Lea Leach, Shirley Elizabeth Leonard, Nellie Gray Levens. town students First Row, left In light: Margaret Lewis. June France- Loin.-. I ' atnua .1 M lii-kc . l ' attie Lee McDa McKoin. Patricia Jo McMahan, Edna McManus, Elizabeth Helena Maeuire. Dorothj Mae Mitchell, Yin Paschal, Patricia Pinyan, Janet Pauline Price. • Second How: Margaret M. Pritchett, Lois Rosecrans. Carmen Saleeb) Joarni Scott, Marianne Stanley. Ruth Starr, Norma Joan Stewart, Edith Anne Stone, I Betty Jane Thompson, Bertha Tilley. • Third Sow: Jean LaVerne Tribble. Ann Rivers Tripp, Carolyi Horn, I)., rutin l ' earl U ' e-1, Carole William-. Sarah Kli aheth Wright. Helen X. Plunkctt. -« %t m m + " " 111 commercial class. ..1951 commercial class song All hail, hail to W. C, We the Commercials sing. We ' ll honor and love thee. Even through eternity. Well cherish the memories Of all you hold dear. And carry your standards Down through the years. All hail, hail to W. C, We the commercials sing. We pledge to thee always Love and loyalty. commercial class officers LOIS HOLTON, President JOYCE LYNCH, Vice-President FRANCES GREENE, Secretary DOROTHY SAFRIT, Cheerleader JEAN PULLEN, Treasurer Page 147 commercial class First Row, left to right: Molly Ledbetter Adams, Helen Jean Armfield, Mary Lee Arthur, Nancy Lane Atkins, Jean Warren Auten, Delia Estelle Baker, Helen Lorece Barber, Ruth Carolyn Barber, Betsy Irvan Bennett. Second Row: Ruth Benson, Bennie Drusilla Bolick, Barbara Constance Bounous, Molly Bowers, Audrey Brady, Ruby Jewel Brown. Joannah Burgin, Nancy Burris, Martha Marie Butler, Mary Louise Byram, Margaret Ann Bvrd. Iona Marguerite Campbell. Third Row: Beverly Anne Canady, Lois Evelyn Cavanaugh, Bette Ward Clarke, Cynthia Ann Clement, Mary Catherine Clymer, Patricia Cook. Mar- garet Grace Covington, Jessie Cox, Joanne Cox, Jo Anne Craven, Joan Lee Cross, Neva Willis Dail, Anne Day, Jennie Parsons Dockery, Nancy Earle. Not Pictured: Nancy Bartholomew. Page 148 of 1951 First Row, left to right: Patricia Ann Edwards, Stacy English, Jean Carolyn Evans, Kay Everett, Margaret Earlene Everitt, Nancy Ann Faires. Barbara Delores Floyd, Mary Sue Freeman, Peggy Jean Gales. Second Row: Sara Jo Garrison, Frances Louise Greene, Nancy Lee Greene, Betsey Jean Guin, Joan Corrinne Hall. Alice Rose Harbison. Alice Hardin. Rena Pauline Hastings, Frances Helen Hendren. Mary Frances Hiatt. M.irv Beth Hobbs, Barbara Holloway. Third Row: Lois Ellen Holton, Phyllis Honeycutt. Janet Marlin Hoover. Nancy Lee Hudson. Ruth Hutchins, Mildred C. Joyce, Barbara Kent. Ruth Iris Knight, Dorothy Jane Layne, Anne Rogers Lee. Kay Frances Lee. Not Pictured: M. Burton Grogan, Georgianna Hundley, Mary Flame Jenkins. Martha Jo Harrill. Page 149 commercial class First Row. left to right: Barbara Ellen Lewis, Martha Jo Little, Sherry Long, Joyce A. Lynch, Nancy E. McAlister, Pattie L. McDaniel, Elizabeth A. McKoin, Betty Lou Marsh, Beverly A. Matthews. Second Row: Elaine Measamer, Barbara Ann Medford, Julia Ann Melchor, Altha Conn Mitchell, Dorothy Mae Mitchell, Mary Emily Mohler, Peggy Montgomery, Jennie Murphy, Anne Overby, Barbara Patchel, Martha R. Payne, Patricia Petree. Third Row: Mildred Ponder, Marie Poteat, Jean Pullen, Dorothy Rector, Jackie Roberts, Betty Sue Rogers, Lela Jean Ross, Dorothy Davis Safrit, Car- men Saleeby, Julia Faye Scott, Gladys Sebastian, Ann Sheider, Marjorie Geneva Shelton, Carolyn Faye Simmons, Martha Evelyn Sink, Betty Ruth Smith. Page 150 of 1951 First Row, left to right: Christine Perry Smith. Mary Janice Smith, Peggy Smith, Janet Smith, Lorena Snell, Barbara Anne Southall, Suzanne Speight, Elizabeth Anne Stanton, Norman Joan Stewart. Second Row: Betty Jean Summers, Barbara Ann Taylor, Elise Taylor, Eliza- beth Thomas, Rebecca Ann Thomas, Odessa Lee Torrence, Imogene Elizabeth Walker, Selma E. Ward. Maxine Warren, Sally M. Weaver, Joe Ann Webster, Weeden Webster. Third Row: Dorothy P. West, Ann White. Dee Wilkinson. Janice Williams, Louise Williams. Mary Lou Williams, June Williamson, Betty L. Wright. Mary Helen Wright. Barbara Anne Wyatt. Louise A. Wyrick. Joan Voumans, Mary Ruth Young. Page 151 meetings . . . meetings . . . meetings . . . I i : - ' • ' I meetings . . . and more meetings town students association TOWN STUDENT ' S JUDICI. as, Pat Waggoner, Laura Wr June Van Horn. The Town Students Association is an important organization on our campus. It is a link between the college campus and the large number of students who live in town. Their headquarters, the Town Stu- dent ' s Room, is a campus landmark. There the Greensboro girls can take a breather between classes, play a game of bridge, or maybe take a nap (if they are deaf). Page J56 group the girls have their own social com overnight reserve hunks problem al the librarj the rush udicial board with President Laura White foi .1 seal al Jerry ' s 01 the Soda Shop al lunch These drawbacks are well balanced by tin- non-existeni travel problem on holidays and the even more non exist few In mis i in week-ends. The Town Students are as much The girls who live ofl campus have disadvantages — ■ ' pari of Woman ' s College as their room with the ash getting up a little earlier for an eight o ' clock class, the trays, cards, knitting nc-cdlcs. honks, and gossip. Wolfe as chairman. The wiener roasts and the dame the ' spring are a traditional part of Hie down Sludei activities each year. " we never left home young women s christian association The Young Women ' s Christian Association at Woman ' s College is an organization that is open for membership to every girl of any faith from the first freshman to the last senior. It is their purpose to help every girl build for herself a more full and complete life and to reach a more comprehensive and satisfying knowledge of God. President Marie Averitt asked for suggestions and ideas from students and members, which she and her officers integrated into the Y plan for 19M. Working with her were Nancy Whitley, Vice-President; Anna Beeson, Secretary; and Elaine Holly, Treasurer. MARIE AVERITT ■JCY WHITLEY ELAINE HOLLY OFFICERS Marie Averitt President Nancy Whitley Vice-Pit sidt nt Anna Beeson Secretary Elaine Holly Treasurt r vespers at seven in the rac rhey organized .1 tnp to the Jewish Synagogue .is the first pari of .1 campaign to gain .1 better understanding of the various religious faiths and their houses of worship. Panel discussions on marriage and the home were held in both the freshman and upperclassman V clubs. Pro- grams were planned to inform the students on current affairs. Christmas and Thanksgiving worship servii 1 luld for .ill faiths in the Religious Ac n mes Center. There were social meetings held with YM A members from OUI I ' i. idier institutions. The freshman 1 liihs out 11 med the tradition at Christmas of the Hanging of the residence halls and al the homes of Chancellor (iraham and Dean Taylor. Our Y alert to community needs and world affairs and the place and duty of youth in these responded to .my call for service in Greensboro. First row, left to right: Mane Averitt, President; Potsv Fowler, Rachel Poole, Cecelia Cone, Mary Whitley, Evelyn Best, Rozelle Royall, Kay Porkei ' " CABINET in, Elaine Holly, Dot Parnsh, Coleen Brock Second row: Anno Beeson irson, Polly McDuffie, Anne Hall, Saleta Scobey Third row: None- interfaith counci Twice ,i month, in the Religious Emphasis Room, a group of girls representing every religious faith on campus comes together for the sole purpose of promoting better understanding among these various faiths. Among their projects this year were Religious Emphasis Week in the fall, presenting outstanding speakers from every faith. These men spoke to us at Aycock and in individual sessions in all the dorms. In the spring the Council sponsored World Day of Prayer. Interfaith Council co-operates in all its activities with the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Firs row, left to right: Marilyn Tolochko, row: Hilda Wallerstein, Ann Hall, Dot Call, Third row: Carole McKmney, Rachel Poole, Jansen, Dr Warren Ashby Absent: Dot Clo INTERFAITH COUNCIL es Harbison, Edna Fnedmon, Polly McDuftie, Charlotte Bunch, President Second Fyne, Helen Miller, Jo Brooks, Elizabeth Parker, Peggy Cameron, Jane Swindell. e Averitt, Nancy Whitley, Fran Fulcher, Marian Phillips, Dorothy Martel, Peggy m ' - i r fi Sr- -A J? ' - • service league " Let ' s add another car to the train. When the caboose pies on, we ' ll be over the top! " That was the starting gun for this year ' s Service Drive. Although we didn ' t go " over the top, " more dormitories went one hundred per cent than ever before — and the caboose was added. It was a real feather for Service League ' s cap because giving was on a voluntary basis for the first time and enough money was raised to bring another foreign student to Woman ' s College campus. The League ' s next project was a clothing drive, highlighted by a race for the best dressed dorm dummy. We gave our old clothes in a competitive yet serious manner for needy Greensboro families. The Conservation Drive made everyone conscious of the tremendous waste on our campus. " Service will remain and service we will do " — a wonderful motto as again the Service League made everyone on campus conscious of the Christmas Spirit all year round. ADVISORY GROUP Pat Ashley, Chairman; Enid Ayers, Frank Raney, Frankie Fowler. Florence Bow Ibe Maud Gate Page 161 The Greensboro Orchestro, Aitvater, presents a progrom in Aycock Auditorium. the greensboro orchestra In addition to its own concerts, the Greensboro Orchestra, with H. Hugh Aitvater, conductor, and George W. Dickieson, concertmaster, participates in the Messiah presentation, the Arts Forum, and various other performances. The Orchestra, which is completely symphonic in structure, is composed of faculty members, students, and members carefully selected from the community at large. the choir The Woman ' s College Choir, under the direction of Mr. George Thompson, is composed of approximately one hundred and fifty members from all phases of campus life. The group performs at many college functions— chapel programs. Arts Forum, University Sermons, and graduation. Arrayed in its full glory, the choir draws capacity audiences at the annual Christmas Concerts. woman ' s college chamber music players This group is on Under khedirecti bei music works junction with the it i Ik lew iihisk groups on campus which goes oul ol town for several performances during each season, of Mr. George Dickieson, the Chamber Musk Players devotes its time to reading and performing cham- r strings, with the occasional use of wind instruments. It usually makes its regular appearances in con- On hestra. CHAMBER MUSIC PLAYERS First row, left to right: Mr George Dickieson, Nancy Pease, ery, Margarei Emthe Robinson, Louise Enck son, Jonet McPhail, Julia Deskins Barbara Garvin, Lucille Hassell, Joyce Fishback, Shirley Leonard. Renthea Woodworth, CHOIR MEMBERS Helen Day, Carolyn Walters, Helen Moe Scries, Marshall DeShazo, Patricia Morrell, Dons Huffines, Anne B. Green, Patr.c.a He Agnes Gee, Mewborn, Enid Ayers, Corolie Hatsell, Margaret Griggs, Charlotte Bunch, Jessie Ford, Phyllis Kline, Shirley Tegg, Anne Rothgeb, Margaret Heck, Shirley Ann Gee, Birmah Bowman, Norma Bramlert, Eugenia Ingram, Marian Phillips, Frankie Herman, Sarah Ann Butts, Mary Frazier Paul, Miriam Gonella, Beverly Parker, Sarah McGoogan, Anne Welch, Anne Morrison. Bobbie Fuller, Mane Covil, Flora Mclver, Jane Kunze, Caroline Crews, Alice Joyner, Dons Ann Godbey, Jean Carol Phelps, Mary Louise Black, Mary Helen Brandon, Connie McLain, Phyllis McLean, Gillie Shaw, Sylvia Kanter, Libby Ruth Almond, Mary Anne Hunt, Nell Myers, Carole J. McKmney. Frances Campbell, Patricio Mellonas, Jean Pitman, Ann Tyson, Mary Ella Martin, Helen Lois Swanngen, Jean Thomos, Mary Frances Sharpe, Betty Jo Sevan, Norma Kerley, Betty Randall, Carolyn Neece, Martha Moore, Dorothy Rose, Rosa Bugg, Nellie Bugg, Emily Micol, Mane Bloke, Dons Clemmer, Nora Davis, Colleen Crenshaw, Helen Howell, Mary Ann Abernothy, Betty Lou Kennedy, Ann Ben- nett, Dora Barrett, Mary Ann Dudley, Laurel Gale, Ellenor Eubanks, Noncy Foust, Rose Fmcher, Cecelia Cone, Barbara Ann Hine, Barbara Wolter, Barbara Jean Beckner, Eleanor Weber, Virginia Parsons, Margaret Johnson, Ophelia Ingold, Sophia Steffan, Jean Aycock, Colleen Renegar, Nancy Evans, Doris Hovis, Jean Heafner, Frances Thompson, Mary Brum- ley, Evelyn Nance. Patricia Sanderford, Helen Chnord, Mortha Ann Nesbitt, Margaret Anderson, Ethel Ball, Dorothy Allen, Elizabeth Little, Betsy Ann Howard, Imogene Pons, Patricia Hege, Frances Carroll, Joyce Howe, Jean J. Williams, Mane Whitaker, Mary Anne Weotherly, Elizabeth Mockey, Mildred Warren, Frances Warren, Thelma Thompson, Nancy Atkins, Mary Carolyn Meeker, Hester BizzeM, Barbaro Anne Harris, Nancy Graybeal, Catharine Cox, Ann Sneod, Emily McLees, Emily Blackwell, Mariorie Tilson, Getty Gregg, Juanita Stokes, Margaret M. Maxwell, Kathryn Dob- bins, Geraldine Peorce, Kathryn Oliver, Blonnie Dale Bunn, Betty Oldham, Anne Strand, Nancy Page Smith, Hertha Irma Homuth, Ann Heafner, Cenieth Elmore, Ruth Herring, Pauline Mauney, Laura Sexton, Elizabeth Boucom. Utho von Tresckow, Dorothy Hoots, playlikers In Aycock the curtain is rising and the play has begun — " The Heiress. ' ' Experimental, The Tempest. " " Arsenic and Old Lace. " Upstairs lie thread and needles, remnants of last minute costume changes. Greasepaint and cotton litter the make-up room downstairs. The lights are shin- ing from the balcony. Somewhere, everywhere are Annie, " Teacher, " and Miss England. Critics may be " out front, " but none so harsh as the ones back stage. Mark, Mr. Bow- man, and the crewheads ever exacting, ever watching the " green " ones and the experienced ones alike. " But what can I do? " the new ones ask. " There are always paint cans to be scrubbed and floors to be swept, " comes the reply, " and do it right! " The Playlikers have presented a suc- cessful season, complete with bouquets and Thumper. OFFICERS Doris Hovis, Vice-President; Corinne Bissett retary-Treosurer; Anne Edwards, President. MASQUERADERS First row, left to right: Bunny Greenberg. Joan Blumberg, Kathy Miller, Bette Barksdale, Pat Mellonas, Jean Sattertnwaite, Mary Ann Stilwell, Betty King, Elaine Smetano Second row: Rosemary Boney, Martha Lohr Peggy Jansen, Dons Hovis, Ann Camhn, Dons Dwyer, Jackie Goodwin, Rena Furlong, Bettie Alice Dixon. Third row: Mr W. R. Taylor, Anne Edwards, Eleanor Gnswold, Beth Tanch, Corinne Bissette, Pat Tesh, Bobbie Fisher, Nan Wilkinson. I-. V% ill u The Playlikers of Woman ' s College ar on stag all yeai around. After the regular school session has ended, this spend fun-filled weeks on the stage of the Burnsville Summer Playhouse, Very young in years, this organization has gained fame throughout North Carolina for the Woman ' s College and the Playlikers. Anne Edwards is President oi Mas queraders, a group of students who have participated in the productions .it Aycock both as actors and winkers behind the scenes. From this group are chosen the members of Alpha Psi Omega, whose President is Doris Hovis. Together they choose the plays, build the sets, act, and make their behind- the-scenes work to live for the large numbers of people who attend their Playliker productions. ro them th play ' s the thing. " No dates, no wi al ' hapel Hill, no extra-curricula activities . . . jus; Their eyes are filled with another love, another sense of loyalt] And it you ask them why. they will look at you in WOndermenl and answer, I doll t know why. I just like it. ' hat else is there? " Then you know that to these people. " There ' s no business but show business. for " Arsenic and Old A. the pine needles . . . 1951 BUSINESS STAFF First row, left to right: Norma Hunley, Rachel Sarbaugh, Nancy Selecm Frances Skidmore. Second row: Sue Boykin, Margaret Smith, Jane Spencer, Stanley, Betsy Kinard, Ann Snead, Nancy Pntchett, Circulation Editor; Nan Nina Claiborne, Elizabeth The 1951 Pint NeedUi is a reality and getting it togethei and making it youi book is jusl .1 memorj Kat ' s idea was " the ikw V , ' the new W. ( thai we have seen slowly assuming shape on the campus in the years since the class oi ' 51 came to the campus, We liked the idea ol putting down in our hook memories ol the expansion and growth oi oui college while it After the- ide into the Alumn me ti the process 01 changing. • work, Juniors and Seni rs hied td Mr. .•rs had House, smiled for Mr. Tayloi a St.iley, and then waited for the results. Faculty memb to be rounded up tor then pictures. " Didi " and her camera could be found anywhere and everywhere trying to get a iew of the campus, a club member, or a lecturing professor. There were deadlines that hounded us, deadlines for the printers, the engravers, the photographers. There were times when the lack or loss of one snapshot or the presence of one unidentifiable person in a picture seemed capable of delaying the annual, but it all worked out in time, (ins worked to capture the theme in her drawings. Nancy sold the annuals and then scurried around peddling ads and counting pennies to pay for it. The work was all finished and in the printer ' s hands. We could relax and rest — almost. Piece by piece it began coming back to us in the form we had planned. With the fondness of a parent we could feel pride in the scattered pictures and pages just off the press to be proofed. And now we leave the book in your hands for whom it was created, with the hope that the memories it holds will remain long years after the new W. C. is no longer new. no Jeon Willord. Editor, Re- Second row: Bettve Evans, EDITORIAL STAFF First row, left to right: Margaret Lyon, Coleen Brock, Carol Editor; Lois Stephens, Photography Director; Julia Ross Lam Nancy Hamlet Second row: Marie Averitt, Marion Kimmelsteil, Barbara Jobe Betty Jean Conley, Jane Fuller, Janice Murchison, Peggy Putnam, Evelyn Dearman Jaylee Montague, Elinor Wrenn Not pi ' Carol Perry, Penny Bogort, Pat McGougan the Carolinian P MARY REYNOLDS Business Manager Wednesday night in the Carolinian office in the Alumnae House is enacted a weekly pageant not equalled anywhere else on this campus. Should you drop by on the night the Car) goes to bed, you might wind up behind a locked door that opens only for one who can produce an original feature story never used before in the Cory or any n ews- paper. Tempe, the big boss, presides over this weekly session with as much calm dignity as any editor can muster at midnight in the face of a deadline. The staff reporters type on into the night while James complains about the mess they are making in his building and while Elizabeth in- spires hungry writers with cake and coffee. Seldom has the Car) gone to press without a word (or two, or three) from Mr. " Wilkie, " who looks in from his late chores in the News Bureau around the corner. NEWS AND FEATURE STAFF First row, left to right: Mary Elizabeth Kent, Jean Harris, Dollie Moser. Second row: Sarah Lancaster, Ann Gnftin, Mary Ann Raney, Zita Spector, Rose Ann Shearin, Viola Batts. Third row: Betty Lynch, a Deutsch Nancy homes, Chris Carroll, Jackie Goodwin, Cherie Jontz, " ye Ruth Sedgewick, Carolyn Potts, Edna Ea The newspapei office atmosphere ol the Cat headquarters has been heightened by the unexpected people and events thai pass through the office. ( arj went down in Associated Press history the day Presidenl Gray granted an impromptu interview in fronl oi the office during Ins inauguration Car) pitched right into current world affairs when it was thought Uncle Sam was sending his well known greetings to the Woman ' s College campus. The Carj gained quite a bit of distinction the night Chancellor Graham was mis- taken for a janitor by a visitor to the office. There are nights when eight pages of blank space seem impossible to fill with just plain words when there ' s no money left in the budget for pictures. There are times when you can ' t capture a three column story in a one line head and when not even Rose can think of a new gag for the humor column. Hut as Mr. " Mac " out on Trinity Street has said as he has sent Cary to press for twenty-six years, " Now don ' t you worry. We ' ve been raising editors for years. " BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Mary Reynolds, Business Manager Standing: Lib Greene, Morylynn Rober son, Etta Rose Monn, Katy Farthing, Mary Anne Hunt, Carolyn Leibler, Mildrec Farlow, Millicent Simon, Virginia Hollomann EDITORIAL STAFF First row, left to right: Priscilta Snider, Tempe Hughes, Editor; Betty Sue Gandy, Nancy Burton Second row: Joanne- McLean, Marilyn Tolochko, Joan Austin, Ruth Levin, Ann Powell, Beth Tanch, Ruth Tillman, Carolyn Pickel, Ernestine Virginia Ingram. % the coraddi . . . 1951 L n. i J Ji has had its problems in the last few years, and this year has been no exception. Joanne and her staff have worked to offer the best writing to which they have resources and to enter the Coraddi into equal competition with other college magazines that hold to the highest standards of literature. It has not been easy. There were the locals McLean issued on Monday morning. " Stories will be in office tonight. Be ready to vote Wednesday. " By the deadline the staff members weren ' t speaking to each other. No one can agree on this story or thai one. And there must have been more than five stories submitted! Where is thai poem (?) somebody wrote? Twenty-three white pages can consume .1 lot f words. The engraver musl have thought this picture was the design for .1 new postage stamp. Have you measured it ? Late into the night Margaret and McLean slave over make-up. Powell issues orders right and left. There must be one person left on campus with an original idea. The literary stall began peeking around doors and out from under soda shop tables hunting for fiction. Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Mac- auley fortified their offices against eager writers seeking con- ferences on story revisions. There was the Campus Creative Contest. Just one more poster, Wendy! Mr. Jarrell talked to the Coraddi Club. " My wife says I shouldn ' t make it like a class. " Any tendency toward grimness on the part of any member shall be con- sidered sufficient grounds for expulsion from the club. Coraddi comes back from the printei smelling of ink from cover tO COVer, The stall i an distribute with pride their contribution to literature on the Woman ' s College campus BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Betsy Crawley, Anne Edwards, Betty Stimson, Mary Ann Ranev Not pictured: Rosemary Boney, Joan Layman, KtV flP ih 9 JL tB J k wt- i% V " W Mm W_ - ■ -— £ 2 3 1 Tl i betty lou merril Social L nairmt frances Campbell CL-I ' WU.J fc social planning counci With .1 concert by the Duke Calvaliers followed by .i campus-wide informal dance on the- night of Octobei - ' i , our Social Planning Council, under tin leadership of Betty Lou Merrill. assured V. ollege girls that their campus social program would be packed with variety and appeal. Early on the appeal list was Greater LJniversitj Daj with the Carolina-State game followed bj an open housi Chape] Hill. This tradition was established last year by the Greater University Council. In mid-November, Davidson-Woman ' s College Day was initiated with the aid of Davidson Social Chairman, Tommy Haller, and was ushered in with a football game, Sadie Hawkin ' s Hay square dame, supper in the Fraternity Houses, a hay-ride, a movie at the ' Y. " and an informal dame in the gym, Then the Council ' s variety list began with a December concert and variety show at Aycock by Burt Massengale and his orchestra. Fashion variety was created by Montaldo ' s and Ellis Stone ' s fashion shows. Advisors to Betty Lou and her committee are Mrs. Anne F. Carter, Miss Alice Suiter, and Mrs. Josephine Schaeffer, They consistently aim to promote .in integrated campus social program with variety and appeal to as many students as possible. Working with the Social Planning Council are representatives from the four Societies, Recreation Association, Y.W.C.A. and the Town Students. One of the most im- portant |obs is cooperation with Hall Social leaders, also members of the Council, who direct sim.i! activities in the residence halls. The four Societies sponsored the annual dames, the banquet, and a Rat Day flung with streamers of blue, green, red, and yellow. A balance, an offset, .wl] a medium of happy campus life are synonyms for the accomplishments and standards of the Social Planning Council. w, left to right: Naomi Muller, J Nell Smith, Second row: Kathen " Iba Rice, Nancy Wallace, h SOCIAL PLANNING COUNCIL Eddy, Mary Anne Hunt, Betty Sandra Roberts, Beulah Ya Bassett, Margaret JM adelphian society MARGARET MILLER marshals First row, left to right: Gray Culbreth, Nai Lillian Zachary, Jo Pharr, Elizabeth Poplin. Second Pat Morrell, Cecelia Cone, Betty Lou Van Hook- officers Left to right: Sterling Moore. Vice-Pres dent; Chris Davis, Secretary, Julie Packe Treasurer; Jo Bryan, Social Chairman. aletheian society cornelian society marshals First ' row, left to right: Gwen Wilborn, Nadia Daughtridge Nancy Elliott, Nancv Gray, Jonice Murchison, Normc Hunley. Second row: Ann Winslow, Betty Mclnnis. Stacy, Treasurer, Elizabeth Davis, Social 2 _ di kean society MARY A Presiden NNA TAYLOR officers Left to right: Rose Sheann. Sociol Choir- man, Nan Potter, Treasurer, Dot Kerner, Secretory; Glenna DeWitt, Vice-President. i - SIGMA PHI ALPHA THETA SIGMA DELTA P Laura Dobson, ulia Ross Lambert, President, Coan Bell. Mary Alice Turner, Jane Holtzclaw Nancy ' Pritchett. Donoso, Mary Ann Campbell, Joanne m . 1 1 s 1 L, 1 BB , B ■ mi I- a V H ferV f[ i f% i a | SIGMA ALPHA — honorary business fraternity . . , formal initiation ceremony . . . contacts with the professional world . . . reports from graduates. PHI ALPHA THETA — small but " brainy " group of history girls . . . party for all history majors to meet Dr. Graham . . . radio program as a follow-up of the Social Science Forum. SIGMA DELTA PI — Spanish conversations by the score . . . brains of the Spanish department ... a Christmas parry very Spanish in nature . . . study of Spanish culture . . . Alpha Tan chapter. ALPHA PSI OMEGA — honorary dramatics club . . . very formal initiation followed by informal party . . . achievements in service in the theatrical world at Woman ' s College. TAU PSI OMEGA — honorary French ' ' . . . studies of French culture . . . singing of French songs . . . Monsieur. Hardre . . . French movies in Aycock . . . " Bon]Our, au revoir, " etc. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA — national honorary sociology fraternity . . . outstanding speakers on various phases of social work . . . faculty-student participation . . . initiations . . . able guidance of Dr. Shivers. OMICRON NU — national scholastic honor society for home economics girls . . . to raise the prestige of the home economics department . . . informal social meetings . . . reports of research in the held of Home Economics. GAMMA ALPHA - business club . . . guest speakers with " testimonies " on the harsh. cruel business world . . . reception to meet the business faculty . . . panel discussions. Carroll Christian OMICRON NU Emilie Robinson, Nancy Ijames, Loui Beth Lennon Elizabeth Parker. HILLEL icent Simon, Hilda iident; Marilyn Tolochko WESLEY FOUNDATION rbison. President; Jone Swindell, Jean Tandy, ■rnarhy, Nellie Ivey. v SAINT MARYS VESTRY First row: Hazel Steele. Ellen Shepherd. Jo Robertson, Polly McDuffte, Mary Gibbs Second row: Lucy Pogc, I, Peggy Jeon Comeron, President, Nancy Spoolmon, Susan Smctono, Rose Finchcr HILLEL spring drives for ( ARE and United fewish Association . . . Friday nighl services .11 the R.A. room . . . a fall dance in Chapel Hill and other state-wide meetings and dances ... a Hillel arts festival in April. WESLEY FOUNDATION — re-decoration of Wesley house . . . a C hristmas party lor underprivileged children . . . " The Eye " . . . Wesley dramatic group and choir ... a freshman council. SAINT MARY ' S — Friday nighl suppers replacing Thursday lunches . . . Joy . . . tea for Dr. and Mrs. Graham . . . afternoon tea . . . sociability and informality . . . lorporate Communion services. LUTHERAN STUDENT UNION — meetings in the R.A. room . . . monthly supper . . . informal discussion groups . . . Reverend and Mrs. Samuel Fox as wonderful advisors . . . fun and fellowship. CATHOLIC — religious and social club . . . dance with State and Carolina clubs . . . Father Mundell ' s study group . . . Week-end at R.A. camp in the spring for spiritual fellowship and fun. MORAVIAN — overseas boxes to a Moravian German " pen pal " . . . substitute teachers and participators in the choir at the First Moravian Church . . . very active and helpful. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION — gala house-painting party . . Friday night " Baptist Dinner " . . . deputations from State and Carolina . . . Life Purpose Week . . . programs for Greensboro Baptist churches. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP — Friday night suppers . . . visits to the T.B. sanatorium and polio hospital ... a choir and special concerts . . . journalistic offering, the " Presby Press. " I 1 ' BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Dean Crumpler, Marion Phjll arilyn Dunn, Daisy Loud_ CATHOLIC Firsr row: Elizabeth Boulus, President; Bobbie Fisher. Second row: Trilby Boerner, Pat McBarron. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP DOLPHIN SEAL = irst row: Charl ie Christian, F _ewis. Second row: Betsy Lee, PHI PSI OMEGA Eva Kate Moore, Blanche Foster, President; Phillips, Mary Alice Ballew. m mm rii ' i tar i Hal j I ills Hifl 1:1 DOLPHIN SEAL — the annual water pageant . . . grace and beauty afloat . . . swan dives and such contortions . . . just swimming, swimming, and more swimming! BOOT N SPUR — the " horsey set " of Woman ' s College ... the horse show and the many practices involved . . . breakfast rides at some absurdly early hour . . . fall try-outs . . . " I ' m SORE ' " PHI PSI OMEGA — our classical club . . . membership on merit of scholarship . . . Dr. Lame ' s Christmas " shin-dig " . . . Miss Jastrow speaks on Grecian art . . . Latin and Greek majors. SQUARE CIRCLE — promotes interest in mathematics ... for fun, these students work problems . . . excitement! . . . " Did you get number nine? " . . . lecture programs on various phases of math. -4-H CLUB — member of national -i-H Association . . . demonstrations of a practical nature . . . many winners in the National Congress . . . highest national award, the President ' s trophy. HOME ECONOMICS — purpose is to further interest in home economics . . . guest speakers at the monthly meetings . . . around 150 members . . . sewing and cooking labs. BOTANY CLUB — the famous picnics in Dr. Thiel ' s back yard . . . lectures on plant life and Mower arrangements . . . hilarious initiations Strictly in the interest of botany, of course . . . hikes. PRE-NURSING — to further the interest of girls in nursing . . . polio hospital trips to see what nursing is like ... a spring dance . . . our future Florence Nightingales. Carolyn Smith, President; HOME ECONOMICS Roberts. Stond- B0TANY Ann Dryden, Nell Smith, Laura Dodson, Nan " tty Bevan, Ann Tyson. PRE-NURSING ancy Gilbert, Freddye Green, Peggy McGow ' : Geneverette Oldham, Elizabeth Shel ' : Ola Lillcy, Dot Parnsh, Prosit RADIO WORKSHOP President; Connne Bissettc, Leo Culbcrt Ginger blumDcrg. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Seated: Barbara Mongum, President Standing: Peggy ThompsDn, Ameha Hunter, Nodia Doughtndgc SPANISH of Spanish jspanol about s 5 ( hristmas party with Sigma Delta ' . . . portrayal ive members. RADIO WORKSHOP " Woman ' s College on the Air " is a pel hobby . . gives students experience in the field of radio . . . a Hooper Rating project for a Greensboro station . . . " .mil we sign off for tonight. " FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA — preparation of the teachers for their careers . . . a beautiful Christinas party . . . teaching at the polio hospital . . . " We ' re not old- maid school inarms. " PSY( HOIOGY — excellent guest speakers such as Dr. Rhine of Duke University . . . E.S.P. and parapsychology . . . dramatization of psychological terms at initiation. SOCIOLOGY — sociology and recreation majors . . . Minn ' s trip to the White I louse ( onference in Washington . . . Christmas basket for a needy family . . . Mr. Johnson as the Babe in the manger. CADUCEUS — for stimulating interest in the medical profession . . . Dr. CollingS as guest speaker . . . observations of operations in downtown hospitals . . . students ol famous doctors ' lives . . . spring picnic. MEDICAL TECHNICIANS — beautiful and impressive initiation ceremony . . . excellent jobs ahead for these " wearers of the white coats " . . . lab after lab! ( HEMISTRY CLUB — Miss Schaeffer . . . Christmas party with experiments by Madame President . . . picnics and lectures. BUT these main labs are not picnics . . . many interesting job openings. Phillips, Emily Green. CHEMISTRY Anne Holl, Bessie Freeman, Carroll Christian, Nell Adkii President. ART First row: Jeon Floyd, Carolyn Deitz, PresK Sechrest Second row: Jane Cabiness, Barbari MODERN DANCE — try-outs " galore " . . . participation in the Arts Forum . . . spring chapel program . . . choreography of their own ... the resulting aches and pains are well worth it. ART CLUB — especial interest in Arts Forum . . . speaker from State College elaborat- ing on architecture . . . student exhibit at the close of the year . . . " little " parties. CHOIR — frightening try-outs . . . roll call and cuts . . . Mr. Thompson . . . the tradi- tional and marvelous Christmas and Easter concerts . . . practices Monday at rive o ' clock. MUSIC EDUCATION — provision of the study room . . . brings music majors together organization of a high school chorus . . . alumnae week-end with former students relating experiences . . . Miss Holloway and Mr. Kline. YOUNG COMPOSERS sponsorship of programs of student compositions . . . con- cerned with the problems of writing music today . . . Mr. Weisgarber . . . Arts Forum . . . a " end-of-the-year-dambake. " GALILEAN — all physics students are eligible ... the " Christmas Star " program . . . Dr. Reardon . . . skit on ancient physicists . . . monthly meetings and the spring picnic. RE REATION — second year of organization . . . annual meetings with State and Carolina . . . Miss Da is and Miss Mossman . . . all sorts of activities. NATIONAL STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION — varied activities . . . N.S.A. works to form student opinion in America . . . interest in international affairs . . . open house alter panel discussions . . . new on campus . . . Cosmopolitan Club is under N.S.A. Steele, Betty Hill, Wendy Word, ise Easterling, Martha Lohr. Absent: recreation association Lib Tart, Pat Ashley. Lura Clingenpeel, Carolyn Miller, Ginger Rosemary Barber, Bobbie Strickland, Mattie Barnnqer, Barbaro Cornelia Kuykendall, Ann Goudelock, Frances Fowle Peggy Cameron, Virginia I cy Maples, Cornelia Kuyk Betty Alice Godwin, Dor .ewis, Jeon S Howard, Betsy Haley, Virginia Van Dyke. nsman, Trilby Boomer, Mary Grace Grady, Nancy Burton, Carol Byrd, Mildred Cooper, Corolyn Biggerstoff, Chorlie The Recreation Association Cabinet is made up of sports heads, club presidents, committee chairmen, and three faculty members. Cabinet members are elected by the students for their ability to lead and organize sports and other recrea- tional activities. It is their duty to decide on policies and procedures for the Recreation Association and to help soke problems concerning recreation for the campus. go sporty with " A sport a clay for every girl. " This is the claim made by the Recreational Association on Woman ' s College campus. From the way things stand, it looks as if it is absolutely correct. R. A. offers everything from archery to volley ball. Just take your choice of any sport; and if they don ' t have it, it isn ' t worth playing. Every season has its own sports, in which the dormi- tories and leagues compete for the championship. Winners are announced at the end of each season. Fall and spring seasons feature tennis, golf, archery, hockey, riding, and Softball. The w inter season features basketball, volley bal and stunts and apparatus. If you like to swim, the poo open all yen recreation association You don ' l even have to exerl yoursell to any greal extenl in participate in R. A There are many sports offered thai to play .1 sport, there is always someone there ready and willing to help you. The clubs connected with R. A. should not be forgotten Dolphin-Seal Club for the swimmers, Boot ' n Spur for the equestriennes, Modern Dance Club for the choreographers, and Square Dance Club for the " Virginia Reelers. " These arc by no means all of the clubs, but they go to show some of the various activities in which a Woman ' s College stu- dent may participate. Yes. " a spm i a day for every girl " is a claim well stated and upheld by the Recreational Association. BkA .A«Pt- 1950 Gym Meet means fun and entertainment to the audiences thai gathei to witness it. Ii was exa tly thai and more. The entertainment ranges from .nu ' inspiring feats of physical coordination to the stunts " I .1 troop ol the theme, The brilliant colors, gay music, 1 spirit v.. is caught in tins exciting three ring .ill I ,k It girl partic ipating in the gymnastic -skills part of the program performed a series of feats. Upon the comple- tion of each she was given points according to her per- formance. When .ill the girls had finished, the totals were compared and an honorary team was chosen from the highest ratings. These were announced at the end oi event along with the winning league. The evening closed amid the cheers and applause of the audience for the successful ending of a performance that had required a great deal of work and planning. % r y i| Bhi r » w on the week-end the fun began arts forum Student writers, painters, composers, playwrights, and dancers from many colleges gathered this year on the Woman ' s College campus to join with us in participating in the eighth annual Arts Forum. Since its inception, the Forum has grown from a stimulant for a handful of student creative work to encompass material from aspiring artists of the nation. During the studded activity week, three one-act experimental plays were presented by the college Playlikers, a marionette and puppet performance was given, photography and art work were exhibited, poetry and literature were read for criticism, and the modern dance group performed student-choreographed work. Skillful criticism from the distinguished authorities present was invaluable to the rising generation of artists. Robert Penn Warren, outstanding novelist and critic, and professor of English at the University of Minnesota, offered his expert opinion at the session of literary criticism. Prominent in the world of music, Earl Moore, head of the Department of Music and teacher of music composition at the University of Michigan, discussed the music; Martha Hill, teacher of dance at New York University and Bennington College and co-director of the Summer School of Dance at Connecticut College for Women, demonstrated dance techniques and constructively reviewed representative works of the dance. Analyses of the one-act experimental plays was given by Robert Porterfield, head of the Barter Theater of Virginia, and the panel discussions on art work were conducted by George Boas, professor of Aesthetics at Johns Hopkins University. The continued success and improvement of the expanding ex- perience we call the Arts Forum is accredited to Dr. Marc Fried- laender, who took his position as chairman in 1946 and with every year increases the benefits derived by the students. Composing the student committee were Esther Elliot, Louise Erickson, Anne Edwards, Bette Barksdale, Carol Byrd, Jo Carroll Ennis, Carolyn Dietz, Barbara Jobe, Mary Idol, Joanne McLean, and Tempe Hughes. Anne Powell served as Arts Forum secretary and student chairman. First row, left to right: f Erickson, Jo Carroll Enni Edwards, Bette Barksdale those memorable evenings.. . . . . in Aycock Auditorium will live with us far beyond our college days The variety oi the opportunities offered during these delightful hours enhance the flavor ol college experience. Musicians, authors, travelers, .aims, and critics pour Midi diverse values on the campus thai the students emerge from the new WC with the broad outlook of cultured people LECTURE-ENTERTAINMENT SERIES, 1950-51 diehard Dyer Bennett October 6 Cornelia Otis Skinner October 31 Charles Laugh ton November 7 Maynard Miller December 6 Helen Jepson January 16 Sir Angus Fletcher February 1 Pearl Buck February 26 Dudley-Maslow-Bales Dance Group March l-i T.V.Smith April 19 CIVIC MUSIC SERIES Gregor Piatigorsky, cellist November 9 Jacques Abram, pianist .January 9 Guiseppe de Stefano, tenor February 6 Huston Symphony Orchestra February 21 Kirsten Flagstad, soprano March 2 1 The house lights Charles Laughton harriet elliott social science forum Using " Public Opinion in a Democracy " as its theme, this year ' s Social Science Forum intensified for its listeners an awareness of the real danger to public opinion of false propaganda. History Professor Arthur M. Schlesinger of Harvard voiced through Ins discussion Wlm Makes Public Opinion? " his views of the subject. Robert K. Merton of Columbia University aroused interest with his question, " Do We Have a Free Market in Ideas? " Charles A. Siep- mann, also of Columbia, spoke on " The Nature of Propaganda. " and Hadley Cantril, Director of the Office of Public Opinion Research at Princeton, lec- tured from the panel on " The Citizen and the Policy Makers. " First row, left to right: L Helen Rigby, Peggy Hull, Campbell. STUDENT COMMITTEE Wright, Anne Whittington, Joan Wi Temko, Chairman; Sally Cheney, Mc Seeking to explore the conflicting problem I i both theoretical and practical .mules, the Forum invited representatives ol the press, radio, and television to mi in on the meetings and enter into the discussions. The weeks ol planning by the faculty committee, studenl committee, and scores ol other persons, brought to Woman ' s College, as well as citizens in neighboring vicinities and visiting schools, an intensi lied awareness ol the importance of making " value judgments " and in claiming for oneseli " responsible freedom. " Through the inspiration of our late dean, Harriet I lliott, the Social Science Forum is becoming a tradition of the democracy at Woman ' s College. A faculty committee, headed by Dr. Eugene Pfaff, with the assistance of Mimi Temko and her student com- mittee, each year advances publicity both on and off the campus and arranges for the arrival and enter- tainment of visiting experts, faculty, and students. These visitors are welcomed to our campus to partici- pate in the Social Science Forum, our attempt to become better informed on matters that concern us all in a changing world. Page 197 acu Tu . . . those familiar faces we learned to know and admire in the classrooms and out. We discovered that they were not only interested in us as students, but as distinct individuals. They didn ' t live only in their offices and classrooms . . . we chatted with them at the Soda Shop, at meals in the Home Economics cafeteria, and in their homes. Of course, we cussed about their tests; we griped about their projects and outside reading assignments; we grumbled about their essons . . . but just let an outsider sneer at them, and see how fast we take up for them! They have required our best, but, in return, they have given their best to us. They have led us, certainly, but in so doing have taught us to lead. Those of us who are leaving will carry with us many fond memories. We won ' t forget the faculty personalities. Dr. -Bardolph and Illinois . . . Mr. Hornaday ' s frantic r un at uj.c energy . . . Miss LaRochelle ' s cooking feats . . . Dr. Clutts ' " Exhibit A. " his plaster casl . . . Mrs. Staley ' s good looking suns . . . Mr. Hall and Ins " G I afte on, young ladies ... Mr. Shaftesbury ' s cracks aboul blondes . . . Mr. Ivy and his " Modern Art Is Inevitable " . . . Miss AU . champion of Woman Suffrage . . . Miss Mi. milliliter and her hot-ties . . . Miss England and " glottal shock " . . . Miss Fowler ' s cosmopolitan efficiency . . . Mr. Painter ' s caustic wit . . . Dr. Keeney ' s textile con- ventions . . . " Pinky " Thompson ' s color schemes . . . Mr. Phillips and his constant grin . . . all these and many more we will remember with fondness. We will take with us many of their concepts and beliefs, many of their hopes. We ' ll carry the memories of sharing fun and work. And we hope that they will remember us, as we will them, as true friends. Chancellors, past ond present, confer in the Alumnoe House. it £ J4tL l ' X iJjr r A w e had lots to learn • • • ( was so new and so were we The place was so big, and no one could e,i e us direct s to the ( lass Chairman ' s office; thej didn ' t have a compass, eithei We tagged aftei Ask Me " signs and learned to go around the deepest ditches. They told us our color was green, and that ' s just the way we felt. We saw the red-jacketed Seniors look sad when the old bridge fell, and we didn ' t understand how they could be senti- mental about an old bridge. It was just too much that we had to have a speaking acquaintance with every leaf in Pea- body, much less endure those- gosh-awful three- hour labs. They told us Dr. Graham was a freshman with us. loo, but lie was just another face for us to learn. We learned that lights went out for us at eleven o ' clock, and mi extra minute meant tell- ing it to the judge. But, we learned. We had a class song and officers pretty soon, and we were beginning to know someone besides the room- mate. We were catching on, and it was ful. yr FRESHMAN COMMISSION Firs row, left to right: Faye Conn, Peggy Best, Louise Moorvey, Choirmon; Evelyn Mills, Lou Bradley, Pot McMohon, Margie Preisinger, Barbara Hir Easterlmg, Phyllis Franklin, Sally Horn Third ro- Not pictured: LOS I sv %:- Our President, Rozelle Royall we were moving up but still two to go . . . The lust year was rough, but we came back. We still jumped when someone said " Freshman, ' ' but we covered it up with that " I ' m past that stage " look. The upper- classmen dorms with seniors living next door were just as new as late lights every night. There was no more hoard- ing of week-ends in case you were asked to Chapel Hill. We pestered Dr. Layman about the requirements for this major and that. The blue jackets came in December, and we marched with our banner through the dining halls, trying to keep together on our class song. Other jackets were brighter, but none so new. We gave the Sophomore-Senior Shipwreck party for the " big sisters " who were leaving, and sang until we choked as they filed out of the last mass meeting. At the crack of dawn, we gathered daisies for the Daisy Chain and held it while the black robes marched through. We were old- timers at last, but it was mighty nice to know we would be coming back in the fall. Three down and one to go! We are stepping into the campus jobs now, and are, at last, a " big sister " class. We directed Freshman Week and we answered all the ques- tions. We never expected to live so long! Freshman year is just a memory, 101 courses just a dream, a bad one. We were rats and longed for revenge. The faces, faces, faces that now are so familiar. We moved up a notch and returned our " sisters ' " hospitality with the Apache party. We put over the Vocational Guidance program in April and sold school pins, stationery, and any- thing without roots to build up our treasury. This year we danced to Deep Purple, and planned and attended our first Junior-Senior. The Junior Show was the hit of the year, as far as we were concerned. The first twinges of that " I hate to leave " feeling has begun. It was such a short time ago that we were the new ones and now . . . we ' ve made our dash for the seats vacated by the Red Jackets. Time ' s passing so quickly, but the Black Jackets of ' 52 have one more year to go. three Sm vC iJS PjQn inill ■ down, almost there this is the end We came in time to love the old WC; we stayed long enough to enjoy the new WC. We remember ... the smoky old Junior shop in the basement of Administration . . . and we were out of place among the BMOC ... the biology labs (frogs, worms, ugh!), history reading . . . Sophomores yelling, " Get off the grass " . . . lectures at Aycock . . . and getting it all done before closed study . . . Boo Pearsall, our first chief . . . " Blue Moon, " a real college dance! Sophomore year, and we were big ones. Miss Davis took us over, ,;nd we settled down to the business of knowing more than the freshmen ... Rat Day Revenge ... our red jackets added a spark of color to the campus . . . Fran Fulcher in the President ' s chair . . . " It Might As Well Be Spring. " Uppc-rdassmen .it last, and we were no longer a " baby Class " . . . Mellie Barlow and Betty Lou Merrill directing the Junior Show, the best WC has ever seen, we think . . . Nancy Holder our president, and " Bailemos " our dance . . . our first Junior- Senior . . . real, honest-to-goodness majors ... the green jackets leaving and our scramble for seats in front ... we could see over the horizon at last. Then we were the " wheels " . . . Our footprints in the mud making tracks all to fast . . . Nancy Blanton and Sarah Carter in the driver ' s seats and Nellie Bugg our president . . . Laura White Wolfe crowned our prettiest in the spring ... the passing of the old WC with the bridge ... the coming of a new era with Dr. Graham ... the Red Jackets of ' 51 were a part of the old, a part of the new, and a part of WC forever. m laura white wolfe ' ueen day. ..1951 May Day and the crowning ol our fairest in Peabody Park are the positive signs that winter ' s last drab traces are gone and spring has painted the land with her gay colors. We celebrated this age-old holiday, ever new and ever beautiful, in the tradition of Merrye Olde England where legend first placed this custom. mary copenhaver re aid - of - - Manor Joanne sechrest 1 1 ' faia - of- Mon or Page 209 Mary Bassett Frances Campbell Nadia Daughtridge may day attendants Pat Paton Hazelbelle Pearsa Carmen Pope May Day Chairman Betty Lou Merrill Margaret Miller 1951 The modern dancers interpreted the joy of the village maidens over the coming of this new season. The celebration was climaxed by the arrival of the Queen of the May and the fourteen ladies of her court. The May Pole dancers wound the traditional pole and the Queen was crowned. Then she was entertained by the village folk that, for one day at least, she ruled. Patricia Reid Nell Smith Mary Anna Taylor FRIDAY. MAY 25 1951 commencement program 9:00 P.M. Senio r Class Ball — Alumnae House SATURDAY, MAY 26 10:00 A.M. Art Exhibit— Weatherspoon Gallery, Mclver Building. 2:30 P. M. Annual Meeting of Alumnae Association — Alumnae House. 4:30 P.M. Senior Class Day — Front Campus 8:30 P.M. Guest Performance by Playlikers — Aycock Auditorium. SUNDAY, MAY 27 11:00 A.M. Baccalaureate Sermon — Aycock Auditorium — Dr. Everett R. Clinchy. 4:00 P. M. Concert by the Greensboro Orchestra and the College Choir — Aycock Auditorium. 5:00 P. M. Informal Gathering for Seniors, Parents, Alumnae and Friends — Alumnae House. MONDAY, MAY 28 10:30 A.M. Graduation Exercises- Aycock Auditorium. ft Page 2 2 4 i the class of ' 51 passes... . . . into history, into the Alumnae Association of the- Woman ' s Col lege. We commence a new life and go our separate ways. But we ' ll remember C . . . the old and the new. We couldn ' t forget the red jackets that were replaced in time by the black caps and gowns. We ' re leaving, but our memories will remain with us in the years ahead . . . I Sarah Dee Vaughan Donald Che OUR ADVERTISERS 11 ■a m r 1 -- ■ 1 EE 1 11 1 • - € " IB ■ ■■ U I inp V leedles Call back youthful days in the mountains where they formed a soft brown carpet to walk on. a read} burrow for rabbits when snow covered the ground, a warm bedding for the dog house as well as tin- pig St) during the cold winter months, an aromatized filling for a " straw tick ' " to sleep mi. a touch of green and reminder of spring against bleak skies when other foliage had fallen — and now as a most appropriate name for a Wimbish Insurance Agency 917-25 SOUTHEASTERN BLDG GREENSBORO, N C FIELDS 102 SQUTH ELM STREET Exquisite Feminine Apparel TALLEY ELECTRIC COMPANY 1109 BATTLEGROUND AVENUE GREENSBORO. N C. Dial 4-1531 C. H. TALLEY, Owner J t atercrs of rinc l oods GREENSBORO, N C 1416 Northwood at Wendover Telephone 2-1450 I . J. BLISS, President DONNELL ' S GUEST HOME J R DONNELL A Home of Comfort and Hospitality For Travelers Phone 2-2111 U. S. HIGHWAY 29, 70, 421 1112 West Market St ♦ Greensboro, N. C. Page 276 To w. c. u. n. c. Students and Faculty Members Our mosl Bincere thanks for youi support and cooperation during this firal school with you ii has reallj been nice and we look forward 1 an) more of the Hugh .1. Snavelj THE CORNER Bouks • Gifts • Stationery - Costume Jewelry - Cosmetics 344 TATE STREET PHONE 4-4866 FRANKLIN DRUG STORE " ALL YOUR DRUG NEEDS " College Girls Welcomed SAM M. I ALLS and RUSSELL FRANKLIN Tale at Walker Wenue Greensboro. North Carolina McMINN NDRFLEET Jrckitects 233y 2 N. Greene St. Greensboro, N. C. SASLOW ' S Greensboro ' s I aii;i si rctlii Jewelers 2 1 I S.iutli Kim Street SUNSET HILLS Kedtaumnt 1618 Friendly Road Phone 2-4239 BLUE BIRD TAXI, INC. Two-way radio equipped cabs 5112 — DIAL — 5112 IS O It It l» mulling ami II « ni Company High Point. North Carolina ing The Jewel Box Greensboro ' s Leading Diamond and Gift Store for over 28 years L34 South Elm Street Greensboro. North Carolina THE COLLEGE SHOP " Your Shop " 405 Tale Street S. T. WYRICK and COMPANY N. Greene Street Phone 2-4133 Office Furniture and Supplies Engraved Wedding Invitations and Announcements Complete Line oj SPORTING GOODS DEVOE PAINTS KT1STS MATERIALS KEARNS PAINT COMPANY 112 N. Greene Street QiiSiW colonial h ( rue louthem hospitalit) f .. pari tjti and friend VII TORI MAX OH AMI IOIOII COURT 1045 West Market Sir.-. i Greensboro, Y G a nril and iperated frj MR and MRS. - 1 DI KINSON Guests MOO Teleph. nee Business 3-2792 WATSON and HART CONSISTING ENGINEERS Greensboro, N. C. for LOVELY THINGS TO GIVE AND HAVE Shop At Jown ana L ountru GIFT Mloi» Guilford Dairy Bar foi delicious • Banana Splits • Sundaes . Sodas . Milk Shake, . Ice Cream locate,! on . Market St. OPEN mm until 11:0(1 p. m. Page 219 Krispy Kreme DOUGHNUT COMPANY 134 Y. Lee St. Phone 2-0466 Greensboro. N. C. WASH ■O-MAT Self-Serv ce Laundry 328 Tate Street Phone 2-1329 MOTION PICT1 RES ARE EDUCATIONAL AND YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT Relax AND ENJOY A GOOD MOV IK VI YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE CAROLINA NATIONAL IMPERIAL A Letter to the Classes of 1953 and 1954 To the sophomores we express our appreciation of the confidence ou placed in our concern by selecting us to make your class blazers. We sincerely hope that the enjoyment of wearing your i lass blazer will be only one pleasant part of our remaining years at college. To the freshmen we express ur anticipated pleasure at meeting you and serving oiir class. We believe that the Blue jackets now worn b) the sophomores will ai ipl) demonstrate the c|iialit ol our jlazer. We hope that we can deserve your confidence also, and thus have the opportunity to make our class blazers thi coming fall. Very truly yours. ROBERT ROLLINS College Outfitters 100 West End Avenue New York 23. N. Y. Page 220 Enjoy yourself at the ( a6a d- lc anca w on the High Point Road Phone 3-4947 mELVin GROCERY MEATS and GROCERIES 1001 Spring Garden For complete i rug and prescription service Call On GUILFORD REXALL DRUGS the Gu ilford Drug Co. 100 S. Elm St. 1 Corner Market St. 1 Phone 2-1 169 FREE DELIVERY THE BOAR and CASTLE W. MARKET STREET EXT. student patronage approved by student council ft Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop PHONE 3-2205 CURB SERVICE Page 222 SPIC and SPAN t. i- i 1 1 a ■■ f 1 % o fl a S li » |i .i. ' ill Tat.- St Specializing in Your H a .r it - Snack Golden Brown Waffles Stealu and Chopt E ' BDNN Hair Styling Professional Permanent Waving With Controlled Heat The Lotus Restaurant Chinese and American Dishes DELICIOUS CHOW MEIN 105 South Greene Street POWELLS SHOES I. Miller — Mademoiselle — Walk-Over Joyce ll.S South Elm Greenshoro ' s Newest Night Club . . . The Shangri-La (under new management) Located on the High Point Road I Opposite the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. I DINING AND DANCING Specializing in STEAKS CHICKEN DINNERS NO COVER CHARGE CURB SERVICE Ideal for Holida Entertainment For Reservations — Phone l- ' UH The Shangri-La Open Daily at 5:00 p. m. PRIVATE DINING ROOMS EOR PARTIES OR B Noi ETS Southeastern Construction Company Builders of more than one thousand . . . COMMERCIAL INSTITUTIONAL INDUSTRIAL Projects Since 1921 -MAIN OF F ICE- CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA SUNSET CLEANERS 1616 Friendly Road Dial 5650 You will be glad tomorrow You will be glad todav That we clean your clothes See our representative in each dorm LEON ' S JJ cai ,t u Safe i Continuity of study — plus application — make this the salon for the ultimate in hairdressing PERMANENT WAVING Tate at Walker Phone 6526 FURNITURE COMPANY Home furnishers to the Carolinas for 33 years 112 South Greene Street Page 224 3U fecca ' The Oasis o) . Food " Ml! C0NDITI0NE1 MONTALDOS Visit out lolonj Shop fin iiur » hool i lothes! Coats. Suits, Dresses Sweaters, Skirts Jackets. Hats Cosmetics, essories Lingerie Sparkling refresh- ment that makes the next job easier Page 225 Page 226 WHAT MAKES A CHAMPION ATHLETE? be safe to say that anufacfure high quality texti athletic champion is the resu IS IT CONDITIONING. . . coaching . . . teamwork . . . physique . . . sportsmanship competitive spirit ... or just plain honest-to-goodness athletic skill? We don ' t pretend to be athletic i products. But as sporting fans we think of all these fine qualities. We know that it has taken a combination of great leadership, manufacturing know-how. carefi planning, employee loyalty, and skilled teamwork to make Burlington Mills a champion in the teitil industry. The Company ' s many accomplishments and progressive growth during the past 27 years an well known. We are proud of this record and equally proud of our 32.000 employees who have wi together with real team spirit as members of the Burlington team. It ' s a fact that Burlington ' s fine fabrics, hosiery and other textile products are truly Woven Me Life of America " — just as every Burlington plant is woven into the life of its own community ted Burlington Mill " Woven into O the Life of America ' ' Executive Offices ( Iki i nsboro, N. C. MAKER OF WOMEN ' S OUTERWEAR AND UNDERWEAR FABRICS • MENS WEAR FABRICS • DECORATIVE FABRICS • HOSIERY FOR MEN AND WOMEN COTTON PIECE GOODS AND YARNS • RIBBONS • INDUSTRIAL AND TRANSPORTATION FABRICS Page 227 ' U ' V ,. J1 LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA c cuovl yiwluwhciis • ■• A Sk. portraiture by TAYLOR-STALEY STUDIO north greene • greensboro • telephone 2-0197 Jftf mdll attcl £cen$ student directo .i.,.„-. Bartholomo. ROI k, Mount Barton, Nancy, 111 Field H.I.. Lo,,g,,,ea,l..» . «.-. 27. 99. loll. 103 389 l„nif„rd Ave- V-l 140 Bason. Eric, lie. 1111 Elxdl A,,-.. 103.181 Lenora. River Aires. Washington 121 «a„. Gertrude 2113 Hillcrct Aic. Favollo.illc 139 F... Rl. 1, W inslon-Salem 103 Bass. Grace Irene. 205 Hilleresl Ave.. Fayette. Ille 31.42 .cdbeltor. Gibson 148 Bass. Jane Ann.-. Box 297. Spring Hope 12. 181 103 Bass. Jovee Frances. 203 Hilleresl A.e.. Fayette, ille 139 121 Basset!. Mar. F.. 39 Lucerne Ave.. Ashe.ille 12. 173. 176. 210 181 Bateman. llola Jovce. Columbia 138 121 Battc. Margaret, 219 North Oak St., Slatesville 42 139 Halt,,,. s„-a„ McKinnir. 898 V Fast St.. Kinsion 121 III Bills. Janet M 31111 Br Iln-ad l„. Jamestown. N. V. 103 Baits. Viola. Mill, Home. Thomasvillo 1(13.168 103 Rati,. Mar, ill,. 121 Cherokee 11,1.. Charlotte 121 112 Elizabeth V.. " . 3363 Indiana V c. Southern Pines Elizabeth Ann. 21 Camden ltd.. V ad, sboro 121 Raleigh 103 t.ldison. Ill, Hi .,l„il, Box 1606. Durham Ader, Nancy Anne, W alkcrlown tdkiiis. Nellie Grey. 211 V Main. Iranklinton 27.31. .hern. Mar, I.oui-e. 313 V M. ml. nholl Si.. Croon-hnro Albritton. Virginia. 993 W. Cabarrus St.. Raleigh Alexander. Belt, Sue. Fine, roll Bd.. Greensboro Alexander. Josephine. Box 13. Stony Point Alexander. Margaret Ann. 11311 Harding PI.. Charlotte Alexander. Mar, Charles. Rt. 1. Wilkcsboro Alexander. Charil, Virginia. 3211 F. Windsor St.. Monro Allord, Jacqueline P.. Rt. 2. Middlesex Allen. Bobbie Fa,.-. Route 1. Snow Camp Ml,.,. Ilorotl... S»„„sb„r„ Allen. Eleanor Sue. W llr.. Ashrboro Allen. Kiel,, Lou. 616 Filth A,.-., « est. Henderson, ill,- Allen. Martha Ellen. 193 1 Exing A.e.. Charlotte Allen, Patsy Lee. Box 522. Canton Allen. Winnifrcd Oemarius. Rl. 6. Box 516. Greensbor Vllred. Elizabeth Vnne. 3511 McAdoo A.e.. Greensboro Allred. Frances May.-, 1326 W. First St.. « inslon-Salem •II. brook. Mar, Iran,.-. 123 Washington. Roauok, Hapi Almond. Libb. Ruth. Rt. 1. Box 150. .No London Richfield Ellen. 3 17 .III. lldrex.. Flora Gelene. Sparta ndrew,. Jean Elizabeth. 713 Club BI..L. Ilur ndrews. Mary lipton. Glade Valley ngstadt. Sonia. 1 1(15 Lilac Bd.. Charlotte nthony, Harriett,- Hollon. 8115 I re, com ,c. nthon.. Joan Marie. 11 I Gill St.. I.auriiibiirg rmfield. Helen Jean. 812 Joins. High Point . Sara Isabel. 62 1 Jo, in r nne Yvonne, Wendell ' Ann. 122 Muntgnu St.. Greensboro 1113. IKO ■ono«. Harriet Shirley. tlll7 Madison A.e.. Newport News. Va. rii.gton. Robin I, re,. 8 13 Eastern A.e.. Rock. Mount rowood. Mar. llirkson. Barium Springs ihur. Margaret Ann. 2(11) Vt . king St.. King- Mountain 700 Bridges St.. Morchcod City Bonn 1311 31. hley. Patricio Ann, 423 31. 40. 99. 161. Naney Jan.. 2 168 Ma -,.,,,1 A.e.. Win .-Sal. u, Nancy Strain. 926 . Triuil, V.c. Durham Ruth James. 316 Main St.. Clinton Iwood. Janice Pierce. 225 N llri.e. Buffalo 16, 1 . Y. hit. Barbara Anne. 2 17 Gram, r. . PL. Glen Rock. N. J. uskern, Miriam June. 11(15 F. 18 St.. Brooklyn. V V. ustin. Joan. 229 S. Caldwell. Brevard 11. ustin. Mar. ,lkl tki ren. Box 174. Hunter. Ill Blanche St.. Clavtoi 27, 41, 99. 1030 S. Garnet! St., 2. Siautonsburg 528 ( ,-nlenniaI A,,.. Bail... Mrs. Nolle Ros High Point Bailey, Sara Lynn. 17(13 Fountain View, Charlotte Baillie. Doroth. B- 2129 Colon, Bd.. Charlotte Bain. Gladys Marilyn. Box 215. Rose Hill Baker. Alice Jeanne, lit. 2. Pine.ille Rd.. Charlotl Baker. Anne Caldwell. 7(13 Elm St.. Lumberton Baker, Delia Estelle. 7(15 E. Main St.. Washing Baker. Gladys Va.. Va,s Baker, laeqnetta Ann. Rt. 1. Oxford Ball. Ethel. Box 258. Rt. 1. Sw annunoa Ballard. Nancy Jean, Ellerbe Ballew. Mary Alice. 1116 link. I I]- High Point Balling, r. Nam, Carol, n. Guilford College Banks. Betty Jo. Hospital Branch. Morganlon Banner. Clara Dee. Ml. Mitchell ltd.. It,,,,, Barber. Be t-, Wainwrighl. Box 5 1. Wilk.-bor.. Barber, Helen Lorcce, Rt. 1, Elon College Barber. Rosemary llay.ll.,. me. 1533 Beech Valley W Barker, Sara, 220 Highland Ave., 1 Itark.-r. loin Elizabeth. III! Matipiu Bark- dale 11,11., 399 Lake x],„ r ,. i) r .. A ,|, Barlow. Mar. Ann. 317 Eighth St.. Hick. It-.rlo,.. Mellie 11,11. II, I, I FelloW. Bldg.. ear,- Mr. Addison Hewlett. Jr.. Wiln, Bam,-, Betty Ruth, Rt. 2. Box 13. Boone Elizabeth Daily. Ilaugh. Mary Elizabelh, 1310 Dixo Baun.gardner. Jo.ce Carolyn. Box 11)3. Pine St.. Belmont 143 Baxter. Sue Ellen. 2119 E. llcndrix St.. Greensboro 127 Ba.lor. Be.crly. 1(16 Elm-nod Dr.. Greensboro B, am. Mar. Jane. Rl. 1. Box SO. Shelbv 121 Beam. Mar, Ruth. 113 South Pink St.. (h.rr..ille 121 Beamer. Hazel Opalene, 148 E. Poplar St.. Ml. Airy 42 Reamer, Nancy Inn, lit. I. Mount Airy 143 Beattv. Beulah. Flizahcthtoyyn 103 Beater. Sail, Ouciicllc. 1325 Sunset Ay,-.. Albemarle 121 Beck, Melba. 5 18 W. Filleenlh s,.. W in.lun-Saleni 138 Beck. Virginia Lee. 612 Webb Ay.. Burlington 103 B.ckner. Barbara Jean. Hi. 2. Clemrnons 127 II,-, ,. Vnna Marilla. Rl. 7. Box 357. Friendly Rd- Greensboro 121, 158. 159 Bell. Coan. 327 St. James Sq.. Fa.elte.ille 12. 178, 196 Bell. Elizabeth Ann. lilt E. 17th St.. Charlotte 103 Bell. Margaret o. . 18 l.angw.ll A.e.. Ashe.ille 139 Hell. Sheila. 2117 N. Park Dr.. Greensboro 121 Helton. Pcgg.. Grace St.. Mount Aire 103 Benedict. Thirza Lois. 7ll2 zadkin St.. king, port. Tenn. 139 11. nil. 1.1. Margaret Anne. Box 62 1. Valdc-e 139 It. 1. 1. . 19 St.. Ashe.: B.-nnett. Mar, nn. 8113 McDonald Ay,-.. Hamlel Bennett. Sarah Ella. lit. 2. Stoko.dale Bcn.on. Nane, Dudle. . 7ll7 Foiruionl. Greensbor Benson. Bull.. 125 North St.. Chapel Hill Bcntley, Mar It. i Muricllc Jovee. 211 Morris St., Monroe Berg. Diane Laura. 15 Patorson A.e.. Nutley. N. J. Itcrgniani.. Buta. State llo.pilal. Ralef " W . Princes, Anne Rd.. 121. 179 B.-.ler. Mar, t hri-lin Best, Evelyn Moore, 11 Be,!. Luis. 111. 2. Clin Best, Pegg) Eli,., I„- 628 Fountain Place. Burlington Beverly, Louise kail,, rim. Rl. 1. Hclhel Bigger. I III. tar..],,,. 222 Anting St.. Shell,. 1 Bigg.r.laff. Jimmie kathr. n. 12 1 S. Garden St.. Mario. Biggs. Joy... 1601 Front St.. Beaufort Biklc. Mar. Lou. 912 Salem Ay... Hag. -r. low n. Md. Bill. Margaret Elizabelh. Laurel Park. Henderson, ille Hilling.. Belt. Grey, Ht. 2. Box 162. N. Wilkcsboro Bird. Jan, F.. 2 18 Pry or St.. Brook.. Hie. Fla. Itirg. I. larot.n Maude. 213 St.. Greensboro ] It.rU., N...I Ph. 111,. 133 Sattorlhwailc Ave.. Null... N. 103. 16 1. 181 llla.k. Black. Bla, k. ... 1 12 1 Hamilton St.. Roanoke Rapids Ionise. Box 950. Pinchurst Tommve E. C. Rl. 2. Randleman Elizabelh. 9(13 .lor,,-, X,,-.. Win.lnn St., Ashe — Concord 32 So Black-elder. Sara Lee. 10 1 Black... II. Emilv. Rl. 1. Pine Hall Blacky.. 11. Margaret Ann. Box 38. Blake. Jane McLaurin, Blake. Marie. 3(19 E. 17lh St., Lumberton Hlakcl,. Pcgg. ,..,-. Box 6)1.3. N. Main St.. Cornelius Blalock. F.el.n Vim. 611 W . ki ,tt St.. tsheboro Patricia Anne, 1505 N. Queen, Kinston i hi Paw Creek ,nn Bergen. 3603-C Parkwood Dr.. Bla. lock. Belt, Lee. 1113 Gray land S(.. Green. horn Bledsoe. Jane. Laurel Springs Doroth, Anne. 311 Castle Dr.. Apt. B. Baltimore 12. Md. Blumberg. Joan Elin. 13-33 B Spcrber Bd.. Fairlawn. 121 Bobbin. Bois Mac. Rt. 1. Box 147. Como Rod, nheimcr. V.ini.- Kathleen. 111. 1. Kernersville Bodie. Jacqueline. 11)1 Snipe. St.. Kannapolis Boerner. Trilh. Ann. 1(16)1 E. Polo Rd.. Winston-Salem Bogarl. Na.,.y B,,.,-„. 1 HI Fisher Park Circle. Green. Hogarl. Peneiope III aim 12311 N. Market St.. Washi, lege St., White, ille Il.i. 5(18 So 1, Vale 3027 Cardinal Dr.. 03 Boon, Louise. 1793 Robin Hood Ethel Crawford. 225 Ha, Evelyn, Rt. 4. Louisburg Boozer, Barbara Anne. Box 881. Bore. Josephine. 232 SoUltl Third Borow, . ry Page No. Bos!, Elizabelh Anne. 304 W oodsway Lane, Lenoir 139 Bouhu... Bella. 2 Hillcr.-.l. F.nka ' 44 Houldin. Marlha Jan.. Alt Arbor Rd.. W instun-Salem 140 Boulu-. Elizabelh. 95 Buinlr, Si.. Concord 31, 103, 179 Bounous. Ilt.rl.ara Con.tance. Valdese .148 Hoyden. Doroth, Rebecca. Teachev 121 Box d.-n. Floret Farl. 3111) N. Vu.lubon Ave.. Cl.l.boro 142, 1A1, 1A8 Box. loo. Lena Anne. Summerlield 143 Boxen. Emil.- R.bbins. 323 N. Market s,.. Wa-hinglon 140 Boxen. Joyce. 6117 Ouecn. Windsor 121 Boxen. Miriam Louise. 3901 Oleander Dr.. W ilminglon Bowers, Claire, Rich Square 11.179 Bowers. Molly. 678 Si.. Winslon-Salem 148 Bowman. Birmah. Folio, k S,.. s,]„,a 143 Bowman. Bulox. 3312 Windsor Dr.. Charlotte 44.183 Pegg. Joyce. 1215 S. Tarboro St.. Wilson 103 Ho. kin. Sue. 4)19 Hill St.. Wilson 103. 1AA Bra-ken. Elizabeth Ban... 1223 Dilxorlh Bd.. Charlotte 103 Bradficld. Laura. Dillon. S. C. 103 Bradford. Virginia Anne. Box 73. Marsh, ille 31. 103. 179 Bradle.. Ina Lou. 3311 Sterling St.. Greensboro 143 Brad., 1313 Summit A.e. Greensboro 143.148 Bragg. Barbara ' line. 2 12(1 Monroe S).. W ilminglon Bramlell. Norma French. Rt. 2. Canton 139 Brandon. Amelia Anne. ) ramrrton 141 Bran,.,,,,. Maril.n. 29), anderbilt Rd- Ashe.Ule 140 Brcedrn. Sara Alice. Box 591. Morganlon 103 Brcsnahnn. Pauline Eslelle. 3718 W indom PL, .N.W ., Washinglon 1A. D. C. 138 Brewer, Bel!.. 11)18 Nichols Dr.. Raleigh 143 Brexor. Elizabelh Mua.t. Jamesville 138 Bridge-. Essie Virginia. Bt. 2. Box 90. Forest Cily 103 Hrinklc. Dai-. Jane. 315 W. Guilford St.. Thomas.ille 141 Brinklc. J.,., I,.,. 12 Fourth Rd- Great Neck. N. Y. 141,173 Brin..,,,. Pat-. Jane. 1311 Trent lll.d.. New Bern 121 Brill. Mar. Ann. 1(17 I ind.a. St.. High Point 143 Brill. P.ggy Ann. 5t)9 S. Audubon Aye- Goldsboro 142 It, «.,,. Glad,. I)„r.,„a„. inn Ilarr,- -I Burlington Brock, 501 Pearl S).. Fayette, ille 103.139.167 Brock. Mae. Box 173. Warsaw 103 Brook-. Dori- 7211 Marlin Circle, kannapolis 142 Brook-. Josephine. 23 Shepherd St.. Raleigh 1 4. 99. 1 6(1. 1 79 Brothers. Ann. 1804 Trenl Bltd- New Bern 30. 36. 4 1. 53. 99 Brown. Barbara Ann, 439 Pee Dee Ave., Albemarle 143 Brown. Barbara Anne. 520 S. Hawthorne Rd- W inston-Solem Broxn. Ouida Rrabslon. 301 E. Park A.e- Charlotte 121 Rrown, Dorothy Morion, 1127 Porrish St.. Greensboro Hrown. Frances Jay. Rt. 1. Mooresville 141 Brown. Joe Evelyn. Sparta 44 Brnwn. Kalherine Bland. 811 Arbor Rd- Winslon-Salem 140 Brown. Lois Couhle. Box 11(111. Sali-I.or, 143 Brown. Margaret Elizabeth. Rl. 2. Tarboro Highway, Roekv Mount 103 Hrown. Airs. Marguerille Eleanor Jones. 1509 Seminole Dr.. Greensboro 1° 3 Rrown. Marjorio Jean. Rl. 1. Norlh Fork Rd- Block Mountain 121 Hrown. Martha Elizabeth. W cloy or Ter. Holston Hills. Knoxville. Tenn. 121 Broxn. Nane. Inn. 36 Hillside Crcsrcn). Nutley. N. J. 142 Brown. Bub. Jewel. 6t)5 S. Ay cock St.. Greensboro 144.148 Brown. Bu)h Elizabeth. Are,, .1,11 Ave- Zebulon Brow,,, somal.igh. Box 82. Burgaw 140 Brown. Virginia Elinor. Monlieello Bd- W ,„ er. ille 10S Brow,.,-. Bct,y Boss. 5113 S. Green. Morganlon 141 . Mary Garland. 1 nii.n Rd.. Gaslonia 127 Brul..,,. Margaret Ann. 101 W. Williamson. White, ill, 121 Bryan. Joseph M.-k.iy. I illinglon 44,174 Hr.a.,1. B.-y.rly. 1915 sterling ||.l- Charlotte 121 Bryant. Julia. 315 «. Park Ay,.. Charlolle 121 Kry.on. Charlotte Ann. Box 575. Brvson City 121 Bry.on. Shcba Karen.-. Tuekasegee 143 Buchanan. Dorothy Vnne. 2111)9 liberty Dr.. Greensboro 144 Buck. Margie. 210 W. Lenoir Ay... Kinston 44,179 Hugg. Nellie Dayis. Maeon Bugg. Rosa Elizabeth. Maeon 143 Buie. Merle. P. O. Box 718. Fayclteville 127 B.illar.l. Barbara Joan. 3310 Pollock PL. Raleigh 143 Bullard. Elizabeth Moor.. 2123 Selxyn Ave. Charlotte 27. 11)3. 167 Dullard. Hilda l.ra.. DM I hurchill Dr.. Fayelleville 27. 121 Buu.gar.lner. E.el.n Louise. 115 Do. er St.. Shelby 143 Bunch, thai lotto. 110 Virginia Rd- Edenton 27. 45. 67. 99. 160 Bunch. Jeanne Elizabeth. 35116 Nichols Ave., S.E.. W ashinglun 20, D. C. 142 Bunn. Anne. 62 " Hamilton St.. Roanoke Rapids 121 Bonn. Blonnie Dale. Pine Dri.e. Murf rr.-boro Bunting. Svl-ia Lee. 3633 Joeelyn St.. N.W., Wa,hingl„n 15. D. C. 121 Bunion. Pegg. J- I nion Grove 141 Bureh. Margar.l I arringlon. 2708 kiltrell Dr.. Raleigh 143 Burehctte. Pauline. Ronda 45 Burge,,. Louise Helen. 6345 S. I niversity Ayr., Chicago 37. III. 4S Burgill. Juannah. 211) W. Main St.. l.inrolnton 148 Hon., tn. I Elaine. B,.x 2 12. Highland, 143 Burnie. Ann. Marie. Rt. 3. Box 275. Wilmington 138 Burris. Nancy. 2(11 Church St.. Leaks. Hie 148 Burton. Carolyn Gilbert, Rl. 2. Box 254, Greensboro 27, lOS, 167 Burton. Nancy Anne. 411 W. Radiance Dr., Greensboro 31. 45. 169. 183 Butler. Martha Marie. 303 Beaver St., Forest City 148 Butler. Pat,. Met lellan.l. 18112 N. Walnut St. Lumberton 121 Butl.-r. Rt. 3. Hurlington 121 Butner. Emil,. 2(1)15 Colonial PL. Winston-Salem 137,143 Butt,. Sarah Ann. Rt. 2. Halifax 127 Uinuin. Bet, . 230 1 Elizabeth A,e- Winslon-Salem 121 Bvram. Mary Louise. W. llllh St.. Washington 148 Bird. Lucy Carol. 126 E. Fisher A,,-., Greensboro 27. 43. 182. 183 Bvrd. Doris Bryan. Box 162, Rt. 2. Lenoir 45 B,rd. t.lenna. 523 W. II, ml. r-nn. Morion 105 Bird. Margaret Ann. Rt. 2. Burlington 148 Bvrd. Mar, Elizabeth. General Deli, cry. Worth, ille 139 Mary E.. 11 Je 934 Park Ave.. Plainfield, Columbia. S. C. Dol. Rt. 1. Ad. Page 232 student directory — iiim IV«K Jo i. Imi Marls, - ■ I anion ha. loll. Hi ' . Ill I II... 119 , ... I M ock Si., ki . ii. i ishah l 1. Il.l «. M.I I..I....M llghl i... ■._■,, x.s 11,1 I ■ 22 III ' . Hull, III II. 1 . 1 1 1 ,.,.1.1,,., in 1 II... 1 ' .II Il.l. .III. II..I II..I..I, 1 , ' ' ■ ' " " ' " " Dock. Ha n... i. n ' ;. " ;: II... L .... II.,.!.. ,11. Daggett, J....M ■a, ll... ,. ■ II.HIII..II. l„l,. 1...1. ii II.,,,,.. ii .,., Uu KI. " . ». P ,.- ... I...I.I 1... Carroll. oisoo.l 11,1. . Carroll. Maria. . " ,11 lla,„ k S,.. Oxford I Carter, F.mll., . " .IT tt I Mil, si.. slier I|„ Carter, (ana All,-.,,, n..x 713. :io , V Green si.. Morganlo Carter, Jeaala Carol, Davidson Carter. Lena Alfnrd. II. , I2(i. Maxlon Carter, Sarah Holme , l:n s. Bawthorns Il.l.. Wlniton-Si 26, 27. 16, Carlsrlght. II.--;.. Hampton, ille Csjrlwrlght, l.»n ll«,. Harmony larlsrighl. S.l.ll l.r.,. II amploii, ille i., ... I,.,,.. Burga 1 ...hi,.,,, l.r. la L ' llJ I ..-t ,. h...,„ Ii- I»l..«. I " I Heck). Kill V. ...I.- PL. r I Hi,-.. Merle. 1229 Norths I St.. I ...... . I... n. I Wlnitr.d. II 111, ,,r Terr I. Ml,.,. Carl.,,.. s„„ r ,. Stall..,,. I..,. I ., I ..„.!, . II. ti, Sue. (.112 K. irginia Ave., Hesse IJU.O. 11.11. .,,„. High Point St.. Km.. Handle; Cause., Louise. Inlo From St.. Croonsl la, ugh. Lois E.olvn. Hi. 2. Wallace » 3111, Pine 2416 Wright A. Il.l 17. I7H. 1111 17. 11111. 183 Imiugtmi 138 Greensboro I lari.lgr. N.„„, ll„il. 22111 H.r.I St.. Raleigh I lurk. Mi. ■,. K.lliir. ll,.x | 13. Enfield i:iork. Belly Sue, 1113 Circle Dr.. Burlington Clark. Christine Elisobclh, Rt. 1. Rcidsville Clark. Freda Ellen. 1121 s.„„l ||i|| H,|.. Ashe, ille Clark. Mildred Brail. 111. I. Box SB. I a, .11, , ill,. Clarke. Belle Ward. 302 S. Green St.. Morganlm. SU» Kenniorr Dr.. Raleigh Clatl. Clcgg, I t I, ,,,.,, ,. lien, Clen ... 3tl7 llidces a, llr.. Croon. ho 31)2 Endor Si., Sonford W . Main St.. Elkin 13 1 E. Devonshire Si., Bluelield. W. Va. 11 " . 123. 17 ' ». IHO. IK3 I ' lodleller. D„r„lh . 3 1 H Model Far,,, 11,1. . High I ' oint 17. 1 7 9 I lo.Heller. Pat... Model Farm Il.l.. High Point 123 Coal.. Jot eel) n I.oui.e. 201 Parker St. s,,,,, |,| Cohb. Betty Lee. Box 31. ClifTsido Code,. Elisrhell. I S71II1 N. 11.1, 11,1.. Arlinitto lolle). Margaret Josephine. S708 N. 11th Rd„ Arlington. Va. Cog-In I occi " Cohan, Sybil Joyce, 634 Jefferson PI.. Pete Cohnoii. Sara Ann. Columbia Coker. Evangeline, lit. i harlatu I 12 en Ban i r.-. k Il.l. Crockett, Bertha C, 1 IS E. I ni, • r Sen., I arolvn. 903 Hi. Elizabeth lit. Cross. Joan Lee. 231 Libert. St.. A.hehnro Cross. Mar) Ann. lit. S. Box 297. Il.i.l.. ill. I...... V,,,., 1.. 173 111,.,,. I,a . I Terr., |,i. I " llaekensaek. N. J. Cros.le,. Joan Helen. 2211 I Hi tl, I.e.. » Crouch. Frances Beatrice, 9(111 Fa-I lrcl.ll ., Moore., ille Crouch. Pickell. 107 Ahertiath. , Lenoir Crowder, Rebecca, P.-achland Crowe, Frances Vivian, 29(1 V Bridge St., Ilk Towson Culbcrt. Leola, Culbrelh, Craj Cuuunings. 1 Curran, Job, Cushsa. Bel [48 Dail. Elisabell lit. 1, Lai. ranee . 1. Beaufort 771 S. 3l,ll, Si., link., -.1 Raleigh ,|,i... Raleigh I IK Davis, A, ilia. Hi. 1. Box 2 llori- .r.,,.1,1. 111. 1. Siler I Doris Nolle. Box 56. Cornel Elizabeth. Rt. 1. Blanch Evelyn Ann. 918 Country ( llrauul I llri..r. Ma 103 llunn. Durham. Palri.ia .,.., III, III. II.,.. I 11.. . I I l„ ..I. .ll. II... • „, ».,„.» ll- .. r lion, lor.lta. III. I. Bo. 66. ban, .a Dyhrberg, Barbara Hi i EUsahelh Cltj Fak.r. Marfan v.... 1-1 ■ llr. II... k, Durham H.I . h » ,.. I 11,1 III. 3. shell,. 1 122 »l.rn Roanoke, ... ,11. Mar, Vli. . . 111. .it. a,„,. Stan I ..ih.ri,... Hi. 2. 1.113 K, l,ll-„ hi-..,.. Betty I eridge, I ..rri. I 12 „ SI.. II, ul, .ill Twelfth si.. I , 2IS. I I.. I. st.. in. Main St., Wb.tak.r- F ..banks. Mar. Ml.,, or. 1 11 Fur.. Ph. Hi- Page, Fur. F.a,,-. Hell- » heeler. M...I..M F, .,„.. II Box 222. Na.h.ill. l-ai... Ira II. mice. 7 7 " , la.r.o - Il.l 11,1 ' . Mar.hall. I auri 7 «. Colonial A.e.. Collier. Jo Ann. Pike, ill. Collin.. Barbara. III. 6. I.reeti.horo ltd.. Hi.-. Dorothea Helen, 21 E. Main St.. I ...... Ii,, I ..Hi,,.. Ilolti. Lou. Box 87, Angicr Collin,. Maeie 11 ir hard. on. SIS W c-l sixth I.e.. I.. 207 S. Chapman St.. Greensboro Cone. Cecelia Mar,. 3111 Dixie Trail. Raleigh Ionic. 11,11. Jean. Hi 3. Marion Conn. Catherine Faye. Rt. 2. Box 16. llcndcr Connor. Margaret Jovcc. Box 211. Rich Squar Connor. Virginia I.. 21IOS Charlotte Dr.. Cha, Connolly. Patricia. 531 West 8th St.. Plainlie lopelan.l. olh), 120t Bothwc Elisabeth Whitman, k. Peggie lean. Duke Poser (,... Hillside Docker. Lorraine Helen. 2n I lairfax Dr.. Win ,b- Card. in. Deni-e Henrietta. Marine Dept.. Car Pair.. I I .... Marie.. .,,e, „.!.,. s. ),„ Don,.,. Jean Stone. 9211 Cos per Dr.. Raleigh D.Sharo. Mar.hall. 119 sixth St.. VI.. t,.|. 2. l,ie. Job,,-.,., St. Do. inc. Mar. Jane. 71.119 3 111, V.e.. . . II. ... I hr-tina Florence. 57 Heckle Red Bank. N. J. DeWilt, l.l.nna. 2M9 Walker ,... lie. to.,. -„..,„. HoX 11... Sprue, P,„. Dickc. Norma Bruce. 310 t . Di.inr Dickorson. Mrs. Edna L. Glhsonvll Diets. Carolyn. Box 522. lieblab. V Diets. Helen 3 9 Monlfurd .e.. -ho.ill llillar.l. Jo. Willsrd Dillard. Jessie Ruth. I.l.n.lal. -|,r, lls . 50, 166, 1TO. 182 I alb. nUdrcd D Hi " . Bender Nan.. too 212 Wil-on St.. Marian. Box 17 I .11- ■ it] Farah. Pri-.illa Iran..-. 329 ,..rk t.. Ii- k I ..rail. Ho.emon.l. Hit . Marl,., St.. Ml. I Hi. o larb.s. Mar, Ellon. 11117 » s..„,|, S,.. Ralou-h larb.s. .1. Ill 1 11 audi. I ariose. Hounc a French, Box 1117. sophia I ar.oer. n„ Hull- ISO " . Prii, -I. » Mini I ,r,o.r. M.rll, . I II. u. 21 " ' . X.rl,..,. Dl larmer. Mac Ha.,-. Kl. 1. Marble I armor. Rulh Lonora. Box 105. Hail. . Farrcll. Patricia Jean. 111. I, l| " I ..rrin-loo 11. ,„,..,, a Hugh. Ill I It... 1 arrior, Grace, Box I 17. Bnrgaa Farlhine. Dixi. Ha., alle Cruris Farthing, Katy Fanccttc, VI... Faust. Nanc I . I . imali I ' - I r -. Fro, I . rgnaon. l ,r-, SI. 169, 182 Bd.. Br n. Mildred Jack 511 N. I . nlral lorrcll. Ann Gamble OII2 Buehsnan Bl.d.. Fetser. Nanc Anno. 525 Maple A.... Reids. Fc. Anna R.. 120 Miller St.. Win.ton.Salrn. Finch. Julia B num. 2X6 Bells Si H.ol.r Finchor. Rose. III. 1. Il.„ 229. Concord Page 233 student directory — continued Finlc. Pats, Ruth. 211 Tenth St.. Fish. Geraldinc, Box 626, Clyde Fishbach. J...,-.- E.flin, 915 Washington A.,. Brooklyn 23. ,N. Y. Iishel. Elvnnr J. an. 1817 Georgia Ave.. W ii Fisher, Dorolh, Faye. 212 Da, is St.. Fayctl Fisher. Alar, (. I. ramie Ouarr, Fisher. Mar. Roberta. 1(1(11 Jackson St.. Roanoke Kapids Fisher, linth Eleanor. Bov 7. Alexander Flaek. Ann. 7 Magnolia St.. Forest City Fleet, Mary F... 629 Easlern A,e. Rock, Mo, Fleishman, I.l. 111! (Hi,, lid.. I- a, cite, ill.- Floyd. Barbara Delores. 1118 Eastern A.e.. It, Flovd. Jean. 18(11 Chestnut St.. Charlotte Floyd, Joanne, Box 17 1. Gcanilc Falls Flvnt, Aliee Carolvn. Box 82. Cros.nore Fl,nt. Phyllis Ann. 8 12 L,„ kland Ave., W ii Fogleman. Jean. Rt. 6. Greensboro ' ■ on St., High Point e. 1626 Iri, Rt. , ill, Forney Clare, Rt. 2, estport. Fortune, Ma Foster, Barbara Ann 301 Pi. 1). law arc, Dela ud. Fla. Fost.r. Blanehe. Bla 178. Fouler Club Blvd . Durham 3 Fouler L. Mount A Iry 107, 161, Fowler Hazel Pair,, a (Patsy), 1021 Monmouth Ave. Durham 27. 31 ,55, I ran II. on I lain Ashcvillo Rd.. ille Rd ' . ' . Wayne FVancis, Shcarc] I ranrk. ' M " ' " " I ... ard. 831 Franklin. Ph, His Delia. 3 Annbler lid.. Ashcvillc Crazier. Isabella. HI9 N. || umplirr, -. Flag-lall. Freeman, Bessie Jane. Rt. 5, 912 Shepherd St.. Il.i.d.rsnnville Frecma I r na Freeman. Thrlnia Joanne, 2516 Sylvan Rd., Green French, Belt. Jean. 1(18, 1 A.e.. Greensb, Friday, Kalhryn. 123 N. Caldwell St. Sal. .bur. Friddle. Ruth Danes. Walnut Cove Friedman. Edna He, a. 221(1 Floral Ave.. Chariot Roanoke. Va. 55. 178. Fulcher. Frances Dana, 215 Woodland St.. Davidson 99, 160, Fuller. Bobbie Leigh. Norlina 1 uller. licit, Sue. Libertv Fuller, Jan.-. 310 Bickelt SI.. Monroe 125, Fuller. Jo Ann. 110 N. Alexander St.. Ml. Doll. Fuller. Mildred Lowe. Rt. 1. Pisgah Forest Fulton. Barbara Ann. Walnut ( .... Fu,|uay. Margaret. Ri. 1. Snow Camp Furlong. Reno Ann. 31 S. Twelfth St.. Hickor. 125, Furnas. Marcia Ann. Guilford College Furr, Katherine. l.eorgia Rd., franklin 1, ,„■. .1 „,,i Stewart, 2()7 W. Calhoun St.. Sumter 125. Cailher. Mar, Norroni. Crcswell Gale, Laurel Anne. 95 Prcscott St.. Cambridge Gales, Peggv J. an. 1012 Sou, hern A.e.. Fax rile Gallagher. Muriel. 191 Ridge I A.e.. Ridge Camh.-ll. Johnsic. Sparta Candy, Betty Sue. Rt. 3. Darlington, S. C. Ganlt. Doris Dolores. Mount Doll. Gardner, Lois Kathryn, N. Cross St.. Augier Gardner, Marilyn Dean. 823 Propston Terrace. Gannon, Bell. Lee, 1713 Fountain Me . 1 barb Garrett. Lorna. 122 Field, r. -I Rd.. Draper Garrison, Clclia. 291) Orange St.. Darlington Garrison. Sura Jo. lit. 2. Burlington Garvey, Sarah Mac. 2319 Maplewood Ave.. Winston-Salem Garvin, Barbara. Box 2,,5. Spruce Pine (.a- Martha Grace, lillington Gaston. Martha 2(112 lla.wood Rd.. Wis Caston,, lee. 211 1 2 Da. 1 ltd.. W. Asl, Cato.ood. Maud Floranee. Box 12. Ian..,, ill. Galling, Bee. 519 Hermitage Court, Charlotte Gavett. Elizabeth Ree, 2013 Whitehall St.. Harrisburg. Pa. Ga, in. Mar. Snip,-. Il„x 33 1. Magnolia Gay. Lucille. Black Creek Gavle, Beverly Fowler, Box 213-214 N. Anders Gee, Shirley Ann, 703 E. W Johnson City, Tenn. - ... I... ... Betsy, 1534 Lafay. 57th St.. Brooklyn 19. Gibson. Nannie l.orrena. Itt. 1, Mebane Gilbert, Clara Evelyn, Star Route Sib r I il, Gilbert, Nancy Barbara, 6(1 1 South Shore ltd.. Absecon, N. J. Gilliam. Barbara Nan. Rt. 3. Sanford Gills. Lucilc. 1331 Whitethorn St.. Bluefiel.l. . A a. Glascock. Sara Jane. 1113 Hodges St.. South Bos Glass. Rcbcca Self. 33 1 I Powhatan Ave.. Baltimore. Md. lib a Mar, Nell Calkins. 200 N. Laurel A.e. Apt. 11-B. Charlotte Glenn. Mali- -a Marion. 9,l(. ( I,.-, nut St.. Mender- Glenn. Peggy. 461 Chestnut Ave.. W avne-boro. Gobble, Janie Leigh. Hi. I Box 150. Hamlet ( Il,,ri- Inn, Pil.on S,., North W ilkesborc Marcia Lois. 3(15 Mar, and A.e. Vldal 973. Fayette, ille Colorll, ltd.. L. no I. Shell,, ia. 7()7 Market St.. i lenn s,.. Fronklinton x 1,7. Ilill-boro . A.e.. Durham ■KM, Nelson Si.. Kin Lamar Av. Graham. Doris Ann. Clyde Cra.ely. Ellen Brogden. 734 W. Main Gravelv, Jean Marie. 104 F. " " Ele V a-hlllgl. n. 104 Franklin A.e.. Brevard 09 W . Wad, St.. tt adesboro 523 S. State St.. Lexington 2. Hobcrson.illr er St.. Charlotte st Jefferson ax 78. Lillington Gray, Nancy. Gray. Patricia Anne. 2011 v Gra. heal. Nancy Katherine. Green. Anne Bridges. Rt. 1. B, Green. Cora Lillian. 1.. Creen, Cornelia Fli ahclh. 2(13 ft. Main St.. Thomasvillr 100 Green, Elsie Jan.. 2(11 Walnut SI.. tt a, i.e., ille 27,57. Green. Emily. 120 S. Marshall St.. W. insion-Salem 57. I.e. . ,,h. eg. Her. .ice F.Iith. 1138 Br. ant Ave.. New York 59, N. Y. 107. Greene, Alma Louise. Rt. 1, Box 13R. Parkcrsburg Greene. Ann Inez. 1838 ltd.. Charlotte Greene. Elizabeth, A adkin College 125. Greene. Franc- l.uui.e. 5112 S. Sixth s,.. Smithncld 147 I re Id,, Alexander. 1838 Rd.. College Charlotte Greene, Nancy Lee, Greene, June Carol. Greene. Tommie J.. 102 Charlotte St.. Washington 57, Gregg, Betty Jean. Box 632. Thomas, ill,- Crrsham. Alar. Jane. Beula.illc lire,. France- Elizabeth. 919 Fourth Ave. Henderson, ille I ' rilfin. tn ' n. 2(18 Ma. ' - ' . ' . ' St.. Scima ' 107, Griffin. Lena Margaret. R.,1. bins, ille (.riHin. Mar, Alice. Rt. 1. Box 64. W illiamston l.rilli... Mar, l.oui.e. lot Willi, St.. W illiamston 57. Griffin, Nell Caroline. Itt. 3. Hock, Mount Griffith. M.ra Hi.,. 3.111 Hidgewood Ave., Charlotte Griffith. Shirle, Paulding. I.oesburg, Va. Griggs. Barbara Jean, Pearl St., Pagcland. S. C. Griggs. Margaret Olivia. 705 Lineolnton ltd.. Salisbury 125, Grill. Catherine. Box 37. Yalde-e 27. 31 arel. Bt. 1. Box 12(1. louisburg (.11 Universlt] Dr.. Durham 57.164, It mar, Sir,.!. Chapel Hill Cri.wold. Eleanor. 1 Grogan. Mary Alice. 3 (.rogan. Margaret ( Pe| l-r Marjorie C. II Ma P. L.I. 517 Park r. Jean Barton. 804 Lake Boone Trail Bets.. Jean. 8 19 Jersey A,... Wln-t rson, W innifred. New Bernian Apts. . Bern n. Dorothy Louise. Rt. 2. Chadbourn Ral Il-S; G-2. igh —11 Shirley Mac Shirle, Uiei 833 Wri-Ion PI 33 S. Spring Ga . Charlotte rden Ave., 3 Mrs. Dorothy Cai Hal,-,. Bets,. F.b.n College Daley, Sue. Rt. 2. Elon College Hall. Anne II.. 620 II....I ltd.. Charlotte 1 Hall. Barbara Anne. 11(15 Randolph St.. Sou Hall. Helen. Pine (one Dr.. Oxford Hall. Joan Corinne. Mavodan 197. Ka Roll.. 1 11. si.. Br. Hall. Pcgg, Itt. 1. Trinity Hauler. Angela. 2 1 9 2...-, Ma. I,, II I ' k .. 1 ,ii Davis, Smitbfie Carrol. 516 E. Hammond. Helen May. 2017 Hampton. Nanev Lucille. Rt. 3. Rulhcrfordton llamrirk. Sail, J„. Fir-l St.. Tr,„n Hancock. Dori- S.. Box 3119. Siler Citv Handle,. Elizabeth. 1312 Park Ave., A, Goldsbc Hannah, Lucille. Hi. 1. Franklin Bay St., Hardin, Alice. 2 1(1(1 Battleground Ave.. Creens Harding. Elizabeth Morrison. Cana Harding. Margie. Alain St.. Pilot Mountain llarlcss. Carolvn Louise. Rt. 5. Box 311. Lenoil Harman. Fran... Merri.uon. Box 33. Martha Joe. Box 382. Young St.. Fo ton. Belt, Grey. 216 Alorxen ltd.. W a. ton. Katharine Lou. Rt. 2, Sanford Ann. 1113 Queens ltd.. West, Charloi — Harri. . Box 140, Mel .an-, ill,- s.lw,,, Ave. Charlotte : Heilig Ave. Salisbury Harris. Frances Louise. Pil.on St.. North W ilkesbo Harris. Janet, Fairgrove Forest. Thomas, ille Harris. Alarlha Ann. 1116 W. Marion St., Shclbv Harris. Alar, Alice. Norwood Harris. Patricia, 1714 Church St.. Jacksonville, Harris. Virginia Jane. 37(10 Parkwood Dr.. Greer Harris. Virginia Johnson. 1719 College Ave.. Green St.. W ilson Hai Courts. I.umbcrto Harris.. Pri-cilla Jeiinina-. I 8112 I, race SI.. Wilmington Had. Jean. Rt. 4. Oxford Hart. Virginia. Rt. 3. Moorrsville Han. Sharon Filch. Rt. 6. Box 322. Greensboro Hartzog. Delores Ann. 29119 Hosteller St.. Raleigh 14 Hartzoge. Mildred Joan. 19115 Georgia St.. Greensboro Harutunian! Eleanor. ' 7 5 trf a A, .-. ' . " icli ' .-rln! l ' r.n™ 10 Hasscll. Lucille. 823 Oakland ■-,.. Henderson, ill.- 12 Hastings. Hciia Pauline. 809 N. Road St.. Elizabeth City E,cl,,i S„,iih. 2(13 S. Church St., Monroe Hathawav. Dor.. lb, Grime.. 1111 N. Waved. St.. Farmville Hatsell. Carolie. Sil.erdalr Ha. field. Helen Hou-loll. 2737 lie, o ll-lli re PL. N .W .. W ashington. D. C. Ha.k. Jane Ca.lord. 62(1 St.. New Bern Hawkins. Wylma Ruth. Rt. 1. Leicester Ha, dock-Wilson. Selma. 209 Peachlree Circle. N.E.. II.,., Rt. Box 235, Durham Ha, ii.-.. Nam, Cwinilh. A adkinville Ha. ood, Pal-, Jean, 327 South Torrence St., Charl Havwood. Tommie, 327 S. Torrence, Charlotte Head. Nancy Ann. Rt. 3. Matthews H.afncr. Alarlha Ann. 113 N. Cedar St., Lineolnton lleafncr. Mar, J, an. 113 N. Cedar St.. Lineolnton Heck. Margaret Karen. 213 Wet 10th St.. Salisbury 63. High Point Heinsberger, Call Lumberton Helms. Margaret Chai 1571 Querns x 135. Alarioi Hemphill. Rebecca Lee. B Henderson. Anne. 129 W adesboro A.e., Moor... Henderson. Elizabeth Anne. 3 12 Albright A.e. (in Henderson, f ranee, fa,,. 8(17 MrPherson St.. Fa,, Hendren. Franc. Helen. Box 2 12. Candor Hendrix. Edilh. Box 117. Rockingham Hendrix. Jo Ann. 219 S. Tre„,„„l Dr.. (ireen.boro llcnkel. Sarah Jane. 1717 W ilmore Dr.. Charlotte llcnkcl. Shirle, I na. 103 W ,-l Front St.. Stales, Henncberger. Sara Agnes. Box 237. Tr... Herman. Frankie Marie. Itt. 1. Box 18. Conover Herring. Lois. W allace abeth. 161(1 Queens Boad West. I I,., Ruth. Mary France High. Helen, 131 Tho Oak. Selma -on St.. Rock Highlill. Greensboro Hill. Anne. III. 1. K. mers, ille 11.11. Belt. Clyde, 1311 Anderson St.. Wilson 125 Hill. Dori- Helen,. 338 Mum. St.. Greensboro Hill. Elizabeth Howell. 1713 Ann St.. Wilmington Hill. I.allue Rose. Itt. 2. Sluilhficld Hill. Louise Burlier. 2113 II, Ian Ave, Hamlet Hill. Mary Louise. 21115 Brandon Circle. Charlotte 7 Hill. N.„,e. Jean, 111. 3. High Point Hill., Ann. U S ■■ Pollock St.. New Bern Hilton. Elizabeth. I Mitchell Ave.. Ashcille Hine, Barbara Ann. Rl. 6. Kcrnersville ltd.. Winston-Salem Hincs. Alarian, 4705 Wrightsville Ave. Wilmington Hinnanl. Mar, B.. 27l 7 Sherwood A,e, Charlotte Hobbis. Valerie Ga,. 178 N. Pleasant A.e. Ridge ood. N. J. Ilobbs. Alarv Belh. 1938 Sterling Rd.. Charlotte 7 Hobgood. Carrie Waikin-. Finch Ave. Oxford Mucker. Palrieia. Box 123. Guilford Hodges. Gwendolen (... 108 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids Hod-.-. Rebecca Jane 2503 Leslie Ave., Alexandria. Va. Hoflcr. Annie Margaret. R.F.D. Hubbs.ille Hogan, Dorothy Galli.. Itt. 2. Chapel Hill Hogshead. Jean. 2211 S. Tremonl Dr.. Greensboro Moll. r,.„k. Custa.ia Susan, 1227 Eastern Ave., Rocky Mount 36. 60 Holeomb. Rachel Edith. Rt. 1. Y adkinville Holden. Rose Alarie Box 1221. Shallottc Holder. Nanev Jeannine IHI18 E. 7lh St.. Charlotte 27.2; Holland. Ashle, Ann. 26 1 7 Bcechwood St.. Greensboro Holland. Elizabeth Ann. Olin Holland. Margaret McClure. 912 W. South St.. Raleigh Holland. Ma.i- Geral.linr. Box 3 1. Salcn.burg Hollinger. Jean. 305 South St.. Gastonia llolloman. Jessie I.-igh, 510 C. C. Road. Ahoskie Ha. Tavlo ,. 21.2 " 241. D 23 t. M Indian Sprit 127, (Valker Ave., Greensboro .idson 27. 109. 158. Ann. 5 Grubb St.. Hertford 703 Countrv Club Dr., Wilmington Blowing Bock 23, 27, ella, 328 Greene St.. Boone. Iowa 309 Lexington St., Rocky Mount Lois Ellen. Box 146, Sta -alec Beach. Fla. Mar, Orr Phyllis Shrum. 408 S. Poplai " Burgaw Si.. I in ll...„er. Ja Dorolli, Alac. Box : . Helen W renn, 1315 Wake Forest Rd.. Raleigh Mary Anne, 1707 Chestnut St.. Lumberton ,. Susan Elizabeth. Fremont . Dorothv Ann. Rt. 2. East Bend . Laura Ann. 21.3 Church St.. High Point llarlin. ' -2 old - I. irl. Rd., Horn. Julia Joanne. Itt. 1. Lawndale Horn,-, Peggy. 1211 Briar Creek Rd.. Charlotte Horner. Rebckah Ann. 3(11 Fisher St.. Burlin, Horlon. Jeannette Mae. Rt. 4. Zebulon Huskins. Eleanor l-rabam. ui„i„ern,ld Houscr. Ruby J, an, lie 6 1 Join-slow n Rd.. Ashe- Page 234 student directory — itim 19, ! " -• II....I1. ■ ■ — .11. II..V..II. n„ t i,... m.„. r„i,- ' ..i„. in. 2. it I.,,,.,,, Hughes, tempo. Hoy .-..-.. M.rtlo Beach. S. Bug Willie Green, 108 Ungi High.,.,. M rll.- Roaoh. S. C. ■ ", Lee, l Qtteetu U.I.. charl.n Hunt. Mar, l...... 2113 W. Center Si.. Lexington 61 lli.ul.-r. tm.-lia V 212 1 Sl.or. I V.r.. Charlotte Humor. MBrptar.-! Jo.ephine. 5IM. Oiik Hl.lgo Ave.. Hunter. Sara Cul.l.oll. 212 1 Sl.or. I ,..-., Chariot! Hur k.-r. Marlha. III. :l. All .arte Iltiss. Franees Mason. 1I1H MoArher A..-.. Gaslnnia I bins. Il.-l.-n. HI. 2. 1a.lkln.llle llul. hi.... Hull.. III. 2. r.rr I ' . P. Maekie. . u.lkiu.ille Pleasant Garden Rl. 1. Box 2 12. Keener.. ill.- ycy. Rt. 1, Mooksvillc 61,168.178. ■ Mnnlne. 1218 Kenwood Ct., . -hi, 1. . h ,.. ' 1112 W P II. 1 [:. ' , ' . ' ,: in, 1 1 ' , ' , ' . " i- ' . ' . . Ill 1. Mill ;, , . ' . ' ,. I:; ' , ' . in 1 ' . , ' . ' . " i. ' . ' ri! I " . I...-. ,.7i, . 99, IM2 21 I Hi. ,i. :., 109 Ka.ioer, 109 Kenler, hear,,.. Barbara Sell. 110 II rl, K.-arns. W aldee... Bandl.-man K.-rk. .n,-, Catherine, Rl. I. 1536 K.-iih. Therein, 922 Til. .... Wen, llend.rsonvillo Keller. Gwendolyn. III. I. II, rli l ' ..i..l Keller. Kalhorin. Ml . -. 27 II:,. m..n,l | Kell... Mary Joe. 939 Vernon A.... W in.lnn.Salem Kcllv. Anise. Hi. 2. M..111.1 lib.. Kendall. Il..r..lh, V....,-. 1111 W Ir..». High Poinl K.-i.n.-tlv. II. II. [..,.,. 2112 1 Be. erl. Ilr.. I harlot!.- .1 Kenned). P,(B) Harper. III. I, Bo v H.9. Kln.lon Dari... nod). Pnllj II ,. Kent. Elizabelh Ian.-. II I 1 Watauga St.. kin Kent. Mar. Elizabeth, Rt. 6, Lenoir Kerb,, Norma Carolyn. ..Ill ' , Fifth i.e.. Keener. Dorolh,. Cheer. Si., Box 32, Kcrners Kertnman, Marilyn, .117 Vestment l r.. la, Carol, 418 Spring St.. Hamlc „ I.. ,. Ilorolh. J. l-.n..... M ■■ I I- M ..I, . I . " I • ., I I »• Leaven Psllle, I 199 » Nasa Bl « .1 n li... ...I Rl 2 II... " .. l-.ll...... II,.. II li. | Sheik, 1 -.11 . Mar. 1 ..n..,.i Barbara It. 2 Wendell Lei K, ... h . l ,.,,.. .0,1., 1 , . . Ih 127 1 .1-,,. PI . t.h. ,,l I . Pal II .1. 1- . l.n., l . ,l.i. , ; " :,, ' ' :, K 1 N...- 1 12 Monro. -. 1 N 1 1 enhardl • i„ ,i„ .1, I.I. I,„. ..21 1 ....... . 1 H.ii.. i 1 . nta, M lHIj ' ■ B •it PI i 21 1 ..... l.entz. Toinml.- M arrew, 1005 « rata 1 li. ' ,;;. ' , -h.rl. . 1 1. ,(,. ,1. ... 1 .,rll.r..lg. l.,.l.. ' 1 1 R ill, 1,1 1 1 PI II... I.. ..-.-... I I .... I . ... Baltimore IS, M.I. I ! .... I.,.. II, I II... II I I... I, Lewie, Margaret, ISO Nortl.rl.U-. St, I.... Mar, ...-..,. a, IH Alexander I ighl.lale. Joan llarl Virgin,.. I. " .i I ill.. Mar, Ilia. Ill . " .I 1. 1...- v.. Lucille. Rl. 1. Hunt. r.. ill. Hickory Ley. Nellie Williams. Rl. 1. Box SSI, Roanok.- Rapid. Jackson. Francs Earle. Rl. 1, B.,i 7 l. Vi a. hint-ton Jackson. Henrietta. Ilox 95. RoM.ins Jackson. Maria., Walker. 2212 last Filth St.. Charlotte Jackson. Sarah. Rt. 1. Box 79. Washington Jarol.i. Joan. 27:12 Columbia A.... Wilmington Ja n. Florence. 320A-N. A, cock, Crcrnsboro Jahn. Grace. 108 . Vnili-r„.n St.. Murnanlon Jan,... l.din F.. 100 Ml. Vernon Dr.. Wilson Janus. Sail. Mrltac. N. Klor.-nee. Maxlon Jansen. Evelyn Palrieia. .119 Counlr. llul. Rd.. Ashevill Jans.n. Mary Marnarrl Kalherine. 3 19 Country Club Rd.. Apl. 1, ■ Jarvis, Belly 1223 Hampton Ri.l B e. Bedford. Va. 713 A..-.. Jenkins. Susan Eliiahoth. 708 N. Piney lew .. ,, lil I. ..I i. Jernican. Ja.-.,... line. 21.119 T.orhmore Dr.. Ralci B h Jernican. P.-|rc Marie. Selma Johnson. Ann Tn. lor. Hoy 8112. Oxford I.iIim.iii. In... Walker. I III. " . Mali. in.;, I,,.. Hurl,;. Join. Bell) Wil. " " . 306 F. Church Si.. H,-,,s„,, Johnson. Cra,, Holt Lake ltd.. Box 269. Smitlifield Johnson. Cennifer ll»en. Apartado 36 11. Bonola. Colombia, S. A. Johns,.,,. Jae,|ueline II.. 1711 lli„h».a, 13- V. Rnl.-iirl. lohn-o... Mar, Joan. 111. 2. lol.nson. Jo.ce. Rl. 1. Box 299. Sn.ilhK.-ld Johnson. I art.,,-. Rl. 1. I: .....II. ....... Johnson. Mariiarel Ann. Box 263. Roher .ill.- Johnson. Martha Jane. 1011 Miner, a A.... Durham John-on. Mar. Flirabeth. 110 S. Elan. A.... I.e.... I Johnson. Mar. Katharine. 1911,, Brantley St., Johnson. Mlralvn. Ashley Ilcicl.ts Johnson. Rosalie. Box 43. Johnson. Shirley Ann. 1617 W. Aead.m. « in. John-,,,,. Susanna. Burgaw John.,..,. Willa Belle. Rt. 5. Box 133. Stat. John. Ion. A...... Merri.uon. Kelford Johnston. Joann Jordan, 306 W. Center Ave Mooresville Johns!,,,,. Madeline lilel,,,,:,,,. , are Mr-. Da. Hope Valley, Durham Johnston, Peppy Adams Me.l.l, l.h.i Jone Madison -I.. W ill. rabelhl. Rl. 3. Thomas. . 26. Franklin, ill.- 2:«,:i Fli al.eth A..-.. Belt) (Mabel ,,! Dori, Chrisl ' l Winston-Salem re, Elhel Jannelle. 39 Will„» St.. Badin re, Gean Claire. 103 E. Williamson St., While, ill. re, Mabel Louise. Rulledpe Dr.. Box 1030, Henderson, illr ugh. Susan Berkeley, I III I W ilu.i. Richmond, Va. Kin. i... I. Marion. 21.27 s|,ir»,..„l ' .. Kimrev. Ann W right. 2011 Kerr St.. Clint. Kinar.l. Elizabeth Carolina. I an.l.,1 l-t..» .. King. Elizabeth C. Kin Rt. 1, Pelham Kipka. Kathrvn Karolyn. 217 W. Ce Moore.ville Kirbv. Bell) Ann. 73 1 Arbor Rd.. M Kirl... E.elvn. Rl. 1. Roxboro Kirk. Martha Jane. Easl Bend Kirklev. Barbara Lillian. 302 Marke Kirkpatrirk. Nancy. 300 Hard St.. Kirsehner. Kathryn Eleanor. 139 E. 11 Sth St.. Lu Kline. Phyllis. 21 Arbo Kloss. Beverly Jeanne. 32 Arlinplon " Rd., Ashe.ille Iris. 310 Aber. ., Terr; 15 St.. Cla 2202 Tillman St.. I 167 Koenig. Sue. Box 222. Burnsvillc 127 Koonlz. Carolvn Nell. 707 W. Fiflh A..-., lex 167 Knrnepav. Pearl. Rl. 6. Box 161. Greensboro 62 Koster. Kalherine Henrietta, lllll Pear...,. Dr.. 109 Krohalski. Harriet Ann. 106 W. Cvinn.-II St.. Sa.annah, Ga. 138 Kum. Roberta lliraheth. 3511 II a. en T ...r I Si. W asbinelnn 8. D. C. Kunze. Miner,;, Jane. 505 Hamilton St.. leak- .,2 Ku.k. -n.l.,11. Cornelia. Box 311 1. Madison Kuvkendall. Mar. Helen. Box 3111. M.oli 139 Kvlc. Bulb Marie. Rl. 1, TavTorsville 11,1 . I .....lorlo I ........... Sail, I atherl. I.amy. Mar. Rebecca. akdale Rd.. .I.„k...,„,l .-th. Box 186. Bauaascnr LangdoD, Rebeeea Jane, Benson Langley , Janet Sue. 320 llltrra. Dr.. Hi Beatrice, Chinquapin i ' " V. ' i. r ;. Barbara Culbbert. Box 7188, A Marlha Louise. R19 Fifth V... 1 a ' . ' il ' er ' . Ancelia Miriam. III. 3. Four Hal I.;.. -iter 1 .Ml....... Barbara Anne. Box 186. Rose 1 all.;.... Belly Mae. Rl. 5. M...,r... 1 alt... r 1 auck. 1,1.1 1 ... 6 Hon- ton St.. I . xiuglo 1 aving. Pegg) Inn. Box 50. lala-ba I La«ren. ll.igl.t- . Bel..... Ii,.l.. i. I. a. 319 F. Front St., N. » Bern Li. engood. Jean Ann. 221 Park- I I.. W, ...... I.i.erman. larolw, Hi...-. H.2 N -„.., M...-L.. Uringstone, Roberta Inn., 58 l.arrhmoni ltd.. A II... . I. Jean P.. Jone.boro ll.igl.l-. -a.,I..r.i Loflis. Jane Hud-»n. 512 Park t.. . I.r..n.b.,r I ofli.. I.oi- Lillian. W alool I ... loflness. Alma Lorraine. H37 I haneellor A.e.. I.. ..II. 139 -I,,,-,.. N. J I ..... r -I.. I rxingtnn lohr. Martha Elaine. 1115 I. Mil, St.. Lumberlon 31. Ill Lomax. Elise Nanry. 36 Carolina Ave.. Concord Lomax. Franc... 112 1 N Ind. p. ud.-nre Blvd.. Charlotte 23.2 I ....L-. I alh.-rine sh.-rv. I III W. I..„rih -I. June Fr II ' ,- . ar.l -I.. Charl. ,c.-.. lit. I. Dob. .... 1 „,,g. I i.oi-, I or..,.. 7 Spruce -t.. leak-, ill. long. Mable. Pro. peel Hill long. Mar, Tre. al.all. 2O0S Ml Vernon Rd.. S.V Roanoke, Va. Long. Patricia I.. S Ir.n St., Burlington 1 onon, Bererl] ...... Hi. I Marion loud. Dai,.. 9| Wallace St.. Red Bank. N. J. I.....II. Mar. Moor.. 137 Park -I.. ,.l,.|...r.. Lovelle. Janelle. Ill I Pear-..,, Ilr, -h.. ill. I ....„- 1, in. Ii.-rolh, I 12 ,..r K.I.. Scacdale Lo-erv. Carol Dean. Box 153. Lowell I ...miller. Barbara V..n. 33 l.lenn. I .,.„,, „_•,...,, I ....... Lowranee, Ann Sharpe. P. II. Box 122- Stat atari] Lovrc. Mildr.d Jan., I 1211 Martin Si.. W in-ion- Lovd. Elisabeth Gregg. K.I2 Nclon St.. N.W .. W a-hinclon 111. I). C. Lucas. Eleanor tnni- iMr- I 217 l.t. -I Sontbern pi- . i.r bore Lucas, Sara Che, rv . Lucama Luria. Joan Dian. Ill E. HHlh St.. N.v. 1 ..rk 2K V l.erl.. Dori.. lllH Iro-b. -I.. Sali-I.ur. I ., .in. Francie. IOH W . I nion -I.. Morgan!,.,. I.vneh. Elizabelh. R Si.. King- Mountain I.nch. Jo.e. Inn. Rt. 1 -.lo.a Lvnch. Mary Elizabeth. 13 W W ,1-..,, V,. 65, 168, 169 l, „,-!,. ni Pendleton. H-.-l — M- MeAli.lcr. Nanev Elizabelh. III. 5. II. id-, ill. McBarron. Patricia Vnne. 6109 Ma.. 1 lee., Baltimore 9. M.I M.i-.n. lugenia. 123 Colonial Dr.. Wilmington M.I l..-k -. Martha Suzanne, car. Maj. A. I. Mel l..-k. llu- Mil. tir Force, P I.F.B.. I i. Brsgg Mrllure. Jacqueline. 13-211 211 St.. Dougla-ton. N. V. M.I lu-key. Patricia J..). ailH Silver A.. . I.r.,...|„,r Mellu-k... Mr- Naomi. KOH t.e.. Greensboro MeCormac. Sue Mc.Arlhur. Box 91. 27.3 MrCullen. Mar, Da. id. Clinton Page 235 student directory — continued cD»de, irginia I , 103 .11. I. 1.11 1208 I ... Ivc., Church Si. ' , Pomona infield. Si. Pauls run. l«l Tseoma Circle Mellani.l. Palli. I M.llull.e Jan.- Gr... M.Dntne Pauline Ca ksheviile Melarland. B. II. Joan. 102 Oakdale Si M. I, tirginia I... M....I3. .11.. pl- I.. .1.1-1 MeGoa.l,. It: tgnc. HII ' I Norlhridge Si.. Crc Mel gun, Inne, St. Paul. McCoogan. Sarah Louise. Si. Pauls M.I .„,. Pan ..... tone s Mill, s,.. s.niihh.ld M. Cowan . Foggy Inn. Box 389. New Born M.I. nth... Il.n. I..... " .. 316 - I » ■■.. Kin-Ion II, i-. H.ll. I. H21 S. Willi.,,.. St.. Henderson Mrlnnis. J.-niih- Maxinc Bux 21. Pinebluff Melniii.. Mar. Elizabelh. Plrasanl Garden I ar,,l,n 111.,.. .lice Vo. Kail., riri... B..x 25 1. Lauoinbucg M.I, or. Mora. 1:111 Chcsluul Si.. Wilmington Melver, Lois, l.ulf Meji.ukin.. Manila Jan.. 1 «, lall..-,, SI.. Badin McKay. Anne. Marston M, k. ill,,.,.. B.irl.ara. III. S. Marietta Si.. I.a.l....... M.K.ithan. Lydia. Raefurd Mehinnc. Harl.ara Anne. 8(17 I.awsonville A.e.. Mckiiighl. It, II.. HIT Morehead si.. Mnrganlon McKnin. Ili a I. .H. -line. Box «.2. I.uill..rd MeLain. I ...... ie VII. Ill I 1 Main Si.. tlhena M. I ■ ... . II...,-. III. Si.. M.I...... McLean. Joanne. 17115 Walnut St.. Lumberlon McLean. Ph.lli-. 1705 Walnut SI.. Lumherlon 129. 159. 160, 179 H.L. «i ■ gg. III. I Croon. ill nderson, S. M.L.llan. Harl.ara Sue. 137 PI ull, .e.. Charlotle Mel d. Elizabeth S., How land ... 8115 Ilunhar s,.. Green, ille. S. I . Moled. Nina Marie. Box 12 1. Bobbins M.Mahan. Patricia Jo. 7113 lilil. .e.. I.r. o.,.|,..r.. McMahon. Janet, 1511 Iter. lid.. Manila-.!. V .. McManus. Edna. 5 I I S. V k. I ...... -I...r.. M. PI... ...... .1. ..... Kill Ma,.l. .... Burling!..,. McRaiiic... Mar, Louise. UK. E. Ihth SI.. Lumherlon Me 1,1- He " . »iH. 2.1..8 L.udhursl. Win. .. ..,-»., McSwain. Hell, Carol, n. 21.2 Walmil St.. Thoiua., i II MaePhail. Jane. 7IMI Oakland .e.. Charlotte 4 Maeltae. II. latherinc. h I 2 lei, leal 111,. I.. W i I minglo Ma. I,,.,,,,. Mar M ,K ihhi ... , are Mr., .la,.... M. Co 21 f aroma St., A. he, ill, Mark... gno- LI iz al.elh. tilt, Ml. Vernon Ave.. Charlotle 3 Madison. Juanita Louise. W eh.ler Man,.. Lois Elaine. 12 W est Dr.. Lake Fores!. W ilmiiigl..,, Magrirr. Elizabeth Helena. Kllll t.hehoro St.. Greensboro Mallard. Barbara Jean. 1(13 W . -I Whiiake Mill 11,1 McArn. 116 S. a Jane. 408 W. Carol, Clinton Maple.. V , I.e.. 72 1 H. , Rocky Mount Mark,.-. Palri.ia Inn,, 111 . Mark.. Mae, Louise. 2:i Melrose A.e.. Ashc.ille Marletle. Gloria Anne. 617 Fourth Si.. High Point Mac.h. Bel., ..„. 25.15 II bridge Rd.. Raleigh Marsh. Bell, Lou. 26 111 Walker Ave. Greensboro Marshall. I a. e. 577 ». End Hl.d.. « insIon-Salcm Marshall. S, Ann. Englohard Mae Hilda. 1211 S. Roanoke S,.. Scotland Neck Marlrl Ilorolh,. hirkpalriek |.l.. 7 Martin. Elizabelh Inn.-. Ill Fdgodale Dr.. High Poi.,1 Martin. I lie. ill Callahan. Franklin Marlin, Iran Ran.. ...a. H„v 111. Rohbins. ille Martin. Jeanne Ta l„r. 13113 Peine. Ion V.e.. Green-hoc, Marlin, Joanne. Box :i22. Eh... College Maeli... Mae, Ella. 111.1 W. Pine Si.. Graham Marlin ' . Ruth Hamlin H..v 2...1. I Iceland Marli... s„-ai. Maureen. I I III P St., N.W.. W a-hingi.,.. 7, 11. C. Ma-,. .sill. Sara Lou. 728 W, Locust St.. Johnson Cily. Ten... Mason. Rebecca L. Ie. Box 51. . a.lkin.ille Mas-ie. Gene. a. Rt. 2. Canton Master.. Ilillie Irene. Oxloe.l 11,1.. Henderson Mathcson. Lottie. 1211 North St.. Ahoskic 111 2. II, Gr, Ma, ml, an. Barbara 1 .. No. 5. S, 1, .... ltd.. Durham Maun.-.. Pauline. 111. 2. km-. Mountain M Pern;. time 2111 V I.asl,,,, Si.. Kins- M„.,„l Maxwell. Margar.l Miller. Seen S|„i„_. Ma.. Jan.- II., land. 11123 E. .toil. Si.. Charlotte Ma.. Marianne Elizabelh. Hill Si.. Oxford Ma.. Marlba Borden. 5115 W. Ha,i- !.. Burlington M.i.uar.1. Marlba E.. 115 I rail..,, Height-. W i... I. ...-Salem Me.,.. I El. Ill k Si.. Concord Mellaril. Barbara Inn. III. 1. Rd.. Canton Me. I None. I. Me.llin. Marlba Ann. 111. 6. Box .1.19.1. I.r. ....hoe.. M.ek.e. Mae, Carolyn. 81)9 II Carr S,.. High Point Molehing. Flizab.lh Kall.r. ... 3911 1 Gel. Ion Dr.. Memor,. Elizabelh. .12 1 E. Main St.. Merhanicshuog. Pa. Menzel. Janet F.. Ashe Si.. Southern Pine. Mcrecr. Rosalind. Rt. 1. Box 79. Chadbourn Mercer. Sanimie Lane. Bolivia M.erlll. 11.11, Lou. 8117 Ann St.. Beaufort 27. 71. 17: Oli.ia In,,,.. 28.1(1 Exeler Circle. Raleigh «,..,.. Marion France.. Bear Wallow Metz. Gretchen. Summcrfield Mewborn. Edith. Rt. 2. Snow Hill ael. Joictta Jane. Rl. 3. Lexington Micol.,. X aldose Mi.„l. lib. la. ll„x 15. a Miller. Barbara Crillcndc Greensboro Miller. Carol. Mocks, ille. Miller. Mary Carolyn. 22 100 Magna ,123 V 129. 161. 168. 183 Miller. Dian. ( lair. Vr.len Miller. Ilori- Josephine. Illl V Salisbury A. Spencer Miller. Fran,.-. 1226 S. Hawthorne lid. Miller. Kalhr.n Sanders,. Ashc.ille Miller. Margaret. 3 15 W . Mill.r. Mar, Bulb. 1 aurel Spring. Miller. Palri.ia 1 ina. Kill Devil Hills Mills. Emma Parker. Polkton Mills. Frieda Marie. Rl. 1. Box 121. Ilia Mills. Jean Carroll. III. 1. -pes II k, Ha Mitchell, Allba Corin. 118 Thnnipsu Mitchell. Barbara Ann. Rl. 1. Brow Mitchell. Belt. Lou. 305 W . Rulfin ! Burlington Mitchell. Dorolhy Mac. Walnut Co. Mitchell. Luc, irginia. Box 66. Mitchell. Margi, Inn. 23118 Heckle. Mitchell. Mar, Iran, Denton Milehell. M„e, I ,.„.-. ,31- Georgia Molbtl. M.rna Lou. Box 1 Mohler. Mar, Boi Monn.ll Mir. Lou. Rl. 1 Monk. I.l„cia. Old Rural I Monlagi... J a. Ire. lit. 2. Monlagoe. V Jeanne. lOOl N. Hamilton. High P« Montgoi.icr, . Margarel. Earmington Monlgom.r.. Maiirin. 111,,. Box 1(13. Mound, ille. Montgomery, Peggy, 631 Seotl A.,.. Greensboro M I, l,,lia. 115 - Sccnlb t.e. Sil.T I il. M„„,i. I arol.n Furl..... 3115 Bank- s,. i.r.,1,.,,,, Moonc. Mr.. 11,11, Beauford. 1313 Maple s,.. I.r. M lei. Elizabelh. Florida Ter.. Montreal Moonc. Ma. I....i-.. Hex 13. Montreal Moore. Ada Jane. B-2 Cannon I I. .pi... I.r, . ,,.|„ Moore. Betl, Lou. 2(119 t-heboeo St., Grcensbor. Moore. Claudia Ann. 1111 Barllel! St., 1 lizab. Il, Moore, 1,., kale 111. 2. Hurdle Mill- Moor,. Hazel Kall.r,,,. Rl. 1. Box 116. In ,, Moor,. Jeanne M t.36 E. " " Moore. Julia Godwin. Rl. 4. Moore. Lvdia Jane. Rt. 3. Bo M„„r. I . il., Pri.elt. 728 Prii x 115. Moore. Martha. 322 S. Fourth s,.. Mh.n.arb Moore. Nancy Mae. Church Si. Exl.. Greensboro Moore II. la Elizabelh. Bridge Si.. Leaks, ille Moore, Sterling, Bos 238, Warren..,. M I oris Marie. (.119 lloacl, s,.. ReidsvilU Morgan, tuna Marie. Rl. 1, Box 53, Gold Hill Morgan. Carol Lee. Rl. 5. Henderson Morgan. Edna. Rt. 5. Henderson Moeg ,„. Fax. Box 466. Pinchurst Morian, Laura Lueinda. 23(1 Bice St.. Hamlel Morgan. Peggie Marie. 7(13 W. Main SI.. Spindale Morgan. Rulb Elizabelh. R.F.D. 2. Kerne., il I. Morgan. S, bil Virginia. Rt. 1. Fairmonl Mormino, Inns, 28 1 Mai,, St., VA ... ... -. ill. Morrell. Patricia. Box 609. Brevard lid.. Rt. 3. -.hell. Morris. Adcle Hannah. 11.25 » ickham A.e.. Newport News, V.. Morris. Clara Elizabelh. 19:17 W il.uore Dr.. I ha, Morris. Sue Brc ard. 107 N. Morgan n,.. SI..II,, Morrison. Ann. Wils,,,,. 215 s a li. Morrison, Dorolhy Anne. Box 215 orrison. Virginia Kalharine. Rovland 1087. Laurel Hill Morriss. Cecilia Elizabelh. H)3 Walnut St.. Farm.ille More, Rogcrlea. 1932 Church St.. Wilmington Moclon. Jo.ce. R3B Cameron Court Apis.. Raleigh Mosco.ilz. Charlotte Frieda. Box 116. Tro, Moser. Dollie. Rl. 3. Box 339. Greeii.boro 111 M„. Idler. Mar, Jane. Rl. 3, Box 199. I. all...,, s. I. Ml.dge. Lila Marie. 71,9 Kimball I.e.. We.lfield. N. J. Mueller. Joan Frances. 835 Sunimil Ave., W e.lh. Id. N. J Mnller, Marie,, I... 1835 Meadow brook Dr.. Muller. Gloria. 2311 W . l.lip Rd.. Bab, Ion. I.. I., N. V. 7 1 Mundy. J phi.... 112 V Green Si.. Morganlon 23.27 Murebison. Janice. Ill Arlington Terrace. Rock, Mounl 27. 111. 161. 167 Murphy, Charlotte. Tomahawk Murphy, Jennie Frances. Rl. 1. Box 19. Farm.ille Murrav. Carol, n F.. 533 Parkway. High Point Murray, .lean. 111. I. High Point Myers, Gertrude Barn.-. KIT . l.Hh St., Wilmington Myers, Martha la... Rt. 2. Thomas, ille Mar- Catherine. 6(1 I Woe-hai... Dan, ille. Va. N.H Irabelle. 216 Whilaker St.. Claylon Myers, PeggJ Sue. Cycle Sara Emma. Hoffman M-rirk. larole. P. O. Box 133. Fa. elle, ille I Swarlhniorc Pa. Noece, Carolyn. 603 I Neelands. Peggy Kav. N.ill. Nanc Anne. 1328 K.nilwo Nelson. Jane Christens. 313 Hillercl Dr.. I.exingl, Nelson. Lois Lucille. Aulandcr Ncsbitt. Martha Ann, Edneyville Ncwitl. Mildred Elizabeth. 1537 Manlor.l PL. Char Ncwlin. Velna Catherine. Box 162. Haw Ri,er Newiiam. Sharon Lee. 1218 Homeland Ave.. Green N.w.ome. irginia Louis, 111. North St.. Ahoskic New Ion. Sarah Martha. 2506 Beeehridge Rd.. Raleigh 1! Nichols. Claudine. Rt. 1. Box 553. N. V Niehol.. l.a Lee. Box 183. Carolina Bea Nichols. Gray. Efland Niehol-. Malinda. Rl. 4. Durham Nichols. Mar, Sue. 111. 5. Box 99. Baleig Niles. Dorothea Meredith, 12. Ni.e,. Phyllis, 1102 W. Fra Norfleet, Dorothy, 3103 Coll Norman. Jelelie. 113 Vanderl Norman. Norma Wrlborn. 101 Norman. Wynne, 3611 Hillsb Norris. Nancy Gene. 38 Baki Nowell. Mrs. Mildred R.. 141 Nunn. Betty Ann. Rt. 2. Box ! W. Market St.. Gr Ogilvie. Caroline Winnona, Box 414 Ogle- 1,.. S, 1,1. Marie. Rt. 1, Morehca like. Eugenia. 106 Albright Ave.. Oldham, Betty Lea. 813 Broad St., Oldham. Gcncverette, Rt. 3. Chapel ] Billic Marie. Jefferson Catherine Manton. 327 Map! Oliver, Kalhryn Leno , r. Virginia Elizabelh. I arlhage ,.n. Mildred Naomi. 1511116 Perry Ave. Ha: ,11 Mildred tdeline. 111. 3. W alkerlown II Osborne. Ann. 829 Oakland St.. Henderson, ille Osborne. Jessie Rao, Swepson, ille Osborne. Mar; Abel. -The Kelreal " 220 Churrh 167. 179 Oil, . Eileen. 609 Magnolia A.e.. Charlotte bourg. Edna Mae. 2111(1 Crescent A.e.. Charle burg. Margaret Ann. 21(111 Cceseenl A..-., (bar .. Lou. 1726 Chestnut St.. Charlotte ,w. Elizabeth Jocdan. 403 W . James St., Mount Olive IW, Isabel. 808 Pee Dec Ave. Albemarle a,. Gloria Anne. Angler on. Nane, Vmelia. 2 IK. Cow per lie.. Raleigh i. .luda. Lake Toxawav t. Palcicia. 10 1 Carmalt St.. Thomas, ille Page. Ju Pace. Luc Stewart. Andrews Page. Sarah Gerlrude. UK) S. Green Ma.. Coral Cables. Fla. Pag.. -.,,.. 213 Joi... St.. Wake Forest Palmer. Arline Elizabelh. 2 129 Fairwav Dr.. W Parker. Macie Annette, 211 E. Johnson St.. CI Parker. Bevcrl. Heath. Sunbury Parker. Elizabeth P.. Rt. 2. Raeford Parker, Elva Sutlon, Goldsboro Parker. Irene Elizabeth, 307 N. Haughton St., W illiamston Parker. G. Rulh, Fountain Parker. Kalhr.n. Cutehin Si.. Clinton Parker. Joan Faith. St. ( all., rinr ' s School. Wo 75. 160. 178 Park,, II., 26. Va. Fuller. 112 Fore-t A.e. Oxford Parkin...... Ann Carper, 4313 Rood. A.e.. Richmond. Psrnrll. lnor lane. Box 338. Clarkton Parrish. Dorothy. Sn.ithficld 75 Parsons. Arlene Bovd. Rl. 3. Mounl Gilead Parsons. Virginia. 2 111 S, I. an Rd.. Greensboro Pasehal. Joan. 627 Jo. nor Si.. Greensboro Pa-.bal. Nane.. Box 129, Siler City Pasour. Barbara. Dallas Pasour. Carolvn Florieno. Rt. 1. Dallas Pa.our. Patrieia. Dallas Patebel. Barbara Belle 15112 Green, ille Hw... Charlotte 113 rtha Rebecca, Rt. 2. Madison Pear,,. Coraldino W .. Box 6 1. Micro 75. 179 Pear-all. ilazelbelle Louise. 1()18 Lafayelle A.e.. Rocky Mount 24. 27. 75. 95. 99 196. 210 Pearson. Caroline. 221.1 Ma. Held Ave. Baltimore. M Poar.on. Mildred. 310 N. Road St.. Elizabeth City 113 Peas,, Nane. 15 Welcome PL. Spcingfield. Mass. Pea-lee. Lillian ( lia. 531 Highland A.e. Green. 1... Peck. Irene Tavlor. 725 W. Warren St.. Shelby 138 Pock. Mar. Anna. 725 W . Warren St.. Shelby 119. 131 Pelican.. Belt. Jean. 5(17 Jones Si.. High Poinl Pegcam. Cal.ino Brad-haw. Salem St.. Apex Pollz. Mar. Ann. 212 E. Ml. Pleasant Ave.. Philadelphia 19. Pa. 139 Pendleton. E thel Florence, t 103 Wrighl-.ille A.e. Wilmington 113 Pepper, Dorothy Page 236 student directory itinued Perry. I ' .-, Il " igi ' , l..lfr..l Dlokl Fork i i .. M„. h. ..... . -111. I .... -I i..rlr. s. , „ sc. Lineoli « A « hltakcr. Si.. El N...... Inns, i 19 « . Lead Pholp.. J, .... Carol. Box I. " .. " .. »i |.S„ Phillips, I. .... I,.. Lenoir, IiikiiII. Phillip.. Eli, tli I. 21.(17 Clark An-.. Phillip., lean II..;., 22 1 M.I. I.. II A..-.. Phillips, Ele r J...,,,, tt all,,,. Phillip.. I Mil .ranger.»OO.I. It,, I ' l.lMI,... Marian II,.,. I. 21112 II..,, llr V, « „t„„.Salo.ii 7 Phillip. Murllni .. «i w . Th ,.,,.,.,.11. SI, Phillip. Mar, J.„..„, .. . " .22 K. w a.hingi. ■kingh,.,,, 11.1.1...1 In 10, " 59 E„ Hickory Paula N,,r. . Itt. 1. Boa l.-.HA. II .11. ...1 Phi Peggy J S. A. I,.-. Son Pin,, Phi,.,... Sarin .1. II. I Julian Pi, kard Louise, SSI High Point Si., ,., 306 Aberdeen Tei i.r..- Pickett. El Plckelt, Miriam Greensboro Pickle. Pegg. Sue, Hi. I. Lexington Pillatt. Lucille Ann. (.I. " , K. Mil. Si.. Su. a.uial Piiiohback. Jean. 17 12 Spring Garden S Pinner. Jeiiiu.e , lie. II.. :i:i7. I ' aboc Pin.a,,. Pulriein. Mil Price Si.. Greensboro Pit,..,.... J..„, V. :i. " Cobb, ltd.. Wosl llarll Pill.. Vhee II.,.. (.11. N. Main Ave.. Newton Plaster. Daphne Palriria. 1H75 Meadow he.. i,,.|„,..S,.len, on Cltv I ' . „l Ala I ' M,.-, Edith, lit. 2. Box 111. (...Ill Hill PI, lor. Jan.. Ht. 2. Gold Hill Pollard. Ann Carter, 921 S. Church St.. W Inston-Salem Ponder. Anna lee. Kt. 1. Leicester P..,,,ler. Mildred Marie. 1222 E. franklin. Castonia Pun.. Ininara... lit. 1. Box 54. Valdese Pool. Vaughn Zilphia. 610 Magnolia. Greensboro Poole. (Catherine It. (Mrs.), lit. I. Guilford College P • Ilaehel. .12.-. lav lor St., II. a.. Hie 77. Pope. Betty Ann. 230 " E. 5lh St.. Charlotte elh. I-,,.,. St.. Morganton . A Mari.. Siar Route. Danville. Vo. Nancy Carolyn. 655 I I, ,,l. Powell. Edith Win... 1211 liniui Powell. Emogene, 115. Bouchard Powell. Ruth. I.ill. M.O.rmick St.. Green. I Preas. Charlotte Anne, Stonewall Apts. 5A, 885 Main St.. DanvlUe, Va. Preas. Nancy II... h. 883 Main St.. Apt. 5A. Danville, Va. Pre Carol,,. Audrey. 22 Morrill Ave.. W. Prrlsinger. Margie Ann. 2.1 Henderson St.. I Presnell. Imojean. V 3rd Cl. St.. Slier City Margaret Bli... Box 12. Arden ne, 118 Highland Ave.. Fay, Price, Price, Janet, Pauline. Price. Mary Elisabeth. 7(11 School St.. Windsor Price. Mary Maltie. Itt. 2. Stok.-.lal. Price. Norene, Rt. 1, Ellenboro Prltchacd. Jane. South Mills Pritchcll, Kathryn Lucille, Rt. 1. Brown Summit Pritehctl. Margaret Mcbanc. 216 Kensington ltd.. I. r. ei.-l..., V,., Burling!., . l)a,i. ; Lee. Br.. ,, „„„ Proelor. Evelyn. Rt. 1. Elm City Pruill. Virginia Lee. 119 Gra SI.. Mo i-igh St.. Pugh. Clara lave. 22» Guthrie St., Graham Pullen. Joan Hard. ... till S. IHih Si.. Wilmington Puriseh, Faiih. 69 I air, ic A,... Spring Valley, V » . Pur.e.. Naur, Elisabeth. I onghill Rd.. Great Notch. N. J. Purvis, Claire Jean. 645 Kenl Si., Charlotte Putnam. Fanny Elisabeth. Box 43. Waco Putnam, Peggy II.. 1019 Knoll Dr.. Fall. Church. Va. Hag,..,. Jean Ellen. (. 1 :i Stonewall St.. Lex Raines. Jean Evangeline. Cary Raincv, June. 123 Acker! A,,.. Salisbury Randall. Bell,. Mil Wellington ltd.. Balti luelle Maria I!.., 55. 1...H.1... roll,, Jan.. Box 157. la , II, aboil. J Hi. 2. Handle... ... 1,1,1., II Il ' enian ioberla. 2 " 7 M.-rrl....... ,.. I,. .. ,lar, Jane. 111. 2, Albemarle r„ jean. Waliiui ,,, Lea, It!. I, llov 11.11. II, ,111. ,,, I ,,ll, .,,,.. .117 (...iuglon si., laurinburg .,1. Clyde „ Ruth. 1181.. P.llll.,l.allia A,... A.he.ill. eea Rowena. Dallas Alice. »(■ Albion It. I Columbi... S. I. 112. can .lone.. Apt. I. HI " Ce.lar St., Green. 1. or.. Betsy, 376 Gwvn Ave.. Elkiu Marie w hi. ...... i. 52 1 Maple A,... It. i. I. .ill. Nell Elaine. 111. I. Wendell ... III. 5. SI ..ill. I.orla. 60 » a. I.u.ell ltd., I Hill 67. Mass. . 122.1 lodrow. High Pollll 7 " . 181. 122 1 I ,.lr.,w Ave.. High Poinl n,r, 2323 Sunny. ide An-.. W in. I. ....Salem :l- . 212 V Ninll. St.. Mebane , ... . HI2 s. s„,„e, Dr.. Winston-Salem , Cordon. I,,.,, Mea.l..»l.r.„.k II... Itil.hie. Mar, Margaret. 2.111 V Ce.lar S!.. Green Rob. con., I,.,., Bonner. Rt. 1. Box 95. Robert.. Jaeki. Agnes, 111. I. si. Paul. Roberts. Jacqueline lire,, 12116 Club Blvd., Durh Roberts, Joan, Rt. 1. Box 317. Leak., ill.- Roberts, Marilca. III. I. Ileidsville Roberts. Jean. 111. I. Box 134. Willow Spr Roberts. Poll, Cal.e, Rt. I. liill.l.oro Roberts. Cora Rachel. 3118 E.l-t Sullle St.. Shell., Robert-. Sandra St.-,..,.. 3116 Raleigh ltd., Wilson Robinson. Catherine V.nie. Itt. 1. 1 nion Rd„ Castonia Robinson. Charlotte Pallon. 111. 1. Box 205. Marion Robinson. Elizabeth Ha... I I.. 2.1 III 1 ., iihursl Si.. w Inston-Salem Robinson. E.uilie. 2 18 Colonial A.c.. Charlotte 8 Robinson. Harriel Elisabeth. 1517 Belmeade Dr.. Kingspurt, Tcnn. Robinson. Joan Sybil. 72(1 M. Donald Ave.. Hamlet Roger-. Barbara A.m. III. 1. I!.., 2111. Albemarle Roger.. Bell, Sue. 511 Keni I w or tli. Greensboro Roger., lean Carol. 160 N. Second Si.. Albemarle 3 Rogers. Mar, Elizabeth. 2205 Malvern ltd.. Charlotte Rollins. Brona Jean. Bt. 7. Box 55. Jonesboro llg!-. Station. Sanford Roll Mar, Jean. (.17 V Main St.. New Itollins, Millicen! Anne, Box »8. Marsh, ill.- It. ...... I. II. Margar.l. (.711 Ave.. Glen Rock. N. J. R Dorothy Ann. llox 145. Pikoille Rose, Eleanor Van... 101 N. Mail, St., Franklinloi. 8 Rose. June. 308 Louise A,e„ High Poin allh R Elizabeth, Pleasant I Ro... Lela Jean. I all-!,.., H M«T) Jane. 263 Wo Roth. Louisa Lenoir. 437 Roths, Virginia (Jeanl. B Rolhgel.. Anne Claire. 15. " Ruiler, Elsie Jeannelte. 23(1 I h. ,„,,., re A,... Charlotte I It II. Inne II,. (.52 S. Sun.e! Dr.. W in.i on-Sale... llu. -ell. Ellen ( .. .1(11 Roior, Dr.. High Point It..-. II. G.arl Ilea... 111. I. Box 885. Belmont Russell. Marion Mari.. I.llll Rolling V,o.. Norfolk. , Russell. Mar, Anderson. 182:1 11.1, ..I, re V,.-.. Charlotte 3 Sock.. Sylvia Minelle. 1127 Belle, lew I.e.. Camden. N. .1. Sadler. Belt, Hick-. Hi. 7. Box 1M.3. C r i.l.oro Ilorolhy Da, is. 185 Franklin A..-.. Concord Salccby. Carmen. 81(1 Walker I.e.. Greensboro 144. Sampson. Mar, Elisah.-ih. 27..7 W. Mark. I s,„ Greensboro Sanderlord. Palriria Hull. r. Box 27. I ar, Sander Ruih. Rl. 1. Bcula.ille Sanderson. 12 1 E. Second St.. Washington Sandlin. Ida Jean. 501 Cutler St.. Raleigh 111. Sandliu. Joyce, Br, son City Sarbaugh, Rachel, l.uiiiberl.... 115. Series. Helen Mac. 208 S. Trcmonl III., Green.boro 83. Sar.nrld. Jane. 2433 A.ondal. Axe.. (harlolle 23.27. los-l.- I. V J II. III., 115. 16 r 12 i .i.i. -. n i , s, ,..,,., I jj DM , . ..... ...boro I II I li. H ii Una ISO i V Hlair. 2(11! (..ill,,, ..II..,,, I l.arb.ll.. 226 Park A., e.lg.iek. (HI.. It,,. I. II I I, 1 H. I ... shah, s|..,,,k sharp arloet PI ' •■ I •••k. ,. II. ( |a, |.„, -I V-l I. Ilorlon s,.. ebulon II.., 82 1. K... ..... tl I. I r. ,,,.,,,, .ii. (.12 St., Wim.i „...! I. .(Hi W . f.,.1 PI I.. sharp, Marilyn ..... Hi. 2. Bon III Sharp.. Mar, Ira.,..-.. 51(1 lr..ll...g.r s,_. | lur | Sharp.. P 112 V Bl -orlh s,.. R.l.igh Sharps,, shirl.-. II . ki ' i H.....I..I. ( ... I. u, ,..,., shas Ira,,..- Galhrighl (Mr. Hake. Jr. I. Ill ' . Greensboro Gilli. li.,, -, IIHII Shaw, (Hi.. Rl. 2. Richland. . Ma. Elisabeth a Ma. Rt. . Box 15 . Wa Shearin. Ma , « , .1. Box 1711. Ill 2. W Sh.arin. It nn . 515 Park PL, II... k, M 1 1 Sheffield, Barbara Ja,„. 1KIK, Ha, . PI.. VW Shei.ler. Ann. Hit I bird V.. » .. Ilendersonville Shellman. Audrey Anna 2 11. Eighth A.... Ira Shell,..,. Elizabeth W..II1. 257 I ranklin St.. sh. ,. Harjori sh.par.l, Jean X shepherd. HI.., ,a. Rl. 1. Box 1116. Brown s u „„, 21 Box 75 1. Hoe St., .l sh.rrill. J 2 1 l(. •h.-rrill. Pat-, ' I Sherron. Belt, Jane. Rl. 2. Fuqua, Spring. Shew.uake. Helen Mari.. Ill Ha. ll.ornc Lane. Ch shield-, kalhr... II.. lit. 1. Box 521.. h,r.„, , II. .roth. En.l.lie. 22 12 M..l..rn ltd.. I|...rl. Si kle.. Hell. Ruth. 18 Main St.. Cooleemee Shore. Bobbie ja.,.. (.ele Shore. Allen. Jo.ce. Rt. 2. Ea.l Bend shore. Margar.l Vnne. ■,,„,ll. Shotwell. I ' .gg, Inn. Rl. 5. Hender.on Shuford. Ellen Br.nt. 1525 Moll. .... Hi.k..r. Shuford, Pals. Ann, Boger Cilv. I.inrolnlon shuford. Sarah Ann. Arden Shugarl. Sue H.rr,-. .132 W. Ma.,, s,.. Hki.i side.. J„ ....... I.IIW Ea.lern A,c. II,,. k, Mosul 31.8. Sides, Nancy inn. 7(.l 1 .... r, 1, s,.. Spencer silf.,,,1. Mar,...,. 81 » E. Main Si., ll.emarh 26. 2 " Sigmon. Nell Kaiherine. 132 B. ihsbara Rd.. Win .!..... Sal. n Silcr. Elizabeth Rankin. 2H71 Haywood ltd.. I....II. Silliman. Elhel Eunice. Box 91. Granite tjuarn Sin.inglon. Shirl,. Ann.. 1112 Blue Hock Rd.. Edge- Hill-. Wilmington. Del. Simon. Margaret Mar,. 1(. Ea-t 1 111. St.. Ill,,, N. J. si,. Mill... ..I Diane. Live l A s,_. |l„, , - Tabor 1 il, 1 I ' , li,. Simmons. Caroi.n Face. Hall.l.oro Simpson. Carol... Ukin.on. Ill Itow.n St.. Fa, .tie, ill. 26, 3( Simpson. Nsnc. 3145 Alabama A,... 1 harl.,1! singh. Han... .ar. S. s|„ 2 h. F-q.. W , 1 1 . ..g.l .... Vir s N.w ll.lhi. India !..... Nina. Harmon, sink. Kalhr. n. 1 I Vane, ( ireb I -i..k. M.rlha F.el.n. Hill Fair.i.w Dr.. Lexington si-k. Marll... „n. 258 1...I.... PL. (harlolle Silt. r-...i. ( ath.-rin. Dare. 260 Norlh Ashe. Soulh. rn Pine. sk,,-. J. ...... Dresden. 22(12! Rd.. la I Ski.l.nore. Mar, Iran,.-. ' (23 1. Main s,.. »||„ o.arl skinner. Ell. ... 123 I „k lioek. Mounl skinner. Marion I.. I till Pin. s, r ,,, Lumberton Sledge, I,,-, phi... Ann. Rich Square sl.dge. lr.. Hull,, mill liflh S!.. (Sahara Hgt... Hurling!.. II Small. Fro Smetana. Elaine Smile,. Sl.irlr, Mar,.. Smith. Alice Fa,c. 620 H 2. Tabor I il. Ha... 15.. Pi.cah Dr.. Canton oilie. 41 IV. ling St.. Concord 115. 16 IHi. HI.. I. 118 Pwk r Blvd " w ' n,.|.. ' n- ' sal..„ Smith. Caroline. Box 193. Andrew, s.o.ih. Carol, n Inn. C Hillcresl Dr.. Concord Sn.ilh. Carolyn s, k. -. Lemon Spring. -n.ilh. ( hri-lin. P. rr, . 31 I E. s.-r I s,.. ih ., , ;,, Smilh. Han... Kale. 2823 Rd„ Charlolle sn.ilh. Dori- ton. 1335 S. Mint S,. (harlolle -n.ilh. Doroth, Jean. 216 S. Second SI.. Smithlirld student directory — continued Smith. Elcam Smith, Franc V II., Smith. Isabcllo, Rt. 1. Gibson Smith. Jan.-. Itt. 2. Rumn Smith. Mr-. Jan.- kirk.,,:.,,. Ilobbs Rd.. Creensbot Smith. Janie, Plkeville Smith. Jo Ann. Rt. I. Box 178. h. , ■,..-,— ill.- Smith. Juanita. 222 Van,-, St.. Lexington smith. I ,11, a,, It. II.. Lake Waccamaw S.nith. Lou Klla. lit. I. Seen Springs Smith. Maraan-I Edward.. 1 30 1 Bro Mar Eli ab -th. It While U.,k lid.. Biltmore A.hevilh Smith. Mar, Janice, Rt. 1. Fairmont Smith. Nancy Jo. 615 Colonial Dr.. High Point Smith. Nancy Pag,. 22111. Pirn-crest Rd.. Crccnsb Smith. Nell Whitley. Box 17 1. Vanccyvillc 85. 173. Smith. Norma Dolor,.. 21(17 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro Smith. Peggy Gwyn. Rt. 3, Thomasyille Smith. Sail, Anne. Walnut Cave Smith. Shirlcv M.. Cherry St.. Kernersville ..ill.. Vivian Janet, 1113 F. Mulberry St.. Gold. Sue, 2101 Croydon Rd.. Charlotte a Mae. Rt. 1. Box 388. Plv ....... .11., Stauller. 268 Derrick Av. 64 Palmy ne. Rt. 1. 103 Forest Hills Dr.. Wilmington Somcrs. Belly Jean. Rt. 1. Elon College Sorrentino. Mar. Nanev, 1151 Mundy Lane. Bronx. N. V. Southall. Barbara Anne. 156 N. Mercer St.. Rocky Mount Spahr. Dorothy Jean, Bristol Road. Abingdon, Va. Spake. Virginia Bar. 21(1 Rowan Ave.. Spencer Spear, Karlyn Mavo. Wilson St.. Madison Speetor. Zita Ann. 81 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 13 Speight, Suzanne. Ingle. id,- Farm. Edrnton Spencer. A.l.lvu Cardwell. 322 Providence Rd.. Charlotte Spencer. Jane. 131-1 Fasten, Ave.. Roekv Mount 11; Spencer. Mary Anne. 516 W. Third A Spink.. Carol- i, s,„., rl . Rmhrrfurd College Spoolman. Nanev. 5(17 Granville St.. Windsor Sprinkle. Emma Laura, 1928 W ak, " Stacy, Barbara. Rumn Stalling., Bobbv Ann. 11(17 I rban Stamey, Jean. 1160 Fourth St.. Perry Point. Md. Stanley, Margaret Barnes. 403 Lindsay St.. High Staneil, Bettv Josephine. 1117 Harford St.. Srlma Stanliel.l. Dorothv 1).. Brown Summit Slanfield. 1 ' al.v I.e.. Brown Summit Stanley. Ann Morris. R.F.D. 3. Fairmont Stanley. Jcannine. Carolina Beac h Stanley. Mar,, I,... J„v. 327 W. 7th St.. Siler Citv Stanlev. Marianne. 21(12 VV rem, Ave.. Grecnsbo, Stanton. Elizabeth V, Box 32. Stantonsburg Starr. Ruth. 606 Courl 133 Virginia. " 07 Co . Greensboro rtland St.. Stelfan. Sophia. 3(15 N. Hamilton St.. High Poi, Stephens. Edna Mae. Rt. 2. Liberty Stephens, J.-an. Box 98. l aneov . iile Stephens. Lois. 1411 Acadia St.. Durham Steppe. Melba Jcane. Slrrm j; sti-wart! 511 Oral let Lila. 125 E. 93rd St.. can Weaver. 132 S. Broad St.. W instoi o Ann. 1621 Bev.rl, Dr.. Charlotte iorma Joan. 814 Milton St.. Greensboro Stilw.ll. Mar- ,„,. ,,o , , ,.,,tral A ,,.._ Charlotte Stimson, Mary Elizabeth. 245 E. Broad St., States, ill,- Slockard. Carol. HO Albright Ave.. Graham Stokes. Juanita loll,.,, 11103 Johnston. Greenville St,.,,.-. Edltha Anne, 2609 Camden Rd., Crecn.bc Stone. Fmilv. 146 Cranford St.. Ashrboro Stone. Faye Joyce. Pilot Mountain 2008 Beverly, Charlotte Slr.-lilz. Mary Jane, Parkview Apt. Strickland ' . Bobbie. ' 9117 Vlarket St.. Stroth.-r. Dorolh-. 117 V, ill,.... Slrother. Margaret Louise. Rt. Stroud. Ann V itheringinn. Box Stroud. Peggy Jo. Rt. 1, Pink I air, lew Dr.. Lexinglo . 2. Whitakers ■. Rt. 2. Whitakers Tallov. Ann. 31 " High Point St.. Randleman Tallev. Martha. 31 " High Point St.. Randlema Talton. Lady Lynn. iNortb and Church St., Zel Tanch. Elizabeth I Beth I, 40 Taylor St., 308 W. Pearsa Tate. Peggy Foster. 2 " Oak St.. Belmo latum. Pauline. Rt. 2. Box 113. Eliz. Taylor. Anne. Elon College Tayl. Annabel. 120 McL Barbara Ann. 515 Avent St.. Taylor. Barbara May. 907 Elwell Ave lav lor. A. Frances. 822 Second St., Dt Taylor, France, J.. 505 E. 56 St., Sa Tavlor, Janet W oodlv. 1001 W. Alia, lav l„r. Loi.. Elon College Tavlor. Marjorie Elise. 620 W. 2nd S Tavlor. Marv Anna. Rt. 3. Williams!. Tavlor. Ituhv. 314 F. Peyton Ave., Kill Teoguc. Marv Elizabeth. 215 W. Iniv, Chapel Hill Templet,.!,. Bettv Louise. 2300 Overhill Rd.. CI Te.h. Patricia. 2337 Greenwav ve.. V in.|„,,.S Thaeker. J, an. 18115 Walker Ave. Grcen.boro Thigpen. Margaret W lard. V Main Si Ihigpe,,. Sallic Little. N. " St., Scol Charlene. 2 17 Boulevard. High Point Thomas. Dori- .lean. 22dl F,,glew„„d Ave.. Durha, Thomas. Dori. Jean. 2116 Norton Rd.. Charlotte Thomas. France. Marian. 12(12 Hv man Ave.. Henderson, ill. Thomas. M. Geraldine. Rt. 1, Box 17. Culber.on Thomas. Jan. W .. 303 Madison. Korkv Mount Thomas. Kathleen. Ilol Highland Ave.. Salisbury Thomas, Lorene Earlry, Box_217. Enfield Thoma: Thomas. Martha Jane. 210 Wh Thomas. Nancy Anne. Cameron Thomas. Patricia Aremr. 121 E. Franklin St.. Hagrrslown. Md. II.......... Itebeeea Vim. 17 13 Flwood Ave.. Greens II...... Marie. 3 1 Chestnut St.. Null,- Thompson. Betty Jane. 1112 Glenwood Ave.. Greensboro Thompson. Fran,-,. nii. (la,, -rack. N. Y. e St.. Fort Mill. Ibomp. " lb race. Bl. 3. Laurinburg nr Long. 237 S. Main St.. Gral annettr. Rt. 5. Goldsboro ,,,!,, Zachary. 416 Springdale argretta Burns. 530 North Ma Thompson. Marv I.illie. Rt. 1. Box 40. Clarkton Thumps Peggy. 6l() E. Club Blvd.. Durham 8 Thompson. Thelma Lee. Mountain Park Ibomp.,,,,. Virginia Dare. Box 181. Whitakers Thornton. Marv Lee. 29 W. Sprague St.. W inston-Salrm Thornton. Shirlcv Anne. 130 Grove St.. Salisbury Thrash. Marv George. Ill Acton Hills Circle. Asheville Tilley, Barbara Ann. 126 Funis St., Fuquay Springs Till,--. Bertha. 1619 Ashe St.. Greensboro ,,ll .,,.,,,. Hull, knight. Rt. 3. Carthage 11 Til.on. Marjorie Jeanne. 1010 Knox St.. Durham Tinder, Elizabeth Villi. 1 9 1 6 Vineyard St., Hluelield. W . a. Todd. Mr.. France, R. Palmer. 271 " Belvedere Ave.. I I, „l Tola. Marv Ague, 115. 160. 169. 170. Chase. Md. Troii.l.alh. Jan.! Adelaide, laurel Hill Trrpkr. Sail, Jean. 71(1 Brookside Dr.. High Point Tribble. Dorothv Mae. 1915 Mecklenburg Ave.. Stvron. Carol,,, loui.e 2 1(11, Wilson St.. Durham 140 Tribble . lean LaVerne. 2101 V.ho St. 1 Sublett. Margaret Irene. 25 Bear Creek Rd.. 1. he- ill. 139 Tripp. Von. Hi,,,.. 3(17 Blandwood A Suessmuth. Ruth. 9,|„ w N.,.1, s,.. W ilson Trospe . Edith Woodman. Rt. 2, Box 3 Sugg. Mildred. 6116 V gc St.. Kinston 31. 86 Trott, Marv Fvolvn. 511 Kentwood Par Sugg.. Evelyn Irelta. lit. 3. Box 185. Thomasv ille 139 Trout. Suitt, 11,11,- Marie, lit. 3. llill.boro 133 an. Bettv Jean. Rt. 9. Box 77. C Sullivan. Ruth Ann. 2(12 F. Fifth St.. Burlington 133 Suinmerliu. Bobbin.. 11(1 N. Trade St.. ( arolyn .1, .... Box 1 1. Brys„„ C Rock Hill. S. C. Summers. Belt, J.-an. 332 W oodrow Ave.. High Point 151 Virgin, a 1 v angeline. Rt. 2, Box Summey, Edith Elizabeth. Rt. 4, Box 153. High Poin K Sutherland. Ruth Ann. Hunter St.. Box 47, Madison 142 Tun. la 1. Betsy L.. 415 W. Hayes St.. A Sutton, E. Anne, lit. 3. Box 12 1. LaGrango 22. 27. 115 T Sutton. Linda Mae. 89 Woodward Ave., Asheville Turner in,, killr.ll. lit. 2. Henderson Sutton. Margaret. Box 211. Pag. land. s. c. 115 Blanche Carol, n. 25(18 Walker Sutton. Marion Brock. 1(102 N. Mel.ewean St.. kin, ton Turner Loi, Deborah, lit. 2. tt adesbor Sutton. Paula. 500 Beaman St., Clinton Turner l.v.lia Camilla. Conway Sutton, Peggy, 300 Beaman. Clinton 86 Turner Marv Mi.,-. Rt. 2. Henderson Swain. Mrs. Naidal. 1110 Madison Ave, Greensboro 86 Turner Sarah Parker. Mount lilla Swanson. Kath.-rin. . 17 « al.-rl.ur, Rd.. Tweed. Lppcr N. 1 133 Tyson. Vd.line Siblv. Hi. 5. Monroe »i II. 1 ( 1.1. -1 Swindell. Jane. 613 Mor Elizabeth City Nun St.. Wilmington ar. Box 196. Rt. 2. Ede Greenwood St.. Lea anklin St.. Chapel 1 1 nderwo 1 pchurc Ipchurc Lea, Four Oaks Marie, la, tie Havi.e, ilia Mae. Box 29. Tazew Horn. June. 18111 Madlao Vcss. Frances Campb Wilmington. Del. Kilt 2 Talla, Vann. Nancy Vennie. Rich Square Veaeh. Barbara Anne. Mavodan Veasey. Anne Royaler, 210 W. Tenth St.. Wi Venable. Cordelia Rav. Rt. 7. 219A, Crccnsb, Venter.. ,,,.„ 1 (I,. I 1., ,(.,,, Vestal, Bertha Earlene. " H2 s.,„,h Cox St., As Beatrice. Rt. S. Hendersoiiv ille von Tresckow. Ruth I tha. Thcdinghausen. 29 1. Bez. Bremen. Germany Voorhis. Anne, 212 University Dr.. Chapel W addell. JoAnnr. 61 Ltterbv Rd.. Malvern » addell. Nellie, Ennice W a.le. Harriett E„ Roxboro Wagoner. Patsv Anne. 311 Lef tw ieh St.. Cr, Walker. Imogen,- Elizabeth. 109 Franklin i Walker. Mildred Box 26. Bostic Walker. Nanev Alexander. 1 tOO 15th St.. Walker. Sara kalhr, „. 12 1 luggrshall St.. tl Wallace. Hattie. 3()S Buick Ave. Kannapo Wallace. Nancy Lee. Carthage Wallace. ..rn,., June. Hampton, illr W alb-r.tein. Hilda. U.II7 laburnum Ave.. Rirhmond. Ya. Walling. Glad-, Theresa. 15 Gold S ft alter. Barbara Dolores. 450 Lynn Walters. Carolyn Louise. Rt. 3. Box Walton. Barbara, 45 West 81st St.. Walton. Dorolhv Venable. Rt. 2. Bo Ward. Esther Mae. 133 W. Catawba Springfield. Mass. 14. Greensboro lew York. N. Y. 301, Boekingham rd. Mary An Rt. Ward. Marv Ann. .11(1 Audabon St.. Goldsl Ward. Srlma Elder. 121 S. Fourth St.. Snii W ar.l. Theresa Dozier. Rt. 2. W hitakers W ard. Wendy, 530 E. 23rd St., larrcn. Bettv Ann. Longhurst 1 arren. Cora Lee. Conetor I arren. Dais. Maxine. 1509 Anderson St.. W ilson I arren. Frances. Edward V arr.n. Mildred W hitakcr. 3(16 W . Parish Dr.. Bens, . arren. Patricia, 731 S. Main St.. Box 206. Salrm Station. Winston-Salem larrcn. Rub. Jovce. 4300 Market St. Rd.. Winning latorman. Regena Lee. 901 S. Orleans Ave.. Tampa. Fla. S al.on. Carolvn Louise. 601 Chancery PL. Grecnsbo S atson. Jean Allen. Box 884. Pinehurst I all,. B.ttv Jean. Bl. 1. Taylorsvillr iough. Dori, June. 233 Kellv St.. Slates, illr laa-h. E,elvn Marie. White Plains V.alh.rlv. Mary Anne. 3223 Wake Forest Highway. V. all,, r- p.. on. Marv. 1420 Ford St.. Winston-Salem Fearer, Pattie Leigh, Red Oak leaver. Sallv Mae. SOI S. Pine St.. Hock. Mount V.h.r. Mar, Eleanor. 109 Mitchell Ave.. Salisbury Vebster. Joe Ann. Rt. 1. Stokc.dale t el r. W,,,l.... 516 Bonnrr St., Washington We r„. R. 1 ea. 111. 3. Thoma.villr Welrh. Anne I... (31 Norwood Cl. Apts.. High Po Welch. Peggv Jean. Rt. 2. Kernrrs.illr Wells, Barbara. 2134 Creenw av Ave., Charlotte Well,. Charlotte Iran.,-,. Hampstead Well,. Ella Lee. Wallace Welsh. Jo. Benlon. Welsh Heights. Monroe Werner. Barbara Jean. 2216 Malvern Rd.. Chariot Werner. Marie Dolor,-. 2216 Malvern Rd.. Charlo We, .man. Marv Jane. 121)1 Anderson St.. Wilson We.l. Bettv Gray. Warsaw West. Dorothv Pearl. 51)8 Harding Ave.. Kinston West. Elizabeth Browning. 3600 Noble Ave.. Richmond. Ya. W heeler. Jacqueline Frances. Wheeler. Ruth Powell. 919 Whelpley. Joan. 5602 Rock, Md. . West C. Street. New ix 18. Belmont v 18. S. Point Road. Sloop St.. Kannapoli 1. Box 637. Cornrliu. 8211 Mill, r s,.. Wi ' , ' ,. t,.„. Salem arie. Bt. 1. South Mill. ler. 130,, R.L. Hal.-igl, Ihodes. SIS West 5th Ave.. Cast. ashinglon Park. W a,hington 158. 159. 160 101 Warwick Rd.. Page 238 student directory nil Faulkner, 111. 2. Boa 74, .l...... ... (.nil lull. II. I.. Rook] Hounl ll ' ». ,»,,. 2 I 17 M.rl.l. S,.. Wi, .s„|,„, ... ■ " •• I ... M inn ' Harvard Ive., Greenaboro ■■■• MUali.-tl.. ll Ui.l. Si.. I .... l . " ..-.. aabeth III. ..... N ' lit. III. W ilk.-.l,„r„ • in,. Pri.rilla l.ill.utl. 1107 Alabama Am-..,.1,. 21..% 1 ' Ilr 1.1,,,, II. Edwl lahe ,11, „,„...„. ,„, I! „,. 2,,. " . I .,r...., Ilr.. V.I,.. Jr.ll II.- II. -•..--, IV., r Ir.. .|„-. June Ellen, 95 Seventh St., Uxlngl l.oui..- Ma.-. 1.2.1 llrn.,,1, SI.. Il.„k. larbara. 207 V Contemned, l„r....ill Rlehardaon Dr.. H,ids, Mar. J„. III. 1. Lawndale ill„iiulil, . " I, ..mi.-, . " .ill „ril, Si.. Ah..»ki.- Is. Allcr -III. 12(1 V I ,-ilar 9k. kr.-.-n.l ion, Alirr l.a.i ih. 2:12 «. Main St., Thomaa. PI., Cherlolta 11,1.. Chariot! ..II.. 1,1,,., I ,.rl. , .III. " , -•n St., M .,-. Liuti « hlle, k ii.lnulon H.I.. nark. Marjori. J, . 2211 1 Cheaterfield A..-.. 1 id, M. Almetrice, Boa 95, v. llaon ' i Mill. ,d, Ellaabeth »... 7111 Sr, r „ | Ml.,,,, . Ca. „1, El»i,- Jarqui-lin,-. tat ,,l. Sara Hull,. 2.1 ' ) l ' ..rk Ave., Takoma Mark ..1,11. „„. 2(11 idler, Katharine .11)1 W. Main SI.. . lrufr. Rebecca, .2211 Circle Dr.. Ralelfjh .,1.. Doroth] leai ■lard, Harl.aru A, E. Illh Si.. Wa.hi .ten, Bonnie Fay, 11(11 kn.un. Patricia, Mali, Si.. BnrUngt. rk.. Billi.- Jo. V., t ll.„ „. Rock] Moral rley, Dorothy II. n. 22 Mean Ave., I antoi ■ley, Ann.-, link Clt ,. Doroth) lean, :iiii N Morgan i . -1.. II. un. Elinor Lucy, (09 Se (i Ive., fjrc.-nsboro IT I h-ll,a(„ . Kaolin I - i ll. ...i... la. 17 vl.ln Si.. I . I.. IK I II... 2 -.((I II. -I -( Rorl . I: ■■• I,. -I. ■ 121 ' . II.. Dr.. I n«. III,. I,., I, Ja„. Till t r .|.|., ||,|.. „u- I., Maria, mi Montana ... .l I. a J.,,.. I... ll. " , ». r.„,.„ S|.. Durham I " I. I. ll " . ' .I. Madl.on (Hi. Mar, Itulh. lit. (,. I. .,,._,..,, ,,a. Amrlia. 111. " . I H-rum P|.. ||,,l liar, an, Shlrte] l la ... I .... Unreal Dr.. 11. . Foi, I-. " , ICI.IkI, Apl... Il.lrlah Zri«rr. Sail. V„„ (.-,1(11 K.rl.. Ilr.. I.rrrn.l.oro Zomp. H.b.-rra t„„. I7((. " , V Mill -I lai.i.l.i. - I.r. . I. If. a I .r.. Hurl,, Zappa v,... Rli I, A, n. Jr.n Page 23 faculty directory M.I Alio- K. .dan... Charles M. Ada,,,.. Dr. •dam.. Maude L. dan... Mrs. M.y L. U.xnndrr. Louis.- B. Allvater, H. Hugh Rar.l..l|.h. Dr. Richard Barksdalc. Susan E. Barney. Dr. W infield S. Barren, Dr. W illiam R. Barron, Dr. M adic Ware Harrow. EI. a E. SOO Adams St. Hall. Alonzo C. 3X5 South Chapman Si. Hammond. Mrs. Louise 517 Highland Ayr. Hardawo.. Dr. Malhilde 3 IT 1 ;; Tate St., Apt. 3 Hardin. Noma 1516 Walker Ave. Harare, Mrs. Josefina E. 802 Twickenham Dr. Hardre. Rene 1205 Madison Ave. Harp-tee. Dr. Hilda T. Weil Hall Harrell. Mar. 120 E. Fisher Ave. Harris. Mildred 1(127 Spring Harden St. llarwood. Edith 123 Melver St. 209 Elniwo.,.1 Dr. Haw kin.. Mr.. Kathleen 815 Rankin St., Apt. 3 Head. Betty Jeanc College Park Apts. Hedgpeth. Mr-. Marfan. liege. Josephine Honnis. Gail Highsmilh. Dr. J. A. 207 Tate St. II. .Id- M..r. 533 Highland Ave. Hoeker. Robert G. 127 Mel..r St. Holder. Mrs. Elizabeth J Bo 252, Kt. 1 Holloway. Birdie 11. Box 252. Rt. 1 Hood. Marjorie .ring Grade.. St.. V ,.t . :i Hooke. Dr. Mai. elm K. 11127 Spring Garden St. Hornaday. John , 217 Kensington R.l. 1002 Courlland St. Huffman. Edith 11(5 E. whittingmn St. Hum. Mrs. Ligia 2323 Fernwood Dr. Hunter, Dr. Eugenia 807 Rankin s,. Hunter. Mrs. Mar. Alter 406 Blandwood Ave. Hurley. Dr. Leonard B. 1611 St. Andrews Rd. Ho... Mr-. Mar. K ... 1,1. , 1559 Walker Ave. II,,-,.. Mr. Minnie M 1112 West Lake Dr. 307 Tate St. 9117 Spring Garden St. 212 West Avondale Ingraham. Helen 3171 . Tate St.. Apt. 2 1... Gregor] D. 539 Jefferson St. 1503 Fairmont St. 119 E. Smith si 2312 Walker A... 2S12 Walker Ave. S06 Lake Dri.. 819 N. Elm St. 5 Springdale Court 1127 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 7 1006 Courlland St. 2211 Sherwood St. 203 Tate St.. W inborn Ct. B-l 306 N. Mendenhall St. 317 Tate St., Apt. 2 11117 West Market St. 121 Vandalia II. I 506 E. Lak. Drive .11. Mr.. I lark. Mr.. Hell. Du ( lark, . Mrs. Ruth A. Clutts. II. P. Coviug(on. Dorothv Cowling. Elizabeth Cox, Elsie Jane II, 1, ,,,.,„ ll.Venv. DeVenv. II. inn. . Marie 11. Mrs. Ilori- illiam 1 . . Margarel ( Dioki George » Dobbins. Mr.. Sara Doane Draper. Rern.CC E. Drinkwater. Barbara llin.haw Hall Keeney. Dr. Pauline F 1 S.,,.11. Chapman St. Kehoe. Mr.. Calhr. lie 218% Tate St. h.i-i.r. Ilr. Uberl S. Kiger. Franee. .1(17 N. Flam himm.l. Dr. Herbert end, ..hall St.. Apt. 3 King. Anne Lee 9(17 Courlland s,. Kline. Duone P. Kornegay, Mr., n.ii. 1 inborn C... Tale Si! Krem.r. Ilr. Jn.i pl.inr 16 S. Mendenhall SI. Jamison Hall lols Guilford A... l.ael. Mrs. 1 ranee, H. Lain.-, Frank .. 1 an,. Mr.. Marie 1 1 Spring Garden Si. Largenl. Vera •Ill I M.I... s,. l.aR... helle. Vug... li... 917 Walker Ave. Layman. Dr. Emma M 1(12 11..,,.. wood Ave. Leonard. Marjorie Rt. 8. Box 2.-.II 203 Tate St. ( ..llax. V ( . 931 Corr S(. .. Winburn Apt. B-l 9 St.. Apt. R 202 S. Flan. .... 202 S. Elan. A.e. Love. Lila Bell, 10.1 W e.ldale Plaee 301 Melver St. 218 College Plan 615 Jo.n.r St. 1908 Walker Ave. 1359 W alker A.e. MeBane. Mrs. Frances 1 112 West Lake Dr. Met ..Num. Mr.. Pearl 21.1 W Ikon St. Mcleod. A. H.. Jr. 210 s,. 21(( St. I ' ll ' I spring Garden St. 192 t Spring Garden Si. .106 D y.hland Dri. e 503 1 .i_. S. Aveoek S(. 17 College Park Dri.. 2 12 Terrace 2126 Camden Road ;i(l(l We.l Market S|. s. College Park Drive 111 s. Mendenhall Si. Ill Si. 313 Tate St. cad Rd.. Chap. I Hill 1(12 llomewnod ,,,, 207 Wa-.rl. W .,, I701-1 Manor Dri. e 7 Springdale C..ur( 808 Fairmont St. 1211 West Market St. 2 11 I Walker A.e. inborn (I.. Tate St. 500 Adam. Si. Edward.. Margaret M. Lichee. Dr. C. Franklin England. Kathryn McA. Gangstad. II.. irgi, Garrard. Hr It..!,, , . Cilea, Mar) V Glass. Irene I. ....Id. Mildred R. Graham. Dr. Edwar Grantham. Dewe, W Gralio Cre.n, I. rill,,,. Ellon Griffith, Philip M. Crogan, lone H. Gnllandcr,, Gulliver. Charlotte Gantcr, Ruih (.,1... Mar] 1708 Friendly Rd. 7 Springdale Court lOl N. Park Dr. 50 IC. IN. Greene St. South Spencer Hall 132 Melver St. I 1(12 Spring Garden s,. 310 St. 504 S. Mendenhall Si. 207 Tate St. 517 Park Terrace 11(19 W. Market St. 311 Melver s, 102 II. .mew I A.,-. Mil ' . Forest A.e. Colt Hall 502 Fore.l ... 212 West Avondale 2(1.1 Tat. St.. ,., V | Mehalhe. Harriet! Men.or.. Mr.. Marjoi Miller. Georgia Mill.r. Ilr. Mela II. I. M.n ' or. ' ll. ' , ' n. " " l( Mrs. John Newton. Mr.. Mar. E. New Ion. Mildred P. " Boyle. Dr. I.enorc ..II 11.11 ntrv Club Apts. 519 Park Ave. .ulh Aveoek St. .1. McLean., ill. 512 Tate S 1908 Walker Av Mary Fousl Ha Kill.-. Guilford A.e. 5 Cuitford Ave. 504 Forest St. North Spencer Hall 316 Melver St. Pfaff. Dr. Eugene Phillip.. Charles . PI., Hi,-. Dr. Co. T. Pi.kard. Helen Lee oberts. W alker K. obinson. Mrs. Eloi ogers. II. .11,- J. Seott. M. Louise Mar, Rob Shafrr. Rulhc Shaftesbury, Hr. Shamhurger. Anne s,„iih. Hlair L. Smith. John A. smith. Sara Elizabeth Spivcv. Dr. C. Callawa. Sprnlll, Pan. Stale.. Mrs. Helen K. Stewart, Margaret M. Slrateniever. Dr. Clara C. Street. Mr.. Madeleine II. Suiter. Alice A. Sun roll. Jane Sumner. Mark R. Surrall. Mrs. Helen K. Residence 1006 Walker Ave., Apt. 26 515 Jeffer..... Si. 319 St. 210 South Tremont Drive 308 Tate St. 402 S. Aveoek St. HP27 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 2 Kill Spri ng Garden St.. Apt. 4 North Spencer Hall 10(11 Hill St. 103 West Greenway. North 216 Kensington Road North Spencr Hal 321 Melver St 1219 (lakmont Ave 127 1 i.enho« ' .-r " llri. ' , Spring Garden St., Apt. 2 203 Tale St., Apt. A-6 Trumper. Virginia .-Ilia,,, le SI.. A 927 Carr Slreel 415 W . Gaalon S(. 315 Tate St. 517 Highland A.e. ring Garden St.. Apt. 6 1006 Courlland St. 106 S. Avc.ek si. 90S Fairmont St. 2335 Albright Dri.e 1827 Colonial A.e. Km s. v.cock St. 303 S. Mendenhall St. 335 St., Apt. 4 5 Springdale Curl 800 W . Bessemer Ave. Box 199, Julian. N. C. 511 University Dri.e 1003 Fairmont St. Mendenhall Hall 606 Jo, nor St. care Pla.Iik.r- 115 Franklin Boulevard 400 S. A, ' . ' ... k s,. Shaw Hall 1406 Cardinal Plaee 3116 Willow brook Dri.e 3100 West Market St. . " .III ' . Ea.t lake Dri.e i.garber. Mr.. Il.ll.ial, isgarber. Elliot M....... Dr. Rowena White. Mrs. Nell ( I, ,, Whillnek. V. Louise W ilkinson. Albert A. Williams. Mar. Katharina William.. Dr. Maude 2(11 S. Tr ont Drive 301 Melver St. 322 S. Mendenhall St. 1(127 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 6 317% Tate St., Apt. 1 1008 Walker Ave., Apt. 3 1027 Spring Garden St. 1704 West Market Si. 608 Courlland St. S. Mendenhall St., Apt. 1 2209 Wright A.e. 1027 Spring Garden St. 1(126 1 . tj,. s , Market St. 329 Melver St., Apt. 1 1813 Rolling Road CRADI ATE ASSISTANTS londrnhall St. Chapman. Robert R. 914 Spring Garden St. Dehoney. Marty, onne 121 Tate St. Edward.. Louise Patrick 313 St. Jones. Caroline 1207 West Market St. 935 Carr St. 935 Carr St. King. ».!,„., L. Room 5, House Olson, Mildred Parker. Ruth M a c S A d cr ' C Hou a sc Potts, Jessil Host Lake Rd. Roberts. Harriet E. 320 S, 10 Cypress St. Winston. II. Elizabeth Page 240

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