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ma JEAN HOLMES, Editor-in-Chief JULE HURST, Business Manager the v lineteen yortu- sive f NE NEEDLES HE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE WOMAN ' S COLLEGE Jl UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, GREENSBORO I V a c ' .« 1 ■ t 10 ' ' -- ' .V - ' f? vtii -$ yv»- A- :;• i- +rW- tvm £•7 .« - . !«wx K r tt « V ' ' W ' , ! «5r J 1! 1 i • •Mi 1 : » • » 1 • » t . ■ • fcjf » t ■PKfc ( ffi£ Af lA omand t i o id at ' IA C " , . J VJ I - ECOND The real worth of an educational institution depends upon its academic strength; the program of study; the serious- ness with which the business of learning is pursued; and the ability of a student body to carry out their ambitions and ideals. Where else but at the Woman ' s College can a young woman find a wider variety of scholastic, extra-curricular, and social opportunities ? For those desiring a business career, there is offered teacher and secretarial training in busi- ness education; while others may prepare to take their places as the future teachers of America in the fields of primary, grammar-grade and high school education. Science majors devote long hours of study to chemistry, biology and physics — studying which enables them to contribute to the building of the world of tomorrow. A knowledge and understanding of the social problems of today are gained through the varied courses offered by our Sociology Department. No W. C. college student can reap the full value of her education without participating in at least one of the many extra-curricular activities on campus. The Y. W. C. A. offers each girl a chance to develop her religious interests. Action, recreation and sportsmanship are all found in the numerous clubs sponsored by the Physical Education Depart- W86p m5 v v»; Tl -» a - ' Nf-f " - : : ■■Bf 1 m TO NONE ment. Through such an active sports program, a spirit of intense interest and competition is brought about among the dormitories. For an excellent portrayal of a Woman ' s World at W. C, the Pine Needles presents on every page the typical events and the day-to-day program of every Woman ' s College student. The Carolinian, our college newspaper, covers the news and views of the campus; the Coraddi, college magazine, depicts intellectual and cultural aspects of a liberal arts university. Socially speaking, there are the usual bridge parties, society initiations, and formal dances which offer fun and frolic for all. The four societies — Adelphian, Cornelian, Aletheian, and Dikean — lend a helping hand in organizing our campus-wide social program. So, in this 1945 Pine Needles, we have endeavored to bring to you in all sincerity the true spirit of this North Carolina College for Women, a college of arts and sciences which in our hearts will forever remain SECOND TO NONE. (Lbasru t QjuJLu € 2 K , E D I C A T I O N We, the Class of ' 45, raise our voices in fond and grateful praise of Dr. Lyda Gordon Shivers, Senior Class Chairman. Through her deep understanding of college girls and her inspiring guidance to us as indi- viduals, she has instilled within our hearts a con- fidence and faith that we will cherish as the leaders and women of tomorrow. DR. LYDA GORDON SHIVERS inghram and Hall swing out. The temperature ' s RISING ! h. e. majors play house. The Dean takes a stroll with ] the girls. Who ' s boosting whose morale ? Five gals in a jeep! ♦ 10 Jo Jnode l i ko Ljuiae UIa DMINISTRATION e Ajnsung heroes of registration — payments due teenth — they grade our tests — visits to Dean ' son and Dean Elliott — " for better relations " con- rences — to those who guide us, a toast for our uring friendship. II wtjtRpi ' Mr S 1 fc i« H r ■ z - t ♦ ' ; i •ft .4 ' - 1» H ■ - - .:4 MB The students of Woman ' s College this year welcome to our State and to our campus a new Governor, but an old friend — Governor Gregg Cherry. As lawyer, Speaker of the House in the North Carolina General Assembly, officer in World War I, and private citizen, Governor Cherry has shown outstanding leadership and sincerity. Although his duties in Raleigh will doubtless occupy much of his time, we expect to have him here on campus with us as often as possible. His desires and ours will work together toward a common goal — that of keeping Woman ' s Col- lege climbing in national standards. Governor Gregg Cherry ADMINISTRATIVE Dr. Frank Porter Graham — Greater University President, educator, leader and friend, Dr. Graham retains a special place of honor at W. C. As his congenial manner and his inspiring speeches always put us in a thoughtful and uplifted frame of mind, we only wish that " Doctor Frank " could visit us more often. Because of his outstanding activity in wartime duties, however, we realize that he is in constant demand and we shall remain patient until he can favor us with another of his visits to our campus. Dr. Frank Porter Graham ►14 Mr. William D. Carmichael, Jr. — Every W. C. student looks forward to the time when Mr. Billy Carmichael pays us one of his famed visits and delivers one of his delightful speeches — speeches always colored with wit and enthusiasm. Balancing the budget for the Greater University is really a huge task, but Mr. Billy always manages to keep us " out of the red " as well as " out of the blue. " Chancellor Walter C. Jackson — Always willing to lend a ready ear, to give a helping hand, to serve you, guide you and encourage you, Dr. Jackson is ever our friend and leader. His jovial spirit and unfailing in- terest in each of us captures a spot in each of our hearts. Representing all that we know and cherish at Wom- an ' s College, our Dr. Jackson is truly the best. Miss Harriet W. Elliott — Miss Elliott is back to stay! And how truly wonderf ul it is to have her resume her place as our active Dean of women. Distinguished as she is on campus and off, we remain ever grateful for her inspiring interest in everyone, her enthusiasm in each of our activities and her undying loyalty to our school and our country. OFFICERS W.CU.N.C Mr. William D. Carmichael, Jr. Chancellor Walter C. Jackson Miss Harriet W. Elliott l.» RIAM ♦16 Dr. Julius Foust President Emeritus Mr. E. J. Forney Treasurer Mr. C. W. Phillips Director of Public Relations Mr. John Lockhart Assistant Controller Miss Mary Taylor Moore Registrar Mr. George M. Joyce Auditor Miss Elizabeth Sampson Chairman of the Library Committee Dr. Ruth Collings Physician ADMINISTRATION Mr. Lockhart Mr. Joyce Miss Sampson Dr. Collings 17 THE ALUMNAE AND FORMER STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION, INC The Alumnae Association is an educational, social and service organization. It was organized in 1893, with the ten graduates of the first class as charter members. They all planned to teach school in North Carolina. During these fifty- two years, the thousands of graduates of this college are to be found in practically every state in the union, and pre- vious to the war, in almost every country on the globe, and in every occupation and profession open to women. To- day, our representatives are enrolled also in every branch of the armed services, and are to be found doing their part overseas, as well as at home, to help win the war. OFFICERS President Mrs. W. L. Lambert (Julia Ross) First Vice-President .... Miss Ione Grogan Second Vice-President . . Mrs. George Howard (Adelaide VanNoppen) Recording Secretary . . Mrs. Kemp Alexander (Annie Moring) Executive Secretary .... Miss Clara B. Byrd BOARD OF TRUSTEES Miss Anne Albright, Miss Louise Bell, Miss Ellen Butler, Mrs. Herbert Bluethenthal (Janet Weil), Miss Gertrude Carraway, Mrs. T. B. Creede (Gertrude Rainey), Mrs. L. D. Coltrane, III (Phyllis Crooks), Miss Elizabeth Hathaway, Mrs. P. P. McCain (Sadie McBrayer). ♦18 FACULTY Department of Art Gregory D. Ivy, B.S., M.A. Helen Thrush, B.F.A., M.A. Elisabeth Jastrow, Ph.D. Mary Louise Doggett Kennedy, B.A., M.A. Susan Barksdale, B.A., M.A. Ethel R. Cutler, B.A., M.A. Noma Hardin, B.A., B.S., M.A. John Opper, B.S., M.A. Department of Biology and Botany Inez Coldwell, B.A. Helen Ingraham, B.S., M.S. Virginia Gangstad, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Opal Marie Wolf, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Charlotte Dawley, B.A., M.S. Marie Roberts, B.A., M.S. Hilda Harpster, B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. John P. Givler, M.A., Ph.B. Earl H. Hall, B.S., M.A. Albert F. Thiel, B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Lila B. Love, B.S., M.S. Archie D. Shaftsbury, B.S., Ph.D. Maude Williams, B.A., M.S. Department of Business Education and Secretarial Administration McKee Fisk, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Patty Spruill, B.S., B.A., M.A. Maude L. Adams, B.A., M.A. Vance T. Littlejohn, B.A., B.S., M.Ed. Mathilde Hardaway, B.B.A.. M.B.A. Rowena Wellman, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Jeannette Sievers, B.A., M.S. Evelyn Fowler, B.A., M.S. Louise V. Whitlock, B.S., M.S. Department of Chemistry Florence L. Schaeffer, B.A., M.A. Guita Marble, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Mary M. Petty, B.S. Elva E. Barrow, B.A., M.S. Frances H. Russell, B.A., M.S. Alice J. Ryan, B.A. Department of Classical Civilization Charlton L. Jernigan, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Marilyn Jane Barkelew, B.A., M.A. Margaret Wells, B.A., M.A. Grace E. Carter, B.A., M.A. Mary Alfred Hunter, B.A. Camille B. Schiffman, B.S. Marie B. Denneen, B.A., M.A. Department of English Winfield Rogers, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Leonard B. Hurley, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Alonzo C. Hall, B.A., M.A. William R. Taylor, B.A., M.A. J. Arthur Dunn, B.A., M.A. John Bridgers, Jr., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. George P. Wilson, B.A., M.A. Marc Friedlaender, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. May D. Bush, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Gaynell C. Spivey, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Jane Summerell, B.A., M.A. Mildred R. Gould, B.S., M.A. Abigail E. Rowley, B.S., M.A. Nettie Sue Tillett, B.A., M.A. James W. Painter, B.A., M.A. Kathleen S. Painter, B.A. Kathryn M. England, B.A., M.A. Richard Corson, B.A., M.A. Mary H. Eliason, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Robert M. Wallace, B.A., M.A. Department of Geography Edna Arundel, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Coy T. Phillips, B.A., M.A. Department of German Caroline B. Schoch, Ph.B., M.A. Department of History and Political Science Clarence D. Johns, B.A., M.A. Alex M. Arnett, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Benjamin B. Kendrick, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Bernice E. Draper, B.A., M.A. Vera Largent, B.A., M.A. Eugene E. PfafT, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Josephine Hege, B.A., M.A. Elizabeth Cometti, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Richard Bardolph, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Christiania, McFadyen, B.A., M.A. Margaret Moser Hefiin, B.A., M.A. Louise B. Alexander, B.A. Magnilde Gullander, B.A., M.A. Department of Mathematics Helen Barton, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Cornelia Strong, B.A., M.A. Emily H. Watkins, B.A., M.A. lone H. Grogan, B.A., M.A. Department of Music Hugh Alrvater, B.A., M.Mus. George Thompson, B.Mus., M.Mus. Grace Van Dyke More, B.Mus., M.S. Mary Lois Ferrell Birdie H. Holloway, B.S., M.S. Dorothy L. Clement, B.M., M.Mus. Charles Massinger, B.A., M.A. George W. Dickinson, B.Mus., M.Mus. Claire Henley Atkisson, B.M. Pauline Wily, B.Mus., M.M. Alan C Collins, B.M., M.M. Elliot Weisgarber, B.M., M.M. Alleine R. Minor, B.S. Elizabeth Spelts, B.A., M.Mus., B.Mus. Herbert Hazelman, B.A. Department of Physical Education Mary Channing Coleman, B.S. Ethel M. Martus, B.A., M.S. Dorothy Davis, B.A., M.A. Jeannette R. Potter, B.A., M.S. Marjorie Leonard, B.S. Ellen Griffin, B.S., M.A. Elizabeth Cornwall, B.A., M.S. Ruth E. Leonard, B.S. Elizabeth Mason, B.S., M.S. Herbert W. Park Department of Physics Anna J. Reardon, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Calvin N. Warfield, B.D., M.A., Ph.D. John A. Tiedeman, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Cerda Donovan, B.A., M.S. Abbie Fay Henry, B.A. Department of Psychology Tames A. Highsmith, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Elizabeth Duffy, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Key L. Barkley, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Olivia Burnett, B.A., M.A. Richard W. Kilby, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dorothy Rethlingshafer, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. William A. Hire, B.A., B.D., M.A., M.Ed. Department of Economics Albert S. Keister, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Virgil E. Lindsey, B.A., M.A. Edna Douglas, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Marc C. Leager, B.A., M.S., PhD Department of Education Franklin H. McNutt, B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. Ruth Fitzgerald, B.S., M.A. Oliver P. Clutts, B.S., M.A. John A. Smith, B.Ed., M.S. Miriam MacFadyen, B.S., M.A. Herbert Kimmel, B.A., Ph.M., Ph.D. Betty Aiken Land, B.A., M.A. Anna M. Kreimeier, Ph.B., M.A. Mary Fitzgerald, B.A., M.A. Harriett Mehaffie, Ph.B., M.A. Ruth Gunter, B.A., M.A. Ruth A. Shaver, B.A.. M.A. Margaret Flinton, B.A., M.A. Eugenia Mclver Hunter, B.A., M.A. Anna Reger, B.A., B.S. Alice Joyce Cooper, B.A., M.A. Helen Deans, B.A., M.Ed. Frances Ledbetter, B.A., M.A. Department of Health Ruth M. Collings, B.A., M.D. Victoria Carlsson, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.A., Ph.D. Anne Shamburger Mildred P. Harris, B.A., M.A. Blanche M. Linsley, R.N. Department of Home Economics Margaret M. Edwards, B.S., M.A. Orrea F. Pye, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Viva M. Playfoot, B.S., M.A. Blanche Tansil, B.S., M.A. Flora W. Edwards, B.S., M.S. Madeline B. Street, B.S., M.A. Bess N. Rosa, B.S., M.A. Johanna Boet McCartney, B.A., M.A. Harriet Alice Naumann, B.A., M.S. Agnes N. Coxe, B.L., B.S., M.A. Marian Vizay, Ph.B., M.A. Evelyn Louise Howell, B.S., M.S. Louise Lowe, B.S., M.S. Cathryne Kehoe, B.S., M.S. Helen King Piatt, B.S., M.S. Marianne Ernst, B.S. Mabel N. Swanson, B.S., M.S. Department of Romance Languages Winifred Barney, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Malcolm K. Hooke, B.A., l ' Univ. Meta H. Miller, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Jessie Laird, B.A., M.A. Rene Hardre, Prof, des, E.N. Augustine LaRochelle, B.A., M.A. Alice K. Abbott, B.A., M.A. Helen F. Cutting, B.A., M.A. Annie Beam Funderburk, B.A., M.A. Anita Valle, B.A., M.A. Inez R. Hartman, B.A., M.A. Department of Sociology Glenn R. Johnson, B.A., M.A. Lyda Gordon Shivers, B.A., LL.B., M.A., Mereb Mossman, B.A., M.A. Leslie Syron, B.A. Department of Commerce George M. Joyce, B.S., M.S. Mary Harrell, B.A., B.S., M.A. Emily Elizabeth Gentry, B.S., M.A. Jane Hulse, B.A., M.A. 19 ♦ DEPARTMENT HEADS German Department Miss Caroline Schoch Classical Civilization Dr. C. C. Jernigan Economics Department Dr. Albert S. Keister Romance Languages DR. WlNFIELD Barney Commercial Department Mr. George M. Joyce Physics Department Dr. Anna Reardon Home Economics Miss Margaret Edwards English Department Dr. WlNFIELD ROGERS Art Department Mr. Gregory Ivy Health, Medical Division Dr. Ruth Collings Education Department Dr. Franklin H. McNutt Mathematics Department Dr. Helen Barton Chemistry Department Miss FLORENCE SHAEFFER Psychology Department Dr. James A. HlGHSMITH Business Education Mr. Vance T. Littlejohn Physical Education Miss Mary C. Coleman listory Department Mr. C. C. Johns Geography Department Dr. Edna ARUNDEL Biology Department Dr. J. P. GlVLER Sociology Department Mr. Glenn R. Johnson School of Music Mr. Hugh Altvater Miss Margaret Edwards Miss Florence Sii m i i i k Dr. Wini ifi d Rogers Dr. James A. Highsmiti Dr. J. P. Givler Mr. Glenn R. JoHNsor ♦20 Dr. Alberts. Keister Mr. Gregory Ivy vIr. Vance T. Littlejohn Dr. Winfjeld Barney Mr. George M. Joyce Dr. Anna Reardon Dr. Ruth Collings Dr. Franklin H. McNutt Miss Mary C. Coleman Mr. C. C. Johns Dr. Edna Arundel OL 1945 Pine YleedL Mr. Hugh Ai.tvater 21 DEMOCRACY Victoria DeVof, Secretary; Frances Mann, Treasurer; Camilla Griffin, Vice-Vresident After the fanfare of elections is over, after the last poster is off the trees, after the final banner is down from Mclver; the newly elected student government is inaugu- rated tor the coming year. At the last mass meeting the retiring president gives the oath to the incoming officers, the black-robed Seniors march solemnly out of Aycock, the three remaining classes move to their new seats, and another year is begun for Student Government Association. Inauguration over, the new officers merely carry on where the old ones have left off. They spend the small re- mainder of the year learning the ropes. It isn ' t until Sep- tember when the Pre-School Conference is held, that the new machinery really begins to move. At the conference, plans are made for the coming year and committees ap- pointed to meet, discuss, and give their reports to the con- ference. This year, three committees were appointed to work on the Social Program, the Social Honor Policy, and the War Service Program. Conference lasted three days and ad- journed feeling that if all hopes were to come true, it would be an outstanding year for W. C. To orient the Freshmen into our democratic organiza- tion, a meeting was held during Freshman week. Later, in the fall, the Freshmen took tests on the rule book, held open " I HAVE BEEN TOLD TO ASK ♦ 22 IN ACTION forums for the discussion of the honor policy, and finally took the honor pledge at an impressive candlelight ceremony in the residence halls. Mass meetings throughout the year kept the students conscious of themselves as a democratic organization. Mid- semester check-up conference was held to check up on the results of plans made in the Pre-School Conference. Divided into three branches — legislative, executive, and judicial — Student Government Association has an enroll- ment of 2174, for every student enrolled at W. C. is a mem- ber. President Woody Hewitt, presides over Judy Board, calls mass meetings, and is invested with all executive power. Camilla Griffin, as Vice-President of Student Government, presides at legislature and is responsible for seating in chapel. As Secretary, Vici DeVoe takes the minutes of mass meetings, records Judicial Board cases, and sends out a re- port of all Judy Board, Hall Board, and Chapel Board cases each week. Frances Mann manages the finances of the or- ganization and acts as Secretary of Legislature. Ultimately, Student Government Association is a smooth functioning, democratic organization of the students, by the students, and for the students. First Roil ' : J. Linville, G. Wynn, N. Loyd, W. Cherry, A. Sigmon, M. Davis, J. Cox, B. Ivey, A. Farmer, C. Rothgeb, B. Bobbin. Second Row: M. Hewitt, E. Molen, Mrs. Carter, C. Griffin, Mrs. Inghram, J. Posson, S. Lockhart, J. Stockton. Third Row: W. Boesser, M. Brandenburg, E. Whittenton, C. Harward, B. Latham, D. Smith, M. Allen, F. Mann, H. Etheridge, E. Anderson, B. Dixon, E. Hawley, V. Norman. Fourth Row: K. Maxwell, S. Moss, H. May, J. Jernigan, H. Manget, D. Shields, B. Ragland, M. Belk, M. Sherrill, R. Royal, B. Sherrill, H. Thomas. Victoria DeVoe, Winnie Yount, Helen Hoover, Bonnie McCloy, Mary Wood Hewitt, Miss Alexander, Juanita Hatfield, Carol Van Sickle, Anna G. Rogers, Neil Lowe. J tate bjour aie, f- lt ease Every Monday night the Judicial Board, clad in austere black robes, goes into action. It is composed of five Seniors, two Juniors, with Miss Alexander as Faculty Adviser, President of Student Government Woody Hewitt presiding, and Secretary of Student Government Vici DeVoe acting as Secretary. The Judy Board is designed as a corrective, not a punitive body; and its aim is to render impartial justice to offenders. Under the Judy Board ' s supervision are the hall boards which handle minor cases. On each of these boards are the house president, four members elected from the hall, and one Judicial Board member. Judy Board records and reviews all hall board cases and can act as a court of appeals for hall board sentences. Judy Board considers all cases individually, and always tries to make the student understand why and how its de- cision was reached. Those black robes may look impressive, but almost always you can find a smile lurking in the eyes of these " judges. " Uuon ' t J i ence rn Jr l .earet to ¥nform Ujout — There are enough student-held offices on campus so that every girl has a chance to dis- play her talents by assisting in the operation of one or another organization. It is the job of Points Committee to see that no one carries more than her share of the load. Mrs. Grogan, Kitty Maxwell, Chairman; Mr. Lockhart. Stand nig: Anne Jesnak, Dr. Keister, Betty Trosper, Betty Jane Sarratt, Secretary Lujean Riley, Ruth Royal, Chairman; Mrs. Grogan, Pat Hiatt, Mary Jones, Ann Long. ' 3 inancia ' i S weaklna- Under the guidance of the Finance Board, every campus organization receives its propor- tion of funds with which to operate. The mem- bers consider each petitioned request, accepting it or modifying it to suit the needs of everyone. We who have struggled to balance a budget realize what a great service this board performs. Wanted: " PJT earerd Behind the rousing campaigns and elections each spring, the Elections Board oversees the mechanics. Besides providing posters in each residence hall, the board checks petitions for validity and prepares and counts ballots. Per- haps one of the most unsung heroes among cam- pus organizations, it deserves a vote of thanks from us all. jror a Mc ciDDier w KIRKLAND — Where Charlotte ' s Sara Lockhart and Mrs. Andrews have made their dorm " Home Sweet Home. " WEIL — Steak suppers in the park . . . bull sessions with Miss Chiles . . . capable Evelyn Anderson. North Spencer NORTH SPENCER— Vivacious Jane Gardner buzzing through N. S. ... a true friend in Mrs. Carter. SHAW — For the latest in originality and wit, see Betty Sherrill and Miss Garner. WOMAN ' S— Home of the S. G. president . . . " Ten Men and A Vest " . . ' . Mrs. Jones and upper New York ' s Bobbee Latham. J4ome eJLlH MARY FOUST — Spring and dances on the terrace . . . flowers by Mrs. Funderburk ... a good friend in Mina Boesser. NEW GUILFORD— Overlooking Peabody Park . . . where college spirit rings true in Miss Martin and Gwen Wynn. WINFIELD — Parlors done in knotty pine . . . dancing in the ba room . . . enthusiastic Miss Powell and energetic Lib Hawley. JAMISON — Petite Jean Cox and charming Miss Cunningham . . . water fights on first floor with the problem children . . . open house for O. R. D. SOUTH SPENCER — White columns and spreading greens . . . hand- some Lee Sherrill and Mrs. Ingraham for a happier home life. South Spencer A c ueen6 or the b uadranqle COTTEN — Ever-faithful Mrs. Carter and loyal Betsy Ivey . . . the next best place to home for any Freshman. COIT — Dorm dances and midnight feasts and lively Billie Cherry preside. where Mrs. Grogan GRAY — Where a service man is always welcome — at home with lov- able Nancy Loyd and Mrs. Hunter. BAILEY — Irresistible Miss Hathaway and future S. G. president Sara Moss ... a good time is had by one and all. HINSHAW — Flying carriages and nimble fingers, too . . . con- scientious Jane Linville and vivacious Mrs. West. 2U ■ orf- " » wis Jfej- ' • ' ■. I M : as S am Hie lf W; 1 4 V; ' ■ ' :. - Em rr r I ig tt ..,-:...-• T- -Li i ' .«;-.■ WW f» V r.«-JS : j 1 n , i IIIB lllllS i ■ M 1 TTfl| %v ' ■Hi That midnight reinforcement. " ' twas the night before holidays " Miss Cunningham ' s PROBLEM CHILDREN. Thanks a million, j Dr. Keister Time out to smile. Fond followers. W.Pc ASSES Seven o ' clock, EWT ... the eight to nine sleep- walkers . . . " fag " intermission at the Junior Shop . . . CHARGE to the P. O. . . . three-hour hiberna- tions . . . hey, whatcha think of that test . . . let ' s play a spot of B . . . closed study . . . never loved a bed so much ! 35 ..-...-.-.: ; ■i M i . 1 I m H ' ■■- » i t LL m ll JW .. ' ! m jt ' ' W jf be r U w 1 1 flU £ TRUE TO THE WHITE AND BLUE At last! We ' re Seniors! We ' re members of the same class that we looked up to three years ago. We ' re mature; we ' re sophisticated, and we ' ve almost got our hands on that longed-for diploma. And since this is our last year at W. C, we have tried to make it our best year. We have tried to fulfill our important positions, get the most out of our studies, take part in all the social activities, do our bit for the war, and to condense it, " work, play, and be merry, for in June we graduate. ' ' Y. C. has really changed us a lot. We realize our responsibilities as college women and now we ' re ready to fulfill them. We have gone all out for our alma mater by making our project a series of programs to raise money for the Chapel Fund. In October we sponsored D. Allan Knight Chalmers as our University Speaker. Brimming with personality and good sense. Dr. Chalmers was one of the best university speakers we ' ve had. In spite of our Senior responsibilities we have managed to keep in the social whirl. October 21, we held our Senior Formal, Tis Autumn, under the able direction of Vink Fulk. And what fun we had at the Junior-Senior with us as honored guests. On May Day, we were really in our glory. Laurene Harn and her court in their gorgeous gowns made one of the most beauti- ful May Courts ever. Then, we had an hilarious time with the Senior Unmusical, our chance to get back at the faculty. The saddest time in our four years was marching out of Aycock in our black gowns after the last mass meeting. Being entertained at the Alumnae tea, however, was some recompense. Soon there will be the Senior Ball, Baccalaureate, and Graduation. We ' ve had some wonderful times here and we have some beautiful memories to carry with us always. We will leave W. C. to assume our responsibilities in the world, but hell will freeze over before we forget our four years here. The Class of ' 45 Meets ' 6 R w: . «s . Peggy Holt, Treasurer; Betty Lou Mitchell, Secretary; Dianne Page, President; Virginia Fulk, Cheerleader; Lucy Stubbs, Vice-President. 39 1 CLASS OF 10 Adelaide Mace Abernethv Buffalo, N. Y. BJ3., Home Economics Aletheian; Home Economics Club (2, s, i). Pamelia Rhoda Ackerman Wallace B.S.. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Pink Needles (4): Dean ' s List (8, I); Gamma Alpha (8, I); Y. W. C. A. (I, 8). Frances Peele Acree Fayetteville A.B., French Dlkean; Carolinian (8); Tan Psl Omega (8, «); Dean ' s List (8, 4); Education Club (4); l.e Cercle Francais (l, 2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (l). Mamie Elizabeth Addington Franklin A.B., Chemistry Cornelian: Brevard Junior College (1, 2); Chemistry Club (3. 4). Margaret Moring Alexander Asheboro B.S.. Secretarial Administration Cornelian. Lula Belle Allen Eldorado A.B.. Sociology Cornelian. Evelyn Jones Anderson Belmar, N. J. A.B., Psychology Cornelian: Legislature (4); Judicial Board (8); Chapel Board. Chairman (4)! House President ( n ; Dolphin-Seal Club (8, I); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (4): Proctor (l. 2. s); Sophomore Pageant; War Service League, Bandage [tolling. Instructor (3). Doris Perlymon Andrew Greensboro A.B., Primary Education Adelphian; Education Club (4); Junior Adviser; Square Dance (2); Town Students ' Organization (3. 4): Speech Choir (4). Bernice E. Anthony High Point A3., English Cornelian; Dean ' s List (n; V. W. C. A. (2); Proctor (3): War Service League (4) ; Class Sung Committee. Mary Katharine Antrim Greensboro A.B., Chemistry Aletheian: Chemistry Club (l, 2. 3. 4); Medical Technologists Club (3. I): Physics Club en : Town Students ' Organization (1); Lite Saving en. 9 4 5 Elizabeth Helen Appel Baltimore, Md. A.B., Chemistry Aletheian; Mount Saint Agnes (1, 2): Proctor (3); Chemistry Club (3, 4); Physics Club (3); Lutheran Students ' Association, Secretary (4). Dorothy Stephens Arnett Greensboro A.B.. English Dikean; Carolinian (2, 3); Coraddi (2, 3); Pine Needles (4); Sophomore Council; Chemistry Club I2 ; Dean ' s List (3, I); Honor Roll (l, 2, 3, D ; l.e Cercle Francais (2); Junior Adviser; Quill Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3); Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges (t); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); War Service League, Town Students ' Coordinator (3), Chairman (4). Catherine Louise Austell Raleigh A.B., Art Adelphian; Social Committee (2); Dean ' s List (4). Kathleen Aycock Freemont B.S., Home Economics Catherine Wilmoth Bacon Winston-Salem A.B., Sociology Dikean, Marshal (3); Coraddi (2); Carolinian (4); Alpha Kappa Delta (4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Junior Adviser: Sociology Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Hall Board (1); Elections Board ( ' 4); May Court; Dance Committee (1); Tennis (1). Betty Jean Bales High Point B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Marshal (4); Hall Board (3); Pine Needles (3, 4); Church Council (1, 2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Interfaith Council (3); Y. W. C. A., President, Freshman Club, Cabinet (3); Social Committee (2); Dance Committee (4): Chairman, Hang- ing of the Greens; University Sermon Committee (2); Summer School House Presi- dent (3). Betty Scott Barber Pittsboro, Hist, nil Adelphian. Treasurer (2), Marshal (4); Dance Chairman (4); House President (3); Legislature (2); Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Church Council (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3, 4): Education Club (4); International Relations (4); Who ' s Who Aynong American Universities and Calicoes (3, 4); Y. W. C. A.. Vice-President, Freshman Club, Cabinet (4); Proctor (1); Dance Committee (3). Mary Wilmoth Barber Raleigh A.B., Spanish Cornelian; Carolinian (II; Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Educa- tion Club (J); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3. 4); Recreation Association (2); Square Dance (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Sigma Delta Pi (3), Secretary (4); Swimming (1, 2). Roberta Irene Barnett Chevy Chase, Md. A.B., Spanish Dikean; Hall Board (1); Vice-President Class (2); Daisy Chain (2); Tau Psi Omega. Treasurer; Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3, 4); Junior Adviser; Le Cercle Francais (2, 3. 4); Proctor (3. 4); Hall Social Chairman (3); Sigma Delta Pi (3. 4); War Service League. Bandage Rolling Instructor (3), Co-Ghair- inan of Volunteer Service (4). Edna Ann Barnwell Edneyville A.B., Biology Dikean; Botany Club (t), Secretary-Treasurer (3); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll I AMI I ' Lib Bobbie 41 CLASS O Belle Barr West Jefferson A3., Art Mars Hill College (l, • ); Pine Needles, Photographer (4); Carolinian, Photographer (4); Hall Social Chairman (4). Marjorie Ann Bason Graham A.B.. Psychology Adelphian; Carolinian (2, 4). Associate Editor (3); Meredith College (1); Dean ' s List (4). Carolyn Marshall Bass Halifax B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 1); Physics Club (31; Square Dance (2); V. W. C. A. (1, 2). Marjorie Comer Bateman Creswell B.S., Secretariat Administration Adelphian; Botany Club (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3), Secretary (4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Hall Social Chairman (H. Rachel Baxter Greensboro A.S., Mathematics Aletheian; Choir (1. 2, 3. 4); Daisy Chain (2); Honor Roll (1); Le Cercle Francais (1. 2); Masqueraders (2, 3. 4); Playlikers (2. 3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1. 2. 3); Proctor (I); Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 4). Dorothy Beatty Tomahawk B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha (4). Rebecca Joan Beckham High Rock A.B.. Biology Cornelian; Botany Club (2, 31. President (4); Chemistry Club (4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (2. 1 1 ; Le Cercle Francais (2); Y. W. C. A. (1); oology Field Club (3). Vice-President (41. Marie L. Belk Goldsboro A.B., Sociology Aletheian, Secretary (2); Rules Committee Chairman (I): Legislature :i. n; Caro- linian (I). Associate Editor (3); Dean ' s List (3. 4i; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3. I); Junior Adviser; Sociology Club (3, 4); Who ' 8 W.ho Among Students in American fniccrsi- !ies and Colleges (3. n; Proctor (1). Dorothy Ann Bell Kannapolis AM., Sociology Aletheian; Sociology Club (3. n. I Phyllis Strickland Benedict Greensboro , S.. Music Adelphian; Band (1. 2); Chemistry (3); Church Council (1); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3. ii: Music Education Club (2, 3, 4); Town Students ' Organiza- tion (2. 3. Ii ; V. V. C. A. (1. 2); Orchestra (1. 2, 3. 4); Theatre Orchestra (1, 2, 3, li ; North Carolina Symphony Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Class Song Committee. 42 9 4 5 Anne Elizabeth Bennett Rocky Mount A.B.. Fn nch Cornelian; Choir (3); Catholic Church Council, President (3). Secretary (4); Educa- tion Club (4); Honor Roll (4); Interfaith Council (3): Junior Adviser; Le Cercle Francais (1, 2. 3, 4); Dean ' s List (4). Mary Lou Bennett Greensboro A.B., Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Education Club (4) ; Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Mary Hei.fn Berry Barkersville A.B., Primary Education Aletheian; Mars Hill College (1, 2) ; Church Council (4) ; Education Club (4). Carol Green Bissette Wilson B.S., Home Economics Cornelian, Marshal (4); May Court; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser; Le Cercle Francais (1) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Proctor (1); Dance Chairman (3); University Sermon Committee (3). Bettie Mebane Blakely Charlotte A.B., Biology Dikean ; Chemistry Club (1); Church Council (3); Dean ' s List (4); Home Economics Club (I, 2); Honor Roll (1, 2); Junior Adviser; Medical Technologists ' Club (3, 41. Sarah Ellen Dare Blalock Greensboro A.B., Mathematics Adelphian; Coraddi (3. 4); Dean ' s List (3 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (2); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3. 4); Square Circle (1, 2, 3), Publicity Chairman C4). Elizabeth Long Blalock Burlington A.B., English Dikean; Carolinian (3); Junior Adviser; Masqueraders (3). Publicity Chairman (4); Playlikers (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Proctor (2); Golf (1, 2); War Service League. Hall Leader (3). Jean Elizabeth Blalock Asheboro B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Pine Needles (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Playlikers (II; Proctor (1); Dance Committee (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (I. 2). Lala Belle Blaylock Apex B.S., Howie Economics Adelphian; Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Honor Roll (4); Square Dance (1. 2); Y. V. C. A. (1. 2); Proctor (1. 3). Sara Frances Blanton Ellenboro B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean; Choir (1); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Recreation Association (2); Proctor (4); Life Saving (2. 3); Swimming u, 2). 43 ♦ ww CLASS O Wilhemina Lyles Boesser Winston-Salem .I.K.. Chi miatry Cornelian; Legislature (8); House President (4); Chemistry Club (2, S, l); Home Economics Club n. ■- " ; Mcclii-.-il ' IVilinolocists ' Club en: Physics Club (ti: V. V. C. A. (l. 2) : Proctor (1, ■- ' . 8); Dormitory Devotions Chairman (1, I). Jacqueline Louise Boggs Newport A.B.,Ari Idelphian; Art Club (», i); Choir (1, 2, 8, n; Church Council (1, 2. 8, n: Interfalth Coniuil CI 1. Tlv.-iMiivi in: Relations 1:1. II; Junior Adviser; Proctor Hi. Barbara Anne Bond Guilford College U.S.. Home Economics Adelphian; Pini Nkedles in; Home Economics club (1, ■ . 8); Proctor (1); Dance Committee (8) ; Life Savins (l). Katherine Marie Bondurant Guilford A.B., French Aletheian; Tau Psi Omega (4); Town Students ' Organisation 11. -i. 8, i). Doris Council Boone High Point A.B., Biology Cornelian; Botanj Club (8, I); Dean ' s List (4); Education Club in; Town Students ' Organization (1, l 1 . 8, n: Zoology Field Club el. 11. Jane Murray Boone Burlington B£., Music DIkean; String Choir (1, 2, :i. n; War Service League, Floor Leader (4). Melva Boyette Princeton U.S.. Secretarial Administration DIkean; Education club (8); Gamma Alpha 1.1. n: War Service League, Hall Leader 1 n. Nell Wilson Bradford Davidson B.S., Si cretarial Administration Aletheian; Presbyterian Church Council, Vice-President (2); Gamma Alpha 1:1, i): Y. W. c. A. (I, -2. 8); Hall Social Chairman (1); Social Committee (8); Archery (I); War Service League, Floor Leader (4). Julia Reynolds Bradshaw Wilson U.S., Homi Be mici DIkean; Omlcron Nu 1:1. n: Chemistry Club (1) ; Choir 11 2); Dean ' s List (8, n: ciul. 111; iimiir h.r mirs club (l, h. Treasurer (2), Secretary (8); II r Roll ii. 2); Junior Adviser; Y. W. C, A. (1); Proctor (8); Hall Board d). Rosalie Miriam Branoyxer New York, N. V. I . ;., Sociology AJetheian; Barnard College (8); Honor Roll in; Interfaith Council u. 2); Intel national Relations II. 21; Siuinlojjy Club III; War Service League (2). ' II 9 4 5 Elizabeth McGregor Breeden Bennettsville, S. C. B.S., Borne Economics Aletheian, Corresponding Secretary (S)i Legislature (l); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 8, i); Junior Adviser; Y. W. C. A. (l): Proctor (1, 2); Dance C mittee (3); Dean ' s List (I). Helen Bright Rutherford College B.S., Hum,- Economics Cornelian; Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3); Dean ' s List (3, I); Home Economics Club (I, 2, . ' !, t); Junior Adviser; Medical Technologists ' Club (8); Physics Club (8). Lavina June Bristow Laurinburg B.S., Home Economics Aletheian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 8, 4); Square Dance (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Dean ' s l.isl up. Dorothy Winsome Britt Clinton B.8., Secretarial Administration Adelphlan; Peace College (1, 2); Education Club (I); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Honor Roll (4) ; Dance Committee (3); Dean ' s List (4). Maria Elizabeth Brockmann High Point A.B., Art Adelphian; Band (i. 2); Orchestra 0. 2. :i. n. Nancy Sherman Brunt Winston-Salem B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Meredith College (i); Gamma Alpha (8, 4). Annie Lou Bryan White Oak A.B., Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francais 2 ; Recreation Association (2. 4); Square Dance (2. I); Soccer (1); Swimming (2). Helen Catherine Bryan Jacksonville Cornelian; Alpha Kappa Delta. President (4); Dean ' s List (3, It; Honor Roll (3); Square Dance (3); Sociology Club (3, li; Proctor (8). Ernestine Bunting Randleman U.S.. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Greensboro College (1. 2); Carolinian (8); Education Club (li; Gamma Alpha (3. 4). Mary Paulina Burke Winston-Salem B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3. 4) ; Home Economics Club (I, 2) ; Junior Adviser: l ' lavlikers (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2i: Camp Counselors ' Club (2l; Tavern Manager (3. 4); Swimming (1, 2). 9 Nena Neil -15 ♦ " ft CLASS Of Ellen Louise Burnette Scaly U.S.. Borne Economies Adelphian; Brevard College (1, 2); Education Club in; Home Economics club (8, 4): Dean ' s List (4). Mary deRosset Burns Fayetteville A.B.. Primary Education Aletheian; St. Mary ' s (1, 2); Education Club (3. 4); Dance Committee (3). Iris Ames Burris Concord A.B., Sociology Aletheian; Choir (1, 2. 8, I); International Relations (li; Physics Club (3); Recrea- tion Association (2); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4t; Young Republicans (4); Y. W. C. A. (I. 2): Proctor [l, 2); Hail Social Chairman (1); Social Committee 13); War Service League (4), Hall Leader (31: Sophomore Pageant: Baseball ill: Tennis (1. 2). Evelyn Pearl Butler Laurinburg A.H.. Grammar ffradi Education Dikean. Marsbal (4), Dormitory Representative (4); Dean ' s List (3. 41 ; Education Club i.i. n; Transfer Adviser (4); l.e Cercle Francais (li: Dance Committee il. 8); Square Circle (2). Clara Elizabeth Byrd Burlington B.S., Some Economics Aletheian; Education Club (3. 4); Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4); Recreation Asso- ciation (2); Square Dance (l); Baseball (1, 2). Jane Elizabeth Eller Byrd Greensboro B.S., ffomi Economics Dikean; Mars Hill (1): Choir (I); Home Economics Club (4); Town Students ' Or ganization (2. 3. n. Annie Macon Byrum Edenton .I.K.. History Adelphian; Education Club n; V. W. C. A. Hi: Proctor (1); Demi ' s List (I). Mabel Joyce Cain Mocksville U.S.. s. nvfuniil Ldministratton Aletheian; Gamma Alpha is. 1); Home Economics Club Hi; Town Students ' Organ- ization (2). Anne Faison Calvert Jackson U.S.. Borne Economics Cornelian; (lunch Council id: Junior Adviser; Proctor in; Hall Social Chairman in. Ellen Calvert Asheville U.S.. Secretarial Administration Dikean. Dance Committee (2, 8); Gamma Alpha -3. n; International Relations (1); Junior Adviser (8); V. v. C. A. (11. 46 9 4 5 Iva Campbell Leaksville B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Church Council (1); Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Square Dance (2); Proctor (3). Violet Mozelle Caneega Greensboro A.B., Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Botany Club (2); Westminister Fellowship (2, 3, 4), Town Student Representative (21, Vice President (3), President (4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (4); Interfaith Council (4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3. 4): Y. W. C. A. (1). Edna Ludelle Carraway Greensboro Dikean; Home Economics Club (3. 4); Square Dance (2, 3); Town Students ' Organ- ization (1, 2. 3. 4). Jane Brooks Carroll Mebane A.B., Chemistry Adelphian: Carolinian Staff (1, 2); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Choir (1. 2. 3. 4); Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3. 4). President (4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (2. 3); Interfaith Council (3, 4). Vice-President (4): Y. W. C. A. (1. 4); Proctor (4). Mar jorie Lucille Causby Morganton B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean: Gamma Alpha (3, 1). Margaret T. Clark Durham A.B., Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Band (2); Dean ' s List (4); Education Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3). Sarah Louise Cole Raleigh B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3, 4). Helen M. Collison Greensboro B.S., Music Aletheian; Orchestra (1, 2, 3. 4): Town Students ' Organization (1, 2. 3); Music Edu- cation Club (2, 3. 4); Young Composers ' Club. Librarian (4); Theater Orchestra (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Dean ' s List (4). Mary Ann Cooper Henderson A.B.. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian. Marshal (4); St. Mary ' s Junior College (1. 2); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Edu- cation Club (8); Dance Committee (4). Nancy Cowherd Greensboro A .B., Sociology Dikean; Choir (1, 3. 4); Sociology Club (3. 4); Town Students ' Organization (1. 2. 31. 47 CLASS OF Eugenia McWhorter Cox Mount Olive U.S.. Secretarial Administration Adelphian: Education Club (8, 4); Gamma Alpha (I); Junior Adviser CD; Recrea- tion Association it): V. W. C. A. (3, -l) ; Sciuare Circle (1, 2. 8): Wesley Players, Secretary ( II. Janet Elizabeth Cox Greensboro, English Aletlieian; Playlikers (I. 2. 3); Quill Club (2. 8. I); Town Students ' Organization (l, 2. :i. i): Dance Committee (3, 4). Nancy Cox Nashville A.B., Sociology Dikean; Hall Board I II; Botany Club (3); Sociology Club (2. 3. I): V. W. C. A. (1). Carolyn Creech Clayton B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha (8, 4). Ruth Crowder Lattimore B.S.. Physical Education Aletlieian ; Council Member ( 1) ; Archery Club (3) ; Clogging Club (3) ; Baptist Church Council (8); Education Club tl: Le Cercle Franca is (2i; Recreation Association (I, 2. 3. ti; Proctor (1, 2. 8): Camp Committee (2, 3. ti; Archery i. ' ii: Baseball (l. 2. 3. II ; Gymnastics in; Hockey (2. :i ; Life Saying en; Swimming (2); Basketball Cl. 2. 3, I). Clarice Wooten Crutchfield Guilford College A.B., Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Boots n ' Spur (3. I); Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (1); Hall Board (4). Nancy Ray Currie Jackson Springs U.S.. s, cretarial Administration Adelphian; Deans List mi; Gamma Alpha (3. i); Honor Roll (2. 3. t); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. ill; Proctor (2. ;t); Square Circle (8); Basketball, (2). Nannie Willie Cushwa Roxboro A.B., Sociology Adelphian; Mar- Hill Junior College (1, 21; Hall Board (4); Sociology Club (3. 41: Proctor (31. Julia Marie Dail La Grange B.S., Home economics Dikean; Church Council (3, 1); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club 11, 2. 8, 1 1 ; Interfaith Council (3) ; Playlikers (2, 3, I) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3) : Archery (1). Elizabeth Ruth Davis Roanoke, Va. A.B., Primary Education Adelphian; Education Club (3. II; Y. W. C. A. (I. 2. 3, I). 4tt 9 4 5 Martha Lea Davis Badin A.H., Sociology Adelphian; Legislature (8, t ; Wesley Foundation (2. 8): Interfaith Council (3, 4); Recreation Association (2, 8, t ; Square Circle (1. 2); Sociology Club CI. 4); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (4); V. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3), President it); Camp Counselors ' Club (2, 3. 4); Social Planning Committee (4); Dean ' s List (4). Sarah Nelson Dawson Cramerton B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; St. Mary ' s Junior College (l. 2); Gamma Alpha (3. i). Social Chairman (4); Hall Social Chairman (4); Social Committee, Secretary (4). Lura Marie Dellinger Cherryville A.B.. Primary Education Cornelian; Education Club (3. 41; Home Economics Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3). Dormitory Leader (3). Victoria Jean DeVoe Red Bank, N. J. A.B., English Dikean, Corresponding Secretary ' (2). Council (1); Secretary Student Government (3); Legislature (1); Sophomore Council I2i. Carolinian (1. 2. 8), Reporter (1, 2) Columnist and Feature Writer (2. 3); Pine Needles (2. 3). Literary Editor; Junior Adviser (3); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Le Cercle Francais (1); Quill Club (2, 3); War Service League. Floor Leader (2). Ruth Jean Dickson Plainfield, N. J. B.S., Home Economics Dikean; Archery Club (i); Chemistry Club (l. 2. 3. 4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Proctor (1). Irene Dillingham Barnardsville A.B., Grammar Grade Education Dikean: Montreat Junior College (1. 2); Archery Club (4); Botany Club (3, 4C Church Council (3. 4): Dean ' s List (3); Education Club (ti; Honor Roll (3); lnter- national Relations (3. 1); Recreation Association (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); Basket- ball (3, 4). Mary Elizabeth Carter Donovan Maxton A.B., English Adelphian; Classical Club (3. 4); Dean ' s List (8, li; II ir Roll (3): Junior Adviser (3); Proctor (2). Virginia Margaret Douglas Pine Bluff A.B.. English Adelphian; Campbell Junior College (1); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); International Relations 14); Tau Psi Omega (4). Betty Hudson Driscoll Salisbury B..S ' ., Music Cornelian; Music Education Club (2. 3, 4): Interfaith Council (3); College Orchestra (1. 2, 3, 4): Theater Orchestra (1, 2, 3. 4). Sarah Elizabeth Dunstan Tarboro B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian: Senior Council Member (4); Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). President (I): Dance Committee (3). 49 CLASS Ol Mildred Duomi Asheville B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Home Economies Club (4). Erna Maude Dvsart Marion B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Carolinian Staff (2); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 4); V. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3); Proctor (1, 4); Social Committee (3, 4); Basketball (1, 2). Shirley Ray Edgar Kingston, N. Y. AS., Art Dikean; Mitchell College (1); Dance Committee (8). Ann Dixon Edgerton Goldsboro AS., Education Dikean; Boots n ' Spur (2, 3); Botany Club (2); Education Club (4); Recreation Association (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1) ; Proctor (1). Ruth Emily Eifort West End A.B., Chemistry Aletheian; Chemistry Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (1. 2); Medical Technologists ' (Inb (8, i ; Gymnastics (4); Life Savins (8). Mary Louise Epps Newton A£., Spanish Cornelian; Appalachian State Teachers ' College (1): Sigma Delta Pi (3, 4); Dean ' s List (3. 41 : Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3). Kathryn Frances Eskey Roanoke, Va. B.S., Music Aletheian; Chnir (1, 2. 8, n; Proctor (3); Young Composers ' Club, Secretary-Treas- urer (4). Grace Estep Greensboro A.B.. English Hazel Mae Estes Durham B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean; Dean ' s List (8); Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. 2i. Hallie Walker Etheridge Whitakers A.B., Biology Cornelian; Legislature ( t) ; Treasurer Junior Class (3); Chemistry Club (2, 3. 4), Secretary 3) : Medical Technologists ' Club CI. I). Vice President 14); Y. W. C. A. (II; Proctor Hi; Basketball (4). 50 9 4 5 Lynda Ruth Etheridge Whitakers B.S., Secretarial Administration Aletlieian; Pine Needles Staff (4): Botanv Club (3. 4); Education Club (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Proctor (4). Rachel Garrison Evans Murfreesboro B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (3). Ann Minerva Falkner Henderson B.S.. Secretarial Administration Dikean, Marshal (4); Carolinian Staff (3); Daisy Chain (2); Gamma Alpha (3); Home Economics Club (1); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 4); Proctor (1. 2); Social Com- mittee (1); Dance Committee (2); War Service League, Hall Leader (4): United Daughters of Confederacy, Secretary (4). D. Beatrice Farmer Norwood B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Education Club (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (2. 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Proctor (1); Social Committee (4). Jessie Maye Faulk Fairmont A.B., Biology Dikean, Treasurer (3); Carolinian Staff (2); Botany Club (2, 3). Social Chairman (2); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (1); Sophomore Christmas Paseant Chairman (2). Mary Powers Federlein Raleigh A. B.. English Cornelian; Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (4). Mary Jo Flippin Greensboro B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Town Students ' Judicial Board (4): Educatiou Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2. 3. 4). {Catherine Harriett Fishel Winston-Salem A.B., Spanish Adelphian; Recreation Association Honor Group (1, 2, 3. 4); Moravian Church Coun- cil (2, 3, 4), Secretary (2), President (3. 4); Interfaith Council (2. 3. 4); Junior Adviser (3i; Recreation Association (3, I) ; Square Dance (2i; Y. W. C. A. (l); Camp Committee (2); War Service League (2, 3, 1). Conservation Committee (2), Hall Leader (3), War Stamp and Bond Chairman (4); Archery (1) ; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4). Co-head (4) ; Gymnastics (1, 2, 3, 4). Coach (4) ; Hockey (i, 2, 3. 4), Honorary Varsity (!. 2, 4); Speedball (1). Honorary Varsity (n; Swimming (1); Tennis (1. 2, 3); Recreational Sports (2, 3). Head (3); Golf (1, 2, 3), Coach (2); Golf Club (2) : Basketball (1. 2. 3, 4). Margaret McIver Fonville Burlington B.S.. Physical Education Aletheian, Marshal (4); Junior Shop Manager (3); Pine Needles, Sports Editor (4) ; Archery Club (3, 4); Clogging Club (3 ; Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4), Council (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Camp Counselers ' Club (2, 3, 4). President (4); Camp Committee (4); Archery (3, 4); Gymnastics (3, 41; Hockey (1, 2); Soccer (1); Swimming (2, 3); Aquatics (3). Elizabeth Cummings Fortune High Point B.S., Home Economics MRS- Myrick 51 CLASS Ol Muriel Rose Freedman Burlington A.B., Sociology Aletheian; Carolinian Staff (2); Sociology Club (3, n; Sophomore Jacket Committee (2); Hillel (2, 3. 1); College Hoard M.-mln-r of Umlrnmisrlh- 12. 3, H; Dean ' s List (4). Dorothy Eugenia French Pleasantville, N. Y. B.S., Physical Education Aletheian; Sports Editor Handbook (2); Archery Club (3, I); Chemistry Club (2): Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, l) : Dolphin Seal Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (1); Chapel Board (II: Camp Counselors ' Club (2. 3, l); Archery (3, 41; Gymnastics (I. 2. 3, 4); Hockey (1, 2, 3. 4); Life Saving (2. B) ; Speedball (2. 3); Tennis (1. 2, 3. I); Head of Sports Day (3). Virginia Fulk Pilot Mountain BJS., " i«. Economics Cornelian; Cheerleader (4); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (8, I); Home Econom- ics Club (2. 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 21; Social Committee (3); Dance Chairman (H: Hall Hoard (4). Sarah Kathryn Furr Oakboro A.H.. Primary Education Adelphian; Botany Club (3); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Education Club (3. I); Honor Roll (3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). Dora Hermine Gardner Concord B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean; Archery Club (2); Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3. H; Recreation Association (2, 3); Proctor (1); Dean ' s List (4). Jane Spencer Gardner Washington B.S., Secri tarial Administration Dikean; House President (41: Legislature (3. 4); Cruel in km Staff (3); Choir (1. 2. 3); Daisy Chain (21; Dean ' s List (4); Education Club (41; Gamma Alpha (4): l.e Cercle Krancais (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Hall Social Chairman (3); Social Committee (2); Dance Committee (21; Hall Board (li: Basketball (1). Margaret Bilyeu Gargano Greensboro A.B., English Aletheian: Quill Club (2. 3. 11; Town Students ' Organization (1. 2. 3. 4). Caroline Bradley Garner Charlotte K..s.. Secretarial Idministrafioji Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (a, li; Dance Committee (2). Mary Elizabeth Gatewood Greensboro B.B., Sc crc tarial Administration Dikean; High Point College (H; Campbell College 121. Frances Helen Gatewood Greensboro AM.. Mathematics Cornelian: Campbell College (1); High Point College (2); Town Students ' Organiza- tion (3. ti ; Square Circle | I). 52 9 4 5 Helen Gibson High Point B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Dean ' s List (3); Gamma Alpha (2. 8, 4): Le Cercle Francais (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Proctor (1): War Service League, Dormitory Leader (4); Hali Hoard (1). Frances Anne Glass Greensboro A.B.. English Adelphian; Peace Junior College (l); Education Club m; Town Students ' Organiza- tion (2. 3): Proctor (-1); Social Committee (3); Dance Committee (3. 4). Evelyn Couch Glass Greensboro B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian: Coraddi Staff (4): Square Circle (1. 2); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (1); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Honor Roll (4); Town Students ' Organization (1. 2, 8, I): Social Committee (I); Sigma Alpha (4). Rebekah Jean Glenn Raleigh B.S.. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Peace Junior College (21; Gamma Alpha (4); International Relations (4); Dean ' s List (4). Betty Goslen Winston-Salem B.S., Physical Education Cornelian; Archery Club (3); Education Club (4); Recreation Association (3. i), Vice-President (8), President (4): Seal Club (3. 4); Social Committee (41; Recrea- tion Association Cabinet (3. 4): Baseball (2, 3, t); Gymnastics (2. 3), Varsity (4); Hockev (2, 3, 4), Varsity (3, 4); Speedball (3); Tennis (2); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Coaching (3. 1). Anna Devin Graham Oxford B.S., Physical Education Dikean; Carolinian (4); Alpha Psi Omega (3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (2); Masque- raders (2, 3. 4); Playlikers (2. 3, 4); Recreation Association (1, 2. 3, 4); Camp Committee (4 : Life Saving (1). Edith Margaret Grant Marion B.S., Home Economics Aletheiun; Carolinian (3); Band (1. 2); Church Council. Vice-President (4); Educa- tion Club (4); Home Economics Club (3. 41; Speakers ' Club (2); V. W. C. A. (I, 2). Harriet Spivey Grant Rich Square .4 .B.. Biology Adelphian; Elon College (I): Medical Technologists ' Club (3, 4). Margaret Spencer Gravatt Asheville A.M., Biology Adelphian ; St. Genevieve of the Pines (1, 2) ; Pine Neeoies (.1) ; Boots n ' Spur (3, 4) ; Church Council (3. 4); Interfaith Council (4); Medical Technologists ' Club (3. 4); Physics Club (3); War Service League. Floor Leader (3); Dormitory Devotions Chairman (H; Dean ' s List (4). Caroline Faust Graves Charlotte A.B., Chemistry Dikean; Chemistry Club (1); Physics Club (2); Playlikers (1); Zoology Field Club (2). 53 CLASS Ol Sara Elizabeth Graves Kernersville R.S., Borne Economics Cornelian; Flora Macdonald College (1): Home Economics flub (2, 8, 41; Y. W. C. A. (1). Winifred Allene Grier Smithtield B.S., Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Coker College (I); Gamma Alpha (8, t ; War Service League, Floor Leader (it. Camilla Vaughan Griffin New Bern B.S., Si art tonal Administration Dikean, Recording Secretary (2); House President (3); Class Vice-President (4); Legislature (2. 3. 1); Sigma Alpha; Sigma Delta Pi; Presbyterian Council (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3, 41; Honor Roll (1. 2, 3. 4); Who ' s Who Among Students in .1 no run n Universities and Colleges (4); Outstanding Seniors; Freshman Commission. Dorothy Claire Grigg Shelby A.B., English Aletheian; Dean ' s List 13. 4i; Honor Roll (l. 2); l,e fercle Francais (1); Proctoi (1) ; Square Circle (2). Evelyn Ann Gulledge Morven U.S.. Home Economics Cornelian; Education Club (I): Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. I); Le Cerclc Francais ll. 21; Square Dame (1, 21; Y. W. C. A. ill. Jane Guy Newland A.B., Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Botany Club (8. 1), Treasurer (4); Dean ' s List (4); Education Club in; Hall Hoard 4i; Presbyterian Council in. Softball (3); Basketball (2. 3, ti. Elizabeth Acra Hackney Wilson A.B., Primary Education Cornelian, Vice-Presidenl (t ; Hall Board. Secretary (4); St. Mary ' s Junior College (1. 2); Education Club (3, n. Vice-Presi dent ill; Recreation Association (4); Dolphin Seal ctuli, Vice-President (4); Dance Committee (3); War Service League. Floor Leader (4). Norma Haft New York, N. Y. AS., Psychology Idelphian; Coraddi, Business Staff (2. 8); Church Council (2, :i. u; Dean ' s Lisl (8, li; Honor Roll (2. Ii; Interfaith Council (21: Proctor (1) ; War Service League. Head of Chanel Fund (2). Doris Mae Hall Woodsdale U.S.. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha (3. 41 : V. W. C. A. (1). Martha Whitfield Hall Scotland Neck A.B., History Cornelian; Boots n ' Spur (3. li. Vice-President (I); Church Council (3. 4), Presi dent (41; Interfaith Council (3. I); Junior Adviser (3). 54 9 4 5 Mary Anna Hallenbeck Charlotte B.S., Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Boots n ' Spur (I. 2, 3, 4), President (3, 4); Clogging Club (3, -1); Gamma Mpha (8 l); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3. 4), Cabinet (3, 4); Dance Committee (4); Baseball (3); Basketball (3. 4). June Hallyburton Nashville, Term. B.S., Secretarial Administration Carolyn Hamrick Ellenboro B.S., Home Economics Aletlieian; Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Zoology Field Club (2, 3, 4). Mary Frances Handley Goldsboro A.B., History Aletheian; Louisburg College (1. 21; International Relations (4). Lawrene Renfrow Harn Lucama A.B., Primary Education Cornelian; Marshal (4); Education Club (2); Dance Committee (1); May Queen. Marjorie Anne Harrill Asheville B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Sigma Alpha (3. 4); Dance Group (3); Dean ' s List (3, 41; (lamina Alpha (3, 4); Honor Roll (3. 4); Proctor (1). Mary Spencer Harrington Aberdeen B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Coraddi (2 1; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Recreation Association (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (2); Golf Club (1. 2); Dean ' s List (4). Nancy Lewis Harris Inez B.S., Hume Economics Adelphian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (I, 2. 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (I. 2). Carolyn Newton Harward Durham B.S., Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Judicial Board (3); College Social Chairman (41; Freshman Council; Sophomore Council; Sigma Delta Pi (3. 4); Chemistry Club u); Dean ' s List (3. 4i; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Honor Roll (I, 2. 3); Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges (4); Proctor (1) ; Aletheian Dance Committee (41. Elizabeth Coble Hawley Goldsboro B.S., Physical Educat Aletheian; House President (4); Dean ' s List (31; Dolphin Club. Secretary (2), Chair- man of Water Pageant (41: Recreation Association. Dormitory Representative (3). Cabinet (H; Seal Club. President (2); Camp Committee (4); Baseball (2. 31; Gym- nastics (3, 4); Hockey (1); Life Saving (2); Soccer (1); Speedball (21. 53 CLASS O Virginia Louise Havnhs Greensboro Dikean; Coraddi, Art Editor in: Can Roll (i. 2. i); Junior Adviser (8); Pn ager ill; Arts Forum Committee; S sentative; Senior t ' ni Dean ' s List (4) : Honor League, Publicity Man- ive; Junior Art Repre- ity (D. Mary Wood Hewitt Portsmouth, N. H, A.h , French Adelphian; President Student Government in: (hiss Secretary 2 : Tau Psi Omega (S, 1): Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s last (8, 1) i Honor Koll (1, 2. 3): Junior Adviser (8); Le Cercle Francais (1. 2, 8, n: Who ' s Who Among Students in American ( ' ,, versities ,,„, Colleges (3); Proctor (2); Sigma Delta Pi (3, 1). Sofia Elizabeth Heyn Caguas, Puerto Rico A.B.. Spanish ,,„, Fi nch Patricia Council Hiatt Pilot Mountain .1. . ' .. English Mary Clark Hicks Goldsboro A.B., r ,, mistry Aletheian; Carolinian in; Chemistry Club d. 2. 3, I); Dean ' s List (3. t) ; Honor Koll (l, 8); Medical Technologists ' (lull (3. I); Square Dance (2); Square Circle cii: Baseball (I, 2); Swimming (.1. 2). Julia Ragsdalf. Hill Lexington A.B. ' .Chi mistry Cornelian: Chemistry Chili d. 2. 3, I); Dean ' s List (3, n; Honor Koll (1, 2. 8, n .In r A.hiser (8); Masqueraders i:t. n: l ' huiikers (2. 3. n: Stage Manager i Hall Social Chairman (1): Hall Board II. I): Tau Psi Omega (41: Baseball (1) Gymnastics (i. 2. 8); Swimming (2). Pauline Hill Yadkinville .1. ;.. Cht mistry (2) : Medical technologists ' Martha Elizabeth Hipp Greensboro Cornelian: Marshal (4); Freshman Class Commission; Education Club (4): Home Economics Club 121. Council (3. 11: Junior Adviser 1:11: Le Cercle Francais (1, 2); Speakers ' Cluh (1. 2): Town Students ' Organization 11. 2): Dance Committee (1. 2. 3) ; Dean ' s List I I). Andora Hodgin Buffalo, N. Y. .1. , ' .. English Cornelian, Treasurer (3,: Coraddi, Literary Editor (2, 3. 4 ; I ' im Needles 11. 2. 31. Literary Editor (8); Dance Group. Junior (11. Senior (2. 3. I), President in; Ouill Club 1:1. n; Recreation Association in: Social Committee in: Dance Committee It. 2. 31 : Dean ' s List in. Sara F. Hodgin Greensboro U.S.. Music 5tt 9 4 5 Sarah Isabel Hodgin Greensboro B.S., Music Cornelian; Choir (l, 2, 3, I); Le Cercle Francais (l, 2); Madrigal Club (2, 3, 4): Proctor (4). Janet Mabel Holmes Red Bank, N. J. B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean, Marshal (3); Treasurer Student Government (2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4): Le Cercle Francais (1); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (1); Bandage Rolling Inspector C3) ; Dance Committee (2). Jean Barbara Holmes Burlington B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Recording Secretary (21. Marshal (3); Hall Board (2); Freshman Coun- cil (1); Vice-President Freshman Class; Editor-in-Chief Pine Nki.iii.ks (I); Assistant Editor Pine Needles (3): Pixe Needles (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3. 41; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Honor Roll (l. 2); Junior Adviser [3); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities end Colleges (4): Dance Committee (I. 2. 3); Finance Board (3); May Court (I); Outstanding Senior (4); University Sermon Committee (2); Sigma Alpha (4). Betty Morris Holt Burlington B.S.. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Pine Needles (2). Literary Editor (4); Greensboro College (1); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). Margaret Egerton Holt Charlotte B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean. Vice-President (4), Treasurer (3); Class Treasurer (4); Sigma Alpha, Secre- tary; Dean ' s List (3); Gamma Alpha (3. n; Playlikers (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4). Cabinet (3), Freshman " Y " Leader (3); Hall Social Chairman (3); Proctor (2). India Hood Richlands A.B., Chi nasi, I, Dikean; Alpha Psi Omega (3, 4); Band (1. 2); Chemistry Club (3, 4); Masqueraders (2, 3. 4); Physics Club (3. 4); Playlikers (2. 3, 4). Helen Coffey Hoover Lenoir A.B., Sociology Cornelian; Judicial Board (4): Carolinian Staff (I. 2), Associate Editor (3); Church Council (1. 2), Adviser of Freshman Dormitory Church Group; Dean ' s List (3. 4): Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Junior Adviser (3); Square Dance (2 1; Sociology Club (3, 4); Proctor (1); Education Club (4). Grace Harris Hoyle Henderson A.B., Chemistry Aletheian, Marshal (4); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3. 4). President (4); Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 3. 4); Junior Adviser (3); Medical Technologists ' Club (3. 41, Governing Council (41; Proctor (1, 21; Square Circle (3); Hall Board (3, I); War Service League. Bandage Rolling Instructor (31; Basketball (1). Charlotte Hume Greensboro A.B., Art Aletheian; Stephens College (1); Town Students ' Organization (2. 3, 41; Dean ' s List (4). Audrey Adair Hunter Larchmont, N. Y. A.B.. Cht mistry Adelphian; Carolinian, Circulation (2); Chemistry Club (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (II. , 57 CLASS Of Jule Hunter Hurst Charlotte .s.. Secretarial Administration Uetheian, Marshal (8)i Pine Needles, Business Manager (4), Assistant Business Manager (3 . StiitV 11, 2, 3. li; Camilla Alpha (3. 41: H7i.. ' s 11 ' ,.. .Imorifl Student in Imerican f ntwermries «... r..».. .s (li; V. W. C. A., President Freshman " Y. " President Juniur-Seninr " V " ct). " Y " Cabinet (3). Member (1. 2. 3. 41; Proctor (3); Pieture Show Committee C3). Lois Hlitton Greensboro A.H., English Cornelian; international Relations (8, 41; Town Students ' Organization (1. 2); Life Saving (2). Alice Innes Rocky Mount U.S.. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Flora Macdonald College (1, 2); Edueation Club (4); Gamma Alpha («, i ' : Honor Roll (ill International Relations (4): Dean ' s List (4). Ilene Isreai Greensboro A.B., English Aletheian; Publicity, Town Students (3); Carolinian (I, 2. 3. 4). Columnist (4): Coraddi Staff (3. 4); Quill Club (1. 2, 3, 4), President (41; Arts Forum Committee (I); Botany Club (21; Town Students ' Organization (1. 2. 3. 4). Alice Long James Laurinburg .4.K.. Prinwry Education Cornelian; Education Club (8, n ; Y. W. C. A. (li; Dance Committee (41; Dormitory Elections Chairman (3). Luna Alden Jarvis Moyock .!.«., Primary Education Aletheian; Church Council Hi: Edueation Club (4i; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Martha Anne Jesnak Graham B.S., Physical Educat Adelphian, Vice-President (li; Recreation Honor club; Chemistry Club (3); Presby- terian Council (1); Demi ' s List (8); Education Club (li; Recreation Association (1, 2, 3. 4). Secretary (21; Square Dance (41: Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (1. 8, 4); Finance Board ( 4) ; Camp Counselors ' Club (3. II ; University Sermon Committee (4) ; Handbook Chairman. Sports (3); Points Chairman (41; Baseball (1. 2. 3. 4), Varsity (3); Sports Leader (I); Gymnastics (3. 41; Hockey (l. 2, 3, 4), Varsity (4); Speed- ball in; Swimming (1, 2. 8, I); Tennis (1. 21; Volley Ball (4): Basketball (1. 2. 3, 41. Anne Graham Johnson Lillington S.N.. Music Aletheian; Campbell College II, 2i; Choir ( 3 I ; (llee Club (3); Music Education Club ci. n; College Orchestra ill; Basketball (3. 4). Eleanor Winfrey Johnson Pittsboro A.B., History Aletheian; Peace Junior College (1. 2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (21; Inter national Relations Ml; Woman ' s College U. D. C. Chapter; Charter Member (31. President (3. i). Jean Eleanor Johnson Greensboro A.B., French Adelphian: Freshman Col ission; Coraddi (8, 4), Editor (4); Tan l ' si Omega, Treasurer (3). Historian in; Dean ' s List (3. Il; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3, 4); Interna tional Relations (2. 3. II. President (31; Junior Adviser (31; I.e Cercle Francais (I. 2. 3. 4); Speakers ' Club (1. 2). Vice-President (2); Town Students Organization 11. 8); Who ' s H ' iu .Iih.ho Xtmli-iiis in .-ImiTiViiii ruirrrsitics it ml fiilli-oes III. ' 58 9 4 5 Pauline McNeny Johnson ... Henderson A.B.,Primary Education Cornelian: Saint Mary ' s School and Junior College (1. 2); Botany Club (3. 4); Education Club (3. 4); Proctor (3). Doris Dorn Jones Greensboro A.B., Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Botany Club (2t; Education Club (3. 4); Junior Adviser (3); Speakers Club (2i; Town Students ' Organization (1, 2. 3. 4); College Speech Choir (41. Dorothea Quelch Jones Wilmington A.B., English Cornelian; Clogging Club (3. 4l; Choir (1. 2, 3. ti; Der Deutscher Verein (1. 2); Education Club (3, 4); Physics Club (3); Square Dance (2. 3); Freshman " Y. " Mary Ellsworth Jones Wallace A.B., Gram mar Grade Education Aletheian; Election Board Member (41; Chemistry Club (2); Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s List (3. I ' : Education Club (4): Honor Roll (4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (2); Dance Committee (4); Hall Board (1); Chapel Board (4). Martha Elwell Joyce Stoneville A.B., Economics Cornelian; Carolinian (2, 3), Sports Editor (21; Meredith College (li; International Relations (2. 3. 41. Nancy Dene Katzenberg Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. Sociology Cornelian; Carolinian (1, 21; Chemistry Club (1. 2, 3); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (3. 4); Interfaith Council (4i; Sociology Club (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (II; Chapel Committee. Dormitory Leader (2). Harriet Ann Keeter Morganton A.B., Biology Aletheian. Dormitory Representative; Class Vice-President (31; Presbyterian Council (2, 3); Daisy Chain (2); Dance Group (2. 3. 4); Interfaith Council. Dormitory De- votionals Chairman i2); Medical Technologists ' Club (3. 4); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4). Cabinet (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4). Cabinet (4); Camp Committee (3. 4); Dance Committee (4); Life Saving (ll; Swimming (1. 2. 3. 4); Legislature (4); Dean ' s List (4). Mozelle Keller High Point B.S.. Home Economics Adelphian; Chemistry Club (2. 3. 4): Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (4i; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Zoology Field Club (2. 3. 4); Proctor (4). Jean Mary Kelley Gastonia A.B., Art Adelphian; Virginia Intermont College (1. 2); Business Manager Virginia Intermont Annual (2); Art Club (1. 2. 3. 41; Y. W. C. A. (1. 21; Social Committee (4). Annie Kidd Lovingston, Va. B.S.y Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Seal Club (21. 59 CLASS O Margaret Lee Killebrew Tar Heel A.B., Chi mistry Adelphian; Chemistry Club (1, 2. s, l), Vice-President (i): Westminister Fellowship Group (i. 2, s, l), Church Council (3, l); Home Ec nics Club (1, 2); Interfaith Council Cl, I); V. W. C. A. (1, 2); Zoulugv Field Club (SI; Swimming (l, 2 ; Physics Club (3. I . Marian McNeil Kirkman Pleasant Garden B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Guilford College (1); Botonj Club el. ii: Home Economics Club (2, a, 1): V. V. ( ' . A. (1, 2. ::. ; Junior Adviser (3). Mary Hardin Kirkman Pleasant Garden F.S., Home Economics Dikean; Guilford College (1): Home Economics Club (2, 8, I); V. W. C. A. n. 2. 8. ii : Botany Club (8, I): Chemistry Club (8, n. Marie Elaine Kirschner York, Pa. A.B., Primary Education Dikean; Botany Club (2, 3, I); Education Club (8, I); Speakers ' Club (2). Irene Kossow Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S., Home Economics Aletheian; Carolinian Reporter (2); Coraddi (4): Omicron N ' u (3. 4); Archery Club (2, 8, n; Dean ' s List (8, l); Honor Roll (i. 2 3); Uuill Club (ii; Recreation Asso ciation (4); Archery Club President. Alyce Haynes Lanier Welcome A.B., English Cornelian; Dean ' s List ( II. Helen Aurelia Lackey Lenoir U.S., Home Economics Dikean; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 8, t) ; Proctor (4); Dean ' s List (I). Sarah Power Armstrong Landry Greensboro BA.,Secn tarial Administration Adelphian; Square Circle (1, 2, 8, I); Town Students ' Organization (I, 2, 3. 4): Red Cross instructor (8); Gamma Alpha (3. I). Barbara Ruby Latham Oneida, N. Y. U.S.. Physical Education Adelphian; Hall Board (21: Sophomore Council (2 : House President I); Archery Club (3): Classical Club n. 2, 3. n; Clogging club (s); Daisy Chain (! : Junior Adviser (s) ; Playlikers (8, l); Recreation Association (J 2, 8, l): Seal Club (2, 3 I): V. W. C A. (II: Camp Counselors- Club (8, Ii; Dance Committee (8, II: War Seivi.e League, Floor Leader en: Archery (3i; Baseball (1, 2. 31: Gymnastics ii. 2. 3. n; Hockey (l. 2. 8); Life Saving (2); Soccer (i. 2, 8); Speedball (2. 8); Swimming (1, 2, s, n; Tennis en; Basketball d. 2, 3, n: Honorary Gym Team (2). Elizabeth Belle Laws Henderson B.S., Secretarial Administration Aletheian. Marshal (I): Pint. NEEDLES. Circulation Manager Hi; Sigma Alpha (3. H. Treasurer (4): Dean- List (8. i); Gamma Alpha (8, l); Honor Roll (n; Junior Adviser (3i; Le Cercle Francos (It: Recreation Association Council ill; Y. v . C. A. (i. 2i: Proctor ii, 2); Camp Counselors ' Club (1) ; Dance Committee (8); Life Savins (I I. »0 9 4 5 Doris Elinor Lewin Greensboro A.B., Sociology Aletheian: Dean ' s List (8, 4); Seal Club (2); Sociology C ' luli (8, I). Vice-President (4); War Service League (8, n. Helen Dare Lindsey Wadesboro A3., Primary Education Cornelian; Wesley Foundation (1); Education Club (4) ; V. W. C. A. (1). Ruth Lloyd Charlotte A.B., Chemistry Cornelian; Band (2); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3. 4): Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (2. 3, I); Medical Technologists ' Club (3); Physics Club (3, 4); Square Dance (2); Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1. 2, 3, 4). Sara Maffitt Lockhart Charlotte .4 .5., Sociology Adelphian; Marshal (3); House President (41; Plavlikers (2); Sociology Club (3. 4); Hall Social Chairman (1): Movie Committee (2); Dance Group (3). Ann Sturgis Long Winston-Salem A.B., Greek Aletheian; House President (3); Hall Board (4); Class President (2): Classical Club (1. 2. 3. 4). Secretary (21. President (n; Daisy Chain (2); Dance Group (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (l. 2); Plavlikers (I); Who ' s Win, Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Dance Committee (2, 3) ; Election Board (4). Ida Katherine Long Franklin A .«., History Dikean; Education Club (4); Proctor (3); Dean ' s List (4). Hilda Osborne Longest Goldsboro A.B., History Cornelian; Sophomore Council (2); Senior Council (4); Carolinian Reporter (2, 3): Pink Needles, Senior Editor (4); Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (1); Junior Adviser (3); Proctor (1, 3). Chief (1); Hall Social Chairman (4); Social Committee (4); Cornelian Dance Chairman (4). Dance Committee (2, 3): University Sermon Marshal (2, 3). Ann Eugenia Lott Freehold, N. J. A3., Art Aletheian; Chemistry Club (2); Home Economics Club (1); Dance Committee (3); Proctor (1, 4). Cornelia Stevens Lowe Chester, Va. B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Judicial Board (4); Legislature (2i; Class President (3); Banner Bearer (1); Chemistry Club (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Home Hem ics (lull (1, 2); Senior Adviser (4); Who ' s Who Am, my Students in America,, Universities an, I Colleges (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (3); Hall Social Chairman (II; Dance Committee (2). Julia Carolyn Lowrance Statesville A. B., French Aletheian; Mitchell College (1. 2); Dean ' s List (3. 41 ; Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francais (4). «l ♦ CLASS Ol Laura Anne Lyon Albany, N. Y. Ailelpliian ; Senior Class Council; Dean ' s List (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4), Treas- urer 14): Honor Roll (4); Ce Cercle Franeais (2): Recreation Association (1); Y. W. C. A. (1) : Proctor (1. 8); War Service League (3) : Life Saving (8) : Basketball (1, 2). Bonnie Jean McCloy Detroit, Mich. A.B.. English Ailelpliian: Judicial Board (4); Coraddi Staff (4): Choir (1, 2, 3); P. S. 0. Budget Committee (8); (iuill Club (2. 3. 4), Secretary (3); Tennis (2); Basketball (4); War Service League, Chairman of Defense Courses (2); Dean ' s List (4). Evelyn McKinney High Point B.S., Music Cornelian: Choir (1, 2, 8, 1); Junior Adviser (3); Music Education Club (2, 8, 4). Vice-President (4). Mary McLean Clinton A. B.. Biology Cornelian. Marshal (3): Chief Marsha] (4): Hall Board (1, 3); Junior Adviser (3 " Medical Technologists ' Club (3. 41. Treasurer (4); Who ' s VI,„ Among sin, I, nts in Anoriron I ' nirt rsitiis on, I Coll, i, ■»■ ill: Social Committee 111: Class Dance Chairman 13); May Day Maid-of-Honor (4). Beulah McMurray Rutherfordton B.S.. Hon,, E, oino, ,1, is Brevard Junior College (1, 2); Home Economics Club (8, 4); Recreation Association (2, 3): Baseball (1, 2); Speedball (1). Irma Estes Magner Greensboro A.B., Sociology Dikean; Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (3. 4); Sociology Club (8, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Town Students ' Judicial Board (8). Henriette Manget Greensboro A.B.,Art Aletheian: Legislature (4); Coraddi, Art Editdl (8); Playlikers (4); Town Students ' Organization 11. 2, 3); Aletheian Dance Chairman (4); Dance Committee (1, 2, 3); May Court (4). Dorothy Elizabeth Mann Mebane U.S.. Home Economics Cornelian; Summer School House President (8); Education Club (41; Home Econom- ics Club (1, 2. :ii. President (n; Junior Adviser (3); Proctor (1); Social Committee (2. 3. 4); Dance Committee (3). Mary Elizabeth Martin High Point Ailelpliian; Montreal College (1. 2); Chemistry Club i :l i : Education Club It); Home Economics Club i:i. Ii; town Students ' Organizati on (3): Dean ' s List (4). Mary Winter Mashburn Chadbourn U.S.. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Sigma Alpha (8, n: Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Proctor (2. 4); Hall Board (1). ♦62 9 4 5 Hilda Mattox Pinetops A.B., Mathematics Dikean; Recreation Association (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Square Circle (2, 3, 4). Mary Grace Maus Greensboro A.B., Art Cornelian; Town Students ' Organization (1, 2. 3, 4); Dance Chairman (4); Dance Committee (2, 3). Kitty Ward Maxwell Charlotte B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Finance Board (3). Chairman (4); Legislature (4); Pine Needles (3), Organization Editor (4): Dean ' s List (3. n ; Home Economics (lull (l. 2. 3. 4i- Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Proctor (2); Hall Devotion Chairman (3). Harriet Guion May New Bern A.B., Biology Dikean, Marshal (4); Legislature (4); Hall Board (1): Medical Te chnologists ' Club (3, 4), President (4); Recreation Association (2. 3). Treasurer (3); Y. W. C. A. (1); Dance Committee (3); War Service League. Dormitory Leader (81; Chemistry Club, (2); Daisy Chain (2). Elizabeth Arlena Messick Yadkinville B.S.. Home Economics Dikean: Mars Hill College (1. 2); B. S. U. Council (4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (4). Elaine Miller Greensboro A.B., Sociology Dikean: State Teachers ' College, Farmville. Va. (1); Sociology Club (3, 4); Town Students " Organization (3, 4). Joye Elizabeth Miller North Wilkesboro B.S., Home Economics Adelphian: Choir (1. 2, 3. 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Valera Gilliam Miller Kinston A .B., Sociology Dikean: Dean ' s List (31; Playlikers (4); Sociology Club (3, H; Chapel Board (4). Betty Lou Sloan Mitchell Morganton A.B., Primary Education Aletheian; Class Secretary (4): Dean ' s List (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Proctor (1); Hall Board (21. Betsy Dixon Modlin Goldsboro A.B., Grammar Grade Education Adelphian, Marshal (4); Botany Club (2); Education Club 13. li; Adelphian Dance Committee (41; Hall Board (8). Sarah and Pat 63 + CLASS O Eleanor Keith Molen Greensboro l;.s.. Home Economics Dikean; Legislature m: Presbyterian Council (ii; Home Economics Club d. ■ . 3. I); Playlikers (2. 3); Speakers ' Club C ): Town Students ' Organization (1, 2. :t, II. Elections Chairman (8), Social Committee cti. President (4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Dean ' s List (4). Wilma Joyce Moody Siler City A.H.. Grammar Gradx Education Dikean; Education Club (8, I) ; Square Dame (4); Y. W. C. A. (1. II. Evelyn Horton Mooring La Grange A.B., Biology Cornelian; Boots n ' Spur (8, n: Chemistry Club (1, a); Der Deutseber Verein (1. 2): Medical Technologists - Club (:). II; Recreation Associati 1, :i. II ; Square Dance (l); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2 ; Council Member 13) ; Baseball (11; Gymnastics (1, 8, I); Swimming I 11 : Basketball (4). Jean Ann More Canadaigua, N. Y. A.B., Sociology Adelphian; Band (1. 2); Congregational-Christian (1, 2. 3, 11. Member of Council (8. 4): Interfaith Representative 1.1, II; Interfaith Council (2. 8, l . Secretary H; Internationa] Relations 13. 4); Recreation Association (1. 2); Sociology Club (2. 3. 41; Y. W. C. A. II. 2, 3. 41; Proctor i2. 31: War Service League, Floor Leader (31: Dean ' s List (11. Sylvia Morene Gibsonville A.B.. " English Cornelian: Dean ' s List (4): Y. W. C. A. (4): Honor Roll (4i; Flora Macdonald (1. 21. Wilma Louise Morrison Hendersonville U.S.. Hum, Economics Cornelian; Danforth Fellowship (31: Chemistry Club (1. 2); Dean ' s List (3. 4): Edu- cation Club (3. I); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, ll: Honor Roll (2. 3); Proctor (2. 3). Evelyn Jean Motley Charleston, W. Va. U.S.. Horn Economics Cornelian: Pini Needles (2); Omicron Xu (3. 4), Treasurer (ll; Chemistry Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Westminster Fellowship Council CI. I): Dean ' s List CI. II ; Home Eco- nomics Club (1. 2. 3, 4i; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3. I); Interfaith Council President (41- Junior Adviser (8), Transfer Adviser (4); Le Cercle Franca la (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. I); College Social Planning Council in; Sophomore Pageant (!) ; University Sermon Chairman (8). Edith Moton Greensboro U.S.. Home Economics Adelphian; Chemistry Club (s) ; Education Club (3. ll: Home Economics Club (2. 3. i): Town students ' Organization (1). Mary Moxley Brantley, Ala. .(.«.. Biology Adelphian: Texas State College for Women (I. 2i: Medical Technologists ' Club (8, n; Hall Hoard I Ii ; Dean ' s List (4). Margaret Emily Mullen Huntersville U.S.. Business Education Adelphian, Inter-Society Representative (8), Marshal (4); Dean ' s List 1 3 1 ; Educa- tion Club n; Camilla Alpha 13. n; Masqucrailers (2. 3. 1 1 : l ' lavlikers (2, 3. I-. Business Manager in; Hall Social Chairman Hi: Camp Committee i2i. ♦64 9 4 5 Betty Virginia Mullinax Asheville A.B.. English Cornelian; Mars Hill Junior College (I. 2); Church Council (4); Dean ' s List (3); Education Club (3, li: Honor Roll (1). Clara Helen Mullis Harmony Dikean; Mars Hill Junior College (2): Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Dean ' s List (4). Doris Louise Murph Fayetteville B.S., Music Adelphian; Freshman Song Committee: Choir (1. 2, 3, I. SI. Assistant Librarian (.51, Accompanist (.5): Wesley Foundation (2. 3. si: Dean ' s List (I. 5); Honor Roll (1, :. 8, 41: Junior Adviser (3): Le Cercle Francais (2. 3); Music Education Club (2. 4, 5). Press Reporter (2). President (SI. Pat Fordham Mvrick Greensboro A.B., Spanish Aletheian. Inter-Society Representative (3). Marshal (41; Class Secretary (3); Daisy Chain (2): Recreation Association (21 ; Town Students ' Organization (1. 2. 3). Vice- President (3); Hall Social Chairman (41; Town Students ' Dance Committee (2. 31; Sophomore Dance Committee (21: May Court (41: Senior Life Saving (2); Social Committee (4); Dean ' s List (ti. Gloria Blumenthal Nathan Greensboro .4.B., Economics Aletheian; Choir (1. 2, li: University of North Carolina (3); Interfaith Council (2); Seal Club (1. 2); Town Students ' Organization (1, 4). Billie May New Gastonia A.B., Sociology Adelphian, Marshal (1); Hall Board (3); Senior Council (4): Co-Circulation Man- iger Coraddi (2); Square Circle 2i; Church Council (2); Dance Group (4); Junior Adviser (31; Recreation Association (41; Sociology Club (3. li; Y. W. C. A. (1); Dance Committee (H; Life Saving (1). 5ara Lee Nichols Durham A.B., Sociology Adelphian; Hall Board (31: Sophomore Council; Business Staff Coraddi; Alpha Kappa Delta; Daisy Chain (2): Dean ' s List (3. t : Honor Roll (31 ; Sociology Club (3, I). Secretary and Treasurer (31; Sigma Delta Pi (3, I). Mancy Nickels Kings Mountain A.B., Primary Education Cornelian; Montreal Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (I); Dean ' s List (4). Ella Mae Norman Greensboro B.S., Home Economics ' ornelian; Chemistry Club (l); Church Council (1. 2. 3. H; Dean ' s List (3); Home Economics Club (1.2.3. n. Finance Committee Chairman (4); Interfaith Council (I); Junior Adviser (3); Speakers ' Club (21; Town Students ' Organization (1. 2. 3. 4), Judicial Board (2i; Y. W. C. A. CD. Brevard Harris Northrup Concord A.B., Spanish Aletheian, Treasurer (3); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (3. 4); International Re- lations Committee (4); Proctor (3). 65 CLASS O I Peggy Moore O ' Connell Greensboro H.s.. Se retarial Administration Vletheian; Dean ' s Lis! (4); Gamma Alpha (8, n; Honor Roll (4): Town Students ' Organization (1, ■- ' . 3, I); Dance Committee u. n. Valeria Virginia Olive Lexington fl.S ' ., Secretarial Administration Adelphian; St. Mary ' s Junior College (l. 8); Gamma Alpha (8, 1). Mary Louise Owen Fayetteville A.B., Art Dikean; Art Club; Junior Adviser CD; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Proctor (1, 4). Ann Page Winston-Salem B.s.. Secretarial Administration A ' etheian; Salem College (l); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). Dianne Page Greensboro A.B., Emjlixli Cornelian; House President (8): Cass President (1. 4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Speakers ' Club (2); Who ' s Who Aiuomj students in Amrricnn Universities oihI Colleges (8. I); Cornelian Dance Committee (2); Sophomore Jacket Committee; Freshman Representa- tive at Founders ' Day; Hall Board (1); May Court; War Seryice League, Instructor (3). Alice Marie Parker Clinton Aletheian: Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 4); Recreation Associa- t.on (2); Square Dance (3); Y. V. C. A. (1. 4). Gladys Ruth Parker Fountain B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Education Club ( 1 1 ; Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4); Junior Adviser (3); Masqueraders (2, 3. 1); l ' laylikers (2, 8, t) ; Dean ' s List (•»). Cecile Hope Pate Goldsboro B.S., Physical Education Aletheian; Archery Club (3); Clogging Club (3); Education Club (I); Recreation Association (I. 2. 3. I), Secretary II ' ; Seal (Tub (2. 3, 4). President (8); Speakers- Club (1. 2i; Y. W. C. A. (1); Camp Counselors ' (lull (2. 3. I); Camp Committee in; Aletheian Dance Committee U) ; Archer) u ; Baseball d. 2, 8); Gymnastics (2, 3. 4); Hockey (1, 2, 8); Life Saving (I) ' , Soccer (1, 21; Speedball (1, 2): Swimming (1. 2, 3, I); Tennis (3); Volley Ball (2); Basketball (2. 3, 4); Hall Board (4). Ruby Moore Payne High Point B.S.,Home Economics Adelphian; Appalachian Slate Teachers ' College (1, 21; Basketball (4). Thelma Ruth Payseur Gastonia A.B.. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Education Club 13. II; Recreation Association 11. 2. 3. I); Y. W. C. A. (1, 21; Camp Counselors ' Club 13. 1), Secretary and Treasurer 111; Camp Committee (3); Life Saving (2); Swimming (1. 21. 66 9 4 5 I. Elizabeth Pearce Franklinton B.8., Music Adelphian; Choir (1. 2, 3, 4). Vice-President (1); Baptist Student Council (2, 3. -I); Dean ' s List (4); Honor Roll (I. 2); Junior Adviser (3); Music Education Club (2, 3). Secretary (3); Dance Committee (4); Baseball (2. 3); Life Savin " (2); Young Com- posers ' Club, Corresponding Secretary (4). Thelma Haas Peeler Greensboro B.S., Home Economics Catawba College (1, 2); Town Students ' Organization (4). Jean Bradshaw Pegram Raleigh B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Meredith College (2); Choir (2); Church Council (2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Town Students ' Organization; Proctor (1); Dance Committee (3); Basketball. Barbara Pettit Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B., Art Adelphian. President (4); Carolinian (2, 3. 4), Advertising Manager (3), Business Manager (4); Dean ' s List (3); Dolphin Club (2. 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1); Honor Ro. ' l (3); Interfaith Council (2. 3. 4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais (2); Recreation Association (2. 3, 4): Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Proctor (3); Adelphian- Dikean Dance Committee (3); Junior-Senior Dance Committee (3); Class Election Committee (2); War Service League (3). Evelyn Gwyndola Pierce Lenoir A.B., Histoni Aletheian; Sigma Delta Pi (3, 4); Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Botony Club (3. 4). Secretary; Baptist Church Council (4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll {3); International Relations (3. 4); Plavlikers (3); Recreation Associa- tion (3, 4): Basketball (3. 4). Betty May Poe Durham .4.8., Mathematics Cornelian; Church Council (2. 3, 4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 4); International Relations (31; Square Circle Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Margaret Marie Potts Upper Montclair, N. J. A.B., Primary Education Aletheian; Chemistry Club (2); Choir (1); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Education Club (4) ; Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (1, 21; Square Dance (1); Proctor (41; War Service League (3). Ruth Elaine Powell Polkville B.S., Home Economics Aletheian; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francais (2); Masqueraders (3, 4); Playlikers (2, 3, 4); Y. W. A. (3); Dean ' s List (41. Vivian Inez Powell Ruffin B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Dean ' s List (3. 4): Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3. 4); Honor Roll (4); Square Dance (3). Mary Belle Price Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. A.B., Spanish Dikean. Marshal (4); Choir (3); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Home Economics Club (1. 2); Honor Roll (I); Recreation Association (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Dance Com- mittee (1); Tennis (1. 2, 3, 4); War Service League (3, 4), Chairman of Conserva- tion Program (3). mm Jean 67 CLASS O Mary Louise Price Greensboro U.S., II. ,1,,, Econo) i Adelphian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. n: Junior Adviser (3): Mnsipieraders 12. :l. n; 1 ' lavlikers (2. 3. 4); Camp Counselors ' Club (2, 3): Dean ' s List (4). Shirley Pridgen Elm City A.B., Biology Cornelian; Chemistry Club n. 2. t, i ; Medical Technologists ' Club (3. 4); Baseball ( (i : Gymnastics (4). Bella Henrietta Prince Greensboro BS., Home E, mica Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. Ii; Town Students ' Organization (i, 2. 3. II : Hillel 11. 2. 3. Ii; Dean ' s List (41. Helen Virginia Quinn Shelby A.B., Primary Education Dikean; Mars Hill College (1. 2i; Education Club III. Mary Elizabeth Randall Carolec-n H.s.. Bonn Economics Aletheian; Chemistry Club (2, 3. 4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4i; Playlikers in: Y. W. C. A. (1): Dean ' s List (41. Martha Elizabeth Ransdell Varina A.B., English Adelphian; Mars Hill (1, 2); Baptist Council in; Dean ' s List ill. n: Education Club (4) ; Honor Roll il. 2. 31. Susanna E. Ray Asheville B.S., How, Economics Uetheian; Biltmore Junior College (1); Choir (2. :i, Ii; Zoology Eield Club (2. 3. 41. Vice-President I3). President (4); Dean ' s List (4). Mary Augusta Reece Yadkinville A.H.. Grammar Gradi Education Aletheian; Mars Hill Junior College (I, 2); Church Council (4); Dean ' s List (8, n; Education Club 13. II: Intel -faith Council in. Ruth Cole Register Fayetteville i: s,. Si i -ri-lnriul Administration Adelphian; Education Club (4); (lamina Alpha CI. 1 1 : Intel national Relation- (1); Y. W. C. A. ii. 2); Swimming (1); Tennis (l). Alise Elizabeth Reid Elizabeth City Adelphian: Hand II i; Education Club ill; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, -11 : Y. W. C. A. (1. 21 : War Service League (4). 68 9 4 5 Catherine Lugean Riley Timberland B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Band (1); Classical Club (1. 2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Plavlikers (2); V. W. C. A. (2); Proctor (1); Campus Election Board (4). Jean Ray Roberts Shelby B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Carolinian, Circulation Staff (4); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Canuna Alpha (3. 4): Proctor (3); Social Sonmiittee (2); Dance Committee (4 ; Archery (II; Gymnastics (1); Softball (3); Dean ' s List (4). Anna Alzira Rocha Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A.B., English Dikean; Mary Lyon Junior College (1); Choir (2. 4); Glee Club (2); Honor Roll (4); International Relations (4). Anna Gillespie Rogers Hartsville, S. C. A.B., Sociology Aletheian: House President (3); Judicial Board (4); Class Treasurer (2); Band (1); Church Council (I); Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s List (3, 41; Education Club (4); Honor Roll (I. 2, 3); Sociology Club (3. 41; Who ' s Who Among Students in America,, Universities and Colleges (S) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Christine Rogers Freeman, Va. B.S., Home Economics Aletheian; Omicron Xu (3. 4); Chemistry Club (1. 2, 3. 41 ; B. S. U. Junior Council (3); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Education Club (41; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3. 4); Zoology Field Club (2, 3, 4). Jean Ethel Rosenast Merchantville, N. J. B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Carolinian, Circulation (2); Education Club (3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (2); Senior Formal Figure. Chairman (41; War Service League. Hall Leader (3); Dean ' s List (4). Mary Alice Ross Fallston A.B., Biology Dikean; A. S. T. C. (1. 2); Dean ' s List (3); Medical Technologists ' Club (3. 4). Patricia Simpson Rothrock Mount Airy A.B.. English Adelphian; Carolinian (1, 2. 3); Dean ' s List (ti; Interfaith Council (4); Speakers ' Club (1, 2i ; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4). Cabinet (1); Hall Board (31; Wesley Founda- tion, President (4). Lu Ellen Routh Asheboro A .8.. Primary Education Dikean; Botany Club (3. 4); Education Club (3. 4): Honor Roll (3); Playlikers (1); Y. W. C . A. (1. 21; Basketball (1). Ruth Adams Royal Morehead City A.B., Enr lish Adelphian; Elections Board, Chairman (tl; Legislature (4); Chemistry Club (2); Wesley Foundation (1. 2. 3, 4): Dean ' s List (3. ll ; Education (lull (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3. 4); Junior Adviser (3); Speakers Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1); Social Com- mittee (3); Square Circle (1); Bandage Rolling Instructor (3). 69 CLASS O Helen White Rovcroft Coats A3., Primary Education Aletheian: Education Club (4); Dean ' s List (1). Elizabeth Anne Rumley Beaufort i;.s.. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Mars Hill College (1. 2): Carolinian, Circulation Staff (41; Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha i:i. i ; Basketball (t); Softball (3). Avis Russell Thomasville A.B., Kii ' jlisli Mary Council Satterfield Spencer A.B., Chemistry Adelpbian; Marshal (3); Hall Board (2): Chemistry Club (3. 4i; Dean ' s List (3. 4): Junior Adviser (3); Dance Committee (1. 8); Adelphian Dance Committee (2. 4). Cecile Anne Scher East Orange, N. J. A.B., Sociology Aletheian; Adelphi College (l); Interfaitb Council (3. 1); Sociology Club (8, i . Frances Everitt Scott Statesville H.S., Homr Economics Cornelian. President (4). Marshal (3); Junior Rins Chairman; (Imicron Nu (II: Dean ' s List (3. II ; Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Honor Roll (1. 2. 3 1 : l.e Cercle Francais in; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (4); Proctor (1); Hall Social Chairman (31; Dance Chairman (2). Sarah Glenn Scruggs High Point B.S., Music Aletheian; Hand (l. 21; Dance Group (2. 8); Music Education Club (2. 4). Treasurer (3); Young Composers ' Club (3). President in; Orchestra (1. 2. 3. 4); Theater Orchestra (1. 2. S) ; Dean ' s List (4). Mary Anna Sharpi; Atlanta, Ga. A.B., English Dikean; Junior Adviser (3); Proctor (1): Dance Committee (1); Nominating Com- mittee i l); Dean ' s List (1). Omer Inez Shermer Yadkinville Adelpbian: Education Club 111; Home Economics Club II. 2. 3. II; II. T. U. Dormi- tory Head (3. I). Betty McLoud Sherrill Charlotte B.s., Secretarial Administration Aletheian; House President ill; Chemistry Club (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (2, 3. 4); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Quill Club (2, 3); V. V. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 4), Treasurer (1). Vice-President (2). Cabinet (2). Leader of Fresh- man " V " Club; Proctor (1); Sigma Delta Pi (2. 3). President Co; Social Com mittee (l : Sigma Alpha in. ♦ 70 9 4 5 Martha Lee Sherrill Hickory B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian: Legislature (2, 4); House President (41: Hall Board (4); Sigma Alpha (3). President (4); Education Club (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Proctor (1); Dance Committee (3); May Court (4); Dean ' s List (4). Sarah Josephine Sherrill Mount Ulla B.S., Home Economics Dikean; Chemistry Club (I); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (4): Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2. ' 3, 4). Vice-President (4); Honor Roll (3. 4): V. W. C. A. (1, 2); Proctor (3); Social Committee (3); Assistant Tavern Manager (4); Home Economics Council (4). Hilda Faye Shoaf Lexington A.B., Primary Education Aletheian; Education Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1), Officer (1). Virginia Betty ' Simmons Winston-Salem A.B., English Adelphian; Senior Council (4); Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); International Relations (3); Recreation Association (1, 2. 3, 4); Square Dance (4); Y. W. C. A. (1): Gymnastics (2, 4); Life Saving (2, 3); Swimming (1, 2, 3); Tennis (2); Marching (2). Elaine Reeves Simpson Ridgewood, N. J. B.S.. Secretarial Administration Aletheian. Vice-President (4). Marshal (3); Hall Board (2); Legislature (1. 2), Representative from Freshman Class (1); Pine Needles. Business Staff (t); Gamma Alpha (4); Speakers ' Club (1. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Proctor (1); Hall Social Chairman (1); Christmas Pageant (2): University Sermon Usher (1. 2. 4); Dance Committee a); Campus Purse Drive (1). Katherine Burns Simpson Monroe A.B., Mathematics Adelphian; Carolinian (4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Square Circle (1, 2. 3. 4), President (4); Speedball (1). Louise Sinclair West End B.S., Physical Education Aletheian; Tau Psi Omega; Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Le Cercle Franeais (1. 2); Recreation Association (1, 2. 3, 4); Camp Committee (3. I) ; Baseball (1, 2. 3, 4): Gymnastics (1, 2, 3. 4); Hockev (1, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving (2); Speedball (2); Swimming (1, 2. 3. 4); Tennis (2); Basketball {1. 2. 3. 4). Head (3, 4). Nelle Cooke Sloan Garland B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Proctor (3). Annie Lois Smith St. Pauls B.S., Home Economics Cornelian; Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2); War Service League, Hall Leader (4): Dean ' s List (4). Mary Jean Smith Greensboro A.B., History Aletheian; Church Council (1. 3. 4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1. 3, 4): International Relations (4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 3, 4); Orchestra (1. 2. 3. 4); Tau Psi Omega (4). 71 CLASS O Sarah Long Smith Mount Airy A.B., English Aletheian; Education dub (4): International Relations (4); V. W. C. A. (4); Senior Spanish Club (4). Sara Ellen Smithson Asfaeville U.S., H„,„, Economics Dikean; Dean ' s List in: Home Economics Club (1, 2, S, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Alice Maunev Snow Kings Mountain U.S., Secretarial Administration Aletheian: Band u. 8); Chemistry Club it. 2. S, I); Gamma Alpha (8, I): V. W. C. A. (II; Proctor (8). Myrtle Soles Whiteville A.B.. Latin, English Adelphian; Classical Club (l. ■ . 3. 4i : Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club in; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Junior Adviser (4); Le Cercle Franeais (2, 3): Recreation Association (1, 2. 8): Proctor (2); Baseball n. 2. 3); Swimming (1, 2). Lillian Margaret Somers Elon College A.B., Primary Education Cornelian: Speeeh Choir (41; Education Club (3. 4); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, II: Square Dance (4): Softball n. 21; Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4). Ella Virginia Spear Kinston A. B., Sociology Dikean; I.e Cercle Franeais (2); Square Dance (I, 2 1 ; Sociology Club (2. 31: town Students - Organization (1); Y. W, C. A. (1. 3); Proctor (1). Lillian Sprott Sanford A.B., Hist, nil Uetheian; Westhampton College (I. 2): Deans List (3. n: Education Club (3, 4): Honor Roll (4); International Relations (3. n: Y. W. C. A. (41. Audrey Myrtle St arnes Waxhaw H.s., Hi,,,,, Economics Cornelian: Brevard College (1, 21 : Education Club (41; Home Economics Club (3. 41 : Recreation Association (8, I); Square Dance in; Speech Choir in; Basketball (3. 4). Cora Belle Stegali Marshville A.B., English Dikean: Carolinian (8, n; Baptist Student Union Council (2, : . I). President Junior B. S. 1 ' . Council CD: Chelnistrv Club (2. 31; Dean ' s List 13. II; Eilucation Club (41: llonoi Roll (I. 2. 3. n; International Relations (3): V. V. C. A. (I, 2, 31; War Service League. Hall Leader (4). Margaret Andrews Stone Greensboro A.B., Sociology Vdelpllinn; St. Mary ' s Junior College (1, 2) : Carolinian, Business Staff I u : Sociology Club (4): Senior Adviser (4); Senior Council in. 9 4 5 Celia Varner Stowe Greensboro B.S., Home Economics Dikean; Chemistry Club (1, 2): Dean ' s List (4); Home Economies Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (1); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4). Martha Ann Strowd Louisburg A.B.. English Aletbeian; Louisburg Junior College (1. 2); Weslev Foundation (4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (3. 4); Junior Adviser (4): Recreation Association (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Hall Board (4); University Sermon Committee (4); Basketball (3): Ping-Pong (4). Doris Arline Stryker Darien, Conn. B.S.. Home Economics Adelphian; Carolinian Business Stall ' (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais (2); Recreation Association (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1); Swimming (1, 2); Basketball (1). Lucy Motte Stubbs Sumter, S. C. B.S., Music Dikean; Legislature (1) ; Points Committee (3. 4). Secretary (4) ; Class Vice-President (4); Choir (1, 2. 3, 4). Treasurer (3), President (4); Wesley Foundation (3); Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s List (3, 1) ; Honor Roll (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2), Cabinet (2); Proctor (1); Hall Social Chairman (1); Young Composers ' Club (4) : May Court (4). Elizabeth May Styron Cazenovia, N. Y. A. B., English Aletbeian, President (4); Secretary of Student Government (3); Senior Council (4): Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (1. 2); Junior Adviser (3); Who ' s Who Among Students in American V uicersities and Colleges (3); Social Planning Council (4); Junior Dance Committee (3); Aletbeian Dance Committee (3); Junior- Senior Dance Committee (3). Sadie Moyle Suggs Gastonia B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Co-Circulation Manager of Coraddi (2); Omicron Nu (3, 4), President (4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Home Economics Club (l, 2); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3): Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor 11); Assistant Tavern Manager (31; Tavern Manager (4); Home Economics Council (2); Dance Committee (3), Barbara Ann Sutlive Savannah, Ga. A.B.. English Dikean; Marshal (3), President (4); Alpha Psi Omega; Dance Group (2, 3); Mas- .lueraders (2, 3. 4), President (4); Playlikers (1, 2, 3. 4), President (4); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3); Seal Club (1); Who ' s Who Among Undents in American Uni- versities and Colleges (3); Dance Committee (1). Mary Frances Sutton Fayetteville A.B.. History Dikean; Marshal (4); College Cheerleader (4); Co-Manager of Junior Shop (3); Archery Club (1); Daisy Chain Chairman (3); Recreation Association (1, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Dikean Dance Chairman (4); Dance Committee, Junior Formal (3); Dormitory Elections Chairman (3); Archery (l ); Basketball (4). Sue Boaz Swanson Pilot Mountain B.S., Music Cornelian; Choir (1, 2, 3. 4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Proctor (3). Margarette Harris Swindell Pantego B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Carolinian (2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3); Social Com- mittee (4). 73 ♦ J+ » I Li CLASS O if Rubv Jane Swisher Greensboro A.B.. English Adelphian; Guilford College (1); A Cappella Choir (1); Dean ' s List (4); Education Club (3. I); Le Cercle Francais (2, 8); V. W. C. A. (1, 2); Hall Board (4): Basket ball (4). Ruth Talley Randleman A.B., Primary Education Aletheian; Sophomore Council Member (2); Botanv Club (2, 3); Choir (1, 2): Daisy Chain (2): Dean ' s List (8); Education Club (3. I): War Service League. Hall Leader (4) ; Basketball (- ' . 3, I). Eleanor Dare Taylor Greensboro A.B., Sociology Dikean; Inter-Society Representative (3), Marshal (4); Judicial Board (4); Sopho- more Pageant Committee (2); Carolinian Editorial Board (2); Coraddi Editorial Hoard CD: Chemistry Club (2); Church Council (1); Daisy Chain (2); Dean ' s List (3. I); Honor Roll (4); Junior Adviser (31; Le Cercle Francais (21: Masipieraders (2. 3. Ii. Publicity Chairman (31. Vice-President in; Plavlikels (1. 2. 3. Ii; Sociology Club (3. Ii; Speakers ' Club (2. 3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2. 3), Judicial Board (1). Secretary (2). Vice-President (8). Julia Hathaway Taylor Greensboro A.B., English Dikean; Marshal (3); Freshman Banner Bearer (1); Circulation Manager of Coraddi (2). Coraddi Business Stan ' CD. Editorial Board of Coraddi (31; Dance Group (3); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (l); Junior Adviser (3); Tail Psi Omega (4); Proctor (2); Hall Board (4); Sophomore Pageant (2); War Service League, Floor Leader (3). Marguerite Lois Taylor Framingham, Mass. A. B., Sociology Dikean; Hall Board, Secretary (4); Carolinian (41; Alpha Kappa Delta; Dean ' s List i.t. I) I Dolphin Club (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais (1, 2); Plavlikels (1); Recreation Association (2. 4); Sociology Club (3, 4), President (4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (2, 3); Camp Committee (4). Coline. Austin Thies Davidson A.B., English Adelphian, Publicity Chairman (21: Choir (1, 2. 3. I); Westminster Fellowship (1. ' - ' . .1. Ii. President (3); Education Club (3. 4); Honor Roll (1. 21; Interfaith Council (2. 3), Treasurer (2), Secretary (3); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais (2); Interfaith Council Representative (1. 2). Cabinet (21; Square Circle (1. 2, 3). Secre- tary (2); Hall Devotions Chairman (1); Dean ' s List (4). Mildred Florine Thomas Morrisville BJ3., Some Economics Adelphian; Education Club (3. 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3. 4); Speakers ' Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (1). Mary Matilda Thompson . Whitakers B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Education Club (tl; Gamma Alpha (3. I) ; V. W. C. A. (1); War Service League. Ruby Irene Thompson Saluda Adelphian; Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2); Chemistry Club (3); Dean ' s List (3. 4). Betty Hughes Tilley Hoffman B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3. 41; Playlikers (1); V. W. C. A. (1). ♦74 9 4 5 Kay Tolhurst East Hartford, Conn. A.B., Primary Education Dikean; Education Club (1); V. W. C. A. (2); Proctor (2). Agnes Cornelia Tongue Raleigh A.B.. History Cornelian; St. Mary ' s College (1, 2); Dean ' s List (4); International Relations (3, 4), Vice-President (3); Hall Hostess Chairman (3). Eva Allen Travis Greensboro A.B., Spanish Dikean; Greensboro College (1. 2); War Service League, Hall Leader (3). Mary Rebecca Turner Mount UUa B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Chemistry Club (1, 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Proctor (1). Ruth Harriss Tyson Carthage B.S., Music Aletheian; Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Dean ' s List (4); Le Cercle Francais (2); Madrigal Club (2, 3, 4); Recreation Association CD; Westminister Fellowship (3. 4); Tennis (4). Doris Elizabeth Underwood Charlotte B.S., Secretarial Administration Aletheian: Sigma Alpha Honor Society (3, 4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3, 4); Dolphin-Seal (3. 4); Proctor (3); Baseball (1. 2, 3); Hockey (I, 2, 3); Life Saving (1); Basketball (1. 2, 3, 4). Mildred Walker Utley Jacksonville, Fla. B.S., Distributive Education Cornelian; Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3); Square Dance (4); Y. W. C. A. (t). Carol Shelley Van Sickle Ridgewood, N. J. A. B., English Cornelian; Legislature en; Judicial Board (4): Carolinian (l. 2, 3); Pine Needles (4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3. 4); Junior Adviser (3. 4); Quill Club (3, 4); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities " " ! Colleges (3); War Service League (3). Margaret Van Sleen Gastonia B.S., Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Pine Needles (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4), Treasurer (4); War Service League (4); Junior Adviser (3); Proctor (1, 21; Social Committee (3); Dean ' s List (4). Peggy Alice Voss King A.B., Sociology Adelphian; Interfaith Council (4); Sociology Club (3. 4). Jane 75 CLASS O Gladys Alma Wager Chapel Hill U.S.. Secretarial Administration Aletheian: Sigma Alpha; Gamma Alpha (2, 3. H; V. V. ( ' . A. (l. 2. 3, 4). Gloria Florence Wagner Jersey City, N. J. U.S.. s, , m tarial Administration Dikean; Hall Board (l); Pine Needles; Gamma Alpha [8, ti; Hume Economics Club (1. 2); Playlikers (1); V. W. C. A. (l. 2). Hannah Marguerite Waldenmaier Morehead City A.B., Primary Education Dikean; rhurch Council (1); Dance Group (3, II; Education Club (3, I): Recreation Association (2. 3. 1); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Gymnastics (8). Bernice Walker Freemont A.B., Chemistry Eva Faye Walker Morganton A. B., Education Aletheian; Mars Hill College (1. 2); Church Council (4); Deans List (8, I) ; Educa- tion Club (3, 41 ; Honor Roll (4). Gladys Foley Walker Winston-Salem A.B.. Biology Cornelian; Chemistry Club (8, 4); Education Club 4i; Home Economics Club (1, 2i; Medical Technologists ' Club (I); Physics Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (4). Marie Tillotson Wall Pilot Mountain A3., Art Cornelian; Carolinian (S) ; Pine Needles (4); Botany Club (3, 4); Square Dance (2); Y. V. C. A. (1). Dorothy Elizabeth Walton Fairfield, Conn. K.s.. Physical Education Aletheian; Education Club (3, 4); Recreation Association (1. 2. 3, ti; Dolphin-Seal Club (8, t); Y. W. C. A. (1); Camp Committee (2, 3, 4); Gymnastics (2, 3, I); Hockey (8) ; Life Saving (2). Jane Ferris Ward Greensboro A.B.. Primary Education Dikean; Education Club (3. 4); Town Students ' Organization 11, 2. 8, H; Town Sti Tits ' Social Committee Ml; Dance Committee (4). Betsy Warren Raleigh U.S.. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Mary Baldwin College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4). 9 4 5 Mary Lou Watkins Weaverville A.B., Primary Education Adelphian; Mars Hill College (1. 2); Art Club (2); Education Club (3, 4): Recrea- tion Association (3, 4); Square Dance (4). Arlene Frances Webb St. Albans, Vt. A.B., Grammar Grade Education Adelphian, Marshal (4): Band (1); Education Club (3. 4); Le Cercle Francais (1, 2); Dolphin-Seal Club (2): V. W. C. A. (1): Proctor (1, 2); Hall Social Chairman (3); Dean ' s List C4). Joan Weil Hewlett, Long Island, N. Y. A.B., Art Adelphian; Coraddi (2, 3); Boots n ' Spur (3, 4): Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Dolphin-Seal Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1). Janet Marie Welsted Elizabeth City A. B., Biology Boots n ' Spur (1, 2. 3, 4); Chemistry Club (li: Clogging Club (3): Home Economics Club (1. 21 ; Medical Technologists ' Club (3. 4i; Recreation Association (1, 2, 3. 4 ■ Square Dance (3); Dance Committee (4). Ernestine West Durham A.B., English Aletheian: Education Club (4); Quill Club (4); Square Dance (3); Proctor (1, 2, 3): War Service League (4), Rebecca West Dover A.B., Biology Adelphian; Chemistry Club (2, 5. 4); Church Council (1); Dean ' s List (4); Medical Technologists ' Club (3); Physics Club (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Zoology Field Club (3, 41. Secretary-Treasurer (4); Proctor (2); Orchestra (1. 2. 3, 4). Elizabeth Joyner Wester Franklinton A.B., Economics Dikean; Representative (4); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1. 2. 3. 4); International Relations (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (4): Recreation Association lit; Junior Adviser (4); Y. V. C. A. (1. 41; Proctor (1); Square Circle (1); Basketball (1). Jane Merrick Wharton Greensboro B.S.. Music Choir (I. 2. 3. 4): Dean ' s List (3. 4); Glee Club (1. 2); Town Students ' Organization (1. 2, 3. 4). Margaret Wheeler South Nyack, N. Y. A.B., English Aletheian; Hall Board (li; Carolinian (1, 2. 3. 4). Editor (4i. Associate Editor (3). Columnist 12). Reporter (1); Curorlrii (1, 2. 3); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3): Le Cercle Francais (1. 2); Ouill Club (2. 3. 4); Dolphin- Seal Club (2); Who ' s Who Among students n, American Universities and Colleges (li; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3i. Publicity Chairman (3); Hockey (1. 2). Cora White Goldsboro B.S.. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 77 CLASS O Kathleen Cannon White Conway A.B., Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Carolinian (s); Dean ' s List (2); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francais (2). Marshall Arleen Whitener Greensboro A.B.. Mathematics Town Students ' Organization [1, 2, 8, I); V .W. C. A. (1. 2); Dance Committee (4): Square Circle (1, •_ ' . :i. n. Mary Ruth Whitener Maiden B.S., Hiuiir Economics Cornelian; War Service League. Sarah Jane Whitmire Asheville A.B.. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian: Education Club (1) ; Junior Adviser (3); Zoology Field Club (2, 3. 4). Eloise Whitson Asheville B.S., •• «. Economics Adelphian; Chemistry Club (1. 2): Dean ' s List (3. 4); Home Economies Club (1, 2. 3. 4); V. W. C. A. (1. 4). Kathleen Cameron Wicker Hamlet A.B.. Mathematics Adelphian; Dean ' s List (3. I); Honor Koll (1, 2. I): Y. W. C. A. (1) ; Proctor (3); Sigma Delta Pi (3. 4); Scpiare Circle (1. 2, 3. n, Vice-President (3), Class Repre- sentative (4). Beatrice Lee Wilcox New Bern A.B., Spanish Cornelian; Dean ' s List (3. 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3. 41; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 8); Proctor (3); Spanish Conversation Club (tl. Jane I. Wilcox Stockbridge, Mass. A.B.. English Dikean; Hoots n ' Spur (2. 3. 1) ; Dean ' s List (3. 4); Recreation Association (1); V. w. C. A. ii. ?i ; Baseball (1, 2). Sarah Elizabeth Wilcox Meriden, Conn. B.S., Hum, Economics Aletheian; Chemistry Club (1); Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. n: Y. W. C. A. (1, 2), ' Cabinet (2, 3); Proctor (1. 2 1 ; Dean ' s List (H. Frances Louise Wilkins Turbeville, Va. U.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Boots n ' Spur [8, I); Clogging Club (8); (lamina Alpha (8, t) ; Square Dance (8); Y. W. C. A. ill; War Service League (I). ►78 p i r 8 " 1 9 4 5 Evelyn Willis Beaufort A.B., Biology Cornelian; Chemistry Club (2); Medical Technologists ' Club (3, 4); Physics Club (3). Ella Gray Wilson Dunn A.B., Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Y. W. A. Council (4); Dean ' s List (3, 4): Education Club (4): Interna- tional Relations (4): Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3. 4); Marching (21. Margaret Rebecca Wilson Durham A.B., Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Wesleyan Methodist College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (3. 4). H. Elizabeth Winston Youngsville B.S., Home Economics Adelphian; Band (1. 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Square Dance (1. 2); Speakers ' Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (1). Billie Ann Witherspoon Greensboro B.S., Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Choir (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3. 4). Eleanor Virginia Wolfe Baltimore, Md. B.S., Physical Education Adelphian; Archery Club (3, 4); Recreation Association (4). Treasurer; Camp Coun- selors ' Club (2, 3. 4); Camp Committee (I); Baseball (3. 1); Gymnastics (1, 2, 3, 4); Hockey (1. 2, 3, 4); Life Saving (II; Speedball (2. 3. 4); Tennis (2, 3. 4). Mary Ruth Woodard Laurel Hill B.S., Secretarial Administration Dikean; Education Club (4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1); Social Com- mittee (3). Cornelia Woodlief Cary A.B., Primarii Education Adelphian; Botany Club (3); Dean ' s List (3); Education Club (3. 4), Secretary (4); Home Economics Club (2); Le Cercle Francais (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Proctor (1). Gwen Avery Wynn Jacksonville B.S., Physical Education Adelphian; House President (4); Boots n ' Spur (4); Clogging Club (3); Daisy Chain (2); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Square Dance (3); Y. W. C. A. (2); Hall Social Chairman (3i : Gymnastics (1. 2, 3, 4): Hockey (1. 2); Life Saving (2); Soc- cer (1); Gymnastic Team (3). Jeanne Victoria Yarrow Asheville A. B., French Cornelian; Tau Psi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4), Vice-President (3), Secretary (2) ; Dean ' s List (3, 4) ; Honor Roll (1. 4) ; Square Dance (1 ) ; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2, 3. 41. nV 1f 79 CLASS OF 1945 Nancy Norma YOKELEY ........ Winston-Salem B.S.I Si cretarial Administration Cornelian; Carolinian ( ' - ' . 3 ; Pine Needles (2): International Relations (8, I); Play- likers (1); Square Dame (1); V. V. C. A. (1, 3, 1); Proctor c l » ; Hall Hoard (31. Eloise Elizabeth Young Ivy H.s., Home Economics Dikean; Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2): Home Economics Club id. Martha Reid Zealv Goldsboro B.S.j Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Dean ' s List (31; Gamma Alpha (3. 4). B S T iPSjEiii i irg ii i la - tu in Senior Dance Chairman ♦ 80 What goes by — soldiers? For further particulars, see — Could this have happened here? Found: Three glamorous home-makers. Could yon all be going sunbathing? This is too much work! Coining or going? Sad-Sac Sally! Clean-up day for Weil. Mmmmm — Latest thing in p. j. ' s How did she rate two of ' em? Woe is us! Men and women in AMOUR. Hi, Dixon! COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM... 1945 FRIDAY, MAY 25 9:00 P.M. — Senior Class Ball Alumnae House SATURDAY, MAY 26 10:00 A.M. — Art Exhibit Weatherspoon Gallery, Mclver Building 4:30 P.M. — Senior Class Day Front Campus 8:30 P.M. — Guest Performance by Playlikers — The Cradle Song, by Sierra Aycock Auditorium SUNDAY, MAY 27 11:00 A.M. — Baccalaureate Sermon Aycock Auditorium 5 :00 P. M. — Informal Gathering for Seniors, Parents, Alumnae and Friends Lawn in front of Dean ' s Home 8:00 P. M. — Concert by the Greensboro Orchestra and the College Choir Aycock Auditorium 8:00 P. M. — Concert by the Greensboro Orchestra and the College Choir Aycock Auditorium MONDAY, MAY 28 10:30 A. M. — Graduating Exercises — The Governor of the State of North Carolina. The Representative of the Senior Class. The President of the University of North Carolina. The Chancellor of Woman ' s College. Announcement of Awards. Presentation of Diplomas. PHI BETA KAPPA Jlie Woman ' s L ouege -Section of tin vipna L kapter of r ortn K arotina OFFICERS Miss Nettie Sue Tillett President Dr. Elizabeth Duffy Vice-President Dr. Key L. Barkley Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer Miss Josephine Hege Recording Secretary MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1945 Dorothy Arnett Mary Wilmoth Barber Roberta Barnett Rebecca Beckam Marie Belk Dare Blalock Virginia Douglas Mary Wood Hewitt Helen Hoover Grace Hoyle Jean Johnson Ruth Lloyd Ann Long Betty Sloan Mitchell Dianne Page Betty Poe Anna Gillespie Rogers Ruth Royal Mary Jean Smith Myrtle Soles Lillian Sprott Cora Stegall Elizabeth Styron Julia Taylor Elizabeth Wester Kathleen Wicker Carol Van Sickle Rachel Newbern Hill MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1946 Angela Snell Zoe Swecker 83 ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE Somehow the position of Junior at W. C. seems the best to us. We have finished with science and language require- ments; we have had a chance to make Who ' s Who and Dean ' s List; and, yet, we still have one more wonderful year here. This year has been, without a doubt, our busiest. Fresh- man week we acted as guiding lights for the Freshmen, or more specifically. Junior Advisers. We took them to tests, showed them the short cuts, and finished up the week with a bang by giving a sister class party and fashion show. Our class project has expanded too. From keeping people off the grass, we ' ve switched to keeping people in the Junior Shop. Lucille Tegg and Caroline Goodman, co-managers, handed out thousands of chocolate milks and doughnuts and emptied hundreds of ashtrays. We rushed to Kat Cole to buy our black and gold rings — future proof of four years well spent at W. C. Luckily, we procured Dr. Lawrence Hasken as our University Speaker. But we didn ' t let the serious side dim our social activities. On November IS we held our class formal, " Moonglow. " Somebody said everybody would be mooning because she couldn ' t glow, but quite a few of us commanded our armed forces and managed to get to the formal. Surrounded by moonbeams, stars, and all sorts of celestial bodies, we danced, drank punch, and had a marvelous time. In the spring, we played hostesses to the Seniors at the Junior-Senior. This year has been a full one — full of business, work, and fun. We ' re sorry to see the Seniors graduate, but it certainly will be great to be high man on the W. C. totem pole! The 1944 Daisy Chain. Our Keep Off the Grass ' ' Girl. •a«» Betty Dixon, Vice-President Agnes Manson, Treasurer Norma Perry, President Betty Jane Sarratt, Secretary Miriam Knowles, Cheerleader 87 CLASS OF 1946 First Roir: D. Alexander, J. Alexander, J. Allen, M. Allen, V. Allen, Alston, Amos, Anderson. Second Roir: A. Andrews, K. Andrews, Apperson, Archer, Arnold, Arthur, Asbell, L. Atkins. Third Row: V. Atkins. Atkinson, C. Austin, J. Austin, Avery, Babcock, Bagwell, Bailey. Fourth Row: Baldwin, Barrier, Barrs, Beall, Bean, Beeson, A. Bell, C. Bell. Alexander, Doris Matthews Alexander, Julia C Morganton Allen, Joyce Asheboro Allen, Mary {Catherine Statesville Allen, Virginia Leaksvilk Alston, Martha High Point Amos, Marjorie Self Greensboro Anderson, Jane Pittsburgh, Pa. Andrews, Anne Wilmington Andrews, Kathleen Tryon Apperson, Mary Louise Mocksville Archer, Mary Saltville, Va. Arnold, Ethel Ridgewood, N. J. Arthur, Ann Morehead City Asbell, Lois Belvidere Atkins, Louise Greensboro Atkins, Virginia Fountain City, Tenn. Atkinson, Lelia Greensboro Austin, Christine Albemarle Austin, Jane Smithfield Avery, Elizabeth Winston-Salem Babcock, Ellen Arlington, Va. Bagwell, Ann Charlotte Bailey, Hope Burnsville Baldwin, Evelyn Laurinburg Barrier, Grace Mt. Pleasant Barrs, LaVerne Richmond, Va. Beall, Kenna Greensboro Bean, Haldene Asheville Beeson, Nellie Greensboro Bell, Alice Round Bay, Md. Bell, Caroline Winston-Salem 88 Bell, Mary Katherine Spencer Bible, Jean Asheville BlGGERSTAFF, GWENDOLYN Shelby Bingham, Geraldine Sugar Grove Blaney, Dorothy Charlotte Blanton, Jean Charlotte Boney, Lillian Rocky Mount Boone, Camilla Jackson Bostian, Betty Charlotte Bower, Emily Lexington Bowie, Irene Monroe Brame, Nancy Charlotte Braswell, Doris Wilson ' s Mills Brett, Virginia Ahoskie Brinson, Martha Wilmington Britt, Martha High Point Brittain, Ann Black Mountain Brooks, Polly Ann Monroe Brown, Evelyn Williamston Bruton, Juanita Asheboro Bullock, Edna Jonesboro Burns, Lora Pittsboro Burns, Marjorie Salisbury Burwell, Helen Charlotte Buyck, Betty St. Matthews, S. C. Cain, Eunice Fayetteville Cameron, Virginia Beaumont, Texas Carroll, Alexa Raleigh Caudill, Rose Zell North Wilkesboro Caudle, Bobby Ann Randleman Causby, Ruth Bessemer City Chandler, Barbara B Annapolis, Md. First Row: M. Bell, Bible, Biggerstaff, Bingham, Blaney, Blanton, Boney, Boone. Second Ron ' : Bostian, Bower, Bowie, Brame, Braswell, Brett, Brinson, Britt. Third Row: Brittain, Brooks, Brown, Bruton, Bullock, L. Burns, M. Burns, Burwell. Fourth Row: Buyck, Cain, Cameron, Carroll, Caudill, Caudle, Causby, Chandler. PINE NEEDLES »9 CLASS OF 1946 First Row: Chapman, C. Cherry, W. Cherry, Chitty, Church, Clement, Cline, Cloyd. Second Roic: Cobb, Cochrane, Coggins, B. Cohen, D. Cohen, Cole, Coleman, Commander. Third Row: Cook, Cooke, Corbett, Corpening, A. Cox, J. Cox, Crews, Crowder. Fourth Row: Crump, Crumpler, Current, Currie, Daniel, Darden, Davenport, E. Davis. Chapman, Elizabeth Pittsburgh, Pa. Cherry, Christine Scotland Neck Cherry, William R Hobgood Chitty, Ola Murfreesboro Church, Mary Ruth North Wilkesboro Clement, Elizabeth Greensboro Cline, Constance ' Concord Cloyd, Ann Raleigh Cobb, Emilie High Point Cochrane, Gene Lincolnton Coggins, Betty Jane Swannanoa Cohen, Bernice Statesville Cohen, Dorothy Roanoke, Va. Cole, Katherine Greensboro Coleman, Meta Roanoke, Va. Commander, Virginia Elizabeth City Cook, Nora Lee Burlington Cooke, Ruth M New York, N. Y. Corbett, Catherine Wilson Corpening, Grace Nebo Cox, Alda Jonesboro Cox, Jean Woodlawn, Va. Crews, Eugenia Monroe Crowder, Sara ' Raleigh Crump, Rose Albemarle Crumpler, Elizabeth Clinton Current, LaVonne Olin Currie, Flora Maxton Daniel, Ruth Elm City Darden, Susan Wilson Davenport, Lizzie Whitakers Davis, Elinor Salisbury Davis, Helen M Connelly Springs Deck, Jean Pelham, N. Y. Denning, Helen Goldsboro Dent, Mary Agnes Alexandria, Va. Derby, Jean Tryon Dillingham, Norma Barnardsville Dixon, Betty Winston-Salem Dobbins, Nancy Yadkinville Doggett, Diana Greensboro Drysdale, Elizabeth Hendersonville Duls, Mary Louisa Charlotte Dunlap, Jean Monclair, N. J. Dunlap, Mary Swannonoa East, Janet Asheville Edgerton, Gertrude Goldsboro Edmunds, Nancy Lynchburg, Va. Edwards, Annette Peachland Edwards, Kathryn Newport Elliot, Jayne Cullowhee Ellis, Ann Hamlet Elmore, Lucy Dunn Scotland Neck Evans, Elizabeth St. Pauls Ficker, Mary Dodge Old Greenwich, Conn. Fink, Mary Louise Salisbury Fisher, Eunice Rocky Mount Fisher, Nannie Ree Rocky Mount Fleming, Rachel Greenville Flynn, Edna Washington Fogleman, Lorraine Greensboro Folger, Elizabeth Dobson Ford, Virginia Norfolk, Va. Foscue, Elizabeth Trenton First Row: H. Davis, Deck, Denning, Dent, Derby, Dillingham, Dixon, Dobbins. Second Row: Doggett, Drysdale, Duls, J. Dunlap, M. Dunlap, East, Edgerton, Edmunds. Third Row: A. Edwards, K. Edwards, Elliott, Ellis, Elmore, Evans, Ficker, Fink. Fourth Row: E. Fisher, N. Fisher, Fleming, Flynn, Fogleman, Folger, Ford, Foscue. PINE NEEDLES »l CLASS OF 1946 First Row: A. Foster, L. Foster, Freeman, Friddle, Frostick, Fulp, Funderburg, D. Funderburk. Second Row: F. Funderburk, Gabri el, Gaddy, B. Gaines, M. Gaines, Garrett, George, Gibson. Third Row: Gilbert, Gilchrist, Glisson, Goodman, Gordon, Gorman, C. Graham, I. Graham. Fourth Ron : M. Graham. Gravely, Gregory, L. Grier, M. Grier, E. Griffin, M. Griffin, N. Griffin. Foster, Arlene Statesville Foster, Laura Belle Norlina Freeman, Phyllis Greensboro Friddle, Mary Walnut Cove Frostick, Helen Maxton Fulp, Edna Winston-Salem Funderburg, Elizabeth Fayetteville Funderburk, Doris Monroe Funderburk, Folger Chapel Hill Gabriel. Elizabeth Greensboro Gaddy, Lorena Raleigh Gaines, Betty Tarboro Gaines, Madeline Asheville Garrett, Elizabeth Mount Kisco, N. Y. George, Dimitra Wilmington Gibson, Christine Laurinburg Gilbert, Irene Charlotte Gilchrist, Hazel Brown ' s Summit Glisson, Anne Holmdel, N. J. Goodman, Caroline Raleigh Gordon, Florence Pittsboro Gorman, Mary Asheville Graham, Charlotte Greensboro Graham, Irene Clyde Graham, Mary Emma Cleveland Gravely, Virginia Washington Gregory, Jessie Halifax Grier, Lucile Gastonia Grier, Mary Frances Charlotte Griffin, Evelyn Williamston Griffin, Margaret Edenton Griffin, Nelda Fairmont 92 Guin, Margaret Washington, D. C. Hackney, Josephine Lucama Hamby, Martha Boone Hamlet, Elaine Statesville Hamrick, Marietta Shelby Hand, Margery Nutley, N. J. Haney, Evelyn Laurel Hill Hardwick, Louise Wilmington Harrington, Barbara Framingham, Mass. Harris, Mary Ellen Shelby Harris, Virginia Fayetteville Hatfield, Juanita Annapolis, Md. Hayes, Eleanor Elkin Hazelman, Florabel Asheville Helms, Claudia Tryon Highsmith, Betsy Greensboro Highsmith, Louise Raleigh Hilliard, France Easton, Pa. Hinely, Mary Jane Savannah, Ga. Hinson, Jean Cramerton Hix, Mary Moore North Wilkesboro Hoffman, Florence Brookline, Mass. Hoffman, Margaret Guilford College Holland, Elizabeth Gastonia Hollingsworth, Carolyn Goldsboro House, Esther Robersonville Hoyle, Betty Reid Shelby Hunter, Mary Frances Charlotte Hyatt, Evelyn Ahoskie Hyatt, Nancy Winston-Salem Ingram, Nancy Lilesville Ivey, Elizabeth Albemarle First Row: Guin, Hackney, Hamby, Hamlet, Hamrick, Hand, Haney, Hardwick. Second Row: Harrington, M. Harris, V. Harris, Hatfield, Hayes, Hazelman, Helms, B. Highsmith. Third Row: L. Highsmith, Hilliard, Hinely, Hinson, Hix, F. Hoffman, M. Hoffman, Holland. Fourth Row: Hollingsworth, House, Hoyle, Hunter, E. Hyatt, N. Hyatt, Ingram, Ivey. PINE NEEDLES CLASS OF 1946 First Row: Jackson, Jennings, Jernigan, A. Johnson, L. Johnson, Johnston, A. Jones, C. W. Jones. Second Row: C. T. Jones, M. Jones, Jordan, Joyner, Kesler, Kiger, Kimbrough, Kimmel, Third Row: E. King, J. King, Kistler, Kittrell, Klaber, Knight, Knowles, Koontz. Fourth Row: Lamb, Landrum, Laney, Laughiidge, Leagans, D. Lee, J. Lee, Lewis. Jackson, Marilyn Newark, N. J. Jennings, Mary Annis Charlotte Jernigan, Jean Raleigh Johnson, Arlene Mt. Airy Johnson, Louise Bailey Johnston, Dorothy Brooklyn, N. Y. Jones, Anna Reid Greensboro Jones, Carolyn W High Point Jones, Carolyn Tyson Kinston Jones, Marsden Greenville, S. C. Jordan, Franc is Ray Wilmington Joyner, Miriam Wilson Kesler, Ruth Cleveland Kiger, Iris Rural Hall Kimbrough, Olive Ansonville Kimmel, Jane Greensboro King, Ellen St. Pauls King, Jean Pelham Kistler, Constance Coopersburg, Pa. Kittrell, Frances Greenville Klaber, Alice New York, N. Y. Knight, Betty Sue Belton, S. C. Knowles, Miriam Rocky Mount Koontz, Martha Greensboro Lamb, Billie Joe Randleman Landrum, Emogene Franklin Laney, Martha Monroe Laughridge, Elizabeth Old Fort Leagans, Dorothy Cana Lee, Dorothy Mae Concord Lee, Jane E Mars Hill Lewis, Sara Rocky Mount Limbert, Elizabeth Springfield, Mass. Lindsay, Mary Greensboro Linville, Jane Kemersville LrviE, Virginia Charlotte Love, Mary Elizabeth Elizabeth City Lowe, Bennie Greensboro Lowe, Billie Graham Lowery, Annie Laurie Trenton Loyd, Nancy Warrenton Lumsden, Davey Jo Ahoskie Luther, Henrietta Liberty Lyda, Elizabeth Asheville McGee, Sugenia Concord McMahan, Mary Mocksville McMichael, Jean Winston-Salem McPhail, Mary Mt. Olive McQuaque, Correne Wadesboro Madsen, Virginia Augusta, Ga. Magid, Helen Petersburg, Va. Manson, Agnes Blackstone, Va. Matlock, Anne Greensboro Maxwell, Elizabeth Davidson May, Beryl Lansing Mays, Edith Monkton, Md. Messick, Rachel Yadkinville Michael, Ruth Gastonia Miller, Kathleen Marion Minton, Ruth Goldsboro Mitchell, Annice Henderson Mizelle, Dorothy Zebulon Moody, Orrell Siler City Moore, Betty Polkton First Row: Limbert, Lindsay, Linville, Livie, Love, B. Lowe, Billie Lowe, Lowery. Second Row: Loyd, Lumsden, Luther, Lyda, McGee, McMahan, McMichael, McPhail. Third Row: McQuaque, Madsen, Magid, Manson, Matlock, Maxwell, May, Mays. Fourth Row: Messick, Michael, Miller, Minton, Mitchell, Mizelle, Moody, B. Moore. PINE NEEDLES 95 CLASS OF 1946 First Row: M. Moore, P. Moore, G. Morgan, H. Morgan, Morgans, M. Morris, S. Morris, Morrison. Second Row: Morrow, Moseley, Moss, Musselwhite, Nading, Nelms, Newland, Newlin. Third Row: Newsome, Orr, Osborne, Ottinger, B. Owen, J. Owen, L. Owen, Pappas. Fourth Row: Parcell, Parker, Parsons, Pearce, Peeples, Perkins, D. Perry, N. Perry. Moore, Martha Ann Greensboro Moore, Priscilla Thomasville Morgan, Gladys Winston-Salem Morgan, Hilda Fairmont Morgans, Katherine Philadelphia, Pa. Morris, Mary Winston-Salem Morris, Sarah Lawsonville Morrison, Jean Spencer Morrow, Caroline Gastonia Moseley, Sally Kinston Moss, Sarah Hickory Musselwhite, Ernestine Lumberton Nading, Nancy Winston-Salem Nelms, Dorothy Oxford Newland, Shirley Wilmington Newling, Mabel China Grove Newsome, Doris Winston-Salem Orr, Sally Monroe Osborne, Betty Norfolk, Va. Ottinger, Margaret Bridgeton, N. J. Owen, Bettie Gibsonville Owen, Judith Thomasville Owen, Laura Fayetteville Pappas, Helen Greensboro Parcell, Sarah Barium Springs Parker, Sara Smithfield Parsons, Mazel Mt. Gilead Pearce, Janie Durham Peeples, Ruth Estill, S. C. Perkins, Dorothy Goldsboro Perry, Dorothy Elizabeth . ... Winston-Salem Perry, Norma Edenton 9tt Phipps, Billie Gene Greensboro Pinkston, Sara Salisbury Pittman, Emmie Lumberton Planco, Maria Eugenia .... Costa Rica, Central America Pollard, Jane Winston-Salem Pope, Josephine High Point Posey, Martha Asheville Pritchard, Lucy Carolina Beach Pritchett, Winifred Charlotte Prongay, Margaret Winston-Salem Propper, Laura Mae Cynwyd, Pa. Queensbury, Musa Winston-Salem Raby, Nancy Hickory Ragland, Betty Anne Salisbury Rahenkamp, Phebe Greensboro Raper, Carol Asheboro Raper, Lillian Lexington Rashkind, Elaine Highland Park Rauch, Jean Rock Hill, S. C. Redden, Jean Springfield, Mass. Richardson, Ann R Reidsville Richardson, Laura Frances Jacksonville Richardson, Leigh College Park, Ga. Ricks, Helen Whitakers Riddle, Mary Jackson Riggs, Hazel Ayden Rinehart, Marguerite Long Island, N. Y. Ritchie, Sybil Salisbury Rivers, Lillian Wadesboro Robbins, Susie Rocky Mount Roberts, Peggy Joyce Badin Rodgers, Mildred Scotland Neck First Row: Phipps, Pinkston, Pittman, Planco, Pollard, Pope, Posey, Pritchard. Second Roir: Pritchett, Prongay, Propper, Queensbury, Raby, Ragland, Rahenkamp, C. Raper. Third Row: L. Raper, Rashkind, Rauch, Redden, A. Richardson, L. Richardson, Leigh Richardso Ricks. Fourth Row: Riddle, Riggs, Rinehart, Ritchie, Rivers, Robbins, Roberts, Rodgers. PINE NEEDLES 97 ♦ CLASS OF 1946 First Rote: Roe, Rogers, Ross, Rothgeb, Rouse, Rowe, Rowland, Rozier. Second Row: Rucker, Sanders, Sanford, Sarratt, Sawyer, Scott, Secrest, Setzer. Third Row: Severance, Shaw, Shields, Shipman, Short, Shuford, Siff, Sigmon. Fourth Row: Silverstein, Singletary, Small, Smiley, C. Smith, D. E. Smith, D. O. Smith, E. Smith. Roe, Elizabeth Sturgills Rogers, Katherine Greensboro Ross, Jean Norwood Rothgeb, Celia Raleigh Rouse, Helen Farmville Rowe, Catherine Aberdeen Rowland, Ann Hunt Henderson Rozier, Anita Lumberton Rucker, Joyce Shelby Sanders, Catherine Clover, S. C. Sanford, Helen Laurinburg Sarratt, Betty Jane Camden, S. C. Sawyer, Mary Louise Greensboro Scott, Adelene Winston-Salem Secrest, Sarah Monroe Setzer, Virginia Valdese Severance, Jane Asheville Shaw, Amy Greensboro Shields, Dorothy Scotland Neck Shipman, Elizabeth Greensboro Short, Margaret High Point Shuford, Nancy Hickory Siff, Myra Newton, Mass. Sigmon, Andris Newton Silverstein, Marilyn Greensboro Singletary, Betty Jo Scranton, S. C. Small, Gloria Elizabeth City Smiley, Shirley Beckley, W. Va. Smith, Caroline Freeport, N. Y. Smith, Doris E Raleigh Smith, Doris O Greensboro Smith, Ernestine Spindale ♦ 98 Smith, June Middlesboro, Ky. Smith, Margaret C Cliffside Smith, Marguerite Wilmington Smith, Marjorie Rockingham Smith, Rebekah Reidsville Smith, Ruby Siler City Smith, Sue Benson Smithwick, Evelyn Louisburg Snell, Angela Richmond Snow, Evelyn Cameron Soles, Hazel Whiteville Sowers, Fanny Lexington Spaulding, Patricia Brookline, Mass. Spears, Dorothy Fayetteville Spence, Julia LaGrange Spencer, Evelyn Booneville Spruill, Dorothy Lexington Stacy, Elizabeth Ruffin Stafford, Gladys B Asheville Stafford, Jane Greensboro Staton, Dora Morehead City Staton, Helen Charlotte Stephenson, Frances Charlotte Sternberger, Mildred Greensboro Stevens, Mary Frances Norwalk, Conn. Stockton, Jean Winston-Salem Stratford, Cora Graham Street, Carol Winston-Salem Street, Jane Greensboro Summerlin, Caroline Mt. Olive Summersett, Elizabeth Salisbury Swecker, Zoe Badin First Row: J. Smith, M. C. Smith, Marguerite Smith, Marjorie Smith, Rebekah Smith, Ruby Smith, S. Smith, Smithwick. Second Row: Snell, Snow, Soles, Sowers, Spaulding, Spears, Spence, Spencer. Third Row: Spruill, Stacy, G. Stafford, J. Stafford, D. Staton, H. Staton, Stephenson, Sternberger. Fourth Row: Stevens, Stockton, Stratford, C. Street, J. Street, Summerlin, Summersett, Swecker. PINE NEEDLES CLASS OF 1946 First Row: Swicegood, E. Teague, M. Teague, Tegg, Temple, Templeton, Thatcher, Theodore. Second Row: Thomas, Thomason, H. Thompson, M. G. Thompson, M. N. Thompson, B. Thornton, M. Thornton, Thurston. Third Ron-: Tomlinson, Tompkins, Trogdon, A. Trosper, B. Trosper, Troutman, H. Tucker, J. Tucker. Fourth Row: Turner, Ulrich, Vann, Varetoni, Vreeland, Waite, Wallace, Walters. Swicegood, Doris Spencer Teague, Emily Sanford Teague, Millicent Newland Tegg, Lucile Norfolk, Va. Temple, Grace Marietta Templeton, Maxine Harmony Thatcher, Claire Raleigh Theodore, Doris Lumberton Thomas, Margaret Raleigh Thomason, Jane Roanoke Rapids Thompson, Helen Dunn Thompson, Mary Glenn Hamlet Thompson, Mary Neli Collettsville Thornton, Betty Jo Kermit, W. Va. Thornton, Margaret Jean Goldsboro Thurston, Lucy Taylorsville Tomlinson, Josie Wilson Tompkins, Ruth Staten Island, N. Y. Trogden, Nina Asheboro Trosper, Alice Greensboro Trosper, Betty Routh Guilford College Troutman, Louise Mooresville Tucker, Harriet Scotland Neck Tucker, Joanna Washington, D. C. Turner, Louise Speed Ulrich, Celeste Baltimore, Md. Vann, Emily Monroe Varetoni, Jeanne Clifton, N. J. Vreeland, Phyllis Fort Bragg Waite, Elizabeth Governors Island, N. Y. Wallace, Margaret Carthage Walters, Nancy Ridgecrest 100 Ware, Eugenia Kings Mountain Warner, Edith Walkertown Warren, Carolyn Gastonia Watkins, Doris Weaversville Watkins, Ruth Troy Weathers, Marceline Shelby Webster, Sarah Winston-Salem Weeks, Sarah Maysville Whisnant, Mary Elizabethton, Tenn. Whisnant, Meryl Lawndale White, Annie Ruth Edenton White, Eleanor Greensboro White, Elizabeth Charlotte White, Josie Edenton Whittenton, Evelyn Dunn Widenhouse, Nelda Concord Willard, Mary Elizabeth High Point Williams, Helena Raleigh Williams, Janis Greensboro Williamson, Patsy Winston-Salem Williard, Nancy High Point Wilmott, Lucy Bethesda, Md. Wilson, Wendellyn New Bern Winstead, Ann Belhaven Winstead, Daphne Elm City Winterling, Ruth Charlotte Womble, Irene . . Chapel Hill Wyatt, Marjorie Greensboro Yates, Nancy Winston-Salem Yelverton, Jacquelyn Raleigh Yoe, Catherine Cartersville, Ga. York, Myrtle Thomasville Yost, Betty Greensboro Yount, Winnie Statesville Younts, Eleanor High Point Zachary, Christine Taylorsville First Row: Ware, Warner, Warren, D. Watkins, R. Watkins, Weathers, Webster, Weeks, Mary Whisnant. Second Row: Meryl Whisnant, A. White, Eleanor White, Elizabeth White, J. White, Whittenton, Widenhouse, Willard, H. Williams. Third Row: J. Williams, Williamson, Williard, Wilmott, Wilson, A. Winstead, D. Winstead, Winterling, Womble. Fourth Row: Wyatt, Yates, Yelverton, Yoe, York, Yost, Yount, Younts, Zachary. PINE NEEDLES wi THE RED STRUTTERS We are now in the dignified rating of " upperdassmen. " Somehow, that does a lot for our ego. Freshmen look up to us, Seniors speak to us, it ' s wonderful. We ' re even able to hold a few minor offices on campus and more than that, we ' ve moved to the cosmopolitan upperdassmen residence halls. After closed study rules, we sit up half the night work- ing on term papers, have huge food parties and gab sessions, and take our three cuts in every class with glee. We even take it on ourselves to control the traffic in the P. O., Mclver, and in front of the Junior Shop. It ' s a Her- culean task, but it ' s our class project and through posters and monitors, we have managed to succeed in it and bring about a much needed improvement on campus. We gave up the idea of a Christmas pageant in the face of unforeseen odds, but we came through in the spring with an entertainment for benefit of the three other classes. In the spring, we also knocked out the eyes of other W. C ' ers with our brilliant red jackets. On the social side, we dated, went to dances at O. R. D., and held our Sophomore Formal February 10. This year as free upperdassmen has been glorious. We ' re looking forward to two more years of it. Let ' em come! ♦ 104 Mary Irvin, Secretary Jean Keiger, Treasurer Nancy Bowers, President Bootsie Webb, Cheerleader Anne Julian, Vice-President 105 CLASS OF 1947 9m First Row: Jean Adams, Eli2abeth Aiken, Julia Alexander, Mell Alexander, Prudence Alexander, Nancy Jane Ansley, Rita Bernstein, Carol Armstrong. Second Row: Elaine Arnold, Henrietta Atkin, Evelyn Auman, Eula Austin, Roberta Austin, Martha Baber, Iris Barefoot, Dorothy Barnes. Third Row: Janis Barrier, Dorothy Bason, Elizabeth Bass, Jane Baucom, Dorothy Bell, Mary Jane Bell, Ida Bennett, Maxine Applewhite. HMS First Row: Anne Birkhead, Marda Black, Lydia Blackwelder, Nancy Blakely, Carol Blit- stein, Margie Blumenthal, Clara Bond. Second Roiv: Jumela Boulus, Nancy Bowman, Kathryn Bradford, Sarah Frances Bradley, Nina Braswell, Ruth Brawley, Ruth Breazeale, Grace Brewer. Third Row: Mary E. Brittain, Frances Brock, Sybil Brooks, Doris Louise Brown, Ruth Bruton, Kathryn Bryan, Mary E. Burrus, Lyndal Cann. PINE NEEDLES 107 First Rou : Beverly Caudle, Mary Erma Casper, Helen Cobb, Kathryn Cobb, Agnes Coch- rane, Peggy Comins, Frances Covington. Second Row: Marian Covington, Marilyn Crawford, Nancy Cromer, Kathleen Crow, Janie Crumpton, Mildred Curlee, Anne Dalton. Third Row: Lula Davidson, Annie Lou Davis, Mary Frances Davis, Thelma Davis, Vilma Dellinger, Betty Denny. CLASS OF 1947 108 PINE NEEDLES First Row: Jean Edgerton, Nancy Dozier, Cornelia Draughon, Marion Duncan, Nancy Eagle, Janice Earley. Second Row : Mary Farthing, Ema Edwards, Flora Efland, Anita Egerton, Dorothy Ennis, Norma Eskey, Alice Farmer. Third Row: Cherry Divelbliss, Martha Faulconer, Kathryn Ferguson, Ellen Fisher, Sara Fletcher, Elizabeth Forrest, Mary Jane Fox, Helen Daughtry. CLASS OF 1947 First Rou ' : Mary Fryar, Leonora Fulp, Terese Galligan, Dorothy Garner, Jocelyn Hill, Lula Gay, Jean Gibson. Second Row: Catherine Gilliam, Florence Glenn, Elizabeth Goodman, Ruth Gray, Betty Anne Green, Phyllis Green, Mary Hallman, Jane Harrell. Third Row: Mary Harrell, Ruth Harrell, Helen Hart, Arta Hiatt, Kathryn Higgins, Nancy Hill, Esther Hines, Helen Hinshaw. •110 Firs! Row: Dorothy Holbert, Joyce Holden, Marjorie Hollander, Margaret Holt, Jean Hoover, Lucy Home. Second Row: Helen Hovis, Jewel Howard, Mary Howard, Nancy Howell, Marie Howes, Dorothy Hubbard, Betty Hoyle, Ellen Hudson. Third Row: Betty Lou Huffines, Eleanor Huffman, Marie Hurlocker, Letitia Hutton, Ruth Hyatt, Jane Irvin, Mary Irvin. Fourth Row 1 : Karen Irvine, Jane Isley, Martha Ivey, Blanche Jacobi, Lillian James, Geraldine Jarman. f »-WJ I PINE NEEDLES ill First Row: Constance Jason, Elizabeth Jobe. Martha Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Elizabeth Jones, Georgianna Jones, Marjorie Jones. Second Ron : Emma Jones, Frances Jordan, Arneta Joyner, Carol Hermann, Eleanor Kat- zin, Jean Keiger, Frances Kennedy, Bonnie Kirby. Third Row: Helen Kolman, Jean Koonce, Mary Lambert, Pauline Lamm, Sara Layton, Miriam Leab, Gertrude Ledden. Fourth Row: Mary Leigh, Dacia Lewis, Lucille Linthicum, Anne Loftin, Mana Burnett, Sarah Culbertson. CLASS OF 1947 ♦ 112 PINE NEEDLES First Row: Mana Burnett, Sarah Culbertson, Doris Lopp, Vera Lovins, Laura Lucas, Mary Lucas. Second Row: Martha Lumpkin, Betty Lundy, Jean Marie McArn, Anne McArthurs, Jean McArver, Patricia McBrien, Jane MacCalman. Third Row: Frances McClure, Helen McCormic, Rebecca McCuIloch, Stuart McKewen, Flora Belle Mclntyre, Peggy Mclver, Virginia McKinney. Fourth Row: Virginia McKinnon, Mary McLaurin, Julia McLean, Annette Magid, Char- lene Malone, Frances Mann, Sherlyn Marshburn. Fifth Row: Mary Edna Matheson, Carolyn Mathews, Betty Jean Matthews, Mary Eliza- beth May, Elizabeth Megill, Nancy Eutsler. 113 CLASS OF 1947 First Row: Irene Melvin, Helen Miller, Helen Joan Miller, Mary Louise Mitchell, Jane Moon, Meade Moore, Sadie Marie Moore. Second Row: Edith Mooring, Eleanor Morgan, Martha Moring, Agnes Morton, Betty Jo Morton, Nancy Mullican, Margaret Munro. Third Row: Margarette Murphy, Bettie Jane Murray, Alice Myrick, Betty Newton, Ruth Moseley, Nancy Newton, Rosalyn Nicolas, Suzanne Norman, Mary Norment. Fourth Row: Clairene Oliver, Mildred Orr, June Osborne, Kathryn Pace, Caroline Padgett, Carolyn Page, Virginia Palamountain, Julia Rue Parham, Madeline Parker, Effie Patterson. ♦Ill First Row: Marian Hunter, Geraldine Pearson, Nancy Peery, Margaret Peirce, Louise Pendergrass, Dorothy Perry, Katherine Petar. Second Row: Betty Lynn Pharr, Sara Phillips, Margaret Pickard, Betty Jean Pickett, Polly Pierson, Dorothy Pilley, Harriet Poole. Third Row: Ruth Poore, Frances Powers, Laura Powers, Helen Price, Dorothy Pugh, Martha Dell Purvis, Naomi Rahenkamp. Fourth Row: Vivian Rahenkamp, Martha Rausch, Virgie Ray, Mildred Read, Mary Eliza- beth Reavis, Betty Sue Regan. Fifth Row: Phyllis Register, Dorothy Reynolds, Virginia Reynolds, Barbara Rhoads, Jean Rhodes, Mary Ann Walker. PINE NEEDLES us First Row: Marguerite Ricks, Frances Roach, Gloria Robbins, Rita Robbins, Alice Rober- son, Mar)- Ann Roberson. Second Row: Janice Roberts, Marie Robertson, Elizabeth Rogers, Sarah Rogers, Ola Ross, Gloria Roycroft. Third Row: Lois Russell, Rosanne Ryan, Arlene Sanderson, Maggie Sandlin, Martha K. Sandlin. Fourth Row : Mary Elizabeth Saunders, El izabeth Saville, Frances Sawyer, Gloria Schloss- berg, Sue Schwab, Nancy Sechrest. Fifth Row: Marjorie Lee Sexton, Helen Seymour, Evelyn Shaw, Teresa Shelton, Barbara Sigmon, Caroline Simmons. CLASS OF 1947 116 PINE NEEDLES First Row: Jane Simmons, Mar}- L. Simmons, Louise Sink, Doris R. Smith, Esther Smith, Gloria Smith, Helen Smith, Janette Smith. Second Row: Lillie Rae Smith, Lois Smith, Marie Smith, Clarice Snelson, Anne Snyder, Marie Solomon, Margaret Southwick, Mary Frances Stack. Third Row: Rachel Stacey, Barbara Stafford, Piercie Stalls, Martha Stansill, Frances Steed, Rebecca Stephenson, Frances Stockard, Carolyn Stone, Mary Frances Stone. Fourth Row: Gladys Storey, Marian Stoudemire, Agatha Strickland, Elizabeth Sutton, Nancy Sutton, Nell Swaim, Judith Swift. 117 CLASS OF 1947 First Row: Cecile Talley, Emma Lou Taylor, Jane Terry, Hilrrun Thomas, Fanny Thomp- son, Alice Tilson, Betty Tomlinson, Marjorie Trent. Second Row: Enid Troxler, Eulalia Tucker, Glenn Tucker, Christine Tunstall, Audrey Turner, Doris Turner, Frances Vance, Marilyn Vincent. Third Row: Margaretta Vine, Annette Wadlin, Edith Wagoner, Carol Walker, Allene Wall, Betty Wallace, Betty Jo Wallis, Elizabeth Walters. First Row: Mary Katherine Claiborne, Anne Washburn, Bettie Washburn, Kathryn Way- nick, Ruth Webb, Bernice Wechsler. Second Row: Marjorie Whitley, Margaret Wilkerson, Jeanne Will, Hope Willard, Mary Sue Williams, Sally Williams. Third Row: Doris Wilson, Frances Wolfe, Lucy Wolfe, Katherine Wood, Sarah Wood, Emma Wooten. Fourth Row: Alice Wright, Willie Mae Wright, Martha Wyche, Louise Young, Mary Young. PINE NEEDLES 119 Jk JJ ouy You are so right! . . . South Spencer goes to church. . . . W . C. ' s din of iniquity. . . . Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? . . . My daily reward — bed. . . . North Spencer Annex. . . . Say, ain ' t love grand? . . . Some cold substitution! THIS YOUNGER GENERATION What TURNS green in the fall? Freshmen! And we were green. We vaguely remember Freshman week as a haze of new faces, a huge campus, millions of tests, interviews, house meetings, and entertainment. Gradually, however, we be- came oriented. We were able to find our way to classes, but just as we were beginning to feel slightly blase, we were initiated into the societies. We scrubbed floors, wrote scads of love letters to unknown males, sang laundry lists, and generally made fools of ourselves. But the formal society dinners and initiation with favors and candlelight made up for all the trials of the day. Gathering ourselves together, we went out for publica- tions, clubs, sports, and everything else in sight. We found our new friends, professors, and courses most interesting. And as we got more adjusted to campus life, we elected our hall boards and representatives to legislature. Up to December our group affairs had been managed by Miss Burns, Betty Dixon, and the Freshman Commission. But, before we went home for the longed-for Christmas vacation, we elected our class officers, made our banner, composed our class song, and wrote our motto. In the spring we got dates, pressed evening gowns, wor- ried about corsages, and finally turned up full force at our first class formal. We ' ve gone to dorm dances, movies at Aycock, Junior advisers ' teas, lectures, and concerts. Somehow, we managed to pass the dreaded examinations, survive closed study, and overcome homesickness. Our role as Freshmen this year has been a passive one for the most part. We ' ve merely observed how things are done here. Next year and the year to come we ' ll take our new freedom, assume our offices. We only hope we have as much fun, learn as much, live as much, as we have this, our Freshman year! Society Dinner for Freshmen All Hail, Mr. Bardolph ♦ 122 Martha Allen, Vice-President Bess Brothers, Secretary Peggy Clemmer, Cheerleader Georgia Olive, President Eva Ruth Parrish, Treasurer 123 BAILEY HALL GROUP 1 yir.ii Bow: Ji me Amos. Dorothy Andrews. Martha Allen. Anne Almon, Katherine Arrowood, P.- itsy Bailey. Second Row: jorie Bosemai Calvert. Marj Daniels. Audr Easlev. Helen Patsy Barnard, Ann Barnett, Jean Barry. Jean Beck, Paula Bird. Sallie Blumen i, Mae Marjorie Brannock, Hess Brothers. Hetty Bruin, Betty Byers, Susan Bynu (handler. Geraldine Cobb, Margaret Covington, Janet Crews. Mina Ruth Dail ey Davis. Hetty Davis. Dene Day, Marjorie Deaton, Florence Draper. Frames DyS! Ershler. stork. Mal- ta. Dorothy . Margaret lit. Jo Ann Third Row: Eunice Folger, Jane Gay, Avery Gibson, Katliryn Gibson, Doris Goodyear, Ruth Gregory, Nancy Hall. Thelma Hardison, Elaine Hart, Becky Hogan, Nell Holliday, Jean Holtnn. Nancy Hope. Martha Hope. Martha Hull. Helen Hunter. Phyllis Isenhour. Dorothy Jarrell, Betty Jeffries. Ann Johnson. Margaret Johnson, Marguerite Johnson, Eloise Jones. Bernice Kaplin. Jacquelin Letcher. Nancy Linville. GROUP II First Row: Alice McGilvary, Theda Malev. Nancy McBane, Ruth McGehee, Louise Martin, Elvira Massen- gill. Second . ' " » Sybil Matthews. Martha Anne Meador, Dorotha Miller. Nancy Miller. Juan Moyer. Elaine Noble, Martha Northcott. Barbara (I ' Hrian. Mary Parker. Allelic Parks. Barbara Parrish. (k ' l.rf-iann.i Pate. Nancy Patterson. Lunelle Patterson, Nancy Pease, (ami Redden. Rebecca Rhodes, Mary Ricsbec. Barbara Sacknoff, Joyce Scott. Catherine Simmons, Louise Siversten. Myra Slagle, Anne Smith, Conand Smith, Sara Smith. Third Row: Ruby Myers. Jo Snell. Virginia Thompson. Bettie Tillett. Di Man Waddington, Nancy Walker. Je Birshal Williams. Carol Williams. Esther Yarborough, Marian Young, mie Snyder, Jacquelyn Speight, I. aura Terrell. Angie Thompson, ithv TinRle. Hetty t ' ndenvood. Emily Von Borries. Jci Anne Vn«. Wall. Mimi Wardrup. Sara White. Jean Whitener. Lib Whittenton. rgaret Wilson. Bessie Wood. Rachel Woodley. Rebecca Worsley, I ' III s s - - On COIT HALL GROUP Betty Alspaugh, Rachel Armstrong, Bets Doris Batchelor. Florence Bearden, Mary Second Row: Janice Bosworth, Frances Bowden, Joy Brandenburg, Alice Brinkley, Evelyn Brown. Marilyn Brown, Virginia Brown. Mary Lita Buquo, Emma Lou Capps, Joyce Caraway, Patricia Carberry, Jonnie Chronister. Peggy Clemmer. Linda Cloer, Marjorie Coble. Page Coleman. Ann Copley, Francoise Costa. Mary Locke Craig, Hilda Cranford, Patricia DeBruhl, Claire DeHart, Scott Bellinger, Nettie Dixon, Bobbie Duncan. Third Row: Nona Edge, Mary Sue Edgerton, Annie Edwards, Oveida Ellis. Ann Exuni, Jeannette Fair, Margaret Ferrebee, Ann Ferris, Dorothy Flowe, Sue Cains. Miriam Goodrich. Lelia Ann Graham. Betty Grantham, Estee Griffin, Louise Harlow, Helen Harper, Joe Ree Hartley. Ann Hartshorne, Mary Henne- berger, Rosemary Herman, Marjorie Hollister, Patsy Hollyday, Margaret Hyman, Mary Field Jones, (Catherine King. GROUP II Addie Lee Hedgepeth, Flo Marjorie Bell e Lewis, Elizabeth McNai Second Row: Mary Louise Manley. Jean Massengill, Patsy Miller, Catherine Morrow, Mary Murphy, Lois Newman, Jo Noble, Frances Norris, Georgia Olive, Pauline Paris, Coye Peeler, Barbara Pelton, Margery Jean Perry, Joyce Peterson, Mary Ruth Poole, Jeanne Pope, Iris Ragan, Nancy Romefelt, Rita Ross, Nancy Routh, Jean Russell. Arden Sehell, Martha Shepard, Louise Sherrill, Edwcna Smith, Jean Smith, Mildred Smith, Annabelle Snoddy. Third How: Elaine Solomon, Marian Solomon, Mary L. Solomon, Nancy Souther, Ellen Stirewalt, Geraldine Stone, Betty Sumner, Betty Jane Taylor. Annabelle Thomas. Jane Thomas. Florine Tliorn, Dorothy Thorn- burg, Barbara Thrower, Betty Tilley, Wanda Trofrdon, Kdda May Trostler, Shirley Tunstall, Ann Up- church, Nancy Wagoner, Lillian Ward. Lee Welch, Carol White, Betty Ann Williams, Nelle Williams, Anne Wilson, Martha Young. COTTEN HALL GROUP I First Row: Virginia Alston, Ellen Balch. Lucille Barclay, Nina Ann Barnes, Rebecca Beasley, Amanda Bell. Second Row: Beverly Bell. K. Collins Bennett, Betsy Benson, Johnnie Blalock, Jenny Bland. Mary Alice Blue, Buford Bobbin. Margaret Bond, (iracc Boring, Betty .lean Bryant. Betsy Bullock. Eleanor Burgwin, B. Anne Cothran. Rena Lou Cheek. Petsn Cockinos, Evelyn Craig. Kdna Crawford. Jane Daniel. Derusha Darden, Marion Darsey, Helen DeVaul, Juanita Davis. Martyvonne Dehoney, Dolly Dudley, Marion Dillon. Helen Douglas. Third Row: Agnes Edwards, Theo Elliot, Barbara Emanuel, Frances Ferguson, Jean Ferguson. Peggy Fincher, Elizabeth Flanagan. Hilda Folger. Louise Gibson, Mary Goklsborough. Idelle Goodman. Jean (irifflth. Nancy (iuy. Betty Loll Guyes. Editli Hall. Mildred Hancock, Mary Harrell. Ruth Harris. Shirley Harris. Elizabeth Harrison. Agnes Hcndrix. Isabel Howard. Lola Howell, Maryanna Huddlesloa. Anna Hungerford, Evelyn Hunsucker. RUa Hunter, Ann Hurst. Mary Key. ,ir: Nancy Jeffrey. Anne Johliso rv Lift Macv. Louis,- on. Mi GROUP . Inn Jones. V Jo Maddrej . K Neely, Carlita rjorie iv.nlstin II ickern Ncs,h !, .lea ordan, Neal Keeter. an. Caroline I.ockh Martha A irt. Rebec. •haels. Jan Susanne in. Martin jn KlurU i Lyerh Doris McHale, Rutl irtou. Mary Nell Murray, N.niii rate, Jean Patter ulley. Fritzie Raymond. ic Maloy, Katina Mi i. Gertrude Osborne i Peters, Iris Peters Mitchell ' ark. Eva Pittman An Third Row: Ktbelvn Reaben. Mary Ellen Reaves, Harriett Riley, Facia Mac Robinson, Adeline Rogers. Gladys Rowland, Helen Seagrove. Helen Shoaf. Ann Shuffler, Mary Shuler, Mary Smollen, Marie Summer lin, Mary Swann, Lyla Symmes, Marietta Thompson, Aim Thompson, Wilma Thompson, Annette Tilson, Mary K. Tattle. Helen Vaughan, Joyce West. Norma Whitney, Mildred Witherington, Hetty Jeanne Wolfe, Susan Woniack. I n ■■ c » o ih GRAY HALL GROUP I Peggy Almonil, Frances Ashcraft, Lottie Barnette, Marjorie Beam, Frances Second Row: Evelyn Boyd. Margaret Bradley. Martha Anne Branch. Virginia Brandon. Alice Brantley. Jean Brown. Sara Brown. Bessie Buchanan. Elizabeth Budlong, Lita Bulla. Betty Caulfield. Martha Causey. Mildred Causey, .lane Chamberlain, Gladys Chambers. Opal June Chester, Mary Childer, Sibyl Cline, Betsv Cole, Virginia Coley, Fay Collins. Charlotte Cook. Helen Costos, Jane Couch. Ester Cresson, Roma Cross. Kathleen Dellinger. Roberta Donaldson, Martha Sue Eckard. Third Row: Connie Edwards, Nancy Eifort. Caroline Flack. Ann Folger, Rachel Garner. Doris Grinnells, Dorothy Hall. Jane Ham. Mary Lou Hamrick. Miriam Hancock. Margaret Lee Hedrick. Christine Hendricks, Doris Higgins, Ada Hopkins, Jean Howar d, Mary Lois Howell, Alga Howell, Celeste Howser. Ruby Hyden, Alice Ingram, Katherine Jones, Shirley Jones, Thetis Jones, Leila Josephs. GROUP II Lambert. Anne I Luuxhton, Verin Second Row: Mary McBryde. Virginia MeCorkle. Mary McDonald. Frances Martin. Eleanor Mason. Myrtle Mason, Gladys Mizill. Carolyn Moore. Mary Moore. .lule More, Ruth Murphy, Mildred Neville, Nancy Osteen, Mildred Palmer, Sarah Pearson. Calvine Pegram, Elaine Pennin er. Sara Poole. Joyce Posson, Marigold Powell, Velma Quinn, Dorothy Rahey, Elizabeth Rabey, Peggy Sapp, Miriam Scott. Helen Seawell. Third Row: Betty Lou Sharpe, Nancy Siff, Dorothy Smith. Jane Smith, Patsy Smith. Frances Stafford, Mary Stephens. Juanita Stone. Kissell Suggs. Virginia Simmers, Alberta Swain, Rosalie Teichman. Edna Thomas, Marie Turner. Margaret Tyson. Elizabeth Thomas, Emmulene Thomas, Nina Von Dam. Nellie Voss, Charles Anna Walker. Rebecca Walker. Fannie Ward, Virginia Whittield, Charlotte Williams, Sara Williams. illfe » " .. ' ' ■ ' ;• H I NSH AW HALL First Row: Rosalie Bailey, Kitty Jo Beasley. Marie Blue, Suzie Bumpass, Virginia Covington. Margaret Furches. Second Row: Lib Gaddy, Josephine Griffin. Mary Frances Harrill. Jean Harris. Sara Hardwick, Sadie Herndon, Virginia Herrin. Lucille Hodges, Sally Hudson, Mildred Huggins, Sally Johnson, Jane Key, Maxine Koontz, Verna Lee, Hilda Lester. Third , ' ..; ■: Mary McAdams, Helen McNaulI, Betty Mitchell, Margaret Newton, Louise Payne, Helen Poovey, Helen Porter, Jane Pruitt, Florence Kay, Hilda Ridge, Jacksie Sims, Dorothy Sisk, Anne Swain, Katherine Thompson, Charlotte Watson, Isabelle Whaley. Montie White, Frances Winston. FRESHMAN TOWN STUDENTS First Row: Emily Ballinger, Mary Elizabeth Bass, Mary Sue Blalock, Marian Boren. Edna Brooks. Barbara Clegg. Ann Collins. Margy Crawford, Margaret Earles. Ethel Edwards. Frances Fox. Second Row: Betty Jean Freeland. Man- Glendenning, Louise Gregg, Margaret Haskins, Ella Hodgin. T. Elizabeth Hoffner, Dorothy Howe, Margaret Hudson, Dorothy Isley, Frances Jones, Alice Keister, Jean Kirkman. Third Row: Doris Loflin. Ada McBane. Jean McGuire, Elizabeth McKinney. Gertrude McKinney. Billy McNeely, Valeria Mendenhall. Helen Norman, Marietta Norman. Fourth Row: Marjorie Nowell, Klizabeth Osborne, Sara Owen. Alvenia Parks, Faye Roberts, Beverly Rogers. Clara Self. Helen Smith, Mary Solomon. Fifth Row: Margaret Stewart. Jean Story, Frances Strother. Mildred Taylor. Stella Taylor. Man ' Belle Teague. Lydia Underwood, Barbara White. Mary Ann White. Ellilu Whitley. Barbara Ann Vandle. Katherine Yokes. FRESHMAN COMMISSION First Row: Helen Seawell, Gladys Chambers, Ada Sue McBane, Emmy Lou Capps, Frances Winston. Back Row: Buford Bobbitt, Allene Parks, Susan Bynum, Eva Ruth Parrish, Gertrude Archer, Georgia Olive. The Freshman Commission, serving to orient the members of the class, is elected at the end of the first eight weeks of school. Two girls from each Freshman dorm are chosen to serve on this council until class officers are elected. This plan enables the Freshmen to become acquainted with each other, to familiarize themselves with class organization, and to recognize their leaders. I2? TIP-TOP TYPISTS Speed is our byword — in typing, in shorthand, in college. Here, for a year of business study, we ' ve managed to learn shorthand, bookkeeping, and yet, have a short, but wonder- ful glimpse of college life. Early in the year, we organized as a class and elected Margaret Dodd as President, along with our other class officers. We picked our motto, " The higher we raise, the broader we view, " and selected our class colors, maroon and white. We ' ve had a gay time living in Hinshaw with adorable Jane Linville as our sympathetic House President and Mrs. West, our friendly and loquacious counselor. We raked leaves, held dorm dances with O. R. D., had lots of teas and informal parties. Bull sessions, food from home, movies at Aycock, dates with service men, and our wonderful class formal, January 1 3, made the bright autumn and the cold winter go quickly by. We came to W. C. to prepare and train for careers in business. Organized fifty years ago, the commercial class has been supplying graduates to leading organizations through- out the country. Cramming a lot into one very short year, under a friendly and intelligent faculty, we ' ve learned all the functions and arts of business. It isn ' t any easy year; we have earned that certificate by long hours of study. Having received our business training, made our friends, had loads of fun, and enjoyed our college experiences, we are ready, but sorry to leave. We go to assume positions in the business world; but long after our fingers have stopped typing and filing, we will remember the bright and shining college world. Annf Keyes, D.: uc Chairman Off for a Big Week-end 1:10 Shw ■ " I .» ' r w PSk r -■ Margaret Dodd, President Virginia Lowman, Vice-President Billie Gay Beck, Secretary Peggy Allen, Treasurer 131 COMMERCIAL CLASS OF ' 45 fm Row: Peggy Allen, Margaret Jean Anderson, Annabelle Aydelette, Bettie Lou Ballinger, Guelda Barber, Billie Gay Beck. Second Row: Gladys Beck, Charline Bell, Mary Ellen Bernard, Mozelle Berry, Marie Bordeaux, Dor Braxton, Doris Butler, Marion Carnes, Marjorie Cook, Flora Coghill. Third Row: Alice Cooke, Tommie Covington, Betty Jo Crowell, Margaret Crumpler, Betty Jean Davis, Florence Davis, Silma Davis, Margaret Dodd. 132 F rr Row: Sarah Falkener, Vera Ferguson, Ila Fisher, Jeanne Forney, Betty Jean Frazier, Sara Fritz. Second Row: Opal Frye, Carolyn Fulcher, Mary Jo Fulton, Betty Gibson, Annie Ray Goff, Mary Hale, Opal Harper, Mary Harrill, Dewey Hathaway, Thelma Henderson, Mildred Hines, Mary Hodgin, Gladys Holbroolc. Third Row: Frances Huggins, Ruth Jessup, Lucy Jones, Annie Kemp, Anne Keyes, Wanda Kidd, Lois Knotts, Mary Emma Lachicotte, Ruth Latham, Lettie Layton, Cavelle Lentz, Virginia Low- man. PINE NEEDLES 133 + COMMERCIAL CLASS OF ' 45 First Row: Sara McAdams, Elizabeth McCall, Maxine McCullers, Nancy McCurry, Ruth Mackie, Electa Maynard. Second Row: Jennie Memakis, Mildred Milham, Frances Mobley, Helen Moody, Nancy Mull, Cath- erine Nicholls, Nell Pace, Elizabeth Parks, Mary Pender, Elizabeth Perkins. Third Row: Viola Price, Helen Ramsey, Fredda Ratledge, Lois Shelton, Sarah Shores, Mabel Short, Doris Simmons, Jane Small, Florence Smith. ♦ 131 First Rou - Claudine Speight, Virginia Stager, Constance Steed, Betty Suther, June Swaim. Second Row: Cora Taylor, Beth Thomas, Edna Tice, Gwendolyn Tingen, Marjorie Tingle, Susan Tolar, Lois Tucker, Elizabeth Turner, Harriette Walsh. Third Row: Sue Ward, Jean Whisnant, Nancy Lee Wilkinson, Grace Williams, Catherine Willis, Cornelia Winfree, Millicent Young. PINE NEEDLES 1.1.5 ♦ It was the funniest thing he said. the first fire drill sincf ? What, a second lesson in the " bird " class? Keep your eyes on the ball, soldier. -S f itli areum,e6 . IN THE GROOVE, DE, DE, DUU Such, was this Sunday afternoon. ♦ 136 T I V I T I E S There ' ll be a call meeting . . . any old business . . . can I change a dance with you? . . . where ' s my Carolinian? . . . got to marshal at Aycock to- night . . . springtime raids on the tennis courts — remember, no sunbathing on campus. b ' ■ o D K- Lyver 4em for Jver Jkem WAR SERVICE LEAGUE Mrs. Hunter, Katherine Fishel, Dorothy Spruill, Mrs. Carter, Eleanor D. Taylor, Roberta Barnett, Elizabeth Gabriel, Katherine Cole, Dorothy Arnett, Virginia Haynes. " Hey, girls, I just had a cheerful thought, " she said as she adjusted her hairnet over her ears and grabbed up a handful of silver. " See, now when the big depression comes along and I lose my position as paleontologist, I ' ll be able to start right in at the S. and W. as an experienced hash-slinger! " And, if she had thought about it, she could have enumerated her other recently-acquired skills in leaf-raking and scrap-paper collect- ing, and. her new technique in selling war stamps which should put her in direct line for a job with the Fuller Brush Company after the war. Seriously, though, those odd jobs that she was doing were adding much more to her college life than topics for conversation, fierce appetites, and sore muscles. They were adding even more to the democratic spirit on campus. They were tieing her closer to the war and to her friends in the battle areas. Dorothy Arnett, c7 . Behind the scenes of her war ac- tivities was a network of residence hall leaders and floor leaders, who were in- dispensable to the final success of the plans. For one thing, they sold each girl her pledged quota of war stamps every week. But, they were instrumental in almost every phase of the war work. Packin ' L ' p Scrap. In connection with the stamp sales, there were also extra drives during the year. For instance, there was " Tag Week " during which any girl who bought an extra stamp received a tag which read, " I bought a stamp for " (the blank to be filled in with the name of her current man in service) . That week was really revealing, for a not un- common sight was a girl wearing not one, but many tags, proving that she was being true to all five or six of her " one and onlies. " In case anybody is wondering what connection leaf- raking and waitressing have with the war — well, it ' s all in an effort to keep old W. C. running under the conditions created by wartime labor shortages. So, as the girls poured forth the elbow grease, they decided that the WACs had nothing on them, as they were not only releasing a man for active duty, but also releasing him from it. The red tape behind this service was a system of maps which assigned to each dormitory a specific plot of campus to keep clean, and a calendar schedule which designated a certain period of time to each dormitory to furnish girls to the dining halls (as waitresses, of course) . Friday afternoons found a group of girls bouncing hay-ride fashion on a pile of scrap paper in the back of the college truck — the paper having been collected from dorms and other buildings. The loot was sold to the Southern Waste Paper Company, and the money went into war bonds for the Chapel Fund. One other phase of the W. S. L. ' s activities was the Campus Purse Drive in October. The twenty-five hundred dollars which was raised from that went to the Red Cross, the National War Fund, and the World Student Service Fund. From the looks of the overflowing post office boxes, there were also other wartime activities of the girls at Woman ' s College, but those were left entirely up to the individual. Serving the War Effort. HALL LEADERS First Row: E. West, V. Ferguson, J. Whitener. Second Row: B. J. Wallace, N. Edmunds, C. Thompson, B. Bullock, J. Boulus, M. Van Sleen. Third Row: R. Talley, M. Turner, H. Gibson, D. Lewin, A. Klaber. 141 TOWN STUDENTS ' JUDICIAL BOARD Martha Sink Koontz, Mary Jo Flippin, Marion Carnes, Ada Sue McBane, Lelia Atkinson, Louise Sink. Jke rom 3 own The Town Students ' room might well be defined as, " A place like which there isn ' t anything else on Woman ' s College campus. " Flooded with a blue haze of cigarette smoke, it is the locus of the perinnial bridge game and the incessant chatter about everything in general; every third word being, of course, the pronoun " he. " Between classes, it is packed with people and an overtone of voices, above which can usually be heard: " Who wants to be a fourth for bridge? " or " Let ' s go to the P. O. " In general, it is a place to eat doughnuts and drink cokes from the Junior Shoppe and be Mary or Doris, or Martha or any other of the famous town students. These town students also brag that they are the only girls on campus who are allowed to have men in their rooms. But of all the features of the room, perhaps the bulletin board is the most amazing. It is piled thick with posters, announcements, and scraps of paper reading, " Buckie, ' " den, ♦142 Whitie called and will call back at noon, " or, " Will who- ever borrowed my shorthand book either return it or take my test on it tomorrow. " If anyone were to go to the bot- tom of the pile of notices, she would probably find posters urging everybody to vote for a candidate in the 1941 elec- tions. Besides having one of the gayest spots on campus, the Town Students ' Organization makes numerous other con- tributions to the college. Once or twice each year, it sponsors a fashion show. For that, twenty or thirty of the girls model Montaldo clothes through the four dining halls at the evening meal. This year on Tuesdays, Elizabeth Gabriel, the War Serv- ice League representative, was " on the ball " selling war stamps. And also in the line of war work, the town students helped the Red Cross entertain wounded soldiers at the nearby army camp during the Christmas holidays. Social events for the year included a weiner roast and bridge-bingo party in the Y. W. C. A. hut. The Town Students ' Formal, for which Mary Grace Maus was dance chairman, was one of the big events of the year. Also this year, the town students brag that, " something new has been added. " Now they are showing preference for all and partiality to none of the branches of the serv ice. For, in addition to Mrs. Irma Estes Magner ' s affiliation with a certain Lieutenant in the army, there is now also Mrs. Celia Varner Stowe, whose Mr. is in the Navy; Mrs. Jane Eller Byrd, who took her last name from a Marine; and Mrs. Jane Ferris Ward, who is married to a veteran. Even more recently, Anne Matlock received a diamond from a Merchant Marine. Those town students are really universal ! Students find their place in the Young Women ' s Christian Association at the college by joining one of the Freshman Clubs, the Sophomore Club, or the Junior-Senior Club. From the whole student body each eamm h spring, major officers for the campus-wide association are elected. The incoming President, in consultation with club leaders and the Director of Religious Ac- tivities, appoints members to places of leadership on the cabinet. Celia Rothgeb Treasurer Martha Ann Stroa Vice-President Helen Hinshaw Secretary In weekly meetings the cabinet considers the problems and adventures of college living, and plans activities related to them. Events open to all students have their beginning in the meetings of the cabinet. Early in November, Dr. Esther Lloyd Jones, Head of the Department of Guidance, Teachers ' College, Columbia Univer- sity, visited the college and spoke on problems of college women. The entire community- participated in these events, sponsored jointly by the Y. W. C. A. and the Interfaith Council. Members of the Junior-Senior Club spent three months in the fall discussing political effectiveness. Convinced that political action is an essential part of effective Christian living, Harriet Tucker sought speakers who could inform her club. Other " priorities " that shared in club emphasis, endorsed last summer by the national movement were the Christian Faith, Racial Equality, Full Employment, World Organization, and Religion in Higher Education. Members of the Association felt keenly the need for the proposed College Chapel building as they prepared for Vespers each Thursday night, sometimes in the Religious Activities Cen- ter, sometimes in a society hall, sometimes in the Alumnae House. JLlve Joaetker Beth the Y. W. C. A. and the Interfaith Council, being non-denominational fellow- ships, have access to the rich religious heritage of all faiths and are free to pioneer into new areas of social action. The " Y " works on the principle that it has an interest and place for as many students as will participate in its varied program. No month of the college year is free from some event sponsored by the " Y " for the whole college. Few afternoons or evenings find the club room of the Religious Activities Center free from some " Y " group meeting. Tea is served there regularly during examina- tion weeks, and at some other periods of less stress and strain. Students know, regard- less of whether or not they have filled out a Y. W. C. A. membership card, that the piano, radio, and magazines of " the Center " (beware of calling it the R. A. C. if Miss Garner is in hearing) , are their property. " Y " leaders at Woman ' s College do not discount the advantage of the strength of being connected with a national organization of magnitude. Their first concern, however, is to build community in the place where they happen to be and to serve the community built there by those who preceded them. They would serve the Woman ' s College with- out concern for labels or division of labor. President Davis and Dn First Row: J. Owen, G. Jones, A. Farmer, H. Hinshaw, S. Smith, J. Hill, S. Tillett, D. Lewis, C. Stone, M. Newlin, F. Jordan, R. Wintering. Second Row: J. Severance, Miss Garner, C. Rothgeb, M. Davis, B. J. Sarratt, J. Keiger, J. Jernigan, E. Summersett, B. S. Barber. Third Row: J. Singletary, D. Spruill, P. Rothrock, M. Strowd, A. Keeter, E. Teague, H. Tucker, J. Crumpton. Ulnderdandina C ack Jth r Each religious organization at the college including the Y. W. C. A. elects students to be its representatives nn the Interf.iith Council. The Council holds monthly meetings to coordinate activities of the various groups. Its programs are designed to promote under- standing members of the great faiths and the various denominations that make them up. An Interfaith panel discussion featuring a Catholic priest, Jewish rabbi, and Protestant minister is an annual program of the Council to which the whole community is welcome. Students discuss differences and likenesses and grow in the certainty that each faith holds great affirmations in common with all high religion. At the present, members of the Council are working with the whole college to raise funds for a College Chapel in which students of all faiths may be at home. Students and faculty take pride in the interfaith understanding that flourishes at Woman ' s College and look forward to the time when a fitting building for religious services can take its place as the heart of the community. University Sermons, Dormitory Devotions, and Interdenominational Vespers are serv- ices in which students participate regularly throughout the college year. Social service projects are assigned each of the member groups by the Council. Students, faculty, and invited townspeople found the Council at home on the after- noon of Thanksgiving Day with delicious refreshments and heart-warming conversation with everyone from the Dean of Administration, who greeted guests, to the sandwich- carrying servers. Interfaith Council cooperates with the National Conference of Christians and Jews. On Woman ' s College campus, its members seek to promote the conviction that all people are one family, agreeing that " The world has become a neighborhood, and for this high destiny mankind is not yet fit. " Evelyn Motley, President Sealed: Monsignoi Dolan, J. Boggs, M. Davis, Miss Garner. E. Motley, J. Car- roll, L. Panigot, M. Killebrew, P. Gra- vatt, K. Fishel, H. Atkins, B. Wexler, C. Jones. X. Kat enburg, J. Smith, L. Wolfe, J. Boulus, E Norman, P. Roth- rock, V. Caneega, A. Reece, E. Griffin. Standing: B. Coggins, H. Cobb. S. Parker. A. Cloyd, E. Teague, Mr. Chadwick, P. Voss, N. Beeson, M. Walker, V. Lovins, B. Pettit, J. Dunlap. ♦110 WLn With physical fitness for all as its keynote, the R. A. pro- vided a year of fun-filled ac- tivities for the campus. Dur- ing the fall season field hockey, tennis and the water pageant were the main fea- tures. The annual water pageant, this year entitled " Yule-tides, " attracted throngs of spectators. Spanish senoritas and south sea belles engaged in gorgeous formation swim- ming, breath-taking stunt div- ing, and skilled fancy diving at the pageant, all accompanied by a choral group. On Gym Night, the gymnasium was THE CABINET First Row: J. Stockton, D. French, B. Latham, Jesnak. Second Row: Miss Martus, D. Perry, E. Hawley, Crowder, B. Goslen. Third Row: A. Keeter, B. Lyda, D. Walton, O. Chitty, Sinclair, A. Morton, M. Hallenbeck. Fourth Row: M. Fonville, H. Pate, E. Wolfe, Richardson. crowded with girls bent on participating in the many sports preferred. The gym meet found the balconies surrounding the large gym filled to overflowing with students there to witness skilled performances in gymnastics. The winter season saw the basketball tournament with the spirit of friendly competition between spectators and players much in evidence. Every week-end at camp " Ahutforfun " saw some group of girls escaping books for a day to swim, gaze into a roaring fire, or just quietly contemplate nature. Betty Goslen President 117 ♦ 9 2 tnnai The orchestra, conducted by Dean Hugh Altvater, is composed of citizens of Greensboro, and faculty members and students of W. C. This group gives concerts in the fall, the spring, and oins with the choir in a program dur- ing commencement time. Rehearsals are held twice a week. —s4nd voices, Joo Composed of more than 140 students and under the able direction of Mr George Thompson, the choir gives con certs at Christmas t ime and at Easter renders special music for Chapel pro grams and University sermons, and combines with the orchestra in giving a joint musical during commencement week. ♦1J8 Alexander Brailowskv Ou a r era a5$e$ Ray Josephs Zino Francescatti Mia Slavenska, David Tihmar, and Russian Dance Ensemble. Erika Mann Hit cenaru Barbara Sutlive President Propping Props. STARRING THE PLAYLIKERS Developed under the direction of Miss Kathryn England, Mr. W. R. Taylor, and Mr. Richard Corson. Time: Day after day, night after night . . . Place: Aycock Auditorium stage and Playliker workshop . . . Sound Effects: The whirr of " curtain going up, " shouts from the fly gallery, screeching buzz-saws, staccato hammering, the scraping and bumping of flats being dragged across the floor, and an unin- telligible babble of human voices . . . Scene from " Cry Havoc. 1.10 yor jri un Properties: All of the tools of the play-crafter ' s trade . . . The action begins with the entire cast busily engaged in the produc- tion of " Stage Door " by Edna Ferber and George Kaufman. The suc- cess of this venture leads to another — " Tobias and the Angel, " by James Bridie. This being sufficient proof of the versatility of the group, the action moves along to a breaking away from convention in " The Princess and the Page, " by Edna St. Vincent Millay, which is presented in traditional fashion, followed by experimental versions of the same story. The concluding performance of the group finds new talent in the cast, while for most of the old members, comes the climax of the action, with satisfaction in a job well done, and a prophesy of new horizons for the successive group to conquer in the Playliker world. Business throughout consists of dashing hither and yon amidst a turmoil of carpenter ' s tools, yards of cloth, jars and tubes and bottles and cans of " footlight glamour, " and a maze of scenery. Participating in this is the whole cast, composed of a host of Playlikers, some of whom are Masqueraders, an honorary dramatic group. These Masqueraders have as their President, Barbara Sutlive; Vice-President, Eleanor Dare Taylor; Secretary, Rachel Baxter; Publicity Chairman, Elizabeth Bla- lock; Business Manager, Peggy Mullen; Stage Manager, Julia Hill; Master Technician, Anna Graham; Properties, Josie Tomlinson; Cos- tumes, Mary Louise Price and Ruth Parker; and Makeup, Barbara Sut- live. Stage and Prop Crews Relax Before " Tobias and the Angel. ' Scene from " Stage Door. " Need We Say Any More? Making up for " Antigone. ' 51 !rt Jak ed a feat " There goes that woman with her little black book, taking off to see that some picture is shot for dear old Pine Needles. " Hey, Holmes. You say the annual ' s going to press next week? " " Are you kidding? Very funny, girls. " That ' s the way it was all year long — constant kidding and rushing about until the great Pine Needles finally did take off to Charlotte for the final works. But what headaches the staff had to put up with — calming the Juniors and Seniors down when they had to wait an hour or so in line at Registration to sign for their appointments to have their pictures taken — then tagging the stragglers who never did sign up at all — deciphering the Senior write-ups Literary Editors C. Van Sickle, P. Rothrock, V. DeVoe, D. Arnett, B. Holt. Typists— P. Ackerman, M. Van Si ten, E. Whittenton, M. Alex indi k. E Simpson. Mlsa Queensbury, Assistant Editor Doris Smith, Assistant Business Manager ) ( SuLid a {yjeawook until we couldn ' t tell Legislature from Le Cercle Francais — driving people mad for snaps and pin-ups — running from room to room asking, " hey, do you know this girl on the front row? " — Hurst and her business buddies pacing Elm Street for ads — pestering Nena to take a picture here and take a picture there — wrestling with glossies and names to go with them — trying desperately to reach that March 15 deadline. Oh, it was great fun — those sleepless nights and persistent gremlins, but w e came through a little stooped and stupored and eyes loaded with trunks, but so happy that all we had left to do was pay the bills and hand out the books if the truck would survive the trip with its huge load. So, the staff of ' 45 gives you your Pine Needles with sincere hopes that our efforts have not been in vain. Class Editors R. Hogan H. Cobb N. Edmunds H. Longest Photographers B. Owen B. Bostian M. Thornton N. Barr C. Garner Advertising E. Laws Circulation B. J. Bales Secretary M. Wall Art Editor First Rou : S. Brooks, A. Birkhead, V. Stager, J. Pearce, M. Van Sleen, E. Maynard, M. Alexander, B. Byers, N. Barr. B. Owen, G. Wagner, J. Blalock, S. Bynum, L. Etheridge, N. White, D. Pugh, R. Worsley. Second Row: N. Edmunds, S. Funderburk, N. Swaim, B. Regan, E. White, L. James, E. Laws, J. Hurst, J. Holmes, E. Whittenton, R. Nicolas, E. Von Borries, P. Holmes, R. Hyatt, V. Stager. Third Row: A. Gibson, K. Beasley, B. Bales, M. Fonville, M. Coble, G. Olive, M. Jones, D. Smith, M. Sift, K. Maxwell, V. DeVoe, M. Queensbury, H. Longest, S. White, B. Bostian. Fourth Row: S. Brooks, B. Holt, E. Stirewalt, E. White, S. White, E. Brown, J. Rhodes, B. Bond, M. Ottinger, B. Ragland, J. Tucker, M. Wall, C. Van Sickle, J. Adams, E. Simpson, B. Tillett, C. Arrowood, A. Bell, M. Walker, M. Shepard, P. Ackerman, L. Terrell, J. Johnson, J. Gay, H. Cobb, R. Hogan, R. Walker. % Ik Iargaret Wheeler Editor v ew5 and viewi First Row: S. Womack, S. Wood, J. MacCalman, S. Bynunr, J. Ferguson, L. Rodgei McKinnon, B. Sutton, C. Ulrich, E. Chappell, I. Israel, A. Ingram, B. Applewhil Second Row: S. Smith, R. Zimmerman, M. Summerlin. C. Bennett, L. Patton, B. Bel Munro, B. Pettit, B. Brimhall, B. Ragland, M. Wheeler, M. Rodgers, A. Carre Varetoni, M. Hicks, C. Bond. Third Row: R. Anderson, R. Breazele, K. Simpson, S. Funderburk, J. Gregory, M. son, E. Bass, C. Malone, B. Lundy, B. Leonard, G. Smith, M. Apperson, J. Kin Beasley, V. DeVoe, N. Hyatt, J. Ramsey, M. Siff, E. Gatti, N. Hill, F. Efland, F. I L. Hardwick, C. Stegall, N. Sutton, P. Cummings, J. Isley. Struggling with the first issue into the wee small hours — missing telephone — covering Chapel for tryouts — post- ing beats on bulletin board — frequent topic: free will and determinism — and the matter of plate-passing — library pic- ture mix-up — the inimitable Wimpy Cuddlepet — heard above the uproar: Has anybody seen the head sheet? — the line ' s still busy — I haven ' t had any sleep for weeks — woman ' s place is NOT in the home — if you don ' t believe in the individual, what can you believe in? — but I ' ve got three papers to write — Pine Needles office is down the hall — will you call my counselor and tell her I ' ll be late? — the Haynes cartoons — interviewing celebrities: Now which do you like better, Mr. Francescatti, red hair or peanut butter? — proof reading: " Each galley must have five initials " — Sutton-Pettit feud as to whether news or ads get the space — faithful reporters moaning, " But he wasn ' t in his office and I went five times today! " — campus poll — Barr, Bason, and Weller spending week-ends in the photography lab — our good friend James ' geniality — racing on wastebaskets — what the well-dressed staff will wear: Pettit in black even- Barbara Pettit Business Manager ♦154 ftL %U ing dress, Munro in jeans, Celeste in gym suit, Marg in »reen eyeshade, Ragland in bare feet, and DeVoe in Judy Board robe — our favorite people, our friends, and saviours, :he printers: " It ' s all right, they ' ll fix up everything for as! " — milk shakes from West End— TALK, TALK, TALK — the passing crowd: IRC, and legislature adjournees, Judy Board victims, and Johnson, Posey, Fishel, and other fami iar sitters-on-desks and soapboxers — typical outbursts: B. A., why can ' t people get their stuff in on time? — Vici: has any- body heard anything funny? — Ramsay: you can ' t legislate honor — Pettit: Everybody leaves stuff on my desk — Munro: these faculty publicity hounds — Wheeler: I haven ' t seen any copy yet. Let ' s work half an hour and talk half an hour — Nan: the average person is happy only fifteen minutes of his life. (This is CARY spirit in a nutshell. We heartily disapprove of what you have to say, but we will defend to the death your right to say it — the Carolinian ' s responsibility to the campus that ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free!) Pettit and Brimhall. 155 Wak PA The Coraddi, the student magazine of the Woman ' s College and the oldest publication on campus, has published student literary work since 1897. The name is coined from the initial letters cf the former literary societies, COR- nelian, AD-delphian, and Dl-kean. The magazine has changed its form many times and its frequency of publication, but remains always in the hands of the students themselves who write, edit, and supervise every issue. In the little office located down the hall from the other publications offices the staff holds its bull sessions, types its term papers, and sandwiches in a few business and literary criticism meetings. Everyone climbs athletically in and out Jean Johnson, Editor Andy Takes It On the Typewriter! Check-up On the Next Issue? 156 n U cyLt en5 of the two inconspicuous windows, Alumnae House basement, since the door is lost at the end of a long, dark corridor. Usually a new arrival finds in the office a noisy, agitated political discussion or plans for remodelling the college and the whole institution of education. But, when the tumult dies down long enough for Carolinian reporters to be ejected and order to be restored, the Coraddi staff- team work becomes apparent. The staff works with other student organizations to ferret out the best art and literary work done on the campus. Many staff members are in the Quill Club or in the Writing Workshop and can keep looking for good written work. Contributions flow in from other sources too, and all are dis- cussed and criticised at length by the editorial board. There is amiable wrangling over philosophy, and disagreements about politics, literary standards, and events on the campus. And, finally, the staff votes on what is to appear in print in the next issue. The Coraddi tries to present the best art work and writing — short story, poetry, sketch, expo- sition — done on the campus. Sincerity, intelligence, originality, imagination, and good writing are the requisites for publication. In looking for good work, and in getting it published, the Coraddi staff thoroughly enjoys itself. In and Out That Window! Seated: Irene Kossow, Betty Trosper, Jean Johnson, Angela Snell, Virginia Haynes. Standing: Elizabeth Gabriel, Betty Bostian, Dorothy Spruill, Connie Cline, Betty Higgins, Bonnie McCloy, Julia Taylor, Ilene Israel, Jean Ross, Gay Morenus, Mary Ellen Hodgin. I ■ | — J9K •» k Lyda Hallenbeck Dunstan I „ ' Kossow Suggs Heyn Yarrow 1945 2), ID tment upanwien j msidevits Tau Psi Omega Jeanne Yarrow Sigma Delia Pi Sofia Heyn Omicron Nu Sadie Suggs Archery Club Irene Kossow Zoology Club Susanna Ray Young Composers ' Club Sarah Scruggs Gamma Alpha Club SARAH DUNSTAN hoot n ' Spur Club Mary Anna Hallenbeck Square Dance Club Betty Lyda Education Club Irene Dillingham Music Education Club Doris Murph Square Circle Katherine Simpson Botany Club .... ' . Rebecca Beckham Physics Club CAROLINE GRAVES Classical Club Ann Long Choir Lucy Stubbs Dance Group Andora Hodgin Sigma Alpha Martha Lee Sherrill Quill Club Irene Isreal Clogging Club Betty Osborne Medical Technologists ' Club Harriet May Dolphin-Seal Club Dorothy Perry Sociology Club Marguerite Taylor International Relations Club JEANNE VARETONI Camp Counselors ' Club Margaret Fonville Home Economics Club Dorothy Mann Chemistry Club Grace Hoyle HOYLE Mann Sigma Delta Pi Physics Club Hi International Relations Club 2), vtnad in ' i the Di ip tments ' eoanmen SIGMA DELTA PI — National honorary Spanish society . . . futhering knowledge of Hispanic contribu- tions to modern culture . . . cementing relations between Spanish speaking and English speaking nations . . . awards to those who show special skills in this field. PHYSICS CLUB— Interesting sidelights on what ] positives . . . discussion of the latest observations demonstration table in the Science Building. lakes the world go round aade by leading physicists . ;s attract ce of the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB— To stimulate interest on campus in international people, politics and affairs ... to bridge the gap between the oceans . . . meetings every Wednesday night in the Alumnae House. SIGMA ALPHA— To foster a closer relationship between Education Department and the professional world — meetin carry on projects and have programs which are pertin the business field. COLLEGE CHOIR— Meetings every Monday night with Mr. Thompson devotional programs on Tuesdays . . . the Christmas Concert at Aycock. lie outstanding members of the Business at regular intervals to discuss subjects. tit to particular needs and interests of TAU PSI OMEGA— Writing to French soldiers overseas . . Hill . . . the annual Christmas play . . . spending a week- French. OMICRON NU— Promoting scholarship, leadership, and research in the Hon tutoring potential majors in the field ... a National Scholastic honor society. entertaining French cadets from Chapel id at the RA camp speaking nothing but SOCIOLOGY CLUB— Visiting lecturers froi m var ious organizations i n town . . . program s the girls plan themselves . . . fascinating sagas of sun imer work told by senic r majors . . . choosi ng the field of sociology into which you desire to go. College Choir Tau Psi Omega Omicron Nu Sociology Club Mepic l Technologists ' Club Home Economics Club Zoology Field Clue Quill Club 3, mnad in ' f the =J-)epartment6 2D MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS ' CLUB— These gals are but important to the war effort . . . an ever- enlarging Held into which the club ' s alumnae are entering . . . rats and rabbits who don ' t appreciate the scientific approach to the fine art of hypo-giving. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB— The theme for the activities of this year . . . " Women in the Post-War World " . . . making Christmas more than a little bit happier for needy families . . . loan fund for deserving Home Ee. majors . . . lecture programs. ZOOLOGY FIELD CLUB— Learning about animal life by means of field trips to places of special interest . . . visiting lecturers . . . contributions from individual members. QUILL CLUB — To promote creative talent on campus . . . stimulate good writing . . . an honorary society with a purpose ... for those who write short stories, sketches, criticisms, poetry or some other type of creative material. CHEMISTRY CLUB — This year ' s theme . . . " contemporary chemistry " . . . making formulas, com- pounds and catalysts comprehensible to neophyte Lavoisiers. investigating chemistry ' s contributions to the war effort. MODERN DANCE— rhythm and grace in all its glory . . . the art of little movement . . . annual dance program in Aycock . . . long (lowing dresses . . . soft lights and lovely music. GAMMA AI.rHA— Movies on business skills . . . talks bj prominent business men . . . Christmas party . . . the big sister campaign . . . alumnae reports. YOUNG COMPOSERS ' CLUB— Who ' ll lead the sing! . . . hostesses duri] Sunday afternoon . . . generally promoting campus-wide appreciation of goo Chemistry Club Modern Dan( Gamma Alpha Young Composers ' Club Classical Club Jotany Club Clogging Club Boot n ' Spur CLASSICAL CLUB— Maintaining and promoting the development of Classical learning on Woman ' s College campus . . . reading selections from " Of Time and the River " . . . lectures on ancient Greek and Roman art by Miss Jastrow . . . problems of today in the light of the past. BOTANY CLUB— Kodachrome slides about the Smoky Mountains and other places of natural beauty . . . the traditional picnic in Dr. Thiel ' s backyard . . . hikes through Peabody Park . . . Dr. Gangstad lecturing to avid audiences. CLOGGING CLUB — Tapping out routines in town for civic functions . . . jaunting off to (amp Mackall or to ORD to entertain soldiers . . . this year ' s membership the largest yet. BOOT ' N SPUR — Canters through Sedgefield Forest . . . supper rides . . . Sarge and his trophy-filled office . . . tryouts in the ring . . . trying to teach a horse to read the " keep off the golf course " signs . . . that " uncertain feeling " as you take your first jump. EDUCATION CLUB— Dr. McNutt, Miss Vera Largent. and Mr. Phillips offer advice, inspiration to prospective instructors . . . having fun at tin hut . . . deep discussions about theories and goals of teaching. few of those istmas party i DOLPHIN-SEAL— To promote the art of swimming for the entire playing water games . . . the magnificent annual water pageant . . linpus . . . dips i come and try out. SQUARE CIRCLE— Keynote . . . from coast to coast . . . aerial athematics and the w ligation . . . Valentii eports from alumnae in key positions House. SQUARE DANCE CLUB— Monday night instruction at th. men . . . Halloween party for eighty members. time initiation the Al USO-gala post-Christmas da ARCHERY CLUB— Hit that target . keep your chin level . . . keep your rid Senior Columbia atch your form Education Club Dolphin-Seal Square Circle Square Dance Club Archery Club S o claim J peah if — jpeamna . . . There will always be memories of beautifully decorated society formals; gay, informal parlor dances; and a Sunday night spent singing joyfully at the Hut. Then there were parties at the O. R. D. hospital; bridge tournaments and square dances in the gym; and dancing by soft music and candlelight at the Hut. Will you ever forget the Sunday after- noons walking by the Lake, or hikes to the Camp on week-ends, or skating in the outdoor gym. All these memories and many more will live with us far into the future. Bouquets of orchids to our Social Plan- ning Council for making it possible for us to find many pleasant means of relaxing and socializing on our Woman ' s College campus. a ' oLe coL.ean Chief Marshal 163 ♦ Barbara Pettit, President This year marked the Renaissance of the Societies on our campus. For several years, they have been a dormant, and almost forgotten phase of our college days. This fall they came to life again to take an active part in our everyday Ardelpk r tan Mary Jennings, Inter-Society Representative : Betty Lundy, Treasurer; Kathryn Cobb, Corresponding Secretary: Joanna Tucker, Recording Secretary; Anne Jesnak, Vice-President. ♦ 16 I life, with campus social functions, big week-ends, bridge parties for the Chapel Fund, picnics, hikes, swimming parties, formals. At five-thirty one October morning, Freshmen learned for the first time for which society they had been chosen. Early risers discovered the invitations under their doors and lost no time in screaming to others and ending in waking the whole dormitory. This day was initiation, or " Rat Day. " Passersby could see girls tearing about campus dressed predominantly in red, blue, green, or yellow, socks tied in their hair, or one sock and one stocking, or a glove on their right hand only. That day, the Freshmen were at the mercy of the upperclassmen. They were told to clean upperclass- men rooms, scrub floors, write innumerable love letters, sing laundry cards to the tune of " Yankee Doodle " or " Anchors Aweigh, " propose to faculty members, hop from the Junior Shop to the Post Office, take back trays in the is ( vet l ;l MARSHALS Katherine Morgans, Billie Mae New, Betty Scott Barber, Peggy Mullen, Virginia Livie, Betsy Modlin, Arlene Webb, Margery Hand. dining halls, fall on their knees before their society presi- dent. Incentive for these dire tasks was the ever-present threat of Rat Court! The day was brought to a gala finish by a banquet for Betty Stvron, Presid Mletheiavi J ocieL v Elizabeth Laws, Pat Myrick, Margaret Fonville, Mary Anne Cooper, Susan Darden, Irene Bowie, Sally Orr, Grace Hoyle. each society in a different dining hall. The old custom of favors was revived: the Aletheians and the Dikeans gave corsages; the Cornelians, suitcase tags; and the Adelphians, red roses. Candlelight provided a lovely atmosphere for the excellent dinner. The presidents were presented their so- ciety pins, and they in turn introduced the other officers and the marshals to the members. Miss Minnie Jamison, who is a charter member of the Adelphian Society, and who was instrumental in the founding of all the societies, was present this year at the Adelphian banquet. Another old custom, that of the formal initiation, was revived this year. After the banquet, the Freshmen went to their society halls. There, with an impressive ceremony — lighting of candles, recitation of secret rituals and pledges of loyalty, they were formally made full members of the society. Sue McGee, Treasurer; Nancy Yates, Inter-Society Representative; Nancy Jane Ansley, Recording Sec- retary; Elaine Simpson, Vice-President ; Mimi Orr, Corresponding Secretary. 107 ♦ When the societies were first formed, the Adelphian and Cornelian, first, followed by the Dikean and Aletheian, when increased enrollment demanded them, they were secret organizations. Since that time, the secrecy had vanished and Frances Scott, President Cornell tan Musa Queensbury, Treasurer: Julia Alexande Secretary; Betty Clement, Inter-Society Represent. live; Elizabeth Hackney, Vice-President. • I OK society loyalty disappeared. On the threat of being abolished, this year they have succeeded in making themselves known and valued on the campus once more. Each society has had a formal dance, to which its own members only were in- vited; membership cards were issued for the first time; and meetings were held more regularly. Each society had other activities during the year: the Dikeans, a bridge party for the benefit of the Chapel Fund; the Adelphians, a Thanks- giving Eve Barn Dance; the Aletheians, a whole week-end of entertainment, free movie, open house; and the Cor- nelians, a Christmas Party, and caroling, followed by break- fast in the R. A. One of the most important functions of the societies is the election of marshals to serve at all lectures, concerts, and J ocieL t Seated: Carol Bissette, Ann Winstead, Betty Jean Bales. Standing: Martha Hipp, Laurene Harn, Eleanor White, Betty Moore, Virginia Fulk. 2)ii ean Sc ciet ' rbara Sutlive, President Sealed: Evelyn Butler, Minerva Falkner, Mary Frances Sutton. Standing,: Carolyn Jones, Julia Taylor, Mary Belle Price, Ben Lowe, Eleanor Dare Taylor. V E ' i other activities in Aycock Auditorium. This year, their gowns were of white jersey, with the traditional regalia of white satin and the colored plaque embroidered with the numerals of their class. These marshals lend a lovely dignified air to all presentations in Aycock. Nothing can ever quite take the place of the societies or perform to satisfaction all of their functions on this campus. It is to be hoped that spurred on by the rejuvenation, and the increased enthusiasm that has been created this year, the societies will go on to attain their rightful place of distinction and respect to which they are entitled on Wom- an ' s College campus. Margaret Holt, Vice-President : Jessie Faulk, Treasurer : Katherine Kelley, Corresponding Secretary: Jean Jernigan, Recording Secretary; Ann Cloyd, Inter-Society Representative. 171 Presenting Mrs. Esther Lloyd Jones A Sunday Night | " Sing " at the Hut. Carolyn Harward College Social Chairman. { [ omen of (JSeaviL ' WlNFIELD ENTERTA and snteariti i i td HMH lama Fun and Frolic With Fire. jule and smitty at the Senior Formal. 172 E AT U R E S Dreams of loveliness . . . Queen for a day . . . her women in waiting . . . our motto " SERVICE " will remain . . . each a leader in her own way . . . Who ' s Who among us ... in grateful recognition. 1711 + 4 ■:■ V J ne l i aikd rn d5eawt y Amidst the glory of a " Spring Fantasy, " our Queen of May and her court were welcomed as the first ladies of May. Entertained by wood nymphs, the wild life of the woodland, the flowers and fairies in the lovely tradition associated with welcoming spring, this was a day of dancing and joyous festivity for all. Laurene Renfrew Harn, our Queen of the May, was attended by Mary Anna Sharpe and Mary McLean as maids of honor, and by Carol Bissette, Jean Holmes, Pat Fordham Myrick, Frances Scott, Carolyn Har- ward, Catherine Bacon, Lucy Stubbs, Dianne Page, Barbara Sutlive, Henriette Manget, Martha Lee Sher- rill, and Martha Hipp, May Day Chairman. The committee assisting Martha Hipp were: Mary Louise Price, costumes; Andora Hodgin, dances; Lucy Stubbs and Elizabeth Pearce, music; Cornelia Lowe, arrangements; Evelyn Butler, programs; Victoria DeVoe, script; Hilda Longest, publicity, and Jessie Maye Faulk, flowers. Miss Elizabeth Hathaway was faculty adviser. ■ MnBjB If sHfirfsS! ehBRm ■ ■■- ' ■ czLaurene l enfww r4am Queen of the May Laurene Renfrow Harn May Queen Mary Anna Sharpe Maid-oj -Honor Mary McLean Maid-oj ' -Honor MEMBERS OF THE COURT Lucy Stubbs Frances Scott Catherine Bacon Jean Holmes Pat Fordham Myrick Martha Hipp Henriette Manget Barbara Sutlive Dianne Page Carol Bissette Martha Lee Sherrill Carolyn Harward Mary Anna Sharpe Atlanta, Georgia M a i cJ-Jciu at l W. U. i MAY DAY COMMITTEE Mary Louise Price Costumes Andora Hodgin Dances Elizabeth Pearce Music Lucy Stubbs Music Cornelia Lowe Arrangements Evelyn Butler Programs Victoria DeVoe Script Hilda Longest Publicity Jessie Maye Faulk Flowers Martha Hipp Greensboro May Day Chairmen Pat Fordham Myrick, Greensboro Catherine Bacon, Winston-Salem 181 yor czLeadepshi = ljowtku Afmett ISS Greensboro, North Carolina ♦1«2 n d J t ervice IS5 victoria =JJ)e woe Red Bank, New Jersey i»;t ♦ if 1 (166 L amiila Ljrimn New Bern, North Carolina ♦ 184 IS5 an l Wood rrewltt Portsmouth, New Hampshire 185 ♦ Ldd jeavi J r 4oime5 Burlington, North Carolina + 186 M =J-)ianne f ac, Greensboro, North Carolina 187 LS5 (iJSawara Outlive Savannah, Georgia ♦ 188 166 1 V lamam ' t } t vvkeeler South Nyack, New York 189 ♦ Carolyn Harward SENIORS The purpose of the publication of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges has been twofold: First, to serve. as an outstanding honor in which a deserving student, after displaying merit in college a id accomplishing his goJls, would be given recognition without having to pay some fe . Second, to establish a refjyence volume of authoritative information on the great h dy of America ' s leading Irellege students. Membership on Who ' s Who Am o iaStndenf is career, summing up all the otherlhonlrs schalasti Mary McLean JUNIORS ost out of their college careers as well as cooperation of over 600 American uni- f national recognition for graduates which is Several students from accredited colleges are selected prejudiced committee, for their biographies to appear in Who ' s Who s in American Universities and Colleges. These books are placed in the hands of hundreds of companies and others who annually recruit outstanding students for employment. Friday Night Hopefuls Please Help That Gal When Jane Came Back Hey, Hey, What Town Is This ? Strictly Forbidden You Know -Al Winfield ' s Winsome Women, They Say. Faithful James. If 2 vrtidivi the yvaverti VERTISEMENTS " The pause that refreshes . . . Ten, Two and Four . . . Rush, Rush for Orange Crush . . . The Housewife ' s Friend . . . Best by Taste Test . The Oasis of Good Food . . . Clothes for the Col- lege Girl. " 193 ♦ B L ■MB £ ! i 1 tir it i! fiH 1 I 1 I . I , M I 1 Refreshment tells you its Drink ice-cold Coca-Cola. Taste its delicious goodness. Enjoy the happy after-sense of refreshment it brings. By just this ex- perience of complete refreshment, millions have come to wel- come the quality of Coca-Cola— the quality of the real thing. ■ OTTIED UNOe« AUTHORITY OF THt COCA COIA COMPANY §Y Pause ••• Go refreshed eca 5 You trust its quality GREENSBORO ecu BOTTLING COMPANY l?M» E. D. WRRREn 220 Vi W. MARKET ST. Real Estate " If It ' s Paper " DILLHRD PAPER CO. £ Greensboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Greenville, S. C. Roanoke, Va. Bristol, Va. THE GRILL L ourteoui J ei FRED SHOWFETY, Proprietor Complete Line of Sporting Goods Devoe Paints and Artists Materials KEARNS PAINT COMPANY 197 SHOP AT— SILER-COBLE L iotnei tor trie L oileae Ljirl . Compliments of . . Manuels Cafe S outk 5 cJLeadina f eitaurant AL.CRO|| jJJ CDLA i MCS0«f 2 full C " J.! glasses 3t - 1 Greensboro NEHI Bottling Co., Inc. Phone 9824 THE COLLEGE SHOP ' l our " SHOP SOCIETY IM S COLLEGE SEAL JEWELRY GIFTS Wll IIIIIIIIS Phone 2-1414 405 Tate Street Modern Charm Beauty Shop " Across from the Victory " OIL SIIIIITIIMIOS • COLD IIIIIIIS ■ ITIIIIIICIIIIIS Call 6526 Mrs. W. H. Bennett, Mgr. The LOTUS Restaurant L ninese ana American Diikei 105 South Greene St. Delicious CHOW MEIN 198 LANE ' S LAUNDRY " The Housewife ' s Friend ' JJependabve Ut£ en Phone 4159 eaneri 814 W. Market St. THE BOOK SHOP GREETING CARDS LEATHER NOVELTIES . . . BOOKS STATIONERY MRS. CHARLES A. FARREL MANAGER 1 15 South Greene St. l emembi ememoer HAMMOCK BRAND ORANGES and GRAPEFRUIT are the Cream of the Orchard II I. ANDERSONS CO. GREENSBORO, N. C. DISTRIBUTORS DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. GREENSBORO, N. C. 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Bl H BllP ' W Vi wMmg ' ■■ ' - Hq bHE | 5 ' " " r -i? 1mm giffesG--,; ' --V ■ i S ! ? g±sm r | HF I Sg ' -; • ' " : ' .f -V 6% S IroF m Wm ' 4 1 - i m wA i .s yj k? • ■ MmwM mi T r ' ■ 4Sr JBBlPfe-v- ' V - ■ ' ■ ' ; :W Mww. r ' ' : charlotJte ENGRAVING CO. dckafrSj UwulclL 6 iq tatf td =, g j Cha rlotte, North Ca rol i na 202 zL affltek CAal£c e , A . Ctac ta SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS PRINTERS OF YOUR YEARBOOK ■■■HBSflHHHi fib STUDEflT DIRECTORY Abernatlir. Betty Rose, 410 Cold St.. Shelby 127 Abernethv. Adelaide, 226 Linwood Ave., Buffalo 9, N. Y.. 40 Ackerman. Pamelia. Wallace 40, 152, 153 Aeree, Frances, 1604 Fort Bras:;, ' Rd., Faye tteville .. .40, 73 Adams. Jean. -2330 Westover Dr.. Winston-Salem 7, 106. 153 Addington. Mamie, Franklin 40 Agnew. Mary Ellen. 1214 Myrtle Ave., Charlotte — Aiken. Elizabeth Sarah. Hotel Hillsboro. Raleigh 106 Alderman. Man " Elizabeth. 2120 Klein Rd.. Princess Pl„ Wilmington — Alexander, Doris. Route 1, Matthews 88 Alexander. Julia Cornelia. Box 207, Morganton 88 Alexander. Julia Thorns. 415 Sunset Ave.. Asheboro 168 Alexander. Margaret. 415 Sunset Ave.. Asheboro 40, 152. 153 Alexander. Melcena. 200 E. Hendrix St.. Greensboro 106 Alexander. Prudence. 506 W. Front St.. Statesville 106 Alfano, Vera — Allen. Joyce Jacqueline, Mars Hill 88 Allen, Joseph — Allen, Lula Belle, Eldorado 40 Allen, Martha Brookes. 4s Coleman Ave.. Asheville 23. 123. 124 Allen, Mary Katherine. Warrenton 88 Allen. Peggy, lis W. Lynch St.. Durham 131. 132 Allen. Virginia. Hamilton St.. I.eaksville 88 Allison, Virginia E.. 223 N. Spring St.. Greensboro — Alman, Elizabeth Anne. 60s Richardson. High Point 124 Almond. Peggy Marie. 547 X. Favetteville. Asheboro 127 Alpert. Marilyn. 139 E. 94th St.. New York, X. Y — Alspaugh. Betty. R. F. D. 2. Winston-Salem 125 Alston. Martha. Littleton 88 Alston. Virginia Jean. Littleton 126 Amos. Jane. 153 Middle St.. New Bern 124 Amos. Mrs. Marjorie Self. Route 5. Greensboro 88 Anderson. Evelyn J.. River Rd.. Belmar, X. J. 23. 40. 65. 190 Anderson. Jane. 352 Woodland Dr.. Box 12. Pittsburgh 10. Pa. ...... .88 Anderson. Margaret Jean, Route 3. Reidsville 132 Anderson. Ruth. 629 Onklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem 154 Andrew. Doris. 501 Arlington St.. Greensboro 40 Andrews. Anne Elizabeth. 2927 Market St.. Wilmington hs Andrews. Dorothy Elizabeth. Laurel Hill Rd.. Chapel Hill 124 Andrews. Kathleen. Broadway. Tryon 88 Ansley. Nancy, 2222 Crescent Ave.. Charlotte 106. 167 Anthony. Bernice. 1112 Forest Hill Dr.. High Point 40 Antrim. Mary Katherine. Route 3. Greensboro 40 Appel. Elizabeth. 1628 E. 30th St.. Baltimore Is, Md. 41 Apperson. Mary Louise. Route I. Mocksville 88, 154 Applewhite, Elizabeth. Box 1233. Wilmington . . 154 Applewhite. Maxine, Acme .. ..106 Archer, Gertrude. 1159 Battleground Ave.. Greensboro 129 Archer. Mary. Hotel Saltville. Saltville. Va. 88 Armstrong. Carol. 711 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City 106 511 W. 2nd Avenue. Gastonia 12. " . iington Rd.. 41, 140, 152. 1S2. 190 ?st Rri.. Ridgewood. X. J. 106 Ridgewood. X. J. 88 Armstrong. Rachel Stowf Arnett. Dorothy. 117 Kei Greensboro Arnold, Elaine. 727 Hillc Arnold. Ethel. 138 Melro Arnold, Gloria C. 201 S. Tremont. Greensboro Arrowood. Katharine Murray. Barium Springs 1010 Arendell St., Morehead City Ruth. 411 Mitchell Ave.. Salisbury 124. 153 Arth Arthur: Asbell, Lois. Belvidere 88 Ashcraft. Frances Donnell, 2 11 W. Wade St.. Wadesboro 127 Atkin. Henrietta. 323 W. Sixth Ave.. Hendersonville. . 106 Atkins. Louise. 620 Asheboro St.. Greensboro 88 Atkins. Virginia Louise. 219 Gibhs Rd.. Fountain City, Tenn 88 Atkinson. Lelia E.. 114 Cypress St.. Greensboro 88, 142 Auman. Evelyn. Route 3, Asheboro 106 Austell. Catherine. 2610 Vanderbilt Ave.. Raleigh 41 Fourth St.. Albemarle Austin. Christine Ma Austin. Eula Alice. Jefferson Austin, Jane. Holt Lake Rd„ Smithfield . .88 Austin, Roberta. Jefferson loo Austin. Sarah. Four Oaks . . . . — Austin, Sybil Bernadine. Hatteras ,. , — Avery, Elizabeth, 839 Lockland Ave.. Winston-Salem hh Aycock. Kathleen. Fremont 41 Aydelette, Annabelle, 1202 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro 132 — B— Babcock, Ellen, 4831 Old Dominion Dr., Arlington, Va. . 88 Babin. Earline, 216 Tate Street, Greensboro Baber, Martha Allen. 602 W. Graham St., Shelby , 106 Bacon. Catherine, lsoo Brantley St.. Winston Salem 41 Bagwell. Eleanor Ann, 13m Providence Rd.. Charlotte . . 88 Bailey. Evelyn Hope. Burnsville 88 Bailey, Mary " Patsy, 322 S. Pearl St.. Rocky Mount 12 1 Bailey. Patsy, Box 71. S ha Bailey, Rosalie. 705 Spring St.. Hamlet 12s Balch. Ellen H„ Ditchley, F.aston, Md. 126 Baldwin. Evelyn Ree. 205 McLaurin Ave.. Laurinburg mm Baldwin. Grace Corpening. Xebo 90 Bales. Betty Jean. Gantt Apt. 15-C. High Point II. 153. 169 Ballinger. Betty Lou. Guilford College 132 Ballinger. Emily, Guilford College 128 Bannerman, Ann. 300 w. Pearsall St., Dunn Barber. Betty Scott. Pittsboro 11, 51, 1 15, 1(5 Barber, Guelda. Route 1. Elon College .132 Barber. Jeanne. Goldston , , — Barber. Mary " Wilmoth. 2210 Fairview Rd.. Raleigh 11 Barclay. Maude Lucille. 406 W. Joppa Rd., Baltimore 4. Md. — Barefoot, Iris, Hallsboro 106 Barnard. Patsy. Box 101. Weaverville 124 Barnes, Betsy Bennett. 105 Warren St.. Wilson 125 Barnes, Dorothy, Lueama ... .106 Barnes. Nina Ann. Route 4. Henderson .128 Barnes. Rebecca Catherine. Route 1. Box 44. Henderson -- Barnett. Frances Ann, Joppa. Md. 124 Barnett. Roberta. 4503 Ridge St.. Chevy Chase. Mil. 11. 1 10 Barnette. Lottie Jean. Route 6. Charlotte 127 Barney. Mary Elizabeth, 300 Tate St., Greensboro Barnwell. Ann. Edneyville 41 Barr. Xena. West Jefferson 42. 45, 153 Page Xo. Barrier, Grace, Mt. Pleasant 88 Barrie, Janis. 160 S. Union St.. Concord 106 Barrs, La Verne, 104 Lancaster Rd., Richmond, Va 88 Barrv, Jean, Route 2, Box 450-B. Greensboro — Bartenfleld, Shirley Carol, R. F. D„ Dunwoody, Ga — Bason, Dorothy, Yaneeyville 106 Bason. Marjorie. Graham 42 Bass. Carolyn, Halifax 42 Bass, Elizabeth. Mansion Park Hotel. Raleigh 106, 154 Bass, Mary Elizabeth. 219 W. Park Dr., Greensboro . — Hatchelor. Doris Ward. Box 314, Nashville 125 Bateman. Marjorie, Creswell 42 Baucom. Jane. 1003 Club Dr., High Point 106 Baxter, Rachel, Winston Rd., Greensboro 42 Baylor, Beverly, 106 Elmwood Drive, Greensboro — Beal, Agnes, Red Oak — Beall, Kenna Dalton. 610 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 88 Beam. Marjorie. 324 Beaumond. Shelby 127 Beaman, Betty Sue. 107 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro . — Bean, Haldane. 22 Xorwood Ave.. Asheville 88 Bearden, Florence Madeline. Lookout Mtn., Asheville .125 Beasley, Kitty Jo. 625 W. Main St., Elizabeth City 128, 153, 154 Beasley. Rebecca Ann. 131 Worth St., Mount Airy 126 Beatty, Dorothy. Tomahawk 42 Beck. Billie Cay. 914 Omaha St.. Greensboro 131.132 Beck. Jean Carol. Danbury 124 Beck. Montise, E. Center St., Lexington — Beckham. Rebecca. High Rock 42 Beeson, Nellie Gretchel. 2013 Wright Ave.. Greensboro. . .88 Belch. Marjorie, 705 McGee St.. Greensboro — Belk, Marie, 1409 E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro 23, 42 Bell. Alice. Round Bay Road. Round Bay. Md. 88,153 Bell. Amanda M.. 112 Rolling Rd.. Burlington 126 Bell. Beverly. 109 Mclver St.. Greensboro 126. 154 Bell, Caroline. 2605 Woodline Rd.. Winston-Salem . . . . 88 Bell. Charline Swanner. 120 W. Fifth St.. Washington 132 Bell. Dorothy Amelia. Box S62. Bl. Mountain 106 Bell. Dorothy Ann, 206 Bell Ave.. Kannapolis 42 Bell. Mary Jane, 344 Ponce de Leon. N. E.. Apt. 16, Atlanta. Ga 106 Bell. Mary Katherine. 509 Second St.. Spencer 89 Benbau. Frances. 840 W. End Blvd.. Winston Salem 127 Benedict. Mrs. Phyllis Strikland. 526 Highland Ave.. Greensboro 42 Bennett. Anne. 323 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount 43 Bennett. Ida. 3 Marshall Ri.lge. New Canaan, Conn 106 Bennett, Katherine Collins. Chapel Hill 126, 154 Bennett. Man ' Ruth. 203 Water St., Lumberton — Bennett, Mary Lou, 329 Mclver St.. Greensboro 43 Benson. Catherine Deck. Pelham. N. Y. Benson. Elizabeth Jane. 1903 Ann St.. Wilmington 126 Berger, Frances. 203 Xorth 13th St.. Wilmington — Bernard. Mary Ellen. 2418 Camden Rd., Greensboro 132 Bernstein. Rita, 108 W. Avondale. Greensboro 106 Berry. Mary Strudwick. 30 4 Wentworth Dr.. Greensboro 125 Berry, Mary ' Helen. Bakersville Berry, Mozelle, Route 6. Greensboro Bible. Jean, 20 Howland Rd.. Asheville BiggerstatT, Gwendolyn. 222 Young St.. Shelby Bingham. Virginia Gcraldine. Sugar Grove .. ' .... Bird. Ethel Paula. 2166 Xorton Rd.. Charlotte 124 Birkhead. Ann. 130 Elm St.. Asheboro 107, 153 Bissette. Carol. S07 Broad St.. Wilson 43, 49, 169 Black. Mareia. 412 Lexington Ave.. Thomasville 107 Blackwelder. Lydia. 942 W. End Blvd.. Winston-Salem 107 Blakely, Bettie, 705 E. Tremont Ave.. Charlotte 43 Blakely, Nancy. 705 E. Tremont Ave.. Charlotte 107 Blalock, Dare. 3901 E. Market St., Greensboro 43 Blalock. Elizabeth. 805 X. Main St.. Burlington 43 Blalock. Jean, 614 W. Kivett St.. Asheboro 43,153 Blalock. Johnnie Meadows. 405 Broad St.. Oxford 126 Blalock. Man, " Sue, 3901 E. Market St., Greensboro 128 Blard. Myra Virginia. 112 E. Grainger Ave.. Kinston 126 Blaney, Dorothy. 1719 Bay St.. Charlotte .89 Black. Anne. Rock Springs Rd.. Greenville — Blanton, Edith Anne. Box 20. Kenansville 12a Blanton. Jean. 1914 Lenox Ave., Charlotte 3 89 Blanton. Sara. Ellenboro 43 Blylock. Lala. Apex 43 Blitstein, Carol. 850 E. 24th St., Brooklyn. N. Y 106 Blue, Marie. Frances Lee Apts.. Laurinburg 128 Bloodworth. Margaret. 620 X. Elm St.. Greensboro — Blue. Clara. Route 3. Carthage — Blue. Mary Alice. Route 3, Carthage . . 126 Blumenstock, Sallee Lenore. 345 30th St.. West Palm Beach. Fla. 124 Blumenthal. Margie. Franklin 107 Bobbitt. Bufnrd. 910 E. Blvd.. Charlotte 123. 126. 129 Boesser, Wilhelmina. 1024 Miller St.. Winston-Salem 23. 44 Boggs. Jacqueline, Route 2. Forest City 44 Bond. Barbara. Guilford College 44, 153 Bond, Clara. 13 Y Lake Forest. Wilmington 107, 154 Bond. Margaret Elizabeth. 13 Y Lake Forest. Wilmington 126 Bondurnnt. Marie. Guilford 41 Boney. Lillian. 720 Marigold St.. Rocky Mount ,89 Booker. Laurena. 412 S. Chapman St.. Greensboro — Boone. Camilla Allyn. Jackson 89 Boone. Doris. Route 1. High Point .89 Boone. Mrs. Jane Murray. Lexington Ave.. Burlington 3. 41 Bordraux. Marie. Burgaw . . 132 Boren. Marian Dick. X. C. O. H.. Gastonia . . . — Boring. Grace Minor. Hancock St.. Oxford 126 Boseman. Marjorie Grey. Route 3. Rocky Mount 124 Bostian. Betty Jean. 2109 East Fifth St.. Charlotte 89. 153. 157 Bosworth. Janice Miriam. 31 Woodlawn PI.. Longmeadow. Mass. 125 Boulus. Jumela, 95 Brumley St.. Concord 107. 141 Bowden. Anne. Route 3. Wilmington — Bowden, Frances. Milledgeville. Ga. 125 Bowen. Mary, Route 2. Gastonia Bower. Emily. 314 S. State St.. Lexington .89 Bowers. Nancy. 8 Brunswick Rd.. Montclair, N. J. 105 Bowie, Irene. 600 S. Church St., Monroe 89, 166 Bowman. Nancy Irene. Browns Summit 107 Boyd. Myrtle Evelyn. Box 1165. Rocky Mount 127 Boyette. Melva. Route 2. Princeton 44 Bradford, Laura Kathryn, 508 X. Main Ave.. Newton 107 Page No. Bradford, Nell, Box 32. Davidson 3, 44. 67 Bradley, Frances, 101 S. Anderson St.. Morganton 107 Bradley, Margaret Plonk, Washington Ave., Bessemer City 127 Bradshaw, Julia, Rock Ridge. Wilson 41 Brame. Nancy, 2100 Briarwood Rd.. Charlotte ... 89 Branch. Martha Anne. 313 Sunset Dr.. Wilson 127 Brandenburg. Margaret Joy. 1128 Coolidge Rd., Elizabeth. N. J. 23, 125 Brandon. 11a Virginia, Vadkinville 127 Brandt, Carolyn Coker, 222 X. Edgeworth, Greensboro. — Brannock, Marjorie, Box 763. Mt. Airy 124 Branower. Rosalie M.. 300 Central Park, West, Xew York, N. Y 44 Brantley, Alice Marguerite. Box 514. Tryon 127 Braswell. Doris. Box 24. Wilson Mills M9 Braswell, Nina. Jackson 107 Brawiey, Ruth. Route 2. Mooresville 107 Braxton. Doris Anne. 501 Pine St.. Greensboro 132 Breazeale, Ruth. 17 Brinkerhoff Ave.. Freehold, N. J. 129. 154 Brccdcn. Betty, 112 Moore St., Bennettsville. S. C. 45. 61 Brett. Virginia Louise. 403 W. Main St.. Ahoskie 89 Brewer. Grace, Jamesville 129 Bright. Helen. Rutherford College 45 Brimhall. Betty, 412 Corona St.. Winston-Salem 154 Brinkley. Alice Elizabeth, loot Kenan St.. Wilson 125 Brinson, Martha. 511 Bock St.. Wilmington 89 Bristow. June, Route 1. Box 21. Laurinburg ... 45 Britt. Dorothy. 614 College St., Clinton 45 Britt. Martha. 417 Forest Ave., High Point 89 Brittain. Elizabeth Ann, Box 361. Black Mountain ... 89 Brittain, Mary Elizabeth, 310 E. Hardin. Graham 129 Broadbooks, Gracia. 222 Aldine St.. Rochester. N. Y — Brock. Frances, 320 S. Mendenhall, Greensboro 129 Brockmann, Elizabeth, 912 Fairway Dr., High Point 45 Brooks, Edna Sue, son Lexington Ave., Greensboro 128 Brooks, Polly Ann, Route 3, Monroe 89 Brooks. Sybil. 23 Shepherd St.. Raleigh 129.153 Brothers. Bess. Route 1, Kinston 123. 124 Brown, Doris Louise, Burnsville 129 Brown. Evelyn. 120 Xunn St., Wilmington 89 Brown, Evelyn Marie, 201 W. 2nd St., Lexington 125 Brown. Jean Davis, 2 Glenn Apts., Dacian Ave., Durham 127 Brown. Marilyn, 2 Park Lane, Glenbrook, Conn 125 Brown. Sara Lois, Seaboard . 127 Brown, Virginia Estelle, 515 Broad St.. Oxford .125 Bruff. Mary Clay, 409 Woodlawn Ave.. Greensboro . . . . — Bruin. Betty Ruth. 2606 S. Lynn St.. Arlington. Va. . 124 Brunt. Nancy, 8(14 Miller St.. Winston Salem 45 Bruton. Annie Ruth. 311 Julian Ave.. Thomasville 129 Bruton. Juanita. Dogwood Acres. Asheboro 89 Bruton. Sue Alice, Candor Bryan, Annie Lou. White Oak 45 Bn ' an. Helen. College St.. Jacksonville 45 Bryan, Kathryn. 29 Broadview Ave.. Asheville 129 Bryant. Betty J.. 1911 Alexander Rd., Raleigh 126 Buchanan. Bessie Mae. Wendell 127 Budlong. Elizabeth Rowena, 2110 Queen St., Winston-Salem 127 Bulla, Lita Grey. Route 2. Box 121. Fayetteville 127 Bullock, Edna, W. Main St., Jonesboro .89 Bulluck. Betsy Ann. Eaglewood. Rocky Mount 126, 141 Bumpass. Susie Gray. Virgilina. Va. 128 Bunting. Ernestine, E. Naomi St.. Randlepnan — Buquo. Mary Leta. Monroe Apts.. Asheville 125 Burgwin. Eleanor Faison. 1102 Chestnut St.. Wilmington 126 Burke. Man " . 1824 Georgia Ave.. Winston-Salem 45 Burnett. Mann Mary Bvrd. 201 X. Church St.. Rocky Mount 134 Burnette. Louise. Scaly 46 Burns. Lora Evie. Blair Hotel. Pittsboro 89 Burns, M arjorie, 2103 W. Innes St.. Salisbury 89 Burns. Man. 202 Hinsdale Ave.. Fayetteville 46 Burris, Iris. 442 N. Church St.. Concord 46 Burrus. Mary Elizabeth. 10% George St., New Bern .... 129 Burwell, Helen. I215 Biltmore Dr.. Charlotte I .89 Bushee. Barbara Kaley. 2 150 Overlook Rd.. Cleveland, O. — Butler. Doris Neal. Route 1. Reidsville 132 Butler. Evelyn, 326 McRae St.. Laurinburg 46. 170 Buvck. Betty, St. Matthews. S. C. 89 Bvers. Bettie Louise. 615 W. Bell St.. Statesville 124, 153 Bynurn, Susan Sheppanl, Pinetops 124. 129, 153, 15 1 Bvrd. Clara, Route 3. Burlington 46 Bvrd, Jane Ellen, 709 Asheboro St., Greensboro 46 Byrum. Annie Macon. 203 Granville, Edenton 46 Cain. Joyce. Cana 46 Calhoun. Jean Croeson, 121 Colonial Ave.. Charlotte — Calvert. Anne. Jackson 46 Calvert, Dorothy, Oakland St.. Mt. Holly 124 Calvert. Ellen. 22 Arborvale Rd.. Asheville 46 Cameron, Virginia, 2350 Rusk St.. Beaumont, Texas 89 Campbell, Sarah, Box 119 Washington — Caneega. Violet. 522 Stirling St.. Greensboro 47 Cann, I.vndal Jean. Route 1. Box 352. Greensboro 129 Capps. Emmv Lou, 2239 Que St., X. W„ Washington 8, D. C 125 Caraway, Joyce, 212 Rose Terrace. Wadesboro 125 Carberry. Pat, Greensboro Country Club. Greensboro 125 Cames, Marion. 1510 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 132. 142 Carpenter. Isabelle. 503 Mahaley Ave., Salisbury — Carraway, Edna, 706 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 47 Carroll, Alexa. 1421 Park Dr.. Raleigh 89.154 Carroll. Jane, Fourth St.. Mebane 47 Carson. Mildred, Robersonville Carter, Mildred Anne, 1606 Craig St.. Raleigh — Carter, Anne Shirley, Waneland Dr.. Shirley Hills. Macon. Ga — Carter. Catherine Keat. Box 673. Macon. Ga. Carter, Margaret, 107 N. Anderson St., Morganton — Carter, Winnifred, Box 426. Maxton — Casper. Man ' Erma. Xew London 139 Cathev, Dorcas Jean. Route 6. Charlotte 2 .......— Caudi ' ll. Rose Zell. 310 C. Street. Xorth Wilkesboro 89 204 STUDEflT DIRECTORY- - Page No. Caudle. Beverly. 2619 Lassiter Mill Rd.. Raleigh 139 Caudle, Bobby Ann, N. Main St., Randleman 89 Caulfled. Elizabeth, Box 133, Narrows. Va 127 Causby, Marjorie, 323 Burkeinont Ave.. Morganton 47 Causby, Ruth, Box 546. Bessemer City 89 Causey. Martha, Route 1, Liberty 127 Causey. Mildred Lou. Route 1. Liberty 127 Chamberlain. Jane, 70 Brookside Dr.. Greenwich, Conn. 127 Chambers, Gladys lone. 2012 Lewis Circle, Raleigh 127. 129 Chamblee, Laurene, Route 1, Louisburg — Chandler. Barbara Bramble. 145 Monticello Ave.. Annapolis, Md. 89 Chandler, Mary. 17 Lake Forest Parkway. Wilmington 124 Chaney, Mary Ella, 501 Arlington St.. Greensboro — Chapman. Elizabeth. 117 Bra. block Rd.. Pittsburgh, Pa.. . . 90 Chappell, Emily. Cathelwood. Roxboro Rd.. Durham 154 Cheek. Rene Lou, Route 3, Chapel Hill 126 Cherry. Christine. Roanoke St.. Scotland Neck 90 Cherry. William R.. Box 12. Hobgood 23, 90, 191 Chester. Opal June. Box 191. Pittsboro 127 Childers, Mary Evelyn, 221 Bell Ave., Kannapolis 127 Chitty. Ola A.. Murfreesboro 90 Chronister. Jonnie Joyce. Lincolnton 125 Chrysler, Jeanne M., 711 Dover Dr., Greensboro — Chrucli. Mary Ruth. Route 2. North Wilkesboro 90 Claiborne, Mary Katherine. 2111 Camden Rd., Greensboro 119 Clapp. Hazel. 302 Carolina Ave.. Spencer — Clark. Margaret T.. Route 4. Durham 47 Clegg, Barbara Ruth, 303 Warren St., Greensboro 128 Clegg, Mary McKeithan, Carthage 128 Clement. Elizabeth. 307 Ridgewav Dr., Greensboro 90, 168 Clemmer. Peggy, Sanford 123, 125 Cline, Constance. Route 3. Box 55, Concord 90, 157 Cline, Sibyl La Verne, 510 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury 127 Cloer. Linda Sue. Taylorsville 125 Cloyd, Ann. 2224 Hillsboro St.. Raleigh 90,171 Cobb, Emilie. 511 Newton St.. High Point 90 Cobb. Geraldine. 412 N. Ellis Ave.. Dunn 124 Cobb. Helen. 400 W. Front St., Burlington 130, 153 Cobb. Kathryn. 415 W. Johnston St.. Smithfield 130, 164 Cobb. Man- Frances, Route 1. McLeansville — Coble. Marjorie F... Route 4. Burlington 125, 153 Coble, Mary Emma, Route 1, Julian — Cockinos, Petsa. 1119 Winifred. Charlotte .. 126 Cochrane, Agnes. Quinn-Marshall, Laurinburg 130 Cochrane. Gene. 406 S. Aspen St.. Lincolnton 90 Cockman, Margaret. 620 Myers Lane. Greensboro — Coggins, Betty Jane. Route 1, Swannanoa 90 Coghill, Flora Kittrell. Route 1. Henderson 132 Cohen. Bernice. lis South Green St.. Statesville . .90 Cohen. Dorothy Nan, 325 Bluemont Ave., Roanoke. Va... 90 Cole. Betsy Ann. Box 102. Raeford 127 Cole, Katherine, 515 Woodlawn Ave.. Greensboro 90, 140, 191 Cole, Louise, 409 N. Wilmington St.. Raleigh 47 Cole, Margaret, 203 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury — Cole. Marian. 416 Midland Dr.. Asheville .....— Coleman. Frances Page. Gloucester. Ya. 125 Coleman, Meta, Franklin Heights Apts., Apt. 8-C, Roanoke, Va. 90 Coley, Virginia Elizabeth. 120 Ashe Ave.. Newton 127 Collins. Ann. 1613 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 12s Collins. Fav Willis. Wildwood 127 Collison, Helen. 7ns Fifth Ave.. Greensboro 47 Comins. Peggy. 2013 Washington St.. Bluelield. W. Va. 130 Commander. Virginia. 705 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City 90 Congleton. Virginia Annette. Stokes Cook. Charlotte Russell. 701 Lake Otis Dr., Winter Haven. Fla 127 Cook, Marjorie Corinne. 216 W. Smith St.. Greensboro 132 Cook, Nora Lee, 502 Central Ave.. Burlington 90 Cooke. Alice G.. Route 1, Franklinton 132 Cooke. Ruth. Aulander Cooke. Ruth M.. 218 Hart Blvd.. New York, N. Y 90 Cooling. Ruth. 2S06 Bavnard Blvd.. Wilmington. Del. . . — Cooper, Mary Anne. 925 Nicholas St.. Henderson . 44. 166 Copley. Ann M.. 108 Home St.. Raleigh 125 Corbett. Catherine. 806 Waterworks Rd.. Wilson 90 Costa. Francoise, 2-74149 PI.. Whitestone. N. V. 125 Costas. Hellen, 15 Princess St.. Wilmington 127 Cothran. Anne. 1416 Park Dr.. Raleigh 120 Couch, Jane Calvert. Box 510. Chapel Hill 127 Covington. Doris, 226 S. Park St.. Asbeboro — Covington. Frances Katherine. 1925 E. Ninth St.. Charlotte 4 130 Covington. Margaret Blanche, 701 S. Main St.. Laurinburg 124 Covington, Marian, 2226 Greenwav Ave.. Charlotte 130 Covington, Tommie Marie. 1002 Magnolia St., Greensboro 132 Covington, Virginia Annette 128 Cowan. Virginia. Garland — Cowheard. Nancy. 106 S. Aycock St., Greensboro 47 Cox. Alda. Route 2. Jonesboro 90 Cox. Cynthia. Route 3. Winston-Salem — Cox. Eugenia. Jurney St.. Mount Olive 48 Cox. Janet. 203 Tate St.. Greensboro 48 Cox. Jean. Woodlawn. Va 23.90 Cox. Juanita. 373 Hill St.. Asheboro Cox. Nancy. Nashville 48 Craig Evelyn Anne. 2333 Kenmore Ave.. Charlotte 126 Craig. Mary Locke, Governor ' s View Rd.. Asheville 125 Cranfnrd. Hilda Louise. Candor 125 Crawford. Edna. Cooleemee 126 Crawford Margy Isabelle. 90 1 Terrell St.. Greensboro 128 Crawford. Marilyn. B ' ack Mountain 139 Creech, Carolyn. Clayton Cresson. Esther. 209 Reform St.. Lenoir 127 Crews. Eugenia. 308 Windsor St.. Monroe 90 Crews. Janet Katherine. 1310 Waughtown St., Winston-Salem ...... 124 Crist. Henrietta. Box 3 16. Jacksonville — Cromer Nancv. 915 Magnolia Ave.. Charlotte 130 Crone. Marie Elizabeth. 605 N. Lionel St.. Goldsboro. — Cross, Roma Lee, Gates 127 Crow. Kathleen. 220 l Rozzells Ferry Rd.. Charlotte 130 Crowder. Ruth. Box 22. Lattimore 48 Crowder. Sara, 1620 St. Mary ' s St.. Raleigh 90 Crowell. Betty Jo.. 2001 Midwood PI., Charlotte 132 Page No. Crump, Rose, South Fifth St., Box 803, Albemarle . 90 Crumpler, Elizabeth, 206 Sycamore, Clinton 90 Crumpton. Janie, Roxboro 130, 145 Crutchtield. Clarice. Route 1, Guilford College 48 Culbertson, Sarah, 219 Henderlite St.. Salisbury 134 Cummings, Mabel, 60S N. Queen St., Kinston — Curlee, Mildred, Box 152. Oakboro 130 Current. La Vonne, Olin 90 Currie, Nancy Ray, Jackson Springs 48 Curtis, Nancy Ann. Ill E. Avondale, Greensboro — Cushwa, Nannie, Reams Ave., Roxboro 47, 48 — D— Dail, Julia, Route 1, La Grange 48 Dail, Mira Ruth, Route 1, La Grange 124 Dalton, Anne, 531 Clover St., Winston-Salem . . 130 Daniel, Jane Brady, 2200 Charlotte Dr., Charlotte 126 Daniel, Ruth, Route 2, Elm City 90 Daniels, Margaret Jeannette. 30 Woodward Ave., Asheville 124 Darden, Derusha. Murfreesboro 126 Darden, Susan. 110 Park Ave., Wilson 90, 166 Darsey, Marion Patricia, 518 Fenton PI., Charlotte 126 Daughtry, Helen, Inn South Butler Dr., Midway Park. . 131 Da Vault. Helen Alice. 1325 Biltmore Dr., Charlotte — Davenport, Lizzie. Whitakers 90 Davidson, Lula Welsh, s Hall St., Wadesboro 130 Davis, Annie Lou, Bath 130 Davis, Audrey, 115 Military Ave.. Salisbury 124 Davis, Betty, Weldon 124 Davis. Betty Euune, Pine St.. Mt. Airy — Davis. Elinor, lis E. Miller St.. Salisbury 90 Davis. Elizabeth Ruth. 456 Wasena Ave., Roanoke, Va. .48 Davis, Florence, Al Orleando Apts., Wilmington 132 Davis, Frances. Route 3. Conway, S. C 139,154 Davis. Helen Maye, Box 312, Connelly Springs 91 Davis, Juanita, Englewood. Rocky Mount — Davis, Martha Lea, 20 Tallassee, Badin .32, 49, 144. 145, 190 Davis, Silma Deene, Rt. 2. Pores Knob 32 Davis. Thelma, 2013 Creecy Ave., Wilmington 130 Dawson, Sarah, 157 8th Ave.. Cramerton 49 Day, Irene May. Route 1, Oxford 124 Deal, Dorothv, 2011 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte — Deaton, Marjorie Louise. 220 W. Blvd., Charlotte 124 De Bruhl. Patricia, l sii Middle St., New Bern 125 Deck, Jean, Peldean Court, Pelham, N. Y 91 DeHart, Clarie C. 317 Price Ave., Narberth, Pa. 125 Dehoney, Martyvonne, 40 Malapin Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J 126 Dellinger. Anne Scott. Delta. Ivanhoe 125 Dellinger, Kathleen, Box 233, Conover 127 Dellinger. Marie. Box 246, Cherryville 49 Dellinger, Vilma, Box 246, Cherryville 130 Denning, Helen, 907 E. Mulberry St.. Goldsboro 91 Denny, Betty, 1510 Caswell Dr.. Raleigh 30 Denny. Elizabeth, 100 Unaka Ave.. Linwood Pk., Asheville 131 Dent, Mary Agnes, 25 E. Braddoch Rd., Alexandria, Va. . .91 Derby, Jean, Tryon 91 DeVoe, Victoria, 57 Reckless PL, Red Bank, N. J 22, 24, 49, 152, 153, 154, 183 Dayton, Susan Phillips. Box 116, Spruce Pine — Dickens, Catherine. Route 1, Vorine 131 Dickey, Eleanor. 310 W. Dioine St.. Dunn — Dickson, Jean, Route 2, Sterling ltd.. Plainfield, N. J. 49 Dillingham, Irene. Route 1. Barnardsville 49 Dillingham, Norma. Bernardsville 91 Dillon, Eleanor Marian. 215 W. Main St., Thomasville. . . ' .126 Dixon, Nettie Keller. Box 356. Chatsworth, Ga 125 Divelbiss. Daisy. Ill Logan Ave., Asheville 131 Dixon. Betty, 38 Mayflower Apt., Winston-Salem 23, 87, 91, 191 D ' lugin, Doris, 101 S. Seventh St., Wilmington 128 Dobbins. Nancv, Yadkinville . . 91 Dodd. Margaret, 117 N. Blount St.. Raleigh .. 131,132 Dodds, Blanche Eunice, 1525 Dodds Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn — Doggett, Diana, Route 3, Greensboro 91 Donaldson. Roberta. West End 127 Donovan, Mary Carter, Maxton 49 Doughtie, Eulala. HO Beamon St.. Clinton — Douglas, Helen, 515 Fenton PI., charlotte 126 Douglas, Virginia, Pine Bluff 49 Dozier, Nancy, 1110 Sycamore St.. Rocky Mount — Draper. Florence Allen. Weldon 124 Draughon. Cornelia. Whitakers 131 Driscoll, Betty Hudson. Route 3. Salisbury 49 Drysdale. Elizabeth. 550 Fleming St., Hendersonville , . 91 Dudley, Evelyn, 508 Broad St.. Oxford . — Duls, Mary Louisa, 2104 Vail Ave.. Charlotte 91 Duncan. Bobbie Jeanne, 512 W. Second St.. Gastonia, . . 125 Duncan, Marion. 2 4 Voorhis Ave., River Edge. N. J 131 Dunlap, Jean. 9 Willowdale Ct.. Montclair, N. J 91 Dunlap. Mary. Route 1, Swannanoa 91 Dunstan. Sarah, 818 St. Andrews, Tarboro 49 Duomi, Mildred, 300 N. Brevard St.. Charlotte 50 Durham. Penelope. 1600 Biltmore Dr.. Charlotte — Dysart, Erna Maude. Route 4. Marion 50 Dysart, Frances Viloa, Route 4. Marion 124 — E— Eagle, Nancy, 1515 Second St., Salisbury 131 Earles, Margaret Lucille, Route 1. Box 222, Greensboro 128 Earley. Janice. 405 First St., Ahoskie 131 Easley, Jo Ann. Box 264. Jacksonville 124 East, Janet. 153 Cumberland Ave.. Asheville 91 Easter. Elizabeth Anne. Walnut Cove ...... Eekard, Martha Sue. 1218 Hazel St.. Charlotte 2 127 Edgar, Shirley. 221 Albany Ave., Kingston, N. V. 127 Edge, Nona Hacknev. Raleigh Apts.. HI. Raleigh 125 Edgerton. Ann, 810 E. Waltnut St.. Goldsboro . 50 Edgerton. Gertrude. 1304 Evergreen Ave.. Goldsboro 91 Edgerton. Jean, sin E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro .131 Page No. Edgerton, Mary Sue, 105 N. Center St.. Goldsboro 125 Edmunds. Nancy. Spottswood PI.. Lynchburg. Va. 91, 141, 153 Edwards. Alineta, Route 1. Whitakers . .. 126 Edwards, Annette, Peachland 91 Edwards, Annie Louise, 276 Nassau St.. Princeton. N. J.. 125 Edwards. Constance, Trenton 121 Edwards. Ema. Tarpley St., Burlington . . 131 Edwards, Ethel, Route 7. Box 283, Greensboro . . .128 Edwards. Kathryn, Newport ,91 Elland. Flora. Elland 131.151 Egerton, Anita. Mill Spring .131 Eifort. Nancy. West End 127 Eifort, Ruth. West End 50 Elliott. Jayne, Cullowhee ,...91 Elliott. Patricia. 15 Collamore Ter.. West Orange. N. J. 131 Elliott. Theo, 502 S. Havne St.. Monroe . . . 126 Ellis, Ann. 212 Hylan Ave., Hamlet ... .91 Ellis, Oveida, 010 Montgomery St.. Henderson 125 Elmore, Lucy, Church, Scotland Neck 91 Emanuel, Barbara Jean. 41 s Champlain St.. Hamlet 126 Emory ' . Doris Ann. Route 3. Box 167, Greensboro 125 Endicott, Iva Campbell. 422 N. Hamilton St.. Leaksville 47 Ennis, Dorothv. 4114 Walker Ave., Greensboro 131 Epps, Louise, West 6th St.. Newton 50 Ershler. Helen Jean, 609 Sink St., High Point 124 Eskey, Kathryn. 129 Sherwood Ave.. Roanoke, Va 50 Eskey, Norma Lee. 429 Sherwood Ave.. Roanoke. Va. ..131 Estep, Grace, 20s South Edgeworth St.. Greensboro 50 Estes. Hazel. 1205 Wall St.. Durham 50 Etheridge, Hallie, Whitakers 23, 50 Etheridge. Lynda, Main St.. Whitakers 51, 153 Eutsler, Nancy Nelson. 18 Summit Dr., Lake Forest, Wilmington 135 Evans. Elizabeth A.. St. Pauls ....... W Evans, Rachel, Murfreesboro 51 Exum, Ann Berry. Snow Hill 125 — F— Fair, Mary Jeannette, 506 S. Aspen St., Lincolnton 125 Fales, Helen Vernella, 606 S. 7th St., Wilmington — Falk. Sylvia, 538 Lamar Ave., Charlotte 131 Falkener, Sarah Hilah, Warrenton 133 Falkner, Minerva. 160 Young Ave.. Henderson 51,170 Farlowe, Margaret, Route 1, Greensboro — Farmer, Alice, 1505 Princess St., Wilmington 23, 131, 145 Fanner, Beatrice, Norwood 51 Farmer. Marjorie Marie. 221 S. Pearl St., Rocky Mount. . — Farthing. Mary Hazel, Valle Crucis 131 Faulconer, Martha Murray, 405 Asheboro St., Greensboro 131 Faulk, Jessie Maye, Fairmont 51, 171 Federlein, Mary Powers, 2213 Beechridge Rd.. Raleigh ...51 Ferebee, Margaret Louise. Ernul 125 Ferguson, Frances, 119 N. East Ave.. Kannapolis . . . 126 Ferguson, Jean Rebecca, Box 511, Martinsville. Ya — Ferguson, Kathryn, Box 41, Weaverville 131 Ferguson, Yere Eugenia, 314 S. Greene St., Wadesboro 133, 141 Ferris. Ann, 49 Howard St., Verona, N. J. 125 Few, Cecile. Ridgecrest PL, Hendersonville — Ficker, Mary, 2 Forest Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn 91 Fincher, Peggy Jean, Route 2, Matthews 126 Fink. Mary Louise, 728 N. Church St.. Salisbury 91 Finley, Margaret, 1110 F Street, North Wilkesboro 131 Fishel, Katherine, 2208 Sunnyside Ave., Winston-Salem 51, 140 Fisher, Ellen. 216 Beaman St., Clinton 131 Fisher, Eunice, Route 3, Rocky Mount 91 Fisher, Jean, Star Route, F ' reehold, N. J. — Fisher, Ira Lucille 133 Fisher, Nannie Ree. Route 3. Rocky Mount 91 Flack, Caroline, 7 Magnolia St., Forest City 127 Flanagan, Elizabeth .lean, sll Fleming St. Hendersonville 126 Fleming, Jean, 19 Stovall Rd.. Oxford — Fleming, Rachel, 11th St.. Greenville 91 Fletcher, Sara, 9 Woodley Ave., Asheville 131 Flippin, Mary Jo, 2110 Wright Ave., Greensboro 51, 142 Flowe, Dorothy Vance. Route 2. Canton 125 Flynn, Edna, 8 Green Ct. Apt., Washington 91 Fogleman, Lorraine, Route 6, Greensboro 91 Folger, Ann. T-Stone Farm. Route 1. Freehold. N. J 127 Folger. Elizabeth. Dohson 91 Folger, Eunice Blanche, Dohson 124 Folger, Hilda. 805 Melrose St.. Winston-Salem 126 Fondren, Mary, 1620 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro 131 Fonville. Margaret, 413 N. Main St.. Burlington 51, 153. 166 Ford, Virginia, 126 E. Ocean Ave.. Norfolk. Va 91 Forney, Jeanne Mills, lsoi Tippah Ave. Charlotte 133 Forrest. Elizabeth, 114 E. 13th St.. Greenville .. .131 Fochine. Elizabeth Cummings. Route 3. High Point 51 Foscue. Elizabeth, Trenton 91 Foster, Arlene. Statesville 92 Foster, Dorothy, 1214 Highland Ave.. Hendersonville — Foster. Eunice Cain. Route 1. Fayetteville — Foster. Laura Belle. Norlina 92 Fowler. Irene Hunter. Box 234. Walnut Cove 131 Fox. Frances. Guilford College 128 Fox, Harriette, 501 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro 131 Fox. Mary Jane. Route 3. Roxboro 131 Frazier, Betty Jean. Box 354. Fuquay Springs 133 Freedman, Muriel, Brookwood, Burlington 52 Freeland, Mildred, 516 Julian St., Greensboro — Freeland, Betty Jean, 811 Lexington Ave., Greensboro 128 Freeman, Emily, Box 393, Vienna. Va. — Freeman. Phvliis, 2510 Sylvan ltd.. Greensboro 92 French, Dorothy. 94 Sunnyside Ave.. Pleasantville. N. Y. 52 Friddle, Man ' , Walnut Cove 92 Fritz, Sara Elizabeth, Walkertown 133 Frostick. Helen, Maxton 92 Fryar, Mary Ruth. Summerfield 131 Frye. Opal Frances. Box 66, Moeksville — Fulcher. Carolyn. 507 Bridges St.. Morehead City 133 Fulk. Virginia. Pilot Mountain 39, 52. 169 Fulp, Edna, Route 3. Winston-Salem 92 Fulp, Leonora, 1729 Amherst PI., Charlotte 131 20 5 « STUDEm DIRECTORY-C- -J Page No. Fulton. Mary Jo., Walnut Cove ES3 Funderburg, Elizabeth, -. ' 112 Broadfoot Ave.. Fayetteville 92 Funderburk. Doris, .id I West Windsor. Monroe 92 Funderburk, Folger, 1 1 r. Battle Lane. Chapel Hill 92. 15S, 154 Furches. Margaret Jean. Route 2. Moeksville 12s Kurr. Katlirvn. Box 232. Oakboro 52 — G— Gabriel, Elizabeth, 7U2 Cypress St.. Greensboro 92. 1 In. 151 Gaddy, Lorene, 2626 Lassiter Mill lid.. Raleigh 92 Rubv Elizabeth, Box CO, Latta. S. C. . 138, 154 Gaines, Betty. 104 l ' hillips St., Tarboro 92 Game-. Madeline, ss Tocoina Circle. Asheville 1)2 Gaines, Sue F., 104 Phillips St., Tarboro .125 Gaines, Rachel Christine, Route 2. Newport — Galligan, Terese, 7s Hartwell l ' l.. Woudinere. N. Y.....1S1 Gardner, Hermine, BS Cedar. Concord 52 Gardner. .lane, lis Tierce St.. Washington 52 Gargane, Mrs. Margaret Bilyeu, 1506 Grove St., Greensboro 52 Garner, Caroline. 1924 Bay St., Charlotte 52, 71, 153 Garner, Dorothy, Newport 131 Garner, Rachel. Route 2. Newport 27 Garrett, Dolores (Special 2 Course), 513 Summit Ave.. Greensboro . . .. — Garrett. Elizabeth, 37 Highland Ave.. Mt. Kisco, N. V. 92 Gatewood. Elizabeth. 715 Broad Ave.. Greensboro 52 Gatewood. Frances. 715 Broad Ave.. Greensboro 52 Gay, Lois .lane. 715 Sunset Ave.. Rocky Mount 124.153 Gay. Lula McCraw. Warrenton — George. Diinitra. 723 N. 4th St.. Wilmington 92 Gibson. Avery 12 1. 153 Gibson, Betty Faye, 708 Scott St.. High Point 153 Gibson. Christine. Route 1. Laurinburg 92 Gibson. Helen. In:, Howell St.. High Point 53, 141 Gibson. Janet, 102 California St.. Ridgewood. N. J 132 Gibson. Jean Brown. 1205 E. Mulberry. Goldsboro .132 Gibson. Katberyne Stewart. 219 Kenwood Ave., Wilmington 1-1 Gibson. Louise, 906 Boulevard. High Point 126 Gibson, Ruth Avery, 3111 Mt. Pleasant St., X. W„ Washington. D. C. — Gilbert, Irene, 2132 Dilworth Rd„ Charlotte 3 .92 Gilchrist. Hazel, Brown ' s Summit 92 Gilliam, Catherine, Gulf St.. Sanford — Gillis, Ruth, Cameron 132 Glass, Ann, 302 Kensington ltd., Greensboro 53 Glass, Evelyn. Tabernacle, Greensboro 53 Gleiulinning. Mary. 201 S. Mendenhall, Greensboro 128 Glenn, Florence. 906 Chestnut St.. Henderson .132 Glenn, Jean Lavinder. 2oi 7 Rolling ltd.. Greensboro 53 Glenn. R. Jean. 320 E. Edenton St.. Raleigh 132 Glisson, Mr-. Anne Doris. Box 46. Holmdel, N. J. 92 Goff. Annie Ray. 706 Broad Ave.. Greensboro 133 Gold-borough. Mary Chapman. 2311 Hopedale Ave., Charlotte 126 Goodman. Caroline. 211- Woodland Ave., Raleigh ....92 Goodman. Elizabeth. Route 2. Providence ltd.. Charlotte 132 Goodman. I. Idle. 212 College Ave.. Rock Hill. S. C. 126 Goodrich. Marion Elizabeth. 22 N. Moore St.. Sanford 125 Goodyear, Doris Kathleen, 14th St.. Lumberton 124 Gordon, Florence. Box 123. Pittsboro 92 Gorman. Mary. 1159 Haywood Rd.. Asheville 92 Goslen. Elizabeth. 220 S. Church St.. Winston-Salem 53 Graham. Anna. 131 Military St.. Oxford 53 Graham, Charlotte. 303 Lindell Rd.. Greensboro 92 Graham, Irene. Clyde 92 Graham. Leila Ann. 1920 Academy. Winston Salem 125 Graham. Mary Emma. Cleveland 92 Graham. Mary Webb. 131 Military St.. Oxford 132 Grant. Edith Margaret. 41 Pullian St.. Marion 53 Grant. Harriet. Rich Square 53 Grantham. Betty, Guilford College 125 Gravatt. Margaret. -;( Fenner Ave.. Asheville 53 Gravely, Virginia, 784 W. Main St.. Washington 92 Graves. Caroline, :112s Westmoreland Ave.. Charlotte 53 Graves. Sara. Kernersville 54 Gray. Dorothy. 225 S. Franklin St.. Rocky Mount Gray, Mary Jane, Route 1. Guilford College Gray. Ruth Ann. 11:12 Harvey St.. Raleigh .132 Graybeal, Myrtle, West Jefferson .132 Green, Betty Anne, 100 W. Thomas St., Lake City. S. C. 132 Green. Dartha. Route 1. Clyde 132 Green. Phyllis. 517 Bellevue Ave.. Trenton. N. J. — Greene. Rebekah. Advance — Gregg. Frances Louise. 607 Elam Ave.. Greensboro 12s Gregory. Jessie. Halifax 92. 15 1 Gregory. Ruth. Halifax 121 Grey Helen, Box mom. Southern Pines — Grier, Allene. 206 S. Second St., Smithlield 5 1 Grier, Lucille Cross. 707 S. York St.. Gastonia 92 Grier. Mary Frame-. Vork Rd.. Charlotte 92 Griffin. Camilla. 16 King St.. New Bern 22. 23. 5 1. 184. 190 Griffin. F.stee. Route 2. Fairmont 125 Griffin. Evelyn. HO Williams. Williamston 92 Griffin. Josephine. Bailey 12m Griffin. Margaret. 107 N. Granville St.. Edenton 92 Griffin, Nelda. Fairmont .92 Griffith. Jean Little. 235 N. Sixth St.. Albemarle 126 Grigg. Dorothy, 1,11: West Marion. Shelby 54 Griniiells Doris Claudine. 409 Dixie Trail. Raleigh 127 Guin Maig.iret Elizabeth, 3700 Mass. Ave.. N. W.. Washington, 1). C. 98 Gulledge, Eveli n, Morven 54 Guthrie Dawson. S. Main St.. Ext.. Graham Guy, Jane. Ncwland 54. 75 Guv. Nancy B.. Newland 126 Guyes. Betty Lou, Fairmont Terrace. Salisbury 120 — H— Hackney. Elizabeth. 417 Sunset Dr., Wilson 43. 154. 168 Hackney. Josephine. Box 8, Lucama 93 Haft. Norma. 211 Central Park West. New York, X. Y. 54 Hale. Mary Alice, 2 Sterling St.. Franklinton 133 Page No. Hall, Doris, Woodsdale 54 Hall, Dorothy Uldine, Box 132, Cordova .127 Hall. Edith Glenn, 1014 Englewood Ave.. Durham 126 Hall, Martha W., Scotland Neck 54 Hall. Nancy Price, Mount I ' lla 124 Hallenheck. Mary Anna, 1110 Harding PL. Charlotte .55 Hallman, Mary. 1120 Fifteenth St., Hickory 182 Hallyburton. June K., 207 N. 16th St.. Nashville. Tenn. 55 Ham. Jane. 1025 Monmouth Ave.. Durham 127 Hornby. Martha, 505 Main St., Boone 93 Hamlet. Elaine, Brookdale, Statesville 93 Hanirick, Carolyn, Box 216. Ellenbo ro .55 Hamrick. Marietta, Route 3, Shelby 93 Hanirick, Mary Lou, 930 W. Warren St.. Shelby Hancock, Mildred Allene, 18 Murdock Ave., Asheville 120 Hancock, Miriam, Route 2, Box 216, Greensboro 127 Hand, Margery. 16 Mapes Ave.. Nutlev, N. J. 25, 93.165 Handlev. Mary Frances. Route 3. Goldsboro 55 Haney. Evelyn. Laurel Hill 98 Hardison, Thelma Isolene, Ruute 1, Box 189. Jamesville 124 Hardwick, Louise. 102 Borden Ave., Wilmington 93, 151 Hardwick, Sarah, 912 N. Main St., Louisburg ... 12s Harmon, Anna K., 309 N. Ridgewood, Kannapolis . . Harlow, Nancy Louise, Route 2. Littleton 125 Harn, Mrs. Laurene Renfrow. Lucama i :t. 164, 177 Harper, Helen May, La Grange 125 Harper, Opal G„ Siler City 133 Harrell. Jane. Marshville 132 Harrell, Mary Ellen, 515 West Main St., Elkin Harrell. Mary Frances, Box 254. Marshville 126 Harrell, Ruth. Box 5006, Murfreesboro Harrill. Marjorie Anne. 17 Monroe PL, Asheville Harrill. Mary Carolyn, Forest City 133 Harrill. Mary Frances, Ellenboro . 128 Harrington, Barbara. 156 Maynard Rd.. Framingham, Mass 93 Harrington, Mary, Aberdeen 55 Harris. Jeanne Roslyn. 1S63 River Rd.. Jacksonville, Fla. 128 Harris, Mary Ellen. Route 4, Shelby ...... 93 Harris. Nancy. Inez 55 Harris, Ruth Isabelle, 510 Oak St., Hamlet . 120 Harris, Shirley Lavina, 207 Salem St.. Thomasville .126 Harris, Virginia. 207 Hillcrest Ave.. Fayetteville ... 93 Harrison. Betty. Black Mountain 126 Harrison, Jeanne, 113 Buckingham Rd., Upper Montclair, N. J 132 Hart, Helen, Route 3, Mooresville Hart, Marian Elaine, Jackson 124 Hartley. Joe Ree, Box 148. Lexington . . 125 Hartshome, Anne Adams, 25 Sunset Parkway, Asheville 125 Harvey, Pansy. 307 N. High St.. Blackstone, Ya — Harward. Carolyn, 613 S. Decke St.. Durham- 23. 55, 172, 190 Ha-kins, Margaret Wade. Summerneld — ■ Hastings, Mary, 36 Wentworth St.. Reidsville Hatfield. Juanita, 1204 West St., Annapolis. Md. 24. 93 Hathaway. Dewey June. Hobbsville 133 Hawley. Elizabeth. 10s X. William St., Goldsboro 23,55,65 Haves. Eleanor. 331 Church St., Elkin 93 Hayes, Thelma P.. Granite Falls Haynes, Geraldyne, W r elcome 132 Haynes, Virginia. 1606 West End PL, Greensboro 56. 140, 157 Hazelman, Florabel, lot Virginia, Asheville 93 Hedgepeth, Addie Lee, 1224 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapids 125 Hedrick, Margaret, 147 Leigh St.. Winston-Salem 127 Hedrick. Margie. Box 262. Route 2, Greensboro Helms, Claudia, Lanier St.. Tryon 93 Henderson. Thelma Elizabeth. Julian 133 Hendricks. Lida Christine. Moeksville 127 Hemlrix. Agnes, 308 S. Pineview Ave., Goldsboro .126 Henneberger, Mary Ellen, Box 351. Burgaw 125 Henry. Abbie Fay, 615 Jovner, Greensboro . . Henry, Juanita, 111 E. Miller St.. Salisbury 132 Herman, Rosemary. Wavnesville 125 Hermann, Carol. 56 1 Beilevue Ave., Trenton, N. J. .132 Herndon, Sadie Alease. Morrisville 128 Herrin, Virginia Lucille, 926 Valean Ave., Durham ..132 Herring. Ileulah. Cottage St., Fairmont Hewitt, Mary Wood. 799 South St., Portsmouth, N. H. ... ... 22, 23, 24, 56, 67, 185 Heyn, Sophia. Mann Menca PL. Caguas. Puerto Rico 56.69 Hiatt. Arta. 214 Edgedale Dr.. High Point 132 Hiatt, Patricia, Pilot Mountain 25, 56, 79 Hicks, Connie Rhodes (Mrs.), Ill Hillsboro St.. Fayetteville — Hicks. Mary Clark, 304 N. George St.. Goldsboro 56, 154 Higgins. Betty Jean. 511 E. Main St.. Fore-t City 157 Higgins, Doris Anne. 544 E. Main St.. Forest City 127 Higgins. Elizabeth. Beach Dr.. Noreton. Conn. High-mith. Betsy. Route I. Box 152, Greensboro 93 Highsniith, Louise. s32 Wake Forest Rd.. Raleigh 93 Hill. Jocelyn. 412 Hermitage Ct., Charlotte 131. 145 Hill, Julia. 107 West 5th Ave.. Lexington 50 Hill. Nancy. Route 1, Reidsville 132. 154 Hill. Pauline. Yadkinville 56 Hill. Rachel Newbern. 37 N. St.. Ahoskie Hill. Sylvia Wade, Box 185. Wadesboro Milliard, Frances. 325 Hamilton St.. Easton, Pa. 93 Hinely, Mary Jane. White Bluff. Savannah. Ga. 93 Hines, Esther Mae. Route 2. Enfield . . 132 Hines. Mildred, Quarry Rd.. Box 573, Mt. Airy 133 Hinshaw, Colleen, Guilford College Hinshaw. Helen. 2055 Academy St., Win-ton Salem 132, 1 II. 145 Hinson. Jean D„ 174 Eighth Ave.. Cramerton 93 Hipp. Martha. 402 Victoria St.. Greensboro 56, 169 Hix. Mary Moore, 502 D. St.. North Wilkesboro 93 llogan, Rebecca L.. 105 Cameron St., Burlington 12 1. 153 Hodges, Addie Lucille, Caroleen Hodgin. Andora, 150 Allen St.. Buffalo, N. Y.. . , 56 Hodgin. Ella Marie. Guilford College 128 Hodgin. Frances, 1007 Bellevue St.. Greensboro 56 Hodgin, Mary Catherine. 67 1 S. Cedar St.. Greensboro 133 Hodgin, Mary Ellen. Route 4. Greensboro .. . 157 Hodgin. Sarah Isabel. Route 4. Greensboro .. .57 Hoffman. Florence, 10 Sewall Ave.. Brookline. Mass.... 93 Hoffman, Margaret. Route 1, Guilford College 93 Page No. Hoffner. Thettis Elizabeth, Winston ltd.. Greensboro . — llolbrook. Nadine, 590 18th St.. Hickory 133 Holbert. Dorothy, Horse Shoe 133 Holden, Joyce, 110 Edisto Ave., Columbia. S. C. 133 Holeman. Dixie. 112 N. Dawson St.. Raleigh Holland, Elizabeth, Carolina Ave., Gastonia 93 Hollander. Marjorie. 55 Linder Ave.. Middletown, N. Y. 133 Holliday, Nell Lanette. Jamesville . . 134 Hollingsworth, Carolyn. 1113 Park Ave.. B. Goldsboro 93 Hollister, Marjorie Joyce. 134 Fountain St., Springfield, Mass 125 Hollyday, Martha. 174 Pearson Dr., Asheville 125 Holmes. Janet, 91 Hudson Ave.. Red Bank, N. J 57 Holmes, Jean, 206 E. Fifth St., Burlington 57, 152, 153, 179, ls6, 190 Holmes. Margaret. 311 Grace St., Wilmington 153 Holt. Betty M., 110:1 Brookwood. Burlington 57, 152, 153 Holt. Margaret E.. 931 Bromley Rd.. Charlotte 39, 57, 69, 171 Holt. Margaret L.. State Hospital, Goldsboro 133 Holton, Jean Slate, Route 4, High Point 124 Hood, India, Richlands 57 Hope, Nancy Margaret. 400 Westwood. Charlotte 12 1 Hoover, Helen. 418 S. Main St., Lenoir 21,57 Hoover. Jean C. Bessemer City 133 Hopkins. Ada Virginia, Plymouth 127 Home. Lucy. Atlanta Ave.. Carolina Beach 133 11. .-kin-. Margaret Wake. Sunimerfield ... 128 House. Esther, Rober-onville 93 Hovis. Helen. 2205 Malvern Rd.. Charlotte 4 . 133 Howard. Elizabeth. Route 4. Fayetteville Howard. Isabel Cox. 748 Abelia Rd., Columbia. S. C. 126 Howard. Jean McNeil. Box 276, St. Pauls .. 127 Howard. Jewel, Route 1. Wilkesboro 133 Howard. Mary. 748 Abelia Rd.. Columbia. S. C. ... 133 Howard. Virginia Holland. so7 Simpson St.. Greensboro — Howe. Dorothy Claire, 309 Mclver St.. Greensboro 128 Howell. Lola Wallace. 619 W. Wilson St., Rock Hill 126 Howell. Mary Lois, Boone 127 Howell, Nancy, Troy 133 Howell, Wadene, Oakboro 127 Howes, Marie E.. 610 Careleen Rd.. Forest City . 133 Howser. Cele-te Bramwell. Julian 127 Hoyle, Betty. 216 Gold St., Shelby 93, 183 Hoyle, Betty Reid. 72 Merriman Ave., Asheville — Hoyle, Grace. Route 2. Henderson 57, 166 Hoyle, Sara Helen, 72 Merriman Ave., Asheville — Hubbard. Dorothy. Route 6. Box 1005. Charlotte 2 133 Huil. Hestoli. Maryann D„ Dogwood Cottage. Albemarle Pk., Asheville 126 Hudson, Ellen. Route 4. Salisbury 133 Hudson. Margaret. 1331 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 128 Hudson, Sally Lollin. Route 3. Waxhaw 128 Huffines. Betty Lou. Granite Falls 133 Huffman. Eleanor, 207 Riverside Dr.. Morganton 133 Huggins, Frances Lee, 2018 16th Ave., Hickory 133 Huggins, Mildred Elizabeth, Shannon .. 128 Hull. Elinor. 104 W. Vernon Ave.. Kinston . . . Hull, Martha Ann. 1901 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 124 Hume. Charlotte, Irving Park Manor. Greensboro 57 Hunevcutt. Milicent. Laurel Hill Hungerford, Anna Louise. 2102 Fairview Rd.. Raleigh.. 126 I luii-11, ker. A. Evelyn. Granite Falls 126 Hunt, Elizabeth Louise. 104 Fisher Park Cir., Greensboro — Hunter, Audrey, 20 Revere Rd., Lnrehmont. N. Y. 57 Hunter. Helen Dunn. 2315 Selwvn Ave.. Charlotte 121 Hunter. Marian. 2124 Sherwood Ave.. Charlotte 115 Hunter. Mary Frances. Marsh Rd.. Charlotte 93 Hunter. Man Palmer. 203 Kenwood Ave.. Wilmington — Hunter, Rita Izard. 1508 Third Ave.. Columbus. Ga. 126 Hurlocker. Marie. Route 3. Albemarle 133 Hurst, Ann Elizabeth. 1909 Woolcott Ave.. Wilmington 126 Hurst. Jule, 2538 Selwvn Ave.. Charlotte .is. 152. 153. ion Mutton, Letitia Wilma ' t. 1322 15th St.. Hickory Mutton. Lois. 6(12 W. Gaston, Greensboro 58.133 Hyatt, Evelyn. Route 4, Box 196. Ahoskie 93 Hvatt, Nancy Kent. 607 Irving St.. Winston-Salem 93.151 Hyatt, Ruth C. Brvson City 1:13,153 Ilv.lcr. Ruby Lewis. Star Route. Rutherfordton 127 Hyman, ' Margaret F., Dalton 125 Hyman, Mary. Ill S. Layton Ave., Dunn Ingram. Alice Mae. Box I, Taylorsville 127, Ingram. Nancy. Lilesville Innes, Alice. 11125 Sycamore St.. Rocky Mount Irvin. Jane C. 1701 Plaza. Charlotte Irvin. Mary. 1701 Plaza. Charlotte 105. Irvine. Karen, 2510 Jefferson Pk. Ave., Charlottesville, Va. Isenhour. Phyllis Joyce. 1929 W lores) Ave.. Charlotte Islev. Dorothy Jane. 1207 Grayland St.. Greensboro Isley. Jane Parker, 1112 Mordecai Dr.. Raleigh 133, Isreal, Dene, 1910 Walker Ave., Greensboro 58,154, Ivey, Elizabeth, 1021 Pee Dee Ave.. Albemarle 2:1.93. Ivev. Martha, 1021 Pee Dee Ave.. Albemarle Ivey. Mary Katlirvn, 609 E. Davis St.. Burlington — J— Jackson, Marilyn, 73 Leslie St., Newark, N. J. 94 Jacob!, Blanche, 201 Colonial Dr., Wilmington 1:1:1 James, Alice, 301 W. Church St., Laurinburg 58 James, Lillian, 512 S. Main St.. Laurinburg 133, 153 .larman, Geraldine, Richlands 133 .larrell, Dorothy Leona, 418 E. Park Ave., Charlotte ,124 Jarvis, Luna, Moyoek 58 Jason. Constance. 380 W. Bedford St.. New Bedford. Ma—. Jeffrey. Nancy Carolyn. 266 Lake Forest Parkway. Wilmington .126 Jeffries. Edna Elizabeth, l.iils Branch St.. Wilson 124 Jennings. Mary. 1623 Dilworth Rd.. W.. Charlotte .. 94, 164 Jernigan, Jean. 2soo Kittrell Dr.. Raleigh 23.94, 115, 171 Jester. Jenvreill. 204 Moore St., Thomasville 171 Jesnak, Anne. 302 E. Hardin St.. Graham 25. 58. 164 206 STUDEriT DIR ECTOR Y-£«fo»J Page No. Jessup, Mrs. Ruth, R. F. D. Box 190, Brown ' s Summit 133 Jobe, Elizabeth, 2206 Hope St., Raleigh — Johnson, Anne. Lillington 58 Johnson, Anne Hoover, Burgaw 124 Johnson, Barbara Anne, 1903 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh 126 Johnson, Arlene, Route 3, Mt. Airy 94 Johnson. Dorothy, 709 Welborn St., Thomasville — Johnson. Eleanor, Hillshoro St., Pittsboro 58 Johnson, Ialeen, Hickory 134 Johnson, Jean, Box 1142, Greensboro 58, 67, 153. 156, 157, 190 Johnson, Louise, Bailey 94 Johnson, Margaret Virginia, Box 142. Kobersonville 124. 154 Johnson. Marguerite Edgeworth. 1251 Providence Rd., Charlotte 124 Johnson, Martha Elizabeth, Route 3, Wilmington 134 Johnson, Mary Byrd, Route 1, Lillington — Johnson, Pauline McNery, Oxford Rd.. Henderson 59 Johnson, Rachel, 110 S. Elam Ave.. Greensboro . 134 Johnson, Sally Louise, Route 1, Selma 94 Johnston, Dorothy, 1915 E. 24th St., Brooklyn, N. Y 94 Jones, Anna Reid, 2704 Oakland Ave., Greensboro 94 Jones, Carolyn Tyson, Route l. Kinston 94 Jones, Carolyn W., 110 Johnson St.. High Point 94, 170 Jones, Doris, Route 1, Guilford College 59 Jones, Dorothea, Box 961. 2520 Market St., Wilmington 59 Jones, Elizabeth, 1111 Human Ave.. Hendersonville 134 Jones, Elouise Hester, Route 1, Oxford 124 Jones, Emma Rebecca. 206 E. Wade St., Wadesboro 134 Jones. Frances Lee, loll Spring Garden St., Greensboro .128 Jones, Georgiana, Eureka 134, 145 Jones, Ina Claire, Hartsville. S. C. 126 Jones, Katherine E„ 302 Vance St.. Lenoir 127 Jones, Lucy Pettway, Ridgeway 133 Jones, Marjorie, 20 Longfellow Rd.. Melrose. Mass. 134 Jones, Marsden. 1103 Augusta Rd.. Greenville ..... 94 Jones, Mary Ellsworth, Wallace 25, 59 Jones. Mary Fields. 120 Sutton St.. Fnvetteville .125,153 Jones. Shirley Jean, 708 W. Church St.. Ahoskie 127 Jones, Thetis Louise, 2520 Maret St.. Box 901, Wilmington 94 Jordan, Frances R., 308 Dock St.. Wilmington 94 Jordan. Lillian Frances. Box 200, Carolina Beach 134 Jordan, Vivian Juanita. soo S. Ellis St., Salisbury 126 Joseph. Lula. 502 Carthage St., Sanford 127 Joyce, Elwell, Route 2, Box 4, Stoneville 59 Joyner, Mrs. Elizabeth, Arneta, 1113 S. Franklin, Rocky Mount — Joyner, Miriam, Care Gardner High School — Julian, Anna. 127 Mitchell Ave.. Salisbury 105 — K— Kachdorian, Gloria, 935 Brunswick Ave., Trenton, N. J.. Kalanzis. Agatha. Johnson Blvd., Jacksonville Kaplin. Bernice, 1905 North Ave.. Bridgeport. Conn. . Katzenberg, Nancy, 1530 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa.. . Katzin, Eleanor, 901 Gales Ave., Winston-Salem Keeter, Ann, 101 S. Anderson St.. Morganton 49, 59, Keeter, Neal, 101 S. Anderson St.. Morganton Keiger, Jean, 616 Kingston Ave., Charlotte Keister, Alice, 1017 College Park Dr.. Greensboro Keller, Mozelle, Route 3, High Point Kelley, Jean, loos Edgewood Circle, Gastonia Kelley, Katherine. 1701 Mass. Ave.. N. W.. Washington Kelly. Margaret Jewell, Laurel Hill Kennedy, Frances, North Wilkesboro Kemp, Annie May, Oriental Kesler. Ruth, Cleveland Kester, Alice Key, Clara Jane. 3418 Summerville St., Lynchburg, Va. Keyes, Anne Cecelia. 305 W. Bessemer Ave., Greensboro Kidd, Annie, Lovingston. Va 59. Kidd. Wanda, 510 Charles St.. Greensboro Kiger, Iris. Rural Hall Kiilebrew. Margaret, Box 74. Tar Heel Kiiubrough. Olive. Ansonville Kimmel. Jane. 2420 Camden Rd.. Greensboro King, Ellen, St. Pauls King, Jean, Pelham 94, King. Katherine Ruth. 108 E. Front St., New Bern King, Mary Frances. 3os Isabelle St.. Greensboro King, Nancy. 502 Church Kinlaw. Katie, White Oak Kirby. Bonnie. Church St.. Marion Kirkman. Jean. 7 Springdale Ct.. Greensboro Kirkman. Marian. Pleasant Garden Kirkman, Mary, Pleasant Garden Kirschner. Elaine, 139 E. Market St., York, Pa. Kistler, Constance. Station Ave., Coppersburg, Pa Kittrell, Frances, soo E. 5th St.. Greenville Kittrell, Stella Elizabeth, soo E. Fiftli St., Greenville Klaber. Alice, 425 Riverside Dr., New York. N. Y. . . 94, Kluttz, Martha Ann. 3180 Otterav Dr.. High Point Knight. Betty Sue. Route 3. Belton, S. C. Knotts, Lois Rebecca. Box 160. I.ilesville Knowles. Miriam. 700 S. Church, Rocky Mount 87, Knox. Doris Watson. Box 162. Cary Kolman. Helen. 220 Bradford St.. Pittstield. Mass Koonce, Jean, Fair Bluff Koontz, Martha. 32S E. Greenway. Greensboro 94, Koontz, Maxine Maude. Welcome Kossow. Irene. 2901 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn. N. Y. 60. Lachicotte. Mary Emma. 832 Tarboro St., Rocky Mount Lackey. Aurelia, Route 5, Lenoir Lamb. Billy Joe. Academy St., Randleman Lambert, Gwendolyn Rebecca. 372 Ward St.. Asheboro Lambert. Man ' Lee, Ramseur Lamm, Pauline, 820 Columbia Ave., Rocky Mount Lancaster, Anne, 1100 Eighth St., Durham Landrum. Emogene. Route 4. Box 21. Franklin Landry, Sarah, 841 W. Market St., Greensboro . 6i Laney, Martha, 701 S. Hayne St., Monroe Lanier, Alyce Haynes, Welcome Page N ' o. Latham. Barbara, 113 W. Jenkins St., Oneida. N. Y. 23. 41, 60 Latham, Ruth, 2009 Benbow St.. Greensboro Laughridge, Elizabeth, Old Fort 1 Laughton, Gloria Faye. Beaufort 127 Lavitt. Gloria Rose, 1519 14th Ave.. Hickory 120 Laws, Elizabeth. Oxford Rd.. Henderson 00, 15:1 Layton, Lettie. Route 2, Elon College 133 Lavton, Sara. 409 Sunset Dr.. High Point 134 Leab. Miriam. 456 E. Fourth St., Mount Vernon, N. Y.. .134 Leagans, Dorothy, Route 1. Cana 94 Ledden, Gertrude MacFarland, 324 Gordon St.. Sanford — Lee, Dorothy, 188 E. Corbin St., Concord 94 Lee, Jane Elizabeth. P. O. Box 335, Mars Hill 9 1 Lee, Janice E.. 209 W. Rose, Smithfleld Lee, Verna, Route 1, Box 13. Washington 128 Leigh. Mary Betty, 1511 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro 134 Leitner. Esther, Route 1, Box 15s, Roanoke Kapids — Lemmon. Flora Roberta, 403 Rowan Ave., Spencer 125 I.entz. Cavelle Dorothy. 1308 N. Cloverleaf, Mobile, Ala 133.15 1 Leonard, Elizabeth Reaves, 314 Tate St., Greensboro . — Leonard, Rose Ellen. 115 26% St.. Hickory — Lester. Hilda. Stoneville 128 Letcher, Jacquelyn Logan, 210 W. Church St.. Edenton 124 Lewin, Doris, .loo Sunset Dr.. Greensboro. .61, 141 Lewis, Dacia. 1201 Hill, Greensboro — Lewis, Margie Belle. Route l. Greensboro 125 Lewis, Verena LaMar. University Ridge Apts., Greenville, S. C 127 Limbert. Elizabeth. 36 Dartmouth St., Springfield. Mass. ;, Lindsay, Mary, 910 N. Eugene St.. Greensboro 95 Lindsey, Helen. 30 West Ave., Wadesboro 61 Linthicum. Annice Lucille. 323 Boulevard, High Point — Linville. Jane, Kernersville 23. 95 Linville, Nancy, 281s Glenn Ave.. Winston-Salem 124 Little, Margie, 301 W. Broad St.. Wilson — Little. Virginia, La Grange 126 Livie. Virginia. 726 Hawthorne Lane. Charlotte 95, 165 Lloyd, Aditlia, -ln-1 Hillcrest Ave., Favetteville ...... 127 Lloyd, Ruth, 1937 Avondale Ave., Charlotte 61 Lockerman, Thurlene, Erwin 126 Lockhart, Caroline, 805 Watts St.. Durham 126 Lockhart. Sara. 1808 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte 23, 61 Loftin, Anne Barnes, Route 1, Bailey . 128 Long, Ann, 814 W. End Blvd., Winston-Salem 25,61 Long. Katherine. Box 276. Franklin 61 Longest. Hilda. 710 E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro 53. 61, 153 Lopp, Doris, Route 2. Lexington 135 Lott, Ann Eugenia, Box 89. Freehold. N. J. 61 Love, Mary Elizabeth, 206 W. Eliringliaus St., Elizabeth City 95 Lovins, Vera, 220 Realty, Lenoir 135 Lowe, Bennie, 1707 Wright Ave.. Greensboro . . 95. 170 Lowe. Billie. Route 2, Graham 95 Lowe. Cornelia. Centralia Rd.. Chester. Va. 24, 45, 61 Lowery. Annie Laurie, Trenton 95 Lowman, Virginia Lee, 2602 Sherwood St.. Greensboro 131,133 Lowrance. Carolyn. Box 1229. Statesville 61 Lowry. Martha Johnston. 2223 Friendly Rd., Greensboro — Loyd, Nancy Malissa. Warrenton 23, 95. 191 Lucas, Laura Louise. Route 1. Lucama — Lucas. Mary Jane. 805 Northcumberland Ave.. Roanoke. Va 135 Lumpkin. Martha, Woman ' s Club. Raleigh — Lumsden. Davev Jo. 110 McGlohon St.. Ahoskie 95 Lundv, Betty Carolyn. Is04 = White Oak Rd.. Raleigh 135, 154. 164 Luther, Henrietta. Liberty 95 Lvda, Elizabeth, is Hillside St.. Asheville 95 I.yerlv. Rebecca, 1418 Crosby St.. Salisbury . 126 Lyon, Laura Anne, 43 Pevsten St., Albany. N. Y. 62 — Mc— McAdams, Mary Vance, 309 Church St., Elkin 12 McAdams. Sarah Alice, 1919 Nun St.. Washington 13 McArn, Jean, 812 W. Church St.. Laurinburg 13 McArthur. Anne. Route 2. Griffon 13 McArver. Mabel Jean, York Rd., P. 0. Box 85, Gastonia 13 McBane. Ada Sue, 403 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro 128, 129, 14 McBane, Nancy. Mebane 12 McBrien, Patricia. Av. Atlantica. F96. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13 McBrvde, Man ' Black, Route 1. Raeford 12 McCall. Elizabeth, 307 Collett St., Morganton 13 MacCalman, Jane, 29 Clinton Ave.. Nyack, N.Y. 135, 15 McCloy, Bonnie, 19351 Danbury Ave., Detroit. Mich 24, 55, 62, 15 McClure. Trances, 87 St. Dunstan ' s Rd.. Asheville 13 McCorkle. Virginia Victoria, Route 4. Mocksville 12 McCormick. Helen, Rowland 13 McCoy, Jane Douglas. Route 1, Marshall Ave.. Charlotte - McCullees, Maxine, 337 Wainman Ave., Asheboro 13 McCulloch. Rebecca, Pleasant Garden 13 McCurry, Nancy, 307 Collett St., Morganton 13 McDermott. Verna Suitt, Route 3, Hillsboro - McDonald. Man - Isabel. Cartilage 12 McDowell, June, P. O. Box 37, Duncan, S. C. MeFadyen, Susan, 912 Lexington Ave.. Greensboro . - McGee. Eugenia. 194 Washington Lane. Concord 9 McGee. Sylvia. 2317 Patterson Ave.. Winston Salem 12 MeGehee. Ruth Hamilton. Box 1326. Raleigh 12 McGilvary. Alice. Route 3, Box 54, Jonesboro 12 McGuire, Laura Jean, Box 351, Greensboro 12 McHale, Doris, 215 W. Park Dr.. Raleigh 12 Melntvre. Flora Belle. Route 1. Box 204, Maxton 13 Mclver. Peggy. 211 N. Sixth St., Wilmington 13 McKewen, E. Stuart, 406 Alegheny Ave.. Towson, Md. 13 McKinney. Elizabeth Ann, 149 Warren St., Roxbury, Mass. 12 McKinnev, Evelyn, Jamestown 6 McKinney, Geraldine Eleanor, 149 Warren St., Roxbury, Mass 12 Page No. McKinney, Virginia Marie 149 Warren St.. Boston. Mass. 135 McKinnon, Virginia, 3 Brent St.. Wadesboro 135, 154 McLaurin, Mary L., Hamlet Rd.. Laurinburg . . . . 135 McLean, Julia Ann, 2111 Queen St.. Winston-Salem 135 McLean, Mary, 600 College St., Clinton 02.163,178,190 McLean, Rose, 110 Queens Rd., W„ Charlotte McLeOd, Gladys Evelyn, Mars Hill . McMahan, Mary Leo. Route 2. Mocksville ... . 95 McMiehael, Jean, 600 Arbor Rd.. Winston-Salem ... 95 MrMurrav, Beulali. Route 1, Rutherfordton .62 McNairy. Elizabeth Hardin, 1001 W. Church St.. Laurinburg .... 125 McNaull. Helen Louise. 93 High St., Canton ... ,128 McNeely. Billie Eleanor. 309 S. Chapman, Greensboro ...128 McPhail. Mary, Mt. Olive 95 McQuaque. Correne. Box 630, Wadesboro . , ... .95 McSwain. Dovie Lee. 406 E. Lee St., Greensboro — M— Mackie. Ruth, Yadkinville . 134 Maey. Ruth OIlis, Coast Guard Detachment, Court- house Bay, Camp Lejeune .126 Maihlrey, Josephine Crocker. Weldon 126 Madsen. Virginia. 510 Forest Hills Apts., Augusta 95 Magid, Annette, 135 Monroe St., Petersburg, Va. 135 Magid. Helen, 135 Monroe St., Petersburg, Va. 95 Magnant, Muriel Marie, Richmond Ave.. Swannanoa 125 Magner, Irma Estes. looo McGee. Greensboro . . ..62 Maley, Theda Louise, 2203 Ridgecrest, Raleigh 124 Malloy. Katherine McRae, 416 S. Main St., Laurinburg 126 Malone, Charlene, 155 Highland Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 135, 154 Manget, Henriette, 904 Courtland St.. Greensboro 23, 62 Manley, Mary Louise. 5 Evergreen Lane. Asheville 125 Mann. Dorothy. Route 1. Mebane 62 Mann. Frances. 323 S. 3rd St., Albermalie 22, 23, 135 Manson, Agnes, 408 Brunswick Ave., Blackstone, Va 87, 95, 191 Marshburn, Sherlyn, 2011 Fairview Rd„ Raleigh 135 Martin. Frances Sue. 112 State St., Marion 127 Martin. Louise, Box 195, Waynesville 124 Martin, Mary Elizabeth, 902 Queens Ct.. High Point.... 62 Masliburn, Mary. Chadbourn 62 Mason, Eleanor Glenn. Route 2. Newport 127 Mason. Myrle Wallace. Route 2, Newport 127 Massengill. Elvira Wilson. 400 S. Magnolia Ave.. Dunn 124 Massengill. Jean Lois, 308 S. Center St., Goldsboro 125 Matheson, Edna, Stony Point 135 Mathews, Carolyn, Is Edgemont Rd.. Asheville 135 Matlock. Anne, 510 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 95 Matthews. Betty. Main St.. Pilot Mountain 135 Matthews, Sybil Jean, Roseboro . .124 Mattox, Hilda. Pinetops 63 Maus, Mary Grace, 706 Chestnut St.. Greensboro 63 Maxwell, Kitty, 1320 Durwood Dr., Charlotte 23, 25, 63, 75, 153 May, Beryl, Lansing 95 May, Harriet Guion, 99 East Front, New Bern .23, 53. 63 May. Mary Elizabeth. 204 Cox Ave., Thomasville 135 Mavnard, Electa Pearl. 506 E. Broad St.. Dunn . 34. 153 Mays, Edith. Monkton. Md. 95 Meador, Martha Anne. 606 Haughton St.. Williamston. . .124 Maxwell. Elizabeth Houston, Woodland St.. Davidson ... 95 Medloek, Josephine. 1617 Thomas Ave., Charlotte — Medlock, Katherine, 1617 Thomas Ave.. Charlotte Meekins. I ' ene, 209 E. Main St.. Washington - Melvin. Irene, Route 2, Fayetteville . . 114 Memakis, Jennie, 120s Arendell St.. Morehead City 131 Mendenhall. Valeria Mae. Route 2. High Point 128 Messick. Elizabeth. Route 2. Yadkinville 63 Messick, Rachel Ruth, Yadkinville 95 Michael. Ruth Day, 501 W. Third Ave., Gastonia 95 Michaels, Katina, 709 Templeton Ave.. Charlotte .126 Milham. Mildred Frances. 9 Clay St.. Hamlet 134 Miller, Dorothea Lou, Box 588. Newton 124 Miller. Elaine, 118% S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 63 Miller. Helen, 537 Woodland Ave.. Hickory 114 Miller, Jean, 14 Herman St.. Springfield. Mass — Miller. Joan, 1319 Biltmore Dr.. Charlotte 114 Miller, Jove, Route 3, North Wilkesboro 63 Miller, Kathleen, Route 1. Marion 95 Miller. Nancy Moore. Taylorsville Rd., Statesville 124 Miller, Patsy Ruth. 312 Maple Ave.. Fayetteville , .125 Miller. Valera. 301 E. King St., Kinston 63 Mills, Margaret Louise. P. O. Box 211. Wadesboro . ... 127 Minton. Ruth. 417 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro 95 Mitchell. Annice. Gholson Ave., Henderson 95 Mitchell, Betty Sloan, 303 Avery Ave., Morganton 39. 63 Mitchell. Betty Rush, Denton 128 Mitchell. Jane. Aulander 126 Mitchell. Mary Louise, Box 804, Saluda. S. C. 114 Mizell, Gladys Foust, R. F. D., Palmyra .127 Mizelle, Dorothy. Gannon Ave., Zebulon 95 Mobley, Frances, 1205 Grace St.. Wilmington 134 Modlin. Betsy. 702 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro 63, 165 Molen. Eleanor, 523 S. Aycock St.. Greensboro 23, 64, 142 Moody, Helen Jean, Box 342, Siler City 134 Moody, Orrell, Jordan St.. Siler City 95 Moody. Wilma, Route 1. Siler City 64 Moon, Elizabeth Jane, Louisburg College, Louisburg 114 Moore, Betty, Box 173. Polkton .95,169 Moore, Carolyn Webb. 536 E. Main St., Forest City 127 Moore. Marie. Southport 114 Moore, Martha Ann, 304 E. Bessemer Ave.. Greensboro.. 96 Moore, Man ' Davis, Route 1, Box 88. West End 127 Moore, Meade, Box 231. Oakboro 114 Moore. Priseilla. 709 Randolph St.. Thomasville 96 Mooring. Edith. 536 N. Mercer St., Rocky Mount 114 Mooring. Evelyn. La Grange 64 More. Jean Ann. 134 Park St.. Canandaigna, N. Y. 64 More, Jule, 134 Park St.. Canandaigna. N. Y. 127 Morene. Sylvia. Second St.. Gibsonville 64 Morenus, Gay. 364 Old Ivey Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. 157 Morgan. Eleanor, 509 Mayflower Drive, Greensboro 114 Morgan. Gladys. 649 W. 2nd St.. Winston-Salem 96 207 STUDEm DIRECTORY-£w,W Page No. Morgan. Hilda. Fairmont .90 Morgans. Katherine. 7526 Mt. Ave.. Melrose PI., Philadelphia, Pa. . 96, 165 Morin. Lois, Route 3, Morganton — Muring. Martha. 304 Woodbine ft.. Greensboro — Morris. Marv, 792 Stratford lid.. Winston Salem 96 Morris. Sarah F... Lawsonville 96 Morrison. Elizabeth. Box 965. Asheville — Morrison. Geraldine, 14 N. Rosalind. Orlando. Fla — Morrison. Jean, 215 Salisbury Ave.. Spencer 96 Morrison. Nell. 215 Salisbury Ave.. Spencer . . — Morrison. Wihna I... Route 2. Hendersonville .64 Morrow. Caroline, Garrison Gen). Hospital, Gastonia 96 Morrow. Catherine Hager. Route 1. Linwood Rd., Gastonia 125 Morton. Agnes. 12 Magnolia PI.. Wilmington 114 Morton. Betty Jo. 921 Lowder St., Albemarle 114 Morton. Rose Katherine. 227 N. 4th St.. Albemarle 126 Moselev. Ruth Winkler. Oakwoods 114 Moselev. Sally Dixon. Route 2. Kinston 96 Moss. Sarah. 1132 Eighth St.. Hickory 23.96.191 Motley. Evelyn, 1566 Lee Street. Apt. 2. Charleston, w. Va, 61, 146 Moton, Edith. Route 2. Box 301. Greensboro 64 Moxlev. Marv. Brantley. Ala. 64 Meyer. Joan. Box 234. U. S. V. A.. Oteen 124 Mull. Nancy Jane. 625 Irving St.. Winston-Salem — Mullen. Margaret. Box 163. Huntersville 61. 165 Mullican. Nancy. 119 N. Cherry St.. Winston Salem 114 Mullinax. Betty Virginia. 2 16 Hillside St.. Asheville 65 Mollis. Helen. Harmony 65 Munro. Margaret. 517 South Ellis St.. Salisbury 114. 154 Murph. Doris. 20 Rowley 1 ' !.. Fayetteville 65 Murphy. Margaret. West Market. Greensboro 114 Murphy. Marv C. 2730 Wis. Ave.. N. W., Washington. D. C. l ' -j Murphy, Ruth Eleanor. Route I, Box 55A. Guilford College 127 Murray. Bettie Jane. 1107 Church St.. Burlington 114 Murray. Jane Lea. 615 Lexington Ave., Burlington — Murray. Mary Nell. 615 Lexington Ave.. Burlington 126 Musselwhite, Ernestine. 202 Chippewa St.. I.umberton 96 Myers. Ruby Dean. Union Grove 12 1 Mvrick. Blair. P. O. Box 363, Littleton III Mvrick. Patsy Fordam. In 13 W. Market St.. Greensboro . . 51.65.166 — N— Nading, Nancy, 651 Summit St.. Winston-Salem 96 Nance. Betty Lou, 1020 Wellington, High Point — Nathan. Gloria Hlumenthal. Box 53. Route 2. Greensboro 65 Neely. Jacqueline Louise, 1908 Dilworth Rd.. E., Charlotte 126 Nelms, Dorothy. 504 Broad St.. Oxford 96 Nesslinger. Carlita. 960 Fingerboard Rd., Staten Island. N. Y. 126 Neville. Mildred. 311 Patterson PI.. Chapel Hill 127 New. Billie. Ill W. Sixth Ave.. Gastonia 85, 165 New-land. Shirley. 147 Forest Hills Dr.. Wilmington .96 Xewlin, Mabel, Box 56. China Grove 96 Newman. Lois. 65 Hull Ave.. Freehold. N. J. 125 Newsome, Doris. 2s27 Bon Air Ave.. Winston-Salem 96 Newsome. Susannah Matthews. 703 E. Kingston Ave.. Charlotte Newton. Betty. 211 Thompson St.. Shelby 114 Newton. Margaret Ann. 1511 Walnut Hill Circle. Birmingham. Ala. 128 Newton. Nancy. 220 Belvedere St.. Shelby 111 Nicholls. Catherine. 117 Halvey St.. Washington 133 Nichols. Sara Lee. Route 4. Durham 65 Nickels. Nancv. 505 Mountain St.. Kings Mountain 65 Nicholas. Rusalvn. . ' lis Carolina Cir.. Winston-Salem 114. 153 Noble. Elaine. Deep Run 124 Noble, Man- Jo. 303 S. Main St.. Salisbury 125 Norman. Ella Mae. 803 Elm Ave.. Greensboro 23. 65 Norman. Helen. 803 Elam Ave.. Greensboro 128 Norman. Marietta Hazel. Sununertield 12s Noiman. Sarah Suzanne. Route 2. Box 21s. Greensboro 111 Norment, Virginia, lis Kentwood I ' k.. Lenoir 111 Norris Frances Adams. 32 Raymond St.. Framingham. Mass. 125 Xorthcott, Martha Fave. 220 E. North St.. Raleigh 12 1 Northrup. Brevard. 192 N. Union St.. Concord 85 Nowell, Marjorie. 506 Ashland Dr.. Greensboro 127. [28 O ' Brien. Barbara Jean, Route 5. Oxford 121 O ' Connell. Peggy. D 1 Cannon Court Apt.. Greensboro 86 Olive. Georgetta, 1505 Fort Bragg Rd., Fayetteville 25, 29. 123. 153 Olive. Virginia. 210 W. 3rd Ave.. Lexington 66 Oliver, Clarene Ethelyn. Jefferson ill Orr. Mildred. 1810 E. 7th St.. Charlotte 111. 107 Orr. Sally. 809 S. Church St.. Monroe 96. 166 Osborne, Betty. 1611 Hampton Blvd.. Norfolk. Va. 96 Osborne. Elizabeth Martin. Box 133. Pinecrnft Rd.. Greensboro 12s Osborne, Gertrude. 533 Oak Hill Ct.. Hendersonville 126 Osborne. June, Arden 114 Osteen. Nancv. Forest City 127 Ottinger. Margaret. Shiloh Pike. Ilridgeton. N. J. 96. 153 Outland. Ella. Holt Apts. S. Main St.. Burlington Owen, Bettie. Gibsonville 96. 153 Owen. Judith. 104 Carmalt St.. Thomasville 96. 115 Owen, Laura. Is26 Morganton Rd.. Fayetteville 96 Owen. Mary I... 423 Pearl St.. Fayetteville 66 Owen. Sara Jo. 7 82 Oakland Ave.. Greensboro 12s Pace, Kathryn, 1601 Delaware Ave.. Durham Pace, Nell Hastings. 36 Wentworth St.. Reidsville Padgett, Patricia, 1426 Gladden St., Columbia, S. C. Page N,,. Page, Ann. 820 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem 66 Page. Carolyn. 806 E. Fifth St., Lumberton 114 Page, Dianne. 1028 W. Market St.. Greensboro 39, 66, 187 Palamountain, Virginia, 14 Green St., Lebanon, N. H....114 Palmer. Mildred E., 10 Clinton Ave., Arlington. N. J. 127 l ' appas. Helen. 503 N. Spring St.. Greensboro 96 Parcell. Sarah. Barium Springs 96 Parham. Julia Rue. Route 3. Oxford 114 Paris. Pauline. 17o2 Virginia ltd.. Winston Salem 125 Park. Suzanne Williams. 1105 Hillsboro St., Raleigh 126 Parker. Madeleine, 2329 Kenmore Ave., Charlotte 114 Parker. Marie. Cutchin St., Clinton . . . 66 Parker. Marv Elizabeth. Route 1. Fountain 124 Parker, Ruth, Route 1, Fountain . 66 Parker. Sara Elizabeth. 109 S. Johnston St.. Smitbfield 96 Farks. Allene Moffitt. 2221 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 12 1. 129 Parks. Alvenia. 408 S. Elam Ave.. Greensboro I 2s Parks. Maxine. Route 6, Lexington 131 I ' arrish. Barbara, 410 N. Driver Ave., Durham . . . . 121. 129 Parrisb. Eva Ruth. 1105 N. Duke St., Durham . . 123, 126 Parsons. Mazel, Mt. Gilead 96 Pate, Hope, 304 S. Pineview Ave.. Goldsboro — Pate, Margaret Georgiana. Route 1. Roseboro 124 Pate, Nona. 301 S. Pineview Ave.. Goldsboro 126 Patterson. Kftie Johnson. Wagram 114 Patterson. Nancy Shelton. 414 Armlield St., Statesville 124 Patterson. Doris Jean. 29 Parker St.. Freehold. N. J. 126 Patterson. Patty Lunelle. White Plains 124.154 Patton, Louise. Addison Apts., E. Morehead St., Charlotte Payne. Louise N.. Leaksville 128 Payne. Ruhy. Route 2. High Point 66 Payseur, Thelma, 1013 W. Ridge Ave.. Gastonia 66 Pearce, Elizabeth. 101 Pearce St.. Franklinton 59.67 Pearce. Janie, 213 E. Markham Ave.. Durham 96, 158 Pearce. Lorna Virginia, 1010 Vance St., Greensboro — Pearsall. Martha, Rocky Point — Pearson. Geraldine, 311 Johnson Blvd.. Jacksonville 115 Pearson. Sarah Blair. I ' inknev Station. Gastonia 127 Pealstine. Marjorie. St. Matthews, S. C. 126 Pease. Nancy. 15 Welcome PI.. Springfield, Mass. 12 1 Peeler. Cove Mae. Belwood 125 Peeler. Thelma II.. 121 N. Edgeworth St.. Greensboro 67 Peeples. Ruth. Estill. S. C. " 6 Peery. Nancy. 209 Ashe Ave.. Raleigh 115 Pegram, Calvlne Bradshaw, 2721 Anderson Dr., Raleigh 127 Pegram. Jean, 2724 Anderson Dr.. Raleigh 59,67 Peirce, Margaret. Warsaw 115 Pelton. Catherine Barbara, 4110 Harvard Ave.. Greensboro 125 Pender. Man- Eleanor. 1327 Hilltop Ave.. Fayetteville 131 Pendergrass. Louise. Franklin 115 Penninger. F. Elaine. 134 Spring St.. Marion ' 127 Perkins. Dorothy, 1102 Ash St.. Goldsboro 96 Perkins. Elizabeth Rose, Route 3, Washington 13 1 Pern-. Dorothy Dewey. 107 Perssc St., Elizabeth City 115 Perry. Dorothy Elizabeth. 1019 W. 5th St.. Winston-Salem 96 Pern - . Margery Jean, 3 Burnbrae Rd.. Towson. Md. 125 Pern-. Norma. 205 W. F:den St.. Edenton B7, 96. 191 Petar. Katherine. Warrenton 115 Peters. Ola Jean. 809 N. McLewean St.. Kinston 126 Peterson, Evelyn W., Highland Park. Beaufort 126 Peterson, Iris Anne, Laurel Park. Hendersonville 126 Peterson. Joyce Jewis, 136 Cambridge PI.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 125 Pettit. Barbara. 1200 Beverly Rd., Brooklyn. N. V. 63.67. 15 1. 161 Pharr. Betty Lynn, Conover 115 Phillips. Sara. Henrietta 115 Phipps. Billie Gene. 302 Waverly Way. Greensboro 97 Pickard, Margaret Emily. Box 122. Randlcman 115 Pickett. Betty Jean. 106 S. Avcoek St., Greensboro 115 Pierce. Gwyndola, Route 5. Box 78. Lenoir 67 Pierson. Polly. Sandy Springs. Md 115 Piltev. Dorothy. Pantego 115 Pinkston. Sara A.. 604 S. Church St.. Salisbury 97 Pittman, Emmie. Route 2. Lumberton 97 Pittman. Martha, soa Evans St.. Morehead City 126 Pleasants. Carolyn. 110 Melrose Ct., Greensboro Plouff. Elaine Elizabeth, 81 Homestead Blvd.. Longmeadow. Mass. — Poe. Betty. 1109 Sixth St.. Durham 67 Polanco. Maria Eugenia. San Jose. Costa Rica 97 Pollard. Jane. 72 W. End Blvd.. Winston Salem 97 Poole. Harriet. Gordon Cors Rd.. Freehold. N. J. 115 Poole. Marv Ruth. Jackson Sorings 125 Poole, Sara Madge. Box 886, St. Pauls 127 Poore. Ruth. 153 Wilson St.. Mt. Airy 115 Poovey. Helen Mae. Granite Falls 128 Pope. Jeanne Newman. 212 W. Main St.. Mt. Olive 125 Pone. Jnsenhine, 1609 Bradley St.. High Point 97 Porter. Helen 128 Posey. Martha A.. 26 I.akewood Parkway. Asheville 97 Posson. Joyce. 3:127 Quesada Washington D. C. 23. 127 Potts. Margaret. 7so Val ' ev Rd.. Upper Montclair. N. J. 67 Powell. Elaine. Box 33. Polkville 67 Powell. Marigold. Enfield 127 Powell. Vivian. Route 1. Ruffin 67 Powers. Frances. St. Pauls 115 Powers. Katherine 2213 Beeehridge Rd., Raleigh Powers. Laura McD.. sin Second St.. Durham 115 Prevatt. Sara. 308 Central Blvd.. Sunset Park. Wilmington Price. Helen. Route 6. Box 25.1. Greensboro 115 Price. Jacouelvn. 509 E. Duffy St.. Savannah. Ga. Price. Louise Viola 32 I N. Salem. Lexington 131 Price. Mariorie Redman Mavodan Price. Marv Belle. 416 N. E. 11th Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 67. 170 Price. Mary Louise. Route 6. Box 253. Greensboro 68 Prideen. Shirley. Box 163 Elm City 68 Prince. Bella. 205 Ashe St.. Greensboro 68 Pritchard. Lucy Ann. 5lil Northern Ext.. Carolina Beach 97 Pritchett. Winifred. 2321 Charlotte Dr.. Charlotte 97 Prongav. Margaret. 853 Lock-land Ave.. Winston Salem 97 Propper, Laura Mae, 37 V.. Princeton Rd.. Cynwyd, Pa. 97 Pruitt. Jane Haddon. 106 Fayetteville Rd.. Rockingham 12s Pugh. Dorothy. Laurel Springs 115. 153 Pulley, Anne. 1129 Oakdale Rd.. Atlanta 126 Purcell, Doris. 1613 Lovett St., Greensboro Purdy, Marv Ellen. 32 Valley Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Purvis, Martha Dell, 716 S. Fulton St.. Salisbury (Jueensbury, Musi, 220 S. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem 97, 152. 153, 16s Quinn, Grace, Beulaville 127 Quinn, Virginia. 313 S. Dekalb St., Shelby . 68 — R— Rabey, Dorothy Evelyn. 11 E. 49th St., Savannah, Ga. 127 Rahey. Mary Elizabeth. 11 E. 19th St.. Savannah. Ga. 127 Rahy, Nancy, 1423 13th Ave.. Hickory 97 Ragan. Iris Maxine. Box ss. Mullins, S. C. 125 Ragland. Betty Anne. Country Club, Salisbury 23, 97, 153, 151 Raherikamp, Naomi, 1202 Brandt St.. Greensboro 115 Rahenkamp, Phebe. 1202 Brandt St., Greensboro 97 Rahenkamp, Vivian, 1202 Brandt St.. Greensboro 115 Ramsay, Jeanne, 4880 Rock Spring Rd.. Arlington, Va. 134,154 Randall, Elizabeth, Caroleen 6s Ransdell, Martha, Varina 6s Raper, Carol, Box 112, Asheboro 97 Raper, Lillian, W. Third Ave., Lexington 97 Rashkind, Elaine, 323 E. Second Ave.. Highland Park, N. J 97 Ratledge, Fredda Gayzelle. Guilford College 131 Rauch. Laura Jean. 319 Park Ave.. Rock Hill. S. C 97 Rausch. Martha Louise, 806 W. Nash St.. Wilson 115 Ravenel, Ann, 106 Fisher Park Cir.. Greensboro — Ray, Florence Law. Semour Court, Leaksville 128 Ray, Kathryn. Hillsboro — Ray, Susannah E.. Route 3. Asheville .68 Ray. Virgie, Route 3, Lil lington 115 Raymond. Eleanor Fritzie. 1101 N. Main St., High Point 126 Reaben, Ethelyn. P. 0. Box 1018. Hendersonville 126 Read, Mildred. 415 Sunset Ave.. Rocky Mount 115 Reaves, Mary Ellen. 902 Rice Street. Hamlet 126 Reavis, Mary Elizabeth. 2012 Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Salem 115 Redden. Carol C. s 1:1 Chestnut St.. Springfield. Mass. 121 Redden. Jean. 843 Chestnut St.. Springfield. Mass. 97 Redding, Ida. soi Rankin St., Greensboro — Reece, Augusta. Yadkinville 68 Regan, Betty Sue. 301 Mcl.aurin Ave.. Laurinburg 115, 153 Register, Phyllis. 1000 Dacian Ave., Durham 115 Register, Ruth. 269 Windsor Dr.. Fayetteville 68 Reid. Alise, Route I, Elizabeth City 68, 78 Rendlemnn, Grace. 328 W. Innes St.. Salisbury — Reynolds. Dorothy. 1120 Park Dr., Raleigh 115 Reynolds. Flora Belle. Route 1. Greensboro — Reynolds. Margaret. Turkey — Reynolds. Virginia. W. C. St.. Route 1. Newton 115 Rhoads. Barbara. 3 12 M. o. «. M. C. 15. Cherry Point 115 Rhodes. Jean. 2612 I.assiter Mill Rd.. Raleigh 115. 153 Rhodes, Rebecca Galloway. Harbor Island. Wilmington 121 Richardson, Ann R.. 451 Main St.. Reidsville 97 Richardson, Laura. Freeman St.. Jacksonville 97 Richardson. Leigh. ISO W. Rugby Ave.. College Park. Ga. 97 Rickman. Sally M.. 220 Cleveland St.. Greenville. S. C. Ricks. Helen. Route 2. Whitakers 97 Ricks. Marguerite, 41.8 S. Howell. Rocky Mount 116 Riddle. Mary. Jackson .97 Ridge, Hilda Irene. Gibsonville 128 Riggs, Hazel, Route 2, Box 24. Ayden 97 Rigsbee. Mary Virginia, 2003 Club Blvd.. Durham 124 Rilev, Harriet Faison. 1109 Evergreen Ave., Goldsboro lJfi Riley. Lugean. Box 72. Timberland 25. 69 Rinehart, Marguerite. West Gilgo. Long Island. N. Y 97 Ritchie. Sybil Dorsett. 205 Wittorah St.. Salisbury 97 Rivers, Lillian, While Store Ave.. Waclesboro 97 Roach. Frances. 602 Arlington St.. Forest City 116 Bobbins. Gloria. 1116 E. Franklin Ave.. Gastonia 116 Robbins, Rita, 103 1 E. 29th St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 116 Robhins. Susie. 906 Hill St., Rocky Mount 97 Roberson, Alice. 210 K. Second St.. Washington 116 Roberson, Mary Ann. Route 1. Slnithlield 116 Roberts. Cleasv Esdan. 2209 Vine St.. Greensboro — Roberts, Fave. Route 3. Box 191. Reidsville 128 Roberts. Janice. 722 W. Graham St., Shelby 116 Roberts. Jean. Shelby 69 Roberts, Peggy Joyce. Box 806, Badin 97 Robertson. Marie, nil Morehall Terrace. Danville. Va. 116 Robinson. Faela Mae. 108 Forrest Hill Dr.. Asheville 126 Rocha. Anna, 8a Avenida sur. 146 Guatemala, Guatemala 69 Rodgers, Lucy, Sunset Ave.. Scotland Neck 154 Rodgers. Mildred. Sunset Ave.. Scotland Neck 97, 151 Roe. Elizabeth. Sturgilla 98 Rogers. Adeline Townsend. Dillon. S. ( ' . 126 Rogers, Anna Gillespie. Hartsville. S. C. 24,69 Ro gers, Beverly Jean. 810 Douglas St.. Greensboro 12.8 Rogers. Christine. Freeman. Va. Rogers. Dorothy. Route 1. Clyde Rogers. Elizabeth. Box 210. Apex 116 Rogers. Katherine. 2512 Sylvan Rd.. Greensboro 98 Rogers. Marv Sue. Greensboro Rogers. Sara Elizabeth. Box 292. Black Mountain 116 Romefelt. Nancy M.. 670 Doremus Ave., Glen Rock, N. J. 125 Roper. Elizabeth, 412 X. Green St., Morganton .....— Rosenast. Jean. 6757 Harvey Ave.. Merchantville. N. J. 69 Rosoff. Gladys. 16 Morris St.. Hamden. Conn. — Ross. Alice. Fallston 69 Ross. Frances Moore. Box 709. Weldnn — Ross. Jean. Norwood 98. 157 Ross. Ola. Aurora 116 Ross. Rita Mae. 8113 Cadwalader Rd.. Elkins Park. Pa. 125 Rothgeb. Celia, 1550 Iredell Dr.. Raleigh 23. 98. 144. 145. 191 Rothrock. Patricia. 187 Pine St.. Mount Airy 69. 145, 152 Rouse. Helen. 205 N. Main St.. Farmville 98 Routh. I.u Ellen. 235 E. Salisbury. Asheboro 69 Routh. Nancy Elizabeth, Box 61. Franklinville 125 Rowe, Catherine. Aberdeen 98 208 STUDEm DIRECTORY-£w„»J Page No. Rowland, Ann Hunt, 1304 Garrett St., Henderson 98 Rowland, Gladys Elizabeth, Route 1, Kittrell 126 Royal, Ruth, 1612 Evans St., Morehead City 23, 25, 69 Royeroft, Gloria, Coats 116 Roycroft, Helen. Coats 70 Rozier, Anita, 1700 Pine St.. Lumberton 98 Rucker. Joyce. 311 Thompson St., Shelby 98 Rumley, Elizabeth, 111 Marsh St.. Beaufort 70 Russell, Avis, 600 E. Main St., Thomasville 70 Russell, Evelyn Jean, 30 Majestic Avenue, Asheville. .. .125 Russell, Lois A., Forest Dr., Fairgrove Forest, Thomasville 116 Ryan, Rosanne, 74 Wembley Road, Asheville 116 Sacknoff, Barbara, Box 366, Jacksonville 124 Salmons, Dorothy, 129 Church St., Elkin — Sanders, Catherine, Route 1, Clover, S. C 98 Sanderson, Evelyn Arlene, Route 4, Box 457, Kinston .116 Sandlin, Maggie Rice, Everett St., Brvson 116 Sandlin, Martha, Everett St.. Bryson 116 Sanford, Heien, 209 McLaurin Ave.. Laurinburg 98 Sapp, Peggy, 300 Duncan St., Raleigh 127 Sarratt, Bettv Jane, 609 Walnut St.. Camden, S. C 25, 87, 98, 145, 191 Sattertield, .Mary. 409 Fourth St., Spencer 70 Satterwhite, Lucy, Cleveland — Saunders, Mary F.lizubeth, 1 Park Ave., Robbins 116 Seville, Elizabeth, Route 6, Lexington ,116 Sawyer, Frances, 302 S. Summit Ave., Charlotte 116 Sawyer, Mary Louise, 418 Northridgc St., Greensboro. .. .98 Schatz, Gloria, 2044 E. Chelton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.... — Scliell, Arden Ruth, Svmnia 125 Scher, Cecile, 158 S. Harrison St.. E. Orange, N. J 70 Schlossberg, Gloria. 30 Eastchester Rd., New Rochelle, N.J 116 Schwab. Suzanne, 33 E. 48th St., New York City 116 Scott, Adelene, 905 S. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem... 98 Scott, Joyce Blanche. Castle Havne 124 Scott, Frances E.. 502 W. Front St ., Statesville 70, 168, 190 Scott, Miriam Tate, Route 1, Mebane 127 Scruggs, Sarah, 500 English St., High Point 70 Seagrove, Helen Jean, 2413 Sherwood St., Greensboro .. .126 Seawell. Helen, St. Pauls 127, 129 Sechrest, Nancy, 447 S. Main St., High Point 116 Secrest. Sarah, Charlotte Highway, Monroe 98 Self, Clara Esther, Route 5, Greensboro — Sessoms, Betty Sue, 1103 Arsenal Ave., Fayetteville 128 Setzer, Virginia, Box 476, Valdese 98 Severance. Jane, 295 Murdock Ave., Asheville 98,145 Sexton, Marjorie Lee, 211 Raleigh, Rocky Mount 116 Seymour, Helen, Box 143, Alamance 116 Sharpe, Betty Lou, 112 N. Bloodworth St., Raleigh 127 Sharpe, Mary Anna, 124 Lafayette Dr., N. E„ Atlanta, Ga 70, 178 Shaw, Amy, Route 2, Greensboro 98 Shaw, Evelyn, Star Route, Roanoke Rapids . . 116 Shelley, Audrey Courtney, 211 N. Glenn Ave., Annapolis, Md — Shelton, Lois, 525 Harris St., Leaksville . .. . . . 124 Shelton. Teresa, 417 Hunter St., Madison 116 Shepard, Martha Bass, Contenment Island, Darian, Conn 125, 153 Shermer, Inez, Vadkinville 70 Sherrill, Betty, 1801 Hedgewuod PI., Charlotte 23,70 Sherrill, Louise Alice, 410 Person St., Fayetteville 125 Sherrill, Sarah J„ Mt. Ulla 71 Sherrill, Martha Lee, 1060 Tenth Ave., Hickory 23, 71 Shields, Dorothy, 507 N. Main St., Scotland Neck 98 Shipman, Elizabeth, 935 Walker Ave., Greensboro 98 Shoaf, Helen Louise, Stone St., High Point 126 Shoaf, Hilda, 823 W. 5th Ave., Lexington 71 Shores, Sarah, 1415 17th St., Greensboro 134 Short, Margaret, 628 N. Main St., High Point 98 Shuffler, Ann Jeanette, Box 1327. Wilmington — Shuford. Nancy, 9425 17th St., Hickory 98 Short, Mabel Davis, Box 115, Mocksville 134 Shuler, Mary Ellis, 616 Glenn Ave., Rocky Mount 126 Siff, Myra, 17 Holland St., Newton, Mass. 98,153,154 Siff, Nancy Jane, 2 West 86th St., New York City 127 Sigmon, Andris, Newton 23, 98 Sigmon, Barbara, 109 College Ave.. Newton 116 Silverstein, Marilyn, 128 E. Fisher Ave., Greensboro 98 Simmons. Betty, 710 Miller St., Winston-Salem 71 Simmons, Carolina, 1200 Greenway Dr., High Point 116 Simmons, Doris, Route 2, Elon College 134 Simmons, Jane, Route 1, Stoneville 117 Simmons, Mary Catherine, 1056 Southern Ave., Fayetteville 129 Simmons, Mary L.. Care Major M. F. Simmons, C. 0., P. O. W. Camp, Fort Bragg 117 Simms, Mrs. Lorraine Glenn, 516 W. Chapel Hill St., Durham — Simps. hi, Elaine, 212 Claremont Rd., Ridgewood. N. J 43, 71, 152, 153, 167 Simpson, Katherine. 405 W. Franklin St., Monroe 71, 154 Simms, Jacksie, Waxhaw 128 Sinclair, Louise, West End . . 71 Singletary, Betty Jo. Scranton, S. C. 98, 145 Sink, Louise, 411 Scott Ave., Greensboro 117, 142 Sisk, Dorothy Virginia, Box 63, Bessemer City 128 Sivertsen, Louise Newcomb, Route 1, Autryville 124 Skelton, Mary ' . Norrotou Heights, Conn — Slagle, Myra, Franklin 124 Sloan, Nelle Cooke, Garland 71 Slonicher. Elizabeth Migill. Summit Ave., Mount Holly.... — Small, Gloria, Route 1. Elizabeth City 98 Small, Jane Lamb. Bridge St., Washington 134 Smiley, Shirley. P. O. Box 749. Ilecklev. W. Va 98 Smith. Anne Blair. Route 1, Box 199, Greenville 124 Smith, Caroline, 98 S. Bergen PI., Freeport. N. Y. , . 98 Smith, Conrad. 9h S. Bergen PI.. Freeport, N. Y 124 Smith, Doris Elizabeth, 720 W. North St.. Raleigh 98, 152, 153 Smith, Doris Olivia, 1010 Guilford Ave., Greensboro 98 Smith, Doris Ruth, 49 Livingston Ave., Arlington, N. J. 117 Page No. Smith, Dorothy Elizabeth, 11 S. Salem Ave., Sumter, S. C. 127 Smith, Edwena, Fremont 125 Smith, Ernestine, 129 Pleasant St., Spindale 98 Smith, Esther, Route 1, St. Pauls 117 Smith, Florence E., Lillington 134 Smith, Geneva Marie, 514 W. Poplar St., Johnson City, Tenn ■ — Smith, Gloria, Route 2, Pikeville 117, 154 Smith, Helen Miilicent, 110 Liberty Place. Greensboro 128 Smith, Helen Scott, 121 Thurston St., High Point 117 Smith, Jane Fairley, llunteisville 127 Smith, Janette, Route 1, Siler City 117 Smith, Jean Ann, F ' remont 125 Smith, June, 514 Dorchester Ave., Middlesboro, Ky. 99 Smith. Lillie Rae, Route 1, Seven Springs 117 Smith, A. Lois, St. Pauls 71 Smith, Lois Catherine, Vass 117 Smith, Margaret, Care Duke Power Co., CTifTside 99 Smith, Marguerite, 1804 Perry Ave., Wilmington 99 Smith. Marjorie, 5 " 3 N. Randolph St.. Rockingham 117 Smith, Mary Jean, loll S. Aycock, Greensboro 71 Smith, Mildred Theresa, 503 N. Randolph St., Rockingham 125 Smith, Nina Ellen, 400 S. Aycock St.. Greensboro — Smith, Patsy Clark, 1106 Kenan St., Wilson 127 Smith, Rebekah, 243 Maple Ave., Reidsville 99 Smith, Ruby, Route 1, Siler City 99 Smith, Sara Louise, 6 Hi.lcrest Dr.. Concord 124, 14a, 1d4 Smith, Sarah. Box 454. Mount Airy 72 Smith, Sue, 206 W. Main St., Benson .99 Smithson, Marianna, Box 7146, Asheville 72 Smithson, Sara, Box 7146, Asheville 72 SmithWick, Evelyn, 407 Church St.. Louisburg 99 Smoilen, Mary Lyall, 615 N. Blount St., Raleigh 126 Snell Angela, l Ins .saur Ave, Richmond, Va 99,157 Snell, Jo, 2121 Weddington Ave., Charlotte 124 Sneis Clarice. Box 131. Weaverville 117 Snoddy, Annabelle Lee, Box 07, Salemburg ... ,125 Snow, Alice Betty M., Kings Mountain 72 Snow, Evelyn, Cameron »9 Sender, Anne, Route 4. Box 370, Winston Salem lli snydcr, Annie Ruth, 704 Walnut St., Winston-Salem .124 Soies, Hazel, Route 4, Box 108, Whiteville 99 Soles, Myrtic, Route 4, Whiteville . . ... . . i Sol,, man. Elaine, 1792 Robin Hood Rd., Winston-Salem .. 125 S, .Ionian, (Mrs.) Leola, 217 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro — Sol, .m. ,ii, Marie, 115 Forest Hills Dr.. Wilmington 117 Solomon, Marion. 2211 Buena Vista Rd., W inston-Salem 125 Solomon, Mary Lan, Star Route, Kernersville .— So.omon, Mary Louise, Maxton . .., 125 Somers, Lillian, Route 2, Elon College 72 Sorrels, Evelyn Davis, Gilkey • ■— Souther, Nancy, 505 Woodlawn Ave., Greensboro 12o Southwick, Margaret, Box 40, Care Mrs. Smothers. Danville, Ky 1J? Sowers, Fannie. W. Fifth Ave., Lexington,,..,..... Spaulding, Patricia. 1503 Deacon St., ISrookhne, Mass 99 Spear, Virginia, 109 E. Peyton Ave.. Kinston..., ,2 Spears, Dorothy, Route 3, Fayetteville , 99 Speight, Claudine Mozelle. 27 1 Spring St.. Mt. Airy Speight. Jacquelvn Racklay, 301 N. Tarboro, Wilson ,124 Spence. Julia. La Grange Spencer, Evelyn, Route 1, Boonville »» Sprott, Lillian, 200 Endor St., Sanford • Spruill, Dorothy, W. Second Ave., Lexington 99 140, 14a, L 7 Squier, Margaret Britton, A-7, Dolly Madison Apts., Greensboro ;■■•„ ' i ,,, Stack, Mary Fiances, 1908 Walker Ave., Greensboro . .117 Stacy, Elizabeth, Ruffln » " Stacy, Rachel. Ruffln . .. ■■■■ ■■■■■■ ] " Stall,, id, Barbara May, 5 Buckingham Ct.. Asheville 117 Stafford, Frames Catherine, Route 1. Liberty.,. 127 Stafford, (Mis.) Gladys. Route 2, Box 144. Asheville 99 Stafford, June, 321 S. Eugene, Greensboro. ,. . 99 Stafford, Lois. Sununeriield . . ; ■ ■ • Stager, Virginia. 2722 Anderson Dr., Raleigh 15d Stalls. (Iconic Pierce, Robersonville . . J« Stan-ill. Martha, 205 Rockingham ltd.. Rockingham 117 Staines, Audrey. Route 2, Waxhaw Staton, Dora, 201 S. 9th St., Morehead City. Stat, ,n. Helen, 1709 N. Allen St., Charlotte. ., . 99 Steagall, Celeste, Morven • ■ Steel Constance Willis, 609 Sunset Ave.. Asheboro .— Steed. Frances, 825 E. Pritchard St., Asheboro . . .1 " Stegall, Cora Belle, Marshville . . . . . . . . ' 2. lj Stephenson, Frances, 621 Walnut Ave., Charlotte ,?! Stephenson, Rebecca, Varina .. 1J7 St,. erger. Mildred. m(I5 Summit Ave., Greensboro ,99 Stevens, Mary Alice, Barium Springs ............ 127 Stevens. Mary Frances, 32 Cannon St.. Norwalk, Conn 99 Stevenson. Frances, 1440 15th St., Hickory ;■:.■■■ , Stewart, Margaret McBride. Route 1, Box 167, Julian ,129 Stircwalt. Ellen Virginia, 703 E. Lexington Ave.. High Point ■••• 1Z5 ' J?; Stockard, Fiances, II Springdale Ct.. Greensboro ._117 Stockton. Jean. 534 Stratford Rd.. Winston-Salem 23,99 Stone, Ann Rivers. 121 Turner St.. Clearwater. Fla. . . . . .— Stone, Carolyn. 306 S. 3rd St., Albermarle ... ... .117, 14d Stone, Geraldine, 6605 N. 18th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 125 Stone, Juanita, Cranford. Asheboro l;7 Stone, Margaret. 709 Sunset Dr.. Greensboro ' - Stone, Mary Frances, Glenn St., Stoneville Storey. Gladys, Route 1, Murf reesboro , ■ ■ 117 Story, Jean, 411 N. Spring St., Greensboro St, iiidcmire, Marian, 301 Fourth St.. Spencer . - lli Stowe. Mrs. Celia Varner. 1106 Haywood St., Greensboro ,2 Stratford, Cora, 224 N. Main St.. Graham .... . Street, Carol. 545 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem Street. Jane. 1003 Fairmont Ave.. Greensboro 99 Strickland, Agatha. 302 N. 19th St.. Erwin 117 Strickland. Mary Elizabeth. 745 Park Ave., Greensboro . . — Strother, Frances Elizabeth, 213 Main St., Oxford 128 Strowd, Martha, 111 Franklin, Louisburg 73, 144, 145 Stryker, Doris. 54 Southern Slope Dr., Millburn, N. J 73 Stubbs, Lucy Motte. 225 Church St., Sumter, S. C 3, 25, 39, 47, 78 Page No. Styron, Elizabeth, Cazenovia, N. Y. 73, 166 Suggs, Frances Kissell, Gastonia 127 Suggs, Sadie, 512 South St.. Gastonia 57, 73 ,ii, i, ,,,.,, in. Carolina, 116 E. College St., Mt. Olive 99 Summerlin, Janet M., 416 S. Church St., Rocky Mount 126 Summers. Mary Rose, Care James I. Summers, Inter- national Committee of Y. M. C. A., 34F " Madison Ave., New York, N. Y — Summers, Virginia Rankin, Route 2, Box 222, Greensboro 127 Summersett, Elizabeth, 315 N. Jackson St., Salisbury 99, 145 Sumner, Elizabeth, Charlotte St., Ext., Asheville . 125 Suther, Betty Fox, 300 Vance St., Concord. . . 135 Sutlive, Barbara, 42s E. 53rd St., Savannah, Ga. 73, 170, 188 Sutton, Elizabeth, ill!) Chamberlain St., Raleigh . . 117, 151 Sutton, Helen Dixon, R. F. D. 3, La Grange — Sutton, Mary Frances, 361 Dick St.. Fayetteville 57, 73, 170 Sutton, Mary Gertrude, 1816 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro — Sutton, Nancy, 109 Chamberlain St., Raleigh 117,154 Swain, June. 2616 Parkside Dr., N. W„ Atlanta. Ga. 128, 135 ' Swain, Nell, 26 Fisher Ferry, Thomasville 53, 117 Swain. Rachel. Route 1, Julian — Swain, Anna Mae, Route 2, Box 433, Norfolk, Va. . Swain. Alberta, 2oo Haughton St.. Williamston 127 Swann, Mary. 308 Floyd St., Covington, Ga 126 Swanson, Sue lloaz, Pilot Mountain 3,73 Swecker. Zoe. 68 Falls Rd.. Badin 99 Swicegood, Doris Jane, 417 Carolina Ave., Spencer 100 Swift. Judith, 375 Common St., Walpole, Mass 117 Swindell, Margarette. Pantego . . .73 Swisher. Ruby, Route 7, Box 113, Greensboro 74 Swope, Mary Louise, 300 Hillside Dr., Greensboro Symmes, Lyla Davis, 22 Mimosa PI., Wilmington 126 — T— Tallant, Marjorie, 1214 9th Ave., Hickory Talley, Cecile. 541 Hamlet Ave., Hamlet 118 Talley, Ruth, High Point St., Randleman . 74 141 Tanner, Irene, (ill Colonial Dr., High Point ' — Taylor, Betty Jane, Route 1, Ararat , 125 Taylor, Cora Wilkinson, 124 E, 4th St., Washington 135 Taylor, Eleanor Dare, 753 Chestnut St., Greensboro 55, 74 140 170 Taylor, Emma Lou, Williamston Taylor, Julia, Justamere Farm, Greensboro 74, 157 170 Taylor, Margaret, Charlotte St.. Ext., Asheville lis Taylor. Marguerite. 41 Eden St., Framingliam, Mass. 74 Taylor. Mildred Alma, 615 Northridge St., Greensboro 128 Taylor, Stella, Route 1, Greensboro 128 Teague, Emily, 355 Gulf St., Sanford 126, 145 Teague, Mary Belle, 2200 Benbow Rd„ Greensboro . 128 Teague, Miilicent Annette, Newland 100 Tegg, I.ucile, 139 Sherwood PI.. Norfolk, Va. 100 Teichinan. Rosalie, 2332 Fairway Dr., Winston-Salem 127 Temple, Grace, Marietta 100 Templet, 111, Maxiue, Harmony 100 Tennent. Gaillard, 217 Westover Dr., Asheville — Ten ell, Laura Elizabeth. 3.13 Scotland St., Williamsburg, Va. 124, 153 Terry, Jane. 200 James River Dr., Newport News, Va. 118 Thatcher, Claire Eugenia, lot Capital Apts., Raleigh 100 Theodore, Doris. 200 E. Sixteenth St., Lumberton . . 100 Tines, Coline, Davidson 61 74 Thigpen. Daphne, 701 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount, ' .. ' .., 124 Thomas, Annabelle, 608 High St., Darlington 125 Tl ins, Beth, 505 Mayflower Dr., Greensboro.. 135 Thomas, Doris, 4214 Winston ltd., Greensboro — Thomas, Edna, Box 17s, Route 1, Morrisville — Thomas. Elizabeth Taylor, Pinehurst Dr., Carthage 127 Thomas, Frances Einnialene, 825 S. Jackson St.. Gastonia 127 Thomas, Hilman, P-6 Raleigh Apt.. Raleigh 23,118 Thomas, Jane, 1241 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem 125 Thomas, Margaret, Apt. H-l, Country Club Homes, Raleigh 100 Thomas, Mildred. Route 1. Morrisville ..74 Thomas, Mildred McLeod, Route 1, Cameron — Thomason, Jane, Belmont, Box 20, Roanoke Rapids .100, 141 Thompson, Angeline, 2220 Pinecrest Rd., Greensbor o 124 Thompson, Fannie Ransom, Route 1, Mooresville 118 Thompson, Harriet, 545 Crescent Rd., Griffin, Ga 124 Thompson, Helen, Bunn 100 Thompson, Katherine, Route 3. Laurinburg 128 Thompson, Marietta, 712 Sunset Dr.. High Point 126 Thompson, Mary Glenn. 312 Vance St.. Hamlet 100 Thompson. Mary Matilda, Main St.. Whi takers 74 Thompson, Mary Nell. Box 92. Collettsville 100 Thompson, Mariel Ann. 1200 Evergreen, Goldsboro 126 Thompson, Ruby Irene. Box 145. Saluda 74 Thompson. Virginia, Norwood 124 Thompson, Wilma Frances, 115 Young Ave., Henderson . 126 Thorn. Florine Irma. 2022 St. Mary ' s St.. Raleigh 125 Thornburg, Dorothy Dean, Route 1, Dallas 125 Thornton, Betty Jo, Kermit, W. Va. , ...100 Thornton. Margaret, 201 N. Virginia St.. Goldsboro 100, 153 Thrower, Barbara Elizabeth. Route 4, Charlotte 125 Thurston, Lucy. Taylorsville .. ,100 Tiee, Edna Evelyn. 335 N. Green St., Wadesboro 135 Tillett, Bettie. lis Mulberry St., Statesville 124,153 Tillett, Sara, 22n Sherwood Ave., Charlotte 145 Tilley, Bettv Hughes, Hoffman 74 Tilley, Betty Sue, Box 672, Fuqliav Springs 125 Tilson. Alice, 27 Charlotte St.. Asheville 118 Tilson, Ruby Annette. 1010 Knox St.. Durham, . . .126 Tingen, Gwendolyn Gray, 415 Church St., Greensboro 135 Tingle, Dorothy, 79 Forest Hill Dr., Asheville 124 Tingle, Marjorie Neal, Merritt 135 Tolar. Susan Rowlings, 1509 Raeford Rd., Fayetteville 135 Tolhurst, Kay. 58 Carroll Rd.. E. Hartford. Conn. 75 Tomlinson, Bettv Ruth. 506 W. Broad St., Wilson 118 Tomlinson. Josie. 903 W. Lee St., Wilson 100 Tompkins, Ruth. 26 Hardin Ave., Staten Island 10. N. Y. 100 Tongue. Cornelia. Wake Forrest ltd.. Raleigh 75 Travis, Eva. 120 W. Smith St., Greensboro 75 Trent, Marjorie. S. Park Dr.. Box 785, Reidsville . .118 Trogdon. Nina Louise, 355 Worth St.. Asheboro 100 209 ♦ STUDEm DIRECTORY-d„wJ Trogdon. Wanda Leigh, 355 Worth St.. Asheboro 125 Trosper, Alice. Route 2, Greensboro 100 Trosper, Betty Routh. Guilford College 25. 100. 150. 157 Trustier. Edda Mav. 57 Beverly Rd„ Asheville 125 Trotman. Marion F.. Trotville — Trott. Betty. Box 400. Route 7. Greensboro — Troutman. Louise. 412 X. Main St., Mooresville . 100 Troxler. Enid. Route 2, Box 329. Reidsville Us Tucker. Eulalia. 127 S. Broome St., Albermarle .118 Tucker. Glenn. 930 X. Main St., Kannapolis lis Tucker. Harriett. Scotland Xeck 100, 145 Tucker. Joanna. 5722 First St.. X. W. ' , Washington. D. C. 100.153,164 Tucker. Lois Virginia, 74 Courtland Ave., Reidsville 135 Tunstail, Christine. Apex 118 Tunstall. Shirley Elizabeth, Route 1. Willow Spring ..125 Turner. Audrey. Mount Ulla ...118 Turner, Doris. 308 W. Main St.. Forest City ...118 Turner. Elizabeth. 335 S. Mulberry St.. Lenoir .135 Turner. Louise Denson, Main St.. Speed .100 Turner. Marie Battle. 209 Moss St.. Wilson 141 Turner. Rebecca. Mount Ulla 75 Tuttle. Man- Elizabeth. Walnut Cove 126 Tyson. Jane. Carthage . — Tyson. Margaret Lee. 208 Grimmersburg St.. Farniville — Tyson, Ruth. Carthage 75 — U— Ulrich. Celeste. 3013 Oak Hill Ave.. Baltimore 7, Md. 100. 154 Underwood, Betty J.. Route is. Charlotte 124 Underwood, Doris. Route 6. Charlotte 75 Underwood. Lyrla, Route 1. Bonneville 128 I ' pchurch, Ann Marie. Box 176. Spring Hope 125 I ' tlev. Mildred Walker (Mrs.). 950 Lynwood Ave., Apt. 5. Winston-Salem 75 Van Dam. Nina, 230 Central I ' ark. W.. New York. X. V. 127 Van Sickle. Carol. K4 Valley View Ave.. Ridgewood. X. J. 24.75.152,153 Van Sleen. Margaret, 407 West Fifth Ave.. Gastonia 53. 75. 152. 153 Vance, Frances, Plumtree 118 Vann. Bettie. Franklinton — Vann. Jewell (Judy Adair i, 305 X. Southerland, Mt. (Hive Varetoni. Jeanne, 140 Clifton Ave.. Clifton, X. J. loo. 154 Ynughan. Helen. X. tth St., Hartsville, S. C. 126 Vedder. Janet. 207 Holmes Ave.. Glenbrook. Conn. — Vincent. Marilyn, Star Route. Roanoke Rapids .118 Vine. Margaretta. soil Sixteenth Ave.. S.. St. Petersburg. Fla. lis Von Borries, Emily. 14 Park Blvd., Winston-Salem 124, 153 Voss, Joanne, Walnut Cove 124 Voss, Peggy, King 75 Voss, Xellie, Liberty, Box 304 127 Vreeland. Phyllis, Box 811. Fort Bragg 100 — W— Waddington. Mary Isabella. 1119 Emory ' Rd.. Atlanta. Ga 124 Wade. Etta Mae. 5no Evans St.. Morehead City Wadlin. Annette. 77 Cobane Terrace. W. Orange. X. J. lis Wager. Gladys. 206 University Dr.. Chapel Hill 76 Wagner. Elizabeth. 523 Centennial Ave.. High Point Wagner. Gloria, 230 Jewett Ave.. Jersey City. X. J. 76. 153 Wagoner. Edith. 2405 Camden Rd.. Greensboro lis Wagner, Xancv Gordon. Brown ' s Summit 125 Waite. Elizabeth. 12 18th St.. Governor ' s Island. X. Y. 100 Waldenmaier. Marguerite. 2010 Shepard St., Morehead City 76 Waldroop. Betty Jane, Franklin Waldrop. Patricia. 506 W. 4th St.. Greenville — Walker. Bernice. Fremont 76 Walker. Carol, 921 Rotary Dr.. High Point 118 Walker. Charlesanna. Route 2, Greensboro 127 Walker. Eva. 112 Patton St.. Morganton 76 Walker. Mrs. Gladys. Care W. I. Blackburn. Route 7. Winston-Salem 76 Walker. Mary ' Ann. 311 Ruffin St.. Burlington 115, 153 Walker. Xancy. 329 Gloria Ave.. Winston-Salem 12 1 Walker, Rebecca J„ 117 X. Ireland St.. Burlington 127, 153 Walker. Susan. 221 Riverside Dr., Morganton — Wall, Allene. Route 1. Guilford College lis Wall. Carolyn. Wallburg — Wall. Jean, Danbury 124 Wall. Mrs. Marie Tillotson. Pilot Mountain 76. 77. 155 Wallace, Betty. Stanley lis Wallace, Margaret. Carthage 101 Pag Wallis, Betty Jo, 215 W. College St.. Lenoir Hi Wals h. Harriette Carolyn. Care L. C. Walsh, A. C. L.. Wilmington Walters. Elizabeth, Marsbville Walters. Marine, 306 New College St.. Oxford Walters, Xancy Pryar, Box 5. Ridgecrest Walton, Dorothy, ss Edgehill Rd„ Fairfield, Conn. Ward, Fannie Kate, La Grange Ward, Jane Purris (Mrs.). 203 Wiley St.. Greensboro Ward. Lillian Marie, Box 306, Nashville Ward, Sue, 454 Gorrell St.. Greensboro Wardrup. Mary Kathryn, 106 Edgcwood Rd., Middlesboro, Ky. Ware. Jessie Eugenia. Route 2. Kings Mountain Warner. Edith, Walkertown Warren, Betsy, 2409 Whitaker Dr., Raleigh Warren, Carolyn, 319 S. York St., Gastonia Washburn, Anne, 308 W. 3rd St.. Rutberfordton Washburn, Bettie, 313 S. Washington St., Shelby Watkins. Doris Aleen, Route 1. Weaverville Watkins, Mary Lou, Weaverville Watkins, Ruth, Byrd St.. Troy Watson. Charlotte Marie. Rowland Waynick, Kathryn. 709 Mayflower Dr., Greensboro Weatherly. Mary Sue. Route 1. Greensboro Weathers. Marcclinc. Route 5. Shelby Webb, Arlene, 64 Smith St.. St. Albans, Vermont . . 77. Webb. Ruth. 416 W. Rugby Ave.. College Park. Ga. 105. Webster. Sarah, 1563 Xorthwest Blvd.. Winston-Salem Wechsler. Bernice, W. Clarkstown Rd., Xew City, X. Y. Weeks, Sarah, Maysville Weidlcr. Martha Ann, 419 Church St., Greensboro Weil. Joan. 344 Daub Ave.. Hewlett. X. Y. Weinel, Allie. 108 Baldwin Ave.. Spencer Welch. Dorothy Gaynelle. Box 1024, Winston Rd., Greensboro Welch, Lee, 1737 15th Ave., S.. Birmingham. Ala. WeJJer, Marian, 40 1 Garson Ave., Rochester. X. Y. Wells. Evelyn, Jacksonville Welsted, Janet. Westover Blvd.. Elizabeth Cits- West, Ernestine, 917 Buchanan Blvd., Durham 77. West, Joyce, 303 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington West, Rebecca, Dover Wester, Elizabeth, 205 Glenn St., Franklinton Whalev, Isabelle Pugh. 105 W. Burgess St., Elizabeth City Wharton, Jane, 1704 W. Market St., Greensboro Wheeler, Margaret, 51 Glen Bvron Ave.. South Xyack, N. Y 77, 154, 189, Whisnant, Jean, 510 W. Innes St., Salisbury Whisnant, Mary, 407 Holly Lane, Elizabethton, Tenn. Whisnant. Merryl. Lawndale White, Ann Spencer, Hillcrest Dr.. Lexington White. Annie Ruth, 211 W. Queen St.. Edenton White. Barbara, Guilford College White, Carol L„ 1010 W. Lenoir. Raleigh White. Cora. Goldwayne Apts, B-3, Walnut St.. Goldsboro White, Eleanor. 017 Fifth Ave.. Greensboro 101.153, White. Elizabeth. 120 Grandin Rd., Charlotte nil. White, Josie Marie. 211 W. Queen St., Edenton White. Kathleen. Conway White, Mary Ann. Guilford College White, Mary ' Anne. 4 Holmwood Rd.. Asheville White. Montie Esther. Conway White. Josie Xancy. 256 E. Broad St.. Statesville White. Sarah Jane, 915 Melrose St.. Winston-Salem 129, Whitener, Arleen. 112 Mclver St.. Greensboro Whitener. Jean Choate. 614 Deal Ave.. Newton 12 1. Whitener. Mary Ruth. Maiden Whitlield. Virginia Joyce, 509 W. 2nd Ave.. Gastonia Whitley. Ellilu, 2023 Textile Dr.. Greensboro Whitley. Marjoric. Route 1, Smithfleld Whitmire, Sarah, Route 3. Asheville Whitney, Norma. Box 2021. Winston-Salem Whitsnn. Ehiise. 22 Finalee Ave.. Asheville. Whittenton. Elizabeth. 1001 X. McKay Ave., Dunn Whittenton, Evelyn, 1001 N. McKay Ave, Dunn Wicker, Kathleen. 414 Hamlet Ave., Hamlet Widenhouse. Nelda, 223 E. Depot St.. Concord Wilcox. Beatrice. Route 4. Xew Bern Wilcox. Jane, Yale Hill, Stockbridge, Mass. Wilcox. Sarah. Box 286. Meriden. Conn. Wilfong. Wilma Frances. 190s X. 15th St.. Hick. Wilkcrson. Margaret Daniel, 421 X. Elm St.. Greei Wilkins. Louise. Turbeville, Va Wilkinson, Ella Virginia, Box 222, Wake Forest Wilkinson. Xancy Lee. 233 Melville St.. Graham Will. Jeanne. 3610 Van Ness St.. X. W.. Washington, D. C. Willard. Hope. 208 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury Willard. Mary Elizabeth, Route 2. High Point 23. 101, 152. 153 Page Xo. Williams, Betty Anne. 1109 Glendale Ave., Durham 125 Williams. Birshal Blanche. Route 1, Autryville 124 Williams. Carol (I.. 211 W. Broad St.. Dunn 121 Williams. Charlotte LaRue. 1823 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh 127 Williams. Eleanor, 301 Lancaster Ave.. Monroe . . — Williams, Grace, Box 210. Yadkinville 135 Williams, Helena Gragard. 1027 Vance St.. Raleigh 101 Williams. Janis. 1610 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 101 Williams. Mary Susannah. Wilkesboro 119 Williams, Nell. Route 1, Monroe 125 Williams. Sally Ruth, 1117 Montlieu St.. Thomasville 119 Williams, Sara Frances, Box 215, Greenville . 127 Williamson, Frances, Box 130, Route 2. Browns Summit — Williamson. Patsy. 032 Oaklawn Ave.. Winston-Salem 101 Williard, Xancv, Route 1. High Point 101 Willis. Catherine Joy, 11115 Evans St.. Morehead City 135 Willmott. Lucy, 5622 Green Tree Rd„ Bethesda, Md. 101 Wilson, Ann Loren, 919 Cherry Dr., Bowling Green, Ky. 125 Wilson. Doris. 211 McGlahon St.. Ahoskie 119 Wilson. Ella Gray, Route 5, Dunn 79 Wilson, Margaret, 807 Hale St., Durham — Wilson, Margaret T.. 411 W. Pope St., Dunn .79, 124 Wilson. Mary. 1009 Northwood St., Greensboro Wilson, Miriam Elizabeth. 2419 Walker Ave.. Greensboro — Wilson. Virginia Lee. Nebo Wilson, Wendellyn, 146 Craven St.. New Bern 101 Winfree. Cornelia Ross. 209 E. Morgan St.. Wadesboro 135 Wingate, Virginia. 86 Cedar Grove Rd.. Little Falls, N. J. — Winslow, Grace, 503 St. Patrick St.. Tarboro Winstead. Ann. 521 Riverside Dr., Belhaven loo, 169 Winstead, Daphne, Elm City 101 Winston. Frances Berkeley. .12011 Seminary Ave., Richmond, Va. 128 Winston. Elizabeth. Youngsville Hi. 11.79 Winterling. Ruth, 2132 Malvern Rd.. Charlotte 25, 131. 115 Withcrington. Mildred. 102 E. Spruce St.. Goldsboro 126 Witherspoon. Billie Ann. 209 E. Lee St., Greensboro 79 Witter, Betty. 334 Jersey Ave.. Winston-Salem Wolfe, Betty Jeanne. 1040 E. Main St.. Albermarle 120 Wolfe. Eleanor V.. 4003 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 7. Md. 79 Wolfe, Frances, Remount Depot. Front Royal. Va. 119 Wolfe, Lucy. State Road 119 Womack, Susan Ann. 285 Lindsey St.. Reidsville 126 Wonible. Irene. Route 3, Chapel Hill ml Wood. Bessie Lou. 716 Bellview Dr.. Winston Salem 12 1 Wood, Katherine. 314 Jackson St.. Roanoke Rapids 119 Wood. Sarah, 403 Arbor Rd.. Winston-Salem 119 Woodard. Mary Ruth. Laurel Hill " 9 Woodley. Rachel Virginia, Box 211. Columbia 129 Woodlief, Cornelia. Walker St.. Gary 79 Woodside, Helen. 435 Louise Ave.. Charlotte Wooten. Emma Plummer. Hookerton 119 Worslev. Mary Rebecca. Oak City 121. 153 Wright ' . Alice. Holly St., Black Mountain .119 Wright. Willie Mae. Holly St.. Black Mountain 119 Wvatt. Marjorie, Living-ton 101 Wvche. Martha. 49 Pigeon St., Waynesville 119 Wvnn (liven. Jacksonville 23. 79 — Y— Yancle. Barbara Ann, 1513 Spring Garde n St., Cireensboro Yarborough. Esther Marie, 2301 Walker Ave.. Greensboro Yarrow. Jeanne. 123 Charlotte. Asheville Yates. Nancy. Kent Rd.. Winston-Salem 101. Yelverton. Jacquelvn. 1510 Carr St.. Raleigh Yoe. Catherine. 15 Bartow St.. Cartersville, Ga. Yokelev, Nancy. Route 5, Winston-Salem Yokes. Katherine. 113 Radiance ltd.. Greensboro York. Myrtle. Box 94. Thomasville Yost. Betty, 412 N. Cedar St., Greensboro Younces, Marilyn Stone. 3209 Madison Ave., Greensboro Young, Caroline, 611 Greensboro St., Lexington Young. Eloise E., Ivy- Young, M. Louise. 1514 13th St., Hickory Young. Marian Allison. 916 W. Cabarrus St., Raleigh Young. Mary. Angier Young, Millicent Rose. Jamestown Yount. Winnie. 712 N. Center St.. States! ill,- YountS, Eleanor. 206 Thurston St.. High Point Zacharv. Christine Tatuin, Taylorsville Zageir, Joan. 56 Mauney Ave.. Asheville Zealy, Martha. Box 326. Goldsboro Zimmerman, Rose. 110 N. Main St.. Salisbury 210 FRCULTY DIRECTORY —A— Abbott, Alice K. 500 Adams Street Adams. Maude L Apt. 3. 31? % Tate Street Adams, (Mrs,) May L. 2607 Beechwood Street Adamson, (Mrs.) Enez li. 115 North Park Drive Albright. (Mrs.) Billie N. Alexander, Louise B. 802 Twickenham Drive Allison. (Mrs.) Lois R. ....... 423 Tate Street Altvater. H. Hugh 123 Tate Street Andrews. (Mrs.) Gozeal H. Kirkland Hall, W.C.U.N.C. Anthony. Hallie Pleasant Garden Road Arnett, Dr. Alex M. 117 Kensington Road Arundel. Dr. Edna 102? Spring Garden Street Atkisson. (Mrs.) Claire H. 209 Elmwood Drive Babin. Earline Baker, Ann Bardolph, Dr. Richard Bnrkelew. Marilyn Hark lev. Dr. Key L. Barksdale. Susan " W. S Elv E. Barton, Dr. Helen Battle. Harriet S. Bennett. Esther . . . Booker. Elizabeth Bowling, Sarah E. Brackett. Alice P. (I Bridges, Dr. John E„ Burnette. Olivia Burns, Helen Bush, Dr. May D. Byrd. Clara B. 210 Fisher Park Circle 42 i Forest Street 305% Tate Street 109 Mclver Street Friendly Road. Route 7 1000 Fairmont Street 1027 Spring Garden Street 1027 Spring Garden Street 205 Wilson Street 218 Tate Street so? Rankin Street 1025 Spring Garden Street 912 Olive Street 1412 West Lake Drive 14 Springdale Court 917 Carr Street 1850 North Elm Street .. - 125 Mclver Street Caldwell, Amy V Carlsson. Dr. Victoria Carter. (Mrs.) Anne F. Carter. Grace E. Carter. (Mrs.) Ruth McK. Chiles. Marguerite Clutts, O. P. Caldwell. Inez Coleman. Mary Charming rollings. Dr. Ruth M. . Collins. Alan C. Cometti, Dr. Elizabeth Cooper, Joyce Cornwell, Elizabeth Corson, Richard Courtner, Dr. Mary C. Coxe. Agnes N. Craig. Nell Cunningham. Lillian Cutler. Ethel R. Cutting. Helen 521 Stirling Street 130 Tate Stre et Cotten Hall. W.C.U.N.C. 310 Mclver Street North Spencer Hall. W.C.U.N.C. Weil Hall. W.C.U.N.C. 304 South Chapman Street 218% Tate Street 1026 West Market Street 203 South Tremont Drive 815 Union Street 500 Adams Street 109 Mclver Street 322 South Mendenball 609 North Mendenhall Street Apt. B 6. Winburn Ct.. Tate Street Apt. C-l. Winburn Ct.. Tate Street . Jamison Hall. W.C.U.N.C. 109 Mclver Street 1015 Guilford Avenue Dawley, Dr. Charlotte W. Dean. (Mrs.) Evon Welch Deans, Helen E Denneen. Marie B. Dickieson. George W. Donovan. Cerda Draper. Bernice E. Duffy, Dr. Elizabeth Dulaney. (Mrs.) Annette B. Dunn. James Arthur . . 309 Tate Street Apt. 8. 309 Mclver Street 512 South Mendenhall Street 217 Kensington Road 617 South College Park Drive 1412 West Lake Drive 1109 West Market Street 123 Wilson Street Name Grogan. lone H Groome, (Mrs.) Margaret M. Gullander, Magnhilde Gunter, Ruth Residence Coit Hall. W.C.U.N.C. Route 4. Greensboro 502 Forest Avenue Apt. C-3. 203 Tate Street -H— Ha 1, A. C 206 Tate Street Hall. E. H. ioi Westover Terrace Hardaway. Mathilde 402 South Mendenhall Street Hardin. Noma 109 Mclver Street Hardre. Rene 2512 Walker Avenue Hardwicke. Pauline 912 Walker Avenue Harpster. Dr. Hilda T 214 Mclver Street Harrell. Mary B-6, Winburn Ct., Tate Street Harris. Mildred 5 Springdale Court Hartman. Inez 504 Forest Street Harwood. Edith 313 Mclver Street Hathaway. Elizabeth Bailey Hall. W.C. U.N.C. Hawkins, (Mrs.) Kathleen P. 2211 Sherwood Street Hazelman, Herbert R. 3206 Madison Avenue Heflin, (Mrs.) Margaret M. . . 122 Tate Street Hege. Josephine 1011 Spring Garden Street Henry. Abbie Fay 615 Joyner Street Highsmith. Dr. J. A. Box- 152, Route 1. Greensboro Hines, Doris .215 South Mendenhall Street Hire, William A. Guilford College Holcombe, Jane G. 315 Mclver Street Holden, Lorena G. . . 1800 Walker Avenue Holloway. Birdie H. 506 Lake Drive Hood, Marjorie 312 Mclver Street Hooke. Dr. Malcolm K 1002 Fairmont Street Howell. Evelyn 1201 West Market Street Hudson. Roseanne 1025 Spring Garden Street Hughes. Annie Hendon 211 Ashe Street Hulse, Jane 129 Tate Street Hunter. Mrs. J. S. Gray Hall. W.C.U.N.C. Hunter. (Mrs.) Mary Alford 313 Mclver Street Hurley, Dr. Leonard B. 2304 West Market Street Hussey. (Mrs.) Minnie M. 932 Carr Street Inghram. (Mrs.) Florence B. South Spencer Hall. W.C.U.N.C. Ingraham. Helen Apt. 4, 317% Tate Street Ivy, Gregory D Box 241-B. Route 5. Greensboro — J— Jack, (Mrs.) Lorna . Jackson. Dr. W. C 1102 Spring Garden Street Jamison, Minnie L. 502 Forest Street Jastrow. Dr. Elizabeth Apt. 4. 1027 Spring Garden Street Jernigan, Dr. Charlton C. 217 West Avondale Jester. (Mrs.) Betty B._ 2202 West Market Street Johns. C. D. 209 South Chapman Street Johnson. Glenn R. Hamilton Lakes Johnson. Margaret 1034 West Market Street Jones, (Mrs.) Valerie P. Woman ' s Hall, W.C.U.N.C. Joyce, George M 406% Forest Avenue Kehoe, (Mrs.) Cathryne B. Keister. Dr. Albert S. Kellam. Man ' Frances Kennedy, (Mrs.) Mary D. Kilby. Richard W. Kimmel. Dr. Herbert - Kreimeier, Anna M. . 1003 Fairmont Street 1617 South College Park Drive 116 Mclver Street 109 Mclver Street 204 Tate Street 2426 Camden Road Name Moore. Mary Taylor . More, Grace Van Dyke Morris. (Mrs.) Addie R. B. Mossman, Mereb E.... . Moxley, Helen Residence 406 Lake Drive 5 Springdale Court 102? Spring Garden Street 1006 Courtland Street North Spencer, W.C.U.N.C. Newton. Mildred P. 129 Tate Street Nicholson. (Mrs.) Elizabeth 501 South Aycock Street Tate Street Painter, James Painter, (Mrs.) Kathleen S. Park. Herbert W. Petty, Mary M Phillips, C. W. Phillips, Coy T Pickard. Helen Lee . . Piper, (Mrs.) Marion B. Piatt, (Mrs.) Helen K. Playfoot, Viva M. A Potter, (Mrs.) Jeanette R. Powell, Man ' Virginia Pritchett, Theda ... - 211 Ashe Street . ' in South Tremont Drive . . . . 30s Tate Street 402 South Aycock Street . . 527 Highland Avenue 1027 Spring Garden Street 1030 West Market Street Winfleld Hall, W.C.U.N.C. .216 Kensington Road -R- Reardon. Dr. Anna Joyce Apt. 2. 335 Mclver Street Roger. Anna 919 Spring Garden Street Rethlingshafer. Dr. Dorothy 300 Warren Street Richardson. Edna Earle Apt. 2. 500 South Mendenhall Street Rizoti, Gloria 215 South Mendenhall Street Roberts, Marie 216 Tate Street Robertson, Dr. Mary E 1201 West Market Street Itoliinson. (Mrs.) F.loise T. . . . . Roetzel, Priscilla A 319 Mclver Street Rogers, Dr. Winfleld H 1509 Madison Avenue Rosa. (Mrs.) Bess N. 300 Warren Street Rowley. Abigail E. Apt. 2. 1027 Spring Garden Street Russell. Anna Loe 1025 Spring Garden Street Russell. Frances H. 137 Mclver Street Ryan, Alice Apt. A-6, 203 Tate Street Sampson, Elizabeth Schaeffer. Florence L. Schiffman, (Mrs.) Camill Schoeh. Caroline B.. Sbafer. Ruth Shaftesbury. Dr. Archie : Shamburger. Anne Sherard. Adell Lyda_ Gordo ers. Jea: Sike Sink, J. M. Smith, John Aaron Smith, (Mrs.) Sara Henry Spelts. Elizabeth Lou Spivey. Dr. Gaynell C. . . . Spruill. Patty Staton. Cora Jane Street. (Mrs.) Madeleine B. Strong. Cornelia Summerell. Jane Swanson. Mable N No Syron, Leslie Apt. — S— 515 Jefferson Street Apt. A-6. 203 Tate Street B. Box 181. Route 7 114 South Mendenhall Street 240 North Edgeworth Street 315 Tate Street . 517 Highland Avenue North Spencer Hall. W.C.U.N.C. 1006 Courtland Street . . .905 Fairmont Street 400 South Aycock Street 314 Mclver Street 302 South Chapman Street 921 Spring Garden Street 5 Springdale Court Infirmary. W.C.U.N.C. 1003 Fairmont Street 109 Adams Street 919 Spring Garden Street th Spencer Hall, W.C.U.N.C. 2. 1011 Spring Garden Street Edwards. (Mrs.) Flora W. Edwards. Margaret W. . Eliason. Dr. Mary Elliott. Dr. Harriet W. England. Kathryn McA. Ernst. (Mrs.) Marianne Guilford College 2505 Camden Road cuth Mendenhall Street 316 Mclver Street 406 Lake Drive B-l Country Club Apts. — F- Ferrell. Mary Lois 423 Tate Street Fitzgerald, Mary 308 South Aycock Street Fitzgerald, Ruth 308 South Aycock Street Flintom, Margaret 309 Mclver Street forney. Edna A 1402 Spring Garden Street Forney. E. J. 1402 Spring Garden Street Forster. Grace North Spencer Annex, W.C U N C Foust. Dr. .1. I. 921 Spring Garden Street Fowler. Evelyn 615 Joyner Street Friedlaender. Dr. Marc Kemp Road West. Hamilton Lakes Funderburk. (Mrs.) Annie B. Mary Foust Hall, W.C.U.N.C Gangstad. Dr. Virginia Garner. Maxine Gentn-. Emily Givler. John Paul Gordon, Mary Lois Gould, Mildred R. Gove, Dr. Anna M. Graves, (Mrs.) Rachel L. Griffin. Ellen 7 Springdale Court Shaw Hall. W.C.U.N.C. 321 Mclver Street 1200 West Market Street 249 North Edgeworth Street 132 Mclver Street 517 Highland Avenue Box 235. Hamilton Lakes 102 Homewood Avenue L aird. Jessie C. 504 Forest Avenue Land. Betty Aiken 414 Woodlawn Avenue I.argent. Vera 310 Mclver Street LaRochelle. Augustine 313 Tate Street Leagans. (Mrs.) Mary F. 811 Gregory Street Leager. Dr. Marc C. 1138 Westover Terrace Apts. Leonard. Marjorie 102 Homewood Avenue Leonard. Ruth 510 Tate Street Lindsey, V. E. 404 Sherrill Street Linsley. (Mrs.) Blanche M. 211 North Park Drive Littlejohn, Vance T 1211 West Market Street Lock-art. John C 203 Tate Street Love. Lila Belle 500 Adams Street Lowe, Louise 1003 Fairmont Street — Mc— McCartney, (Mrs.) Johanna B. 300 Warren Street McDade. Edith L. 321 Mclver Street MacFadyen. Miriam 428 Forest Avenue McFadyen, Christiana Apt. 2, 1011 Spring Garden Street McLean, Jessie 303 South Mendenhall Street McNutt, Dr. Franklin H. 1718 Madison Avenue — M— Marble, Dr. Guita 701 North Greene Martin, Evelyn New Guilford Hall, W.C.U.N.C. Martus. Ethel L 102 Homewood Avenue Mason. Elizabeth 322 South Mendenhall Street Massinger, Charles .110 South Mendenhall Street Mathis. (Mrs.) Treva Mehaffie. Harriett 300 Tate Street Miller, Dr. Meta Helena 1617 South College Park Drive Minor. Alleine R 423 Tate Street Tansil. Blanche Taylor. W. R Tennent. Man ' A. Thiel. Dr. Albert F. Thompson, George M. Thrush. Helen Tillett. Nettie Sue Trumper, Virginia Turbiville. Mary Upchurch, Billi. 317 Tate Street 612 Joyner Street 123 Mclver Street 116 Mclver Street 307 North Elam Avenue 1507% Madison Avenue 203 Tate Street 515 Jefferson Street 3100 West Market Street x, W.C.U.N.C. — W— Wallace. Robert M. 209 Aberdeen Terrace Watkins. Emily H. 1027 Spring Garden Street Watson. Marion 129 Tate Street Weisgarber. Elliott 1612 Wright Avenue Wellman. Dr. Rowena 1027 Spring Garden Street Wells, Margaret 305% Tate Street West. (Mrs.) Margaret S. Hinshaw Hall. W.C.U.N.C. Whitlock. V. Louise 834 West Market Street Williams. Sue Vernon.. Apt. 1, 329 Mclver Street Wilson. George P. . . 1813 Rolling Road Wily. Pauline 7 Springdale Court Wolf, Dr. Opal M 306 Mendenhall Street 211

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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