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■ H itH ir w Woman ' s College, University oF Norrh Carolina The Woman ' s College University of North Carolina The LIBRARY N8fe P c-2 COLLEGE COLLECTION I he Year at Greensboro... " The 1943 EEDLES-.- Woman ' s Elise Rouse Wilson, Editor-in-Chief . . College of the University of north Carolina mily Crowell, Business manager Foreword Jhe 1943 f- ine r fee dies is truina to portrau for uou the true spirit of a areat woman s colleae; to aiue uou the picture of uouna women who — in the midst ot a net at war — are seekina to equip them- Selues to plau a useful role in a post-war la in need ot a responsible uoutn; and to aid uou, trie students, to recall the lauahter and hard worn, the studu and • £-■■ w rA ' Ti ition, and — above all — the pure iou of living which was So muc h a part of uc colleqe life YOU I I I9y I lOt nGmOrnDGr! . . . the timed uou were homesick . . . uour struggle statistics . . . the payments uou, made in the treasurers Jffice . . . the term papers d out in the cU- ibraru . . . how long the lunch lined were . . . in uou qroun lose , But Just Try To Forget: . . . tL solitary wJL lu tL LL . . . tk ever-welcome boxes from home . . . initiation dau for freshmen and how queer girls look minus make-up . . . coming from chapel in the rain . . . the snowballs uou threw . . . registration dau and the struggle to avoid eight o ' clocks " . . . that blanketu- blank alarm clock . . . dashing into junior Shop for cokes and crackers between classes . . . 35227A Bfr 1 W . . . after -school hockey games and the appetites you worked up ... a W. C. formal with its dance cards and crowded floor . . . dance Group and Low you wisLd you were in it . . . those dorm parties which always Surprised you . . . ridina at Ttjaru =£ee le lam aroun dau niqhts . . . the sophomore L hridt paqeants which were alwaui louelu . Iwaitinq for the mail to be put up . . inq up uour hair at niqht in hopes that it won t rain the next dau . . . learning to I aim at uour tarqet Dr. Meta Helena Miller he Seniors UUe Dedicate The 1943 Pine Needles to Dr. Meta Helena Miller, our class chairman, our understanding adviser, and our devoted friend, who has never been too busy to talk with us about our problems or to join with us in our fun. Dr. Miller has one of those rare personalities which prove attractive to everyone, always smiling when it does the most good. As a means of expressing our pleasure in her friendship and our appreciation for her assistance, we delight in making this dedication. P Jo foss a Bouquet... » Administrative Officers • • • UU. C. PI. C. U-f- — Governor James ITI e I v i 1 1 e Broughton A w ill-liked man and an optimist, Gover- nor Broughton is one of our most welcome guests at Woman ' s College. We all may profit by his simple philosophy of life; " It is not so much the results or achievements as it is the making of an honest effort that gives the greatest satisfaction and happiness. " Dr. Frank Porter Graham Dr. Graham is recognized as one of the South ' s truly great men, but this is not what endears him to us. He is a particular favorite of ours because of his easy manner, his very effective speeches, and his delightful con- versation. Our only complaint is that we see too little of him. nineteen Hundred Forty-Three IHr. Ulilliam Donald Carmichael, Jr. Popular Mr. Carmichael has the difficult task of balancing the budget for the " Greater University " — long may his success continue! On his occasional visits here he helps our morale as well as our budget; no other visitor pays us as many nice compliments or gives us any better advice than his " Be happy, girls. " Uliss Harriet Elliott So many people appreciate the talents of Miss Elliott that it ' s impossible for us to keep her to ourselves; and it ' s a happy day for us when she leaves Washington where she is pleading " Buy Bonds and More Bonds! " to pay us a visit. We are very proud of Miss Elliott and her work; although we miss her, we cheerfully share her with the war effort. Dr. Walter Clinton Jackson Dr. Jackson ' s dry wit and his interest in each girl at Woman ' s College are the at- tributes which gave him the popularity that he has among the students. With a word of encouragement or praise, as the occasion demands, he in ■spires us to meet any situa {ion which may confront us Being our indispensable ad ministrator and friend, he generally thought of as " Woman ' s College " Jackson. Elevei Rdministrative Officers Dr. Julius I. Foust Miss Laura H. Coit Mr. E. J. Forney Mr. C. E. Teague President Emeritus Secretary of the College Treasurer Assistant Comptroller Mr. C. W. Phillips Mr. George M. Joyce Miss Mary Taylor Moore Dr. Ruth M. Collings Mr. Guy R. Lyli Director of Public Relations Auditor Registrar Physician Librarian The Rlumnae and Former Students Rssociation, Inc. OFFICERS Mrs. John Dickinson (Lula Martin McIver) President Mrs. W. L. Lambert (Julia Ross) Vice-President Laura H. Coit Honorary President Clara B. Byrd Executive Secretary BOARD OF TRUSTEES Anne Albright, Emily S. Austin, Mrs. Herbert Bluethenthal (Janet Weil), Gertrude Carraway, Mrs. J. L. Henderson (Moffitte Sinclair), Mrs. Richard Hogue (Caroline Goforth) , Mrs. P. P. McCain (Sadie McBrayer) , Mrs. Floyd Moore (Ethel Wells), Mrs. C. E. Stevens (Carrie Tabor), Mrs. Albert Wirth nil (Nettie Parket). I L hile we are students at W. C, we think more often about the Alumnae House than we do about the Alumnae Association. There are only a few of us who haven ' t, at one time or another, wondered what it would be like to slip in some night and sleep in one of those wonderful beds. After graduation our point of view changes, and the Alumnae Association means more to us as it has become our main link with the college and the girls we knew there. The Alumnae Association has a many-sided program which may be divided into these general classifications: The Alumnae House, which is not only headquarters for alumnae work but is the home of three student publications — Pine Needles, Carolinian, and Coraddi — and of the Student Government Association; the alumnae office; the Alumnae Magazine; Alumnae Day; alumnae homecoming; class reunions; the Alumnae Council; the fifty-six local alumnae clubs and associations; following up the thousands of alumnae and former students, their occupations and activities, their changing names and addresses; seminars; hospitality and entertainment; scholarships; and aid with the legislative program. mee Faculty and Departments Chemistry Department — Miss Florence Shaeffer — three hour labs — nitric acid — formulas — train- ing for chemical research. Home Economics — Miss Margaret Edwards — dress designing — cake baking — teas and open houses — French seams — fashion shows. Biology — Mr. J. P. Givler — dissections — sum- mer school at Beaufort — earthworms — sweet peas — chromosomes. The Physical Education Department — Miss Mary Channing Coleman — gym meet and pyramids — afternoon sports — the " majors. " Music Department — Mr. Hugh Altvater — prac- tice hours — recitals — concerts — harmony, theory, counterpoint. Classical Civilization — Dr. C. C. Jernigan — Greek and Latin, very much alive — The Classical Clut — Oedipm Rex — Aristotelian tragedy. Commercial Department — Miss Margaret Har- rill — speed tests — typing room — one-year course, brief but useful. Physics Department — Dr. Anna Reardon — light and sound — X-rays — dancing atoms and space. Business Education and Secretarial Administra- tion — Dr. McKee Fisk — typing — shorthand — fu- ture teachers, future business women — bookkeep- ing. 3u r Facu Ity • • • Education Department — Dr. Franklin H. Mc- Nutt — teaching in theory and in practice — learn- ing by doing — progressive methods — pragmatism. Romance Languages — Dr. Winfield Barney- - French verbs — Spanish grammar — linguists — his- tory of literature. Economics Department — Dr. Albert S. Keister — banking — labor problems — war economics — pro- duction — inflation. Health, Medical Division — Dr. Ruth Collings- infirmary — physical examinations — office hours. Health, Hygiene Department — Dr. Victoria Carlsson — vitamins and minerals — diseases, pre- vention and cure — child hygiene. Mathematics — Dr. Helen Barton — trig and analytics — theory of equations — sine and cosine — polar coordinates — Square Circle. Geography — Dr. Edna Arundel — land, sea, river, mountain — hemisphere — terrestial globe. Psychology Department — Dr. James A. High- smith — experiments — I. Q. tests — educational psych — fatigue — apparatus — aptitude — adjustment. History Department — Dr. Benjamin B. Ken- drick — causes and results — modern European — political science — current events — social science. English Department — Dr. Winfield H. Rogers — Quill Club — comparative lit — Shakespeare and Milton — " the old order changeth. " New Guilford k • UUe Live With Them . . . P R,— Residence hall for young ladies who " just don ' t do that sort of thing " teJ by Miss Grogan and " Blond Bomber " Billie Upchurch. Where laundry baskets pop up to entangle the feet of authorities curry into the closets . . . Mrs. Carter presides assisted by Becky jpasJ | nX ; later, M ary Frances Kellam. GRAY — Ofc lprned hall where the " gentlemen of our armed forces " cluster 4 the parlor, and Mrs. Hunter and Teen " Dream Girl " Dunlap officiate. JAMISON — With a fine view of the tennis courts and other parts of Guil- ford County. Bull-fighting far into the night. Miss Giese and jovial Scott Tyree. HINSHAW — Home of the typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping-minded lassies. Smiled over by Miss Hathaway and Massachusetts-bound Mary Helen Emerson. BAILEY — Freshmen hive where social as well as intellectual progress is kept in mind. Miss Cole and the Claire-half of the McRoberts in authority. SHAW — White columns and ivy but no mint juleps. Entertaining house meet- ings. Amiability, Miss Walberg, and Betsy Saunders. Mary Foust »1 II II II iSf 1 South Spencer WOMAN ' S — Tropical wallpaper and full-length mirrors. Traditional home of Student Government President and hotbed of projects and petitions. Miss Sherwin and Bobby Johnson of the English accent. KIRKLAND — Singing in the parlor. Sleeping on the porch until mid-winter. First floor suites. Enthusiasm, Miss Williams, and Anne Spivey. WINFIELD — Lake Side Inn. Waffles in the kitchenette. Large population. Mrs. Young and lively Gladys Sessoms. WEIL — Water battles in the hall. Handsome parlors with convenient nooks. Bulletin board notices in French. Miss Taylor and suave Tay Muller. N. SPENCER — Overlooking the Science Building. Dramatized drive to sell War Bonds. Efficiency and cooperation. Miss Lewis and irrepressible Sara Crooks. S. SPENCER — Southern mansion with popular front lawn. Game room and R. A. Center. Spirit of camaraderie. Mrs. Inghram and smiling Ginnie Daugherty. MARY FOUST — Birthplace of campus jive. Dances on the terrace. Dormer windows. Well-kept garden. Mrs. Funderburk and capable Frances Glaze. NEW GUILFORD — Champions of the chapel fund. Campus spirit. Venetian blinds. View of Peabody Park and the " Y " hut. Miss Martin and lovable Win- ston James. Jamison North Spencer WtM ' 1 j|JH TT ■ 1 1 ) Jfl ,11 ' .4 J Janet Holmes Treasurer Phyllis Crooks Vice-Prt idt tit Doris McRobert Secretary Student Government ? „ Student Government at Woman s College is a going concern that knows where it ' s going. It is the large and busy corporation of the student body, administered by officers elected by and from the student body and working through the various subdivisions into which it has been organized. This year, in addition to its responsibilities of integrating and overseeing the activities of ordinary cam- pus life, it has had the additional task of adjusting the campus to making a maximum contribution to the war effort. Things start cooking on the front burner at the pre-school conference of student leaders. This vener- able body confers several days — but not without results. This year ' s motto, a minimum of talking and a maxi- mum of action, was carried out to the letter. Conferees tested existing rules and regulations for practicality, efficiency, and hardening of the arteries, and then recommended to legislature a number of additions and subtractions. One of the most important steps recommended to legislature by the conference was the strengthen- ing of the honor policy, which was formally inaugurated two years ago, by the resolution that a student is responsible not only for upholding her own honor but also for helping others to uphold theirs. This resolution gave rise to a decision to lighten some of our social restrictions and to a big argument to de- termine whether or not the terms " date " and " friend " are synonymous! An impressive Student Govern- ment candlelighting ceremony acquainted the freshmen with our existing honor code. Operating for the first time this year was an Election Board, which was set up to supervise our cam- pus elections and to establish a uniform procedure; and now we ' ve bid " Mr. Ballot Box Stuffing " a fond farewell. Another comparatively new addition to the family of Student Government is our Service League which coordinates the campus war effort. It has already proved itself worthy to be called a child prodigy because of the wonderful job it has done in offering defense courses, in providing opportunities for would-be volunteer workers, and in persuading us to shell out some of our allowance for war bonds and stamps. Eighteen TVl lthough the legislative branch of Student Government does not originate tax bills, it does keep an interpretative finger on the pulse-beat of the campus. Composed of three members from each class, a representative from each dormitory, house presidents, presidents of the Recreation Association and the " Y, " Legis- lature meets more or less regularly in the Student Government room of the Alumnae House to debate until twi- light on campus problems or lack of same. The vice-president of Student Government, Phyllis Crooks, wields the gavel with proper respect for the Alumnae ' s mahogany table and for Robert ' s Rules of Order. Janet Holmes, Student Government Treasurer, acts as secretary of the Vox Pop body, and Dr. Lyda Shivers, Miss Genevieve Walberg, and Miss Clara Giese act as faculty advisers and chief referees. The first business of Legislature this year was to consider the recommendations of the pre-school Student Gov- ernment conference. These recommendations were passed with notable dispatch (the legislature members were members of the conference) ! Early in the year, Legislature set up a Chapel Board to handle cases of chapel absence and thereby relieved Judy Board of the burden. This innovation has proved to be a well-advised one. In the interest of conserving electricity and health, a rule was passed requiring that lights be turned out at twelve o ' clock; this rule almost produced a minor revolution among students who found it necessary to make new schedules or to start adhering to the ones they had already made. Use of candles, kerosene lamps, and coal miner ' s caps was definitely discour- aged by both Legislature and the administration. Though Legislature represents the interests of all the various groups on campus and is responsible for keep- ing faith with both the groups and common sense, there have been few casualties. The latest movement afoot is to pass a rule abolishing term papers in order to save our Library from extreme " over-congestion " every January and May! .. I move That We First Row: Wenkenbach, Lowe, Ferrell, Griffith, Cherry, Hollingsworth, Whitley, Vann, King. Second Row: Fairley, Hornaday, Johnson, Slocum, Dr. Shivers, Holmes, McRoberts, Upchurch, Crooks, Miss Wal- berg, Miss Giese, Saunders, Vann, Mendenhall. Third Row: Miller, Glaze, Spivey, Muller, Crooks, De Voe, Sherrill, Tyree, James, Daugherty, Dickey, Hatfield, Rendleman. Sealed: Eula Mae Dees, 3etty Dahlin, Helen Tanner, Mary Jo Rexdleman, President: Hazel Bryant, Alison Rice, Miss Alexander, Adviser. Standing: June Feiker, Doris McRoberts, Secretary; Kay Bissell. " Why Don ' t You Do Right? " (_ „very Monday night the judicial branch of Student Government, garbed in austere black robes, goes into action. The Board is presided over by Chief Justice Jody Rendleman, otherwise known as Student Government President Rendleman; Student Government Secretary Doris McRoberts acts as secretary for the Board. The Judy Board, as it is known in common parlance, is renowned for administering impartial justice to offenders, large or small, freshmen or seniors, neurotics or Physical Education majors. None need fear to enter the room with the green horseshoe table — nine times out of ten smiles are lurking in the eyes of these " judges " (unaccustomed as they are to looking stern) ! Under the supervision of Judy Board are the hall boards which handle minor cases in each dormi- tory. Our hall boards are composed of the house president and four members of the dormitory and a member of the Judy Board. Judy Board records and reviews all hall board cases, and every girl has the right to appeal a hall board decision. The goal of Judy Board is to consider each case individually and to make the student understand how its decision was reached. It is probably the only court for miles around where rule-breakers are given every opportunity to talk back. With the experience they have had, we might expect to see some of our Judy Board members ap- pointed to the Supreme Court some day. Twenty ,omposed of student and faculty members, the Finance Board manipulates the intri- cate purse-strings of the campus. All treasurers and business managers of student organizations which desire pecuniary backing must present their budgets to the Board early in the school year, and it ' s their problem to convince the Board that they have need for the amounts they request. The approved method of doing this is to present an itemized account of the organization ' s estimated expenditures and hope the Budget Balancers can see it that way. Considering the needs of all organizations, the Finance Board has always complied with these requests so long as it could make all ends meet. This year, however, both the Board and the student financiers were faced with the necessity for strict economizing in the interest of the war effort; thus, or- ganizations willingly cut their expenses to the bone, feeling that any frills would be in poor taste at this time of national emergency. Our Financial Wizards Crowell, Hooke, Dr. Keister, Tanner, Chairman; Miss Lewis, Grimsley. Twenty-one Book One . . . Classes W E pass in R EVI EUU Dm Rt Last! Jl ere WE are seniors, and to believe it is harder than it was to learn to study when we were freshmen. We came to W. C. looking forward to this year; now we ' re beginning to look backward. Our freshman year we spent half our time admiring seniors; now we spend it envy- ing freshmen. These four years have been fun; our class formals, " open house " in our dormitories, bull ses- sions in 210, midnight snacks, everlasting bridge games, long term papers, and hard exams. It has all been part of the game, and playing it has been a wonderful life. This year we have felt our importance in more ways than one. We have had children call us Miss Jones, and we have attended teachers ' meetings. We were the ones who selected the May Queen and her court. We have been leaders in student government activities and have stayed up all night to hear Judy Board cases. And if you don ' t think experiences like these make you feel impor- tant, just try it. We have grumbled over long hours of study, but now we take advantage of our last chance to thank the faculty for having given us something to do in all of our spare time! Hats off to all those girls who have been our class lead- ers each year; we ' re proud of our class and of those girls who were the hammer behind the nail which drove us to be the class we are — a class unified in service. Jane Thompson President Amy Bunting Class Mascot Twenty-six Jean Booth . ... Treasurer Jane Thompson President Sara Warwick Vice-President Sara Mundy Hamrick Secretary Margie Gabriel Cheer Leader Tuenty-seven Senior Clas ineteen Hundred 0 NANCY YOW ABERN ' ETHY; Asheville; A.B. History; Aletheian; Choir (1): Playlikers (1); Junior- Senior Dance Committee (S) ; Gymnastics (1, 2. 4); Hockey (1). . . . PAULINE HILL ABERN ' ETHY; Raleigh; .LB. Primary Education; Dikean; Carolinian, Reporter (1), Head Line Writer (2); Presby- terian Council Treasurer, (4); Daisy Chain (2): Young Democrats (2); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3): Le Cercle Francais (2); Y. W. C. A., Sophomore Club Secretary (2). Adviser (3), Vice- President (4); Gymnastics (8); Volley Ball I2|- Marching i 4) ; Hall Social Chairman (1). . . . JANE WYCHE ADAMS: Gaston ia; A.B. Primary Education; Dikean; Legislature 4); Daisy Chain 2 ; Education Club (3. 4): Interfaith Council III: Square Dance Club (3, I); Young Democrats (3); Y. W. C. A. ii. 2. 3. ii. Cabinet i:i. n. President (4); Gymnastics (3); Golf (3); Proctor (I). . . . ALICE ETHELYN ' ALEXANDER; I ' imiii.ii: BS. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Mitchell Col- lege (1. 21: Gamma Alpha 13. l): Presbyterian Church Council tl): Education Club (4); Junior Adviser in. . . . NANCY LEE ALEXANDER; Matthews; BS. •■» . Economics; Aletheian; Educa- tion Club (4): Home Economics Club (a, 3. 4 ; Honor Roll 13). . . . FRANCES JUNIOR ALLEN; Knightdale; BS. Horn. Economics; Dikean: Education Club in; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. n; Y. W. C. A. (1); 4-H Club (1) IULIA ELEANOR ALLGOOD: Rltial Hall; A.B. Primary Educa Hon; Cornelian; Mars Hill College n. 2); Education club (4); International Relations (t). MARY I.AMBE ALLISON; Forest City: BS. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha 13. 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Junior Adviser (3); Speakers Club (2, 3); Y. W. C A. (1); International Relations (2. 3. 4). . . . HELEN ELIZABETH AMES; Ransomville, N. Y.: BS. Borne Economics; Adelphian; Home Economics Club 12, 3, 4); Seal Club (3, 4); Y. W. C. A- ii; Proctor (1); Chemistry Club (2). . . . LOUISE VIRGINIA AYCOCK; Rocky Mount; BS. Secre- tarial Administration; Cornelian: Hall Board it): Wesley Foundation, Council (1, 3. II. Treasurer (4): Education Club (I); Interfaith Council (I); Le Cercle Francais (2. 3); Square Dance (2); Y. W. C. A. II. 3i; Proctor (3i. . . . MILDRED GURLEY AYCOCK; Fbemont; B.n. SecrerariaJ Adr minislration; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha (3. Ii; Education Club ill; Y. W. C. A. ill: Proctor (4); Hall Hoard in. . . . FRANCES BAER: Dlnn: I .. Sociology; Cornelian; Interfaith Council (3. 4). Vice-President (4); Junior Adviser (3); Square Circle (1. 2. 3); Sociology Club (3, 4): Chemistry Club (2); Dean ' s List Ii; Hillel (1, 2. 3. I). President (1). . . . JULIA ANNA BALDWIN; San ford; B.S. Secretarial Administration ; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha 13. 4): Education Club III: Young Democrats (2); X. W. C. A. (l. 2. 8). . . . JEAN BARBREY: Mount Olive: A.B. Mathematics; Adel- phian; Pfeiffer Junior College (1, 21; Education Club in; Square Circle (3. I). NANCY ELIZABETH BARDEN : GoinsnoRo; BS. Home Economics; Cornelian: Coraddi (4); Pine Nil i.i I- (4); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. I): International Relations (4); Square Dance h; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. :i, I . . . . RACHEL BARRETT; Farmvtlle; .LB. Chemistry; Aletheian; Masqueraders : i Medical Technologists (3. n: Playlikers (2, 3. Il; Chemistry Club i2, 3. II. . . . CAROLYN ELIZABETH BASON; Yan.ewhii: BS. Secretarial Idministration; Aletheian; Gamma Alpha (3, I); Presbyterian Student Council (4); Education Club (I): Y. W. C. A. (1, 8); Dean ' s List (4). . . . MARGARET LINCOLN BATES: Tkyon; .LB. Sociology, Adelphian; Finance Board, Secretary (3); Carolinian (1, 2. 3. n. Managing Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief mi: Alpha Kappa Delta (4); Con gressional-Cbristian Council II. 2. 31; Honor Roll (1. 2. 8); Interfaith Council (2, 8); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais (2, 3); Playlikers (2); Sociology Club (8, n. Publicity Chairman (8); Who ' s Who Among Stud, at in America I Colleges (8); Fellowship Fund (2). . . . DOROTHY ELIZABETH BEADLE: Davidson: A.B. Mathematics; Cornelian; Lees Mcltae Junior College (1, 2); Le Cercle Francais 3 ; Square Circle ' 31. . . . EMMA Jul-. BEAM; Shelby; B.N. Home Ec mics; Dikean, Recording Secretary Vice-President (4); Education Club (3. n; Home Economics Club i2. 3. n; Modern Dance Group il. 2). . . . MARY I1INF.S HEARD: Hillsboro; .LB. English, Dikean; Hall Board (2): Pini Nuniis (3); Presbyterian Council, Vice-President (8); Education Club Mi; Y. W. C. A. II, 2. 3. I . Cabinet (8, l : Hall Social Chairman (8); Presbyterian Students ' Organization (l. 2. 3. I); Council (4); History Club ' 2. 8), Journalist (2). N.incy Vow Abernethy Mar? Lambc Ulison N.incy Elizabeth Barden T uenty-etgbt and Forty-Three Jane Wyche Adams Louira Virginia Aycock Carolyn Elizabeth Bason Alice Ethelyn Alexander Mildred Gurley Aycock Margaret Lincoln Bates Nancy Lee Alexander Frances Baer Dorothy Elizabeth Beadle Frances Junior Alle Julia Anna Baldwir Emma Joe Beam Julia Eleanor Allgood Jean Barbrey Mary Hines Beard Twenly-mm Senior Class of nineteen Hundred GLADYS BEATTY; Tomahawk; A.B. Primary Education; Aletheian; Peace Junior College (l. 2). . . ANNA BELL; Greensboro; B.S. Music; Dikean, Corresponding Secretary (2); Marshal (31: Choir (1. 2. 3. 4); Librarian (3); Glee Club (1. 2. 3, II. Secretary (21, Publicity Chairman (4); Music Education Club (3, 4) ; Playlikers (1. 2); Town Students Organization (1, 2. 3, 4). Social Committee Young Composers Club (3. 4), Corresponding Secretary (3. 4); Junior Dance Group (2); Modern Dance Group (8, ( . . . . MARY FRANCES BELL; Murphy; AH. English; Adelphian; Carolinian Associate Editoi (3), Editorial Board (3). Associate Editor (4); Education Club (4), Program Chairman (4); Honor Roll (3): Le Cerclc Francais 13. 4); Quill Club (2). Secretary (3). President (4); 1. V. C. A. (1, 2 ; Proctor (2, 3 I : Hall Social Chairman 131. . . . ELIZABETH EMMA BENDIGO: Greensboro; AJ3. Sociology; Aletheian; Archery Club (2); International Relations (2); Sociology t lull (8, I); Town Students Organization (1,2,3.4); Young Democrats (2). . . . MENEFEE BENNETT; Norm ; . ' 3. Secretarial Administration; Dikean. President Hi; Hall Hoard (S) ; Carolinian (2); Gamma Alpha (S, 1); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club ill; Young Democrats (1. 21; Y. W. C. A. Hi; Proctor il. n: (amp Counsellors Club (3. II: Dance Chairman (3); Life Saving (1). . . . PERS1S SARA BENNETT; Fair Haven, N. J.; A.B. Sociology; Cornelian; Ring Chairman (3); Pine Needles, Sophomore E ditor (2), Junior Editor (3). Organization Editor (4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Playlikers (2); Square Circle (1); Sociology Club (2. 3. II; Y. W. C. A. II); Proctor (1. 2, 3); Hall Social Chairman (31; Camp Committee (4); Curriculum Committee Chairman ill; Chemistry Club (2); Dean ' s List (4); Archery (8, ii; Volley Bail (1). . . . VIRGINIA HOWIE BENTON; Monroe; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (2, 3); Proctor (1. 21. MARGARET ANN BITT1CK; Hingham, Mass.; A.B. English; Cornelian; Pine Needles (3); Honor Roll (3); Dance Group (1. 2. 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (2), President (3, 4); Hall Board III; May Day Committee (4); A. A. Cabinet (3. 4); A. A. Honor Group (4). . . . VIRGINIA RAY BLUE; Eagle Springs; A.B. History; Dikean: Montreat College (1. 2); Education Club in; International Relations (3, 4); Tennis (3). . . . FRANCIS LOUISE BOATMAN; Greensboro; A.B. Sociology : Dikean; Carolinian (1); Episcopal Church Council il. 2. 3), President (41; Interfaith Council (2. 3, I), President in: Junior Adviser (31: Medical Technologists (3); Sociology Club (4): Y. V. C. a. ii. j, ;i, ii. Cabinet (2); Proctor (I): Greensboro Inter-Collegiate Book Cooperative (3. 4): Refugee Student Fund. Co Chairman of Collections II i; Adventures in Applied Christianity CI. II. Student Mat,- Chairman in: Alpha Kappa Delta (4); Representative to Second Inter-Church Stu- dent Conference ' 2i IF.AN MAE BOOTH; Durham; A.B. Grammar anal, Education, Aletheian. Corresponding Secretary (3); Class Treasurer in: Carolinian 12. 3. 11; Dean ' s List in. Choir 1 I. 2, .1, n. Vice President (3), President III; Daisy Chain (2): Education Club. Vice- President 1 . Glee Club 1. 2. 3); Honor Roll (3). . . . RUTH BOWDEN; Advance; A.B. Grammar Grad Education; Cornelian: Archery Club 121; Botany Club (31: Education Club 111; Le Cerclc 1 rancais 2 . Square Dame (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3) MINES SOUTHALL BOWEN; Raleigh; S.S. •■«;• Economics, Adelphian; Education Club (3, 11; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais 11. 21: Town Students Organization (1); Y. W. C. A. hi: Chemistry (luh (1); Basketball (1, 2, 4). . . . MARTHA BASS BOYETTE; Lucama; B.S. Secretarial Adminis- tration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3, l); Archery club en; Young Democrats (1); Proctor (11. EDNA EARLE HiiYKlN: Wilson; LB. Grammar Gradi Education, Vletheian; SI. Mary ' s Junior College il. 2); Education Club 11. . . . MARY MATILDA BRAMBLE; Annapolis, Mr..; A.B. French; Cornelian; Botanj (luh 12, 3); Der Deutscher Verein in: Honor Roll 11. 2, ;i 1 ; Transfer Advise] n Le Cercle Francais (1, 2, 3. 11. President ill: Y. V. C. A. (I. 2. 3. I); Proctor (II: Dance Group (3) DA LAVINIA BRAS WELL; Wadesboro; B.S. Ham. Economics; Aletheian: Education club in; Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. n: Square Dance in; Y. w. C. A. (1, 2. 8); ill Club (1, - ' . .:. n. Publicity Chairman in. Program Committee Chairman 121. Vice-President President 1 . JACQUELINE INEZ PR MIL I pper Montclair, . .1.. A.B. Spanish; Dikean; 1. -in.-. n Club i . Masqueraders " i ; Playlikers 1:1. 11; Y. W. C. A. (2); Proctor 121: Catholic Organization, treasurer (3), Secretary in. . . . DOROTHY JANE BREADY; Greensboro; A.B. English; Cornelian: Quill Club (3. n: town Students Organization. Dance Committee (8), Town Students Bulletin in. Social Committee in. . . . MARIE LOUISE BRENNAN; P.. m Chester, N. Y : A.B. French; Adelphian; Carolinian (8), Circulation Manager in: Education Club in. Honoi R..II :ii, Le Cercle Francais u. :;. n: Proctor 121. . . . ESTHER Sl ' E BRICKHOUSE; Columbia; i:. II • 1 Vletheian; Methodist Church Council (1) ; Educat club in: Home 1 Ics Club 11. 2. 3. 11. Square Dance 12.; Young Democrats (1, 2. S, n; Y. W. C. A. d. 21; Chemistry; (luh u. iladys Beatty Margaret Ann Bittick I dna I arle Boyk.n Anna Bell Virginia Ray Blu Mary Matilda Bran. ind Forty-Three Mary 1 a nces B ' 11 I ii ahe h Emma Bendigo Menefee P Per sis Sara Bennett Virginia Howie Benu Francis L.o line Boa man Jea i Mae Booth Ruth Bo den Agne s Southall Bowen Martha Bass Boyetti Ada L.ivl lia Bras yvell Jacqu line Inez Brath Dorothy Jan e Brcadv Mar e Louise Brennan Esther Sue Brickhou Thirty-one Senior Cla ineteen Hundred FLORA BELLE BRIGHT; Rutherford College: B.S. Secretarial Administration: Dikean; Dean ' s List in; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Education Club (s, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). . . . GLADYS CAVELL BRINSON; Bayboro; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Education Club (3. 4); International Relations (3): Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Basketball (2, 3). . . . CAROLYN ELIZABETH BROOKS; Orlando, Fla.; B.S. Home Economics; Dikean; an (3), Circulation Manager (4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 3, 4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser (3). . . . BETTY JEAN BRYANT; Oxford; B.S. Secretarial Ad- ministration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3, l : Education Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). . . . HAZEL E. BRYANT: Rich Square; A.B. Sociology; Adelphian; Judicial Board (4); Legislature (3); Archery Club (2); Daisy Chain (2); Sociology Club (3, 4); Dance Committee (2, 3). . . . DORIS GERALD1NE Bl ' I.LARD: Lumberton; B.S. Bonn Economics; Aletheian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (4); Proctor (1); Dance Committee (3). . . . MARY FRANCES VARNER BULLARD; Greensboro; BS. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Archery Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Town Students Organization (1, 2, 3. 4); Young Democrats (2). ANN GAYI.E Bl ' RKHEAD: Fayettf.ville; B.S. Secretarial Administration ; Dikean; Gamma Alpha (3, i : Y. W. C. A. (I, 2); Proctor (1, 2. 3); Dance Committee (3). . . . MARY MARGARET BUR- NEY; Aberdeen; B.S. Home Economics; Cornelian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club. (2, 8, li; Young Democrats (2. 3, I); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4); Proctor (1). . . . FRANCES LOUISE BCRROWS; Asheboro; A.B. Mathematics; Adelphian; Mars Hill College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Square Circle (3, i : Proctor (4). . . . JANE YOUNGS BURROWS; Ridcewood, N. J.; A.B. Biology; Aletheian; Bergen Junior College (1, 2); Archery Club (3); Medical Technologists (3. 4). . . . MARY ETTA BURTON; Spencer: B.S. Secretarial Administration ; Cornelian; Catawba College (1); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Education Club (4); Proctor (2). . . . NANCY JANE CALLOWAY: State Road; B.S. Econ imics; Aletheian: Brevard College (1. 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, li; Junior Adviser (4); Y. W. C. A. (4) JULIA LOUISE CAMERON; Polkton; B.S. Home Economics; Cornelian: Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Church Council (2); Education Club (l ; Young Democrats Hi; Y. W. ( ' . A. II. 2); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3. 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3). Vice- President (4). JANET CAMPBELL: Greensboro; A.B. Chemistry; Aletheian; Der Deutscher Verein (l. 2): Medical Technologists (3, 4); Town Students Organization (1. 2, 3, 4): Y. W. C. A. (1); Chemistry Club cl. 41. . . . BERNICE CAROLYN CARTER: Asheville; B.S. Home Economics; Aletheian; Carolinian (4); Choir (I. 2); Baptist Student Union Council (3); Home Economics Club (I. 2, 3. 4); Dean ' s List (4); Y. W. C. A. i2. 3i. . . . ROSINA DAWSON CARTER: Madison; B.S. Physical Education; Adelphian; Recreation Association Honor Society (3i: Virginia Intermont (1. 2); Education Club (3); Proctor (8); Baseball (S); Gymnastics (3): Hockey 13); Life Saving (3); Soccer (3); Speedball (3); Tennis :n. . . . VIRGI NIA ELIZABETH CARUTHERS; Graham; B.S. Music; Dikean: Der Deutscher Verein (li: Education Club (li; Honor Roll (1, 2): Junior Adviser (3); Greensboro Orchestra (1. 2, 3. I). . . . ANNIE RUTH CASH; Ai ' ex: A.B. Sociology; Cornelian; Carolinian hi; Y. W. A. Dormitory Leader: Sociology Club (3, II, Social Chairman (41: Young Democrats (3); Y. W. ( ' . A. (1, 2. 3, 4): Proctoi a J); Hall Social chairman (1); Co-Chairman Campus Cutting Drive (2, 3); Sophomore Council 2i. Dean ' s List (1); Tennis 121; Basketball 12. 3. i . Captain (3). . . . DOROTHY BYNUM CASHION; Cornelius; A.B. English; Adelphian; Pine Needles (3, I); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3): Square Dame (2, 31; V, W. C. A. Hi; Marching (II; Gymnastics ill: Dean ' s List (I): Hockey 11); Life Saving (3). . . . MARTHA ROB CHERRY; Scotland Neck; B.S. Home Economics; Vdelphian; Education Club 111: Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. n; Y. W. C. A. 12. 3. 11; Proctor 11. 2,1 ; Chemistry club 3). Flora Belle Bright Ann Gayle Burkhead Janet Campbell Gladys Cavell Brinsoii Mary Margaret Burney Bernice Carolyn Cartel md Forty-Three Rosina Dawson Ca Virginia Elizabeth Caruthe Hazel E. Bryant Mary Etta Burton Annie Ruth Cash Doris Geraldine Bullard Nancy Jane Calloway Dorothy Bynum Cashion Mary Franc. Julia Louise Cameron Martha Rob Cherry Thirty-three Senior Cla FrTeTeen Hundred LENA WALLEK CHESNUTT; Shin Springs; A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Aletheian; Pine Needles (2); Band (2, 3), Classical Club (2, 8); Church Council (4); Junior Council (31: Education , ; v. w. C. A. (1); IH Club (31. . . . MARY ELIZABETH CHILDS; Greensboro; A3. English; Dikean; Alpha Psi Omega i : Honor Roll (1); Junior Adviser (3); Masqueraders (2, 3, I), Publicity Chairman (3. I); Playlikers (2, 3. I); Quill Club (3, I); Town Students (3, I); College Dramatic Committee (3, I). . . . BKTTIK OLIVIA CI1ITTY; Murfreesboro; A.B. English: Aletheian; Chowan Junior College (1, 2): Baptist Student Council. President (4); Education Club (4); Interfaith Council in; Le Cercle Francais (3. I); Proctor (31. . . . CARROLL CHRISTENSEN; Beaufort, S. C: A.B. .Irt; Aletheian; Carolinian (2, 3, n. Associate Editoi (8), Columnist ill; International Relations (4); Le (civic Francais (2); Young Republicans (1. 2); V. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. n. Intercollegiate Council in: Proctor (1); Dance Committee (8). . . . DORIS ELLEN CLARK; Raleigh: K..s, Seen larial Administration; Adelphian; Marshal in; (.annua Alpha (3, I); Proctor (1). . . . ELINOR WILSON CLEMENT; Lincoln- University, Pa.; AJS. History; Adelphian; International Relations (8, 1); V. W. c. A. in. . . . MARY LOUISE CLEMENTS; Nmnii Wilkesboro; B.S. Music Education, Aletheian; Hall Board (1); Young Composers Club (8, I); Choir (l. 2. 3): Der Deutscher Verein I. 2); (lice (lull (3, n: Music Education (Tub (2. 8, l . Secretary (3), Vice-President (4); Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3); Proctor (3); Camp Committee ill: Gymnastics in. IRMA ELIZABETH (LINK: Newton; A.B. Grammar Gradi Education; Dikean; Education Club (8, ii: Y. Y. C. A. n. 21; Proctor (l. :) i : Marching ill: Basketball (3, n. . . . REBECCA SUE CI. INK: Taylorsville; BJS. ll«i„. Economics; Aletheian; Education Club (I); Home Economics Club u. 2. 3. I); Le Cercle Francais (2); Y. W. C. A. (l. 2); Chemistry Club (21. . . . HENRIETTA i I mil II U.K. Greensboro; A.B. Hmi,,„i,: Dikean: Botany Club (8); Medical Technologists (3, 4): Town Students Organization (1, 2. :). 1) ; Chemistry Club (I, 2. 31. . . . BEATRICE WEAVER COBLE; (Ivkboro; .1. ;. Primary Education; Dikean: Pim Needles (2, 3, n: Botany Club (3. n: Education ( lui, .1 ; Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (l. 2. 3. n; History Club (2); Baseball in: Gymnastics ii... SYLVIA HELENE COHEN; Statesville; B.S. Home Economics; Cornelian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club 12. 3. II: Playlikers (21: Y. W. ( ' . A. (2); Chemistry Club (3) IEAN ELIZABETH COMINS; Bluefield, W. Va.; BJS. Home Economics; Adelphian; Home Economics club (2, :i. ii; Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. c. A. (1, 2. :(. I), Cabinet (8, I): Young Republican. (2); Proctor 8 n. Life Saving (1); Tennis 121. . . . EVELYN MARY CONBOY; Scarboroit.h. N. Y.: LB. Chemistry; Aletheian; Glee Club (3i; Medical Technologists (8, n: Playlikers (2. 31: Chemistry Club (1. 2. S, 11. ANNE LOUISE CONWAY; Salisbury; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); 5 ■ Dance (8); Y. W. (. . (1, 2); Hall Social chairman (1); Dance Committee (1); Gymnastics !, irniiis in. . . . ELIZABETH CAROLINA COOK; Raleigh; A.B. Chemistry; Aletheian: Dei Deutscher Verein [2); Medical rechnologists 1:1. I); Square Dance 12. 1)1 V. W. C. A. (I); Chemistry n: Gymnastics (1, n. . . . LUCILLE COOKE; Clover, S. C; A.B. Biology; Dikean. Medical reel legists 8, 11: Y. W. C. A. 12. 31; Chemistrj Club (2, :i. 1. VGNES SHAW COOl El Wagram; BJS. Physical Education; Dikean: Archerj Club (2, :i. 11: Presbyterian Church Council 1 Education Club 1 ; Square Dance 11. 2. 3. n: Young Democrats 12. :tt: Y. W. C. A. 111; Proctoi (1, 21: (amp Committee (1); Archerj ' - ' . 8); Baseball (1, 2. :i . Gymnastics 2. 11: Hockey 12. 3); Life Saving 11. 2. 8, n; Swimming (2); Tennis (1. 2. :i. n: Vquatic Instructor 1:11: Golf (1, 21. . . . JOSEPHINE SILER COOLEY; Greensboro; 1 . . ' . Sociology; Cornelian; Vlpha Kappa Delta (4); l.n nessee Stat.- (1); Honor Roll (1, 3): Junior Adviser (8); Sodolog] Club (2, 8, n; Town Students Organization (2, 3. I); Y. W. (. A. 121. . . . BETTY COVINGTON; Laueinburg; LB. Primary Educa- Marshal (4); Botanj Club ' 2. 8); Education Club, Treasurer (4); International Re n; Young Democrat- in: Y. W. . . (1) ; Proctor (1, 2. 8); Hall Hoard (1, 11: Dormitory atative to Pre-Sehool Conference (8); Lite Saving 11. n. . . . DOROTHY MARY COX; Greensi 1 . ■■. Grammar Gradt Education; Uetheian; Choir (1, 2. 3. 11: Education Club (i); Transfer Adviser (I); Square Circle (l); Town Students Organization (1, 2. 3. 11. Lena Wallet 1 hesnii Irma Elizabeth Clii Anno Louise Conw: Mary Elizabeth 1 bilda Re becca Sue ' line Elizabeth Carolina Cook Thirty-jour ind Forty-Three Bettie Olivia Chitty Car oil Christensen Doris Ellen Clark Elinor Wilson Clement Mary Louise Clement Henrietta Clodfelter Beatr ce Weaver Coble Sylvia Helene Cohen Jean Elizabeth Comins Evelyn Mary Conbov Lucille Cooke Asn ss Shaw Cooley Josephine Siler Cooley Betty Covington Dorothy Mary Cox thirty-five Senior CLa ineteen Hundred KATHRYN RAE COX; Fremont; A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Aletheian; Education Club (4); International Relations (4); Square Dance (4); Young Republicans (S). . . . MARGUERITE MARIE COX: Greensboro; A.B. Primary Education; Adelphian; Archery Club (l. 2, 3. 4); Botany club (3. n. Secretary-Treasurer (3); Education Club in; Honor Roll (2. 3); International Relations (2); Town Students Organization (1, 2. 3. 4); V. W. C. A. (1. 2); Dean ' s List (1). . . . VIRGINIA DARE COX: Greensboro: A.B. Primary Education; Adelphian; Choir ■;. s, 4); Education Club (4); Town Stu- dents Organization (l, 2, 3. I). . . . PHYLLIS JOHNSTON CROOKS: Concord; B.s. Secretarial Admin- istration; Aletheian; treasurer of student Government (2); Legislature (2, 3, t : House President (3); Hall Board (3 : Vice-President of Student Government in: class Cheerleader (1) ; Gamma Alpha 13. 4); Daisy Chain (21; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges :;, I); Square Circle (1) ; V. W. C. A. u. 2. :i. I); Gift Committee (3); Freshman V Social Chairman (1). . . . SARA CROOKS; Concord; B.S. Physical Educat lletheian; House President in: Recrea- tion Association. Vice President (31: Mitchell College (1, 2i: A Cappella Choir (s) ; Archery Club (3): Choir (3): Square Dance (3. n; Junior Advis r (8); Camp Committee (3. f ■ Dance Croup (3. 4); Archery (3); Gymnastics (3. 4); Hockey (3); Life Saving (3); Swimming (3); Tennis en. . . . EMILY CROWELL; Charlotte; BJ5. Secretarial Administration; Dikean, Treasurer (3); Pine Needles (3, 4), Business Manager (4); Queens College (1) ; Gamma Alpha i:i. I); Band (2); Square Dance (2, 3i: Y. W. C. A. (2); Proctor (2, 3): Hall Social Chairman (t); Camp Counsellor ' s Club (2. 3. 4). Secre- tary -Treasurer en: Camp Committee (3, 4); Finance Board ( 1) ; Archery (2i: Gymnastics 121; Hockey (2); Tennis (2); Volley Ball (2). . . . MYRA ANNE CULPEPPER; Arlincton, y,. : A.B. Art; Cornelian: Pine Needles (4); Art Club (S, I); Proctor in; Dame Committee (3). BETTY LA VERNE DAHLIN; Skokie. III.; A.B. English; Adelphian. Intel -Society Representative 13). Vice-President (4); Judicial Board (4); Pine Needles en: Education Cub (( ; Honor Roll (l. 2. 3); Dean ' s List (4); Physics Club (1, 2); Playlikers (2); Who ' s Win, Among Students in American ities and Colleges (ii: V. W. C. A. (1. 2); Hall Social chairman (3); Dance Committee it, 2. 3. 4); Junior Dance Group (3); Chairman Senior Gift Committee (3. 41: Service League (3. 4); Head " f Campus Chest (4); Sophomore Jacket Chairman (2); May Day Committee (4). . . . BEATRICE DARDEN; Favettmii i b; B3. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Marshal (3); 50th Anniversary Student Committee (II; CurnUn.un (li; Gamma Alpha 13. II; Honor Roll (1, 2. 31: International Relations (3. 4), President (3); Le Cercle Francais (1); Dance Committee (4). . . . EMMIE CRAWFORD DARK: Siler City; A.B. Primary Education; Cornelian: Education Club (3. 1); V. W. C. A. (1. 4l; Y. W. A. (3). . . . BARBARA DAVIS: GREENSBORO. . . . EMILY VIRGINIA DAUGHERTY; New Bern: A.B. Primary Education; Adelphian, House President (4); Carolinian (1, 2); Pine Needles (8); Daisy Chain (21; Education Club (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (8); Camp Counsellor ' s Club (3); Camp Committee (3, 4); Dance Committee (3); Hockey (l. 2); Secretary of Athletic Association (3); A. A. Cabinet (2. 3). . . . PRANCES CONWAY DAVIS; Raccoon Four., Va.; !:.s. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Averett Junior College (I. 2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Education Club (4); Summer School House President, Hall Board, Judicial Board (3). . . . JEAN CRICHTON DAVIS; Warrenton; A.B. English; Cornelian. HELEN ' BLANCHE DAVIS; Baden: B.S. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; Gamma Alpha (3, 4): an n: Methodist Church Council (2); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3, 4); Proctor (1. 4); Basketball (1. 2. 3. ii. . . . MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS; Westfield, N. J.; A.B. Spanish; Aletheian; Marshal (4); Le Cercle Francais (1. 21; Y. W. C. A. ' 2. 8); Dance Committee (1, 2. 8); Election Committee (3); Life Saving _•.... MARY FRANCES DAVIS; Connelly Springs; B.S. ..,„, Economies; Adelphian: Mil- Hill Juniol College (1, 2); Choir (8, (); II Economics chili (8, I); Chemistry Club in: in Club in. . . . MIRIAM DA ' S : Spruce Pine; B.S. Uusie; Adelphian; A Cappella Choir d. • . s, n Choir (1, 2. 3. I Soloist (2, 3, I); Glee Club (1, 2, 3. n: Music Education Club (2); Proctor [I). . . KI ' LA MAE DEES; Baybobo; A.B. Bistory; Aletheian; Legislature (8); President of Student Government Summer School en: Judicial Board (ii; Botany Club (I, 2); Junior Adviser (3i; Proc- tor (1). . . . JOSEPHINE DEES; Fremont; .1. :. Chemistry; Cornelian; Marshal (4): Greensboro College (1); Education Club (4); Young Democrats (2); Chemistry Club (3. n. . . . WILLIE LOUISE DELLINGER; Lowell; AM. French; Cornelian; Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Le Cercle Francais (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Proctor (2); Dean ' s List (4). Kalhrvn Itae Cox Betty I iVerne Dahlin Helen Blanche Davis Marguerite Marie Cox Beatrice Darden Mjrv Flii-ibeth Davis ind Forty-Three illis Johr son Crooks Sara Crooks Emily C owell Barbara Davis En ily Virginia Daughterly Fr nces Conv ay Dav Mirian Day Eula Mae Dees Josephine Dees Myra Anne Culpepper Jean Crichton Davis Willie Louise Dellmger Thirty-seven -. . i In Our Spare Time • • • Thirty-nine Senior Clas ineteen Hundred MARY LEWIS DICKENS; Roxboro; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Education Club (4); 1. W. C. A. il. 3). . - . MARTHA HARDY DIXON; Kinston; A.B. Sociology; Aletheian: Pink Needles (4); Sociology Club (3. n. War Activities Committee Chairman (I); V. W. ( . . (l. 2. :i. I); Baseball (3); Gymnastics (2. I); Man-hint ' in: Basketball (3). . . . GRACE CORDELIA DUBBINS; Yadkinville; BJS. lh,m, Economics; Dikean; Education Club in: Home Eco nomics Club (2, 3, I); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1. ' - ' ■ 3). . . . DORAS DOWNEY; Upper Montclaie, N. .1.: A.B. Chemistry, Cornelian; Pini Needles (2); Han, I (1, 2. 3, n; Der Deutsche) Verein (1, 2); Masqueraders (3, I); Medical Tecl logist; (3. 1), Vice-President, Program Chairman (4); PJaylikers (2. 3, I): Proctor (2. I); Chemistry C!ub (3. n. President n; Orchestra (l. 2. 3, I); I i, Saving (2, 3, n rennis (2, 3). . . . NORMA DOZIER; Rocky Mount; B.S. Secretarial Idnu ' nis tration; Cornelian, Inter-Society Representative (3); Marshal in; Hall Beard (3); Gamma Alpha (», i); Junior Adviser i :; i . Proctor i. 2); Dance Committee CI. 3). . . . MILDRED BLANCHE DUNNAGAN; Winston-Salem ; BS. II " ,,,. Economics; Cornelian; Brevard College (1, 2); Education Club ii ' . Home Economics Club (3, n; Junior Adviser in: V. W. C. A. (3, n. . . . EVELYN HARRIS EASLEY; Winston-Salem; A.B. History; Cornelian; Legislature (3); Choir (l. 2, 3, 1) ; Presbyterian Students Organization, Budget Committee (4); Pini Sunn- (2); Education Club in: Honor Roll II; Deans List I n: International Relations (•_ . :!, n. Secretary (3); Square Circle (1. I); Y . W. C. A. :-. ' . 3) ; Proctor en. ELEANOR NNE EDWARDS; Asheville; A.B. Spanish; Adelphian; Episcopalian Church Council (4); ,, ,,,,.,. Francais (3, n. . . . SHIRLEY ROBERTSON ELLIOTT; La Grange; A.B. Mathematics; Methodist Student Council (1, 2. 3). Secretary in. Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); International Relations (2); Junior Vdvisei (3); Le Cercle Francais n. •- ' ): Masqueraders (3. n; Playlikers (2. 3, n; Square Circle (1. 2. :i. n. Secretary-Treasurer en: Speakers Club n. ' - ' . :). n. Secretary (2), Treas nrer rn President in- Young Democrats n. 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); History Discussion Group (2 ; Wesley Player- 11, 2. 3, n. Dean ' s List in. . . . KATHERINE ELAINE EPLEY; Old Fort; B.S. Secretarial Idministration; Aletheian; Mil. -hell College (1, •- ' - : Gamma Alpha (3, I); Methodist Church Council (3); Interfaith Council (4); Education Club in; Junior Adviser in: Proctor (3). . . . PANSi WILLENE ERWIN; Newland; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Lees McRae College (l); Gamma Alpha (3. n: H. r Roll (3); Y. w. c V. (2. 3) ; Dean ' s List (4); Baseball (2) ; Golf (3); Basketball (2, 3, I) IUNE MARIE FEIKER; Km Garden 11ms. . Y.; A.B. English; Adelphian; Judicial Board in; Classical Club (2, 8, n. Treasurer (3); Presbyterian Church Council (2): Educa- tion cluli in: Ih r Roll (1, 2. 3); Junior Adviser (8); Le Cercle Francais H. 2. 3); Playlikers (2); Y. W. C. A. n: Proctor iii: Hall Social Chairman (8, n; Student Government Dance Chair ,„.,, ' , ,,,. . . ELIZABETH FERGUSON; Hcim.ihii: .vs. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; I); Gamma Alpha (3. I); International Relation- (3. n; Square I); e (2, 3, I), Social Chairman (4); Young Democrats (2); W. C. A. (1, - ): Proctor Hi: Marching in vNNA ELIZABETH FISHER; Greensboro; BJS. Physical Education; Aletheian: Boots n ' Spur (1. 2, 3, 4), President (4); Seal Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Camp Counselors ' Cluh (2, 3. Ii; Life Savins (1): Swimming i. Marching and Gymnastics, Head (4); Recreation Association Vdvisory Board (2, n. .Mian FLANAGAN; Bronxville. V Y . A.B. English; Adelphian; Queens College, Bronxville, N. Y. ii; Adelphian. r, .,,,,1,1,. Associate Editor (4); Sigma Delta l ' i i:t. n. President (3); Honor Roll i2. :i i ; Dean- l.i-t (4); Junior dvlsei (3, n: Dance Committee (4). . . . ELEANOR VIRGINIA i OKES; in ii ., I- 1 i.; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Dikean: Mars Hill College (L 2); Pine Needles («); Baptist Student (8, n. Vice-President ( I) : Education Club in; Honor Roll (3); Dean ' s List i, Junioi Vdvisei (4); Speakers Club (8). . . SUSAN FORBES; Wilson; B.S. Secretarial Idministration, Dikean; Gamma Alpha (8, n: Education Club in: Young Democrats (1, 21; Y. W. C. a. it. 2. :). n. . . FRANCES LOUISE FOX; Greensboro; B.S. Secretarial Idministration; Metheian; G: a Alpha a i Masqueraders (2. 3, I); Playlikers (1, 2. 8, n: Town Students ,iion il. 2. 3, n. . . . EMILY S. FRANKLIN; Winston-Salem; U.S. Secretarial Administra i Cornelian; (.annua Upha (S, n FOAN PHYLLIS FKEEHOF; Brooklyn, n. y.: A.B. Art; Dikean; Ait Club n Playlikers l. 2, 8); Dan..- Committee (8); Life Saving en; Swimming (2); Marching in. . . . CATHRYN WANDA FRITTS; Lexingt on; A.B. r, ,„„,,„ Education; Cornelian; Meredith College (1); Archery Cluh 12. 8, n; Education Club in: International Relations in. Square Circle (4); Young Dei Tats (2); Y. W. C. A. 12. 8, n. I II Club (2). Mary Lewis Dickens Eleanor Anno Eduarcl Joan Flanagan Martha Hardy Dixon Shirley Robertson 1:11. c. Eleanor Virginia Foke md Forty-Three Grace Cordelia Dobbins Katherine Elaine Epley Susan Forbes Doras Downey Pansy Willene Erwin Frances Louise Fox Vorty ' One Senior Clas ineteen Hundred ms MARIAN CALLIS FUNDERBURK: Bessemer I ' ity: A.B. Gram-mar Grade Education; Cornelian; Brevard College (1, 2); Education Club (4): Honor Roll en. . . . DOROTHY ELIZABETH FURR; Newton; A.B. Spanish; Idelphian; Marshal (3); Chief Marshal in: Legislature (4); Sigma Delta Pi (3, ii. Treasurer (8); Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, n. Council (3); Education Club in. Dean ' s List (4); Junior Adviser (3); V. V. C. . (1); Dance Committee (I); May Court in. . . . MARGIE MARIE GABRIEL; North Wilkerboro ; B.S. Physical Education; Aletheian; Class Cheer Leader in; Recreation Association Honor Society n; Education Club in; Square Dance (3. 4); V. W. C. A. (2); Proctor (2); Camp Committee (3, n; Baseball (1. 2, 3, 1) ; Sports Head in; Gymnastics (1. 2. :;. n. Gym Team (3); Hockey U, 8, n; Soccer (1) ; Speedball (l); Volley Bull (2), Varsity (2); Recreation Association Cabinet (4). . . . VIRGINIA MARGARET GECKS; Garden City. N. Y.; A.B. History; Aletheian; Pini Needles, ia - Editor in. Advertising Manager (2); Archery Club (2); Education Club in: 11 - Roll n. 2, 3); Le Cercle Francais (1, 2, 3); Physics Club (2); Square Circle (1); Proctor (1, 2. 3): Dame Committee in; Golf Club (3, n. President in. Archery (2, 3); Hockey (1, . ' . n. . . . MARCELLA RAY GEIGER; Hbndersonville; U.S. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Furman University (1); Gamma Alpha (8, 4); Church Council (2); Honor R..II (2); International Relations (3, n: Square Dance (2); Young Democrats (2); Y. Y. C. A. (2. 3, n: Proctoi S); Cliemistrj Club r_ . 8). . . . MARJORIE ANDRAS GELSTON; Hudson Heights, N. .1.; . ' ,v Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Lutheran Student Council (1, 2. 8, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (2), Vice-President (4); Education Club in: Interfaith Council i:i. I); Y. W. C. A. (1); Archery CD; Volley Hall (1, 2. 3); Basketball (21. . . . MARTHA WARREN GENTRY; Greensboro; A.B. History; Adelphian; Der Deutscher Verein (2. 8, I); Town Students Organization 1 1. 2. 8, n. Judicial Board i I). MARCIA ELIZABETH GILCHRIST; Brown Summit; U.S. Home Economics; Dikean; Botany Club (3, I); 11 e Economics (Tub (l, 2, ::. n: Town Students Organization u, 2, :t. 4); Chemistry Club . ' . . . . SARAH GILL; KiTTRn.i.: A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Cornelian; Clogging Club (8); Met -I Church Council (2); Education Cub in. Dean ' s last (4); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. n. Swimming (8). . . . FRANCES GLAZE; Charlotte; A.B. English; Dikean; House President (4); Legislature in; Coraddi (8, n; Rami (l, ■ . 3, n, Methodist Church Council (2, 3), Secretary (2); llonoi Roll ii. 21; Interfaith Council (3, I); Junior Adviser (8); Le Cercle Francais (I. 2. 1); Play- likers (2. :i. n; Quill Club (8, n: Square Circle 121; Proctor (3); Wesley Players (1, 2, 8, 11, Presi- dent (8). . . . ELEANOR VARBOROUGH GLENN; Gatesville; U.S. Home Economics; Cornelian; lb. in. Ec niis club 1:1. 1 : Square Dance in. oung Democrats 111. .. . MILDRED ELIZABETH GLENN; Marion; .1.1;. English; Adelphian; Botany Club (2, 8, n; Choir (2. 3, I); Presbyterian Church Council (3, n; Education Club (4); V. W. C. A. (1, 2. 8, n. Cabinet 1 n, Proctor (3); Volley Ball 12. MARTHA L. GOBLE: Newton, N. J.. A.B. Sociology; Aletheian: Pine Needles (3); Le Cercle Francais (2); Sociology Club 12. : . n. Publicity Chairman (4): Young Republicans u. 2); Y. W. C. A. (3. 1); Tennis (1, 2. 3); Golf (2, 3). . . . RUTH ELIZABETH GODBEY; Winston- Salem; • .-. Vusic Education, C elian; Salem College (1. 2); Choir (3); Education Club (4); Glee Club In; Music Education Club 1:1, I). ■dilli Col- JANE STUAR1 GOLDEN; Lkaksville; A.B. Art; elian; Y. W MARY LOIS GORDON; Pilot Mountain; BjS. Secretarial Adminii lege 111. Pine Needles 1:1. n; Carolinian 12. :i. 11; Gamma Alpha 1:1, 11. Publicity Chairman in; Baptist Student Union Council (2. 8); II .1 Roll (2); International Relations 12. :i 1 ; Y. W. C. A. 12. 8, n. Cabinet (3); Proctoi (8); Dormitory Service League Chairman in: Dean ' s List in. . . . JANE GR ICE; Hazei n 1 ;. Irf; Aletheian; Square Dene- club (1, 2) IAN IK CAROLYN GRADY; Durham; BJS. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Gamma Alpha (8, n; Choir 11. 2. 3, n; II.- ' " 1 Roll (8); Le Cercle 1 ram lis I); Square Circle 111; Square Dance 121; Y. W. C. A. 11. 21; Hall Hoard (2i. . . . MARGARE1 FERRELL GRANTHAM; Greensboro; A.B. Jit: Dikean; Play likers (4); Town Students Organization it. 2. :i. n. Life Saving (2, :i. n. Instructor (8, it. . . . DOROTHY ROBERTA (.11,111. Hich Point; S S. Physical Education; Cornelian; Carolinian (1); Vssociation Honor (bib 1:1, l : Archery Club (3, Ii: Junior Adviser (3); (amp Conn sellors ' club (8, n: (amp Committee (2); Archer] 121: Baseball (1. 2, 11. 2. .i. 11; Marching (4 . Recreation :lai treasurer 1:11. Tenn G ■ I- .1 , A.B .1 1. Idelphian ; 1 ...... . . (8); I ' " ..n ' oum il (2, 1 . . Junior Adviser Y. Committee [4). 8) : Hockey 1 1. 2. :(, n : . . . JEAN ELISE HAIR: ircherj Club no. Art Club 1:1. 11; W. C. A. Publicity (hai (l) Baptist Studen A. A. Publicit 111 Callis I underburk ij Elizabeth Gikhrkc ,ine Stu.lrt Golden Dorothy Elizabeth Pun S«.ih GUI M,,rv I .,, Gordon nd Forty-Three Virginia Margaret Geek Eleanor Yarborough Glei Janie Carolyn Grady Marcella Ray Geiger Mildred Elizabeth Glenn Margaret Terrell Grantham Marjorie Andras Gelston Martha L. Goble Dorothy Roberta Gueth Martha Warren Gentp Ruth Elizabeth Godbe Jean Elise Hair ' Senior Gas ineteen Hundrecj MARY LOUISE HALL; Raleigh; AM. Primary Education, Adelphian; Edgewood Park (1, 2); Hall Board (4); Education Club (4); Y. V. C. A. (8); Dance Committee in.... BETSY NEIL HAMMER; i .in-.w ii 1 i ; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Hish Point College in: Wilson Teachers ' 2); Pini Needles (4); Gamma Alpha (3. n; Marching (4); Gymnastics in MARY LOUISE HAMMER; Red Hash. N. .1.. AX. English; Cornelian; Marshal (3); Hall Board (2); Pike Ni (4); Sigma Delta Pi (3, n. rreasurer (4); Dean ' s List (4); Junior Adviser en; Speakers Club (l. 2. 3, I); Recreation Association Representative in. . . . MARGARET HAMRICK; lie. him. Springs; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; Boiling Springs Junior College (1. 2); Gamma Upha S. n. . . . SARA MUNDY HAMRICK; Shelby; B.S. Home Economics; Aletheian; Cass Secre i in (4); Irchery Cub Hi; Daisy Chain (2); Home Economics Club (I, 2. 3, ti: Junior Adviser (3); Life Saving en: Swimming (1). . . . ETHEL TATUM HANNAH; Lin wood; A.B. English; Aletheian; Appalachian State Teachers ' College I 2. :i i : Education Club in. Square Dance ill IANE HARDAWAY; Tuxedo; A.R. Ait: Cornelian; St. Marys Junior College (1); Pini, Nn en; 2, 3. n: Education Club in; International Relations (2); Square Dance (2, :i i ; Young Democrats - ' : i W. C. A. (2, :i. I), Cabinet I :i. n. MARGARET JEAN HARDEN; High Point; A.B. Primary Education; Cornelian; Archery Club (3. n; Botany Club (s, 1): Education Club in; Town Students Organization in; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2). SARAH LOCKE HARDISON; Raleigh; B.N. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; St. Marys .Junior College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha (3, n. . . . MILDRED Sl ' F. HARRELSON; Reidsville; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3, n; Education Club (3. I); Honor Roll (3); International Relations i - ' . :i i ; Le Cercle Francais (2); Square Dance (l. 21; Speakers Club (2. 3): Young Democrats (2); Proctor (2). . . . MARTHA RACHEL HARRIS: Sherwood; B.S. Secretarial dminis trot ion; Cornelian; Carolinian (2); Honor Roll (8); Junior Vdviser (8); Y. W. C. A. (1); Square Dance (2) Proctor (I); Basketball n. 2, n. . . . MARY CARY HARRIS; Inez; A.B. Chemistry; Adelphian; Wesley Foundation (l. 2. :n. Sophomore Council (2); Der Deutscher Verein Medical rechnologists (8, l); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, I); Proctor (1); Chemistry Club (3. 4). . . . MARY WILL HARRIS; Bahama: ;..s. Worn. Economics; Aletheian; Baptist Student Union (3. i); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club ill; Square Dance (2. 3). . . . EVELYN ELAINE HARRISON; Whitakers LB. Primary Ed I Dikean; Education Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (3. n ; l ' roetor ill. HELEN (CATHERINE HARRISON: Plymouth; BS. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian. Gamma Alpha (». I); Choir (1. 2. 3. n; Honor Roll (2. 3. 11; International Relations (II; l.e Cercle Prancais 12. 3); Square Circle (11: Y. W. C. A. 11. 3. n: Proctor 131; Basketball (2. 3). . . . NELLIE BLANCHE HART; niRn: H.s. Home Economics; Adelphian; Education Club (4); Home Economics club 1:1. I); Squan 11 ince (1. 4). . . . INNA RUE H IUSER; Mo, m Ann , U.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Greensboro College (1); Pine Needles (8); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Education Club 1 1 : Honoi Roll 1. 2, :n : Playlikers 12. S); Young Democrats (2, 3); Basketball (2). . . . SARAH ELIZABETH HEATH; Harmony; A ' .n. Home Economics; Aletheian, Education Club (4); I onomics Cub (1, 2. 3. n: International Relations (s); Playlikers in: Square Dance (8); Y. W. c. A. 11. 2. 3, n: II. hi... c littee in. Pine Needles in; Summer School Judicial Board :n: Summer School House Vice-President (8). . . . DOROTHY BARLEEN HENDRIX; Greensboro; 1. . ' . Grammar Gradi Education; Vdelphlan; Congregational christian Student Group, President 111: Education Club .11: Inter-Faith Council ::. n: Junioi Idvisei en. Town Students Organization (l. 2, 3. 11. Vice-PresidenI (3). President 111: Legislature 111. . . . CATHERINE CARROLL HEN NESSEFe Pinehurst; AM. rt Metheian; Ail Club (3, I), Secretar) 11; Inter-Faith Council (8, I); Young Democrats .;. I); Life Saving (2, .1. n. . . . DOREEN HENRI : Peekskill, N. Y.; AM. History, Dikean; Hall Board in. Botany Club (2, ... Presbyterian Church Council in; Education Club (i): Honor Roll en; Dean ' s (4); International Relations -2. 3. n. Vice-President en; Le Cercle Francaia (2); Speakers Club (2, 3); Young Republicans (2); Proctor in. M ir) 1 » Hall Margaret lean Harden Helen Kalherme Harnsor Nellie blanche Ha ind Forty-Three Margaret Martha Rachel Harris Sarah Elizabeth Heath Sara Mundy Hamrick Mary Cary Harris Dorothy Earleen Hendri) Ethel Tatum Hannah Mary Will Harris Catherine Carroll Henness Jane Hardaway Evelyn Elaine Harri Doreen Henry Fnrlyf " Senior Clas jKRineteen Hundrec MARJORIE ALICE HETZ; Charleston. W. Va.; A.B. Primary Education; Aletheian; Botany Club i Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (1); Speakers Club (4); Young Democrats (1) ; Proctor (3): Golf mi. . . . FRANCES I.oRAINE HIGHFILL; Cats; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3. 4); International Relations (3); Square Dance (2); i-H Club (2); Young Democrats 1. 2); V. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4): Archery (2); Swimming (2). . . . LILLIE MABEL, HILL: Yadkin ville; ' .n. Homi Economics, Adelphian; Brevard Junior College (1. 2); Home Economies Club (3. 4); Town Students Organization (S, I). . . , HILDA ELIZABETH HILTON ' : Walkertown; U.S. Music Education; Adelphian: Band (1); Choir (I. 3): Der Deutscher Verein (1); Education Club (3, 4); (ike Club (3. ii: Junior Adviser (3); Music Education Club (2. 3. 4): Proctor (41. . . . MARGARET ELOISE IIINE: Winston-Salem ; ' . . Secretarial Idministration; Cornelian ; Meredith College (1, 2, ::. 1); Gamma Alpha (5); V. W. C. A. i;.i MELIA HINKLE; Lexington; A.U. Primary Edu- cation; Dikean; Peace College (1. 2); Carolinian (3); Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (3. 4); V. W. C. A. 13. 4); Dance Committee (4). . . . MIRIAM ALICE HINSHAW; Greensboro; B..S. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; Carolinian (3. n: Gamma Alpha (3, I); Education Club (3, ii. Town Students Organization (1, 2. 3, 4); V. W. C. A. (3). GAYNELLE HOGAN; Ellerbe; B.S. Home Economics; Dikean; Botany Club ( t) ; Education Club ii; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 1) ; Square Dance 12. 3); V. V. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 41. . . . FLETA MAE HOHN; Greensboro; A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Adelphian; Guilford College (1); Town Students Organization (2, 3. ii. . . . DOROTHY HOKE; Kings Mountain; BS. Hume Economics, Aletheian; Marshal (I); Daisy Chain 121; Education Club (3, II; Home Economies Club (1, 2, 3, -4) ; Junior Adviser (3); Aletheian Dance Committee (3). . . . JANE GARLAND HOLCOMBE; Fayette-; U.S. Home Economics; Dikean; Home Economics Club (2, s, 4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser i :i i ; Proctor ii. 2); Junior Manager of Tavern (3), Co-Manager 14). . . . GRACE [KILLINGS- WORTH; Goldsboro; U.S. Home Economics; Adelphian; Legislature in; Summer School House Vice- President (3); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club u, 2, 3. ii; Y. W. C. A. (I); Proctor ii. 2. 31. . . . BARBARA NATALIE HOLl.ISTEK; Springfield, Mass.; B.S. Physical Education; Cornelian; American International College (1); Camliniiui 1 2, 3. 4); Clogging Club (21; Der Deutscher Verein (2); Education Club in; Seal Club (I): Young Republicans 12. 8); V. v. c. A. 12. 31. Treasurer 121: Proctor (2); Camp Counsellors ' Club (3. i). (amp Committee (3. 4); Gymnastics (2, 3, ii. Hockey ' 2. 3, 11; Speedball (21; Tennis (3. 11: Golf (3, 41; Aquatic Instructor (3, I); Red Cross Instructor (3, 11; College Social Committee 111; Recreation Association, Social Chairman in. Points Chairman 111. . . . MARGARET FRANCES HOI.LOWELL; Rocky Mount; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Carolinian in. MARY ELIZABETH HOLT; PRINCETON; A.B. Histnrii: Adelphian; Campbell Junior College (1, 21; Education Club (4); Internationa] Relations (8); Town Students Organization (3, 4). . . . MARGARET GREENE HONEYCUTT; Raleigh; U.S. Music; Aletheian; Marshal (4); Glee Club in; Music Educa- tion Club (2, 8, 1 : Young Composers ' Cub (8, 11: Orchestra (2. 8, 41; Theater Orchestra 12. 8). . . . MARTHA ELIZABETH HONEYCUTT; Stanfield; B.S. Home Economics; Cornelian; Pfeiffer Junior College 11. 2j; Summer School House President en; Botany Club in; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club 1.1. Ii; Y. W. C. A. i;i. I); i-H Club. Social Chairman in; Wesley Founda- tion 13. n: Dormitory cbaii lam Campus Purse Drive 1 n. . . . MARGARET ELAINE HOPE. Scranton, P .: l:.s. Horn Ec mic»; Cornelian; Weslej Foundation 13. 11. Home Economics Club 11. 2. 3. n; Playlikers 1:1. n; Square Dance (1, 2. 3, 1); Volley Ball en; Chemistry Club (1, 21; Weslej Players (1, 2. ;:. 1 . Vice-President (8), President in. . . . BETTY B. HOPKINS; Greens- boro; A.B. English; Adelphian; Marshal in; Legislature (8); Carolinian 11. 2. 3, i) ; Archery Club 8); Sociology (ail. (3); I " " " Students Organization (1. 21: Committee 12. 8); Adelphian Dance Chairman 1:11; Town Students Dai...- Committee 121. . . . MARY FRANCES Hopkins. 1 OM A.B. English; Dikean: Education Club in; Junior Adviser 131: Playlikers (I); Y. W. C. A. 12. 8); Life Saving .::.. . . , 1 K1 FRANCES HOWELL; Asheville; K.s. Secretarial Admin- . Adelphian; Baud in; Y. W. C. A. hi; Pi i Needles 12. 8, ii: Carolinian (4), Exchange E.litor in: Volley Ball Hi; Gamma Alpha ' 3. II. Marjorie Alice I let? Gaynelle Hogan Mary Elizabeth Holt Frances LorailK llighlill I lei.. Mae Hohn Margaret Greene Genevan md Forty-Three Hilda Elizabeth Hilton Jane Garland Holcombe Margaret Elaine Hope Margaret Eloise Hine Grace Hollingsworth Betty B. Hopkins Amelia Hinkle Barbara Natalie Holliste Ma-y Frances Hopkins Miriam Alice Hinshaw Margaret Frances Hollowell Mary Frances Howell Forty-seven Senior Clas ineTeen Hundrec CHARLOTTE P. HUDSON; Weehawken, n. .1.; H.s. Home Economics; Aletheian; Marshal (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, I); International Relations (3, i : Hall Board (4); Proctor (2); Hall S.kjmI Chairman (1, a). . . . MARGUERITE HUDSON; Lillincton; B.S. Home Economics; Dikean; Camp- bell College (I. 2); Education Club I I); Home Economics Club (3, n. . . . MARY HUDSON; Morgan- ton; A H. Primary Education: Dikean; Education Club (4); Young Democrats (3, I); Proctor (1, 3). . . . CARRIE OLA HUGHES; Snow Hill; A.B. Biology; Adelphian; Honor Roll (1, 2, :i i ; Physics Cub (l. 2); Seal Club (1); Zoolog] Field Club (2, 3. n: Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship (3). . . . MARGARET HUNT; Lexington; A.B. Primary Education; Aletheian; Freshman-Junior Wedding Committee Chairman (S) ; Education Club (3, n; V. W. ( ' . A. Cabinet (3. I); Proctor (1); Hall Board t i : I) ,■ i , mi, nit e (1. 3). . . . ELIZABETH ELBERTA .1 VCKSON : Gastonia: ' . . Home Economics; Adelphian; Salem College (l. 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, I); Proctor (3. t). . . . HATTIE MILDRED JACKSON; Greensboro; A.B. Primary Education; Adelphian; Education Club I); Town Students Organizati l. 2. 3, n. HARRIET WINSTON JAMES; Laurinburg; A.B. Primary Education: Aletheian; Marshal (3); House President i t) ; Legislature (4); 50th Anniversary Committee (8, l ; Education Club (4); Junior Adviser ts) ; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (4); V. W. C. A. (1, 2. .1. n. Cabinet (3); Dance Committee (2, :i. li: Dean ' s List in BARBARA GODWIN JOHNSON; New York, N. Y.; A.B. Art: Adelphian; House President (4); Legislature mi: Mas queraders i :i i ; Playlikers (3); Proctor (l); Dance Committee (3 : Gymnastics (1) ; Hockey (1, 2, 3 ; Speedball (1): Recreation Association Points Chairman (2); Spurts Day Committee cu; May Day Committee in: Dance Group (2). . . . BETTY GREEN JOHNSON; Lillington; B.S. Musi,-: Dtkean; Campbell College (1. 2); Choir (3); Junior Adviser (3). . . . IRMA LOUISE JOHNSON; Marion; A.B. Grammar Gradt Education; Adelphian; Botany Club (2, 3); Education Cub in; Square Dance in; Proctor (3). . . . MARGARET ELIZABETH JOHNSON; Clot-on Forge, Va.; A.B. Psychology; Aletheian; Marshal (4); Freshman Commission Board (1) ; Carolinian (3); Pine Needles (3, n: Archery Cub (2); Hunts n ' Spur (3, n. Seal Club (8. li: V. W. C. A. (2), Cabinet (3); Camp Com- mittee in: Junior-Senior Chairman (8); Dance Committee (2); Archery (3); Swimming (3). . . . MARJORY WILSON JOHNSON; Ilivs .vs. Physical Educal Dikean, Education Cub in; Square Dance (2, 3. I); Town Students Organization (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (2); Chemistry Cub (2. 8, n; Baseball (8, I); Gymnastics (4); Hockey (2. 3, I); Life Saving (3); Speedball (2, 3); Volley Ball (8); Basketball r:. 3, n : Marching in: Recreation Association Advisorj Board (4). . . . SARAH RACHEL JOHNSON; Winston-Salem; ' .n. Music Education: Cornelian; Band (2); Choir (1, 2, li; Education Club in: Junior Adviser (8); Music Education Club (2, :i. 1); Young Composers ' Club en. [CATHERINE ISABEL JONES; New lim ; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Dikean: Gamma Alpha (3, n. Y. W. C. A. it. _ . 3); Proctor m. . . . MARGARET ELIZABETH JONES; Reidsville; A.B. English: Cornelian; t;.rt,,l h. Managing Editoi (8), Editor-in-Chief in: Carolinian (2, 3); Botany Cub 13. n. President in: Honor Roll (1, - ' ■ : Dean ' s List in: International Relations (8); Le Cercle Francais (1); Quill Club (8. n. Speaker, Cub (8, I); Town Students Organization (l. ... n; Who ' s Who n j Students in American Universities and Colleges Mi; Proctor (2); Basketball (1. 2). . . . CAROLYN HUNTINGTON JORDAN; Elizabethtown ; l:.s. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; Dance Chairman en. President in; Daisy Chain Chairman (2); Freshman-Junior Wedding hi. Gamma Alpha tS. I); Aletheian Dance Committee (2). . . . THELMA PATIENCE JORDAN; Bel- haven; B.S. Secretarial [dministration ; Adelphian; Pini Needles (8); Gamma Alpha (3, n. Choir (2, :i. n Churcl in il 1); Educal Club (4); V W. C. A. (I, li. . . . FRANCES SCOTT JOYNER; Wilson; BJ5. Honu Economics; Vdelphian; lb me Economics II r Societj (8 : Omicron Nil (8, n. President (4); Home Economics Cub (l, -i. s); Honor Roll n. ■ . 8); Junta Adviser (3); Chemistry Club (1, - ' . :i : Greensboro Intercollegiate Hook Cooperative (3, t : Danforth Fellowship (J); Assistant Manager of Tavern (8 Co-Manager in. . . . CATHERINE LETITIA JUSTICE; I vmi.n: !. ;. Latin; Dikean, Asheville College (I); Classical Club - ' . 3. n. Program Chairman (4); Education Club (4); Square Dance (3, n. . . . ETHEL ELLEN KASSLER; Gaffney, S. C; B.S. Secretarial Idministration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha [8, n; Dean ' s List in; Proctor (1, 3); Hall Board il. I)- Charlotte 1 ' Nut Harriet Winston James (Catherine Isabel Jones Margaret Elizabeth Jones md Forty-Three Mary Hudson Betty Green Johnson Carolyn Huntington Jorda Carrie Ola Hughes Irma Louise Johnson Thelma Patience Jordar Margaret Hunt Margaret Elizabeth John Frances Scott Joyner Elizabeth Elberta Jackson Marjory Wilson Johnson Catherine Letitia Justice Hattie Mildred Jackson Sarah Rachel Johnson Erhel Ellen K.issk-r Forty-nine It Does Happen Here • • • Filly Fifty-one Senior CI ineteen Hundred GEORGIA MACK KEETKR; M inton; U.S. Secretarial Administrai Aletheian; Marsha] (3); Gamma Alpha (: . 4); May Court 111: Presbyterian Student Group (3. 4), President (I): Inter-Faith Council (3. ii. Secretary (3); Proctor iii; Dance Chairman (21: Dance Committee (1). . . . MARGARET JANE KEISTER; Grbensboro; H.s. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (8, n. President in: International Relations ill: Town Students Organization (l. •- ' . s, I): Dance Committee (8). . . . HELEN KEMP (WHITNEY); Arlington, Va.: H.s. Home Economics; Dikean; Carolinian in: Hoots n ' Spur (2. 3. 4); Ho me Economics Club (l. 2. 3, I); Junior Adviser (3); Seal Club ii. 2. 3. ii: Proctor n: Dance Committee (4). . . . ELEANOR HOWERTON KENDALL; Johns; A.B. Primary Education; Adelphian; Botany Club (2, 3); Education Club Hi: Young Democrats (2); V. W. C. A. (l. 21. . . . MYRA SUE KILLIAN; Granite Fails; B.S. Borne El omics; Cornelian; Church Council in. Home Economics Club (8, ii: V. W. C. A. (I). . . . RACHEL REGAN KING; Sunt Pauls; l:.s. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha ill: Edu- cation Club 111: International Relations (3); V. V. C. A. (31. . . . MARGARET JANE KINLAW: Fayetteville; h.s. Hum, Economics; Adelphian; Pink Needles (8); Baptist Student Union Council (I): Education Club ll; Home Economics Club 12. 3. Ii; V. V. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 41: Chemistr) Club (2); ill (luh il. 2. :i. II; Summer School Judicial Hoard (8). MARTHA BARNES KIRKI.AND; Vils,,n ; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; College Social Chairman (4); Legislature in. Honor Roll (2); Junior Adviser (8); Gamma Alpha (8, n: Hand (2 : Education club ill; Class Vice-President (3): Who ' s Win, Among Students in American Universities .: ,. Colleges C8); Freshman V Council di: Dance Committee (4). . . . MARY FRANCES KNOTT: Oxford; .1.8. Primary Education; Aletheian; Carol .» (4); Archery Club (2); Education Club (4); International Relations ci. ii. Tennis (i). . . . DORIS GREY KNOX: Charlotte; U.S. Secretarial Idministration ; Dikean; Judson College ui: Gamma Alpha 13. 11; Education club ( n ; Honor Roll 12. .11: Square Circle (2i. Proctor (2). . . . NELL RUSSELL KOONCE; Raleigh; B.S. Borne Era nomics; Cornelian; Marshal (3); Home Economics (!ub (I. 2. 3. II; Junior Adviser (3i: Y. W. C. A. 11. 2); Proctor (1. Ii; Dance Committee (8). . . . HARRIET J. KUPFERER: Paterson, N. .1.: U.S. Physical Education; Dikean: Junior Shop Co-Manager 1 :. 1 ; Recreation Honor Group (3. I), Secretary (I); Boots n ' Spur (1. 2. 31. Vice-President (3); Daisy Chain (21: Education Club in: Playlikers (21: Square Dance 11; V. W. C. A. 12): Proctor in: ( ' . Counsellors ' Club 11. 2. 3. n. President (• : Camp 1.1 ttee (3, 11; Hall Board (4); Baseball (1, 2. 8. n: Gymnastics 11. 2. 3. n. Honorary Varsity (3. ii: Hockey (l. 2. 3. n, All-State Team 1:11. Varsity (3. 4); Speedball (1, 2); A. A. Cabinet (11: Aquatic Instructor III; First Aid Instructor (3. II: Basketball (1. 2. II ll ' I.IET ADEI.E KUTZLEB; Catonsville, Md.; A.B. Chemistry; Cornelian: Der Deutscher ' erein d. 21; Medical Technologists (3, n. Square Circle (3. 4): Proctor 131; Chemistry Club 13. 11. Vice-Presidenl 1 Hockey (2); Basketball 131; Golf (21. . . . CHARLOTTE MAE LADNF.R; PaULSBORO. N. J.: h.s. Hi.uu Economics; Vdelphian; Education Club in; Home Economics Club 11. 2. 3. 11: Young Republicans 11. 21. Proctor (1); Hockey 111: Tennis u ; Basketball (l). DOROTHY UAKER LANCASTER: Tarboro; A.B. Sociology; Cornelian; Honor Roll in; Junior Adviser (8); Sociology Club 1:1. n. President (I); Hal) Board (1) IC1.IA WINIFRED LANGLEY; Rocky Mount; U.S. Secretarial Idministration; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha (8, 11; International Re lalions in; Young Democrats 121; Y. w. C. A. (1. 2. 4). . . . VERNA LARSON; Verona, N. J.; .1. ;. English; Aletheian; Methodist Freshman Council (1); Junior Adviser 1:11; Playlikers (8, 11; V. W. (. A. 11. 2. 31; Baseball i2i; Gymnastics (1); Swimming (ll; Volley Ball n. . . . MARGUERITE I.. LAUGHRIDGE; Marion; A.B. Mathematics; Adelphian, Corresponding Secretarj 111; Pini Needles (3, n. Hand (1, 21; Education Club ci. 11; Square Circle 12. 3. (,), President in; Young Dem - 2 , Societ) Dance Committee (3); Modern Dance Group (2. 31: Basketball (2. 31. . . . MARGUERITE LAZENBY; Statesville; LB. Biology; Dikean, Dormitorj Representative in: Motion Picture Committee in; Hoots „ ' Spur (Ii; Le Cercle Francais (2. 3. 1); Medical Technologists (3. n. Governing Council 1 1); Playlikers (1, 2, 8, n. Zoology Field Club 12. 3. 11; Archery 1:11; Tennis (ii. . . . MARGARET LEE; Wi.mi.uv: fl s. Bom Economics; Cornelian; Pini. Needles (31: Education 1 lull n. Home Economics club ii. 2, 3. 11; Speakers club (8, I): V. W. C. A. 11. 21: Hall Social ' " " " " i " " ' 1 . ■ - . MARY EUNICE I.EEPER; Hiddenite; B.S. Bonu Ec mics; Aletheian; Mitchell College 11; Home Economics Club (2. 3. I); Y. W. C. A. (3); Chemistry Club (2). 3 nd Forty-Three Helen Kemp (Whittle Dotis Grey Knox Vcrna Larson Eleanor Howerton Kendall Nell Russell Koonce Marguerite L. Laughtidge Mvta Sue K.llian Harriet J. Kupferer Marguerite Lazenbv Rachel Regan King Juliet Adele Kutzleb Margaret Lee Margaret Jane Kinlaw Charlotte Mae Ladner Mary Eunice Leeper Fifty-three Senior Clas neteen Hundred RUBY JANETTA LEFTWICH; Winston-Salem; U.S. Horn, Economics; Dikean; Brevard Junior College i. - ' i. Wesley Foundation Council (4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (8, I): V. W. C. A. (3, ii. Wesle) Players (3, I); ill Club (3. n. . . . K.STA FRANK1E LEONARD; Aruba, Netherlands West Indies; K.N. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); International Relations (2, 3, I); Le Cercle Francais (3, ii; V. W. C. A. CI). . . . ADELE MARGARET LIEBIG; Newark, N. J.; A.B. Grammar Gradi Education; Cornelian; Bloomlield College u. 2); Archerj Club (4); Boots n ' Spui (8, n: Education Club ill: V. W. ( ' . A. (8, n; Archery in: Baseball (3, I); Gymnastics (3); Hockey (3); Soccer (3); Swimming (4); Tennis (3); Vollej Ball ■ ::.... HELEN MARGUERITE LINDSLEY; Williamston; B.S. Home Economics; Aletheian; Education (uh (4); Home Economics Club (1, - . 3. I): Y. W. C. A. (1). . . . HELEN ADA LITTLE; Claremont; .I. . ' . French, Cornelian; Botany Club (2, 3); Church Council (31: Education Cluh id. Le Cercle Francais (2); Playlikers (1. 2, 3, n; Speakers Club (1. 2. 3) IANK MOZELLE l.nKK: Kannafolis; A.B. English; Adelphian; Mars Hill College n. 2); Education ' lul in. . . . FRANCES ELIZABETH LOHR; Lexington; A.B. Art; Dikean; Carolinian (2, 3, 0: International Relations (3, II; Y. W. C. A. (2, 3. I). RACHEL ELIZABETH LONG; Bahama; U.S. Secretar 13. ii: Young Democrats (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3 A.B. Biology; Aletheian; International Relations (2. ai Administration; Aletheian; Gamma Alpha . . . . MARY EUGENIA LORE; Smithi u.i.n; :t. ii; Medical Technologists (8, I); Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. in: Chemistry Club (3, n. . . . AURILLA STRAHL LOVE; Elizabeth City: U.S. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Gamma Alpha (3, I); Baptist Student Union Council i 1 g Dei iii- ii. 2); Y. W. C. A. u. 2, 3, n IEANNE HARRIS LOVE; Chai B S Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Queens College i. 2, 3); ( ' .annua Alpha (4); orchestra ii. n,, ,i,i Orchestra n. . . . DOROTHY MILLER Mr ADAMS: Graham; A.B. Grammar Gradi Education; Adelphian: Salem College (1) ; Archery Club (2); Education Club (ii: Home Ec nics Club (1. 2); Proctor (3). . . . HARRIETTE McALLISTER; Mount Pleasant; U.S. Secretarial Admin- istration; Aletheian: Appalachian State Teachers College (ii; Coraddi (4); Gamma Alpha (8, I); Lutheran Student Group, Secretarj (3), President (4); Inter-Faith Council ill; Y. W. C. (2). . . . ANNIE ETHELDA McARVER; Gastonia; A.B. Mathematics; Adelphian; Sacred Heart Junior College 1 1. 2) : Square Circle (3, n. MARY HOPE McCALL; Elizabeth City; A.B. Sociology. Dikean; Church Council hi: International Relations (4); Sociology Club (8, I); Young Democrats ,:l. Ii; Y. W. C. A. (8, Ii; Swimming (1. 2). . . . BETH McDONALD: Timberland; l:.s. Horn. Economics; Dikean; Education Club in: Home Economics Club (2. 3, n: Y. W. C. A- (1, 2). . . . RUTH MARIA McFARLAND; Tryon; A.B. Education, Cornelian; Queens ( ollege (1, 2); Carolinian in; Education Club (n ; Y. W. C. A. Proctoi (3); I i- (8) . w HARDISON McGOOGAN; Wadesboro; U.S. Secretariat Ad , tration; Vdelphian; Marshal in. Legislature (2); Gamma Alpha (3, i . Recording Secretarj n: Choir (I, ' - ' . ■ ' ■ n : Daisy Chain (21 Honor Roll n. -i. 3); Junior Adviser (3); D ame Com- mittee ii. ■-• ' : Dance Chairman (3). . . . REBECCA CAROLINE McKEITHAN; Greensboro; H.s. II , Dikean; Pini u (3, n: Choir (1, 2, 3, n; Education Club (3, n. Home Economics Club (l, 1. 3, i : Quill Club n. 2); Town Students Organization (1. •- ' . :). Ii; Y. W. i (l, 2). . . . MARY EDNA McLEAN; Rockingham; A.B. Ail: Dikean. Pini Needles (2, 8); Botanj (luh (2); Education Club (4); .bin, or Idvisei (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2), Freshman Y. Vice President (1). . . . DOROTHY MAE McPHERSON; Greensboro; A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Aletheian: Education Club (4); Transfei Idvisei (4); Town Student- Organization u, . • ' (. I); Y. W. C. A. in. Ruby Janetta I eflwich Rachel Elizabeth Long Maty Hope McCill I ■.. , I rankie Leon.ii Mary Eugenia Lor, Beth McDonald and Forty-Three Adele Margaret Liebig Helen Marguerite Lindsley Helen Ada Little Jan e Mozelle Loer Frances Elizabeth Lohi Aurilla Strahl Love Jeanne Harris Love Dorothy Miller McAdams Harr iette McAllister Annie Ethelda McArvei Ruth Maria McFarland Ann Hardison McGoogan Rebecca Caroline McKeithan Mar ' ! Edna McLean Dorothy Mae McPherso Fijty-five Senior Clas ineteen Hundred RUBY PRANCES MADRY: Him Square; AM. Primary Education; Adelphian; Pine Needles, Ad- vertising Manager (8, n; Education Club (4); Square Dance (2, 3); Young Democrats (2. 3); Y. V. C. A. hi: Proctor (8); Marching in: Dean ' s List (4); Gymnastics in. . . . CLARA ALEEN MANESS: Carthace: AM. Grammar (trail, Education; Education Civil, in: V. W. C. A. (1, 2. :n: Gymnastics (1); Speedball - ' »: Tennis (2); Volley Hall (1) 1UANITA MAE MANESS; Cabthage; A.B. French; Cornelian; Dean ' s List mi; Education Club (3, n; Honor Roll i 2. :i i . l.e Cercle Francais (2. 8, n: Square Dame 12. 31; V. W. C. A. n. 2. 3); Proctor (2). . . . HELEN CU.MIE MARSHALL; Hose- Una.: B.S. Secretarial Administrat Aletheian; Marshal (4); Gamma Alpha i:i. n: V. W. C. A. in: Summer School Hall Social Chairman (3); Dance Committee (1, 2. S); Freshman-Junior Wedding (1). . . . SARAH FRANCES MARTIN: Dins; B.S. Secretarial Ad- ministration; Dikean; Gamma Alpha i:i. 1); Education Club (4); l.e Cercle Francais (1); Square Circle (1, 2); Young Democrats 121. . . . SHIRLEY BARNES MASON; Beaufort; B.S. Home Eco nomics; Dikean: Coraddi in; Pini Needles in: Home Economics Cub 11. 2. 3, 11: International Relations 11; Square Dance Club in: Youns Democrats (2); V. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3, 11: ill C!ub (3). . . . DOROTHY LEE MATTHEWS; Leaksville; AM. Grammar Grade Education; Aletheian; Archery Club 12. 8, n. Vice-President (8, 11; Botany Club (3. n. Publicity Manager (3): Education Club (II: Seal (Inh (2, 3. n; Pini Needles (3. n. Publicity Manager ill; Archery 12. 3. 11: Life Savin:; (1. 21: Swimming (l. 2, 3. I); Camp Committee (3, 41; Basketball 11. 2); Recreation Association Dormitory Chairman (8); Dormitory Chairman of Basketball 121. RUTH CLAIR MATTHEWS; Enoelhaedt; B.S. Sec (3, 11; lamina Alpha (3. ii; Young Democrats 12, 3); Y. DUNN MATTOX; Pinetops; U.S. Physical Education; Aletbeii HI; Camp Counsellors ' Club m i. Baseball (l. 2): Hockey 11I Administration; Dikean; Pine Needles i - . W. C. A. Ill: Proctor (2). . . . SUSIE Archery Club (3. 11 ; Y. W. C. A. ); Life Saving (4); Soccer 11); Speedball I3i; Tennis 121; Basketball (1. 2. 3); Recreational Association Dormitory Chairman 13). . . . AUDREY HALLENE MAY: Pittsfield, Mass.: AM. English; Adelphian; Marshal d); Hunts n Spur 1:1. n: Classical Club 11. 2. 3. 11. President in; Education Club (11; Honor Roll 11. ■ . 3): Dean ' s List in; Transfer Adviser (1); Playlikers (3); Speakers Club ID; Young Republicans (1, 2): Proctor (l): Adelphian Dame Committee 121; Junior-Senior Dame Committee (8); Campus Chest Fund Treasurer in. . . . ELIZABETH MITCHELL MEADOR; Reidsville; U.S. Hum, Economics; Cornelian; Omicron Nu in: Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (l. 2. 3. n. President (I); Honor Roll 1 :n : Junior Adviser i:i : Y. W. C. A. (3); Chemistry Club II. 2) VNNA MED FORD; w.ivM-vii.n; ,1. ;. Art; Cornelian; Coraddi in; Art Club (ii; Education Club in; Inter- national Relations (n; Square Dance (Inh (4); Young Democrats 1 n. . . . MARY MELTON; Mix dersonville; A.B. History; Dikean. Mars Hill Junior College (1, 21: Baptist Student Union Sen, tary in: Education Club 111: International Relations in. . . . CYNTHIA ANNE MEN DEN HALL; Ashkboko; U.S. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Legislature (8, i); Gamma Alpha (3. n. Vice President II): Choir (1. 2, 3. 1). Education (Inh (4); Y. W. ( ' . A. (1): Proctor 1); Archery (2); Baseball (1, 2. 8); Hockey i:n; Volley Hall i:ti: Basketball 11. 2. 8). PAULINE VICTORIA MERRILL; Marshall; U.S. Home Economics; Cornelian; Mars Hill Junior Collegi 1 - ' . Home En mi ' - Club (.1. n. . . . GLORIA ELIZABETH METZGER; Ashton, Mm.; .1. ;. Art; Dikean. Art Club 13. n. President in; Catholic Girls, President en; Inter-Faith Council, Vice-President 1:11; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 11. Cabinet 1:1. n; Dikean Dame Chairman (1); Dance Committee (2, S); Student Chairman of War Stamps and Bonds 111: Hall Hoard (1). . . . CLARICE LA VELLE MICHAEL; Kernersville; U.S. " , " , Economics, Dikean; Home Economics Club (1. _■. 3, n: town Students Organisation (1, 2. S, I). Y. W. ( ' . A. (1). . . . MARION ANGEL MIDDLE TON; Greknsbc : AM. History; Aletheian; Coraddi 1:11; Alpha I ' si Omega in; Honor Roll 12. 8); Masqueraders (2, 8, I), Cabinet (3. I); Playlikers 11. 2. 3. 11. Town Students Organization (1, 2. 8, 11; Hockey (1) 1EANETTE MINNIS; Winston-Salem; .1. ;. Primary Education; Cornelian; Dei Deutscher Verein (2); Education Club in: Young Democrats 121; Y. W. C. A. 11. 2. 3. n. . . . VIRGINIA MODI.IN. Goldsboro; U.S. Music; Aletheian; Converse College (1. 2): Choir 1:1. n: Education Club ill; Music Education Club 13, I); Y. V. C. A. (3, I). . . . ALICE BOLLING MOORE; Weldon; B.S. Horn, Economics; Dikean: Home Economics Club (.1. n; Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais (2;; Chemistry Club (2 Ruby I rancei Madry Ruth Clou Mitlhews Pauline Victoria Merrill 1 In ., Ateen,.s Susie Dunn Mattox Gloria Elizabeth Metzgef md Forty-Three Juanita Mae Maness Audrey Hallene May Clarice UaVelle M.cha Helen Cum.e Marshall Elizabeth Milchell Meado Marion Angel Middleion Sarah Frances Martin Anna Medford Jeanette Minnis Shirley Barnes Mason Mary Melton Virginia Modlin Dorothy Lee Matthews Cynthia Anne Mendenhall Alice Boiling Moore Fifty-seven Senior Classiof nineteen Hundrec =r- _£ _ ' ESTHER NETTLETON : IE; Old Greenwich, Conn.; J. . ' . English; Cornelian, President (4); Marshal (8); Class Cheer Leader (2, 3); College Cheer Leader (4); Alpha I ' m Omega (4); Boots if Spur (2, 3 ; Masqueraders (2, 3, I); Playlikers (1, 2. 3, n. . . . GERTRUDE ELIZABETH MOORE; Mocksville; U.S. Honu Economics; Aletheian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club ii. 2, 3, I); Swimming (1) ; Basketball (1, 2, 3, n. . . . VERA JOAN MORGAN; Greensboro; B.S. ial Idminist ration; Adelphian; Coraddi (3, I) ; Gamma Alpha (. ' !. n: Choir (3, I): Le Cercle Francais (1. 2); Playlikers (2); Quill Club (3. n: Town Students Organization (1, 2, 3, ii; V.W.C.A. n. 2) ... . MRS. VOIGT G. MORGAN; Gibsonville ; ' ' . Borne Economics; Cornelian; Pine Needles (2); Honu- Economics Cub (1, 2, 3, I); Town Students Organization (3, D: V.W.C.A. ill; Lutheran Student Association u. 2). . . . DOROTHY LEE MORRISON " ; Franklin; A.B. Biology; Aletheian; Carolinian (2); Pine Needles (2); Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3); Der Deutscher Vcrein (I, 2); International Relations (l. I); Medical Technologists (3, I); Playlikers I2i ; Square Dance (2, 3); Young Democrats (4); Zoology Field club (2, 3, I); Gymnastics (4). . . . MARGARE1 DEE MORRISON; Hickory; AS. English; Dikean; Carolinian (2, 8, 4); Lenior Rhyne College (1); Presbyterian Student Organization in; Education Club (8, 4); Hall Social Committee (3i; Dikean Dance Committee CD; Tennis (2): Coif (2). . . . PENELOPE CASSANDRA MORTON; New Bern; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian: Gamma Alpha (2. :i. J) ; Junior Adviser CD: History Club (2). WII..MA MARIE MORTON; Albemarle; A.B. Matin maths; Dikean; Pine Needles, Assistant Photog- rapy Editor (3). Photography Editor id; Square Circle (2, 3, I). . . . OCTAVIA BETHEA MULLER; Dillon, S. c. : A.B. English; Adelphian, Treasurer (2); Marshal (8); Legislature . (4) ; Choir 12. 8); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (8); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francais (2, 3, I); Masqueraders (2, :i, c. Cabinet (3); Playlikers (I, 2. :i. 1) ; V.W.C.A. (1, 3), Cabinet i :i ■ : Sophomore Pageant Committee (2); House President (4); Dean ' s List id. . . . EMILY ANN MCMFORI): Washington; .!. ' . Primary Education; Cornelian; Marshal (4); Choir (3. 4): Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francais (3); Young Democrats (2); V.W.C.A. hi; Dance Com mittee. Cornelian (2), Junior (3). Senior (4); Life Saving 12. D; Basketball it. 2. 3. D; Recre ation Vssociatiorr Representative (31. . . EMILY JANE NEAL: Greensboro; A.B. Sociology; Cornelian; Choir (1. 2. 8, D: Church Council (4); Masqueraders (a, ii; Playlikers u. 2, 3, D: Sociology Club (8, n: Town Students Organization (1, 2. :(. D. . . . REBECCA WOMHI.E NEAL: Southern Pines; ' ..s. Home Economics; Adelphian; Legislature f2 ; Daisy (bain 2i; Education Cl ub id; Home Economics Club (2, 3, D: Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser (3); V.W.C.A [1), Cabinet (8); Proctor hi; Adelphian; Dame Committee (3) .... NONA NELME; Wadesboro; A.B. | Iphian; Der Deutscher Verein it-: Square Dance (3) VNNE ELIZABETH NEWTON: Greensboro; A.B. English; Uetheian; Coraddi (8); Carolinian (1, 2. 3, D: Town Stu- dents Organization n, 2. ;(. n. Judicial Hoard (3); V.W.C.A. Hi. GERALDINE ZIMMERMAN NORMAN; Greensboro; J. . ' . Grammar Grade •:. ».„(„,„. Adelphian; I ' ivi Needles (8, d: Education Club (4); Town Students Organization (1, 2. :t. I); V.W.C.A. (1. 2i. . . . MARGARET ANNE NORMAN; Greensboro; A.B. Sociology; Aletheian; Town Students Organization (1, 2. 3, I); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2). . . . DOROTHY MINDOKA1I ODUM; New Bern; A.B. 8 logy, Idelphian; Legislature (I, I); House President (8); Church Council (I, 2); Sociology Club (8, i)i V.W.C.A. 11. 2. 3, I). . . . GENEVIEVE MARY OSWALD; Buffalo, N. v.: B.S. Music; Dikean; CaroUnia 1 ; Choir (1, 2, 3, D: Education Club id: (dee Club 12. :i. n; Honor Roll 12. 8); Music Education club 12. 3, c: Masqueraders 12. : . I); Playlikers 11. 2. : . c; Young Republicans (2); V.W.C.A. 12. 3); Speech Choir 12. :t : Young Composers club (8, 1), President id; Hall Board (4); College Social Planning Committee (4); Chapel Committee in. ELIZABETH OWEN: Thomasville; ' .n. Secretarial Idministrat , Cornelian; Gamma Upha ;. 1 : Education Club in: Honor Roll 12, s) . . . . MYRT MARIE PADGETT; Hayesville; B..n. " " ' ■ Education; Cornelian; Carolinian (8); A Cappella Choir (8, I); Rand (2, 8); Choir (1. 2. 3); Der Deutscher Verein 11. 21; Educal Club (4); Glee Club (3, n; Music Education club Social Chairman CD; Playlikers en: Young Republicans (1, 2 ; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 8, n. I ' " ' . In, Junioi Ceremonj (1). . . . MARGARET ANN PALMER: Newport News, V .; v..s Physical Educai Adelphian: Judicial Bo: 3); Archery Club 12. 3, D: Education Club 3. 1 : Junioi Idvisei (8); Young Democrats (2); Chemistry Club -21; Modern Dance Croup (4); Elections Board d; Archery (2, :i. n; Baseball 12. :n : Gymnastics 1.1, 11; Hockey it, • . 3); Life Saving (2); Speedball 1 2 . Swimming 11. 2. 31. Co-Head in: Basketball 12. .1. n. ude Elizabeth Moore Octavia Rfthea Midler M.irgjret Anne Norman nd Forty-Three jra Joa n Morgan Mrs. Volgl G. Morgan Dorothy Lee Morrison Margaret Dee Morrison Penelope Cassandra Mort ily An n Mumford Emily Jane Neal Rebecca Womble Neal Nona Nelme Anne Elizabeth Newto. hy Mi ndorah Odum Genevieve Mary Oswald Elizabeth Ouen Myrt Marie Padgett Margaret Ann Palmer Fifty-nine Senior Cla ineteen Hundrec 0 MARY LA ROCHE PALMER; Trvon; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Alethelan; Coraddi (8); Carolinian in: Gamma Alpha (8, 4); Church Council (1, 2, 3), President (4 ; Dolphin Club (1. 2. 3). President (II; Inter-Faith Council (2. 3, D; V. W. C. A. (1); Swimming Varsity (II; Donnitory Defense Chairman (31; Recreation Association Cabinet (H; Gymnastics (41; Life Saving (l); Volley Ball (1); Swimming (1. 2. 81. Co-Leader in. . . . ELLANOR PATTERSON; Greensboro; .-LB. Art; Cornelian. Coraddi (i); Town Students Organization (2. 3, tl. . . . JULIA MAE PEPPER; Walnut Com; A.B. Primary Education; Cornelian; Marshal (4); Hall Board (3); Class Vice-President (2); Class President i3i; Daisy Chain (21; Education Club id; Who ' s Who Among Students in American I i tities " . " Colleges (3. 41; Young Democrats (1. 21; Church Council (1. 2. 3. 41; May Queen (ii: Life Saving (3). . . . MINNIE ELIZABETH PERKINS; Rfjdsvillk; B..S. Home Economics; Dikean; Education Club (3. n; Home Economics Club (l. 2. 3. 4). Council (3); Honor Roll (31; i-H Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Dean ' s List id: Hall Social Chairman (4). . . . AGNES PETTIT; Asheville; A.B. Sociology; Cornelian; Marshal in; St. Genevieve of the Pines (1. 2); Proctor (4); Sociology Club (3. Ii. Vice President (II; V. W. C. A. (3. II. Council (4). . . . MARY ANN PETTUS; Media, Pa.: B.S. Some Economics; Adelphian; Home Economics Club (3. 4); Square Dance (4). . . . ELIZABETH CARRINGTON PIERCE; Winchester, Va.; A.B. Primary Education; Education Club (41: Honor Roll (3): Young Democrats (21: V. W. C. A. (1). ROSALIE PILLEV: Pantego: B.S. Music; Aletheian; Band (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (21. Vice President (8), President III; Choir (1. 21; Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Orchestra (3. 1); Young Composers ' Cub (3. 4). . . . ELLA MARIE PINKSTON; Salisbury; A.B. Sociology; Aletheian; Inter- national Relations ,41: Square Circle (2i: Sociology Club (3. 4); Proctor (4). . . . ANNE LILLIAN 1TTONIAK. Westfield, Mass.; A.B. English; Adelphian; Daisy Chain (21: Junior Adviser (3k Le Cercle Francais (l, 2. I); Masqueraders (2, 3. 41; Playlikers (l, 2, 3, 4); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities n„,l Colleges in: Sophomore Pageant Co-Chairman (2); Hall Board u, 2): May Day Committee (II; Alpha Psi Omega (4). . . . ROSEBUD PLEASANT; Danville, Va.; K.N. Home Economics; Cornelian; Home Economics Club (3. 4). . . . LELIA HOLT PLEASANTS; Dur- ham; B.S. Music; Dikean; Hall Hoard (2); Choir (1. 2); ( ' .lee Club (1); Music Education Club (2. 3, 4), Treasurer (31. President (It; idling Composers ' Club (4); Sunday Night Committee (4); May Hay Committee (4). . . . PRANCES JUDITH POOLE: St. Pauls; AM. Primary Educai Adelphian; Education Club (II; Young Democrats (1. 21; Y. W. C. A. (I, 2. 3. 41; Proctor (4). . . . EDITH LOUISE POORE; Mr. Airy; A.B. Chemistry; Aletheian; Choir (1. 2. 3, 4i; Church Council (1. 2, 3i; Education club (4); Honor Roll ii. 2. 8); Junior Adviser (3i: Masqueraders (2, :i. D; Playlikers (2. 3. u; Square Circle 12. 4); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2); Chemistry Club II. 2. 3, II. Secretary (8); Sophomore pageant (2); Dean ' s List (4); Wesley Foundation ii. 2. 3. ii; Weslej Player- (1. 2); Archery I ' _ ' I ; Gymnastics ill. JEANNE WORSLEY POKIER; Bridgeport. Conn.; H.s. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha 1 3. I); Honor Roll (8); Seal Club 121; V. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. 41. Cabinet 12. 8, II. Treasurer (21 ; Hall Board (I). Recreation Association Cabinet (4): Gymnastics (2); Life Saving (l. 2. ii. Swimming (2). . . . RUTH LEE PORTER; Herkimer, N. Y.; B. s. Physical Education; Cornelian: Hall Board (3): Clean-up Committee Co-Chairman (2. 31; Carolinian (1. 2, 3. 4). Reporter (ii. Sports Editor (2. 3. u; Recreation Association Honor Group, President in. Educa- tion Club Ml; Honor Roll (8); Square Dance 12. 3. H; Chemistry Club 121; Archery (2); Baseball (1. 2. 3. I). Coach 12. 3, H: Gymnastics 12. II. Coach III; Hockey (1. 2. 3. II. Coach (2. 31; Life Saving (8); Speedball (1, 2. 8), Coach (2, 8); Swimming (2); Aquatic Instructor (4); Basketball (1, 2. 3. 1), Coach (2), Head (8, I); Recreation -. i;it Cabinet (8, n. . . . CATHERINE POWELL; Whiteville; B.s. Secretarial Administration; Dikean: St. Mary ' s Junior College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha (3. 1); Dikean Dance Committee (3i. . . . MAVIS HOWARD POWERS: St. Pails; A.B. Sociology; Cornelian; 50th Anniversary Choir; Mars Hill Junior College (l. 2); Choir (3. ii: Edu- cation club i:i. ii; Sociology Club (3. n; Proctor (31. . . . REBECCA PRATT; Winston-Salem; B.S. H.,i„, Economics; Cornelian: Square Dance 12. 31; Proctor (1. II; Volley Ball 12, 31. Leadei 131; Basketball (1, 2. 3. 41. . . . CATHERINE ELIZABETH PRESSLEY; Belmont; B.S. Physical Educa- tion; Dikean; Sacred Heart College (1): Choir (21; Church Council (I); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (8); Baseball (l. 31; Gymnastics (4); Hockey in: Life Sav- ing :i: Tennis (8); Uhlctic Association Cabinet (4); Modern Dance Group (3, 4). . . . GLORIA PRICE: Greensboro; A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Adelphian; Archery Club (3); Der Deutsche! Verein (2); Education Club in; Town Students Organization (2, 3. 1) ; Archery I :i i . Rosalie P.llev Jeanne Worsley Porti md Forty-Three Julia Mae Pepper Anne Lillian Pitonial Catherine Powell Minnie Elizabeth Perkn Rosebud Pleasant Mavis Howard Power Mary Ann Pectus Trances Judith Poole Catherine Elizabeth Pressley Sixty-out Out Our Way • • ■ 5ixi)-t:io Ji mom UUHO ' S UUHO J tuaentd in Armencan lAniversities ana i otu 1943 f Standing: Betsy Saunders, Winston James, Delice Young. Seated: Sara Warwick, Betty Dahlin, Anne Pitoniak, Margaret Jones, Elise Wilson, Ruth White. Sixty-three Senior Clas meTeen Hundred LEWIS C. PRIDGEN; Elm City; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3, I); Young Den rats (2, 3); V. W. C. A. (1). . . . BELLE HICKS PURVIS; Salisbury; B..S. Home Eco- nomics; Aletheian, Corresponding Secretary (2); Church Council (3, 4); Home Economics Club il. 2, 8, I); Inter-Faith Council (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 21; Sophomore Pageant (2); Religious Activity Week Representative (l). . . . SARA GLEE QUEEN; Waynesville; B.S. Honu Economics; Cornelian; Education Club in: Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. n: Square Dance (1, 2, I); Y. V. ( ' . A. (1. 2. :;. li. Cabinet (3); Tennis (li. . . . GENEVA RUTH RAHENKAMP; Greensboro; H.s. Home Eco- nomics; Aletheian; Hand (3, n; Home Economics Club il. 2. 3, n; Town Students Organization il. 2. 3, n. . . . BLOISE RANKIN; Hic.h Point; H.s. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3. n: Choir 2. 3. I); Honor Roll (2); International Relations 2. :i i ; min: Democrats (2); Hall Social Chairman (I); Dance Chairman (t). . . . MARJORIE LOUISE RANKIN; Winston-Salem; A.H. h:,ir,lixl,: Dikean; Classical Club (l. 2. 3. i); Education Club ( n ; Honor Hull in; Junior Adviser [8). . . . SARA EMMA RATLIFF; Wadesboro; A.B. Primary Education; Aletheian; Education Club Hi; Square Dance hi; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 8, I) ; HI Club (1, 2. 3. 1). Education; Cornelian; Band . CLAIRE BELLE REABEN ; Alpha (3. 1); Hunts n ' Spur Dance (3); Dance Committee Grade Education; Aletheian; . . MARY .1(1 RENDLEMAN; MARGARET ELDER RATTERREE; Kim.s Mountain; A.H. Prima (li; Choir (1. 2. 3. i ; Education Club in; Y. W. C. A. (3. I). . Hendersonville; BJ3. Secretarial Administration; Coraddi nil; Gam 2. 3, li. Honor Roll il. 3, I); International Relations (3, i : Squa in. . . . EVELYN LOUISE REINHARDT: Newton; A.B. Grammi Education Club (li: Square Dance (2, 8); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. n. Anna, III.; A.H. Sociology; Adelphian; House President (31; President uf Student Government Mi: C " a Treasurer ill; .lath Anniversary Student Committee 12. 3. II; Hand (1. 2. 3); Alpha Kappa Helta ill; Daisy Chain (21; Honor Roll (i. 2. :1 : Sociology Club (3. ii; Who ' s Who Among Students i,i American Universities mi, I Colleges (3, n. Orchestra (1, 2. :n. . . . I.Ei.IA KATHLEEN RHYXE; Iberdeen; A.H. Sociology; Dikean; Choir il. 2); Church Council 121; Le Cercle Francais (1, 21; Sociology Club 1:1. 11; Young Democrats 11. 21; Y. W. C. A. (l. 2. :u: Chemistry Club (2). . . . DORIS ELAINE RICHARDSON " ; Greensboro; U.S. H,,„„ Economics; Dikean; Botany Club (3. 1): Home Ec imics Club (1, 2. 3. n; Town Student-. Organizatio n d. 2. 3. n. . . . HELEN COOK RICHARDSON: Washington, D. C: U.S. Secretarial Administration; Dikean: Madison College (1. 21: Gai a VIpha in: Education Club in; Archery CO: Gymnastics (i . GROEVLIA JOY RIDEN: Boonville; A.B. Primary Education; Adelphian; Hand 12. 3. I); Le Cercle Francais (2). . . . SERENA MOORE RISER: Greensboro; H.S. Physical Education; Cornelian. Treas- urer (3); Carolinian (1. 2. 3. 11: Recreation Association (3. 11; Archery Club (2, 3, 1); Band (1, 2. 31. Publicity Manager 12. :i ; Church Council 11. 2. 31: Education club (8, n; Junior Adviser (31; Le Cercle Francais (2. 3. II; l ' laylikers (1. 21; Seal Club 11. 2. 3. -II; Square Dance (2, 3. I); Young Democrats (1, 2. 3. i): Y. W. C. A. 11. 2); Camp Counsellors ' Club (1, 2. 8, 11: Coif Club (2, ::. 11. Presidenl (3); Camp Committee (1, 2. 8, i . Chairman Mi: Archery (1, 2. 3, 11: Baseball (I. 2. 3. I); Gymnastics (1, 2. 3. n. Head 111: Hockey (1, 2. 3. 1); Soccer (1. 21; Speedball (1, 2. ;i. 4); Swimming 1. 2. 3. n; Tennis 121: Recreation Sports (4); Golf (2. 3. n. Head (3): Basket- ball 11. 2. :i. 11; Skating Head 121; A. A. Cabinet (2. 3. 1). . . . FRANCES RIVENBARK; Wallace; B.S. Secretarial idministration ; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3. li; Education club (8, I); Square Dai l. 21; Y. v. c. A. Hi. . . . BETSY ROBERTS; Shelby; H.s. ll,,,„, Economics; Adelphian; Omicron Nu (8. n; Home Economics Club (1); Honor Roll m. 2. 3); Junior Adviser (8); Proctor Hi. . . . PRISCILLA ALDEN ROETZEL; Spring Lake, I ; 1. ;. English; Aletheian; Sigma Delta Pi ci. I); Monmouth Junior College (I, 21; Education Club Mi: Honor Roll en. . . . ELIZABETH ii.iiK ROGERS; Rciin.ii: .1. ;. Art; Adelphian; Hall Board (3); Carolinian ill: Pine Needles (8); Junior Adviser mi; Young Dei irats 2); Freshman Y Council (i); War Service League mi; Dan., ' Committee (2, 8) VNNA ROSA; Greexsbi ; i:.s. Home Economics; Dikean; Sophomore Pageant (2); Junior Class Fashion Show i:n; Dance Committee (2); Carolinian mi; Omicron Nu (3. 4), Treasure! mi; Botany Club (1, 2); Horn,. Economics Club (1. 2. 3, n; Honor Roll (l. 2, :u: Junior Adviser 3i: Seal Club (2. 3. H; Square Circle (3. 1); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (8); Y. w. c. A. Cabinet (s); Chemistry club (3, u; Danforth Fellowship il): Dean- List Mi: Life Saving (2). W 1 Belle Hicks Purvis i laire Belle Rcaben Scrcn.i Moore Riser nd Forty-Three Evelyn Louise Reinhardt Frances Rivenbark Geneva Ruth Rahenkamp Mary Jo Rendleman Betsy Roberts Eloise Rankin a Kathleen Rhyne :illa Alden Roetze Marjorie Louise Rankin Doris Elaine Richardson Elizabeth Cook Rogers Sara Emma Ratliff Helen Cook Richardson Anna Rosa Sixty- fir Senior ClagjKof nineteen Hundred THORA IRENE ROSS; Belhaven; B.S. s, ml,, mil .iilministratimi : Adelphian; Carolinian (2); Coraddi i : Gamma Alpha (8, I); Band l. 2); Square Dance (2. 8, i : Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, :i ) : Gymnastics (2). . . . CHARLINE ROTHA; Waynesyille; B.s. Physical Education; Aletheian; Bunt- n ' Spur (3, I); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Square Dance (1. 2, 3. n. President (4); V. W. C. A. ii. 2); Chemistry Club (2. 3); Camp Counselors ' Club (3. 4); Camp Committee (3, 4); Archery (2); Baseball [1, 2, 3, : Gymnastics (4); Hockey (1, 8); Life Saving in; Marching ii); Aquatic Instruc tor (3); Basketball (1, 2, 3, I); Recreation Association Cabinet (4). . . . TERRK.ISA MORRIS ROWE; Hickory; BJS. Secretarial Administration; Gamma Alpha (3, I); Archery Club (3, 4), President (4); Buck and Wins (1, 2. 3, II. President (3); Archery Coach (3); Basketball (2); Marching (I). . . . BARBARA DARK RUFFIN; Wilson; A. Ii. Grammar Grade Education; Dikean; Clogging Club in: education Club (4); Dean ' s List (4). . . . MARY HELEN SAMS: Asheville; B.S. Music; Cornelian; Mars Hill Junior College n. 2); Choir (8); Church Council in; Glee Club (3, n; Music Education Club (3, I); Y. W. A. (8, n. . . . HELEN REID SANDERS; Roxboro; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian: Gamma Alpha 13, 4); International Relations (Ii: Playlikers i:i. II : Square Dance (2. 3, n : Young Democrats (2. 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3 1 : Gymnastics (2). . . . BETSY INGLE SAUNDERS; High Point; A.B. Education; Aletheian; Legislature (3); House President ( n ; Coraddi ii. 8); Botany Club (2); Choir (2, 3); Education Club (3, 4); International Relations (2. 3. 4); Masqueraders (8, 1); Playlikers (2, 3, I); Senior Unmusical Chairman (4); Alpha Psi Omega Mi: Who ' s Who Imong Students in Imericati Universities and Colleges i MARTHA ALBRITTON SAWYER; Elizabeth City; A.B. Bistory; Dikean; Tractor (1. 3); Hall Board (4i : Education Club (4); Honor Roll (2. 3); Dean ' s List in: Internationa] Relations (2. 3, n : Junior Adviser (3). . . . FLORENCE KATHRYN SCHRUM; Greensboro; B.S. Secretarial Ad- ministration; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha (3, I); Town Students Organization (1, 2. 3. D; V. W. C. A. in. . . . BILLIE MONTEZ SCOTT: Asheville; lis. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2i: Gamma Alpha i.i. n: Education Club 13. I); Speakers Club (31: Y. W. C. A. ci. ii: Hall Proctor in: Y. W. A., President en. . . . SUSAN M. SEARCY; Gehton; A.B. History; Dikean; Church Council (2): Education Club (tl; Honor Roll 12. 3): International Relations (2, :i i : Le Cercle Francais (2, 3); Dean ' s List n. . . . SARA SEARS; High Point; B.S. Secretarial Idministration; Cornelian. Vice-President in: Freshman Commission (1) ; Hall Board in: Legislature in; Gamma Alpha (3. n. Social Chairman (4); Honor Roll (3); Dean Le Cercle Francais (21. . . . GLADYS JACKSON SESSOMS; Fayetteville; A.B. Englit Secretarj of Student Government (3i; Judicial Board (3); Hall Board in: House Pn s List ( n: h; Dikean: sident (4): r„i ,,, ! i olh ■ s Class President (2); Who ' s Who Among Students in Ar Hum Chain (2); Education Club (41; Honor Roll (1. 2. 8); Square Circle ill: Y. W. C. A. (1. _• j), President Freshman Y: May Court (4). . . . DOROTHA CLEMENS SEVERANCE; Gv-imnm: A.B. Art; Cornelian: Hall Board ill: Legislature (3); (lass Secretary (2); Chape] Committee in; Daisj Chain (2); Education Club in: Junior Adviser en; Who ' s Who Students in American Universities m,,l Colleges (3, I); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3), Council (3); Modern Dance Group (8, n; Max Day Chairman in: Junior Senior Decoration Chairman (3). MARGARET HILL SHKRRILL; Mt. Ulla; i:.s. ; " ,.. Ec mt ' cs; Dikean; Education Club in: Home Economics Club (2, 3. n: Square Dance (2); Y Ig Democrats (2). . . . MAI. VENA STEELE SHINN; Mt. Ulla: B.S. Home Economics; Aletheian; Education Club (3. n; Home Economics Club (l, 2, :i. n: Le Cercle Francais (1, 2); Y. W. ( ' . A. (1, 2, 3). . . . RUTH SHULMAN; New York. . Y.: A. :. English, Carolinian i. 8, n: Pine Needles (8, n. Class Editor in: Coraddi in: Sigma Delta Pi (8, ii. Vice-President in: Honor Roll (2. 3); Dean ' s List in; Le c.rclc Francais (2, 8, 1 1 ; Square Circle (2); Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (I); Tennis (2. 31. . . . ROZELI. ROXANNA SHUMOLIS; Canton; B.S. Home Economics; Cornelian; Pfciilcr Junior Col lege il. 2); Education Club Mi: Home Economics Club (3, n; Junior Adviser (H: Y. W. C. A. i n. . . . MARY LANE SII.KR: Sin-.u City; K.n. Home Economics; Aletheian; College Social Com- mittee il: Church Council i. ' l. n; Home Economics Club (1, 2. 3. n: Inter Faith Council 13. II; . w. C. . il - ' . 8). . . . CATHERINE PHILLIPS SLEDGE; Pinehuhst; A.B. Art; Aletheian; il); Church Council (2). . . . GRACE PAYSON SLOCUM; Wilmington; AH. English; Aletheian, Vice-President in; House President en; class Vice-President (1); Legislature in: in n. Daisc, chain (2) Education Club n; Honor Roll (1, :n: Who ' s Who Among sin ili ids in American Universities " ml Colleges (3, n; Y. W. C. A. (i. 2. 3. n. President of Sophomore Club Cabinet (2, n: Fellowship Fund Drive Student Chairman 1:1. 1). Martha Albriiton S, Margaret Hill She I lorence Scbrai Malvciu Steele Shinn nd Forty-Three rreisa Morris Rou e Wlie Montez Scott Ruth Shulman Barbara Dare Rail Susan M. Searcy Rozell Roxanna Sbumi Mary Helen Sam Sara Sears Mary Lane Silei Helen Reid Sanders Gladys Jackson Sessoi Katherine Phillips Sle Betsy Ingle Saunder [ lorotha t lemens Seyei Grace Payson Slocu Sixty-sevett Senior Class of nineteen Hundred «A DOROTHY WILMA SMITH: Fremont; A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Aletheian; Education Club i ; Square Dance (2, S, I); V. W. C. A. (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2, 3); Hockey (1) ; Soccer (1); Tennis ii. 2, S); Basketball (1. 2. 3, n. . . . MARIE H. SMITH; Varina; B.S. H " i „ Economics; Dikean; Education (Tub (4); I h me Economics Club (l. 2, 3, ii; V. W. ( ' . A. u. 2) ; Baptist Student Union I, 21. . . . NANCY NOVELLAH SOFLEY; Asheville; BS. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Carolinian (2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1, 3); Basketball (2, t). . . . ANNE BRYAN SPIVEY; Rich Square; .1.4 ' . Primary Education; Adelphian; House President mi; cla s Treasurer (2 : Botany (2. • ' (. k); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club in; Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2 , Basketball (3). . . . HETTY JEAN STAHL; LaURINBURg; A.B. Art; Dikean; I ' eaee College (2); Art Club in; Education Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (1, :i. n. Publ icity Committee (4); Baseball (1. :;. p; Gymnastics (8, k) ; Hockey (1, 3, n; Life Saving (1, : . n; Soccer u, 3); Speedball (1, 3); Swimming n; Basketball (1, 3, 4); Camp Committee (4). . . . MARILYN MAE STARK; Buffalo, N. Y.; BJS. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; Honor Roll (2); Proctor (1). . . . FLOSSIE STARLING; Pike Level; A.B. Art; Dikean; Band (1, 2); Education Club (3); Square Dance (l. 2, 3 i ; Young Republicans (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. ;). n; Gymnastics (1) ; Swimming (1). CHRISTINE ELIZABETH STATON ; Flat Rock; B.S. Hume Economics; Cornelian; Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2); Education Club i:i. k) ; Home Economies Club (3. 4); Y. W. C. A. (3, 4). . . . MARGARET RIDLEY STEPHENSON; Pendleton; A.B. Sociology; Adelphian; Marshal (4); Inter- national Relations (l. 2) ; Sociology Club (2, 3. 4); Young Democrats (1, 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. ;). i . Social Chairman (3); Dance Committee (3); Life Saving (3, 4). . . . ELIZABETH STINSDN; Winston-Salem; A.B. English; Aletheian; Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Church Council 14); Education Club in. . . . ALINE BREWER STRICKLAND; Stedman; U.S. li,.,,,, Economics; Dikean; Education Club (3); Home Economies club (2, 3, k) ; Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (l. 2. :i. n ; Chemistry ( lub u. 2). . . . RUTH EVELYN SUPPLEE; Haddon Heights. N. J.; A.B. History; Cornelian; Band (1. 21; Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Square Dance (2); Y. W. C. A. Hi; Camp Counselors ' dun (1, 2. 3) IEAN SCOTT SITTLES; Greensboro; A.B. Sociology; Aletheian: Botanj (Tub 12. S); Sociology Club 13. Ij; Town Students Organization (1, 2); Y. W. C. A. 11. 2. 3. Ii. Cabinet (4); Dance Group (3, II. . . . ROWENA DARDEN SUTTON; Moorehead City; fl_S. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Marshal (4); Coraddi (3); Gamma Alpha 13, 4); Daisy Chain (2); International Relations (4); Proctor (3); Dance Committee (3;. LERLF. EUNICE SWA1M: Greensboro; ;. . Secretarial administration; Cornelian; Carolinian, Re- porter I2i. Business Staff (3, n. Advertising Manager (I); Handbook, Business Manager I : Gamma Alpha 3, k) ; Education (Tub 4 ; Playlikers (2i; Town Students Organization (1, 3. 4); Young Democrats 12;; Y. W. C. A. (2, 3,1. . . . CONSTANCE SWEENEY; Rocky Mount; A.B. English; Adelphian: Carolinian (2, :i. n. Columnist (3) ; Coraddi (3, n. Exchange Editor ill; Pine Needles. Literary Editor in: Archery Club (2); Education Club n; Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Le Cercle Francais u. 2, 3); Quill Club (3, 4;, Secretary-Treasurer (4); Square Dance (3). . . . GERTRUDE VIRGINIA TANNER; Henderson; B.s. Secretarial Administration; Cornelian; Hall Board l : Proctor (1, 2); Gamma Alpha 1:1, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1). . . . HELEN ELIZABETH TANNER; W1-1 Springfield, Mass.; B.S. Physical Education; Adelphian; House President (3); Judicial Board (4); Legislature (3j; Proctor (21; Finance Board Chairman (4); Freshman Council, Secretary 1 1; Class President (1); Carolinian, Editorial Board 121; Education Club (4); Square Danci 1 ; Who ' s Who Among Students ,,, American Universities ,,,,,! Colleges ' 3. 4); Baseball (1, 2.1; Gymnastics 11. 2. 3, k); Honorary Gym Varsity Team (3); Hockey (1. 21; All-State Hockey Team (8); Speedball (1, 2 ; Ba-.keii.all (1, 2, 3). . . . PAULINE SHIELDS TAYLOE; Allander: .1. ;. English; Adelphian; Archery Club (3); Education Club (1); International Relations (2. 3, 4); Square Dance Hi ; Young Democrats 11. 2. 3, n; Y. W. C. A. 11, 2, 3, I). . . . LYDIA TAYLOR: Brooklyn. N. Y.; .1. ;. English; Aletheian; Masquerailei s 12. 3. k), President (, 4 1 ; Inner Masque :;. 1 ; Classical Club (1. 2. 3. 11; Honor Roll 13. I); Dean ' s List (li; Playlikers (2, 3, 4), Presi- dent C ): Quill Club 14). . . . SALLIE BAIRD TAYLOR; MOUNTAIN Home. Tenn.; A.B. History; Cornelian; Marshal (3); East Tennessee State Teachers College U. 2); Honor Roll (3); Interna- tional Relations (3, 4). Sixty-eight md Forty-Three Sixty-nim Senior Cla ineteen Hundred KATE DORSETT TEAGUE; Fairmont; B.S. Ih.m, Ei-mimiurs; Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 4): Junior Adviser (8); Young Democrats (1, 2); Chemistry Club (1, 2); Dean ' s List i . . . . RUTH ELIZABETH THAYER; Hic.h Point; A.B. Sociology; Cornelian; High Point Col lese (1, 2): Alpha Kappa Delta (4): Honor Roll u, 2, 8); Sociology Club (3. Ii; Y. W. C. A. (4). . . . SARAH HOLT THERRELL; Burlington; BS. Secretarial Administration; Aletheian; Gamma Alpha (3, I); Y. W. C. A. (1) ; Proctor (1, 2, 8); Recreation Association Council (3); Athletic Asso- ciation l. 2, 8. 1); Basketball (1, 2, 3). . . . JANE PULLER THOMPSON; Henderson; A.B. History, Aletheian. Treasurer (2); Legislature (2); Class President (4); Student Committee nt ' : nth Anni- versary (2, 3); Hand (1, 2); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); International Relations (2. 8, I); Junior Adviser (3. 1); Who ' s Who Among Students in Imerican Universities and Colleges (4); Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. (I, 2); Proctor (1, 2); Dance Committee (3); Students ' Chapel Committee, Chairman (3). . . . RUTH THOMPSON; Mountain Park; ' . Home Economics; Dikean; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, I : Playlikers (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. :). I); Chemistry Club (2, 3, t ; Swimming (I, 2, 3). . . . VIRGINIA TODD; Fairfield, Conn.; B.S. Borne Economics; Cornelian; Hall Board (3); Home Economics Club 12. 3, I); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 3). . . . EVELYN MAE TOLER; Rocky Mount; o ' .S ' . Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Gamma Alpha ci. 1); Church Council (4); Education club (4); Square Dance (8); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Basket ball 1.2. 3). ANNA TOMLINSON; High Point: A.B. Art; Adelphian; Ward-Belmont (1, 2); Marshal (8). . . . HELEN LOUISE TRENTHAM; Mars Hili ; B.s. Music; Aletheian; Mars Hill College it. 2); A Cappella Choir: Choir (2. 3, D. Secretary-Treasurer (3); Education Club (4); (dee Club (2, 3, n; Musi, ' Education Club (4); Dean ' s List (1). . . . LOIS MEREDITH TUNNELL; Swan Quarter; A.B. Grammai Gradi Education; Cornelian: Botany Club (3); Church Council (1) ; Education Club (4); Square Dance (1); Young Democrats (1. 2). . . . DOROTHY MAY TURLINGTON; G sboso; A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Adelphian: Education Club (4); International Rel ations (21. . . . NAN PATTERSON TURNER; Mr. tin; B.s. Music; Aletheian; Proctor ui; Pine Needles (3); Young Composers ' Club :i. I); Hand (2, 3. c: Choir 11. 2. 3, I); Education Club in; Junior Adviser (3); Music Education Club 12, 3. n: Y. W. C. A. 11. 21. . . . MARY WESCOTT TUTTLE; Melbourne, Fla.; A.B. Art; Cornelian; Ringling Scl I of Art ill; Link Needles, Art Editor (3); Carolinian 12; rt Club 1:1. | !; Honor Roll 12. 3, n; Masqueraders (2. 3); Playlikers (1); Gym- nastics 111. . . . MARY THORNE TYSON; Farmville; A.B. Art: Cornelian; 1 ' ini Needles (2); H Club (4 : Choir (1, 2. 3); Education Club I ; Playlikers (1, 2. :ii: Y. W. C. A. ll. 2l: March in- (4); Dormitory (las- Representative (3, 1); Senior Art Exhibition Chairman 111: church Council II. 2); World Student Fellowship Fund Drive (8). MARY EDNA UMSTEAD; Durham; A.B. Mathematics; Dikean; Education Club 111: II Roll 1 : Le Cercle Fn ais 12. 3); Square Circle 1 ■. 3, 1 . Vice-Presidenl (4); Young Democrats (I. 2 : niciicin Historj Club 121. . . . HELEN ELIZABETH VINSON; Mount Olive; .1. . ' . Grammai Grade Education; Dikean; Coraddi 111: Pini Needles hi; Education club (4); International lie latlons 1 ; Square Circle 1 ; Young Democrats 21; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. :;■. . . . ELIZABETH MARIE WADE; Dunn; BjS. Music; tdelphian; Choir (1, 2. 8, I); Daisy chain (2): Education Hub (4); Music Education club 12, :i . ; Square Dance Hi: Young Republicans 121: Y. W. C. A. 1 ; Young Composers ' Club (4), Librarian (4). . . . FRANCES LOUISE WAIN; Graniti Quarry; ..,.„ Idministration; Dikean: Marshal (11; I ' f.iitcr Junior College 11. 21: Cainma Alpha (3, 1 .... si ZANNE WALDROP; Kin-ton: ah. Primary Education; Adelphian; Botany Club 3 I Publicit; Chairman (4); Choir 1 1, 2. :i. I); Education club (4); Inter-Faith Council (3, n; Square Dan.,- (3); Proctor (1, 21; Deans List in. . . . ANN WALKER: Morganton; ..n. Seen tarial Administration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (3, 1 : Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. 11. 2, 3, ii; Proctor 11. 2. :i 1 : Hall Social Chairman 11: Dance Committee (1, 2); Hall Hoard (1, 4). . MARTHA LEE WARREN; Burlington; A.B. Grammar Gradi Education; Dikean: Inter Society Representative 1 . Chapel Program Chairman (4); Marsha] en: Education Club in: Le Francais (4); v. W. C. A. 1 ; Dance Committee (8, 1). Ann] Tomlmion M.iry Edna Urn, lead Rulh Elizabeth Thayer Helen Louise Trentham Helen Elizabeth Vinson md Forty-Three Sa ah Holt T lerrell Jane duller Thompson Ruth Thompson Virginia Todd Evelyn Mae Tol In! Meredith Tunnell Dorothy May Turlington Nan Patterson Turner Mary Wescott Tu tic Mary Thome Ty Eli abeth Mar e Wade Frances Louise Wain Suzanne Waldrop Ann Walker Martha Lee War Seventy-one Senior Class of fl ' neteen Hundrec SARA ELIZABETH WARWICK; Easton, Pa.: .-LB. Son, ilmji,; Aletheian; Manager of Junior Simp ■n: Class Vice-President (4); Pine Needles (3); Corolinian in; Choii (1, 8); Honor Roll (l, 2. 3): I.e Ceri-le Francais (2); Sociology Club (3. 4); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges il ; Y. W. C. A. n, 2, 31; College Service League Chairman n. ... l.VDIA ANNE WATKINS; Blanche: B.S. Home Economics; Cornelian; Hall Board (4); ( ' ■.nnhh in: Education (luh in; Home Economics Club (2. 3. 4). Social Chairman (2), Secretary (8), Vice-President (4); Honor Roll n. 2, 3); Junior Adviser 1 .3 1 : V. W. C. A. II. 3); Dean ' s List III IANIE LEE WATSON; Cary; .4 .B. Primary Education; Dikean; Botany Club (2, 3); Education Club id. . . . ANN LOWREY WEBSTER; Savannah, Ga.; U.S. Music; Aletheian; A Cappella Choir (1. 2. 3. t) ; Choir ii. 2, 3i; (ilee Club (1. 2, 3. 4). President in; Music Education club 12, n. . . . MARTHA LORENE WERTZ; Landis; A.B. Primary Education; Dikean; Choir u. 2); Church Council it. 2. 3. I), Vice-President (8 . Social Chairman (4); Education Club (4); Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3); Basketball (1). . . . MARY ELLEN WEST; Dover; B.s. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian; Band (3); Louisburg College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (4); Gamma Alpha in. . . . MARY GRIFFITH WEST; Williahsport, Pa.; A3. Biology; Adelphian; Dickenson Junior College (1); Medical Technologists (3, n. President in: Y. W. C. A. (2); Chemistry (Tub (3, I I ; Dean ' s List in. POLLY ANNA WHISNANT; Hickory; B.S. Hon,, Economics; Adelphian; Lenoir Rhyne College 11): Education Club (41: Home Economics Club (2, 3, n: Y. W. ( ' . A. (3. II. . . . CAROLYN MILLER WHITE; Roxboro; B.S. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian. Corresponding Secretary (3), President (4); lias. Secretary (8); Gamma Alpha 13. n. Lsocial Chairman (3); Daisy Chain (2); Junior Adviser (3); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2. 3. n. Vice-President (8), Y Cabinet (3. n; Hall Board in: Proctor i:ii. . . . RUTH MATHEWS WHITE; Greensboro; B.s. Physical Education; Cornelian; Hall Board (3); Legislature in: (lass Treasurer i : i : 1 ' ini Needles (3); Recreation Association Honor Club Mi: Archery Club (1, 2. 3, ll; Camp Counselors ' Club It. 2. 3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club in: Junior Adviser (8); Seal Club (2, 3. t) ; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges in: Y. W. C. A. in: Service League Committee (Ii: Recreation Association 13. Ii. President in: Archery 111: Baseball il. 2. 3. I); Hockey it. 2. 31; Life Sa ing (1. 3). Coach (8 ; Speedball (1, 2); Swimming (1. 2); Volley Ball in; Sports Day Head (8). . . . NANCY LOUISE WHITEHURST; Conetoe; BjS. Secretarial Administration; Adelphian: Gamma Alpha (8. Ii ; Dean ' s List in: Young Democrats cl. 21: Y. W. C. A. il. 2); Tennis (21. . . . MARTHA LEE WHITWORTH; Waco; B.S. Borne Ec mics; Dikean; Pine Needles (I); Mars Hill Junior College u. 2); Art Club (3); Botany Club (8); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3. I); Honor Roll (8); Square Dance (3. II: Y. W. C. A. (3. 41: 4-H Club (3. 4). . . . BROCKETT WILKIN ' S: Wilson; B.s. Secretarial Administration; Dikean; Chairman Program Committee (3); Marshal in: Hall Board (2 3); Gamma Alpha (3. n. Corresj ling Secretary in: Honor Roll (2, 3); Junior dviser (3); Young Democrats (2); Y. W. C. A. u. 2, 3, n. President Freshman Y Club in. i ' reasurer (3); Proctor in: University Sermon Chairman (4). . . . EDNA MAE WILKIN ' S: Edenton; BJS. Home Economics; Adelphian; Band U); Education Club in: Home Economics Club (2, 3. n: W. C. A. (2, 3). MARTHA E. WILLIAMS: Cullen, Va.; AM. English; Adelphian; Carolinian (1) ; Masqueraders (8, i : Playlikers (2, 8, n; Y. W. C A. (1) ; Tennis it. 2). . . . WINIFRED WILLIAMS; Hamlet: BJS. Home Economics; Cornelian; Montreal Junior College in 2); Church Council in; Education Club in: Home Economics (luh (8, i ; Y. W. C. A. (8, n. . . . MARIE1.1.A WILLIAMSON; Asia- vim: A.B. Chemistry; Cornelian: Honor Roll H. 3); International Relations (2); Medical Tech- nologists (3, n: Playlikers (1) ; Seal Club m: Y. W. C. A. (1); Proctor (1); Chemistry Club (3. n: Gymnastics ii. 2); lit,- a in:.- (2); Swimming (2). . . . CAROLYN B. WILSON; Greensboro; .(.ft. English; Adelphian; (hoir (1, 2. :i. n; Der Deutscher Verein (2); (dec (lub (2); Playlikers (8, n: Masqueraders (8, n: Town Students Organization (8, I).... ELISE ROUSE WILSON: Fayetteville; A.B. English; Dikean; Judicial Board (3); Hall Board (2); Pini N is, Literarj Editor 121. Vssociate Editor (8), Editor-in-Chief in. Dean ' s List in; outstanding Senior; Honor Roll (3): Junior Adviser 131; I.e Cercle Francais (2); Who ' s Who A„o,,„i Students in American Universities and Colleges (4); Y. w. C. A. Cabinet 121; Hall Social Chairman (1); Dance Committee 12. 8); May Court n. . . . NANCY B. WINCHELL; Severna Park, Mb.; .1. ;. Latin; Dikean; Carolinian 1. 2, .11; Sigma Delta Pi [3, 1 : Classical Club (3, 1 ; Presbyterian Finance Board (8); Education Honor Roll in :i : Dean ' s List (4); Square Dance in: Y. W. C. A. 11. 2. 3. I). Cabinet 3. Ii: Social Planning Committee (4); (amp Counselors ' Club (3 ; life Saving 111; Tennis III; Marching 11 NNA LAURA WINSLOW; Tarroro: A.B. English; Aletheian; Marj Baldwin 1 ollege (1, 2); Quill Club n. Sara Elizabeth Warwick Polly Anna Whisnant Martha E. Williams I -.,!,., A,,,,,. Watkios 1 irolyn Miller White Winifred Williams nd Forty-Three Jante Lee Watson Ruth Mathews Whit Mariella Williamson Ann Lowrey Webstei Nancy Louise Whitehu Carolyn B. Wilson Martha Lorene Wertz Martha Lee Whitworth Elise Rouse Wilson Mary Ellen West Brocket! Wilkins Nancy B. Winchel Mar] Griffith Wes Edna Mae Wilkins Anna Laura Winslo Seventy-three Senior Cla SARAH JANE WOMACK; Leasburg; , ' . . Secretarial Adminis- tration; Cornelian; Gamma Alpha (8, n: Education Club (3. 4); V. W. C. A. (1. 3). . . . MILDRED FAYE WOMBLE; Ashley Heights; B.S. Home Economics; Dikean; Band (2); Education Club II ' ; Home Economics Club (3, n; Junior Adviser (3) .... PATRICIA BRISTOW WOOLLEY: New York, . Y.: A.B. Hist,. r i: Cornelian; Carolinian a ' . 3); Playlikers (l. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (1. 21; May Day hi: Swimming (1, 21. JEANNE WOOLLEY WYGANT; Washington, D. C; a.!:. Sod ology; Cornelian: Recreation Association Honor Group, Vice- President in: International Relations (2); Sociology Club (2. :(. ii; Recreation Association Cabinet (41; Gymnastics ill: Hockey (1. 2. 3. 4i; Life Savin- i :i I : Speedbal] (1) ; Basketball (l. 2, :s. n : Recreational Sports (41; Camp Counselors ' Club (41. . . . JEAN COLHOUN YATES: Greensboro; B.S. Borne Economics; Dikean; Carolinian (1, 2. ::. n. Advertising Manager (3), Busi- ness Manager in: Handbook (3, I). Business Manager (3), Editor Hi; Town Students Bulletin. Editor I :i I ; Education Club in: Home Economics Club (I. 2. 8, 11 ; Town Students Organi- sation il. 2. 3, Ii; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 8), Cabinet (3); Coif (11 .... MARTHA ELIZABETH YEATTES: Pelham; A.B. Gram- mar Grade Education; Aletbeian: Brevard Junior College (1, 2); Education Club ft.: II • Roll i:n. DELICE MARY YOUNG; Charlotte; h.s. Secretarial Ailnum - tration; Dikean: Marshal (4); Legislature (8); House President (8); (lass Secretary (1); Gamma Alpha (3, II; Hall Hoard ' I. 1); Proctor (1, 2i; Honor Roll 1:1. ii; Seal Club (1. 21; Who ' s II ' . Am., mi Students " American Universities " ml Col- leges Hi: Life Saving A. I) ; Swimming (II. . . . MARY FRANCES YOUNG; Durham; BJ3. Physical Education, Ueth eian; Carolinian (3); Archer; Club (8, n: Education Club (4); Honor Roll 11. 2. 3.; Seal Club Hi: Y. V. C A. (1) ; Camp Counselors ' Club (4); Camp Committee (8); Archery 12. 8); Baseball 11. 21; Gymnastics (1, 21; Hockey 11. 2. 8, 11; Life Saving (1, S, 1 ; Tennis (1, 2. 8, H: Speedbal] 11. 2. 8); Swim- ming 11. 21; Student Head of Hockey !li. . . . LILLIAN BIRD ZACHARY; Brevard; A.H. Primary Education; Adelphian; Brevard College 11. 2); Education Club (I); Honor Roll 1:11; Square Dance (3, 4). ineteen Hundred Jeanne Woolley Wygant Delice Mary Young Mildred Faye Womblc Jean Colhoun Yates Mary Frances Young :lizabeth Ycattes Bird Zachary and Forty-Three Our Eight Outstanding Seniors o _S n any group OF people living together, leaders emerge — leaders to give direction to the work of the group and to mould its spirit by the force of their personalities. Certainly this has proved true in the student body of Woman ' s College. After four years of living together, the Senior Class is definitely aware of the leaders in its midst who are also the pace-setters for the whole student body. They are the girls who have oiled and operated the machinery of campus organizations this year and who have greatly in- fluenced the tone of campus life. Elevated to responsible positions, they have fulfilled the trust that was given them and have worked tirelessly for the welfare of their college and their classmates. Chosen by the vote of the Senior Class with the hearty approval of all W. C. students, these are the girls who have seen us through. Seventy-fire J eqqu c Llncoln 0- ate6 -Jrvion, r forth Varolii Seventy-s l kutU6 L fOol?: K -oncofd, r forth L arolif Seventy-seven -«L- uua r epper ippt lA ainut L ove, forth L aroUf Seventy-eight l vlani sio l endU y ewtan y4nna, Jslli moid adus S e f e$5om -jrauetteuille, r forth L aroiit Eighty f ane DL OWIDSOVI ID J renaeMovi, If forth L arout Eighty-one 2)ara { [ anuich C aiton, l ennsuivt E ghly-lwo C lise r ow4e J Jlis don -jrauetteuille, r odk K arolit Eighty-three Commencement Program FRIDAY, JUNE 4 9:00 P.M. — Commencement Ball (Senior Class) SATURDAY, JUNE 5 Alumnae Day 4:30 P. M. — Senior Class Day 8:30 P.M. — Guest Performance by Playlikers ? P ' SUNDAY, JUNE 6 11:00 A.M. — Baccalaureate Sermon Dr. Peter Marshall New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Washington, D. C. 5:00 P.M. — Informal Gathering for Seniors, Parents, Alumnae, and Friends 8:00 P.M. — Joint Concert by the Greensboro Orchestra and the College Choir 10:30 P. M.- MONDAY, JUNE 7 -Graduating Exercises The Governor of the State of North Carolina The Representative of the Senior Class The President of the University of North Carolina The Dean of Administration The 1943 Pine needles Eighty-jour Uhe Woman 3 L olleae Section of the Mlpha L hapte of r forth, Carolina Miss Magnhilde Gullander President Miss Jane Summerell Vice-President Miss Nancy Lewis Recording Secretary Dr. K " £] parkley Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1943 I -C l I r -Peggy Lincoln Bates Louise Poore Xi M fV ' Bramble Mary Jo Rendleman Shipley Elliott Priscilla Roetzel JunV Feiker Martha Sawyer Moan Flanagan Constance Sweeney JpiANCES Glaze Lydia Taylor Carrie Ola Hughes Sara Warwick Audrey May Nancy Winchell MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1944 Janice Hooke Dorothy Levis Katheryne Levis Suzanne Walker Eighty-five " Three Down and One to Go " C vnior YEAR — that gap of humility between sophomore sophistry and senior su- periority. We no longer fancy that we know it all, but spend our days in a fevered pursuit of learning and apt quotations — a pursuit enlivened by frequent repasts at the renowned Junior Shop. What memories of emptying ash-trays and collecting coke bottles the mention of Junior Shop recalls ! What praises do we sing to untiring managers Katheryne Levis and Ida Harper. Characteristic of the enterprising Class of ' 44 is the addition of a handsome inlaid linoleum for us to trample on in the Shop. The Junior Adviser gang remembers the swell time it had giving lecture-tours and motherly advice to freshmen who pretended to believe every word of it. The strange combination fashion show-and-carnival we gave for the freshmen was an amazing success with only one clown and one light bulb passing out in the " excitement. Who can forget that racing steed " Flustered Mustard " and his young rider " Bessie Custard " ! We settled into the regular pattern of school days, only occasionally sleeping through breakfast. We crammed for tests and exams, frowned over term papers, and played an important part in extra-curricular organizations. Week-ends brought dates to the super-magnetic and time to play bridge and sweep under beds to the intellectual type. Boys from nearby colleges as well as paratroopers showed up for the Junior Dance on November 21 ; and a smooth dance it was, under the capable direction of Linda Lyon. " Serenade in Blue " was carried out in ever} ' detail except the mood of the dancers. In addition to regular work, the class carried on many projects. Bulbs and shrubs were collected for the beautification of the lake region, with Dot Levis in charge; skits, posters, and a chapel program car- ried on the Good Grooming Campaign started last year and headed by Blanche Thies; two orders for class rings were- handled by Kay O ' Brien; a well attended University Sermon was sponsored by the class, with Lucy Corbett as chairman and Chaplain Bayne from Columbia University as speaker. The big social event of the spring was Junior-Senior, given in honor of the departing. Many were the dresses and brothers borrowed in its behalf ! Another semester zips by. More exams. (Regular little pests, aren ' t they?) And we bid our senior pals farewell, hoping we can fill their moccasins. Eighty-six f , I Betty Dorton Cheer Leader Margaret Woosley Secretary Nancy Kirby President Toni Lupton Vice-President Mary Ada Cox Treasurer Eighty-seven Junior Class of flinetee Abernethy, Fannie B Andrews Adams, Evelyn .... Maplewood, N. J. Allen, Isabel Warrenton Allred. Sara Lou Mount Airy Andrew, Doris Henderson Andrews, Nancy Bahama Andrews, Ruth Raleigh Angelo. Bonnie Winston-Salem Atkins, Elaine Hendersonville Austell, Mary Louise Earl Axley, Marion Murphy Bailey, Frances Raleigh Bailey, Lydia Lea Greensboro Bain, Jean Winston-Salem Baker, Ann Rowland Baker, Betty Greensboro Ballard, Amelie Biscoe Barden, Nancy Goldsboro Barwick, Mary Elizabeth . Greensboro Bason, Frances Chapel Hill Battle, Ann Scotland Neck Battle, Cornelia Rocky Mount Basemore, Julia Woodland Baxley, Mary Douglas .... Wagram . .ml leedles Eighty-eight hundred and Forty-Three Beall, Elizabeth Greensboro Beard, Hannah Hillsboro Beasley, Rebecca .... Baltimore, Md. Beasley, Ora Grace Four Oaks Bennette, Elizabeth .... Greensboro Betts, Ann Harris Lumberton Bissell, Katharine . . Staten Island, N. Y. Bland, Hazel R Kelford Blanton, Rebecca Charlotte Blue, Nancy Carthage Boger, Frieda Winston-Salem Bolton, Janis Lumberton Boone, Doris Greensboro Bostian, Violet Winston-Salem Bowie, Mollie Monroe Bradley, Constance . Fairfield, Conn. Bradley, Doris Kipling Bradley, Frances . ' . . . . Greensboro Brady, Helen Franklinville Brawley, Sara Mooresville Bridges, Hettie Lou .... Morganton Bristol, Mary Anne Statesville Brock, Margaret Jo ... . Farmington Brockmann, Becky High Point Eighty-nine Junior Class of flineteer Brown, Edna Granite Quarry Brown, Jean Snow Hill Brown, Lois Rocky Mount Bryant, Frances E Asheville Buckley, Anne Baltimore, Md. Bultman, Dorothea .... Sumter, S. C. Burgess, Jacqueline . . Winston-Salem Burwell, Dot Charlotte Butler, Anne Marsh .... St. Pauls Butler, Ellen Savannah, Ga. Butler, Grace Roseboro Butler, Jewel Roseboro Butner, Virginia .... High Point Cabell, Caroline Charlotte Caldwell, Elizabeth .... Mount Ulla Caldwell, Florence .... Greensboro Caldwell, Marilyn .... Wyncote, Pa. Calvert, Mary Black Mountain Cantrell, Jean Greensboro Carpenter, Martha . . Gastonia Caraway, Corneille .... Wadesboro Carroll, Suzanne Charlotte Carswell, Mary Sanford Carter, Anne H Walnut Cove Ninety lundred and Forty-Three Carter, Annie Mae . . Winston-Salem Carter, Jacqueline Washington, D. C. DE Castrique, Cecile . Pittsburgh, Pa. Cathey, Frances Charlotte Champion, Constance . . . Mooresboro C handler, Dorothy . . . . W. Asheville Chandler, Mabel .... Virgilina, Va. Chitty, Frances Murfreesboro Cheathem, Elvira Henderson Clarke, Barbara Auburn, N. Y. Clark, Joy Concord Clements, Jean Asheville Clay, Elizabeth .... Winston-Salem Cobb, Doris Freehold, N. J. Cobb, Ellzabeth .... Winston-Salem Cochrane, Mary Agnes . . . Lincolnton Coker, Carolyn Greensboro Cole, Anna Laura . . . Salisbury Cole, Edith Canton Cole, Virginia Denton Collins, Gwendolyn .... Wilmington Collins, Josephine Greensboro Cooper, Frances Forest City Corbett, Lucy Wilmington . liinety-one Junior Class of flineteer Cox, Helen Goldsboro Cox, Eugenia Mount Olive Cox, Mary Ada Mount Olive Culpepper, Sara Arlington, Va. Crumpler, Mary J Clinton Current, Julia Olin Curtis, Sarah Lenoir Daniels, Mary Charlotte Dark, Emma Dell Pittsboro Davenport, Loraine .... Thomasville Davis, Barbara Norfolk, Va. Davis, Katherine Pikesville Davis, Dorothy V Salisbury Davis, Nancy Norfolk, Va. Dickey, Jean Dunn Dilts, Elizabeth Durham Doggett, Mary E Greensboro Dorrell, Jane .... Lambertville, N. J. Dorton, Betty Shelby Dunlap, Armantine .... Wadesboro Dysart, Mary Lee Lenoir Earlie, Pamelia Greensboro Edwards, Virginia .... Winston-Salem Efland, Stella Efland Ninety-two undred and Forty-Three Elliott, Paxton Monroe Ellis, Molly Bugg Henderson Emerson, Mary Helen . Cambridge, Mass. Fake, Anna Louise .... Fayetteville Fales, Valyne Wilmington Farrell, Callie Pittsboro Farthing, Josephine .... Sugar Grove Faulk, Christine Fairmont Faulkner, Frances Kinston Fant, Margaret Charlotte Ferguson, Ruth Bryson City Few, Louise Hendersonville Fife, Anita Greensboro Flandreau, Judith . . Allendale, N. J. Flowers, Dorothy Council Fluck, Anna Tarboro Folger, Cherry . . . White Plains, N. Y. Forster, Grace ....... Raleigh Fountain, Frances Richlands Fowler, Janie Greensboro Fowler, Lois Hamlet Freeman, Mary Blanche . . Norwood Fritz, Kitty Asheboro Fulton, Sara Walnut Cove Ninety-three Junior Class of flineteer Gainey, Helen Fayetteville Gibson, Emma Lee Laurinburg Graham, Mary Agnes .... Peachland Grandy, Mary Laurinburg Graves, Zadie Greensboro Gray, Katherine Wilmington Greene, Ruth Elizabeth .... Clyde Gregory, Jean Halifax Griffin, Janet Statesville Grimsley, Cynthia . Winston-Salem Guilbert, Anne .... Dedham, Mass. Gupton, Jessie Pittsboro Guthrie, Cora Vanceboro Hall, Henrietta Mount Ulla Hall, Sue Greensboro Hand, Barbara Chadbourn Hanks, Juliana Greensboro Hansen, Evelyn Humacao, Puerto Rico Hardee, Margaret Durham Harper, Ida Rocky Mount Harrell, Margie Rhea .... Colerain Harris, Henrie Winston-Salem Harrison, Mamie Greenville Hatch, Jean Fayetteville I Ninety-jour undred and Forty-Three Hauser, Betty Jo High Point Howser, Betty Lou Charlotte Haynes, Grace Salisbury Herring, Rachel Fayetteville Herring, Rebecca Fayetteville Hicks, Mattille Franklinton Higdon, Eva Webster Highsmith, Ann Greensboro Hilderman, Helen .... Southern Pines Hill, Ruth Evelyn Smithfield Hines, Miriam Wilmington Hoffler, Mary Bland .... Wallace Holmes, Annie Lanier .... Sanford Holmes, Mary Louise .... Lumberton Holmes, Rosalie Snow Hill Holt, Margaret Fay .... Greensboro Hooke, Janice Greensboro Hopper, Sarah Leaksville Hornaday, Betty Greensboro Hubbard, Janet . Newport News, Va. Huffman, Mildred Morganton Hughes, Anne G New Bern Jackson, Nancy Lee Salisbury James, Mary Elizabeth . . . Rocky Mount Ninety-five Junior Class of flineteer Jardine, Elizabeth Johnson, Betty Louise Johnson, Chase . Johnson, Katherine Waxhaw Greensboro . Goldsboro Scotland Neck Johnson, Lola Maie .... Wilmington Johnson, Margaret . . Winston-Salem Johnson, S. Elizabeth .... Mayodan Johnston, Edna Asheville Jones, Charlotte Plymouth Jordan, Elizabeth .... Carolina Beach Kearney, De Lon .... Rocky Mount Keel, Frances Rocky Mount Keeter, Jeane Charlotte Kellam, Mary Frances .... Durham Kelley, Geraldine Tabor City Keyes, June Greensboro Kilgore, Betty Lou . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Kincaid, Mary Miami, Fla. King, Betsy Winston-Salem King, M. Elizabeth .... Rocky Mount King, H. Mary Wilmington Kirby, Emmalee Greensboro Kirby, Nancy Charlotte Kirkman, Mary Moling Pleasant Garden Ninety-six iundred and Forty-Three Kirschner, Mary York, Pa. Knott, Carolyn Oxford Knox, Sarah Ruth .... Bear Poplar Kugler, Lucille Salem, N. J. Lambeth, Carmele High Point Lazarus, Louise Hendersonville Leach, Mary Lois Troy Leary, Edna Earle Ahoskie Ledbetter, Nancy Charlotte Lehman, Carolyn Raleigh Lentz, Christine High Point Levis, Dorothy Baltimore, Md. Levis, Katheryne .... Baltimore, Md. Lewis, Daphne Greensboro Lewis, Marie Fayetteville Lohr, Paige Lexington Lore, Carolyn Smithfield Lumpkin, Margaret .... Franklinton Lupton, Antoinette .... Goldsboro Lutterloh, Myrle Pittsboro Lyon, Linda Creedmoor McBride, Anne Marshville McBride, Caroline Statesville MacDonald, Lynn Kannapolis Ninety-seven This Is College • • • Ninety-eight WHO ' S WHO simona J tudent5 in . Mi wiencan Ulniver6itie6 and L o eaed 1944 Standing: Janice Hooke, Rebecca Beasley, Billie Upchurch, Doris McRoberts. Seated: Katheryne Levis, Mary King, Alison Rice, Nancy Kirby, Antoinette Lupton. Elizabeth Clay. Ninety-nine Junior Class of flineteer McDowell, Anne Salisbury McFarland, Constance Fort Bragg McFarland. Mary Hickory McGowan, Kathryn Hamlet McIntosh, Harleston Brevard McMurray, Belilah .... Rutherfordton McNealy, Julia Mooresville McNeill, Leslie Lumberton McRoberts, Claire . Jersey City, N. J. McRoberts, Doris Jersey City, N. J. McSwain, Euzelia Kings Mountain Madsen. Dorothy Lexington Madison, Wilma Cleveland Maik, Phyllis Carlisle, Pa. March, Hal Pulaski, Va. March, May Pulaski, Va. Marks, Marjorie Tillery Marsh, Julie High Point Matthews, Susannah Thomasville May, Gaynor Raleigh Mayberry, Virginia .... Mount Airy Meadows, May Greenville Medlock, Dorothy Charlotte Meekins, Maxine Manteo One Hundred Hundred and Forty-Three Menzies, Alberta Reidsville Mills, Doris Westport, Conn. Mills, Elizabeth Wilmington Moomau, Jean .... Westport, Conn. Moore, Frances Weldon Moore, Maxine Thomasville Mooring, Evelyn La Grange Morris, Mary Evelyn .... Wadesboro Morrison, Betty Spencer Morrison, Caroline . . Danbury, Conn. Morrison, Isabelle Cherryville Moss, Margaret Hickory Mullis, Lounell Harmony Murph, Doris Salisbury Murphy, Ann Southern Pines Murphy, Virginia Lowell Niblock, Mary Concord Nickerson, Elizabeth . Glen Rock, N. J. Nifong, Billie Spencer Northcott, Mary Elizabeth . . . Raleigh O ' Brien, Kathryn Maplewood Odom, Margaret V Clinton Oehler, Rebecca Sanford Ormand, Lida Bessemer City O r ■ One Hundred One Junior Class of nineteen Osteen, Emma Nichols Greensboro Overcash, Carol Kannapolis Parcell, Nancy .... Barium Springs Paschal, Martha Goldston Pattee, Mary Valle Crucis Patton, Patricia . . Edgewood Arsenal, Md. Payne, Lucy Belle High Point Peacock, Ruth Plant City. Fla. Peeler, Alice Salisbury Perryman. Maurine .... Thomasville Phillips, Mary Louise .... Spruce Pine Pittard, Jane Nelson, Va. Plonk, Julia Pollock Kings Mountain Poole, Blanche ... Greenville, S. C. Poore, Josephine Mount Airy Porter, Emily Moline, Kan. Pou, Mary Davis Elmwood Powers, Laura Raleigh Privott, Ruth Edenton Proctor, Lucille Salisbury Piland, Mary Elizabeth .... Seaboard Queensbury, Anne .... Winston-Salem Rainey, Ann Winston-Salem Ramseur, Frieda Bessemer City im Hundred Two Hundred and Forty-Three Randle, Ruth Kings Mountain Ratley, Doris Fairmont Reaves, Catherine Edenton Reid, Rosalyn Charlotte Rentz, Kathryn Lexington Rhyne, Mary Nena .... White Oak Rice, Alison . . . Upper Montclair, N. J. Rickert, Jean Statesville Rickman, Edith Leatherman Robertson, Betty Laurinburg Robinson, Vivian Summerneld Roesch, Vera .... Centerport, N. Y. Roy, Barbara Montclair, N. J. Rollins, Alweda Grover Rudisill, Sarah Marshall Rudisill, Sylvia Lincolnton Sabiston, Doris Jacksonville Sadler, Nancy Charlotte Setzer, Fleeta Lee .... East Spencer Severance, Elizabeth Gastonia Scarborough, Carolyn .... Concord Schlossberg, Natalie . . . New Rochelle Schohn, Ruth .... Greenwich, Conn. Scott, Dorothy Greensboro ¥ £ i iM V One Hundred Three Junior Class of flinetee Scott, Hilda Kinston Shackelford, Mary Alice .... Kinston Shaw, Anne Leaksville Sheeran, Phyllis Garden City, L. I., N. Y. Sherrill, Mary Eleanor . Charlotte Shuford, Sara Cliffside Siceloff, Irma High Point Sigmon, Loraine Asheville Simmons, Jane Pilot Mountain Simpson, Bennie Monroe Simpson, Margaret Greensboro Slade, Mary W Hamilton Sloan, Dorothy Franklin Smith, Barbara Ann Charlotte Smith, Helen Troy Smith, Katherine V Charlotte Smith, M. Madison .... Mount Airy Snider, Betty Brandt .... Salisbury Sorrell, Mary Anne .... Chapel Hill Sayles, Marie Asheville Starling, Josephine .... Cascade, Va. Steinacher, Arline Bloomfield, N. J. Stephenson, Jean Greensboro Stevens, Clara Varina One Hundred Pour hundred and Forty-Three Stilwell, Mazell Thomasville Stirewalt, Mable Kannapolis Stout, Carolyn Greensboro Stowe, Myra Belmont Stroupe, Dora Margaret .... Hamlet Studebaker, Zana Carrboro SuiTT, Verna Hillsboro Sullivan, Helen .... Winston-Salem Talley, Mary Louise .... Randleman Taylor, Catherine V Greensboro Taylor, Ellen Hamilton Taylor. Hazel .... Harrington, Del. Taylor, Jessie New Bern Taylor, Katherine R Kannapolis Taylor, Lucy Snow Hill Taylor, Nancy Salisbury Teeter, Martha Mooresville Thayer, Juanita High Point Thies, Blanche Charlotte Thomas, Marion Raleigh Thorp, Mildred Rocky Mount Tomlinson, Gertrude .... High Point Tulloch, Jane Mayodan Turner, Ruth Waynesville One Hundred Five Junior Class of flinetee Tyreh, Scott Rocky Mount L ' dfn, Edith Leaksville Upchurch, Billie Oxford Upshaw, Mary Raleigh Vail, Edith Pikesville Vann, Mary Alice Monroe Wade, Elizabeth .... Pittsfield, Mass. Wagner, Annie Mae Brown Summit Walker, Elaine Fremont Walker, Louise Roxboro Walker, Mary E Brown Summit Walker, Suzanne Charlotte Wall, Geraldine Durham Ware, Louise Asheville Warren, Christine Battleboro Watson, Rosalie Henderson Wells, Helen Murphy Weisner, Eloise Statesville Wells, Sarah Josephine .... Canton Weinkle, Annabell .... Fayetttville Whisnant, Polly Hickory White, Bessie Mae Pine Level Whitley, Josephine Albemarle Williamson, Elizabeth Wadesboro needles One Hundred Six lundred and Forty-Three Williamso n, Christine . . Lumberton Williams, Hazel West End Williams, Lois .... . Raleigh Winstead, Jeanette Elm City Womble, Mary Louise Rocky Mount Woosley, Margaret .... Granite Falls Worsley, Nancy Oak City Wolff, Julia Haynesville, La. Wright, Mariorie .... Bethlehem, Pa. York. Huldah . Greensboro -4d One Hundred Seven 4 » Let me Tell You .-. y he class OF ' 45 advanced to the no-closed-study, class-jacketed age this year. With the new dignity which comes with being upperclassmen, they made a success of their project, they produced an excellent Christmas pageant, they had a super formal, and — in general — they lived up to their motto of " Strive to excel. " To be more specific, the sophomore project was a very timely one — that of selling defense stamps at all social functions on campus. Under the leadership of Anna Gillespie and members of the Sophomore Council, business has boomed and defense stamp books have been filled. The Christmas pageant was one of the highlights of this Sophomore Class career. Barbara Sutlive directed, and members of the class contributed their talents and time toward making this year ' s pageant memorable. The Sophomore formal on February 13th had, appropriately, a Valentine theme. Against a romantic background of hearts and cupids, the sophomores and their dates (yes, really!) danced their newly-ra- tioned shoes thin. The class jacket this year broke tradition. With Margie Robbins as jacket chairman, a navy blue wool jacket was chosen instead of the usual white. And a very smart — like in Vogue — choice it was ! The class of ' 45 had found a new world as freshmen; but, as sophomores, they were able to explore it more thoroughly. There was the excitement of being free to wander from 7:30 to 10:30; the thrill of " unlimited social engagements and week-ends " ; the glory of staying up past eleven; and the realization that a senior is not really so awe-inspiring. One Hundred Eight Ann Long Preside ? Mary Wood Hewitt Secretary Anna Gillespie Treasurer Barbara Conley Cheer Leader Roberta Barnett Vice-President l One Hundred Nine Sophomo Class of nineteen Pamelia Ackerman, Frances Acree. Katherine Alexander, Margaret Aiexander. Mary Josephine Alexander, Lula Belle Allen. Bettv Gene Alley. Mary Lee Allfy. Evelyn Anderson. Helen Andrews, Mary Kath- erine Antrim. Bernice Anthony. Mary Apperson. Sarah Armstrong. Dorothy Arnett. Catherine Austell, Catherine Bacon, Janet Baker. Betty Jean Bales. Lucile Ballenger. Betty Scott Barber, Wilmoth Barber. Roberta Barnett. Ann Barnwell. Marjorie Bason, Carolyn Bass. Marjorie Bateman, Rachel Baxter. Dorothy Beatty, Rebecca Beckham. Marie Belk, Dorothy Bell, Anne Bennett, Mary Lou Bennett, Mar- garet Bilyeu. Carol Bissette. Bettie Blakely, Dare Blalock. Elizabeth Blalock. Jean Blalock. Sara Hi anion, Lala Blaylock, Wilhei.mina Boesser, Jacqueline Boggs. Marie Bondurant. Johanna Bostian, Fiiwii Bourne, Ruth Bowman, Mflva Pearl Boyette, Nell Bradford, Julia Bradshaw, Rosalie Branower. Bi ir, Breeden, Helen Bright, Dot Britt. Elizabeth Brockmann. Mar garet Ann Brown. Nano Brunt, Annie Lou Bryan. Helen Bryan. Emily Burbage. Mary Burke. Iris Burris. Evelyn Butler, Clara E. Byrd. Annie Macon Byrum, Mabel Cain. Asm Calvert, Ellen Calvert. Jya Campbell, Violet Caneega, Edna Carraway. Jane Carroll, Mary Eliz- abeth Carter, Marjorie Causby, Margaret Clark. Allen Claywit i , Louise Cole. Sateman Baxter Beatty Beckham Blalock Blanton Blaylock Boesser Breeden Bright Britt Brockmann Byrum Cain Calvert Calvert )ne Hundred Ten Hundred and Forty-Three One Hundred Eleven Sopho 5 f Cl ' ass of nineteen Helen Collison. Barbara Conley. Anna Mae Cook, Eileen Coonsy, Tommie Covington. Nancy Cowherd. Janet Cox. Nancy Cox. Emily Crandall. Ruth Crowdfr, Clarice Crutchfield, Mary Elizabeth Cum- mings. Nancy Ray Cl-rrie. Marian Curtis, Julia Marie Dail, Elizabeth Davis. Martha Lea Davis. Marie Dellinger. Emma Olive Dermid. Jean Dickson. Betsy Dillard. Virginia Douglas, Sarah Dunstan. Mildred Duomi, Georgianna Dyer. Erna Maude Dysart. Shirley Edgar, Ann Edgerton. Bftty Agnes Edwards. Ruth Eifort, Jane Eller. Kathryn Eskfy. Hazel Mae Estes, Irma Estes. Hallie Etheridge, Lynda Etheridge. Virgiia Eudy. Kathryn Evans. Racheal Evans. Elizabeth Fant, Beatrice Farmer, Ruth Farrior, Minerva Faulkner, Jane Ferris, Katherine Fishel, Johnsie Virginia Flanigan, Mary Jo Flippin, Louise Floyd, Gladys Foley, Margaret Fonville, Pat Fordham. Ruth Frazier. Muriel Freedman, Dorothy French. Virginia Fit k. Kathryn Furr. Hermine Gardner; Jane Gardner. Caroline Garner. Helen Gibson. Jane Gilbert, Anne Gillespie, Dorothy Gilmore, Anne Glass, Evelyn Glass. Elizabeth Goslen, Lelia Grady, Anna Graham. Edith Margaret Grant, Harriet Grant, Caroline Graves, Sara Graves, Allene Grier, Mary Frances Grier, Camilla Griffin, Dorothy Grigg, Harriet Guion, Evei y Gulledge. Dail Davis Divis Eifort Farmer Farrior 1 nulka, French Flllk Grady Graham Gram One Hundred Twelve Hundred and Forty-Three Eskey Fishel Gardner Crandall Etheridge Floyd Gilbert Etheridge Foley G.llesp.e Out Hundred Thirteen SophomoreZCIass of nineteen Jane Guy, Norma Haft, Doris Hall, Martha Hall, Mary Anna Hal lenbeck, Carolyn Hamrick, Julie Harper, Marjorie Anne Harrill Mary Harrington, Carolyn Harward, Elizabeth Hawley, Alice Haynes Virginia Haynes. Louise Heilner, Ann Henning. Mary Wood Hewitt, Sophia Heyn, Pa tricia Hiatt, Barbara Hicks, Mary Hicks, Julia Hill, Pauline Hill Martha Hipp, Margie Hobbs, Andora Hodgin, Frances Hodgin. Sara Hodgin, Lois Hohn, Rosemary Holland, Janet Holme s, Jean Holmes, Betty Holt, Margaret E. Holt, India Hood, Helen Hoover, Betty Horwitz. Grace Hoyle, Betty Hudson. Charlotte Hume. Lois Ann Hinkele, Ellen Hunt. Audrey Hunter. Jule Hurst, Lois Hutton. Elizabeth Irvin, Ilene Isreal, Luna Jarvis. Anne Jesnak. Jean E, Johnson. Betty R. Johnston, Doris Jones, Dorothea Jones Frances Lee Jones, Mary Ellsworth Jones, Elwell Joyce, Nancy Kat- zenberg. Ann Kfeter. Mozelle Keller, Janet Kendrick, Annie Kidd, Margaret Kellebrew. Olive Kimbrough, Marian Kirkman, Mary Hardin Kirkman, Elaine Kirschner. Irene Kossow, Aurelia Lackey, Marguerite Laing. Barbara Latham, Elizabeth Laws, Kathryn Lecka, Janice Lee, Betty Jane Leiter, Doris Lewin, Helen Lindsey, Sara Lockhart, Ann Long, Katherine Long. Guy Haft Hall Hall Heilner Hewitt Heyn Hodg.n Hohn Holland Holme Hunkele Hunt Hurst Katzenb Kossow Lackey Laing Lathan One Hundred Fourteen Hundred and Forty-Three Harper Hicks Holt Isreal Kendrid Hoover Killebrew Harward Hipp Johnson Kimbrougb Lindsey Hawley Hobbs Hoyle Johnston Kirkman Lotkhart One Hundred Fifteen Sophomore Class of flineteer Hilda Longest. Cornelia Lowe. Jean Lvda, Patricia Lynch, Laura Anne Lyon, Bonnie McCloy, Evelyn McKinney. Julia Anne McKnight. Mary Emaline McLean. Claudia McMillan. Thfima McMi irray, Martitia McNairy. Henriettf Manget. Dorothy Mann, Mary Mashburn, Alice Betty Mauney, Mary Grace Mai s, Sara May Martin, Virginia Martin, Kitty Maxwell, Fay Mid- YETTE, JOYE MlLLFR, VaLERA MlLLER. BETSY MoDLIN. ELEANOR MoLEN, Wilma Moody. Jean Ann More. Wilma Louse Morrison, Edith Moton, Evelyn Mot- ley, Margaret Mullen, Nancy Murphy, Jane Lea Murray, Diana Neff, Billie New. Rachel Newbern. Jeanne Newbold. Arlene Newell. Sara Lee Nichols. Ella Norman. Brevard Northup. Prince Nufer, Peggy O ' Connell, Mary Owen, Ann Page. Dianne Page, Laura Parker, Marie Parker, Ruth Parker. Hope Pate. Thelma Payseur, Elizabeth Pearce. Barbara Pettit, Helen L. Phillips, Margaret Plonk. Betty Poe, Martha Pohl, Cassie Ann Poole, Margaret Potts, Elaine Powell. Sophia Pow- ell. Vivian Powell. Mary Louise Price, Shirley Pridgen, Bella Prince. Fay Pushkin. Elizabeth Randall, Eleanor Rankin, Susanna Ray, Ruth Register, Alise Reid, Laurene Renfrow. Edythe Reynolds, Elizabeth Reynolds, Grace Richardson. Caroline Riden, Lugean Riley, Caryl Roane. Longest Lowe I vJa Lynch Mann Mashburn Mauney Maus Monison Moton Motley Norman Northup Nufei O ' Connell Pettit Phillips Plonk Poe One Hundred Sixteen Hundred and Forty-Three McKnight McLean McMillan McMutray McNaity Mangel Millet Miller Modlin Moody Murphy New Newbetn Newbold Newell Patker Patker Parket Pate Payseur Potts Powell Powell Powell Price Reid Renfrew Reynolds Reynolds Richardson Riden One Hundred Seventeen It ' s The Gypsy In Us . . . One Hundred I One Hundred Nineteen Sophoiworw Jaass of flineteer Margaret Robbins. Christine Rogers, Jean Rosenast, Patricia Rothrock, Lu Ellen Routh, Ruth Royal, Helen Rovcroft, Avis Russell, Mary Glenn Sanford, Mary Satterfield. Cecile Scher, Hope Schilletter, Evelyn Scholtes. Elva Schuford, Frances Scott, Sarah Scruggs, Mary Anna Sharpe, Inez Shermer, Betty Sherrill, Martha Lfe Sherrill, Sarah Sherrill, Hilda Shoaf. Betty Simmons, [Catherine Simpson, Louise Sinclair, Betty Lou Sloan. Jean Sloan. Nelle Cooke Sloan, Mary Jean Smith, Sarah Smith, Sara Smithson, Madge Snow, Myrtle Soles. Lillian Somers. Imogene Sor- kell. Pat Southerland, Virginia Spear, Joy Spratt. Peggy Stanton. Elma Stearns, Celeste Steagall, Cora Stegall, Nell Stephens, Phyllis Strickland, Doris Stryker, Lucy Stubbs, Mae Elizabeth Styron, Sadie Suggs. Barbara Sutlive, Mary Frances Sutton, Margarette Swindell, Ruby Jane Swisher. Ruth Talley. Eleanor Dare Taylor, Marguerite Taylor, Peggy Teague, Coline Thies, Ann Thomas, Emogene Thomas. Mildred Thomas. Mary Katherine Thompson. Ruth Thornton, Betty Hughes Tilley, Marie Tillotson, Kay Tolhurst. Mildred Turner, Clarice Tyson, Doris Underwood, Carol Van Sickle, Margaret Van Sleen, Celia Varner, Peggy Voss, Gladys Wager, Mar- guerite Waldennaier, Bernice Walker, Mildred Walker, Dorothy Walton, Esther Warren. Robbins Rosenast Rothrock Shuford Scott Sloan Smith Smith Stearns StMgall Stegall Stephens Talley Taylor Taylor Teague Turner Tyson Underwood One Hundred Twenty Hundred and Forty-Three One Hundred Twenty-one Sophomore Class of flineteer Arlene Webb. Joan Weil. Janet Welsted, Maid Wenkenbach, Ernes- tine West, Rebecca West, Jane Wharton, Margaret Wheeler. Cora White, Hilah White. Kathleen White. Arleen Whitener, Sarah Jane Whitmire, Eloise Whitson, Kathleen Wicker. Beatrice Wilcox. Jane Wilcox, Sarah Wilcox, Grace Wilkins. Louise Wilkins, Eleanor Williams, Janis Williams, Lucy Williams, Ruth Williard. Evelyn Willis, Catherine Wilson, Ella Gray Wilson, Eleanor Win- si r. i). Elizabeth Winston. Billie Ann Witherspoon. Eleanor Wolee, Mary Ruth Woodard. Cornelia Woodlief, Marjorie Wyatt. Gwen Wynn, Jeanne Yarrow, Margaret Yates, Nancy Yokeley. One Hundred Twenty-two hundred and Forty-Three One Hundred Tueniy-ibree " Could You Tell Me...? " " (1 ur college days run swiftly by " — and with what feeling we can sing that line! It ' s amazing that so much could have happened in one short year. It all began with Freshman Week: a week of seeing new faces in a bewildering maze of buildings; a week of rushing from test to test; a week of waiting — for pictures, for food, for books, for gym suits, for post office boxes, for nothing; a week of saying, " Do you . . .? " and " Oh, you ' re from Raleigh? " Junior advisers, counselors, house presidents, and Miss Burns all helped to get us acquainted with everything. And then came the feeling that we knew all there was to know. We knew where the Administration Building was, and we had finally learned how to open our post office box. We knew the Tavern and the Junior Shop, the Grill and Bert ' s. But that was only the beginning. We soon found out what the required courses were and what Registration Day meant. We signed up for Hygiene and European History, 101 this and 101 that. We found out about house meetings, closed study, and lights out. We learned that the laundry went out on Wednesday morning. We passed the " blue book " test. We survived society initiation — carrying books in pillow cases, making beds, singing laundry cards, writing " love letters, " and wearing green or blue or red or yellow to conform to society colors. Our education and progress went rapidly on: the honor policy and the candlelight service on the quadrangle; the Fiftieth Anniversary and mass meetings with Jody; chapel programs and special seats; the first class meeting and our favorite " big sister, " Tom; banner girl, Julia Taylor; " Strength through L ' nity " ; song of " Oh, forty-six, we hail you, the class of truth and fame " ; the Freshman Commission; six weeks tests and " unsats. " We were excited about Christmas and going home — and rather surprised to find ourselves not too adverse to coming back. We lived through exams and felt ourselves veterans, able to hold our own with any upperclassman. We elected class officers; we sponsored a University Sermon; we had our formal; we had a no-campus-cutting campaign. And more exams. Our year as freshmen was actually completed. Yes, we ' ve survived our first year, but taking a downstairs seat in chapel isn ' t going to make us for- get the experiences we had as freshmen ! One Hundred Twenty-jo • ' Sue McGee Jane Isenhour Doris Funderburk Vice-President Cheer Leader Treasurer Betsy Ivey Barbara Brasington Secretary President One Hundred Twenty-five Fres hman Class of 1 linete er Abernathy, Ann Bell, Alice Bryant. Frances P. it Coif, b ' atnwiue Dent, Man. Agnes Adams, Mary Evelyn Bell, Caroline Bullock, EdnaEarle Col. man. Meta Derby, Jean Alexander, Doris Bell, Hilda Bunting, Margaret Cmmamlcr. ir«- nia DeVoe. Victoria Alexander, Julia Bell, Mary Katherine Burnette, Fate i onyers, Mildred Dicks. Bettie Allen. Mary K. Bevers. Mary Burns, Marjorie Ijbok, Nora Lee Dillingham Norma Allen, Virginia Alston. Martha Bible. Jean Biggs, Mildred Burroughs. Frames RM Bui well, Helen ipooke, Jean " Cooke, Ruth J| Dixon. Ik-tty bobbing, Nancy Anderson. Betty Bingham, Geraldine Butler, Frances Ann Cooling. Ruth Doggett. Diana Anderson, Elizabeth Bishop, Eldene Buyck, Betty Cooper, Carolyn DorreU, Jane L. Anderson, Jane Blackwood. Peggy By] utn. Isa Louise Corbett, Catherine Dorsett, Sybil Andrews, Anne Blaine, Rosemary Cain, Eunice Corpening, Grace Drew, Beverly Andrews, Helen Bland, Frances Callahan, Willie ( touch, Jean Drysdale. Betty Anne Angel, Annie Lee Blaney, Dorothy Calloway, Nancy Cousins, Hazel Duls. Mary Louise Angle. Lois Blanton, Jean Carpenter. Isabelle Cox, Alda Duncan. B;ttie Jane Anthony, Bernice Board. Barbara Carroll, Alexa Cox. Jean Dunlap, Jean C. Archer, Mary Bond Barbara Carroll, Eleanor Cox, Melba Durham. Mary Susan Arnold, Ethel Bostian, Betty Jean Carter. Honore Crabtree, Mary Lou Eaker. Betty Arthur, Ann Royal! Bostic, Alice Caudill. Rose Cresswell, France Earle, Virginia Atkins, Louise Bower, Emily Caudle. Bobby Ann Crews. Eugenia East, Janet Atkinson, Lelia Bowie, Irene Causby, Ruth Crinkley, Anne Edgerton. Gertrude Austin. Jane Boyd, Eleanor Chapman, Elizabeth Crowder, Sara Edmonds. Nancy Avery. Arnette Bramble, Barbara Chapman, Gloria Crump, Rose Edwards, Annette Avery. Elizabeth Branson, Beverly Cheek, June Crumpler. Elizabeth Edwards, Kathiyn Babcock, Ellen Brasington, Barbara Cherry, Billie Current. Lavonne Edwards. Elizabeth Baldwin, Evelyn Ree Braswell, Doris Chitty, Ola Currie, Flora Ellis, Ann Banks, Margaret Carol Brett. Virginia Chrysler, Jeanne Daniel. Ruth Elmore. Lucy Dunn Banks, Norma Bright, Elizabeth Church, Mary Ruth Darden, Susan Evans. Elizabeth Barfield, Sarah Brinson, Martha Clark. Helen Davenport. Lizzie Fairbanks. Lucille Barnes. Anna Britt, Dorothy Clement, Betty Davis. Elinor Fairley, Jane Barrier. Betty Jean Britt. Martha Jane Cline, Constance Davis, Juliette Fallow, Lydia Lee Barrier. Grace Brooks, Polly Ann Cloyd, Ann Davis. Louise Farmer. Marion Barrs, La Verne Brothers, Jean Cobb, Emilie Davis, Mary Elizabeth Farmer. Marjorie Barn - . Jane Brown, Elaine Cochrane, Gene Day. Muriel Farrior, Ruth Beall, Kenna Brown, Evelyn Coggins, Betty Deaton. Elizabeth Faulk, Jessie Maye Beasley, Ann Brownlee. Frances Cohen, Bernice DeBoe, Sarah Ferrell, Doris Beckerdite, Betty Brumbaugh, Gladys ( lohen, Dorothy Deck, Jean Ficker, Mary Beeson. Nellie Bruton, Juanita Cohen. Harriet Denning. Helen Fidler. Bettie undred and Forty-Three Fisher, Eunice Gopin, Beverly Hatch. Mary Louise Jernigan, Jean Fisher, Nannie Ree Gorman. Man- Hatfield, Juanita Jinnette, Edwina Fleming, Rachel Graham. Charlotte Hayes, Eleanor Johnson. Arlene Flynn, Edna Graham. Helen Hayman, Dorothy Johnson, Corinne Fogleman, Lorraine Graham. Mary Emma Hazelman, Florabel Johnson. Louise Foister, Dorothy Graveley. Virginia Hemby. Hazel Johnston, Dorothy Folger. Elizabetli Gregory, Jessie Hicks, Frances Jones, Anna Reid Ford, Virginia Grier, Lucille Highsmith, Betsy Jones, Carolyn W. Foscue, Elizabeth Crier. Evelyn Hilliard, Elizabeth Jones, Carolyn T. Foster, Laura Belle Griffin, Margaret Hinely, Mary Jane Jones. Frances Earle Foushee, Mary Ann Griffin, Nelda Hinson, Jean Jones. Frances Fay Fowler, Julia Grunwell, Margaret Hinson, Joyce Jones, Margaret G. Frazier, Ruth Guin, Margaret Hodgin, Andora Jones, Marsden Freeman. Phyllis Gunn. Mary Hoffman. Florence Jordan. Frances Ray Friddle, Man- Elizabeth Gyles. Elsie Mae Hoffman, Margaret Jordan, Nancy Fried, Marilyn Hackney, Josephine Holland. Elizabetli Joyce, Ehvell Frostiek. Helen Hall. Charlotte Hollingsworth, Carolyn Joyner. Miriam Fryer. Virginia Haller. Frances Holmes. Sarah June. Dorothy Fulp. Edna Hambright, Roxanna Holmstine, Eleanor Kaplan. Sheila Funderburg. Elizabeth Hamby. Martha House. Esther Kelly. Frances B. Funderburk. Doris Hamilton. Virginia House. Sally Anne Kelly, Sue Gabriel, Elizabetli Hamlet. Elaine Hovis, Anne Kenyon. Sara Finer Gaddy, Lorena Hancock. Mary Alice Howell. Betty Kesler. Ruth Gaines, Betty Hand. Margery Huggins. Frances Kessell. Shirley Gaines. Madeline Haney, Evelyn Humphrey. Ruth Kilgore, Julia Gardner. Nancy Hanson, Mary Hunter, Mary Belle Kimmel. Jane Garner, Evelyn Hardin. Jean Hunter. Mary Frances King, Ellen Grace Garrett. Elizabeth Hardwick. Louise Hunter. Virginia King, Jean Gaston, Mary Hill Harper, Nannie Huss. Roberta King, Sarah George, Dimitra Harrington, Barbara Hyatt, Evelyn Kittrell, Frances Gibson, Christine Harrington, Jean Hyatt, Nanc y Klaber, Alice Gilbert, Irene Harris, Catherine E. Ingrain. Nancy Kluttz. Jane Gilbert, Jane Harris, Eva Isenhour. Jane Knight, Betty Sue Gilchrist, Hazel Harris, Lorraine Ivey, Elizabeth Knowles. Miriam Glenn, Lorraine Harris, Mary Ellen Jackson. Marilyn Koontz, Martha Glover, Ann Harris, Virginia Jacobs. Virginia Kost. Ruth Goodman, Caroline Hatch, Jeanne Jennings. Mary Annis Pine Needles 1943 Freshman Class o Lamb, Billy Joe Landrum, Emogene Laney, Martha Lanius, Martha Laughridge, Elizabeth Leagans, Dorothy Leader, Frances Ledden, Gertrude Lee. Anne Keith Lee. Dorothy Legare, Josephine Leonard, Kathryn Lewis, Donna Lewis. Mary Ellen Lewis, Sara Leyton. Estelle Liebig, Adele Lindsay, Mary Lindsay, Veigh Linville, Jane Little, Evelyn Little. Marinell Livie, Virginia Llewellyn. Ann Lloyd. Bettie Sue Lovatt, Constance Love. Mary Elizabeth Lowe. Bennie Lowe. Billie Lowery, Annie Laurie Lowry. Margery Lowry, Martha Loy, Katherine Loyd, Nancy Lumsden, Davey Jo Luther, Henrietta Lyles, Doris McCauley, Nancy McCollum. Frances McCormick. Carol McDonald, Ann McDowell, June McGee. Sugenia MeGill. Caryll Mclnnis, Margaret McKenzie, Eugenia McLean. Mary Miller McLeod, Elizabeth McMichael, Jean McMillan, Virginia McPhail, Mary McQuague. Correne Mace. Elizabeth Madsen, Virginia Mann, Frances Manson. Agnes Marks. Chariot Matlock, Anne May, Beryl Mays Edith Meares. Margaret Meigs, Gertrude Michael, Ruth Midyette, Fay Miller. Betty .Iran Miller, Carolyn Miller. Louise Miller. Marie Minton. Ruth Mitchell, Annice Mizelle. Dorothy Moody, Carolyn Moody, Orrell Moody, Roberta Moore, Betty Moore, Martha Ann Moore, Priscilla Morgan, Gladys Morgan, Hilda Morgans, Katherine Morris, Mary Morrison, Jean Morrow, Caroline Morton. Marie Moseley, Sally Moss, Sarah Murray. Janet Nading, Nancy Nelms, Dorothy Newland, Shirley Newlin, Mabel Newsome, Doris Newton, Ann Nicholson. Alice Mae Norfleet. Margaret Nufer, Prince Nussdorfer, Mary O ' Brien. Barbara Oliver, Laviece Ormand, Luciele Orr. Sally Osborne. Betty Ottinger, Margaret Owen, Bettie Jane Owen, Judith Owen. Laura Paaffee, Eugenia Pappas, Helen Parcel], Sarah Paris Marjoric Ann Parker, Dorothy Parker, Sara Xy Parrish, Martlii -_ ij Parsons, Maza - Pearlstine, Elaine Peele, Elizabeth Peeples, Ruth Pen it. Betty Perkins. Dorothy Perry. Dorothy E. Perry, Norma Phillips, Imogene Phillips, Jessie Phipps, Billie Gene Pierce. Evelyn Pinkston, Sarah Pittmnn, Emmie Pleasants. Ada Pollard, Jane Pond, Patricia Posey, Martha Pressly. Rebecca Pressly. Ruth Presson, Martha Ruth Price, Jacquelyn Pritchett, Winifred Prokash, Marjorie Prongay, Margaret Propper, Laura Mae Queensbury, Musa Quinn, Jean Rackley, Cecilia Ragland, Betty Anne Rahenkanip. Phebe Redden, J Reynolds. Beryl Rhodes, Mary Richardson. Ann Richardson, Anna Richardson, Helen Richardson. Laura Fl Richardson, Leigh Richardson. Margery Ricks. Helen Riddle, Mary Riggs, Hazel Rinehart, Marguerite Rivers. Lillian Rivers, Shirley Robbins, Susie Roherson, Jane Roberts, Peggy Joyce Robertson, Lorraine Rodgers, Mildred Rogers, Christine Rogers Katherine Rogers, Peggy Rose. Mary Alice Rosenast, Jean Ross, Betty Ross, Jean Rothgeb, Celia Rouse, Helen Rouse. Helen Louise Rouse, Mary Emma Routh, Betty Rozier, Anita Rucker, Joyce Ryan, Mary Ella Ryan. Patricia ghfo d rBarbara SJuTford. Helen Sarratt. Betty Jane Sawyer. Mary Louise Sawyer, Polly Anne Scott, Adelene Seago, Jennings Secrest, Sarah Self, Marjorie Setzer, Virginia Severance, Jane Shaw. Amy Shaw, Eleanor Shaw, Ellen Shields, Dorothy Shipman, Elizabeth Shrago, Hannah Shuford. Nancy Sigmon, Andris Siler. Frances Silverstein. Marilyn Singletary, Betty Jo Small, Gloria Smiley, Shirley Smith. Caroline Smith. June Smith, Doris E. Smith, Doris O. Smith, Margaret C. Smith, Marguerite SB Smith, Marjorie undred and Forty-Three Smith, Martha Belle Stride, Gertrude Ulrich, Celeste White, Eleanor Smith, Sue Strickler. Alice Underwood. Marjorie White, Elizabeth J. Smith. Rebecca Strickland, Betty Van Bibber, Florence H. White, Elizabeth N. Smith, Ruby Strong, Eleanor Van Hook. Doris White. Ester Snell, Angela Stubbs, Mary Louise Van Story. Lola Kate Whitehurst, Nell Snow, Evelyn Ann Sullivan. Phyllis Vann, Emily Whitener, Mary Ruth Soles. Hazel Summer, Betty Vendig, Irene Whitson, Ruth Solomon, Frances Summerlin, Caroline Vincent, Barbara Whittenton. Evelyn Soutber]and, Pattie Sue Summersett, Elizabeth Vinson. Ella Sue Willard, Mary Elizabeth Sowers. K;inny Swecker, Zoe Voss, Peggy Williams, Mary Elizabetl Spaulding, Patricia Talbert, Coleen Vreeland, Phyllis Williams, Eunice Spears. Dorothy Taylor, Eleanore Lee Waddell. Betty Williams, Mary Jane Spence, Julia Taylor, Julia Waite. Elizabeth Williamson, Patsy Spence. Lyrl Teague, Emily Waldrop, Carolyn Williard, Nancy Spencer, Evelyn Tegg, Lucille Walker. Barbara Willis, Constance Spruill. Dorothy Thalheimer, Rosalie Walker, Mary Clair Willmott. Lucy Stacy, Elizabeth Thomas, Anne Ward, Elizabeth Wilson, Wendellyn Stafford. Nellie Jane Thomas. Margaret Wardrup, Florence Winchester. Jane Stanfleld, Wilba Thomason. Jane Warmath, Dale Winslow, Fay Stanly, Kathryn Thompson, Helen Warner, Edith Winstead, Ann Stark, Joann Thompson, Mary Glenn Warren. Carolyn Winterling. Ruth Starkey, Ann Thompson, Matilda Watkins, Ruth Womble, Irene Staton, Dora May Thompson. Mary Nell Watlington, Anne Wood, Betty Lynn Staton, Helen Thornton, Margaret Jean Weathers, Marceline Woodson, Brent Stern, Louise Thornton. Ruth Webb. Isabelle Woollen, Nancy Sternberger, Mildred Tilley. Frances Webster. Sarah Elizabeth Yates, Annie Stevenson. Johnny Tomlinson, Josie Weeks, Sarah Yates, Lillian Stockton. Jean Tompkins, Ruth Weinberger. Ina Yates, Nancy Stokes, Bebe Trivette, Edith Weiser. Enid B. Yelverton, Jacuuelyn Stone, Barbara Trogdon, Nina Wester. Elizabeth Yost, Betty Stone, Marilyn Trosper, Alice Wester, Jacqueline Yount, Winnie Frances Stoner, Nancy Troutman, Louise Wester, Vesta Younts, Eleanor Story, Arline Tucker, Harriett Wharton, Enid Zealy, Martha Stough. Dolores Tucker, Joanna Whisnant, Mary Street, Carol Tucker, Patricia Whisnant, Merryl Street, Jane Turner, Bettie Jane White, Annie Rutli Pine Needles 1943 " Take A Letter! " Q _SF the NEED of the business world is secretaries with looks and efficiency, the com- mercial class of ' 43 should be able to fill the bill. Ambitious and cooperative, the class this year personifies the real spirit of W. C. toward the war effort. Their " White Elephant Sale, " an auction of anything and everything contributed by the girls, netted enough money to buy almost two hundred cartridges for some soldier ' s gun. Along with their typing and shorthand, the girls take time out for fun and partying. Their Halloween party in the " Hut " was a howling success, but their " Stardust " formal in January was their most memor- able social event of this year. Under the bright stars and big half moon, they had a superb time. The commercial class is made up of recent high school graduates, former Woman ' s College students, transfers from other schools, and a few college graduates; it is a very heterogeneous group, but an out- sider would never know it from the miraculous way they work together. By the way, they too have their share of the engaged and married girls on campus. Because of the excellent course of study offered and the crying need for girls who can pound a typewriter and be the boss ' s right-hand man, this class always has a mile-long waiting list. These girls are such crackerjacks that they often can ' t wait until June to take ad- vantage of the many positions offered them but must leave as early as February or Marih. One Hundred Thirty llen Tye Moore Frances Allen Treasurer Secretary Stella Ray Madeline Pitts President Vice-President One Hundred Thirty-one Commercia s of lineteen m ph First Ron.- Sula Brown, Carolyn Adams, Lorna Caldwell, Edna Capps, Kathrvn Campbell, Ruth Anderson, Margaret Bunch, Helen Brauer. Sara Black, Helen Collins, Margaret Balthis. Second Row: Frances Allen, Edith Bracev, Mary Gage. Barber, Jane Beasley, Annabel Brown, Jean Brantley. Lucile Betts, Helen Bissette, Margaret Blanton, Jean Barnes. Third Rou . Avaleen Dfin. Teresa Berry, Evelyn Corbitt, Harriett Daniel, Sally Bogart, Marie Blaylock, Carolyn Bradford. Mary Faith Douglas, Mary ' Ann Bass Fmtrih Row: Rebecca Bum. Annif Cobb. Eva Coppedge, Marjorie Baum, Sally Bateman. One Hundred Thirty-two Hundred and Forty-Three First Row: [Catherine Harris, Linda Sewell, Etta Frances Dorsett, Blake Polk, Joyce Pope, Nancy Eutsler, Wanda Grogan, Annie Ruth Smith, Sue Ellen Schell. Second Row: Frances Stanfield, Sadie Harrill, Mary Jo Davis, Edith Hesse, Gloria Hall, Nancy Skipper, Martha Pearson, Evelyn Parker, Edna Price. Third Row: Irma Delle Hargrove, Betty Jean Thompson, Margaret Howell, Helen Dunlap, Gibbs Holmes, Jeanne Howie, Kitty Jane Fairley, Nancy Fulton, Rachel Harrison, Betty Howard, Jean Garber, Joan Holleyman, Betty Rea. Fourth Row: Eloise Nelson, Espie Dentiste, Mary Ann Edmiston, June Byrd, Ruth Geddie, Marie Gillespie, Josephine Simpson, Pat Gordon, Ruth Greer. One Hundred Thirty-three Commercia jQIass of flineteer li f Winn. Estelle Marham. Clar.a Martin, Peggy Lawson, Emily Ann Joyner. May Gordon Latham, Ann Dawson Mohorne, Phyl- i is Lancaster, Jean Lee Kimel. Second Row: Clara Lee Johnson, Norma Mitchum, Jean Mann, Jean Liggett, Pearl Little, Catherine Merchant, Lenore McKinnie. Third Row: Ellen Tye Moore, Bonnie Lynn Moore, Eloise Nelson, Nelle Lee, Jeane T. Johnson, Mae Belle Lee. Fourth Rou : Derith Morgan, Jane Lewis, Martha Nichols, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Millikan. One Hundred Thirty-four Hundred and Forty-Three First Row: Jewel Ward, Janet Skeen, Zelda Mae Wood, Bettie Elaine Wall, Mary Eleanor Ward, Rebecca Toler, Margaret Trimble, Gloria Raines, Lorraine Springer, Margaret Swaim Medlin, Dorothy Sue Smith. Second Row: Madge Peace, Betty Pickett, Eloise Rockett, Martha Sedberry, Nancy Tillett, Priscilla Sanders, Sara Ray, Alyne Roseberry, Martha Rodwell, Julia Vogler. Third Row: Joyce Persol, Mrs. Marion O ' Connor, Marjorie Spencer, Carolyn Sawyer, Peggy Whitten, Mary Winkler, Janette Wright, Katherine Stephenson, Josephine Wynn. Fourth Row: Edna Earle Williams, Betty Pettigrew, Martha Pinner, Lucille Williams, Nancy Smitherman, Geneva Sanders, Doris Swaim, Jean Shoemaker. Fifth Row: Helen Scarborough, Emily Stallings, Mevis Williams, Madeline Pitts, Margaret Shaffe r. One Hundred Thirty-fire Book Two . . . Activities RFTER OUR LRBS - p Jane Wvche Adams, President of V II " . C. A. Louise Boatman, President of Inter-Faith Council. The " Y " Does It Rgain A: ' Y ' is doing it. " This often-heard remark is a tribute to an organization which knows its job and is always in there punching. Every student who can read is made aware that the center of campus religious life is an active organization which is untiring in its efforts to contribute something to the life of each of us. Jane Wyche Adams was president of the W. C. branch of the national Y. W. C. A. which has as part of its creed, " We . . . unite in the desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. " With this as their purpose, W. C. girls identify themselves with the college " Y " and become active in its program — a program broad in scope and influence. Freshman members of the " Y " join one of three Freshman Clubs in which they learn about the college community and their responsibilities as members of it. These clubs undertake many and varied projects such as caring for groups of Greensboro children, giving Christmas parties for children from the underprivileged districts, and promoting improvements in campus life. " The Hanging of the Green " the Sunday night before Christmas holidays begin is a freshman tradition which calls forth a certain amount of work and an unlimited amount of fun. If fingers get pricked by holly and pine while wreathes are under construction, such wounds are forgotten in the excitement of singing carols around campus as the finished wreathes are presented to the dormitories. One Hundred forty The Sophomore Club and the Junior-Senior Club carry on a program which also combines labor and en- joyment. Some of this year ' s projects were: serving late breakfast for church-goers on Sunday mornings, collect- ing Christmas cards for soldiers, exchanging programs with other colleges, giving teas at examination-time, and giving students practical experience in leadership. The Cabinet is the nucleus of the " Y. " It is composed of the " Y " officers, the Director of Religious Ac- tivities (Miss Maxine Garner), and the chairman of the standing committees. The work of the cabinet is to coordinate the work of the whole " Y " and to support activities related to the " Y. " Students who are not a ctively affiliated with the " Y " benefit from its campus-wide program which includes Friday night vespers, weekly dormitory devotionals, and aid to the classes sponsoring University Sermons. One project which is particularly appreciated by all students is International Week-end when foreign students from neighboring colleges visit our campus. Through study, worship, fellowship, and service, the " Y " endeavors to make religion meaningful and vital for ever} ' W. C. student. It seeks to interpret religion as constant growth and to give incentive, direc- tion, and opportunity for that growth to each girl at the college. The coordinating force in religious activities is the Inter-Faith Council which, as its name implies, endeavors to promote understanding and cooperation between the various denominations and faiths. The Council is com- posed of two representatives from each religious group. Louise Boatman was head of it this year, and under her guidance the Council has done a valuable piece of work. Z)L Cabinet Floor: Mary Moling Kirkman, Agnes Pettit, Martha Davis. Mary Hines Beard, Peggy Plonk, Elizabeth Cobb, Dotty Arnett. Second Ron:- Elizabeth Clay, Dr. Collings, Miss Walberg, Sally Wilcox, Miss Garner, Helen Phillips, Jane Wyche Adams, Miss Giese. tding: Jane Hardaway, Toto Thies, Lucy Stubbs. LuCi- Corbett, Helen Sullivan, Evelyn Motley, Barbara Ann ;.mith, Bftty Severance, Anna Gillespie U , li 4 .1 k On the STAGE roh tryouts to final curtain calls. Playliker productions are great events for the cast, technical crew, and audience. All the plays are acted, the sets built, the costumes made, and the lighting executed by students under faculty direction. And the anticipation and reception of any of their plays is sure-proof of the kind of talent we have on campus. The first play this year was Ibsen ' s A Doll ' s House with Mary Childs as " Nora " and Mr. W. R. Taylor as director. It was followed by Night Must Fall; Anne Pitoniak and Mr. Richard Corson had the leads, and Mr. Corson directed. Bar- bara Sutlive played the title role in Alice In Wonderland under the direction of Miss Kathryn England. Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland One Hundred Forty-two V ineteen rundred and sortu- Jh ree Although Playlikers does an admirable job of keeping the students of Woman ' s College in touch with the legitimate stage, the major productions are not the stopping point for these energetic Thespians. On Hallowe ' en night they had a spooky campus party for the " Little Old Lady " who haunts Aycock. A benefit performance, directed by Mr. W. R. Taylor, was given for the soldiers. The annual " Hecks-a- poppin ' " brought down the house — a drastic occurrence in this day of building material shortage. Lydia Taylor is automatically president of Playlikers as she is president of the honorary dramatic group, Masqueraders. The other officers of Masqueraders are: Anne Pitoniak, vice-president; Rachel Bar- rett, secretary; Mary Childs, publicity chairman; and Carolyn Wilson, business manager. The selection of new members for this group is based on the outstanding ability of the girls, whether in a dramatic or technical capacity. The tapping of new members is a rather frightening ceremony to the mere layman for it consists of the silent investing of those chosen with masks by a masked group ; when they walk through the dining halls, one might expect " mystery meat " to rise and follow. A W. C. chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity, was revived on cam- pus this year. Members for this society are selected from among the outstanding Masqueraders. Teacher " . . . costumes . . . grease pain! After the Performance at the Maxton-Laurinburg Air Base. Official Photograph Night Must Fall One Hundred Forty-thr Miss Ethel Martus, Faculty Advisei Ruth White, President Vim and Vigor... Fun and " Figger " C ■ ompany, halt! " With the precision of seasoned militia, the columns of girls obey the commands of the officer. The little boys stand on the sidewalk staring. A truck driver narrowly escapes driving up a ' phone pole, as he gapes at these Amazons. Woman ' s College Company is on the march. No one should be surprised that marching is the latest addition to the sports program offered by the Recreation Association which is in step with wartime. The R. A. offered sports to appeal to all kinds of muscles — disintegrated or just relaxed. There was everything from swimming and boating to basket- ball, baseball, and hockey. What we want to know is why they didn ' t flood the field and let us have ice- skating? The two big events that end the year with a great show of muscle are Sports Day and the Gym-meet. Sports Day is the occasion when everybody participates in some sport even though it ' s only bridge, dis- cus-throwing, or hopscotch. The climax of the day is the Student-Faculty baseball game which gives both teams a chance for vengeance. Gym-meet is the time when members of the Alexander, Barkley. Elliott, and Phillips League try to out cheer each other and to cheer their teammates on to victory. In addition to League competition, awards are made on a dormitory basis for participation and win- ning teams. Happy the dorm that gets to turn its parlor into a trophy room. Although the Recreation Association includes all girls who participate in sports, the heart of cam- pus sports activity is the Advisory Council of the Recreation Association. This Council is responsible for One Hundred 1 all the big sports events of the year and for the general events of the year and for the general plan of sports activities. It is the brain behind the muscle-building. Officers of the Association, a representative from each dorm, presidents of the athletic clubs, and the heads of sports make up this husky group. Productions by the Council include such memorable fetes as the Barn Dance. Everyone drank tanks of cider, but the night watchman reported no arrests for insobriety. " Birdie-in-the-Cage " and " Shoo Fly Swing " proved to be as hep to the jive as " Strictly Instrumental. " At the end of the fall, winter, and spring seasons, the Council gives a big banquet for all those who have gone out for a sport. These banquets are really super jobs all done up with speeches, awards, floor shows, and ending in a general melee. Some of the floor show units bear watching; vaudeville has come back, hasn ' t it? The Council is in charge of the week-end cabin located several miles out from town. This cabin is a very popular refuge for students with frayed nerves and batteries that need recharging. If there ' s some- body in the crowd who can make good coffee, a good time is had by all. Bridge, sleeping, hiking, wood- carrying, fire-building, bull-shooting, and other indoor sports are enjoyed. Various clubs are sponsored by the Cabinet. Boot ' n Spur (you guessed) rides, even though not to the hounds. The Dolphin and Seal Clubs are chlorined-water lovers, and present an annual pageant which is always well received. The Archery Club, the Clogging Club (the Zeigfield girls of W. C), the Square Dance Club, and the Modern Dance Group are a few of our active (and we do mean it) organizations. VL Cabinet Standing . Floor: Young, Gabriel, Davis, Roy, Wygant, Porter. Seated: Fisher, Kellam, Miss Martus, Nifong, White, Bultman, Miss Davis, Riser, Bittick. Atkins, Kupferer, Rotha, Scott, A. Palmer, M. Palmer, Cooley, Levis, Hollister, Emerson, Johnson. I - Education Club Betty Pierce Gamma Alpha Club Jane Keister Glee Club Ann Webster Golf Virginia Gecks One Hundred Forty-six Club Home Economics Club Lydia Ann Watkins International Relations Elizabeth Jardine nn ' mf Le Cercle Francais Mary Bramble Masqueraders Lydia Taylor Medical Technologist Club . ... Mary Griffith West Modern Dance . . . Margaret Ann Bittick Music Education Club Holt Pleasants Omicron Nu Frances Joyner Quill Club Hal March Sigma Delta Pi .... Jacquelyn Carter Sociology Club fe ' 3feB? ' ' :H D ° T Lancaster Speakers Club ■BES • . • • Shirley Elliott Square Circle Marguerite Laughridge Square Dance Charlene Rotha One Hundred Forty-seve, ' On the Social Side . . . [ L oNDi-R what that swishing noise behind you is? Ooops! It s a toothbrush following you — with a girl on the end of it. But don ' t be alarmed — it ' s just initiation day at W. C, and all the societies . . . " What societies? " Well, say, you ' ve really missed something. The four societies just about hog the social whirl at W. C, and everybody ' s happy about it — even the freshmen, who once a year become general cleaning women for upperclassmen for the benefit of tradition and the collective saddle shoes of their sisters. Way back in 1893 the first two societies (Adelphian and Cornelian) were formed to en- courage writing and debating among the students. Since that time, as the student body grew and two more societies (Aletheian and Dikean) were organized, the four groups have turned away from their literary beginnings and have become purely social organizations. One Hundred Forty-eight jborotL Jvirr, CHIEF mfiRSHRL One Hundred Forty-nine SOCIETY Marshals: Jean Rickert, Cynthia Grimsley, Doris Clark, Margaret Stephenson, Emma Lee Gibson, Betty Hopkins, Audrey May, Ann Hardison McGoogan. One Hundred Fifty L arolun White, president a ' h, about the toothbrush ! Well, that happens at the beginning of every year. The freshman class is divided into four parts and meted out to the societies in order to keep democracy on the campus and to prevent the politics of sororities. One bright morning the freshmen awaken to the gentle hum of their favorite alarm clocks and stagger out in the hall enroute to a brisk cold shower, or a dental brush-off, or a splash in the face just for luck — depending on the time — when what should appear outside the door but a brightly-colored crepe paper ribbon and a card of directions for wear and tear. After chewing and digesting the contents of this card, the innocents begin to wonder what foul fate has subjected them to this indignity. With sad, expectant, shiny faces (no make-up is allowed) they search frantically for clothes to match their society colors, tie the ribbons in their hair, sling their books in a pillowcase, wear towels around their necks, and trudge out to meet their enemies — the upperclassmen — who have dis- covered that it is initiation day and who are on the warpath, eyes gleaming with anticipation. The freshmen have been instructed to obey upperclassmen in their re- spective societies and to get in the gutter whenever their sisters appear; there- Betty Scott Barber, TV Secretary: Jean Holmes, Represents ■; Marguerite Laughridge, Corresponding ' ding Secretary: Mary King, Inier-Societ) : tty Dahiin. Vice-President. Carolyn White, President One Hundred Fifly-ont R LETH El fl n SOCIETY. Marshals: Helen Marshall, Corneille Caraway, Betty Davis, Betty Covington, Mollie Bowie, Betty Johnson, Helen Cox, Dot Hoke. One Hundred Fifty-two L arolun Jordan, president fore it ' s a long hard day for the initiates. They make more beds, sweep more floors (with that toothbrush we were talking about), write more love letters, sing more laundry cards, polish more shoes, and praise more Allah than they ever will again. But it ' s all in fun; and when six p. m. comes and the antics are over, the freshmen can hardly wait for the next year when it will be their time to walk on the sidewalks and have their shoestrings tied. At six-thirty a formal dinner completes the initiation, and plans are begun immediately for the four formal society dances of the year — the highlight of each society ' s program. Weeks ahead of time invitations are sent out to neighboring towns, colleges, and army camps to round up eligible prospects. As soon as the answers come, laundry cards are filled out saying who has which dance with whose date and where. All this information is transferred later to cleverly- designed cards made by the dance committee. Another important job of this hard-working committee is the decoration of the gym Saturday after- noon before the dance. At this time, the old mats and trapeze jobs are set aside for the soft lights and shadows of " night life " ; you ' d never know the place — and who wants to? About four in the afternoon a tea dance is Frances Keel, Inter-Society Representative; Chase Johnson, Treasurer; Betty Mac Breeden, Corresponding Secretary : Marie Belk, Recording Secretary; Grace Slocum, Vice-President. — Ml I Carolyn Jordan, President One Hundred Fifty-three CORnELIRn SOCIETY. Marshals: Agnes Pettit, Ann Mumford, Josephine Dees, Betty Lou Kil- gore. Ann Guilbert, Julia Pepper, Ann Carter. One Hundred stk er oore. j- residen, held, usually in Spencer gameroom or the ballroom between Winfield and Weil. This dance is girl-break because some of the dates haven ' t arrived yet, and the boys enjoy the table-turning for a change. At dinner that night there is a pleasant hum of male voices in the dining halls — well, at least one or two have ventured in. Everybody is ready for the dance now, and between eight-thirty and nine o ' clock the tuxedos and uniforms arrive to claim their shimmering party dresses and depart. Flowers are gone for the duration, but there are still such things as fun and excitement; and the society formals overflow with these. Another feature of the society calendar is Sports Day, which comes in the spring and brings with it many pleasant things such as the end of gym classes and two baseball games in which Dr. Jackson, Dr. Graham, and certain faculty members participate. There are other events of the day — relay races, slow bike racing, tug-of-war, etc., that are lots of fun and give each society the opportunity to chalk up points in its favor. The competition is lively, and the society with the greatest number of points wins the day. Sara Sears, Vice-President; Rosemary Holland, Secretary; Alison Rice, Inter-Society Representative; Kay Bissell, Treasurer. Esther Moore, President One Hundred Fifty-fiie DIKERfl SOCIETY.. i Marshals: Frances Wain, Brockett Wilkins, Rovpena Sutton, Catherine Powell, Carolyn Scarborough, Margaret Moss. Delice Young, Mary Grandy. One Hundred I . fee Bennett, j- reiidevit enefee Our four societies have cooperated with the W. C. Service League in trying to provide recreation for the hundreds of girls here on campus who have been rendered " dateless " by the Selective Service Act. One means has been to have huge bridge parties at which the card sharks may demonstrate their prowess and the gossipers may catch up with things — if they ' ve missed anything. Another undertaking which has proved popular this year has been the series of informal teas which the different societies have held in Students ' Building. A lovely and capable girl is elected by the student body to serve as chief marshal, and each society chooses eight girls at the beginning of the year — three juniors and five seniors — to act as marshals at all the college lectures and concerts; looking very lovely in their long white dresses, these girls add sparkle to our festive occasions as well as skillfully performing a difficult job. Things run smoothly at Aycock most of the time, and the chief marshal and her assistants deserve a lot of credit for it. They are the tactful girls who keep the students from sitting in the townspeople ' s section and vice versa. Of course they enjoy getting all dressed up and looking pretty, but their feet get mighty tired and they really wear out evening sandals! Camilla Griffin, Recording Secretary : Martha Warren, Inter-Society Repre- sentative; Mary Lib Dogget, Corresponding Secretary; Emma Jo Beam, Vice-President; Irma Siceloff, Treasurer. Menefee Bfnxftt. President One Hundred Fifty-seven Elise Rouse Wilson, Edilor-in-Chiej Emily Crowell, Bus not Managt The Nineteen Hundred and a y t ' s with astonishment that we, the staff, look upon this twenty-third volume of Pine Needles — amazed that our ideas have become realities. Along with the ordinary ' run-of-the-mill difficulties which customarily beset a yearbook staff, we have had to cope with wartime priorities, wartime economy, and wartime- shortages. We have many times been confronted with the answer " C ' est la guerre " and have rearranged our plans accordingly. Miss Tailor, Miss Draper F.ic ilii Advisers « A CULV PER , - MORTON Last fall we were forced to revise our original plans for the book and feeling that we could not have a " bigger and better " Pine Needles this year, we decided not to sacrifice quality for quantity. Because of this decision the 1943 book has less pages than last year ' s; it also lacks some of the features customarily found in our yearbooks — such as pictures of all the clubs. We make no apology for this as the reason for our action is obvious; we merely wish to say that we acted impartially and tried to include those organizations affecting the greatest number of people on campus. In spite of these omissions, we think you will like the book. For three years we have noted campus com- ments on the Pine Needles, and the pleas most often heard have been for more snapshots, more informality, and more color. All of these pleas we have answered. We have not attempted to put out a perfect book accord- ing to conventional standards; our aim has been to give the campus what it has told us it wanted. We sincerely hope you like it! orty-Three Pine Needles Floor: Norman, Hodgin, Taylor, Sweeney, Lockhart, Hoppers, Brown, Holmes, Woodson, Calvert. Sealed: Gordan, Heath, Coble, Matthews, Wilson, Kirby, Bason, Motley, Holt. Standing: Madry, Evans, Battle, Jones, Drysdale, Slade, Dickey, Walker, Crowell, Whitworth, Angelo, Gaston, Mason, Vinson, Shulman, Howell, Calvert. One Hundred Fifty-nine •J he CRROLinmn of 1943 Q ys there A student newspaper at Wom- an ' s College? Right you are! The Carolinian for 1942-19-1 5 has as its aim to reflect in its pages student life and student opin- ion in an effort to clarify and preserve the democracy existing at Woman ' s College — " Distinguished for Its Democracy. " Truly a student enterprise, the paper is written, managed, and dis- tributed weekly by some 120-odd students interested in the fields of journalism and advertising. Carolinian has had a double duty this year. Besides trying to keep students informed about themselves and their college, Carolinian has tried to keep students somewhat informed about events on the home front and on world fronts. It has backed unreservedly student participation in the war effort which is centered in the College Service League. It has attempted to co- operate fully with the Government Office of War Information. It has, at the same time, tried to portray clearly all phases of student life. If you should wander over to the basement of our beauti - ful Alumnae house some Tuesday or Wednesday night and had the courage to poke your head into the maelstrom which is the Carolinian office on these nights, either you would be told in- stantly and firmly that the Pine Needles ' office is down the hall and to the right or you would have time to hear five type- writers going full speed with associate editors shouting above them, " Make that a B-head with a 10-point lead " ; or, " Recital story fell through — Miss So-and-So is going on a honeymoon instead " ; or, " That story s (censored) s ! " (quote the rewrite editor) . Columnists dash in and then out again. Reporters type Peggy Lincoln Bates, Editor-in-Chief Jean Yates, Business Manager frantically on a last-minute story. The staff photographer comes in with the pictures which everyone immediately flocks around to see. The business manager and her efficient advertising man- ager calmly rake in ads and money from a circle of ad-gatherers. And at 8 a. m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays the faithful printer (drafted as of January 23rd) comes for the copy which is proofread on Thursday afternoons and " put to bed " early Friday morning. Each Friday night after supper, for twenty- five weeks, students have found their Carolinians with the brown rotogravure Collegiate Digest shoved under their doors. One Hundred Sixty We have had our troubles this year, along with everyone else. Operating under a reduced budget we have had more four-page papers than ever before. We have wondered at times whether or not we were going to be able to take any more pictures, or, even if we took them, whether or not we could have them engraved. We have wondered why it is that we have trouble getting ads when there is a lot of news for one particular issue and still worse trouble getting news when there are a lot of ads for another issue. We have wondered if we would have to learn the printing business as well, if all our printers are drafted. But Carolinian has come through it all with a successful year — proof that you can ' t keep 120 good women down! Jke ( arounlan S taW First Ron-: Simmons, Bazemore, Street, Hoover, Shulman, Brooks, Morrison, Fleming, Cooney, Arnett, Lupton, 1SREAL. Second Row: Gordon, Belk, Cox, Williams, March, Bates, Kearney, Johnson, Slocum, Christensen, Brennan, De Voe. Third Row: Brown, Wheeler, Moomau, Harper, Ragland, Joyce, Knott, O ' Brien, Harris, Riser, Pettit, Van Sickle, Freedman, Faulk, Howell, Dilts, Katzenberg, Barwick, Sweeney, Bason, Carroll. One Hundred Sixty-one The CORADDI . . . 1943 _ Yeiie. roommate, do my math — a new Coraddi ' s out! " With some such enthusiastic remark we receive each new issue of our literary magazine, and with avid eyes we read it only to discover that the girl down the hall is a short story writer ranking with Katherine Mansfield and that the blonde who sits behind us in Spanish 107 can really give with the onomatopoeia when it comes to writing poetry. Margaret Jones, the Coraddi editor, has done a handsome job of giving the campus magazine back to the campus. Without relaxing the literary standards of the material appearing in the magazine, " Jonesie " has gotten out a quarterly " slick " that has brought a large number of new campus writers into the limelight. " jonesie " and May March, the mag ' s business manager, seemed to get much inspiration and many new ideas from the Collegiate Press Conference which they attended in Chicago, and thus Coraddi continues on the upswing in value and popularity. Into the magazine has gone plenty of good hard work: endless chasing down of copy, and haranguing over what goes in and what stays out, copyreading, making up pages, and plaguing typists. The result of all this effort is cheer- ing to the hearts of those concerned; the students ' magazine is not only written by the students but is also read by the students. The " readability " of the publication is heightened by the attractiveness of its covers which are simply super photos of interesting angles of student life — photos of the make-you-want-to-look-inside type. And the contents justify Margaret Jones, Editor-in-Chief May March, Business Manage One Hundred Sixty-two Seated on Floor: Mary Frances Bell, Harriet McAllister, Thora Ross, Joan Weil, Joan Flanagan. Nancy Barton, Helen Vinson, Mary Miller McLean. Second Row: Frances Glaze, Ruth Shulman, Margaret Jones, Nancy Kirby, Betty Gaines, Shirley Mason, May March, Last Row: Jane Bready, Bill New, Sadie Suggs, Elizabeth Ferguson, Hal March, Spence Harrington, Barbara Hicks, Nancy Murphy, Constance Sweeney, Norma Haft, Josie Tomunson. the interest thus aroused, for — inside — students find satisfaction for their diverse tastes. From Steinbeckian realism to delightful fantasy; from Dorothy Parker and Ogden Nash poetry to Keatsian romanticism and T. S. Eliot ' s free verse; from youth-in-war prose to literary criticism — Coraddi covers all. The art work within the magazine is as diversified as the written material ; there ' s everything from simple sketches to ultra-modern surrealism. By using illustrations done by students, Coraddi gives a further opportunity for creative expression. The contributions to this publication do not come solely from the members of the staff as each issue brings to light the talent of some new campus writer. The page known as " Breaking Ground " keeps us posted on the interest- ing facts about and eccentricities of the new contributors — even " Anonymous " got a write-up in one issue! The ma- jority of the contributions this year was poetical — a fact which should be significant as an indication of some sort of trend in the minds of students or is it merely the influence of soldier dances? All in all, we can feel pretty sure that Coraddi is the starting post for many a future winner, so we ' d better save all our copies — they may be valuable collectors ' pieces some day. One Hundred Sixly-thrt may Day, 1943 " nto the Old South of the Civil War days came a beautiful queen and there was dancing and singing in her honor. As if by fate, there also came a handsome prince; and, as the old story goes, " they lived happily ever after. " They met each other, we are told, over a punch bowl at a party where she was guest of honor on the first of May. In those days men wore tight-fitting trousers and women wore huge billowy skirts; such costumes made the guests a sight to behold when they danced a Virginia Reel. This little story of the queen, the prince, and the party furnished us with a theme for our May Day celebration this year. Julia Pepper, the Queen of May, was attended by Sara Mundy Hamrick and Dorothy Furr as maids of honor. The other members of the Court were: Carolyn Jordan, Ann Hardison McGoogan, Betty Hop- kins, Betty Johnson, Dorothy Odum, Ann Spivey, Elise Rouse Wilson, Ann Mumford, Georgia Mack Keeter, Gladys Sessoms, Josephine Dees, and Dorotha Severance, May Day Chairman. The committee assisting Dorotha Severance were: Margaret Ann Bittick, dances; Barbara Johnson and Elizabeth Jackson, costumes; Holt Pleasants and Anna Bell, music; Pat Wooley, arrangements; Eliza- beth Rogers, programs; Ann Pitoniak and Lydia Taylor, script; and Betty Dahlin, properties and pub- licity. Miss lone Grogan was faculty adviser. julia J i L55 sfisLtLa r eoDer W ' One Hundred Sixty-four au c ueen ; 1943 One Hundred Sixty-fit Ma) Day Chairman: Dorotha Severance, Gastonia, N. l ' lia Pepper May Queen Dorothy Furr Maid-oj ' -Honor Sara Ml ' Ndv Hamrick Maid-oj -Honor COURT Josephine Dees Ann Mumford Betty Hopkins Dot Odum Betty Johnson Gladys Sessoms Carolyn Jordan Dorotha Severance Georgia Mack Keeter Ann Spivey Ann Hardison McGoogan Elise Rouse Wilson may Gladys Sessoms, Fayetteville, N. C. Ine It :,r. J ! Sixty-six 1 Georgia Mack Keeter, Morganton, N. C. One Hundred Sixty-Si vi Ann Mi mford, Washington, N ( Euse Rouse Wilson, Fayetteville, N. C. s fit Josephine Dees, Fremont, N. C. Ann Spivey, Rith Square, N. C. Oni Hundred Si Maid-of-Honor: Dorothy Furr, Newton, N. C. One Hundred Sixly-nin The TOUUn STUDEnTS... he girls in these pictures worked hard, and — thanks to their originality and dili- gence — the Town Students ' Formal was strictly a success (of course we weren ' t surprised at that because the town students themselves are A-l). The girls who live off-campus are organized as the Town Students ' Asso- ciation which functions as does a campus hall unit and is represented as such in Legislature; however, it has its own Judy Board and a very attractive clubroom. This year the course of the association has been steered by: Dorothy Hendrix, President; Janice Hooke, Vice-President; and Eleanor Dare Taylor. Secretary-Treasurer. () :. Hi ' Round the Clock... rlAiQrtoiVb S " s L STUDEnT DIRECTORY Abernathy, Fannie Belle, P. O. Box 466, Andrews Abernethy, Nancy Yow, 216 Shelburne Rd.. Asheville Frances. 1604 Fort Bragg Rd.. Fayetteville_ Adams, Evelyn Ruth, 53 S. Pierson Rd., Maplewood, N. Adams. Jane Wyche. 615 S. York St., Gastonia_ Mary Evelyn, Matheson St.. Taylorsville_ Alexander, Margaret Moring. 415 Sunset Ave. Alexander. Mary Josephine. 2143 Forestvi Alexander. Nancy, Route 1. Matthews Allen. Frances J , Box 101. Knightdale , Statesville Asheboro , Evanston, 111,. 21 1 Brent St. . Wadesboro- H, St Leaksville Allgood, Julia. Route 1, Rural Hall- Anderson, Jane Maury. 352 Woodland Dr.. Pittsburgh. Pa 126 Anderson. Ruth Angela, Yadkmville — Andrew. Doris. 267 Charles St.. Henderson 88 Andrews. Anne Elizabeth. 102 A. C, L. R. R. Bldg., Wilmington.126 Andrews. Helen Frances. 232 N. Washington. Sumter, S. C 111 Andrews. Nancy Elizabeth. Route 1. Bahama 88 Andrews, Ruth H.. 1013 Harvey St.. Raleigh _ 88 Angel. Annie Lee, Depot St.. Boone_ .88-142-158-159 Anthony. Bernice. 629 Lexington Ave.. High Point Archer. Mary Edmunds. P. O. Box 385. Saltville. Va 126 Armstrong. Sarah Power. 841 W. Market St.. Greensboro— _110 Arnett. Dorothy, 117 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro 110-141-161 Arnold, Ethel Wallis. 138 Melrose PL. Ridgewood, N. J 126 Arthur, Ann Roval. Evans St., Morehead Cttv 126 Atkin. Elaine, 323 Sixth Ave.. West. Hendersonville 88 Atkins. Louise. 620 Asheboro St.. Greensboro 126-145 Atkinson. Lelia. 114 Cvpress St. Greensboro 126 Austin. Jane. Smithfield_ Axley. Marion, 104 Dillard St.. Murphv Aycock, Louise. 119 Harris St.. Rocky Mount Aycock. Mildred Gurlev Fremont Ayres. Jean, 2506 W. Market St. Greensboro.. Babcock. Ellen. 4831 Old Dominion Dr.. Arlington, Va... Bacon. Catherine. 1800 Brantley St.. Winston-Salem Baer. Frances, 210 S. Magnolia Ave.. Dunn Bailey, Frances, Bailev Apts., Raleigh Bailey. Lydia Lea. 406 N. Mendenh- 11 St Greensboro ... Baker, Ann Pleasants. Rowland- Bales, Betty Jean. 601 Fifth St., High Point Ballard, Amelie Morrow, Biscoe ... . Ballenger. Clara Lucile. 1920 Bav St.. Charlotte Margaret Scott. 424 S. York St.. Gastonia Barber, Marion GoId?ton„ Barbrey. Jean. 310 E Main St., Mt. Olive Barfield. Sarah. Nichols. S C Barden. N?ncy. Route 2, Goldsboro Barnes. Anna Ktthleen, 2910 Patterson Ave.. Winston-Salem ... Barnes. Jean Currie. Route 3, Favetteville Barnett. Roberta. 4503 Ridge St., Chevy Chase, Md. 10! Barnwell, Edna Ann. Ednevville Barrett, Rachel. 215 Belcher St., Farmville Barrier. Betty Jean. 1535 Central Dr., Concord Barrier. Grace Fisher, Mount Pleasint Barrs. La Verne. 104 Lancaster Rd., Richmond Va Bason. Carolyn, Yanrevv Bason. Frances. 307 E Franklin St., Chapel Hill Bason, Marjorie. Melville St.. Graham Bass. Carolyn. Halifax Bass. Marv Ann Igy, 201 Lind : Bateman, Marjorle. Creswell.. Sally Newberry, Box 64, Columbia Bate: Bates. Mrs, Margaret Lincoln. Box 306. Tryon. Battle, Ann. N. Main St.. Scotland Neck Battle. Cornelia Dozier. 1600 Beale St.. Rockv Mount Baum, Marjorie. 2715 Morston Rd.. Charlotte Bazemore. Julia Rae. Woodland... Beadle. Dorothv Elizabeth Box 162. Davidson Beall. Elizabeth. 610 S Mendenhall St Greensboro Beard. Hannah. Hillsboro. Beard. Mary Hlnes. Hillsboro_ Beasley, Ann, Coleraln Beas ' ev. Jane Elizabeth. Adpx _ Beasley. Ora Grace, Four Oafcs_ Beatty, Dorothy. Tomahawk- Beatty. Gladvs. Tomahawk. Beckerdite. Betty Rose, Route 5. Winston-Salem Beckham. Rebecca. High Rock_ Bell. Hilda Mae, 810 Pou St.. Goldsboro- Bell. Mary Frances. 304 Vallev River Ave,. Murphy 31-163 Bell Mary Katherme. 509 Second St . Spencer 126 Bendigo, Elizabeth Emma, 200 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 31 Bennett, Anne Elizabeth, 323 S. Grace St., Rockv Mount 111 Bennett. Menefee. Norwood— Bible. Jean 20 Howland Rd.. Asheville- Biggs, Mildred Smallwood. 117 Smithwick St.. Bilyou. Margaret, 1506 Grove St.. Greensboro Bingham Geraldme. Sugar Grove .110 Bishop, Eldene, CI i Aside .111 Bissell, Katharine. 26 Myrtle Ave.. West Brighton. Island. New York, N. Y-. Bissette, Carol Greene. 807 Broad St.. Wilson B ' .ssette, Helen. N. Jackson St.. Goldsboro...— Bittick, Margaret Ann, 421 Main St.. Hingham, Mass.. Spring. Md Rosemary. 800 Burlington Ave Blakely, Bettie. 705 E. Tremont Ave.. Charlotte Blalock. Sara Ellen Dare. 3901 E. Market St., Greensboro.. Blalock. Elizabeth. 805 N. Main. Burlington Blalock. Helen Johnson. Bahama Blalock, Jean. 615 W. Kivett St.. Asheboro 26 Bland, Frances Mae, 201 Furches St.. Raleigh Bland. Hazel R., Kelford Blaney, Dorothy. 212 N. Aspen St., Lincolnton Blanton. Jean. 1914 Lenox Ave. Charlotte Blanton. Margaret, Mooresboro ... Blanton. Rebecca. 1914 Lenox Ave,, Charlotte Blanton. Sara Frances. Ellenboro Blaylock. Lillian Marie, Route 3. Chapel Hill Blaylock, Lola Belle. Route 3. Chapel Hill Blue. Nancy. Route 3. Carthage . Blue. Ray Virginia. Eagle Springs- Board. Barbara. 2504 Berklev PI.. Greensboro Boatman. Louise. 132 Mclver St.. Greensboro Boaz. Ethel Sue. E. Main St., Pilot Mountain Boesser. Wilhelmina. 1024 Miller St.. Winston-Salem Bogart, Sally. N. Market St.. Washington, N. C Boger. Frieda, 1528 E. 23rd St., Winston-Salem Boggs. Jacqueline Louise. Forest City__ Bolton. Jan is. Cedar St.. Lumberton Bond. Barbara. 1319 N. Elm, Greensboro Bondurant, Marie. Guilford Boone, Doris. 810 S. Aycock St., Greensboro— Booth. Jean. Guess Rd., Durham , Bostian. Betty Jean, 2109 E. Fifth St., Charlotte Bostian. Johanna Lou, Box 101. China Grove Bostian. Violet. Route 4, Winston-Salem. _. 102 Faircloth. Raleigh.. Bostic Bowden. Ruth. Ad Bowen, Agnes. No. 5 Raleigh Apts.. Raleigh Bower, Emily, S. State St., Lexington ___ Bowie. Irene Carr. Monroe- Bowie. " " Bowma Bovd. Elea Boyette. Mrs. Martha Bass. Luca Molhe Iceman. 600 S. Church St., Monroe Ruth. 1844 Longview Dr., Winston-Salem 1507 Acadia St., Durham Pearl. Route Bracev. Edith Gray. 602 W. Broad St.. Dunn Bradford. Carolyn. N. Elm St.. Marshville._ Bradford, Nell. Davidson Bradlev Constance. 44 Parkwav. Fair field Conn Bradley, Doris Elizabeth, Kipling Bradlev. Frances M2ne. 530 Stirling St Bradshaw. Julia R.. Rock Ridge, Wilson Greensboro . - — Brady. Helen. Franklin ville. Rosalie Miriam, 300 Central Park West, New York. N. Y. Braswell, Ada La Route 3. Wadesboro __ Braswell. Dor ' s Brath. Jafoueline Inez, 2 On Brauer. Helen. Route 1. Box 216, Norlnia B awley. Sara. Route 2, Mooresville _132 Braxton, Kathleen. 1819 Glen wood Ave Raleigh Breadv. Dorothy Jayne. fi-B Powhatan Ants., Greensboro 31-163 Breeden. Bettv Mac. 112 Moore St.. Bennettsv ' lle S C 110-1 3 : Louise. 2 " 4 Glenn Ave.. Port Chester, N. Y.-31-TR1 Ma ' n St.. Aho«=lc ' e ... Blvd., Durham- Bright. Helen, Rutherford College Cavell, Route Martha Virginia 511 Dock St., Wilmington 520 W. End Ave.. Statesville Britt, Christine Rebecca, Clinton Britt. Dorothy Winson- .. 614 College St.. Clinton 88 Britt. Martha Jane. 417 Forrest Ave., High Point... Brock, Margaret Jo. Farmineton __ Brockmann. Lillian Beckv. 317 R ' " c ardson St. H-eh Point Bmckmann. Maria Elizabeth. 912 Fairwav Dr.. High Point Brooks, Carolyn Elizabeth, 109 Lucerne Circle. Orlando Fla. Brown. Annabel, 2338 Green wav. Charlotte Brown, Edna Irene. Granite Quarrv- Brown. Elaine. 504 E. Walnut St., " 132 Brown, Evelyn Aline. 1512 Orange ' st,. Wilmington- Brown. Grace. Route 4. Hendersonville Brown. Jean, Snow Hill_ ..89-161 Brown. Ruth Lois. Route 2. Rockv Mount 29 Brown. Margaret Ann, 740 N. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Sale Brownlee. Anne _ Brumbaugh. Glady Brunt. Nancy. 804 Miller St.. Winston-Salem _ Bruton, Juanita Lee. Dogwood Acres, Asheboro ... Route 2. Box 144. Asheville . Brvan. Annie Lou. White Oak— Brvan. Heten Catherine College St.. Jacksonville™ Bryant, Betty Jean. Oxford Frances Paige. Rich Square_ Eleanor. 8 Westwood Rd.. Asheville ... E.. Rich Sou 1526 Lakeside Ave., Baltimore. Md.. .20-25-33 Buckley, Anne E _ Buliard, Doris Geraldine. 1306 Walnut St. Lumberton Bullard. Mrs. Marv Frances Varner. 516 Tate St Greensboro 33 Bullock. Edna Earle. Boy 2. W. Main St.. Jonesboro _ 126 Bultman. Dorothea. 34 Haynesworth St., Sumter S C 7-90-145 Bunch. Margaret Culpepper. 912 N Road St.. Elizabeth City Bunting. Margaret Elizabe ' h 123 Broad St New Bern Burbage, Emily Miriam, 213 E 13th St.. Washington. N. C Burgess, Jacqueline, 1213 S. Hawthorne Rd. Winston-Salem- Burke. Mary 1824 Georgia Winston-Salem Burkhead. Ann Gayle. 124 Rowan St. Favetteville Burnette, Fate. Black Mounta: " Btirney Mary Margaret. Aberdeen Marjorie Jane. 2103 W. Innu_ „ Burris. Iris Ames, 442 N. Church St.. Concon Burroughs. Frances, Washington, N. C._ Burrows. Frances. 123 Elm St.. Asheboro Burrows. Jane Youngs. 241 Hi hwood A Burton. Mary Etta, 416 Iredell Ave.. Spencer Burwell, Dot, 1026 Ardslev Rd., Charlotte St.. Salisbury- Ridgewood, N. J 33 132 Burwell, Helen Rhyne, 1215 Biltmore Dr.. " charlotte " -! Butler, Anne Marsh. St. Pauls Montgomery St.. Savannah, Ga.._126 Butler. Frances Ann. Butler. Grace Elaine, __. Butler. Jewel Inez. Roseboro Butner, Virginia. Route 1. Box 288, High Point Buvtk, Betty Bynum, St. Matthews. S. C Byrd. Clara Elizabeth. Route 2. Burlington____ Byrd. June. Route 2. Mount Olive Byrum, Annie Macon. 209 Grant ville St Edenton Byrum, Isa Louise. 811 N. Rd. St., Elizabeth Citv -111 Cabell. Bettie _ __ , -HI Cabell. Mary Caroline. 3100 Willow Oak Rd.. Charlotte -111 Cam. Eunice Myrtle. Route 1. Favetteville- — _ Cain, Mi,bel Joyce. Cana 110 Caldwell. Clara Elizabeth. Mount Ulla Caldwell. Florence Louise. 1300 Walker Ave., Greensboro„ Caldwell. Lorna Virginia. 118 Providence Rd.. Charlotte Caldwell. Jeanne Marilyn. 132 Webster Ave.. Wvncote Pa Callahan, Willie Mae, Box 75, Ruth Calloway, Nancy, State Rd.. N. C Calvert, Anne Faison, Jackson __ Calvert. Ellen Wayles. Black Mountain Campbell, Iva, 422 N. Hamilton St.. Leaksville 111 Campbell. Janet. 113 Mclver St., Greensboro-.- . „32 Campbell. Kathryn Moore. 138 Northridge St.. n 1 Caneega. Violet Muzelle. 522 Stirling St., Greensboro 111 Cantrell, Nellie Jean, 705 Percv St.. Greensboro 90 Capps, Sara Edna. Rout? " Caraway. Corneille, Carpenter. Isabelle Carew, Maholev Ave.. Salisbury. Carpenter, Martha Hamrirk Ci 5 W. Sixth Ave, Gastunia ___90 Carraway. Edna 710 Douglas St. Greensboro— ,111 Carroll. Alexa McCall. 1719 Park Dr., Raleigh r ( , Carroll. Eleanor Hillyard. Country Club Rd., Chapel Hill 126 Carroll, Jane Brooks. Fourth St., Mebane - 111-161 Carroll. Suzanne. 2140 Avondale Ave.. Charlotte _ . 90 Carswell. Marv Thomas. The Buffalo Manor, Sanford _ 91 Carter. Anne HnllmL-MVorth. Walnut Cove ' M-154 Carter. Annie Mae, 2646 S. Mam St Winston-Salem . 91 Carter. Bernice C Beaverdam Rd.. Asheville Washington, D. C- 210 Rhode Island Ave.. N. E., Virginia Elizabeth. 339 Albright Ave.. Graham.. Caudill, Rose Zell, 310 C Street. North " wilkesboro " Bessemer City 325 Burkemont Ave.. Morgantoiv. Causby. Mark Chamnion, Constance. Mooresboro Chandler. Dorothv Eugenia, 55 Mildred St.. W Asheville 91 " ndler. M " hel C . Rout° 2 Vifgilina Va 91 Elvira. Henderson Cheek. Jime Andrews. 227 E. Rosemary St . Chanel Hill 126 Cherry. Billie Roderick N. Main St.. Scotland Neck 19-126 Cherry. Martha Rob. N. Main St.. Scotland Neck T it. Lena. Seve Childs. Marv Elizabeth, 1205 Walker Ave., Greensboro ..!!.. t. . Mtirf reesboro Murfreesboro.. Clark, Doris. 1917 Alexander Rd.. ... Clark, Helen. 1451 N Hamilton, High Point Clark, Jov. KannaDolis Rd Concord Clark. Margaret, Route 4 Durham Clarke Barbara. 271 Clark St.. Auburn N Y Winet-nn-Salem 91-: •.nel Hill Greensboro Clements. Mary Louise. 512 Sixth St.. North Wilkesboro Cnne. Constance Gertrude. Route 3. Box 55. Concord Newton Cline. Sue. Taylorsville 499. Greensboro Cobb. Cobb. Doris. 54 Hull Ave, " " abeth. 20m Elizabeth Av S. Asoen St.. Lincolnton Cochrane. Mary Agnes. 406 S. Aspen St.. Lincolnton 91 Coggins, Bettv Jane, Route 1. Swannanoa i?n Cohen, Bern ire Arden. 11R S. Green St.. stntesvlle 126 Cohen. Dorothv Nan. 325 Bluemont Ave.. Ghent, Roanoke Va 126 Cohen. Harriet. 800 Arbor Rd . Winston-Salem 126 Cohen, Svlvia Helena. 118 S Green St.. Statesville ! Coker. Carol vn Elizabeth, 618 Scott Ave., Greensboro 31 203 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury Cole. Martha Virginia. Denton _ Cole. Sarah Louise. Butters Coleman, Meta Dorothv, 635 A Ill Rd.. Raleigh Ct.. Roanoke. Va. Route I. Henderson — Colllson. Helen. 708 Fifth Ave. Greensboro " Jean E.. 2013 Washington St Bhiefl d W Va 35 lder, Virginia Lee 705 W Ma ' n St. Ehzabeth Citv 1 " -; Conboy, Evelvn Marv. Old Bna.rcliff Rd. Scarborough N Y ?s ™ Mock. 1002 Kenan St . Wilson 109-112 ise. 715 N, Fulton St. Salisbury 34 •ivrfe ROl Eastern Ave,. Rockv Mount l?fi Cook. Nora Lee. 502 Central Ave.. Burlington Cooke, Jean 218 Hart Blvd., Staten Island N Y Cooke, Lucille. 19 Marion St., Clover. S C Cooke, Ruth. 218 Hart Blvd.. Staten Island, N. Y._ Om Hundred St 1 STUDEflT Dl RECTO RY-fi-a-J 01 Twycfcenham St., Greensboro Cooling. Ruth Wilhelmina, ' Kavnaid lilw.i ., Wilmington, Del. 121 ire Ave . Trenton. N J 112-16 Dobson 121 Cooper. Frances, 8 N. Magnolia. Forest City 91 Coppedge, Eva Frances. Weldon rks Rd.. Wilson Wilmington St.. Washington. N. Corbitt. Evelyn. 605 W. Second Corpening, Grace. Box 4. Nebo Couch. Frances Jean. 6241 N 21: Cousins. Hazel Leona. Enfield Covington. Betty. Box Cox. Eugenia McW.. Jurney St.. Mount Oliv- Cox, Helen. 203 E. Spruce St.. Goldsboro Cox. Janet Elizabeth. 203 Tate St.. Greensboro Cox. Jean McAhster. Woodlawn. Va Cox, Julia Eugenia. Bethania Rd., Winston-Salem Cox. Kathryn, Fremont... Cox, Marguerite Marie. 1311 Cox, Mary Ada. 106 E. J?.me Cox. Melba Vann, Route 1. Cox. Nancy. Nashvil " Cox. Virglni: Car: 126 1139. Greensboro 37 Crabtree. Mary Lou. Route 2. Hillsboro Hd 126 Crandall. Emily Potter. 780 Riverside Dr.. New York N. Y 113 Cresswell, Frances Azilee. Mnncure 126 Crews, Eugenia Pace. 308 Windsor St.. Monroe 126 Cricklev. Anne, Macon. N C 126 Crooks, Phyllis Johnston. 386 S Union St.. Concord 18-10-37-77 17-19-37 Crooks. Sara. 33 Academy St.. Concord Cross. Elizabeth. 83 S. Sonni St . Concord Crowder. Ruth. Box 22, I.attimore Crowder, Sara Atwater, 1620 St Mary ' s St.. Raleigh 21-37-158-159 Crumpler, Elizabeth. 204 Sycamore St., Clinton Crumpler, Mary Jennette. Sycan 37-158 Culpepper, Sarah Virginia. 4435 N Pershing Ave., Arlington. Va.-92 Cummings. Mary Elizabeth. Route 3, High Point 113 Kenneth St., Skokie. 111.-20-36-63-151 Daniel. Hattie Tavlor. Littleton.. Daniel, Ruth, Route 2. Elm Citv Daniels, Mary. 912 Henlev PI.. Charlotte „ Darden. Beatrice. 1314 Fort Bragg Rd., Fayetteville Darden, Susan, 110 Park Ave., Wilson„_ Dark. Emmie Crawford. Siler City Davenport, Loraine, Mills Home. Thomasville... Daughertv, Virginia, 155 Craven St., New Bern Davis. Barbara Burlington, 129 Hardy Ave.. Norfolk. Va.. Davis, Dorothy Virginia. Route 2. Salisbury ... Davis. Elinor Cole, 118 E. Miller St.. Salisbury....— Davis. Elizabeth. Manteo Davis. Elizabeth Ruth, 105 Pine St. Boone Davis, Frances Conway, Mount Vallev Farm Raccoon Ford. Davis, Helen Blanche. 20 Tallassee St.. Badin Davis. Jean Crichton. Warrenton Juliette, Burgaw__ Davis. Marian, 2204 Sherwood Ave Greensboro Davis. Martha Lea. 20 Tallassee St . Badin Davis. Mary Elizabeth, 846 Summit Ave.. Westfield. N J Davis. Mary Elizabeth, 406 Hrgrovo St.. Lexington Davis. Mary Frances, Connellv Springs Davis. Mary Jo, Route 5. Lexington - Nancv Bumngton. 129 Hardv Ave.. Norfolk. Va. Day. Edna Muriel. Oriental.. Day. Miriam. Spruce Pine_ Dean. Ayahleen. Colfax _ Deaton. Elizabeth Sherrill 412 Davie Ave . Statesville DeBoe. Sarah Jane 608 Summit Ave . Greensboro...- .. de Castrique. Cecile. 1300 Sheffield Ave Aliquinoa Pi. Deck. Jean Sterns. 69 Highbrook Ave . Pelham. N. Y. Dees, Eula Mae, Bayboro Dees. JoseDhine. Fremont Dellinger. Marie, Cherrvville Dellinger. Willie. Main St . Lowell Denning. Helen Frances. 907 E Mulberry St.. Goldsbort Dent. Mary Agnes, 25 E Braddnrk Rd.. Alexandria. V: Dentiste. EsDie. 424 N. Spring St . Greensboro Derby. Jean Elizabeth, Trvon Dermid, Emma Olive, 223 Ashewood Rd.. Henderson vl De Voe. Victoria Jean, 57 Reckless PI Red Bank. N. J. 7 Dicks. Bettie. 407 Leake St Rockingham Dickson. Ruth Jean. Route 3 Pluntield. N. J Dillard. Betsv Brooks. 134 Fie ' dcrest Rd.. Draper Dillingham. Norma. Barnardsville Dilts, Elizabeth, £20 Urban Ave.. Durham Dixon. Bettv Isabella Care Montaldo ' s. Wuiston-Sa Dixon. Martha H., 208 S M-.L nvp ; n St.. Kmston Dobbins, Barbara Jean. 907 Fairmont St., Greensboi Dobbins, Grace Cordelia. Yadkinville Dobbins. Nancy, Yadkinville 19-92-158-159 Dog,?e 24oa Jan Downey. Doras. 176 Summit Ave Upoer Montclaii Dozier, Norma. 122 S. Franklin St . Ro kv Mount Drew. Beverlv Winter, 60 Strawberrv Hill Stamford. Conn Drvsdale, Bettv Anne. 550 Fleming St. Hendersonville Duke. Nita Mae. 1620 Battleground Ave. Greensboro Duls, Mary Louisa, 2105 Vail Ave.. Charlotte Duncan, Bettie Jean. Forest Citv Dunla.p, Armantine. 6 Hall St . Wadesboro Dunlao. Helen. Star Route Carthage..., Dunlap, Jean C. 9 Willowdale Court. Mo tclair. N. J. _ . Dunnagan. Mildred, 822 LockN.nd Ave. Winston-Sa ' em . . Dunstan. Sarah Elizabeth 1005 St Patrick St., Tarboro Duomi, Mildred, Asheville Durham. Mary Susan. Franklin St., Chaoel Hill.. Page No. Eaker, Betty, Lawndale— 127 Earle. Virginia Scott. 2005 Rolling Rd.. Greensboro 5-127 Earlie. Pamelia. 331 Mclver St.. Greensboro 92 Easlev, Evelyn Harris, 930 N. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem 41 East. Janet, Weldon 127 Edgar. Shirley Ray. Ill Oak Hurst Dr., Statesville 112 Edgerton, Ann Dixon, 810 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro 112 Edgerton, Gertrude. 1304 Evergreen Ave., Goldsboro ..127 Edmiston, Mary Ann, 209 Broadfast Ave., Fayetteville 133 Edmunds, Nancy Barksdale, 2701 Dula.ney Ave.. Lynchburg, Va ...127 Edwards. Annette. Peachland -127 Edwards, Eleanor Anne. 38 Lawrence PI., Asheville 40 Edwards, Betty Agnes, Snow Hill ...112 Edwards, Kathrvn Robinson. Bmx r L3. Ni ' wpnrt 127 Edwards, Mary Virginia. 1881 Runnvmede Rd.. Wtnston-Salem._93 Edwards. Ruth Elizabeth, 207 King St., Morganton __127 Efland. Stella. Efland. N. C 93 Eifort, Ruth Emily, West End.__„ 112 Eller. Jane Elizabeth, 709 Asheboro, Greensboro 113 Elliott. Paxton, 502 S. Hayne St.. Monroe 93 Elliott. Shirley Robertson. Woodland _ 40 Ellis, Ann Vaden. 212 Hyland Ave., Hamlet 127 Ellis, Molly B.. Raleigh Rd.. Henderson 93 Elmore. Lucy Dunn. Church St.. Scotland Neck 127 Emerson, Mary Helen. 144 Lakeview Ave, Cambridge. Mass. 17-93-145 Epley. Katherine. Old Fort _ 41 Erwin, Pansy, Newland - 41 Eskey. Kathrvn. 429 Sherwood Ave.. Roanoke. Va 1!3 F-tes. Hazel M " e l os Wall St., Durham 113 Estes, Irma. 1006 McGee St.. Greensboro 113 Ethendge. Hallie Walker, Whitakers 113 Etheridtte, Lynda Ruth. M?.in St.. Whitakers.. . . 113 Eudy, Virginia. 104 N. George Ave . Concord 113 Emi-p. Dorothy Pitt man. Highland Park. Beaufort Eutsler, Nancy Nelson, Brunswick 133 Evans, Elizabeth, St. Pauls.... .127 Evans, Kathryn. 31 Columbia Ave.. Lynchburg. Va. 113-159 Evans, Rachel, Spring St., Murfreesboro _ 113 Fairbanks. Lucille, 27 Broadway, Freehold. N. J. Falkner. Ann Minerva, 160 Young Av Henderson 112 Fant. Elizabeth, 2427 Crescent Ave Ext.. Charlotte ..._ 112 Fant. Margaret, 2427 Crescent Ave. Ext . Charlotte 93 Farlow. Lydia Lee. Sophia _. -127 Farmer. Beatrice, Norwood 112 Farmer. Marion Vernelle. 701 N. Fulton St.. Salisbury 127 Marjorie Marie. 209 S. Franklin St . Rocky Mount 127 Farthing, Josephine. Sugar Grov Faulkner. Frances White 204 E. Blount St.. Kinston _93 Feiker, June M.. 141-12 78th Ave.. Flushing. N. Y 20-41 Ferguson. Elizabeth. Waynesville . . 41 Ferguson. Ruth. Bryson City_ Ferrell. Doris. 403 Elizabeth St.. Durham 127 Ferris. Jane. 203 Wiley St.. Greensboro —113 Few, Louise Hodges, Rid gee rest PI . Hendersonville 93 F ' cker, Marv Dodue, Brookside Park Greenwich. Conn. 127 Fldler, Bettie Rowland. 641 Fountain PI.. Burlington 127 Fife. Anita Shelton 1320 1 ? W. Market St . Greensboro 93 Fishel. Katherine. ?n« Simnvside Ave. Wmston-SMem 113 Fisher. Anna Elizabeth, Route 6, Box 111. Greensboro 41-145 Fisher. Eunice Mclver. Route 3. Box 1S8. Rockv Mount 127 Fisher. Nannie R e Route 3. Ro ky Mount 127 Flanagan. Joan, 3333 N. Charles St . Baltimore. Md. 40-163 Flandreau, Judith, 29 Dale Ave.. Allend-le. N. J. 93 Flanigan. Johnsie Virginia. 425 Walnut St . Statesville 113-139 Flowers. Dorothy Belle. Route 1, Box 58A. Council 93 Flovd. Louise. 306 Salem St.. Thomasville . in Fluck. Anna Meredith, 813 St. Patrick St. Tarboro .... 93 Flynn. Edna Crawford, 8 Green Court Apts Washington. N. C.-127 Folger. Cherry. 24 DuDont Ave.. White Plai Folger. Florence Elizabeth. Dobson Fonville. Margaret Mclver. 413 N. Mam St . Forbes. Susan, 1006 Branch St., Wilson Ford. Virginia Carolvn. 12(1 E. Ocean Ave.. Fordham, Pat, 1043 W Market St.. Greensboro... Forster. Grace Elizabeth. 1924 Sunset Dr. Raleigh Norfolk. Va Greensboro Fortune, Eloise. 3014 Collier Dr. Foscue. Lina Elizabeth, Trenton. Foster, Laura Belle. Norlina..„_._._ Fountain, Frances. Richlands Foushee. Mary Ann. Pinecroft Rd . Greensboro Fowler, Jamie. 1604 N. College Park Dr.. Greensboro.. Fowler, Julia, Pilot Mountain Fowler. Lois. Hamlet Fox. Fronces L.. 501 N. MendenhMl St.. Greensboro Franklin. Emilv S.. 710 Acadia. Ave Winston-Salem Frazier. Ruth. Route 2. Wake Forest Freedman. Muriel, Brookwood, Burlington .. Freehof. Joan P.. 335 E. 18th St.. Brooklyn. N. Y Freeman, Marv Blanche, Norwood Freeman. Phvllis. Box A, Greensboro. . French. Dorothy 94 Sunnyside Ave Pleasantvtlle. N 1 Friddle. Mary Elizabeth, Walnut Cove Fried. Marilyn Jane, 32 N. Wood Lane, Woodmere. N. Y Fritts. Wanda, Route 1, Lexington Fritz Kittv Lee, 323 S. Cox St., Asheboro Frostick Helen, Maxton.— . Fryer, Carolyn Virginia. 202 N Ninth St.. Wilmington Fulk, Virginia Pilnt Mountain Fiirr. Dorothy. N. Main Ave.. Newton.. .42-139-149-169 Gaddy, Lorena. Lassiter Mill Rd.. Raleigh.. Martin. 104 Phillips St.. Trnbnro Garber, Elizabeth Jean. 412 Hillside Dr., Greensboro __.. Gardner, Dora Hermine. 83 Cedar St.. Concord Gardner, Jane. 118 Pierce St., Washington. N. C Gardner, Nancy Young, 610 S. Chester St.. Gastonia-— _ Garner. Caroline, 1924 Bay St., Charlotte _ Dysart, Mary Lee, 144 Prospect St., Lenoir Gaston, Mary Hill. 830 S. York St., Gastonia George, Dimitra, 723 N. 4th St., Wilmington. Gibson, Christine Odum. Laurinburg Gibson, Emma Lee. Route No, 1, Launnbun Gibson, Helen. 405 Howell St.. High Point. Gilbert. Irene. 808 Park Ave.. Norfolk. Va.. Gilbert, Jane. 18 MaDle Terrace. Maplewood, N. J Gilchrist, Hazel Beville, Route No. 1. Brown Summit ... Gilchrist, Maui-, Elizabeth, Brown Sun Gill. Sarah, Kittrell Gillespie, Anna Lockwood. Hartsvitle. Gillespie, Marie. Park Avenue, Spray- Eleanor Y.. Glenn, Ethel Lorraine. 228 W, Edenton St., Glenn. Mildred. 649 E Court St.. Marion. - Glover, Ann. 205 W. Horah St.. Salisbury Gordon, Patricia Lynch, Four Oaks Gorman, Mary T.. 236 Sulphur Springs Rd.. Asheville... Goslen, Betty, 220 S. Church St.. Winston-Salem Grace. Jane A,. Box 131. Hazelwood— Grady, Carolyn. 212 W. Trinity Ave., Durhan Grady, Lelia Swink, Kenly_ Graham. Anna Devin. 135 Military St.. Oxford Graham. Charlotte Rose. 303 Lindell Rd., Greensboro... Graham. Helen Irene, Clyde__ Mary Agnes. Box 55, Peachland ... Mary. Cleveland Grandy, Mary Gibson, Laurinburg 9 Grant. Edith Margaret. 41 Pulliam St.. Marion - _ Grant. Harriet Spivey. Rich Square Grantham. Margaret. 2701 Camden Rd., Greensboro Graveley. Virginia, 724 W. Main St., Washington, N. C Graves. Caroline Foust, 3128 Westmoreland Ave.. Charlotte ._ Graves. Sara, Kernersville Graves. Zadie Allegra. Denim Station, Box 42. Greensboro Gray, Katherine. 309 N. 16th St.. Wilmington Greene, Ruth Elizabeth. Route No. 1. Clvde Greer. Ruth Elaine. Route No. 2, Lexington 9 ' Gregory, Jean, Halifax Gregory II. Jessie Wvnns. Halifax Grier. Winifred Allene, 206 S, 2nd St., Smithfield Grier, Lucille Cross. 707 S. York St.. Gastonia. Mary Frances. York Rd,. Charlotte „ . .... Williamston Griffin, Janet Anderson, 201 E. End Ave.. Statesville. Griffin, Margaret Perry. 107 Granville, Edenton Grigg, Dorothy. 607 W. Marion St.. Grimsley, Cynthia. Francis Hotel, Winston-Salem.. Wanda Taylor. Madison Grunwell, Margaret Marv. 1708 Vanier Place. N. W-, Washington. D. C._ 127 Gueth. Dorothy, 707 E. Lexington Ave.. High Point 43 Guilbert. Anne. Woodleigh Rd.. Dedham, Mass 94-154 Guin. Margaret Elizabeth. 826 N. Elm Street. Greensboro— 127 Guion. Harriet Lane. 99 E. Front St.. New Bern 113 Gulledge. Evelyn, Morven 113 Gunn. Mary Elizabeth. South Boston, Va.__ 127 Gupton. Jessie Courtney. Route No. 2. Pittsboro 94 Gurley, Elizabeth . Guthrie, Cora D.. Vanceboro.. Guy. Jane, Newland Gyles, Elsie Mae, 132 Woodburn Rd.. Raleigh... _94 Hackney, Josephine Snipes, Box No. 8, Lucama.. Haft, Norma Grace, 211 Central Park West. New York. N, Y. Water St.. Boone_ Hall. Charlotte Lee. 807 Elwell Av. Hall. Doris. Woodsdale Hall. Gloria Lee. 710 Parker St.. Hall. Henrietta, Mount Ulla Hall. Martha, Church St.. Scotland Neck. Hall. Mary Louise. 2529 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh. Tate St., Greensboro.. Halligan. Betty. 310 S. 16th St.. Wilmington.. Hambright. Rachel R.. Route No. I. Huntersville Hambv, Martha Ellen. 505 Main St.. Boone Hamilton, Virginia. 184 Middle St.. New Bern- Hammer, Marv Louise. Katherine Ave.. Red Bank. N. J.. Haincrick. Carolyn, Ellenboro... Hamerick, Margaret. Route No. 3, Shelby Hamrick, Sara Mundy. 849 W. Marion St.. Shelby- Hancock, Mary Alice. Leaksville Hand. Barbara, Chadbourn Hand, Margery Elaine, 46 Mapes Ave., Nutley. N. Haney, Evelyn, Laurel Hill Hanks. Juliana, 314 Tate St.. Greensboro Hannah, Ethel Tatum, Route No. 1. Linwood_ Hanson. Evelyn Gould, Central El Ejemplo. Humacao. Hanson, Mary Emma. 208 W. Fisher St.. Sali: Hardaway. Jane, Lake Summit. Tuxedo Hardee. Grace Margaret. 319 E. Trinity Ave.. Harden. Margaret, 1201 Washington St,, Roar Hardin, Jean Aubrey. 1036 Rockford Rd.. Higr Hardison, Sarah Locke. 915 Holt Dr., Raleigh— Hargrove. Irma Delle, 1030 Anthony St.. Burlington Harper. Ida. 700 Sycamore St.. Rocky Mount- Harper, Nannie Harrell. Margif Harrill. Sadie Aileen. Patterson Springs Harrington. Barbara Anne, 154 Maynard Rd.. Framingham Centre. Mass. _ . . Greenville . Spencer. Aberdeen _ Harris. Catherine, Catawba Harris, Eva Brinklev. 112 Grubb St.. Hertford Harris, Henrie. 824 Carolina Ave . Winston-Salem Harris, Katherine Estelle, 940 Martin St., Greensboro.. Hp.rris. Lorraine, 2703 University Dr.. Durham Harris. Martha Rachel. Sherwood . Harris. Marv Cary. Inez Harris. Marv Ellen. Route 4. Shelby Harris. Mary Will. Bahamas One Hundred Seventy-seven STUDENT DIRECTORY---- - Page No. Harris, Nan Lacy. Wake Forest — Harris. Nancv Lewis. Inez — Harris, Virginia Durham. 207 Hillcrest Ave.. Fayetteville .._.. 127 Harrison. Evelyn. Whitakers 45 Harrison. Helen Katherine. 223 Washington St.. Plymouth 44 Harrison. Mamie Louise. 104 Edward St.. Greenville. S. C 95 Harrison. Rachel. 511 Yadkin Ave.. Spencer 133 Hart. Nellie Blanche. Route 3. Oxford — __ 44 Harward. Carolvn Newton. 613 S. Duke St.. Durham__ -115 Hatch. Jeanne Elizabeth, 601 Pilot Ave.. Fayettev_ le___ 95-127 Hatch. Marv Louise, Endor St., Sanford- 127 Hatfield. Anna Juanita, 474 West St.. Annapolis, Md 19-127 Hauser. Anna Rue, Box 449. Mount Airy 45 Hauser. Pettv Jo. 227 Woodrow Ave.. High Point — Hawley, Elizabeth Coble. 108 N. William St.. Goldsboro 115 Haves. Eleanor, Elkin __ 127 Havman. Dorothv. 4809 Virginia Ave., Newport News. Va — - — Havnes, Alvce Wavne, Welcome . 115 Havnes. Grace Frasier. 625 Maupin Ave.. Salisbury 95 Haynes. Virginia Louise, 1606 West End Place. Greensboro ... 115 HazeLman. Florabel, 104 Virginia Ave., Asheville 127 Heath, Sarah Elizabeth. Harmony 45-159 Heilner. Louise Smith, 08 Edgewood Ave.. Pelham M anor, N. Y. 114 Hembv, Hazel Lou. Ayden_ 127 Hendnx. Betty Lanelle. 616 Arlington St.. Greensboro — Hendrix. Dorothv, 616 Arlington St., Greensboro 45 Hennessee. Carroll, Pinehurst 45 Henning, Marv Ann, 422 S, 4th St Albemarle 114 Henry. Doreen. 705 South St.. Peekskill. N. Y 45 Herbin, Jeanne Elizabeth. 522 Tate St.. Greensboro , — — Herring, Rachel Dickson, Raleigh Rd.. Favetteville 95 Herring, Rebecca. Route 6, Favetteville 95 Hessee Edith. 1007 Dacian Ave., Durham —133 Hetz. Marjorie. Clark Lane. South Hills. Charleston. W. Va._.46 Hewitt. Marv Wood. 799 South St.. Portsmouth. N. H 109-114 Hevn. SoDhia Elizabeth Mano Manca PL. Caguas, Puerto Rico_ 114 Hiatt. Patricia. Pilot Mountain 115 Hicks. Barbara. 3918 Livingstone Ave., N. W., Washington. D. C. 115-163 Hicks. Frances Helene. 403 Oakridge Ave.. Favetteville . 127 Hicks, Marv. 304 N. George St.. Goldsboro 115 Hicks. Mattille. Ill Hillsboro St.. Franklinton .95 Higdon, Eva Viola. Webster 95 Highfill, Loraine, Coats 46 EQghsmith, Ann. Randleman Rd.. Box 152. Greensboro 95 Highsm ith. Betsv, Randleman Rd.. Box 152. Greensboro 127 Hilderman, Helen Long, 84 E. Massachusetts Ave., Southern Pines 95 Hill. Julia Ragsdale. Receneur Cottage, Silver Hills, New Albany, Ind 115 Hill, Lillie, Yadkinville 47 Hill. Pauline. Yadkinville 115 Hill. Ruth Evelvn, Smithfield __— _ — 95 Hiiliard. Mary Elizabeth. 35 Hillcrest Rd., Framingham. Mass. -127 Hilton, Hilda E . Walkertown 47 Hine, Margaret Eloise. Reynolds Rd., Winston-Salem 47 Hinelv. Marv Jane, White Bluff. Savannah. Ga _ 127 Hines, Miriam. 212 N. 23rd St.. Wilmington -95 Hinkle. Amelia. 528 S. Main St., Lexington 47 Hinshaw. Miriam Alice. 3700 E. Bessemer Ave., Greensboro— 47 Hinson, Jean Downes. 174 8th Ave.. Cramerton 127 Hinson. Joyce Irene. 200 Wilson Ct., Chapel Hill , 127 Hipp. Martha Elizabeth, 402 Victoria St., Greensboro 115 Hobbs, Margie, S Main, Laurinburg __ — . 115 Hodgm, Andora. 150 Allen St.. Buffalo. N. Y 115-159 Hodgin, Margaret Frances, 1007 Bellevue St.. Greensboro _115 Hodgin, Sara. Route 4. Greensboro . — .. 115 Heffler, Marv Bland. Wallace 95 Hoffman, Florence Shirley. 63 Pleasant St-. Brookline. Mass. 127 Hoffman, Margaret Carolyn, Route 1. Guilford College— 127 Hogan. Gavnelle, Ellerbe 46 Hohn. Fleta Mae. Route 3, Greensboro 46 Hohn. Lois. Route 3. Greensboro 114 Hoke. Dorothy. Gold St.. Kings Mountain . 47-152 Holcombe. Jane Garland, Cottonade Farm. Fayetteville . 47 Holden. Lorena Grav. No. 2 Justall Ct. Apts.. Greensboro — Holland, Elizabeth Smith. Carolina Ave.. Gastonia 127 Holland. Rosemary. 516 Fenton PL, Charlotte 114-155 Hollevman, Joan, F2 Irving Park Manor. Greensboro _ _ J.33 Hollingsworth, Grace Garner, 1113 Park Ave. B, Goldsboro. ..19-47 Etollingsworth. Ruth Carolvn, 1113 Park Ave. B. Goldsboro 127 Hollister. Barbara. 134 Fountain St., Springfield. Mass 47-145 Hollowell. Margaret F.. 625 Hill St.. Rockv Mount _ 47 Holmes. Annie Lanier. Care Mr. E. P. Holmes, No. 12 Hawkins Ave.. Sanford 95 Holmes. Gabrielle Gibbs, 311 N. 3rd St.. Wilmington 133 Holmes, Janet. 91 Hudson Ave., Red Bank, N. J.._ ........18-19-114 Holmes. Jean Barbara. 206 E. 5th St., Burlington. 115-151-159 Holmes. Marv Louise. North Elm St.. Lun.ber.on _ 95 Holmes, Rosalie. Snow Hill 95 Holmes. Sarah Poole, 304 Aberdeen Terrace. Greensboro 127 Holmstine Eleanor Elaine, 202 Ferguson Ave,. Hilton Village. Va. 127 Holt. Bettv Morris. 1103 Brookwood, Burlington 115-159 Holt. Margaret Fay, 2010 Vallev Park Dr.. Greensboro 95 Holt, Margaret. 934 Bramlev Rd.. Charlotte — Holt. Marv Elizabeth. Route 1. Princeton , 46-115 Honevcutt, Margaret Green. 720 N. Bloodworth St.. Raleigh 46 Honeycutt, Martha Elizabeth. Route 1. Stanfield 47 Hooke, Eleanor Janice. 1002 Fairmont St.. Greensboro 21-95-99 Hood, India, Richlands _ 115 Hoover. Helen. 418 S. Main St.. Lenoir.-.. .... . 115-161 Hope M Elaine 1526 Monsev Ave.. Scranton, Pa. _ ..47 HoDkins. Bettv B.. Forsyth Rd., Sedgefield. Greensboro. .6-47-150-166 Hopkins, Marv Frances. 48 W. Depot St.. Concord— 47 Hopper. Sarah. 234 Washington St.. Leaksville __ 95-15 Hornaday, Betty Eleanor, Tabernacle Rd.. Greensboro 19-95 Horwitz. Betty, 412 Newbern Ave.. Raleigh 115 House. Esther, Robersonville 127 House, Sallv Anne. Thelma 127 Hovis, Martha Ann. 308 W. Washington Ave., Bessemer Citv 127 Howard. Mary Elizabeth. 2015 Club Blvd.. Durham 133 Howell. Bettv Drake. Seaboard. 127 Howell. Margaret Elaine. Llllington ,. 133 Howell. Mary Frances. 150 Cumberland Ave. Asheville 47-159-161 Howie. Jeanne. 118 Altondale Ave.. Aot, 6 Charlotte. 133 Howser, Betty Louise, 410 W. 11th St.. Charlotte ___ 95 Hoyle, Grace Harris. Route 2, Henderson 115 Hubbard, Janet, 2105 Oake Ave., Newport News. Va 95 Hudson, Bettv. Route 4. Salisbury.- _ 115 Hudson. Charlotte. 883 Boulevard East. Weehawken. N. J 48 Hudson. Marguerite, Llllington __ __ 48 Hudson. Mary. 102 Morehead St.. Morganton____„ 49 Huffman. Mildred. 105 Riverside Dr., Morganton ... 95 Huggins. Frances Warren, Clayton 127 Hughes. Anne G.. Route 1, New Bern , . 95 Hughes. Carrie Ola. Snow Hill 49 Hume. Charlotte Selick. Apt. 3. Irving Park Manor. Greensboro 115 Humphrey, Eva Ruth. Route 1, Rennert .___ 127 Huneycutt. Martha. Route 1. Stanfield . — Hunkele Lois Ann. 65 S, Harrison St.. East Orange. N. J 114 Hunt. Ellen Green. Box 254 Wake Forest 114 Hunt. Margaret Elizabeth. 426 S. Main St.. Lexington 49 Hunter. Audrey Adair, 7401 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn. N. Y. 114 Hunter, Mary Belle. Nebo __ _ 127 Hunter, Mary Frances. 3200 Park Rd., Charlotte 127 Hunter, Virginia. 401 S. Edgeworth St.. Greensboro 127 Hurst, Jule Hunter. 2538 Selwvn Ave.. Charlotte 114 Huss. Lillian Roberta. 1915 Kenwood Ave., Charlotte 127 Hutton, Lois Jane. 602 W. Gaston St.. Greensboro „ _ 115 Hyatt. Evelyn, Ahoskie 127 Page No. Hyatt, Nancy. 607 Irving St.. Winston-Salem __ 127 Ingram, Nancv Hall, Lilesville . 127 Irvin, Elizabeth Anne, Box 328. Balboa, Canal Zone 115 Irving. Frances Scott, 310 Woodbine Ct., Greensboro — IsenhoUT, Jane. 1534 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte 11!.S-1_7 Isreal. Irene, 1904 Walker Ave., Greensboro - 115-161 Ivey, Elizabeth Gaston, 1024 Pee Dee Ave.. Albemarle 125-127 — J— Jackson. Elizabeth. 307 Fifth St., Gastonia __ __49 Jackson. Marilyn. 54 Nairn Place, Newark, N. J — ___________ 127 Jackson. Mildred. 516 S. Avcock St., Greensboro.- 49 Jackson. Nancv Lee. 314 W. Thomas St.. Salisbury 96 Jacobs. Virginia. 107 Craven St.. New Bern_ .. .. 127 James. Alice, 301 W. Church St., Laurinburg — — James, Marv Elizabeth. 523 Hammond St., Rockv Mount 96 James. Winston, S. Main St.. Laurinburg ...5-16-19-48-63 Jardine. Elizabeth Isabel, Condor Mine. Waxhaw 95 Jarvis, Luna. Movock _ 115 JefTress. Sarah Clark. 208 Irving Place. Greensboro — Jennings. Marv Annie. 1623 Dilworth Rd. W. , Charlotte 127 Jernigan. Jean, 218 Mitchell Ave.. Salisbury 127 Jesnak, Martha Anne, E Harden St., Graham 115 Jinnette, Edwina Mae, 315 E. Chestnut St.. Goldsboro____ _127 Johnson, Arlene, Route 3, Mount Airy . —127 Johnson. Barbara Godwin, 302 W. 79th St., New York, N. Y. 17-19-48 Johnson, Betty. 124 Alleghany St.. Clifton Forge, Va ..49-152-167 Johnson, Betty G.. Route 1, Lillington 49 Johnson. Bettv Louise, 1905 Rolling Rd . Greensboro _96 Johnson, Chase. 1304 E. Mulberry St.. Goldsboro _.._.._... 96-153 Johnson. Clara Lee. Route 1. Lillington . 134 Johnson. Corinne. 1504 Glenwood Ave., Greensboro __127 Johnson. Susan Elizabeth. Mayodan 96 Johnson, Irma Louise, Route 4. Box 34. Marion 49 Johnson. Jean Eleanor, Care Glenn R. Johnson. WCNUC, Greensboro 115 Johnson, Jeane T.. 403 McGlohon St., Ahoskie ___134 Johnson. Katherine Richardson. 220 E. 10th St., Scotland Neck 96 Johnson. Lola Male. 1402 Rankin St.. Wilmington _. .96 Johnson. Louise. Gaston 127 Johnson. Margaret. 1906 Brantley St.. Winston-Salem .7-49-96-161 Johnson, Marjory Wilson, Bunn 49 Johnson. Mary Frances, Box 741, Friendly Rd.. Route 7. Greensboro . ________ 145 Johnson, Rachel. 1328 W. 4th St.. Winston-Salem 49 Johnson, Sylvia Hope. 500 Church St., Greensboro : — Johnston, Bettv Rosemond, King St., Hillsboro ... 115 Johnston, Dorothy Lorraine, 1915 E. 24th St , Brooklyn, N. Y.....127 Johnston, Edna Anne. 19 Westgate Rd.. Asheville 96 Jones. Anna Reid, 517 Tate St., Greensboro 127 Jones. Carolyn, 1101 Johnson St.. High Point _ 127 Jones, Carolyn Tyson, Route 1. Kinston__ 127 Jones. Charlotte. 4 E. Main St.. Plymouth—... 96-159 Jones, Doris. Route 1. Greensboro 115 Jones. Dorothea Quelch 2520 Market St., Wilmington 115 Jones, Frances Earle, Plymouth 127 Jones, Frances Fay. 160 ' Craven St.. New Bern 1 127 Jones. Frances Lee. 302 Vance St.. Lenoir .. 114 Jones. Katherine Isabel, 106 ' 2 Craven St., New Bern 48 Jones. Margaret Graves. 407 W. Fourth St.. Greenville 127 Jones. Margaret Elizabeth, Route 1. Reidsville 48-63-162-163 Jones. Marsden Alford. 203 E. Talluloh Dr., Greenville. S. C — 127 Jones, Marv Ellsworth. Wallace ... _114 Jordan. Carolvn Huntington. Elizabethtown .. 49-153-169 Jordan, Elizabeth Box 220, Carolina Beach .... 96 Jordan. Frances Ray. Route 2. Dalton. Ga _ 127 Jordan. Nancv Young, 510 Lee St., Gastonia, 127 Jordan. Patience. 319 Riverside Dr.. Belhaven 49 Jorgensen. Jean. 141 E. 44th St.. New York, N. Y — Joyce. M. El well. Stoneville 114-127-161 Joyner. Emily A.. 630 Fount?. in Place. Burlington. _ 134 Joyner. Frances S,. Route 2. Wilson _ 49 Joyner, Miriam S. Route 2. Wilson._ . 127 June. Dorothv Elizabeth. Turn of River Rd.. Stamford. Conn. — 127 Justice, Catherine. Canton 49 — K— Kale, Joyce Elmore, 15. 1 Sixteenth St., Greensboro , . , — Kaplan. Sheila. 1107 W Market St.. Greensboro 127 Kassler. Ethel Ellen. 543 Victoria Ave.. Gaffnev. S. C. 49 Katzenberg, Nancv. 4902 N. 12th St. Philadelphia. Pa. 114-161 Kearney, De Lon. 612 Sycamore St.. Rockv Mount 96-161 Keel, Frances, 325 Nash St., Rockv Mount 96-153 Keeter, Harriet Ann, Morganton 115 Keeter, Georgia. C?.re State HosDital. Morganton_ 4-52-167 Keeter, Jeane Rogers, 900 E. Worthington Ave,, Charlotte 96 Keister, Alice — Keister, Jane. 1617 S. College Park Dr., Greensboro ___ _„52 Kellam, Marv Frances, 1705 Lakewood Ave.. Durham 16-96-145 Keller. Mozelle. Route 3. High Point 115 Kellerher. Jean — Kelley, Bobette. 401 Ridgewav Dr.. Greensboro — Kellev, Frances Geraldine Box 201 Tabor Citv 9fi Kellv, Frances Bost Route 1. Salisbury __127 Kellv, Mrs. Juliet, 408 S, Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 96 Kelly. Sue Cathey, Route 1, Waynesville . 127 Kendall, Eleanor. Johns 53 Kendrick. Janet 1010 Fairmont St.. Greensboro.. ..... 115 Kenvon, Sara Finer. Macon 127 Kesler. Ruth Elizabeth Route 1, Cleveland 127 Kessell, Shirley Mae, Hillcrest St., Gastonia 127 Keyes. June Virginia. 443 Tate St., Greensboro 96 Kldd. Annie, Lovingston. Va 115 Kieer. Jp an. 502 Elam Ave.. Greenshoro ______ — Kiluore. Betty Lou 95 Linden Blvd.. Brooklyn, N. Y 96-154 Kil_ »re. Blanche Julia. 95 Linden Blvd , Brooklyn. N. Y _127 Kilipbrew. Margaret Lee, Route 1. Lumberton 115 Killian. Myra. Sue. Granite Falls 53 Kimbrough. Olive. Ansonville 115 Kimel. Jean Lee. 301 Cascade Ave Winston-Salem 134 Kimmel. Jane. 2426 Camden Rd.. Greensboro 127 Kincaid Marv Haves 1779 Micanopv Ave. Miami. Fla 96 King, Betsy. 2422 Elizabeth Ave.. Winston-Salem _96 King Ellen Grace, St. Pauls. . 127 King. Jean Blackwell Pelham _127 King, Hazel Marv. 1918 Nun St., Wilmington 19-96-99-151 King. Mildred Elizabeth, 608 Tarboro St, Rocky Mount 96 King. Nancv Dixon — King. Rachel. St. Pauls . . 51 King Sarah. Route 1. Armfield Farm High Point 127 Kinlaw. Margaret. Route 5, Favetteville . 53 Kirby, Emmalee Elizabeth 3103 W Market St.. Greensboro 96 Klrbv, Nancv. 3601 Park Rd.. Charlotte 87-97-99-158-159-163 Kirkland. Martha Barnes, Raleigh Rd.. Wilson.. 52 Kirkman. Jean — Kirkman. Marian McNeil. Pleasant Garden 115 Kirkman, Marv Hardin, Pleasant Garden 115 Kirkman, Marv Moling. P ' eas nt Garden 97-141 Kirschner. Elaine 139 E Market St.. York Pa 115 Kirschner, Marv Elizabeth 139 E. Market St.. York. Pa, 97 Kittrell, Frances Hinton, 800 E. 5th St. Greenville 127 Klaber. Alice 151 Chestnut St., Montclair N. J._ 127 Kluttz Jane Elizabeth. Box 9 3 Winston-Salem 127 Knight. Bettv Sue. Route 3 Belton. S. C 127 Knott, Carolyn. Route 1. Oxford 97 Knott. Marv Frances Oxford 52-161 Knowles. Miriam, 700 S. Church St.. Rockv Mount — Knox. Doris. 215 Irwin Ave . Charlotte 53 Knox. Sarah Ruth, Bear Poplar 97 Koonce, Nell Russell. 2103 Myrtle Ave.. Rnleig h Koontz. Martha Sink. 328 E. Greenway. Greensboro Kossow, Irene, 2901 Ocean Parkwav. Brooklyn, N. Y.___. Kost. Ruth, 302 Avcock St., Raleigh Kugler. Lucille. 37 Oak St.. Salem. N. J.. Kupferer. Harriet J.. 666 E. 23rd St.. Paterson, N. J.. Kutzleb. Adele. 104 Oak Dr.. Catonsville, Md, Lackey, Aurelia. Route 5, Lenoir _ . 114 Ladner. Charlotte. 12 New St.. Paulsboro, N. J __ 53 Laing, Marguerite Eleanor, 273 W Englewood Ave , W, Englewood 114 Lamb, Billv Joe. Randleman 128 Lambeth. Carmele Cecil. 810 English St.. High Point 97 Lancaster. Dorothv Baker. 107 W. St. John St.. Tarboro 52 Lancaster. Olga Phyllis, lino Eighth St, Durham 134 Landrum, Emogene, Route 4. Box 10, Franklin 128 Laney, Martha Kendrick, 701 S Wavne St, Monroe 128 Langley, Winifred. 501 Hammond St., Rocky Mount 52 Lanham. Gertrude — Lanius. Martha. 1226 Fort Bragg Rd.. Rayetteville 12H LaRochelle, Augustine — Larson. Verna. 110 Morningside Rd.. Verona. N. J _ 53 Lashman. Mrs. Sara Sheppard. 305 Tate St.. Greensboro 97 Latham, Barbara Ruby, 113 W. Jenkins St., Oneida. N. Y 114 Latham. May Gordon. 2009 Renbow Rd., Greensboro____ 134 Laughridge. Elizabeth Hannah, Old Fort 128 Laughndge. Marguerite. Marion. ._ 53-151-158 Laws. Elizabeth, Oxford Rd., Henderson 115 Lawson, Peggy Louise. Weldon 134 Lazarus. Louise Cecelia, 831 Oakland St.. Hendersonville 97 Lazenby. Marguerite 625 W. End Ave.. Statesville 53 Leach, Mary Lois, Troy 97 Leagans. Dorothy Colette. Route 1. Cana_ 128 Learv. Edna Earle, 112 McGloghon, Ahoskie 97 Leazar. Frances McC . 2332 24th St.. S. E. T Washington. D. C..12S Lecka. K.illuvn. Newland 115 Ledbetter. Flora Nancy, 1616 Garden Terrace. Charlotte 97 Ledden. Gertrude MacF rland 324 Gordon St.. Sanford 128 Lee. Anne Keith. 341 55th St.. Newport News. Va 128 Lee. Dorothv Mae, 188 E. Corbin St.. Concord . _ 128 Lee. Hazel Nelle. 714 S Second St., Smithfield 134 Lee. Janice Eleanor. 200 W. Rose St., Smithfield 115 Lee. Jennie Rebecca, 430 W, Gaston St., Greensboro — Lee. Mae Belle. Route 3. Four Oaks 134 Lee, Margaret, Route 1. Waxhaw _.._ 53 Leeper. Mary Eunice, Hiddenite 53 Leftwich. Ruby. Route 7, Winston-Salem . 54 Legare, Josephine Pickens, 903 Maunev Ave., Gastonia 12S Leggett. Jean O,, 814 S. Church St., Rockv Mount ____.— Lehman Carolyn Dean. 123 Brooks Ave., Raleigh. 97 Leigh, Marv Betty — Leiter, Bettv Jane. 305 McCullough St.. Greensboro 115 Lentz. Christine. 1005 Westwood Dr., High Point 97 Leonard. Esta Frankie. 900 W. 5th Ave., Lexington 54 Leonard. Kathrvn, Second Ave., Lexington 128 Levis, Dorothv Imogene, 707 St- Johns Rd.. Baltimore. Md 97 Levis. Katheryne, 707 St Johns Rd., Baltimore. Md .97-99 Lewin, Doris Elinor. 309 Sunset Dr.. Greensboro 115 Lewis, Daphne. Greensboro 97 Lewis, Donna M., 1109 Gravland St.. Greensboro 128 Lewis, Jane. 1920 Woolcott Ave.. Wilmington 5-134 Lewis. Marie Louise Route 1, Favetteville 97 Lewis. Mary Ellen. Route 2. Box 529. Greensboro.-. _— 128 Lewis. Sara Elizabeth, 731 Marigold. Rocky Mount 128 Leyton. Estelle, 310 Woodrow Ave . High Point 128 Liebig, Adele. 880 De Grow Ave , Newark. N. J 55-128 Lii.-Lsey, Helen, 30 West Ave , Wadesboro 115 Lindsav. Mary Martin, 910 N. Eugene St. Greensboro 128 Lindsav. Veieh Hutchison. 704 W. Farns Ave,. High Point 128 Lmdsirv Helen Marguerite, 318 Church St.. Williamston 55 Lmville Jane Jessup. Kernersville ,, 128 Little. Helen. Claremont 55 Little. Margaret Evelvn. Kannapohs Rd., Concord 128 Little. Marinell. 229 N. Oak St.. Statesville 128 Little. Pearl Southerland, Ansonville 134 Livie. Virginia Lee, 3020 Belvedere Ave, Charlolte 128 Llewellvn, Ann Spencer. 81 Grove St.. Concord 128 Llovd. Bettie Sue. Efland 128 Llovd, Ruth, 1937 Avondale Ave,. Charlotte — Iockhart. Sara Main tt. 1808 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte __.115-159 Loer. Jane Mozelle. Route 2, Box 73A. Concord „..,55 Lohr. Frances 407 W Center St., Lexington 55 Lohr. Vivian Paige. 407 W. Center St., Lexington 97 Lomax, Bettv Jane, Guilford College — Lomax, Nettie Low, Guilford College . — Long. Ann Sturgis 814 W. End Blvd., Winston-Salem 109-115 Long, Katharine, Box 276. Franklin 115 Long. Rachel Elizabeth, Bahama 54 Longest. Hilda. 710 E Walnut St. Goldsboro 116 Lore. Ruth Carolvn. 505 S. 5th St.. Smithfield 97 Lore. Marv Eugenia, 505 S 5th St., Smithfield 54 Lott. Ann Eugenia, Box 89, Freehold, N. J — Lovatt. Constance Elba 23 Tallman Ave. Nva -k. N. Y 128 Love. Aurilla. 206 W. Ehringhaus. Elizabeth City 55 Love, Jeanne Harris. 601 E Kensington Ave . Charlotte 55 Love. Marv Elizabeth. 206 W. Ehringhaus St.. Elizabeth Citv 128 Lowe. Bonnie, 1707 Wright Ave.. Greensboro - 128 Lowe. Billie, Route 2. Graham __128 Lowe, Cornelia Stevens, Centralia Rd.. Chester. Va .19-116 Lowery. Annie Laurie. Trenton _.__—___ 128 Lowm.n Edith Irene. 2005 Rolling Rd , Greensboro — Lowry. Margery. 1708 N. Hampshire Ave,. Washington. D. C 128 Lowrv. Martha Johnston. 2223 Friendlv Rd., Greensboro 128 Low Katherine. Route 4, Charlotte 128 Lovd, Nancv, Warren ton 128 Lumpkin. Margaret Catherine. 12 Vine St.. Franklinton 97 Lumsden, Davev Jo.. Ahoskie— — 128 Lunton, Antoinette. 412 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro .87-97-99-161 Luther, Lena Henrietta. Liberty 128 Lutterloh, Mvrle. Pittsboro 97 Lvda. Jean Gwendolyn Route 1. Flat Rock 116 Lyles. Doris Jean. 2137 Westmoreland Ave, Charlotte _._ 128 Lvnch. Patricia. 128 Helen St.. Blnghamton. N. Y __116 Lyon, Laura Anne. 43 Peyster St.. Albany, N. Y _ 117 Lyon, Linda. Creedmoor _.__ 97 McAdams, Dorothy McAllister, Harriette, Mount Pleasant McArver. Annie Ethelda, Box 851, Gastonia McBride. Anne. Phifer St.. Marshville McCaiile ' w Nancv Conn. Leeland Hotel. Danville. MrClmtock, Mildred Fave, Route 1, Pleasant Garden McClnv, Bonnie, 19351 Danburv Ave., Detroit. Mich McCollum. Frances, Route 2, Madison McOormick, Carol Rose. 203 Gulf St.. Sanford McDonald, Beth, Timberland ___.__—_ McDonald. Marjorie 9218 Second Ave,, Silver Spring. Md.. MarDonnld. Lvnn. Chipola Rd.. Kannapolts McDowell Anne, 801 S. Fulton St.. Salisbury — McDowell. June. 801 S. Fulton St.. Salisbury McFalls. Freddie McFarland, Ruth, Tryon.. One Hundred Seventy-eight STUDEm Dl RECTO W-C ii J Page No. McGee. Eugenia Gertrude, 194 Washington Lane. Concord .125-128 McGill, Caryll Ann, 1615 S. College Park Dr., Greensboro 128 McGoogan, Mrs. Ann Hardison. 224 Lee Ave.. WadLSb ro 55-150-167 McGowan, Kathryn Charlotte, 529 Spring fat.. Hamlet 100 Mclnnis, Margaret L.. Jackson Springs. _ Mcintosh. Harleston. Brevard .. 100 McKeithan. Rebecca, 222 College PI.. Greensboro 55 McKenzie. Eugenia Ann. 2001 Midwood Place. Charlotte ... ... MeKmnev, E elvn. Box 62, Jamestown... McKir McLean. Mary Miller. 2114 Queen St.. Winston-Salem 128-163 McLeod, Elizabeth Bennett. 807 Carthage Rd.. Lumberton... McMichael, Jean, 600 Arbor Rd.. 333 Mclver St., Greensboro Blount, 706 Carthage Rd., Lumberton.. Mi ' Millan. Claudii McMillan, Virginia — Mi ' Murniv Mamie Beulah. Route 1. Rutherford! on McMutrv, Thelma. Box 22, Polkville McNairv, Martitia, Church St., Laurmburg __ MeNeal , Julia Elizabeth, 116 W. Wilson Ave., M001 Lumberton . Mount Olive Greensboro . Box 630, Wadesboro _ McRoberts, Claire. 674 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. McRoberts, Doris. 674 Bergen Av McSwain, Euzelia, Route Mace, Elizabeth Carron, 619 Ann St., Madison, WUma, Route 2, Cleveland.. Madry, Ruby Frances. Rich Squan Carlisle, Pa.. Juanita. Route 1, Carthage- Greensboro... Mann, Frances, No. 8 Springdale Ct., Mann. Helen Jean. Route 5, Mebane.. Manson. Agnes Stuart, 408 Bn March. Hal Morrison, March. May Morrison. 3604 W. 64th St., Merrian, Markham. Minnie Estelle, 613 Hunter St.. Marks. Chariot Elaine. 1407 Madison Ave.. 1 Marks. Marjoiie. Tillery — Marsh, Julie Steele. 1013 Club Dr., High Point Marshall, Helen Cumie, Rose Hill Martin. Clara Mae, 411 N. Flint Martin, Sally, 802 N. Wayne St Lincolnton. Arlington, Va.. 907 N. Ellis Ave.. Dunn Mae. 401 Champlain St., Ham Masnburn. Mary Winter. Chadbourn Mason, Shirley Barnes, 129 Crav " .. Beaufort... Greensboro.. 128 56 Matthews ' . Dorothy Lee Blvd. Branch, Leaksvil.e 57-159 Matthews, Susannah. 417 W. Main St., Thomasville 100 Mattox. Hilda, Pinetops - — Mattox, Susie. Pinetops - 56 Mauney, Alice Bettv. Kings Mountain Maus, Mary Grace, 706 Chestnut St.. Greensboro ,.117 May. Beryl, Lansing Mays. Edith Stockton, Monk Meador Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell. 233 Barnes St.. Reidsville Meadows. Mav. 700 E. Fifth St.. Greenville Meares, Margaret Barnett, 206 Tranquil Ave., Charlotte Medford. Anna. East St.. Waynesville Medlock, Dorothv. 1617 Thomas Ave.. Charlotte Meekins, Maxine Miller, Manteo — _ Meigs. Martha Gertrude. Box 383. Badin Melton. Mary, Route No. 2, Hendersonville Mendenhall. Cvnthia Ann, Hill St.. Asheboro- Menzies. Alberta Marie, 223 Washington Ave.. Reidsville 101 Merchant, Catherine. Weldon 134 Merrill. Pauline. Box 58, Marshall Metzger, Gloria. Ashton, Md. Michael, LaVelle. Route No. 2. Kernersville Midyette. Oma Fay, Oriental Miller. Betty Jean. 26 Terrace Dr., Nyack. N. Miller, Dorothy. 120 Thurston St.. High Point. Miller. Flora Carolyn. 233 Concord Miller. Joye Elizabeth, N. Wilkesboro Miller, Louise Neal, Box 565. Marion Miller. Marie, 413 Salisbury Ave., Spencer Miller, Valera. 301 E, King St.. Kmston... Milhiikm, Dorothy, Box 82, Tryon. Mills. Doris Evelvn. 1 East Main St.. Westport, Conn. Mills. Ell . Elizabeth, 515 Orange St . Wilmington Mil Jeanette, 1930 Brantley St.. Winston -Salem Goldsboro Henderson... Mitchum. Norma, Care Veterans ' Hospital. FavelievLlle 134 Mizelle, Dorothy Thurston, Zebulon 128 Modlin, Betsy. 702 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro 117 Modlin, Virginia. 702 £. Walnut St . Goldsboro 3-57 Mohorne Ann Dawson, 411 Jefferson St.. Roanoke Rapids 134 Molen, Eleanor, 220 S. Mendenhall St . Greensboro 117 Moody. Carolyn, 4414 E. W. Highway. Bethesda Md 128 Moodv. Mildred Orrell. Box 189. Jordan St., Slier City 128 Moody, Roberta Elizabeth. Route No 2. Waynesville 128 Moodv, Wilms Joyce, Route No. 1. Siler City 117 Moomau. Jean. Raymond Place. Westport. Conn. 101-161 Moore. Alice Dolling. Weldon 57 Moore. Betty. Box 173. Polkton 128 Moore, Bonnie Lvnn. 601 Curtis St.. Monroe 134 Moore, Ellen Tve. Route No 3. M-M thews 131-134 Moore Esther Nettleton, 68 Sound Beach Ave . Old Greenwich. Con 142-143-251-583 .101 Moore. Frances, Weldon Moore, Gertrude E.. Mocksville Moore. Martha Ann. 304 E. Bessemer Ave,. Gree Moore, Martha Binford, Sycamore St.. Weldon Moore. Maxine, 709 Randolph St.. Thomasville Moore. Priscilla, 709 Randolph St.. Thomasville Mooring. Evelyn Horton, La Grange More, Jean Ann, 178 Givson St., Morgan, Derith, £30 Roanoke t lirmonit. . — 128 Morgan, Joan, 1005 Hampton St., Greensboro _59 Morgan, Mrs. Voight P., Route No. 1, Gibsonville Morgans, Katherine, 7526 Mountain Ave., Melrose Park. Pa. Morns, Mary, 792 Stratford Rd.. Winston-Salen 128 _101 _101 Morrison, Isabelle. Academy St.. Cherryville Morrison. Jane, 2418 Camden Rd.. Greensboro. Morrison, Jean, 215 Salisbury Ave., Spencer Morrison, Margaret. 1415 19th St.. Hickory 2. Hendersom ille Morton. Helen Marie. Madison.. Morton, Penelope. 603 Spencei New Bern. Motley. Evelyn. 707 Main St. Charleston. W. Va Moton. Edith Katherine, Route No. 2. Greensboro Mullen. Margaret. Box 163, Hunter; 55 Muller, Octavia. Washington St., Dillon. S. C. Mullis, Lillian Lounell, Harmony.. Mumford, Ann, 123 E. Fourth St.. Washington, N. C 59-154-168 Mundv. Jane. 811 Howard St., Greensboro — Murph. Doris Louise. 219 Mitchell Ave. Salisbury 101 Murphy. Martha Ann. Country Club Rd., Southern Pines„ 101 Murphy. Nancy. Burgaw — 117-163 Murphy, Virginia R., Box 405. Lowell — -101 Nading. Nancy, 651 Summit St.. Winston-Salem.. Nash, Frances Louise, Weldon Neal, E. Jane. 807 Rankin St., Greensboro Neal, Rebecca, Midland Rd.. Southern Pines.. New, Billie Mav. 411 W. Sixth Ave.. Gastonia.. Newbern, Rachel Cleo. 315 North St., Ahoskie ... Newbold, Jeanne, Jeamta Park, Hertford „_ Newell, Arlene. S. Mam St., Roxboro... Newland. Shirlev Margaret. 147 Forest Hill Dr., Wilmington— 128 Newlin. Mabel. Box 56. China Grove ___— 128 Newsone, Doris Cuthrell, 2827 Bon Air Ave.. Winston-Salem.- 128 Newton, Ann, 507 Hillside Dr.. Greensboro 128 Nicholson. Alice Mae. Rollins Ave Nichols. Martha Stansill. Rockmgha Nichols. Sara Lee. Route No. 4. Durham.. Nickerson, Elizabeth, 11 Forest Rd., Glen Rock, N. J 101-143 Nifong, Billie. 304 Carolina Ave,. Spencer 101-145 Niven. Virginia May. 320 Green St.. Albemarle— — Norfieet, Margaret A.. Roxobel „_„„_ — 128 Norman. Ella Mae, 803 Elam Ave,. Greensboro 116 Norman Geraldine Zimmerman, 803 Elam Ave., Greensboro....58-159 Northcott, Marv Elizabeth, 220 E. North St.. Raleigti 101 Northrup. Brevard, Box 978, Salisbury.. O ' Brien, Barbara Maplewood, N. O ' Connor, Mrs. Marion. 1436 S. Elm St.. Greensboro... Odom, Margaret V.. 205 De Vane St.. Clinton Odum. Dorothv. 148 Pollock St.. New Bern .. Oehler, Rebecca Route No. 1. Sanford.. Ormand, Lid?.. Box 85. Bessemer City Orr, Sallv Summev, S. Church St., Monroe. Osborne, Betty. 1611 Hampton Blvd.. Apt 2B, Norfolk, Va 128 Osborne, Doris Belle. Box 110. Route No. 1. Greensboro. Osteen. Mrs. Emma Dean Nichols, 216 N. Elam A ' Oswald. Genevieve Marv. 439 Wyoming Ave.. Buffalo 59 Ottinger, Margaret. Shilor Pike. Route No. 1, Bridgeton. N. J..-128 Outlaw. Eunice — — — — — = — Overcash. Carol. 1112 N. Main St.. Kannapolis 102 Owen. Bettie Jane. Box 121 Gibsonville 128 Owen. Elizabeth, 104 Carman St.. Thomasville _ 59 Owen. Judith Lee. 104 Carmalt St.. Thomasville 128 Owen. Laura Evelvn. 1826 Morgan ton Rd.. Fayetteville —128 19-57 Owen. Mary Louise. 423 Pearl St.. Fayetteville _P_ PaaSe, Eugenia A, M.. 36 E. Front St., New Bern — 128 Padgett, Myrt Marie. Havesville 59 Page. Ann. 628 Roslyn Rd.. Winston-Salem 117 Page. Dianne. 1028 W. Market St., Greensboro 25-117 Palmer. Margaret Ann, 903 River Rd.. Brandon Hgts. Newport News. Va ...59-145 Palmer. Marv. Laurel Ave.. Tryon 60-145 Pappas, Helen. 503 N. Spring St.. Greensboro... 128 Parcell, Nancy. Barium Springs _102 Parcell. Sarah Jane, Barium Springs 128 Paris. Marjorie Ann, 112 W. 27th St.. Winston-Salem 128 Parker, Dorothy, 311 S. Spring St., Greensboro. 128 Parker. Evelyn White, Pollocksville — 133 Parker. Laura Anrerson. 833 Hill St., Rocky Mount 117 Parker. Marie, Cutchin St.. Clinton _ 117 Parker, Ruth. Route No. 1, Fountain 117 Parker, Sara Elizabeth, Smithfield __ —128 Parrish, Martha Frances. 1322 Providence Rd.. Charlotte — —128 Parson, Mazel Irene, Mount Gilead.. „_ „128 Paschal. Martha, Goldston — —102 Pate Hope. 304 S. Pineview Ave.. Goldsboro 117 Pattee. Marv E.. Valle Crucis _ 102 Patterson. Ellanor. 310 9 Collier Dr., Greensboro 60 Patton. Patricia Jane. Edgewood Arsenal, Md.— 102 Pavne. Lucy Belle, Route No. 2. High Point — 102 Pavseur. Thelma. 1013 W. Ridge Ave.. Gastonia 7-117 Peace Madge. 413 W. Main St., Thomasville 135 Peacock. Ruth. 906 N. Collins St.. Plant City. Fla 102 Pearce. Ida Elizabeth, 101 Pearce St.. Franklinton— 117 Pearlstine. Elame, St Matthews, S. C _ 128 Pearson. Martha Solberg, 115 Odell PL, Greensboro 133 Peele, Martha Elizabeth. 204 N. Goldsboro St.. Wilson 128 Peeler, Alice Elizabeth, 313 Elm St., Salisbury—- 102 Peeples, Margaret Ruth, Third St., Estill. S. C 128 Peixcto. Mrs. Analia. Sudre 43 Bahia. Brazil — Penrv. Betty Emogene, 2374 Greenwav Ave . Winston-Salem 128 Pepper, Josephine. 16 Fisher Ferry St., Thomasville — Pepper. Julia. Walnut Cove 61-78-154-165 Perkins. Dorothy Jane. 1210 E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro 128 Perkins. Elizabeth. 141 Lawsonville Ave., Reidsville. ..._— 61 Perry, Dorothy Elizabeth, 1019 W. Fifth St.. Winston-Salem 128 Perry, Dorothv Louise, Route No. 3. Hertford... — — Perry, Norm?. Gibson. 205 W. Eden St.. Edenton 128 Perryman. Mf.urine Tate, 200 Salem St.. Thomasville —102 Peterson. Alice Arnette— „ — — Pettigrew, Bettv Wrav, Route No. 4, Greensboro 135 Pettit. Agnes, Route No. 2, Asheville 61-141-154 Pettit, Barbara, 1200 Beverlv Rd.. Brooklyn, N. Y 116-161 Pettus. Marv Ann, 114 W. 7th St., Media, Pa.— 61 Phillips, Carolyn — ™ -. — Phillips, Helen Lucinda. Fmlev Park, N. Wilkesboro 116-141 Phillips, Helen Winslow, 147 Academy St.. Asheboro — Phillips, Imogene Wicker. 305 Sunset Ave.. Louisburg 128 Phillips, Jessie Groome. Route No. 3. Box 276. Greensboro 128 Phillips, Mary Louise. Spruce Pine — 102 Phipps. Billie Jean. 302 Waverlv Way. Greensboro 128 Pickett, Betty Maude. 301 M. Salisbury St.. Lexington 135 Pierce, Elizabeth, 503 S. Stewart St., Winchester, Va 61 Pierce, Evelyn Marie, 308 Woodbine St., Greensboro— 128 Page No. Piersol. Joyce Vivian, 204 E. Salisbury St., Asheboro Piland. Mary Elizabeth. Seaboard Pilley. Rosalie. Pantego Pinkston. Ella Marie. 604 S. Church St.. Salisbury Pinkston, Sarah, Church St.. Salisbury Pinner. Martha, 833 Riverside Ave, Elizabeth City 135 Pitoniak, Ann Lillian. 68 Brookline Ave.. Westneld. Mass. 61-63-142-143 Pittard, Jane, Nelson, Va.— Pittman. Emmie Carolina. Route No. 2, Lumberton Pitts. Madeline Viola. South Ash Ave.. Newton 131-135 Pleasant, Rosebud. Star Route. Danville. Va.— Pleasants. Ada, Route No. 1, Angier Pleasants. Lelia Holt. 113 N. Guthrie Ave., Durham Plonk, Margaret Louise. 415 Irving St.. Wmston-Salem— —116 Plonk, Mary Julia Pollock, 310 E. King St.. Kings Mountain— 102 Poe. Betty. 1109 Sixth St., Durham Pohl, Martha Jane. 5803 Kirkside Dr.. Chevy Chase. Md Poisson. Gethyn Rugan, 318 S. Third St.. Wilmington Polk, Blake Doris. 729 WU-Mar Park. Concord Pollard, Jane Stuart, 22 West End Blvd., Winston-Salem Pond, Patsv. " Norbrook " Lawyers Rd., Vienna, Va._ Poole. Blanche. 413 W. Prentiss Ave., Greenville, S. C 102 Poole. Cassie Ann, Route No. 4, Fayetteville 117 Poole. Judith. St. Pauls 61 Poore, Marv Josephine, While Sulphur Springs Rd.. Mount Airy 102 Poore. Louise. 153 Wilson St.. Mt. Airy 61 Pope. Joyce Decker, Guilford College 133 Porter, Emily. Moline. Kansas 102 Porter, Mrs. Jeanne Worsley. 182 Hughes Ave.. Bridgeport. Conn. 60 Porter, Ruth. 122 Church St.. Herkimer. N. Y -60-61-145 Posey, Martha Alice. 26 Lake wood Parkway. Asheville 128 Potts, Margaret Marie. 789 Valley Rd,. Upper Montclair, N. J— 117 Pou Mary Davis. Elmwood 102 Powell. Catherine P.. Frink St.. Whiteville 61-156 Powell, Elaine, Box 33. Polkville 117 Powell, Sophia. Elon College 117 Powell, Vivian I., Route No. 1, Ruffin 117 Powers, Laura M.. 2213 Buckridge Rd . Raleigh 102 Powers. Mavis Howard. Blue St.. Box 155. St. Pauls 61 Pratt, Rebecca. Route No. 1, Winston-Salem 61 Pressiy. Catherine Elizabeth. Belmont 61 Pressly. Rebecca. Wooorow Ave.. Belmont . 128 Pressiy. Ruth. Woodrow Ave.. Belmont 128 Presson. Martha Ruth. Unionville 128 Price. Edna Irene, 130 Madison St., Reidsville 133 Price. Gloria, 807 Silver Ave.. Greensboro 61 Price, Jacqueln Patricia. Box 1862, High Point 128 Price. Mary Louise. Route No. 6. Box 253. Greensboro — 117 Pridgen, Lewis. Box 163, Elm City — _ 64 Pridgen, Shirley. Elm City 117 Prince. Bella Htnneita. 2U3 I 2 N. Aycock St., Greensboro 117 Pritchett, Margaret Winifred, 2321 Charlotte Dr.. Charlotte.-128 Privatt. Ruth. Edenton 102 Proctor, Lucile Ellen. 608 S. Fulton St., Salisbury 102 Prokash, Marjorie. 1305 Darcv St., Tarboro ___ _ „ 128 Prongay, Margaret. 853 Lockland Ave.. Winston-Salem 128 Propper, Laura Mai, 476 Lyceum Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa 128 Purvis, Belle Hicks. 716 S. Fulton St., Salisbury 64 Pushkin, Fay, 1110 West St., Annapolis. Md 116 Winston-Salem.. 128 Quinn. Jean Franklin, 2102 W. Market St., Greensboro... Greensboro Rackley. Cecilia Clyde, Mt. Vernon Dr.. Cavlier Terrace, Wilson_128 Ragland. Bettv Anne. Country Club. Salisbury ——128-161 Rahenkamp. Geneva Ruth, 1202 Brandt St.. Greensboro 65 Rahenkamp. Phebe M . 1202 Brandt St.. Greensboro 128 Raines. Gloria Anita. 910 Glenwood Ave.. Greensboro 135 Rainey, Ann. 609 Hollv Ave.. Winston-Salem 103 Ramseur, Frieda Fern. Bessemer City— Ramsev. Marion Elizabeth. Bakersville Randall. Elizabeth. Box 20. Caraleen. Randle, Ruth, Route No. 2, Kings Mountain . — . Rankin. Eleanor. Wild Rose Shores, Annapolis, Md— Rankin, Eloise C. 508 Parkway. High Point Rankin. Marjorie. 1125 N. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salen Raper, Carol, Route No. 3, Asheboro Rashkind, Elaine. 120 N. Third Ave.. Highland Park. N. J Ratley, Doris Adele. Fairmont—.. Rattliff. Sara. Route No. 3. Wadesboro. Ratterree. Margaret Elder. 611 W. Mountain SI , Kings Mountain..! Rauch Laura Jean. 319 Park Ave,, Rock Hill. S. C 1! Ray Sara Sloan. 211 E. Green St., High Point- Reid, Alice Elizabeth Route No. 1. Elizabeth City Reid. Rosalyn, 2300 Welleslev Ave., Charlotte...... Reid. Rubv Ethel. 231 E. Salisbury St.. Asheboro.. Reinhardt, Evelyn. Route No. 1, Newton.- Rendleman, Mary Jo. 510 Walton St.. Anna. Ill 18-19-20-65-79 Renfrow. Laurene Valeria, Lucama_ Rentz. Kathrvn. Route No. 5. Lexington 103 Greensboro 117 m St., Rockingham 117 Reynolds. Marv Beryl. 1230 Mordecai Dr.. Raleigh 128 Rhodes, Marv Ella. Gerton_ — — 128 Rhyne, Kathleen. Aberdeen— 65 Rhvne. Marv Nena. White Oak 103 Rice Alison, 119 Edgemont Rd.. Upper Montclair. N. J .20-103-155 Richardson. Ann. 451 MMn St.. Reidsville Richardson. Helen. 2101 Yorktown Rd.. Richardson Laura Frances. Box 273. Jacksonville — Richardson, Laura Leigh. 430 W. Rugby Ave.. College Park. Ga.-128 Rickert, Jean Rutledge. 739 N. Center St.. Statesville._ Rickman. Martha Edith. Leatherman.. Ricks. Helen Dean. Route 2, Whitakers... Riddle. Mary Angeline, Jackson „ Rivers, Billv. White Stone Rd.. Wadesboro 128 Rivers. Shirlev. 230 Blvd. St., High Point 128 Roane. Carvl ' Estelle. 1208 Clay Ave., New York, N. Y 117 Robbins Margaret Ruth. 61 Fanevll Place, New Rochelle. N. Y.-120 Robbins, Susie Renee. 906 Hill St.. Rocky Mount.— 128 Roberson. Julia Jane. 403 N. Cedar St.. Greensboro 128 Roberts, Betsv H.. Shelby _ — — -65 Roberts. Jean, 10 Dover Mill. Shelby Roberts. Peggy Joyce. Box 22. High Rock.. One Hundred Seventy-nit STUDEm DIR ECTOR Y-C-ta-J Sloan, Nelle Cooke. Garland— Rodgers. Mildred Reade. Scotland Neck_ _135 Slocum, Grace. 2525 Market St., Wilmington.... Elizabeth City -19-67-153-161 Rd.. Raleigh.. Spring Lake. N. J — 65 Smith, Adit Rebekah, 243 Maple Ave., Reidsville . bmith, Annie Ruth, Route 1, Lumberton Smith, Barbara Ann, 221 S. Myers St.. Charlotte Rogerson. Kathryn Riche. 500 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill- Rollins. Alweda. Grover_ Rosa. Anna. 300 Warren St.. Greensboro Rose. Mary Alice. 16 N. Fifth St.. Wilmington d Ave., Greensboro - Smith. Dorothv Benson. 23 Lmdsev St.. Reidsvihe„ Smith. Dorotny Sue. 700 Holt Ave.. Greensboro Smith, Dorothv Wilma, Route 1. Fremont... Roseberry. Alyne. 4224 Oakland Ave., Greensboro Ross. Jean, Norwood Ross. Thora, 307 Bay St. . Belhaven_ Rotha. Cha rline. 77 Pigeon. Waynesville... Smith, Margaret Carolyn. Care Duke Power Co.. Cliftside Wilmington Rothgeb. Celia. 1550 Iredell Dr.. Raleigh Rothrock. Patricia. 187 Pine St.. Mount Airy Rouse. Helen. Route 2. Warsaw Rouse, Helen Louise. 205 N. Main St., Farmville... Smith. Mary Jean. 400 S. Aycock, Greensboro.. Ellen. 235 E. Salisbury, Asheboro ... Terreisa Morris. 1812 13th Ave.. Hickorv Barbara, 180 Christopher St.. Montclair. N. St.. Morehead City__ Royal. Ruth Adams. 1612 Eva RoycroH. Helen. Coats_ Rozier. Anita Christine, Rucker. Joyce Elliotti Rudisill. Sarah, Marshall-. Rudisill, Sylvia. 204 N. Flint St.. Lincolnton Ruffin. Barbara Dare. 911 Branch St., Wilson . Rulnick. Judith Lee. 1011 Brook St.. Fayetteville Snider, Betty Brandt, 206 Boyaen Rd.. Salisbury.. Snow, Eveiyn Ann. Cameron ... Winston-balem. . St.. Thomasville Imogene Barrett, Wake Forest- Patricia Ann. 708 N. Wayn 118 Basnight Lane. Chapel Hill.. Arlington. Va. Mary. Chesnee, S. O- Southerland, Pattie Sue, Kenansville_ Sowers, Fannie Alice. Route 3. Lexington Spain. Janet Irene. 305 N. Driver Ave.. Durham.. Spaulding, Patricia. Stephentown. N. Y.. Sabiston. Dons LeGwyn, Jacksonville Sadler. Nancy Elizabeth, Route 6, Charlotte. Spencer, Marjone. Grassy Creek- Sanders. Helen Reid, Roxboro Sanders Sanford, Barba Ann. Rich Square... 11a Powell. 2002 Club Blvd., Durham__ Spratt, Joy, Route 4. Charlotte... ..16-19-69-168 Sarratt, Betty Jane, 1512 Lvttleton St.. Camden. S. C._ Satterfield, Mary Council, 409 Fourth St.. Spencer._ Saunders. Betsy Ingle. 214 Thurston St.. High Point .17-19-63-67-142 Sawyer. Carolyn, Swan Qu; Stacy. Elizabeth Cole. Ruffin Stadiem. Marjorie Stafford, Nellie Jane, Guilford College.. Martha. 312 N. Road St., Elizabeth City Mary Louise. 418 Northridge St., Greensboro Polly Anne, 1026 W. Fifth St., Charlotte- Sayles, Marie Prances. Star Route. Asheville Scaer. Alicia Scarborough. Carolyn Avera. 504 S. Union St.. Concord ...103-156 Scarborough. Helen Katheryn. Route 7. Box 289, Greensboro 135 Schell, Sue Ellen. Conover 133 Scher. Cecile Anne, 791 14th Ave., Paterson. N. J. .. ... 121 Schilletter, Ellen Hope, 3600 Monroe St.. Columbia. S. C 121 Schlossberg. E. Natalie. 30 Eastchester Rd.. New Rochelle. N. Y. 103 Schohn. Ruth E.. 64 Prospect St.. Greenwich. Conn 104 Scholtes, Evelyn. 1810 Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Salem 121 Schrum. Kathrvn. 1507 Lindell Rd., Greensboro 66 Stanfield, Frances. Route 6, Greensboro... Stanfield. Wilba. ill Broadway St.. Durham. Stanly. Kathrvn. 202 Government Rd., Salisbury- Stark, Mi ' .rilvn Mae. 719 Amherst St., Buffalo. N. Starkey. Ann. 643 N. Garnett St.. Henderson _... Starling, Flossie. Pine Level Stirling. Josephine. Woodland. Cascade. Staten, Christine Elizabeth. Route 1, F lat Rock. Staton. Helen. 1709 N. Allen St., Charlotte- Church St., Burlington. Stegall, Cora Belle. Marshville.- Scott. Fran Scott, Hilda. 415 ' _ Scott, Billie Montez. Mars Hill- Scruggs. Sarah. 500 English St.. High Point Seago. Jennings Douglas, Box 126. Lilesville... Searcy, Susan. Gerton — _ Sears. Sara. Pickett Farm, High Point- Stephenson, Margaret Ridlev. Elm Dr., Pendleton 6-68-150 Stern. Louise Berg. 1213 Stratford Ave., Melrose Park, Pa __129 Sternberger, Mildred, 805 Summit Ave.. Greensboro 129 Sarah Price. Charlotte Highway, Monroe.. Eloise. Route 5, Greensboro Sedberry, Martha Brigman. 303 N. Randolph St., Rockingham —135 Stewart. Dottv Louise. 614 N William St., Henderson™ ensboro 129 Stilwell, Mazell, Blair St.. Thomasville Fayetteville . 17-67-80-166 Stinson, Elizabeth, 437 Springdale Ave., Winston-Salem... ....129 Stirewalt. Mable. 903 S. Ridge Ave.. KannapoliS- Severance. Cecil Elizabeth, llf W. Third Ave.. Gastonia_ Severance, Jane Fleming, 295 Murdock Av Shaw. Amy. Route 2, Greensboro L. I.. N. Y.. Shermer, Inez. Yadkmville Sherrill, Betty, 1801 Hedgewood Place. Charlotte- Stough, Dolores. 2821 Hampton Ave., Charlotte 129 Stout, Carolyn M., 207 Ridgeway Dr.. Greensboro 105 8 W. Woodrow St., Belmont 105 545 Oaklawn Ave., Winston-Salem. 129 Street, Jane Peter, 1003 Fairmont. Greensboro —. - 129 Strick. Gertrude, 67 Ellington St.. East Orange. N. J —.129 Mount Ulla- Shields, Dorothv Miller. 730 N. Main St.. Scotland Neck Mount Ulla . Llizabeth, Shoaf. Hilda. Lexington... Shoemaker. Jean. 532 W. End Blvd.. Winston-Salem. Shrago. Hannah. 713 E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro Shuford. Elva, 1002 12th Ave., Hickorv Shuford. Nancy Holbrook. 1425 17th St.. Hickory.- Shuford, Sara. 61 N. Main St.. Cliffside Strickland. Phvllu Strickler. Hennett Strong, Eleanor Reynolds. 316 E. Blvd.. Charlotte 129 Stroupe, Dora Margaret. 217 Mmturn Ave , Hamlet 105 Stryker, Doris Arline. 54 Southern Slope Drive, MUlburn, N. J._121 Stubbs, Lucy Motte. 221 Church St.. Sumter, S. C 121-141 Stubbs. Marv Louise. 2004 Morganton Rd.. Fayetteville 129 Studebaker. Zana. Carrboro 105 -67-158-159-161 Shore. 1009 Johnson St.. High Point.. Slier. Marv Lane. Jordan St.. Siler City_ Silverstein. Marilyn. 128 E. Fisher. Greensboro._ Simmons. Betty. 710 Miller St., Winston-Salem ._ Simmons, Martha Jane. Pilot Mountain Simpson, Binnle. Route 2. Box 96. Monroe_. Supplee, Ruth Evelyn, 207 E. Atlantic . Sutlive, Barbara. 428 E. 53rd St.. Savannah. Ga Suttles. Mrs. Jean Scott. 1301 Fourth St.. Greensboro Sutton, Mary Frances. 361 Dick St.. Favetteville Haddon Heights. N. J. 69 121-142-143 Reeves, 78 N. Pleasant Ave,. Ridgewood. N. J.„ — Simpson, Jo Morton. Route 4. Box 74, Oxford 133 Simpson. Katherine Burns. 405 W. Franklin St.. Monroe 121 Simpson. Margaret Angie. 606 Scott Ave., Greensboro— 104 Swaim, Merle. 1311 Elwell St. Greensboro.— _. Swain, Doris, 1004 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem _ Swecker, Zoe Adair, Box 684. Badin Sweeney. Constance. 618 Buena Vista Ave., Rockv Mount Sink, Harriet Heilig. Irving Park Manor. Greensboro- Swindell, Margarette, Pantego Swisher, Ruby Jane, Route 7. Box 113. Greensboro. 68-158-159-161-163 Slade, Mary W.. Hamilton- Sledge, Katherine. Pinehurst- Sloan. Betty Lou. 303 Avery Ave., MorgantoiL. Sloan, Dorothy Anne. Box 29, Franklin- _121 Talley, Ruth, High Point St.. Randleman.. Sloan. Jean Gray. 62 Main St., Hilton Village, Va.. Page No. Tayloe, Pauline Shields. Aulander 69 Taylor, Catherine Vincent, Justamere Farm. Greensboro 105 Taylor. Eleanor Dare. 753 Chestnut St.. Greensboro— 120 Taylor. Eleanore Lee, Apt. 3. 206 N Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 129 Taylor, Ellen Hines. Hamilton ..105-159 Taylor, Hazel, 205 Hanley St., Harrington. Del 105 Taylor. Jessie Claire. Route 4. New Bern 105 T?.ylor. Julia Hathaway, Justamere Farm, Greensboro 129 Taylor. Katherine, 305 Vance Ave., Kannapolis 105 Taylor. Lucy M., Snow Hill— 105 Taylor, Lydia. 235 84th St.. Brooklvn, N. Y 69-143 Taylor, Marguerite Lois, 41 Eden St.. Framingham. Mass „120 Taylor. Nancy. 219 W. Liberty St.. Salisbury—— 105 Taylor, Sallie, Mountain Home. Tenn. . 69 Teague. Emily. 355 Gulf St., Sanford 129 Teague. Kate, Fairmont 70 Teague, Peggy, 102 Church St.. High Point— ... 120 Teeter. Martha, Route 3. Mooresville 100 Tegg. Kathryn Lucile, 439 Sherwood Place, Norfolk. Va 129 Thalheimer. Rosalie Anne. 25 Morris St.. Hamden. Conn 129 Thayer, Juanita. 1132 Montlieu Ave., High Point 105 Thayer, Ruth, 1132 Montlieu Ave.. High Point 70 Therrell, Sarah Holt. 109 Central Terrace. Burlington - 71 Thies, Blanche. 544 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 105 Thies. Coline. Box 384. Davidson 121-141 Thomas, Anne, 2721 N. Maryland Ave,. Milwaukee. Wise 121-129 Thomas. Emogene. 608 High St.. Burlington 121 Thomas. Margaret Egleston, 301 Brooks Ave., Raleigh 129 Thomas, Marion, 301 Brooks Ave., Raleigh 105 Thomas. Mildred. Route 1. Mornsville ... -121 Thomason, Jane Taylor. Roanoke Rapids 129 Thompson. Betty Jean. Snow Camp 133 Thompson. Helen Mae. Efland... 129 Thompson. Jane. 115 Young Ave.. Henderson 26-27-71-81 Thompson, Mary Glenn, 312 Vance St.. Hamlet . ..129 Thompson, Marv Katherine. 158 Sunset Dr., Hempstead, N. Y. 4-121 Thompson, Mary Matilda, Main St.. Whitakers..... 129 Thompson, Mary Nell, Collettsville 129 Thompson, Ruth. Mountain Park „ 71 Thornton. Margaret Jean, 201 N. Virginia St., Goldsboro _129 Thornton, Ruth. Route 1. Jamestown 121 Thorp, Mildred Clav. 600 Svcamore St.. Rockv Mount . 105 Tillett, Nancv, Timberlake 135 Tllley. Betty Hughes, Hoffman 121 Tilley. Frances Allen. 6 N. Bloodworth St., Raleigh— 129 Tillotson, Mane. Pilot Mountain 121 Todd, Virginia. 135 Old Post Rd.. Fairfield, Conn._ 71 Toler. Evelyn. 201 S. Tillerv St.. Rockv Mount 71 Toler, Rebekah. 3106 Collier Drive. Greensboro _ — 135 Tolhurst, Kay, 58 Carroll Rd.. E. Hartford. Conn 121 Tomlinson. Anna, 529 Parkway. High Point 70 Tomlinson, Gertrude D.. 403 Hillcrest Dr.. High Point 105 Tomlinson. Josie Chapman, 903 W. Lee St., Wilson— 129 Tompkins, Ruth Phillips, 26 Hardin Ave.. W. New Brighton, Staten Island. N. Y 129 Trentham. Helen. Mars Hill 70 Trimble. Margaret, 605 E. Bragg St.. Greensboro.— 135 Trivette. Edith. Country Club Rd.. Winston-Salem _ 129 Trogdon. Nina Louise. 355 Worth St., Asheboro 129 Trosper. Alice. Route 2. Box 327, Greensboro 129 Troutmann. Louise, 412 N. Main St.. Mooresville 129 Tucker. Harriett Elizabeth, 508 W Main St.. Ahoskie —129 Tucker, Joanna. 5722 First St., N. W.. Washington, D. C 129 Tucker. Patricia Love, Movock. 129 Tulloch, Jane Connne, Box 331. Mavodan 106 Tunnel, Meredith. Swan Quarter 71 Turlington, Dorothy, 110 N, William St,. Goldsboro 71 Turner, Bettie Jane, Langren Hotel. Asheville— 129 Turner, Mildred. Fair Bluff 120 Turner, Nan Patterson. Mt. Ulla 71 Turner, Rebecca. Mt. Ulla „ — Turner, Ruth Arminda. Waynesville 106 Tuttle, Mary Wescott, Box 114. Belbourne. Fla 71 Tyree, Mary Scott. 1000 Svcamore St.. Rocky Mount... .17-19-106 Tyson. Clarice Dixon. Roseboro _— 120 Tyson. Mary Thorne, 208 Grimmersburg St.. Farmville 71 — U— Uden. Edith. Boulevard Rd.. Leaksville 106 Ulrich. Adele Celeste. 3013 Oak Hill Ave.. Baltimore, Md 129 Umstead. Edna, 2807 State St., Durham 70 Underwood, Dons Elizabeth, Route No. 6. Charlotte 120 Underwood. Marjorie Carroll. 510 Jefferson St., Raleigh .,—129 Unchurch, Billie Berte. 300 Broad St.. Oxford— 16-19-106-129 Upshaw, Mary Bryant. 921 Vance St.. Raleigh 106 — V— Vail. Edith Loraine. Route No. 2. Pikesville 106 Van Bibber, Florence H . 1619 Fifth Ave.. Huntington. W. Va.._ 129 Van Hook, Doris. Route No. 4. Danville. Va - 129 Vann. Emilv, Griffith Rd.. Box 704. Monroe 19-129 Vann, Marv Alice. Griffith Rd.. Monroe —19-106 Van Sickle, Carol Shellev, 84 Valley View Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. 120-161 Van Sleen, Margaret, 407 W. Fifth Ave., Gastonia 121 Van Storv. Lola Kate, 306 Bonview Ave., Lincolnton. 129 Varner. Celia. 906 Haywood St., Greensboro 121 Vendig. Irene. 3 S. Tyler St.. Sunset Park, Wilmington —129 Vincent, Barbara. Star Route, Roanoke Rapids _ .. 129 Vinson. Ella Sue. Clayton 129 Vinson. Helen Elizabeth 214 College St.. Mount Olive .70-159-163 Vogle. Julia Etta. 442 Gorrell St.. Greensboro 135 Voss. Peggy Alice. King 121 Vreeland, Phyllis. 1018 Belmont Ave.. Fayetteville 129 — W— Waddell. Betty Carolyn. Fair Bluff 129 Wade. Elizabeth Lou H.. 93 Livingston Avi Wade, Mane, 408 S Orange Ave. Dunn .. Wager. Gladvs Alma, 206 University Dr., Pittsfield. Mass. -106 .121-163 Wagner. Gloria Florence, 230 Jewett Ave.. Jersey City. N. J.- Frances, Granite Quarry. Walker, Bernice. Fremont 121 106 Box 44, Roxboro 106 Walker. Mary Clair, 1418 Horace Mann Ave. Winston-Salem .129 Walker. Mary E.. Box 238, Brown Summit 107 Walker. Mildred, 1205 Market St., Apt. 1. Jacksonville. Fla — 121 Walker, Suzanne, 2010 Vail Ave.. Charlotte 106-158-159 Wall, Bettie Elaine. Pee Dee 135 Wall. Mrs. Eveiyn L.- Ware, Louise, 57 Gracelyn Rd., Asheville.. Warmath, Dale, 1903 Friendly Rd., Greensboro. Warner, Edith Marie. Walkertown Middlesboro. Ky.- One Hundred Eighty STUDEnT DIRECTORY-£» »J Warren, Carol vn Phillips. 319 S. York St.. Gastonia.. Warren, Christine, Battleboro Warren. Esther. 304 E. EapitoU Ave-. Kinston... Warren. Martha Lee, Holt Apts.. S. Main St.. Burlington__-_ 71-157 Warwick, Sara. 121 Potter St.. Easton, Pa 27-63-72-82 Watkins, Lvdia Anne. Blanche 72 Watkins. Margaret, Apt. C-6. Winbourne Ct.. Greensboro — Watson. Janie Lee. Box 162, Cary... Watson, Roaslie Sadler. 167_ Belle St., Weathers. Marcelii Webb. Arlene, 64 Smith St., St. Albans. Vt.- Webb. Isabelle Graham, Hillsboro Webster, Ann L.. 616 E. 50th St.. Savannah. Ga.. Weinberger, Ina, 2229 Kenmore Ave.. Charlotte Weinkle. Annabell Lee, 599 Greenland Dr., Fayetteville.. Eloise, Route No. 5. Statesville— Weisner, Enid B.. 35 Orchard Place, New Rochelle, N. Wells. Helen Lewis, Route No. 2, Box 4, Murphy Wells, Sarah Josephine. 9 Pisgah Dr., Canton Wenkenbach. Maud, 509 Waverly Rd., Wyncote. Pa.. Wertz. Martha Lorene. Landis __„ West, Mary Griffith, 725 Glenwood Ave.. Williamsport. Pa- West, Rebecca, Dover Wester, Elizabeth Joyner, 205 Glen St., Franklinton Wester. Jacqueline Lena. 221 Belle St.. Henderson Wester, Vesta Fortson, 221 Belle St.. Henderson Wharton, Enid Ruth, 54 Morris St., Hamden, Conn. — — - Wharton, Jane. 1704 W, Market St., Greensboro Whisnant, Merrvl, Lawndale„ Whisnant. Polly Ann Whitaker, Meredith- Route No. 1, Hickory . Whitaker. Rachel Hampton. 205 S. Tremont Dr.. Greensboro White, Annie Ruth, 211 W, Queen St.. Edenton Pine Level- Roxboro_ White, Cora, 300 N. John St., Goldsboro .._ . . ..— . White. Eleanor Lane. 617 Fifth Ave.. Greensboro White. Elizabeth, 120 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte White, Elizabeth Norris. P. O. Box 152. Holly Springs- White, Mrs, Elizabeth Taylor White, Esther P., Norlina Whitehurst, Louise, Conetoe Whitehurst, Nell. Sno w Hill Whitener. Arleene, 112 Mclver St.. Greensboro-. .. Whitener. Mary Ruth. Raeford... Whitney, Mrs. Helen Kemp, 1721 N. Huntington St.. Arlington, Va. 123 Whittenton, Evelyn Gray. 1001 N. McKoysne, Dunn- Whitworth, Martha Lee, Box 14, Waco Wicker, Kathleen, 414 Hamlet Ave., Hamlet Wiesmann, Clara A., 9 Clinton Ave.. Monticello. N. 1 Wilcox Beatrice Lee. Route No. 4, New Bern Wilcox, Jane. Yale Hill, Stockbridge. Mass Wilcox. Sallv. Box 286. Menden, Conn Wilkms Brocket!.. 1003 Anderson St.. Wilson Wilkins, Edna. 302 N. Broad St.. Edenton Wilkms. Fiances Louise, Turbeville, Va. Wilkins. Grace, 302 N. Broad St., Edenton Willard. Marv Elizabeth, Route No. 2, High Point... Fayetteville 301 Lancaster Ave., Monroe... Seagri Greenleaf Ave.. Wilmette. III. Williams, Maude Mevis. La Grange — Williams, Winifred. Hamlet . — . — . _ Williamson. Doris Christine, 510 E Tenth _St., Lumberton Williamson, Elizabeth Irene. 211 Morve Williamson. Mariell?.. 11 Rosewood Willktmson, Patsy. 632 Oaklaw Wadesboro... ,ve. . Asheville .. - . Winston-Salem - Route No. 1, High Point Williard. Ruth Boaz. 1102 Johnson. High Point... Williard. Nancy Marit Asheboro Willmott. Lucv Agnes. 4611 Davidson Dr., Chevy Chase, Md _129 Wilson. Mrs. Carolyn B , 811 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 73-143 Wilson. Catherine. Box 777, Lumberton — 123 Wilson, Mrs. Elise Rouse, 209 Bradford Ave.. Fayetteville 63-73-83-158-159-168 St., High Point. St., New Bern- Winchester. Jane Brantly, 502 W. Franklin Ave., Monroe- Winkler, Mary Elma. 115 Broadway St., Lenoir Winn. June Elizabeth. Main St.. Leaksville Winslow. Anna Laura. 503 St. Patrick St., Tarboro Winslow. Faye Hope. Route No. 1, Greensboro Winstead, Ann Gwendolyn, 521 Riverside Dr.. Belhaven- Winstead, Eleanor. Lemar St.. Roxboro Winstead. Jeanette. Elm City- Winston. Henrietta Elizabeth. Youngsville Winterling, Ruth, 2132 Malvern Rd.. Charlotte Witherspoon, Billie Ann, 209 E. Lee St., Greensboro Wolfe Eleanor Virginia. 4003 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore. Md- Wolfl, Julia. 509 First West St.. Haynesville. La Womack, Sarah Jane. Leasburg Womble, Irene, Route No. 3. Chapel Hill Womble, Mary Louise. 123 E. Ridge St.. Rocky Mount Womble. Mildred. Ashley Heights Wood. Bettv Lvnn. 1111 BriarclifT Rd., N. E.. Atlanta. Ga.— Wood. Zelda Mae, Route No. 3, Four Oaks Woodson. Brent Blackmer. 317 N. Fulton, Salisbury- Woollen, Nancv. 602 Hillcrest Dr., High Point- Woosley, Margaret Sue. Granite Falls Worsley, Nancy, Oak City... Evelyn. Lillmgton Wygant. Jeanne, 2100 Connecticut Ave., N. W.. Washington. D. C Box 200. Norlii Yates, Annie Wynns, Windsor- Yates, Margaret. 300 S. Avcock St.. Yates. Nancy. Kent Rd., Winston-£ Yeates, Martha Elizabeth. Route No. 1. Pelha: Yelverton, Jacquelvn. 1510 Carr St., Raleigh Yokelev. N?.ncv Norma. Route No. 5, Winston-Salem___ York, Huldah Marie. 519 Arlington St., Greensboro- Yost, Bettv Louise 412 N. Cedar St., Greensboro Young, Delice, 400 FernchfTe Rd.. Charlotte Young, Marv Frances. 1110 N. Gregson St.. Durham— Zachary, Lillian, Brevard Zealy, Martha Reid, Airport Rd.. Box 326, Goldsboro... One Hundred Eighty-o FRCULTY DIRECTORY Abbott, Alice K Adams, Maude L Adams, (Mrs.) May L. .500 Adams St. ...424 Forest St. Hardre. Rene_ Harrell, Mary. Harris. Mildred Residence Name Box 405, Guilford College __110 College Place Painter. James- 2607 Beechwood Harwood. Edith 5 Spnngdale Court 802 Twickenham Drive 1540 Spring Garden St. Painter. (Mrs.) Katrina S.- Park. Herbert W - Pashby. Almena Pavne, Rachel Pearce, Anne- Route 3 Box 177 perecmic B,irbar.i A .1027 Spring Garden St. Barkley. Dr. Key L.. Barnes. Dr. Hazel E. Barney. Dr. W. S Barrow. Elva E — 1006 Guilford Av Bowling. Sarah E Bridgers. Dr. John E , Jr 1027 Spring Garden St., Apt. 3 Henrv. George Henry. Sara High, Gray Highnll, Ruth - HiKhsmith. Dr. J. A.. Holderfield, Rose Holloway. Birdie H Hood. Marjone 7 Spnngdale Court „500 Stirling St. _.314 Mclver St. 335 Mclver St. 507 Jefferson St. Route 1, Box 152 508 S. Cedar St. Phillips. Elizabeth . Pickard, Helen Lee. .... Pierce, (Mrs.) Ida H.. Play foot. Vi nley, Ralph F. W 1412 W. L?.ke Drive _ 1403 M?dison Av. 1002 Fairmont St. _822 Rankin St 201 W. Market St. Pye. Marjorie Ellis... Pye. Dr. Orrea F._ ._ Residence — P— 935 Carr St. __935 Carr St. Route No. 7. Box 188 500 Adams St. 313 Mclver St. 1008 Walker Ave. __500 Adams St. 1011 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 4 211 Ashe St. 319 Mclver St. 210 S. Tremont Drive 317 Tate St, 402 S. Aycock St. _ _I-8, Country Club Apts. 1027 Spring Garden St.. Apt. 2 .1030 West Market St 216 Kensington Road 211 S. Edgeworth St. 1328 Madison Ave. 110 College Place Bush, May D._ 1850 North Elm St. „_125 Mclver St 2304 W. Market St. 932 Carr St. R;ii hburn, Lois .919 Spring Garden St. _..824 Rankin St.. Apt. 3 Carlsson, Dr. Victoria- Carter. (Mrs.) Anne Fulton. Clegg, Sara Burton Clement. Dorothy __130 Tate St. South Spencer Hall 317 ' 2 Tate St.. Apt. 4 Coldwell. Inez- Cole. Rebecca- Coleman. Mary C... Collings, Dr. Ruth M.. _304 S. Chapman St 218 1 ■ Tate St. Bailev Hall -1026 W. Market St. Jackson. Dr. W. C _— Jamison. Minnie L Jastrow. Dr. Elisabeth Jernigan. Dr. Charlton C. Jester, ( Mrs. I Bettv B. Johns. C. D Johnson. Glenn R 1102 Spring Garden St. Robinton. Elizabeth D Rogers. (Mrs.) Lettie Hamlett._ Rogers. Dr. Winfield H Rosa (Mrs.) Bess N. Rowley. Abigail E 1006 Courtland St. .1509 Madison Ave. 300 Wa li027 Spring Garden St., Apt. 2 .502 Forest St. 1027 Spring Garden St., No. 2202 W. Market St. .209 S. Chapman St. Hamilton Lakes 114 Fisher Park Circle 921 Spring Garden St 520 Summit Ave. Kealy. Eileen Cortner. Dr. Mary C. Coxe, Agnes N Craig, NelL_ 609 N. Mendenhall St. Apt B-6. 203 Tate St. C-l Wmbiirn Court Apts. 402 South Aycock St. 1015 Guilford Ave. Keister. Dr. Albert S Keller man. Elizabeth.-. Kellev. (Mrs. i Ida Hunt Kendnck. Dr. B. B Kettunen. Marietta Kibler. Zena A ___ Kimmel Dr. Herbert 317 Tate St., Apt. 3 Shelburne, Florence. .632 Joyner St. 1010 Fairmont St. 1006 Fairmont St. 2426 Camden Riad 515 Jefferson St. 203 Tate St., Apt. A-6 114 S Mendenhall 408 Guilford Ave. 315 Tate St. 517 Highland Ave. 1005 McGee St. 315W Mclver St Woman ' s Hall .1006 Courtland St. Dark, Maxine.- .___ 925 Wa ' ker Ave. 102 Homewood Ave Kn Clar; North Spencer Hall 1517 Spring Garden St. Skelton, Robert M. Smith, John Aaron- Smith, Dr. William Sowell, Frances A _123 Mclver St. 905 Fairmont St. _10 Springdale Court 400 S. Aycock St. 1500 Spring Garden St. „2514 Berkley Place .512 S. Mendenhall St. Doggett. Mary Louise 305 Tate St. 504 Forest St. 414 Woodlawn Ave. 310 Mclver St Draper, Bernice E Dunn. J. Arthur - 1617 S. College Pk. Dr. LaRochelle. Augustine... Elliott. Dr. Harriet _Home Economics Bldg. Apt. A-l. 203 Tate St. 316 Mclver St. 917 Carr Street 406 Lake Drive 529 Highland Ave. 503 S. Aycock St. _1222 W. Market St, ..102 Homewood Ave. North Snencer Hall _.404 Sherrill St. Spruill, Patty„.„ Stanland, Marion D Staton. Cora Jane Stewart. (Mrs J Mary Leath- Street, (Mrs.) Madeleine B. Strong, Cornelia... Summerell. Jane Swanson. Mabel N.. 212 Mfclver St. _ 1003 Fairmont St. 109 Adams St. I Spring Garden St. North Spencer Hall Littlejohn, Vance T._ Lovings. (Mrs. I Lilli; Lowe. Louise 100« Fairmont St. Ferrell, Mary Lois Flintom, Margaret Forney, Edna A. ... Forney. E- J Foust. Dr 2509 Berklev Plare 308 S. Avcbck St 308 S. Aycock St Mclver St.. Apt. 4 McFadven, Miriam— McFaciven. Christiana McLean, Jessie. — McNutt. Dr. Franklin H.. _428 Forest Ave 1011 Spring Garden St! Thrush. Helen Mina Weil Hall _.._612 Joyner St. 214 Mclver St. 123 Mclver St. _ ..116 Mclver St. 4211 Winston Rd. Tillett, Nettie S Trumper, Virginia Turbeville, Mary — Apt B-3. Winburn Court Marble. Dr. Guita.. Friediaender, Dr. M .rc Funderburk. (Mrs _1201 W. Market St. New Guilford Hall 204 Tate St. Gangstad. Dr. Virginia 7 Springdale Court Infirmary. W. C. U. N. C. Martus. Ethel L Miitlus. (Mrs. i Treva W MHmfTie. Harriett Meickle. (Mrs i Betty B. Miller, Dr. Meta H.. Underwood, Dr. George Vidal y Diaz. Angela .212 West Avondale -1617 S. College Park Dnv Shaw Hall Mary Jane.- .501 S. Aycock St. Mitchell, J. Har Jamison Hall Givler. John Paul Gould. Mildred R Gove. Dr. Anna M. Graves, ( Mrs. Rachel 517 Highland Ave. _Box 325. Greensboro More. Grace Van Dyke__ Mossman. Mereb E Moxlev. Helen - High Point Rd., Route 3 Murchison. Sue Laura Coit Hall Groomtown Rd. 502 Forest Ave. M , . , .203 Tate St.. Apt. 3-C Naumann Harriet A.. Newton, Mildred P..... 508 Stirling St, 922 Carr St. __— 406 Lake Drive __5 Springdale Court _1006 Courtland St ..North Spencer Hall Watson. Marion M. Welch, Evon Wells. Margaret Wharton, I Mrs. i Kate H. Williams Maude Williams. Sue Vernon Wilson. George P Tate St. wimbish. iM ..506 E. Lake Dnv Wood. (Mrs.) Mary W. Parker . Wyatte, Margaret E Rt. No. 2, Kernersville. N. C. 919 Spring Garden St. 1007 West Market St. _132 Mclver St. 329 Mclver St.. Apt. 1 1813 Rolling Road .S. Aycock St. _129 Tate St. Young, (Mrs.) Dorothy Rice.. Hardaway. Mathilde 101 Westover Terrace .414 S. Mendenhall St. .210 Mclver St ____210 Mclver St. Zimmerman. Julin .317 Ta,te St.. Apt. 1 One Hundred Eighty-two One Hundred Eighty-tht WkMmi •i One Hundred Eighty-jour Refreshment tells you its ?$ ■ wM §5Sp Drink ice-cold Coca-Cola. Taste its delicious goodness. Enjoy the happy after-sense of refreshment it brings. By just this ex- perience of complete refreshment, millions have come to wel- come the quality of Coca-Cola— the quality of the real thing. tOTTLEO UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 1Y Pause ••• Go refreshed 5 You trust its quality GREENSBORO BOTTLING COMPANY One Hundred Eighty-fir a COnFIDEnCE BUILDS BUSinESS mm mm dougmiut co. rt j V leaner " DILLRRD PAPER CO. Greensboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Greenville, S. C. Virginia Division Roanoke Paper Co. Roanoke, Va. Styles change, sports change, but through our 70 years of experience, our policy of quality first combined with friendly service has not changed ODELL HARDWARE COMPANY GREENSBORO, N. C. Carolina ' s Largest Wholesale Distributors of Hardware and Sporting Goods. One Hundred Eighty-six eeCThetk DRINK Orange- Crush W CARBONATED BEVERAGE GREENSBORO, N. C. Jke (LSoar and L adtle Approved by Student Council Greensboro ' s Most Popular Sandwich Shop Famous Steaks with Our Special Sauce Sandwiches with Special Dressing West Market Extension Greensboro, N. C. Phone 2-0798 THE GRILL L ourieoud ei Fred Showfety, Proprietor A TIP FROM PRETTY PEGGY PEPPER 3 GOOD TIMES TO ENJOY LIFE MORE! DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Greensboro, N. C. Beauty Without Extravagance POLLOCKS SHOES Hosiery, Bags, Gloves " A SOUTHERN INSTITUTION " 102 South Elm Street SOCIETY PINS COLLEGE SEAL JEWELRY GIFTS AND NOVELTIES THE COLLEGE SHOP Phone 2-1414 405 Tate Street One Hundred Eighty-seven Compliments of HHRRELL COIDPIIIIY Candy Fountain Supplies Paper Products PHOnE 8161 226 n. fOKBIS The LOTUS Restaurant CHINESE AND AMERICAN DISHES 105 S. Greene St. Delicious CHOW MEIN FOR YOUR HEALTH BOWL AT THE Downtown Bowling Center GREENSBORO ' S NEWEST ALLEYS 111 East Washington Street Jhe staff of 1943 wishes to thank -Jhe cJLaSSiter f- reSS, Jhe (charlotte (Lnarauina L ompanu, and -Jaulor- MmeS J hotoaraphers for thei tke 1943 Pine Yjeelles. r excellent cooperation in proaucm at proaucina rf there are anu mistakes, and no doubt there will he, theu were unintentional of courie, and we hope uou will excuse them. Jhe mutual aoal of alt who have worked on the book in anu capacity has been to please the students, the facultu, and friends or the colleae. l Ue sincerelu hope we have reached our aoal (Memberf est fffmi ' H 1942-43 ) One Hundred Eighty-eight PHOTOGRRPHY FOR THIS flnnuRL done by TRYLOR-RmES PHOTOGRRPHERS OF nflTIO nRL nOTRBLES 118 n. Greene Street Greensboro, PI. C. One Hundred Eighty-nim CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO. Charlotte, North Carolina One Hundred Ninety SCHOOL PUBLICHTIOHS ti Printers of Z)L 1943 Pine fjeeJL The LRSSITER PRESS, Inc. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA One Hundred Ninety-one ,

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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