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( J ' ijq, j y j j _-_v. i CL -W C x czLibrid . . . rfineteen j odu-Jtvo Arnnutai l ubucatlon of the l l oman ' d L oueae of the lAvtiveriitij of rjodk L arouna . . . Ljreendboro, V forth, Caroii r ancu eraudon, traitor C llen S outkenand, djvidi Mdme55 rvanaaer i 9 i (pi piM--M " riim (Liqkteen Manured VlinetiA-Jwo... r ineteen Mundred J-orty-Uwo V LU M «G ■c , e S DIM MM UiqorouS and forceful fighter in the educational renaissance of the J outh, he was above all else a pioneer in the education of Southern women. vSorn of his brain and nourished in his heart, lA oman S College is proof of his immortalitu and of his belief that onlu through granting to ail the right to be educated could r orth Carolina prosper. So laramoun t in his life was love of the L olleae and Service to his state of r orth Carolina that he sacrificed personal ambition and fortune to continue to battle buouantlu, courageously, and deter- minedly to perpetuate his ideas of true democracy throuah education. - o strong was this foundation that even his death at fortu-six could not destrou it. FRANCES GIBSON SATTERFIELD Glass of 1928 FOREWORD Jrn tkis, tke year in which our country had become involved in war ana in which there ii turmoil and trouble the world over, we find we are faced with problems we had never dreamed we would have to face. Jtn iuch a period of uncertainty and confusion, we welcome the opportunity to look back over tke past on the occasion of celebrat- ing tke Zriftietk Anniversary of tke founding of our college. lA e look back, not as a way of escaping tke problems we face today, but as a source of receiving inspiration which may be got only from a keritage as rich and great as ours. eJLookina at our kistory we find an institution built with hard work, sacrifice, determination, and love, and find in it a pattern by wkick perkapi we, as tke potential post-war generation, may rebuild tke world. 352278 aniaru ■Jo all idealistic pioneers in democratic progress and in furtherance of litu in education, hiqh tribute is paid. J or it id to them that lA c oman 5 , owed iti birth. (Established bu legislative enactment Jebruaru 19, 1891, ad the J tate V formal and . Industrial School, first institution created bu the J tate of r forth Carolina for higher education of women, the T] lA oman ' s L ollege of the University of rjorth L arolit " " 1 its fiftieth Joarevmci itemplateS a ha S§iS-£ 1 ituru of aratifuina achievement. cltlzeni votina e.s.pu C reensboro, centrally located, wad chosen as the location of the institution, the $30,000 in bonds for the first two buildinaS, and and l . SJ. ( - rau of IKaieiah aivina a ten-acre site. other individual, Charles Jjuncan fl ' IcJrver was responsible ll lore than anu I fc for founding the coileae of which he became first president. Uther pioneers in public education, Charles B. Jtucoch, (Ldwin -A. -Alderman, and tfames Uj. tfouner, lent their Support to JJr. f cJrver ' s | ' Sf vJpenina on KJctober 5, 1892, with a student crusade tor the education of women. t of 176 and enrollment a tacultu of 15, the colleae first ottered I formal, iSusineSS, and J4ome (L-c women e conomicS ducat ion to courses in fultillina the two-fold legislative objectives of aivina — r L 1 ' fit them to teach and instruction in drawina, teleqraphu, tupe-Settinq, stenoqraphu and Such other industrial art as mau be Suitable to their sex id conducive to their usefulness. " Upon the death of dJr. rl ' IcJrver in 1906, Jjr. sruliuS r. jroust J • 7 • succeeded to the presidency, and " y " gEEUx -- under his leadership the inititution developed into a itronq liberal arti college, progreii recognized in change M of the name in 1919 to the r forth A L arolina College for lA omen. m Mfter the rapid growth II m the ' 20 i, the colleae became a part of tkt lAniversitu of florth Carolina in 1931 when the (general riiemblu coniolidated it with the J tate (college of — Agriculture and (Engineering at Kaleigh and the Ulniueriitu at Chapel JUL B„ tk u that act. the inititution became on syu-li4 1, 1932, the Woman 5 L-ollege or the lAniveriitu of I forth Carolina. Jjr. J ranh f- orter Ljraham wad made president of the new uniueriitu, and in 1934, when V ( 7 ijR Jjr. jrouit retired and became president emeritus of tke lA oman d Colleae, r Waiter Clinton Jackson, w% vice-president, was as dean of administrate L| U [JJ L I . gK -j appointed head of the instituti fatchina the phenomenal physical growth of the college has been its identic advance. Jrt has developed into a liberal arts colleae respected in ai identic circles, as is attested bu membership in ranhina scholasti orqaniza tions. Jhe colleae has continued to give teach training and instruction in commercial Subjects, home economics and other fields which ble women to become self-Sustaining, and at the Same sA time oners courses in the arts, Sciences, and of w I Studu in 25 major fields leads to five dearees, bachelor of trts, f M H.c. {Bachelor of Science in rf usic, I (C JjuA C bachelor of St 1 . cience in PL usicat Education, vDacnelor ofSci of -Science in riome C c cience in Secretarial fdministration, and lOacnelo, conomics. (graduate worn id alio given in home economics, secretarial Science, and elementaru educati [■ husica pJJMj arowth into the third laraest woman S colleat P in tne United States with enrollment of 2,210 students, facultu and administrative staff of 24 7, and a plant valued at $7 ,500,000, including 45 buildinas on a campus of 100 acres. through fiftu uearS of arowtn, oman S K olleqe has been evolutionized curriculum, in enrollment, in academic t, in acade standinq, in phusical qreatneSS, to meet the chanqinq needi or _yv men can women: for ; fo, chanqe is the veru essence of livinq. v- ut it had not chanqed Spirituallu; for todau, as iftu uears aqo, lA oman S L olleqe id JJistinquished for its JJemocracu Jhrouqh iti portals have entered those from all walks of life, in search for quidance toward the hiqher walks of life. Jheu have been Schooled in knowledqe, personal responsibility, in konor. Jkeu kai e been inoculated witk respect for otkers opinions and respect for tkeir own opinions, j- ut Xy [ learned to tkink as intelliqent and mature H- tkeir own, tkeu kave jror Woman s L olleqe kas matured. Jkis uear an konor sustem kas been introduced. UJonations kave been made for a Student Union buildinq. M new and more mal dure sustem of elections y nai " " inaugurated, ftu uears of existence are a tribute to courage and to perseverance; to the blood, sweat and tears of the pioneers w student leadt ho toiled to make lAJoman ' s College; to the foresight of the administrative and erS " HQ_ vho carried this college through depressions, potential defeats, and war. J-iftu uears of existence are a tribute to Growth and to progress ZJhe fight for victory against being carried on ou men; but it will be the anan powers is women wi no will fight aaainst pettiness and Selfishness — Small things that corrupt and corrode — for a lasting peace. lAJoman ' s College stands firmiu and securely in a world torn bu the clashing of armies and ideals and ideas, readu to take its place in the world of tomorrow as the educator of the women w no will rebuild trie world of todau. WALTER C. JACKSON Dean of Administration idicate the fiftieth Mnniversaru annual to re Irs. L harles Duncan re (carver, wife, companion, ana helper ' of the founder of our college. Reflected in Iter countenance are the qualities of strength, goodness, determination, and patience which made her one of the most uital forces in the building of this institution, as well as one or the most outstanding women in the J tate of r orth L arolina. Mlthough she is not seen often bu the students now, the influence or her great character has and alwaus shall be relt bu eueru student on the campus as she continues to be an example o womanhood as its best. MRS. CHARLES D. MM DR. FRANK PDRTER GRAHAM Dr Frank Porter Graham, " Mr. Frank " to his stu- dents at the University of North Carolina, is gener- ally recognized as the ablest United States State University president. President Graham is, however, more than a University president His fame is due, first of all, to the fact that he is a great man, genial, kindly, and hospitable; and secondly, to the fact that he is a great teacher, academically and technically. President Graham, in his teaching, is primarily an educator for Democracy. " According to the Demo- cratic philosophy of education that we learn what we live, " he has said, " a campus democracy of students is one of the most effective agencies in education for democracy. " It is the influence of this man, our University President, that has made us at Woman ' s College more conscious of the fact that the preserva- tion of the Democratic way of life in our nation and on our campus is worth any effort that we may be called on to put forth. GDV. J. MELVILLE RRDUGHTDN EX-DFFICID, CHAIRMAN As Chairman of the Executive Committee of the University of North Carolina, Governor Broughton is the administrative leader in the higher education of the state of North Carolina as well as in its political administration. As an educator, he takes his stand with these words, " The biggest business of the state is education. It is our best investment. " The Trustees have endeavored to solve the prob- lems of the school as a whole, to provide for the needs of the students themselves, and to keep the Univer- sity abreast with the modern ideas of education and the modern demands of our civilization Governor Broughton ' s sincere interest in education has lent inspiration to the Board. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE TRUSTEES Alexander Boyd Andrews, Ex-Officio, Secretary 1942: Mrs. Laura Weill Cone, Miss Easdale Shaw, Haywood Parker. 1944: Josephus Daniels, Clarence Poe, Irvin B. Tucker. ::; 1 946 : Charles Whedbee, 0. Max Gardner, Leslie Weil. 1948: John Sprunt Hill, Walter Murphy, John J. Parker. " Term expires July 1 of year indicated. DR. WALTER C. JACKSDN Progress has been the keynote of Woman ' s Col- lege since Dr. Walter Clinton Jackson became Dean of Administration in 1934. Dr. Jackson had long served as a teacher and as vice-president before his election to the head of this institution. During his administration, he has guided and developed this branch of the Greater University into a liberal arts college that is respected in all academic circles All the growth during Dr. Jackson ' s administration has not been cultural, however. Today finds Woman ' s College one of the largest universities of its kind in the United States with an enrollment of approxi- mately 2,250 students. Dr. Jackson has stimulated each member of the student body with his own clear-thinking and vigor- ous outlook on life. He has taken a sympathetic interest in the least of our troubles and has always been the first to give us a word of encouragement in all of our undertakings. MISS HARRIET WISEMAN ELLIOTT Miss Harriet Wiseman Elliott, educator, political fig- ure, and fighter for women ' s rights, has a life on which she can look with pride. In her early history, she was greatly interested in woman suffrage and organized the first woman ' s suffrage group in North Carolina. Believ- ing then that women should have " responsible freedom, " she has been guided by this phrase; it has been the " symbol of her relationship " with the students at the Woman ' s college, where she has been as professor of political science since 1913 and as dean of women since 1935. In May of 1940 Miss Elliott was asked by President Roosevelt to serve as consumer commissioner on his National Defense Commission. Planning national defense in terms of " human values, " she strove to maintain and strengthen living conditions. " She gives us butter with our guns, " is the way one person expressed the signifi- cance of her work. As the only woman member of this commission, Miss Elliott was the exemplification of her own statement: " For the first time in history women today are equally important v ith men, not only in a crisis, but in all the affairs of the nation " Miss Elliott is more than a professor of political science, more than a dean of women — she is an estab- lished institution, and her motto " responsible freedom for women, " will live in the hearts of us, the students, down through the years. We shall always feel the in- fluence of one of the great women of our times. Eighteen ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS DR JULIUS 1. FOUST MISS LAURA H. COIT MR E. J. FORNEY MR. C. E. TEAGUE PRESIDENT EMERITUS SECRETARY OF THE COLLEGE TREASURER ASSISTANT COMPTROLLER MR GEORGE M. JOYCE MISS MARY TAYLOR MOORE DR RUTH M. COLLI NGS MR. GUY R. LYLE AUDITOR REGISTRAR PHYSICIAN LIBRARIAN THE RESIDENCE HALLS - 1942 Through aid of the Legislature and the citizens of Greensboro, the first building that served as a dormitory at Woman ' s College was erected between Administration and Mclver Buildings. Though the hall was never named, it possessed such character that it became universally known as " Old Brick " . " Old Brick " was burned, but in its place we now have fifteen large dormitories which stand as tangible evidence of the growth of our college. KIRKLAND HALL MISS CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS, Counselor NELL BAREFOOT, House President Kirkland Hall, built in 1912, was named for Miss Mary Sue Kirkland, the first woman princi- pal of the college. Kirkland has special historical interest as for many years it housed the student publication offices in its basement. WOMAN ' S HALL MISS MARY PARKER, Counselor POLLY CREECH, House President Woman ' s Hall, completed in 1912, was dedi- cated by the General Assembly of North Caro- lina to the Women of the Confederacy. Miss Jamison became the first counselor when she accepted the invitation of the seniors, who moved in, to come and live with them. ANNA HOWARD SHAW HALL MISS GENEVIEVE WALBERG, Counselor SIDNEY ANNE TOOLY, House President When Anna Howard Shaw Hall was erected in 1920 the students unanimously desired that the building be named for Anna Howard Shaw. It was their wish that the character of Anna Howard Shaw prevail over " Shaw. " Twenty NORTH SPENCER HALL MISS NANCY DUKE LEWIS, Counselor JEAN GRANTHAM, House President North Spencer Hall, built in 1904, is one of the oldest dormitories on campus, and yet it is one of the most modern as its renovation has been recent enough to be remembered by the graduating class of 1942. MARTHA WINFIELD HALL MRS. DOROTHY RICE YOUNG, Counselor ELISE BOGER, House President Miss Martha Winfield, for many years a pro- fessor at the college, left an endowment which made possible the construction of Martha Win- field Hall in 1939, formerly known as " New A, " and popularly called " The Country Club. " MINA WEIL HALL MISS KATHERINE TAYLOR, Counselor BLANCHE WOOLARD, House President Mina Weil Hall, connected to Martha Win- field Hall, is also the result of a gift, given in honor of Mrs. Mina Weil, grandmother of Joan Bluethenthal of the class of 1941. Joan roomed in it as " New B " when it, too, was constructed in 1939. NEW GUILFORD HALL MISS EVELYN MARTIN, Counselor PEGGY PLUMMER. House President New Guilford Hall, built in 1927, is a dupli- cate of Mary Foust Hall. Everyone so cherished the memory of Old Guilford that the new build- ing was automatically named for the old one, which now houses the Department of Public Relations. Twenty-one SOUTH SPENCER HALL MRS MARGUERITE C. OGDEN, Counselor FRANCES HENRY, House President South Spencer Hall was completed in 1904. It has importance not only for being one of the largest and oldest dormitories on campus, but for the fact that it houses the Relig : ous Activi- ties Center and the famous game room. MARY FOUST HALL MRS ANNIE BEAM FUNDERBURK, Counselor MAE DUCKWORTH, House President Mary Foust Hall, constructed in 1927, was named by the alumnae of the college in memory of the daughter of President Emeritus Foust Although a twin building, Mary Foust is dis- tinctive with Mrs. Funderburk ' s well kept gar- den adding to its beauty. JAMISON HALL MISS CLARA GIESE, Counselor MARY JO RENDLEMAN, House President Jamison Hall, built in 1923, completed the quadrangle buildings. The alumnae thought it fitting that " East " and " West, " by which the two last constructed quadrangle buildings were known, should be named for Miss Laura Coit and Miss Minnie Jamison. HINSHAW HALL MISS MARTHA E HATHAWAY, Counselor DOROTHY ODUM, House President Hinshaw Hall, built in 1922, and named for Colonel G. W. Hinshaw, a member of the Board of Trustees of the College from 1910-1918, is the hall with which we associate the one year commercial students. Twenty-two LAURA CO IT HALL MISS IONE H. GROGAN, Counselor HELEN TANNER, House President In 1923 Laura Coit Hall was erected among its sister dormitories in the quadrangle and was named for Miss Laura Coit, secretary of the College. Pictured from the back, here the famil- iar terrace, a characteristic of all the quad- rangle buildings, may be seen. f a.Br|BS COTTEN HALL MRS. ANNE FULTON CARTER, Counselor DELICE YOUNG, House President After the last war, money was plentiful and certainly not unwisely spent when Cotten Hall was dedicated in 1922. Named for Miss Sally Southhall Cotten, this quadrangle hall was a popular hall for seniors until in 1939 all quad- rangle buildings were assigned to freshmen. GRAY HALL MRS ETHEL HASKIN HUNTER, Counselor GRACE SLOCUM, House President In 1921 Gray Hall was named for Mr. Robert T. Gray, a member of the Board of Trustees of the College from 19C0-1912. Gray Hall is dis- tinguished by being the first building erected among those which form the quadrangle. BAILEY HALL MISS REBECCA COLE, Counselor PHYLLIS CROOKS, House President Bailey Hall, erected in 1922, was named for Mr. T. B. Bailey, a member of the Board of Trustees of the College from 1902-1916. Mr. Bailey, one of the college ' s most loyal friends, devoted much of his life toward its growth and upbuilding. Tuenly-three dent government operated through the societies, Adelphian and Cornelian, which were at this time the center of student life; and the chief marshal aided by the other officers took care of the cases of misconduct. Student government as we know it today began in 1914 when The Student Government Association was organized with Miss Gladys Avery (Mrs Charles W. Til let of Charlotte) as its first president. The Association underwent re- organization in 1922 and again in 1930, the latter arrangements invested more power in the student body, gave more opportunity to initiate pieces of legislation, and made it possible for govern- ment duties to extend beyond mere disciplinary matters. Recent changes trend toward fewer rules and more individual respon- sibility. The keynote of our entire system is — to use the termi- nology of our Dean of Women, Miss Harriet Elliott — " responsible freedom " and since the girls understand and accept the respon- sibilities which privileges always entail, our system of student government is satisfactory and effective. Woman ' s College has a representative government truly " of the people, by the people, and for the people " MARY EPPES, President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION GLADYS SESSOMS, Secretory ROSE WILSON, Vice-President REBECCA BEASLEY, Treasurer Student government is not a mythical ideal but a true reality on our campus, and we are extremely proud of this fact since self-gov- ernment gives us the valuable opportunity to experience the fellowship of living in a student democracy. This ideal which has become a real- ity had its beginning here in 1892 when our school was founded as the State Industrial School. Even then Dr. Charles Duncan Mclver laid great stress upon absolute democracy in every phase of college life and government. During those early years in the history of Wom- an ' s College there were few printed rules, and emphasis was placed upon self-government and individual responsibility. Permissions were given orally by the " lady principal, " who would grant only such requests as were grammatically cor- rect, and as she gave permission she criticized the student ' s dress and demeanor if she deemed such criticism necessary. Some time later gen- eral rules and a code of privileges were written out. The first effective formal attempt at stu- Twenly-jour LEGISLATURE The Legislature is presided over by the vice-president of student government and formerly was composed of student government officers, the president of the Town Student ' s Association, three members from each of the classes, and three faculty members. This year, to keep pace with the increase in the size of our student body, the number of members in legislature was increased from thirty-five to fifty. This was done following a recommendation by legis- lature to the students at mass meeting. The fifteen addi- tional girls represent residence halls and furnish legislature with a true cross-section of the college. At present, legislature is most concerned over the elec- tions system here at W.C. A more adequate plan is being worked out which, it is hoped, will arouse greater student interest in campus elections. JUDICIAL BOARD The place of the Judicial Board in the conception and organization of Student Government on this campus is that of a court of last resort. The president of Student Govern- ment is empowered to choose the eight members who with her constitute this body, four from the Senior class and four from the Junior class. For a long time the Judicial Board tried all offenses, but several years ago the system was enlarged and a Hall Board set up in each dormitory. One member of the Judicial Board sits with each Hall Board, both to give advice and also to assist in working out some uniformity in procedure and in punishment. The purpose always is to make the erring student under- stand the rules and appreciate the fact that they are made both for her protection and for the protection of the College. Twenty-five FINANCE BOARD Established several years ago after the last depression for the purpose of giving students representation and re- sponsibility in the handling of student activity funds, this body holds an important position in the college set up. The board is composed of four student members and three fac- ulty members, a senior student acting as chairman. The purpose of the board is to maintain a sound financial basis for student organizations on the campus and encourage accurate and careful handling of all student funds In carrying out this purpose we find in the Finance Board one of the most active and successful examples of cooperation between students and faculty on campus. HONOR BOARD The Honor Board is composed of the president of student government, three student members appointed by the presi- dent from the Judicial Board, and three faculty members appointed by the Dean of Administration. This board was organized several years ago to deal with cases of academic dishonesty. Such cases rarely arise, but the board exists in the event that they should. If the proposed honor system is adopted, the question of the continued existence of the Honor Board becomes pertinent, it will either be dissolved or its function will be modified in some way. As the func- tions of our organizations change, so we see progress in the development in our school. Twenty-six TOWN STUDENT ' S JUDICIAL BOARD TOWN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The Town Student ' s organization was founded around 1911 by Miss Minnie Jamison, volunteer adviser. The goal of the group was closer town student-campus student relations, closer cooperation with the student government organization, and social life for town girls themselves Loosely organized at first, the fifty members met with Miss Jamison and their president, the only officer, in the study and social room which is now the college post office. Since then, town students have had several advisers, Miss Jane Summerell and Miss Gladys Draper among them. Today, with Miss Viva Playfoot and Miss Frances Daniel as advisers, the Town Student ' s Association has a membership of two hundred and seventy-five students, three officers and a judicial board, a convenient, comfortable recreation room, and a definite part in campus life. The purpose remains much the same, as the activities of the organization indicate. A social program has been instigated to improve campus-town student relations. Town stu- dents are cooperating in Student Government activities, this year especially in the campus defense program In thirty years -the purpose has changed little, but the Town Student ' s Associat.on has grown five-fold JANICE HOOKE, Secretary-Treasurer DOROTHY HENDRIX, Vice-President JEAN BERBERT, President Twenty-seven SENIOR CLASS Swiftly the days of our college career have flown, and as we stand at the brink of graduation in the year of the 50th anniversary of the college, we pause for a moment to reflect the picture of our activities which began when we put foot on campus in the fall of 1938. To lead our class through the first eventful year, we elected as president Charlotte Moseley, vice- president Mary Eppes, secretary Frances Henning, and treasurer Polly Sattler. Miss Emily Watkins of the mathematics department was presented to us as our class chairman, and it was to her that we as freshmen turned in moments of difficulty and indecision. Officers of our sophomore class were Mary Eppes, president; Sue Murchison, vice-president; Blanche Woolard, secretary; and Peggy Plummer, treasurer. Outstanding work in the " Y " was already being done by Marjorie Sullivan, Mae Duckworth, Jessie Brunt, Georgie Bell, Jo Howard, Nancy Fergu- son, Sara Jane Hunter, Esther Bennett, Julia Davis, Margaret Little, and Lulu Hinton. In dramatics, Catherine Hilderman had made her successful and startling debut, and Petie Roberts and Dorothy Mansfield had major parts in Playlikers productions. Junior year found us with Polly Sattler, as president; Mae Duckworth, vice-president; Dorothy Mil- ler, treasurer; and Georgie Bell, secretary. Well representing the class were twelve lovely girls who had been chosen as marshals, and juniors were busy in all the varied activities on campus. Class officers for this last year are Sue Murchison, president; Neita Allan, vice-president; Isabel Edmunds, secretary; Ruth Rhyne, treasurer; and Judy Barrett, cheer leader. As seniors we head all important offices on the campus, and it is to us now that freshmen turn when seeking advice. But it is with difficulty and sorrow that we say " Farewell to dear old W. C. of U. N. C — Our praise for you will never, never end! " -Ifcl MISS EMILY WATKINS Class Chairman SUE MURCHISON Class President GLENNYS ANN RITCHIE Class Mascot OFFICERS NEITA ALLEN Vice-President SUE MURCHISON President JUDY BARRETT Cheer Leader ISABEL EDMUNDS Secretary RUTH RHYNE Treasurer Twenty-nine 1892 iti- i Thirl) MARY ALICE ADER SPARTANBURG, S. C. AB. Art Cornelian; Greensboro College (I, 2); Art Club (3); Tennis (1, 2). FRANCES LOUISE ALEXANDER DURHAM B S. Physical Education Aletheian, Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Y.W.C A. (I, 2); Dance Group (4); Recreation Association Cabinet (4); Archery (2, 3); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Gymnastics (3); Hockey (1, 2, 3); Life Saving (1, 2. 3, 4); Volley Boll (1, 2); Aquatic Instructor ' s Course (3, 4). MARGARET WILLIS ALEXANDER STATESVILLE AB. Primary Education Cornelian; Mitchell College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Young Demo- crats ' Club (4); Y.W.C A (4). NANCY McCAIN ALEXANDER STATESVILLE AB. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Mitchell College (1, 2); PINE NEEDLES (4); Education Club (4); Senior Transfer Adviser (4); Honor Roll (3); Baseball (3); Life Sav- ing (3); Aquatic Instructor ' s Course (4); Basketbal DOROTHY CHRISTINE ALLEN GREENSBORO B.S. Home Economics Dikean, Freshman Dance Committee (1); Sophomore Pageant Make-up Chairman (2); CAROLINIAN Reporter (2, 3), Columnist (4); COR- ADDI Business Manager (4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1), Publicity Chairman (2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Physics Club (3); Playlikers (I, 2); Quill Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2), Dance Committee (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C A. (]), Girl Reserve Student Adviser (2); Dance Group, Publicity Chairman (2), Production Manager (3); Home Eco- nomics Honor Society (4). HARRIET ESTELLE ALLEN ASHEVILLE AB. Botany Cornelian, Biltmore Junior College and Duke University (I, 2); Botany Cub 13, 4). NEITA WATSON ALLEN HENDERSON AB Grammar Grade Education Cornelian, Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (2); YWCA Advisory Council (4); Gymnastics (1); Life Saving (1, 2); Tennis (I 2 3) WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ELSIE COY ALLEY CATAWBA B S Home Economics Adelphian, PINE NEEDLES (3, 4), Assistant Circulation Manager (4); Eaucation Club (4), Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4); Inter-Faith Coun- cil (3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Lutheran Student Group (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice- President (3), President (4). JUNE ALMOND ANDREWS B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MARIE DONZELLA ANDERSON HERTFORD B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Flora Macdonald College 0, 2); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Life Saving (3); Swimming (3). SARA ELIZABETH ANDERSON LEAKSVILLE B S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian ' Hall Proctor (4); Gomma Alpha Club (3, 4); Baptist Students ' Union (1, 4); Education Club (4); Y.W.C A. (1, 2). ANGELA JOAN ANDREOTTO RICHFIELD, N.J A.B.Art Dikean; Art Club (4); Choir (3,4); Education Club (4), Playlikers (3,4) MAMIE LEE ANDREW SNOW CAMP B.S. Home Economics Aletheian - Guilford College (1, 2); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3); Chemistry Club (3, 4); Hockey (4); Basketball (4). ALICE LOUISE AREY WORCESTER, MASS A.B. Sociology Adelphian; Archery Club (3); Daisy Chain (2); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3), Town Students ' Organization (1), Y.W.C A " Y " Cabinet (4); Sophomore Pageant (2), Hall Board (41 MARTHA JEANNE ARMSTRONG ELIZABETH CITY B.S. Music Adelphian; Band (1); Choir (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (41; Music Education Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Social Chairman (3). MABEL LOUISE ARNEY MORGANTON A.B. Biology Aletheian, Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); YWCA (1); Zoology Field Club (2). MAE EDLA ASBELL BELVIDERE A.B. French Dikean; Louisburg Junior College (1, 2), Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4); YWCA. (3, 4). MARY ALBERTA BAILEY HEBRON, MD A.B. Mathematics Adelphian, St. Mary ' s Seminary Junior College (1, 2); Boot n ' Spur (4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Square Circle (3, 4); Hockey (3). MARIE BAILEY BURNSVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Fran cais (1); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). MRS. ELIZABETH F, BAIN GREENSBORO A.B. Grammar Grade Education 1942 Thirty-one 1892 Thirty-two MARGARET JANET BAKER FAYETTEVILLE A.B. Biology Cornelian; Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); Physics Club (4); Square DcnceClub (2, 3). J. CAROLYN BALLOW GREENSBORO A.B. Primary Education Aletheian, Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Ju- dicial Board (3); Dance Committee (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4). BETTY ANN BARBER GOLDSTON B A. Biology Adelphian, Presbyterian Church Council (3); Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3, 4); Hall Board (3); Hall Proctor (3); YWCA (1, 2, 4) NELL THOMAS BAREFOOT DUNN A.B. English Dikean; House President (4); Sophomore Council (2); 50th Anniversary Committee (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (3, 4); Junior Ad- viser (3); Le Cercle Francois (2); Speakers ' Club (2); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Finance Board (3, 4), Secretary (3); Dormitory Social Chair- man (3); Camp Committee (4) SADIE BARINEAU LINCOLNTON A.B. History Alerheian; Hall Proctor (2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (2, 3); International Relations Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Play- likers (2). MARILYN JANE BARKELEW MOORESTOWN, N. J A.B.Greek Cornelian; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3). EDITH BARNES ELM CITY B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Atlantic Christian (1); Hall Board (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); YWCA. (3 4). VERA FAYE BARNES TAYLORSVILLE B.A. Business Education Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Y.WA Circle Leader, Educa- tion Club (4); Square Dance Club (2). JULIA BYNUM BARRETT KINSTON A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aaelphian, Hall Representative (4); Cheer Leader (3, 4), CAROLINIAN ' i hery Club (2, 3), Head of Archery Play Day (3), Botany Club (3, 41; Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Daisy Chain (21; Education Club (3, 1); Li Cercle Francois (2); Seal Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Young Democrats ' Club (I, 2, 3, 4), YWCA. (1, 2, 3, 4), President of Junior-Senior Club (4), Y Cabinet (4); Camp Committee (4); R. A. Cabinet (4); Sophomore Pageant (2); Camp Counselors ' Club (2, 3, 4); Aquatic Instructor (2); Baseball (3); Life Saving (1, 2, 3, 4), Head (4); Swimming U, 2, 3). MARGARET Q. BARRINGER LYNCHBURG, VA B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean- Montreat Junior College (1, 2); CAROLINIAN, PINE NEEDLES (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Choir (4); Playlikers (3, 4); Proctor (4). NANCY EVA BARWICK RALEIGH B S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Converse College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4). GEORGIE ROBERTA BELL FAYETTEVILLE A.B. Sociology Adelphian, Secretary of Junior Class, Notional Honorary Sociology Fra- ternity, Alpha Kappa Delta; Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Presbyterian Stu- dent Council (3), Chairman of Covenant Council (4), Daisy Chain (2); Honor Roll (3) 1 International Relations Club (2); Playhkers (2, 3); So- ciology Club (4); Y.WCA (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3); Girl Reserve Leader (2); Proctor (1, 3); Adelphian Dance Committee (3); Treasurer of ASU (2). VERNA FRANCES BELL NEW BERN B.S. Home Economics Aletheian, Montreat Junior College (1, 2); Choir (3, 4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4) ESTHER VORENA BENNETT ASHEVILLE A.B Biology Dikean; Botany Club (3, 4), Program Chairman (4); Der Deutscher Verein (2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Physics Club (2, 3), Vice-President (3); Y.WCA (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet i2); Hall Proctor (1, 2, 3); Hall Board (4). JEAN BERBERT GREENSBORO A.B. English Aletheian, 50th Anniversary Publications Committee, CAROLINIAN (2), Associate Editor (3), Editorial Board (4); Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3), President (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (4). MARY STANLY BERNARD CHAPEL HILL A.B. Art Dikean; St. Mary ' s Junior College (1, 2); Art Club (4), Education Club (4); International Relations Club (3, 4). BLANCHE MOORE BERRY HERTFORD A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Botony Club (2, 3), Educotion Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.WCA (1, 2, 3, 4). JEAN DE SALLES BERTRAM WILMINGTON A.B. English, History Cornelian; CORADDI (1, 2, 3, 4), Editor-in-Chief (4); CAROLINIAN (3); PINE NEEDLES (3); Chemistry Club (1); Der Deutscher Verein (1, 2). Publicity Chairman (2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Quill Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3); American History Discussion Group (2, 3, 4), Founder (2) FRANCES LORENE BISSELL STATEN ISLAND, N. Y A.B. History Aletheian; Classical Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2), President (4) p Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3). N. RUTH BLACKMAN HILLSBORO B.S. Home Economics Dikean, Church Council (1, 2); Education Club (3 ,4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (1); Y.WCA. (1, 2, 3, 4); Chem- istry Club (1, 2, 3). 1942 Thirty-thr 1892 MARY LYLLYAN BLANTON SHELBY B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Church Council, Daisy Chain (2), Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); YWCA. (1, 2, 3, 4), Swimming (1, 2, 3). ELIZABETH BLAUVELT UPPER MONTCLAIR, N J B S. Physical Education Adelphian; Archery Club (2); Education Club (4); Playlikers (2, 3); Young Republicans ' Club (3); YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (2, 3); Gymnastics (1, 2, 3), Varsity (3); Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4), All-State Varsity (3, 4); Speedball Varsity (2, 3); Camp Counselors ' Club (3, 4); Camp Committee (2, 3, 4); Basketball (2), R A Cabinet (4). HELENA BLUE CARTHAGE B.S. Music Education Adelphian; CAROLINIAN (3, 4); CORADDI (4), Transfer Flora Mac- dcnald Coliege (I); Archery Club (2. 3, 4); Choir (2, 3); Der Deutscher Verein (2); Education Club (3, 4), Glee Club (4); Music Education Club (2, 3, 4); Playlikers (2); Young Democrats ' Club (41; YWCA (4); Archery (2, 3, 4). DOROTHY FRANCES BLUMENTHAL FRANKLIN B S Secretarial Administration Dikean; Hall Board (3); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4). ELSIE MARTIN BOGER CONCORD A.B Sociology Aletheian, Marshal (3); House President (4); PINE NEEDLES (4); Transfer William and Mary College (1), Junior Adviser (3); Sociology Club (3, 4). VIRGINIA M BOWDEN WEST HAVEN, CONN A B Chemistry Dikean, Greensboro College (1, 2), Masqueraders (3, 41; Playlikers (3, 41, Chemistry Club (3, 4). CAROL BOYD BELHAVEN A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Der Deutscher Verein (2); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club LISA MARGARET BRANDT BERLIN, GERMANY A B Chemistry Aletheian; Transfer Berlin Colleges; Honor Roll (3); International Rela- tions Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (3, 4); Playlikers (4); Square Circle (3); Chemistry Club (3, 4). ANNE LEWIS BRATTON RALEIGH B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Transfer Saint Mary ' s Jr. College; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4) MARY GORDON BREEDEN BENNETTSVILLE, S C A.B English Aletheian, Marshal (3), President (4); Daisy Chom Chairman I2i, Bot- any Club (2); Education Club ' 4), Junior Adviser (3); May Court (4); Gymnastics (1); Hockey (1); Life Saving (1); Soccer (1); Speedboll (1) Tbirty-fo RUTH BRIGHT NEW HILL A.B. Primary Education Dikean, Finance Board (4); Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). FRANCES LUTTRELL BROWN GATESVILLE A.B. Grammar Grade Adelphian, Transfer Louisburg Junior College (1, 2); Choir (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); Le Cercle Frcncais (3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A (3, 4); Hall Proctor (3). LENA COBLE BROWN WINSTON-SALEM A.B. Art Adelphian; Art Club (3, 4), Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Choir (3, 4); Junior Adviser (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). JESSIE EVANS BRUNT WINSTON -SALEM A.B. English Dikean; CAROLINIAN, Associate Editor (3); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Quill Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (31, Vice-President (4). MARJORIE BRYANT ASHEVILLE A.B. Art Aletheian, Inter-Society Representative (4), Legislature (3); Hall Board (4); CAROLINIAN, Columnist (4); Art Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Church Council (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Interna- tional Relations Club (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3); YWCA Cabi- net (4); May Day Committee (4); History Club (3); Senior Invitation Committee (4). BERTHA MAE BULLARD FAYETTEVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gomma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3). ADA ELIZABETH BURROUGHS NORFOLK, VA A.B English Dikean; Der Deutscher Verein (1, 2), Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Archery (2); Hockey (I) RUTH BUTLER REIDSVILLE B.S Home Economics Dikean, Church Council (1, 2, 3), Education Club (3, 4); Home Eco- nomics Club (2,3,4), Young Democrats ' Club (3,4); Y.WC.A. (1,2,3,4). EMMA MAE BYERLY LEXINGTON B.S. Music Education Adelphian, Bond (4); Choir (1, 2, 3); Church Council (1); Education Club (4); Glee Club (31; Le Cercle Francois 12); Music Education Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3), President (4); Young Composers ' Club (3, 4) ' Hall Proctor (2). ANNIE LEE CABLE GREENSBORO B.S.S.A. Aletheian, Transfer Lenoir-Rhyne College (1, 2); Alpha Gamma (3 4)- Choir (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (31; YWCA. (3). 1942 Thirty-five 1892 MARY ELIZABETH CALDWELL LUMBERTON A.B. Sociology Dikean; Mary Baldwin College (1); Sociology Club (3, 41; Proctor (2, 3). JULIA CALHOUN WINSTON -SALEM A.B. Art Dikean; Stephens College (1, 2); University of Cincinnati (3, 41; Educa- tion Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). ELIZABETH CAMERON BURNSIDE, KY. B.S Physical Education Dikean; Hall Board (4); Transfer Berea College (1, 2, 3), Education Club (4); Seal Club (3, 4); Dance Group (3, 4); Baseball (3); Hockey (3, 4); Aquatic Instructor (3); Basketball (3, 4), Manager (4). MARGARET WOODSON CARTER CLINTON B.S Home Economics Adelphian; Education Club (4); Home Economics ' Club (3, 4). REN A CATHEY CANTON A.B. Sociology Adelphian, Textile Industrial Institution (1); Sociology Club (3, 4); Y.W.CA. (2, 3, 4). ANNIE LOU CHANDLER GOLDSBORO A.B. Chemistry Alethe ' ian, Transfer Campbell Junior College (I, 2); Medical Technol- ogist Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (3, 4); Baptist Students ' Union (3, 4), President Y W.A. (4). MARTHA FRANCES CHARNOCK ASHEVILLE B.S Physical Education Ccrnelian, Boot n ' Spur (3), President (41; Clogging Club (2, 3); Dolphin Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Archery, Baseball. Gymnastics, Hockey, Life Saving (Student Head 3, 4), Soccer, Speedball, Swimming, Tennis; Recreation Association Cabinet (2, 3, 4); Dance Group (3, 4) DEBORAH PIPKIN CHILES MOUNT HOLLY A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.CA (1) MILDRED CHRONISTER LINCOLNTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean, Vice-President (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3), President (4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Young Democrats ' Club (2); Y.WC.A. (1, 2); Sopho- more Pageant Committee (2); Dikean Dance Committee (3); Junior- Senior Dance Committee (3). ESTHER NANCY CLAPP GREENSBORO A B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Botany Club (4); Education Club (4). Thirty-fix ANNIE RUTH CLARK DURHAM B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Hall Board (4); CORADDI; Archery Club (2, 3); Education Ciub (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Archery (2, 3); Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4). FRANCES CLAYWELL MORGANTON B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4). MARTHA LeNOIR CLOUD LILESVILLE A.B. Art Cornelian, Marshal (4); Transfer Converse College (1, 2); Art Club (4); Junior Adviser (4); Le Cercle Francois (3); Recreation Association Cabi- net Member; Swimming (3). KATHERINE COAN NEW PORT, VT B.A. English Dikean, Recording Secretary (3); Committee 50th Anniversary; Assistant Business Manager CORADDI; Young Republicans ' Club (3); YW.CA (1, 2, 4); Secretary Sophomore Y, Hall Board (1, 3); Golf (2, 3, 4). ELLEN TOMLINSON COCHRAN MATTHEWS A.B. English Aletheian; Peace Jr. College (1,2); Education Club (4); Y.WC.A. (3,4) MARY LUCILLE COCHRANE LAURINBURG A.B. Mathematics Cornelian; Secretary Presbyterian Students ' Organization (4); Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (2); Physics Club (3); Square Circle (1, 2 3, 4), Junior Class Representative (3); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). FRANCES ELAINE COCKERHAM MT. AIRY A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; House Committee (3); CAROLINIAN Advertising Staff (2, 3); Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); International Relations Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3, 4); YW.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4). MARVEIGN CLOUD COCKFIELD GREENSBORO B.S. Home Economics Cornelian, Inter-Society Representative (3); Editor of Handbook (4); CAROLINIAN, Advertising Manager (2), Business Manager (3, 4); Home Economics Honor Society (4); Archery Club (4); Church Council, Pro- gram Chairman (2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (1); Junior Adviser (3); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Town Students ' Organiza- tion, Dance Chairman (2, 3), Secretary-Treasurer (2); YW.CA (1, 2, 3, 4); International Week-end Committee (2, 4); Sophomore Dance Committee (2); Danforth Fellowship (1); Life Saving (2). MARTHA PAGE COLEMAN HILTON VILLAGE, VA A.B. Sociology Dikean; Boot n ' Spur (3, 4); Der Deutscher Verein (I, 2); Sociology Club (3, 4); Hockey (1); Life Saving (2); Swimming (1). ALICE CAROLYN CONYERS YOUNGVILLE A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Botany Club (4); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 4). 1942 1892 hirty-eight ELIZABETH CAROLINA COOK RALEIGH A.B. Chemistry Aietheian; Der Deutscher Verein (2); Medical Technologist Club (3 4); Square Dance Club (2, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1); Chemistry Club (4); Gym- nastics (1 ). ELIZABETH MOORE COOKE FRANKLINTON A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Choir (3); Presbyterian Church Council (4); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); YWCA (1) MARGARET JACKSON COOKE AULANDER A.B. Biology Cornelian; Medical Technologist Club (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Young Democrats ' Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3). DOROTHY GRAVES COOPER HENDERSON A.B. Primary Education Aietheian; Hall Proctor (1); Education Club, Treasurer (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A (1, 2, 3); Golf (2). LILLIAN COPE MIDDLESEX A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Transfer Louisburg Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4) ' Sociology Club (3); Speakers ' Club (4); YWCA (3). DOROTHY RAY CORWIN AHOSKIE A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Transfer Louisburg College (1, 2); Education Club (4). HILDA JOHNSON CORWIN AHOSKIE A.B. History Adelphian; Transfer Louisburg College (1, 2); Choir (3, 4); Education Club (4); International Relations Club (4). ZABELLE CORWIN CHARLOTTE A.B. Mathematics Cornelian, Marshal (4); Hall Board (3, 4), Secretary (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4); Red Cross Chairman (3); Baseball (2, 3, 4). MARY FRANCES COX GREENSBORO A.B English Cornelian; CAROLINIAN, Business Staff (1, 2), Photographer (3); PINE NEEDLES, Assistant Photographer (3); Inner Masque; Alpho Psi Omega; Archery Club (3); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2); International Relations Club (2); Le Cercle Francois (2); Masqueraders (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3), Business Manager (4); Playlikers (1, 2, 3, 4); Town Stu- dents ' Organization (1, 2 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3); YWCA. (3). POLLY BRYAN CREECH BETHESDA, MD A.B. Primary Education Dikean; House President (4); Junior-Freshman Party; Senior Unmusical; CAROLINIAN, Columnist (4), Reporter (2, 3); Der Deutscher Verein (1); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); YWCA. (1, 2); Life Saving (3); Tennis (2); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERI- CAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (4). NORMA CROOM WILMINGTON A.B. Art Cornelian ' Der Deutscher Verein (I, 2); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). NELL CRUMPTON ROXBORO B S. Home Economics Aletheian; Education Club (3, 4); Home E conomics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Home Economics Honor Society (4). MAXINE ERMA DARK GREENSBORO A.B. Biology Cornelian, Der Deutscher Verein (2); Honor Roll (1); Medical Technol- ogist Club (3, 4); Physics Club (3); Town Students ' Organization (1.2, 3, 4); Zoology Field Club (2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (I, 2, 3, 4), Vice- President (4). MARY LEE DAUGHTRIDGE ROCKY MOUNT B.S. Home Economics Dikean Transfer St. Mary ' s Junior College; Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Y.W C A. (2, 3, 4) JULIA GEORGIA DAVIS BOONE B.S. Home Economics Cornelian, Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Inter- Faith Council, President (4); International Relations Club (1, 2, 4); Le Cercle Francois (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Playlikers (2); Speakers ' Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3, 4), Advisory Council (4); Life Saving (3); Swimming (2); Tennis (2). MARY KATHERINE DeBOE GREENSBORO B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Town Students ' Organization. DOROTHY ELIZABETH DELBRIDGE NORLINA A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Education Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W. CA (1, 2, 4), Chemistry Club (1,2). GLADYS BRYTEDELLINGER CHERRYVILLE A.B. Sociology Adelphian, Baptist Student Union Council (2, 3); International Relations Club (3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Square Dance Club (3, 4), Speakers ' Club (3, 4); Sociology Club (3, 4). LOUISE JORDON DICKENS ROXBORO A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Hall Proctor (3); Archery Club (2, 3); Education Club (3, 4) Honor Roll (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4) Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Archery (2, 3) Gymnastics (3). FRANCES ELIZABETH DILL BARNARDSVILLE B.S. Home Economics INGHAM Cornelian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4). 1942 Thirty-nine 1892 For ) RUBY LEE DIXON KINGS MOUNTAIN A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Transfer Boiling Springs (1, 2); YWCA ANNE M. DOBBINS YADKINVILLE B.S. Home Economics Cornelian, CORADDI; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); YWCA (I, 2, 3, 4); House Committee (3); Gymnastics (2); Vol- ley Ball (2). MARTHA PARKS DOTSON STATESVILLE A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Transfer Mitchell College (1, 2); Choir (3); Presbyterian Student Council; Education Club (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Hall Board (4), Basketball (3, 4). PRISCILLA DOWNEY UPPER MONTCLAIR, N . J. B.S. Home Economics Adelphian, Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Archery (I, 2); Gymnastics (I); Swimming (1); Boseboll (1). MAE DOUGLAS DUCKWORTH CHARLOTTE A.B. Primary Education Aletheian, Inter-Society Representative (3), House President (4), Legis- lature (4), Vice-President Class (3); Business Staff CORADDI (2); CAROLINIAN (2), Advertising Manager (3); Botany Club (2); Vice- President Baptist Council (3), President (4); Daisy Chain 12); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3), Inter-Faith Council (4), Le Cercle Froncais ll), Young Democrats ' Club (2), Y.W.C.A. (1, 2), Y Cabinet (3); Sophomore Jacket Chairman (2), Student Chairman Foreign Student Fellowship Drive (3); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (3). ELIZABETH du FOUR PLEASANTVILLE, N Y A.B. Art Cornelian; Hall Board (4); Photography Editor, PINE NEEDLES (4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Chemistry Club (2); Playlikers (2); Soccer (1); Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3), Volley Ball (3);- Speedball (1, 3), Head (4). MARY CATHRINE DUNN ROCKY MOUNT A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean, Proctor (2, 3); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3). EMILY EARLY AHOSKIE A.B. Sociology Dikean, Marshal (4); PINE NEEDLES (2, 3, 4); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4). CORNELIA EDMONDSON PLYMOUTH B S Physical Education Cornelian, Archery Club (2 31; Square Dance Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A (1, Modern Dance (2, 3, 4); Archery (1, 2); Baseball (2, 3); Gym- nastics (I, 2, 3, 4); Hockey (I, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving (2); Speedball (1, 2 31, Volley Ball (2, 3); Tennis (1, 2), Head (4); Modern Dance (2, 3, 4); Athletic Association (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (41 ISABEL BOULDIN EDMUNDS LYNCHBURG, VA. A.B. English Adelphian Class Secretary (4); 50th Anniversary Committee (4); PINE NEEDLES (3, 4), Senior Editor (4); CAROLINIAN (3, 4); Le Cercle Fiancais (1, 2), Presbyterian Council (1, 2), Secretary (2); Education Club (4); Silver Link Ceremony (3); History. Club (3); Senior Invita- tions Committee, Speech Choir (3); Dormitory Devotionals Leader (2, 4); Proctor (2), Chapel Checker (4). MARJORIE WILKINS EDWARDS PEACHLAND A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Botany Club (2, 3); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A (1, 2, 3, 4). MOLLY RUTH EDWARDS PINETOPS B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (2); Square Circle (1). BETTY WHYTE ELLINGTON RALEIGH B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, St. Mary ' s College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Church Council, Catholic Students ' Organization (4), Secretary (4). ANN ELIZA ELLIOT FAYETTEVILLE B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Summer School Vice-President (3); Home Economics Honor So- ciety (3, 4), President (4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Danforth Fellowship (3). JEAN E. EMMONS DEAL, N. J. B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Conference Leader (4); Chairman, Honor System Committee (4); Hall Proctor (4); Judicial Board (4), Cheerleader (1, 2, 3); Chair- man Junior-Senior Dance Committee, Alpha Gammo Club (3, 4); Hockey (1); Tennis (2); May Court (4); Honor Board (4). MATTIE CLARICE ENSLEY THOMASVILLE A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian, Education Club (3, 4), Honor Roll (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3), Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3); Physics Club (2, 3); Square Circle (1, 2, 3), Y.WC.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); American History Club (2) MARY EPPES ANNAPOLIS, MD. A.B. Primary Education Junior House President; President of Student Government (4); Vice-Presi- dent, Freshman Class; President, Sophomore Class; Dolphin Club (I, 2, 3 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll; Hockey (1, 2); Life Saving (2) Aquatic Instructor (3); Speedball (1); Swimming (1, 2, 3); Tennis (2) Basketball (2, 3); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (3). DOROTHY LOUISE EVERETT AHOSKIE B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (1); Hall Proctor (1, 2). ELLAINE SHIRLEY FATER ASHEVILLE A.B. Art Adelphian, Marshal (4); CHANTICLEER (1); Art Club (I, 2, 3, 4) ' Playlikers (3). NANCY FERGUSON RIVERSIDE, ILL. A.B. Sociology Dikean, Legislature (I, 2); PINE NEEDLES, Associate Editor (3), Editor- in-Chief (4); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4); Presbyterian Student Group Vice-President (3); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Inter-Faith Council (3)- Soci- ology Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (t, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2), Cabinet (2 3); Zoology Field Club (2, 3); Gymnastics (2); Tennis (2, 3)- WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL- LEGES (3). 1942 forty oil! 1892 Fortytwo ALICE JEAN FINCH RALEIGH A.B. English Cornelian; Meredith College (1, 2), Medical Technologist Club (3); Hall Social Chairman (4); Archery (3); Riding (3). LULA BETSY FOLGER DOBSON B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (2); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (1). NELL FORBES GASTON I A B.S. Physical Education Cornelian; CAROLINIAN (1); Archery Club (3); Band (2); Education Ciub (4); Junior Adviser (3); Square Dance Club (3); Speakers ' Club (1); Modern Dance Group (2, 3, 4); Hall Proctor (1); Archery (2); Baseball, Varsity (I, 2, 3); Gymnastics (4); Hockey (I, 2, 3, 4), Varsity (4); Life Saving (2); Soccer (I); Speedball, Varsity (1, 2, 3); Volley Ball (2); Basketball (2, 3), Captain (3). ELIZABETH ALICE FORGAY MADISON A.B. English Cornelian; Appalachian State Teachers ' College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). CLARA MARGARET FORSTER RALEIGH A.B. English Adelphian; Medical Technologist Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (1 ); Gymnastics (1 ). DOROTHY MAUDE FOUST GRAHAM A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikeon; Botany Club (2, 3), Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); YW.C.A. (1, 2). GRACE ALINE FRANCK SCOTLAND NECK A.B. French Cornelian, Classical Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Playlikers (3); Young Republicans ' Club (3). CARLYN FRANK RIDGEWOOD, N J A.B. English Adelphian, Marshal (4); CORADDI, Business Staff (4). LOIS ELIZABETH FRAZIER SPRAY B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikeon; Brevard College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Wesley Foundation (3, 4), Council (3); Education Club (4); Transfer Adviser (4). SARAH AMELIA GAINEY FAYETTEVILLE B.S. Home Economics Aletheian, PINE NEEDLES, Circulation Manager (4); Choir (3, 4); Church Council (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (2); Inter-Faith Council (4); Junior Adviser (3); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Hockey (1). MARTHA ANN GATTIS CLAYTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Archery (2); Tennis (1,2). HELEN WEAVER GIBBONS HAMLET B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Duke University (I, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (4); Junior Adviser (4); Town Students ' Organization (3. 4). RUTH GILBERT BLACK MOUNTAIN B.S. Home Economics College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Cornelian; Mars H ics Club (3, 4); Transfer Adviser (4) RUTHANA GILL FORTBELVOIR, VA A B Primary Education Adelphian; Mills School (1); Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3, 4). MARY ELIZABETH GILLIAM STATESVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Mitchell College (I, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A (3, 4). ELIZABETH ANN GLAVICH WAYNESVILLE A.B. Biology Dikean; Lenoir Rhyne College (1, 2); Education Club (4); International Relations Club (4); Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3, 4); Y.WC.A. (3, 4). MARY SUSAN GODBOLD SOUTH BOSTON, VA A.B. Biology Adelphian; Education Club (4); Medical Technologist Club (2); Y.W. C.A. (1). MARY ELIZABETH GOFORTH CHARLOTTE A.B. Art Cornelian, Dance Committee (3); CORADDI, Art Staff (2, 3); Art Club (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); International Relations Club (2, 3); Square Dance Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A, (1, 4); Junior Dance Committee (3); Gymnastics (11; Basketball (1, 2). BEATRICE GOLDMAN NEW BERN B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Dance Chairman (3), Marshal (4); Hall Board (4); PINE NEEDLES (3); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Inter-Faith Conference Com- mittee (3); Junior Adviser (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3). JEAN GRANTHAM WILSON A.B. English Dikean, Marshal (3); House President (4) ; PINE NEEDLES, Advertising Manager (2); Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4); Gamma Alpha Club (3); Educa- tion Club (3); Junior Adviser (3); Young Democrats ' Club (2). 1942 Forty-three 1892 MARTHA LEE GRAYSON FOREST CITY B.5. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Mors Hill Junior College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Baptist Students ' Union Council (4); Education Club (4); Speakers ' Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MARY MOFFITT GREGSON HAMLET A B. Biology Aletheian; Archery Club (2, 3); Church Council (4); International Rela- tions Club (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (2, 3); Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C A. (1); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Hall Board (3, 4); Proctor (2). DOROTHY MILLER GRIFFIN GRASSY CREEK, MO. B S. Physical Education Adelphian; Recreation Association, President (4); Archery Club (2, 3, 4) Church Council (2, 3), St. Mary ' s Vestry (2); Der Deutscher Verein (2) Educotion Club (3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Square Dance Club (4) Young Democrats ' Club (I, 2); Young Republicans ' Club (3, 4); Y.W. C A (1, 2); Camp Counselors ' Club (4); Comp Committee (4); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity (2, 3); Gymnastics (1, 2, 3 ,4); Hockey (1, 2); Soc- cer (1); Speedball, Varsity (1, 2, 3); Volley Ball (3); Basketboll (1, 2, 3), Varsity (1). MARGARET UROUHART GRIFFIN WOODVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; St. Mary ' s College (I); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4). VERA LUCIELLE GROSE HARMONY B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gomma Alpha Club (3, 4); Baptist Students ' Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Y.W.C A. (1, 2, 3, 4). MARI BELLE GUIN GREENSBORO B S Home Economics Adelphian, PINE NEEDLES, Business Staff (3); CAROLINIAN, Business Staff (3); Home Economics Honor Society (3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Organi- zation (1, 2, 3, 4), Dance Committee (3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2); Chemistry Club (2); Junior Senior Dance Committee (3). JULIA CAROLINE GUION NEW BERN B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). RUTH HELEN GUNN REIDSVILLE A B. Primary Education Aletheian; Archery Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Band (2, 3, 4); Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Congregational-Christian Student Group (1, 2, 3 4), Secretary-Treasurer (2), President (4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Inter-Faith Council (4); YW.C.A. (I, 2, 3). MARY JEAN GWYN MOUNT AIRY B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club ' 3, 4); Archery Club (3); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4). CAROL ROGERS HALL NEW BERN A.B. Biology Cornelian; House President (3); Freshman Commission (1); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (3); Y.W.C.A. (4). Forty-font HARRIET ANN HALL GREENSBORO A.B. English Aletheian; Arlington Hall (1), Greensboro College (2); Town Students ' Organization. ANNIE LOUISE HALL WOODSDALE A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean, Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W. CA (4). VIOLET LOUISE HALL DURHAM B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Summer School, House President and Judicial Board (3); Hall P.octor (1), Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4), Uni- versity Sermon Chairman (4) DORIS WANDA HAMLIN WINSTON-SALEM A.B. Primary Education Cornelian, Clogging Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Wesley Founda- tion (], 2), Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (3, 41, Young Dem- ocrats ' Club (2); YWCA (1). FRANCES ELIZABETH HAMMOND NEW BERN B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, 50th Anniversary Committee (3, 4), Chairman (4); Gamma Aipha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (1 ); Speakers ' Club (2, 3), Young Democrats ' Club (3); Hall Proctor (1, 4). JOSIE HARDING WASHINGTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Treasurer (2), Marshal (3), Vice-President (4); Hall Board (3), PINE NEEDLES, Business Staff (3); Gamma Alpha Club, Treasurer (4); Education Club (4), Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4) MATT IE LOU HARDY SAN FORD A.B. Primary Education Dikean, Marshal (4), Botany Club (2), Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4). NANEARLE HARKEY MOCKSVILLE B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1); Physics Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (2, 3). ELIZABETH G. HARRELL COLERAIN A.B. Sociology Dikean; Archery Club (2, 3); International Relations Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3, 4); Sociology Club (3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4). VIVIAN HARRELL WILMINGTON B.S Home Economics Cornelian, Education Club 13, 4); Home Economics Club (1 2 3 4) ' International Relations Club (1, 2); Junior Adviser (3); YWCA (1 2)- Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 1942, ' 1892 y Forty-six VIRGINIA BELLE HARRELSON FAYETTEVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Summer School Choir (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3); YW.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Hall Board (1,4). MARY VIRGINIA HARRISON RICHMOND, VA A.B. History Cornelian, St. Mary ' s College (1, 2); Honor Roll (31; International Rela- tions Club (4). KATHERINE PATRICIA HAWES ATKINSON B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); St. Mary ' s Church Council (2, 3); Education Club (4); Playlikers (2); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.CA. (I, 2); Dormitory Social Chairman (1). MARGARET ELIZABETH HAYNES DURHAM B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4), Y.W.CA. (I ). LOIS H, HEDGEPETH AHOSKIE B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4 , Masqueraders (3, 4), Playlikers (2, 3, 4); Dance Group (4). RUTH MARGUIRETE HEFFNER GREENSBORO A.B. English Adelphian; Freshman Commission (I), PINE NEEDLES, Literary Editor 14), CORADDI (2, 3, 4), Associate Editor (41; CAROLINIAN (3, 41, Editorial Board (4), Honor Roll (1, 3); Junior Adviser (3), Le Cercle Francois (1 2); Quill Club (3, 4), President (4); Town Students ' Organi- zation (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.WCA (I, 2). VIOLET DARLINGTON HEAFNER WINGATE B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Wingate Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3), Town Students Organiza- tion (3). FRANCES ELLEN HENNING ALBEMARLE B.S. Home Economics Dikean, Secretary (2), Marshal (3); Class Secretary (1), Dance Chair- man (4); Dormitory Social Chairman (1); 50th Anniversary Committee (4) Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3); Honor Roll (1); Junior Adviser (3); Seal Club (1, 2); Young Democrats ' Club (3). FRANCES LEE HENRY ROCKY MOUNT A.B. Biology Aletheian, House President (4); Legislature (4); Chairman of Hanging ot Green (1); Chairman of Silver Link Ceremony (3), Der Deutscher Verein (2, 3); Honor Roll (2, 3); Medical Technologist Club (3, 4), President (4); Physics Club (3); Young Democrats ' Club (4); History Club (1, 2), Secretary (2); Baseball (3); Tennis (2, 3). ISABELLA McMANN HEWITT GREENSBORO A.B. Sociology Dikean; Duke University (1); Boot n ' Spur (3, 4); Sociology Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3). EVA GERALDINE HICKS WINSTON-SALEM B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Brevard College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Church Council, Y.W.A. (3, 4); Education Club (4) MARGARET HELEN HIGDON WEBSTER B S. Home Economics Aletheian, Educotion Club (4); Home Economics Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Inter- national Relations Club (3); Le Cercle Francois (3); Young Democrats ' Club (4); YW.C.A (2, 3); Collegiate 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4) EVA FRANCES HIGH WILSON A.B. Mathematics Cornelian; Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4), Square Circle (2, 3, 4), Class Representative (2) CATHERINE ELIZABETH HILDERMAN SOUTHERN PINES A.B. English Dikean; Student Government, Secretary (3); Inner Masque (2, 3, 4); Choir (1, 2, 3); Church Council, Presbyterian (2); Masqueraders (2, 3, 4), Publicity Manager (31, President (4); Playlikers (1, 2, 3, 41, Presi- dent (4); YWCA (I, 2); May Day Chairman (4); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (3) MARY FLAYREE HILL UNION MILLS B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Educotion Club (4); Junior- Senior " Y " Club (4). LULA FOUSHEE HINTON PITTSBORO AB Primary Education Adelphian, Marshal (3), President (4); Botany Club (21, Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); YWCA. (1, 2, 4), Club Leader (2), Executive Chairman (4); Sophomore Pageant, Freshman-Junior Linking Ceremony; Hall Proctor (2) ANNETTE ERNESTINE HOBBS GREENSBORO A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, HILDA BLANCHARD HOLLIS CONCORD, MASS. AB English Dikean, Le Cercle Francois (4); Young Republicans ' Club (3). DORIS VIRGINIA HOLMES HIGH POINT B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean, PINE NEEDLES (4), Assistant Senior Editor (4); CAROLINIAN (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). MARJORIE HOLMES RED BANK, N J B.S Secretarial Administration Dikean; Legislature (3); -Archery Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2), Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3), Chemistry Club (I); Better Relations between Faculty and Students Committee (4); Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4). 1942 1892 Forty-eight RUTH ARLENE HOLT PRINCETON A.B. English Adelphian; Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); International Relations Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3 4); Speakers ' Club (2, 3, 4), Secre- tary (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); YWCA (1, 2) MARJORIE ELIZABETH HOLTON YADKINVILLE A.B. History Dikean; Education Club (4); International Relations Club (4); Sociology Club (3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3, 4); YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (3) KATHLEEN HOOTS WINSTON -SALEM A.B. English Aletheian; Choir (4); Church Council, Baptist Students ' Union (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); YWCA, (1, 4), Cabinet (4); Hall Proctor (3, 4). FRANCES SWIFT HORTON ALBEMARLE B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Hall Social Chairman (3); College Social Chairman (41; CARO- LINIAN Staff (3); Daisy Chan (2); Education Club (4); Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (31, Vice-President (4); Young Dem- ocrats ' Club (2); Junior Adviser (3). SOPHIA ELEANORA HOUSE NEWTON GROVE B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (3, 4); YWCA (1, 2, 3, 4); Hall Proctor (2); Dormitory Recreational Leader (4); Basketball (1, 2, 3) ' DOROTHY WILHELMINA HOWARD WILSON A.B. English Dikean; Band (1, 2); Education Club (4); Playlikers (1, 2, 3); Young Democrats ' Club (1); Y.W.C.A. (1). JOSEPHINE HOWARD FORT BRAGG A B. English Aletheion; PINE NEEDLES (4); CORADDI (41; Church Council, Presby- terian Students ' Council, Social Service Chairman (3), Publicity Chair- man (4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (1); Masqueraders (2, 3 4); Playhkers (1, 2, 3, 4); Square Circle (I); Speakers ' Club (4); YWCA Cabinet (3, 4), Sophomore " Y " Club (2); Hall Board (2); Miracle Book Club (2, 3, 4). LOUISE HOWARD BUIESCREEK B.S. Home Economics Adelphian Campbell College (1, 2); Education Club (4); nomics Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). DONNA MARTIN HOWELL HAMLET B.S Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gomma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4) NANCY SCOTT HOWELL HAMLET B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Gamma Alpha Club (4); Education Club (4). GEORGIE PANNIELLE HUGHES ORIENTAL B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); CORADDI, Circulation Manager (4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (2); Young Democrats ' Dormi- tory Representative (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). SARA JANE HUNTER HENDERSONVILLE A.B. Primary Education Aletheian, Corresponding Secretary (2), Dance Committee (1), House President (3); Y.W.C.A. (1), Cabinet (2), President (4); Legislature (3, 4)- Education Club (4); Inter-Faith Council (4); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (4); Sec- retary Fellowship Fund (3). EVELYN DEAN HURWITZ CLINTON B.S. Music Aletheian; Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Choir (2); De Deutscher Verein (1); Edu- cation Club (4); Honor Roll (2); Junior Adviser (3); Music Education Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Composers ' Club (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4). JANIE YOUNG HUSKETH KITTRELL B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Young Dem- ocrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). CLAIRE BERNICE HYMAN GREENSBORO B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Inter-Faith Council (4); Inter- national Relations Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Jewish Student Group, Secretary (3), President (4). NANCY KATHERINE IDOL PLEASANT GARDEN A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; CAROLINIAN (1); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1); Le Cercle Francois (2); Masqueraders (3, 4), Secretary (4); Playlikers (1, 2 3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3). MARY ELIZABETH INGRAM ELK IN B.S. Home Economics Bievard College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4). CHRISTINE GLADYS ISRAEL CANDLER A.B. English Aletheian; Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4). ELEANOR GOODE JENKINS GASTON I A A.B. Spanish Cornelian; Sacred Heart College (1, 2); Church Council (3); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). HELEN JOHNSON GREENSBORO B.S Home Economics Dikean; Archery Club (2, 3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 3); Physics Club (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1). 1942 1892 MARJORIE ELIZABETH JOHNSON BENSON A.B. English Adelphian; Baptist Church Council (2, 4); Education Club (4); Interna- tional Relations Club (3); Junior Adviser (3); Physics Club, Historian (2, 3), Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 4); Intermural Bas- ketball (1, 2, 3). EDNA RUTH JONES LAGRANGE A.B. English Aletheian, Recording Secretary (3); Hall Board (3); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (1,2); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.CA. (1). VIRGINIA GRAY JONES LENOIR B.S Home Economics Cornelian; Der Deutscher Verein (I, 2); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); String Choir (1, 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Junior Adviser (3). SALLYE SPEARS JOSEY WILSON A.B Art Ccrnelian, Marshal (4); Peace Junior College (1, 2); Art Club (4). AMY ELIZABETH JOSLYN MOREHEAD CITY B.S Music Aletheian, Marshal (3), Recording Secretary (4); Freshman Commission; PINE NEEDLES (4); Archery Club (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3), Head (4); Choir (1, 2, 3); President of Presbyterian Student Council (4); Der Deutscher Verein (1, 2); Education Club (4); Glee Club (3, 4); Inter- Faith Council (4); Music Education Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1); Bas- ketball (1, 4); May Court (4). ELIZABETH DORIS JUNG NORFOLK, VA AB History William and Mary College (I, 2); Baptist Church Council (4); Inter- national Relations Club (4); Hall Proctor (4); PINE NEEDLES (4). ALBERTA LOUISE KECK SNOW CAMP B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Y.W.CA, (1, 2, 3, 4) RUTH DABORAH KEITH HAWORTH, N.J. A.B, Sociology Cornelian; Furman University (1, 2); Sociology Club (3, 4). ETTABELLE KELLEY BLADENBORO A.B. Art Dikean; Mars Hill College (1, 2). KATHERINE PAULINE KILLEBREW LUMBERTON A.B. Biology Adelphian, M.S.C.W. (1, 2); Botany Club (4); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Medical Technologist Club (3); Life Saving (4). Fifty NANCY DIXON KING GREENSBORO B.S. Music Adelphian; College Choir (1, 2, 3, 4), Accompanist (2, 3, 4), Vestment Custodian (3), President (4); Education Club (4); Inter-Faith Council (4); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1); Young Composers ' Club (4), Librarian (4); May Day Committee (4). NANCY JANE KING HIGH POINT B.S Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Fiancais (1); Young Democrats ' Club (3). BETTY JEAN KNOFSKY ASHEVILLE A.B. Sociology Aletheian; Alpha Kappa Delta; Inter-Faith Council (2, 3); Le Cercle Francois (3); Sociology Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). MILDRED YOWE KNOTTS LILESVILLE A.B. Sociology Cornelian; International Relations Club (4); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2, 3, 4); Tennis (1,2). DELIA FAYE KORNEGAY DOVER A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); International Relations Club (3); Square Dance Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). MARION ARCHEY KUHN NEWTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). NORMA DORIS LARGE ROCKY MOUNT A B. Mathematics Adelphian; St. Mary ' s College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Inter-Faith Council (4); International Relations Club (4); Square Circle (3, 4). LILIAN LAYNE HIGH POINT B S Physical Education Dikean; Archery Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Playlikers (2, 3, 4); Square Dance Club (4); Camp Counselors ' Club (4); Archery (3, 4); Baseball (3); Gymnastics (1, 4); Hockey (1); Life Saving (3); Tennis (1, 3); Soccer (1); Volley Ball (4). MARY FRANCES LEE NEWTON GROVE B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Junior Adviser (2); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Hall Board (1); Hall Proctor (4); Basketball (1, 2, 3) ANNEMARIE LEHNDORFF NEW YORK, N. Y. A.B. Psychology Dikean; University of Vienna; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4). 1942 Fifty-one 1892 Fifty-two RUTH ELIZABETH LEONARD CUMBERLAND, MD. B.S. Physical Education Aietheian; PINE NEEDLES (3); Archery Club (2, 3, 4); Wesley Founda- tion Council (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Recrea- tion Association Cabinet (3, 4); Baseball (2, 3); Hockey (2, 3, 4); Gymnastics (2, 3, 4); Speedball (2, 3); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Camp Com- mittee (3), Chairman (4). PEGGY LEVINE BOOKLYN, N. Y. A.B. Psychology Cornelian; CAROLINIAN (2, 3); PINE NEEDLES (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); International Relations Club (3); Adviser for Transfers (4); Le Cer- cle Francois (I, 2); Playlikers (3, 4); Sociology Club (4); Dance Group (I, 2, 3, 4), Publicity Agent (2, 3), Tryout Committee (2, 3, 4); Jewish Student Group (1, 2, 3, 4), Social Committee (2, 3); Life Saving (2); Soccer (1); Speedball (1); Tennis (2); Volley Ball (1, 2.) ALYNE VIRGINIA LISK ASHE60RO A.B. History Adelphian; Mars Hill College (1, 2); International Relations Club (3, 4); Playlikers (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Baptist Students ' Union Council (4). DORRICE SWAIN LITCHFIELD EMPORIA, VA. B S Physical Education Adelphian, CAROLINIAN (3); Sports Editor, PINE NEEDLES (3); Arch- ery Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Masque- raders (2, 3, 4); Playlikers (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Dance Group (2, 3, 4); Camp Counselors ' Club (3, 4); Camp Committee (3, 4); Chairman, Co- Recreation, A.A, Cabinet (4); Dance Committee (4); Archery (2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3); Gymnastics (2); Hockey (2, 3, 4); Speedball (3); Volley Ball (2); Basketboll (2, 3, 4); Instructor ' s, Red Cross Swimming (3, 4). KATHRYN GRAY LITTLE WINSTON-SALEM A.B. English Aietheian, Der Deutscher Verein (I, 2); Education Club (4); Square Circle (2, 3, 4). MARGARET LITTLE GREENSBORO B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Finance Board Chairman (4); PINE NEEDLES (3, 4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4), Publicity Chairman (4); Honor Roll (I, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Playlikers (1); Seal Club (3, 4) Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (2, 3, 4) Camp Counselors ' Club (2, 3, 4), President (4); Junior Dance Group (4) Camp Committee (3, 4); Athletic Association Cabinet (4); Archery (3) Gymnastics (2, 3, 4), Co-Chairman (4); Life Saving Coach (4); Speed ball (2); Tennis (2, 3); Volley Ball (2, 3); Red Cross Aquatic Instructor (3); Basketball (2). MABLE F. LLOYD EFLAND B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; CAROLINIAN (3, 4); Gomma Alpho Club (3, 4); Botany Club (1, 2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3,4). JANET MAI DA LOLLAR RUTHERFORDTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (I, 2); Square Dance Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (1,2). VIRGINIA LYERLY WOODLEAF B S. Home Economics Cornelian; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (1, 2); Assistant Manager of Tavern (2); Co-Manager of Tavern (3, 4). EUVA MAE LYON CREEDMOOR A.B. Primary Education Dikean, Marshal (4); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). MARY KATHRYN MacQUEEN MAXTON B. S Home Economics Dikean; Archery Club (2, 3); Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (2, 3). DOROTHY ELIZABETH McBRIDE MARSHVILLE B. S Physical Education Eaucation Club (4); Square Dance Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Chemistry Club (2); Baseball (1, 2. 3); Gymnastics (3); Hockey (1, 2, 3); Life Saving (4); Soccer (1); Speedball (I, 2, 3); Swimming (1, 2); Tennis (1); Volley Ball (3). CAROLYN McBRYDE RAEFORD A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Botany Club (2, 3); Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); Le Cercle Francois (I, 2, 3); Square Dance Club (2, 3); Young Demo- crats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). carey Mcdonald GIBSON B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Conference on Religion; Home Economics Honor Society (3, 4); Eaucotion Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (2); Junior Adviser (3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3, 4). DOROTHY DEAL McDUFFIE HENDERSON A.B. Sociology A ' etheian; CAROLINIAN (3); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4); Home Eco- nomics Club (I); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Ploylikers (2, 3); Sociology Club (3, 4), President (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4), Cabinet (4); Dance Group (3, 4); Chemistry Club (1); El Circulo Espanol (4); Freshman-Junior Silver Link Ceremony (3); Gymnastics (2); Volley Ball (2). MARGARET ELOISE McGEHEE GREENSBORO B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4). JUNE ELIZABETH McGLAMMERY LENOIR B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Speakers ' Club (2, 3, 4); YWCA 11, 2, 3, 4). BARBARA LOWNDES McLAURIN BENNETTSVILLE.S. C. AB English Cornelian; Judicial Board (4); Legislature (4); Clogging Club (2); Honor Roll (3); International Relations Club (2); Mosqueraders (4); Playlikers (3, 4); Square Dance Club (2, 3, 4). MARGARET McLENDON ROCKINGHAM A.B. Biology Adelphian, Program Chairman (4); College Cheerleader (3, 4)- Class Cheerleader (2); PINE NEEDLES (1, 2); Boot n ' Spur (1, 2, 3 4) Doisy Chain (2), Der Deutscher Verein (2, 3); Medical Technologist Club (3 4), Vice-President (4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3); YWCA ID- Tennis (1.2. 3). MARIETTA McLENNAN GREENSBORO A.B Primary Education Dikean; Meredith College (I, 2, 3); Education Club (4). 1942 Fifty-three 1892 Fiflyfo MARY WHITE McNEELY COOLEEMEE B S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Peace Jr. College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Educa- tion Club (4). VIRGINIA BELLE McNEELY SHELBY B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3). ELEANOR ELIZABETH McNEILL FAIRMONT B S Home Economics Aletheian, Church Council (I); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Miracle Book Club (2, 3. 4). MARTHA WHITE McPHAIL MOUNT OLIVE B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Square Cii cle (1, 2); Y.W.CA (1, 2). MARY LOU MACK IE GASTON I A A.B. Mathematics Adelphian, Chemistry Club (2); Phi Beta Kappa (3); Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Y.W.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4), Execu- tive Committee (4); Athletic Association (I, 2), Treasurer (2). JEANNE ELOISE MALIN GREENSBORO A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4). HELEN JANE MALONE GOLDSBORO B.S Home Economics Dikean; Brenau College (1, 2), Home Economics Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.CA. (3, 4). PATRICIA INEZ MALONE BURLINGTON B.S. Secretarial Science Adelphian; Queens-Chicora College (1); Catawba College (2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4). ALICE LYNETTE MANGUM ROCKY MOUNT A.B. History Cornelian; Botany Club (2, 3); Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (1); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (2); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.CA. (1, 2, 3); Archery (2). BEATRICE EVELYN MANN WHITEVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian ' Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2); Y.W.CA. (1). DOROTHY ELIZABETH MANSFIELD NEW HAVEN, CONN. A.B. English Aletheian; Home Economics Club (1, 2); Playl ikers (2, 3, 4); Young Re- publicans ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 4); French Club (2); Proctor (2, 3 i ; Soccer ( 1 ) . MAE MARGARET MARSH MARSH VI LLE A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian, Society Dance Chairman (3), Marshal (4); May Court (4); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). JEAN PATTERSON MASON ASHEVILLE A.B. English Ccrnelian, Morshal (3), Vice-President (4), Dance Chairman (3); Clog- ging Club (1, 2); Town Students ' Organization (1). SARA EDITH MATTHEWS SOUTHERN PINES A.B. History Adelphian; Pfeiffer Jr. College (1, 2); International Relations Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.WCA. (4). PANTHEA BOYD MAYFIELD NORLINA A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); International Relations Club (2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Proctor (1, 2); Chairman House Committee (3, 4); Band (3). MARTHA LORENA MEDFORD CANTON B.S. Home Economics Dikean, CAROLINIAN (3, 4); PINE NEEDLES (4); Wesley Foundation Council (1, 2, 3), Vice-President (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Inter-Faith Council (4); Speakers ' Club, Secretary (2), Vice-President (3); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3), Y Cabinet (4); Wesley Players (2, 3, 4); Golf (3, 4). MARY LEVINA MEEK INS WANCHESE B S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Wesley Foundation Council (2); Speakers ' Club (2); Y.WCA (1, 2). DOROTHY MAE MELVIN FAYETTEVILLE A.B. Biology Cornelian; Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); Physics Club (2, 3), Secre- tcry-Treasurer (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3); 4-H Club (I, 2, 3, 4). MAUDE MIDDLETON WALNUT COVE B.S Home Economics Aletheian; Hall Board (3); CAROLINIAN (2, 3); Wesley Foundation, Secretary (2), Reporter (3), Study and Training (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (2, 3), Publicity Chairman (4); Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (1, 3); Wesley Players (3, 4). ANN LOUISE MIDGETTE SWANNANOA B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Young Demo- crats ' Club (4). 1942 Fifty-five 1892 4 " it I i Fifty-six DOROTHY MILLER BALTIMORE, MD. B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Class Treasurer (3); Home Economics Honor Society (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Seal Club (2); College Tavern, Manager (4); Gymnastics (1, 2); Hockey (1, 2, 3); Swimming (1, 2), Head (3); Tennis (1); Volley Be WILMA GLADYS MITCHEM BELWOOD B.S Home Economics Aletheian; Brevard College (1, 2); Square Dance Club (3, 4). SUSIE SPRUILL MOHORN WELDON B.S Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Marshal (4); Hall Proctor (3); Elections Committee (4) Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4), Recording Secretary (4); Honor Roll (2, 3) Le Cercle Francois (1); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2) Golf (2). NANCY CARROLL MOORE BOILING SPRINGS A.B. Grammar Grade Education ng Springs Junior College (1, 2); Choir (4); Glee Club Cornelian (4i; YWC.A. (3, 4) VIRGINIA ELISE MOORE GREENSBORO B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2. 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4). MARY GUILLE MORROW CHARLOTTE B.S Home Economics Adelphian, PINE NEEDLES (2); Wesley Foundation, Sophomore Council (2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Ad- viser (3); Masqueraders (2, 3, 4); Playlikers (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley Ployers (3,4). MARTHA BURGESS MORROW ALBEMARLE B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Hall Board (4); Chairman of House Committee (2); Educa- tion Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Physics Club (3); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). EMILY SUE MURCHISON ROCKY MOUNT A.B. Spanish Adelphian; Judicial Board (3); President of Student Government, Sum- mer School (31; Hall Board (2); Vice-President Sophomore Class (2); Piesident Senior Class (4); PINE NEEDLES Staff (2); Sigma Delta Pi (4) Education Club 14), Honor Roll (3), Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (3, 4); Sophomore Pageant (2); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (4). LEONA MARIE MYERS LIBERTY A.B. French Dikean; Botany Club (2, 3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Education Club (4). BARBARA NEVILLE CHAPEL HILL A.B. English Cornelian, Society Treasurer (3); Hall Board (3); Judicial Board (4). ELOISE NEWELL ROXBORO B.S. Physical Education Adelphian; Archery Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); String Choir (1); Theatre Orchestra (3); YW.CA. (1); Archery (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1, 2. 3); Hockey (1, 2, 3); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4), Doubles Champion (2); Speedball (1, 2, 3); Swimming (2). FRANCES M NEWSOM WINSTON -SALEM A.B. English Cornelian; CAROLINIAN (1, 2), Managing Editor (3), Editor (4) Sigma Delta Pi, Secretary (4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3) Junior Adviser (3); Quill Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (3) Dance Committee (4); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERI CAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (4). UNDINE NYE GRASSY CREEK B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Athletic Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball tl, 2,3, 4); Volley Ball (3). NANCY O ' BRIEN GREENSBORO A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; CORADDI (3, 4); Botany Club (4); Quill Club (3, 4) RUTH O ' CONNOR GREENSBORO A.B. English Cornelian; Education Club (4); International Relations Club (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3). ERNESTINE OETTINGER WILSON A.B. English Dikean, Treasurer (3), President (4); Hall Board (4); Assistant Manager of Junior Shop (3); PINE NEEDLES (2, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (4). BETTY M. O ' NEAL BOONE A B Sociology Cornelian; Band (1, 2, 3); Education Club (3, 4), Playlikers (4); So- ciology (3, 4). MARTHA ELLEN OSBORNE ASHEVILLE A.B English Dikean; Mars Hill College (1, 2); Classical Club (4); Education Club (4). IDA BLAND OVERMAN ELIZABETH CITY A.B Sociology Dikean; PINE NEEDLES (3); Sociology Club (2, 3), Vice-President (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W C A (1, 2, 3). KATHERINE McQUEEN PALMER ALBEMARLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Brenau College (1, 2); CAROLINIAN (3, 4); CORADDI (3, 4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (3); Young Democrats ' Club (4). 1942 Fifty-seven 1892 Fifty eight MARY FRANCES PARDUE NORTH WILKESBORO A.B. History Adelphian; Der Deutscher Verein (2); Education Club (4); Speakers ' Club (2, 3, 4); Debating (2); Basketball (1, 2). ANNIE FURMAN PARHAM OXFORD B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). CATHERINE VIRGINIA PARIS GREENSBORO A.B. History Dikean, Marshal (4); CORADDI (4); Choir (1, 2); Honor Roll (1); Inter national Relations Club (4), President (3); Junior Adviser. BETTY JEAN PARK GREENSBORO B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). MADELINE ROSS PARKER SUNBURY A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian, Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3). SELENE POPE PARKER DUNN B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (3. 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Sophomore Pageant. ANNE PARKIN EVERGREEN A.B. English Aletheian; Honor Roll (2, 3); Le Cercle Francois (i, 2, 3, 4). ELIZABETH PARRISH WALKERTOWN B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Brevard College (1, 2); Wesley Foundation (3); Home Eco- nomics Club (4); Education Club (4). NOEL LUCILLE PATON FAYETTEVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Salem College (1, 2); Gamma Alpho Club (3, 4). MARY ELLEN PAYNE HIGH POINT A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); American History Club (2); Wes- ley Foundation (1, 2, 3). MARGARET ANNE PEARCE WINSTON-SALEM B.S. Physical Education Adelphian, Legislature (3); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Seal Club (3); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); Baseball (1, 2) Gymnastics (1, 2, 3), Head (4); Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4); Speedball (1, 2, 3) Volley Ball (3); Basketball (1, 2), Head (3); Aquatic Instructor (3, 4) A. A. Cabinet (3, 4). ELEANOR PEARCE WAKE FOREST A.B. French Dikean; Baptist Students ' Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Y. W. A President (3) 3rd Vice-President (4); Education Club (4); Inter-Faith Council (4) Le Cercle Francois (2, 4); Square Circle (I); Sociology Club (3) Speakers ' Club (3, 4), President (4). AGNES PAULINE PEAY MADISON B.S Home Economics Aletheian; Wesley Foundation (2, 3); Education Club (3, 4); Home Eco- nomics Club (1,2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.WC.A. (1,2). MARY FALLS PEELE LAUREL HILL B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter- national Relations Club (3); Junior Adviser (3); Square Dance Club (2); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); PINE NEEDLES (1, 2, 3). HELEN WINSLOW PHILLIPS ASHEBORO B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W. CA. (2, 3, 4). JANICE CELESTE PICKARD WILMINGTON A.B. Mathematics Dikean; Education Club (3, 4); Seal Club (2, 3); Square Circle (1, 2, 3. 4), Secretary-Treasurer (3), Vice-President and Program Chairman (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4). MARGARET LOIS PICKARD WILMINGTON A B Primary Education Aletheian, Education Club (3, 4); Seal Club (2, 3); Square Circle (D.- Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Hall Proctor (1, 2) MARY ELIZABETH PILLEY PANTEGO B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Band (1, 2, 3. 4); Clogging Club (1); Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (3); Physics Club (1, 2, 3) SARAH MAUDE PITTMAN FAIRMONT A.B, Primary Education Aletheian, Botany Club (4); Education Club (4); Y.W.CA. (2). ALMETA PLEASANT ROANOKE RAPIDS A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Baptist Students ' Union (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1); Sociology Club (2); Botany Club (4). 1942 Fijty-tiine 1892 ROSEBUD PLEASANT DANVILLE, VA B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Appalachian State Teachers ' College (1); Averett College (2); Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club !: PEGGY PLUMMER WASHINGTON, D. C. A.B. Biology Adelphian, Marshal (3), House President (4), Holl Board (2), House Social Chairman (3); Class Treasurer (2), Medical Technologist Club (4); Zoology Field Club (2); Dance Committee (I, 3). CAROLYN CARMAN POOLE FREEHOLD, N.J, A.B. English Aletheian; Der Deutscher Verein (1, 2); Honor Roll (3); International Relations Club (4). NOVELLA HOWARD POPE DUNN B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Marshal (4); Dance Committee (3); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4). MARGARET CAROLYN POTTS HIGHLANDER B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Baptist Students ' Union (1); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). MARGARET THOMPSON POTTS DAVIDSON A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Education Club (4); International Relations Club (4), Le Cercle Francois (1); Young Republicans ' Club (3); Y.WCA (1). EUPHA MAYE PRICE MONROE A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Athletic Association (3, 4); Basketball (3, 4). LAURA BROWN QUINN GREENSBORO A.B. Sociology Cornelian; Alpha Kappa Delta; Archery Club (3, 4); Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Sociology Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organiza- tion (1, 2, 3, 4), Judicial Board (2); Y.WCA, (1); Archery (3). MARGARET BEATRICE QUINN EAST HAMPTON, CONN. A.B. Spanish Cornelian; Gymnastics (3); Hockey (1); Speedball (1); Swimming (3) REBECCA RAINS KING A.B. Grammar Grade Education Sixt) MARGARET RAMSAUR LINCOLNTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Choir (1, 2); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (2); Young Democrats ' Club (1); Y.WCA (1, 2, 3 4); Life Saving (1, 3); Tennis (1). DORIS VIRGINIA RAMSEY CHARLOTTE B.S- Home Economics Adelphian; Lees-McRae Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3); Senior Transfer Ad- viser (4). MARGARET FRANCES RAMSEY CHARLOTTE A.B. English Adelphian; Fresbyterian Publicity Chairman (2); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (4). MARY FRANCES RASBERRY SNOW HILL B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 4). MARY L ILL IE RAY LILLINGTON B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Physics Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (2, 3). ELSIE CLAIRE REDFEARN CAMDEN, S. C. B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Woman ' s College of Furman University (1, 2), Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). MARIE JEFFRESS REILLEY CHARLOTTE A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; CHANTECLAIR (1); PINE NEEDLES (4); Botany Club (3, 4), Vice-President, Social Chairman (4); Treasurer, Presbyterian Stu- dents ' Organization (4); Education Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (2); Square Dance Club (1); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3 ,4), Cabi- net (3, 4); Tennis (2); Volley Ball (2). HILDA GAE RENEGAR ELK IN B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Home Economics Club (4); Young Republicans ' Club (2); YW.C.A. (1. 2); Proctor (3); Chemistry Club (1, 2); Life Saving (1); Speedball (2); Swimming (1); Tennis (1). FAY REFLAN CHARLESTON, S. C. A.B. History Aietheian; Education Club (3); International Relations Club (2, 3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Swimming (3). ANN LOUISE REVELLE CHARLOTTE A.B. French Cornelian- Education Club (4); International Relations Club (1); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Physics Club (1, 2, 3); Square Circle (2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). 1942 Sixty one 1892 Sixty-two BETTY LEWIS REYNOLDS WINSTON-SALEM A.B. Art Cornelian; Archery Club (4); Art Club (4); Playlikers (4); Town Stu- dents ' Organization (1); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Sophomore Pageant (2). RUTH ANADDA RHYNE STANLEY A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Botany Club (3); Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2). JEAN MYERS RIDEN BOONSVILLE A.B. English Aletheian; Classical Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); International Relations Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (2, 3, 4). MEREDITH GWENDOLYN RIGGSBEE DURHAM B.S. Music Aletheian; Band (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Secretary (2), President (3); Choir (2); Home Economics Club (1); Music Education Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Young Composers ' Club (4, 5). DORIS ROBBINS ROCKY MOUNT B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Circulation Manager, CAROLINIAN (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4), Program Chairman (4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4). THEO ALCOTT ROBERTS RIVERDALE, N.Y. A.B. Psychology Cornelian, Marshal (4); Choir (1); Honor Roll (3); Masqueroders (3, 4); Playlikers (1, 2, 3, 4); Quill Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.CA. (li MARTHA LOUISE ROBESON WILMINGTON B S Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (1); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). DOROTHY HANNAH ROBINETTE TAYLORSVILLE B S Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3 4), Education Club (3, 4); Young Demo- crats ' Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.CA. (1, 4). RACHAEL ROBINSON CLINTON A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Zoology Field Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1). MARY AGNES ROGERS CREEDMOOR A.B Primary Education Cornelian, Marshal (3); Junior Donee Committee (3); Cornelian Dance Committee (4); Sophomore Pageant (2); Education Club (4), Social Chairman (4); Junior Adviser (2); Young Republicans ' Club (2); Y.W. C.A. (1,2). CONSTANCE ANNETTE ROGERS GREENSBORO A.B. English Cornelian; Education Club (4); International Relations Club (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W C A. (1). NELL GERALDINE ROGERS CLYDE B.S Physical Education Aletheian; Archery Club (3, 4); Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Orchesis (3, 4), Chemistry Club (2); Archery (2, 3, 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3), Sport Leader (3, 4); Gymnastics (1, 2, 3), Hockey (2, 3); Life Saving (4); Soccer (1); Speedball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (2, 3); Volley Ball (3); Basketball (1, 2, 3), Varsity (1, 2); Athletic Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Camp Committee (2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3, 4). ALLENE WIGGINS ROSE FAYETTEVILLE A.B. Art Dikean, Marshal (4); Art Staff, CORADDI (3); Art Club (2, 3, 4), President (4); Education Club (4); YWCA (1), Y Cabinet (2); Chairman May Day Costumes (4); Chairman Decorations, Junior-Senior BILLIE ABBITT ROSE HENDERSON B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean, Transfer St. Mary ' s College (1); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Eaucation Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). DORIS JACQUELINE ROUSE FARMVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4), Chairman Membership Commit- tee; Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W C A (1, 2, 3,4). HELEN PAULINE RUDISILL MARSHALL B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Square Dance Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (4); YWCA. (1, 2 3, 4); Proctor (1, 2). EDYTHE RUTHERFORD CANDLER A.B. French Dikean, CHANTECLAIR (1, 2); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W CA (1, 2,3). ELIZABETH IDDINGS RYAN ASHEVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Sigma Delta Pi; Gamma Alpha Club (4); Dolphin Club (3, 4, 5); Honor Roll (2); Seal Club (1); Gymnastics (2); Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving (1), Coach (2); Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4), Student Head (4); Tennis (1, 2, 3); Volley Ball (I); Recreation Association Cabinet (4); Dance Group (3, 4). MARY ADELAIDE SADLER CHARLOTTE B S Home Economics Cornelian, Junior Class Ring Chairman (3); Chairman Junior-Senior Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, Dance (3); Education Club (4 YWCA. (1, 2, 3 4); ELIZABETH TATUM SARGENT MOUNT AIRY B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Marshal (3), Chief Marshal (4); Junior Dance Chairman (3); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Art Club (2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2); Junior Adviser (3); Square Circle (1); Dance Group (1). 1942 Sixty-three 1892 5 POLLY SATTLER MONKTON, MD B.S. Physical Education Cornelian, President (4); Judicial Board (4); Class Treasurer (2); Class President (3); Archery Club (2); Boot n ' Spur (2, 3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Honor Roll (1, 2); Seal Club (4); Square Dance Club (1, 2); Y.W.CA. Cabinet (3); Hockey (I, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving (1); Speedball (1, 2, 3); Sports Day Chairman (3); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. WILLENA JOY SCHOENE BLACKSBURG. VA B.S Home Economics Aletheian; Meredith College (1, 2); Boot n ' Spur (3, 4), Secretary- Treasurer (4); Home Economics Club (4); Seal Club (3, 4). MARY ANN SCOTT POLKVILLE A.B. English Cornelian; Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Y.W.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4). MARY KERR SCOTT HAW RIVER B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Church Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter-Faith Council (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.CA. (1, 2. 3, 4). SUSAN LWIA SEAGLE HENDERSONVILLE B.S Home Economics Dikean; Education Club (4), Home Economics Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Cornelian; Campbel C.A. (4). IRIS SENTER KIPLING B.S. Home Economics Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4); WYLMA SETZER EAST SPENCER A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Brevard Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (3, 4). DORIS SHARPE GREENSBORO A.B. English Aletheian; CORADDI (3); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Quill Club (2, 3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4). ELLEN ANNE SHEILD ASBURY PARK, N.J. A.B. Chemistry Adelphian; Education Club (4); Chemistry Club (4); Hockey (1) MARTHA LUCILLE SHOWALTER RALEIGH B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, CAROLINIAN (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); International Relations Club (1, 2); Town Students ' Organi- zation (1); Congregational Christian Group (2, 3). SALLY MEREDITH SIEBER RED BANK, N. J. A.B. English Cornelian; Monmouth Junior College (1, 2); CORADDI (4); Honor Roll (3); Square Circle (3). DOROTHY IALEEN SIGMON ASHEVILLE B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Western Carolina Teachers ' College (I, 2); Church Council (1, 2, 3); Honor Roll (2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). RHEA GAYNELLE SIKES GREENSBORO A.B. Art Adelphian; Salem College (1); Judicial Board (4); Hall Board (2); COR- ADDI (3); Art Club, Secretary-Treasurer (3, 4); Choir (2); Masque- raders, Stage Manager (4); Playlikers (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL- LEGES (4). MILDRED ADA SIMMONS WINSTON-SALEM B.S. Music Aletheian; Band (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3); Baptist Student Council (4); String Choir (1); Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Music Education Club (2, 3, 4). MARY EUNICE SINK LEXINGTON B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Brevard Junior College (3). ELIZABETH BARNARD SLOCUM WILMINGTON B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Intersociety Student Government Representative; Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). BETTY A. SMITH BAY CITY, MICH. A.B. Economics Aletheian; Bay City Junior College (1); Society Dance Committee (3, 4); Proctor (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3). ERNESTINE SMITH MAXTON B.S. Music Adelphian; Band (4); Choir Vestment Chairman (1, 2, 3, 4); Der Deut- scher Verein (1, 2); Education Club (4); Glee Club (3, 4), Vice-President (4), Treasurer (3); Music Education Club (2, 3, 4). GLADYS ROSS SMITH SILER CITY B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (4); Education Club Hall Proctor (2). Playlikers (D.- HARRIET SMITH LAURENS, S. C. A.B. Art Aletheian; Coker College (1, 2); Art Club (4); Church Council, Baptist Students ' Union (4). 1942 Sixty-five 1892 Sixty-six IRENE SMITH KANNAPOLIS A.B. English Adelphian; Mars Hill College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Town Students ' Organization (4); Y W.C.A. (4); Tennis (4). JEAN BALDWIN SMITH WILMINGTON A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian, Vice-President (4), Education Club (4), Secretary (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2) . SALLIE HAMPTON SMITH LINCOLNTON A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Hall Proctor (3). DOROTHY CONSTANCE SMITHEY NORTH WILKESBORO B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Mars Hill College (2, 3); Education Club (4), Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). ELEANOR SOUTHERLAND KENANSVILLE B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; PINE NEEDLES (1, 2, 3, 4), Business Manager (3); Church Council, D resbyterian, Social Chairman (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3), Social Chairman (4); Junior Adviser (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); 4-H Club (1, 2, 4). ELLEN SOUTHERLAND KENANSVILLE B S Home Economics Adelphian; PINE NEEDLES (1, 2, 3, 41, Business Manager (4); Church Council, Vice-President, Presbyterian; Education Club (4); Home Eco- nomics Club (1, 2, 3), Social Chairman (4); Junior Adviser (3); Inter- Faith Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2), 4-H Club (I, 2, 3). KATHERINE DIXON STAMEY LAWNDALE B.S Home Economics Cornelian; Asheville College II, 2); Church Council (3); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4), Y.W.C.A. (4). REBECCA JANE STALLINGS GREENSBORO A.B. English Aletheian, Education Club (4); International Relations Club (3); Town Students ' Organization (I, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3). EDITH IRENE STATON MARSHVILLE B S Home Economics Adelphian, Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Glee Club (4); Square Dance Club (4); Basketball (3, 4). MARTHA ELIZABETH STEAGALL MORVEN B.S Home Economics Adelphian, Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Square Dance Club (2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3). HELEN STEPHENSON ANGIER B S Music Aietheian; Choir (1, 2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Music Education Club (4); Siring Choir (1); Young Democrats ' Club (2); Young Composers ' Club (3. 4). BETTY NELL STEVENSON TAYLORSVILLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (2). MARY JOSEPHINE STEWART JULIAN A.B. Biology Adelphian; Botany Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Publicity Chairman (3), President (4); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3); Zool- ogy Field Club (3, 4). LOUISE F. STIREWALT HIGH POINT B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Peace College (1, 2); Botany Club (4); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (4); Square Dance Club (3). NANCY ELLEN STOCKARD GREENSBORO A.B. Art Dikean; CORADDI (3), Art Editor (3); Art Club (3, 4); Botany Club (4); Education Club (3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4). HAZEL STOREY MURFREESBORO A.B. Mathematics Cornelian; Chowan Junior College (1, 2); Square Circle (3, 4). HENRIETTA LEE STRATTON CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. A.B. English Cornelian; Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A, (1). LOIS STRINGFIELD STAMFORD, CONN. B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Home Economics Honor Society (3, 4), Treasurer (4); Der Deutscher Verein (2); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (1); Seal Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (2, 3); Life Saving (1); Swim- ming (2, 3); Tennis (2). CATHERINE VIRGINIA SUGG SNOW HILL A.B. English Aietheian; Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); International Relations Club (2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. i2, 3, 4), Baseball (2, 3, 4); Life Saving (2). MARJORIE ADELINE SULLIVAN WINSTON-SALEM A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Botany Club ' (4); Church Council (3, 4); Education Club (4); Inter-Faith Council (2); Junior Adviser (3); Le Cercle Francois (1); YW.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Hall Board (1, 2); Proctor (3). 1942 Sixty-seven 1892 Sixty-eight MARY STATON SUMMERSETT SALISBURY A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Catawba College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (4). MARY WOOD SWAIN GREENSBORO A.B. Mathematics Cornelian; Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (1, 3, 4); Square Circle (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.CA. (1), MARY ELIZABETH SWEET SPENCER A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Education Club (4). FRANCES TALLEY RANDLEMAN A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Wesley Foundation (2); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1); Gymnastics (2, 3). MARY PENDLETON TANNER HENDERSON B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 4). MABEL LEA TATE GREENSBORO B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4), Y.W.CA. (1, 2). ELOISE TAYLOR GREENSBORO A B History Cornelian; Inner Masqueraders (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); International Relations Club (3); Junior Adviser (3); Masque- raders (1, 2, 3, 4), Property Mistress (2, 3); Town Students ' Organiza- tion (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1). MARGARET BUNN TAYLOR NASHVILLE A B Primary Education Aletheian Botany Club (2, 3); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). FAITH ELOISE TEAGUE NEWLAND A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Mars Hill College (1, 2); Education Club (3, 4); Young Dem- ocrats ' Club (3). SALLIE FLEMING TEAGUE NEWLAND B S Music Education Cornelian; Mars Hill College (1, 2); Choir (3, 4); Education Club (4); Music Education Club (3, 4). FRANCES OSBORNE TEMPLETON RALEIGH A.B. Art Adelphion; CORADDI, Art Editor (3); Art Club (2, 3, 4); Junior Ad- viser (3), Dance Committee (2, 3). LUCILE GRAY THOMAS BEAUFORT B.S. Secretarial Administration Hall Board (3); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4), Corresponding Secretary (4); Choir (1, 2, 3); (3, 4); Dance Committee (3). Education Club (4); Zoology Field Club GERTRUDE HELEN THOMPSON ELIZABETH CITY B.S. Secretarial Administration Acelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3). MARY WHITE THOMPSON WILSON B.S Physical Education Cornelian, Archery Club (3, 4); Dolphin Club (3, 4), President (4); Seal Club (2), Baseball (2, 3); Gymnastics (1, 2, 3); Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4); Life Saving (1); Soccer (1); Speedball (2, 3); Swimming Coach (2); Tennis (1, 2, 3). MILDRED ANN THOMPSON MOUNT GILEAD A.B. English Dikean; Meredith College (I, 2); Education Club (4); International Relations Club (3, 4); Square Dance Club (3); Y.W.CA. (4); Swim- ming (3). SIDNEY ANNE TOOLEY BELHAVEN B S Home Economics Adelphion, Secretary-Treasurer of Student Government Summer School (2), Dance Committee (3); House President (4); Legislature (4); Band Ml; Junior Adviser (3); Seal Club M, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Dance Group (2, 3); Gymnastics (1); Hockey M); Life Saving (2); Swimming M); Volley Ball (2). BARBARA GRAY TROXLER BROWN SUMMIT B S Home Economics Adelphian, Brevard Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4), MARGARET GEDDIE TUCKER AHOSKIE A B English Aletheian, Legislature 141; CAROLINIAN (2, 3); Wesley Foundation (2, 3, 4), President (4); Education Club (4); Inter-Faith Council (4)- Playlikers (3); Speakers ' Club, Debating Team (1); Y W.C A (1 2,3,4) NELL CHAFFIN TUCKER WHITAKERS A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Legislature (3, 4); Hall Proctor (1, 2, 3); Hall Judicial Board (I, 4); Dance Committee (1, 2); Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4), President (4); Honor Roll (3); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3)- YWCA M, 2); Points Committee (4). ANNE TURRENTINE ELIZABETHTON.TENN A.B. Chemistry Cornelian; Honor Roll (I, 2); Junior Adviser (3); Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (3); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Gymnastics (1); Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4); Swimming (1). 1942 Sixty-nine 1892 Seventy EDITH VIRGINIA VACHE GREENSBORO A.B. Chemistry Dikean; Westhampton College, University of Richmond (1); Der Deut- scher Verein (2, 3); International Relations Club (4); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Organization (2, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (4); PINE NEEDLES Staff (2, 4). MARGARET CAROLYN VAN HOY WALKERTOWN B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian, CAROLINIAN (1, 2, 3, 4), Associate Editor (3); Gomma Alpho Club (3, 4); Baptist Students ' Council (2); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser (3). KATHERINE MURCHISON VANSTORY FAYETTEVILLE A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Converse College (1, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3); Education Club (4). MARGARET JEAN VON CANON WEST END A.B. English Dikean; Louisburg Junior College (1, 2); Wesley Foundation Council, Second Vice-President (4); Education Club (4); Speakers ' Club (3, 4); American History Club (3). SARA MARGARET WAGGONER CHARLOTTE A B Primary Education Cornelian; Botany Club (2. 3); Choir (4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois 12); Young Democrats ' Club (3). BETTY WALKER CHARLOTTE A.B. English Dikean; Student Government Secretary. Summer School (4); Legislature (1); CORADDI (3, 4); Chemistry Club (3); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 31; Le Cercle Francois (2, 3, 4); Square Dance Club (3); Gymnastics (2. 3); Recreation Association (2, 3, 4) Cabinet (4). BILLIE MARIE WALL ASHEVILLE B.S. Music Adelphian; Band II, 2); Choir (1, 2, 3); Glee Club (2, 3), President (4); Junior Adviser (3); Young Composers ' Club (3, 4), Publicity Chair- man (3) President (4) Junior Dance Group (4); Music Educotion Club II, 2, 3,4). MARGARET PRUELLA WALLACE NEWARK, N. J B S. Home Economics Cornelian, Marshal (3), Dance Chairman (4); Dolphin Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3), Young Republicans ' Club (3). JACKSIE LOU WALSER GREENSBORO B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; PINE NEEDLES (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4), Judicial Board (4). KATHERINE WARREN RALEIGH B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Dance Committee (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4)- Dance Committee (2); International Relations Club (2); Scuare Dance Club (2); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). SARA ELIZABETH WARREN HURDLE MILLS A.B. Biology Aletheian; Louisburg Junior College (I); Education Club (4); Town Stu- dents ' Organization (2); Zoology Field Club (3, 4); Baseball (2, 3); Hockey (2, 3). ESTELLE HOLMES WASHBURN MARION A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Education Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (2). MARVELLE WEAVER NEWTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Young Demo- crats ' Club (3,4). CATHERINE NICHOLSON WEBB WASHINGTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Marshal (3), Dance Committee (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3, 4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4). MARIE PAULETTE WELLS ROCKY MOUNT A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Hall Proctor (4); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Interna- tional Relations Club (1); Le Cercle Francois (1, 2); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4), Cabinet (4). ELIZABETH CAROLINE WENZEL ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY. A.B. English Aletheian; Goddard College (I, 2). MARGARET McLEOD WESKETT NEW BERN B.S. Home Economics Adelphian, Daisy Chain (2); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter- national Relations Club (1,2); Le Cercle Francois (1 ); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 3, 4); Chemistry Club (1, 2); Hall Board (1); Hall Proctor (1,2). FRANCES WHALIN MIDDLESBORO, KY. A.B. Psychology Aletheian, Marshal (4), Dance Committee (2); PINE NEEDLES (3); Y.W.C.A. (1); Athletic Association Camp Committee (3); Speech Choir (3); Dormitory Social Chairman (3); Proctor (1). JANE WHALIN MIDDLESBORO, KY. A.B. History Aletheian, PINE NEEDLES (3); Education Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Senior Dance Committee (4); Freshman Y Council; Motion Picture Committee (3). OSEY CAROLYN WHEATLY BEAUFORT B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Saint Mary ' s Junior College (1, 2); CAROLINIAN Business Staff (3, 4); CORADDI Business Staff (3, 4); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (4). 1942 Seventy-one 1892 Seventy-two A. LELIA WHEELER SANFORD B S Home Economics Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2). BETTY WHITE CLAYTON A.B. Sociology Aletheian, International Relations Club (2, 3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4). MYRA JOSEPHINE WHITE CHARLOTTE B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Gomma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); International Relations Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (4); Y.W.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4). SARAH ELIZABETH WHITE STATESVILLE B.S. Home Economics Cornelian, Marshal (4); Mitchell College (1, 2); Education Club (3, 4); Heme Economics Club (3, 4), President (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4). DORIS EMILY WHITESIDES WAYNESVILLE B.S. Home Economics Aletheian, Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Presbyterian Council (2, 3); Home Eco- nomics Club (2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). DORIS LEE WHITFIELD HURDLE MILLS B S Secretarial Administration Cornelian, Mars Hill College (I); Meredith College (2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Classical Club (3, 4). SUSAN E. WHITFIELD ASHEBORO A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian, Marshal (4); Peace Junior College (I, 2); Education Club (3, 4), Square Circle (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4). EUNICE GREY WHITLEY WILSON B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Square Dance Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Speakers ' Club (2); 4-H Club (I, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Camp Counselors ' Club (3); Basketball (I, 2). HELEN P. WHITLOCK ALBEMARLE B.S. Home Economics Acelphian, Education Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (I, 2, 3, 4) Council (2, 3); Junior Adviser (3); Young Democrats ' Club (1, 2, 3, 4) PINE NEEDLES Staff (2, 3); 4-H Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2, 3) Archery (2); Basketball (2, 3). GENEVA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS SEAGROVE B S Home Economics Aletheian, Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Le Cercle Francois (2, 3, 4); Square Dance Club (2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (4). PEGGY ANN WILLIAMS CHARLOTTE B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Virginia Intermont College (1, 2). RAY WILLIAMS WINDSOR B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Young Demo- crats ' Club (3, 4): CAROLINIAN (3). ALICE ELIZABETH WILSON GREENSBORO B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Junior Adviser (3); Town Students ' Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Senior Dance Group (3, 4); Freshman Dance Committee (1). ROSE POPE WILSON ROCKY MOUNT B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Vice-President Student Government (4); House President (3); Legislature (2, 3); Chair- man 50th Anniversary; CAROLINIAN (1); PINE NEEDLES (2); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Hall Board (1); Hall Proctor (1); Donee Committee (3); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. ELOISE WINBORNE SIMS B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Band (3, 4); 4-H Club (3, 4). MILDRED HENRIETTA WINFREE WADESBORO B.S. Home Economics Dikean, Brevard Junior College (1, 2); Education Club (4); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (3). SARAH HUNDLEY WITHERSPOON MURPHY A.B. History Dikean; Montreat Junior College (1, 2); International Relations Club (3, 4); Young Republicans ' Club (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4). SARA CATHERINE WOMACK SPENCER A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Mars Hill College (1, 2); Education Club (3 4)- YWCA (4). MARY ELLEN WOODLIEF KITTRELL B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; CAROLINIAN (4); Gamma Alpha Club (3 4)- YWCA (I, 2, 3, 4); Archery (3). BLANCHE W. WOOLARD WILSON B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Judicial Board (3); House President (4); Class Secretary (2) ' PINE NEEDLES (2, 3); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2) ' - Junior Adviser (3); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4); WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES (4) 1942 Seventy-three 1892 LENA WINBORNE WRIGHT HENDERSON A.B. Grammar Grade Education Botany Club (2, 3); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (3); Junior Adviser (3); Young Democrats ' Club (3); Y.W.C.A. (I, 2, 3, 4); Holl Board (4). BARBARA WATSON WYCHE CHARLOTTE B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Seal Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); Freshman Dance Committee (1); Dance Group (4); Dormitory Representative, Athletic Association (4); Proctor (1, 3); PINE NEEDLES (4); Golf (3, 4). BETTY EVELYN YOUNGBLOOD CONCORD B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Marshal (4); Saint Mary ' s Junior College (I, 2); Gamma Alpha Club (3, 4); Young Democrats ' Club (4); Dormitory Social Chairman (4); Motion Picture Committee (4); Dormitory Basketball Captain (3). ROBERTA ZIMMERMAN ABERDEEN A.B Chemistry Adelphian; Le Cercle Francois (1); Medical Technologist Club (3, 4); Physics Club (3); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4). SENIOR WHOSE PICTURE DOES NOT APPEAR JEAN WELBORN SENIDR TRADITIONS The final year of College for a " dignified Senior " is filled with thrilling experiences. Not until well into first semester when she sits in the best chapel seats and when she uses her " Senior privilege " of going away for a week-end without permission from home does she realize that she has at last reached the enviable posi- tion of a Senior. Traditionally in the fall there are: election of the eight outstanding seniors; Founder ' s Day, at which time everyone honors our founder by wearing white; and the Senior dance which is the first formal of the year, and the supreme social event of first semester for the Sen- iors. The end seems nearer when Mr. Phillips talks to the Class about the prospects of obtaining jobs for the coming year. The Senior Unmusical, given in the spring in Chapel, is a good-natured take-off on the College Faculty who accept imitations of themselves graciously. The Class is royally entertained by the Alumnae As- sociation at a reception and by the Junior Class at a formal dance. The Seniors in return present the May Day pageant. Seniors are all-important on Senior Day when they wear caps and gowns to chapel, and at " Moving-up " ceremony of the last Mass Meeting. The Seventy-four Seniors are excused and the Juniors fill their places, with the Sophomores and Freshmen moving up also. Our four year College career is culminated in the graduation exercises. Always on Friday night before Commencement comes the Senior Ball; Saturday after- noon, Class Day on front campus at which time each department is represented by its outstanding Senior; the same evening a Playliker performance for the class and parents. On Saturday, at midnight, the Class holds its last meeting. The Everlasting Class officers are installed, and girls who are planning to be married soon announce it by " running around the table " . The Bac- calaureate Sermon is given on Sunday morning and on Monday come the final commencement exercises, with one girl elected from the class making the main ad- dress. Only after the excitement of graduation week is over and the Seniors have left Greensboro for the last time does the realization come that college days are really over. Then, although they are happy with thoughts of the new job ahead, there is a feeling of sadness in the heart of each that the long awaited event is over. SUEMURCHISON President of Class of 1942. WHO ' S WHO Armona S tuidents In Art U, wienca n L lni verities 1942 d ( o ae First Row: RHEA SIKES, NEITA ALLEN, POLLY CREECH, FRANCES NEWSOM Second Row; BLANCHE WOOLARD, JEAN BERBERT, SUE MURCHISON, ERNESTINE OETTINGER, SARA JANE HUNTER, ROSE WILSON Seventy-five COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM 1942 FRIDAY, JUNE 5 6:30 P.M. — Fiftieth Anniversary Birthday Party 8:30 P.M.— " We The Women " Aycock Auditorium 9:00 P.M. — Commencement Ball (Senior Class) 4:30 P.M.- 6:00 P.M.- 8:30 P.M.- :00 A.M. 4:00 P.M.- 10:30 A.M.- SATURDAY, JUNE 6 -Senior Class Day -All Class Reunion Supper-Quadrangle - " We The Women " Aycock Auditorium SUNDAY, JUNE 7 -Baccalaureate Sermon Dr. George W. Truett First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas Aycock Auditorium -Grand Concert by Music Department Aycock Auditorium MONDAY, JUNE 8 -Graduating Exercises The President of the University of North Carolina The Representative of the Senior Class The Governor of the State of North Carolina The Dean of Administration Aycock Auditorium PHI BETA KAPPA -1942 Jhe Woman ' s i olleqe Section of the Artpka Chapter of ¥ forth L arolina OFFICERS President DR LEONARD B. HURLEY Vice-President MISS MAGNHILDE GULLANDER Recording Secretary MISS KATHERINE TAYLOR Corresponding Secretory-Treasurer DR KEY L. BARKLEY MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1942 BARINEAU, SADIE ADELINE BARKELEW, MARILYN JANE BERTRAM, JEAN DE SALLES BROWN, FRANCES LUTTRELL BRUNT, JESSE EVANS BURROUGHS, ADA ELIZABETH DARK, MAXINE ERMA FERGUSON, NANCY HEFFNER, RUTH MARGUERITE KNOFSKY, BETTY JEAN LEVINE, PEGGY McDUFFIE, DOROTHY DEAL MALIN, JEANNE ELOISE PARKIN, ANNE F. POOLE, CAROLYN CARMAN QUINN, LAURA BROWN SCOTT, MARY ANN SHARPE, DORIS TAYLOR, ELOISE TURRENTINE, ANNE WALKER, BETTY MEMBERS IN COURSE, CLASS OF 1942, ELECTED IN 1941. GRANTHAM, JEAN PARHAM MACKIE, MARY LOU ALUMNA MEMBER MISS LEAH BODDIE, Class of 1912 Seventy-seven am C ppes ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND Setenly-eight . M J6W HDCKY MDUNT, NORTH CARDLINA Seventy-nine L atkerine N ' itde enne r ntaermavi SDUTHERN PINES, NORTH CARDLINA Eighty =Jjuchiuodk ae HARLOTTE, NDRTH CAROLINA Eighty-one fancu J e cut J emu3on RIVERSIDE, ILLINOIS Eighty-two WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA Eigbty-lbres J ue 1 1 lurch ivircmson ' MOUNT, NDRTH CAHDLINA Eighty-four ollu Seattle u — )auier MDNKTDN, MARYLAND Eighty-five JUNIOR CLASS Traditionally, the Junior Class is " big sister " to the incoming Freshman Class, and therefore the first activities of the Class of ' 43 centered around the freshmen. They were welcomed and capably directed during the first week of college by members of the class who were known as junior advisers and who were supervised by Martha Kirkland They were entertained with a fashion show staged by Anna Rosa and Martha, and a little later the Junior-Fresh- man wedding occurred. This was a beautiful ceremony, and much credit is due Eloise Rankin for its success. It had all the color of a true wedding with the exception of the fashionable uniform most of the bridegrooms are wearing this season. Another thing which has become traditional with the Junior Class is the Junior Shop. Members of the class give a little of their time each week to working in the shop. The profits are used for various closs activities, and as a result of the able management of Sally Warwick and Harriet Kupferer the class this year did a good deal more than make both ends meet. Persis Bennet was an efficient ring chairman, and when the rings arrived they were just as attractive as we had imagined they would be. At the annual Junior Formal, which this year was a Snow Ball on the thirteenth of December, Ann Hardison, dance chairman, proved herself to be a lovely snow queen, and all her subjects were royally entertained. When spring came around we began to think of two things: a non-cutting campus campaign which was spon- sored by the class and conducted by Ruth Cash and Ruth Porter, and Junior-Senior which was held in April, Betty Johnson, dance chairman, and her assistants made it not only a success but a memorable one. The Juniors ' year is not complete until they go up to take the Seniors ' places in Aycock at the last mass meeting. It was sad, but that long awaited moment of being recognized as a dignified Senior wos glorious — even with tears. DFFICERS JULIA PEPPER President MARTHA KIRKLAND Vice-President CAROLINE WHITE Secretary TERRY MOORE Cheer Leader RUTH WHITE Treasurer Eighty-seven JUNIORS First Row NANCY ABERNETHY— Asheville PAULINE ABERNETHY— Raleigh JANE ADAMS— Gastonia ALICE ALEXANDER— Pineville NANCY LEE ALEXANDER— Matthews CAROL ALLEN— Warehouse Point, Conn Third Row FRANCES BAER— Dunn JULIA BALDWIN— Sanford JEAN BARBREY— Mount Olive NANCY BARDEN— Goldsboro RACHEL BARRETT— Farmville CAROLYN BASON— Yanceyvi lie Second Row FRANCES ALLEN— Knightdale JULIA ALLGOOD— Rural Hall MARY ALLISON— Forest City HELEN AMES— Ramsomville, N. Y. LOUISE AYCOCK— Rocky Mount MILDRED AYCOCK— Fremont Fourth Row MARTHA BASS— Lucama DOROTHY BEADLE— Davidson EMMA JOE BEAM— Shelby MARY HINES BEARD— Hillsboro GLADYS BEATTY— Tomahawk ANNA BELL— Greensboro Eighty-eight ]942 189 2 JUNIORS First Row MARY FRANCES BELL— Murphy ELIZABETH BENDIGO— Greensboro MENEFEE BENNETT— Norwood PERSIS BENNETT— Fair Haven, N. J. VIRGINIA BENTON— Monroe CAROL BIRD— Fishskill, N Y. Third Row EDNA EARLE BOYKIN— Wilson MARY BRAMBLE— Annapolis, Md. ADA L. BRASWELL— Wadesboro JACQUELINE BRATH— Upper Montclair, N. J. JAYNE BREADY— Greensboro MARIE BRENNAN— Port Chester, N. Y. Second Row MARGARET ANN BITTICK— Hingham, Mass. IDAMAE M BLOIS— Westfield, N. J. VIRGINIA RAY BLUE— Eagle Springs LOUISE BOATMAN— Norton, Kan. JEAN BOOTH— Durham AGNES BOWEN— Greensboro Fourth Row ESTER SUE BRICKHOUSE— Columbia FLORA BELLE BRIGHT— Rutherford College CAVELL BRINSON— New Bern CAROLYN BROOKS— East Falls Church, Va BETTY JEAN BRYANT— Oxford HAZEL BRYANT— Rich Square Eighty-nine JUNIORS First Row DORIS GERALDINE BULLARD— Lumberton ANN BURKHEAD— FayeUeville MARY MARGARET BURNEY— Aberdeen FRANCES BURROWS— Asheboro JANE BURROWS— Ridgewood, N. J. MARY ETTA BURTON— Spencer Third Row ROSINA CARTER— Madison VIRGINIA CARUTHERS— Graham ANNIE RUTH CASH— Apex DOROTHY CASHION— Cornelius MARTHA ROB CHERRY— Scotland Neck LENA CHESTNUT— Seven Springs Second Row ETHEL CALDWELL— Waynesvi lie MARIAN CALLIS— Bessemer City NANCY CALLAWAY— State Road JULIA LOUISE CAMERON— Polkton JANET CAMPBELL— Greensboro BERN ICE CARTER— Ashevi He Fourth Row MARY ELIZABETH CH I LDS— Greensboro BETTIE OLIVIA CHITTY— Murfreesboro CARROLL CHRISTENSEN— Beaufort, S. C DORIS ELLEN CLARK— Raleigh ELINOR CLEMENT— Lincoln University, Pa MARY LOUISE CLEMENTS— North Wilkesboro 1942 Ninet) 1892 JUNIORS First Row IRMACLINE— Newton SUE CLINE— Taylorsville HENRIETTA CLODFELTER— Greensboro BEATRICE COBLE— Oakboro SYLVIA COHEN— Statesville JEAN COMINS— Bluefield, W. Va. Third R ow DOROTHY COX— Greensboro KATHRYN COX— Fremont MARGUERITE COX— Greensboro VIRGINIA DARE COX— Greensboro PHYLLIS CROOKS— Concord SARA CROOKS— Concord Second Row EVELYN MARY CON BOY— Scarborough, N Y. ANNE CONWAY— Salisbury LUCILLE COOKE— Clover, S. C. AGNES COOLEY— Wag ram JOSEPHINE COOLEY— Greensboro BETTY COVINGTON— Laurinburg Fourth Row EMILY CROWELL— Charlotte MYRA CULPEPPER— Arlington, Va. BETTY DAHLIN— Evanston, III BEATRICE DARDEN— Fayetteville EMMIE DARK— Siler City VIRGINIA DAUGHERTY— New Bern Ninety-one JUNIORS First Row FRANCES CONWAY DAVIS— Raccoon Ford, Va. MARY FRANCES DAVIS— Connelly Springs HELEN BLANCHE DAVIS— Badin JEAN DAVIS- -Warren ton MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS— Westfield, N. J. MIRIAM DAY— Spruce Pine Third Row DORAS DOWNEY— Upper Montclair, N. J. NORMA DOZIER— Rocky Mount MILDRED DUNNAGAN— Yadkinville PAMELIA NILES EARL IE— Greensboro EVELYN EASLEY— Winston-Salem SHIRLEY ELLIOTT— Woodland Second Row EULA MAE DEES— Bayboro JOSEPHINE DEES— Fremont WILLIE LOUISE DELLINGER— Lowell MARY LEWIS DICKENS— Roxboro MARTHA FIARDY DIXON— Kinston GRACE DOBBINS— Yadkinville Fourth Row MARY LEE ELLIS— Leaksvi lie KATHERINE EPLEY— Old Fort PANSY ERWIN— Newland JUNE FE I KER -Regency Park, L I ELIZABETH FERGUSON— Waynesvi lie ANNA FISHER— Greensboro 1942 18 92 JUNIORS First Row JOAN FLANAGAN— Baldwin, L I. ELEANOR FOKES— Ocala, Fla. SUSAN FORBES— Wilson FRANCES FOX— Greensboro EMILY FRANKLIN— Winston-Salem JOAN FREEHOF— Brooklyn, N Y Third Row RAY GEIGER— Hendersonville MARJORIE GELSTON— Hudson Heights, N. J. MARTHA GENTRY— Greensboro MARCIA GILCHRIST— Brown Summit SARAH GILL— Kittrell FRANCES GLAZE— Charlotte Second Row K. WANDA FRITTS— Lexington DOROTHY FURR— Newton MARGIE GABRIEL— North Wilkesboro MARGARET GARDNER— Mt. Gilead ANNE GARNER— Newport VIRGINIA GECKS— Garden City, L Fourth Row ELEANOR GLENN— Gatesville MILDRED GLENN— Marion MARTHA GOBLE- -Newton, N. J. ELIZABETH GODBEY— Winston-Salem JANE GOLDEN— Leaksville MARY LOIS GORDON— Pilot Mountain Ninety-three JUNIORS First Row JEAN GOTTHEIMER— Charlotte JANE GRACE— Hazelwood CAROLYN GRADY— Durham MARGARET GRANTHAM— Greensboro AYLETT GRIFFIN— Asheville DOROTHY GUETH— High Point Third Row SARA MUNDY HAMRICK— Shelby JANE HARDAWAY— Tuxedo MARGARET HARDEN— Roanoke Rapids ANN HARD I SON— Wadesboro SARAH HARDISON— Raleigh MILDRED HARRELSON— Reidsville Second Row JEAN HAIR— Gastonia MARY LOUISE HALL— Raleigh BETSY NEIL HAMMER— Gibsonville MARY LOUISE HAMMER— Red Bank, N J. ELIZABETH HAMRICK— Davidson MARGARET HAMRICK— Shelby Fourth Row MARTHA R. HARRIS— Sherwood MARY CARY HARRIS— Inez MARY WILL HARRIS— Stem EVELYN HARRISON— Whitakers HELEN K. HARRISON— Plymouth NELLIE HART— Oxford Sinely-four 1942 1892 JUNIORS First Row ANNA HAUSER— Mt. Airy SARAH HEATH— Harmony DOROTHY HENDRIX— Greensboro CARROLL HENNESSEE— Pinehurst DOREEN HENRY— Peekskill, N. Y. MARJORIE HETZ— Charleston, W Va Third Row GAYNELLE HOGAN— Ellerbe FLETA MAE HOHN— Greensboro DOROTHY HOKE— Kings Mountain JANE HOLCOMBE— Fayetteville DOROTHY HOLDEN— Greensboro BERYL HOLLIFIELD— Spruce Pine Second Row HELEN IRENE HIGGINS— Guilford College LORAINE HIGHFILL— Coats LILLIE HILL— Yadkinvi lie HILDA HILTON— Walkertown AMELIA H INKLE— Lexington MIRIAM H I NSHAW— Greensboro Fourth Row GRACE HOLLINGSWORTH— Greensboro BARBARA HOLLISTER— Springfield, Mass MARGARET HOLLOWELL— Rocky Mount MARY ELIZABETH HOLT— Princeton MARGARET HONEYCUTT— Raleigh ELAINE HOPE— Scranton, Pa Ninety-five JUNIORS First Row BETTY HOPKINS— Greensboro MARY FRANCES HOPKINS— Concord MARY FRANCES HOWELL— Ashevi lie CHARLOTTE HUDSON— Weehawken, N J MARGUERITE HUDSON— Lillington MARY HUDSON— Morganton Third Row WINSTON JAMES— Launnburg BARBARA JOHNSON— New York City BETTY GREEN JOHNSON— Lillington IRMA LOUISE JOHNSON— Marion MARGARET E JOHNSON— Clifton Forge, Va MARJORY JOHNSON— Dunn Second Row CARRIE OLA HUGHES— Snow Hil! MARTHA HUNEYCUTT— Stanfield MARGARET HUNT— Lexington TEX IE HUNTER— Tobaccovi lie ELIZABETH JACKSON— Gastonia H MILDRED JACKSON— Greensboro Fourth Row RACHEL JOHNSON— Winston-Salem KATHERINE JONES— New Bern MARGARET JONES— Reidsville CAROLYN JORDAN— Elizabethtown PATIENCE JORDAN— Belhaven GLADYS JOYCE— Mayodan 194 1892 First Row FRANCES JOYNER— Wilson CATHERINE JUSTICE— Canton ETHEL KASSLER— Gaffney, S. C. GEORGIA KEETER— Morganton JANE KE I STER— Greensboro HELEN KEMP— Arlington, Va JUNIORS Third Row NELL KOONCE— Raleigh HARRIET KUPFERER— Paterson, N. J. ADELE KUTZLEe— Baltimore, Md CHARLOTTE LADNER— Paulsboro, N. J. DOROTHY B, LANCASTER— Tarboro WINIFRED LANGLEY— Rocky Mount Second Row ELEANOR KENDALL— Johns RACHEL KING— St. Pauls MARGARET K INLAW— Fayetteville MARTHA KIRKLAND— Wilson MARY FRANCES KNOTT— Oxford DORIS KNOX— Charlotte Fourth Row VERNA LARSON— Glen Ridge, N. J. MARGUERITE LAUGHRIDGE— Marion MARGUERITE LAZENBY— Statesville MARGARET LEE— Waxhaw RUBY LEFTWICH— Winston-Salem ESTA LEONARD— Netherlands West Indies Ninety-seven JUNIORS First Row ADELE LIEBIG— Newark, N. J. MARGARET LINCOLN— Tryon HELEN LINDSLEY— Wadesboro HELEN LITTLE— Claremont JANE MOZELLE LOER— Concord FRANCES LOHR— Lexington Third Row MARY HOPE McCALL— Elizabeth City BETH McDONALD— Timberland RUTH McFARLAND— Tryon REBECCA Mc KEITH AN— Greensboro MARY EDNA McLEAN— Rockingham SARA McLEAN— Asheville Second Row RACHAEL LONG— Bahama MARY EUGENIA LORE— Smithfield AURILLA LOVE— Elizabeth City DOROTHY McADAMS— Graham HARRIETTE McALLISTER— Mount Pleasant ETHELDA McARVER— Gastonia Fourth Row DOROTHY McPHERSON— Greensboro RUBY MADRY— Rick Square ALEEN MANESS— Carthage JUANITA MANESS— Carthage LOUISE MANN— Washington, D. C. HELEN MARSHALL— Rose Hill Ninety-eight 1942 1892 JUNIORS First Row SARA FRANCES MARTIN— Dunn SHIRLEY BARNES MASON— Beaufort CLAIR MATTHEWS— Engelhard DOROTHY MATTHEWS— Leaksvi lie SUSIE MATTOX— Pinetops VIRGINIA MAUNEY— Charlotte Third Row LA VELLE MICHAEL— Kemersville MARION M I DDLETON— Greensboro JEANETTE MINNIS— Winston-Salem ELIZABETH MITCHELL— Reidsville VIRGINIA MODLIN— Goldsboro ALICE MOORE— Weldon Second Row AUDREY MAY— Pittsfield, Mass ANNA MEDFORD— Waynesville MARY MELTON— Hendersonville CYNTHIA MEN DEN HALL— Asheboro PAULINE MERRILL— MARSHALL GLORIA METZGAR— Ashton, Md Fourth Row ESTHER MOORE— Old Greenwich, Conn GERTRUDE MOORE— Mocksvi lie REBA MOORE— Matthews JOAN MORGAN— Greensboro MRS. VOIGT F. MORGAN— Gibsonvi lie DOROTHY LEE MORRISON— Franklin Ninety-nine JUNIDRS First Row MARGARET DEE MORRISON— Hickory PENELOPE MORTON— New Bern WILMA MORTON— Albemarle OCTAVIA MULLER— Dillon, S C. ANN MUMFORD— Washington EMILY JANE NEAL— Greensboro Third Row GWYNNE NORTHUP— Winston-Salem DOROTHY ODUM— New Bern GENEVIEVE OSWALD— Buffalo, N. Y. E ELIZABETH OWEN— Thomasville MYRT PADGETT— Hayesvi lie ANN PALMER— Hilton Village, Va Second Row REBECCA NEAL— Southern Pines NONA NELME— Wadesboro SARAH NEWLAND— Montreat ELIZABETH NEWTON— Greensboro GERALDINE NORMAN— Greensboro MARGARET ANNE NORMAN— Greensboro Fourth Row MARY PALMER— Tryon ELEANOR PATTERSON— Greensboro JULIA PEPPER— Walnut Cove MINNIE ELIZABETH PERKINS— Reidsvil MARY ANN PETTUS— Media, Pa. AGNES PETTIT— Asheville 1942 1892 JUNIORS First Row ELIZABETH C. PIERCE— Winchester ROSALIE PILLEY— Pantego ELLA MARIE PI NKSTON— Salisbury ANNE PITONIAK— Westfield, Mass LELIA HOLT PLEASANTS— Durham JUDITH POOLE— St Pauls Third Row GLORIA PRICE— Greensboro LEWIS PRIDGEN— Elm City BELLE HICKS PURVIS— Salisbury SARA QUEEN— Waynesville BETTY JEAN QUICK— Mamaroneck, N Y. GENEVA RAHENKAMP— Pomona Second Row LOUISE POORE— Mount Airy RUTH PORTER— Herkimer, N Y CATHERINE POWELL— Whitevi lie MAVIS POWERS— St Pauls REBECCA PRATT— Winston-Salem C. ELIZABETH PRESSLY— Belmont Fourth Row ELOISE RANKIN— Point MARGIE RANKIN— Winston-Salem SARA RATLIFF— Wadesboro MARGARET RATTEREE— Kings Mountain CLAIRE REABEN— Henderson EVELYN REINHARDT— Newton One Hundred On JUNIORS First Row MARY JO RENDLEMAN— Anna, III. KATHLEEN RHYNE— Aberdeen DORiS RICHARDSON— Greensboro GRACELIA JOY RIDEN— Boonville SERENA MOORE RISER— Greensboro FRANCES RIVENBARK— Wallace Third Row SARA ROUNTREE— Kmston ELISE DUNN ROUSE— Fayettevi lie TERREISA ROWE— Hickory SYLVIA RUDIS ' LL— Lmcolnton BARBARA RUFFIN —Wilson HELEN SAMS— Ashevi lie Second Row BETSY NEIL ROBERTS— Shelby PRISCILLA ROETZAL— Spring Lake, N J. ELIZABETH ROGERS— Wilson ANNA ROSA— Greensboro THORA ROSS— Belhaven CHARLINE ROTH A— Waynesville Fourth Row HELEN REID SANDERS— Roxboro BETSY INGLE SAUNDERS— High Point MARTHA SAWYER— Elizabeth City KATHRYN SCHRUM— Greensboro BILLIE MONTEZ SCOTT— Mars HN JEAN SCOTT— Greensboro One Hundred Two 1942 1892 JUNIORS First Row SUSAN SEARCY— Hendersonvi lie SARA SEERS— High Point GLADYS SESSOMS— Fayetteville DOROTHA SEVERANCE— Gastonia HELEN SHARPE— Greensboro MARGARET SHERRILL— Mount Ulla Third Row DOROTHY SMITH— Fremont MARIE H. SMITH— Vanna NANCY SOFLEY— Asheville ANNE SPIVEY— Rich Square BETTY JEAN STAHL— Launnburg MARILYN STARK— Buffalo, N. Y. Second Row MALVENA SH INN— Cleveland RUTH SHULMAN— New York City ROZELL SHUMOLIS— Canton MARY LANE SILER — Siler City KATHERINE SLEDGE— Pinehurst GRACE SLOCUM— Wilmington Fourth Row FLOSSIE STARLING— Pine Level CHRISTINE STATON— Flat Rock MARGARET STEPHENSON— Pendleton ELIZABETH STINSON— Thomasville ALINE STRICKLAND— Stedman RUTH EVELYN SUPPLEE— Haddon Heights, N. J. One Hundred Thre. JUNIORS First Row ROWENA SUTTON— Dunn MERLE SWA I M— Greensboro CONSTANCE SWEENEY— Rocky Mount GERTRUDE TANNER— Henderson HELEN TANNER— Winston-Salem PAULINE TAYLOE— Aulander Third Row RUTH THOMPSON— Mountain Park VIRGINIA TODD— Fairfield, Conn. EVELYN TOLER— Rocky Mount ANNA F. TOMLINSON— High Pont HELEN TRENTHAM— Mars Hill LOIS TUNNELL— Swan Quarter Second Row LYDIA TAYLOR— Brooklyn, N, Y. SALLIE TAYLOR— Mountain Home, Tenn. KATE TEAGUE— Fairmont SARAH HOLT THERRELL— Burlington WILNA JUNE THOMAS— Shallotte JANE THOMPSON— Henderson Fourth Row DOROTHY TURLINGTON— Goldsboro NAN TURNER— Mount Ulla MARY W TUTTLE— Melbourne, Fla. MARY THORNE TYSON— Farmvi lie EDNA UMSTEAD— Durham MARY FRANCES VARNER— Greensboro One Hundred Four 1942 1892 First Row IDA RACHEL VERNON— Stoneville HELEN VINSON— Mount Olive MARIE WADE— Dunn FRANCES WAIN- Granite Quarry SUZANNE WALDROP— Kinston ANN WALKER— Morganton JUNIORS Third Row ANN WEBSTER— Savannah, Ga. MARTHA LORENE WERTZ— Landis MARY GRIFFITH WEST— Will lamsport POLLY ANNA WHISNANT— Hickory CAROLYN WHITE— Roxboro RUTH WHITE— Greensboro Second Row ELAINE WALKER— Fremont MARTHA WARREN— Burlington SARA WARWICK— Easton, Pa. LYDIA ANN WATKINS— Blanche JAN IE LEE WATSON— Cary JANE WEBB— College Park, Ga. Fourth Row LOUISE WHITEHURST— Contoo MARTHA WHITWORTH— Waco BROCKETT WILKINS— Wilson EDNA WILKINS— Edenton MARTHA WILLIAMS— Cullen, Va WINIFRED WILLIAMS— Hamlet One Hundred Five JUNIORS First Row MARY ELLA WILLIAMSON— Asheville NANCY WINCHELL— Severn Park, Md. SARAH JANE WOMACK— Leasburg MILDRED WOMBLE— Ashley Heights PATRICIA WOOLLEY— New York City Second Row MARY ELLEN WEST— Dover JEANNE WORSLEY— Bridgeport, Conn JEANNE WYGANT— Baltimore, Md. JEAN YATES— Greensboro ELIZABETH YEATTES— Pelham Third Row DELICE YOUNG— Charlotte MARY FRANCES YOUNG— Durham LILLIAN ZACHARY— Brevard LOLA ZURITA— Quite, Equador, South America JUNIORS WHDSE PICTURES DD NUT APPEAR SARAH BAITY RUTH BOWDEN ELINOR EDWARDS MRS. LADY GRACE LeBARON MARY LEEPER TON I PORTESS KATHRYN SAFRIT KATHERINE WILLIS 1942 1892 WHD ' S WHD rmona S tiAcLents in yv lAniveriities and L o eaes mencan uinwersiues ana K oitea 1942 First Row: MARTHA KIRKLAND, HELEN TANNER, JULIA PEPPER, DOROTHY SEVERANCE Second Row: GLADYS SESSOMS, MARY JO RENDLEMAN, PEGGY LINCOLN, GRACE SLOCUM, PHYLLIS CROOKS One Hundred Seven SDPHDMDRE CLASS The Class of 1944 this year has been one of the most active sophomore classes in the history of the college in carrying through traditional sophomore customs as well as in broadening its activities. Under the leadership of Miss Vera Largent as class chairman, the class has exhibited an unusual progressive and cooperative spirit. The most important project has been the beautification of the hill above the campus lake This project was beg un last spring and has been successfully continued under the direction of Mr. E. H. Hall, Mary Rankin McKethan, and her committee. The area has been surveyed, plans outlined for improvements, and several hundred iris and jon- quil bulbs have been contributed ond planted by members of the class Following tradition, the class sponsored o University sermon in November which was one of the best attended of these services ever given, and in December the Christmas pageant — a mystery play from the York Cycle — was produced, directed by May March. The class also planted in the lake area a handsome young hemlock, hoping to set a Christmas custom for future sophomores. An unusual project has been a Personal Pride Campaign — headed by Virginia Shield and Betty Hornaday — with an emphasis on personal neatness of students on and off campus The Sophomore Council, which was composed of a representative from each hall with Vice-President Mary King os chairman, has handled class publicity. Traditional class jackets arrived before spring holidays, Alison Rice was chairman of the committee which chose a well-cut, man-toilored coat of white flannel. One Hundred Eight OFFICERS MARY KING Vice-President DORIS McROBERTS President NANCY KIRBY Secretary TON I LUPTON Treasurer One Hundred Nint 1892 VALERIE PAT ABEL JULIA ABERNETHY FRANCES ALBERTY EVELYN ADAMS MARY CHARLES ALEXANDER ISABEL ALLEN CORINNE ALLEY SARA LOU ALLRED MARY ELIZABETH ANDERSON DORIS P. ANDREW NANCY ANDREWS RUTH H. ANDREWS BONNIE ANGELO ARLINE ARMOUR ELAINE ATKIN ELEANOR MARION AXLEY FRANCES BAILEY LYDIA LEA BAILEY JEAN BAIN MARY ESTHER BAISE ANN BAKER AMELIE BALLARD MARION BARBER BONNIE BARNUM MARY ELIZABETH BARWICK FRANCES BASON ANN BATTLE CORNELIA BATTLE MYRTLE BATTS MARY DOUGLAS BAXLEY JULIA BAZEMORE ELIZABETH BEALL One Hundred Ten HANNAH BEARD ORA GRACE BEASLEY REBECCA BEASLEY JEANNE BENNE1 ELIZABETH BENNETTE BARBARA BENTLEY KATHARINE BISSELL HELEN BLALOCK HAZEL BLAND REBECCA BLANTON NANCY MARIE BLUE GLORIA BLUMENTHAL FRIEDA BOGER J AN IS BOLTON VIOLET BOSTIAN MOLLIE BOWIE CONSTANCE BRADLEY DORIS E BRADLEY FRANCES BRADLEY HELEN BRADY SARA BRAWLEY MARGARET JO BROCK BECKY BROCKMAN DOROTHY MALLETTE BROWN EDNA BROWN JEAN BROWN LOIS BROWN OPAL BROWN HARRIET BROWNING SARAH BROWNLEE FRANCES BRYANT ANNE E. BUCKLEY 1942 One Hundred Eleven 1892 DOROTHEA BULTMAN JACQUELINE BURGESS SAIDA DOT BURWELL ANNE MARSH BUTLER ELLEN BUTLER JEWEL BUTLER VIRGINIA NELL BUTNER CAROLINE CABELL CATHERINE CALDWELL CLARA ELIZABETH CALDWELL FLORENCE CALDWELL JEANNE MARILYN CALDWELL MARY STRONG CALVERT JEAN CANTRELL CORNEILLE CARAWAY MARTHA CARPENTER SUZANNE CARROLL ANNE H. CARTER ANNIE MAE CARTER FRANCES CATHEY JANE CAVENAUGH SARAH ANN CHAFFIN CONSTANCE CHAMPION FRANCES CHITTY MARY CHRISMON BARBARA CLARKE JOY CLARK PHYLLIS CLASTER ELIZABETH CLAY JEAN CLEMENTS DORIS COBB ELIZABETH COBB One Hundred Twelve MARY AGNES COCHRANE DOROTHY COCKFIELD CAROLYN COKER ANNA LAURA COLE VIRGINIA COLE MARY JANE COLEMAN JOSEPHINE COLLINS FRANCES COOPER LUCY FRANCES CORBETT HELEN COX JULIA EUGENIA COX MARY ADA COX MARY JEANETTE CRUMPLER SARAH CULPEPPER JULIA CURRENT MARY DANIELS NORMA LEE DAVES BARBARA DAVIS DOROTHY DAVIS KATHERINE DAVIS NANCY DAVIS CLARICE DICKERSON JEAN DICKEY SARA DOBY MARY ELIZABETH DOGGETT BETTY DORTON BRADLEY DUFFY ARMANTINE DUNLAP EMILY DUNNING JULIA DWIGGINS MARY LEE DYSART MARIE EDWARDS 1942 1892 MARY FRANCES EDWARDS STELLA MAY EFLAND FLORENCE ELLIS MARJORIE ELLIS MOLLY BUGG ELLIS ANNABEL EMBREY MARY HELEN EMERSON ELAINE ERICKSON GRACE ESTEP ANNA L FAKE VALYNE FALES MARGARET FANT CALLIE VICK FARRELL JOSEPHINE FARTHING ROSEMARY FAUDEL CHRISTINE FAULK FRANCES FAULKNER RUTH FERGUSON LOUISE FEW ANITAS FIFE MURIEL FISKE JUDITH FLANDREAU DOROTHY BELLE FLOWERS GRACE FORSTER FRANCES FOUNTAIN JAMIE FOWLER LOIS FOWLER MARY BLANCHE FREEMAN KITTY LEE FRITZ SARA FULTON HELEN GAINEY EMMA LEE GIBSON One Hundred fourteen MARGARET GLE I M I SLA GORHAM SHIRLEY GOSSELIN RITA GOTTHEIMER MARY AGNES GRAHAM MARY GRANDY ZADIE GRAVES KATHERINE A. GRAY RUTH GREENE JEAN GREGORY JANET GRIFFIN CYNTHIA GRIMSLEY ANNE GUILBERT PATTIE GUION CORA GUTHRIE LAURA RUTH HAGAMAN HENRIETTA HALL SUE HALL JULIANA HANKS EVELYN HANSEN MARGARET HARDEE IDA HARPER MARGIE RHEA HARRELL HENRIE HARRIS SARAH ANN HARRISON MIRIAM S. HARTLEY GERALDINE HASCHE BETTY JO HAUSER GRACE HAYNES RACHEL HERRING REBECCA HERRING MATILLE IRWIN HICKS 1942 One Hundred Fiileen 1892 ANN HIGHSMITH HELEN HILDERMAN JOAN HILL RUTH HILL MIRIAM HINES ANNIE LANIER HOLMES MARY LOUISE HOLMES ROSALIE HOLMES MARGARET HOLT JANICE HOOKE RUTH E. HOOPER ANN HOOVER SARAH HOPPER GRACE HOPPERS BETTY HORNADAY JANET HOWELL BETTY LOU HOWSER JANET HUBBARD MILDRED HUFFMAN ANNE HUGHES MARGARET HUGHES BETTY HUNEYCUTT NANCY JACKSON MARY ELIZABETH JAMES ELIZABETH JARDINE MARJORIE JELLISON BETTY LOUISE JOHNSON CHASE JOHNSON KATHERINE JOHNSON LOLA JOHNSON MARGARET JOHNSON SUSAN ELIZABETH JOHNSON One Hundred Sixteen BETTY JEAN JONES MARY CHARLOTTE JONES ANNA ELIZABETH JORDAN DE LON KEARNEY FRANCES KEEL JEANNE ROGERS KEETER MARY FRANCES KELLAM MARY LURA KINCAID BETSY KING ELIZABETH KING MARY KING NANCY KIRBY AILENE MABLE KIRKMAN MARY MOLING KIRKMAN MARY ELIZABETH KIRSCHNER CAROLYN KNOTT SARAH RUTH KNOX LUCILLE NOLTE KUGLER CARMELE LAMBETH MARTHA LASS ITER DAISY LAWRENCE LOUISE LAZARUS EDNA EARLE LEARY JEAN LeCLUSE NANCY LEDBETTER CAROLYN LEHMAN BARBARA LENNON CHRISTINE LENTZ EVELYN LEE LEONARD DOROTHY IMOGENE LEVIS KATHERYNE COOK LEVIS MARY VAUGHN LEWELLYN 1942 One Hundred Sci i nit t n 1892 DAPHNE LEWIS MARY LOUISE LEWIS EDNA LINDER ELIZABETH LINDSEY PAIGE LOHR CAROLYN LORE MARGARET LUMPKIN ANTOINETTE LUPTON MYRLE LUTTERLOH LINDA LYON LYNN MacDONALD HELEN McBEE ANNE McBRIDE ANNE McCOY RUTH McCULLOUGH anne Mcdowell CONSTANCE McFARLAND MARY McFARLAND NANCY McGHEE KATHRYN McGOWAN HARRIETTE McGRAW GEORGIA MAE McKEEVER MARY RANKIN McKEITHAN MOZELLE McLEOD JANE McLURE LESLIE McNEILL CLAIRE McROBERTS DORIS McROBERTS DOROTHY MADSEN PHYLLIS MAIR MAY MARCH HAL MARCH One Hundred Eighteen MARJORIE MARKS JULIE MARSH ELIZABETH MARTIN MARJORIE MASON SUSANNAH MATTHEWS EMILEIGH MAXWELL GAYNOR MAY VIRGINIA MAYBERRY MAY MEADOWS DOROTHY MEDLOCK ALBERTA MARIE MENZIES JANE MILLAR DOROTHY LA VERNE MILLER JACQUELINE MILLER RUTH MILLER DORIS E. MILLS ELIZABETH MILLS MARGARET MILLS MARY VIRGINIA MITCHELL MARGUERITE MOBERG JEAN MOOMAN BETTY SHAVER MOORE FRANCES MOORE JEANNE MOORE MAXINE MOORE EVELYN HORTON MOORING MARY EVELYN MORRIS BETTY HOWARD MORRISON CAROLINE MORRISON ISABELLE MORRISON MARGARET MOSS JANE MOSS 1942 One Hundred Nineteen 1892 DORIS MURPH MARTHA ANN MURPHY VIRGINIA R. MURPHY EMMA NICHOLS ELIZABETH NICKERSON BILLIE NIFONG MARY ELIZABETH NORTHCOTT KATHRYN O ' BRIEN MARGARET ODOM REBECCA OEHLER LI DA ORMOND CAROL OVERCASH NANCY PARCEL! DORIS PARKER MARTHA PASCHAL ANNIE LOUISE PATTERSON PATRICIA PATTON LUCY BELLE PAYN E RUTH PEACOCK ALICE PEELER ESTELLE PENN MAURINE PERRYMAN LOIS PHILLIPS MARY LOUISE PHILLIPS MARY ELIZABETH PILAND JANE PITTARD JEAN PO IN DEXTER MARY JULIA POLLOCK BLANCHE POOLE JOSEPHINE POORE MADELYN POPE EMILY PORTER One Hundred Twenty MARY DAVIS POU BETTY JANE POWELL LAURA POWERS MARY BELLE PRICE RUTH PRIVA ' IT LUCILLE PROCTOR ANNE QUEENSBURY ANN RAINEY DORIS RATLEY CATHERINE REAVES EMORYETTA REEVES ROSALYN RE ID KATHRYN RENTZ MARY NINA RHYNE ALISON RICE LOIS LEE RICHARDS JEAN RICKERT EDITH M RICKMAN JEANNE RIGLER LILLIAN ROBERTS BETTY ROBERTSON VIVIAN ROBINSON REBA ELLEN ROUSH BARBARA ROY SARAH RUDISILL DORIS SABISTON NANCY SADLER HARRIET SAWYER CAROLYN SCARBOROUGH NATALIE SCHLOSSBERG RUTH SCHOHN DOROTHY SCOTT 1942 One Hundred Twenty-one 1892 HILDA SCOTT DOROTHY SEEGERS FLEETA SETZER CECIL ELIZABETH SEVERANCE MARY ALICE SHACKELFORD VIRGINIA MARIE SHEILD MARJORIE SHEPHERD MARY ELEANOR SHERRILL SYBIL SHOLAR SARA SHUFORD IRMA SHORE SICELOFF MARION SIFFORD LORAINE SIGMON M. JANE SIMMONS BENNIE SIMPSON MARGARET SIMPSON MARY WARD SLADE JEAN SLAUGHTER DOROTHY SLOAN BARBARA JEAN SMALLWOOD ANNIE LOU SMITH BARBARA ANN SMITH EVELYN SMITH HELEN SMITH KATHERINE SMITH LIDIE SMITH LOUISE SMITH MARY MADISON SMITH BETTY B. SNIDER BARBARA SNOWDEN MARGARET SNYDER ELIZABETH SOFLEY One Hundred Twenty-two HAZEL SOLOMON MARY ANNE SORRELL ARLINE STEINACHER JEAN STEPHENSON CLARA STEVENS DOROTHY STEWART MAZELLSTILWELL MABLESTIREWALT CAROLYN STOUT MYRA STOWE DORA STROUPE VERNA SUI TT HELEN SULLIVAN JEAN SULLIVAN LOUISE TALLEY ANN TAYLOR CATHERINE V. TAYLOR ELLEN TAYLOR HAZEL TAYLOR KATHERINE R. TAYLOR LUCY TAYLOR NANCY TAYLOR MARTHA TEETER JUANITATHAYER BLANCHE THIES MARION THOMAS MARJORIE THOMAS GENE THOMPSON MILDRED THORPE WILMATILLETT GLORIA TINFOW JANE TULLOCH 1942 One Hundred Twenty-three 1892 RUTH TURNER SCOTT TYREE CLARICE TYSON RUTH TYSON EDITH UDEN BILLIE UPCHURCH MARY ALICE VANN MARGARET VESTAL ELIZABETH WADE MARION WAITE BILLIE WALKER LOUISE WALKER MARY WALKER SUZANNE WALKER GERALDINE WALL RITA WALLACE LOUISE WARE CHRISTINE WARREN ANNABEL WEINKLE HELEN LEWIS WELLS ROSALIE WATSON BESSIE MAE WHITE JOSEPHINE WHITLEY ANN WHITE One Hundred Tu ■ CLARA WIESMANN EMILY LOUISE WILKINS ADELLA WILLIAMS HAZEL WILLIAMS LOIS WILLIAMS BARBARA WILLIAMSON ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON BEVERLY WILSON HELEN WINSLOW JEANETTE WINSTEAD JULIA WOLFF MARY LOUISE WOMBLE MARGARET WOOSLEY LOUISE Y WORKMAN ERIS WORSLEY NANCY WORSLEY MARJORIE WRIGHT CAROL YELVERTON HULDAH YORK REBA YOUNG SOPHDMDRES WHOSE PICTURES DD NOT APPEAR CORNELIA ANDERSON JACQUELINE CARTER BETTY HALLIGAN DOROTHY HOLDEN JEAN JORGENSEN MRS. JULIET KELLY BETTY LOU KILGORE ELEANOR NOBLES MARY ELIZABETH PATTEE DAPHNE SHAW ANNIE RUTH SMITH NORANNE TUTTLE 1942 One Hundred Twenty-five FRESHMEN With the opening of the school year, the class of 1945 took up its duties The honor of represent- ing the Freshman Class on Founders ' Day was won by Dianne Page. A class motto and banner were chosen, and Cornelia Lowe was elected banner-bearer June Bolton, Anne Henning, and Elaine Simp- son, together with a member from each Freshman residence hall, served in the Student Legislature The class owes the success of this year of beginnings to Martha Kirkland, Vice-President of the Junior Class, who has efficiently played her part of " The Big Sister " to the whole class. Helping her with plans for the first semester were members of the Freshman Commission who were: Martha Hipp, Camilla Griffin, Martha Pohl, Jean Holmes, Dorothy Gilmore, Hope Schi I letter, Helen Phillips, Woody Hewitt, Carolyn Harward, Jean Johnson, and Marguerite Laing. After the class song had been written and applauded enthusiastically by the student body at the second mass meeting, class officers were elected. Dianne Page was elected president; Jean Holmes, vice-president; Barbara Hicks, secretary, and Hope Schilletter, treasurer. Throughout the year, the Freshmen cooperated fully in. the National Defense program, not only being careful to observe the necessary restrictions but also taking advantage of the courses offered by the Service League. In April, the Freshmen sponsored the fourth University sermon of the year. The following month brought a long-awaited event, the Freshman Dance, a fitting climax to a happy, busy year. In this fiftieth anniversary year of the college, this year ' s freshman class has been able to catch the spirit of Woman ' s College perhaps more quickly than any other class as love and pride of the institution have been to the fore more than ever throughout this year in the celebration of the prog- ress we have made. One Hundred Twenty-six OFFICERS HOPE SCHILLETTER Treasurer BARBARA HICKS Secretary DIANNE PAGE President JEAN HOLMES Vice-President One Hundred Twenty-seven FRESHMEN Top Row Louise Abbott Adelaide Abernethy Pamelia Ackerman Frances Acree Margaret Alexonder Josephine Alexander Frances Starr Allen Lula Belle Allen Virginia Lee Alldred Evelyn Anderson Lucile Ballenger Betty Scott Barber Marilyn Barger Josephine Barker Jean Barnes Andree Barnett Roberta Irene Barnett Ann Barnwell Carolyn Bass Mary Ann Bass Margaret Bilyou Marilane Bird Carol Bissette Bettie Blakely Dare Blalock Dorothy Blalock Elizabeth Blalock Jean Elizabeth Blalock Sara Blanton Lola Bloylock Helen Andrews Peggy Bass Dorothy Blocksidge Bernice Anthony Mary Katherine Antrim Bernice Apple Sarah Power Armstrong Dorothy Arnett Catherine Austell Mary Emma Ayers Catherine Bacon Lois Bagley Janet Baker Betty Bales Marjorie Bateman Dorothy Baughn Nancy Bean Dorothy Beatty Rebecca Beckham Marie Belk Dorothy Anne Bell Lucile Bell Anne Bennett Mary Lou Bennett 3ruce Biggs Ethel Sue Boaz Wilhelmina Boesser Jacqueline Boggs Jane Bolton Katherine Bondurant Doris Boone Johanna Lou Bostian Katherine Bowden Oneida Bowles Ruth Bowman One Hundred Twenty-eight 1942 1892 FRESHMEN Top Row Julia Bradshaw Rosalie Branower Betty Mae Breeden Elsie May Briggs Helen Bright June Bristow Jane Broadhurst Jeanne Marie Brown Ruby Frances Brown Annie Lou Bryan Doris Canady Violet Caneega Lou Ree Cantrell Margaret Caroon Edna Carraway Helen Carraway Jane Carroll Betty Carter Catherine Carter Mary Elizabeth Carter Allen Claywell Louise Cole Davidine Colemon Freeda Collins Helen Collison Barbara Conley Sarah Conrad Anna Mae Cook Eileen Cooney Geraldine Cooper Helen Bryan Jackie Cooper Emily Burbage Mary Burke Ins Ames Burriss Margaret Burritt Evelyn Butler Clare Byrd Annie Macon Byrum Mabel Joyce Cain Anne Calvert Ellen Calvert Marjorie Causby Ma ttie Cecil Dorothy Chamblee Rebecca Charles Wilmoth Charles Jean Cherry Harriet Chestnutt Nancy Chestnutt Wanda Choate Jean Clark Tommy Covington Nancy Cowherd Eugenia Cox Hilda Cox Janet Cox Jeanne Cox Jewell Cox Nancy Cox Emily Crandwell Nancy Craver Iva Louise Campbell Margaret Clark Suzanne Crawford One Hundred Twenty-nine FRESHMEN Top Row T ' i ird F VI Margaret Ann Creef Sybil Crotts Ruth Crowder Frances Cruse Clarice Crutchfield Norma Culler Elizabeth Cummings Nancy Ray Currie Johnsie Curry Marian Curtis Evelyn Dahlin Jane Dillard Peggy Donald Mary Lou Draughon Dorothy Drew Sara Dunlap Marjorie Dunn Sarah Dunstan Mildred Duomi Georgionna Dyer Erna Maude Dysart Rachael Evans Ann Minerva Falkner Elizabeth Fonl Nannie Lee Farlow Beatrice Farmer Katherine Fishel Mary Jo Flippin Gladys Foley Margaret Fonville Pat Fordham Ann Edgerton Dorothy French Fourth Row Julia Marie Dail Dorothy Davenport Betty Davis Elizabeth Davis Josephine Davis Marian Davis Martha Lea Davis Marie Dellinger Emma Olive Dermid Ruth Jean Dickson Betty Agnes Edwards Joanne Edwards Ruth Eifort Iris English Kathryn Eskey Hazel Estes Irma Estes Hallie Etheridge Lynda Ruth Etheridge Virginia Eudy Virginia Fulk Kathryn Furr Jane Gardner Caroline Garner Emily Gattis Margaret Gessner Martha Gessner Helen Gibson Dorothy Faye Gilmore Evelyn Glass Betsy Dillard Kathryn Evans One Hundred Thirl) 1942 1892 FRESHMEN 1 : V KOW Third Row Fifth Row Elizabeth Grady Louise Greene Rachel Hanna Jane Brooks Harris Mary Hicks Margie Hobbs Lelia Grady Mary Eleanor Grier Julie Harper Nan Lacy Harris Joyce Highsmith Andora Hodgin Anna Graham Mary Frances Grier Marjorie Harrill Carolyn Harward Julia Hill Sarah Hodgin Edith Margaret Grant Camilla Griffen Mary Harrington Billie Hasty Pauline Hill Lois Hohn Caroline Graves Dorothy Grigg Frances Lee Harris Elizabeth Hawley Martha Hipp Rosemary Holland Harriett G jion Dorothy Hayman J jnet Hoi nes Evelyn Gulledge Ethel Gurganus Jane Guy Norma Haft Ruth Haizlip Anne Hale Roxanna Hales Doris Mae Hall Martha Hall Mary Anna Hallenbeck Alyce Haynes Virginia Haynes Louise Heilner Betty Helburn Ann Henning Frances Hensdale Mary Wood Hewitt Sophia Heyn Patricia Hiatt Alma Hicks Jean Holmes Peggy Holt India Hood Helen Hoover Dorothy Horton Betty Horwitz Grace Hoyle Grace Hughes Ellen Green Hunt Audrey Hunter Carolyn Hamrick Barbara Hicks One Hundred Thirty-one FRESHMEN Top Row Third Row Fifth Row Lois Hutton Sybil Jackson Ann Keeter Mary Kimball Susanne Lindema 1 lean Logan Julia Ipock Alice James Carolyn Kelly Olive Kimbrough Helen Lindsey Ann Long Elizabeth Anne Irvin Luna Jarvis Janet Kendrick Peggy Kirkman Sarah Little Kathenne Long llene Isreal Margaret Jeffreys Annie Kidd Elaine Kirschner Ruth Lloyd Hilda Longest Rachael Jackman Anne Jesnak Margaret Killebrew Howell Knight Sara Lockhart Ann Lott Audrey Jessup rene Kossow Betty Lough in De ' ores Johnson Frances Johnson Jean Johnson Betty Johnston Carrie Lee Jones Doris Jones Dorothea Jones Frances Jones Lee Mae Jones Mary Ellsworth Jones Nancy Katzenberg Anne Kyle Aurelia Lackey Marguerite Laing Sadie Lane Barbara Latham Elizabeth Laws Kothryn Lecka Barbara Leonard Doris Lewin Jane Lewis Cornelia Lowe Audrey Lum Jean Lyda Mary Elizabeth Lyerly Patricia Lynch Laura Anne Lyon Margaret McCabe Bonnie McCloy Evelyn McKinney Anne McKnight Mary McLean One Hundred Thirty-two 1942 1892 FRESHMEN Top Row Thelma McMurry Martitia McNairy Marian McPherson Hennette Manget Dorothy Mann Betty Lou Manuel Claire Martin Virginia Mae Martin Mary Mashburn Hilda Matrox Mary Elizabeth Moore Jean Ann More Elizabeth Morris Wilma Morrison Evelyn Motley Edith Moton Margaret Mullen Nancy Murphy Jane Lea Murray Jean Mustaine Jeanne Nowell Dorothy Oates Peggy O ' Connell Wanda O ' Daniel Jane Oliver Mary Owen Norma Page Lucille Palmer Dorothy May Parker Laura Parker Alice Betty Mauney Clyde Myers Sixth Row Mary Grace Maus Kitty Ward Maxwell Sara Medford Dorothy Meekins Joyce Miller Roselyn Miller Valera Miller Betsy Modlin Eleanor Molen Wilma Joyce Moody Madeline Myers Billie May New Rachel Newbern Jeanne Newbold Arlene Newell Susie Newman Martha Nichols Sara Lee Nichols Virginia May Niven Ella Mae Norman Ruth Parker Jane Partridge Jean Partridge Thelma Payseur Elizabeth Pearce Jean Pegram Dorothy Perry Barbara Pettit Helen Phillips Martha Pinner Carolyn Moore Brevard Northrup Margaret Plonk One Hundred Thirty-three FRESHMEN Top Row Betty Poe Martha Jane Pohl Josephine Pope Margaret Potts Elaine Powell Sophia Powell Vivian Powell Marv Louise Price Shirley Pridgen Bella Prince Elizabeth Reynolds Vernona Rhue Margaret Riddle Caroline Riden Elaine Rierson Lugean Riley Lois Risley Caryl Roone Margaret Robbms Jean Roberts Bertha Schwab Frances Scott Sarah Glenn Scruggs Martha Setzer Mary Anno Sharpe Dorothy Shealy Inez Shermer Betty Shernll Martha Lee Shernll Sarah Sherrill Janice Pritchard Christine Rogers Bette Purvis Foy Pushkin Musa Queensbury Margarete Rahn Elizabeth Randall Lillian Raper Sara Sloan Roy Ruth P . AliseReid Laurene Renfrow Patricia Rothrock Lu Ellen Routh Ruth Royol Avis Russell Maryemma Ryan Pnscilla Sanders Mary Glenn Sanford Mary Satterf leld Hope Schilletter Jean Schnepfe Betty Simmons Elaine Simpson Katherine Simpson Annie Louise Sinclair Betty Lou Sloan Jean Sloan Nelle Cooke Sloan Adelle May Smith Mary Jean Smith Sarah Smith Edythe Reynolds Evelyn Scholtes Sara Smithson One Hundred Thirty-four 1942 1892 FRESHMEN Top Row Madge Snow Marjone Snowden Myrtle Soles Virginia Sollee Lillian Somers Imogene Sorrell Emma Southerland Pattie Sue Southerland Janet Spain Virginia Spear Mae Elizabeth Stryon Sadie Suggs Barbara Sutlive Mary Frances Sutton Mary Katherine Swain Margarette Swindell Ruth Talley Margaret Tate Eleanor Dare Taylor Marguerite Taylor Hinda Troutman Rebecca Turner Patricia Turton Carol Van Sickle Helen Van Sickle Margaret Van Sleen Marguerite Van Wagner Celia Varner Peggy Voss Gladys Wager Joy Spratt Peggy Teague Gloria Wogner Joan Spring Adelia Spry Peggy Stanton Margaret Stauber Celeste Steagall Elma Stearns Cora Belle Stegall Nell Stephens Phyllis Strickland Doris Stryker CohneThies Mildred Thomas Coretta Thompson Mary Katherine Thompson Sarah Thorne Ruth Thornton Nancy Tillett Betty Hughes Tilley Celmda Tilley Maria Tillotson Marguerite Waldenmoier Bernice Walker Mildred Walker Dorothy Walton Esther Warren June Watrous Arlene Webb Joan Weil Janet Welsted Maud Wenkenbech Lucy Stubbs Kay Tolhurst Ernestine West One Hundred Thirty-fire FRESHMEN Top Row Jane Wharton Margaret Wheeler Cora White Hozel . ' Kathleen White Arleen Whitener Sara Jane Whitmire Eloise Whitson Kathleen Wicker Beatrice Wilcox Sally Wilcox Grace Wilkins Eleanor Williams Janis Williams Lucy Williams RuthWilhard Evelyn Willis Catherine Wilson Ella Gray Wilson Frances Winslow Elizabeth Winston 3illie Ann Witherspoon Eleanor Wolfe Louise Wood Ruth Evelyn Woodall Mory Ruth Woodard Cornelia Woodlief Gwen Wynn Jeanne Yarrow Margaret Yates Eleanor Winstead Nancy Yokeley ft ft ft FRESHMEN WHDSE PICTURES DD NOT APPEAR Mary Apperson i Barber Rachel Baxter Ellwee Bourne Morgoret Ann Brown Marilyn Caldwell Elizabeth Cross Frances Crowell Corolyn Daniels Jane Ferris Frances Gabriel Dora Gardner Anne Gillespie Olive Hall Nancy Lewis Harris Frances Hodgin Lorena Holden Betty Hudson Helen Jones Louise Jones Jean Jorgensen Mozelle Keller Janice Lee Eugenia Long Peggy McConnell Helen McDuffie Claudia McMillan Sara May Martin Diana Neff Dianne Page Hope Pate Eleanor Rankin Mildred Richardson Helen Roycroft Judith Rulnick Elva Shuford Gail Tennent Jeanette Tilly Doris Underwood Virginia Webb Gladys West Rebecca West Louise Wilkins Kathryn Yandell One Hundred Thirty-six 1942 FRESHMAN COMMISSION 1942 First Row: CAMILLA GRIFFIN, MARTHA POHL, JEAN HOLMES, DOROTHY GILMORE Second Row: HOPE SCHILLETTER, HELEN PHILLIPS, WOODY HEWITT, CAROLYN HARWARD, JEAN JOHNSON, MARGUERITE LAING One Hundred Thh ty-seven KATHLEEN SKIPPER, MAPJORIE BOWERS, JESSIE LEE BENNETT, ANN SOUTHERLAND COMMERCIAL CLASS JESSIE LEE BENNETT President MAPJORIE BOWERS Vice-President KATHLEEN SKIPPER Secretary ANN SOUTHERLAND Treasurer The Commercial Department of Woman ' s College began with the founding of the college in 1892. Only four courses of study were offered to the commercial students when the department was first organized. The course in this department has developed along with the rest of the school, and there is now a special dormitory for the students who are taking this course. In con- trast to the first commercial class, which was made up of only five students, the present commercial class has over a hundred students enrolled in it. One Hundred Thirty-eight Today, as in previous war times, the department is lending its services to the government by adding extra courses to meet the large demands of the government for secretaries. One of its chief contributions to this timely cause was the presentation of a defense bond to the school. Accuracy, efficiency, and cooperation have been the standards of the commercial classes throughout the history of Woman ' s College. 1942 1892 COMMERCIAL CLASS Bottom Row— (Left to Right) FRANCES ALEXANDER JANE BARBEE HILDA MAE BARBOUR RUTH BARBOUR BESSIE BARNHARDT LOUISE BAXTER Second Row FRANCES BEAVER EVELYN BECK LUCILE BEDDINGFIELD ELIZABETH M. BENNETT JESSIE LEE BENNETT IRMA RAE BOBBITT Third Row MARJORIE BOWERS MARGARET BRUMMITT MARIE BURGWIN MARGARET BYRD SARA CATHERINE BYRUM ANNE CHRISMON MARY ATHELENE CLAPP ELEANOR S. COOPER Otic Hundred Thirty-nine COMMERCIAL CLASS Bottom Row— (Left to Right ) KATHRYN CUNNINGHAM IRENE CURRENT ELIZABETH DeLANCY EARLEEN DRIGGERS MARGUERITE ENGLISH MILDRED FALLS EVA FAW Second Row SARAH FERGUSON MAR I LYNN FLOYD BETTY SUE FRAZIER INEZ GASKINS MARGARET ANN GORE LILLIAN GRAHAM FRANCES ANN GWYN Third Row HELEN HALL REBECCA HAMBY LAURA KATHERINE HARRELSON ANN HARDING MARIA HARRIS DELORES HINTON ELAINE HIRLEMAN MARY LUCILLE HOCUTT 1942 Out Hundred ! ' ■■ •■; 1S92 COMMERCIAL CLASS Bottom Row— (Left to Right) ULDENE HODGIN HELEN HOWARD ANNIE SUE HOYLE MILDRED HUGGINS MARGARET JARMAN MEMORY JOHNSON Second Row BETTY JOYCE JONES CATHERINE KELLY MARIANNA KENDALL BETTYE KENNEDY FLOSSIE KENNEDY BLANCHE KINCAID Third Row ANITA KOONCE MOLLIE KRAMER KATHERINE LITHGO BETTIE LOUISE LONDON MARY JON LONG WILLA McARTHUR MARGARET McCACHREN One Hundred Forty-one BIDLDGY DR. JOHN P GIVLER- Head of Biology Deportment JOSEPHINE STE President of Botany Club The work of this department goes back to the founding of the college when Miss Dixie Lee Bryant, now residing in Asheville, gave instruction in this subject She was succeeded by Dr T, Gilbert Pearson who has long been eminent as an ornithologist and as president of the National Audubon Societies. In 1905, a new impetus was given this work in the coming of Dr. Eugene Willis Gudger who soon estab- lished excellent courses, teaching first in the " Main " Building and then in the newly-erected Mclver Building. During his fifteen years of work here, Dr Gudger developed high reputation as a teacher and also published many papers in the study of fishes, in which field he is now eminent. With the World War over, the department shared in the large plans for the College envisioned by Presi- dent Emeritus Foust. In the fall of 1920, Professor John Paul Givler became head of the department which, with greatly enlarged College enrollment, soon developed along several coordinate lines. On the plan of departmental divisions, instruction was provided in General Biology, and also in the special fields of Botany, Zoology, Physiology, and Bacteriology. Three student clubs — The Botany Club, The Zoology Field Club, and The Medical Technologist ' s Club are now in octive operation. The department has a seaside laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina, where summer courses in marine zoology are given by Dr Archie D Shaftesbury. From these many years of effort, by teachers in diverse fields, the broadly cultural influence of biological science has been extended to some thousands of students. Likewise, professionally, a sizable group of well- trained women scientists — teachers, technicians, research-workers — has been produced by this department of Alma Mater THE BOTANY CLUB One Hundred F 1942 1892 HOME ECDNDMICS When the Home Economics Deportment had its beginning with the founding of the State Normal and Industrial School in 1892, every student was required to take Home Economics. This department was located in one room in the Administration building when it was first organized. There was very little equipment and this was quite inadequate. When Student ' s Building was built in 1904, the Home Economics Deportment was moved into the basement of it. Miss Edith A. Mclntyre was the first head of the Home Economics Department, then called the Domestic Science Department. Miss Mclntyre was head of the department until Miss Minnie Jamison took charge of it in 1896. She remained head of the department until she was succeeded by Miss Blanche Shaffer. Miss Margaret Messenger Edwards became head of the department in 1932 and is the present head of the Home Economics Department. The present Home Economics Building was built in 1927 and contains classrooms, laboratories, nursery school rooms, and other rooms which are essential to a good Home Economics Department. In 1921, the first Home Management House of the Home Economics Department was built. It is furnished and equipped for the use of the Home Economics seniors who are supervised and directed in learning how to conduct the activities of a home. In 1941, the Home Economics Department had grown to such an extent that it was necessary to have an additional Home Management House so another house was furnished for t he purpose of training girls. When Home Economics wos first taught here, there were only o few things taught. Cutting and fitting, sewing, cooking, care of the sick, and general household economy were the only courses offered. These courses have expanded with the growth of the field until there ore now many courses making up the curricula of this department. Besides a large curricula, the department has three active student organizations. The Home Economics Club, the largest of these organizations had as its theme this year, " Home Eco- nomics for Security. " Each of the monthly club meetings is centered around this theme — what home economists can do for the protection and conservation and defense of the nation MISS MARGARET M EDWARDS Head of Home Economics Department SARAH WHITE President of Home Economics Club HOME ECONOMICS CLUB COUNCIL One Hundred forty-seven HOME ECDNQMICS Continued The purpose of the club is to arouse interest in this field, to develop an appreciation of homemaking, and to bring students together through social contacts The Home Economics Honor Society was established at Woman ' s College four years ago for the purpose of recog- nizing ond encouraging outstanding scholarship and leader- ship among the Home Economics students Membership in this society is the highest scholastic honor which can be given a Home Economics student at Woman ' s College. The goal of this society is to be granted membership in a national Home Economics honor organization It is the hope of this group that this membership will be granted during this Fiftieth Anniversary Year. The girls in the 4-H Club have been 4-H members since childhood and find it interesting to continue fun and development under the 4-H code in college. Their high- light of the year is the week-end of the Tri-State Col- legiate 4-H Club Conference at Camp Long, South Caro- lina, and there is the annual recreational meeting held at Woman ' s College of all the Collegiate 4-H Clubs in North Carolina The Home Economics Honor Society this year received membership as the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Omicron Nu, National Home Economics Honorary Sorority. Official in- stallation wos in May, 1942. THE HOME ECONOMICS HONOR SOCIETY THE 4-H CLUB HEALTH Organized at a time when most other colleges did not have such a service, the Health Department of the Womon ' s College of the University of North Carolina is indicative of the early pioneering spirit of our college. From the foundations laid by Dr Marian Bitting and Dr. Anna Gove and built upon by Dr. Ruth Collings has grown a department so large that it was necessary to create the present Hygiene division, as a separate department. T his department is ably directed by Dr. Victoria Carlsson and her colleagues, Miss Anne Shamburger and Miss Mildred Harris As landmarks of the progress of our Health Department stand the Administration Building, where our health service began in one small office; Little Guilford, our first College Infirmary, and the present Infirmary, the culmination of the campus health movement throughout fifty years. For the defense of our country, Woman ' s College has incorporated within its health service courses in first aid, child care, home nursing, and also open forum discussions on vital health problems. In its emphasis on prevention of disease through knowledge, the Health Department is preparing a future in which sound bodies and healthy minds will be more necessary than ever before. One Hundred forty-eight DR VICTORIA CARLSSON Head of Hygiene Department 1942 1892 m H J ART : EGORY D IVY Head of Art Department ALLENE ROSE President of Art Club The Art Department is one of the youngest and most active departments on the campus. There were a few courses in art when the college was founded, but the Art Department was not given a place of ony impor- tance, since art was considered to be an impractical subject Later there were courses in art appreciation, costume, and home furnishing under the Home Economics Department The present department owes its existence to the dreams and perseverance of Mrs. Elizabeth Mclver Weatherspoon, and to the fact that ninety per cent of the alumnae said, in answering a questionnaire sent out by the Dean of Administration, that they believed the greatest single need of the college was an Art Department It was established in 1935 with Mr. Gregory D. Ivy as its head and chief organizer. Mrs. Weatherspoon was transferred from the Education Department and Miss Peterson from the Home Economics Department Classes were held in the Music Building, Home Economics Building, and Curry. There were two people in the first graduating class in 1937; this yeur, 1942, there will be nineteen. In 1938, the summer course at Beaufort was first offered, and its enrollment has grown from fourteen to, twenty-six. Only very recently, in the fall of 1941, was the department moved to its present location in Mclver Build- ing There are now seven studios, a lecture room, o reference room, six offices, and the Weatherspoon Gal- lery, named in honor of Mrs. Elizabeth Weatherspoon, The faculty staff is now composed of eight members, each of whom is well-qualified in his special field. The curriculum includes courses in drawing, painting, cos- tume design, interior design, textile design, advertising, modelling, and sculpture, as well as art appreciation, art history, and art education. This is the only school in the state where a student may specialize in any phase of art work. Perhaps the most important achievement of the department has been its success in developing apprecia- tion of art by the general public. This has been accomplished by the frequent exhibitions in Weatherspoon Gallery. The department has also been influential in stimulating student art work throughout the state by means of the annual State School Art Exhibitions, to which work from any school in the state — first grade through college — is submitted, judged, and exhibited. These exhibitions were started in 1937. The Art Club was formed in 1937 by students and meets once a month. It has an enrollment of about thirty members, all of whom are Art majors. THE ART CLUB One Hundred Fiji) 1942 1892 CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION When the College was founded, it was taken for granted that Latin would play its part in the training of the young women of the day. Constantly through the years many of the best minds of each college gen- eration have sought to gain perspective upon their present problems by studying the Classics It is in this respect, perhaps, thct Latin and Greek have best contributed to the education of the college bred man and woman. In the pages of the Greek and Latin writers, the student sees the destiny of some person similar to himself worked out to the end; the mistakes or triumphs of character are here to be seen from their inception to the last ringing down of the curtain. Nations and cultures rise from their painful beginnings, march to their powerful destinies, ond then leave their lesson of good or evil for the student of today. In 1935, the department of Classics was reorganized and a full four-year major in Greek language and literature was added to the curriculum. Woman ' s College thus continued its efforts to maintain a high in- tellectual standard along with the best institutions in the country. Three years later, in 1938, the Classical Club was founded. This Club is made up of students who have made marks of B, or better, in Greek or Latin. Since membership is distinctly honorary and in no sense compulsory, the Club has enjoyed a degree of suc- cess rare among student clubs. In its monthly meetings, the students themselves present papers on some topic relating to classical literature. The study of the Greek and Latin civilizations should play a tremendously important role in the present time of defense. Since the world is entering another period of chaotic morality and questionable culture, it needs the stabilizing influence of lessons from the post. And if woman is to play the most important role she has ever played in the history of civilization, the holding to a high cultural and moral standard, she must be educated in terms of the past as well as of the present. THE CLASSICAL CLUB DR CHARLTON C. JERNIGAN Head of Classical Civilization Department FRANCES BISSELL President of Classical Club One Hundred Fifty-one ENGLISH DR, WINFIELD ROGERS Head of English Department ELEANOR PEARCE President of Speakers Club With the opening of the college in the fall of 1892, Dr. Edwin Alderman was head of the department of English for that school year, leaving to become president of the Uni- versity of North Carolina. Succeeding him and directing the department until 1901 was Dr. James Yadkin Joyner; and following Dr. Joyner, Dr. W. C. Smith directed the policies until his retirement in June, 1940. During these first fifty years of the college, the curriculum in the English depart- ment has expanded so that there have been special studies in every period of English litera- ture. In the early years no American literature or creative writing was taught, however, and it was not until the arrival of Mr A C Hall in 1916 that these courses were intro- duced into the curriculum. Mr. Hall was chairman of the debating club, which later became known as Speakers Club, and of the creative writing club, which now is designated the Quill Club. It was out of his short story class that the idea of a college paper was con- ceived, and as a result the CAROLINIAN was born. With the retirement of Dr. Smith as head in 1940, an administrative committee com- posed of Dr. L. B. Hurley, Miss Jane Summerell, and Mr. George Wilson directed the department for the year 1940-41 . A new head of the department was ushered in with the fiftieth anniversary year. Dr. Winfield Rogers, formerly at Western Reserve University, has brought with him revolutionary ideas, and, with the help of other members of the English department, has worked out a program which will change the previous concept of the purpose of teaching English and English and American literature. Since Dr. Rogers ' arrival, the courses within the department have been more closely correlated, and sequences have been arranged so that a student can major in English with special emphasis upon any one of the following: English literature, American literature and civilization, writ- ing and language, or drama and the theatre. Of course, there are basic requirements for an English major in the curriculum; however, it is arranged so that a student can follow her own inclination in any one of these directions. In order to enrich a student ' s work in English, less time has been devoted to literary history and more emphasis, all through from sophomore English particularly to the end of THE SPEAKERS CLUB One Hundred Fijly-tu o 1942 1892 i HE QUILL CLUB RUTH HEFFNER President of Quill Club the senior work, has been given to the study of the literature itself and of its cultural and thought values. During 1941-42, the idea of the course which leads directly to the comprehensive examination in English, has been greatly modified to serve more specifically the purposes of the comprehensive exami- nation This course is not, therefore, mainly another in English, but is a course designed to round out an English major ' s studies in the field of English and American literature. Another new policy which will be initiated next year is that every member of the English department will teach a section of freshmen. The size of the classes will be reduced not only in fresh- man but also in sophomore English in order that better results will be produced. In particular courses, such as sophomore English, the survey idea will be replaced by studies of some fifteen authors dur- ing the entire year with greater emphasis on the student ' s actual interpretation and with more oral and written self-expression on the part of the student. Thus the English department moves forward in the spirit of progress that has always typified Woman ' s College. DR ROGERS LEADING AN ENGLISH FORUM One Hundred Fijty-tbree DR. W. S BARNEY Head of Romance Language Department MARIE MYERS President of French Club ROMANCE LANGUAGES The Department of Romance Languages at Woman ' s College really started with the institution in the form of a three-year course in French described in the first catalog as part of the offerings of the Department of Ancient and Modern Languages, for many years under the guidance of Miss Viola Boddie. In 1894, French became a four-year course for those choosing it as their foreign language. In 1898, apparently under the influence of the Spanish-American War, a three-year Spanish course was adopted, to be dropped from the catalog after seven years. In 1915, Spanish reappeared as a one-year course offered to juniors and seniors. Italian was first offered in 1920. Aside from its general cultural value it is required of voice students. The French Club as now constituted was organized in 1920 in order to give students of the language greater opportunity to hear and practice spoken French and to become acquainted with the manners and customs of the French people through songs, games, plays, and talks in French. The Spanish Club was founded along somewhat similar lines in 1922. On December 11, 1941, it was admitted as a chapter of the National Spanish honor society of Sigma Delta Pi. Sometimes these clubs have entertained natives of the respective countries. From time to time students from these countries become members and add much to the interest of the programs. World figures, such as Andre Maurois, famous French novelist and critic of English literature, and Salvador de Madariaga of Spain, former secretary of the League of Nations, have addressed the French or Spanish Club and been entertained by the members. As the years have passed, the courses in romance literatures have expanded, con- versation has received special attention, and aims and emphasis have been readjusted according to the growth of the College, the preparation and needs of the students, and changes in the fields of usefulness. The majority of these would fall under literary, con- versational and pedagogical classification. At present there are thirteen faculty members in the department, three of whom also fill other college positions. Most of the history THE FRENCH CLUB 1942 One Hundred Fifly-four 1892 SIGMA DELTA PI JOAN FLANAGAN President of Sigma Delta Pi of the Department lies in the administration of three heads: Miss Viola Boddie to about 1900; Miss Linda Teague Hill, 1 908-191 8; Dr, W. S. Barney, 1919 to the present. The Department outside of its regular college work of helping to prepare teachers, scholars, and informed citizens has been active in educational associations and has been influential in founding State Modern Language Associations, now a section of the North Carolina Education Association, and one of the few associations to be affiliated with the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers. The South Atlantic Modern Language Association also was promoted from this Department. During the last few years the French Service Bureau sponsored by the State chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French has been operated by the Department for the benefit of the French teachers of the state particularly, but also available to others. Woman ' s College is fortunate in having several foreign students enrolled this year. Pictured at the left are: Esta Leonard from the West Indies, Marguerite Van Wagner from the Canal Zone, Anna Marie Lehndorff from Austria, Lisa Brandt from Germany, Fifi Heyn from Peurto Rico, Lola Zurita from Equador, Evelyn Hansen from Puerto Rico, Elizabeth Irvin from the Canal Zone, and Toni Portes from Uruguay. A GROUP OF FOREIGN STUDENTS One Hundred Fifty-five DEAN HUGH ALTVATER Head of Music Department music teachers in the state necessi- tated more extensive training in this field. Consequently, in 1908, it was decided to offer courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music. The department broadened, but it was without a home — practice rooms and studios were scattered all over the campus. The need of a building to house the department was ever increasing, and fervent at- tempts were made to obtain it. Finally, this building was granted and in the summer of 1925 the exist- ing music building was completed. Since that time, the school of music has grown rapidly and today it is one of the outstanding departments of the College. To Dean Wade R. Brown, who was head of the depart- ment until 1936, is due considerable amount of praise and credit for its progress. Since 1936, Dean Hugh Altvater has carried on the duties of the office and the department embraces twelve other members. Contributing to this progress have One Hundred Fifty-six MUSIC DEPARTMENT When the college was established, courses in Music were taught mainly as assets to other courses which led to degrees. However, the growing need for PI KAPPA LAMBDA THE GREENSBORO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 1942 1892 been the various music organizations which have be- come quite active and more definite as to purpose during the last few years. One of the first clubs formed was the Phenoix Club. It was the only singing organization on the campus made up of students. Each year the group THE YOUNG COMPOSERS ' CLUB BILLIE WALL President of Glee Club and Young Composers ' Club presented a program for the public. Then, in 1927, the name was chang- ed to Madrigal Club, and, in 1941, to Music Education Club It is now made up of students majoring or minoring in music education and its purposes are to stimulate profes- sional interest in music education among those majoring in the field, provide an opportunity for better understanding among its members, and to promote the love of music among the students of the college and community at large. In 1936 Dean Altvater, having realized the need of an organized group of wind players on campus, called Mr. Herbert Hazelman in for part time in forming a band. In 1937, Mr. George Henry took over the band with sixteen members who gave their first performance in the spring of that year. Since that time, the band has grown to a membership One Hundred Fifty-seven MR. GEORGE THOMPSON Director of Choir of sixty, playing for gym week, Sports ' Day, Greater University Day, and other important occasions. The Glee Club was organized in 1937 with twenty-five voice majors and Mr. Paul Oncley as director. The club now has thirty-six members and it serves as a laboratory for the voice department where experiments to develop musicianship are carried on as a benefit to its members. Formed in 1937 as an ambitious group of string players, the Greensboro orchestra has advanced steadily with the addition of woodwind and bass choirs to a full orchestra of sixty-three players, the majority being drawn from the college and the city schools. Under the direction of Dean Altvater, this orga- nization gives public concerts each year and plays for many activities. On April 30, 1940, Dean Frederick B. Stiven of the University of Illinois presented during chapel exercises a charter for a chapter of the national music fraternity, Pi Kappa Lambda. At the installation in the Alumni House, five faculty members and twenty former students were taken in. Dean Wade R Brown was made an honorary member of the fraternity. One of the most progressive organizations in music is the Young Com- posers ' Club which was formed in 1940. Its purposes are to stimulate an in- KbsSsmuE NANCY KING President of Choir -L JLS t - - - ' One Hundred Fifty-eight 1942 1892 THE MUSIC EDUCATION CLUB EMMA MAE BYERLY President of Music Education Club terest in and to promote an understanding of contempo- rary music, to correspond with young composers of other colleges, to keep a library of approved compositions by student and alumnae composers, to foster compositions of North Carolina composers, and to offer the services of the club in the writing of music for any campus ac- tivity. Membership is judged on the basis of compositions and is open to Juniors and Seniors of the Music Depart- ment, whose compositions pass. Each year the club tries to bring to the campus some well-known composer. MILDRED SIMMONS President of Band One Hundred Fifty-nine GERMAN MISS CAROLINE B. SCHOCH Head of German Department The Department of German is as old as our college. During the year 1892-1893, Miss Gertrude Mendenhall taught German as well as Mathematics. From 1893-1895, Mr. P. P. Claxton had charge of Pedagogy and German. In 1895, German be- came a separate de- partment under Miss Bertha M. Lee, a graduate of this college From 1913 to 1918, Miss Christine Reindken was the department head, and since the fall of 1918 Miss Caroline B. Schoch has had charge of the Department of German. Der Deutsche Verein has been, for the most part, " get-to-gethers " rather than an organized club. Programs of German music, commemorations of immortal persons, illustrated lectures and an annual unique " Weihnachtsfeier " form the basis of these gatherings GROUP OF STUDENTS LEARNING GERMAN SONGS PHILDSDPHY The philosophy department of Woman ' s College came into exist- ence in 1935. Philosophy was taught for the first four years by Dr Kurt Rossinger, who was succeeded in 1939 by Dr. John A Clark. DR EDGAR FRANKLIN WELLS Head of Philosophy Department Philosophy is being taught by Dr E. F. Wells during Dr. Clark ' s year ' s leave of absence. The purpose of the philosophy department is to offer courses in which students may find help in their efforts to solve some of life ' s problems — such as those of religion and ethics, and to give students a chance to get acquainted with the philosophical geniuses who have offered solutions to these problems in their various contributions to the world ' s cultural heritage. AN INFORMAL PHILOSOPHY CLASS One Hundred Sixty 1942 1892 PHYSICAL SCIENCES 6- PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHYSICS Realizing the cultural and technical value of knowledge concerning rela- tionships in our physical world, Woman ' s College offered to its students a course in general physics as early as 1 894. Since that time, physics have be- come increasingly significant as the expanding body of knowledge acquired by physicists has influenced both man ' s outlook, through its implications for philosophy, and his standard of living, through its industrial application. In accordance with these two aspects of the subject, the physics department has introduced courses to enrich the curriculum of both the science and the non-science student, and offers direct services to the college. DR. CALVIN N. WARFIELD Head of Physics Department In addition to offering the work necessary for a major in physics, the following courses are regularly given: general physics for the non-science student; X-ray tech- nique for laboratory technicians and roentgenologists ' assistants; amateur photography and advanced photog- raphy which may lead to professional work; meteorology and experimental physics, both of which have direct bear- ing on the present defense effort. As direct service to the college proper, the Physics Department photographs all new students for the files of various offices, and operates an X-ray clinic for the college infirmary. It also contributes its services to the motion picture program which it was instrumental in establishing. Among its other activities is the Physics Club, composed of students of physics — past and present — which was organized in 1931. Formal organization of this group was dispensed with in 1941 and a seminar group was formed, which enlarges their own knowledge of physics through active program participation and ex- perimental practice. The Physics staff has as its own the motto of the college, " Service. " THE PHOTOGRAPHY LABORATORY THE X-RAY LABORATORY -) • One Hundred Sixty-two 1942 1892 MATHEMATICS The Mathematics department, too, is celebrating its fiftieth birthday along with the college. When the college opened its doors in 1892, there were but five departments exclusive of specialized fields, and mathematics was one of these. Miss Gertrude Mendenhall, a Quaker from Guilford county and a graduate of Wellesley College, was the first head of the department, and she remained in that capacity until her death in 1926. In those early days, mathematics was required in each of the four years. It had been the purpose of the department from the early days to the present to train its students in accurate and logical thinking, as well as to develop some skill in the science itself. It was in 1926 that the students organized a mathematics club, which then and now attempts to give to interested students an opportunity to ex- plore the many bypaths of the subject for which there is no time in the class- room and to promote good fellowship among its members. Although a number of the students specializing in mathematics have en- tered the teaching field and always will continue to do so, there are a goodly number to be found holding responsible positions in insurance companies, in banks, in various types of business offices, and with the federal government under Civil Service. The demand for young women trained in mathematics has grown tremendously since the outbreak of the war, and an increasing number of our graduates are to be found in this type of service to their country. THE SQUARE CIRCLE DR. HELEN BARTON Head of Mathemctics Department MARY LOU MACK IE President of Square Circle One Hundred Sixty-three MISS FLORENCE SCHAEFFER Head of Chemistry Department ANNE TURRENTINE President of Chemistry Club CHEMISTRY The seekers of scientific facts through chemistry had the opportunity to pursue three courses — general chemistry, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry — when the State Normal and Industrial School opened its doors for the first time in 1892. The head of the Science Department and its only instructor for that first crucial year was Dr. Dixie Lee Bryant. In the second year Miss Mary Petty augmented the staff and became head of the department; and that year marked the beginning of the Chemistry Department as a separate entity. Today the Chemistry Department of Woman ' s College offers thir- teen courses under the supervision of eight instructors. During its fifty years of progress and development the department has had three heads; the present head of the depart- ment is Miss Florence L. Schaeffer, who succeeded Miss Petty in 1934. Mclver building had been the center of activity for Chemistry lectures and labora- tories since its construction in 1908 until in 1939 the college obtained a long-needed science building. Located on College Avevnue, the three story Georgian structure is one of the most beautiful buildings on our campus. Built at an estimated cost of $300,000 of which $30,000 was for equipment, the building provides the necessary space and makes available the most modern equipment for the Science Department. The Chemistry De- partment occupies the entire third floor; and the well-equipped laboratories make this floor the chemist ' s paradise. The preceding weeks before the occupation of the building in 1939 saw equipment being transferred from its long residence in Mclver to its new home. Today no remnant of the Science Department in Mclver exists — within its walls exists, perhaps, only the memories of by-gone years. In order to give students the practical application of knowledge learned in their Chemistry courses the Chemistry Club was formed. Junior and senior majors and minors in Chemistry are automatically members of the club. Other members are freshmen and sophomores who average B or better in Chemistry. With Chemistry in the foreground today, the Chemistry Club has had the opportunity to discuss this year many vital prob- lems as they followed the topic of " Chemistry and Defense. " Among the subjects con- sidered were poison gases, rubber, and nylon. Social gatherings have their part in the THE CHEMISTRY CLUB One Hundred Sixty-four 1942 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST CLUB FRANCES HENRY President of Medical Technologists club ' s program also, and a Christmas party was one of the highlights of the year. In 1938 the Medical Technologists Club was formed to give all students of advanced bacteriology the opportunity to investigate recent developments in this service and to gain a background in medical terminology. These aims are accomplished through monthly dinner meetings to which prominent doctors from Greensboro and out of town are invited to speak, and through monthly meetings at which pertinent scientific articles are presented by the members. The club has also shown a movie this year explaining the new X-ray technique. Members of the club find that these meetings afford them the opportunity to attain valuable background in medical terminology which will aid them in professional conversation. SCENE IN A CHEMISTRY LABORATORY One Hundred Sixiy-five PHYSICAL EDUCATION In less than twenty years, gymnasium suits have changed from the ancient and honorable black serge, with its perpetually stuffy smell, to the crisp abbreviated white tennis frock adopted by the college for the freshmen in 1940. Physical Education has travelled far in these twenty years and the change in objectives and proce- dures is just as marked as the contrast between the gymnasium suits of 1920 and 1940. MISS MARY C. COLEMAN Head of Physical Education Department In the early years of the college, basketball, tennis, and hockey comprised the physical activity of the students. These games, with exercise classes in Spencer basement, were conducted in order to " keep the girls in good health. " There was no actual department of physical education until 1921 when Miss Mary Channing Coleman came to the campus. Starting almost from scratch, she began her long-to-be remembered efforts towards building the department. During that same year an outdoor gym was completed and by 1924 Rosenthal Gymnasium was erected with an adequate swimming pool. Since that time, the department has developed rapidly under the stimulating, never-slackening leadership of Miss Coleman and today it is one of the most recognized physical education depart- ments in the United States. The chart by which the course is steered is mapped out by current educational philosophy and by student interpretation of this philosophy. The curriculum offers team games for their group- relationship values, and for the training they give in executive techniques The student preferences are for golf, tennis, riding, swimming, and badminton, which are offered each semester. Social dancing, square dancing, and folk dancing are also popular with the students. The college is particularly proud of its work in the Modern Dance, as a creative art, and as a form of art appreciation. Students in this phase of the department work closely with the departments of Music and Art. The professional course for train ng teachers of Physical Edu- cation continues to hold its high standards. Its background of sciences and of liberal arts and its emphasis on professional ethics are recognized in the acceptance of graduates from this college by college faculties. Twenty per cent of the 1941 Physical Educa- tion graduates went into college teaching positions. One Hundred Sixty-six Jj H ECONOMICS For twenty-five years after the college was founded there was no recognition of Economics as a separate study. A little economics probably crept into discussions in History, in English, and perchance in the Sciences, but no formal course in the subject was offered. During the second twenty-five years of the life of the college, Economics has steadily moved ahead. At first a single course in Elementary Economics was offered by the department of History, Later a separate department of Sociology and Economics was created. Still later, Economics was separated from Sociology and DR ALBERT S KEISTER Head of Economics Deportment became an independent department. This life history has been par- alleled in many colleges throughout America. As the importance of economic problems in the nations and in the world has been recognized, the study of Economics has come to the front. In a woman ' s college Economics is generally not a popular field of study. It sounds hard Inquiry reveals that it deals with business, with corporations, with money, and with other things traditionally associated with man ' s world. Young women tend to shy away from these " practical " matters. That attitude is changing, however. Since women are nowadays expected to earn their own living in the " practical " world for a few years at least, they are taking a greater interest in preparing for such a career. They are finding Economics a helpful study in preparation for their life ' s work. Added to this somewhat selfish reason for studying economics, there has been a growing recognition that the crises and problems vexing modern civilization are largely, though by no means entirely, eco- nomic in their fundamental nature. Women are realizing there- fore, that intelligent citizenship demands some acquaintance with economics. Consequently, the past decade has shown evidence of a steadily growing interest among young women in this field of learning. It is unlikely that the events of December 7, 1942 at Pearl Harbor will change the direction of this trend of interest. On the contrary, those events may be expected to quicken women ' s, as well as others ' , interest in economics. The department of Economics does not believe it desirable, and so has not initiated any courses designed especially to prepare stu- dents for war work in this field. However, as a stimulus to interest in national economic problems, the Department will conduct two of the student Service League Forums. The first of these deals with " Inter - American Economic Relationships " and the second with " Inflation. " The Forums are planned with an eye to students whose regular college courses lie outside the field of economics. THE ECONOMICS COMPREHENSIVE CLASS ►■sr-M AN ACCOUNTING LABORATORY One Hundred Si) EDUCATION The history of the Department of Pedagogy, later changed to the Department of Educa- tion, parallels the history of the college itself, the first head of the department being no less a person than the first president, Dr. Charles Duncan Mclver. He was followed in 1893 by Dr. P. P. Claxton, who later became better known as United States Commissioner of Edu- cation. From 1902 to 1906 the catalogues list Julius I. Foust as head of the Department of Pedagogy and dean of the college. When Dr. Foust became president in 1906, he was suc- ceeded by J, A. Matheson, who became dean of the college. A new degree, Bachelor of Peda- gogy, was offered to majors in education. Following Mr Matheson from 1913-1917 were Dr Charles H. Elliott and Dr. John A. Lesh In 1918 Dr. John H. Cook became the new head, and under Dr. Cook there was rapid growth and expansion. Soon the catalogue listed Dr. Cook as Dean of the School of Education and Director of the Summer Session. This statement appears in the catalogue of 1918-1919: " Professional courses are offered to prepare specifically for the following positions: high school teachers, high school principals, primary, intermediate and grammar grade teachers and su- pervisors, principals of graded and consolidated schools, rural teachers and supervisors. " The master ' s degree was conferred upon a few. When the college became a part of the University of North Carolina, the School of Edu- cation was changed to a Department of Education giving the professional courses required for certification of elementary and high school teachers of North Carolina. Upon the death of Dr. Cook in 1941, Dr. Franklin H. McNutt became head of the Depart- ment of Education of this college, with the further title of Associate Dean of the Graduate School of the University of North Carolina. The Fiftieth Anniversary catalogue will record the fact that in addition to the preparation of high school and elementary teachers on the undergraduate level, a major in elementary education on the graduate level has been allo- cated to the Woman ' s College. In connection with this department there is an Education Club, which was organized October 10, 1921, by Dr. Cook. He and the other members of the Education faculty felt it would be beneficial for the largest group in college with a mutual interest to form a club The club, composed of seniors doing student teaching and the Education faculty, has for its aims the fostering of interest and pride in teaching as a profession, becoming acquainted with educational problems and conditions in North Carolina, and the enjoyment of social occasions among students, faculty, and leaders of the state. DR. FRANKLIN H. McNUTT Head of Education Department NELL TUCKER President of Education Club One Hundred Sixty-nine HISTORY DR. BENJAMIN B. KENDRICK Head of History Department HAL MARCH President of American History Club Although the Woman ' s College has a history extending over a period of fifty years, " History " as a department is not very old. From 1892 to 1909, a little history was taught as a side-line in the Department of English. Also in the Department of Education, courses in the history of Education were offered. Then, in 1909, Walter Clinton Jackson, now Dean of Administration, was brought to the college as Professor of History and made chairman of a distinct history department. From that time on, the new department grew rapidly, both in numbers of students and teachers, and in broadening the scope of its activities. In 1913, Miss Harriet Elliott, now Dean of Students, was employed as Professor of History and Politi- cal Science. From the beginning her principal interest was in the latter field, and in a short while she was devoting all her time to courses in Government. During the decade of 1913-1923, Dr. Jackson also added to the department courses in economics and sociology to such an extent that eventually the Department of Social Science became a reality. As such, this continued until 1935 when Economics and Sociology were made into separate departments under the able direction of Professors Keister and Johnson, respec- tively. Meanwhile Dr. Kendrick, who had come to the college from Columbia University in 1923 as Professor of History, had been made Chairman of the Department of History and Political Science, when Dr Jackson went to Chapel Hill as Dean of the School of Public Administration. At present the faculty of the Department of History consists of thirteen members of whom three devote part of their time to the performance of other functions. THE AMERICAN HISTORY CLUB One Hundred Seventy THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB HISTORY- Continued BEATRICE DARDEN President of International Relations Club The International Relations Club is closely affiliated with the Department, Miss Magnhilde Gullander being its faculty adviser. There is also an American History Club which meets informally for the discussion of topics of special interest to students of American History. Each year about fifteen students major in History and Political Science. Usually a majority of these are preparing to teach in high schools, but some are preparing themselves for professional careers in law, library science, journalism, or graduate work in history. The Department of History and Political Science, in collaboration with the departments of Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, and Sociology, has sponsored a special volume of essays as its part in the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration. Five of the twelve essays in the volume have been written by members of the Department, while Miss Vera Largent has served as editor. THE COLLEGE SERVICE LEAGUE The College Service League was organized the first of January as a step toward preparedness but has undergone many revisions and will continue to do so to meet the needs of the students on this campus both during and after this crisis. The program of the League is directed by Miss Louise Alexander, faculty head, and Alice Arey, student head, and has been divided in two main lines of activity: Services, which involve preparation in first aid, home nursing, child-care, canteen-training, knitting, nutrition, play production, and the study of the Morse code; Mental or Moral work, which serves to inform people through forums that may be specifically about the war or maybe on marriage rates, national legislation, inflation, taxation, or the influence of war shown in English writings. In addition, students have been asked to pledge themselves to a daily routine for building strong bodies, conserving electricity, paper, and necessary consumer products. THE COLLEGE SERVICE LEAGUE One Hundred Seventy-one DR. J. A HIGHSMITH Head of Psychology Department PSYCHDLDGY The history of the Psychology department dates back to the founding of the college Elementary psychology, the only course offered for the first twenty-five years, was given, until 1924, in conjunction with the department of education In 1918, General, Educational, and Child Psychology, all taught by one person, made up the work in psychology. Because of increased enrollment and increased demand, the present department of Psychology was or- ganized in 1924. Courses for the general student as well as for prospective teacher s were introduced, and, in 1927, provisions were TESTS IN THE PSYCHOLOGY LABORATORY made for students to major in psychology. Courses in psychology came to be reauired of students who were preparing to teach in the various branches offered in the college. In 1925, all introductory courses in this department were set up on a laboratory basis. Some years later, in 1936, these courses were added to the list of Science courses offered for meeting the science requirements in Sophomore year Well-equipped laboratories in mental testing and Child Psy- chology have been developed during the last twenty-two years. The Child Psychology laboratory, housed in Curry building, marked a distinct advance in the study of child psychology in that the whole program is based upon the first hand observation of the child in the laboratory rather than around a book about the child. During the development of psychology in the college, contribu- tions to the education of teachers has continued to be the major function of the department. Three-fourths of the time, perhaps, of its seven staff members is devoted to work related directly or in- directly to the preparation of teachers. In recent years, however, an important part of the work has been devoted to giving an under- graduate course in psychology to students who will go into fields other than those of public schools. Many of these students have worked in the field of child development. Some have gone into clinical psychology, others into industrial personnel work, and some have entered the fields of social service and religion. One Hundred Seventy-tu o 1892 SDCIDLDGY Sociology courses at Woman ' s College were originally taught as part of the social sciences by those teachers who also taught history, economics, and related subjects. Mr, Edward Lindemann was the first member of the faculty to teach only Sociology In 1923, he resigned and Mr. Glenn Johnson, the present head of the sociology department, came to Woman ' s College. Not long afterwards, the economics, sociology, and history and political science groups separated into their own departments. Miss Ada Davis, who later became Mrs Julius I. Foust, |Oined the faculty. Others followed her until now Miss Mereb Mossman, Miss Lyda Gordon Shivers, Miss Lettie Hamlet, and Mr Glenn Johnson compose the faculty of the Sociology Department. This department does not offer professional courses but rather attempts to give its stu- dents the necessary background for social work or for further work in sociology It tries to impart to its students a knowledge of the nature of society and of the relationship of the subjects they study to the whole of life. Several years ago the Alpha chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the national honorary soci- ology fraternity, invited some of the faculty members of Woman ' s College to become mem- bers of the chapter at the University of North Carolina. Since that time, honor major stu- dents have been elected to Alpha Kappa Delta membership. The Sociology club grew out of an association of students from several departments who had formed a race study group. Since this group was composed predominantly of sociology majors, it was natural that it should become a sociology club. With changing students in the passage of years, the interests of the club have changed to social problems and social work. THE SOCIOLOGY CLUB MR GLENN R. JOHNSON Head of Sociology Department DOROTHY McDUFFIE President of Sociology Club One Hundred Seventy-three DR McKEE FISK Head of Business Education and Secretarial Administration Department MILDRED CHRONI5TER President of Gamma Alpha Club BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATION At the January, 1932 meeting of the Faculty Council of the Woman ' s College it was decided to offer training leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce. At this time there was not a single institute of higher learning in the state which provided training in this field. Mr. B. Frank Kyker was employed to direct the work of the new department. He remained the Head of this department until the second semester of the term 1937-1938, when Dr. Keister was then appointed Acting Head. He served in this capacity for two years. He is still Head of the Department of Economics Dr. McKee Fisk, Stillwater, Oklahoma, became the Head of the Department in 1940. Miss Patty Spruill, who was teaching business subjects in the one-year Commercial De- partment at the College, was appointed to teach shorthand and typing in the new depart- ments and then was transferred to the new department for full time work. To avoid any duplication with the Greater University the name of the degree was changed from Bachelor of Science in Commerce to that of Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Adminis- tration. The number of students enrolled in the Secretarial Science Department in 1932 was a total of 40. This department has grown until this year the enrollment is 302. The personnel in this department has grown from two, Mr. B, Frank Kyker and Miss Patty Spruill, to that of eleven who work in the department. The curriculum leading to the degree is designed to give a broad foundation on which is built specialized training to prepare those who desire to enter business. Two options are provided — one leading to positions as secretaries and general office clerks in the business world and the other to teaching business subjects in secondary schools. Gamma Alpha Club was formed in 1940 for Junior and Senior BSSA maiors with Mrs Adele Lowrance as the adviser The club has a membership of 180 now with Mr James Craw- ford as adviser One Hundred Seventy-four 194: [892 COMMERCIAL The Commercial Department was organized in 1892. The courses offered consisted of shorthand, typewriting, bookkeeping, commercial law, and telegraphy. The program covered a two-year period until telegraphy was dropped from the curriculum about 1895. Mr E J. Forney, Treasurer Emeritus of the college, directed the department from the time of organi- zation until his retirement from active teaching service in 1935. The department was reor- ganized in 1935 under the direction of Mr. George M. Joyce, who continues to direct the work in the department, assisted by four full-time instructors. The one-year commerc ' al course emphasizes the stenographic subjects. Students are carefully selected and must pass rigid theory and performance tests before receiving a certificate. These students finish their course of study in about eight months. There is no definite time limit set because some of the girls advance more rapidly than others. The first com- mercial class o f Woman ' s College stated that their object was not to see how short a time a student could go through in the department, but to see how efficiently she could be pre- pared for a business career. This spirit represents the attitude of the 4500 graduates of the department throughout the history of Woman ' s College. The large typing room in the Administration Building has been humming with even more activity than usual this year as students realize the growing need for efficient secre- taries in this war time emergency. Students, not enrolled in the commercial department, have come from all departments to learn typing and shorthand in order that they may do their part in this all out effort to become prepared for defense. MR GEORGE M. JOYCE Head of Commercial Department MACHINES LABORATORY One Hundred Seventy-five S D CIETIES In the spring of 1893 at the suggestion of Dr. Mclver, the question of literary socities was discussed. Immediate action was taken. Misses Alice Green and Mary Arrington were appointed to make an even division of students into two sections according to talent and ability. The two drew lots and the list which fell to Miss Arrington was known until a permanent name could be chosen as the Arrington Society, and later became the Adelphian Society; the other group was known as the Green Society, and later became the Cornelian Society. j tol L ELIZABETH SARGENT Lanier l l lar hat One Hundred Seventy-seven The function of these societies can best be explained by the article on the societies in one of the early college catalogues. It read: " After observing for several years the progress of those students who are members of the Societies and those who are not, the authorities of the college do not hesitate to say that it is a great mistake for a student not to become a member. Besides the literary work, they give to the students a training in self control and in the power to influence others, which the regular work of the college cannot give. " PRESIDENT: Lula Hmton OFFICERS CAROLINE WHITE, Corresponding Secretary BETTY DAHLIN, Inter-Society Representative JOSIE HARDING, Vice-President CYNTHIA GRIMSLEY, Treasurer FRANCES BRYANT, Recording Secretary One Hundred Seventy-eight SOCIETY The literary work of the societies was varied. They did practically anything and everything from studying poetry to debating. These inter-society debates created a great deal of excitement and interest. Each society elected its debaters, and the winning team was awarded a cup, which was passed back and forth between the winners every year. All public entertainments were given under the auspices of the two societies. Before the Dramatic Club was organized, each society presented plays. Aside from these activities, they also contributed to the Students ' Fund to aid with the building of Student ' s Building where society halls would be located; they also gave money to the MARSHALS ANNATOMLINSON SUSAN WHITFIELD DOROTHY FURR NOVELLA POPE ELAINE FATER CARLYN FRANK OCTAVIA MUELLER BEATRICE GOLDMAN One Hundred Seventy-nine PRESIDENT: Mory Gordon Breeder) OFFICERS MOLLIE BOWIE, Treasurer JEAN SMITH, Vice-President AMY JOSLYN, Recording Secretary MARJORIE BRYANT, Inter-Society Representative JEAN BOOTH, Corresponding Secretary OwUtAeuim library for books, and each had a fellowship fund with which they paid the tuition of one of their members who otherwise would not have been able to continue college. Society meetings were held semi-monthly. According to the PINE NEEDLES of 1902: " Lack of time has therefore kept the work of the societies from being entirely satisfactory. Half of the meetings are of necessity held in recitation rooms which, although tastefully decorated for each occasion, are much too small to allow for the execution of a very effective literary One Hundred Eighty SOCIETY program. " Officers were elected for one semester only. There was an entirely different set of officers for the fall and spring terms. By 1917, with the increased college enrollment, it became evident to the authorities and students that the Cornelian and Adelphian societies were too small to hold all the students satisfactorily. Furthermore, the number of stu- dents was so great that the societies found it impossible to furnish adequate means for the broadening and further development of students ' minds. As a solution for this situation, the present Dikean society was organized. After much discussion and thought, four seniors, three juniors, and three MARSHA MAE MARSH SUSIE MOHORN GEORGIA KEETER CHARLOTTE HUDSON BETTY YOUNGBLOOD FRANCES WHALIN WINSTON JAMES JANE WHALIN One Hundred Eighty-one { oriieuans so phomores were chosen from each of fhe two existing societies. These twenty girls held their first meeting on April 24, 1918, in the sitting room of Student ' s Building, where they elected the first officers and marshal of the society. A few days later they made plans for a constitution, chose their name, appointed com- mittee chairman, and worked out their plans for initiation. In the fall of 1919, two-thirds of the incoming freshmen were made members of this newly formed Dikean Society. During the spring of 1923 several appointed girls withdrew from the Adelphian, Cornelian, and Dikean Societies to form a PRESIDENT: Polly Sattler IIFFICERS NORMA D02IER, Inter-Society Representative JEAN MASON. Vice-President SERINA RISER, Treasurer ANNE CARTER, Secretary One Hundred Eighty-two SOCIETY new society on campus in order to decrease the membership in these societies, and to make possible more individual participation within each. These ap- pointed charter members, after much collaboration among themselves and with faculty friends adopted TRUTH as their ideal; in accordance with this ideal, they named themselves the Aletheian Society. For several years the Aletheian Society, in keeping with the traditions of the other societies, met semi-monthly and functioned as a strictly literary organization in which debating was particularly stressed. MARSHALS ZABELLECORWIN TERRY MOORE •PETIE ROBERTS SALLY JOSEY LOU HAMMER SARA WHITE SALLY TAYLOR One Hundred Eighty-three As the years passed, all four societies gradually drifted from their literary ideals until today they function almost exclusively as social organizations, their interests having turned to dances, athletics, bridge tournaments, and many kinds of social gather- ings. Officers and marshals are elected in the spring of each year. Eight marshals are elected from each society: three juniors and five seniors The chief marshal is elected by popular vote of the student body. At the beginning of each year, the incoming PRESIDENT: Ernestine Oettinger G F F I C F. H S EMILY CROWELL, Treasurer SARAH BROWNLEE, Recording Secretory MILDRED CHRONISTER, Vice-President BETH SLOCUM, Inter-Society Representative EMMA JO BEAM, Corresponding Secretary One Hundred Eighty-four SOCIETY freshmen are divided indiscriminately into four groups — each society gaining a fourth of the class as members. The highlight of the fall for the societies is the day of initiation of new members, when upper classmen attempt revenge for their own initiation of the past. These new members are compelled to wear their society colors, carry their books in pillow cases, and submit to anything ordered by an upper class- man no matter how atrocious the feat. As far back as 1919, singing the laun- dry card was a favorite task applied and is still being carried on. Each society has an annual dance as its most important social affair. MARSHALS MARTHA WARREN BEATRICE DARDEN EMILY EARLY ANNA BELL CATHERINE PARIS EULA MAE LYON ALLENE ROSE LOU HARDY One Hundred Eighty-five f ancu J-erau: EDITOB CLllcii S outncnand BUSINESS MANAGER Vk. PINE NEEDLES - 1942 A publication appearing in 1902 entitled THE DECENNIAL may be said to mark the birth of our college annual. Edited by Miss Laura Coit, this volume was published in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the school and contained a general history of the founding and development of the school, a history of each class from 1893 to 1902, and a history of all departments and organizations In 1909, THE CAROLINIAN was published by the Senior class with the purpose of " giving a glimpse into the college life for a more appreciative knowledge and a more sympathetic under- standing of the Normal " . The name, which now belongs to the college newspaper, was kept by the annual until the publication of the newspaper May 1 9, 1 91 9. In the October 11, 1 91 9, issue of the newspaper it was reported that at the regular mass meeting the students had voted to keep " CAROLINIAN " as the news- paper ' s name and change that of the annual to PINE NEEDLES In 1913, another anniversary edition was published in celebra- tion of the twentieth year since the graduation of the first class. Included in this volume was a complete history of the college and a history and pictures of each graduating class from 1 893 to 1 91 2 History, not only of the school, but of outside events is re- flected in the series of annuals of the college as is evident in the 1919 publication. In that year, it was decided to abandon pub- lishing an annual because of the war and the result was a mimeographed book in which snapshots were used. Interestingly enough, as we now face war, the 1920 edition carried a section called " War Features " which pictured the girls who built the " Y " Hut and also the war farmerettes PEGGY LEVI NE Organization Editor HAL MARCH Anniversary Editor MARY TUTTLE Art Editor ISABEL EDMUNDS Senior Editor CAROL ALLEN BETTEduFOUR Photography Editors RUTH WHITE Sports Editor One Hundred Eighty-six PINE NEEDLES - Continued It is hard to imagine men students at W. C. but in the 1933 PINE NEEDLES seventy-five men students are pictured with the accompanying copy stating, " It is believed now that co-education will be a permanent fixture on the campus " . Annuals may not be accurate in their predictions, unfortu- nately, but there is no doubt that they serve their purpose of an accurate record of a school year. The year 1936 stands out in the history of our annual as the feature section which pictured girls for Beauty, Wisdom, Culture, Grace, and other " virtues " was abandoned. As this sort of thing dis- appeared so also did the idea of carrying a definite theme. Another development taking place in 1936 was a change in the size of the book to the size it is now The annual staff this year has had a twofold job of recording the progress of a year in which there nas been a great deal happening in the world as well as attempting to record the progress made in the fifty years since the founding of the school. The 1942 staff was made aware of national conditions as soon as school opened in the fall by a request from the printer that all orders for annual be taken before October 1, as it was necessary for him to order all the paper he needed. The short period in which they were sold did not mean that sales were not as great as before, but rather a new high of 1770 copies were sold. The 1942 staff breathes a sigh of relief as this year ' s book is completed and lets the staff of 1943 worry whether or not their book will have to be printed on oak leaves. I lyie V jeedles J taff One Hundred Eighty-seven Vk. CAROLINIAN OF " Distinguished for its Democracy " — a dignified and challenging slogan for the Woman ' s College newspaper, the CAROLINIAN But it is a fitting one CARO- LINIAN has built upon the policy of recording and interpreting the life of a demo- cratic, free-speaking student body. Such a campus community as ours can have no newspaper other than one " Distinguished for its Democracy . " CAROLINIAN has not always been the newspaper it is now. From the first issue of May 19, 1919, the story of what is now our weekly newspaper is one similar to the story of Woman ' s College. The paper was begun because of a need and a demand for it. Number I, Volume I appeared shortly after the State Normal became the North Carolina College for Women But war conditions prevented the continuation of the CAROLINIAN although the job was taken over the next fall by senior volun- teers Woman ' s College grew, and CAROLINIAN grew. More student activities, a broader curriculum, the increasing importance of the college presented new de- mands to the weekly newspaper Today CAROLINIAN is still put out by a staff made up of voluntary workers — 120 of them. Twenty of them are editors and man- agers, fifty are reporters, and fifty more compose the business and circulation staffs. These 120 students put out CAROLINIAN in the same spirit as did the paper ' s first staff — because of a desire to do service to Woman ' s College Today CAROLINIAN brings recognition to the campus for its awards of Asso- ciate Collegiate Press All-American honor rating in 1940, First Place Honor rating in 1941, and First Place award in the North Carolina Collegiate Press Association contest of 1941, ranking above all other college and university newspapers in the state. CAROLINIAN is placing a new empha sis on the fact that it belongs to every group in the college community alike. No student nor faculty member need feel that he or she is not a collective owner of the campus paper, for as one organ the staff attempts to give to the campus as a whole and to each individual the kind of CAROLINIAN he would like to have. 3 ' ranced v ew$om, EDITOR iu Cochkeid, business manager One Hundred Eighty-eight NINETEEN FORTY-TWO CAROLINIAN ' S task is essentially to record and to reflect the life of Woman ' s College campus The task becomes amplified with closer observation. There is the life of the stu- dents, the life of the faculty, the life of the administration, and, most important, the life of the three integrated to form the life of Woman ' s College. There are social, recreational, ad- ministrative, extra-curricular, classroom, and religious activities to record and to reflect. And in the year 1941-42 a new field has been opened to the campus — a program of national de- fense. CAROLINIAN has undertaken to record all these things and has accepted the even greater responsibility of reflecting them in its editorial pages No greater task can come to an American campus newspaper than that of calmly and intelligently maintaining its high standards while its nation is at war No American campus newspaper can be more sincere in its all-out effort and determination to accomplish that task than the CAROLINIAN of Woman ' s College. Jke L amlinian S ta One Hundred Eighty-nine yean fcjertram EDITDH L nndtlne Artlen BUSINESS MANAGER Z)L CDRADDI . . . 1942 COR-nelian, AD-elphian, Dl-kean— CORADDI. Your CORADDI The oldest publication of the Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, CORADDI was distributed four times each year for twenty-two years before the appearance of the college newspaper, and within its cover was incorporated the first issue of the college annual. For forty-five years, since March, 1 897, CORADDI has served as the single creative organ for the students. Through the years, there have been many changes in policy. Yet the changes have been decidedly evolutionary. There have been jumps, but no leaps, no sudden and complete departures from prec- edent. On the eve of CORADDI ' S forty-fourth anni- versary, the students went to the polls; and after the manner in a democracy, they called for a change, many changes in the magazine. This year CORADDI has made a leap. And time has dissolved another wax- print. During the summer that looked to the fiftieth year of the founding of our college, the blueprint of new CORADDI was laid down by independent student minds working cooperatively The length and breadth and depth of the blueprint was fashioned on this base: " Healthy open-mindedness and full representation of student interests. " Now in its forty-fifth year, COR- ADDI began to realize its heritage, and none could restrain the development of independent thought. With the aid of twenty new writers, many ideals set forth in the blueprint were accomplished: for example, passive students were stung from indifference by the " Campus Crisis " series, and appreciation of the Arts was encour- aged through discussions on music, dance, and art. To every member of the Woman ' s College, CORADDI has offered a challenge: to exercise, but not to abuse, America ' s precious right to freedom of speech and to One Hundred Kine:y individual creative expression. This challenge has sug- gested two duties: the duty ot C R A D D I to the students and the duty of the students to CORADDI. CORADDI conceived its duty to be the reflection in good-mannered English of the thoughts, realistic, ideal- istic, and imaginative, of the total campus. The stu- dents conceived it their duty to be contributors to the magazine. Independent student hands and student minds can keep CORADDI a functional, vibrant tradi- tion of the Woman ' s College. Jke L oraddi J ta One Hundred Ninety-one SARAH JANE HUNTER President MISS HELEN BOYD Director of Religious A " YDUNG WOMEN ' S Woman ' s College Student Younq Women ' s Christian Association celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its organization with the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the college In the fall of 1892, students of the North Carolina State Normal School assembled in chapel for worship periods on Sunday afternoons. " Yet a need was felt of a large, broader organization in which all might enter and where each might find something to do, " wrote a student who was looking back on this period. And, on December 6, a committee drew up the constitution of the Young Women ' s Christian Association. Regular Sunday services, mid-week prayer meetings, and a Sunday School, attended by practically the whole school, were the activities of the group. As the association developed, it became an experiment in inter- denomination cooperation. Outsiders watched with interest and doubt as girls of widely varying creeds worked together in a religious program. But the organization continued its work and became even broader in its scope. I n 1 895, a delegate was sent to the Southern Summer Conference called by the Central Committee of the College Young Women ' s Chris- tian Associations. This contact with a larger group brought new enthu- siasm, and the next year several delegates were sent to the conference. The group also began working with the World Student Christian Federa- tion and the Student Volunteer Movement An Inter-collegiate Relations Committee and a Missionary Committee were important parts of the organization. One year money was given for the support of a child widow and a religious worker in India By 1 930, 238 of the 390 students of the college were active members, and in 1906 the organization became a charter member of the Young Women ' s Christian Associa- tions of the United States Records of the early years of the asso- ciation had been destroyed by the fire of 1904, but the president had saved a copy of the constitution Since the first plans in 1892, the thoughts and energies and enthu- siastic spirits of many college generations of students have created ever- changing programs of activities. Headquarters have been changed from Students ' Building to Religious Activities Center. Woman ' s College " Y " is the second oldest student Y.W.C A in the state and one of the largest and strongest in the South. One Hu idred Ninety-two CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Freshmen are early introduced to the " Y " and through their own clubs find integration of academic, social, and religious activities which make college life full and happy. Two years ago the sophomores organized a club of their own, and this year the |uniors and seniors have also formed a club. The cabinet has been increased to fifty-one members, and there have been Membership Meet- ings for fellowship among all members. International Week-End, Bundles for Britain, Thanksgiving baskets, and examination teas are some of the campus-wide projects sponsored by the " Y " . Also there are suppers, retreats, and deputations from other schools for fellow- ship in fun and worship. y.W.CA CaL One Hundred Ninety-three PELLEAS AND MELISANDE PLAYLIKERS Dramatics ©n this campus became comparatively important when in November, 1921, the senior class, of the North Carolina College for Women, presented Shaw ' s " You Never Can Tell; " and in April, 1922, " Masqueraders " gave Wilde ' s " Lady Windermere ' s Fan " It was not until the year 1923-24 that the first dramatics organization was founded, this being termed " The Dramatics Association " It was a " new project utilizing and centralizing all of the dramatic CATHERINE HILDERMAN AND MR. W. R. TAYLOR THE FIRST YEAR MORNING ' S AT SEVEN One Hundred Ninety-jo interest of the college. (A better name for the organiza- tion will no doubt be chosen before the year is over.) " Elizabeth Hathaway was the first president, Mary Green the student director, and Professor W. R. Taylor was first faculty director. In 1924 the Dramatics Association presented " Tarn- ish, " Shown first in Aycock auditorium, it was given also at the National Theatre, " perhaps the finest in the South and books only such performances as will do it honor. " In these early days all male parts were " realistically portrayed " by girls In December, 1924, it was announced to the public: " No Longer Will Girls Take Masculine Roles. ' He ' Must Be A Real Sure-Enough One " On Saturday night, November 15, 1924, Dr. Kendrick appeared as " Adam Trueman " in " Fashion. " Also ap- pearing in this were Dr Hurley, Mr A C. Hall, as " T. Tennyson Twinkle, a modern poet, " and Mr. Taylor, as " Augustus Fogg, a drawing room appendage. " Vocal selections were by Mr. Hall singing " Croquet, " Dr, Kend- rick and quartet singing " The Independent Farmer, " and Dr. Hurley rendering a version of " Down By The River Side. " Dr. Hurley also led the polka in the second act. In 1925 the organization became known as the " Play- likers, " a name which has lived down to this day. Included in the plays produced this year are: " The House of Connelly, " " The First Year, " " Morning ' s At Seven, " " Ladies In Retirement, " " Lady Precious Stream, " " Pelleas and Meli- sande, " and " We, The Women, " com- mencement play written by Foster Fitz- Simmons and Marian Tatum Fitz-Sim- mons Outstanding actress is Catherine Hilderman. LADIES IN RETIREMENT LADIES IN RETIREMENT LADY PRECIOUS STREAM One Hundred Ninety-five MASQUERADERS The first mention of the dramatics organization designated as " Masqueraders " in the history of drama on the Woman ' s College campus occurred in 1922 when this group presented Oscar Wilde ' s " Lady Windemere ' s Fan. " Then, as now, the organization was an honor society, composed of those stude nts who had shown themselves particularly outstanding and talented in some phase of the dramatic arts. The ceremonial initiation of new members by " tapping " them into the society is an experience for which many girls throughout their college careers pray. Today under the able direction of Catherine Hilderman, its president, Mr. W. R. Taylor, Wilbur Dorsett, and Miss Sara Click, of the English faculty, the club repre- sents and backs the finest elements of play production and writing. Students com- prising this group in the fiftieth anniversary year are: Catherine Hilderman, Nancy Idol, Petie Roberts, Ann Pitoniak, Mary Childs, Josephine Howard, Barbara McLaurin, Betsy Saunders, Elizabeth Slocum, Dorrice Litchfield, Mary Frances Cox, Grace Estep, Virginia Bowden, Rachel Barrett, Frances Fox, Lois Hedgepeth, Marian Middleton, Guille Morrow, Octavia Muller, Genivieve Oswald, Loise Poore, Rhea Sikes, Eloise Taylor, Lydia Taylor, Mary Tuttle, Terry Moore, Barbara Johnston, Betty O ' Neal, Amy Joslyn, Betty Reynolds, Carolyn Wilson, Doras Downey, Martha Williams. CATHERINE HILDERMAN President of Playlikers One Hundred Ninety-six HANDBOOK MARTY COCKFIELD, Editor JEAN YATES, Business Manager The HANDBOOK was originally published by the members of the Young Women ' s Christian Associa- tion Beginning with the 1926-27 edition, however, the Student Government Association collaborated with the Young Women ' s Christian Association, and in 1936 the Student Government Association as- sumed full responsibility for its publication The editor, elected from among the ranks of the rising senior class, and the business manager, selected by the editor, work on this publication throughout the summer months so that it can be mailed to each student before school begins in September The HANDBOOK serves as a guidebook for both old and new students. It contains a map of the college and surrounding territory as well as informa- tion on student activities, college grounds, and campus affairs. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL Gathered around a cheery fire in the " Y " Hut, Tuesday, October 25, 1932, representatives of the Baptist Student Union, the Lutheran League, the West- minster Association, the Wesley Founda- tion, St. Marie ' s Club, the Student Volun- teer Association, the Y.WCA, and six faculty members discussed the possibility of developing a Campus Religious Council. A sunrise service on Armistice Day, a ser- mon, " Religion and Life " , regular monthly meetings are recorded among the initial interests of the group. Catholic, Jewish, Congregational, Chris tian, and Disciples of Christ student groups were later included in the council Changing its name in 1935 to Inter-Faith Council, it now coordinates the programs of the ten cooperating groups. Forty-three students and faculty mem- bers compose the council ' s membership in the fiftieth year of our One Hundred Nhiety-seven MRS. P. P. McCAIN President MISS CLARA B. BYRD General Secretary ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The Alumnae Association was organized in 1893 by the ten members of the first graduating class. Minnie Hampton, now Mrs William A. Eliason, was the first president. The new assoc ; ation decided to raise a fund to be used to aid other girls in attending the new school. This was the beginning of the Alumnae Loan Fund To ay the Alumnae Association has a many- sided program Headquarters are in the beautiful Alumnae House, for which the alumnae raised approximately $160,000. Here also are found the offices of the Student Government Association, PINE NEEDLES, the CAROLINIAN, the CORADDI. and an assembly room for student club meetings. Moreover, the Alumnae House is a center for social affairs and educational and cultural meetings. Among its numerous activities, the Alumnae Association follows up the thousands of alumnae and their work; publishes an alumnae maga- zine, organizes and promotes local alumnae associations; services the fifty classes which have been graduated and the fifty-five local associations; arranges educational seminars; helps to arrange class reunions; plans Alumnae Day at Commencement and other public occasions; still raises funds for scholarships. In short, the Alumnae Association is the channel through which the college and the alumnae continue to be an integral part, one of the other. One Hundred Ninety-eight ALL AMERICAN All honors are due Roberta Dunlap, her business manager, Eleanor Southerland, and their staff for receiving an All American Honor Rating on the 1941 PINE NEEDLES by the National Scholastic Press Association. To jump from a second class rating to the high- est possible rating on onnuals in the United States is evidence of original ideas, careful planning, and good hard work. The 1942 staff offers hearty congratulations for this honor to the staff of 1941 and thanks them for the excellent pattern they left for this year ' s staff to follow IN APPRECIATION The staff of 1942 wishes to express its appreciation to the Faculty Advisory Committee, Dr. Charlotte Kohler, Mr. Gregory Ivy, and the new member of the committee, Miss Virginia Farinholt, for their advice and cooperation in the making of the book. The annual this year is the result of the work of many people. The editor was backed wholeheartedly by an enthusiastic staff and wishes to thank each person who contributed to the book in any way. The work of the editors — Mary Tuttle, Art, Peggy Levine, Organization; Hal March, Anni- versary; Carol Allen and Bette duFour, Photography; Ruth White, Sports; Jo Howard, Ruth Heffner, Teen Dunlap, and Mary McLean, Literary; Isabel Edmunds, Persis Bennett, Jean Dickey, and Kathryn Evans, Classes; Emily Early, Faculty; and Geraldine Norman, Copy Reader was especially appreciated Right hands to the business manager were Ruby Madry, Advertising Manager, and Sarah Gainey, Circulation Manager Backing the editor and business manager together were their assistants, Elise Rouse, Assistant Editor, and Emily Crowell, Assistant Business Manager, who will produce the book of 1943. One Hundred Ninety-nine MAY DAY at W. C. " I ' ll meet by moonlight, proud Titania 1 " , so says Oberon, the King of the Night to Titania, the Fairy Queen. Hippolyta, the May Queen of 1942, who has just been married to Theseus is crowned queen of her realms and queen of the May. Then she and Theseus and their court are entertained by Puck, Theseus ' jester. Puck is able to work a bit of magic and so he allows the court to see the Fairy Queen and the King of Night. They, Titania and Oberon, are having an argument about a little Indian boy whom Titania has and whom Oberon wants. Puck also lets the court see how Oberon by caus- ing Titania to fall in love with an ass-faced mortal gets the Indian boy for his own, and how, finally Titania and Oberon are reunited happily and dance together in honor of Theseus ' and Flippolyta ' s wedding and Hippolyta ' s coronation. Tu-o Hundred (Elizabeth J c MAY QUEEN Two Hundred One Left to right: ALLENE ROSE, SUE MURCHISON, CAROL HALL, CATHERINE PARIS, FRANCES F EMMONS, AGNES ROGERS, MAE MARSH, MARY GORDON BREEDEN, AMY JOSLYN, LIB SARGENT. Not present: CATHERINE WARREN. a ' Jjau at VV. L. i amphi-theater, being another indication of the great growth of the college in fifty years as the place on the front campus traditionally used for AMY JOSLYN AND AGNES ROGERS, MAIDS OF HONOR This fantasy of dance accompanied by the traditional Mendelssohn music and the poetry of Shakespeare was the May Day theme for this anniversary year. It was fitting that this year ' s program was the first to be held in the new Two Hundred Two MAY DAY May Day had become too small to accom- modate the crowd attending. Elizabeth Sargent climaxed her year of serving as Chief Marshal with acting as May Queen and was attended by Amy Jos- lyn and Agnes Rogers as Maids of Honor. The rest of the court, also chosen by popu- lar vote for their beauty, were: Jean Em- mons, Catherine Paris, Carol Hall, Allene Rose, Mary Sadler, Catherine Warren, Frances Henning, Sue Murchison, Mary Gordon Breeden, and Mae Marsh Catherine Hilderman, chairman of May Day, deserves a great deal of credit for the success of the program. She was served by the following committee: Dancing, Dor- rice Litchfield; Music, Nancy D. King; Cos- tumes, Marjone Bryant and Allene Rose; Properties, Nancy Stockard; and Faculty Advisers, Miss Jean Brownlee, Dr. Marc Friedlaender, and Mr. Wilber Dorsett. n . , ineieen yodu- Jv wo JAMES WILKINS AND ELIZABETH SARGENT Left to right: ALLENE ROSE, SUE MURCHISON, CATHERINE PARIS, MARY GORDON BREEDEN, AMY JOSLYN, ELIZABETH SARGENT, AGNES ROGERS, MAE MARSH, MARY SADLER, JEAN EMMONS, FRANCES HENNING, CAROL HALL Not present: CATHERINE WARREN Two Hundred Three RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Recreation Association was started as the Athletic Association of the North Carolina College for Women in 1921. It was the outgrowth of a hiking club which felt the need of a student athletic club on campus. The club bought a camp about six miles outside of the City of Greensboro as a destination for their hikes. Last year the club changed its name and constitution so that it would reach more girls The Recreation Association includes girls on campus who participate in after- noon sports and the various Athletic clubs It is run by a Cabinet composed of student heads of the sports and clubs. Dorothy Griffin was president of the Association this year and she, with the help of the Faculty adviser, Miss Ethel Martus, directed the program of the Recreation Asso- ciation This year the activities were all conducted on an intramural league basis and the cabinet met to discuss the participation and popularity of the new system. DOROTHY GRIFFIN President THE CABINET Two Hundred Five SPEEDBALL Speedball, a popular fall sport, is a very fast team game played by twenty-two alert players. It is a combination of soccer ond basketball with the dropkick ond touchdown borrowed from the rules of football. Beginners are taught the skill quickly and are in the game puffing with the advanced players before the first game of the season is over. This year two afternoons in the week were allowed to take care of the four leagues. About fifteen minutes of the period were given to skills, practice, and perfection Student coaches, under the head of Bette duFour, taught the skills and helped referee the gomes. The rest of the hour was spent in actuol playing as long as daylight permitted. Bette duFour was student head ond Miss Keoly was faculty head. VDLLEY BALL Volley ball, the sport of the beginner and the champion alike, was one of the fall sports on our campus. It was played in the quadrangle on sunny days and in the gym on rainy days with both the small and the giant volley ball. Honors for the season go to Rebecca Pratt, who was student head, and Miss Marjorie Leonard, who was faculty head of this sport. SKATING A large attraction for students and soldiers this year was the indoor skating rink. Skates and music were furnished, and many students used both as a means of recreation in their leisure time. A skating committee, made up of girls on the Camp com- mittee and headed by Serena Riser, kept the outdoor gym open for those who wanted to skate or to learn to skate. i Two Hundred Six BASKETBALL One of the major sports of the winter season is basketball. Since it is played on the intramural league basis, each dormitory plays three games to decide the league winner, and the league winner plays in the Jackson tournament to determine the cham- pion team which is the end result of the tournament. Dr. W. C Jackson, tosses in the first ball of the first game to start the play. Ruth Porter was student head and Miss Bernice Finger was the faculty head. LIFE SAVING Life Saving is one of the oldest sports on the campus. Life Saving courses this year are more important than in the past because of the increase in public swimming for physical fitness. It is an important phase of civilian defense work on campus, and every girl interested has been urged to try her aquatic skill and become a member of this important branch of our great Ameri- can Red Cross organization. Some of the girls receiving the Senior Life Saving certificate will help in National Defense this summer by teaching swimming and by do : ng Life Guard Duty in the place of men. Martha Charnock and Judy Barrett, aided by Miss Miriam Sheldon, were the co-heads of Life Saving. Two Hundred Seven GYMNASTICS The Woman ' s College gymnastic team presented the 16th Annual Gym Meet and Demonstration Program on Friday, March 6, in Rosenthal Gymnasium. The demonstration program, " Progress " , was in three parts. Part one presented activities carried on in the old Spencer gym many years ago. Part two showed the opening of the new gymnasium; the last episode showed Physical Education at Woman ' s College today, with emphasis on activities preparing students for an integrated and full life with interests to serve country, state, and school. FALL TENNIS In the fall of the year a doubles and singles tourna- ments have been held with about one hundred people participating. Through a round-robin tournament of all the players, Marione Wright and Mary Belle Price came out the winners for the second successive year. Spring tennis was run on a dormitory basis and in- struction by the student coaches was given to all who wished it Because of extremely warm weather in the fall this sport was very successful. Thanks must go to Miss Ellen Griffin, faculty head, for giving this sport proper place among the others and for adding many girls, formerly non-players, to its list of interested active participants. Tito Hundred Eight BASEBALL Baseball, the main sport of the spring season, attracts many true sportswomen to its diamond. It is played on the league basis with each team trying to win the championship in order that it may be eligible to play the faculty on Sports Day. Among the faculty players are Dr. Barkley and Dr. Shaftesbury, who umpire the league games and support the rest of the faculty on the momentous occa- sion when they are challenged by the girls ' team. Dr. Frank Graham, president of the Greater University of North Carolina, comes up and adds his skill to help the faculty and also add color and a little clowning to the scene. The highlight of the season is the announce- ment of the varsity baseball team at the Sports Day Dinner. Miss Ethel Martus, faculty head and Geraldine Rogers, student head, are due considerable credit for a very good baseball season. RIDING The thrill of a brisk cantor down a wooded trail typifies another enjoyable sport that W. C. girls have the opportunity of participating in. Beginner and intermediate riders may receive excellent in- struction in riding at the Mary Lee Stables near Greensboro. The more advanced riders may join the Boot ' n Spur Club sponsored by the Recreation Association after proving their ability to ride a horse in good form at a walk, trot, and canter. Riders of all abilities often enioy breakfast or sup- per rides which leave behind them hoppy memories of horses, saddles, and friendships formed around blazing camp fires. 1 1 Mfc ' Mfti Two Hundred Nine SWIMMING After school swimming is now conducted purely for recreational purposes. It is a time when a student can swim or dive with instruc- tion to help improve faulty strokes or poor dives, or she can paddle around just for the " fun of it " . Points are given to the girls who go out to swim, these points contribute to- ward the winning dormitory and league. The season ran from the first of November to the last of April, and with the cooperation of Mrs. Perry, the faculty sponsor first semester, and Miss Kealy, the faculty sponsor second semester, and of all twelve student coaches, it was fun and a great success. SPORTS DAY Sports day is the wind-up of the spring sports. This year Sports Day, May Day, and Parents ' Day were held on the same day, thus giving parents the opportunity of seeing and participating in the activities of Sports day. The college band led the way from College Avenue through campus to the athletic field, and the participants came out of their dormitories and followed the band onto the field The girls met at color poles to get their distin- guishing ribbons and then joined in various activities: field events, horseshoes, bridge, and many other games To end the Sports part of the day a faculty-versus-student baseball game was played, and after the game a banquet was held for all oarticipants at which awards were given to the win- ning league and to the girls who had one thousand to three thousand points for participating in sports. After the ban- quet, the Clogging club presented a dance program in the gymnasium. Miss Marjorie Leonard, faculty head and Ruth White, student head, planned for the event and with assistants selected from the junior and senior classes made an out- standing success. P ■El Two Hutu, THE CAMP COUNSELORS CLUB CAMP COUNSELORS One of the youngest and most enthusiastic clubs on campus is the Camp Counselors ' Club. It was started three years ago and has grown so rapidly that membership had to be limited this year. Each month the club has a supper meeting at which different types of pro- grams are given — programs which are planned to help each member of the club gain knowledge of camping. Margaret Little was president of the club, and Mrs Jack Perry was faculty adviser and aid for summer camp placement SQUARE DANCE The Square Dance Club was organized by a few people who were interested in promoting the art of square dancing on this campus. It has grown and is now a very active group which sponsors dances for a large group of girls. The steps, turns, and commands are practiced often, and several times during the year the group entertains boys from nearby schools who are also interested in square dancing. THE SQUARE DANCE CLUB Two Hundred Eleven BOOT ' N SPUR Four years ago the Boot ' n Spur Club was organ- ized as a riding club by a group of the leading horsewomen on this campus. The old athletic field became the scene of a gay annual horseshow each Sports Day until the Science building was built on this site which necessitated discontinuing the shows on campus. This year the club has been interested in enlarg- ing their knowledge of horses and shows; therefore, several well-known horsemen of the community have spoken to the club. Books and pamphlets are read and discussed and practical experience is ob- tained through the bi-monthly rides. ARCHERY CLUB The largest membership in the club ' s history was recorded this year. For the first time the club was divided into the Bowman ' s and Archer ' s divisions according to ability. Several archery parties were held a t which the girls competed with one another. In the spring an Archery Play-day with nearby colleges was held. It consisted of a Senior Columbia Round, Clout shooting, and archery golf (which is a comparatively new sport and fun to play) . The club has a year-round function with the use of an indoor shooting range as well as an outdoor range. Pins are awarded at the end of the year .for high scorers during the parties and Play-day. Eloise Newell was the president of the group, and Miss Bernice Finger was the faculty sponsor The success of the club was due to initiative and general enthu- siasm of the club members themselves. ' - ' .:- . . Two Hundred Twelve GDLF In the fall and spring, golf tournaments are played on the school and nearby golf courses. Scores from these tournaments are the basis for qualification for membership in the newly- formed Golf Club. The members of this club act as coaches for after school golf and conduct the tournaments. The tourna- ments are conducted on the intramural system of the Recrea- tion Association Serena Riser, student head, and M ' ss Ellen Griffin, faculty head, are to be complimented on a very successful season. BOATING A new lake on the west side of the campus is the scene of a new activity for W. C. girls Some girls find relaxation and comfort in paddling a canoe in the afternoon after a strenuous day of studies, others find Saturday rowing a good exercise. A proficiency test is required of every girl using the boats, and lessons are given to those who want to learn the correct way of handling a boat. Dorothea Bultman was student head. HOCKEY It was called " Field Hockey for Young Women " in the past era, and it is the same popular sport now that it was then. Hockey is a team sport that requires every effort of mind and body to play correctly. This year ' s participation was very good, and the end result was a tournament conducted on the league basis with two play days at the end of the season. Salem College held a play day to decide the honorary varsity team of the state. Two teams were sent from Woman ' s College and seven of these girls were selected on the varsity Guilford College also had a play day and two teams competed there Betty Blauvelt, student head, and Miss Bernice Finger, fac- ulty head, are to be congratulated on their hard work and the results obtained as seen in the play day and after school par- ticipation, for quite a large number of students adopted this sport as a regular hobby. Two Hundred Thirteen DANCE GROUPS « - . " MISS JEAN BROWNLEE MARGARET ANN BITTICK For one of the most active groups on campus, this year has been one of the most outstanding in its history and it was to a great extent the constant, resourceful hard work of Miss Jean Brownlee, director and Margaret Ann Bittick, president, that made this year so profitable. Activities began in October when the groups gave a lecture demon- stration of technique for the Teachers ' Convention held on the Woman ' s College campus. In November about fifteen members at- tended the Dance Symposium held at the University of North Carolina; there they attended classes in composition and technique. A round table discussion of the relation of art, dancing, music and drama; and demonstrations by the dance groups from Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. March was a very full month: on the fifth the groups danced for the Southeastern Art ' s Convention and on the thirteenth gave their annual dance recital Then choreography as well as design and con- struction of costumes, was done almost entirely by the groups and Miss Brownlee. In May some of the members of the group danced in the production of " Midsummer Night ' s Dream " for May Day. The conclusion of a very active year wcs the Fiftieth Anniversary Pageant in June, in which the group participated. Two Hundred Fourteen DOLPHIN The top-ranking swimmers and divers have two top-ranking clubs — the Dolphin Club and the Seal Club. Much fun is had in these clubs during the year, and swimming form, diving form, and water games are emphasized. The annual Dolphin pageant is a thing of beauty The theme of the nineteen forty-two pageant was " Alice in Wonderland " The Dolphins and Seals used floating figures, stunts, swimming, and various dives. To add to the pageant attractive costumes, music, and various colored spot- lights were used. The Seal Club, a junior group of the Dolphin Club, is con- tinually working to improve their strokes and dives in order to become members of the senior group This year for the first time in the history of the clubs, these groups sponsored a Telegraphic swimming meet in February, in which girls had the opportunity to test their speed and form. Mary White Thompson, president of the club, and Miss Kealy, faculty adviser, gave the club a newer and higher meaning for the swimmers on campus BUCK AND WING This year the Clogging Club was reorganized and renamed the Buck and Wing. It undertook the new problem of teaching tap dancing since it was not taught in the Physical Education Depart- ment. Betty Lou Houser and Ternsa Rowe did the teaching. Entertainment for the " Ark " and Sports Day banquet was pro- vided by several members of the club f m Is Jp v Two Hundred Fifteen rXj%h- Ll -ir ' J ' - I rf T r j ?ii0a£ am tud OM FORM) •m tov I FACULTY ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE: MISS JANE SUMMERELL, CHAIRMAN; AND MISS RACHEL CLIFFORD, SECRETARY WOMAN ' S COLLEGE CELEBRATES HER FIFTIETH YEAR MARION TATUM FITZ-SIMMONS STUDENT ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE: FRANCES HAMMOND, CHAIRMAN; MRS. ANNE CARTER, FACULTY ADVISER CO-AUTHORS OF " WE THE WOMEN " FOUNDER ' S DAY DINNER HONORING DR. JULIUS I. FOUST DR. JACKSON SPEAKING AT THE BIRTHDAY PARTr MARY EPPES ADDRESSING STUDENTS AT THE PARTY THE BLITZ HITS WOMAN ' S COLLEGE CAMPUS H NEW SYSTEM DF ELECTIONS AROUSE THAT OLD W. C. SPIRIT £ %£ ■ K AND CAMPAIGNING HITS A NEW HIGH DEFENSE IN ACTION OVER AT THE GYM SNDW TIME MEANS PLAY TIME I w «• ■ ' i ±fl M m ™ jj| W KL £-m .. -»- " ' i ' Uto otaBL L AYCOCK AUDITORIUM EVE CURIE MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE CELEBRITIES Lan " VISIT • WOMAN ' S V " COLLEGE 1 " ijfei- % fl HUGH WILSON ANNE O ' HARE McCORMICK RUTH ALEXANDER RICARDO ALFARO NORMAN CORDON JOSE ITURBI THROUGH LECTURE AND CONCERT SERIES HELEN TRAUBEL APTUR RODZlNSKI j= f. I ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AND OFTEN DDES- l H Jt a » g v - gl L j 4 - ■ J ] 1 f 4 ? 5 " ff « c gj T IN A TYPICAL YEAR AT WOMAN ' S COLLEGE L IE lattflriiin STATE NORMAL AND INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL IN THE YEAR OF ITS FOUNDING, 1892 WOMAN ' S COLLEGE IS PROUD OF HER HISTORY CHARLES DUNCAN MclVER President 1892-1906 JULIUS I. FOUST President 1906-1931 WALTER CLINTON JACKSON President since 1934 DR MclVER ' S HORSE AND BUGGY OLD BRICK DORMITORY, 189 TEAGUE DORMITORY, PRESIDENT ' S HOME, AND MIDWAY DORMITOR ' V- .-■•- - V -ii ai " ! — — v r p SNOW SCENE ABOUT 1896 WASHING IN STYLE OF 1892 BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY, 1893-4 FIRST CHEMICAL LABORATORY FOR WOMEN IN NORTH CAROLINA, 1894 A CLASS IN MATHEMATICS, f f -t ,- . p -,. CLASS OF 1894, THE SECOND GRADUATING CLASS ZEKE ROBINSON CAMERA CLUB ABOUT 1895 MISS VIOLA BODDIE IN TEAGUE DORMITORY MARSHALS OF THE CLASS OF 1899 FORERUNNERS OF THE PLAYLIKERS, 1896-97 DR. GOVE IN HER OFFICE ACTRESSES IN A PLAY AROUND 1897 GROUP OF STUDENTS IN THE EARLY YEARS THE LIBRARY, BUILT IN 1905 3 1 ► EARLY VIEW OF THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING STUDENTS ' BUILDING, BUILT AS A TENTH ANNIVERSARY GIFT fkM U. - .fl BURNED IN 1904 BUILT IN 1908 PEABODY PARK, 1902 THE CLASS OF 1905 OLD HOCKEY FIELD, 1920 MISS JAMISON ' S COOKING CLASS OF 1909 COLLEGE ORCHESTRA OF 1902 THE HOCKEY CHAMPIONS OF 1912 BELLES OF THE COLLEGE. SPENCER DORMITORY, BUILT IN 1904 TO REPL ACE OLD BRICK ARTISTS OF THE COLLEGE, 1909 COLLEGE GIRLS OF 1901 A GROUP OF STUDENTS OF 1900 IAL ROOM, FORMER " Y " HEADQUARTERS THE BELL WHEN IT WAS REALLY USED VIEW OF WALKER AVENUE AND THE LAUNDRY, 1904 DAISY CHAIN OF 1910 GYM SUITS OF THE 1900 ' ! EARLY VIEW OF THE CAMPUS TENNIS CHAMPIONS OF 191 1 TREELESS VIEW OF THE CAMPUS til hr wiB . h£J jffl - --B " : |; 1SB5 _J B ■■ fc ■ L P Si it THE LIBRARY BEFORE BEING REMODELED THE PRESS BUREAU OF 1913 ADELPHIAN DANCERS OF 1915 PEABODY PARK K? T - k 4, ' THE GIRLS WHO BUILT THE " Y " HUT MFRETTES RETURNING FROM A DAY ' S WORK W FARMERETTES OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR FARMERETTES HARVESTING TOMATOES THE SEVEN OUT-OF-STATE STUDENTS IN THE COLLEGE, 1909 CANNING BEANS AND TOMATOES DURING LAST WORLD WAR POPULAR POSTER OF WORLD WAR I GIRLS CLEANING CAMPUS DURING LABOR SHORTAGE GIRL IN SOLDIER ' S UNIFORM IN 1917 RAKING LEAVES AROUND DR MclVER ' S STATUE ENTHUSIASTIC SUFFRAGETTES LED BY MISS ELLIOTT CLASS SWEATERS OF 1921 QUADRANGLE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. CLASS DAY ON FRONT CAMPUS DAISY CHAIN SEVERAL YEARS AGO MISS JAMISON SERVING TEA IN NEW GUILFORD, 1929 SOME OF THE BUILDERS OF THE COLLEGE, 1938 XJP ON FOUNDER ' S DAY ACTING ON THE TERRACE STUDENT DIRECTORY Abbott. Louise. 2207 Sherwood St.. Greensboro A. Abernethy, Chapel Hill Abernethy Julia, c o Mrs. E. A. Abernethy, Chapel Hill_. Abernethy. Nancv Yow. 216 Shelburne Rd.. Asheville... Abernethv. Pauline, 2012 Hillsboro St.. Raleigh Ackerman. Pamelia R.. Wallace.- _128 Acree. Frances. 1604 Fort Bragg Rd.. Fayetteville 128 Adams Evelyn Ruth. 53 Pierson Rd . Maplewood, N. J.___110 Adams Jane " Wvche. 615 S. York St.. Gastonia ?„ " !?? Ader. Marv Alice, Ansonville — 30-150 Alberty. Marv Frances, Mayodan _ — Alexander. Alice Ethelyn. College__Street. Pineville _ Alexander. Frances Amelii Alexander. Frai Alexander. Joyc Route 2. Mooresville 157-158- 15 Alexander. Margaret M , 323 Sunset Avenue Asheboro 128 Alexander Margaret Willis, 506 W. Front St., Statesville ._ Alexander. Marv Charles. Wilkesboro Alexander. Mary Josephine. 2143 Forestv Alexander, Nan ... Lee. Route 1. Matthews Alexander. Nancv McCain, 126 S. Oak. Statesville Allen. Betty Jean, Greensboro. Rd.. Evanston. 111-128 _ 30-169-187 30-147-148-153-189-191 Allen. Frances Junior. Box 101. Knightdale -88 Allen. Prances Starr, 211 Brent St.. Wadesboro 128 Allen. Harriet Estelle, 48 Coleman Ave.. Asheville_ Allen. Isabel McAlis Allen, Lula Belle. Eldorado .128 Henderson .29-30-75-193 _110 o Sheriffs Office. Newton_„ Xiigood. Julia Eleanor. Rural Hall Allison. Mary. Forest City Allred Sara Lou. 214 N. Main St.. Mount Airy- Allred. Virginia Lee. 305 Hill St., Asheboro Almond. Mavis June. Andrews 30-189-197 , VOi Helen. North Lake St.. Ransomville. N. Y.___ Anderson. Cornelia Manning. Route 1. Guilford College Anderson. Evelvn J., River Rd. L. St., Belmar. N. J.- Anderson. Marie Donzella. Hartford Anderson. Marv Elizabeth. Pennrose Park, Reidsville Anderson. Sara E.. 229 Boone Rd.. Leaksville Andreatto. Angeline Joan. 114 Grov Richfield. N. J. 25-31-150-158 Perlymon, 267 Charles St.. Henderson 110 Lee. Route 1, Snow Camp __ — Andrew. Dorif Andrews He V ' n VrTnces ' 232 nV WashingYon St., Sumter. S. C.-128 Andrews. Nancv Elizabeth. Route 1. Bahama. HO Andrews, Ruth Howard, 1013 Harvey St., Raleigh 110 " 1?I Angelo, Bonnie. 121 Burke St. Winston-Salem 110 Anthony, Bernice E.. 629 W. Lexington Ave , High Point 128 Antrim " Marv Katherine, Route 3, Box 262. Greensboro _128 Apperson. Marv Louise, Route 4, Mocksville — -— Apple, Bernice. Warsaw — ■— 12 8 Arey, Alice Louise. 74 Copperfield Rd.. Worcester. Mass. Armour. Arline, Manalopan Ave., Freehold, N, J 110-154 Armstrong, M Jeanne, 711 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City .31-157-159 Armstrong Sara Power. 341 W. Market St., Greensboro 128-163 Arnett, Dorothv. 117 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro 128 Arnev Mabel Louise. 100 Morehead St., Morganton„ _.._. 31-164 Asbell. Mae Edla. Belvidore Atkin. ' Josephine Elaine. 323 Sixth Ave.. West, Hendersonville St.. Rocky Mount.. Ayers, Mary Emma. Pine Hall Bacon. Catherine. 1800 Brantley. Winston-Salem ._ — 128 Baer Frances. 210 S. Magnolia Ave.. Dunn 88-163-173-197 Bagley Lois Marilvn, 8 Leland Court. Chevy Chase. Md. _. 128 Bailev. Alberta. Hebron. Md. 31-163-20P Bailev. Frances. Bailey Apt.. Raleigh 110 Bailev Lydia Lea. 406 N. Mendenhall, Greensboro „.-- 110 Bailev. Mane. Burnsville 31-169-174 Bain. Mrs. Elizabeth F . 2413 Walkt-r Ave . Greensboro 31 Bain. Jean William, 2145 Queen St., Winston-Salem 110-163-212 Baise. Mary Esther. Route 5, Box 80. Reidsville 110 Baitv. Sarah. Route 6, Greensboro . — -— Baker. Ann. Rowland -HO Baker. Janet. 721 Wilev Ave.. Salisbury _ 128 Baker. Margaret Janet. 103 Lamon St.. Fayetteville 32-164 Baldwin. Julia, 413 Cross St.. Sanford 88-174 Bales. Bettv Jean. 601 Fifth St.. High Point 128 Ballard, Amelie. Biscoe HO Ballanger. Clara Lucille. 1950 Bay St.. Charlotte. 128 Ballnw, J Carolvn. 515 Fifth Ave . Greensboro.. 32-169 Barbee. Jane Phillips. 112 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham 139 Barber. Bettv Ann. Goldston - — 32-164 Barber. Betty Scott. Pittsboro — — 128 Barber. Marion, Goldston — __ 110-212 Barber. Marv Wilmoth. 2210 Fairview Rd., Raleigh — _ 189 Barbour, Hilda Mae, Four Oaks „_139 Barbour. Ruth C 304 Tate St. Greensboro__ — „______- 139 Barbrev. Jean. 310 E Main St.. Mount Olive 88-163 Barden, Nancv Elizabeth, Route 2. Goldsboro 88 Barefoot. Nell Thomas. 300 W. Harnett St., Dunn 20-25-26-32 Barger. Marilyn. Oakboro . 128 Barineau. Sadie. Lincolnton 32-154-171 Barkelew, Marilvn Jane. 45 E. Central Ave., Moorestown. N. J. 25-32-151 Barker. Josephine. Elkin 128 Barnes. Edith, Elm City -32 Barnes, Fave. Tavlorsville 32-174 Barnes. Jean Currie. Route 3. Favetteville _ 128 Barnett, Andree Cvnthia. 300 Morris St., Monroe _ __128 Barnett. Roberta Irene . 4503 Ridge St.. Chevy Ch se, Md.. 128 Barnhardt. Bessie Elizabeth. 30 Pine St., Concord 139 Barnum. Bonnie. Country Club Rd.. Southern Pines „___110 Barnwell. Ann. Ednevvilie 128 Barrett Julia 1408 N Queen St.. Kinston 35-29-32-158-193-205-211 Barrett. Rachel Louise, 215 Belcher St.. Farmville_. 88-163-165-196 Barringer. Margaret. 1670 Longhorne Rd., Lynchburg. Va. 32-158-174-187-189 Barwick, Marv Elizabeth, 217 Kensington Rd.. Greensboro 110-152-189 Barwick. Nancy. F No. 1. Raleigh Apt.. Raleigh 33-174 Bason, Carolvn Elizabeth, Yanceyville 88-174 Bason. Frances, 307 E. Franklin St.. Chapel Hill 110 Bass. Carolyn. Halifax 128 Bass. Martha. Lucama 88-174-212 Bass. Mary Ann, 89 Pollock. New Bern — 128 Bass. Peggy, 201 Lindsay St.. High Point 128 Bateman. Marjorie C. Croswell .... — 128 Battle, Cornelia Dozier. 1600 Beale St.. Rocky Mount. 110-189-212 Battle, Elizabeth Ann, N. Main St., Scotland Neck 110 Page No. Batts, Mvrtle Steelman. 1220 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount 110 Baughn, Dorothy E., 309 Blanwood Ave.. Greensboro.. 128 Baxlev, Marv Douglas, Wagram. 110-146 Baxter, Mary Louise. Grove Park. Burlington- Beadle, Dorothv Elizabeth, Box 162. Davidson _ Beall. Elizabeth. 610 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro Beam, Emma Joe. 412 Beaumonde Terrace. Shelby .. Bean, Nancy Wilkinson. 802 Falls Rd.. Rocky Mount Beard. Hannah, Hillsboro 88-170-187-193 Beasley. Rebecca, 2015 W. Rogers Ave.. Frances Cozart. 324 E. Bank St.. Salisbury 139 Beck, Evelvn Proctor, 2214 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham 139 Beckham. Rebecca Joan. High Rock „ 128 Eeddmgfu-ld, Miriam Lucile, 419 Charlotte St.. Hamlet 139 Belk. Marie. 1409 E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro 128 Bell. Anna. 113 Mclver St., Greensboro 88-157-158-159-185-214 Bell, Dorothv Anne. 206 Bell Ave. Kannapolis -128 Bell, Georgia, 327 St. James Sq., Fayetteville 33-173 Bell, Lucile. 1314 Wake Forest Rd.. Raleigh _ _128 Bell. Mary Frances, 304 Valley River Ave., Murphy 89-153-158-189-191 Bell. Rachel Covington. 103 Everett St.. Rockingham — Bell. Verna Frances. 106 E. Front St.. New Bern .. _33 Bendigo. Elizabeth Emma, 216 Tate St.. Greensboro 89-173 Bennett. Anne E.. 323 S. Grace St.. Rocky Mount . . — 128 Bennett, Elizabeth M,, 222 White Store Avenue. Wadesboro 139 Bennett. Esther Verona. 40 White Fawn Dr.. Asheville 33-146 Bennett, Jeanne, 3416 Northampton. N.W., Washington. D. C — HI Bennett. Jessie Lee. 468 S. Hawthorne Rd., Winston-Salem 138-139-189 Bennett. Mary Lou. 329 McHerst. Greensboro . Bennett, Menefee. Norwood Bennett. Persis Sara. 27 DeNormandie Ave.. Fair Haven. N. J. 89-173-187-199 Bennette. Elizabeth Wilson, c o Masonic Home. Greensboro — HI Bentlev. Barbara. B-6 Cannon Court Apts . Greensboro Ill Benton. Virginia Howie. 14 College St. Monroe 89-174 Rerbert J an 608 Magnolia St.. Greensboro 2ft-27-33-7= - H i-1H i Bernard. Mary Stanly. 217 Hillsboro St., Chaoel Hill 33-150-169 Berrv. Blanche Moore. 108 Church St.. Hertford — 33 Bertram Jean 615 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 33-153-190-191 Burgs, Bruce Finlev 401 Le Grande St.. Rockingham 128 Bilvow, Marg-ret. 1506 Grove St. Greensboro —128 Bird, Carol St, Clan, Fishskill, N. Y Bird, Marilane. Box 43. Guilford Bissell. Frances Lorene, 26 Myrtle Ave., 80-174-211 West Brighton, N. Y. Bissell. Katherine Virginis _128 89-187-202-205-214 Blackman. Ruth. Hillsboro ...... 33 Rlakelv. Betty, 705 E. Tremont Ave.. Charlotte 12R-189 Blaloek, Dare. 3901 E. Market. Greensboro 128-163 Blalock, Dorothv. Cherrv St.. Oxford _ _128 lihiluck, Elizabeth. 805 N. Main St., Burlington 128 Blalock, Helen Johnson, Bahama HI Blalnrk. Jean El-znbeth, 506 W. Kivett St., Asheboro 1 ' . ' . ' ' Bland. Hazel. Kelford . 111 Blanton. Marv Lyllvan. 410 S. Washineton, Shelby Blanton, Rebecca, 1914 Lenox Ave.. Charlotte Blanton. Sara Frances, Ellenboro Blauvelt. Elizabeth, 111 Cooper Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J. 34-205-211 Chapel Hill 233 McCaulev. Chapel Hill Blois. Idamae. 640 Rahway Ave.. Westfield. N Blue, Helena. Carthage Blue, Nancv Marie, Route 3. Carthage Blue. Virginia Rav Eaele Sorings Blumenthal. Dorothy. Franklin Rlumenthal. Gloria C. Route 4. Box 53. Greene-inn Rnntmrm. Frances Louise Hotel Norton, Norton Kai Roaz. Ethel Sue. Pilot Mountain Bobbitt. Irma R.. Route 1. Nashville Roesser Wilhelmina. 1024 Miller St.. Winston-Sale: Bocer, Elise, Jarkson Tr. School. Concord 2 Boeer. Frieda, lfS " 8 E 23rd St., Winston-Salem 111-: Roeis, Jacqueline. Snindale - Bo ' ton. Jane Eloise. 264 S. Union St., Concord Roltnn. Jnnis Tenth and Cedar. Lumberton Bondi:rant, Marie, Guilford - Roone. Doris, Route 1. Box 339. High Point... Booth. Jean. Guess Rd.. Durham Rnstian. Johanna Lou. Chin Grove Bostian. Violet, Route 4, Winston-Salem Bourne, Gladys E.. 89-171 34-157-159-191-197-212 111 128 Bowden, Ruth. Advance Bowden, Virginia. 98 Brown St.. West Haven Bowen. Agnes, 1004 N. Elm St.. Greensboro Bowers, Mnrjorie, 418 " ' oodlawn. Greensboro Rowman. Ruth. 1844 Lone view Dr., Winston-Salem Bovd, Carol. 105 Magnolia St., Belhaven. Bovd. Ethel Miller, Route 3, Box 376, Monroe Boykin. Edna Earle Raleigh Highway. Wilson 138-139 111-180 128-152 rfield. Conn.. 111-158-159 adiord. Nell W.. Davids Bradley. Constance. 44 Parkws Bradley. Doris Elizabeth. Kiplii Bradley, Franres. 30 Stirling St.. Greensboro Bradshaw, Julia R . Rock Ridge. Wilson Brady. Helen Ray Franklinville Bramble, Marv 145 Monticello Ave , Annapoli; 129-197 Braswell. Ada Lavinia. Route 3. Wadesboro 89-148 Brath. Jacqueline. 16 Glenside Terrace Upper Montclair. N. J 89 Brat ton. Anne, 1530 Carr St.. Raleigh .... 34-174 Brawlev. Sara. Route 2. Mooresville HI Breadv. Dorothv Javne, 406 Mavflower Dr.. Greensboro 80 Breeden, Betty Mae. 112 Moore St.. Bennettsville, S. C. .. 25-129 Breeden. Mary Gordon, 112 Moore St., Bennettsville. Briggs, Elsie May. Route 2, Bright, Ruth, New Hill.—. Brockmann, Bettv, 921 Fairwav Dr.. High Point 111-156-159 Brockmann, Lillian Becky, 317 Richardson St., High Point Brooks, Carolyn Eliz. 6627 N. Washington Blvd.. East Falls 139 Page Brown. Blanche P.— Brown, Dorothy Mallett, Hendersonville Brown. Edna Irene. Granite Quarry Ill Brown. Frances Luttrell, Main St., Gatesville 35-152-154 Brown. Jean. Snow Hill 111 ' Brown. Jeanne Mane, 909 Webster St.. Needham. Mass 129 Brown, Lena Coble. 432 Lockland Ave.. Winston-Salem 35-146-150 Brown. Margaret Ann, 720 N. Hawthorne St.. Winston-Salem _ Brown. Opal. Four Oaks _ Brown. Ruby Frances. 24 Pigeon St.. Waynesville Brown. Ruth Lois. Route 2, Rockv Mount , Browning. Harriet Carolynn. 1012 Harvev St., Raleigh Brownlee. Sarah Eliz . 1234 Lexington Ave.. Charlotte: 111 Brummitt. Margaret, Route 1. Henderson Brunt. Jessie Evans, 804 Miller St.. Winston-Salem 35-153 Bryan. Annie Lou. White Oak " Brvan, Helen. Jacksonville Bryant. Betty Jean. Stovall Rd.. Oxford 89 ' Bryant. Frances Eleanor. 8 Westwood Rd.. Asheville. Ill- Bryant. Hazel E.. Rich Square , 25-89 Brvant, Marjorie Diana, 8 Westwood Rd.. Asheville 35-150-169-171-180-189 Buckley, Anne E.. 264 Hernck Ave., Toaneck. N. J Billiard, Bertha Mae, Route 4, Favetteville 35 Bullard. Dons Geraldine, 1306 Walnut, Lumberton 90 Bultman. Dorothea. 34 Havnesworth, Sumter. S C. 112-159-205 Burbage. Eimlv Miriam. 213 E. 13th St., Washington Burgess, Jacqueline, 1213 S Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem Burgwin, Marie. 1402 Chestnut, Wilmington Burke. Mary. 1824 Georgia Ave. Winston-Salem Burkhead, Anna Gayle. 124 Rowan St., Fayetteville 90 Burnev. Marv Margaret. Aberdeen Burris. Ins Ames. 442 N Church St.. Concord 129 Burritt. Margaret. Guilford College ___ Burroughs. Ada Elizabeth, 442 Gravdon Ave.. Norfolk. Va. Burrows, Frances, 324 Elm St.. Asheboro 90 Burrows. Jane Youngs. 241 Highwood Ave . Ridgewood, N. J. Burton, Marv Etta, 416 Iredell Ave., Spencer 90 Burwell. Dorothy. 1026 Ardlev Rd.. Charlotte 112-154 Butler. Anne Marsh. St Pauls Butler. Ellen. 3511 Montgomery St.. Savannah. Ga. 112 Butler. Evelyn Pearle, McRae St., Laurinburg Butler, Jewel Inez. Roseboro Butler. Ruth, Route 2. Reidsville Butner. Virginia N.. Route 1. Box 288. High Point 112-156-157 Byerly. Emma Mae, Lexington 35-157-159 Byrd. Clara Elizabeth. Route 2, Burlington Byrd. Margaret. Whiteville„ - Byrum, Annie Macon. 209 Granville St. Edenton Byrum. Sara, 416 S. Sunset Drive. Winston-Salem Cabell, Bettie Cabell, Mary Caroline. 3100 Willow Oak Rd., Charlotte 112-146-155 Cable, Annie Lee. 100 E. Avondale Dr.. Greensboro 35 Cahoon, Virginia „.„. — Cain, Mable Jovce. Cana 129 Caldwell. Catherine, 1812 N. Brevard Caldwell, Clara Elizabeth. Mount Ulla Caldwell. Ethel. Route 2. Waynesville Caldwell. Florence Louise. 1800 Walkt Caldwell. Jeanne Marilvn, 132 Web: Caldwell, Mary Elizabeth, Eighth St 112 er Ave . Greensboro H2 [• Ave.. Wvneate, Pa. 112 Lumberton 36-173 Calhoun. Julia. 919 Lynwood Ave.. Winston-Salem 36 Callis. Marian Louise, Box 24, Bessemer City 90 Citlluway, Nancy, Calvert. Anne F,. Cameron. Elizabeth. Burnside Ky .36-169-205-214 90-148 129 90-165 112-158-215 1 2 " -151-158-214 129 Cantrell. Nellie Jean. 705 Percv St.. Greensboro Caraway. Corneille. 212 Rose Terrace, Wadesboro Caroon. Margaret C. 600 Nelson St., Kinston Carpenter, Martha Hamrick. 706 Neal St.. Gastonia Carr. Mrs. Ava W . Carrawav. Edna 710 Douglas St.. Greensboro Carrawav, Helen, Beaufort izy Carroll, Jane Brooks. 4th St.. Mebane ..... 129-158-189 Carroll, Suzanne. 2140 Avondale Ave.. Charlotte 112-156 Carter. Anne H., Walnut Cove. 112 Carter. Annie Mae, 2646 S. Main St., Winston-Salem 112-182 Carter. Bernice Carolvn, Beaverdam Rd . Asheville 90 Carter. Bettv Erwin, 6134 Utah Ave.. NW, Washington. K.. N.E.. 5. Box 244 Clinton 12 ' i Carter. Mary Elizabeth. Carter, Virginia B Carter. Resina Dawson Madison 90 Caruthers. Virginia E. 339 Albright Ave. Graham 90-156 Cash. Annie Ruth. Apex . . 90-173 Cashion. Dorothv. P. O Box 86. Corne ' uis 90 Cates, Juanita Lanier. 20 Dixie Trail, Raleigh 129 Cathey, Frances. Route 6. Charlotte . . 112-165 Cathey. Rena. Route 2, Canton „ 36-173 Caulder, Myrtle Louire. Route 1, Box 96-a. Rockingham 143 Causby. Marjorie. 325 Burkemunt Ave.. Morganton — 129 Cavenaugh Jane. 3402 Barcelona St.. Tampa. Fl " . 112-189 Caviness. Mrs, Shelley _ — Cecil. Mattie Isabel. Box 169, Lexington _129 Chaffin. Sarah, Sanford — 112 Chambers. Jean. 1006 N Eugene St.. Greensboro Chan.blee. Dorothy, 324 Cutler St., Raleigh 129 Champion, Constance. Mooresboro__. .. 112 Chandizif, Betty ._ — Chandler. Annie Lou. Goldsboro Hospital Goldsboro 36-165 Charles, Laura Rebecca, 920 N. Church St Salisbury 129 Charles. Wilmoth Nichols, 920 N. Church St , Sahsbury 12m Charnock. Martha, 45 Montview Dr., Asheville 36-205-209-214-215 Cherry. Jean T.. 235 Rose St., Rocky Mount Scotland Neck Chestnutt. Harriet L.. Snow Hill Chestnutt, Nancv. 203 W. Church St Childs, Mary E , 1205 Walker Ave., Chiles. Deborah. Mount Hollv . Chisholm, Ina Louise. 175 Sprmgdal Chitty, Betty Olivia. Box 198. Pine St. Chitty. Frances Eva. Box 198. Pine St. ;,. Greensboro Murfreesboro .. Murfreesboro -90 Choats. Wanda , Sparta Chrismon. Anne. Muir ' s Chapel Rd., Greensboro 139 Chiismon, Marv, Muir ' s Chapel Rd,. Greensboro 112 Christensen, Carrol, Beaufort. S. C 90-189 Chronister. Mildred. 206 E. Water St.. Lincolnton _ 36-174-184 Clapp. Esther Nancy. Route 6, Box 123, Greensboro 36-169 Clapp. Mary Athelene, Asheboro St.. Siler City 139-146 Clark. Annie Ruth, Route 4. Durham 37 Clark, Doris E.. 1917 Alexander Rd., Raleigh 90-174 Clark. Gertrude . — Two Hundred Forty STUDENT DIRECTORY- £-___ Clark. Jean Marie. 1917 Alexander Rd.. Raleigh Clark, Joy. Route 2. Concord _ Clark. Margaret T., Route 4. Durham Clark. Nancy Wright. 1001 Country Club Dr., Greensboro.. Julia. Boone.. Page No. Military Academy, Culver. Ind 130 39-152-154-171-193-197 Elizabeth, 1805 Sunnvside. Winston-Salem 25-112-156-189-193 Clavwell. Allen, 111 Battle Lane, Chapel Hill 129 Claywell, Frances. 102 Circle Ct.. Morganton Davis. Katherine, Pikeville _ 113-154 Davis. Marian Louise. 2204 Sherwood Ave.. Greensboro 130 Davis, Martha Lea, 20 Tallassee St., Badin _ 130-163 Davis. Mary Elizabeth. 846 Summit Ave.. Westfteld. N. J 92 90-157-158-159 Clements, Jean. 40 Watauga St.. Asheville 112 Cline, Irma Elizabeth. S. Main St., Newton 91 Cline. Sue, Taylorsville 91 Clodfelter, Henrietta. Route 3, Box 447. Greensboro— .... 91-146-165 Cloud. Martha LeNoir. Lilesville Coan. Katherine. 9 Third St.. Newport, Vermont Cobb. Doris Evelyn. 54 Hull Ave., Freehold, N. Dawley. Mrs. Sara D.- Day. Miriam. Spruce Pine Debnam. Charlotte. 602 Magnolia St., Greensboro.. DeBoe, Mary. 608 Summit Ave., Greensboro Dees, Eula Mae. Bayboro Dees, Josephine. Fremont ...140-157-158 _.37-150-183-205 Dellinger, Gladys Bryt» ..37-191 Cobb. Elizabeth. 2001 Elizabeth Coble, Beatrice Weaver. Oakboro. Cochran. Ellen, Matthews... Winston-Salem . 112 .112-151 .91-146-187 Llncolnton 113 37-163 St. Mt. Airy 37-146 Cooker ham, Frances Elaine, 215 S. Main St.. Mt. Airv Cockfleld, Dorothy, 1121 W. Nash St.. Wilson Cockfield, Marveign Cloud, 2812 Masonic Dr.. Greei 37-148-156-188 Coe. Mary Elizabeth. 109 Crafton St.. Winston-Salem Cohen. Sylvia Helene, 118 S. Green St.. Statesville Cole. Louise. Butters _____ Cole. Virginia. Denton Coleman, Davidine, 48 Stengel Newark. N. J. 113 -129 Coleman. Martha Page, 63 Main St., Hilton Village. Va 37-173-209 Coleman, Mary Jane, 24 Tacoma St., Asheville—- 113 Collins, Celeste Freeda. Paw Creek 129 Collins, Josephine. 306 S. Aycock St., Greensboro Collison, Helen, 708 Fifth Ave.. Greensboro Comins, Jean. 2030 Washington St.. Bluefield W. Va. 91 129-156 -165-193 Conboy. Evelyn M rv. Old Bnarcliff Rd.. Scarborough. N Y _91-157 Conley. Barbara Mock. 408 W. Vance St.. Wilson Conrad, Mildred L , Conrad. Sarah Conway, 1211 Madison Ave., Greensboro. 715 N. Fulton St. . Salisbury Conyers. Alice. Yo ungsville__ Cook. Anna Mae. Valle Crucis Cook, Elizpbeth Carolina. Ill Brooks Ave.. Raleigh Cook, Lucille, 19 Marion St.. Clover. S. C— Cooke, Elizabeth Moore, 405 Mason St.. Franklintor Cooke. Margaret Jackson. Aulander Cooley. Agnes, Wagram... Coolev. Josephine. 1600 West End Place, Greensboro Cooney. Eileen. 318 Ardmore Ave.. Trenton, N. J. Cooper. Dorothy Graves. 218 N. William St., Hender Cooper, Eleanor Susan, Dobson Cooper, Geraldine Gray, 619 Scott Ave.. Greensboro Covington, Tommie. Lurnberton 37-146 129 38-169 91-165 38-165 38-164 31-187-211-212 Ql-173 129-163 ion 38 139 113-157-158 3R-I ; 2 113-193 Cox. Eugenia. Mount Cox. Helen. 105 S. James St., Goldsboro 113-146-212 Cox, Hilda Elizabeth. Troy ___ 129 Cox, Janet. 305 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro 129 Cox. Jeanne Cole, 211 Elm St.. Asheboro __129 Cox, Jewell Frances. Box 1139. Greensboro 129 Cox. Julia Eugenia. Reynolda Rd., Winston-Salem 113 Cox, Kathryn, Fremont . _____91 Cox, Marguerite Marie, 1311 Spring Garden St.. Greensboro 91-146-212 Cox, Mary Ada. 106 E James St.. Mount Olive ,, ,, 113 Cox, Mary Frances. 305 N. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 38-196 Cox. Nancy Mary, P. O. Box 425. Nashville ___ 129 Cox. Virginia Dare, Box 1139. Greensboro 91 CrandaU, Emily Potter. 780 Riverside Dr.. New York City. N. 129-158 y Esther. 501 W. Council St., Salisbury 129 65 Hoodridge Dr., Pittsburgh. Pa 25-129 Crav Crawford. Su; Creech, Polly Bryan. 8404 Bradm Bethesda. 20-25-39-75-169-189 Creef. Margaret Ann. Manteo 130 Crooks, Phyllis. 386 S. Union St.. Concord 23-25-91-107-174 Crooks, Sara. 33 Academy St.. Concord .... 91-205-214 Croom. Norma. 311 Walnut. Wilmington 39 Cross. Elizabeth. 83 S. Spring St., Concord Crotts. Gilda Jane, 519 Percv St., Greensboro Crotts. Sybil Virginia, Newsom 130 Crowder. Ruth Walker. Box 22. Lattimore 130 Crowell. Emily. 1030 S. Blvd.. Charlotte 91-174-184-187-199-211 Crowell. Frances. 1030 S. Blvd.. Charlotte — Crumpler, Marv Jennette, Svcamore St.. Clinton ._113 Crumpton, Nell. Roxboro.- — 39-148 Cruse. Frances. 2003 Robin Hood Rd.. Winston-Salem.. 130 Crutchfleld, Clarice. Route 1, Guilford College... 130 Culler. Norma. 1711 Chilton St., Baltimore. Md 130 Culpepper. Myra, 4435 N. Pershing Dr.. Arlington. Va. 91-150 Culpepper, Sara. 4435 N. Pershing Dr.. Arlington Va. 113 Cummings. Elizabeth C. 313 S. Hamilton St.. High Point 130 Cummings. Elizabeth, Route 3. High Poii Cunningham. Kathryn. 215 Linden Ave. Raleigh Curtis. Marian Jeanne. 73 State Ave., Alamosa. Colo 130 — D— Dahlin. Betty La Verne. 735 Brummel St.. Evanston. 111. 91-171-178-187-214 Dahlfn. Evelyn Marie, 735 Brummel St., Evanston. Ill „ 130 pail, Julia Marie, Route 1, La Grange.. 912 Henley Place. Charlotte Daniels, Josephir Daniels, Marv, 912 He: Darden, Beatrice. 1314 Fort Bragg Rd.. Favetteville 91-171-174-185 Dark, Emmie Crawford. Siler Cit " 91 Dark. Maxine, 925 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 39-164-165 Daughterly. Virginia. 155 Craven St.. New Bern 91-171-187-193-205 Daughtridge, Mary Lee, 615 Tarboro St., Rockv Mount 39 Davenport. Dorothy Aycock. Pantego 130 Daves, Norma Lee. 804 Harrington St.. Greensboro 113-146-159 Davfs. Barbara, 526 Highland Ave.. Greensboro 113-211-212 Davis, Betty, 105 Pine St.. Boone 130 Davis, Mrs. Dewey_____ ______ Davis, Dorothy Virginia, Route 2. Salisbury 113 Davis, Elizabeth. P. O. Box 87, Manteo 130-158 Davis, Frances C, Raccoon Ford, Va 92-174 Badin Hendersonville. . Dickens, Mary Lewis, Roxboro... Illinois Ave.. Southern Pines 113-163-187-199 Linneld. N. J._ 130 Draper 130 ...— Dixon, Martha Hardy. 208 S. McLewean St., Kmston Ruby Lee, Route Dobbins. Anne. Yadkinville.- _ 40 Dobbins. Grace. Yadkinville _ 92 Doby, Sara Elizabeth, 312 Glenn St.. Albemarle 113 Doggett. Mary Elizabeth. Route 3, Greensboro 113-187 Downey, Priscilla, 176 Summit Av Dozier. Norma. 122 S. Franklin St Draughan. Mary Lou. 92-156-159-165 .. Upper Montclair. N. J 40 Rocky Mount 92-174-182 Durham- Drew. Dorothy Winter. 60 Strawberry Hill. Stamford. Conn.. Driggers, Earleen. 2419 Patterson Av Duffy, Bradley Clarke, 28 Pollock St.. New Bern_ 113 DuFour, Elizabeth. Box 296. Chappaqua. N. Y 40-186-187-205 Dunlap. Armantine. 6 Hall St., Wadesboro 113-171-187-199-214 25 Little St., Wadesboro — Dunn. Marjorie Gray. 403 Watts St., Williamston Dunn, Mary. 421 Grace St., Rocky Mount Dunnagan, Mildred Blanche. Yadkinville. .... punning. Emily, 739 Roanoke Ave.. Roanoke Rapids ... Dwiggins. Julia B., 216 Tate St.. Dyer, Georgianna, 514 East St.. Flint, H Dysart, Erra Maude. Route No. 4, Mari Dysart, Mary Lee. 144 Prospect St., Leno Earlie, Pamelia Niles, 1036 W. Market St., Greensboro. .92-156-: Early. Emily. Ahoskie 40-173-185-187- Easley, Evelyn Harris. 110 S. Cherry St., Winston-S Iem 25-92-158-163- Edgerton. Ann Dixon, 810 E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro _._: Edmondson. Cornelia, E. Main St.. Plymouth 40-202-205-: Edmunds, Isabel B.. 2701 Dulancy Ave., Lynchburg. Va. Edwards. Betty Agnes. Snow Hill Edwards. Eleanor Anne. 38 Lawrence Place. Asheville ... Edwards, Joanne. 227 Steilan Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 29-40- 169-186-187 Edwards, Mary Frances. 27 Stanford PL, Montclair. N. J Edwards. Molly. Pine Tops 41-! Efland, Stella May. Efland 114- Eifert, Ruth Emilv. Route 1. Box 144 West End Ellington. Bettv Whvte. 226 E. Park Dr.. Raleigh 41-: Elliott, Ann Eliza. Route 3. Favetteville 41-: Elliott, Shirley Robertson. Woodland. ... . . 92-152-154-163-: Ellis, Florence Royal, W. Lexington Ave., High Point Ellis. Marjorie. Box 183. Belle Glade. Fla. Ellis, Mary Lee, Boone Rd.. Leaksville.__ . Ellis. Molly Bugg, Raleigh Rd., Henderson. M» Rd. , Winston-Salem napolis, Md. Erickson, Audrev Elaine 830 Bay Ridge Av Erwin. Pansy Willene. Newland 92- Eskey. Kathryn Frances, 429 Sherwood Ave., Roanoke, Va.— 130- Estep. Grace Dean. 510 W. Market St.. Greensboro Estes. Hazel Mae, 1205 Wall St., Durham . Estes. Irma Ellen, 1006 McGee St . Greensboro Etheridge, Hallie Walker, Whitakers Evans. Kathryn O.. 31 Columbia Ave . Lynchburg, Va.. Evans. Racheal Garrison, Murfreesboro Everett. Dorothy Louise. Ahoskie. __F— Fakf, Anna Louise, 217 Oakridge A Fayetteville 114-151-152-189-197 th St.. Wilmington 114 Falls, Mildred Virginia. Route 3. Box 222, Greensboro. Fant. Elizabeth. 614 W. Warren St.. Shelbv Fant, Eva Margaret. 614 W. Warren St.. Shelby. Farlow, Nannie Lee, Sophi. atrice. Route 1. Norwood. Farrell, Callie Vick. Pittsboro— Farthing. Josephine. Sugar Grove _. Faulk. Christine. Fairmont 114-154-170-171 Faulkner, Frances White, 204 E. Blount St., Kinston 114-163 Faw, Eva, Route 2, Hillsboro 140 Feiker, June M., 2137 Fan croft PL. N.W., Washington, D. C._92-151 .92-171 41-82-173-186-187 Ferguson, Ruth, Bryson City . 114 Ferguson. Sarah. Route 2, Graham 140 Ferris. Nancy Jane. 203 Wiley St.. Greensboro — Few, Louise, Ridgecrest PI.. Hendersonville 114-158-159 Fife, Anita Shelton, 1320 1 - W. Market St., Greensboro— 114-158-159 42 Finch, Alice Jean. 318 E. Park Dr., Raleigh. Finch, Mrs. C. F Fishel. Katherine Harriett. 2208 Sunnvside Ave . Winston-Sa.em-130 Fisher, Anna Elizabeth, E. Washington Ext.. Greensboro 92-209 Fiske. Muriel, 306 Parkway, Greensboro 114-214 Flanagan. Joan, 15 N. Wilburn Ave.. Baldwin. L. I.. N. Y 93-155 Flandreau, Judith Frances, 29 Dale Ave., Allendale, N. J._ Fleet, Sarah, 425 E. Hendrix St.. Greensboro... Flippln, Mary Jo. 2110 Wright Ave., Greensboro Flowers. Dorothy Belle. Route 1, Box 58A, Council Floyd, Marilynn, Fairmont Fokes. Eleanor Virginia. 314 Wenona St.. Ocalo, Fla. Foley, Gladys. Eflrd St.. c o W. R. Blackburn, Wins _130 93-152-187 -Salem_130 42-174 Forbes. Nell, New Hope Rd., Gastonia Forbes, Susan, 1006 Branch St.. Wilson Forster, Clara, 1924 Sunset Dr., Raleigh Forster, Grace Elizabeth. 1924 Sunset Dr.. Raleigh sboro 93-174-196 Franck. Grace Aline. Scotland Neck 42-151-154 Frank, Carlyn. 259 Highland Ave . Ridgewood. N. J 42-179 Franklin, Emily Suiter, 710 Arcadia Ave., Winston-Salem 93-174 Betty Sue, Badin Frazier, Lois, Spray Freehof. Joan Phyllis, 335 E. 18th St Freeman, Mary Blanche, Norwood French, Dorothy. 94 Sunnyside Ave., Pleasantville. N Fritts, K. Wanda. Route 1, Lexingto: 140 42-169-174 Brooklyn. N. Y 93 Fulton. Sara Elizabeth, Walnut Cove Furr, Dorothy. N. Main Ave., Newton Furr, Sarah Kathryn, Main St.. Oakboro Gabriel. Margie. 601 6th St.. North Wilkesboro 93 Gabriel. Sarah Frances. Terrell _. — Gainey. Helen Kirkpatrirk. Route 7. Favetteville . ...114-151 Gainey. Sarah Amelia. Route 7. Favetteville .42-158-187-189-197 Gardner. Dora Hermine. 83 Cedar St.. Concord — Gardner. Jane Spencer. 118 Pierce St.. Washington 130-158 Gardner. Margaret, Mt. Gilead 93-154 Garner, Anne Elizabeth, Newport. fli Garner, Carolina. 1924 Bav St.. Charlotte 130 Gaskins, Inez Elaine. 13 Pollock St.. New Bern. 140 Gattis. Emilv. Four Oaks 130 Gattis. Martha Ann. Clayton 43 Geeks, Virginia Margaret 30 Malrion St.. Malverne. N. Y 93-205 Gehring. Clara. 2410 White Oak Rd . R,ilrigh — Geiger. Ray, 1046 Patton St . Hendersonville .. . 93-163-171-174 Gelston, Marjorie Andras. 239 Hudson PI . Hudson Heights. N. J. 93-174-197-214 Gentry, Martha Warren. 1503 Northfield St.. Greensboro 93 Gen-ell. Betty Jo. 1509 Fairmont St.. r.reensboro — Gessner, Margaret, 901 Winona Dr.. Youngstown. Ohio 130 Gessner. Martha. 901 Winona Dr.. Youngstown. Ohio 130 Gibbons, Helen Weaver, 205 Svlvan Ave., Hamlet 43-174 Gibson, Emma Lee. Route 1. Laurinburg ll4 Gibson, Helen. 405 Howell St., High Point _ 130 Gilbert. Ruth. Black Mountain 43 O- ' rhrst. Marcia Ehznheth. Brown Summit 93-146 Gill. Ruthana. 9th Battalion, E.V.C.. Fort Belvier. Va. 43-146-211 Gill. Sarah. Kittrell 93 Gillespie. Anna Lockwood. Route 3. Hartsville. S. C 159-163 Gilliam. Mary Elizabeth. 131 N Race St.. Statesville 43-174 Gilmore. Dorothy Faye Park Hills. Spartanburg. S. C 130-137 Glass, Evelvn Couch. Tabernacle Rd.. Greensboro 130-163 Glavick. Elizabeth Ann, Dellwood Rd . Wavnesville 43-152-164-171 Glaze, Frances. 1028 S. College St.. Charlotte... _93-159-i89-l97 Gleim, Margaret Elizabeth, c o Col. R. F. Gleim, 21 0 Coast Artillery. Fort Sheridan, 111 115-189 Glenn. Eleanor, Gatesville__ ____„_ 93 Glenn. Mildred Elizaheth, 649 East Court St.. Mprion 93-146-158-193 Goble. Martha. 85 Woodside Ave . Newton, N. J 93-173-187 Godbey. R. Elizabeth Forest Hills. Winston-Salem 93-158-159 Godbold, Mary. 902 Randolph. South Boston. Va.— _ 43-169 Goforth, Mary Elizabeth. 1812 Thomas Ave . Charlotte 43-150 Golden. Jane Stuart 325 Hamilton St., Leaksville 93 Goldman, Beatrice, 29 Hancock St., New Bern ...43-179 Goldston. Virginia Anne. GoMston . 130 Gordon. Mary Lois. W Main St., Pilot Mountain 93-171-174-187-189 Gore. Margaret Ann, Weldon 25-140-215 Gorham. Isla Cutchin. 601 Eastern Ave.. Rockv Mount 115-158 Oosselin, Shirley Ann. 589 W. End Blvd.. Winston-Salem— 115-163 Gottheirner, Jean Marks. Route 7, Box 794. Charlotte 94 Gottheimer, Rita. Route 7, Box 794. Charlotte ...115-157-158 Grace, Jane A., Carolina Ave, Hazelwood 94 Grady, Carolyn. 212 W. Trinitv Ave.. Durham- 94-158-174 Grady, Leila S., Box 35, Kenly 131-158 Grady, Martha Elizabeth. 904 Carev Rd., Kinston 131 Graham, Anna D., Military St.. Oxford— . 131 Graham, Lillian __ 140 Graham, Mary Agnes. Box 55. Peachland 115 Oraham. Pat. Route 3. Fayetteville 25. 148 Grandy, Mary Gibson. Laurinburg 115 Grant. Edith Margaret, 41 Pulliam St., Marion 131-159 Grantham, Jean. W. Nash St., Wilson _-_ 21-25-43 Grantham. Margaret Ferrell. 907 Douelas St., Greensboro 94 Graves, Caroline. 1713 E Blvd.. Charlotte 131 Graves. Zadie. Box 42. Greensboro 115 Gray. Katherine A., 309 N. 16th St.. Wilmington— 115 Grayson. Martha Lee. 220 Cherry Mountain St., Forest City ... 44 Greene, Mary Louise. Route 1. Morrisville 131-148 Greene. Ruth Elizabeth. Route 1. Clyde 115 Gregory, Jean Harrison. Halifax „ 115 Gregson. Mary Moffltt. 514 Hamlet Ave.. Hamlet 44-164 Grier. Mary Eleanor, 939 Davis Ave.. Statesville 131 Grier. Mary Frances. Route 3. York Rd., Charlotte 131 Griffin, Aylett Louise, 130 Norwood Ave., Asheville 94 Griffin, Camilla Vaughan. 16 King St.. New Bern 131-137 Griffin. Dorothy Miller. 538 Oakland Ave.. Charlotte 25-44-211 Griffin. Janet Anderson. 201 E. End Ave.. Statesville 115 Griffin. Dorothy, Greensboro Rd.. Reidsville — Grigg, Dorothy Claire. 607 W. Marion St.. Shelby 131 Grimsley, Cynthia Tull. 921 Carolina Ave., Winston-Salem 115-178-189-193 Grose, Vera. Harmony 44 Gueth. Dorothy, P. O. Box 1381. High Point 94-211-212 Guilbert. Anne. Woodleith Dedham. Mass .......115-154-212 Guin, Maribelle. 826 N. Elm St., Greensboro 44-148 Guion, Harriet Lane. 41 Johnson St., New Bern 131 Guion. Julia. 59 New St.. New Bern 44 Guion, Pattie Rodman, 99 E. Front St., New Bern —.115-212 Gulledge. Evelyn Ann, Morven 131 Gunn, Ruth Helen. Route 3, Reidsville—.. 44-146-159-169-197-212 Gurganus, Ethel Gray, 712 Marigold St.. Rocky Mount— 131 Guthrie, Cora D.. Vanceboro 115 Guy, Jane, Newland ,131 Two Hundred Forty-on STUDENT DIRECTORY- £„w. Page No. Gwvn. Frances Anne. 1805 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro ,._,. 140 Gwyn. Mary. 249 N. Main St.. Mount Airy 44-174 — H— Haesloop. Mary F — Haft. Norma Grace. 211 Central Park West, New York City. N. Y. 131 Hagaman, Laura Ruth. Water St.. Boone— _ ___ 115-159 Hair. Jean. Hillcrest. Gastonia 94-150-191-212 Haizlip. Ruth Olive. N. Hamilton St.. Leaksville 131 Hale. Anne Juella. 1216 Courtland Dr.. Raleigh 131-163-189 Hales, Roxanna, 720 S. Tarboro St.. Wilson 131 Hall. Annie Louise. Woodsdale 45 Hall, Carol Rogers. 66 National Ave.. New Bern 44-164-202-203 Hall. Dons Mae. Woodsdale 131 Hall. Harriet. Route 3. Box 207. Greensboro 45 Hall. Helen, 110 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington __ 140 Hall. Henrietta. Mount TJlla 115-212 Hall. Martha Whitfield, Church St., Scotland Neck— 131 Hall. Marv Louise. 2529 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh 94 Hall. Olive Ruth. 1916 Market St.. Wilmington — Hall. Sue. 206 Tate St.. Greensboro 115 Hall. Violet Louise. Bahama 45-169-174 Hallenbeck. Marv Ann. 1110 Harding PI.. Charlotte .... 131-209 Halligan. Betth Glenn. 310 S. 16th St.. Wilmington — Hambv, Rebecca, 227 W Harper Ave.. Lenoir _ _ — 140 Hamlin. Doris Wanda. 2329 Queen St.. Winston-Salem _.__45-169-215 Hammer, Betsv Neil. Gibsonville 94-174 Hammer. Marv Louise. Route 1, Red Bank. N. J..__ ...94-183 Hammond. Frances. 31 Ave. A.. New Bern 45-169-174 Hamrick, C Elizabeth. Box 437. Davidson 94-174 Hamnck. Margaret, Route 3. Shelby 94-174 Hamrick. Minnie Carolvn, Box 216. Ellenboro 131 Hamrick, Sara Mundy. 849 W. Marion St., Shelby 94 Hanks. Juliana. 1717 W. First St.. Winston-Salem _ 115 Hanna, Rachel Stowe, Route 3, Gastonia 131 Hansen. Evelyn Gould. Central El Ejumplo. Humacao. Puerto Rico 115 Haralson. Laura Katherine, Route 4. Greensboro ___ 140 Hardaway, Jane. Tuxedo 94-158-187-193 Hardee. Grace Marearet. 319 E. Trinity Ave.. Durham __ _115 Harden. Margaret Jean. 1201 Washington St.. Roanoke Rapids 94-146-212 Harding, Ann D.. 25 Ballow St.. Canton 140-174 Harding. Josie, 118 E. Fourth St. Washington 45-174-178 Hardison, Ann, 224 Lee Ave.. Wadesboro 94-158 Hardison. Sarah. 915 Holt Drive. Raleigh__ _ 94-174 Hardy. Lou, 108 Weatherspoon St.. Sanford 45-169-185 Harkey, Nanearle. Route 2, Mocksville 45 Harper. Ida, 700 Svcamore St., Rockv Mount 115-213 Harper. Julie H , 3226 Woodlev Rd.. Washington. D. C 131-189 Harrell. Elizabeth Colerain 45-152-171-173 Harrell. Margie Rhea. Colerain. 115 Harrell. Vivian. 1921 Pender Ave. Wilmington 45 Harrelson. Mildred. 359 E. Market St.. Reidsville 94-174 Harrelson. Virginia Belle. 1414 Fort Bragg Rd . Favetteville„.46-174 Harrill. Marjorie Anne, 17 Monroe PI.. Asheville 131 Harrington. Mary Spencer, Box 304, Aberdeen 131 Harris. Frances Lee, Roseboro . 131 Harris, Henrie, Carolina Hotel, Winston-Salem 115-152-171-189 Harris. Jane Brooks. Wake Forest 131-215 Harris. Maria. 406 E. 2nd St., Washington 140 Harris. Martha Rachel. Sherwood 94-174 Harris. Mary Carv. Inez 94-165 Harris. Mary Will. Box 56. Stem 94 Harris. Nan Lacy. Wake Forest 131 Harris. Nancy Lewis. Inez — Harrison, Evelyn Elaine. Whitakers ._ 94 Harrison, Helen Katherine. 223 Washington St.. Plymouth 94-154-158-174 Harrison. Mary Virginia, Windsor Farms. Richmond, Va..- 46-171 Harrison. Sarah Ann, 636 D St., N.E.. Washington. D. C 115-159 Hart. Nellie. Route 3. Oxford 94 Hartley, Miriam S.. 104 Walnut St., Lumberton 115 Harvey. Mrs. E. T — Harward Carolyn, 613 S. Duke St., Durham ___131-137 Hasche. Geraldine, 1300 Buffalo St.. Johnson City, Tenn 115 Hasty, Billie, Laurinburg 131 Haugh. Benton Rebecca — Hauser. Anna Roe. Box 449. Mt. Airy.._ 95-174-187 Hauser, Betty Jo. 227 Woodrow Ave,, High Point 115 Hawes. Katherine Patricia. Box 5. Atkinson 46-169-174 Hawley. Elizabeth Coble. 108 N. William St.. Goldsboro .... 131 Hayes. Betty. 1005 Glenwood Ave. Greensboro . — Hayman. Dorothv Adaire, 4809 Virginia Ave., Newport News. Va. 131-189 Haymo. Elsie — Haynes, Alyce Wayne, Welcome ... . 131 Haynes, Grace Frasier. 625 Maupin Ave. Salisbury 115 Haynes, Margaret. 3i0 N Driver Ave.. Durham 46 Haynes. Virginia Louise. 1606 West End PI., Greensboro . .131 Heath. Sarah Elizabeth. Route 1. Harmony 95 Hedgepeth, Lois, Route 3. Ahoskle 46-174-196-214 Heffner. Ruth M.. Route 3. Box 177. Greensboro 46-153-187-189-191-199 Hefner. Violet D.. Wingate 46 Heilner. Louise Smith. 908 Edgewood Ave., Pelham N. y. , 131 Helburn. Betty, 1606 S. Hull St., Montgomery. Ala — — 131 Helsabeck, Frances, King — Hemphill, Kathryn Louise. 1107 Bellevxie St.. Greensboro — Hendrlx, Dorothy, 545 S. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro 27-95-197 Hennessee, Carrol. Pinehurst 95-150-197 Henning. Frances. 422 S 4th St.. Albemarle 46-202-203 Henning. Mary Ann. 422 S. 4th St.. Albemarle 25-131-158 Henry, Doreen. 705 South St.. Peeksklll. N. Y. 95-169-171 Henry. Frances Lee. 623 Sycamore St.. Rockv Mount 22-25-46-164 Hensdale, Frances, 1103 Mav St., Favetteville ill Herring. Rachel, Raleigh Rd , Favettevllle.__ 115 Herring. Rebecca. Raleigh Rd.. Favetteville lis Hetz Marjorie 1626 Virginia St.. Charleston. W. Va 95 Hewitt. Isabella mo Fisher Park Circle. Greensboro 46-173-187-209 Hewitt. M?ry Wood 799 South St.. Portsmouth. N. H 131-137-156 Heyn. Sophia E.. P. O. Box 35. Caguas. Puerto Rico______131 Hiatt. Patricia, Pilot Mountain . 131 Hicks. Alma M,. 149 First St.. Hanes 131 Hicks. Barbara Ann, 4550 Connecticut A%-e.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. ..____ _ ___ 127-131 Hicks, Eva Geraldine. Route 7 Winston-Salf ni __ _ 47-169-174 Hicks, Marv Clark. 304 N. George St.. Goldsboro 131 Hicks Matttlle Irwin 111 Hillsboro. Franklinton_— _ 115-154 Higdon. Helen, Webster 47-148 Hig-zms Helen Irene. Route 1. Guilford College 5 High. Frances, 718 S. Tarboro St.. Wilson 47-163-169 High. Gray. 335 Mclver St., Greensboro Highfill. Frances Loraine. Coats ' ' ,.174 Highsmith, Ann, Randleman Rd.. Greensboro 116 Highsmith. Joyce. Currie 131 Hilderman. Catherine Eliz., Pine Cone Lodge, Southern Pines r,„_ . 47-80-196 Hildeiman, Helen Long, 84 E. Massachusetts Ave.. Southern Pines 116 Hill, Flayree. Box 12. Union Mills 47-174 Hill. Joan, 159 East 49th St.. New York City, N. Y 116-154 Hill. Julia Ragsdale. P. O. Box 85. Montreal 131 Sill, Lillie Mabel. YadkinvlUe - - Hill, Pauline. Yadkinville 131 Hill. Ruth Evelyn, Route 2. Smithfield... ... 116 Page No. Hilton. Hilda E.. Walkertown 95-157-158-159 Hines, Miriam, 212 N. 23rd St.. Wilmington 116 Hmkle. Laura Amelia. 528 S. Main St.. Lexington 95-146-18 ) Hinshaw. Miriam Alice. 3700 E. Bessemer Ave.. Greensboro 95-174-189 Hinton, Delores May. 316 Arch St.. Henderson 140 Hinton, Lula, Pittsboro 47-169-178 Hipp. Martha E.. 402 Victoria St., Greensboro _ 131-152 Hirleman. Elaine. Clemmons 140 Hobbs. Margie Rice, Laurinburg— 131 Hobbs. Ernestine. 310 S. Chapman St., Greensboro 47-169 Hocutt, Marv Lucille, 308 S. Pearl St.. Rockv Mount. _140 Hodgin, Andora. 150 Allen St.. Buffalo. N. Y 131-214 Hodgin. Margaret Frances, 1007 Bellevue St.. Greensboro — Hodgin. Sarah. Route 4. Greensboro 131-158 Hodgin. Uldene I.. Box 45. Guilford 141 Hogan, Gaynelle. Ellerbe ___95 Hohn. Fleta Mae. Route 3. Box 295. Greensboro 95 Hohn. Lois. Route 3. Box 295, Greensboro— 131 Hoke. Dorothy. Gold St.. Kings Mountain 95 Holcombe. Jane. Box 888, Fayetteville 95 Holden. Dorothy Chisholm, 17 Springdale St.. Greensboro 95-159 Holden. Lorena. 2 Justall St. Apts., Greensboro — Holland. Rosemary. 516 Fenton PI.. Charlotte ill Holler, Mollie Leota. 1210 Park Ave.. Greensboro — Hollifleld. Beryl. Spruce Pine 95 Hollingsworth, Grace Garner, 1113 Park Ave, Goldsboro 95 Hollis. Hilda Blanchard, 12 Sudburv Rd., Concord. Mass 47-154 Hollister, Natalie Barbara. 134 Fountain St., Springfield. Mass. Hollowell, Margaret Frances. 625 Hill St.. Rockv Mount— 95 Holmes, Annie Lanier, 410 N Spring St.. Greensboro ,116 Holmes, Doris Virginia. 606 Montlieu Ave.. High Point 47-169-174-187-189 Holmes, Janet Mabel. 91 Hudson Ave.. Red Bank. N. J. _ 131 Holmes. Jean Barbara, 206 E. Fifth St., Burlington 127-131-137 Holmes, Marjorie. 91 Hudson Ave.. Red Bank, N. J. 47-174 Holmes, Mary Louise. N. Elm St., Lumberton 116 Holmes. Rosalie. Snow Hill 1 ifi Holt. Margaret, 2010 Valley Park Dr.. Greensboro 116-165 Holt, Margaret E. (Peggy), 934 Bromley Rd.. Charlotte 95 Holt, Mary Elizabeth. Route 1. Princeton 131 Holt. Rebecca Irene, Route 6. Box 114, Greensboro _____ — Holt. Ruth Arlene, Princeton 48-152-169-171 Holton. Marjorie E.. Main St.. Yadkinville 48-152 Honeycutt. Margaret G , 720 N. Bloodworth St.. Raleigh 95-156 Hood India, Richlands 131-159 Hooke, Eleanor Janice. 1002 Fairmont St., Greensboro 27-116-154 Hooper, Ruth. Horse Shoe __— 116-212 Hoots. Kathleen. 108 West End Blvd.. Winston-Salem .. 48-152 Hoover. Helen Coffey, 418 S Main St.. Lenoir 131-189 Hoover. Nancy Ann, Pineville. __ _ 1 ih Hope. M. Elaine. 1526 Monsev Ave. Scranton. Pa 95 HoDkins, Betty Barbara, Forsvth Rd.. Greensboro 25-96-173-189 Hopkins, Mary Frances. 48 W Depot St.. Concord 96 HoDper. Sarah Saunders, 234 Washington St Leaksville 116-152 Hoppers, Grace. Stratford ne Hornaday, Betty Eleanor, Tabernacle Rd.. Greensboro 116-146 Horton, Dorothv H., Box 213, Zebulon m Horton, Frances, 204 North St . Albemarle 48-147 Horwitz. Betty. 412 Newborn Ave.. Raleigh m House. Eleanora. Newton Grove 48-174 Houseberg. Helen : — Howard. Dorothv. 310 W. Green St.. Wilson 48 Howard. Helen Louise. 100 E McNeelv Ave, Mooresville 141 Howard, Josephine. Fort Bragg 48-187-191-193-196-199 Howard, Louise, Buies Creek 48-169 Howell. Donna, 408 Spring St., Hamlet 48 Howell. Janet, 530 18th St.. Hickory _ 116 Howell, Mary Frances, 15 Cumberland Ave , Asheville 96-174-187-199 Howell, Nancy Scott, 408 Spring St.. Hamlet .48-174 Howerton. Hampton Howser. Betty Louise. 41(1 West 11th St Charlotte 116-214-215 Boyle, Annie Sue. LawndMe. Route 2. Fallston 141 Hoyle, Grace Harris. Route 2. Henderson 131 Hubbard, Mildred Janet, 2105 Oak Ave , Newport News Va 116-163-197 Hudson. Bet tie Margaret, Route 4, Salisbury 156 Hudson, Charlotte. 883 Boulevard East, Weehawken. N. J 96-171-181 Hudson, Helen Irene. 3902 Sprine Garden St.. Greensboro — Hudson. Marguerite. Box 2, Lillington 96 Hudson. Mary. 102 Morehead St.. Morganton 96 Huffman, Mildred. Riverside Dr.. Morganton _ 116 Hugeins. Mildred. 2107 Sixteenth Ave., Hickory 141 Huehes. Anne Gravson. Route 1, New Bern _ 116 Hughes. Carrie Ola. Snow Hill 96 Huehes, Georgie Panniella Oriental 4M« " uehes, Margaret. Belle Havpn 116 Hughes. Grace Bethune Parkton _ 131 Huneycutt, Betty, 5300 Monroe Rd., Charlotte . 116 Huneycutt, Martha E. Route 1. Stanfleld 96 Hunt. Ellen Green, Box 272 Wake Forest 131-152 Hunt. Margaret E.. 436 S. Main St.. Lexington 96-193 Hunter. Audrey Adair 7401 Rdge Blvd., BmnkK-n N. Y... _ .131 Hunter. Sara Jane. Hendersonvllle 25-49-75-169-192-193-197 Hunter. Texie. Tobaccoville ., 96 Hurst. Jule Hunter. 1236 E Morehead. Charlotte HI Hunvitz Evelyn Dean. 212 Llbrdon St., Clinton 49-157-159 Huske, Margaret Fuller. 5308 Huntington Ave.. Newport News. Va. 25 Huskett, Janie Klttrell 49-174 Hutton. Lois Jane. 602 W. Gaston St Greensboro 132 Hylton. Molly Laura. Route 6. Box 258. Greensboro — Hyman, Claire. 2195 Rolling Rd.. Greensboro 49-197 — I— Idol, Nancv Katherine. Pleasant Garden 49-196 Ingram, Mary Elizabeth Elkin 49 Ipock. Julia Anne, 47 Monroe PI.. Asheville 132 Irvln. Elizabeth Anne. Box 226, Balboa, Canal Zone 132 Isley. Mrs Irene P — - Israel. Christine G.. Candler 49-169 Israel. Ilono. 1904 Walker Ave , Greensboro 132 — J— Jackman, Rachel. 2213 E. Seventh St.. Charlotte 132 ■tarkson. Elizabeth, Box 452. Gastonia 96 Jackson, Mrs, Meeta . ________ Jackson, Mildred. 516 S Avcock St., Greensboro 96 Jackson. Nancy Lee. 314 W. Thomas St. Salisbury 116 Jackson. Sybil. 101 Jefferson St.. Morganton 132-159 Jacobs. Mary Lee. 1406 Northfleld St.. Greensboro — James. Alice Long. 301 W. Church St. Laurlnburg__ _ 132 James, Mary Elizabeth. 523 Hammond St., Rockv Mount 116-146 James, Winston. S. Main St.. Laurinburg 96-181-193 Jardine, Eliza beth Isabel Condor Mine, Waxhaw 116-171 Jarman, Margaret, 402 Mitchell St ... Kinston 141 Jarvis, Lura Alden, Moyock 132 .TpfTrevs. Margaret Lvon 822 Hill St.. Rockv Mount H2 Jellison. Marjorie. Midland Rd.. Pinehurst lie, Jenkins. Eleanor Goode. 908 W. Airline Ave.. Gastonia 49-169 Jennings. Marjorie. 201 N Park Dr.. Greensboro— _ — Jesnak. Martha A.. Graham ., .132 Jessup. Audrey Lee. 122 S. Main St.. Mount Airy 132 Johnson, Frances Alexzona. Route 3, Chapel Hill...—.. 132 Johnson, Barbara Godwin, 302 West 79th Si.. New York City. N. Y. 96 Page No. Johnson, Betty Green. Route 1, Lillington._ 96-158-193 Juhn-ion. Betty Louise. 1905 Rolling Rd.. Greensboro 116-209 Johnson, Lillian Chase, 1304 E. Mulberry St.. Goldsboro 116 Johnson. Delores. 16 S Mountain Rd., Millburn N. J 132 Johnson, Helen. 208 S. Tremont Dr.. Greensboro 49-148 Johnson. Irma Louise, Route 4. Box 34. Marion 96 Johnson. Jean, Nutbush Rd.. Hamilton Lakes, Greensboro 132-137-152 Johnson, Katherine Richardson, 220 E. 10th St.. Scotland Neck „ , .- - _ 116-174 Johnson. - Johnson, Johnson. Margaret Betty. Johnson. Memory, 1906 Brantley St., Winston-Salem Johnson, Rachel, 1327 W 4th St.. Winston-Salem Johnson. Susan Elizabeth, Mayodan Johnston. Betty R., King St.. Jones. Betty Jean. 455 Carolina Jones. Betty Joyce, Ramseur Jones. Carrie Lee, 109 Pollock St.. Beaufort Jones. Doris Dorn. 810 Lexington Ave., Greensboro Jones. Dorothea Q.. 3107 Market St.. Wilmington _ Jones. Edna Ruth. La Grange Jones. Frances Lee. 302 Vance St.. Lenoir Jones. Helen Louise, Main St.. Delta. Pa.. Jones. Katherine Isabel. 106 " _ Craven St. Jones. Lee Mae. Route 2, Wendell New Bern — _96-174 Jones. Margaret. Route 1. Reidsville Jones. Mary Charlotte. 4 E. Main St.. Jones, Mary Ellsworth, Wallace Jones. Virginia Gray. 302 Vance St.. Lenoir Jordan. Carolyn Huntington. Elizabethtown _50 Jordan. Elizabeth. Carolina Beacti 117-170-193-197 Jordan. Patience, 319 Riverside Dr.. Belhaven 96-158-174-187 Jorgensen, Jean, 610 W. 115th St.. New York Citv. NY _— Josey. Sallye Spears, Park Ave.. Wilson 50-150-183 Joslyn, Amy Elizabeth. 2806 Evans St.. Morehead City 50-157- 159 -180- 197-202 " - 203 -205-212 Joyce, Gladys Elizabeth, Mavodan m; Joyner. Frances S.. Route 2. Wilson.. 97-165 Jung. Elizabeth Doris. 616 Main St., Norfolk. Va 50-171 Justice, Catherine. Canton 97-151 — K— Kassler. Ethel. 543 Victoria Ave., Gaffnev, S. C. _ 97-174 Katzenberg, Nancy, 4902 N. 12th St.. Philadelphia, Pa 132-189 Kearney. DeLon Cooper, 612 Svcamore St., Rockv Mount 117-163-189-193 Keck. Alberta Louise, Route 2, Snow Camp 50-174 Keel, Frances Alethea, 325 Nash St, Rockv Mount 117 Keeter, Georgia Mack, State Hospital, Morganton _ 97-181-197 Charlotte 117-163 Keete ' Keister, Alice. Gr eensboro.. Keister. Jane. 1617 S. College Park Dr., Greensboro 97-174 Keith. Max, 1406 W. Market St.. Greensboro — Keith. Ruth Deborah, Sylvan PI.. Huworth. n J 50-173 Kellam, Marv Frances. 1705 Lakewood Ave., Durham 117-211 Keller, Mozelle. Route 3. High Point Kellv, Carolyn Anderson, 1210 Hv: Kelly. Catherine. 537 Highland Avi Hendersonville ... _132 Kemp. Helen Work, 1909 N. Highland St. Arlington. Va. 97-209 Kendall, Eleanor, Johns 97 Kendall, Marlanna. 113 Mclver St.. Greensboro 141 Ki?ndnck, Janet, 1010 Fairmont St.. Kidd. Annie. Lovingston. Va.. Kilgore. Betty Lou. 612 Ocean Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Killebrew. Katherine. Saint Pauls._ Killebrew. Margaret. Saint Pauls_... Kimball. Mary L.. 1705 Greenleaf St . Roval Oak Mich 50-146-169-189-?lI King. Hazel Mary, 1918 Nun St.. Wiln uw. 117 117-147-193-214 King, Mary Elizabeth King Mildred Elizabeth, 608 Tarboro St Rocky Mount 117 King. Nancy Dixon. 502 Church. Greensboro 51-157-1 8 King, Nancy Jane. Armfield Farm. High Point 51-174 King, Rachel Regan, St. Pauls 97-171 Kinlaw, Margaret. Route 5, Favetteville _97-187 Kirby, Nancy, 3601 Park Rd.. Charlotte 109-117-152-191-209-211 Klrkland. Martha Barnes. Raleigh Rd . Wilson 87-97-107-174 Kirkman. Jean — Kirkman, Leta Mave Pleasant Garden Kirkman. Mabel Ailene, 1303 Aslieboro. Greensboro 117 Kirkman, Mary Moling Pleasant Garden __ .. 117-152-1R9 Kirkman. Peeev. fiRl Perrv St.. Greensboro 132 Kirschner. Elaine Marie 139 E Market St.. York. Pa 132 Kirschner, Marv Elizabeth. 139 E. Market St.. York Pa 117-154 Knight, E Howell, Stnkesdale __ 132 Knofsky, Betty Jean, 48 Austin Ave., Asheville 51-173 Knott. Carolyn. Route 1. Oxford.. -97-171 .51-173 -97-174 25-51-174 Knott, Marv Frances, Route 2. Oxford Knotts. Mildred. Lilesville Knox. Doris. 215 Irwin Ave.. Charlotte- Knox, Martorie Knox, Sarah Ruth. Bea: Koonce, Anit Koonce. Nell Russell. 2103 Mvrtle Ave., Raleigh —ornegay. Delia Fave, Dover Kossow, Irene, 2901 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn. N Y Koury, Bernice Elizabeth, 719 Dlllard St.. Greensboro Kramer, Mollie. 401 S. Franklin St.. Whitevillc Kugler. Lucille Nolte, 37 Oak St.. Salem, N, J Kuhn. Marion A.. Davidson . Kupferer, Harriet, 666 E, Twenty-third St . Paierso Kutzleb. Adele, Catonsvflle. Md Kyle. Margaret Anne. 234 Green St.. Fayetteville Lackey, Aurelia. Legerwood Ladner, Charlotte. 12 New St.. Paulsboro. N J Laing. Marguerite Eleanor, 273 W. Englewood Ave. West Englewood. N. J. Lambeth. Carmele Cecil, 810 English St High Point __ Lancaster. Dorothv Baker. 107 W. Saint Johns St.. Tarboro— 97-173 Lane. Sadie Estell, 512 William St., Henderson 132 Langley, Winifred, 501 Hammond St., Rockv Mount 97-174 Large, Norma Doris, 936 Svcamore St., Rockv Mount 51-163-169-171-197 Larson. Verna. 21 Snowden PI , Glen Ridge. N. J.___ .91 Lassiter. Martha, Clayton , 117 Latham, Barbara Ruby. 113 Jenkins St.. Oneida, N. Y 132 Laughrldge. Marguerite L.. 49 Pulliam Heights. Marion Law Dais; 97-163-187-214 Manning. 106 Warren St., Wilson- Laws. Elizabeth Belle. Oxford Rd.. P. O. Box 311. Henderson.- 132 Layne, Lilian, 912 Rotary Dr.. High Point 51-169-211-212 Two Hundred Forty-two STUDENT DIRECTORY- Canted Page No Lazarus. Louise Cecelia. 831 Oakland St.. Hendersonville_117-154-212 Lazenby. Marguerite. 625 W. End Ave.. StatesviUe 97 Leary. Edna Earle. 112 McGlaghon, Ahoskie — „_ 117 Lebaron. Grace. Oak Ridge — Lee. Frances, Newton Grove_ _117-156 _I17-165 _51-174 Leftwich, Ruby Janetta, Route 3. Winston- Salem... Lehman. Carolyn Dean. 123 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh 117-146-171-212 312 W. 89th St., New York City. N. Y. Levis. Dorothy Imogene. 707 St. John ' s Rd.. Baltimore. Md. 117-163-165-187 Levis, Katheryne Crook, 707 St. John ' s Rd., Baltimore. Md. 117-163-165-187 Lewellyn. Marv Vaughn. Walnut Cove 117-212 Lewin. Dons Elinor. 309 Sunset Dr.. Greensboro 132 Lewis. Daphne. 1202 Hill St.. Greensboro 27-118-157-158-159 Lewis. Martha Reid. Dalla; Lewis. Meta. 226 Rutherford St.. Wadesboro_ Liebig. Adele. 880 DeCraw Ave.. Newark. N. Box 306, Tryo Lincoln, Margaret Hartndge, 26-98-107-173-189-197 317 W. Eighth St.. Charlotte 118 414 Gatewood Ave., High Point 132 Linder, Edna Lindeman, Susanne, Lindsay, Mary Elizabeth. 704 W. Farris Ave., Lindsey, Helen. Williamston_ Litchfield. Don 108 Park St.. Emporia. Va. 52-169-196-202-205-211-212-214 Lithgo, Katherine. 539 Highland Ave., Greensboro 141 Little, Helen Ada. Claremont— Little. Kathryn Gray. 2644 Stockton St., Little. Margaret. 1003 Wharton St., Lollar, Maida Janet. Rutherfordton_ London, Long. Ann Sturg Long. Dessie Eug Long. Katherine. Franklii Louise, Rockingham.. Long. Mary Jon, 803 W. Franklin St., Monroe„ Long. Rachael Elizabeth. Bahama Longest, Hilda. 710 E. Walnut St.. Goldsboro. _ _ Lore, Mary Eugenia. 505 S. Fifth St., Smith field- Lowe, Cornelia, Chester, Va._ Lum. Audrey Irene, 205 Rotarv Ave.. Greenville _ Lumpkin, Margaret. 12 Vine St.. Franklinton_— Lupton. Antoinette, 412 E. Walnut St., Goldsboro Lutterloh. Myrtle. Pittsboro Lyda. Jean. Route 1, Flat Rock- Columbus, Ga- Lynch. Patric; Anne, 43 Peyster Ave.. Albany, N. Y._ Lyon, Linda. Creedmoore_ — M— McAdams. Dorothv. Graham McAllister, Harriet. No. 145. Mount Pleasant- McBride, Anne. Phifer St., Marshville.. McBride, Dorothy, Phifer St., Marshville McBryde, Carolyn. Raeford McCabe. Marga: Hope. 210 Brugess St.. Elizabeth City_ McCall. Mar McCloy. Bennie. 19351 Danbury. Detroit. Mich. McConnell. Peggy, 1322 Mordecai Dr., Raleigh McCoy. Anne, Route 4. Charlotte McCullough, Ruth May. Roseville, 111 McDonald, Beth. Timberland McDonald. Carey. Gibson_ MacDonald, Lynn, Chipolah Rd., Kannapolis_ McDowell, Anne Irene, Box 955. Spencer McDuffie, Dorothy Deal, 130 Granite St.. Henderson McDuffie. Mary Helen, Route 1. Box 94. Clarkton__ 53-155-173-193-214 McFarland. Ruth Maria. Tryon McGehee, Eloise. Route 3. Box 445, Greensboro McGhee. Nancy. Norlir McGlammery. June Elizabeth, Mont View. Lenoir_ McGuire. Ruby. Hickory Rd., Box 791. Lenoir_ McKeever, Georgia Mae. Kennebec, South Dak McKeithan. Rebecca, 128 Mclver St.. Greenshn McKeithan. Mary Rankin, 315 Person St.. McKinney, Evelyn. Jamestown_ McKnight, Julia Ann Fayetteville 118-158-189-193 _132-158 McLaurin. Barbara L., 200 Matheson St.. Bennettsville, S. C. 25-53-196 McLean, Mary Edna, 118 S. Lawrence St.. Rockingham_98-187-199 McLean. Mary Emaline. Sampson St., Clinton 132 McLean. Sara Brock. 17 Sunset Parkway, Asheville . _98 McLendon. Margaret, 315 Fayetteville Rd.. Rockingham 53-164 McLennan. Marietta. 329 E. Bragg St.. Greensboro 53 McLeod, Mozelle M.. Route 2, Box 189. Jonesboro_ Page No. McLure. Jame Webber. 144 Shenandoah Rd.. Hampton. Va 118-159 McMillan. Claudia. 333 Mclver St., Greensboro — Thelma. Polkville_ Martitia. 311 W. Church St., Laurinburg- McNeelv. Marv White. Marginet St., Cooleemee McNeely. Virginia. S. Lafayette St., Shelby McNeill. Elizabeth. Fairmont- McPherson. Dorothy, 625 Arlington St., Greensboro 98 McPherson. Marian Frances, 400 E. Bessemer Ave., Greensboro- 133 MacQueen. Mary Kathryn, Maxton__ McRoberts. Claire, 674 Bergen Jersey City. N. J. Malone. Patricia Inez, Box 271, Burlington Maness. Aleen. Route I, Carthage Maness, Juanita. Route 1. Carthage Manget, Henriette, 904 Courtland ... .— Mangum. Lynette, 611 Buena Vista Ave,. Rocky Mount- Mann, Beatrice. 403 S. Franklin St.. Whiteville Mann. Dorothy, Route 1, Mebane Mansfield. Dorothv D.. 187 W. Rock Ave.. New Haven. Manuel, Betty Lou. 619 W. Fifth St.. Winston-Salem March. Hal Morrison, Willow Apts., 5th Pulaski, Va. Marks. Marjorie Bicknell. Tillery .... Marsh. Julie Steele. 1013 Club Dr., High Point_ Marsh, Mae. Marshville Marshall. Helen Comie. Rose Hill Martin, Frances Currie, 205 N. Second St.. Smithfield xginia Mae. 4G1 Champlain St., Hamlet- Martin, Mashburn, Mary. Chadbourn Mason, Jean Patterson, IS Howland Rd., Asheville. .. Mason. Marjorie. 68-37 108th St.. Forest Hills, N. " Mason. Shirley. 129 Craven St.. Beaufort Matthews. Clair. Engelhard Matthews, Dorothv L., Blvd. Branch. Leaksville_-.__99-146-187-212 Matthews. Susannah. 417 W. Main St.. Thomasville . . 119-158 Matthews. Edith. 108 S. Ridge St.. Southern Pines 55-171 Mattox, Hilda, Pinetops_ Mattox. Susie. Pinetops- Maxwell, Emiliegh. Pine Hill.. -119-148-154-189 May, Audrey Hallena, 51 Spadian Parkway. Pittsfield. Mass. Medford. Anna. Meekins. Mary Levina. Wanchese _ Melton, Mary. Route 2, Hendersonville_ Melvin, Mae, Route 2, Faye .119-165 -133-189 __55-174 MendenhaU. Cvnthia Anne. Hill St., Asheboro —25-99-158-174 Menzies. Alberta Mane. 223 Washington Ave.. Reidsville. 119-163-189 Merrill. Pauline, Route 1, Marshall 39 Metzger. Gloria. Ashton. Md 9y-150-193-197 Michael, Clarice LaVelle. Route 2. Kernersville_ Middleton, Marion Angel. 628 S. MendenhaU, Greensboro- Middleton, Maude. Route 2. Walnut Cove Midgette, Anne Louise. P. O. Box 157 Swannanoa__ -55-174 .119-146 _56-148 Elizabeth. Route 3, N. WUkesboro Miller. Roselyn Griffin. 519 Oakwood Ave.. Raleigh- Miller. Ruth Annette, 1821 Walker Ave., Greensboro.- Miller, Valeria, Carthage Mills, Margaret, Richlands- Minnis. Jeanette, 1930 Brantlev St.. Winston-Salem. ..I ice hell, Elizabeth M., 233 Barnes St.. Reidsville .... Mitchell, Lucille. 814 Cvpress St.. Greensboro- Eugene St., Greensboro .119-159 id 56 Moberg. Marguerite. Hampton Institute, Hampton. Va 119-151 Mohorn. Susie Spruill, Weldon_ Mooman, Jean Pendleton, Raymond PL. Westport, Conn. 119-154-158-189 Moore, Carolyn, 1354 Maple Ave Moore. Frances Erroll, Weldon Moore. Gertrude E. Mocksvllle - - Moore. Jeanne. Turkey Moore. Mary Elizabeth, Route 1, Box 452, Greensboro- -133-202 Old Greenwich. 87-99-183 -.119-159-174 Moore. Pauline, 115 E. King St.. Edenton_ Reba. Route 2, Matthews.—- Canandaigua. N. Y.. Greensboro 99-153-158-187-191 Morgan. Mrs. V. F. , Gibsonville 99 Morris. Elizabeth Ashford, 17 Broad St.. New Bern— 133 Morrison. Caroline. 25 Ridge Rd.. West Terrace, Danbury, Conn., Morrison. Dorothy Lee, Franklin Morrison. Isabelle. Cherryville Morrison, Margaret Dee, 1415 19th St.. Hickory— Morrison. Wilma Louise. Route 2, Hendersonville— Morrow. Guille. 1317 Lafayette Ave., Charlotte Morrow, Martha. 208 S. 4th St., Albemarle Morton, Penelope. 603 Spencer Ave., New Bern- Morton. Wilma, 227 N. 4th St.. Albemarle Moskowitz, Evelyn. 121 S. 4th St., Wilmington Hoffrr Moss, Margaret. 1132 8th St.. Hickory Motley, Evelyn. 707 Main St., Charleston, W. Va Moton. Edith Katherine, Route 2. Box 609, Greensboro- Motz, Anna, 1020 Summit Ave., Greensboro... Mullen, Muller, Huntersville... 29-56-75-84-155-202-203 Murph. Doris. 313 W. Thomas St.. Salisbury-. „ 120-158-159 Murphy. Martha Ann. Country Club Rd., Southern Pines— 120-158 Murphy. Nancy, Burgaw 133-189 Virginia. Box 405, Lowell - 15 Lexington Ave.. Burlington . Mustaine. Jean, 123 N. 12th St.. Fort Pierce. Fla... Myers. Clyde Carolyn. Gwyn Ave.. Elkin Myers. Leona M,. Route 3. Box 130, Liberty- Myers. Madeline, Elkin _133-156-157-159 — N— Neal, E. Jane. 807 Rankin St., Greensboro - Neal. Rebecca. Midland Rd.. Southern Pines_ Neff, Diana. 101 E. Market St.. York. Pa Nelme, Nona. Route 2, Wadesboro Neville. Barbara. 118 Mallette St.. Chapel Hill New. Billie May, 411 W. 6th St.. Gastonii Ahoskie._ Newell. Eloise. S. Main St., Roxboro 146 Newell. Rose Arlene. S. Main St., Roxboro 119 Newland, Sarah Bolton, Montreat 203 Newnam. Susie Lane. Pelham 174 Newsom. Frances. Reynolds Rd.. Winston-Salem 133 25-57-75-83-153-155-169-: 119 Newton, Elizabeth. 1337 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 27-100 174 Nichols, Emma Deane, 216 N. Elam Ave,. Greensboro- 189 Nichols, Martha S., Rockingham - — Nichols. Sara Lee. Rou Nickerson. Mary Elizabeth, 613 Concord Rd,. Ridgewood, N. J. 120-1J Nifong. Billie. 304 Carolina 99-174 Nolan, Mrs. BurwelL Norman Norman Norman, Margaret Anne. Greensboro. MendenhaU St., Greensboro 100-173 Northcott. Mary Elizabeth, 220 E. North St.. Raleigh 120 Northrup. Brevard Harris. Box 978. Salisbury- Nye, Undine, Grassy Creek.. O ' Connor, Ruthe Lucielle, 1408 S. Elm St.. Greensboro 57-169 O ' Connor, Vivienne G.. 1408 S. Elm St., Greensboro — O ' Daniel. Wanda Holt, Carolina Ave.. Spencer -133-157-158-189 Odom, Margaret, 205 DeVane St.. Clinton- Odum. Dorothy, 148 Pollock St., New Bern— Oehler, Rebecca Mae, Route 1. SanforcL Oettinger. Ernestine. 710 Broad St.. Wilson.. -22-25-100-173 57-1-5!) Ormand, Lida Isabelle, Box 85. Bessemer City Osborne. Martha. Route 4. Asheville Oswald, Genevieve Mary, 439 Wyoming Ave.. Buffalo. N. 100-157-158-159-189-196 Overcash, Carol. 1112 N. Main St., Kannapolis 120-146 Overman. Ida Bland, 415 W. Main St., Elizabeth City„ 57-173 Owen. Elizabeth, 104 Carmalt St.. Thomasville 100-174 Owen, Mary Louise. Box 487, Fayetteville 133 Padgett. Myrt Marie. Hayesville -100-157-159-189 Palmer. Katherine McQueen, 804 W. Main St.. Albemarle " " 169-1 . Va 25-100-212 Palmer. M. Lucille. 804 W. Main St.. Albemarle - 133 Palmer, Mary LaRoche. Laurel Ave., Tryon 100-174-197-215 Palmer. Poythress. Rockingharr 58-171-185-191-202-203 Park, Betty Jean. Route 3. Box HO. Greensboro 58 Park, Dorothy Race. Pinecroft Rd.. Greensboro — Parker, Doris. 2112 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte 120 Parker. Dorothy May, E. Main St., Albemarle - 133 Parker, Marie. Clinton- Parker. Ruth, Route 1, Fountain- Parks. Edna Partridge. Jean. 199 Rockford St., Mount Airy_ Pashal, Martha Matilda. Goldston Pattee, Mary E.. Valle Crucis. Edgewood Arsenal, Edgewood. Md.- _133 Peacock. Edna Ruth, 906 N. Collins St., Plant City. Fla 120 Pearce. Margaret Anne, 2071 Elizabeth Ave.. Winston-Salem 59-193-205-211 Pearce, Eleanor. Route 2, Wake Forest 59-152-154-197 Pearce, Elizabeth, 101 Pearce St.. Franklinton 133-158 Peay. Agnes Pauline. Box 307, Madison 59 Peele, Mary Falls, Laurinburg— Peeler, Alice. 313 Elm St., Salisbury- 120-14 ; Pegram, Jean Bradshaw, 116 Mallette St.. Chapel Hill 133 Penn, Estelle, 1306 Watauga St.. Kingsport, Tenn 120 Pepper. Julia. Walnut Cove . . — 87-100-107-211 Perkins, Minnie Elizabeth, 141 Lawsonville Ave., Reidsville 100-147-148 Perry, Dorothy Louise. Route 3, Hertford 133 Two Hundred Forty-thr. STUDENT DIRECTORY- Cm J. ferryman. Maureen Tate. 200 Salem St., Thomasville— Petti ' t. Agnes. Route 2. Astieville Pettit, Barbara. 2100 Beverly Rd.. Brooklyn. N. Y Pettus. Mary Ann, 114 West 7th St.. Media. Pa Phillips. Carolyn Phillips, Helen L.. Finlev Park. North Wilkesboro- Phillips. Helen W., Ill Academy St.. Asheboro — Phillips, Mrs. J. I._ Pickard. Janice. 206 Wnghtsville Ave.. Wilmington.. Pickard, Margaret Lois. 2u6 Wnghtsville Ave.. Wilmington Pickett, Jo Doris, N. Salisbury St.. Lexington 142 Pierce, Elizabeth Carrington. 503 Stewart St., Winchester — 101 Piland. Marv Elizabeth. Seaboard 120 Pilley, Marv Elizabeth, Pantego 59-159-174 PUlev. Rosalie. Pantego 101-156-159 Pinkstor.. Ella Mane, 604 S. Church St., Salisbury 101-173 Pinner, Martha. 833 Riverside Ave., Elizabeth City 133 Pitoniak, Anne Lillian. 68 Brookline Ave,, Westfiela. Mass. iUi-iau Pittard. Jane, Nelson 120 Pittman, Sarah Maude. Fairmont 59-146-169 Plaver Helen. Morganton — -59-146 Pieasants. Lelia Holt. 113 N. Guthrie Ave Plonk, Margaret Louise, 415 Irving St., Winston-Salem 133 Plummer, Peggy, c o Mr. N. R. Pond, Lawyers Rd., Vienna, Va. _101-158-165-1: Poore, Mary Josephine, White Sulphur Springs Rd.. Mount Airy. 12U Pope, Josephine, 1611 Bradley St,, High Point .134 Pope. Madelyn Earl, 803 Westover Ave., Kinston, - 120-154 Pope. Novella Howard. 310 S. Layton Ave., Dunn. _.60-174-179 Porter, Emily, Milir Potts, Carolyn. Highlands Potts. Margaret, 789 Valley Rd,, Upper Montclair, N. J. 134-154-158-169 Powell, Betty Jane, 712 Broad Ave., Greensboro Powell, Catherine Simmons. Fnnk St.. Whiteville Powell, Ruth Elaine. Polkville Powell. Sophia Maude. Elon College Powers. Mavis Howard. Box 155. Blue St,. St. Pauls 101-158-173 Pratt, Rebecca, Route 1. Winston-Salem lul-2u5 Presslv. Catherine E,. Woodrow Ave.. Belmont _ 101-214 Price, Eupha Maye, Route 2, Monroe 60-146-169 Pridgen. Shirley. Elm City- Bella, 610 N. Eugene St.. Pntchard, Janice. Route 2, Box 130. Elizabeth City_ — Q— Queen, Sara. Dellwood Rd., Waynesv Queensbury, Anne Cameron, 631 Mille 1010 Westov Mamaroneck, N. Y. 101-202-209-214 Apts._ 60-173 East Hampton, Conn.- Rahenkamp, Geneva Ruth. 3 Lindley St.. Pomona Rahn. Margarete, 107 Maple Ave., Ithaca, N. Y._ Rainey, Ann, 609 Holly Ave., Winston-Salem Rams, Rebecca. King- Ramsaur, Margaret. 310 S. Aspen St., T.inrolnto n . Ramsey. Dons Virginia, 400 S. Summit Ave., Charlotte— Ramsey. M. Frances, 400 S. Summit Ave., Charlotte.— Randall, Mary Elizabeth, Caroleen__ Wild Ruse Shores, Annapolis, Md_. Ratley, Doris, Fairmon 3. Wadesboro.- Mountain St.. Kings Mountain Ray, Mary Lillie. Lillington_ Green St.. High Point 134 Ray. R. Stella, Route 2, Asheville — Reaben, Claire Belle, 326 Blythe St.. Hendersonville 101-171-174-209 Reeves, Emoryetta, Sparta - Reeves, Lois Mitchell, Sparta Register. Ruth Cole. 600 S. McQ . Florence 134 Reid, Alise Elizabeth. Route 1. Elizabeth City 134 Reid. Rosalyn Rogers, 2300 Wellesley Ave., Charlotte 121-159 Reilley, Marie. 1018 Ardsley Rd.. Charlotte 61-146-154-187-193 Relnhardt. Evelyn, Route 1. Newton... Rendleman. Mary Jo. 510 Walton St,, Anna. 111. 22-25-102-107-156-173 N. Fulton St.. Salisbury 142 Rendleman. Naomi Renegar, Hilda Gae. Box 185. Elkin Renfrow. Laurene. Box 38, Lucama Rentz, Kathryn, Route 5, Lexington Rephan, Fay. 13 Elmwood Revelle. Ann, 2700 The Plaza. Charlotte- Reynolds, Betty. 215 N. Cherrv St., Winston-Salem 1121 Rice. Alison Johnston, 119 Edgemont Rd., Upper Montcla; 121-165-209 Richards, Lois Lee. Spruce Pin 121-170 Richardson, Doris. 200 Willera St., Greensboro 102-146 Richardson, Mildred. 425 W. Radiance Dr., Greensboro — Richardson, Thaxton, Jr . Page No. Rickert, Jean Rutledge. 739 N. Center St.. Statesville .121 Rickttts, Mrs. Leslie. 620 Park Ave., Greensboro — Rickman M. Edith, Leatherman 121 Riddle, Margaret 134 Riden, Caroline, Boonville 134-159 Riden. Jean, Boonville 62-151-154-169-171 Riden. Joy, Boonville. _ 102-15y Rierson, Elaine. 304 N. Mendenhall, Greensboro_ _134 Riggsbee. Me.edith. 2120 Englewood Ave.. Durham 62-156-157-159 Rigler, Jeanne Davis. 1601 E. Blvd., Charlotte 121 Riley. Lugean, Box 72. Timberland 134 Riser, Serena Moore, Sedgeneld Inn, Greensboro 102-159-182-189-205-211-212 Risley. Lois Mae. 2221 Creston Rd.. Raleigh 134 Rivenback. Frances. Wallace 102 Roane. Cary, 1208 Clay Ave., New York City. N. Y 134 Robbins, Doris, 401 Madison St., Rocky Mount 62-174-189 Robbins. Margaret Ruth, 61 Faneuil Place, New Rochelle. N. Y. 134-168 Roberts. Betsy Hall. Shelby- Roberts, Theo, 297 W. 253rd St., Riverdale, N. Robertson, Ann Elizabeth, 301 Everette, Launnburg.. Robeson. Louise, 1923 Perry Ave., Wilmington- Robinette, Dorothy, Taylorsville_ Robinson, Rachael, 508 Fayetteville, Clinton- Robinson, Vivian, Summertield Roetzel. Pnscilla A., 411 Warren Av Rogers, Betty C. , Shelby- Spring Lake, N. J.. Rogers, Mary Agnes, Box 34, Creedmoore Rogers, Christine, Freeman, Va Rogers. Constance Annette. 407 Pine St., Greensboro— N. Geraldine, Route 1, Box 80, Clyde 63-205-211-212-214 Rosa, Anna, 300 Warren St., Greensboro 102-107-147-163-193 Rose, Allene Wiggins. 205 Hillside Ave., Fayetteville 63-150-169-185-2U2-JUJ Rose. Bilhe Abbitt, 144 Church St.. Henderson —63-174 Rosenfeld, Lillian. 332 Cross Crook St.. i-ayetievuie 14U -63-174 Rouse, Elise Dunn. 20y Bradford Ave.. Fayetteville 25-102-187-199 Roush. Reba Ellen, 1284 W. Fourth St., Winston-Salem 121-146 Routh. Lu Ellen, 235 E, Salisbury St.. Asheboro 134 Rowe, Terreisa. 1812 13th Ave., Hickory 102-174-205-212-215 Roy, Barbara. 180 Christopher St., Montclair, N. J 121-154 Royal, Ruth Adams, 1612 Evans St.. Morehead City 134-163 Roy.Tott. Helen, Coats- Rudisill, Helen, MarMiiill Rudisill, Sarah Louise, Marshall RudisiU, Svlvia. 204 Flint St., Lincolnton Ruffin, Barbara Dare. 911 Branch St., Wilson Rulnick, Judith L., 1011 Brook St., Fayetteville- Russ, Annie Lois. Jacksonville Russell. Avis, Box 214, Thomasville Rutherford, Edythe, Candler- .142-158 .134-152 63 Ryan. Elizabeth Iddings, 74 Wembly Rd., Asheville 63-155-171-174-205-214-215 Ryan, Maryemma, Sun Ray Farm, Nottingham Rd.. Newark, Del. 134 — S— Sabiston, Doris Le Gwyn, Jacksonville 121 Sadler. Marv Adelaide. Route 6, Box 614, Charlotte _ 63-21)2-203 Sadler. Nancy Elizabeth, Route 6, Charlotte 121 Safnt. Kathryn. Troy- Edith, 305 Lake Dr.. Greensboro. Sams, Helen, 939 Hendersonville, Asheville—- 102-157-158-159 Sanders, Helen Reid. Roxboro 102-174 Sanders, Pnscilla, 2002 Club Blvd., Durham 134 Sands, Dorothy, 1002 Magnolia St.. Greensboro — Sanford. Mary Glenn. 209 McLaurin Ave., Launnburg. 134-163 Sargent. Elizabeth Tatum. W. Poplar St,, Mount Airy 25-63-174-177-201-202-2O3 Satterfield, Mary C, 730 N. Mam St.. Danville, Va.. " 1 25-26-1 [igh Poin 25-102-158-171-191-196 Sawyer. Marv Harriet. 1026 W. Fifth St., Charlotte 121 Sawyer, Martha. 312 N. Road St.. Elizabeth City 102-171 Scarborough. Carolyn Avera, 504 S. Union St.. Concord 121 Schilletter, Ellen Hope. Tryon__ Schlossberg. Natalie, 30 Eastchester Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. 121-187-202-214 Schnepfe, Jean. Edgewood, SchoJU ' .s, Evel yn Figures, 1810 Elizabeth Ave., Wmston-Salem U4 Schrum, Kathryn. 1507 Lindale Rd., Greensboro 102-174 Schwab, Bertha. 218 Boulevard, High Point 134 Scott, Billy M., Mars Hill 102-152 Scott, Dorothy, 502 W. Front St.. Statesville _ Greensboro- St.. Kinston__ 102-173-214 64-189 64-174 Sears, Sara. Pickett Farm. High Point. 103-152-154 103-174 Philadelphia. Pa 25-122 Senter. Iris. Kipling.. Fayetteville .24-25-103-107-193 Greensboro 64-191 103-158 Sharpe. Mary Anna, 2501 Caldwell. Birmingham. Ala 134 Shaw, Daphne, 1935 S. Arlington Ridge Rd., Arlington. Va — Sheild. Ellen Anne, 1212 Third Ave., Sheild. Virginia Mane. 1212 Third Av Shepherd. Marjorie Judd, 303 Maple l Route 2. Yadkinville -29-62-169 Sherrill, Margaret. Mt. Ulla 1801 Hedgewood PI., Charlotte- nil. Martha Lee. 2060 Tenth Ave.. Hickory Sherrill. Mary Eleanor. 1801 Hedgewood PI., Charlotte Sherrill. Sarah, Mt. Ulla Shields. Emmogene. 329 Louise Ave., High Point Shinn, Malvena. Cleveland _ __ _ — Shoaf. Hilda. W. Fifth Ave.. Lexington Page No. Shoemaker, Sylvia B.. 532 W. End Blvd.. Winston-Salem 142 Sholar. Svbil. 303 S. Madison St., Whiteville 122 Show niter, Martha Lucille, 2820 Barmettler St.. Raleigh .64-174-189 Shuford, Betty Jean. Box 1141. Gastonia 143 Shuford. Elva Crowell. 1002 12th Ave.. Hickory — Shuford. Sara Adelaide, 61 N. Main St., Cliflside 122-157-158 Shulman. Ruth. 651 W. 188th St.. New York City. N. Y. 103-154-187-189 Shumolis, Rozell Roxanna. Route 2, Canton__ 103 Siceloff. Irma Shore. 1009 Johnson St., High Point 122 Sieber, Sallv M., Box 163. Red Bank, N. J 65 SifTord, Marian. 4322 Harvard St., Greensboro 122 Sigmon, Ialeen, 6 Castle St., Asheville 65 Sigmon. Loraine Lucille. 6 Castle St.. Asheville 122-189 Sikes, Mable Croom, Route 3, Fayetteville _ 143 Sikes. Rea Gaynelle. 201 W. Greenway, Greensboro 25-26-65-75-150-196 Siler, Helen Hope, Jordan St.. Siler City 143 Siler. Marv Lane, Jordan St., Siler City 103-197 Simmons, Martha Jane, Mam St., Pilot Mountain ..._. . _.-__122 Simmons. Mildred A.. Route 7. Winston-Salem 65-156-159 Simmon . Virginia Betty, 710 Miller St.. Winston-Salem 134-158 Simpson, Bennie, Route 2, Box 96, Monroe 122-165 Simpson, Elaine, 78 N. Pleasant Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. ...25-134 SiinijMm, Kathenne Burns, 405 W. Franklin St., Monroe .134-163 Simpson. Margaret Angie. 606 Scott Ave., Greensboro 122-154 Sinclair, Annie Louise, West End 134 Sink, Marv Eunice, 437 W. Sixth Ave., Lexington 65 skipper, Kathleen Mav, 210 N. 11th St.. Wilmington 138-143 Slade. Mary Ward, Hamilton 122 Slaughter, Jean Glover, 429 E. Kingston Ave., Charlotte.__122-146 Sledge. Katherine Phillips, Pinehurst , 103 Sloan. Betty Lou, 303 Avery Ave, Morganton 134 Sloan, Dorothv Anne. Box 29, Franklin 122-157-159 Sloan, Jean Gray, 62 Main St., Hilton Village, Va 134 Sloan. Nelle Cooke. Garland , 134 Slocum, Elizabeth Barnard, Forest Hills. Wilmington _._ 65-184 Slocum, Grace, Market St., Wilmington —23-25-103-107 Small. Isabel Carter. Washington 143 Smallwood. Barbara Jean, Asheboro St., Ext . Greensboro 122 Smith. Adella May. 126 Fayetteville St.. Clinton „ 134 Smith. Annie Ruth, Tar Heel 122 Smith. Barbara Ann, 221 S. Myers St.. Charlotte 122 Smith, Betty A.. 2133 Seventh St.. Bay City. Mich 65 Smith. Dorothv Wilma. Route No. 1, Fremont ... 103-171 Smith. Ernestine, Maxton, N. C 65-157-158-159 Smith. Evelvn Lorine, 713 W. Church St., Ahoskie —122 Smith, Gladys. Siler City 65-174 Smith, Harriet. 591 E. Main St., Laurens. S. C 65-150 Smith, Helen. Troy 122 Smith. Irene. Route No. 3, Box 701. Kannapolis 66 Smith, Jean Baldwin, Box 641, Wilmington 66-180 Smith. Kathenne Vivian. 1428 E. Seventh St.. Charlotte _122 Smith, Lidie McWhinney. 141 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence, N. Y 122 Smith. Louise K., 810 Glenwood Ave.. Raleigh 122 Smith. A, Marie — ; — Smith. Marie H.. Varina 103 Smith, Mary Jean, 400 S. Aycock St., Greensboro .-134-156 Smith, Marv Madison. Box 454. Mount Airy 122 Smith. Sallie, 507 South Aspen, Lincolnton 66-146 Smith, Sarah Long. Mount Airy 134 Smithey. Constance, North Wilkesboro 66-169 Smithson. Sara Ellen. Box 7146. Asheville 134 Snider, Betty Brandt, 206 Boyden St., Salisbury -122 Snow, Madge, 845 Jersey Ave.. Winston-Salem . 135-158 Snowden, Barbara. 1418 Madison St., N.W.. Washington, D.C — 122 Snowden, Margery, 1418 Madison St., N.W.. Washington, D. C. 135-189 Snvdtr. Margaret Vera. Box 370. Route No. 4, Winston-Salem .122 Soflev, Elizabeth, Cana 122 Sofley. Nancy Novellah. 249 Cumberland Ave.. Asheville 103-174 Soles, Mvrtle, Route No. 4. Box 108. Whitevule -— „1J5 Sollee, Virginia. 905 Main St., Tarboro 135 Solomon, Hazel, 325 Grandin Rd., Charlotte 123-165 Somers, Lillian. Route No. 2. Elon College 135 Sorrell, Imogene B., Wake Forest 135 Sorrell, Mary Anne. 311 S. Alston Ave., Durham — 123 Southerland. Ann Elizabeth, 810 Rankin St., Greensboro-27-138-143 Southerland, Eleanor. Kenansville _66-147-148 Southerland, Ellen. Kenansville 66-147-148-186-187 Southerland. Emma Catherine, Wallace 135-189 Southerland, Pattie Sue, Kenansville 135 Spain, Janet Irene, 305 N. Driver Ave.. Durham 135 Spear, Virginia, Peyton Ave.. Kmston 135 Spencer, Elva Ann. 707 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 143 Spivey, Anne B.. Rich Square 25-103-146 Spratt. Joy, Route No. 3. Box 406, Charlotte 135-159 Spring, Margaret Joan, Country Club Dr., Southern Pines 135 Spry, Adelia Ruth, Route 1, Walker town -135 stadium, Marjorie. 1901 W. Market St., Greensboro — Stadlen, Eleanor Glenn, 116 W. Holt St.. Burlington 143 Stahl. Betty Jean, Main St., Launnburg 103 Stallings. Jane, 2201 Benbow Rd,. Greensboro oo-lb9 Stamey, Katherine Dixon. Route 2. Lawndale.- 66 Stanley, Genevieve H., Morven 143 Stanton, Peggv, 5355 29th St., N.W.. Washington, D. C 135 Stark. Marilyn Mae. 719 Amherst St., Buffalo. N. Y 103 Starling. Flossie. Pine Level 103-159 Staton. Christine Elizabeth, Route 1, Flat Rock. __ 103 Statcn. Edith I., Route 1, Reidsville 66-169 Stauber. Margaret 135 Steagall. Celeste. Morven 135 Steagall. Martha, Morven 66 Stearns, Elma Watson. 417 W. Mam St.. Forest City. 135-157-158 Stegall. Cora Belle, Marshville 135 Steinacher, Arline, 111 S. Newport Ave.. Tampa, Fla .123-155 Stephens. Nell. Riverside Dr., Morganton 135 Stephenson. Helen, Angier 67-157 Stephenson. Jean. 311 Lindell Rd.. Greensboro ...123-154-193 Stephenson. Margaret Ridley. Elm Dr.. Pendleton 103-173 Stevens. Clara Burt, Varina 123 Stevenson. Betty Nell. Taylorsville 67-174 Stewart. Dorothv Louise. 614 N Williams St., Henderson 157-158 Stewart, Marv Josephine. Route 1. Box 167, Julian -.67-146 Stilwell. Mazel. Route 1, Box 45B, Thomasville .. . 123 Stinson. Elizabeth, Baptist Orphanage. Thomasville „ . _ 103 Stirewalt, Louise, 703 E. Lexington Ave., High Point 67-146 Stirewalt, Mabel, 903 S. Ridge Ave., Kannapolis 123-146 Stockard, Nancy. 14 Springdale St., Greensboro .67-146-150-169 Storey. Hazel, Murfreesboro 67-163 Stout. Carolyn. 207 N. Ridgeway Dr., Greensboro 123 Stowe, Mvra. 28 W. Woodrow St., Belmont 123-169-188 Stratum, Henrietta. 519 14th St.. Charlottesville. Va. __ .67-169 Strickland, Alme Brewer, Box 87, Stedman 103 Strickland, Phvllis, 712 Montlieu, High Point. „ — _135-156-159 Stnngfleld. Lois, 1416 Bedford St., Stamford. Conn 67-148 Stroupe, Dora Margaret, 217 Minturn Ave., Hamlet 123 Stryker. Doris Arline. 28 Southern Slope Dr., Millburn. N. J — 135 Stubbs, Lucy Matte, 225 Church St.. Sumter, S. C 25-135-158 Styron, Mae Elizabeth. Cazenovia. N. Y 135 Sugg. Catherine Virginia, Snow Hill 67 Suggs, Sadie M.. 512 South St.. Gastonia , 135 Suitt, Verna. Route 3. Hillsboro . — _ 123-148 Sullivan, Helen. 849 Jersey Ave., Winston-Salem 123-159-197 Sullivan, Jean. 210 F. Avondale. Greensboro 123 Sullivan, Marjorie. 849 Jersey Ave., Winston-Salem— 67-146-163-193 Summersett. Mary, 315 N. Jackson St., Salisbury 68-169 Two Hundred Forty-jour STUDENT DIRECTORY- _•___ Supplee. Ruth Evelyn, 207 E. Atlantic Ave.. Haddon Heights. N. J. Sutton, Marv Frances. 336 Gillespie St.. Fayetteville 135 Sutton, Rowena. 211 N. King St.. Dunn 104-174 Swaim, Merle. 1311 El well Ave., Greensboro 104-174-189 Swain. Marv Katherine. 200 Houghton St., Williamston 135-163 boro 68 7 Mount 104-154-189-191 Talley, Ma Randleman. Louise, South Mail Talley. Ruth. Randleman Tanner, Gertrude Virginia, 1104 Chestnut St.. Henderson 23-25-104-174-211 1 04 - 107 1104 Chestnut St., Henderso n 174 Tate. Mable, 1333 Madison Ave.. Greensboro Tate. Margaret. 1333 Madison Ave., Greensboro— _104-171-212 Tayloe. Pauline Shields, Aulander__ Tavlor, Ann namobell, 807 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapids.... 123-146 Taylor. B, Elizabeth — Taylor. Catherine V, Justamere Farm, Greensboro ... .. . 123 Tavlor. Eleanor Dare. 735 Chestnut St., Greensboro 27-135 Taylor. Ellen Hines. Hamilton ______ -123-153 Taylor, Eloise. 612 Joyner St., Greensboro 68-196 Taylor. Hazel Manola. 205 Hanley St., Harrington. Del. -.123-163-165 Taylor. Katherine Rachel. Hanes 123 Tavlor. Lucv May, Snow Hill 123-163 Taylor, Lydia W.. 235 84th St.. Brooklyn. N. Y 104-151 Tavlor. Margaret Bimn. Route 1. Nashville „ fiS Taylor, Marguerite Lois. 41 Eden St. Framingham, Mass 135 Tavlor. Nancy. 219 W. Liberty St . Salisbury -123-146-214 Tavlor. Ruth A.. 1607 Buffalo St.. Greensboro — Taylor. Salie Baird. Mountain Home. Tenn _ 104-171-183 Teachey. Jennie Belle. Pleasant Garden Teague. Peegy. 102 Church St.. High Point.. Newland Teague, Sail Teeter, Martha. Route 3. Mooresville Templeton. Frances Osborne, 115 Forest Rd,. Raleigh _______ 69-150 Tennent. Gail, 217 Westover Dr.. Ashpville — Thayer. Clara Juanita. 1132 Montlieu Ave., High Point 123 Therrell. Sarah Holt. 109 Central Terrace. Burlington 1 U Thies. Blanche 544 Providence Rd., Charlotte 123-I4S-154-]5 t Thies. Coline. Box 384. Davidson . 135-15B-1«3 Thomas. Lucile. Pnllock St., Beaufort___ 69-1 " ■ Thomas. Marion, 301 Brooks Ave , Raleieh . ___ .123-156 Thomas, Mariorie J , 930 Carr St.. Greensboro 123 Thomas. Mildred. Route I. Morrisville 135 Thomas. Wilna June. Shallotte 104 Thompson, Coretta C. 400 Arendall St.. Morehead City. 135 123-1RQ Elizabeth City 69-169-174 L. I., N. Y.. Thompson. Marv White. 80 Waterworks Rd., Wilson 69-205-212-215 Rocky Mount- Thome. Sarah C. 308 Marigold St.. Rocky Mount- Thornton. Ruth, Route 1. Jamestown Thorp. Mildred Clav. 600 Svcamore St Tillett. Nancv. Route 1. Timberlake„ Tillett. Wilma, 810 Edgehill Rd.. Charlotte Tilley, Betty Hughes. Hoffman—. Tillev. Celinda B.. West Rd.. New Canaa Tillotson. Marie. Pilot Mountain- Conn. Tinfow. Gloria. 51 S. Rideewood Rd. South Oranee. N. J.._ Todd. Virginia. 135 Old Post Rd., Fairfield, Conn Toler. Evelvn Mae. 201 S. Tillerv St.. Rockv Mount Tolhurst, Kav. 58 Carroll Rd.. East Hartford. Conn Tomlinson. Anna Fawcett, 529 Parkwav. High Point. 104-179 20-25-69-1R9 -104-157-158 508 W. Main St.. Ahoskie.- -25-69-169-197 Tucker, Nell Chaffln. Main St. Whitakers . 25-69-169 Tulloch, Jane Corinne, Box 336. Mayodan _. 123 Tunnell, Lois Meredith. Swan Quarter- Turlingto " . Dorothy. 110 N. William St.. Turner. Nann Patterson. Mt. Ull Turner, Rebecca Mary, Mt. TJlla Turner. Ruth A.minda. Route 1. Wavnesville Goldsboro 104 104-158-159-187 135-148 124 Turrentine, Anne. 800 N. Main St., Elizabethton. Tenn. .-69-164-165 Turton. Patricia Mae, 2507 Svlvan Rd.. Greensboro __l-f Tuttle, Mary Mescott. Box 114, Melbourne, Fla 104-150-186-187 Tuttle, Noranne. Walnut Cove — Tyler. Elizabeth. Roxobel 143 Tyree, Mrry Scott. 1000 Sycamore St.. Rocky Mount 25-124-146 Tvson, Clarice Dixon. Roseboro 124 —U— Uden. Edith Irene, Boulevard Dr., Leaksville Umstead, Edna. Route 2, Durham — V— Vache, Virginia, 207 Tate St.. Greensboro Van Hoy. Margaret C. Walkertown Van Sickle, Carol S.. 84 Vallev View Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J. 135-171-189-191 Van Sickle, Helen, Route 2. Lansing. Mich 135-157 Van Sleen, Margaret, 407 W. Fifth Ave.. Gastonia 135 Van Wagner. Marguerite. Box 18, Perdo Miguel, Canal Zone 135 Vann, Mary Alice, Griffith Rd.. Monroe 124-165 Vanstory. Katherine, 902 Hay St.. Fayetteville 70-169 Varner, Celia. 906 Haywood St. . Greensboro™. 135 Varner, Marie. 900 Douglas St., Greensboro — Varner, Mary Frances. 516 Tate St.. Greensboro 104-174-212 Vernon, Ida Rachel, Box 125. Stoneville 105 Vestal. Margaret. Moravian Falls 124 Vestal, Virginia. 902 1 . W. Market St.. Greensboro 143 Vinson. Helen. 214 College St.. Mount Olive 105 Von Canon, Jean. West End 70-153 Voss. Peggy Alice, King Wade, Elizabeth Lou, 93 Livingstone Ave., — W— Wade. Marie. 408 S. Orange Ave.. Dunn..— —105-158 Wager. Gladys Alma. 206 University Dr.. Chapel Hill -135 Waggoner. Sara Margaret. 209 Walnut Ave., Charlotte ___ — 70 Wagner, Gloria F.. 230 Jewett Ave., Jersey City, N. J.__ 135 Wagoner. Carolyn — Wain. Frances Louise. Granite Quarry 105-174 Waite, Marion Elizabeth, 2211 Englewood Ave.. Durham 124 Walberg, Genevieve — Waldenmaier, Marguerite. 720 Hay St., Favetteville.- 135 Waldrop. Susanne, Kinston 105-146-158-197 Walke. Cordelia F. — Walker. Ann. Riverside Dr.. Morganton ms Walker. Bernice Rave. Fremont 135 Walker. Betty. 2010 Vail Ave.. Charlotte 70-153 Walker. Billie. 407 Beaneatcher Dr.. Asheville ' " 4 Walker. Elaine. Fremont ___ __105-173-193 Walker. Louise Long. S. Main St., Roxboro 124-158-159 Walker. Marv Ethel. Route 2. Box 238. Brown Summit 124-152-154-187 Walker, Mildred Frances. 1205 Market. ADt. 1. Jacksonville. Fla. ..135 Walker. Suzanne. 2010 Vail Ave.. Charlotte 124-163-211 Wall. Billie Marie. 18 Trvon St.. Asheville 70-157-159-214 Wall. Margaret Geraldine. Route 5. Durham— 124-158-159 Wallace, Marapwjt P.. 266 Grafton Ave.. New " k N J. 7rt Wallace. Rita Margaret. 416 S. Union St.. Concord 124 Walser. Jacksie Lou. 1616 West End PI.. Greensboro 27-70-187 Walters, Dorothy Virginia. 503 S. East Ave.. Kannaoolis.- 143 Walton. Dorothv Elizabeth. 88 Edgehill Rd.. Fairfield. Conn— 135 Ware. Louise, 57 Gracelyn Rd.. Asheville 124 Warren, Christine, Battleboro 124 Warren. Esther. 304 E Capitola Ave.. Kinston 135 warren, Katharine, Tullahoma Tenn ____ __ 70-174 Warren. Marthn Lee, 216 Union Ave., Burlington _ 105-185 Warren. Sara Elizabeth. Hurdle Mills 71 Warwick, Sally, 121 Porter St.. Easton. Pa 105-173-187 Washburn. Estelle Holmes. 216 Spring St.. Marion 71-169 Watkins. Lydia Anne, Blanche . 105-147 Watrous, June. Route 2. Grays tone. Morganton - . 135 Watson. Janie Lee. Box 162. Cary 105-146 Watson. Rosalie Sadler. 167 Belle St.. Henderson _ 124-146 Weaver. Bernie Marvelle. Newton 71-169-174 Webb. Arlene Frances. 64 Smith St.. Albans. Vt _135 Webb. Catherine Nicholson. 117 West 10th St.. Washington 71-174 Webb. Jane. 14 W Rugby Ave . College Park. Ga 105-155-174 Webb. Virginia, Morehead City ■ — Webster. Ann Lowrey. 616 E. 50th St.. Savannah. Ga 105-157-158 Webster. Mary Frances, Route 3. Box 369. Greensboro . -143 Weil, Joan, 344 Daub Ave.. Hewlett. N. Y 135 Weinkle. Annabelle Lee. 599 Greenland Dr., Fayetteville 124 Welborn Jean, 1115 Hill St.. Greensboro ___173 Wells. Elizabeth Anne. 401 Williamsboro St.. Oxford 143-158 Wells. Helen Lewis. Route 2. Box 4. Murphy 124-163-165 Wells. Marie Paulette. 513 Nash St.. Rocky Mount 71-193 Welsted. Janet Marie. Coinjock 135 Wenkenbach. Maud Margaret. 409 Waverlv Rd.. Wvncote. Pa. 135-156 Wenzel. Elizabeth Carolina. 78 Yale PL, Rockvllle Centre, N. Y...71 Wortz. Martha L., Landis 105 Weskett. Margaret McLeod. 59 Johnson St.. New Bern 71 West. Ernestine. 917 Buchanan Blvd., Durham .135 West. Gladys Rebecca. Route 1. Dover 156 West, Marv Ellen, Dover — West. Mary Griffith. 725 Glenwood Ave.. Willlamsport 105-159 Whalln. Frances Ramon. 2930 W. Cumberland Ave., Middlesboro. Ky. ___ 71-181 Whalln, Jane, 2930 W. Cumberland Ave., Middlesboro. Ky. 71-169-181 Wharton. Jane. 1704 W. Market. Greensboro _ _„ 136-158 Wheatley, Carolyn, 719 Front St., Beaufort 71-174-189 Wheeler. Lelia. 438 Endor St.. Sanford 72 Wheeler. Margaret Joan, 51 Glen Byron Ave.. South Nyack, N. Y. 136-189 Whisnant, Polly Anna. Hickory 105 Whitcomb, Jean. 438 S. Mendenhall St., Greensboro 143 White. Cora. 300 N. John St.. Gnldshnrn 136 White, Margaret Ann. Ramseur 124-170 White. Bessie Mae. Pine Level 124-170-171 White. Betty R.. Clayton 72-173 White. Carolyn Miller, S. Lamar St.. Roxboro 87-105-178-193 White. Hazel. Route 1. Greensboro 136-158 White, Kitty Cannon. Conway 136 White. Myra Josephine. 4420 Monroe Rd.. Charlotte 72-174 White, Ruth, 412 W. Bessemer Ave.. Greensboro 87-105-186-187-205-211 Paee Nn White. Sara E., 248 E. Broad St.. Statesville 72-147-169-183 White. Virginia Dare. 134 Granite St., Henderson__ Whitehurst. Louise, Contoo 105-174 Whitemor, Arleen. 507 Stirling St. . Greensboro 136-163 Whitesides. Doris, Route 1. Wavnesville 72-152 Whitfield. Doris L.. Hurdle Mills _____72-151-I58-174 Whitfield. Susan Elizabeth, 327 Elm St.. Asheboro 72-179 Whitley, Eunice Grey. Route 3, Wilson 72-147-148 Whitley. Josephine Gaines. 529 Pee Dee Ave.. Albemarle Whitley, Marv John. Siler City Whitlock, Helen P.. Route 4. Alebmarle.___ 72-148 Whitmire, Sara Jane, Route 3. Asheville Whitson. Eloise. 22 Finalee Ave.. Asheville Whitworth. Martha Lee. Box 14. Waco Wicker, Kathleen Cameron. 414 Hamlet Ave., Hamlet 136-163 Wiesmann. Clara Amelia, 9 Clinton Ave , Monticello. N. Y 125 Wilcox, Beatrice Lee. Route 4. New Bern Wilcox. Jane I.. Yale Hill, Stockbridge, Mass Wilcox, Sally. Box 286, Meridan, Conn ___13€ Wilder, Mrs. Frances G Wilkins. Brockett. 1003 Anderson St., Wilson 105-174-193 Wilkins, Edna Mae, 302 N. Broad St., Edenton Wilkins, Emily Louise, 1214 Oakland St., Hendersonville 125-156-159-214 Wilkins. Frances Louise, Turbeville, Va — Wilkins, Grace S.. 302 N, Broad St.. Edenton 136-159 Williams. Adella, Route 2, K ernersville___ 125 Williams. Eleanor Milne. 21 Lancaster Ave.. Monroe — 136-159 Williams, Evelyn, Lilesville — Williams, Frances, 101 Montlieu St., Thomasville__ 143 Williams. Geneva E. . Seagrove 73 Williams. Hazel. West End 125 Williams, Janis, 1610 Walker Ave.. Greensboro 136 Williams. Lois. 2721 Lassiter Hill Rd.. Raleigh 125-158-165-21; Williams, Lucv. 1000 W. Vance St.. Wilson 136-18S Williams. Martha. Cullen. Va 105 Williams. Peggy. 827 E. Blvd., Charlotte 73-174 Williams. F. Rav. Windsor 73-169-18 Williams. Jane Winifred. Hamlet 105 Williamson. Barbara. Fairways Apts.. Pelham Manor. N. Y. 125-211-21? Williamson, Elizabeth, 211 Merven Rd., Wadesboro 125-151 Williamson, Mariella. 11 Rosewood Ave., Asheville.— lOf Williard. Ruth B.. 1102 Johnson St.. Hieh Point 13. Willia, Katherine. Masonboro Sound. Rt. 2. Wilmington — Willis. Evelyn, Beaufort.-. 13( Wilson. Alice Elizabeth. 1813 Rolling Rd.. Greensboro 73-214 Wilson. Beverlv. Madison. 121 Wilson. Mrs. J. S.. 811 Walker Ave.. Apt B3. Greensboro — Wilson, Catherine Svlvia, 317 Ninth St.. Lumberton 13( Wilson, Ella Grav. Route 5. Dunn 13_ Wilson. Rose, 700 Tarboro. Rockv Mount___ . 24-25-73-75-79-174 Winborne. Eloise, Main St.. Sims 73-159-174 Winchell. Nancy Barbara. Severna Park. Md.. _ 106-155-193-21] Winfree. Mildred, Route 2, Wadesboro 7; Winslow, Frances Carlotta. 223 N Edgeworth St.. Greensboro__13t Winslow. Helen. 2 Fairfield St.. Montclair, N. J 12E Winstead, Eleanor, Lamar St., Roxboro 136-16; Winstead, Jeanette. Elm City 125 Winston, Henrietta Elizabeth. Youngsville 136-148-15E Witherspoon. Billie Ann. 209 E, Lee St., Greensboro— 13( Witherspoon. Sarah Hundley, Murphy 73-173 Wolfe. Eleanor Virginia. 4003 Forest Park Ave.. Baltimore, Md._13. Wolff. Julia H.. 509 First West St.. Haynesville. La. . .125-171-187-21 ' Womack, Sara C. 200 Salisbury Ave.. Spencer 7_ Womack, Sarah Jane, Leasburg 106-174 Womble. Mary Louise. 123 E. Ridge St., Rocky Mount 12! Womble. Mildred Faye, Ashley Heights 10( Wood. Louisa. Monroe 13( Woodall. Ruth Evelvn, Route 1. Morrisvlle 13 ' Woodard. Marv Ruth. Route 1. Laurel Hill 13 Woodlief, Cornelia. Walker St.. Cary 13( Woodllef. Mary Ellen. Kittrell 73-174-185 Woodson. Mrs. — Woodward. Margaret Anne. 804 Twvckenham Dr., Greensboro — Woolard. Blanche W.. Ill Park Ave.. Wilson 21-25-73-75-174 Woollev. Patricia Bristow. 2737 Henry Hudson Parkway, New Yorli City. N. Y. IOG-18. Woosley. Margaret Sue, Granite Falls 125-146-21! Workman. Louise Young. 445 Beaumont Ave.. Charlotte lOf Worsley, Eris. Wallace 12! Worsley. Jeanne Helen. 182 Hughes Ave,, Bridgeport, Conn._106-19. Worsley. Nancy E.. Oak City _ _..- _ 125-151 Wright. Lena Winborne. Route 4, Henderson 74 Wright, J. Marjorie, 1039 N. New St.. Bethlehem. Pa 125-158-16! Wyche. Barbara Watson, 1943 Queens Rd., Charlotte 74-169-174-193-214 Wyga_t, Jeanne Wooley. 702 Murdock Rd.. Baltimore. Md — 106-17: Wynn, Gwen, Jacksonville 13. — Y— Yandall, Emma Kathrvn, Main St., Pinevllle — Yarrow, Jeanne. 126 Charlotte St.. Asheville 136-154-163 Yates. Jean. 300 S. Avcock St.. Greensboro 106-189-193-19. Yates. Margaret, 300 S. Aycock St.. Greensboro 136 Yeattes, Elizabeth. Route 1, Pelham 10£ Yelverton. Carol, Fountain 125-17( Yokeley. Nancy Norma. Route 5, Box 45. Winston 136 York, Huldah Marie, 519 Arlington St.. Greensboro 125-21- Young, Delice, 400 Lynwood Rd.. Charlotte 23-25-105 Young. Marv Frances. 1110 N. Gregson St.. Durham — 106-1W Young. Reba, Rosehill 125 Youngblood, Betty Evelyn, 35 Franklin Ave., Concord 74-174-181 — Z— Zachary. Lillian. Brevard 10 Ziglar, Elaine, Leaksville 143 Zimmerman, Roberta. Aberdeen 74-164-165 Zurita, Lola De Lourdes. Selva Alegne 86, Quito Ecuador. S. A._10e Two Hundred Forty-fi FACULTY DIRECTORY Abbott, Alice K. Adams, Maude L.. Anthony. Hallie... Arnett, Dr. Alex M.. 802 Twickenham Drii -304 Wentworth Drive 1102 W. Market St. 405 Aberdeen Terrare 3. Box 105. Greensboro ...... .117 Kensington Rd. Barrow. Elv Darton. Dr. Helen Bowling. Sarah E Boyd. Estelle (Mrs.) Boyd. Helen .1202 W. Market St. 1211 W. Market St. .1006 Guilford Ave. ..300 Tate St. Brimley. Ralph F. W._ Brown. Martha K Brownlee. Jean 1027 Spring Garden St.. 1027 Spring Garden St. 312 Mclver St. North Spencer Hall —2403 Walker Ave. — 222 S. Mendenhall St. 1412 W. Lake Drive — _408 Forest Ave. .2202 W. Market St. ng. Dr Frederick H Carlsson. Dr. Victoria Carter. (Mrs.) Anne Fulton Chase. Dr. Wilton P.. Clegg. Sarah Burton. Clement. Dorothy. _ Cleveland. Vela — Click. Sarah _ Clifford. Rachel Clutts. O. P._- _ Coldwell. Inez Cole. Rebecca North Spencer Hall .841 W. Market St. 3621 Camden Rd. .1012 Carolina St. _129 Tate St. Infir Ann Coleman. Marv C Collings. Dr. Ruth M Cometti. Dr. Elizabeth—— _ Cortner. Dr Marv Catherine Courtney. John E Cox. Evelyn 921 Spring Garden St. 317 Mclver St. 304 S. Chapman St. 218 _ Tate St. Bailev Hall ... 1026 W. Market St. 203 S. Tremont Drive 313 Mclver St. .609 Mendenhall St. 423 Tate St. 802 Morehead Av Apt. B-6, 203 Tate St. _C-1 Winburn Court Apts. Daniel. France; Denneen. Marie B. Doub. Mary Elizabeth.. Doublas , Edna Draper. Bernlce_. Durham. Celia -1617 S. College Park Drii 1412 W. Lake Drive 1008 Fairmont 834 W. Market St. Elliot. Dr. Harriet — .- Endicott, Dr. Margaret M. 316 Mclver St. 504 Forest Ave. Name Grimes, Gertrude Elaine. Grogan. Irene Gullander. Magnhilde. _ Gunter, Ruth__. Residence Route 3. High Point Rd. Laura Colt Hall .502 Forest Ave. 203 Tate St.. Apt C-3 Hall. Alonzo 0.. Hall. Earl H._ Hamlett, Lettie Hannas. Dr. Ruth Hardaway. Mathilde Hardre. Rene Harrell. Mary Harris. Mildred __ Harwood. Edith- _ Hatha wav. Elizabeth- Heffner. Madeline __ Hege, Josephine ___ Henry, George Henry. Sara Highsmith. Dr. J. A._ _ Hill. Margaret Holloway, Birdie H Holman. Emma Linton- Hood. Marjorie Hooke. Dr. Malcolm K Howell. Evelyn Hughes, Annie Hendon Hunter, Eugenia Mclver Hunter, Mrs. J. S Hurley. Dr. Leonard B. Hussey. (Mrs.) Minnie M. - 206 Tate St. 101 Westover Terrace 1006 Courtland St. — 319 Mclver St. 508 N. Greene St. Route 2. Box 458 110 College Place -5 Sprfngdale Court 313 Mclver St. .. Hlnshaw - Route 3. Box 177 7 Sprindale Court .500 Stirling St. 314 Mclver St. __ Route 1. Box 152 1511 Alandale Rd. 317 1 . Tate St., Apt. 2 ...317 Tate St.. Apt. 4 312 Mclver St. 1002 Fairmont St. - —320 Mclver St. - 211 Ashe St. 110 College Place Gray Hall -2304 W. Market St. 932 Carr St. 317 ' . Tate St.. Apt. 4 Groometown Rd., Route 3 Dr. Elizabeth Jernigan. Dr. Charlton C - Jester, (Mrs.) Betty Brown.. Johns. C. D . Johnson. Gleen R 1102 Spring Garden St. — 502 Forest St. — 1114 W. Market St. 217 W. Avondale 22-2 W. Market St. 209 S. Chapman St. Hamilton Lakes 315 1 . Mclver St. — 3105 Madison Ave. Kealy. Eileen Keister, Dr. Alvert S.. Kendrick. Dr. B B..._. Kettunen. Marietta _. Kimmel. Dr. Herbert- 1204 West Market St. 1617 College Park Drive Dr. Gladys M.. Koehler. Dorothy I.. 2426 Camden Rd. .317 ' . Tate St.. Apt. 1 . 503 S. Avcock St. 1201 W. Market St. „310 Mclver St. Laird, Jessie C. LaRochelle. Augustine. ... Lattimore. May Lee. Mary Betty Leonard. Marjorie Leslie. (Mrs.) Edythe O. Lewis. Nancy Duke_ Lindsay. Mary _ Name Newton, Mildred P._ Nunn. Mary B -603 S. Aycock St. Ogden. (Mrs.) Marguerite C. Oncley, (Mrs.) Alma Lissow__ Oncley, Paul B Painter, James , , , Painter, (Mrs.) Kathleen S. Park. Herbert W Parker. Mary wpis h Pashby, Almena Perecinic, Barbara A Perry, (Mrs.) Henrietta T Peterson. Moilie Anne Petty, Mary M Phillips, C. W Phillips, Elizabeth Pickard, Helen Lee„ Playfoot. Viva M.__ Pritchett, Theda _4211 Winston Rd. -.935 Carr St. _1208 W. Market St. _402 S. Aycock St. Reardon, Dr. Anna Joyce Reger. Anna- Rogers. Dr. Winfleld H.. ... ... 1300 W. Market St. 919 Spring Garden St. 1401 Madison Ave. — . 300 Warren St. 1027 Spring Garden St. Sampson. Elizabeth Schaeffer. Florence L Schoch. Caroline B Shaftesbury, Dr. Archie D._ Shamburger. Anne Shaver, Ruth Shelburne. Florence Shelden, Miriam A Sherwln, Helen Shedd — Sievers. Jeanette D Sink, J. M Sisk. Glenn N Skelton, Robert M Smith, J. A Smith. Dr. William C 515 Jefferson St. _203 Tate St.. Apt. A-6 .517 Highland Ave. -1102 W. Market St. 1501 WaJker Ave. _L_, Country Club Apts. — 905 Fairmont St. _ — _ 510 Jefferson St. 10 Springdale Court _400 S. Aycock St. .1008 Fairmont St, Spruill. Patty._ Stanland, Marion D Staton. Cora Jane Stewart, (Mrs.) Mary Leath... Summerell, Jane Swanson. Mabel N. Tansil, Blanche. _212 Mclver St. —218 Adams St. -109 Adams St. Taylor, Katherine Tennent. Mary A.. .127 S. Mendenhall St. Thiel, Dr. Albert F.. 921 Spring Garden St. 612 Joyner St. 210 Mclver St. 123 Mclver St. 116 Mclver St. 307 N. Elam ..1507 Madison Ave. Farmholt, Dr. Virginia C._ Ferrell. Marv Lois Finger, Bernice R Fisk, Dr. McKee Lovings. (Mrs.) Lillian M. .107 Adams St. Tuck, (Mrs.) David G._ -218 Adams St. Lowe. Louise— Lyle. Guy R._ 1006 Fairmont St. 303 Woodbine Court -Winburn Court. Apt. B-3 615 Jefferson St. Infirmary 212 W. Avondale Fitzgerald, Marv Fitzgerald, Ruth Flintom. Margaret Mary Elizabeth.. Frledlaender, Dr. Marc Funderburk. (Mrs.) Annie B.. __ _308 S. Aycock St. 308 S. Aycock St. 123 Mclver St. 1027 Spring Garden St. .1402 Spring Garden St. 1402 Spring Garden St. -921 Spring Garden St. 200 Waverly Way Mary Foust Hall Gangstad. Dr. Virginia. .7 Springdale Court -..-1811 Madison Ave. ...501 S. Aycock St. Gove, Dr. Anna M.. Griffin, EUp p 517 Highland Av -Route 5, Church St.. Ext. Mac Fad yen. Mirian Vreeland, Mildred _329 Mclver St., Apt. 1 321 Mclver St. McNutt, Dr. Franklin H. Marble. Dr. Guita Martin, Evelvn__ Martin, William W Martus. Ethel L Mathls, (Mrs.) Treva W. .303 S. Mendenhall St. - 1718 Madison Ave. ...B-6 Winburn Court New Guilford Hall 204 Tate St. — Justamere Farm Route 2, Greensboro Walberg, Genevieve Marie Warfield, Dr. Calvin N Watkins, Emily Holmes Weaver, Shirley- More. Grace Van Dyke Mossman, Mereb E .1617 S. College Park Dr. 404 Walker Ave. 423 Tate St. 406 Lake Drive -1027 Spring Garden -106 S. Chapman St. Apt. 3. 317 ' ,, Tate St. 404 Lake Drive Klrkland Hall 132 Mclver St. Young, (Mrs.) Dorothy Rice- Zimmerman. Jane -Winfleld Hall -506 E. Lake Drive Zimmerman, Julia 510 Tate St. -2409 Berkley Place Two Hundred Forty-six Refreshment tells you ?! Pause ••• Go refreshed Drink ice-cold Coca-Cola. Taste its delicious goodness. Enjoy the happy after-sense of refreshment it brings. By just this ex- perience of complete refreshment, millions have come to wel- come the quality of Coca-Cola— the quality of the real thing. lOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY IY GREENSBORO You trust its quality BOTTLING COMPANY Two Hundred Forty-seve Jrr rt 6 j aper " DILLARD PAPER CO. Greensboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Greenville, S. C. Virginia Division Roanoke Paper Co. Roanoke, Va. THE COMPLETE PDRTABLE THAT DOES A complete WRITING JOB THE UNDERWOOD CHAMPION PORTABLE Homework, social correspondence, business writing . . . whatever the writing job ... an Underwood Portable will help you complete it FASTER and EASIER . . . and leave you more time for other valuable activities. Be sure to see the popular Underwood CHAMPION ... a complete writing machine that embodies the essential features of the big Underwood business typewriter. UNDERWOOD ELLIOTT FISHER COMPANY One Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. SALES AND SERVICE EVERYWHERE Styles change, sports change, but through our 69 years of experience, our policy of quality first combined with friendly service has not changed. ODELL ' S For all equipment needed in Tennis, Swimming, Fishing, Golfing, and General " Gym " Recreations. Two Hundred Forty-eight FRANKLIN STUDIO " Creators of Fine Portraiture " ARTISTS IN COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY COMPLETE LINE OF FRAMES MINIATURES ON PORCELAIN 123 South Elm Street Greensboro, N. C. PHONE 5313 CAROLINA PHARMACY " The Complete Drug Store " 401 Tate Street Corner Walker Avenue IMMEDIATE SERVICE ON CAMPUS ORDERS Just Dial 8197 DIXIE SUNDRY SHOP Mr. and Mrs. Bert Haymes 332 Tate Street 50 Varieties of Delicious Sandwiches FOR PROMPT DELIVERY CALL THAT MAGIC NUMBER 9283 For Satisfactory Work Send Your Clothes to White Oak Dry Cleaners GUARANTEED COLLEGE RATES CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES f tyt Itoar anb Castle WEST MARKET EXTENSION Approved by the Student Council. Greensboro ' s most pop- ular sandwich shop. Famous steaks with our special sauce. Sandwiches with special dressing. Curb — Dining room — Counter Service. GREENSBORO, N. C. PHONE 2-0798 i Two Hundred Forly-nm FEEL FRESH-DRINK ORANGE CRUSH « GREENSBORO ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING CO. THE DRINK ALL AMERICA ENJOYS TOP O ' THE TOWN ' IT ' S THE JEFFERSON ROOF WHERE FOOD IS TOPS A TIP FROM PRETTY PEGGY PEPPER: gfr epper PICKS YOUR ENERGY ' 3 GOOD lu — 2 TIMES f (V TO ENJOY V V. V- A LIFE MORE! v DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. GREENSBORO, N. C. THE GRILL L ourteoud 2)ei Fred Showfety, Proprietor PHONE 7306 - 9465 For Your Health Come To The DDWNTDWN BOWLING CENTER Greensboro ' s Newest Alleys 111 EAST WASHINGTON STREET THE ART SHOP 118 West Market Street Kodak Finishing . . . Enlarging . . . Kodaks Pictures Frames Photographic Supplies Two Hundred Fifty SERUNIAN SONS Oriental and Domestic Rugs CLEANING . . . REPAIRING . . . STORAGE 218 ' 2 So. Green St. Phone 2-2065 THE COLLEGE SHOP ALL THE NEEDS OF COLLEGE LIFE WITHIN YOUR REACH Jewelry Yarn Stationery Incidentals Dial 2-1414 405 Tate CONFIDENCE BUILDS BUSINESS KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT CO. Compliments of HARREL COMPANY CIGARS TOBACCO CIGARETTES PHONE 8161 226 N. FORBIS Jhe staff of 1942 wishes to thank Jhe cLassiter j- reSS, Jhe (charlotte (Engraving Company, ana til fanning photographers for their excellent co- operation in producing the 1942 J ine f eedles. rf there are anu mistakes, ana no doubt there will be, theu were uninten- tional of course, and we hope uou will excuse them. Jne mutual goal of all who have worked on the book in anu capacitu has been to please the students, the facultu, and friends of the college. l l e sincerelu hope we have reached our aoai Two Hundred Fijty-ont PHOTOGRAPHY For This Annual done b " i MANNING ENGRAVERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS Two Hundred Fifly-tuo School rubticatio n6 The many high awards won each year by school publications produced by us is the result of many years ' specialization based on a comprehensive knowledge of art motifs, design, layout and publi- cation trends. A modern printing plant, operated by highly effi- cient craftsmen in every department, provides a quality and distinctiveness that is unsurpassed. The LASSITER PRESS, Inc. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Printed of tL 1942 Pine fjeedL Two Hundred F fly-lbr CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO. Charlotte, North Carolina Two Hundred Fifty-jour

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