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IWffS ' ! !W i!f!!i ffiiB i;:!ael?!Kji:r)i! ,:,.i,,:in:a.,i.!l: filiiiffniiiirifKirf The Woman ' s College University of North Carolina The LIBRARY Mh _Q5S_ C.2 COLLEGE COLLECTION J-C ' exilbris qcoendolc n UqaU editor helen denni monager the annual pablicatlon of the ujomaris college of the aniversitq of north coroUna greensboro north coroUno w ' p=?ir this volume of the PINE NEEDLES it is our purpose to bring before you an accurate and appropriate glimpse of our college life as we have lived it. It is our hope that in the years to come, when our -memories of college days become hazy, this 19)8 PINE NEEDLES uill help us to recapture some of the fair- mindedness, light-heartedness, and companionship which has been ours during our stay at Woman ' s College. In recalling for you the numerous activities and organizations of the University, Time has been pursued through the use of symbols of the passing of time — of the day, the clock; of the month, the calendar; of the seasons, the signs of the zodiac. order of ad ninistrQtion classes orqanLzotions features othtetics pre entotLon 352274 To Dr. Walter Clinton Jackson our Dean of Admhthtration, ivho throughout our four years has been an unselfish source of stimulation to the development of intellectual ideals and cultural graces in our University, we, the Senior Class of 19} 8, dedicate this volume of PINE NEEDLES Walter Clinton Jackson, B.S., LL.D. Dean of Administration Mercer University, B.S. 1910, LL.D. Columbia University, M.A. 1913 Woman ' s Hall From Second Floor McIver i i Hflir sf M ! t From the Front Campus The Fountain The Bridge Approach to Publications Office i Alumnae House Terrace of New Guilford Hall oc mintstration ' ir JE r EECI LE Governor Clyde Roark Hoey Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Frank Porter Graham President of the Uniiersify of North Carolina Dr. Walter Clinton Jackson Dean of Administration Miss Harriet Elliott Dean of Women EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Clyde Roark Hoey, rv officio. Chairman. Henry Mauger London, e officio, Secretary. " 1938: Charles Whedbee, William D. Faucette, Leslie Weil. " 1940: John Sprunt Hill, Walter Murphy, John J. Parker. ' ■ ' 1942: Mrs. Laura Weill Cone, Miss Easdale Shaw, Haywood Parker. ' ■1944: Josephus Daniels, Clarence Poe, Irvin B. Tucker. Term expires. ■4. 14 •■- ir E r EE LE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Dr. Julius I. Foust President Emeritus Miss Laura H. Coit Secretary of the College Miss Mary Taylor Moore Registrar Mr. Claude Edward Teague Assistant Comptroller Mr. E. J. Forney Treasurer Dr. Ruth M. Collings Physician Mr. Guy R. Lyle Librarian ■ " 4 1 5 - ir«sJE f EE LE Mr. Ivy Mr. Givler Miss Schaeffer Dr. Jernigan Mr. Joyce Dr. Keister Dr. Cook Miss Schoch Dr. Collings Dr. Carlsson Dr. Kendrick HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS ART COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Gregory D. Ivy George M. Joyce B.S., M.A. B-S-. M.S. Associate Frofcnor A uiUi-t Professor Central Missouri State Teachers College, B.S., Indiana State Teachers ' College, B.S., 1930; 1928; Columbia University, M.A., 1932. Indiana University, M.S., 1931. GERMAN Caroline B. Schoch Ph.B., M.A. Professor University of Chicago, Ph.B., 1907; Universil of Marburg, 1907-1908; University of Wii consin, M.A., 1919. ECONOMICS BIOLOGY Albert S. Keister John Paul Givler M.A., Ph. D. Ph.B., M.A. Profmor Professor Otterbein College, B.A., 1910; Columbia Uni- Hamline University, B.A., 1906; M.A., 1912; e„,ty, M.A., 1911; University of Chicago, Columbia University. Ph.D., 1927. CHEMISTRY Florence Louise Schaeffer B.A., M.A. Professor Barnard College, B.A., 1920; Mount Holyoke College, M.A., 1922; Yale University. EDUCATION John H. Cook M.A., Ph.D. Professor Ohio Northwestern University, B.S., 1908 Miami, B.A., 1912; Columbia Univer-it) M.A., 1917; Ph.D., 1925. CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION ENGLISH Charlton C. Jernigan William C. Smith M.A., Ph.D Ph.B., L.H.D. Assistant Professor Professor of English Language and Literature Duke University, B.A., I92S; M.A., 1926; University of North Carolina, Ph.B., 1896; Ph.D., 193S; University of Chicago. L.H.D., 1920. HEALTH Medical Diiisioii Ruth M. Collings B.A., M.D. Physician anJ Professor of Hygiene Pomona College, B.A., 1919; University of Pennsylvania, M.D., 1923. Hygiene Victoria Carlsson M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor CoIumbiaUniversity, B.Sc, 1922; M.Sc, M.A., 1923; Ph.D., 1929. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Hiitory Benjamin B. Kendrick M.A., Ph.D. Professor Mercer University, B.S., 190!; M.A., 1911; Columbia University, Ph.D., 1914. 4 1 6 } ■■ ir E r EE LE Political Science Harriett Wiseman Elliott B.A., M.A. Professor Hanover College, B.A., 1910; Columbb University, M.A., 1915. PHILOSOPHY Kurt Edward Rosinger M.A.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of Michigan, B.A., 1923; M.A., 1924; Harvard University, Ph.D., 1928. PSYCHOLOGY Jamls Albert Hichsmh h M.A., Ph.D. Professor University of North Carolina, B.A., 1910; M.A., 1915; George Peabody College for Teachers, Ph.D., 1923. HOME ECONOMICS Margaret Messenger Edwards B.S., M.A. Professor Montana State College, B.S., 1912; Columbia University, M.A., 1920; Cornell University; University of Chicago MATHEMATICS Helen Barton M.A., Ph.D. Professor Goucher College, B.A., 1913; Johns Hopkii University, M.A., 1922; Ph.D., 1926. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mary Channing Coleman B.S. Professor Columbia University, B.S., 1917; X ' enesley College. PHYSICS Calvin N. Wareield M.A., Ph.D. Professor Johns Hopkins University, B.E., 1923; M.A., 192!; Ph.D., 1926. ROMANCE LANGUAGES { ' lNEIELD S. BarNI V M.A., Ph.D. Professor Dartmouth College, B.A., 190S; Hobart Col- lege, M.A., 1911; Syracuse University, Ph.D., 1916. SECRETARIAL SCIENCE B. Frank Kyker B.A., B.S., M.A. Professor Berea College, B.A., 1926; University of Ten- nessee, B.S., 1927; George Peabody College M.A., 1928. MUSIC H. Hugh Altvater B.A., Mus.M. Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music University of Michigan. B.A., 1920; South- western College, Mus.M., 192S; University of Michigan, Mus.M., 1929. SOCIOLOGY Glenn R. Johnson B.A., M.A. Professor Reed College, B.A., 191!; Columbia Un sity, M.A., 1916. Miss Elliott Miss Edwards Dr. Barton Dean Altvater Dr. Rosinger Miss Coleman Dr.Warfield Dr.Highsmith Dr. Barney Mr.K mr Mr. Iohnson -4 17 ir E r- EE LE OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION ART Gregory D. Ivy, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor Elizabeth McIver Weathfrspoon .. Associate Professor MoLEit Anne Peterson, Ph.B., M.A. Associate Professor Alma M. Sparger, B.S., M.A, Assistant Professor Robert M. S kelton, B.S., M.A. Instmctor Hermione Hamlett, B.A., M.A. Instructor Sidney G. Warner, B.A. Instructor ASTRONOMY Cornelia Strong, B.A., M.A, Professor BIOLOGY John Paul Givler, Ph.B., M.A. Professor Earl H. Hall, B.S., M.S. Professor of Botany Inez Coldwell, B.A. Associate Professor Archie D. Shaftesbury, B.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Zoology Helen Ingraham, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor Maude Williams, B.A., M.S. Associate Professor of Physiology LiLA Belle Love, M.S. Associate Professor of Bacteriology Albert Frederick Thiel, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Botany Lawrence S. Ritchie, M.A., Ph.D. Edna Arundel, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Geography Mary Elizabeth Brummitt, B.A. Assistant Madeline Heffner, B.A. Assistant CHEMISTRY Florence Louise Schaeffer, B.A., M.A. Professor Mary M. Petty, B.S. Professor Elva Eudora Barrow, B.A., M.S. Associate Professor Martha E. Smith, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Elizabeth J. Cook, B.A., M.A. Kate F. Wilkins, B.A., M.A. Instructor Mary Welsh Parker, B.A. Assistant CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION Charlton C. Jernican, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Marie B. Denneen, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT George M. Joyce, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor Mary Ellis Marley Mary Harrell, B.A. Ruby Lawder, B.S. Instructor ECONOMICS Albert S. Keister, M. A., Ph.D. Professor B. Frank Kyker, B.A., B.S., M.A. Professor Claude Edward Teague, B.A. Professor George M. Joyce, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor Harry M. Douty, M.A.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Elizabeth Donovan, B.A., M.A. EDUCATION John H. Cook, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Etta R. Spier, B.S., M.A. Professor Ruth Fitzgerald, B.S.,M.A. Professor George Anselm, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Oliver Perry Clutts, B.S., M.A. Professor Herbert Kimmel, Ph.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor Marie B. Denneen, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor J. A. Smith, B.ED., M.S. Associate Professor Anna M. Kreimeier, Ph.B. Assistant Professor Betty Aiken Land, BA., M.A. Assistant Professor Miriam MacFadyen, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor Anna Reger, B.A., B.S. stant Professor and Librarian, Training School Mary Fitzgerald, B.A. Assistant Professor Harriett Mehaffie, Ph.B. Assistant Professor Ruth Gunter, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor Helen Krug, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor Margaret Flintom, B.A., M.A. Instructor Eugenia Hunter, B.A. Instructor Ruth Agnes Shaver, B.A., M.A. Instructor Ina Woestemeyer, M.A., Ed.D. ENGLISH William C. Smith, Ph.B., L.H.D. Professor of English Language and Literature Alonzo C. Hall, B.A. M.A. Professor William Raymond Taylor, B.A., M.A. Professor Leonard B. Hurley, M.A., Ph.D. J. Arthur Dunn, B.A., M.A. Professor Caroline Gordon, B.A. Allen Tate, B.A. Professor Mildred Rutherford Gould, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor Abigail E. Rowley, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor George P. Wilson, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor Nettie S. Tillett, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor James W. Painter, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor Jane Summerell, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor Marc Friedlander, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor May Dulaney Bush, B.A., M.A. Instructor Elbert R. Moses, Jr., M.S., Ph.D. Instructor Charlotte Kohler, M.A., Ph.D. Instructor Margaret Virginia Shields, B.A., M.A. Instructor Marion Tatum, B.A. GERMAN Caroline B. Schoch, Ph.B., M.A. Professor Ki.ASiNE Elizabeth Von Westen, M.A., Ph.D. Instructor HEALTH Medical Division Ruth M. Collings, B.A., M.D. Physician and Professor of Hygiene Anna M. Gove, M.D. Physician and Professor of Hygiene H. AuRELiA Gill, M.A., M.D. Assistant Professor Hygiene Victoria Carlsson, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor Mildred Pearl Harris, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor Anne Shamburger HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE History Benjamin B. Kendrick, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Alex Matthews Arnett, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Clarence D. Johns, B.A., M.A. Professor Magnhilde Gullander, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor VeraLargent, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor Bernice Evelyn Draper, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor Josephine Hege, B.A. Instructor Eugene E. Pfaff, M.A., Ph.D. Instructor Jane Lohrer, B.A. Catherine Strateman, M.A., Ph.D. Instructor Political Science Harriett Wiseman Elliott, B.A., M.A. Professor Louise Brevard Alexander, B.A. Associate Professor HOME ECONOMICS Margaret Messenger Edwards, B.S., M.A. Professor Viva M. Playfoot, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor Blanche Tansil, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Institutional Management Flora White Edwards, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor Madeleine Blakey Street, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor Bess Naylor Rosa, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor Harriet Alice Naumann, B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor Agnes N. Coxe, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor Emeve Paul Singletary, B.S. -4 1 8 )§►- ir E r EE LE Evelyn Howell. B.S. Martha Elizabeth Hathaway. B.S. Assislint Harriet McGoogan, B.S. Assistant Elizabeth P. Cook, B.S. Assistant MATHEMATICS Helen Barton, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Cornelia Strong, B.A., M.A. Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy Emily Holmes Watkins, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor MUSIC H. Hugh Altvater, B.A., Mus.M. Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music George M. Thompson, M.Mus. Professor of Organ Alleine Richard Minor, B.S. Associate Professor of Piano Mary Lois Ferrell Associate Professor of Piano Grace Van Dyke More, B.Mus., M.S. Associate Professor of Public School Music Ruth Hannas, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Music Theory Birdie Helen Holloway, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor Paul B. Oncley, B.A., B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor Dorothy Lee Clement, B.S. Instructor Geroge E. Henry, B.M., M.M. Instructor Alma Lissow Oncley. B.M., M.M. Instructor Elizabeth Drake, B.S. Assistant PHILOSOPHY Kurt Ed«ard Rosinger, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mary Channing Coleman, B.S. Professor Hope Tisdale, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor Ethel L. Martus, B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor Christine White, B.S. Instructor Dorothy Davis, B.A., M.A. Edith Vail, B.S. Herbert W. Park Instructor Henrietta Thompson, B.S., M.S. Instructor PHYSICS Calvin N. Warfield, M.A., Ph.D. Professor John A. Tiedeman, M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor PSYCHOLOGY James Albert Highsmith, M.A., Ph.D. Professor William Woodrow Martin, Ph.B., M.A. Professor Elizabeth Duffy, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Key L. Barkley, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor Wilton P. Chase, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Bennie Lee Craig, B.A. ROMANCE LANGUAGES WiNFiFLD S. Barney, M.A., Ph.D. Professor George A. Underwood, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Malcolm K. Hooke, B.A., D. de I ' Univ. Professor Meta Helena Miller, M.A., Ph.D. Professor Jessie C. Laird, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor Rene ' Hardre Associate Professor Augustine LaRochelle, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor Alice Katherine Abbott, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor Helen Frances Cutting, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor Virginia Christian Farinholt, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Katherine Taylor, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor Annie Bean Funderburk, B.A., M.A. Instructor Ruth F. Campbell, B.A., M.A. Instructor SECRETARIAL SCIENCE B. Frank Kyker, B.A., B.S.,M.A. Professor Patty Spruill, B.S. Assistant Professor Maude L. Adams, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor G. H. Parker, B.S. M.A. Assistant Professor SOCIOLOGY Glenn R. Johnson, B.A., M.A. ' Professor Lyda Gordon Shivers, LL.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Mereb E. Mossman, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor THE LIBRARY Guy R. Lyle. B.A., B.S., M.S. Librarian E. Elizabeth Sampson, B.S. Head Cataloguer Virginia Trumper In Charge of Periodicals Sue Vernon Williams, B.A., M.A. Reference Librarian Marjorie Hood, B.A., B.A. in L.S. Head of Circulation Department Minnie Middleton Hussey, B.A. Readers ' Adviser Ruth Mills, B.A., B.S. Reserve Room Treva Wilkerson, B.A. Circulation Department Ruth Worley, B.A., B.A. in L.S. Assistant Cataloguer Sarah Gardner Shagle, B.A. Order Assistant and Secretary to the Librarian PUBLIC RELATIONS Charles Wiley Phillips, B.A., M.A. Director of Public Relations Virginia Terrell Lathrop, B.A. Publications Office COUNSELORS Helen Burns, B.A., M.A. Counselor in Spencer Hall Anne Fulton Carter, B.A. Counselor in Spencer Hall Annie Beam Funderburk, B.A., M.A. Counselor in Mary Foust Hall Ione H. Grogan, B.A., M.A. Counselor in East Hall Martha Elizabeth Hathaway, B.S. Counselor in Hinshass- Hall Josephine Hege, B.A. Counselor in Anna Howard Shaw Hall Anne Pleasants Hopkins, B.A. Counselor in Kirkland Hall Ethel Haskin Hunter Counselor in Gray Hall Minnie L. Jamison Counselor Nancy Duke Lewis, B.A., M.A. Counselor in Bailey Hall Evelyn Martin, B.A. Counselor in West Hall Mary Welsh Parker, B.A. Counselor in Woman ' s Hall Katherine Sherrill, B.A. Counselor in Cotten Hall Katherine Taylor, B.A., M.A. Counselor in New Guilford Hall OTHER OFFICERS Hope Coolidge, B.S., M.S. Dietitian Edna A. Forney, B.S. Assistant Treasurer Mary Alice Tennent, B.A. Assistant Registrar WiLMiNA Rowland, B.A., M.A. Director of Religious Education EsTELLE Boyd Supervisor of Dormitories Clara Booth Byrd Alumnae Secretary Jessie R. McLean, R.N. Nurse Cora Jane Staton, R.N. Nurse BrssiE DouB Assistant Dietitian Sara Sue Cassell, B.S. Assistant Dietitian Mary Catherine Proctor. A.B. Manager of Book Store J. M. Sink Supt. of Buildings and Grounds Janette Stout Turner, B.A., M.A. Manager of Post Ogice SECRETARIES AND OFFFICE ASSISTANTS Hallie Anthony Department of Public Relations Frances Foster Office of the Alumnae Secretary Elizabeth Gant, B.S. Office of the Dean of the School of Music Margaret Haigler Office of the Secretary of the College Edith Harwood, B.L. office of the Registrar Mary Hasty Department of Public Relations Kathleen Pettit Hawkins office of the Secretary of the College Sara Henry, B.A. office of the Treasurer Annie H. Hughes office of the College Physician Elizabeth Kellam Office of the Class Chairmen May Lattimore Office of the Secretary of the College Mary Betty Lee Offce of the Principal of Curry Training School Edythe Orrell Leslie Department of Home Economics Lillian Mebane Lovings Mimeographing Department Eva Cox Melvin, B.L. Department of Education Mildred P. Newton, B.A. office of the Registrar Helen Pickard Office of the Assistant Comptroller Elizabeth Yates, B.A. Office of the Dean of Administration ■••ig(l9)i«- ir jE r EE LE MRS. HUNTER COUNSELORS AND Miss Helen Burns Mrs. Anne Fulton Carter Mrs. Annie Beam Funderburk Miss Ione Grogan Miss Martha Elizabeth FiATHAWAY Miss Josephine FiEGE Miss Anne Pleasants FioPKiNs Mrs. J. S. FiuNTER - Miss Nancy Lewis Miss Evelyn Martin West Hall Miss Mary Welsh Parker Woviaii ' s Hall Miss Katherine Sherrill Cotton Hall Miss Katherine Taylor ' Nciv Guilford Hall North Spencer Hall South Spencer Hall Mary Foust Hall East Hall Hinshaic Hall Shau ' Hall Kirkland Hall Gray Hall Bailey Hall MRS. FUNDERBURK Miss HEGE Miss LEWIS - 2 - ir NjE r - EE LE MISS HOPKINS MISS HATHA« ' AY MISS PARKER RESIDENCE HALL LIFE Each of the thirteen residence halls on the Woman ' s College campus has an official hostess, a Counselor. It is to these Counselors that the students may go for advice on questions academic as well as social. A distinct feeling of friendship exists between the Counselor and the students of her residence hall. The social life on the campus pivots around the social life in these thirteen houses. Each hall is the home of approximately one hundred and twenty- two students from September until June. During these months the girls live together in a congenial and elevating atmosphere. Tea dances, informal parties, outdoor activities play their share in rounding out a college program in which all students are urged to participate. •4 2 1 )■ •- MISS BURNS MISS SHERRILL MRS. CARTER student odmini trotlor ir E I EE LE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Lucy Spinks Virginia Tatum Emily Harris Gertrude Darden . I ' rcsiiicii Vice-President Secre ar Treasurer VIRGINIA TATUM The Student Government Association is the student organization of the college through which each student assumes responsibility for the life and conduct on the campus. This opportunity for self-government necessitates the serious effort of student officers, the judicious use of the powers entrusted to them, and, above all else, the loyal support of every college student working for the improvement of the College with which she has chosen to associate herself. To uphold as a student body the academic and social standards of the College, to exercise the powers of self- government to the best of our ability, to achieve a spirit of co-operation and to do our part to build a Greater University is the purpose of our Association. Through the accomplishment of such an aim we hope to render ourselves worthy of the trust placed in us when the organization was created. tMILY HARRIS GERTRUDE DARDEN - 24 •■- ir E r jEE LE LEGISLATURE The Legislature is composed of the President of Student Government, Vice-President of Student Government, Treasurer of Student Government, the President of the Town Students ' Association, three members from each of the classes, and two members from the first year Com- mercial class, the House Presidents, and three members from the faculty. The Legislature is the official ruling body of the Student Government Association. Members from the classes: Senior: Vivian Rothacher, Katherine Aycock, Rachel Nye. Junior: Phyllis Keister, Rachel Emmett, Carroll Stoker. Sophomore: First semester, Barbara Brown, Eunice King, Eleanor Horner; Second semester, Grace Evelyn Loving, Joy Carman, Rose Pully. FINANCE BOARD The Finance Board supervises the financial policies of the student organizations participating in the budget and decides upon the allocation of the student activities fee among these organizations. It also aids and guides the four classes in the handling of their funds. Chairman: Adrienne Wormser; Secretary, Eleanor Kerchner; Treasurer: Miss Katherine Sherrill. Gertrude Rainey, Fannie Daniel, Dr. Albert S. Keister, Mr. Claude E. Teague. -4(2 5)s -- ir JE r EEC LE I JUDICIAL BOARD The College Judicial Board is composed of the President of the Student Government Association, the Secretary of the Student Government Association, and of seven associate members. A member of the faculty is elected by the Board to act in an advisory capacity. The Judicial Board, in co- operation with the Hall Judicial Boards, deals with all cases of discipline which are not specifically delegated to other authorities. Members: Jane Chadwick, Alma Hall, Eileen Gamble, Miriam Gault, Luck Spinks, Adele Smirnow, Gladys Mey- erowitz, Chloe Roberson, Emily Harris. HALL BOARDS ANNA HOWARD SHAW HINSHAW Prcudcnt. Marie Sctte PmiJcnt, Mary Elizabeth Taylor MEMBERS MEMBERS Hazel Barnes, Helen Lewis, Edith Winbornc Frances Howell, Nellie Pilley, Eloise Robii Rachel Woolard. Daisy Lee Woodbury. NORTH SPENCER Pri-srtlciif, Dorothy Ficker MEMBERS Ellen Meade Wilson, Winnifred Shell, Virgil Ritter, Kathrvn Whitley BAILEY PmiJciit, Elame Schmidt MEMBERS Celia Hall, Bettie Hunt, Kate Niblock, Elizabeth Uzzelle KIRKLAND President, Elizabeth Aycock MEMBERS Ruth Hamilton, Louise Northcott, Patterson, Hester Tolar. WEST President, Gertrude Rainey MEMBERS rl Chamness, Eleanor Dibble, Celi. Durham, Kathryn Tate. GOTTEN President, Jean Abbitt MEMBERS Mary Fuller Beasley, Sarah Click, Mary Wils. Henderson, Virginia Jackson. MARY FOUST President, Ruth Westcott MEMBERS Elizabeth Holmes, Golda Peedin, Nan Norv Marjorie Swanson. ■WOMAN ' S President, Rosemary Snyder MEMBERS Marjorie Glenn, Helen Weitzel, Betsy Wharton May Stevens Wiley NEW GUILFORD President, Galena Brothers MEMBERS Edna Buchanan, Mary Cochrane, Margaret Mills, Elizabeth Starnes. 26fe. ir E r EECZDLE HOUSE PRESIDENTS There is a house president for each residence hall elected by the Student Body in the spring from the incoming senior and junior classes. The juniors serve as the Admin- istrative officers of Student Government in freshman resi- dence halls, while seniors serve in the same capacity in upper-classman halls. Anna Howard Shaw Hall, Marie Sette; Bailev Hall, Elaine Schmidt; Gotten Hall, Jean Abbitt; East Hall, Frances Crockett; Gray Hall, Sarah Virginia Dunlap; Hinshaw Hall, Mary Elizabeth Taylor; Kirkland Hall, Elizabeth Aycock; Mary Foust Hall, uth Westcott; New Guilford Hall, Galena Brothers; North Spencer Hall, Dorothy Ficker; South Spencer Hall, Leah Smirnow; West Hall, Gertrude Rainey; Woman ' s Hall, Rosemary Snyder. HONOR BOARD The Honor Board is composed of the President of the Student Government Association, three members from the College Judicial Board, and three faculty members ap- pointed by the Dean of Administration. II deals with all forms of dishonesty. Honor Board -4. 2 7 - losses seniors ll vIE r EE LE It is with respect and admiration that we, the Senior Class of 193 8, express to Miss Helen Ingraham, our Class Chairman, our appreciation for her numerous con- tributions to college life since her association with our Alma Mater. John Hodgin Mascot of Class of 19)1 • " 4 3 2 •- ir E r EE LE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ALMA HALL Alma Hall President Kathryn Thompson Vice-President Eileen Gamble Secretary Mary Fuller Beasley Treasurer Hattie Pearl Grisette Cheer Leader Miss Helen Ingraham Class Chairman KATHRYN THOMPSON EILEEN GAMBLE M. F. BEASLEY SENIOR CLASS SONG Arise! Arise! And sing of ' 3 8 Ye daughters one and all. Lift your voices, answer loud and clear Alma Mater ' s call. We ' ll stand together as we pledge, Our love and loyalty; And our hearts we ' ll ever turn, Green and white to thee. We ' ll take our place, and bravely we will stand, Our hands firm clasped in thine. As down the years thy children march In one unbroken line. Colors Green and White Flower Wisteria Motto " Excelsior " ►ir JE r EE »LE Jean Abbitt WILSON B.S. Secretarial Adni ' iiihtration Adelphlan; Atlantic Christian College (1); House Vice-President (2); Play- likers; Basketball (2,3,4) , Manager (3); Junior Adviser (3); Adelphian Dance Committee (3); Junior Dance Commit- tee (3); Legislature (4); House Presi- dent (4): Education Club (3,4); Honor Roll (4). Flora Adams DILLON, s. c. A.B. English Cornelian; College Choir; Lf CercU Francaii (1,2); College Orchestra (2); Daisy Chain (2); Wesley Foundation, Council (3), Recreation Chairman (3), Extension Committee (4), Wesley Play- ers (1,2,3,4), Secretary (2), Treasurer (4); Junior-Senior Committee; Art Club (3,4), Treasurer (4); Playlikers (3,4); Education Club (4); Speaking Choir (4). Gertrude Applebaum huntington, n. y B.S. Physical Education Cornelian; Hockey (1); Field Ball (1); Lc Ccrcle Fraiicah (I); Soccer (2), Varsity (3); Baseball (2); Speedball (3), Varsity; Tennis (3); Clogging Club (1,4); Square Dance Club (3,4). Fannie Lynn Adams angier B.S. Secretarial Administration (Summer School Gladys Arney morganton A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Virginia Intermont College; Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club (3,4). Mary Agnew detroit, michigan A.B. English Dikean; QuiU Club (4); Y.W.C.A. Georgia Arnett greensboro A.B. History Aletheian; Speakers ' Club (1,2,3); De- bating Team (1,2); Playlikers (2,3,4), Publicity Chairman (3,4); Jacket Chairman (2); Chemistry Club (4); Junior Dance Committee; Le Cercle Fraiicak (3); Junior-Senior Dance Committee (3); Legislature (3,4); Honor Roll (2,3); Fill Beta Kappa (3,4); CoradJi (3,4), Editor (4); Quill Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Geneva Austin marshville B.S. Secretarial Administration (Summer School) Dikean; Y.W.C.A.; Education Club (4). ■■4_ 34 )■ •■- ir NjE r EE LE Ruth Lillian Avery SELMA I.S. Secretarial AJniin ' ntration Dikean; Y.W.C.A. Katherine Aycock SELMA A.B. History Dikean, Secretary (3): Y.W.C.A. (1,2), Cabinet (3,4); Speakers ' Club (3), President (4); Junior Dance Committee (3); Legislature (4); Education Club (4); Dormitory Social Chairman (4); Carolinian (4); Points Committee (4). Muriel Bailey ZEBULON A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Louisburg College (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club (3,4); Square Dance Club (3); Arclicry (4). Hazel Barnes taylorsville B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; B. S. U. Council; Y.W.C.A.; Le Cerclc francais (2); Hall Judicial Board (4). Elizabeth Aycock FREMONT B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4); Education Club (3,4); House President (4). Aleth Speak Club Ruth Ayers pine hall A.B. English Man; College Choir ;rs ' Club (3,4); Squ (3); Playlikers (4); Club (4). (1,2,3,4); ire Dance Education Pauline Virginia Baise reidsville B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian. Frances Barrett B.S. Music Aletheian; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet (4); Speakers ' Club (1); House Vice-Presi- dent (1,3); Life Saving (1,4); College Choir (2,3), Vestment Chairman (3); Madrigal Club (2,3,4), Press Reporter (2); College Band (3); Junior Adviser (3); Glee Club (4); Education Club (4); Pine Needlci (4). ■••C 3 5 - ir vjE r EE LE Laura Bateman columbia A.B. Gram mar Grade Education Dikean; Y.W.C.A. Council (1,2); Bap- tist Student Union Council (3), Presi- dent (4); Inter-Faith Council (4); Education Club (4). Edith Beard CONCORD B. S. Home Economics Aletheian; Brevard Junior College (1,2); Home Economics Club (3,4); Education Club (4). Helen Bell mooresville B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian, Secretary (2); House Vice- President (2); Education Club (3,4). Ruth Benton elizabeth city A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Sue Batte CONCORD B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Education Club (3,4); Square Dance Club (3); Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4); Hall Proctor (4). Mary Fuller Beasley henderson B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; House Committee of Offenses (1); Hockey Team (2); Hall Judicial Board (4); Treasurer Class (4). Willow Way Benbow oak RIDGE A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Orchesis (3); Tennis (1); Saint Mary ' s Club (1,2,3,4). Ina Biebigheiser winston-salem A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Square Dance Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club (4), St. Mary ' s House Vestry (4); Dcr Dcutichc Vcrcin (3,4). ir %JE r EE LE Catherine Blake emerson, n. j. B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Bergen County Junior Col- lege (1,2); Education Club (3,4); Home Economics Club (3,4); Play- likers (3,4). Frances Bland pittsboro A.B. Grammar GraJe Education Dikean; Flora Macdonald College (1,2); Education Club (4). Nina Park Booker greensboro A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Education Club (3,4.) Ida Louise Brock elizabeth city B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; House Vice-President (I); Education Club (3,4). Selma Blake emerson, n. j. B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Clogging Club; Home Ec- onomics Club (3,4); Education Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (3,4). Mary Boney ' wilmington A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; College Choir (1,2,3,4) Honor Roll (1,2,4); Daisy Chain (2) Secretary Class (3); Junior Adviser (3); Playlikers (3,4); Education Club (4); President Inter-Faith Council (4). Louise Bowles winston-salem A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Mars Hill College (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (3,4), Council and Officer; Education Club (3,4). Calena Brothers rocky mount B.S. Physical Education Aletheian; Freshman Y. Council; Dol- phin (1,2), Vice-President (3); Presi- den (4); Clogging Club (3); Orchesis (3); House President (4); Legislature (4); A. A. Council (4); Marshal (4). ' ■•4l 3 7 )§►- ir E h EE LE Margaret Brothers rocky mount B.S. Secretarial Aihiiiiiistration Dikean: Freshman Y Council; Dolphin (1,2,3,4); Orchesis (3); Chairman Society Dance (5); Social Chairman of Dormitory (3); Class Cheer Leader (2); President Rocky Mount Club (4). Thelma Bryan roseboro A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Education Club (4); Pine- land Junior College; Chowan College (1). Marjorie Burgess OLD TRAP A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Education Club; Botany Club. Mary Bernice Callahan rutherfordton A.B. English Aletheian; Mars Hill College; Brev.ird Junior College; Education Club; Y.W.C.A. Marguerite Brower silver city A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Education Club (3,4); Or- chestra (1,2); String Choir (3,4); B. S. U. Council (3); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Sarah Burdge red bank, n. j. B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Education Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. Betty Calder springfield, penn. B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Varsity Hockey Team (1,2,3); Quill Club (3 4); Marshal (3); Honor Roll (1,2,3); Carolinian, Managing Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4). Helen Camden lynchburg, va. B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Education Club (3,4); Dol- phin Club (3,4). ■•■ 3 8)i»- ir E r EE LE Jacqueline Cameron lexington B.S. Home Eoconomics Dikean; High Point College (1,2); Home Economics Club (3,4); Educa- tion Club (3,4). Katherine Causey LIBERTY A.B. Etiglhhand Biology Aletheian; Phi Beta Kappa (3,4); Phy- sics Club (1,2); Dcr Deutsche Vererin (1,2); Chemistry Club (2,3,4); Caro- linian, Reporter (3), Editor (4); Co- raJiii, Associate Editor (4) ; Inter- national Relations Club (3,4); Quill Club (2,3,4); Zoology Club (3); Bot- any Club (1), Secretary (2), Program Chairman (3), President (4); Honor Roll (1,2,3,4) Lucille Chandler broadway A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Louisburg College (1,2); Education Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (3,4). Gertrude Clark HIGH point B.S. Music Cornelian; Choir (3,4); Education Club (3,4). Edith Cardwell ELK park B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); B.S.U. (1,2,3,4, Treasurer (4); Der Deutsche Verein (1,2,3,4); Education Club (3,4). Jane Chadwick schenectady, n. y. A.B. Psychology Adelphian; Chairman Sophomore Dance; Playlikers (1,2,3,4); International Re- lations Club; College Judicial Board; Marshal (4); Hall Board (4); College Social Chairman (4). Hester Chrisman holcomb rock, va. A.B. Latin Adelphian; Education Club College Choir (3,4); Hockey Swimming (2). (3,4); (3,4); Katherine Elizabeth Clay louisburg B.S. Biology Dikean; Physics Club (2,3,4); Botany Club (3,4), Secretary (4); Zoology Field Club (3,4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Fraiicais ( I ) . • 39 }s« ir %jE r vjEE LE mjk Revie Clein greensboro I.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Honor Roll (1,2). Edwina Connor CANDLER B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Botany Club (2,5,4); Edu- cation Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Nettie Cornell asheville B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Mars Hill Junior College (1,2). Frances Crean new britain, conn. B.S. Physical Education Dikean; Dolphin (1.2,3,4); Caroliman Assistant Sports Editor (1,2); Hockey Varsity (1,2,3); Quill Club (1,2,3,4); Orchesis (3,4); Square Dance Club (2,3,4); Clogging Club (1,2); Outing Club (I); Athletic Association (1,2, 3,4); Baseball Varsity (1,2,3); Basket- ball Varsity (1,2); Coraddi, Con- tributing Editor (4); Cheer Leader (2); A. A. Cabinet (4); Archery Club (2,3.4); Swimming Varsity (3); Field Ball (1,2). Sarah Click ELKIN A.B. English Cornelian; Mary Baldwin College (1); Playlikers (2,3,4); Masqueraders (3,4); Speech Choir (4). Sheila Corley ridgefield, n. j. A.B. French Diwean; Basketball Team (1); Quill Club (2,3,4), President (4); CoriiJJi (1,2,3,4); Y. Council (2), Cabinet (3); Honor Roll (2,3); Student Li- brary Prize (3); Pine NccJln (4); Lc Ccrcle francah (1,2,3,4), Secretary (3). Alta Mae Craver lexington B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Education Club (3,4); Y. ' W ' .C.A. Dorothy Stuart Creech smithfield B.S. Secretarial Administrat io)i Aletheian, President (4); College Choir (1); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); Speakers ' Club (1,2,3,4); Education Club (4); Junior Adviser (3). - 40 );! ir E r EE LE Faye Cresson LENOIR A.B. Education Dikean; Education Club (3,4); Speakers ' Club (3,4); B. S. U. Council Third Vice-President (4). Corneliai Glee Clu Sarah Crump SUNBURY A.B. History ; Peace Junior College (1,-); i 4; College Choir (4); Edu- cation Club (4). Frances Cuthbertson MONROE A.B. French Dikean; B.S.U., Secretary (I ), President (2), Director (3), Vice-President (4), Council (4); House Vice-President (I); Speakers ' Club (1,2,3,4); Y.W. C.A.; Le Cercle Francais (1,2,3,4). Fannie Daniel WILSON A.B. History Cornelian, Treasurer (3), President (4); Finance Board (4); International Relations Club (3,4). Annie Katherine Crosland bennettsville, s. c. A.B. English Aletheian; Y.W.C.A.; Speech Choi. (4); Honor Roll (3,4); Education Club (4). Elizabeth Cummings HIGH point B.S. Secretarial Ati ministration Aletheian; Y.W.C.A.; Education Club (4). Barbara Cuthrell goldsboro B.S. Music Dikean. Marshal (3), Vice-Presideii (4); Seal Club (3,4); Playlikers (I,; 3,4); Orchestra (1,2,3,4); String Tn (4); Choir (1,2). Margaret Darden WINDSOR A.B. Primary Education (Summer School) Aletheian; Home Economics Club (1); Botany Club (2); Education Club (4). •4 41 }•« •ir jE r EE LE Lewis Davies augusta, ga. A.B. English Dcr Deutsche Ver Orchesis (3). Catherine Davis charlotte A.B. Mathematics Adelphian; Honor Roll (1,2,3); Square Circle (1,2,3,4), Vice-President (4); Education Club (4); Physics Club (3); Y.W.C.A. Frances Elizabeth Davis pikeville B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Louisburg College (1); Home Economics Club (2,3,4); Education Club (4). Grace Davis tobaccoville A.B. Primary Education (Summer School) kean; Botany Club (2,3,4); Square nee Club (3,4); College Band (1,3); Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Lena Belle Davis youngsville A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Education Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); B.S.U. (1,2,3,4), Council (2,3). Slocumb Davis DUNN B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Saint Mary ' s School (1,2); Education Club (4). ISOLIND DeBoE GREENSBORO l.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Playlikers (2,3,4). Nell Dedmon salisbury A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Catawba College (1,2); Or chesis (3); Education Club (4). - 42 • •ir E h EE LE Elizabeth Dotger charlotte A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Botany Club (1,2,3,4); Edu- cation Club (4); Y.W.CA. (1,2,3,4); Honor Roll (3). Edna Douglas high point B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Orchestra (1,2); String Choir (3,4); Speakers ' Club (2,3,4); Y.W.C.A (1); Honor Roll (4). Jessie Douglas greensboro A.B. Art Aletheian; Orch. (2,3,4), Vu s (3); Art President (3). Reba Eagle salisbury A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Pfeiffer Junior College (1,2); Education Club (4); Secretary Student Summer School (3); Honor Roll (4). Edith Edmondson plymouth B.S. Music Dikean; Louisburg College (1,2); College Choir (3 4); Y.W.C.A.; Mad- rigal Club (3); Hall Proctor (4). (1,2); Nfnlle Judith Eller greensboro A.B. English n; Mars Hill Junior CoUeg Education Club (4); Pin ! (4); Honor Roll (1,2,3,4). Louise Eller charlotte A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Y.W.C.A.; Education Club (4). Ruth Elliott hertford A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Education Club (4); Hall Proctor (1); Freshman Nomination Committee. ■•■4 43 }§ •• ' ir E r EE »LE Jane Ellis STAR A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Guilford College (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club (4). Lennis Farmer BLANCH A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Le Cercle Fryman (2); Botany Club (3,4); Averett College (1); Y. ' W ' .C.A. Bess Yount Feimster NEWTON B.S. Public School Music Adelphian; College Choir (1,2,3,4); College Orchestra (1); Madrigal Club (2,3,4); Speakers ' Club (3). Claire Elizabeth Eubank Scott ' s hill A.B. Biology Adelphian; Y.W.C.A.; Botany Club (3,4); Chemistry Club (3,4). Madeline Farthing sugar grove A.B. Mathematics Adelphian; Brevard College; Square Circle (3,4); Education Club (4). Catherine Fleet greensboro A.B. Mathematics Aletheian; Square Circle (1,2,3,4); Der Deutsche Verein ( 1,2.3,4); Playlikers (1,2,3,4); Education Club (4). Wylma Ruth Ferguson asheville B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Brevard College (1,2); Ho Econon :s Club (3,4); Educa- Club (4). Doris Fondren greensboro A.B. Primary Education lelian; Botany Club (3,4); Caro- », Business Staff; Education Club (4). -■ 44 K ir E h EE • LE Helen Foster asheville B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Duke Universky (1,2); Marshal (4). Virginia Fulton WALNUT cove B.S. Physical Education Dikean; Education Club; Square E Club; Playl.kers. Eileen Gamble savannah, ga. A.B. Sociology Adelphian; Edgewood Park Junior Col- lege (I); Sophomore Pageant; Alpl?a Kappa Delta (3,4); Honor Roll (3); College Choir (3); Chemistry Club (3,4); Playlikers (3,4), Cabinet (4); Class Secretary (4); College Judicial Board (4); Editorial Board, Fine Needles (4). Edna Gathings pageland, s. c. A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Wingate Junior College (1,2); Le Cercic Francais (3); Education Club (4). Minnie Fowler HICKORY A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Botany Club (2,5); Zoology Field Club (3,4); Speakers ' Club (2,3,4), Secretary (3); Education Club (4). Mary Fultz lexington A.B. English ornelian; Honor Roll (2,4); Educ: tion Club; Physics Club; Speaking Choir. Dorothy Lenore Gaskins asheville B.S. Music Cornelian; Wesley Foundation (1,2, 1,4), Council (1,2); Players (1,2); Student Volunteer Group (1); House Vice-President (1); Freshman Y. Coun- cil; College Choir (2,3,4); Education Club (4); Madrigal Club (2,3,4); Glee Club (4); Band (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Helen Gibson thomaston, ga. B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Archery Club (3,4). -4 45 1 " •ir — JE r EE LE Ruth Gill kittrell A.B. Physics Dikean; Freshman Y. Council; Honor Roll (1); Speakers ' Club (1); Wesley Foundation Council (2.3,4), Secretary (2), President (3), Freshman Council; Sigma Chapter Wesley Players (1,2,3), President (4); Physics Club, President (4); Mathematics Club (2,4). Etheleen Goodnight MT. ULLA A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Brevard Junior College; Botany Club (4); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (4). Jean Graham ROWLAND B.S. Music Aletheian; College Choir (1); College Orchestra (1,2,3,4), Secretary (2), President ( 3.4) ; Chamber Music Group (4); Wesley Foundation, Council (2). Caroline Hagey imboden, va. A.B. History Aletheian; Duke University (1,2); Education Club (4). Marjorie Glenn MARION B.S. Music Adelphian; College Choir (1,2,3,4); Madrigal Club (2,3,4); Student Vol- unteer President (2); Orchesis (2,3); Y.W.C.A. Cabmet (2,3,4); Basketball (1,2); Band (3); Glee Club (4); Hall Board (4); Phtf Needles (4); Educa- tion Club (3,4). Miriam Goodrum davidson A.B. Primary Education lelian; Davidson College (1,2); lucation Club; Y. ( ' .C.A.; Social Service Work. Hattie Pearl Grisette VALDESE B.S. Physical Education Aletheian; Daisy Chain Chairman (2) Playlikers (1); Soccer Team (3) chesis (3); Clogging Club (3); Cheer Leader (4). Or- Class Alma Hall NEW BERN A.B. Sociology Aletheian; Freshman Commission President of Class (1,4); Freshman Y Council; Playlikers (1,2,3,4). Busines; Manager (3); Legislature (2); Chair- man of Y. Council (2); Marshal (3) Secretary of Student Government (3) Honor Board (4); Judicial Board (4) Der Deutsche Verein (3,4); Alphi Kappa Delta (2,3,4). -4. 46 )ae- •ir jE r EE LE Helen Hall woodsdale A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Queens-Chicora College (1); Education Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2, 3,4); Kappa Delta. Virginia Wilson Hall OXFORD A.B. Biology Dikean; University of Georgia (1,2) Honor Roll (4). Evelyn Hammond ROWLAND B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Education Club. Louise Harris farmville A.B. English Cornelian; Y. W. C. A. (3,4); Di- Deutsche Verein (3,4). Virginia Harris farmville A.B. English Dikean; College Choir (1); Y.W.CA. (1); Art Club (3); Marshal; Educa- tion Club. Virginia Lee Harrison EAGLE springs B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Education Club. Selma Ross Hart Perrine Hayes NORFOLK, VA. FREMONT A.B. English A.B. Biology Aletheian; " William and Mary (1.2); Adelphian; ( ' inthrop College (1): Y.W.C.A.; Education Club; Wesley Physics Club (2); Chemistry Club Foundation. (2); Playlikers (3,4); International Relations Club (4); Society Treasurer (4); Honor Roll (4). -4 47 }§►•- ir E f EE LE Harriet Ellis Heath greensboro A.B. Biology Dikean; Botany Club (3,4); Chemistry Club (3,4); Physics Club (3,4); Edu- cation Club (3,4). Bernice Heffner MAIDEN A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Lenoir-Rhyne College; Col- lege Choir; Y.W.C.A.; Education Club. Mary Hefner HAMLET B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; College Choir; (1,2); House Vice-President (3); Education Club; Y.W.C.A. Crystal Henderson lumberton A.B. History Aletheian; Education Club (3,4); Square Dance Club (3); Honor Roll (4). Margaret Hendrix asheville A.B. English Cornelian; Mars Hill Junior College (1,2); Education Club. Abbie Fay Henry waynesville A.B. Biology Cornelian; Botany Club (3,4); Chem- istry Club (3,4); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (4); Honor Roll (4). Hazel Herring goldsboro B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Square Dance Club (2); Education Club (4). Ethel Virginia Hewett wilmington A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Pineland Junior College (1,2); College Band (3); Education Club (4); Square Dance Club (4). ■•••§(48 - ir sJE h EECDLE Julia Highsmith DURHAM B.S. Secretarial Admhiisfrafion Dikean; Education Club; Y.W.C.A.; House Vice-President (1). Martha Hodges lexington, va. B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Y.W.C.A.; Education Club (3,4); Playlikers (3,4). Marie Hudnell royal i.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. Ruth Ivey mount olive A.B. Biology Dikean; Botany Club (2,3,4); Educa- tion Club (4); Square Dance Club (4). Conrade Barnes Hobbs sunbury A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; College Choir (1); Educ tion Club (4). Iris Howell TROY B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Clogging Club (3,4). Bettie Hunt wilmington A.B. Art Aletheian; Peace Junior College (1,2); Art Club (3,4), Secretary (4); Hall Judicial Board (4). Edith Hight Jackson franklinton A.B. English Dikean; Louisburg College (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (4); Education Club; Play- likers. -4 49 - ir E r- EE • LE Evelyn McMullan Jackson EDENTON A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphisn; Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); Edu- cation Club (4); House Vice-President (1). Virginia Jackson HIGH point A.B. Art Adelphian; Richmond School of Art (1); Honor Roll (2,3); Le Cercle Fraiicah; Playlikers; Art Club, Social Chairman (4); Art Editor Carolinian (3,4); Art Editor Corai i ; (2,3,4); Art Editor Pwc Needles (4) ; Hall Judicial Board (4); Junior-Senior Dance Com- mittee (4). Sarah Jarrett ANDREWS A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Mars Hill College; Speake Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Camilla Ihrie Johnson pittsboro B.S. Chemistry Adelphian; Y. Council (I); Daisy Chain (2); Physics Club (2,3,4); Chemistry Club JA); St. Mary ' s Club (1,2,3,4), Vestry (4). Lillian Jackson greensboro A.B. Art Adelphian; Editor Handbook (4); Vice-President of Class (2); Carolinian (2,3); Art Club (2,5,4); Clogging Club (2); Playlikers (2,3); Jacket Committee (2); Dance Committee (2,4); Choir (2). Josephine James purcellville, va. B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Home Economics Club. Ruth Harman Jenkins franklinton A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Hall Board (4); Education Club (3,4). Elizabeth Johnson north wilkesboro A.B. History lian; Mars Hill College Education Club. ■■ 5 0}S - ir vjE rvjEE iLE Clarice Jones timberlake A.B. English Aletheian; Wesley Foundation, Council, Vice-President (3), President (4), Wesley Players (3,4); Botany Club (2); Education Club (4); Inter-Faith Council (4). Marion Katherine Jordan elizabethtown A.B. Grammar Grade Education Adelphian; Playlikers (2,3,4); Vice- President of Education Club (4); Chairman Ring Committee (3); Y.W. C.A. (1,2,3,4). Hannah Price Kallam pleasant garden B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4). Evelyn Kernodle greensboro A.B. Art Adelphian; Art Club, President (2); Zoology Field Club, Vice-President (3); Playlikers; Coraddt, Art Editor (3). Louise Robbins Jordan teaneck, n. j. B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikcan; Legislature (2); House Presi- dent (3); Inter-Society Representativt (4); Carolinian (4); Honor Roll (1.2,3,4). Frances Judd VARINA B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Duke University (1); Chemistry Club (2,3); Home Ec- onomics Club (2,3,4); Y.W. C.A. (2,3,4). Lillian Katz morganton B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Virginia Intermont (1); Y.W.C.A. (2,3,4); Pine Needles (2); Education Club (4). Helen Kleemeier greensboro A.B. Sociology Cornelian; Honor Roll (3); Archery Club (3,4); Social Service Work (4); Playlikers (4). -4 5 1 •- ir jE r EE LE Selma Koehler albion, pa. A.B. Latin Aletheian; Alleghany College (1,2); Education Club (3,4); Honor Roll (4). Alice Lambeth jonesboro A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Education Club; Y.W.C.A. Katherine Landen chinquapin A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, .1,4); Educa tion Club; Pine Needles (3,4). Kathleen Lauder RUFFIN B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Square Club (3,4); Education Club (4); Speakers ' Club (4); Y.W. C.A. (1,2,3,4). Dorothy Lewis asbury park, n. j. A.B. Mathematics Dikean; Square Cii dent (4); Manager Chairman Invitatio cle (1,2,3), Presi- Junior Shop (3); I Committee (4) ; Sports (1,2,3,4); Honor Roll (1,2,4). Helen Lewis marshallburg A.B. History Cornelian; Y.NX ' .C.A.; Honor Roll (1,3); Junior Adviser; Education Club (4); Hall Proctor (4); Hall Judicial Board (4). Elizabeth Liles garland A.B. French Aletheian; Y.W.C.A.; Education Club B.S.U.; Mars Hill Junior College (1,2) Elizabeth M. Link mount pleasant B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1,2, 3,4); Lutheran Students Association (1,2,3,4); Y.W.C.A.; Lc Ccrcic Fran- cah (2); Square Dance Club (3); Education Club (4); Honor Roll (4). -«{5 2}§«-- ir E r EE •LE Martha Jackson Loftin gastonia A.B. Primary Education rnelian; Le Cercle Francah (2,3); Education Club 3,4). HoRTENSE Harris Long tobaccoville B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Julia Lovelace macclesfield B.S. Physical Education Adelphian; Playlikers (1,2); Education Club (4); Archery Club, Vice-Presi- dent (4); Y.W.C.A., Council (1,2), Secretary (3), President (4); Class Hockey Team (2,3); Swimming (2,3). Lois Lowder winston-salem B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Education Club; Freslim.i. Y. Council; Y.W.C.A. Blair Lyle keysville, va. A.B. English Cornelian; House Vice-President (I); Freshman Y. Council; Lc Cercle fran- cah (2); Der Dcutuhe Vereiii; (2,3); Y.W.CA. (1,2); Jun.or Adviser (3); Legislature (3); Honor Roll (1,2,3). Nancy McCall norton, va. B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Home Economics Club (2,3,4); Chemistry Club (2,5,4); Y.W.C.A. Myrtie McCaskill rockingham I.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Education Club. Bessie Mae McFadden flat rock A.B. Mathematics Adelphian; Brevard College (1,2); Der Deiitu M- Verchi (3); Square Circle Club (3,4); Education Club (4). -•€{5 3 ir E h EE LE MoNTIEN McKaUGHAN WHITSETT B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Home Economics Club (1,2, 3,4); Y.WC.A.; Education Club (4). Dorothy McKenzie pinehurst A.B. English (Summer School) Cornelian; MiUigan Collese; D. ' r Dcutichc Ven-in; Hall Judicial Board; Y.W.C.A. Gwendolyn MacMullin RAMSEUR A.B. French and Spanish Dikean; Phi Beta Kappa (3,4); Legis- lature (1,2,3); House President (3); Clogging Club (1,2,3,4); President (4); he Cercle Francah (2,3,4), Treas- urer (3 ); Dolphin (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2 3,4); Athletic Association (1,2, 3,4); Treasurer (2); Soccer (1,2,3,4); Sports Leader (3,4); Athletic Associa- tion Cabinet (2,3,4); Gymnastics (1, 2,3,4); Swimming (1,2,3,4), Manager (3); Life Saving (1,2); Tennis (1,2); Singles Championship (3); Volleyball (1,2,3): Athletic Association Camp Committee (3,4); Honor Roll (1,2,3,4). Jane McKee AZUSA, calif. B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Freshman Y. Council; Sopho- more Y. Council; Class Treasurer (2); Choir (1,2,3,4); Art Club (2,3,4); Der DeutH-he Verein ( 1 ); International Relations Club (3,4); Archery Club (3,4); Hockey (1,2,3); Swimming (3); Sophomore Christmas Pageant. Suzanne S. McLaurin bennettsville, s. c. A.B. English Adelphian; Honor Roll (2,3,4); De Deutsche Verein Marie McNeely greensboro B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4); Education Club (3,4); Square Dance Club (1,2); Clogging Club (1). Margaret Mahaffey Sadie Maness HICKORY hemp A.B. Sociology and History B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Tennis (1); Speakers ' Club Dikea n; Louisburg Junior College (3,4), Current Events Chairman (4); (1,2) Home Economics Club (3,4); Choric Speaking (4); Education Club Educa tion Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Carolinian (2,3), Editor (4); (3,4); Botany Club (4). Dikean Society Publicity Chairman (4); Honor Roll (4). ■ 54 }§«■•- ir E r EE LE Emma Mildred Martin gold hill A.B. English ean; Wesley Foundation (3,4); Education Club (4). Mildred Wells Mashburn greensboro B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Playlikers (2,3,4); Masquerad- ers (3,4); Alpha Pii Omega (3,4); Secretary-Treasurer Town Student As- sociation (2), Vice-President (3), Presi- dent (4); Business Manager Handbook (3,4); Education Club (4). Lelah Nell Masters Geraldine Matthews GREENSBORO DURHAM A.B. English B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Day Students Advisory Board Adelphian; Y.W.C.A.; House Vice (1); Playlikers (2,3,4); Carolinian President; Adelphian Dance Committet (2,3); Botany Club (3,4); Dcr (2). Deutsche Verein. (4) ; Pine Needle: (4); Honor Roll (4). Martha Jane Matthews matthews A.B. English Aletheian; College Choir (1,2); Or- chesis (1,2); Y.W.C.A., Council (1,2); Carolinian (1,2); House Vice-President (I); Education Club; Chairman Y.W. C.A. Tea (1); May Day (1,2). Sarah Fox Matthews randleman A.B. History Dikean. Martha Mauney lincolnton B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Lenoir-Rhyne CoUeje (1,2). Katherine Mayfield norlina A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Playlikers (1,2,3,4); House Vice-President (1); Pine Needles (3), Senior Class Editor (4); Square Dance Club (2.3); Junior Adviser (3); Edu- cation Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). - 5 5 }s« " - ir E r EE »LE Elsie Maynard BELMONT A.B. Grammar Grade Education Cornelian; Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Mary Middleton WALNUT cove A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; U Ccrcle fvancah (I); Bot- any Club (3,4); Speakers ' Club (3,4); Honor Roll (3); Debate Team (4); Education Club (4); Choric Speaking (4). Margaret Mills scotland neck A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Education Club; Hall Judicial Board (4). Elizabeth Moore graham B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Salem College (1,2); Home 1 conomics Club (3.4); Choric Speak- ing (4); Carolinian (3,4); Piin- Needles (4); Y.W.C.A. (4); Education Club (4). Gladys Meyerowitz belhaven A.B. History Cornelian; Carolinian (1,2,3,4); Co- raddi (1,2,3,4); Physics Club (3,4); International Relations (4); Quill Club (4); Honor Roll (3,4); Judicial Board (4); Honor Board (4); Class Historian (4); Playlikers (1,2,3,4); Education Club (4). Lillyan Miller CONCORD B.S. Primary Education Aletheian; Honor Roll (1,3); Vice- President Class (3); Speakers ' Club (4); Education Club (2,3,4), Presi- dent (4). Arthealia Mitchell winston-salem B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Weaver College (I); Choir (2,3); Wesley Foundation, Council (3,4); Home Economics Club (2,3,4), President (4); Honor Roll (4). Martha Miller Moore statesville A.B. English Dikean; Mitchell College (1,2); Edu- cation Club (3,4); College Choir (3,4). ■■■4 5 6}ss - ir E r EE • LE Maureen Moore greensboro B.S. Miisic Vivian Moore ANDREWS A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Brevard College (1,2); Edu- cation Club (4); Square Dance Club (4); Wesley Foundation (3,4). Corneli Dorothy Morell HICKORY A.B. English (Summer School) Wesley Players; Dance Club (4); Alpha Psi Square Omega. Rena Elizabeth Morgan gold hill A.B. Mathematics Dikean; Brevard College (1,2); Squa Circle (3,4); Education Club (4). Frances Moseley la crosse, va. B.S. Music Cornelian; Vesper Choir (1); College Choir (2,5,4); College Glee Club (4); Madrigal Club (2,3,4), Secretary (3), President (4); Honor Roll (4). Julia Moseley KINSTON A.B. Biology Aletheian. Marietta Muller DILLON, s. c. A.B. English Adelphian; Vice-President Cla Y.W.C.A.; Playlikers (2,3,4), (3); Chief Marshal (4); Education Club (3,4); Choir (2); Chairman Junior - Freshman Ceremony (3); Honor Roll (4); May Queen (4). (2); rshal Frances Ross Mulligan WALNUT cove A.B. English Dikean; French Club (2,3); Der Delltsc ie Vcrein (4); St. Mary ' s Club (1,2,3), President (4); Inter-Faitli Council (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (3,4). 4 7 •irvIE r JEE LE Irene Rich Murphy greensboro A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Basketball (1); Tennis Club (1); Dance Committee (2); Daisy Chain (2); Education Club (4); Play- likers (3,4). Florence Nelson new britain, conn. B.S. Physicial Education Dikean; Playlikers (1,2,3,4); Clogging Club (2,3,4); Volley Ball (1,2); Or- chesis (3,4); Cheer Leader (4); Hockey Varsity (3); Square Dance Club (2); Athletic Association (1,2,3,4); Educa- tion Club (4); Hockey (1,2,3,4). Rachel Nye fayetteville A.B. English Adelphian, President (4); Legislature (1); President of Class (2); Finance Board (3); Intersociety Representative (3); Playlikers (3); Education Club (4); Legislature (4); Honor Roll (4). Virginia Olson oak park, ill. A.B. English Adelphian; Playlikers, Prod Manager; Speakers Club; Educat Club; Y.W.C.A.; Honor Roll (4). Marie Neikirk charlotte A.B. Sociology Aletheian; Honor Roll (3,4); Quecns- Chicora College (1,2); Alpha Kappa Delta; Interracial Relations, President (4). Nan Carrollynn Norwine FLAT river, mo. B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Flat River Junior College (1); Home Economics Club (2,3,4); Y.W.C.A. (2,3,4); Class Banner Chair- man (3); Hall Judicial Board (4). Dorothy Bowles Oliver marietta B.S. Music Aletheian; College Choir ( 1,3,4) , Vest- ment Committee (4) ; College Orches- tra (2); Playlikers; Orchestra (2); Band (3); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Dikea 3.4); Mabel Ossi garfield, n. j. B.S. Home Economics n; Home Economics Club (1,2, Education Club (3,4); Botany Club (3); Hou ' Lc Cercle Francais (1,2); E Vice-President (1). ir E r EE LL Margaret Palmer charlotte A.B. Grammar Grade Editcatioti Dikean; Playlikers (3,4); Junior Ad- viser (3); Education Club (4); Pine NecJtc (3,4); Y.W.C.A. Florence Parks LENOIR A.B. English Dikean; Maryville College (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (3,4) Education Club. Grace Parker RAEFORD B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Presbyterian Council (3,4); Society Poster Chairman (4); President Sunday School Class Church of Cov- enant (4). Flora Pearsall greensboro A.B. Mathematics Dikean; Square Circle (1,2,3,4); Edu- cation Club (3,4); Physics Club (3,4). Elizabeth Peden GOLDA PeEDIN FAYETTEVILLE PINE LEVEL B.S. Secretarial Administration A.B. Biology Adelphian, Secretary (2); Daisy Chain Aletheian; Botany Club (2,3,4), Secre- (2); Chairman Junior-Senior Dance tary-Treasurer (3); Zoology Field Club (3); Marshal (4); Junior Dance Com- (4); Education Club (4); Hall Board mittee (3). (4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). Adele Peele Laurinburg B.S. Secretarial Administration Dikean; Edu Carolii n Club; Y.W.C.A.; Marshal (4). Lina Joe Peele lewiston B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Education Club (3,4); B.S.U., Council (2). -4 59 )§ •• ir E r EE LE Mary Barker Pelletier maysville B.S. Secretarial Science Adelphian; Basketball (1,2); Clogging Club (1); Education Club (3,4). Mary Alice Perkins greensboro A.B. English Cornelian; Elon College (3); Educatic Club (4). Helene Person pikeville A.B. Sociology elian, Vice-President (4); Play- ; (1.2,3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); St. Mary ' s Club (1,2,3,4). Mary Elizabeth Phillips asheboro B.S. Home Economics Dikean; High Point College (1,2); Home Economics Club (5,4); Chem- istry Club (3,4); Education Club (3,4). Harriet Pinner PEAK, s. c. A.B. French Cornelian; Edu Club (4). Douglas Plonk KINGS mountain A.B. English Adelphian; Education Club Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). (4); Helen Pointer blanche A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Averett Junior College (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club (3,4). Rosalie Polk rockingham A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Mars Hill College (1); Edu- cation Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. ■• { faO }■ ir vJE I EE LE Ylia Puig greensboro B.S. Music Cornelian; Daisy Chain (2); Madrigal Club (3,4); College Band (3); Choir (3,4); Sophomore Pageant (2); Edu- cation Club. Adelphia tarv Cla Elnora Raiff ROXBORO A.B. chemistry 1, Vice-President (4); Secre- s (2); Chemistry Club; Phy- Club; Sports Day Cha (3). Melba Quinn magnolia B. S. Ecatiotiiics Cornelian; Home Economics (1,2,3,4); Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. Elinor Reece springfield, mass. A.B. Chemistry Dikean; Carolhiian (I); Choir (1); Physics Club (3,4); Chemistry Club (2,3,4); Square Dance Club (3,4); Soccer Varsity (3). Elizabeth Ree ' es Caroline Jane Rigg SAN FORD GREENSBORO A.B. Art A.B. Biology Aletheian; Choir (1); Y.W.C.A.; ; Art Corn lelian; College Choir (3,4); Mit- Club (2,3,4) ; Home Economics Club chell College (1,2). (1); Dfr Deii sche Vereiti (1,2): ; Art Staff CoraJdi (2,3); Art Staff Pine NcfJles (4) ; Education Club (4); Playlikers (3). Edith Ritchie Chloe Roberson RICHFIELD ROBERSONVILLE A.B. Primary Education A.B. History Adelphian; Education Club (4); Bot- Dikean; Atlantic Christian College (1) any Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Speakers ' Club; Education Club; Pfeiffer Junior College (1,2). Judicial Board (4). - {6l)»- ir E r EE LE Elizabeth Robinson matthews A.B. Grammar Grade Education; Basketball (2); Tennis (3); Y.Vi ' .C.A.; Education Club, Treasurer (4); Band (4). Julia Root pittsfield, mass. B.S. Physical Education Adelphian; Soccer (2,3); A. A. Cabinet (2.3). Vivian Rothacher chicago, ill. B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Student Activities Commit- tee; Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); Hockey Var- sity (3); Class President (3); Marshal (4); Legislature (4); Carolinian, Ed- itor (4); Chapel Monitor (3,4); Honor Roll (4). Elaine Schmidt plainfield, n. j. B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian, Chairman Sports Day (3), Recording Secretary (3); Marshal (4); Playlikers (1,2,3,4); Choir (I); Speak- ers ' Club (3,4); Catholic Girls ' Club (2,3,4); House President (4); Basket- ball (1,4); Tennis (1); Alpha Psi Omcua (4); Legislature (4); Hall Ju- dicial Board (4). Rebecca Rogol williston, s. c. B.S. Secr etarial Administration Cornelian; Le Ccrclc Francois (1,2); Speakers ' Club (1,2,3), Program Com- mittee (2); Square Circle (2); Clogging Club (3,4); Education Club (3,41; Carolinian Staff (3,4), Society Editor (4). Lyndell Ross HAMLET A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Home Economics Club (1,2); Y.W.C.A.; Education Club (4); Hal! Proctor (4). Nancy Hall Sawyer elizabeth city A.B. Primary Education Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4), Council (2); Marshal (4); Education Club (4). Marie Sette new york, n. y. A.B. English and Sociology Cornelian, Program Chairman (4); Honor Roll (1,2,3); Social Chairman Dormitory (1,2); Alpha Kappa Del fa (3,4); Y.W.C.A., Cabinet (3); Play- likers (3,4), Cabinet (4); Quill Club (3,4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Legis- lature (4); House President (4); CoraJJi. Editorial Board (3,4). ■• 62 } ■ ir viE r EE LE Mary Elizabeth Shankle MOUNT GILEAD B.S. Home Economics Cornelian; Wesley Foundation, Council (1); Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4); Junior Adviser (3); Chemistry Club (3,4); Education Club (3,4). Carlotta Shaw richlands A.B. Grammar Grade EJiicatioii Dikean; Education Club (3,4); Y.W. C.A.; Sunday School Social Committee Chairman (3), Secretary (2). Mary Elizabeth Shaw Annie Howard Sisk BROADWAY A.B. English BELMONT A.B. English Aletheian, Vice-President (4); Louis- burg Junior College (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club, Secretary (4); Honor Roll (3,4). Aletheian; Y.W.C.A.; Square Circle (1); U- Cercle Francais (1,2,3); Edu- cation Club (4); Speakers ' Club (2,3,4); Chemistry Club (3); Honor Roll (1,2,3,4); Choric Speaking (4). Corneliar (2.3,4), (3,4), P Miriam Sloan greensboro A.B. Art i; Orchestra (1,2,3); Coraddi Art Editor (3,4); Art Club ■esident (4); Honor Roll (4). Annie Louise Sloop MT. ulla B.S. Music Aletheian; Y. W. C. A. (1), Treasurer (2), Freshman Y. Council, Sophomore Y. Council; Madrigal Club (2), Treas- urer (3), Vice-President (4); College Choir, Treasurer (3); College Band (3); College Glee Club (4). Doris Smith kernersville B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Guilford College (1,2); Hall Proctor (4). Juanita Smith whiteville B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4); Education Club (4); House Vice-President (1); Physics Club (1); Y.W.C.A. - st 6 3 •- ir sJE P EE LE Virginia Elliott Smith greensboro B.S. Secretarial AJ ministration Dikean; College Choir (1,2,3,4); Play- likers (3,4); Carolinian (1,2,3). Almeda Montrose Snyder WlNSTON-SALEM B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian. Rosemary Snyder Frances Sowell WYOMISSING hills, PA. GREENSBORO A.B. Art A.B. Chemistry Dikean, Treasurer (3); Vice-President Cornelian; Carolinian (1,2); Der Class (1); Y. Council; Der Di-iifsc n ' Deutsche Vcrein; Playlikers (2); Zo- Vcrein: Home Economics Club; Legis- ology Club (3,4), Secretary-Treasurer lature (2); Big Sister Chairman (3); (3); Chemistry Club (3,4), President Y. Cabinet; Art Club; Pine iVm « (4); Education Club (4); Tennis (2); Staff (4). Sophomore Christmas Pageant. Lucy Spinks RALEIGH B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Marshal (3); Dance Chair- man ( 3 ) ; Student Government Treasurer (2); House President (3); Legislature (2,3,4); President Student Govern- ment Association (4); Dolphin Club (1,2,3,4); International Relations Club (3,4); Honor Roll (3,4). Annie Lee Spoon burlington B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Botany Club (2,3,4); Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4); Education Club (3,4). Mary Elizabeth Starnes Sara Alyce Steagall WASHINGTON, D. C. A.B. English morven A.B. English Cornelian; Daisv Chain (2); Vice- House President (3,4); Hall Judicial Board (4). Cornelian; Speakers ' Club (3,4), Social Chairman (4); Choric Choir (4); Education Club (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4). - 64 " ir E rvjEE LE Hannah Steele STATES lLLE B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Mitchell College (1,2); (3). House Vice-Preside LORENA StROHM ANNAPOLIS, MD. B.S. Chemistry Adelphian; Zoology Club (1,2,3,4), Secretary-Treasurer (2), Program Chairman (3), President (4); Der Deutsche Verein (1,2,3,4); Chemistry Club (3,4), Vice-President and Chair- man Program Committee (4) ; Caro- linian (5,4), Circulation Manager (4); Wesley Foundation, Council (2,3); Education Club (3,4). Margaret Anne Swain creswell A.B. History Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (2,3,4); St. Mary ' s Club (2,3,4); Le Cercle Francais (3); Der Deutsche Vereiti (3); Education Club (4). Anna Belle Tart DUNN B.S. Secretarial Ad minis f ration Aletheian; Atlantic Christian College; Education Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3,4). Gwendolyn Stegall marshville A.B. English Adelphian; Freshman Y Council (1); Basketball ( 1 ) ; Sophomore Y Council (2); House Vice-President (2); Pine NeeJIes Business Staff (2), Business Manager (3), Editor (4); Education Club (4); Le Cercle Francois (4); Honor Roll (4). Edith Surratt WARSAW A.B. Primary Education Aletheian; Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); Botany Club (3,4); Education Club (4). Susan Swett southern pines B.S. Home Economics Aletheian; Honor Roll (1,2,3); House President (3); Legislature (3); Mar- shal (3); Home Economics Club (1,2,3); Coraddi Staff (2). Virginia Tatum RALEIGH A.B. English Cornelian; Legislature (1); Class Dance Committee (2); Marshal (3); Judicial Board ( 3 ) ; Carolinian, Editorial Board ( 5 ) ; Junior-Senior Dance Committee (3); Playlikers (2,3,4); Masqueraders (3,4); Vice-President Student Govern- ment Association (4). - 6 5 )§►•■• n — IE I — JEE LE Kathryn Thompson richmond, va. A.B. Sociology Uikcjn, President (4); PlayUkcrs (1,2,3); House Preddent (3): Marshal (3); Legislature (3); Vice-President Class (4). Barbara Thomson spartanburg, s. c. l.S. Secretarial Admiifntration Adelphian; Weslcyan College. Dorothy Toler Frances Truitt ROCKY mount GREENSBORO B.S. Secretarial Ail ministration B.S. Home Economics Dikean; Clogging Club (3,4); Educa- Aletheian; Home Economics Club tion Club (4); B. S. U. Council (4). (1,2,3,4); Chemistry Club (3); cation Club (4). Edu- Margaret Peale Tyson georgetown, s. c. B.S. Music Dikean; College (1). Alethe Elizabeth Uzzelle DURHAM A.B. Art St. Mary ' s Club, Vest (1,3,4); Representative (I), Secretary (2), Dramatic Chairman (4); Home Economics Club (1,2); Art Club (3,4); Publicity Chairman (3), Program Chairman (4); Orchesis (2,3); House Vice-President (1,2,3); Chairman Mas- cot Committee (4); Chairman Senior Dance (4); Hall Judicial Board (4). Alice Walters Emily Alyne Watkins GREENSBORO ANDREWS B.S. Music A.B. Primary Education Dikes Choi. .n; Madrigal Club (2,3,4); College r (2,3,4); College Glee Club (4); Y.W.C.A. (3); Playlikers. Cornelian; Education Club (4); Botany Club; Y.W.C.A.; Meredith College. • 6 i f - ir vjE r«viEE LE Penelope Watkins henderson B.S. Secretarial Ad minis ration Adelphian; St. Mary ' s Club, Vestry (2,3,4); International Relations Club, President (4); Y.W.C.A.; Freshman and Sophomore Y Council. Ruth Westcott annapolis, md. A.B. English Dikean; Secretary (2); Honor Roll (1,2,3); Hockey Varsity (1,2,3); Class Treasur er (2,3); Carolinian, (2,3,4), Editor (3,4); Chemistry Club (2,3,4), Secretary (3); International Relations Club (3,4); Square Dance Club (2,3,4); Playlikers (3,4); A. A. Cab- inet (3,4); Legislature and Point Com- mittee (4); House President (4); Edu- cation Club (3,4); Basketball Varsity (1,2); St. Mary ' s Vestry (3). Ruth Whalin Margaret White MIDDLESBORO, KY. DURHAM A.B. Psychology B.S. Chemistry Alctheia n; Daisy Chain (2); Dance Cornelian; Playlikers (2,3); Choir Chairm n (3); Honor Roll (3,4); (1,2); Chemistry Club (3,4); Junior Ma rshal ' 4); Carolinian (1). Dance Committee (3); Cornelia n Dance Committee (3); Daisy Chain (2). Margaret Whitehurst NEW BERN A.B. French Aletheian; Meredith College (1); Art Club (3,4); Lc Circle Francah (2,3,4), President (4); Dcr Dcuticlic Vercin (3). Mary Lee Whitley BLOUNTS creek B.S. Secretarial Administration Adelphian; Y.W.C.A.; House Vice President (2). Frances Josephine Wiley charlotte A.B. Grammar Grade Education Aletheian; Honor Roll (3); Y.W.C.A.; Education Club; Carolinian, Staff. May Steven Wiley bryn mawr, pa. B.S. Physical Education Adelphian; Varsity Hockey (2,3); Gym Team Varsity (3); A. A. Cabinet (3,4); Archery Club, President (4); Clogging Club (1); Playlikers (1); Junior Orchesis (3); Hall Judicial Board (4). -4{67i ' ir E r EE »LE Nellie Walker Willetts winnabow A.B. Grammar Grade Education Dikean; Pineland Junior College (1,2); Education Club (3,4). Helen Williams kings mountain B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Chemistry Club (3,4); Education Club (3,4); Home Economics Club, Finance Chairman (4). Loetta Willis greensboro A.B. Physics Dikean; Square Circle; Phys Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; ] Club (4). Virginia Wilson DURHAM A.B. Primary Education Adelphian; Y. C.C.A.; College Choir (I); Playlikers (1,2,3,4); Clogging Club (1,2,3,4), Secretary (4); Or- chesis (3,4); Cheer Leader (3); Ath- letic Association (1,2,3,4), Cabinet (4); Square Dance Club (1,2); Society Sports Leader (3,4); Junior Adviser (2,3). Charlotte Warden Williams FAISON A.B. English Cornelian; College Choir (1,2,5,4); Orchesis (1,2); Education Club (4); Carolinian (1,2); Playlikers (1); Glee Club (4); Y Council (1); House Vice-President (1); Drr Deulsclie Vercin. Mary Allen Williamson TURKEY A.B. Primary Education Cornelian; Flora Macdonald (1,2); Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club (4); Wesley Foundation Council (4); Wes- ley Players (4). June Wilson wanamassa, n. j. B.S. Physical Education Aletheian; Athletic Association, Vice- President (3), President (4); Orchesis (3,4). Louise Wingate charlotte B.S. Music Adelphian; College Choir (1,2,3,4); Madrigal Club (2,3,4); Glee Club (4); Y.W.C.A. " 4{ 6 8 )ie- 11 — JE r EE LE Mary Withers davidson B.S. Secretarial AJminhtratioii Alecheian: Davidson College (1,2); Y.W.C.A.; Education Club. WiLMA Wolfe SWANNANOA B.S. Home Economics Adelphian; Long Beach Junior College: Home Economics Club. Rachel Woolard rocky mount B.S. Physical Education Cornelian; Marshal (4); Cheer Leader; Hall Board (4); Orchesis (2,3,4); Square Dance Club (3,4). Frances Yerger shoemakersville, pa. B.S. Hotne Economics Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1,2,3,4); Y Coun- cil (2); Y Cabinet (3); Playlikers (2); Home Economics Club (1,2,3,4), Secretary (3); Choir (1); Education Club (4). Roberta Wolfe albemarle B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Carolinian (1,3,4); Pin, Needles (4); Coraddi, Contributing Editor (4); Playlikers (1,2,3,4); Com- mittee of Offenses (3); Education Club (3,4); Honor Roll (4). Frances Womble greensboro B.S. Home Economics Aletheian. Adrienne Wormser new york, n. y. A.B. English and Economics Adelphian; Freshman Commission; Legislature; Carolinian; Coraddi; Quill Club;, President (41; Chair- man Sophomore Christmas Pageant; Secretary-Treasurer Qu.ll Club; Mas- queraders. President (4); Finance Board, Secretary (3), Chairman (4); International Relations Club; Inter-So- ciety Representative; Alpha Psi Omega; Chairman Senior Unmusical (4). Nancy Young BURG. W B.S. Secretarial Administration Cornelian; Informal Dance Committee (3); Marshal (4); Senior Dance Com- mittee (4). -4. 69 - ir NjE r EE LE Helen Zeock mt. penn, pa. A.B. History D.-r nctu-hc Vnrh: (1,3): Y.W.C.A. (3,4); Education Club; Catholic Girls Club (2,3,4); Honor Roll (4). Evelyn Poliakoff KINSTON B.S. Secretarial Administration Aletheian; Brenau College; Speakers ' Club (3,4), Publicity Director (4); Ciiioliiiinii (3,4), Editor (4); Coraddi (4); Inter-Faith Council (4); Educa- tion Club. SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR MARY ARCHIBALD GERALDINEBUDD MARGARET CANN MARIE HEDGEPETH RACHEL HOWELL MILDRED MACKIE SARA WHITESIDE HILDA PETERSON ANNE PRICE REBECCA SHAW MAUD STEELE WINONA WALDROUP EDITH WATTS SPECIAL STUDENTS HELEN CUMMINGS LULU CARRINGTON GRAVELY MRS. MABEL KORNEGAY GROOME MILDRED KNOX PAULINE PEGRAM MRS. LIBBIE SCHWARTZ NANNIE STALLNGS MRS. J. R. STEIFLE COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Friday, June Third 8:30 p.m. Commencement Ball Rosenthal Gymnasium Saturday, June Fourth 10:15 a.m. Alumnae General Assembly Students ' Building 12:30 p.m. Luncheon College Dining Halls 4:30 p.m. Class Day Exercises Front Campus 6:00 p.m. All-Reunion Sunset Supper On the Quadrangle 8:30 p.m. Guest Performance by Playlikers: Stage Door, by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber Aycock Auditorium Sunday, June Fifth 11:00 a.m. Baccalaureate Sermon Aycock Auditorium Dr. Robert Elliott Speer, New York City 4:00 p.m. Concert by the College Choir Aycock Auditorium George M. Thompson, Director 5:00 p.m. Informal Gathering for Faculty, Parents, Seniors, Alumnae, and Friends Lawn in front of the Dean ' s House Monday, June Sixth 10:30 a.m. Commencement Exercises Aycock Auditorium Governor Clyde R. Hoey Dean W. C. Jackson President Frank P. Graham Miss Alma Hal •••€{ 70 - ir E r EE LE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1938 Gladys Meyerowitz, Histor. W. C U. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. November 7, 1934 Dear Sally, My old alibi, " meant to write but have been busy " comes to the fore again, but now that I am writing, I do want to tell you about college life. Remember how we used to picture it? Well, it ' s nothing like we thought or like it is in the movies! We don ' t ride around in sport roadsters all day or sit around in lounging pajamas and have bull sessions, altho ' I ' ll admit we have plenty of those especially after the light bell has rung at 10:30. Let mc tell you about my arrival, tho ' . As the train pulled into Greensboro I began to get that sinky feeling in my stomach and to wish that I was back home once more. It was a grey, chilly day, and the rain poured down in sheets. As a matter of fact, it has rained over half the days of this month. This town certainly has its rainy season! At the station were some upper- classmen, and I don ' t know what I would have done without them, for they authoritively took charge of the situation and packed me and my bags into a taxi and gave the driver instructions as to where to carry me. Spencer was my destination and the sweetest, whltehaired lady met me at the door. I began to feel right at home, and after my big sister and Junior adviser had called on me I felt as though I owned the place! But that night — oh! I ' ll never forget it! My roommate hadn ' t come, and around ten o ' clock I began to get that lonesome, homesick feeling. You know that I ' ve been away from home before, and you remember also how I poked fun at Margie, who came right back home last year because she was homesick, but I came mighty near doing that thing myself! The next morning, tho ' , was a beautiful day, and I was so busy doing and seeing things that I didn ' t have time for home- sickness. The only time I got that feeling again was when the doctor at the infirmary poked a needle in my arm in some sort of a tuberculin test, and I thought that only those who were suspected of T. B. had to take the test. I cried ' n ' cried until my next door neighbor told mc that all fresh- men took it, and explained to me that it was a part of our physicial and medical examinations. Rain seems to be the order of thin Lantern Festival down in Peabody under way there came a cloudbur :! our pretty lanterns which were str dash for the dormitory, but it was Foust. There I met a lot more Fre ever a part of a unit. Mary Foust ar freshman dorr class building gs in all our class activities. We had the park, and just as things were getting , drenching all of us and putting out ang on clothes-hangers. I made a mad raining so hard that I stopped in Mary ihmen and it made me feel more than d New Guilford, as well as Spencer, are I can see why they put all of the Freshmen so close to the for I ' d certainly get lost in this huge place if I had to go very far. There are twelve dormitories, and so many other buildings that I haven ' t even gotten around to counting them yet. The two dorms farthest away, East and West, aren ' t opened, but a lot of the Freshmen don ' t know that. Consequently they have been sent on many errands over to East or West, only to find the doors locked. Every night after light-be I got locked in the closet Clare coming (she ' s our H s rung we play around. One night last week nother girl ' s room because we heard Mary President) and I almost suffocated before I got out. Adrienne kept trying to get her out, but she kept talking and ask- ing questions, and there I was, smothering under somebody ' s laundry bag! That week was my unlucky one I think, for the very next night I got closed study for playing the piano in the game room after 7:30, and the house vice- president blessed me out because my alarm clock went off at four o ' clock in the morning. Just as soon as I find who set it for that hour I ' m going to fix her up fine with a pie-bed. Society initiation was the cases, and wear ribbons on ( the trolley, put her foot on off. Except for cleaning up Tiost fun! We had to carry our books in pillow ur heads, and no makeup. One girl had to stop the step and tie her shoe string, and then move :he dirtiest room I ever saw and skipping back- wards down steps, I had nothing particularly bad to do. I those girls tried to see just how dirty they could get that roi watching me clean it up. I ' ve got to stop now and go tc class, Sally, but I prom sooner next time. Answer this before I go home Thanksgiv whole days — isn ' t that wonderful? Mary Green. ally believe that for the fun of ie that rll write ng. We get four W. C. U. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. April 20, 1935 a Sophomore, and it seems only yesterday that I md worried. Everybody (the Seniors, anyway) say ■ importance, but I don ' t believe I will. Of course. a Freshman any more, but I don ' t thmk I ' ll feel Dear Sally, Just think, I ' m almost came up here all scared til at Sophomores feel thei I ' ll be glad that I ' m not all " uppity. " Now that spring has come more exciting things have been happening. At last we have a class song, and in a few weeks we arc going to entertain our Big Sisters at a banquet; I know it will be more fun! Last Saturday night was the date of the Junior-Senior dance, and the Sophs gave the Mock Junior-Senior on the same night. It was a lot of fun, except that the victrola would get hung on almost every record. We had our class elections, also, and the following officers were elected: Eleanor Dunn, president; Marietta Muller, vice-president; Elnora Raiff, sec- retary; and Ruth Westcott, treasurer. They are to serve for the first semester of next year. September — unle: school. Well, I w m time, and then we go home, to F on biology is forthcoming. In tha think about that now! Mary Green. : until iimmer (Continued on Page 72) -4 71 ] - ir JE I — JEE LE History of the Class of 1938 Dear Sally, We arc busily working a few hours off and wri lovely. Adrienne Wormscr ought to be the best one ever g: vsmber, and I wore my new gr the class of ' 3 8, you know. (Coi ti„m-J from Page- 71) W. C. U. N. C. Greensboro, N. C, December 3, 193 5 the Sophomore pageant, but I decided to take to you, so here ' tis — The pageant should be the chairman and from all I see and hear it We had our dance on the 23rd of No- dress — have to show I ' m a member of House, and for all the progress that t by the time we graduate — only thr Work has begun on the Alu being made we will probably gf more years, you know. Nino Martini was here last week and thrills and heart throbs are the re- sults. Something that I really enjoyed was the Minneapolis Symphony. Remind me to show you my class jacket when I get home. It is lovely. Some of them are suede and some arc leather, but all are green, with the seal on the pocket. Mine is suede. This will have to be a short letter, Sally, as I have to go to the audi- torium at five to practice for the pageant, so ' bye now — As ever, Mary Green. W. C. U. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. May, 193 6 Dear Sally, You should have seen our Chapel piogram; it was a scream. Gena Tatum, who can be so dignified, stole the show by her version of the snake dance, and Charlotte Williams is a potential Jeannette MacDonald. We have had elections of all sorts recently. " Pug " Grissette was elected Daisy Chain Chairman; Vivian Rothacher, class president for next year; Lillyn Miller, vice-president; Mary Boney, secretary; and Ruth Westcott, treasurer. We have been practising our farewell song to the seniors. It is to the tune of " The Old Refrain, " and I know that we ' ll all break down when we sing it. If we feel that way about it now, think how we ' ll feel when we have it sung to us two years from now. That time is beginning to seem not so far away now, for this year has literally flown by. When I look back all I can see is a jumble of the Kolisch Quartet, the tornado that hit Greensboro, the Hedgerow Players, the pageant, dancing every night in the Game Room, cramming for exams, reading the " Over the Transom " column in The Carolinian, playing tennis on warm afternoons, and sitting up all night Saturday night playing bridge. Then there is the last-month rush to the library to work on unfinished term papers, with a jaunt down to Bert ' s or the Grill afterward to get a dope, and then the Sping nights when we go out and pick the campus flowers for our room before it gets dark. I have already stored up so many memories of college life that it seems always to have been a part of my life. I must stop this reminiscing, though, Sally, for I ' ll have to go to dinner now. Goodbye. I ' ll see you soon — As ever. M.-SRY Green. W. C. U. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. December, 193 6 Dear Sally, You ought to see our little green and white caps with ' 3S on the front of them! The old rivalry between ' 38 and ' 39 burst into flame at a mass meet- ing not long ago — ' 3 9 wore red and white skirts and sweaters and sang the loudest, but we created the biggest sensation with our little caps. They cer- tainly are coming in handy, for we wear them for everything from rain- hats to calots. We are so proud of our Little Sisters, for they ' ve jumped right into things. The Junior-Freshman ceremony in the park went off just fine. I went off fine the first six weeks, too, — off the deep end with an " Unsat. " It ' s the first one I ' ve ever got and it was a surprise, though not as great a shock as it might have been. We have had some good concerts and chapel programs recently — I don ' t think I ' ll ever forget the Sedalia Singers ' " Jericho, " or the Joos Ballet. Nelson Eddy is coming in April, and from all reports we ' re going to have to go to the Auditorium in March in order to get a seat. ' Bye now. W. C. U. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. May, 1937 Dear Sally, Our class came to the fore again when we won the gym meet. This is the second time that we have won, and you have no idea how thrilled we are. In fact, our class has been in the foreground all semester. The major Student Government officers came from our class, and the elections were most excit- ing. So many good and capable people were up for e very office that it was hard to decide whom to vote for. The elections ended with Lucy Spinks as presi- dent of Student Government and Virginia Tatum as vice-president. The snake dance afterward was a memorable occasion, despite the fact that it had rained that day. All of our class activities resemble the aura of the sun shining through the rain, for in spite of bad weather we always came through. t ' ho made Phi Beta Kappa this year were three Juniors: n MacMuUin, and Katherine Causey. I remember some )ur class that it was no average one, for the results of the were given our Freshman year showed that we were Among the girls Georgia Arnett, Gw one remarked about preliminary tests w either way above av above ones remain. erage way below, and I suppose by nly the Outstanding among the s( dance. Liz Peden was dance something to look at as wa imagine how everybody felt we expected him to be tall cial events we have had was the Junior-Senior chairman, and the cellophane decorations were Earl Mellen, the orchestra leader. You can ' t vhen they saw him in person. From his picture ,nd handsome but he was only handsome! I hate to see this year end, for only one more remains to us. These past three years have flown by, each going a little faster than the last. I can ' t imagine how it would feel not to be in school. Dashing madly to classes at 8:14, running to- the corner for a lemon dope, waiting a half-hour in the lunch line, trying to make a flying trip from Curry to the Auditorium, with the Post Office sandwiched in, going to the library at 9:10 to get an over- night book — all these things have become so much a part of my life that a time when I did anything else doesn ' t seem ever to have existed. The place that seemed so strange to me three years ago has become a second home. I ' ll you Sally. Until then — g ' bye Dear Sally, Here ' s a note fro into this one short • Mary Green. W. C. U. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. March 1, 1938 the almost graduate. So many things have been packed r that it ' s almost impossible to tell you everything. This little fish swam merrily over to Rosenthal pond for the Senior dance and floated around for a few hours. From what Mr. Phillips told us at cur last class meeting we ' re soon going to be swimming elsewhere, whether with or against the current remains to be seen. The outstanding Seniors have been selected, and they are as follows: Vivian Rothacher, Lucy Spinks, Rachel Nye, Adrienne Wormser, Marietta MuUer, Virginia Tatum, Betty Calder, and Alma Hall. Marietta was elected May Queen and plans are being made for the prettiest May Day that we ' ve ever had. Eileen Gamble is May Day chairman. I ' ll write you later, Sally, and tell you more about the graduate of ' 38. Just now in the rush of things she ' s not exactly sure about what is hap- pening, but she ' s doing her best to be the dignified senior! Love always, Mary Green. • 72 }2f- ir viE r EE LE WHO ' S WHO 1960 AN ANNUAL BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY WITH WHICH IS INCORPORATED WOMEN OF THE WOMAN ' S COLLEGE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA SIXTY-NINTH YEAR OF ISSUE Edited by Marie Sette Published by the Set-Set Company Detroit and the Mich., devotes Abbit, Jean, housewife; b. Wilson, N. C, Jan. 9, 1917; m. John Harriss 1939; children— John, Jean. Clubs: Woman ' s club, Ladies Aid Society. Revolutionized the social world by rejecting the French in- fluence on etiquette. One speaks now of Mrs. Jean Harriss ' dictum in good social form. Adams. Flora, actress; b. Dillon, S. C, Oct., 1916; (See Vol. X, 1954-55). Agnew, Mary, author, lecturer, and teacher; b. July 5, 1915; Publication: hiterspectui, a best seller, of the Pulitzer Prize for 195 2. When not writing Mis; her time to the fine art of social conversation. Applebaum, Gertrude, suffragist, reformer; b. Huntington, L. I., April 17, 1917. Started movement for prevention of teeth braces. " It is inhuman and cruel, " she thundered forth to a Parent-Teachers meeting in Madison Square Garden in 1945. She won. Arnett, Georgia, explorer, archaeolog ist, historian; b. Greensboro, N. C., December 30, 1917; A. B. ' Woman ' s College; L.H.D. University of Florida 1942; Ph.D., Yale 1948. Member Archaeol. Inst. America, em. Philol. Assn., N. E. Classical Assn., American Historical Society; national president of Phi Beta Kappa, vice president of Am. Philol. Assn. Publications: ' New Troy, Viiited States Hhlory Since 193 2, in which I cover the entire New Deal Alphabet. Aycock, Elizabeth Jane, international caterer; b. Fremont, N. C, April 7, 1917; B.S.H.E. Woman ' s College, M.S. Columbia University. Establishments in Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Rome, and New York. Famous for Southern corn bread; has made it a national institution. Aycock, Katherine, lawyer, judge; b. Selma, N. C, Feb. 5, 1917; A.B. Woman ' s College, 1938; LL.B. N. Y. Law School 1940; M.A. Harvard, 1941; Practiced law in N. C. until 1950; judge of probate court in N. C. 1952-54; prof. Roman law, canon law, and legal history New York university 1954-58; appointed Supreme Court justice 1958. Publications: Law and Order, Papal Soiereignty, My Political Career. Barrett, Frances, U. S. band director; b. Kinston, N. C, June 3, 1917. (See Vol. X 1945-46). Bateman, Laura, llamess; b. Columbia, N. C, Oct. 29, 1918; In 195 6 Tibet, touched by western recognition of place of women, appointed Miss Bateman high llamess of its largest monastery. Miss Bateman is the first woman to win this recognition. Beasley. Mary Fuller. U. S. Treasurer; b. Hender 25. 1917. (See Vol. X. 1958-59). Blake. Catherine Alice, actress; b. Emerson, 1917. (See Vol. X, 1954-55). Boney, Mary, coll. president; b. 1918. (See Vol. X, 1957-58). Brothers, Galena, physical culturi N. C, Jan. 5, 1917; head of U. S. Calisthenics Association 1948-57. Brothers, Margaret, business woman and dancer; twin sister to Calena. 1957 the Brothers sisters joined forces and collaborated in a series of dancing revivals. Among them the famous Big and Little Apple dance of 1938. Their debut at the Music Hall in 1958 was received even as Harry Goodman ' s Swing Band in 1938. Calder, Betty, newspaper editor and author; b. Springfield, Penna., Aug. 10, 1917; B.S.S.A. Woman ' s College 193 8, M.A. journalism Columbia Univer. 1940; newspaper work in various cities until 1950; telegraph editor N. Y. Times 1950-52; assistant night editor New York Elening Journal 1952-56; editor-in-chief New York Mirror 1956 — . Publications: The Night Is Long, Through the Looking Class. Address 81 McDougall Street, Greenwich Village, N.Y.C. n, N. C, Aug. b. Emerson, N. C, Nov. 29, Wilmington, N. C, March 19, nd dancer; b. Rocky Mount, Causey, Katherine, author, scholar, ornithologist, coll. prof.; b. Liberty, N. C, May S, 1918; A.B. Woman ' s College 1938; M.A. Chic. Univ. 1940; Ph.D. Yale 1945; Ornithologist U. S. Biol. Survey, 1946-54. Conducted explorations in 42 states and eight Canadian prov.; prof, zoology Woman ' s College since 1954. Mem. S. African Biol. Soc, Ornithologische Gesellschaft in Bayern, Schweigenschc Gesellschaft fur Vogelkunde and Vogelschutz, Sociedad Ornithologica del Plata, Wash. Acad. Sciences, Linnaen Soc. of N. Y., Royal Soc. for Protection of Birds (Eng.). Publications: Much Ado Ocer Nothing. Love Is Hard Labor, and A Comedy of Ages. Nobel Prize for Literature 1959. Chadwick, Jane, mannequin, b. Schenectady, N. Y., April 2 8, 1915, m. June 1942. (See Vol. X, 1945-46). Chrisman, Hester, horticulturist; b. Holcomb, Va., Aug. 1, 1917; disciple of Agrarian movement started in 1930. Clark, Gertrude, organist; b. High Point, N. C, May 28, 1914; contbr. to mus. quart., Chris. Sc. Monitor. Composer of choral works and anthems. Click, Sarah, scholar and librarian; b. Elkin, N. C, Sept. 4, 1913; affiliated for twenty years with Carnegie Library as custodian of the Jane Austen collection. Corley, Sheila, poetess, linguist, translator, philanthropist; b. New York city, June 2, 1918; studied in Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and China. Publications: Poems, Sonnets. More Poems. At work translating The Monkey Epic for the Chinese; hobby: Main- tains several orphanages for homeless dogs and cats. Must not have a pedigree. Crean, Frances Geraldine, bohemian poetess; b. New Britain, Conn., June 19, 1916. An extremist, a popular member of the new social order being installed in Greenwich Village. Writes poetry in the Gertrude Stein tradition. Creech, Dorothy, socialite; b. Smithfield, N. C, Sept. 10, 1916; m. June 193 8 to Edward Holt, of New York city. Children — Dorothy, Edward, Paul. Address: Penthouse, 640 East 64th street, N. Y. C. Crossland, Anna Katherine, Latin scholar and coll. prof., b. Bennettsville, S. C, June 11, 1917. M.A. Yale 1940; Ph.D. Harvard 1948. Only female professor ever admitted to Harvard School of Fine Arts. Cuthrell, Barbara, violinist; b. Goldsboro, Sept. 13, 1917; New York after graduation; became pupil of Jascha Heifetz; made debut 1942 and immediately engaged as soloist with New York Symphony orchestra. Concert tours in leading cities of the world. Daniel, Fannie Louise, congresswoman; b. Wilson, N. C, April 21, 1917. M. Walter Myers 1940, son — Walter Myers, Jr. Appointed to represent Guilford county in Dem. state com. N. C. 1948; elected chairman Dem. state com. 1952; del. at Dem. nat. conv. N. Y. 1957; appointed to House of Repres. 1958; Speaker of the House 1958. Douglas, Jessie, mural painter; b. Greensboro, N. C, June 5, 1915; studied in New York and Paris. Designer of stained glass win- dows and mural decorations of the New Art School of the Woman ' s College; Prizes: Gold and silver medals, London Expn. 1950; gold medal of honor. Pa. Acad. Fine Arts, 1952. Gamble, Eileen, psychiatrist; b. Canada, Feb. 21, 1917; M.D. 1946; grad. Bellevue Hosp. 1948; unmarried. Began practice in N. Y ' . city 1948; instr. in neurology, Cornell U. Med. Sch. 1950-52; neu- rologist, Bellevue Hosp. 1954; asso. psychiatrist, Mt. Sinai Hosp., 1955; editor Internat. Jour. Psycho-analysis since 1952. Pres. Am. Psycho- analytic Assn.; pres. N. Y. Psycho-analytic Soc; pres. New York ■■ 73 - ir E r EE LE Soc. for Clinical Psychiatry, office: 123 W. 59th St., N. Y. C Hobbies: horsewoman and actress. Glenn, Marjorie, musical educator; b. Marion, N. C, Feb. 19, 1917. (See Vol. X, 19S2-S3). Hall, Alma, social work: b. New Bern, N. C, Mar. 13, 1917. m. Donald Patterson 1943. Children — John, James, Horace, Anthony, Marc, Helene, Florence, Rachael. Social settlement work, Brooklyn, N. Y., and Cleveland, O., 1939-43; lecturer in sociology Western Reserve U. 1945-48. Sec. Dept. Charities and Corrections, Raleigh, N. C, 1948-S2; pres. Nat. Conf. Social Work; pres. Amer. Assn. Community Orgns. In between times Mrs. Patterson directs a psychological clinic for children In Raleigh. Hayes, M. Perrine, bacteriologist; b. Freemont, N. C, June 11, 1917; A.B. Woman ' s College 193 8. M.A. Harvard 1943, Sc.D., Harvard 1943, M.D., 1944; studied in Pasteur Inst., Paris, 1948, Koch ' s lab., Berlin, 1950; research on the misanthropic parasite; perfected serum to immunize against and cure misanthropy. Honorary fellow N. Y. Academy of Med., mem. Societe de Pathologic exatique, Paris, Societe royale des sciences medicales et naturelles. Chevalier Legion of Honor (France); Order of White Lion (Czechoslovakia). Prizes: Nobel Prize for excellence in science, 195 6. Jackson, Lilian, cartoonist, b. Chapel Hill, N. C, Aug. 25. 1917; Art editor for Mcsdames, a magazine for the country woman. Work characterized by its whimsicality, lightness, airiness and humor. Known the world over by the simple signature " Lil " . Jackson, Virginia, portrait artist, b. High Point, N. C, Sept. 22, 1917. Studied at Royal Academy Fine Arts, Munich, Germany, 193 9-42; Has done portraits of the following: Marian Jordan, Marietta Muller, Isolind De Boe, Helen Foster, Mr. Ivy (from memory), and Mr. Skelton (also from memory). Studio: SI Union Square, N. Y. C. Jones, Clarice, religious educator, b. Timberlake, N. C, Dec. 1, 1916. (See Vol. X, 1948-49). Jordan, Louise Robbins, mannequin, b. Teaneck, N. J., March, 1917; started as model for Lord and Taylor in N. Y. C. Promoted to Schiaparelli Salon in 1941. In 1958 specialty modelling clothes size 42. Kernodle, Evelyn, commercial artist, b. Greensboro, N. C, Nov. S, 1917. (See Vol. X, 1950-5 1). Lewis, Dorothy Marie, mathematician, b. Asbury Park, N. J., Dec. 18, 1917. Post grad. course, mathematics and physics, John Hopkins; Ph.D. Columbia; prof, mathematics and astronomy. Woma n ' s College. Lovelace, Julia, physical culturist, b. Macclesfield, N. C, July 29, 1918. Founder of the Loveless Cult. Lyle, Blair, English scholar, b. Keysville, Va., May 12, 1917. Devotes time to study of James Joyce and his reason for living. McCall, Nancy, institutional manager; b. Norton, Va., July 6. 1917. Affiliated with several kinds of institutions good and bad until her appointment to the Consumers ' Research staff in 1952. Her experience spells doom for all manufactured products. McKee, Jane, aviatrix; b. Azusa, Colo., Dec. 21, 1917; matricu- lated at Govt. School of Aeronautics 1939; enrolled as flying cadet in U. S. Air Service Res. at Brooks Field, San Antonio, Texas, 1940; non-stop trans-Atlantic flight from Roosevelt Field, N. Y., to Bombay, India, covering an estimated distance of 10,000 miles in 5 hours. Awards: Royal Air Cross (British); Chavalier Legion of Honor (French); Langley Medal (Smithsonian Instu.). MacMuUin, Gwendolyn, housewife and mother; b. Ramseur, N. C, July 2, 1916; speaks French and Spanish fluently. Has influenced Ramseur ' s development along French and Spanish patterns so that today there is no need for a trip to France and Spain. Ramseur satisfies both needs. Mashburn, Mildred, White House Secretary; b. Greensboro, N. C, June 13, 1917; went to Washington in fall 1938 where employed as Mr. Kiker ' s secretary. Her efficiency brought her to the attention of Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 193 9 was appointed to the White House staff and has remained there ever since with room and board. Matthews, Jane, epicure; b. Matthews, N. C, Aug. 7, 1917. (See Vol. X, 1943-44). Meyerowitz, Gladys, historian and author, b. Belhaven, N. C, Aug. 25, 1917. Started historical writing in college as class historian. The History of the Class of J 9! 8 to the Present, acclaimed by the critics of Mr. Tate ' s English 364 to be the most interpretive and philosophical of its kind. Since then she has published a new edition of this history every four years. The History of the Class of 19 iS since 193 8 to the Present. Muller, Marietta, sponsor, b. Dillon, S. C, June 16, 1917; debut in September, 1937, as beauty queen at the American Legion Con- vention in New York City, memorable occasion. In 1960 is still the popular beauty queen of the American Legion. She is now on her seventh farewell tour as the beauty queen of W.P.A. Post No. 6. Nye, Rachel, wife and mother; b. Fayetteville, N. C, Nov. 26, 1917. m. Norman York 1941; children— Ray, Norman, Lucy Spinks York, Adriana, Joe and Fred. Writes articles for Latlics fuurnal under the title " How to Be a Successful " ife and Mother. " Olson, Virginia, traveling monologist; b. travelling, Sept. 20, 1916; m. Harry Darden, 1948 after a ten year siege; Harry wooed and won her in Tahaiti, " The atmosphere was too overwhelming, " Miss Olson is reported to have said, " and I went under. " She lives in Greensboro a month and travels a month alternately. Roberson, Chloe, dictator; b. Robersonville, June 24, 1917; went to N. Y. May 1942; became attached to the Democratic party of that city. 1944 revived the dead Tiger Tammany and until 1954 held position that " Jim " Farley held back in the 1920 ' 5. 1955 Miss Roberson returned to N. C, carried out a coup tVetat and made herself, like the one time Huey Long, dictator of her native state. She lives in an armored jacket and likes it. Rothacher, Vivian, cinema actress; b. Chicago, III., Nov. 29, 1915; Miss Rothacher got her chance through a Palmolive soap con- test. Today she is known as Gretian Grabacher — they have a lot in common. The once famous lines " I want to be alone " have been replaced by Gretian ' s more picturesque solecism, " Wolf! Stay away from my door! " Schmidt, Elaine, housekeeper; b. Plainficld, N. J., July 31, 1916; m. John — June, 1939; children — famous male quintuplets, John, Jay, Jerry, Joey, and Jake, b. August, 1941. Snyder, Rosemary, stylist; b. Wymossing Hills, Penna., Feb. 19, 1916; studied in Paris 1938 to 1942 under Schiaparelli. Returned to New York in 1943 and established the famous " Rosemary Shop " in a streamlined steel conception that looks like a " band-box. " Spinks, Lucy, Madame X; b. Raleigh, N. C, May 21, 1917, m. famous Mr. X April 1941; lives in town CloudofMystery; Mr. X and Madame X keep house for many more unknown x quantities — three boys and four girls. Stegall, Gwendolyn, publisher; b. Marshville, N. C, August 3, 1917; began as editor of Pine Needles, 1938; affiliated with MacMillan Publishing house 1938 to 1950; proprietor of own publishing firm since 1951. Strohm, Lorena, zoologist, b. Annapolis, Md., Jan. 10, 1914. Keeper of the Rock Creek Park Zoo, Washington, D. C. Tate, Kathryn, pianist and composer; b. Wichita, Kans., April 19, 1915; debut Carnegie Hall, September, 1938, piano soloist Phila- delphia Symphony 193 9-1945. Has made concert tours in America and Europe; composer of concertos and piano pieces; also a symphony and orchestra suite. Tatum, Virginia, dancing philosopher; b. Raleigh, N. C, June 14, 1917. Began as teacher and professional dancer. New York, N. Y., 1941; founded with her sister, Marian Tatum, the Mariginna School in Raleigh, N. C, 1944; toured U. S. and Europe with the Mari- ginna Dancers 1944-45, the Orient, 1945-46; appeared in solo dancing in Germany and Switzerland 1947-48. The Mariginna Dancers famed for their philosophical and intellectual interpretation of the dance. Thompson, Kathryn, wife; b. Richmond, Va., Jan. 14, 1917; m. Norris Barnes, 193 8. Tyson, Margaret, opera and radio singer; b. Georgetown, S. C, June 18, 1916. (See Vol. X, 1948-49.) Watkins, Penelope, consular service; b. Henderson, N. C, April 10, 1917. (See Vol. X, 1950-5 1.) Westcott, Ruth, playwright; b. Annapolis, Md., Oct. 2, 1916. 1940 Columbia U., 1945 Harvard 47 workshop; awarded MacDowell fellowship, Radcliffe; Harvard prize, 1948, for play Lenore. Mem. Am. Dramatists soc. Arthur Pulitzer prize play 1954, Sister Rat. Whalin, Ruth, psychologist; b. Middlesboro, Ky., Feb. 24, 1918. M. A. Univ. N. C 1940; Ph.D. Duke Univ. 1944; dir. standards and tests at Vassar 1945-50; prof, psychology Columbia, summer 1948; staff psychologist. Bureau of Public Personnel, 1950-58. Ass. alienist District of Col. since 195 8. Williams, Charlotte Warden, soprano; b. Faison, N. C, July 19, 1918; appeared in Covent Garden, London; Opera House at Mital; sang with Paris Grand opera and later joined Chicago Civic Opera Co.; principal role m Tra,,al„, Lucia, Barber of Senile. Magic Flute, Rigolctto. Wilson, June, wife; b. Wannamassa, N. J., May 18, 1916; m. Alexander McAllister, of Greensboro, N. C, June 193 9. Woolard, Rachel, physio-therapist; b. Rocky Mt., N. C, Dec. 19, 1916. (See Vol. X, 1959-60.) Wormser, Adrienne, expert lobbyist, b. New York City, Dec. 12, 1916; Graduate study U. of Moscow, Berlin, and Rome; foreign corr. Scrlpps-Howard newspapers. Inc., 1945-50. Now established in Washington, available to any opposition group at reasonable fees. She gives as her heason for low fees, " I love my work! " •4. 74 )» " ■ ir E r EECDLE SENIOR CLASS POEM The gianty monoliths taut in the purple shadow Frown down, but with a knowing that is gaunt, For their presence transilluminates eternity. They have not yet gone, nor shall be gone Until all living rock has yielded To the ravages of temporality — That relentless hand with its tenaculum Plucking and pulling off veins and flesh Until nothing but the milky bone Is yet able to keep its identity Apart from the all-consuming earth. And bleaching in the heat of the Nevada deserts (ever moving on their restless feet of sand) Lie crumbling the great buffalo frames, Silent, frozen testimonies of the past. But the ages have not yet muted The virile throats of Alighieri and Isaiah, Of those who spoke and taught Of Beauty in the Athenian market-places And left their wisdom in the laps of the gods; Of their spiritual sons who have walked In endless file down the centuries, Lending thought from lip to lip And in turn from mind to mind — Thought like the silver muscle of a stream Forcing two hills down into a valley And binding them with its fluid band. We must believe that nothing of the mind is remote. Nothing that is now thought will be so To those future years whose misty reaches Overwhelm one with their untried power. For knowledge is but the total sum Of the gleanings of an ever living past, Not a newly divined intuition. It is we who have received the strength To push up with our mortal hands The great undying eyelids, often closed And coldly incomprehensible to multitudes. And peer long into their ever-clearing depths. It is we who through this experience Shall create in turn a new past to be absorbed And integrated long before our dust has completely gone. Sheila Corley ■■ {7 5 - ir E r — lEE LE CHILDHOOD PICTURES Elizabeth Cliy Nina Park Bookei Louise and Virginia Harris Kathleen Lauder Hazel Barnes Douglas Plonk Marguerite Brc Lillian K;.tz— Sara Alyce Steagall Leiah Nell Mai Dorothy Tolir Rebecca Rogol— Helen Willi: Mary Elizabeth Shaw— Lelah Nell Masters Georgia Arnett Elizabe-h Uzzell Wilma Ferguson— Rachel Nye— Eileen Gamble Louise Bowles Frances Sowell— Lllyan Miller— Elizabeth Liles Lilian Jackson— Margaret Mills Edith Jackst Camilla Johnson— Sue Batte Pauline Baise— Lina Jo Peele— Margaret A. Swain Frances Mullican— Katherine Causey Marv Boney Ruth Elliot Alice Lambeth Margaret Dardei Crystal Henders Elizabeth Liles -4, 76 - Juniors ir E r EE LE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jeanne Carey Pirsiilcn Mary Cochrane Vicf-Pirsiileiit B. Elizabeth Taylor St ' cretary Edna Buchanan Treastirer Marion W. Fisher Manager Jiiiiiur Shall Miss Bernice Draper Class Chairman JEANNE CAREY JUNIOR CLASS SONG Seeking beauty, strength, and wisdom. In a never-ending quest. We, the Class of Thirty-nine, Cherish ideals pure and fine. Seeking, giving of our best. As we march toward Life ' s bright crest. With all the zeal of our courageous young hearts. With all the loyalty they hold. We ' ll look to God to guide as forward we go; We ' ll ever strive to reach our goal. Oh, College dear, may we bring honor to you! Thirty-nine is loyal to you! We ' re strong to dare and do! Colors Flower Motto Red and White Red and White Rose " Esse Onain Videri " MARY COCHRANE B. ELIZABETH TA1 LOR EDNA BUCHANAN MISS DRAPER - 80)i6-- ir E r- EEI LE I Doris Adams Four Oaks Florence Albright Roselle, N. J. Grace Lee Allen Snow Camp Ethel Altshuler Paterson, N. J. Sybil Anderson Clyde Imo Jean Anthony Yadkinville Margaretta Austin High Point Gretchen Aycock Fremont Jean Baillie McDonald, Pa. CoRiNNA Bain Fayetteville Elizabeth Banks Plainfield, N. J. Mary Ellen Barker Asheville Susan Barksdale Greensboro Mary Rachel Barnes Wilson Edith Barrier Mt. Pleasant ■■• 8 1 )»••- ir viE r EE LE Louise Beck Fuquay Springs Mary Jane Beckerdite Winston-Salem JusTiNA Bernard Lenoir Katherine Bernhardt Salisbury Margaret Best Fremont Lucile Bethea Dillon, S. C. Alice Blades New Bern Catherine Blanchard Trotville Edith Blanchard Gatesville Doris Bland Vanceboro Frances Boland Burlington Avis Bolderson Lyman, S. C. Edith Bolick Hickory Helen Bolling High Point Louise Bolus Wake Forest -• S 2 •- II IE I — JEEE= LE I Elizabeth Bonham Bergenfield, N. J. Helen Book Albemarle Edna Earle Bostick Charlotte Doris Bowman Greensboro Catherine Brabble Oriental Mary K. Bradley Greensboro Ethel Braxton Kinston Ruth Brewer Brevard Josephine Brick Dillon, S. C. Frances Brinkley Glen Alpine Elizabeth Brookshire West Asheville Emelie Rose Brown Tarboro Mary Elizabeth Brown Erwin Pauline Brownlee Spartanburg, S. C. Edna Buchanan Chapel Hill ■• 8 3 " ir E r JEE LE Helen Bumgarner Wilkesboro Eleanor Bundy Fort Bragg Mary Ann Burdge Red Bank, N. J. Jamie Burford Saluda Helen Callaham Charlotte Jean Cannon Ayden Jeanne Carey Elmira, N. Y. Mary Ann Carruthers Cristobal, Canal Zone Hazel Carson Taylorsville Edna Cartwright Baltimore, Md. Ruth Cash Gastonia Christine Cauthen Rock Hill, S. C. Pearle Chamness Blenheim, S. C. Jane Clegg Greensboro Nancy Click Elkin ■•■4 8-+ K ir E r- EECDLE I Kathryn Coble Monroe Mary Cochrane Newton Ruth Cole High Rock Helen Cook Plainfield, N. J. Elizabeth Cowherd Greensboro Muriel Coykendall Greensboro Julia B. Cozzens Edenton Geraldine Cox Robersonville Elizabeth Craft Cherryville Pauline Craft Pittsboro Sara Craig Monroe Blois Crawford Belarthur Mary Jane Crenshaw Asheville Frances Crockett Montclair, N. J. Elizabeth A. Crosby Raleigh - -{ 8 5 } •■■ ir E r- EE LE Louise Crowell Charlotte Henrietta Currin Oxford Mary Jo Curry Lexington Alice Dale Kinston Julia Lee Dameron Starr Naomi Daniel Roxboro Elna Daniels Charlotte Louise Darden Wilson Virginia Dearman Harmony Ann Dees Goldsboro Margaret Delbridge Littleton Helen Dennis Marshall Eleanor Dibble Springfield, Mass. Doris Dozier South Mills Rachel Draughon Dunn ■• 8 6 •- ir E r- EECDLE I Carolyn Dukes Lumberton Sarah Virginia Dunlap Wadesboro Jane Dupuy Greensboro Allie George Edwards Peachland Mattie Lou Edwards Whitehead Virginia Liles Edwards Marshville Virginia Eggleston Morristown, N. J. Dorothy Elkins Greensboro Rachel Emmett New York, N. Y. Marion Endfield Scranton, Pa. Mary Epps Asheville Betty Everett Palmyra Janie Everett Robersonville Muriel Fairbanks Freehold, N. J. Frances Fentress Greensboro -4(87 .- ' ir« E r EE LE Dorothy Ficker Old Greenwich, Conn. Pauline Fields Carthage Marion W. Fisher Wlhnington Martha E. Floyd Fairmont Virginia Foy Mr. Airy Elizabeth Freeland Greensboro Frances Furr Sahsbury Alice Galbreath Bloomsburg, Pa. Margaret Galloway Greensboro Emma Lou Garner Creedmoor Maxine Garner Liberty Anne Garrison Asheville Miriam Gault Lake Waccamaw Marguerette George Cherryville Mary Louise Gill Laurinburg f i 8 8 } •- II — JE r EE[ZDLE I Velora Gilliam Alcamahaw Julia Bright Godwin Dunn Louwillie Goslen Louisville Viola Gradeck New Britain, Conn. Sara Gray Guilford College Ruth Greenburg Louisburg Margaret Greene Greenville, S. C. Mary Frances Gyles Siler City Blanche Hafer Taylorsville Alice Haines Mt. Pleasant Evelyn Hall Durham Margaret Hall Candler Ruth Hamilton Lumberton Mabel Hargett High Point Sally Hargrove Tarboro -• 8 9 }es " ir viE r- EE LE Emily Harris Greensboro Bettie Harward Sanford Reva Heidinger Farmingdale, N. J. WiLMA HeLSABECK Ether Elinor Henderson Hickory Helen Henderson Monroe Mary Wilson Henderson Jacksonville Jeanette Hickman Hudson Jane Highsmith Atkinson Grace Hilford Naples Margaret Hill Greensboro Ella Thomas Hobbs Sunbury Paula Hobgood Greensboro Margaret Holland Clayton Anne Dixon Hood Kinston -• 90 •- ir E r EEC= LE I Irene Horn Mocksville Frances Horner Burlington Virginia Howard Asheville G. Mildred Howell Greensboro Julia B. Hudgins Trotville Florence Hunt Greensboro Virginia Hunter Greensboro Kathryn Hurdle Elizabeth City Hannah Husre Fayetteville Doris Hutchinson Charlotte Margaret Idol Pleasant Garden Mildred James Laurinburg Mary Margaret Johnson Charlotte Margaret Jones Johns Sarah Jones High Point - 91 - ir E r- EEEZDLE Irma Gray Jordan Timberland Frances Joyner Farmville Phyllis Keister Greensboro Martha Kellar Flynt, Mich. Rachel Kelly Apex Eleanor Kerchner Greensboro York Kiker Wadesboro Dorothy Kolman Pittsfield, Mass. Leanna Koonce Wilmington Jenny La Spina Newark, N. J. Edna Laws Rougemont Doris Leach La Grange Lillian Lee Clayton Ruth Lee High Point Vera Leeger Brooklyn, N. Y. 4 92 }■ •■- ir vIE r EEC LE I Marjorie Leonard Cumberland, Md. Edna Levine Greensboro Wilma Levine Brooklyn, N. Y. Frances Levy Brookline, Mass. Caroline Lewis Southern Pines Claudeline Lewis Enfield Attie Belle Liles Gastonia Arlene Littlefield Boothbay Harbor, Me. Virginia Livingston Laurel Hill Elizabeth Lloyd Greensboro Adelaide Love Greensboro Bobbie Jean Love Asheville Josephine Lowrance Salisbury Christine McAdams Rougemont Margaret McAllister Mt. Pleasant •• 93 •- ir E r EE LE Christine McBrayer Forest City Anne McCabe Oriental Mary Katherine McLaughlin Cleveland Dorothy McLawhorn Vanceboro Eloise McLean Greensboro Jessie McLean Cameron Nancy McManaway Hendersonville Doris McMillan Lumberton Mary King Mallonee Murphy Lillian Mann Flushing, L. L, N. Y. Christine Marshburn Richlands Elsie Marston Reidsville Catherine Martin Smithfield June Maupin Holcomb Rock, Va. Myrtle Merritt Magnolia •■ 94 ) ••■ ir E r EECZDLE I Grace Mewborn Snow Hill Kathryn Mewborn Tarboro Elizabeth Michael Pleasant Garden Charlotte Michlin Greenwich, Conn. Virginia Miles Raleigh Bruce Miller Annapolis, Md. Martha Mills Statesville Mary Jane Mims Greensboro Rosalie Mitchell Vineland, N. J. Barbara Moon Asbury Park, N. J. AiMEE Moore Weldon Barbara Moore Old Greenwich, Conn. Inez Moore Lenoir Claudia Moseley Kinston Marjorie Moseley LaCrosse, Va. -4 95 ir E I EE LE Alice Murdoch Salisbury Elizabeth Myers Wilmington Satenik Nahikian Asheville Evelyn Newman Roxboro Mary Ella Newsome Wake Forest Kate Niblock Concord Forest Nimocks Fayetteville Frankie Louise Northcott Raleigh Louise Northcott Asheville Doris Nowell Greensboro Virginia Gray Nowell Greensboro Alma Ormond Dover Eleanor Ortleb Westfield, N. J. Juanita Osborne Candor Anna Catharine Owen Sharon, Conn. ■■•4 96 } - ir E r EECIDLE I Dolores Palmer Brooklyn, N. Y. Ella Frances Parker Spencer Minnie Lou Parker Ahoskie Alberta Parrott Kinston Mamie Patrick Durham Bertie Patterson Albemarle Helen Pease Kew Gardens, N. Y. Isabel Pelton Southern Pines Beverly Phillips West Englewood, N. J. Margaret Phillips Dalton Jeanette Piatt Winston-Salem Mildred Pigg Charlotte Helen Player Morganton Irene Pospisil New York, N. Y. Alice Powell Berwyn, Md. - 7 : ir vjE r - EE •LE Margaret Poynor Florence, S. C. Mary Elizabeth Purvis Salisbury Marjorie Pye Greensboro Gertrude Rainey Martinsville, N. J. Margaret Raper Lexington Ethel Raymer Statesville Elaine Reagan Weaverville Gloria Reagan Weaverville Ethel Reavis Winston-Salem Kathryn Rettew High Point Nell Riddick Gatesville Elizabeth Roberts Concord Julia E. Roberts Marshall ]o Elaine Robertson Wendell Gladys Rogers Stem 98 - ' ir vJE r EEC LE I Ruth Rogers Clyde Virginia Rose Wilson Mary Helen Ross Elmwood Dorothy Rosseland Short Hills, N. Y. Grace Rosser Jonesboro Mary Willie Rotha Waynesville Elizabeth Rud Garden Citv, N. Y. Margaret Ryan Asheville Ann Sage Short Hills, N. Y. Elsie Sanford Greensboro Erma Schauer Bayonne, N. J. Kathryn Schneck Allentown, Pa. Mary Seibert Derby, N. Y. Evelyn Sharp High Point Louise Sharp Reidsville 4 99 ir E r EE LE Beverly Ann Sharpe Greensboro Grace Sharpe Greensboro Lauretta Sheahen Ontario, N. Y. Evelyn Shepherd Greensboro Mary Betty Shepherd Greensboro Hassie Mae Sherrill Statesville Arriwona Shoaf Lexington Inez Shuford Hickory Laura Silbiger Greensboro Myrtle Simpson Marshville Leah Skelton Montclair, N. J. Julia Smallwood New Bern Adele Smirnow New Haven, Conn. Leah Smirnow New Haven, Conn. Catherine Smith Durham - 100 }!;«-- ir E r- JEECZJLE I Elizabeth Smith New Bern Myra Smith Wilmington Pauline Smith Rocky Mount Sarjvh Smith Asheville Hilda Snyder Winston-Salem Doris Spainhour Tobaccoville Mildred Spoon Burlington Ethel Mae Stanley Four Oaks Emily Stanton Wilmington Flora Steele Wagram Marie Stephens Lumberton Carroll Stoker Greensboro Gladys Strawn Marshville Nell Sturkey Bryan, Ohio Mary Elizabeth Suitt Hillsboro -4 101 - ir E r EE LE Virginia Sullivan Ansonville Olena Swain Williamston Evelyn Swaringen Concord Rachel Tabor Arlington, Va. Elizabeth Taylor Greensboro JuANiTA Taylor Ararat Mary Elizabeth Taylor New Bern Annabel Teague Siler City Susannah Thomas Wadesboro Katherine Thomason Roanoke Rapids Mildred Thomason Whiteville Hester Tolar Fayetteville Marjorie Tredway Leaksville Betty Trimble Greensboro Jane Truesdell High Point - j{ 102; ir- E r JEEC3LE I Dorothy Truitt Greensboro Annie Laurie Turberville Milton Anna Hughes Turner Raleigh Dorothy Turner Forest City Pearl Turner Guilford College Blanche Tuten Edward Floreine Tyndall Kinston Dorothy Tyson Mebane Nell Tyson Georgetown, S. C. Jane Umstead South Boston, Va. Mable Upchurch Angier Helen Veasey Varina Mildred Wagner Spencer Hazel Walker Cincinnati, Ohio Hilda Walker Greensboro JLM •■4{ 103 }i6- ir viE r EE LE Nancy Walthall Ashland, Ky. Agnes Warren Newton Grove Josephine Watson Kenly Eleanor Weeks Maysville Helen Weitzel Manheim, Pa. Elizabeth Westcott Chestertown, Md. Rachel Weyher Kinston Betsy Wharton Greensboro Mary Elizabeth Whitehead Greensboro Mary Carter Whitehurst New Bern Kathleen Whitley Wingate Thelma Whitley Marshville Sarah Whitney Greensboro Elizabeth Whitson Asheville Harriet Wiggins Tarboro ir E r- EECDLE I it Lily Mae Wilkerson Greensboro Dorothy Wilkinson Marion Elizabeth E. Wilkinson Charlotte Elizabeth P. Wilkinson WhiteviUe Annie Ruth Wilson Guilford College Ballard Wilson Rocky Mount Ellen Meade Wilson Wilmington Edith Winborne Aulander Sarah E. Winslow Scotland Neck Ruby Womble New Hill Margaret Woodson Salisbury Alice Wright Wake Forest Martha Wright New York, N. Y. Jean Ziel Mt. Clemens, Mich. Mary Zimmerman Reading, Pa. ••• 105 )86— ir E r EE • LE JUNIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR LATANE BARTLETT WILLIE RUBY BLACKBURN ELIZABETH BROWN JAMIE BROWN MARGARET BULLOCK CATHERINE CARPENTER KATHERINE COOPER MINERVA COPPAGE ETHEL CRUMPLER DIANA CURLEY MARION DICKSON ELEANOR DUNN JEANNETTE FLOWE JANE GRIER JANE GRIFFITH RUTH KING MARJORY KINNEY ELEANOR McCLUNG JULIA S. McLEAN FRANCES A. McLEOD ELINOR MILLER GLADIS PARKER MARIE PEREZ ELIZABETH PHILLIPS VIRGINIA POWELL ESTHER ANN QUINN JANE RARDEN EUDORA ROBINSON ELIZABETH SCOTT ELLEN SHANAHAN ADELE SIMPSON SOPHIA TAPLIN VIRGINIA WOOD GERALINE YOUNG -5b( 106}»- ' ir«%JE r EEC LE i IN MEMORIAM SARAH ATKINSON Class of I9 9 Gay laughter rang through ei ' ery tvord, And yet beneath the laughter stirred A something more than jesting play — — Nora Perry. ■•■4 107 •- sophomores ir- jE r EE LE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Ruth Gillmore Preshieiif Virginia Boger Vice-President Muriel Qua Secretary Valeria Powell Treasurer Elizabeth Hunnicutt Cheer Leader Mr. James Painter Class Chairman RUTH GILLMORE We praise thee today, our dear College, Our Alma Mater so true. May thy numberless daughters, wherever they roam, Be faithful and loyal to you. All hail from the proud class of ' 40! All hail to our College so dear! We will ever remember and cherish The years we will spend with you here. There is joy in the halls, on the campus; 1940 answers your call. And the torch that you hand us we ' ll keep burning high. And pledge you it never will fall. Colors Flower Motto Lan uicr and White Violet " Altiora Pete " ir vJE r — lEEIZDLE I ABERNETHV ADAMS ALLEN ALVERSON AMBROSE AMMi ' Ns ANDERSON, ANDERSON, R. ANDERSON, S. ARMSTRONG ASHBY ATKINSON AUSTIN AVERY BAER BAREFOOT BARKSDALE BARNES, L. BARNES, S. BATEMAN BEARD BELINKOFF BELL. D. BELL, E. BENTON, M. BENTON, N. BERGEN BERLINER BISHOP BLACK, K. BLACK, M. BLAIR BOAZ BOGER BOLES BOURNE JOWMAN BRADY BRIGGS BRIGHT BRITTEN BROCK -4 1 1 1 ir E r EE LE BRODT BROWN, E. BUSCH CHADWICK BRONSON BROWN, M. K. CADDELL CHAFFEE BROOKS, G. BROWN, M. B. CALDWELL CHAFFIN BROOKS, L. BROWNE, N. CARLTON CHAMBERLAIN BROTHERS BUDD CARMAN CHAMBLISS BROWN, B. BURNS CAROON, E. CHAMNESS BROWN, D. BURRELL CAROON, I. CHANGARIS CHARPIA COHEN CHILDS COLEMAN CHRYSLER COLEY CHURCH CONKLING CLARKE CONLEY CLEIN CONNOR CLUTTS COOGAN 112 - ir E r EE LE COONEY CROOKES DAVISON DICKSON EFIRD FINKLEHOFFE COVINGTON CROOM DAWSON DIMMETTE EFLAND FLANAGAN CROTTV DAY DOWD ELLINGTON FORESTER ( K Al T CRO S ' ELL DENNIS DUNLAP ELLIS, E. FOX CRAVER DANIEL DE VAULT DUNN ELLIS, G, FOUST CRAWLEY DARDEN DEVi ' EY DURHAM FAISON FREE CROOK DAVIDSON DICKINSON EDWARDS FERGUSON FRETZ - 1 1 3 }s«- ir E r EE LE FRYE 1 III IK, J FULLER. K. GALLAGHER. GALLOViAY GALL Mill I k CATLING GAY GAYLORD GENTLES GILBERT GILLAM GILLMORE GLASER GODBEY GORDON GORE GOULD GREENWOOD GREESON GRIFFIN. A GRIFFIN, E. GRIFFIN, G. GRIFFIN. K. GRIMES GRONER GUYER HALL, C. HALL, F. HALL. S. HAM HAMMOND. A. HAMMOND. T. HARDEE HARDING HARDWICKE HARRY HARTLEY HARTSOOK HARVEY HARWARD HATTON -4 114)»- ir-viE r « iEE • LE HAL ' GH HAWKINS II N-l 1 s HAYMAN HUGE HEMPHILL HERRING. E. HERRING, J. HEYWARD HIGGINS HOLMAN HOLMES HORNER HORTON HOWARD, B. HOWARD, C. HOWARD, E. HOWELL, E. HOWELL, VA. HUDSON HUFF HUGHES, C. HUGHES, M. F. HUGHES, M. L. HUNNICUTT HUNT HUNTER HUNTINGTON INGRAM JACKSON JONES KANIPE KAULBACK KEARNS KELLER KELLOGG KELLY KENDALL KENNETTE KING, E. KING, M. G. KINLAW, DORA ■••€{ 1 1 5 - ir vjE r EE LE INLAW, DOVIE KINSEY KIRK KIRSTEIN KLEIN KNOX KOEHLER KOONCE KORNBLUT KRALL KRUG LAHN LAND LASSITER LISK LOHR LONDNER LOVELL LOVING McBANE McBRIDE, R. McBRYDE, M. McCOLLUM McDowell McFADYEN McIVER McLEAN McNeill, e. k McNeill, m. McNeill, t. MANDELL MARKS, D. MARKS, J. MARTIN MATHESON MATLOCK MATTHEWS, D. MATTHEWS, L. MAYO MERONEY MEYERS MILLER - 116 - ir E r- EE LE MIMS MOORE. B. MOORE. M. B. MOORE, M. .MOOKL, , . MORGAN. E. MORGAN. R. MORRIS MORRISON MOSER. M. L. MOSER, M.S. MOSS MUNDAY NEW NEWSOME NOEL OKELL OVERMAN PALMER, I. PALMER. R. PARDUE PARKER PATTERSON PENLAND PERSON PETTIGREW PIKE PITTMAN PLONK PORTER POWELL POWERS PRINE PRUDEN FULLY PURDY QUA QUINN RACKLEY RAILEY RANDLE RAPPOPORT 117fe- •ir E r EE • LE RASH REED REYNOLDS RHODES RICE RICHARDSON. £. E. RICHARDSON. H RITTER RIVES ROBERSON ROSE RUDD SALTMAN SCHAEFER SCHULTZ SCHUSTER SCOTT. C. L. SCOTT, EDNA SCOTT. ELIZABETH SEAWELL SFIARP SHERARD SHERRON SHOAF SIMMONS SIRCOM SMITH. ELOISE SMITH. EVELYN MITH, M. G. SMITH. M. I. SMYTH. B. SNO r SNOWDEN SPRUILL, M. J. SPRUILL, V. SQUIRES STANTON STATON STERLING STEVENS STEVENSON STRAUSS ■4 1 1 8 ' ir E I EE LE STRINGI ItLD SUITER SUITT SUTTON SWAMMJN SWEENEY SYKES TALLEY TATE TAYLOR TEAGL ' E THOMAS THOMPSON THORNTON TILLINGHAST TINGLE TOLER TOMLINSON, D. TOMLINSON. H. TORRENCE TUCKER TURNER, EDITH TURNER. ESTELLE TWITTY USHER VANCE WALKER WARREN, C. WARREN, F. WATSON WEEKS WEINGER WELLS WHITE, ELIZABETH WHITE. EMILY WHITE, G. WHITLEY, H. G. WHITLEY, K, WILLIAMS, A. WILLIAMS, J. WILLIAMSON WIMBISH - -sst 11 9 )• ■ ■ ir E r- EE LE WINSLO-W WISE VniLfE U ' OLFSOX WOODY WORTHIXGTOX WRENN WRIGHT WUNSCH ■W ' YATTE WYGANT YATES ZIMMERMAN, J. ZIMMERMAN SOPHOMORES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR RUTH BARN ' K ' ELL VIRGINIA CHANCE NORMA CHEATHAM CHRISTINE CLEGG ETHEL CRUMPLER HELEN CUNNINGHAM TALULAH DOGGETT VIRGINIA LAURA EDVi ' ARDS MARION E. FISHER AGNES GRAHAM MARY MILLER HEFFNER LOIS KNOX HENRY DOROTHY HERBERT MARGARET HUFF ELIZABETH LEARY KATHLEEN McBRYDE MARTHA McLEAN ARViTLDA MEDLIN IVA NICHOLSON BETTY NORWOOD ALICE OVERMAN BETTY PALEY SAR AH PARDO ANNIE MAE PARRISH MYRTLE PAYNE REBECCA PRICE MARGARET RICHARDSON GERALDINE ROGERS ELEANOR ROSS JOYCE ROUSE WINNIFRED SHELL ANNIE BLANCHE SMITH ELLA SNOW CORINNE SPINELLI RUTH SUMMERS OLIVE WILLIAMS GLENMORE WRIGHT l20 j£ .- ir E r EEC LE - 121 Jss- freshmen ir NjE r EE LE FRANCES DANIEL I LIZABtTH PATTEN HELEN MORGAN BESSIE JOHNSON MISS SHIVERS AluTncthy. Janice AJams. Alta |oyc AJlcr, Rebecca Albright, Helen Aide Alderman. Yvonn Alexander. Louise Allen, Janet Anderson, Margai Anderson, Mary Anderson, Vallie Aycock, Grace Ayers, Margueritt Ayres, Doris Bain, Kathryn Baise, Betlie Baity, Sarah Banks, Dorothy Barber, Kathleen Barden, Loumeta Barnes, Edith Barnes, Florence Bartlett, Dorothy Baynes, Sarah Franc Beasley, Carrie Lee Beatty, Hannah Beckerdite, Faye Bell, Eleanor W. Bell, Johnnie Benson. Doris Beshears, Leeida Bishop, Sue Bivens, Frances Black, Emma Nealc Blackburn, Jane Blackwood, Rama Bl erh nthal, Joan Bn t. ohanna Bo irk Fannie Booke , Elizabeth Bo Bo Bo wm n, Linda n, Phyllis e, Anne Br lir cy, Dorothy 11, Annie Br , Alma Lee Br ews er, Nancy An Br Br dge , Louise Br Br Br Dwn Betty Dorothy itt. Hannah Bumga rner. Mildred B. rdcr , Luella Bu rke Dor.s Elizabe FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Elizabeth Patten President Frances Daniel Vice-President Helen Morgan Secretary Bessie Mae Johnson Treasurer Doris Gross Cheer Leader Miss Lyda Gordon Shivers Class Chairman Legislature Members: Alice Caldcr, Peggy Ann Hammond, Mary Slocum FRESHMAN COMMISSION Eleanor Echols, Jean Moore, Helen Morgan, Janet Murphy, Sallie Sewell Bush, Louise • Butler, Anne Lee Byrd, Annie Gray Calder, Alice Caldwell, Anna May Caldwell, May Calvert. Florence Cameron, Nettie Campbell, Doris Campbell, Lucille Cassada, Frankie Cecil, Jennie Chapman, Virgini: Charnock, Martha Check, Ellen Chei , Mai Chisholm. Mary Belle Church. Jean Clark. Edith Clark, Evelyn Clegg, Bobbie Lee Clii . Laur; Cline, Marvbelle Cobler, Hazel Coit, Margaret Cook, Carolyn Cooke, Frances Cooper, Mary Coplon, Isabelle Couch, Elizabeth Cowan, Ruth Cowles, Roberta Crou ch. Ma y Crou ch, Ru th Cuthbertso , Mar Dail Guyla Dan el. Fra nces Dav s. Grac e 1 )av Sj Mar Davt s. Mar fDell Davi s, Val a Day Netti i I rr ' r ! Dean, Addie Griffin. Lucile Dean, Peggy Gross, Doris Dclamar, Jessie Mae Groverman. France Dewey, Jean Groves, Edna Mae Diamond, Mary Gunn.Edna Dickey, Virginia Hall. Martha Dickinson, Eliza Hall. Ruth Dickson, Margaret Hamlett. Lettie Dillard. Caroline Hammond. Peggy A Dixon, Dorothy Hampton. Margate Dodson, Audree Hancock. Betty Donnelly, Dorothy Hancock, Fay Douglas, Margaret Harbison, Nancy Douglass, Ella Hardestv, Virginia Draughon, Emma Hargett, Mary Eliz Dubois, Rita Harless. Dorothy Dunlap, Roberta Harmon, Betty Lou Dunn, Dorothy Hirrclson, Mary Echols, Eleanor Harrelson, Rebecca Eddy, Martha Jean Harris, Annie E. Edgcrton, Nympie Harris. Martha Edwards, Frances Lloyd Harris. Mildred Edwards, Jane Harris. Shirley Edwards, Mary Louise Harrison. Sara Epcrton, ' irginia Harrison. Virginia Elliott, Jean Hartley. Frances Elovich, Eleanor Hatch. Harriet Estfan, Sylvia Hatcher. Anna Mae Evans, Alice Hatsell, Audrey Evans, Sophia Heine. Sigrid Everett, Alma Helsabeck. Elizabet Everette, Annie Louise Henderson. Elizabe Ewing, Helen Hennessee. Olive Falls, Elizabeth Herbin. Margaret 1-arlow, Mary Hiers. Anne Faucette, Shirley Hiers. Vivian Feldman, Bernice Higgins. Belva Feldman, Joan H.ggins. Ruth Ferguson, Nina Hill. Clara Bell Ferguson. Vestal Hill. Flavree Finger, Agnes Hinshaw. Edith Fish. Rachel Hobbs. Melba Flannagan. Nancy Hodges. Jean Fleming. Charlotte Hodgin, Anne Fleming. Jean Holland, Hope Flynt. Lorraine Holleman, Virginia Fondren. Helen Hopkins. Edith Fordham. Margaret Home. Evelyn Foy, Sue Francis, Elizabeth House, Ruth Houston, Mary Eliz Howard, Rachel Frederick, Norman Howell, Carolyn Frederick, Ruth Howell, Sarah Futrelle, Lena Hughes. Emma Gamble, Mary Emma Hulcher. Ruth Gandy, Thomas Ena Hunter. Clara Gardner, Finetta Hunter. Rebecca Garmon, Shirley Hunter, Susan Jane Gay, Gwendolyn Huntington, Ann Geisberg, Caroline Ingram, Margueret George, Marguirette Irvin, Florence Elea Gibson. Edna Jackson, Eleanor Gilc hrist, Rachel Jackson, Rebecca Gill, Elizabeth Jernigan, Katherine Gillett, Jane Jessup, Martha Gilliam, Bessie F. Johnson, Bessie Mae Glidden. Mary Ann lohnson, Dorothy Godbey, Louise lohnson, Grace Goodman, Edith Jones, Alda Goodwin, Mary Jane Jones, Bernice Grady, Edna Jones, Frances Graham, Lesbia Jones, Mayme Gravely, Nellie Jordan, Elinor Gray. Ida Jordan, Mary Eliza Griffin, Aleta Karlin, Ida Reams, Eugenia Keene, Madeline Kennedy, Eloise Kcrner, Frances Kernodle, Cassandra Kersh, Adele Kiernan, Mary Elizabcl Kikcr, Hazel Kinney. Marjory Kiser. Helen Klaber, Susan Knott, Rowcna Koury, Yvonne Lassiter, Cletus Lawrence, Geraldine Lee. Virginia Leffler, Annabelle Lefler, Helen Lindsay, Mary Lineberger, Mary Sue Lippman. Elizabeth Little. Frances Little Ruby Littlcfield, Dorothy Liverman, Mable Logan, Henrietta Lowdermilk, Golda Loew, Frances Luckett, Shirley Lyon, Virginia McCall, Vivian McCallum, Nell McCardwell. Margueri ' McCarroll. Grace McCauley. Becky MacDonald. Jean Eliza McDonald. Jean K. McGoogan. Frances Mcintosh. Isabel McKnight. Jama McLellan, Eula Lee McLeod. Kathryn MacNeill. Eleanor McQueen. Mary McRae. Mary Lou McRainey, Annie Flort Madry. Alice Miller Mallard, Mary Mann, Loraine Marlin, Betty leanne Marshall, Doris Mason, Rubineal Massey, Mabel Matthews, Charlotte Matthews, Lorene May, Nellie Mayer, Hilah Ruth Melvin, Inez Mendenhall. Martha Mercer, Isabelle Mercer, Louise Merrill, Opal , Cathei on, Ja, , Loui! , Jua, Miller. Mary C. Milloway, Phyllis Mills, Helen Millsaps, Mildred MoorCj Meta Moose, Frances Moseley, Err Moseley, Leah Motsingcr. Helen Mullican, Helen Murphy. Janet Murray, Jonlyn Nathan, Sarah Nelson, Elizabeth 1 Nevas, Helen Newbv, Ca No , Olee .lyn North. Alva Norton, Marjoi Nunn, Elsie O ' Bryan, Helei O ' Connor, Jan nd. Beulah Owen. Iris Owen. Jeanne Page, Ada Parker, Dorothy Parker, Helen Parker, Jane Parkerj Margaret Paschal, Janie Pate. Hilda Rae Patten. Elizabeth Patterson. Dorothy Ann Payne. Margaret Peele. Vivian Pendleton. Lulu Kate Perry. Beatrice Persky. Myra Phalen-Gray. Margot Phai , Helei PickerelI.Effie Piller. Shirley Pipkin. Mariana Pittman. Mary Elizabeth Pittman. Rebecca Pleasant. Mildred Pleasants. Elizabeth Plonk, Virginia Plummet. Hannah Poe. Nancy Pon , Alit Powell. Bessie Powellj Dorothy Powell. Rebecca Prevette. Betty Ptice. Elizabeth Pridgen. Laura Pritchard. Alma Ramseur. Sarah Rankin, Helen Rath. Mary Helen Reeves. Dorothy Register. Martha Richmond. Helen Riddick. Harriet Riggshec. Meredith Ritchie, Helen Robbs, Emma J Roberts, Mabel Robinson, Jean Rochelle, Wylanta Roesch, Clara Rogers, Estelle Rogers. Nan Root. Elizabeth Rosa. Elizabeth Rosenfeld, Edith Roth. Virginia Royall. Christine Roys, Mariorie Royster. Ruby Robin. Blanche Rus. tyLe, Russell. Betty M Rutledge. Grace Safrit, Joyce Safrit. Lucile Samet. Charlotte Mae Sandel. Betty Jean Sanders. Betsy Sanders. Lula Mae Sanford. Virginia Saunders. Helen Scholl. Elaine Schulman. Muriel Schwartz. Judith Scott, Frances Scott, Katherine Screen, Robbie Scruggs, Leonelle Searcy, Sybil Sewell, Sailie Shaffer, Doris Sharp, Florence Sh.lton, Louise Sherman, Betty Sherwin, Helen Shuford, Adelaide Silbiger, Marjorie Siler, Delilah Sims. Mary Elizabeth Sledge, ' irginia Slocum, Mary Sloop, Eleanor Small, Patricia Smart, Betty Smith, Annie Elizabeth Smith, luanita Smith. Lavinia Smith, Margaret Smith. Mildred Smith, Nancy Smith. Naomie Smith. Rachel Snvder. Vivan Spivey. Celeste Spivey. Princess Sprinkle. Hazel Stancill. Martha Staton. Frances Staton. Mary Dun Stcdman. Gladys Stephenson. Helen Stevens. Ruth Surles, Azalea Swain, Mildred Sweet, Helen Swind 11, Doroths Talley Katherine Taylo . Marguerite Teagu ,Edna Teagu , Elizabeth Thant an. Esther Thaye . Hazel Thaye . Lucy Neal Tillev Frances St.. Tomli nson, Eileen Tomli nson, Elizabe Trottc r. Betsy Turlin gion. Yvetie Under wood. Marga Upton . Helen Vance Josephine Van D yke. Mary Le V reel a nd. Dorothy Vreela nd, Margaret Wade Eleanor Waggc ner. Hazel Waike r, Josephine Vl ' alke r, Mary E. Vfalke r, Sarah Jane Walte s, Lora Ward Dorothy Ward, Muriel Washington, Barba Wats an, Louise Weat hersbee, Jane Well , Virginia Wenz , Pauline West Betsey Whic hard,Pearle Whit e, Anna Belle Wh,t e, Caroline «hit -, Nancy Whit ark. Faith Whit ey, Edna Vih.t ev, MarvPelh Vi.ld r. Eva W ill ams, Edna Willi ams. Eula Will ams. Eselyn Will ams. M. Heler Willi ams. Jean Willis. Rachel Winbori Winslow , Doris ad, I WinstI ■Wolfst Woodlief, Elsie Woosley, Rebec Woosley, Willii ■Wootten. Eliza Work, Nellie Yarbrough, Rac n.Ja, r rr A «V« ' « commercLQls ' ir E r EE LE COMMERCIAL CLASS OFFICERS Marguerite Tonkel Prcsiclcitf Rose Wade Sgroggs Vice-President Neal Griffin Secrefary-Treauirer Mr. George Joyce Director MARGUERITE TONKEL ROSE WADE SCROGGS NEAL GRIFFIN MR JOYCE Anderson, Louise Bra wiey. Nan Lynn Birbee, Susan M. Sr ooks, Marian Elizabeth Barnes. Mildred Laine Br wn. Helen E. Birnes, Wanda Br wn, Mariorie Blilie, Miriam Br son. Virginia Bracey. Genna Lee By rs, Ruth Bradley, Juanita Capps, Margaret Brady, Eugenia Ca tieberry, Miriam Braswell. Claire Ca ,in, Josephine Cecil, Virginia Lee Clifton. Etholia Courtney. Barbara CoK, Charlotte Curtis, Margaret Dabbs, Virginia Daughtry, Mary Di3f Dorsett. Pauline Lo Dunn. Sarah Edwards, Mahala Barnes Edwards, Margery Erwin, Elizabeth Estes, Louise Farrior, Dorothy Elvina Fetzer, Pansy Foust, Flora Martin Goldstein, Doris Griffin, Betty Leah •ir» E r jEE LE Griffin, Neal Hamby, Sjri Jeinne Hannah, Margarer Lindsay Harden, LMlian Harrison, Ruby Harriss, Dorothy Ames Hobbs. Myrtle Holder, Anne Holland. Ruth Holler, Nancy Holt. Sara Ethelyn Hornaday, Virginia Home, Grace Howell. Frances Howell. Mildred Louis Hoyle. Jean Lanier Hundley, Mary Hunt. Elizabeth Hu , Ida Hunter. Sara Jane Ingram. Shirley Jones, Dorothy Celia Kearns, Elizabeth A. Kemp. Alice Ruth Kirkman. Dorothy Kuhn. Emily Layton. Anna Merde Lee. Rebecca Lindsay, Jean Lipe, Mary Elizabeth Lockhart. Anne Lowdermilk, Iris Lyerly, Ruby McClenny, Coleen McGlammery, Elizabeth McKnight, Katharine McLain. Mary Elizabeth McLean. Cleo Arthur McNairy. Annie Marshall, Marguerite Matthews. Catherine Maynard. Helen N. Miller. Frances Clyde Miller. Mary Beatrice Morgan, Mary Frances Nelson, Elizabeth Norcom. Betty Parker. Jessie Parrish. Earline Pendleton. Alice Mae Pennell. Miriam Perry, Marion Elizabeth Phillips, Hope Pilley, Nellie Lee Pie: , Chri Powell. Doris Elizabeth Powell, Marjory Johnson Rackley, Mary Elizabeth Reid, Virginia Reynolds, Lois Jean Rickards. Marian Riddle. Vivian Rivenback, Frances Robinson. Eloise Anne Rowland. Julia Maye Sawyer. Hazel Scruggs. Rose Wade Sherrill. Dorothy Shoaf. Evelyn Shuford, Norma Lee Shuping, Esther Lenora Smith, Mary Boddie Springer, Georgiaona Squires. Emily Bryan Starr. Mary Alice Stout. Pauline Stroup. Ruby Sut Jane Swindell. Mazie Tanner, Margaret Tidwell, Georgie Louis Toms. Mary Beth Tonkel. Marguerite Trogdon, Robbie Tucker, Dorothy Tucker, Lois Tucker, Mary Elizabeth Turner. Bobbie Turner. Carolyn Voss, Elizabeth Walker, Sara Leigh Wall, Betty Wallers. Betty Lou Walton. Helen MacRae Weathersbee. Marjorie Wood. Adelaide Wa Widenhouse. Margie Wilcoj. Ruth Margaret Williams, Dorothy Elizabeth Williams. Marthanna Williams. Mary Frances Wilson. Lillic Mae Wilson. Mary Anna Winston. Mary E. Wolfe, Margaret Woodbury, Daisy Lee Wyckoff. Louise Yerby, Catharine V. Yarborough. Willie Lee Young, Eva Ziglar, Jeanette Roach rr rr ii ( orqanizotions ma-. ir E r EE LE THE ALUMNAE AND FORMER STUDENTS ASSOCIATION. INCORPORATED Mrs. G. H. May (Eoline Everett) President Marjorie Mendenhall Vice-President Laura H. Coit Honorary President Clara B. Byrd General Secretary Alumnae House — " the house by the side of the road " — is not only headquarters for alumnae work, but the home of the three student publications — Pine Needles, Caro- linian, and Coraddi, and of the Student Government Association. Moreover, through its beautiful reception rooms and other facilities, it serves Alumnae, Students, and the College as a whole. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mrs. J. R. Bennett (Josie Doub) Gertrude Carraway Mrs. Jos. W. Johnson (Virginia Batte) Mrs. R. Murphy Williams (Lillie Boney) Mrs. G. p. Hood (Marion Stevens) Mrs. C. E. Stevens (Carrie Tabor) Lillian Massey Mrs. Richard Hoge (Caroline Goforth) Mrs. C. a. Street (Julia Lilly Montgomery) Dr. Mary Poteat • 132 •- ir E r EE LE CHIEF MARSHALL Marietta Muller THE SOCIETIES Social organizations managed entirely by students, the societies, Aletheian, Adelphian, Cornelian, Dikean, give opportunity for friendship and social experience. Member- ship is optional, but few, if any, representative students fail to identify themselves with one of these groups. In- formal teas, dances, and parties are features of many regu- lar programs. Each society has a formal dance during the spring semester. •••€(13 3 ir NjE r EEIZDLE I ADELPHIAN SOCIETY RACHEL NYE PRESIDENT JANE CHADWICK ELNORA RAIFF RUTH CHADifilCK PtRRlNL HA1 tS ADRIENXE VfORMSER JOY CARMAN «5( 134}5«- ir E r EEC LE IVIAX ROTHACHER ELIZABETH PEDtN DORc i| III II ' F.l I OFFICERS Rachel Nye President EiMORA Raiff Vice-Presiilent Ruth Chadwick Recording Secretary Perrine Hayes Treasurer Adrienne Wormser Inter-Society Representative Joy Carman Corresponding Secretary | 13 5 ir E r EEIZZ LE I ALETHEIAN SOCIETY DOROTHY CREECH GALENA BROTHERS PRESIDENT MARY ELIZABETH SHAW MARY ELLA NEWSOME MAMIE GRACE SMITH EDNA EARLE BOSTICK MARGARET GALLOWAY -■4 136 - ir E P EE LE ELAINE SCHMIDT RUTH WHALIN ALICE MURDOCH OFFICERS Dorothy Creech Mary Elizabeth Shaw Mary Ella Newsome . . Mamie Grace Smith Edna Earle Bostick Margaret Galloway President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Inter-Society Representative !}?■ ir vIE r EEEZDLE I CORNELIAN SOCIETY FANNIE DANIEL PRESIDENT HELENE PERSON EMMA SHARPE AVERY ELEANOR KERCHNER GRACE SHARPE NANCY YOUNG ■•■4 138 )■«• ' - ir NjE r EECDLE HELEN FOSTER RACHEL WOOLARD HELEN COOK OFFICERS Fannie Daniel President Helene Person V ce-Presidenf Emma Sharpe Avery Secretary Eleanor Kerchner Treasurer Grace Sharpe Inter-Society Representative -4 139)81- ir E r EEC3LE i DIKEAN SOCIETY KATHRYN THOMPSON PRESIDENT ADELE PEELE JARBARA CUTHRELL SARAH VIRGINIA DUNLAP ALTHA STEVENS HELEN WEITZEL LOUISE JORDAN ■( 140 ■ ir vIE r EECZDLE VIRGINIA HARRIS HELEN PEASE JLLIA BRIGHT GODTIN NANLV HALL bAW 1 LK OFFICERS Kathryn Thompson President Barbara Cuthrell Vice-President Sarah Virginia Dunlap Treasurer Altha Stevens Corresponding Secretary Helen Weitzel Secretary Louise Jordan Inter-Socicty Representative -4i 141 }s - ir E r EE LE THE CAROLINIAN Betty Calder Eilitov- ' ni-Chicf Maxine Garner Managing EJifor Emily Stanton Business Manager BETTY CALDER, EDITOR EDITORS Gladys Meyerowitz, Elizabeth Phillips, Ruth Westcott, Evelyn Poliakoff, Katharine Causey, Vivian Rothacher, Margaret Mahaffey, Grace Evelyn Loving, Natalie Krug, Edna Cartwright, Louise Jordan, and Carroll Stoker. EDITORIAL BOARD Adrienne Wormser, Dorothy Truitt, Katherine Aycock, Celia Durham, and Muriel Qua. Art Editor: Virginia Jackson. Photography Editor: Doris Adams. Sports Editor: Nell Sturkey. Book Review Editor: Rebecca Price. Society Editor: Rebecca Rogol. Circulation Managers: Lorena Strohm and Helen Callaham. Mr. J. Arthur Dunn Faculty Adviser RT i. i r ir vJE I — JEEC LE THE CAROLINIAN EMILY STANTON. BUSINESS MANAGER BUSINESS STAFF Emily Harris, Margaret Galloway, Nancy Yates, Pearl some, Jean Ziel, Mary Jo Curry, Marjorie Pye, Barbara L. Sykes, Adele Peele, Josephine Wiley, Mary Ella New- Moon, and Mary Zimmerman. REPORTORIAL STAFF Caroline Lewis, Elinor Henderson, Louise Conkling, Elizabeth Moore, Doris Leach, Roberta Wolf, Kathryn Mewborn, Helen Boiling, Anna Catherine Owen, Sophia Taplin, Edna Mae Groves, Editha Morris, Nancy Brewster, Elizabeth Pettigrew, Gertrude Darden, Margaret Coit, Muriel Coykendall, Rosemary Snyder, Arriwona Shoaf, Jane Gillett, and Marjorie Silbiger. r R!Sgf •ir E r EE L£ PINE NEEDLES GWENDOLYN STEGALL. EDITOR Editor-in-Chief Gwendolyn Stegall Business Manager Helen Dennis Faculty Advisers Miss Vera Largent, Miss Katherine Sherrill, Mr. Gregory D. Ivy Art Editor Virginia Jackson Art Staff Rosemary Snyder, Hilda Brady, Elizabeth Reeves, Susan Barksdale Class Editors Katherine Mayfield, Virginia Liles Edwards, Ellen Hayes, Finetta Gardner , , Eileen Gamble Snapshot Editors Lelah Nell Masters Organization Editors , Celia Durham Assistants Minnie Lou Parker, Judith Eller, Elizabeth Moore, Frances Barrett, Katherine Landen, Marjorie Glenn, Grace Evelyn Loving Typists Claire Hughes, Martha Lee Martin, Frances Howell, Hazel Barnes, Roberta Wolf, Evelyn Poliakoff ir vjE r jEE LE PINE NEEDLES HELEN DENNIS, BUSINESS MANAGER Advertising Manager Harriet Belinkoff Circnlation Managers | f Shepherd ( Martha Kelly Assistants Henrietta Currin, Mary Zimmerman, ( Barbara Moon, Emily Harris The 193 8 Pine Needles is a culmination of the efforts of the Staff and of the Advisers to produce an appropriate record of the activities of Woman ' s College during the year. With this one idea in mind, we have endeavored to gather such material as we deem significant and representa- tive of those activities and performances of the University and of the numerous organizations on the campus. It has been only with the co-operation of the actual working staff, who have filled their assignments efficiently, and of our most competent advisers. Miss Sherrill, Miss Largent, and Mr. Ivy, together with the co-operation of the faculty and of the student body that we can present this volume. To them we express our sincere appreciation for their interest and assistance in compiling the 193 8 Pine Needles. ir E r EE LE CORADDI EDITORIAL STAFF Georgia Arnett Edna Earle Bostick Rosemary Snyder GEORGIA ARNETT, EDITOR EJiturial Staff: Marie Sette, Sheila Corley, Gladys Meyerowitz, Adrienne Wormser, Elizabeth Brown, Bettie Harward, Kacherine Causey, Louette Glaser. Contributing Staff: Susan Barksdale, Celia Durham, Louise Hudson, Frances Crean, Elizabeth Blair, Roberta Wolfe, Eleanor Ross, Beverly Barksdale, Rebecca Price. The Cornelian, Adelphian, and Dikean Societies, originally organized as literary societies, sponsored the development of a literary magazine on this campus, a magazine which still bears the name Coraddi (Cornelian, Ar elphian, D kean), and which has become the organ for artistic and literary expression for the Woman ' s College of the Uni- versity of North Carolina. Through the publication of the best stories, articles, poems, and pictures submitted for its four issues, Coraddi has sought to encourage young writers and artists. Editor-in-Chief Business Manai er Art Editor ir E r EE LE CORADDI BUSINESS AND ART STAFF EDNA EARLE BOSTICK, BUSINESS MANAGER Business Staff: Viola Gradeck, Betty Norwood, Marjorie Pye, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Evelyn Poliakoflf. Art Staff: Virginia Jackson, Miriam Sloan, Hilda Brady, Mary Cochrane. Coraddi is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association and of the North Carolina Press Association. Representatives from the Magazine staff are sent to the annual conventions sponsored by these associations, con- ventions which afford contact with collegiate editors and offer solutions to problems of magazine publication. Mi ir sjE r EE LE Y. W. C. A. Julia Lovelace Susannah Thomas Jeanne Carey Celia Durham Miss Wilmina Rovcland OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Director of Religious Activities JLLIA LOVELACE The Young Women ' s Christian Association, affiliated with the national organization and with the World ' s Chris- tian Student Federation, seeks not only to aid students with their intimate daily problems of living, but also to form a channel through which they may unite themselves with the great body of students throughout the world seeking the best way of life for themselves and for all people of all races. In a significant sense, the " Y " belongs to the whole campus, for its purpose is to serve wherever there is a need to which an organization of this kind can minister. Its membership is open to any student who accepts its pur- pose, and throughout the year many students may find opportunity for interesting and creative expression of both conviction and talent through the " Y ' s " various commit- tees. Through discussion groups, seminars, chapel speakers, vesper programs, and community service, the " Y " en- deavors to provide stimulus and guidance for students who wish individual and group experience in the field of religion. CABINET MEMBERS Marjorie Glenn Worship Mary Elizabeth Purvis Intercollegiate Relations Anna Catherine Owen Arrangements Grace Mevcborn Recreation Katherine AIewborn Publicity Katherine Aycock Scrapbook Jamie Burford Posters Pearle Chamness Teas and Parties Pauline Smith Library Jane Dupuy Public Relations Carroll Stoker Religious Education Catherine Martin Off Campus Seriice Eleanor Kerchner Freshman Work Dorothy Ficker On Campus Service Mildred Haugh Sophomore Council Frances Barrett Music Eunice King Bulletin Board Phyllis Keister Junior Council ' ir E r EE LE PHI BETA KAPPA Dr. Helen Barton Miss Florence Schaeffer Dr. Key L. Barkley President Vice-President Secretary CLASS OF 1937 Elizabeth Anderson " Grace Bell Betsy Dupuy Ruth Hill Alma McCain Shirley Melchor " Georgia Arnett Mary Lilly Boney ' ■ ' Katherjne Causey Sarah Click Catherine Davts Eileen Gamble Marie Hedgpeth Helen Lewis Blair Lyle CLASS OF 193 8 Dora Shapiro Millie Swift Kate Urquhart Betty Winspear Martha Wiswall Suzanne McLaurin •■ ' Gwendolyn MacMullin Frances Mulligan Marie Sette Mary Elizabeth Shaw Annie Howard Sisk Ruth Westcott Adrienne Wormser CLASS OF 1939 ■Jane Dupuy ALUMNAE MEMBERS Dr. Patty Groves, 1914 (Elected in 1937) Marjorie Mendenhall, 1925 (Elected in 1937) Dr. Ezda Devinney, 1919 (Elected in 1938) a ir — JE r EE LE wL jAu THE TOWN STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Mildred Mashburn President Dorothy Elkins Vice-Presiden Beverly Barksdale Secretary-Treasurer Miss Viva Playfoot Faculty Adviser The Town Students ' Association is made up of all stu- dents who do not live in the residence halls. It has the same standing as a hall unit and is represented on the Legislative Board as such. The primary purpose of the organization is to provide for day student participation in campus activities. The Town Students ' room in Adminis- tration building is designed for the convenience of stu- dents who wish to " drop in " somewhere during their free moments. ■■ 150 }§«•••- irvjE r EE LE COLLEGE CHOIR KATHRYN TATE OFFICERS Kathryn Tate President Jane Grier Vice-President Geraline Young Secretary-Treasurer Carroll Stoker Custodian of Vestments Elaine Reagan, Katherine Mewborn, Dorothy Oliver Assistant Custodians Marjorie Glenn Librarian Kathlyn Saltman Assistant Librarian Mr. George M. Thompson Director eC Q c Ci :e jiUliiir ■ " ; ►ir E r- EE LE PLAYLIKE RS OFFICERS Adrifnne Wormser Charlotte Michlin Prcsiiiciif Secret ary-Treamrer ADRIENNE WORMSER CHARLOTTE MICHLIN CABINET Virginia Olson Leah Smirnow Mildred Mashburn Adele Smirnow B. Elizabeth Taylor Jane Umstead Marie Sette Eileen Gamble Helen Pease AvuiL Gentles Barbara Moore Arlene Littlefield Mr. W. Raymond Taylor Miss Marion Tatum Production Manager Stage Manager Property Manager Electrician Make-up Chairman Costume Mistress Social Chairman Entertainment Chairman Business Manager . Co-Scenic Technicians Publicity Chairman Faculty Director Assistant Director MASQUERADERS Sarah Click Mildred Mashburn Elaine Schmidt Leah Smirnow Virginia Tatum B. Elizabeth Taylor Adrienne Wormser ALPHA PSI OMEGA Mildred Mashburn Elaine Schmidt Leah Smirnow B. Elizabeth Taylor Adrienne Wormser ■4, 152 - ir — JE p njeecdle I Scenes from The Distaff Side By J. Van Druten Mr. Raymond Taylor Scenes from The Old Maid By Zoe Akins, from the novel by Edith Wharton — s»{ H 3 •- ir« jE r EE LE QUILL CLUB OFFICERS Sheila Corley Adrienne Wormser Marie Sette President Vice-Pres ' nleut Secretary-Treasurer SHEILA CORLEY FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Nettie Sue Tillett Dr. Leonard B. Hurley Miss Jane Summerell Mr. Allen Tate Miss Caroline Gordon MEMBERS Maxine Garner, Betty Calder, Betty Harward, Rebecca Price, Elizabeth Brown, Grace Evelyn Loving, Susannah Thomas, Eleanor Ross, Georgia Arnett, Susan Barksdale. An invitation to join the Quill Club brings with it the highest literary honor on campus. The organization is composed of a limited number of both students and faculty members who are interested in creative as well as journalistic writing. At each meeting contributions from the members are read aloud and criticized in informal discussions. Much of this work finds its way into Coraddi. Each year the Club entertains a writer or editor of note who appears on the lecture program. ir NjE r EE LE ART CLUB OFFICERS Miriam Sloan Si ' conil Semester Rosemary Snyder PRESIDENT Rosemary Snyder Virginia Jackson VICE-PRESIDENT Bettie Hunt Elizabeth Uzzelle Susan Barksdale SECRETARY-TREASURER Elizabeth Uzzelle Flora Adams PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Virginia Jackson Mary Cochrane SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Christina Changaris Jamie Burford PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN MIRIAN SLOAN The Art Club was organized in the spring of 193 6 by a small group of students led by Patricia Pittman of the Class of 1937. The purpose of the Art Club as stated by the Constitution which the group framed is " to make the study of art more interesting by means of lectures, by the introduction and sponsoring of art exhibits and social functions, and by art services. " The services include requests for posters, placards, illustrations, special lettering, decorations, and similar work which are referred to the Club for execution. The programs include lectures and exihibits and are open to the public. The organization also has contributed to the Sarah Atkinson Loan Fund established by the class of 1939 and dedicated to the memory of their classmate, Sarah Atkinson, who was an art major, and an officer in the Art Club at the time of her death. This fund is for the purpose of aiding worthy art students. The Club hopes to make further contributions to it in the future. The membership includes the art faculty, outstanding Art Majors and Minors, and other interested persons voted in by the club. Election and inauguration of new officers take place at the end of each semester. ir E r EE L£ BOTANY CLUB OFFICERS Katherine Causey President Muriel Coykendall Vice-President Elizabeth Clay Secretary-Treasurer GoLDA Peedin Program Chairman Elizabeth Dotger Social Chairman Susan Barksdale Publicity Chairman FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. Earl H. Hall Dr. Albert F. Thiel KATHERINE CAUSEY As soon as a new member gets the " B " stamped on her forehead, she taJ es the pledge to support the Botany Club policy of wild life conservation. This purpose is carried out by planting various trees on the campus to get representatives of all the kinds found in the state. Among the rarer species are bald cypress, ginkgo, slash pine, table mountain pine, hemlock, and the Harbison and Ashe hop hornbeam (commemorating two great botanists). Members also bring flowers from all over the state to make Peabody park a wild flower sanctuary and to add to the traditional nature trail. ' jy sai. l v It ' ;? •ir E r « EE LE Frances Sowell LORENA StROHM Jean Cooney Helen Book Miss Kate Wilkins CHEMISTRY CLUB OFFICERS PrcsUeiif Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adiiscr FRANCES SOWELL Looking always toward service, the Chemistry Club tries to provide a common meeting ground for faculty and students who show an interest and a pride in chemistry. Through the work of the Club the members not only keep up with recent develop- ments in the chemical fields, but also broaden their interests to include the more un- familiar phases of chemistry. The Club members have felt the need of spreading interest and information among the students, faculty members, and others. This need has been answered with a yearly project consisting of numerous exhibits, experiments, and unusual phenomena. In this, as well as in everything else the club undertakes, the relationship existing between chemistry and the present industrial civilization is shown. 1 1 |r ir E r EE L£ EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS Marion Jordan Vicc-Prcsiiioit Mary Elizabeth Shaw Secretary Elizabeth Robinson Treasurer Mr. O. p. Clutts Faculty Ach ' iscr LILLYAN MILLER The definite aims of the Education Club are to maintain and strengthen interest and pride in teaching as a profession and to become further acquainted with the educational conditions and problems existing in our State. It is also our purpose to enjoy social occasions and to become better acquainted with one another and with educators of North Carolina. The membership of this club includes those seniors who teach under supervision, the members of the Education Faculty, and those directly concerned with practice teach- ing. All juniors who expect to do practice teaching in their senior year are eligible for membership during the spring meetings of the club. We also welcome any girls who are interested in helping to foster our aims, and we are delighted to share with them the privileges of meeting leading educators. •ir E r EEC LE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Arthealia Mitchell Virginia Edwards York Kiker Helen Richardson Elinor Henderson Evelyn Shepherd Helen Williams Mary Elizabeth Whitehead Mrs. Madeleine Street OFFICERS VreiiJent Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Social Chairman Finance Chairman Membership Chairman Faculty AJiiser liikjA ARTHEALIA MITCHELL The Home Economics Club is open to all home economics students. Its aim is to bring together these students and the Home Economics Faculty in a social and educa- tional program designed to aid in the mastery of the art of gracious living. It secures for its programs lectures by prominent home economists and by experts in foods, fashions, textiles, household decoration, marriage and family relations. •ir viE r EE LE COLLEGE BAND Mary Epps Evelyn Sharp Mary Cochrane Frances Stone Doris Adams Elizabeth Brown OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairmen MEMBERS OF THE BAND Doris Adams, Dorothy Bartlett, Alice Blades, Elizabeth Brown, Betsy Davison, Eliza Dickinson, Mary Epps, Katherine Fuller, Gwendolyn Gay, Reva Heidinger, Elizabeth Holmes, Virginia Howell, Phyllis Keister, Helen Maynard, Eleanor McClung, Marian McNeill, Juanita Miller, Jeanne Owen, Elaine Reagan, Meredith Riggsbee, Dorothy Rosseland, Grace Rutledge, Evelyn Sharp, Miss Katherine Sherrill, Catherine Smith, Frances Stone, Miss Hope Tisdale, Jane Walker, Christine Warren, Mary Carter White- hurst, Virginia Wood, Rebecca Woosley. I !f ir E r EE LE GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Marjorie Glenn President Muriel Fairbanks Vice-Preside)! Annie Lea Rose Secretary Jean Williams Treasurer Mrs. Alma L. Oncley Assistant Conductor and Pianist MARJORIE GLENN The Glee Club, under the leadership of Mr. Paul Oncley, head of the Voice Depart- ment, was organized this year in answer to a long felt need ' for a represe ntative small chorus of selected voices. The membership is made up of thirty-four students of the Voice Department chosen on the basis of musicianship, tone quality, and reliability. This group, which is the first organization of the School of Music to be heard outside of Greensboro, made its first tour this spring. Local concerts and radio broadcasts were also included in the year ' s activities. MEMBERSHIP First Sopranos: Millicent Miller Clara Roesch Madelyn Schultz Charlotte Williams Marjorie Williams Geraline Young Second Sopranos: Bernice Feldman Helen Forester Margaret Gordon Doris Marshall Alice McDowell Mary McQueen Alta Prine Margaret Tyson Louise Wingate First Altos: Frances Barrett Mary Jean Bronson Muriel Fairbanks Martha Jessup Eleanor McClung Alma Lissow Oncley Elaine Reagan Annie Louise Sloop Mary Elizabeth Taylor Treva Wilkerson Second Altos: Sarah Crump Dorothy Gaskins Gwendolyn Gay Marjorie Glenn Kathryn Mewborn Annie Lea Rose Inez Shuford Alice Walters Jean Williams ir jE r EE L£ MADRIGAL CLUB OFFICERS Frances Moseley President Annie Louise Sloop Vice-President Eleanor McClung Secretary Kathryn Mewborn Treasurer Miss Grace Van Dyke More Adviser FRANCES MUStLEV MEMBERS Frances Barrett, Mary E. Brodt, Marion Cox, Mary Epps, Bess Feimster, Catherine Fuller, Dorothy Gaskins, Marjorie Glenn, Alma Kirstein, E leanor McClung, Kathryn Mewborn, Maureen Moore, Ylia Puig, Elaine Reagan, Annie Lea Rose, Inez Shuford, Annie Louise Sloop, Catherine Stanton, Alice Walters, Eula Williams, Louise Wingate, Dr. Ruth Hannas, Miss Birdie H. Holloway, Miss Grace Van Dyke More. The Madrigal Club is the professional club of the Music Education Department. Its members are sophomores, juniors, and seniors preparing to enter the field of Music Education in the public schools. The varied activities of the club are concerned with numerous phases of education through music. This organization offers an opportunity for close fellowship among members of the three classes. 4 1 If f ' » 4 rS»5 Mifei 4 ♦ ir jE r EE LE Dorothy Lewis Catherine Davis Helen Veasey Miss Emily Watkins SQUARE CIRCLE OFFICERS PrcsiJcrtf Vice-Presidenf Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Adiher DOROTHY LEiiiTS In 192 7 the mathematicians on the campus succeeded in doing the seemingly impossible — they formed a square circle. Once a month this Square Circle meets to promote interest in the science of mathematics and to encourage a spirit of friendship among its members. Each year a faculty member of the mathematics department advises the club in its activities. At the regular meetings special guests speak or members give illustrated talks, papers, and book re- views. Two meetings during the year have become tra- ditional: the February meeting is reserved for the initia- tion of students eligible for membership, and the May meeting for an outdoor picnic and the election of officers for the coming year. Freshmen averaging at least B on mathematics during the first semester, all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors tak- ing mathematics, and faculty members interested in this field of science are eligible for membership. This year the Square Circle has sponsored a problem contest. The club elected team captains who in turn chose their respective members. The team solving correctly the greatest number of problems from a given list were the guests of the losing team at the May picnic. L . It ' ttyi B tf S B ' Bl " K f ?- J »t»tl« I . k ir- E r EE LE TARGETEERS OFFICERS May Steven Wiley Prcsidetif Julia Lovelace Vice-President Emily Harris Secretary-Treasurer MAY STEVEN WILEY The purpose of the Archery Club which was reorganized in 1937 is to further archery within the College and the State. The club sponsors Saturday afternoon shoots, a number of which are novelty shoots, and various meets. Try-outs for mem- bership are held in the fall and spring of each year. The equipment includes a number of outdoor targets, a new indoor range, bows and arrows. Sii -i ' » l m % [i f ir E r EE LE CLOGGING CLUB OFFICERS Gwendolyn MacMullin President Virginia Wilson Secretary-Treasurer GWENDOLYN MacMULLIN MEMBERS Doris Adams, Jean Brinkley, Eliza Dickinson, Talulah Doggett, Maxine Efland, Ruth Gillmore, Emily Harris, Rebecca Hunter, Dorothy Kanipe, Eloise McLean, Gwen- dolyn MacMullin, Virginia Miles, Rosalie Mitchell, Jean Noel, Sarah Pardo, Margaret Poynor, Charlotte Samet, Beatrice Smyth, Ella Snow, Peggy Snowden, Corinne Spinelli, Anita Strauss, Nell Sturkey, Eleanor Weeks, Ruth Weinger, Helen Weitzel, Helen Williams, Virginia Wilson. Clogging Club is an active organization of limited membership. Entrance require- ments include proficiency in the fundamental steps, a good performance of a dance taught to prospective new members, and the execution of an original dance. Besides furnishing entertainment on chapel programs and other occasions, the Clogging Club annually gives a performance at the formal Athletic Association Banquet in the spring. ir E r EE LE DOLPHIN CLUB OFFICERS Galena Brothers PresiJeiif Rachel Emmett Vice-President Miriam Gault Secretary-Treasurer CALENA BROTHERS Dolphin is a club primarily for those who love to swim and dive and who excel in aquatic accomplishments. The club has two try-outs each year at which times the freshmen, especially, are urged to try to meet the requirements. In the spring of each year Dolphin holds its annual pageant, which is open to the public. Through the guidance of Miss Dorothy Davis, the faculty adviser, Dolphin has achieyed an out- standing place among the clubs on our campus. ■ »jRB« KS«K«cjt . .far- ir« E r EECDLE ORCHESIS Leah Smirnow President WiLMA Levine Secretary-Treasurer Miss Edith Vail Faculty Adviser LEAH SMIRNOW MEMBERS Christina Changaris, Frances Crean, Rachel Emmett, Marjory Kinney, Wilma Levine, Florence Nelson, Marion Okell, Margaret Poynor, Muriel Qua, Dorothy Rosseland, Leah Smirnow, Nell Sturkey, Eleanor Weeks, Beth White, June Wilson, Virginia Wilson, Rachel Woolard. % ' f r %J ir jE r EECDLE i ZOOLOGY FIELD CLUB Finf Scmcs cr Carroll Stoker OFFICERS PRESIDENT Sccoiul Sennsfcr LORENA StROHM Evelyn Kernodle Golda Peedin VICE-PRESIDENT Eleanor Dibble Dorothy Bell SECRETARY-TREASURER Lorena Strohm Elizabeth Clay CHAIRMAN PROGRAM COMMITTEE Marion W. Fisher Frances Sowell CHAIRMAN PUBLICITY COMMITTEE AN HONORARY MEMBER On December 17, 1926, Mr. H. H. Brimely gave a talk before the Zoology Field Club Since then his talk before the Club has become an annual event. Mr. Brimley, who is now Curator of Zoology at the State Museum at Raleigh, recently resigned as Director of the Museum after serving forty-two years in that capacity. For many years he has been widely known as a collector and preparator of natural history specimens, and many preparations and groups in the Raleigh museum are enduring monuments to his genius and industry. We, with the other people of the State of North Carolina, are proud of him and of his work. The Zoology Field Club dedicates this space to its best loved member, Mr. H. H. Brimley. DR. H. H. BRIMLEY •ssj 168 •- »II nJE r EE LE SPEAKERS ' CLUB OFFICERS Katherine Avcock Preshieiif Minnie Fowler Secretary Rose Pully Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Purvis Program Chairman Dr. Elbert R. Moses, Jr. Faculty Adiher DEBATING TEAM Mary Jane Crenshaw Louwillie Goslen Ann Huntington Mary Middleton KATHERINE AYCOCK The primary aim of the Speakers ' Club is to create interest in public speaking. Pro- grams are presented regularly by the students who wish to obtain experience in speak- ing. The club sponsors debating and the Speech Choir, both of which are directed by Dr. Elbert R. Moses, Jr., Faculty Adviser of the club. At the beginning of this year the Club sponsored a course in Parliamentary Law for the student leaders. The course was conducted by Miss Louise Alexander. •ir vJE r EEC LE LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS Margaret Whitehurst Prcsidciif Edna Buchanan Vice-President Emily Harris Secretary-Treasurer Lc Ccrcle Francais was organized for students who are sufficiently interested in French to wish to speak it outside the classroom and who would like to become more intimately acquainted with the French people, their life, and their literature. The meetings are conducted in French; the programs consist of plays, pageants, songs and speakers from this and other colleges. The Physics Club is eomposed of students who have done good work in the Physics Department and are recommended ' for membership by the instructors of the Department. The policy of the Club this year has been to encourage individual projects of practical significance in order that the activities of the organization may be best adapted to the interest of all its members. This affords an opportunity for those students who are no longer taking physics courses to pursue actively their interest in physics and to enjoy the guidance of the physics faculty. The members of the Club usually number around twenty-five. PHYSICS CLUB OFFICERS Ruth Gill President Helen Player Vice-President LoETTA Willis Secretary Dr. John A. Tiedeman Dr. Calvin N. Warfield Faculty Advisers - 170 ir vJE P EE LE THE HANDBOOK Lilian Jackson Editor-in -Chief Mildred Mashburn Bjiiiness Manager LILIAN JACKSON The Handbook is used, not only as a guide book for members of the student body, but also as an introduction to the College for prospective new students. It contains information about every phase of student life, including organizations, activities, and lite in the residence halls. The Handbook is of particular value to new students, who may learn through it important facts about the Student Government Association, the Y.W.C.A. and its work, the various clubs on the campus, the religious groups, the societies, and all extra-curricular activities. Through the Handbook the new students become acquainted with the campus leaders and many members of the faculty and get a foretaste of what their campus life will be. MILDRED MASHBURN The Square Dance Club has as its primary aim the preservation of a Southern folk art, bringing joy to those participating. The fact that the Club has fifty-five members seems sufficient evidence that, to some degree, it lives up to its objective. The Club was sponsored in 1936 by Miss Aldace Fitzwater, former member of the faculty. Members of the Club include not only physical education majors, but also any students who are interested enough to attend meetings, learn the steps, and take an active part in the Club. SQUARE DANCE CLUB OFFICERS Ruth Rogers President Kathryn Schneck Secretary-Treasurer Miss Mary Morrow Adviser -4, 171 - ir NjE h EE L£ THE STRING CHOIR The String Choir under the direction of Dean H. Hugh Altvater was organized last year with the purpose of providing experience in ensemble playing for members of the student body; to acquaint its members with the musical literature written for this type of organization; and to offer programs of instrumental music to the college and sur- rounding communities. Violins: Mary Evelyn Brodt, Barbara Cuthrell, Edna Douglas, Carolyn Dowd, Jane Dupuy, Frances Edwards, Jean Graham, Yvonne Koury, Jean McDonald, Mary Elizabeth Powers, Dorothy Rosseland, Evelyn Shepherd, Frances Sloan; Violas: Mary Epps, Gert- rude Grimes, Betty Russell; Ccllus: Maureen Moore; Bass: Mary Heffner. This group is supplemented by members of the music faculty: Mr. Paul Oncley, viola, and Mr. George Henry, cello; and by H. Hugh Altvater, Jr., violin, of the Greensboro High School. The Inter-Faith Council is composed of representatives of the Y.W.C.A., the faculty, and the various church groups. The purpose of this Council is two-fold: first, to create an atmosphere conducive to growth in spiritual understanding and power; and second, to provide a program of religious activities designed to give adequate opportunity for the expression of Christian ideals in living. Members for 193 7-3 8 are as follows: Mary Boney, president, Ruth Gill, secretary. Laura Bateman, Marian E. Fisher, Frances MuUican, Evelyn Poliakoff , Evelyn Shepherd, Clarice Jones, Jane Dupuy, Julia Lovelace, Susannah Thomas, Miss Cleo Mitchell, Miss Margaret Williams, Mrs. Edgar Allred, Miss Marjorie Pouder, Miss Wilmina Rowland, Dr. W. C. Jackson, Miss Jane Summerell, and Mr. C. W. Phillips. THE INTER- FAITH COUNCIL ■•• 172 - ' ir E r EEC LE SOPHOMORE " Y " COUNCIL OFFICERS Mildred Haugh Vresident Marian E. Fisher Secretary A group composed of thirty-three sophomores striving to serve the campus by stimulating personal growth and social concern, the Sophomore " Y " Council is an active student organization. Meetings are held regularly and the programs include discussions of current problems and their bearing on student life. The broad plan of the group offers social events of campus-wide interest, as well as an opportunity for communitv service activities. The Freshman " Y " Council, formed in the latter half of the first semester, con- tributes to the progressive orientation of new students to college life through its dis- cussions, its fellowship and association meetings, and through its common projects. FRESHMAN Y " COUNCIL OFFICERS Barbara Washington President Helen Sweet Secretary ■4, 173 } features J:U CY SP I N KS Raleigh, North Carolina VIRGINIA T AT U M Raleigh, North Carolina LMA HALL New Bern, North Ca r o l i n a D RIEN N E W ORMSER New York City -BETTY C ALDER Springfield, Pennsylv.ania I ARIET T A Jil U LLEK Di.LLON, SodTH Carolina VIVIAN %OT HACHEK Chicago, Illinois %ACHEL ?iY E F A Y E T T E V I L L E , NoRTH CAROLINA athletics ir E r EE LE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President June Wilson Vice-Prcshh ' nf Marjorie Leonard Secretary Claudeline Lewis Treasurer Alice Suiter Hockey Volley Ball Speedball Archery Basketball Social Poster Gertrude Rainey Virginia Wilson Dorothy Tyson Steven Wiley Helen Boiling Eloise McLean Frances Crean SPORT LEADERS Suiinin. ' ii} Kathryn Schneck Gymnastics . Margaret Poynor Baseball Ellen Griffin Tennis Emily Harris Life Sating Mary Seibert COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Business Ruth Wescott Camps Marjory Kinney JUNE WILSON Dancing Soccer Sports ' Day Clogging Dolphin Points Pnblicitt Leah Smirnow Gwendolyn MacMullin , Marjorie Leonard Virginia Wilson Calena Brothers Ruth Gillmore Nell Sturkey 186 ir E r EE LE SOCIETY SPORTS DAY A half holiday is set aside each year in May for what is known as Society Sports Day. Classes and school work are put aside and hundreds of girls take part in numerous and varied tests of skills during the afternoon. The program is sponsored by the Athletic Association and the four societies on the campus. All participants enter for their particular society in one or more events, according to their ability and the schedule of activities. But ability and skill are not necessary pre-requisites for taking part in Sports Day. The aim in having such a day is to provide fun for everyone who might enjoy taking part. The games and activities range from those of lower organization to team games and include jacks, scavenger hunts, horse shoes, volley ball, shufDleboard, tether ball, archery, bowling, tennis, relays, swimming, and last and often most entertaining — a baseball game between student and faculty teams. Of special interest also is the Horse Show which ends the activities of the afternoon and for which ribbons are given. As part of the program there is a formal dinner, honor- ing the participants, at which time the winning society is announced and the silver cup is presented to the president of that society. Also, awards in the form of pins are given to those students who have amassed as many as one thousand points by participation in athletic activities dur- ing the previous years. As conclusion to the program for the day, it is custom- ary for each society to present a one-act play in competition with the other societies. This is a fitting climax to an afternoon where fun has prevailed and where friendly intra-society relationships have been strengthened by play and sport. Sports began in the fall of 1937 with practices for the major and minor sports. The major sports, hockey and soccer, held practices twice a week while the minor sport, volley ball, was practiced once a week. These practices ended in inter-class games which proved to be a great deal of fun and excitement, not only for the participants but also for the spectators who came out " clothed " in class spirit. The combined junior team, consisting of physical education majors, and non-majors, won the final hockey game whereas the combined sophomore and junior class claimed the honor of being soccer champions. As " much as we all enjoyed these sports we willingly left them and began practicing for the winter season. The major activities here were basketball and swimming with gymnastics as a minor sport. Our intra-mural basket- ball program is quite extensive, taking in all the residence halls and society teams. These games were followed by the inter-class practices and games. Swimming practices are always fun, consisting of tech- nique work on strokes and diving and ending with a water game or a free swim. The culmination of the gymnastics season is the Gym Meet which is one of the outstanding events of the year. Stunts, demonstrations of apparatus work, relays, are a part of the program. And now it is time for spring sports. Baseball and tennis command a wide circle of enthusiasts. Archery is becom- ing more and more popular and life-saving speaks for itself. •9s{ 187; ir jE r EE LE SOCCER sport Leader Faculty Head Gwendolyn MacMuUin Miss Henrietta Thompson Soccer is a major fall sport. Practices are held twice a week throughout the season. This culminates in inter-class games, bringing forth much fun and enthusiasm. The varsity includes: Frances Daniels, Edna Gibson, Sara Harrison, Margaret Kinnette, Claudeline Lewis, Lena McFadyen, Martha McLean, Gwendolyn Mac MuUin, Mar- tha Mendenhall, Nan Rogers, Ruth Rogers, Katherine Schneck, Eloise Smith, Lora Walters, Emily White. HOCKEY sport Leader Gertrude Rainey Faculty Head Miss Christine White Hockey season is hailed by its many campus enthusiasts as the time when real fun starts. As the most popular major sport in the fall, hockey calls girls out in great numbers to their bi-weekly practices. After weeks of work under student coaches class teams are chosen. At first the classes are represented by two teams, one made up of majors in physical education and one of the non-majors. After an exciting round-robin tournament the two teams of each class are fused into one and the real class tournament begins. When this has been brought to a thrilling close th: head coaches meet to select an honorary varsity team. This squad is made up of girls of all classes who have p roved themselves to be of a rather high level of playing ability. This year the first tournament was won the junior non- major team and the final by the combined junior team. Members of the 1937 varsity are: Frances Crockett, Mary Margaret Johnson, Ruth Gillmore, Bruce Miller, Dorothy Coley, Margaret Poynor, Dorothy Ficker, Alice Suiter, Anna Stone Railey, Helen Boiling, Gertrude Rainey, Mar- garet Greene, and Dorothy Rosseland. ■ ■{ 188 - ' ir iE r- EE • LE BASKETBALL sport Leader Faculty Head Helen Boiling Miss Christine White Over three hundred students participated in basketball during the winter season. In the intra-mural tournament this year the New Guilford team won first place over the Gotten aggregation. Two tournaments are organized for the class games — one for physical education majors and the other for non-majors. The juniors are the defending champions this year. Some time during the basketball season a Play Day is held in which our neighboring colleges participate. The teams from all the colleges are intermingled for an after- noon of play. The honorary varsity for 1937 includes: Helen Boiling, Margaret Greene, Marjorie Leonard, Ruth Rogers, Dorothy Tyson, and Rowena Wilkinson. SWIMMING sport Leader Katherine Schneck Faculty Head Miss Henrietta Thompson Swimming as a major sport of the winter season meets four times each week. At these practices all the swimming strokes are taught with emphasis upon correct form. Div- ing also receives its share of attention. All this practice is climaxed by an inter-class swimming meet at the end of the season on which night keen rivalry and class spirit are displayed. -4 189 - ir E P EE LE GYMNASTICS Sporf Leader Margaret Poynor Faculty Heads. Miss Dorothy Davis, Miss Ethel Martus What if you do prefer to stand on your own feet? Wouldn ' t you like to stand on your head — or even on your hands? Or would you prefer to swing on the rings? Gym- nastics will give you all of these plus fun a-plenty. This is a minor sport of the winter season which meets one afternoon a week. Both stunts and apparatus technique are taught. One big event of the year which everyone looks forward to is the Gyn Meet or Exhibition which brings all of this enjoyment to a climax. In addition to the class competition in apparatus and stunt activities, there is a big relay, a volley ball game and entertainments by various dance clubs and physical education classes. The honorary gym team varsity as selected for 193 8 is: Dorothy Coley, Ruth Gillmorc, Marjory Kinney, Eloise McLean, Gwendolyn MacMullin, Margaret Poynor, and June Wilson. VOLLEY BALL sport Leader Virginia Wilson Faculty Head Miss Ethel Martus One of the minor sports offered in the fall is volley ball. All classes participate in the practices which occur once each week. Most of the time the girls play with the regular volley ball but on some days the giant volley ball is used. The last two practices are spent in inter-class volley ball games. The high sport of the volley ball year is on Society Sports Day when the varsity, the best players of the four classes, plays the faculty. H 190 Yfi- ►ll vIE r EECZ LE BASEBALL TENNLS sport Leader Ellen Griffin Faculty Head Miss Ethel Martus Ninety girls reported for baseball, one of the major spring sports this year. The interclass tournament was played during the month of April and May resulting in the Sophomores winning the class championship for 193 8. Two varsity squads were chosen from the participants in this tournament; one team played a game with the faculty men team while the second team competed against the faculty women team. The honorary first varsity team for 1938 includes: Ellen Griffin, Dorothy Coley, Anna Williams, Edna Gibson, Matooka Torrence, Eloise Smith, Alice Suiter, Marjorie Gallagher, Anna Mae Parrish, and Ruth Rogers. The second team includes: Mary Margaret Johnson, Margaret Greene, Frances Crean, Lena McFadyen, Martha McLean, Lora Walters, Margaret Parker, Dorothy Tyson, Mary Louise Edwards, and Marjory Kinney. Sport Leader Emily Harris Faculty Head Miss Dorothy Davis Around seventy girls came out for the spring sport, tennis, this year. A ladder tournament was played off among the class teams during the first part of the season. Then, first and second class teams were selected from the top ranking players in the ladder tournament by the faculty head and the student coaches. In the fall of each year, a tennis tournament is played off to find the best players in the Woman ' s College. Any girl can participate in the tournament; no practices are necessary. Eloise McLean won the singles tournament; while Dorothy Tyson and Eloise McLean came out on top in the doubles matches. LjCf - ' ■rrv f. ■{ 191 - 1 n W ' sm u :.: w A : g s,: MAY DAY, 1937 AL?V Oiieeii Linda Mitchell Mads of Ho,wr Wilifred Schlosser Elizabeth Gant General Cha, COURT Sarah Dalton Laura Abernethy Elizabeth Ashley Anne Belton Josephine Butler Doris Cockeran Alethea Hough Lillian Jordan Hortense Jones Olga Mallo Carolyn Prout Mary Elizabeth Sanders Geraldine Spinks Miss Linda Mhchell Fairmont, N. C. Miss Marietta Muller Dillon. S. C. MAY DAY, 1938 May Oiieen Marietta Muller Maids of Honor ' " - l (Virginia Tatum General Chairman Eileen Gamble COURT Galena Brothers Margaret Brothers Jane Chad xtck Dorothy Creech Elizabeth Johnson Rachel Nye Elizabeth Peden Vn ' iAN Rothacher Lucy Spinks Susan Swett Kathryn Thompson Ruth Whalin SNAPS Swing it! . . . Tiio college ladies . . . Tell ' em they ' ve got to get off ... It was such a little peanut . . . Three ' s a crowd . . . Curry first graders . . . Show me how . . . Time exposures . . . Viva . . . Guess where we ' ve been . . . Backstage roustabouts . . . From a classroom window . . . That ' s Dr. Jackson in the middle . . . Limb to limb . . . Four prunes in one side; five in the other . . . Mary Foust . . . 7:45 on a winter morning . . . Phew! my feet . . . Get it? . . . North exit A party and a fire drill . . . Bridal party . . . And from the side . . . The first bite? . . . Three dopes . . . SNAPS Cars, you ' re just out of it for the present . . . Champeen . . . (!) . . . Chapel next . . . Out at camp ... Do you know where? . . . Er . . . Typical, typical . . . Mary- land ' s best . . . The P.F. in person! . . . Room for two more . . . Sum- merhouse in winter . . . Anonymous and unclaimed . . . The way it looks from the 28th row . . . Aren ' t we cute? . . . All quiet — we ' re in- side . . . Cotten . . . More initiation . . . Dean Smith comes from the post office . . . Stand back. What is it? . . . Surprise shot . . . On your mark ... Art ... We won! . . . From the west . . . SNAPS She, of the stage . . . Cro ckett gets a V len tine , . . Librar V Contest Awa rd . . . At camp a; ain . . . Who h sn ' t seen this? . . That ' s muc 1 b etter . . . Ah-h-h . . Shaw o you, Frosh! . . . The Hut A goal, please . . . From the west ■ Clogging Club Neve r un from the camera . . . No ro jble here ... 12 :50 Tues- day A masquerader . . . Fresh- men en tering Mclver . . . A most inclu siv 2 experience . . . And out- side . . Two very unfamiliar " figi. res ' . . . Action . . . Take a bow. S udents! ... In miniature An d there were teas . . . Hang- ing of he green . . . SNAPS What you see on meeting a pop quiz . . . Get a good look, Spen- cerltes . . . " Twas brillig, and the slithy tones " . . . Vested . . . No- body was home when this was taken . . . South Spencer, first floor . . . The insides come outsides . . . Sad ' n weary . . . Feet give help . . . Peek-a-boo . . . Don ' t you take it! . . . Care-free days ... A letter! . . . Happy birthday . . . No excapin ' the camera . . . Whence the kitties . . . Moving Day . . . Moving day again . . . Could we forget . . . Ye Snapshot) Editor takes a rest . . . More strolling . . , Another party . . . Posed . . . Oh, so tired . . . Au revoirl . , . 11 i. 1 1 ' ' r - IO VhI C. , . VVVt " - I UVUL C- Vrv- SjO-X ' o vwoilj) y LS o - ji liJ- -wj iUi.jajUL -v - ai - -VWi cSUi -. Oerl C xSLi-T X- jK, cW o-y UU iJn iL oJUjy - WS- v , ■ w , V L A LiAV i uA -Q..... V ' ' Vo- -i ' dl- Br-wj J AjL-v- [A JL6c- . " Io- lXu aJt :il!Lr i-x i a-0- Compliments of a Friend Diamonds — Watches Gold - Jewelry — Radios and Luggage Can Be Purchased on Our Easy Payment Plan MEARS JEWELRY CO. Cor. Elm Washington Sts. Greensboro, N. C. K O O N T S DRY CLEANERS For Guaranteed Satisfaction Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of a Friend Patronize Our Advertisers where You ' ll Always Fiinl " Darling ' Sfyles and Onfsfaiidiiig Values Dr Coats Furs Suits Millinery DARLING SHOP 106 South Elm Street Open from 11 A.M. to 12 Midnight The Lotus Restaurant Chinese and American Dishes lOS S. Greene Street PRIVATE ROOMS FOR PARTIES Telephone 4224 Greensboro, N. C. CAROLINA PHARMACY 401 TATE STREET CORNER WALKER AVENUE " Delivery on the Dot " DIAL 8197 Dormitory Delivery Service LUCAS STARR DRY CLEANERS Opposite Aycock Auditorium Location Selected — Plant Equipped Especially to Serve College Trade. 1005 Spring Garden Phone 2-246f Next Door to College Drug Patronize Our Advertisers S I LV E R ' S Sells a Variety of Merchandise At Prices Friendly to the College Girl 300 South Elm .05, .10, 25, $1 — ALL NEW CARS — 25c — One or Four Passengers — 25c Aiiyivbere in City BLUE BIRD TAXI DIAL 5112 DIAL 5112 Compliments of the Criterion Greensboro ' s Greatest Shoiv Value Always First to Show the Latest Millinery, Bags. Gloves, and Lingerie BETTY LOU SHOPPE Greensboro, N. C. 126 S. Elm Street Modern Charm Beauty Shop We Specialize in All Lines of BEAUTY CULTURE You Will Find Us Coinciiiciitly Located 331 Tate Street Dial 6 526 T HE G R I L L " Courteous Seriice " At The Grill you will find your favorite Sandwich and drink, also Dcliciously Prepared. PLATE LUNCHES FRED SHOWFETY. Proprietor Prompt D.-Uury on Dorm Orders Compliments of a Friend For Banquets and Sorority Functions, you cannot equal, much less surpass our facilities and service. The O. Henry Hotel O. W. Donncll, Vice-Pres. and Mgr. A DINKLER HOTEL EFIRD ' S For Correct Fittiiii and Style For the College Girl and Entire Family FREE DELIVERY SERVICE NINO ' S Famous Spaghetti Delicatessen For Reservation Dial 9383 210 N. Elm St. Greensboro, N. C. Compliments of KRESS Boar and Castle Home of the Famous Steak Sandwich DINING ROOM, COUNTER and CAR SERVICE W. Market St. Extension Dial 2-0798 Patronize Our Advertisers B€ IT Knovi TWAT GWENDOLITsI STEGALL, Editor-in-Chief HELEN DENNIS, Business Manager I HAVE PORTRAYED FAITHFl AND ABLY IN T+iE CREATIOI mis BOOK THOSE INESTIM; QUALITI€S WHICH T€ND Jo ( nxmwte. w ow standarl ILLUSTRATION AND Y€AR BOOK DESI IN TflESE ARTS Xf THE STANDARD Of B OOK PRODUCTION JA) l lm ALL MEMBERS C ACULTY AND THE STUDENT BOD HAVE SIMILAR AIMS 1 AND IN RECOGNITION OF IW S QU AND IN SINCERE APPRECIATION Of UNSTINTING COOPERATION, THE CHAF ENGRAVING CO., -EXTENDS THI DESERVED CERTIEICATE Of MERIT A UtJr r W ic m ' uJii i IN l kataatav)ku SlUclL mm THE BEST SIDDELL STUDIOS RALEIGH, N. C. TTiciuL Mictcatayltet tcc yinc JvceJilei School Publications I HE many high awards won each year by school publications produced by us is the result oF specialization based on a com- prehensive knowledge of art motifs, de- sign, layout and publication trends. A modern printing plant operated by highly efficient craftsmen in every depart- ment provides a quality and a distinctive- ness that is unsurpassed. THE LASSITEU PHEi S, INC. 4(iieen Ci(v Priiiliii; roiiipany CHARLOTTK. AOKTH TAIIOLLXA Piintiis of Tlu 1938 PINE VEEDLES

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