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The Woman ' s College University of North Carolina The LIBRARY m M8(b iS51 C.2 COLLEGE COLLECTION JflHET GRIFFin-EOlTOR GUJEn STEGflLL-BUS.mGR. SEniOR CLASS PUBLICflllOn OF UJOfHEITS COLLEGF OF THE UOIVERSIIV OF OOBIH CflROUOfl " ' IE m GREEnSBOBO.n.C. In the 1937 Pine NEEdles is set forth the story of a state ' s educational de- velopment — that unf ailing standard for estimating advance or retreat along the line of human progress. We throzv before you historic flashes of that liistory zvhich zve have gathered from musty documents, biographic tomes, and other tSt ured records. The presentation of our college year in the state ' s institution for tt ' i brings the story up to date. r Fashioned out of the industry and honest szveat, out of the love and patience, out of the genius and vision of those zvho have gone before, our present college year has emerged. Simple joys and serious endeavor arc our heritage. To these yesterdays of our state and of our institution zve look for the courage to go tozvards our tomorrozvs. CO 1937 f SPELLING BOOK CONTAINING THE RUDIMENTS OF TH e BNGUSH LANGUAGE l OR THE U5E OF SCHOOLSINTHEUNITED STATES BY NOA H WEBSTER.ESQ. THE REVISED lMPftE ' 5)ON WITM THE LATEST CORRECTIONS en B lUMStV C C, MJ. PUBLISHED BYTERHUNE 6. LETSON 1829 ConTEnTs Book I COLLEGE Book II CLASSES Book III ORGANIZATIONS (lok IV ATHLETICS ( h( ok V FEATURES r rO. EDICQTIOn In the history o ably played their part, h women educators the Senio of ours. " Miss Ruth in North Carolina zvonien have reciatiou of the contribution of icates this Annual to " one 1705 — The Society for Propagation of the Gosfel in foreign Parts sends Charles GrifHn to Pasquotank County. Mr. Griffin i as the first Professional teacher ill Xorlh Carolina. 1760 — The first academics are established at WUinington and at Crozi ' field, Meck- lenburg County, near the present site of Davidson College. 1770 — Queens College is founded uiide-r the auspices of the Presbyterians. It is txsAce chartered by the Legislature ciiid tzcice repealed by royal proclama- tion. If zi-oiild seem that no compliments to his Queen could render JVhigs in- polities and Presbyterians in religion acceptable to George III. Queen ' s flourished, howcz ' er. under the name of Liberty Hall Academy and was granted a Charter by the nezfly independent state legislature. 1772 — The Moraz ' ians of Salem started a school for little girls zi. ' hich ultimately dezvloped into Salem College. The teacher of today often fights economic slavery. There was a time when his bonds were even more tangible. W ' c are told that in the earliest days of the colony, when a ship arrived with either redemptioners of convicts, school -masters w.ere as regularly advertised for sale as were weavers, tailors, or members of any other trade. There was little difference except, perhaps, that the former did not us ' .ially bring so good a price as the latter. Old records yield the following advertisements concerning two indentured school-masters. The first one had run away; the second had carried the children as far as he was qualified to teach them. " Ran away: A servant man wlm had followed the profession of school-master. Much given to drink and .gambling. " " To be sold : A school-master, an indentured servant who has got two years to serve. N.B. He is sold through no fault, any more than we are done with him. He can learn book-keeping and is an excellent scholar. " University of North Carolina The OLLEGE 352273 cr n y 1 ienictiant Martha Elizabeth ' ixfield (June 10, i8j — December ?. 10 6) Member of the Class of 1906 Professor of English 1906-1936 Distinguished teacher and Shakespeare scholar. " Ilcr place is secure amotui those early Titans li ' ho hai ' c erected the structure and iiioidded the spirit of this institution. " - f 12 J - ADMINISTRATION ( aav niiK iieedles j GOVERNOU Cl,VDE HOEV Clialnnaii of the Board of Tnistci EXECL ' TI -E COMMITTEE OF THE TRUSTEES 1938 1940 1942 Hexrv Mauger Loxdon, ex-oificio. Scartarv Charles Whedbee. William D. Faucette, Leslie Weil. J " nx Si ' RuxT Hill. Walter Murphy, John J. Parker. •Mrs. Laura Weill Coxe, Miss Easdale Shaw. Haywood Parker. Frank Pouter Gkaiiam, Ph.D. Prcsidciil of the I ' uh-crslty of Xorth Carolina ' alter Cli. To. Jackson, Ph.D. Dean of .Idministration Miss Harriet W. Elliott Dean of Women -€{ 14 }3s.- CJ937 PinE ReedleO HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS John Paul Givler Ph.B., M.A. Professor of Biology Florence L. Schaeffek B.A., M.A. Professor of Chemistry John H. Cook M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Edueation B. Frank Kvker B.A., B.S., M.A. Professor of Secretarial Science Albert S. Keister M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Economies . . -. A .M. GovK M.D. Professor of Hyyiene ami Pliysician Mary Ch. nninc Coleman B.S. Professor of Physical Education Benjami. B. Kendrick M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of History Glenn R. Johnson B.A., M.A. Professor of Sociology Margaret M. Edwards B.S.. M.A. Professor of Home Economics Helen Barton M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics H. High Altvater Ph.D. Professor of Music Calvin N. Warfield M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Physics James Albert Hichsmith M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Winfield S. Barney M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languages Caroline Schoch Ph.B.. M.A. Professor of German Gregory D. Ivy B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Art -«Cf 15 } 0937 PinE IIeedleO FACULTY AND OFFICEKS 1936-37 Frank Porter Graham, M.A., LL.D., D.C.L., D.Litt. President Walter Clinton Jackson, B.S., LL.D. Dean of Administration Alice K. Abbott, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish Louise Brevard Alexander, B.A. Assistant Professor of Political Science Amelia C. Altvater. B.A. Instructor in German H. Hugh Altvater, B.A., M.Mus. Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music Mary Ruth Angle Circulation Department, Library HalliE Anthony Clerk Alex Matthevi s Arnett, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History Key L. Barkley, M.A., Ph.D. . ssociate Professor of Psychology WiNEiELD S. Barney, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languages Elva Eudora Barrow, B.A., M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry Helen Barton, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Neva H. Bendix, B.S. Instructor in Commercial Department ESTELLE BoVD Supervisor of Dormitories Wade R. Brown, Mus.D. Professor of Music Mary Elizabeth Brummitt, B.A. Assistant in Biology May Dulaney Bush, B.A„ M.A. Instructor in English Clara Booth Byrd, B.A. Alumnae Secretary Victoria Carlsson, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Hygiene Anne Fulton Carter, B.A. Student Counselor Dorothy Lee Clement, B.S. Instructor in Music Oliver Perry Clutts, B.S., M.A. .Associate Professor of Education Laira H. CoiT Secretary of the College Inez Coldwell, B.A. Associate Professor of Biology M. ry Channing Coleman, B.S. Professor of Physical Education Ruth M. Collins, B.A., M.D. Director of the Department of Health and Physician Elizabeth J. Cook, B.. ., L. . Instructor in Chemistry John H. Cook. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education Hope Coolidge, B.S., M.S. Dietitian . gnes N. Coxe, B.S., M.A. Instructor in Home Economics Bennie Lee Craig, B.A. Assistant in Psychology Charles Crittenden, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography Helen Frances Cutting, B.x ., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish Dorothy D.- vis, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education Marie B. Denneen, B.. ., M.A. Associate Professor of Education Bessie Doub Assistant Dietitian Bernice Evelyn Draper, B.A., M.A. .Associate Professor of History Alice Dunlap, B.A. Student Counselor J. .- rthur Dunn, B.A., M.A. Professor of English Flora White Edwards, B.S., M.S. .Assistant Professor of Home Ec L RGARE■c Messenger Edwards, B.S., M.A. Professor of Home Ec ' Harriet Wiseman Elliott, B.. ., M.A. Professor of Political Science and Dean of Women L RY Edwards Ellis Instructor in Commercial Department Virginia C. Farinholt, M,. ' ., Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Romance Languages Makv Lois Ferrell Associate Professor Piano Mary Fitzgerald, B.A. Assistant Professor of Education Ruth Fitzgerald, B.S., M.A. Professor of Education Aldace Fitzwater, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Margaret Flintom, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Education Edna A. Forney, B.A. Assistant Treasurer E. J. Forney Treasurer Frances Foster Clerk Juuus L FousT, Ph.B., LL.D. President Emeritus Henry H. Fuchs, B.A., B.Mus. Professor of Music Thtory Annie Beam Funderburk. B.. ., M.A. Instructor in Romance Languages and Student Counselor John Paul Givler, Ph.B., M..A. Professor of Biology Mii.iiRED Rutherford Gould, B.S., M.. ' .. .Associate Professor of English Anna M. Gove, M.D. Professor of Hygiene and Physician loNE H. Grogan, B.A., M.A. Student Counselor Magnhilde Gullander. B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of History Ruth Gunier, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education .Alonza C. Hall. B.A., M.. . Professor of English Earl H. Hall, B.S., M.S. Professor of Botany Edith Harbour, B.A. Secretary to the Dean of .Administration Rene Hardre, C.E.N., C.A.P Associate Professor of Romance Languages Mary Harrell, B.A. Instructor in Commercial Department Mildred Pearl Harris, B.A., M.A. -Assistant Professor of Hygiene Edith Harwood, B.L. Clerk in Registrar ' s Office Martha Eliz. beth Hathaway, B.S. Student Counselor Kathleen Pettit Hawkins Clerk Madeline Heffner, B.A. Assistant in Biology Josephine Hege, B.A. Instructor in History and Student Counselor Sara Henry, B.A. Clerk James .Albert Highs.mith, ALA., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology BiRDiK Helen Hollowav, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Music . L rjorie Hood, B.-A. Head of Circulation Department, Library Malcolm K. Hooke, B.A., D. de I ' Univ. Professor of Romance Languages Annie H. Hughes Clerk Clyde W. Humphrey, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Secretarial Science Eugenia McIver Hunter, B.A. Instructor in Kindergarten Ethel Haskin Hunter Student Counselor Leonard B. Hurley, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English Minnie Middleton Hussev, B.A. Readers ' Adviser. Library Herbert Richard Hazelman, B.A. Instructor in Music Helen Ingraham, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Biology Gregory D. Ivy, B.S., M.A. .Associate Professor of .Art Minnie L. Jamison Counselor Charlton C. Jernican, AL. ., Ph.D. .Assistant Professor of Classical Civilization Betty Brown Jester, B.-A. Manager of Book Store and Post Office Clarence D. Johns, B.. ' ., M.A. Professor of History Glenn R. Johnson, B.A.. M.A. Professor of Sociology - 5{16)3 CJ937 PinE HeedlesJ George M. Joyce, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor, Commercial Department Albert S. Keister, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Economics Eliz.vbeth Kell. m Secretary of Class Chairmen Benj. min B. Kendrick, M.. ., Ph.D. Professor of History A. P. Keph. rt, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Educational Practice Herbert Kimmel, Ph.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education Ch. rlotte Kohler. M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in English Ann.a M. Kreimeier, Ph.B. Assistant Professor of Education Helen Krug, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education B. Fr.ank Kvker, B.A., B.S., M..A.. Professor of Secretarial Science Geraldine Ladd, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Education Jessie C. Laird, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Romance Languages Betty Aiken Land, B.. ., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Vera Largent, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of History Augustine L- Rochelle, B..A.., M.. . Associate Professor of Spanish M.w Lattimore Clerk and Student Counselor M. ry Betty Lee Clerk Edythe Orsell Leslie Clerk Eunice Ann Lloyd, B.. ., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education LiLA Belle Love, ALS. Associate Professor of Bacteriology Lillian Meb. ne Lovings Clerk Guy R. LylE, B.A., B.S., M.S. Librarian Miriam M. .cF. dyen, G.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Jessie R. McLean, R.N. Nurse Evelyn L RTIN, B.. . Student Counselor WiLLI.AM V0(5DR0 V M. RTIN, Ph.B., M.A. Professor of Psychology Ethel L. M.».rtus, B. .. M.S. . ssistant Professor of Physical Education Harriett Mehaffie, Ph.B. Assistant Professor of Education Eva Co.x Melvin, B.L. Clerk Meta Helena Miller, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Romance Languages Alleine Rich. rd Minor, B.S. Associate Professor of Piano Mary Taylor Moore Registrar Grace Van Dyke More, B.Mus., M.S. Associate Professor of Public School Music Katheri ne Moser, B.A., M.A. Instructor in History Elbert R. Moser, Jr., M.S., Ph.D. Instructor in English Maria S. N. ples, M.D. Assistant Physician H. RRiET Alice Naumann, B.A., M.S. .Assistant Professor of Home Economics Mildred Pendleton Newton, B.A. Secretary to the Registrar James W. Painter, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English Herbert W. Park .Assistant in Physical Education, Training School Mary Welsh Parker, B.A. . ssistant in Chemistry and Student Counselor Jean Sellon Peck, B..A.. Instructor in Chemistry MoLLiE Anne Peterson, Ph.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Art AL ry AL Petty, B.S. Professor of Chemistry Eugene E. Pfaff, U.A., Ph.D. Instructor in History Kathleen T. Pfaff, B.. . Instructor in History Charles Wiley Phillips, B.A., M.A. Director of Public Relations Helen Lee Pichard Secretary to the .Assistant Comptroller Viva M. Playfoot, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Home Economics Downing Eubank Proctor, Ph.B., M.. . Instructor in Sociology Anna Reger. B.. ., B.S. Assistant Professor of Education and Librarian Training School Lawrence S. Ritchie, AL. ., Ph.D. Instructor in Biology Bess Naylor Roas, B.S., M.A. .Assistant Professor of Home Economics Kurt Edward Rosinger, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy .Abigail E. Rowley, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English E. Elizabeth Sampson, B.A. Head Cataloguer, Library Florence Louise Schaeffer, B.. ., M.. . Professor of Chemistry Edythe D. Schneider, B.iVL Instructor in Music Caroline B. Schoch, Ph.B., U. . Professor of German Sarah Gardner SeaglE, B.A. Order .Assistant and Secretary to the Librarian . kchie D. Shaftesbury, B.. ., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Zoology Anne Shamburcer Instructor in Hygiene Katherine Sherrill, B.. . Student Counselor and Secretary to Dean of Women Lyda Gordon Shivers, H.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology Ch.arles J. Shohan, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Economics Emeva Paul Singletary, B.S. Instructor in Charge of Nursery School Robert M. Skelton, B.. ., M.A. Instructor in Art J. A. Smith, B.Ed.. M.S. Associate Professor of Education William C. Smith, Ph.B., L.H.D. Professor of English Language and Literature Sue Kyle Southwick Instructor in Music M. Sparger, B.S., M.A. .Assistant Professor of .Art Etta R. Spier, B.A., M.A. Professor of Education Patty Spruill, B.. . Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science Cora Jane St. ton, R.N. Nurse Frances Honnet Stern, B.A. Assistant in Dramatics Madeline Blakey Street, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Cornelia Strong, B.. ., ALA. Professor of Mathematics Frances Summerell, B.. ., M.A. Student Counselor Jane Summerell, B.. ., M.A. Associate Professor of English Blanche Tansil, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Institutional Management Katherine Taylor, B.A., ALA. Instructor in Romance Languages and Student Counselor William Raymond Taylor, B.A., M.A. Professor of English Claude Edward Te-ague, B.A. .Assistant Comptroller Mary . lice Tennent, B.A. .Assistant Registrar .Albert Frederick Thiel. M..A.., Ph.D. .Associate Professor of Botany George M. Thompson, M.Mus. Professor of Organ John A. Tiedeman, M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics Nettie S. Tillett, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English Hope Tisdale, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Virginia Trumper In Charge of Periodicals, Library M. RY Tyler. B.. . Assistant in Chemistry George A. Underwood, M.. ., Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languages Edith Vail, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Calvin N. Warfield, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physics Emily Holmes Watkins, B.. ., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Elizabeth McIver Weatherspoon Associate Professor of .Art Christine White, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Treva Wilkerson, B.A. Circulation Department, Library Maude Williams, B.. ., M.S. Associate Professor of Physiology Sue Vernon Williams, B.A., M.A. Reference Librarian George P. Wilson, B.A., M..A.. Associate Professor of English Martha Elizabeth WinField, B.S., M.A. Professor of English Ruth Worley, B.. . .Assistant Cataloguer, Library M. ry Edith York, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Home Economics -h5(17)3— 0937 PinK HeedleO STUDENT COUNSELOMS Miss Katherine Sherrill, B.A. Cottcn Hall Miss Josei ' hixe Hege, I!. A. Slunv Hall Miss . IAK ' eesii Parker Woman ' s Hall Mrs. Ax.xe Carter Spencer Hall Mrs. Anxie Heaii Fl ' xderburkk, I ' .A., M.A Mary Faust Hall Miss Ioxe Grogax. I ' ,. A.. M.A. East Hall Katiierixe Taveor, V,. ., W.X. Nnv Guilford Hall HATHAWAY C. RTER I ' ARKER FUXDERBURKE «{ 18 }3i- Coiisliliitioiiiil l iiK ' isioiis for IcgisliitrL ' c the first slate iinkcrsil ' in the nation ar establishment ■ adopted. if seliools and for The Stale Literary I ' und in embryo form passes the Assembly -eole. Com- prised of tlie interest on certain state bonds, money from liquor licenses, crimineil fines, and the like, and special appropriations, it soon amounts to livo million dollars. This fund enables the modest beyinniny of publie school support. The first Common .School Law. dividiny the is drawn by II ' . ' . Cherry. counties into school districts. The bill creating tlie University of North Carolina was passed in the old Gov ernor ' s Palace at New Bern. The house had been built at the request of Governor Tyron in 1770 and is said to have cost about $80,000. After the state capital was moved from New Bern, one of the wings of the palace was used for dancing. In 1795 the New Bern . cademy burned, and the Legislature granted the principal. Rev. Thomas P. Irvine, the use of the liuilding for school purposes. Mr. Irvine kept wood and hay in the cellar of the palace and lived in tlie upper part. In 1798 a negro woman servant of Mr. Irvine went to Umk for eggs in the hay, carrying a light-wood torch. The hay caught from a spark, and the palace was burned to the ground. Mangum Township. Durham County Log School LflSSEu ENIOR ) 0937 PmE nBEDLESjD SENIOM CLASS OFFICERS Josephine RutlER President of Senior Class Betty Winspeak I ' icc-Presidcnt Millie Yunker Secretary AlLEEN PeXDLETOX Treasurer Meta Helena Miller, Ph.D. Chairman of Senior Class r KTT ' Marie Shiefman Mascot of Senior Class tend LET ox -i 24 } - CJ937 PinE OeedleO ABERXETHV BARRIER BARXHARDT BOATMAN- LAURA ABERNETHY, Hickory, K. C, A.B.; Cor- nelian Marshal (3) ; Junior Prom Chairman; Assistant Junior Shop Manager ; Big Sister Chairman (2) ; Dol- phin (1, 2. 3), Secretary (4) ; Swimming arsity (1, 2, 3) : Soccer ' arsity (2, 3) ; Sociology Club (3, 4) : International Relations Club (4) ; House President (4): Playlikers (3, 4); Tennis ' arsity (3): French Club (1. 2). ELIZABETH ASHLEY, Westfield, Mass., A.B.; Dikean; Carolinian Staff (1) ; Chapel Committee (2) ; Daisy Chain (2); St. Mary ' s House ' estry (1, 2); German Club (1, 2); Education Club (3. 4): House Social Chairman (3): Marshal (4); Playlikers (1, 2, 3. 4), Cabinet (3), President (4); Masqueraders (3, 4) ; Cast of Commencement Plav (2, 3). MARTHA ANDREWS, Kinston, N. C, A.B. Eng- lish; Dormitory Social Chairman (4) ; Carolinian (4) ; Aletheian; Education Club (3, 4). MARGUERITE BARRIER, Jonas Ridge, N. C, A.B.; Adelphian; Chemistry Club (3, 4). GRACE BELL, Murphy, N. C, A.B.; Adelphian; Freshman Commission ; Speaker ' s Club ( 1 ) ; Clogging Club (2, 3) ; Square Dance Club (3) ; Chairman of Junior Advisors (3); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); House President (4); Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4); Legislature; Education Club (4). iMARGUERITE BARNHARDT, Rockwell, N. C, B.S. Music; Dikean; Catawba College; Choir (2, 3, 4) ; Madrigal Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3) ; Education Club (4). ANNE BELTON, Winston-Salem, N. C, B.S.S.A.; Cornelian; Honor Roll (2); Playlikers; Education Club; Pine Needles (4). .AIARGARET BOATMAN, Greensboro, N. C. - 25 J» 0937 PmE OeedleO BOXKEMEYER BRECKINRIDGE CAMILLE BOGER, Morganton, N. C. A.B.: Adel- phian; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Mitchell College. HELEN BOLICK, Polkton, X. C. A.B.: Cornelian. REBECCA BOHANNON. Mrgilina, ' a.. .4.B.: Aletheian : Averett College ; Education Club ; Y. ' . C. A. GERALDINE BOXKEMEYER. Greensboro. X. C. FANNY BOST, Newton, N. C, .4.B. History: Alethe- ian ; Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3, 4). Council (2, 3) : Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4). Cabinet (3) ; Student X ' olunteer (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3) ; Education Club (4). MATILDA BRAGG, Pinetown, N. C, B.SS.A.; Cor- nelian ; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) : St. ? Iary ' s (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (4) : Soccer: Orchesis (4). WILLIE BOYD. Ayden, X. C. A.B. Art: Dikean : St. Mary ' s Vestry, Chairman (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3, 4) ; Art Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (4). -MARY BRECKIXRIDGE. SummersviUe, ' . ' a., B.SS.A.: Dikean; French Club (1, 2); Chairman Senior Dance; House Vice-President (2). - [ 26 } - CJ937 PinE Oeedles VIRGINIA BRITTAIN, Asheboro, N. C, B.S.S.A.; Dikean; Education Club (4) : Square Dance Club (3) ; French Club (2): Society Contact lember (2). MARGARET BUNX. Henderson, X. C, A.B.; Adel- phian ; Choir ; Vesper Choir ; Education Club : Treas- urer of B.S.U. ESTHER : rAY BROWN, Gatesville, X. C. .-i.B. Education : Cornelian ; Louisburg College : Education Club. LOUISE BURXETTE, Greensboro, N. C, B.S.HiE.: Cornelian: Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Chem- istry Club (2). MARJORIE BURGESS, Old Trap. N. C, A.B. Adelphian ; Louisburg College : Education Club ( 4 ) Botany Club (4). JULIA BUTLER, Savannah, Ga., A.B.: Dikean; Honor Roll (3) : Finance Board (3, 4) : ( )rchesis (4) ; Dolphin (1, 2. 3, 4); Dikean Treasurer (3): Jacket Committee (,2). JOSEPHINE BUTLER, Savannah, Ga., A.B.: Di- kean; French Club ( L 2, 3. 4) ; Dolphin (1, 2. 3, 4) : A.A. Cabinet (3, 4) : Honor Roll (2, 3) ; Class Presi- dent (4); -Marshal (3): Legislature (2). RUEL CAPEL, Greensboro, N. C, B.S.S.A.; Adel- phian; Carolinian (1, 2, 3) ; Coraddi Advertising Man- ager (41 ; Math Club (1) ; German Club (1.2); Honor Roll (2) ; Plavlikers (4). BROWN BUTLER BUXX JULI. BUTLER 3URXETTE CAPEL f{ 27 ) - CJ937 PinE DeedleO HER-MINE CARAWAY. Wadesboro. N. C. A.B.; Education Club ; Speaker ' s Club : Debating ; Wesley Players: French Club: X ' irginia Interniont College. GRACE CARMICHAEL. Rowland, N. C, B.S. Music: Dikean ; Corresponding Secretary; Dikean So- ciety (1.2): Assistant Secretary College Choir (1,2); Chairman College Choir (4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); College Chorus (1) ; ' es])er Choir (1. 2. 3) : College Choir (2. 3, 4) ; Madrigal Club (2. 3| : Education Club (3, 4) : Y Cabinet (3, 4). EDXA CARPENTER. Durham. X. C. B.S.S.A.: Aletheian ; Square Circle (1, 2): Juninr- Freshman Wedding (3) : College Choir (3. 4) ; Education Club (3,4). NELL COBB, Lumber Bridge, X. C. A.B.: Dikean; Education Club (4); Zoology Club (2. 3, 4). Vice- President (4) : Botany Club (3. 4). TRAXXIE COBURX. Raleigh, Dikean : Meredith College. X. C. B.S. Musk DORIS COCKERHAAL Mount Airy, N. C. B.S.- S.A.; Aletheian: Class ' ice- President (1); Corre- sponding Secretary of Society (2) ; Intersociety Rep- resentative (3); President Aletheian Society (4): Math Club ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Secretary-Treasurer Math Club (3); Playlikers (1, 2, 3); Education Club (3, 4); Daisy Chain (2) ; Honor Roll (1). ETHEL CODY, Darlington, nelian : St. Mary ' s Club ( 1 ) Business Staff Carolinian : Needles. S. C, B.S.S.A.; Cor- ; Honor Roll (2, 3) ; Business Staff I ' iNE ETHEL COLE, Biscoe, X. C, B.S.H.E.: Dikean; Home Economics Club; French Club (2) : Soccer (3. 4) ; Basketball (1, 3) ; Education Club (4). -«{28 CJ937 PinE Oeedles AIATALINE COLLETTE. Advance. X. C, A.B. Chemistry; Dikean : .Mars Hill Junior College: Chem- istry Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (4) : Physics Club. ELIZABETH COPELAND, Marion, N. C, B.SS.A.; Adelphian; Choir (1, 2); Carolinian Staff, Reporter (2). Associate Editor: Y Cabinet (4) : Playlikers (2) ; International Relations Club (3, 4). ELIZABETH C( )OKE, Elorence, S. C, B.S.H.E.: Dikean; Playlikers (1, 2, 3, 4): Costume Mistress: ' ice-President Home Economics Club : Dormitory Social Chairman ( 4 ) : Society Nominations Chairman (4). MARY C. CCJRXWELL, Lawndale, X. C, A.B.; Adelphian; Mars Hill (1, 2) : Education Club (,3, 4j. L(JIS CORRELL, Cleveland, X. C, A.B.: Adelphian; Botany Club (2, 3. 4) : Education Club (3, 4J. KATHERIXE CROUCH. Stony Point. X. C, B.S.- S.A.; Dikean: Square Dance Club: Education Club; House ' ice-President ; Business Chairman A. A. AXXICE CRAWFORD. Wilson. X. C, B.S. Music: Aletheian ; Education Club ( 4 ) : Press Reporter Madri- gal Club (2) : President of Madrigal Club (4) ; College Choir (4) ; Librarian of College Choir (4) : Y. W. C. A. (2.3.4). AILEEX CROWDER, Lattimore, X. C. B.S.H.E.; Adelphian; Education Club; College Choir (1. 2, 3); Y. W. C. A. ; Home Economics Club ( 4 ) : House ce- President (1, 3). COOKE CRAWFORD COPELAND CROUCH CORNWELL CROWDER • 29 }■ - CJ937 PinE DeedleO CRI " TCH1-1 i:i, DENNIS HELEX CRUTCMFIELD, Greensboro, X. C, A.B.: Cornelian: Quill Club (2, 3, 4): Frencb Club (2) Treasurer Dav Students ; Editor, Coradili ( 4 ) . HELEN CrMjMIXGS, Guilford College, N. B.S.H.E. ; Dikean ; Home Economics Club. RUTH DEXXIS, : IarshalI, N. C, BSS.A.: Adel- pbian: Education Club (4) ; Clogging Club (2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A.: Weslev Foundation Council (2, 3), ' ice- 1 ' resident. MARGARET De ' AXY, Norfolk, ' a.. B.S.M.: Adelphian : Freshman Commission ; Secretary Vesjjer Choir ; X ' arsit} ' Soccer ( 1 ) : House ' ice-President ( 2, 3, 4); A.A. Cabinet (3); Vice-President Choir (3): Marshal (4) ; House President (4). SARAH DALTOX, Xorton. ' a., A.B. Mathematics: .A.delpbian ; President Class ( 2 ) ; Sophomore Council (2): House President (3); Marshal (3): Chapel Committee ( 3 ) ; President . delphian Society ( 4 ) : Corresponding Secretary Society; Physics Club (3. 4) ; Square Circle Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : Treasurer Education Club (4) : Legislature (3) : House ' ice-President (2). RACHEL DARDEX, Annapolis, .Md., A.B. Psychol- ogy ; Adelphian; St. Mary " s estry (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Edi- torial Board Carolinian (4); International Relations Club (4) ; Aljiha Kappa Delta Honorary Sociology Fra- ternity ( 4 ) . ALICE DICKINSON, Wilson, N. C, B.S.P.E.; Dikean; Secretary of Society; A.A. Cabinet; Or- chesis ; French Club : Home Economics Club ; Com- mittee Chairman Society ; Square Dancing Club. HILDA DOWDY, Durban, X. C, B.S.M.: Dikean; College Chorus (1) ; College Choir (3, 4) ; Y. W C. A. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Baptist Student Coimcil (3). - [ 30 } - 0937 PinE IIeedleO ELIZABETH DRAKE, Scotland Neck, N. C. B.S. Music: Aletheian : Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4), IManager (2). Coach (2), ' arsity (2. 3): Gymnastics (1): Tennis (1); Choir (1, 2. 3, 4), X ' ice-President (4). Accom- panist (3, 4): Legislature (3. 4): Point Committee (4); Honor Roll (3). ELIZABETH DUPUV. Greensboro. X. C. A.B.: Cornelian; Y. W. C. A.. Cabinet (2). Secretary (3), Vice-President ( 4 ) : Secretary Cornelian Society ( 2 ) : Student ' olunteer Group. President (2) ; Speaker ' s Club, Secretary (3), President (4): Physics Club, Secretary (3) ; Editor-in-Chief College Handbook (4) : Carolinian Staff ( 1, 2, 3 ) : Honor Roll (2. 3). EDITH EDMOXDSOX. Plymouth, X. C. B.S. .Music: Dikean : Choir l4): .Madrigal Club I 3). ELOISE EFLAXD, Efland, N. C, B.S.S.A.; Cor- nelian; Education Club (4) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; ' olley Ball (4) ; Orchesis (3, 4). HELEX ESPTELMAX, High Point. X. C. B..S.H. ' E. Cornelian ; Home Economics Club ; French Club. KATHRYX ELLIS. Clayton. X. C. A.B.: Alethe- ian; Mars Hill College ( 1, 2) ; Education Club I 3, 4l. ESTHER ELY, Jasper, Ala.. A.B.: Cornelian; Aver- ett College ( 1 , 2 ) : Education Club : Hockey ; Field Ball : Y. W. C. A. BEL ' A FAR.MER, .Marshall, X. C, B.S.H.E.; Adel- phian ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); French Club (2) ; Chemistry Club (3, 4) ; Clogging Club (2, 3) ; Education Club (4) : Square Dance Club (3). DK. KE ELLIS DUPUV ELY EDMONDSON ESHELMAN EFLAXD F. RMER - ■{ 3 1 ji CJ937 PinE ReedleO MARY LEE FELMET, Asheville, N. C, A.B.: Di- kean; Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) ; Education Club (4) ; ISilt- more College (1, 2). DOROTHY FITZPATRICK, Rougemont, N. C, A.B.; Aletheian ; Anderson College (1) ; Day Student (2) ; iMarshal (4). LOL ' ISE FITZGERALD, Erwin, N. C. A.B. Eng- lish: Aletheian: Educatinn Club; French Club. ELIZABETH GANT, Burlington, N. C, B.S.S.A.: Adelphian : Salem College: ice House President (2) : Plavlikers (2, 3, 4): Cabinet (4): St. Alarv ' s Club (2,3,4). GLADYS GAMBLE, Savannah, Ga., A.B.: Dikean : Edgewood Park Junior College : Education Club ; Nice-President Hall Committee of House Offenses. EUGEXL GHiSON. Asheville, X. C. KATHERIXE GILBERT, Mount Airy, N. C.. ' B.S.- S.A.; Aletheian; Physics Club (1); Pine Xeedles (1); Carolinian ( L 2, 3, 4); House A ' ice- President (2) ; Education Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. AIARY LEE GARDXER, Warrenton, X. C, A.B. History: Aletheian: Campl)ell College (1, 2): Play- likers (3, 41 : Education Club (4) ; Mce House Presi- dent (4) ; Photo Editor Pine Needles (4). i 32 }§.- CJ937 PmE IIeedleO ETTA .MAE C.ODWIN. Durham, X. C, .LB. Gram- mar Grade Education : Dikean ; Education Club ; liotany Club. JOSEPHINE GCJRHA.M, Rocky .Mount. N. C, B.S.- S.-L: Dikean; Swimming (1); Hockey (2); Dolphin (3,4): Education Club (3,4); Life Saving ( 3 ) ; Play- likers (4). JANE GOODWIN, Greensboro, N. C, BS.S.A.: Cornelian; I ' la ' likers ; I ' lXE Needles (3, 4); Caro- Unian Staff; ' . W . C. . . (2); Committee Chairman Cornelian Dance (3l; Committee Chairman Junior Dance ( 3 ) ; Education Club. RL ' TH GORHAM, llattlebor... N. C, A.B.: .Vdel- phian ; President of Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Ivlucation Club; Erench Club ; College Choir (2, 3 ) . JANET GRIFFIN, Rich Square, N. C. A.B. Educa- tion: Adelphian ; Botany Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (3, 4) ; Y. V. C. A. (2, 3. 4) ; House ' ice- President (1, 2) ; French Club (2, 3) ; Pi.vE NeedlEs Staff (2, 3); Editor-in-Chief (4); Wake Forest Summer School (2) ; Student Activities Committee (4). ELIZABETH GRIMSLEY. Council. N. C, A.B.. Adelphian; Pineland College (1, 2); Education Chil (4). ALLEINE GRLMES. Greensboro, N, C, B.S. Music: Aletheiain; College Choir (4); Education Club (4); Day Students ' Advisory Board (2) ; Madrigal Club (3, 4), " ice-l ' resident (4). ELIZABETH GROX ' ERMAN B.S.H.E.: Dikean; Home Economic: Georgetown, Club. S. C. R. GORHAM GROVERMAN - { 33 tI - Cj(937 PmE Oeedles SYBIL GL ' RLEY. Hendersonville, N. C. .- .«. ; Cor- nelian; Coraddi Staff, Vice-President {2 ) ; Oiiill Club: Education Club. SUSAX HAMLIX, Garden City, X. Y., A.B.: Cor- nelian: A. A. Cabinet (3. 4): Honor Roll (3): Judi- cial Board (4): President of St. Mary ' s Club: Clog- ging Club (2. 3): Orchesis (3, 4): Cornelian Dance Committee: Junior-Senior Dance Committee (3): President of Cornelian Society (4). SCOTT CAVYX, Mount Airy, X. C. B.S.S.A.: Ale- tbeian. House Nice-President: Education Club; Seal Club: Life Saver: Tennis Team (3) : Soccer (2). HELEX HAMRICK, Shelby, X. C, A.B. History; Dikean ; Education Clul) ( 4 ) . ELIZABETH HAXKS, Xew Bern, X. C, B.S.S.A.; Adelphian ; St. Mary ' s Junior College. WILMA HARDISOX, Arapahoe, X. C. B.S.H.E.: Dikean; Home Economics Club (3, 4): Education Club (4). MARY HAXKIXS. Kennersville, X. C, A.B.: Di- kean; ' ice House President ( 1 ) : French Club ( 3. 4 I : Education Club (3, 4). LYXXE HARRELL, Marshville, X. C, A.B.: Ale- theian: N ' ingate Junior College (1, 2) ; French Club: Education Club ; Y. W. C. A. - 34]; CJ937 PinE OeedleO GRACE HARRIMAN. Asbury Park, X. J., A.n. Psychology : Dikean : Home Economics Chil) (2, 3. 4) ; Dolphin (1, 2, 3. 4): A. A. Cabinet (3, 4); olley Hall ' arsity (2, 3 ) : Dikean Sports Day Chairman ( 3 ) ; Senior Unmusical ( 4 ) ; Dikean Society Presi- dent (4). LILLIAX HASSELL, Jamestown, X. C. A.B.: Guil- ford College (1. 2, 3). AXNE HAYXES, Greensboro. N C. B.S.S.A.: Adelphian ; Marshal (3): ' ice-President Adelphian Society (4) : Junior Advisor (3) : Playlikers (4). REBECCA HARRISOX, Williamston, X. C. A.B.: Aletheian ; Salem College : Education Club ( 4 ) : Botanv Club (3, 4) ; Choir (3, 4). MARY HESTER, Greensboro, X. C. B.S.S.A.: Cornelian : French Club ( 2 ) : Day Student Advisory Board (1, 2, 3) ; Playlikers (4). FLORA HAYXES. Havs, X. C. MILDRED HELLEX. ' anceboro. N. C, A.B. Pri- mary Education: Dikean: Choir (4) ; Education Club: Mars Hill College. ETHALYX HICKS. Marion, N. C, A.B. Primary Education: Dikean: Playlikers ( 1. 2, 3, 4) : Education Club: Business Staff of Carolinian (4): Circulation Staff " of Carolinian ( 4 ) : Business Staff " of Pine XeedlES (4): Botany Club (4): Wesley Players; Weslev Foundation : Y. W. C. A. HARRIM.W F. HAYNES A. HAYNES HICKS -4 35 J - 0937 PmE IIeedleO f ( f!?| %i H fi (:ji cm RUTH HILL, Greensboro, X. C, .4.B.: Adelphian : Orchestra ; Quill Club ; Playlikers ; Coraddi Staff ( 4 ) ; President of Day Students ' Association (4) ; Business Manager of College Handbook (4). MARGUERITE HOLLAND. Lunil.cnon. . C, A.B.; Aletheian. E ' ELYN JOHXS( )X, Roanoke Rapids, X. C. B.S.- S.A.: Cornelian: llcniur Roll (3): Education Cluh : Judicial Board; House Nice-President (3): Chairman of Chapel Committee ; College Choir ( 1 , 3 ) : Soccer ( 3 ) : Carolinian Staff ; Circulation Manager of Caro- linian (4). ALETHEA HOUGH. Oak Ridge. X, C, B.S.S.A.: Dikean : Basketball (1); Tennis (1, 2): Education Club (3, 4) ; House Nice- President (3) : Chairman of Junior- Freshman Wedding (3); Chairman of Junior- Senior Dance (3): Marshal (4); House President (4): Carolinian (3, 4): Circulation Manager Caro- linian (4) ; Legislature (4). KATHRYN HOLLOWELL. Hobbsville. N. C, A.B.: Cornelian : Mars Hill Junior College ; President of Education Club (4) : V. W. C. A. (3. 4) ; Education Club (3. 4). RUTH HOLT. Graham, N. C. A.B.: Dikean: Lees- McRea Junior College; Education Club: ' . W. C. A.; House ice- President (3). BETSY HOLTON, High Point, N. C, A.B. Soci- ology: Adelphian; Sociology Club; Education Club. WILMA JOHNSON, Conway. X. C. A.B.: Alethe- ian; Education Club; Mars Hill Junior College. - | 36 } 0937 PinE IIeedleO SARAH JOHXSTOX. Mooresville. N. C. B.S. Mu- sic; Aletheian; St. Mary ' s Club (1. 2. 3, 4): Daisy Chain (2) ; House ' ice- President ( 3, 4) ; Botany Club (4) ; Hiking Club (2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3, 4) : French Club; Soccer (3. 4). DOROTHY JONES, Kinston, N. C, A.B. French: Cornelian ; Atlantic Christian College ; French Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (4) : College Choir (3. 4) ; Y. W. C. A. BESSIE KELLOGG, Sunbury, X. C, B.S.S.A.: Cor nelian. THELAIA KHJJAX. Asheville, X. C, .4.B. nelian ; .Mars Hill I 1, 2 ) ■ Education Club : Y. " Cor- C. A. HORTEXSE JOXES, Greensboro, X. C, B.SS.A.: Dikean ; Junior Orchesis (2, 3 ) : Business Staff of CaroHiiian. LILLLAX J( )RDAX. Hartsville, S. C, A.B.: Cor- nelian : Daisy Chain Chairman ( 2 ) ; Jacket Committee (2); Playlikers (3, 4): Secretary Orchesis (3. 4); Sociology Club (3, 4); Marshal (4): House Presi- dent (4). ELIZABETH KIXG, Annapolis, Maryland, B.SS.A.: Adelphian : Education Club (3, 4); Orchestra (1, 2, 3) : Swimming ( 1) : House ' ice- President (4). .MARY H. KIXG, Greensboro, N. C, B.S.H.E.: Ale- theian ; Honor Roll ( 1 ) ; Physics Club ( 1) : I lome Economcs Club (1) ; Honor Roll (2, 3) ; Chemistry Club (2) : ' ice-President of Day Students; President Home Economics Club; Playlikers (4); Education Club (4). JOHNSTON KEI LOGG D. JONES KILUAN JORDAN M. KING { 37 } CJ937 PmE HeedleO KUHX I.KAVITT S. UKIC I.tKOY BRYTE KLUTTZ, Salisburv. N. C. A.R.: Dikean : Education Club ; Y. W. C. A. ; French Club. ROSEMARY KUHN, Greensboro, N. C. B.S.S.S. Dikean ; Speaker ' s Club ; Playlikers. CLARA KNOX, Hear Poplar. X. C. MERLE LEAMTT, Exeter, New Hampshire, J.R. Adelphian. AXNABELLE LEE, Fallston. N. C. A.B.: Aletheian ; Mars Hill College (1, 2) : Square Circle (3, 4) ; Sec- retary-Treasurer Square Circle (4); Education Club (4). ' SIDNEY LEE. Clinton, X. C, BSS..-1.; Aletheian; French Clul) ; Educatiim Club. MARJORIE LEE, Oriental, N. C, B.S.S.A.; Dikean; MARGARET LeROY, Elizabeth City, X. C. .4.B.. House Vice-President (1); Y. W. C. A.; Clogging Aletheian: Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4) Club (2); Carolinian (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Education Club; Chemistry Club (3) : Education Club (4) ; Honor Rol International Relations Club. (1.2). - 38 CJ937 PinE IIeedleO MABEL LR ' IXGSTOX, Laurel Hill, N. C, A.B. Dikean ; ' ice-President of Chemistry Club ( 3, 4) Math C4ub (2, 3, 4) ; Physics Club (3, 4). GLADYS LO ' ERY, Wingate, N. C, A.B.; Dikean; French Club ; Education Club ; Baptist Student Union Council. LURA McCRACKEX. Asheville, X. C, A.B.: Adel- phian : Education Club: Mars Hill College (1, 2). ROSSELL MacDOXALD, Xorton, a.. BS.S.A.: Aletheian; Averett College (1, 2); Education Club; Y. W. C. A. ; ' ice House President ( 3) ; Soccer, Field Ball. Basketball. JOSEPHIXE LUCAS. Greensboro. X. C, B.S.P.E.: Dikean ; Yice- President A. A. ( 3 ) : President A.A. (4) ; .Marshal (3) ; Hockey ' arsity ( 1, 2, 3) ; Basket- ball ' arsity (3) ; Clogging Club (2, 3, 4) ; Orchesis (3. 4): Chemistry Club (2); Secretary-Treasurer of Clogging Club (3) : Education Club (4). ALAL McCAIX. High Point. X. C. A.B. Sociology: Cornelian: Daisy Chain (2): Judicial Board (3); Treasurer of Cornelian Society ( 3 ) : Mce-President of Cornelian (4) ; College Choir (2) ; Honor Roll (3); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4): International Rela- tions Club ( 3. 4) ; Sociolog ' Club ( 3, 4) ; Chapel Com- mittee (4) : Education Club (4). DOROTHY .AL cDOUGALD. Clarkton. X. C. A.B.: Cornelian : Peace Junior College ( 1 . 2 I : Y. ' . C. A. : College Choir (3) : Education Club. ELIZABETH McEACHERX, Concord, X. C. A.B.: Adelphian ; Sociology Club : Y. W. C. A. : President Lutheran Student (3): Inter-Religious Council I 3). livixgstox Mccracken LOWERY MacDONALD LUCAS MacDOUGALD ilcCAlX McEACHERN - { 39 } CJ937 PinE IIeedleO I. MOSELEY MARTHA AIcRAE, Charlotte, N. C, BS.S.A.; Ale- theian ; Freshman Commission ( 1 ) ; House Vice Pres- ident ( 1 ) ; French Chib ( 1) : Sophomore Y Cabinet ( 2 ) ; Chaiiel Committee ( 2 ) ; Wesley Student Council (2, 3 ) : Eioard of Offenses ( 3 ) : Society Treasurer (3) ; Legislature (3); Finance Board (3); Society Dance Chairman ( 3 ) : Honor Roll ( 3 ) : Playlikers ( 4 ) : College Social Chairman (4) : Marshal (4). ANNIE MACKIE, Granite Falls, N. C, A.B. EngUsh; Adelphian ; Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2) ; Zoology Field Club (3, 4) : President of Baptist Student Union (4) ; Education Club (3, 4). MARIE MOORE, Washington, N. C, A.B.: Cor- nelian: St. Mary ' s Club (1, 2, 3, 4) : ' estry (3. 4j ; Clogging Club (3) ; Education Club, Secretary (4) ; Chairman of Program Committee of Cornelian Society (4). JANET MORRISON, Shelby, N. C, B.S.P.B.; Adelphian; Orchesis (3. 4); Education Club (3, 4); Soccer Varsity (2) ; Square Dance Club (3,4): Soccer Head (4) ; A.A. Cabinet (4). OLGA MALLO, Havana, Cuba. A.B.; Dikean : Vice- President Square Circle ; Intersociety Representative ; ' ice-President Sophomore Class : Education Club : Honor Roll (1, 2). SHIRLEY MELCHOR, MooresviUe, N. C, A.B. Biology: Dikean : Honor Roll (1, 2. 3) : Class Treas- urer (2) ; Judicial Board (4) : Honor Board (4) ; A.- A. Cabinet (2) ; Pine Needles Staff (2) ; Square Circle (1) ; French Club (L 2) : Zoology Field Club (2) ; Botany Club (3) ; Chairman Social Committee (4); International Relations Club, Secretary (3), President (4) ; Chemistry Club (3, 4). LAURA MORRISON, MooresviUe, N. C, B.S.S.A.: Dikean. ISABELLE MOSELEY, Kinston. N. C. B.S.H.B.: Adelphian : Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4 ) , Pub- licity Chairman (4): Baseball (1); Legislature (.4): Orchesis (3) : Physics Club (2, 3, 4) ; Marshal (4) : Summer School House ' ice-President : Education Club (4). ■ ■{ 40 jse- CJ937 PinE OeedlesJ MRGIXIA MOSELEY, Kinstcjn, N. C, B.SS.A.: Dikean ; ' ' ice- President of Class (3): ' ice-President of Education Club (4). RACHEL MOWER. Newben Aletbeian ; Coker C(jlle.t;e ( 1 ) Vice-President (4). . S. C, A.B. History: Marshal (4) ; House RACHEL MOSER. Greensboro. N. C. B.S.H.E.: Adelphian ; Home Economics Club (L 2. 3. 4), Secre- tary (2) : N ' esper Choir (L 2) ; College Choir (2. 3, 4); President of Day Students Council: President Lutheran Student Association : (jerman Club ( L 2 ) . MARTHA NESniTT. Fairview. N. C. A.B.: Adel- phian; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4) : Sociology Club (3. 4) ; I ' .iltmore College (1. 2). L RY XLXX. New Bern. X. C. B.S.S.A.: Adel- phian: ' ice-President of Sophomore Class (2) : Presi- dent of Junior Class : Finance Board (4) : Daisy Chain (2); Plavlikers: Student Activities Commission (3). FLORENCE NELSON. Xcw Britain. Conn., B.S.- P.E.: Dikean: Playlikers (1. 2, 3, 4) : Clogging Club (2, 3, 4) : Volley Ball (1,2): Orchesis (3. 4) ; Cheer Leader ( 4 ) : Hockey ' arsity ( 3 ) : Square Dance Club (2) : Athletic Association ( L 2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (4) : Hockev (1, 2. 3. 4). GRETCHEN OS BORN, Guilford College. N. C. A.B. Sociology: Aletheian : Appalachian State Teachers College (L. 2) ; House ' ice- President (3). L• RY PATE. Rowland. X. C. B.S. Music: Alethe- ian: Choir (L 2) ; ' es])er Choir (1, 2). -«i41 j8s 0937 PinE IIeedleO rF.Xni.ETOX I ' F.RKV rOE POOSKR PHRVnAS riPKIX POWELL PKITCIIARl) AILEEN PENDLETON, Hendersonville. N. C. B.S.P.E.: Aletheian; Basketball Alanager (2) : Secre- tary A. A. (3. 4): Treasurer Senior Class (4); Or- chesis (3, 4) : Education Club (4). IRENE PHRYDAS, Greensboro, N. C, A.H.: Adel- pbian (1, 2): German Club (1); Chemistry Club (3. 4) : Zoology Field Club (4). AlARGARET PERRY, Waynesville, N. C, A.B. Cornelian ; Milligan College. CYNTHIA PIPKIN, Greensboro, N. C, B.S.S.A.: Adelphian. ALICE POE, Raleigh, N. C, A.B.: St. Mary ' s (1, 2) : Aleredith College (3). LUCY POWELL, Whiteville, N. C, A.B.: Adelphian: House Vice-President (1) ; French Club (3, 4) : Edu- cation Club (4) : Adelphian Dance Committee (3). HELEN POOSER. Gibson, N. C, A.B.: Adelphian; GLADYS PRITCHARD, Elizabeth City, N. C. A.B.: Education Club (3, 4); Clogging Club (2); Young Aletheian: Botany Club (3, 4): Education Club (3, Voters Club (L 2). 4) ; Zoology Club (3, 4). - { 42 is- CJ937 PinE OeedleO CAROLYN PROUT, f Wings, Md., B.S.S.A.: Cor- nelian: Edncation Club (3, 4); Marshal (4); Soccer (3) : A.A. Cabinet (3, 4) : Tennis (2. 3, 4) : X ' olley Hall ( 1 ) : Treasiu ' er Junior Class (3). LAURA ALICE REED. Winston-Salem. N. C. .4.B.: Cornelian: French Club (1. 2, 3, 4): A.A. (1, 2. 3. 4) : Committee of Offenses (1) ; German Club (2. 3) ; College Hostess (4) ; Junior Advisor ( 3 ) : Y. W. C. A. LILLL N PL ' GH. Xew Rochelle, Xew York, A. Cornelian: Education Club: Honor Roll. RUTH REID, Harmony. N. C, BSS..I.: Adelphian : ' ice House President (3, 4) : Education Clul) (4). GRACE REYXOLDS, Xew York City. A.B.: Adel- phian; Botany Club (3, 4) ; Physics Club (3. 4) : Caro- Unian Staff (4): Education Club (4): ' esper Choir (1 ) : Columbia S.S. (1). MARIE ROBERTS. Bahama. X. C. A.B.: Adel- phian: Physics Club (2. 3). President (4) : Chemistry Club (3), Treasurer (4) : Y. W. C. A. (3) : A.A. (i, 2.3.4). HELEX ROBERTS. Candler. X. C. A.B.: Adel- phian : Education Club ( 4 ) : Mars Hill College ( 1 . 2) ; Botany Club ( 3. 4 ) : Y. " . C. A. ( 3. 4 I. FLOREXCE ROBIXSOX. Greensboro. X. C. A.B., Cornelian: Honor Roll (3): Education Club (3, 4) Botanv Club (4). PROUT REYNOLDS PUGH H. ROBERTS REID ROBINSON - { 43 ) - 0937 PmE OeedlesJ ROLLl.N ' S SAINDERS KoVALL SAVAGE KVAX SCARP.oROrC.H SAXUKKS SCIILDSSER WILLIE REE ROLLIXS. Hickory, X. C, A.B.: Cornelian : Art Club : Educati(}n Club ( 4 ) . ALICE RVAX, East Hampton, Mass., J.B.: Cor- nelian: French Club ( 1. 2, 3. 4) ; Chemistry Club (3, 4): Education Club (4); Nice House President (4). LETHA ROYALL, Salemburg.X.C, A.B.: Aletheian; French Club (3) ; Education Club (4) : Y. W " . C. A. (3): Pineland College (1.2). MARY XEIL SALXDERS, Rocky Mount. X. C. BS. Music: Aletheian: College Choir i 1. 2, 3. 4) N ' esper Choir (2): College Cheer Leader (4): Clog- ging Club (2) ; Dormitory Social Chairman (3). -MARY ELIZAliETII SAXDERS. Roxboro, X. C. B.S. Music: Cornelian; College Choir (1. 3. 4) : Cicr- man Club (1); ladrigal Club (2. 3. 4): Education Club (4) ; House President (4) : Marshal (4) ; I ' oint Committee (4J. DAPHNE SA AGE. Xorfolk. a.. A.B.: Cornelian: College Choir (2. 3. " 4) : Swimming Team (3) : -Tennis Team ( 3 ) : Class Treasurer ( 2 ) : House President (4); Sociology Club (3, 4): Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4); Caroliniun Staff (2. 3): Legislature (4): Point System Committee (3, 4). LUCILE SCARIUiROL ' GH. . nnapolis. Maryland WILFRED SCHLOSSER, Greensboro, X. C, B.S.- S.A.: Cornelian; Greensboro College (1, 2); Play- likers (4). •»:{ 44 }5 0937 PinE OeedleO E ' A MAE SCOTT. Lucama. N. C, B.S.S.A.: Add- phian; Education Club (4) ; PiXE Needi.ES Staff (4) : CaroHnian Staff (4). .MARY SHEPARD, Liberty, X. C. CORRVE SHORES. Spartanburg. S. C. B.S.S.A.: Aletheian ; Coker College (1. 2) ; Education Club (4). DOROTHY SHERWIX. Greensboro. X. C. A.B. Clicinistry: Dikean ; Chemistry Club (2. 3. 4). Secre- tary-Treasurer (3), President (4); Physics Club (1, 2. 3, 4), Vice-President (3). Secretary-Treasurer (4) ; Education Club (3, 4) : Clogging Club (3) ; Basketball (1). AUDREE SHORE. Cycle. X. C, A.B.: Cornelian: Education Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Long Beach College ( 1 ) . DOROTHY SIL ' ERA[AX. b:,rristo vn. Xew Jersey. A.B.: Adelphian: Speakers Club (4| ; Honor Roll (3). MILDRED SHUMATE. Charlotte. X. C. A.B.: Ale- theian : Education Clul) ( 4 ) : Square Dance Club ( 2. 3, 4) : Basketball (2. 3. 4). ERLEAN SLOOP, Mooresville. X. C. A.B.: Adel- phian : College Choir I 1 ) ; College Chorus ( 2 ) ; Chem- istry Club ( 3 I ; French Club ( 2 ) : Education Club ( 4 ) . tm ' - I A SHERWIN SILVERMAN - 45 }3 - CJ937 PinE Oeedles SMITH STKWART SliI,()M( IX STRICKI.ANI DOROTHY SMITH, Pikeville. N. C, B.S.H.B.: Cor - nelian, Home Economics Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (4). GERALDINE SPINKS, Raleigh, X. C, A.B.: Ale- theian ; House President (3); Marshal (4); ice- President Student Government ( 4 ) . GLADYS SOLOMON, Fort ' alley. Ga., B.SS.A.; Aletheian ; Speakers Club (4); L ' niversitv of Ga. (1, MAUDE STEELE, Wagram, N. C, A.B.: Dikean ; Education Club (4) : A.S.T.C. Boone (1,2). JLLIA STEWART, Clinton, N. C, B.S.S.A.: Adel- ])hian : College Choir (3, 4) : Pineland College (1, 2) ; Dormitory Social Chairman ( 4 ) . P.VTRICIA STL ' RDR ' AXT. Marshville, X. C, .4.B. Aletheian; Education Club (4) : Y. W. C. . . (3. 4) House Vice-President (4i ; W ' ingate CuUege (1.2). MAXIXE STRICKLAXD, Stedman, X. C. A.B.: Cornelian: esper Choir (1); Education Club (4): LEXORE S VAIN, Asheville. X. C. A.B.: Cc College Chorus (1, 2). nelian; Education Club (4) ; French Club (2). - { 46 |» CJ937 PinE IIeedlesJD BULL ' S SWIFT. .Montezuma, N. C, A.B.: Dikean Honor Roll (1. ? ): Business Manager Coraddi (4) Y. Cabinet ( 1 ) : Treasurer Student Government ( 2 ) Treasurer of Class ( 1 ) : Carolinian Staff ( 1 ). NAXCY TALBERT, Rock Hill, S. C. .l.B. nelian. Cor- . LDRED SWIFT, Red Bank. Xew Jersey. A.B.: Aletlieian : Soccer ( 1, 2. 3. 4) ; Judicial Board (3, 4) ; Tennis ( 1. 2. 3. 4i ; President French Club (4) : Little French Club (3. 4): Secretary of Playlikers (3): Carolinian Staff ' (2, 3). EX ' ELYX TART. Dunn. X. C. B.S.P.E.: Aletheian : Clogging Club (2. 3, 4), ' ice- President (3). Presi- dent (4): Orchesis (2, 3, 4): Playlikers (2. 3, 4): Treasurer Aletheian Societv (4) : A. A. Cabinet (3. 4). KATHRYX TATE, ' ichita, Kansas, B.S. Music: Aletheian; Freshman Commission (1): College Choir (1. 2. 3, 4) ; X ' esper Choir (2) : Orchesis (3, 4). W ' lLLA TOWNE. Stanford, Conn., B.S.H.R.: Di- kean; Y. Cabinet (2, 3) ; House Vice-President (2) : Honor Roll (1) : Home Economics Club (L 2, 3. 4). JL ' XE TORIAX, Asheville. X. C. .LB.: Aletheian; St. Genevieve of the Pines (1, 2) ; Art Club; Educa- tion Club ( 4 ) . SARAH TRICE, Fayetteville, X. C, .4.B.: Dikean; Playlikers (1, 2); Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4) ; Y. W. C. A. ( 1. 2. 3. 4 ) ; Tennis ( L 2). «} 47 j - CJ937 PmE OeedleO mmm M UROUHART WAKKFIKLD -ICTOR De W. WARD TXCAXXON M. V. WARD JUSTINE ULLRICH, Mt. Clemens, Alich., B.S.S.A.: Dikean ; Class President ( 2 ) : V. V. C. A. Council (2), Cabinet (2. 3); Playlikers (2. 3, 4); Business Manager (3) ; Masqueraders (3, 4) ; Daisy Chain (2) ; Student Activities Committee (2, 4 ) : Secretary Stu- dent Government (3), President (4); Judicial Board (3, 4) : Administrative Board (4) ; Chajiel Committee (4j. KATE URQUHART, Woodville, N. C, A.B. Eng- lish: Dikean; Freshman Commission (1): A. A. Cab- inet (2. 3) ; Pine Needles Staff (1, 2) ; Quill Club (2, 3, 4) : Honor Roll (1, 2) ; Carolinian Staff (1, 2, 3, 4), Managing Editor (3), Editur-in-Chief (4): Base- ball (1, 2, 4) ; Hockey (2). JOSEPHINE WAGXER, West Chester, Penn., BS.- S.A.; Dikean; Duke University ( L 2) ; Pine Xeedles Staff (4). KATHLEEN WAKEFIELD. Guilford, N. C. A.B.: Adelphian. LILLA X ' ICTOR, Savannah. Ga., A.B.: Aletheian ; Orchesis ( 1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (2) ; Honor Roll (1, 2) : French Club (1.2); Alpha Kappa Delta. HAZEL L " XCAXX()X. EUerbe, X. C, A.B.: Adel- phian; Y. W. C. A. (3. 4); Education Club (3. 4): French Club (3). DE WILLA WARD, Whitakers, X. C, B.S.H.E.: Cornelian; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (4). MARY WILLIAMS WARD, Burlaw, X. C, A.B.: Aletheian; Botany Club (3, 4); Zoology Field Club (4) ; Education Club (4). -€{ 48 } - 0937 PinE DeedleO AXXE WATKIXS, Salisbury, X. C. B.SS.A: Cor- nelian : Marshal ( 3 ) : ( )rchesis ( 3. 4 ) ; Dolphin ( 3, 4 ) : Education Club (3, 4) ; Plavlikers (4). RL ' TH WEITZEL, Manheim. Penn.. A.B.: Aletheian : Education Club (4) : Speakers Club ( 1. 2, 3) : Junior . dvisor (3) : Secretary Junior Class: Aletheian Dance Committee (3), ' ice-President (4). AXX WHllER. Statesville, X. C, A.B.; Adelphian ; College Choir (3, 4): Education Club (4). ELIZABETH WENZ. Asheville, X. C, B.SS.A. Aletheian: Carolinian Staff (4): German Club (1) Y. V. C. A. (1. 2, 3,4). SARAH WHITESIDE, Rutherfordton, X. C, B.S.- S.A. : Cornelian. ROWEXA WILKIXSOX, Whiteville, X. C. B.S.- P.E.: Dikean: Education Club (3, 4): A.A. Cabinet (4) : Square Dance Club (3, 4), President (4). ELIZABETH -ESTER ' ELT, Hempstead, X. Y.. B.S.P.E.: Dikean: House President (4| : A.A. Cabinet (4) : Orchesis (3. 4) ; Clogging Club (2. 3) : Square Dance Club (2, 3). I ' .ETSY WILLIA.MS, Xew Bern, X. C. A.B.: Adel- phian: Y. V. C. A. (1. 2); Treasurer of Y. (2): Legislature (2) : House President (3) : Judicial Board (4) : Honor Board (4) : . .. . (2, 3. 4) : Dolphin Club ( 1 . 2. 3. 4 ) : Playlikers ( 1 . 2. 3, 4 ) . Stage Manager ( 3 ) . I ' roduction Manager (4) : Masc|ueraders (3, 4). WATKINS WHITESIDE WEBER WESTERVELT WEITZEL WILKINSON WENZ B. WILLIAMS - {49 CJ937 PinE HeedleO E. WILLI. Mf WISWALL F. VVILLLXMS wrriiKRsrnoN R. VILLL MS WIXSPKAR VUNKER ESTHER WILLIAMS, Wilmington, N. C. A. Aletheian. REBECCA WILLIAMS. Monroe, N. C, A.B. His- tory: Adelphian: Y. W. C. A. (3, 4) : Edncation Clul) (4) : Wintjate College ( L 2). FAE WILLIAMS, Stokesdale, N. C, B.S.H.E.: Cor- nelian : Education Club (4) ; Home Economics Club (4). ELIZABETH WIXSPEAR, Buffalo, N. Y., A.B.: Cornelian: ' ice- President (4): Quill Club President (4) : Legislature (3) : Class Secretary (2) : Caroliiiiaii Staff (, 4) : Coruildi (2, 3, 4). MARTHA WISWALL, Asheville, X. C, A.B.: Cor- nelian: Honor Roll (3) ; Botany Club (4) : Cbemistry Club (4) : Zoology Club (3, 4) ' JAXK WoML ' .LE, Greensboro, N. C. Di- kean : llonie Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4): German Club (1,2): Junior Advisor. MARIE YOUNG, Canton, N. C, A.B.; Cornelian: Mars Hill College (1,2): Education Club (3, 4). AL RY WITHERSPOOX, Murphy, X. C, A.B.: Cornelian ; Honor Roll ( 1 ) : Y. W. C. A. ; Playlikers (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (3, 4) ; Botany Club. MILLY YL ' NKER, Springfield, : Iass., B.S.S.A.: Cor- nelian: House ' ice-President (1): Soccer ( 1, 2, 3. 4) : Tennis (3) : Life Saving (1) : Jimior Sbop Man- ager (3) : Class Secretary (4) : German Club (1. 2) : Honor Roll (1) ; Archery (2). - i 50 } - JU 0937 PmE FIeedlesJ) JUNIOM CLASS OFFICERS ' lVIAN ROTHACHER President of Junior Class LiLLYAx Miller I ' icc-Prtwidnil ' Sl. K lloiXE ' l ' Secretary Ruth W ' escott Treasurer IN ' GRAHAM CRITTEXUEX koTIIACHEK .Miss Hei.Ex Ixgraiiam Cliainiiaii of Junior Class AijcH Elizabeth Crittexden Mascot of Junior Class -4 52 )■»• Cj(937 PinE OeedleO ABBITT ARCHIBALD K. AYCOCK ABBOTT ARNETT AVERS c. i-;w A VERY BAISE APl ' LEBAUM i;. AYCOCK BARNES Jean Abbitt Wilson, N. C. Lucy Abbott Winterville, N. C. Flora Adams, Dillon, S. C. Mary Agnew Detroit. Mich. Gertrude ApplEbaum Huntington, N. Y. M. RY Archibald Concord, N. C. Georgl Arnett , , Greensboro, N. C. Hazel Barnes Gladys Arney Ruth Avery Elizabeth A ■cocK Katherine Aycock Ruth Avers Muriel B.mlEv Pauijne I ' .mse TavlorsviUe. N. C. Morganton, N. C. Selma, N. C. Fremont, N. C. Selma, N. C. . Pine Hall, N. C. Zebulon, N. C Reidsville, N. C. - { 53 ] CJ937 PinE HeedlesJ UARKiri ' T I:ATE L " ISATTE lilCAKIl BEASLEY HELL HEN ' TDX UlElilC.HEISER 11 LA K I- BLAXD BONEV CRIST(JL BROCK BROOKS C. BROTHERS Frances Barrett Laura Bateman . , Sue I ' .atte Edith Beard AIarv Fuller Beasley Helen 1!ell Ruth Benthx Kinstdii. X. C. Culunibia, X. C. Cimciird. X. C. Charlotte, X. C. Henderson, X. C. . . ] rooresville, X. C. Elizabeth City, " N. C. Calena Brothers IxA BiEBiGHEiSER Reynolds, N. C. Catherine ISlake Emerson, X. J. Frances Bland Pittsboro, N. C. Mary Boney ilmington, N. C. Sarah Bristol Statesville, X. C. Ida Brock Elizabeth City, X. C. ' h cinta Brooks Monroe, X. C. Rockv Mount, X. C -4{ 54 }3 CJ937 PinE OeedlesJI) AIargAUET r.R(.)Tilt:KS MAKCUliKITK IlKdWICR TiiRLJrA Bkvan S.VRAH liURDGE Betty Caldek Bern ' ick Caleahan Heeex Camden Rocky Mount, N. C. Siler City, N. C. Roseboru, N. C. Red Bank, X. J. Springfield, Pa. Rutlierfordton, X. C. Lynchburg, ' a. Gertrude Ceark Jacouelixe Cameron Edith Cakdwele Catherine Carpenter Katiierin ' E Causey Jane Chadwick Lucille Cuandlkr Hester Chrisman . High Point, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Elk Park, X. C. Cherryville, X " . C. Liberty, X. C. Schenectadx ' , X. Y. Broadway, X. C. Holcomb Rock, ' a. M. BROTHERS IJROWER BRYAN BURDGE CALDER CALLAHAN CAMDEN CAMERON CARDWELL CARPENTER CAUSEY CHADWICK CHANDLER CHRISMAN CLARK -4{ 55 ]» CJ937 PinE IIeedleO s -L F? i. I i CLAY COOPER CREECH clein corxell cressox click COBURN COX craver CROSLAXD CRTMP CONNOR CREAN CUMMIXGS ELIZABETfl ClAV Oxford. X. C. Geralihxe Cox Robersonville. X. C, Revie Cleix Cireensburu, X. C. Alt A Mai-; Ckax ' ER , . Lexin.gton, X. c. Sauah Click Elkin, X. C. Fraxces Creax Xew llritain. Conn. RoSIXA COBURN . Raleigh. X. c. D( R()TH - Creech Smithfield, X. c. EinvixA Cox.xoR Chandler. X. c. Fa e Cressox Lenoir, X. c, Katiierixe Cooper Raleigh. N. C. AxxE Croslaxi) I ' .ennettsville. s. c. Nettie Chrxell Asheville. N. C. Sarah Crump Sun1)urv, X. c. Elizabeth Cummixgs High Point. X. C. - 56) - CJ937 PinE Heedless Fraxces Cctiibertsox LiAKBAKA CUTHKELL Faxnie 1])axiel Lewis Daxies Catmerixe Ua is Elizabeth Davis Grace Dwis .Monrut. X. C. Goldsboro. X. C. Wilson. X. C. Augusta, Ga. Charlotte. X. C. Pikeville, X. C. Tobaccoville. X. C. Louise Eller Lexa Davis Slocumb D.wis IsciLAxn I. eT ' Oe .Mariux Dicksux Elizabeth Dotgek Edxa Douglas Judith Eller Charlotte. X. C. YounysN ' ille, X. C. Dunn. X. C. Greensboro, X. C. High Point, X. C. Charlotte. X. C. High Point. X. C. Greensboro, X. C. f% CUTHBERTSOX CUTHRELL IiAXlKL DAVIES C. DAVIS E. DAVIS G. DAVIS L. DAVIS S. DAVIS DeBOE DICKSO.X DOTGER DOUGLAS J. ELLER L. ELLER -4 57 ) - CJ937 PmE IIeedleO ELLIOTT FONDREN GAMBLE EUIJAXK foster GARLAND FARMER feimster FOWLER FULTON GASKINS GATHINGS , FLEET FULTZ GIBSON Ruth Elliott Hertford, N. C. Minnie Fowler Hickory, X. c. Elizabeth Eubank Scots Hill, N. c. ' iRGiNiA Fulton Walnut Cove, N. c. Lennis Farmer Greensbdro, X. c. Mary Fultz Lexington. i . c. Bess Feimster Newtun, X. c. Eileen GajiblE Savann; :ib. Ga. Catherine Fleet Greensboru, , N. c. Bernice Garland r.akersvillc. X. C. Doris Fondren Greensboro . N, . c. Dorothy Gaskins x sheville. X. C. Helen Foster. AslieviUe, Helen Gibson , N. c. Edna Gathings Lumberton, N. C. Pageland, s. C. -4 58 } - 0937 PinE nEEI LESj3 RuTii Gill Marjokie Glexn [RL GoonKiar Jean Graham Rett Gr[FFin Hattie Pearl Grissette Kittrell. N. C. Marion. X. C. Davidson, X. C. , Rowland, X. C. Rocky Monnt, X. C. " aldese, N. C. Caroline Hagy Tmboden. ' a. Selma Hart Alma Hall Helen Hall N ' iRGiMA IIall EvELi ' N Hammond - Louise Harris ' irginia Harris " iRGi rA Harrison Norfolk, Va. Xew Bern, X. C. Woodsdale, N. C, Oxford, N. C. Rowland, N. C. Farmville, N. C. Farmville. N. C. W ' illianistun, X. C. GILL GLENN GOODRUM GRAHAM GRIFFIN GRISSETTE IIAGY A. HALL H. HALL V. HALL HAMMOND L. HARRIS V. HARRIS HARRISON HART 4{ 59 } - CJ937 PiriE DeedlesJ IIASKINS HAYES HEATH B. HEFFNER M. HEFFNER KXHERSON IIENDRICK HENDRIX HENRY HERRING HEWETT HIGHSMITH HOBBS HODGES HOFF rAX El IZABICTH HaSKINS PiM Hayes [Iarrhct Heath Bernice Heffxer Mary Heffner Crystal Hexdersox Pattie Hexdrick Siinimerfield, N. C. Freniunt, X. C. Greensboro, N. C. Alaiden. X. C. Hamlet, X, C. Lumberton, N. C, . NorUna; X. C. ExGLE PIOFFMAX .Margaret Hendrix Abbie FA • Hexrv Hazel IIerrixg ' iRGixL Hewett JULL HiGHSMITH COXR.VDE HoBBS [ i;Tn A 1 b):iGES Mount Airv, N, C. Asbevllle, X. C. Waynesviile, X. C. Goldsl)oro, X. C. W ' ihninL ' ton, X. C. Durham, X. C. Sunlniry, X. C. Lexiui ' tiin. X. C. ;( 60 }■ •- Cj(937 PinE OeedleO Iris Howell Makie Hudxell I ' .ETTv Hunt RrTit IvEv Edith Jacksox E ELvx Jacksox LiLLiAx [acksox Troy. X. C. Rciyal, X. C. ' ilniington. X. C. -Mmmt Olive. X. C. Franklinton. X. C. Edenton. X. C. Greensboro, X. C. Louise Jordax JosEi ' HixE James Sauah J arkett Ri ' Tii Jexkixs Cakolixe Jdiixes Camiela Joiixsox . . Elizabeth Joiixsox Clarice Joxes Teaneck, X. J. Purcdlvilk ' . Ya. Anflrews X. C. Franklinton. X. C. Freeh.,l l. X. J. Siler City, X. C. Xorth W ' ilkesboro. X. C. Tiniberlake, X. C. HOWELL EVELYN JACKSOX JOHNES HUDXELL LILLIAX JACKSOX C. JOHNSON HUNT JAMES E. JOHXSOX EDITH JACKSOX JEXKIXS L. JORDAX -■ {61 }• - CJ937 PmE ReedleO M. JDRDAX KKRXODLK LANDEN JUDD KLEEMEIER LAXDRETH KATZ KtJEMLER EAUDER KINXEY I.AMBERTH I). LEWIS Marion Jordan . . Frances Judd Hannah Kaeeam LlEIJAN Katz Marjorie Kinney E ' EEVN KernodlE Heeen Kleemeier Elizabethtown, N. C. ' arina, N. C. Pleasant Gardens, N. C. Morganton, X. C. Charlotte, X. C. Greensboro, N. C. Greensboro, X. C. DoRoTin ' I EWis Mildred Knox Bear Poplar. X. C. Seema KoehlER Albien, Pa. Alice Lamberth Jonesboro, X. C. K.vTHERiNE Landen Chinquapine. X. C. Martha Laxdreth Greensboro. X. C. Jean Lassiter Spring Hope, N. C. Kathleen LaudER Riiffin. X. C. . . Asbury Park, X. J. -=5{ 62 ]-if CJ937 PinE OeedlesJ Helex Lewis Ransonville, N. C. Margaret Lewis Wendell, X. C. Elizabeth Liees Garland, N. C. Elizabeth Link Mount Pleasant, N. C. A[artha Lofti.x Gastonia, X. C. Hortexse Long Tobaccoville, N. C. Julia Lovelace Macclesfield, N. C. MoxTiEN McKaugiiax Lois Lowder ISlair LvlE Belle McBee Xaxcv .McCall M RTiE McCaskill ' irgixia McChesxev Joyce McGlohon Greensl)oro, X. C. . . .Winston-Salem, N. C. Keysville, ' :i. Spruce Pine. X. C. Xorton, Va. East Rockint diam, X. C. Gastonia. X. C. Grifton. X. C. H. LEWIS M. LEWIS LILES LIXK LOFTIX loxg LOVELACE LOWIIER LVLE McBEE McCALL McCASKILL McCHESNEY McGLOHON McKAUGHAN -4 63 ) 0937 PinE OeedleO McKEE MacMULLIN McNEELY MACKIE MEHAFFEY MASHBURN MASTERS G. MATTHEWS J. MATTHEWS S. MATTHEWS MAUNEY MAYER MAYFIEUD MEEKS MEYEROWITZ Jane McKee Gwendolyn MacMulein Marie McNeely AIiedred Mackie Margaret Mehaffey Mildred Mashburx Lelah Nell Masters Milwaukee, is. Raniseur, X. C. Greensboro, N. C. Yadkinville. X. C. Hickory, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Greensboro-. N. C. Gladys Meyerowitz . . . Geraldine AIatthews JA.xE Matthews vSara Matthews AIautha Maunev Agnes Ma er Katherine Ma field " n.:GiNL Meeks Belhaven, N. C. DurhanL N. C. Matthews, X. C. Randleman, N. C. Linc ilnt(in, X. C. Newberry, S. C. . , NorUna, X. C. Rockv Mount. X. C. - i 64 { CJ937 PinE OeedleO .MAk - MiDDLETdX LILL ■. • Miller -Margaret Mills Artiiealia Mitchell Elizabeth Mooue Martha r IooRE Xaioma MdiiRE Walnut Cove. X. C. Conccird. X. C. Scotland Xeck. X. C. Winston-Saleni, X, C. Graham. X. C. Statesville. X. C. Marshville. X. C. Dorothy Oli ' ER Fka.nces Muselev Julia Moselev Marietta Muller Frances Mijllicax Marie Xeikirk Xax Xorwixe Rachel Xve , Marietta. X. C. La Crosse. a. Kinston. X. C. Dillon. S. C. Walnut Cove. X. C. Charlotte, X. C. Flat River. Mo. Favetteville. X. C. middletox MILLER MILLS MITCHELL K. MOOKE M. MOORE N. MOORE I-. MOSELEY J. MOSELEY MULLER MULLIGAN NEIKIRK XORVVINE NYE OLIVER 65 } • 0937 PinE IIeedleO rvr OLSEX PEARSALL PELLETIER N ' lKGiMA Ulsen Chattanuuga, Tenn. Golda Peedin Selnia. X. C. Eleanuk Paine Xewpurt. ermunt Adei.E PeelE Laurinburg. X. C. Margaret Palmer Charlotte, N. C. Lina Joe PeeLE Lewiston, X. C. Grace Parker Raeford, N. C. Mary P arker Pelletier Alayesville, X. C. Florence Parks Lenoir, X. C. HelEXE Person Pikeville, X. C. Flora Pearsall Greensboro, X. C. Elizabeth Phillips Spruce Pine, X. C. Elizabeth Pedex Fayetteville, N. C, Harriet Pixxer Peak, S. C. Douglas Plonk Kings Mountain, X. C. - i 66 J3e CJ937 PinE OeedleO Helen Pointer Blanche. X. C. Rosalie Polk Rockingham. X. C. EvELVx F )LiAKoFE . . Kinston, X. C, Anne Price . . , Spartaninirg, S. C. Ylia Puig Greensboro, N. C. Melba Quinn Magnoha. X. C. Elnora Raife Roxboro, X C. Julia Root Frances RedFERn Peachland. X. C. Elinor Reece Springfield, Mass. I ' .i.izABETi! Reeves . , .Sanford, X, C. EniTii Ritchie RichfieUl, X. C. Chloe Roberson Robersonville, X. C. Elizabeth Robinson Matthews. X. C. Rebecca Rogol ' i!listi)n, S. C. Pittsfield, Mass. pointer POLK POLIAKOFF PRICE PUIG QUINN RAIFF REDFERN REECE REEVES RITCHIE ROBERSON ROBINSON ROGOL ROOT - f 67 ) • CJ937 PinE IIeedles ROSS IMTHACIII. ' ; SAWA i:k SCHMIDT SETTE .HAXKLK C. SlIAW M. E. SHAW SICMAX SISK SLOAX SLOor n. SMITH J. SMITH ' . SMITH LvxDEi.i. Ross " l ' IA. RoTHACIIEK Xaxcy Hall Sawyer Elaine Schmidt Marie Sette AIaky Elizabeth Shan ' kle Cakliitta Shaw Hamlet. X. C. Longnieadnw. Mass. Elizabeth City. X. C. riainfield, X. J. Jackson Heights. X. Y. hjunt Gileail. X. C. Richlands, ' X. C. ' lRGIXIA SlIITU [ARv Sliz.vbeth Shaw K.vTinnx SiGM.w AxxiE Howard Sisk Miriam Sloan . . nnie Louise Sloop Doris Smith Jlanita Smith Greensboro, N. C. llroadway, X. C. Xewtim. X. C. liehiiont. X. C. Greensboro. N. C. Mt. UUa. X. C. Kernersville, X. C. Whiteville. X. C. -••■{ 68 } 0937 PinE IIeedles AlmEda Sxvdek W instcin-Salem. X. C. Mann A II Steele Statesville. X. c. RoSEMAUV SxNI ' Ei; West l-awn. I ' a. (a i;N Sti:c,all Marshvillf. X. c. Frances Sdwele Greensbiiro. X. C. Sarah Stewart I ' inehurst , X. c. Lrcv Si ' iXKS . Raleish, X. c. LllRENA Stkoiim Annapiili s, Md. Ax.ME Lee Spoon- r iirlin.!:;ton. X. c. Edith Surratt arsaw. X. c. Elizabeth Starnes W ' ashin.ijton, D. c. Margaret Swain Creswell. X. c. Sara Steagall Maruen. X. c. Susan Swett Southern Pines. , X. c. Ann :ABEr,i,E Tart Dunn, X. C. A. SNYDER R. SNYDER SOWELL SPINKS SPOON starnes STEAGALL STEELE STEGALL STEWART stroiim SURRATT SWAIN SWETT TART " •:( 69 } - CJ937 PinE IIeedleO TATUM THOMPSON- THOMSON ' TOLER TRCITT TYSON UZZELtE WALTERS A. WATKINS P. WATKINS WATTS WESTCOTT WHAI.IX WHITE WIIITEIirRS ' l ' ' iRGiNiA Tatum Raleigh. X. C. K THi x Thompson Richmond, ' a. Darbaka Thomson Spartanburg, S. C. Dorothy Tolek Ruck)- .Mount, X. C. Frances Truitt Greensburo, X. C. Margaret Tyson Georgetown, S. C. Elizabeth UzzellE Durhanr, X ' . C. Margaret W ' hiteuurst Alice W alters Alyne Wat kins Penelope Watkins Edith ' atts Ruth Westcott Ruth W ' halin Margaret White . . Xew Bern. N. C. Greensljnro X. C. Anch ' ews, X. C. Henderson, X. C. Huntingtim, X. Y. AnnaiJiiHs, Md. Middleboro, Kv. Durham, X. C. -4 70 ) ■ 0937 PinE OeedleO ] r Rv Whitley JosEi ' iiixE Wiley May Ste " Exs Wiley Nellie ' illetts ClIARLdTTE WILLIA LS Helex A ' illiams Mary Willia fson Bli Hint ' s Creek, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. IVyn -Mawr, Pa. Winnabow. X. C. . Faison, N. C. Kings Miiuntain, N. C. Turkey, X. C. Frances ' omble LoETTA Willis Greensboro, N. C, IIelEx Wilson Lynwood, X. C. JfXE WiLSox Wanamassa, X, J. ' iRGixiA ' iLSON Asheville, X. C. Louise Wixgate - Charlotte, X. C. Mary ' itiiers Davidson, X. C. ' iLMA Wolfe vSwannanoa. X. C. Greensboro, X. C. WHITLEY J. WILEY S. WILEY WILLETTS C. WILLIAMS EL WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILLIS H, WILSON J. WILSON V. WILSOX WINGATE WITHERS WOLFE WOMBLE -4 71 ] CJ937 PmE Deedles V1 )III.ARn WciRMSICR Rachel W ' ikjlakd Adriexne W ' or.mser Ruck)- Mdunt. X. C. Prances Yerger Xew York. X. Y. Xa. c ' Young Helen Zeock Mt. Penna. Pa. Shoemakersville. Pa. Xewton. X. C. - 72} - ORES CJ[937 PinE riEEDLESJD SOPHOMOBE CLASS OFFICERS Emily Harris President of Soplwmore Class Mary Ellen Harrison 1 ice-President Elizabeth Snyder Secretary Dorothy Rosseland Treasurer Miss Bernice Draper Cluiirman of Sophomore Class Hami ' Tox Teague Mascot of Sophomore Class HARRISON ROSSELAND - { 74 Jie- 0937 PinE IIeedlesJD First rozv: Adams, Albkigmt, Aldrich. Ai lex, Altshulkr, Axdoe, Andrews. Second r(nv: Axtho.w. Adkixsox. Austix, Avcock. BaileiE, Oaix, Daxks. Third roic: Barksdale, Ijarnes. IJieman. Beck, Berger, Bernard, Best. I-oiirtli row: B.ethea, Bizzell, Blades, Blaxchard, Baedersox, Boelixg, Bonham. Fifth row: Book, Bostick, Bowman, BrabbeE, Bradeev. Braxton, Brick. 7.i7 ( roz r Brixklev, K. Browx, .M. E. Brown, Buchaxax, Buxch, Buxdv, BylERLV. - 75 J§i 0937 PmE IIeedles First rozc: r.uRDGES, Burford, Burxside. Caldwell, Callahan, Carter, Caxxox. Second roii ' : Carey, Carrotiiers, Cartwright, Carthrex. Chamblek. Chambers, Click. Thin! roic: Clixe, Cuchraxe, Cole, CcjxstablE, Couke. Calxhexam, Cowherd. Fourth rozc: Coykexdall, Ckoft, Crawford, Crockett, Crowell, CrumpleR, Currix, Fifth ro7c: Dale, X. Daxiels, E. Daxiels, L. Dardex, M. Dardex. Dees. Delbridge. Si.vth roiv: DExXxis, Dibble, Dozier, Draughton, Dukes, Duxlar, Duruy. -••51 76 - CJ937 PmE Aeedles First ro ' iv: Dzvo.xchik. .M. L. Edwards, ' . Edwards. Elev. Elkins, Ennett, Exdfield. Second roic: Epps. P). Everett, J. Ex ' ERETT, AI. EvERETT. Fairbanks. Feutress, Fields. Third roi ' : Ficker. Fixcher, Finklestein. Fisher. Flowers. Floyd, Foy. Fourth roi : Freelaxd, Fl ' rk, Galbkeath, Gallawav. Garxer, Gault, Gill. Fifth row: Gilliam, Godwin, Gradeck. Gray, Greexburg, Green, Gyles. Sixth row: Hafer. Hayxes, Hall, Hamilton. Hargett, Hargrove. Harris. 4 77 ) - CJ937 PinE OeedleO Hpi m i P First rozv: Harrison, Harvvard, Heidinger, Held, Helms, E. Hendeksox, II. Henderson. Second row: M. Henderson, Hewitt, L. Hill, M. Hill, Hobbs, Hobgood, Hobson. TItird r(w: Holland, Holmes, Horn. Hornadav, Horner, Howard, Howell. I ' niirth roiv: Hunt, Hurdle, D. Hutchinson, L. Hutchinson, Idal, Irwin, James. • ; rozv: D. Johnson, M. AI. Johnson, M. Jones, S. Jones. Jordan, Josev, Joyner. Sixth rozv: Kaplan, Keister, KellEk, Kerchner, Kikek, King, KohlER. i 78 } CJ937 PinE HeedlesJ ) f TT First row: Kolman, Koonce, Korngay, A. Lanier. E. Lanier, La Spena, Laws. Second row: Leach, Lee, Leon.-vrd, E. Levine. W. Levine, Caroline Lewis, Claudaline Lewis. Third row: LiLES. Lindsay, Life, Little, Littleeield. Livingston, Lloyd. I ' onrth ro ' cv: Lapp, Lon ' E. Lawrance, Lucas, McAdajis, McAllister, McBrayer. Fifth rozv: McCabe, McLaughlin, McClain, McKnight, McLean, McLendon, McManaway. Sixth rozv: McMilan, Maguire, Mallonee. Manget, L nn, Marston, Martin. CJ937 PmE OeedlesJI) First rozv Second roK Third roti ' foiirtli row Fifth row Si.vtJi roii. Marshburx. Maltix, .Mekritt. Mewborx, Murborx, Michael. Miciii.ix. AIiEEs. Alms, riTCHELL. JXIoox, A. Moore. 15. Moore. C Moseeey. M. MosELEv, MosEi.Ev. AFi-RDOCK. ?%IuRrHv. B. Meyers. R. Meyers, Xewsome. NiBEOCK, Norwood. Nowele, Oriioxd, Overman. Owen, E. Parker. AI. Parker, R. Parker, Patrick. Patterson. Pearson. Pease. Pelton. B. Phillips, E. Phillu ' s. M. Phillips, Piatt, Pinnix, Pospisil, Pl.vver. - [ 80 y- CJ937 PinE IIeedleO First rozi. ' Second roTC Third rozi Fourth roil Fifth ro7 Sixth rozi Powell. Povxor. Prixdle, Purvis, Pl ' txam. Pyen ' . Oi ' ixx. Ray, Reagax, Rea is, Rehm, Retleu. Richard.sox, Robertsox. RoBixsox, Rogers, Rosselaxd, Rosexthal, Rctha, Rudd, Sage. Seibert, Suxdstrom, Sellers, L. Sharp, B. Sharpe, G. Sharpe, Shaw. Sheakex, Shoae, Shephard, Silbiger, Shuford, Simpsox, M. Smith. P. Smith, S.mithermax, E. Syxder, H. Svxder, Southard, Spaixhour, Spruill. - 81 0937 PinE IIeedleO First rozc: Stanlkv, E. Staxtox. M. Staxtox, Steele, Stephexs. Stoker. Strawn. Second rem ' .- Sturkev. Suitt, Swaix, Taplix, B. E. Taylor, J. Taylor, INI. E. Taylor. Third row: Teague, Thomas, K. Thomasox. M. Thomason, Tolar, Trimble. Tripp. Fourth row: Truesdell, Truitt. Tl ' RbervillE, Turxer, Toutex. TyleR, TyndalE. Fifth roiv: D. Tvsox, N. Tysox, Umstead, Upchurch, ' ann, ' easev, ' exxing. Sixth row: Hazel Walker, Hilda Walker, ' ARREx, Watsox, Watts. Weeks, Westbrook - { 82 jss- CJ937 PinE OeedlesJ First roic: A " estcott. V. ' hartox. Wiiittaker. Whitehead, Whitley. Wiggins, E. Wilkixsox. Second roz . ' : E. P. " ii,kixsox, ' ixkexsox, Williams. Wii.sox, Wixbourxe, Wixslow, ' olfe. Third roi ' : Woodsdx. A. Wright. M. Wright, Ziel. - ■{ 83 ff CJ937 PinE nEEDLESj3 sell Ai:i ' i:i; CHAXGAKIS FEESHMAN CLASS Mk. James Paixtek Cliairnian of freshman C lass OFFICERS SurHIE SCHAEFEK Aeice Suiter Christine Chaxgauis Celia Hall ... President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Abel, Anna Abernethy, Margaret Adams, Martha Adams, Pearl Akers, Ann Alexander, Janet Allen, Jane Allen, Janet Alvcrson, Virginia Ambrose, V ' irginia Ammons, Bertha Anderson, Blanche Anderson, Rebecca Anderson, Sarali Andrews, Jeanne Anthony, Christine Armstrong, Jeannelle Ashby, Letitia Atkinson, Tula Xell Anstin, Sarah Avery, Emma Sliarpe Backer, Edith Bailey, Lenjila Barksdale, Beverl Barnes. Lois Barnes, Sarah Barnwell, Ruth lielinknff, Harriet Bell, Dorothy Bell, Eleanor Benton, Margaret Benton. Xell Berliner, Miriam Biederman. Esthe: Bissette, Camilla Black, Kate Black, Margaret Blackwelder, Dorothy Blair, Elizabeth Boaz, Betty Lou Boger, Virginia Boles, I ' auline Bornstein, Ruth Elizabeth Bo I ' hy Boyette, Charlotte Bradford, Jane Brady, Hilda Branie, Hazel Brawley, Nan Lynn Breckinridge, Jean Bretney, Dorothy Brickhouse, Mvra Briggs, Olive Bright, Rachel Britt, Dorothy Britten, Kathrvn Brock, Dorothy Brodt, Mary Evelyn Bronsun, Mary Jean Brooks, Geraldinc Bi Broth oks, Lu orothy Elizabeth wn, Barbara ' wn, Dorothy Jlarjor Martha , Ma Be Browne, Na Budd, Mary Dell Bundy, Eleanor Burns, Betty Burrows, Rachel Busch, Eleanor Bycrly, Helen Caddell, Mable Caldwell, F Carlton, Mary Carmen, Joy Caroon, Elicia Carter, Ruth Cecil, Virginia Cely. Jean Chadwick. Ruth Chaffee, Margaret Chaffin, Helen nblee, Joyce Ch Da sy Chance, Virginia Changaris. Christina Childs, Annette Church, Elizabeth Clark, Elizabeth Clark. Marguerite Clegg, Christine Clein, Bernice Clifton, Louise Clutts, Betty Cobb, Evelyn Cohen, Helen Coleman, Mildred Coley, Dorothy Coley, Mary Conkling, Louise Vir„- . Cooke, Maureen Coonev, Jean Covington, Mari Cox, Dorothy Cox, Marian Covkendall. Mui Craft, Louise Craft, Pauline Craver, Virginia -• £{ 84 }S« CJ937 PinE OeedleO Crawley, Irene Crook, Carolyn Crookes, May Croom, Leah Crotty, Ruth Cushwa. Annette Cuthrell, Barbara Caniel, Edith Darden, Gertrude Davenport, Florence Davidson, ilav Davis, Cornell Davis, Grace Davis, Louise Davison. Elizabeth Dawson, Katherine Day, Mary DeBoos, Marjorie DeGroot, Marian Dennis. Dorothy DeVault, Lena Dewey, Jean Dickinson, Marjorie Dickson, Carmelita Dimmette, Marie D ' Lugin, Evelyn Doggett, Talulah Dowd, Carolyn Dunlap, Roberta Dunlap. Winifred Dunn. Xancv Dunn. Selma Durham. Celia Dzvonchik. Nadia Edgerton. Sara Edwards. Elizabeth Edwards. Frances Edwards. Virginia L. Efird, Wilhelmina Efland. Maxine Elev. Anne Ellington. Mary Ellis. Elizabeth Ellis. Grace English. Katherine Estfan. Mae Evans. Margaret Eaison. Margery Farmer. Margaret Fick. Florence Fields. Pauline Fincher. Frances Finkelstein. Paulvne Fisher. Marian E. Fisher. Virginia Flanagan. Elsie Flanagan. Helen Forester. Helen Fox. . nne Free. Mildred Fretz. Ruth Frve. Marv Ruth Fuller. Julia Fuller. Kathrvn Gallagher. Marjorie Gallowav. Marion Galumbeck. Phvllis Gatling. Nina Gay, Mary Taylor Gaylord. Virginia Gentles. Avril Gilbert. Rebecca Gilkeson, Helen Gillam. Bessie Gilliliand, Janie Gillmore. Alta Gillmore. Ruth Glaser. Louette Godbv. Maurine Goldman. Myrtle Goldsmith. Helen Goodnight, Etheleen Goodwin. Esther Gordan, Katherine Gordan. Margaret Gore. Josephine Goslen, Annie Maud Gould. Marie Gradeck. Viola Graham. Agnes Gr .An Gray, Eula Gray. Margaret G. Greenwood, Shirley Greeson. Evelvn Griffin. Altea ' Griffin. Cleda Griffin, Ellen Griffin. Katharine Grimes. Gertrude Grodin, Beverly Groner, Janet Grubbs. Elizabeth Guv. Bettv GuVer, Lois Hacknev. Frances Hall. Celia Hall, Frances Hall. Sarah Ham. Xancy Hammond. Angela Hammond. Thelma Hardee. Roberta Harding. Grace Harding. Sonia Hardwicke. Pauline Harloe. Eleanor Harrell. Miriam Harrv. Teannette Hartley. Frances Hartman, Margaret Hartsook. Jean Harward. Frances Haugh. Mildred Hawkins. Marv F. Ha , Be Haves. Ellen Havman. Beatrice Hege. Marv Ellen Held. Fannette Hemphill. Emma Hendrvx. Dorothv Henlev. Dorothv Henry. Lois Herbert. Dorothv Herring. Eloise Herring, Jane Hewitt, Lillian Heyward. Betsy Higgins, Mary Hill. Lula Kate Hobson, Jean Holman. Kathrvn Holmes. Mary Horner, Eleanor Horton. Blanche Hourwitz, Evelyn Howard. Betsy Howard. Carol Howard. Elinor Howard. Genevieve Howell, Evelyn Howell. Virginia Hoyle, Jeane Hudson. Louise Hugg. Barbara Huffaker, Ethvl Hughes, Claire Hughes. Marv F. Hughes, Mary L. Hunnicutt. Elizabeth Hunt. Barbara Hunt. Elizabeth Hunter. Virginia Hutchinson. Barbara Hutchison. Mary L. Imberman, Ruth Ingram, Frances Tackson, Henrietta ■Johnson. Merla Jones. Annie Vivian Kanipe, Dorothy Kaulback, Helen Kaulback. Shirley Kearns, Mary ' ade Keller, Sara Kellogg. Josephine Kelly, Martha Kendall. Margaret Kennette, Margaret King. Eunice King. Martha Gene Kinl; Kinl; Ma jory Kinsev. Eugenia Kirkman. Ruth Kirstein. , lma Kiser. Frances Klein. Jennie Knox. Annie Lee Koehler. Dorothy Koonce. . nnie L. Koonce. Marv Kornblut. Esther Krall. Margaret Krug. Natalie Lahn. Muriel Lamm. Kate Land. Jessie Lane. Virginia Langdon. Josephine Lansche. Margaret LaSpina, Jenny Lassiter, Mary Lathrop, Ruth Lecreiner, Elizabeth Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Helen Lisk, Ruth Lohr, Mabel Londner, Esther Lopp, Sarah Love, Bobby lean Lovell. Dorothy Loving. Grace E. Lylerly, Elizabeth Lyon. Virginia McAllister. Nancy McArthur. Elisabeth McBane. Margaret Mc Bride. Rebekah McBrvde. Kathleen McBryde. Marv .McColIum.MargueriK McDaniels. Elizabeth McDonald, Sarah McDowell, Alice McFadven. Lena McGaUiard. Anne Mclver. Hazel McKee. To Ann McKnight. Katherine McLean. Barbara McLean. Martha IcLean. Rosemarv McMillan. Annie R. Mc.Millen, Peggy _ McNeill, Emma King McNeill. Margaret E. McNeill. Marion McNeill. Theresa McQueen. Marv McRae. Mary Lou labery. Margaret E. Manget, Martha Mann. Lillian Marks. Dorothv Marks. Jennie ' Marshburn. Christine Martin. Catherine Martin. Martha Lee Matheson. Deane Matlock. Ora C. Mathews. Dorothea Matthews. Louise Maye. Laura Love Meroney. Louise Morrison. Mary G. Moser. Margaret Moss. Lynette Moss. Ruth Mueller, Amie Mues. Elsie Munday. Sue Murphy, Mary E. Xachman. Ruth Nelson. Lillian Xew. Doris Newsome. Ernestine Noel. Jean Xolen. Lorene Okell, Marion Mary Ma Me Ela Miller. Frances Miller. Lucile Miller. Marv Beatrice Miller. Millicent JHms. Charlotte Mitchell. loan Mize. Martha Moore. Mary Byrd Moore. Nell Moose. Ellen Morgan. Elizabeth Morgan. Rubv Morris. Rubv Owens. Bovd Pagan. Thelma Palmer, Eleanor ■Palmer. Isabel Palmer. Ruth Pardo. Sarah Pardue. Clara Parker. Oma Lee Parkman. Jane Parks. Lucille Patterson. Dorothv Payne. Myrtle Pearson. Minora Pegram. Dorothy Pendleton. .Mice ' Penland. Pauline Person. Anne Pertain. Dorothy Pettigrew. Elizabeth Pettigrew. Genevieve Pike. Anne Piper. Marion Pittman. Thelma Plonk. Martha Pope. Fallie Pople. Ruth Porter. Lois Potter. Kathleen Powell. Valerie Powers. Mary E. Prestwood. Martha Prine. Alta Pruden. Marilvn Pullv. Rose Purdv. Roberta Qua. Muriel Railey. Anna Rappoport. Rosalie Rarden, Jane Rash. Jane Rav. Florine Redding. Marv Redmond. Marv C. Reed. Nola Reynolds. Helen Rhodes. Bessie Riback. Tanice Richardson. Edna F Richardson. Helen Richardson. Margare Ritter. Virginia Rives. Mary Irma Roberson, Emeline Robinson, Eloise Roeg. Blanche Rogers, Geraldine Rogers, Virginia Rose, . nnie Lea Rosenbaum, Miriam Ross, Eleanor Rouse, Joyce Rudd. Edith Rudd, Mary Dell Rudder, Mary Sue Russell, Marguerite Saltman, Kathlyn Sanders, Evelyn Schaefer, Sophie Schoellkoph, Dorothy Schoen, Bettv Schultz, Madelyn Scott. Cora Lea Scott. Edna Screen. Robbie Sears. Bartrie Seawell. Sara Frances Severson. Ruth Sharp. Carrie E. Shaw. Florence Shell. Winnifred Sheppard, Sarah Sherard, Adell Sherrill. . nn Sherron. Corrina Shoaf. Charlotte Shuford. Inez Sigman. Patricia Simmons. Mary Sircom. Alice Smith. Annie Smith, Edith Smith. Eloise Smith. Erma Smith. Evelyn Smith. Juanita Smith. Mabel Smith. Mamie Grace Smith. Margaret Smvth. Beatrice Snow. Ella Snow. Theresa Snowden. Madeline Snyder. Hilda Spaulding. Louise Speros. Helen Spruill. Mary Jane Spruill. Sara Spruill. Virginia Squires. Medie Stanton. Catharine Staton. Maude Sterling. Virginia Stevens. Altha Stevenson. Evdvn Stine. Ruth . Strauss, Anita Stringfield. Thomasin Suiter. Alice Suitt, Edna Summers. Ruth Sundstrohm. Sylvia Sutton. Elizabeth Sutton. Mary Page Sutton. Mary Ruth Swanson. Marjorie Sweeney. Sue Sykes, Pearl Lindley Tallev, Alice Talley, Rebecca Tandy, Betty Lloyd Tales, Nettie Tavlor. Margaret Teague, Edna Louise Thomas, Eleanor Thompson, Elise Thornston, Jeannette Tillighast. Anne Tingle, Nellie Toler. Margaret Tomlinson, Dorothea Tomhnson, Eileen Tomlinson, Mildred Tucker, Naomi Tupper, Jovce Turner. Edith Turner. Estelle Twittv. Bess Uhl. Barbara L ' sher. Alma Vance. Josephine Vinson, Julia Walton, Frances Warren, Florence Watson. Mary Lane Way. ' irginia Weeks. Mary .Mice Weinger. Ruth Wellington. Ruth Westmoreland. Joyce White. Elizabeth White. Emilv White. Genevieve Whiteside. Sara Whitley. Helen Whitley. Kathryne Wilkinson. Virginia Willetts. Nellie Williams. .Audrey Williams. Dorothy Williams. Joan Williamson, Myrtle Wilson. June Wimbish, Christine Winslow. Packv Wise. Betty Wolfe. Elizabeth Wolfson. Minna Worthington. Nannie L. Wrenn. Kathrvn Wright. Catherine Wright. Glanmore Wunsche. Evelyn Wvatte. Margaret Wygant. Helen Yates. Nancy Zervigon. Paola Ziel. Jean - { 85 f 0937 PmE IIeedlesJ COMMEKCIAL CLASS OFFICERS Doris Eley President Margaret Scott Tiee-President George M Joyce, R.S.. M.S. Director - { 86 } - Cj(937 PmE OeedleO Alspaiigh, Annie Hill Archibald. Katherine Balsley, Dorothy S. Band, Lorraine Barefoot, Josiphine Beale, Frances Adelia Bell, Adda C. Bender. Bertha Lena Bennett, Julia H. Benton. Mildred Berbert. Frances Bergen. Alice Sheila Betts, Carol Bishop, Elizabeth Bishop, AL rion Bland, j L rgaret Bland, IMews Blanton. Kathryn Bobbitt, L ry Eleanor Boger, Myrtle E. Bondurant, Lucy BosTiAN, Alice Virginia Boyd. Esther Earle Bradley, Fannie Brenner. Bessie Briggs. ALargaret BrITTON. L RTHA Brooks, Lucy Neal Brooks, Nellie Brown, Mary Anna Brown, Rebecca Bryan, Maude Johnson Bulluck. Lwis L. Burch. Esther Burgess, Sadie Calvert, Angelene Cansler. Mildred Cantey. Carolyn Carr. jMildred Carter, Millie Casstevens, Anne Cheek. L RTHA Cheek. L ry Helen Clark, Anna Ruth Clark. Jennie Clark, L ry Everett Clymer. Dorothy L y Coats, AL ry Louise Cochrane. Ella F. Colhard, Dorothy CoNNELL. Ruby Cooke. Christine Cooke. Sarah Coon. Helen Virginia Cooper. Marjory L. Corn WELL, Margaret Correll, Elizabeth Cox, Blair Cragan, Mary C. Crawford, Mary Currin, AL- ry Helen Cuthrell. Eunice Davis, Ethel Dawson. Dorothy M. Deal, Louise Decker, Muriel Donaldson, ; L ry O. Driscoll, Rossie E. Edmondson, Vera Eley, Doris Carr Ellis. Nancy Burwell Elmore, Kate Dunn EiTTSLER. Sarah J. Farlow. Wilma Fields. L urine Fitzgerald, Gay Flowers. Helen J. Floyd. Rebecca Flynt. L RTHA Louise Fort, ALkrgaret C. Fredericks. Adna R. Gay, Mary Etta Geanes, Carol Glenn, Helen GoFORTH. Elizabeth Goodman, L rie Greer, Jane Gregson, Miriam Griffin, Marie Grizzard. Rosalie V. Grltver, Bettie Jean GuLLEDGE. Mary Louise Gurtner. Muriel HaiGLER. L RGARET Hasty. L RY Stevens Hatch, L RGARET Hawkins, Edith Hedrick, Cornelia H. Hendren, Pauline H. Henley, Sadie Highsmith, Virginia Hill. M. r HiNES, Ruth Hodges. ] L rgaret Horne, Frances Hl ' dson, Margaret Humphreys, Louise Hltneycutt, 1 L rgaret Hunter, Mary Furman Hunter. Nellie Clay HuRwiTz, Naomi Jackson, Emma C. Jennings, Mildred A. Johnson. Martha Jones, Juanita Kaplan, Lillian Kenion, Josephine R. Kennedy, Mary Emma Keksey, Louise King, Sarah Kirk. Louise Blalock Laughinghouse. Ruth Lee. Vivianne Legare. Cecile Lindsley. AL rjorie Little. H. Ellen LocKHART, Jane G. Logan, Dowe B. Long, Janie Ehrnell Lucas. Agnes L. McArver, Geraldine McClure. Miriam Mae McCormac, Marion IMcCuRDY, Edna McIvER, Mary MacLean, Marjorie McJ L Nus. Helen McNeill, Ethel M. Mabrey, Margaret E. Marsh. Dorothy H. Matlock, Ola Mayo, Mary Frances Mease, Margaret Melchor, Dorothy Mendenhall, Ruth Menzies, Christina Mitchell, Eliza Y. Mitchell, Mary Allen Mohorne, Frances Moore, Doris E. Moore. Joyxe Moore. Marion Dixon Morgan, Kathryn IMurray, Frances My ' ERS, Doris A. Myers, Emily Neaves, Emalene Neville, Lossie Newell, Ethel Mae Newlin, Margaret O ' Berry, Lillian Rae O ' Neil. Evelyn Openshaw. Norma Osborne, Claryce Osborne, Rebecca Sue Palmer, Mary H. Parker. Ruth Helen Paschall. Doris Patterson. Margaret Peoples. Margaret L Pepper. Emorie Pepper. Marjorie Peterson. Jeannette Petree. Hazel Petree. Rebecca Peurifoy, Elizabeth Phillips. Kathleen Pickler. Robbie Porter. Beverly Powell. Frances Powers, Alice Louise Presson, Evelyn E. Proctor, Mary Louise Pruitt, Pansy Rankin. Mary Louise R- scoe. Virginia Reaves, Virginia B. Reeves. Lorraine Register, Cornelia Renn, Helen RoTHcocK, Frances Rowland, Nell Sawyer, Carrie Mae ScHLOssER, Christine F. Scott, Margaret Sessoms, Eleanor Severance. Frances Shelton, Esther Burch Shelton, Sarah Sholar, Virginia Shuping, Eugenia Smith, Frances Juanita Smith, Kate Henry Smith, Mary Helen Spruill. Louise Starling. Lou Mae Steptoe. Marguerite Stewart. Sarah W. Sutton, Jean Taylor, AL mie Clyde Teagi ' E, Mary Josephine Thigpen. Hilda Thomas, Frances TuGwELL. Willie TuLL. Marion Tyndall. Geraldine Vaughan, Susie Verrill, Virginia Davis Vestal, Chrishne Vincent, Lorene Walker. Winona Leora Wallis, Dorothy A. Walton. Doris E. Ward. Ruth Weeks. Evelyn Wells. Sally Margaret Wheeler. Allene White. Lydia B. White. Mary Lee Whitener, Louise Whitley, Nellree ■Wilkerson. Margaret N. WiLKiE. Janie Williams. Emily Wilson. Carolina WiNFREE. Virginia Wright. IVL rie WyATT, i L RY Yancy, Ann Marie -4{ 87 } - 0937 PmE IIeedles THE ALUMNAE AND FOMMEM STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Incorporated OFFICERS Dr. Mary Poteat Mrs. C. a. Street i Julia .Mimtgomeryl Laura H. Coit Clara B. Bvrd President J ' iec-President Honorary President General Seerctarx AIE-MI ' .ERS OF THE BuARD oF TRl ' STEES Mrs. ' SI. J. Wrexx (Louise Clinard) AIrs. T. R. Ev-ERETT (Ruth ' ick) Mrs. J. R. Bennett ( Josie Doub) Gertrude Carraway AIrs. Jos. W. Johnson ( irginia Batte ) Mrs. R. Murphy Wieeiams (Lillie ] ' oney) Mrs. Gurney P. Hood (Marion Stevens) Mrs. C. E. Stevens (Carrie Tabor) Mrs. Claude Morris (Emma L. Speight) - i S8 } - CJ937 PinE IIeedlesO 1833 IVake Forest Institute is chartered by the General Assembly. For a time it has seemed that anti-Baptist sentiment wotdd block the bill, but on its- final reading in the Senate there is a tie. Speaker W. D. Moseley gives ' the deciding vote in favor of the cliarter. Later, by legislative act, the name is changed to Wake Forest College and a more lenient charter granted. 1837 Dazndson College is founded by the Concord Presbytery as " preparatory to the Gospel Ministry. " 1838 Greetisborongh Female School becomes the first female college chartered in North Carolina and the second south of lite Potomac. 1838 The future Duke University luis its beginnings in a grammar school near High Point. This school, znhich soon becomes Trinity College, is wider the North Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church, South. In 1924 tlic great Duke Foundation fund makes possible tremendous expansion. 1891 Tlie JVoman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, under the name of State Normal and Industrial School, comes into being as the result of a crusade made by Charles Duncan Mclver in behalf of the education of iC ' OHirii. Dr. Mcli ' er often said, " Educate a man and you haz ' e educated one person; educate a mother and you have educated a whole family. " The data listed above, together with those concerning other colleges already referred to in our pages, provide a good index to the rapid development of higher education in North Carolina. This progress began with the chartering of the first State University in the nation and has continued with a slow but steady pace throughout the century and a half which have ensued. OBGflnizflTions 0937 PmE IIeedlesJ STUDENT GOVEBNMENT OFFICERS JusTixE Ullrich President Geraldixe Spinks I ' ice-Presidcnt Alma Hall Secretary Gertrude Rainey Treasurer 1 1 I. L CJ937 PinE IIbedleO JUDICIAL BOAED LEGISLATURE isabelle imoseley Daphne Savage Elizabeth Drake AdriE-nn ' E W ' oRirsER Georgia Arnett Beair Lvle Dorothy Picker Phvelis Keister Mary Elizabeth Taylor EvELYX Johnson Shirley Melchor Mildred Swift Fannie Daniel ' irginia Tatum Betsy Williams Susan Hamlin -4i 94 }3»- 0937 PinE nEEDLESjD HONOK BOAED JUSTIXE I ' llRICH Betsy Williams Shirlev Ielchor ] IiLDRED Swift Harriet Elliott, B.A., AI.A. A. S. Keister, M.A.. Ph.D. ULLRICH WILLIAM; -MELCHOR SWIFT ELLIOTT KEISTER INTEK FAITH COUNCIL OFFICERS Betsy Dupuy President Glad ' s ' s Solomon Secretary MEMBERS Ruth Gorh. m Betsy Dupuy Gladys Solomo.x Elaixe Schmidt r.vchel moser Miss Cleo Mitchell .A.XXIE [ackie Ruth Gill m. ry boney Miss I. rgaret Williams DUPUY ' SCHMIDT gill SOLOMOX MULLIGAN BONEY GULLEDGE Frances Mullicax Miss Idalene Gulledge Mrs. M. rth. Allred hill mackie mitchell - " if 95 CJ937 PmE IIeedleO DAY STUDENTS OBGANIZATION OFFICERS Ruth Hill Mildred .Mashbl ' kx Margaret Galloway President I ' ice-President Seeretarx-Treasnrer HOUSE PMESIDENTS AIakc.aket De any Lillian- Jordan Iaky Elizabeth Sanders Louise Jordan Susan- Swett Laura Abernathy Rachel Darden Eleanor W ' estervelt Grace Bell Katiiryn TiiOAirsoN GWEN fc TuLLIN Lucy Scixks Alethia Hough OAP O -4 96 j!i- CJ937 PinE nEEDLEaD FINANCE BO AMD Josephine Butler x- dkienne Wormser M. K • Xunn Miss Katherixe Sherrill A. S. Keister, Ph.D. R. cnEL Nye AFr. C. E. Teague QUILL CLU] OFFICERS 1 Jetty W in spear Sybil Gurley AdRIEXXE ' ()RMSER President J ' ice-President Seeretar -Treasurer - { 97 }5 CJ937 PinE OeedleO ZOOLOGY FIELD OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Elizabeth Anderson Lorena Strohm rke-Prcsident Neel Cobb Martha Wiswall Secretary and Treasurer Pattie Pittjian Frances Sowell Chairntan Program Coiiiiiiittee Lorena Strohm Elizabeth Anderson Chairman Puhlic ' ty Committee Martha Wiswaee Gladys Pritchard iMEMBERS Elizabeth Anderson H. H. Brimley Mary Brummitt Victoria Carlsson Neli. Cobb Catherine Cox Eleanor Dibble Marion Fisher J. P. GiVLER Mildred Harris Helen Ingraham Evelyn Kernodle R. W. Leiby LiLA Belle Love Marth.j Annie Mackie Irene Phrydas Pat Pittman Gladys Pritchard Lawrence Ritchie Marjorie Rosenthal LrciLLE Scarborough A. D. Shaftesbury J. A. Smith Frances Sovvell Carroll Stoker Lorena Strohm Mabel Upchurch Mary W. Ward Wiswall wiswall SOWELL PRITCHARD The Carolina ALarine Laboratory Beaufort, N. C. This laboratory, which owes its existence chiefly to the enthusiasm and gifts of pres- ent and past members of the Zoology Field Club, members of the faculty and friends of the college, and a federal grant from the E.R.A., is available for summer work by students and faculty members. - [ 98 } - CJ937 PinE DeedlesJ CABINET MEAIP.ERS Elizabeth Copeland Leah Smirnow Merle Leavitt ] Iarjorie Glenn Marie Sette Sheila CorlEy Charlotte AIichlin Gracie Carmichael Sarah Stewart Anna Katherine Owen Susannah Thomas Eleanor Kerchner Frances Yerger Rosemary Snyder OFFICERS Ruth Gorham President Betsy Dupliy J ' ice-Prcsidcnt Julia Lovelace Secretary Maxilla Everett . Treasurer GORHAM DUPUY -4 99 }:«•- CJ937 PmE OeedleO PLAYLIKERS OFFICERS E1.1ZABETH AsHi EV President Elaine Schmidt Secretary MASOL ' ERADERS Betsy Williams Justine Ullrich Elizabeth Ashley Pkidk ami Pur.JlDlLK - { 100 } - CJ937 PinE FIeedleO AKT CL OFFICERS EvELvx KerxodlE Pattie Pittman ... Sarah Atkixsox . LiLLiAx Jacksox " iRGixiA Jacksox President J ' iee-President - Secrcfary-TrcasKrcr Chairman of Program Committee Chairman of Puhlieitx Committee Bettv Aldrich Sarah Atkixsox SUSAX r.ARKSDALE Willie Boyd Mary Cochraxe Jessie Douglas Elizabeth Huxt Mrs. Gregory Iv Mr. Gregory Ivy MEMBERS LiLLiAx Jacksox iRGiNiA Jacksox Evelyx Kerxodle Jane McKee Marguerite ] Iaxn Barb. ra Moore Molly Anne Peterson Pattie Pittmax Elizabeth Reeves Elizabeth Rehm Virginia Rogers Mr. Robert M. Skelton rosejiary sxyder Aljia M. Sparger JuxE Toriax Elizabeth Uzzelle Mrs. Elizabeth W ' eatherspoon Margaret ' hitehurst - ■{ 101 )Ss 0937 PinE riEEDLESJD PHI BETA KAPPA I ' oundation: W. C. Jackson, Ph.D. OFFICERS George Underwood, Ph.D. President WiNFiELD S. Barney, Ph.D. Vice-President RuTii CoLLiNGS, M.D. Secretary-Treasurer ALUMNAE OUT OF COLLEGE 0 ' ER TEN YEARS CLASS OF 1906 Martha E. Winfield CL. SS OF 1910 AND 1922 Jane Summerell CLASS OF 1920 Mrs. Julia Spruill Mabel Adderholt Nancy Baker CLASS OF 1931 j Irs. Helen Seieert Kafer Mrs. Mary Jane Wharton Thayer CLASS OF 1932 Mrs. Pansy McConnell Hood. Mary Lewis Evelyn Underwood CLASS OF 1933 Margaret Bane Marjorie Hefren Elizabeth Langford Mrs. Ernestine McDonald Katherine Moser Pauline Moser Eleanor Shelton Julia Watson Alice Arm field CLASS OF 1934 Ruth Long Margaret Brown CLASS OF 1935 Katherine Baxter Phoebe Bobbitt Mary Brantley Mildred Conklin Genevieve Corbett Jane Costner Robbie Dunn LoRENA Fairbanks Frances Grantham LoRRANE Gray ' Marv Alice Hutchinson Alice Johnson Marion McDowell Mary Hazel Meacham Katherine M. Miller Margaret Moser Ruby Bass Smith Alice Marie Squires Alice Smith Margaret Tillett Mary Tori an Kate Wilkins Mary E. Woodard Ruth Worley CLASS OF 1936 Elizabeth Barineau Mary Reynolds Bradsh. w Elizabeth Buhmann MauslEAT Garrard Betty Griesinger Blanche Newsom ' e Hardy RosabellE Hinton Ruby Jane Keller Christiana McFadyen Mary Catherine Proctor Cornelia Snow Mary Clare Stokes Martha Bynum Thomas Elizabeth Yates Deceased -!S{ 102 !• -- Linda Mitcheli,, Chief Marshal I E T I E The Adelphian, Cornelian, Dikean, and Aletheian are the four social organizations. They occupy a most im- portant place in student life. Managed entirely by the students, the}- give opportunity for friendly intercourse and social improvement. ALETHEIA ALMA HALL BARBARA CITHRELL DORIS COCKERHAM President .-III! Truth, i ' hosc lii lif thi-oiu hout the countless years Has beeu f assed doi ' u to us from soul to soul. We seek Thee, tlio ' throin h toil and f ain and tears. Until zve find Thee, that nr may be zvlio ' c. A spark of Thee is born x nthin each breast ; We stri-i ' e to feed that tiiix altar fire With other sf ' arbs zee find upon our quest. O Aletheia. of our pure desire. Thou art an ideal, boundless, unattained. While yet zve strive to lii ' c Thee ezvry day: Thou, art in all. and yet cannot be gained Saz ' c b lonq search, and zeeary. and the leay Winds b stroiif holds of it noranee and sin. Ihit seekinfi Thee in all z e knozL ' . at last We ' ll break the gates that there may enter in ' Thy light of understanding z . ' hen our search is fiast. 4 104 } - MARTHA McRAE DOROTHY FITZPATRICK RACHEL MOWER DRAUGHOX Doris Cockerham . . . Ruth Weitzel Elaine Schmidt Rachel Draughon OFFICERS President J ice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Tart Treasurer Linda Mitchell Inter-Society Representative - f 105 }C»- ADELPHIA PEGGY DeVAXY MARIETTA MUELLER SONG Shoulder to slioiihicr. hearts fiUcd zvith devotion, With purpose not aimless but earnest and true, I ' nited by all the ties of deep friendship. We bring, O Adclphi, our honiaye to you. We pledge to you loyalty long and unending. Loyalty ivhich will be firm. z . ' hieh z . ' ill be true. Devotion i ' e pledge you that never shall perish. And lozv zchieh through all eoming time zcill endure. With eouragc undaunted zee ' ll march eve r onzvard. Up lieights to be zvou along parts strange and nezv; But nozv and forez ' er one great baud of sisters We ' ll be. O Adelphia. still loyal to you. SARAH DALTON President - j( 106 }3f- LUCY SPIXKS ISABELLE MOSELEY RACHEL DARDEN OFFICERS Sara Dalton President Anne Haynes Vice-President Elizabeth PedEn Recording Secretary LiLLLVN Jackson Treasurer Rachel Nye . Inter-Society Representative -4. 107 jije- DIKE ALETHEA HOUGH GERALDIXE BOXKEMEVER SONG Dike, z ' lw speaks zi ' i ' tli rcz ' crbcraiit (jrandciir. Tliro!i( li listcniiKj portals of true zeoniaiihood. Into thy z ' astuess. zee eoiiie iioze entriistiiuj Pozecrs as ct latent zvitJi zvill ' s hope iinbited : Glad for the toiliiu , tlie cotiuiion endeazvr. Clad for the zeideness of zeays to be zeoii. To do for tlie deed ' s sake, sti ' l keepiiuj the I ' ision. Tnistiii; seeiire in the liz ' es ' round us throzen. Stamped zvitli tliat beauty and li( ht of thy image lie Zi ' ould go forth zeith a ereatiz ' e faith; Builders potential and makers of highzeays. Easing for others the paths tliey may take, .hid as tlie sunset giz-es plaee to the sunrise. After us cometh the child of the dazen To fashion the fabrie of dreams searee completed And serz ' c Thee forezxv. O Liglit. farther on. GRACE HARRIIMAX President [ 108 ; ICLIZABETH ASHLEY KATHRVX THOMPSON SUSAN SWETT OFFICERS Grace Harriman . . Julia Butler . RosE tAu ■ Sniper Helen Pease - Olga Mallo President J ' icc-Pn ' sidcnt Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Inter-Society Representative - { 109 }!:«■- COMNELIA AND THE GMACCHI MAKV ELIZABETH SAXDi l LILLIAN TORnAX SUSAN HAMLIN President ; jov and raisc conic let ns siiuj With an ' tJicm clear and stroinj: Let all Conicliau voices rinu In free, exultant son; . Of pride for that fair name ice bear, Cornelia, ylorious zvord. To make ns ( ladl do and dare. Whene ' er ' tis thomiht, ichcnc ' cr ' tis heard. We ' ll oincard. ufzvard ei ' cr more. Onr footsteps forzvard pressed : TocictJicr mo ' cc in sistcr-Ioz ' C Upon the mountain ' s crest. To gain the fair, zvide, sprcadini •I ' iczc WJiieh rouiul the mountain lies. And giz ' C us understanding nczv. Enlightening our eager eyes. Ma Cornelia ' s name ha: ' c ne ' er a stain From any daughter ' s deed, for her. all glory zcill he gi-cen And gi ' i ' c her honor ' s meed : for firm and staunch zce ' ll ez ' cr stand Unto each other true. And loxal to her nolde band. Hers. yea. her oicn. our zcliole ' .iz ' cs fhroiu h. •S{ 110}5« CAROLYN PKOl ' T VIRGIXIA TATl ' M nETTY CALHER .- OFFICERS SusAX Hajilin Ai,iiA McCain Elizabeth Snyder Fanxie Daniel AxxE Watkins President J ' icc-Prcsidciil Secretary Treasurer Inter-Soeiety Representative {111 ] ■ LJiaav fmti utjijULKS HOME EXECL-TR ' E COUNCIL Marv Helen King, President Betty Cooke Frances Yerger Saeev Tavi.or Jane Umstead Isabelle Moseeey Miss AIary York OTANY CLUB OFFICERS [ary ' ieeiams ' ard President GoLDA Peedix Seereturv-Treasiirer -«e( 112 }3s CJ937 PinE IIeedlesJ!) MADHIGAL CLUB OFFICERS AxxiE Crawford Ai.LEixE Grimes Frances Ioselev AxME Louise Sloop . . - President ricc-Prcsidcnt Srcrrfary Treasurer Marguerite Barxhardt Fraxces Barrett An NICE Crawford Bess Feimster Dorothy Gaskins JMarjorie Glenn MEMBERS Ai.LEixE Grimes Eleanor McCluxg Kathrvx Mewborx Maureex Moore Frances Joseley Ylia Puig Louise Wixgate Elaixe Reagan Mary E. Sanders Inez Shuford Annie Louise Sloop Margaret Tyson Alice Walters FACl ' LTY MEMBERS Birdie H. Hoi.loway Grace ' ax Dyke More - £( 113 } - CJ937 PinK riEEDLESJ COLLEGE CHOIK OFFICERS Rachel Moser President EuzABETH Drake , ' icc-Presideut Annie Louise Sloop Seerelary Annice CkawFord and Mary Neal Saunders Libnirians Grace Caumich aei ( ' eslnieiit C hainnan Mary Pate and Frances Barrett Assistants Mr. George M. Thompson Director MEMBERS Crawford, Annice Tyson, Margaret RiGG. Caroline Jane Brown, Barbara Earnhardt, Margaret Carmichael. Grace Mues, Elsie Tate, Katherine Perez, Marie Saltman, Kathryn Miller. Millicent Oliver, Dorothy Lassiter, Jean Mewborn, Kathryn Swaim, Oliva Jordan, Anne Blades, Alice Wingate, Louise Everett. ALwilla Weber, Ann Gill, Ruth Weinger, Ruth Palmer. Ruth Smith, Evelyn Stoker, Carroll Sellers. Vioi.a Rd.-iE, Annie Lea Moore. Martha SCHULTZ, MadELYN Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Shuford. Inez Uhl. Barbara Young, Geraldine Hunt. Florence LovELL, Dorothy DeVany, Margaret Drake, Elizabeth Hellen, Mildred Henderson, Elinor Malock. Ora Carpenter. Katherine Edmondson, Edith Harrison. Rebecca Moser. Rachel Owen, Anna C. Tripp, Gladys Jones, Dorothy Grimes, Alleine Forester, Helen Smith, Mamie Grace Gordon. Mary McKee. Jane Redding, Mary Feimster, Bess BoNEY, Mary Conrad, Caroline Moore. Barbara Emmett, Rachel Brabble, Catherine Cochrane, Mary Pate. Mary KL RST0N, Elsie MiCHELiN. Charlotte Stewart, Julia Heffner. Bernice Snow. Thereas Saun ders, Mary Neal Barrett, Frances Savage, Daphne FicKER. Dorothy Ayres, Ruth Fairbanks, Muriel Gaskins, Dorothy Hall, Evelyn Caldwell, Frances Mitchell, Arthelia Bronson, Mary Jean Glenn, Marjorie Meeks, Virginia Schoellkopf, Dorothy ZiEL, Jean Walker, Hazel Dowdy, Hilda RossEY, Grace Piatt, Jeanette Reagan. Elaine Johnson, Dorothy Grier. Jane Bristol. Sarah E. Sanders, Mary E. Moseley. Frances Armstrong, Jeanette Kirk. Louise Lawrance. Josephine Sloop, Annie Louise Sharp, Louise Williams, Charlotte Robertson, Elaine ■Walters, Alice - k 114 }!!►- 0937 PinE OeedleO CHEMISTBY CLUB OFFICERS Dot Shekw ' ix Mabel Livixg-STox Ruth W ' escott I riss Florexce Schaeffer ( Miss Marv Welsh Parker ' Pr- ' sidi ' iif J ' icc-Prcsidciit Srcrctary -Treasurer Faculty Adi-iscrs OKCHESIS OFFICERS Leah Smirxow President ' H. tA Le -ixe Secretary-Treasurer ; Iiss Davis J ' acuity Advisor - •{ U5 )3 - 0937 PinE IIeedles SPEAKERS CLUB OFFICERS Betsy Dupuy Mary Elizabeth Pur -is Mr. C. W. Phillips Miss Louise Alexaxher Dr. Elbert Moses. Jr. President Secrefarv Facultx .-idzisers CLUB OFFICERS Julia I!utlEU President Anne V. tkins Seeretary Miss D R()TH ■ D.wih Paciiltx .-idzisor -- e{ll6} ' - CJI937 PinE IIeedleO FEENCH CLU Alii.i.irc Sw ' iTT President PHYSICS CLUB AIarie Roberts President Helen Plavek I ' iee-President Dot Sherwi.n Seereturx-Treasurer WILKINSON SQUARE DANCE CLUB ROWENA ' ILKINSON - {117 President CJ937 PinE FIeedlesj EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS Kathrvv Holloweli. lRGINIA MOSELEV .Marie M(i(ire Sarah Dalton President 1 ' iee-Prcsident Secretary Treasurer HOLLOWELl MOOUE Anderson, Elizabeth Andrews, Martha Ashley. Elizabeth Earnhardt, Marguerite Barrier, Marguerite Bell, Grace Bell, Mary Belton, Anne Boger, Camille Bohannon, Rebecca Bolick, Helen Host, Fan Boyd, Willie Brag, Matilda Brittain, Virginia Brown, Esther Bunn, Margaret Burgess, Marjorie Burnette, Louise Butler, Tosephine Butler, " Julia Caldwell, Louise Cann, Margaret Carmichael, Grace Carpenter, Edna Clark, Gertrude Cobb, Nell Cockerman, Doris Cole, Ethel Collette, Mataline Cornwell. Mary Correll, Lois Mae Crawford, .- nnice Crouch, Katherine Crowder. Allien Crutchfield, Helen Dalton, Sarah Dennis, Ruth DeVany, Margaret Dickinson, Alice Dowdy, Hilda Dupuv, Betsv Efland, Eloise Ellis, Kathryn Ely, Esther Farmer, Belva Felniet, Mary Lee Fitzgerald, Louise Gamble, Gladys Gant, Elizabeth Gardner, Mary Lee Gibson, Eugenia Gilbert, Katherine Godwin, Etta Mae Goodwin, Jane Gorhani, Tosephine Gorham, Ruth Grey, Mrs. Margaret Gricr, Helen Griffin, Janet Mackie, Anni( Mallo. Olga Mo Ma Gr Alii. slev, Elizabeth Goverman, Elizabeth Gurlev, Sybil Gwvn, Scott llamrick. Helen Hankins. Mary L. Hardison, Wilma Harrell, Lynne Harrison, Rebecca Havnes, Flora Hassell. Lillian Hellen. Mildred Iknrv, I ' auline Hicks. Ethalyn Holland, Marguerite Hollowell, Kathrvn Holt, Ruth Hood, Lucinda Hough, Alethea Johnson, Evelyn Johnson, Wilma Jones, Dorothy Killian, Thelma King, Marv Elizabeth King, Mary Helen Klutz, Bryte Knox, Clara Leavitt, Merle Lee, Annabel Lee, Marjorie Lee, Sidney LeRov, Margaret Livingston, Mabel ■ Loweiy, Gladys Lucas, Josephine McBee. Belle McCracken, Lura McDonald, Rossell McDougald, Dorothy Morrah, Phyllis Morrison, Janet Moselev. Isabclle Moselev, Virgini; ■ Rachel e Flo ver, Mattie I ' endleton, Aileeu i errv, Margaret Pooser, Helen Powell, Lucy I ' rilih.ird, Gladys I ' r.iut. Carolyn ] v b. Lillian Reed, Laura Reid. Ruth Reynolds, Grace Roberts, Helen Rolun- on. Florence K..nins. Billie knvall, Letha Rvan. Alice Saunders, Mary Elizabeth Scott, Eva Mae Sherwin, Dorothy Shore, Audree Shores. Carrie Shumate, Mildred Silverman. Dorothy Sloop, Erlean - Smith. Dorothy Spinks, Geraldine Steele, Maude Strickland, Maxine Sturdivant, Patricia Swain. Lenore Swift, Mildred Talbert. Nancy Tart. Evelyn Torian. June Towne. Willa Trice. Sarah Underwood, Mildred Vuncannon, Hazel Wakefield, Kathleen Ward, De Willa Ward, Mary Watkins, Anne Weitzel, Ruth Wenz, Elizabeth Westervelt, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Rowena Williams, Betsy Williams, Esther Williams, Fae Williams, Rebecca Winspear, Elizabeth Wiswall, Martha Whiteside, Sara Witherspoon, j Iary Young, Marie FACULTY MEMBERS Clutts, (). P. Cook, John Denneen. Marie Fitzgerald. Marv Fitzgerald. Ruth Flintom. Margaret Gunter, Ruth Holloway, Birdie Hunter, Eugenia Kephart, A. P. Kimmel, Herbert Kreimeier, Anne Krug, Helen Kvker, Frank Ladd. Geraldine Land, Betty Aiken Lloyd, Eunice MacFadgen, Miriam Martus, Ethel Meheffie, Harriet More, Grace Van Dyke Park, Herbert Reger, Anna Skelton. Robert Smith, John Sparger, Alma Spier, Etta Spruill, Patty Street, Mrs, Madelene Weatherspoon, Mrs. Elizabeth -«■{ 118 ?■«•- CJ937 PinE IIeedlesJ) SQUAEE CIRCLE OFFICERS Margaret LeRov ( )lga Mallo Annabel Lee President J ' icc-Prcsidciit Sccrctarx-Trcasiircr Miss Cornelia Stroxg. Faculty Adzisor Imo Jean Anthony Dr. Helen Barton Mary E. Bunch Doris Cockerham Sarah Dalton Catherine Davis Madeline Farthing Catherine Fleet Pauline Fields Margaret Idol MEMBERS Mildred Knox Merle Leavitte Annabel Lee Margaret LeRoy Dorothy Lewis Olga Mallo Bessie AIcFadden Machel McLain Rema Morgan Flora Pearsall Helen Pease Alice Powell Esther Ann Ouinn Emily Stanton Miss Cornelia Strong Nell Tyson I Iiss Emily ' atkins Loretta Willis Helen Veasey Mary Zimmerman -s5{ 119 0937 PinE riEEDLESjD THE 1937 PINE NEEDLES After s radnation is over, a yearbocik becomes an invalualjle means of reviving memories and aspirations of the past. Realizing this trnth, we have attempted to record in the pages of the l ' 37 PinE NeedlEs the familiar scenes and every- day occurrences of onr college life. In its pages will be pictured daily routine rather than spectacular endeavor. The clubs with their manifold interests, the frenzied battles waged on the athletic fields, the laboratories where unholy brews are con- cocted by eager students, the dormitories with their studious occupants (and bits of gossip flying about occasionally) — all our varied activities are portray ed within this volume. Because it thus vividly reflects the college year, we hope that the 1937 Pine Needles will long be cherished. To Miss Nettie Sue Tillett we extend our most sincere gratitude for her kind assistance in compiling this yearbook. - 120 0937 PinE OeedleO THE 1937 PINE NEEDLES LTTER.VRY STAFF Marv Lee Gardner Anne Beltox Margaret Boatjian Maxilla Everett Minnie Lou Parker Kitty ALweield Betty Aldrich Jean Abbitt ' iRGixiA Laxe Agnes Graham Frances Berbert BUSINESS STAFF Helen Dennis Mary Zimmerman Emily Harris Katherixe Landen Ethel Cody ' irginia Edwards E ' A AL ' vE Scott Barbara I Ioon Jo Wagner Taxe Goodwin liftMfiiatej i dsinpc E: — - GAKuxrcK wagxer maykield dexxis r.ELTOX aldrich «{ 121 ] CJ1937 PinE OeedleO Katk Urquhart Editor-in-Chief Geraldink Bon kemeyf.r Business Manager Betty Calder Managing Editor Betty Trimble Advertising Manager URQUHART bonkemeyer CAKOLINIAN EDITORS Katherine Gilbert Li ' CiLE Scarborough Gladys Meverowitz Adkienne ormser Maxine Garner Marjorie Lee Eleanor Kerchner Elizabeth Phillips Carroll Stoker Sl ' sannah Thomas Ruth Westcott Elizabeth Copeland Virginia Jackson 4rt Editor Phyllis Morrah Book Review Editor Grace Reynolds . . . Photography Editor Helen Pease Society Editor Nell Sturkey Sports Editor Alethea Hough , . ,, _ , f ■Circtilatton Managers Evelyn Johnson ) EDITORIAL BOARD Betty Winspear Rachel Darden Virginia Tatum Leah Smirnow Gertrude Rainey Phyllis Keister REYNOLDS JOHNSON CALDER :( 122 )■ - CJ937 PinE HeedleO Helen Crutchfield Bditor-in-Chief Swift Business Manager ClU ' TCHFIELn THE COKKADI EDITORIAL STAFF Phyllis Moprah svril gurlkv Sheila Cor ley Bettv Winspear GlAUYS MnYEROWITZ AriKIENNE W ' ORMSER ;Marie Sette Ruth Hill Georgia Arnett BUSINESS STAFF RiKL Capel Viola Gradeck Edna Earle Bostick ART STAFF Evelyn Kernodle Miriam Sloan Elizabhth Reeves Virginia Jackson qrv f " o ' " KERXODLE TACKSON SLO.W WINSPEAR MEYEROWITZ SETTE CORLEY HILL WORMSER CAPEL - [ 123 )3— Gl-RLEY ARXETT BOSTICK 1852 CaI ' Lin H. Wiley becomes first GencntI Superintendent of Connnon Scliools. lc%4 The plan for the griT cd school system as outlined at the meeting of the Stale Board of Education in [S6o is passed by the Legislature. 1865 The Legislature recognizes the right of the Negro to be educated, setting up Shazi ' i nivirsity. Raleigh, and Washburn Seminary, Beaufort. 1870 Despite post-zcar confusion, the Urst pld lic z ' hite graded school, aided by nwney from the city treasury, is established in Greensboro. " Our teacher was, in many respects, a good-natured man : but even Job ' s patience would not have been proof against the trials he endured in the grievous misprints of text-books. By some odd fatality, every hard sum in Daboll ' s Arith- metic had the answer wrong : and we shall never forget the earnestness with which the good old man, after having tugged for hours over a tough question which had stumped our feebler capacities, would expound on the blunders of Daboll ' s .Arithmetic and the merits of Pike ' s Arithmetic, the book which he had studied and which he recommended to us as the very pink of perfection in figures. Mis- fortunes, however, never came singly. . copy of Pike was at length procured ; we prized it as a treasure and bore it in triumph to our venerable teacher. His eyes glistened with delight. It looked as if the course of arithmetic would run smooth. But to our consternation and amazement we found that we were still the sport of mischievous printers, and that every hard sum. even in Pike, had the wrong answer ! " — From an old manuscript. OxioRD Female THLETICS 0937 PinE FIbedleO ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Jo Lucas Edith ' atts Leah Smirn ' ow President Secretary Treasurer CABINET Susan Hamlin Ruth Westcott Grace Harriman Stephen Wiley ROWENA ' ilkinson JosEraixE Butler GWEN McMuLLEN Marie Roberts Julia Butler Janet Morrison Alice Dickinson Julia Root Carolyn Prout Jean Wilson Evelyn Tart Katiierine Crouch AiLEEN Pendleton Bee Westervelt Nell Sturkev iTiiia - { 127 ]i CJ937 PmE IIeedleO TE ASKETBALL ING - { 128 }■ - CJ937 PinE Deedles VOLLEY BALL SOCCE GYMNASTICS LL 129 j 1901 Governor Aycock is elected, pledged to gkr eTery child a chance for an education. 191S There is a public high school in every county in the slate, and tlie State Uniz ' crsity publishes a list of the accredited schools. 1917 Definite standardization of teacher training for certification is begun. 1921 Through the Rosenumid fund and the General .Issc inbly ' s .Special Building fund, counties are enabled to horrois. ' money to set up high schools for negroes respectiz ' ely. 1933 The State assunus complete support for a term of eight months of school With the election in 1901 of North Carolina ' s great education governor, Charles B. Aycock, a zealous campaign for state-wide education was launched. By 1915 the State University was able to publish a list of accredited high schools. Two years later the definite standardizing of teacher training was begun. Mean- while, about 1912, night schools for adults were opened in the public school house on moonlight nights. The object of " Moonlight schools " was the reduction of adult illiteracy. It was expected that the response would be slow, but more than a thousand men and women from 18 to 86 years old were enrolled the first even- ing. Among these were not only illiterate farmers and their illiterate wives, sons, and daughters, but also illiterate merchants, or " storekeepers, " illiterate ministers, and illiterate lumbermen. Mothers, bent with age, came that they might learn for the first time to read letters from absent sons and daughters, and that they might learn for the first time how to answer these letters. Trooping over the hills and out of the hollows, they came, some to add to the meager education received in the inadequate schools of their childhood, some to receive their first lessons in reading and writing. Peack EflTURES u LtUme LA litick Mt. Clemens, Michigan S A ' A N N A H , Georgia etalAiiie z VLnk ' zd Raleigh. K o r t h Carolina lo cv)ki te J—v Greensboro, North Carolina I ate L xaitkatt ' o D V I L L E , North Carolina L- UTavetk mU. f Westfikld, Massachusetts Norfolk, ' irginia J duan Jatdi an li A R T s ' I L L E , South Carolina au a f 19 36 7 a y% Que Alice Dunlap Albemarle. Xorfh Carolina f . . . I Q 3 6 u Jj THE PIEDMONT PRESS Specialists in School, College and Social Printing 129 W. Gaston Street Phone 2-1196 JEFFERSON ROOF RESTAURANT On Top Jefferson Standard Budding Delicious Food Special Attention Given to Private Parties (ireensboro, N. ( ' . Phone 6814 MARY LEE RIDING ACADEMY Safe Horses Tlie liorscs pieturcd in tliis book are from our stables. You will find there a good, well-schooled, easy to handle horse, and when you are riding, you will always be accompanied by a competent instructor. Telephone 721 !• :: :: :: :: Telephone 72 It EFIRD ' S New Modern Department Store EFIRDS For Correct Fitting and, Style A Iways First to Show the Latest Millinery, Bags, Gloves, and Lingetie BETTY LOU SHOPPE Greensboro, N. C. 120 S. Elm Street SERUNIAN SONS Oriental and Dom estic — RUGS — Cleaning — Repairing- —Storing 224. S . Green Street Phone 2 2065 KOONTZ DRY CLEANERS for Guaranteed Satisfaction Patronize Our Advertisers Tin " Best Dressed " Stiuleiifs ' Di Fashion Source The New ' pen dahlc BROWNHILL ' S 108 Xortli Elm Street Greens loro. N. C. ARNOLD ' S Smart Shop PIEDMONT BUILDING 112 N. Elm Street Inexpeiisk ' C SMART Fashions GREENSBORO DRUG CO. C. M. FoHOHAM Dewev Farrell Prescription ists 230 West Market Street Dial 6147 Wiierc You ' ll Alivai s Find ' Darling " St fles (Hid Outstai ding J ' alues DRESSES COATS FURS SUITS MILLIXERY DARLING SHOP 10(3 SOUTH ELM STREET lIoiints Dc oc Go. 106 Nortli Elm Street GREENSBORO, N. C. QUALITY CLOTHING Hats. Furnishings. Shoes — THE ART SHOP — 118 West Market Street Kodak Finishing :: Enlarging Portrait Photograph Kodaks :: Pictures :: Frames THE GRILL " Courteous Service " At The Grill you will find your favorite sandwieli and drink, also deliciously prepared PLATE LUNCHES 9461 — PHONES — 946.5 Fred Showfety, Proprietor PROMPT DELIVERY ON DORM ORDERS Patronize Our A dvertisers DIXIE SUNDRY SHOP Mr. and Mrs. Bert D. H.ayms 332 Tate Street 50 Varieties of DELICIOUS SANDWICHES For Prompt Delivery Call That Iagic Number 9283 MODERN CHARM BEAUTY SHOP Tfr specialize in all lines of BEAUTY CI LTV UK You -iv ' ill find us conz ' enieiitt 1 located 331 Tate Street Dial 652() For More Than a Third of a Cetitur . . The Store of Quality Fashions for the COLLEGE GIRL ELLIS STONE COMPANY " Greensboro ' s Best Store " We invite you to visit the studios ffl WBIG w In the O. Henri Hotel GREENSBORO ' The Favorite Station in the Favored Region " — ALL NEW ' CARS — 25c- — One or Five Passengers — 25c Ani tchere in City BLUE BIRD TAXI DIAL 51 12 DIAL 5112 CAROLINA PHARMACY 401 Tate Street Corner Walker Avenue — DIAL 8197 — MANGEL ' S Misses ' and Wrmwn ' s APPAREL 216 S. Elm Street Greensboro. N. C. Patronize Our A dvertisers FOR K ualily IN J holografjhy SIDDELL ' S OFFERS THE BEST SIDDELL STUDIOS RALEIGH, N. C. Official Photographers for PINE NEEDLES ACIHtllEVIEMIENT UN ANY UN IE Of lENIDIEAVOIK. IIJimiE NATUIIRAIL IRJEXyiLT or AIBIIILIITY AND lEXIPlEIKJIIENCIEJPLyjrOIPIPOIKJryNIIIY imilJOI ANIIZAIIION TAINEJ IPIKJIDIE IN IITJ jyCCEXir--jyCCIEJXrAJKNIEID BY imiE AlBiiiLinnY or iiix MiEMiBoy; Ttttr rXIPriMNENCIE GAIINrO IIN wmn YiAu or rrroiwr, and imrapiPoiKiryNiiiiirx orrriMEiD m IITjr CLIirNTX CMAIKLOniE lENGIRAVIING , COM IRAN Y II NC. AKTIJ " T -PnOTO-ENGRAVEPj " DtriGNEPJ C++AR.LOTTE CAR-OLINA jiaEHia: NIN ETEEN FIFTEEN CHOOL ITBLICATIOXS The many high awards won each year by school pubhcations produced by us is the result of specialization based on a com- prehensive knowledge o( art motifs, de- sign, layout and publication trends. A modern printing plant operated by highly efficient craftsmen in every depart- ment provides a quality and a distinctive- ness that is unsurpassed. HE iASSITER KESS. IXC. QIEEX flTY PRIXTIXO COMPANY CHARLOTTE. XORTH CAROLINA PRINTERS OF THE 1937 PINE NEEDLES 14. t a a t a V k 3 ittaatavk a I fc a f L i-

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