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Plan for the Years There are so many many souls that go Host gallantly and tall to meet old age: So many who pin courage over woe, And such a throng of silent ones who wage, W ith heads held high, a war on doubts and fears, And oh, so many bearing flags of song, That, Self, we must, in going down the years, Refuse to be less brave and gay and strong 1 And let us learn to keep an open mind, A sense of humor and a reverent soul And never be too busy to be kind- Playing so valiantly this strange new role That watching ones who love their youth can say, I should not mind so, growing old that way 4 Elaine V. Ernans Good Housekeeping January 1935 RACH6L DUnnAGAn €DITOR DOROTHY POOLC.BUS m 5R. DESIGNING AND ENGRAVINGS BY CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING CO. CHARLOTTE. N. C. ymi. nin€T€€n hurdr€D ah € 5€ Am€L UniV€RSITY OF nORTH CAROLinA GR«nSBORO • nORTH CAROLinA RHART SUP R WOfTKn _I_ HIS is a tale in picture and story of the events of the present year, portraying the traditions of the past and the simple pleasures of daily life, the fulfillments of ambitions and friendships, whose brightness grows dim only when memories fail. This is a tale of fair ladies who lived when our songs were un- sung; this is a tale of fair ladies who shall live when our songs are for- gotten. This is a tale of fair ladies so wise, so pitying, so learned — they laughed at the years; a tale of ladies so faithful, so faithless, so fair — the years only smiled and remembered. To women — changing, yet ever changeless — we lift eyes filled with wonder to win the courage to dare. CO A 86p 936 a, 2 QLL AG€ oraracicns T fiK ' W M ft 1 " -Mfjl n fit VunswunmniJiiurf ) Hrt U ' ' i +.- . S «fc Mi$7f i COLL-6 G-€ • CLASSES OKGAniZATIOnS • • ATHLETICS • F ATUP S 0017 r I .T is with respect and admiration that we of the Senior Class, as an expression of our appreciation for one whose genuine interest in our college was demon- strated during years of unstinted service, whose scholarly attainment and ahility go unchallenged, and whose noble- ness of character enriches the life of those who know him to Dr. Julius Isaac Foust with respectful and affectionate recognition of his long service and devotion, dedicate this issue of Pine Needles. Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth was one of the greatest sovereigns of England. Bold, courageous, full of self-reliance and self- confidence, she devoted herself to the welfare and glory of her country, a living embodiment of its noblest and best qualities. Her unique combination of the characteristics of a pleasure-loving queen and an imperious sovereign evoked and stimulated the poetic, enterprising, and warlike genius of her people, rousing them to the glorious political and literary achievements which marked her reign. Post Office Entrance to Dining Hall Junior Shoppe ■ ' The Quadrangle ' • ShT ' SiJe View i o " Mclver Buildin g Qolf Course The Bridge Ruins of Old Training School Club House I nfi r m a r y Front View of M elver Building Governor J. C. B. Ehringhaus Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Frank Porter Graham President of The University of North Carolina Dr. Walter Clinton Jackson Dean of Administration Miss Harriet W. Elliott Dean of Women Executive Committee of the Trustees Henry Mauger London, ex officio, Secretary. 1936: Josephus Daniels, Clarence Poe, Irving B. Tucker. 1938: Charles Whedbee, William D. Faucette, Leslie Weil. 19i0: John Sprunt Hill, Walter Murphy, John J. Parker. 1942: Mrs. Laura Weill Coxe, Miss Easdale Shaw, Haywood Parker. Term expires. Page 15 HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS John Paul Givler Ph.B., M.A. Professor of Biology Albert S. Keister M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Economics Glenn R. Johnson B.A., M.A. Professor of Sociology Calvin N. Wa " .field M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physics John H. Cook M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education Florence L. Schaeffer B.A., M.A. Professor of Chemistry Anna M. Gove Mary Channing Coleman M.D. B.S. Professor of Hygiene and Prof, of Physical Education Physician Margaret M. Edwards B.S., M.A. Prof, of Home Economics Helen Barton M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics James Albert Highsmith M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Gregory - D. Ivy B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Art Winfield S. Barney M.A.. Ph.D. Prof, of Romance Languages B. Frank Kyker B.A.. B.S., M.A. Prof, of Secretarial Science Benjamin B. Kendrick M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History Wade R. Brown Mus.D. Professor of Music Caroline Schoch Ph.B., M.A. Professor of German Faculty and Officers 1935-1936 Alice K. Abbott, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish Louise Brevard Alexander, B.A. Assistant Professor of Political Science Mary Ruth Angle Circulation Department, Library Hallie Anthony Cleric Alex M. Arnett, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History Key L. Barkley, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology Winfield S. Barney, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languages Elva Eudora Barrow, B.A., M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry Helen Barton, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Estelle Boyd Supervisor of Dormitories Wade R. Brown, Mus.D. Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music Mary- Elizabeth Brummitt, B.A. Assistant in Biology May- Dulaney Bush. B.A., M.A. Instructor in English Clara Booth Byrd, B.A. Alumnae Secretary Victoria Carlsson, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Hygiene Dorothy Lee Clement, B.S. Instructor in Music Oliver Perry Clutts, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education Hiram G. Cobb, B.S., M.A. Instructor in Secretarial Science Laura H. Coit Secretary of the College Inez Coldwell, B.A. Associate Professor of Biology Mary Channing Coleman, B.S. Professor of Physical Education Cora Fuller Collier, B.A. Assistant Cataloguer, Library Ruth M. Collings, B.A., M.D. Associate Professor of Hygiene ami A ssociate Ph ysicia n Elizabeth J. Cook, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education John H. Cook, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Education June Louise Cooley-, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Hope Coolidge, B.S., M.S. Dietitian Agnes N. Coxe, B.S., M.A. Instructor in Home Economics Bennie Lee Craig, B.A. Assistant in Psychology Lucy Cherry Crisp, B.S. General Secretary of Religious Activities Charles Crittenden, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography Helen Frances Cutting, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor -if Spanish Dorothy Davis, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education Marie B. Denneen, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education Catherine T. Dennis, B.S., M.A. Instructor iu Home Economics Bessie Doub Assistant Dietitian Bernice E. Draper, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of History J. Arthur Dunn, B.A., M.A. Professor of English Flora White Edwards, B.S.. M.S. Assistant Professor ,,f Home Economics Margaret M. Edwards, B.S., M.A. Professor of Home Economics Harriet W. Elliott, B.A., M.A. Professor of Political Sen lie, and Dean of Women Mary Ellis Instruct,,,- ,,i Com,,,,,;,,,! Department Virginia C. Farinholt, B.A., M.A. Instinct, a- iu Education Mary- Lois Ferrell Associate professor of Education Mary- Fitzgerald, B.A. Assistant professor of Education Ruth Fitzgerald, B.S., M.A. Professor ,,f Education Aldace Fit water, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Margaret Fi.intom, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Education Edna A. Forney, B.A. Assistant Treasurer E. J. FORNEY ' Treasure, Adelaide P ' ortune, B.A. Secretary to the Class Chairmen Frances Foster Clerk Julius I. Foist. Ph.B.. LL.D. President Emeritus Henry H. Ficiis. B.A., B.Mus. Professor of Music Tl„ ,,,„ Annie B. Funderburk, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Romance Language and student Counselor TN ' ora T. Gerberich. B.A., M.A. Instructor iu Education John Paul Givler, Ph.B., M.A. Professor of Biologu Mildred R. Gould, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of English Anna M. Gove, M.D. Professor of Hugo,,, „„,] Physician Ione H. Grogan, B.A., M.A. Student Counselor Magnhilde Gullander, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of History Ruth Gunter, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Alonzo C. Hall, B.A., M.A. Professor of English Earl H. Hall, B.S., M.S. Professor of Botany Edith Harbour, B.A. Secretary to the Dean of Administration Rene Hardre, C.E.X., C.A.P. Associate Professor of Romance Languages Mary Harrell, B.A. Instruct,,,- i„ Commercial Department Mildred Pearl Harris, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Hygiene Edith Haryvood, B.L. Clerk in Registrar ' s Office Kathleen Pettit Hayvkins Clerk Madeline Heffner, B.A. Assistant in Biology Josephine Hege, B.A. Instructor in History and Student Counselor Moffitte Sinclair Henderson Instructor in Commercial Department Sara Henry, B.A. Clerk James A. Highsmith, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Birdie H. Holloyvay, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Music 1 ' Marjorie Hood, B.A. Assistant Cataloguer, Library Malcolm K. Hooke, B.A., D. de l ' Univ. Professor of Romance Languages Annie H. Hughes Clerk Eugenia McIver Hunter, B.A. Instructor in Kindergarten Ethel Haskin Hunter student Counselor Leonard B. Hurley, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English Minnie M. Hussey, B.A. Readers ' Adviser Helen Ingraham, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Biology Gregory- D. Ivy-, M.A. Associate Professor ' of Art Walter C. Jackson, B.S., LL.D. Dean of Administration Page 17 Minnie L. Jamison Student Counselor Charlton C. Jeknigan, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Classical Civilization Betty Brown Jester. B.A. Manager of Book Store and Post Office Caroline H. Johns, B.A., M.A. Instructor in History Clarence D. Johns, B.A., M.A. Professor of History Glenn R. Johnson, B.A., M.A. Professor of Sociology George M. Joyce, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor, Commercial Department Albert S. Keister, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Economics Benjamin B. Kendrick. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History A. P. Kephart, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Educational Practice Susanne Ketchum, B.A. Assistant in English Herbert Kimmel, Ph.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education ♦Elizabeth W. Kingsbury, M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in Biology Anna M. Kreimeier, Ph.B. Assistant Professor of Education Helen Krug, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education B. Frank Kyker, B.A., B.S., M.A. Professor of Secretarial Science Jessie C. Laird, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Romance Languages Betty Aiken Land, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Vera Largent, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of History Augustine LaRochelle, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Spanish May Lattimore Clerk Mary Betty Lee Clerk Eunice Ann Lloyd, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Lila Belle Love, M.S. Associate Professor of Bacteriology Lillian Mebane Lovings Clerk Miriam MacFadyen, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Jessie R. McLean, R.N. Nurse Winifred H. McLean Instructor in Commercial Department William W. Martin, Ph.B., M.A. Professor of Psychology Ethel L. Martus, B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Harriett Mehaffie, Ph.B. Assistant Professor of Education Eva Cox Melvin, B.L. Clerk Meta Helena Miller. M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Romance Languages Alleine Richard Minor, B.S. Associate Professor of Piano Mary Taylor Moore Registrar Grace Van Dyke More, B.Mus., M.S. Associate Professor of Public School Music Katharine Moser, B.A.. M.A. Instructor in History Mildred P. Newton, B.A. Secretary t " tin- Registrar Edythe Simpson Orrell Clerk James W. Painter, B.A.. M.A. Associate Professor of English Mary Welsh Parker, B.A. Assistant in Chemistry Emeve Paul, B.S. Instructor in Charge nf Nursery School Mary M. Penney, B.A.. M.A. Instructor in History and Student Counselor Ione A. Perry. B.A. Manager " «,,.,A- Store ami Post Offict Mollie A. Peterson. Ph.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Art Mary M. Petty, B.S. Professor nf eh, mistry Charles W. Phillips. B.A., M.A. Director of Public Relations Helen Pickard s,ti t irii t j the Assistant Comptroller Viva M. Playfoot. B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Home Economics Anna Reger, B.A., B.S. Assistant Professor o) Education and Librarian, Training School Bess Naylor Rosa, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Kurt E. Rosinger, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy Abigail E. Rowley, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English E. Elizabeth Sampson, B.S. Acting Librarian and Head Cataloguer Florence L. Schaeffer, B.A., M.A. Professor of Chemistry Edythe D. Schneider, B.M. Instructor in Music Caroline B. Schoch, Ph.B., M.A. Professor of German Sarah Gardner Seagle, B.A. Seen tary t " tl " Librarian Archie D. Shaftesbury, B.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Zoology Anne Shamburger Instructor in Hygiene Katherine Siierrill, B.A. Student Counselor Lyda Gordon Shivers, M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology Charles J. Shohan, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Economics J. A. Smith, B.Ed., M.S. Associate Professor of Education William C Smith, Ph.B., L.H.D. Professor of English Language and Literature Sue Kyle Southwick Instructor in Music Alma M. Sparger, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Art Etta R. Spier, B.S., M.A. Professor of Education Patty Spruill, B.S. Instructor in Secretarial Science Cora Jane Staton, R.N. Nurse Madeleine B. Street, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Cornelia Strong, B.A., M.A. Professor of Mathematics Frances Summerell, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Biology and Student Counselor Jane Summerell, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English Blanche Tansil, B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Institutional Management Katherine Taylor, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Romance Languages and Student Counselor William R. Taylor. B.A.. M.A. Professor of English Claude Edward Teague, B.A. Assist a ut Comptroller Mary Alice Tennent, B.A. A ssistant Registrar Albert F. Thiel, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Botany George M. Thompson, M.Mus. Professor of Organ John A. Tiedeman, M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics Kathryn Price Tiedeman, B.A. Hind nf Circulation Department, Library Nettie S. Tillett, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English Hope Tisdale, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Virginia Trumper In Charge of Periodicals, Library George A. Underwood, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Romance Languag, s Edith Vail, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Calvin N. Warfield, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physics Emily H. Watkins, B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Elizabeth McIver Weatherspoon Associate Professor of Art Christine White, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Frances White, B.A. Instructor in Sociology and Student Counselor Treva Wilkerson, B.A. Circulation Department, Library Maude Williams, B.A., M.S. Associate Professor of Physiology Sue Vernon Williams, B.A., M.A. Reference Librarian George P. Wilson, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English Martha E. Winfield, B.A., M.A. Professor of English Mary Edith York, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Home Economics Page IS Student Counselors Miss Katherine Sherrill, B.A Gotten Dormitory Miss Josephine Hege, B.A Share Dormitory Mrs. J. S. Hunter Gray Dormitory Miss Frances White, B.A -Bailey Dormitory Miss Mary Penny, B.A., M.A Kirkland and Woman ' s Dormitory Miss Frances Summerell, B.A.. M.A .— Hinshaie Dormitory Miss Minnie Jamiesox Spencer Dormitory Miss Katherine Taylor, B.A., M.A New Guilford Dormitory Mrs. Annie Beam Funderburke, B.A., M.A Mary Foust Dormitory Miss Tone Grogan, B.A., M.A. East Dormitory Page 19 Helen of Troy Some have called her the most beautiful woman in the world, the woman with " the face that launched a thousand ships " — the fair Helen. Poets and dreamers of dreams have said that she yet lives ; that loveliness such as hers could not die but must have eternal life, even as the smile of the springtime or the laughter of the sea. Legends tell us of her wanderings from shore to shore — ageless, divine, immor- tal, as eternal as Love itself. The golden Helen, typifying the all-engulfing love that laughs alike at reason and romance, lives and shall live while men are men. M pin n«DL s " Senior Class Song 1 O the dear old class of ' 36 The class of lavender and white, We ' ll cherish, honor, and protect Ideals that stand for right; We ' ll fight the fight, we ' ll do our best For loyal friendships true. We ' ll ever and forever strive For the College of N. C. U. Louise Bell President of Senior Class Colors: Lavender and White Flower: Iris Motto: Nosce Tete Dr. Helen Barton Chairman of Senior Class Jean Barkley Mascot of Senior Class h pirK n«DL-es Senior Class Poem You who have led us here, to this Our last estate of youth Think you that we are brave Who stand in this first hour Seeing the stars — Who until now have seen But their reflections? Think you that we arc brave Who pause in this first hour Hearing at last tJie lift Of all creation ' s breathing — Who until note have heard But our men whispers? Think you that we are brave Who stand alone In this far waited moment Knowing our nothingness? We who so long Have pressed against cloistered bounds- Beached for the rein of toil — We are not brave this day. -Edythe Latham. Mary Fitzgerald Vice-President Helen Jones Secretary Ruby Keller Treasurer ' 36 Page 24 M pin-e n«Dbes ' Mary Lee Alford zebulon, n. c. A. B. Education Club. Aletheian ; Educat B. S. U. Council, 3. Sara Loose Andrewes brevard, n. c. A. B. English Dikean; Speaker ' s Club. Carmen Austin four oaks, n. c. A. B. Education Adelphian ; Honor Roll. 2. 3 : House Vice-President. 2: Education Club. 4. Treasurer; Wesley Players. 4. Vice-President. Elizabeth Barineau Ll.NTOLXTON, N. C. Phi Beta Kappa A. B. French Adelphian: Square Circle, Class Treasurer. 2: French Club 2. Secretary, 3. President. I: Stu dent Curriculum Committee. International Relations Club, 3. 4 President. 3: Judicial Board. 4 Honor Board. 4: Y. W. C. A. Cab inet. 4; " Carolinian Staff, " Honor Roll. 3. 4. Sarah Rawlixgs Ambrose jacksonville, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian: French Club, 2; Chemistry Club, 3. 4: Botany Club. a, 4: Physics Club. 3, 4; Honor Roll. 1, 1. Anna Atkinson greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian; Education Club. 4; Honor Roll, 1. 2; Secretary College Orchestra, I; College Orchestra. Ida Hassell Bailey raleigh, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian : St. Mary ' s Club, 3. i. Vestry, 4; Education Club, 4. Rcth Wagg Barker asheville. n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian: French Club. 4; " Carolinian " Staff. 4; House Vice- President. 4: Souare Circle Club. 4; St. Genevieve of the Pines. 1, 2. Page ' 36 PI IK n-€-€DL6S Louise Bell moohesville, x. c. A. B. Education Cornelian : Marsha] : Society Sec- retary; Society Treasurer; Presi- dent of Senior Class: House Presi- dent: House Vice-President; Legis- lature; Chapel Committee; Activi- ties Committee. Mary Elizabeth Bittixg DURHAM, n. c. . . ' . Education Cornelian: Coraddi Staff. 3. 4: Quill Club, 2. 3, 4; Vice-President, 3; Society Social Chairman. 3: Education Club; French Club. Kent Blair charlotte, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian: Marshal. 4: Inter-So- ciety Representative. 3: Legislature. 4; Freshman Commission. 1: Play Likers. 3. 4; Speakers Club. 1, 2; Sociology Club. 3, i. Amelia Block greensboro, x. c. A. B. Education Dikean, Marshal 3; Day Student Representative, 3. Faith Bissall montclair, n. j. A. B. Education Dikean. Gladys Black thomasville, n. c. B. S. Music Cornelian: Orchestra. 1. 2. 3. 4. Secretary. 2. President. 3. 4. Con- cert-Master. 3. 1: Choir. 3; Play Likers. 1. 2, 3. 4: Y-Cabinet. 3. Xeta Blackwelder wadesboro, x. c. A. B. Education Dikean: B. S. U. Council. I: rench Club. 3. I; Education Club. : Square Dance Club. I. Martha Boger albemarle. x. c. B. S. Physical Education Cornelian; Hockey, 1. 2. 3; Var- sity. 2. 3: Gymnastics. 1, 2. 3. 4: Square Dance Club. 3. I; Clogging Club. 3, 4: House Vice-President. 2; A. A. Cabinet, 4; French Club, 2. ' 36 Page !f PlfHE JK-€DbGS Margaret Booker greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin, Dikean; Honor Roll, 1. 2. Doris Elinor Box palisades park, n. j. A. B. Education Adelphian; Education Club. Square Circle Club. 2. 3. 4; Bla stone Junior College. 1. 2. Dorothy Boylks KING, N. C. A. B. Education Adelphian; Education Club, 4; French Club. 3, 4. Mary Reynolds Bradshaw wilson, n. c. . . B. English Aletheian; French Club. 3. 4, Treasurer. 3: Education Club. 4; Clogging Club. 3. 4: College Chorus. 2: Basketball. 2; " Carolinian " Staff. 2. 3, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2. Lillie Mae Bost new london, n. c. A. B. Education Aletheian; Botany Club. 3. 4. Frances Boyette scotland neck, n. c. A. B. Education Adelphian; Education Club. 3; Botany Club, 3. 4; French Club. I. 2; Y. W. A., Secretary-Treas- urer, 4. Sarah Boyles greensboro, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian. Ruth Brown cleveland, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Dikean; Athletic Association. 1. 2. 3. 4; Cabinet. 3. 4; Education Club. 1; Head Coach of Baseball. 4. Page 27 pin-e n«Dbes k Maria Elizabeth Bryan raleigh, x. c. B. S. Home Economics Dikean; Play Likers, 1. 2. 8, 4. Make-Up Chairman. 3. 4: Vesper Choir, 1. 2; Orchestra, l: Home Economics Club. 2. 3. 4: St. Mary ' s Club. 1. 2. 3. 4. Chairman of House. 2. Treasurer. 3. Vice-President. 4. Mildred Bullock oxford, n. c. A. B. English Cornelian: Education Club, i Honor Roll. 1. 2: Secretary Wesle Student Association, 2. Lucile Bryan Byrd elizabethtown, n. c. . . B. Education Aletheian; Honor Roll. 1. 2; Square Circle, 1; Physics Club. 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4; Educa- tion Club, 3, 4. Julia Kathleen Capps arcola, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Cornelian; French Club. 1. 2; Daisy Chain, 2; Home Economics Club. 2, 3. 4: ' Pine Needles " Staff, 4: Legislature, 4; Education Club. 4; Chairman Social Com- mittee, 4; Chapel Committee, 4. Elizabeth Buhmann greensboro, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian; College Choir. 1; In- ternational Relations Club; Educa- tion Club. 4; St. Mary ' s Club. Erances Penn Burton STl ' ART, VIRGINIA A. B. French Dikean ; Harrisonburg Teachers ' College, 1. 2; Botany Club. 3: French Club. 3. 4; Education Club. I: •Carolinian " Staff. 3. 4: V. W. C. A.; Committee on Publications of " The Eye " . 4; Assistant Senior Class Editor of " Pine Needles " Staff, 4. Geraldine Cameron jonesboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian; Education Club, 4; Botany Club. 2. 3. 4. Willie Flata Carter marion, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Cornelian ; College Choir. 4. ' 36 Page 28 PlfK (K-€DL-eS M Evelyn- French Cavilleek upper montclair, x. j. A. B. English Aletheian; College Choir. 1. 2. 3: Vesper Choir. 2, 3: German Club. 1, 2. 3. 4; Dormitory Social Chairman. 2; " Carolinian " Staff. 2. 3. 4; Managing Editor. 3; Re- ligious Activities Council. 4; Wes- ley Foundation Council, 4; Presi- dent. 4: Big Sister. 3: Junior Ad- visor, 3: Editor of " College Hand- book " 2. 3. Emma Katharine Cobb mcleansville, n. c. B. S. S. A. Adelphian: Education Club. ; 4. Chairman Publicity. 4: Secretar and Treasurer, L. S. A., t. Winifred Collett wilmington. n. c. A. B. Biology Mary Nettles Corbett wilmington, n. c. B. S. H. E. Cornelian; Play Likers. 2: Hon Economics Club, 2, 3. 4; Chemis try Club. 4. Virginia Christy avondai.e. n. c. B. S. Music Dikean: College Choir. 2. 3. 4; Vesper Choir. 3: Madrigal Club. 2. :i. 1; College Orchestra, 3. 4; Edu- cation Club. I. Blanche Colev stantonsburg, x. c. B. S. H. E. Malinda Coxnally taylorsyille. n. c. B. S. Music Aletheian: Madrigal Club; Col- ege Choir; Education Club. LoiISE Cox RALEIGH. X. C. A. B. Math. Page 20 ' 36 PIIXE n DLCS 4J Ann Crawley NORWOOD, n. c. 5. S. Music Dikean; College Choir, 2. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A.; Vesper Choir. 4; Madrigal Club, 3. 4, 5, Secretary. 1. President. 3; Honor Roll. 1. 2, 4; Education Club, S. Leslie Darden plymouth, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian: French Club, 1: Young Voters ' Club, 2; Honor Roll, 2; House Vice-President, 3. Catherine Davis concord, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Aletheian; Quill Club, 1. Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, Education Club, 3, 4. Eliza Faison Cromartie fayetteville, n. c. . ' i. B. Primary Education Dikean: House Vice-President. 1: Westminister Council. 2. 3. 4: So- cial Chairman, 4: French Club. 2: Manager Junior Shop, 3; Dormitory- Social Chairman, 3; Secretary Edu- cation Club. 4: Legislature, 4; President Dikean Society. 4. Mary June Darden murfreesboro, n. c. A. B. Education Sarah Elizabeth Dowdle franklin, n. c. A. B. Education Adelphian; French Club. 1. 2; Botany Club, 2, 3, 4: Education Club. 3, 4. Vice-President, 4; " Pine Needles " Staff, 4: House Vice-Pres- ident, 1 ; Wesleyan Players, 2, 3, 4. Gladys Leonard Draper greensboro, n. c A. B. Primary Education Adelphian; Play Likers, 4; Edu cation Club, 4; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2 3, 4. Mildred Duff glen olden. pa. B. S. Home Economics Adelphian; Drexel Institute. 2; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Adel- phian Marshal. 4. Page SO PlfK n-€-€DLGS Alice Dunlap albemarle, n. c. A. B. English Adelphian: Society Dance Chair- man, 3: Inter-Society Representa- tive. 4; Chief Marshal, 4: Fresh- man Commission, 1 ; Hockey, 1. 2, 3, 4; Play Likers, 1, 2, 3, ' I. Lawlos Edhuxdson pikeville, n. c. B. S. S. A. Mabel Clara Farmer marshall, x. c. A. B. Education Adelphian; House Vice-Pre sident, 3; Education Club. 3. I; Vice- President Adelphian Society, 4. Mary Fitzgerald WILSON, n. c. B. S. S. A. Rachel Lee Dunnagan yadkin ' ville, n. c. A. B. Education Aletheian; Society Sec. 3; Vice- President Class, 1 ; House Vice- President. 1; " Pine Needles " Staff, 1. 2. 3, Editor-in-Chief. 4; Legisla- ture. 3; Senior Orchesis. 2. 3. 4; Clogging Club, 3; Student Curricu- lum Committee, 4: Education Club, t; Quill Club. 4: May Day, 1. 2; So- ciology Club. 3. 4: Wesley Players, 2; Y. W. C. A.. 2. 3; Summer School Social Climn., 3; Daisy Chain. 2. Amelia Miles Elliot edenton, n. c. A. B. Education Dikean; Education Club. Margaret Farrior wallace, n. c. A. B. English Cornelian; Education Club, 4; Queens-Chicora College. 1. Helen Taylor Floyd lumberton, n. c. A. B. Education Dikean; College Chorus. 3; Edu- cation Club. 4; Y. W. C. A.. 1. 2. 3. 4. Page SI ' 36 y pirK n«DL-es Frances Katherine Foust greensboro, n. c. A. B. Education Adelphian; Speaker ' s Club. 1, 2; Botany Club. 3. 4; Zoology Field Club. 8, 1; Day Students ' Advisory Board, 3; Education Club, 3. 4. Joyce Frances Fulcher washington, n. c A. B. English Mausleat Garrard durham, n. c. A. B. French Adelphian; Honor Roll, 1. 2. 3 Sophomore Jacket Committee, 2 French Club. 2; Junior Advisor. 3 Speakers ' Club. 2. 3. 4. Correspond ing Secretary. 3: Vice-President. 4 Sociology Club, 3, 4. Clara Gattis durham, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian; Play Likers. 1. 2. .1. I: House President, t: Adelphian Marshal, 4; Adelphian Correspond- ing Secretary, 2; French Club, 1. Margaret Franks franklin, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Dikean : House Vice-President, 1 ; Hockey. 1. 2. 3, Varsity, 3: Ath- letic Association Cabinet. 3. 4; Dol- phin Club. 2, 3. 4. Vice-President. 4; Square Dance Club, 3, 4; Clog- si " g Club, 3. 4. President. 4: Edu- cation Club, 4; College Cheer Leader, 4. Laura Gamble DAVIDSON, x. c A. B. French Adelphian; French Club, 2, 3. 4 Education Club. 4: College Chorus 2; College Choir, 3; Basketball. 1. 2 Mary Agnes Garrett greensboro, n. c. A. B. Sociology Cornelian; Basketball. 1: Base- ball, 1; B. S. U. Council. 2; Col- lege Choir, 1. 2, 3; House Vice- President, :i: V. W. C. A. Cabi- net. 4. Jane Gaw greensboro, n. c. B. S. Music Aletheian: Madrigal Club. 2, 3. 4. Press Reporter, 2, Vice-Presi- dent, 4; Vesper Choir, 3; Aletheian Vice-President, 4; Orchestra. 3; College Choir, 3, 4; Vestment Choir. 3; German Club, 1, 2; Education Club, 4. ' 36 Page 32 W 6 pin« n«Di s Louise George alderson, w. va. A. B. Sociology Aletheian: Vesper Choir, l. 2. 3. President. 3; College Choir, 3. 4. Librarian, 3; Junior Advisor, 3: V. W. C. A.. Cabinet, 4: Religious Activities Council. 3; Westminister Council, 2, 3. Naomi Lee Gibson laurinburg, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian; Education Club. 4. Mary Priscilla Glenn gastonia, n. c. A. B. Education Dikean : Secretary Dikean So- ciety, 2, Vice-President, 4: Marshal, 3 ; Class Secretary, 3 : House Presi- dent. 4: Education Club. 4: Honor Roll. 3; House Vice-President. 1, Mary Isabelle Gray lumberton, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Aletheian; Marshal. 3; House President, 3; President Aletheian Society, 4; Play Likers, 1, 2, 3; Orehesis, 3, 4. Mildred German boomer, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Dikean; Home Economics Club, 2; B. Y. P. U.. Secretary. 2, Presi- dent, 3; B. S. U. Council. 4: Edu- cation Club. 4. Kathryn Ginsberg greensboro, n. c. A. B. Sociology Adelphian; House Vice-President. 1: President of Day Students. 4: Student Activities Committee, 4; Legislature. 4; Play Likers. 3, 4; Speakers ' Club, 1. 2, 3, 4. Vice- President, 3; " Carolinian " Staff. 1, 2; " Pine Needles " Staff. 3. 4; As- sistant Business Manager " Corad- di " , 4; Sociology Club, 3. 4; Col- lege Social Committee. 4; French Club. 1, 2; Junior Advisor. 3. Louise Goodman concord, n. c. A. B. Education Dikean; Botany Club. 3. 4; Edu- ition Club, 4; Wesley Foundation ouncil. 2, 3, 4; Basketball. I. 3. Helen Louise Green florence, s. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Aletheian. Page 33 36 J, pin-e rK-€DL«s Flov Greene marshville, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Adelphian; Basketball. 1. 2, :(. 4; Home Economics Club. l. -. 3. 4. Treasurer. 3, Ways and Means Chairman. 4: B. S. U. Council. 2. 3. 4; Education Club, 1: Junior Advisor, 3. Florence Vida Greis ocean city, new jersey A. B. Spanish Adelphian; Play I.ikers, 1, 2. ; 4; Education Club. 4; Junioi Senior Committee. Blanche Holt Gwyn mount airy, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian; Sophomore (las Treasurer, 2; Honor Roll. 1, 2, : Dolphin Club. 2, 3, 4. President. French Club, 1, 2; Athletic Ass ciation, 1. 2, 3, 4, Cabinet. 3. Soccer, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, : Committee of House Offenses, : Senior Life Saving. 3; Gymnastic 2; Daisy Chain. 2; Education Clu 4; Chapel Program Committee. ! Chairman Chapel Committee. Judicial Board. 4; " Pine Needle: Staff, 4. Winifred Hardison arapahoe, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Aletheian. Eleanor Greever burke ' s garden, va. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Marion Betty Griesinger cleveland heights, ohio A. B. French Aletheian; Freshman Commission, 1: Athletic Association. 1. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer. 2: Judicial Board, 3; Play Likers. 1. 2. 3. i. Business Manager. 3; Masqueraders. 3. 4; Finance Board, 3: Chairman Chap; 1 Committee, 3: Intersocietv Repre- sentative, 3; Vice-President Student Government, 4; " Carolinian " Edi- torial Board. 4. Mary Olive Hackney lucama, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian. Jennie Harrison greensboro, n. c. A. B. French Dikean; French Club. -2i- Page 34 iPirK n €DL Lillian Hartness mooresville, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Cornelian: Vesper Choir, 1. 2, 3; College Choir, 3; Education Club. 4. Beth Heffner greensboro, n. c. A. B. Education Lucille Highsmith durham, n. c. A. B. Primary Education LUCILE HlNTON GREENSBORO, N. C. A. B. Sociology Adelphian; Corresponding Secre- tary of Adelphian Society, 2, Vice- President. 3; Play Likers, 2: So- ciology Club, 3. 4; Orchesis. 2, 3, 4. President, 4; V. W. C. A., 3, 4: Athletic Association Cabinet. 4. Elizabeth Harvell weldon, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Cornelian: Home Economics Club, 3. 4: Y. W. C. A. Sarah Frances Henderson limberton, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Home Economics Club. 1. 2. 3, 4; Archery Club, 2, 3. 4: Square Dance Club, 4. Carolyn Hines greensboro, n. c A. B. Education ROSABELLE HlNTON SELMA, N. C. A. B. Chemistry Adelphian: Chemistry Club: Physics Club; Honor Roll, 1, 2. 3. Page 35 pirre n«DLGs DoRALYNE HODGIN GREENSBORO, N. C. A. B. Primary Education Margaret Bell Holmes haw river, n. c. A. B. Sociology Dikean; Speaker ' s Club. 1, 2, 3. 4; Botany Club. 3. 4; College Choir, 8, 4. Lela Hooker durham, n. c. A. B. History Cornelian; Play Likers. l. -1, :{, 4. Property Manager. 3, Production Manager. 4; Masqueraders, 3. 4; International Relations Club. 3, 4. President. 4: Education Club, 4; French Club. 4. Sara Howard greensboro, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Minnie Hohn randleman, n. c. A. B. English Olive Holt asheville, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian: University of New Mexico, 1, 2. Mary Horney greensboro, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Cornelian; Athletic Association Cabinet. 4; Hiking Club; Education Club. 4. Frances Humphreys danbury, n. c. A. B. English Aletheian; Soccer. 1; Botany Club. 2; Education Club. 4. ' 36 Page SO PI IK n-€-€Db6S Rebecca Jeffress greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Dikean; Legislature. 3: Inter- societv Representative, 4: " Caro- linian " Staff. 3, 4. Helen Jones high point, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Cornelian; Secretary Senior Class. 4: Junior Advisor. 3: Intersociety Representative. 4; Orehesis. 2. 3. 4: " Coraddi " Staff. 3; Education Club. 4. Katherine Keister greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Dikean: Speaker ' s Club. 1. 2. 3. 4. Debating Chairman, 3; Daisy Chain. 2; " Carolinian " Staff. 3, 4. Advertising Manager. 4: Play Likers. 4: Business Manager Col- lege Hand Book. Mary Wall Kendrick charlotte. n. c A. B. Primary Education Cornelian: Education Club. 4 Clogging Club. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Gertrude Jones candler, n. c. A. B. Mathematics Grace Steele Jurney turnersburg, n. c B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian: Y. W. C. A.: Home Economics Club, l : Clogging Club. 3; Wesley Students Association, I, 2: Secretary Wesley Choir. 3. Ruby Jane Keller oxford, n. c. A. B. Biology Aletheian; Zoology Field Club; Botany Club; German Club; B. S. U. Council, 2, 3. 4; Legis- lature. 2; Treasurer Senior Class, t: House Vice-President. 1. 3; Honor Roll, 1. 3; Education Club, 4. Mary Winifred Kernodle elon college, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Page 37 ' 36 PIIK IK-€DL£S Lois C. King DURHAM, X. C. B. S. Music Adelphian; Vesper Choir. College Chorus, 2. 3, 4; Gen Club, 1, 2; Madrigal Cluh. 2, 3. Education Club, 4; Orchestra. Martha Elizabeth Riser hickory, n. c A. B. Primary Education Aletheian; Y. W. C. A.. 1. 2. 3. 4; House Vice-President, 1: Bot- any Cluh. 2. 3. 4; French Club. 2. 3. 4; Education Club. I. Margaret Eloise Knight greensboro, n. c. A. B. Sociology Adelphian; Treasurer Day Stu- dents Association. 4; Treasurer Adelphian Society. 3: Marshal. :s ; Play I.ikers. 2. 3: Orchesis, 1. 2. 3. 4: International Relations Club: Alpha Kappa Delta. National So- ciology Fraternity; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3. 4. Edith Lambeth brown summit, n. c. A. B. Biology Adelphian; Botany Club. 2. 3. 4. President, 4; Zoology Field Club. 3. 4; Education Club, 4; College Choir, 3. 4. Helen Kirk pleasant garden, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Beatrice Knight greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian; Quill Club, 1. 2, 3. 4; Play Likers. 1, 2. 3. 4; Speaker ' s Club. 1. 2. 3. 4. President, 4; Sec- retary of Day Students ' Associa- tion. 3; Clogging Club. 3. 4; " Coraddi " Staff. 3. 4; " Carolinian " Staff, t; Honor Roll. I, 3. Sally Alice Knott oxford, n. c. A. B. Sociology Dikean; Athletic Association Cab- inet. 3. 4; Sports. 1. 2. 3, 4; Clog- ging Club. 3. 4; Orchesis. 2. 3. 4: Seal Club, 3; House Vice-President. :; ; Business Staff " Pine Needles " . 4; Sociology Cluh. 3. Elizabeth Landing plymouth, n. c. A. B. Sociology Aletheian; House Vice-President. 1 ; Recording Secretary of Alethe- ian Society. 2; Botany Club. 3. 4; Sociology Club. 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4; St. Mary ' s Club. Social Service Chairman. 3. Treasurer, 4. ' 36 Page SS PID-€ rK-€DL€S Virginia Langdon linden, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian; Campbell College. 1. 2; " Pine Needles " Staff, 4; Hous.- Vice-President, 4. Edythe Latham greensboro, n. c. A. B. English Aletheian: Quill Club. 1. 2. 3. t. Secretary-Treasurer, 3; " Coraddi " Staff, 1. 2, 3. Editor. 4; French Club. 2. 3; Play Likers, 3, 4, Scenic Designer. 3, 4: Masquerad- es. 3. 4; Student Activities Com- mittee, 3, 4. Ri ' Tii Lilly LENOIR, X. C. A. B. Education Cornelian; Davenport College. 1. 2; College Choir. 3; Education Club. 4; Y. W. C. A„ 3. 4. Myrtle Ruth Lunsford asheville, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Adelphian. Cordila Lanier hickory, n. c. A. B. English Cornelian; Education Club. I; Wesley Playi rs. 2. 3. 4. Vice-Pres- ident. 3; Square Dance Club. 4: French Club. 4. Jessie Belle Lewis enfield, n. c. A. B. English Adelphian; Honor Roll. 1. :i ; B. S. U. Council. 2. 3. 4; Soccer. 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball. 1. 2. 3. 4; Education Club. 4. Margaret Liverman columbia, n. c. A. B. History Dikean; " Carolinian " Staff. 3. 4; Botany Club. I, 2. 3. 4: Education Club, 3, 4; Vesper Choir, 1, 2, 3. Helen Lynch snow hill, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Adelphian; House Vice-President. _•: Vesper Choir. 2. 3; College Choir. 3; Junior Advisor. 3; Homo F,conomics Club. 2. 3. 4. Chairman Ways and Means Committee. 3. Vice-President. 4: Botany Club. 3. I; Education Club. 4. Page ' 36 JU PI IKE n-€-€Db€S Christiana McFayden raeford, n. c. Phi Beta Kappa A. B. History Cornelian; Dolphin Club, S, 4; Education Club. 4: Athletic Asso- ciation, 1. 2. 3. t. President. 4: " Carolinian " Staff, 3; International Relations Club. :i. 4. Secretary- Treasurer, 3; Hockey Varsity; Swimming Varsity; Chairman Fi- nance Hoard. I; Gymnastics Var- sity: Speaker ' s Club; Track Var- sity; Chairman Camp Committee. 3; Honor Roll. 1, 2, 3. Zelota McGlohon avden, n. c. A. B. Education Elizabeth McGcire franklin, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Dikean; German Club. Mary Frances McNeill north wilkesboro, n. c. A. B. Chemistry Dikean; Speaker ' s Club. 1. 2, 3; German Club. l. 2; Education Club, 4; House Vice-President, 3, 4; Chemistry Club, 3, 4; Student Volunteer, 2, 3, 4; " Pine Needles " Business Staff. Miriam McFayden pinetops, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Dikean; Play Likers, 1. 2. 3. 4, Secretary. 3, President, 4; Mas- queraders, 2. 3. 4. Head. 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3 ; Sophomore Coun- cil, 2: House President. 4; House Vice-President. 1; Social Chairman. 3; Daisy Chain Chairman. 2; Pro- gram Chairman Dikean Society, 2; College Dramatic Committee, 4; Honor Roll, 1. 2, 3: " Coraddi " Staff. 3: College Choir. 1. 2. 3; " Carolinian " Staff. 4; Dikean In- formal Initiation Chairman, 2, 3, 4. Harriet McGoogan st. pauls, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Adelphian ; Secretary Sophomore Class. 2; Treasurer junior Class. 3; House President. 3: Home Eco- nomics Club, 2, 3. 4. President. 4; Legislature, t; International Rela- tions Club. 3. 4; Westminister Council. 3: College Hostess, 4; Vesper Choir, 2. Lyn Nell McLennon greensboro, n. c. A. B. Sociology Dikean; College Chorus. 1; So- ciology club. 3, 4. Secretary, 4; Chairman Day Students Social Committee, 4; " Pine Needles " Bus- iness Staff. 4; Properties Commit- tee for Play Likers. Mary Ruth McNeill lumberton. n. c. A. B. Sociology Aletheian; Y. W. C. A., 1. 2, 3. 4. Secretary. 3. Vice-President, t; Sociology Club, 3, 4. Page 40 PlfK IK-€DL-eS Katherine Maddox greensboro, n. c. A. B. History Cornelian; French Club. 3. 4 Education Club. 4. Program Com mittee; " Pine Needles " Busines Staff; Y. W. C. A.. 3. J. Lillian Grey Manning raleigh, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian; Hockey. 1. 2, 3. 4, Varsity. 3: Basketball. 1. 4: House Vice-President, 3; " Carolinian " Circulation Staff. 4. Lucille Massey holly springs, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Adelphian; Vesper Choir. 1. 2 College Chorus. 3, 4; Educatioi Club. 4; B. S. U. Council. 3. Margaret Mayhew mooresville, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Dikean; French Club, 2; Secre- tary Dikean Society. 3; Marshal. 4. Eva Mangum morganton, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Aletheian; Botany Club. 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Basketball, 2: Student Volunteer; Young Voter ' s Club; Education Club, 4; Square Dance Club. Dhcsilla Martin winston-salem, n. c. A. B. French Adelphian; French Club. 2, 3, ; Education Club. 4; Basketball. ; Square Dance Club. 4. Louise Pillen Matthews randleman, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian; Treasurer Adelphian Society, I; French Club; Educa- tion Club. 4; Speaker ' s Club. 2. 3. 4; " Coraddi " Business Staff. 4; " Carolinian " Circulation Staff, 4; Manager Adelphian Basketball Team. 3. 4; Adelphian Dance Chairman, 4. Margaret Gibson Messer bryson city, n. c. A. B. History Adelphian; Botany Club, 2. X: French Club. 3; Education Club. 4; Wesley Foundation Council. Page 1 1 A pin n«DL€s Julia Miller wilsox, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian; Honor Roll, 1. Miriam Miller wilmington, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Aletheian; House Vice-President. 1; Soccer, 1: " Carolinian " Staff, 3. 4, Society Editor, 4; Inter-Faith Council. 4; French Club. 3: Or- chestra, 1. 2, 3. 4. Vice-President, 4; Play Likers, 1. 2. Elise Crimpler Monroe rocky mount, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. 3, 4; Educa- Mary Lea Motsinger guilford college, n. c. A. B. Biology Adelphian; Botany Club, 2. 3, 4, Secretary, :i. Chairman, 4; Soccer, l: Zoology Field Club, 3. 4; Edu- cation Club, 4. Mary Anna Miller MARION, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Adelphian; Play Likers; Vesper Choir; College Choir; Education Club, 4. Mavis Mitchell aulandeh, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Cornelian; Education Club, 4. Mary L. Morris AVONDALE, N. C. B. S. Home Economics Aletheian: Mars Hill College, 1. 2 ; Home Economics Club, 3. 4 ; Education Club, 4; B. S. U. Coun- cil, 4. Elizabeth Mukden elizabeth city, n. c. A. B. Education Adelphian; French Club; House ice-President; College Choir. ' 36 Page pim= n- DL-es Mary Louise Myrick greensboro. n. c. A. B. Primary Education Dikean; Orchesis. 1, 2. 3. 4 Clogging Club. 1. 2. 3. I. President 3: Speaker ' s Club. l. 2. 3: Educa tion Club. 3. 4: Marshal, 1; Atli letie Association Cabinet, 3. Blanche Newsome MAKSHYILLE. N. C. A. B. English Cornelian; Honor Roll. 2. French Club. 2. 3. »; Speake Club. 2. 3; Education Club. 4. Martha Ann Ogbirn greensboro, n. c. A. B. Biology Dikean; Zoology Field Club. 3. 4; Education Club. 4; German Club. 1. 2. 3. 4. Helen Page cleveland, n. c. A. B. Hist or; Dikean: Mitchell College. Margaret Neister spencer, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Adelphian: Education Club, 4: Botany Club. 2, 3, 4; Clogging Club, 3. 4: College Chorus. 1, 2, 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. Eleanor Ndnn new bern, n. c. A. B. Sociology Dikean; Marshal; Sociology Club; Chairman Senior Unmusi- cal, 4. Raye Owen fair view, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Dikean: Clogging Club. 3. 4; Square Dance Club, 3. 4 : Orchesis, 4; Education Club, 4. Marie Palmer franklin, n. c. A. B. History Cornelian; Education Club. 4. Page J t S -5 -- PIIK IK-€DbeS Caroline Parker raeford, n. c. A. B. Education Aletheian ; Junior Shop Manager, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4: Lost and Found Chairman, 3: Daisy Chain, 2; Junior-Senior Finance Chairman, 3; V. W. C. A. Choir. Marie Parker locisburg, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian ; Freshman Commis- sion, 1; Honor Roll. 1; Soccer. 1; Vollev Ball. 1 : Baseball, 1 : Bas- ketball, 1; Track, 1; Vice-Presi- dent Cornelian Society. 4; Judicial Board, 4: Play Likers. 1. 4: As- sistant Junior Shop Manager, 3. Louise Pendleton gate city. virginia A. B. Mathematics Cornelian; Virginia Interi College. 1. 2; Square Circle: cation Club. 4. Nina Merle Penton salem. new jersey A. B. English Aletheian. Sarah Eugenia Parker winton, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian; Botany Club. 2, 3. 4; College Choir, 3 ; Education Club, t. President. LaRce Parrish durham, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian; Education Club. 4 Botany Club. 2. 3; College Choir Vesper Choir. 3. 4: B. S. U. Cour cil, 2, 3. 4. Mildred Penland bryson city, n. c. A. B. English Cornelian; Botany Club. 2, 3. 4; French Club, 3; Education Club. I: House Vice-President. 3. Josephine Perry louisburg, n. c. A. B. Hist or ii Cornelian; Louisburg College. 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 4; Educa- tion Club. 4; Honor Roll, 3; In- ternational Relations Club, 4. ' 36 Page U piik n-eeDL-es Maurine Ferryman winston-salem, x. c. A. B. English Aletheian; Salem College. I: Vesper Choir. 2 : German Club, 3 ; Dormitory Social Chairman, 3; Orchestra. 2. Elizabeth Polston henderson, x. c. A. B. Mathematics Dikean ; Square Circle. 1. 2. 3. 4. Class Representative. Secretary- Treasurer. 3; President. 4; French Club. 1; Education Club, 4. Adelaide Porter black mountain, x. c A. B. English Cornelian: Biltmore Junior lege, I ; " Carolinian " Staff, 2. 3 4: " Coraddi " Staff, 2, 3. 4, Co Editor, 4: Quill Club, 2. 3, 4. Pres ident. 4; V. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3 4; International Relations Club. 4 Bess Rankin hickory, n. c. A. B. English Adelphian: Closing Club: Edu- cation Club. 4: Square Dance Club. 3, 4. Cynthia Anne Pipkin greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian. Dorothy Poole wixston-salem, n. c. A. B. Sociology Cornelian ; Legislature. 3 ; V. W C. A. Cabinet. 3, 4: Athletic Asso ciation Cabinet. 4; Play Likers, 1 2, 3. 4: " Pine Needles " Staff. 3 4. Business Manager. 4; College Choir, 1. 3. 4: International Re lations Club: Sociology Club; Ger man Club: Alpha Kappa Delta National Sociology Fraternity. Mary Catherixe Proctor umbertox, x. c. A. B. History Square ie. 1; Club. 2; International Re- lations Club. 3. 4: Education Club, t: Marshal, 3: President Cornelian Society, 4; Judicial Board, 4: Honor Roll, 1, 2. 3, Emerald Reyxolds horse cave, kentucky B. S. Physical Education Dikean: Virginia Intermont Col- lege. 1. 2: Archery Club. 3. 4: Clogging Club. 3. 4: Play Likers. 3. 4: Athletic Association Cabinet, t: Orchesis, 4; Square Dance Club, 4. Page Jf5 ' 36 PlfTC n«-€0L6S Lyal Maie Reynolds greensboro, n. c. . . B. English Adelphian; Play Likers, 2. 3; " Coraddi " Staff. 2. 3, I; (Juill Club, t; Botany Club. 3. 4; " Carolinian " Staff. 1. Mary Worsley Rives graham, n. c. A. B. Chemistry Club. Cornelian: 1 Chemistry Club Club, 4. Edu Lois Mildred Rogers CLYDE, n. c. A. B. Biology Adelphian; Zoology Held Club, :i. 1: Botany Club. :s. 1; Education Club, t: Student Volunteer. 1. 2; Wesley Foundation. Christabel L. Sellers LCMBERTON, N. C. A. B. Primary Education Adelphian. Julia Rice asheboro, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Cornelian: Home Economics Club. :i. 4; Orchesis, 2, 3. 4; Speak- er ' s Club. 1. 2: Vesper Choir. 1, 2: House Vice-President. 2. 3: Hockey. 1, 2. Manager. 2: Tennis, 1, 2. Katherine Roberts charlotte, n. c. A. B. Education Aletbeian; Education Club. 4. Myrtle Rowe newton, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Dikean; Athletic Association, 2, 3, 1; Clogging Club. 3, 4. Sue Sewell windsor, n. c. A. B. English ' 36 Page J,6 pirre iK-eDL-es Evelyn T. Sharpe GREENSBORO, N. C. B. S. Home Economics Aletheian : Home Economics Club. 1. 2, 3. 4: Orchestra. 1, 2, 3. 4; Education Club. 4; Junior Ail visor, 3. Mary Louise Shepherd durham, n. c. A. B. Latin Aletheian ; Committee of Offenses, 1 ; Sophomore Class President. 2 ; Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 2; Finance Board. 2; Judicial Board, 3. 4: Marshal, 3; Student Activities Com- mittee. 2; Chairman Ring Commit tee, 3 ; Chapel Committee. 2 : Honor Roll. 1. 3: Honor Board. 3. 4; President Student Government Association, 4; Education Club. 4. Katherine Sikes albemarle, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Adelphian; Legislature, 2; Pres- ident Junior Class, 3; Student Ac- tivities Committee, 3; Ring Com- mittee, 3: Chapel Committee. 2. 3; Points Committee, 4; Dormitory Social Chairman. 4. Anna Mae Smith philadelphia, pa. B. S. Physical Education Cornelian: Dolphin Club. 1, 2. 3, 4. Secretary-Treasurer. 3; Orchesis. 1, 3. 4; Clogging Club. 3. 4; Square Dance Club. 3. 4; Hockey, 1. 3: Volley Ball. 1. 2. 3. Varsity. 3: Swimming Varsity. 3: Gymnastics Varsity. 3; Head Coach Swimming. 4; Class Cheer Leader. 3. Irby C. Shaw GREENSBORO, N. C. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Mary Elizabeth Shore boonville, n. c. A. B. Education Elizabeth Sloop mooresville, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Cornelian; Vesper Choir, 1. 2. 3. Librarian, 3; College Chorus. 3; President Lutheran Students ' As- sociation. 3; Honor Roll, 3; Edu- cation Club, 4. Dorothy Belle Smith shelby ' , n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian; Mars Hill College. Page 47 y pirK n«DL6s Grace C. Smith GREENSBORO, N. C. A. B. Sociology Cornelia Snow kernersville, n. c A. B. History Dikean; College Choir, Zoology Field Club, 8, 4; B. Council, 2, 3, 4; Play Likers Mazie Spinks raleigh, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Dikean; Marshal of Dikean So- ciety, 2; Education Club, 4; Sum- mer School House President, 3 ; Dikean Dance Chairman. 4. Nell Stallings louisburg, n. c. B. S. Physical Education Aletheian; Athletic Association, 1. 2, 3, 4, Cabinet, 3, 4; Dolphin Club. 2, 3, 4; International Rela- tions Club, 3, 4; " Carolinian " Staff. 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Student Govern- ment, 2, Secretary 3 ; House Presi- dent, 4: Play Likers, 3, 4, Staff, 4. Margaret M. Smith LINCOLNTON, N. C. A. B. Biology Adelphian; College Chorus; Bot- any Club, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Pro- gram Committee, 3, Chairman So- cial Committee. 4: Zoology Field Club, 3, 4; Education Club, 4. Martha Louise Speas pfafftown, n. c. A. B. Primary Education Cornelian; College Chorus; Ger- man Club; Madrigal Club; Educa- tion Club. 4; Botany, 3, 4. Frances Sprinkle winston-salem, n. c. A. B. English Aletheian ; Orchestra, 1 ; College lioir, 2; Basketball, 1; " Pine eedles " Business Staff, 4; Edu- ition Club. 4. Sue Steele stony point, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian; Home Economics Club, 1; Y. W. C. A.. 1, 2, 3. 4; Wesley Students Association, 1, 2; Orchesis, 4; Clogging Club, 3. 4; Junior- Senior Committee, 3 ; House Vice- President, 4. ' 36 Page 48 M pin-€ n«Dbgs Dorothy Stephenson seaboard. x. c. A. B. Biology Dikean: German Club, 2, 3; Ed cation Club. 4; B. S. V. Counc 1. 2, 3. 4. Susie Parrott Sugg hookertox, x. c. A. B. Education Dikean: Education Club. 1. Fraxces Jordax Tate littletox, x. c. A. B. Chemistry Dikean : Physics Club. 2. Chemistry Club. 3. 4; Germa Club. 2. 3. 4: Honor Roll. 3. Jaxie Catherixe Temple marietta, x. c. A. B. Primary Education Cornelian; Botany Club. 3. 4; Clogging Club, 3; Vesper Choir. 1. 2. 3; College Choir. 3. 4: House Vice-President. 3; Education Club, 4; Y. W. C. A.. 1. 2. 3. 4. Mary Clare Stokes WILSON, x. c. A. B. French Adelphian; President Freshman Class, 1: Marsha], 3; House Presi- dent. 3: French Club. 2. 3. 4; President Adelphian Society. I: Chairman Junior-Senior, 3; Judicial Hoard. l: Chairman Sophomore Jacket Committee, 2; Rules Com- mittee. 3: Student Activities Com- mittee. 2: Basketball, 1. 2. 3; Soc- cer Varsity. 2. 3; Honor Roll, 1, 3. Lois Syvett SOUTHERN PIXES, X. C. A. B. Sociology Cornelian: " Coraddi " Staff: St. Mary ' s House Vestry: House Pres- ident. 4; " Pine Needles " Staff. 3: International Relations Club. 3. 4: Chairman Senior Prom, 4. Eloise Taylor greexsboro, x. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. " Carolinian " Staff: French Club; Day Students Advisory Board. 4. Lyall Nichols Temple lake view. s. c. A. B. Education Cinclian: Education Club. 4. Page 49 ' 36 PI IK n-€-€DL6S i.1 Janice Tetterton plymouth, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. AJetheian; Honor Roll, 1: Squa Martha Bynum Thomas wadesboro, n. c. A. B. English Aletheian; Vesper Choir, 1. 2. 3; College Choir. 3, Vice-President: Speaker ' s Club. 1 : International Relations Club. 3. 4; Honor Roll. 2. 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 3. 4; President Y. W. C. A.. 4. Josephine Tomlinson black creek, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Aletheian ; Home Economies Club. 3. 4. Social Chairman. 4: Education Club. 4; Basketball. 1. 2. Varsity. 2: Volley Ball. 1. 2. Mildred Vann ahoskie, n. c. A. B. Education Aletheian; Committee of Offenses 4: Education Club. 4: College Choir. 4: Clogging Club. 4; Chowan College. 1. Virginia Thayer high point, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Margaret Tippett spencer, n. c. A. B. Education Adelphian; Education Club, I Fhances Upchcrch oxford, n. c. A. B. Chemistry Aletheian; House Vice-President, 1 ; French Club. 1 ; Summer School, 2; Big Sister Chairman. 3; Treas- urer Aletheian Society. 3: Chemis- try Club. 3. 4. Secretary. 3; Phys- ics Club. 3; House President. 4; Marshal. I. Katherine Walsh wilmington. n. c. A. B. French Dikean: College Chorus. 1. 2; Vesper Choir. 1; German Club. 1; French Club. 3. 4: Education Club. 1; -Carolinian " Staff. :]. I. ' 36 Page 50 u KPin-€ n«Die ! Alice L. Watson ELM CITY, N. C. B. S. Home Economics Adelphian. Alda Mae Weaver spray, n. c. A. B. Biology Aletheian: Zoology Field Club. 2. 3. 4. Secretary-Treasurer. 3: Bot- any Club. 2, 8, 4; Education Club. 4. Elizabeth Whaley greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian: Honor Roll. 1; French Club. 2; Social Chairman of Day Students ' Association. 3 : Swimming, 2; " Carolinian " Staff. 1. 2, 3. 4. Susan White asheville, n. c. A. B. Sociology Dikean: Sociology Club; Athletic- Association. 1. 2. 3, 4; Westmin- ister Council: Treasurer Dikean Society: V. W. C. A. Cabinet. 2. 3. 4. Finance Board. 4; " Caro- linian " Staff. 3: College Social Chairman. 4: X. Y. A. Committee. 4: Senior Invitation Committee. 4: Speaker ' s Club. Ri ' TH Watson- red springs, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Dikean. Carolyn Weill greensboro, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Cornelian 4. Advertisi Manager. 4 " Carolinian " Staff. 3. Manager. 3, Business ' lay Likers, 3. 4; Or- Clarice Whitaker julian, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Dikean; Home Economics Club, 2. 3. 4. Publicity Chairman. 4; Education Club, 4; Chemistry Club. 3. 4. Selma Harding Whitehead weldon, n. c. A. B. History Ma Alethei shal. I ' ni ' Page 51 ' 36 X pirK n- DL-es Doris Wilkins elizabeth city, n. c. A. B. Sociology Aletheian; Chemistry Club, 1 Honor Roll, 1 : Class Cheer Leader 2; Athletic Association. I. 2, 3. I Vice-President, S. Cabinet. 4: So ciology Club. 3. 4; V. W. C. A Cabinet, 1. Reverie Williams aurora, n. c. A. B. Education Cornelian; Education Club, 4. Ophelia Blanche Wilson gcilkord college, n. c. A. B. History Adelphian; Botany Club. 2, 3. 1; Education Club. 4; German Club. I. 2: French Club. 3. 4. Ione Agnes Wright ashevili.e, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Ada Williams new hern, n. c. B. S. Home Economics Adelphian : Home Economic Club. 2. 3. 4: Play Likers. 2. 3. Staff 4 St M :ry :: -stry • •; President. I; Marshal. 4. Nellie Williamson princeton, new jersey A. B. Education Dikean. D alton Wright WILMINGTON, N. C. A. B. Biologu Chemistry Club, 3, 4: Physics Club. 3. 4. President, 4; House Vice-President, c Elizabeth Yates greensboro; n. c. . . ' . English ornelian; " Carolinian " Staff. 1, i. I. Business Manager. 3. Edi- in-Chief, 4; Secretary Sopho- re Class. 2; Vice-President lior Class. 3; Little French Club. Drchesis. 3. t; International Re- ons (luh. 8, 1: Quill Club, 4; ■ l nt Activities Committee, 4; •crctary North Carolina Colg- ate Press Association. 4; Day udents Advisory Board. 4. Page . PI IK rK-€DL-es Gwendolyn Zimmerman aberdeen, n. c. B. S. Secretarial Admin. Aletheian; Square Circle. 1, 2. SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Magdalene Brcmmitt Martha Burnside Edna Cameron Mary Elizabeth Davis Rosalie Eanes Mrs. Catherine Egbert Jameson Merivel McDonald Llewellyn Pinner Mary Frances Young Page 53 ' 36 Plfte n-€-€DL S Class History W; Lela Hooker Historian HEN the freshman class landed at the college in the fall of 1932 the world was. by no means, in a peaceful state. We had planned to come to North Carolina College, but when ed we found that we were in the Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina. We thought we were to attend a college strictly for women, but we found our classes interspersed with gentlemen. With so many changes afoot we were expected to be bewildered: but being such an unusual class. we adapted ourselves to the various innovations of the four years with utmost complacency. We were too slow to become very flustered. In fact we were so slow that we waited until too late to elect our freshman class officers and had to be ruled by the freshman commission, appointed by our counselors and house presidents. The leaders of the commission were: Betty Griesinger, Gibbs Morresy, and Mary Jane Couser. As if things weren ' t topsy turvy enough, in the spring of our freshman year the banks failed. But even, this did not bother us much, for we were poor before we cam? and have been poor ever since, and feel quite able to cope with any situation. However slow the class may be, we have performed all the normal ceremonies and acts with surprising success. Our sophomore year produced tan jackets, the Christmas pageant, and the daisy chain: our junior year was filled with big-sister-little-sister activities, junior rings. " Junior Shoppe " . " Junior-Senior " ; our senior year was filled with more serious responsibilities too many to relate. Now for more interesting events of our career. Our freshman year was started quite colorfully with the burning of the library our first night on the campus. In spite of the difficulty in finding our way out of our new abodes we managed to reach the fire before the firemen. " ' Twas said that a cer- tain male member of the faculty hoisted a certain lady member upon the top of Mclver for a better view of if. The Student Curriculum Committee came into existence this year, and the Vesper Choir was organized by the " Y " under the direction of Mr. Thompson. This inaugurated the annual candlelight program of Christmas carols given by the choir, and this established another tradition of the colltge. As :i whole our class was an unduly noisy and silly group that year — performing many antics about which we now would think twice before indulging. But who can blame us during the big snow storm for sliding down College Avenue in chairs and laundry baskets? Even Christiana McFadyen was among the ring leaders. Who would ever forget the entertainment furnished us by Tanky Holton and her banjo playing, and " Queenie " Poole singing " Egyptian Ella " . We are greatly indebted to Gibbs Morresy as her contri- bution was the class song. After spending endless hours delving into the anatomy of the frog and more endless ones absorbing Schevill, Ferdinand. A History of Europe, pp. 1 — tt al.. we resorted to our most popular indoor sport — dancing with the " coeds " in the gym every night until seven-thirty to the strains of " Goofus " and " Pink Elephants " . We were a most impressionable class. Remember how every single member succumbed to the charms of Richard Halliburton? Remember the sprained shoulders and ankles the more vivacious ones acquired when they attempted Martha Graham ' s ■•Imitation of Immorality " ? Our artistic abilities were given chance to develop by participation in the college choir and in the freshman one- act plays. I hardly need mention " The Young Man Shows His Pants " , alias " The Old Lady Shows Her Medals " . During our sophomore year two sets of officers were elected. First semester: Mary Clare Stokes, president; Rachel Dunnagan, vice-presi- dent; Harriet McGoogan, secretary, and Blanche Gwyn, treasurer. Second semester: Mary ' Louise Shepherd, president; Olga Mallo, vice-presi- dent; Bibbie Yates, secretary, and Elizabeth Barineau, treasurer. Miriam McFadyen served as daisy chain chairman. True to form little of interest happened this year. However, two new committees were organized — the student activities committee and the Honor Board. The society halls were renovated after their useful service as a library. One phase of our attempt at intellectuality our sophomore year was not altogether successful. Our chapel program " mist " was quite as foggy to the seniors (who were supposed to have understood such subjects) as to ourselves. After entertaining the seniors in the spring with a formal garden party, we won the distinction of making the largest, prettiest, and the heaviest daisy chain ever before constructed. After this last contribution, the remaining members of the class, tired, but none the less happy, departed for home to recover from bug bites, grass stain, and poison ivy. With the beginning of our junior year the New Deal was put into effect. Spectacular changes had taken place in the administration of the collide and ninny changes were to come in other phases of campus life. Dr. Jackson became our Dean of Administration and Dr. Geneva Drink- water, our Dean of Women. The Student Government inaugurated Loyalty Week, a new tradition for the college. The Student Curriculum Committee and the Student Activities Committee were combined. A new chapel committee, on which there were, besides faculty members, stu- dent representatives from each class was organized. The college choir, which sings in the devotional exercises held on Tuesdays, was organized. Furthermore, the long-awaited cut system was adopted. Through the efforts of several faculty members a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was in- stalled at the college. We are proud of two members of our class — Elizabeth Barineau and Christiana McFadyen who were initiated this year. The Junior Class was led by Katherine Sikes, president; Bibbie Yates, vice-president: Mary Glenn, secretary, and Harriet McGoogan, treasurer. Caroline IVirker had charge of Junior Shoppe. Our Sophomore year we had tried to be intellectual. Our Junior year we went high-brow wi th after-dinner even attempted to stop wearing anklets to dinner, ami really looked a little more respectable on campus. The dances became strictly formal with " very soft and very sweet " music. More interest and spirit in campus affairs was manifested by our class than ever before — an enthusiasm culminating in the never-to-be-for- gotten snake dance in celebration of campus elections for the next year. By our senior year the New Deal became firmly entrenched. Miss Harriet Elliott was made our new Dean of Women. At Silver Pines many new rules governing our scoial life were passed. Not only were there to be several informal dances during the year with real orchestras, hut each class was to have its own formal dance. The College Tavern was established. The class officers are: Louise Bell, president; Mary Fitzgerald, vice-president: Helen Jones, secretary, and Ruby Jane Keller, treasurer. Though wc have been working hard we have taken time off for the Senior Prom, and many week-ends home and to our fellow colleges. Even the organizations have managed to take a few nice trips — Press Convention, Pinehurst, Chapel Hill, and the like. However, as a good-time class we may be characterized, we have developed an air of gravity, due probably to the serious proposition of graduation and to our worry over our latest birthdays. The majority of the unattached members may be found most any time reading articles concerning the percentage of old maids in the adult population. Seriously speaking, the class of ' 36 has much on its record to be proud of. As a whole, our class has one of the highest scholastic ratings in comparison with former classes. As a rule there are only one or maybe two outstanding intellects in a class; but this class has quite a number of them. Usually classes have been divided into three separate groups; the intellectuals, the office holders, and the workers. Again we have changed — the so-called intellectuals not only make high marks, but hold a majority of the campus offices. Not only do they fill the legislature, judicial board, and all other organizations, but they work — and work hard too. Most of the seniors doing N. Y. A.. C. B., and dining-room work have high records. In contrast to former classes all the campus leaders with one exception {and she is to become a veteran North Carolinian) are from our own state. In this respect we are a truly representative class of the University of North Carolina. Lela Hooker. coffee, new china, and service. We societies gave formal teas, and the Page 54 ) pirre n-e€DL-es 4 Senior Class Prophecy THE ALUMNAE NEWS, SPRING. 1946 Class of 1936 Tenth Anniversary Issue Claire Boiseat, Alumnae Secretary TO all the dear girls who have gone out from our college and especially to graduates of that outstanding class of 1936, I bring loving greetings from the Alumnae Association. How it thrills me to be able to give to all of you news of your cherished schoolmates, scattered over the world though they be! A few months ago I was marking on my globe all of the places in which our girls live, and my ! — how many there were ! Then I thought. " Wouldn ' t it be lovely to take my movie camera and visit as many of our graduates as possible, getting pictures of them to show the ' home folks ' ? " And such a happy time I ' ve had! Elizabeth Barinead Let me tell your about it. Prophetess Girls, can vou imagine the thrill of getting in an aeroplane — the first time for me — with Dalton Wright, my cam- era " man, " andof being piloted by Elizabeth Dowdle and Mavis Mitchell far across the country! My cars still ring with the messages Janice Tetterton of our commercial department and Dr. Mary Reynolds Bradshaw, one of the Eng- lish teachers, sent bv me. Bobbv Smith came running over from the gym to urge me especially to see Nell Stalling , Mary Horney, and Ruth Brown, who have set up winter Olympic games at the South Pole. According to my trusty globe, we were to take first a very zigzag trip westward over the United States. Down through North Carolina, then, I went to Concord where the Davis sisters are winning glory for their Alma Mater as leaders of a new school of poetry. They have restored rhyme and even meaning to the verse form. Another jump carried me to the very heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains where Mary Corbett and Gwendolyn Zimmerman are collecting data on North Carolina mountain ballads and folk dances. You should see their pictures demonstrating for me those they have found! Our pil- grimage then carried us over the mountains to Harrogate, Tennessee, to see Kent Blair who is doing graduate work at Lincoln Memorial University on a Sociology fellowship she got in 1936. With a hop backward into Georgia I was de- lighted to stay in Atlanta with Kathleen Capps. an important caterer. I got some happy surprises at her house. First, in the Atlanta Journal I read a syndicated column of the O. O. Mclntyre type by Evelyn Cavileer and a comic strip by Mary Agnes Garret. Its name was something like " You ' re dog-gone tootin ' . " Then, what should Kathleen tell me but that Lueile Byrd is the charming wife of the president of Monroe Female College at Forsyth, Georgia. Leaving Georgia, we went over the loveliest mountains and plains, second in beauty only to our girls, down to Mississippi where I found Margaret Mayhew, Adelaide Porter ' s secretary. Adelaide has reduced Mississippi ' s illit- eracy rate to the lowest in the country, arousing the great jealousy of Eliza Cromartie, Superintendent of Public In- struction in North Carolina. In New Orleans, the city of romance, whom should I find but Helen Lynch and Myrtle Lunsford running a French restaurant ! Drusilla Martin works for them and speaks French to all the guests. On special invitation from the former Mary Glenn, Sarah Boyles, Rosalie Eanes, and Edythe Latham. I went next to visit their club, Faculty Wives of Carlton College. Missouri. Their husbands were so sweet, too! Mary Ruth McNeil teaches there — something horrible about sex. And I had thought her a nice girl. Since I had already broken all laws of maidenly shyness in taking an aeroplane trip, I decided to go one step fur- ther and visit Chicago, that great city of crime. When I got there I was terribly disappointed to find such a peace- ful place until I learned that Doris Wilkins, the detective, had done it all. In explaining her success to me. she said that she owed her powers of keen analysis to her college days when she tried to figure out what her roommate was going to do or say next. From Chicago I migrated westward to another city of my dreams, Hollywood. And really, Clark Gable was not the only attraction for me there ! I knew well that I should find Lela Hooker making her debut on the screen after sev- eral years ' work in the legitimate theatre. Katherine Keister as a movie producer, and Nina Penton, May Wests successor. San Francisco, the last stop on my native shores, furnished even more happy surprises than any place. At a lec- ture, where I got to hear Eloise Taylor talk on the econom ; c situation among the celery growers of Indiana since the ban on loud noise at meals, suddenly I felt someone looking at me. Turning around, I found myself facing three lor- gnettes, those of Louise Bell. Ada Williams, and Miriam Miller, all wealthy society matrons living in the city. They were lovely to me. As we gossiped I learned that Blanche Gwyn is managing a dude ranch at Horse ' s Neck. Wyom- ing. They say that her favorite horses are named Miriam, Josephine, and B. Frank. Very sadly I had to take leave of my two pilots and send them home with an aeroplane load of films I had used. Dalton and I then went by boat to South America, being sure to select the ship on which Clarice Whitaker was die- Page 55 ' 36 m piphe n DL€s l — titian. On the way down I persuaded the captain to stop for a while at the Galapagos Islands, situated just on the Equator, where I had heard that Margaret Smith and Frances Foust were studying the commercial importance of land turtles in an uninhabited land. I did not expect, though, to find Dr. Frances Tate doing a noble work treating conjunctivitis among the sea lions of Galapagos. Going further south we finally reached Santiago. Chile. This place I was anxious to visit because Elizabeth Sloop and her husband had just set up the newest inventions in soda fountain fixtures there. From South America over to Australia all I had to think about was how much I wanted to see the rest of the girls and how seasick I was. It was a great relief to have one friend on that continent so that I didn ' t have to go straight up to Asia. Beatrice Knight ' s family has moved to Australia and is getting rich raising and training kanga- roos for circuses. Soon it was necessary to try the ocean again, though, and I found myself en route to China. Really, my only purpose in going there was to watch people eat with chopsticks, but through the American consul I learned of a psychiatric hospital some North Carolinians established in Manchukuo. Elizabeth Landing and Mary Louise Myrick are psychiatrists at it, and Freddie Collett and Sarah Ambrose, technicians. They are having a won- derful time. I consoled myself for the fewness of friends I got to see in Asia by the thoughts of how many I knew would be in Africa and Europe. From Manchukuo, then, I sailed to Ethiopia in Africa. There I found such a lovely group: Susan White, Alice Knott, and Dorothy Poole, making investigations into the psychological reactions of Ethiopian children to the Italian war some years ago. Susan confided to me th at Queenie Poole wasn ' t much help because she was always leaving Ethiopia trying to find Egyptian Ella. I didn ' t have the courage to brave the Sahara, but while I was in Ethiopia a letter came from Doralyne Hodgin whose husband is a missionary just at the edge of the desert. She said that a few days before. Edith Lambeth and Mary Motsinger had come there to make experiments in their study of the mortality rate of the maiden-hair fern in certain arid regions of the world. It seemed strange to go from Ethiopia to Italy, but I especially wanted to find at Rome Marie Parker, secretary to the American ambassador. An awfully funny thing happened. She asked. " Wouldn ' t you like to go see the sights. ' ' " and where she took me was to see Marv Louise Shepherd, who in her spare time is pondering over the engineering attainments of the ancient Romans. I never did quite understand it. Leaving Italy, I barely stopped by Geneva, Switz- erland, for even if I had had plenty of time, Elizabeth Yates, writer for the Associated Press, was too busy to talk to me long. One thing that she told me made me go dashing over to Moscow. I just had to hear Hilda Dowdy ' s Ameri- can Chorus on a concert tour in Russia. The members of the group whom I knew were Jane Gaw, Louise George. Virginia Christy, Elizabeth Buhmann, Ann Crawley, and Lillian Hartness. Lyal Maie Reynolds was with them as their interpreter in Russia. One of mv most enjoyable experiences was coming by Berlin where I found Mary Catherine Proctor in the rank of under-ambassador to Germany. While I was there I managed to see also Elizabeth Polston, whose new mathematical theorv that all things are by nature irrelevant has completely ruined poor old Einstein. Then to Paris for a life of gaiety ! I intended to visit Christiana McFayden and Selma Whitehead who I thought were studying there, but I found that they were in the south of France making first-hand investigations for their work on " Obscure Frenchmen of the Revolutionary Period. " I did get to see Jennie Harrison, though, who with lone Wright is a model in Mildred Duff ' s exclusive dress shop. Jennie has spoken French so much that she has forgotten most of her English. Dear England had to be mv next destination. You should see the film I got of Alice Dunlap and Mary Elizabeth Bitting being presented at court. It was gorgeous. But I soon turned my mind to the more scholarly aspect of life and visited Oxford. I found Martha Thomas a Fellow there, achieving astounding success and attracting attention even to the point of starting a literary war by proving that O. Henry is quoted more than Chaucer. For my last stop before leaving Europe, I went up to Dunkiddie, Scotland, to see Clara Gattis, wife of Sir Angus McTight. As we neared the United States some days later, I guess I acted rather queerly or something. At any rate, the first thing I knew I was being held at the Customs House for a lot of questioning. I didn ' t care though, because through this accident I saw Isabelle Gray who is secretary to the customs inspector and very useful because of her ability to talk with foreigners. One person I particularly wanted to see was Ruby Keller who has become so rich and famous that her outlook is no longer Gray. She is now the successor to M. G. Eherhart. whose detective stories told by a nurse were so popular some years ago. Ruby took me everywhere I wanted to go — first by the palatial home of Gene Parker who. in partnership with Susie Sugg, has made millions on an invention of hair-waving flird that dries immediately. Then we went to see Lois Swett. Eleanor Sunn, Kathryn Ginsberg, and Rachel Dunnagan and their dancing school for wayward girls. These four friends of ours, by the way, were publicly thanked by the mayor of New York for their services in reducing delinquency. While I was still in the city I read thrilling news in the paper: Josephine Perry and Cornelia Snow who had been making archaeological investigations in the region above New York City announced that they had found the authentic wooden leg of Peter Stuyvesant. My ! I was proud of them ! I wanted to go up to Boston to see Julia Rice, who has made a real profession for herself out of preparing girls for their social debuts. According to her advertisement, she helps them with everything " from the proper costume to the proper courtesy. " I had to content myself with hearing about her, though, for I was determined to see Helen .Jones and Lucille Hinton, considered the best professional dancers of the day, perform in Philadelphia. Then I came on down to Baltimore where Bettv Griesinger and her partner in a law firm are very successfully dealing with the international aspects of commercial law. Washington was one place I was all excited over visiting because of an interesting new project some of our Pa9 e56 pirK n«Dbes friends are. working on there. Martha Kiser. Caroline Parker, Elizabeth Shore, and Margaret Neister have estab- lished a very exclusive kindergarten for the children of government officials. They declare that they are getting wonderful training in diplomacy because they have to spend their time stopping political fights among their pupils. Coming back to my dear home state, I took an eastern route because I felt that I must go by Wilson to see Mary Clare Stokes. She is one of the most popular of the young married set in the state, and for about the last five years has been re-elected every year chairman of the Debutante Ball. When I saw her, she was running around in a flurry having a fit over getting it ready. It seemed like old times ! On the way to Greensboro, then, I stopped at Duke Uni- versity to see how much progress Frances Upchurch was making on her Ph.D. I found her just completing a most scholarly dissertation. It was on " The Causes of Superabundant Rainfall on Week-ends in the Vicinity of Greens- boro, North Carolina. " Girls, the most wonderful part of a trip is coming back home again. How happy I was, on arriving at Greens- boro, to be met at the train by Mausleat Garrard and Polly Miller, representatives of the state P. T. A. and the Alum- nae Association ! And then that speech I made, introduced by the Alumnae Association president, Blanche Newsome Hardy. I shall never forget how Miriam MacFadyen, a counselor at the college, sobbed from sheer emotion on see- ing the moving pictures of her classmates. And there was that banquet where I sat beside Pat Knight, who is run- ning for the State Senate. As we discussed current affairs, Pat told me how Katherine Sikes had just about succeeded in cleaning up the political situation in North Carolina. " But, " she remarked, " Kat can ' t do much as long as tin system is the way it is. " I must say more about that delightful banquet. Such beautiful bright green beans, grown by Mary Kendrick and her husband on the college farm and needing no added coloring. And the dessert was that delec- table Indian Club Pudding, which Harriet McGoogan, the assistant dietician, has made the most popular dish in the college by leaving the ingredients out of it. Such supreme happiness I never before felt. ' Twas the end of a perfect trip, the memory of which I shall cherish in my heart of hearts. Ah, Class of 1936, nobly are you playing your part in spreading far and wide the ideals of our college. Page 57 ' 36 PlfK IK-€DLGS Mary Xixn President of Junior Class Junior Class Colors Blue and White Flower Sweet Pea Motto Honor Xon Honores Dr. Meta Miller Chairman of Junior Class Betty Marie Shiffman Mascot of Junior Class ' 36 Page 58 pm = n«Di s -? Junior Class Song College days pass so quickly, Faster than we realize. The ro ad to our success is rugged. But onward we will ever strive. We are the class of 1937 of W. C. U. N. C. Staunch we ' ll stand through all the years. For the Blue and White we ' ll give three cheers, A nd as the years go quickly flying by We ' ll strive to reach our goal. Let ' s raise our voices joy f idly to W. C. U. N. C. Freshmen. Sophomores, or Juniors, Seniors wrapped in dignity. It makes no difference what your name is This our song will always be. We are the class of 1937 of W. C. U. N. C. We will through all our college days Seek " Honor Non Honor es. " And when the time has come for us to part We will forever be faithful, true, in all we do to W. C. U. N. C. Virginia Moseley Vice-President Ruth Weitzel Secrctarij Mildred Yunker Manager of Junior Shoppe Carolyn Prout _._ Treasurer Page 59 ' 36 PI IK n«DL£S Juniors Laura Abernethy, Hickory, N. C. Elizabeth Anderson, Durham, N. C. Elizabeth Ashley, Westfield, Mass. Marguerite Barnhardt, Rockwell, N. C. Nancy Barbee, Seaboard, N. C. Marguerite Barrier, Jonas Ridge, N. C. Grace Bell, Murphj, - , N. C. Anne Belton, Winston-Salem, N. C. Frances Berbert, Greensboro, N. C. Constance Blackwood, Greensboro, N. C. Margaret Boatman, Greensboro, N. C. Camille Boger, Morganton, N. C. Rebecca Bohannon, Virgilina, Va. Helen Bolick, Polkton, N. C. Geraldine Bonkemeyer, Greensboro, N. C. ' 36 Page 60 pirre n DL- s Juniors Fan Bost, Newton, N. C. Willie Yvonne Boyd, Ayden, N. C. Mary Breckinridge, Summerville, W. Vi Virginia Britain, Asheboro, X. C. Eleanor Brock, Trenton, N. C. Esther Brown, Louisburg, N. C. Margaret Bunn, Henderson, N. C. Mar.iorie Burgess, Louisburg, N. C. Louise Burnette, Greensboro, N. C. Josephine Butler, Savannah, Ga. Julia Butler, Savannah, Ga. Ruel Capel, Greensboro, N. C. Grace Carmichael, Rowland, N. C. Edna Louise Carpenter, Durham, N. C. Sarah Click, Elkin. N. C. Juniors Nell Cobb, Lumber Bridge, N. C. Trannie Coburn, Raleigh, N. C. Doris Cockerham, Mt. Airy, N. C. pirK n DL-es Ethel Cody, Darlington, S. C. Ethel Cole, Biscoe, N. C. Mataline Collette, Advance, N. C. Elizabeth Cooke, Florence, S. C Elizabeth Copeland, Marion, N. C. Mary Cornwell, Lawndale, N. C. Lois Mae Correll, Cleveland, N. C. Annice Crawford, Wilson, N. C. Katherine Crouch, Stonv Point, N. C. Aileen Crowder, Lattimore, N. C. Helen Crutchfield, Greensboro, N. C Helen Cummings, Guilford College, N. C. ' 36 Page pjn-e n -€DL s Au± Page 63 ' 36 Juniors Sarah Dalton, Norton, Va. Rachel Darden, Annapolis, Md. Ruth Dennis, Marshall, N. C. Margaret Devanv, Norfolk, Va. Alice Dickinson, Wilson, N. C. Hilda Dowdy, Durham, N. C. Elizabeth Drake, Scotland Neck, N. C. Celia Dl t nlap, Wadesboro, N. C. Betsy Dupry, Greensboro, N. C. Edith Edmondsox, Pikeville, N. C. Eloise Efland, Efland, N. C. Kathryn Ellis, Clayton, N. C. Esther Ely, Jasper, Alabama Helen Eshelman, High Point, N. C. Belva Farmer, Marshall, N. C. y PI IK n«DbES Juniors Dorothy Fitzpatrick, Rougemont, N. C. Gladys Gamble, Glen Falls, N. Y. Elizabeth Gant, Burlington, N. C. Mary Lee Gardner, Warrenton, N. C. Eugenia Gibson, Asheville, N. C. Katherine Gilbert, Mt. Airy, N. C. Etta Mae Godwin, Durham, N. C. Jane Goodwin, Greensboro, N. C. Nell Goodwin, Salemburg, N. C. Josephine Gorham, Rocky Mount, N. C. Ruth Gorham, Battleboro, N. C. Helen Grier, Gastonia, N. C. Janet Griffin, Rich Square, N. C. Alleine Grimes, Greensboro, N. C. Elizabeth Grimsley, Council, N. C. ' 36 Page 6 J, M pin n DL-es Page 65 ' 36 Juniors Elizabeth Groverman, Georgetown, S. C. Sybil Gurley, Hendersonville, N. C. Scott Gwyn, Mt. Airy, N. C. Susan Hamlin, Garden City, N. Y. Helen Hamrick, Boiling Springs, N. C. Mary Lucile Hankins, Kernersville, N. C. Elizabeth Hanks, New Bern, N. C. Wilma Hardison, Arapahoe, N. C. Lynne Harrell, Marshville, N. C. Grace Harriman, Ashury Park, N. J. Anne Haynes, Greensboro, N. C. Mildred Hellen, Vaneeboro, N. C. Mary Hester, Greensboro, N. C. Ethalyn Hicks, Asheville, N. C. Kathryn Hollowell, Hobbsville, N. C. y Juniors Ruth Holt, Troy, N. C. Betsy Holton, High Point, N. C. Lucinda Hood, Kinston, N. C. pirK n«DL- s Alethea Hough, Oak Ridge, N. C. Carolyn Johnes, Freehold, N. J. Ernestine Johnson, Dunn, N. C. Evelyn Johnson, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Wilma Johnson, Conway, N. C. Sarah Johnston, Mooresville, N. C. Dorothy Jones, Kinston, N. C. Hortense Jones, Greensboro, N. C. Lillian Jordan, Hartsville, S. C. Bessie Kellogg, Sunbury, N. C. Mary Elizabeth King, Annapolis, Md. Mary Helen King, Greensboro, N. C. ' 36 Page 66 ,u PlfHE n-€-6DL6S Page 61 Juniors Bryte Kluttz, Salisbury. N. C. Clara Knox. Bear Poplar. N. C. Rosemary Ktjhn, Greensboro. X. C. Ruth Lawson, Pinnacle, N. C. Merle Leavitt, Exeter, X. IT. Annabel Lee, Fallston, X. C. Marjorie Lee, Oriental, X. C. Sidney Lee, Clinton, N. C. Margaret Leroy, Elizabeth City. X. C. Mabel Livingston. Laurel Hill, X. C. Gladys Lowery. YVingate, X. C. Josephine Lucas, Greensboro. X. C. Alma McCain, High Point, X. C. Rossell McDonald, Norton, Va. Dorothy McDougald, Clarkton. X. C. M pirrc n DL- s Juniors Elizabeth McEachern, Concord, N. C. Rosemary McKee, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Martha McRae, Charlotte, N. C. Annie Rebecca Mackie, Granite Falls, N. C. Olga Mallo, Havana, Cuba Shirley Melchor, Mooresville, N. C. Linda Mitchell, Fairmont, N. C. Marie Moore, Washington, N. C. Janet Morrison, Shelby, N. C. Laura Morrison, Mooresville, N. C. Isabelle Moseley, Kinston, N. C. Virginia Moseley, Kinston, N. C. Rachel Moser, Greensboro, N. C. Rachel Mower, Newberry, S. C. Florence Nelson, New Britain, Conn. ' 36 Page 68 PI IK n«DLGS Page 69 ' 36 Juniors Martha Nesbitt, Fairview, N. C. Nary Nunn, New Bern, N. C. Martha Palmer, Greensboro, N. C. Mary Hamer Pate, Rowland, N. C. Aileen Pendleton, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Irene Phrydas, Greensboro, N. C. Pattie Pittman, Rocky Mount, N. C. Helen Pooser, Gibson, N. C. Lucy Powell, Whiteville, N. C. Gladys Pritchard, Elizabeth City, N. C. Lillian Ptgh, New Roehelle, N. Y. Laura Reed, Winston-Salem, N. C. Florence Richardson, Dover, N. C. Helen Roberts, Asheville, N. C. Marie Roberts, Bahama, N. C. pirrc n-eeDL-es Juniors Florence Robinson, Greensboro, N. C. Miriam Robinson, Greensboro, N. C. Willie Ree Rollins, Hickory, N. C. Letha Royall, Salemburg, N. C. Florence Nelle Saint, Raleigh, N. C. Mary Elizabeth Sanders, Roxboro, N. C. Mary Neal Saunders, Rocky Mount, N. C. Daphne Savage, Norfolk, Va. Lucile Scarborough, Annapolis, Md. Wilfred Schlosser, Greensboro, N. C. Eva Mae Scott, Lucama, N. C. Dora Shapiro, Salem, N. J. Dorothy Sherwin, Greensboro, N. C. Audree Shore, Cycle, N. C. Corrie Shores, Spartanburg, S. C. ' 36 Page 70 w ) pirK n DL-es Page 71 ' 36 Juniors Mildred Shumate, Charlotte, N. C. Dorothy Silverman, Morristown, N. J. Erlean Sloop, Morresville, N. C. Gladys Solomon, Fort Valley, Ga. Geraldine Spinks, Fayetteville, N. C. Maude Steele, Wagram, N. C. Julia Stewart, Clinton, N. C. Maxine Strickland, Stedman, N. C. Patricia Sturdivant, Marshville, N. C. Lenore Swain, Asheville, N. C. Bulus Swift, Montezuma, N. C. Mildred Lee Swift, Red Bank, N. J. Evelyn Tart, Dunn, N. C. Kathryn Tate, Wichita, Kansas Greta Tinsley, Greensboro, N. C. piik rK-eDL-es i- Juniors June Torian, Asheville, N. C. Willa Towne, Stanford, Conn. Sarah Trice, Favetteville, N. C. Frances Truitt, Green sboro, N. C. Justine Ullrich, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Mildred Underwood, Cherokee, N. C. Kate Urquhart, Woodville, N. C. Lilla Victor, Savannah, Ga. Hazel Vuncannon, Ellerbe, N. C. Dewilla Ward, Whitakers, N. C. Mary Williams Ward, Burgaw, N. C. Anne Watkins, Roxboro, N. C. Ann Weber, Statesville, N. C. Ruth Weitzel, Manheim, Pa. Elizabeth Wenz, Asheville, N. C. ' 36 pirK n DL s w Juniors Page 78 ' 36 Elizabeth Westervelt, Hempstead, L. I. Sara Whiteside, Rutherford, N. C. Rowena Wilkinson, Whiteville, N. C. Betsy Williams, New Bern, N. C. Esther Williams, Wilmington, N. C. Rebecca Williams, Monroe, N. C. Elizabeth Winspear, Buffalo, N. Y. Martha Wiswall, Asheville, N. C. Mary Witherspoon, Murphy, N. C. Doris Wolff, Rhodesdale, Md. Jane Womble, Greensboro, N. C. Marie Young, Canton, N. C. Milly Yunker, Springfield, Mass. PI IKE n €Db£S Eleanor Dunn President Marietta Muller Vice-President Elnora Raiff Secretary Ruth Wescott Treasurer Sophomore Class Song Arise! Arise! And sing of ' 88 Ye daughters one and ail. Lift your voices, answer loud and clear Alma Mater ' s Call. We ' ll stand together as ice pledge, Our lore anil loyalty; And our hearts we ' ll ever turn. Green anil white to thee. We ' ll take our place, and bravely we will stand. Our hands firm clasped in thine, As down the i cars tin children inarch In one unbroken line. Colors Green and White Flower Wisteria Motto Excelsior Miss Helen Ingraham Chairman of Sophomore Class Alice Elizabeth Crittenden Mascot of Sophomore Class ' 36 Page 74 A pin-€ n DL s Sophomore Class Abbitt, Jean Adams, Flora Agnew. Mary Akers, Dorothy Anthony, Mary Page Applebaum, Gertrude Archibald, Mary Arnett, Georgia Avery. Ruth Aycoek, Elizabeth Ayers, Ruth Baise, Pauline Baker, Virginia Barbee, Nancy Barrett, Frances Bateman, Laura Batte, Sue Beale. Frances Beasley. Mary Bell. Helen Benton. Ruth Bland. Margaret Boatman, Margaret Boney. Mary Lily Boyd, Beatrice Britton. Martha Brock, Ida L. Brothers, Catena Brothers. Margaret B rower. Marguerite Burchelle. Hope Burdge, Sarah Calder, Betty Callahan. Bernice Cardwell, Edith Carter, Mabel Causey. Katherine Chadwick, Jane Chrisman, Hester Clay, Elizabeth Clegg, Jane Clein, Revie Coburn. Rosina Connor, Edwina Conover. Judith Cooper, Katherine Corley. Sheila Craver, Alta Mae Craver. Naomi Crean, Frances Creech. Dorothy Creeson, Fay Croom, Miriam Crosland, Anne Cummings, Elizabeth Cuthbertson, Frances CuthreJI, Barbara Daniel, Fannie Daniel, Margaret Davis. Elizabeth Davis, Lena Belle Davis. Nell DeBoe, Isolind Dotger, Elizabeth Douglas, Jessie Dunn. Eleanor Eason, Edna Eaton, Margaret Eldridge, Marie Eller. Louise Elliott. Ruth Eubank, Elizabeth Farmer, Lennis Feimster, Bess Fish, Hattie Fitzpa trick. Dorothy Fleet, Catherine Fondren, Doris Foust, Sarah Fowler, Minnie Fulton. Margaret Fulton. Virginia Fultz. Mary Gamble, Eileen Gaskins, Dorothy Geddie, Virginia Gibson, Helen Gill, Ruth Glenn, Marjorie Goodrich. Gretchen Goslen, Louwillie Graham, Jean Gray, Cornelia Greenberg. Judith Greis, Virginia Griffin. Betty Grisette. Hattie Groverman, Elizabeth Hackney, Ruth Hal). Alma Hall. Helen Hammond, Evelyn Harris, Louise Harris, Virginia Harrison. Rebecca E. Harrison. Virginia Hayes, Minnie Perrine Heath, Harriet Hedgpeth, Marie Heffner, Bernice Hefner, Mary Henderson. Crystal Henderson, Margaret Henry, Abbie Fay Herring, Hazel Hewitt. Murielle Hicks, Ethalyn Highsmith. Julia Hill. Ruth Hobbs, Conrade Hodges. Martha E. Hoffman. Mary Engle Holthouser. Helen Hoskins. Elizabeth Howell. Iris Howell. Rachel Hudnell. Marie Ivey, Ruth Jackson. Evelyn Jackson. Lilian Jackson, Virginia James, Leslie Jarrett, Sarah Johnson, Camilla Johnson. Carolyn Johnson. Ernestine Johnson. Geraldine Jones, Clarice Jordan, Louise Jordan, Marion Judd, Frances Kallam, Hannah Katz, Lillian Kananagh, Lee Ola Kernodle, Evelyn Kleemeier. Helen Knox, Wylie Landen. Katherine Landreth. Martha Lauder. Kathleen Lawson. Ruth Lewis, Dorothy Lewis. Helen Link. Elizabeth Little. Elizabeth Loftin. Martha Long, Hortense Lovelace, Julia Lo Celi; Lowder. Lois Lyle, Blair McCall, Nancy McCaskill, Myrtle McChesney, Virginia McKaughan. Montien McKee, Jane MeLaurin, Suzanne McMullin, Gwendolyn McNeely. Marie Mahaffey. Margaret Martin. Ernestine Mashburn. Mildred Masters. Lelah Nell Mathes, Mary Elizabeth Matthews, Geraldine Matthews, Jane Matthews, Sara Maylield. Katherine Mayo, Mary Frances Meeks, Virginia Meyerowitz, Gladys Middleton, Mary Miller. Lillyan Mills. Margaret Misenheimer, Catherine Mitchell, Arthealia Moore, Katherine Moore, Naioma Moseley, Frances Moseley, Julia Muller, Marietta Mullican. Frances Newman, Beatrice Norwine, Nan Nye, Rachel Oehman. Annie Ruth Oliver, Dorothy Olson, Virginia Ossi, Mabel Paine. Eleanor Palmer, Margaret Parker, Grace Pearsall. Flora Peeden, Golda Peele, Lina Jo Pegram, Mae Sue Pelletier, Mary Perkins, Mary Alice Person, Helene Pinner, Harriet Plaster, Hazel Plonk, Douglas Poliakoff, Evelyn Polk, Rosalie Pollok. Elizabeth Prevatte, Mildred Price. Anne Puig. Ylia Quinn. Esther Ann Quinn. Melba Raiff. EInora Reece, Elinor Reeves, Elizabeth Roberson, Chloe Robinson. Elizabeth Rogers, Martha Rogers, Rose Rogol, Rebecca Root, Julia Ross, Lyndll Sawyer, Nancy Schmidt, Elaine Sette. Marie Shankle, Mary Elizabeth Shaw, Carletta Shaw, Rebecca Shippey, Grace Sigman, Kathryn Sisk, Annie Howard Sloan, Miriam Sloop, Annie Louise Smith, Carolyn Smith. Juanita Smith, Virg inia E. Snyder, Almeda Snyder, Dorothy Snyder, Rosemary Sowell, Frances Spinks, Lucy Spoon, Annie Lee Starnes, Elizabeth Steagall. Sara Stegall, Gwen Stein. Reva Steinreich. Sylvia Stewart, Sarah Strohm. Lorena Sturgeon, Helen Surratt, Edith Sweet, Marian Sweet, Susan Tatum, Virginia Thompson, Kathryn Thomson, Barbara Tinsley. Gretter Toler, Dorothy Tothacher. Vivian Uzzelle. Elizabeth Voss, Mary Evans Waldroup. Winona Walters, Alice Watkins, Alyne Watkins. Penelope Watts. Edith Weatherly, Alma J. Westcott. Ruth Whalin, Ruth White. Margaret Whitehurst, Margaret Whitley, Mary Lee W T hitsett, Miriam Wiley. Josephine Wiley. May Stevens Williams, Charlotte Williams, Helen Williams, Helen M. Willis, Loetta Wilson, June Wilson, Margaret Loretta Wilson. Virginia Wingate, Louise Wolf. Wilma Wolff, Doris Womble. Frances Wormser, Adrienne Verger. Frances Young, Nancy Zeock, Helen PI IK IK-€DL£S Freshman Commission Elizabeth Taylor Emily Harris Jeanne Carey Freshman Song Seeking beauty, strength, and wisdom, In a never-ending quest. We, the class of thirty-nine, Cherish ideals pure and fine, Seeking, giving of our best. As we march toward Life ' s bright crest. With all the zeal of our courageous young hearts, With all the loyalty they hold. We ' ll trust in God to guide us as forward we go; We ' ll ever strive to reach our goal. Oh College dear, mag ice bring honor to you! Thirty-nine is loyal to you! We ' re strong to dare to do. 9H Colors Red and White Flowers Red and White Roses Motto Esse qnam videre Miss Bernice Draper Chairman Freshman Class Hampton Teague Mascot Freshman Class ' 36 Page 76 A Piri€ !K-€Db£S Freshman Class Adams. Duris Adams, Fannie Lynn Aiken. Charlotte Alderman. Naomi Aldrich. Elizabeth Alford. Katherine Allen. Mabel Anderson. Blanche Andoe. Josephine Anthony. Imo Jean Atkinson. Sarah Austin. Geneva Averette. Euzelia Aycock. Gretchen Ayers. Helen Bain. Corinna Ballew, Mary Frances Banks. Elizabeth Barksdale. Susan Barnes, Mary Rachel Barnette. Louise Batter. Janice Batter, Lucille Beaman. Frances Beck. Louise Beckerdite. Mary Jane Bernard, Justina Best. Margaret Bethea. Lucile Birmingham. Marjorie Bishop. Marian E. Bizzell. Mayree Blackman. Emmie Blades, Alice Blague, Madeleine Blanchard. Edith Blodgett. Christine Bolderson. Avis Bolick, Edith Boiling, Helen Bonham. Elizabeth Book, Helen Bostick. Edna Earle Bowman, Doris Boyd, Gretchen Boyette, Louise Brabble. Catherine Bradley. Mary Braxton. Ethel Breeden. Norma Brick. Josephine Briggs. Margaret BrinkJey, Frances E. Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Emilie Rose Brown, Jamie Bryant, Barbara Buchanan, Edna Bumgarner, Helen Bunch. Mary Elizabeth Burdge, Mary Ann Burnside, Elizabeth Bush. Mary Elizabeth Byerly. Helen Caldwell. Frances Callaham. Helen Cannon. Jean Carey, Jeanne Carruthers. Mary Ann Carter. Ruth Cartwright. Edna Cauthen, Christine Chalfant. Carolyn Chambers. Elizabeth Chamblee, Eugenia Chamness. Pearle Chappell. Kathleen Clark. Anna Ruth Clark, Dorothy Cline, Helen (line. Melba Coble. Marv Kathryn Cochrane. Mary Cole. Ruth Colev, Rebecca Connell, Rubs- Conrad, Caroline Constable, Jane Coogan. Alice Cook, Helen Cooke. Sarah Cooper, Jean Coughenour. Nancy Cowherd. Elizabeth Coykendall. Muriel Cozzens. Julia Craft. Pauline Crawford. Blois Crockett, Frances Croom. Leah Crowell. Louise Crumpler. Ethel Currin. Henrietta Dale. Alice Daniel. Naomi Daniel. Vera Daniels, Edna Darden. Louise Davis. Grace Deal. Louise Deans. Margaret Delbridge. Margaret Dennis. Helen Dibble. Eleanor Doubles, Betsy Dozier. Doris Lee Draughon. Rachael Dukes. Carolyn Dunlap, Sarah V. Dupuy. Jane Durham. Ruth Dzvonchik. Nadia Eason. Elizabeth Edwards. Mattie Lou Edwards. Virginia Efird. Elaine Eley, Anne F.lkins. Dorothy Emmett. Rachel Endfleld. Marion Epps, Man- Everett. Betsy Everett. Eunice Everett. Maxilla Everette. Janie Fairbanks. Muriel Featherston. Helen Fentress. Frances Ferguson. Margaret Ficker, Dorothv Fields. Pauline Finkelstein. Paulyne Fisher. Marion Idol, Margaret Flowe, Jeannette Irwin. Patricia Floyd. Martha James, Mildred Freeland, Elizabeth Johnson. Dorothy Furr, Frances Johnson, Louise Gainey, Rose Jones, Margaret Galbreath. Alice Jordan, Anne Galloway. Margaret Johnson. Mary Mar Gardner. Kathleen Jordan. Margaret Garner. Maxine Garth. Elizabeth Gault. Miriam Gill. Marv Louise Gilliam, VeLora Godwin, Julia Goforth, Elizabeth Gooch. Lell Goodman. Marie Goodwin. Phyllis Goslen. Annie L. Gradeck, Viola Gray, Sara Greene. Margaret Guard. Marguerite Guy. Martha Gyles. Mary Frances LaSpina Josey. Atha Jo ner, Frances Keister. Phyllis Kerchner, Eleanor Kiker, York King, Edith Kinney. Marjo ry Kirkman. Lynda Kiser. Frances Koonce. Leanna Kornegay. Leontine Lambertson. Grace Lambeth. Alice Lamm. Pearl Lanier. Alice Lanier, Eleanor Hafer. Blanche Haines, Alice Hall. Evelyn Hall. Margaret Hamilton. Dorothv Hamilton. Ruth Hardison. Ross Hargrove. Sally Harris. Emilv 111V II ai Edna Leach. Doris Lee, Grace Leeger, Vera Levine. Edna Levine. Wilma Lewis, Caroline Lewis, Claudeline Liles, Attie Belle n, Mary EllenLindsay, Jean Harward. Bett Hashagen. Jane Hatch, Margaret Heidinger, Reva Held. Fannette Helms. Matilda Helsaheck. Wilma Henderson, Elinor Henderson, Mary Hendren, Heath Herbert. Ette Mae Hewitt. Lillian Hickman, Sue Hill. Lanie Hill. Lucille Hill. Marv Hohbs. Ella Hobgood. Jean Hockaday. Elise Marley, Morris Marshall, Margaret S. Marshburn, Christine Marston, Elsie Martin. Edith Martin. Maxye Mason. Elizabeth Massey. Lucy Frances Maupin. June Maxwell. Rubj- May. Marjorie Mayers. Marjorie Maynard. Elsie Melchor, Dorothv Merritt, Myrtle Messick. Iva Mewborn. Kathryn Michael. Elizabeth Michlin. Charlotte Miles. Virginia Millner. Doris Minis. Marv Jane Mitchell. Mary Allen Mitchell. Rosalie Moon. Barbara Moore. Aimee Moore, Barbara Moore, Inez Moore. Jane Moseley, Claudia Moselev. Marjorie Moseley. Mary Etta Mueller. Amie Murdoch, Alice Murphrey, Ethel Phillips, Elizabeth Phillips. Margaret Piatt. Jeannette Pinnix, Hunter Player. Helen Pospisil, Irene Poynor. Margaret Preston, Jean Prindle, Delle Purvis. Mary Eliz: Putnam, Anne Pye. Marjorie Rainey. Gertrude Ray. Elizabeth Reavis, Ethel Rehm, Margaret Renfrow, Katherine RepettQ, Elena Rettew. Kathryn Rich. Irene Rigsbee. Mildred Robertson. Elaine Robinson. Leah Rogers, Evelyn Rogers. Ruth Rose, Shirley Rosenthal, Marjorie Rosseland. Dorothy Rosser. Grace Rotha. Mary Rouzer. Marv Edna Rud. Elizabeth Rudder, Mary Sur Sandling, Dora Sanford. Elsie Ruth Lipe, Thelma Littlefield, Arlene Livingston, Virginia Oakley, Norma Oliver. Lucy Or mond, Alma Lloyd. Elizabeth Lopp. Sarah Louthian. Margaret Love, Adelaide Lowrance. Josephine Lucas, Maude Lee McAdams. Christine McAllister. Margaret McArthur. Elizabeth McBrayer, Christine McCabe. Anne MeDavid, Nora McGIohon, Joyce Holland. Margaret J. Mcintosh. Marv Elizabeth Hollowell. Winifred McKnight. Katharine Holmes. Mary McLamb. Reba Horn. Irene McLaughlin. Mary Katherine Horner. Frances McLean. Eloise McLean, J. Margaret McLendon, Mary ' Louise McManawav. Nancy McMillan, Annie Ruth McMillan. Doris McMillan, Truma Mabrey. Margaret Maguire. Ruth Mallonee. Man- Manger. Martha Mann. Lillian F. Murphy. Mary Elizabeth Schauer, E Neaves, Emalene Newsome. Marv Ell Niblock. Kate Ximocks, Forrest Nimocks. Gayle Norwood. Betty Nowell. Doris Nowell. Gray Nowlin. Harriet Nowlin, Nell Overman. Margaret Schneck. Kathryn Seago. Georgia Seibert, Mary Sellers, Viola Sharp. C. Evelyn Sharp. Louise Sharpe. Beverly Ann Strickland. Marjory Sturkey, Nelle Sugg. Sara Lee Suitt. Mary Elizabeth Sundstrom. Sylvia Swain. Margaret A. Swain. Olena Swartz. Anne Tabor. Rachel bethTaylor. B. Elizabeth Taylor, Frances Taylor, Juanita Teague, Annabel Thigpen, Hilda Thomas. Susannah Thomason, Katherine ; Thomason, Mildred Thompson, Marv Carolyn Tolar. Hester f. Trimble. Betty Tripp, Gladys Truitt, Dorothy Tuberville, Anni Turner. Anna Hughe Tuten, Blanche Tyler, Ruth Tyndall, Floreine Tyson. Nell Umstead, Jane I ' pehurch. Mable Yeasey. Helen Venning. Virgin! Wain wright. Walker, Hazel Walker. Hilda Walker, Judith Warren, Agnes Washington, Lucy Watson, Josephine Watts, Allison Weeks, Eleanor Weitzel, Helen Westbrook. Helen Laurie irginia Sharpe. Grace Elizabeth Wharton. Betsy Owe Anna C. Horry. Edith Howard, Carroll Howard, Ruth Howard. Virginia Howell. Elizabeth Hughes. Dorothy Hunt. Florence Hurdle. Kathryn Hurwitz. Eleanor Hutchinson. Doris Parker. Ella Frances Parker. Minnie Lou Parker. Ruth Helen Parrott. Alberta Parsons, Ellen Partin. Mary Blake Pate, Christine Pate, Jean Patrick, Mamie Evelyn Patterson. Bertie Payne, Flora Payne. Zadie Pearl. Dorothy Pease. Helen P-den. Elizabeth Pegram. Dorothy Ray Pelton, Isabel Perez, Marie Perry. Alice Phillips. Beverly Shaw. Florenc Sheahen, Lauretta Shepherd. Evelyn Shoaf. Arriwona Shufnrd. Inez Silbiger. Laura Simpson. Myrtle Skelton. Leah Sloan. Frances Smirnow, Adele Smith. Catherine C. Smith, Edna Grace Smith. Myra Smith. Pauline Snyder. Elizabeth Snyder. Hilda Southard. Bessie Mae Spainhour. Doris Spinelli. Corinna Spoerl. Ada Stanley. Ethel Mae Stanton, Emilv Stanton. Marguerite Steele. Flora Stephens. Marie Stoker. Carroll Strawn. Gladys Wheeler, Hele Wheless. Willie Whitaker. Ellen Whitehead. Man ' Elizabet Whitley, Thelma Whitney, Sarah Wiggins. Harriet Wilkinson. Elizabeth E. Wilkinson. Elizabeth P. Wilkinson. Virginia Williams. Emily Williams, Olive Williams. Virginia P. Wilson, Annie Ruth Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Marv Winborne. Edith Wood, Virginia Woolard. Rachel Worman. Marjorie Wright, Alice Wright. Martha Young. Geraldine Ziel, Jean Zimmerman. Man- Zimmerman. Theresa Page 77 pm-e n DL s 4. Commercial Class Lenoir Henry President Marian Mann Vice-President " • - IV v Elizabeth Swicegood Secretary-Treasurer E. J. Forney Director ' 36 Pa e 78 PlfK [K-€DLGS Commercial Class Adams, Frances Akers, Virginia Albright. Evelyn Allsbrook, Bennie Allsbrook, Frances Armfield, Elsie Lee Austin, Marjorie Barbee, Margaret Barnes; Martha Barnes, Sarah Barnette, Margaret Beeson, Mary Margaret Birsch, Frances Bishop, Marguerite Black, Ruth Eleanor Blanchard. Ruth Boggan, Anne Boo e, Erie Bow ma n, Florence Boyette, Charlotte Brandt, Alma Ruth Braswell, Ruby Bright. Mildred Brittain, Florence Brockenbrough, Burnley Brown, Beverly Brown, Kathleen Brown, Margaret to Buliard, Sara Prances Bullington, Frances Burrage. Janie Elizabeth Burroughs, S. Elizabeth Bush, Ellen Douglas Butner, Virginia Byrd. Esther Gairns, Janet Calhoun, Nannie Lou Cameron. Coy Campbell, Helen Capel, Ann Carlton, Emma White Carlton, Jane Canaway. Hehla Carson, Jeannette Cavin, Kathaleen Chapman. Norma Cheek. Dorothy Clements, Sue Clendenin. Dorothy Clifton, Velma Connor, Rachel Cooper, Elizabeth Cox. Lucile Cranford. Catherine Crooks. Mary (rye. Kathryn Culbreth, Hattie Ruth Cunningham, Catherine Dalrymple, Flossie Daniel, Mary Louise Darden. Margaret Davis. Anne Dickson, Vivian Dixon, Mary Elizabeth Dixon. Robena Dowdy. Ruth Draper. Mary BJle Driggers. Veola Dunn, Kate Edmunds. Maye Ellington, Martha Etheridge. Gladys Evans. Rebecca Faison. Elizabeth Farlow. Maxine Fisher. Betsy Fletcher, Margaret Florance, Ruth Freeman. Frances Freeman. Velva Frye. Martha Gant, Adelaide Garner. Grace Gaskins, Emily Gibbs, Mary dill. Alma Gilland. Ruth Hit] Sa Godwin. Lucille Gold. Phyllis Goldsmith. Gene Goodman. Robbie Goss, Evelyn Gray. Jane ( rreen, Sarah Grist, Lily Grubb, Jessie Grubbs. Frances Hall. Annie Grace Hall. Virginia Hamilton, Celeste Hanby, Carolyn Harbison, Margaret Hardison, Hilda Harmon. Bettie Mae Harris. Gwendolyn Harris, Marita Harrison. Helen Harrison. Rebecca Hawkins. Ruby Helms, Edith Henderson. Helen Henley. Eunice Henry. Lenoir Hight, F.lizabeth Billiard, Lucielle Hines, Doris Hines, Frances Hobson. Sadie Hockett, Mildred Hodges, Claudine Hodges, Maude Holden. Mary Holmes, Vieva Hutchison, Mary Lewi Inman. Rutli Key. Adele Jackson, Elizabeth Jefl ' ress. Mary Louise Jennings. Elizabeth Jones, Eunice Jones, Janet Jones, Martha Byrd Jordan. Catherine Joyner. Elizabeth Justus, Marie Kenyon, Faye King, Marie Kirkman, Thelma Kirkman. Virginia Knight. Norma Latham. Zelma Lauder. Ruth Laughlin, Margaret Letler, Anne Leftwich, Elizabetli Legwin, Estelle Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Sarah Elizabeth Liles, Frances Litaker. Elise Lockhart, Carrie Long, Miriam Lutterloh, Louise McClure, Rhoda McCormick, Mary Lew McDuffie, Margaret McEachern, Linton MacFadyen, Pauline McLean, Margaret C. Maddrey, Virginia Mann, Blanche Mann, Marianne Mann. Marietta Manning. Grace Martin. Inez Martinai. Jeannette Mason. Beatrice Mauney, Marforie Meads, Doris Means, Corallie Means. Louise Meeks, Dabney Miller. Edna L. Miller, Vivian Monday. Love Morgan, Elizabetli Morris. Rutli Owen Morrison. Margaret Mulli.s. Minnie Lee Murchison, Louise Murray. Emmie Murrill, Elizabeth Nachman, Rachel Newell. Ethel Mae Noble, Louise O ' Neal. Martha Pace, Jeta Patterson, Pearl Peacock, Frances Person. Frances Phelps, Betsy Pigford, Mary Faison Plyer, Edna Polley, Kathleen Potter, Malora Rabb, Elizabeth Redding. Margery s Reinhardt, Sarah Revelle. Elizabeth Reynolds, Doris Rivenbark, Garland Robertson, Mary Alice Robertson. Nan Jane Robinson, Goldia Roper. Anita Rowe, Elizabeth Russell. Jonnie Ree Russell. Marguerite Sapp, Annie Mae Sapp. Phyllis Anne Schipman, Annie Mae Scott, Rachel Short, Mary Sims. Martha R. Singleton. Jean Smith. Gwendolyn Smithey, Izetta Snow, Ella Cornelia Spears, Dorothy Stanley. Bonnie Mae Stevens. Mareia Stone, Eleanor Ruth Sumrell, Athalia Susman. Frances Sutton. Mary Page Sutton. Nancy Swicegood, Elizabeth Talton. Eleanor Tippett, Evelyn Mae Tripp. Vivian Upton, Linda Upton, Mary Elizabeth Vaughan. Emily Venters. Edna Vickrey, Eunice Weaver, Margaret Weeks, Annabel Wells, Harriet Wheeler. Joy Belle White. Elsie White. Penelope Whitney. Kathleen Wiggins, Margery Wilkerson, Helen Williams. Alice Williams. Elizabeth Williams, Virginia J. Wilson, Margaret Louise Wilson, Rosa Lee Witty, Linda Wolf, Roberta Woodard. Mary Elizabet! Wray, Dorothy Wylie. Nellie Wyrick, Ruby Lee Yerby, Edna Ray York, Jane Younger, Frances Zickgraf, Pearl Page 79 pirK n«Dbes . . .._ ...... - ' ■yP+tA New Alumnae Building OFFICERS OF THE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Mrs. Claude S. Morris (Emma Lewis Speight) President Miss Corinne Cannady Vice-President Miss Laura H. Coit Honorary President Miss Clara B. Byrd General Secretary MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mrs. Charles F. Finch (Susan Green) Miss Gertrude Carraway Miss Ruth Fitzgerald Mrs. T. R. Everett ( Ruth Viek) Miss Ruth Clinard Mrs. J. R. Bennett (Josie Douh) Mrs. M. J. Wrenn (Louise Clinard) Mrs. Joe W. Johnson (Virginia Batte) Mrs. C. W. Perry (Octavia Jordan) N«, ' 36 Page S ' J PI IK n-€-€DL£S George Sand Amendine Lucile Aurore Dupin Dudevant — known to history, literature, and the annals of super-women as George Sand. She was France ' s best known woman, and her fame spread even beyond the shores of Europe. Having written eight hours a day, she was heralded as the most prolific woman writer in literature ' s history. She is not remembered for her writings alone. Hers is probably the most powerful individuality displayed by any modern French woman. To a youth and womanhood of storm and stress succeeded an old age of serene activity, then of calm decay. In naming George Sand, we name someone even more exceptional than a great genius. Her rise to eminence in the literature of her century is, if not without a parallel, yet absolutely with- out a precedent. Student Government Mary Louise Shepherd President Betty Griesixger Vice-President Page 85 Judicial Board Mary Louise Shepherd Elizabeth Barineau Marie Parker Blanche Gwvn Catherine Proctor Mary Claire Stokes Alma McCain Mildred Swift Jl t stine Ulrich Legislature Kathleen Capps Harriet McGoogan Eliza Cromartie Martha McRae Elizabeth Drake Betty Winspear Alma Hall Page 86 Finance Board Christiana McFayden Susan White Julia Hitler Martha McRae Miss Catherine Sherrill Dr. A. S. Keister Mr. C. E. Teague Honor Board Mary Louise Shepherd Marie Parker Catherine Proctor Elizabeth Barineau Dr. C N. Warfield Miss Harriet Elliott Dr. A. S. Keister N ' Page S7 Day Students Organization President Kathryn Ginsberg Secretary Mary Helen King House Presidents Frances Upchurch Kent Blair Clara Gattis Miriam Mi Tadyen Mary Glenn- Lois Swett Nell Stallings Sarah Dalton Buns Swift Betsy Williams Geraldine Spinks Daphne Savage Religious Council Student Activities Committee Dr. W. C. Jackson Miss Harriet Elliott Eliza Cromartie Betty Griesinger Rachel Dunnagan Mary Nunn Mary Louise Shepherd Louise Bell Martha Thomas Lenore Henry Church Groups Presidents and Secretaries Miss Cleo Mitchell Sara Howard Miriam Miller Evelyn Cavileer Harriet McGoogan Ada Williams Elizabeth McEachern Miss Idalene Gulledge Miss Lucy Crisp Miss Margaret Williams Elaine Schmidt Y. W. C. A Cabinet Elizabeth Barineau Dorothy Poole Carolyn Parker Adelaide Porter Josephine Perry Susan White Doris Wilkins Mary Agnes Garrett Elizabeth Landing Louise George YVilla Towne Justine Ullrich Shirley Melchor Grace Carmichael Marie Roberts Fan Bost Alma Hall Martha Thomas President Page 90 Chief Marshal Alice Dunlap Albemarle, N. C. Societies X HE Adelphian, Cornelian, Dikean, and Aletheian are the four social organizations. They occupy a most important place in student life. Managed entirely by the students, they give opportunity for friendly intercourse and social improvement. Page 91 Aletheia Aletheian Officers President Isabelle Gray Vice-President Jane Gaw Recording Secretary Lilla Victor Treasurer Martha McRae Intersociety Representative Doris Cockerham Geraldine Spinks Page Song Alt ' . Truth, whose light throughout the countless cars Has been passed down to us from soul to sou!. We seek Thee, tho ' through toil and pain and tears, VntH we find Thee, that zee may be whole. A spark of Thee is horn within each breast; We strive to feed that tint altar fire With other sparks xce find upon our quest, O AlctJicia, of our pure desire. Thou art an ideal, boundless, unattained. While yet we strive to live Thee every day; Thou art in all, and yet cannot lie gained Save by long search, and weary, and the way Winds by strongholds of ignorance and sin. But seeking Thee in all tee know, at last We ' ll break the gates that there may enter in Thy light of understanding when our search is past. Linda Mitchell DoRALVN HoDGIN Frances Upchurch Selma Whitehead Page 03 In Adelphia Adelphian Officers President Mary Clare Stokes Vice-President Mabel Farmer Recording Secretary Helen Bell Corresponding Secretary Lucy Spinks Treasurer .... .. Louise Matthews Intersociety Representative Alice Dunlap Sarah Dalton Page 9J, Song Shoulder to shoulder, hearts filled with devotion, W r ith purpose not aimless but earnest and true. United by all the ties of deep friendship, We bring, O Adelphi, our homage to you. We pledge to you loyalty long and unending, Loyalty which will be firm, which will be true. Devotion tee pledge you that never shall perish. And love which through all coming time will endure With courage undaunted we ' ll march ever onward, Up heights to be won along parts strange and nexv; But now and forever one great band of sisters We ' ll be, O Adclphia, still loyal to you. Clara Gattis Ada Williams Mildred Diff Page 95 Dike Dikean Officers Preside,,, Eliza Cromartie Vice-President .....Mary Glenn Corresponding Secretary Ruth Westcott Recording Secretary Alice Dickinson Treasurer Ju]ia Butkr Josephine Lucas Page 06 Song Dike, who speaks with reverberant grandeur, Through listening portals of true womanhood, Into thi vastnesSj zee eonie now entrusting Forcers as yet latent with will ' s hope imbued ; Glad for the toiling, the common endeavor. Glad for the wideness of ways to be won, To do for the deed ' s sake, still keeping the vision, Trusting secure in the lives ' round us thrown. Stamped with that beauty and light of thy image We would go forth with a creative faith; Builders potential and makers of highways. Easing for others the paths they may take. And as the sunset gives place to the sunrise. After us eometli the child of the dawn To fashion the fabric of dreams scarce completed And serve Thee forever, O Light, farther on. Mary Louise Myrick Josephine Butler Eleanor Nunn Margaret Mayhew Page 91 Cornelia and the Gracchi Cornelian Officers President—. Mary Catherine Proctor I " iff- President Marie Parker Recording Secretary ....Betsy Dupuy Treasurer Alma McCain Intersociety Representative Helen Jones Ann Watkins Page 9S Song In joy and praise come let us sing With anthem clear and strong; Let all Cornelian voices ring In free, exultant song. Of pride for that fair name we bear, Cornelia, glorious word, To make us gladly do and dare. Whene ' er ' tis thought, whene ' er ' tis heard. We ' ll onward, upward ever more. Our footsteps forward pressed; Together move in sister-love Upon the mountain ' s crest, To gain the fair, wide, spreading view Which round the mountain lies, And give us understanding new, Enlightening our eager eyes. May Cornelia ' s name have ne ' er a stain From any daughter ' s deed. For her, all glory will be given And give her honor ' s meed; For firm and staunch we ' ll ever stand Unto each other true. And loyal to her noble band, Hers, yea, her own, our whole lives through. Kent Blair Mary Fitzgerald Laura Abernethy Louise Bell Page 99 Botany Club President Edith Lambeth Vice-President Eva Mangum Secret ar -Treasurer Katherine Causey Committee Chairmen Program Mary Motsinger Publicity Frances Fotst Sofia Margaret Smith Home Economics Club President Harriet McGoogan Vice-President Helen Lynch Secretary .... Mary Helen King Treasurer - — Clara Knox Committee Chairmen: Ways and Means..... ....Floy Green Social Sarah Howard Publicity Clarice Whitaker irf EJL iL SBtHtMB HH JBf BT " ¥B -jBTB W 1 r flFilkTJ-V 4 Jk l If ■jfen k? n Buitf-- i +i3m a w iS ®%-- w V BVj ' I bI 1 Pa 7 - iOO Madrigal Club President Ann Crawley Vice-President Jane Gaw Secretary Marguerite Barnhardt Treasurer Mary Elizabeth Saunders Reporter Frances Barrett College Choir President Rachel Moser Vice-President Margaret DeVany Secretary Ruth Gorham Associate Secretaries Lucille Massey Rose Gainey Vestment Chairman Jane Gaw Associate Vestment Chairmen Vivian Dickson Dorothy Snyder Librarians Virginia Christy Marjorie Glenn Page 101 Orchesis Clogging Club Margaret Franks V resident Evelyn Tart Vice-President Josephine Lucas Secretary -Treasurer Lucille Hinton President Miss Edith Vail Director 4 » 4 £7 ST ' n IQ f, r p ■ - ' i Page 102 Dolphin Club President Blanche Gwyn J ' ice-President Margaret Franks Secretary-Treasurer ....Laura Abernethy ■Iiimiiii i I i .— — jtf Chemistry Club President Frances McNeill J ' ice-President Mabel Livingston Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Shehwix Page 103 Math Club Elizabeth Polston P res id ent LorisE Cox Vice-President Doris Cockerham Secretary-Treasurer Education Club Eugenia Parker President Elizabeth Dowdle Vice-President Eliza Chomartie Secretary Carmen Austen Treasurer French Club Elizabeth Barineau President Josephine Butler J ' ice-President Julia Butler Secretary -Treasurer Physics Club Dalton Wright President Dorothy S her win Vice-President Betsy Dupuy Secretary -Treasurer Zoology Club Elizabeth Anderson President Alda Weaver ice-1 ' resident Cornelia Snow Secretary-Treasurer Playlikers Club Miriam McFadyen President Millie Swift Secretary-Treasurer Justine Ullrich Business Manager Masqueraders Miriam McFadyen Betty Griesinger Lela Hooker Edythe Latham Page 104 Phi Beta Kappa Foundation: Dr. Walter C. Jackson Dr. George Underwood President Dr. Winfield S. Barney Vice-President Dr. Ruth CoLLINGS Secretary-Treasurer ALUMNAE OUT OF COLLEGE OVER TEN YEARS Class of 1906 Martha E. Winfield Class of 1910 and 1922 Jane Summerell Class of 1920 Mr?. Julia Spruill Mabel Adderholt Nancy Baker Class of 1981 Mrs. Helen Seifert Kafer Mrs. Mary Jane Wharton Thayer Class of 1932 Mrs. Pansy McConnell Hood Mary E. Lewis Evelyn Underwood Margaret Bane Marjorie Hefren Elizabeth Langford Class of 1933 Katherine Moser Pauline Moser Eleanor Shelton Mrs. Ernestine Halyburton McDonald Julia Watson Alice Armkield Katherine Baxter Phoebe Jane Bobbitt Mary Brantley Mildred Conklin Genevieve Corbett Jane Costner Robbie Dunn Lorena Fairbanks Frances Grantham Lorraine Gray Mary Alice Hutchison- Alice Johnson Elizabeth Barineau Mary Reynolds Bradshaw Elizabeth Buhmann Mausleat Garrard Betty Griesinger Blanche Newsome Hardy Rosabelle Hinton Class of 1984 Margaret Brown Ruth Long Class of 1985 Marion McDowell Mary Hazel Meacham Katherine M. Miller Margaret Moser Ruby Bass Smith Alice Marie Squires Alice Thomas Margaret Tillett Mary Torian Kate Wilkins Mary E. Woodward Ruth Worley Class of 1986 Ruby Jane Keller Christiana McFadyen Mary Catherine Proctor Cornelia Snow Mary Clare Stokes Martha Bynum Thomas Elizabeth Yates Page 105 Quill Club Adelaide Porter President Betty Winspear _ Secretary Members Mary Elizabeth Bitting Sheila Corley Frances Crean Helen Crutchfield Mary Elizabeth Davis Rachel Dunnagan Sybil Gurley Ruth Hill Bebe Knight Edythe Latham Lyal Maie Reynolds Miriam Robinson Kate Urquhart Adrienne Wormser Elizabeth Yates Miss Nettie Sue Tillet Miss Jane Si ' Mmerell Mr. A. C. Hall Faculty Members ])u. Leonard B. Hurley Dr. C. C. Jernigan Miss SuZANNE KeTCHUM Page 106 Rachel Dunnagan Editor-in-Chief Editors Pine Needles Frances Burton Kathleen Capps Evelyn Cavileer Elizabeth Dowdle Nell Goodwin Janet Griffin Blanche Ghvx Mary Mathes Elizabeth Shore Assistant Editor Dorothy Poole Business Manager Business Assistants Constance Blackwood Kathryn Ginsberg Lillian Katz Alice Knott Virginia Langdon Frances McNeill Frances Sprinkle Gwendolyn Stegall Shore, Caits. Dowdle, Caviller. Knott. Sprinkle. McNeill. Gwvn. McLennon. Goodwin. Griffin Page 107 Carolinian Elizabeth Yates Editor-in-Chief Editors Elizabeth Barineau Betsy Dupuy Katherine Keister Bebe Knight Lynn Nell McLennon Miriam Miller Elizabeth Whaley Kate L RgrHART Managing Editor Carolyn Weill Business Manager Business Assistants Geraldine Bonkemeyer Margaret Galloway Rebecca Jeffress Hortense Jones Harriet Nowlin Lyal Maie Reynolds Betty Trimble McLennon, Whaley, Miller, Knight, Keister, Jeffress, Reynolds, Jones, Bonkemeyer Page 108 Coraddi Edvthe Latham Bulus Swift Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Editors Business Assistants Mary Elizabeth Bitting Josephine Butler Hope Burchell Kathryn Ginsberg Sheila Corley Viola Gradeck Mary Elizabeth Davis Phylis Keister Adelaide Porter Bebe Knight Lyal Maie Reynolds Norma Oakley Miriam Robinson Gertrude Rainey Betty Winspear Susan Swett Reynolds, Knight. Bitting. Porter. Win-spear, Robins Page 109 Amelia Eakhaet Amelia Earhart is a lady after our own heart. Her exploit flying the continent in nineteen hours without a single stop compels us to bow low to her in homage. The first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic, she was awarded the distinguished Flying Cross. Singularly modest, unas- suming, and winsome, Miss Earhart ' s personality reveals itself only so far, then leaves one guessing. Youth, keeping a heart, a soul and a body that are wide open to all the rich opportunities of life is a part of Amelia Earhart ' s creed. As Lindbergh stands for the best of American manhood, so is America ' s womanhood well represented by Amelia Earhart. Athletic Association Christiana McFayden President Josephine Lucas Aileen Pendleton Gwen. McMullen V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Cabinet Dorothy Poole Alice Dickinson Nell Stallings Emerald Reynolds Mildred Swift Martha Boger Margaret Franks Josephine Lucas Evelyn Tart Betsy Williams Kate Urquhart A jna Mae Smith Susan Hamlin Lucille Hinton Alice Knott Elinor Reece Mary Horney Grace Harriman Gwendolyn McMullen Floy Green Ruth Brown Page 1 13 Hockey Tennis r K Basketball Swimming Page 114 " ' , Volley Ball Archery Gymnastics Baseball Page 115 Cleopatra For nearly twenty centuries has Cleopatra dazzled the world with her beauty and fascinated mankind with her witchery. The personal fascination of the woman induced Pompey to undertake a war on her behalf, a war which resulted in the death of Ptolemy, and the crowning of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Combining rare intellectual gifts with physical charms, she is immortal as one of the most fascinating women of all time. She has ever been a constant theme for artists, dramatists, and poets. Above all women of historic fame, Cleopatra is the embodied ideal of triumphant coquetry of subtle, intellectual ability. Outstanding Qirls of the Senior Class Louise Bell Mooresville, N. C. Mary Clare Stokes Wilson, N. C. Elizabeth Barineau Lincolnton, N. C. Mary Louise Shepherd Durham, N. C. Betty Griesinger Cleveland Heights, Ohio Christiana McFadyen Raeford, N. C. 1 Elizabeth Yates Greensboro, N. C. Rachel Dunnagan YadkinviUe, N. C. May Day, 1935 May Queen Doris Poole Virgilina, Va. Page 128 Theme " The Princess Marries the Page. By Edna St. Vincent Millay ■» For QUALITY in PHOTOQRAPHY SIDDELL ' S OFFERS THE BEST SIDDELL STUDIOS RALEIGH. N. C. Official Photographers for PINE NEEDLES JEFFERSON RO F RESTAURANT THACKER ' S Incorporated " A Good Place to Eat " It ' s a great place to see Who ' s dating who — While you dine. 108 West Market Street GREENSBORO .... CHARLOTTE CAROLINA PHARMACY 401 Tate Street, Corner Walker Avenue An Up-to-Date Drug Store carrying a full line of Prescription Drugs, Sundries, School Sup- plies, Whitman ' s and Nunnally ' s Fine Candies, Delicious Sandwiches and Fountain Service. — DIAL 8197 — At Your Service: FRANK CAUDLE JOHN CAUDLE The GRILL " Courteous Service " At THE GRILL you will find your favorite Sandwich and Drink, also Deliciously Prepared FRED MAUS C. N. HERNDON PLATE LUNCHES 946 1 — PHONES — 9465 FRED SHOWFETY, Proprietor — PROMPT DELIVERY ON DORM ORDERS — SHOES OF ALL TYPES FOR THE COLLEGE MISS TO FIT BOTH FOOT AND PURSE BELL SHOE STORE North Carolina ' s Largest Family Shoe Store GREENSBORO FLORAL COMPANY 3 78 NORTH ELM STREET MANGEL ' S Misses ' and Women ' s Apparel Phone 6508 I 2 I MAX O ' CONNOR, Manage R. E. STONE, Designer 2 1 6 SOUTH ELM STREET GREENSBORO, N. C. POLLOCK ' S EXQUISITE SHOES Greensboro Roanoke, Va. Charlotte Spartanburg, S. C. Asheville Columbia, S. C. Raleigh Greenville, S. C. Winston-Sale m Knoxville, Tenn. Norfolk, Va. Chattanooga, Tenn MONTALDCTS Jefferson Building Specializing in COATS - SUITS - DRESSES MILLINERY - ACCESSORIES Phone 9283 Phone 9283 DIXIE SUNDRY 332 TATE STREET Seriously, why compromise when it comes to food? The best is none too good. Ours is the sort that the folks at home would approve. Incidentally, there is more than food at the Dixie Sundry Shop. Comraderie, for instance. ® DIXIE SUNDRY SHOP Prompt Dormitory Delivery Service MR. and MRS. BERT D. HAYMS y V GREENSBORO NEWS-RECORD A 24-hour newspaper service that gives the subscriber and the adver- tiser the ultimate in value. News- papers of character and excellence, affording the reading public a com- plete contact with the rapidly moving events of modern times and the ad- vertiser a perfect vehicle for con- veying his message to that public. GREENSBORO NEWS-RECORD GREENSBORO, N. C. s FOR OVER 60 YEARS . . . The Mecca . . . For those who appreciate QUALITY Sporting Goods SPORTS have changed since first we started the sale of equipment . . . but O ' dell ' s quality remains the same, the absolutely dependable kind. Depend on our complete department for the " needfuls " for your favorite sport. Spe- cial prices quoted for full team outfits . . . courteous attention to your every require- ment. . . . " Gym " Supplies . . . Golfing . . . Fishing . . . Tennis Baseball . . . Camping EXPERT RE-STRINGING OF TENNIS RACQUETS ODELL ' S I I 8 WEST MARKET STREET 2 t I KODAK FINISHING :: ENLARGING PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY KODAKS :: PICTURES :: FRAMES KOONTZ J DRY CLEANERS for GUARANTEED SATISFACTION EFIRDS NEW MODERN DEPARTMENT STORE EFIRD ' S for Correct Fitting and Style € H (Ml I. 1 HI. H VI IONS THE many high awards won each year by school publications produced by us is the result of specialization based on a com- prehensive knowledge of art motifs, de- sign, layout and publication trends. A modern printing plant operated by highly efficient craftsmen in every depart- ment provide a quality and a distinctiveness that is unsurpassed. The Lassiter Press. Inc. (|l t I CITY PRINTING COMPANY CHARLOTTE, ORTH CAROLINA ' Printers of the PINE NEEDLES

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