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O O. cb 90 [ £21 %) G)%%® ° e 0© o G ( %p •X • Where lies qonr luck fair maiden? « « Our work is Finished. Having attained the Final end, we suddenly Feel that relaxation which comes From the Fulfillment oF such duties. » » » « « We consider ourselves lucky to have completed this issue oF the Pine Needles which we now leave For your pon- derance, your patience and we hope — your approval. ■ » » » » BET NELSON EDITOR BETTY ALLARDICE MANAGER The lucky number of , t? • PUBLISHED BY THE $EllOR CL 1$§ OF WOMAN ' S COLLEGE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA » GREENSBORO, N. C. WIlflEEW HUNDRED IHIREl-Ell E • ¥o wish qon qood h«allh - Contents - COLLEGE good luck ond • GOOD CHEER .T nd Q reminu you that happiness lies within you and fortunate indeed are those, who by the true- ness of their hves, realize that serenity which is the heritage of all. • ORGANIZATIONS -ATHLETICS - FEATURES The Hor e §hoe The horse shoe is perhaps the most popular talisman in every part of the world, and a belief in its luck- bringing efficacy has been present since the dawn of civilization. It is still seen in all countries, over doorways, on doorsteps, and hanging in windows, the one universal symbol of luck. When a horse shoe is found, the more nails left in the shoe, the more luck it carries. College We arc all more or less prone to have some secret belief in one thing or another which will bring Luck our way. Even those most inclined " to deny the soft impeachment " will often confess to just one pet belief which they laughingly ascribe to their ances- try. Luck and charms are certainly of ancient origin. These pages would contain nothing else, were we to go into the various emblems of Luck which foretold that in which our ancestors believed. Even in the World War, there were soldiers who wore a charm and firmly believed in its efficacy as a means of protection from danger and a preservation of life. IDillWISTR lTIOl WE ARE FORTUNATE TO HAVE HAD DR. CHARLES DUNCAN Dr. CH. RLES Duncan McIver Founder and Fint President of the Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina WE gratefully attribute to Dr. McIver the opportunities now afforded the women of our State for obtaining a broad and practical educa- tion. It was through his efforts that the women of North Carolina were brought to a realization of their responsibilities as citizens, but he empha- sized no less the importance of educating a woman for her home. Those who knew hmi well are familiar with his saying: " Educate a man and you educate an individual; educate a woman and you educate a home. ' His plans were not laid for time as we measure it, but the endless years stretched out before his vision and he showed his wisdom when he invested his time and strength in this great work to which he gave his life. MclVER AS OUR FIRST PRESIDENT KIT FOR E EIJY MOOD AXD CHANGE OF .MV STILL SOI L. " WE ARE ENRICHED TO HAVE HAD DR. JULIUS ISAAC FOUST Dr. Julius Isaac Foust President Emeritus- Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolind JJLIUS I. FOUST came to the college in 1902, and for thirtv-two years he served it: as Dean and Director of the Department of Pedagogy from 1902 to 1906; as President from 1906 to 1934. Under his leadership the institution grew from a small normal school with fewer than five hun- dred students to a standard college with an enrollment in the peak year of more than eighteen hundred students. His was the task of guiding this rapid development: of directing great material expansion, of assembling and unifying a faculty with diversified interests, of enriching the course of study to meet the cultural and professional demands of the times, and, most important of all, of shaping the life and spirit of the college. How wisely and valiantly Dr. Foust wrought is attested by the esteem in which the col- lege is held today. For this long and distinguished service there is gratitude among the thousands of students who know him as their friend and guide and among the people of North Carolina who know him as a great educa- tional statesman. AS OUR SECOND PRESIDENT » » » » ' IF vol (;et simple hkaity AND Ol GHT KLSE, YOl ' (JET THE 15EST THl (i GOD IX- VENTS. " T IS A PLEASURE TO HAVE DR. FRANK PORTER GRAHAM Dr. Frank Porter Graham President Unhersity of North Cjrolin .t OTUDENT, teacher, superb workman in his chosen field of History, blood-brother in spirit to all who labor upward anywhere, militant pioneer on the frontiers of a civilization he would spend himself in making more economically productive, more socially just, and more spiritually beau- tiful; called to exacting responsibility, equipped with authority, and loaded with titles and distinctions of honor, he is sought by high and low who press upon him with many and conflicting purposes. The complexities of such a life he simplifies through the genius of moral intuition, unifying his heart with the heart of the universe and the heart of his fellows. Desiring noth- ing for himself, he fears nothing, and in the strength of his self-abnegation he leads forlorn hopes to victory. And in the sincere democracy of his spirit he transforms all responsibility, all authority, all distinction, all busi- ness with high or low, into terms of friendship. AS OUR THIRD PRESIDENT •K.N( l{ I()r S KliM-TREK-IiOLBS DID STOOP AND LEAN VPOX THE DUS KY BRUSH- WOOD UXDERNEATH. " WE ARE HONORED TO HAVE DR. WALTER CLINTON JACKSON Dr. Walter Clinton Jackson Deciri of Administration oinan ' i College of the Unitersity of North Carolina IV ITH a superlative understanding of human nature, he yet has ' ' the desire to learn the mind and needs of the student body and of each individual who is a component part thereof. With an open mind he listens, and with unbiased judgment he decides. No matter how busy his days, how crowded his moments, he alwavs has time for the student with a troubled mind and sends her on her way rejoicing. His is a herculean task, burdened with responsibilities and wearisome details. For his presence the world is a finer place in which to live, and those who seek his advice and counsel are the happier and the wiser for it. A great believer in youth and the ability of young people to learn by doing and therefore fight and win their own battles, he is pre-eminently fitted for the position to which he has been appointed. He is believed by students and admired by faculty and friends. AS DEAN OF ADMINISTRATION » » » ' IN THIS .MOMKXT THERE IS I.IFE AM) FOOD FOR FU- TURE YEARS. " WITH LOYALTY WE GREET DR. GENEVA DRINKWATER Dr. Geneva Drinkwater Dean of W omen U Tman ' i College of the Uniiersity of Sorlh Ccirolii, ' E are proud to welcome as Dean of Women Dr. Geneva Drinkwater, whose scholarly accomplish- ments, culture, and enthusiasm for education in its broadest sense set for us an example to be followed and whose per- sonal culture and high social ideals for the student and graduates of the Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina are a challenge for the present and for the future. AS DEAN OF WOMEN » » » » » » •THKItK IS NO ,I )V lUT CALM! " Tine cKeedUi 19 3 5 ' A HAIXT OF A ' IK T PKACK. H»l! Yh; Alth: A I5KAITY AM) A MYSTKItV. " i«.- - " .Vix.C -r ' Page 22 ► Tiue He s 19 3 5 ' HKrtK i:r cook mossks DKKr. WHKKK THOl - SAM) KI ' IKT HWK TItOI). ' ' - " M lT k " Pine cHcedL 9 3 5 tJdVfKNOK j. C. Ji. KllKINCHAlS (.li{iirman oj lln- HiuiiJ nf Tnislcs EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA S. 1]. Ai.EXAXIiKR Mrs. Lai ra W ' i-ili, Coxn jdsi-i ' n IS Daxiei.s Jnux Si ' Ri XT Him. Walter Mi Ri ' nm ' 1 1a wodii Parker JoUX J. P.XRKER Cl.AREXLE PoE Miss Easp.m.e Shaw Irn ' ixo 15. Ticker Leslie Weil Charles VH l)BEE OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION Fraxk Porter Crxuxm Pusulcnl M.A., I.L.D., D.C.L., D.LiiT. |l I.IL s L l ' " m st, LL.D Prtsiilint Eimritiis K. j. I ' URXEI- Tn i.uiKr AxxA . L (iovE, ALD Phyyhian L l R H. Chit Sccritmy of tilt ( " ollir , l R ' A LOR ALlORli R,( istl(ir Charles IL Sroxi-, M.. ., li.L.S Lihidiicin Clai he K. Temu e, 1 ..- Insi uss Mniiiii ,r niii Diit,- I ' lr (ij Exit iisinii Hllit iii Tine CHeedL, 19 3 5 HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS WiMiEin S. lv KM 1 , M.A., I ' ll n. Profissor of Ramaiui ' Laui uaii.s Hei.em Barton, M.A., Pii.O. Professor of Malliimal ' us Wade R. Brown. Mls.O. Professor of Mush. Dean of School of Music ' iCTORi Cari.sson-, M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Hyi ieiie Marv C. Coi.emax, H.S. Professor of Physical F.Juiiilunt John- H. Cooki:, M.A., I ' li.lX Professor nf Educalioii and Direi Im of Summer Sdioul Marie B. Deneen " . B.A., M.A. Professor of Latin Benjamin B, Kendrick. M.. ., Ph.D. Professor of History IIarriei W. Elliott, B.A., M.A. Professor of Political Science John Paul Givler, Ph.B., M.A. Professor of liioloijy Anna M. Gove, M.II. Professor of Health and Physician Ja.mes a. HiGHSMnii. M.A., Pii.O. Professor of Psycholnijy Glenn R. Johnson, B.A., M.A. Professor of Sociolot y Albert S. Keister, M.A., PilH. Professor of Economies Margaret M. Edwards, B.S., M.. . Professor of Home Economics B. Frank Kvker, B.A., B.S., M.A Professor of Secretarial Siiemc Florence L. Schaeffer, B.. ., M A. Professor of Chemistry Caroline Schoch, Ph.B., M.A. Professor of German William C. Smith, B.Ed., I..ll.n. Professor of Enijlish Lani uai e and Literature; Dean of Cnlleye of Lib- eral Arts and Science Cm vin N. Warfield. M..A., Pii P. Professor of Physics i Page 25 ► CPine cHecdlcs 19 3 5 FACULTY. 1934-1935 Ai.KK Kaiufrim: Abbdii, B.A., M.A Issislar:! I ' lnfusur of Romani, Liim uinjes Ai.ix M.MiHKWs Arnkii, M.A., Pii.D I ' mfissar of History Kk 1.. H. RKi.E , M.A., Fii.l ' ) Isiisl.inl I ' lofrssor of Psyi holoi y C. Ki,(in. H. rm:s, B.S., M.A htUnutor in Musii Ei. A El ' dora H.arrow. B.A., M.A. . . Issonali l ' rof,isor of C.liiinislry Miriam Block, B.A . . hulnnlor m Coininrraal Di f ai limnt Viui.A BODDU: ... t ' rofrsior of l.alin Mar F.i.i ABEiii BRiMMin, B.A hsisliiiil in Hmloi y n. Blsh, B.A., M.A hiilru.lor in hn; lis i .NhKA II., Ph. I! tnslimhir in Inslilulional Mttn,i, rm,nl iLiiiRi. C.XKLssu.v, M.. ., Pn.n lsso,i,il - Piof.isoi of llyijiinr nilKdlin l.Kh Cl.KMEM, B.S Illslllllloi Ul MuSII Oi.ivKR P :RR Ci.Lrrs, B.S., M.A ■ .Issocuil, Piof.ssor of Ediuation Laura H. C(jii Sccr,iary of ; ■ Collei f Inez Coi.dhei.i,, B.A Issoiiatr I ' rofissor of Hioloyy Marv; t ' iii.KM. N, B.S I ' rofiSsor of I ' iysiml EJuiation Ruth M. C ' ni.i.iNcis, B.A., M.D Issoiiatc I ' loftssor of Ilyiiini,- and Isinnatr I ' liysuian JUN ' E Louise Cooler, B.A., M.A Inslruttor in Eduuilion AcsES N. CoxE, B.S., NLA Instrudoi in llonn Eionomtts Elizabeth C ' rak;, B.P Instiuilor in Com mm ml IJipartmi-nt Charles C ' RinEMiES, h.A.. NLA Is.usluni I ' rof.sior of (;,o( itip iy Helen- Frances C ' u I use;, B. A., NLA IssisUml l ' rof,sso, of S uinis i DoRoun Pwjs, B.A., NLA . InUnu lor in I ' liysual EJumlion Catherine L. Dennis, B.S., NLA Insliiidor in llom, Etonomtcs Bernice K H ' iN Hr.apir, B.A., NLA Isuslani I ' rofrssor of History c;ene . Hrinkwaiik, NL. ., Ph.P IJnin of ll ' onun J. Arehuk in nn, B.A., NLA I ' rof.ssor of Eni lisli Flor.x W ' iiiie F ' lm ards, B.S Inslrmlor in llonn- Eionomics iLxRRiEi Wiseman Ellkh, B.A., M.A Profrssor of Polilual Smncc Mar Lois Ferreli Issoiiatr Profrssor of Piano NLxRi Fii i;er-Ai II, B..- Instrudor in Eldiuulion RliH Fii ciRAi II, B.S., NLA. . . . Profrssor of hduiiilion Aliiace FiI AnR, B.S ... ... Instrudor in I ' liysual Edmation E. L FoRNE Profrssor of Si, noi rapliy. and Trrasurrr Julius L Foi SI, I ' ll. B., LL.B Prrsidmt Emrntus Henr ' , 1L Fi CHS, B.A., B.Mus. ... Profrssor of Musu Tlirory DoRoiin I ' lioRNE !• I I I.I RioN, B.A. . Seirrlary of P. E. R. .1. Comm. NoR. TiioMi ' SoN (.iRBERicii, B.A., M.A. ... - Instiudor in Eduiation NliLDRii) RuiHEKiiiRi) (ioi 111, B.A., NLA -Issodate Profrssor of En, tisli Tine cMee les 19 3 5 FACULTY, 1934-1935 Macnhilde Gullander, B.A., M.A Issot ' uU,- Piujissor « History Rlmh CJlnter, B.A., M.A Inslriulor m Education Ai.ONZu C. Hall, B.A., M.A Frojasor of Enijlish Earl H. Hall, B.S., M.S Professor of Botany Grace Hankins, B.S Instrudor in I ' liysical EJuni ion Edldi Harbour, B.A Si-critary to D,an of .Idniuiislraliim Rene Hardre, C.E.N. , C.A.P Issodate Profisscr of Romancf Lanyuayes MiLUREu Pearl Harris, B.A., M.A -Issistani Professor of Hygiene MOFFITT SisxlAIR HENDERSON Instructor in Comnuriial De tarlinenl Malcolm K. Hooke, B.A., D. uel ' L ' niv . Professor of Romame Lanyuayes Leonard B. Hurley, M.A., Vh.D Professor of English LuciLE Hui ' aff, 15. S Instrudor in Pliysual Education Helen Ingraham, B.S., M.S Issoiiate Professor of liiology Walter Clinton Jacksun, B.S., LL.D Dean of .IJminislratinn Claren-ce D. Johns, B.A., M.A Professor of History John A. Kellev, B.A., M.A Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A. P. Kephart, M.A., Ph.U Professor of EduuUionul Practice Herbert Kimmel, B.A., Ph.M Associate Professor of Education Anna M. Kreimeier, Ph.B. . . Issislanl Professor of Education Helen Kruc, B.S., M.A Instructor m Education Jessie C. Laird, B.A., M.A Issocuile Professor of Romance Lanyuayes Betty Aiken Land, B.A., M.A Issistani Professor of Education V ' era Larcent, B.A., M.A LssislanI Professor of IIist:ry Augustine LaRochelle, B.A., M.A 4ssociate Professor of Spanish Frances Lefkowitz Instructor in Commercial Di arlminl Catherine Lieneman, M.A., Ph.D Instructor in liiology Eunice Ann Li.O ' i d, B.A., MA ... Instructor in Education LiLA Belle Love, M.S Issislant Professor of liactenoloyy Ella B.- ttle McDearman, B.A . hutructor in Chemistry Miriam MacFadyen, B.S., NLA Assistant Professor of Education Evelyn McNeill, B.A., B.S Instructor in Socioloyy William Woourovv Marun, Ph.B., M.A Professor of Psychology Ethel L. Martus, B.A., M.S Instructor in Physical Education Harriet Meiiaffie, Ph.B Instructor in Education Meta Helena Miller, M..A., Ph.D 4ssociate Professor of Romance Lanyuayes Ali.eine Richard Minor, B.S Lssociate Professc.r of Piano Mary Taylor Moore Rryistrar Grace VanDyke More, B.Mus., M.S Lssoiiate Professor of Public School Music James W. Painter, B.A., M.A Assistant Professor of Enylish (Pine cHeedUs 19 3 5 FACULTY. 1934-1935 Mary Welsh Parker, B.A tsshtanl in Chemistry Emeve Palm., B.S Insnudor, Nursery School Blanche Pennv, B.A., M.A Inslruitor in Eiliualion MoLLiE AssE Peterson, Ph.B., M.A Issoaal,- Professor of Home Economics Mar M. Peitv, B.S Professor of Chemistry ' iVA M. Plavfoot, B.S., M.A Issislant Professor of Home Economics Bess Navlor Rosa, B.S., M.A Extension Worker in Home Eiunomics Department Abigail E. Rowley, B.A., M.. Issouale Professor of Ent lish Edvthe D. ScHNEiuER, B.M Inslruitor in Music Archie D. Shafisblry, B..- ., Ph.D -Issoiiate Professor of ooloi y Anne Shamblrcer Inslrmlor in Hyijiene Chandler Shaw, B.A., M.A Inslruitor m History J. A. Smith, B.Ed., M.S Assistant Professor of Emulation Sue Kyle Southwick Inslruitor in Music Alma M. Sparger, B.S Instructor in Education Etta R. Spier, B.S., M.A Professor of Education Paitv Spriii.l, B.S Inslruitor in Seirelarial Science t ' HARiES H. SioNE, M.A., B.L.S Lihrarian Madeleine Blakey Streei, B.S., M.A Instructor in Home Eionomiis Cora Strong, B.A., M.A Professor of Maihe mains Jane Summerell, B..- ., M.A Issislant Professor of Entjlish Katherine Taylor, B.A., M.A . . ... Inslruitor in Romance l.aniiuanes William Ra mond Tailor, B.A., M.A Professor of English Clalde Edward Teagle, B.A Issislant Comptroller Albert Frederick Thiel, M.A., Ph.D Assistant Professor of Botany CiEORGE M. Thompson, M.Mls Professor of Organ John A. Tiedeman, M.S., Ph.D Assistant Professor of Physics Nettie S. Tilleti, B.A., M.A Associate Professor of English Hope Tisdai.e, B.A Instructor in Physical Education CiEORGE A. I ' nderwood, M.A., Ph.D Professor of Romance Languages E.MH.Y Holmes Watkins, B.A., M.A Assistant Professor of Mathemaliis Elizabeth McIver Weaiherspoon Assoiiate Professor of Eduialion Treva Wilkerson, B.. Circulation Ueparlmenl. Library •Christine White Inslruitor in Physical Education Maude Williams, K.A., M.S Assistant Professor of Physiology George P. Wilson, B.A., M.A Assoiiate Professor of English Martha Elizabeth Winfieitj, B.S., M.A Professor of English ' —On leave of ab.senee. (Pine cMeeJUs 19 3 5 OTHER OFFICERS Hai.lik Anihonv Chrk EsTEi.i.E BoM) Suf.r.vis„r of Durmllorirs Bettv B. Brown, B.A MaiUK rr of H„„i; Si,,,,- and I ' osI Offirr Clara Boom B ri), B.A Ilumnar S, iiliiry Hope Cooi.idge, B.S., MS . . D ' ulilian Lbcv Cherrv Crisp, B.S Gnural S,ii,-l,iry » Rilujinus .hllvilirs Bessie Doub Issuiani l)i,i,iian Edka a. Fornev, B.A hsislanl rrriuunr Edith Harwood, B.I f.7„V C nl.- ,,, Rnjutrar ' s Office Grace CIraves Clerk Ruth tiRicc Clerk Kathleen PEJin Hawkins Clerk Sara Henry, i.. Clerk Annie H. Hughes Hetrelary to Physi.ian Ln.LUN Mebane Lovings Clerk Jessie McLean, RN Surse Eva Co. Melvin, B.L ' secretary lo the Dean of the School of Eiluuilion Mildred P. Newton, B.A Scretary to Rei islnir Helen Lee Pickard Secretary to .hsislarit Comptroller Cora Jane Staion, R.N Nurse Marv Alice Tennant, B.A -Issislanl Registrar X. LIBRARY STAFF Charles H. Stone, M.A., B.L.S Librarian Marv Ruth Angle Circulation Dc artment Marjorie Hood, B.A Issislanl Calalo„uer Minnie Middleton Hussfv, B.A Reader ' s .rJi ' is,r Anna Reger, B.A., B.S Librarian of Traiinn, Sihool E. Elizabeth Sampson, B.S Ileaj Cataloi uer Sarah Seacle, B.A Se.retary to Librarian K.ATHERINE PRICE TiEDEMAN, B.A ,v,, „ CcuUition Department Virginia Trumper „ Chacje of Periodicals Sue Vernon Williams, B.A., NLA " . . Reference Librarian Tine cMcc tes 19 3 5 STUDENT COUNSELORS AxMK Ream Fixderirke, R.A., .M.A. . . .M:ii Foiist Dormitory El.l Ai ' .ETH Steinh ARiiT. H.A f v (niilfoni Dormitory MixxiE I.. Jamiesox Spt-ncer Dormitory josEi ' HlXE Hece, H.A Shaw Dormitory FijiRA AF RiE Meredith, l.. Hin.haw Dormitory Fraxles Slmmerem,, B.A., M.A Hailey Dormitory Katherixe Tavkir, B.A.. M.A (Jray Dormitory Katherixe Sherru.e, R.A Cotten D(jrmitor EniTH Harbour, H.A Kirkland Dormitory 1 9 3 Margaret Moser Piisideitl (if ill,- Senior Class SENIORS THE WEDDING RING An old Jewish legend tells that Cain made the first ring and gave it to his wife. It is supposed that the idea originated in the far-off dawn of all things, when men first looked out into the world, noted the circling horizon, and sought to reproduce it in miniature. 1 ine C Xec tes 19 3 5 Miss Ethel L. Martus Honorary Member of the Senior Cla (Pine cHccdics 19 3 5 THE SIGNIFICANCE OF PRECIOUS STONES Each jewel and precious stone is credited bringers to those whose birthstone it happens bought by them. Agate Especially good for gardeners, foresters, and farmers, the agate endo vs its wearer with love and friendship. Amber Amber is lucky particularly when worn as a necklace, for those whose birthstone it is. All yellow stones are luck-bringers to these people. AmETH ' S ST Pre-eminently the lover ' s stone, as it was dedicated to Saint Valentine, their patron saint, the amethyst signifies true love and fidelity. AqL AMARIN ' E The aquamarine insures happiness ami fidelity. It is good luck for sailors, as il i the Water Stone. Hl.OOnSTOXE This is the emblem of courage. It was worn by soldiers to protect them from bleed- ing to death. Pearls Deemed inspirers of love, pearls are an excellent gift for a bride from the bride- groom. Pearls are riches and contain qual- ities of the soul. Jade This is the ancient favor for good health and long life. Opal This is the emblem of hope, because of its rainbow hues. It is called " Ihe teardrop of the moon. " with possessing certain qualities as luck- to be, provided it is given thcni and not Sapphire All blue stones are lucky to lovers, since the are the color of Venus, the goddess of love. It is claimed to have occult powers, bringing in peaceful influence, love, hope, and joy, Tl Rgi OLSE This stone is also blue, but it has an added |ualily of avoiding danger. Coral I ' his stone is a promise of long and happy lives to brides. I)l ,M()NI) Deemed the most powerful of all stones, the diamond signifies wisdom, insight, inno- cence, and joy. It is the symbol of the sun and invisible fire. Emerald Faithfulness of lovers is symbolized by its exquisite depth of color, which rarely fades. It also signifies simplicity and brilliance to its wearer. Jacinth This stone will render its vearer fasci- nating. It should always be set in gold. MdOXSTOXE It contains a charm for all those who travel by land or sea, and gives protection. Ri liv rhis stone is the i7ibol of great happi- ness. Its brilliance brings charin to its wearer and inspires confidence. It brings good fortune in all undertakings. 1 inc CKecolei 19 3 5 tV •k Betty Lou Garrett Mascot of the Senior Class Senior ( lass Song Before us wide seas sparkle and endless caverns burn. We ' ve a thousand miles to travel and a million things to learn. But U. N. C. nill see us through with spirit set alive And we ' ll emerge the brave and true — the class of ' 33. ' 35. ' 35 — so strong and brave and free. We ' ll strive with God to reach our goal In praise of U. N. C. cAs We go Forth (Pine cMee es 19 3 5 SENIOR CLASS POEM i Oh, Il ' orid. saluli- us noiv lu iti o jiirih To conqurr life — or to be lorn uirfd by it, And wish us hi-alth and happiness and joy And strength that ate may meet life face to face; For time iiill not be still and let us stay As lue are now — liith eyes still deep ivith dream: — Half-hidden lest you lauijh and restless hands That still elinij to the past — a little fearful And yet are eayer for the work of life. when ill find thai time broken us. The day will ,o, Has either made Has given to our dreams a permanenee Or killed them with the weight of trivial things; Has used our bodies to create neiv life Or drained their power and left them piin; has t. Our hands to build a finer dwelling plai e Or left them lying limp upon the sheet. Hut where we go or what we are or do Is a secret that ' s lying deep in l ie h art of time .So, World, salute us now as we go ferth To conijiier life — or to be conr uered liy it. — SUSAN ' NK KkICIIUM. SENIOR CLASS MARGARET ABBITT WILSON ' , . C. BS. Siurrlnrial .Idminislralion lan; y nf rommUtt-e of Ho ELIZABETH ALI.ARDICE MOUNTAIN- LAKES, N. J. B.S. Srcrctarial Adminislration Acl.lphian; Ohio State Univi rsity, 1. 2 fe ' ian) Chairman of Society. 3: Finanre 4; Business ManaRer of ' ■Pine Needles MARV JANE ALLEN IIKNIIKRSOV, N. C. U.S. Ilvmc Eioiuimiis Home Eionomics cliil., 2. CLARA MABEL Al ' MAN ASHEBORO, N. C, .i.B. Primary EJuidlinn Dilsean: Education Clul . 4. ? EDITH AVrOCK SEI.MA, V. C. A.B. Binlogy Aletheian; Chemistry Club. RIBV I5AME BARBKR, N. C. U.S. Secretariat .Idininislralinn Alclhiiaii; riuh. . ELIZABETH BARRINGTON FAVETTEVII.I.K, N. C. A.B. Chemistry MRS. RUBY BASS SMITH CRFENSBllRO, N. C. riii p. ta KMT.iia .LR. Mathemtilid m. . " -Vjuar. I ' ii.l,-. 1. L ' , n. 4; chemist 2; rinwics i_-|iil.. 2. :■.; Eilucation Clii ciman Clul., 2. ,i ; ' nhall .Sihiila ship. . " ,. SENIOR CLASS 4 Page 37 ► hAA SENIOR CLASS VERNON BATCHELOR NASHVII.LF, . C. .V.B. Edutalion ELIZABETH BATTISON CANTOS ' , N. C. AM. Eduralion Ailel|ihian; Eflu. ati.m Club. 4. KAriiFRINE BAXTER ASHEVIl.l.K, K. C. Phi K:i| ' P.i A.B. Engitsh D:kean; Fr. m h I ' lun. 1; Botanv Club, 1. 2; Honor Roll. 1, 2. 3; L.sislature, 4; Y. W. C. A. faliiliPt. 4: Kdu.atlon Cluh. 4 REBECCA BEARD CHARI.OriP, V. c. . . }. Education Summer School PAULINE ELIZABETH BEASLEY CATHLEEN BELL FOUR OAKS, N. C. TAVLORSVM.I.E, ' . C. .V.B. EJuralwr, .7. ?. Primiiiy Ediualion Dikt-aii; Botanv Club. 4; foll.-Kt- Thoir. 4; EcUi- ciition Club. 4: Vts|„T 2. 3. Ali-ll I ' lau, Bi.tiuiy. 4; I ' Mu. ;,t i,,ii Club. 4 FRANCES BELVIN VIRC;iNIA BENNETT DURH.AM, N. C. CHARl.OTl F, N. C. . .ll. C iimislry Lli. liwinijy Alcthi-ian; Che 3. 4; ClugsiliK Adtlphian: Honor Rull. 1. 2; Phvsics Club. 1. - ' . ;;, 4; Spanish Club, 1; chjinistry Club, 4; CloggiiiK Club, 4; Botany Club, 4. SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS MARY HARRISON BENSON KASHVILLE, . C. IM. Eiiylish ■lub. 1: Honor Roll, 2; Edu- ■lub Ho ;iffe CATHERINE BERNHARDT SALISBURY, N. C. AM. Primary Education Aaolljlilan; Suaiiish Club. 1, i: Education Club, ELLEN BIGGS LUMnFRlOV, K. C. B.S. Si-cr,larial .Umi mlralinn Conioliali; I ' .aoL- lustitul.-, 1. 2. PHOEBE JANE BOBBITT GREENSBORO, N ' . C. rhi B.ta Kappa .l.Ii. English Housf Pi-osiiliiU. Summer School. Education Club. 4. LORRAINE BOWDEN MOCKSVILLE, N. C. B.S. Home Economics Adilljhian; )lunie Ec- Vlc.-President. 1. LUCILLE BOYD STANLEY, N. C. A.B. Education Aletheian; Eclu.ation Club. 4. MARC7ARET NEIL BOVLAN WILMINGTON, N. C. A.B. English MARY BRANTLEY CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phi H.ta Kalipa .I.H. Hiimiiiy Lduialiun Adelphian: Class Seinetary and Treasurer, 2; Botany Club. 2; French Club. 2: House Presi- dent. 3: Westminister Council. 2. 3; Big Sister Chairman. .1; Y. W. c. A. Cabinet. 3. -1 ; Judicial Board, ■) ; Marshal. 1; Education Club. 4: Young Voter ' s Club. 2. 3; Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3. SENIOR CLASS 4 - SENIOR CLASS HAZEL BROOKS CHARLOTTE BROWN ROXBORn, . c. KINSTON ' , N. C. l.n. Edu,alir„i A.R. History liiU.-an; Liuk.- Uijii t-i sitN , 1.,:iti..n Club, 4 Ad.lj.hiaii; Frnli ' li i-lul.. 1; Eilu.ation club. 4; Junior .Advi.scir. 3. GENE HROWN Jl ' LL ' ESTELLE BROWN EI I AMI, -. C. CREENVll 1,H, N. C. . . . ' . Piimtiiy i. Jill (limn .1.11. F.duialioti Summn Si lionl A.l..|iilii:in. S|.,.al;.i s I ' liil,, 1, 2; i ' ,,ll,.ge Choir. Duke riin.rsUv. 1. 2: Unixeisitv iif North Car- olina, 3. Page 42 » I.OCISF. ELIZABETH BROWN DOROTHY ELISE BCRCER Wn.MINClON ' , N. C. r.WEl 1 EVlll K, . c. .LB. liioloi y . .«. Edi„,Ui ni riiki-an; Hock, v T.-aiii. 1. 2. :i ; H..u.s,. Vic. ' - l ' r. ' siilfnt. :i. 4; Cheniistiv c ' liil.. J Fi (.slinuin I ' liuius. 1; (■luh. 4; Allil.ti. Asscia- tiMii. 1. -1. ::, 1,. Alotlii ' ian: Maj-shal, 1: ion ( " ' lull. 4. MARY ELIZABETH BTRNS KAIUKRINK CAca.E ANSONVILI.E, N. C. CAR] IIAIIF-, . C. ' ..V. Ilifm ' E,(in(imui . .«. ElU llsl, Cornelian. .Alothoian; CuIU-ko c-|ioiiis. l. 2; rli.-jnst (•lull. 2. 3. 1: E,Ui.ati.,n rial.. . ' I. 4; Honor Uo SENIOR CLASS d.A ' S SENIOR ' 4J CLASS CORNELIA CAI.VKRT I.INVVOOD, N. C. . .«. Eni liih Dlkean; Physi.s cluli. 2. : ' ., 1; Edu.atiun Cluli. EMMA WHITE CARLTON GRHEN ' SBORO, N. C. IM. Etujiuh N. RITH CACBLF, SAl.ISBLRV, N-. C. AM. Eduditiiin Al. ' tli. ' i in; Botany I ' lul. DELL CAUSEY GREENSBORO, N. C. U.S. Horn, Eanwmhs nik.-Hii; Plivsi..s Clul.. 1. U; G 1 nuui Cluli, 1. 2. :!; Botany rluli. 2. 3. -1; Home Eronomi. s Club. 3. 4; Vi.e-Presiilt-nt Botany Cluli, 4. AUGUSTA DuBOSE CECIL FRANCES CLAVPOOL ASHEVILI.R, N. C. NFAVBRRS ' , V. C. B.S. Physiad Edtualion U.S. Siirrlnrial .1 Jmiiintriiliiin in; Ilolpllill l-|„l,. 1. LV ;;, 4. Athl.ti.- inn. 1, 2. :i. 4: .S|.:inisli liuli, 2; Eilu.a- n. 4; Lii.. SavhiK. 1. 2, 3. 4. Exaniin.-i-. Atlilftii Ass..,i;iii..n Monogram. 3. Ad. ' lliluiin; St, Maiv ' s s-l 1. I, 2; 1 i-lul., 2; iir, li,-si.s 4: St. Mar.v ' s V.-strN (■..iiim,tt..r „f ( IT,-nsw. 4. LORNA COI.SON MILDRED CONKLIN MOORESVll.l.K, . C. SMlTIll JKI.Il, A. AM. Primary EJuttUinn Plli P.. (a Kal.ptl n: Tnasur-fr, Lutlu-ian Studt-nt Oiuani- zation, 3. ViLe-PiHSnU-nt. 4. AM. Irrnd, DiK;-an; Hon..,- Roll. 1. 2, 2: French Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; I.ittl. ' Pren. li I ' lul.. 2. 4; College Chorus, !■ 2, 2, 4; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet, 4. CLASS SENIOR A Page 45 SENIOR CLASS PAILANNA COOPER CHISA GRON F, S. C. . .«. Ilislnry lO.hh .ilinli Cluli. 1 ; S.UKir. l-uuilril. 4; I ' llysi.s l-|lll., MARY COPPF.nCE ROCKINCHAM, . C. I. II. EdlKillUjn Ail.-lpliKui: I ' lub. 4. {;ene ieve corbett VII,M[NCTUS, N ' . C. Pill B.ta Kaii.M I.H. Chi-mistiy llri:iii: iirrlHslra, 1. 2, 3. 4, SccTetary. 1, ■-I ' Msi.l.lil. 4, liriin.ili Club. 1, 2; Math- Ins I ■lull, 1, L ' ; . .ririary and Treasurer 1 i " i ' ' ' -las,, 2: -.Kliel- rhuil ' , 2, 3, 4. sul.-iit. :;. c.lhKL- Chun-, 4: Judicial Board. ■lii ' llii.stry I ' liib, 4. President. 4: Honor Roll. , 3: Daisy Chain. 2: Westminister Council; Hoi-key Team. 1. 2; Baseball Team. 1. JANE COSTNER LIVCOLMON ' , N. C. I ' lil Brla Kappa Bwtoyy Aletheian; Zoology Club. 2. 3. 4, Viee-President. 4; Botany Club. H, 4; Viee-President Aletheian Soci ty. 4; Secretary Senior Class. 4; Marshal. BENNIE I.EE CRAIC; WAXHAW, . C, - . ?. Sociolngy iMk.a.i: Fi.iirl, c-lub. 1. 2; YruinB Vot,.i-s .■luh, 2. 3: Presi.lent, Westminister Association 3- Iteligious Activities Council, 3: Honor Roil. 1 3; Sociology Club. 4. KATHERINE CREW PLEASANT nil,!., N. c. ) ' ..S ' . Sicritiiriitl .1 tlininiilialimi Al.tlieiaii; ll.jn.u ' Roll. 1, l-|ciirh Cluli I 2- MathHinatics Club. 1, 2; Education Club, i 4; ' Athletu; Association, 1. 2. 3, 4: Vice-President Methodist Student Association; Hous ■ Vice- President, 1. HELEN KATHRVN CREWS PIITSBORO, . C. B.S. Home Economics; Hnnie Economics Clul). LINA CROMWELL GREENSBORO, .V. C. A.n. French SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS BROCKIE DANIELS MAMHO, N. C. |iik..;in: I:. .11, :: ; S|.:uiish rliil.. ]. 2. 3. 4. ANN DAVIS MANTEO, N. C. I.Ii. Primary EJuialinn r|ltT T.MllI, 1: MARTHA NAN DA IS BII.IMIIRK, N. C. . . ) ' . Ediualtaii Al..tli.i;iM: Alhl.tic - ,,. ■,, i ii.ii i ' i liin.-t. ?.. i nuseliiill, -1. : . S , :;, lO.lii. .uion Cluh, 4; IhiUK.- Vl. f-l ' l. sMl.llt. 4; Atlll.-tir Assunalion. 1. -J. i. 4. RITII VIRGINIA DAVIS ciiARi on F, V. c. A.Ii. Education Al.tli.iMii; Education Club. 4: Soccer. 1, 2. 3. 4; r.ii.scliall. 1. 2. 3 4; Arclierv. 1; BasUetlmll. 1; ' " lliv Ball. 4. Manager. 4. MAXINE CLAIR DOWnV KEITH DOWNING NEW BER , K. C. EI.IZ. BETinOWN, N. C. .1 11. Piimiiry F.itiiidtinti AM. Ilislory Dil c an. Alelheia.i: Fr.ii.h Club. 2. 3. 4; Physics Club. 1. 2. 3. 4. Ediicatinn c ' lub. 4: .Student Volun- t er. 3. 4: Vesper (.-lioir. 1. HELEN DUtJAN DORA DUNI.AP EVANSION, IM.. ROCK mil., s. c. A.B. History U.S. Sioiliuial .Idmiiiislialidn Cornelian; Freshman Coniniissiun. Class Presi- dent. 1: Committee of Offenses. 1; Dormiturv Social Chairman, 2; Daisv Chain Chairman. 2: House President, 3; " Y " Cabinet. 3; Marshal. 3; President of Student Government, 4; Plav- lil er, 3, 4; Edu.ation Club. 3. 4 Wintbrep ColU-K . I, 2. 3. SENIOR CLASS 1 irit S I SENIOR CLASS Wkfan; Ho ROKHIF, DTNN EnVI ' llE FILIS CKhKNSBORO, K. C. I ' lil K:i| ' pii ' ..V. Ull M1 (;I0N, N ' . c. Siiiflarial .4dministralwn ol- IJnll 1. 2. :;. Cii.ian Clul.. 1. 2 3; Eilucatiun Club. 4. Pi ' ' m. ' wiuiii-nt Ar Fisure Cha 3; Spanish ■■Pine Ncidles " Staff. 3. 4: House 4; President Cornelian Society. 4 ivitie.s Conimittie. 4; Junior-S nio rman. .T : Society Dance Chairman Cluh 1 ■:: Cnllet-e Choru.s. 1. 2 Basketball. 3. JEAN ENGLISH MAR 1 llA SPRflLL ENERETT BKKVARIl, N. f. scon AM) NECK, S ' . C. .1.11. Hwliujy .l.Ii. I:n, lt.h Z " olo(; Fi. I.I Chill, 1; Maislial, 4. Inki. ' iii. I ' l i A. I ' aliii .atnui i-lul. 2. :;, 1 . Cabinet. 4; Y. W .1. .:. 1, llinii 1 ■ " [ninlttec. 3: Edu 1. Club. 3; Ccill Ke Choiu. " lORENA FAIRBANKS lORI DLl PONT, DKr.. Phi B.ta Kaiipa . .fi. FrcTnh AlPthelan; Playlikers, 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 3; Student Curriculum French Club. 1, 2, 3. Presirleiit, Cluh. 3. 4; Honor Roll, 1 MARION LEIGH FERRELL niRFIAM, N. C. .LB. Fnndi Adelphian: Flen.h Clul., 1. 2. 3, 4. HILDA FAISON ZEBUI.ON, N. C. . . ?. Socinlof y MARION FLOYD 1 AIRMOM, N. C. U.S. Music Madrigal Cluli. 2. 3. 4 •nasurei. 3: German c ' lu ion CIulj, 4; College Clio SENIOR CLASS • S SENIOR CLASS elizab?:th m. fuck TARHCIRO, S ' . C. .1.11. Bioloijy ornclian; fla vliki-rs. 1. 2. S, : Sopliomon nun. II 2. T. Mills :! ; Vi.e-l ' n . sklent Cor IL, liai, S.i,.i,.tv, 1: Cli.-Tiiistry flub. 4. FRAN ' CES FOI.GF.R MOUNT . IR , S. C. B.S. Music JfLIA BELLE FOV MOliNT A1R . K. C. .!.! . Primary hdiicatinn EVELYN c;ARRETT CRRENSBOKO, V. C. . .n. tJiualwn • FRANCES GRANTHAM BARBARA GRAVES GREENSBORO, N. C. GENEVA, N. V. Phi Beta Kappa B.S. Secretarial .Idminislration A.B. French Aletheian; Secretary and Treasurer of Student Ad.lphian; Mathematk-s Club, 1, 2, 3. 4; Phys- iis Cluh. 3. 4: French Club. 3. 4, Vice-President. 4; Little French Club. 4; Education Club. 3, 4; Vice-President Dav Student ' s Organization. 4; Honor Roll. 1. 2. Oovernni.iil. 3, Vic -President. 4; Chairman of I ' l ' liiii ui 1 mission. 1: Vice-President Ath- I ' li. ,ih.n. 3: Little French Club. 3; .■ i iL. M 111 luci of Playlllters. 3; International !:• 1 - ciLib 4; College Chorus. 1. 2. LORRAINE GRAY HELEN GREENWOOD ASHEVII.I.E, N. C. ELIZABETH, N. J. Phi Beta Kappa A.B. English .LB. Ci-rinan Wclleslcv College. 1. 2. 3. Dil ean: Playiilte.s. 2, 3. 4: Cabinet. 3. 4: Hous • President. 4; Education Club, 3. 4; Intersocletv Representative, 4; Chapel Committee. 4: Vesper Choir. 2. 3; College Choir. 4: Honor Roll. -1. 3: Invitations Chairman. 4; Masquerad rs. 3. 4: Y. W. 0. A. Cabinet. 3. SENIOR CLASS (Pine OVee tes SENIOR CLASS MARV ORECORV LOIS (;rier KOLK MDUM, N. C. C. SII)MA, . C. . . . ' . l-.mjtish tducalion ■ " ■ Aletn.iaii . Bolany Club. 2, 3. i. Cluh. 3. 4. PArLINE HAMBRUiHr MARGARET HAMLIN CROVER, N. C. HIGH POINT, N. C. U.S. llomi Emnnmus .!.[}. Frcuh ■ I ' -T.ll.ll ' lull. 1, =; llnlll. ' K ' - Jll , 1. V,,,.-| ' .rSl,l.-llt. -l; H S r. 1. " i ' « AI. ' thi ' iEii : I ' lul.. 4; I ' l- n. 2. 3. 4; Ar.hery Clul., 1. NANCV HAROISON WAIlfSnORO, . c. U.S. SidiliiiidI l.tmiiiislr.iliori niki- ui. n.inish i-lul.. 1, J; :il i..ii I- CFRTRrPE HATCHER WASIIINCIOV, I), c. )..S ' . Siiriliiriiil .1 tl ininislialinii Acl. ' li.hian: Pi .-i-i, Hi -,,|.ii..i,,..i . 1-1. 1- ■■ Bii. iii. - l .1, ; M:u li,ir, 1. n MADELINE HEFFNER GRKENSBORO, N. C. J.B. Biology Adelphlan; Physics Club; Chemistry Club; Etl- MAREHA I.OriSE HEFNER II AMI II , N. L. J.H. I ' ll mill y hdiualiiin inn; Fivnrh Cluli. 1. 2; ' •riiif Neellles " i. Cla.s Eilltor, 4: Holauy Club. 3, 4; Eduiution Club. :i. 4. SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS JCNE HKSS nR.MUORIl, 1 " A. .1.11. Euiiliih AU-tlieiaii. Spanish c ' lul.. 1; Club, 4. ELIZABETH HEWITT l.AiriMORR, N. C. A.B. Enijlish inuliHii; Marslial. 4; L noir Hhyne College, RILDA MAE HH.L HENDERSOSMI-I K, . C. B.S. Sftriiariul .IJmiiiislration Coi-mlian; Fr.-n. Ij I ' lul,. L ' ; u. .s. U. Couniil, 2, 3; Ecluratioij I ' luli. 4. I ' r.sulej.t B. S. U, 4. ETHEL HUGHES HOFFMAN HAGERSIOXVN, MD. .LB. Sodotoijy Liikean; Alpha Kappa 1 .-Ila. Honor Sociological HELEN HUGHES HOFFMAN HAGERSTOW N, Ml). I.B. Soiioloijy Ak-lhriiin. MEHANE HOLOMAN RICH SQUARE, N. C. . . ' . I ' limiiry luluialirin Cornelian; .SwimnjiuK Ttain. 1, 2; Gymnastics. Varsity. 2: Liu Savlny. 1; Dolphin Club, 3, 4- Orchesls, 2. .1, i; " Pine Nuedles " .Staff. 2. 3 " Coraddl. " 4; Pla.vllUcrs. 1. 2. 3, 4; Y W C A. Cabinet, 3; Erlueation Club. 4; Dnrniitorv Social Cbairnia?!. 4. JANE EI.lZAHKl H HOI ' KINS n()R()rH ' nciwARi " ) WINSTON-SAIEIH, N. C. ■SI. I ' AL IS, . C. AM. Sociology U.S. Horn,- luonomiu letheian; College Chorus. 2. 3; Fl. n. li Club, 3; Soeiolosy Club, i. Corne lian; Fi.-n.b Club. 2: 11. MU,- K, nn,.Tui.-.s Club. 3. SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS HELEN HOWARD SANFORI), . C. U.S. Siiirtiuial J .{ininisliati. Ad.-ll.lli.ili: M.nshal. 1. HOPE HOWELL I ROV, N. C. U.S. Siintaiial .Idmimitriilion A.lflpl.ian. NLARV HOWELL IIAMI FI, S. C. ..S ' . Siciitaiiat JJinhiislraliiin LEE ONA HLtiHES PARKION, . C. :I.B. Primary Edmalion i; I ' ollit;.- 1 h..ius. 1. 2; V..ung Voter ' s Ful.l Hall Team. 1. _ ' . :i ; Baski tball T.-alll :i: E.Ui.atiun Club, 3. 4. E. MILORKD IH ' TCIIINSON CHARLOTTE, N. C. .I.Ii. Malhftnatics Adelphian; Mi-tlioilist Stuilelit Cciniril, I; w. ley Players. 3. 4, SeL-rotary, 3; S,.|,l m,,. c.u eil, 2; Mathi ' iiuuii-s Clul . 1. -1 :;, i; I ' l . n Club, 1, 2; Education iTul.. I. M. R ALICE iirrciiisoN I II. R 1. 01] K, N. C. I ' lii I-:rla Kiipi.:. I.Ii. I ' rimary Ecliuiiliiin i: MiirslKil. I; K.hlratiMii I ' hil.. I ; cluiii- Till., -l: li.viiiiKisli. Var.sil , :l , ll,,i,„i l;,,ll BESS IDOL innn point, n. c. . .«. Ediualion .- Ifthfiail: Colleur Chorus. 1; Edu : ' .. 4. nh, Al.thr RI III JACKSON FAISOK, . C. .I.Ii. Eduiation Hu. ati..ii I ' Uil., I: V. V. i A. SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS MIRIAM JAMES ALICE ELEANOR JOHNSON MT. PLEASANT, V. C. GKEENSBORd, N. C. . . ?. t: J u., II, 0,1 A.B. Clicmislry Adelphian; Honor Roll. 1, 2. 3; ■•Cai ' olinian ' Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4. Assi-uiati- Editor. 3, 4: Zoolouv Field Clul), 2. 3, 4. Seiielary-Truasurer, 3; Or- chesis. 2. 3. 4; V. sper Choir. 2. PATLINE lOllN ' SOX ELLA MAE JONES BIVX, N ' . C. NASHVU.I.E, N. C. . . ;. Hi„l,„iy . . ;. I ' limary Ediuali r, «|i;iiii--h I ' lub. 1, :;. BcitiUiv I ' liil, ■J: |iil;.ali; Siil.rii ■ illfi;... 1. Edu.iit !..ii I ' lul.. 3. 4 - ,„,l,,i;y Vu I.I = • FRANCES JONES FRANCES KERNOOEE GREENSBORO, N. C. CREENSBORO, N. C. U.S. Si-iifliirial .1 dinin ' utralion B.S. Home Economics SI. M,iiy-s I ' ,, 11. .._•,., 1. 2. AlrtI K.lil. .Kin: ■■(■.uoliniail- Staff. 1, 2. 3 r. 2, Mailat ' iliK Editor. 3; Horn lul., 1, 2, 3, -1: Si„.:ik..| ' .s 1 -11111, ; i ' S l-lul., 1, 2, IMiiylik.Ts. -1 SUSANNA KETCHUM JOSEPHINE KIKER GREENSBORO, ' . C. WADESnORO, . C. . .«. Iliilory . .«. linolish All. Ijjliiaii: Quill Clul.. 1, : ' T ' l. i,l.,,! -. i ■■I ' oriuldi. " 1, 2. 3. Eclii..! n, ■ l ,, i i -i ,i liki-rs, li. 3, 4, Staff, 3; ■I ' m. ' ,. . il. -i i " • Masqueraders, 2, i. Pir-,,!. i, i , ■ ,, i u, I ' u ' i Staff, 2. 3: Student A.imu,,, . ..lui.ui i.,- J ; A del, liian: PiH.xidi-i.t ,qt SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS NNA MAF KORN ' ECAV MARY LAMB Mm A 1 (II l 1 , N. c. Wn.MINCTOK, N-. C. lis. .l «.Wf U.S. Iliimi- Einnnmics 1. :;; M.iillii;;il i ■hib. : ' ., IhMli K.uli.iniirB I ' luli. : ' . ?.. 4, FRANCES A. lANP Rl TH LANG 1 1 M 1 F I , S . C. CMdIlACF, N. C. . . ;, I ' ll 111,11 y l:dii,(ilioii . . ;. I ' liiiiaiy EJiualion i; l- ' i,.,,.], .■lull. 1. 2; ., A M■. u■ . 1: liiKi-an; IMll. almn I ' lnl,, 1; Firii.h l " -llll.. 4 HELEN 11. LKBUV EPNA EARLA LEE men IMIIM, v. C. DU.SN, . C. ' ..S ' . Siiiiliiiiitl .Idmiiiistratiijii B.S. Ilomf Economics 1 ' ll,r;i, a .: SI Maiy-s College. 1. 2: Olvhe iinii . ' liil,. 4; ■■Pine Needles " Staff. .Maij ' s House Vestry. 4. ELIZABETH LEFTWICH CREENSBOKd, . C. n.S. Horn, luonomns is. 4: 4: St. Di Ho lean; Sjianisli Clul,, i; lo.lmati M. K1 IL I.OCKHARI- mil sl;i)K(i s. c. U.S. Home luonomus lull. 4 •lull. 4 hiali; Hi.lm- Er.iii,,,,, j, .s rlub. 1. 2, 3. 4. I il .-an- S.M ' rix -l-r, .,.„,,,, - M.,,.|| ,1 ■■ .In .S.i| li.. 1. 1; S " iii . " I.- ' ■.,„,„ ,1 J, -i,, -r, uV.s, -1; I ' Mu.aUull ' Clul ' . ' " l " , ' l . ' ' .t lull, 2 ■olleK, Baski-thall T SENIOR CLASS A 1 ' L n SENIOR CLASS ROSA ARRI. (,r()N II FA 11 1 l() c; RAI mill, . c. )..S ' . Si tirlaiial .1 ilmiiusliatioii ian: iMvshnian (■..niiuis.sioii. 1. Vi..,-rn-5i- ,l.-rit l--,-.sliiiiaii Class; llniis..,-iit. :!: Mar- slial. ::: HmiiM l;..|l i: Pnu. X.-, du-s " staff. 3- Or.hi-sis. :!. 4. tJRACK CAV Mcri.FNNY NMIIKRST, VA. j ' ..S. Ilomr Einnomns Ari l|.llall. FRAXCFS . kCRARV inoii i ' (i] i, s. c. A.B. Ediuatwn rnk.-an; K.lii ati.m -lii Lih Poiiu 1. 2. MARIOX McOOWFFL A NhSMLLE, . C. Phi Beta Kaiipa . . ?. Sodology Hiki ' an; Botany Club. 2: Class Secretary. 3 HiUean ReeonllllK Secretary. 3: International K.latinns Club. 3. 4. Presiilent. 4; Vice-Presi- cl.iit Y. W. C. A.. 4: Judb iai B " ari1. 4; Honor Board. 4; Honor R..I1. 1. 2. 3. MAR - McFARLANn oxroRi), S-. c. .1.11. Primary Education nikean: B. S. V. Council. 1; Class Prpsident. 2; Y. W. C. A. Poster Chairman, 2; Dikean Poster Chairman, 3, i: -Sophomore Council, 2; Educa- tion Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1; Botany Club, 3, 4; Social Chairman Botany Club, 4; Social Chairman Education Club, 4; Dlkcan Society Sports Day Leader, 3; Volley Ball Team, 2. MARCARET LrC ' lI.K McCOOGAN MORVKN, V. C, U.S. Si ' trrlarial .Idniiiiislralion Ail.-lpliKUi; I ' riii.h I ' lub. 1, 2, Education Cluli DOROTHY McGWlER GRRENSBORO, X. C. .1.11. Ediualion rnelian; College i. ' lijru.s. 4: Edurallon Club. MARY ELIZAKETH McLEAN L.ACRlKBCRc;, . C. .4.11. Frauh elian; French Club, 1, 2, 3. 4; Botany. 4. SENIOR CLASS Ad. L il C Ly V C C U L e S SENIOR CLASS I ' LUKl.XA McMA.MS CKKKNSBUKIJ, N. C. .1.11. Sniiiilnijy SumilKi S, ,unl ELIZABETH SHELBY NLACON ASIIKMIIH, N. C. Mallicmalics 11] ; SI Genevieve of thf Pines. 1: Bil Jmiii.r CMlletre. 2; French Club, 3: lic.n Club, 4; Square Circle, 3. 4. LENA BERXICE NE PRV SCOJl.AMl KCK, S. C. . . , ' . Einjliil, Adelphian: Bolali.v club, 3, 4; Frenell I ' luli, 2, 3, 4: Eilu.atiiin cluli, :!, 4; Juurliali.xni Club, 1: •■Carolinian " Stalf, 1, li. 3, 4, Ariverti.sins Man- ager, 3. As.sistant Editor, 3, 4, RelJorter. 1. 2, 3. 4. Wll I . . I. KKS KMCKIS(,IIAM, N. C. . . ;. I ' limaiy Ediu.ilin,: iMliean; Club. 4: Eiluration Club, 4. ERVEANE MASSEV ZKRIM.ON, K. C. l.Ii. Enylish Dikean; House Vipe-Piesident, 1; Tiack Team 1: Soccei- Team, 1; German Club. 1; French mnastits Team. 1. Club. 3. -1: Botany Club, MARY HAZEL MEACHAM H.XMI.El, N. C. rill B, la Kappa . . ;. i,mal„s AleUirian; Fren, li Club. 1, j, Ktiuare Circle 1 2, a, 4, President. 1; Legislature, 2; Judicial Board, 4: Trcasur. r. 3; Education Club -1, President. 4; House Vice-President 1 ' ! Honor Roll. 1. 2. ■ . ■ . HAZEE MA Sl ' RINC IIIIPK, N. c. clian: Fi At . .«. I lis lory curb Club. 2: E.l ilcti, ' ucati.m CI lb, 4 MAR KAEUARINE MIEEER MiHiKi:s ii.i,i:, N. c. I ' lii r.ila K,iiJ|i . . . ' . i:i:,,lis i ■liali; Fi- Edu. atb, n, ii 1 -jub. 1, :; , M 1 l-lub. 1; II, ,11,,, itliciii.ulcs K " ll. 1, I Clul SENIOR CLASS 2 ' l li cJL ea Les SENIOR CLASS r.VA KAIHRVN MILI.KR IIKK(IR , . C. ' . . l ' iy,i,al EJinalinn in: SuphMii . ' (,1111.11, J; I ' l.M.l.-lit l.u- i ' .,rii. ' lian. .S.|iiiir.- . ' ii. 1. . 1. J. ;:, 1. Vi., - Pi ■ i- Slu.l.-iits, ;;; Athl.ii.- Asf.,,. laci.jii I ' al.- .I.iii, 1; . ' lu-niistrv- . ' hil. 4; .■ 4. 1: Si... Its I, .i.l.-i. :i. 1. W|...i-ts. 1, 2. " .. 4 II. .IIS. Vi. . -I ' risi.l.lil. 4; l■l(.l; inK I ' liil., 1. MlIOREn BRONSON MII.I KR KPRK, V. C. . . ?. Matin maliis GLORIA MILTON GREFNSBORO, N. C. l.H. Frnuh Fi.ii.ii . ' lui. 1 ■: :: 111.. -1. l-|i.liiisli I ' llll.. MARClARir CALHERINE MOORE nAI.IlMORF, Ml). U.S. Phyi ' ual EduaUinn rlphiali; Alhl.-li. Ass.i.iat i..M, 2. :!. 4: l,U ■ 1 Ml. .HIS. :■.. 4; IMavlikels. 1. 2. :i. 4: Ju- tli.ial B " ai-rt. J; Sports. 1. 2. 3, 4. MARGARET MOSKR NINA BET NELSON GREENSBORO, N. C. ORIFION, N. C. I ' lii H.t„ Ka, |,a . . ■. I ' limaiy r.du alien .1.11. History I ' nrn. Hi n: I ' laylikeis. 1, 2: Marslial, 3; A Aletheian: Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3; Secretary-Treas- urer Speaker ' s Club, 2, 3, President, 4: Secre- tary French Cluh. 2, :!; Y. W. C. A. Ca bintt. 3; President Senior Class, 4. Busine.s 4 ' iriuhitlnn Manaffer " Pine Needles. " Manager, 3. Editor, 4: Education Cltl Student Activities Committee, 4. marc;aret jane newbern LOriSE NIMOCKS AIIOSKIF, N. C. y.W El 1 E ' 1I.I.E, N, C. . .«. Educlion . .«, Ilislnry Cornelian; M iclith c ' o l.i;.-. 1. 2; Sciiiare Cir- cle. Al tli.ii Eilu. , n: Maishal. 1; " Carolinian " .Staff. 2. tio.i Clul.. 4; Youni; Voter ' s Club. 3. SENIOR CLASS S-A as SENIOR - CLASS JOSEFIIINI ' ; I ' AKIIAM .1.11. LJiKaliau Al,-th..ian; Sii.iiu li ' liili. 1, : . I; ,i,iii j; K.lii. alh.i] i-|ul.. I. MARCARHl ' K. PHIIIIPS MM I 111 : S, N. C. . . « ' . l-.JuialKiu Sumimi Sihudl ' ■■.rn.liiiii. Mtiuii Chil., i. SAKA i;() I) iM( Ki:rr MAIIISdS, . C. U.S. jhiiii, ' h,in,„mi,i MARV PIERCE CRKHASBORO, . C. . .«. Clumulry .:iiiisii rlul. 1. :;, I ' h- ' I ' l.MSUiri. :i, l ' i,.,si.l, nt i.stiy i-luli. :.. I. DORIS POOI.E MRCll.lNA, V. . U.S. P iysiuil lutiuitliMi Al lluian; S(.,i.t;ii Allil li. latiun, :;, Plesitlent. i; s,.c . . , ;ii-n . 2: llucliev Var- Kity, 3; Gymnasi n Vai it . - . 3; CliiHr Marshal. 4; Student iti.« ' ■..niiiiiite. ' . 4; Eduiatinn Club. 4; Varsltv. 3. NELL POOLE VIRCILINA, VA. U.S. l liysiitil HJmalKDi ELIZABETH POPE l!NI0NIO V , PA. .i.B. Mitllii nuilii s JANE PAGE POWELL t.UMBERTOS ' , K. C. I.Il. MalhnniUiis vM. I: Mai lKil. I; Vi. .-I ' l il, _•; II.Mi.s,- Pi SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS HRYTK KAKFR RAXSON incii PUIS I, . c. U.S. Si-n iliiiuil Jilniinislralinti Al.-tlipiaii: l- ' i ciii li I -Inl.. 1, :• MARTHA REDFERN CllARl.OnF. N c. R.S. Physital Eduinlian A thrian: K.luc 1. AHil.-ti.- As iliin.t. 4; Spanish Ml RCIK RFKNES SAMIIKIl, N. L. U.S. .Muii, ISABEEI.E RHOOES BfSSRMRR ClT ' i, . C. U.S. Siiritarial .Idniinnnalion 11. h Cluli. 2. n; Manager Ju 1. at inn flul.. 4; i liairman Fini 4: TreasuriT Senior Class. 4. = • JOSEPHINE ROBINSON ESTHER ROSS CHARI.OI r K, . c. NEW LISBON, N. J. ' .S. Si-crfliiriiil -htniiiiislriiliun 1 Mk.iin. I llv. U.S. Ilnm, ' t:,n„n„n(s an; lln,,.. E.„,iui„:,s club. 3 i. 4. MARCARET ROI ' ZER ELINOR ROWLAND SAMSlil K ■, -. c. PIAISKIKI 1), N. 1. . . ' . Illslnry . . ?. •;,«, Ad. •Il.hiai i: Sqiiai.. cii.l.-. J: |.-,-,.n.h en Shop Manag.r, lirst .11.: Ji SENIOR CLAS S i Page 73 k ' S SENIOR CLASS KAI ' IIRVX jOXKS ROVSIKR BKSSRMER CU ■! , K. C. U.S. Physiuil luluailinii MABEL SATTERFIFLO Mr. AIRV, . c. .I.B. Latin Alii .111 ' IphiMii: Allilrlir A ... i.iln.ii 4: ( sis. ::, 4; P.aKk.-tliall Wn-itv. _ ' . ; ' . ; Basvl. ill Adelpliian. Vai sitv, 2; Sor,-,!- VTisin, :;. V " ll. I ' .all V: sity, :;: Ertci. ati..ii CIiil., 1. MARY CARROLL SCHTLKEN wii.MiNcroK, . c. . . ;. Pnmaiy luiiualmn A,l. Ipliiali. liik, Sp 11 Ass, ELLEN GATES SHERWOOD WATKRBLRV. CONN-. B. . I ' hysi( tt HAuiatinu j an; II. mm K ' .jl 1; Sp.Mk.r-.s rUil.. 1. 2; 1 ish I ' lul.. 1. -1. i. ' ..lli-;;c I ' lli.ius. 2; Athletii- matii.n. :l. 4; Uolphiii clul.. ;i. 4; Educa- tion Club. 4. ■ • 4 Paqe 74 FRANCES E. SMITH WILMIKGTOV, V. C. U.S. Sccrelarhil .Umiiiislralinn Adc-lphian; Businrss Manai;.i llalMllH, Class Baski ' tball, 1. 2; L.-ki-I ' Mi;. l . .- Club. 1; Squaiv Circle. 2: Cla- i ■ I ' . .■!; Plavlikers. 1. 2. 3: Recur. hi- s, i.i Safiftv. 2; Mar.shal. 3: Coll.-. ' 4; Soriftv Pri-.. ltUTlt. 4; Studi-m A.IIMU.. Tiiitif... 4: ■Pin. .N.-cilli ' s ' .siuii. :;. FRANCES I,. SMITH ADVANCH, N. C. . . ). HdllialKin l. ' r,.li, li Cluli, ::; l ' .,,laii r SARAH SI.OCIM SMITH CHADBIRV, V. C. .LB. Ilioln, y ALMA REITZEL SNEED GRF.FNSRllKO. . C. U.S. Siirrliirial .Idmin ' tsliiiluin rliaii; Siiaiiish clul., 1. J; K.lii. at i,,ii SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS AIJCF MARIF SnriRFS MUKIll I S, N. C. rill l;.l.i Kripp i l.ll. Iliilory AI.EXE STARXES MONROE, N. C. U.S. Hiimr Eioninniis RACHEL STEVENS ROXBORO, N. C. . .«. liiahcjy Ail.l|.lii;ni EEILA ELIZAKEEIl S lEWART xs i I ACK. . e. .I.H. Ediiitiiion Ailrlpliiali: i-llili. ■•. 4, Ph.ylike 4; Hnus,- Vii-r-Pi ' .-sl. 1,111. 4; iniliiBt.-r c i_-il. 1 ; H.itanv I ' luli. 4 PHYLLIS C. STEWART BF.RKMCE STYERS CHARLOTTE, N ' . C. RL ' KAI, IIAII,, N. C. .l.B. Primary Education B.S. Home Economics an; Zoology Field rluli; Spfakers cTul.; Eiluoation i-Iul . 3. 4. .- ilel|.l lie ian; Home Eeononiics Clul.. :;, 3. 1; Piib- l.v LTiairmaii. 4; Education i.Miih. 1. MARV SWKTT MARV LOf SWIFT SOUIHERN ' PINKS, N ' . C, ASHEVILLE, N. C. U.S. .Si-cretarial .Idmiiiislration .• .B. English an: Simmons, College. 1: President St. House. 4; House Vii-e-Presld nt, 4; Cul- 101-US. 3: " Pine Netdles ' ' Staff. 3. 4; .Ale- ri:ixlil iTul.. an. iJi.hesis. 1. 2. 3, 4. President. 4; ris. !. -, ;;. 1; Speaker ' s Club. 3; Quill •Ca oliniair- Staff. 3: .Sec-relary Clog- Aleth Mary ' s 1 lege Che theian Progr SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS MARY Fnrni tailey MILPRKI-) LALLEY CRKRNSBdKll, . C. RASIll KMAS, -. c. - . ?. EJiualiin, . .«. F.(lu,at„n: (■ " rii.lian; .Seal I ' luI,: Ait I ' liil., s.niai,. i-ip,l,- Edu.alioil i-lul,. 1 Alctli. ' iali. ALICE TAYLOR RACHEL HOL LAN THUiPEN NEW BERV, N-. C. GREENSBORO, . C. EdiKaliun . .«. History Iiil .iiii; L.-Kislaturc. 4; Vir,.- 1 ' , ,. ,,|riii Hikran .S.i.ii.ty. 4: E.lurali.iii I ' liil., 4. lMI ,.aiK l lijsi, I ' liil, ALICE THOMAS CIIADRURN ' , . C. riii Urta Kappa . .«. nlolnffy Dikean; Physiis Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Sec retary. 4: French Club, 1. 2, 3, 4; Botany Club, 2, Si crc- tary, 3, President. 4: German Club, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Methorlist Student Association FAY THOMPSON B1,.ACK CRREK, K. C. B.S. llomr Economics .nif E. " in. lilies Club, 2. 3, 4. Trcaf sirtfiit. 1; Speaker ' s club. 3, 4; Edu ion Club. 4; llminr Roll. 3. MARGARET THOMPSON CREENSBIIRO, . C. B.S. Musk noliaii; Madrisal CUib, 3. 4. Pi.-.sulout 4 l.-K. ' Clii.rus. 2; Cull.-Ko clioir, J. .s,., r tar 4: Education Club. 4; Vc.,|Kr choir. 4. MILDRED THOMPSON RAI.F.ICII, N. C. ii.S. Piano 4; Clp SENIOR CLASS as SENIOR CLASS IRGIXIA THOMPSON 11 snv, . c. LB. En, lis i AlethHian; Mas.iurra.l, I ' lul.. I; .Marsh: 1: stud. 11 MAZZALEE THrRSTON VVHITEVH.I.F, N. C. B.S. Si-irclatial .Id:ninulratin, MARGARKI TILLETT NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Phi Brta Kappa AM. Frcuh MARV TORI AN ASHEVU.l.E, N. C. t ' hi B ta Kapi.a .l.ii. Fiend, . Gen. ie f (.1 til,. Pines. 1. on f-luh. i: Frenrli clul.; ColUgi- Cho 4; Mathemaths Club. ANN TOWXSON Ml ' RPHKV, V. C. . .11. liinlnijy ELIZABETH TOXEY EI.IZABKIIl CUV, N. C. Ediiialion Ali-th. -11111; ivhi. ill mil I ' liili, 1. IRtaNlA IKISLUW DRAPER, N ' . C. A.B, Primary Educalion BLANCH PAnniSON TLRNER BURi;, , N ' . c. .l.B. Primary Ediicalinn A.l.-llililali; C ' orrc-spOlKlillK Sr.l..t;ii i.r Sn.ii ' tv. : ' : Jiininv ilass rhrpr l,.;ul.i-. ;l . V.illrv Bull ValMlw :i; Erliiratinn Tluli. -I; 1 ' iLllllsl IV rluli. ;;; Gyiiinaslir Varsily, :;. SENIOR CLASS i ' d Les r r I SENIOR CLASS DOROTHY TITT WIVSTON-SAl.KM, . C. Frnuh MARTHA c;lknn rvsoN ( A ' KIMA, N. C, A.H. Primary liJui dlt ' in iiTl; Stu.l.iu •..|Ulll .. . 4. S.-. n-l: liuTl dull. 4: llous.f Vi. MARY TM,ER KdCKMI I F, COSSRCl ILUI . .«. C umistry iHiiK-lKui: Ilnn.M i;.,ll. 1, :;: Tn-asurei- Athletic- As.-iu.iatiun. 2; .Allil.ti. Assorlation Cabinet. 3. 4; Ho.k.y VarsUv. :! ; llnusi- Pn-sirient. 4: 1-1. airman Rin? r.immittee, 3; Clieniistrv Clul , 2, 3, 4; Physiis I ' luli, 3. 4. Vic-e-President, 4; V. W. C. A. Caliinet. 4; Hnckev Team. 1. 2. 3 4; Basketl)all Team, 1. 2; Baseliall Team. 1. 2; Field Ball. 2. 3: Anherv. 1; Tennis. 2; I Mass Viee-Pi-esident. 2: Assoeiat ■ Editor " Carolin- ian. " 3; Aissistant Junior Shop Manager. 3: Spanish Cluh. 1, 2: International Relations Cluh, 4. NHI.OREI " ) WAPOKLL CONCflRIl, N. C. . .«. I ' nmary EJuicilion 4. K.lU 1. 2; H " t ' U Cluli. 4. ROBERTA WAKKFIFI I) CUn.l(lRI), N. c. U.S. Ilnmc Einnomi(s l ik.aii. MARCIARKl- V ' AlSON ADKSBOKO, K. C. Ficnth I Ilk. an, I ' -i-.iHh Club, 1. 2. :;. 1; Spcakfi ' s Club. 1. 2; Educitioii Club, ,!, -1, DONI.E WEBB siiFi,n , . c. , ' , Ilonit ' Ei ftuomus Ab ' tb, 3, I ' r " CHRISTINE WEEKS MA SMI,I.E, N. C. U.S. llomi- Htniinmiis iiiiin.. I-:.- iii.s I ' liih, -, :•.. 4, Vi.-.-l ' tuiti SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS MARV WELLS M M his, MASS. .1.11. Eiujlish ■mil. •Han; l- ' clul.. 1, :. :;, [■.luncil. :;; V. V r. A. ' al i. 3, 4; I ' liil, 1 : liii. i-,.. iiiv... i: •■I ' iii. N (.ii,.s " HI, III ; s ' tillf. -1. :i. K.litMi -ni-i-h:, I . I, I AXXIH (n.KN ' N Will LI-HEAn 111 VV, N. C. .1.11. I ' ruiuiiy liJu.alimi LOriSE WHITE CLA ' iTOV, . C. B.S. Music .. .I..||.hiaii; i:.-iinn ■1. M:ulTii,-iil illlli. l-hoir. 4. KATE WILKIN ' S i;KI.K SB()Kn, N. c. rill K:ili|.:i .1.11. Clumistiy Alrlli.iaii: I ' risiilint L ' av Slinlciit.s ' Orgaiiiza- linii. I. S.-.ri-tarv, 3. Tleasuivr. 1 ' ; rhniiiistiv ruil., L ' . :l. 4. Vi.-e-Pri ' sident, 4; Honor Uoll. 1, i:. ;;; s.. retai-y Honor Societv, 3; Frenili Cliil.. 1. Hii iiiHSS Managi-r Handbook, 4; S.rr.lary Sui.l lit Ailiviti.-s Ciimniit;.-e. 4; I ' liysi.s Cluli. 4; Basi ' l.all T.aiii. 2. ANNA WILLS GREENSBORO, K. C. A.B. Enijlisli Adelphian; Prtsitlent Juninr rhiss. 3; Mai Playlike Presidf .-hn hal. Dolpllin Club. 1. 2, 3. 4. Vki-- President. 4; Intersociuly Representative. 4; Art Editor " Carolinian. " 2; " Pine Needles- Staff. 3. 4; French Club. 2. 3; German Club. 2. 3; Edueation Club, 4: Quill Club. 3: Athletl. Assoeiation. 1, 2. 3. 4: Swimming Varsity. 2. 3; Baseball Team. 2; Tennis, 3: Swimming Sports Leader. 3; Student Aetivitits Committee. 4; Honor Roll. 1, 2. 3. EUNICE WILSON MAGNOLIA, N. C. l.R. Eiiucalion l ' :ihl..i-iii-Clii.f c.jlb-ge Handbooli. 3; t MalKife-er Junior Shop. 3; House So- irman. 4; Athletie Assoeiation Cabinet, sketlmll Varsity. 2. 3; Baseball Varsity, rack Varsity, 2: Edueation Club. 4. LOTTIE WIMBISII GREENSBORO, N. C. A.B. Entjlish LI ' LIE WIMBISH GRKENSBORO, N. C. . .«. ElKjllsIl Dikean. SENIOR CLASS " S Xeeaies SENIOR CLASS MARV ELIZABFIII WITHFRS ll.WllisdS, . C. . . ;, Hwhciy ,li;m, II,, use Vi, ■■-l ' i,. i,l,iil. 1. " I ' EI,IZA ' :i- in WOMKLE PI I l!.r.llK(l, s. c. . . ;. l:Ju,ulton LUCY WITHERSPOON GREENSBORO, S. C. I.B. Primary EJu ation MARV WOODWARD tllARLOrih, N. L ' . Phi Beta Kappa A.B. Sociology r. A, " mIimhi. 1. Secretary, 3. Prt ' Mdeiit. ■) ; ,ss Kwiiiii T,arii. 1. 2, 3: Trai-k Team. 1 , ,il,nt A.liviths lommittee. 4; Student Cur- [ihiTii ii.nmutte,-. -1. 3: Judicial Board. 3; ,ra,lili ' ' Start. 2; Quill Cluh. 3. 4; Interna- ii;il Relations CluVi. 3. 4; PlayliVt rs. 2. 3, 4; lull. 2. 3; Soi-lology Cluli. 4; Vice- IT. .si,l,-nt V( Cha RUTH WORLEY VIRGINIA WYRICK KINSTON, N. C. GRKENSBORO, N. C. Phi Bi ' ta Kappa AM. English Cornelian; Fr. ' I ' lvil.. 1, 2: il.riiian Cluli. S: Marshal. J; " i ' :!...! hiian ' - Sl:ilT. :;. 4. KoU. 1. 2. Adelphi;! . . i. liJiuatwn 111. I ' .il.Kc Ch.uiis. 1. 2; E.lucation Club. 4. DOROTHY YARBROfGH ZORA YARBROUGH VANCKIVII.I.F, N. C. 1 ANCKVVII.l.R, . C. A.B. Educalion Dikean; Spanish Clulj. 1; Traik Varsity. 1; Honor Roll. 3; Volley Ball Varsity. 3; HiL-Uuv Varsity. 3; Basketball Varsity. 3; Education Club. 3, 4: House Vice-President, i: Athletic Association Cabinet. 3. 4. Adeiplli: AM. Primary luliii ilinii ui; .Sp:il]isli Club 1. l!(.l:ibv Club, 2, 3. 4 ; Edur.Mtmn i -lilb, 3, 4. SENIOR CLASS » ■ SENIOR CLASS MARY I KANCES VOING HENDhKSON, S. C. .-I.ll. Ilinloi y nielian: Siian-sh clul.. 2; Zoology Field Club. 3. -i: Clu-iiiistry Cluli. 3; St. Maivs Ve.stiv. 2. 3 4. (TlllJSh WhOSK PiClLRhS Dll XOT Al ' PE. R I - P.XNEL) MAXIN ' E ALLEN MARCJARK L BANKS LIXNA HOST ANNIE MINION SADIE McCALL MARCELLA RiniSlLL ADELIA SPRY AI ICI. WINN X Tine cHecdies 19 3 5 HISTORY OF THE SENIOR CLASS 1 li ' iiioruin INTRODUCTION From every corner of North Carolina and from many states in the Union came the girls who, by entering this College in the fall of 1931, automatically became members of this our Class of 1935. But then we scarcely considered ourselves a class; we were more essentially individuals, looking at each other and the rest of the College with curious eyes, wondering what it was all about — what was expected of us, and what we could expect of the others. Most of us had to learn that there was another place in the world besides the communities from which we came. We had to learn how to get along with strangers — persons who did not know us or our families — who were looking at us, and not at our backgrounds. It was through our organization as a class that we began to orient ourselves to this new mode of living; and while gradually becoming molded into a recog- nized unit, we were also learning to develop ourselves as mdividuals. By working to- gether to carry out traditions handed down to us from other classes, we discovered that we were capable of assuming responsibility. We gradually learned what was expected of us; and we diccovered that we were at least partially capable of living up to tho:e expectations. At the time we began to expect less of others, to find that we could stand alone. Suffice it to say that as we became a definitely organized unit, we carried out with varying degrees of success or failure the traditions that we from year to year inherited. During our sophomore year we had a luxuriant daisy chain, a busy, distracted jacket committee, and a quaint Christmas pageant. In our junior year we were chiefly occupied with class rings, " Junior Shoppe, " and " Junior-Senior. " Our senior year has been a series of responsibilities tackled and, in some way or other, carried out. The gift of our class to the College is a contribution to the fund for the long-desired organ for Aycock Auditorium. Rather than describing these activities in detail, let us take advantage of this oppor- tunity to look back over the manv events that hn ' e taken place on campus during the four history-making years that our class has been upon it. 19 3 5 Chapter I. With its first officers, elected at the begin- ning of the second semester of our freshman year, the class really did something remarkable, especially remarkable in the light of the scarcity of money then (as now) and the small amount of dues we had to pay. With Helen Dugan as president. Heath Long, vice-president, and Dorothy Gunter, secretary, our class, the only class to finish the year without a debt on it, had a hundred dollars left over. This sum was given to Miss Coit to be used until our senior Slsannh Kktcmlm - I r 1 i- L • U jy ,, year as a loan fund, at which time we would get it back in order to put it on our gift to the College. An innovation in social life on campus came that year with the first society dances, which, as annual events, have since become an important part of the life of the societies (and. incidentally, of the girls) . Chapter II. During our sophomore year we had two sets of officers. In the first semester Mary McFarland was president, Mary Tyler, vice-president, and Genevieve Corbett, secretary- treasurer. For the second semester Gertrude Hatcher held the reins, with Martha Lock- hart assisting, and M.iry Brintley secretary-treasurer. Helen Dugan served as daisy chain chairman. This year something really important happened to the College. It became a part of the University of North Carolina, and v. ' e could proudly call ourselves sisters of the students in the colleges at Chapel Hill and Raleigh. An event of freshman week of this year filled us with horror and dismay— it was the burning of the library. As it is, however, we have been amply repaid for the horror we suffered when we saw the building; in ruins and the inconveniences we experienced while it was being rebuilt, by the wonnderfuUy improved structure that has taken its place — a library admirable in its conveniences and management. The Student Curriculum Committee came into existence in this year. And the " " organized the Vesper Choir, to be directed by Mr. Thompson, inaugurating by this move the annual candle-light program of Christmas carols, given by this choir, which pro- gram has become a cherished tradition of the College. Chapter III. Officers of the class during our junior year were: Anna Wills, president; Frances Smith, vice-president: Mary Hazel Meacham, treasurer; Marian McDowell, secretary; and Isabel Rhodes, manager of Junior Shoppe. 19 3 5 Two new committees were organized this year, the Student Activities Committee and the Honor Board. In February the long-to-be-remembered sleet storm changed the looks of our beloved campus by turning to pieces many of our finest old trees, some of whose stoutest branches broke under the enormous weight of ice that covered them. We heard the branches and smaller trees and telephone poles crashing all night long, and the next day, sick at heart, viewed the damage that had been done. The scene, everything covered with ice, was beautiful, yet ghastly. It looked like a lovely fairyland where an enraged giant had stalked, wreaking destruction. Later a corps of foresters trimmed the trees and in a small way alleviated the damage that had been done. A real satisfaction came to us with the complete renovation of the society halls, and hope was roused in our breasts when work on a much-desired golf-course was begun. Chapter IV. With Margaret Moser as president, Jane Page Powell vice-president, Jane Costnet secretary, and Isabel Rhodes treasurer, our class started out on its last year. Spectacular changes had taken place in the administration of the College and many changes were to come in other phases of campus life. Dr. Jackson became our Dean of Administration, Dr. Geneva Drinkwater our Dean of Women. The Student Curriculum Committee and the Student Activities Committee were combined. The Student Government inaugurated Loyalty Week. A new chapel committee, on which there were, besides faculty members, student representatives from each class, was organized. The big College Choir, which sings the devotional exercises held on Tuesdays, was organized. A long-waited cut-system was inaugurated. And finally, through the patient efforts of several of our faculty mem- bers, a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was installed at the College. After carrying our golf sticks b.ick and forth on the trains and buses for two years in vain, meanwhile getting the ill-will of our fellow-passengers, whose ribs they in- variably poked into, and getting no use of the belated golf-course, we have finally seen the tender new course opened, ready for use. We hope that the classes that follow us will get as much pleasure out of it as we had hoped to do. As We Leave the College. During the four years that we have lived on this campus we have striven to build up our college, our class, and ourselves. We feel that we have gained much strength from the College and that we have given a small return; but we believe that the greatest thing that we can do for our College is to stand on our own feet after we leave its strengthening but sheltering walls, and make it proud to remember that we are part of it. Genevieve Corbett. Clasi Historian. Tine cMecJles 19 3 5 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY k A 111 Alil l,iiM,, I ' nipliil NUTZ Radio Program for Monday 9:00- 9:Jo — Miss Margaret l anks, (ir- gan music. 9:30-10:00 — Miss Lorena Fairbanks, im- personations from Dickens. 10:00-10:30 — Miss Dorothy Howard, sen- timental songster from Car- olina. u):30-ll:00 — Miss Harrington, talk on Racial Equality on the SPCN Program ' . ATTASIA, PREHISTORIC ARCTIC CAPITAL, HAS COME TO LIGHT Smiles ' Restaurants, Inc., Announce New Coffee Shops in the South The Smiles ' Restaurants, Incorporated, today announced the opening of three new- coffee shops in the South, to take place on July first. In Atlanta, there will be a shop with Miss Mary Jane Allen as hostess. An Italian shop will open in Miami and will be managed by Miss Es- ther Ross. Richmond will have a Japanese shop with Miss Christine Weeks in charge. All these new members of the Smiles ' chain received their professional training at the Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, N. C, and have previously held supervisory positions in several well-known colleges. Eminent Historians Unearth Ancient City. Zyzgo, U. S. S. R., May 19. — Misses Charlotte Brown and Margaret Boylan, while doing research work near here on ma- terial for their theses toward doctor of phil- osophy degrees, have recently stumbled upon indications that an ancient city lay be- neath a snow-covered region in this most northerly and relatively uninhabited region of Siberia. Work has begun on the excava- tion of these ruins. This news should be of great interest to the entire world, par- ticularly to historians, geologists and ar- cha-ologists. Girl Scientists Discover New Fever Serum. William Reed Hospital has recently made one of the greatest cures in medical history in using a new serum concocted by co-technicians Mary Withers and Elizabeth I ' luck. The medical world welcomes this new find and will undoubtedly award these brilliant young scientists for their re olu- tionary work. The cure was accomplishetl for Little Nell Knell, of 17 Parking Place, who was suiiering from the dread dypthoid fever and is now well and happy, thanks to Miss Withers and Miss Fluck. Coel Noward ' s new play opens at the Little Theater, Kalamazoo Avenue, next week. Virginia Thompson is taking the lead. We expect great things from this newcomer. Don ' t miss her debut ! — Froiii -The Critic " Ti Die C eea Li ' i 19 3 5 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY MISS POOLE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF A. P. E. A. Woman ' s College Again Furnishes Chief. (jreeiisbnro, Juin- 8. iq — . — At the meeting ot the A. P. Y.. A. in Ck ' elan(l this week, Miss Doris Poole was elected president of the Association. Miss Poole graduated from W . C. U. N. C in 1935. She is now head of the Physical Education I)e|iartment at Sassar College. Among the outstanding figures in the field of Physical Education attending the coinention were: Miss Margaret Moore, Slith College; Mis Nell Poole, Tellesley; and Miss Ellen Sherwood, of S 11 Mawr. CVA Announces Raise In Salaries The .secretary in charge of salaries of the CN ' .A today issued the following bulletin to the press: " All Class A secretaries will receive a 20 per cent raise in salary, to be effective beginning juh i, iw — . " The Class A force is at present made up of the following young women: Misses Ruby Hame, Isobel Rhodes, Katherine Crew, Dora Dunlap, Gertrude Hatcher, Margaret Abbitt, and Bryte Ranson. Mr. H. Frank K ' ker received the fol- lowing telegram this week: " Send us four new secretaries to report for work in one week stop if they are as efficient as the young women we are losing we shall con- sider ourselves fortunate stop. " 1 he tele- gram was signed by I. I I. ' oiirs, CV ' A C immissioner. Editnr ' i Xoti : Swett, Allardice, Claypoole, and Craves, all of the Class of 10_?S. are gi ing up their positions with the CVA in order to prepare for a joint wed- ding to take place late in June. The fovn ' couples will hone nioon together at Niag- ara. Ve wish them happiness. — From " I ' hi (. ' iirolliiidii. " MUSIC ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCES NEXT IN SERIES OF CONCERTS Miss Frances Folger Returns to Alma Mater as Accomplished Pianist. Prominent among the artists to appear here this year under the auspices of the lo- cal Music A.s.sociation is Miss Frances Fol- ger, of New ' idrk and ' ienna, formerly of Mount Airy, N. C. (ireensboro will be pleased to hear of the success which Miss Folger has recently achieved as a concert pianist. Her first public tour, which began four weeks ago, has met with warmest ap- plause in many Eastern cities. Miss Folger graduated from W. C. U. N. C. in 19J5. Don ' t fail to hear this fine North Carolina artist! — Fro ii " Tin (uiroHni m. " Paducah, K ., June 10. 19. — At the commencement exercises of the University of Paducah held June Q. the degree of Doc- toi of Philosophy was conferred upon the following graduate studejit : Miss Helen Dugan, Evanston. 111. MACY BUYER RECEIVES FOREIGN RECOGNITION Paris. — The Parisian Association of Designers paid tribute toda to the work of Miss Helen Lebby, with a banquet in her honor, gi en at the Hotel des Bour- bons. Miss Lebby has been Head Foreign Buyer for Macy for just one year. She has done her excellent work in the field of designing as a sideline. The caii as b - Vict(n- Silken, " ' ovmg Woman With The Rose " won the first prize in the contest sponsoied by the North Carolina Association. Th: contestants were all contemporar ' Southern artists. Miss Jane Page Powell of l.umberton, N. C, posed for Mr. Silken in this painting. 1 Inc C .eealei 19 3 5 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Y. W. C. A. OF AMERICA ANNOUNCES NEW LEADERS Miss Mary Woodward and Miss Mary Brantley New Heads. The ' ouiig Woman ' s Christian Associa- tion has chosen Miss Wary Brantley of Cliarlotte, N. C, president for the coming ear. Miss Mary Woodward, also of Cha rlotte, N. C, is the new National Field Secretary. The other officers elected were as follows: The c)un i wonr.Mi of this successful company which so strangely advocates con- tact ivninin are: Misses Mary Howell, Helen Howard, Kate AVilkins, Bet Nelson, and Dorothy Biuger. Only two of these successful women studied commerce in college, which only gives further proof to our argument: tiiat personality is everything. Z-Ray Is Discovered; Rejuvenates At Any Age. Misses Virginia Bennett and Frances Belvin of the laboratory staff of Squiff and Company, Chicago, yesterday announced the discovery of a new light ray which the ha e named the Z-ra ' . It is claimed that this new ray will cure any ilisease known to medical science. The apparatus for concentrating the ray is very simple and the series of fi e treat- ments is inexpensive. K ery man, woman, and child can have health and a life s|ian f)f five hundred years as an average. The two young women are now planning the organization of a plant in each state to manufacture these machines with only a narrow margin of profit for themselves. Natural Habitat of Hudson Seal Is Depicted. he Window Decorators League of America yesterday awarded the grand na- tional prize in its Decoration Contest to Baltman and Company, of New ork City. Misses Frances Jones and Martha Lock- hart, (jf the Decoration and Art Staff, de- signed and arranged the winning display. The effect c)f ice was artificially produced and real seal skins, stuffed, were arranged in lite-like |iositions. Animals of various sizes were used. The lighting was partic- ularly good. Haltman is using this means to advertise its tur sale, which is going on at present. Children and potential consumers alike have shown a keen interest in the window. Young Women Announce New Nur- sery School for Child Prodigies. A great step forward in the development of the pre-school child has been made with the recent announcement by Miss Mary .McFarland and Miss Edna Earle Lee of the opening of a new nursery school for brilli,-uit oungsters. The school accommodates 25 youngsters from three to six years of age. Psycholog- ical tests are given the applicants and an 1(J of 1411 is required for entrance. Spe- cialized training and careful supervision and scientific diet are parts of this institu- tion. The very newest and best equipment has been secured. Parents are asked to enroll their children .April 20-3LI. (Pine cKecdUs 19 3 5 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY WOMAN ' S COLLEGE ALUMNAE SPEAK HERE THIS WEEK IVIiss Edythe Ellis and Miss Fiances Smith are guest speakers at the annual con- vention of the Southern Association of Com- mercial Workers, meeting in Greensboro this week. Miss Ellis is office manager of the Heniington-Sand Stenotype Company and will speak on " Standardization, A Ma- jor Trend in Effective Office Manage- ment. " Miss Smith, of the Rick Chemical Compan ' , is to talk on " Constructing the Office M.uuial. " The convention is meet- ing at the Mark Twain Hotel here. — Froin ' " I ' hi Circcnsboro Dnily Neics. " Margaret Moser Is Dean of College of History, University of Gerlin. AMERICAN RECEIVES HIGH HONOR Gerlin, Berm., April i. 19 — . — Miss Margaret Mo.ser of Greensboro, X. C, L ' . S. A., has been elected to the chair of the College of History at the C of G. Miss Mo.ser did her undergraduate work at the Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, N. C. She received her M.A. from Mediocre L niver- sit and her doctorate at ( lerlin. Susanne Ketchum ' s new book of poetry, " Dust From These Stars. " is just off the press and is receiving much favorable crit- icism. We think it a masterful work and look with interest for her next publication. A cop of " Dust From These Stars " will he an addition to our library and a pleas- ure to ou. — Fro i tin lioril: Rcvicic Sci- li ' iii of ' " I ' ln .Viir York TiiiiiS. " The .Y ;r York Gnzcttc. through the tine works of its managing editor, ] Iiss Mary Wells, got out an extra today featuring the forced confession of the real kidnaper of the Lindbergh bab ' . The paper ' s subscrip- tions have risen i.Si ' i ' in twent -four hours. INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE IS DEVISED BY EXPERTS Innovation Is Combination of Latin, French and English. The world has, in effect, become half its original size with the recent successful de- viation of a common international language. Drs. iLibel Satterfield, Lorciia Fairbanks, and ALutha Spruill Everett, experts in language research, have been working to- gether on this difficult project for the last eighteen months. They have compiled a dictionary and grammar to be published in the early summer. Some Spanish and Italian have been used in the new tongue. No Eastern tongues, however, have been included ; and there is speculation as to the possibility of its adop- tion in that section of the world. The western hemisphere, if not the entire world, has a common bond now. This deviation is considered to be the potentially greatest single event in the life of modern international trade and com- merce as well as politics and literature. Edith Aycock is the new designing artist for the Hamlin Florist Shops of New York, Philadeliihia and Baltimore. She designs corsages in particular and works with e er thing from ragged robins to orchids. This position presents a new field of work which is opening up to women; and Miss Avcock ' s progress in it is watched with greatest interest b - her friends and college women in aeneral. " Lava " is the title of a nvw book just written by .Miss Alice lola Taylor of New Bern, N. C. Taylor has been making an intensive study of the subject for the past few vears. Among other considerations, she takes up the question, " Can " ou Out- run Lava? " ' I ' he book is dedicated to the grammar gr.ide students of Curry High School, ( ircensboro, N. C. Tine cHecdUi 19 3 5 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS Gertrldk Haichhr We, the Class of 1935, having, despite the damaging effects of four year s of terrific mental exertion, not yet been adjudged insane — probably due to the inability of interested parties to defray the expense of litigation during depression years — do hereby make our last will and testament. Article I. To the student body at large we do will and bequeath all the luck we wished for and did not get, confident in the knowledge that it will last over several generations of university women. Article II. To the incoming Seniors, who have spent three years in the inhalation of vaporous wisdom, lest they be not yet acclimatized, we leave all our oxy- genic motivation to promote intellectual acuity. Article III. To our little sisters, who will be the Juniors we bequeath our knowledge of color therapy, i. e., our ability to look at the world through rose-colored glasses and yet realize that even though Monday looks purple, it is still blue. Article IV. To the rising Sophomore Class we do will our Epicurean attitude toward life with the hope that the eating will not result in obesity nor the drinking and merrymaking in a loss of equilibrium. Article V. Upon the Freshman Class to be, we do bestow our ability to discuss, thrash out, and solve, all the problems of campus, state, nation, and uni- CPine cMceclLs 19 3 5 verse, with a warning not to emulate our habits of inertia and lethargy in allowing them to end in casual death. Article VI. Item 1. The members of the Honor Society wills all of its vast store of A ' s to be distributed impartially and indiscriminately to the student body in general. Item II. We, the four Society presidents do bequeath all our supply of crepe paper, the remams of several packages of silver icicles, one large chandelier, and numerous slightly used pine trees with ivy already entwined, to next year ' s dance chairmen. Item III. The CarolmicDi staff leaves its well established and depend- able credit to purchase furnishings for a more luxuriously equipped office. Item IV. The Coraddi does leave all its pictures of beautiful women from the cigarette ads as models for business staff members to charm the local Greensboro merchants into giving them ads. Item V. To Miss WCUNC of 1936 we bequeath the following: Jane Page Powell ' s hair, Mary Lamb ' s eyes, Mebane Holoman ' s nose. Bet Nel- son ' s complexion, Kate Wilkin ' s smile, Doris Poole ' s figure. Heath Long ' s sense of humor, Barbara Graves ' general intelligence, Susanne Ketchum ' s versatility, and Mary Brantley ' s friendly disposition. Item VI. We do hereby nominate for oblivion: community singing, double cuts, blue Mondays, garrulity in chapel speakers, the campus Huey Long ' s. As sole executor and administrator of this valuable parchment, we, the Senior Class, do set our hand and seal to this document on this first dav of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five, in the town of Greensboro, Guilford County, in the State of North Car- olina. (Seal) The Class of 1935. Gfrtrude Hatcher. CLis Lanyer. Theophilus Q. Smith Ladv Luck Katherine Sikes President JUNIORS Tine cMccHes 19 3 5 A STONE FOR EACH DAY Sunday Ruby and Chrysolite Monday Selenite, Pearl, and Opal Tuesday Amethyst and Bloodstone Wednesday Agate, Jade, and Olivine Thursday Emerald and Sapphire P ' y - Turquoise Saturday . . Onyx (Pine cHccHcs 19 3 5 1 Jean Barkley Mtiicot of the Junior Class ■k Junior Qlass Song To the dear old class of 36 The class of lavender and white. We ' ll cherish, honor, and protect Ideals that stand for right: We ' ll fight the fight, we ' ll do our best For loyal friendships true. We ' ll ever and forever strive For the College of N. C. U. 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Elizabeth Yates Vice-President Mary Glenn Secretary Harriet McGoogan Treaiurer (Pine cHccHci 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Sarah Ambrose jacksonville, n. c. AxXA Atkixsox CREFNSBORO, . C. Carmex Al stix FOUR OAKS, N " . C. Elizabeth Barixeau LINCOLNTON, N ' . C. Ri TH Vagg Barker ASHEVILLE, X. C. He LEX Battex MT. CILEAD, N. C. I.oL LSE Bell MOORESVILLE, N. C. Marv Elizabeth Bittixg DURHAM, X. C. Page 102 (Pine cKc idles 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Gladys Black THOMASVILLE, N. C. Neta Hlackweldkr WADKSBORO, N. C. Kent Blair CHARLOTTE, N. C. AiMELLA Block GRKKNSBORO, . C. Adelaide Boger KANNAPOLIS, N. C. Martha AI.BEMARI.E, N. C. Doris Box PALISADES PARK, . J. Frances Bo ette SCOILANU NECK, N. A. (Pine cHecHci 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Mary Reynolds Bradshaw wilson, n. c. V ' lRGlNIA BriTTAIN ASHEBORO, N. C. .Magdalene Bru.mmitt OXFORD, N. C. Elizabeth Buhmann greensboro, n. c. Mildred Bullock oxford, n. c. Margaret Bunn HENDERSON, N. C. Martha Bl rnside GREENSBORO, N. C. Frances Penn Burton stuart, virginia Tiue cKeedUs 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Llcile Byrd El.lZABETHTOVVN, N. C. EuxA Camerox SELMA, N. C. Geraldixe Ca.merox jokesboro, n. c. Kathleex Capps AKtOi.A, N. C. E ELVX Ca ileer UPPER MOMCLAIR, N. J. V iRGixiA Christ- AVOKDAI.E, N. C. Km MA K. Comb Mrl.EAKSVII.I.E, N. C. WlXIFRED COLI.ETT WILMINGTON, . C. (Pine cKeedles 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS M R ' CORBETT Wll.MINClOV, . C. An ' n Crawled ' norwood, n. c. Pearl Criulekalgh men POINT, N " . c. Eliza CR(nL RTiE FAVElTEVn.I.E, N. C. l,i:sLiE Dardex PIA MOUTH, N. C. Mary June Dariiex MURFKEESBORO, " . C. J.IZAHETH DoWIILE IRASKIIN, N. C. Gladys Draper greensboro, n. c. Tine cHcedies 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Mildred Dlff CI. EN OLDEN, PA. Alice Dl nlap ALBEMARLE, N. C. Rachel Duxnagan vadkinville, n. c. Margaret Dlnxixg ROANOKE RAPIDS, N. C. Rosalie Eanes AULANDER, N. C. Mabel Farmer marshall, n. c. Margaret Farrier wallace, n. c. Marv Fitzgerald WILSON, N. C. (Pine cHecHci 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Hflex Flovd l.LMBERTON, K. C. Frances Foust GREENSBORO, N ' . C. MxRCARET Franks IRAVKI.IN ' , N. C. Jo CE Fllcher NEW BERN, N. C. I. l R A CjAMBLE DAVIDSON N. C. IMausleat Garrarii DURHAM, N. C. .M K Agnes Garrett GREENSBORO, N. C. Clara Lol ise Gattis DURHAM, N. C. ine cMecJlei 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Jane Gaw GREENSBORO, N. C. Louise George ALDERSON, W. VA. Mildred C] BOUMER, N. C. Naoah Gibson I-ALiRINBURC, N. C. Kathryn Ginsberg GREENSBORO, N. C. Marv p. Glenn GASrOMA, N. C. Louise Goodman CONCORD, N. C. Isabelle Gray LUMBERTON, N. C. i Page 109 Tine cHccdlci 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Hei.hx Green II ORKN ' CE, S. C. Fi.ov Greene M. RSHVII.I.E, N. :i,i:. xi)R CJreeser BURKKS GARDES ' , VA. Fl.OREN ' CE GrEIS OCEAN ' CITV, N. J. Hett ' i ' (Jriesixger CI H El AM) IlElCinS, OHIO 1 I,. CHE GWS ' Ml. AIKV, S. C. . 1. R ()[.1 E ilAL ' RN ' E ' I LCAMA, . C. W ' ixifrei) Hardisox ARAPAllUE, K. C. Tine cHeedUs 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Lillian Hartness mooresville, n. c. Lucille Highsmith DURHAM, N. C. Lucille Hinton GREENSRORO, N. C. ROSABELLE HlNTOX SELMA, N. C. Sophie Hinton elizabeth city, n. c. DORALVNE HonClN GREENSBORO, .V. C. Olive Holt ALBUQUERQUE, N " . C. Lela Hooker DURHAM, K. C. Tine cMccHcs 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS -M R ' HoRXEV i;rfensboro, k. c. Faith Howei.i, 1R0 , S. C. •RAXCES Hl ' .mphries DANBURV, N. C. Rebecca Jeffriess CREESSBORO, N. C. (]ertrli)e Jones, n. c. Helex Joxes HIGH POINT, . C. (;r (.h Steele Jurxev JIRNERSBLRC, N. C. Katherixe Keister GREENSBORO, . C. Tine cHccdUi 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Ruby Keller OXFORD, N. C. Mary Wall Kexorick CHARLOTTE, N. C. Lois King DURHAM, N. C. Helen Kirk PLEASAKT GARDEN, V. c. Beatrice Knight CREENSBORO, N. C. AIarcaret Eloise Knight greensboro, n. c. Alice Knott OXFORD, N. C. Edith Lamberth brown summit, n. c. i Page 113 (Pine cHcedies 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Pj.lZARETH L.AXniXG Pl.VMOUTH, N. C. X ' lRc.ixiA Laxgdon i,INDEN, N. C. CnRDL LA LaXIER HICKORY. K. C. Jessie Belle Lewis enfield, n. c. Margaret Livermax COl.lMBIA, N. C. Helex L xch SNOW HM.I,, N. C. ClIRISTIAXA McFaD EN ' RAEIOKII, N. C. Miriam McFadvex PINETOPS, N. C. Tine cMee tes 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Zelota McGlohon AVDEN, N. C. Harriet McGoogan ST. PAULS, N. C. Elizaheth McClIRE FRANKLIN, N. C. LvN Nell McLenvox GREENSBORO, K. C. Mar ' RiTH McNeill LL ' MBERTON, N. C. Katherine Maddox GREENSBORO, N. C. LiLLLAN (jREV MaXXING RAl F.IG}I, N. C. Dri silla Martix winston-salem, n. c. Tine cHccHcs 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS J kA r ouiSE Matthews RAMMEMAV, N " . C. Margaret Ma he v MOORESVIl.I.E, N. C. Margaret Messer BRVSON " CITY, V. C. Julia Miller UlLSOS ' , N. C. M R Anna Miller M R1(1S, S. C. MlRLAM MiLLEF WlLMINGTnV, N " . C. Mams Mitchell AUKASDER, N " . C. Elise Monroe ROCKY MOUNT, S. C. Tin, cMreJlrs 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Marv Lea Motsinger GUILFORD COLLEGE, N. C. M R ■ LOL ISE MVRKK CKIKSSHORO, N. C. Hlanche marshv ' ilie, n. c. Eleanor Ninn NEW BERN, N. C. Rave Owen FAIRVIEW, N. C. Helen Pace CI RVELASI), N ' . C. Frances Pardoe l.OWRENCEVILLE, N. J. Caroline Parker raeioru, n. c. Tine cHecdles 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Eugenia Parker MURFREESBORO, N. C. Marie Parker LOUISBURC, N. C. LoL isE Pendleton GATE CITV, VA. Mildred Penland BR ' isov cnv, " . c. .Margaret Perrv DELLWOOD, . C. CVNTHIA Pll ' KIN CREKNSBORO, N " . C. Elizabeth Polston }1ENI)ERS0 , K. C. ; Iar ' Catherine Proctor LUMBERION, N. C. Tin, cMrcHes 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Margaret Rav NAS.VlllAI.A, . C. Emerald Reynolds HORSE CAVK, K . LvAL AIae RE • ' oLDs GREENSBORO, N. C. Jllla Rice ASHEBORO, N. C. MaRI ' ()R.SL£ ' R| ES GRAHAM, K. C. MYRTLE RoWE NEVVTON. N. C. E el x Sharpe GREENSBORO, N. C. Irbv Shaw GREENSBORO, N. C. (Pine cHcedici 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS RiTH Shaw RlCill.ASnS, . c. M R Lkich Sheep Kl.l RI I II Lll , N. C. .M in LoL iSE Shepherd liLRHAM, N. C. Elizaheth Slid EOONVII I Y, . L K rii i-ri e S kes M lil MAKLE, N. C. Elizabeth Sloop MOORESVIM.K, V. C. A ' Mae Smith I ' llII.AIlHI.PHlA, PA. Dorothy 15. Smith SHEI.E , N ' . C. 1 Ine CHeedies 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Margaret M. Smith l.INCOl.VTON, N. C. Cornelia Snow KERNERSVIl.I.E, K. C. Frances Sprinkle UINSTON-SAI.EM, N. C. Nell Stallings I.OL ' ISDURC, N. C. Sl E Steele STONY POINT, N. C. Marv Clare Stokes WU.SON, N. C. Lois Swett SOUTHERN PINES, N. C. Frances Tate LITTLETON N. C. A£ 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Eloise Taylor GUILFORD COLLEGE, N. C. Jaxie Temple MARIEITA, N. C. wifE Tetterton PLl MOUTH, v. C. ViRciNiA Thayer HIGH POIN ' T, N. C. M RTHA THO AS ADESBORO, N. C. Margaret Tippett SPENCER, N. C. SEPHINE TOAILINSON BLACK CREEK, N ' . C. Fran ' ces UpCHL ' RCH OXFORn, N. c. 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS K riiFiuxE W ' WW MISCKIN, K, C. Ai.icK Watson RlTH VATSON Kl I) SPRIVCS, . C. Alua VnA ER SPRAV, . c. Elizabeth Vhai.e CREENSBORO, . c. Clarice Whitaker julian, n. c. Si SAN White ASHEVII.I.E, N. C. N Gene ' ie e Whittixgton SNOW )1H,L, V. c. 4 Page 123 y Tine cHc edits 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS Doris ' ilkixs ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. Ada Williams new bern, n. c. Ophelia Vilson cm roRI) COLLEGE, N. c. Dai.tox Wright WILMEN ' OTON, N. C. )N " iT Wright ASnEV[LLE, N. C. Elizabeth ' ates GREENSBORO, . C. Christinl ' olxg GRAHAM, N. C. Gw n ii(iL Zimmerman ABERUtES ' , N. C. Tine cHccHes 19 3 5 JUNIOR CLASS ROLL (continued) Ida Bailev Lawlos Ed.mundson Faith Bissell Jennie Harrison Margaret Booker Minnie Holm Dorothy Bovles Edvthe Latham Sarah Bovles Merivel McDonald Ruth Brown Marie Palmer Catherine V. Davis LaRue Farrish Llewellvn Pinner Elsie Putnam Margaret Queen Bess Rankin Dorothv Stephenson Eleanor Welborn Whitehead (Pine cHecHci 19 3 5 THE BIRTH FLOWERS OF EACH MONTH Jiuiuury — The Snowilnip is the first herald July — The Carnation represents sweetness (if Flora ' s train; it is the emblem of anil s nipath . hope, constancy, ami nooil fortune. . h( h.( — Purple or White Heather betokens a y.biuary — The ' iolet signifies sympathy, ' " f " M)litude, and always stands for modest , faithfulness, and peace of mind. ' ' " ' ' t-st of luck and K " " d fortune. . ar, — The Oatfo.lil, a very favorite " friendship " Hower, t pifies sincerity and kindliness. Si[ hmlnr — (icddenrod is considered ve h]ck and denotes success in all things. (h nhir — Rosemary, for remeinh ranee, ati . , chrvsanthemums, are tokens of passion for .Ifrii — 1 he Priiiirose is tor love and jealousv. . ., , ' truth and constancy. May—The Lily is an emblem of purity and A ' ,jv,mli,r—U-y denotes great capacitv and unselfishness. affection. Jum- — The Rose is i|ueen of all flowers and Dinmlur — The Christmas Rose is an em- is the s mbol of true love and passionate blem of gentleness and tenderness as well loyalty. as sympathy. 19 3 5 Justine Ullrich President SOPHOMORES FIND THE FIRST FLOWER OF SPRING ON Sunday A stroke of good luck Monday A pleasant surprise Tuesday Success in some scheme Wednesday Speedy marriage Thursday Toil and poverty Friday An unexpected windfall Saturday Not so good Page 127 (Pine cKcedies 19 3 5 tV 1 Betty Marie Shiffman Mascot of the Sophomore Class Sophomore Qlass Song College days pass by so Ljuickly, Faster than n ' e realize. The road to our success is rugged. But onward n ' e nnll ever strive. We are the class of l ))? of W. C. U. N. C. Staunch we ' ll stand through all the years. For the Blue and White we ' ll give three cheers. And as the years go quickly frying by We ' II strive to reach our goal. Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors, Seniors wrapped in dignity, It makes no difference what our name ii This our song will always be. We are the class of 1937 of W. C. U. N. C. We will through all our college days Seek ' Honor Non Honores. " And when the time has come for us to part We will forever be faithful, true, m all ne dc To W. C. U. N. C. i SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mildred Swift Secretary (Pine cMerdles 19 3 5 WiLLA TOWNE Vice-President Shirley Melchor Treasurer Ar.KKMiin. I.MRA Al I IIKI), M K - AsilKKSIIN. 1-1 1 ABl I II Andrews. M kiha Harvks, II n. UaKMI KIII, M R(;i KRIIF I!n I, Gra k Bn lOS, ASVK Bfrri, M r Ei.izabeih BllMMW, M RCARFI Bniii K, lln v POdSK, Pk ri. Bnsi. Frasme BOSI, 1,11,1 IH Brklkisridiif, .Mar " I ' riick. r.i kasor I R ' i , El i ABi;i n lU Rll, ' |R(:IMA BlRSEllK. Lni ' isE Bvii.KR, Josephine Bl ' l I KR, Jl 1 1 Cann, Marcaret Capei , Rlei. CaRMICIIAEI., CiRACE Cakpenifr. Kdna v ' ARI ER, Will IE Cl.INE, Al MA CORL RN. TrANNIE ■. CocKERiiA.M, Doris CollN. ElllFI Coi E, ElllEl. Coi E ' l , Bl-ANCIIE CONNEI.I . , M 1 INIIA CnoKE, E1-I7ABH1I COPEIAVI), El IZABEIll CoRREi.i., Lois Mae Cox, Louse Craweori), Annice Cress, Francis Crolch, Kaiiixrine Crowder, An een Crltcheielh, Hei en Ci-M.MiNcs, Helen I " ) M ION, Sarah n Ri)EN, Rachel deMonseiole, Anii a Dennis, Rl ih iie ' n , Marc REi Dickinson, Ai kt Do«ii , HiLiiA Drake, Ij izareeh Dlpla, I ' )Eis En, AND, Eloise El, I lOET, A.MEl lA EsHELMAN, Hei en F RMER, liEIAA FirzpATRiCK, Dorothy i P ge 130 SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL 1 Fi.ouRNOv, Kathleen Fowler, Elvn Gavle Cant, Elizabeth Gilbert, Katherine GoocH, Grace Goodwin, Jane ( ORIL M, JtlSKPIllNE CioRllAM, RllII Grier, Helen Griffin, Janet Grimes, Ali.eine Groome, Mary Ruth Gwvn, Scott Hamlin ' , Susan Hankins, Mar Lucille Hardison, Wilma HARRIMAN, CiRACE Harvell, Elizabeth Havnes, Anne Heffner, Beth Henderson, Sarah Henry, Pauline Hester, Mary Hill, Ruth HiNES, Carolyn HiNsoN, Graham Holmes, Margaret HoLTON, Betsy Jackson, Janith James, Margaret Johnson, Evelyn JOYNER, Elizabeth Keli.og, Bessie Kernodle, Winifred King, Louise King, Mary Elizabeth King, Mary Helen Kiser, Martha Kl.UTTS, Bryte Knox, Clara Kuhn, Rosemary Lee, Marjorie Lee, Sidney LeRoy, Margaret LiLL ' , Ruth Livingston, Mabel Lucas, Josephine LuNSFORD, Myrtle Ruth McCain, Alma McEachern, Elizabeth McKee, Rosemary McNeill, M. Frances McRae, Martha Mangum, Eva Massey, Lucille Mause, Louise Melchor, Shirley 1 ine uKccalci 19 3 5 SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL MuLiini., LiMiA I ' kmon, isa Moore, Marie Perrv, Josephine Morris, Marv Perrmhan-, Malrine MoRRisov, Javet Pkvdi etov, Aii.eev Morrison, Jean Phrmias, Irene MosEi.Ev, Isabelle Pitiman, Paitie Moselev, Virginia Pooi.e, Dorothy MosER, Rachel Pooser, Helen MoxvER, Rachel Porter, Adelaide MuNDEN, Elizabeth Powell, Ll ' cv Neister, Margaret Pritcharr, Gladvs Newbv, Dorothy Prout, Carolyn Ni ' SN, Marv Pli;h, Lillian OcBiRN, Martha Reed, Lalra Aiice Pearl ' k, ' ircima Reu), Rlmi Revnoitis, Grace Scarboroi gh, Iacile Speas, Marhlv I.oi ise Richardson, Florknce Scon, Eva Mae Spicer, Doris Roberts, Kaiiierine Sellars, Christabel Spinks, Geraldine Roberts, Marie Shapiro. Dora Spinks, Mazie Robinson, Florence Sherutn, Dorothy Stone, Mari Louise Robinson, Miriam Shore, Audree Strickland, NLaxine Rogers, Mildred Shumate, Mildred Stroude, Margaret Rollins, Willie Ree Sloop, Erlean Sugg, Susie RowEi.L, Audrey Smith, Dorothy Swift, Bulls Rn AN, Alice Smith, Franchelle Swift, Mildred Savage, Daphne Smith, Grace Tart, Evelyn Taylor, Sara rRuuHARi, Kaie Temple, L all ' as , Mu dred Thomas, Felma X ' icior, Lilla Thompson, Nancy Wakefield, Kaihleen TiPioN, Ernestine Waikins, Anne ToRREY, Larie Weill, Carolyn TowNE, Will. A Weitzell, Ruth Trice, Sara Westervelt, Elizabeth Truitt, Frances Whitt, Garnett Tl ' Gwell, Martha Wilkinson, Rowena Ullrich, Justine Wiimams. Btrsv Williams, Esther Williams, Reverie Williamson, Nellie Wilson, Margaret WlNSPEAR, EllZABFIH WiTHERSPooN, Mary WoMBi E, Jane Wright, Ai ice YuNKER. MlLIY Alice Elizabeth Crittenden Mascot of the Freshman Class Freshman Commission Tine cHecncs Alma Hall Betty Story Adrienne Wormser Charlotte Porter FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Averv Ruth Aycoc i. Eliz, Aycoc Ayers i, Katl Ruth Baise. Paulin Baker J. ssie Baker Balliw Virgi. , Mary Bishop. Elizabeth Connor. Edwina Blaiuharrt. Ruth Conover. Janet Boet, Nellie Cooke, Sarah Boney. Mary I.ily Coon. Judith Bonkemeyer. Geraldine Cooper. Elizabeth Boyd. Beatrice Cooper. Jean Boyd. Willie Cooper. Katherine Bragg. Matilda Corley. Sheila Braswell. Mary Craft. Virginia Brickhouse. Lillian Cranford. Elizabeth Britton. Martha Craver. Alta Mae Brock. Ida Louise Craver, Naomi Brother. " !. Calena Crcan. Frances Broth rs. Margaret Crei-ch, Dorothy Brower. Marguerite Crcsson, Fay Browne. Mary Agnes Crosland, Anne Burchelle. Hope Cummiigs. Elizabeth Byei-.s. Virginia I ' uthbertson. Frances Cakler. Elizabeth Cuthrell. Barbara Cald vell. Frances Daniel. Fannie Cardwell. Edith Daniel, Vera Carter. Mabel Daniels, Katherine Causey. Katherine Darden. Margaret Cavanaugh. Christine Davis. Catherine L. Cecil, Sarah Davis. Lena Belle Chadwick. Jane Davis. J. Ruth Christman, Hester Deboe. Isolind Clark. Anna Ruth Dickerson. Jean Clark. Dorothy Dickson. Vivian Clay. Elizabeth Dicus. Gladys Clein. Reyie Dill. Johnise Clenrtenin. Dorothy Dotger, Elizabeth Cobh. Esther Nell Douglas, Edna May FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Dunn, Eleanor Imi.m1i ii h, C.ret.h.n Hobbs, Conrade Eason, Edna, Louwillie Hodges, Martha Edwards. Hel n (.li.ihiun. Jean Hoffman. Mary Engl Eller. Louise i-iray. Carolyn Holden. Elizabeth Elliott. Ruth Gray, Cornelia Holt. Ruth Eul anl . EIizal)eth Greenherg, Judith Holthouser. 11.1,11 Everhardt. Louise Greis, Virginia Hood, Anne Farrier. Doris Ori.sette, Hattie Pearle Hood, Lucinda Feimster. Bess Groverman, Mary E. Hooks, Mary Fish. Hattie Parker Haines. Emily Jane Hoskins, Elizabeth Fleet. Catherine Hall. Alma Howard, Ruth Fleteher, Margaret Hall, Virginia Howerl, Charity Flowe. Jeanette Hammond, Evelyn Howell, Iris Floyd. Martha Eleanor Hardison, Howell, Rachael Fondren. Doris Harris, Hacks, Virginia Foi-d. Jo Harris, Pauline Hudnell, Marie Foust. Sarah Harris, Virginia Hudson, Carolyn Fowler. Minnie Harrison, Virginia Huffman, Dorothy Freeland. Nell Heath, Harriet Humphreys, Estelle Fulton. Virginia Anne lledgpeth, Elizabeth Ivey. Ruth Fultz. Mary Hi fner, Mary . Jackson, Evelyn Gainey, Rose Heltzel, Mary Jackson, Lilian Garth. Elizabeth Henderson, Crystal James, Leslie Gaskins. Dorothy Henderson. Margaret Jeffress, Mary Louise Geddle. Virginia, :M;i1,..1 Johnson, Camilla Gibson. Helen n.rin, hl.h Fay Johnson. Carolyn Gill. Ruth IhiiM, .M.nL-:M,-t Johnson. Ernestine Glvler. Genevieve n. ' |i n k, l:ull[ Johnson. Lois Glenn. Marjorie Helling. Hazel Johnson. Mildred Glover. Mary Louise Hester. Melba Johnston. Sarah Godwin. Etta Mae Hieks. Bthalyn Joines. Helen Goldsmith, Gene Hicks, Leah Jon. s, Carolyn Good, Sarah Virginia Highsmith, Julia Jones, Clarice Goodman, Marie Hight, Elizabeth Jones. Martha Byrd Pine CHeedlci 19 3 5 FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Jordan. Lillian JordHii. Louise Jordan. Marion Kallam. Hannah Kamphuis. Harriet Kavanaugh. L.-e Ol Kernodle. Ev. Ivn Kle He Knight. Margaret A. Knox. Wylie Korn gay, Billie Lambertson. Grace Lamm. Leta Mae Landen. Katherine Landreth. Maltha Lassiter. Franee.s Lauder. Kathleen Lawson. Ruth Lewis. Dorothy Marie Lewis, Elsie Lewis. Helen Keller Link. Elizabeth Little, Elizabeth S. Long. Hortense Lovelace. Julia Lovings. Celia Lowder. Lois Lowdermilk. Maxine Lowry. Edith Lyle, Blair McAleese. Lois McCall. Nancy McCaskill. Myrtle McChesney. Virginia McGlohon. Joyce McKaughan. Montien McKee, Jane McKenzie. Geneva McLaurin. Susanna McMullen, Gwendolyn McNeely. Marie Mahaffey. Margaret Ma Ma etta Mi nk Ma Masters. LeUih Nell Mathews. Geraldine Matthews, Jane Matthews. Sarah Mayfleld. Katherine Meeks. Dabney Meyer. Jeanne Meyerowits. Gladys Middleton. Mary Miller. Lillyan Miller. Mildred C. Mills. Margaret Mims. M redith Misenheinier. I ' atheri Mo Na Morrah. Pli. lli Mosdey. Julia Muller, Mary Mullican. Frai Mullls. Annie Mu Lou X Isun. l- ' l " r. lie .. Nowlln. Harriet Nye. Rachel Oakley. Norma Oliver, Dorothy Oliver. Mattie O ' Neal. Martha Ossi. Mabel Paine. Eleanor Palmer. Margaret Parker. Grace Pate. Martha Jean Pate. Mary Hanier P arsell. Flora Em Peedin. Golda Peele. Adele Peele. Lina Joe Pelletier. Mary Ba Perkins. Iris Perkins. Mary Alic Person. Hvlene Phillips. Armelta Pinner. Harriet Pit My Plonk. Douglas Pointer. Helen Pollok. Elizabeth Puig. Ylia Qulnn. Melba Rackley. Jean Raift. Elnora Reece. Elinor Reeves. Elizabeth Rich. Irene Robinson. Elizabeth Roe, Ruth Rogers, Martha Rogers, Rogel, Rebecca Root, Julia Ross, Lyndll Rothacher, Vivian Rouzer, Mary Edna Rudisill, Mary Alice Rushton, Liorothy Ryan, Joan Saint. Florence Nelle Sanders. Mary Elizabeth Saunders. Mary Nial Sawyer. Nancy Hall Schmidt. Elaine Seifert. Clara Louise .Sett Mai Shankle. Mary Eliza Shaw. Carlella Shaw. Rebecia Shenton, Marion Shippey, Grace Sigmon, Kathryn Sisk, Annie Howard th Slo Mi Sloop, Annie Loui Smith, Juanita Smith, Nona Smith, Virginia Snyder, Almeda Snyder, Roseniai-y Sowell, Frances Sparrow, Betsy Spears, Dorothy Spinks, Lucy Spoon, Annie Lee Starnes, Elizabeth Steagall, Sara Alice Stearns, Rachel Stegall. Gw-n Stein, Reva Steinreich. Sylvia Fra Stewart. Sarah Story. Belly Strolm. Lorena Stuart. Helen Sturgeon. Hc-len Sumrell. Athalia Surratt. Edith Sweet. Marian P. Swett. Susan Symmes. Mary Scott Tadlock. Louise Talley. Dorothy Tate. Kathryn Tatum. Virginia Taylor. Evelyn Thomas. Lois Esther Thompson. Kathryn Thorpe, Jean Tinsley. Gretter Toler. Dorothy Torrence, Jeanne Triplett. Jeannette Truesdale, Harriette Truett. Hannah Tyson, Margaret Vzzelle, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Rosamond Waldroup, Winona Walker, Martha ■Walling. Katherine Walters. Alice Ward. Lucy Watkins. Penelope Watts, Edith Waynick. Elizabeth Wens, Elizabeth Westcott, Ruth Whalin, Ruth White, Margaret Whitley, Mary Lee Whitsett, Miriam Wiggins, Margery Wilde, Edith Wiley. Josephine Wiley. Mary Wi Ma Ste Williams. Charlotte Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Fae Williams, Helen Williams, Nina Willis, Loetta Wilson. Virginia Wingat . Louise Wolf. Roberta Wt iible Frai Woolard. Rachel Wi Adr Tales. Esther Terger. Franc Young. Nancy Zeock, Helen Tine cH.edU 19 3 5 1 hie OKeeolcs 19 3 5 m ' iz J COMMERCIAL CLASS HkI.KS ABERNKlin Sara Neai, Adams Martha Mary T. Ai.i.en " Josephine Arnold Daisey Ashley Helen Baker Martha Bennett Frances Blalock Mh.dred Bobbitt Minnie Lee Bridcers Ediih Brodcen Mildred Brown Louise Brows ' Jean Bullard Peocy Burch Louise Burns Edith Capps Ei.oDiE Cherry Mary Jane Clarida Margaret Clark WiLLARD Coble Irene Coe Pauline Cole ? EnY Ga-s Coi.trane May Hunter Cook ANNf Cox Anna Mae Cozzens LuLiLi: Cramoki) Mar Lane Crews Kaiiileen Crews DoRoim Dariifn Hazel DA S(iN Sara Oinns Doroihi ' Dorsei Sadie Elmore Katherine Evans Frances Featherstone Catherine Feenstra Elizabeth Fleming Duval Lucy Formv Alice Forrest Elizabeth Fortner Frances Foster Pauline Yo Kathleen Franklin Priscilla Gaine ' i Geraldine Gardner Madelin Gooden Dei.phia Gordon Jean Graves Rachel Grieein Edith Gui.ledge F, A Lee (5uthrie Lii Bet Hales Cam MIL Ham LIT KaI }IIK1 L II akuisc RuDi: Hard NL K 1L RR1S Rlih Harris Iretta Harvii.le ' IRGIN1A Hawn Eugenia Hay Bettisue Heaiti Katiir N Hendren DoRoiin Herrington Daphne Hocuit Naomi Hocutt Helen Holloway Hazel Hone ' scult Mira Hopkins Lillian Horinbein Marjorie Hoskins Shirley Hovis Bright Hoyle Lottie (Jrey Hughes Miriam HuNE cuTT Naomi Hunt Helen Hunter Ree Ree Hurley Phoebe Ingold Katherine Isenhoi r Blanche James Nit A James iviAN Johnson Eleanor Jones Flora Jones JoiiNsiE Jones Marjorie Kemp Bettie Tom King Helen Knight Mildred B. Knight Mildred L Knight Lucille Lambe Margaret Laney Frances Lashi.ey May Lattimore Jennie Lu Laughton Mabeli.e Law Mary Lewis Flonnie Life Frances Lister Mary Dell Long Eleanor Laughliv ElIZABEIH McCoRMICK Frances E. McCormick Frances McEwen LuciLE McGili. Cornelia McKinney Sara McLean Eloisk McLemore Mil iiRMi NTcLfniion 19 3 5 COMMERCIAL CLASS Evelyn- McMillan Laura Mace Grace Mahaffev Ernestine Martin- Lucille Martin Margaret Mebane Mar-s- Alice Merriti Elizabeth Metts BiRDVE Meyer Mary Miller Elizabeth Mitchell E -EL-i N Mitchell Lll.A MOBLEY Ourothy Moore Marie ' ita Moore Mary Martha Moore Emma Morris Marcarette Morton Cora Moyer Nellie Myers Mii.dreo Neai. Sarah Nicholson Frances Norman Elizabeth O ' Crowley Edith Outlaw Dorothy Padgett Josie Padce-lt Ida Mae Palmer Mary Wall Palmer Phyllis Parker Camille Parsons Margaret Patton Catherine Peacock Elizabeth Peden Margaret Peele Alee Pendergraet Norfleet Perkins Adair Perry Josephine Piiiman Inez Pledger Bertha Lee Poe Lena Polakaveiz CHARL01TE Porter Louise Prestwood Eunice Price Hilda Pritchett MlLDRED PrITCHETT Anne Pritche-it Louise Rankin Thelma Redmond June Reitzel Mary Frances Rhodes Margaret Richards Elizabeth Rippi,e LdL ISE RoBBINS ' irginia roberson Helen Rogers Theresa Rogers Mary Rusher Ruth Sandrock Minnie Rae Sawyer Esther Scoit Virginia Shaw Elizabeth Sheffield Mabel Sherrill Theresa Shipp Marie Showfety Elizabeth Shumate June Simmons Dorothy Mae Smith Elizabeth Smith Ella East Smiih Frances E. Smiih Hilda Emiih Ida Smiih Katherine Smiih KiTT Smith Margaret H. Smith Sarah Lee Smith ' iRGiNiA Staton Mary Siout Elizabeth Sutton Hette Taylor Rachel Ta- -lor Mari- Ella Tillev Helen Todd Evelyn Tucker Ruby Tuttle (iENE -A Vereen ' lRGINIA ' lNS0N Wii.BERT Mae Walker Frances Weathersbee Elinor Webster Joyce Wells Margaret Wells Ru-iH Whaley Myrtle Wheeler Lucille Whisnant Mary Whitehead Helen Whitmore Adeline Widehouse F.Dirn ' iLKiNS0N Wade Wilkinson Carrie Williams Malvina Williams Clara Wright PlMLLIS WyCHE Helen Sue York Tine cKcedlcs 19 3 5 ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Officers Mrs. C. V. Pkrrv . . (OCIWIA JdRllAN ) Mrs. ,Ai iiRn-i Mal -r " (Kaiiiakine Suksk) . . President Vici-Prisiiltnt .Miss Lm RA H. CoIT Honorary PrisiiUnl .Miss Ci.ara 1 . Bvri iluinncu Sicntary BOARD OF TRUSTEES -Mrs. j. K. He.xxett IJosiE Dolb) Mrs. R. D. Douglas ( N ' lRClMA BROW.v) Mrs. R. J. M. HoBBs (CJREICIIEN TaM.OR) Mrs. T. Rl hert Coleman (Lucille KsiniiT) .Miss Rlth Fitzgerald .Mrs. Charles F. Fixch (SisA.s Green) .Miss Rlth Clinard Mrs. Clalde Morriss (Em.via Lewis Speight) .Mrs. M. j. Wrexn (LiiLisH Clinard) Mrs. T. R. Enerett (Ruth ' ick) HAIL 1935! 19 3 5 TO hccdiiu- an alumna i snnpl to adxamc into tlu- next class. Tlie Alumnae Assnciatinn is that " next class. ' W ' c no loriiicr think that Cirailiiation Day brin-s us to the edirc ot a chasm which torcxcr li i(lcs us ficim oiii- Collc-c. trom its interests and activities, and troni paitici- liation in them. ' ' v: .Aliminae As.sociation is the bridsze across the b?-eak. () er it our Colle-e fines to meet its dauirhters aizain an.l a ;ain, and in a hundred ways to follow us with enduriiiL; interest. () er It wc may return to our Colletre throu h the months and ears, brin iini: with us -itts ot counsel tempered h experience, and evidences nt our steadfast faith in its [iui|ioses; briniiin-; also thirstx minds and hearts tor lefresbnient at its eternal sprinj s. We who are a step ahead know that these thin-s are true. And s(j as you say " Farewell, " we blitheh answer, " Hail ! " In a very lar;;e de-ree the future ot the College is in the hands of the alumnae. A tree is known by its fruits. A college is known b its products. Deciding what college to attend is a thing of tremendous importance in a girl ' s lite. (Juality students facing this decision will naturalh seek admissicjn to colleges which |iiddiice ijualitv alumnae. (Juality alumnae can be jiroduced only from quality material. Will y(ju accept vour imlividual responsibilitv for the future of the Woman ' s College of the Lniversity of North Carolina? Will you with enthii- see that its fine advantages are made known to possible students and to citizens in general wherever you ma be. " Will you keep your- selves informed about its problems, determined to help find a solu- tion. ' .Seeing alwa s new goals upon the horizon, will you go along hand in hand with our College, ste.idtastly, courageously, until these puriKises have been achieved? Will you, because to do so is a privilege as well ,is diitv. an opportunity as well as a responsibiiltv , enter into partnership with our College, take your place jovfully in the associa- tion of alumnae, and when the call to service comes, as it does and wi ' ll, for the wcirk to be .lone is great, answer gl.idly? We extend an invi- tation now. Mrs, Oct.wiv jduuvx Perr ' i, fnsiJinl 1,1 III, ' .llumnar .1 ssi„ iaiion. Ci.. R RodTH H Rll, . lum uti- Si 1 1 , Idly, f he lumber Thirteen The number thirteen must be lucky. It has played a prominent part in the history of our country, »he most fortunate and the most respected nation of today. There are thirteen orisinal colonies. There are thirteen bars in the American flag. There are thirteen stars in the United States Seal. There arc thirteen stars on the silver currency of the United States. There are thirteen letters in E Pluribus Unum. There are thirteen letters in Woodrow Wilson, under whose direction we won the World War. There arc thirteen letters in NORTH CAROLINA. ■: ' ' ff. Organizations STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Officers Helen Dugan Pn-sidn Barbara Graves . ... { " ni-Pnsidnil Nei.l Stam.incs _ Si-iiiUiry Swift . Trcasuii-r Hoi SI-: Pre.sidfnts Louise Bell Mary Foust Isabel Crev Ne«- Guilford Marv Clare Stokes Spencer EnvTHE Ellis . . . Anna Howard Shaw Nell Poole Hin-haw Jane Page Powell Grey Frances Folcer Bailey Harriet McGoogan Cotton Marv Tyler Kirkland Lorraine Grev Woman ' s Helen Ducan Mary Brantley Jl DiciAL Board Betty Griesincer Genevieve Corbett Mary Hazel Meacham Margaret Moore StLDEXT AcTINlTIES CoM-MITTEE Mary Woodward Prrsidnu nf ihc 1 ' . U C. . . Susan Ketchum ... ... Editor nf Conuidi Bet Nelson Editor of Pmr Nc-dles Marv Wells , , . Editor of Carolinian Frances E. Smith . Prrsidnit of Adelphian Society Christine Weeks Prnidmt of Alctlieian Society Edythe Ellis President of Cornelian Society Martha Lockhart President of Dikean Society Margaret Moser President of Senior Class Catherine Sikes President of Junior Class Sarah Dalton President of Sophomore Class Kathleen Crowe President of Commercial Class Doris Poole .... . . President of .-it iletic Association Helen Dugan President of Student Government Association Barbara (;raves . . lieeA ' resident nf Student Cn-vemment Association Kate Wilkins President of Day Student Assviiation Facllt - AIemhers Dr. Helen Barton, Chairman Miss ' era Largent Dr. Margaret Eduarus Miss Jane Summerell Mr. Frank Kyker Dr. Geneva Drinkxvater Lnc cHec cites 19 3 5 1 uteien Jjaqmi President of Student Government Evanston, Illinois (Pine cMeeitei Jjarbara Cjnwes Vice-President of SttiJeiit Government Geneva, New York (Pine cMcecJL JUDICIAL BOARD MaR liKAMl.F UaRI IlA hl. MtAClIAM Betty CJriessimier Margaret Moore Genevieve Corbeit Mariov McDowei.l Maici I.orisE Shephkri) LeCUSL ATI T RoARI) Katiierise Baxter Ai ice Tamor Frances I, ami ] iin ' iors Dorothy Pooi.e Rachel Dunnagan Rebecca jEtERESs Sophomons Josephine Beisy Wii mams Marie T()RRE ()thi;r Sti dext ( " ioxerxmext Officers ' lRi.lN]A FiiOMI ' SoN . . Siiiial ( ' liairman Mart HA Lockhari Hostess Frances E. Smith ( ' .hr,r l.i-aJrr Eunice Wilson EJilnr of llaiiAhook 1 ine CMeedtes 19 3 5 LEGISLATURE K Tnn:RixE Baxter Fran ' ces Land Alice Taylor DllRoTllV PdoLE Rachel Duxnacan JoSEl ' HIN ' E Rl TLER Bets ' !- Willi . ls Marie T()rre - Rebecca Jeffress ' - " ' r J i Page 14? f (Pine cMecHcs 19 3 5 V v-V ' v %■ FINANCE BOARD isahel rhodits Elizabeth All ardice P ' l.lZARETH B Ri i: i 15nTT ' CjRiessixger Mr. C. E. Teague Miss Katherixe Sherrill Hr. a. S. Keister (Pine cMeeHes 19 3 5 HONOR BOARD Mar Lol ise Shepherd Marion- McDowell Margaret Moore Helen Dugan Dr. C. N. Warfield Miss Gexeva Drinkwater Dr. a. S. Keister f: " ) V Page 151 Tine He s 19 3 5 HOUSE PRESIDENTS l.iiL ISI-: Hell I ' lUTH Kllis I ' RAXIIS FiiLiiHR I.llRRAIXF d Isabel (Ire ' ' Harriet Mc(io()i;A Nell Poole Jane P. Powell . IAR C. Stokes .Mar " Pine CHrrdlr 1 9 3 Oi K. WiiKiss, F. CjRAMham, B. Kmcht DAY STUDENTS ORGANIZATION Officers Kaie W ' lLKiNs Presidinl Frances c;ramiiam [ ' ic-l ' iisiJiitl BtAiRiCE Kmgih Si-oiliuy Hhikn Crl iciii lEi 1) Tiiiisunr Miss Bekmck Draper Counsellor Mb.MP.nRs OF THE Al) l.s(lR Col xciL LiNA Cromwell Aleine Grimes Robbie Dunn Marv Hester Frances Foust Margaret Knight Lelah Neil Masters Eloise Taylor Lucy Witherspoon Tine cHeedics 19 3 5 RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES COUNCIL Pl RPOSE It i luir (lesirf that lure- (in our ( ' ;impu tln ' true spirit of religion, as a " radiant, joyfu l, lib- erating foree, shall s,, promote our life together that we ina constantly iliscover fresh sources of spiritual supply, and in our daily relationships continually luiild up these spiritual reserves essential to life at its highest and best. Certain great needs are common to us all: the neeil for for worhsip; the need for a knowl- edge of the infinite resources of religion; the need for opportunity to express in life the con- victions being built up in our hearts. It is for such fundametital needs as these that the Religious Activities Counsel, composed of repreesntati es of the ' . . C. A., the faculty, and the various church groups, seeks to make provisiiui. The purpose of the Council is two-fold: to nourish on our campus an atmosphere conducive to normal growth in spiritual understanding and power; and, second, to promote a program of religious activities designed to give adecpiatc opportunity for the daih expression of Christian ideals and co nvictions. Persoxxei, Sill, lull Miinlnrs Makv ' (ion v. Rn Pnsidnil Y. If. C. A. Makiiin McIIiiueij l ' i(,-Fr,siJ,iil Y. 11 ' . C. . . Rii.oA Mae Iln.i Pi,iid,nl lUi .li t SliiJnit Inmn Jdsephink KiKKK I ' lisidiitl Mii id.lisl SluJriil AssiiiialKiii M. R SwKTi ....... I ' liiidiHl SI. Mdiy ' i Club Louise IJeorge I ' lnidriil I ' lisliyhrian Sludiiil Jssi,n,ition F.MZABEIH Sloop . I ' lisidml Lullniaii Siudiiil .1 ssntinHnn noRO ' Ili Hercek . . R, ■rrsiriliilfv, .hius i . " iludriils MlMiRHO SwiFl . , R, ;•) , .i, nliilivr of Cil inli, Sliidfiils Hei,e IHCAN . I ' lisidiiil Sludml Govt. .Issn., ,x-officio CoCNSELORS Miss IDAI ISE C;i 1 i.tnoK M.lliodisl SluJnil Snr.lary Miss Maroakki WiMiAMS h:pi.uii; al Sludtiil S,,i;iuiy Miss Marv Lot ise McCoocan . . I ' mhylriuui SUiJml Snnlaiy Miss Ci Ko MnciiEi 1 llapiist SliiJ,nl SnnUiiy Miss l.i ' C CllERR Crisp ...... Cm, nil S,;i,Uiry F-Aci I,T ' Advisors Miss Bernice Draper Miss . bi ; ii Rowley Miss .Ian-e Slmmerell HR- Mh .Mn i er Or. K. I.. Harklev Mks. Iaelis McNeii.i, Dr. . . M. .Xrneiie Pkoi essor Oeorge M. Thompsos ' Mrs. MiNsiE Hussev Dr. Albere Keister (Pluc cKecdLs 19 3 5 CHURCH GROUP PRESIDENTS AND SECRETARIES RiLDA Mae Hii.l Josephine Kiker M R SWETT Louise George Elizabeth Sloop DoRoTH ' i " Berger Mildred Swift Miss Idalene CiLlledge Miss Cleo Mitchell Miss Marv Lol ise McGoogan Miss Margaret Williams Miss Llcv Cherr-i ' Crisp R. M. Hill J. K ' IKER M. SVVETT L. George E. Sloop D. Berger M. Swift Miss Cllledge Miss Mitchell Miss McGoogan Miss Williaais Miss Crisp fiiV t t : ' f Page 155 1 LUC Cyxeca Les 19 3 5 yUa vij }o oooa w President of the . V . C. A. CHARLOTTE, N. C. (Pin. CMrrcUrs 19 3 5 V .- ' )fe " s.- Y. W. C. A. CABINET Miiiani |i,,i-.,lli ll.-rtrutli ' ilati-livr, Marv ' 1 A.l.-lai.l. ' T ' urt.T, MhiIIki T 5Ial:;;nc I ] ' . Mai h.ii M, 1,1, a, a, an W liil.,. Marx rii,inl [■■ Mai :;aii I Klir-;lit. Jll-lin., riliirli. K K.lvx W;Hiaiii,s, M,n Kl Will.M T.. la Tilir l:axl ili.ali .Mr[,.- THE YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Purpose The iiiinir ' (iim-n ' s Christian Assciciation (jf the ' ()niairs College of the L ' ni- ei ity ot Xiirth L ' aiolina, a member ot the oiinti Women ' s Christian Association of the L nited States, and a participant in the World ' s Student Christian Federation, declares its purpose to be: " ( ; ( III till iltsiii lij ridliZi full ami ntiitivt lift tlinninh thi iiiuiving kiiou ' liil, , nith (ill, I. " II ( ill h I iiiiiu In hiiVi ii f ai ' l in iiiakiiu thi lift poisilili fni nil i( o i c. " Ill this liisk , ; ( siik Id iiiiiliistiiiiil .Inns iliiil to folloii ' Him. " Pl-RSOXNKI, OK THIT CaBIXET (it IK rut Offinis K W ' llllllW Aid) I ' ll sill, III Markjv McOow ki.i I ' lu-FiisiJiiil M R- Rnii McNni I ... .Siiiikiry lUisi Will 1 XMS Tiiiisuiii Di pill tiiii lit mill ( ioiiiiiiitti I ( ihiiiiiiii II H ' liiiliip MiKiAM McFad en, Cliuirman Miisir , . (;i.Ai) s Black . iraiif;rnunts Bia cs Swift Riiuiititii luliii iiliiiii . . .• Elizabkiu Barrivgion, Clitiiimnii I,ihrar Mn iiREi) C ' Fresliman Wurk ODROlin Puoi.E SciphlHllc ir Cnlllicil USIINK I ' ll. RICH Rin,aliiiii Susan W ' iiiik, Cliaiiitiitii leas and Parties . Iar Bkami.E ' i lint Wilt, A ToWNE llll, null, ,11,11, Rrlillliill.Jlif ' ( " lERTRlnE HmCIIFR, ( ' lllllllllilll ,S,;.t7i, . KAIIIERINE BaMER, C. Ililir lllllll Off Caminis Marcaret Knicht Piii iam Sfiviee Marcarei Bom, an lliiiiiiiii R,ltili,iiis M R 1 1 er, ( ' .lllllllllilll I ' tihliiily Adei Ann- Piiriek, ( ' .linn itiiiii Pusii-rs Mariha Thomas Scrap Blink .Mariha SpRtiir Everett Sill. I, III l ' ,,liiiil,-,r BErs Di pcv AN ALPHABET OF GEMS AmcthvM Smceiily Beryl . Doubt Cornelian Content Diamond Strength Emerald Gentleness Feldspar GiokI i Garnet Transparency Hyacinth $ii:eel Temper Jasper Firmness Kyanite HreaJt i Lapislazuli Truth Marine Modesty Natrolite Clouds Opal Hop, Pearl Perfed ' ion Quartz-Agate Sirem th Ruliy Ilrii hlness and Glory Sapphire Faith Turquoise Prosperity Topaz Fidelity I ' nion of Margarite • . . Tears Xanthite Loneliness Yellow Jasper Utilily Zircon Sympathy § O C I E ¥ I E § (Pine cHccdies 19 3 5 iykief Jnar lial DllRlS PoOI.E ' IRCU.INA. lKr.lMA (Pine cMec tcs 19 3 5 A DE L PH I A Maki Branti.ev CaRROI.I, SCHl ' I.KEN cynarskais Margaret Kvight lA Marv Clare Siokes OFFICERS Frances E. Smith PrrsiJinl Lucille Hintov n r-PnsiJnil Betsv Villl ms Conesprindiitii Scirrtary Marcarrt Knight Trcasuirr Anna Wills Intersocirly Repi i srnlati-vi ADE LPH IAN SOCIETY 19 3 5 cA delphian So7ig Shoii! to shoulder, hearts filled with devotion, With purpose not aimless hut earnest and true, United by all the ties of deep friendship. ]Ve bring, O Adelphi, our homage to yon. We pledge to you loyalty long and uneiu-Jing. Loyalty whieh ivdl be firm, which wdl be true. Devotion we pledge you that never shall perish. And love which through all coming time will endure. W ith courage undaunted ne ' ll march ever onward. Up heights to be won along paths strange and new; But noiv a)id forever one great band of sifters We ' ll be. O Adelphia. stdl loyal to you. 19 3 5 ALETH El A r)nR(]i in Bkri.i k Virginia Thompson ' cynarmaU I.OLISK NlMocKS Isabel Grey Mary Louise Shrphkrd OFFICERS CijRisriNE Weeks Presidcnl Jane Costner I ' icf-Pnsidiiil Rachel Dukkacan Rrcordinij Siiictary Frances Upchurcii Ticasunr Betit Griesinger Intcrsniirly Rrfnsrntali- AL E TH E IAN SOC I E TV Tine cHccdies 19 3 5 cAletheian Song Ah! Truth, whose light throughout the countless years Has been passed doiffi to us from soul to soul. We seek Thee, tho! through tod and tears, Utitil we find Thee, that we may be whole. A spark of Thee :s born within each breast; We strive to feed that tiny altar fire With other sparks we find upon our quest, O Aletheis, of our pure desire. Thou art an ideal, boundless, unattained. While yet we strive to live Thee every day; Thou art in all. and yet cannot be gained Save by long search, and weary, and the way Winds by strongholds of ignorance and sin. But seeking Thee in alt we know, at last We ' ll break the gates that there may enter in Thy light of understanding when our search is past. 19 3 5 CORNELIA AND THE GRACCHI Rir II WoRi Ev Elizabhih Htwnr ornellan Iran Esci.ish C AiHfRiNt Proctor loNE Wright OFFICERS E D-i ' THE Ellis President El.lZARETH FlI ' CK lice-President B ETSV DlPLV Rei ordinij Seeretary I.niisH Bell C.orres[.onduu, Seer ta K EXT Blair Inl rsoeiely Represenlalive .M Rv Wells itilialion Cliaiiman CORNELIAN SOCIETY I l ic CTxeea Le$ 19 3 5 Qornelian Song In joy and praise come let us sing Willi anthem clear and strong: Let all Cornelian loices ring In free, exultant song. Of pride for that fair name ne bear. Cornelia, glorious T ord. To make us gladly do and dare. Whene ' er ' tis thought, nhene ' er ' tis heard. We ' ll onward, upward ever more. Our footsteps forn ' ard pressed: Together move in sister-lore Upon the mountain ' s crest. To gain the fair. nide. spreading vien- Which round the mountain lies. And give us understanding new. Enlightening our eager eyes. May Cornelia ' s name hare ne ' er a stain From any daughter ' s deed. For her. all glory n ' lll he given And gire her honor ' s meed: And firm and staunch we ' ll erer stand Unto each other true. And loyal to her noble band. Hers. yea. her ortn. our whole lives through. " Pine cMrrHrs 19 3 5 DIKE Jane Pack Powhi.i, Mak Aijct Hl icinsoN ike an ar skats Mercer Reeves Mary Glenn Amelia lii hck OFFICERS Martha Lockhart President Alice Taylor rice-President Margaret Mavhew RrinrJina Secretary (iRACE Carmichaei. Correspondinii Secretary Susan White Treasurer Lorraine Grav Inter society Represenlati-ve DIKEAN SOCIETY 1 uic CALcc ales 19 3 5 ikean Song Dike, nho spe k- with reverberant grandeur. Through listening portals of trite womanhood. Into thy rastness, we come non- entrusting Powers as yet latent with will ' s hope imbued; Glad for the toiling, the common endeavor, Glad for the nideness of ways to be won. To do for the deed ' s sake, still keeping the vision. Trusting secure in the love round us thrown. Stamped with that beauty and light of thy image We would go forth with a creative faith; Builders potential and makers of highways. Easing for others the paths they may take. And as Cometh the child of the dawn To fashion the fabric of dreams scarce completed And serie thee forever, O Light, farther on. 19 3 5 Society Danxe Qoliege Song We raise our voices: let them swell In a chorus loud and strong: The rolling hills send back the sound Of our triumphant song. For in one great unbroken band With loyal hearts, and true Your daughters stand, and hand in hand Sing, College dear, to you. Our college days run swijtly by. And all too soon we part: But in the years that are to come Deep graien on each heart Our motto. " Serrice. " nill remain. And service ne will do. And as we serve our hearts will turn. O College dear, to you. Dear Alma Mater, strong and great. We never shall forget The gratitude we owe to you — A never-ending debt; All honor to your name we give And love we pledge anew. Unfailing loyalty we bring, O College dear, to you. Black Diamonds A 9irl typist in Boston, in the presence of liable witness declared that she had just gone to a new job in the city, after weary weeks of unemployment, and disappointment, and she solemnly ascribed her luck to the fact that she picked up a piece cf coal from the street on her way to be interviewed by a pros- pective employer. Not only that, but she had passed on the tip, and the black diamond, plain coal to us, to a friend of hers, when she went after a job. It proved equally successful to the friend. Seniors, wc pass this on to you. Pick up a piece of coa| when you launch that expedition of " job hunting. " C i U B $ Tine cHccdUs 19 3 5 -k ■k Fav Thompson HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ( )l TKFRS I ' ' a llIMMPSON ' Paliine Hamrk.hi Rachel Moser ,S ' Fi.ov Greene Ticasui, Bermice Stvers Puhlidty Cliiurniu Helen Lynch Il ' dys anj Mmiis Chaiinui Josephine Tomlinson Soiial Cluiii:rui luc-Prcsidrnl Uiry T- • • r =- y iM Alice Thomas 1935 1 BOTANY CLUB OrncERs Alice Tikjmas Dell Causev Makv Motsinolr . . Marcarkt SMnii Prcsid ' -nl l " n,-Pr,siJ,nl ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ' Oiliiry ,(«, Til usurer Climrman il l ' ni, r,iin Cuwmittic i Page 181 1 Inc C Keca Lc $ 19 3 5 tV i M RGARt:T Thompson ' MADRIGAL CLUB Officers Margaret Thompson Presuirni Merckr Rfevrs l " ui-Pi,sidcnt Ann C ' RAX ih: ' i Sccritaiy I.ois King Trtnsiirrr ►3 I IoI I i I i.I -• ► ►I i3!i 2ii55 l I l: Ttriir ' , »roT ii TnToT i »Til i!i »j A tftA A A»A4|i ►I " | V i ►! ii ►!! ia! V S3 •? K I A AVA 5 ►I ' " LvAVAVAtj Jl .-.j«C (Plnr cMrrHcs 19 3 5 Marv Loii SwiFi ORCHESIS Officers Mar- - Lou Sxviit Pris ' uirni Lii.i.A ' icinR Sicrctary-Tnasunr Grace Hankins Diriilor Daxce Coai.mittee Miss Grack Hankiks Maxine Am.en Margaret Kmght Marv Lou Swiit Llcmie Hivton I i Page 183 Tine cHcc cites 19 3 5 ,4 1 r .:% •k (Pine cHccdles 19 3 5 U Tine cHccdics 19 3 5 19 3 5 •k tiKNEVlKVE CdRBETT CHEMISTRY CLUB Genevieve Corbeii Kate Wii.kins . . . . Frances rpciiiRcn Prcslirnt . lu,-Pr,ndent Siarliuy Rachel Stevens Tn uurer (Pine He i 19 3 5 iV 1 M. R Hazri. Mraciiam MATHEMATICS CLUB Officers Mary Hazel Mkaciiam ... I ' lrsuiciit Mil.DREn Mli.i.ER riii-Prisiiliiil Elizabeth Polston . Sniilmy unJ Tiiasum EDUCATION CLUB Officers M K Il iL Mk.xcilui .... Piisutinl I ' licihRE Iane Bonr.rri . . . rlii-l ' nsidrnl I ' ravles a. Lam) Sicrctary Rem JACKSOV Treasurer I.OKI SA Fairisanks MakV PlhRCE FRENCH CLUB ( JFFKTRS LoRENA Fairbanks I ' risuhnl Frances (;K. NnL M. • ■ riir-l ' inuliiii Eli arfiii Harimai .... Sidrlary MAR Re M]Li s Brai .sil . . Treasurer PHYSICS CLUB ( )ll ' IL I RS Mari Pierce President C ' oRSELL Calvert I ' ii e-Presideiil . i ICE TiiciMAs . . Seerelary and Treasurer 1 9 3 bia ahfxaTa Marv Frances Youkc A. Johnson ZOOLOGY FIELD CLUB Offickrs First Semester Marv Frances Yoling Jane Costner . . . Alice Thomas . . . Alice Johnson . Jean English . . . President .... riee-President .... . . . Secreliuy-Treasitrer . . . Cliiurman of Prn,jr,im Cnmmitlee C uinmiiu III Piibliiily Ciiiiiinillee Second Semester . . " LicE Johnson . . . Jane Costner . .- LiiA Weaver F lizaheih Anderson Flizabeiii Wlsspear Elizabeth , ' NnERS0N Marv Brummtlt MiRUM Block V ' iCTORLA CaRI.SSON Nell Cobb Inez Cai dwell Jane Costner Catherine Cox Jean English Frances Foust J. P. GlVLER Members Mildred Harris Helen Ingraham . ' iicE E. Johnson Pauline Johnson RiRv Kimii Lambeih I.iLA Bell Love Shiri.ev Melchor Z. P. Metcalf Martha Ocburn Pat Pittman I.Licii.i.E Scarborough A. 1). Shaktesburv J. A. Smiih Marcakli Smiih CoRNUTA Snow PiiM.i is Siewart I.ORENA SlROHM Alice Thomas Alda Weaver EllZ.XBEIH U ' lNSPEAR Mar ' i Frances Young i Paqe 189 Tine dies 19 3 5 PLAYLIKERS Anna Wjm.s Miriam McFadvkn Pnsuiinl of I ' litytikers S,;r,l,try ami Trnuurrr Caiuxet Lorrainr Gray PrnJuitinn Manaffrr Betty c;rfisin(;hr . „ Ilusiriiss Manai ir Justine Ciirich . . Issistant liusmns Miinat ,-r Leila Hijoker Pr(, ,ily Maiuujer Mariha Spritii, Eveke.. ... Slain Manai fr ' irc;inia TiiOMPSdN Cnslum,- Mistress Elizabeth Byran Mcd-,-u Chairman EOURAINE (Irai " i lA.Si)lERAl ERS Slsanne Kektu m l ' r,s,dnit Miriam Mc 1ai) en X ' lRciNiA Thompson 19 3 5 " HAY FEVER " liy Noel Coward " FASHION " By Anna Cora Mow att PHI BETA KAPPA t)r ' FILKRS Abicam. E. Rowi ev FnsidenI (;f:or(.f a. rMiKRWiidi) . . I ' ue-Pi isidt-nl C ' ii.XRi hs II. SniNF Sici ' iliiry-Tiiasurif Mn.MHERS OF THE PlXECLTUE Co.MMITTEE Kk I.. B.XRKI.EV M.ARIE B. DkNNEEN NeIJIE S. TlLl.ETT .Me.mrers in St. . L)I G ( ' IdSS (jj HJ3S K.AiiiFRrNK B. . iEK RuRBiE Olnn Maruin McDoh fi,i. .Alice T)io.vhs Hhoebi: J-We Bobbitt Loresa I-, iri ' .. nks k IIazei Me. ciiam Margaret ' rii.i.ETT Mari BRA M.E Fra cf,s (Iranjuam Kmiierine . I. Miner Marv Torias Mildred C ' onklin Lorraine CJrav .Marcarei Moser Kate Wilkins Genevieve CoRBF.TT Mary Alice Hi ■chisun Ri B Bass Smiiii Marv E. Woodward Jane Costner Alice Johnson .Alice Marie Sucires Ruth Worlev CJdss (if l j:;6 F.II ABEIII l;. RINEAL CHRISTIANA McFADVEN ALUMNAE I Ion or Soiitty Chiis of lOU Class of (ju Alice Ar.mkield M..bel Adderii,,, , Margarei Broun , . , j ' ' " " ' • " ' " ' Mrs. Helen Sliiiki Kafkr CItiss (if (j;; Mrs. M ar Jane ' h. rion Tha ' i er M. ri;arii B. ne Marjorie Hefren Elizabeth Langford Aluiiiiuu (Jul o C. ' o , ' , Uvrr Mrs. F.rnesiine Haiabirion McDonald ' ' , „ ' tnrs K.MiiFRiNF Moser ,,, , (.lass (If 1Q20 V i I iNE Moser ,. ., Mrs. Illia Serlill Fl F.XNOR SllEI.ION - ' Julia W ' aison (• „-, „f , , -, „„j , ,, Cliiss iif KjjJ Jane Si-. i.vierell Mrs F. N McConnei i Hood MAR F. Leu IS ' ■ ' " " " " " Evelyn Fnderuood Martha F. Winheld The custom of throwing an old shoe, comes from the Anglo-Saxon. It corresponds to that passage in Psalms, " Over Edom will I cast my shoe. " It was the symbol of authority used in marriage cere- monies, to denote that the bridegroom was to have power over his bride. Perhaps they in olden times just created that " OBEY " for the brides of modern times. The rice is a token of fruitfulness and plenty The roses denote happiness, and the orange blossoms or myrtle are emblems of constancy and never-dying love. PUBilC lTIOra§ Tine cMcecltcs 19 3 5 Bet Nelson THE PINE NEEDLES KlUTORIAI. Sr l I ' Raciiki, nrsNACAK Isiiuialc EJ. Ansa Wins Lilnary Ed. Martha llFtTSKK Class EJ KnviHF. F.I. I. IS Orijanizatiint Ed Francfs E. S.miih . . Vliiiliiiirafh Ed Carroi.i. Sliht.kkn ... Ecaturc Ed, Marv SwHii Siuifis iol Ed Assist. . TS DciRfnin Pddi K K iF Iruliiari SllIRI. .MuciioR Jam, P.m.f I ' liwiii AORIEWF W ' ORMSFR K. IM Hl.MR Wills Hefner SWETT Poole Urquhart Melchor 19 3 5 Betty Allardice •k r 1 c THE PINE NEEDLES Rlsixkss Staff i-!ni Ai I AKiiiCH . . . Uiisi iiss Manatjrr .Ain ' ERTisiXG Staff M Ki W ' miEKS Lebbv Inis ,s Kir I.OREVA McManus K Aiiii.itisF. GiNSBtRG Frances Clavpoole Clavpooi.e CilSSRKKC Lebby McMam SWETT WnnERS Tine cMccdtrs 19 3 5 THE CAROLINIAN KlKTORS Mak Wh EJilui- ' in-Cli ' ui K H CWIIKKR l.nriM . C. ' l.K Kii Ar.iiii W ' haii ' i AiicK jiiii si) K l III KIM C .11 BI-RI liKIIJI I Hll II- nils ' ! Hria A C ' iikisiiana Nk !■ aiin i Am I ii i I ' liKi IK Ki II I ' i ' i I K l I I Kljl II AKI M K|IIK1K 1,1 I MaRIIIA SI ' KI III. E KRtTl Ia cii.i i: Scakikiroucii Rliii WoRiKV Sintrly tJilor Ni:i,i, SiAiiiNGS S ' oils Edilor Rei ' iirtokiai, Staff Francks Suw ki I Latank Bartiki I Franchs Hvrion LORKNA MlM m. Thrmci Si i KRS MiRI M Mill KR V f I ( " aider RiiTH Barker Hope Burchei.i, Roberta Wolfe M R R. 1:k ii ii Al KllSM WllRMMK i ' I 1 All I- I II C ' lll ' H SI1 M fill rii.iMi.sii M K A. , KRHI (il.All ' l S Mh I KIIWI 1 VW riKlMI ' sns M ARi: AKI I l.l KKMAN M KI II FllOMAS KA W ' Aii.iNc Mary Wells Cavii.eer PORTER SlALLlNGS McFadven JOHNNSOV Whai.ev (Pine CHrcHes 19 3 5 Elizabeth Yates THE CAROLINIAN Ik SIX ESS St. EriZAHKIl; AIHS . Caroi 1 W ' kii.i, . . Rrbfxca Jeffrfss El.VN- FOWI.ER Daphne Savage . liiisiiuss Manarii-r .Idviilisiiuj Mannijir KAiiiFRiNE Krister I.ORENA McManUS IlARRlEF NOWLIV CiRci I, Ti() Man- (;i-:us Susan- Win if Mii fik Swii i Ei.oisF Tamor Weill Jeffress Fowler Keister McManus Taylor Tine cKcedl 1 9 3 5 SUSANNE KETCHU •k THE CORADDI STAFF Slsanm. Kkiliilm .... Edit ii- ' tn-Cliiij Edvthe I.. iihm Co-Editor AssDti.vTE Editors Adei.mdk Pokier Mar Louise Stone Louise King Betty Winspe. r LviE M f Revnoi I)S AsSI.ST.WT EniTciRS Mary Louise Swift Luis S Kir Mary E. Bihing Adrienne Wormser Gladys Meyerowitz Franchei.i. Smiih Helek Crutciifieid Evelyn Kernodle Miriam Robinson - y, « - ' Porter Swift Reynolds Bitting Wormser 1 Inc. die i 19 3 5 Gertrude Hatcher i v THE CORADDI STAFF Bl ' sixess Staff Gfrtrude Hatcher . . . Husiruss Manager t. .?. Jones Mebane Hoi.oman " Rebecca Jeffress Miriam IcFAO en Circulation Jones Jeffress Hoi.OMAN McFadven The §ii astika The most ancient of all talismen, according to vari- ous authorities, is the swastika. It has been discov- ered in temples and among ruins and stone imple- ments in all parts of the world, and has been traced back to the Neolithic Age. Chinese, Hindoos, and Red Indians believe in it as a symbol of luck, and cultured Western people have adopted it as a charm. The name in the Sanskrit stands for the pur- veyor of good fortune. Athletics n O ' Tt r. it A. A. CABINET ROLL M. Davis A. Dickinso M. Franks A. Knott C. MtFaayc M. Mltrli S. Mel. Ill K. Mill.i M. Moore N. Poole M. R.-iU " i rn K. R.ivster N. Stalllngs M. I,, Suift E. Sherwooa JI. Tyler K. Urquhart (Pine cMeeHes 19 3 5 rl fc :- ' ; ' , ,...-. ATHLETIC Doris Poole PKHSinKNI OF l Ml. Flic ASSOCIATION VIKCIMNA, VIRGINIA (Pine cMer tes 19 3 5 ASSOCIATION n K1N5 I ' AKKhK 1 Cabinet Doris Poole President Doris Wilkiss I ' ice-Presideni Marie Parker Secretary Marie Torrev Treasurer Sport Leaders Marv Hockey Kathrvk Rovster Soccer Dorothy Yarborouch Volley Ball Alice Knott Field Ball Alice Dickinson Archery Eunice Wilson Basketball Ellen Sherwood Swimming Nell Poole Gymnastics Kathryn Miller Baseball Ma is Mitch ti.i Tennis Nell Stali.ings Life Sa-ving Mary Lou Swift Dancing Shirley Melchor Hiking Margaret Moore Sports Day Committee Chairmen Betty Griesincer Social Cliairman Margaret Franks Foster Cliairman Christiana McFauyen Camp Chairman Martha Reulern Business Cliairman Martha Davis l ' oint : Chairman Kate Urouhart Publicity Chairman 19 3 5 " -;4 " -: - HOCKEY v - 6 a_ yf V 1 ' !ul jii -i SOCCER Tiuc cKecnes 19 3 5 C ft A A ■ 4- - ?»•? X BASKETBALL " 1)1 SWIMMING I Lnc CMeeales 19 3 5 VOLLEY BALL Im mi GYMNASTICS Ttnr cHeedles 19 3 5 BASEBALL FIELD BALL file Four-ieaf (lover A modern symbol oF Luctc, yet a very popular one is the four-leaf clover. It is rare, but clover itself is a lucky plant, since its blossoms are so fragrant. " Tlie sweeter tfia flower, tfie more charm it contains. " It Is most sought after, for it gives the finder her secret wish. A maiden will wear it in her shoe to expedite her wish and assure her good fortune. If one of more than four leaves is found, one should give that away and thus bring good luck to both persons. ..»■: ' !:!■ :fi ' ' : Features U iiisiayialyicj Cj iris OF SENIOR CLASS Jjarabara C raves GENEVA. N. Y. Ljertnwe jtalclier WAS HINGTON, D. C. SusfUDie Jvelcli mm GREENSBORO, N. C. JjorLS Poole VIRGILINA, VA. ynanjarel Jnoser GREENSBORO, N. C. uteien JJl Liaan EVANSTON, ILLINOIS ianj ( jKoovwdYO CHARLOTTE, N. C. .Jnarij l amo WILMINGTON. N. C. . 4 i mi»i «»ii i!r» .!(iiM | ttLi I ' lirinif ■i»n« ' Sarah Jjurloii Uleqg GREENSBORO, N. C. MAY QUEEN 1934 MAY COURT I 934 fi -oMmimmmSt ' mm S9tt ' A Message of Thanks To The Students of W. C. U. N. C. A S we come to the closing of another college year, we look back with pleasure on our association with the students of W. C. U. N. C. We realize that you have contributed much to the success of our business, and we take this occasion to thank you. We are proud of the golden friendships we have made and sincerely appre- ciate the friendliness and kindliness of the girls of W. C. U. N. C. It is our fond hope and endeavor to peserve and strengthen these happy asso- ciations. Ready-to-Wear Accessories Ellis Stone Co. Greensboro ' s Best Store Millinery- Footwear Phone 928? Phone 928? DIXIE SUNDRY 332 Tate Street S ' T sU, «ln .■..iniiroiHise «lieii il . ..iii.s („ I...., I. ' The Ih-s( is II,. ne I.... s: cl. Ours is 111,- s..rl lli:i( llie follis lit ll,ni e «..ulil ii| |ir,i ,■. Iiiii(liiililll. . tlierf is ill, re than f " , " l ill tlw DKii- SiiTiilr Sluip. C.iiiriKliTi,-. f,.r insliii,,-. DIXIE SUNDRY SHOP Prompt Dormitory Delivery Service MR. AND MRS. BERT D. HAYMS COMPLIMENTS OF S. H. KRESS AND COMPANY V A mm Y- llll t modest vat-ation l)UdK» ' t- ATLANTIC GREl HOUND The Sooner You Plan Your Future, the Better Your Future Will Be! Consult a Jefferson Standard repre- sentative about a guarantee plan for Security Assurance Jefferson Standam Life Insurance Co. JULIAN PRICE PresiJenl GREENSBORO, N. C. 3 14 Millions Insurance in Force N. C. Grill and Soda SKop Courteous Service Daily Meals, 25c and 35c Sunday Chicken Dinner, 50c Across from the Music Bu ilding Phone 9461 Prompt Delivery on Phone Orders POLLOCKS EXQUISITE SHOES Greensboro Charlotte Asheville Raleigh Winston-Salem THK l.l KV « i;i i IN(. IIAV Moiiilaj fur liesihli. Tuesda for weHltli. H eiliifs lH, till- lifsl ihn .1 all. Tliur?,«lii lor lossfs. lYidin (c.r Satunlat for no liirl at 1 II. A Chaplet of Flowers In ancient Rome, every bride wore a wreath of flowers on her head. In Tudor times, it consisted of ears of corn to signify plenty. During the thirteenth century, wreaths for both the bride and bridegroom were retained in the churches for use at weddings. In Teutonic countries, the bridesmaids visit the bride the evening before her wedding and present her with a myrtle wreath. Elsewhere, mothers grow a pot of myrtle in preparation tor their daughters ' nuptials. In Denmark, every bride wears a wreath of myrtle, and after the wedding she stands in the midst of her bridesmaids, throws a spray among them. The one who catches it is sup- posed to be the next bride. Thus comes our custom Df a bride ' s wearing a wreath of flowers, and throwing her bou- quet to her attendants. THACKERS Incorporated " A Good Place to Eat ' 108 West Market Street GREENSBORO CHARLOTTE Wedding Invitations When Wetiiiing Inritations are selected it is necessary to know that true quality shows. The correct type, the correct paper and the correct wording . . . all contribute to the most im- portant of all engraving. Let us show you samples. Jos. J. Stone Co. Davie at Hughes Greensboro, N, C, JEFFERSON ROOF RESTAURANT " On Top of the Town " 17th Floor Jefferson Standard Building Greensboro, N. C. LUNCHEON, 35c and 50c DINNERS, 50c and 75c All Types of Shoes for the College Miss That Fit Both the Foot and Purse BELL SHOE STORE Incorporated 209 South Elm Street Opposite Kress SURGICAL, LABORATORY AND SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Wincnester-Ritcn Surgical Company 111 North Greene Street Greensboro, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Phone 2-1741 130 S. Elm St. Carolina Pnarmacy Dial 8197 FOUNTAIN SERVICE WHITMANS AND NUNNALLY ' S CANDIES Tate St. Greensboro, N. C. THE N 1. A UMERAL ALPHi BET s ....J 2. B ... K T 3. C ... . L U 4. D . „ M V 5. E . N W 6. F . O X 7. G ,. _„ P Y 8. H Q Z 9. I R Find your lucky number , md read the significance. Either the first or last name or both. This is the way: Put the figures, which the letters in your name denote on the chart, and add them. For instance, MARY represents 4197. These added make 21 2 added to 1 makes 3. Therefore, the lucky number for Mary is 3. ACiHtlllEVIEMIENT UN ANY. UN IE Of- lENIDIEAVGIK. IIJTIHtlE-NMyiRAIL iKJExyiLT or A iBiiiLinrY and. lEXIPlEIKJIIENCIEJPtLyjrOIPIPOMyNIIWo TtttllX OIRfiANIIZAlllON TAIKIEJ IPIKJIIDIE IN iiTJ JIUCCIEJJ-- jocciEJX mmm iBY imiE ABiiLinrr or iiijr MrMiBBRj, imr. rxiPriRjirNciE GAiiNriD in wmiY YrAiKf or rrroiKJi::. and imiEoiPiPOiwryNiiTiirx orrri EiD iby - iiTjr curNTX ■- ; . CMAMOITIE. lENGIRAVIING COMIPANY IINC. AKTI TJ:- PttOTO-ENGRAVEPJ ' -DEJ ' IGNEPJ CHAR-LOTTE ' : NO RjT n CAR.O LIMA ■ EwTT A B L I vTtt E D N I N ETE E N Fl PTEEN THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY DUNBAR DANIELS lucorporated 132 Fayetteville Street RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA FINE PORTRAITS PROMPT SERVICE The Largest College Annual Photographers in the South THIS BOOK PRINTED BV. The WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF CO LLEG E ANNUALS ENSOIvl ' iPRINTING CO.] NASHVILLE TENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADOtUARTEItS jLi ieuJ ualUuWoi manmia Jupe iQX Q xfen is)ii J4i s)yLcCy ' oAiitogrdphs cAutographs d) O J? O Q Q 90 rn J %) e%)%®° G 0© G ? © G

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