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c i,. ' , ' ,1 " f I Pine NeciilEs ine " 7[ Charm 4ad couater-cKanu undolnq i Leavinq bat a mortal maideTt Wounded past the hope of Healitui. ' «I931 Student Bovemtnent (Msociatimu Coiteijef- Women CREENS6 RTH CAROLINA 10 E lixcalxon WITH admiration for one who has shown to us a beautiful character and a life made richer by the passing years, with true appreciation for her loyalty, her constancy, and her preparedness to meet each class, offer- ing always her gift of Service, and with sincere love for her who has become a part of all we have loved, we dedi- cate this annual of the year nineteen hundred and thirty- one to Dr. Gove. N i, I J T o r e xu or TN this volume of the Pine Needles it is our purpose to - ■ bring before you a glimpse of our college life as we have lived it so that years later when your college days are only a hazy memory this, the 1931 Pine Needles, may aid you in recapturing again all the light-heartedness and comradeship that you have found at N, C. That this volume may serve as a comiecting link with the past as well as with the future, an Indian legend concern- ing Virginia Dare, the first white child born in America on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, has been used as a basis for the art work. I - v I nv Contents 3i)e GoUege Otgani atton£{ geatureg mt Explanation THE theme of the 1931 Pine Needles has been taken from the book of Mrs. Sallie Southall Cotton, entitled " The White Doe, " an Indian legend concerning the fate of Virginia Dare, the grand daughter of Governor John White, who was sent out in 1689 by Sir Walter Raleigh to found an English colony in America. This colony settled on Roanoke Island off the coast of North Carolina. Only a few facts are known about it, but historians have been able to obtain from old rec- ords, that seven days after the landing of the colony, Virginia Dare was born. A short time later Governor White returned to England for supplies, leaving instruc- tions that if the colony should for any reason be forced to move, their whereabouts was to be carved on a certain oak tree. As England was in war with Spain, Governor White was unable to leave with supplies for nearly three years and when he did return to Roanoke, all that was there of his colony to greet him was a ruined fort and the word " Croatan " carved on the oak tree. The disappearance of this colony has truly been called " the tragedy of American colonization, " and around it has hung a pathetic interest which ever leads to re- newed investigation in the hope of solving the mystery. Many legends have grown up about it. The fascinating Indian legend that Mrs. Cotton has put into her book has sur- vived for centuries and tells how this colony, befriended by Manteo, found among the Indians a refuge from the dangers of Roanoke Island. There Virginia Dare grew up and was called Winona. A young Indian brave, Okisko, fell in love with her, but Chico, the Indian magician, also loved her, and one day in a fit of jealousy, turned her into a white doe. For months Winona roamed the forests in the form of a white doe bearing a charmed life. For months Manteo and his warriors searched far and wide for her but without results. Finally the old women of the tribe heard tales of the white doe and, children of superstition as they were, they linked the disappearance of their white friend with the appearance of the white doe. Okisko heard their stories and he set out to find the doe and to restore her to human form by shooting her with a magic arrow. After a long search he found her and shot her. Just as he saw his beloved Winona returning again to human form, an unfriendly chieftain shot her with a silver arrow that had the power to counteract the charm of the magic arrow and she fell dead at the feet of Okisko. This legend has survived for three centuries and today woodsmen everywhere consider a white doe a sign of evil omen. It is of interest to know that Mrs. Cotton was North Carolina ' s outstanding woman of her generation. She died two years ago at the age of eighty-six. $tit she placed the sleepinq infant ' Crotj the brawny arms oj Man-te-o, WKUe with )imfe (irawn from his girdle Carved she on another Kve-oali. Plain,, tKe one word Croat an. IPoaib of Mvtttot Ofikehs or TIIF, IJoARI) Governor O. Max Gardner - Chairman e.r-nfficio of the Board of Directors A. T. Allen Supcriuifiidritt of Puhlic Iiisfriiction , lici ( ' liai) man i-(i(ftcio A. J. Conner Secretary E. J. Forney - Treasurer EXECITIVE Co;MMITTEE OE the 15( ARI) J. D. Murphy, Chairman, J. L. Nelson, Mrs. .[. A. Brown, A. T. Allen. Memisers or THE Board GovKR.N ' DR O. Max Gardner A. T. Allkn W ' akc Couiily A. J. Conner A ' orthaniplon Couiily Mrs. W. T. Host Jl ' akr County J. L. Nelson Caldu ' cll County George R. Warp Duplin County Miss EasiiAle Shaw ... Richmond County Jrxu-s D. G.RIMES Beaufort County Thtr.mond Chatham ... Forsyth County J. D. Murphy Buncombe County Mrs. J. A. Brown Colund)iis County A. E. WoLTZ Gaslon County Oeeh ' ERs oi Adjminlstration Jri.u-s I. EoisT. LED ' rcsulrnt Walter C. Jacksun, LL.D.. .rue-I ' rcsidcnl E. J. Forney Trcaswrr .Anna M. Gove, M.D rhysiciau Laura H. Coit .. Secretary of the CoHene Rlth C ' iilmns. A.1 ; E kv Taylor Moore Registrar Charles IT. Stone, M..A.., B.L.S.. . -iV ' ranaii Chase G. Woodhouse, jVL.A. ... Vocational l ' )ireetor and Member-at-large Claide E. Teague, B.A Extension EI) I ' Other Officers HfiPE CooLiDGE. B.S., M.S Dietitian EsTELLE BoYD .. Supervisor of Dormitories Clora McNeill ... Secretary to President Edna A. Forney -Issistant Treasurer Clara B. Byrd, A.B. . . Alumnae Secretary Jessie McLean, R.N Nicrse Elizabeth Henninger Nurse Bessie Doub 4ssistant Dietitian Eva J. Cox . . Secretary to the Dean of the Scliool of llducation Kathlee.x p. Hawkins. ..1 oh(T( i- Helen Pickard. ..SVc ' ri ' acr to the LiLi.i. .N Maii.we Ruth Grigg Annie H. Hughes Secrete Iadkleim: Hunt Smith, B..A. CiiRA Jane Statox, R.N ;• () Post Office ■ Business Manager ... Clerk ... Clerk ary-to tlie Physician . . . Clerk . . . Nurse T. M. Sink .Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings [■7] Du. Julius I. Fousr, 1 ' uksident [18] Dr. Walter C. Jackson, ' ick-Pri!;siuent [19] tubent Couu£ielors( Miss I.ii.liax Kn.i.l. (is V( iiin Krsknir Cull, ■( ,■, .I.E.; Cnlnml.ui [ ' iiiv rsit, Miss MixNiK L. Jamison North Carolina College. Miss Ernestink Welton North Carolina College, .LB. Miss Katiierixe Siiehii.l North Carolina College, .l.Ii. Miss Flora Marie Meredith Duke Vniversit ij , LB. [20] I eabg of tf)e Bepartmentg John Pail Givleh, M.A. Drpdrtnwiit (if Bialogii Mary M. Pktty, B.S. Department of Clirwl.stri William C. Smith, L.H.D. Dcpartwrnt of English Carolink p. B. Schoch, M.A. Drpartiiimt of dcrman Anna M. (Iovk, M.I). Department of Health ViCTOiiiA C ' arlsson, Ph.D. -. Department of Hi giene Mary C. Colkman, B.S. Department of I ' hi sieal Kdncation W. C. Jackson, B.S., LL.D Department of Hi.stori ami Political Science E. J. Forney Commercial Department Viola Boddie Department of Latin Charles H. Stone, M.A., B.L.S. Librarif Science Cora STiiox(;, A.B. Department of Mathematics Calvin ' arkiei,u, Pli.D. Department of Phi sics WixFiELD S. Barney, Ph.D. Department of Romance Languages Clenn R. .Fohn-son, M.A. Department of Sciologi Albert S. Keister, Ph.D. Department of Economics John H. Cook, Ph.D. Scliool of Education Wade R. Brown, Miis. D. Scliool of Music Blanche E. Shaffer, M.A. School of Home Economics [21] Alumnae ggociation Offickrs Laura II. Coit Honorary President May Lovelace Tomlinson (Mrs. C. F.) President Templk Boddik BARRiNfiER (Mrs. Pavil) Vice-President Clara B. Byrd General Secretary Board of Tuustees Maimohik Craig Mary Wiley Janie S. Gwynn (Mrs.) Kate Finley Fannie Starr Mitchell Helen Tiohe Rebecca C. Robertson (Mrs.) Nan McArn Malloy (Mrs.) Pearl Wyche Rosa B. Parker (Mrs.) [22] lasses So he showed, unto 0-kls- " ho Where to f ini tHe maqic water With this countGT-charm.Ke tddHim How to free die charmed Wi-no-na. ENIOR Dll. HlDl ( ' (1I.I,IN Il())i irtiri Mi-iiihi-r of Sfiiior ( ' !ii. % ,. [- ' i: 11 Elizabeth ]Jahnf.y Miiscof of Class of ' -il [25] Senior Clasisi i oug Long live, O Tlilrti Otu ' S, Our clasx of R,;l aiul White, ffV hiiT, ' hroiu hl, () Coll -(,r ilrar. Our torch of I ' lyht. Its fttiiiic hiinis K ' ith a love for i oii. Anil a hopr of r rriit iilriih ; So hrri- 7iV tirv ' .citli ti l ' " ' 0 " ' ' ' ords And trntli upon our .sliicldn. jri ' ' rf hrrf to hiith do and dare. And to 7Corl: for nil that ' s right. Our motto of Coiiragi- JVe icill hold -.chdr ,c: ' fight. ( ' ( ' ini ' an to coniv out victorious In our battles for the true! So mill our name lie glorious, Bringing fame, .V. C, to i oii. IVe .shall march through the i ears Holding our banner high. The emblem of Courage Shall be our battle-cri . We shall cheer for the lied and White I ' ntil the fight is done; So here ' .s a shout forever for Our dear old Thirt i -One. [20] Senior Class dDfficerS Elizabeth McLaughlin _ rn-sidtnt Mauv Fowlk I ' EitKv ___ J ' icv-l ' rrsldeiit May Swan Secretary Viiujinia Johnson Treasurer [27] 4 Katiiuyn Mat l--,K Mabei. Aderhoi.dt i.[. i)i:x, X. .1. LEXINGTON, N. C. .;. ' . S,iciohu , . . ). Lilirarij Sririicc Rt ' jjv Aii.F.x BkKXICK Al ' l ' l.K I.II.KSVII.I.K, N. ( ' liKKKNSBOHO, N. C. .LB. Biulugi A.B. Liitiii [28] TlIOUA Ak.msthoxg JAMKSTOWX, N. C. A.B. Social ogi Naxcy Bakek CHARLOTTE, N. C. A.B. English ROSAIJE AVEKY MORGANTON, N. C. A.B. French NIae BaEEARI) morven, n. c. :?.iS ' . Public School Music [29] El,()ISE Uaxxixc! M AKV Ki.i.KX Bass RALEKill, X. (. VAI.K, X. C. ,t.n. S,h;„I h,ii . . ) ' . Mathrmafics IIazei, Bkli, Edith Biddix (iASTONIA, N. C. ASHEVILLE, N. C. U.S. Home Ecoiioiiiics A.U. ElU lish [30] Clara Bivkxs MONROE, N. C. A.B. Kdiicatloii Lucy Bi.akk WATHA, N. C. B.S. Hi)mc Kconomici Miriam Block GKEENSHOKO, N. C. A.B. Biologij Katk Bogek MORGANTON, N. C. A.B. French [31] KTTY IJx ' irrdX ]il{() x F RAXCKS RKBFA ' t ' A lilJOWX (iHKEXSllOUO, X. (. 1!KII).SVILI,K, X. C. .LB. Knglish .1. B. Education Sakah Chai ' fix ' lK(;iXIA ClIATl IKI.l) AIOfKSVILLE, N. C. SOrXIIPMIN ' PIXKS, .V. c. .l.B. English -LB. Librar i Science • [-1 IjOI ' isk Eoi.u ' k HlCKOItV, X. . 7, ' .,S. Music Patkria Hkaswei.l (ilSF.KNSHOIid. X. ( . 3Iaxki. Howi.f.s ( AXDl.Kll, X. C. :?..S ' . I ' hi sical Ediiralinn Fkanhi.s Hkiskxdixf, liliKEXsnciiKi, X. c. [33] : I.IZAliKTIl C ' ll ll ' TF.XDEX J.lCIIJ.F. C ' l.AHK vi;i,i)().v. X. c. KNriF:i.i). X. c. . . . ' . KiNilish . . ;. iiohi; VllUJIXIA C ' l.AKK Iadge Clixe CIlAItl.O T ' l ' IO, ,N. C. LINCOLNTON, N. C. A.U. Chfiiii.tiri B.S. Home Economics [31] liYDIA COHOOX KLIZABETH CITV, N. C. . . ?. Kdiicatioii AXXIE CoPVKlKiE SIMIlXti HOPE, X. C. J.B. Biologii Jewei. C )I,K (iREENSBORO, N. C. . .«. Fr,;ich Kl.IZA COWPEK (iATESVILLE, N. C. A.B. Mathematics [35] C ' oKA Ia:k Cox HKKENSHolio, X. (. U.S. Ho,,,,- J-:,;„i„„ii,:s XVAIA Cox IIAKrolil), x. •. " ..S. Ho,,,,- Kc „,o„iics % p Katiilkf.x ' Cox - SAXFOHD, X. ( . .I.H. Mafhr, ,atn:s- S. 1!A!I CkoMAKTIF. 1!Ai:f()RD, X. c. J.Ii. [36] EVKIAX Cl ' MMIXCiS HUill I ' OIXT, X. V. A. I. S,H-i,ihif !i Hilda Davidson OREKNSBORO, N. C. A.M. Kii( Ex. I. IF. Cl ' UKIX 0 1-0UI), x. c. A.B. Kihiratioii Julia Uavis NEW liKKN, N. C. ;..S ' . Home Kciiionii, [37] Mai Ai.DA Dawsox Uav DINX, X. (. HIGH POIXT, N. C. . . ' . ir,oi„,i,i ' ..S ' . Plii .iiciil Kihicai ' ion E rCiKX I A 1 ) I ' .I .AX v. Pkaki.k Dki.i.ixckk MATTHKUS, N. (. CHKRKYVILI.K, X. (. A.B. K,u,r,.sh A.B. F. u,r,sl, -X V [38] r ' 1?5i% I ClJFFORD DOI.VIX LiiA ' D()i,vix SILOAM, GA. SILOAM, OA. A.n. Frrnch A.B. Education ]M ARC, AKKT I) OX X 1 ■. 1,1, Ki ,1ZA15ETH DrVEUXKT ASHKVILLE, N. C. (iUEENVILLK, X. C. A.H. English A.H. I.ilinn-i Science [39] ]Mak Kakkk IlKSSKMKIl ( ir , X. c. A.B. Lihniri Sciriirr l ' ' l!AX(. ' l ' .S KSH K I.MAX Illlill I ' dIXT, X. ( ' . . . ' . K,u,n.s!i Kriii Ki.i.KX IICK 1k Men XT, X. c. liinlKfiii Fkaxcks Faisox ' IMSdX. X. I. . . ' . 11, .torn [40] Daisy Fark AXXIE FaW(. ' F,TT ASHKVILLE, X. C MOtINT .MI!V, N. C-. LP,. K„;, . . ;. Malhrmafics Fkaxcks Fkiuu ' S( )N iVxxiK Mae Flowi IIICKOHV, X. (. MATTHEWS, X. C. .LB. Frrnrh .LB. K,i(,li.s-h [41] Xkli. Foukkst KFLAXI), N. C. . . ?. French Jll.IA ' V. FOWI.EK STATKSVILLE, X. C. A.H. LiUrari) Srii ' iice El.XEITA FoStTF. TItENTON, N. C. A.H. L ' hcmi.strii STATESVILLE, X. C. A.B. Education [42 J Mar IK Fkisakd MOR(iANTOX, X. ( ' . .l.B. French AxxiE Ruth (tKkmax BOOMER, N. C. U.S. Ilomr Economics ]Mathii,i)a Gkigku CHARLOTTE, N. C. B.S. Musk Cklia Gerskov MOORESVILLE, N. C. .7.7?. Kdncation [■13] y FiVEI.YX GlliSOX .Tt ' i.iA Gii.iJA: r liU rMdUi:. X. . SAXFOKl), X. (. U.S. Horn,- Kcninmn-s A.H. Kiif lish I 1,I,I A1!KTII (il.KXX Loi ' ISE (4()K1IAM iAST INlA, X. ( . IIA TTLKBORO, X. C. A.H. K,l,ivafn,n n.s. Mii.sic [44] Xki.i, Gkekx MARSHVILLE, N. C. U.S. Home Kconomic.s M.MUiAUl ' .T (ililBIU.K DALLAS, X. C. l.H. Kdiicaliou Ruth Guilfoui) STATESVILLE, N. C. A.B. English WAXIIAW, N. C. .l.B. Bioloffi [i-5] Cecelia H-u, dt Maky Loxise Haxby BELHAYEX, X. C. WILMIXGTOX, X. C. A.H. Sociology J.B. Che mixing AxxiE L »is Hancock AIargaeet Haxxa 5COTLAXD XECK, X. C. AJHEVILLE, X. C. A.B. Education B.S. Phiftical Education [ 6] CORXKI.IA HaRRKLSOX Catherine Harris CHERRVTILLE, X. C. ELKIX, X. C. A.B. KngUsh A.B. EnglUh Hazei. Harris Myrtis Harris WASHIXGTOX, X. C. MACOX " . X. C. A.B. Librarii Science .4.B. Education [i-] s V I KVKIAX II ART (illEENVILLE. X. C. A.B. Ilistori lionKHTA Hayes (ililFTOX, X. C. .1. ). English LorisA Hatch IIAMI.KT, X. V. Ilisi, rii Lf.ah Hkii.k; liOl.DSlKlltd. X. ( . SociliHiji [48] Iakgie I,AI ' HIXHl ' R(i, N ' . ( . A.n. Frriich Gladys IIicks ROCKINGHAM, N. C. A.B. Librari) Science Saua Hkxuy XOI ' .TIl WII-KESIJOHO, N. C. . . ?. L hriiri Science Helen lIuaiT HENDERSON, N. C. A.B. Education [49] V C ' HAlil.OTTE 1 1 II. I, KIXSTdN. N. C. B.S. Phiixical Kdiicatiii 31 ART HA Hood GASTOXIA, N. C. A.B. English AXITA IIoHSOX liOOXVILLK, N. C U.S. Jliiinc KcoiKinnci Pauijxe Hood DOVER, N. C. A.B. Spanish [50] Makv Elizaueth IIovi.e Ruby Huggins (iASTONIA, N. C. NICHOLS, S. C. A.B. Hisiorii A.B. Education jNIargaret Huxdley Odessa Hunter DRAPER, N. C. SPARTANBURG, S. C. A.B. Education A.B. Library Science [51] ■ ' %»- IIaxki, Jkxkixs OriiKi.iA Jf.kxujax (IREKNSIiOHO. N. ( . ASIIKVII.I.K, X. C. B.S. Horn,- Kconnmn:s .LB. loi.A .TlMKSOX Jaxk Ekmixa Johxsox MAHION, , ' . ( ' . Bri ' l-AI.O. XKW VOIiK A.B. Kducdtion A.M. English [52] l " «r -- Kathi.ekx Johxsox Virginia Johnsox ASUKVILLE, N. C. roLl ' MBl ' s, (;a. K„r ! A.B. I ihriiri Scieiici ' Cleata Jones INIary Lucii.e Joxes CATAWBA, N. C. PORTSMOUTH, VA. B.S. HdlllC EcOIKJIIlicS A.B. [53] Ai.MKTA Kki.i.ooc; Edith Kimsky SUNBERRV, X. C. ASHEVII.LE, X. C. ' ..S ' . Home Kconon„cs ?..S ' . Phi .sical Kdiuafion (il-.KTUl ' DE KlX(; CtEhtkude Kisek IMilXCKTON, N. C. liKSSE.MER CITY, N. C. Education A.B. Chrwistri [5i] JNIary Lowmax Kisek HICKORY, X. r. A.H. F.diication Ethel IjEOxakd SPENCER, N. C. A.B. Education Lucii.i-E Knight CHASE CITY, VA. A.B. English Elizabeth N. Lewis HOLLY SPRINGS, N. C. A.B. French [55] Pexei.ope Lewis WAI-STONBUIU;, N. C. .LB. K l neat Kill Lacy Mc Vdex ItAl.lCKill, X. ( ' . .l.H. JaXE Ta ' XC ' II ILMIXIiTDX, X. C. .l.Ii. Kdiiratioii Jewel MiUaxe S WAI ' AIIAW, X. C. U.S. IfoillC KcoiKltlllC. [56] ; ' a Iargakkt McCol! M UK LAlRINBl ' IiG, X. ( . A.B. Latin Hazel jNIcEacherx WILMINGTON, N. C. ?..S. Hoiii, ' Kconomh-s iVxXK GOIJDOX McDowi ' .i.i, WAVXKSVILLE, N. ( . A.B. KngVish ISABKI, Mi ' FaDYKX liAKI-Olil), N. C. A.B. Ill St or II [57] Maktha INIcGee CHARLOTTE, N. C. .LB. English Elizahp:th IcLArom.ix RALEIGH, X. C. A.B. Hist or II CORXEI.IA MfKlMMOX RALKKUl. X. t. A.B.„r,i 3Iaiu;auet McMaxus ALBK.MARLE, X. C. A.B. English [58] Evelyn JMcNeii.i. lU ' TH MaUKHAM LUMBERTON, N. C. DfHIlAM, N. C. A.H. Sociolog i A.H. Ilistor, AXNIS liAURIE IMaRTIX Fleeta Iartix VVADESBORO, N. C. DUNN, N. c. A.R. Binlngi A.B. English [59] Vkiu ' its Ikadows I ORKXK IkAUES linvsox, X. c. FAIR BLUFF, N. C. . . ' . llistnni .LB. F.diicatidii .Maktiia MkDC ' AI.F Edith Ikkis BALTIMORE, MD. ALBEMARLE, X. C. A.B. Sociology B.S. Music [60] -J Kmii,y ]Mkli.ox STONY POINT, N. C. A.B. French FUAXCKS ]Ml.SKX H F.I M F.K RICHFIELD, N. t . ?.iS ' . Home Economica Jessie Middi.ktox LAl ' RINBl ' Rli, X. (. A.B. Kdiuatmu y . X W. MlTfHEl.I. NKW liFHX, X. c. A.B. Lihrarij Science [61] Kl.lZAliETJl MoXTV CHARLOTTK, N. C. A.B. French SaI,LIK ]M()()KIXG bethel, n. c. U.S. Home Economics HosA C ' ori ' MOOKK liOCKY MOINT, N. C. J.H. English Elizarp:tii Morgan ASHEVILLE, N. C. A.B. Mathematics [62] Katherine IMokgax SALISBURY, X. C. ..S ' . Phi sicnl F.diiciilidii " lKGIXIA MOTTE CHARLOTTE, N. C. B.S. Home Economics VAmia jNIokrow VIRGILIXA, VA. U.S. Home KcotKiniic.s Edna Muleex DRUM HILL, N. C. A.B. Historij [63] Inkz MruuAV (iliKEXSBOHO, X. C. R.S. Music Makv Xf.wtox HlCKOin, X. c. B.S. I ' ll ijs ' ical Kdncatioii Pkaui.f. Xevii.i.k KXI ' IELD, N. C. , . ?. Historii y . i Steele Xokwood MOXROE, X. C. A.B. Education .J: ' M [ ii] ElJXAlJKTH PAKIIA: r MARIETTA, N. C. U.S. IfoillC KcOIKIIIlilX Zklma CiuAV Pakkf.k WILMINGTON, N. C. .I.E. Latin INIary Wklsh Paukku MARSHVILLE, N. C. A.n. Chrmistrii lliEXK I ' aTTEKSON lURLINCiTON, N. C. A.B. Education [65] KOXdHA PaTIKHSOX Loi.A rAVXK liAsroxiA, x. c. LENOIK, N. C. l.Ii. L ' lhrdrii Science A.B. Hisfori FuAXt ' KS Pkei.k Mahy F() vi,e Pkuhy TILAXDKFi. X. C. WIXSTON-SALEM, N. C. A.n. F.,lHcalH,n A.B. Hiitori [66] I AX IXE Roi?EKTS( )X Si ' K Tkexholm ZKBl ' LON, X. C. H()( KY MOIXT, X. f. n.S. Music .l.K. English Maky Pktuii ' , Helen Petkie LENOIR, X. C. I.ENOIR, N. C. U.S. Ffoiiir Economics A.B. Hislori, [67] V... i Katiikvx Foktku FRAXKI.IX. X. C. .LB. Ein lish Fkanc ' ks Pri.i.v KIXSTOX, X. C. .l.B. Romance Laiigiiugcs Loi.A I ' liOFKITT (iOSHEN, X ' . C. .l.B. Lihrari Science C 1 1 A U I .( )TTE Pr RCEI ,L SALISIHRY, X. C. .l.B. English [68] Edna Raby IIICKORY, N. C. U.S. Iliiinc Kcoiioinic.s INIahy Delia Raxkix MOUNT HOLLY, N. C. . . ;. Biologi Ruth Rahy HICKOIiV, N. C. U.S. Ilomr Kcninmlcs Peaki.e Rai ' ek WELCOME, X. c. A.B. Educatidii [69] [aRY RATI.F.IKiF. ADVAXCK, . ( . 7 ,S-. .V».v,V Hazki, Kay IIKNUK.KSDXVII.I.K. N. ( .LB. Ell neat ion ]MArDE RATI.F.nGK PLKASANT GARDKN. N. ( . .I.E. Enrilish ArcrsTA Ravmoxd WAKE FOREST, X. ( ' . A.B. Latin [70] jNIary Raysor ASHKVILLE, N. C. A.n. Spfun.tli Madge Rhyxe (iASTONIA, N. C. B.S. Home Econoniif EvELYX Rives GREENSBORO, N. C. J.n. Fniich Al.I.IXE Rit ' HAKDSOX mlRI ' HV, N. c. ?..S ' . Ilcinii- Kcdiinniicx [71] ■ -Qy - i . t ! j.M II. IF. KU ' IIAKDSOX SdlTllKHN PINKS, N. C. , ' ..S ' . U.nnr Ki-niinwics Max IK Koiuxsox MDIiVEX, X. C. A.B. Blohujij K.viv. l{(ii ' ,ixs()x A N (IX II.LK. N. C. U.S. I ' liiisiral Kiliicaliiiii MaTII.D.V ]{()1{IX.S()X lillKKXSBDltO, X. C. ' ..S ' . I ' llhllC Scho„l MlLsi, ' - [72] V XXIF. (Jl.ADYS l{(Ki • ' .KS Cecii, Rogers asuevilij:, x. c. STATF.SVILLE, N. C. H.S. Ilomr F.ronowir. Histiiri, Rui?Y 1{()SSK,1{ V. ,F,AX()1{ ROTIIWKI.I JONKSI ' .DIIO, N, C. I,F VISIUK(i, V. VA. A.B. Kiiylisl, . . . ' . Kdiical ' ion [73] Kkva Rich ;()Liisnouo, n. ( . ,l. i. Frrncli Edxa SaI ' P kernehsvillk, n. c. B.S. Home Economics TiiKo Rtddock niAHLOTTK. X. C. ?..S ' . Home Kcouomics Annie Hoyai. Sai ' WILMINGTON, N. C. A.B. English [74] (Jkkai.dixe Sayuk Jaxie Secrest TliVON. X. C. MONROE, N. C. AM. Education A.B. English IIki.en Seifert Meta Shaffer NEW BERN, N. C. FOl ' R OAKS, N. r. A.B. Histori A.B. English [75] V I IIei.kx Siikakix Iaktua Siiohk LITTLETON, N. C. liooxvii.i.r. N . ( . . .«. Ilisfor, . . ' . Hi.slnr,, KSTIIF.IJ SlIRKVK Adki.aidk SmFoKi) MOOUKSTOWN, X. ,1. IlICKOltV, X. I ' . ,LH. English A.B. Frruch [76] .AIauv Sikf.s A NNiE Lee Sixgi.etaky (iliEENSHOlil), N. r. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. B.S. .1 ».S7 - LB. English FUANCES SiXK Ethel Sledge (iUEENSDORO, N. C. DANVILLE, VA. B.S. Home Ecuiioiiiici .LB. Chemistry [77] VA .M. in HoDDii; Smith tllADlUllll.NF,, X. C. , ' ..S ' . Mll.sic RriiY Si ' KxrKK (Mrs. Price Milliken) MOIiliANTON. N. C. .I.n. Fn ' iich DoKoriiv SrKNtE ASIIinil.LF., X. C. U.S. Ifowr Economics Ski, MA Stegai.i, MARSHVILLE, X. C. B.S. MiLiic [78] Naxcy Stoxek niLTMORE, N. C. .l.Ii. Lihrarii Science May Swax STEDMAN, N. C. .LB. Education Stott WENDELL, N. C. A.B. Kdncction Pearl Sykes ASHKBORO, N. C. A.B. Education [79] Vki.i.ik SriiGs HIGH POINT, N. C. A.B. English ]Mai!y Winsi.ow Taylok (Summer School) KLIZABETIl CITY, X. C. A.B. Sociolofjij ]Mai!ki, ' I ' atk HKill roiXT, X. •. A.B. KngVish NIat ' dk Tekkkll WAV.NKSVILLK, X. C. B.IS. Music [80] NoKiJ.E Thomson LAKE WACCAMAW, N. C. A.B. nU,l Hiii " erna Tollesox GREEN.SRORO, N. C. .7.7?. Lihrarii Science Nei.e Thi kmax (JREEN.SBOHO, N. C. n.S. Mll. ' lic Mll.DKF.l) ToMI.IXSOX UII.SOX. X. ( . .].«. Ilistorii [81] FllAXXF.TTK TKori ' l ' K AXXIF, Trt ' KKU I ' ll. or MOI ' XTAIN, N. V. MIVAXCE. N. ( ' . J. i. Lihrarii Sciriicr ' .,V. Ilomr I-:c„„„mics Mii.injEi) TruxKK Lriii.i.K ' ahxki{ POLKTON, N. C-. WHITTIER, N. C. B.S. Home Econuniics A.B. English [«■- ' ] w ' r KAXCES WaI.I.AC ' K T I KX K lETT A W A 1 .1 ,AC ' V STATESVILLE, N. C. STATESVILLE, X. C. n.S. Music B.S. Mu.sic El.OISK WaUI) 3IARGARET WaRE HOSE HILL, N. C. MOUNT HOLLY, N. C. .LB. Librarij Science .LB. Hi.stor, [S3] C AT H Kit I X 1-; y 1 1 A I{T( )X Makv Jaxf. N " iiakt()x CiliKKNSIiOllO, X. C. GKEKXSIiOKO, X. C. B.S. Mn.sic LB. Biologii Xf.t.i.ik A 1IKF.I.EK Pailixk (,II1.I-()1!I) COI.I.KI.h:, X. c. HKXSOX. X. C. U.S. ] ' li, ,icai I-:, Ileal, on A.B. Education J ' [84] Fraxcks C. Whitk CLAYTON ' , X. C. . . ;. Soc ' inhuiii iNlAri) L. Williams KIXc;S MOtXTAIX, X. c. A.B. Et iicalioii IIelf.x Williams IJKNnKHSOXVII.M-:, X. c. . . ' . Hi.sfnr, PF.r.(;Y i X VILI.IAMS AsiiKvll.l.i:, X. c. .l.B. Chrinlxtrii [85] fr " KUTH E. AYlI.IJAIMS ELIZABETH t ITV, X. C. U.S. How,- Kci ,n,mics MlLDKED WlNSTOX yOUNGSVILI.K, N. C. A.B. Historij MAK(iARET WlNSTEAl) WILMINGTON, N. C. F.ihicatinn Kl.OI.SK A )OSI.EV MEHANE, N. C. A.B. Education Eva Woosr.EY INIautixe Wright MEBANE, N. C. MAUISON, N. C. -I.Ii. Biol ,(), Sociolor i il-KANOR POTEAT Irene Vinson NEALSVILLE, N. C. STEDMAN, N. C. A.n. E,u,i;,h A.B. Kducatiiin [87] 1 ., K F.],vx Hkf.vks ASHEVII.LE, N. C. A.M. K)if li.y)i lU ' TH AliHOTT liHEENSliOHO , . ( . ,1.H. Kmilish Sarah Anderson I R E N E 15 K I TT Bentonville. N. C. .(. . ' . Il,sl«ry Mii.DREi) Davis Zcbulon. N. C. .). ;. l.ihiary S.irn.r Ei.i.EN Fletcher Anderson, S. C. . . ' . I.ihmry Snfiur Marion Floihxov Greensboro, N. C. . , i ' . ,V ' (J»(,v l Otii.ia (JOOI)E Greensboro. N. C. .■I. Ik l.ihnirv Srinirr Ruth Hopkins Greensboro, N. C, US. Ph sic,ll Hitucalioii Dalue Howard Fayetteville. N. C. . .«, Mc,IIu;,ialiiS Sarah Kii.le Asheville. N. C. J ;, Irnnh DoROTIIV KisER Kings Mountain, N, C. .1.1!. (iRAlE McC ' rACKEN (Summer Schn.ill Tarboro, N. C. . . ;. i:,i,u-aiwu ©tter Seniors Marv MrCioWAN Greer. S. C. .!. ' . Library Scicur Mary McKkssox (Summer School) Statesville. N. C. A.B. Education I.OIISE Mc ' KlMMEV Mt. Airy, N. C. .IK. MlI.DREI) MasTEN Wmston-Salem. N. C. .), ;. Krmink Neai, Marion. N. C. .). -;. Ili. l, ry Olive Newell Greensboro, N. C. .LB. I-rrurh Alke I ' kkett Shelbyville, Ky. A ' ..V. ,);,„• lirotiowiii Evelyn 1 ' ollard Virgilina, Va. . . ' . I rrnch Kathryn I ' rite Wilmington. N. C. . .B. Library Science Mildred Richmo.nd (Siminit-r SrlMnll Roxboro. N. C. .IB. 1 ' 1! A N (■ E s Shear o n Wake Forest, N. C. .l.B. Ili.d.ux Mamie Shirley (Summer Sell. .oil Anderson, S, C. , ;, l-.ducalun, Marion ' . S.mitii (Sunuuer School) Fayetteville. N. C. B..S. Home l-conomics Kdith ' ail Sprmg Hope, Ala. B.S. riiy. -ical liducalion Redecc ' a Webster (Summer School) Greensboro. N. C. . .B. Education MAR(iAltET Hl-lil-ELET AxxiE I.EE TlIOMPSDX LoiISE W HITTI X(iTON (Summer School) Maxton. N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Hamlet. N. C. A.B. Librarx Science A.B. hithenialies B.S. Music _ :-i . [8S] LAVi O HET Rloise Bannin(; Poet Ki.oise Wakd Annie Lkk Sinoletary , _ . Lcncijcr Loiisa Hatch ll ' isiiirian - Prophet [S9] ClagsJ oem — As though (iiir da-cCii ' cCiti ' hn-nkiiu throiir h a mist. As thoiif h four i ciirs witi ' closi ' li jcinvH night lu ' iCJiicli wr »ift to l.iip a olriiiu tri st lirt-iCfi ' U (I future dau mid prt-si-nt night — .Ind sui ilruli -,ci ' iriCoLi- ijuitr unaicarc That i curs had passi-d , the pmious niontcnts tied — ( ith whuli Hour I ' vcr cm or shall compare Among tlic IiX ' iug or among the dead. I ' ll,- rarli morning 7cin,ls l,lin.: coldest nine; Xot even close-clasped hands can xcarm the heart; That which closcA.nit icllincship did once cndinc Tliis strange uc-ic da-ccn has riideli thrust apart. Jl ' c linger i et on threshold of the dawn, Are loth to leave our sheltered shadincings ; Ihit while we -.cait, those sh,ides are fled and gone, Lcavinrj i ears to come for ciiniiiicriugs. The p ' res we lit have hurned to threads of smoke — liiit hccLoning ahead the unhuown gods have spoke. Eloisk Bannino. I Senior Cla£isi Jlis torp ONCE upiiii a time, in thu month of SeptenilKT, the year 1927. alnmt StX) girls, by means .if bus, train, ur air found their way to the campus of the North Caro- lina College. In their minds were visions of that most eventful day in the far and distant future when they would hold the genuine slieepskin and be " educated, by gosh. " When that September train bnded at the gloomy Greensboro station, the class of ' 31 got its first taste of the superior knowledge rind wisdom of upperclassnien. Ibiw wise and experienced they looked, as they handed baggage checks to a man and called taxicabs for the neophytes. When the New Girls got to the college, their Big Sisters sliowed them to their rooms, and thus ended the first di ' V the weary Freshman of ' 31 — an experience never to be forgotten. Registration day and otlier trials and tribu- lations followed in tlie usual order. The new class, liaving furnished the customary amusenieni, settled down to work. The lirst class meeting was one of " I think she is just the girl for the place " ty|Je. . nnie Pleasants was elected president. Red and Camp Sii.vkh I ' [91] White WL-re cillnially accepted as class colors, and the niMtt.i " Courage " adopted, loyetlier with red sweetheart roses and lilies of the valley as lluwers. The class electe.l as ma-cot little Hh aheth I ' .arney, daushter ol " Dr. and Mrs. Harney. Then followed the Usual runnel of Imxes, letters, physical and medical exams, aii l occasional f,iilnres. . fler what seemed months and nioiitlis, came Christmas holida s. h ' inall}, the Xew I ' .iris fciiind themselves at home, eNplainint; to donhtful frieii is and parents jiist how and why a college is run. Then they re- turned to face exams, and their ever pres- ent com|i:iiiiiin, the " hillet doux, " followed. Xot ery loiu at terw.irds, society hicU were .ijiven out, f.illowed hy the week of all weeks -that of iuiiiatioii. The class of ' ,il had to do everythin.y from .t;ettiim st.atis- tics on the unmlier of eats in the nei.i;li- horhood, to makin.a speeches in the diniu- room . ' ind cle.auini; liou e for upperclass- nieii. Ill I ' chriKTy Evelyn . lcXeill was elected president for the second semester. Tlii ' cl.iss soiii; of ' ,il, with Wiirds hv I-lloise I ' .an- niu.t;, was sun.q for the first time at the next mass meetin.y " . . fter what pro ed linally not to lie an intermiualilc len,i;th of time, the Freshmen (or Sophomores, whichever you call crea- tures in that of metamorphosis) left for home. In the fall of ' 2S activities hegau again. i.irN, especially the wise ole Sophs, were thrilled to see each other and recount sum- mer experiences. With the idea that they must impress their superiority on the Xew (.iris, the class of ' ,M set out under the .guidance of Klizahcth Monty, of (.harlotte. The class project was that of furnishing a re.idin.g room ill the lihrary. l- ' uruitnre. cur- tains, and pictures were purchased and : r- ranged under the direction of Olive (jreen. ' I ' he traditional Sophomore pageant was not given, hecause, on account of llu, the whole college was given several extra days at the heginniim of Christmas holidays. Kate C.rahaui headed the class for second semester. Dr. Ruth Collings was chosen honorary memher. . nother high spot in the second year was that of getting jackets. 9 $;iii [92] ' I ' lu- S ' i|iliniiiiiri.s ilian.ned the cu tiini liy «cttiii ' 4 ri-cl k ' alluT. ' riiat was a sala iiiylit wIkii thuy ijdt tlicni and marched tlirinigh tlic dining rtmms sinumt;. As spring wr.s aiiproachiiii;, tin- Snplin- mores, as well as Seniors, were interested in commencement, because they had to see their Big Sister class well graduated. The !irst real feeling of separatinn came with the last mass meeting, when the . enidrs marched ont to tlie tune of farewell songs. The Sophs were quite sure commencement was on hand, tliough, wlien they hrd to get up at A .M) in the morning to go ])ick daisies. and stay up unlil 2.M) working the chain, " irgiiiia Motte was Junior president. This cl.iss now had ils own Little Sisters, and came hack a week early to he with tliem and get them .acquainted A ith the campus. Christmas. tUi epidcnnc, and e.xanis slipped into the background when prepar.ition for junior-Senior lieg.ui. And this year it was not a lian(|net— it was a real dance! Un- der the skillful leadership of Kvelyn Mc- Xeill, the fust prom was such a success th;:t it is hoped it will lie established for the next classes to come. " El ' FlE [03] Don ' t forget the rings! They came just before exams, and. even thoiigli none could wear hers until she had finished her last exam, everyone could look at them. At the last mass meetin.ii this year, it was the class of ' .il that strutted duwii and took the (ilaces nf the Scniiirs as they marched out. A real iironintion was! Ill the fall nf l ' ), " il) the sccniul annual campus leaders ' caniji was held, this time at Camp Silver Pines. . n entirely new cnnstitutiim w. ' ls written, and accepted by the student body at the first mass nieet- intj. Much was accimi])lislied in the dis- cus i ' iiis, and everyniu- eiijnyed swimmint;. hikin.a, caimeiiii;, and ntlier sports nf camp life. ni.enilied Seniors! Elizabeth McLaugh- lin was class president. The whole plan of student government was changed by the new constitution, and the Seniors felt a heavy responsibility for its success or fail- ure. This was bound to be a year of ex- lierinient and adjustinent. Thanks to the inseiiuity and co-operation of all concerned, it IS proving a success, and it is the earnest hope of ' .M that it will continue to improve. ' file llu■nlbe of the class of ' 31 leave . ' . C. C with tears and laughter. They are .glad and sad. ' fhey have grown much in their four years of college and learned much of life. May all members of the class safel ' follow its goal and always remain true to the ideal of " Courage. " whetlier they " lixe happily ever after " or not. — Eloise W. kD. Historiun. [i)i] F( )R liuurs. it sffiiicd, I had lieen scan- ning the criiwd, hoping to see some one from N. C. In reality, I had just ar- rived at the Virginia Dare Celeliratinn. For ten years, I had been out of North Carolina, and I was anxious to learn some- thing about my fellow classmates on this return visit. Was there no one here to tell me? In this moment of despair I saw Miss liyrd ! 1 could actually feel my spirits rising, for I knew she could tell me some- thing abfiut any girl 1 mentioned. . nd she did! " How many are married, " she said in answer to my question, " li ' yiiu ' ll be sur- prised at the class nf ' 31. There is a King list — Jsue Trenholm, Frances Ferguson, lary lloyle, Kate Robinson, Charlotte Pur- cell, Ld. Lewis, Gladys Hicks, Martha Mc- Gee, Lib Chittendou, Janie Secrest, Louise Gorham, Lib Monty, " Chicken " Perry, Fvc- lyn McNeill, Sarah Henry, Helen Petrie, Penelope Lewis, and Pat Shreve. And they are all happily married, of course. " she added. The list was such a shock to me that 1 failed to ask about the husbands and chil- dren. " . re there any girls doing unusual things? " I asked. " There is a large number, " Miss Uyrd ex- plained. " ' llu Won ' t be surjirised to learn that (.ornelia McKiiumon is an active mem- ber of the State Legislature, and that she is making a talk here today. A true student of Miss Elliot! And Betty Brown and Eloise Ward are down to write up the cele- bration for their popular newspaper. As for others — Eloise Banning has done won- ders with the State Dramatic Association, and Roberta Hayes is on Broadway! There are others in New York too, Peggy Hanna and Mabel Tate have opened a School of Dancing. The fame of Virginia Johnson ' s unusual little bookshop has spread every- where. - t the prevent Lib McLaughlin is in New ' ork with her husand who is con- sidered one of our foremost doctors. " . numlier of girls are aliroad. Mar- jorie Henley has become a successful de- signer in Paris. Frances White is lectur- ing at l) ford on economic and social prob- lems. Nan Baker, Julia Gilliam, Amiie Lee Singletary, Electa .Martin, and Nell (ircen have opened a school near Paris. In a re- cent contest, Tilly Geiger won a scholar- ship to study voice abroad. She is in Ger- many now. And if you noticed the recent Theatre Magazine, you saw that Ruth Ali- bott ' s designs have made her famous in Russian theatrical productions. [95] A ■nl the cmintry in I ' alitdriiia. l.t-ah Htilij, ' and a-C(.lia i ialliurstaclt havr liccemc very tftiLicnt linsiiH winun, Mary Hanliy i-, in Mexnn a-, Mi|itTiiiU-n(k ' nt ul a ncu liMspital. (Inly a h.irt distance away in ( nha, Anne AKD.iuell and Lucille Knight liave .ipened a ,i| I ' hysical F.dnca- tii ' n. Ala el I ' .dule was uith them until her recent niarriaue And this wt-rk Xaiiey Stnner and Mary, ret ll(Mniell sail for the riiiliiiinnes to open n|i ihe largest lihrary on the islands! And-- " " I ' .tn aren ' t there any uirls m Xorth t aro- lina that I niiylit si_x- " I inteirupted. " To he sure, " Mis liyrd replied, " Helen Seiterl is in l ,ilrivh. as svipLrinteiident of Stale W elf. ire Wdrk, aiul as it happens Marv Jane Wharton is visitin.y her. She and her hnshand have recently returned fr.ini an evcilin.u scientific e ])edition, I ' rances 1-aison .and Cecil Rollers are in Ralei,;, ' h lohhyiuK for some hill, ' I ' heo Rud- dock and ' irginia Motte own a department store 111 Winston-Salem, and at X, C, .Mary Mitchell is head of the Lihrary Science 1 )e- p.irlment. Now let ' s hurry or we ' ll miss (. ' onielia ' s talk, " " Will on promise to tell me ahoul the others ' " 1 (k-m n ' ed. She promised, hut — , .x. ' ilasit Mill aub Kt tamtnt WK, tho memliers of the class of ' 31 of that renowned institntiim. North Carrilina College, being comparatively sane in mind and optimistic of the future in an- ticipation of the inevitable parting which is upon us in following the way of all llcsh. do make the fullowiug dispusition in re- gard 111 onr sundry pmperties and . ' cquisi- tiims. Item 1. To our beloved Alma .Mater, the echoes of our class song, the remembrance of the great deed that we have committed in her name, and our unfailing loyalty and devotmn in the hope that her store of knowl- edge has nut been too seriously depleted by the prodigii ' us amount which we carry away •with us. Item 2. Tn the rising juniors the residue ■ if (] ir e t: te into including such tangible prnperty as wastcbaskets, coathangers, and chewing gum left in dormitory rooms, our seiuor privileges, together with the obli- gatiuus inherent in them, and mr train- ing school " problems " , provided that work shall not be neglected in enjoyment of aforesaid privileges. - [97 Item 3. To the new marshals, we do be- queath the whistles of the outgoing mar- shals and the few blades of grass that liave lived thrciugh their efiforts to cherisli and protect. Item 4. Til our sister class our athletic jimwess. intellectual suiicrinrity, and the in- coming freshman class to wed and wife after our decease. t)f personal and individual possessiniis wc do designate that tile fnllinvin pnivisions be made : Item 1. 1, -Mary jane WlK.rt.m. do be- c|ueath to my successor the gavel, the micro- phone, and the best wishes of " one who knows. " hem 2. I. h ' rances White, do will and be- ipieath my talking ability, all my f.nnrite little stiiries, and my analytical mind to Bettv E. Sloan. Item 3. I, Kloise Banning, do bequeath to " Red " Turner my dram:;tic flare. Item 4. I. Betty Brown, do give and be- ijueath to my successor the heavy artillery in the office including the typewriters, the grill, and the coffee pot, the portrait of liicle Sam, and my deepest sympathy and good wishes. Having thus made our last dispositions and provided for their due execution in the course of human events, we do set our hand and seal to the document on this the eighth day " f June in the year of depres- sion, one thnusand nine hundred and thirty- niic in the tnwn of (Veensborri, Guilford cnunty. irHin-ssrs: 7. : K K , L ' .NcLi; William. , :.: [98] JUNIOR Clasig ong () l.avcuirr aiul Illiilr. drar. Our ilcdi f ;l ' ' h «Zt t i 1 1111, .1 l(ii al i-laxs -icitli purpiisc hriglit — ■J ' hr ,- «.v.v of ' ■;. ' . () nid II 7i ' c l:icji hifiire ii. Till si iiil (ir. sliinhifi In lit. Our staiiilanis Irailiiir . our rhi.s.s pnirrriliii;, . !Vr folhnc ail t,i vnt ' ri ami lo iiiii ht. R 1:1 HA IN Urn ' s In niir .11 ma Mater, Our frail 1 -,cr hr ' nii ; Ami as u-r riiirr xcilliiii tin pi, rials ' I ' liii laiirrls :cr pnirlaiiii. S,, s ' liiij llii ilaiir litrrs. O Alma Mairr, Tlir Class of ' .;. . For irr shall hrrp oar ro ' ors hrighl, O. A. ( ' .. ilrar, for i oii. Ami as .rr str.vr. slill oiiwani, Morr hiiinArdi r lo attain, O. Alma Malrr. wr -.could hr Of srrT cr as icr gain. ' •K.rrrlslor. " ' - still liighrr! Our motto rvrr hr. U ' lirii av ' jT drparird, I ' ifr ' s joururi slarlid. Our class much liouor r ' rr ' tcould hr ' im to tlire. [100] Janice Hookk Mnscot nf Claxs (if ' S [101] Doris Abbott Ruth Adams elizabeth city, n. c. matthews, n. Ruby Lee Anderson Adda Anderson greensboro, n. c havana, cuba havana, cuba Betty Adkerson lynchburg, va. Marian Anderson Maud Ashworth fairview, n. c. Margaret Bacchus norfolk, va. Alease Badgktt greensboro, n. c. Evelyn Badoett greensboro, n. c. [10.3] ' lK(aXIA HaIXKS KlVA BaKKR ' iHdlNIA Bahkkr sl ' RIX(i 11( I K, N. ( ' . FALSTdX, X. C. IM.KIX, X. C. Kva ]5kam K. ik Hf.asi.kv Lokkxk ]5kattv Kathkrixk Blaih lIKliliVVlLLK. X. C. AI 1:. , X. C. STAXLKV, X. C. DAXVILLK, VA. Jkwki. Hhadv Jaxik Kahi.k 15iiamp; Maun ISrh.ham F.I.LKRliE, X. C. WEXDKLL, X. C. (iRKKXSHOHO, X. C. -. . ' ' [101] CwKXDOLYN BrITT ElIZABKTM UlilTTLE WARSAW, N. C. HI ULIX(iTOX, X. C. EsTELLK Shaw Sara Browne Ltcy BrRiit s CREENSRORO, N. C. N ' KRO, N. C. RAMSEl ' R, N. C. LorisE E. BvKRiv Margaret ]5yerly tOOLEEMEE, X. C. ASIIEVILLE. X. C. Axx Brown RLACKSBl RO, VA. ' lRflINIA BlRKEMEYER liEAt ' FORT, S. C. Eddis Byers grover, n. c. [105] 4 f 4 19 Rl ' BV UvHD LOTTIK CaMKUOX KeBECCA CaUSEY PAIiKTON, X. C. JONESBOlio, N. C. LIBERTY, X. C. Lois Champion I ' haxces C ' F.i.izabetii C ' iiaiteli. Mahharet Chi ' rcii el vl ' ay sl ' hixgs, n. c. uixstox salem, x. c. vahixa, x. c. iiexdersox, n. c. Eugenia Cloninueu Elizabeth Cobb Edna F ' hle Cole clahemont, n. f. limber bridge, n. c. hoxboho, n. v. [106] Helen Comer newton, n. c. Marcarkt C. CO-V drexkl, n. c. Willie Davis IlKJH POINT. N. C, Grace Coppedge Gertrude Coward rockinoham, n. c. ayden, n.. c. Mary Curkin Elizabeth Davidson Catherine Davis oxl ' ohd, n. c. iiuntersville, n. c. waxiiaw, n. c. Mary Deese Estelle Denton BADIN, N. C. charlotte, N. C. [107] Nki.lik l?oNn Dickinson Dohothv Ddxxeli, Ki.izaiii;tii Dover WILSON, N. C. (;lf KENSllOlio, N . C. OAK lillXJF, N. C. Doiiotiip:a Eckardt Edna Ellis Alma FEUorsox I ' rances FiTZ(iERALn (iRKENSROKO, X. C. MOrXT AIRY, X. V. RAEEORI), X. C. LINWOOD, N. C. I{ri)V Flemixc; Mariiia Foi xtaix Mar(;aret I ' reeland HOONEVILLE, X. C. TARBORO, N. C. EILAXD, X. C. [108] i ' V 1D Olua Fuisahd Helen Fkye Fhances Gai:t morganton, n. c. iiickorv, n. c. maktkl, tennessee Esther Godley Hazel (iooDMAx Rose (loonwix Ann fiuiFFiN bath, n. c. concohi), n. c. (il! eexsboro, n. c. edenton, n. c. Irene Hamhick Mamie Rae Hancock Nina Hall ruth, n. c. scotland neck, n. c. saluda, n. c. [109] Nell Hanky mahshvillk, x. c. Kliza HaTCHKI! DUNN, N. C. Elizabkth Henlkv durham, n. c. Mozel Harrls summerfield, n. v. Martha P. Henders() wilmington, n. c. Fay Hine vinston-salem, n. c. Selina Harrison DUNN, N. C. Edna Henley durham, n. c. Edna Holder asheboro, n. c. [no] Marion Holoman Macujie HoNKVcrTT Si ' dik Ruth Horner rich square, n. c. krankhxton, n. c. durham, n: c. Martha Hutchinson Edith Ivey Marcjaret Johnson Roberta C. Johnson charlotte, n. c. hickory, n. c. iiollv springs, n. c. cohmbus, ga. Katharine Jones MAR(iUERiTE Jones I ucille Jordan (freshman) mt. airy, n. c. mullins, s. c. [Ill] IsABKLLK KkITII MAli(;AHKT KkXDUKK KaTHKIUNK Klli K PATH IC K IIKXDKRSOXVII.LE, X. V. (;li K EXMiOUO . X. f. KKLAXP, X. C. Alma I.axev M iiv Lknuxick Mahv K. Lewis Grace I.ixdsav I ' ACIELAXD, S. C. liEAIEOHT. S. C. XdUKDI.K, VA. LKXI N-(iTO X, N. C. Avis Little Hdxa Livixc stox Lwe McBee salisbury, n. c. lairel hill, x. c. sprice pixe, x. c. [112] Pansy McConnell Camille McDougal Mary Loiise McCioouAN gastonia, n. c. clarkton, n. c. st. paiils, n. c. Ruth McKatghan Leckie McLawhorx Robena McLean Helen Martin greensboro, n. c . winteryille, x. c. raleigh, n. c. waynesville, n. c. Emma Miller Margaret Mims Reva Mitchell canandaigua, n. y. holly springs, n. c. greensboro, n. c. [h;3] ' 4 Unity Xasii Iris Xelso.x Amy Newco.mb IIAMLET, N. C. (ililFTOX, X. C. VI I.M I X(;TOX, X. C. Margaret Xewtox Laiha Nohthhop Mii.dhei) OciDEx Maky Alice O ' Neal ENFIELD, X. C. T. I ' AILS, X. C. XORFOLK, VA. FA Y FT IE VI LLE, X. C. Gladys Oftlaw Mary Fraxces Padgett Jessie 1 ' arkfr StHX Sl RIX(iS, X. C. LIXCOLXTOX, X. C. RAEFORD, X. C. [IM.] Kathleex Parkkr Kvelvn Pauks Maruaret Paschal MONROE, N. C. (iREENSRORO. N. C. SILER CITY, n! C. Emeve Paul Patlixe 1 ' eace Mary Rorerts Peele Frances Pickett BEAUFORT, N. C. THOMASVILLE, X. C. RU II SQUARE, X. C. LEXINGTON, N. C. Mary Pixxi.x Hollis Pittman Opal Poplin lairmoxt, x. c. xew london, n. c. GREENSBORO, N. C. [115] . Ilr, . AlRK PoWKI! ' i1!I.IXIA I. axe I ' lil ' .SCOTT (JLADYS PlilCK LAX(iLEV, X. (. (iHF.KXSIiOIiO, X. C. : ' ,i,izAi)ETn Rahy I.ixda Raxkjx Rkhi; ca Huoiies Reva Rich IlICKOUV, X. C. (iHEEXSllOliO, X. C. BESSEMER tlTV, N. f. HOWDEX, X. C. 1 ' attie M. RiciiAiiDsox Mai!(;ai!ET Riddle ' iKiiixiA Riddle DL ' NN, N. C. BURLINGTON, N. C. DANVILLE, VA. [116] LoflSK RoHIXSON MaHV HeXRI RolilNSON XeVA CJaX RoPKl! MATTHKWS, N. C. (iliKKNSBORO, N. C. ELIZAISKTH CITV, X. C. Rekxett Ross Leslie Rotiirock Emily Russell Anxa Lor Sale HAMLET, X. C. MT. AIRY, X. C. GRAXITE FALLS, X. C. JENXIXGS, N. C. VnuiixiA Sayage RiTH Sciiolz Elaixe E. Shreyes VILMIX(iTOX, N. C. MACON, N. C. HIGH POINT N. C. . [11 ' 1 : ' . Hklkn Siu ' i-oiti) Elaine E. Siuikvf.s Elizaiikth Si.oan (iHlOK.N ' snoHO, X. C. HKIII POINT, X. C. .TdliDl ' X CITV, X. V. AxNiio I, or SMirii I ' akixxi-: Smith Sadik Smith 1!ai ' iiki. Sxipks MT. OLIVK, X. C. IIA.MI.KT, X. C. C IIA IILOTTK, X. C. SKI.MA, X. C. Naxcv Jo Soi ' Lkv Martha W . Stkdi.k Mahv STKiiLiX(; I HAHI.OTTF,, X. (. «A. IIA V, X. C. WIXSTOXSALK.M, N. C. :. Ai v v ii [118] luis Stith Elizaheth Stiiic kland I.ucile Styj.;h.s WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. PINE LEVEL, N. C. lUHAL HALL, N. C. Vellie Suggs Eugenia Tallev Hhownie Tavloh Mamie Rose Taylor QUEEN, N. C. RANDLEMAN, N. C. WIIITSETT, N. C. WILMINGTON, N. C. Elizabeth Thompson Beatkice Tomlinson Rosalind Trent DAVIDSON, N. C. HLACK CREEK, N. C. LEAKSVILLK, N. C. . [119] ' ' ( 4 Ifi Pailixf. Tmsi.ow Evki.-v x LxiiKinvooD Jclia Weill DllAl ' F.I!, X. C. WAVXKSVILLK, X. C. ATLAXTA, iA. AciXEs Welch Makv WEin Bleeka M ' heeless Helex Wilkixs (iASTOXIA, N ' . C. XEXVllEKIiV, S. C. sl llIX(i II()1 E, X ' . C . ELIZABETH CITY, X. C. ClIKISTIXE M ' lI.LUMS ' lVA WlI,LL .MS WiLMA WlLIJAMS KIXSTOX, X. C. MOXllOE, X. f. AXIilEIi, X. C. ( .. ' j: if{ [120] (JiiACE WixDP Rs Anna Wixstkad Fkancks W ' ise kukmoxt, x. c. hoxboho, x. c. ciiaklkstox, west va. Ruth Ykuton Fhaxces Peahsox newell, x. c. moravian falls, n. c. MA(i(iIE HoXEVf ITT K aTIIERIXK JoXES LolISE HaXES EKAXKLIXTOX, N. C. TRVOX, N. C. PIXE HALL, X. C. [121] . 4g StIIDENTS 15riLI)ING [122] OPHOMORE; Clagsi ous Thr fnrch of hkfh idcah } ou ' vr placeil in our hiuuh Will lif lit IIS- a palliicaij () r life ' s shiftiiif sands To i iiii, ' .;.) ' , ami. (Iriir riillrr r . to i oii Our Ill-arts and our Ihoiiglits -,cill forcvi-r lir tnit . Cnoiii-s Our liiiniirr, drar classinatrs. ah, sir it is lilinc ' mi A nii-.ssarjr of conriif r to iirgr iis afar Its colors alio ' c-r lis, its si nihnl hrforr lis. It hids ns look to trath and lorr Our f iiidinr star. Thr idrals, drar ciillrge, ll ' r r atlirr from tlirr. Till- hraiiti i oii trarli ns I ' ll failing sliiill hr Willi iioiith for our cirmor, and roiiragr oar sliirld ll ' r ' ll tight all life ' s Inittlrs, rrfusing to ;,ir!d. [ILH] Bktsev John IhuLEY Mascot of Class of 1933 [125] lm opfjomore Class l ' . i,[. ' I ' Kit.M C)i ' 1 ' uf:hs LrtiLLK IlrxAFF I ' riwidi ' iif Kathehink Tkaihk J ' ici ' -J ' rcsidriit MoDEXA Lkwis Srcrrtiin ' iH(iixiA Allen Trrasun-r Kav ]5i(() vn Cheer Leader Sl ' lUXl; TkHM Ol ' FUKKS Mildred Jiitrxr Pnaidenl Margaret Stallinus .. ricp-7Vc.v ( (« Mary Parish Secretari Eloise Cobb Treasurer Ai.MXE Charles _ Cheer Leader [l- " i] Alice Adkf.uson, Elizabeth Alhrittux, D(jrGLAss Akciiiiialii. Lixha IIailev, Ruth Barton Sakah Lee Bazemore, Mildred Bell. Mildred Biddle, Dorothy Blackwood, Frances Boger Mildred Bowles, Lollie Boyd. Frances Brame, Rebecca Braswell, Edna Britt Catherine Brown, F ' rances Bulwinkle, Vesta Eyrd. Mary Carpenter, Elizabeth Carter Harriette Carter. Allexe Chaki.i ' s, ?il xiNi; Clark, Eldise Coiid. Ruth Cobb [127] Vw Klizaheth CniiY. Jri.iKNxi: CodXKk, Ei.izAiiKTH Cromartik, Virginia Daltux, K. C. Davis Vkilet Davis. Bkktiia Dixdx, Kvelvx E.xxett, Georgia Flow e. Arlixe Fox 7Lle Frances Fowler, Cra Mai: I ' ,,x. Elizabeth Fox, Hallie Freeman, Lol ' ise Gibson Ernestine HALvnuRToN. M. Hammonp, Louise Haxes, Louise Harris. Dorothy H.artsell L. Hayes, Frances FLw.max. I ' i;axci:s Heixer. L RJoRIE Heeren, Charlotte Heilheckek [128] EVIXVN I IdlLnWKT.L. l.)i)RlS HuKTHN. AlICK I InWKLL. C Al.llW ELL H(1 L1■:. PIaRN HSTIm: - H IGGl NS Valeria Jackson, Sipm, Jk-Vmncs. Kith J iHNsnN. Eleanor Jones, Hattie P i;ss Kexdrick Madge Kenvon. Dorothy King, K th arine Lambe. Mlizabetii Langiorh, Ci.aka L. Lennon Lillian Little. Elizabeth Lou herm h.k. I!. McCirhv, Imiwinna MgHowell, Sue McI " )o ell .Margari;t McGlire. Virginia MgCiike. McImr. NL McMillan. S. NL ssi:niii rg 11 ' !)] mi Li " CY HuTCHENSoN, Pansv Matthews, Licv Ma ' i FiKi.ii. JIklkn " Melvix. XiKXAv Millar Edna Miller, Ferne Mitchell, Blanche Mooring, Virginia Morgan, Elizabeth Morrison Sadie Mull, Katharine Murray, Blanche Parcell, Alice Poe, Ella Poindexter Margaret Powell, Marv I . Powell. Mary Parker Ragshale, Rebecca Randolph. Sue Ray Alice Reid, Emma Rice, Frances Roberts. Virginia Robinson [130] f ; ¥ Iris RoLUNs. Sarah Seagle, M. Shafer, H. C. Shaw, Au.n; Shkkkiu. Kathekin,- Smhev Mildred Smith, M. Stallings, Johnnh: Sn ovn. Kathkrixk Tiknkk, Kmmv TrTtiK M.ARGARET Vakstorv, Marcaket Walteks, Lnr.sK AK„, M, Wavnick, Margaret Week. a Welch, D.ikothv Whitakek, Jaugaret Wilder, Maky Lhuise Blue M Joms [131] iv ' Al [132] ' , c ,;.. , - ' mX x, 0 CO ? 1 l! Z S - Tpi TT •ip TUt -wM- tA-W M )otA vOeco JL Z HMEN CL-» z : ■- •V yl Jfiesijman Class (!E)fficers First Semester Mary Corpenino ■ ' ' (■ .v Cliaininui Eveline Kappes Sicoinl Cliainiian Ell.EEX C ' Assmv Thiril Cliairmun Second Semester RiTii Williams Prcs ' ulcni MAiitiARKT Win HER T ' ice-Prcshli-ut Barrara Lincoln Secret an Katiierine Mavnard Trc(i. iin-r Clav Howard Cheer Leader liu [1.31] JJuU , n.e. : ' --i0M r M. Abernathv, M. K. Ainslev, M. J. Alexander, E. N. Allen, M, Allen, M. K. Allen Janis Allsbkook, Liwena Aniikews. Winona Ashe, Mary Evelyn Ayers, Marie Bailey Mildred Barnes, Sarah E. Beal, Kathleen Beasley, Louise Beaver, Frances Benson Anne Roger, Marguerite Bowles, Mary Bennett, Sue Borden, Carrie Mae Bowles H. Bridger, Aleane Britt. Lola Broughton, Margaret Brown, Mary Bryan, Eula Burney [135] : ll;(,INi llrKi;iirc,n . V . I ' . MM. J i i.i (_ j. C. i i:i(, I- " .1i.i:i:n C sM|l , , Chkx AIJLT VyA i J I ' .i i.iNi Chi:xmit. X AiiM C ' ljxi;. Hi;i.i;x ( ' nRx Mi.L. M in Ciiki ' Kxixc, Jaxi:v Chukixl UjtJ - •:P ' ' - I.IM |N|.; t ' liTTKK. l)nKllTII ( IMMIXI.-. K-TILM DKXThX. J A X 1 K DrAKE. XiTA DkAIT.HAX AJu " hnuMTiiv Dim, Mauv C. Di nx. Maktiia Vxw. I ' .i i x I- ' .wakt. D.ik.itiiv I ' akmkk ' ' ' ifS " (i. 1mx( xxiix, Mu i:i.i !■: Imxiii. (_;i.Aiiv 1- " i iii;k. SvKMi l " i in;K. E. Fli:iciimaxx, C. 1 ' ' ii i.ek iTl i []:3(;] (jLAnvs FiJwi.KU. Is- r,i:i. Fhikmi. Ai kkahf Im m:. Ikis K a ( iii.i ' .i;nT. Rr rii ( ' .i i. c,i;r. [ARTHA CiKKr.G, El-lZABnTH (inilllX. KaTHKKIM ' ; (ililll ' IX, lUJJISI, ( inir.c. Sm.via ( " . ' Jacquei-inK Halkv, Shirlkv Hai.l, M. HAMituir.ii r. I ' ' .i.i . Aiiirni I1amii.T(i. , 1saiii;i.i.i.; 1 1 akuis Martha Hawks. Carolixi; IIaisku, LrciLi.i ' : llvumnir, Allik IIkithr. Makii IIkkxikin Hi{Li;n Hiij,. I.m im; HnRxi;ii, Maun 1 louKinnx, 1 am, 1[u li:. L.. I [rnsi ' iifi. ' lK(,I •| Ixsioi- [137] Franxes Jdlly, Shaw Jones, Eveline Kai ' iJe ' s, Ji Tja KNUEnuRG, Margaret Riser, L. Land Liiu R. LANriKKTH, Ruth Lang, Annie LaRoque, Ei.mer Lawrence, Flora Frances Lilly Claire Lind, L ouise LipE, Elva Lowrv. Ruth Lowrv, Grace McClenny L. McClure, E. McCormick, V. McCormick, Xancv McDearman, Sara McDearman Mary McGuire, E. McKaughan, M. McKaughan. C. . [cPhers(in, A. AL rtin, A. Minton [138] 4 X Sallie Mitchinkk. Ci-aldia Moore, Kate Mooke, Nancv Moore. Mamie Moore. L. Morrison- Mary Nading, Glaijvs Neal. [ARr.ARET Osborne, Ruth Owens, Evelyn Page Charlotte Patten. Loma Pif.rck. AIartha Peele. Frances Pearson, Jessie Phy Inez Pitts, Eunice Pope, Mary Powell, Rosalie Pruitt, Elizaheth Rediung Lois Reid, Ollie Robers in, Pearl Rosser. Neta Robertson. Annie Royster, Janet Royster [139] f C%(Sl :n K lV v - V •l ' M sKv Sayrk, Makv Skaci.e, Margaret Sherrill, G. Singleton, M. Smith, Edna Suckwem- I ' J.lZAIlETH SoCKWELL, M. Si ' ENSER, GERTRUDE STEELE. ViRGINLN STEPHENS, SarAH SlciNE llAr.ME S ■KEs. Faye TaiiL(ick. Grace Taiton, Carolvn Twlor. Sarah Tavliir I ' .iix ' Phiirxtox, Lucile TiiLAR. Tiii:i.MA TnwERV. Li CH.E Tn vNsi:xD, Margaret Thwxsi.xd Cariiuxi TuKxHdLM. M. Ticker. l ' ici AMi: Ticker. E. Tiriixcthx. F. Wade. A. VAr,(]XER [140] 5 1 Lrcii.K Wauii, !■ " . Whkki.ick. M. hitakkk. II. iiitkxkk. B. Vh itiiki.u, Cathkuink Tavuiu Sallii-; Williams, Mary Winstun, Kixa ■h■ ■, I.diisk Zimmi:iol n, L(iri Av Zimmkkman Saka R(]C.i;ks. Fallink Stka-iham. Jankt Paschall. Mary Molt. Annik Thiimas DiiLiiuLs .MiioRK, FuA.Nxi;-. I!iiiii;n ' iii;[mi:u, 1 ' ' raj ci I ' .kncjisS. 1{li . i ' .i;i ii Ri ' .uwim; [111 J Front Campus [142] igammtLouLS (lrithfi | came throuqHbrdlie and thicket. In the front the White Doe leading, With fleet foot and head uplifted. Darinq all the herd to follow. tubeut otJernment siSociation Officers Mary Jane Wharton President LuciLE Knioht Vice-President Pansy McConnell Sccretarif Ernestine Halyburton Treasurer House Presidents Kate Robinson Shaw Margaret Kendrick West Eloise Ward Grai Esther Shreve East Katherine Moroan Cotton Elizabeth Henley South Spencer ViRoiNiA Clark Hinshau- Helen Comer North Spencer Rachel Snipes Bnilei Mary Frances Padgett New Guilford Charlotte Hill Jf ' omans Louise Gorham Kirkhmd Elizabeth Thompson .-Mart Foust Judicial Board Evelyn McNeill Frances Gaut Elizabeth I ewis Virginia Johnson Helen Seifeut Betty E. Sloan Louisa Hatch Class Representatives to LE(iisLATURE Elizabeth McLaughlin, Mary Newton, Gladys Hicks Senior Alyce Fuller, Florence Barefoot, Pickett Henderson __ Junior Margaret Morris, Frances Bulwinkle, A. Virginia Poe Soplunnorr Eileen Cassidy, Eveline Kappes, Mary Corpening Freshma n Bernice Apple D y Student Other Student Government Officers Kay Maier Social Chairman Mathilda Robinson Cheer Leader Annie Lee Singletary Mary Lucille Jones Fire Chief Handbook Editor Frances Faison Hostess Faculty Mrs. Woodhouse, Dr. Barton, Miss Jamison [U.3] .M. ]n Ja.vk WiiMi ' i ' dN. (irt Tiisliord. N . C STIDKXT (iOVKHNMK.NT ASSOflATIUX W ' l [IM-l Lucille KxuiHT, ( hasc City. . rice-Prrxiilrnl STCDKNT (lOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION [145] • l ousc ifsibents ' lH(ilXlA (l.AJiK, KloISK W.Mtl), KaTK RolilXSON MAlUiAliET KlONDlUCK. LoiISK (J OK II A :Vl , RaCHF.L SnIPES Elizabeth Henlev, Klizabeth Tiioiirsox, Mahy Frances Paikjett Helen Comer, Kathehine ] Iorgan, Charlotte Hill, Esther Shreve [l-i6] y f utiicial Poarb LoiisA Hatch, Sb:ifei!t, Klizahkth Lewis ViiuiiNiA Johnson, Evelyn McNeill Betty E. Sloan, Frances Gaut, Pansy McConnell [147] Class lArprescntatibeg to Hegiglaturc ElIZABKTII Ml I.AlCiHLIX, MaKV NkWTON, (il.AD ' SS HlCKS Alvce Ftllkr, Pickp ' .tt Hf.xi ei{ -on, Frances Bn.xviNKi.E. Ai.u e ' iu(;inia Poe Mary Corpemnc;, Ehxestixe Halvbiktox. F,velixe Kappes [148] )t Bap tubentsi ' (l rsani ation Officers Bernicf, Apple President Verna Tolleson rice-President Dorothy Donnell Secret tin Lucy Crocker Treasurer Rose Goodwin, Mary B. Williams Representatives Until rtctntly tliere lias het-ii no organization of tliost- iindcrgvaduate stiuk-nts who live at tlieir homes in Greensboro and attend classes at the college. However, in the spring of 1929, there came to the front a pressing need for these students to participate more in the campus activities. Thus, the Day Students ' Organization came into existence as a unit of the Student Government Association. The center for this group, tlie Town Girl ' s Room, is convniicntly located in the Administration Building. It is attractively arranged to till its need as a study hall during class periods, and as a social period at other times. y r [119] A.-. Marv Delia Rankix. Mount Holly. X. C I r,:u,lf it Y. W. C. A. [1.30] rJ K rjj fv B. c. a. Esther Shreve, Zelma Day, Catherine McIver Alice V ' iroinia Poe, Mary Louise McGoooan, Edith Kimsey, Evelyn McNeill Martha McGee, Rebecca Rabun, Kathleen Johnson Betty E. Sloan, Louisa Hatch, Alyce Fuller [151] B, OT. C. . 0Uktv anb Catiinet Mary Delia Rankin President Esther Shreve Vice-President Zelma Day Secretary Catiiehine McIver Treasurer Alice V. Fok _._. Service Gertrude Steele Publicity Edith Kimsey Publiciti F.vELYN McNeill Social Martha McGee Hut Mary Louise McGoouan Music Kathleen Johnson Vespers Alice Fuller liepresentative-at-large Loiisa Hatch liepresentativc-at-large Betty Sloan lirprcsentativc-at-Jargc Faculty Advisory Committee Dr. a. S. Keister, Miss Bernice Draper, Miss Abagil Rowley Dormitory Vesper Chairmen Zelma Day _ _ tVest Fatsy Jane Wihteuead East Hose Goodwin Cotton Clifeord Dolvin _ Baileif May Swan Graii Dorothy Upshaw Hinshaio C ' liAiii.oTTE Wilkinson Slunc Kave ]5uown Kir LI and Helen Seifert IVoman ' s Alice ' . 1 ' oe Spencer Margaret ( ion ham Nexc (i nil ford Deane Babcock Man Fonst [152] OCIETIE. Elizahktii Moxtv, C ' li.irldttf. X. C. [loi] Adelphia [155] Sbelpfjian ocietp Rosa Coit Moore Presidrnt Annik Roval Sacnders J ' lcf-Prcsidcnt Harmox Tavi.ok Rccordiiif Sfcrctari Penelopk Lewis Corresponding Sfcri ' tiiri Louisa Hatch Treasurer Elizabeth Thompson _ _ Inter-Societi liepresentalive [1.50-] V- Sue Trenholj Adclphidii Mar.sJials Mabel Tatk Mary Delia Rankin [157] yldil j Iiiaii M irshdls MaBKL SHEIMIKHI) Katk Rohixson [158] AJcthc ' ut [159] I r 1 ' - V Jclletfjeian ocletp Helen Petrie President Iris Nelson Vice-President Eloise Cobb Recording Secretary Emilie Richardson Corresponding Secretary Bettv E. Sloan Treasurer May Swan Inter-Society Representative [1(50] ■llitluiaii Marsluds Elizaiseth Lewis Ellie Currin Martha McGee [161] Alcihcid)} larsluils Helen Might Amy Newcomb [162] CoiiXKLIA AXI) Till " , GUACCHI [16.3] [161] Conicliaii 3Iar.sliaI.s C ' liARLOTTK Hill EvELvx McNeill ViK(iiNiA Clark [165] ( ' (innliiiu ?I(irsl, il.s IIkLKX SiIVFORD LksLIK RoiUHOCK [1(30] Dike [167] Bikean ocietp AIaKV 1,1)1- H. . 1!V I ' liwillcllt J A NIK Sk CHEST _ _ J ' lCC-l ' rcxKlcili Mahtine WmiiHT .__ UccunliiKi Sccrctarii AlAlHiAUET Dixon Carres jininlijici Sccn-Uiri [{I ' Tii Coiiii Trcdxiirir EsTiiKK SilUKVE Jiitfr-Socicti liiprc.scntativc ■ [1G8] Dilu ' du i [(trs]i(tJs Jaxk .Ioiin ' so.x ViR(iixiA JoHxsox Elizabeth McLauchlin [1C9] I)il, ' fiiii Marshdls Mauv Hknui Rokin ' son Klizakktu Henlkv [170] C LU Ije Cbucatiou Club Officers CkLIA (iEHSKOV I ' rfxidi ' tlt I.oi.A Payne ._ J ' icc-l ' n-.sidoit Fi.EETA Mahtin ___ _ Srcrctarii I.OI.A .liMEsoN _ . Trrasiirtr JlLiA (iii.i.iAM Chairman of Program ComynHIrr Ml!. (). P. C ' lttts _ __ _ Faciilti .Idvi.uir The festering of an inttrest and i)ri(lt ' in ttacliiiii; as a jiroffssion, the eneourage- ment of social intercourse witli teachers of tin state, and the development of better understanding on the part of jirospective teachers of the problems and conditions of education in North Carolina — these are the .liius of the Education Club. It was organized for the benefit of Seniors wjio are doing teaching under super- vision, and nienibershi|) is restricted to .Sinjors in tji. ' field and instructors from Curry. Through its auspices every year, outstanding educators and speakers of the state are brought to the campus who help to bring about the feeling of under- standing and friendship that is the ultimate goal of the organization. [172] m)t peakcrsi ' Cluij Ojkickhs Lola Payne I ' n.sidcnt Rebp cca Cai ' sey I ' ifc-l rc.siilcnt Aletmea Manning Sfcrctiiri ' J ' ri-a.siircr Dr. Keister and Mrs. Davis Hoiidrciri Mcinlx-rs Tlie S))fMkrrs ' ( ' lull OJiciis its ddor tii I ' -.-csliinrn ;j,s will as t(i ii|)|)ircl.-issmrii. ' I ' liiis. tilt ' meiillii ' vs arc in tlir cluli Idiin rii(iiii;li to lircdiiic well arciuaintcd. The I ' liili lias as its jnirposc tlif aiham-finriit of ])ul)lic s|ifakiiii;-. Since the subjects arc not re- stricted, the profirauis eo tr a wide variety of material, adding interest to the meetings. Previously, the activities have licen restricted to tile college; however, tiiis year progress has been so great that the Itoundaries have been widened to in- clude intercollegiate debates. The purpose of the club has been strengthened, the interest heightened, and conseijuently the accomplishments have improved greatly. [173] ije College rcije£itra V Officers r iilillll I ' RANCEs Wallace President Amy Newc ' omb Vice-Vrcsldcnt w MAiniAiiET York Si-crrtari Hk SrsA.v Sharp ____ Lihraricni (iKOHGlA T ' lowe istntit Librarian Fraxces Wallace Sallv Sharp ] „l,r,cit, Manaq.r Prrsulrnt Mary 15. U illlams AxKistinit J ' lihlicit 1 Manaf er Tlir Collcnv Oi-rhrstr.-i is c()iii|)cis((l of stmlcnts ami iiirinhrrs (if tlir faculty who arc intrristi l in orclicstral iiistniiiii-iits ; it is coiiductril liy Mr. Ilcnr ' I ' uclis of the School of .Music. H cry vc k meetings .arc held for study and ])racticc. The chief e ent of tlic year is :t jiiililic concert directed by Mr. Fuchs. [171] Jllabrigal Club M ' ' LoiisK GoRHAM President TiLLiK Geigeu Vice-President Rachkl Blvthp: Secret an Helen Russ Treasurer Emma Rice Press Reporter Grace ax Dvke ] IooiiE Director I.otisE Goiiiiam President Those students sufficiently interested and aecomplislicd in music to desire to be- come supervisors of public school music are eliji;ible for membership in the Madrifj al dull. Meetinu ' s and rriicarsals an- held weekly; several ))ulilie jicrforinances ar(- ■liven under the direction of Miss (iraee ' an Dyke Moore, liead of the Public School Music Department. [175] i.c Ccrclc Jf rancaig Offickks Mai!(i. hf.t Ha XX a 1 ' res id rut Mai!i:l SiiEPHEHD J ' icc-1 ' rcx ill c II t (JLADVs Hicks __ _-_ Seen- Inn Ei.iZAiiKTii Lewis Trruxiirrr .Miiiilirrslii]) in I.c C ' crilr I ' r.-iiirii-. K li,-isril on schcil.irs!ii|i anil inti vist. Tlir jmr- |i(iM (it tiir dull is to lirinn lirton ilir stiulrnts tin- lit.- of I ' rani-c .ind to a ' ,|uaint tlicm with hir jiioplr and tlu ir ciistoiiis. Thr nioctiniis of tlir cluli arc lii 1.1 l)i-niontlily at wliirli time intfiTstinj; ])roi;ranis an- jirtstntcd to fulllll the purpose of tlie club. The |iroi;raiiis include daiuas. soni;s, and plays of la lielle France. Meuiliers of the faculty of the French department are also I ' luli niciiiber.s. [176] ■f €1 Circulo €£(panol Offickks Rosalind Tukxt : Vrat ' ideni WiLLiK Davis J ' ic-J ' nsiilrnt MAruiAHirr MiMS Srcrrliiri Edith I vev Tn-n .surer Ai.ui ' : Rkid _ lie part cr VA Circulo Ivsii.-mol is an m-fiaiiization coiiiiioscd of advanced students in S|)aiiisli and a nunilicr of faculty nieinhers wlio arc interested in Spanish life and culture. We try to hetter appreciate tlie cunt rihut ion of Spanish people to our lan ;Miage, literature, and institutions. .Ml the lucniliers «ork tonitlier to present typical .scenes of .Spanish life and to create a line for s|i.nhsh unisic. ;irt. and dancini!: through prepared ])rograins of soiins .and ] l:iys in the .Spanish language. [1 ' gome economics Clul) Officers Dorothy Srkn ' ce I ' rrsidfiit Annik Tucker J ' icc-l ' rr.siilint Helen Fuye Secrctari Annie Ruth German Treasurer Tliis ()ri;aiiiz,iti(iii, aftili.itid with the national assoi ' iatioii. lias as nicmlicrs Seniors, .luniors, and specially silretrd Sophomores in the Home Iseonomies Department. A laeulty advisor is ehoseii every two years. The jiurposi ' of the eliili is to arouse interest in the field of Home Keonomies. to de ( ' lo]i ;m appreei.ition of liome-inakinu;, and to cultivate the enjoyment of social eont.iets. The I ' luli meets semi-montiily at which time programs are .yiven hy meiiilH-rs and hy invited guests. This clul) was organized in ' ' 5 hy thirteen girls iiLaJoring in Home Kconoinics. [178] ilatftematics Club Officers Anne Fawcett President Marv Virginia Barker fice-Prcsident Pickett IIendkkson Secretary and Treasurer Those niemlifrs of tln ' studriit lioily wlio have sliown their interest by eleeting mathematics beyond the Freshman year, or who have done superior Freshman work in that subject, and members of the faculty, compose the Mathematics Club. The Club was organized to encourage the study of the history and the modern develop- ments of mathematics. At tlie monthly meetings, different phases of the. topic of the semester are studied and discussed bv the members. [179] JBotanp Clul) OriicKiis Maii(,a1(|;t I ' asciiai.i. Pn-siiliiil RrTIl Slloi.T . .___ _ J ' iir-I ' nxiilriil .Mlxi:i!V A Ml K Sccrcftir fi inn T riiixiircr .MllMAM l!l,(i( Is ClnuruHiii of Pnnirani Cnininl I rr [ l!(, Uh I I ' asi UAJ.l, ' ; t ' i(l ' iif ' I ' lir Hot.iny ( ' lull .ittords td tliosc stud.nts iiitircstrd in Hotany an (i|iiinrtuiiity to study i laiit litr in its natural lialutat and to i ain familiarity witli tlir lives and works ot naturalists and srii ntists in tli( liotanical firld. M. iulurslii|i is jiaini d liy the submission ni an arnptalilr i)rojict to the mcmlicrs ,A the Club. Iiitmstinn- meetinss an- lu-ld smii-nuuithl v. r« tsatiLS K [180] Bolpljin Club Ori ' icEits C ' liAHi.drii-: Ilii.i, _ I ' rc.s chiit A.NNK BltOUX Sccrrlaii Ml OMHKRS Ai.Ki: . iiKi:usii. ' |K,,LMA NfASl IX I ' jITTV AllKICkSnX . ■A C l.i{i ' . vSiM i|.:i; ij . l. .i;i. liowi.Ks TiLMK KuIlINSliN Ann Brciwn MakV HKNKI RlllllNS(iN KaVIC HUdWN JVlAROARET Weeks Drl ' .dsi- Ckcii. Hilda Peterson 1 ' K . ci Cii iii-i:i; LrClLLE HlTAll ' Mak.; i;i:t l), ,.: ViRC.iNL DArr.iii ' i:i; . H Llil 1M-: lIlll ' K ;i s Jeanne Wheeli:k Charldttk Hill MuLLV Irish MiNNii; Lknnon Katherine Stecker ToHANNA LlCHTKNl-KLS J ' .iiiTH Henderson HELKN LlCHTENl- ' ELS Elizabeth Wells Rachel Lipscomb I ' j.izABETH Allen ClIAltLOTTK HiLI, ' n-.v V r; Tlic i ur|)(isc (if the Dolpliiii Cliili is to oiler a more .-Hh .-Liiced -oiirse in swiniiiiiiij to those students who wis!i to perfect their skill mi this siMut. I ' .ritraiiee recpiire iiients .ire liaseil dm sjieed and eiiduraiiee in swininiiiii; and sii|ieriorit_v in di inj; ' . ' I ' ll eluh is suix-rvised liv iiieiiilurs id ' the I ' hvsical Kducation facility. i— t ' Maikjaret HaN ' XA Frfsii cnt 0u )tm Club Officers Mai«;aret Ha XX a President I ' nirii ' ajl Secretari and Treasurer Miss MixxA Maiujaret Lauter Faeiiltji Advisor M Mabkl Tatk Ckcilia 11ai_bi;kstaiit Maky BkaxiiT HiiiTH Vail Evi£LYX CL ' .MMIXnS tAzEL Bowles P " kancks Faison Peggy Hanna Helen Petrie Matilda Robixsox Eloise Baxxing Edith Kimsey Katherixe Morcax Zelma Day Eetty EMBERS Margaret Dixon Nellie Hoxd Dickixson Jaxe Johnson Millie Ogdex Lily McLees Evelyn Parks Margaret Bacchus Margaret Spencer Avis Little Jllia Weill Roberta Hayes Blanche Parcell Frances Leak L RV Lou Swift Aijkerson In tlie Spring a beautiful Dance Drama is ])ristntf(l l)y Orclicsus under the direc- tion of Miss Minna Lauter of the I ' iiysiial Kdueation fai ' ulty. The eluh. Orchesus, aims to further the advancement of rhytlmiiis and to teacii self-expression through rliythmical dancing. Memhership is based on requirements of grace and graceful interjjrctation. X ' ■■Al [182] rcijerp Clud Okficeks CiiAiti.diTi-; Hill President I.rcii.i.i.: Ih ' TAi-F Secretnri initl Treasurer Miss Minna MAiuiAHKT Lattter Fiieiilti Advisor Members Katherine Turner Lucille Hiitaef Margaret Wildkr Charlotte Hill Zelma Day [ISS Lauter Kate RnniNsoN Katharine Morgan Nellie Wheeler Mary Clyde Single ' Edith Kimsey Charlotte Hill President The ArcliL-ry Cliili is still a Vfry young orfianization, just fii-owing out of its in- fancy. Membership requirements are based on interest, and skill in hitting the bull ' s eye — or near it. Each week meetings are Jield to compare scores and to con- centrate attention and energy on the sport. [18.3] ' r.v .SV;);r.v c Mahv I,ki: (irioN Rl BY Al.LKN Annie C ' oppEixiK MaNIE RollINSON Jessie I ' ahkku Rrnv Allkx .IaNIK Al.LSllHIHIK Maid Asinviiinii Annie I. a i " hie 15as(: KxiE Ueasley Miriam Block C ' aZLYN 15o()K IIOIT Helen IJkinson LriiLLE C ' lauk ' lH(iINIA Cl.Allli Hriii ( ' (iHii Inez C ' olhwem, t ' ORA t ' oLLIER Rena Cooke Annie Coppedoe oologp Jf ielb Clul) S,-coii(l Srwr.strr Prisiiloil _ _. Jessie Parker - ifi-l ' n-siili ' iii Virginia Clark St ' crcltirii-Tridsiircr ...Grace Lindsay ( ' liair)iiiiii I ' l-df niiN C(}iii in Hire . Mafai.da Dawson Chairnnni J ' lih ' l id i, C nni iii ' il Ice Delia Ma( Himmon Memkehs Catiiahine Cd. Annie DAiun: Mautin S.M.i.iE Davidson Hazel MAiriiE«- ; .Maf li)a Dawson AiilHTrs Mk.vdows J. 1 ' . (iiVLEK In ' - Nelson- Mary Lee (iriox Jksme Parker Mary Lor Hanuv Kathleen 1 ' arker MozELLE Harris Mar,;aret Paschal -- ,, Klizaketii Poteat . an(ey Hay . L NIE RoHINSON Constance Herritaoe j,,. , , Si.aciitman KVELVN HOLLOMAN |) ShAETESRIRY Helen Inoraiia.m (.race Smith Klizareth I,AX(ii()iiD Kmma Lee Tcttle (inA( !■: LiNDsA ' Mari ' Jane Wharton Delia Mai Maim Railey Williams [181] international l elations Clntj OlFUKHS I.onsA Hatch ;vc.v llftlt Hklkn Skifeut _ __,_ J ' l r,-I ' r,:s„l,„ t EvKi.v.v McNeill _ ._ Cha ' iniian of Prix r ,1,1 ( 1, , II milt, ' ,- Memukhs FnANCF.s Wiirrr. Lchisa Hatch Helex Seieeut I ' hancks I ' aison KvKLVx McNeill lioiiEiiTA Haves Cecil RcxiEiis I ' axs A[( COxxell UlTIl AlillOTT HeLIIX Sill FOlllI N ' liicaxiA .loiixsox MAiidAiiiT Kexukk K [185] €t m ciui) Officers Helen Siufoud President Marion Holoman Vice-President Sue Mae Hendren Secretary and Treasurer Members Helen SinFoun Ma1!II)V IIolomax I ' aNS MrC ' oN ' XELL HollKiriA .loHNSOX Mary I ' raxces Faixjett Annie Lee SixtiLETAHV C ' athkuine Harris Anne McDowell R(lSAI.IXl) ' ruEXT RoiiKRTA Haves 1?ETTV 1?R()H X LoriSE (ioRIIAM I ' lorexce ISarefhot FrAN( ES CiAIT Tlif Quill dull lias liffii iiru ' anizril with the ])ur](osi- of fuvtlicring interest on till- cani))iis in literature and eneouraniiii; ' eil ' orts towaril creative writinij. Tile eluli is coni])osed of those nieuiliers of the faeulty and of tin ' student body wh i have sliown unusual interest anil ahility in writinti;. Meetings are held senii-nionthly. [186] t!i:f)e lap-Hifeers! Ofkickrs Eloise Banning Prcsitlt ' iit Helen Petri e Secrctiiri -Tri ' axiircr Jane .Foiinson Ihisiiuws Manager Katiiakink KiiiKP ATiiiCK Biisiiii-xs Maiiaijrr I ' LAV-I.IIvEIiS EXF.CTTIVE StAI F RiTil AiuiOTT Produrliiin Manaf rr SiirKoKi) Sliii r Maiia cr SiE Mak 1Ii: i)1!EN . _ Sccn r Tci-li niciaii Kli CAIIi: TH Rowland .. I ' nipirfi Mintnxs MAH(;Ai!hyi ' (ioifiiAM I ' rd jiir 1 1 ( ' iistodiaii Eliza Hatcjikh __ Mislrcsx of H ' linlnilic El.lZAHKTll ' I ' llOMl ' SON El cit ricia II Faculty Mu. W. R. Taylor Director Mr. E. ,1. Forney .iiutitor [187] Twi) S(i:xi:s Fi!i)M " Ai-ii:ii Dakic ' [KS«] PUBLICfflOM Mabb:l Tatf; Sup: Theniiomi Editor B II sill ess Manager $ine JJeebles taff Mabel Tate Editor-in-Chief Sue Trenholm Business Manager Elizabeth Thompson issociate Editor Frances Faison Class Editor Maruaret Kendrick Organization Editor Marion Holoman -- -Photograph Editor Charlotte Hill Issistant Photograph Editor Pickett Henderson Assistant Photograph Editor Roberta Johnson Literari Editor Kathehink Kihkpathick .Isst. Business Maiiagi ' r Kl.lZAHKTii Stiuckland Asst. Business Manager (rLADvs Hicks Circulation Manager Nellie Bond Dickinson ___ Snapshot Editor (Jrace Graves Typist Margaret Osborne .Typist Helen Shuford Assistant Mr. AitxoLD McKay Faculty Advisor [190] Pine Nekdles Staff [191] 1 % W " - : " I5ii(i x I ' l; ANCF.s White ) ' II .V ; II cfix Ma ti atjc r )t Carolinian taff Bkttv ]5. Riiowx I- ' nA. -(T Wiiri ' K Hi;iii:( ( A t ' AisKY F.,lil,n-iii Chief Ilii.siihx.s Miiiiiif i-r Maiiiif iiif Eilitiir MlI.I.IH OdDKN HkLEX STlilCKI.A M Makoauet I ' on em. A- SOCIATE KlllTOIlS I ' .i.diM; i;ii, .Iaxe J(iiin ()x, Axxi] ' I.ji: Sixi.ektahv AsslSTAXT Kl)l rojis Maio STi:iii,iX(i, Mahv ' . l ' ,Ai!i(i:i;. Heid C ' lUCri.ATIOX S TAII ' Miniiir rr Circiil dliini Stiilf Kate Smii,e M aik auki- .M((m ihk X ' luciixiA .M((ii IKE lii:i!rnA I)i. ox BlSIXESS Staee Mai!(,aiie-i ' (mihham I;i:i)e (A Kahi-x Ims Ni:i.s() I ' haxces Kmikemax fAl!(iAHET Riddle H EiMiH TdHiAi. Staff IwiAxcEs Wallace M U(,Ain:T Ha.mmdxd M akcahet Watsox Mal-v Moseu (iltA( K WlJ.I.IAM . IaH(;AI!ET KeUXODLI: Hrill ( ' (IDI! M AliliAIIET Si j:x{EH -Maiciiia Hikid iU(iiNiA Sava(;e Ki.dise Ciini! .Mai{(;aiiet Ashhihx IdXE FEHin lHi;lXIA DaLTOX t ' ATIIEHlNE TaVLOH C ' lvDE NnHdM Hexhietta Wallace .Maiiie Hatledge Sahah ]5. C ' le(i(; l [1!)2] ( ' a II or. INI AN ' Stak I nr.i] C ' atiiahink Hauris Editor Mav Swax I i II. ill CSS Maiiiif r, Corabbi taff Cathkkixk Hakhis Editor May Shax Business Manager Francks (Iait Issoeiate Editor RoBKRTA Johnson .Issistant Editor Anne McDowell _. .Issistant Editor Maui- Mitchell, Aijline Fonville Assistant lulitors VHt(iixL Dalton Circulation Manager Helen Shueoru Booh Uevietc Editor [iDt] es . Till-: CdHADDi Staff [1!.5] x U i.L- R U m .m Nkw Guilford Dohmitohv [ux;] ATH Axm; M. I)(iui:m,. Wayn.svill,-. N. C I ' rrtHlvnl llhl.lic A .■iSdiiatidU [!!)«] !litl)letic !lggociation Ofi ' ickus A NK Mt ])() vi:i.i. _ President I.Ai HA Stkwaht Vice-President LlciLE HlTAi-K Secretiiri Mahoahet Stalling Treasurer Sport Leaukhs Mary Newton Hockey Nellie Wheeler _ Soccer Katherine Morgan Archery Kate Robinson Basketball Charlotte Hill S-wimming Zelma Day Tennis Mazel Bowles Gymnnsties Elizabeth Lewis Jiasehall Jewel Cole Track Ann Brown Life Saving MAR(iARET Hanna Dancing MoDENA Lewis Hiking Committee Chairman Ann Brown Social Edna Henlv Business Margaret Morris Points Katherine Blair Camp Mildred Tomlinson Poster [199] ,. Sport Leaders [200] X. HoCKV ' AliSITV SoccKU ' ahsitv [201] ■ Basketball Coaciu;.- ( rVMNAM II (_ ' ()A( 111 - [202] ,y Tennis [203] liililiiiJL Swi.M.MIXti COACHKS LlKK SAVIX(r GroI [20-i] e atures 0 O-kis-k) loved Wi-nom, Cave her all his heart ' s rude homage, Felt no loss for allKis ivlna, Loved tr for the jotj of loving. Beaut — Janie Seckest, Monroe, N . C. Cliann — Esthkk Shkevk, Moorcstown, N. J. Grace — Mabei, Tatk, Ili( li Point, A ' . L ff ' is(]fiin IIki.kx Skifkrt, .Vcti ' Bern, X. C. rirfidtilif — Makv Jank AVhaktox, Grcciivbora, N. C. f4 1 I Sj)(irt)iinaih ' liij) -IjAvkx axd Lydia Steavakt, Monroe, N. C. Ciihiiir ' Lvcu.i.iL Knight, Chase Citi , Va. Oric iiialitij Robekta Johnson., C ' oluinhiis. G(i. w Ox imesti ' atiiin we tiiul that this is (|uitf a " snappy " cainjjiis. We, aeeiir(lin ly. would hke very mueh to make this an entirely " ' sna])py " " annual. i)ut we were afraid oui ' puhlie nii ht sua]) us i ahout it. So we had to snap it off sliarj) and use only those snai)s that look I ' ather " heel-y. " It is with a|)olo- g ' ies that we sua]) even our ex])lanations short. We hope and trust that our sna])py heels will neither wear you out nor niakt ' you feel all I ' un down. .:s. ( [211] V? y 1 £7 (b fi o o ■ .1 tt JPrintsi [215] [- ' 16] [217] o B -m Q ©doQ ra [218] ( fo [219] [220] hQ O J «=» n [221] ,c«: " i ' .:it, ?! [22-] (§ ' l?1?(§ [- ' .■!] l fje 3aime of tfje Jf acultp Jf east PROLOGUE icnx an aucirnt f a»klin car Stojjt h, a tall iiif ht -,,-atcliwaii hold " Ildhl (iff . unhand itii hlnc-cappnl Icon. " In frof f i Vdicr this talc he told : " Thf dining roiim doors an- open -tcidr. " He xaid ' icifh a microscopic f rin, " The facniti comes in feast, ni i wan. Thou canst swell the fish icithin. " " Metliinl.s the lad protests too much, " Quoth a Shal-espiaran voice hland — A tall and statel, dawe stood hi IVith nid le hnwhershoot in her hand. Another ear drexc up the eiirh With lov. ' l II lines at that. Out sti ' pt a support of the drama; Where did he get that hat? " Ah, a f athering of the nuts, " He said 7cilh gestures cool ; ' Then. -,citli ilraniafic ironi , " I ' d rather he The Fool. " Xe.rt into the spotlight Flashed a car of rohin ' s-egg blue: He thought he -ccould xcelcoine Faster And paint ' er blue. PART I ' Till- woon iioic rose upon the scene — . course tincard South took he; Then hid hehind a nice dark clond To ualeh the faciilti . Hi sa-,c the soup, hi ' saxc the hash. He ,v,;u ' ,• canliflincer; Then, getting a u-hiff of fish, Prai ed Iliaven for a shower. He saileil near to a -,ciiido-,c, SI III II he peepeil in, .Ind gleaned these gews of rhetoric .Ihove the merry din: [22 ] PART II FlHST ' oi( i: " I think this tea Should iniilriiiiihl 1 In- In Shaic At fifteen ininiiles after three. " Skcond ' ol(•K " But 7chnt ahiiiit tin Freshmen? The like teas t,„i. IVe must have it in the Students, Or what icill mi darlings dnY " Tmiu) VoicK " What are i oii agoin ' -a di ? I ' arinus and sundri things Are needed for a steic — " FouiiTH VoKK " Are i on enrinus ahont plants? Now I sa ' iC some pret-ti little flowers Ihitehmen ' s breeches or Seotehnien ' s pants — Fifth Voice " Norc at the State Legislature I said, ' the women of this state Should see that students ' hours are shorter; The stud much too late. ' " Sixth ' okk " Andrew Jackson ' s m favorite of these men Though, of, course, we are no kin. " Seventh Voice " Phi sical education is a profession Not training for self-ejpression. So? " EiciHTii Voice " Step right, hop left, hrush left. Right Hold. " Ninth Voice " Yes, I like The Old Hug. Better than an of Poe ' s tales. But I.ongfellozc would have done it In tears, and sighs, and wails. " [225] .y •men of this college time. Each throat d each e ie. •aril iiiiie: .1 iceari time. ' n liiokiiif ccesttcard theij beheld coming of the pie. .It first if seemed a little .■ijieck Ihit chen the, fried the ernst If seem ' d as liig as a jdunitom ship, .Ind old and dri as dnst. One after one. nine dropt his fork For ijiiicl,- for groan ir sigh. Each tnrmil his face xcith a ghast, .Ind enrseil his lemon pie. . ' P " ' I9 O sleep, it is a gentle thin Beloved from pole to poll For ichen the speeches had In Th " - - ' ■ ' ■ ' ' - r -icnen llie speecties liait tiegun cji -ccere heard not hi a sonl. tell Farexcell, fareu-ell. hnt this I To thee thon Faenlf-ee. He resteth tiest. 7eho eateth le. At dear old X. C. C. inr - [226] ,K Patronize Our Advertisers! 7P 0. j iJ " ' ) yy ' J •fX- ' ' i f. J " y A . " [227] . dij: tKfje Cftarse of tlje Pine Jgeebleg • " ?ii ktjM x m- jj . Half a page, half a page Half a page omcanl .III ill thf Diiiiimij anil I ' ronfs Crrpi llir ] iiir Xrri lrs! " Forxcard -with EdUiir Tate! Mall- ii.s a honk! " thei state, Into the Diiiiniii and Proofs Crept the Pine Needles. " Foricard -.cith Editor Tate! " Il ' as there a thought of fate? Xot though the Xeedler.t ,■ )( ' ; ' Tliei ' ccere in an axefnl .v ric. Theirs not to make repli Theirs not to reason -cchi Theirs hnt to do and die Into the Dnnnni, and Proofs Crept the Pine Xeedlers. BELK ' S Department Store The Home of Better Values •24(» AXi) 242 South Ki.m Sthkf.t Compliments of V. W. WoOLWOHTH Co. With licst Irishes CiORDOXS RESTAURANTS Incorporated 1 ii: NORTH KI.M STKKKT [228] ' The 1931 Silhouette Was Made For Youth No« that f ' finiiiiiit ' curvt-s arc the fasliion iiisttad of straijilit lines ,iml boyish bolis, one sees the college girl more intrigued than ever incr Ml ver tashions. How well we know that the sweeping skirts, tlu- (i v ncikline, the quaint puffed sleeves of the new silhouette were mad ■ tor lur! How earefully we have chosen these styles. We know they become her most ! MEYEM ' S Phoio to right of them I ' hoto to Irff of them Photo in front of them Challenged the Xeedlerx; Glared at -ccith . mlle tmd grin, Boldhj they xcent rif ht in. Into the office then Into the thick and thin Uode the Pine Xeedler.s. Snapped alt their cameras hare Snapped on the plain and fair Taking the pictures there While y. C. C. wondered; Plunged in the proofs and sucli Right through the liool: the rushed Senior and .Junior Put into place 7cith much Scrihliting and siiuahhling Then the came liack, hut not Not the same Xeedlers. COLLEGIATE COLLEGIATE Everything For The COLLEGI- ATE. " Can He Found At— Wills Book And Stationery Co. 107 So. Greene St. GREENSBORO, N. C. Phone 5635 1 14 Jefferson Bldg. LADY FAIR SHOP, INC. Parker Herbe Manicuring Permanent Waving Ha Finger Waving Scalp Treatments Facial Treatments Marcelbng Cutting Primrose House Cosmetics GREENSBORO. N. C. [229] yM 4iyVX Vlyti, X yi u Plinto in right nf them Photo to left of them Photo heh ' nid them Stared at the Needlcrs; Jf ' hilr all the staff greic thin " yin ' ZUt ( Then that had carefree been J . M ' . J Came from the oifiee then niAj yiffatuCs Iffusi " ' " ' " ' ' ' ' " • ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' " " " ' " ' ' » ) Oil . ' 1 ' ' «( the Needlers. I I V« ( lieii ean our icorl,iiir eeasef ll ' here ean K ' c find our peace? " IV,»ulered the Needlers; ,v;- Jfhen all the hooh is done! y Honor leill comi — and fun! (v - ' onrage. Pine Needlers! Sporting Goods, College Sweaters, Luggage and Gifts ODELLS TwF CttMliJJAS ' G»[ATESI HflBOWABE HOllSf GREENSBORCJ, N. C. OF COURSE. Flours differ— so do coffees. tires and other tfiings you buy. Lee Flours are milled with real care and skill in a great country mill from genuine Virgin wheat grown only in sunny central Kansas, You ' ll find the same hearty aroma in this wonderful flour that Kansas placed in the clean, unmixed grain. If you are a baker, broker, jobber, or grocer, we have a proposal that will interest you. THE H. D. LEE FLOUR MILLS CO. Salina, Kansas TJic Srliool (iifl ' s Fdvoriic 206 South Elm Street [230] kw Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry- Co ; Hc nvwcH liiiioiiiicimcnts (uul Iirrilnliotis Jeweler to tlie Senior Class of the North Carolina College for Women L. G. BALFOUR CO. Mdiiufticturluy Jcxk cU ' is and Siatiomr.s Attleboro, Mass. This Certain Party Seems to Have Been Aroused You boast that you- kisscii iiu- iit ' on the right check, M manner u ' as (lenlle. Mv ti- " tesl ; ■„,( »;.-,- ,-. You hoasi llial y,iu kissel me ami I -.■anleil Well, son, there ,ire others :eho ' i-e kiswd me before. Just after you met me. ynii asked for „ dale. .Uiil then -lehen you eame, } on -,eere tzeo lionrs late. But ez-en at that, I just xconldn ' t i et sore. Hell, sonny. •;■ • loalled for others before. I took the fral pin and zee started about Well, .; .s- „r,M zeas poor. I tfas glad to get out. Then you asked me if yours zcas the first pin I ivorc No, sonny. Ire kidded poor dumbbells before. —Nortlrwestern Purple Parrot. SYKES FLORISTS, Inc. VAN LINDLEY Same Service, Onli Change in Name FLOWERS OF QUALITY Greenaboro High PoinI Wioslon-Salem McCuUoch and Swain PARAMOUNT PRINTING Printers of Carnlinian .and Student ILindhook Phone 8809 P. O. Box I 193 ASHEBORO STREET AT TRINITY [231] CompUments of S. H. KRESS CO. Stationery Headquarters Roses are red J ' iolets are blue Sugar is S7ceet Ain ' t it? I stood oil the liridge at midnight. The night cas full of air Somebod 1 tixiL- tlie liridge awaq And left me standing there. H. M. DURHAM Printing Company Fine Commercial Printers Telephone 4019 112 C. Washington St. GREENSBORO. N. C. STRATFORD-WEATHEMLY DRUG Till- Friciidl Dorcii Toxcii Home for flic ( ' (ilh( e Girl V K A I . y A Y S S K A. VUK li K S T C ' r.-ini ' s Statidncry Kastinaii Kiulaks aiul I )i iliipiiii;- (iiiirlaiti I ' lrfuiiifs Parker ami Slitafftr I ' ciis Cliancl I ' crf ' uMus IKlcna Riiliinstein Marif Earl Elizaln ' tli Ardfii NUNNALLV S FACTORY BRANCH BOX CANDIES—HULK CANDIES PARTY l- ' AVORS [232] FOR HEAD CQKDS CHILDRENS COl S GREENSBORO NEWS (Morning) RECORD (Evening) Greensboro. Pivot of the Piedmont and center of educational activities, boasts two of the state ' s foremost daily newspapers. The Daily News circulation extends to the extreme borders of the state and is read by those of all classes and creeds. The Record serves Greensboro and its trading territory, is fast becoming one of the state ' s outstanding afternoon daily papers. Circulation Dept. GREENSBORO NEWS- RECORD Meet Your Friends at The Dixie Sundry Shoppe Sodas. Stccct.s, S(iiu]ti. ' icJics JOS. J. STONE CO Prill ling, liiiidiiH Office iSirpplies Special Attei I Society Eng-raving and Stationery Davie at Hughes GREENSBORO, N. CAROLINA [233] Thh V-Drivc-It Siistem Gets Lots nf Adverthing For Kfrri Time Txco Couples Go Riding In An Automobile Each Couple Sai s To The Other FelUnc V-Drive-It Complnncnis of ELLIS-STONE AND COMPANY GREENSBORO DURHAM Carolina Pharmacy The Rcwall Store Corner Tate and Walker GREENSBORO, N. CAROLINA A Good Drug Store A Convenient Location Holliniisworth .iiul Wliitninn Can.Iirs Kdil.iks. I ' iliiis .■uul Supplies Come to See Us and Let Us Serve You With a Smile Mondai ' s child is quite a case, Tuesda i ' s child forgets his place, Jf ' ednesdai ' s child xcorks on Hum Rare. ' J ' hursdai ' s child Iniorcs where to go, Fridai ' s child is loving and pet- ting. Saturdaii ' s child is all for getting. But the child that is horn on the Sab hath Da II. KnOiC ' s the fuuni papers by heart, theii sail. [234] CAROLINA ' S LARGEST PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO SIDDELL STUDIO Raleigh, N. C. Official Photographer for Pine Needles [235] Utiitsual Excellence is Never the Result of Chance ' ' In producing school publications, we endeavor to render a helpful and constructive service directed toward enabling a student staff to issue a representative and distinctive pub- lication within their budget. In connection with our new and modern printing plant we maintain a large Art and Service Department where page balance, typography and complete decorative and illustrative motifs are created and worked out. Queen City Printing Company A CoMi ' i.KTE Skr ice for ScHooi. Publication. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Printers of the IQ I Pine Needles [L ' ;i(il [2;J7] OVJ job is finished an d we have enjoyed it and we only liope that tlie 1981 Pine Needles is f)f sufficient merit to deser e and receive your a])|)reciati )n and aj)- ])i-oval. If you do like it we feel justified in losing our lieauty slee|) trying- to get your ]Mctin-es in the right ])laces and in losing our tem])ers getting yon to have them taken. If you don ' t like it we are certainly very sorry hut hardly know what to recommend. We want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have hel])ed to make the Pine Needles and we extend our sincere ajjjjreciation for their willing and able assistance to INIr. McKay, faculty advisor. The Queen City Printing Co., Jahn and Oilier Engraving Co.. and Siddell Studio. [238] [239] [210] I j v a Pine Needles r ' - - ' ' - ' y- r-sr- r ' = ' - w ' -

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