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University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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■ ' [-4 ' r ' ,1 .■ .-.. ' : ' ' ' - ' ■ ■ ■ " » ' ' •.■V v :; - ' -1 ' U . au i w - A f j wt f c (. ' s {ysf: ' f jn ' s :(u Yitir,in iikio ky i.iMinK i.vr.iiii:! ' :MAiMjn ii: :. iiayf.s It! SIM.SS MANMiKIC l " T ti; lfH:ky hu ii tains f rc sfackrti fa I on tin: sky Hut: ' visii si:i:imj:s iM " m,iNni:i» itv i ni; si;xioit ;i-ass »m ' NOK III :aim»una anuAii] (iici:i:NSKOKO f M- •■• ' .V n.yfCH! SrS : iZA ' V? ' v " i ' ' 1 iV .- • ' .V. ' T ' Tt ,j ' ' ■ ' ' ■ •: l y ' ' ' V ' " ' ■ ' ■- ' ,,, DEDICATION To one who has silently served the passing classes from year to year and who has endeared herself to many people by her willingness to be of ever-ready service at every needed time, we lovingly dedicate this our annual of the year nineteen hundred and thirty to Miss Hope Coolidge, the college dietician, in hopes that we may in this way show our due appreciation for her loyalty. C . C- s. ■ i ; ... ■:;.::- - L_ 1 [ ' -: :.L i,v--:v- - ' - ' l ' - ,rj- ' ' ?; ' ' " ' ' ' »i v.. : ; j£gir« »;pi!!. - m " THEME ' EXPLANATION " Good Morning, America, " by Carl Sand- burg, author of " Lincoln, The Prairie Years " and " Rootabaga Stories, " was chosen as the basis for the decorative treatment of this volume of Pine Needles. Most fitting for this type of pubUcation is this poem of fact and fancy. The art work of the book has carried out the theme wherever possible, and was suggested by quotations from the poem. Life around us is made up of things con- crete and abstract, skyscrapers and blue- birds, sunsets and shipwrecks, dreams and reality. Everything is prose or poetry. Truly— " Facts are facts, nailed donn fastened to stay. And facts are feathers, foam, flying phan- toms. ' M mW ' ■■i-s i .,i i ' 4. ' . ' V:4 jl} iSm - -: s - . 1 if m ;; ' -i! . ' h ' sunsrJs mnn: shinhnr f nitx. " 35227: ■f- ' - ' ' h - .,-, i: " ' ' 4 ' - l " " U5 -«» - .cTM FOREWORD TKat tKis iC)3o yearbook may bring to mind vividly tKougKts of individ- uals wKom you want to remember, and college activities in oKicK you Kave participated, is our sincere wish. It is a memory book of a collegiate ear, now an actual fact as vJe go from class to class; soon it will be a vague dream. May this book be tangible enough to connect your fancies with this year ' s facts. BOOK ONE: THE COLLEGE " Aye, behold the proverbs of a people, the big word is service. Service — first, last and always. " P IN E f E ' EtDILES JK iMMSimiikM ? . t , . ., , ;fe!:S..-.. . l; i,.:k ' . , ' ' h § Qollege Song II ( I nisi our vniifs: let I hem stcill III II I lioriis lijiiil mill stidiii : ' flu loUiiii hills SI lilt lull k till s ' liinil Of our Iriiiiiiphiiiit soiii . For ill one i nnt iiiihroki ii hniiil Jl ith loyal hiiirts iiiiil triu , Your ilaiit htirs stmiil. ami hnml in hniiil Sitii . rollii t dear, to yon. Our rollii c ilays run siciflly hy , .liiil nil too soon ivc part: Ihit in till years that are to eoiiie Dk p i raven on eaeli heart Our motto. " Scrviee. " trill reiiiiiin. .hill serviee zee icill do. And as ire sen ' e. our hearts ivill turn. O, college dear, to you. I Dear .1 liiia Mater, stroin] and great, U I never shall forget The gratitude ire oire to you — J nerer-endini deht ; All honor to your name ire give. And love ?;■(■ pledge aneir. [In fail in g loyalty ire bring. O. (iollege dear, to you. Colors: White and Ciold -The Ox-Eyed Daisy of North Carolina " ■■. ;•, hiliolJ the proverlis nj a luuinii. Till- hit ivorii is Service. Scri ' iic first, lust and alqx ' iiys. ' ' Motin: " SERVICE " .9 3C. X ,y , f- " .V. i ' ,, v3 Im . ..-Jfst.-jS : .. ' ' I ' . ' .Ji£ M !!: ■■ ' ■ ' ' ■ ' :■■ . S.y ' :i M » III ' , : ' P 0b- -- ' [,A iu ni :■■ . 4!£»i . k ri w,-%MmHi- ' III 1,1) O ' fc ' EiS t ' fit ' y,« , I ' .i ' W . -..:. " ' ,42 Dr. Walter C. Jacksox, Vice-President , x i ' h. f ' . ' •:, ' ' ' :v ' " ' ' ' ,:•:• ' ■ r-- ' F ' ' . ' -- ---- Stiideet Counselors Miss Lii.i.lw Killixcsworth. A.B. Kr-I,ili.- I UN.-. ' , A r. ; . ■.iluii; l.l.i I|J . l -ily. AIiss MixMK L. Jamison- Miss Marii; G. Axorhws. B.S., M.A. Miami rnh.rsity, U.K.; i ■.■iiniil.ia rniv.rsity. M.A. Mrs. MiRiRi. E. Smith. B.S. Mrs. Marcartt T. Rv.xx. A.B., M.A. LnilLM-ftily il .M i,li m:i n. . .li.; i -nl I., a Tniv.isily. . Miss Fi.or.x Marii; Miridith Liuk.. ' Univ.i.sity. A. 11. 4 . J J LI ail [ ' Mill ' , ' Admieisitrativie Officers I. FnuST, LL.D I ' rrsulnil Wai.ikr Clinton Jackson, 1,1,.1 ' ). . I " k r-l ' icsnlinl und Chan man aj Ihc l- ' a iilly af Suiial Sii,ri:, ' WiM.iAM C. Smith, L.H.D Dran of ihr Coll,; ,- of l.ihrral .his anj S,i,:,,,s John- H. Cook, Ph.D . . D,aii of ih,- Siliool of F.diualion and l)ii;;lor of the Summer Session Wade R. Brown, Mus.D IJ, an of llie School of Music Blanche E. Shaffer, M.A Dean of Ihe Sihool of Home Economics WiNFiELD S. Barney, Ph.D Chairman of the Faculty of Lancjuaejes and l.ileralnrc John Paul CJivler, M.A Cliairman of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sii,-n,,- Mary M. Peity, B.S Cabinet Member from the Faculty at, e Chase CJoing Wooiihouse, M.A I ' ocatioual Dire, tor and Cabinet Memb,, ,- E. J. Forney Fcisncr Anna M. CJove, M.D. I ' hysiiian Laura H. Coit ,SVr;-« ,i) ;• of the Collcje Mar- ' Taylor Moore R,; istrar Charles H. Stone, M,A., B.1..S Librarian . II. Livers, M.A Husiness Manai er and Dire, tor of Fxtensum Division John Paul Givler, M.A. L. Edwin Yocum, Ph.D. Earl H. Hall, M.S. E. Inez Coldwfil. A.B. D( piirliiii lit of Biolcu y Archie I). Silaftesbur , M. Helen M. Ingraham, M.S. Maude Williams, M.S. Annie Lewis Pleasanis. M..A. . ' Lee .Andrews. A.B. ] R. Traver, M.A. I.ii A Belle Love, M.S. C L V c;. BooKHOUT, M.. . L K M. Phriv, B.S. Elv, E. Barkow, M.. . William C. Smith, L.H.D. Mariha E. Winfield, M.A. Ai.ONzo C. Hall, M.A. ' Leonard B. Hurley, M.A. William R. Taylor, M.A. I. .Arthur Dunn, M..A. MlLDREIl R. Coii.D, M..- . .• i!ii; ii E. RdWiJi, M.. . Dif cirtiii(iit (jf Chi tiiistry I.. K in KiNK Wrichi. M., . Dipiirtiiii it of Kiic lish CiEORCE p. Wilson, M.A. ' Mary Vincent Long, M.A. Arnold McKay, M.A. James Painter, M.A. ROBINA W. MiCKLE, M.. ' . Jane Sum.merei.l, M.A. " Xeiite Sue TiLi.Eir, M.A. Diptirl iiciit of (!ir ii iii (■ KOLINI P, B. SCIKICII, M.A. I ' lORENCE L. SCHAEIEKR, M.A. Ki LA B. McDearman, A.B. Agnes Marie Clegg, M.A. May Alcott Thompson, M.A. Alfred T. West, B.S. Anna R. Blake, M.A. Kathleen S. Painter, B.A. Lou S. Shine, M.A I.AIKA SlMNER, M.A. , WlLMIK KUCK, AM. Defiiirtiiiciil of fleiillh Anna M. CnvF, M.D. Rum M. Ci llim;s, B.A., M.D. I)c piirt iiiiit of flyijii ' iii ' . ' Vnnie O ' Donneli. Brai) -, Sc.D. Mildreh Harris, M.A. Blxnche E. O. Graham, M.A. Anni: Shamulrger .Mm.!MM.:J ' o ' , [LM . A,aW? ' S ' B . li i . y . : " ' i-u , ,.. -! ., - ( D( pdr i u lit of Physiiril hi iKii ion Maki Chawing Coleman, H.S. Mak i. n Emonii Forne , B.S. I(i N T ]A EK KR Minna Lauter, B.S. Hope Tisdale, B..A. .Xldace Fitzwater, B.S. Marion I. Cook, B.S. Christine White Dcpiirt iii rit of I lis ory niul I ' oliluiil Sciiiii V. C. Jackson, B.S., LI..n. Harriee W. F.i.lioit, M.A. B. B. Kendrick, PhD. A. M. Arnett, Ph.D. C. I). Johns, M.A. Dewev, M.A. Ma(:nhii.I)E C;lt. lander, M.. . Bernice E. Draper, M.A. ' era Larceni, M., . Marjorie Mekdenhai.l, M,A. Isabel Fercl ' son, M.A. Di p(trtiinnt of Liiliii ' ll)l,A BOIIIIIE Di f iirt iu nt of Lihrdiy Siiiiiii Charles H. Stone, M.A., B.I..S. Ri ih Sankee, AM.. B.1..S. Ca murine J. Pierce. . .B., B.S. Di fiiii tiiti lit of Mtitlii iiiii ii s IlEiEN Karion, Ph.O. Cora Seronc, . .B. Emm H. Watkins, M..- . Dif ' iiiliiiuit of I ' hysiis Calvin N. Wakiihii, Pn.H. Norman Bmkh Fosur, M.S. Di iiirtiiii lit of I ' sy, liolo( y J. . . HicHSMMH, Ph.D. W. W. Mxrtin, M.. , Doroihv V. Seaco, Ph.D. Di pill tun lit of Rotiuiiiit Lnilijliiu t WiNHELi) S. Barnes, Ph.D. C;eOR(7E a. rNDKKWOOII, Ph.D. Malcolm K. Hooke, DE I.TmVERSITATE Harold B. Stanton. Ph.D. Ml I II. Mil I ER, Ph.D. CITNN R. lOHNSON, M.. . John H. Cook, Ph.D. A. P. Kephart. Ph.D. v. ri A Spier, M.A. Ei.ovD E. Blauch, Ph.D. Rl III Fitzgerald, M.A. El i abeth M. Weatherspoon Oliver P. Cllhts, M.A. ' Philip L. Harriman, M.A. Herbert Kimmel, M.A. Harold L., Pei.D. •On li t First s JOn f: Jessie C. Laird, M.A. Rene Hardre, Protessorat Des Ecoles Normales .Akvl ' stine LaRochelle, M.A. ■Helen L. (Jarreit, M.A. .• lice .■ iiiiorr, M.. ' . D( piirt iiitiit of Soiiolot y Di piirtiiii lit of El oiioiiiii s Albert S. Keister, Ph.D. School of Eiluiiitioii MvRi.A Morris, B.S. Marie Denneen, M.A. J. A. Smith, M.S. Betty Aiken Land, V,.. . Mary Fitzgerald JPearl Payne, B.S. Ashton Hatcher, B.S. (iI.ADYS BOYINGTON, M..A. Miriam MacFadven, B.S. Edna Geiger, M.A. Anna Kreimeifk, Ph.B. Lol isE Krals, Ph.D. CJlad s R. THOMPsfN, NLA. v.. Phyllis Spencer, M.A. KATHfiRlNE MATSON, M.A. Katharine C. Gregory, B.A. Kaiiikrine Tailor, M,. ' . . da Davis. M.A. IloRoiin L RLowE, Ph.B. -Allie Wilson, B.S. tMargaret M. Green, B.S. Bernice Champ, M.A. Lillian E. Dunning, B.A. §Mary Grier Edgerton, B.A. Gladys Rose CJillespie, Ph.B. Nora T. CiERBERicn, M.A ILXRRIET MeHAFEIE, Ph.B. §Carrie L e Weber ..rti, P,-lfN.,E • ■ ■ iib ElOifcES %M ' S :M i, School of Rlusic Wadh R. Hr(iu V, Mls.B. Mary Lois Ferrell Helkv M. l " )n vi) - Besiamin S. Bates Grace Van Dyke More, B.Mis. J. Fristad, A.B. CJeorce M. Thompson, Mus.M. Myra M. Albright Dorothy Lee Ci.emen ' t, B.S. Hen ' ry H. Fuchs, A.B., Mus.M. Sue Kyi.e Southwick V. Cushmav, B.S. Allei e Minor c;ekiri ' iie Frikdrich, H.S. Blanche E. Shaffer, M.A. MoLLiE A. Peterson, M.A. ' ivA M. Flavfoot, B.S. School of lloinc Ecoiioinics Catherine Denms, M. . . Acnes N. Coxe, B.S. Fanmk Holmes Oajks, B.S. Myra W. Bltler, Fh.B. EM , . Davis, M.A. Flora White Edwards, B.S. Ji lia Jacob ' , M.S. E. J. Forney Charles H. Stone, M.A., B.L.S. Sue ' ernon Williams, M.A. Elizabeth Sampson, B.S. Coiniitcrcinl Department Pail Spruii.l, B.S. ' ' ;( Lihniiy ' lRr;iMA Trumper Mar - Ruth Anci.k ' IRCIN1A Saiterkiklii, B.S. Elizabeih Craii:, B.P. Katharyne E. Freeman, A.B. Marjorie Hood. A.B. Kathryne W. Price, A.B. Mary Ta lor Moore NL R Alice Tennenl, .A.B. MiNMK L. Jamison Lillian Killingswok i ii. , .B. Rc( istnir ' s Office Fill I II Hakwooii, B.L, D( p irt j( III of Stiiiliiit Life Marie C!. Andrews, M.. ' . Flora M. Merediiii, A. B. Margaret T. Ryan, M.,A. MiMiRKi) P. Newiov, am. MiwiK . Cafeky, A.B. Mlriel Ewing Smiih, B.S. Kaiherine Siikrrii.l, K.A. I oeiitioiiiil Dt pill tiiient Chase Cooing Woodhoise, M.. . Faiiii Fairfiei.ii cioRin Fr(i Brooks Hlchks , M.O. Inez . damson A.B. ( )rn iR ( )ffhi:rs Hope CnoiiUGE, B.S., LS Diclilian Kaiiileen Pkiiii ILwvkins. . Sleiin,iiii[ liei Estelle Bo ' iD.. . Supervisor of Dormilnries Helen PiCKARD,-.V(r ' . to Hiisiiiess Maiun ei Clora McNeill . Secretary to t ie President Vivian Rogers . Seerelary to I ' ii e-l ' resiiletil Edna A. Forney, A.B. . .Issistani Treasurer and Dean of the Colleije Clara Booth Byrd, . ' .B., Alumnae Secretary Lillian Mebane Stenor rap ier Alice MacKinnon, Manacjer of Collei e Hook tJui.iA E. Gant i urse Store and Post Office RuiH Grigo Slenoijraphcr Margaret Shepard, B.S., Gen. See. Y.II ' .C.I. . ' nme H. Hughes . . Secretary to Physician Jessie McLean, R.N Nurse CJi.adys Sutton Stenographer Elizabeth Henninger . . ... Nurse Madeline Hunt, A.B. . . Office .Assistant Mrs. J. E. Devinev, .Isst. Mgr. Post Office §CoRA Jane Staton, R.N Nurse Bessie Doub ' Usistant Dietitian Maude Solomon Curry, Office .-Issistant in Eva J. Cox, Secretary to the Dean of the Trainin, School School of Education J. M. Sink . . . Supt. Grounds and Bid . •On leave of absence. tFirst semester. § Second semester. Jli , I: li. ' ' ' ■iJii-.s- . ' . ' ' . j -vmJvv-- ' " ■---■ ■.;-; ' ., .. r rMi ' ., -«ftJ Alumeac Association of INortli Carolina College 0I ' F1CI;RS AM) HoARIi MlI.MliERS Laura 11. Con Ih,t„:,aiy I ' , i suit til Rdsa Hi.AKhsiv Hakkkr (Mrs. H. C ' .I I ' irsiJnil Slk Ramsha Johnson I " k i -I ' l , iidnit Clara H. H Kll Hiiural SunUiry ] (IARI) OF TrI STEES Laika K. Spkik (Mrs. John) J ni S.(i N ( Mrs. J. Minor) . ' nnik M. Chirri MAKjoKif Craig Mai in: H. Haiii.i: (Mrs. Kkmp) Kaik Imni.kv Mar W ' n Ihi.EN TiGHE Janik SrAc CiuvNN Fannif Starr Mitchell Mrs. Cialdi S. Morris i| f BOOK TWO: THE GLASSES They follow the ordained times of night, morning, noon, evening and night again, " Ji: v Elkanor JoiiNsns- Ma.Hot of Clufs nf ' ,■() Class of ' 30 Colnii Creen Fhnur White Malln Truth Song llml In our class. !,, T o: , I, oj IfisJom. Tin- (lass of Gi,,ii and If iil,. Thou shall A. ' our r uiilr; irrll tr, ' forr-rr To follor v ihrr Thy tolors fur,- and hri, hl. Will In- our aim. our pride Our mollo. " Truth, " .hid Thirty,, Torriwr more shall hr — While i al, hiuuj ihy lirif lil Truth to the -li-orld. our friends, Shall hear her hauner on Oursel-ves and thee. To honor, to fame. flam. 9 V: 30 " « ,.. .4s " Senior Class Officers Gl.F.W BOVD McI.hOD Sai;a CiinisM.w . . PrrsiJi ' iU AWHTTE RLIJlSIi.I. . lic ' -Prrsiiii-nl Ei I Ar,h rii McCi ukk , Sicniiiry Tmisurrr EE i 8 ir cr K.M.M A All.l I X AlllRHOI.I) ' lf. im;i() , v. f. .1.11. Library S,i,,t,r ' S. : Kmiia Adkin ' s ASin i:oR(], N. c. . . ;. liJiualion W ' Kath.arin ' k Allen WADESBOKO, . C. .l.B. Ediicalion ThdRA 15iAIKI, AXDF.RS RdxnnKd, N. c. History , " l RI-NIE., ' N EEiD ' LES -axi. ' .; : i_.(iik2iJiSM-i L.-i ' iify. itf... . ' . " ' " i.tii Martha Pat AKcunELL H.lZAIili I H Cli , N. C. .1.1). Romttrur I.iifK iutt rs Christine Ardrev K3R1 Mill , S. C. .1.11. hJuta int! Eri.A Mae Arxold TRINHA " , . C. Eiu luh Kather ' ix La Uxa Harhi-r FORKSI CIIA " , N " . C. . . ;. Enoluh f ' ' l i PI N E N EEDLES ;:.; (g ., , K ' ' ' ' " - ' • ' - ' a S iik 2:ti:.....-i:fi " : s ' ?: ,Jifn; ' ' ,ff;-±l Marion ' 1 1 1 n r 1 ri ' .::r KKID ' iVlI IK, . C. .1.11. liulnry K T) [-RIM " I.IWIS i ' i l;RIIR Jf)ll o cin, iiss. ,l.n. htwliih Elizahkth Harnhtt CHAKi-di n:, N. c. .Lit. Ediuahnii ■ ' ranccs MAI.l.()R Hattk U.S. I ' iysical EJmalinn ■ •■jrfi ' ii. " ' ..a;.- !«i. !S;» ' ?.- .tJSMI-to-;vj.-. ' . Dorothy Mlrihi, ]?aighmax 111 Mil KSOWIl.L!:, . C. »..S ' . lltiirn- Eioiiomu s Al.HERTA Br.AM ASIlKvn.Lf, N ' . c. j..S " . Ilornc Er j iornu Irew- Garxettk Reaslev colkrain, n ' . c. .7. B. Rumanir LaiKjuaiiis Sarah Edna Bennett vvadksboro, . c. AM. Eiujlish .9 30. ) " 5 !L DULES ; 111 ' » Ml T . l.MA l L.WCHARl) OAI FSVII LF, . C. -I.n. Edumlnin Fraxchs 15()()Ki:r LFAKSVIIJ.K, . C. . .ft. Eduial ' ttm Hi ' .NRiirrx.A Ei.iZAHhTH Bottoms .V1. R0. KErrSVII,I.K, X. c. . .ft. EJtmtliun Paxthe.a Romi TOWXSVILI.E, N. C. .1.1!, F.Jutal ' uin n rn, V PI N ' E , N E;EID ' ' LES [l ANMTA 1 ' shi:r 1i() |;tT en Aiiiini KN, N. L ' . , . , ' . HJiiiiiliiiir Iessii; Imiwler ISrihgers n.S. I ' liyinat lulu, aim,, Ri III IJraxti.i: ' ••i ' Ki c Hopi:, . c. . , ;. Jlislory Marcaret l?Rn.ns I MOM SVILI K, . C. , . ;. Iulu,ali,in :nA- t iiii r iitiiij w Dorothy- M. Rritti.i- lU KI INI. Ill , . L. I .li. Rnmaiiii l.iifu itiu i s Anna Browv hlmksvillk, n. c. , ' ..V. flam, l.tonnmi. Cl.Al li|. llllRl: HriiWX Mn K(ll, . C. . ;. I:. Ill, all,,,, . lii,i)R}:i Hrown SAI.ISBL K . . C. .1.11. l-.dii,iiluin Ml m I ' I r- a i L N E E ' D I ES AI ' lMUiii L ' K ... ji..M M h . j h .. . . .i..- . ,;:. .. -ii AIarcarut Eloise Bryan kewton; grove, n. c. . . }. I.ihitiry Sdniic Grace Esthlle ]?r ant ROMIA, . C. .1.11. FniKh Vi;RA IkCKlXGHAAI FAVETTEVII.I.r:, X. c. .l.B. F.iif lis i Edith Ei.izAiunii lUi.n ck ROCKY MOtJM. . C. .1.0. lulutulin,, -. Hll I. H ( ). Hi Rl 1 SOX Alr.lM KIJ , . c. U.S. lion:, ' Euntiimi.s " lK(;iM ,A l;R " i Hi RT -ALl niKV, . t. . ;, l:JiiialiiJii Li:()i.. C ARDi. IUti.i.r I.I.1SIII , . c. . . ;. Jlwlar y Mahkl B ron I.OUISBURG, S ' . C. AM. .J ■illf ' ii ' fl E ' E « J»lii.!lMliiJLllJlv.:[i, ; ' , ' ' : ., ;, :aiy|feiiLi;44i;SKg?g ,,;fti::., .M.fefe ;■... y ; f : : . " Minnie Cjurdon Cahoon plvmol ' th, n ' . c. . . ?. Library Scifncc Lucille Callahan Rl ' THERIOKD ' lOS. V. C. .!.B. Eduailion Alma (j. Cami ' iuu.l cakiiiacf, -. c. . .«. Sndology ] IiLi.)Ri;i) Candler can])1,i:k, v. c. .Lit. llisti.ry 4 -i - ' - --- ' - N E EvD L. r. S .K . Ruth Cai-el CRKEN ' SBORO, X. C. .!M. Eniilish E.Mii.v Rerecca Carr CASTOMA, v. C. U.S. Ilomr lunnomiis II Sara Jane Chrismax CIIARI. " ]-!!-, N. C. U.S. lliimr Eifinomiis PALi.iNi: Church KOAKING kU ' FR, . C. .- .«. llislniy K .J- 1J M- - EnZAliKTP£ Cl.Al ' P Edith Clark SWANNANOA, N " . C. SALISBUKV, . C. 7.«. B ' wlngy .LB. Library Siirncc I JILSE CloXINGER Mary Louise Cody CI.AREMONr, . C. DARLIXGTON, S. C. .S. Mul!i,mali,s 41 .LB. Education P,i iN::l. i EetD ' LE ii! Flossie K. L ' GOLIlSBnRO, . c. U.S. PuMu- SJinol Muiu: AIau-i- Fm ,ai;i ru Cinvw sr. TKsvii.i,i;, . c. . . ;. liJuuilwn EiiRii: C(j(. lU.L « II II (.TO , V. C. . . , ' . Rii ' nanif l.aiiiiuiu i-s ' ] ' iM(). i,x, ' . Ckawford m.wKiiN. . c. U.S.. I ' lihli, S.IkwI Muii, " hk. s, r ' i I I ,, P|l N E N EEDLES MAR ■ Illizabeth Crews GREENSBORO, X. C. .LB. Margaret Haxner Crews GREENSBORO, N. t. A.B. Nell Culler KERNERSVILLE, N. C. B.S. Pliysicat Education Sarah Daniel FREMONT, N. C. .4.B. Cliemisiry iSflillllVf! : ' . . .g5 ' 5P. Jil- , ' M - I I ' iHi-; Daxii i.s MAMFA, N. C. .;. ?. I.ihi„ y Snrn, ' l " Mi. ] Iai; Dardkn .1.11. Chnnislry Evelyn ADia.AiDi; DARi.iNcrioN I.KAKSVII,I.K. . C. . . ?. EJudUiiiti LoRixi; Davis VVIMKK IIAVKS, H.A. P,.S. Physical liJunilion ,r n , : P;l N!E N EED-LES ' Mabel Davis Margaret Denson SALISBURY, X. C. TARBORO, N. C. .I.E. Sociology .LB. Matlii-mal ' us AIar L. Devvar AIaRGARET r;. DiLL rUQUAV SPRINGS, N. C. BEAUFORT, . C. A.B. Edinalio 1 A.B. EJiKttlim, -y-1 J.i.. r " . jr.. Alice Ki.iz.abhth Dili.ard CRKKXSBOKO. N. C. I.B. Rlth K ' i;i. n " DoDi) AfIIK lMF, . C. J.n. Son„ln, y " Sl.w Mkbwi; Don aho lAlKVItW, N. C. .- .«. History Martha Kijzahi th F.atov Vl Sin -SAI FM, s. c. LB. Ediualion 4« f1 ! P,t%l|E- ' N EE DLES v ; „,„ ' ' l;jj- iil! ' ' ' . .,fp . D()R(ITH ' EinVARDS VVn.MING ' ]ON, . C. , .«. Sacinhiiy Bkss El son GAFFNKV, S. C. . . . ' . Emiliili SNOW II 11,1., . . . ;. luliualwn c. Helex Ei.isE P " ei,der CKEi-xsnoRn, n. c. AM. I:Jii,al,„ii n. . ...■-: - i. ' Mi:j..,:. ' . ' .. Chari.esanxa Fox ASHKBOKO, .V. C. . .«. nislory Lois Frad ' asm faille, ' . c. I.ll. Frances Free.max cnvw.w, . c. .!.H. 48 RosALVx Howard Gardner Ki [hsville, x. c. -I.ll. Rvmaiiri- Lanijuaijcs K .av " - liE ' S ' f: v.- ' - y- ' tr . " JJa u. ' V ' ;. ' . ,m! f; Betty Gaut MARTFL, TKNN " . I.n. Hnijlish Beatrice Fay George pinnacle, n. c. AM. Education Rachael CjODFREY waxhaw, n. c. A.B. Kiiuialion Corxelia Goff R0CK1 ' MOUNT, N. C. A, n. Library Sciinct ' Ai.i.iK Lr.i: ( iRAii i ci-i inN, N-. t. .1.11. Hiif lis i I ' " l)XA (]RAN ' rH.W GKKKNSnORO, . (.-. n.s.M. roiu- X A C 15 Nl.M ( ' iRA WII.SOV, X. c. . . II. Library Sihrifr 01,0 roK r, N ' , c. , . ;. F.ncjlhli -m Flora Grifpix i ' airmdnt, x. c. .1.11. lidiualiiin Edna Estklli: H.nckxhv BVNU.VI. . C. A.n. Ennlisli Fran ' kie Hammoxi FAIR BLl FF, X. C. .l.U. Educat ' inn FrAXCKS Ha.MI ' TO.V leaksvillf, n " . c. A.n. Sociolngy „ . , jmDi ' t ' ,» ' ' , ' .. ■gg - ' ??-? : ' ' ' :-. 14 IISELINF (;RAV1;S H. R|)IXG VADKIWII.I.K, . C. , . ;. liitory CuARi.oTTi ' ll. rtiir.R ;. , I ' „IjIi, Sihoul Musu Cl.i:.MAIA I ' J.IZ H1 Til ili.xsi.r.v Asm ii 1 1 , . c. . .«. hniilish .Mm. E ' EiD ' LES ff h M-s. . ...,.i. :t Ui ' iU ., ,. .4ivek- Marv Li cile Herman XEwrov, . c. .1.11. lilohgy Irene Hester CREEXSBORO, N. C. .7. li. Library Sc ' wiice .M. R Llcilee Herrixg SNOW Hll.I,, X. C. .1.11. h.liiai ion IVI.ARY Hester CHASE criv, VA. B..S. Ilomt- li(riniim ' ns ,r? . ' ? ' ; K Mil RIM, I 1 IXK « ISSI(i -S. I.F M, ' . c. U.S. Musi,- Ghrtrudf. Hobrs GREENSBORO, " . C. B.S. Pliy.ucal EJiitalion Maria JAxn Uoniis Cl IN l() , . c. , ' ..S, I ' lihli, Sihnol Music Ui-i,i:x L. HooGi-s Kivsrov, -V. c. .l.R. litujlish I I E ' ETD ' LeS ESTELLE HONIC.MAN MOl NT llOl.LV, .V. C. LB. Uislnry IVIarcaret Rroadulrst Hood CKEENSIIORO, . C. U.S. Piih lc Schnnt Music Mahei, Loi isE. Holland GKKENSnnKO, . c. AM. EiujUsh Persis Hodges KINSTOV, . C. .l.U. Ilislory ES .S ' i Hi 111 I,(U ISI. 1 Idl ' KlN ' S Siii ' Hii Hiiwii-: I ' lSI II II, s. c. . . ) ' . luliiuiliiin Ci.i.i-sri: H I iu;. Rii (.■ I] 1 1 1 , . c. .M. Rc; ARiT ' iRr,i i. 1 1 1 nsox llMirK . . c. . . ;. Ili.ylnry PlfN«. :N E ' E Dt Marcarkt Hlguhlkt iiami.i ' t. n-. c. . ?. lAhrary Science Or.x Si h Hi XMcuTT 1 K.WKI.IN, -. c. , ' . . I ' uhll, S,ll„ ll Must, MlXXIi; .MiDDLETOX HUSSEY UARSAW, . c. .l.B. Library Science LdIS JEAX Ji;XXIXGS ji wives, s. c. . . ;. llislory nA „ fij ' -n; ■ ' ' ■ ' rfVlia?.; ' IriAMMMJM S2i,::l_, ;i22 i2«ifi. ._, M K M. R ' Cakdi.ini; J[.r ev ]K (l , N. c. U.S. llnm,- Lo.iwmhs ,.Mii.ii: Ji: i,TT IIMIM.IIIV, . C. . . , ' . I.JlU,lli„,l VR schs Hilda Johxsox GKF I NSI ' .OKO, . C. 11..S. I ' lihli, Sihnol Miuic Nil. I, Mii,i,::r Johxsox 1 AliMI (.lll , . c. . .«. l-:Ju,all„,i .,f .i ' f. ,u,L,„, , PiFN ' Evj N EEDLES iliinrtrj.i iiii i. i.f». .J,%y ' ' y. ,w,ii t , ' S3t,- r .. ' V. . . .. :, . ' .ai-!!?l ? Pearl M. Joxes KINSTON ' , N. C. . ' J.B. Education Louise Justice OREENSBORO, N. C. . ' .B. Library Science Roberta Jorixw KIXSION ' , N. c. .].Ii. Library Siiciiir Sarah (Jrace Kelley mooresville, n. c. A.B. Education ( " 5 r- i- L N EEiDLES Florknci; IaiI. .ASIIKVII.M , V. C. . . ?. Uislary Cm. ri.()Tti-; Kooxce KlLlll N " I)S, . C. .1.11. hnalish I, Hi;i, L. |{ RK VMH SM ' .OKCI, N. C. . . ;. S(t,hilriay MiN.Mi: .Mtl IR I. M) CII.MIUOL K , . e. . . ;. EJiualiijii 9 r ■ " %». fT LoL isE Leary Bessie Sue Leesox EUENTON, N. C. NELSON-, VA. J.B. Mathematics A.B. Library Sdnue Louise Lentz Margaret Placer Leonard Slow POINT, N. C. IJLOLNSIOWN, i LA. I.E. LdiKation 61 .IM. Ilistiiry — - ■■ . Virginia Lv. Kn - F.LIZABhTll CITV, N. C. U.S. l ' iy. lail luiiiiiilion Ci;ciLi; M. Lixdau GREKNSIlllKn, . C. AUU ' AVIW I.ll ' SCOMB CAIIVKV, S. C. .1.11. Uislory Llcilf; Ml ' Colll ' .m STONhVllII , v. C. . . ) ' . i: J u, aha II n •3,n " ' w PI N L Marg. ri:t -McCox.veli. gastoxia, x. c. U.S. Music Elizabeth McDoxald FULFORIi, 1 LA. Entjlhh Elizakkth McCi.L i;r lARKDKO, . C. U.S. I ' liyshiil Edmatidn CjLENN ' McDcU T.AI.I) CI. RKTnN. v. L ' . U.S. I ' lthlii Si iool Music ' k M " Margarkt Graham MacKinnon MAXTON. N-. C. Glknn Bovi) MacLiiod CKi:i NSBOKO, N ' . C. .1.1!. R ' lmiuni Lani iuu cs ]4ARRii:T Eli. A AIcI ' hail RtU SPKINGS, N. C. .4.11. lulllCll lDtl 6+ Fraxkii; Jo Manx CA-NION, . C. .I.Ii. Biolor y LEiS ' M£ i m - .r ' Jh ' " ' ... ' i % Harriette Daiij: M ARi.ia ' RAMSHLR, N. C. .J.Ii. Rnmatur LtintfiKUjts Li cA H ARKisox Martin MAVOIl.W, N-. C. . . . ' . Library Siience Minnie Matthews WlMlSOK, N. C. . . ;. Ediiialion (Ophelia Matthews KIFI.IVC, . r. A.B. MadiimalKS CuRisTii: LoL ISK Mannari WIISOX, . c. ;. . Music Evni. x .Mhrane M Ul(l , . C. .IJ!. History MARfiARl.T ,M I JA IIOR MfiOKKjVIIIK, N. C. I)(lR() n I ' l RR Mitchell MIKII , . L. .1.11. Ilhlnry L ill. ' " ' ■ J ' ' !. E ' Dl .r i E- ' S hi ' h :- J»i« ' -% ' ri- Elizabeth 15. Morrison salisbury, n. c. . . }. Education Fatty E Lvon Moori; ST. PETERSBUKt;, FLA. l.B. Spanish r%. ■ ' i l S " " Ha H Hi|ya J W ' « B| % ■ H i K ' -iMMh l H 1 , 1 Julia Morgan 1 1 SPRING HOPF, X. C. .B. History Mabel Moore CRAIIXM, N. C. i . . ;. lidmulwn jl S-- JW E . F E-EPDfcE j%, Y ' ,MyK:Mu :i:ikJh i .. , -mW?P " Loi isi- M rRR. IllCli KOIK. . C. Kathi.efx Xewsome MARSUVILLE, .V. C. A.B. iRnxK Ormaxd BKSSFMIK t ' MV, ' . C. ' ..V. I ' hysuul liiludiliiin AI. rc. ri:t Osborne ;KH NSBOKO, X. c. . .«. l-.riolish ■ ■. •l ' f ' Faxxii: Owex CAN I ox, . C. .l.n. liiolnoy Francks LoLisi-: Parmam OXI-ORD, ' . C. . .«. Eciunilinn Mary Evitlvn I ' arkkr SKLMA, , . C. Ph llis Penn GKEKSSBORO, N. C. AM. En ilhh R.t N;E . ' N E.E Dt S I I • m-, Geneva PiiiLLii ' s JACKSOWII.LK, y. c. U.S. Mush: Mar Lvnch Pmi ' i ' s wiiiisi: 1 1, N. c. . . ;. lish Thei.m.a PiI.AXI) WlNinN ' , -. c. . . . ' . luhiauion Marv Hazel Pleasants I.RXIMnON " , .V. c. B.S. Ito rii ' Economics .«.iM ww Vhra Price ASIIHVILLE, . C. B.S. Homi ' Economics Marv Ratledge ADVANCE, N ' . C. H.S. I ' uhlic Si iool Music Mar - V assie Proctor CHARLOriE, N. C. .l.B. Editcalion Mary Agnes Ransom HIGH POINT, v. C. .«. History ES ,, . % ,J Margaret REinvixK MDVKOK, N. C. . , ;. KJuuilinn Olive Jeax Rexfroe ROCKY MOL ' NT, X. C. . ,«. Clwmistry Kl.dlSE RiKIDES WIVUSOK. . c. . ' . Matlnmatiii .Mar Loi isi: R )Bi;rson ASIUAIIJ.K, X. C. A.B. linylish PfWE- ' Kj EE ' DLES „:.,S»i LiLLlH I ' l-ATRlCi; Ro STER SPKAV, N-, c. .1.11. Eiiiu i ion Mii.DRKi) Melha Saltkr MERKIMO.V, . C. . .fi. Biola, y Margarht L(u ise Scott gasioma, n. c. B.S. Home Econnmii s Annh Ki:xi)Rick Sharc BLL ' K KlDGt, N. C. , .«. Ilislory Pili ' lNiiE 11 N , r .L ll} .■ ■ ' ' j t . ■f ' t ' lnr " - ' ■ M i? ' , y.l. R Lki; Shari ' e Frances Sheltox ClIARLmri-, N ' . c. SILER CITV, . C. .1.11. Enffllsli J.R. EJuaitinu ll.LEN EULALIE SHni ' HERD Ruth S kes COI.UMBIS, CA. (TREENSnriRO, K. c. B.S. Physical Eduailion 74 J.B. Biology i .PrIflNlE. M ' OtES aTl» " ■.L-iOu a!l;j - ?? iS .iC4,.j?a 4?■ .. r iiy ., Anxih Iah Simpson WILSON, N. C. A.B. English Alice Grace Slaughter GOLDSEORO, N. C. .l.B. English ?ETTY Daniel Sloan FRAXKLI.V, K. C. A.B. Sociology IS Edith Small WEXTWORTH, N. C. A.B. Education Sarah Smith SAI.ISBL R-i , N. C. .1.11. E ' uilnh Smith MIDDLESEX, .V. C. .LB. h.iKit ' uh ROSI.VN S H THKRI.Wl) MOrST 0M , N. c. }..S ' . Music 7« SAinr. I-OL ' SoLTHKRLAXn COLDSBOKII, . C. U.S. Musu r , ' ' n:e 1 ' ' ! L_ L ■ ES " ' i T . ' ■ " ■ ' rft sff.-irvi ' -iira EvEL x Fa - Starr BALTIMORE, MI). -■ . ?. Romanct- Laiujuaijfs Irkn ' a Sn.pniixsox MDMRhAI ' , . C. - . B. Library Siiina- EvELw Steuart GREEXSEORO, X. C. . .B. Education AlAR-i ' E.MMA Stewart WALLACE, K. C. AM. Etu lish PIN E N EEDLES ■ r:r;: ' - ' . ?ll?:fe?l Virginia Anv Stiiwart C ' HARIOriK, N. C. . . ;. F.JuuUinii Mah Strickland MliniLESKX, N. C. LB. Iiinlo iy Della Strolpe CHERR VILLE, N. C. BS. Home Eronnmics Carmei. Grantham Sitton WASHI.VOIOX, t). C. A.B. Educatinn H ip ' Mii ' 1 I ' ll lyi i .Ua i ' ' ■— — I Marv Carolinh Taylor mooresville, v. c. . .B. Education Naxc- " Nettles Tailor WILMINGTON, N. C. A.B. English Mattie Moore Ta lgr ENFIELD, N. C. A.B. English Margaret Terrell waynesville, n. c. A.B. English ;»J ; ' ■ I " , I xici; Ti:, ii ' i.i ' : SKLM.N, . C. ;. . Iliinii- Hcnniiniu. Margarht Klizai!i:th Tikiaias MOVCIRE, N ' . C. . . . ' . Library S (if nee Ai.ixi; ' l " i)i)i) IIKKIIA, N. I.. I.ll. lulu, alum An ' ASTASIA ToMH1£RL[X SWISS, N. C. AM. Fri-neh :. , . i:- ,... ,, i; E1:.E ?; ftT4,N;: " :AAi; ' .lv . . fg- «!i?; Sadie Troutman mooresville, n. c. .LB. Education Virginia Tlckkr HERTFORD, K. C. .LB. Malhrmaliis LoLisH Tlrxage AVDEV, K. C. B.S. Ilnnif Economics IvILLIAX TWH ' ORI) ELIZADEIH Cirv, X. C. LB. History .. y;.- ,:i pii : ::h- ' ■ ' Ufe-.a.,.: .■■ :: .-A .J@;Ja! i;iJfeU§ ? s! Jr. Margaret Tvsox ASHEBORO, X. C. B.S. Music Sl i; Harris Lxdkrhili. ASniAlll.K, N. C. I.H. Enytish F.I.IZABHTH LkF IMliEROIR GREENSBORO, . C. . .«. lilUllisI: ] I RTi,E Lee Vick WILMINGTON " , N. C. . . . ' . English a ij J ill , ■=%.. -W ■■ - ,„ „,, PlflN i V h B ' E!0=1- sKJ Ruth Varhfii!1.d M K llwxAH Walker Gi;iI,F()KD, . . c. cinsnN ' vil.i.i ' , N ' . c. . . y. Ktluiiiliini . .«. . oo ' MlLURHI) Wai.kkr Kathleen VALTERs HEXDERSONVILI.K, N. C. CHARLOTTE, N ' . C. B.S. Physical EJiual ' wn 83 A.R. Romance Lariyuayes 30 St R ...M ' - ■ ' ' ■ ' EIL ml F.DITH JoSP.I ' HINi; Vl-,BB OXKORI), N ' . C. .1.11. Soiiolo jy Elizabeth NVki.i.s Minni.iaiLKi;, n. c. Jlisloiy Mii.nui;!) WiivsTEix LL MF.hRlON, N. C. Helen Vell.s 1111 NTON, N ' . C. . , . Riiinanii- Laniiuaijcs hill, A fr llM.lL. NE ' EDLl..! .j kt . " ki i.- ! . I j:u. M MmS,AJSf ' ' m.k ' ij j- vlV .j4- ., . „ ksjl?? r Rachkl Eva White ASHKVILI.E, . C. . .«. Frrnc i Gexevieve Whitehead GKEEXSBORO, . C. ns. Public Si ,ool Music MarGARIiT HITEHLR.ST ROCKV MOUNT, K ' . C. B.S. Pliysical Education Lucille ViLn. iAN CHASE CITY, VA. A.B. Emitisli A 1% J.:0: - Anxa DoRciTnv Wii.roxG Elizahhth ' ii.kixs()x MWIOV, .V. C. CARV, N " . C. J.ll. n ' wlofiy . .«. ninUuiy AXXIR Bl.ACK. WlM.IAAIS Hattie H. Williams FAVETTEVII.I.K, K. C. RAI.EICII, . C. A.B. Biology 86 AM. Ediiialion f 9 i .,, , I „,,,j L , , I p- a r i L iN E ' E D I r " c , 4Bi ?:. i MiTCHHi.i. Williams KINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C. A.B. French Mildred Wilso.v COLERAIXK, . C. A.B. Romance l.ancjuatjcs Ida Ann ' ettI ' AVoolard BOLTON, X. C. Romance Languages Ruth Yates WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. A.B. Education 4 ] :M Al.lCI-: El.IZAHRTH Vii R ASHtVlI I K, . C. I. II. nistnry ClRACl: )LCOTl ASHF.VII.I.E, N " . C. . ?. n ' wlogy K0P, Ch. ri.()i rn: Vax Xoi ' I ' Ex l.REEXSP.riKO, N. C. A.B. Entilish Marmix Mattocks JIdffmax MOLM 11(11. lA ' , . C. AM. Enalhh ■mv " - ' -• --. . - fefei Marv Lkwis MOREHEAn CITY, . C. n.S. Home Economics NiTA Mae Lewis - iokii]i:ai) crn, n. c. U.S. lliinu Economics Matilda Etheridge MASTED, N. C. A.B. English Charlotte Chaefix SAVKOKI), .V. C. History N ' E : N E ' E ' D ' LP .. M ,. M Ri(iN i,ti:r.s CRilVSnORO, S. c. . . ). Riimiiitie Liini uatjcs Inez P.allink Spaixhdlr NflKlH WH.KFSnOKO, N. C. l.n. Ediuat ' wn CoRXi-LiA Setzhr N ' f.W TON ' , X. C. . . ;. Eiiiualtiin Srsii; ROGHRS BlZZELLE KlNblOV, V. C. AM. Enijlisli yf w KatHHRIN ' E AlSTIX I.KAKSVILI.K, . c. Ruth AxDnRsox SAL 1. I()V, . C. ;..V. Puhli, S, ,„r,l Music Margaret Elizaishth I lchaxan BROAlnvA •, x. c. I.I}. History Maxal- x Molraxe high point, . c. LB. Trench 4 ih " t ] IaR - HlTTS SilL in 1111 1 , VA. .1.1). l.iliiarx S(i,nn- EvEL-iX WlUTi: EAST SPEXCER, X. C. .l.B. Ediuatioit Elizahi:tii Riu ' Kk nAIH, N. c. .l.B. Rom inir l.atujiiaiii- Rlth Shaker GREENSBORO, N. C. .l.B. Romann ' l.ii i{ iuii rs ,i1Mi; i PINE sa-aatliW i.JiaU. .i!!i K ' ; ' »«4i ' ! ' .!- ' fr DLES ;is .,.: .1 " ' . ' ■.i!arf «i..yfr.;-;.:-;:-;K ..;v:-»v:ff: :: tisf? . . aM; Clara Smith reidsvim.e, n. c. U.S. Home EionomK. Cl.ara Rkspress r.Aiii, N. c. - . ' . Ediicalioii Ln.A H. 1 " av[,()r AR PAIIOK, N. c. U.S. Ildini- liinnoinic. Nellie Roriux JAMESTrnW, N-. .LB. Hio of y ;s v i c i_ 2_ L i::. : ' - ' " u |h. l,(K ISi: Hl ' WlTT RIlMM.NK ' l , N. C, [i: N I ' jiwARiis Hak ' kv (;kn io , . c. Axxi;tte Rldisii. (.ROLiSi:. N. c. . ;. I.ihidiy Siirna An ' mi-; Lhh Ki:m)Rick caskima. s, c. ! ! i E ED LES . ' yM C ;CILE LiNDAU, Poft Class Poem,, ' 30 ICatso t iinil Shrilly ivc iciid siilc hy siilc; l- ' .iir yiiin ri ilti(r PurndSMis ilid liiU: Hid no ioiii ii . iihiit pity. t,itr roiuls coiiuidc. l.iiiinluil 7ri ! i stiiily and ivcpt ; ' ; pl(i ' . S iiidy fciniddtir.u luid drtdiiis fair and guy! S (lie uith hi lit frints and . iii :i!i ;; r s iirf on oiu ZKiy Miiiioriis ahilc hunks :j h.vrlir.cs. ' . h n,l! Soft muddy pnths irc hiivr ; ■•: d ihroui h nith Inin.l: ■ Ind a smite nnd i tiar to ih: jonniiy ' s fni uid! i ' linry iind jdit he oni uhilnnl try! Mnvvil at hcanty, at inuf askimi iih ! And still firm on th: earth, let in rrarh touard the sky- 1 " !L_. l-J £_ i_- wJ ,ji -,..S j h! y::: i ' r ' f:t:y, -- " ,__ ,.,;. ' H k ?fe.-: -.. Makcakit McCoNShiL. Ilislnruin wive Soph. " An ' you ' re Roin ' to live at the ■Country Won ' t that Fre hman hall be a terror! " Misv Nineteen Thirty almoM tell otf the trnin at the (ireeri ' -horo station. Her hat hox tugged at one hand, a week-end hag, tennis racket and ukelele dragged at the other. She looked about wildly for a moment, but there was no time to catch a breath. Girls and more girls were all pushing their way in one direction and Miss Thirty was shoved along by jabbing elbows and bumping hat-boxes. Gradually, shrieking laughter ami hilarious greetings (juieted, an opening appeared in the crowd, and there i[i front of Thirt appeared the sign she was seeking; " N. C. ( ' . V. — Information. " . n oh! so! experienced-looking upperclassman welcomed Thirty reassuringly, handed her baggage checks to a man, and, holding the girl ' s hand, led her to a taxi. Seven other girls piled in the same auto and they whizzed away through street after street of unfamiliar houses to — " Which dormitory, please — ? " " W-w-West, I think. " " Oh, so you ' re a Freshman! " — from Club ' ' wav out in the woods! Oh, hone;. . ....,, , i,,u, , , ,,,,iuij hum i.t n. But Thirty didn ' t find it terrible at all. Her very own Junior Big Sister was waiting to take her to rlinner that night, and then there was a party for the Freshmen every night the whole week through. After living a while in West and becoming acquainted with her class- mates, she was grateful to be one of the few who were beginning the Freshman hall experi- ment un ler Miss Jamison ' s direction. When registration was over and studies well begun, Buster Wearn, Junior president, called the first Freshman Class meeting. Mell Efird was elected president and the other officers were; Charlotte Van Noppen. vice-president; Margaret McConnell, secretary; Sue I ' nderhill, treas- urer; Loretto Carroll, critic; Annie Lee Blauvelt and Tucker Jeter, cneer leaders. The class adopted campus beautification as its project and started to work immediately by organizing the commission and painting signs to keep people on the walks and off the grass. Then Thirty elected for class mascot little Jean Johnson, daughter of Professjir and Mrs. Glenn R. Johnson. Not very long afterwards society invitations were given out and initiation week ensued. Thirty had to wear her clothes backwards, make speeches in the dining rooms and clean house for upperclassmen, hut she did it all good-naluredl , so he didn ' t have to sing the laundry list on formal initiation night. 96 • f -- ' !_ ' .fi.., f kfl,A JA..,. ' t.jM%J i,f ' - . i .t? .JK , III February Sue Underhill was elected president for second semester; Margaret McCunnell, vice-president; Jean Harvey, secretary; Margaret Redwine, treasurer; Mcll Efird, critic; Mabel Teague and Lucy Lee Pannell, cheer leaders. Under direction of this corps of officers the class held a Gypsy Carnival in March to make money for improving Peabodv Park. Then, late in the spring Thirty chose an old tre e for her " tree night " ceremonies and planted a new one besides. One evening she had to dress in wide trousers, turned-up slippers and turban, like a Turk, and serve the Junior-Senior banquet guests and Allah. Of course, all the Big Sisters were delighted and said that no Little Sister had ever been so lovely as Nineteen Thirty. So many exciting and interesting things happened that the vear flew awav. Sh.irtiv Thirty was bidding her friends g.M.d-bye and «i-hing then, a happv vacation. In the fall of ' 27 excitement prevailed again. (;irls were thrilled to see each other and recount summer experiences. Thirty ioined the happy throng that she had so eiivied the vear before and laughed and talked with friend after frieiid. Somebody had said during the summer that the Sophomore vear vould be dull because Sophomores were " just in between " everything, but that was not to be true of this particular soph year. At the very f rst class meeting Muriel Wolfe was elected president; Cecile Lindau vice-president; Elizabeth Wilkinson, secretary; Betty Sloan, treasurer; Edith Webb, critic Aline Todd and Edith Kimsey, cheer leaders. Then the some vhat belated song and banner were presemed to the class. Plans were soon on foot for the Christmas pageant that the Sophomores traditionally write and produce; and on the night before ( hristmas holidays when it was given, the Seniors serenaded and their little sisters entertained them at a midnight feast. Second semester arrived and Thirty elected a new group of officers. Margaret McConnell was president; Christie Maynard, vice-president; Elizabeth Reynolds, secretary; Frances Hamp- ton, treasurer; Sylvia Singer, critic; Virginia Burt and Annette Rudisill, cheer leaders. At this time, too. Miss Katherine Sherrill was chosen as honorary member of the class. One night in early spring no Sophomores were at their tables when the The other students looked about in wonder. Then someone whispered: " I saw a Soph dressed in white going into minute ago! " " Oh, then they must be getting their coats tonight! " As if that were the key-word, the doors opened and in came the Sophomor parading in their new green coats. The class president holding the banner and Miss Sherrill carrying little Jean Johnson were leading the procession. Ah! This was gala day in the life of Soph Thirty. Thereafter, green class coats mingled with the purple and blue on campus. When spring flowers bloomed, commencement plans grew in the minds of both Twenty-eight and Thirty, because the Little Sisters would have to see their Seniors well graduated. At the last mass meeting Thirty sang good-byes to her Big Sisters with true regret. Earlv one morn- ing in June she rose with the sun, rubbed her sleepy eyes and slipped out to gather dewev daisies for the daisy chain. Then she worked late that night to finish the most beautiful daisy chain old N. C. C. had ever seen. In the midst of all this activity Thirty had elected officers for her Junior vear. Polly Dcnsnn was president; Jessie Bridges, vice-president; Edith Clark, secretary; Charlesanna Fqx, treas- urer; Sue Underhill, Junior-Shoppe manager; Ellen Shepherd and Mary Ratledge, cheer leaders. This year the farewells after commencement were a bit more sad than before because Big Sisters went away as graduates to return only when the would visit. dinner bell rang. Spencer Gym a serenading and Through the summer Thirty ' s new president and her chief big sister, Glenn Bovd MacLeod, worked on the big sister plan and wrote to Lhirty the names of her little sisters. It was this year that " Freshman Week " was first inaugurated, and the big sisters were asked to cime early and help with Freshman training. Thirty entertained for her little sisters and tried to help them when they got worried or homesick. The Christmas spirit was just beginning to creep into campus life when suddenly the holi- days burst upon the college unawares. A flu epidemic was working havoc eve y vhere, so the authorities deemed it best to send the students home a week earlv. %sM„t0M, jr , i . i . " :EE!D 1.,E? ' ? ' jAi! -M» ' BMM M ! - i ? U ' ,:i. Lost time va made up liy the pnicess of absorption, so much to the relief of everybody. Eastet vacation occurred as scheduled. Imnnediately after the holidays Thirty gave her Junior-Senior Ijanquet with (irace Wolcctt as chairman of activities. The guests were invited to Fairy Land and the Fairy Queens, Peggy McCluer and Glenn MacLeod, assisted by atteniLints, entertained them with toasts and dances and fed them nectar. Thirtv felt her responsibility when spring elections were to be held, and she realized she must provide ail the major ofHcer for the college community. After the tension was over, she looked at her work and called it well done. The officers were a splendid group. The Senior Class head was tilenn Boyd MacLeod; Sara Chrisman was vice-president; .Annette Rudisill. secretary; Peggy McCluer, treasurer; Jessie Bridgers, cheer leader. At last mass meeting this year, it was Thirty who solemnl took the places left vacant by the departing Seniors. Then came Junior week-end and in celebration Thirt went hay riding and reveled in complete Senior privileges for three ila s. One privilege, that of going to the drug store fill ten o ' clock, she continued to enjoy until the end of school. And again a year had sped a«a . F xams and commencement were at hand. The class rings arrived. Thirty rushed exciteill to her little sisters to lia e them wear her ring a day apiece vhile she finished her exams. Of course, s|)r had one the very last ila ; but when the final sentence was s i js| .n toril completed she slippeil the ring on her finger and was truly a Senior. A glorious dream was realized during the suinnur of 1929 a week before school opened. Dr. Foust and Miss Killingsworth, with other administrators and faculty tnembers, invited r|uitc a number of Thirty ' s friends to Camp ' S ' onahlossec, at Bhnving Rock, for a conference. Commit- tees revised the student g ivernment constitution; and, among other things, the group voted to have no proctors, to use personal reiiuests instead and to have a formal dance on campus. F;ver bod was pleased with the accoijiplishment of the discussions, and all immensely enjoyed the moinilaiii hikes, suimmiiig and numerous other delights of camp life. Just after the conference Nineteen-Thirty boarded the college truck and soon arrived in Greensboro sunburned, hut ready to work. She was glad to find that a spacious ne v post office, a book store and roorn for the town girls had been built during the summer. , more complete Freshman week had been plaiuuil for this year, and ' Fh!rt , as a Sernor, felt a great deal of responsibility for its success. Soon after school started the good ship " Fac-Sen " «as summoned to the aid of Thirtv to take her classmates and facidtv friends on a world tour. The entertainment was imusual and at- tractive, and the tourists had great fun becoming ac luainied x vith att d discuss ons US scene on he k-t nds with the iistoms and foods of various She decided to change the ■ommencement invitations to . t her class lueetings I ' hirts indulged annual a bit, and to have an etching ot a remind college friends of their school da s. jvmiors were allowed to share extended week-eiuls with the Seniors this ear, so Thirtv and Thirty-one went away to enjoy the days together. That act is characteristic of Thirty ' s attitude, as it has grown during her four vears at N. C. College. She has come to think of the college as a whole. She plans for it, and wants to see it broaden and deepen. She discusses constructive changes — honor societies, a new adapta- tion of the social societies, curricidum development and so on and on. .■ s Thirty leaves old N. C. C. there is much that makes her sad; there is much that makes her glad. Li her four years presence here, the college and its associates have taught her some- thing of lite and of the ways to live fully and creatively. She desires to find herself and to help others in their search for happiness, Best of all, Thirty has learned how little she knows; and realizing that her school experience has been but a beginning, she goes away from North Carolina ddlege intending to grow lailv aiul hourl , deepening her appreciation of things as they are anil as they might he, and being more and more true in her devotion to service. ■ ' ' ■ 111 d ,,pj||„ 1 PINE r ' ' DLES , Jea HhwiTi, I.iiivyir L-ast Will .and T(esitam€et We, the Cl;us of 195(1, of Xorth Carolina College, being of rela- tively sound mind, of iinvascillating piir|iose, and of the keenest fore- sight, seeing as we do that we are about to be ejected from these walls which have sheltered us so long and so carefully, do hereby make the following disposition of our various jiroperties and benefits: In III J — To our Alma Alater, than which there is none finer, we leave our filial devotion, our progressive spirit, and any such material articles as we may overlook or iliscard. Jti ' iii 2 — To our successors, the rising .Senior Class, we bequeath our overpowering responsibilities and the grace with which we have accepted them. Item ,? — To our sister we leave the pri ilege of having a younger sister class of its own. hem 4 — 1 (J the new -Sophomore Class we lea e the freedom of the .seas on the ground Hoor of the auditorium, in the quadrangle and sur- romiding territory and in the west and south dining-rooms. Item 5 — To the incoming Freshman Class we, as prospective aluiii- riac, leave our love and best wishes, as well as our colors, green and white; our motto, " Truth, " and the use of the class song until such time as it shall have one of its own. m-. ' vm hi III 6 — The several personal traits and possessions of nulividual members among us we lio apportion in this manner: I. I, " Hig Hetty " Sloan, will m " organ recital proeli ities, occa- sional nasal tuang ami iiost office box to " Little Hetty " Inn Hett ' E.) 2.. I. Jean Har e , hand down my calmness, cnnsistenc and de- liher.itiiiii to Marie W ' ivh.nt with the ho|ie that the ma not cramp her style. v 1, Charlotte Wan Xoppen, bequeath my electrical genius to J.-ib Mcl aughlin and all succeeding electricians. 4. I, Christie Alaynard, will my athletic ahdity to kat Morgan. 5. I, F ' dith n.arbour, lea e my unending search tor the I)a Stu- dents ' mirror to Hett Hrown. Let no man icdate or misconstrue the aho e document to which, on tlu ' s lunth (lav of fune, |i|.,i), we do hereb set our sign and seal. Dpf m s -- mi Good Morning Seniors! A iiiu h.:AV,lv-,lo! The ni irnin ot life is lU ' lf t (jr Mill and the eve ot yoLir de lartiire troiii i ■oil cLTf. Tii(la ou are seniors ; tomor- rnw Ml will be aliinina Next ear most of Mill w ill he meeted with " Jo id M MIlillL ' , .U-ir w- icher " ; ntliers will e intimi ' (iiir sni(lii ' « in Miiotln-r iiistit iti( n ot le iiniiiL ' . S(i;iu-, |X- haps, may e en he M A. ' s withoiir lia iiiL, C( intiniied your ec lie. til nal p ItMlitS. ' J ' luTC- w 11 be mam of ( u ibo lit «h im We nia s ly tcmorrow-, " I k lew h er ] (■1, " W ' lu, " an sa . ' The fact is oil are 1 ea 111!. ' , vc tai - ' ■ Mill ha e liked Good Bye, Seniors Tlu ' sc |i;igc ' s arc our iiiciiR-iitos of tin- Class (if ' ](). ScM ' ial nu ' inhcrs of the class you may ha t ' dislikfd, othfis wen- probably your " bosom budclii ' s " all four i-ars. K ents, it ' s said, will row rosier as thi ' y recede in your vision. May retrospect dim dur unpleasant as- sociations and enhance (iur pleasant recollections! Again — " (Sood .Morning! " at7tfl! a , ' ■ .1 Jili«i! 4 ' ■ i» m Mnii 2 ' iir m-. ' I - Vim H K ' ' ? A ' icers of ' ' SI Virginia MnriE p- •• Margaret McMaxus . I ' in-I ' rrii ( ■ Gladys Hicks c . .. , oi ( f i itiry Martha McGee Trrauurr Manie Robinson . . Matiiu rr of ••} ' ,• . „;; „,■ Shnj fr " Ruth Abdott Ciilic Matiloa Robinson C urr Lradi-r Mary Newton chr ' cr Leader los 30y I ! I El-I ABETH BARVfi- Mas, 1,1 of Class of ' ,• Class of ' 31 Colors Reii and Wliite Floii-rrs ■ . . Red Sweetheart Rdses and T.ilie of the Valley Mollo CnuraKe Symbol Sword Song l.oiui lii; O Thirty-on,-. Il ' c ' rr here to both do and dare Our (lass of Red and If bile. .hid In icork for all that ' s nyht. lie l. ' a-ve bronf ht. () Cntlei e. dear. Our motto of Courat e Our liir.h of ' liiibl. Il ' e icill hold ' while ive fiijht lis tlame burns i.iilb a love for you, II e mean to come out ■victorious -hid a h ope of ureal ideals: In our battles for the true. ' » here -x;, are ii-ilh fiiihlinii sivords So may our name be i lorious. .hid Irulli upon our shields. Ilrini in, tame. S. (. ' ., to you. He shall marih ihrom h the years, Uoldini up our baninr, hii h. The emblem of eouraiie Shall be our hallle ' ay. He shall iheer for the Red and While I ' nlil the fu hl is done: So here ' s a shout forever for Our dear old Thirty-one. io6 RUiH Abgoit greensboro, n. c. Eloise Hanmnc raleigh, n. c. Hazel Bell gaston ' l- , n. c. Mabel Arerholdt lexington, n. c. Mae Ballard MOWEN, . c. Xancv Baker ;iIARLO]-]E, N. c. Clara Bivens monroe, n. c. Berxice Apple greensboro, n. c. ' I ' liORA Armstrong JAMESIOWN, N. c. MiRLXM Black GREENSBORO, K. C. 9 30 ' ! ' :j ' -;.M ' .ih [1 I i - ' L.. [ ' ir rx I r iT A. :,s B?: LOL ' ISE BOLICK HICKORY, . C. Patricia Braswfi.i. GRKHNsnnRn, . c. Mary Brandt ilorence, s. c. ' iRr;]MA Clark Sara Ciiatun Ei.izarkth ( " iiinHMiON- Betty Brown CIIARI.OriE, N. C. MOCKSVU.I.E. N. C. WEl.linN, N. C. GREENSBORO, . C. Annie Coppauge spring hope, . c. ElIZA COWPER CATESVILLE, N. C. Evelyn Clm.mings eiigh point, n. c. k m lil PrIfiN m% M E " :ETiD!!LeS m j; rj. m , ' iM=! : .M:.iMMmm §i:m ' M:: i : ' , mh ' . ■r,,:§ Ellie Currin OFORD, N. C. Clifford Dni.viv SILOAM, GA. Margaret Donnell asheville, n " . c. RvTH Ei.i.EN Sallie Edwards Mak Eaker Elizabeih nv Verxet ROCKY MOUNT, X. C. HOOKERIOWV, X. C. BESSEMHK CITV, N. C. GREENVILLE, S. C. Frances Esuelmax high point, n. c. Frances Faisox faisox, n. c. Daisy Farr asheville, x. c. I I Hi 1 EElDLES ' r ' 1 r- . 1 1 ill - 4. - Anmi; Fawcett mt. airv, x. c. N ' fi.l Forkest ei land, x. c. Maiiih.da (Seiger ciiari-otee, -v. c. K EE c;iii.iAM C ' eeia Cershov EvEE ' i A Cinsox Anme Ri Ell CJermam iANinRIl, N. C. MOORE ' ,VIEEE, N. C. niLEMIIRE, N. C. IIOOMER, . C. Louise Gorham battleboro, . c. El.lZ Mil I II ( IRAIIAM tllMON " , N. C. ELIZAIIETH CiLEN.V GAS ION I A, N " . C. »m. MMkL iii;N,;iw .i.i AU.jiy§ gaA4yMi . ' .. : Nell Green- maksiiville, . c. Margaret (jRinnLE IIALLAS, . C. Cecki.l Halcersiaivi liEI-IIAVEN, . C. Annie Lois Hancock Marcaret Hwna Marv I.olise Hanbv Lois Hamlin SCOILAND neck, N. C. ASHEVILLE, N. C. VVM.MINGION, N. C. SOUTHERN PINES, N. C. Cornelia Harrelsom CilEKRVVILLE, N. C. Caihekine Harris ELK IN, N. C. 1L ZEL Harris WASHINGTON. X. C. i i r L EEDLES T;:!., f:f;;;?A; ' = ■ - ' y : MvRTis Harris MACON " , N. c. 1,1 IL ISA IIaich TIAMLET, N ' . C. Makv ( ;. Harris MI-I.IAMSTOU , V. c. Margie HhnllV Ckcii.e Hefnkr Leah Heilig Roberta Haves I.AllRINBURi;, N. C. incKORV, X. C. COLDSEORO, . C. CRIKTOV, X. C. Sara Hexry wilkesboro,- n. c. (iLAOVS HlCKS ROCKIXCHAM, N. C. CiiARLoriE Hill KIXSTOX, X. C. A A S: !.. ' " I .- ' .@W , H; ' ig 4J ; »Mk.!Mi -M Aifev- ,s ,. - A:.,:j i ; .,. 4 ,., I T Makiha Iloni) f: sinMA, N. c. Nancv Howard . :0()RESVILI K, . c. Makcarki Hlmilev DRAPKK, y. C. Marv LiciLi.K JnvFs ()finii jkrmi.w Jam; E. Joiinsov Ua i-l Jhvkivs ci.KVKi.wii, ihw. Asiihviiif. . c. r.LrrAio, n. . Ai.MP lA Kkllooi SL MiKRRV, v. C. ' iKf;iMA Kfi.i.v IIAMLlr, N. C. nKH NjROKn, . Eduh Kimsav asiifvillk, ' . c. ' ,.,Li ' ' ' i„L! " JI ' i I ' .i i 1 i ' :N i LES ' . ' HJJMV .I.IIllAU., liLUi A GfRTRUDH KlShR BESSEMER CUV, N. C. Mary Kisek hickory, x. c. Mary Lektz greensboro, n. c. Hazel McEaciiern- Jaxe Lynch Makcari r McCormack Esther Lovmhrmhk wn.MiNcjoN-, . c. wn.MiNmoN ' , . c. E i kimurc, n. c. ashhroro, n. c. Mariiia MctiEE CHAKLOllE, N. C. CORNEEIA McKlMMOV ELIZABETH McI.A 1_: ;H IIX RALEIGH, -. C. CLEVELAND, X. C. PJi ' i ' lM i w ' N E ElDl ' ib ' E ' S rk. Maroarkt McM.wus aldemaki.e, n " . c. EvKi.iN ' McNeill LUMnERTON, X. C. Rlth Markham durham, x. c. LoREXE Meares Mildred Mash KAIR ELEEE, X. C. WIXSI OX-SAI.EM, N Kmhkix Mauer Fi.eeta Martix IIMlEX, X. J. DUXX, X. C. Martha Medcalf baltimore, md. F.MII.V MeLL(IX SIOX POIM, X. c. Marv W. Muchell .xewberx, x. c. i6 «x Makik Molhar Elizabhih Moniv K vtherine Morgan SWEDESBORO, N-. J. CHARLOIIE, K. C. SALlsBURV, N. C. Rose Nobi,e 1 k N ' ewion- CJrace Ndrik Virginia Motte KINSTON ' , N " . C. l l.kl)K , N-. C. KINSTON, N. c. ClIARI.OnE, N. c. 4arv Steele Nukwoi 11 Parkik M vr Weish Parker MON ' ROE, K. C. VVILMINCTON, N. C. MARSHVTLLE, N. C. r I %M U J ' . " ' ' nlJ tt.?ij faW k 1 i i 111 ! ' ::!M ' " ' ii LeNORA PATIF.RSnN ' Lnr.A Paine M. R FnvvLK Pfrrv CASTOXIA, N. C. LEMIIK, V. C. WINSIDS-SAI.IM, . C. Charlotte Pircell Alice Picki it Lola Proffit Mll.DKFI) PkRSOV SALISBURY, N-. C. SHELBVVILl.K, K ' S . COSHFV, N. C. MACOS, ' . C. F.i) A Rar ' Ri in Raev I-KANLFS PLILV HICKORY, . C. IllCKOKV, .V. C. KINSinS, N. c. .fej; I S ' ' Sl - :- % Em N B ' EiDLES li J -h s. ii ..Tf " " , ' ,! ' . .ef g V ; ' ,i Maldk Ratledhe pleasant cakdex, . c. K IHR POKTER I K WKI I , N. C. EvEiAN ' Reeves ASIIEVILLE, . C. Madge Rhvne M [e Robinshs- Matilda Robin ' SOv Kate Robinson castonia, n. c. miik 1n, n. c. ckeensboko, n. c. ansonvh-l.e, n. c. ' r?IEO RlllDOCK CHARl.OriE, N " . C. Edna Sapp kernersvili.e, . c. Anne Roval Saunders wilmington, n. c. » l i P ' H!fi ife»Tgft ■ . .i.i. «,.. ,ru ' Geraldine Savre TRvnx, . c. Fraxces Sink greensboro, s " . c. Ethei, Sledge danville, va. Janie Secrest monroe, n. c. Esther Shreve moorestown, n. j. Mary Svkes greensboro, n. c. Mary Boddie Smmh chadbourn, n. c. Helen Seifert newbern, n. c. Meta Shaffer four oaks, n. c. Raciiei Snipes selma, . c. m N E -:---. . . a?g«i ' d M §: ' Sarah Sm!i;gs lioROIHV SpfXCK Ri , Si ' ENCER Wll SOV, N. c. Asm II. I.I . v. c. iipKi; iii , s. c. Sai.iie Siiiri Ski.m. SiniAi.i. N s(, S ONER AllEI.lA Sprv WKNSKl.I,, . u. MARSHVII.l.K, . C. Bll l. l IRE, N. C. BALK BA , VA Pearl S kks Mabel Tatk Mar TAvinR ASHKBORO, N. C. liii:ii PdiM, . c. EI.IZAni III CITY, K. C. n r ,. ! ,P;fi ' N|E-( N E ■ " " - •■ f pj ' , ' i ' I I ' ll Ki ' A f ' ' k ' ' - ' - Mauhe Terrell wavnesville, x. c. MlI.llREI) TfiMLiNsns- « ILSIIN, N. c. ,Ie WNKTIE TrcII IKR I ' lLIII MOLNLAIN " , . C. Henrietta Wallace Edliii ' ail Frasces Wallace Annie Ticker siatesville, n. c. spring hill, ala. siates ille, n. c. advanc e, n. c. Cahierine Wharton creensboro, n " . c. El.OISE Warii ROSE HILL, N. C. Marcarei Ware MOUNT, N. c. , .■.- ' h ' ;; . V. ' ., ' -V.-;.-. -:. ' - r ' I 1 L_ .■iAi .y i 1 1 l_- l_J l H. w3 :1 Marv Jaxe Wharton " GRKtNSBORO, . C. Nkllie Wheeler all.KORI) COLLEGE, . C. Frances White CLAiTON, N. C. Rl. Ill Wll.LLXMS MAR ■ E. WiLLLWIS MAI ' DH WlLIJAMS HeLEN WlLLlAMS H.l Allllll en-i, N. C. VAIIKINVH.LE, N. C. KLNCS MOUNTAIN, N. C. H ENDERSON VII.I.E , N. C. M K(, Rh 1 WiNSTEAD WILMINGTON, N. C. Eloise Wooslev mebane, n. c. Mariine Wright- madison, x. c. I i -rill, ■ ■■ i ' i m: „- 4 ' .rfTl ' f-S ' iS Vmr.isiA JniiNsov Cni.LMBUS, CA. Ai.icF Rknfrof, MATTHEWS, N. C. Marv Di-LiA Rankin- MdL NT HOI.LV, N. L ' . SVIATA Wlll.K Wn.MlNCION, N. c. Llch.le Knight chase citv, va. Jessie Wiggs MinnLETON LAURINBURG, N. C. Kathleen- Johnson asheville, n. c. Elizabeth Lewis HOLLV springs, X. C. Charlotte Haves el paso, tkx. Anne McDowell wavnesville, n. c. ,am .9 30y 1 , ., ' , r, ,1, 1, ' ' .i— I " EID 1 . s J wJ " ! J1 » g " gri;: ; 11! .■ " ,-;?:;?Jv.?aii ■gft- v- -.: I ' ' ' J k i ' Kl III 111 IK MAHMI II I I- , . I.11I1A C ' . ll(in - I.I.I Ar,Hill CI I , s. I ' OIIA Hlmi-K ■|Ll(K . , N. c. Em I II Mhii;s ) ' AI MKKSVII.I K, N. Sai.ii Miiokin eethei.. n. c Mar Pkirie i i. miir, n. c. HHI.K I ' llSlON III SSOWII.I I;, N. Ma Sw w sieiimw. s. 1. P;l,fiNl,E. N il_ L DLES rH, ;A , .mil!.Mmm LLiat ...: ' ., . ' ; ' M l-imM :::: r;iU :,,f ,.. , , m- EAS IIEI. I.l-ONARI) M. SPENlEK, . C. MOK( rie VAN Fkisaki) ON. N. (_■. v1ak I,i:]i CIiuox WWIJAW, N. C. Marion- Smiiii FA ETTEVIl.I.E, . C. Eva Lois Smith WINDSOR, . c. AwiK Rogers ASIIEVIIJ.E, N. c. Nei.i.e Strickland xashvii.i.e, n. c. Reva Rich COI.nSllORO, N. c. I I 1 1 I_ i - I , I , _J ' , ' ; ' S M V ' - ' - -. J%... - ft p ii 1 C ' - V . H B: ' " " ■, Piil ' fMiE.,: N E ' E ' D ' tES .dimdum-:. %S-i ■ ' ■ ' • ' ■ ' ' 1 Motto: Excelblor JAMCK HodKi: Ma.uot of Class of ' jj Class of ' 32 Colors: Lavender and White )on{ l.aiundn- ami ir ,il,-. Jrar. Our filiJi f ■ix-f mahr to you. .-J loyal (lass luith pur ' osc bru lil — T he Class of ' JJ. may we keep before us Tliy symbol ' s sliiniiuj lie lit Our standards leading, our class pr lie follow on to vict ' ry and to i u lit. .hid as we stri-ve. slill iiii-c. More hnowtedye to attat O. .lima Mater, we would Of service, as we yain — " Excelsior! " — still hi; her ! Our motto ever be. irh.H we ' ve departed, life Our I lass much lionor ' c thee. arJ. be jourui would REFli ll . Here ' s lo our .lima Mtaer. Our fealty we brim , .hid as we enter within Thy portals. Thy laurels wc proilaim. So sine , thy daughters, O .lima Alati The Class of ' 3- For we shall keep our lolors brii Iit, O, A ' . C, dear, for you. 127 y stated, bring to ! " L IL !_ 1__,_ 1_ ,J ' ■ ., ipi; - Class of ' 32 Officers for the First Semester Li-51 II RiiiiiKOCK I ' nsiiitiil Al CI lllMK l ' l,,l ' l,SlJ,lU M R H LM Fowl KVS Srii,liuy Kii Aiiiiii lllM Tndiunr Officers for the Second Semester Uti-KN SiiLHiRii I ' ri ' siJnil Slk May HhNDRfs l ' u,-l ' ns,J,nl Makios llciid-MAN Snrilaiy !AR HhNRi RiinissoN . . Trrasiirrr PA s MlC ' iiwhii Ciilic N ' dih: Stiiiiiil vfiiuMtr ol+ntr were t-lcctrii toi hitf ftir tlicir putvire tii lie inrliulfd in the year b..ok. " V ' liict ' telliiiL: niankind to lnok. itM-lt in tlu- face — Whn arc ymi? What aiv Miii? We ' ll tell ynu— here is the latest. " " Lit ' s i ij. Welti h Dill iiiiitki. Exilisi our diisl. " j , , Doris Ar.nnn, Uyny AnKiRsnv, Nhi.l Appi.F.wnni:, y Bahciii, ' iri i i H. i rs Elva Bakir, I ' .i 1 ai ' .i III Bakdkr, Edna Barnhiil, Exik Bkasi.i; , LnRKSE Braitv. Saka Bim, Ki in Bird, Kaiiikri k Blair, Rachki, Bi.itiih, Kaik Bdghr jKWu.r. Brai) . Jami I- ' , kii Bramt, ( ; inddivn Bkiii, Ei i aiii: i ii Bkiiiik, EMIl. Haii Brock Eanmk Broiiii, l.i c Bi rciss, Daisi Caiiiwiii, Sarah Carr, Irwci ' s Carii.wh V 1 E ' E ' iDILES JiL.. Ill ' ' ' W ' ., I.nis CiiAMPiox, Ei.izADRTu CiiAiTMi., Pali.ixe Chappel, Marcaret Church, El ' genia Clomnghr Ki.iZAP.EiH Conn, 1j) a Coi.k, Nathalie Coi.e, Margaret Cox, Mary Cirrix I ' .ii AiiMH Daviiimiv, I K Oeese, El ' genia DeLaxey, Nellie B. Dickexsox, Josephine Oixolio Marcarei nixiiv, liiiKoiiiv Doxxell, Elizabeth Dover, Margaret Edwards, Edna Ellis Martha Fol xtain, Margarei Freeland, Olca Frisard, Mirtle C. Fullexweider, Alvce Fuller LES - ' I M. F. Fitzgerald, Alice Fui.inN, Hazel CiooiiMAN, Mar ' i C.onnMAv, RnsE Godwin- Annie Griffin, Nina Hall, Louise Haxes, Helen Harding, Betlv Hardy Eliza Hatcher, Cora Hatsell, Edna Henley, Elizabeth Henley, Lucille Herring Elizabeth Hoffman, Dorothy Hoi.i.ev, Marian Hoi.oman, Maggie HoNEYCurr, Sue Hornfr (Georgia How i , W ' iniikiii Ilo LK, Annie Lairii Hudson, Alice Humphrev, Sisie Jackson Illl ' s m:!MM,,j:jj ' -J ' iM. I 111 a_x |iiii sin , RiiciKi lni; sn , l-viivv M. JiiMs, l " iM S. JfiMS. Kaiukrinh Jonhs Maki.aki I IiiNKS, M ri:akm KiMiKUK, Kaiuhkisf Kikktaikilk. Kaiiikyn Knox. Ki.ka (ir Lank |iAs NUi iK Lam, Mak Ci airi l.iiir.hi ikr, Ksihkk I.i , Aii.kkv I.ifki.v, Fwmk McC ' ail l ' NUCowni., Kriii MlKaii.iian, IIazhi, McKiwn, I.ickik McLAUhiriKV. Ial McLfks MxK.ioRiF Mcl.mii. Cmiifkim NUAunus. Bfaikick Mi-s fk, I ' i i Mn i fk, C ' iirnkija M(inii omfkv P|,lf!N!;€. i ' MM!LiH ' ,TiM..- ' ' l ' l JvL .. N. I r " CT " ■ ' - If " ' ' ' LES rtJi V.,,l|l " ,■ y j4i M .H . ' ■iil llll I Louise Moore, Elizabeth Morriseite, Isabel Mlnde.v, Unitv Nash, Iris Nelson Amv Newcomb, Margaret Nevvtov, K. Noel, Marv Norkleet, Millv Ogdev Kate Osborne, p:LizABErii I ' akilam, Jessie Parker, Kathleen Parker, Evelvn Parks Helen Pavne, Sarah Poole, Opal Poplin, Elizabeth Poteat, Glaovs Price Catherine Pulley, Louise Pui.liam, Rebecca Rabun, Rebecca Rhodes, Makcaret Riddle l 1 ' |!U ;1hill. ■:.sM i}. . ... M . I.OLISE RoBivsnv, Mar IIpnri RnniNsnv. M. RonwFii., Xkva Gak Ropfr, Rvnettk Rnss l.hSI.IH ROIHROCK, F.lMCt M K RoLMRFK, HkLKN Rl SS, OlRHMA SCARBORO, EslKLLK SHAW Margaret Si.eiick, Avmk 1,ou Smiih, Luhe Bfll e Smith, Parinne Smiih, Sadie Smith Marv Stermsg, M. Siewari, ircima Shron, Brownie rAvi.oR, Eii abeth Thumpsov Beatrice ' rnMLixsos, Slf Trenholm, Paii.ine Irlseovv, Kaiherine Terser, IIleei.a W ' aeker tirillJBSL.-; P,.i,i L 11, N E ' EiDLE ill! :i " k ' i " ! ' ' 1 ' ' I! I ii 1 X M i .-. I i:L m . ..; .. ' ' I ' ll jf: ' 4.MmM(kMAJ..r!d-} mut ,- ' a - , , - o , ; il ■M . ,. Makv 1. 01 ' . Kr), Lii.i.iw ' RKi , SbiAvvN- WiiARios, Sai.ia Whitk, CirRisMNK Williams KAiiihKiM- Williams, ' iva Wimams. Ullks- Wilson-, Anna Winsiead, Makv Wertz JosFLi N Whedbee, Eiiiiii Wkiiihi, Aiii ' A Anderson, Marion Anderson, F.lise Badgett Mildred Carj ledce, Rehecla Caisi-i, (Ikace C ' ofpedge, Kaiiierine nAVENpoRi, Alma Ferguson Evei. N Hii.L, Ennii IvE ' i, Ooroihv Jovner, Margakei Johnson, Sarah I.ltuvig .k ly IL l LJ Lt-l ; fv, ■ Ei.i7. RKTii T. I.iwis, (Irac I.iMisi ' i " , F.niiii Morkow, M RG Rin Mims, M. k Ai ick O ' Nfii, F.MhVK Pai I . El 1 Ar.i 1 II Pakiiam, Aii.i Pdwir. Kii r.i:iii R r.v, F.ic.iviA Taiifv F i M N I ' Mii Rwiidii. Ri niccA RwKiN, MAKJ()K McLhcii). Kaik Cowan. (Ikrirldh Cim ard Kajhi.ehn FARKhR, Fkancis PiCKKii, Pansv NFmihiws, Hia.fiN Frv, Clarissa Joyce Class of ' 33 Offici;rs Rachel Lii ' scomh Prcsiiltnt Marci. ri;t Morris lin-Prnithiit Catherixil McIver .... Sccrc iiry and ' J ' niisiinr The usual custcni of ck-ctin : two .sets of freslinian officers during: tlie scholastic ear was not ailhered to this year, as it was deemed fit to elect onl one set of officers and ha e it |ireside durini: the entire ear. 7 ho 71(71 t u Jztiis mill till Ziiiiis. (iiiyhoic ' Jl lull ilij I (die iiliiiiit dnhfikid. ' J! Inn Id iLc (JO from lure: ' If ' liiit lUi tin fiu i. ' " m Freshmae Class Albright. Ihuy Ware B Albritton, Elizabeth Hi Alexander, Elizabeth n Allen. Elizabeth lil . llen. Viiginia G. HI Ai .1 .i ..11. i:u ■y Ai Al Ai .1 K be i.f. :m.ii Joseph rg. Ru h Al ei s 11. Sar Al " .1.1 Buil 11 Al A .■ il ..■1 il.l. 1 ' . lIBl B: il •y Liliila I. B; k r Bill!.- Bal T. 1. I ' ni 118S. 1 lis. 11 lis, lit ..hi lisy k. v.- ku-ell. E.I la kw...... . n .r..tliy Kal i.ii man Mil Ir.d Bas..ii. Aiiiii.- I.i Ba: B. ' ats..ii. B-.-k..i.lit. ' . 1. 11. B.I. I. -11 il.a.l, ' B.-ll, I., I.II. ' . B II. .lessie B...sti,k, Th. ' lma B..iisiiia,i, l-atherine B.. " l.s, .Mil. Ire, 1 n..« .11:111. I. ma B..y.l l...lli.- I:lra.lsl.:.w. I.ill. ' i Brak.-. A.c Blav. Elizabeth Bi... ' k En Bu. h.illall. l!..xie Buln-iiikl.-. Plane. s Bunknix. r, Virsiiiia, I.ucye Burke. Nannie Mai- Burks. Margaret C. Biiiney. Beulah Butler, Margaret Biitt.ifii-I.l. Hi.l.n Kathryn B r.l. E.llth Bm.I Bvr.l. V.sla Lee I ' aiiil.h. ' ll. :Mililifil I ' ai.-l. E.llia (■,in...MI.r, Mai-y Fra i ' ;iis..n. Mary ■ irter. Elizabeth I ' .it.-s. Gertrude Chandler, Franees I -ban. 1. a-. I.u.ille .■, X. ' I1.- K.-bf .■hail].. ' 11. i-harhs. Alle.n Coley. Elizabilli iid.r. Mary ak. Hena B nn.-r. Juli.ii: tten. M.izell ttl.-. L..iiise I-.ii I ' ll. ' iny i-hri.s.,.. M;.bi-1 1,1. -11 .■lini.b. . nn a i-lark. l.a.ssena ar«aret rlaik, Mary Frai uly I lark. Maxine, (11a. lis I ' laik. Pauline 111,. i-l.iytc.n, Nola ithaliiie 1-1. 111. -lit. Naney .,ra I -h burn. Louise |-.,bl.. Kli.ise n.. i-.,l.b. Ituth .■Mai Eli .ab, th I ' l.dy. Elizabeth .lre.l .■i.lenian. Eyelyn r.iimes.,.n.e r.izi r.l Mil.ln-.l , ■!■.,. il...k. Taib.r ■lonl. Ewell ■h. Mariial. ' t k.i. Lu.y kett E.lith Croi larti... Elizab Mh rr..i ih, B,iiini.- L ■e Crui il.t..ii, Uillie 1 •, u . Iili.-l.l M..iy I ' Ull . .MaiKai.t Hal ..II. Viruiiiia Han Iiaii rial .1. L..iii-. I ' lB, XlH.llli lbs.,... . i.lli.- Day s. Era. 1. ■IS Da is. Jeanette Day IVl s Kath,.iine IS. Lei. la II, 11111,1:. I Hill I 1 H Fiil|..n. Fia. Haas. Elizab.-th Freshmae Class Die ill sun, X.Ui. nil on Dr rothy Uix on Al ■re Dix on Ue ■tha Dobbit s, Rds.ln Dai I 1a Si |■rt i..n. I.uril Dm fn (1. Mirian Ed ■a. ■ Is. UoUlio E U ■a I ds. Maisa Elli n " K on. Eth. ' l Elli -itt D [■..thy Eni Em et , E Ha •clyn ttiv D FearinK, Sliiile Fitzgerald. Fi;i Forbes Cathei F.irres , Alma Fo%vlei . Fiane. Frank in, ,rean Freel 1 id. Mar Fieeni in, Hal ,Iohns Johns Cathil gs, Eunice Cie.dii. Frances r.,;nn , Mary Oetlys Burton Gibson Frances Cibson Louise Oilison Sarah (Jibson Virginia Gidden s, Lillian T Gillian , Mildred Gillian , Pauline Glasgo w, Louise Glasscf fk. Dorotb Glover Gertrude Goldso 1. Addie M; Golev, Ruby " m, Mary iH.lliW 11, Rosa Grainn er, Ruth Grant, Alice Giant, Delia (l.e. ' n Eleanor Gr en, Kate rioug Giiffin, Annie i-.rifTiii. .M,irKaret GrigR, r.ewis. Pauline I.i.htet fels. Helen I.ishtr. nt, Pauline I.ilid. ■laire Halm, E.litl: Hall, Helen Hall. Leiotte Hh Ni Hall, Kutli Halyburton. ] Hammond. M Ha Lo Hannah, Ma Hargrove, Ma Harrelson, El. Ha Lo Harris, Mozelle Harrison, Kate Hartsell. Dorothy Hay . ' a H.dlid.iy. Evelyn Hollnman, Evelyn Holbjwell. Evelyn Hol ton. Ruth Honey, utt. I -harlot Honigman, Mildre, Hopkins, Mary L. Horn, Lucilli. Horton, Doris Hovis, Kitty Ho ell, Howell, Virginia Howie, Elizabeth Hoyle, Caldwell Hubbard, Irene Hudspeth. Luna Huftnian. liuth Hii Hutehinson. Luey Heilh.ik. r. I ' h.ait.itt.- Jaekson. Valeria Henderso n, Edith .Tames. Clara Hendrix. Agnes James. Hazel Hendrix, Elizabeth Jarrett, Laura Heii.irix, Katie Lee Jenkin.s, Frances Henry, K imesia Jennings, Sibyl Herringto n, Mary Jessup, Nettie Herritage ron.stanee Johnson, Jessie He.ster. Margaret Johnson, Margare Hiatt, Pi uline Johnson, Rachel Higli, JI: rgaiet Johnson. P.oberta MeLeod. lulia AIoBer. Katherine M. Lend. ie Moser, Pauline JleLuid. Merlvn Mull. Sadie MeMillan Jtary N ' . Mur.bison, Alma MeNeill. .luanita Murray, Katherine M, Xeill. ' ara Musgrave. Bobbie jiU.MSMkidjBM ' li; .:,..,; n . s. Ev.lyn laps, unili. Ka.;lul .■ . I :illiMiiii,. l.ittl... Lillian . s. .Mai-;;iic lit. ' Liyt-ngood. Z.jna . ' s, Jlai M.ugiHTi f la, 1.1. I,U..illf .s. Kuril L..w,l.r. JIary B. lull. Lu.ille L.. v.l. iniilk. Eliza |.. -. lOwlyn I...W.-. Btulah .IruU. Mattie Bi-ss I.owe. Eula i un. -Ma.lBf Ly.Tly, Alfine il.all. Susan I.y.TU. JlarKarut g. Iiciothy M Aiver, Evelyn K. Elr .al.rth M.Bee, Wave K. .MmU- .M.Iiuie, .Mary ?;lit. HisttT .Mi(.-Iees, Estelle inles, Hilder Mae MeCarmicl , Jessie ■ ■Its. Jessie Mae JleCracken. Cathei iiMiit, l;.l..r.a M.I, Bessie 111..-. Katlh-uiu.- .M.I 1., well. Kalherii U-. Mari;ar-t M.II..W.I1. E.Uvina !•■, Mailha P. Elise iry. Alma M.I ..well. Sue ml. .1.1, 10lizal..tli M.l ' .ee, Signora sit.--r. ll ' .-.i.. M.Guire, Margaret haul I.Ufilc MeHargu.-, Thalie ■. Gra.-.;. M.Intyie, Aliee .M. iM-r. (.-atlLiine i-l Her. .11 ••rane, Ta Le JIai v Ann Mil. r.d M... ..■na ind.N t.T. Ella u.ll. M: rsaret «-..ll. :m.- r. . I .■Ill- ly Enni zzie A.l euise M. ' M.I, ami.. . lta M.|,awh.,j-n.-, I.erki. MeI.ean, .MeI.en.lon, Julia Ru.iisill, r.eonora Russell, Emily lite Juli; ndife Sai ilf.ud, Irnia !g..ut. I.u.ille t.rfieM, I.oiE Edn, Henrietta lann. Virgie lannin.g. Alethea larlis, Louise, I.ois lassenburg. Sue Whii lasscy. Lavee latthews. Hazel latthews. Pansy layfleld, Luey I.-llade, J.isephine lelvin, Helen lendenhall, Ruth liller, Nurney .lill.a-. Rose .liller. Edna liller. Emma .litehell, Kerne .lo.hlman. Ruth I ly. Ruth ooring, Blanche organ, Edna organ. Virginia orris, Margaret Hrrison, Louise .now, Wilmer .rton. Eleanor lilh. L..uise lith. .Mab.l lith. JIarsaret iitli. Margaret nth. Virginia ell. Eud..ra .kw.-Il. E.lna ulhar.i Naomi well. Sara Lois Nash. Unity Nelson. Charlott N ' ethery, Viola N. ' Wbern, Erlien Newell, Newlin, Mary Oli Ne Dor Nifond, Ester Noel. Katli.ri Nufer, Elizab. :iat.- Juli ligilen. Mildreil (llsehner. Elizah-tb Omohundro. Mary Q Ormsby. Julia Osborne. Kate Paisley, Frances Parc.ll. Blanche Partridge. Mai Paul. Rosalin.l I ' .ele. Ma Perkins, Pilt Jla Tally, Ester Tarleton. Loui: Tatem. Pol ly Taylor. C.nnn Tayb.r. Mamie ., n I 11 r 1 I III I PrlflNiEn,: N EEliD ' iLES ..»:: fefe..!.M j. ULllJ ,: -!€i. ..J jyy. " , ' y ' r .A.II I. . I Freshmiae Class I ' liiirr, Scott, Phyllis Stack. Lorraine Tempi, .ton. .Mil I ' m, tor, Ci ' Ieste Scroggs, Lucilc Stack, Sara Thayir. Jlelen I ' lilli-n, Agnes Seagle, Sarah Stallings, Margaret Thomas. Annie I ' ully, Catherine Sellars, Margaiet Stanlord, Ruth Thompson. Bill riu.ell, Aliie Shachtman. Bells Stcbl.ios. Cary TImmp.son, Clai I ' linell, Kate Shaler. JMl,.-, Stecker. Katherine Thompson, Em Purdle, Frances Shann neis.. Klizal.t th Stecker, Virginia Thompson, Fra Raesdale. Mary Sliarp. K.illie Stedman, Myitle Thomrison, T;ain..y. Jewel Shaw. Dorothy Steed. Blizahcth Tli,irnt,.n. Mai-y ICnnl, Irene Shaw. Helen Cone Steele, Martlia Wil Tilb ' tt. Est,-r l::in.l.,li,|i. I;e),,.eea Shelton. Eleanor Stewart. Elizabeth Titmaii H.dibie liay. Hue Sllepard. Marsalet Stewart. Martha Tiamm,ll. Virg Kea Adeline Sherrill. Alii.- Sue Stilby. Patdine Ti,.tt,.r. Isla Itei.l, Aliee Shenill. Mahel Stovall. Elizabeth Niiia l; les. Fran.-. ' s, Hazel St.iyall, Ruth Tu,k,-r. Agnes Itiee. Emma Shirley. Kale Vernon Strickland. Elma Ta.-ker, Mae Twiddle, Lanra Shrey.s, Elaine Strickland, ll.bii TuiTier, Elizabe llidille, Virginia Shuler. JIary HoiLs Striiklaiid. Ruth Turner Katlier I! , Mildred Sieeloff, Grace E. Stroujic. Johnic Tnttl. ' . Eiuma l;..l.erts, Beatriee Sikes. Zeola Stubb.-;. R,,xie Tyn,-r. Iiora .Mi Itel.erts, Frances Singleton. Maiy Clyde sturiup, Edna .May Tysmi, l.uiille l;nliinson, Mal-y Stoke s Singleton. Reba Stntz. Alice TliHleiiiill, : Iar,L: Uohinson, Virsinia Sittenfield. Carol B. Summeilin, Kate Kirb Ppidnir.di. Mary Ke.iw. 11. HoTua Sloan. Mary l,.-nnorah Swain. Cora rp.shui-. Thelma Kollins. Smiley, Anna Katheri ne Swain. Ethel rp.shur, Dorothv !:nseni,,nd. Irma Smith. Emily K. S yalib Mary ITren. Marietta l! " ss. Isal.ell,. Smith. Folson Swope. Sue Vanstory. Marg ItoSS l;,.e„,.tt Smith Grace Syfer. I.ura Varner. Mildr,-,1 Kezell. Emily Smith. Hariht Taft Ruth V, ' e,h. Anne PI ' ' IS Z N E ' BD LES Sv.-. x,- .Msmmm m r.:.. n: .... h.. Officers of Commercial Class Makiiia Dickih I ' lisidiiit llA ii. Pkkkins J ' tic-Pitsutiiil AsNit Jo WakI- Si III Uiry-Tnasiinr " The iilciil liliitiy of the nvrkmeii goes on — Speed, speed, ae are the makers of speed. ' BOOK THREE: ORGANIZATIONS " Now it ' s Uncle Sam silling on top of the world. ' e P|];n:.e-, n e ' eidhles 1 1, iiiii ' i: iiisfeJ J!: ' i ' - y ! . ' ' iU hmMM [ ,J ,:, . . ' ti.M : HnxTv Slow, Franklin, X. C. Pr.sideni Student Government Association ' ' i iili: .i;f....;. ' ;-;,.M -v .. ■. AIaugaret Dkxsox, Taibnrn, N. C. I ' ici-Prcsidinl Student GovtRNMFXT Association 146 f . ill In _,, p B 1 p isj p F n I F S ' " ■■ Sitiudieiit (Govereimeeit Associatioin Officers Bfitv Sloax . Prrs ' uLni MARCARKr DRNSns ' . I ' u i-l ' i i s ' ldinl MAR ' S Jane Wharton ■ . . .... . Sn nidiy Amy Newcomd . Trrasunr HoLSE Pre.sidfnts Annette Rldisiij. ..... . ««« llniLiiiil S itm- Charlesanna Fnx . Ilailiy Mary EvEL ■ ' Parker Cotton Marcarei Sen 1 1 East RoRERiA Jordan Gray Mii.nKEi) IJRnwN .... KiihtanJ Lucii.i.E Knichj Ilir!s iti-..v Tun. A M.w Oariif N Il ' rst F.iT ,. r,i: III ML ' nciNAi.i) If ' nmaii ' s EvEL N McNeh.i. . . oit i S ,n(rr ELi AnEiii MnN South Spitid-r Makgarei Hann. A ' cif CuilforJ Elizadeiu McL. li.I! Mary Foust Cl.ass Prhsidfkts Glenn Boyd McLeod Sniior Class ViRGl.viA MoTTE . Junior Class Leslie Rothrock Sophomore Class. First Srnustcr Helen Shitord Sophomore Class, Second Semester Rachel I.H ' co.vir Frishman Class r I VI „ A, .,-, m SKXATH MHMHRRS 148 1 " ■ " ' ' I ' I ' I I ' " III ' TFilr ■ .bur t ' ll M i J The Day Sttidents ' Orgamizatiom Ei)im llARBDLR I ' lisidinl IIfikv Fki.iikr J ' id-l ' iisiJiiii liHRMCK Al ' PIF Sldihliy ndKiiniN Oiiwiii Tnnsuiii l.i CI Ckockkk I ' liiliiiian Rrl ' i lioiliili-vr riu- llaN Stuilcnts ' ()i ;;iiii ntinn, a suliMiliar unit nt tin- Stiuliiit Cnxt-riimfiit Association, was foimeil in the sprinj; of )2 . All uiuiert;railuatc students who live at home and attend classes at North Carolina College for Women are automatically members of the orp;ani7ation. Ourins the 1929-30 school year there were 180 members. The Towii CiirK ' Room is an attractive loun inf; room in the basement of Administration Buililini;. Ihe room is used as n study hall durinj; cla s hours and as a social center durinn lunch and chapel hours, Iherc. e rr ila and at the ret;ular nionthl nieetinfj;-. dav students, who take idlk-ye life not too seriiuisly but with a sen e of huTnor, find congenial companionship and inspiration which enables them to overcome the handicap of bein; " iust a town t;irl " and encourages them to take a inire active part in campus activities. A. I inrMiU ' iifii ' i ' V ' - -ay.i!«JilJ ' iii,k. ]f [ I fl ■ 1 - ■ . .A,. 1 ; ft--, a_ JL i_ ES ii ' ' ' •, ' wii . ' . l !V i ' ii.A..i . Af- ' I Camp Yonahlossee There :is present a line spirit of co-operati(in which has earricil (jver on the campus. N ' e er he- tore ha e faculty and stuilents en tered so whole-heartedly into a.i enterprise as they did in this wholly experimental one. A sane nnderstandint; was reached and a lasting bond of fiieiuiship between students and faculty was cementC ' 1 he mountain hikes, swimmiiiii, anil numerous delights of camp life were enjo ed by everyone. .. ;.. BD ' ' LE ' S :H-ii. ., , ' ii ' r ■ ' ' Jit V Other Student Governimeet Officers IKI,1MA luCKKK ' (■ Cllicl Ri ' lH DODU Ilandliuok Editor Alink Tood Coileiie Cliccr Leader ■ (lirtflii m( ' ' -r ' ' ' ? M E ' E I D L E S " I , ' ..i . ' f ' . ' y ' f K SiE UxDERHiLL, Asheville, N. C. President Young Women- ' s Christian Association 1 53 iM I Miss Marg. ri:t SHi;rHiRi Crii-ral Surrliuy Vni Nc ' oMis ' s Chrisiiax Association J 5+ . ' ' !A i i » jl. ' l ivlv . IU5 ' Li 1 PiflNfc Psj E ' EpDiiiLES Mm il l l 131 1 s w ' l ::j;ii:;i:i;k. !I:B ' SW w " " . :■ .. , Mkif!!h. I :(ers and Cabieet ©f the Y, W. C. A.. Sue rNDERMiLL Prcsidi-ni Marv Evki.vv Parker I ' iii-I ' rcsidcnt Ruth Abbott Siintaiy Paxsi ' McConxei.i Tri-asuiir Frances Hampton Ri tirs, ii nlivi-iit-I.iiii r Margaret McConnell .... RipriSii:liili-v,-(it-I.{ir, r DoRoiiiv Baughman Ripiiii nl(ilivi-iil-L(in r Committees Grace Woi.cojt Social Evelyn McNeill Social Esther Shreve Service Miss Julia CJani. .1,1-visrr Elise McDowell Piihliciiy Jean Hewitt Charlotie Haiciii:r Music Kathleen Johnson I ' cs ' crs Nancy Taylor reapers Grace Bly Iforld Fellnuship Miss c; s Tiio.mpson, .IJviser ' • Mary Delia Rankin InJuslrial Relations Dr. . ' . S. Keisier, .l,l-vi.ur Anne K. Sharpe Inlerraiial Relations Or. V. C. Jackson, .hlviser Elizabeth Weir Freshman Commission Miss Minnie Jamison, .Id-viser M. ' JiS fey. :4, E , E.ElDiLES ,, ,„_ Jk! ' ' 156 Christie Maynard, Wilson, N. C. Chief Marshal f ' ii 1 r ,, m- l$m ' - .r-r: ..,.A. . ' E„ N EEiDLES -.m p. A. P.irN ' iEYN E ' E ' IdLES r .J.ili» .. ' %.., . .. J J ' iiu;iMA Tucker, I ' lisiJinl Adelpihian Society )on g Sluiuldii- to sitoulilcr. hiiirts fiUd liith dcvoliun, II itii tin piir " not liiiiiliss hut ciiincst tiii t Inn. Uiii i, hy nil till fus of ,li Iriiiidship. II I bring. () J Jtlplil. our lioi irii i to you. IJ c pledge to yoii loyalty long and unending . Loyidly uliuh ivill In firm, uliidi irill lie true; Devotion ire pledge you that mvir jcill perish. And love uliieli through idl (Oiniiig time ivill endini Jl itii I our ii e undaunted ae ' ll miueh ever onivrird I p heights to he icon id ' jiii parts strniuje enid nen But Ufriv and forever one great hand of sisters We ' ll he. O Jdelphi. still loyal to you. ». I I — ' I] — ' M:i$ } m .1 " ' lIUiraillllfllTOiJi £y ' JMh ■ - ' " ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ■1 ' . xi M: : ' : . ■ .. . ■:iv:!: ' . . ..- ' MMy IIlni I5, RBEk ROBERIA lORDAN ADELPHIAN MARSHALS Elizabhih Cun iknuen- Elizabeih Monty Marion- W ' aliers Ilr U ' PI IV. 1 r Ik. 1 1— r- " rx i i " tr m.lM ;IJ . . J ' -■■ ' ' iCL. oAlclhcia A. j .. fi mm Jkssii- I;kiim.i k ' ., I ' irsiJnil Aletiheiae Society Song Jh, ' fn th. u ' liosi lii hl lhi jii, ltoiit the roiiiit rss yinn lliis urn pii.wu; i oaii to lis from .u,iil to soul, U r urk thrill tho ' throiujh toil mid l iiiii iiiul tuirs. Viitil ■n-r find Thrr . that ,-;v iiuiy lir nholr. A ipiiri of Thrr is horn rrithin riuh ' mist ; II r strifr to f,rd that tiny idtnr firr II ilh olhrr sp:iri-s irr find ii on our qiirU. () Alrtlirin. of our purr drsirr. Thou art iin idriil. lioiindlrss. iiniiltninrd . IThilr yrt U ' r strivr to livr Thrr rvrry dny ; Thou iirt in nil . iind yrt riiniiot n i iiiiird Siivr ly long sriinli. and irriiry. tind tlir ivay Winds jy strongholds of ii noninrr and sin. Ihit seeking Thee in all trc hioic, at last It r ' ll lira - the e atrs that thrrr may rntrr in I hy light of undrrstanding irhrn our sran h is past. 163 k i-Hi ■■ r ffs Aletliciae Society Officers Kaifiikim; Harris J " ui-Pi,s ' ulint Am Ni.ucomb Ritordinii Siintury Mariha Pat ARcunHi.l Conrs xnuiin S,ii,l,try Francis Parham Tr,(isiir,i- KATiihRIM Ill E Inlii-Sdiii ly Mrmhcr 164 A PMnm f EfE} ' i-Es . »iHf ,.jiig?i..,jyi ■ i ' .wsit ' g.v nil 111; M I md i ill I W ' 1; ! i ' ' f: j£lM Am JMm ' :iMj M f j il Morgan Sara Chrisman ALETHEIAN MARSHALS Virginia Motte Mildred Brown ' irginia Burt 165 ttm:iLirl [ i 1 t I ill E. M EEllDf ' LES .A.- ' jm ' M ' mM i ' MimrM- Ai m " i.j»a.T Qoiuclia and the Cjracchi „A, 1. 1 Pli N L 1 .■?f3 !. ' ' ..Jr ' .SS ' ' i DfiLES r .. M i M n m m y I ii. i Jean lI. K b , I ' l isidinl Corneliaii Society Song In joy and pra ' nc coim Itt m sing. If itii anlhcin clear and strony ; Let all Cornilian voiiis iiny In free, exultant scny. Of pride for that fair name ivc car, (Jornelian, glorious icord. To make us gladly do and dare, H hene er ' tis hour lit. n icne ' tr ' tis lunni c ' ll onuard, upuard ever move. Our footsteps forward pressed Together move in sister love Upon the mountain ' s crest. To gain the fair, ' aide, spreading vieiu Which round the mountain lies. And give us undi rstandingmss. Enlightening our eager eyes. May Cornelia ' s name have ne ' er a stain From any daughter ' s deed. For her all glory ii ' ill he given .ind give her honor ' s meed: For firm and staunch Jce ' ll ever stand Unto each other true. And loyal to her noble hand. Her ' s. yea. her otcn. our whole lives throuc h. i6j „ i, ,-■%, 1 1 1— ' ' — £_ slj L E S ' ' , 1 ' ' ! . ■- ;;if ,p, Tl Corncliae Society Officers Mak " I. ' inN Lhsi.ik RmnROCK 1 ' " fi.di:k .... I ' ii-i McNkim. Pfgcv McC ' i.l ' er rici-l ' ns ' ulinl li.iniJnui Sriiilary . ( orrrsponJi ii Sttriltiry . Til USUI I r Intrr-Soiicly Miinlirr PI ' NliE ' » ;: a liUiAiLw;;ik DLES |ii|lMMMif«W Ji ' " ; liiiil ' .■- ' ... ..d m: , I Frances Faisox Mary Hester CORNELIAN MARSHALS Jka Harvkv Maiii.da RnniNsox MlNME (iORDO.V CAHOON i 169 k L.-,, IN .H LES ' ' il 1 u ' Dike n . J.hhmiL PjIfN ' E, IN E ' EIDLES " ' n. 1 1 ii II r 11 ( ' I ' l I ii I ii!! " ' " i Francks HampioNj President Dikeae Society s on g Dii-r. nhrj s (id-s ui h rrvrr urant grandeur, 1 hroiit h lisliiiiiu [mortals of true uo iiti ilioo, , Into thy Tri tiiess. irr eo ie iioir eiitriistinij Fouers US yet Intent Ultli nill ' s hope imhneil. iildd for the tolling, the eoiiiiiion endeiivor. Clad for th liidiness of th uiiys to hi uon. To do for the deed ' s sake, still keepmn the vision. Trusting seeure in the love round us throun. Stamped rcilh that hcauty an, I li, ht of thy itiiao, If e u-oiild no forth liitli a ereative faith: Builders p-tential and makers of highnays. Easing for rthers the paths they nay take. And as th, siinut gives plaee to the sunrise. ■ Ifter us eoineth the ehild rf the daun To fashion th, fal rie r f ilreains s,,iree eonipleted And serve thee forever. () li,,ht. farther on. j .9 30y d.Mm j:MiJU k Dikcan Society Officers Marcarhi ScniT u i-PnsiArnt Elizabkth Henlev Rniirdinij Scailary Jane E. Joiinsox Corrrspiindinii Siciitary v.v. JoiiNSOX TiiUiuiir An ei IK Rlihsii.l Inlit-Sdiiily M, mhi-r lrtl1¥Iiir i ..u P,I N " ,E„, NEE M!«»«l ' JII ' l. ' L%J ' Aj-Am- ' C lUi: „. «i;; i " « ' ' : M% ' ' l ' ' i ' , . rif - SirX- .. ' i ' .v. S ' . JaNIE StCREST El.IZABElH CRtWS DIKEAN MARSHALS Esther Shreve V.uw c;k I ii.wi Charlesaxna Fox C . A A .-1 j ' jjfeB .■ ■ «tj .» J . ' l .i. :fe - . .■ . Aa.V ' l. ' r.i-. ,.. ' -, ,, ,:■, .... X. , ,-v.. ill , .•: , ' .; ,.... - .r ,.: ' n. ,f£« } " And may ne ash — is a flower a fad? A f% ' CLUBS ' Hi .■r}M.Lmi J Chemistry Club r liA M. K Pakdhn ' I ' ll siil( III DiiM. RhMKdK riic-Fiisiilriil FiiiM, Slfdgi; Si iirlaiy-Trraiunr The ClK ' ini,sti Club is cdmpciscil cjt tlu- tc-achiiij; staff, the studt-nts who are niajiinn; ;inil niiiii]iin;j in Llu-nustix, any stuck-iits takint: ailxanced i.heniisti who wish tn join the chih, ami thiisc sriiilents ot lirst u-ar chemistry who show exceptional ability in the -cience. New members are elected after mid-year examinations on recommendation ot facult and club members. The |iur|iose of the club is thmjnlil: I. — 1 o ilexelop an interest in chemical histor ' . 2 — lo keep in touch as far as jiossible with new developments ot the science. 3 — T o promote fellowship amooL: the members. 176 n Pli ' NiiiE- mti lMM J ' ' ' j .! ' wa. . .,A,fr:n DLES ,1 :.. " r.i-. .jiiii,y ' , i ' ¥:V i ' ..A , •X ? ' Officers Fannie Owen FrrsLiiiu Frankie J. Mann I ' ltr-l ' iisidi nl Mabel Aderhoi.t ...... Sin rimy and ' IKasuni Evelyn Mebane . . . . Cluunnaii oj l ' rn,jrain Commilli,- 1 he Botany Club lias for its aim the fostering of interest in plant life, the study of plants in their natural habitats, and the Ljaining of familiarity with the li es and works of eminent naturalists and scientists. It was organized in iy 4 by interested members of the faculty and students. The membership is limited to fifty. Any student ijiterested in botany is eligible to become a member provided she shows this interest by working out an acceptable project dealing with some phase of plant life. The meetings are held semi-monthly, at which times the aim is furthered through lectures and illustrative programs. The social hours are spent in the out-ot-iloois, on picnics, hikes and camping trips, through which acti ities we become more closely associated with natural beauty and wild life. J ' Ij - ' ' W;.JMiJ ' . ' ii. ■ ••y- : m 1 lucataoii Cliuib Officers I ' , M -i N Mkbanf. I ' residiril IloKA CJRIKHN- I ' ll, -Prcsidcul Maih.da EinERiDOF. Snrclary FRANKlt Jo Mann- Tnasunr To foster interest nnd pride in teaching as a profession ; to attain better l;iio if(lj:e nl the educational coiKh ' ticins and probk-ms of our state, and t j become better acquainted with other hical and state teachers are the puipuses of the Educational Chib, wliich was organized here in 11)27. Me lber hip 1 made up ot Seniors « " ho are doing practice teach- ing and Jiuiiors wlio are makmg honor grack ' s in education. The chib attempts to accomplish its aims through talks by educa- tional leaders of the state and by sponsoring social contacts between stu- dents and faculty members. 178 liMlMEiJlilkil gi. . ' I ; 111 J Mi A, 1 ' T ■ ' ■ ■ 1 -I ■ V 1 , ■ ■ ft. iri., ' " ::i ' i j....} :..L%-.M , ; „■!, aX. . ■ »iji ' I !lkii| I i» t ematics ()fi-ici:r.s Mary Kapp I ' lcsiJiiit MargarilI Rkdvvim-: rhc-t ' risuli nl Marv W. Parkkr Siinlary and Trnisuin Omvi; Reni-ror . . . Cluiirman of I ' lar nim Ciun millrr Kl.izABtm McOoNAiii ..... I ' lin itiii! C.iiininilhr Edna Livingston- I ' tiKiram Cum mill, , 1 he Alatlu-matics Club was organized to encourage those students who are interested to explore the fa.scinating history of mathematics and to study the ni(jdern developments in mathematics for which no time can be found in the regular courses. The membership includes students electing mathematics beyond the Freshman year, Freshmen whose work is of su|H-rior ipiality and faculty members. Meetings are held monthly, at which time different phases of a topic chosen for the semester are discussed b - club members and outsi le speakers. I I " ' II, ,-v..- ' , —-. :.,-V v:,. • . M •rAsMs. Speakers ' Clulb OKiicnRS Fkankie Jo Maw Prtsutrnt I.OLA Pavm-; l " u,-Prisid,-nl Aw CoFPAGB SrcriUiry atui Triasurer Marie ' ishart .... C.htiiiniaii « I ' luiirain C. a in mil Ire llininiary Mrmhrrs Miss SmsK aiul Mr. .McKav In the Speaker ' s Club the programs are not restricted to any one subject, but nia ciner anytliing that furthers public speaking because the cardinal aim of the club is to further efficient public speaking. The ariety in the subject-matter constituting the programs makes the club a most interesting one. Since the club is small the members become inti- mately acquainted and ha e a very enjoyable time together. The club is open to Freshmen. ifc« V k 9 . 1 ill J ..ilili ,- .. f.-n, -.V. Mm jmii k .. . .».Ja£a gcle£. «£:A;a;a Miife .. m,. The Young Voters Club M.AX. l.-i ' Mol RANE ' 1 lie ' (junjj )ti ' i ' Club ha as its dual purpose the awakening of a deeper interest in eurient atiairs and the creation ot a more intelligent voting public through the education ot students soon to become oters. The club draws its membership from the Sophomore, junior and Senior classes and liolds montbl meetin.Lls at which the arious |iroblems and phases of government and |iolitics are discussed. This ear. for the first time in its history, the club has a facult},- adviser. Miss (iladvs Hovington, of the training school faculty, who is aiding materially in the efforts iif the members to make the organization a ital force on the campus and a real benelit to those who are interested in becoming more intelligent citizens of their communitv and of their nation. -iMiyigiiiiSL L 1 L CLJ LCO ' ■„?w j i .iJTr ' r jj ' . ' Le Cercle Francais ()i riCERS Martha Pat Archiihi i I ' ns ' uliiu Margaret Han a I ' iii-I ' r,sijitit F.VEl.vx Starr , . , Siiiclary Mary Llcii.e Iosi:s Tiiusuiir Lc Cercle Francais is composed of those students who are vitally interested in France, her people and her cus- toms. This enlightenment is brought about through the medium of bi-monthly meetings, the programs of which are anticipated eagerly by outside friends as well as the club nienibers. ■i tL ' 11a. lis .{ .r . IliimJ K El Circulo Espaeol Ol ' FICERS F.DRIK COLVVEI.L . . . Pi , ' sidrnl DoROTHV Brittle . . . Ii r-Pi niiirnl Anneite Wooi.ari) . . S, intary Margaret Terrell . . Tr eiiiii ,r Wi 1 ii w m f ' A 1 - f V .d m El (Jiiiiilo Esptinol is an organization of those students who aie interested in Spanish life and culture for the appreciation of which little time is left in the classroom. Faculty members and students work to- gether to produce scenes of Spanish life and bits of Spanish literature. Through singing, dancing and festivals something of the breadth and charm of S|iain is glimpsed. 183 .gr ' jsyg ' .a The College Orchestra OrncERs Kaiherink IliNE . I ' liiiJinl Makcakei McCdsn-ell l ' ur-Pi,s ' u{,nt SlE Hlnmclu Si ' crilary niui Tr.asuiir Those members of the student body and faculty who play orchestral instruments compose the college orchestra group. Meetings are held regularly every week, at which time standard works of well-known composers, their symphonies and outstanding oxertures are studied. Mr. Henry K. Fuchs. head of the ' iolin Department of the Col- lege School of Music, is the conductor. During the course of the scholastic year he directs a public concert which is always well attended by collegians and townspeople. 184 M. MmlMiU zM i:JLM k . ' .. ' :: . i iiyaiiii imJIiijgi kw, i ,.. . M»@ Madrigal Club ROSI.VN SOUTHERLAND Hlisiitirll Flossie CocnEi.i rin-l ' rr.idi iii LnuiSE Snnlary Catherine Wharton . . . Tiiasurer Mary Henri Rorixsov . I ' nss Rfpnrtn Ruth Anderson, ' ir(;inia Baines, Mae Ballard, Rachel Blvthe, Kaihr n Brown, Flossh-. CoGDELi,, Tim C ' raweord, Matilda CJeiger, Louise CJorham, F.dna CJrantham, Charlotte Hatcher. Kaitierine Hine, Maria Horbs. Margaret Hood, Frances Johnson, Margaret McCoNNELi., Cii.ENN McDouGALD, Edith Meigs, Ine Murrav, Ami Newcomb, Laura NorthroPj Mary Ratledge, Maxine Robertson, Mar-s- Henri Robinson, Matilda Robinson, Helen Russ, Lucille Sharpe, Roslvn Southerland, CIladvs Spenser, Martha W ' il Sielle, Selma Stegali, Iris Sum, Maldl ' I ' ikrell, Margaret Tvson, Henrietta Wallace, Catherine WllARION, (iLNIAIlVK WHITEHEAD, LoUISE WHIITlNGIflN The Madrigal Club gives those sopliiiini rc iunii r :hu1 rninrv whii air ' ,(i h-cciinc mu ic supervisors, an opportunity for contact with ( ther wIkim- aims arc Miiiilar, and an iippnrtiinitv fur the singing and study of much fine riiu ic literature, thus deepening the appreciation ot music. Weekly meetings and rehearsals are held when music suitable for women ' s voices are studied. Programs are prepared and several public performances are given during ihe year. Student officers ailniinister the affairs of the club, while the singing is directed b the head of th.- Public Sehoul Mu ic nepartmenl. i8s i. r-Oj , . ,@j,, lome Economics Clwib M. K Li WIS I ' rrsiclinl I MII C RR I ' iii-I ' iisidftil Browv ... Siiritary nnK(iiH Si ' FNCi; . Tiitisunr To intL ' in tlie field of home economics, to develop an appreciation of home-making, and to cultivate the enjoyment of social contact, are the purposes cf the Home Economics Cluh. Only Juniors, Seniors, and selected Sophomores are eligible to membershi|i. I ' .acli ear the club has a project to complete for its aim. This year the cluh added tn it choice collection of antique ajid modern styles. The house hl] •n below i the Home Alanagement House, where the seniors have their practice work. Heldw the house is one of the college cars which transports the Seniors to the High Schocjl, where the do theii ' jiractice teaching. )n the upper left is the Senior H. K. Class as they appeareil one morning after an eight o ' clock class. Below that is a group of chihlren from the iunser .school. Rfii ' NiE ' ,. N E ,H .. .{..T.-l ' ' j; . V?arxi.w .it s Archery Club tf.h .... - ' -y. ..rtSitfelai ()ffili;r.s Francks Batte . . . Marcarfi Whitehlrsi Miss Minnie Lal ter . Pres ' uhnI Sctniary and Ticasuiir . ■ . Ia,ulty IJ-vi.rr CmREojiE Hill Minnie Sue Flvnn Frances Hatte AIu.MISERS Gertrude Hobbs Jessie Briucers Ruth IIc]|.kin Fl.IZABETH McCLUER VIRGINIA LeRoV MiIDRHi Wai.KER Mari;aret Willi eiiukst Nell Culler Ellen Sheeard 1 Ik- Archery Club is a xery j ' oung organization and still has tlie support of its charter inenibers. This i-ar archery has become a most interesting and enjoyable class sport. Although the club is ver ' select new members are desired. Come try your luck at hitting th e bull ' s eye — if you miss it, vou still have a quiver tull of arrows — " try again " is the motto. ■ ». dlM Tihc Intcmatioeal Kelations Club Officers Irani, hs 11 wirinv Maiiih Miiore l l. R I ' di.iA Densiin . S,-, ,l,iry-Tr . ( ' iturrritin Proipiun Coin iriilfrt Chahmiin M.mhiis iip Cam inillii- Mem HERS Francfs Hampion l ' l]| II PhNSON M I I II MOCIRK rA LOR I ' hiia Mai; Oakiiiv JlAV 11 K I■ " Knirii W ' liin Rl 111 Anno IT Seifert EvEi.vN ' Mebaxe Charlesanxa Fox N ' iRdiMA Johnson EvKi. ' iN McNeill LoL ISA Hatch Glenn Hoi d MacLeod M r-WllflllAiirii i, : i .„ :)f ' f :. sm , First Sririi-sli-r Mame RoBiNsnx . . . Ruth Bramt.kv . . . Nellie Robbins . . . Elizabeth ' ilkl so Sadie Trout.mav . Zoology Field Club . . Frrsidi-nl . . . rUe-PresiJcnl . Snrctary- Trcnsiirrr (Uiairman of Prm rtim Chair man (if I ' lihlii ily Sriond Snnrstrr . El.IZABKIH WlLKI SON . . . Mildred Salter Anmk Black Williams . . . Mame Robinson ' . . . . Beity Sloan Members Ruby Allen, Ava Lee Andrews, Susie Rogers Bizzelle, Cazlvn Bookhout, Ruth Brantley, Elmer Brown, Leola Butler, Elizabeth Clapp, Lucille Clark, ' irginia Ci. rk Inez Cold- well, Annie Coppedce, Catherine Cox, J. P. Givler, Mary Lee Guion, Mary ' lou Hanby, MozELLE Harris, Jean Harvey, Emily Hunter, Helen Incraham, Grace Lindsay, Delia Mac- RiMMON, Annie Laurie Martin, Arbutus Meadows, Iris Nelson, Fannie Owen, Jessie Parker Elizabeth Poteat. Nellie Robbins, Mame Robinson, Mildred Salter, A. D. Shaftesbury] Bett - Sloan, Jay Traver, Mildred Tomi.inson, Sadie Troutman, Mary Jane Wharton, Eliza- beth Wilkinson, Annie Black Williams. Wm .9 30 r 1 i 1- ».f...U- , i7.. ,J ' ij, !, ..;?. JAi. X L E E L. IL lS « il[ ■4i, Officers W ' Hiir, ' r Eon 11 Harbour riir-l ' iisLtinl Eloisf. Banning Scinlary Frances Gaut Trcasurir MEiMKIiRS Ei.nis!-: Banning EioRiNct BARKinor Insn ' iiiNi: HiiiiNE Hki KN Fki.iiir BetTV CjAUT Frances Galit A. C. Hall Ediiii Harbiiur J IAN HarVI Sle May Hfniiron Jean Hevvht Marion Hoi.oman L. B. Hlrlev RoBKRiA C. Johnson Jean McIver Lane Cecile Lindau Pans McC ' onnell Alice McKinnon Marv Frances Paiwett Katherine Shenk Helen Shuford Jane Summerell W. R. Taylor Ww A. Thompson NeiIIE SliE ' I ' lLLKII EniTii ' ERB Peggy Ann Grace Wolcott rirr ., q ' ; l.i: ' ' l J -ill . -. jHii r: ' -v .;Hlltj a-jti :,!!Mliii ' lil ' wita.;.j .■ ' ' .■ .M£- JkS mi;:mi:ikM!f! ;!; ... JMM -. r The Play Lakers OfFICIRS of THK PI.. -LIKFRS CiCII.E I.INDAU I ' liiil illl Eloisk Hawing Sidi-. ' tiiy-Tiidsiiiir Nina Crekxlec Busimss Maiiaiin Pl.av-Likhrs Execltivk Staff Nina (Jrhhmkk Iliisiii-ss M,uiiiii,i CiiAKiniiK ' Noppr: .... I ' ladtu li m Ma:ufi,i Kaiiii.kkx Waiii.ks laij,- Md ia, ,r MiKIAM Hardi.N ' I ' riiprrly Maiuuiii Helen- Petrie Ciiilajidii nf l ' i(,p, i:,s Marv Cowan Mislnsi of ;,■ ir,irjn, ' ,- Margaret McConnell KlnhKuin Rl ' iii Abboit Si,iii( Ti(liiiiiian Marv Jane Whakton- .... Clniimuin nf Mak,-ll Faculty W. R. Tailor Din i lor A- T. West Issntant Dircclor - J- fORN ' EY ,, ,;„, 191 I . .■. ' ry. l l_ , L «_ S— ' .L. f ' ' ii ' . ' ' ! ;•- n T THE CAROLINIAN lO ' Donncll IMushinelv ■ " ' " " ' •■»- " " ' " -« " " ™ ' " ' ' " ' ' - ' IW injiiucu iJiusiuiij iy TO LECTURE HERE Rlclixl ' - 1 Bouquet fribav. JAN. lo ■ DRAMA FEATURES I • -.. " " " " " .,..„ QUILL CLUB [KEH •■.:-- " :..;:r:., :.:;;;,; HISTORY TEACHERS ' ■- " : " --■ ™ ' ' AHEND MEniNCS ' " " ' " ' . ' " ' " • " ■- " :: Thirteen Men Call On Po uLir N C C Stt(Joit or One It tens Publications n, ' ' R flN E ES Hi, s lMa}il?l!44;5fei--a M ' iiiii tfrffrmrnrn iite[ ' " ,..rf; ' g!yfSaP ' . ' Pine Needles Staff DOROUII EinVAKDS CuARI.OITfi HavRS Jrak HimriT .... Eloisf Bawinc . E.viiLiE KvK Ji-wn Paiiv .Moore . Pi;i;(;v IlANNA . Charlotte Hill , Ruth Abbott . Eunice Te.mple . Elizabeth Lewis Annie Iilack W ' n JiA IIarvin . I! mm, . Ort diiizci ifni ; . . . lAtcrary Eii ' itor .... Class lulilor . . . I ' ll lull- lulilor .Iss.isliinl I ' tdiii I I: Jill r .ls:.isUuit I ' ll : III r lulili I lulilor . Issislaiil .III l- ' .diliir - . . Siili-s Maiiaiiii . .IJvili III, M, 1,1,1, , I . . . SlKll ' sllal I.Jlliil . lull ss Mm dilor ■iii-iii-Cliiej Sophomore A.ssi.sT nt.s Roberta Johnson Esiher a Annie Kendkick Typists Ediih Arleil e liEEsv Parker In addilinn to tin- nliov( received from the InlldwiiiL adviser; Mr. V. II. Live Daniels and other students staff members vahtnhle adviee and assistanie has been Mr. . C. Hall, who acted in the rapaeit of faculty ■, college business inanaKer; CJrace W ' oUott, Beatrice -X w— I 1 EiiDiL ..mMIA .: . M ... .■ ■ .■. ■, ,.f ...- W ! k.ii. ' ' J . k., " ' . M- THE CAROLIXIAX STAFF ii 196 LES ,i -1 ' ' ' I, llUi J ' ■ ' I I ' 1 ' ' 1 1 ' I iiiuii I The (Carolinian Staff Mattie Moore Taylor Edilni-ui-Chii) Mabel Holla mj Hnsin,ss Mamu n- Betiv Brown Mandi in, ■:ijlnr Associate Editors Maxalvn- Moukane Ei)1 ' ]H Hakbolr Assistant Editors I.LC Joii sro - Jane Krmina Johnson- Rebecca Causev Annie Lee Sinclejarv Marv Lou Hanbv Spoils F.Jilur Charlotte Chafein Sadiiy Eiiilur Reportorial StAI ' F A Fuller V. Daleon C. Harris K. McCalciian L. Hatch M. Tail M. Block M. Siekling E. Ward M. Ooden V. Johnson M. Williams A. Reid V. Savage E. M. LATCHER M. Brunt C. NoRCOM K. Hike F. A. Fiin tlle ■ M. V. Barker O. Newland M. L. Benbow M. Failok Cj. Williams Business Staff Mabel Holland Ilusinrss Mnnai,e Me I A Shake ER NLxk ' i Iaon Hunt Barber Margaret liEinviNE Circulation Staff Frakces Wallace Cinulu ion Manai rr Henrieita Wallace Cirndalion Manaijcr Chari.oue Purcell Susan ' ' ancv M. F. Perrv M. Sherrill 197 II mEM h mt , . ' " i ' ' I 111 P ' E N EEIDLES ...mmh..!:,mM .vi ' -.ijr A s . ,i:sAM-£mdr: M ' M a%imMh yT - - A .i . .«fefel% CORADDI STAFF iir ' i ' ifViivV ' a iitrM Ifillliiii ' t Pill ' N E N E EIDILES rii . ; .. I ' iL ilM . ' Mv :? ury HuiH ii,JMy. - , . , I , . .« ' V Coraddi BtlTV Gaut EJitor-in-Ch ' tff Cecile Lindau Issislanl lulilor AssociATE Editors Esther Shreve Pansv McConneix Awe Aver - Edith Webb Business Manager Assistants to Busixhss Manager AWHIIE RliiISIII, El.lZABEIH WlLKlNSOM LoiiisA Hatch Chculaiwn tanaffrr Assistants to Circulation Manager Elizabeth McLaughlin- N ' mniMA Johnson ' " Facts stay fastened; facts fly nitli bird niiigs. Blood and sncat are facts, and The command of imagination. " 9 30, r PI N::E- N EElDtES ■■; ' WiJi lhli..lf.i ' ii h Mk :tf] msm Honor Moll Seniors who li:i c been on the Honor Roll during their entire residence in col- lege (six semesters) are: Twii.A Mae IIardkn ' (ii.HW BoM) MacLkoi) OpHFLiA Mai ] 111 us Evelyn Merane MArriE MnoRE Taylor Eiirni Webb Elizabeth B. Morrison, a trairsfer student, who has been at the college only two sc iicstrrs. has been on the Honor Roll both times. Juniors who have been on the Honor Roll during their entire residence here ( four semesters) are: Faericla Braswell LoiisA Haich tJLAins Hicks ' iRi:i LV Kelly Fleeta Marein CHARLOrrE PURCELL Mame RdBiNsnN- Matilda Robinson- Helen SkU ERT Mary Jane Whakion Peccy Ann Wiiiiams 1 he tollowing transfer juniors who have been here only two semesters have been the Honor Roll both times: Nanc Baker Charlotee Hayes " ' ■xm..M :ti.!!Lilil ' .J.J i. Pli ' N E I ' M .. :u-..ft i.,.. ' - ■ ' 1 I ill -!,, " EDLESVf ' ■- II eradlers IViliaps tlu ' iiidst fxcliisixx ' iKMiorary rou|i of stiidfiits on tlu- Noitli Carolina Lol Ic ' fif campus is the Masquerailcrs. Those ' few stuilcnts who ha ' c (Icnionstrati ' d sinfiu- lar dramatic talent in the public performances of the Play-Likers, and those of the executive staff and business stafi ' wlio haw made unic|ue contributions toward the fostering of a dramatic spirit on campus, comjirise the jiroup. Membership in this group is the goal of all collegiate actresses. New members are taken in in the spring, at which time the old members wearing g(jld masks walk into the ctJlege dining halls unexpectedly during duuier and nia k their new, delighted members. A bani|uet usualK follows the ihnrt initi.ition |ieriod. A plav composed of Alasqueraders is usualh gi en in chapel each m-av. Facult - members who h,i e t.iken part in the di-amatic productions and towns- people may by merit become members of the group. At present there are (jnl six members of the .Masciueraders among the college students. Me.mrers Fill itlty iMi ii ii ry W. R. Tavi.or K. B. Khm.rick A. T. Whsr 11. B. SrANTON L. B. IkKiiv Ruth Abboit Eloisk Bakmng Sliiiliiit Ml iii nn DoKOlfn KllXVAKDS Ctcii.i; LiNDAU ' kka Hlckin ' oham CuAKroriK ' an- Noppen i . . ■ " ' , : J - K, li 1 E N E ' ' ,....1 " .l...,y ! " .;r ? v a . LESrri ' rfnl ; v« :%fv« !ll;Jgv :Ti i Miss Doroth B lghm HhNDFRSOV, C President Athletic Associamo.v 203 1, 1 ! 1_ 1- L, i_ L J ' ' Mh i!lV ' I ' L ' . »... ' A....IMM .... " f V M " . i ' J 4m % .t ' ' : .. ,. ®® 1 l t i. ' E jmltf x eit s. « . SPORT LEADERS K m i iliN E,, i L,iLiL»iLES y. Mt.n.i yMf. ' ' Ji " nJrf ' ii-yliaT.i. jiJJ J M.U ' ' M JMr r j , f ... .A§ 1 I H WP ' - --- . - letic Association Officers DoRoinv 15al(:iima - I ' liiidrn Marv K.. N ' lw io r ' ur-l ' rci ' uicnt l.Lcii.i.i: Kmcht Siditiiry W v. Nasii NoRH.HfiT . Trcasuiii SroRT Leaders MliiiKHi W ' M.KFK lliKhry Eiinii N ' ail KoKir Frances Batte Ik liny Anne McOoweli Hnskilhull Elizabeth McCi.l er S iiminiti Laura Stewart Tmnis Jessie Briogers Gymiuisl ' us Louise Roberso.v Ilnsihn Katherixe Morgan- Trail; CiERTRUDE HoBBS . , SifZ-illi Nell Culler IJaiimu Elizabeth Wilkinson HHnui Committee Chairmen Minnie Sue Flvnn Soc ' uil F.niTH Webb lius ' nuss NiLTiE Wheeler •. . . . Spnial .1 f„ji,itr 205 ii u LES MMmm$kM ' ' . .L. ' i jM. L : i tL„ l_ ' fci ' : ,ir? - ' - . t: Sv Hn(.Ki; L IIAMI ' IOXSHII ' TiiA.M, SFMDRS i H()CKn ' VARSITY 111 aJl..i PMW i N EEiD " -,.. .-fk . . x%giS - SdCCl-.R CHA.Ml ' IOXSHII ' II l, si |iiK I SOCCER . RS1T J ■.»,:S ' ti ,fe,:;jiS vfc-, ..j|. ' E ' n ee ' dles ' sML .A,- ' " v? ' . ' ' ■ ..,... ' ' 1 1 piiui I H|g9HP%[ w ' ' v m p l B 3 1 bM p l ! - w KXj B 1 HSr L H Hk Bcfti J Hi K-4 ]u 1 I B PI ii ■91 . RC-HI:R ' CHAMI ' lnXsHII ' TKAM, SHNMORS ARCH inn ARSIT - ..MmMmiiil -.■■ s Mk The Dolphin Club Officer Hki.fn L. Hodcfs . Charlotte Hii.l . Purpose Pn si J, lit Scirilary To offer a more advanced course in swimming to those students who wish to per- fect skill in this sport. Entrance Requirements 1. Spied — Two lengths to be done in good form with the crawl in forty-five seconds or the trudgeon in fifty-five seconds or the breast stroke in sixty seconds. 2. Etuiuramc — Twelve lengths with any one standard stroke. 3. Diving — Any three standard dives with a grade of ninety. Applicant may be accepted by passing four of the five tests and receiving a grade of eighty on the fifth. II I 9 30y A -tk .iikMiii.L!i r„ .. _ I I ' ■! ' ' ' lI ' IJ 1 •:■ i 1 ,1 ' , •in. ' ,,;, 1,1 - ' -(III . , -.., V 1 m J !Uj y iy?IUi ? :!iiifa!cl r: ' --trf hT pi • ' « . , : I lyi » f I, hi; s.w r,Rs SOCCER VARSITY 9 urn BOOK FOUR: MISCELLANEOUS " Sea sunsets, give up keepsakes. Prairie gloamings, pay us for prayers. " ' ' Beauty: Lorhic Davii SMost oAthletic: Kather ' me SMorgan ft, ■ « ■ 1 -Jistfe Qrace: iMary ' Brandt I S; I Btit ■■2.-lll--E,ound : ' -Betty Sloan (Jul!! ' : I ' : C ' :l!U ' :- Mni ' V, W ;.sJo»i; ' IMiirgurct •sMc( oiincll (J harm: Qhristie SMayriard Originality: ' ■Betty Qaut r I id ii ■ill i v ' l I ' jr W -M,. Pii ' N E,i! J EjEfD LES I ' ' Li fi flPus aPEi .9 30y . i f , 1 , 1 " L_ :, , i ?l 1- ,1- , i-J fi— -IL J ..( " « . % ' cr,,,! «,„ CA.Ml ' US LIFE imir. ' ' .., mtfSHfssimi ' ■ . ieak I LL BE A SENIOR ! 9 30 r ' -L r ■ ' , m ' i PIN _ j -a5r Red and White, Blue and White Wedding lUlmn 1 tin IraditiniKil way tlic M kr clisvts cit rcci-aiul-white and blue and white ha e ot shcnMiig their bnnd (if triend- ship I revhmen act as bride and brideMnaids, the grnom and ushers are juniors. The accompany mj; snapshots show the dignity and real beauty of the ceremony. Miss 1933, in the person of Claire Lind, and Mr. 1931, enacted by Elizabeth McLaughlin, were united in marriage by the Reverend Evelyn McNeill, Jr., ofHciating. Usually the wedding is kept a secret, but this year pictures of the cere- mony were taken. The classes which graduate in even years also have a traditional ceremony. This is entirely different from the wedding idea, and yet loses none of its signihcaiue. I rt r ' ' K ' nil! PrI ' flNlE.,, ., „ Ell ' DliiLeS A .JSk- " ' ' " " ' " ' ' • ' " ' ' " - 1 i k ' lOjIg?- - J, Your Qollege cAchievements Freshman Honors: Sophomore Honors: Junior Honors: Senior Honors: A 1 j -- ■ - I !■ ■ I »v- ' I ' I ■ |ll ' ' Jh M m . I: . ' ---bi . ' ' ;J ' i ' . C- 7 and Jancies Favorite Faculty Members: Courses Taken: Other Facts: Graduation Facts: Future Fancies: PriWiiB 13 .1.1: I , ' ' . fflllitHI m P, N|E-m, M EEIDILES ' iii;i! !iuiii;;!i im i; 11 ik " - ' mtic iAM, M- m . " i. k i cAutographs , ikui .9 30y N. C. C. Nosey News Prominent North Carolina Girl Inmate of Lunatic Asylum! " Crazy Daisy! Crazy Daisy! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! " rang shrilly down the long corridor of the insane asylum. " That, " said the warden, who was piloting nie through the state institu- tion, " is a former pupil of N. C. C. W. " " Xo! " I exclaimed in great amaze- ment. " Ves, " he assured me. " Why, however, did she get here? I ' m from that college myself, and I ' ll admit I ' ve thought at times that I ' d go crazy. I didn ' t know someone already had. " " Yes, it ' s a strange case, " he informed me. " Immediately after entering the American literature class she began hav- ing strange fits — very likely suggested by reading Cotton Mather ' s description of the witch ' s effect on his children. On the day of mortuary verse she began laughing and hasn ' t stopped since. When she came here she wasn ' t satisfied until (Coni, we gave her a chisel and a large stone on which she could carve the epitaphs she composes. " " Oh, I ' d like to see them! " I cried and then on second thought, " Is she violent ? " " Well, ma ' am, she doesn ' t have even one verse finished yet, but she ' ll recite them by the hour once she gets started. She isn ' t violent except when she hears a bell. One rings at five o ' clock here, and I ' d advise you to leave her before then. " " Oh, certainly, I shall, " I assured him and went to Crazy Daisy ' s room. To my surprise her cell looked very much like a college girl ' s room. I noted sev- eral college pennants on the wall, all of which were hung upside down ex- cept Duke. Daisy greeted me with a laugh. " Pretty lady come to see me! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Daisy will show you her pretties. Ha! Ha! Ha! " She pointed to the Duke pennant. " Pretty flag, nm-Jj WITH BEST WISHES GORDONS RESTAURANTS Incorporated 116 NORTH ELM STREET Compliments of George S. Daugkerty Company Packers and Distributors DE LUXE BRAND QUALITY CANNED FOODS NEW YORK AND PITTSBURG N. C. C. NOSEY NEWS I Continufd) pretty flag! All our boys go there when they graduate here! Ha! Ha! Ha! Sit down. I ' m Daisy, Crazy Daisy, the sweetest flower that grows! " Here she sang to the tune of " My WiKl Irish Rose. " She sto[iped short suddenly. " Are you a flower? " " No, I ' m not, " I replied sweetly. " Yes, you are. Everybody ' s a flower. What shall I name you? Ha! Ha! Ha! ' ou be a columbine! " she laughed more heartily than e er. I blushed, much to her delight, ami would ha e disagreed with her, but thought better of it. " Pretty lady, have some fudge. " " Thank ou, " I said and pretended to eat the piece I had taken from the plate she extended toward me. AMien she turned her back to put the plate down, 1 quickly concealed the fudge in my handkerchief. " That was delicious. " I lied to please her. " How do you make it? " " Take two cups of garden snails ground to a pulp, two tablespoons of crushed earth worms and one cup of dandelion mdk, cook together until it spins a thread. Add a tablespoon of axle grease and beat until thin. Then add a teaspoon of melted raspberry ice and cut into rectangles. " " Why not squares? " I asked. " Ha! A square has four sides! " " Doesn ' t a rectangle? " I asked. " No. Ha! Ask Miss Watkins. A rectangle has two sides. " (CnnlimtrJj CONE EXPORT AND COMMISSION COMPANY SOUTHERN COTTONS Greensboro, N. C. and New York City SELLING AGENTS FOR Proximity Mfg. Co. White Oak Cotton Mills Revolution Cotton Mills Proximity Print Works ED. NOWELUS PHARMACY Incorporated Solicits Your Patronage From a Standpoint of QUALITY AND SERVICE Visit Our Store READING A Daily Newspaper Has Become a Necessary Part of Present Day Education THE GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS Complete in Every Section Is Filling This Demand GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS Greensboro, North Carolina chiffmans N. C. C. NOSEY NEWS ic nihil i-Jl " Oh, no. A rectangle has four " ■V ' ou ha en ' t seen my tombstone! " sides. " she reminded me. " Come and see! " " Ha! No! No! No! Tlie otlier two I glanced at the tombstone but could are ends. Everythnig must ha e an end. make nothing from the hieroglyphics even candy, so I cut it in rectangles! Do thcie. " How nice, " I murmured. you know who I am? " she ([ueried sud- " PrettN lady can ' t read Dais ' s poetry. denly. It ' s written in phonetics. I ' ll read to " I thought (iu said (iur name was youl " She began to scream in a high Daisy. " voice : " Nope! All the world ' s a stage " When .Alonzo C. Hall had reached and I ' m Ophelia. " And in a oice which heaven ' s high wall showed evident trairu ' ng in Mr. West ' s lie was met by the poet Longfellow. speaking xoice class she chanted: ' ( iet thee hence, ' Lonzo cried. ' E ' re " He is deail :md gone, lady. I ' ll sta - by thy side. He is dead and gone: I shall take my abode down below. ' " At his head a grass-green turf " Ha! Ha! Ha! Isn ' t that pretty? At his heels a stone. " ' To be or not to be, that is the ques- (Co nlinu ■.1) V- Tight-rope walker addressing audi- on your clothes line in the back yard ence: " Ladies, this is a fine reducing ex- You ha e no idea how much ou ' ll fall ercise. If you don ' t believe nie, try it off! " THE FINEST DRUG STORES IN NORTH CAROLINA AND DEDICATED TO YOUR SERVICE Service With Us is a Personal Matter, and With It We Give Values Untouched Anyn ' here Else! 0. HENRY DRUG STORES " The Stores That Brought Down Drug Prices in Greensboro " OUR FOUNTAIN SERVICE IS THE BEST N. C. C. NOSEY NEWS (Continue J) Ha! Here ' s another pretty tion. verse : " Here lies the body of Cynthia Greene, Who went on a iiet to try to get lean, Hut fall off she couldn ' t, however sh? tried Till she fell off the hridtze at X. C. C. and died! " " The bridge, tiie bridge? C) , yes! The dating bureau — a date — a ilate — niv kingdom for a date! Necessity is the mother of an emergency! A date — no (igs, no prunes, masculinity — a male! That ' s right, mail ! " " Ricket -racl;et ' rare, We ' re not allou ' ed to swear, Hut this post office jam Makes us want to sa ' , ' Ma ' am, Will you please for my toes have a care? ' " V this time she was waxing quite eloquent and I began to ha e misgivings for not telling the guard to wait around somewhere near. She kept on reciting her insane poetry. " Oh, the bells, bells, bells. The ringing and the tingling of the bells: The dinner bells, the study bells, the chapel bells! " Here she stopped suddenh ' . " Ha! lla! Ha! " Her tune became a lullaby: " Sleep, freshman, sleep! I ' apa Foust will a watch o ' er thee keep ! " Again she changeil her tune. This rime to School Days: (Cnnlinui ' d) Believe What You Seel At the N.B.H. Store In the N. B. H. Advertising NATIONAL BELLAS HESS Sells Only Merchandise of Staunch, Durable Quality in the Recognized Modes of the Hour. 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" wa the 11 sponsc 1 « « -Mr. H ill asked on a test " What is ,1 .■ mood of Kmerson ' s poc m, I ' d .1 A ' Answer : " Mopping! ' Written on an exan in Sophomore E iglish : ' ( )nc of the c hiet ■haracteris- ti :s of tl e Anglo-Saxo n w is that he si ■pt at ni ght. " A tax on hrains at N. c. c . would be taxation without rcprcscntati m. 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" Colored maid to mistress, when gar- bage man is at door: " Mis E., de slop gentleman wants to see you. " COLLEGE GIRLS We appreciate your patronage and hope that you will continue to travel in our clean, comfortable cars. Union Bus Station 226 East Market St. Greensboro, N. C. SA FE—SA NE— SPEED Y TRANSPORTATION Tlu- Pln ical I ' Mucatioii Dt ' partnv. ' nt s:l tliat because a j;iil has falL-n arches, tliis is no positi e prnot she will h- good at archery. L ' p 5ii further retlection, the Sociology Departnr. ' iit adds that excel- lent companions may not b? fjond at companionate marriage. Some Instructor: " ' our ans«-er to my ipiestion reminds ni " of Clrmney Rock. " Some Student: " How com.-, Profes- S. I.: ' It ' s a bluff. Mr. Shaftsbury: " In our clas. v will name some of the lower anini,-i beginning with Miss AVharton. " .Mr. Hal a s he is .1 gainst radios. 1 le sat up the other e imtil it was midnight an 1 got Chi] e. » « A college e( lucatioi w; sted seems to be the case o th- s ■nio who, in all s;-riousne s. v; nted tc kn v where the L ' niversity t Pittsbu was located. We uon.l •r if it w )uld I ' t be po.ssible to ha ' e mus c in the t linii g halls so we might dance b ■tween coui scs on " soup- days? " » A janitor w IS seen witl a (. ' tirolinifin in his |iocket tl e (Jther da .Some people on campus ir ■ liter:inly inclined any- wa -. v Av, on . THE MAN WHO MADE THE PICTURES H. A. Flynt Copies, Miniatures, Portraits Frames FLYNT STUDIOS Greensboro, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. 228 West Market Street Phone 726 Greensboro, North Carolina V-. ' fl v 1 Engrdveiis OUR IN THE SOUTHERN YEAR-BOOK FIELD IS THE RESULT OF PERSONAL SERVICE THE CAPITOL ENQRAVINQ COMPANY Has KaJ more tKan twenty earj of successful experience in Year -Book Designing and Engra infi. They are recognized as tKe leaders in the creation and production of the better class of annuals. Their experience, equipment, corps of artists, designers and eng a ?ers are entirely M your disposal Capitol Enqravinq Co uoninsnc. fourth avenue, north NASHVILLE TENN. ' ty- j.r 5 ' t ' A THIS BOOK PRINTED BV. The world ' s LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS ENSOl iPRINTING CO.] NASHVILLE t TENN COLLEGE ANNUAL HEAOaVARTERS jTco iey ' ili uaahMVo ' i eman nm Uuneiiot Q xlan iOn mn.s)tca. ' MAY QUEEN, 1 929 The ook Endi mt i irmrr-nr ' ■I l " l ' 1 . l ' 1 I i JM ' M " J. i , II ■ " m---.mii- ' i -w f«m-i ' .I H ' W IW»W . V «. ' Wit , m m Wft i m tfiii t ifiiia t i i » ftfArt ii ern " T- ' " ' ii ii ■■ " - " « t %i i ih»i W fc»w« Mft li

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