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jiMf ' - COPYRIGHT iMiss Kli McCombs F.Jilnr-,n-Clii,l Miss Frances Jamf.s Business Manager PUBLISHED BV THE StI OFXT ( " IciVFRXMITXT ASSOCIATKIX OF THE XdRTu Caroi.ixa Collfce for mimex GREENSBORn, N. C. SL Pine JEEDLES 19Z9 Voltime lo Published by the n Sf udenf Goveriiiiienf AssociATion of fho Norrh C mhnt Colle( e forWoinen, I Tireensboro, N.C. c ' O O I r. .1 : = l(g(M Coni eiifs " tBoo v One he College ' [Book ii ' o he Qlasses ' Book ' ijhrce Organizdtions ' Uiook ' u]tr eT iscellaneous r,30813 Prefcxce Lf it may be said of this circiLS that it ivas rxohly acted, then ive shall have been justified, " cAll the Irorld ' s a stage, (y4nd all ihe men and women merely players. " College Song ' ( ' raise our voices; lit llniii su ' rll III t chorus loud and stroni : Tin- roUinti hills send hack the sound Of our rliiinf ' htint soiui. For in one tjreat nnhroken hand With loyal hearts and Inn , Your daughters stand, and hand in hand Sine , eollet e dear, to yon. Our collei e days run sreijtiy hy . And all too soon ire part: But in the years that are to come Deep yravcn on each heart Our motto. " Service. " ivill reniaiii. And service ice will do. And as ice serve, our hearts will turn, O college dear, to you. Dear Alma Mater, strong and great Me never shall forget The gratitude we owe to you — A never-ending debt: All honor to your name ice give. And lo-iie ice pledge iineiv. 1 1 nf ailing loyalty ice liring, O college dear, to you. White and Gold Flower: Dais Molln: Service Dr. I. F( Pi;-su!i- tl Dr. V. lter C. Jackson- Vice-President Student Counselors Miss I.u.i.iax Killixgsworth, A.R. Erskinc Collese, A.B. ; Cnlumhia rniver ity. Miss Mixxie L. Jamisox North Caidliiia College tor Women. Miss Marie G. Axdrews. B.S., M.A. Miami University, B.S. ; Columbia CniverMty, M.A. Mrs. Ml riel E. Smith, B.S. Olivet College; Simons College; Columbia University, B.S. Mrs. Marg.aret T. Rvax. A.H.. M.A. University of Michigan, A.B.; Columbia Universitv, M..A. Miss Flora Merehith, A.B. OiiUe Universitv, AM. Board of Directors A. T. Allen- Il ' akr Counly J. D. MuRPHV Iluiuomhi- Counly Mrs. J. A. Brovvx Columbus Counly A. E. WoLTZ Gaston County A. J. Conner Northampton County Mrs. W. T. Bost H ' ak,- Counly J. L. Nelson Catdwrll Counly George R. Ward Duplin Counly Miss Easdale Shaw Ritkmond Counly Junius D. Grimes Braufort County H. G. Chatham Forsyth County Administrative Ofhcers Julius I. Fousx, LL.D PrrsUtni Walter Clinton Jackson, LL.O. . I ' iir-Prisidcnt and Chairman of llic Faculty of Sodal Stirnir William C. Smith, L.H.D D,an of Ihr Coll,, ,- of Lihiral Arts and Sdenics John H. Cook, Ph.D. . . D,an of ihr Siliool of Education and Din-itor of the Summer Session Wade R. Brown, Mus.B Dean of the Sehool of Musie Blanche E. Shaffer, M.A ■ . . Dean of the School of Home Economies WiNFiELD S. Barney, Ph.D Chairman of the Faculty of Lant uaijes and Literature John Paul Givler, M.A Chairman of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science Virginia Racsdale, Ph.D ■ ■ Cabinet Member from llie Fatuity at Larije E. J. Forney Freasurer Anna M. Gove, M.D I ' hysuian Laura H. Coit Secretary of the Colle; e Mary Taylor Moore Reijistrar Charles H. Stone, M.A., B.L.S Librarian W. H. Livers, M.A liusiness Manaijir and Director of Extension Division Chase Going Woodhouse, M.A Focalional Direilor Facult ' ' Di piirtiiu III cjf Biuhit y John Paul CJivler, M.- ' V. . ' Xrchie D. Shaftsbur ' . ' , B., . Jay R. Traver, M.A. L. Edwin Yocum, Ph.D. Helen M. Ingraha.m, M.S. Ln. Bhli.e Love, M.S. Earl H. Hall, M.S. Maide Williams, M.S. Malcolm McKenzie, M..A. E. Inez Coldwell, B.A. . ' nnie L. Pleasanjs, M.. . A , Lee Andrews, B.. ' . Di pcirttin III rjf (jiuiiiislry Mary M. Peity, B.S. I ' .. Kaiherine Wrighl, M.. . Florence Schaeffer, M.A. Elva E. Barrow, M.A. Ella B. McDearman, B.A. Department cjf English William C. S.viini, L.I 1. 11. Abigail E. Rowley, M.A. Jane Summerell, M.A. Martha E. Winhkld, M.. ' . CJeorge P. Wilson, M.A. Netite Sue Tillett, M.A. Alonzo C. Hall, M.A. Mary Vincent Long, M.A. Agnes Marie Clegg, M.A. Leonard B. Hurley, M.A. Arnold McKay, M.A. May A. Thompson, M.A. William R. Taylor, M.A. James Painter, M.A. Alfred T. West, B.S. J. Arthur Dunn, M.. . Robina W. Mickle, M.A. Anna R. Blake, M.-i . Mildred R. Gould, M.. . Wilma Kuck, B..- . Faculty Dcpiirl nrnt of Gcniian Caroline P.B. Schoch, M.A. Di part incut of Health Anna M. Covk, M.O. Ruth M. Colmncs, B.A., M.D. Dt part iu fit of l y i( IK Annie M. O ' Donnell, Sc.D. Mildred Harris. M.A. Reba F. Harris, M.A. . ' Knne Shameurgher Di partiiHiit of Physical Eiliic itioii Mari C. Cole.vian, B.S. Ei.izabeih Rogers Minna Lal ier. H.S. Marvlvn Emoni), B.S. Joanna Teiaver Dver Hope Tisdale, B.A. Eleanor Haroll, B.A. Aldace Fitzwater, B.S. Department of History and Political Science V. ( ' . JAtKsoN, B.S.. Ll,.n. C. D. Johns, M.A. Ethelvn Dewev, M.. . Harrii I W. F LLioii, M..- . M. Ciui.i.ANDER. M., " ' Bernice E. Draper, M.A. B. Kkndrick, P h.D. ' era Largent, M.A. M. Mendenhall, M.A. . . M. Arneii. Ph.D. Isabel Fergison, M.A. Dtpai tint lit of Latin I0I,A BODDIE Lihrary Science r. H. SioNE, M..A., B.I..S. Ri in Sankee, B.. .. K.E.S. Catharine Pierce, B.. ., B.S. D( partiiient of Miilhcinatics ' iRGiNiA Ragsiiale. Ph.D. Hhen Barton. PhLD. Enhlv H. Waikins, M.. . (oka Strong, B.. . Department of Physics NoRMAN Baird Foster, M.S. J. C. Pomero ' ,. M.. , J. C. Littlefield, M.A. Department of Psycholor y J. A. Hi(;hsmitii, Ph.D. W. W. NF riin, M.. . Dladvs Rae Dlnkle, M.A. Dipartmeiit of Romanci Laiii iiai cs WiNFiELi) S. Barney, Ph.D. Jessie C. Laird, M.A. Ca.meron D. Ebaugh, M.A. CJeorce a. CNDERwoon, Ph.D. Rene Hardre, Professorat Des Alice Abbott, M.A. Malcolm K. Hooke, D. de Ecoles Normales Frances Arnold, M. A. lTniversiie .Augustine LaRochelle, M.. ' . Louise Kraus, Ph.D. Harold B. Sianion, Ph.D. Helen L. Garrett, M..A. C.i.advs R. Thompson, NL. . Meta IE Miller, Ph.D. Katherine Matson, M.A. Departiiii lit of Soi ioloi y Glenn R. Johnson, M.. . . u Davis, M.A. Di partiiu lit of Leonomics Albert S. Keister, Ph.D. Facult: John H. Cook, Ph.D. A. P. Kephart, Ph.D. Etta Spier, M.A. Lloyd E. Blauch, Ph. P. Ruth Fitzgerald, M.. ' . Elizabeth M. Weatherspoon Oliver P. Clutts, M.A. Philip L. Harrimav, M.A. Herbert Kimmel, M.A. School of Ediuation Harold L. Camp, Ph.D. Mvrla Morris, B.S. Marie Denneen, M.A. J. A. Smith, M.S. Betty Aiken Land, B.A. Mary Fitzgerald Pearl Payne, B.S. AsHTON- Hatcher, B.S. Gladys Boyivgton, M.A. Nora Carter, M..A. Miriam MacFadyen, B.S. Edna Geicer, M.A. Anna Kreimeier, Ph.B. Dorothy Marlowe, Ph.B. Jennie Whitten, M.A. Alue Wilson, B.S. .■ lice Jane Sperry, B.Ed. Margaret M. Green, B.S. Wade R. Brown, Mus.D. Benjamin S. Bates George M. Thompson, Mus.M. Henry H. Fuchs, B. A., Mus.M. Alleine Minor Blanche E. Shaffer, M.A. Mollie a. Peterson, M.A. School of Music Mary Lois Ferrell Helen M. Dowdy Grace Van Dyke More, B.Mus. Millie J. Fristad, B.. . E. J. Forney Myra M. Albright Sue Kyle Southwick School of Home Economics Viva M. Playfoot, B.S. Anne E. Denison, M.A. Catherine Dennis, M.A. (]oiiiiiicrci d Dcp irt iicnt Paiiy Si ' Ri ii.L, B. S. Helen M. Richards, B.A. CJladys Parker, B.Mus. Nevera Bergmann Agnes N. Coxe, B.S. Fannie Holmes Oaies, B.S. Eli abeih Craig, B.P. Charles H. Stone, M.A., B.L.S. Sue Vernon Williams, M.A. Elizabeth Sampson, B.S. Mary Taylor Moore Mary Alice Tennent, B.A. Minnie L. Jamison LiLLLAN KiLLlNGSWORTH, B.A. The Lihritry IRG1 1A Trumpir Mary Ruth Angle Marion CJrant, B.A. Rcijislrar ' s Office EiMia Harwooh, B.L. Depart III cut of Stii lcnt Life Marie G. Andrews, M.- ' K. Flora M. Merfdhh, M.A. Margaret T. Ryan, M.. . Lois Justice, B.A. Annie M. Brown, B.S. Virginia Satierfield, B.S. Mildred P. Newton, B.A. Minnie I. Caffey, B.A. Muriel Ewing Smith, B.S. Kaiherine Sherrii.l, B.A. OtKer Officers Hope Cooi.idge, B.S., M.S. . . . Dictilian EsTEi.i.E Boyd ■ . Supervisor of Dormilorirs Clora McNeill . Secretary lo tlie President Edna A. Forney . ■ ■ .Issistant Treasurer Clara Booth Byrd, B.A., Alumnae Secretary Alice McKinnon . . ■ Manaeier of Colletjr Bool; Store and Post Office Margaret Shepard, B.S. . . . General Sec- retary of Y. ir. C. .1. Jessie McLean, R.N • S ' urse Elizabeth Henninger ' nrsr Mrs. J. E. Deviney . . . .Issistant Manaijer of the Post Offiie Eva J. Co.K . . . Screlary to l ir Dean of the School of Kduiolinn Bessie Doub Issistant Dictilian Kathleen Pethi Hawkins . . Sleno rap ier Helen Pickard . . • . Secretary lo Busi- ness Manaijer Vivian Rogers . . Secretary lo I ' iii -Presi- dent and Dean of tlie College Inez Adamson Stenoarahhpr Lillian Mebane ..... Stenograplier Julia E. Gannt Nurse Ruth Grigg Slenoqrapher Annie Hughes . . Secretary lo llie Pliysiiian Maude Solomon Curry .... Office .Is- sistant to Training School J. M. Sink . • . Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings Miss Clara R rd .lluminii- Sidilary if The Alumnae Association Offickrs Laura H. Coit Honorary I ' ns ' ulnil Mrs. Claude Morris PrrsiJnU WiNlFiiKD BfXKWiTH Vict ' -PrrsiAcn! Clara B. Byrd Grmral Scir,-lary Board oi Trustees Adelaide V. N. Howard Annie M. Cherry Bertie Craig Marjorie Craig Annie Beam Funderburk Rosa Blakeney Parker Mabel Stamper Mary Wiley Janie Stacy Gwynn STUDENT S- BUILDING AUDITORIUM STREAM IN 1 H t PARK MAIN BUILDING INFIRMARY PATH IN P f: A B O D ' l ' PARK. CAMPUS NEAR DORMITORIES SENIORS Sarah Power Akmsikonc Masiot of Class nf ' 2Q Class of 29 . . . Hliie ami U ' hite . . . Sivicl l ' ,a " Uniuard " Song T V, ,lu-, ' rs fnr llir lllii, and ll iilr. Slriviuij ahvays jar lln- nijht. Our aims are liii li and loyal To lliim ii ' i- ' ll t ' lr hi- true. And ' 20 mni ' is niiiaird rorr-vn to.-.,ard li.r oal. To you, drar lima Mairr, ll ' r plidi r our Inarls aiiriu Ifr ' ll honor, lo-vr and ilurisli Till- day ' s ici- ' -vi- sfunl ilUIi you: ir, ' H I ' o-v,- and srr-vr you alv.ays, D,ar Collrar. Iinr ' s lo you ' Clinnis T ,r Hlur and IT iil, fon-vrr! Our iry sliall i-rfr In. And " Onivard ' i-vn Oniiard " To our I ' iilory Senior Class Omcers Marv Ci.ara Tati: I ' residnil El.I Ai;HII llANAMAN I ' tl l-l ' lisutilll Edi.a Best Srirclary Mabel Topping .... Ttmsiu i r Katie Midvette ... . I ' uinist Grace IIankins C nir Leader Class Poem ' ritnii (hiiiiihin uhiit (! I jiilldiicil U ' lsihiiii ' s i iii liiii liiu cr. ' I ' lioii stiildy. ivicil halls ailh loliniuis fnir tiinl ulii i, U ' liiih liiiN (il iiiir s iiviiii s luu-anl the everlnsliiii lit ht. We hid fiireu ' ell liith uis fiil eyes, iiinl f iiii lioiil l stiiy ' I ' ll sliiiiidale mil thirst hy dnnkiiuj of the eiif ll ' hiih r iieiiihes not. hut (Vtr feeds the i lorioiis liri ' I ' hiit hums uithiii lis. riiiukeiied hy our souls ' desire: For this ire st iiid uith nriiis oiitstretihal and reaeliinii ii V ' o thee, thou fount of l-nou ' ledije . and yd stanilim thus Move on. and make a flaee for those alio folloir n . MARJORIE Van NEMAN ' Miss MixNii: L. Jwiiscix llunurary M, mh,r „f l ir Class of ' JO The ( " la■• nf ' 21; i juvth prnud nf itv hniii rarx mcnilier, Mi--. J:imi-on. Sime her tiult ' iit (hnv at this (.nllcnf, Mi- jaiiiivdii has ht-t-ii here a a ouinsehir ami frieiici of the classes as the rmne ami H ' l ; ami her influence has lieeii felt in the lives nf manv liumlreds nf N. C. graduates. Though everyone finds a friend in Miss Jamison, we nf tlie Class of ' 29 feel that she is particularly our own and one of us. We are gratefid to her for her constant help and inspiration, and »e are glad that she %vears the 15lue am! White. Other Senior Orhcers Marjokik ' an ama Pnrl V ' lRGlMA KlRKPAlKICK l ' ln li Rosalie Jacobi Laivyrr Katherine Fleminc llistoriaii Laura McCoy Alexander HUNTERSVII.LE, N. C. .-l.B. Education All. Ipliian Stuifty j)rrii C. Allee NHW BERN " , N " . C. .l.B. History Snccer Teain (i, 2, 5, 4) ; Soccer Wir ity (3) ; Swlmmint; Team (i, 2, 3); Civiii Teain (i, 1, 3); Malh Club (2, 3, 4); French Club (2); Ycuirif; Voters Club (3, 4); InternatioTial Relations Club (3, 4) ; Secretarv and Treasurer nf International Relations Club (4) ; N. C. Monogram (2) ; Star (3) ; Dolphin Club (3, 4). Betlaii Ovama Ai.i.ex AEI.AMA, CA. . .«. Library Sdcnee Ciraduated from (■uilford College, 1926; A.B. History. Nelle Katherixe Anders ASHEVILI.E, N " . C. A.B. Frrnc i A.I. ll.hiiUl S.-.._iity French Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (3); House Representatives (i). ' ™s. ' :i •»3 " « « ■ ■ ' ••SB f ' ' " J Glennie Anderson HIGH POINT, N. C. A.B. EJucalion Alcth. ' ScM ' Spanish Cliili (2, 3); Education Cluli (3, 4). Lillian D. Arhelger FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS U.S. Pliysiial Edinalion Ail.l|ilii;in Si.ri.n- (3); Pre i(lent Orchesiis (4); Life Saver; German Chih (4) ; A. A. Virginia Asrf.w WINDSOR, N. C. A.B. Romancf l.anijuaijfs Seniiir Marshal; SnphonKire Ci)mmissiiin ; Proctcir ; French Club (2, 3, 4); Spanish C ' luli (3, 4); Education Cluh. Ruth Atkinson ELKIN, N. C. A.B. English Adflpliian Society " ' ' • •% Mary Kijzabf.tii Avext JONESBORO, N ' . C. AM. Botany CIiili {2, 3); Eiiucatioii Club (4); French Club (4). Raciikl Barxf.s Avcock DUNN " , N. C. AM. Emjlish Freshman C ' ll?nmi il1n (i); House of Representatives (2); Re- porter for " Carol ' niian " (2); French Club (2); Secretary Cor- nelian Society (2); Marshal (5); Education Club (4); Presi- dent of Cornelian Society (4). Bkrtiia Kstelle Barnwell KllN ' EVVILLE, N. C. A.B. Matlirmalics Meredith College (i, 2); Sisters of V. F. C. H. Club (i, 2); Frank Harper Mathematics Prize (i); Hiking Club (2); Win- ner of Monogram (2); Home Economics Club (2); Cheniistrv Club ( ' ,, 4); Mathematics Club (2, 1, 4); Academic H.inor Roll (I, 2, 3)- Dell Batciielor NASHVII.I.K, N. C. «..S ' . ruhlic S,l„H,l Music Madrigal Club (3, 4,) Emma Parks Bkaman STAN ' TONSBURC, . C. A.B. Biology French Club (2); Education Club (4). Edla Best WINDSOR, N. C. A.B. Romanii ' Laniiiuiijcs Proctor (i); Freshman Commission (i); French Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (2, 3, 4) ; House of Representatives (2) ; Mar- shal (3); Chairman Prof;ram Committee Spanish Club (4); Class Secretary (4) ; Junior-Senior Toaster (3). Julia Katherixr Bird GREENSBORO, N. C. .■ .B. Rornimir Liirn iitu rs Alith.ian Suii.ty French Club (2, 3, 4); Spanish Cub (3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Athletic Association. Lily Klizabetm Blake CHABBOURN, N. C. B.S.M. Piano AiLlphian -ty French Club (i, 2); Euterpe Club (4); Honor Roll (2). CASTELLor-: M. Bi.axd WADESBORO, N. C. A.B. Romance Lant uai es Corresponding Secretary Adelphiiin Society, Vice-President Adel- phian Society; Swimming Team (i, 2, 3); Soccer Team (2); Soccer Varsity (2); Proctor (1); Junior-Senior Toaiter; House President; Lite Saving. Fraxcf.s Bohbitt oxrOKii, N. c. .V.B. Education Al.tli.kiii S.MJ.ty Spanish CUih (3, 4); Young Voters Club (3, 4); Education Club (3. 4). M F.LI. IF. Gfxdai.l Boggax WADFSRIIKO, S ' . C. . , ?. Riimiuur l.itnifuat rs AM. I|.|ii,.l, .■ n.i.ty Spanish CUib; French Club; Education Club. Mii.DRKi) Irfxe BOLIEIv UICKORV, N ' . c. .l.Ii. Rioloijy . .lrlj,hiaTi . s.irit-ty German Club; Botany Club (3, 4); Education Club (4). Sara Dolletta Bost ALBEMARLE, N. C. A.B. Entillsh DrkiHii Society French Club (i, i, 3, 4); Prcictnr (2); Vnurig ' nters Cliih ( + ) ; Kilucatinn Cluh (4). Harrikt Bovi) WAVSESVIM.E, . C. BS. Physiial lUlmalinn Iiili..:ill .s.iiirty Second Team Baseball; Eiliicaticm Club (4); Soccer (2. 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3); Varsity {2); A. A. Cabinet (4); Manager nf Tumbling Team (3, 4); French Club (2); Y. W. C. A. Mildred Bovlfs WIXSTON-SALKM, N ' . C. A.B. Educalwn Chemistry Club (i); French Club (3). Luna Daile Bradford BURGAW, K. C. B.A. Eiluialinn Pik.ail Sc.rirly Flnra MacDonaM College (i, 2); French Club (3, 4); Educa- tion Club (4). Thelma Brady ELLERBE, N. C. .I.B. Education Dik. an S..rii-ty V. V. C. A. (i); Spanish Club (2, 3); Young Voters Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (4). EsTOY Bragg YOUKGSV ILI.E, N ' . C. . . ?. Eduealinn French Club (2, 3); Education Club (4). Aya Garvix Brannock SPENCER, X. C. A.B. Education Spanish Club (i, 2); Basketball (2, 3); Soccer (i, 4); Base- ball (i, 3) ; Education Club (4) ; Proctor (2) ; Young ' oters Club (4). Sarah Brawley MnORESVII.I.E, . c. .I.n. Education Freshman Choir; Spanish Club (i, 2) ; Sophomore Council; Re- cording Secretary of Alethcian Society (2) ; House Vice-President (2) ; Honor Roll (2, 3) ; Chairman Red, White and Blue Wed- ding (3); Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet (3); Toastmistress Junior-Senior Banquet (3); " Carolinian " Reporter (3); Student- Hostess of Dining Room (4) ; Education Club (4) ; Advisory Council (4) ; Chief Marshal (4). ' i. nr _ :i3urTsiLi Camille Brinklrv MAN ' TEO, . C. nS. Physital Ediuation Ad. ' llihian Soiii ' ly Soccer Team (2, 3, 4); Captain (4); A. A. Cabinet (4); Spanish Club (i, 2); Education Club (4); Tennis Manager (3); Examiners Life Saving (2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A.; Swim- ming Team (4) ; Gymnastic Team (4). Edna May Brown KANNAPOLIS, N. C. A.B. EJucalion Spanish Club (2) ; Education Club (4) ; V. W. C. A. Frances Scott Brown RICHMOND, VA. .LB. English Dikf-an Sn, U ' ty Kathervn Elaine Brown CHINA CROVE, N. C. B.S.M. Public School Music Proctor (2, 3, 4) ; German Club (2, 3) ; Yice-President of Opera Association (3); Treasurer of Madrigal Club (4); Madrigal Club Quartette (3, 4); Honor Roll (4); Euterpe Club (4); Madrigal Club (2, 3, 4); Opera Association (3, 4). Sarah J. Brown BELCROSS, y. C. .LB. Biology Sophomore Council; Treasurer Junior Class (3); French CUih (i, 2); Botany Cluh (3, +) ; Zoology Field Club (2, 3, 4); President Zoology Field Cluh (4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Dikean Society Treasurer (2); Dikean Society President (4). Hazki, Xfli. Btllock. STEM, , C. .l.B. Etiuiation li.hian Sotifty Freshman Choir (i); French Club (2, 3); Fducation Cluh (4). iMarcarkt Spright BrxN BMIIEBORO, N. C. .l.B. Enijlisli Sorifty French Cluh (i, 2); Fducation Club (3); Secretary Education Club (4). Hi[,i)A Bunting Btrton JACKSONVILLE, X. C. .l.B. History Freshman Choir (i); Proctor (2); Charter Meinher of Young Voters Club (2, 3, 4); French Club (i, 2); Botany Club (2); Debating Club (2, 3); Speaker ' s Club (4); President (4); " Carolinian " Rcportorial Staff (4) ; Education Cluh (4). Ethel KIIDSVH I.K, N. C. .1.11. Fnn li Iiik.;ni .■- ' .•. i. -IN Brenau College, Gainesville, CJa., (i, 2); French Club (3, 4). Eva Virgixia Bvf.ri.v LFXINCION, N. C. B.S.M. Public Si hold Music German Cluh (2, 3, +) ; Eiliication Chili (3, +) ; Madrigal Clul) (2, 3, 4); Young ' oters Club (2, 3); Euterpe Club (3, 4); Prmtor. Virginia Idei.l Cameron OI.IVKR, N. C. AM. Eutjlish Flora McDonald College (i, 2); Zelesian (i); Finance Com- mittee V. V. C. A.; Library Committee " V " (2); N. C. Col- lege (3. 4); Aletheian; French Club (3, 4); Young Voters Club; Speakers Club; B.S.C; Life Savers Band (4). Mary Lilly Cate COLUMBIA, S. C. U.S. Home Economics Class Hockey Team (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Class Soccer Team and Man- ager (i); Class Track Team and Manager (3); Wearer of N. C. Monogram; Chemistry Club (3); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Secretary Home Economic; Club (4). Edith Amick Causey LIBERT ' S, . C. . .B. Romanw l.anc iiaijrs A.l l|iliiaii S(i.i,.| Hnii e ' ice-Presi(lem (3); Freruh Cluh (i, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Cliih (2, 3, 4); Education Cluh (4). Marcakf.t Louise Causey LIBERTY, N. C. A.B. Eduialion A. A. (i, 2, 3, 4); French Club (2); Math Cluli (2, 3, 4); VouiiK Voters Cluh (3, 4); Hockey Team (3, 4); Playlikers (4) ; Education Cluh (4). Ol.IVE MOZELLE CaUSEY CREEN ' SBORO, X. C. AM. Emilish Spanish Cluh (2); French Cluh (2); Education Club (4): Track (2, 3, 4); Hockey (4). Sara Elizabeth Cauthen RALEIGH, N. C. A.B. Uislory St. Mary ' s, Raleigh, 1925-1927. " K- " j- Esther Cavexess COI.ERinfiK, N. C. A.B. Romtiiur Lanijuaijrs nik.aii .So.iity Freiu-li dull (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (2, 3, 4) ; V. V. C. A. Procliir (2). Gladys Rav Chase BUKNSVII.I.R, . C. .LIS. KiKjlish French Club (3, 4) ; Pnii ' tcir (3) ; Vouu}, ' Voters Club (4). Valextixe G. Cihlk SARASOTA, H.A. . .«. History A,l. liilMiin S.Mi.tN French Club (i, 2, 3); Voun« N ' nters Club (4); Orchesus (3, 4) ; Soccer Varsity {3) ; Soccer Feam (3) ; Civmnastics Team (3) ; Track ' Feam (3). Hazel Clark WKI.DOS " , . C. Ediualion IJik.ali Society F.ilucation Club (4). RcTii Murray Clixard HIGH POINT, N. C. J.B. History President of Class (i) ; Chairman of Freshman Commission (i) ; Freshman Choir (i); House of Representatives (i); Handmaid to Service (i); Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. (2); Sophomore Council (2); French Club (2); Debating Club (2); Plavlikers (2, 3, 4) ; A. A. (2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4) ; In- ternational Relations Club (3, 4); Young Voters Club (3, 4); Toaster at Junior-Senior {3); Baseball Team (2, 3); Baseball Var. ity (2, 3) ; Class Soccer Manager (3) ; Soccer Team (3) ; Secretary of Student Government {3); Faculty-Student Council (3, 4); President of Student Government (4). WixxiE Mae Ci.oer CKAMTE FALLS, N " . C. .7. ?. Education A.l.liihian Sofi.-ty Spanish Club (3, 4); Education Club (4). Kate Coble GREENSBORO, N. C. AM. Education Alc ' thrian Potifty Ziology Field Club (2, 3, 4); French Club (2); Botany Club (3. 4); Secrct:ir Botany Club (4); Kducatioii Club (4). Coble CLIMAX, N. C. A.B. Malhrmatics Mathematics Club (2, 5, 4); French Club (2); Education Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (2); Secoml Semester (3). Annie .Mak Crowdkr RALEIGH, N. C. A.B. Education Al. ' thcian Society French Club (2, 3); Education Club (4). Elizabeth Boiildiim Crowder CLARKSVILLE, VA. l.B. Biology Al.thclan Society Freshman Choir (i) ; Spanish Club (i, 1) ; Proctor (2) ; Zoology Field Club (2, 3, 4); Botany Club (3, 4); Treasurer Yount; Voters Club (3); Chemistry Club (3, 4); International Rela- tions Club (3, 4); Vice-President Zoology Field Club (4); Chairman Membership and Attendance Committee, International Relations Club (4) ; President Young Voters Club (4) ; House President (4). CoRiNNE Cook GREENSBORO, N. C. A.B. Education DIkcan Society Playlikers; " The Patsy. Marv Aeice Culp GASTONIA, N. C. A.B. Education Adelphian Society Freshman Commission (i); Freshman Choir (i); Hou e of Representatives (i, 2); Secretary Adelphian Society (2); Vice- President of Class (2) ; French Club (2) ; Botany Club (2) ; Orchesus (2, 3, 4) ; Dance Drama (2, 4) ; Senate (3) ; Picture Editor of Annual (3) ; Class President (3) ; Handmaiden to Service {3); Dividing Committee (3); Athletic Association (3, 4); Toaster at Junior-Senior (3); Education Club (3, 4); Yoimg Voters Club (3, 4); Adelphian Marshal (4); Playliker.. (4) ; Student Assistant in Psychology Department (4) ; Honor Roll (i, 2, 3, 4)- Jf g Z Z ' jnnTTT ?iUIc V Trr— ix " J. : n:. -.:BS nTrs ' HTDrr- ■-Serarr 5-HTwnxec XIE « JLIVTA DEAX: F IC iT 3S£3.3. 5_ Z. ji:! 1. : xJiir r-itg Ctiir ITT Bf rrrTH t_ r»inir " « ' ' HET Qin " ii3iBHiBTrT t»iii n ' j nusi L im 3TTTi r ' r ce:ir Helen l ilv SAiL Eli2L42et:-: D.uO LoLS . LuE I c-iTr arc C-iT i : :r AlARv Franxes Draughox DUNN, N. c. A.B. Mat ifmalics Dikran Society French Chih (2, 3); Orchesus (3, +) ; Math Club (2, 3, +) ; Educatinn Club {4); Treasurer of Society (4); House Vice- President (4). Margaret Alice Duckworth MORGANTON, N. C. .B. Education Dikcaii So. iety Ijdtaiiy Club (3) ; Education Club (4). Vern Duncan WILKSBORO, N. C. ,- .C. History A.i.liihian Sotii-ty Spanish Club (2, 3); International Relations Club (4). Wrenn Duncan WILKSBORO, N. C. Lillian Gray Dunn MT. HOLLY, N. C. B.S. P iysiial Educalion Alvthri:in So. ' i. ' ty Class Cheer Leailer (i) ; Hockey Team (i) ; Soccer Team (i) ; Varsity Soccer (i); Ciymnastic Class Manager (i, 2); Base- ball Team (i); Varsity Baseball (i); Tennis Team (1); Chemi try Club (3); Hiking Leader (2); Mimograin Club (2, 3, 4) ; Life Saver (4). JoNNiE Edwards HOOKERTON, N. C. A.B. Educalion Freshinan Choir; House of Representatives (i) (2) ; Education Club (4). Mary Frances Edwards MnuNl- AIRY, N ' . C. A .R, E d lu alio n-Enij lis li Campus Citizenship Committee of the Y. W. C. A. (i) ; Span- ish Club (2) ; Young ' oters C ' uh (3, 4) ; Speakers Chib (3, 4) Education Club (4). Elizabeth Ehringhaus IIEN ' DERSONVILLR, . C. A.B. Enijlisli So. i.-ly French Club (2, 3); Spanish Club (4). Louise Ellis GOLDSTON ' , N. C. A.B. Education So. i.4.v Grace Exi ' m SN ' OW HIM,, X. C. A.R. F.duialiiin Keith Feamster SALISBURY, N ' . C. A.B. Frt-ndi French Club (i, 2, 3, 4); ' ice-President French Club (2); Secretary French Club (3); ll()u e ' ice-Pre ident ( + ); Educa- tion Club (4); " Carolinian " Staff (4). Mary Lois Fercu ' sox FRANKLIN " , N. C. A.B. EAuial ' wn French Club (2, 3); Mathematics Club (2, 3, 4); Proctor (2 Champion Track Team (3); N. C. Monogram (4). Sue Christine Fields LA GRANGE, N. C. A.B. English Freiidi Cluh (x) Spanish Clul. (;); Kiliiration Cluh (4). Kathkrixe Virgixia Fields GREKNSBORO, N. C. B.S. Music Ail.lpliinn S.., ' icty MndriKal Cluh (3, 4)- Evelyn Fitch MEBANK, . C. A.R. Kducalion V. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Pla likers (3. 4) ; Freiich Club (2) Education Cluli (4); Secretary ami Ircasurcr Plavliker- (4). Jessie Kixxev Fitzcerai.d INDIAN ' TKAU., S. C. . .«. Uislnry French Cluli {2, 3); mmn ' nter Clnh (3, 4); Filucaticin Club (4). Mary Katherine Fleming RALEIGH, N. C. .7.B. Englisli French Club (i, 2); Spani h Club (2, 3); Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3. +) ; Sophomore CniTimi .sion (2) ; House President (3) ; Junior Editor of " Pine Needles " (3); Class Secretary (3); Class His- torian ( + ) ; Representative at Large on Y. W. Cabinet (4). Anne Ford BESSEMER CITY, N. C. A.R. Matliimat ' us Al. ' lhciiin S...i.-ty Mathematics Club; Athletic Association. Kathar ' ne E. Freeman SAI.ISBLRV, N. C. Etujlhh Orchesus (i, 3, 4); Secretary of Orchesus (3); Dance Drama ( i, 2, 3, 4). Cordelia Marsm French nRAPKR, N. c. A.B. Matliimat ' us Freshman Choir ( i ) ; CnlleKe Choir (2); French Club (2 Mathematics Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Ycpung ' oters Club (3, 4). Carmen Elizaiu ' Tii Frvf. BOONVILLE, N. f. B.S.M. Piano A.B. Junior Diploma and Music Certificate Davenport College 1925-1927; Mailrigal Cluh (3, 4) ; Euterpe Cliih (3, 4). Celia Fuller NEW BERN ' , N ' . C. .LB. Ilhtnry C..rili-li;ill Sn, icy Marshal (4) ; Spanish Cluh (2, 3) Edna Gardner FOUNTAIN, N. C. A.B. EJucalinn AdPlpliian S.nirly Education Club. Aline Garrell TABOR, N. C. A.B. Education Spanish Club (2, 3); French Club (i, 2); Education Club (4). I ' llKI.MA GASKIX BLOUNTSTOWN, FLA. A.B. Md. Lang. Botany Cluh (2) ; Spanish Club (2, 3, 4) ; President of Spanish Club (4); Opera Association (3, 4). Kl.I ABF.TI I GAT1A 0()I) PHLllAM, N " . C. . .«. Enylish Elon (i); I ' runh Club (2); Soccer Team (4). Doxxis Gold Lai IIMORK, N. c. A.B. F.duiation Botany Club (2); French Club (2. 3); Educatirui Club (4): House of Representatives (2, 3); Proctor (2, 3). Gladis Goodmax cONcnRn, N. c. A.B. History French Club (2, 3): Vouuk Voters Club (3, 4); Class Basket- ball Team (3I ; Education Club (4). Martha jo. Goriiam BAITI.EBORO, K. C. U.S. Public Si innI Music Soivty College Chorus (i, 2) ; German Club (i, 2) ; Opera Association (3, +) ; Honor Roll (2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary and Treas- urer of Dormitory (4) ; Chairman of Vesper Music (4) ; Mad- rigal Club (2, 3, 4); Madrigal Press Reporter (2); Madrigal Club Secretary (3) ; Pre ident of Madrigal Cub (4) ; Assistant Advertising Manager of Opera Association (4). Katie Gravely MONROE, N. C. .1.11. Enylish Playlikers (i); French Club (i, 2); Sophomore Editor Hand- book; Associate Editor " Carolinian " (2) ; Managing Editor (3) ; Vice-House President (2) ; Education Club (3, 4) ; Marshal (3) ; Inter-Society Representative (4) ; F,ditor-in-Chief " Carolinian " (4) ; First ' ice-Prcsident N. C. Collegiate Press Association (4). Garxett Coles Grecory GREENSBORO, N. f. B.S. Physical Education Freshman Commission (i); Representative to Senate (i); Sec- retary of A. A. (2); " Coraddi " Staff (3) ; Hockey Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Swimming Team (i); Baseball Team (r, 2, 3, 4); Tennis Team (3, 4) ; Monogram Club (3, 4) ; Life Saving (3,4). Nannie Lee Gri(;c:s MORVEN, . C. .4.B. Eduiatinn Dikian .Sn, It-ly French Club (2) ; Spanish Club (2, 3) ; Hotanv Club (2) ; Edu- cation Club (3); Proctor (i). -■ - i Gertrfde Grimsley IREEMAN, N. C. . . ?. EJuralion Grace V. Grogan STONEVILLE, N. C. .B. English Ad. Iphian Society French Club (2, 3); Spanish Cluh (3, 4.). Clara Guignard LIXCOLNTON, N. C. A.B. Sociology Dikean Society Chairman of Freshman Chapel; Freshman Commission; Soph- omore Council; Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4); Soccer (i); Swimming (i, 2, 3, 4); Varsity (2, 3); Track (2); Baseball (i, 3); Tennis (i, 2, 3); N. C. C. Monogram; Dolphin Club (3, 4); Y. W. Cabinet (2, 3, 4) ; French Club (i, 2) ; International Relations Club (3, 4); Treasurer of Student Government (2); College Chorus (2) ; Associate Editor " Carolinian " (3) ; Toaster Junior-Senior; College Social Chairman (3); Vice-President Stu- dent Government (4). Grace Louise H addon ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. . .B. Education Adclphian S.Hicty French Club (2, 3) ; Y. V. C. A. (2, 3, 4). Carrie Leigh Haithcock MACON, N. C. j4.B. English Co:nellan So.iety. Spanish Club (3) {4); French Club (3) (4) Elizabeth W. Hall OXFORD, N. C. A.B. History AlfthHian Society, Martha E. Hall CHERRYVILLE, N. C. A.B. History Virginia Hall HAI.l.SBORO, V. c. A.B. Ilislnry Spanish Club (1) (3) (4) Sara Katherixe Hampton LEAKSVILLE, X. C. .LB. Biolot y Freshman Choir (i) ; Spanish Club (i, 2) ; Class Treasurer (2) ; Zoology Field Chih (2, 3, 4) ; Secretary Y. W. C. A. (3) ; Edu- cation Club (3, 4); House Vice-President (3); Chemistry Club (3) ; Vice-President V. W. C. A. (4) ; House President ' (4). KlJ AHITlI MacDoxal!) Haxamax ASHKVll.I.E, . c. B.S. Muiir College Orchest ia (1, 2, 3, 4) ; President Orchestra (;) ; Hockey Team ( i ) ; Baseball (i) ; ' arsity Baseball {2) ; Associate Kditnr " Carolinian " (4); ' ice-President Senior Class (4); French Club (2, 3). Grace Lh.eiax Haxkixs men pruNi, . L. B.S. I ' liys ' ual Eduiulinn Al. ' s...i. ty Soccer (2, 3); Varsity Soccer (3); Hockey (4); Basketball (i, 2, 3) ; ' ar ity Basketball (2) ; Gymnastics (3, 4) ; Varsity Ciym- nastics (3); Baseball (i, 2, 3); Varsitv Baseball (2, 3); Life Saving (3, 4); Archery Club (3, 4) ; ' Dolphin Club (3, 4); Class Cheer Leader (4) ; Monogram Club (2, 3, 4) ; Swimming (4) ; Track (4) ; Tennis (2, 3, 4). Krxici: Harkelsox •lAliOR, N. C. .l.B. Edtualuin riiki-ili Sii.i..|y Spanish Club (I. 2); FreTich Club (2, 3); Education Club (4). Margarkt Harris ELKIN, N. C. J.B. EJuilltiotl Spanish Club; Marshal (4); Fire Chief ( + ). Virginia Elizabeth Hasseli. WILSON, N. C. A.B. Enylish A.I.Iiililaii S.M i.-ty Freshman Choir (i) ; Class Track Team (2) ; House Vice-Presi- dent (2); Botany Cliih (2, 3); V. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Class N ' ice-Preiident (3); Juninr-Seiiior Toaster (3); Interna- tional Relations Club (3, 4) ; Critic Adelphian Society (3) ; Ad- visory Committee (4) ; Inter-Society Council (4) ; Organization Editor of " Pine Needles " (4) ; President of Adelphian Society (4). Grace Haves BOONVILLE, N. C. A.B. History Fire Marsha! (3); Baseball Team (3); House ' icc-President {4) ; Young Voter ' s Club (4). Vera Mae Hedrick LEXINGTON, N. C. A.B. Romance LarKjitages AUtheian Snii.ty French Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (2, 3); Proctor (2) Assistant Chairman Spanish Club Program Committee. OxA ViRcixiA Helms CRKENSnORn, x. c. n.S. Piihli, School Music Madrigal CIiili (3, +) ; Opera Association (3, 4); Assistant Business Manager of Opera Association (4). AlARV Bkli k Hicks HENDERSON, N. C. ,7. ?. Mathnnalics Mathematics Cliili (3, 4); Spanish Cluh (2). Katiif.rixf. High GRKENSBORO, N. C. AM. History ■ .l. ll.liiiUi S,.ri,.t.V Ella Klizabktii Hixls VINSlrl -sAI, M, s. c. .1.11. Chrmiilry niKr.-in S-n.i,.t Hocliev Team (i, 1, 3, 4); Manager Hockey Team (i); C, m- nastic Team (i, 2); Basketball Team (i); Swimming Team (3) ; Tennis Team (i, 2) ; Second Baseball Team (i) ; Spanish Club (2); N. C. Monogram (3); Chemistry Club (i, 2, 3, 4); President Chemistr Clnb (4). Belle Hockadav LILLINGTON, N " . C. A.n. Romance Lanijiia(ics A.l.lpliian Su i.-ty French Cluh (i , i, 3, 4); F.diicatiini Club (3, 4). Berta Leigh Holland DALLAS, N. C. A.B. EJuialion A.l.lpluan Sofii-ty Spani-h dull (3) ; French Club (3). Elizabeth Dillard Holmes SALISBURY, N. C. A.B. English Socii-ty French Club (2, 3) ; Ibui e nf Representatives (3) ; House Vice- President (3) ; Toaster Junior-Senior Banquet (3) ; House Presi- dent (4); Marshal (4); Chairman Social Committee for Adel- phian Society (3). Berta Howard FAVKTTEVILLE, N. C. . . ?. EJuialion IiiUi;ill S. " i,4y Piiielaiul Junior Collefje (i, Blake Howell AURONVILLE, . C. A.B. Education Marion Kicenia Hubbard CAI.AX, VA. }..V. I ' uhli,- Sdinnl Music A.l. Ij.lnan S...i.-ty German Club (i, z) ; Madrigal ( " luh (2, 3, 4); Educational Club (4) ; Euterpe Club (4). BriATRicE Hughes AXTOV, VA. A.B. EJiualion Spanish Club. Carrie Gladys Hughes PARKTOS, N. C. A.B. Educalinn Alrllu ian Soii.-ty Ynung Voters Club (2, 3); Education Club (3). Ella Burton Hitchisox HIGH POINT, N. C. .I.B. Education High Point College (i); Tennis Team (2); Baseball (2); Soc- cer (3, 4); Soccer ' arsitv (3); Tennis Leader (3); Education Club (4). ViRGINLA I POCK GOLDSBORO, N. C. AM. Diki ' an Society Mary Hendry Inglis CHARLOTTE, N. C. A.B. Education DiUi;m Sii. itty N. J. State Permanent Certificate, 191 8; Mathematics Club (3) Playlikers (4); Treasurer Young Voters Club (4). Anne Elizabeth Isenhour SALISBURY, N. C. A.B. Education Adcliiliian Soci.ty French Club; Education Club. Alice Velma Jackson KINSTON, . C. I ' l.B. Romance Languages Soci.-ty French Cluh (2, 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (4). Verdve Catharine Jackson DUNN, . C. A.B. Fr.ndt S„r„.ty French Club; Spanish Cluh; Vnunn Voters Club; Proctor (3). Virginia Pjjzabeth Jackson GREENSBORO, N. C. B.S. Music Ulk.Mii Su. iety Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Presiiieni nf Orchestra [z. 4). Rosalie Jac(M5i VVlLMINGinS, N. C. LB. History Hockey (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity (i, 2, 3) ; Soccer (i) ; Hockey Sport Leader (4); SHimminK (r, 2, 3); Varsity (i, 3); SivimminR Sport Leader (3); Baseball {3); Class President (2); House President (3) ; Class Lawyer (4) ; Dolphin Cluh (2, 3, 4). Presi- dent (3); International Relations Cluh (3, 4), President {4). Frances James MEBANE, N. C. A.B. Education Class Treaurer (i); Freshman Commission (i); Social Chair- man of Y. V. C. A. (3) ; Publicity Chairman Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Y. V. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Playlikcrs (3, 4) ; Property Manager Playlikers (3) ; Husincss Manager " Coraddi " (3) ; Business Man- ager " Pine Neeilles " (4); p ench Club (2); Education Club (4) ; Young Voters Club (4) ; Junior-Senior Toaster (3) ; Chair- man Unmusical Recital (4); President Aletheian Society (4). Mar ' Jarrett HAVESVILLE, N. C. A.B. Education Floride C. Johnsox AUGUSTA, CA. A.B. History Dikiun So. i,ty Mariax Grey Johnson FARMINCTON, N. C. A.B. Education S.ii-lMty Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Reporter of Botany Club (3); Spanish Club (i, 2, 3); Education Club {4); House of Representatives (2) ; Proctor (2, 3). Lii.A Mai-: Joiixsox ARAPAHOE, v. C. . . ?. Romance Lant uai es Sofiety Spanish Cluh (i, 2, 3); French Cluh (3, 4); Voiins ' oters Club (4) ; ' lce-Presitlent of the Baptist StiideTit rniim (4). Roma Lf.e Joiixsox COI.DSBORO, . C. A.R. Education Alrth.ian Su.irty German Chih (2, 3) ; Spanish dub (2) ; Vouuk Voters Club (4). Rosa Axxa Joxt.s A-iDFA ' , N ' . C. BSM. Piano French Cluh (i) ; Freshman Choir; College Chorus (2) ; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet (4); ' oung Voters Cluh (4); Proctor (3). MixxiE Spexcer Kallam SL. ' MMERFIELD, X. C. AM. English Sociity Proctor (3); Guiltorii College (i, 2). Ros F, W 1 1 1 T I-: K I ' , X X i " , ' WINDSOR, K. C. yl.B. History Proctnr ( i ) ; Frenrli Club (i). ViRGi X I A Kir k patric k EFLAN ' D, J. e. A.R. EAucalion Ad. l|.lii in S...i,.|y Class Treasurer (i); Freshman Commission (i); Soccer Team (2); Spanish Club (2); " Coraiidi " Business Staff (2); Play- likers (2, 3, +), Wardrobe (2); Playlikers Business Manager (4); Society Handmaiden to Service (3); " Carolinian " Busi- ness Staff (3); Chapel Committee ( + ) ; Hand Book Business Manager (4) ; Student Hostess for I ' )ininK Room (4) ; Class Prophet (4) ; Fducntioii Club (4) ; . W. C. A. Emma Li-.f Koox LIN ' COI.Mns, N. C. A.R. Edtualinn WiLLIF Bfatrice Kooxts LF.XIN€TON, X. C. A.B. Fnnch French Club ( i, 2, 3, 4); Spanl.h Club (3). ViOLETTE Mae Labarr GREtXSBORO, N ' . C. A.B. EdiKation Mamie Clyde Laxglev WILSON, X. C. A.B. E.luiation Cnrii li:iTl S " ri.t.v ' CaniliiiiaTi " Reporter; Spani h Club; House Vice-President. Doris Marie Lee ORIKNTAl,, N " . C. A.B. Biology AilHlijliian Soci.-ly ZoologN Field Club (2, 3, +); Hotany Club (2. 4); Education Club (4); Spani-h Club (2. 3); Class Hockey (2). Helen Lee CONCORD, N. C. A.B. Education Alfthi-ian Society JESSIR Legrand RICHMONn, VA. .I.I}. Romanic I.iini iiai i ' s French Club (3, +) ; Spanish Clnli (3, 4) ; Vioe-PreMdent Span- ish Cluh (4). Mary Frances Lemmoxd MONROH, . C. .LB. Ediualion All ' Iphiaii .So.i.ty Flora MacDnnakl College (i, 2). Edna Earle Lewis WALSTONBURC, N. C. A.B. EJiuation All ' Ir.lilaii S.i.i.ty Soccer Team (i, 1, 3, 4); Hasehall Team (1, 2, 3); Spanish Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Botany Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; N. C. Monogram Club (4); Education Club (4); Soccer Varsity (2, 3); Baseball Varsity (i, 2) ; A. A. (i, 2, 3, 4). ¥aaa. m.jh F. Lewis DALLAS, . C. A.B. EJiiKil ' wri Mars Hill College (i, 2); Education Club {4); Young Voters Club (4). :»T i» -j£« Luna Mildred Lewis FOUR OAKS, N. C. B.S. Piano Corn.lian Society German Cluh (i, 2) ; College Chorus (2) ; Freshman Choir (i); Proctor (i, 2); Vice-President Society (3); College Orchestra (3); Opera Association (3, 4). SiiELi.EX Lewis ELIZABETH CITY, X. C. .LB. Rnmancf Lanijuaiin French Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Mathematics Club (2) ; Education Club {4). Era Milliard Linker CONCORD, N-. C. A.B. History College Cheer Leader (4); Swimming Team (3); Wearer of Red Cross Life Saving Emblem (3, 4) ; Athletic Association (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; V. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Assistant Business Manager of " Pine Needles " (4) ; Education Club (4) ; Chairman of Invitation Committee (4); Young Voters Club (3, 4) ; Student Assistant in Psychology Department (4) ; Alctheian Marshal (4). Katherine Linn SALISBURY, N ' . C. A.B. Edu(alion Pauline Linney WILKSBORO, N. C. A.B. Education Al.tliriaii Society Proctor (2, 3) ; Young Voters Club; Playlikers (4). Evelyn Little CATAWBA, N. C. J.B. Bioloyy Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4) ; French Club (2, 3, 4) ; Track Team (i ) ; Hiking Leader. IARY Little WARESBORO, N. C. A.B. English Cornelii an Society Shorter College (i, 2); Polvmnian; Shorter Plaver; Education Club (4). Vearl Livengood WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. A.B. Biology Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4); Young Voters Club (4); Education Club (4); House Vice-President (4); Botany Club (4). Mamie Livingston LAUREL HILL, N. C. . . ?. Rnmancc Languages ■ ■onirhan Surirty Spanish Club (2, 3); French Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Vire-Prcsiilcnt French Club ( + ). Dorothy Elizabeth Long lOBACCOVlLLE, X. C. A.B. English Fre hma Cmnniissiiin (i); French Club (i, 2); " Cardlinian " Repiirter (2); Associated Editor " Carolinian " (3); " Carolinian " CoIuniEiist (4); International Relations Club (3, 4); Educa- tion Club (3, 4) ; A. A. (2). Margaret Lynch COLOSBORO, N. C. A.B. History Helen McBee BAKERSVILLE, N. C. A.B. Education Ccinu-lian Society Spanish Club (i, 2, 3) ; Honor Roll (3). iV ' i lV .. ; • . : T DoROTiiv Grack McChesnev COLUMBUS, ' . C. A.B. Education Due West Woman ' s College, Due West, S. C, (i, Cluh (3) ; Kdiicatiaii Club (4), Elizabeth McCombs CASTOMA, N ' . C. AM. Eduiiilion House of Representatives (i); French Club (2); As istant Picture Editor of " Pine Needles " (3); Education Cluh (3); Young ' oters Cluh (4) ; Honor Roll (i, 2, 3) ; Editor of " Pine Needles " (4) ; V. W. C. A. Rosemary McCoy LAURINBURC, K. C. AM. Romantr LanQUfK cs S... i,.|y Peace Institute (i, 2) ; French Cluh (3, 4) Frances MacGregor LILESVILLE, N. C. B.S. Home Economics Cornelian So.i.ty Y. W. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Cluh (3, 4) ; Vice- President Home Economics Chih (4); Chemistry Cluh (3, 4); Corresponding Secretary Cornelian Society (4) ; House Vice- President (4). AxxiK Mae McLhax LAURINBURG, N. C. A.B. History Flora MacDiiiialci (i); French Club (2); " Carojijiian " Staff (3); Public SpcakiiiK Club ( + ) ; Education Club (4). MAin- ViiuiixiA McLeax MAXTON " , y. c. .IM. Romarid- l.ani uai i ' s |-Mni,.|i;in 8 ' " i. ' ty Spanish Club (i, ::, 3); French Club ( + ); Education Club (4). MARCiARET McNaIRV GRFKNSRnRO, N. C. B.S. Ilomf Econom ' us Spanish Club (2) Home Economics Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (3, 4). Elizabeth McPhaul SHANNON ' , N. C. A.B. Education r ik.;in S... ii-ly Spanish Club ( i ) ; French Club (2); Education Club (4). Proctor (i) Margaret Manning WILLIAMSTON, N. C. A.B. Education Acl-lnliian Socl.-ty French Club; Spanish Club; Proctor (i). EsTA Martin HOLLY SPKIN ' GS, N ' . C. .- .B. History A.i.liiliian Snti.-ly French Club (i); Education Club (3); Vounp Voters Club ( + ). JuANiTA Pearl Martin DUNN, N. C. A.B. Education French Club (i, 2); Proctor (i); Col ' ege Chorus (i, 2); Opera Association (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Young Voters Club (3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3); " Robin Hood " ; " 11 Trovatore. " Martha Maslin WlNSTON-SALEM, N. C. A.B. History AdPlphian Society Tennis Team (3); A. A.; Corresponding Secretary Adelphian Society; Hollins (1, 2). Susan Frances Maunev KINfTS MOUNTAIN ' , N. C. B.S. Home Economics Dik. ' an So.iety French Club (2); Chemi ' ' try Cluh (2, 5, 4); Home Economics Cluli (3, 4) ; TreaMuer llnme Kconomics Cluh (4). Caroline Koonce May CRIHON, N. C. .B. Science Uik.-aii SocU ' ty n Freshman Choir; Proctor (i, 2, 3) ; French Club (2) ; Zoology Field Club (;, 4); Marhal (4). DoROTHV Mayes CRKKNSBORO, . C. .1.11. l-.nolisli Eeizahetii Stewart Meares MONROE, N. C. .LB. Eiuilhh French Club (3, 4); Vounn Voters Club (4); Education Club (4). Katie Midvette AURORA, N. C. B.S.M. Public School Music Proctor (2) ; College Chorus (2) ; Madrigal Club (3, 4) ; Opera Association Librarian (3); Advertising Manager ( + ) ; Class Pianist (4) ; Vnung Voters Club (4). Dorothy Ellen Miller ASHEVII.l.K, N. C. A.B. Education Freshman Commission (i); Chemistry Club (2. 3, 4); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (4). LlIJJAX MiLLF.R KLKl.V, . C. A.B. Education i-Mrii.liivii S " . i.ty Marshal (4) ; Spanish Club. Gladys Mitchell GREENSBORO, N ' . C. A.B. Education Baseball (3, 4) ; Varsity (4) ; Botany Club; Zoology Field Club. iMoi.Lv Martin Mitchell NORLINA, N. C. U.S. Home Economics Society Chemistry Cliili (2, 3, 4); Home Economics Cliih (3, 4) Bettv GiTHRiE Moore SIOVALL, N. C. . .«. Enijlish Al.tli.iKii Society Pitielaiicl Junior Collese (i, 2); French Cliih (4) Frances Bennette Moore GREENSBORO, N. C. B.S. Home Economics AcUlpliian Society Spanish Chih (i, 2); Chemistry Cluh (3, 4); Home Economics Cluh ' (3, 4). Mildred P velvx Moore GREEN ' SBORO, N " . C. . . ?. Romance Languages Hockey (2, 3, 4) ; Gymnastics (2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (3) ; Track (2, 3 ) ; Senior Red Cross Life Saving; N. C. Monogram; A. A. Cabinet (3) ; Manager Ciymnastics (3) ; Spanish Cluh (2, 3, 4) ; French Club {2, 3, 4); Education Club (4). -m iM Helen Elizabeth Morris CASTONIA, N. C. A.B. Education Education Club; Chemistry Club. Nina Mosteller CAFFNKY, S. C. A.B. History Alc ' thriHIl Sm-icty Young Voters Club; Baseball (4) Edith Mae Neal GREENSBORO, N. C. RS. Physitat Eduuition Hockey Team (i, 2, 3); Basketball Team (2, 3); Hncke} Varsity (3); Basketball Varsity (3); C.ymnastics Team (2, 3) Track Varsity (2); Track Team (i, 2, 3). Laura Edith Neece CLIMAX, N " . C. A.B. French French Club. Dexa Neville CHAPEL HILL, N. C. .LB. French riik.iin So.iety French Club (2, 4) ; Freshman Choir. Ruth Gordox Norcom GREENSBORO, N. C. .LB. English Ad.lphian Society Harriet Norton LAURINBURG, N. C. .• .B. English A, I. Ii.liian Society V. V. C. A. (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Proctnr (2) ; Ynung Voters Club (3. 4) ; Hiking Leader (3, 4) ; Speakers Club (4) ; Tennis Tourna- ment (4). ViRGixLA Eleanor O ' Shaughnessy ASHEVILLE, N. C. .4.B. English 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3) ; Hn tatives {2). of Represen- -£ ' ' Ji ' i ' .- ' X Vi.: Bonnie Louise Padgett MARION, N. C. J.n. Englisli Spanish Cliih (i, 2, 3); yunior-Seiiinr Toaster (3); Education " Club (4). Willie Dell Parham MARIETTA, N. C. AM. F.Aucation All th.hin S.iri.-ty Spanish Club (2, 3); French Club (2, 3); Education Club (4). Loluse Parker MOXROR, N. C. .LB. History A.I. Ipliian S.jci.ty Proctor (2, 3) ; Track Team (2) ; House of Representatives (3) ; German Club (2); Mathematics Club (2, 3); Debaters Club (3, 4) ; YoniiK Voters Club (2, 4). Myrtle Mae Parker HIGH SPRINCS, FLA. A.B. Education Treasurer Aletheian Society (4); Honor Roll (3); French Ciub (2). Perla Belle Parker MCCOLL, S. C. 7.B. Education Diki-an So. It-ty Mntheniatics Cluh (i, 2) ; Educatidii Club (3, 4). Dora Ruth Parks GREENSBORO, X. C. A .B. Library Science AiMiiluaii Sorif-ty German Cluh. Frances Patrick GRIFTON, N ' . C. A.B. Emjlish Ail.Iiiliian Snfifty I ' riictor (2); French Club (2); Education Club (3, 4); Repnr- ti rial Staff " Carolinian " (4); Treasurer Ailelphian Snciety (4). Mabel V. Pearson ELIZABETH C rr , N. C. .■i.B. Education Society Mathematics Club (2); Education Club (4). Virginia Peay CHESTER, S. C. A.B. EJiualion Mii.DRi.i) RivKS Phillips DALTON ' , ' . C. LB. Education A.l.lpliiaTi Ko. ' i. ' ty Botany C lub (3, 4); Education Club (4) Ruth Poindkstlr Phillips DALTOV, N. C. A.B. Educalion Society Ruth Pinner ARDEN, N. C. A.B. EJuialion Ilik.-ali S..,i,.|y Education Chib (4). Dolores Pitt TARBORO, N. C. .-l.B. Enijlish .■-•.I. i.ty Sophomore Council (2); Botany Cluh (2); International Re- laticHi Cluli (3, 4); Program Chairman International Relations Club (4). Pauline Moxtagxe Pittard BULLOCK, N. C. AM. Educalion Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Spanish Club (i, 2, 4); Lander College (3); H. D. E. Club (3); Chemistry Club (3); Young Voters Club {4). Margaret Louise Pittmax ROWLAND, N. C. AM. Eniilish Asheville Normal Graduate; Intercollegiate Debating Team (2) " Carolinian " Reporter (4); French Club (4). Dorcas Porch READING, MASS. A.B. English Olivia Love Presson UNIONVILLE, N. C. ,7.B. Education Cornelian Sm ivty French Cluh (2) ; Spanish Club (1) ; Education Club (4) Mildred Propst CONCORD, N ' . C. J.U. Edufat ' wn Mary Louise Puckett CORNELIUS, N. C. AM. History A.l ' l]iliian Sc, -i.-ty French Club (i, 2); Education Club (4). Sarah Pcrdie DUNN, K. C. A.B. History Freshman Choir; French Club (2); Education Club (3, 4); Treasurer Education Club (4) ; ' oung Voters Club (4) ; ' icc- President Cornelian Society. Mattie Adelaide Query PORTSMOLITH, VA. ,1.B. Sociology So. iety Secretary of Class (2); Sophomore Council (2); Vespers Chair- man of V. W. C. A. (3); Faculty-Student Advisory Council (3); Young Voters Club (3); International Relations Club (3, 4) ; Playlikers (3, +) ; Soccer (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (2) ; Editor- in-Chief College Handbook (3) ; President Y. W. C. A. (4). Mary Randolph FAISON, N. C. A.n. Ediualinn A.I ' li ' liiaii So. ' ii-ty Education Club; Red Cross Life Saver. Margaret Raxkix CASTONIA, N. C. A.B. Education House ' ice-President (4) ; Education Club. Mary Ruth Rankin GASTOMA, N. C. A.B. Education Pla liker (i, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (i, 2); Education Club (3,4). Era Josephine Ra GRAHAM, N " . C. . ?. Romance Languages I ' n.i-Mr (2I ; Spanih Club (i, 1, 3, +) ; French Club (2, 3) Spanish Club Reporter (4). Margaret Reaves ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. A.B. English Alctluian Society Chemistry Club; French Club; Vice-President Aletheian Socict Sophomore Council; " Carolinian " Reporter. Elizabeth Davis Redding LUCAMA, N. C. A.B. History French Club (2); Botany Club {2); Chemistry Club (3, +) ; Young Voters Club (3, 4) ; Hockey Team (2, 3) ; Y. . C. A. Reba Evelyn Rhea WINDSOR, N. C. A.B. Education French Club (i); Spanish Club (1); Education Club ( + ). . " !- _ " ? " ' ' ' . : Fergitson Rhodes BESSEMER CITV, N. C. .7.6. English C " rni.-Iian Soiitty French Club (2, 3); Educatinii Club (5, 4); President of E lu- cation Club {4); French Club Reporter (3). Christine Rhvxe MOUNT HOLL- ' , . C. AM. Enijlish Edn.a Rice MARSHALL, N. C. B.S. Public Sdiool Music Madrigal Club (3, 4) ; French Club {3) ; Education Club (3, 4) House Vice-President (3). Inez Ridenhour SALISBURY, N. C. A.B. Education Al.t}i.iail Sncitty French Club (2, 3, 4). Dorothy Robertson GREENSBORO, . C. AM. Etujlish Dik.-an Su.ii-ty Hattie Rodw ' kll MACOS ' , N. C. A.B. Fnndi French Club (i, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4); Treasurer Spanish Club (3); Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Orchessus (3, 4); Secretary and Treasurer Orches us (4) ; Junior Hockey Team (3) ; Dance Drama (3, 4) ; IInn..r Roll (2, 3). Gladys Rose WALLACE, N. C. A.n. EAutaliiin Lena Evangeline Russell GRANITE FALLS, N. C. B.S.M. Publu School Music Madrigal Club (3); Education Club (4). A.C ' Elizabeth Saxdifer LOWELL, N. C. A.B. Education AiUljiliian Sncipty French Club (2); nehatiriR Club (2, 3); Young Voters Club (3, +) ; Education Club ( + ). Dorothy Seifert NFW BERN ' , N ' . C. .l.B. History Al.-tli.ian So.i -ty International Relations Club (4); Spanish Club (i, 2); Educa- tion Club (4). RlBY B. Shearon WAKE FOREST, N. C. .■l.B. Education A.l.lphian Society Young Voters Club (4). Nellie Blair Sheffield REIDSVII.LE, N. C. A.B. Emjlish Al.-th.-lan Socifty French Club (i, 2, 3. 4) ; Reportorial Staff " Carolinian " (3, 4) Young Voters Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4). RoNiE Sheffield RANDLEMAN, N. C. B.S. Physical Education Archerv Club (3, 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); A. A. Cabinet (3); Baseball Team (i, 2, 3); Varsity Baseball (i, 2); Soccer Team (i, 3) ; Tennis Team (i) ; Red Cross Life Saver; College Life Saving Leader; Class Soccer Manager (3). Thelnia Shore VADKIKSVILLE, K. C. A.B. Education DIk. ' an Society German Club; Fxlucation CUib. Nae Shumate ABSHERS, N. C. A.B. Biology Art .-lphian Society Botanv Club (3, 4) ; Education Club (3) ; French Club (3). Carolyn Barrow Simmons CREEKSBORO, K. C. A.B. English Dikean Society French Club (2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (3, 4). - ? -- Ar. ' ' " Sara Kathryn Singletary LUMBERTON, N. C. Education A.l.lpliian Sciri.ty Freshman Choir; Spanish Club (i, 2). Marjorie Skinner ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. .l.ti. EAuial ' wri Alma Lee Smith ClIARl.nriK, N ' . c. .7.B. Mathi-maliis A.|.l|.l,ian S„ri,.l - Spanish Cluh (i, 2. 3); Mathematics Cliih (Charter Member) (2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (3, 4) ; Assistant Circulation Manager " Carolinian " (3); Secretary-Treasurer Dormitory (3); N. C. Monogram. Elizabeth Cunningham Smith GREENSBORO, N " . C. A.B. Library Science ' j:Xj ' Ij£€MJSmM Chemistry President Margaret Elise Smith RALEIGH, N. C. B.S. Home Economics Dikean Soi-iety Club (2, 3, +) ; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4) ; (3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Corresponding Secretary Society (4) ; House of Representatives (i). Marguerite Marshai,e Smith MOUNT AIRY, N. C. A.B. History Dikian SiK-lety Spanish Club (4); Young Voters Club (4). Virginia Elizabeth Sneed GREENSBORO, N. C. A.B. History Cornelian Society Hockey Team (i, 2, 3, 4); Varsity Hockey (2, 3); Baseball Team (i, 2, 3); Varsity Baseball (3); Class Manager (2, 3); College Manager (3) ; Basketball Squad (2, 3) ; Tennis Squad (3); A. A. Cabinet (2); Snap Editor of " Pine Needles " (3); Athletic Editor of " Carolinian " (3, 4). : ' H " Ethel Jeanette Snow PILOT MOUNTAIN, N. C. .I.B. Education I Ilk. an So.lfty French Club (i, 2, 3) ; Spanish Club (2, 3) ; Education Club ( + ). Mary Eliza Spicer STOVALL, N. C. A.B. Romanif Languages Ku.kty French Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Education Club (3, 4) ; Track Team (2, 4) ; " Carolinian " Reporter (2). Sallie Brice Spratt HICKORY, N. C. A.B. Mathematics Spanish Club (2); Mathematics Club (2, 3, 4); President Mathematics Club (4) ; Education Club (4). Ethel Spruill PLYMOUTH, N. C. A.B. Mathematics French Club (2); Spanish Club (3); Mathematics Club (2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3); Proctor (i); V. V. C. A. Mary Little Steele ROCKINGHAM, N. C. .l.B. Romance Lantjuai is Converse College (i, z) ; French Cluh (3, 4); Spanish Cliih (3, 4) ; Playlikers (4). Ruby Steelman HAMPTONVU.LE, N. C. .l.B. Romanic Lamjuaijcs Dikian Scuiety Spanish Club (4). Elizabeth Steixhardt FRAKKI.IN, VA. .l.B. Education AtUlphlan Socit-ty Freshman Commission (i); French CUib (2, 3); fining ' oters Club (4); Education Club (4); Proctor (3); House President (4). Elizabeth Christine Stevens BROADWAY, N. C. .LB. Eni lis i AiL-lijliian Sofiety Flora MacDonald College (i, 2). ' :- LoRNA Ruth Stilwell CHARLOTTE, N. C. .I.B. Education Freshman Choir (i); Mathematics Tliih (2, 3, +) ; French Cluh (2) ; Education Cluh (4). Marcaret Stockard GRAHAM, . C. .1.11. Lngtish Iiik.Hii ' ty Flora MacDonald College (i, 2); Spanish Club (3); Young Voters Cluh (4). Lii.ELAx Frances Stroud COLDSBORO, .V. C. R.S.M. Piano S..ri.-ty Fave Stroup WACO, . C. .I.E. Romarui- Lamjuaijes A.|rl|,|iian So.-i.-ly French Club (2, 3, 4) ; Youn;; Voters Cluh (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (4); Education Club (4). •ttMJn ji -iiah ' t .sa.s Susannah Reese Stroup HENHRRSONVII.I.K, K. C. U.S. Ilamf luonomiis Kim irty Chemi try Club (3, 4) ; Home EcDiKiniics Cluh (3, 4). Ruth Elizabeth Sullivan PINNACLE, N. C. .1.11. ElUlllill Adilplnaii S..rirty Spain h C ' luli (2, 3); Educatiim Cluh (4). Helen Harnev Tankard VEAIESVII.LE, N. C. House of Representatives (2); Proctor (i, (4) ; French Club {2) Education Cluh Mary Irene Tankard VEATESVILLE, N. C. A.n. F.Juialion A,l.l|ihi;in Sn.irty French Club (i, 2, 3); lulucailon Cluh (3, 4). mz j - :L ' ..ii £p_ cti» Mary Clara Tate HIGH POINT, . C. B.S. Music Dikc:m So. ifty Freshman Commission (i); Freshman Choir (i); Secretary of Class (i); House of Representatives (2): Dolphin Club " (2); Swimming Team (2); French Cluh (i, 2, 3); Vice-President French Cluh (3); President Opera Association (3, 4); House President (3); Toaster at Junior-Senior Ban()uet (3); Orchesus (3, 4) ; Marshal (4) ; President Senior Class (4). Marcarkt LonsF TEAGrE DURHAM, X. C. B.S. Home Eionomus iJikrall .Society Secretary Class (i); Freshman Choir (i); Freshman Commis- sion (i) ; Chemistr Cluli (3. 4) ; Home Economics Cluh {3, 4). Helex Kathrvn Templetox CHINA GROVE, N. C. A.B. Educalion Freshman Choir (i) ; French Club (2) ; Spanish Club (3). Julia Thompson NORWOOn, N. c. A.B. Biology Zoology Field Club (2, 3, 4) ; Secretary and Treasurer Zoology Field Club (4) ; Botany Club (3, 4) ; German Club (3. 4). Cynthia Louise Thomtson DAVIDSON " , N. C. . .B. English Spanish Club. Margarit Gwvxn Thompsox CREEKSBORO, . C. A.B. Romance Lanijuani ' s Al.-th. ian Soci.ty Botany Cluli (2, 3); Spani h Cluli (i, 2). Pearl Thompson LAURINBURC, . C. Eduiiilion French Club (i, 2); Botany Club (2); Classical Club (i, 2); Education Club (4) ; Young Voters Club (4) ; House ' ice- President (3, 4); ' ice-President Student (iovernmem (Summer) (3) ; Senate (3). Dorothy Grace Tii ' ton CHADBOURX, N. C. B.S. Physical Eduialian Dikian Society Orchessus (3, 4) ; Soccer {2) ; Track (2) ; Life Saver (2, 3, 4) ; N. C. Monogram (3, 4); A. A. Cabinet (3, 4); Soccer Class Manager (2); Superlative (Athletic) (4); Hiking Leader (2). - ' V. Mary Ellen Tipton SWANNANOA, K. C. A.B. EJucalion House of Representatives (i); Hiking Monogram (i); A. A. (I, 2. 3, 4); Basketball Squad (i, 3); Baseball (2); Spanish Club (3, 4); ' i ' oung Voters Club {3, 4); " Carolinian " Repor- torial Staff (3) ; Soccer Squad (2, 3) ; Hiking Leader (i, 2, 3) ; Education Club (4) ; House Secretary and Treasurer (4). iMabel Vernon Topping BEI.HAVEN-, N ' . C. A.B. History Basketball (1, 2, 3); Varsity (i); Soccer (2); French Club (i, 2); Mathematics Club {2); Treasurer Mathematics Club; N ' oung Voters Club (3, 4) ; Chairman Program Committee Young ' otcrs Club (4) ; Treasurer Senior Class; International Rela- tions Club (4) ; Honor Roll. Marcarkt Sample rNDPRwooD GASIOMA, . C. A.B. EUinal ' wn Al. ' thri.m s..,i.-t Proctor (i); Class Critic (2); Education Club (3, 4). ' irginia VanDalsem MOULTRIE, CA. B.a. Home Economus iMliraii Wc.ri,.ty Chemistry Club (3); Home Economics Club (4). Mar I OKIE Anne Vanneman GREENSBORO, N. C. ,1.1}. lin„lisli Associate Editor " Cnradcii " (3) ; Quill Club (4) ; Class Poet ( + ). Mary Lil Walser LEXINGTON-, N. C. . . ?. Romatur I.iuii iun rs Al. ' tli.iail S...|.ty French Club; Spanish Club. Mildred Irene Walters BURLINGTON, N. C. .LB. History Chemistry Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Young Yoters Club (3, 4). Thelma Claire Ward SELMA, N. C. .1.11. Ediicalinn Ad.lnliiaii S.].i,.ty Spanish Club (2); Chemistry Club (2); Education Club (4) ;-»?5 r» . j -iL.;- ' Virginia Lee Ward ROSE HILL, N. C. B.S. Homf Economia DeliatiiiK Club (2, 3. 4) ; Home Ecnnnma Cluli (3, 4) ; Chem- istr.N Club (3); Track Team (2). L • •ETTE Warrex BLRLINCTON, N .C. . . J. L Hilary Siiiruc East Carolina Teacliers College (i); Freiieh CUih (2); Math- ematio Club (2) ; F.iliu-atiori Club (3) ; ' ouiik Voters Club (3) ; Proctor (2). Louise Weaver ASHEVILLE, X. C. U.S. Ilnmc !-.(_ fill omits I ikian Sn, ii.t - Chemistry Club (3, 4); Home EconomiLS Club (3, 4). LixA James Welch IIKRIKOKI), N. C. A.B. Mat In- maths A.I. l|ilii;oi S.,.i.ty Mathematics Club (i, 2). . ' life lifcw- l ' • . Aliceteen Westmoreland THOMASVILLE, N. C. .LIS. Rnmancc Lanijuai cs Spanish Club (2); French Club (2); Education Chib (4) Honnr Roll (2, 3); Athletic Association (3). Athleex Whisoxaxt BELMONT, N. C. A.B. EJutalinn Education Club (4); VonnK ' oters Club ( + ) ; Proctor (i) Assistant Editor of " Ciray Paper " (4.). Catherine Barksdale White EAST SPENCER, N. C. .I.B. Entjtisli Aii ' lpliian Sc).i.-ty Young Voters Club; Education Club; French Club (3, 4) Spanish Club (3, 4); Botany Club; Proctor (2). Marie Ethel Wilheim GREENSBORO, N. C. A.B. Education Cornelian Sn, i,.|y Spanish Club (i, 2); Chemistry Club (2, 3); Education Club (4). »« ««j Lillian HuxterWilkixs KLIZABETH CITY, N " . C. l.ll. Rnmana- Lant uar ts i ' " rii..|ian S " i.ty Spanish Club (3, +) ; French Club (i, 2, 3, 4). Althf.a Josephine Williams GRAHAM, N. C. J.B. French Dikitin So. ietv Hnnnr Roll (3) ; Biitany Club; French Club; Prcictn Nellie Williams CURRITUCK, N. C. A.B. Biology Cnniellan Soriity Botany Club (3, 4); President Botany Club (4). LoRNA Mae Wilson KINSTOX, N. C. B.S. Music AcUlpliian Society Greensboro ColleRe (i); Freshman Commission (:;); Madrigal Club (2, 3, 4); Playlikers (4); Proctor (3); Euterpe Club (4). 1 Mary Catherine Wilson NKWTON ' GROVE, N. C. A.B. Romancr LarKiiiacjes Spanish Cluh (4) ; French Cluli (4) ; Ymms Voter- Club (4). Helen Elizabeth Windle SEBRIN ' C, OHIO A.B. Englisit Ad.-li.liian Society Mount I ' nion College, Alliance, Ohio (i); Vice-President Young ' oters Cluli (4). Christine Mann Windlev WASHINGTON, N. C. BS.M. Public Rchool Music Al. ' lhi-iiin Society German Club (i, 2); Madrijjal Club (2, 5, 4); Opera As sociation (3, 4). Jane Windlev WILMINGTON, N. C. BS.M. Public School Music A.lclpliiaii S..cicty Senior French Club (i, 2); Freshman Choir (i); Hiking Club (i) ; Madigral Club (2, 3, 4) ; Opera Association; Opera " Robin Hood " (3); V. V. A. (2, 3, 4); Education Club (4); Proctor (4); Euterpe Club (4). Elsie Mae Winstead ELM CITY, K. C. .LB. Ellillish S,,.i.-ty French Cluh (2, 3); VnuriK Vnter Club (5, 4); Debaters Club (3); Speakers Club (4); Education Club (4). MARV Kl.IZAHKTll WOMBLE MOSCLRE, N " . C. .l.R. Edtiiation Young Voters Club (4). LORITA ' ()()l)RrFF MOUNT AIRY, S. C. .l.B. Ktujlish Spanish Club (1, 1, 4); Vnung ' nters Club (4); Freshman c;iee Club (i); Mathematics Club I2). Annie Woottox REIDSVILLE, . C. . .«. Euijlish Y. W. C. A. (2, 3) ; French Club (2, 3, 4) LlIJ.IAX BrOXSOX WORTIIAM VVn.MlKGTON, . C. . . ;. EdiKttlinn Chemivtry Cliih (i|; Oiihfsus (3, +); EilucMlion Club (4) Oaiu ' e Drama (3, 4) ; CJrace (4). Jl ' IJA WRUillT iNcni.i), x. c. B.S. Ilomr Etnnnmiis Home Eci niimlc Cluh (3, 4); Chemistry Club (3, 4); Dolphin Club (2, 3, 4) ; President (4). ROXANAH YaXCFA ' ROXBORO, N. C. . .«. EJutalwn Ilniisc of Representatives (1) ; French Club (i, : ) ; Mathemati Club (2, 4). Carrie Ross Yoitng SMITIIFIELI), N ' . C. D.S. Home Euniomics (■,.|iaii S ' l.i. ' ty Hockey (i, 2); Basketball (i); Baseball (1, 2); College Man- ager of Baseball (2); I ' reshman Cnmmissi(Mi (i); Chemistr Club (3, 4); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Spanish Club {2). ■f ' llir ' ■■■ Jaxice Zimmf.rx MOBILK, VIA. AM. Mal nmaliis Dilirail Sn,i,.lj- Mathematics Cliili (2, 3, 4); Cerman Club (:•, 3); nolphin Club (3, 4); l ' la likers (i, 2. 3, 4); Soccer Squad (i, 2, 3); Swiiiiiiiiiii; Tt-ain (1, 2, 3. 4); ' arsit S imniiiit; Team (3); Ha-eball Sc|ua.l (i, 2) : lire I.ieuteiiaiit (2). SENIOR. DITTIES t_ THAT5 MY WEAKNESS NOW! " : " then I ' ll be happy! " -extemded week-end. WHAT DO WE DO ONADEW,OEW, DEWEY DAY P " " I can ' t do without you ! ' - r AiL. ' that CeRTAIN PARTY " . -- ' JUN10R-5EN10R " Newsy Notes From N. C. Campus, 1925-1929 KAIHtRISh I ' l.KMlNC September 29. 1925 N. C. C. V. Dcarrst aii: After many triaK and trihulatinnv, I am at last settled down as a college t;irl. The classes are nnt sii pleasant, but we had a t;rand time the fir t few weeks. We had to come a da earlier than the iild fjirls and it was sort iit Innesnme that day; bnt thin;;s livened up c insiderabl after the iild nirls nt hark. . ni ht iir two after they came we had stunt nif;ht. My big sister took me and her uther little sister tn it. The big sisters have been mighty nice to the Freshmen. But to get back to stunt night — it vas called " Alice-in-Wonderland " and was clever as could be. .-Ml the classes and various organizations gave a stunt. It ivould be hard to say which was best because all were darling. Everyone on the campus tried to keep us from getting lonesome. I ' he . W. C. . . gave us a dance in the gyin and my big sister took me to this too. There was an nrche tra of college girls which was just tine. Among the other things given in our honor as the Athletic Association camp supper. We all met in front of Mclver Building and went together to the place where they were going to have it. We had a big campfire and plenty of good eats. .Xfter ve were through the meal, siiuie members of the A. A. danced and enter- tained us until it was too dark to see much. I his is just about all the interesting news; s,i I will not bore on with the iminteresting. I ' lease write to me when you get time — it helps a lot to get letters while you are up here. Lot,-. C.AKOl.INK. November 25. 1925. N. C. C. W. Driir iXttn: Since 1 wrote ou last, two things of interest have happened. On the tenth of October, the Blue and White wedding took place. Ihis is a wedding that the classes whose colors are blue and white and red ,iiul white always have. The men in it were Juniors, and the girls were rreshmen. It was a real wedding, i ii understand — (|uite elaborate with six bridesmaids and a maid of honor and a reception after the wedding. On Xovember 15 we were all invited tn join the societies up here. I ' hey announced in Fresh- man chapel that Mrs. Purand, the dean i f wonieti, would speak to the Freshmen one afternoon at five o ' c ' ock and that attendance was reciuired. We were all there waiting for her to appear when the four society presidents walked out. It was one exciting time. After all the invitations were given out, we started home and found that we had to go between rows of upper-classmen who were out there yelling and making a big fuss. When we got to the dining room we found it all decorated in si-ciety colors with little paper emblems of each society on each table. The invitations took place the next week. All the upper-classmen scared us to death but they were loads ot tun. 1 lunst stop and stud a little bit. I enjoyed .Miur letter lots. If ' iilr snnn anj Invr, Caroiish. May 2, 1926. N. C. C. W. Dear Nan: Well, it won ' t be Icuit; till vc d home for j;oinl, will it? I am tlirillecl to death ami cannot wait for the time to come, though I am haviiiK a good time up here. The Juiiior-Seiiior banquet came off with a splurge a few weeks ago. The Freshmen served and we had a time. We had to wear pirate costumes and I must say you would not have known your old friend. 1 looked like Mrs. Bluebeard. We had a holiday yesterday — Field Day. During the morning we hai 1 tra ck meets , and in the afternoon the Freshmen pla ed the Seni( irs for the baseball champion- ■hip. We be at them. too — don ' t ive do well ? I hope to see you before long; so 1 will save the rest of m news til 1 tht ■n. H t he Nvay, whatever became of that darling bo thai i-..m introduced to us Ka.ter! ' 1 wonder who he goes with. Write me sooji and tell me exactl when ,du are coming. Lovf. CAK(U.1NE. November 20, 1926. N. V. C. W. Dear Nan: I am ashamed of myself for ncJt writing to you long ere this. My onl excuse is that there has been absolutely nothing to tell. The poor Sophs are sadly neglected; no one has entertained us this year. It seems that the Fre:hmen get all the attention. The only party I have been to was one that we gave our Big Sisters on the ninth of October. It was a cute partv and I think all the Big Sisters enjoyed it. I doEi ' t know whether you heard about the near tragedy we hail on the campus lu ' not. Our class president fell out of a third-floor window over at Mclver. She was hurt pretty badly; the papers said she fell forty-five feet, so it is a miracle that she was not killed. Kver one is quite upset about it, but she is getting along Hue and her recover) is certain. No one knows, not even Ruth, exactly how she happened to fall, but it was certainly a terrible thing. ' Fhi absolutelv exhausts ni stiue of information except for various and sundry test.. 1 know ou know all about them anxway, so 1 will end this rather newsless epistle. Love. Caroline. February 28, 1927 N. C. C. W. Dear Nan: At la t the Sophs ha c come into their own. I.a t week our class sweaters came and we paraded through the dining rooms with them on. i ' hev are blue bla ers trimmed in white. On one pocket is a white shield with N. ( ' . ( ' . ' 29 on it. They are swell and are the one big event in a Soph ' s life. We serenaded our Big Sisters the night of lieorge Washington ' s birthda . We had a holiday that day but the most exciting thing that we could find to do that afternoon wa. to go to a picture, which is the usual holiday stunt of the college girl. Our serenade was iuite the stuff. I wish we had some hnys around here to serenade once in a while; hut since we dnn ' t, we have to do the best we can without them. Horrors — there goes the bell for class. I ' ll have to run. In hast,-. Caroline. June lo, 1927 N. C. C. W. ;, Nan, Dear: Home again. Isn ' t it a grand and glorious feeling? It hardly seems possible that school is out though. We had so many things to do the last month that time simply flew. On May 4 we had the last Mass Meeting. At this meeting the Seniors get up and march out between rib- bons held by their little sisters. We sang all these farewell songs to them and it was a mournful occasion. Next year we ' ll no longer be " Little Sisters " but we ' ll he " Big Sisters " ourselves. Can ' t you feature me looking out for a couple of Freshmen? Since it was our Big Sisters graduating, we had a lot to do for commencement. We had to carry the dai chain, to say nothing of making it — and belie e me it n as no eas job to make a big chain like that! Then it was home-coming year, or something lo that effect, and all the Alumnae who could get here were here. We had to serve at Alumnae luncheons and class dinners. We also had to run a nurser ' and keep the children so their mothers could take in everything that was going on. I fought shy of the babies, but there were lots of girls who liked that sort of thing. Commencement was just over the seventh, so you see I ' ve been home only two days. I am not settled yet, but I am getting straightened out gradually. 1 hope you have a grand time this summer. Lovr, Caroline. (Ictnber 20, 1927 N. C. C. W. Dear Nan: Great excitement on campus — Lindbergh passed through Cireenshnro the fourteenth, and we all got to see him. He rode down the street by the college at 12 o ' clock. They let classes out a little early so we could see him. We lined up on both sides of the street and anxiously waited for him to come. It was too exciting for words. After this startling bit of news there is nothing much to tell. We had the Junior-Freshman wedding the other day. Then the night after Lindbergh passed through, the V. W. C. A. had a lantern festival down in the woods. We all marched down there carrying lanterns; each dormitory sang a song after we got there. It was (|uite effective. This was the first time they ' d ever had anything like it on the campus, but it is to be an annual affair now, I believe. .IJwi fur this limr, Caroline. May 25, 192S N. C. C. W. Diarrst Nan: This has been quite an eventful month for us Juniors. The first week-end was Junior week- end. Friday night we sang in all the dining rooms and then went on a hay-ride. .Ml during the week-end we had anv privilege that the Seniors have; and now we have light cuts. We are just getting a taste of what it will be like to be a Senior. I can ' t wait for next year to come. La me, I almost forgot the most i?TiportnTit thing of all. On the t«eTit -fourth of March we had the Junior-Senior banquet. It was just lovely. We carried out the idea of an Indian en- campment. The dining room was decorated with trees to get the rustic effect. The toasters were dressed in Indian costumes, and so were the waitresses. All of the features, dances, music, etc., were on the Indian order. The whole thing represented a lot of work hut was duly ap- preciated. We got our Senior rings today hut we can ' t wear them till exams are over. Anyway we can look at them. Can ' t wait for you to see mine. It won ' t be long before I ' ll be a full-fledged Senior either and can wear it. It thrills me to death to e ' en think aliout it, but since I must pass those exams and since I have oiie tomorrow, I ' d better start stud iiig. I ' d hate to Hunk at this crucial point. l.ovr. Caroline. P. S. : Forgot to tell you that we lost our baseball champioiiship, but won soccer and swimming to make up for it. December i, 19 8 N. C. C. W. Dear Nan: You will have to pardon my seeming negligence about writing, but really I ' ve been too busy for words. Being a Senior is not made up entirely of pri ' ileges; the work doesn ' t let up at all. The environment in which we are working is quite changed and improved, however. There are two beautiful new dorms, a Home Ec building, a concrete bridge to replace an old wooden one, and a paved street. College Avenue has been widened and paved and it helps the looks wonderfully. It is hard to recognize the old place this year. I know that you saw that Al Smith was in town for the sum total of twenty minutes one night in October. It was quite exciting. A lot of us went to see him and it looked as if the whole town had turned out. Everyone was yelling and the band was playing ' ' The Sidewalks of New- York. " Smith looked just like his pictures, but I ' m glad I saw him. Thanksgiving I went home for my extended week-end. The Seniors could leave Wednesday after classes and didn ' t have to be back until Sunday night. We get another week-end like that in the spring, too. At least that is one advantage of being a Senior. Please forgive me for not writing sooner and write to me when you can. I really am ejuite penitent. CAROLINE. June 15, 1929 N. C. C. W. Dearest Nan: Just a note to thank you for the beautiful graduation gift. It was sweet of you to send it, but I wish you could have come to commencement yourself. It wasn ' t such a joyous time as I ' ve always imagined it would be, however. The last mass meeting in May was bad enough, but the last Senior meeting was terrible. The only really joyous time the class as a whole had along towards the last of school was the Junior-Senior banquet. I didn ' t know how fine it would be to be a guest at an affair like that and not have to worry with any of the arrangements. The exercises commencement week were mighty pretty. I can ' t begin to describe them to you on paper, so I ' ll wait until I see you. Thank you again for the present. Hope I ' ll see you soon. Love, Caroline. w hog Book of the Trans-Atlantic Plane — )7. PROPIIECYE — KDXESDA ' , jLL ' ji, lyjy. Last sighted land loijci a. m.. Eastern Standard time. Weather fair with moderate south-easterly winds. Radio apparatus in fine condition. Now recei ing program from station X.C.C.W. Staticn X.C.C.W. broadcasting. ( Jarnett ( ireg(jry announcing. (Jood evening, tolks! ' YW justh Famous Hedtinie Stor Hour will be conducted b - Katie (ira ely, who has had much experience in caring for the younger generation. Following this, .Mar Wilson will lecture on " Success in the Business World, " and Celia Fuller will sing " Caidlina .Moonlight, " the latest jazz hit which was composed by Bertha Barn- well. Kiisa jcnes will discuss the " Improving of the Southern Plantation. " Rtith Clinard, secretary of the Alumnae Association of the Xorth Carolina Col- lege, will give a report on a few of the graduates of the college. Camille Brinkley and Harriet Boyd have just returned trom a tour of I ' urope, where they made a collection of English games which the - are now teaching at the Xorth Carolina College. Camille has just accepted the position as head of the Physical Education I)e|iartnient t(dlowing the resignation of Miss Cideman. Louise Dannenbaum is directing an exclusive School of Charm. Her staff includes Myrtle L e Parker, who teaches the art of keeping " that school-girl complexion " ; ALary Tipton, who teaches interpretative dancing; Frances Patrick, who teaches Italian; and Elizabeth Crowder, who teaches the Modern Slang. Elizabeth Sneed is Dean of Stvidents and Janice Zimmern is her retiring private secretar . Elizabeth Draughn has just caused .i sensation in the literary world. Her new magazine, " The Art of Attracting Men, " has caused the downfall of many of our most confirmed spin.sters, among whom are Dolores Pitt, Helen and Irene Tankard and " Slavy Randolph. I- ranees James, who has made an immense fortune in her Fifth A enue depart- ment store, recently visited the .Xorth Carolina College which she liberally endowed. . L ' ss James told the .Alumnae secretary, Ruth Clinard, of the nian alumnae who are now emplo ed in her store. .Among them aie: ( Jrace Haddon, head ot the jewelry ilepartment; Virginia Hassell, store detective; Elizabeth Smith, elevator girl; and Luna Lewis, interior decorator. Evelyn Fitch, ALary Ruth R.mkin and Marjorie Skinner were disappointed in love. They are now sponsoring a camp for boys in the " (neat Smoky Mountains. " Elizabeth Sandifer and Xina Mosteller are authors of a new text-book called " Teaching (leorgraphy in the Cirammar Cirades. " ALmv of their classmates have been inveigled into the selling of these books by offers of an unlimited number of " Luckies " and " Baby Ruths. " Ella Burton Hutchison has just opened a second-hand Ford agencv in ( iibsonv ille. Her head mechanic is M(dly .Mitchell, who is assisted by ALny Lil Valser. Lillian .Miller just returned from Paris, where she lias been acting as shopjiing agent tor the Chic Sho]i|x-, owned bv . L rgaret Harris and managed bv Katherine High. Lun:i Daile IJrailtnid i at tlu- licitilit iif luT brilliant caieer as assistant to a i)unji lifiitlst in New ink City. Mary Alicf Ciilji has not tonml a man to cnnu ' up to her expectations and for that reason she has fouml solace in the lite ot an ohi maid school teacher in (Jrace Hankins ' School of Athletics. The New York Home of Refuge for Homeless Cats is supporteil anti managed b ' Edith Allee, Elizabeth I enhour, Doris Lee, Sara Hrown and Caroline May. .Milk is furnished the heme by tlu ' Modern Scientifically Equipped Dair ' Farm of ( )li ia Presson. The milk is tested daily by Kli abetli lline , Carrie ' N ' oung and Fiances Moore. One of the foremost manufacturing concerns is the factory tor the production of food that preserves that " School (jirl Figure. " The president of this company is Bon- nie Padgett; vice-president, Ronnie Sheftield ; secretary, Julia Wright; and treasurer, jane Windley. The foreign representati e for the company is Rachel Aycock. Vir- ginia Askew, successor to Miss Hope Coolidge, dietitian of the college, uses this food dail . .Miss Askew ' s assistant is Castelloe Hl.and. A number of the class have braveK ' ventured out on the sea of matrimony. Among those who have had a smooth voyage are: Elizabeth McCombs, jimmie Welch, Marie VVilhelm, Sara Brawley, Athleen Whi.sonant and Elizabeth Hall. Sad to relate, a few individuals have encountered misfortune and .ship wreck. On the court records ac- counts may be found of the following divorces: Jean Divine, Corinne Cook, Mary Little Steele, Inez Ridenhour, Reba Rhea, Largaret Reaves and Margaret Teague. Katherine Fleming and Elizabeth Cauthen are making an interesting experiment in " Companionate Marriage. " A stud ' of their case is being made by Rosalie Jacobi, who is connected with the court of Judge Ben Lindsay. Miss Jacobi ' s co-worker is Clara Guignard, who has recently published a book on Tin Soii il Position of a (jUttir-Siiipc. The book is published by Gladys Chase, In.c, and has been received fa orably by the foremost critics: Elizabeth Steinhardt, Lomse Ellis, Marguerite Smith, and A-Largaret Duckworth. Another outstanding book of the ' ear which was hurled like a thunderbolt into the midst of the SLirpri.sed literary world is IIoic To Led, I Our Dauyhttrs to ti Ilii ho S ' iritiiiil Life, by Mattie (Juer ' . Miss Query uses as examples such characters as Alice Jackson, Dorothy Seifert, Hilda Burton, Lillian Dimn and Grace Ha es. Among the rising stars in the musical conied - firmament are: Lillian W ' ortham, Edith Neal, Virginia O ' Shaughnessy and Lillian Arhelger. The stage succe.sSes of the season include: Lorna Mae Wilson, Lorita Woodruff, Gertrude ( rimsley, Dorothy Robertson and Vera Hedrick. The issue of B_-rnard McFadden ' s Motion Fii tnri ' Stars has an account of the dramatic rise of Rose White Kennedy, Elizabeth Holmes, Kathryne Freeman and Keith Feimster. Elizabeth Hanam.ui, an accomplished xiolinist, has taken the musical world by storm, both in this country and among the crowned heads of Europe. Delia Batchelor and Lillian Strcud are studying voice under the foremost masters in Paris. Mary Clara Tate, pianist, has won fame on the concert stage. Virginia Jackson is first violinist for the Philadelphia Little Symphony. ALirtha Jo Gorham is director of the public school music department in the .New York City schools and Virginia Byerly h,as succeeded AL ' . Villiani Breach as director of music for the Vinston-Salem school s stem. The North Carolina College for Female Women of the Womanhood of our State IS proud to be the Alma Mater of such eminent guides of our youths as Nannie Griggs, (ilad s Hughes, Edith and Margaret Causey, Mamie Livingston, Margaret McNairy, Kate Coble, Dorothy Miller, Lois Dorsett, Elizabeth (latewood, Ruth Norum, Thelma Brady, Violetteniae LaHarr, Elizabeth Lewis and Willie Koontz. Among the s upervisors of the state are Virginia Hall, Carolyn Simmons, Helen Templeton and Sara Katherine Hampton. One of the most famous kindergarten school of the couMtr - was foundeil bv Gre ' Johnson, Ruth Stihvell, Estov Bragg and Katherine Bird. ■ Dorothy ALiyes, Edla Best and Hattie Rodwell are conducting a beauty salon in the Philippines. They specialize in skin bleaching and hair-dressing. A new hospital has been established in Cjreensboro with Lartha Hall as chief surgeon. She is assisted by Gladys Mitchell, Valentine Chilk and Winnie Cloer. The remainder of the staff includes Virginia Van Dalsem, dietitian ; Frances LTuney, head nurse; Margaret Smith, housekeeper; and Ruth Atkinson, entertainer. On the board of directors are Mary Lily Cate, Jessie LeCnand, Belle Hockaday, Grace Grogan, Roma Johnson, Beatrice Hughes, Shellen Lewis, Minnie Kallam, Frances McGregor and Ona Helms. A library made possible b the Alma Smith I ' ndowment Fund has just been opened. The staff, headed b Edna Farle Lewis, includes: Dora Ruth Parks, Virginia Vard, Mary Belle Hicks, Irene Bolick .uul Aliceteen Westmoreland. Nelle Anders is sponsoring the Gladys Rose Educational Tours. Among her most capable assistants are Margaret IVLinning, Verdie Jackson, Ferguson Rhodes and Catherine White. On a list of their passengers for the last summer are these names: Ava Brannock, Lynette Warren, Roxannah ancey, Hazel Clark, Eunice Harrelson, Edna Brown and Mozelle Causey. While touring Europe they met a number of their schoolmates, who are studying abroad. Elizabeth Meares, Thelma Gaskins and Bertha Howard are studying in Germany. Katie Midyette, Elizabeth Avent and Cordelia French are studying in Italy and Bertha Holland, Sara Dodd, Virginia FieKls and Paidine Pitt are in England. Taking rest-cures in Switzerland are: Nellie ShefHeld, Carmen Frye, Dorcas Porch and Faye Strcupe. The V itaphone has been perfected by ALirgaret Rankin, Helen Morris and Ruth Piiuier. A new device for transmitting pictures by radio has been in ented by Susan- nah Stroup, Grace E.xum, Mary V irginia McLean, Virginia and Katie Sniitii. The sport news for the past year which was reviewed in Dorothy Tipton ' s ll ' uild ' s Sfifjrts lists among the international championships: Mabel Topping, golf; Harriet Norton, hiking; Chr stine Vindley, tennis; and Sallie Deans, swimming. Mary Inglis, Thelma Ward, Althea Williams, Louise Barber and Ruth Phillips were recently elected to the United States Senate. ALirgaret Burui is associate Su|ireme Court Judge. Helen Lee is lieutenant-governor of the State of North Carolina. Katherine Brown, Wren Duncan, Elizabeth Ehringhaus, Annie Lae McLean, Pauline Linney and Christine Rhyne are state senators. Elizabeth Redding, Perla Belle Parker, Laura Neece, ALary Little, Helen Dobbins and Lama Alexander are members of tiie House of Representati es. The defeated candidates were (Gladys Goodman, Ruby StiUman, Lena Russell, Mildred Moore, Elizabeth Blake and Floride Johnson. The McBee Lecture Bureau has recently been formed by Helen McBee, and is sending out for the winter season a number of speakers, including Mary Spicer, who speaks on " Visual Aids to Education " ; Ethel Spruill, whose favorite topic is " Teach- ing Mathematics in the Ninth Cirade " ; Christine Fields, is speaking on " Directing Plays " ; Margaret Stockard on " The Modern Novel " ; Virginia Cameron, on " Mod- ern Authors " ; Louise Thompson on " The Creative Impulse " ; Betty Moore on " The English Romanticists " ; and Mildred Phillips on " American Architecture. " A number have entered the legal profession. Doletta Bost has hung out her shingle in Greensboro, as has Emma Beaman; Thelma Shore and Mellie Boggan are prac- ticing in " ' adkinville ; Esther Caviness in Chicago; Wilma Coble in High Point; Mamie Langley and Virginia Ipock in Concord ; and Nae Shumate in San Erancisco. Several others have decided to become doctors, and have pursued their studies to that end. Among these are Mae Johnson, Mary Frances Lemmond and Edna Rice, who are practicing in Greensboro; Ruby Shearon, in Chicago; Jonnie Edwards, in Tallahassee; Esther Martin, in Winston-Salem; and Julia Thompson, in Milwaukee. Among those who have scorned all suitors and are confirmed independent women with careers of their own are: Margaret Underwood, Sallie Spratt, Carrie Haitcock, Annie Ford, Julia Dewar, NLiry Draughn, Jessie Fitzgerald, Ethel Butler, Mildred Propst, Glennie Anderson and Mildred Boyles. The Chautauqua board tells an interested world that iXLirion Hubbard and F ' ran- ces Brown, with Kathryn Singletary at the piano, are meeting with universal success in their concerts, which are prefaced by community singing under the direction of luanita ALirtin, Era Ra -, Sarah Purdic, Emily Lee Koon, Louise Prichett and Dena Neville. Ethel Snow, Pearl Thompson, Frances Bobbitt, Willie Dell Parham are studying Palmistry in New York. Ruth Sullivan, Mildred Walters, Louise Weaver, Mabel Pearson, Helen Windle, Hazel Bullock, and Katherine Linn made several millions in the stock market. They have recently donated a great part of their profits to the establishment of a luxurious smoking club on the campus of their Alma Mater. Era Linker is helping her husband to build up a successful business in Kannapolis. Each day the factory exports thousands of dollars of dye for red hair. Among the people in this business are: Lillian Wilkins, Mary Womble, Annie Mae Crowder, Elsie Winstead, Vearl Livengood, Rosemary McCoy, Aline Garrell and Mary Ed- wards. Dorothy McChesney, Evelyn Little, Elizabeth McPhaul and Elizabeth Stevenson own an antique shop in Boston. We landed at ten o ' clock tliis morning. Weather fair, and plane in good condition. ' Fhus ends the log of this voyage, Virginia Kirkpatrick Dorothy Long Last Will anJ Testament -|p K, THE CLASS OF 1929, ot North Carolina College, in the county of J I (iiiiltord, State of North Carolina, being of possibly sound mind and V H memory, but considering the uncertainty of our scholastic existence and the nian. valuable assets we ha e, do make and declare this our last will and testa- ment in manner and form following, hereb re i)king all f(unier Senior wills at an - time heretofore made. After the pa nient (jt our just debts, including our junior-Senior expenses, we bequeath and de ise as follows: • ' ■,( — We bequeath a joint legac - to all present and future students of North Car- olina College that would include our iron constitutions that ha e enabled us to thri e for four . ears on " goat, " " pressed kitt -, " " gollash, " and " canned eggs, " our vmequ.iled poweis of equilibrium that have aided us to walk uprightly, straightforw,ii il , and hastil through the wet, slim -, and detaining red cla ' ; our over-portion of rain and snow, those sources of reliable excuses for infimary excursions when work hard and hours were few; our ability t i maintain quiet and dignit in chapel; and lasth, we tearfulh and reluctantly relinquish our share ot the attention ot the faculty ot North Carolina College to the ones in the future generations who will alue it as highly as we ha e done. Scioiiit — We bequeath to the jumor Class our honored seats in chapel with the full measure attached of the agony of kee|iing awake, of remaining quiet, and of futilely attem|iting to aj pear intelligent. ' J ' hiri — We direct that the Sojihomore Class shall iidierit from us the ancient, honor- able, and sentimental |iosition of Hig Sisters with the usual accom|ianiment of tears, bridge p.arties, Sunday breakfasts, and mid-term " stav-at-homes. " totirth — To the Class of 193J, we bequeath our freshman ignorance, egotism, amf optimism that pulled us successfully through the four years of disillusionment( ?). Hftli — In order that the college may not be too aggrieved at our demise as under graduates, we hereb - bestow to the college at large, our intangible and almost invisible propert - — college spirit and an atmosphere of unrestrained ex|iression of individual opinion. Si.xlli — ' e bequeath our jiersonal |iropert as follows: 1. 1, Clara (luignaril, do order that my long neck be justly appfutioned to Hattic ' illianis tli:it she may henceforth ha e no trouble in looking oxer the railmg in the " jx-anut galler . " 2. We, Virginia Kirkpatrick and Fiances James, do bequeath our Midas touch to Sue Underhill and Charlotte Van Noppen and all future business managers of the campus that they toC ' maj ' be able to guild pennies and spend them for five- dollar gold pieces. 3. I, Helen Dobbins, do grant my patented interpretation of perpetual motion by an eternal rotation of the jaw to " Case - " Ingram. 4. To encourage habits of quiet ami peaceful concentration, 1, Katie (jravely, do will m ' tranquility to Elizabeth Moore. 5. I, Edith Alice, devise to Alberta Beam, Helen Hoilges And (irace V ' olcott my capacity to enjoy an extended romance. 6. Knowing the lack of musical appreciation, 1, Eouise Dannenbaum, do becpieath m - spontaneous, scale-running laughter to all as|iiring colorature so]ir,-uios — mainly Betty Sloan. In testimony to the falseness of this our last will and testament we lio hereby jiub- lish our last will on the tenth day of June, i j2 ' j. 4, JUNI0R5 Ih.w Eleanor JniiNsox Mnuot of Class of ' j o Class of 30 Colors Green ami White Flo ' wi ' r White Ro e Mollo Truth Song Uail 10 our class. The class of Green a ul Il ' hile We ' ll keep forr ' er T ie colors pure and hr ' u lil. Our motto, " Trullt. " Forever more sliall he — Truth lo the iKorld. our friends, ( hirseI ' Ves and thee. Oh. Tonh of Ifisdom Thou shall he our i uide: To folloii- thee Will be our aim. our pnde. :lnd Thirty, dear. While ' Vjatchin j thy hriijht fiai, Shall hear tier hanner on To honor, to tame. Class of 30 Officers Margaret Dekson Prrsiiirnl Jrssie Bridcers I " ui--I ' risiiiint Edith Clakk Snrdary Charlesawa Fox Trrasurcr Sue Underhill hiuiur Shoppe Manager Margaret Scoti Assistant Junior Shoppe Manager Juni AlLEEX AdERHOLDT LEXINGTON ' , X. C. KaTHERINE Al.l.EX WADESBORO, N. C. Martha Pat Archbell ELIZABETH CITl ' , N ' . C. Christine Ardrhv fort mill, s. c. Eli.a Arnold TRINITY, N " . C. Katherixe Ai stex LEAKSVU.LE, N. C. Mariox Hlxt Barber REIDSVILLE, .V. C. Elizabeth ]5arxett CHARLOITE, X. C. Katherixe Barrier JdllNSON CIIV, lENN. Fraxces Batte concord, x. c. Junu I)()R()TH H. l CUM AX lltNUKKSONVII.LIi, N. C. Alhhrta Bkam asukville, n. c. CjArm:tt Hi ' Aselv COLtRAIN, N. C. Edna Bexxrtt WADESBORO, N. C. Alma Blaxchard gatesville, n. c. Fraxces Booker leaksvillh, n. c. Elizabeth Bottoms MARGAREITSVILLE, N. C. Paxthea B() d townsville, x. c. [UAXITA Bo ETT ClIAOBOURN ' , N. C. Elizabeth ]5rai) - U II.MINCTON, S. C. Junic Edith Hraki-: KOCKV MOIM, N. C. Rlth Hr ti,i;v SPRING iinpi:, . c. |i:.ssiii Hriugkrs TAKRORO, N " . C. D()R()TH Hritti.i; BlKl,i (:i() , . f. Anna S. Hrdwn 111 N lERSVlI.LE, . C. 1)1 A 15r(i ; MONRIIK, N. e. AIii-drei) Brow SALISBl ' R ' i, . L-. Margari r Hr-i A NEW ION- CRdVi:. N. C. Vl-RA Hi CKIN ' GHAM I I I I l HI E, N. I ' , fj)ITH Rri.M CK ROCKV MOINI, N. C. Juni AI.ARCARKT lU I.I.OCK. VENi)l;LL, N. C. 1?IH LAH lU Rl.KSOX ALBEMARI.K, . C. XlRCIMA HlRT SALISBL ' RV, N ' . C. Leola Bltler Mary Butts SOUTH mix, VA. Mabel Bvrox louisblirg, n. c. MiXN ' iE Cahows PLV.viniiii, . c. LlCILLK CaI.LAHA Rl TIIERFORDION, N ' . C. MlLUKI.I) Ca I)I.I,R CANDI.KR, N-. C. E.Mii. Carr CASIOMA, S. C. Junu Sara Chrisman CHARLOnE, N. C. Pauline Church roaring river, n. c. Elizabeth Clapp SVVA.V.VANOA, X. C. Edith M. Clark SALISBURY, K. C. Louise Clon ' inger CLAREMONT, N. C. AIar ' i Codv DARLINGTON " , S. C. Flossie Cogdell coldsboro, n. c. l.DRIi; Ldl.liWKLL MI-M1NG10N, n. c. Elizabeth Cowax STATESVlI.I.l:, N. C. Junic : • " : -d ' f ' tJL TiMOXEXA Crawford FRANKLIN, N. C. Elizabeth ORERNSBOKO, N. C. Margaret Crews GREENSBORO, N. C. Louise W. Crim WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Nell Culler kerxersvim.e, x. c. Sarah Daniel FREMON] ' , N. C. Beatrice Daniels MANTEO, N. C. TwiLA Mae Dardex FAVETIEVII.I.E, N. C. Evelyn Darlixgtox LEAKSVILLE, N. C. Justine Davis zebulon, n. c. J uni Margaret Dkxsox TARBORO, N. C. M RGARi:r Dili. BEAUinRI, N. C. Alice Dillard (GREENSBORO, " . C. RlTH DollD ASIIHVlI.l.K, . C. May Donduo FAIR vnw, . c. Klizabeth Eatox VI SrON-SALEM, N. C. Dt)RoTHV Edwards WILMINGTON-, N. C. Bess Eisox CAFFNEV, S. C. Matilda Etheridge manteo, n. c. Juni j.f ' - " «» " » " " " ' : % M,. 1 Matt ExL r SNOW HU.I,, . C. Hrlex Fin.DKR CRKKN ' SBORO, V. C. Minnie Slit FL • •x IIKNDERSONVILI.K, . C. Charlesaxxa Fox asiif.boro, . c. Lois Fradv ASHEVILLE, K. C. Fraxces Freemax cnwvAv, . c. RoSALVX (IvRDXER REIDSVll.LE, N. C. Lucv Gastox CANDLER, N. C. Betty Gaut MORTEL, TENN. Rachael Godfrey UAXHAVV, . L ' . J unioi Edna CjRaxtha.m greensboro. . c. Naxc Gray WII.SOV, N. C. EsTELLE Greene NEW LONDON-, X. C. Nina OL[J FOKT, N. C. Sarah Grier matthews, n. c. Flora Grii-fix FAIRMONl, N. C. Edna Hackney BVNUM, N. C. Glenn JIamil ■ ' ranru; Hammond 1 IR BI.L KK, v. C. Frances Hami ' ton LEAKSVILLE, . C. Juni Edith Harkoi r GKKHNSBORO, X. C. JOSELlXi; }L RI IXG VADKINVILLE, N. C. Mii.DRi:!) Hari ' i;r i)i:i:i RiviK, N. c. Elizabeth Harrison SaDelle Harrv CROVER, N. C. Jean Harvey GRIHOV, S. C. Charlotte B. Hatcher ULINN, X. C. Brytte Heffner MAIDEN ' , N " . C. LoL lse Hexson CL LI.OWHEE, . C. Lucii.E Hermax NE vrri -, N. c. Junioi Irhxi- Hi;,STi;R GktENSBORO, . C. Marv Hkster OIASE cm, VA. .[ Hewitt KOSHMARV, . C. Katherine Hixe winston ' -salem, n. c. Gertrude Hobbs GREENSBORO, N. C. Marie Hohbs cliniok, n. c. Helen Hodges KINSTON, X. C. Persis Hodges KINSTOX, N ' . C. Mabel Holland GREENSBORO, K. C. ESTELI.E HoXIG.MAN MOUNT HOLL- , X. C. I si Junic Margarft Hoon GREEXSnORO, X. C. Rlth Hopkins stalev, x. c. Soi ' Hii; Howie PIXEVII.I.E, X. C. Margaret V. Hunsox SALISBURY, X. C. Ora Si e HixxiciTT FRAXKI.IX, X. C. Lois Jexxixgs JEXXIXGS, X. C. CaROI.IXI; jliRVEV IRVOX, X. C. Jewett WII.MIXCTOX, N. C. Frances .[ohxsox GREEXSBORO, X. C. Nei.l M. Johxsox 1 RMi (;rn , x. c. Junic Roberta Jordax SNOW HILL, X. c. Loi isE Justice CREt SBORO, . C. M AR-i KaI ' 1 ' MOUNT AIRV, N. C. Sarah (jraci; Khi.i.v MOORKSVILIK, V. C. Annie Lee Kendrick CASTONH, . C. Florencn KiNCAII) ASiiFvn.Li:, N. c. Charlotte Koonce KICHLANnS, N. C. Rachei. Lane SANlOKIl, N. L. fj.IZARETH LasSITER AL ' LANDHR, N. C. 138 Junic Louise Learv EDENTON, N. C. LouisR LnxTZ iinw I ' oiM, v. c. Margaret Leonard blol ' ntstovvs, fla. Virginia LeRov EI.lZABKIHiON cni, " . C. ALary Lewis MOREHEAI) cm , . NiTA Mae Lewis MOREHEAD CITY, N. C. Cecii.e Lin DAL ' GREENSBORO, K. C. ALarv Lyon GREENSBORO, N. C. Elizabeth McCller TARBORO, N. C. LUCILE McCoLLUM STONEVILLE, . C. Juni A I ARC R I;T a I cC( IX X ELL CASIONIA, . C. M ARCARKT McKlXXON MAXION. N. C. [)(IR()TH ' McKxiGHT SIIKI.IitV, X. C. Cora McLean raleigh, n. c. CjLexx H. MacLeod CRFKVSBOKO, N ' . C. Fraxkie ALaxx caxion, n. c. )aii.i: AL rle - kamskl k, . c. Lucv ALartix MAVORAX, X. C. Lxxii: ALatthews wixnsoR, X. c. Oi ' HELiA ALatthews KIPLIXC, N. C. Junioi Christih Mavxari) WII.SOV, K. C. E ■|■I. ■ ■ Mi: HANI-: MAVIOS, . C. Margarkt Melchcr MOOKISVII.I.K, N. C. DnRDTin MiTCHn.i, NORllVA, N. C. Knnn MiTCHKi.i. ciiAKi.njii:, y. c. Lll.l.lW MooN ' E ' i ' MOCKS 11.1 1-, . C. Elizahfth X. Moor I XHW nf.RS. s. c. Mahi.i. Moore ckaiiam, . c. Patt ' Lvns Moore ST. PRTERSBURC, FLA. Ki.izAniiTH H. Morrison- SIIKI.B , . C. .4 n Juni V) .M . AI.-i N- MoLRAXE DURHAM, N " . C. In ' i:z Ml RR CRKKVSnOKO, . Kathleen- Xewsome MAKSHVlI.l.E, N-. C. Irene Ormanm BESSFMF.R Lll , . Margaret Oshorxe n vsnoKO, v. c. Fax ME () i:x CANTON, N. C. F RAXCES P. RHA,M OXIORI), N ■ ' ■ Marv FVHL X 1 ' arker SKI, MA, N. C. Hi • AXCHE Pexland IIA ' i KS II,I.K, N. C. M RV L xcH F ' nil ' I ' S WHIISI.] 1 1:, N. c. Junic Mary Hazhl Pleasants LEXlNfrrON, N. c. Mari- W. Price CRKKNSBORn, . C. Vera Price asheville, n. c. Mary Vassie Proctor charlotte, s. c. Mary Rati.edge advance, . c. Marc.arht Redwine MONROE, N ' . C. Alice Reniroe matthews, n. c. Olive Renfroe ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. Clara Mae Respess BATH, N. C. Eliz hi;t H Rl• ■ •()Ll s IlILIMOKi;, N. C. Juni Ki.disK Rhodes HIMISOR, N. C. Emilie Richardson SOUTHERN- PI NHS, N ' . C. Xi:i.i.ii; R(iKBi 5 JAMHSrnVVN, N. C. LoiISE RoKERSOX ASHEVIIJ.h, W C. AXXETTE RldISIL CRnisE, V. c. Mildred Salter MIKKIMOS. . C. .Marcari;! Scott GASrONlA. . c. Corxella Setzer NEWTON ' , N. C. Mar ' i Shari ' e I.TIAKI.CII n , . c. ); Juni f i l F " ranck.s Shkltcjx SU.bR LI IV, . C. Ruth Siki-s CRKENSBORO, X. C. Anxie Mak Simpson WILSON, N. C. (iRAci; Slalc;htfi( COI.DSBORO, N. C. Betty Sloan FRANKLIN ' , X. C. Edith Small WKNTWORlll, N. C. Clara K. S.mith RKIDSVILI.K, N. C. Sara E. Smith SALIEBLR , N. C. Velma Smith MIDDLESfiX, N. C. R().SAL- N Souther LAX I MOLiNi ' ni.ivi:, N. c. J unioi Sadii; Loi Si)Lthi;ri.. m) c;nLnsBOKO, x. c. IXEZ Si ' AINHDL R NORTH UTLKSBOKO, _V. C. K i;i, N- F i Starr MM l,S II F I , . L. Irkxa Stei ' Hi; s()x MONTRHAl, . C. Virginia Stewart CHARLOTTE, N. C. Mai. Stricklwii middlhslx, n. c. Din.LA Strdl i ' i; IIAMLKT, . C. LlI.A ' rA I,(IR ARAI ' AIIOH, . C. Mattii; Moore TA I.()R , n. c. I ' A MCE Tl. MI ' I.E SKI. MA, . C. 146 Junic MaRGARKT TCRRIILL WAVXESVILLK, V. C. Ei.iZAiii;Tii Thomas MnRCl ' RK, . C. Aline Todd UERITA, N. C. Saiiii; Troi tmax MOORESVII.I.H, N. C. Virginia Tuckur RAI.Iir.II, . c. Loi isir Tl RXAGR AYDEN ' , K. C. Lillian Twifdrd EI.I ABEIll CnV, . C. Margari-t T S()N ASIlir.dKO, . c. SiF, Harris Underhill ASHEVILLE, N. C. Elizabeth Tmiurger CREEN ' SBORO, . C. ' .ip ' H, ' -.- . ' . 3i , »yy 4 ' " ' ¥ Junu Doris Vanxk.max CKKFNSnriRO, N. c. CllARl.UTTE VanNoPI ' EX ORKHNSBOKO, .V. C. K.MII, - VlCK KH.KJKI), . C. Mary H. AVai.ker IMBSONVII.LE, N ' . C. M ARIIIX ' Al.ri;RS (.KlhSSP.IIKO, . e. Kdith ' i;hh OXFORII, N. C. Ei.iZAHirrii W ' in.i.s Mllllll.IP.L RC, N. C. Evi;i,vx White lASr SFKNCHR, .V. C. R chi:l White -.IIK ll-l , N. C. 1 1 E X lAI lA ' E Wl I IT i: H E A I) CKKliNSDOKO, N. C. u ll J unioi I) Margaret Whitkhl rst rockv molixt, n ' . c. Anna Wmi.foxg KKVVION, N. C. Elizahkth Vii.kin ' S()x CARV, X. C. FAVEI IHVILI.K, X. C. Hattii-; ' n.i.i Ms RAI.KICH, X. C. Mii,i)Ri:ii W ' lLsox COI.HRAIX, X. C. (iRACn Wol.COTT ASIIKVU.I.K, X. c. AxXiiTTI-: W ' ooLARI UAI.IOX, X. C. THIRTY Posies ' 1 150 .1 1,1 1 AI;K 1 H li K I -, Mcisint of Class r,i ■; Class OI 31 Colors Reil and While I ' lniLurs .... Reel Sweetheart Ro»c and Lilies of the ' alle Mollo Courage Symbol Sucrd Song l.oiiij live. O TInrly-Onr. Il ' c ' rr lure to both dn and dair. Our (lass of Rrd and ll ' hili . And lo ivork for all tlial ' s riijlit. We liavr brouiiltl, O Colhi , . d,ar. Our mollo of Couraqc Our lord, of lu hl. Ifr ivill hold u-lnle we fitjht. lis flame burns i -itb a lo-ve for you. lie mean to eome out I ' ictorious Ind a liope of i reat ideals; In our bailies for llie true! So here icv are ii:ilh fiijlil ' inii si!.ords So may our name be i lorious. hill Irulh upon our shields. Ilrint tnij fame. X. C. lo you. lie shall maeih ihrouuh lite years lloldinij up our banner hujh. The emblem of touraije Shall be our battle ;■. II e shall eheer for the Red and IChile I ' niil the fii hl is done: So here ' s a shoul to, ever for Our diar old Tliirly-One. Sophomore Class Officers First St iiustcr F.I.I ABI ' IH MONTV Prisulilll Kaik RnBiNSON " rice-I ' miJi III Hki.kx Pftrik , Sriiiliiiy Ei.izABiriii McI.Arcrii.iN ' Trrusuiir JosKP)! Him Cril ' ic Maiiiiia R(ii;i snN Clinr l.iiuiir Si ' ioii S( insli r Kaik c;kaiiam I ' rrsiJint Katherine Morgan ' I ' ld-Pri-sidiiit Lucille Kkicht Secritary Mar ' i ' Newton Tnasurir Marie Wishart Crilir Aw McDowell Clim l.iaJi-r First R.iw— lUilh Mnli.l Aclfrii.ililt. F:,y ' Aii.l.T , nririih-,. Ai ' plf. c -allipi-in,. Ann., in. Ma; W.lil, Askew S.T,,nd Row— Anna, K.i-nli,- Av.-iy, Nancy Bakc-r. Ma. Rallard. Banninu Kath.rv Barber Tliir.l l:o v— MavKn. HI. ' liajk.i. I.,,is B. ' l l;ngfielti.,. B.-ll. Ev.-lvn Billums. I ' lara P.iv.ns l.ii. Blake l ' ..iirth K.jw — Kutli I ' .laii, Miriam I ' .] . Kati- N. BuK.-r. Mary Bran. It. Balriria Brasn.lj.; Brigman |-i ' th n . v— . s l;iis.ii.lui.-. B.tlv Bi..un, Gertrud. " (•a.rsoii. lOlizil.itl. I -liilt. ii.l.-n. Elizalr.ll. iliii- llan. Flan.,s flark Sixth l;.iw— ViiK-nia . ' larl;. .Mil.h.-.l i-.,l.l., Annlf ( Vii.p.-ilK.-. i;,..,r:;ia i-.. yan, Elsa frnii;. Ev.lMi i-niii nilngs 156 « " t ?9%: r p r- f 1 Fi,-il r„K- Ellir Cunin |.n,„thv ,-,:ll,,.ll. .lulia Ii:,M " , Willi,- Lavis. Z.lnia Pay, Euffellia r e I.aney S, ' ' ol,I U,,w-Mai-Jir.Vn..nn,.|i: Ma. Hal,,,-. K m, Kll,-n, Al„-, Eani.. l-,a,„-,.s Faisnn. EU.aI.e.h Thiial 11, ,u l.als l- ' air. Ma,- K,n-;.-,,i,. Auni,- Ma, ' ' l--l,.u ,-. Vi.a;i,„a Kh.N.l. N,n KolTeHt, Elm-ita K„s,-ue, K,,;, ' ,1, K„« -Ma,i,- I-Tisani, Mar.l.a Kuh, ,. Kv, U n (in, „n. An .l,-n, Oi,l,linBS. El. -,ah,-tl, r.Wnu. Kiilh ' il.n 1--Iltll l;,iU--Ma.a;u, lil, f, I„,,l. I.alli.v, ll,,il,alll. Kal i rilil-l, SiMh l;,,w— I ' ani.- Ma,- Orilliii. Mai I., - L,,-s Amiii- L.jis l-la liahalu, N,-ll (;r,-,-n. " li ,- i;.,-,-li, MarKal,- ,,„l,i, Ii-fUc Haniii,k. Mary I.i.uis,- Manl,y 1 n-.t l,,, v— Es.sir Hiui. . M,, lluriiu- Harris. Hazel Hail is. Mai .iTid Low — Hart. l-; .j ii Halt Li.iiisa laiili H.iliv-. Sura H-nty, r;ia,l s Hi.ks. I Int. I !...« -Xa.linr li 1, . 11,1. ii lliulit. i -liat l..t t .■ Hill. J..s.|.ltiili ' Hill. Anita Hr,l.s..!i. Naniy Hnwaril. I ' .aiitli Kcu — l;iil, llimjiu . I ' liil.i, ' Is.iili.aii. I ' aso liiuiatn. Mal..-1 J.-iiliiii.;;s. ii|ih.-lia J.-rnii, ' all. .1.. litis,, II, -iia;i Katlil,,ti J,, 111 .Ii.lillsun. Marv I,u, i|, ,J,,ti.s. t Ha Kal.. Tll, lliia K.-,li,. J tii.ta Ki-llogg. Mil Ilow Vlryinia K.Ml.v. Maty Ki .-1. C. rtrude Kiser. Lu, ill, Ktiisht. Clari, e Lai ki-y. I.u.lii- L, IS8 .■?■ . - a: » Sf„, - l } Fiist K.nv— Mhiv L-ntz Etlul L onar.l. EUzabeth L. wis. re-nelope I.f« is, Una B.ll Listt.-. LfSte-r Loutiurmilli Se.oml Knw— Jan e Lvnih, Glav.o M.-Craiken. Nettie MeCu.-dy. Elizabetli McDonald. Anna McDowell. Hazel McEaehern Thi.d R..W— Isaliel McFa.lven, Martha MeGee, Ruth McGlnnis, Elizabeth M.I.aughlm. Margaret Me- Manus. Leah MeNaii- Fourth Row— Evelvn McNeill, Fleeta Maitin. Arbutus Meadows, I.orenc Ncares, Jlartha Me.l.all, Edith MeiKS Fifth Row— .Jessie Middli ' ton, Mary Mills, Mary Misenheimcr, Elizabeth Monty, Rosa Colt Mooie, Starkey Moore Sixth Row— . " Gallic Moorinx, Kalhcrin,. Mor.;an. Virginia Motte, Mary K. N.wlon, Mary, Mary Sli-.t,- Xorw.iod - - ■ . =-•♦ : -«. -«.- First Row— Elizabeth l ' arli:nn. K.litli Parle. r. Marv Wtlsli I ' aikcr, Z.lnui I ' arU. r. llai salit Pt-a.-ocli, Francis P •,•!.• S.-rnnd P.ow— Ifaiy Fi.wl.. p.iiy, H.!,.], Petrie, Ma.y Pftri.-. Ali..- n. Evelyn Pollanl. Kallli-vii Porter Third P..i v— Belle } ' El. aii..r Pri. e. Willie Priti-haril I. " la Pn.fflt. Fran.-. ' S Pulley. Charlotte Pureell Fouith P.ow — Mary li.lia Pankiii. Mary Asnes Ransom. Peaile Rap.-i. Mary l!ay.s..r, Evelyn Re.v.s. Katherlne R.unn Fifth Row— Ma.lBi- Hhyii.-, l:..h, D.ishia Ri.hard. Allilie Ri.|nn..n.l. Ev. ' - lyn Rives First Ruw— Amu Sfconil Row— Ilu Third Row— lUil Sixth Row— Eloi ilhflmiiia S.luitl. .lit Roval Saunih-is, Virsinia Saunders Ghi ililnit- frest. Helen Self, it ShivUls llHitha hor,.. Annie Sinsl tii Flli.l ■-l.d,. 1 i I " Is Smith, Jlii th, Ra.hi-1 Snii..s. Kul.y Si.. A.l.-lia SPO. I... ily Stevens, Naniy Stoner, Pearl Sykes. Mahel Tat. , Mauiie T.-rrell, Moelle Thompson ■e " Tillett, jeanette Trotter, Edith Vail, Sara Wallii ' r. Frances Wallaee, Henrietta Wallace =!e Ward Margaret Ward, Rubv W.d.h, Catherine Wharton, Mary Jane Wharton, Nellie Wh.-eler lust Rim:.: Mak li. WiiiiK, All kin Whiumirih, I.iiiii W ' iidman, Wii mams. Siiond Rmc: Mak l-.. W ' li i iams. Rlih Williams. .Miiukih Winston, Lorrai.vl Dav.s. t . - . - OTHER OPHOMORI g I •-SS ' CL-A.SS f ' 3I 163 RED AND A HlTi:S 0 Pb ,65 I ' FRESHMEN Janice Hooke Miisiot of Class of ' , ' j Molln: Exccl-ior CL of ' 32 Colors: I.avciuler iiiul White Flo-urr: Vu, a Song () l.avnui.r and Il ' iih . drar. Our pliJi f liv mahr to you, A loyal (lass ivil i purposr hrii lil — Tlie Class of ' jj. may we keep before us Thy symbol ' s shininiii lii hl. Our standards Iradina, our elnss proi irdimi. Il ' e follozv on to I ' iil ' ry anil In inKjIil. In, I lis 1I.I ' strive, still owniird. More knoivledije to attain O, .lima Maler, we would be Of service, as ive r ain — " Excelsior! " — still hiijlier! Our motto ever be. Il ' hen we ' ve departed, life ' s jour Our class much honor ey started. would brinij to thee. Refrain : 1 1, re ' s to our lima Mater. Our fealty we hrinij . .hid as we enter within Thy portals. Thy laurels we proclaim. ,So sine , thy dauohters. () lima Mate The Class of ' sJ. For we shall keep our lolors brii hl. 0, A ' . C, dear, for you. Jean McIver Lane, ' 32 Freshman Class Omcers Fust St incslir Martha Justice President Leslie Rothrock t ' iee-Presideiit Bktt Sl.OAK Seeretiiiy Marv KvNiM Fnwi.Kis Treasurer E. W ' l I.l.M.W, F. CiiAMiI.IR C.lieer leaders S( eoiiil S iinsttr Frances Chanhler President Mary Nash Norfleet Viee-President Ethel Hall Secretary Pansy McCoknell Treasurer M. Blackburn ' , A. Oliver Cheer Leaders IKtSllMANLl SS OF ' 32 Fresk resnmen abcrtTninbie, lura abrarii.clizabcth adains.niabel adkerMiri,betty alien, kate mae alien, mary kate alien, sallie pearl anders.faye anderson,adda anderson.esther anderM)n,marian anderMHi,riib ' lee applew hite,nell arle.lge,eiUth armstrong.sara askew, Julia atkins.liicile ayers,nita badKett,alease badt;ett,evelyn baines, Virginia baity, gilina baker, elva bald vin,ruth ballard,andre vetta barber, elizabeth baref " cit,florence barker, lorene barker, mary barnhili.edna barnhill,lela barrett,claire batenian,jiisephine batten, mildred beasel ' ,exie beatty,lorene beavans.annette belch, alma bell, mary baxter bell.iibley bellamv,rubv nanmi best.sara bishop, mars rulli blackbiirn.margaret blackiviiod, Virginia blair.kalheriiie b!ake,lucy b y, grace biythe.rachel b()ardman, .ara linger, trances boger,mary b()ney,france bdone, Josephine bostian,elsic hii vden,dorolhy h. «les,ma el bradle ,anne bradsher.rachael brady,je vell brame,earle branch, hiildah brandt,mar brantles, trances braswell, merle bridger, Carrie In -e briggv,grace brigham,mary brinkley,mar britt.gweiiddlyn brittle.eli abelli l)rnadhurst,niarlh.i hrcick.emily h. brodie,taiinie brothers, emily brown, tlora brown, rebecca browne.sara brurnmitt.mary brunson, elizabeth bviff.pauline Inillard.pauline biirgess,luc e biirkett,manelle busby, rachel bush, ruth byerly.ethel louisc byerly,rnargaret b ers,kathryn b rd,edith byrd,ruby caddell.onnie lee caddell, Virginia Caldwell, daisy Cameron, lottie Campbell, elizabeth carter, trances carter, harriette cartland, trances cates,madaline carter, elizabeth carr,sarah carson.gertrude cannon, margaret cathey.elizabeth causey, mary leigh causey, rebecca champion, lois chandler, annie ruth chandler, trances chappell, elizabeth chappell.paidirie church, margaret dark, trance. clark, ' irginia mci er clement, nancy clippard.dorothea cloninger,eugenia cobb, elizabeth coble, martha cohoon,lydia cole,edna cole.nathalie Coleman, luc colvin,sara coiTicr, Catherine comer, helen comer, jeannette conrad,thelma cooper, rebecca cooper, rosemond Copland, Virginia coppedge,gracf couch, Catherine cowan, kate cowan, mary coward, gertruile cox, Cora lee cox,margaret cozens,ada cromartie,sarah cummings.evelyn curriii,mar cutchin, marie dail,s diiey da]ton, i ian daniels.selnia daughtridge,bessie davenport.katherine david on.elizabelh daviv, Catherine deese,inary dennlng.lhelma deiilnn.estelle dinolto,jnvephine dolvin,clitford ilnnne!l,dorothy (lover, elizabeth dunbar,mary alien dyer,eula eckardt,d()rothea edgerton,henrietta edwards.margaret Fresn resnmen t edwards.marion ed vards,mary jo cdwards.sallie clkins.carey blaii flliott, nancy ellis.ediKi cllis.loice ellis.mildred eshelman,franc ' C!! evans,ava lee faircloth, pansy farr,he ' .en hobson ferguson,alma field, marjoric finch, Helen fisher, Helen fitzgerald,frances flourney,marion flo ve,georgia foil,dorothy tnndc,niary elizabeth fnrsberg,catherine fountain, inariha fo vlkes,mar b nini freedman.esther freeland.margaret frisard.olga fr e, Helen fiilen vider,ni rtle fuller, alycc fullington,alina fulton,alice gai ' lard, Caroline galanopulns,evant;elliie garner, nettie garriss, Ionise gaston,bennette gaut.frances gavriles.althea geekie,frances gibson,frances glcnn.riith glicknian.niadeleiiie glisson,beatricc godley.esther goodman, Hazel goodman.mary grant, delia griffin, annie griggs,alise gurley, sybil hass.elizabeth Hass,gertrude hall,ethel b. hall,nina hall, ruth Hamilton, f ranees Hancock, mamie rae hanes, Ionise Haney,nell Harding.helen hardy, bettie harrelson,elea harris,editH Harris, mary irginia h,irris,mo ellc Harris,myrtis Harris.ruth hart,frances Hasbrouck.margaret hassell.mary hatcher, eliza hatchett,mildred Hatle ,evelyn Hatsell.ccira Hanser, vesta Heafner, Ionise hearen,inabel ruth Henderson, ma rga ret Henderson, martha hcndren.sue may Hendrix,elizabcth henlev,edna Henley, elizabeth Henley, margie henr ,phyllis Herring,lucille Hester, margarct High.margaret HigHt.leona hight,ni rtie Hill,evrlvn hine,fa Hines, Helen Hines,inez Hoffman, elizabeth Hogan,doris lucile Holland, eva Hollowell,margaret holoman,marion honeycutt,maggie hood,pauline horner.elizabeth Horner,sndie ruth Howe, Virginia Ho cll, irginia ho le,uillie Hudson, annie lauric Hudson, rachel huggiiis,caroiyn liun pHre ,alice Humphreys, ma rgaret HuTisucker,lois hunter, emily Huntley,marie Hutchison, grace Hutchison, martha mae Ingram, claire ivey,editH Jackson, mila Jackson, mildred Jackson, susie james,marguerite Jenkins, beatrice Jennings, mabel Jensen, Jessie jcrnigan,marjorie Johnson, ermina Johnson, margaret Johnson, roberta Johnson, winifred iohnston.edith inhnston,luc Johnston, selma jones,evelyn m. Jones,evelyn s. Jones, katherine jones,marguerite Joyce, Claris joyner,dorothy joyner, lucile justice, martha keith.isabelle kendrick, margaret kesler, annie king,gertrude kirby, Janet kirkpatrick, katherine knight, mildred knight.rebecca Luck, Helen lane, jean lane, martha laney,alma lanier, hazel latHam,lucille latHan,lois lay, mildred layton,g(ddie leak,frances ledbetter.dorothy led ford, ma ry sue Iee,kathryn lee, margaret Fresn resninen lce,inarn:iret e. lenniiick.mary lennoii.miniiie leonard.ethel lesser, heatrice levv.esther, b. leuiv.cli alieth 1. lirulsay, grace ivingston,edna Inve.mary kirk lud vif;,sarah lutz.rnary lyerly.aleiiie inebaiie, jewel nicbee.inaye niccain.weyland mccall.fannie mcTonnell.pansy inccullen.Tiettie incciillen. ' -u an iiicculle ' ,su ie mac niccutcheon.haniiah mcdoiiald.kathcriiif incdonald.inargairi mcdoiiga ' d.camillc mcdoweli.elise mcgee, ' .ignora mcgill.betty incgoogan.mary liuii mciver.jaiie mciver.tninerva iiickaughan.riith mckinne , hazel )iirkiiint ' v,lc,uise inckiiinnii.elizalu-th mclawhorn.leckie niclawhorn, mild red mclean.rnbena iiu ' leesjily nicleod.lucil ' e iiK ' irillaii,niar iiK ' niilJan.rnsrmary nicneilljuanita uuriiimiftn.delia iiianniii,t;.alftlu-a marks, uilla inarslibnunie,rachael marshbiirii, trances martin, liellc reitl martin, Helen massey,lavee inaitliews.convtance mattliews.panM m.itlis(in,di;nilh nie.iile, irginia meadnws, Catherine melson.he ' en nK ' sser,beatrice II ler,emma iller,rcbecc irginia milN,mar minis, margaret mitihell.heleii mitchell,mabel re a mniitg " mer ,cnriiclia monre, Ionise miicire,rnth morris, kathryn niorrisette,elizabeth morris, elizabeth e. morrow, edlth marga mo e,margaret mul ' en,glad s miinden,isaliell nash, unity Ileal. ermine neal,iiiargaret newcomb.amy riewell,i7iildred iiewton,margarit noel,katlierine norfleet,mar ikiOi noithroplaura oliver,aniia love Oliver. edith o ' neal,mar alice Osborne, kate osbiinie.marllia outlaw.gbnl.N padgett,mar tiaiue-- painter.lucy mae parham, elizabeth parker, elizabeth parker,jessif parker, kath een parks.evelMi parrott, edith paschal margaitt pani.emeve pa ne,helen peace, panline pearce, bertha mae pearce,mar trances pearsiin, Ionise peele,niary peele.ruth perkins, Ionise perry, engenia perr .katherine in. pilaris, irgiiiia pickelt, trances |iiiiiii .hann.;h Ionise pinnix,mar pitt, Virginia pitt, elizabeth liittma]i,hnllis pleasants,e elMi plonk, trances ITiole.sarah pope.clara pope, trances P " plin,opal pntt ,elizabeth potts,verdie power, alice prescott, Ionise preston, edith price, glad s pulliam, Ionise pnlli. Catherine pntt.earline raby,elizabeth raiff,mae hlossdin rankin, Hilda reaiTis,edn,i redfearn.riith ne. rent row, ethel in.i rhodes,rehecca richardson, Ionise riddick,evelyii riddle, margaret roberts,nannie m roberts(ni,maxine robinson, Ionise robinscin,mar he robinsiHi, norma rodwell,roma I. rogt-rs,annie g. rogers,janie rohr, Virginia roper, ne a gan rosenhanm,eleanii ross, Isabel le ross,reenette rosser,rnh rothrock,leslie FresK reshmen ruililiH-k.tlien russJieleTi russell.emily rubsell.mary satterfield, Jennie Saunders. Virginia scarborn.durenia ■carboro.mildred schoiz.ruth sessoms.nella shaffer.nieta k. sharp.vdie sh.iriH-.Kladvs hu-lle sliaNv.i-n-lle shearin.mandm-nia shearnn, trances shepherd, mahcl sharwnod.niartha shnrt.kathleen • huforil, Helen shiilljalaj e sinierson, Helen sledge, margaret j. •-HKn eli abetH niilh.annic Inn smith. lulen sniitH.Huii-e smith, lutic belle sinith,nellie b. smith, barinne smith, Sadie smith, thelma smith, Virginia a. sinyth, Julia g. snuggs.elizabetli snfle ' ,flonnie snfley.naney jo snmers,ruth spencer, dciriithy spruill,martha stack, sara stallings,eula stantnn.etlna steed.ell abeth Steele, martha wil sterling, marv Stewart. laura Stewart, l dia stew art, martha Mith.iris stciiie,heleii Mnne,hcr(. stiitt.lucile Stratford. niildred Strickland, elizalutH st ers,Iiicile styron, Virginia swan, may talley.eugenia tate.lucy ta lor, brownie taylor.mamie rose taylor,mary willie ta lor,mary winslow terr ' .margaret terry. thelma thomas,luc ' thomas,rachael thomas.vera thompson,clara Ionise,elizabeth thompson, trances lhoiiips(in,katherine thompson. niargaret e. thornburg.mabel tillett,ester tomlinson,beatrice trent,rosaline trexler,katie lee trogden,inez trotter, isla truslow,pauline tucker, roxie turnage,pattie mae turner, katlierine underwo.Hl,cvel n vanderburg,pauline vernon.gladvs voncannon.eastel ivaldrop, hazel walker,duella walters,jemiie trances walters,kathleen %arren, grace warren, Helen warren, lillian watson.lncile vebb,annie lucas Webster, rebecca Weill, Julia Avclborn,iris welch, agnes weller,hallie b. wellinan,evelMi wells,helen e. wells.helen t. wertz.mary west,viva wHarton.sehvyn whedbee.jocelyn w heeler, luana wheeler, panline vheless,bleeka whitaker.carrie elizabetli white, mary c. whitle ' ,rachel whitsette,sara w ike,w ilma wilkins, Helen villianis, Christine w illiams,doris Williams, f. katherine willianis,viva Williams, vilma illiamson,edna willis,mary elizabeth wilson.annie Ionise wilson.v. elizabeth winders.grace vinstead,a[nia w instead, Julia wise, trances womble.burdine womble.leisel womble,mae womble,ruth woodward, annie lou worshani, Helen wortman,loiniette Wright, edith Wynne, inelba yancy.susaji yeargan.wilma yelverton, hazel Nerten.ruth (»Lniginer,barbara ((■ ' k, Book III OROANIZATIONS STUDENT COiVERNMENTI U Til Cl.lXARU. Ilti h I ' dillt. A ' . C. I ' irsutnil SlLDLXr GOVIKNMKNI ASSOCIATION Clara (li k;xari). Lijn ohitoii . X. (J rice-Pr,sidrnl Student Goverxmekt Association " L ' ANMtKEAl " 4. ' J-K1N5HAM HAJ.1PTON Si:XATl; ,Mi-Mi ' . IRS Student Government Association Officers Ruth Clinard I ' rcs ' ulnil Clara Guingnakd rln-PrisiJi iil MARGAREET McCqNNELL Siililllly Marv Jane Whariox Trcasur,r HoLsi: Prhsidi-xts LoLiSH Dannenbalm Anna IIqvvard Shah- Jean Harvey Hailev Sara K. Hamimon CnrroN Annie H. Williams East Casielliie Bland Gray Jean Divine Kirkland Beiiy Sloan Hinshaw Rum DniiD Wesi Eli abeiii Hol.mes Wo.mans Elizabeth Crowder Norih Spencer Elizabeth Siiinharhi Souiii Spencer Vera Blckingham New CSuileord Louise Mary Foust C1.A.S.S Prfsidkxt.s Mary Clara Tate S( nior Class Marcareet Denson luninr Class Elizabeth Moniy . . Unplininarr Class, firsi Sninstir Kate Graham Sup inmor,- Class, Sr nnd Sinirshr Martha Justice .... Frrshinaii Class. First Snnrsln Mildred Stratford Fiislnnan Class, Second Scim-stir 183 ' ' •• N t- ' C - ' -lf Other Student Government Officers MarGARFI IlAKRlS ••»v C7 (,f AWH I ] K Rl DISH. I. C.ntlii r SriiHil Chair iiiun Mai iiK (Jl hKi IlaiiJIii,,,!; lull ,., 184 i85 ' ■.•: - :. i «y : ' --; II , ' - :, ' V ' i Wm ' - ' , r-x ' i .-M :jjei ' itrVX V Miss Margari-t Sih ' ard Ciitiial Snrrltiiy The Vol r; Womkn ' s Chrkiiw Association ' M. i in: (Ji i:rv. Forts iioiith, Id. PrtsUi ' nt Young Women ' s Christian Association 187 Y. W. C. A. Officers and Cabinet ■ ' ( unitf in the ilisin to rcdlizf rich inil irnitn ' i lifi thidiu h n (jroiiint iiiiilri- stiiiuhiui of doil. " Miss Margarkt Shrparii, dimral Sinilary Offichrs VIaitie Query [ ' rcsuhnt Sarah Catherink Hampion I ' lcf-Presidcnt Twila Mae Harden- Secretary Evelyn- McNeill Treasurer Sue rNDERHlI.i. .... Inden raJuale Ref resenlative Annie Black Williams . Campus I ' ilizi irdnf ' Chairman Mary EvEi-i-N I ' arker ...... res ers Cliairman Rosa Jones I ' esl rrs Music Marliia Jo Corham I ' esf ers Music Mary Delia Rankin .... E--eeiiniii ll ' alJi Cliairman Rlth Oodi) iiiial Cliairman Ri III . ' XnnoiT I ' uslers Chairman N ' lRGINIA Hasseli Inlerraiial Chairman Sarah Urow n InJuslrial Chairman Sle rNiiEKllILI ■(;;- ■ I ' elloivshi ' Chairman Rum C ' l.iNAKi) . . . SlUilenl Co-v.rnmenl Representative C;race Wolcott Represenlalive-at-Iarge Katherin-e Fleming Rrprcsentative-at-hircie Clara Guignard Representative-at-larc e Y. W. C. A. CABINET 30CIETir| The Pan-Helleni:; Council Raciiki, Aicock ClKNX BovD McLldi) ( CninrHaii Smiily ii«;i i, Hasski.i, ) N ' lKGiNiA Tl ' ckhr i IJilphu-iiiSiiiiily Sakaii Brown ] Kaiii: Gravki.v Dikiaii Smiily Fravcks Jamks ' irgima Burt l Urtli uui S„,i,iy Sarah l)RA l. . Moonsvllh, A. C ' (: ; ' (■ Marsind AUELPHIA ADELPHIAN SOCIETY SONG Shiiiildir to shdiiltUi , luiiits filled iLilh ilcvdlinn. II illi purpo.u not iniiiUss. hut iiiniat lui l true: Ihiittd hy all of tin ti(. of d(, p fnnuhhip. If c hniiii, () A del phid. our hoiniitjc to yo i. If ( phdyc to you loyidty. lonij iiud uiii iidinii . Loyalty, iihiih ti ' ill In firm, ivill In- true: Divotioii, ?£•(■ plt ' dti( you, that uivcr ivill p(risli. And love liliii h tlirouijh all lOiniiii tiiui rcill didure ff itii rourai f undnuiitt d , ici ' ll nan li ever oiruiad. Up licifflits to In icon, along parts stnint t and niic, Hut noiv and fortvir, oni i rrat hand of sisters, ffe ' ll he, () Adelphia, still loyal to yon. Adelphian Society, fouiided 1895 Colors: Reel and (M.ld Adelphian Society ' lRGl IA HAssri.i, Casii;i.i.ok Hi, and Mn.DRtD Cniii! . Officers Pirsiilnil Martha Maslin ' . Corrcspmuihui S,ir,l(iiy - . rin-l ' i,suinil R,, 01 Jin, S.nrlary Frances Pairick Triasiim ' . Tlckik . . Inhr-SiHii ly R, [•r, si lUalhu ADI I.I ' lll.W MARSHALS M RV Alice Clxp Elizabkih Ilni.MES ' iRGi iA Askew Christie Mavnard CORXELIA AND THi; GRACCHI f ' l CORNELIAN SOCIETY SONG .| III joy mill priiisc lOiiu ht us sun J llitli mil III III clciir mill siniiii : Let III! (lin ' iididii villus rim I ' l ; fill ' , ixiiltmit soiiij. Of fi nil fill ill fiiir niiiiif Ji( I ' liir, (jiiriiilui. t lonoiis iioid. To iiiiikc IIS t liiilly ih) mill ilaif . U ' htiic ' cr ' is hniit lil. lihciu ' fr ' is hiiinl. li t ' ll oiiictiiil. iipir iril ivir move. Our foolsti ps forii ' iiril prissci! Toi i liir iiiovi 111 sistir-lovf I poll hi iiioiiii iiiii ' s ins To i iiiii III film, ' liiili . spri iiiliiii viizv ir iiih roil ml hi iiioiiii iiiii lies. J ml i ive us iimlers iimlim iieic. Kiilii h eiiiui our eiii er eyes. Miiy Ooriii liii ' s iiiiiiie liiive iie-er ii s mii From liny iluiu h er ' s ileeil. For her. nil i lory leill he i iveii Ami i ive her honor s meiiil : For firm ami stiiiineli ii-e ' II iver s iiml Ihi o eili h o lier rue . Ami loyill (, her nohli hiiml . Hers. yen. her oicn. our nhole lives hroiu h. Cornelian Society, founded 1893 Cnlnrs: Blue and Giild » ,• Cornelian Society Raciiii. A coiK . Sara PrRiiii: . . . Mai II II Rn[;i sip Offici-rs . . - . Pii-sidrnl F. M(.(iKlc;iiK . . CiiirnponJin, Siir,l,iry . . lid -I ' tisidiiil Full II Willi-. Tiiiisuicr RniiiJin, Snrrlaiy c;. 15. Mcl.i.dli . I iiln-Soiiity R,prrs,ntaUvf CORNELIAN MARSHALS Lillian Miller Celia Fuller ELizABtni Reynolds Elizabeth McCluer DIKEAN SOCIETY SONG Diki . nho spc il-s with nvtihrKiiit i nnn mr. ' Iliroiit h listniiuij l mtiih of true u-oiiKiiilvjod . InKi thy -Vdstntss la funic naw ni ri stint FoiccTs ,is yit Idtint ivith niWy hopr iiiihiud. aitiil for thi toiliiu . the lOiiiiiion ciuiiiivor. (ilii l for the niiliiKSS of irtiys to he won. To do for ihr drrd ' s stikf. still k,,pi,i the vision. Trnsting si ' nirr in the love round ns thronn. Stnniprd iiith that hirinty iind lii ht of thy uniuje III uonid go forth with it ircntivv fiiith: ISiiildtrs potrntliil ind nidkirs of hii hunys. luisint for others the paths they may take. And lis the sunset t ives pl iee to the sunrise. After IIS eoiiielh the ehild of the dinvn To fashion the fiihrie of drniiiis siiiree eoiiipleled And serve thee forever. () liijht. farther on. Dikean Societv, f,n„ .lecl .9.8 f " ' " " - ' " ' ' " " " ' ' ' " ' " Dikean Society Officers Sarah Brown Prisuirnl Marcarki Smith . Coirispoiidiru Si ' rri ' lary Jkan- Dkvinf. l " u,-l ' ri i ' uirni lAR Draichn ....... Tri ' iisiirir JANIE Sfcrest .... KiiiiiJiitt Sniiiiiiy Kaiik CiRAVKi. ' i . . . Inli-r-Socitty Mcmlxr .mm CL ' ' - J DIKEAN MARSHALS M, K-i ClARA I ' aIK Anneue RUD ISII.L C. R0ii I, ■ Francks Hampion ALETHEIAN SOCIETY SONG .III ' rnilli uliosc lii kl lliri.inih ' jiii tin ruiiiitliss yairs I Ins Ixcii l nssiil iloaii to iis jraiii saiil t( soul, It c Sill- r Ik I . tlio ' throinih toil and j d ' in and tears. Until 2VC find Tim , that uc may In iclioh. A spark of J ' liic is horn liilhin ( uh hic ist: III strive to jcid that tiny altar firv II itli other sparks icc find upon our (jinst , () rill tliria, of our pure disirr. Thou art an ideal, houndless. iinattained. II hilt yet ice strivt to live Thee every day: Thou art in all, yet ranuot he qained S ive hy lone sranh. ami ireary, and the way II inds hy stroni holds of it noieinee and sin. lint seeking Thee m all n-r knou-, at last II e ' ll hreak tin (jutes that there may enter in Thy lit ht of nnderslandini -aliiii our siiirih is past. Aletheian Society, fouiuled 1922 Colors: Red, Blue :irul Guld Aletheian Society Offici-rs Fr.wcfs jAMhs I ' lrsiJiiil MiiiiKi.i) Sm.jik . Ciiin spnndint Siiiiiary Sakaii C ' hrismav I ' ll I -I ' ll siji nl M Krij: Mai: I ' ARKhR Tnasurrr Catherine Wiiartok . Rnurdimj Siiiilaiy N ' ircinia Buri . Inlii-Sociily Ri risinlalk ' i- r ALKTIIEIAN MARSHALS Era Linker Grace Wolcott Margaret Harris Jessie Bridgers il « I I 111 C- -tSii ' i cu JB5 4, » 1% ' i . The Chemistry Club Offickrs I ' .l.l AP.KIH HiNKS . . . TwiiA Mai; nAKiiiA ' Sakah Hamu, Miss Petty Miss Barrow Mrs. Blavch Miss McDearmav Miss Schaeffer Miss Wright Douglas Alsijv Kertha Barnsfi.i. EniTH Brake Anna Brown Elizabeth Crowdkk Elizabeth Claim ' Sarah Daniel TwiiA Mae Darima Justine Davis . I ' l,- ildiy- Tr Me.mrers Elizarith IIims ' iR(:i iA 1,1 K(n EVEL N l.IJill Ophelia Maihihs Cora McLean Dorothy Mimjk ' fra Price CllARLOrrE PURCKI L Margaret Reeves Elizabeth REniii (; Olive Renkkoe Margaret Teagle Mildred Wallers Dorothy Baughman Beulah Burleson Emily Carr Louise Henson Caroline Jervey Margaret McKinnon L RY Lewis Xeta L e Li his Mary Ha fl I ' j f asants NLxR i Frocior Augusta R .sinsii Alline Ricn Kiis(i Clara Smith Della Stroupe LiLA Taylor Eunice Temple Louise Turnagf Louise Crim f V: Bot£ Club NeLI.11: W ' lLMAMS P VKi.i Mkbam: . . . FkANKIK jl) M. NN ' Kaik Cnni.i; OpFlciiRS ■Jnit dial ■ ,,- ' Sill iltiry-Ti itisui II ' Hill iif Piii jitttii doiiiiiiilti ' r hi, III Mabhl Aderhoiih Miriam Block Irene Bolick Sarah Brown- Elizabeth Claph Kate Coblk Elizabeth Cowfn EVELYX DARLINCIOV DoxNis Gold Gertrude Grimsi.ev Cecile Halberstadt Mr. E. H. Hall Martha Hall Membi;r.s Sara K. Hampion LuciLE Herman- Marv Jarrete Grev Johnson Irene Keller Elizabeth Wilkinson Mary Williams Frankie Jo Mann- Evelyn Mebane (Gladys MrrCHEi.i. Fannie Owen Mildred Philips Pauline Pittard I.OLA Proffit Pe. rl Ropfr Mildred Salter Ila Shields Ruth Sikes ' Rubve Smith Julia Thompson Grace Tilleit Rubye Welch Mary Jane ' HAR•roN Frances White Anna Wilfonc Nellie Williams Dr. L. E. Yocum The Education Club Officers Ferguson Rhodes Piisiiiinl Kaihekine I.inn ' rice-Pnsidint Margaret Busv Sratlary Sara Plkdie Triusun-r Mary E. Spier . . . I ' .liainnan nf I ' rni nini Ciimmillee We nif a yi ' nip nt ynuni; teacher standins on tlu brink of entering the teaching prote i n. Our ultimate gnal is to foster interest and pride in teaching as a pro- fession. Some leading educator is invited to speak to the club at each nionthl meeting in order that we might be brought a little nearer iur goal. The menibershlp if the club, consisting as it does of Seniors doing practice teaching, spt-ciallv stlfcted Juniors, and members of the faculty, comprises a group vith enthusiasm, hopt-s. ambitions, ami high resolves to further teaching as a pro- fession. W ' c are proud of our orgaoi ati on because it is an extremely worth- The International Relations Club Okfilers Rosalie Jacoei Pn-sidntt Edith Allee Srcntary-Trcasunr Dolores Pitt Chan man nf l ' in,,ram Cnmmilli-r E. Crovvder . . . Cliairman « AllinJam,- Commillir Members Louise Danneneaum Mable Topping Virginia Hassell Sara Chadwick DoROTHV Long Twila Mae Darden Clara Guignard Margaret Dekson Mattie Query Frances Hampton Rlth Clinard Jean Harvey (Associate Member) Edith Webb Dorothy Seifert Maitie Moore rAi i.ok Mar Price lirsl Scimslry Sakah 1 ro v ' . . . . ) ' ,i.i ABi: rii t ' Rowiii K . JiiiA Thompson . Km are in Wilkinson Jhan Harvev . . . . AvA Lee Amikews Eleanor Kakion Emma Beaman Irene Boliek Rlth Brantlev Sarah Brown Virginia Burt Virginia Clark Kate Coble Inez Coldwell Zoology Field Club ( )ri K I Rs .... Pliiidrnl .... . . rn,-I ' r,si.l,iil . . . . . S,-,,,ldiy-Ti,,isiir,r . . C. hail man I ' nujram Cum mill,-,- Chairman I ' nlilidly Cunimillri ' Mhmhi:rs Annie Coppedge Catherine Co. : Elizareth Cro M)Er J. P. Chvler Sarah K. Ha.vipion Jean Harvey Helen ' Ixgraham Doris Lee Carolina May Arbutus Meadows Gladys Mitchell Iris Nelson nnnj Srmrshr izabeth Wilkinson Gladys Mitch em. . Carolina W.w . Mildred S i i i k . Ruth Bran ili y Nellie Robbins Manie Robinson Mildred Salter A. D. Shaftesbury Betty Sloan Doris Solomon Julia Thompson Jay R. Traver Sadie Troutman Elizabeth Wilkinson ' 1)1 The Mathematics Club Sali.ii-: Pratt lolise i.fary . . . Oi.iVE Ri:xFROfi EllITH Al.I.EE Louise Austin ' Bertha Barnweu Margaret Calsev El.IZAnETH Cm ' ISl lAV I.UCILE Cl.ARK I.nUISE Cl.OMKCER WiLMA Coble TvMLA Mae Oarden Margaret Dexsov Mary Draughax Lois Ferguson Anne Ford Cordelia French OrriCHRS Memhers (h-RTRUDE (iKIMSI.I ' i Joe 1L rding Catherine ILarkis MvRTis Harris L R ■ Belle Hicks Joi: 1 1 ill Mary Kapp Thelma Keeke Gertrude Riser Louise Leary Ophelia Mathews Lillian Nelson Mary Welch Parker Evelyn Pollard Margaret Redvvine , . . In, -Pi rUiry-Tniuurn . Pr,- id.nt Olive Renfroe Elizabeth Re nolds Eloise Rhodes Evelyn Rives Martha Shore EiHEL Sledge Alma Smith Sai.lie Spratt Ethel Spruill Florence Stimpson ' irgin ' ia lucker Eloise Ward LiNA Welch Ianice Zimmerv a )! : - i V ' f% ' ■ ' fl The Speakers ' Club Officers Hilda Blrtov Pr,sid,nl Grace Tilleit Sccrctary-Tr.asuirr Fkankik Jn Mann ' Cliainnan nf I ' rnt idm C.nmmittri ' Emily Brothers Hilda Burton- Virginia Cameron Rebecca Causey Annie Coppedge Mary Edwards Evangeline Athena Garilis Polly Geddie Flora Griffin Members Elizabeth Hoas Gertrude Hoas Glenn Hamel Mary Louise Hanbi- Cornelia Harrelson Pauline Hood Sarah Kelly Elizabeth Lewis Pauline Lewis Aliena Lyeirly Anxie Mae McLean Frankie Jo Mann Louise Parker Lola Payne Helen Petrie Verdie Potts Mattie Moore Ta lor Grace Tillett Sadie Troutman Hazel Waldrop Sallie White Elsie Winstead The Young Voters ' Club Crowdir . . . Hfle Windle . . . Mary H. Inclis Barrier, Katherine bost, doletta Brantlv, Ruth Brown, Mickey Buchanan ' , Margaret Bulla, Elizabeth Burton, Hilda Cameron, Virginia Candler, Mildred Causey, Margaret Chaffin, Charlotte Chase, Gladys Chilk, Valentine Clinard, Ruth CrOWDER, ELIZAnETH Darden, TwiLA Mak DoDD, Sarah DoNAHO, Mae, Edwards, Mary F. FoscuE, Elneita French, Cordelia Grimsley, Gertrude Hall, Virginia Hamil, Glenn Hart, Evelyn Members Hatch, Louisa Hayes, Grace Heiling, Leah Henry, Sara Herman, Lucile Honigman, Esteli.e Howell, Blake Hudson, Margaret Inglis, Mary H. Jackson, Verdie James, Frances Johnson, May Johnson, Roma Johnson, Virginia Jones, Rosa Justice, Louise kooN, Emma Lee Linker, Era LiVENGOOD, Vearl Martin, Esther Martin, Juanita Martin, Lucy Meares, Elizabeth MOURANE, MaXALYN McCoLLUM, Lucille McCombs, Elizabeth McFaydfn, Isabel Srcrctary- Tiiiis Norton, Harriet PriTARD, Pauline PuRDiE, Sarah Robbins, Nellie RoBERsoN, Louise Shearon, Ruby Smith, Lois Smith, Margueriie Sneed, Elizabeth Starr, Evelyn Stroup, Faye Taylor, Mattie Moori: Thomas, Elizabeth Topping, Mabel Tyson, Margaret Walker, Mary Walters, Mildred Warren, Lynette White, Catherine Wilfong, Anna Williams, Helen Wilson, Mary WiNSTEAD, Elsie Wombl e, Mary Woodruff, Loretta f ♦ N ' Pi ' ' Mt M Sfr HOMK ECOXOMICS ART CI. I li Le Cercle Francais ( )ii ' ili;r.s |f:. s DiviSR I ' ris ' ulinl Mamii: I.ivi nsro lii i-l ' r,-. iJi nl I ' l.GCV II.WNA Sicii iiry Martha Pat Akciibfi.i Trrnsuer Lc Cercle Francais, composed of students passing re(iiiired French courses and making a grade of two or above, has just undergone one of its most successful ears. Our nlenlber hip in i928- ' 29 has been about two hundred, having had no less than one hundred members present at any one meeting this year. Our aim is to know France, to familiarize the student with the language, cus- toms, and people of the countr , ami to instill in the indix ' idual a lo -e of French things Olu " initiation, heltl February 14, at vhich time se ' ent -fi ' e new g rls were ini- tiatetl, pro ed (|uite a success, bringing to u , the old members, new life and aiidi- tional inspiration. rive Lc Cerdc Franiais! El Circulo Espanol Officers Thelma CJaskins . President JHSSIK LKtiRAM) l " u e-Pyesident MlIifi: Secretary AvMK M i Simpson I ' leasurer v.. 15Hsr, ' . IIkdrick Prai ram Coimriillee Eka Rav Reporter Tlif SpaniMi C ' liih is ail (i|-;:ani ari(in (it thdst- stinK-nts whn art- in- tcrcstcil in Spanish lilc and culture tor x hich little tmu ' is allowcii in the classidiiiii. 1 ' acuity nieiiihers ami students wuik tciu ' etlier to pro- duce scenes ot Spanish lite and bits iit Siianish literature. rhniuLlh siiiL ' inL:, ilanciiiL:. and testi aK we tr tci catch somethini: of the hreath and clianii ot Spain, and thus better to appreciate the Spanish peojile. The Madrigal Club Officers Martha Jo Gorhavi ■ Prisuinit Lois Dorseit l " ue-Pr,-sul,iit Della Boren Sen-rtary Maria Hobbs ... Tn-asur,r Catherine Wharton ' ........ . Ri-pnrlrr Catherine Armour Mae Ballard Delia Batchelor Della Boren Kathryn Brown Virginia Bveri.v Flossie Coodell Timonena Crawford Eugenia De Lanev Lois Dorsett Henrietta Edgerton ' IRGINIA Elkins Virginia Fields Carmen Frve Louise Goriiam Martha Jo Gorham Memrhrs Edna Grantham Charlotte Hatcher Mildred Hatchett Ona Helms Katherine Hine Maria Hobbs Margaret Hood Marion Hubbard Frances Johnson Rebecca Lindlev LiNA Bell Lister Glenn McDougald Ruth McGinnis Edith Meigs Katie MiinEirE Mary Rati. edge F ' .DNA Rice Ma.xine Robertson Matilda Robinson Lena Russell Roslvn Southerland Gladys Spencer Emily Stephens Maude Terrell Margaret Thompso.n Mary Timberlake Margaret Tyson Catherine Wharton Genevieve Whitehead Lorna Mae Wilson Chrystine Windley Jane Windley Miss Millie I. Frisiad Mrs. Myra Allbkight I ' ianist Miss Grace ' an D ke More Director Dolphin Club C)i ' I ' ici;r.s Illia Wkicht President Hklev Hodges Seaelury Miss Joan Dver . Fatuity Mrmhrr Members Edith Allee Clara Guignard Charlotte Hill Ellen- Shepard Rosalie Jacohi Jannice Zimmhrn Pegcv McLlre Grace Hankins Mary Brant Tne Archerv Club El.I.KN " SllEPUKRD . . . ' IRCI IA LeRoV . Officers Siiiiiiiiy-Tiiiisio Members Frances Battf. Grace IIankixs Jessie Bridgers Margaret Whitehurst Elizabeth McCluer Rome Sheffield Justine Davis Hiking This iliib i-- composed of thost- aspiriiii; pi-opK- who are up ere the sun has shown his faee. While our less noble sisters slee|i we are up aiul out to catch the hrst thing a new day has to ofter. l)ut don ' t get alarmed. If you are not an early riser, then tliL-re is hiking ui th - afternoon from (i e to six and, best of all, hiking — real hiknig — Saturday afternoons when a sur ey of the neighboring countr - is made. I o those worthy ones who have made one hundred points hiking, there are e en week-emls at the A. A camp. C ur motto is to ]ilease, and if yoti can ' t be pleaseil by any of these things — well, we shall change our motto. opera Association of Nortn Carolina College for Women This organization was begun in the fall of 1927 by a com- mittee of five music students and five members of the music faculty. Each year it presents an opera in the spring. Dean Brown, Miss Grace Van Dyke Moore, Mr. Benjamin Bates and Professor Henry Fuchs direct the choruses, solos, and or- chestra. Professor W. R. Taylor, assisted by Mr. A. T. West, has charge of the dramatic part of the proiluction. It is a very worthwhile organization on our campus, although it is only in its second year. Tke College Orckestra The orchestra is a group composed of college students who are particularly interested in and fitted for orchestra work, and those Greensboro people who fill the same qualifications. It is directed by Mr. Henry H. Fuchs and presents each year en- tertainments on the campus, besides taking an important part in the jiroduction of the opera presented each spring by the Opera Association. Orch rchesus Cl ub Officers Lillian- Arhelcar Prcsidenl Hatiie Rodwell Sicrelary-Trtasurer Members Edith Allee Lillian Arhelgar Mary Brandt Marv Alice Culp Nelle Culler Valentine Chilk Mary Drauchn Jean Divine Katherine Freeman Margaret Hood Grace Hankins Mary Kirkpatrick Lillian Dorothy Mayes Elizabeth Moore Edith Neal Myrtle Mae Parker Hattie Rodwell Anne Sharpe Katherine Schenk Mary ' Clara Tate Mabel Tate Dorothy Tipton Elizabeth Umbercer Hattie Williams Worth AM The Playlikers Officers ' era Bl ' CKIKCHAM Pnsiiintl Evelyn Fncii Sicrrtary-Ti insurer ' lRGIM. KiRKPATKICK llusiniSS MlUUll tr ExECLTivE Staff Asm III RiiiisiLL Slai r Manni rr Ci-cii.K LiNDAL ' I ' rnps I.nuisE Trim Cnsluines CuARi.oiTE ' NnppEN " FArilriiiiin DlREL ' TORS Mr. V. R. Tavi.or Mr. a. T. West i.A:,UhM ' .ArM THE CAROLIXIAX STAFF Carolinian ( )l ' FlCERS KATir Gravklv ■. FJUn,-i„-Clnrj Chkistine Mayn-arh Mutuujuiii l-.Jilur Mattie M. Taylor M unu in, Editor Associate Editors LnuisF Hannenbaum Maxai.vw Mourane Kat iierink Lyw Edmii Ciakk CoxTRiRL TixG Editors ELizAnnTii Smiih .... EmIkukji ' EJitor Sara Ciudwick Suciy EJilm EuzARETii Sneed Il ihil, Editor noKiniiY Long Columiiisl lU ' SIX ESS St.aef r.i.lzAnEiii Reynolds, fliisiiiiss Manaiirr .Isi ' ulanl Itusinrss Manainrs D. Bauchmav Nell Ciller Keilfi Feimseer C. V. NnppEv Irma Riiper CiRCL L.VTIOX St.MF Tim CRAWEORn, Cinulation Manaijrr Rei ' ortot.ail St.xff E. Cauthen T- E. JoEiNsos- M. Robinson- ' . Tucker E. Eaion M. C. Lan ' GLEY Mary Price R. Abbott M. Block S. M. Heniiren F. ' patrick n. McKmght M. Holoman- . . Fuller L. IIanes M Terrell E. Harbour K. Hine I.. Roiiirock A. c;. yriles E.Clark E. Bulla R. Causey R. McK ugil n E. c;al nopulas A. McDowell v_ F.LIZABKIH McCOM E.t ' tlor-iit-Chiej Fkancks James Business Manayer Pine Needles The Staff Elizabeth McCombs Editor-in-Clii,f Frances James Ilusi uss Manai ir Grace Wolcoit I ' ulur,- EJilor Mildred Brown Issislnnl I ' lilur, LJiloi F.VELVN- McNeill Lit, i my Editor ' lROINIA Hassell Orr itrii:tilion Editor Rlth Abboit ;■ Editor Makv Jane W ' hakion (Uuss Editor ' iKi;iNiA BiRi ' ' ■«( ' ' Editor E. Linker, R. Dodd . . . .hsistaitl IJusimss Matiaycrs B ' - WOLCOTT LINKER i DODD ABBOTT I W ' HPJiTOn BROWN THE PIN ' E NEEDLE S STAFF BURT LINDAU THE CORADDl STAFF 238 Tne Coraddi Stafk EuiTH Webb ' uf Jf.w Hakvev hshttinl lulilnr Rosalie Jacobi hsodulr Editor Betty Gaut Issociale lulilnr Cecille Lindau . . -Issociatr Editor Beitv Sloak .... Business Manaijcr Ora Sue Hunniclt . , . Assistant Business Manager Louise Crim Assistant Business Manager Sue I ' XDERHILL Circulation Manager Margaret Terrell . . . Assistant Circulation Manager Irma Roper, V. Harris . Assistant Circulation Managers I 1 I ' ll II i i . (ii iinsborn. A ' . C. Anu.Kiic AssociAiiox cmn R LH, Minus I-V-noWELL SHEfFIELD A. A. CAIilMnT Atkletic Association OiricERs I ' diim Nkal PnsiJiiil Ijurii W ' lain CiiARi.oi IK Hill .... lldKiiiiiv Balgiinlw I ' iu-I ' nsidnil ill! clary Si ' DKT LilADLRS RosAi.iK Jacobi . DoROrnv TipTON ' . Ali k Toud . F.LLHN ShLPHFRI) . Ennn ' ail . Virginia LeRov . Marv Clara Taii; (iARNHil CiRKCOKI F.i,i Ani:iii Sm-I-I) MakV I ' ALIAN I ' ARKLI Makiha Mlicaii R . . ll.ukry . Sill in- . Baskilhall , Sivini rninij Liji-Savimi . Gyiriiiuslti s . . IJitniiii . . linins . . lias I- hill I . . Trai I; . . Ilikini CliAIAIM TIlI. Cll IRAII-.X Ei.i ABKi II Wilkinson I ' oshr Camilll Hrinklev Smial . Harkiet Bovi) Busii.rss Grace Hankins Spidal .Ipl ointc CHAMPION HOCKKV TEAM, SEXIOR iliit Kl KSI 11 246 CHAMPION ' SOCCER TEAM, SIXKiR SOCCER ' ARS1T - 24.8 i i I ' I !)UPERLATIVE3 Bcdiity: Mar Dki.ia Ra.nkix Cii tiirc: LOLISE DAXXEXUAUM - - -it ■ ' I . . •r ' Grace: LILLIAN WORTHAM C uinii: Elizabeth Hanaman r ' uj in ality : B F.TT " S 1 .0. X U ' isJoni: R(3SALI JaCOBI Best All-Rfjiiiui: Clara Guigxard Best .Ithlctc: DoROTII ' TlPToX 2 6+ FEATURES 265 Pink Lcinoniidf: MARV AlICE CULP Peanut: jl.SSlK BlUlXiERS Hot Day: FRANCES JAMES Popcorn: MlX.XlF, GoRDOX CaHOOiX MlSS-El:l;ANEeUS " :F i. ' IW . K.«L: g ■ !- ' nM ' 00 X] IJ iomQ f ■ MWi r lXi» ' y| • GEORGIA COWAN LIB M - COM 85 «IRK LOV e L1B6(E MCDUFFIE riARY DELIA RANKIN 276 ODDS AND ENDS i «? f. " SAFE AND COURTEOUS MOTOR COACH SERVICE- SAFETY TRANSIT LINES INCORPORATED Raleigh. North Carolina — Richmond, Virginia Operating Motor Coach Service Between the Following Points: Richmond Charlotte San FORD Albemarle Petersburg South Hill NoRLINA Weldon Littleton Warrenton 1 Ienderson Oxford Durham Frankunton LoUISBURC Nashville Rocky Mount Wilson Greenville K.ENLY Lucama Dunn Benson Raleigh Smithfield Selma Goldsboro K.1NST0N Mount Olive Warsaw Clinton Fayetteville East Wallace BURGAW Wilmington FOR Special Trips Furnished at Reasonable Rates on Short Notice " 3279— Call Raleigh— 447 Call Richmond — Madison 5422 STRATFORD-WEATHERLY DRUG CO. The Friendly Down Town Home for the College Girl WE ALWAYS SELL THE BEST Crane ' s Stationery Guerlain Perfumes Marie Earl Parker and Sheaffer Pens Elizabeth Arden Eastman Kodaks and Developing NUNNALLY ' S FACTORY BRANCH Box Candies — Bulk Candies Party Favors ED. NOWELL ' S PHARMACY SolJcits Your Patronage From a Stand ornt of QUALITY AND SERVICE V?s7t Our Store STANDARD HOSIERY MILL Incorporated MANUFACTURERS OF WHITE HOUSE HOSIERY The Choice of the People Burlington North Carolina 1 00 Million People 400 Million Colds Govenimeiit statistics claim that each person in the U. S. A. has an average of three and seven-tenths colds annually, with a loss of time equal to billions of dollars. Doctors claim it is the greatest menace to the Nation ' s health. Each year more than 21 million jars of Vicks VapoRub are doing their " bit " toward stamping out this menace. ' ou can help At the hr too by checking your cold at the start by using Vicks. si sign of a cold snuff a hitle Vicks up the nostrils— or melt a lillle m a spoo medialelv Bui ,f yo ana chesl 1 and inhale the vapors- -ihe clogged air passages will clear up im- ur cold has gained headway, an application of Vicks over the ihroa al bedtime ' will usually relieve ihe mosl sluhborn cold overnight VICKS V ARO RUB Now Over 21 Jyiilhon Jars Used Year!] Schiffmans BY POPULAR APPROVAL APPOINTED THE COLLEGE GIRLS ' STORE FOR APPAREL ELLIS-STONE AND COMPANY GREENSBORO DURHAM COLLEGE GIRLS AS HOME BUILDERS Every College Girl should be interested in future Homebuild- ing. Discretion and good taste go a long way in creating happiness in the home. Greensboro offers you many opportunities for pleasure as well as permanent improvements, so why not persuade that " fortu- nate man " to choose his work here and allow you the high privilege of living in Irving Park or Sedgefield, the two incom- parable developments. SOUTHERN REAL ESTATE COMPANY DEVELOPERS OF IRVING PARK AND SEDGEFIELD i Cream of the South The Velvet Kind ICE CREAM Southern Dairies READING A DAILY NEWSPAPER Has Become a Necessary Part of Present Day Education THE GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS COMPLETE IN EVER ' SECTION Is Filling This Demand GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS GREENSBORO, N. C, DURHAM AND SHEETS Fine Commercial Printers Telephone 544 112 W. Washington St. Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro ' s Only Exclusive Sporting Goods Store FULL LINE OF LEATHER COATS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOR ALL SPORTS Doak-Connelly Sporting Goods Co. 228 W. Market Street Greensboro, North Carolina ' We Sell the Best " Asneville Biltmore Hotel Asheville, N. C. Tourist-Commercial 1 00 Rooms 100 Baths WILBUR DEVENDORF Manager Sporting Goods College Sweaters Luggage ana Gifts BUY AT ODELL ' S Greensboro, North Carolina CAROLINA S LARGEST PHOTOGRAPHIC CONCERN SIDDELL STUDIO RALEIGH, N. C. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE PINE NEEDLES THE FINEST DRUG STORES IN NORTH CAROLINA and Dedicated to Your Service Service With Us is a Peironal Matter, and With It WE GIVE VALUES UNTOUCHED ANYWHERE I ' .LSE! 0. HENRY DRUG STORES " The Store, That Brought Down Drug Pric:, in Creeu horo " OUR FOUNTAIN S E R l ' I C E IS THE BEST PIANOS— VICTROLAS— RADIOS c- viJsse THE CORLEY COMPANY 127 W. Market Street GREENSBORO PETERSBURG RICHMOND DURHAM Clotlies Make tke College Girl — and she finds these clothes at Meyer ' s. Clothes that are practical, with a youthful nonchalance — that catch her spirit in becoming fashion. Sports togs for daytime on the campus and lectures in the classroom; afternoon frocks for tea and informal dances; evening frocks to flutter through fraternity dances; coats that will face all sorts of weather, and hats that top the mode in smartest fashion. Meyer ' s Second Floor MEYER ' S FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENT You Will Always Find a Complete Line of Supplies Such As Loose-Leaf Note Books Gift Suggestions, Books, Pencil Sharpeners, Fountain Pens and Pencil Sets, Etc. Wills Book and Stationery Co. 107 Greene Street GREENSBORO. N. C. Carolina Pnarmacy The Rcxall Store Corner Tale and Walker Greensboro, North Carolina A New Drug Store A New Stock of Goods A New Force of Smiling Clerks Holiingsworth and Whitman Candies Kodaks, Films and Supplies Alaays IVilling lo Serve You Come to See Us and Let Us Serve You George Mark ham. Manager JOHNSON -TAYLOR INCORPORATED Greensboro s Most Attractive Store 106 iNORTH ELM STREET Phone 460 WE SPECIALIZE IN WEDDINGS Arrange with us to make your briaal pictures in your home or at the church — any vhere in the state. FLYNT STUDIOS Greensboro Winston-Salem SYKES DRUG STORE A REAL DRUG STORE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS WEST MARKET STREET Sherril More Tea SKop 407 Tate Street HOME COOKED FOODS O en All Day The Shop of Dislinciion Ready-to-Wear Millinery SMART STYLES FOR THE COLLEGE MISS HARRISONS 2 1 2 South Elm Street Greensboro. North Carolina T members of tlie NoRTH CARO- LINA College For Women we extend our congratulations for your splendid work in the advancement of education. And, too, may we express our de- sire to serve you at all times. EFIRD S DEPARTMENT STORES PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS l Sfc Foremost gc Annual Entrdvcrs " SUPREMACY IN THE SOUTHERN YEAR-BOOK FIELD IS THE RESULT OF PERSONAL SERVICE THE CAPITOL ENQRAVINQ COMPANY Has KaJ more than twenty ears of octe,.fuI c.p.nence ,n Ye.r.Book De„en,ng .nj Engraving. Th. are • the leaden in the creat.on an J production of the better o,p,„ent,corp, of artft,. design.,; .„dene„.,r,.reent,rel,.t Jtspos.l Capitol Enqravinq Co NASHVILLE TENN. }: ra= ' THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ENSOlJ " PRINTING CO.] NASHVILLE. COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS Autograpns UHIVEl STT ' " :

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Greensboro - Pine Needles Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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