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■ •tt.VJ EX LIBRIS C R()i,iXK Harris l-.Mlnr-in-(:in, ' i FraxcI ' .s ' Il.l,I,s llitiiriis) Maiiiii rr PUBLISHED BV THE Srt DINT ( lOVHRXMI-NI ' ASSOCIATION ' Ol I IIF Noklll C ROI.l A CoI.l.lCP illR WOMFX GRIHXSBORO, N ' . C. [foreword J rrom the quarried ore of U this college year we have endeai ' ored to refine the simple pleasures of daily life, the high lights of hilarity, the fulfilments of ambition, our friendships — and weld them into a fairy gift whose brightness will grow dim only U ' hen memories fail. [jledication s an expression of our sense uf loss ' " in the death, of a faithful friend whose genuine interest in our college was demonstrated during st ' ivnteeri years of unstinting senice as a trustee, whose progressii ' e policies ivere influ- ential in expanding our school, ivhose xinostentatious generosity and personal interest in our facidty and students ivon our love, we dedicate this book, to the memory of , IU Joe scnthal . ,,u PINE NEEDLES 10 6 -M ' Mmii f ......, :,..,....:m mx College Song 11 f niisr oar Z ' o Vi .s , ' lit tlii ii siccll In II I hoi us loud iiiil strony: VV i roUiiKi lulls SI nil hack I Ik sound Of our triu nphiint souij. For m one ijriiil unhrokcn Imml II itli loyal liiar s and trnt . ) our daayhlirs s anil, and hand in hand Sin , lollii r diar. to you. Our college days run siviftly hy .Ind all too soon li ' c part; But in the years that are to come Deep graven on eiuh heart Our motto, " Serviee. " luill remain, And service ive ivill do. And as ive serve, our hearts icill turn, O college, dear, to you. Dear Al iia Mater, strong and i reat. Jl e nevtr shidi forget The gratituile 7vc oice to you — A never-ending debt; All honor to your name we give. And love we pledge aneiv . Vnf ailing loy dty ire ' ring, O college, diar, to you. White and Golc Mnlto : Service Flower: Daisy Page eleven PINE NEEDLES %b y % DR. JULirS I. FOUST President Page tv;elve fe : - P IHE NEEDLES l ' S.Q dj@ DR. WALTER C. JACKSON Vice-President Paffe thirteen -■,ri V ' 4i PINE NEEDLES 1926 j V? . ?»? Those of Our Faculty Who Have Been With Us Longest Dr. Anna ( ovn Mr. E. I. FoRMv I ' hvMiian. Meinher nf Faciilt ilK•c iSyj. C ' cille-K ' t ' TreaMirer and Cnmmenial Instructor Meinhrr of the Facult since 1S92. Miss Lalra Chit Mrs. Ki.izahkth AVkathkrsi ' oox Secretary ot the College. Meinher of the School of Kdiication. Member of the Faculi ' , Faculty since 1S96. since 1906. Miss Mixxie Jamis(i Department of Student Life. Member of the Faculty since 1896. Miss Etta Spier Miss Viola BonniE School of Education. Member of the Faculty Department of Latin. Member of the Facult since 1907. siiice 1892. Pa e fourteen PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 ' M4!:Mf-,A....r.,..,..,wi Board of Directors A. T. Allen Wake County J. D. Murphy Buncombe County Mrs. J. A. Browk Columbus County A. E. WoLTZ Gaston County A. J. Connor Northampton County Mrs. W. T. Bost Wake County J. L. Nelson Caldwell County George Ward Duplin County Miss E. ' snALE Shaw Richmond County Junius D. Grimes Beaufort County H. G. Chatham Forsyth County Aaministrative Omcers Julius I. Fousx, LL.D I ' i,sij,nl Walter Clinton Jackson, U.S., 1,1. .P., I n i-l ' risiJi?il uriJ Clniinnan of Faculty of Social Science William C. Smith, L.H.D Dran of tin- Collccjc of Liberal Arts aiul Sciences John H. Cook, Ph.D. . Dean of lite Si iool of Education and Direclor of tlie Summer Section Wade R. Brown, Mus.D Dean of Sc iool of Music Blanche E. Shaffer, M.A Dean of the School of Home Economics Mrs. Elias J. Durand. M.A Dean of Students WiNFiELD S. Barney, Ph.D Chairman of the Faculty of Lanciuages and Literature John Paul Givler, M.A Chairman of tlie Faculty of Mathematics and Science Vircinia Racsdale, Ph.D Cabinet Member from the Faculty at Lare e E. J. Forney Treasurer Anna M. Gove, M.D Physician Laura. H. Coit Secretary of the College Mary Taylor Moore Retjislrar Ch ARIES H. Stone, M.A., B.L.S Librarian W. H. Livers, M.A Ilusiness Manat er and Director of Extension Division 0n leave of absence. Faculty 1 1 l iirtim lit of liioloc y John Paul Givler, M.A. Archie D. Shaftesbury, A.B. Jay R. Traver, M.A. L. Edwin Vocum, Ph.D. Helen M. Ingraham, M.S. Lila Belle Love, M.S. Earl H. Hall, M.S. Maude Williams, M.S. Malcolm McKenzie, M.A. E. Inez Coldwell, A.B. Annie Lewis Pleasants, M.A. Tuelma Lloyd, A.B. Department of Chemistry Mar ' i ' M. Peity, B.S. E. Kahiekine Wright, M.A. Florence L. Schaefiek, M.A. Ei.vA E. Barrow, M.A. Mary Brannock, A.B. DepcirtiiK lit of Eiii Vish William C. S.mith, L.Il.D. Abigail E. Rowley, M.A. Jane Sum.merei.l, M.. . Martha E. Winfield, M.A. CSeorge P. Wilson, M.A. Neitie Sue Tilletf, M.A. Alonzo C. Hall, M.A. Mary Vincent Long, M.,A. Harriet Gui.ledge, Ph.B. Leonard B. Hurley, M.A. . ' Arnold McKay, M.A. Agnes Marie Clegg, M.A. William R. Taylor, M.A. James Painter, M.A. May Alcott Tho.mpson, M.. . J. Arthur Dunn, M.A. Rorina W. Mickle, M..A. Alfred T. West, B.S. Mildred R. Gould, M.A. Phoebe Baughan, A.B. Department of German Caroline P. B. Schoch, M..A. Def artmcnt of Health Anna M. Gove. M.D. Ruth M. Collings, B.A., M.D. Department of Ilyc icnc Annie M. O ' Donnell, Sc.D. Mildred Harris, M.. ' . Anne Shamburger Page fifteen PINE NEEDLES 1926 mM4mti ,A.,..,: ..,...f m:mxie Facult- " Marv C. Coleman, B.S. Marvlv.v Emond, B.S. Dcpiirtincnt of Physidil Liliicatirjii Eleanor Daboll, A.B. Minna Lalter, B.S. pj.i ABETH Rogers Joanna Thayer Dyer Hope Tisdale, B.A. Ethelvn Dewey, M.A. Bernice E. Draper, M.A. Marjorie Mekdenhall, M.A. Drfifii t iu )it of llislory mid I ' oli iriil Sriinc W. C. Jackson, B.S., I.I..D. C. D Johns, M.A. Harriet W. Elliott, M.A. A. M. Arnett, Ph.D. B. B. Kendrick, Ph.D. Magnhilre Gullander, M.A ' era Largent, M.A. Department of Liitin ' iola BonniE Li u iry Instriielion Catherine J. Pierce, B.A., B.S. Department of I Iathematui ' IRGINIA RAGSDALE, Ph.D. CorA STRONG, A.B. E.VHLY Helen Barton, Ph.D. Dt partment of Physies William T. W ' richi, M.S. Norman B iri Fosier, M.S. Department of Psyelioloi y J. A. Highsmith, Ph.D. W. W. Martin, M.A. (;la[iys Rae Dlnkle, M.A. Dt partment of Romanee Lani uat es H. Watkins, M.. ' . WiNFiELn S. Barney, Ph.D. George A. Underwood, Ph.D. Malcolm K. Hooke, D. de lTntversite Harold B. Stanton, Ph.D. Meta H. Miller, Ph.D. Jessie C. Laird, M.A. Rene Hardre, Proeessorai Des ecoles normales ' I.ORNA Lavery, M.A. NuTiE Tkrrill Moore, W.. . Alice Abboit, M.A. Augustine LaRochelle, M.A. Helen L. Garrett, M.A. Ca.vieron D. Ebaugh, M.A. Katherine Matso.n, M.A. De partment of Soeiolot y (Ji.ENN R. Johnson, M.A. Ada Davis, M.A. Department of heonomies .Albert S. Keister, Ph.D. John H. Cook, Ph.D. A. P. Kephart, Ph .D. Fred Morrison, Ph.D. Etta Spier, M.A. Lloyd E. Blauch, Ph.D. RuiH Fitzgerald, M.A. Elizabeth McL Weatherspoon Oliver P. Clutts, M.A. Philip L. Harrlman, M.A. Wade R. Brown, Mus.D. Benjamin S. Bates George M. Thompson, Mus.M. Henry H. Fuchs, A.B., Mus.M. Sehool of Eilueation IFxROLD L. Camp, Ph.D. Herbert Kimmel, M.A. Myrla Morris, B.S. Marie Denneen, M.A. J. A. Smith, M.S. Blity Aiken Land, B,A. Mary Fitzgerald Pearl Payne, B.S. Sehool of Miisie Ali.eine Minor Mar ' Lois Ferrell CjRAce Van Dyke More, B.Mus Myra M. .■ lbright Sle Kile Southwick AsHTON Hatcher, B.S. CiLADYS BoYINGTON, M.A. Nora Carter, M.A. Miriam MacFayden, B.S. Edna Geiger, M.A. Anna Kreimeier, Ph.B. DoRoinY Marlowe, Ph.B. JrNNlE WhITTEN, M.A. Ai LIE Wilson, B.S. Helen M. Dowin Millie J. Fristad, A.B. Helen M. Richards, A.B. Gladys Parker, B.Mus. On leave of absence. P age sixteen PINE NEEDLES 1926 rMAMil ' -;A.... :i..,..x Faculty Blanche E. Shaffer, M.A. Mni.i.iE A. Peterson, M.A. ' IVA M. Pl.AVFOOT, B.S. E. J. FORKEV Charles H. Stone, M.A., !3.L.S. Catherine J. Pierce, B.A., B.S Sue Vernon Williams, M.A. Mary Taylor Moore Mary Alice Tennent, B.A. Mrs. Elias J. Durand, M.A. Minnie L. Jamison Sclioul of Home Econor Anne E. Denison, M.A. Alice Litile, B.S. Catherine Dennis, M.A. Florence Lytle, B.S. Acnes N., B.S. (Join III rdril Dcpartiiunt Patty Spruill 77;c Library Elizabeth Sampson, B.S. Virginia Trumper Mary Ruth Angle Marion Grant, B.A. Reyistrar ' s Office Edith Harwood, B.L. Department of Student Life Marie G. Andrews, M.A. Lillian Hillingworth, B.A. Mary Sue Beam, B.A. Lois Justice, B.A. Elizabeth Gibson Annie M. Brown B.S. in H .E. Mildred P. Newton, B.A. Inez Adamson Nina Marie Mitchell, B.A. Kaiherine Sherrili., B.A. Other Offic Hope Coolidge, B.S., M.S. . . . Diiiilian EsTELLE Boyd . . Supervisor of Dormitories Clora McNeill . Secretary to the President Edna A. Forney ' . . . Assistant Treasurer Clara Booth Byrd, A.B., Alumnae Secretary Alice McKinnon . . Manager of College Book Store and Post Office Margaret Shepard, B.S. . . General Sec- retary of the Y. If. C. A. Jessie McLean, R.N Nurse Elizabeth Henninger Nurse Mrs. J. E. Deviney ' . Assistant Manager of the Post Office Bessie Doub Assistant Dietitian ipher llusi- I ' . P ' thel Boozer Secretary to the Physician Eva J. Co.y . . Secretary to the Dean of the School of Education Kathleen Pettit Hawkins . Stenngr Helen Pickard . . Secretary In tin- nrss Manager ' iviAN Rogers . , Siirelary to the President and Dran nf the College Maude Solomon Ci RR . . Offiie Assist- ant in Teaming Sihool Lillian Mebane Stenographer Marie Yountz Stenographer J. M. Sink . . Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings Page seventeen PINE NEEDLES 1926 Alu, issociation Laura H. Coit Honorary Prrsidenl Annie Beam Funderburk President JuANiTA McDol ' Galu Vice-President Clara B. Bvrd General Secretary Board of Trustees Fleida Johnson Patte Jordan Elizabeth Black Adelaide ' an N. Howard Rosa Blakene ' Parker Mabel Stamper Laura Kirby Spicer Annie M. Cherry Bertie Craig Katherine R. Everett Page eighteen NEW AUDITORIUM AND MUSIC BUILDING MAIN BUILDING PEABODY PARK DR. McI VER FRONT CAMPUS BOOK TWO fie Classes 5EN0R5 PINE NEEDLES 1926 -s ? iiiSMlMit . ' ,.,,...J ati)ii ¥m JiiBM .S Slsannf Headen Hurley Mas, ul of Class of ' jS Colors: Laverulcr niul White Class of 28 " oitvr.- Violet Song Mollo: " Love, Honor and Loyalty " To tluc. () Lriv,l,,l,r ,111, 1 llhll,. Uiir li!, ti tlisircs M iriiiij. And plt l, int noic to inp tin ill hiight. II t il,irt (III! joiiriii yin, . 11 I yivf ' Jiir .11 11,1 M,itir, loo. Our loyally uhil, ;;■( livt . Tliink not III, ,l,iss of jS Sh,ill Ink, ,in,t mvtr ijk ' f. Xoic iiuiy its roytil purpli slictii I US pin to yrcttir ,lti,l: M iiy Its pur, a hit, our hi,irts hep chiiu. .h ' iri ' folloiL ivhir, it Ittuh. ciloRL s .4s It uuf ilils Its colors f,iir. Till Liivtiiiitr ,111,1 H ' hitf, So lie SI t forth to , o ,in,l , iire .hi, l-irp its colors bright. Page tivenly-eiglil PINE NEEDLES l 2 K " • ' •«Jp ,X ' " - «i. ' President . rice-President Secretary . Senior Class Offic . Hei.rk TiGllE MiNME WAIKKR . Ri IK REVNni.DS Treasiir Critic . Pianist C ieer Leaders: Kate Caldwell, Helen Rhi Evelyn Bangert . Lucille Boone . Isabel Tarrv CI ass Po. Poised and straight we Maiui with face uplifted Like a runner ' s in the still of morning. Brought by time one moment into timelessness, With infinity ' s white wind against us, We stand with strength and courage in our heart. For we are tilled with beauty, not horn of Days ' and weeks ' sure marking through four years This beauty knows no time, for it is made Of loneliness and chill, and friendship-fire And warmth of finger-tips touched in the night, And color of remembered sunsets, flung Beyond your pines and hill ward to ihe west; And shining of your naked trees in rain. With straightness of your chiseled pines we stand One moment, strong with beauty we have known. Fahean Pleasants Page twenty-nine KATHERINE LOUISE ABSHER NORTH VVILKESBORO, N. C. B. S. Physical Education Adelphian: Orchesus (3, 4). March 8 You are rositive, active, ciitical and determined. Tour inherent ability shows a prolific imagination and strong intellect, plus a " four-square " subjective power. Socially, you have the gift of a hostess, which gives you a great love of popularity and good standing in society- In personality radiation vou are poised, dramatic, but sen- sitive. Vocationally, your mission in life is to direct and help people to find their particular placement In life. Your ability, vocationally, is shown to be that of leader or promoter of ideas, plans and methods for obtaining money for the establishment of schools, studios and charitable organizations. Y ' ou should study social science. MINNIE V. ALLGOOD RO. BORO, N ' . C. A. B. Chemistry Lov of gre urnalisr quil Its in arked education and adaptation Ho Inhe ill. ng and persis and " not inclined to work under others. Your intellec- tuality is marked for abstruse subjects in general. In personality radiation you are psychic and sensitive and not easily understood, but the more discriminating will judge you as being " ery analytical and quite a discipli- narian. Vocationally, your mission in life is to inaugurate peace, temperance and insight into the minds and hearts of those of your world. Your ability, vocationally, is to travel and assemble your interesting adventures into travelogue series for lecture, platform work, or publica- AVA LEE ANDREWS BONLEE, N " . C. . . B. Biology . A. (I); Plavliker (1): Zoology Field Club Secretary-Treasurer Zoology Field Club (3); Zoology Field club (3); Botany Club (3. 4): nmmiftee Botany Club (3); Proctor (3); Educa- tion Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (4). June 9 wn to have a restless, anxious and studious Inherent ability endows vou with const ructive jlus the controlling influence of an educated should facilitate you in study and research you to make great attainments in life. life adiatii and hur vable she by aple lay provident :o home, social, or business spheres. Y ' our ability, nally. shows a love for the study of Nature, y. physiology and hygiene. You should be a of Eurhythmy. I .--- -iS. li V— ; - ■ ) ' t-T- roi ' J, ■ r, X- ' I ANNABEL AROREV FORT MILL, S. C. .4. B. Enijlish AtU-lphlan; Proctor; French Club; Eclui September 9 le matc rlal side of your nat ._ dissatisfaction with old business and nd tends toward establishing th CELESTE ALICE ARMFIELD MONROK, N ' . C. .7. li. Enylisk Adelphian. with troi g powers K ' Wf ■nil uialytiial n lllr mil :-. ,l:ui of suh- «:vrd the nd cnti n.ri isonality sing. Vo- phi osophical give 1 m essage to ability voc atlonally, capab e 01 creating nd soc al c onditlons, Ni ndowed ith V ember 5 mind that is very versatile Your inherent ability s SARA HENLEV ASHCRAFT MONROK, N. C. A. B. Ediitatlon November 11 cal. You arc active, positive, versatile disposition to self-sufficiency through the inherent ability of high-visioning and natural wisdom. You do not like to serve, but desire to be in positions of control. In personality radiation you are creative and free. Voca- tionally, your mission in life is inspirational endeavor, and you can be successful in any business or profession reaching into many countries. Your ability, vot-ationally, fits you to select literature, law or medicine as your pro- Lite pur the le ,- v 4 i V gSK " m ; " i : ■• K . ■■. Im GRACE THELMA ASHWORTH ASHEBORO, X. C. . . B. Eiiucatinn (■onielian; Ilousi- Viee-Pn sidint (H), July 9 you e i I): rid ffelii il.ilitv is that of spiritual vision and intuitiol iHa.tion. Constru.tivi- guidanri? and tdui ation in I uses of life are essential to vour health a happiness; otherwise, unexplainal.le fancies rould aff. you in daily life. In personality radinlion yen are posit and magnetie. Voeationally. your iiM in life is help and heal others through your .l..|. in i lii into a understanding of life. Your abilit.s, ... :. i niii lly. is or singing or Mi.inniii ' .xpressi uld CYNTHIA DUNN BACm KINGSIOS, N. C. .7. B. EJucatioi! Ihkean; Kdueation f ' iul ' (t). December 31 You are . al.ility sh In whate Harmony and dome fined, res have a s tionallx, nergetie. |.roud and courageous, jws ireative ability and the love er dlrertion you may be the ni. is most essential to you in n stir life. In personality radiatm rved and As time pas... lif LICV lAM.UR H. URP n.XKflRIl, N. c. . . B. Kiujlisli Treasurer C; ) ; Ba sel-.all HoeUey 13|. June 10 f inlnrent ability, youi ].nu . unlitns, indieating tli lor. harmony and sen, d utilitarian i.n ,i ,in.l 1 ,, n irtlstie expr. -n.n. in o hai he realm of ■ou are frai nterested in the study of g ' nl,,y. nnd I tudies afford muih for your investigativ lody. Y ' our ability, voeationally, give oward puldie life, speaking, writing am Pi mi ji ' . ' i--:ijA ' il ■ xy " ir ' A EVELYN BRAINARO BANGERT CORFl!, V. V. B. S. Home Economics C Wl I I i xi Alethian; Proctor (21: Assi ••Carolinian ' - (3); Home Eoonc cation Clul) (4); Circulation Chemistry Club (3, 4); October 12 Your inherent ability, as found through Scorpio, with the Moon in Leo. designates a talent for the active and creative arts, and, coupled with tliis itower. you are en- dowed with energy, un-i.i si uiKiiiji, ' and activity in fi- nancial matters. You li;i . not disposed to labor wnh radiation your love of l;i iinl nril.r gives you an air of being combative, but if thi.i attitude were rightly In- terpreted, it would stand for a strong instinct for de- fending or taking care of helplessness in the young and the old. Vocationally, your mission in life is to create, organize, and express for the direct benefit of domestic and social spheres. Tour ability, vocationally, is in- spirational expression in public or political life. OAILEV PRISCII.LA BARKER .VIII ION, N. C. B. S. Home liconnmics L ikian. December 28 good deal Intellectual attainment are high of egotism in( Limmation to support ou in e erv walk ot li nherent ability is that of the buildei in the nd spiutual woildi inrt 111 p. to til, ]i I Ull HI II IRGINI ' ' CNPS B ' iRKl R ASHRnnKO, . c. . . B. Malhrmalics Adelphian; Mathematics club (3. 4 1; Education Club (4), Februar.v 22 Your power through sulKnnscious understanding creates in you a great love of l nowledge and disposition to be useful. Inherently, you are an insiiirational idealist. Y ' our mission in life is to encourage your l» v ' e for the spiritual and follow philosophical and metaphysi should inclii Till els be turned SARA ELLEN BARNETTE DAVIDSON, X. C. -• . B. Romance Languagrs Auf ust 24 1.1 the heautifii sun. Night-til iilth and happine nd delight In t s not pleasant s. Your inhere ntuitions and vo I I I i . 1 lacilitates rapid decisions. 1 , ii i M i.ii are electric rather than ni;i I I II II iMi shows that you are usuall il.i.ilile self-sacrifice, which i.s k l.lainiMKl.v. Your ability, vocationally, gives ing for refined and tasty food, yet a stron toward hygienic outlines in diet, which sho field of expression is in things pertaining arts and domestic science. VIRGINLA RANDOLPH BATTE COVCflKD. X. C. .7. B. History nikean: Freshman Commission (1): Proctor (1): Spanish, ■ ' , Club (1, 2): Sophomore Commission (2): Vice-President l- of 121: International Relations Club (3. 4): class Soccer Team (.S); Honor Roll (2. 3): Dikean Marshal (3); Junior-Senior Toaster (3); Dikean President (4 1. January 30 You are shown to have a keen conventional -i n i ..[ mil and wrong; an active humanitarian nature .iimI iI qr. to public speaking and religious callings. Inl I . have the gathered wisdom to underscui. Ii economy. Y ' our ;Mi..iiiiii:- m.; and you love wi th remarkable dcBu. i-ini.x. In inherent power. yo are more inter. m.. I m ih, l.iw m.l truth of science an philo.-iophy than in ili. |.i.,.ii.,il application. In per s..iialilx i:,.li;iti,,n y.,u are .apal.le of being, extern ill.v -«.,! liTi.l aii.l tranciuil, but inner forces show that vou niiii.l 1-, the will firm, and you will cont inu til 111. . n.l ..I any proposed achievement in spite o al obsta.les. Your mission in life is to be patient in 1.- I.OI Vocationally, your powers contribute to every departi of mechanical enterprise and art. NLARtiARKL ELIZABETH BEAM .XSHFVlI.I.f:, X. c, .1. B. Ch.mislry vha the l.o ate of .■ your pi a life is tn i.ioii... , .111.1 naiil. and to learn h..« i.. K.. |. ..iii soul fr.. ' ail, I ai. ..11 all shores. In persunal ' i i, you ar 11-1 1 11. 1 1 ■ l inspiring, but with p...]. I. ll., ai,- not " in mil. wiih our forces, you sum. i mil. - .i. at.- misunder.-,lau.liiit;.s and even quarrels. Vo. iai..ii.illy. ' ji.u have talent that should be directed into the sphere of public life, as it inclines you to the theatre and other places of artful expression, whe nieet the publi -AM ,M ' A m- . -;- 3 - X " RUTH BELLAMY ENFIELD, N. C. A. B. Eiu lis i Aletheian; Fif-neh Club (1. 2. 3. 4): Chemistry Club (2, 5. 4); Spanish Club (2. 3. 4); Proctor (2); House Vice- President (4): College CIki porter (2); Dane November 5 The instinct to conceal all deep emotions is very str yet outwardly vou are very genial and agreeable. are particularly talkative and perhaps ' " ' " " cially desirous of concealing the very strongly : Your inherent fact that you mental worry or ph; ndicative of financ cut ve ability irtistic n: c tastes a aonalit aspiring sometime life is to exercise your Kiii i mi. bring- harmony and lovf inhi i ability, vocationally, is espt-i ial taining to words, writing and versatile mind should delight ii studies. and collegiate . l I z i! Jv - ' Cornelian; Home Eco Club (4); MARTHA FLETCHER HIGGS RnCKlNCnAM, . c. 13. S. Ilomi- Eionomics Club (3, 4); ne Economics - ornelian So- French Club (2, 3); Chemistry lomics Club (3. 4); President He Student Hostess (4); Critic ciety (4). September 19 reasoning faculti tendency and th ternalities of lite of this ter the intuitic radiation stand that th it gi ' y..u the p. ng (acult appear notional to those who do M-e is pure gold in your mental in life is to show courage ir Vocationally, you have a particular aptitu active arts, plus an attunement to poetry, nc and chemistry. all depart- i,rii:il and m:iI. 1 iaIiStiC to I onib ine personality not under- ■make-up. " adversity, e tor the t-el writing NORMA RAV BLACK ' J- CROSSNORE, N. C. B. S. M. Voice Dikean; College Chorus; German Club; Phoenix Club. Augrust 9 wrong, you are as in i ' ou ai ' e kind and noi [f vou believe a thing is right or wr movable as it is possible to be. You ?ombative, but very persistent. Inherently, yo is shown to be that of a controller in the real ence and wisdom. Your spiritual revealment you through prophetic dreams and strong i " gatherings. " Y ' our missior tuitional e is to inject inspira- ucational lines and human atterment In personality radiation, with mental nature redominatlng. you have the prerogatives of a zealous orker along the lines of new departures in the ciilture d body. Vocationally, your ability should direct the channels of medical courses and art. -. 4 6)V [ " V ' ■» ■ ■ ,1 ' lill h •V H ' ' V ' .iv — ' » ' ' ' ' ' ' Mm MM MARY ELIZABETH BLAKE VVII.LARn, . c. ?. S. Home Economits September 4 Your hnliliy coulil be the study of medii-iiial qualities of plants, as Vilfe ' o in Piees endows you with a love for flowers, the an-angement of gardens, and diseriniination and appreciation of perfumes and their manufacture. ■ n life is to he a willing helper to humanitv. than likely tin II I. ..I. Ii FRANCES LOUISE BOBBITT L ' M. Rl.OlTE, X. C. . . B. Sfianish Queens College (1. 2); Spanish Club (i. -1 1 ; ' ' Flench Clul, (4)- Tennis (3. Ac. Oetober 4 Moon in Gemini, tends toward high .ii ' iliiy in the arts and mechanics, also inclination toward dramatic lil You ha . al skill for draugli In poisonalit.x ' r:oliali,.n , Iv holiitul. l.ul can l.fcor your sympathies wane, ability and nature qualifi form work along the lii endeavor. ciuick. artistic craft. you for teaching iitific and schola LICILLE BOONE CREESSBORO, . C. .7. B. Romance Liuu iuii rs Critic (1, 4); Society Treasurer (3 lb 2. 3. 41: French Club (2, 3, 4); Educ tloii Club (4); Les Bavardes (3l. March 2 a repressed nature and nstances. Inherentl.v. yo such as mediator. Lii.l society. Y ' ou ha . mi riling, speaking ami ,i|.| equently repressed mg in an official di|.l..iii;.li.- officer fc ' i ' ).. n|.I, M, and develop and love of a public life. C J ' :.P ' -, A A . f r ' S ' ty i. 1 EVA BO WD EN ROCKINGHAM, N. C. , . B. Knijlhh (2); 3, 41. AuffUst i) (3i Y. V. C. A. (1. Yuu epre fore, you slioukl choose a path fort of a publir type. In 1 1 ii v i:i.|iim .ii natural leadership, you cause ullii i i " i in i. ].,, on you. Do not slight these r, .-pnn.-il ' iiiin . i your mission in life to have peupU- learn to do your judgrment. and help them bv being ready the initiative with and for them. Vocationally, y executive ability that should be used to advar leads for your talents in the spheres iig. pin h-ctu Ml SETTE HRAOSHER MEBANK, N. C. .1. B. Eu, llsh Aletheia n; Education Cluli CI, 4); Y. W. C. A. (2. 3). July 33 You slinu inher. rill fortun.M. philaiii 1,1 tion s.rtii. d lie very fond of travel and people. You are. ,1, ,1. generous, a natural healer and usually III i.Linl to money. Your mission in life is to v-iii l.iiutiful charaeteristics. especiallv the -1 i, 1,1. of your iiaiure. In p.rsonalilv radia- foliou, .1 ■ 111111.1111 . ,I..IUIll, ..|M .-, |,,1|,,,,,,.| l.V ,|,.|,|...S- mat.TiK.V |,,xV " ;,n, ' l " sh ' ,,w " ! ' ,,, II, ' ' ' i ' i Li ' " , ; ' i,, ' ' in ' pi ' lviiN ing fui- uiui i.ruU-ftmt, ll.nsr |.-.s.s KutunaU- Ukiii self. You L-ould do this tiirouyh yuur iitness fu study and practice of inedirine. A vocationally, yc inclined to be a novelist. HILDA HRAWLEY MOORESVII.l.H, N C. A. B. Ediiiaiion Marshal; EilUP;ition Club; Ootober 5 ersonality radiatit Your chief marks of i determination, exclusiv Your inherent ability gives you strontr bi and professional adaptations. " W shown to be some commission to ni scientific lines of endeavor, your nii allied with astronomical studies. be most successful in anything ■■ Your avocational forces represent b friends. You would be successful spheres of endeavor where good r endurance would be helpful. nd love of Natu I mi lands. In I . -I v .Miiii be chiefly :iT 11.11,1 ll -, you would .nnecled with water. )ve of social life and in languages and in lemory or powers of i ■i£- . l.... iC ■. »„jls« ' t:: ' -trT vv - .% v Wjv ' HULDAH M. BRINKLEY MANTEO, N. C. . . B. Education ; Socrer Team (3. 4). September 19 l.ut you cannot forget, and ran be mental wounds. Love of sad or It ' ll in your vibratory forces. Strong ii.n is another one of your attributes. I .shows that you are inventive and ilit i.i.liiition you are cool in action 1 1 h Tilt ' petty and inactive types the rid dr inguished in music, art. singing ression. Avocationally. you are sho he highest possible attainments in IREDELL HOLMES BRINN v. siiiNcrn , ,v. c. «. .V. ,1 . rnic- Phoenix I ' lul. 13. 4): Education Club (4); loral Society; Opera Association (41. Jul.v 12 ■ lit power Is significant of large imagination, spirit good mimicry, and adaptation to the hi; diMlilcdlv magnetic in personality radia- li.iuld avoid mixing with crowds, for there is to lose strength and also absorb the ailments t. In the fulfillment of your mission in life, your best in helping, healing, and Instructing iitai tional plays, you be the ould excel in any theatrical -eative arts. nd poi! In CLEMENTINE FLORENCE BRODIE HENDERSON, N. C. . . li. History Alelhelan; French Cluli (1. 2); Vice-President of Junior French Club (2); International Relations Cluli (3); Treasurer International Relations Club (4I-, Young Voters Club (3, 4); Proctor (3); Y. W. C. A. Aug ust 30 Y ' ou. Inherently, have very high ideals and intuitional powei-s which often amount to presentiments and ability til iiiMk.- spiritual lilscnv.-ries. You have the faculty of ,- Hint 111, .Mix l.iii uiii.iiillv l.isi- it through humani- i,,Miii ,.|,,,,,i, .,i Mii.iiiL ' l, .1,1111... to ideals. Y ' our per- s Ml II. II, I ii.u,ll -uiiiiy. hopeful and very I.I recognize and reward ha ' sponsive temperament, and an uncommon readiness in the correct use of words, yet likelihood of speaking too rapidly at times. Avocationally. you are inclined to be artistic, and to love the beautiful, with aptness for edu- cation, and some desire for public life in the avenues of humanitarian endeavor. Vocationally, your gifts should incline you to the theatre and other places of amuse- ment for appreciation and expression. ] V r — .,1. ' - V OLIVE BROWN WILMINGTON, N. C. B. S. Physical Eilucalinn Adelphian; Ho of Reprea iitati 1 ) ; Eiiu n null 3. 4); of N. C. C. (2 HockeyTeam (1, 2. 3. 4); Captain (1); Manager (12); Varsity Hockey Team (4); Sorcer Team (2); Basketball Team " (l. 2. 3. " 4); Varsity Basketliall Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis Squad (2, 3, 4); Baseball Team (1. 2, 3. 4); Gymnastics Team (2, 3. 4); Varsity Gym Team (2, 3. 4); A. A. Cabinet 13, 4); Sportsmanship (2); Best Athlete (4); Dolphin Club (3. 4). Marrh 33 to be govt- will. At ti as your em inspi] dictat should tr ,re a lo el the lou snouia iiiivtfi iii« ipiim ■ is related to philosophy ;vti.i hi i- " i ing. Avocationally. you I,, I, mil: im rhy expression and you should li -i nine disi line. In personality radiation you are i in that you are artistic and practical, life is to originate some new way of w harmony for the benefit of children. al in e-xpression :ing or studying OPAL INEZ BROWN j. Mi-:svn,i.K, N. c, A. B. Education Adel ihian; P av Likers (1); Hou se of Repre senta ives (2); Education Club (4). December 30 Capr icorn wi th the Mo on in Sec rpio, gives you I positive re. This influence mak es a strong. tiidi. us mind. inclined to si ience and art. In personalil 1 iti.iti you show faithfu ness in lo ve, k ndr ess and - 111 p., 1 Your mate rnal lov • will be deep. str ong an.l , I ' liil 1 1 Your miss on in li fe is to s et an ex ample oi i , I . ' i ■! nine in determ nation to ove COI le obstacl, s. J ipUer in Aqu irius gi love of out-door 1 fe a id safety and ability t o he, avo ■ation allj . an aviatr ix. I n ability. vocationally. you have talen t t( r law. FODIE MARL BUIE RED SPRINGS, N. C. A. B. History ketball Aletheian; (2); Proct (2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Int Club (3, 4); President Y. (1. 2, 3. 4); Track Team -President (3); Spanish Club tional Relations A. (4). and for tliis fairs than -n ill ,11, creative ami , 1 1 1 -I 1 ' , . ' 1 attracted tn . n lines of elide i " 1 Vu music. There ore. avoc and the beau tiful in artistic caree r; w hile, to be equally balanced and interests IT large spaces mentally, ter at handling large af- (inality radiation you are Is reason you are strongly ing to do with theatrical ■rv fond of the . your love of i should lead yot mally, your mil of general busi art ' 4 H " x y ' H ' - J. LINNIE WARD BIRKHF.AD ASHEBORO, N " . C. «. S. M. Piano Dikean; Fr.-niii rlul. (2); Proctor 12, 3); College Chorus (2. 3. 4); Tnasurer of College Chorus (3); President of College Chorus (4i. Allg:u$t 1!) I rih. M III ly, you are adapted to traveling or to being in I ' ll I- where you will meet the public. In personality I .I ' li.i I i ' )U you are poised. seriou.s and amiable. Tour qualn.v of intensity, positiveness. and good leadership should direct you Into constructive channels of activity and achievement rather than to cause you to stand in your own light. ' haracteristically. you are a inental and physical builder and are original in thought and action. Many surprises and strong occurrences are noted for you. Vocationally, your solar influences dominate speech, writing and chemistr.v. Avocationally, Mars in Cajiricorn g; cs ou a great love for the care and in- ALICE ADAMS BIRT BISCOE, N. C. . . B. Romance Lanijuayis 4 1: House of Represen- ; House President (3). August 21 ■r. urv in Sagittarius yiv.s strength to the muscles and .i,,i II.. IMS. :iihl uii.ii-iii.s the activity of your whole M it ,iN,, m . ,11 iicllnation to use the muscular -i.iii I ,,, .1 1 ,,11,1 1 1 Hi i.,ine active pursuit. In in- iiiiT :iliiiii Mill lit iiiively inspired, being quite a a. til ill iiiciilist. In personality radiation you are artistic id electric. Your mission in life is to prevent people Dm cariJtng criticism. Vocationally, you should study id teach asthetic dancing and impart personality train- EVELVN VlRCilMA lUTI.ER KlHls 11 I I . . C. B. S. I ' hysital tJucalion . lelheian: Class Cheer Leader (3): College Cheer Leader (41. Basketball Team (2, 4); Soccer Team i 4 I ; Edu- cation Club (4 1. Alieust 31 Inli.i.iitlv, M.r.ury in Virgo relates your intuitive fac- ulties ti. .Nature, mainly of a physical character. With N ' eiius in Ceiiiini iiur love can be easily turned away il.inieslii aveiiues into intellectual and educational .spheies. In [.erscinality radiation you are interesting, un- usual serious in temjiei-ament and fond of peace, re- lle.iii.n and meditation. More than likely, through aiiisti. work, you will be brought into high , ally ind d.Mi],he talent for igue J- ' w ' _ -aPt- iwdl - ft ,1,1 ( ' I KATE PEARSON CALDWELL CHARLOTTE, X. C. . . B. Education Adelphian; Class Prosident (11; Piesiti.nt ' s ' ■., (1) Dramatic Association (1); Freshntaii - ..iiiiin- li French Club (1, 2); A. A. (2. 3. 4); I:,, .i ,ll |. m, d 2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2); S.ii ;i l;, .l.:il Varsity (2. 3); House President (31; Tr .i-nnr,L Society (31; Toaster at Junior-Senior Biuiciu.t dl; Soc cer Team 14); Class Chieer Leader (4); Marslial (4 1 Young Voters Club (4). May 20 Taurus, witli the Moon in Aries, gives you inherent ability to begin and accomplish great undertakings for the masses. The dominant feature of this polarity is rule of life and persisten. . Tli, iiid.x ..i aiiihithm for you is leadership. Avocat iMni 1 1 , imj :n. . ..-m[m t ,, 1 1 .■ in mental and physical healinu. in ih i .-.mi.u 1 1 i;iili;Miiin you show strength, vigor ainl .1. i . i-m. " i.m ;ire charac- teristically versatile, but also i.ra.tical. Avocationally, you would be successful in oi-cupational callings having to do with groups of people. You are inclined to marry while young, but you have a critiial, analytical quality which sometimes prevents marriage until later life. Vo- M cationally, you can teach, prca. li and write. T TsN ' K EULA MAE CARPENTER ir i " LINXOLXIOV, N. C. , ' . . li. Eufllhll K- ' Z 1 A ' Adelphian; Zoology Field I ' lul. (1. 2. 3. 41; Proctor (:!1; y - Y. V. C. A. (1. -1. 3. 4 1. ' " . la.v 10 Vour inherent .-il.ility registration gives a very practical, niech.iiil. ;,l ■i,,,l iii!;cni,,us mind. Taurus, with the Moon in Pi-..«. Ln.- N,i,, ;,,i inclination to study, with an aptilnii. i.,i iM.ii 111 iniMcs. and increases your desire to hav. ij V ijiiiuiili . u are not materialistic. In per- sonalii.N i.uli.uiuii , ou are a mental leader, have good ti initiative, and will serve well in your path of life in 1 , ' spheres of creative arts. Vocationally and avocationally. rk. ELIZABETH EMMA CASE OAK RII)i;k, N. C. . . li. Edm alion power i.s uuthii. .1 as triuue in . oloi aii.l li.i..,. .liarac- teristically, a love for beauty and display. With your business and organizing ability, you would make a good executive in the creative world. ik " " yJhi.A-. JiJtC u ' i " b6 Adelphi: Da FAY COLE CAVENESS COLERIDGE, N. C. . . B. English leliport (1. 2); Proctor 3); T. W. C. A. Ottober 33 Inherently, vou are K0 erned almost wholly by your in- tuitions and cosmical feelings. In ability, you are an in- spirational teacher. As time goes on you will have a strong leaning towards religion without creed. You are shown to have clear spiritual vision and foresight in busi- ness, or in whatever direction your interests may lead. In p ' Tsonality radiation your personal influences con- tribute t . pride and conventionality. Your strong will power ai . ounts for the fact that you listen to advice, but do a.s vou please. Because of your tact and diplomacy, you would do well to ally yourself with politics or clubs deal- ing with civic interests. Y ' ou are idealistic, but live on that plane through your subconscious mind. Vocationally, you are the revelator of practical Ideals, . .vocationally, you belong in the psychic, inventive and artistic spheres CATHERINE LOnSE CHERRY FR.WKl.lMOV, N ' . C. A. B. Education Kepi esentatl Proctoi Pre Etiu V. Aquaril ense of ho degree Februar; adai Your in critical pow lid detail.s o ted to mental rather than phy h the Moon in Pisces, gives j id integrity of character, but i ety concerning yoi inherent ability gives vhi.h le Mer ionally, you mentalist in nd dexterity MAR I.OIS CI.ARV CHINA CKOVF, . C. . . H. EAuialian or Fr.iirh I ' lub Cll ; Educ September 6 t ll c rl V. be 1- giv iously strained ridiculous, espe- active. In personality e and changeful. You deinocratic. Tou are ong likes and dislikes Your mission in life the cosmical mother, as Venus and Cancer concentrate a love-nature upon home, family and children. Avocationally. you are ex- ceptionally talented in the plastic and dramatic arts. ionally. ' MIL , (.!•■ " . ' C x-f u i:.. .r LOUISE CLIFFORD STATESVILLE, N. C. A. B. English Aletllt-ian; Mit. ' li.ll College (1. = ; Spanish riub (3. 4). July 10 shown to be strong in vision. Your mission in life is to r gift of self-illumination. In are assertive, poised and in- ly, your ability conduces to literary es of expression. You are innately ,. „..„ ...lotional. and are greatly influenced .,, .._ friendships, but could be deeply hurt by dis- illusionment. You have talent for the active and creative arts, especially along the lines of dancing, music and dramatic art. In your ability, avocationally. you have the requisite mental power to be a student and teacher of MARY ARMFIELD COE GREENSBORO, . C. A. B. Education Cornelian. Inherently, your powei revelation and inspira inspire others through personality radiat fluential. Voiatioi and scientific av( sympathetic and April 2 Aries, with the M oo n in Scot pio. gives you a tendency to follow the V .gt la " rules ai d customs of soc ety. and of the world in ge leral. thereb y inclining your n ind more tie s than to origination Tour inherent ability should i in ard a classical e ducation. , 1 111 tllll -111! .1 of thi igs eth ical and spiritual. In l " II lion you a re mag letic and lovable, and » ■ III 1 --iiill III life is to show that you can depend imi 111 III 1 Ull III! s and cov rage in the re- sponsibilities of li , ' Vurallul ally, you are an organizer along the line of the aeti ve arts. Y ' ou lo ■e order. elegance and be at ty. Avocati jnally. your know edge and understanding w Id make you a teacher of parliamentary law. Adelphii META BLANCHE COLLINS SYLVA, N, C. B. S. M. Public Sihool Music Phoenix Club; Education Club; College Cho May 29 Your inherent ability is productive of a high order of service in artistic professions. You have a tendency to be poetical and musical, and should cultivate a sing- ing or speaking voice. Y ' ou are somewhat inclined to believe in a controlling destiny, or to fear that some force may hinder your ambition and efforts. Tou should, there- fore, adopt some worthy and constructive philosophy in order to offset this depressing fear. In personality radia- tion you could be most aptly described as one radiating sweetness of manner, discretion and spirituality. Y ' our business foresight enables you to see over large mental space, and you would be efficient in handling large af- fairs. Vocationally, you should engage in active, in- spirational arts. A r MARY MOORE COON WILSON, N. C. J. B. English ortor (31; Junioi-Sfnior Toastfr (3); Edu- i-ati Mul. (4 1 July 34 CharnrtPiistlrallv. v-iu an- influx nrfd thrnUKh Leo. with the Moon in Gemini, by the fixed rules of life. You love to worit in accordance with law, hut you require that it shall be absolute and linuartial. With Saturn in Libra, you are Inclined to love Nature and book.s. Your active brain and siiitininl xisinn .jimM.-s you to visualize sym- bolic forms 1 1 i i I . III. .1 i. .III, water and birds. Y ' our mission is t .|.i .in. hhI ulxance the nobler things in domestic .nnl -... nil in. unl to lecture to groups of young peopl tin imi ;iii., nnrl ]iiirj ii ,. of the so- cial structur. fine arts. Am.. :ii lie affairs. In |.. exclusive toH.inl l nor lel.ite to youi .. ,ili.,i,,ill , .,n .-I1..11I.I , iiLMKe in the " ' . ■■ iM t ■ -ii.,l in pub 111,-,, ulii, o.uli.i 1., Ilos I,, xi.ur sphere JOYCE COOPER K.AI.KICH, N. C. . . li. Education niKian Freshman Cnmniission (1); House of Represen tatnes (2), Botany Club (2); Education Club (4): Dikear Couesponding Secretary (.■!): Dlkean Vice-President (4i N.w Voters club (4); Exchange Editor of ■ ' Carolinian ' (3). Business Staff " Carolinian " (4). i r-. " September 26 Venus m Taurus idealizes your mind in taming to sensations and affections. Yoti Nature and a disposition to study its phe twilight hours of the day, Venus in Ai ou a dream mental state, influencing routine life. 1 Ma health bv n rnulil i-.i 11 ch . qc have a love of lomena. At the t ' ou away from 3u should take to the diet, as iigement of the you are shown oward hygienic habits and constructive CHARLOTTE GODIVA COPPAC.E V.ANCKBORO, X. C. -7. B. Education kcan; V. W. C. A. (1. 2. cn.h Club (2); Young Vot Club 3, 4 1 Inherently, you a stro is realized, Febrimr.v ideal of uiiit clination tmi .1 (21 1(1 harmony give il union. If th iital impetus pit ■lit of humanit: uu should 1 and as soul advance- f metaphysical ju are active. y is noted. Y ' our mission in life good. Vocationally, you are a ■chitect, through the professii mist, or as lecturer. ' -:: : ' ' -JA iM: M ■ ' ' dt J , .-V •■ ' ' ' ' ' " ' - 2 t.-,i RACHEL CORDLE GRKF.KSBOKO, X. C. . . I). Ilhldiy , uiati.s l-UU. C ' .. II; I trade vel radiation : ly, you have a courses in Natu ophjes. In speai inetapiiysical chara expressions. Your r ntind. Avooationailj for order and lieau and a di g and w. i-acterlstii . ou are adapted to a pulilie. In personality (I sorialde. Vocational- Mi deal with the finei I i.mard occult philoa- II vour thoughts anci s to teach the laws ol n to have a great lov ngage educ id V I ' J I ' in. EVELYN CORNELIUS MOORESVIl.l.K, N. C. .7. n. hitiiial ' wn ,nu lian; alien ' -lul. (41. ha th December 1 abdity to deal dth the publi is. as a rule, hoiidiil iinl. |.. ml living. Mercury in ' i. ' i - fac ' Ulties and frequcnU.v main sonality radiation you are luva aonal. Vocationally, your powe the mental Qualification.s riqu ■reative arts. de, but appal ■ and ability site to prolic In per- ,• imper- ribute to VIRC;iNIA COZART sii:m, n. c. . . U. Soiioloyy January 11 , you would b lec ' ted with In ally, you could bala role temperament, vet teel- r life. Inherently, you to carefully watching u are interested. Your vork. In e presenc re the re ' V ji.„. i%i. .A.: ' ' K ■ " ' liU lk . % S,M.Wafe«4r ' ' f- 3. -1 » ,«ia -»4iZ «»- ' ALICE MAE CRAIG WAXHAW, N. C. . . B. Biology : Proctnr 111; Fivshman Commission (11: Junior i-lub (1. 2. 31: Zooliigv Field Cluli (2. 3): I ' hem- il. 11. 2. ::. 4): College Choir (1. 21: Young Voters Cluli (1 ; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3. 4). August S5 rent ability you have pronounced aptitude for general. Di: ffects ■ery much. Things vhich ugh -looki! presented itsilf through unconlrollal.l. ssion In life is to sli..w. h pure gold, and your inirity wil long as your real nature pre iation you have artistic taste! I. In ability, vocationally, yoi mind with fine mechanical in md have the ability to composi ily. your power is in apprecia ture through the pen or brush LrCV MAIRINE CRl ' MPLER SAI.EMBCRG, X. C. . . B. Bioloi y November 1 Your inher ent ability is that of a natural healer and counsellor. Y ' our powers show that you have a strong imagination , coupled with courage and creativeness. which marks vou as quite the inspirationalist. In personality radiation y 3u are shown to be candid, usually simple and unaffected. witty, quick at repartee, and a natural leader. Your missi on in life is to reach out into the cosmical centers alo ng the lines of studv and research for the direct ben fit of self and others. Vocationally, vour ability allie s you with the study of Nature and the love Avocationally ideas for programs WILLIE RLTH Cl ' RRIN VAKINA, N ' . C. . . B. Engl ' uh ■en. h C (2 Augu-st n ve mil ■li intern il c-ourage and are -er - -■t ed Hll impulsivf. Inherent V, Vril ■ in; iK-s can V observe readily ay appiN nt and learn ar int. 11 d a. ind. ' .iVi ' i ' i ' i-i ' }m ■ iiL r .- yo 1 It re poised, : nd wher yuui plauvl 11 s Kll.s ar me itai y you sh ow brilli int at of cl arar er th the Moon ii Cancer gives you a cl ar log ' a en ific mind, w ith qualificati 3ns, vocat on Illy. fo ry ca eer. Voc ationally your wisdon a nd psyr hit lei t 1 ropcrly i ominate your .speet-h ai d ng 1 m M i M: Im - ■h ' ) (ftvf ' « ' ' ' " ». MARY LOUISE DALTON WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. . . n. French ■. ' n.h Club (1. 2. hi; Proctur (2); Y. W. 3); EcUi.ati. Det ' eniber 3 CUlli (4 1 rhai ' acteristiiallv, Your inherent ah teach the great I ships. In personii justice, foresight could place you i 1 generous. ' learn and ;in relation- ot tatisti- iiiii;ill . your ability ilo with finance or In ability, voca- nnal world of en- iiinister or teacher. DOROTHY LEP: DAVIDSON GREENSBORO, N. C. A. B. Enijlish Augrust 1 talc :ike- th beauty, personality radia- onality, and you have fine ideas but without any help, direct, to greater things counsel, and. furth I esson: Weed value to you, can constructi n, be helped. ut 3 MARY HORTENSE DAVIS AI.RKRMAKI.K, . C. - . H. EJucation LMuli 1 .3 ) ; Ho 111: Uepi ( ' 1 u I . February 2» planet that ruled your day ot lesson that Satu chastity of the as birth Satu jiatiei cxpre brotherhood . The n teaches is self-control, prudence, 1 thrift. In personality radiation ng type of mind, and in physical onality expresses generosity and tiunal work, your forces and in- stic expression of all kinds, espe- iij r, w hing and public speaking. even sometimes in cases I in you. While doing this III. IM1IL.-S; ..f fVr-ir :it the justice villi ..i;i t inliii 1 I , OU will On- im V " in Ml ' ill- 111 Imilding plans ii„.i- Mini l.iii.« li .l .. of finance ■ A IP 11 Kn iKk " Vkd lU: Mi .J .. MILDRED DAVIS ZEBUI.nX, N. c. . . li. History Atieliihian: Fren. h i-|ul. (II; rliorus rlub (2 istry Club (2. 3); Proctor (31; Hiking Leadr-r ming Team 1 3); Soccer Team (3); Senate (■ tional Relations Club (3, 4); President Interi lations Club (4); A. A. Cabinet (4) Maj 23 itional Re- good de al o l i ... 1 1, , 1 ..l.ihM ..n.l . II n lie rsons abb an.l .11 iiiiv .. r .11- the ma erial pl in... is the al llltv qu ckly betv •een r al and superficial thin yo Ll are sho wn to h ive strong mus cal t pr iliablj ■ CO npose, if you studied se •iousl th ough you r risir g planet. Mercur , wh the Sun of any ye t d Iscovered. your geniu int ellectual pursuits point in the direc is nearest to mental and of art and Be MYRA JANETTE DAVIS GREENSBORO, . C. , . li. Romanci- l.ani uaiji-s lUiTlK II. 2. 3. 41; A A. II. 2. i;lul. 12. 3. 41 ; Fr.-n. b Club November 29 " .sday. Mer.ui 11 flu has more to do with your mind than with the senses. In inherent power you have good mental ability, ingenuity and adaptability. You should be apt at speech and argu- ment, plausible and of substantial fluency in counselling; but along with this there sometimes goes a degree of subtlety, rejjression. anxiety and secrecy, as well as re- serve in your mental processes and external reactions. Mercury ' s aspects at tbc time of nur birth niav, how- ever, modify ulmi Im- L. ■ n -i bl. b ilr id b. drudfc ' e ill. ms that call I, for you do but you dislike that ALMA DELLINCER , LINVII.I.E KALI.S, . C. i - . U. Edmtition Al.tlu-ian; Jliitli.niati. s club I 3. 4l; Education Club (4). November 12 There is in you a disposition to brood over conditions, and a desire to alter, in some way. the environment in which you are placed. Consequently you should direct your forces into po.sitive thinking channels, as your feelings, this year. 192,v, :ii. m ;. liiuh tension. You are. therefore, liable to be ..i-iK ,ii..i..l through mental and physical reactions to t]i. .m . i n.i 1 ii ies of life, which would, as a result, occasion in. I ,. ii. li . .Ii;,. Vocationall v. there is noted an attunement to l;i« .ni.l 1 ii . i .. i m .■ Tli|-..ii.;h..iil v..ur life, you will atten.l niui l.,..|- ,,ii.l l.,,n.| I,,.,. use of social asiieets in ll..ii..- in |,.i-..n:,hM,.ii..n he ability pl JO - vi. I .1 I(- ' i i ' UC,! - ' Mw 4. ■Oi. XX f- i- IIAZEI. RUTH DICKINSON c:RKKNSBORn, N. C. ;. .S " . I ' liysi((il luliiailiaii A.lili.liiaii: II... li.y T. iuii ( I 1. .liiiiunr.i •, ' !» ..f th. Z...liM. is A.m uiuK, with Uranus :i.s tli.- . I Tliis shows that yuu aiu co-oiitrative, im- :iini..iis. active and restless. Vou should learn iiiii- energies. In iiersonality radiation you iiniiii.- naivete that Is quite inystifylng to those I Ivii.iw M.ii ton well. You ha ' e a ureat many I,. ..i...,un|.|- in .iur lil. ' , lull will rise tri- :,l,in,. ' I ' l uli ii.rlun;.!. ' vlbra- 1.1 hiKh.niiii.l.-.lness li MII.DRKII ELIZABKIll IKXH lOIUCCOVlI.I.K, N " . C. II. S. M. Pulilu Sthoot Mus ' u - i FANNY HAMMOND Dl ' NLAP W ADESBORO, N. C. . . R. Ediuation DiUean: EiUl.ati..ii lUil. (3, i). AUBUst « You are under constant strain and effort. Inherently, you are shown to have a love for out-door sports, travelling, and niountain-ellnibing — a natural pioneer. Vocationally, good executive ability is noted. For a business or profes- sion, therefore, you would excel in acting, or In an oc- cupation that ministers to the education or pleasures of others. In personality radiation you vibrate a pure and true love for mankind. Avocationally. you should be at the head of some humane movement. Y ' our mission in life is to be an adjuster, through inherent vvi.s.lom, In the lives of those about you. k ! 1 -V . .. A ifcjAtCJ " km- Q A % I.OnSE YELVERTON EAGLES FOUNTAIN, . C. . . B. E l, lu l I ■lull II. 2. 31; Educ March 15 litv vour soul power i mII .in ,- :i l-iiili i. ' - tionally, a life ot • 1. l. 1 1,1 1 he ose to the edKes ol 1 .ill 11 in - ■ It shows that you ; 1 lllllllN II l.nthways in vnur sul. ojISi ' lO US niMul. and aith III.-, th.. rho;,.,. In li.rsoTiMlily Jt the good or haye an the,-.lli. ' l-iUistl ltioi . Yov r mission in 1 ' .■ IML-Ii iiliiiN :iTI.I 1 ■ni-tirn 1 i.lans i 1 a liil-in.-.- iiinni ' ]l]i i I. ... ;i I nui.i II , .iui talents are .stiunyl niaik. d, one i epn .s. nted lij Uiu divine trin- ity, whleh stands for literature; the other one tor artistic callings that would require much trayel. experience and change, and the third a professional career. ANNIE VIOI.A KlIWAROS IKMIV, N. C. ■7. li. Hclucatinn I Z U; Basel, all Vi November 16 1 rluh (.•!. i)y h V.iu are -laiiilinc a rapid lliink.r Ihr lugh jour positive under- 1.1 irsatile power. Being .. iui . ' It also strengthens ... side of your nature 111. 1- li .ful and cheer- ful, and l.( in - |.i.[.iil.i Ml .It 1 ni.iin II lends. In per- I .1.1 I.I 1 i..n 1.11 .11. Ill . ,i...ii..n il and magnetic iitinn. ni.ait in the back- [l type. vi ground. V.iur .supiein.. year, oi lurnini.- pmnt in your life, 19:i4. Vo.ationally. yi u belong to the spheres of the fine arts, and your role is self-expression through dynamic and inspirational te uhing or acting. Avoca- , tionally. your influences show that you could be sue- R cessful i 1 business line.s. Stud y constructive psychology. as some Inhibition of fear is loted. r X ' Rnil BERNICE EDWARDS Rt niKRFORinON, N. c. H. S. M. Public School Music tl; T ' h •h ■horus n. Freshman iciiix clul. 2. .1 ' liril Ocloher 14 Transit of ruling sign at l.utli jiuls you in of i ' isces, the twelfth House, with adjoini from the House of Gemini. This combinal sliiirt iournevs. relatives, and affects all i lii.ns. viirnul;,tinu- In greater thought an.l Y, I ,;,i. ...I, , mill 1.. la|...n I.I offset the tend. tn.nal inllii. Ti. ... In p. i -■ ni.i I it v radiation proud-spirited, and yet definitely demo. ly and avocationally, you are a public the lines ot art and divine science. (, liV.y,v ; ,. ;,: i :p ' 0- .f " ' 1 .( ' ' t-r Vrtl..U« JUANITA LUCILE ERWTN MICAVILLE, N. C. . B. Romance Latit uatji ' S rcnih dull (2. S, 41; Si.aiiisli t Pro. tor (2). In 11. illit.V .l.-r! ing. s.ulpturins r loroes repre power, artisti. i1 not iKi jr phil...- iction w both 1.1 r, bruii.l ininlul visi.m. . ritiial power, yet much )f the other j.ersrjn ' .s iewpoint. In predom- tences vou most likely attract to yourself md planners; consequently, for your own ad- and self-expression, you should select witli who have actually accomplished something, . ih. It. :. i;uing " will be " types. Vocationally. .,i.hi .il i.iin.l i-ould be splendidly used in con- 11. v.. Ill .hiiity as a diplomat or arbitrator ,1 ..-SI.. 11,1 1 ;ind business lines. Avocationally. to the world of organization, and should half of ethii-al reforms in business, religion, [ should be very original as a writer. ETHEL EUDY CABARRUS, N. C. . . li. Edudilion I2l; Education Club (4). October 1.5 i.luali: i ll thii tun yourself through :. In personality tient, you and tr pathway of labor Vocationally, mu naturally appear of experience am point in your life Aquarius, the cle you are concerm much expectance :ionalli-, M.ur,n is i., and production in order to sic and some of the hot] in the program of your life . expression. 1930 will mar This year relates you to t •enth House, which. In turn. MARTHA DAVn:) FARRAR CKKKN ' SBORO, N C. . . n. Etujlisl, Mar.shal Club 12 i; . A. Educatl. February 19 ..11. Venus, the planet of love and showing that you are interesting, and rather fond of the society of This j.lan.t signifies that you . iiisi,ii;iii..ii;.i ..ndeavors. This sign s 1 1 i-i. .11.1 a love of beauty. I I..- ..Mi.iit.s, decorations, and II.-.- II. si.- Willi int. ' iior decorating 11 111 .- .1 -.1.1 til ' .-, ill.- .langer is l.-ad tl line of on t.i bc.ome df.p, 1 he espe.ially insi rial or hunianitaria ol of philosophy. Jt A m. t - : ' ' ' ' - s I " ' - j i. t ' j ' } ' ■♦v H i C Vf ' -TKP- " j,, i .-5; jRv 1 .- r., (sr ELLEN LEWIS FLETCHER SALISBURY, . C. . . B. Mai lie mattes Ooni.-liali; A, A, (1. 1 " .. tl; C.Mii T.iuii (21; Hiking T I.I CJ, r; . , I ' I ' Inl. .J., IMii.iillMh •■liil. 13. 4); Mi, i I,,.- . . , ,, !.,, . ; ! " ..i-i,,M 1:1, -,!,. " - M:,,iagpr of n.iiMll k I ;i. III. 11,.. I ' l. iMiKL.ri.l ll): I ' or- i.. .|...ii.liiiK .K,-,i.lan 111 C.iriH.lial. S...■l.■l .41; Matll- .•lauti.s riui. (3, 4); LMass Pru|.liet (4). November 14 You ai- arilt-nt. i,..sitiv. nnd impetuous. Y ' ou are a lover of freedom an. I m.l. |.. ml. n. e. and eannot endure unjust stands for i.usiin. . 1 1 -. x |.r.-s.sion in the Creative fields of universal tiulh. V..u have much s.lf-.onfidenee and determination. Beware of being to., h. ,i.l-- n ..111. ' , aggres- sive and self-willed, if .vou are so in.|iii..l Withal this dominant soul power, vou are higiiU .ti iii .. Y..U are intuitive, but vour intellectual iii .uiul.l . ause vou to analyze yourself out of your •■flash-eons.ious " reveal- inents. Be tolerant of your spiritual gifts and " listen in " to the voice of the higher self for strength and guidance. V.i.ationally. you have a talent tor law. Avocationally, vour forces are representative of a clever speaker or writer. Y ' our mission in life is to attract those who will look to you as an intellectual leader in the practical things of life. NOLA MAP. FLETCHER vasiiim;i() , . c. . . H. Irnul, Janlla , 31 This year, 1927, is not to be altogether a fortunate one for you so far as worldly ambition and realizations go, and vou are liable to mak.. mistakes at this time, espe- .-iallv with r.nar.l t,. Ili.-.s.. uh.i ,n.- ,.f a lower social -t..i,.liiiL., «ln.|i l lll .a..-. ..i II. . all. ' ,-. The House ..[ iit.. -,li.,v . III., I III Mil- . ,1 III. -... lal side of your II, .till. i N. ' H a.iiv. a... I I. |...ii-u... -I ' ll,, year 1934 will I..V.I1.1. and loyal. Your inherent ability endows you witli x.i-iitl.- power in spiritual realms. Avocationally and V... iiii.nallv, vou should choose a destiny in this life that i, ..,| of leailinL ' vou, through self-expre.ssion. to the h.mhts in s.,iii. ,111-11. 1 1.lment. It i.s a path of some har,lshi|. an. I .11- i|.|... mill,. Ills in the working out of the ut.iit I ' iaii. hut .1 I- .il-.i III.- path of great rewards and a .-v, ii-il..« iii 111- in the s|.her.-s of the active and creative arts. ROS. ' V LEE FORHHAM KINSION, . C. , . «. EJuialion Ailelphian; Math.-inal i, s . ' liil. . ;:, tl; Kdu.-ation ( " Mub (4). .MlKUsI ltd Tnliireiitlv. th.- il.ini.-sti.- and side of your nature is slr.,nK, and you al-e drawn towards cosmical int. -rests .,11 the si.iritual plane. Your imagination is well .i.- .-l..!,. il, aii.i |,la s a large part in your life. Inner 1 - -h.. " ihai i,-,.|ing an.l sensation are active with ..ii all. I III .-II, I ill . y.-les of your life, you are likely to .ti.iiua ntil ilii.iuii,- in vour moods from dav to day. x ... ,ii,..i,,ilU, V..I1 ai-,- to deal with affairs in a capable 111, inn. I, a- n-ii liii.l ih.-m V,.r a I iniial I v. von .anl.l aiial.t ,,111 -. 11 I,. ., ,11 I. M ,,1 -III. I. . I - ,1. . ..1 .hli.j 1.. .nil- . .lu- ll I ' t ..I 1-1,1. II. a I " -. 1. n. . - ,111.1 III- II .11. a 1 Ai tIMl. .,1- , lb.-,li. ait. .1.. 1 ,1111. nt in .%,.in 1 .-i, isn at ions. The Moon affe. ts y..ui p.-i s.,i,alil an.l that ou are electro-magnetic. W ' f .Qi Jr., ' A Hj) 1 -y ' : ' ' -i. ' ' -- :M ' A-: {}- ' iPi- i ' r SARAH HOLT FOUST GREENSBORO, K. C. .1. B. History (1) Clai 3f Horkpy (1) Tea Varsity (3); Arti-lplii Chen listry Club (2. 3. 4). September 5 In Inherent ability y ou are creative, expressive and « miral. You are riipln matic and co-operative in your i terial world of nlfai rs. with all-inclusive mental vis and in conS ' inns inin n vou have your n« n personality i:hIi ,i i... ..u are capable of l. n. i ii im: nn. and expression m . i ..n,l others. Von;,i n.n.ilN, » nu shown to ha ■ n m n: It | for travel, aii.l uimI. i ihn pulse of ?our r--Kist ration on the path, you have requisite power to an ■ange some form of educational w and endeayor that would necessitate travel tours : foreign lands. Ayoca tionally, you would do well to bi r, r A I , th l.ulili.shi MARV LOT FULLER KITTREL, N. C. A. B. Englisli Mt Aletheian; French Club (1, 2); Proctor (1); College Choir (21; Secretary of Class (2); House of Representatives (2); Botany Club (2); Baseball Team (2); T. W. C. A. Undergraduate Representative (3); Toaster at Junior- Senior Banquet (3); International Relations Club (3. 4); Debating Club (3); " Pine Needles " Staff (3); Soccer Team (3. 4); Track Varsity (3); House President (4); Alethian Marshal (4); Y. W. Cabinet (4); Y ' oung Voters Club (41; Chapel Coiumittee (4); Best All-Round (4). October 4. Inhere ntly. you are just. Your V ifwi pnint is 1 •road and liberal . an ' d you r kn owledge wi.ln Ii ,- n n . ' 1 t iiv )-adia- tion V n In lay be life i! ■ pop ; to 1 ?uide your ■a II. IV ax Your missio 11 ■ ,1 lairs of others intc 1 bette r channels for : M 1 .1 tin 111 nvolve- ment and mate rial advancement. Y OU s huuM take to heart the truth that nothing is ins igni fican It wh ich prom- ises peace. progi ' ess £ ind pleasure I to o thers i. Yo u are apt to be und ecided and uncertain in yoi Lir w ays. expending much effort som etim. PS before you are quit tain what it is ; o x are after. Vocationally, yot 1 bel ong i n the in- telleet ual sphere s of endeavor. THELMA ALBERTA GARRISS MARGARETTSVIl.LE, X. C. . . B. Education .si.i sh ■Uib W. : Edu Though Mars ruled your ■ day of b Irth. ar lother planet of a less aggressive n ature ' was risii ig, whi ■ h gives you a more rounded cons clous ness, mor e symt ■ athy, and less bearing on the doi Tiine Hring side of yoi ir nature. You will always seem to n; aturally u ndersta nd the law of non-resistance, and for this reaso n you save yourself a great deal of labor and trouble, as i well a s lieing a great comfort to those about you. Yo u have the power to adapt vourself to n lany different temper; iments and the ability to see almoi 5t an iy questiol 1 from another ' s point of view. In inheren t ab: ility, you are a ti eacher, finisher, and creator. Inher ently . therefor e, you are capable in anything you undertake . Your path in life shows pos- sibilities in the line s of service to human ity. M im r ■• A ' ' • ' ♦ v»oi . .j-.-- ' -V ir: ! -w m; . ' h ' !:z:t:: ii ' mm - :2 . . iM m mii LACY LEE GASTON LOWELL, N " . C. . . B. Entitish Edi Club (4} February 12 the In ..u] consciousness, iir ii ii " i. law and the .-i. I mm . . : ' .i.ire. the power " i i iiinl in yoi iMi.-ss, Jupiter iihli.ii.- ihit vou 1 ■ ' I [.■ of selfhood 1.. u:uii s.M lal est In !.• a practical idealist, and your in ii-infi. instruct and couiisel the mas -ii nil.l I.e •■Sufficient unto the day is I " ntinnally, you belong In a public car of art or science. Avocationally, you tunenient to financial matters, but yot ful of acciuiring over-ionfidence in you dency is to speculate. In personality lilitv represents •eof. You have, subjective con- ve come in this m and success, sion in life is to s. Tour motto diffe sphe 11 pe ELISE GATHINGS GREEXSBORO, N " . C. A. B. English v Co rnelial : Gree nvllle -W Oman ■s College, S. C. (1, 2): Kap- pa Delta Phi ( 2 ) ; Oreh .■St ra (1): International Relations ei lb (2 1 ; Y. ' . C. A. (1, : ): Philotean .Socle y (1. 21; Fr ench •lul) (1 . 3, 4}; Bot. Club Jul} uiy Club (3) (4). 18 ; You ig Voters Ma rs, th e " god of war " W£ s in the as endan t at your bii th. This in dicates hat you have a grea deal of po itive force at youi command, whi ?h, if properly nt lized. will m alie you exec utive and ai nhitiol. s. To be In. ou she uld be •full of business. ■ and feel that ■■ 1 are " conque ing and over -oming obsta :Ies. Avoid tak- ' i ' " . " . ' ,f " l ce too easily, o ficciuent r ha ly as •ing the drai sociated in our tl ' nd tragic ouKhls or !ln " ,ln " " n - M 1- in th IS position adds s ion, gives you sp r.ii-i .■inli.l 1 an.l . ' M- illx. you belong to the world . estigation. DAISY DELL GAY UnCKV MOLNT, N " , C. . . R. Ediicalion . C. A. (11; Botanv Club (2); Club (4). May 14 ly controls your personality e ancient Persians called it th world fur ou for yoi lural heah profes- yourself Your spiritual point for and twen of law on lark a tur the tourte : i :kf - •i V iV ' " ' " " ' -- V- ' H i« dW;.- IIIHI-MA ERSEU. GEANES CKAIIAM, N. C. .7. II. F.iujtisli Pro. lor 111; llcusr Vi. ,,-n( ,iiinisli i-U !i; K.vnrh -|ub ( rliil. (41; K.Ui.alion Cliil. ID. Characteristically, your 1 registration, that you desii in this vehicle of selfhood, (some nrrisfir riiltivntinn orees show, through inherent e to perfect plans and purpos.s You should have a decoration music or painting), as it wouhl on for your n-ligious sense. In- 1 bring ntiri.- line ter« aJiiUii ality but very tenacious in att;i ' t m strative. Vocationally, ■ m represent the architect of p. i n c i science or literature, you ar-- her. laid out for you under God ' s pla to p. y-z i, THELMA GETSINGER PLVMOL ni, . c. . . H. Eiu lish n Janiiar. it I oticeablc characteristic personality radi Back of this turally gathe making you Itnou throURli Litlng expression of the in is brain power that every available II I. s when you see ni oliservation, to Icnoi tilings, and helping y the ilyt of peopl 1 and discriminating in a consiructive way. in personality, an artistic, interesting and diation. Avocationally. you have the requis- to employ your talents in public entertain- theatres and bazaars. Vocationally. .Aquarius es justice and pleads for personal liberty through public speaking. AI.PH. ' HRKE GETTYS . c. . . IS. Enijlish . l,.|li,ian I e ■;« ability rem . ,. Ill . responsibilit - 1 .1 nature, to . ■ .1 1 I ' ll exertion. Ave jiatii with which to e Vocationally, you having to do witl v .. , -.,_ . i 32 mM o " ' Si 1 ' • iii ' jit f ■ ' " ' j M ' IhlM. Uiv, ' Hf iik:■ ' 4 .JI - FRANCES GILCHRIST GIBSON RAI.KIGH, N. C. .7. n. Eiujlisli (1): Fr of .Sluilei t c. UIl ' il , l: 1 ..| t .•!■ .1 1 " Caroiinian " (2) ; Bo tany Cluh (2 ; M an. L ' 1 1 1 i: 1 : ! 1 1 III ' ■Carolinian " f3)- Toaster Junior-Si nior 1 1 li | II 1 1 :; 1 ; Editor " Carolini «■■ (4); M Karu Ity St u ' l 111 I i.un il (4); Young Vo ters Club (4); Se ■reta ly N. C Collegia March te Press Assooiat 30 ion (4). ' .-.11 nr. ho IT u nrter the sign of Aries. The s ymbol of II.- : -■ 1 is the •■Rf m.- ' wh eh means that t he Aries : • ' ■ •! ' :i •e 11 ■ely and energetic . Ton are full of life and .I ' ll . f V and are PXtl emely fo nd of music and dancing. i .lU lIV int ens ■Iv • motional and indiyidualistic, and usually i mpri ss Mil) ' l " ' i-.inali y on all those w th whom ■ou com e in 1 " llll.l nut Vocationally, v ou are a leader ir 1 int •Hi 1 1 ill rl S of activity. You can ac- compli h aln ost .in which vou are interested. You Ehoi Id h ave a hobby. Av ocationally. you should en- gage yoi r in terests i 1 the benefic life, thereby fulfilling the miss on y ou were sent to £ ccomplish. NANCES MARSH C.IBSON RUl SI ' KINCS, - . C. . . U. Etiijlish I r. - I Mcl.ionalrt College Sei»feiiil)er 32 (1. 2); Proctor (31. illi tho li ' vi. and through magnetism and hu- ll ' I. s, you attract people of all classes V " ur daily life should be spent in ing the lines of the new. progressive and and projects of people and things. Vo- are self-c-reative. and can accomplish nderstanding the law of the higher self. IL TTIE MVRII.E CHDNEV SIIKl.BY, N. C. . . IL EJucalinn Bol latu do everything on a lart as being proud spirited and vei in art or humanitarian endeavor, manager and very transcendental pressions. Vocationally, you coi points of interest, intermingling si and art. ' A G I 2); Flench Club (21; Eduration Club t4l. May 30 sign of Gemini, and this sign is n.s. " which signifies that, in per- ■ ivacious. anxious and change- iilil.i-eciative of educational ad- I -. and have a siiecial aptitude 111 art. In the avocational walks h ' .il. analytical, and inclined to People would rate you lal jld be a splendid .« i u- • ' , ' ' . -.. ' liL.i ..-.- . ' .A.s ' . -i Viv. — S.t: ' - 7 ,! ' d NELLE GILLIAM CASTON ' IA, N ' . C. I. n. Education I - l ( ability. Cliarai-tcris iially. you are naturally inclined to question everything. In expression of your external world, you are diplomatic. conservative and industrious. Being very logical and ha ving the la.ulty of seeing both sides of a question, you are i|uji- .vUt|iii. ,il in accepting re- ligious hellefs. In spirationalist. with the iittiiini.- ..1 poise and purpose in your mental ar d ph -iial . ;!on and bearing. Avocationally. you can i e a sucress in any business representing art w ires. Vocationally, you have a very inventive turn of r lind that would correlate splendidly with your gift for interior decorating or musical com- position. Your vihrations dominate instruction. There- fore, you would be. as well, a successful teacher or leader in directing people nto some new and creative expression. LILLY c;iLLV SPR.W, X. C, ■ .7. B. Enqlhh " nikci September 1« You an- under the sign " f Virgo, and so are a l.ractical idealist and very i onservative in ..i.iniuns, generally up- holding the accepted and fundamental order of things. In inherent power you are shown to have very dis- criminating, crltica and analytical qualities of mind. In personality radiatio n vou are Mercurial in disposition and logical and .substa itial in expression. Your mission in life is to give outw ard and visible exi)rc.ssion to all that is constructively r ontained In vour soul. Vocationally, you belong in jirot essional spheres, in Intellectual work that tears down to build better and higher, especially as author, writer, lei turer, traveller or teacher, Avoca- tionally, you could be successful and happy in the trans- cendental sciences. You are dual in nature and profes- GRACE MOORE GILREATH WILKESBORO, N, C. . . R. Frctuh Alethc ' ian. October 14 eality " or inherent ability, ■ndencies — a natural mothi )man who recognizes the la nent. Y ' ou are usuall variety of disposition and inl ive remarkable foresight; and in the decision natters, you are not only guided bv the pow ition. but by an analytical and irame " " vorld, avocviti-ii cii v-i, ,„ ■ou are matei You exempli of compensati and have lI expressi jewelry and being brilliant and v instructive on the le psychological niessas i ' l% 7 ' ' ' i r ELIZABETH RIVES GLASCOCK c GREENSBORO, K. C. . . ?. Education Spanish club l2i: Education Clul, 13, 4). Seirteiiilier 21 Virgo is ynur sit;ii, with synirath.-tic- signs for vou in Capricorn and TinHii In | lit v radiation you have a confident an.l -i-mtuiI Imiimiu Through gathered vlsdom, you luil , .iii-,li ni.l others thoroughly, and rarely lose ' .iii i i. i iiiiii.l or forget what you ibo belong the spheres of the arts and siienres. Your birth path fluences represent the Dawn of the New Creation, the Age of Truth, in the Cosmic Life. Characteristically, you are faithful, artistic and sometimes erratic. It is not an easy thing for you to take unsolicited advice. Tou listen and thin do a.s you In inherent ability you have remarkable powers of observation. Small details rarely rapid scrutiny. Avocationally. you would eel art ROSALIE GOLnSTEIN 1)LV , . C. . . n. Eiujlish Ad.liihiaii. Jul.v 2 apathetic and y types wl ersonality lid brillian otional nature and ly unkindness. and are al and material powers you are cosmical and d dislikes in the choice ually judging others by cu are apt to be misled " i:H. active, interesting II 111 ally, you to be i.ibl,- in the performance n- being dictated to by shown to have special ms in which you should your nature into oral. E ELVN LOriSE GORDON MOl ST.M , . c, . . li. hn„liih . R.I faculty of putting 1 life is to make a the stamp of right ng or lecturing to nrld of arts -.A-;-.- ' ■.: " : ' •Al. J.i ' ' I ' M ' . .. I 1 HILDA WHITEHEAD GORDON ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. .■] . B. Education Arti ' lphi Edu tlon Club (4). July 21 You are vi-rv iletermined in your tenrtenr-ii-s. especially in reform or opposition. You are exceedingly fond of travel and the unusual phases and talents In people of your world. You have many of the prerogatives of the execu- tive, with a natural feeling of responsibility toward those dependent on you for material help and guidance. Y ' ou are original, self-creative, capable, affectionate, sensitive and occasionally eccentric. Avocationally, your love for humanity, plus intellectual ability, makes you an inspired leader in the spiritual and material worlds. Y ' our path is strewn with loneliness and misunderstand- ings if vou do not travel and learn the art of self-ex- pression through the channels of philanthropy, healing and art. In personality attunement, you are electro- magnetic. NONIE JOSEPHINE GORDON PILOT MOUXTAIN, X. C. . . B. Education Adelphian; Plavlikers (11; .Spai 12); Ynung Voter.s Club (4); lish Club ( Educatioi 2. M); Proc I Club (I). February 10 Through the sign and inrlu.-n.-. broad judge of human nature, c: .| " , imII ' ,„ I.u-in. .-s m ters elied at first sight. You ar. herent ability and inclination t most any sphere or capacity, you are diplomatic, versatile a tionally. you are dynamic — a te domestic arts or sciences. Patit characteristics in your being cationally. you would be most to do with handling money to through people. MARY ELIZABETH GORHAM TARBORO, N. C. A. B. liny lis h Adelphian : Freshman Comr Botany Club (2, 3); Treasure Staff of " Carolinian " ( November 6 are accordingly Scorpio gives you much vitality, an capable of much mental and physi herent ability, you are gifted in literature and ; Characteristically, you are poised, hopeful and am " One thing at a time " is your motto in your n world of affairs. In personality radiation you are r direct and practical, yet there is an undercut] sentiment in your conscientiousness that you always care to show. In cosmical centers and in: you are very social, dependable and affect ionat much excitement would impair your circulation, cational ability, you have the combination of pow goes to make a successful teacher along the 1 writing, public speaking and designing. _jm- 3 •« ■ 5-3? ELIZABETH FARRISH GRANT MEBAKE, K. C. .1. n. Ejlfllish Al theiaii: Pio.-tor (2): YuUHK VotHis Clul. (J) tioii Club 141; Assistant Business ManaKcr Ni-t-illt ' s " (4i; House Committ-e (4 1. December 3 Sagittali and Leo This an acti our sign with symiiatl arrangement in the . ■■ ve brain, with the • . jr- ,Iii.l inial I.nve of perluiii uiitu are shown. .h.u in l.w and ora. in Aries bestows i of tho flowers. 1 easily. 11- - M - Liih. ' i around you. but these ex- s :n. ' t.u 1 i ui pMS. — the purpose of your being id to the law that governs spirit, soul and body. Htural gift is attunement to the study of as- Avoeationally, vou are. through executive fitted to follow along the lines of eommerie. nd finanee. Vocationallv, vou .uuld .hi.cise music, le nr . i.niinercial ait. ELEANOR HOWLAND GRAVES CKSEVA, N ' . . . . U. — Emnomus Ueilieian; Critic Ab-tli, I I , II. Preside H.i .June 22 Tour inherent aliilitv .b innates that you belong to a double line of lni,M-i I to the intellectual spheres of life. In inspii H il |.nwi-r. you are intellectual and emotional. Vucat i.iti.ill , ou are a iiuhlic speaker and literature, journalisni and reforms. In ' personality radia- tion vou are magnetic. Your inner nature is shown to be shrewd, dreamy and my.stical. Your mission in life is to a pathway of material completion for this earth life. Avocationally. you are capable of carrying out big plans for personal gain or the good of the masses. You are brilliant and always appear to the best ad- vantage. Keep your plans, your ambition, to yourself. It is by announcing your jdans through the desire for ap- proval that you offset the energy to execute them. LUCV ELIZABETH GREEN COl NCIL, . C. . . H. Kniitnh Corndian; H.nany ' ■|ub C ' .. 4). and Libra. Y ' ou come under the sign that i- bv the " Twins, " which signifies a very vi :i in and restless nature. In judgment, tbriic l abilit ' . uu be relied upon to give a fat -i u]i|. ' .rn d li iiiiclb.ctual guidance and aiciU- n..Illll ..u li.i-,. the ability of a drani;.ii .1111. r,i M 1, ill , 11 , VOU have power or ' " ii ..,,1,1.111, .III niciit, and love of beautx i.. dramatii and creative imi.ulses that fit " U in ing or painting. Your path is built on . hange :jf ort. mK k e v -1 ' ! ' -- ' ::rUiJC, MARGARET HALES GREEN ROCKY MOl ' Nr, N. C. . . n. Eiliualtoii Inhe dial 1.1 hu E 1 ■lul. ■I). human nature, i line of endeavor having to railroads, theatres, ijolitics. radiation you are just, gene because of your social attu distinction and honor. In y many voyages are noted. In 1 and vigorous. In spiritual for ith prudence for ilitary life sful are capable of meet- courage. Admiration noted. VocationallN. and intellectual pin- ,1, ■-. J I INEZ EL1ZABI:TI1 CiREENE WFST ASHKVM.l.K, . C. . . li. Kiiui atinn Seiiteiiiber A have an artistir rgo givts In personal! radiation. Inhert ntly. and justice, with tat critical and versatile. Your .social attune you an organizer for charitable projects or s Your active and courageous soul power sho are a natural leader in the every-day walks should he clever in speech and writing and languages. Through your father ' s vibrator ely and confident ocial hostess, ws that you of life. You gs ill .slip personal often through uncor Look over every m; ing has been neglei an excellent proof-i in professions havin vay trollahle Ltter ' ted. -looking opportunity Watchwords portance to see that noth ationally. you would mak nationally, you would exce th travel and the law. PEARLE GFRLEV GREENSBORO, . C. A. R. Efujlish ■iub ( ng v.. ve and be yourself and your abilitj you dislike loud, sudden and deliberation are the keys to you tion. Through your " four-square " " ci justice, and desire to build high attunement makes ful ould b ing lines, medical your talents for ■ iphysicai. A , V ' iu i . fft .:5 ' 5Bi)A V H, CONSTANCE HOWARD GWALTNEY REIDSVILLE, K. C. .7. B. Education Dikc-an; Orclic-sus (3. 4); Marshall (4). December 27 Capricorn i 5 your b rth .= ign. and confers upo 1 yo u a most ambitious. persister t md p rsevering spirit Y under the dominio n )f Sat urn, and, at ti become rather nielancholv. Yo u feel quickly an apprecia tion and lose heart under c ■itl cism. You appreciate the benefits derived thr ough being ever ready to seize e ind take ad- vantage of opport uni ty for self-improvem ent. Jupiter bestows on you lea der ship, and sheds an ii flue nee that brings gaii to you tb rough influential frien ds. You are an organiz r in lit es having to do with fi lane ial mat- ters, such as travi I I ours. nsurancc, real -St a e, bonds and stocks Vocat on illy, -v ific teacher. writer and diSCOVL icr You should al ' way.s ke p Intel- lectually active. LETTIE FRANCES GWYN MOU.VT AIRV, , C. A. B. History ,-thpian; Hockey 1 cam (1, 2. 4); Basketball Tean 1 (1. ' 1 ) : Class Ma nager ( 2); Proctor (3): A. A. Cabinet (3); ■Sl- anish Club (1): Bf seball (2, 3. 4); Hockej Aug ust 3 Varsitj (4). Yi ur Zodiac sign is Leo. which means that vou art en- do ue.l with ■itali y and activity of mind, i ntellect. love an d feeling. You nherent ability represe nts univ ersal at tunenient hich ni •ans that you are naturally a stu dent of yo the laws o n ' w " and effect. The Sun wa h means that you are 3 Ruler laturally vhen do wed with t 1 .III . 1. 1 Tiiination. intuition and purpose. d if you w II " 1 1 . I -latently hold on, yo JL are su re to be successful 1. 111 ilways gratify your fondness for tr ivel when .li SlI 1 n. lo so. You like cha ige of s ' Ones an d occupat ons oiationally, you would excel. pro- fessionally, ir dati cii g, acting, or in an oct upation that ni nisters to the ■01 structive good of othe s. Y ' ou love th e true and the he autiful, and delight in he hour tiful ra vs of the un. Yt u have an electric rad at ion rather Aletheian; Quill Drama (31; Prenc House of Represen book " (2, 3); Edit MARTHA HAYGOOD HALL .ASHEVILLE, X. C. . . B. Sociology Quill Club (2, (4); b (1. 2); Treasurer of Class s (2); Assistant Editor of " He Chief " Coraddi " (4); Secretar: retary of Playlikers (3); Se Historian; Secretarv of Aletheians Commission (1); Chemistry Club (1). Deeeniber 31 birth influence, £ ing tliat you are d when once you ap your mind to from the i leads espe form and c and d power and preciation o toric values revealment ato and the to flowc should nil J 5e with greal true. You a vocationally ke you a beautiful ho Tual gift is construct] nl shows that you hi tal because of the b ena attached to this producing lur nature v idea of riie-builder ve psychic ' --y .. i C " Oc ■D ' - ' ' - ,w Vj - L ' J I l MARTHA JANE HANCHEY WALLACE, X. C. .7. B. Eiiucal ' wii Dikean; Prortor ( ;l I : Edu.aticin Club (4); Club (4). Botany December 14 neS. " This Vu ' i, ., ' ,u7 ' ,. - ' (l,,. ' i ...11 1,, " ;. ' Mv- „Hlia.-, the ..1 .|ui -k- .1 ' .inrtly opposite rll;i 1 ,r 1 . 1 ■ ' " !■ 1 - ti ' .M, i . ■ 1 1. ■ and the olln i i : ■ : -. n nr, . ; . i i. ■ IM :iimI able. Your .nh. i . im l -l,.. v ihn y..u ( master mauN l.i.n.h.- ..i „,.,. pb v -i,;.l learnii possess propli ' ii. , l l un in. iit , m::. unity aiid Vocationalb-, Mm lubiiii,- in ib. .:ii.iii.ry of ii endeayor, and liav,. lb. ability and prerogatiy to make a diplomat, yyriter, social seiretary i ml .l.iring, an readily :ig, for you versatility, ispirational ■es that go or lecturer. DORIS TRUMAN HANVEY PORTSMOUTH, VA. . . R. Matlicmatics -.shnian Conn Club 13. 4) ; ■lull (4) House ng Vote ise Vice-Preside Mathematics Cl It (3); Vice-President b (4). Tour inherent po obstacles, and to rise to business world. A i " iri aptitude for .i poses for social m i i.i you are an inspii ;n i..ii 1 1 personality radiation ..u and emotional power, the and hearts of people. Y interior decorating. 1933 your life. December 29 and natuial a to surmount hobby should be KATHERINE H. RDEMAN GREENSBORO, N ' . C. B. S. Physical Ediuatinn Aletheian; Education Club (4); Chemistry Club (2, 3); P. B. Club (2, 3, 4); Secretary of P. B. Club (3); Orches- aus (4); Dolphin Club (3, 4); Secretary of Dolphin Club (3. 4); A. A. Vice-President (3); A. A. President (4); House of Representatives (3); A. A. Cabinet (2, 3. 4); Monogram Club (3, 4); Baseball Team (1, 2); Hookev Team (2) ; So ' ' Ma (2, (2 Soc 3); Soc Mai ager 4). September 18 Mercury, the ruling planet of your a somewhat mercurial disposition, characteristics are elegant, orderly ; and habits. You have strong intuitic imagination, intense feeling and an cationally, you should travel throng form work having to do with the d (3); ' irgo. gives you ' most distinct ethodical tastes ch wit, marked publi, S . .ilii tfitdjiii ' iha " iitj j -i. - k CAROLINE HAYGOOD HARRIS EL PASO, TEXAS .7. 11. Mallinnatia Cornelian; El Paso Junioi I ' ollf-K.- (H: Junior Frenrh Club (2); Proctor (3); Team (3. 4); Track (3, 4); Class Trar-k Manager (3 ' : Dance Drama 13): Mathematics Club (3. 41; Debating Club (3, 4); Education Club 14); " Pine Needles " 13); Editor " Pine Needb-s " (4); Wearer N. 14) ; (J). 8 Ynur birth sign, Scorpio, means that when the interior mystical sense, or higher self, is awakened, instead ot generating on the physical plane. Mother Nature trans- fers her forces to a higher plane, knowing what you. as an individual, will do with your en.-rgies and powers. Your inherent power Is ex.-.uin, ;,l. litv. Your mind is critical, but just in reaction uv m ,i- s. It is easy for vou, through driving force. |.i .,_ i . -i v . im ss of vision, and executive power, to tilt ni;uii ,,l.i f.-hioned beliefs and ideas. V |,iriio;il gift is a prolific imagination in the two wiiii ' l- -riiini:il and material. Avocationally, you are a iIk i ucl ..rganlKer of new plans and purposes for s. Il .ui.l ..lie IS Vocationally, you are an inspired civic lea.ler. ur Ipa.l of an institution having to do with relit ' ion, libraries, j.olitbs and halls of learning. MAR ' l.or IIAVNES vL xr .MOIM AIK . N. C. B. S. M. I ' uhlu Si iool Music Iiikean; Juni.n-. ' cnior H:,n.|Uct Toa.stcr ( ?. 1 ; Plioenix club. .Iinip IK Your powers on the spiritual planes indicate that you are very artistic, a ml :a ,.y;- ..f music. You have an aptitude for mechaiii ' s i;,.|iiiiii, your birth sign, gives you a strong intelb . i ii.i 1 i x m.l endows you with the, - ' versatilitv and chaimc ,, I 1, n, -■ ..l the Gemini nature always Msinnishim; ilii- " h- -,., k to fathom your per- plexiiii: i-UMb.x,- l,.inj -in-imU llic individualist in person il ii i i .1 1 m ii,n - v ' lu . i n ict ,i 1 i s reach the same decisi.oi- mmI ,un. 1,1—1 ,li. -nil. hues of_ action with sion. . ni al ionalI , miO sboiibi tra cl. Vocationally, you PEARI.i: V1R(;INIA HEGE WUCOME, N. C. . . II. Eiu lis i lub (4). I ■. A M. ;. 3. Ji; H .use of Repre- , IM, iM; Botany Club (2, 31; " Car- III. V,,ung Voters Club (4); f rench III; Club (4); Education Club (4). December 16 u « I I. ..Ill uii.l.r the sign of Sagittarius, with Jupiter IS th. lulinu planet of this sign. Jupiter was in a li oialli position at the time of your birth and endowed vou with a good intellect, honor and virtue. In per- sonality radiation you are independent and very con- scientious. You will obtain your goal by your persistence. Vocation illy, vou would find an outlet through teaching. Ml! ' Hi) mm py i - r I— --.w i -. ' - r ' -is:3 ' t ' " jL ' :- ' rrL- ' c, r, ' . : RUTH DIXON HENLEY LAURENBIRO, N ' . c. B. S. Physical Ed ucation Adelphian: Hockev Team (1); Chei nistrv Cll lb (1); Proc- tor (1 ; Varsltv Tennis Team (1); Varsity Soccer Team (1); Varsity Baseball Team (1); Varsity Soccer (2); Tenn Is Leader (2); A. A. Cabinet (2); Capt ain of Base- ball Team (2); A.sslsta,nt Soccer Coach ( Si : Baseball Coach (3); Tennis Cup (3); Original ity (4): Class Testator (4); Soccer Coach III; Proctor (4 ); Facult y Council of High School A. A. (4); A. A. Cabinc March 27 ■t (4 ; Ed ucation Club. Yo u are under the influence .if i 111- i-in-l. ' nation Aries, meaning light dawning. ChaiaM.i ■1 1 ' .1 1 1 . Aries places you. astrologically, in an ex.-ili. l {.I.M . [ . ir the soul ' s actio n. but ruled by Mars necessii ,i . ■ lull ' h .If-discipline in order to overcome the turl.ul. , 1 1 nil. 1 -1 If. Your in- herent power swings you betwi . i 1 1 . 1 ■- II 1 1. . imd negative force s. which goes to show lliii villi -hull I.I work ao- cordi ng to your own plan, or ■-.tii ll- li ll i[M1 ikly follows. You are very fond of change and romance. Discrimina- tion and discrt-tion should he yd ur watch words. Your life ' s experiences show travel, in terminglii ig with the mass es. and influential friends an d contact s. Your vo- ratio nal path shows diplomatic ser ■ice on th e intellectual and emotional planes. ELIZA BRITTAIN HENRY " BREVARD, N. C ■■ . B. Education 7 i Adelph ■lub (3). nted almost Jul.v 21 In many directions you are gifted an to the point of genius, and like many geniuses you are never quite definable. Y ' our inherent power shows more than the usual amount of ability to organize and execute the problems of your world of affairs. Because of the inner sensitive, emotional and erratic nature that you possess, you are somewhat adverse to the confinement that study entails; but it is imperati -e that you cultivate your intellect, as you have a great mission to fulfill on this earth plane. Your most advantageous day is Mon- day. In vocational work, your subconscious memory re- acts to the knowledge that " order is heaven ' s first law. " Your life ' s work, vocationally, could be to organize and manage units such as Red Cross work, or directing and placing the talents of others in their proper spheres. VERNA ELIZABETH HODCiES KINSTON, N. (. ' . B. S. Music Class S ( " in ' hcali ■lub (1. Phi ■lull ,s of order, rt the truth s the peace Oc-tob Libra, the sign of the ZoilLi, indicates that you sbnul.l even in small things, aiol -h that nothing is insignil i :i ni and enlightenment of other,. . ,__. vestigating new things, yuu are likened to the stone, but all the while you are gathering polish colors are crimson, opal and purple shades. You advantageous day is Tuesday. Your supreme ye be 1933. Biblically, you cationally, your best fo the lines of music, writing and science. Avocationally, you have the ability to know values, and to sell real estate, bonds or insurance. ng to 4 - ' l f-«!5»- A ,s-«;- ' ' ,1 A : 1,V k " ik k- , ' h EVA GERTRUDE HOLDER TOBACCOVILLE, N. C. .7. B. English ian; fit llf 3id (• olleise (1 2. 3) Z atasia 1 Orato rical (1); Tr eap urer of Stude nt Go er inient (2); Y W. Cabine ( 2, 3)- Reporte r on ■ Guilfordi 3); Dran ati c Coi ncil (3) Fren ■h Cluh 4). Deoeniber 38 nherent P wer sliows th at you hf ve, eo nsciousl V or riouslv a dee. psy.-hic instin et. lo ' ve for flov larked at lent to the spir tual £ Lspects and ments n Natu re. You coloi s are g een, si ver. n and or ■hid. Your r lost adv antage ous da y is ay. In 1)1 r.sona lity rad ation ■ou have a spir tual tism tl liold. power over y nil r.-l. ' it vrs, fri ends r-quaint alK e.s by sheer oree o f 1 1 1 , 1 - : 1 hilil,- r ght. ur avor ati onal walliS f life. , U uill lUvays bfi flit in yc ur e fforts ai Id coi 11 " 11 tlie per- ire of wh ateve r duties may intl u.s l.-.l to you. MARY EVELYN HOLLADY I KANKI.INVILLE, K. C. A. B. History Procto (2). February 4 ' Charaeteristieally. you are artistic, diffusive, esthetic and happy in disposit on. Y ' our inherent power shows that you naturally tur 1 to spiritual interests. Through the currents and influ nces of Aquarius, your birth sign, you are possessed of a strange hypnotic power which enables you to exercise a startling and mysterious influence and control over othe ■s. Vocationally, business acumen Is strongly marked. Avocationally, your analytical power and natural gift if .speech marks you with ability for the creative and iitive arts in public life. - % 1 v . (?v . MARLIL ELIZABETH HORNADAY BLRI.INGTOV, .N . f. . . ;. EJiua tiori Dik •an; Spa lisl riui. (2, 3), AueuNt 9 Edu. ati m Club (4). e fo urth Hoi ifferts you in astrolog cal sign ficance the year 19 2,S. meaning that vou are concernt d with ur personal a nd domestic envir onments It is. n fact. year when n Dthi ig appears to go righ Viewed from higl er stam poi it. this is a good in fluence. for it icke IS the I lers onality and c alls out all yot ir best ces and stre ngth to battle wi h the c hanging condi- lis ibout yo u Vocationally, your str ong po fers of ling dramat c power and chen Ileal hea ling pla -es you the profess! ina world as artist, hea ler or t cacher. oral mially, ■ou should travel and lect ure. u .:lfy )if- I = 7 .r rrTin3 ' ' KtsC ' CLARA ALEXANDER HOWARD MOORESVII.LE, K. C. . . I}. Romanii- I.anijuaijrs April 25 You were born under the sign of Taurus, the first of the earth triplicity, which shows tliat you have a strong, intuitive, " stay-on-the-ground " nature. Y ou are endowed with strong will power, and hence can adapt yourself easily to varied conditions and environments. You are influenced through your sympathies. Inherently, the inner influences of your soul forces show reflective qualities, ability to bring more tranquility into the lives of others than into your own, and a mission that requires you to work in a public way for universal betterment. Voca- tionally, vou belong equally to the professional and busi- ness worlds. N Al MARY VIRGINIA HOWARD MOORESVILLE, . . C. M J ' n A. B. Education of Ad.liiliiiin So.iety (3); Spanish riub (3) ently August 18 endowed with determination, intui- f feeling. On the path of the soul, ideal and introspective life that sets you ively, from the too material things of the Vocationally, you are under a registration law, writing, painting and travelling, good aspect with the planet B that you are naturally inclined to seek ng pxpansioTi, i rowth and freedom. 19,18 ill vc.ur life. RLTH HERRING HOWARD I F. Erri: ii.i.K, n. c. . . li. Eiiijluh Dikea n; Proctor (21; Young Voters Club (4). July a.-j 1 Y " our most tional colo shades. Yi through h Your matf ment, is directions, matic expr inspiration advantageous day is .Sunday. Your inspira- rs are violet, yellow, orange, and the autum n ur inherent power is to be a spiritual helper igh-visioning and metaphysical understanding, ■rial powers, through conscious mind attune- Hxecutive ability. You have talents In many latent and developed. In art, poetry and dra- ession. In music, you should have gratification s. combining brilliancy of technique with ready and improvisation. ' ML .s . ..- " -v.. ' ' i, K ' ' J ' ' ' ' il l!| -.. 1} ■ n. jmS ' - . MM ; i« " ■%? %, s»t ssf :5 » MARGARET THOMPSON HOYLE MANTEO, N. C. B. S. Ilomt ' Economics 3h Club (2); Chemis Club (3. 4); Treasui ; Education Club (4 1 (2); Econom octo which Indicat our conscioui do one thing t ' Ifted with t hig. together mentally, to work December 4 the Sagittarius Sub-Luma influence. t love is the law that is to prevail in Your inherent ability shows that you time and that one thing well. Being ;markable foresight and high vision- carefulness for details, you are able, plans in advance an progress and out ?eable accuracy. Vocationally, you bel eligion, literature or executive manager proje ith the l FRANCES MARION HUBBARD LAURINBl ' RC, . C. .V. B. Education II): Edu.- Clul) Gle N i r- " ' M Club (2) . Fre nch AT CJ , an Choir (4) Y. W. C. A. (1. 19 C Your astrological sign is Gemini and heads the air tri plicitv. This sign of the Zodiac, in its particular posi lion at your birth, shows that you are conscientious, care rul, methodical and prudent. Patience and charity an v.MiT p.-rsonal marks of radiation. Your inherent powe In M I - .,u with ability for any interest having to do witL lines. Avoratlonally. you would be successful f, 11 t.u iiig or selling. PAILETTE ELLEN HIBBARD FAVETTEVll.LE, K. C. . . }. Education Botany Club; Spanish Club; Education Club; Proctor (3). September were jorn unde r the sign of Virgo, the sec ond earth . and the intlu ence of this planetary co isteliation ws a d ramatic. e xclusive and loving nature. Although erialist ie it tend encies. when your spiritual nature is rcised. you can express rev elations of th e highest er. Ch arac terist cally. you have a keen. analvtical d and ma rvelou s power.s o imagination. You are a of tr ivel. and in 1933 it is likely you will see soma hose gorge JUS su nsets that you are visualiz ng at the Bent tin le. As a writer, singei , or public expressionist, have noticeable talent, prov Ided you culti vate your : 1 tVr w r Af . ' :;r 3 i::Vfel!L- K3 . X » i ' - W MARY W. HUFFINES GIBSONVII.I-E, X. C. B. S. Home Eionomics Spanish Club (1. 2. ?,l: Chi-mlstry riub (2. = Economics Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); House of Representatives (2). May 27 vthology. the sign Gemini, the one under which brn. is represented by Castor and Pollux, who, nt of their dual nature, are constantly at war ith each other, wliirb, in turn, sbows that Mercury m ■ conjunction with c,.iihim imii 1- ,,M iiK ' w i- r, to cnangeM of disposition and n|.iiii..ii. born signifies a w.ll " i .i m. ,1 1,,, nnJii . rluK ability to " feel the spheres " ol oili.i.s . one with whom you come lui III, iitulU .siiiuate cvery- in contact. In personality radiation vou are refined. magnetic and fond of the beautiful in Nature and art. Vocationally, you have the literary ability to construct for novels, plays and see- 1 1 MARGARET MARY HUNTER DERITA, N. C. . . B. Education ■ Pr.iitt.r (1 : Edu. ' iition Club (4); Y spec Illy nts of othe Srptf 16 .re fond of perfumes ami lave a natural gift for as .e successful in teaching adiation is inspirational ' our versatility and cleve knowledge of books telleclual attributes to bi ou are well a lapted tor onal life. and would personality Through Aletheian; Proct Track (1, 2, 3); Most Athletic (3); H CHRISTINE HTTAFF FAVETTEVII.l.H, N. C. A. B. Eiliualion thing and i , , % i.m, istry, physi, - m ' l times you a i • nlli were a child, it filled with appreh cheerful. T tuitive attunement day is Wednesday, (11: Basketball Varsity (1. 2, A. Cabinet (2. 3, 4); Tennis President (3); Educatio (4). alent for languages and love tor nally, you have talent for chem- aiid the abstract sciences. Some- h a -strange fear, and when you re than likely you were easily and dread, yet appeared to be r this inhibition is the high in- are in. Your most advantageous ■ :0V ' ■ ikl, ! " -::-• LAURA EMILIE JACK COLUMBUS, N ' . C. .1. B. Education Pi-ortor (1); ■■Carolinian " Staff (3) •lull (3, 41; ?lul) (4). .January IR uitive. and have for u should rely upon not h: el. ar ■ under the iurneys into foreign ally inclined, but ai cutlve ahility, both s. and through ban transportation. pontrol three ve them con d. in the odd vital flict. ha ■s of your life, influences that represent ids, Vorationally. you are tionally, your forces stand reating through legitimate : interests, or things that NELL JOHNSON Kipusn, . c. li. S. Home Economics Corn.-lian: A. A. (1. 2. 3. 4); A. A. Cabinet (3); Ch i. itrv Club 11 ' . 3. 4); Spanish Club (1, 2); Proctor Hoikev Tiaiii (1. 2. 3): Soccer Team (1. 2); Baseball Team (1. 2. 3); Basketball Team (3); Gymnastic Team ' (2. 3); Hoikev ' Varsitv (31; Manager and Captain Hockey Team 3); Home Economics Club (3. 4); Education Club (4); AVearer of N. C. Monogram (2. 3. 4). Characteristically, temperament, you not religious in al vou have to learn March 24 are Just, faithful and kind. In inclined to materialism, and are rthodox n -. rtne of the things ) be c. ' iJiMii li,, -i)u bestow your t - ill ' sV y of 1 1m . ln,i ( in what th. ,. . I UuuM.B are generally % ■ I ' Mditions due to worry, 111: Mental and phvsical Iniiy. lecturing, sculptur- . Lue your best forms of ■ ' - . • (??;: NLXRTHA CRAHAM JOHNSTON FlNKVll.I.E, N ' . C. . . H. Education that you do. books. Tou w press agent or Bot Proctor (4) •lub September 7 ■ sign, with Menurv as this combination, you ■ il matters, but would i LIS endeavors. In pcrM,t (bimsical. and see the li tb» .-xilusivH life an id.u all and fond of , 1, LLVocati onally. as ml iiiu, h of those you loin and contingent to ry difficult to submit 111 dOfc a -- »» k:. sOk Xy t i - ALICE RUTH JOHNSTON DAVIDSON " , N ' . C. ,4. B. History Dikean; House ot Represpntatives (1); French Club (1); Botany Club (2. 3); Proctor (3); Debating Club (3, 4); Hockev Team (3. 4); Tennis Team (3); Baseball Team (3); Education Club (4); Young Voters Club (4); Presi- dent ot Debating Club (4(. April 29 Tari us, the head sign of the earl hb ■ripl i ' -it ' and your influent ;ial 1 sign of the Zodiac, ind 1 !■ - til ;i( , . u have a strong chai racter, but usually sai ■I ll !• iilili to attain your d€ •sire i and ambition. Yo lU ' I LSI i ur ml .■! .■St to the two irlds , being ve ry much 1 iiii Lft I-S1 led ill ii lU psychic pher lena and spiritu Imei It, yi ■t c( luall v attached to n lati erial ism. Vocat fonaUy, ' ' you hi IV a grea .t love for the fine a rts and v , ' ould m ake a n t ' t ■eller It interior deco or. You also ; have dis itinc t 1 tal ent for the stage and lUl ' d thoroughly enjoy t be i irt 1st ic t ■xiste •nee. GERTRUnF. JONES PEACHLAND, X. C. A. B. Edtuation 7 (1); iig Vote The Lord of the H and gives you. in you proud-spirited fondness for trave: fondness for travel wh( scenes and occupations are sympathetic, very i der-hearted and generoi are creative and artistic voyages, especially thost sho NEI.I. JONES ELIZAnllll CITV, N. C. B. S. I ' iysiial Ediiaition May 30 uling planet, which shows that au. ' h Mercury is characteristically, far-sighted- apt to be sharp in your busines.s dfiili: erous and liberal to make any kt ' h im ness deals. Your personality r:iihii those who do things and who d-li- i i also attract to yourself those vvh " :.i, desire to make use of your natural wis ling. You are best fitted along the management, singer, writer or organist ri ' r :M iiWa!lfc i 1«- Hl WILLIE D. JONES HEN ' DERSOWILLE, S " . C. B. S. Physical EJutation Cornelian; Fire Chief (4); Eduration Club (4); French Club (2); Wearer of N. C, C. (4); Hockey Team (2. 4); Hockey Varsity (41; College Hockev Manager (4); Soc- cer Team (2); Soccer Varsity (2); Baseball Team (2, 4); Basketball Team (4); A. A. Cabinet (4). Augrust 20 Your astrological forces show that you are affectionate, diplomatic, kind-hearted and magnetic. Your best day is Sunday. Your astral colors are old gold and red. You have the inherent ability of an organizer, and will rise to a position of responsibility in life through your own merits, provided, of course, that you desire to do it. The individuals who inspire you most are those born under the signs of Gemini. Aries and Sagittarius, as they are noble friends when friends and usually follow some inspirational work along the lines of literature, art and science, which are your particular avenues of expression. HELEN JUSTICE ' Rl lllFRFORDins, N. C. V Tr ' B. S. Music kean; College Chorus (1, 2. 3); Phoenix Club (2. 3. 4); ce-President Phoenix Club (4); Phoenix Club Quartet . 3. 41; Opera " Robin Hood " (4); Education Club (4). December 31 ■ " 3U are the Capricorn type; the type that is the born sanizer. politician, teacher and reformer. Your in- rent power gives E, N and W, meaning East for wis- m. .North for spirituality and West tor power. Your xiiliational color is rose pink In personality radiation 11 ,irr. . " lc -..r. humorous ami I ' litlosophiial. Y ' our execu- . :i) ' ili! makes you a p.. iti . .h.ti.ter. Your par- iiiiini |.i.i .r and consciousn. . li.. - ;i iove of justice. nil :iij.l iil.nt for law. Ycm u. v.i.,.iilc and practical. .u u.iuM l.i successful in „. . ui., callings having do with large groups of people ■ fj ' ' EDITH KALE BKl.MOM ' . N. C. A. B. Education (2) Club (4 1. ul. Hi; Young Vot tid be cared f " ■ference— Gen. erently. you are 1 you. Avocatio nd organization I this life that 1 some artistic 1 support the jieop people materially, lieut. 33:8-11. in md completion. In persor jlly beneficial to those w Your inspirational color; ? well marked to leadership hosen a path o the heights belong to the onality radia- are har- re green 10 k- %. ' ,Jtii _i?t rti i,i,V,,, ' ' ' • " t: kS t - HAZEL M. KEARNS FARMER, N. C. B. S. Physical Education AlPthnian; E lu a(i„ii Clul. 14); Hockoy (1, 2, 3. Varsity Ho.key 12, 3. 4); Socfer (1, 21; Varsity So. (2); Class Manager (2); Baslietball Varsity (1, 2. 3. Gymnastics (2. 3, 4); Tracli Team (1. 2. 3, 4); Vai Track (1); Basketliall Class Manager (3). January 3 1 Your inherent power shows that you are marked yi tionally for a career that has t.i rln vith the intellec analysis and organizi the general public. ] ern your temperame enduranc ■iati ' of pla of lite. You In people and things. Your hobby should will be 1934. In perso practical. appre- enities order four preferable ' astrology. Y ality radiation Al - - VIVIAN E. KEARNS CRF.EN ' SBORn, . C. .1. B. Education ly Club (2, 3, 4l; Vlie-Presideiit B t Education i. ' lub June 30 :Mut Your Zodiac sig ing planet, whi personal radiatio courteous and ki learn patience an tialitie! the temple of th ith Me rul- h she m to tha iffe tendenc.v e. generous, vei U. Your mission in life is i ■, to keep the conversation fr( iihering that heaven is with I breast and not outside of i You have a love for beauty and display, good busine; organizing ability, and should do things under the publ eye. Y ' ' our powers of imitation are most marked, ar show an aptitude for copying anything seen in dres Avocationally, you are especially pi-olific in ideas ar ilth. NELL INCU.E KENNETT PLHASA.ST l ARDEN ' , K. C. B. S. Home Economics ish Club (1. 2); lub Edv October 20 Libra i.s ynur planet, and Friday your i day. Your spiritual and insi)irationnl Ijink and pale blue. Inhennllv. von h mind, kindly and slavery to th mands made on y jst advantageous colors are rose, ve a well-poised ■oided are worry al or social de- ih. gladly gives masses. It is important, " U keep in mind the symbol of the sigji L,ibr:t iIm i.iiiri.i — and to guard against permitting out- side iuilu.ii. . lo tip the scales one way or the other. Perfect equilibrium is the ideal state for you. Voca- tionally, you are a leader and organizer in the construc- tive side of the world, and would be especially success- ful in co-operative undertakings. ii . r ' sCL ! ,: - m " liitj A MAUDE LENA KNIGHT WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. A. n. En glhh Dike «,; Greensbor ) Coll -ge (1). Augrast 11 Your sign. Leo. i ruled hy the Sun. the li fe-gi er of all things. Th IS influ cure, coupled with your her planet forces, she ws tha t. inherently. you are of that peculiar turn of mi nti tha t enables you to a ■hieve your goal. no matter hov ' dang erous the peri Is ma V he. In pe rsonality radiation. impui.s ., Iisvrhologv and v.-rsa ility the motivating chill .1 !■ 1 1 1 h in :i 1 ' ' 1 (iiir e spres ions. In ■■Ideality " reui t It 1 111 1 .... n the " way of the triple Cl ' ow n ■ u h ii )i ni.i V 1 nip e sorrows. or it may me m (lii i ' iMillH ' lls nl J " , ■ ' ig to the way you use forces. Voiationallv. your posit i ider th ' e Zodiacal si gns in lines you stro rigly o the dran atic and literary llr es of occupational endea or. FRANCES ISABEL KNOX M.XIUKWS, N. C. . . B. Education : French Club (2); Education Club (4). . l the fifth si this year you are influence; Spirit of life forces, s radiation, which ture. a generous ruler and leader- . ugust 21 of the Zodiac, is your sign, but in ifluenced bv the fourth House: Cancer cusing through the Moon: the planet and personality. Your personality of a rr nimanding and impersonal na- d nliiilb niiniHr, make you a natural that for pov : 11 ' genii tale ery WILMER noROIHV KICK vii,mis ;tos ' , n. c. . . 11. Enolish Fr.sliniin 1 ..niiiii.ssion (1 : Vice-President of •■I ' ni.liiii in l:. porter (2); ■■Pine Needles " iitor 1 :; 1 , ( liuiman of Junior-Senior Banquet r-s,-nini r,,:i.Ki.i C!); Life-Saver (3, 4); Presi- ncil 14 1; (brman club (1, 2, 3); Education Club Mar.ihal (4); President Aletheian Society (4 1. le Zodii act to [ipulsive your ruling planet c, which shows th yourself through im ness, people who wil your true friends. and have special t nrt Libra is your sign ii . inherently, you will at rination, broad vision ant offend and try to estrangi personality radiation yoi ally, you are an inspira unement to the dramatii iial ' , Lihr rts. Avocat the seve n would m. mm !X ' • M . ;i " MARGARET LAMBE GREENSBORO, N. C. A. B. Biology Adelphian; Hockey (2. 3): Marshal (3). January 26 Aquarius lu-stows on you a noble o ind progressive na and a quick, receptive niiinl. In inherent ability. have cliosen the path of lii ' iii ' I h al things that reach the " four-square " ' nn i n ,,r man. It is path of analysis, order ami i:i ii 1- working ou the Great Plan, hut it is il - il M path of great wards and a steady, even-flowing li re. or. in other wc an honest service for an honest i return. Avocation vou are an inspirational teacher oi 1- guardian, and c i e a spiritual and material builder in social or hum rvi pull through cumstances. do along the MARY FRANCES LANDRETH GREENSBORO, N. C. A. B. Education Aletheian; Spanish Club (1). Augrust 10 in personality radiation, talented, b greatest men and women rn have come out of this sign, ill power that will always enal mental states of confuslo ally by doing what yc reative and active visdom will hav ELIZABETH WII.LEV LEROV ELIZABETH CITY, N. C. . B. Mathematics Adelphian; Proctor (21; House of Representatives (3); House Vice-President (3); Class Critic (3); House Presi- dent (4); T. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); A. A. Cabinet (4); Fi-ench Club (1, 2); Chemistry Club (3. 4); Mathematics Club (3. 4); President Mathematics Club (4); Education Club (3. 4); Track Team (1, 2, 3. 4); Swimming Team (3, 4); Hockey Team (2. 3, 4): Manager Hockey Team (4); Gymnastics Team (2, 3, 4); Manager Gymnastics Team (2, 3); Varsity (3); N. C. C. Monogram; Senior Life-Saver. March 15 Jupiter and Neptune are your ruling planets, which, in turn, means that you are. in personality radiation, very magnetic and have an attractive personality. You are sllip length of intellectual le . V , JSXL-M st , JENNIE LEW TARBORO. X. C. .7. n. English Dikcan. July 7 n personal rad filiation and p great heights. ■severance, whi intellectually a your efforts. Throu, be highly progressi •ill alway haritv. V. ouUl he u ELIZABETH CHESHIRE LEWIS lARROKO. N. C. . ' T .7. B. EditiUlion X -A ' Pornelian; Mar.-Jhal (4 1. ? r January :{0 Tour inherent ability, in soul registration, designate that you have particular attunement to writing or public speaking. You are also .shown to have a very ve satile and active mind. In personality radiation you possess a very unusual spiritual and psychic power which e rabies you to exercise a startling influence over others . but this l-are gift should never be used to further .= elfish motives. Saturn and Uranus are the ruling plan ts of your sign. Aciuariu.s. . ' Saturn, in certain cycles of your life, has the effect of causing you to feel strongl v " the need and value of law and order. Uranus gives ■ou a great touch of genius, and especially inclines y nu to .7- ._ REBECCA ELIZABETH LIXDLEV CL lI.FORf) COLLEGE, N " . C. B. S. M. Piano . lethelan. December 10 the ruling planet of your sign, Sagittari dows you with the inherenc-v of intuitive and sc ability and attunement. You have, in consequ. philosophical, methodical and reasoning mind. 1 sonal radiation you are blessed with a positive, honest and warm-hearted personality of so positive a nature that opposition hurts but your resentment passes quickly. Vocati will make vour mark in the world through spread and universal application of ideas. Th old ideas, liut thev will be in a new .style oi Jupite are. ally pro rt.s. Jfy y .- K r - ' " ' -j- •♦ " •v V,rti,i g ' Kv. t: ■ : 5. t - ' - ,My MILDRED LINDSAY LEXINGTON, N. C. . . IS. French •hi- (1); French Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Spanish Cluh (2. 3. " Carolinian " Staff (3); Secretary Spanish Club President French Cluh (4); Education Cluh (4); Votel ' s Cluh (4); Track Team (1. 2. 3, 4): Hockey 1 (3 4)- Tennis Squad (1, 2, 3. 4); Class Tennis Mall (3): Hikins Leader (21; Gymnastics Team (2); A i of N. C. C; Life-Saver ' s Emhlem. Oi ' tuher 8 Libr mony should he of spec iai int. you are an inspired worker or t if the fine arts. Avocationall: channel along the line of teat Libra. The nai meaning " balances " or t Ki es you an index to ihiii nur consciousness. .11 nal world, you are 1 imI often inspired. iM science and har- .st t.. vou. Vocationally, iph. vill find a natural r y VICTORIA LINK LF.. lNCTnN, . C. . . B. History Fehriiftry .1 Born the information from apparent effort. In and capable of kee] the earth plane, plans and your amb _ _ ork. then " work your ' plan. " Your vocational work is intel- lectual endeavor through self-expression in organization work having to do with dramatic expression or healing. Occupations requiring travel and promotive interests could be engaging to you. REITA JANE LYONS CREEN ' snnRn, n. c. A. B. Enylish Aletheian; College Choir (1. 2, 3, 4); Playlikcrs (1. 2. 41; Spanish Club (2, 3); Botany Cluh (2); College Ja Orchestra (1, 2, 3. 4); Education Club (4). May 81 Your inherent power dominates love of s.ien.e. eapecia chemistry. In i ersonality radiation you are reserved a determined. You may, in later years, be interested wresting treasures from the earth. A taste for mus artistic talent generally, is noted. This year, you are the House of Leo. which relates to love, marriage a children. If engaged in a career, your own career w be prominent also. Your mission in life is built on t structure of willingness to listen to the woes of yc associates. You must accordingly safe-guard your 1 forces. Your path leads to the fine arts and sciences. A ; - Z« -. A-i- MARY BROWN McAULEY HUNTERSVILLE, X. C. .- . li. Education Aletheian ; Pro ■tor 111; Edu :May 3 -atlon Club (4). hercntly. you have a great deal of mental power, but ?ire is very c ften tronger than the will. You express ur mentality in a very niatter-o f-fact mam ler as you m to delight in being what you term " pra cti ' cal. " In ler words, yo i are more objective In person ality radia- n you are a just (_ ounsellor and very finely grained in ntal forces. You have magnet jc power ind should ve a strong consti tution. Your path is in close rela- n to the House of finances which is an indi cation that u should ga n fin ancially and socially th ough your rriage. Vocationally, you have imitative a nd artistic alities that BOUld make you a successful personality the stage. c;eneva palmer McCAChern I.INWOOI), . c. B. S. M. Pubiu School Music (I): --1 - Ph., Clu Virgo Zodli September 7 sign, with Mercury as your ruling planet. Born under this sign, you are an inspired guardian and constructionist of the lace. Vocationally, you are best adapted, according to the vibrations of the planets, to professions that would have you deal with the public ill the amusement line, or on the platform, as you are gifted with a fluency in writing and speaking. Your personality radiation is engaging, interesting, but not easily deciphered. Your inherent power directs you to works of charity or other work in addition to your career and home life. VALERA McCRlMMEX WEST E.VD, S ' . C, A. B. Science French CI ub (3. 4 ): Be tany Club (3, 4); Treasu rer of Bota October ly CI lb (4). f the Zodia c is Libr 1, the svmbo for it being which, i nfl uentially. show that •on are just. that vou al e capable of ai quiring the abstruse - il slud You hai ■e an interest in cosmical. 1 11 1 1 ' r sal affairs. In personal ty radiation 1 1 " 1 ■ 1 1 1 v ery exact crit cal, an d precise in ' a ' Vocationall -, you belong to the ranks is. such as music painti ig or poetry. JO ' h. i v: : ;M ' : Oi ' I ' f- ' - JIMMIE TEMPIE McCURDV SPENCER, N. C. .•?. B. F.diiial ' wn Dikean; Sijanish Club (1. 2. 3): Education Cluh (4): Botany Club (2); Hockey Team (1, 2); Soccer Team (1. 2); Wearer of N. O. Monogram. November 16 der Scorpio, with M You were I This sign and combination snow: electric, forceful ndependent cal. ' Vocationally, you character analyst, or radiatii you ars for ruling planet, that, in personality nd active. Inherent- ipable of being cyni- a chemist, healer, musician. I.IN.A DELORESE McDANIEL KINGS MOUKT.MK, N. C. A. B. Kn jlish Proctor (3); Young Voters Clul. I " cation Club (4 1. Februar.v 14 that. ith Ur e born under Aquarii g planets, which shov 1 are cool, cautious, active and restli of Uranus gives strong religious ti es, though the affairs of the every-day recede into the background of youi ghts. Saturn makes you critical. Vocal a metaphysicia •- „. cha should !.■ )rld make mind and nally, you trical ap- NINA EUZ.WiKVn McDAVlD SANFORI), N. C. B. ,S ' . Miisii .Adelphian; l.ouisl.urg Coll ' ille (41; Young Vi Yo Thi; July as born under Leo, with the iibiii that plane nllv. capable of much endurance and courage. Your amiiition is high; the spirit of conquest strong; the will is not less e.xalted and powerful. In personality radiation you are implacable and dauntless, scorning defeat and danger. Vocationally, you are under the category of Intellectual Work. Designing should be one of your hobbies. ( ;-- v " .P w .:. J m h ' " - lii k i i MARY LOUISE McUEARMAN RnCKV MOUNT, N. C. . . ?. HiKjlish AU ' thfiaii; Frishiiian I ' ciinmission (11; Huuse of K. ' liie- sentativ.-s (21: rro.tor (2); Chemistry Club (2, 31; Ger- man Club 14); Aletheian Treasurer (4); Vice-President y. W. C. A. (4). September 10 V..U ,r,- l..,rii nii.l.r tlie sign of Virgo with M.-reury as t. urili ' r. cu This lur. nui .ombi lation shows orni an.l la irlv within vour coi .n. Tf you V v re to tu.l - | l 1 It U,( 1 1.1 w -li inherent ability. ■I ' nS- t [. till .-ll. .Ill 11 and beioi le a tea ■h,T .. lllr biKhi-,-! tionally. you woulti nakc ; n fxrelk-nt i ALMA FRANCES McFARLANl ' ) oxinKii, N. c. . . li. Ilutnry Freshman commission ID; Spanish Club (2); 1. 2, 3, 4); College Orchestra (1, 2, 3): - - - - — — (3); Proctor (2); House of er Team (3. 41; Baseball (4); Swimming Team (4j; Life-Saying Embl ' oliege Orchestr (2, 3); ientat 13. 41; Life Saver (3); Ex ; Vice-President Baptist Student Un - (3); Wearer of A. A. Monogram (4) ram (4); Education Club (4); Debating Charter Member of Young Votels Club Januar.v 5 Zodiac sign ■heel si student of hi; cd by outside i ne.s, which give nality radiation y( nt ability she yet strongly not easily You have strong per- i eye for bargains. In ■thodical. e dete il. Vocationally, n . and business organ ISABEL McGILL KI.VGS M0LIN1A1N-, N. C. . . B. Uiilory September 1 Y ' ou wci-e born under the sign of Virgo, with Mercury as your ruling ijlanet, which shows that your mission in life is to toil without hope of reward in the law of at- traction, which will operate in cosmic realms of reward. In personality radiati table. Vo illy ad inclined to the profession V ' ilk .M 7V ' T -4 ,L C " 5 -C iH - NELLIE G. McGIRT LAURENBURC, N. C. -• . B. En; lis i Al.-theian. June 8 Tour Zodiac sign Is Gemini. Willi Mfirui V as the ruling planet. This combination of inlhi.iM. 1 i " US you to be curious, subtle and huma ne. In ]n.iiT,,l , |ii;.lities, or in- herent ability, you are artistir, i., i Mi.l very dex- terous In the manual crafts. V... ;■ i h.ii,, i l your creative ability and executive power fit.s ..ii .Mliriii ;ililv for public and official work. Your eln iuiMit .si h aii.l writing shows ability for platform work. . , MARGARET McIVER v- NEW BERN, N. C. r 1 .7. B. Eduailwn s Dikean; House of Representatives (1); French Club (1, 2): Class Treasurer (2): International Rel ations Club (3, 4); Education Club (3, 4); Dikean Treas iurer (3); Fac- ultv-.Student Committee (3); Proctor (31 ; Orchesus (3. 41: Dance Drama (3, 4); Freshman c, ommission (11; ' 4x ' ' A. A. (3. 41; Young Voters Clu li (4). r - December 6 ' n-- Sagittarius, third fire, is your astrological influence, with Jupiter as your ruling planet. Jupiter. which will be your guiding planet for the rest of the yei ir 1928. endows you with high mental dualities and gives you a virtuous ( ' and honorable nature. Y ' ou represent the Archer, whose aim is sure, and who seldom fails to hit the mark. In . r? personality radiation you are magnetic. Vocationally, music, religion and philosophy are your spheres of ex- LOriSE SCOTT McMASTERS GREENSBORO, N. C. A. R. Eduiation Pri (31 Sjianish I ' lub (41. 3); i - -c. -.J - ' i m .O.H ■ ' • ' ' » H»vJV ' lik tk - ■■ l ' mi ' ' r3 r„ 5 ' ' M JL ' The date. MARGARET LANETTE McMURRAY FOREST CITV. N. C. . . B. EJiiaitwn Iphian; Spanish flub (2l; atloii Club (4) Noveniher 34 Mm, l,.Miii, iliat all persons born ol vill prov thi! -n. . . -nil ,i l,. finitely the business lii.-iiii.i in i . iii.i i kabl y sure and keen, but too close appli ' -ation to youj- work or interests is your be- setting sin. You are characterized by generous motives, good temper and lovaltv. Vocationally, you are an in- spirational teacher of athletic exercises or teacher of household arts and sciences. JESTINA McRIMMON M.AXTOV, N, C. A. B. Rotnanir Lani uaifrs Mardi 8 The emblem o( your sign. Pisces, is the ■•Fishes. " Rul- ing planet. Neptune, with the Sun as guiding planet, was on the edge of this sign at your birth: hence, you will not reci.ivH the full results of the Sun ' s influence. Vo- . .LtH.nallv, ..u b.bini: in any of the following lines; art .lith. ;uli-t, uiii.i ,,r mental and material builder. In p. i.- " ]ialitv MnliiitMii vou have a poised nature, making liuht Hf tri.ils and troubles which come to you, and in this way earning th. admiration of many who come into your world of personal affairs. Jf; A ' .:-;-:- ' JANIE MAY MANN . %7 1 11. S. Horn,- Eidiuiiniis . " ' . .blphlan; H.iin- Kcnomics Club |3); Chemistry iMub (:■.); Kducatb.n C-lnb (41. April 6 Aries, the iuK planet. ■Illd nil tb: first sign of the Zodiac, with Mars as the rul • makes vou. inherentlv. want to see the world , li.. . tb-|.fiii In p.-rsonality radiation you are ■ " ,.. ,1 ' , ' m ,,ii-.iiali ..u ,11. shown to have _ , 1 M. , iM.lni. .,1 11, d i.iilili . work, but -., ,i,ii.,l " 1,1, ihiuut;!, i.i.M,...a iiig. t ■:■ t . r J-( . i S ., ,, ' ■ ALETHIA THERESA MARKS WELDON ' , N. C. .•?. B. Rnmanii- Latujuaffrs in- Fr.ii, li I ' liil.; K.lutation Club; Proctc you are apt to and then regret You T ept culti til July Ullirh Kh In second degree, i-ii«-. . mi . ....— .l. ..■• - -_ ■- to give up personal possessions for spiritual enugnten- ment The influence of the Sun and I.eo renders you magnanimous and loyal. Vocationally, you would be suc- cessful as nuisc, sinB.T or lawyer. w r, -r, i i J I VIRGINIA VERNON MARSH R.ALKIGII, N. C. . . II. Ediuatiun reshman ' oniinis.sinn (1); Botany Education Cluh (4); Marshal (4 1. Ma.v 13 You have artistic powers ana paths. Combination of Taurus ; ment gives you, inherently, bli well, but marked depression whe In personality radiation Venus pacific, graceful and " four-squ powers you to judicial expre id prosperous in Earth ele- ■hen all goes s are crossed, odifies ' and makes you Vocationally, your pleasast ind Venn: 3sful joy the rts. NEVELYN LH.I.IAN MARTIN GREENSBORO, N. C. A. B. Education Zoology Field Club C Educ 1-lub 14). Spanish Club (3) ; December 16 You are creative and cosmical. Inherently, your mind is versatile, vital and quick. Y ' our mental powers arr- many, consequently vou have to be more careful and metliodiral as through richness of intellect and lack of method you can run into mental profusion and disorder. Vocationally, you can rise in life through the exercise of your faculties, and by favoring the more humane studies of natural science and philosophy. In personality radiation you vibrate good judgment, an ethical mind, and a capacity for general work. J{ -A A. , ;. - i ' % I J ' ..) . ' " ' ' 4 , ' M _- ..,,m -i-tr - MARGARET LOUISE MAYES GREENSBORO, X. C. . II. Eiliicalion Eilii ■lull K.p. Fien. h Club (1, 2); r (3. ■!). AuEUst 6 The Sun, the Lord of the Heavens, was ruling on hirthday, which signifies vitality and aetivity of mind, plus great love and feeling for those you The progiam of your life represents " a time for plea a time to rise, a time to lall, and a time to die. " love and liberty are the motivating powers in your life. You will, through inherent desire, always wai travel when possible. You thrive on rhange of ; and oeoupation. If a profession is chosen, a voc, should go with it. -Writing, law and music registi your forces. AVA GRAY MEWBORN WILSON, N. C. A. n. EJuialion Uetlirian; Kdu. ation Olub (4). N )Venil er 2 t and aie the licynotcs to your personality Ation. You do not like loud, sudden or discordant •s. Very fond of birds; successful in mining opera- 1 and interests. Inherently, you have an active, ilv and quick brain, plus being a natural mediator. will be brought into connection with influential }■■ socially, or put into influential position profes- C illy. Rulership is noted. Your vocational callingO t.s you to inspirational tear-hing or revelation GRACE STONER MILLER EII.TMORE, N. C. .7. li. French Fren.h Club through the inf judgment and a would be. vocati cially designing. I, 2. 3, 4); Spanish Cluh (2. 3, ' niK h Club l.-i); Proctor (31; Edu- ; ' Carolinian ' - Reporter (4). September 28 the siu ' ii of Libia, with Venus as Venus, add simplicity, good libilities to your nature. Y ' ou cessful in creative arts, espe- I Ji , P ,- ..uv - -vj Iy i« - HENRIE MILLER STATESVILLE, N. C. .7. n. Hn,,lis l " lull (3, 4); Spanish f rr-.-asurer of Dikean Sc .■ty (1). ' N 1 April as You were lioi-n under the sign ot Taurus, with Venus as your ruling planet. Taurus being the head sign of the earthly triplleity. adds strength of eharatter, but your lesson is to learn to trust your own intuition and judg- ment, and not to allow the opinions of others to sway you from a worthy plan. You have distinet talent for public and platform work, and at times you would enjoy a Bohemian existence, and at otbter times you prefer the solid comforts of home to the hotel life and travel the stage would entail. In jiersonality radiation you have a great magnetic power. LrCILF. MILLER SAI.ISBUKV, N. C. B. S. Home Economics Dikean; Home Kronomics Piul. 1 3. 4 ; Clicmistry Club 1 1 (.■!. 4): Education Club (4). March 1 Y ' ou were born under the sign of Pise s. and. under this sign, you should strive to develop yoi r natural trust In the Infinite power. This will prevent you from crossing bridges before they are built. You are far above the average in the gift .if iiitiiilii.n :iii.l i SiI.Imim r.iils VOU. r In personality riidhn x..« . i. n. i ■■ 1. iiii-us, de- termined, active nii.l iiii.i.-Un i..., !!■ 1 .lever speakers and goo.l wiir.i- tinW 1- ' Mil put ii ' ular - -■ registrations. In inherent ability, you ia e. ibiiiuyli your ' powers of intuition, an excellent vibrat on for secret serv- I ice work or diplomatic service, especially in time of war. RUTH MARGARET MINICK MOUNT AIRY, N. C. .7. B. F.nijtish kean; French Club (2i; Proctor ( Nc veiiiber 8 This birth-date represen s " lo ig enduring " at d. there- fore. gives long life thi ough your father S 111 e of an- cestr -. good n emory. ove c f social lit e. a nd many friends. You w 11 alway s be irought into contac t with ved peoiile socially or pr ofessionally. Vo at onally. you KO i be s uccessful in la nguage or •ritii g. or the art o f expressio 1. You w ould I nake a fine auth and be distin guished fo r your imagina ive and cos nical qualities. In p rsonality adiation you ire poised 2 nd el -ilium- )A M . i fill ALICE MITCHELL AULAXDER, N-. C. A. B. Education Adelphiaii. St-pteinber 35 Villi win l..irn uirI.t th.:- sign of Libra, with Vtlius as Mnii mini- iilaiut. wlii.h indicates that you will retain || " i Mill I, 1,11- a long period of time. It is likely that iiii ill ' lilt, rested ill astronomy, literature, poetry and -tu.l 111 yiiei-al. The study of comparative religions would lie most engaging to vou. Tour forces, througli in herent ability, dominate occult science. In personality radiation you are ciuite a leader, and are, characteri.- tii al- ly, brave, frank and very independent. Vocationallv. v " U would make an Interesting writer or lecturer on as- ANNIE MAE MORRIS COLERAIN, -. C. . . R. Frnnh lull I ' lul. I 2. . " . 4 1: Spal Proctor (:; . Jul.v 8 I . Bli Club (3) " ; . ' --r ir ruling iilanet. Ther comes from the vibr that when the great nd liii;l ■alms .. juld be if Cancer, with the Moon on of the Moon ' which uggle between your will- this planet heljjs you in |iii in the way of wrong. l.iii|ilii li. power. In per- . iiiiitiniial. determined iMx. Miu lielong to the itii. laii.s. Literary fame • GLENN ELLA MORRIS CRAMTE FALLS, N. L . . B. Education Cornelian; Siianish : ' lub (4 1 May 29 The bead sign of the air triplicity. Gemini, is your Zodiac simi Vou are careful, methodical, prudent, and a good niiiiiijer. You have a strong musical talent, and could I iiiiilinse, if you studied seriously. Your vibratory in- ilu. iiies show that you have second sight, and inherent- l. liave much wisdom at your command. You love mys- tery plays and stories, and could write along these lines if you would only draw on the power stored within your subconscious mind. You are, in perosnality radiation, rather distinctive, in that you are very co-operative and conservative one minute and then quickly reverse your attitude to impersonal and extreme measures. ■ G»i--, I ' V ' »•- k H j; " ' i y r{Y u " v5i. Xy-- ' ' ANNIE LUCILE MUNROE COUNCIL, N. C. A. B. Education :pr nish 0!ub (2); (2); Education May 14 ■lull (4). guided by in are given tin gather weali ■L-i ' UiJutiunal lalluib-s tliat In or research, ELIZABETH MnRPHY SALISBURY, N " . C. A. B. English Aletheiai : House f Rcprescnt.Ttivcs (1); Pro ■tor 11 21 ; Frenrh ■lub 11. ; . S, 41; Spanish Club (3 Prophet (4), AuglLst 28 4 1 ; You werf horn und er the sign of Virgo, with Mercu y as the rulii g planet. which designates that yo u are well balanced at least not likely to go to extrem es. In per- sonalitv radiation you have an innate refin ment. sitiveness definite] ess in your nature and a usive and retir ng manne r. rnherently, you are a fi ne rea and have a partic ular attunement for gram aiatlca ac- curacy a nd appr,-, .Ltion for purity of dictio 1. You are logical a nd .s.|i-i„ d. and do not easily lose your presence of niiinl " mergency or crisis . For this reason, a noTiu; iM.ii V Mil. rs, vou generally exc el in e •ery- thing yo u nihil t 1 a ... .nationally, you ha e the prc- rogatives of h.InK well adapted to the study and t ach- ing of m edicine, ni athcmatics, literature and philos phy. WINNIE ALICE MURPHY ASHEVILLE, N. C. . . B. Enijlish Dikcan: Proctor 12 1; Spanish I ' lul. (1. 2. 3) Chem istry Club (2, 3, 41; Secretary and Treasurer of Chemistr Club (3): Hiking Leader (3); Soccer Team (3); Reporte tor ■•Carolinian " (2. 31: Associate-Editor of ■ ' Carolinian (4); Young Voters Club (4); The Debaters Club (4). the bor The the July 29 sign o _ . -. _-- Sun de , structiveness in your nature, and, in Leo, makes possible the greatest ' ac greatest failure. Under this planetar ' are better fitted for mental labor thai ' Vocationally, you would make an physician or nurse. In public work. rate agiieti and the ff ,J K -A ' htr . ■- i wov H ' 4iv A w:i _. of SARAH GENEVA NEILL BREVARD, K. C. . . B. English Aticlphian; Spanish Clul.. December 12 agility indicates keen foresight and psychic Vocationally, you belong to the creative tially. ■ n would be along th ■ - " |ihy. your most ac I ' ally, you belong to t I lull gold and purpl .lit. ' red, exclusive, be 1930. lines of explor . or lecturing on psychology and advantageous day is Thursday. the Tribe of Gad. Your colors In personality radiation you are but kind. Your important year ELIZABETH NORMAN PLVMOtiTll, .V. C. A. II. Eiiucatinn iident (3); Edu temper radlati of January 31 es affect you leade fir of will Inhere nergency or distr .u have a wide view of life, a broad mind, and r ndency to extend thought through all-incluslvenei sion. Vocationally, your best forms of expression of literary, vocal, or commercial Your public appea ibr: stands for leadership. IRENE QIEEN OLIVER SI LV. , . L-. . . B. Education rnel an; Sei ior Fren -h rlu ion C May 1 (2. ub H 80 !l; Pr oc or (3) Edu ur 1 lanetar V a ssignn lent in birth make s ou am bitlou r s.K ial rec 3gn tion a nd ho nors. V et vo re not satli: ith the achiev ement. In ' gather =d° wisdoi V I larked int uitive power . yet you require In ..ntr. ■ proof to be CO nvince a whe e lew pi .-IS.. ( .imh Jth is presented to yo u. Yo u V ' T ■I. but wh at vour r ature lacks most is the po wer ' • 11 rated " ffo " rt. Y 3U are in vc catioii al power espe 1 1 1. h in de IS and plans for th e bett ern lent of club 1. n. -■5 and pu Jlic w elfare work. but yo U ShOL Id a Jl l ' ' ' .;x- ' i- j ii -■Oi- o ' ' ANNIE LAURIE OLIVER VANCEVVILLE, N " . C. A. n. Frrnih of tlio Zodi: ruling pla net As the sign Tai rus s in close re atioi to the se cond Ho use of lo VP P nd r na rriage. OU mos likely will hai ' e vo ur career nterfered w th throu gh thes experience s in you r life. In all liatte rs of a doi nes tic o social nat ure. you should he alo ne, a nd in calm nes s an meekness of spiri , seek to kn ow OU r higher self sc that you will choo se those t or e ssoci ite s who V. ill brinf out the f ner side of your nati re a Id the constr activ skill that yoL possess. Tou ha e executive ahi ity plu artistic an d s cient fie attune men for a career a decora landscape gardener. r ELLA ORMAND ; i BESSEMER CITV, N. C. : Ale thcia i; Edu.a ion dull Engtisli (II; Young V Ilebatcr Club (41. ' J 1 December 15 ' Yo e, " a endowed iierciful s with an oul, and ingenuous, s a constant h tr tlv 1 U heart. Tl herent ability, you very often display amazing and ability in completing or perfecting the inv programs of others. Y ' ou are happiest and best when |pli i.:il energy and executive ability enga i ' l, ' .. .iiii.u.-iily, you should take an i terest hi,! l.ilihL. |,art in public life. You are b an ocriin Muii. Milt even to a greater degree, sign; tlieielore. Miu could be a lecturer on divi or follow your niilinations in musical directioi Rt ' TH ELIZABETH OWEN LE.XlNCrON " , N " . C. .7. li. Romntue Lanijiuiijrs Proctor (1); Spaiii.- h club (1, 2, :l. 1); 1 % Scorpio endov ovpmber 20 h an electrii and forceful ire of fixed iiposed upon. our personal n i ,iil lat imi ourageous. o aniinall erior decorating and as :i orm. you would be con long the musical lines ase in rendition, hut the ,ould be of a w.ird natu 4.. 4. Jfefet . A. : s .3Ij S ' CyT5s)A ' FLORENCE MAXVILLE PARKIN BEAUFORT, N. C. J. B. Biology Dikean; House nf Representatives (1. 2); Proctor (21; Zoologrv Field Club (2. 3, 4); Vice-President Zoology Field Club (3); President Zoology Field Club (4): Botany Club (3. 4); Education Club (3, 4); Spanish Club (3). January IS Saturn, the ruling planet of your sign. Capricorn, be- stows upon you a high moral nature with conscientious regard for duties and responsibilities. Great respect for pulilh ..pji]i.,n is a marked trait in you. You are not • i ' r ii.iiM.. being deliberate under most circumstances; ' i " kn . your true friends, and app reciate their t T I. tHl--hiii o i are. in personality radiation, highly magnetic, and people are attracted to you without effort on your part. Inherently, you are fond of things beauti- ful and harmonious in both people and art. Vocationally, you would be successful in occupational callings having to do with travel, teaching, acting, science, or financial VIRGINIA PENDLETON HICKORY, X. C. B. S. M. Piano Inherently, your regisf good deeds, and charac minded and honorable, ment within uIm ' October 28 ?ives good qualities and lly, you are moral, high- s strong religious attune- ' ousness. and, for this n hkcly you -will be in affiliation ' 111. lit of a religious nature in the iiiLiiiit. you are serious, thoughtful ■ n. You have the characteristic of and matching every detail of any a leader of girl scout military work, right environment and calling. In LVniA GERTRUDE PERCIVAL K. F ri ' EVlI.l.H, . C. . . B. Romanir Latii uai rs Aletheian: French club I 2. 3, 4): Spanish Club 12. 3. 4); Officer Spanish Club (4 1; Education Club (4); Les Ba ardcs |4I; A. A. (3, 4); Dance Drama (3); Orchesus (4). February 5 Saturn and Uranus are the ruling planets of your sign, Aquarius. The influence of Saturn is shown in the gift of caution, prudence, economics and financial ability. Uranus is r.sponsil.le for vour nervous temp, in rn. nt and pov Altlinuth changes ar in worldly matters, greatly. belie ing tb; though you have m vocational endeavor. talent, you would, essful in useful ente arranged for instru e ■% m --. - dr:: s y ' i ' - ' ■{t - " ■ ' ijfx-r . ' C MARTHA ELIZABETH FERRYMAN LEXINGTON, N. C. .7. H. Romance Languages Adelphian; A. A. (1, 2, -1): Spanish Club (2. 4): Cluli (1): Class Baseball (1, 2, 4); Varsity Baseball (H: Hlkins Club (1); Hockey (1, 2. 4): Soccer (1. 2); N. C. C. Monogram: Playlikers (4). July 9 Cancer, your birth sign, is governed bv Luna, the Moon, which rules the reflective faculties and gives mechanical and constructive ability. In the material world, you are sbnwii to li.iv, . ' , for speculation and games of ' ■Ii:mi. ,■, wii.n til,. Sun r. aches the sign Cancer on its •• mill II. 11 uli III.. Zodiac, it then starts back " 11 II- ...Ills, iniiii II i....hi ' S the Fall equinox; hence. tbi.s li,i. k .11 .1 un.tioii iiil lut-Tices you to be retrospective. Characteristically, you are exceedingly sensitive to men- tal wounds. You long for camaraderie. love and domestic comfort. In personality radiation vou are emotional, magnetic and never quite definable. Vocationallv. vou have artistic talent that lould be used profe-ssinnally or ' I MARGARET ELIZABETH PIERCE BHAUKORT, N. C. .7. I!. Romanie l.anguai es Dikean; Proctor 12, 3); Botany Club (2): Spanish Clul) « (2, 3, 4): French Club (2, 3, 4); Treasurer of French Club (4); Education Club (3, 4); Secretary Education Club (4); Young Voters Club (4), March 22 In inherent ability, you have the mental attunement of the philosopher. Characteri.sticallv, vou are positive. alert, broad-minded, and wnnl.I I..- sur to resent the i least semblance of . ..m j.iil i..ii l.ui . an be ruled most definitely by kindne.s.« .in.l -miii.hI a. . ord. You are gifted with a projectix. ml ki. h. mind and vnu (s- seek opportunities. Tli.i. is mn ihinu ..itain. and that is you are most likely t i succe.d uli.n l.ii i.i ..vmi judgment, methods and schemes. In |.. i ..i.a l n la.iia tion you are ambitious and daring, i.iin..! .n.l - i.iiim. two contrary reflections but true n. .i a b. I. -- ...a- CORINNE LATHAM PITT ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. .7. B. Education Ish Clul) Club (4) Bo Vote :ly Club (2. 3); should be , but. at to act isdo ard the future. There- with those who will ap- he same time, curb the ithout full deliberation, most frequently attract will desire to make use nd develop- for their princi ment. Your forces dominate love of instruction and pression in organization work. Consequently, in vocational guidance, you would be successful in teaching the arts and sciences, or in leading groups of people socially or spiritually, to higher consciousness and unfoldment. A j j ' MARGARET FADEAN PLEASANTS DURHAM, N. C. . . tt. Eni liih : Pr-pshman (■..iiiiiiissi,,ii (1); ( " lass Trit CoracUli (2. 3. 4); C , .;, . h. r |J ; Quill Club (2, 3. 4); Masqui-raders (2. 3. n, ri.x . 1 - (1, 2, 3. 4): Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3); Toasi.i Juum 1 s. iiior Banquet (3); Sec- rHtary-Treasurer PlavliK. r ( 1 . Class Poet (4 1; Secretary n.aiiiatii- Council (41: Han.e IMama (3); Orchesus Club tu . Till. Book of Cliaim (2) Blue Diamonds (2); Arms ;ni(l tlif Man (3); Expressing Willie (3); Chanticleer (4). April 10 III mil. -lent ability, you show possibilitios in the line of ilil ' h.niai-y, and will natural! • attract to yourself those Mil,, would use your diijlon atic aliility and then not admit that you had anythlni; n, .1.. « iili tin ' i ' iMi V In personality radiation you ai. |.i .1 1 . --I ■ . IN 1 - fH 1 ■. .ind synipathetir. You are stnuii; S .1111-11., . I. ■ . 1 ,11.1 IMlld of travel and sooial lif.-. v- 1 l,., .. ., n;iiiii:il .1.-11. to nd, but nl.-.. li FRANCES POOLE LLIMBRRTON-, N " . C. A. B. EJiualion AuKU t 6 ptary currents of Leo continually surround you and mes these forces illumine your personality to such stent that you seem to be possessed of supernatural ■r. The spiritual side of vour nature is very marl ed. h accounts for the fact thtat you attrac t others to with no intention on your part to do so. Inherently, are versatile, impulsive, and do many things on the of the moment, many of which you often regret, n your mind is rightly attuned, you are capable of ; most aspiring, blessed, and lovable. In vocational , vou would do well in the art of healing, such as ician or nurse. You have talent for writing plays. : stories, or editorials. ROSA RICHARDSON POPE GOLDSBORO, . C. A. B. Roi ninir Lanr uiii rs ■be •lull April 27 uses are keenly alive and are. in p.-rsonality radia- iractive and niiis;n.t bv Inberently. your knowledge uitions lie d.-. i. .in. I .1.. n..t readily appear on the Y ' ou have r. 111.11 l.iM. imwers of concentration. althful fores. . h ..lU. that may be imparted rs th.•reb i- -I. .,1 unions. iously. making , X. . ,11. 1.1 .1 h. ,h 1 ..11 .11.. tl..- most loyal ,1 sphe to civilize and nourish; therefore, in writing, direct- 1- oral announcement over the radio, you would be client attunement to this responsiliility and calling. Mil ifc ' Jr. .ip i- ' ' V .vv Viyi 01 1 ' - ' ' KATHERINE LORIMER PORTER DAVIDSON, N. C. A. B. Ediiuit ' wti lull. ' iitly Adelphian; orclu- December ha (2). life, esperially tht- piiationally and that will i lumber of people. In mentil ■findings " are always, ana] nspirational " gatherings lave a tendency to lectu the and ertain technn t pe As a Sagittarit of the year w nights the long in many ways. MI Mil II , tual This 111. Ill il Uu nil would ju widtU 1 uu ' iub IS writei ical subjects espec ally soniL )f books or oril analysis o the world at the time lie the shortest ind thi MYRl I F PORT FR ROCKIM II M N l .7. B tniilKh ll Clul. li M uUllfe A. August 2 great nd hope are the predominant qualities of your iraiteristics. You rarely despair, even under al pressure. You have strong organizing ability and can see over large mental spaces, and for this reason you are better in managing large affairs, functions and ceremonies than small ones. You are shown to have much imagination and fluency in speaking and writing and for this reason, you should excel in inspirational en- deavor having to do with the talents and aspirations of others You are cosmical in your viewpoint, which fact shows ' vou to be a natural teacher and mother. In per- sonality radiation vou are wonderfully kind, sincere and CORNELL ' POWELL SMllHUFI.!), N. C. B. S. Ilomi- hionomiis Aletheian; •lull 41 ; Edu. al ;iub CI, -11 February 12 Inherently, vou are very intuiti ■e. a clear reasoner. and a splendid judge of character. Y ' ou are faithful in the disiharge of your duties and to the trust reposed in you in whatever sphere you ma V be employ.-.l. You are. in personality radiation, activ. h.l [illll 11 M.I .III 1 . ii.lil ■ and tactfully adapt yourself !•■ Ill - 1 - .111.1 . lll.■l■- gencies vet never feel burdein . ,., ;i .1 -. .111 .II. ' ,1 III. I .. see the amusing side of tliii L ' - ■I..II ;m.. 11 liiillinil .s|,iiiiu;,l l.iiihl.-r and reformer vet vou .ould be suc- .-.-.Mill III 1. 11-111. -ss. At times yo u are very nervou.s, espe- .mill iiiM.iii- iiliout certain thi ngs. Much religious ten- You would tual psycholog i4 A, X € ' " tj- jtl ' V ' J ' ' ' ' i. .l ' SADIE BELLE PROCTOR ROCKY MOUNT, N. C. .7. B. Education Cornelian; E.lucation Club (4). February 13 l.eisoTiifiiation of dignity, an ill , til,. ,1. quail ;, but there is a tendency •ower and disregard your in not good for your particular you could most easily focu art. religion, politics, law and ; EMMA BLANCHE RAPER VVHI.COME, . C. . . «. hni lish . .lcli,hian: Fr.slinKui ( ■..mniission (1); A. A. (1. 2); (■..lIcKi- Chcji (1, 2l: i c-lub (21; Zoology Field Club (2. 3); Kicn.h I ' Uil, I2|; I ' rnctor |3); ■■Carolinian " Ke- AuguM 1 You are possessed of a highly emotional nature, of great inherent goodness and pride and ambition, as ■well as vigor and buoyancy of spirit. Your indomitable will- power will always enable you to pull through and extract yoursi ' lt lioiii ti tn circumstances. Like all others of the fire simi, n u. .|uick to anger, but soon recover from ' our a l .i-. • lions. If you have talent either for vocal oi iiisii inn. iiial music, it is little less than a crime It. Til., .same rule applies f the creati professions intellectual MARTHA LOnSE REAVIS KAl.ElCll, N. C. . . 11. Education Panish Club (1. 2); Education Club (4); Youn i Vntel s April Clu n b (4). In inli.-i ' .nt aluli V, yi u a re c ■eatl ve versatil e and artis- til . m vdU uld -.f ever ■-da affair s. you express ur intelle ■tua itv i ,11 l " i 1 ,111,1 em otional way through the cha nnels of ' " It ni . 1 11 " rt in a balanced d success! ul « ay. In til. ii.i I 1 u o Id, you attract pe ople of le trnii g to ,, 11 ,11 ,lel ate s and ideals of a much iner type ' than ■.. u 1 i id 11 pi act cable at all til nes to live up to o 1 yo ur prest nt radiation of character ai d m ental processe s. y ou crave the chance to br mg forth with oriE nality a nd r o elty the mainsprings of vour tho ights and analysi 5. Y ou will. th erefore, find pleasant and highl y worth -while path if you follow so jnal callii g as wi iter, teache of philosophy. % k ,. y ...nw " ■el rW-. ' KATHERINE KYLE REDFERN MONROE, v. C. A. B. Romanif l.aniiuaiji ' S Cornelian- Freshman Commission (1); Sophomore Council (2); Cheer Leader (21; French Cluli (1, 2, 3. 4); Span- ish Club (3, 4); Education Club (4); Dance Drama (3); Orchesus (4 ; House of Representatives (3). December 23 Your inherent power shows that you arc likely to make a name for yourself through the inauguration of a sys- tem that saves time or values in the analysis of the social system and ethics of the day. Tou are a creator of advanced understanding, and should employ your tal- ents for the good of the masses. In vocational attune- ment. you have, metaphysically spenkiim, Im- ii a destiny In this life that is capable of leading v -u i.. ili, lieights in some inventive or artistic form i i ■ i ' t ' -win. It is within you to find what this is. uhnlii ii is a new code of social ethics, painting, niuf ic, .-..ulpture, lit- eraturf- acting or journalism. Stay with your one ob- jective until vou arrive; otherwise, you will never be happy if you do not complete the divine urge within you. y ESTELLE ELEANOR REECE RUTHERFORDTON, . C. A. B. Romance Lani iuiijis ; Spanish Clug (1. 2. 3, 4); French Clu r Team (2, 3. 4); Baseball Team (3) nasties Team (2); Hockey Team (2). December 31 at ability tends .■hostess, I. who nc.l will find tionaily, you ployed in th or teaching. ■rvice and public welfare work. Socia attributes of a charming hostess. Cha )U have a love for (lowers and plants ■ou would find vour time and talents i HELEN REINHARDT LIN ' COLNTON ' , N. C. B. S. Home Econnmus ian; Seiretary Alel ssistant Cheer Lead h Club (3, 4); Homi istry Club (2, 3. ■ Sor , 4); Educati. January 3 In inherent ability, and spiritual sens reflection upon the most vigor. Yiui that you arc lil. l understood an,l ui peals to you is ,il l tate to make grcai definite responsibility. Vocationally, you f active and artistic enterprises for the fin ' tistic benefit of self and others. J V M i RUTH REYNOLDS ASHEVILLE, N. C. . . «. Ilislory nikirtii; Pi " , till- (!!); I ' lass Sf(i.-tai i4i (4); Vuunt; Vott-rs club (4 Education Club 1. Marrli 1A Through your birth siKii Aii. , ib. ■•,,|.m signs of thi- 7.o(iiac. and -niib Mm- ,- ». your influence in social aii:,,i- , ,.,- that your tastes are likelv i,, i., Iumim -n,lr 1 .-Bf anii.l ' f .■b " .--niit «n m ., ni, h i, _ - ,,i ne of the twelve ur ruling planet, , ou greatly, in .us- You are at M wlicn a leader Vou ' wuul ' a " be ■sue. ' l ' .sMul " ill ' 1 , ' o 1 i ' " i e ■ L l " ' ii .., lie highly iim .,i„i writing, e or newspaper Libra sb ability a of affair cflorls ; illlti.s n up,. 11 1.. for ex. ■ deeds. like d. 1 ANNIE C. RICHARDSON R.M.KIGII, N. C. II. S. Ilinrw EKiniiiniis Oflober II iih.rently, you fully recogni: ,- X ' that othe , characteristically, persistent in your ■ nt in the performance of vhatever usted to you. You can be depended " - . " I . " .! ti. ' . " ' .l ' for good ■ ■■ ' - ■■ I .■iil.itions and . ' i I occupa- of a chemist or druggist. NANCV V. RICHARDSON WKVDKI.L, . . L ' . . . n. h.lUllul, .•liali; l ' .,ll,.(..,. I ' ll, B..tali. I ' lub I .41; Spanish .■Ha. 9 Your i.lanet in.lines you to follow the promptings of impulse, emotion and artistic desires. Inlierently. you are cosmical in interests and under.standing. and would make an excellent teacher, dean, or director of home, school and society. In personality radiation you are prac-tlcal, useful, dependable and ethical. Your ver- satile powers and imagination fill you with interest and, in turn, vou are corresjiondinglv interesting to people. You are a leader and have e.xecutive ability, and, coupled with your other gifts, you are best suited to an occupa- tion iiaving to do with theatres, music, voice culture and groups of people. £6 : 1 - l ' ,0. 5 .nY " ' _A C • y fx u, EMILY REID RIDEOU ' : SALISBURY, N. C. .7. II. HJiualion Eclueati. i (4); B : ' lul. H); y dull I A. A. (2, 3, 4). Inherently, yr, gathering inli personal radi;i sltive. and ■ classed as par tal po Oct aber 7 l.lin ,sly incli 1 r ii 1 every 1 motional 1 nil ' 1. There Vu ationally Cher of donii effort along the lines of i expression are within your standing. Avocationally. languages, and. it desired position as interpreter and fo should be all!,- Al -: EVELVN WOOTEN ROBERTS ASHKVIl.I.K, N " . C. .7. n. Etujlish inanish Oluh (ll: Grecnvill.-. S. O J I the hlsto ' : ' Capricorr earth. It Itation. ' -- within your keeping a intellectuality, as well pressed nature that ' radiation your battles through your ability t combative elements in ' ance. you have muc 1 through a legal aspect January 14 represents the dark sii c occult sign of solitude ' . .shows that therefor I conscio IS til. ' rii of Hill .ower and many talents. Df mind and attunement. y and practice of law. Av erarv prerogatives of a w 1 subjects. M. ' RV ISABELLE ROBERTS RKI) SPRINGS. N ' . C. .7. II. Ediuatwn Flo ' a Ma. I Kil Club Ho VIcH-Fresid.ut (4). Inhi Marcli 38 ■ou are apt to exhaust from the fa.t that everything must pass through th are inclined to fill your mind things at the same time. Youi others into higher and unbiasi You are self-expressive, highl termined. Owing to your own sourcefulness. you can find r pity for the weak thought pn ■ o .. — in contact ble of the intellect, and th too much of n decorating. particula ent to A A . " ' A Wv ; Isljh,- ilMHy . mi PHILVS BRYANT ROGERS VinORESVILI.E, X. c. .7. B. Education : Erlu.atinn I ' lul. (41; S|):inisli Club (2). In radii February 34 )n you are shown to liave in- .. Inherently. ' you are partiruhirly •■ no l»la(;e in your heart for any- he rontrarv. BeinK ethical in tastes it upon unity, order, harmonv and be successful in pulil and desif ning. Ayoca LOnSE KNlc;HT ROrilA W.UNTSVII.I.i:. N. c. . . n. Ch.mistry Cor lelian Proctor (21 House of Repi i-sentati ves (3)N Pre idcnt of Chem istry Club (4); Fren ■h Club (1. 2),; VL Inti rnatio nal Relat ions Club (3, 4); Che mistry Club (1, M 2, 3, 4 ; Young Voters Club (4). Al ril 3 Mai «. the ruliiii; |.| met ..f this sign, giv, s you c Ml fi deuce and scll- lluinliiali ' 11, Vour seU-control is rei larkable. anil niani fests itse f no t only in your reserve i n speak- iUf, ' . but n the fit nine s. su ' reness and Jeftness ot your han Is. CO nbliud ith keen observation. rare poise and i .lCI 1 judt. nient. !i per sonalitv radiation you ar e poised. . II sincere a nd c-onfidential. In is mind. ..II ritical. a naly ical and conscie atious. Through m 1 lisp ration, i ituit ve guidance and keen n lentality. hii 1- the attri lUtes of a philosopher who is desirous %____ . ' i!.s. .IpillK i.ople illuniin: With Id attrac ting t fa and healing the i ability and sliu lie and fortune. linds ai crity y d hearts cu could .1 y I , FI.ORKN ' CE RrrHERFORD nillNUlRK. N. c . . y. EJiiiatton rkiinsas Cnllcm ' (I. 21 ; rrnctor 1,11 Club C!. 4l; Krell.ll c ' lul. 12 November 21 .billet. Thi: elate the operati d solar fluids, all of which con V influence your life. In inherent ability, you are to have keen perception and a wonderful intui- ivhich inspires confid. n. . .inrl :iiliiiiraticn. and is It factor in helpin-- " ii n. i.l.iiiiii lM Mr-i Unit would thheld in your w.itl.l nl i.l.i..! . m i • •.|i " ii,liiig in- likened to that of gli through vibrator.v infl inspirational spheres ( K llUelliy. II. s, great pu ' i J- ,y , , 1 NAOMI ELIZABETH SCIIELL ASHEVILLE, N. C. ,- . B. Enijtisli September 21 ■ordiiig to vour vibratory influences, you are positive, ative, analytlral and versatile. Intuition is strongly rUi-fl in -niir fnrifs. Tn iH-fsennlity radiation you are ,,|,,.i :,n M, M.iu. ' nil.! .Npi .■-•■iM ' , In mental coneepts. II i[ii|iiiNi - iimI III ilv i-s are usually drawn ,1, Ml, iii |iii ,ii hill III Mil I iii-nt rather than from ihiiuu-uut iij.iii I iih-r. il ' iluctlon.s. Your taste lid the ability iial i ith ilile DOROTHY SCHWAB GRKENSBORO, N ' . C. .7. R. Fn-ndi Aletbeian; I (2. 3. 4); C 2. 3. I): Tra President Al (3): Sehool Ho 3. 41: Hn.l; Ne ■lub (3); ager (2 .T (31; Assistant l;u.- S); French Club (2. : ' ,, Club (4); Wearer (2, 3, 4.) December 9 The intensity of the Sagittarius nature tends to carry vou to extremes in all things. Thus you are a true and ioval friend, or the reverse. Inherently, your peculiar spiritual insight is so great that it enables ton to see iand feel what most people are unable to comprehend. On account of this Inherency of iiowr. you are sometimes doubted or considered a dnanni Y " Im |.. i ...nillty radia- tion is made up of practical, i nn i iin 1 1 mi ' I, and in- fluential vibratory power. ' lin.l ,i|[i. N ii.ingly to you, and you will find life belo ranks speak. uid VIOLA MARTHA SPrRLOCK GRKENSBORO, N. C. . . B. French lanlsh Club (2. 3. 4 1; Fr.n.h Club ( of Freii.b Club (4i; Eduration i.ssociatioli (I. 41; House o( Kepresen September Ifi " i are the " buying and selling of real estate bonds, and insurance. Through artistic and tunement, you would be in the right situati managei-. or director of a fashi on magazine -V Q .N 3 r % lasp E »• % t3 jw «. .MKsaAK ' » it- ■ : i ' tr " r . " P SJ k i mm m EUGENIA SESSOMS WINDSOR, X. C. . . B. Romance Languacies Adt-lphinn: Frf-nrli Club (2, S, 41; Botany Cluli (2); Gym- nastir Team (21; Proctor (2); Spanish Club (3. 4}; Presi- dent of Junior Prencli Club (3); Member of House of Repiesentativps (3); House Vice-President (4); Chairman of Publicity Committee for Spanish Club (4 1. April 4 In inlier.nt ability, you are possessed of an intellect that I uuld take you into a professional career alonjj the lines III ilt;inia. law or public speaking. Characteristically, you ail -hiiwn to be fond of music and dancing, and like I III- r ;iiid beauty in all their forms. You have, through iiin Kilt of analj ' .sis, strong; and pronounced convictions as to what is ■■four-.sqii:ii , ■• ill mind and matter. Tour hobby could be in th. -luilv nul i pre.ssion of ast Through yc ha definite cati .shown to ng people how to FR.ANCES BCRNEV SH.-WIBrRGER ST.AR, . C. l - .7. R. History . d.l|.bian. y: October 11 birth path signifies strong social ngs, but there is a lack of continui a strnne fnothnid. Inherently, yol ■nrcd bv fii.-nds all.l fri.-ndsliii..s. .K lsbi|, or social and piofcs.sioiial and ir V that r life imetin III. lit; spirat often is str cs thi pre- jngly oush thi: In pi iignetii radii isdom. to 1 Hveloped in lat go to ad healing P ' ,j_J le auuiLj. iiiiuueii .vuur gathered ' ., sellor. Sound and tone are strongly u have the essential characteristics philanthropic worker and helper, It of universal love and service. I.rCILE SH.ARPE GREENSBORO, N. C. .7. B. Biology Botany Club (2, 3, 4); Secretary of Botany President of Botany Club (4); Education Club (3, 4); Chemistry Club (3, 4). April 3 born under the sign Ar y 1. , i« - ■hj i ,i vuv - ' ' ii ' M r, KATHERINE EUGENIA SHENK CREEVSBORO, N. C. .1. B. Latin Arl.llih an; Fr ench CI ul) (1. 2, 3 4): Ore hes JS (2 3. 4); Chorus 12. 3, 4); Ed ucation Clu (4). November ta ( 4 ) ; ■ 8 Cor radd ■ Staff You we re borr under the sign of Scorpio. the eighth sign of the Zodiac a fixe d and wat ery sign w hich confers strong inspira tional a nd intuitive natures . ar d a love of pioneer ng int n th.- r ■iilnis of d x-in- ' ■■: ' t ■ni-i run truth. You art showi til 111. II III 1 -- in:i II T :ii| l:i t nil in, 1,1 lendent and tir ely gr 1 jiii il 1 III 1 Kreatly exalted or K 1 ' 111! 1 ,1 1 1 !■ .ill. . your forces = how I icy, a Id ' cons lillii I--11I nd ' i s. self- suffieie or p ' lwt r a osition. Vocatio nally. you hav e the requ isite ability and genius to be s uccessful as a naturalist, lecturer or autl or. iiiiil hi ' . ' i ■w lofty a naginatioi ginative i live too far above the every-day life give remarkable i portray human en interpretation. ILA LOriSE SHEPHERD ORRUM, N. C. A. B. Romancf Landiiacirs Hockey Team (1, 2); A. A. (1, 2, 3, 4): Pr ; French Club (3, 4); Spanish Club (3, oung Voters Club (4); Playlikers (4). and date of birth, vou are ■nieiit and suffering. li.iM tender sympathies but I iinil. You are, inherently, I. I iih.r than to that which l.iilh of life, your reglstra- Vocationally, yc itelle.tuality and otions through m inspii AGNES RAY SIMONS COLERAIN, N. C. A. B. Education Aletheian. September 9 ■, the ruling planet of your birth sign, " Virgo, hat you possess a very elastic nature, and when et with difficulties, you soon recover in a true al way. You are well endowed mentally, and tied to speak and write effectively, and thus in- ce in the realms of thought and expression. In per- ity radiation you are ambitious, highly inspired, ted. and .sometimes, unconsciously, dramatic. U , Mill iiiiilil III .siii-cesstul in all undertakings iiiii - Mill --itate universality of under- :iMil limit iiiii:i I ,i 1 1 iinement. 4 " ' 4 f M ' . i i ilL _ LULA MAE SIMPSON GREENSBORO, N. C. A. IS. Romance LanijuaiH anish Chili (2, ?.. 4): Fnn. h Club (3, 4); El 111 :-lul) I 4 I confer a desire for life changeful and sonalitv radiation y wallis of like. Tour Marili 31 taste for poll Tour birth tary experienr larkable in ni VIRGINIA HANNAH SLOAN IkANKLIN ' , . C. li. S, Home Eeonomics tor las! .■.Ill Frc K 11 Colin lissio 1 (1) ; Pr oct i:.-i i,-srnt; ti s 111; Playl lUers (2) P orlor (2) T. W. C. A Cabinet ( - lent Gove •nm ent 13) Cha irman of Fi sioii (3): Ch ■mistry Club (3. 4 ); H.I lub ( .. 4) V ..--Pres ■ lent Studel t C -r r May Imitation he ability t shed for tl til simi of the Zodiac, which means self-reliant, have nm. li patien.e, ami me for your hopes and aspirations to ive music, art and literary work, al- t always original in presenting your strong, and in your forces it gives impersonate individuals who are dls- __ ir greatness, characteristics, or par- ,- ' ; ' ;- cting. Venu.s. your ruling planet, givcsii i-.f- liable dispo ion, V;- _ ANNIE ELBERTA SMITH LIBERTV, N. C. .V. B. Biotoi y A.l. Ii.liiaii; Asso. iate Member of Z. A.tivc Member of Zoology Field CI (4 1; Proctor (1 July n Tou were born under the sympatln- of Cancer, The influence of tlii- planet. Moon, causes you to be imi cited, and subject to extremes of proper antidote for you when uim of mind and body. In personality i to those you love, and have the and dislikes for those who are in day affairs. Vocationally, you an- people of all classes, and to conti your superior mental d - el.ipnient, and understanding. - 1 I i V f k ' - ,f. 0 .4 j ' vuv Mm; ' , ._. ir ' ' MARGARKT LOUISE SMITH poi.Kinv, K. c. A. fl. Ediiiation W. ' nver Co ■June 28 Til. ' Moon was in the sparldliiK, Ins soiial siKii of Oancer whim you wei. it liehciovps you to cultivate the t . . - J)ik. Vo. MARY MARION SMITH BURCFSS, S. C. A. n. History r ColIf(, ' e; ner Deutthe Vi-ni 4); House Viee-Presl Staff (4). It (4); Oct »ber 7 side and can see the inception. You should thiiiK if you feel that III likely to result St vour own of delay. If I hey can then ntion for you. the path of id great pub- for the public SALLY SMITH SPRA ' i ' , . C. A. B. Mathemalics ' theian; Proctor (2); House of Re|,r...-ientativ.s (21; late (.1); Vice-President Mathematics Club (.1); Busi- is Manager ' ■Carolinian " (41; Education Club (41; ung Voters Club (4); Business Manager Hand Book (4). May 20 ;re horn under the sign of Taur sign gives you a very recei)tii assimilate the thoughts of otl; -y in self and others, and v( both s. Vocationally, you have the men- iipart intellectual appreciation of the .■ rules of art, taste, refinement, and UKli teaching or in an official posi- m institution. rti 1 i J- ■JC| „j. j ihiiaj :l: ji k J - inelian; Ertuf EVA SPRUILL PLYMOUTH, N. C. .7. B. Eduiatton ion I -lull (.1. J I ; Pi- February 1 Muily iind ai.ply a kiiinvl. nuy with skill ami sutr.-.- lo the world of drama in w 1 personality radiation you i. UK human love, wisdom an INA STAMPER AStlKVlI.I.i-:, . c. . . R. Biolniiy The latter l.iiient and I ' llity. you N ' r Aletheian; Y. W. C. A. (1. 2. 3, 4); Freshman Commission (1); Spanish Ciuh (1. 2. 3, 41; Chemistry Club (2. 3. 4); Botany club (2. 3); •■Carolinian " Reporter (2. 3); Zoology Field Club (3, 4); Viee-President Chemistry Club (4), Viee-President (4). February 4 V .. In personalit of elle criti I ic.iiiii:,!, 1. liases of the law in the nt you studied and i-i.i.iiied law. In temperament, are mercurial. TlimuKh inherent registration. 3 faithful to your duties and to trusts reposed in 3 ivhatever sphere vou may be called to oeeupy. Voc; lallv. vuu belong in the avenues of the active arts. IRENE STEVENSON l.OKA ' S, N. C. I ' re . ch I ' ll H. b i::. h.Juxlllon 11; Matheiiiali ., •lub (3. 4). Deif mber 6 Jupiter, IK, and shows niuih good ■iim to fi;?: lllMll lice uj.on bono, ■ect at the tiiin . that you im iKh vibratory ii ;;■■ IK Ml mid l.nth. you neglect you, o]., freciuently brings m people of influence, u your judgment. In p independent, interest! tionally. you are a pi to do with new ventti ities. This year indl ealth ng. 1 cates lies. .lupiter , iIiimIIl:!, mil. I lid ' .T . ..Ii l and leader in I Id enlargement a turning poin roj of t i 11- 1 iilidt ,,■■■ 1 your 1 yo ne ' e in ovable. Voca- having activ- 4 r Vj ., ' 1 ' $ f . x AnA] ' - ' jMy ■AH ' iii L ' ' ' • ' f !( y DeALVA LOUISE STEWART GREENSBORO, M. C. .7. ;. H i, lis i Adelpliian; Spanish flub (1, 2. 3, 41; Pliiylikirs i2. 3. 11; President of Playlikers (4); International I ' Uib (3, 4); Youne Voters Clul) (4); Student Cua. li ,,f Pl .y- likers; Masqueraders (3, 4). November 6 Mars, the ruling planet of your sign. Scorpio, gives you great self-confidence, determination and much reserve. On the emotional plane, you are governed by impulse arid the dramatic and artistic spheres. Through your motive temperament, vou have great endurance in the physical system with incrgv capacity for work, and a strongly nciil,..! . li;n n I, 1 in which executiveness. persistence and dir . II. h.ii..:thie traits. Your vocational spheres :iT. iIki.iilIi 111. Ill iiiiational avenues of self-expression ANNE ELIZABETH STOKES HERIlOKIl, . C. .7. II. Ilislnry February 10 iherent ability, you are capable of becoming the use of language. Through s. the Sign under which you the influence of Aquai were born, vou are an i a single glance. In i dependent and just, but your attitude liave skill in tl of art. You ar active percept i ms and qualiti e use and applica- good at imitating k-e and good judg- ■s of things. THELMA RAV STONE KiriKH.l,. N. c. .7. li. History ■lul. (4|; Yc Vo (•lub (4). tendency toward the licautiful and artistic in all thing Some highly talented musicians, artists and profession people come out of this sign. In personality radiatit you are exceedingly benefited, through sola •hen the sun shi les. but vhen it is cloudy or rainy you re apt to bci me sad. imaginative and depressed. ' hrouKh your spi •itual gif of intuition, you are enabled o recognize Ifiel d or foe and are sure to form your kes and disliki ' S ional ability, y.m I ' , ' " " ,. ' ' ur first impression. In voca- 11 to have strong constructive- ess mentally m .1 |.)l N 1. il ' . Y ' ou can use tools, pens. nd other impl. n .Ill- ' .V 1 1 t dexterity. If you work after model or patt. , 1. V i.lj . ,ilv learn to do. efficiently and tatistlcally. wbai . ou . cc others do. ..,i -A v . ;. -,jsS jsM ,J ii , 0 " , ' % MAE FLORENCE STOUnEMIRE SPENCER, N. C. A. R. History Cornelian; A. A. (1. 2. 3. ): champion Soccer Team (1); Class Soccer Team (2): Proctor (3); Spanish Club (1. 2, 31 ; Education Club ii); Young Voters Club (4). , active, — f evel of ij V Hji A .., x - ivx V ' ' . ' y m ., :r. RACHEL PAYNE SUGG HOOKERTOM, . C. A. B. History Dik.-nn. May 7 " ■ a w Th you ha f i li nature in t personality sign of Taurus, with Venus as planetary influenee shows that I love of beauty, fine surroundings, d an innate appreciation of neat- Your inherent power shows that develop the aesthetic side of voui- lice, agnetli Dike a EMILV INEZ SWAN ORIE T. L, .V. C. B. S. Home Economics Allg:ust S5 e a dipnifit and human iipuis egair nd will help you is quite noticeable in yo erefore, be easy for you t y to resent and accept life hat you are talented musical ou would also be a good diagnost is line of expression you would be inclined poise and balan -e. ■ vibrations, and it know how properly lessons. Your forces th your gift MARY HAZEL SWINSON GOLDSBORO, . C. B. S. Home Economics October 21 The mental forces on your plane of intellectual power signify versatility. I ' ou most likely, in your life plans and purposes, have attempted many things, as there is noted niu..h change in your program of desires, im- pulses and inner urges in the practical and professional spheres. Conseciuently, you should be guarded against vacdlation and lack of continuity. Your inherent ability stands lor co-operation and tolerance, the desire to under- stand and the disposition to help those in and out of harmony. Som e of the active arts that you would enjoy doing, through your vibratory " attunement. " would be in travelling, nursing, and commercial endeavor with transportation lines. Professionally, your forces repre- sent the singer or actress. ; L d:: Xhk . ' " ' ki L. h O ' VetJ ' i - ISABEL VENABLE TARRV TOW.NSVILLE, N ' . C. B. S. Public Sdwol Music- w. c. (1. 4 ) ; Fn-shn Con Cabinet (3); College Phoenix Club (2, 3, 4); Euterpe Club (4); iHstra (3); Opera Association (4); Class 41; French Club (1, 2); Debating Club (4); ub (4); Young Voters Club (4): Playllkers qJent of Adelphian Society (4); " Carolinian " A. A. (2. 3, 4); 4): Cla C. Mo December 21 ophecy and intuition to a marked ally, you are ruled by Jupiter and you the equable traits of the two indicates a jovial and happy dis- ot the beautiful and rich things of life, best of things for yourself and for those nd niedi uld. lily, be tion. In personality radi; xacting in your demands of you are broad-minded, lib- ocationally, you have the powers, and artistic ability ■n teacher. Your vocational. :-A- KATHERINE HENRIETTA TAYLOR SAI.ISBIRV, N " . C. . . U. French an; French Club; Sl 31; Class Treasurer (3 II of Baseball Team (3) of " Carolinian " (3, 4) Hall (4); H sh Club; House Vlcc-Presi- 3); Class Baseball Team; Marshal (3); Associate Student Hostess South , f Representatives (4); President] (4); Class Prophet (4). March 19 t you have 3ne of the noticeable observe carefully and ' ment. Consequently, dignit ind II cour nd talent for acting. V ona ' lly, you ju could b nOROTHV ROWENA THOMPSON CKEF.XSBORO, N " . C. . . B. English May 13 vere born under Taurus, with Venus as your rul- anet. This combination in planetary influence shows through vour birthday, you are an intuitive dial, an " tune-in " at will for thought vibrations. Your nt ability suggests the subjective atmosphere of V reserve and reverence. In personality radiation V ' e appreciative of home life, are loyal to friends 4 AMiJ r n ■I ■ ILrAOiV- , ■£ ' ' - Ol- Wi " EVELYN THOMPSON WINSTOX-SAI.EM, N. C. . . n. liluloijy r ' ,.rii..|iiin ' l i...t..r 11); liolaiiy Club (2. 3, 4); Vicp- ] ,,„, .1,1,1 l:,,i;,iix . Inl, (3); Collpge Soi-ial rommittee (3); Vi, , li , -1,1, III i,,iii.lian Society (3); P.ioulty-Student ,■,.,,,,,, HI, , III i|i,inislrv aub (3. 4): Educ-ation Clul. ,:;, 11, ,,iiiiy , Club (4): Houst- Pivsident (4). June 8 Your planetary niye you extraordinary jiow. is of oliseryation ' and a; desir., tn see eyerything and to know all about wliai.v.i , ,.ni.s under your obserya- tion. In inherent abilll o - i l to make your life evpressiye of high id,;,l:-. ami Mill require an artistic envirimniinl fur yuur |..i -niia 1 . x inession. Characterlstl- ,.;,1H, ,,!! Iim ia,iiid mental vision. Your personality i-,,,li ,M,,i, 1 ii,,i li , 1 i ,■ of an active, interesting, intel- 1, ' ., 111,1 ,11 Hi , MiiMiie. In vocational imwer, you be- l,,i,i; ill 111. -iiliii ' " 1 the fine arts. Y ' ou have apprecia- tion of tile law.-i of beauty and art, and . ould lie and successful in these spheres. NANNIE LOriSE THORNBIRC | T1MBFRI.. M), N ' . C. . . n. History " A- I M " Cornelian; Pr octor (2); International Kdations club c:;. -4); Secretary International Relations club (41; Youns; Voters Club (4 1; Eduiation club (4 1. ' J I December 19 - In Inher.nt nbilitv, von have strong intuiti . ' Ii-i pliiois of what IS imlit iiid best for self and others ,,,, li, ,- faith in s|,ii ' iii,il inniiitions. and are most lil.lx i,, iil.. the tru HIS,, nil. -11 you are guided In li■ll m " ' through innalc «i-,|.ini, b,.lieve is th,- riuhi , ■i.,ui personality radi.iii,.ii i , i.i.s.nts r IioUljIi l l iil n, -s, com- f y pliancy and com :i . , . i h, i ,, ■ i , i i -i i- 1 1 K " u s i • sliown to ' ] be serious, thou li uim. .,m,i .|iii,u ,,i i.|,:iii,.. In voca- J tional power. Sat;uianii- .ii.l.iu- ..ii mi ,iin,. ability. . and when your powers arc .i i,d in a pia. manner. you are a veritable genius in your . hns-n field. HELEN LOUISE TIGHE .ASHEVILLE, X. C. . . B. Spanish JJiUean; .Spanish Cluli 1 2. 3 41; French Club (3); Soccer (2. 3. 41; Swimming Team 13, 4); Gymnastiis (3, 4); JSCearer of N. C. C. Monogram (3, 4); Red Cross Lite- Saving (2. 3. 4): A. A. Cabinet (4); Dolphin Club (3. 4): International Relations Club (3. 4); Education Club (4); President Spanish Club (4); President Senior Class (4): Soccer Varsity (4 1. October 13 In inherent ability, you possess remarkable powers of anal sis and the ability to reason from analogy and to iliscc ' iver new trulhs by induction. Y ' ou can clearly trace relations between the known and the unknown that escape tile average investigator. In j.ers.malit v radiation you are poised, helpful and i s,|ii,iri i li ,i :i, n ristically. vou are social, and li.i . m.,il,.,l , ,,uiiw ,,l.ility for social or charitable ..hj.hh n vv-il. I,..- ..i travel is marked on your s-al, ,.r .-, i,,us ,i, ii.. in voca- tional ability, you are a mental and physical director of self-expression in the avenues of art, science, or busi- ness. A ■7 , i l ui j : - " " --0 ' ' Aw ' ' » " VI, " ' A ' l s» ' -; 3, 4i; Educatlo LOTTIE M. TOWE BILTMORE, X. C. A. B. Education Club (2): Gfrman Club Club (4); Y. W. C. A. September 29 undpr the sign of Libra, thp sign of t :h sign and day of birth predisposes y lusic. In inherent ability, you are shoi nderfully retentive memory and a stro ■al Information. Your personality radi ■rii. ' uy. intensity of feeling, and an ii - prevents your being easily undi " iKil ability, your powers produce a pi p ior the beautiful and appreciation MILDRED LOnSE TRANTHAM BREVARn, X. C. .• . li. Enijlish Cornelian. September 30 1 were born under ;he sub-luma Influences of Libra. icli shows that your most advantageous day is Friday, ir inspirational colors are rose, pink or pale blue, ir prnfe.ssinnal jewel is the opal or diamond. In in- .nt .Lbilitv v.,u have a sniHOnscious l nowledge and ■I liiKlii- .,[ i.nniniL- iiiu-i. ' , sculpture, literature, ' ! ■ ' : ' : ' I i-ii[ I, . ! Ill Vour personality radia- ! I I I, I. I ,1 helper. Vocationally. If 111 " I -.ill hnni iiiitarian projects. Tour I-.-; ins(iiT-.- ui] witli a I i-ast-less desire for improve- tit, and you are accordingly prompted to create and lize splendid conceptions. DAISY ELIZABETH TUCKER WIKCVTE, N. C. B. S. M. Piano V I : Y. W. C. A. (I. ;-ho of the gran Ho js (2): Januar.v 30 eed your leadership. II: h :l Jul i-M _ ' r. ■ R..- MADGE LrCILLE TWEED MARSHALL, N. C. A. B. Frencli Hockey Team (1); Procto ; French Club (3, 4); Spa T ' lub (3, 4). Jul.v 35 were horn undt which shows of Judah. Yo untortun understa tenderne persons tures. ai places a I KATHARINE WOOD VALENTINE HENDERSONVILLE, N. C. A. n. History m Adelphian; Bducatio n Club (3 4): Pi esident Education Club (4); Internatic nal Relat ons dull (3, 4); Young Voters Club: World Fellowship Group (4) Augrust 35 You were born unde r the suh- luma in fluences of Virgo This day and date o birth sho ws that you be ong to the tribe of Zebulun of .srael. Yo ir most advant igeous day Is W ednesday. Your inspiratio nal colo rs are t, yel- low. maroon and pale pink. In Inheren t abilitv . yo u have verv high ideal.s. a Id your n lission n life is ' t o hell those that need hel 1 in sr)iri UMl enl luhti ' MIl ent. Y.iUi spirit ual power i i . ll-tl lie In c :,.H| l.s - In. . -iMillh Ing colors for CORNELIA LEA VINCENl MEBANE, . C. . . li. l-.n,jlish Come ian; Queens (1. 2l; House Vic.-Pr Jlay 3 ■si Id t (4). You we re born unde r the sub-luma influeli .,. of T auru which means that n domestic, public, o 1 I ' O sion work, ou should iffiliate. for harmony Id 1 lutu benefit, with some o ne burn under one of t he SI b- lum: of Capr corn, Virgo. Libra. Pisces, or Canr. Yf ur mo advanta geous day is Friday. Biblically i n h • tlir the tribe of Reuben in Israel. Y ' otii in-i.n .n I are rose pink and green. Inherently. k..ii ,ii I ' l ' 1.1 1 of the fine and act ive arts. Vocat :...., i II i ii organize r along the lines of religious .■ ! I l.uM entertai nment. A ' 4 i]iilMS. ii m mi MILDRED E. VOGLER WIXSTON-SAI.EM, . C. . . IS. E liiinlion A.l.-ll.llia,i. Mari ' li I Tliis 1)1 sul.-luma shi.wK tlia isinns that the of the external senRes. Therefore, your sphere ..t . ' ■ it ity is very great. Vou desire to know everything ' ixperience. You lilce definite proof. You are fond of K-neral instruction. You are eonscious of your i)ower to achieve. In personality rad ation you exemplify strength and determination. Vocationally, you are .shoivn to have creative and inventive ideas, and to be able to be a leader in the world of music through your fine per- ception of melody and the harmony of sounds, and through your ability to learn and remember scores. HI.. NCHE M.ARG.ARET WADE SKVll-KVll.l.h, IHNNKSSKE . . H. Frnifh . M:ir illi- c ' ,,|i, m. d j ; r ' i,„tf.i- (lil 1-Mi: ■lul. 14) M.u- and Ve .Xpril ia idcr the cusp (.r .Aries an.l Taurus, with as the ruling planets. This r,,,,ii,,iia i i,.n ?r shows you to be U p.,-iiM,. and deed. Through inher im |,nu.i, ,ni ■ views, extremely practical aid sli..nM latcd. You are, characteristically, prac- - _ all iirganizing and executive ability. In fr ' d I ' 11 you have a strong, magnetic and ci " " ignet iter and comi ' i MIN.N ' IE V. I.KKR CKKfVJRIIKO, N. C. Ii. S. Horn,- E.nnami.s vc . letheian Freshman Comniission (1): French Club (2); Home B. onomics Cluli l.l, 4): Chemistry Club (3, i): Educatioi Club (4); Young Voters Club (4); Vice-Presi- dent c-lass (4l: House ITesid-nt (4). . llgllsl IK ■laU well 111. in under the sul.-luma influences of Leo. IV 111. Il Si ,.«s Ihat, inherently, you are stimulated, in- -lai a 1 II 111 liv, to form ideas and create scenes in whicli , V . 1 lil , . 1 is vested with th " perfection you delight til I ..111 1 11 lilai... Therefore, this birth sign is particularly valuabb- to you in p ' anetary influences, as it helps to make yot progressive. In personality radiation you are shown to be somewhat nervous, fond of travel, and par- ticularlv sensitive to the spheres of others. Vocationally, you have the faculty of calling attention, through writing or leituri ig, to future existence, intuitive perceptions, and meditatio n on divine things. - - " ' -XlUA tt. ' ;. ' " j(3 . SUSIE ELLA WALKER GIBSONVIl.I.K, X. C. .7. B. Mathimatus permeate you art Being, inherently, very often utter t: regardless of the life rgani; xpressr TA I highly creatii matic are an originator of new plans and jiurp nues of healing and counselling. MARCJARET CININCIHAM WALIERS CREEN ' SBORO, N. C. . . H. l-:n, lish i ' J I Aletheian; of Representatives (1); French Club (1. 2); Education Club (3, 4); Proctor (3); Young Voters Glub (4); Secretary and Treasurer Gray Dormitory (4); ■Corresponding Secretary Aletheian Society (4); Exchange Editor " Carolinian " (4 1. 16 You were born under the sub-luma influences of Leo, which means that you have subconscious knowledge of mathematics, geometry, and the practical ai ' ts. In per- sonality radiation -nu ha -e a constructive, genial, be- nignant, and plcasiiii cxpT ' i ' Ssion. Your inherent ability 2 jgives high ideals, : ii:il t power, and cosmical in- (i 3terest. Your ii.iu.i-, m intuition are very marked and Z thev will alwHV .ii;,l,l. ..u to actiuire knowledge, de- il abili fields REBECCA WARll BLRC.WV, . C, .- . II. I!inlr,„y mish Club (2. 3 I ' lub (4); Chei 4 ) ; Young Vot Botany ( lub (3. 4): Se istry Club (3, 4): Educ s Club (4): Proctor (3 Squad (2): Traik Ti-a ( l i You ub-lu Iflue 1,1 Of Is belong to the tribe ! day is Friday. Your inspirational colors are flame, white, yellow, and the opal shades. In- herently, you are an inspirational leader of new ideas and methods. In personality radiation you have the faculty of being lively and youthful in society, and the influence you vibrate to those of your world who are unhappy is " nil desperandum. " Vocationally, you are the leader in organized effort for the establishment of new banking interests for children. Your ta lents are design- ing and composition. -A %. f -i 4i.. A HANNAH ELINORE WEARN CHARLOTTE, . C. A. B. English Diknan; WiiUluoT (1): Cheer Leader (2): Assistant Art Editor •■Pine Needles " : Junior Class President (3): Toaster Junior-Senior Banquet (3): Art Editor " Pine Needles " (3); Senate (3); Marslial (J): cluipel Com- mittee (•!): " Carolinian " i 4 I. April 6 Your inherent ability, through the sub-luma influenees of Aries is that of an aetive, operative builder of the temple, henefii- in all wavs. Charaeteristinallv. you love l..-.m-- :ni.l (lis|.l.•l ■. lin .- u-nnd Misinesa nnd orsanizing ■III-- ,11.1 -in, Ml-- .lllUll. ' Ml. ' TIl 1.1 . 1. .111. -11. illl.l civic ... Ml ].. I ...ii.iliM;il|.,|i %..,! .ii. m.i. . Mil and lihilaiillnuiiii . and do not tie a string to what you give. You naturally love harmony, order and beauty in all forms. Voeat ' ionally. you have the talent to be at the head of a SI hool of expression having to do with the sorial arts and seiemes. MVRA ELIZABETH WEHB hll,. M , N. C. . . K. RomaiKc Laniiuaiji-s Oit.iber Jfi ..II u. 1.. born under the sub h . ans that onee you b.- . .ii .ii;...! in any task you II. I ]..i-sistent. Vnu are r„ii .•ll.s,. ..I .justire. ulii.b b.;,ils ppresseil and I.. .Ml l-.l....- ' sed slice all those, IS and actions ind wrong. Ir highly PA ' ITV lRt;iMA WEBU nKKHNSBOKO, N. C. . . ;. KlUjtlsIl Aletheian; Class Basketball Team (2, 3. 41; Soccer Team (2): Class Tennis Team (2, 3); Class Hockey Team (2. 3, 4); Class Trark Team (2. 3. 4): College Traek I.uader (4): Track Varsity (3): Hockey Varsity (3); Wearer of N. C. C. ; Class i ;Mi,n:i -t i. .- Team (2, 3); Tr. ' asurer of A. A. (31; Vi. . I i . i.l. n i ,.f Class (3); ■Carolinian " Staff (2, 3); H.m.-. ..i 1 ;. i i . «. ntatives (3); Debating Club (3); A . . i ilin.i CI. 4). Jul. 30 Your pbin.ts show that v " U are .apable of throwing tr. 111. .11,1,, us «ill i.owcr and energy into your pr,.ic. is. In |.r s i.,iial sjiberes. you would do well in a. -.., i,i i i..ii ..1||.1 licet with the quieter counsels of tli. ,iii,1mi,;i1 Xiiu.,. 1. suiting in advantages to both. lnli,r,iiiK, " U ba , a positive " four-square " intellectual endowment that 1111,1, istan, Is lit., in most of its interesting and essential ;, bases 111 i,,isonality radiation you are mentally and pjivsi.allv p,,is,.d, very humanitarian, and sensitive to the ideals of lljc 111 and out of the earth plane. Voea- lionallv. vou are an .tbl.a] writer, actor, or lawyer, and vour activities slioubl always be employed on a large scale. r . ' ' " k - ,Hi ' j,y i . ._-..-.Ur»-. --l ' :- - ■Kjy (_ ' " LUCY WEBBER MORCAKTOX, X. C. . . ;. i ' .ditiatinii you a love of tendencies, Ti lly. till inclil to nd gi ' ;nti-ti. :iii.l li. iiitiiul things in Nature you have the choice of bcint, ' a lavvye eye specialist. WILHELMINA WETLAND GREENSBORO, N ' . C. .- . B. Enfflis i of Representatives (1 I ; German Club (3, -1) 2. 3. 4): Treasurer I Playlikers (4); class Education Cluh (4); .In, :jrama (3); ■■Carolini.m 21; Proctor (2. 31; Pb.vlik.Ts (2, 3, 4); Augnist If] One of ycnir ambitions .should b art, or novel-writing. You b.iM- not only mental qualification- ! ' ■ but the talent as well. In ,hI.|ii eral business Itn ana |,ia, u,.u muln. Your strong desires for pleasure a: of earth are most pronounced, showii :ve a great liking for travel and cultui MABEL BERTINA WELCH ; CHARI.d ITE, y. c. . . n. l-:J,ual ion Dikt ■an; -V ■oung Voters el Nove ub (41; iiiber 11 Edu.atioil The si ign ui ider which you were 1 lOrn is . shows. throi igh your birthd: y. Nov ember 1 1 , fearles IS. Yo lur type makes good Si oldiers im spirati onal teachers. Your word : is law ' II hold. : iiid di sobedience is apt to bf • taken .,! FaiUll f .-i.l in ,. ' ■■ ' ; ' ' ' ' ; ' ' ' ' ; .. reive what vi I lias a markei -s You are a II y radiation ' ■;■ ' .:; ' " ; ' ,, palieii ue an. d passivity, bu t soliiel lines, tilli -V , «u f« wrt ' ' 4, .(« : il MAY HOYLE VELLS MIDDLEBLRG, X. C. .7. B. Education i. tr,r .1. 31; Prfiirh Club (2); Vot.-r ■IuIj March 34 Club (3 sely iltai .- bigh vision and intuitional powei -hc.uld serve on the plane where yoi lur sincere, ph ' losophic. and propre: ve all, you will be a lover of lili.i of the liberal arts and scieiitiii possibilities of an artist of tli. m ' through educati " ii:il eh latters, you enjoy being occupied with writi research, especially the sciences and literatu ill delight you more than to be an experimi V. ERNESriNE WELTON PORTSMniTll. VA. . . B. Sntwlogy v i :- President of class ri): Treasurer Student Gov- - A ' ' 1 (2): V. W. C. A. (2. 3. I): Freshman Commis l-X ' , I I . Dividing Committee (4); Edueatoin Club (4);- ' I u.nal Relations Club (4); Student-Pacultv Council- ' ' _ I Bu.lK.t (. " ,); Presi.lent of Student Body 1 i 141 ; Ycunu Voters Club 14 1. I i- V forces portend toward ambition, through hard work. On the path you should never work in subor- of your original and progressiv indii of , and occupation. Your birth- fj C to public life. The present ' n an environment of letters. ' nd short journeys. Some of ■s. as shown for you in these and foresight, with possibly the creative arts. At times. the lack of " centralfixation " MACE B. ' RB.ARA WESLEY . IAII)h , N ' . C. . . B. Enylish nel an- Spanish Cli h (1, 2); Zoo ogy Field Club (2, 4) ; vi ce-President Zoology Field club (3) Bota ny CI ub a, 4); Edui ation Club (4 ; Y. W. C. A. December 17 U Wt re " irn under thte si,i;n of -Sagi ttarius, wh ch shows t y ou have withi 1 you energy and invin ■iljle rte- min itio 1. Your les son on the pa th shows that you uld •T) unto other as vou would have thenr do unto Alt entially your key to the Higher ;i nd. therefore, w hat you receiy e depends upon the 1 ill make of that which yo u have al " eady re- . ■ i|. W ith your fin " intellect and the desire to be of iitit us use to •our fellow be ings. you could be illll lea urable good in your world of affair by em- ying y 3ur mi-ntal .oise. imagina ion and o riginality ng he lines of scie ice, travel, con rmerce. or healing. 1 M y S ff ; . k p4: %:i£iA m I ' , , w " VALUE MAYE WEST WEST MILLS, N. C. A. B. Uistnry Conu ' lian. June 20 The sign, Gi-mini. youi- birth sign, indicati-s a peculiarity that is frequently observed in people born of this sign. usuall - of a dual personality. In Greek mythology the sign Gemini is represented by Castor and Pollux, who. on aicount of their double nature, are constantly at sword points with each other. Characteristically, you have more new and clever ideas in a week than most people have in a life time. Your strongest trait is your inherent ability to estimate mentally everyone with whom you come in contact. Having a brilliant and active imagination, plus the gift of oratory and the ability to originate plans, vou would find your niche as a diplomat, having to do with the raising of funds for charities or educational purposes. EMMA ALLENE WHITENER HICKORY, X. C. .1. II. English 1934 : A. A. (2. 31: Proctor (31: Y. w ing Team (2 3l: H...kcv Team l3l: urer-Kirklan.l 14 1: Orchestra C June 14 ng poin ill mark a herent ability shows you to be a great knowledge, and if you had a hobby, it most likely would lie reading, as your forces are indicative of the omniv- orous reader. You have a positive and creative intellect that shows talent for law. finance and public speaking: therefore, in intellectual power, you are not limited in our vision, understanding, or talent. Your personality radiation shows many of the attributes of poise, under- standing, breadth of vision, and love of Justice that would represent success in anything having to do with a group of people. ALICE G. WHITLEY CH.AKI.OITE, . C. A. IS. History (4). July 13 cnt registrations have to do with wisdom, vir- cn.e, iiiv.-iterv. lub-rsbi]., human love and the .111 ii. .iii.,n.ill . 111. re. you are interested I - 1 1. ■ I til I 111.1, III i.iiMi. charities and philan- il M ii ,M cunsiiousness and an abundant iM 1 III II. ing born under the sign of Can- I I ' ii .1,1 of changeful moods. You are 1 mestic side of life. On account of .■.vMiii.aliii s. vou are often drained of your , therefore, avoid crowds and hospitals. . ,- A - " »«.i. LETTIE WHITT TAZEWELL, VA. .7. B. Ent lish February 16 fixed siRii. indi noted Thi; efle of feeling and being i as the tendency is to ni:il ■tivitv and expression, a nil v.m to feel alone an, . I « nil our sofial dut being ntost iially ■heerful and full of gen- the ability to be an ex- ROSAIIE REVNOLnS WILEY SAI.ISIU KV, N. C. .- . li. Eiujlish v 111. (1, 2): See Freneh Olub Aqua and, high 12. 3. i:U: Zoology Field Club (3) Toa.stmistress ni..r Bantjuet (3): House President (4). February 6 •n under the sign of Aquarius, the eleventh Zodiac. Aquarius is associated with the in huiiianity. and it Is one of the most dif- o understand, its ruling influence being the . I ' ranus. As you are now entering the .. ViiU .Ue K.iVellle.l l.V tllC A q iAj) lalitv radiatii . On the CO of peace. erstanding shows that, lot bold, aggressive or and harmony yield for ALLIENE WILKIN ' S HEMll RSONVIII.K, . C. . . li. llutory Dikean; Pro.tni- i :; i ; .• ] Club (3 ilien yc October !l ider the sign of S. ui i nallv secretive and .1 ou do not object tu li mind is always 11 difficult and daring tli ulieliiiing its magnitude, tt h ' jlds for you. In personali and yet emotional; highly vocational work, you would M ill iff H ' t .a 1. ji;, . ; l- AOii i ' -■;.•: VV i. ANN STURGEON WILKINSON GARY, N. C. B. S. Physical Education Cornelian; Soi-lci- T.ani (4); Vir,. Pr,.si,u-nt Society The Sun Leo at the August 15 hi the constellation vour l.irth. and as the Sun reigns supreme when it enters the Sinn Leo. vou are governed at all times by the in- fluences of the Sun. The influences inherently bestowed upon vou through this combination is likened to the third verse of the first chapter of Genesis. God said, " Let there be Light " ; then, as we know, according to the words, streamed forth the shafts of light, impregnating the intense like to .1 i li ;lllv CLARA WILL RALEIGH, N. C, .7. n. Chi-mhtry in; Cli.-mistry flub (3. 4). February 27 . dreamer, a Inherently, you sensing harmony in painting anrl nuisir .allv. vou are verv emotional an.l i.-u-ti. radiation you are of a high ;iii.i ti. i -i liut tlirough much outer poise, s-. ii -u your wnrld. You have, throuMii i ■ n i 1 1 standing of the meaning of jm n.. .n should be jn a political career jis ;iti would be inclined to make your own law you are an inspired leader along the lii terests. artistic as to r ' haracteristi- In p.Tsonality ii|ti.iii ly, you Vocationally. HELEN MAY WILLIAMS 1 AllKINVII.l.K, , . C. . . li. Ilioloi y fornelian; Zoology Field I ' lub (1, 2. 3. 4); Education Club (3, 4); Botany Club (3. 4); Secretary and Treasurer Zoology Field Club (2); Vice-President Zoology Field Club (3 . Jlay S3 Mercury is the r uling planet of your birth sign tiemini. and it bestows upon vou. in ftcrsonalitv I ' adiation. a vivacious temper. unent ind S] arkling wit. " You belong in the realm of the intellect, and your most emphatically marked characte ristic IS your extreme versatility. In- herently, you ar c girted with a perfect understanding the sei itinicntal ideals and the materialistic phas. ' s of th.- eii irtli plane and humanity. One side of your nature imp els ou toward positive demonstrations of affection and t ■oncern toward your acquaintances, while the other side is sensitive to their defects and affections. Vocationally, you are a world traveller, and a writer or lecturer on what you see and discover in your tours. ,4 . ' i ' ,ii ' t ' ' A ' ' 7i % NITA ATHAI.IA WILLIAMS GREENSBORO, . C. ,• . R. Enijlish Ad.lphian. March 31 your sign, was considered of first importance to •■iiHl liiif viir t i.itii ' iin L ' it. Consequently, you inher- ' I ' Mii |... . r .i[m{ :ii.- the natural commander and ■ ilnif. II .iiii iiiiiii.«ed duty to direct all those ■III] II .iitit wliitli.r it is in the business world. 1 " ' . " 1 In ijersonality radiation you II II. ill, li.iisril ,111(1 s.-iiMliM. to the niceties of life - ' UN 11 ' II iiral .nnilii ions. Vocationally, your ;iiid iiiissinii in ill.- is ti ln-al and teach through methods. As a child specialist, you would concoct n no ' el prescriptions and have curative chemical IS in them that would agree with the nature and lis of patients. I ' HI I.MA WILLIAMSON ' SWfnRD, N. C. . . li. EiliKiilion Stud.- Volunte : ' lub 14). up (4); Edu- ruling planet. Thi lature is quick ant August 29 of Virgo, th Me indica gracious and restless, and ugh tale and and study inors and position Vocationally, your forces dispose yc icine and hygiene. You are very particula of diet and clothing, and solicitous aliout the ,:, ' „ I care and mental guidance of your relatives and i|Ci LEAH IRAXCKS WILLIS v, siiiMno , N. c. . . ' . Iliilnry DiUean: Freshman i-ommission (II; " Carolinian " Re- porter (2. 4); Faculty-Student Council (4); Dikean Critic (4); President Young Voters Club (4); Business Manager A Igust 21 ' uur 1 U ini; pi a let sho vs that vou w 11 ret a n vou r vol lid t .Xl si.irit t nt 1 we li to wa rd the end of ' y arlv li e. The forces of the Sun E ves yc u a ove lega ai Id color. In pen, onal ty radla tion ' OU o h ave a prou 1 e ar d to be ambit OUS iicrit ■d ho lors Char ac erist icall y. you r idiate stro Ml Hit al k ' lH i.-riiigs a bout people and situatio us. 1 a pif USi a nd a pr ght ai Id no Ijle, .i.S.d ti all Ulll ■ li ' iaiid ed actio ns a Id covert deeds Vo ituitive qualities, which will enable y h with the public mind. You have t an audience to tears or laughter at yo iV: ' vV-,i, ' ' . vW r,;--; Ju -it- .- " ELIZABETH ALEXANDER WILSON GRFKXSnnRO, K. c. . . li. Eiiiualinn iaii, K.-nior I ' Uil, 111, (2); Chai r Fii.shmcn; Junloi--Senior ToaKtcr (SI; EcUitatii dull (4 1; Marshal (4). September 3 In inherent ability, you are ireative. slve and ambitious. Characteristicall observer: small details You adr elf-expre.s- re a very }ur notice. id inlfU. nd the to have i ilmn ili. . -t.-. n i r.llmenoe. Inherentlx-. nu li;, n .■ m ' " " ' . it, i, i. ..n mi n. aurally aspire to tli.,- bf.«t tliinK-x, ini :ii ' .iin- i un. - ill-, .luraged, through the influan.e " f ynur Mtr. urial dispnsition. in the pursuit of them. Your musical talent is strongly marked and you should be able to invent some new method of composition that will interest the masses in the psy.hological benefits of harmony and music. I ' LV BROW N WINK OLE (.OSCOKI) (. 4 B History 111 Piottoi (1) Botan I lub (1 J) s III 2 i 4) ' Spanish i lub (2141 . 1 lull li 41 Inteinitional Relations i lub September 18 iui is xoui lUlint pi mtt I nd. i this p II. , It is quite dittiiult tni X 11 t I . 11 nil I stud% or woik oi t. i I i| i x ui ouiidings unless orilei an.l li um ii i i lit iliilltv ou lie strimkU uiiImi iI ii battle m tht th. RnH()Nr ' iI WORTHING I ON W 1MI-R II I I-, C IS S 1 Putiio ptemlirr i» ll. Sim it ll|,.. lb. SlNtll S1L,11 1 111. I IN Ziidlt. ll IIUIU. II. t sh.iws III 111 ill undeit ikin(,s that le- I ise of oui mental tacultits I I ill] ' to ou partKUlaiH work 111 i.isonalit ladi of thi udi 1. rlus hn that ou lan b. n quire tai t skill ml 1 1 Sedentaiv pursuii i i of a Uteiarv th ii i i i . praetual in the ipi ' li. .it oui ideals ainl r-lever and inteiesting VotationalU ou have a gltt for lUustiatlon ind you tould powers IS a illustratoi oi tl .oul.l li. mill. thiiiui,h ui. . il.ite .11 anil.ii- ffSvi vfe y ;« J ' 4 r : MARTHA FXIZABETH WRIGHT CARV, X. C. .7. B. His tory riikcan; Pro tor (1); French Club (1, 2, 3); Zoology Field Club |2. 31; Reporter for Senior French Club (2); Edu- cation Club (3, 4); Young Voters Club (3, 4); Treasurer Education Club (3. 4); Secretary Voung Voters Club (3, 4). November 22 under th e influences of Sagittarius is both Id unfort uriate. as it te nds to C ause great inood a. well as in good and 11 fortune. ake the most of happine s a nd su cce ss while to enjoy realizing that act on a Id reaction r you in the great schen le of thi ngs . While he sint ere and honest yc u sh ould guard C too r,ui ■k in speech or act on when dealing repose and be ess posit ye and less h In. Tit, 1 ly and physically otherw ise, you ly on your stor s of nerv ous energ -. nr oU.-. .rcakdown. Inh erently, yoi 1 are a » - The,-. in the senior seclinn were read by Mrs. MaruMHTitle Hurrell of ( hicUK i. 111. ■■■ i: ) c FRESH SENIORS _ PINE N EEDLES 1926 iM-t,M AS-l iM m,.-c .. AAMM.i ! ' C Class of ' 28 A Progressive Historical Comeay TIuiih: Lavf. Loytiliy iiiiil lienor Act I. Sam: A (lrcar stiftcli nf raiii-sndtlen ca lpll . As tlii ' act progresses the stage bnghtfiis and tlif miii is slu ' ning st:-adih when tilt- curtain falls. Synopsis: ' Twcntx -fiirlit enters staggering under a liiad of baggage. She weeps as she ex|ihiins tn the audience that she has just been bereft of home and family, but when ] ig Sister appears on tlie scene she dries her eyes; the sun conies out. Her role becomes more and mine important as she figures in an exciting election to put in office as chief assistant I ' rnestine W ' elton, destined to appeal " often throughout the play. Now oui- heroine is carried through a ra|iid succession of events: Freshman Com- mission meetings, " lame duck " classes, hocke ' games, and the like — all contributing to the pur|iose ot gi-ttuig .idjusted. Kvery incident iKirtrays a halcyon period of en- thusiastic response. 1 he curtaui is lowered a moment to denote the passing of Christmas-tmie. Traged miw apiunaclu-s in the form ot mid-term exams but ' Twenty-eight ex- tricates herself from this difficult situation and strengthens her status by means of a basketball championship anil the introduction to the campus ot a clean-up campaign. Kate Caldwell is appointed chief-assistant to ' Twenty-eight. The heroine is now ten- dered the hcjiior ot initiation into the societies, her sisters contributing the first full ijuota to the -Metheian societ . Kvents move switth and with the presentation of a .May basket to Hig Sister, ' Tuent -eight becomes a tull -recognized member of the caminis. She stands exjiectantly facing the audience as I ' ltt (liii ' liini Fulls. Act II. Same scene, enhanced with huender and white ilecorations. Syiiopsii : ' Twent -eight and her sisters, led by Frances W ' hisnant and Virginia Sloan, make a triumphal entr , clad in inirple and white jerseys, an innovation, and cheering loudl . ' Ibis demonstration of her importance is followed by a Sophomore- Senior part , in which ' Iwenty-eight extends the hand of fellowship. She launches herself on a camiiaigii t(u solidarit ' — organizing a .soiihomore council, making money tor S| encer g m, and planning her tree night. She has become a bit blase, and soon a period of " Sturm iiiul Drang " sets in, as she asks the eternal b ot an adamant world. Paye one IninJnJ livi-nty-four PINE NEEDLES 192 ) Mmm ..... : ...... mmMmmitm. A sadness falls o er her as she |irf|iarcs, with daisy chain and sonj;, for the departure of I?ig Sister, who oes out to the hhire ot trumpets as 77 r Ciirtii ' in Fulls. Act III. Same scene, with much noise and hustle. Synapsis: " ruenty-eijiht, now di ,nufied by the hierarchal title of Hig Sister, is getting acquainted with her new kinsmen, daughters of ' Thirtv. Her role now places her above the throng as an I pper Classman, and she asserts her rights by planning a banquet, changing the time of her song, and petitioning, with a large gesture, for the use of the privilege of dancing with young gentlemen. Hannah Wearn is now our heroine ' s right-hand man. Another basketball championship is won and later a swimming championship. This goes to her head a hit and she takes the final step by bani.shing corsages from the junior-Senior bancjuet. This is the |iioneer age! The plot thickens and action nio es swiftly towards this banquet — a delightful though hypothetical sojourn into the realm of Arabian Nights. Junior week-end is the next e ent mancju- ere(l by our heroine — a bus-ride itt nit ht and singing in the rain! 7 he creative ability of ' Twenty-eight is again portrayed in her beautiful tree-dawn ceremonial. The crownijig glory comes when she dons a ring of gold and amethyst and is proclaimed a Senior. She is la ishly giving service iliuing the great home- coming week as ' ' ;( (hirtiiiii Falls. Act IV. Same scene — more quiet. Synop.fis: ' Twent -eight is |ioiseil but less enthusiastic and a bit weary. She sets about the strenuous task of making a successful finale, with a determined calm be- fitting her position. With the assistance of Helen Tighe, leading the other sisters, she plans her record for the great diar - — Pine Neetllcs — arranges for the baccalaureate sermon am! commencenient address, talks curiously of cap-and-gown, and — entertains the faculty! There are ague whispers of the future, but the Act is left unfinished and The Curtain Falls. Page one liundied tiiejity-fi-ve PINE NEEDLES l 2 ' ' ■ S S .,.d ' , AM,M M Class Propnecy IN taking it upon our-.elvcM to foretell a bright and happy future for the most worthy members of our talented class, we have been constantly hampered by that well-known ' • 2i prediction to the effect that though prophecies are permissible, they shall fail. Feeling ir efforts wasted we conferred with Ye Editor, who bade us give the Muse free reiKii, ind let the future take care of itself. Therefore, " with malice toward none, with charity to all, " we submit our conception of what might be the situation of our colleagues in future times, tempering it with the fervent hope that greater happiness is in store for all. We limit ourselves to no dates: in the land of make-believe, time does not exist. Now let the I hree Sisters, gazing into the future, speak: .■ lthough most of our class have preferred to call these I ' nited States home, there are some who are spreading their country ' s fame elsewhere. Ernestine Welton has made a most dis- tinctive mark in the diplomatic world and has achieved to her reward in the capacity of first ministress to the Fiji Islands. Helen Tighe, also having been caught in the fascinating web of politics, is first consuless to the lost cities of Yucatan. Molly Hall recklessly gambled her hus- band ' s fortune away at roulette, and is now a fugitive from the law as a result of her suc- cessful raid upon the bank at Monte Carlo. In France we find Lucille Boone ably holding down the position of professor of French at the Sorbonne. I ' wo of the most charming mannequins at P. Point ' s Modiste Shoppe in Paris are Bush Lewis and Virginia Marsh. In the Sahara, Dot Davidson and Martha Farrar are making fortunes selling slickers and galoshes, having bribed the weather-woman, Evelyn Roberts, to predict an impending rainy spell. Rosalie Wiley ha» charmed the Count de Dollars into complete submission, and reigns supreme in the historic principality of Walletst ein. I ' he dear old (nited States, however, has held most of her own. Quite a few of the girli have made their marks in the world of letters or science, when they have invaded fields hitherto neglected. Elizabeth LeRoy has proved that the Theory of Relativity is relatively simple. Evelyn Thompson shook the very foundations of Biology with the discovery that the amoeba is not an animal, but a peanut. Lucile Sharpe, in collaboration with Minnie Allgood, Rebecca Ward and Alice Mae Craig, has divided the electron into ten thousand parts. Virginia Batte, after a careful study of times past and present, has reached the conclusion that modern thought is not so modern after all. Fadean Pleasants is a world-famous psychiatrist — and a happy wife. ' The American Minerva " is in every good library. I ' he Editor Frances Gibson, better known as " Ciibby " or " the feminine Mencken, " has gathered together an able staff. Lilly Gilly is managing editor of the niaga ine, of which Sally Smith, one of the most proficient advertising agents in the country, has charge of the business end. Winnie Murphey, Mary Elizabeth Gorham, Jo ce Cooper, Allcne Whitener, Patty Webb and Lacy Lee Cjaston form the mo t celebrated of staffs. I ' he magazine ' s contributors include the %elI-kno n poet, 1 helma Getsinger, as well as Fodie Buie, whose articles on V. W. C. A. work are much sought after. It was " The American Minerva " that published Katherine Hardeman ' s " How I Swam the Atlantic in 49 Days, 23 Hours and 59 Minutes " ; Louise Dalton ' s philosophical doctrine of " Perpetuating Pugnacious Propensities " ; Ruth Henley ' s " Learning to be a Golf Champion " ; and Sara Foust ' s thrilling recital, " My Experiences as a Society-hall Detective; or The Riddle of the Records. " Pai e one lunJrrJ tizenly-six PINE NEEDLES 1 )26 tM . i mmim X:..-fSk .,,:diim%M One of the most modern schools of the day is the Duco Finishing Institute, whose faculty includes some of the most noted scholars of the day. Buster Wearn, Dean of Women and pro- fessor of Sociology, has in Martha Wright a perfect secretary. Kate Caldwell enjoys life as Lady Principal on the staff. Among the professors, each an expert in her particular field, are: Grace Miller, A. B., Spanish; Virginia Barker, C. O., Mathematics; Katherine Schenk, F,. F., Latin; Nancy Richardson, G. H., English; Ruth Juhiiston, I. J., History; Myra Wehh, K. L., French; Virginia Sloan, M. N., Etiquette of Eating; Wilmer Kuck, t). P., Charming Chatter; Christine Hutaff, O. R., Athletic Antics Rfitn Jane I.y.ins, S. T., ' Fact; Nell Johnson, C. V., Means of Making a Match; Fanny Hunhip, W. X., Rational Reducing with Rations; and Peggy Green, Y. Z., Purity in Politics. Frances Wilis, after a meteoric rise in the political field, is ruiniing for presideiit with the slogan " I Do Not Choose to he Defeated. " Financed hy Fvelyn Bangcrt, whn has been promised the treasury department in event of success, she and Martha Biggs, aspirants to the vice-presi- dencv, are inaking a nation-wide campaign, of which Mae Stoudemire is the resourceful manager and Dorothy Schwab, press agent. Among the various politicians whose speeches for this erst- while college mate have made an impression upon the politically minded, are: Mildred Lindsay, Evelyn Gordon, Vivian Kearns, Elise Gathings, Sara Barnette, Grace .Ashworth, Myra Davis, Ruth Minick, Alice Whitley and Clementine Brodie. The lights and grease paint of the theatre have lured ciuite a few of our numlier. De .Mva Stewart has returned from a triumphant tnur of and her nuuuigcr, Margaret Beam, assures the public that before long Miss Stewart will appear in the new play written especially for her by Pearle Hege. Puss Butler is the idol of all screen addicts, having completely eclipsed her oidy rival, Greta Garbo, in favor. Fhe names of Wilhemina Wieland, N ' iola Scurlock, Ha?el Kearns and Bill Jones are also popular with the theatre-going public. One of the big musical comedy hits is Mary Lou Fuller ' s " Maryland " whose cast includes: Mary Davis, Mary Virginia Howard, Mary Huffines, Mary Holloday and Mary Mc. ' ulay. Nell Jones, Constance Ciwaltnev, L dia Percival. Isabel Tarry, ' erna Hodges, Margaret Mclver, Katherine ; bsher and Ruth Bellamy are members of a dancer ' s syndicate that has eclipsed the Denishawn Dancers. Iredell Briini has sung her wa into f;Mne and fortune and is nnw on a concert tour with Dais Fucker as her accompanist. Mary Louise McDearman, Alpha Gett ., Louise Mayes, Louise Clifford and Henrie Miller have founded a school of philosophy based on the l elief that life is a bulible— and soapv. Al that, Frances Bobbitt, though refusing to adhere to their belief, has joined the group that she might not be separated from Henrie and Louise. Quiet and seclusion seemed so alluring to Cviithia Hagby, Daisv Dell tiay and Katherine Redfern that they have all entered luinneries. Ruth Reynolds i. living in ease from the proceeds of her " Walking Hose— they never run. " Olive Brown, unable t.i cure her nnmy ailments bv an known medicines, has at last .lecided to give athletics a trial. Louise Rotha has invented a combination umbrella, slicker and galoshes which has supplanted the separate articles. Mildred Davis and 1 leanor Graves are in the Lnited States Senate. Mildred has grown fanatical upon the subje-t of the " absolute necessity of the isolation of the Lnited States. " In our own Senate at Raleigh, lle ' en Rinehardt plead so elocpiently that the solons were hypnotized into passing a law permitting dances at N. C. C. Page one hundred tiventy-se ' ven PINE NEEDLES 1026 I.iK-v Weber has pcrfecteil ;i iin-kiiul preparatinii ulinse potency surpasses that iif all previous concoctions. Er-ell Cieanes, Lottie ' Invve and Alda W ' inecotf have opened a school for the correct pronunciation of names. Emily Rideoutte is the head of an asylum for decrepit derelicts of the animal kin dotn. The asylum, dedicated to the memory of the late lamented Soup Hone, is sponsored hv the «ealthv philanthropist, Irene Oliver. Not all of our classmates have been fortunate i)i the world. Caroline Harris is an inmate of an insane asyimn, still devotint; her time to a vain starch tor a business man.itier of Pine Needles. Ann Wilkinson broke inider the strain of letting; her hair grow out ami now shares Caroline ' s paddeil cell. Kdilh Kale, Louise Shephenl, Ihelma Stone, Naiuiie Lhornburn, Mildred Vojjler, Louise Cherry, Ailene Wilkins, luijienia Sessnnis, Margaret Hunter and .Annie Mae Morris are man- ager ' ; of arious thriving beauts and modiste shoppes. in the beauty shoppes, C eleste Armfield is deinonstratini; her new perinanent wave which grows toward the scalp as the hair grows out. Hilda Hraw ' ev is vh(u inn a t pe of cosmetic that lasts a ear if no water is applied. . mong those who have scorned all suitors and are confirmed independent women with careers of their own are; Mar L iu Haynes, Sara .Ashcraft, Elizabeth CJlascock, Margaret Walters, Hilda Cordon, I.ula Mae Simpson, Frances Knox, ; inia Helle Ardrey, Frances Landreth, Cu-neva McCachern, IVmpie McCurds, Evelyn Cornelius, Frances M. C;ibson, Ilorothv Fhomp- son, Nelle liilliam and (irace Cilreath. ' irginia Pendleton and Ruth Worthington have perfected circular ke boards for pianos. Mimiie Walker has assumed the poMtioti of dietitian at N. C. C. Her slogan of Saturday linnh sans goulash is heartily seconded by her assistants, Lucile Miller, .Annie Richardson and nail Karker. Ehe Chatauipia board tells an interested world that Ruth I dwards and Helen Justice, with Nina McDavid at the piano, are meeting with universal success in their concerts which are pref.ned b community singing under the direction of Xonie (iordon and Mildred l " )oub. On the roster of those who reniler service to their country as dispensers of learning are: lluldah Hrinkley, who is rural school supervisor in the Histrict of Columbia; Elizabeth Wilson, whose kindergarten inetlioiN h.ue been widely imitated; and .Alma McFarland, who returned to the .Alma .Mater as .Miss flliott ' s successor in the department of Political Science. Scattered throughout the countr in institutions large and snudi are Blanche Raper, Rosa Pope, Nellie . lcC;irt, Isabel McCill, Rebecca Lindley, ictoria Link, Paulette Hubbard, .Alma Hellinger, Elizabeth Cirant, Doris Hanvey, Lucile .Monroe and Lheresa Marks. Louise Reavis and Coriruie Pitt are the prosperous heads nf a fast-growing s ndicate of tea-houses. From tlie home idfice iti Cireetisboro, we learn that the secret of the firm ' s success lies in its policx of selling real eggs even to college girls. Listed as managers of the various tea branches are: Pearle Ciurle , Spruill, ILittie (iidnex, Fa Caveness, Clenn Morris, , Li Wells, Nhirtha HancheN, Opal Brown, Nita Williams, ' allie West, Ella Ormand, Bowden, Mabel Welch, Irene Stevenson, I ' dizabeth Ilnrnadax and Inez Swan. -A few of our illustricuis class, for want of something better to ilo, have married the men of their choice and are active members of the Happy Lhougli Married Club. Its sedate president, Mrs. Charles Lindburg, is somewhat of a high fl er, being unable to forget, wholly, the ila s when, as Luc ' Ea lor Baird, she was known far and wide for her capers. Elizabeth Norman is the charming wife of the president of the Internatii nal Correspondence School, while Kath- Poffc our liunJiiJ l ' Ziinly-,i il PINE NEEDL ES 1926 criiic Valentine ruleN with a rod nf inin Iter very civil enfjineer husband. Margaret Lambe, on the contrary, has met her match, and is the obedient wife of an itinerant physician. ()[i the rather lengthy records of the club are enrolled the names of Lanette McMurray, Musette Brad- sher, Margaret Pierce, Philys Rogers, Agnes Simmons, M. Louise Smith, Estelle Recce, Frances Poole, Nevelyn Martin, Louise McMasters, Delorese McDaniels, Jennie Levy, Nell Ketuiet, Martha Johnston, Frajices Hubbard, Margaret Hoyle, Alice Hurt, Ethel Eudy, Rosa Lee Ford- ham, Louise Eagles, Ruth Currin, Elizabeth Case, Eula NLie Carpenter, Linnie Hurkhead, Alice Wesley, Susie Walker, Hazel Mae Svvinson, Lucy Cireen and Ruth Howard. In tragic contrast to this long list of those who have become happily domesticated, is the list of those whose martial happiness has been destroyed by influences hereditarv or environmental. These unfortunates (?) include: Charlotte Coppage, Helen Williams, Melba Stroupe, Anne Stokes, Beulah Stout, Mildred Trantham and Ina Stamper. E ' erv vhere are embla oned notices ot the " (Jueen ' s Handmaiden, " tlie great opera r!tten in Esperanto b N ' allie We-t. Its compan headed b Rosalie Coldstein and Mar C.)on is inakirig a good will lour of Nicaragua; the cast includes ]| ■ Cireen, I ' lu-lma Clarriss, ' irginia Co ait, Laura Jack, Martha Perryman, Mary Roberts, Lettie Whitt, Rachel Cordle, Lois Clary, Mildred Trantham, Blanche Wade. Frances Shamburgcr, Mary Coe, Norma Black, Laurie Oliver, Ruth Owen, Mary Blake, Cornelia Cowell, . " Xva Lee Andrews, Blanche Collins, Lucy Crumpler, Hazel Dickinson, Thelma Williamson, Ethel Eudy, and Florence Gaskin. Accompanying the company as interpreter are Lucille Frwin and Xola Mae F ' letchcr who e proficiency in foreign languages has been recognized. Clara Will has perfected a practical paraphernalia wherein tliscnntentcil persons are trans- ported to the moon for a change. Among those who have seized upon this opportunity to rid themselves of terrestial worries are Co rnelia Vincent, Madge Tweed, Mary Marion Sinith, Elberta Smith, Naomi Schell, Florence Rutherford. Sadie Proctor, Myrtle Porter, Katherine Porter, Florence Parkin, Alice Mitchell, Ava Gray Mewbnrii, Janie May Mann, Justina Renimon, Valera McCrummen, Maude Knight, Gertrude Jones, Lettie (Jwyn, Eliza Henry and Eva Holder. . ' nd now, enough. ' Fo this do wt contemplate the affairs of men. affix our hand and seal, and again withdraw afar to Katherine Taylor Elizabeth Murphey Ellen Fletcher Page one hundred tive?ity-nine PINE NEEDLES 1 )25 4 i ' SMiB,t.... :i..... Last Will anJ Testament rrn I " . tlu- Class lit i ' )2S, horn and rt-art ' d in the North Carolina College 4 VAV y till- W ' onu-n, having arrived after tour years of sojourning in these »1 M honored walls, at this certain point of departure; having heen nourished bv the choicest delicacies and most staple food for thought which this institution has ever hefore found its students capable of assimilating, and in the assimilation of the aforenientior.ed, a protound respect for ourselves having sprung to life, believing that v e re|iresent the highest embodiment of fine native endowment, and manifohl aci|uirenients ; filled with an overflowing pitv tor all those who must inevitablv be acutelv sensitive to the void which arises as we absent our- selves, and ever aware ot and stimulated bv our responsibility to contemporarv ' humanity and posteritv, flusheil with the tint ot altruism, and baptised in our own vouth; ever uiiseltish ui our desire to leave behind that which we cannot take with us — we do hereby, with lull legal sancti jn, make our Last A ' ill and Testament. .Irtiili I. To our successors in general, we leave the diurnal privilege of agitat- ing over post ofKce doius and new springing grass. Jrt ' uli . . As desciples ot Job, we pass on to all students the tcutitude to cir- cumvent the new auditorium in accordance with lecture-concert regulations and, finding their particidar door locked, retrace their pilgrimage to another entrance — and another, and vet another. Ailiili , ' . In the interest of those who require extra siestas during the day, we wdl this bit ot knowledge acquired through tour vears ' investigation: rooms J I and liN Mclver are best suited for gentle slumber since they are usuallv crowded and are hard to ventilate. Arrive early and avoid the rush for the back row. Jitiili 4. We vield to the Freshmen the frivohius jiastime ot inscribing on walls their sentiments ot the moment, especiallv those before holidays. Thev mav rest secure in the thought that each vacation will find ernnest wfnkers ef- facing the product ot their inspiration and so |iresenting to the next class a clean slate tor mott ies. .hi ' ul, ■,-. To the Sophomores, we bequeath our douhttul diplomas from the ex- perience schocd in the matter of selecting jersevs, blazers, sweaters, or fur co.ats for their class numerals. To add to the enjovnient of their parade in these garments, we herebv donate ear trumpets to citch all admiring ap- |ilause tor we fear their auricles have been strained from listening to chapel speeches from the balcony. Page one IiunJreJ tliirty PIHE NEEDLES W j a iliii£,....;( ... afei jc Jrluh (). L " (in.siilcniij; the irudniiiif Junior wifh sisterly priilc, l ' ham! rniT oil]- rlu ' orics (it iiKina liii: the jiinldr Simp wnA the Junior-ScniHr IJaiuiuct, anil pa (Uit with a tifc haiul mir t odd luck pennies to insure their ,i;etting little sisters as fine as those who came to us. Artiili- 7. I ' or the Seniors who take our places, we lea e, as si n posts along the way, our footprints. Some |ierhaps vere not put down quite wisely or firmly, and these may he used tor the red li ;ht of danger; others, too, may not ha e been as near the center of the road as reason and the best minds would desiie, and may be taken as the white flaie of caiiti in ; but there .ire a few, we feel, which, well sjiaced and cleanly cut, ma stand for others as the calm ijreen torch of safet and ser e to guide the ounger ones upon the niad. , ( , ,V. Realizing also the unusual ,and worth individual accumulations of talents and certain much-en ied devices for obtaining desired ends, we do hereby gi e and bequeatli these personal belongings: 1. Hie literary ability of " Molly Hall, " to Martha M. Hall, so that she may be sa ed the embarrassment of having to admit that she ain ' t the author of the poems in tlu " Coraddi. 2. We let fall on Ruth Clinaiil ' s worthv shoulders the Senior dignitv of Vir- gmia Sloan with the sincere hope that she mav ' carrv it as gracefully. ,?. Kat ilaideman leaves her heftv kick, which has brought her great tame as a soccer plaver, to Edna Karle Lewis with a warning not to break her own bones, or anybody else ' s. 4. Fadean Pleasants ' capacitv- and ability to talk at mass meetings is left to Rosalie Jacobi and Mell Kfird — and anybody else who has the nerve to try it. 3. Puss liutler leaves her willow-like form, and her |iassion for phvsical eiluca- tion, to Reb.i Rhea, with the hope that she will take advantage of these oiipiortunities and stiive to outgrow her nickname. Page one hundred Ihirty-on JUNTO PINE NEEDLES 1925 m z m .s a M %f A n Colors: Blue and White Sakah Armsirono .1 (15(0 of Class oj ' 2Q Class of ' 29 Flower: Sweet Pea Song Molto: " Onward " I ' hree cheers tnr the Blue and W ' h ' .te, Striving ah n s fur the riglit. t)iir aims are hi h and lii al, Tn them we ' ll e ' er he trnt — And ' 21; moves " (.Inward " Forever toward her goal. To on, dear Alma Mater, We pledge our hearts anew; We ' ll hoiicn-, love and cherish I ' he days we ' ve spent with ou; We ' ll love and serve yon always Dear College. Here ' s to yon! Chorus The Blue and ' hite forever! Our cry shall CNer he And " Onward! ever Onward. " To our victorv! Pai f one hundred l iirly-four PINE NEEDLES l ZQ dia !?i -., .....aife ' ' rj ' -fmi Class of ' 29 Officers Mary Alicf. Culp Vrcsident Virginia Hassell Vice-Priiidint Katherine Flemixc Srcrctary Sarah Brown Treasurer Rosalie Jacobi Critic Dot Robertson Cluer Leader Louise DANNENnAuin luniar Sliap[ r Mana jer Clara CimcxARn . . .Issislmil .luninr Simp fie Manaijer Page one hundred thirty-ji ' ve PINE NEEDLES 1926 Wi!V Aii! i:......7. rsMmhi MSi s! .! ., , MM M .i i ,.::: D Junior Class Laura M. Alexander HUN ' rERSVlLLE, X. C. Edith Allee NEW BERN, N. C. Neli,e Axdkrs ASHEVILLE, N. C. Glexxie Axdersox HlChl pniM, . c. V ' irgixia Askew WINDSOR, N ' . C. NeLLE AlSTIX MONROE, N. C. Elizaketei A ext JONRSBORO, N " . C. Rachi;i, Avcock DUNN, N. C. Hertha Rarxwei.l KIINKI VILLE, N. C. Deija Batch ei.or NASHVILLE, N. C. Pa e ntie liundred tJiirly-six - u miH ' .] PINE NEEDLES 1 )26 t4u£4i:MA....,:it,....fdl :mi ' i d Junior Class Emma Beamax stantonsburv, n. c. El. DA Best WINDSOR, " . C. Elizabeth Blake CHADBOIRN ' , X. C. Castella Blaxd VVADESBORO, N. C. Frances E. Bobbitt oxford, x. c. AIellie Boggax WADESBORO, . C. Irene Bolick hickory, n. c. Dolletta Bost ALBEMARLE, N. C. Harriet Boyd waynesville, n. c. Velna Bovkix TARBORO, K. C. Page one hundred thirly-scven ..-:iis -i;S PINE NEEDLES 1026 f 2 - Cf AV — Junior Class Mildred Boyles WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. Brady ELLERBE, N. C. EsT(n ' Bragg OLNGSVILLE, . C. A . Braxxock SPENCER, N. C. Sarah I. Brawley MOORESVILLE, N. C. Camii.i.h Brixkley MANTEO, N. C. Edxa Browx KWNAPOLIS, N. C. Fraxces Scott Browx OXFORD, N. C. KATHR ■x Browx CHINA GROVE, N. C. Sarah J. Brown BELCROSS, N. C. Page one hundred thirty-eight ■;ij aa -a PIHS NEEDLES 10 6 Junior Class Hazel Bullock STEM, . . C. Margaret Bunn BATTLEBORO, N. C. Hilda Bl rtox jacksonville, . c. Virginia B erlv LEXINGTON, N. C. Mary Lilly Cate columbia, s. c. Margaret Causey liberty, n " . c. MozELLE Causey GREENSBORO, N. C. Elizabeth Cauthex RALEIGH, . C. Esther Cavness COLERIIIGE, N " . C. Gladys Chase BURNSVILLE, N. C. Page one liundrcJ tliirly-nine PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 ■ SM(Mi .... - ,.,...x mM m " OI-. Junior Class Valextixe Chilk SARASOTA, FLA. RlTH Cl.lXARn HIGH POINT, " . C. W ' lxxiE C. Cloer CKAMIH FALLS, N " . C. WiEMA Coble GREENSBORO, N. C. t ' Lossii; Cnr.iiEM, COLDSBOKO, N. C. Allexe Coggixs SWANNANOA, N. C. CoRixxE Cook GREENSBORO, . C. AxxiE Mae Crowder RALEIGH, . C. Elizabeth Crowder clarkesvii.le, n. c. Marv Alice Gulp GASTONIA, X. C. Paijf one Inindred forty PINE NEEDLES 1025 ' S j K %AMt ' .... i Junior Class :r,% mml, Louise Daxxexralm WILMIXGTON, . . C. Sai.lih Deaxs davtova beach, fla. JUI.IA I)i: AR FLQUAV SPRINGS, N. Lii.A Dews DECATUR, GA. JeAX DlVIXE WILMINGTON ' , N. C. Helex DoRlilXS RUI IlERKORinON, N. C. Sarah Douu charlotie, n. c. Lois Dorsett GREENSBORO, N. C. Elizabeth Drae ghon AL Ri Drai CHox IllNN, N. C. I ' lKjf our liuthirid jorty-one PINE NEEDLES ISSa M ' MSII ! A.,..!:,,.,...,-dM:M lM ll Junior Class Margaret Duckworth MIJRCANTOWN, N. C. Wren Duncan WILKESBORO, N. C. I, II. I, IAN Dunn MOUNT HOLLY, . . C. JoNNiE Edwards HOOKERTON, N. C. 1,1.1 Aiun ' H P hringhouse llhMIERSONVH.LE, S. C. Louise Ellis GOLnSTON, .N. C. Grace Exum SNOW HILL, N ' . C. Keith Feamster s.alisbirv, n. c. Christine Fields LACRANGE, N ' . C. Evelyn Fitch mebase, n. c. I ' liiji- oiii- liunJri ' d jorty-tivo PIN E NEEDLES 1926 ■iii §MMii £ .. :: .... - ' Mm Junior Class 3. fpp ' ' tl Jessie Fitzgerald INDIAN TRAIL, N. C. Katherixe Fli;,mixg RALEIGH, N " . C. Kathar M ' : Freeman SALISRURl, N. C. CoRDii.iA Frexch DRAPER, N. C. Carmex Frv BOONSVILl.E, N C. Celia Fuller NEW BERN ' , . L ' . ThELMA CiASKIXS BLOUNTSTOWN ' , KLA. Aline Garrei.l TABOR, N. C. Ressie Geer RUTHERFORDTON, N. C. Gladys Goodman- concord, N. c. Page one hundred forty-three ■.-:a« v.. PINE NEEDLES 192 2) Junior Class M ARIHA (1. (idRHAM I) 1 lI.KBORn, N. C. K AT I II Gravely MOVROE, N " . C. Garnhtt Gri:gi)Rv GRlKNSBOKn, N. C. Xaxmi; Lee Griggs NORVEX, K. C. ( il RIRl l)l: ( iRI.MSI,E 1 Rl IM.W, N. C. Grace Grog ax SIONEVILLE, . C. Clara ( ii igxard LINCOLMnS-, . C. Grace Haddon RnCKV MOUNT, X. C. Carrie Haithcock MAcnv, . c. Page one liuiuircJ forty-four -■. ' i!««aife ' - ,S PINE NEEDLES W2 ii 4 iM Mt ,i:i ,,,. mk gmi! M!t K... ' i-.l Junior Class Elizabeth V. H i,i, OXFORD, X. C. .M AKTHA F. Ham. PliMIiKOKK, N. C. Virginia Hai.l HALLSBORn, N. c. Sara Ha.mptox LnAKSVILLE, N. C. ElJZAliETH HaXXA.MAX ASHEVILI.F, N. C. Grace Haxkixs lIIIiH IMIINI, . C. Elxice Harrelsdm lABOK, N. C. Marc ri:t 11 rris I I.KI , . I. Virginia Hasseli, Vh.;ON, N. C. tjRACE Ha ES BOUNVILLE, N. C. Paijc (ine liundiiJ forly-jivi " h. PINE NEEDLES %6 M ' f MiM. .-.1. mm t i, imimM x. ' ' ' ., ,!A Junior Class Vrra 11i;i)Rick LEXINCION, N. C. LuciLi: Hhrrixg SNOW HILL, X. C. M. R Helm; Hicks HKMlKRSnS, N. C. Kathhrine High GRERNSBORO, V. C. Kl.IZ AliKTH HlNES H INSIOS-SALKM, N. C. Hei.le Hdckadav LILLISGTON, N " . C. Elizaheth Holmes SAI.lSBl ' R ' l , . C. Fav Hauser ,-IIERKVVII.I.E, . C. Hl.RTA HoWARll , E I lEvii.i.E, . I.-. Marion Hibbard wilkesboro, n. c. Page one hundred forly-six ■s-jJagitf- ' - .a PINE NEEDLES 1926 tf Junior Class Gladys Hughes PARKTON, N. C. . Ella Blrtox Huchixson hich point, n. c. Mary Alice Hixford MOBILE, ALA. I Iar - H. Ixglis charlotte, x. c. ViRGIXIA ll ' lICK GOLDSBORO, N. C. Elizabeth Isexhoir SALISBLIRV, N " . C, Alice Jackson KINSTON, N. C. Verdie Jackson COOPER, v. C. Rosalie Jacobi wilmington ' , n. c. Frances Ja.mes mebane, n. c. Paffe one liunJr,d jurty-sevcn PINE NEEDLES Ig)95 Junior Class (]RA Jdhn ' sox 1 . KMI i;IIJS, N. c. L. Mai. Johxsox DILLOS " , S. C. Roma JDUXsox (; )!. DSBORO, . C. RiisA joxns A I)HN, N. C. Rdsit Ki;xxi;v hl-I ABKIH I. in , . C. M in KiRRrATRiCR WW NhSVILLE, . C. ' lRGIXIA KiRKI ' ATRIL ' K KAii ii:h, . c. Emma Leh Koox LISCOLMON, N. C. W ' li.i.ii: KooxTS I I IM.I(1 , . C. Mamii: Ci.vdi; Laxglev M1.S0N, " . c. Fell ,- uiii- luiulrrj foily-c ' ujlil • i iSff ' -i ' . PINE NEEDLES W ,% ' MM( h£....r.i. .afc- iii M .aRgyB (.......:»k,,,, 1 3 Junior Class Doris Lee ORIENTAL, N. C. Helen Lee CONCORD, N. C. ALvR ' Frances Lemmoxd MONKOH, X. C. EuN ' A Eari.e Lewis FARMVILLE, .V. C Luna Lewis FOUR OAKS, N. C. Sheli.ex Lewis EI.IZABElll CITY, X. C. Era Lin ' ker eo.vcoRi), . c. Katherixe Lixn salisbury, x. c. Pauline Linnev WILKESBORO, N. C. Evelyn Little catawba, n. c. Paye one hundred jorty-niiie PINE NEEDLES 1925 A» , , i 0 -Mm J i Junior Class Marv Little VVADESEORO, N. C. Vearl Livengood WINSTON-SALEM, ROUTE 5, N. C. M MII- LniNGSTOX LAL Rll, HILL, X. C. n()R()TH ' Long rOBACCOVlLLE, N, C. M ARGARHT L ' SNCH COLDSBORO, . C. Hei-ex McBee BAKERSVILLE, . C. Elizabeth McCombs CASTOMA, N. C. Rosemary McCoy LAURINBURG, N. C. Fraxces McGregor l.ILhSVM l.H, . C. Flora McKixxox RED SPRINGS, N. C. 4 .Jbt I ' ai e one liundred fifty PINE NEEDLES 1926 m Junior Class Annie Mae MacLean LAURINBURG, N. C. Mary Virginia McLean maxton-, n. c. Margaret McNairv GREENSBORO, N. C. Elizaheth McPhal i SHA-SNOX, .V. C. Margaret Manning WILLIAMSTON, N. C. Daile Marlev RAMSEUR, N. C. Esther E. Martin spri gs, n. c. Juanita Martin DUNN ' , N " . C. Frances Mauney KINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C. Carolina May CRIFTON, N. C. Page one hundred fifty-one PIHE NEEDLES IQ2 n m - -.V - ' • V -.- ' Junior Class s % Dorothy MA ns GREENSBORO, N. C. Elizabeth Mi: ui;s MONROE, N. C. I Mil .Mlll FTTH A I KOU , N. c. DoRoTH ' i Mili,i:r LOITA, . C. 1,11.1.1 Mli.I.IIR EI.KIN. N. C. (jL.xd ' ss Mitch i;li, GREENSBORO, N. C. .Mni.1,1 Mitchell ()KI I A, . C. Frances B. Mncmi: GREENSBORO, N. c. Ii:i.i: Morris (, M() N1A. N. C. Edith Neal greensboro, n. c. Page onr liundrrJ fifly-t ' u:o •• . . ..-;;j - ;a PINE NEEDLES 1926 Junior Class Lai R. Neece CLIMAX, N. C. ViRfilXIA ( ' ShaI r,HXESSE ASHEVILLE, . . C. Bonnie Padgett MARinv, v. c. Willie Deli. I ' arh. marietta, w c. LoLisE Parki;r MONROE, N. C. M RTi.i; Mae Parker HIGH SPRINCS, H. . Perla Belle Parker Dora Ruth PAR GREENSBORO, N. C. Frances Patrick grifton, n. c. Mabel Pearson ELIZABETH CITV, N. C. PaffL- one hundred fifly-three ■■iJis - ' - -,; PINE NEEDLES Ig)S6 m a =k-4 V - € € t i:..... ' ...,..-- ;•. -Ott i«. Junior Class X ' iRGIXIA PeA-S ' CHESTER, S. C. RlTH Puil.l.ll ' S UALTON ' , X. C. Uth Pixxer ARDEN ' , N. C. Dolores Pitt TARDORO, . C. Dorcas Porch READING, MASS. AxxE Porter OLD FORT, N. C. Ol.lMA PrESSOX LMONVIl.I.E, N. C. LoL isE Plckett CORNELIUS, N. C. Sarah Piroie IH NX, X. C. Mattie Oihrv PORTSMOL 111, VA. Page one hundred fifty-four .-;i;;laB - ' - ,a PINE NEEDLES 1926 Junior Class ?3k ?; Mary Randolph vli FAISON, N. C. Margaret Raxkix castonia, n. c. MAR Rlth Raxkix CASTOSIA, N. C. P ' raxces Ravexel GREEN POINT, S. C. Eva Ray GRAHAM, N. C. Margaret Reeves ROCKY POINT, N. C. Elizabeth Reddixgs lucoma, n. c. Louise Reel ARAPAHOE, . C. Reba Rhea WINDSOR, N. C. Ferguson Rhodes BESSEMER CITY, X. C. Pagi- one liuiidrcd fifly-fi-ve PINE NEEDLES 1926 M ' mmm,!: ' ....r.i,....fM :; Junior Class Christixe RH- xir MOL T HIILLV, . C. Marie Rich durham, n. c. n()ROTH - RoHRRTSOX GREENSBORO, N. C. i lAirii; Rddw i;li. MACUN, N. C. (jLAins Rose WALLACE, . C. EVEIA Rl AIl ' Li; KANNAPOLIS, N ' . C. l.i; A Rlssei.l ;RANLlt FALLS, . C. Elizabeth Saxdifer LOWELL, N ' . C. Dorothy Seiei;rt MU BERN, N. C. Nellie Sheffield RLllIN, N. C. I ' ii i ' one hundred fifly-six . ' ( -■;i«g3ii r ' ' - PINE NEEDLES W2 m Junior Class Ronnie Sheffield RANDLEMAN, N. C. R. Shori VADKINVII.LE, N. C. Caroi. x Simmons GRKHNSBORO, . C. Alma Smith CHARLOTTE, N. C. Elizabeth Sneed CRKEN ' SBORO, . C. Ethel Snow PILOT MOLNl ' AIX, . C. Elizabeth Solomon WILMINGTON, . C. Marv E. Spicer STOVALL, N-. C. Sally Spratt HICKORY, . C. Ethel Spruill PLYMOUTH, N. C. Page one liundnd fifly-sf ' Vi-n PIHE NEEDLES 1025 ■ ii ' ' MMiB A....::,..,...Mm m. k Junior Class Elizabeth Stei ' xhart FRANKLIN ' , VA. Ruth Stilwell CHARLOTTE, K. C. Lii.LiAx Stroud CIILIISBORO, . C. Fa E Stroup WACO, N. C. SusAXXAH Stroup HENDERSONVILLE, N ' . C. Ruth Sullivan PINNACLE, N. C. Helex H. Taxkaru BATH, N. C. Irexe Taxkard BATH, N. C. MAR Clara Tate llli:}l PdIM, N. c. Margaret Teague DURHAM, N. C. PiKji- one hundrid jijty-eigJit PINE NEEDLES W?16 V y Junior Class Helen Templeton china grove, n. c. Jl IJA Thomi ' son NORVVOOn, N. C. Margaret E. Thompson FAIRMOUNT, N. C. Margaret G. Thompson GREENSBORO, N. C. Mary Ellen Tipton swannanoa, n. c. Mabel V. Topping BELllAVEN, N. C. Margaret Underwood GASTONIA, N. C. V ' lRGINLA VanDaLSEM MOULTRIE, CA. Marjorie GREENSBORO, N. C. RELEORD, N. C. Jt - .,«6. ' «»- Page one hundred fifty-nine ii ffi J v.i«aEa8 r ' ' - : PINE NEEDLES 1926 .-■:b 4um4im ..... ::i. rMmk immitzM x. ., , ' m ' MMM K .. Junior Class MAR LiLA Wai.shr LEXINGTON, N. C. .Mii.iiRii) Wai.thrs BLRMNGION, N. C. THHI.MA ' aRI) SELMA, N. C. ViRr.ixiA Ward ROSE im.i,, N. c. , m:tti; " arri; BIRLINGION, N. C. Li)i im: Weaver ASHEVll.IE, N. C. Lin A Welch IIHRIKIRI), N. (. ' . Aliceteex VesTM()RELAXD IHOMASVII l.K, N. C. Cathhrixe B. White east spencer, n. c. Marie Wii.hel.m greensboro, n. c. Puye one IiunJrcd sixty PINE NEEDLES Ig)S6 Junior Class T fV " Lillian Wilkixs ELIZABETH CITV, N. C. Althea Williams GRAHAM, X. C. Lorxa AIak Wilsox KINSION, . C. AIar- C. V ' ii.s(jx DUW, . C. Christixl Vixdlev swax quarter, x. c. Jam; Wixdlev VVIL.VUNGION, N-. c. Elsie Mae VIXSTEAD ELO CH , N. c. AIaRV E. V().MBLE MOXCIERE, X. C. LORITA V()f)nRl FF MOLXT AIR , X. C. AXXIE E. V()0TTOX REIDSVILLE, X. C. ■Jn ' y 7 ' ; pj- .- " ' . Patje one huiulnd sixty-one PINE NEEDLES 1025 n m ' !s )% !iSMk%iE....,-i Junior Class Jl.r.IAX AV ' oRTHA.M u ii,MiN ' cin , . c. JLMA Vr1GHT INCOLO, . C. Carrie E. " ' ()L ng SMITHFIELI), N ' . C. Janice Zlm.merx mobile, ala. Page one hundred sixty-livo PINE NEEDLES Ig)2d " -f .9 JUNIOR ROGUE GAI LERY ■i J ' r ' ? ' J 9 ' . .vr. .. ' ■;. v i y ffl( c OH, ' liunJnd sixty-three -- i iSFitlf ' ' .l i PINE NEEDLES lg)96 = y ' 44M L £i!i £kMMt. i .... d - Culms: Ci-ei-n aiul White Ji-Av Hi. I- wiiK i " ,i ■ ■ . Mast at of CUii, III ' jo Class oi 30 ■7fM.r : Whiif R.ive Mollo: Truth Song Hail tn .Ml, da- riu- class nf tirrfu and Wliitc We ' ll keep lor e ' er " ni enlnrv pure ami l.rinllt. ( liir liinttn ■■ rrutli " inrever more hall l.e— I ' rutli tci tile u.irUI, our IrieiiiK, Ourselves, ami tliee. (), Torch nt Wis.loin, Thnu shalt he nur Kuiile; To tnllnw thee Will lu nnr aim. .mr pride. Alul I hnl . dear, While h,lh. in th hrii ht flame Shall hear her haniier on I ' u, to tame. Ptii e on,- hunjrid sixty-six PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 l i» ;v., ;g .ia|fe Sophomore Class Officers P ' iRST Se,mi;.stkr Muriel Wolfe PrniJrnt Cecil Lindau liir-I ' muii-nl Elizabeth Wilkinson ' Si-ailary Bhir SioAN Trcasuiir Eiinii Wfhh Critic Chi ' i-r Leaders: Edith Kimskv, Aline " loiii) Seconm) Si;mi:ster Margaret McConnei.l president Cristie Mavxari) J ' iie-l ' resiJent Elizabeth Reynolds Setrelary Ekances Hampton Treasurer Sylvia Singer Critic Cheer Leaders: Virginia Blrt, Annette Ridisill Page one hundred sixty-seven PINE NEEDLES 1925 f- p c First liuw— Li..iiKl;is Alsloii, luuh Aiulersnn, Christim Ardrey. I, ilium Ai ' .li ls,-i , Eijl.i Aiimld Sh, end Rom — Anna Atkins. .n. Hunt Barber. Elizabeth Barnrtt, Kath. rin. ' BaTiiff, Frances Batt.-, Alberta Beam Third Row — Oainett. ' Beaslcy. Mary Bell. Edna Bennett. Susie Bizzelle. Alma Blanchard Fourth Ro« — Annie Lee Blauvelt, Panthea Boyd. Juanita Boyett. Luna Bradford. Elizabeth niad. Filth Row— Edith Brake. Kuth Brantley. Jejsie Bridgets. Velva Brittain. Dorothy Brittle. Rea BrooUi Sixth rtow— c-laudia Blown. Florenev Brown. Miblnd Brown Pai i- one ftundrcd s ' lxiy-eight PIN E NEEDLES 1026 e - ' Mm4i:m .....,,... First Row— JIarsiiift Bryijn V.ra BucUingbam. Margaift Bulluik, Edith liullu.k, I.ULy Burihi-ttL- Second Row— BfUlah Burleson. Virginia Burt. Inez Buskirk. Minnie t ' alioon, Virginia Cameron Third Row — Mildred Candler. Emily Carr. Mae Bell Carroll. Sara Chrlsman, Pauline Chureh Fourth Row— Elizabeth Clapp. Edith Clark. Edrie Colwell. Eva Cranford, Willie Creeeh Fifth Row — Elizabeth Clews. Margaret Crews, Louise Crim. Sarah Daniel, Beatrice Daniels. Twila Mae Darden Sixth Row— Evel yn Darlington. Justine Davis. Mabel Davis Page one hundred sixty-nine PINE NEEDLES 1926 %il J Kjrst l;.. v — JhiiKiU.t Ii.ns..ii. All..- l illai.l, Dixon. FJuth Iio.ld, .May S. ' . ..11.1 !!..«— II.. r.ithv, Mi ' l Klir.l. R.-ss Eisrn. Virsinia Elkins, .Matilda Kth.ri.lg.-. Eur.- Tliii.l l:..w — II tin K ans. Matt Exum, .Mary Fagan. H. ' len F.-ltl.-i , Miniii.- Su.- Flyii F..uilh 1(..« - .-liarLsaniKi Fox. Fr-»n.-.- Fr.-.-man. Eilna P.osalyn IJartin.-r, Bt-tty Filth li.iw- d ill;|..Ti.-, . ' ..m.-lia (ioff. E.lna «r-intham. Nan.-y IJray. Est. 11..- Greene SiMh K-. v— i.Iiiffln, Edn.i Ha.-Uney. Elizabetli Haiin.1,1 Page ( n( hundred seventy .-:iii }: PINE NEEDLES 1926 ' ' First Row— Janie Hall, cllenn Haniil, Frankle Hammond, Fian.;.s Hamilton. E.lith Harbour Second Row — BlizalM ' tll Hardin. Josi-llne Harding. Miklr...d Harpfi. Saliell Harry. Jean Harvey, Brytte Huffner Third Row — Katlu-rinc Hine, Irene Hester. Mary Hester. Jean Hewitt, Estelle Honigman Fourth Row— Ruth HopFcins. Maria Hobbs. Helen Hodges. Mabel Holland. Carolina Jervey Fifth Row— Tui ker J.-ter. Sophia Howie. Margaret Hudson. Sue Hunnieutt. l.oi.s .lennings. Roberta Jordon Sixth Row — Frances Johnson, Nell M. Johnson, Grace Jordon Page one hundred seventy-one -■.ii ..- ' -i,-3 PINE NEEDLES 1 )2 v pn 4 ' 1 a i « r..... .. :-A mx mmtm jf .. . hMMM 33f ■Aj,,.4»«- " «-. ' V. .- Fir.- t Kuu — I.DUis,. .Iut.ti c. Mary Kiil | ' . Franc . K,.nin. Aniin I..,. K.n.lii.K. Etlith Kims.y S.iciid l;.. v--Flunii. .• Kiii.aUl, Margant Kliuai.l. Elizabeth Kin-. Dor.uliy Kniylit. Elizalwth I.assil Thiid Ki.u— ,1, sBi.. I,.(;ian.l. I.i.uis. ' Lmtz. Margari t la nnard. Virginia LuRoy. Maly Lewis F.inrtli It.. v -I ' . ' il. Locke. Mary L ynn. Elizaljelli Mcl ' leur. Ln. ile .M. i.-..llun Fittli R.,w— .Mallear.! .M . i -.nnull. Gl.-nn McDougakl, .losi-lihini- M. K. nzi,-, Marsaiit, Do tliy McKnight. Cora M, .SiMli li.Av— lllinn MoLeod, Gertrucii- :M.Millian Fianlii. Mann Vaye one ftunAred SfVinly-livo First R(iw l,u.y Jlaitin Mmni€ Mrtthews ( i|ihc 1m Milhcws (hiistit AUnii.iiit. I; .1mi M.b:iii Second Row— Maigalit M. Ii hoi Viisinia .M. 1. lioi E . 1mi Mill, i L oi itln llifliell 1.l1.1. .Mi.. Milrtlfd Moi l( ' Third Hi. w— Julia Molgan, Nina Mostellei, I ouise Muria). KathUen N. w ' -oni Kuth Noi.oni Fouith How— Iicne ( Irmanil. Maigaret Osborne. Fannie Owen, Frances I ' arham, Mary Evelyn Pal- Filth Kow— G.nev;i Phillii.s. Thelnia Partin. Berta Pate, Elizabeth,k, llaiKaret Pettier Mary Proctor .Sixth Kow— Elizabeth Portel, Mary I ' riee. VelH Priee Page one hundred seventy-three ' .iiiai£2 ' ;-hJ . PINE NEEDLES %6 First l;. v— Mililr. .1 ITi.i ' xt. Mamiir.t Ucclwine. Oliv.j R.-lifro. ' . Elizal .tli H.-ynoMs. Emili.- Ilicluudsun «,■. ..nd R.iw— N.lli. l;..l.liiii« I..,iiis,- Rol.pison. llupi r. Alint-tl " Kinlisill, Mildred SaltiT, Margaret Scott Tlui.l Unw— I ' dlirlia Maiy Shaipe. Marjorie Skilin. r. Ali. ' . lira.. Slailsllt-r B,-tly Sl(ian F.,i!itli li.iw— I ' alilh Small, rlara Smith, Sarah gniitli. c ' .l.iiis S " ll. . Sacli.- la.u Southiiland i:v,l n suur. .Mary Sfwart. Virginia SI. wart, Sallie Stott. .Mat- Slri. klan.l Fifth R..« — Imz S|« ixlh l: .w- N. II Stri. kland, llargar,-t Elizab. tli Stilt Pa je one hundred sevenly-jour PINE NEEDLES 1926 M ' Mmm ..,..,:,,.,...,m mkM If f " i, rst Ron— Eunict Templf Margaiet T. uell Ehzabi th Tlioma ' s, Holui Thompson Di u n l Row— Lu( TURtt Alme Tixlil. i-adie Tioutman Kati Tuckil, Vilgmia Tui ker Lo d Row— LUhan Tuitolil Malgalet Tvsnn Elizabtth Umhiigei Sue Uncleihill Dolls uith Rn« — I hailott. V uiNopijen, Nell w aile Kathleen Walteis, Edith Webb. Elizab 1 Ro»— nni. Bl 1. 1. « illiam i E eUn Whitt. UeniMeve Whitehead, Maigaiet Whit, h beth Wilkin ' son Mildled Wilson Sixth Row— Hatti, Will ains Mililied Wilson Elizab, th Wilson ilia Tide IS. Tu. ke th WlIIs uist, Ehza- Pagr one liunJrcd sc-Vinly-fi ' Ve PINE NEEDL ES 1926 ' ¥ f- Other Sophomores Nelle Binkley Katherine Bird Elizabeth Bottoms Genevieve Bovu Anna Brown Grace Bryant Margaret Buchanan- Ruth Capel Sara Chadwick Charlotte Chaffin Mary Louise Cody TiMOXENA Crawford Ei.oise Darden Helen Davis Margaret Dill Lois Ferguson Virginia Fields Annie Ford Evelyn Garriss Elizabeth Gatewood Miriam Gilliam Miriam Harding Louise Henson Lucille Herman Persis Hodges Berta Holland Margaret Hood Sue Hunnicutt Della Ireland Florence Johnson Floride Johnson Ola Kale Mabel LaBarr Katherine Lancaster Minnie Land Rachel Lane Alberta Lipscomb Dorothy McChesney Lillian McNary Mae Mercer Lois Mitchell Betty G. Moore Sarah Hill Moore Gage Morrow Maxalinn Mourane Dena Neville Harriet Norton Catherine Osborne Mildred Phillips Thelma Piland Mary Phipps Margaret Pittman Eloise Rhodes Edna Rice Mary Louise Rigsbee Ellen Shepherd Mae Shumate Kathryn Singletary Blanche Smith Margaret E. Smith Marguerite Smith RosLVN Southerland Mary Lhtle Steele Elizabeth Stevens Margaret Stockard C arm EL SUITOX Lila Taylor Mattie Moore Taylor Dorothy Tipton Myrtle V ' ick Ruth Wakefield Mary Walker Mildred Walker Marion Walters Amy Warren Sallie Warren Athleen Whistnant Rachel White Mary Wilkinson Ruth Yates Pai e one liundred seventy-six PINE NEEDLES 1926 m 4r .. V - ;||€ . up- " sWAiSpv " s ' qPhq ■ ' € ' iife-. ' «( ' OHC Iiunilrcd sez ' t ' nly-seTen FRESHMEN PINE NEEDL ES I a6 Emzabkih Harney .17((-(,o « VAuis of ' si Colors: Red aiul White Motto: Courage Symliol: Su..rci Flor irr: Red Sweetheart Ruse- and Lilie -ot-the- ■a ey Classe Songe Long live, O Thirty-Ones, Our Class of Red and White. We have brought, O College dear, (lur toirh ot light. Its flame hums with a lo e for you , iul a hope of great ideaK; So here we are with hghtiiig swords And truth upon our shielcN. We ' re here to both do and dare, And to work for all that ' s right. Our motto of Courage We will hold uhile we tight. We mean to eonie out vieUuious In our battles for the true! So nia (uir name be glorious Bringing fame, N. C, to you. We -hall march through the years Holding up our baiuier high. ' I ' he emblem of Courage Shall ever be cnir battle cr . We will cheer for the Red and While I ' ritil the fight is done. So here ' s a shout forever for Our dear old Thirty-One. Pdi r one liumhcii nijhty PINE NEEDLES 19 6 . ' ■ ■? ' ' " " f ' ' ■■■ .-• " - Freshman Class Officers First Se.m ester Annie Pleasants President Janie Secrets rice-l ' resiJenl Ophelia Jerntgan Seerelaiy fxizABETH Seavvell Treasurer Peggy Ann Williams Crilie Ann McDowell Cheer Leader Edith Brlit Cheer Leader Second Semester Evelyn McNeili President Catherine Wharion I ' iee-Presidenl Louise Hatch Secretary Elizabeth Farmer Treasurer Peggy Ann Williams Critic Paije one hundred eighty-cine ■- ,;, y.; S Mi l. FresKman Class, 1927- 28 Kmilv Ruth Abbot Mabel C. Aderholdt Margaret Allen RuBV Arlen ' e Allen- Bernice Apple Catherine Armour Lucille Armstrong Sarah F. Armstrong Thora Armstrong Martha Arndt Mary Webb Askew Louise Austin Lorena Mae Avereite Rosalie Avery Katherine Babr Helen Baker Mae Ballard Eloise Banning Addie Barber Kathery-n Barber Mary S. Barber Louise Barker Marguerite Barker Bess Barnharrt Ruby O. Barnhill Mary Barnwell Mary Ellen Bass Ruth Beasley Irene Beaitie Lois BEnuiNcnELD Edith Belk Ware Belk Hazel E. Bell Sibley Bell Sarah V. Bessent Evelyn Billings Clara Bivens Thyra Black Ruth Vaden Blair Lucy Blake Miriam Block Kate Bocer Louise Bolick Trudy Eondurant Della Boren LiLA Bost Alice Bowen Mildred Bowers Elizabeth Brake HuLDAH Branch Mary Brandt LaRue V. Brann Caroline Braswell Madge Bridgman Margaret Brinklev Frances Brisedine Edith CJray Brut Irene Britt Martha Broadhurst Beity B. Brown Rachel Brown Rebecca Brown Eva Bustle Letha Belle Byrd Mabel Byron Acnes Calloway Alma Campbell Gertrude Carson Madeline Cates Sarah Chaffin Alice ' . Chatfield Catherine Chatham Mary E. Chittenden Lucille Clark NL RV Frances Clark Virginia Clark Mildred ' . Cobb Lucy Coble tiRACE COCHMAN Judith Cohen Lydia Cohoon Jewell Cole Lucy Coleman Annie L. Coppedge Mildred Colter Mary Coughenour Johnsie Covington Georgia Cowan Eliza Cowper Eugenia Cowper Kathleene Cox ' era Cox Elsa Craig Eva Cranford Otelia Crawford Willie Creech Marcarite Crews Nell Culler Ernestine Cullom Evelyn Cummincs Mary E. Curlee Ona Rea Current El.LIE CURRIN Dorothy Cuthrell Hilda Davidson Burnley Davis Inez Davis Julia Davis Vivian Davis Willie Davis Mafalda Dawson Rebecca Day (Jertrude Deans Eugenia Delaney Beatrice Dennis Alta Louise Dick Dorothy Dillon Margaret Donnell Helen Douglass Mildred Drake Josephine Dunlap Mae Eaker Henrietta Edgerton Mary F. Edwards Sallie Edwards Ruth E. Ellen Delia Ellington Nancy Elliott Edna Elmore Alice Ennis Frances Eshelman Betty Estes Ruth Eudy Pansy Faircloth ' ircinia F. Faison Edna Farmer Elizabeth Farmer Daisy Farr Margaret Farrell Anna L. Feimster Frances Ferguson Mae Finnison Margaret Fisher Marian Flournoy Annie Mae Flowe Virginia Floyd Carrie E. Forbes Eva Ford Nell R. Forrest Elneita Foscue Lois Frady Mae Frederick Alma Freeman Marie Elise Frisard Mary Catherine Fry Martha Fuller Marie Gallop Pauline Galloway Gertrude Garner Luc-i ' Gaston Mathilda Geiger Virginia George Annie Ruth German Evelyn Gibson Kathleen Gibson Angelene Giddings Glenn Gilliam Julia E. Gilliam Elizabeth Glenn Ruth Burton Glenn Margarite Goodwin Marie Gordon Frances L. Gorham Allie Lee Graham Elizabeth Graham Kate Graham Elizabeth H. Grant Lucy Grant Nancy Gray Olive Green Nelle Greene Margaret Gribble Carrie Mae Griffin Elizabeth Griffin Irene Griffin Mary Griffith Mary Lee Guion Mary E. Haire Cecelia Halberstadt Lois Rosina Hamlin Irene Hamrick Mary Louise Hanbv Dorsey Hancock Margaret Hanna Annie Ruth Harden Dorothy Hardin Page one liundred eighly-four PINE NEEDL ES 10 6 FresWan Class, 1927- 28 (Continurd) Margaret Hardin Cornelia Harrelson Dorothy Harrei.son Catherine Harris Gladys Harris Hazel Harris Mary V. Harris Myrtis Harris Sai.lie Harris Irene Harrison Elvina Hart Evelyn Hart Louisa Hatch Mildred Hatchett ' esta Hauser Ma ' ITIe Hawks Margaret Hayden Louise Haves Ruth Ann Heath Leah Heilic Sarah Belle Heilic Margaret Henderson Leona Hendrix Margie Henley Sara Henry Gladys Hicks Maude Hicks Nadine Higbie Helen Hight Leona Hight Myrtie Hight Charlotte Hill Ethel Hill Josephine Hill Dorothy Hinnant Effie Hobby Anita Hobson Lucille Hogan Ella Holbrook Dorothy Holley Helen House Eugenia Howard Nancy Howard Mary Hoyle Katherine Hubbard Wanda H. Hubbard Margaret Hudson Dora Hucgins Ruby Huggins Louise Hughes Margaret Hundley Odessa Mae Hunter Polly Hunter Tabitha Hutaff Rebecca Hyman Clare Ingram Christine Irvin PiNCKIE ISENHOUR Mattie Jackson Mabel Jennings Ophelia Jernigan lOLA JiMESON Kathleen Johnson S. Kathleen Johnson LiLA Johnson Madge Johnson Matilda Johnson Virginia C. Johnson Bobbie Jones Elizabeth Jones Martha W. Jones Mary Lucile Jones Pearle Mae Jones Etta Lula Justice Hannah Katzen Lorraine Keller Almeta Kellog Sarah Grace Kelley Virginia Kei.lev Pauline Kenley Sarah Kille Margaret Kincaid Gertrude King Gertrude Kiser Mary Kiser Clara Knight Lucille Knight Mary L. Knight Charlotte Koonce Frances Kornegay Clarice Lackey Eugenia Lane Mildred Fay Lane Louise Lasater Margarite Lea LuDiE Carrie Lee Bessie Leeson Sarah Lemons Mary M. Lentz Ethel Leonard Mattie Lewis Nel Elizabeth Lewis Neta Mae Lewis Penelope Lewis Arnie Lewter Josephine Linn LiNA Belle Lister Lois Lively Mary E. Lovelace Esther Lowdermilk Odessa Lowdermilk Bessie Lubow Jane Lynch K. McArthur Jewel McBane Belle McBee Essie McCain Odell McConnell E. McCracken C RAYCE McCracken Nettie McCullen Alice McDonald Anna C. McDowell Elizabeth McDuffie Hazel McEachern Isabel McFadven Emma McGee Martha McGee Ruth McGinnis Elsie McGowen Lannie McIntyre Evelyn McIver Sarah McKinnon E. McLaughlin Evelyn McI.awhorn M. McLawhorn Clara McLean Margaret McLemore Lucille MacLeod Margaret McManus G. MacMillan Leah Irvin MacNair Evelyn McNeill Ella McPhail Stella Mallard Pearle Mangum Daisy Arlene Mann MvRA Grey Mann Frances Manning Ruth A. Markham Annie L. Martin Fleeta Martin Mildred L. Masten Constance Mathews Eva Maynard Arbutus Meadows LORENE Meares Martha M. Medcalf Edith Meigs Frances Melchor Emily Mellon Jessie Middleion Annie Lois Mills Mary Mills Lola E. Minges Mary F. Misenheimer Edith Mitchell Florence Mitchell Mary W. Mitchell Sara Belle Mitchell Nancy Moir Elizabeth Monit Elizabeth Moore Ethel L. Moore Rosa Coit Moore Ruby Moore Starkey Moore Sallie Mooring Katharine Morgan Lorraine Morgan F mma L. Morrison Edris Morrow Rosalie Morrow Nettie Mosei.ey ' iRCiNiA E. Moite Edna P. Mullen Leona D. Mullinix Mildred L. Mullinix Jewel Munn Dorothy Murray g. musselwhite Elizabeth Neal Ermine C. Neal Lillian Nelson Peakle Neville Paije one huruhed eiijJity-fivc PINE NEEDLES 1926 4 ' MmMJL....:;, .... ikMki !mS Freskman Class, 1927- 28 Mary K. Xkwion Ekwik Nichols CjRACE NOBl.E Rose Noble Katherine Noel Marv C. Norcross Marv Ellex Norton- Marv S. Norwood Lois O ' Daniel Cvxthia Olive Frances Page Lois A. Pace Elizabeth Parham Edith Parker Marv Welch Parker Mildred Maie Parker MoLLiE E. Parker Thelma Parker Zelma G. Parker Leonora Patterson Lola E. Pavne Addie Peacock Margaret Peacock Sara Pearson Beitie F. Peeie Phyllis Penn K-ATHErine Perry Marv Perry Helen C. Petrie Alice Pickett POROTHY Pickett Lucile Piner Marv Pinnix Annie H. Pleasants Martha Pleasants Mary H. Pleasants Evelyn M. Pollard Clara Pope Laura K. Porter Belle Poston Elizabeth Poteat Ruth Prevaiie Eleanor Prick Virginia Price Willie Prii chard Lola Profht Frances Pli.i.v Charlotte Purcei.i. Edna Raby Ruth Raby Mary Delia Rankin Mary Acnes Ranson Pearle Raper Mary Ratledge Maude Ratledge Christine Ray Hazel Ray IsLEAN Ray Thelma E. Ray Mary Maddox Raysor P elyn ¥.. Reeves Kathrvn Regan Margaret Reich Ruth Reid Helen Reighard Alice Renfrovv Clara Mae Respess Ruby E. Reynolds Madge Rhvne Reva Rich DosHiA Richard Mary Ruth Richards Alline Richardson Mildred Richmond Mason Ricks Evelyn Riddick Evelyn Rives Alberta Roberts Maxine Robertson Kate Robinson L NiF Robinson Matilda Robinson Annie G. Rogers Irma Roper Eunice M. Rountree Mary Ann Rudd Theo Ruddock Agnes Rummage Thelma Sanderson Edna Sapp Annie R. Saunders Virginia Saunders (iERALDINE SAVRE WiLHELMlNA SCHUTT Flora Scott Ruth Snvdor Scoit MvRA Sharp Scull Elizabeth Seawell Janie Secrest Helen E. Seifert Ruthe Shafer Meta Shaffer Sue Blount Shaw Helen Shearin Rebecca Shell Margaret Shelton Mellie Sherrill Irene Sherwood Ii.a May Shields Martha Pearl Shore Minnie Sue Sides Marv E. Sikes Ruth Sikes Annie M. Simpson Annie L. Singletar Ethel Sledge Ema Sledge Agnes Smith Clara Smith Eva Lois Smith (iLENDON Smith Jean F. Smith Jessie Smith Kate Frances Smith Marion V. Smith Mary Brodie Smith Mary Louisa Smith Phyllis Smith RuBYE Mae Smith Ruby Neal Smith Thelma Lee Smith Christine Snelson Rachel Snipes Marv E. Snuggs Margaret Speas Dorothy Spence Ruby Spencer Adelia Agnes Spry Miriam Stadium Larosa Stallincs Selma Stegall Emily (.;. Stephens Marie A. Stevens Evel n Stewart Florence Stimpson Nancy Ellen Stoner Louise Strickland Margaret Strong ' IRGINIA STROUPE Anna Phyllis Stuart Velma Sullivan Pearl Sykes Nelle Talton ' iRCiNiA Tatum Gladys Taylor Mary W. Taylor Rebecca M. Taylor RocKiE Lee Taylor NL ' iBEL Teacue Margaret Teer Maude L Terrell Elizabeth Thompson Margaret Thompson M. GwYNN Thompson NoELLE Thomson Dorothy Thornton Nell Thurman Grace Tilleit Mary Timberlake ' IRGIN1A Todd Mildred Tomlinson Elizabkih Townsend Sue Trenholm Jeannette Trotter Cornelia Troxler Helen Tuttle Edith Vail Marcia Wahab Sara Walker Frances Wallace Henrietia Wallace Kathleen Walters Eloise Ward Margaret Ware Dorothy Warner ' iRGiNiA Warren Lillian Washburn Blanche Waters Eleanor Watson Maude Webber Mildred Weinstein Elizabeth Weir Eloise Welch Ruby Welch Mrs. Hai.lie ' eller Helen E. Wells iVLaiiie Ella Wells Catherine Wharton NLary Jane Wharton Kate Belle Whatley Nellie Wheeler Frances S. White Lillian White Mary Boyd White Louise Whittington Aileen Whitworth Flora Wike Anna Wilfong m ra ' ilkins0n Madeline ' ILLIAMS Mary E. Williams Peggy Ann Williams JosiE Williamson Kathleen Wilson Mildred Wilson Helen E. Windle Edna Lee Winfiei.d Margaret Winstead Mildred Winston Elizabeth Wishart Marie Wishart Leisel Womble Ruth Woodcock Annie Lee Woodward Eloise Wooslev Martink Wright Mary Young FtirjL- one lntnJr,d iiij ily-six fc PINE NEEDLES 1926 Z M [ gNW $M-t. ;t€ £., v»..-...- FRESHMAN SilJEUGHTS . ?• $ ' ° HOME LIGHT i " , ' Wmf . POOXXIGHf® ' , ' rti c 07;f hundred e ' ujlity-. CDI1HERCIAL5 PINE NEEDL ES 1996 v rM MS:m .....,: ..,...,d ' • f l: ' c ? ' ti ' Spftoj ' ' -mjh ci Commercial Class r« «;-.t.- R(. e ami Silver 7«itv)- Pink Rose Mnllo: " To strive, to eek, to find and not to yield. " Offickks Fall Ti I ' vn N JnnssoN CfI.IA W ' lAKN Lal ' RA MacDonai.i) . . . Sadie Siia ' krsi kin . Laura OARLiNnrnN .... Prrsidnit l " Ki-Pr,sid,nt Sicrilary . . Tiftisuii Cher l.eade Spring Tirni Mar K.miihrinf Fisher PnsiJinI Pem Hkatii rhr-Prisidcnl EsiEi.i.E Jenkins Sirriiary JniiNSiE Mac. ui.ev Trrasuri-r Hazei. ( ' litiT Lradir Paije OTif Inindrrd tiituty PINE NEEDLES 1926 - ' lfei: . ,:i,.,...,m :M !A )mSz 9 , Page one hundred nincly-one PINE NEEDLES 1 )26 Mmm ... ::i.....:mmki m z 4 .d . iommercia 1 CI ass Blakk Evans Marv Kaiherine Fishkr Hazel Fitzharris Sarah Fi.ickl MAR-iE Franklin Marv D. Fullf.nvvidkr Louise Gibson Isabella CJill MVRTLE CJiLLIS EDiNA Halsev Thelma Harris Jacqueline Harvei Fav Head Pem Heath Helen Herring Helen Howe Winifred Hvams Louise Jackson EsTEi.LE Jenkins EvEiAN Johnson johnsie aukins Hazel Allred Marcuerlie Armheld SUDVE Bau e Margaret Barnhardt Louise Beatv Louise Brooks Mary Louise Burns Edwina Carpenter Mae Caveness Hazel Cherry Mamie Clark Lola May Cockman Marv Crutch fills Blanche Current Remelle Curits Emma Dark Laura Darlington Bessie Duckworth Violet Dunn Eloise Milton Frances Moore Virginia Morris Irene Neese Effie Mae Oliver Dorothy Owen Koeller Parker Mildred Pearson Dorothy Perry Elizabeth Phelps Margaret Moss Porch Louise Porter Camilla Powell Ilma Pratt Adelaide Propst Leona Wagner Emily Ward Catherine Waters Celia Wearn Ollie Mail White Mary Whiteside Eleanor Williams LuciLE Woodard Sallie Woodard Lois Varrorouch Nellie Johnson Sadie Brooks Johnson Lucy Johnston Lillian Elizabeth Jones Irene Kearns Mary Lasley RoAS Moore LeGrand Helen Leigh Rose Levine Mary Liles Elizabeth Lowery Blanche Lynch JOHNSIK MacAuI.HY Aileen McBraver Laura MacDonald Lillian McLacklan Sarah M. McManus Louise McNeill Frieda McRorie Bernice Miller Gertrude Robinson Ruth Shetlev Sadie Silverstein Ruth Simpson Ollie Smith Valera Smith Alice Suggs Mary Brandt Switzer Hilda Marie Tate Jessie Tate Mildred Tate Thelma Turner Fannie Tyson SwANNiE Mae Wade Margaret Wager Paffe one hundred ninety-tv;o BOOK THREE Organizations PINE NEEDLES I©26 W Ijivi SI i I iiiiix, I ' dirsmiiuth, ' a. Studknt Govkrnmrnt Association I ' aije one liundrfJ ninely-six PINE NEEDLES 1926 m, mmm £.....::,..,...,si U m 12 Virginia Sloax, Franklin, N. C lice-President Student Government Association Page one Iiundred ninety-seven itS PINE NEEDLES 1925 ' " — AV -S ' ' i A A r7l r- l — SHNATH .MK.MF.ERS Payc one hundred ninety-e ' ujlit PINE NEEDLES 1 )26 ■ MMmMJ " ......,,. mtiM x{k.--i ' - ,.,,x ' MiM,M M Student Government Association Okfichrs Eknesiine Welton ' Prrsuiinl Virginia Sloan ri c-Pnsicliiit Ruth Clinaro Siirttciry Louise Crim . Treasurer House Presidents Eleanor CSraves Inna lloit-ard Sluiiv Katherike Fleming liailey Evelyn Thompson Cm en Rosalie Jacobi East Rosalie Wiley (hay Mildred Davis (Suilford Mary Clara Tate llins iaw Ellen Fletcher .... Kirkland Elizabeth LeRoy Nnrlh Sf fiieer Ann Wilkinson Soul S ' enter Mary Lou Fuller Jl ' esi Minnie Walker Il ' nmans Cl.ass Presihents Helen Ti ;he Senior Class Mary Alice Culp Junior Class Muriel Wolfe .... Soj liomnre Class, First Semester Margaret McConnell Sophomore Class, Seeond Semester Ann Pleasants Freshman Class. First S emester Evelyn McNeil Freshman Class, Second Semester Page one hundred ninety-nine ■-• . g Sfftr ' ' - PINE NEEDLES 1 )96 : =%:i iVy 4:iM V ' A • : ' 1 ' W - ' -iJ !.- - ■ ,- -- Other Student Government Officers W ' liiih JoNKS t " f Chief C ' lAKA CilUGNARI) ( .ull,(ie Siiiial (Hiiiirman Hei.kx Tighe Ilandhiii.l; E.lilnr Page tiuo hundred PINE NEEDLES 1926 iM i A ' MMiB£ .. :i ....f i :Mx .. -. ' ' « i :,}K , %vs 3!; ' r 35 1 FoDlK Hl 11:, Rci Spiint s. X. (J. Prrsui.nt YoL ' .vc Women ' s Chrisiiav Association I ' aije two hundred one PINE NEEDLES 1925 a M if f:-.,.,.j; .......aiS:m.Jtami%l Y. W. C. A. Officers and Cabinet " r ' iiriil, ' in ih, dfsirr lit naltzr ruli tin J cr,ali-Vi- Itjf thiiiuijli a i rtiKtnij undo slanJtmj of God. " Miss MARGAKtT Shkpard, Gini ' xil Siiriiary FODIR Hlih PrrsidnU Makv Louise McDearmas ' ricc-Presidtiit Sarah K. Hampton Secretary Sue H. rsDERHii.i, Treasurer Clara Guicnard Vnderyraduate Represenlat ' iTe Mary Lou Fuller . Chairman ll ' orld Felloivs iip Virginia Hasseli Campus Citizenship and Social Service Mattie Query Chairman lespers Margaret McConnell I ' espen Music Ruth Dodd Chairman Evening ll ' alch Frances James Social Chairman Christie Maynard Posters Chairman Allexe Whitenkr Hut Chairman Ruth Clinard Inter-Racial Chairman Eleanor Graves Industrial Chairman Ernestine Welton Student Cvvernment Representative Elizabeth LeRoy, Representative at Lartje ViR(;iNiA Sloan. Representative at Large Page tivo hundred two PINE NEEDLES 1926 AMM JL..j,u......nmMk !Di - ' i ' " ' «. »■• Y. W. C. A. CABINET Page two hundred three ■■■. ' :ii»- : PINE NEEDLES 1926 T% m ■iiSMim,i......,......m m N.C.C.ATBLUERlDGE JH iSHfe. . _ Jl._ ■1 .- : " ' - ' WtvC ' Page two Iiundred jour ■;rtt - ' - .3 PINE NEEDLES 1926 ' MMi0£.. r.w.,...,sM ' MlM Mit! : " - WiLMER KucK, Wilmington, N. C. Chief Mars ml Page tivo hundred five PINE NEEDLES Ig)2d jt.-fe ;Mt» r,.,.....;,7.. :M$:Mji .K mmm.sM;x-fs!i .,.t , m mM Page Iko hundred six PINE NEEDLES 1926 Afc ..,...; ...,...afetkMf .;Ji Dikean Society Song Dike, icho speaks ivith rcinrlm iiiii grdiuh in . Through listening portiih of tnu ivotisduhuod , Into thy v istness. ice eoine noic entnistiiii Foiiers IIS yet Intent with leill ' s hope imhaed, Gliiil for the toiling, the eoinnion endeavor. Glad for the iiideness of leiiys to he icon. To do for the deed ' s siiie. still keeping the vision. Trusting seeiire in the lovi round lis throu-ii. Stiu iped 717 thiit heiiiily iind light of thy image II e should go forth leith a ereative faith; liiiilders potential ami makers of hii hicays. Rasing for others the paths they may take, And as the sunset i ives pline to the sunrise. After ns eoiiuth the ehild of the daun To fashion the fahrie of dreams sea ree eonipleted And serve thee forever, O light, farther on. Dikean Society founded 1918 Colors: Green and Gold Page t wo hundred seven PINE NEEDLES 1926 ' 4 lJ? K --mMmMA....,:,..,..f Dikean Society Officers Virginia Batte Prrs ' ulcnt Joyce CnnpKK rice-Prrsuiitit Margarei McCon ' nell R,ini tini Seirfiary Jean- Divine Corrnt-onJimi Srtrrtary Henrie Miller Trrasurer Frances Willis Critic Pag( i%uq Ifuridred eight PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 M ) S - % MMi ' i£... i.....MM ' » " : A ' ja B i f DIKEAX MARSHALS Hannah Wearn Virginia Marsh Katie Gravely Constance Gwaltnev Page no hundred nine PI NE NEEDLES 10 5 =%: - CORNELIA AXD THE GRACCHI Page lino liundreJ ten PINE NEEDLES 1 )26 ' MM( ' £ -. ' :i ....f ' Cornelian Society Song In joy mill priiisi nunc Icl ns simj 11 ilh untluni th ' ar dnd strony: Lit till (Cornelian voicis ring. In free, exultant song. Of pr ' uli fur that fair nanif ivc bear, (jornilia, lotions icortl. To mtikc us glailly ilo and diiti. U ' hcn ' cr ' tis thoutjht, -ahcn ' tr ' tis htiiid. If I ' ll onicard, upivard fVfr move. Our footsteps fonvard pressed Together move in sister-love Unto the Mountain ' s crests To gain the fair, ivide, spreading view M ' hich round the mountain lies, And give us understanding neiv. Enlightening our eager eyes. May Cornelia ' s name htive ne ' er a stain From any daughter ' s deed. For her all glory ivill ire gain Antl give her honor ' s ineitl; For ir ii titiil staunch ire trill I ' er sttmtl Unto each other true. And loyal to our noble band, Hers, yea, her tnrn, our irhole lives throui)h. Cornelian Society founded Colors: Blue and Gold Page two iiindreJ eleven PINE NEEDLES 1926 ■ ' j,M»Mi ,A...,:,t.....fsmm m i Paffe triL-o hundred lurlve .-iHfastA PINE NEEDLES 1926 cornelian marsh alls Elizabeth Lewis Frances Gibson Edla Best Rachel Aycock Page tiio hundred tJiirtcen ' ;:ji PINE NEEDLES l 2 rciM Vi kv Sv il gwf:..,..« .ai S; iH i« ;fek..i ' J v,: ALETHEIA Page tii-o hundred fourteen PINE NEEDLES 1926 M ' ii-M4MM! .A....,: ,.,....rsm: Aletheian Society Song Ah! 1 ruth, liho.u In lit throiii lioiil ihc loimt iss years I las htm ptissi ddiin to us fro : so tl to soul , He seek Thic. through toil anil fiain and tears, Vrit ' il ivc fi iii Thcc. that ivc i iay be ichole. A spark of Thcc is hor t nithi i each hreast ; Jl ' c strive to feed that ti iy a tar-firc If ith other sparks ire find ipon o ir quest, () Aletheia of our pure desire. Thou art an iileid . Iiouiidless t nattai ied , While yet jce strive to live Thee every day ; Thou art in all. ami yet eannot he ( ained Save by long search, ami ivcary, a ul the ivay Jl inds by stro igholils of ignor tucc a d sin. But seeking Thee in all ice knon-, at last If e ' ll break the gates that there ay enter in 7 hy light of i iilersta iili ii n hen our search is past. Aletheian Society founded 1922 Colors: Red, Blue and Gold Page teo hundred fifteen ■Si PINE NEEDLES 1925 Aletheian Society Officers WiiMKR Kick PirshlrnI Marcarkt Rhkves Vice-President Margaret Walters Cnrresl nnJiiuj Secretary TiiEi.MA Partis RecorJiiu Seeretary Marv Louise Dearman " Treasurer Eleanor Graves Critic Page tivo hundred sixteen PINE NEEDLES Ig)2a 4- " $V - ' ;€€ £., v; ... PJ Alktheiax Marshals Martha H. Ham. Hilda Brawley Mary Lou Flllkk Myrtle Mae Parker Page tivo hundred seventeen ■ ■ iis ' ' ;] PINE NEEDLES 1926 T% n m Page tivo liundred eigliteen PINE NEEDLES Ig)95 liiil .-,.« ..,. feii:a te,..ika ,.riiW! A o mmmj i AdeT ' hian Society Song Shouliltr to sh ' iiililtr. lu irts ftllnl nilli devotion Jl ith piir iosi not iiimltss. hut ainust ii iil true; United by all of tlie ties of deep friendship, J( e hriiKj, O Adel phia. our ho?niu e to you. II e pledge to you loy ilty, long ind unendint . Loyalty, uhieh iiill he firm, trill he true: Devotion, tee pledge you, thiit never icill perish. And love ivhieh through tilt eoniing time trill endure. U ith eourage unduunteil tre ' ll miireh ever ontrtird. Up heights to he tron, along parts strange and netr. But notr and forever, one get at hand of sisters. Jl ' e ' ll he, O Adelphia, still loyal to you. Adelphian Society fnuiuied 1893 Colors: Red and Gold Page tiio hundred nineteen fc : PINS NEEDLES 19 (5 =% p@ iv H l Bi.AiiD KAS5ELI. Adelphian Society Officers Sara Folst Pn-sUenl IsABKi, Takrv l ' lte-Pi-,siJ, il DOROriiv F.VAVS RidirdiiKi Sniclary Casieli.a Bi.AMi Connf ' iinJiim Simlary El.izABRTii C ' lORiiAM 1 icasurer Virginia Hasshi,! Critic Paijc two liundied fwenty .o- j ffitfe- .a PINE NEEDLES 19 6 i ' ft 4rl ' m£mMA.,..,:i..,,..MM ADELPHIAN MARSHALS Elizabeth Wii.son- Margarei Lamb Louise Dankenbaum Kate Caluwei.l Par e two Imndrcd twenty-one PINE NEEDLES 1926 sk Sv - fei:.., -; ......afe in rrrr CKemistry Club Louise Rohia I ' lrsiJini 1 A Stamper I ' io-I ' nsui, iil Minnie ALLConn Siirrldiy-Tniisurir ' riu ' |nir|i( (.- lit the Clu-inistiy Cluh is tii i-ncdLirage scientific leading and in estimation, coniraiieship among students taking courses in chemistry, and the forming of more personal friendships with tile faculty memhers. Membership is confined to those students doing ad- vanced work in chemistry, and to students ot general chemistry who are recommended b the faculty on the basis of scholarship. Piiffe livo Iiuiuircd l ci-nly-tivo PINE NEEDLES 1925 yii»4fei . ' . .rii!t, ' ' i The Botany Club LuciLE Sharpe Pre Vivian Kearxs I ' ui ' l ' nshliut Rebecca Warr Sccrrlary Valera McCrummen Trrasurir Mae Wei.i.s Cluiirman Prnijram Committie ' iviA Kearvs EvELVK Thompson " Lucy Crumpler LuciLE Sharpe Rebecca ' ari) HULDAII BrINKLEV Valera McCrummen- Edna Earle Lewis Grey Johnson Alice Wesley Gladys Mitchell Anne Porter Florence Parkin Mae Wells ' IRGINIA HasSELL AvA Lee Andrews Members Elizabeth Avent Nannie Lee Grigos Nancy Richardson Madge Tweed Martha Hanchy Martha E. Hall Janie Hall Elberta Smith Lettie Whitt Lucy Green Martha Wright Marv E. Parker Hazel Ray Margaret Bryan Mildred Salter Irene Bolick Anna Wilfong AlLENE AdERHOLDT Mae Belle Carroll Elizabeth Cornelia Setzer Evelyn Mebake Frankie Mann Kate Coble Helen Williams Elizabeth Crowder Sara Brown Althea Williams Irene Hester Louise Justice Evelyn White Nell Johnson Page tivo hundred tv:enty-lliree PINE NEEDLES 19 6 •■ g - Zoology Field Club Officers First Semester Fm)Ki: ci: Pakkin ' President IlKi.HN Williams ricc-Prrsuiinl Anne Wilkinson Srcriiiuy-Tn-usurrr Alice Wesley Cliairman Proi ram CominUttr Sarah Brown Chairman Puiiliiily Comtnitler Second Semester Alice v . Presiitenl Fa LA Carpenter I ' iw-Pri-sidenl F.LBERTA Smiih Sicrctary-Treasurer I.ucv Crlmpler Chairman Program Commitlre Nevelvn Martin Cliairman Publiiily Cnmmillre Members AvA Lee Anhrews Martha Jane Hanchev Betty Sloan Ruth Brantley Jea Harvey Elberta Smith Sarah Brown- Helen Ingram Ina Stamper X ' iRGiNiA Blrt Doris Lee Julia Thompson EuLA Carpenter Carolina May Jay R. Traver Kate Coble Nevelyn Martin Sadie Troutmav Inez Caldwell Gladys Mitchell Lucy Webber Catherine Cox Sara Belle Mitchell Alice Wesley Elizabeth Crowder Florence Parkin Anne Wilkinson- Lucy Crumpler Nellie Robbins Elizabeth Wilkinson J. P. Givler Mildred Salter Clara Will Sarah K. Hampton A. D. Shaftesbury Helen Willmms Lucille Sharpe Paije livo hundred twenty-four PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 m mm .-. :i ..... M ■la H a £M M .SSim - --..; »»■. The Mathematics Club Elizabeth LeRov Pnsidiiii Doris Hanvk rH,-Prrsid,iit TwiLA Mak Dardkn Siarlaiy mul Tnasunr Or. Hrikn Barion laadty S mnsrir The purpose of tlie Mathematics Club is to stimulate and encourage an interest in mathematics ami to jii e an insight into the fields of mathematics not touclieii upon in the classroom. The club is composed of students who take advance work in mathematics, freshmen who meet certain scholar- shi|i requirements, and members of the mathematics faculty. Paffr tivo hundred twenty- five PINE NEEDLES I9S6 iii M:§Mt,.,..::i......: i mki The Debating Club Ri IN Joii STO I ' risiJent Mamik Moorf. Tai i.oK Siiiilary Mabel Hoi.i.ami Trrasiirir The Debating Club was organized to meet the long- felt need of an organization on the cani|ius to foster public speaking. It strives to teach organization of material as well as methods of presentation. Any one interested iji de- bating and showing a certain amount ot ability in that line ma join. Though the organization is still oung, we hope that it nia become more and more a vital factor on the campus. I ' at e tii-o liundred tiicnly-si.x PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 mM€( f .... ' i: i ...f W M am fH r i ; j» 4» The Young Voters Club Frances Willis PnsiJ,ni Mae Wells ric,-Fi,iid,ul Martha Wright Snielaiy Elizabeth Crowder Treasurer The Young Voters Club has been formed by Senior, Junior and Sophomore students who have felt the need of an organization on our campus which will satisfy the de- mands for political education to promote the participation of women in government. The Club purposes to arouse a keener interest in government by teaching and studying current political iiroblems. Page Itco liundred tijccniy-seven PINE NEEDLES 1926 International Relations Club Mildred Davis PnsiJini Nannie Thornblrg Secretary Clementine Brodih Treasurer Katherine N ' ai.entine . . Chairman I ' roijram Cuinmiltee The International Relations Club offers a medium for special stu(l ami discussion ot national and international problems. Men and uomeii who ha e made an inteiisive stud in an ot the subjects in which we are interested sometimes speak to us at our bi-monthly meetings. Membership in the club is limited to those junicns and Seniors who have shown particular interest in world af- fairs, and who ha e met the reipiired standards of scholar- ship. Page two hundred twenty-eight PINE NEEDLES 1026 The Education Club Katherine Valentine Prisidcnl Vivian Kearns Vhe-PrrsiJiiit Margaret Pierce Srcrelary Martha ' RIGllT Trcasunr Realizing the ni-fd for acquiriiii; protc .sioiKil kiKJwIfdge and professidnal pride, the Education Club was organized. Leading educators in the state are invited to speak at monthly meetings of the club, and current educational problems are studied and discussed with a view towaril impro ing them. The membership of the club, consisting as it does of Seniors doing practice teach- ing, specially selected Juniors, and members of t he faculty, is especially fortunate. Not only do the members discuss common educational problems, but they learn to know each other in a more friendly and personal way than is customary between faculty and student. This is indeed a worthwhile organization. Profit as well as pleasure is pos- sible to each member. Page tiuo hundred Inuenty-nine PINE NEEDLES .926 aM m.jt»mK41lgla x v ■■akv- c(tM ■al,Ml,tf Home Economics Art Club Officers Martha Fletchkr Biccs Prcsulrnl AwiR Richardson yi(c-PrcsiA,nl Mar-, 1?i.akr Scirctary Margarft Hovlk Tiicisurir Evelyn Bakcert Daily Barker Martha I ' " . Biccs Mary Blake Marv Lh.y Cate Makcakki IIoyle M AK1 111 MINES Mary Alice Hlxsford Nell Johnson Nell Kennett Mfmrfrs Frances Malney Janie Mann LuciLE Miller Molly Mitchell Frances Moore Frances McGregor Margaret McNairy Cornelia Powell Helen Reinhardt Ann Richardson ' iRGiNiA Sloan Margaret Smith Inez Swan Suzannah Stroup Hazel Swinson Margaret Teague Virginia Van Dalsem Virginia Ward Louise Weaver Jli.ia Wright Carrie Young Page tivo liunJrcd thirty PINE N EEDL ES 19 - ' (S) Le Cercle Francais MlI.DKII) 1,INI)SA I ' llSuilllt Makv Ci.ara Tate Kkith Fkimsikr . . . . Marcakkt Pihrce . . . Iiie-I i,sid,nl Si mini V The Frcncli Club lias a larger nifiiibcislilp than am (itluT club on the campus, cligibilit being based on scholarslup and interest. The purpose of the club is to increase interest in and knowledge of France — its cos- tumes, literature and language. V ' arious programs in French or relating to France are given at the semi-monthlj ' meetings. Ptu c livo IiunJri ' J tlihiy-onc PINE NEEDLES 19 fMSm ..... :: .....xM MXitA El Circulo Espanol Helen- Tighe PrrsiJi-tn Frances I.. Korbiie I ' uc-t ' us ' uii nl Mn.llKEIl I.INDSAV Sit I limy llAiTii- RoinvEi.L Tiitminr Till ' SiKuiish Club is an organization ot those students who arc intfiesti ' d in Spanish life aiul culture tcjr which little time is alloweil in the class room. Faculty members and students work together to produce scenes of Spanish life and bits of Spanish literature. Through singinsi, danc- ing and festivals ue try to catch something of the breath and ch.irm of Spain, and thus better to appreciate the Spanish people. Pai e tiL-o hundred thhiy-two PIHE NEEDLES 1926 Madrigal Club (Former PlKiriiix Chili) Mildred Doub Prrsidiiil Hele.v Justice I " k i-Pns ' ulint Martha Jo tioRiiAM Sciitlaiy Kathrvn Krowk Treasurer Mary Ratledge Re inrter Miss Grace Van Dyke Mor E Direelnr Miss Millie J. Fristad Issistaul Director Mrs. Myra J. Albright I i, inn ' iiiiisi Norma Black Iredell Hriw Martha Calvert Blanche Collins Mildred Doub Ruth Edwards Helen Justice Mary Lou Havnes Verna Hodges CJeneva McCachern Isabel Tarry Delia Batchellor Kathryx Brown Members V irginia Byerly Flossie Cocdell Lois Dorsett Virginia Fields Martha Jo Gorham Ona Helmes Marion Hubbard Katie Midyetie Edna Rice LiNA Russell Lorna Mae Wilson ChRYSTINE WlNDLEY Jane Windley Della Boren Tim Crawford ' ircinia Elkins Mary Facan Maria Hobbs Frances Johnson Katherine Lancaster Glenn McDougall Mary Ratledge Sarah Smith ROSLYM Southerlanu Margaret Tyson Paffe livo liuiiJred tliirty-lliree PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 y m Mmi ; ......- ..,...mffMiM .Ifc ..■ ili liU. ' resnman Che Catherine Wharton- Prendenl Louise Graham Vicc-PresiAent Sadie Silodstei.n Si-crelary-Treasurer Marie Ann Stevens Librarian Henrietta Edgerton 1 ctomf ' anisl Ruth Abbott Mae Ballard Eloise Banning Della Boren HuLDA Branch Edith Britt Kate Boger Rebecca Brown Mary Curlee Els A Craig Mildred Drake Ruth Ellen Sallie Edwards Anna Feimster Elizabeth Farmer Louise Garham Dorothy Harrelson Roll Cornelia Harrelson Mildred Hatchett Katherine Hubbard Mathilda Geicer Ruth C?lenn Sadie Brooks Johnson Mary Lovelace Ruby Moore Nett Moselev Evelyn McNeill AlLEEN McBrAYER Leonora Patterson Edith Parker Dorothy Pickett Kablek Parker Ilma Pratt Odessa Lawdermilk Mary Delia Rankin Margaret Reich Marie Robinson Sadie Silverstein Marie Stevens Margaret Speas Thelma Sanderson Emily Stephens Rebecca Taylor Maude Terrell (?RACE Tillett Cornelia Anna Stuart LiNA Belle Lister Sarah Chaffin Catherine Wharton Peggy Anne Williams Page two liundrcd lliirty-jour PINE NEEDLES IQ 6 K-f ' M iB ' £... r.,..,...MiMdx OFFICERS OF THH OPERA ASSOCIATIOX Opera Association of North Carolina College For Women Officers Marv Clara Tate Prcsuti-nt Kathervn Brown Vice-PresiJenI Lois Dorsett Secretary-Treasurer Charlotte Van Noppen Business Mamu er Margaret McCoknell . . .Issislanl Business M(i?iat cr Christie Louise Mavnard Idvertisiiui Manai er Verna Hodges issislant .IJverlisiiii Man uier In the Fall of 1927, a committee composed of five music students and five members of the music faculty started a movement for a new or- ganization on the campus — the Opera Association of the North Carolina College for Women. Officers were elected and the association began plans for the presentation of an opera, " Robin Hood, " to be given in the Spring. The chorus was chosen and work begun immediatelv. Dean Wade R. Brown, Miss Grace Van Dyke Moore, Mr. Benjamin S. Bates and Professor Henry H. Fuchs were responsible for directing the choruses, solos and orchestra. Professor W. R. Taylor, assisted by Mr. A. T. West, were given charge of the dramatic part of the production. Page two hundred thirty-five PINE NEEDLES 1 )25 ' Sm ... : .,..J i i m..,A,., ,f»hmm ' ii College Orchestra Officers Henr H. Fitiis Director Elizarhjh Hanaman I ' rrsiJi ' iit Mari;akkt McCoxnell lit i-l ' mij, nl MlI.DRKI) Brown- Si ' irilary-Trrasin rr Ei,i i ' ,i III IMbrrher I.ibrcuiaii Kaiiiikim I1i e hsistaiil l.ilinuian Elizabeth Hanaman Margaret McConnell ' iRciNiA Jackson Charloite ' an Noppen Elizabeth I ' mberger Sue Hunnicutt Wilhemin ' a Schutt Ila Shields Personnel Mildred Bkown Frances Mei.chor Frances Wallace Cynthia Olive Dorothy Brmile V. C. Damel Helen Richards Imogene Boyle Kaiherine Hixe H. VAN HEN Boon Henry Parrish Kenneth Cates Maddry Simmons Eleanor Pendergrass Harris Mitchell Thomas George Margaret Hood L. F. Thomas Earle a. Slocum William Troxell C;rady Miller Walter King Eunice V ' arnon Verna Hodges Nina McDavid Luna Lewis Paije Izuo hundred l iirly-six PINE NEEDLES 1026 J ' M SsMt.... :,,.....rdi mki Dolphin Club Rosalie jAcnni PrcsiJrnt Hklen Hodges Secretary Miss Over Fmully Sj nnsor Purpose: To offer a more ailvanceil course in swim- ming to those students who wish to perfect their skill in this sport. MixoR AND Major I .mbi.hms 1. Seiiicir A. R. C. Life Saving Einlilem. 2. Twenty-four lengtfis of ttie pool (600 yards). 3. Examiner ' s A. R. C. Life Saving Emblem. 4. Five Standard dives other than those tried in entr , vith . a grade of ninety per cent. 5. One length under water (25 yards). 6. Five stunts, one of which is to be original. 7. Perfect form, two lengths (50 yards) breast stroke. 8. Perfect form, two lengths (50 yards) crawl stroke. 9. Perfect form, two lengths (50 yards) back crawl stroke. 10. Perfect form, two lengths (50 yards) trudgenn stroke. These also include the racing start and racing turn. Membitrs Martha Farrar Omve Brown- Helen Houces Helen Tiche Sara Foust Mildred Davis Mary Clara Tate Jacqueline Harvey Katherine Hardeman Rosalie Jacobi Julia Wright Miss Tisdale Miss Dyer, Coach Page tivo hundred Ihirly-seven PINE NEEDL ES l 2 M ' i Mmp ' r..,..r.,,..,... % % ' im ■ia _f ' M J -- .M.,. Orch rchesus ■Tn Id (ifcilf and in ina linij li-vi .1 h, •uuj mnrr inliii.u llian iiilli form t4-,- rnJ. ' " " ' Our faniy, ijauiinri as -zi-r i i-ve Thf lifr If,- inuujr. Officers Nkil Jnsi ' s Pr, IvAI HAR h FRHtMAN " . Sicniary Memuhrs Phoebk Bauchn Carol INE Harris LE-niE GWYSN Kathkrine Schf.xk Margaret McIver Mary Clara Tate Isabel Tarry Fadeav Plesants Mary Drauchn Katherine Absher Lydla Percivil DoROTHY Tipton Mary Alice Culp Katherin ' e Redfern Margaret Hood Coxstance Gwaltney Emily Rideol riK Dorothy Mayes Verka Hodges Wilhel.mina Weil. NU Edith Neal RiTii Bellamy Hattie Williams Lillian Wortham Mdi . Hall Helen- Tighe Lillian Arhelgar KAiiihRiNE Hardeman Ha-ttie Rodwell Martha Farrak Ann Wilkinson Paije tii-o hunJrrJ Ihirly-i ' itjht PINE NEEDLES %6 M -f i j S -.A SMiB ,..a,.,....J Page two hundred tlnriy-nine PINE NEEDLES Ig)26 MAmM ,A....,: ....., i mxi jMSyM M STEWART WEILAHD I ' l LIKi K I i| I Kl K The Playlikers Officers VA Stkwart President Fadean Pleasants Secretary and Treasurer VVlLiiELMixA Weii.and Business Manager FLxECLTivH Staff Frances James Prnperiy Betty Sician Costumes Charlotte Van Noppen Electrieian Mell Efird Stage Manager Plays Givex This Year CANninA G. li. S iaic Directed by V. R. Taylor Chanticleer Rnsland Directed by A. T. West The Enemy Cliannimj I ' olloik Directed bv V. R. Taylor Paae t wo hundred forty ■■:iia ' i ' . . PINE NEEDLES 1 26 -i d ' MMil £... ' ::i ,...rsm M A. T. Whst V. R. Taylor CHANTICLEER— 7?ojffl? rf .-III —The Guinea Hen ' s Five O ' clock Te Page t wo hundred forty-one PIHE NEEDLES 1926 ' -f The Archery Club Mkmrkrshii ' P. TT WeRB Crace Hankins Ronnie Sheeeieid ' iRc;iNiA LeRon Frances Batee JisiiNE Davis Maroaret Whitehurst Ellen Shedierd Coaches Miss Rogers Miss Laliter Page two liundred forly-tv:o ..■ ,- ri i -- .: PINE NEEDLES 1926 ■ AtM ,A....,;w....Mmmxi MS-i c ' - - - " " ' THK CAROLINIAN STAFF Pa( e lu-0 hundred forly-four PINE NEEDLES 1926 M ' JMM.Jr:, .fl...,.„.-aa4 ? ferf Mm .S ., , .m i.{fi Rkpokioriai. Staff Frances c;. (imsox . Katie Gravely Carolinian Manat VKj EJitor Katherine Tam.or Dorothy Long ASSOCI.ATK ElMTORS WlNNlF MlRPHE ' 1 Clara CiLi ' rNARD Lilly (7n.i.Y Chrisiie Mavnari) Business St.aff Sally Smith Business Manager Assistants Virginia Kirkpatrick Joyce Cooper Charlottr Van Noppen Mkll Efird Margaret Walters Exehanije EJilor CiRCL I-ATlON St.AFF Evelyn Bangeri . Manai er Smith . . .hsislani Cora McLean . . .Issislanl G. Miller, ' 28 B. Wearn, ' 28 F. Willis, ' 28 P. Hece, ' 28 M. E. Gorham, ' 28 B. Raper, ' 28 M. Holland, ' 30 Rei ' Staff M. M. Smith, ' 28 (). Brown, ' 28 R. Lane, ' 30 L. Mayes, ' 28 M. Price, ' 30 M. Mourane, ' 30 M. Tipton, ' 29 K, Barrier, ' 30 M. Terrell, ' 30 S. Brawlev, ' 29 M. E. Parker, ' 30 D. Edwards, ' 30 J. McKenzie, ' 30 M. L. Phipps, ' 30 G. Woi.cott, ' 30 M. M. Taylor, ' 30 S. Chadwick, ' 30 M. Phtman, ' 30 L Tarry, ' 28 D. McKmcht, ' 30 Page two hundred forty- five " S PINE NEEDL ES IQ jtM jf MMA....,:!.. :-d Mkif ! Siikmu s ' ' ., ,» M Aifii Pine Needles Thi; Staff Caroiinh Harris EJiio Franlf.s Wilms liusuuss Manag,r Marv Ai.ich Clip I ' iilurr Hdilur El.lZADHlll McCOMBS Issislll li I ' ll lull- EJilnr KAriiKRiNK Fleming Jtininr F.iiilnr Anmh I.kk Blauvelt hJilm Margaret McConkell ' EJilor Elizabeth Grant hsistam Husimss Maiuuicr ASSIST.ANTS TO Sx.AFF (jhisi Snap Editon Katherine Hardeman- Edith Wfrr Elizabeth Sneed Ei.nisE Banning Typtst Sue H. Underhilu Page IKO hundred forty-si.x PINE NEEDLES 1925 PJ THE I ' lXE NEEDLES STAFF I ' atjt: two hundred forty-seven .-.■riaaife- ' - a PINE NEEDLES W2 . 44M THE CORADDl STAFF Patji- livo InindrcJ jorty-eiijhl PIN E NEEDLES 192 The Coraddi Staff Mariiia II. IlALi F.dili»-ni-Chirj I ' AIH w Plkasants Issiiliiril i.diliir KATilERlNE ShFNK IsSOcitlli lltlilul Garn ' ETT tiRKcoRi Usociate Editor Marjorik an kma hsociale Editor Frances James Business Mantu ir Betty Si.oav Issislitnl Husiness Maruu cr Grace Wni.cnjj Issisliinl Husiness Miintu rr Hill is (I hituiljiil of nil (inisscs: U ' c offer- tliiiii. Iiiiiiihly, To yoii . . . ' o ,11 1 of I iiltivniioii lias ijoiii into thtii iiiiikiiiij . No lOiisiioiis (lire. Thiy htivc St il(i:i jroiii our minds is Spoiil iiuiiiisly IS III Sp itu lli iz s: linn m miu itiu tit is Itislii lii , p ili ips iiii ii iiilifiil. Yd if tli ic rises from these A fr i jninet is of mossy pinees, A freshness is of rysl il Pools — ice sh ill he l ul, is Little ihil Ireii ,ire. it the Aeei ptiiti e of simple t ifts. M. II. II. Payc l wo hundred forty-nine ATHLETICS PINE NEEDLES 1026 k I U IRI I I I Khl- l , I rl I ll lioln, . l PrrsiJinl Athletic Associm ion " Pa,jr t ' iuo liumiicd fifly-t ' u.-o PINE NE EDLES I§)26 f J. M ' £M4mm .....r.w....,Mir:m Cneer Leaders Rldisill, Todd, Burt Sophomore Page Ivjo hundred fifty-three --, ' rt«iir- ' - .S PINE NEEDLES 1926 : ,,-g -ABfeA-.v); .....,..-afe la..M« j ' lJ iM l A. A. CABINET ' u; ! ' Iii-o huiuiiid fifty-four PINE NEEDL ES l ' e)2 4kM £ .. i!k .. rJ Mk)0MSzm Athletic Association Officers Katiihrink Hardeman, ' 28 I ' miJrnl Eunii Neal, ' 29 riti-l ' rcsidiiil Helen Hodges, ' 30 Seinlaiy Aline Todd, ' 30 Treasurer Katherine Arsiier, ' 28 I ' ep Lradrr Heads of Si ' orts Bill Jones, Hotkey Ruth Hopkins, ' 30 Soceer Rosalie Jacobi, ' 29 Sivimm ' uiij Christine Hltaif, ' 28 Basketball Elizabeth LERo , ' 28 Gymnaslics Ruth Henlev, ' 28 Basel all Pattv Webb, ' 28 . . . Track Ella Brown Hutchinson, ' 30 Tennis Helen Tighe Hiking Nell Jones, ' 28 Daneine Mildred Oavis Life Sa-vim CoMMiTTFE Chairmen Virginia LeRo , ' 30 Business Elizabeth Wilkinson, ' 33 Poster Edith Webb, ' 30 Point System Ann Wilkinson, ' 28 Social Olive Brown, ' 28 Ltilerlamment Page two Inindred fifty-five (S ri ■. ' L PIHE NEEDLES 1025 ,,:U,M r Jt LHAMI ' KIX HDCKHV TEAM, SENIOR atifi HOCKEY VARSITY Page t ' u:o hundred fifty-six CH.A.MI ' IOX SUtCKR Tl:. M, Jl MOK SOCCER VARSITY Paye two liuiulrcd fifty-seven .-.-:JJt6aiSi: - ,3 PINE NEEDLES 1926 n m ' A ' ! i MmiE....,ii..,....mW M ' i, ' CilAAll ' liiN KASKLI l;. l_L I 1. A.M. SENIOR b A " ± {. (ij i .3 j Jr 1927 li.XSKI-THAI.L LII ,MI ' I(I S, jl MIIR " « • it ' o hundred fijly-eitjlit -.ija - ' - -. PINE NEEDLES 1026 a m S Mt.,.. :,i..... mhi,MSimj FRE3HMAX Tl MRI.RRS SOl ' HOMORn TRACK TEAM Pai c a ' o hundred fifly-nine .-iiiaS ' -i-J . PINE NEEDLES 1926 44M m mmmj .... i,..,,.. m t, , m .(1 Rf-I) CROSS I.II ' F S.WHRS Page tivo hundred sixty Page tiuo liundred sixty-one L_ : BOOK FOUR CKiscellaneous 5UPFRLATIVE Hest All- Round: Mary Lou Fuller Charm: U ' ilincr Kmk Culture: Rnsnlit U ' dex Wisdom : Knthnim Taylor Beauty: Dorothy J ' a Grace: Nell Jones Originality: Ruth Ihnley 15hST Ariil.hTl: (Jin: ; .- The Si ' iRiT OF Air: rni inin LiRoy Th i; Spirit of Earth : Sarah Biauley ThF Sl ' IRlT III ' FikF: Mriry Diliii Rilukin The Spirit of VATnR: habcl Tarry JOKES - .i Ba i -fe-,i PINE NEEDLES 1 9 6 M ' fd4Mil ' ' A....a..,,..,- ' l: - yh ' p- ' w ' ' ' ' " -■• .. l ! ■•r iL •i p L V -i -»- ' SoiiK If ' dl-k ' no iiii " Fiii(t)s " I ' rjac liL-o liundred e ' tgluy ..■.i sgitf- ' - ,3 PINE NEEDLES Ig)Sd . . " ItSlist,. -I EJ ' ( iJi ' ' w Ji . 7);V Yoii Ever Sr, This On, Bcfo Page tiuo hundred e ' ujiily-one S ,V - ' IV WK ' The time has eoine, " the JValriis said. " To speed- of many things — Of ships and shoes and sea ino-udx. Oj (a ' i i (S (iiul khii i. " PINE NEEDLES 1926 • AiM . A.... :,..,...,J si d Jok i»i:i»i ' Ti ). To all of those iiiifortiiiiates whose iilctiii ' es are iiiisplaeed, whose iiaiiies are listorteil l)e- yoiiil lecoKiiitioii, anil to those to whom due | ii iiiiiieiue has not been jiiven, we eoiisolinsly (le li ate this section. Mi ' -s Wright: " Xanie the zones, Susie. " Susie; " Frif id. temperate, torrid and o. " + + + " Whither a«a ? " ' ■ To the infirinarv to he examined for ap- pendiiitis. " " nil don ' t seem worried. " " No, there won ' t be anything to it. I never passed an exam the first time in my life. " 4 4 + " ' onr roommate says she is a practical so- cialist. " " She must he. She wears my clothes, uses my lip-stick, and writes to my dates. " 4 4- 4 .Miss t;.)uM (in class): " Who was the greatest English actor? " Soph: " Richard the I, ion-Hearted. " ■■Oh, no! " ■■ ' es he was; the hook sa s he starred in the Crusade and made a thousand knights " What makes you so musical latel ? " " Why, Miss CooHdge has been feeding us so much fish lately that 1 can sing to High Sea and know all the scales. " + + I- Miss Draper: " I ' m atr:iiil liettx isn ' t tr - ing enough. " Mr. Shaftesliur : ■■()h, ou are (piite wrong there. I assure ou she is the most trying uung person in the cl.iss. " 4 4 4 ■■No, 1 was never disappointed in love. " said a certain bachelor member of our music faculty the other day. " Rather I was dis- couraged. I fell in love with a oung lady once and finally screwed up courage to the proposing point. One night I said to her, ' Let ' s get married. ' " ■Good lord, ' said she. ' Init wh.i ' ,1 have 4-4-4- Farmer: ' ■Sa " , don ' t ou see that sign, ■Private! No fishing allowed ' ? " Op Wolfe: " I never read anything I see marked ■Private. ' " Page t ii:o hundred eighty-jour PINE NEEDLES Ig)2d Jok y t ' Dr. Keister: " Ever had F.cnnomics? " Fuzzy Beam: " No, j l t leasle ami who ' ip- iiiR coufsh. " Ed (givliiK a le Min in diixin;;,- " This controls the brake, li is |iiit on qiiirkl in case of emergencv. ' Cn-ed: " I see. It ' s soMuthiiiL ' liki- a V - Tno Tkl K " When nii rcacli yonr seninr ear nu ha senior better days. " Dean Smith (to Bible Class); " Who was the first niaii mentioned in the Bible? " Bright pupil; " Chap one. " nave; " Does the moon atfert the tide? " Fadcan; " No. OnK the untied. " Op: " Let ' s go to the library. " Annie Lee: " Sorr . I goita stud Clara: " What are they playing no ? Tatey: " Beethovens Ninth S Miphon Clara: " Oh! Have we missed the eight? " Gibby: " Why do you think (iu can on a newspaper? " Nadine: " I am able to n pe with twe gets and cuss. " + - + ( llpon seeing friend returning from a v end): " Where did m go and where you stay? " Returning one: " Fve been to Carolina. I sta ed up. " %vork ) fin- eek- did " What did that freshman ' s parents say when she was sent home after exams? " " They congratulated the college on turn- ing out such a hue girl. " ■ - X- -i- Mr. Hall (in park) : " Can you tell me if this plant belongs to the arbutus fanjily? " Sweet oung thing: ' " ' No, sir, it beliuigs to the college. " MiUlred Walker: " Do ou rooni off camp- Nell ' F rotter: " Yes, but I get noted at class. " Paije Inuo liundnd eiijlily-fi ' ve PINE NEEDLESI926 = :: -|6) Higk Ligkts Gleaned From Carolinian Headlinei SEPTEMBER -Freshmen Descend From All Secllons. -Sir Overseas and Marquis D ' Altitude Stop At N. C. C. — Successful Non-Stop Flight. -N. C. Holds First Chapel in New Auditu- -Mt el Wolf Ele id Pr of Cla OCTOBER Types Elected At First Re iilal Around -Superlati Mass Meeting. -Founders Day Program. Davenport College Speaks Statue Added As New Feature. -Dr. Will Durant Speaks to Greensljoro Open Forum. -Feast of Lanterns is Lovely Spectacle — Held in Peahody Park — Sponsored By the Y. W. -N. C. C. Gives Llndy a Hearty Welcome (What we saw of him). -Davidson-Wake Forest Game a Tie. -Louis Bromfleld Talks On. ' The Things We Live Too Fast to See. " -N. C. C. P. A. lliets at KulciKh. — Playlikers Present First Play of Season. ■■Candida " — DeAlva Stewart In Title Role. -Ku.ssian Symiihonic Choir Enthusiastically Ke N() EMBER -Annie dent. Pleas Tuske gee B Kle.t and eil F Pla.vs ■rcshmaii at N. C 1 Pi :. C. •cSi- -Societ; Powys ■ Bids Givi Speaks on ' en ■The to f . rt ' reshmer of Self-C iiltu Mr. •N. C. State Wins Dav ids.m Game. -Open Forun ■■Sun " 1 Hea Speal rs F rank Kent o 1 B alti- -Junior Hocke ■s Wii y. 1 Ove ■ ' ■ s. phs in So.-. ■ ' ■ ' ■ and -Sophs Defea t Seni ors i n So. ■■■er. -Sophs Bow 1 to Sen iors in H. jckey. -Sophs Defea t Fros :h in So. ' c er. -Juniol iors E •s-Seniors Ti. ;ntertain Fai e in LUlty Hock At . ey Final Barn-Wi irml Sen- ng. -Hockey and Socce r Dii liner. DECEMBER 5 — Sophs Serenade in Snow. 7 — Second Regular Mass Meeting — Frances Gib- son Elected as Representative to Student Federation Conference To Be Held in Lin- coln. Nell. lU — •■Chanticleer ' Proves Great Production — Fadean Pleasants Plays Leading Role. 12 — Vera Poppe (Cellist) and John C. Thomas (Baritone) Appear in Recital. 15— Only Six More Days Till Vacation! Auditor -HOME! -N. C. in the Dining Rooms, nd Pageant By Sophs in lis Sung Bv Seniors. .WIARV Back To Work Again. -Richard Halliburton Tells of Thrilling Ad- ventures. (Who has that cane?) -■■ " Up On Every Door. -Exams! (The reason why.) -Exams Over and Life Is Once More Peace- ful (except for the fear of " billets doux i. PaderewskI Heard At ( arolina Theatre. -College Masquerade Party. -(jiadys Swarthout (Sopl ' anol and Percy Grainger ( Pianist! Appear in Joint Concert. -Music Seniors Leave For .N. Y. FEBRCARV -Maruaret McConnell Elected President of Soph Class. Evelyn McXeil Elected Presi- dent By Freshmen. Mrs. Verner of Charleston Speaks On ■ ' The Art of Etching. " -Sophs Down Freshmen in Basketball (20- 22). -FreShniin Win Over Juniors in Basketball (33-14). -Juniors Lose to Sophs in B. B. (2U-12). Freshmen Lose to Seniors (35-27). Concert By Madrigal Club. -•■Silver Chord ' Presented By N. V. Theatre Guild. -Sophs Display Sweaters in Dining Rooms. Seniors Beat Sophs in B. B. (3S-17I. First Swimming Meet Held— Juniors and Wi Meet. Juniors Win Frc MARCH 5— -28 Ends I ' of Four Years of Victo in B. B. By iH-feating Juniors (17-21). 3— Freshmen Carry OK Laurels in Gym Me 1(1— Freshman Fair is Brilliant Success. 17 — ■■The Enemy " is Presented By Playlike Phoebe Baughn Stars. 21 — Election of Student Government Office Ruth Clinard President of Student Body 1 ' 29. Ku of W; ng Talks at Open ■stra of Chicago -Ex- io Forum. -Little Plays. -Long-Looked-For Junior-Senior Banquet is Held. Indian Motif Effectively Carried Out. -Princess Cantacuzene Tells of Travels. -Freshmen Winners in Frosh-Soph Debate. Hoyle and Vhishart Versus Taylor and Buckingham. Page tivo hundred eighty-six PINE NEEDLES 1926 ■mM4iiM.....,:w...., mmxi mM- ' THE NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE FOR WOMEN An A-1 Grade College Maintained by North Carolina for the Education oi the Women of the State I he Inslilulioii Includes the Following Divisions: 1 . THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES is Composed of a. THE FACULTY OF LANGUAGES b. THE FACULTY OF MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE c. THE FACULTY OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES 2. THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION 3. THE SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS 4. IHE SCHOOL OF MUSIC I he Equipment is Modern in Every Respect, Including Dormitories. Library, Laboratories, Society Halls, Gymnasiums, Athletic Grounds, Teacher Training School, Music Rooms, Etc. For Lalalogiic and Other Informalion, .-iddress J. I. FOUST. President Greensboro, N. C. PINE NEEDLES lg)2d CAROLINA ' S LARGEST PHOTOGRAPHIC CONCERN SIDDELL STUDIO RALEIGH, N. C. Ofpcial Photographer for the Pine Needles " Sa ' ll With a Home and Crow Your Own Flowers " YOUNG LADIES We are delighted to have you in Greensboro for four years, but we want you for hfe. When you have finished college, tell the young man who is fortunate enough to win you about Greensboro. Tell him of wonderful Irving Park, the residential section of national fame. Tell of Sedgefield, " The Incom- parable, " and when you have " sold him " on Greensboro, see us and select the home site. SOUTHERN REAL ESTATE CO. DE ' ELOPERS OF IRVING PARK AND SEDGEFIELD PINE NEEDLES 1926 tM hA...... ■. , ' mM l .i i THE HARMONIZING ENSEMBLE FOR SPRING AND SUMMER Harmony from the head of her smooth-fitting hat to the toe of impeccable shoe — nothmg less will pass muster m the Sprmg Revue of women ' s dress. All the fashion departments of the store aid and abet the cause of the matchmg costume. MEYER S DEPARTMENT STORE STRATFORD-WEATHERLY DRUG CO. The Friendly Uoivntoivn Home For the College Girl WE ALWAYS SELL THE BEST GuERLAiN Perfumes, Elezabeth Arden Toilet Articles Crane ' s Stationery, Parker and Sheaffer Pens Eastman Kodaks and Films Complete Candy Department — Nunnally ' s and Whitman ' s Soda Fountain Under Nunnally Supervision ;ri «- PINE NEEDLES 1926 W. H. FISHER CO. INCORPORATED PRINTING ENGRAVING, DESIGNING OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1 1 East Gaston Street GREENSBORO. N. C. PINE NEEDLES 1926 m l 4 ' V : € %£.., v; ...,,,.- Au:. — Thirty-four Years C ' — dJ-c Ly ..i. ' Ccc- tjf Mutually Pleasant Business Relations ' x — - — •■ — " ' " — — ' ce_-, Ci t x -:■ 9 1 . ■ , «2_-.— - - t_ - " chiffmans sporting GooJ College Sweaters Luggage and Gift f[ b_ L-,_ Cia:LLD5 WH£P£ OUAUTY r£ltS GREENSBORO. N. C. : r. .d PINE NEEDLES 1 )26 l i ! ..,. ..;;;.. fMmki i Z mx.£ ' ' -,. f M , ' Aih THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE ATTRACTIVE LINGERIE Sport Sweaters, Sport Coats, Sport Dresses Luggage, Raincoats, Novelty Footwear WE WELCOME YOU CHECKS CASHED The Slwp of Disiinclion Ready-to-Wear Millinery Smart Styles for the College Mjss HARRISON ' S 212 SoLTH I ' .l M SlRf El GREENSBORO. N. C. Wills Book and Stationery Company 107 SoLTH Greene Street GREENSBORO. N. C. Hecidquai lei ' s for Stationery, Greeting Card- novelties AND Spalding Athletic Goods .■-; ' :i« - ' - ,S PINE NEEDLES 1026 AMik%t....-M. .afei A iy iaaifa.. , ri! ' ' - ; BY POPULAR APPROVAL APPOINTED THE COLLEGE GIRLS STORE FOR APPAREL ELLIS-STONE CO. GREENSBORO DURHAM MINI A TURKS PORTRAITS FRAMING f THE FLYNT STUDIO , ; - i ' ,J H. A. FLYNT Phnlographer yr GREENSBORO. N. C. .-1 ' " " f Y ■It ir ( ' ( r- v ' V r ' ' ' W ' GREENSBORO S NEWEST SHOP ALWAYS SHOWING THE NEWEST IN DRESSES AND SUITS V-, ' y :, ' n y 7 " ; : ' ; ' . -f- -i ;n PINE NEEDLES 1926 : 4iM s,-m 4tm . .. y. ....r )H CABANISS CORRECT WEARING APPAREL SPECIAL TO COLLEGE GIRLS lO ' f Discount Exclusive Millinery FANNY HOLT CO. 117 W. Market Si. Phone IS?! BROOKS-WILSON COMPANY LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR YOUTHFUL FROCKS 117 West Market Street Phone 1371 Greensboro. N. C. ' The College Girls ' Shoe Shop " CINDERELLA SLIPPER SHOP 109 West Market Street ' SHOES THEY TALK ABOUT ' T- H€ I I 3 West Market Street Greensboro. N. C TROLLINGER S A REAL DRUG STORE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS 332 TATE STREET PINE NEEDLES 1926 M ' MSmjL...,:,.,... •3iLm!..s , ,ffM.Mi kfiUii THREE GOOD DRUG STORES Tnree Convenient Locations Our stores are stocked complete with fresh, clean merchandise, just things you need — Fountain Pens. Fine Stationery, Hand Bags, Kodaks. Films, Hand Mirrors, Brushes. Combs, Mesh Bags, Vanities, Toilet Water, Perfumes, Face Powders, Compacts, and all Imported and American Toilet Articles. You are invited to make the O. HENRY DRUG STORES your downtown headquarters. Leave Your Film.s With Us To Be Developed We Give You 24-Hour Service and Guaranteed Work OUR FOUNTAIN SERVICE IS THE BEST 0. HENRY DRUG STORES Colds Are a Social Handicap " Hello, Margie! how are you? " " Oh, just dead with a cold! " ' Well, don t come near me, " cause I catch every cold going. " Why will you drag around day after day with walery eyes, a red nose and dry, cracked lips, all because of a detestable head cold, when it is such a nuisance in your social life? At the first sign of a cold snuff a lillle Vicks up the nostrils— or if you have a bowl handy melt a little Vicks in hot water and in- hale the v.ipors — and the clogoed air passages will clear up imme- diately. But if your cold has already gained headway, an appi of Vicks over the throat and chest at bedtime will usually the most stubborn cold over nioht. VICKS V ARO Rub Koiv Over 21 Million Jars Used Yearly ration ?lieve LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS L PINE NEEDLES 1925 iMMM ... :,. . i Mi,i mmm xx. ' a tMiMMi.i i If i .1 " L r n ' f ' r V Ch ' . V- ' ( p e • ' JuJ J .y V, w( _W • " t " 6 (. C c ) liX. S V L 0 Si liS i PINE NEEDLES 1926 ' % ' . jtM iMSim :: ' . a...,,,ramsi fj» -zJ x , 4{ Sj ApS A; D ScRa L " .r ' . ' ..._ V H " .- ' .» r rJ . ' ' - s X , A iy-,, ' -■:.. - ' ' ' ' ' c .x.Q " :- " ' - V- ' - .--, ( ' - ' £Z ' " L Ti LO c; Q. J y,; ' - - . . -t - ' ;f x -.-. r y. - . » ■ ' — ' . . T ' -iC . ■ V -0 " i I ; , ' 1 PINE NEEDLES 1926 m j V-v !yv ■ l!!fe ,.,... w....■a SwAdS AwD S RaWiS N P N C A L ' _ i -r-t . L u iy . 2 -V OXl fc u£, ' - -- ' - - ' Xa xl . ' 3. C ' . V-.. V • -.idffitfc- ' - -a PINE NEEDLES 1926 ' i . ' ft m:Mwm .. - :i ' .... -M SmAdS AmD S RaWiS N P N C A T ja, (j..i;via:v -5., -?7 y2 i,._(5L.,_ ; -iJL, XT ' (j aX_ 4 U«- v -«-4s-r 1 n • . ' 4 , Z uc2 t. Hi: c2) ■ ' ' . ■■ ' ■ ' ■•,■••■ ! ' . W ' i ' ' ' i . ' " ' ' v ' vrSg ' , i ' ; ' ' v ' ' " .v,: •■■■ ■ ' t

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