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PIME EDLES : 1 9 2.6 1 - j " i H- ' If , ; 1 f: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro JACKSON LIBRARY CO 1926 C.2 Gift of Kathryn Butt Smart Class of 1926 UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES Wake! For the Sun behind von Eastern height Has chased the Session oFihe Stars from Nidht; And. to The field of Heov ' n ascending, strikes. The Sultan Turret ith a Shaft of Light. I HUBAtVAT or OUAA mma-VVAm a r 7 " Bkrtir R. Craig Editor-iii-Chicf Nan Jeter Business Manager : ColUt e Colors: White and C,oU ColUfje Flotifr: Daisy Colli-i i- Mollo: " Service. ' College Song W ' f raise our voices; let them swell In a chorus loud and strong; The rdiiini; hills send back the sound ()t our triumphant song. For ill one great unbroken band, With loyal hearts and true, " ' our daughters stand and, hand in hand, Sing, college dear, to nou. Our college days run swiftly by And all too soon we part; Hut in the years that are to come. Deep graven on each iieart. Our motto, " Service, " will remain, And service we will do. And as we serve our hearts will turn, O, college dear, to ou. Dear Alma Mater, strong and great, AVe never shall forget The gratitude we owe to you — A never ending debt : All honor to ()ur name we give. And love v e pledge anew. Unfailing loyaltv we bring. O, college dear, to vou. Pine Needles Twenty-six MMMMW DR. jrUUS I. FOUST President ' :m NcrJhs " sr MR. WAII IK C. JACKSON U r TT ) rs: MRS. SUE STONE DIRAND Dean of H ' omcn Board of Directors Officers A. T. Allex, Slate Supl. of I ' uhlir Instruilinn. rx-nffido PresulenI ' ;ike County A. J. Conner, Si-crrlary Northhampton County E. J. FORNEV, Tri-asunr Guilford County Mrs. V. T. Bost Raleifih, N. C. C. H. Meb.we Catawba County J. D. MlRPHV Buncombe County J. I.. Nelson Caldwell County Joe Rosenthal Wayne County Mrs. J. A. Brown Columbus County Miss Easdale Shaw Richmond County Junius D. Grimes Beaufort County Administrative Officers Julius I. Foust, LL.D FrrsiJint Walter Cllnton Jackson, B.S. . . I ' iii-Pr,sid,nl and Chairman of llic Fatuity of Soda! Sciences William C. S.mith, L.H.D Dean of the Collei e of Liberal Arts and Sciences John H. Cook, Ph.D. . . . Dean of the School of Education and Director of the Summer Session Wade R. Brown, Mus.D Dean of the School of Music Blanche E. Schaffer, M.A Dean of the School of Home Bionomics Mrs. Elias J. Durand, M.A Dean of Students WiNFiELD S. BARNEY; Ph.D Chairman of the Faculty of Lanijuaijes and literature John Paul Givler, Ph.B., M.. ' . . . . Chairman of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science Virginia Ragsdale, Ph.D Cabinet Member from the Faculty at Large Gertrude W. Mendenhall, B.S Cabinet Member from the Faculty at Large E. J. Forney Treasurer Anna M. Gove, M.D Physician Laura H. Coit Secretary of the College Mary Tam-or Moore Registrar Charles B. Shaw, M.A Librarian W. H. Livers, M.A liusiness Manager and Director of Extension Division Pine Needles ' 3 m Faculty Grace Albright MvRA Albright Marie Andrews Mary Ruth Ancle A. M. Arneit Leland L. Atwoou VV. S. Barney Elva E. Barrow Benjamin S. Bates L. E. Blauch Viola Boodie Miriam Bonner EiHEL Boozer Anne Bourquin EsTELLE Boyd Mary Brannock FoRMAN G. Brown Wade R. Brown Alice E. Bickner Clara B. Byrd O. P. Clutts Inez Coldwell Laura H. Coit Mary C. Coleman Ruth M. Coluncs Hope Coolidge Eva J. Cox Ruth Cranston Anne Denison Ethelyn a. Dewey Bessie Doub Bernice E. Draper J. Arthlr Dunn Mrs. Sue Stone Durand Eugenia Eckford Bessie E. Edsall Harriet Elliot Marylyn Emond Sue Ervin Mary Lois Ferrell Mary Fitzgerald Edna A. Forney E. J. Forney Norman B. Foster Julius L Foust Henry H. Fuchs Eleanor P. Furminger Helen Garrett Annie L. Gibson Elizabeth Gibson T. P. GlVI.ER Mildred Gould Ur. Anna M. Gove Helen Greene Mary Green Magnhilde Gullander Harriet CiuLLEDCE Alonzo C. Hall Earl H. Hall Rene Hardre Philip Harrimam Mildred Harris Edith Harwood Ashton Haicher Caroline Helmick Elizabeth Henninger J. A. HlCHSMITll Leonard B. Hurley Helen Incraham VV. C. Jackson Minnie L. Jamison C. D. Johns Glenn R. Johnson Loris M. Johnson Albert A. Keister B. B. Kendrick Dr. a. p. Kephart Anne E. Ketchin Lillian Kii.i.incsworth Constance Kinne Jessie C. Laird Betts ' Aiken Land Vera Largent Augustine LaRochelle Lorna Isabella Lavery W. H. Livers Mary V. Long Elizabeth H. Lvnam Mary C. McCarthy Alice MacKinnon Jessie McLean Ci.ORA McNeill V. V. Martin Katherine Matson Evelyn Mendenhall G. W. Mendenhall Marjorie Mendenhall Robina Mickle John T. Miller Meta Helena Miller Margaret Minnis AiLEiNE R. Minor Mary Taylor Moore Nettie T. Moore Grace VanDyke More Myrla Morris Fred W. Morrison Gladys Nichols Bessie Noves Mildred Paiton Pearl A. Payne Emily Perry MoLLiE Anne Peterson Kathleen E. Pettit Pauline Pettit Mary M. Petty Helen Pickard ' ivA M. Plavfoot Annie L. Pleasants Marjorie Pratt Virginia Ragsdale Helen Robinson Vivian Rogers Abigail E. Rowley Alice Salvan Elizabeth Sampso.n Caroline Schoch Archie D. Shaftesbury Blanche E. Shaffer Anne Shamburcer Charles B. Shaw Margaret Shepard Elizabeih Simkins Dr. William C. Smith Maude Solomon Dorothy Sorenson Sue K ' sle Southwick Etta R. Spier Patty Spruill Agnes Steele Cornelia Strong W. R. Taylor Mary A. Tennant George Thompson Nettie Sue Tillet Miss Jay R. Traver Virginia Trumper George Cnderwood E. McI. Weatherspoon Olive Webb Martha E. Winfield Dorothy Wolff Frances Womble Doris Wright E. Katherine Wright W. T. Wright L. Edwin Yocum Alice M. Zollman ®0 the iHrmurii nf imtrpr anh arnrhrr (£l)artcr iHrmlirr nf tbr Jfarnltq a l Jrofmuuir uf iHatljnuatirH fnr abirtii-fintr llrarn at llir Nnrtl (Caruliua (Cnllrur fur Hlnmni. Alumnae and Former Students ' Association Incorporatea Officers Jane Summerki.i PiisiJittt Fi.ossic Foster Vice-Prisuiint Lalra H. Coit .... Honorary Prtsuient Ci.ara H. Bvrd .... General Seeretary Bu.ARD OF Annie Albright Fleida Johnson Kathrine Robinson Emii.v Austin Pattie Jordan Marv B. M. Sellars Elizabeth Black Haitie Parrott Flossie Harris Sprlill A Message to the Seniors Perhaps by the time these lines are printed you will have taken your last examination, received your last report, paid your last little " balance due, " and be eagerly awaiting the very hour when vou shall receive from the hands of your president the diploma which bears witness for all time to come that you have successfully and honorably, in scholarship and in character, met the rec|uire- ments for a degree from the North Carolina College for Women. I hope that you will a little regret to leave. I hope you will not find it possible to be fully happy at the thought of going. Life has been more or less ordered here. We know fairly well what we have to do and when. More than that, there has been no check on growth, but encour- agement; no blighting of ideals, but nurture. I hope it will hurt a bit to leave all this — to leave the bunch, the majority of whom you will never see again, the campus and the classrooms, the hikes, the parties, the friendly bedroom talks, and the hundred and one other things that make college life. But I shall be glad if you leave with courage, unafraid of the change into the unknown, where life will not be so definitely ordered, where ideals will not be so easy to live up to, where constant adjustments will have to be made between the ideals of college and actual conditions as we meet them in our daily environment. I shall be glad, too, if in looking back over the four years you have spent at your Alma Mater you realize that you have been helped in learning that finest of all fine things — how to live in harmony with other people; how to live in the minds of others so that you can sympathize with them and understand them ; how to work not only " w ith them, but for them and in them. " I shall be more than glad, too, if your Alma Mater in conferring upon you a degree at the same time bequeaths to you a far richer inheritance — a mind unsatisfied, avid for more knowledge, more light, fearlessly open, seeking the truth. We shall want you to come back often as alumnae. Once an " N. C. C. W. girl, " always one, no matter when nor where. Clara B. Bvrd, Alumnae Secretary. Pine Needles Nineteen Tiuenty-six " (iitiiliil ihiis. () jriiiiit ' jj iiiiiw. Let us liti i our little nay. " — wiiiirrKR. 7 have done the state some serviee, an they knoii ' t. SHAKESPEARE. (loni- mil iipin at it Intnh til runt ivtiy frit ml. " AS dike. " There I find personal themes a plenteous store ' — whittier. ' hear a styh ' irn iiilisu slill. " — kmrrsos-. ii SiL- Pine Needh ' s ' en Twenty-six m Colors: Green and White Class of ' 26 Sarah Harrison Mascot Mollo: Be True Class Song Oh, Class of tireen and White, to you We sing our song of praise; May we bring honor to your name. Your baniier all our days. Your other daughters gone before Urge us to work anew, And inspiration leave behind, Oh, Twenty-Six, to you. Cliorus So may we now and in the years Our whole long life-time through, E ' er following our ideal. Remain fnre ' er true. Oh, School, our Alma Mater dear. Led by thy hand may we The service thou hast done for us A part return to thee. For friendships dear we have made here. For joyous work and play. For all that thou hast given us, We give thee thanks today. r1 Senior Class Officers HiinA Wkh Prrsident Nan Jeter lite-PrniJfnt Katherine Burchette Secretary I NAM KiRKMAN Treasurer My Annual •I claim nnt its music, — fach iinte it affords I strike from ynur heart-slriiiKs, that lend me its chords; I know you will listen aiul love to the last, For it trembles ami thrills with the voice of your past. " — Oi ivER Wendei.i. Holmes. Senior Class Ruth Bi.air Adhr A.B. KISCS MOUNTAIN ' , N. C. Dikean; rro.tor 12); lUinii cluli iJ) Ruth may be little- but she is large enough to possess a high degree of quality in sincerity, friendliness, unselfishness, and dependability. For her we predict a life of usefulness and joy- ous service. Marjorii: Aikhx A.B. CKtKOMOOR, N. C. Loyalty to her friends, devotion to her " little sisters, " love of tun, and sparkling brown e es all go to make up Marjorie; withal an earnest student who can readily translate French and Spanish — when she isn ' t too sleepy. M R Kkaxcis Alhrittox A.B. IIOOKERTON ' , . C. m: I ' i...tur, ■24- ' 2r ; rliil.. •2r; E.I • 111. (4). Mary Frances, with her sweetness and solid worth, has coiiie into our hearts to stay — " .Xnd all the king ' s horses and all the king ' s men " can ' t move her away. When we get worried and ex- cited, she is calm and serene. She ' s qui-t, but oh! so much to be admired with her lovable dis- position and winning personality. M R Kliz Alixaxder A.B. HUNTERSVIl.I.E, N. C. Ail.ll.liiaii: E.lii. .itinii c- u ' l ( :. II. She is quiet, reserved, and intelligent. She has a keen sense of duty- and we doubt if the fifth grade has ever had a more conscientious student-teacher. W e feel that these qualities pre- dict a bright future for her in her chosen pro- fession. The best of luck to vou, Marv! Senior Ch Marv Axuerson A.B. GREENSBORO, S. C. i-ornillMn. The sweetTios of her face bespeaks the f;entle- ness of her character. Vou will have to search far and wide before you can find a finer girl than " Our Marv. " Elizahhth Slli.i an .Asmn A.H. MOLNT AIRV, N. C. Ail.liiliiiin; Fnii. h club. ■22--2: . rrii. l..r. ' :;.■,; iHiion ciui., ■::,--2 ' :. v. V. l ' . a.. •23- ' 21--25- ' 2li. Unselfish, lovable, with a disposition that is always the same, a personality that radiates and impresses favorably all those whom she meets — that ' s Lib. Rlb . ' shi; H.S., II. E. vnrniKR, N. c. We shall remembi-r Ruby as one who is sincere and true. She ha a Rentle expression and a kind (li-pipsition. Hard work has no terrors fur her. Ruby is a good sport, always in for fun. 1 ruly, Ruby is a gem. Lnis .Alglsta -Atkinson ' B.S., H.E. KAVETIKVILLE, . C. li|k»;in. c-lMss r. ' iili.- (2): Kn-nrh I ' lul. 1.1. II; llmii. K.onotnics riuh (3. 41: Cli-mi-t n clul. CI. Il; Housi- of It.| t -.sintativi-.s Mi. She is like a mirror — de isjve and absiilui(l frank in the expression of her reaction to everv situation. A compliment from her is the must flattering thing in the world because .ou can feel perfectly certain that il is, like f.ois hci ' -tlt, something genuine. Ch Lucille Faison Aycock A.B. DUNN, N. C. Adelphian; French Club (1. 2. 3); Member of House of Representatives (2); Proctor (2); Vice-President of Class (2); Hockey Squad (3); Education Club HI: Adelphian Society Marshal (41, Are you looking for a good pal, a leader, a fine student, and best of all, a true friend? Well, Lucille meets these requirements and more. Vc cannot say hon we love her or how we shall miss her, but we envy the people to whom she goes. Success is bound to follow her through life. BEATRicn Gladys Baker A.B. WAKEFIELD, N. C. Cornelian: Proctor (2): Classical Club (I. 2). Where can be found such competence and steadiness of character, such wit and depth of intellect as are disclosed in Gladvs ' character? Always her constant good humor and jollit make her the best of companions, while her deep understanding and sincerity make her a friend worth having. Ellex AV ' illlams Baldwin A.B. CHESHIRE, CONN. " Business is the salt of life " and business is " Buddy ' s " long suit. Her ability in this line has a campus-wide rep. She can dispose of anything salable from sandwiches to pet Angora cats. She i) noted, too, for her witty remarks, which are counterbalanced b ' serious purpose and real af- fection for her friends — an affection broad enough, it might be added, to encompass even " Teddy Bears. " Alma Steuart Ball A.B. GREENSBORO, N. C. Cornelian Society: Tr.M-k Team. 25: chemistry Club. ' iS- ' ie; Zoolocy Kleld Club, ■25- ' 2fi. A wirv little rattle-trap with a whole lot to rattle about — that ' s .Mma ! Thoroughly enter- taining, but wholly unassuming, she is one of the best companions that may be found any- where. Senior Class Elizabeth Louse Ballard A.B. CERRO GARDO, . C. Ad.-ll.lli:in; Fi-.-n h I ' .ul. I?.. 4). Dignified ? Apparently so, yet when you come to know her as a friend you find that her wa s are the wav of a comrade. Loyal, dependable, lovable, all this and more— she is a friend and pal at all times. Her sweet disposition has won a place for her in our hearts. " Her ways are true, her conduct blameless, her friendship last- ing. " Ohhella Barker A.B. MILTOS, N. C. Ad.ll.hii.ll. Although Ophelia has been with us only two years, those of us who know her have learned to love her. She is a true friend and a loyal neighbor. " Better than riches or worldly wealth is a heart that is always jolly. " Carlotta Barnes B.S., Public School Music GREENSBORO, N. C. rlub (2. 3, Ad lphlan; Fnlic (1. 2, 3. M; PI: Club (3. 4) Carlotta ' s whole-hearted enthusiasm over mu- sic is equaled only by her enjoyment in telling a humorous story. (That incomparable twin- kle!) Sincere herself, she seeks always the genu- ine. She does not wear her heart on her sleeve, but, capable and sympathetic, she has made inanv friends who have found her ever loyal. Elizabeth Pace Barnes B.S., H.E. V ILSOS, N. C. Cornillan. Wittv, and seemingly care-free, we often won- der if Pace ever really worried about anything. However, these qualities, with her sincerity and attractiveness, make her an excellent friend. We are sure she will make a success of her domestic science course, whether it be in a school or in a home. Senior Class Irene Tl ll B arwick. A.B. AVDEN, N. C. Rt ' pr ' - •lul, (4) (1) Looking for a type? Well, here ' s one for you. Not frivolous nor too serious, but a mixture of vivacity, sincerity and grace. Her loyalty has won for her a host of friends. Irene is trulv an ideal nirl. Margaret Hattle A.B. TARBORO, N. C. ,; I ' o nian she may seem reserved and dignified, Init to those who really know her she means far more than that. Her chief characteristic is a Prince of Wales complex for horses. We pay Maggie the highest compliment when we say she is a good sport and a loyal friend. I ILIA Elizabeth Rlaiaelt A.B. ASHEVILLE, N " . C. Dlkean; FrfShmaii rommi-ssion (1): House or Rpp- re.spntatives (2. 4); Class Representative to An- nual (2): Assistant Editor ol ' Handbook (2): Vi.e- President flass (3); -Carolinian " Reporter (S); As- so.iat.- Editor of " Corjlddi ' - (3); Quill Cluh (3, 4); Younk ' Voters Cuh (3. 4); Edueatlon Club (4): Fa.ultv Student Council (4); President Quill Clul) ■hief of [iddi (4). A fit companion for Peter Pan, with dancing blue eves that belong to one who still believes in fairies. She has an irresistible appeal like that of a child who loves people and trusts them instinctively, and the sweetness and depth which belong to a woman who was made to be loved. GeRTRI DE LOXIXJN RoON ' E A.B. I.OCISBURC. N. C. Adelphian; Fren Eduration Clul. Proetor (4). To extremely abhor the abbreviated form of her name, but at the same time to keep her tem- per — that ' s Gertie. A conscientious worker com- bined with a good sport and a " boone " compan- ion — again it ' s Gertie. She has found a mutual interest in Wake Forest and poetry. The second grade gives her no end of concern, but with the theory of " never take anvthing too seriously " she goes through life. w Senior Ch Eva Hlaxche I5omj A.B. WASHINGTON " , N. C. Ailelphian: Spanish rlub (1. 2. 3, 4); Secretary of Spanish l-luh (4); Classical Club (1. 2); Critic ot Classical Cluh (2); College Choir (4); Educatiun Cluh (4). In Blanche " c fimi a personality that is bound to make and hold for her a host of friends where ' er she may go. Serious? Ves, when the occasion demands it. Ready for a good time? Ves! Studious? Ves, if need be. Always ready to help? Ves. And what more could one wish to have than the combination of these qualities, which make for the best kind of a friend? ' ■l:l. ■ in u A.B. LINCOLNTON, N. C. .A.l.l|,hirin: Pr .h n) A winsome personality plus a happy disposi- tion, and the ability to make a host of friends — that ' s Evelyn! We can truthfully say of her, " The force of her own merit makes her way. " She is ready and willing to tackle any worth- while work. She has already made a noble start in our training school, and we predict for her a successful future. Elizahkth Frknch i.t n B.S., Home Economics MOORESVILLE, N. C. ' hertii: Seldom does one meet a girl like French. Be- hind all of that reserve and indifference lies a character of strength and beauty. She is loyal, dependable, lovable. These (|ualities, plus her sincerity, will make friends for her wherever she may go. Here ' s hoping the winds of fate may carry her far into the land of success and hap- piness. Elsie Bramf. A.B. KEVLV, K. C. Corn.lian: I ' luctor. ■2. " : nflon Cluli, •2i;. An honest-to-good ness, sympathetic friend is Elsie. She is an earnest and conscientious work- er and in spite of her reserve, she is always ready to express her opinion on her future am- bition, that of being an " Ideal Teacher. " With such ambition and zeal, Robinson and I)e should look to their honors. Senior CI h4 ass Sarah Elizabeth Brawley A.B. MOORESVILLE, N. C. Adelpliian-. Converse Cullege. ■2:i- ' 2J; Spanh Eilu Club (4). Hail to the girl from Mooresville! She may appear to be the frivolous t pe, but those who know her have found beneath her mop of yellow hair a heart of gold. She keeps everybody in a good humor, even her professors! Where there is deviltry — there is Sarah; where a kind act has been done — there has been Sarah. Happy- go-lucky mixture of fun and seriousness — here ' s to you. Audrey Allen Brenegar A.B. MOCKSVILLE, N. C. Atlelphian Toaster (2); Athletir C ' abin«t (2); House of Representatives (2); AUelphian Marshal (3); Spanish Club (3); " Pine Needles " Staff (4). Who ' s the blonde? What time Audrey is not " getting her rest " she ' s out and about usually preserving the same gait of speed, but always managing to precede the janitors to Mclver and the cooks to the dining-room. Audrey boasts a peculiar fondness for new words and does not hesitate to spring them on all occasions. Whether her life ' s word shall express itself in the form of a dictionary or master painting ts uncertain. A rare combination is Audrey and an even more rare type of girl. Harriet Brown A.B. WASHINGTON, N. C. (3, 4); rial of Ca ship y. W. (41 A leader who is not a driver, a workman who need feel no shame, a thinker who thinks things through sanely, a sportsman who wins any game; actor, humorist, teacher, philosopher, poet, and friend. Mary Bunn A.B. SPRING HOPE, N. C. Adelphlan Cluh (3) Edu- " The way to have a friend is to be one " — a motto not hard for " Bunny " to practice since she i-i earnest, sincere, substantial, able and blessed with good cheer. So — here ' s to a girl with a heart and smile that make this bubble of life worth while. Senior Class KATHR ' iN BlRCHKTTE A.B. WI.SSTON-SALEM, X. C. DIkean: French Club (2|; rhairman Hut Commit- tee (3); House of Rerresentatives (3); Senior Class Secretary (4). " To know her is to love her. " This can he truly said of Kathryn. She is a girl who is ever ready to do anything for anyone, and do it will- ingly, and what she does is sure to be done right. Ann ' ie Gra Blrrolghs A.B. HEXOERSOV, N. C. Cornelian: Spanish Club (2): Hous.- of Representa- tives (3): Education Club (4). One has to speak of Gray in superlative terms, for h rs is a superlative character. She is first and last an optimist, and between times hers is the fineness of character, the charm of personali- ty, and reasnnability which wins for her numer- ous friends and admirers. Jeter Clarence IK rton A.B. MEBANE, N. C. Adelphlan; Club (1); Fire Lieutenant (3): •Carolinian- Reporter (3); chairman of Budget Commission (4); Education Club (4); A.ssociate Ed- itor of •■Carolinian ' (4); House President (4). Want something different? Here is a rare mixture of brilliance, common sense, and attrac- tiveness. Jeter hails from ' the little town of big opportunities " and we know that she has every reason to be exceedingly Holt-ful of the future. Essie E. Call A.B. MOCKSVILLE, . C. Dikean. fler character is symbolized by her tender ex- pression and soft, fair hair. The philosophv nf her nature is written in her thoughtful, self-sac- rificing actions. Phoiiii ) Ci). Senior Ch Eva Call B.S.M. MOCKSVILLE, N. C. ji- i-luiir Ci, 4); Eilu ■lull (2, 3, 4); Sen A small package of sincerity, earnestness and sweetness, set off with a dash of humor and fun, characterizes Eva. She is preparing to become one of the supervisors of our state- leading po- tential songbirds to develop into larks and thrushes. To the ambitious and determined little girl who strives toward such a goal, ivc predict great success and happiness. RiiBECcA Woods Cameron B.S., H.E. DURHAM, N. C. 1-oniulian; Frpiich I ' luh. ■22- ' :;:;; clu-inistiy Clul.. ■2(1; Home E.ononiks lluh. ■2li. To know Rebecca is to love her. She has a smooth, easy-going manner, always a cheerful disposition. One of her strongest characteristics is a willingness to help others. CoRiNNi; Frances Cannauy A.B. UUNX, N. C. Baseball and 11( (4). iss (2); J ' roetoi- (2); i (3. 4); House et (4); Chairman Cos- tiiT-y or ZooloK.v Cluli With her (|iiiet dignity and sweet disposition this Senior is truly an honor to the class, assur- edly a charming wearer of the white and green. The honors she has received prove her executive ability be ond a doubt. Loi isE Carter A.B. WALLACE, N. C. liikeaii. The kind of a person we want to be with day in and day out, alwa s optimistic, always happy — that is Louise! rn-.cltishness, trustworthiness, and a good nature are her outstanding traits. We have found in Louise a real friend of whose loyalty we feel assured. Senior Class Aleph Casox A.B. WILMINCION, . C. .■uiii.lMii. E.iu.aii..ii ■ lui. i:;. n. " Nothing is impossible to him " ho tries. " Alcph Cason is a proof of this statement, lor she was unwilling to continue teaching without a college degree. Through perseverance, deter- mination and hard work, she has won her degree — and, what is more- the admiratioti of l ' acult and students. E.Mii.v Hearni; C. te B.S., P.E. COLUMBIA, S. C. l u (1. 2. :!. 4 ; Souiir (I. 2 3. i); Basolii II. 2, 3); (.-la.-s 1 (II Steady and clear in her thinking, (|uick aii sure in her plaxing, even balanced and calm i temperament, broad and u-eful in her interest true vet reasonable in her sense of duty, staunc and sincere in her friendships, Emily has wn a name here as one " Who saw life stcadil saw it whole. " Annmi: Lhe Cm . iim() B.S M. FKjl AV SPKINCS, N. C. 2. :;i; l ' hi»in i-lul. CI. 1); K.ln.Mlion ilnl. iL Annie Lee— the possesor of th ise classic curls that have withstood a four years ' siege of the bobbed-hair crime wave. The vcr sweetness of her face and the light in her large, soft e es speak mure for the gentleness of her inanncr than mere words ciuld ever do. M ARjoRiE Liri-; Ch.m ' m.xx A.U. CROISE, . f. i-..rn.-lian;, liotally Clul., •24--2r.; ilvii Marjorie is one of those t|uict, studious girls whom everyone admires. She never negl-cts her ork. is kind h ' -arted, and is ahvavs willing to liiid a hilping hand. She makes it a noicit to snv a kind word or Tcthing about tho e slir meets. Ilere ' wishing you luck, Marjorie. gtsmma Senior Ch Ina Belle Ch.appell B.S., H.E. CANDOR, N. C. Cornelian; Hnnie Kc ononiks Art cluh ( S. 4); rhcm- Istry Club (S. 11. Young Washington said, " Be cheerful ahvays, hut in serious matters, grave. " Ina hrought this spirit right out of the great peach orchards of Candor. W ' e find it prevalent in her, whether in the sewing lah or in 217 Gray — just any place. She ' s a girl that isn ' t fathomed in a min- ute, but in four years we have made a dent and can see that she ' s the girl to meet the situation. Cora Ethel Clark CROSSNORE, N. C. Iiilii ui. cli.niiBtry Cub S, 4). Cora, better known as " Beby " among her friends, is indeed an all-round girl. She is not only capable but splendid and lovable as well. These qualities have won for her countless friends. A truly fine character is Cora, with promise of unlimited success. Katherin ' e Virginia Clixe A.B. HICKORY, K. C. Ailplphian; Fren. h Cluh ( :! ) ; Education I ' luh (41. The same yesterday, to-day, to-morrow, and forever, and we are glad it is so, for Katherine ' s " same " includes sincerity, patience, love, willing- ness, understanding, and ability. Hazel Cocker ham A.B. FLKIN, N. C. ■nrnflian; .S]ianisli Cluh, ■2:l- ' 24 -■2. ' ' .; Krenrh Cluli. Ed ■lul.. If silence is golden, surely we have a treasure in Haiel. She does not air her opinions on all occasions and what ' s more she is a good listener. What is more rare? She is the sort of girl that we all like to know and to have as a friend. The calm, easy way in which she takes life is a source of envy to us all. Ch Lucv Collins A.B. ASHEVILLE, N. C. French Olub. ' 24. aiiil she (. ' ornelian; Education Club. ■25, ' 26; Spanish Club, ' 23. ' 24, ' 25, ■21); Seer,- Spanish Club, 25; President Spanish Club, •2ti. Tall, blonde and slender, that ' s Lucy as appeals to the eye. As to her personality, judge that by the number and sincerity of friends she has made. And talk about shinin this voung lady shines equally «ell, in her • room, in Spanish class, in the sun parlor, there are good reasons for believing that even outshines herself on house parties! Mary Nelle Conxor A.B. CHARLOTTE, K. C. Cornelian; French club (2); Dance Drama C ' ,)- A sunny smile and golden hair, A bit of sun- shine, that ' s Nell. She loves to read and dance, and is always in for a good time. Indeed, she is rather deep and hard to be solved, yet a won- derful girl when you really have found her out, and oh, how well worth your time in finding! DONNIE M.ARIE C(X)PER B.S., P.E. JACKSONVILLE, K. C. Dikean. We shudder to think what we would have done without this shining light of the diamond. No small amount of the class ' baseball fame is the result of her pep and enthusiasm. But the other ways in which she has brought fame to ' 26 are just as great. In fact, here is one splendid unit of our class, representative of many of its phases. Margaret Vann Coheland A.B. ASHOSKIE, K. C. I- ' rench club (2. 3. 41; Pr ' n tor (2, :! » ; iitio •lub HI Petite doesn ' t express Margaret. She ' s more than that. Sweet doesn ' t express her either — she ' s even more than that. But the combination of the two, blended with a goodly amount of old-fashioned horse sense, and a fair amount of philosophy all her own, will produce none other than — Margaret ! Senior CI ass Elizabeth Cowax B.S., H.E. APHX, K. C. roctor (2); Vji ••-House P uh 1 3); Honii- E.oiiomi.s (3); Big brown eyes and conspicuous dimples make one look twice at Elizabeth. Her personality is one that grows with acquaintance, not onl in charm, but in strength ot character. When you know her lovable disposition, her high ideals, and her many capabilities, you can readily see why her classmates and everyone holds her in such iiigii esteem. LoLITA CiRIFFITH CoX B.S., P.E. WILMINGTON-, .V. C. clle " Tee hee! " Lolita has been heard froin! That little giggle has already become one of the class traditions. Many will be the times that we will long to hear it after ' 26 has been scattered over the state. There ' s a profound mystery about her — how on earth dit! she ever manage to get through this last year without Charlotta? Marii; J()si:i hin ' r Coxe " b.S., H.E. REO SPKINXS, N. C. Cornelian; Floia Ma. ilonaKI Colli-ue ID: Spanisli ■lul. 4); H We have found Marie loyal, sincere, sympa- thetic, artistic, optimistic, sweet and kind — the same yesterday, to-day and to-morrow. We are proud to call her classmate, and know success and a host of friends will always be hers in the future. Bertie Ratliife Craig A.B. RFIDSVILLE, -. C. ill And here is a girl! For the rumored fast- disappearing combination of brains and good looks- see Bertie. True vit, versatility, ambition, independence, capabilit -, and sincerity — all moulded into one. .Athletic and literary, — again an infrequent combinaiifni. She possesses an un- usually striking personality with all its implica- tions. For a typicallv typical Southern girl, see Bertie. I ' i ' i ' 1 ' " ' I ' llu ' . a ' : Cr liege c ' luh ■holr .1, ) n Q 1 II » i.iiiiM 1 Halii|li. 1 . M : 1 luh lass ( 3 ) : T i-iiti. n.astni |3); (S). ■•.■,,r,,,|,li- St. ir (?.i Kill OV Needl.s- 14). )enior CI ass An ' nii; Si ' rin ' klk Croich A.B. MAVODAN " , N. C. 1 lik. ;in. The best is not gnncl enoiiKh to say about An- nie. She is intellectual and a fond lover of the beautiful — in poetry, music, and art. She is diligent, persevering in all that she undertakes, and capable of anv trust. True, sincere, unself- ish, lovable and loyal. Talll James Cri mlev A.B. CHARLOTTE, X. C. 1 Cluli (1. ational Rt-l.ii 4); . ' Spanish ( OIul) CI, ■)); Pi Tallu ' s sweet disposition and friendly manner have von for her many friends. She is a dear, kind, gentle girl — always the same. Besides her charming personality, she is studious and ambi- tious. We are sure that the doors of success are open before her. Chrfstixa Crystal Clrtls A.B. ASIIEVII.I.E, v. C. Adflphian: French Cluli (1. 2); Proctor (.1); Eilii- latlon Club (3. 4): Uelation.s clul. (3. 4): .Secretarv of International Rflatlcin.s riuli (1). Christina is known to be one of the shining stars among us. She has that native brilliance which is spontaneous and overflowing. Her friend iness, sincerity, and good sense of humor have endeared her to all our hearts. She iv a girl whose friendship is of supreme value. Ci.AR J MF.Si; I) All. A.B. EnEMON, K. C. |.ike:iii; |-|.n.h I ' lul, 111; Pro. tor (?,i. Her air, her manners, all who saw admired. Courteous, though coy ; and gentle, though re- tiring; the joy and health in her eyes displaved, and ease of heart her every look conveved. Senior Ch : i: ?fi- Vexice Davenport A.B. SANFORI), N ' . C. Corn.-lian; S|i:iiiish Cluli. ' 24- ' 2ri- ' 2i;: Fr.n. li cluli. ■•j::- ' 24: Eilu.;iti. n I ' lub. ' 25. " Who is ' enicc, vhat is she? " — Indeed, so many things clamor to be said that our space is far too limited. In her we find good sportsman- ship, an iMU]sualI ' Ninning personalit , and one ei|ually as attractive in person. A clever and tiiscriminating girl is she, ever on the " |ui ' ive, " whose friendship is aUva s true and sincere. In liort, she possesses that " illusive, intangible, in- definable qualit ' — charm. " I AXi: Violet Dwtdsox A.B. MnORKSVII.I.K, X. C. cluli •liil Vi. Jane — an unassuming name for a girl of ex- ceptional aliilit . Initiative, good nature, gen- erositv, a clear mind and much ingenuity are her gifts. Martha Neai. Deaton A.B. STATKSVILI.F, X. C. c-.inii-linn; ColU-i;.- Clioru.-; (1); PrdCtor (1. 2, 3); Vi.-.-Housf President (1): Y. W. C. A. Caliinet (1); Vice-President Cornelian Societ.v (3): Cornelian Marshal (4); Toaster at Junior-Senior Banquet (3). To every gir! on the campus " Skinny " Deaton is a synonym for congeniality. Her endless amount of enthusiasm, her witty remarks, and her ability to entertain and enliven the bluest crowd, combined with frankness and a keen sense of loyalty and sincerity, certainly bespeak a unique personality. Mar - Moore Deatox B.S., P.E. MnnRRSVII.I.F, N c. BasUethall Team (2. 3); Track Te (2): " U «1 fb.i«ev Team (.■!, 4); Baseball Squad (3 ; Son Team (t): Class . e.r.tary (3): A. . . Trea.surer (31: ■•Carolinian " Keiiorl-r (3): President of Phys- ical E.l. Ma.iors (3): A. A. Secretary (4); House rresid.-nt (11: French cluli (2); Eduralion Club (41. Impulsive and lovable with a glowing vitality that leaves vou breathless, and a spontaneous jin in life that is irresistible. Senior Class WiLLit Di:li,ingi R U.S., H.E. WlLMlNtnON, N. C. Conii-liMn; Clii.mistry I ' liil. i;:. 4i; ILiUc K. ,,i...i]i:. s An riuh (3, 4); Krluiiillull ilul. (U. Bill — a sincere, appealing, anil uiui ual Senior! She is triendlv, s nipathetic and good natiired. This is why everMHie can find a triend in her. We wish for ■ ' Hill " a life hllid with sunshine and jov. Frances W ' atsox DickinSdn U.S., H.E. GREENVILLE, N. C. Dlk. :in; ■ Cliti.- (1 ); Fr.11.1. c-1 istr ciu (2. 3); Ho. If Ei-i ' iioiiii ' Hou " f ul lii present Jit iv •.s (2. -J): A.I agir Pla likers (-1): Vi ■e-Presidunl (4). Not at all affectionate, nor yet inditTerent, she strikes a happy medium. Never in the lime- light, but ever willing to donate her intrinsic worth to any cause. Although it is with a pang of regret now that she leaves us, we could not wish to delav that predicted bright future. Ar- tisticallv inclined and unusuall sincere — t- ' ran- M Ri [ i)i ISI-: Ui.xox A.B. TRKNION, . C. Cornelian: flassi.Ml iMul.. •22--23; clul.. •22- ' 2:i- ' 2r.. There are luit lew who know the treasures hidden in Louise. In all her actions she is se- rious, provident and wise. Whatever she aims to accomplish, she never misses her goal, ytiu may depend upon it. A faithful student she is. Her ways are true and noble; her friendship lasting. MiRlV.M KlI.I ' .ATRICK DdHI ' .INS A.B. KL rilKKIOKnTdS ' , s. c. Ad. Ililiiali: Kilueatiuii i lub (I). ■ By lor)king at her ynu wnuld never suspect that this i|uiet, ipiaint sort of a girl possesses rare, biting wit and cleverness that is most in- teresting. Her carefully worked out philosophy is saved from bitterness bv her fine .sense of humour and her love of the beautiful. Senior CI ass M.ARV 1Ii:li:ni; (iRiiiix A.B. (Summer School) COLDSBOKO, N. C. Adi ' ll hian; l ■umspundiiit ' Si-iictalv of Ail.liiliiali SoLkiy (oj; Llunusuy Liulj la. 4j. Tall and lithe, with a saucy toss of her dark head, a twiiiKie in her brown eyes, and a char- acteristic swish — is Heiene. Serious and even deep at times, merry and mischievous at others, she wears her (hashing promise and indiffercni- ] regards the present as a stepping stone to other things. Lli ahuth CiRoss,max A.B. SPENCER, .V. C. Ill CI. 4): a (1 llikiiiK LuaiU ( 1); Hair that has caught sunshine in its meshes; grey eyes that dance gladsomely to-day, perhaps, with a spark of their yesterday ' s restlessness still in their depths; a lover ' s heart that is shared with all the lovers in the world; high ideals and nohle ambitions along with good common sense — this is " ' ray. " Hes.S (jLII.KORD A.B. AURORA, N-. C. A.lcli.h lv uf i:.|ii A better friend than Bess could not be found. Vc look for her in time of joy and of trouble and she never fails us. She has the respect of both faculty and students, attested by the fact that she majors in math. May her life be full of smiles. S.XRAH El.lZARETH (lULLEV A.B. GREENVILLE, K. C. IMu 1 U); H). I ' ; Have you noticed that Senior with the sure ' nough curly hair? Vcs, " Miss Ditch. " No, she isn ' t our Senior flapper, but a person who has a good time, and yet knows how to work. A Senior who can dance, write, study, read the deepest of books, and then end the day with a date. For conversation with this fair lady, you should be interested in Cornell, like mountain- eers, and ahvavs crave " Sweet Williams. " Senior Ch Elizabhth Elliott A.B. EDENTON, X. C. In Elizabeth you find that delightful ininglinK of sunnv -hearted irrevpon ibility in fun and of deep earnestness in work and friendship — she can be dignified and poised hen the occasion demands, but when it doesn ' t she is a jolly good sport. RlTH ExOLLSH A.B. ASHEVILLE, X. C. irncan. " Jennie Ruth, " in all her innocent sweetness and simplicity of manner, not only has won our hearts, hut has added her charm and loveliness to make up the best that is in our college. Here ' s wishing for her the best o ' luck! EsTHi-R Llah Ei ' STHIX A.B. COLnSBORO, X. c. I Ian; Seiretary of Class (1); : tativi ' . ' J (l, S): C ' orrMpoiHliiis- .Si 12); Viic-Hruse President (3) (4): Adv Educatior ■rtirtiiiK Mana Club (3, 4). Seriously dignified one moment, happy to the point of hilarity the next — Ksthcr Leah goes from one extreme to the other. Vou can ' t stay blue under the influence of her contagious, jomius laugh; nor can ou remain fearful for the result of any enlcrtaiiuncnt in which she has a hand. LOLISL Er ix B.S., P.E. RICHLAXDS, X. C. lul, ( 1] Here ' s another of the " good ole standbvs " of ' 26. Ever since her freshman year, Louise has taken an active part in campus affairs. She is a good sport and a good friend under any circum- stance. The fineness of her character makes us proud that she belongs to Creeii and White. Senior Ch Eva Lind Elre B.S., H.E. NORLINA, N. C. Such a charming and nindest personality, as is Eva ' s, is as beautiful as it is rare. She has that individual charm which attracts everynne «ith " hom she comes in contact. Her sinceritv, un- selfishness and reliability have won for her many friends. El.lZ.ARETH F.AIRCLOTH A.B. CLINTON ' , N " . C. Everyone hails her as " Cousin Liz. " In this little bit of a pirl we find a pal, a sport, and a thor()uj hI attractive K ' rl. She is a combina- tion of indifference and charm, but indifferent as she appears to be, you can find no better friend. Ruth ALahelixe F.anking A.B. ASHEVILLE, N. C. Adclphlan; .«;ranish cluli (2. ?.. 1l. Her friends will testify that she is loyal, genu- ine and attractive. Her grades will testify that she is a splendid student. , survivor of Fresh- man math and now a major! But trust Ruth to carry on, for she has perseverance and is per- fectly capable of ordering a highly successful future. RiTH Hester F.arlow A.B. CREKNSBORO, N. C. Sl):i (2. Ruth is a girl who docs her work conscien- tiously, treats her friends squarely, and goes on her way smiling. .Although she has been a town student for two years, Ruth has won her place among us and we hate to give her up. We know success will follow her always. Senior Ch Ella Belle Farmer B.A. SALISBURY, N. C. Adi-lphian; EUuiMlicm ilul, ( 1 i. " Rip, Ray " for Eula Btlle! Always happy and always ready to help someone. We all love you and we extend to you our heartiest good wishes, hoping that in the future you will bring as much happiness to others as you have to us. Sl e Feagan A.B. COLUMBUS, .V. C. liikeun; Edu. ation Clulj (4). Here vi a girl who possesses a pleasing mix- ture of vivacity, wit and charm. Her favorite pastime is talking, — and we like to hear her talk. Blue Mondays do not trouble her, but she ' d crown ou with any convenient object if you were to hint that she was a Pollyanna. Her optimism is the right kind. LlLLLAN (iRE FeTTER B.S.M. GREENSBORO, N. C. Alethelan: Vi.-e-President of Class (1); Y. W. C. A. faljinet (2); Charter Member Altthelall Societv (1): Secretary of Aletheian Soriety (2); follege Chorus (J. 2. ». 4); -Secretary College Chorus (3|; German C ul. (1. 2); Marshal 3), Prcrtoi C!); Junior-Senior Toastmlstress (3). An unusual girl is Grey. She is interesting — perhaps because she is not afraid to expres-, her own ideas, yet subtle enough to make you want to learn more about her. It is a rare thing to find such perfect frankness combined with a charming personality. Lala May Fields A.B. PLEASAST GARDEN, K. C. May is one of those dependable girls %ho i always " Johnny-onthe-spot " when there ' s an oi- casion for work or plav. Her good inflncrue has been rightly used, when we think of her nu- merous efforts at evening watch and various oth- er religious activities. Friendly, cheerful, and studious is Vlay. Senior Class Ora Estelle Fixch B.S., H.E. BAILEV, N. C. ■licniistry club (.T. i); Ilonii I ' tt know Ora intimately, to recognize her am- liilion and enthusiasm, never detracts from oiie ' s lirsl impression — that of steady charm and re- served dignity. One may find her tactfully mis- chievous at times, but this further proves her personalitv and gives added vim to those around her. Mar- ' Katharine Fisher A.B. SALISBURY, V. C. IMk.nn; I ' lct,,]-, ■2. " .; lias.-liall, ' 2 1 nignitieil, fun loving, keenly enjoying a crowd, and ahvays considerate of others, but not one to be trampled upon. Mar Katharine is good at e ' er thing from music to the calculus. She tloesn ' t advertise, ut those of us who know her are proud to be lier friends. Mary Alici; Fowler H.S.M. GREEN ' SBOKO, N ' . C. I ' h.K-iiix I ' lul, (2. ::. li; I ' ,, " (Jirls, have you — " and we know that Mary . " Mice is coming. It is she who has proved to be " a friend o ' man. " The phrase stamps only a part of her personality, but an important part. In a serious and philosophical mood? Go to Mary Alice. Jolly and humorous? Then go to Marv Alice. Sarah )oROTH • Franklin B.S., H.E. WASHINGTON-, D. C. Al. ' lli. ' ian; lloiii.. rc. .inoniics Art r ' luh. ■2r,--2i;. Sarah has been vith us only two years, but in those two she has become one of the most popular and best loved girls on the campus. We don ' t know exactly what she will do when she leaves, — and we hardly think that she knows, — hut one thing we are sure of: whatever she does- she will do whole-heartedly and well. Senior Class Frances Garxhr A.B. WAVNESVILLE, X. C. liikeiin; fluilford Cull.t;.- (1); l- ' r,-nili I ' lul. c;. ■:.); Beneath an exterior of quiet reserve the ahilitv to succeed where others tail, the power of min- ute discrimination, and a deep understanding of human nature arc united in a student and a lover of life and its complexities. Marv Gary A.B. SPENCER, X. C. Sweetness and charm characterize her. Who could see those deep blue eyes and rosy lips and not he fascinated? These charms and qualities have endeared Mary to the hearts of all her classmates. And if she continues to have a good disposition, and to be sweet and unaffected, we are sure she will succeed. Elizabeth Carro va - Gaskin ' s A.B. GREENVILLE, N. C. Dikean; Proctor (21; Vicc-Presldpnt of Class (2): French chili (1. 2. 3); Education Clul. (.1. 4)- Toa.ster Juuior-.s.ninr Banquet (3); Marshal (4); Senate (4»; l»an.e Tii-ama (3). " Lib " is another one of our Eastern Stars. She has starred in her courses, in her good looks, and in her ability to win friends. This star has not only shone on campus but has cast its ravs around so that many an admirer of the opposite sex would be forced to say that little piece of " I wish I may. " Lalra Beth (ja i, )r A.B. MAGNOLIA, N. C. nelian: " lass naBketball : Rafiel.all T.-am (2 : Hiklni- Leader (2. 4l: W ' ar»-r of N. C. c. Cl.-l In Laura Beth we find the truest of friends, a warm heart, a good report, and a smile for every- one. She has achieved much during her three years here — as a campus hiking leader, as a stu- dent, and as an athlete. .And in addition to these things we certainly wnuld say that she has no trouble ruling the hearts of men, judging from the niarn evidences which come by " wire, " li " plane, " and in ' ' person. " )enior CI ass Elizabeth Cecelia Geiger B.S.M. CHARLOTTE, N. C. A.l. Ii.luaii. CulleBe Choir (I, 2. 3, 4); Vk-e-Presi- ,1.1,1 . ,,ll, M ( ' hoir (4); Phoenix I ' lub (2. 3, 4); h. !•[. si.l.iit Phoenix Club (4); O.rman Club (3. II,,t.un Club 14); Vice-House President (3). As a good recipe for general use every day in the year, use a head of reddish gold hair, inuslcal hands, feet, and voice, a full portion of earnt st and unconscious flattery, a foundation of self-depreciation, an abundance of sensitiveness, and season generously with giggles over every occurrence of life. Or, in other words, " Lib. " Ann.4 Lee Gentry B.S.M. SOUTH BOSTON, VA. AletheUin; Y. W. C. A. Choir (1); HouSe of Repre- sentatives 2); Proetor (2); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (21; Vice-President Aletheian Sorietv (3); College Choir (3, 4); College Orchestra (3. 41, Marshal (4); Aletheian Charter Member. Enthusiasm is the keynote of Anna Lee ' s char- acter, whether she is working for societ ' , stud - ing, or playing the role of saleslady — we have known and admired her man ' good qualities, but it was only recently that we discovered her re- markable business ability. LlI.I.lAX (iHOI.SdX B.S., Public School Music GOLDSBORO, N. C. ■lull Nlr Phoenix Olrl PI a jiliMlli ; There can be but one " Billie " on the campus, and she is one of the most capable, lovable, and attractive girls we know. Her mass of curls crowns a head full of originalitv, making her the unusual combination of beauty and brains, whom one is proud to call " fri.end. " Mary Ruby Gibson A.B. LAIRINBURC, N. C. 2, 3, 4); Education Club Gentle, sweet, sympathetic, a dash of humor — these are the characteristics of Ruby, which give her a quiet charm and a friendly spirit. Then, I like her lovely clothes, her glorious auburn hair — don ' t let her know I told vou its color; she thinks it ' s red — and her gay little giggle. Senior CI nehi ass Florence Claire CjIllev A.B. SPRAV, N. C. (2); Kienc h I ' lul. i Spi ah Club (2, 3); Edu And H ' ho is this merry sprite who friilits so blithely through a trying world? ' Tis Claire, the joyous pal of our dreams. Here is the spirit of L ' Allegro. Surely the world will be a hit happier and a bit more b -autiful because she has lived in it. Janie Gold Gooch A.B. CHAPFl, HILL, X. C. Ertu House or Rpprps Proitor (21; Vlft riuh a. 4). ellt (3) If you do not have the opportunity to know this dignified young lady, ou will fail to love one of the most loyal friends a girl can ha e, because it is impossible to know her without appreciating those ideals for which she stands. Success shall surely be hers. S.ARA Lee (joode A.B. BLACKSBLRG, S. C. Cor (2) nellan; Proit Davenport CoMckc (U; Spu or (4): Zoology Field Club (4) Sara Lee ' s the sort of girl you like to have around when ynn are in trouble or in desperate need of aid. there ' s about her, too, a certain reserve and dignity which commands one ' s at- tention and respect. Then, added to this is an inclination toward things literary. What more could you ask ? EniTH Adele (toodwix A.B. MORCANTOX, N. C. Cornelian. On hestra. ' 23: Prortor. ' 24; ■•Cr.iild ' ' Staff. ■24; (Jerman club, ■2. ' ;; Ch.niistrv I ' lul.. 2. ' )- ■26; ZoOloK.v Field I ' luh. •2. ' -i--2i;; V. V. c, A. c.ibi- net. ■2ii. The Future speaks: " light in our eyes says, ' Years! ' ears! ' rhere grows more reason in your tears. There grows more pity in your smile. Dreams beset you and beguile. " I ' hc Present Speaks: " How dull it were to pause, to make an end To ru ' -t uiiburnished, not In shine in use! As though to breathe were life! Life piled on life! Were all too little " Senior C i Marion M. Cjorha.m B.S., H.E. TARBOKO, N. C. Diki-iiu; Oliunsbolo Col dL-nt A. H. Shaw (2); ! Kepresuntatives (3); Ci Dikean Societv (3); Ch E.-onomli-B Cluh (3, 4); Club (3. -1); Marshal (4). " She ' s a good old girl. " How often and how truly has this been said of Marion. Her vni- pathy and charm have won for her many friends. She has ability in lines other than winning friends, vhich, with her enthusiasm, will carrv her far in her career, whether it be teaching or home-making. KaTHIERIXE (jRANTHAM A.B. GREENSBORO, N. C. (1. I lassiial Cluh (1. 21 : Katherine is brilliant, keenly satirical, intol- erant of shibboleths and of complacency, and in- teresting for her own unusual personality. No idea, no person is too sacred or too little for her laughter. She is an earnest lover of all beauty in nature, pnetr ' and art — a friend to Ht one ' s every need. MAR ' i ' Alice Gr.-vy A.B. CARV, . C. Acli ' lphiah; Cluh (2. 3. 4 1. Beneath a certain quietness and reserve there lurks fine qualities; a friendly heart which warms to those who care; a generous spirit which would share its best; a diligence at work which all admire; and more, there ' s fun you like to sec. P ' raxces Vail Gra - B.S., P.E. WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N ' . C. HiKki imir Vail ' s reputation at college rots upon the ac- tive part she has taken in athletics. Proficient in all, she excels in swimming, establishing the rep of the best fish on campus. Though small of stature, Vail possesses that tenacity of pur- pose that commands respect and makes for suc- cess. The outstanding elements of the personali- ty that has made her popular on campus are a commanding spirit tempered by an irresistible sweetness and lovableness, u w Senior Ch Lalra LocKWoon Dry A.B. ALBEMARLE, N ' . C. A girl whose quality is unmistakable; a girl vhose character is genuine; a girl whose per- nnality is lovable — Laura is all this ami more. K. THLi;i£x Holt Dyer A.B. SALISBURY, K. C. : I ) ; B ' Kiincsentiitivi-.s (2, 3): F il.v Tra.k T.ani (3); Vi. 1u. ati(.u -|ul. { I). Not the same yesterday, to-day or to-morrow — just a wee bit moody. There is none better than old Kathleen. Even thmigh small of stat- ure, she possesses a big heart, a keen sense of duty and a broad understanding. A most un- usual girl, doing and sa irig the most unusual lliirigs. M. Ri)i;ci. K. ki;r A.B. BESSEMER Cin ' , . c. Adiliiliian; Eli.n i ' ,,ii,k,- n I. Ilcr ' s is an understanding soul; a quiet, serene soul, intent of purpose, and overflowing with sympathy and tolerance. ' Decia is an unusual girl, but even her artistic and poetic temperarncnl does not prevent her fnJin being the dearest friend one would wish to have. A LiiNi; ELiZAninn Knw ards A.B. RUlHERfORDTOX, . . C. . .l..||.hi;ui: llor-kiy Si|llad f 1 » ; I1„.K.a T.ani ( L ' II; Tra ll T.arii |2); I ' I ' lul. ill; I ' ■ ■Inl. 12. :i, ll; IMii.ati.m cjul, ( I i. (iuided b the highest ideals, Ayleiie u.uks hard, pla s li;ird and strives for perleilion In whatever she undertakes. A keen, alert iniiid. strong body and a burning ambition ;ire her tools. The foundations are well laid, the (om- pleted edifice promises to be a thing of beaut , strength, wonder. Senior CI ass DoRoTHv Chai ' I ' lk Hale A.B. WINTON, N. C. i-cirri.lian: I ' l I ' riul, " To know her is to love her " truly applies to Dot, for you love her at first sight. Vou cannot be around her long without catching some of the merry winsomeness and vivacious wit that constitutes her charm. But behiiid this gaiety there is a profound seriousness which she tries to hide, except on rare occasions. If there be laith in wishes, we say — Long Live Dot. Kati; Hall A.B. ASHEVILLE, .V. C. Aletheian; .■ s.sistant Editor " Coraddi " (2. 4); Y. V. C. A. Cahliift (2): Secretary Student Govern- ment (3); Student Coach of Playltkers (4); Char- ter Member of .Aletheian Society; Editor of College Handbook (4): Quill Club (3, 4). Any attempt to do her justice is mockery. MarGARI ' T (iRA S()X HaLVHL ' RTON A.B. CAM ON " , . C. liiUcaTl; Frcn. li Clul. ( :! I : Club (31. Eil- u. Mli.iTl Clul, III. With a resolute and dependable nature based on a groundwork of assurance, Margaret never allows trivialities to prevent her from carrying out her policies. . ' s a friend she is indispensable, for she is one of the rarest of creatures, a sym- pathetic listener, as she listens her whimsical and clever comments cheer us in our moments of despondency and amuse us in times of lighter moods. GwEN ' DOL ' iX Ha.MI ' TOX A.B. LEAKSVILLE, N. C. cnin.lian; Class Hockey Team (1, 2. 3, 41; Captain Ihi.u.y Team 13. 41; Varsity Hockey Team (li); I ' ,. 11. .. Hockey Leader (4); Class Track Team (2); c|,,, . .Soccer Team (41; French Cluh (2); Interna- lional delations (3. 4); Fire Lieutenant (3); Vice- House President (4 1. It ' s an old refrain, and just as true as it ' s old; " True friends are rare. ' ' Gwen, ho vever, is a rare girl, and anyone who knows her knows what her friendship means. Her sincerity, loyal- ty, and practical comnidn sense, along with her exceptional ability to cope with almost any situ- ation, make her a combination both admirable and enviable. Senior Ch Sai.i.h: Iuizllk Harrington ' B.S., H.E. MARIETTA, N. C. Adelphian. Fr •Ill h Clul. (2. :l. i : Honu. r .nnomir Club (3, 4); ' iHinistiy ■luh c:i. 4); Bas l.all l? Proc-tor (4). A true and steady frieiul is Sallie, vho always brings sunshine with her. She ' s serious, yet full of fun, and always generous, whole-hearted and sincere. We depend upon her on the baseball field and admire her ability in history, cheniistr , and Home Economics. No wonder that " We ' ll always welcome back our Sallie. " EIlise Harrison A.B. RICH SOl ' ARE, N ' . C. Adeli.hiaii, Club I :!. 41; . ' iraiilsli Clul. C ' ., ij; Eduralioii Clul. (4). If I were a scientist, I ' d analyze " Harry. " H I were a poet, I ' d be inspired. If I were but human, I ' d lo e her, and — being only too hu- man — I confess my weakness. What more won- derful can be trulv said than to be loved b all — " Harry " is! Fran ' chs Harrison B.S.M. GREENSBORO, . C. Dikean; Senate (1 Trt- Leade •oll.g ub ( 1): 1 (4). (2) (1. ColltKe Choir (1. 2. ; Phoenix Club (2, (2); Class Pre.slden 4): T.,asti.r Junior- Frances excels in so many good iualities ihat it is hard to estimate what her contribution to the world will be. We would not be surprised, however, if she should win for herself great fame in the line of iniisic. Her place in our class is uniijue and could be held by none other. He- sidfs all this, she is a girl anyone would want as a friend. Margaret Lki; Hartsii.i. B.S.M. ;ref. s80ro, n. c. Advlphlan: (3. 4): Ph. (1. 3. 4): I ' l lub (2. S. 4); Vic tor (:i). What plans are formulating back i dark e es for conquering of the world they exist, we know. Whatever thev : cess is hers, for one with Margaret ' s ( destined to overcome obstacles. Add t readiness to smile, her eagerness to w ran onh wish for her the success we hers. thos Tha Senior CI ass Lot isE Hudson- H. vari) A.B. WELDON, N. C. iin; Pn-li.A Cluh (1. 2, :i. II ; .S|,all (3); es (-1): Vire-Hou Aili ' lipliUin Koclety (4). Ci I ; 1 1 L (4); When you want something done — ask " Lou. " Her small head is full of uni ' |ue ideas and her enthusiasm just makes things go. She has a per- sonality which has won for her many friends, for besides lieing lovable, she is " True to her- 1 her friends, true to her duty al- self, true t ' wavs. " JOHNNIE Hnil.IG A.B. SALISBURY, N. C. (1): House of IlHpr shn ( 1 ) ; Fi- nn is ■nt (2); Proelor (2); studint Ciiptain (2): Pitaider ) : Viec-President Y. ■lul Society; Chiss Alumnae Ciirii- t (.■!); Edu.a- V. C. A. HI. Who is the most influential girl on the cam- pus. - " Everyone answers, " Johnnie Ileilig. " We all know Johnnie to be sweet-tempered, good- natured and always cheerful and gay. In de- veloping her mind she has developed fine traits of character that have made many friends for her. If she continues to be as influential and as ambitious as she is now, she will be a won- derful woman. Annii; Smith Hhndi-rson U.S., H.E. MAVSVILLE, K. C. Clul. (I 1. He Ee . rl Cluh " Still water runs deep. " Well, Smithy is never still. The reason is, she is so busy cheer- ing others that she can ' t be still. Through her charming personality she has won countless friends who admire her for her keen mind and noble ideals. JoHN.siE Henry B.S., p.E. ROCKINGHAM, N. C. Tike Ho ■key Te Baskelliall (2. 3. II (I. ■t): (I, Tiea 4 ) : Var.- Varsity (3. V (2, 3); ColU-Ke ' resident A. A. (3) ; er Team (4); Edu irslty (31 aek Tean (2): Cla.s C-luli (3): S. I-. C. (3. 4); S.I (4); House Preside Who knows whether it was her consideration for others, her thoughtfulness of the little as well as the big things, her fine spirit of sportsman- ship, or the sum total of all these, which has won for her the host of friends which she pos- sesses? But in some ua she has won them and has kept them, for e en body who knows John- sie is her friend. Senior Class RlTH HlAR ' i A.B. NORTH WILKESBORf), NT. C. " To be rather than to seem tcj he " is Ruth ' s motto, for which we respect her. Quiet, suming, but ever ready with a cheerful woril or a gay bit of humor, she has found for herself a place in the hearts of her friends. SvRnxA Ei.i.nTT High A.B. WHITF.VILLE, X. C. Fn-nrh Club (2); Spanish r- (2): EiluiMli " lliiust- i.r RHpri-sein 41. " Si " High — her name implies a lot and she is: high ideals, high spirits, high aims, high ambitions. A lovable person this — tn her convictions, herself, and her friends. RfTH HlNN.AN ' T A.B. KEXLI ' , X. C. Pro.tor (2); Frcnih flul. (21; Eilu. a- tlon Mul. (■■ ' .. At. Kind friend, if you can pigeon-hole this girl I ' d like to see you do it! Being her friend fur four years has made her none the less a mystery to me. Philosophizing one minute, and in the next laughing at our own attempts at serious- ness, she remains to me, the Unexpected, per- sonified. Mar Ann ' a HoRliS B.S. CMXTOV, X. C. AilHiphlan; rhiinlutry Hoini- Economifs Art i ' dull (3. 4). Mary Anna is like unto herself alone. W ' r have never known any one like her, and proba- bly never shall again. Cheerful, industrious, broad-minded, and big-hearted — that ' s M.Tr Anna. I ' lie more ou know her the better miu like her. which is the best thing that can be said of any one. Adieu, Mary Anna, et bon chance! Senior Ch Marjorie Jane Hood A.B. CHARLOITE, N. C. (2); Edu - :-|ub (4); Marjorie is a true campus friend; loved and admired b students. She knows how to follow, and, best of all, how to sympathize with her friends. Marjorie will always be loved any- where the goes. Edith Aleime Hopkins A.B. WILMINGTON, N. C. ); Malshal (3) jnih Club (1. ion (3. 4). House 2. 3. 4) Alethelan Society; Ale- of Representatives (2. ; Classical Club (1. 2); If you want to " parlez-vous " in French or English, and be charmed, see Aleine. Though she is one of our most reserved seniors, she is a girl worth knowing. Back of this reservedness we find a girl who is a champion Charlestoner, a top scorer in grades and an expert in the planning of one ' s future. LvDii: Pierce Hortox B.S., H.E. CRtENSBORO, N. C. We are proud to call her our own! She has done in three years what many of us think is almost impossible to do in four or five — captured a sheepskin. Here ' s the best of luck to you! Margaret Green Hudson A.B. WELDON, N. C. Cornelian; Huuiie I ' lesiilent 4): Y. W. C. A. Repre- sentative-at-Large (41; College choir (3. 4); Young Voters Club (3. 4); Education Club 13. 4); Spanish Club (3. 4); French Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Associate Editor of •Coraddl ' (4). Margaret has a variety of interests and her place is near the top in all of them. She has not only come through her four years with the grades, but also with the respect and love of those who know her — and thev are many. Senior CI ass Ci.ARA Lhi: H att A.B. BLRVSVILL?, N. C. Span Kepoltir Sranish LMuh (4 k .lub (4). Who could guess that behind the features of a child could be the admirable qualities and talents that go to make up the individuality of Clara Lee, which all her friends know and ap- preciate? To discover her artistic soul all one has to do is to look at her characteristically il- lustrated notebook. Intelligence, mischievousness, and demureness are her self-culture. Nellie Merrimon Irvix B.S. GREENSBORO, N. C. AlPthelan; Vice-President of Class (II; Basketball (1, 2, 3); Hoekey (2. 3, 4): Pitture Editor ■■pine Needles ' (3): Pre.sldent Dramatic (3); Masquerad- ers (2. 3. 41: House of Representatives (1, 2, 3); charter Member Atletheian .Society (2. 3, 4|; lira, e (4); Chief Marshal (4). When it comes to being a chief we ' ll have to hand it to Nellie. She is not only our Chief Marshal, but our chief dancer, one of our chief playlikers, and a chief in athletics — a chief among girls. She is the Nellie to our campus that Nellie Bly is to the world. S.ARAH Todd Jamison A.B. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Cornelian; Freshman Commission (1); Proctor (31; French ilub 3, 4); Education Club (4). Sarah Jamison, better known as " Jimpz, " is one of those rare and dear friends one must have to be happ . She is jollx- and generous and is beloved bv all who come in contact with her. She is nut in the least athletic. In fact, a glance shows her frame to belong to the " fash- ionable stouts. " It is boring, even when true as in this case, to read of her loyalty to college, society, and class; so, let ' s cut out all that and give three cheers to dear old jolly Jimpz. Sara Lou Jexkin.s A.B. COLDSBORO, N ' . C. Cornelinn; r.ecordinB Secretary Cornelian Sodetv (2); House of Keprceentatl e« (3); French cliii (3, 4); Proctor (4). " Sallie ' s " fun is contagious. You just can ' t be around her without having a good time. Bui when it comes to a real hard task that retpiires capabilitv and dependability, she is always tlirrr. We pa her the highest tribute that can he priid to anyone. Not only " To know her is to love her, " but the more you know her the more vou will love her. ik )enior CI ass Nan I ' Yeming Jeter A.B. MORGANTON, N. C. A(li-I|.liian; Tri-asurer Adelphian So.iftv (3); Viiu- Housc President (3); Spanish Club (2. 3); Businuss ManaKir Handbook (3); Assistant Business Man- ager Junior Shop (3); Vice-President Class (4); Eduiation Club (1); Junior-Senior Toaster (3); Business Manager " Pine Needles " (4). A crescendo of giggles — crazy songs, scores of jokes — Nan — a bubbling fountain of vivacity, gayly serious, brain-work under that frivolous mop of unruly curls. Capable, nothing artificial, the same to everybody all the time. When she goes she leaves an almost " unfiilable " gap. Adel.aide Brooks Johnson A.B. ; PORTSMOUTH, VA. Adelphian: Pre.sldent Freshman Commission (1); (2. 3); t-hai Field Day (3); hairman Pulili.ltv V. W. c. A. (2); Secretary Y. v. C. A. (31; Quill Club (4); International Rela- ons Club (3. 4); Ar Editor " Coraddi " (4): cliair- lan Finance Southe rn Division Council V. W. C. . (4); President Y. W. C. A. (4). Listening to her low voice, watching her |uaint, quiet manners, one knows without being told that she is a Virginian of the Old Virginia. Artistic of soul and bod , there is a shyness about her in which there lies a uniciue charm. The her in which there lies a unique charm. Above all else she is full of the spirit of youth and fun, and a lover of her fellow men. Ethel Johnson B.S.M. ASHF.BORO, N. C. ■olle II. " Things are going to happen, why worry. ' Evervthing comes to him who waits, why hurry? " We wouldn ' t exactly call this Ethel ' s philoso- phy of life, but it tells a great deal about her. She really isn ' t indifferent to everything, for under this mask there is a musical ability throufih which she will win the hearts of every- one who hears her play. Here ' s luck to Ethel ! Marv Clyde Johnston A.B. " COIDSBORO, N. C. Dikean; President Freshman Commission (1); House of Kepresentatives (1. 2); Proctor (2); French Club (1. 2. 3, 4); Spanish Club (2. 3); Chairman College Social Committee (2): Business Manager " Carolinian " (31: Business Manager Piay- likers (4): Masqueraders (1, 2, 3, 4). When Mary throws her head back and grits her teeth, we want to be on her side because she usually does what she sets out to accomplish. That ' s her business ability and stubbornness combined. Add to these qualities attractiveness, grace, dramatic talent, hard common sense, loy- alty, a good scholastic record, and cover these with a protective veneer of cynicism — you have Mary. Senior Class Maru: De ' i;re Iones A.B. LILLIXCTON, X. C. Ad(?li)hlan; Hockey Squad (1, 2. 3. i); Basi-I.iill Squad (3. 3); Soccer Squad (4); Hiking l,cadei- (4): A. A. Cabinet 4): N. C. Monogram; Hock ' - Manager (4); Chemistry Club (3): c-|iart.-r Mem- ber Zoology Field Club (3, 4); President Bolaiiy Club (4); Proctor (3). A lover of fun, yet one whom it is restful to be with; who has a capacity for warm friciul- ships and even, although young, looks at life philosophically. Lois Ustice A.B. RL IHERFORDIOV, N ' . C. Hili. an. ift A pair of big brown eyes and a 1 voice — that is sure to be your first impression of Lois. .After you have knnivii her for a while you find that there is a mentality hack of those eyes that just everybody is not fortunate enou ;h to possess. Here indeed is an exceptional irl. Lt.NA Mald Keller A.B. CONCORO, . C. She is a girl on whom you can depend in the performance of her duties. We predict for her a brilliant future in whatever she docs, for her ability is varied in many fields. I ' eari. Kdith Kii.lir A.B. GRANITE FALLS, X. C. isll Club (3. 4]; K(lu atlo Bl; " Pearl " — she is to those who have won her friendship — a jewel to be prized for her sMirlli. Only a girl of her disposition, her winsome man- ner, her •-trong character and intelligence, can aspire to and attain success in life. il )enior CI ass Charles A. King A.B. SANFORD, N. C. Cornelian. Charly ' s most outstanding qualification is her artistic abilit . To people in general it is re- vealed in her paintings, attractive posters, and clever sketches. To her friends it takes the form of personal service, for not only is she a first class barber, but an adept in the many intricate touches ivhich perfect our toilettes on special oc- casions. In short, her mission seems to be to add beauty to the world. In ' ah Louise Kirkmax B.S., H.E. CLIMAX, N. C. Fri ' nch riuii (2); Baseball Class Tram (2. 3 ■hemistrv Cluh (3, 4); Trpi Art Clul) (3); President Ho (41: Treasurer Henlor Class (4). Ho Economli A lovable girl with a keen sense of duty is Inah. Our motto, " Service, " has been her creed, and with willingness and determination she has served her Alma Mater. Inah is especially ef- ficient in domestic affairs, and we envy the man who may sometime have her for his home-maker. Georgie Kirkpatrick A.B. EFLAND, N. C. Aletheian; Charter Memlier of Alothelan Society; Proctor (1); Basketliall Team (1, 3, 4); Fresliman Commission; Frenih Club (I. 2. 3, 4); A. A. Cabi- net (2, 3. 41; Treasurer Student Government (2); Class Handmaid to Serviee (2); " Carolinian " Re- porter (3); Hockey Squad (3); Class Trark Man- ager (31; Varsity Track Team (3); Toaster Junlor- .Senlor Ban iuet (3); I ' -|re Lieutenant (3); Assl.stant Business Manager Handbook (3); " P(no Needles " . ' Jtaft (4): Class Manager " Greensboro Dally News " (41; Brturation Clul. (4); Faoultv-Student Counell (4); President Alethelan Society (4). How futile to attempt to express this person- ality with a series of stock phrases and a tangle of words. Georgie simply " ain ' t that kind of a girl. " We have said that she is versatile but ou don ' t know half! Analyze her and you will find the dominant power that is behind nearly every important campus activity at N. C. Mave Elizabeth Kllttz A.B. CONCORD, N. C. " In framing an artist, art hath thus decreed, to make some good, but others succeed. " For Maye, however, who is imbued with all true womanly virtues in addition to her natural tal- ent for art, we say, she is successful because she is good, and good even if successful. What more could anyone desire? Senior Class Inez Laxlxjx A.B. NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C. Cornelian; Frent h Club (1. 2); Chemistry Clul, (3. 41: Quill Club (4); Associate Editor of • ' CoradiJi ' ' (4); International Relations (4). Inez thinks for herself. It naturally follows that she is individual and entertaining; a per- son who cannot bore you and who is well worth knowing. , Mildred Little B.S.M. CREESSBORO, .V. C. net (1. 3); Unde C. A. (3); House sldnn ■adua Repr.- (1); Repre This hand has had an ample share in carving the history of the class of ' 26 upon the portals of FaiTie; this hand has led its classmates to many victories; this hand has charmed our very spirits with the exquisiteness of its sublime mu- sic; this hand holds our very hearts in an ever- lasting grip! Grace Margaret L os A.B. CREEDMORE, N. C. Ad.lphlan; Duka fnlvirsity (II. Margaret came to us in her sophomore ear and we feel a distinct loss in not having had her the full four years. Loveliness of character and dignity of bearing are two of her many desira- ble assets. Here ' s hoping that success comes as easily as has true sincere friendship. Ix)iisE Elizabeth McCart A.B. AUGUSTA, CA. AdHlphlMii; Proctor (2); Kr.ncli Clul. (2, 3). Who ' s the life of Kirkland? " McCartv " is. of course. And more than that, she is a good sport and a wonderful friend. We all love her, admire her, and give her our truest wishes a success in life. Senior Class Wo.MBRA McCoAIBS A.B. CASTONIA, N. C. c ' orii.llaii: Tinnis Club (1); Clul. (2); Eilu- .ati.,u i-hil. (3. 4). Who can wish for a better friend than Wom- lira ? We doubt if such a person can be found. All who know her are charmed by her attrac- tive personality and her unusual ability — " Al- most to all things can she turn her hand. " . lui when she turns her hand at something you ma be sure that the result will he a job well done; for along with her ability there is determination, vhich is the master key to success. AxNA Bert McCrummen A.B. WRST END, N. C. Art.lliln.Tn; Botany club (3, i); French Cluli (3. 4). Indeed a woman of few words! Everyone acknowledges her as " solid stuff; " for, with her store of historical knowledge and sympathetic understanding, she is able to think a thing through and decide in the best interest of all. Studious, and determined to win; yet always considerate, kind, helpful. Concealed in a tinge of fun are all her worries — a fact of which only a few are aware. Meredith IJascom McCuller GARNER, N. C. y .-iiiuail (3); Bi Alt Club (3. 4 .ball (3) AUflphian; Ho.l- Honu- Eionomb ' (3. 4); Proctor Thoroughly dependable and naturally sympa- thetic are two of Meredith ' s |ualities which make her a typical neighbor. Too, Meredith can sew and cook as well as be a loyal friend. We hope that she does not waste her talents on a inale of the species. HiLPA Flowe McCirdy A.B. SPENCER, N. C. Dikean; Tenni.i Squad (4); Bas eball Squad (1); Soanish Club (2. 3|; Proctor (3); Education Club (4); Member of the House of Representatives (4). A regular busy-body, but, reader, take notice, — one who attends to her own affairs Always smiling, Hilda is optimism itself. Life with her is, however, often a serious matter, especially when the Hilda of N. C. merges into the " Miss McCurdy " of the N. C " . Training School. She does not believe that college life should omit the social and to the teas she goes. Her friends that know her will tell you that Hilda has a rare love and appreciation of beauty and that her ability to understand human nature and to deal with it is startling. Your circle is not complete, girls, until you know Hilda. Senior Ch ttiaMUBSi srsagassiiSiXsmx HiLDAH Chloe McDan ' ikl A.B. KINSTON, N-. C. Cornelian; flassiral Club (1, 2); Fren. li c|uh (1. 1 ' . 3. i ; Education I ' luh (J). It would be a good thing if we had more Kif ' like Huldah on our campus. She doesn ' t worry, — why should she? She gets along heautifull without it. She is lovable; she is capable; she is loyal. With these qualities she is bound to succeed. Ella Hattle McDearmax B.S. ROCKV MOUNT, V. C. lul. (3; Pre It hard to find words to express just what Ella is. The people of the chemistry department have already found out some of her numerous abilities. " And such a sense of humor, " say her friends. We call her our Jack-of-all-trades. Ella is a good old sport in all that she does and what more could be said? NoLiE Kathaleex McDoN ' ALn A.B. CANDOK, .N ' . C. or (2) ; Spanish I ' lul Edu tlou (4). Nolie McDonald, notice the name? Of course you do! There ' s much in a name. She is Scotch — North State Scotch and true; original, inde- pendent, persistent, sure — the best Scotch on the earth! All N. ( " . ( ' . W. knows her worth — measures her love even from her birth. J I LI A Elizabeth McIvir B.S. LUMBER BRIDCK, V. C. Iilkcan; Chi-inlstry Clul. a, 4); Homi- E. nnnmli s Art I ' lul. IS. 4). ' Neath that carroty top there ' s a world of tun, and a bit of shy charm for everyone. , " »ll Senior Ch Mary Kate McLamb A.B. ROSEBOKO, N. C. Pioftor (1. 2, 4): Education elia Orcht Mary Kate is a rare mixture of good humor, intellectuality, and winning smiles. Let her talk a[id she is always happy! " Never hurry " ex- pres e her rate of speed though she ' s never left behind. I ' nderneath her charming personality we realize her ability to succeed in whatever she chooses as her career. Mary Ida McLawhorx A.B. WINTERVILLE, N. C. lornelian; Frenth Club (1. 2); Chemistry Club (3. 4); Track Team (3); College Chorus (4); Cor- rcspondins Secretary Cornelian Society (4): Botany (■lub (4). In spite of her apparent dignity, Mary Ida is never too di gnified to exercise her pet theory, " a smile will go a long, long way. " Style? Yes, but not so stylish that she can cloak her abun- dance of common sense. A genial disposition, brains, a sympathetic understanding, and an ex- tremely jolly nature make her the Mary Ida we admire. RiTH Atkinson McLean A.B. RALEIGH, N. C. . delplli Proctor (1): Vice-House President ( ■lub (4) Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Tr A surprising mixture of seriousness and fun — that ' s Ruth. She has many enthusiasms, and by the same token, many talents. Of ability to rid- dle imperfect argument, and quick to think and to act; sincere and loyal — she is a rare friend. Mary Augusta McNeelv A.B. MOORESVILI.E, N. C. Corne ' ian; Education Club (3, Hou of Representatlv Charm, ijuietness and great ability go to make up " Mary Mac, " our friend. She is industrious, yet carefree, serious yet fun-loving, and in every line a good old sport. — » .. .. ' n ' ' Senior Ch Nelle McSw.ain A.B. MAIDEN-, N-. c. Adelphi (21 Fr ' h Club H). Ah, Nelle, what ungucssed dreams are surgiriK there beyond those gentle, naive e es? What- ever they be, we know they are kind and true. May life be kind to you as you are true to all men. Annie Li l.a M.arine B.S.M. JACKSONVILLE, N. C. Cornelian; College Orchestra (I. 2, • Cho (4). I ' ollf Who is it that ' s calm, sweet and serene, quiet and poised with dignified mien, stately as any Mrs. King, called queen,— why yes, you guess, it ' s Annie Lula Marine. Alma Elizabeth Matthews A.B. SEABOARO, N. C. Artelphlan: Prn.tcir (1, 2 3 U Etln,atir,n cii.l, (3. 4). To play with, to laugh with, to cry with, to love — always a true blue, honest to goodness friend— that ' s Alma. It ' s the truth to sav, " To know her is to love her; " yet it ' s infinitely true of Alma, for no matter where she goes, she is never at loss for friends. Rlhy Cameron May A.B. MORVEN, N. c. icrn.llan: I ' ro. tor. ' 2. ; Fren. h Club. ■2(- ' 25--2i;. Yes, this is Ruby! She ' s a good all-round sport. If you want fun, she ' s with you ; if viui arc in trouble, she ' s for you; if you need a friend, she ' s near you! When you try to describe Ruhv, you realize that you have quite a task, for her capabilities are many. Ch X ' lRGiMA Dare Ma nard A.B. BELMONT, . C. I Mkc E(iu •lull (3 All all-round good sport — that is Dare. Her veet disposition and frank open manner have won for her a place in all our hearts. Always a true friend — that is why we love you, Dare, and wish you success in everything you under- take. Effie Elizabeth M each am A.B. STATESVILLE, X. C. .ilh ol Repi tion dull ( ) Sympathetic interpretation of human nature, charm of personality, and unselfishness unite to make " Hap " a success. Loyal, dependable and lovable, she is all this and more. She is a good true friend, sympathetic in everything and al- ways in the mood to comfort or rejoice as the need mav be. Serena Meadows B.S., H.E. O.XFORD, V. c. l ikean; Proctor. ' 2. ; Cheniistrv Clul.. ' SS- ' Ji;; Utinii ' E.ononii..s l.-|ub, ' 25- ' 26. Serena is a rare mixture of sincerity and un- selfishness. She is calm, patient and capable. We predict for her unlimited success in the field of her choice — To teach or to practice Home Economics — that is the question. ; Alla Pittmak Meredith B.S., H.E. lARBORO, N. C. rorni-lian; clliUtir Mpmber Home Ei-ononiic-.s Club (3): SfiTftary of 11. .me Eeononiiis ' lul. (3): Pro.-- tor (2); of l:..pT esfntKtive.s (?.); Freneli riul. 1. 21. This petite figure, " Little " Alia, has a knack for sliding around and under care. I he fact that she is practical, independent, and non-ex- citable proves to us that she is small in size only. She has given us much along artistic lines, and the Cornelians claim her as a jewel. ■=£: ' Ch Marv Mhwhorn A.H. CRIFTON, N. C. Ad. Iphiall. To most people Mary is a quiet, sweet girl, hut to those " ho know her she is a lively good sport. She is good-looking, stylish and attrac- tive with that never-ceasing pep, a cheery dis- position, and enough devilment to make lite pleasant; she is hy no means devoid of serious thought. Lena Cjle.nn Miijuleton ' B.S.M. LAURINBURG, X. C. Adclpliiiiii; Krcni h clul. (1, 2 : Kilu.iitlon ilul, (i : Pho. nix Clul. (2. 2. i). c ' C!. i). I ' ln.u.r II ' ). To use alliteration — La y Lena fills (|uite an indispensable plate in our Senior class. She is known hy her happy disposition — a smile, a wave of the hand, and she ' s gone — " miles of smiles, " perhaps for a motto. Such sweetness combined with an underlying abilitv to do, will win for her a desirable place in the world. Ethel Roiaf. Miin i;tt .A.B. ORIENTAT,, v. C. Ethel came out victorious from her two ears ' campaign against latin and Math. Ihat ' s suf- ficient proof of her abi ity and thoroughnes-. She has always responded to every call for help — whether the disease be of the mind or heart. With such a record and character, what reach will exceed her grasp? W ' iMFREi) Mode A.Yi. RLlllKRfORmON, V. c. ' 2): rolii U.|.. " Widdy " has that kind of senior dignitv we all admire. She is smooth, calm and i lectual, but with this she combines a chari flippancy. Hers is a comfortable philosophy, has never been disappointed, because she al expects the worst. . ' s to worries — she has one, — that of acquiring excess avoirdupois. that ntel- Ail..lphla Senior Ch LORETA MOONEY A.B. DAVIDSON, N. C. aski ' tball ,■23; Proitor •25; Sp; " I ' h huh! that ' s she " — the girl with the boy- ish bob! Mooney, the cutest girl on the campus, the most indifferent girl in the world, but the best friend to everybody. Cute, but not conceit- ed. Lovable, but not sentimental. " A friend in need is a friend indeed " is our password for her. Mary Lucile Moore A.B. CHARLOriE, N ' . C. Proctor. ' 24; Y. W. V. A. Marshal. ' 25; Education Cluh (3. 4). Lucile is like a bonk, not to be searched with a single glance. One must study her to know her and to realize the depth and beauty of her character. Like a truly good book, she has some- thing of value to give and the more one studies her the better one loves her. Winnie Davis Moore A.B. BURLINGTON, N. C. Winnie ' s characteristics include a rare combi- nation of intellect, ambition, sympathy, and op- timism. Her special interests lie in science and we predict for her a future full of success and happiness. Thelma Lucile Moose A.B. TAVLORSVILLE, N. C. ■hnrus. ■::i- ' 24: choir. •25- ' 2r,; •Iul (4) Vi (4). Edu Variety is the spice of life — so they say — and we surely have it in Thelma. She transfers her talents from the classroom to the social gather- ing at will. There is a " bonne camaraderie " about her that never fails to register. Naive, en- thusiastic, and alwavs stimulating, her personali- ty is most convincing. -. Senior Ch Elizabeth Morisev A.B. CLINTON, N. C. To know her is to like her better. The name, " Betty, " is characteristically her own, pretty and proper. We like to be with her because, like a good spirit, she drives the bad feelings away. She has a personality — a contagious spirit of hap- piness. Bess Newton B.S., H.E. FAVEITEVILLE, N. C. (3); A queer mixture is this little lass. She is one of the few truly " modern " girls that have suc- cessfully determined just to what degree is a good sport really good. Her streaks of puritanic philosophy that occasionally crop out in her staunch refusals to enter a Sunday bridge game only heighten our opinion of her as a genuine good sport. Mary Alexander Nisbet A.B. CHARLOTTE, N. C. a, 2); Proftur (21 ; Edu- f Representatives H). Mary is an admirable person. She is neat, cheerful, sincere, gracious, dignified and sym- pathetic. She is not flighty nor temperamental, hut calm and tactful. Once you have added her to your list of friends you may be sure that you have her " for keeps. " Bessie Noble A.B. KIVSTON, N. C. lilkean; I ' la ' Club (1, 2); French Cluli (11, e;.I- u.utlou Cluh Hi. She ' s fair, square, dainty, and wise, but her greatest charms come from those soft, gentle, brown eyes that are so full of trust for ever (inc. She has " a sunshine heart, a soul for song, love for hate, and right fur wrong. " i .H i ii $%-. Senior Ch Elizabeth Oghlrv A.B. SUMMERFIELU, . C. Elizabeth is one of those gracefully calm spir- its that are varieties in the rush and whirl of a busy world. Behind her seeming reserve lies a character of strength and beaut " . Her cheer- ful and sweet disposition makes one enjoy being around her. In her uc find a friend who is true and lasting. M.AR Bailer- Orr A.B. COI.DSBORO, N. C. Mary has been with us for only two years, yet everyone has learned to know and admire her. She is quite capable, enough so that her class work never bothers her; she is jolly, alert and generous. Because of these qualities it is easy for anyone to overlook her one weakness, — " When I was at Winthrop, — etc. " Barbara Mabel Osborxe B.S. MOL ' TH OF VVILSOX, VA. an: Frenrh Club (2): Proct ■ (S); Home Economics Art Choir (3, 4); Baseball Teiin r (3): The •luh (?,. 4 1 (3). C— ' ,U : Babs has a smile that makes life worth while and a way of making everyone around her enjoy life. She is conscientious in her work, but she is all there when it comes to a good time. Dur- ing her college career she has won many true and loyal friends. Marglerite Overall A.B. ASHEVII-LE, V. C. French club (2 3, 4); Education club ( 3. 4 I . In appearance and mnnner Marguerite is all that a modern young lady should be, for she is daintv and feminine, and capable of undertak- ing a great deal of responsibility. This fasci- nating little blond has won many friends on the campus by her charm and has cheered many homesick girls by her sunny smile. Senior Class MaRJORIE PliRKINS A.B. I.INCOLNTOS " , N ' . C. iPikcaii. Actions speak Inudcr than uorils when it comes to " Marjie, " who is characterized by daintiness, sweetness and charm. These traits have endeared her to the hearts of us all, and to all of us she is a friend when we iired her; therefore a friend indeed. ' iRr,i i. T S()N- Person- A.B. PIKKVILLE, X. C. There is no one like her. It does not re |uire flowery words to describe her, hut the adjective " tine " sums up her character. It is just as if all the noblest of characteristics were put in one big melting pot, and the result is — Jennie. Cr.AKKii: Pierce A.B. MAI.l.SBOKO, v. C. Clarkie, better known as " .Mutt, " is indeed an all-round girl. She is reliable, unselfish, and faithful, aiul she is a pal worth having, for the better you know her the more you like her. " .Vlutt " is neither frivolous nor too serious; she is a girl anyone would want for a friend. A a star baseball plaver, " Mutt " ranks above us all. M.ARTHA IxiLISE I ' lERCE A.B. BKAUFORT, V. c. ' ■ Fr.-n, I, riui, (2); K.hi.atl.m clui, c:. t). There goes Martha— a quiet, lovable girl, who always has time to spend a few minutes with another, whether it be for work or plav. Ibe I ' s nhiih make up her report depict her abilitv .-IS a student. Thiv, together with her cheerful disposition will surely bring her success. Senior Ch AIarv Thkresa Polk A.B. ROCKINGHAM, N. C. i; aliuii c-lulj (i); Fro.tu (1. Mary is the kind of girl who is liked by ev- eryone. She is fun-loving, full of pep, and is ready for anything. However, she knows when to be serious, studious, and s rnpathetic, never boring one with her cornpan . She is a true friend and a good sport. EiMTH Powell A.B. SMITHHELD, N. C. One immediately thinks, " What a womanly person! " Her quiet dignity and unassuming manner makes one trust her instinctively. She gives you the impression that here is one who will understand all your troubles whether they be great or small, about love affairs or examina- tions. Elgenla Salome Poweil A.B. CRinON, N. c. liiknan; .Sjianlsh iMul.. ■24- ' 2: ' .; Pro.tor, ' io- Not too fast, not too slow, just the girl you like to know — that ' s Eugenia. Her attitude is ever one of peace and contentment. A soft smile — just look her way and feel her calnnness. And vet beneath this outward unemotional appearance lies a feeling of genuine interest, evident to those who really know her. Her likeability wins for her main a trieiid. Kathrvx Wright Price A.B. WILMINGTON, N. C. 3): llou l-lub (1. Our senior with the " prophylactic smile " has ccrtainlv bewitched us all. It has had even greater charm than the Pied Piper ' s flute. But, different from the Pied Piper we are not disap- pointed after being charmed. For we find a girl of real worth, h ' gh ideals, a keen sense of humor, and a sincere friend. Senior Ch Malde Ql erv A.B. CANDOR, N. C. fh Club (1. Squ Hotkey Squad (4) Tia.k Tiani H ; i): College Choil " Red " — a combination of common sense ant! wit, with an undercurrent of seriousness. t)ne whose friendships have a warmth and color eipial to that of her hair that Titian would have loved to paint, and whose thoughful kindliness makes her very dear to those who know her. Agnes Normax Reeks A.B. MACON, N. C. AdelphI ■lull (4). To know Agnes is to like her! To know her better is to love her, for she has that quality about her that makes us susceptible the very first thing. Tall, slender, and blond, that ' s the way we see her at first, and then we sec her smile and we have visions of the fun behind that smile. To know Agnes is to love her! Elizabeth Reinhardt B.S.M. LINCOLNTON, N. C. Dikean. Possessor of the qualities which go to make up a charming and attractive girl, we are all sun. that " Lib " will conquer the future, whether in the musical or social world. Her beauty, along with her culture, brilliance, and sinceritv, make all who know her like her. (iood luck, old girl! Sarah Josephine Redfearn B.S., H.E. WADF.SBORO, N. C. rornellan; Homr, E.ononii. s An lul., ■2r.--2r,-, Chemistry I ' lnl., ■26. Know Sarah? Sure, everybody does. She is the Wadesboro girl who is so popular at home and so well loved at school. Her domestic abili- ty is rare and with such a charming personalit it is impossible to get along without her, and that is why we say that she is: ' Someone who is stead- fast in joy and sorrow — someone who grows dearer to-day and to-morrow. " )emor CI ass Doris West Richardson A.B. DOVER, X. C. tor (3): Kn-n.h c. 3. A): Vi.H.Pi-.-s 1 Club (3. t): Ser i-luli (4). nl Si.i Doris is just the sort of person vc can ' t do without. When you «ant some good advice or want to be cheered up she ' s indispensable. Though rather undemonstrative, she has a charm of manner which attracts everyone with whom she comes in contact. Si SIR V LL ROKHRTSON A.B. FRAVKLIKTOX, N. C. ililphian Iienih Club (1); T.nni.s Tiam (1, 2. 1 mnci of Singles L ' up (2); Winii.T PcuLlcs I up (2 3) Ho(Ke Team (2. 3); Baskell.all Team (2 " ) TlaiUTeam (2) ; Var-sity Hoikcy Team (3): I rlitor -i ( A Handlmok (3); Prortor (3); A. I al.ln.t (2 3) Junior Shop Manager (3); I Kipics ntatives (4). Susie Wall — defiant integrity to the end. Here she IS refusing to be pigeon-holed, a delightfully uniinie personality! Complementing her insist- ent intellectual daring, — her impatience of un- sound thinking, her embarrassing habit of asking (|uestions that one cannot answer, — is her gentle- ness, her worship of fineness and truth, and her reverence for individuality. M.AR ' i ' Alice R()bert.son ' A.B. RALEICH, N. C. . I ' i-..ii ' rty Manager Playliker.s 12): .Slat-e iTlager I ' layliker.s (31; Assistant -Stage Manager lylik. r s (4): Memhrr House Representative:; (2, Maj )r Part dne-Act Play (3); Major Part r A( t Play (4); Assistant Businesa Manager oiadrti ■ 131; Bu.siness Manager ■•Coradtli " (4); With your gentle charm, a willing hand, a will to do, a mind to direct, and a heart to guide, you have won the respect of your classmates and the love of your friends. In the years to come our lives will be a little fuller for having known you and our college a little finer for hav- ing served you. M.attie Mozelle Robertson ' A.B. ZEBULOV, V. C. ation Club (4); Vice- Dignified, self-controlled, sincere — Mozelle is all this and more. She is absolutely and always faithful to what she is called upon to do, no matter how small the task. Senior Class Christina Ki.iz ahii ii Roi.lixs A.B. DLRIIAM, N. C. I il .-an. I ' hi- nirl IN who? Take Riiesso, two. It i , you ' ll nue , if your be t you do — Klizaheth, who ' s fair and ijuitc debonair, has eyes of blue, and a heart as true as a well-liked lass, in the Senior ilass, should have,— to be liked by you! ' i;r Roshmond A.B. SPENCER, X. C. Aili ' liilii i " ; s i.sii .lull. ■;::;. 2 1: l ' Mu.aii..ii iiui.. l he most outstanding thing about ' era is that she is unusual. Some say independent, but if this is true, her independent ways are surely becominK- She is attractive, charming, and a clever entertainer among the " Duke ' s " and " real estate Deal — er ' s. " Above all she is sym- pathetic and frank to her many friends. I ' . Hi; TRicn Si;ai()RI) A.B. IIMBERLAND, . C. Hilteaii; Krc 11. li 1-lul.. ■2l- ' 2.-.. An intense love of life and all things true and beautiful, a heart overflowing with good fe llo - ship, a ready wit, a keen mind, and a s inpa- thetir understanding of people — ibis and more is Ina ' s happy heritage. Sri:i,i.. Tiii.Tis Siiii ' in rd A.B. ORRl M, . c. i-oi-i.-llan; i|a- ,.,i ii„|,, --.-..i; -as- ' il; li.Manv I ' luli, ■25- ' 2li. A definition: " J ' hetis " means soothing or spir- ited music, Latin literature properly appreciated, the blues driven away, the sick made well. It means seriousness, earnestness, wit, and fun. In short, " Thetis " is the synonym for versatility in ser -ice. , Senior Ch , _ ; " ' = Jg ' Helex Nora Sherrill A.B. CHARLOTTE, K. C. House of Representatives 11); -Carolinian ' Re- porter (2); Tennis Team (1. 2. 3. 41; VounB Voters dull (3. 4). There was a girl — you ' d remember her if you saw her grin. There was another girl — only she was solemn and serious. There were two girls rolled into one, solemn, serious, gay, and sw eet. And they w ere Tup ! K.ATHERixE Elizabeth Sherrill A.B. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Dikean; Class Tr- asurer (1); House of Representa- tivr.-. (1); Kreshnian Commission (1); Proctor (2); Inter-Soi ietv Debate (21; Faniltv-Student Council (3, 41; Education Club (3. 4); Society Treasurer (3); House President (3); Student Government President (41; Y. W. Cabinet (4). Did you hear that laugh? It tells us many things: first, that its owner knows the full joy of just being alive; second, that she has known the deep satisfaction that comes to one who has made it truly worthwhile to he alive; third, that " Fud " is near! What more could anyone want.- Clara Erxestixe Shipp A.B. TURKEY, N. C. S. A, E ; T-nnis Club (11; Classical Cli ' b (1. 2); Vice-President Classical C ' lub (2); Fire Lieutenant (21; House Representatives (2 4); Inter-Soclety Conferenie Committee (3. 4); French Club (2. 3. 41; .Spanish f uh (3, 4); Cornelian Critic C4); Edu- cation Club (4). Behold the true Cornelian disciple! Her high ideals, her scholarly intellect, and her tolerant attitude toward life, make her a real citizen whom we are proud to know. Lola Pearl Shore A.B. SALI5BURV, N. C. _sdlp ' " »n; Spani i ' i cliih (1. 2i; Education club 14!- Vice-House Pr-s-ldent R. S (2 31; Botany Club (41; House of Representatives (41. Sweetness and charm characterite Lola. She has n magnetic per«onalitv set ofT bv an unusual loveliness of face and manner. When it cornes to sense, both varieties, we can depend on her. Of her we mav sav: " She ' s loveliest of a festal throng, in delicate form and Grecian face. " Senior Class Pauline Short A.B. FREMONT, K. C. AdellJhian. And where are you going, my pretty Spanish maid? Though you are " Short, " ' tis not of comeliness, nor yet of charm. May all the hap- piness you have given us, return to you f cur- fold, and take you far along the golden road. Thayer Llcile Sink A.B. ROCKWELL, N ' . C. asslcal I ' luh (1. 2); Fren. h 1 lub (3, -1); ■lub 3. 4 1 " Suitcase " — unusual is the name so humorous- ly applied to this apparently reserved senior. l " o those who know her, reserve fades in the light of her keen wit and humor. Brilliant in her studies, sincere to her friends, loyal to her ideals, she is on the road to a successful career. Lella Mae Sitterson A.B. WINDSOR, N. C. A high degree of quality in sincerity, depend- ability, and modesty characterizes Leila Mae. Her sympathetic, utiselfish attitude toward her associates invites one ' s confidence, and we have found in her one of the truest of friends. Her attractive personality has won for her a lasting place in the hearts of many of her classmates. Deli.a Dawson Slaughter A.B. COLDSBORO, N. C. i-..rii.-llan; Fic.lcr (2); E.lUfMtloi, r uh (11. Kverybodj knows Davvson ' s beautiful, but not quite everybody is so fortunate as to ktiow what ' s really behind all that. We do. Don ' t you just love to meet a person who can sympathize with you sweetly, dance with you divinely, laugh with you freely, and then talk with you sincerely. ' Some good town is getting a lot when it gets Dawson. il Senior CI ass AIarv Hazel Small A.B. SALISBURY, N. C. AdelphiaiK I- ' l-eiuh (_ ' lub (1. 21; Siianisli Club (2, 111; I ' loLlor K-U; Educ-ation Ciub (4). Her petiteness makes her French — and the French are ahvays clever. Her twinkling eves proclaim her wit — and the witty are always philosophers. Her cheery smile welcomes popu- larity — and popularity calls for friends. Her in- finite charm gives her an irresistible personality wliich makes her our Marv. M rgari;t Ella S.MITH A.B. GREENSBORO, V C. (l. ' l|il:iali; 11 •lul. 1 1 1. .us., of R..|.re r.ii.h Clul. (;! " p ' le VPS 5.(lMU Did " ou e ' er know an one fashioned b the pattern of the gods? If you haven ' t — seek Mar- garet. Vou will not find her absolutcl perfect — no! She is just charmingly imperfect enough to be interesting and entertaining to those who are cut by a different pattern. She is smart, but is not the type who broadcasts it. One learns it from association with her. She is even tactful enough to know the degree of smartness that is safe to profess. ViRGiN ' iA Elizabeth Smith B.S. (Public School Music) FRAXKLIX, V. C. I ' mni-liaii; Pro.tiir (2); Phonnix Clul. i2._ ?.. II; (2. 3. 41; alion Clul. (I). Here is another girl from those wonderful hilN of Western N. C, whence so much greatness has come. She possesses that rarest and most valua- ble of all (pialities, that of being able to make friends wherever she goes. She is a little tem- peramental, too, which is perfectly proper for a musician, and only adds to her charm. ' | IAX S.MITH A.B. WILSON ' , N. C. If you are looking for a genuine, good all- round girl, see " V ' iv; " in her one can ahvays find a pal, an entertaining friend, and a good sport. Wit, humor, and determination char,icter- ize her as nothing else can. A real appreciation of her can be realized only when we think of losing the little girl whose place cannot be filled. Senior Ch Eloish Sparger A.B. MOUNT AIRV, ,V. C. rornelian; French Club (2); Vlie-Housp Presklent (3): Fire Lieutenant (2); Proitc.r (2|: Education rlul. (4). This mixture of comedy and seriousness hap- pily appeals to everybody. Her drole manner can almost bring tears to one ' s eyes, then, just in time to save the day, she smiles. That broad grill can put a happy ending to the saddest tale ever told. She makes a good impression at first sight — then improves on acquaintance. Ves, she is rare! EVEI.VV HHATRICn Si ' .ARKS A.B. MORCA.SION ' , N. C. Aclc ' Iphi; Bntn Pretty, winsome and cultured is " Bat; " with her fiery sarcasm and humorous wit she can en- tertain crowds without the slightest suggestion of hesitancy. Devilish. ' Ves! but underneath her flippancy there is a more serious note of thoughtfulness that might well be appreciated by the intelligencia. I )IS U)SC, Si ' AUGH A.B. MOINT AIRV, X. C. Charming wit, sparkling vivacity, and endear- ing naivete make ■Polly " an entertaining host- ess, enjoyable companion, and beloved friend. In fact, she is a friend to all from the aspiring poet to the learner of the . .B.C. ' s. May the world feel as rich for having had her as does N. C. C. W. -Martha Caroline Stack A.B. WILMINtTTO.V, .V. c. This diminutive and dainty maid from the City by the Sea has an intellect that sparkles a l rightly as the light within the depths of her sparkling brown eyes. Martha is one of thove few girls vou couldn ' t forget if vou had to. Ilrr accomplishments like her friends are fairlv in- numerable. = = ,, Senior Cls SusAX Steele A.B. MARSTON, N " . C. " Precious things come in small packages " might well be said of Susan. She is lovable, friendly, sympathetic, and witty. No o[ie can ever take her place in the hearts of those who know her. In the four years that she has been here she has made many friends. But who could find words to describe Susan? DuROTWi ' Maxixe Stephens A.B. HERTFORD, N. C. Adflphian; Proctor (3): Chemistry Clulj (3. 4); Presiih-nt of Zoology FUld Club (4»; Botany Clulj (3); Hous,- oi Keijresentatives (4(. Behold her, the Court Jester; no w hear the Royal Musician ; then consult the King ' s Scien- tific Adviser — by heck. Dot ' s just about the whole shebang rolled into one! And to cap the climax, her name is to be found in the exclusive society of Miss Moore ' s honor roll — but just try to con- gratulate her! Evelyn Stephenson B.S., H.E. ABIXCDON, VA. " Steve " — contradictory mental pictures. The ability to surmount the highest peak of gravity, and to sink to the indigo sobriety of the " blues. " Winsome mannerisms, a lovableness that draws everyone to her, a good all-round sport. " Nutf said, " according to present day vernacular. Agnes (iorrell Stewart A.B. (Summer School) GRRtNSBORO, .V. C. CoUegi? 25- ' 26: Pro tor, ' 24. Even though many people think that she is a freshman, and say that she doesn ' t look like a senior, those of us who have been here four years know the real meaning of a wonderful little girl in knowing her. But we know that most valu- able things come in small packages and Agnes certainlv fills this bill. Senior Ch Ellen Mabel Stone A.B. GREENSBORO, N. C. (J. 4); _ ' Iass Hockey (1. 2. 1); Ma e-Prusident Stude Adelphlan; Hockey Manager (3); BasUetliall T. and Captain Baskcthall Tear 3); Varsity Track Team (31 Leader (3): Senate (3); W V. W. C. A. Cabinet (4); Government (4). There ' s an ineffable sweetness about Ellen — it may be her soft voice, her grave eyes, or her dignity of bearing; or maybe it ' s a composite of these things with others added. She is herself always; there is no sham or affectedness about her; she has " the courage of her convictions. " There ' s no need to wish that she might obtain happiness; it will surely come her way. Irene Stroipe A.B. CHERRVVILLE, .V. C. Dlkean. Here is a girl possessing a rich nature, a heart with no place for malice, a mind that seeks only the truth, and a personality that is both charm- ing and different. She is fun-loving, frank and wholly lovable. M.AR ' i ' E. StL ART A.B. RALEIGH, K. C. ellan; Y, W. Cabin -]ub (3 4); Stude Education Club (41 Proc Mary — such an ordinary name, but not an or- dinary girl at all! One values her friend hip, for in it you find sincerity, fineness of character, capability, and a readiness to serve others. Mixed with these qualities you detect that spirit of fun and life which makes her so charming and lova- ble. Elizabeth Slttov A.B. WINDSOR, S-. C. Adelphlan. Tinv, but not o small that she does not fill a large place in the friendships of numerous stu- dents — that ' s Bug! Full of fun, sensible, and extremely thoughtful of others — here ' s a pal! Bug spends no small portion of her time in the li brary, but always manages to meet the morning mail in time to receive the dailv letter from Windsor. A regular girl — that ' s Bug! Hoiki-y Squad (3); Soc Senior Ch LiNA TARL£Tt)X A.B. WADESBORO, N. C. ■eiuh Club (1, 2, 3); Ad Iphtan Every little whit of a thing loves Lina. In fact, she is the kind of a girl to be admired h all. A thousand girls in one — the good spurt, the society butterfly, even the business woman, but especially do we like to remember her as the girl, and, above all others, the true friend. LoiiSK Morris Tate A.B. WILKESBORO, X. C. Cornt ' lian. Here ' s that tiny, little senior whose friends swear by her. Though she has remained in the background because of her natural reserve, she but proves her womanly character. We are sure she will furnish an inspiration to the youth of the land. Carrii; McLhax Taylor A.B. C. STOMA, X. C. I10S.S Man (3): Pre of Ki-l ' i (Z. IS); Soi- (3): Education Club (3. 4). " Mac " is another one of those girls who puts herself whole-heartedh " into an ' project. She thinks clearly and fairly before she voices an opinion, but when she does speak her idea usual- ly carries, ' es, Mac is a good sport. Effie L ' iNN Taylor A.B. LOUISBURG, X. C. Adellibian: Classi.jil Club (1. 2); i;r.T Classical Clul. (2): French Club (1, 2. 3. 4): ■■Carnllnian " licpnrtir r2): " Carolinian " Editor p. ident Adiduhian So. ii ' tv Cla HIsto A girl that you would shamelesslv attemnt to imifte, onlv to discover that her charm is far too intangible for reproduction — elusive but thor- oughly substantial. Her quaint little mode«tv tends to make you forget that she is one of thp outstanding leaders of camnus activities .nnd is known by everyone as one of the wittiest girls in the college. Senior Ch Maju.f. Taylor A.H. NORTH WILKESBORO, X. C. T.nnis I ' lul. (1); Fri-nih Clulj K lu i). A casual glance at Mabic makes us think of an irresponsible, chuckling cherub, ller charm- ing personality greatly hears out her appearance, lloxvever, we hn have lived and worked by her side, know that beneath her delightful jolli- ty there is a strong vein of capability, which will serve her as truly throughout life as it has here- tofore. Pearl Morris Teiser A.B. RALEIGH, K. C. (•.irn.-li;iM; ■Carolinian " Staff (1): i ' ir. ulat i..n Man- aK.r (21 ; Sr.anish c ' lul. (1. 2. :; II; 11. .us,- ..f l:.|.- l-.sentali . ' s I 3, 1 i -, Pr... I,,i- I :! I ; l-Mu.ati..n ilul. Pearl has a lovable personality and an ad- mirable brain. She has remained naive enough to still trust the world and there is every indi- cation that the world will play si|uare with her. Lavin ' ia Thomas B.S., H.E. IRANKLIN, N. C. -.irn.llan; Hoin.- K..)ni.Mii.s . rt I ' llllj ( :!. 1). None can have a greater love for human na- ture, and none expresses it more frankly. She is thrilled by the romance of life, puzzled by its lomplexities, yet cannot exult with those who feel the power that achievement brings. Hers is a invetcd versatility in household arts — a realm in which her greatest triumph will lie! s RAH Vanci; A.B IIAMI.ET, Th K. C )MI S( N 1 11. ry tlo lull . li.v S •lui. ( ■k V ' 1 Ml. luad (2); 1 : Hoiisp .•am (li: of 1! Vi... l.r.- -F ' l.- sId (I 1- Here ' s to Vance! One of the best naturcd girls on the campus, for she never lets anything worr her. We are sure ' ance will make a wonderful Micces.- in the medical world. Her straight- t.irward manner, her undying energy to Ho some- thing, will surely carry her to the heights that great men attain. Senior CI ass Mar Thornberg A.B. TIMBERLAND, N. C. " Mary, Mary, quite contrary " does not suit her as «ell as would the term Vrntessor. " Sympa- thetic, kind, with plenty of cnmmon sense, she is always ready to give advice on anything from lessons to love affairs. Alter a short chat with her one is almost envious of her ability to enter- tain. She is indeed a friend worth having. Kl.i;. X()R K. V.ANNEMANN A.B. GREENSBORO, N. C. (■..rliHlliui; I ' lass cinder Leadi-r (2); ••Carolinian " Keporter (21; ManaginB Editor (3); Clas.s Basket- liall (1. 2, 3, 4); Soccer and Track Teams (3); Varsit.v Tiack (3): Class Soccer and Hockey Teams fi): Editor-in-Chief of ' Carolinian " (4); Var.sitv Baskctl.all (41. Characterized by endurance, foresight, strength and skill is Van, so Hell-known as the editor-in- chief of the Carolinian. She is a mixture of vi- acity and wit and is a good sport in everything. When one is with Van one thinks that truly the heart has responses that reason cannot under- stand. Marth.a v. Ward B.S., H.E. SELMA, N. C. Pikean; Home Economics Cluli; Chemistry Cluh. " How do you do it? " ask the curious ones who try to find the secret of Martha ' s popularity. It is such a foolish question, howe er. We all know that it is just by being her own sweet self that she has created lasting friendships wherever she has been and many of us arc fortunate enough to be able to count ourselves among that number. Hfrmfxe Whartox Warlick B.S.M. HICKORY, K. C. ■lull (3, (1. . 4); Dran (3); ■hoir (I. a. (3); Pr ary of Or Hcrmene — talented devotee at the beautiful shrine of music — it is only fair that we speak of that love first and to the greatest length. Or- gan, piano, her own compositions — it is impossi- ble lo reproduce on paper the magic that lies be- neath the power of her fingers and of the fine imagination and skill of the brain that controls them. Just to say " Music " is enough, isn ' t it — for Hermene? Senior Class AxNi; LiTA Warren A.B. XEWTOM GROVE, N ' . C. Dikran. To those who know Leta, she is a girl who possesses a personality which has won tor her a host of friends not only on the campus but else- where. She is serious, conscientious, and de- pendable at her work, but when work is over she is ready for a good time. Emma Leah Watsox B.S., H.E. GRKENSBORO, N. C. A girl who is truly worth knowing, a nm t dependable young person in ever thing, whether it be in play or in the art of home-making. Vc would vouch for her making a success of an - thing that she attempts — home-making included ! Ethel Hulkrook Watsox A.B. ENFIELU, N. C. iJikean; Y. W. C. A. fabinft (2. 4): of 1W] - ri-.xentatlvj ' .l 12): A. A. Cabinet (2. 3. 4); Freni li luli (3): Zoology Fi ld Club (3); Clas-S Soccer I.ead.T (3); Class Soccer Team 13, 4); Class Hockey T.ani (2. 3. 4); Track Team (: ' .): Wearer of N. 1 ' , ' ' . With the heart and mind of a Puritan in which are found odd strains of the modern, " lit- tle Watson " appeals strangely to those who un- derstand her. In her is combined in charming proportions the athletic girl of to-day and the domestic maid of yesterday. She surely has her place in this world, and here ' s wishing her the best success in filling it. Cji,EXiH LYN D. Weaver A.B. ROCKV MOUNT, V. C. Kilu imlttei Club. Life can never get the best of Olen. Rather to one of her temperament, it is an ever inter rsiing experience. Abs j!utel refusing to In downcast, she meets its ironies with a smile, it varietie-. and sublielies with a glowing aiiirnn tion ill the thrill of the unexpected, and iN nn teries with a keen curiosity which ferrets out tin secrets of the unusual. W3i55S5 arc x tsnw«: or e- i«?T»iiiffliin- £i- — Vila: 2i,iir; sa .-— :a- njr its: j _ i. J13. :_... i. flor 1 K« Traife vriA Ift? " Class Vivian Maye Wheleas . ' LB.. StKIXG BOPE, S. C rnlc an: Ba bail oad ri I : Prwcor (31: Borany lull (3. 41. T: ' ■. ;■ - rms of odieTs thar you ' ll always find , :■; — Vivian rile temier-heanwi, rhe ' i -.■rr M ■,•««. Vivian rak«s life unusually;y : pr.ihiems from rhe every-day campus lire ro those ni rhat laraer life, invuivina; her ve— -i-.-.r. i:ii creeds present themsei-fes m her - must he Mlved. Her mind, mo, -i-eptive. her «il deiicateiy sensi- r , t search for a finer jjrl. Favn-ie White .US. riuh I i 1 ; E4iu a.n«ui Olui » - Jtt) . pJeasore-lavin yet nnc carefree is Fan- nie- The- calm way in which she meets life ' s prnblems hothi triumph and defeat gives her aci uaihcanee-i new courage and abi ir ' m do master works. Ir is in her nnly r hat many nf us 3TC aoie to r.ti a rea! icninist, fiir rhere is always snmerhin ' erer ' ■JTji ' " and j earer ahead oi Fannie that -ihe -.i™rs ror and inspires others , L«iccsE White I - »«li.-an • luh lii. N ' eaniess pers.-iniried ci Red. Fun, mischief, in i a rxTe xnse ' f huanr make tvir her pttpu- latiisr. M hair he womaa - .---.vvning g or - rhen Red ' BS .iver her «har£ ia -v-airh »t curis and ctd«r. In spire ' .r rhe rraiiiriinal associations with sach a Civiir, Red has an unruffled dispo«i- tioo. escepr where rats are itincerned. She is al- waN ' .i teadv n give them rhe entire tliwr space- Pictuae: ber leaciiing: She dives ic E EtTN Xi)S(W i«Jri WlLKHCS .4.B. .i ' - « ' «Mt ?» tl : PrnftOi- ' t; Fir. vhr rbose iii.-is are Uusditng? ' — ve : - anxinA y m :ni;rhr know. Wiirv ' she . »: K.-r.cs lay, and -xf «. .iiw she ' s clever, tmi. ayi. ' .e ' Ve»— even m ipp irnwnDg £nin -««n -.ears safefati u ri ' v. biere ' s a 6a of rare vaapcetenes «i wisdom and pe l i Seni - uor Class Bettie Neal Williams A.B. OCRACAKE, N. C. ; House of Rep (2); Edu - ( 1 ) ; FlHl Clul) (3). Bettie, through her abounding source of thought anil energy, has left her class of red and white behind and we are glad to feel that this little sprite with all her fun and earnestness, is one of us. Her exuberant little chuckle is con- tagious; she laughs and we laugh with her. ' ith her intellectual ability, her visionary ideal- ism, and her personality, she will be an influence in whatever profession she enters, whether it be law or teaching. Grace Willlams A.B. MONROE, N. C. ; ' iuij (; 31 Pr (3): You have only to look into those bright brown eyes of Grace ' s and see that sweet expression which portrays a disposition that anyone might legitimately covet, and you will not be surprised at her ability to make such a number of ever- lasting friends. Besides all that, she is a real genius when it comes to solving mathematical problems. Success is surely hers if she is as loyal to her future undertakings as she has been to her tasks and friends at N. C. College. Ia)1s Emily VILLIAMSo ' A.B. LIBERTY, N ' . C. fhaniiiion Base- hiki-an; Baseball Team (1. 2, .all Team (1); Class BaaelniU Maiia lis Team (3); Proetor (2): Viee-Hi 14); French Club (2. 3, 41; Vice-Pi-, •Uil) (4); Spanish Club (3, 4); Educa House of Kepresentativea (4). President ■i t French Club (4); If you can find anything athletic in which Lois isn ' t interested, you are the first one. She ' s a truly good sport on the field, which means that she can keep her good disposition under all cir- cumstances. As a student she ' s conscientious yet not so serious-minded that she can ' t forget busi- ness for pleasure if necessary. Briefly, she ' s an all-round, fair-minded, likeable sort of girl. Norma Elizabeth Willis A.B. SOUTHPORT, N. C. sb Club (2 )n (1); Treasu of Representatlv C!); Senate (4). Mr. Hall called her " Normal, " the photogra- pher labeled her with a " classic profile, " but in spite of it all she smiled bravely and easily vron her way into the hearts of us all. A ready wit, Senior Class M R A DDIK A.B. w ILSON ASIIEVILLE, N. C. Ad Ho CI I elph 1) C 2. 3 Proctor lad a. ; Hous (2) ; Vir Tra Re e-H ck in-s ouse Pr Team (S): Fre To those who know her, Addie is a dreamer with hi h ideals. She is the possessor of a sin- cere and holly admirable nature, a fine philoso- phy of life, and a snul wrought nf such fine fab- ric as will bring her an abundance of the joys and sorrows of life. }. I. Philli p Space O.K. HERE, N. C. Samaritan; First Aid to -Pine Necdlrs " Staff (1). This young woman, unbeknown to herself, is obliging ye flustrated editor by adorning the -pace that was reserved for the mythical Edith f-. ' ilson, who seems to exist only on the senior class roll. Our sense of impartiality urges us to declare that, even though she is not a senior, no doubt she has some of those rare c|ualities: pa- tience, unselfishness, dignit ' , and love. Thanks! Ruth Loi ise Wilson A.B. ACME, N. C. Proi tion :!, 4 1 ; i.f Itcpi H.I.. Ruth — the mere mention of the name is monu- ment enough to keep her in our hearts. Ilcr success at tnakitig (riends at college will win her success in other things. Ambitious, loving, sym- pathetic, Ruth is the best of friends, and we wish her the best of luck. Sus.AX Virginia B.S., H.K. CHAPEL HILL, . C. (J, . ii Club " V " just won ' t worry, but she accomplishes more than those that do. Her gay camaraderie and endless genertisity have won her a host of friends. She is full of pep, but when the occa- sion demands she can assume a dignit " that en- ables her to meet any situation with perfect ease. i ? ' ' ' ' ' ;-v wfrv ' Senior CI ass Mari Wood Wdi.iii A.B. WASHINGTO.V, D. C. ■r.ii.h Club •22- ' 2:!--2l- ' 2.-.--:: ;- ' 24; Pro 22--23; -U- iS; Virv- llouse I ' resident. ■24- ' 25; Corn.-liun Marsluil, ' ai- ' 25; Spanish Club. ■24- ' 25- ' 2li; Eduiation Cluri, ' 24- ■2rj-2l); President Education club. ■25- ' 2li. Don ' t let her deceive vou by her dignified ap- pearance, ou don ' t linow her if you thiiili she is as she looks. The real Mary is just as mis- chievous and fun-loviMK as the giddiest flapper but there ' s more to her than that. She is serious at the right time, dependable, diligent, and the kindest and most sympathetic of friends. Katherixe McKeax Wolif A.B. CONCORD, N. C. lMI i-an; Fleneh (lull 1 1. 2); Critic (2); Proc- Icir (3): Basl etball Squad (1, 2. 3); ball Squad II. 2. 3); Ba.seiall Team (1): Hockey Team (3. 4); . ' ioccr Team (3. 1): Tennis Team (3); Youiik Vot- ci;; c ' lul) (3, 4); Pi-esldent Younn Voters Club (11; N. (4); Ho V. Monogra Naturally endowed ivith an unusually bright mind, Katherine Wolff has been an outstanding member of the class of ' 26 since her Freshman year. In studies, athletics, society, and Student government activities, Katherine has been a leader. Ca.m.mii; Odessa Worth ixoton B.S., H.E. WINTKRVILLE, X. C. Ho " Cam " — modest, unselfish, loyal with a sense of humor and originality that make her the " life " of any crowd. She has found her way into the heart of many a member of the opposite sex who have been made to fall under the spell of her at- tracti eness and magnetism. Mii,mri;d LiciLE AVvxxe A.B. BIRMIN ' CH. M, ALA. Alctliiian; Cliarter Member of Alellieiati Society Hi itati ' bcr 01 Plavliker.e; Stase Manager of Playlikeis (3. 41; A.ssistant Business ManaKer " Corartili " (2); Eiliicatiin Club (3i: Spanish club (3. 4); Collcfe Choir (1. 2. 3. 4); French Club (1, 2. 3. II. " Skinny " is one of the hardest workers on the campus. Day and night she collects properties for the Playlikers and manages the maneuvers of the stage. The fact is that she is indispensa- ble because of her good nature and perseverance. Senior Class .M()Zi:i,i.i; ' I ' .i.Tox B.S.M. LA V [)ALF, . C. I ' liM.niv ilul. 12. ?K If; Basel.rtll SqiiM.l I :: i . Y. r. A. l-lioir C;. 41; i-oll.-i;.- I ' ( :i. 41.,;,- tinn i-|ul (41. " The trouble is small, the fun is Rreat. " Vcs, fun-loving, mischievous — that is Velton. Hut the tone of gniety to which she is usually keyed is a thing of the surface, not hiding, but enhancing her more essential traits. Yelton is independent, determined to lead her own life in her own way. She is, in fun, in work, in love — especially one would say, in love. Elizaketh Vol XG A.B. SMITHFIELD, X. C. form-li.-iri; ( ' l.-i. is Ba.scball T.-ani II. L ' ::. Ii: i-|:i s l;;i rhall Manafi r (2); I); Varsity llork (4); Spanlsli I lull (4); Fn nc h ilul. I :;. 41; I ' las- ! ii-al dull (1). Lib is both a good sportsman and a good sport, an irresistible combination. Her creed of the athletic field is one of honorable and generous rivalry and loyalty. She carries that creed with her into her daily life; in the class-room, in the society hall, in all her contact with her fellow stiulent i, she is a challenge to us always to " Play up, play up! and play the game! " ' l •| R l) Ki dor.a ' olxgixir A.B. A.SIIKVILI.K, N ' . C. . l.■l|.hi •lull. •2 1 ; !■• ■23- ;i- ' 25. " Hold on, there ' s better yet! " Of course, Eu- liora is diligent, has broad, good sense, likes math, has high, worthy ideals, but more than that, vjie ' s independent, resourceful, enduring, true, and -incere. Her sense of humor softens all and flashes forth in grand outbursts of wit — rich ith that colors life and makes folk say not only " I ' .u-adnr-er, " but " 1-ador-er, " too. Hi.ANcHi; Mai; Zi.m.mer.m.vx A.U. I.KXINCrOX, N. c. llllO ' A most adtnirable personality, even in modern age, is surely marked by ralmnc- renity, and sincerity. Blanche is cast of metal. We think of her as one slow to always u ing good common sense, not mii real flavor of humor. Those who know he say that " of such comes success. " such peak. Senior Ch Carol ' ix Elizabeth Zoellkr K.S., P.E. TARBORO, N. C. l lk( an; Freshman Commis Spanish Club (1, 2); Class (2. 4); Vice-Presi(li nt Dramatic Association (3); • irculation Manager " Carolinian " (3); Fire Lieu- l.nant (4); Class Cheer Leader (4); A. A. Caljinet III: Education Club (4); Soccer (4); Hil inB (1, -. :i. I). Oci Mill need snme scenery shifted? Ask " Zu. " ' imr cut tinker tied up? Call " Zu. " Someone to fix your curtains or make your dress fiang straight? Hunt " Zu. " Though the field of ath- letics is her specialty, she " ill help with all these things and more. " Ask Zu, " we say, " she ' ll do it well. " To the Seniors " May what we are be all we might have been, And that potential, perfect, C) my friend. And may there still be many sheafs to glean In our love ' s acre, comrade, till the end. And may we find, when ended is the page. Death but a tavern on our pilgrimage. " -From The It ' ord by John Masefield. SLN I OK PRESCRIPTIONS - ' My % GOOD PILMENTS m !f J i ' me A jdles Nine " U-S IX le Ckronicles of ' 26 ISTORIES, as class histories go, hegin custoiiiaril with " the first clav we were at col- lege " and pursue their detatiled course until " c come to the end or that perfect da , " — [lo more nor no less than that graduation day. Trusting that a mere mention of the liefore-college " days of our class will not depart too far froin the traditional re(|uire- ments, 1 venture a word or two. To go into the noisy preparation of high school of each individual of the largest class to graduate from this college up to this time would lie to demand the typing space of two suih volumes as you now hold and vould exemplify extreme conceit i n the writer. Ouring the months of May and June, 1922, there was in the minds of no less than 750 girls in North Carolina and more than thirty other states, as statistics show, a mental vision of that day four years in the dim future when she should hold the genuine sheepskin hearing, not the seal of Klank High School, but the Minerva head of N. C, picturing herself a mcjdel of the typified wisdom. Summer preparations and a fall train landed at the gloomy Greensboro station the same 750 girls, high school graduates, college freshmen, the class of ' 26. " Get your baggage checked here ' broke through the occasioned gloom and ' 26 got its first taste of line-ups. Citv girls mingled in common misery with their country classmates, and ' 26 yet ignorant of its class colors paled white with fear and registered green. Jammed street cars literally dumped the new freshies into the arms of the waiting class of ' 24, the Big Sisters, and the returned W. representatives. Led to their rooms, the weary freshmen of ' 26 began their first night ' s rest at N. C. " Thus endeth the first day, " and thus ends an experience forever implanted in the mind of anv N. C. freshman. Registration days, trials and trihulatloiis followed in due turn, and the class, having furnished the customary amusement for the uppcr-classrnen, began work. " I ' nited we stand, " thought the freshmen, when Dorothy Jordan of .Xsheville was elrcteil mistress of the green class. Green and white were officially accepted as colors and the motto, " Truth, " adopted together with the white rose as class flower. Sara Harrison of Greensboro made her debut as mascot at the next " (iathering of the (ireen, " the name bv which future class meetings of ' 26 were to be known. The Court of College Life formally opened its doors to the new class the first week, the first social of the season, followed in October by the " Follies of ' 25, " presented In that class to the freshiuen and establishing good-will between sophistication and greenness. ' 2+ followed with a " Backwards Party, " when the guests were apparently rudely greeted " good-b e " at the entrance and were hesitant to leave when the " hellos " rained freely at the exit. Physical exams, medical exams, Ihanksgiving boxes, and numerous smiles hinted stroTigl of the approaching holidays. Preparations for returning at the end of two weeks received the paralxzing shock when letters from Or. Gove announced another two veeks ' holiday due to the fait that health conditions warranted the delay. Exams and their ever-ready companions, the billet-doux, followed, with field day close in their wake, when the class of green and white were formally awarded the championship cups for both baseball and tennis. To Emily Cate. present president of the -Athletic . ' ssociation, went the first monogram ever presented to a freshman in the history of the college. Johnsie Henry, elected " Sportsmanship " in 1924, was for two suc ced- ing years the individual high scorer on fiekl day. On the following night the first .Athletic , sso- ciatiori bantjuet was held. An Easter forever ccmspicuous in college history for its lack of holidavs preceded wliat was considered the most original entertainuu-nt in several years, when ' 2 . c(jrulucted iheir iunirjr sisters on a ftireign tour. The class song of ' if, had been sung for the first time at a fall mass meeting, with Mildred the first time at a fall mass meeting, with Mildn Little, president during the spring term, as composer, and Julia Blauvelt as author of wiirds. June and home-bound trains prove synonyinous for N. C. girls, and June trains carried hon for the summer vacation ne.irly 750 N. C. ex-freshmen, togel of upper-classmen. September trains broughl back ne.irlv 700 sophomores, " tlu the struggle to live up to the " sophister moros " began. llu- the year chose Johnnie Hcilig of Salisbury as president. Sophomore entertainment again spectacularly manifesiid seniors in close wake cjf the animal agons followed the sojdi parad dagoes, g |isies, and circus feats drevv ijitcrcstcci s|Hctalor.. with mc .re th: " the san ise t St ■( .ol lat Id tha ing 1 llie ( sell wl ; Xoveni ininilni i ids, „he Pyne Needles 1 Society bids brought welcomed opportunities for " getting it baclv " on the freshmen, and orders to " clean my room " or " polish my shoes " showered heavily, ordeal which in our sophistication we ould feign call " hazing. " An intermission of two weeks hailed the inevitable exam schedule and ' 27 found common sympathy with ' 26. Ellen Stone of Greensboro was elected president for the spring term. ' 26 had, during the preceding semester, entertained ' 27 at a Sophomore-Freshman Prom at the Hut. Sophomores figured largely in the Alumnae Building campaign, put on in that year, and still more largely in the snake dance on Elm Street when the merry-makers held up traffic and atten- tion for some time, as well as meriting a front page story in the Daily News. Field Day victories heralded last mass meetings and seniors took formal leave of the student body to the doleful accompaniment of ' 26, the little sister class ' farewell songs. Easter vacation, new clothes and diamonds, followed by June, and ' 2f deserted the ranks of the sophs for the more mature one of Juniors. To notice the trains in September would have hinted, however, that ' 26 had chosen to go back- ward rather than forward in its college flight, but for the explanatioii that the Cireen and Whites, consoling themselves for the loss of ' 24, had adopted little sisters of their own and were returning to " show ' em over the place. " Frances Harrison of (jreensboro headed the characteristically jolly bunch. Junior-Freshman entertainment for the ear took the form of a child party when trim maids led boys and girls to Spencer gym and more than an afternoon of entertainment. A manful struggle with the almost compulsory psychology haunted the greater part of ' 26 and exempting final experiments ran abroad through the land, iiuiocent under-classmen often per- ceiving themselves being forcefully jerked from their grinding courses to serve as subjects for psychological experiments. Christmas, exams, and billet-doux slipped hazily into the background when preparations for Junior- Senior began. Secrecy and work brought April 24 to hand and evening-clad gentlemen escorted evening-clad ladies and flowers to banquet-clad halls and Spain. With Bertie Craig and Grey Fetter as senorita toastmistresses for West and South dining halls, the festivities wore on until the hour hand pointed to Sunday and the end. Junior week-end followed soon after, bringing with it senior privileges, a theater part -, a dining room program, and a senior tea Sunda ' aftern-ion. Easter and the end of exams, when seniors proudly donned newly-arrived class rings, the pattern of which had been changed by that class, caught senior cap ' - and gowns, and bade fare- well to the class of ' 25, made the space between ' 25 and senioritv only a matter of three months of vacation. For the third year in succession ' 26 boasted among its ranks the most beautiful in college, as statistics show. The Junior Shoppe had proven a profitable investment under the management of Hilda Weil as chief and Nan Jeter as assistant. Fhe proverbial wash-stand had been de- serted for a new glass show case and a cash register. The keys were handed over to ' 27 when ' 26 returned in the fall to take the places of dignity as heads of the tables and of campus organizations. We vere regarded as objects of awe and oracles to be consulted on all occasions b ' the newly-arrived ' 29-ers, Senior privileges, including the much-treasured extended week-ends, dot the roll books of every senior-instructor who sighs with relief when all his seniors have completed their extension courses and are of necessity content with those on the campus. As this goes to press we find ourselves having spent the last Thanksgiving at N. C, but look- ing as eagerly forward to the approaching Christmas holidays as we did as freshmen three years ago, to Junior-Senior when we shall be the guests of honor, to Easter and to June and the coveted sheepskin so eagerly dreamed of four years ago as high school graduates, regretting at the same time the hour when we as students shall sing together our college song, or that one nearer to us, — the song of ' 26, trusting, however, that we as " other daughters gone before may urge others to work anew, and inspiration leave behind, Oh ' 26, to you. " Effie Taylor, Historian. 96 J 1 Class PropKecy June lo, 1950. 1 rolleague, Miss Landon, rushed into the room in a fever of excitement. In fact, I had not seen her so enthusiastic since we began our experiments «ith oysters to determine the different effects obtained upon reading iambic pentameter and free verse to them. Her ardor had only been similar in her daily vacation Bible school in the mountains. Ihis she was forced to abandon because of lack of space. " Wonderful! Marvelous! " she cried. " Have you read Henderson ' s latest pamphlet, ' The Triumph of the Shell ' ? " I confessed my ignorance. " Weil, " she continued, " you remember in our Senior year in college psychologists proved that the Edwardses weren ' t really good and the Jukes weren ' t really bad. Immediately, the foremost scientists jet to work to prove that environment was really the determining force in the universe. .• nd, after all these years, here are the results. And what do you think? But wait — I ' ll read it. " In perpetrating our research on the primacy of environment in determining the ultimate char- acter of an organism, atid most especially of a human being, it was necessary for us to consider the following points: Our group must be varied as to personnel. The environment, for a period of time, must be exactly the same. Then, the careers of the individuals were to be traced and the results would determine, in a measure, the influence of the environment. Looking around for such a group, we were at once impressed with the class of ' 2ft of the North Carolina College for Women as unsurpassable material. These girls were gathered together from widely different localities and circumstances. .After being under the influence of the institution for four years, all have attained unusual distinction and success. We publish below an account of their achievements since leav- ing college. We only wait your perusal of these statistics to be sure of your agreement that environment is greater than Jieredity. To this class America owes many of its most visionary and far-reaching inventions. What mother is not familiar with Miss Harrison ' s machine for giving children the weekly bath — the Sat-O-Soap? What movie goer has not witnessed in the Splathe News the first trial of it by Matron Fetter of the Sittersnn Orphan Home? There is the great discovery of the only method in existence for mending broken hearts. Miss Rosemond has contributed this to medical science. Miss (Jholson inaugurated the straight and narrow bob, which is the only hair-cut ministers approve of. Even such orthodox clergy as the Reverend Matthews, Gibson, Ward and Worth- : — »..., .....1, -.-.. : f..- .,:..!. ,....1.... cf ., .. t ...,„ ' t .. 4:,..- i? r w .u- 11 -u , M m m m Si (lieniivt ha e hail iiervmis pni tration in attempting to finil the chemical base nf the course. In advertising the pills the services nt Kllcn Baldwin, the witty rhvinester, have heen emplnycd. Their slogan is the Inllowiiif;: " Take our pill Do what you will You ' ll make one still. " Wealthiest ol all the erst-while students of the class of ' zh are Corinnc C ' annad , Klizalieth Morissey, and Mary K. t)rr, who invented house boats as smnmer homes for the four huiulred. These are anchored just outside the three-mile limit for the summer mouths and the residents go to and from the coast in Sutton Motor Sailers. Some of the choicest sites were immediately bought by Hartsell and Slaughter, the celebrated manufacturers of week-end bags, aiid Johnsie Henry, who won the world ' s record in Arabia in running a mile for a camel. But perhaps the one invention which is to mean most to future generations is that of Katherine Sherril. It is a self-rolling super-size baby carriage. It will hold two pairs of twiiis comfortably. It is said that she was first inspired to this work by her own dear brood of youngsters. From the ranks of the class of ' 26 the world of letters has received many of its most promi- nent members. We need only to mention tho titles of the following books whose names are on ever ' tongue: " The Way to a Man ' s Heart " — a practical Home Economics textbook for college students, by Alexander, Ne vton, Harri[igton, and McCullers. " Metropolitan Astronomv " — a review of the stars on Hroadwav — Fanning and Hail. " From Hawl to Hall " — or " The Evolution of Mathematics " — by G. Baker. " Concordance of the Bible and Paradise Lost " — May Fields. " Directory of N. C. Young Men from Mebane to the Coast " — a unicpic book which no North Carolina girl is without — by Jeter Burton. " New Translation of Miserables. " which corrects all mistakes in former translations — Cora E. Clarke. " New Translation of Virgil " — by Ethel Midyette. ' Fhis book far surpasses any previous attempts of the kind. It is accompanied by a preface by Miss Boddie. All readers nf the latest novels have read: Miss Atkinson ' s novel of the Eternal Triangle entitled, " Ever Frank and Ernest; " F lizaheth Gaskin ' s melodrama, " The Red Lampwick, " and McLawhorn ' s " Rural Romance. " A uni(|uc book on home decorating is by Hayward. It is entitled " The Use of Brown in the Home. " Two outstanding poetrv collections are the volume of pathetic love lyrics by the retiring and shy Mary Clyde Johnson, and " Songs in Spanish " by Miss Teiser. Miss CJoodwiii ' s book, however, has made the greatest sensation. It was suppressed in this country, but is extensively used as a textbook in the Russian schools. It is said to be essentially red in character. Kate C. Hall has become famous writing plays. The only adverse criticism of her plays usually is that all her heroines of vhatever tvpe are named Florence. Two libraries arc the result of the philanthropic Interests of numbers of the class of ' fi. Jane Davidson has established a library from which students are allowed to take books for an un- limited length of time without the formality of signing cards. Kathryn Price and Nan Jeter are in charge of a special library for college students. A ] stu- dents are admitted to the stacks, but the books are fastened to the sh-lves by chains. When the book wanted is chosen, the librarian is called and unlocks the book from the shelf bv a secret combination. Grace Williams and Eudora Younginger, the noted math sharks, are employed to remember the combinations. Tn consequence of this. Louise White and Frances We ' ch htve mole quite a fortune on their " Nail Restorer. " It is extensively used, as many students have broken their nails endeavoring to find combinations for their favorite books. One of the most outstanding members of the class in Hermene Warlick, the listinc: of w ho ' .e achievements has made it necessary to publish a special DeLuxe edition of " Wh-i ' s ' ho. " In piano, she now holds the place formerly occupied by DePachman. She has also invented a new method of teaching arithmetic by the color method. She writes for " Snipp - Stories " and " Scream World " and is married to the principal of the South Buffalo High School. Some other prominent Green and Whites whose names appear in Who ' s Who are: GwendoKn Weaver and Mary Frances Albritton. who invented the dance called the " Pomona, " which quite eclipsed the ancient Charleston; Janie (jooch, the great Educator, who introduced the nicture method of teaching children: and Hilda Weil, whn is famous on two continents for her " Physical Ed. School for Infants. " Children are not admitted, however, under three months s i age. Man nf the incinbcr iif the clavs have en tered the field of politics. Harriet Hro«n is a justice of the Supreme Court. However, she continues her work in dramatics, as she is so closely allied to the World Court, that any case she has is automaticallv turned over to the World Court. Katherine Wolff and Mary McNeely have organized a Junior Voung Voters ' Club Thev give lectures on international affairs in rhyme for the radio in place of the old-fashioned bed- time story. CJeorgia Kirkpatrick is a member of the State l.eRislature. The people of the state are more inteMiKent than ever before since she introduced the adoption of a bill which makes it compulsory for every voter in the state to subscribe to the tJreensboro Daily News. Evelvn Wi ' kins is in charge of making seat assignments for the members of the League ' of Nations Onlv Ivelyn ' s infinite tact and geographical knowledge have prevented manv an international cata- clvsm. Nelhe Irvin is running for governor on the platform of " More Milk for our School Children. " Mildred Little is her campaign manager and has influenced manv voters bv her stirring rendition of the campaign song, " Where is Mv (;lass of Milk To-Night ' ' Marv Nisbct the famous advocate of woman ' s rights, is well known, also, for her four divorce cases She divorced four husbands on the ground that thev interfered with her career Doris Wheeler and Lni. Williamson are prominent labor leaders. The Russian government is run largelv bv the " npnrted socialist agitators, Celestia Weeks, Alma Kail, and Marjorie Aiken Lirtha Stack IS C hief Justice of the Inited States Supreme Court. As may be expected, many became educators. Varied tvpes of institutions of learning are glad to boast of members of the class of ' 26 as founders or members of their facultv Ihetis Shepard, who is teaching Latin at Chicago Iniversitv, gives a course in CJreek deriva lives for Freshmen. President Eaker of Elon has recentiv added Huldah McDaniel and Thelma Moose to the faculty. Elizabeth McCartv is head of the Latin department at the Iriiversitv of N. C. Agnes Stewart is a visiting teacher, having an itinerarv of the North Carolina and lennessee mountains She is striving to teach music appreciation to the natives. Esther Leah Epstein and Louise I ate have had marked success in a novel experiment thev are conducting 111 Primary education. They are in charge of a consolidated school at South Bufl alo The students conduct the school by the project method, and instruct themselves so e ' hcientiv thit Miss Epstein and Miss Tate only have to attend school once a week to hold a social vith the children This IS done to keep the feeling of personal contact between the students and teachers. Lvehn Hoyd. Wombra McCombs, Loreta Mooney, Pauline Short and Hazel Cockerham are teaching m mission schools in the South Sea Islands. Marv Alice Fowler and Lucille Avcock are teaching mocking birds public school music. This helps the state to economize as the children m the primary grades learn ,0 follow the birds in singing scales, etc., and the number of teachers can be reduced. The birds are raised by Eugenia Powell and Martha Pierce. Ionise Frvin and Mary (,ary have a select school for refined young ladies. Miss Ervin teaches knitting and ,V ' , " „l7 ' i;, " u i ' k " ' " -JT " . V ' ' V ' ' ' " " " ' " ' " " ■ " ' " ' = " eti,|uette. A school for the I , J 1 u L 1 . . . ....! ..... ... ,,ir luie ans ana ciKiuelte. A schoo for the deaf and dumb has been established by Dorothy Hale and Sara lamison. The pupils are said to be -luite content not to speak, as their teachers do enough talking for all. Ina Seaford and .A.. l.e Wilson have made extensive investigations in intelligence tests to be used as entrance xaminations for N. C. C. W. and other state colleges. Their most conspicuous rival is rM I enr who ■- ' ■; ■ " .« to establish grades in a pre-college course in Word Studv as the ba is of entrance. Julia Mclver is athletic coach of the new college called N. C. Jr. whi, w- s ■on ' e ' e foVwome7 " v " ' " " ' • " h ' " " f " ' " , ' ' " ' P-P-- " " ' -- - ool for the ' NoVth CaroUi ia In n C,, II o ,1, , I-, ' ■■• " ' r ' ' ' " ' " ' " ' ' " " " " ' " " ' ■ = ' ' " fing to a statement made he Rockv S h o?r " " •■ ' " " " , " •. •■ " ' " ■- « ' ' ; ' • " is making „uite a success of her enterprise, ine Koik School of Journalism, ' in Havward County Nor h.-,s the lecture platform been without celebrated additions from this remarkable class e-ir we HiMTh folLvinV uT " % " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , " " ' " K E- tern colleges during the currei,; ear we hnd the following: lelene {.rifhn is making an extensive tour of colleges from Florida to Maine, speaking on a subiect dear to her heart- " The Value of the Summer School a Social Institution. Margaret E. Smith has consented ,0 leave her classes in the I inco n Schoo i itv " " A,;;:; T r ' - " ' ' - ' " ' ' • ' " ' ' ' " " « " " ■■ ' ' ' ' A lvantages of Teaching i a Vag ( 1. . Amiel.ula Marine is on a prominent lecture course. Her subject is ' ■(Joulash its ( ' aus s aI ' v, " 7, ' ' r " - ' = " ' ' ' ' ' " " ' " ' • " ' ' ' " " - Presentation of her subject Margaret Bale and Alia Meredith lecture r,n " The Negative Correlation of Insomnia and InteliK i ' cf ' ' Flea , r anneman gives quaint, old-fashioned lectures on ancient subjects. The mo t pop hr ne hans because most nove , s " In e Olde Dtv W ir,,.,.i. t i- ■ • " ' " ost popular, pertiaps, trapping cuncern, avow that her bcnr, ( , ' " ' " , " " " ' " f ' -iKe a gigantic biological cat- 11 fc rn, that her Ictur, first i„sp,re,l them to become what thev are to-dav. II Mi M 13 ii Many of these former North Carolina College students have shown almost startling abilities in the business «orld. Vc have only to mention the name of the McDaniel Family car factory at Elon and our audience is alerl. But there are other equally important names to add to these. Mary Nelle Connor, Margaret Copeland and Ruth English have opened a restaurant on the top of the Cooper building, which is 125 stories high. Miss Cooper, the owner of this massive structure, made her millions on mouse-traps — college style a specialty. Evelyn Stephenson and Marie Coxe are proprietorcsses of a flourishing shoe store at Alamance. Elizabeth Ashby, Lois Spaugh and F loise Sparger have a sport model pharmacy in which they entertain their many friends, business and otherwise. Lois Justice and Bertie Craig are joint owners of a little art shop in Kimesville. Miss Craig, unable to uproot her love for Pine Needles, makes a specialty of Balsam pillows, while Miss Justice sells a complete line of Christmas cards made from exclu- sive models obtained from Mrs. Wcathcrspoon ' s course in Fine and Industrial Arts. Mary Alice Gray has a Book Store in Grub Street, London. Lavinia Thomas is nearer the site of her Alma Mater and sells her distinctive mortorcvcles in Franklin, North Carolina. The greatest com- mercial success, however, has been achieved by Pace Barnes and Aleph Cason, the hot-dog manufacturers. The prestige of their firm is largely the result of their introduction of the greatest juvenile delicacy of the past decade, — the hot puppy. The famous members of the bar are Mary Bunn, Ruth Farlow and Margaret Hudson. Miss Hudson first became renowned when appearing in the world famous Feagan-Mode-r)obbins tri- angle. The question was which should retain the affection of a man whom all had under consideration. The lawyer most ably and quickly settled this by appropriating the man in question temporarily, herself. It would be expected that a class of such varied talent woud make its contribution to the stage and the motion pictures. But one is scarcely prepared for the stupendous array of celebrities which it can claim in these fields. The chorus of the Zimmerman Follies, which have long since eclipsed Ziegficld ' s, can boast of Annie Crouch, Eva Eurc, Bert McCrummon, Elsie Brame, Marjorie Hood, Ina Chapelle and Ora Finch among its number. To the movies have gone Margaret Halyhurton, Annie Smith Henderson, Mary Anna Hobbs and Lucille Moore. Car- lotta Barnes, Mozelle Yelton, Blanche Boyd and Annie Lee Champion have risen to even more exalted heights than this. They are singing in Grand Opera in Chccko-Slovakia. The language was hard for them to grasp at first, but they soon mastered it with the aid of Essie Call ' s invaluable manual, " Easy Method of Learning All Languages— English Included. " Sara Frank- lin is starring in the popular musical comedy, " Booful Baby Talk. " Elizabeth Young and Caroline Zoeller are dancing on Broadway. The variety of ability shown bv the class is well illustrated by the mention of the circus performers. Tallu Crumley and Nolie McDonald are tight rope walkers in the Shore-Cline circus; Pearl Keller is the Lion Tamer, while Margaret Lyon charms audiences and snakes. Norma Willis has an exclusive Beauty Parlor. Her facials are famous in forty-eight states. They arc of special value in relaxing the muscles of the face just before a trying experience — the senate, for example. Science is indeed indebted to Margerie Chapman for her discovery of how to make pictures of electrons. These pictures are very soothing used as a remedy for delirium tremens. The main cures have been effected on Charles King, May Klutz, and Pearle White. Dorothy Stephens is a famous surgeon. Her contribution to materia medica was the discovery that brains could be plasticized by operation and careful manipulation of the gray matter. Louise Dixon is a veterinarian. Doris Richardson and Edith Powell have adopted nursing as their profession. They w-ere inspired to engage in this life work because of delightful associations at the N. C. C. W. infirmary. But while these have been renowned bv ministering have not been lacking who have made their life work a spiritual difliculties. Ruth Ader is the president of the W. V. A. C. S. (Wo Smoking). Affiliated with her are Mary .Anderson and Louise Ballard. Sara Brawley is matron of our old ladies ' home. Aylene Edwards and Elizabeth Cowan are conducting Baptist confer- ence tours. Students may leave with them in the fall and continue the itinerarv until June. They are planning a trip to Mars when Mary Stuart has her B. Y. P. V. sufficiently organized there. It was on one of her Martian trips that Mary Stuart came across the two members of the class whose uncertain locality had held up the publication of this book. Thev were sighted half way between the earth and Mars where they were taking eager crowds to trv Ether baths as an aid to beautiful complexions. Katherine Grantham and Ruth McLean having evolved a religion of reason are now in Mexico teaching it to the Aborigines. Lena Keller accompanies them to give a philosophical basis for their emotional acceptances of the Grantham-McLean doctrines. the bodih attempt to of mankind, others e their mental and I ' nion for Abolishing Cigarette ..dies Aiding science and, incidentally, humanity in a very different but valuable way, is Ethel Watson, who raises sharks for Zoological laboratories; Leta Warren is in the business of catching frogs and growing earthworms for a similar purpose. There are several prominent names among the lists of great producers of commodities, Food Kings, in a word. Clara Lee Hyatt, Lydia Pierce Morton and Elise Harrison have a farm in Vancey County where they raise goats and sweet potatoes to supply the growing demands of N. C. C. W. Sara Lou Jenkins and Elizabeth Ogburn have a cod fish pond which is also under the auspices of N. C. This work would be drab at times were it not for the fact that Inah Kirkman and Laura Dry give it the aesthetic touch by rearing goldfish. Frances Dickin- son raises raspberries. Elizabeth Geiger began as her co-worker, but now confines herself to her unsurpassed garden of pinks. Varied indeed are the activities to which members of this class have given a hand. Audrey Krencgar is the audacious umpire in aeroplane races. Mary Moore Deaton and Lolita Cox exercise the laughing hyenas at the Central Park Zoo. They take alternate weeks, as the con- tinual giggling of the hyenas is grating on the nerves. This position, however, is, they state, infinitely superior to teaching gym to college freshmen. Vail Gray has carried off the high diving record at the Olympic games three times in succession. Eftie Meacham has introduced a new style of dinner called " The Repeater. " It is to be found in all up-to-date etiquette books. Venice Davenport and Elizabeth Elliot are traffic cops in Greensboro. This position gives them an opportunity to be downtown constantly. Johnnie Heilig is corresponding secretary to states departments for a prominent woman ' s club. Emily Cate is at the Chicago exposition, giving an exhibition of her sweaters. She has won the largest number of any athlete in the western hemisphere. Ellen Stone heads the " Lettum Smoke " movement, which was started at the North Carolina College in 1927. She was probably influenced by Irene Stroupe arid Mabel Taylor, who are operating cigarette factories, or Dare Maynard and Ruby May, who are wealthy tobacco planters. Sara CJulley and Annie Lee Gentry own a mammoth hose factory. They have made so much money that they are able to give their salesmen whole pairs of stockings as samples. Carrie McLean Taylor is employed by the Australian government to teach imported .American fish the . ustralian crawl. Brooks Johnson has had many of her pictures exhibited at the Roval . " Academy in London. She has made many fortunes from the sale of these pictures, but has sunk them all in ships. Ruth liinnant is a confirmed sportswoman. Her favorite game is Bob Whites. Agnes Reeks, Marjorie Perkins, Clarkie Pierce and Bessie Noble, after teaching for some time, are now producing a play of school life entitled " They Shall Not Pass. " Mary Katherine Fisher and ivian Smith are professional baseball players. They took the laurels from Babe Ruth shortly after their graduation. Ethel Johnson has a position playing the new $100,000 organ in the North Carolina College auditorium. Eftie Taylor publishes a weekly called " Giglcts. " It is written for by the great wits of the nation. A prominent place is given to Gertrude Boone ' s department called " Cute Sayings of Second (irade Children. " Mary Kate McLamb is the illus- trator of the periodical. Winnie D. Moore and Virginia Smith are responsible for the installa- tion of the new electric elevators now used in Main and .Mclvcr buildings. The Cherokee Indians no longer arc forced to be content with tom-toms. Susan Steele and N ' irginia Wilson are now teaching them to play the ukelele. ' irginia Pearson, Marv Polk and Elizabeth Rineheart are making a study of undomesticated animals in Australia. Nellie McSwain i «ith the expedition and makes a special study of giraffes. Susie Wall Robertson is the archi- tect of the new N. C. C. W. picture show which is operated by Serena Meadows, and in which were shown the exclusive photos of the Barker-Burroughs polar trip. Edith Wilson, Bettc Wil- liams, and ' ance Thompson are responsible for the chute-the-chutes which have been installed in the (;rand Canyon of Colorado. One of the most novel professions, however, is that of Mary .Vlewborn and Emma Leah Watson. I ' hey take care of (he babies checked at balls. In spite of the way they may have voted as to professions, or marriage for women, the fol- lowing members of the class are married happily or otherwise and have given up other careers. We concbule with these: Living in Brown Stone Mansions on Riverside Drive are: Lina Tarleton, Rubv Ashe, Eliza- beth (irossman, and Willie Dellinger. While selling real estate in Florida, Skinnev Deaton eloped with a N.ible. Kathleen Dyer is married to a government official in Washington, and Eula Belle Farmer is married to a famous preacher. We have presented the statistics. We leave it to the unbiased judgment of our readers to pronounce the sentence. .And now abideth heredity, environment and the organism, but the greate-t of these is environment. Jui.iA Blauvelt. " C Iid j Wii J, m ii... V.j i ' ;« ' M ' S J fe. Junior Class OFFICERS MaRV Zeal Prtndtnt Nina Smith ict-Prcsidtnt Christie Adams Seciftary Sarah Patterson Treasurer Slsax Borden Critic Sarah Johnson Cheer Leader BeviE Vilson Junior Shop Manager 1 Mary Sue Hall and " Sosny Boy " Johnsdv Mascots of Class of ' 2y Colors: Red and White Fhivrrs: Red and White Rose Motto: Courage and Purity Class Song Let evcrv voice sing the praise Of the Class of Red and White. Our hearts are gay with loud acclaim; For you we ' ll always fight. C wrus We ' ve gathered here from far and near; We ' ve worked, we ' ve fought, we ' ve played; And through it all we cherish most I ' hc friendships we have made. And now, old Alma Mater, dear, We pledge our love anew; By courage and by purity We ' ll be forever true. los Junior Class ( ) Adams, Christii-: .... TownsvilU ' , N. C .Axr.l.ix, (Ir.xci; Hvirnsvilk-, . C. Armmi:!.!) Bi.. NCHi: . . . Concord , . C. .Ilil iiian .Alstix, JACKii; Nashville, N. C. Pihiin IJaii.i;- . Va I, a C . . . Stony Point, N. C. . , ,- . m« Harmir, Francis I .- slK-viIle, N. C. Barxhardt. .Axxii- C. . . . Concord, N. C. .Ilrl u-ian liARTox, Eleanor . . . Greensboro, N. C. Cor7iilian Junior Class Halghan, Phoebil Atlanta, Cja. .llelhAan Hell, Lalra M Magsville, N. C. .LItlf ' iian Benson-, Helen U Renlsvillc, N. C. Dikran Hlal(ick, May Norwood, N. C. HoNEV, Annette Welilon, N. C. Cornrlian HoNiTZ, Marjiirii . . . ' ilniiiigton, N. C. .IJilp iian HoRDEN, .SlSAN ( iolii.boro, N. C. .l l,-l ' iian HtJLNDS, KlLICE Wcldon, N. C. Corndian Junior Class ' Bo n, Sara D Townsville, N. C. )l Dikean HoM,Es, Mallie M. . Winston-Saleni, N. C. Adrlpliian Branch. Doris Enfield, N. C. Adrlphian Brock, Evelyn W Trenton, N. C. Aiiflfhian Brooks, Ruth P SmithfielH, N. C. AAelphian Brown, Annie Meta . . . Sanford, N. C. Aletheian Brown, Willie Meta . . Salisbury, N. C. Alethtian Bullock, Gladys Stem, N. C. Adtlphian Junior Class Cannady, Martha C Dunn, N. C. Cornelian Cartland, Marjorie . . Greensboro, N. C. Adelpliian Clapp, Helen E. . . . Greensboro, N. C. Dikean Clark, Zelma . . . Jackson Springs, N. C. Cornelian Clarke, Helen R Eufola, N. C. Cornelian Clinard, Margaret . . High Point, N. C. Aletheian Clinard. Neli High Point, N. C. Adelpliian Cline, Mary Louise . . . Hickory, N. C. Adelpliian u Junior Class Collins. Blanche Sylva, N. C. Adelphian Coi N ' CIL, Mar - E. . . Mount Airy, . C. Corniiuin C(n i:x. Viola .... Ruthertonlton, N. C. Dtkitin Cux, Catharin ' r .... (jreensboro, N. C. .-Iclrtfliian Cranmlr. Alick .... Southport, N. C. Cornitian CRAvnx, Mar- Fran ' ces . . Raleigh, N. C. Cornelian Creech, THEL LA Benson, N. C. Dikean Crevelixg, Dorothy . . Mount Airy, N. C. Dikiiin Junior Class Crew. Elsie Pleasant Hill, X. C. Cornelian Crowder, Jeanette .... Raleigh, N. C. Dikian Crowsux, lixe . . . Goldsboro, N. C. Cornrlian Davenport, Ruth .... Sanford, N. C. Cornelian Daviixson, Margaret . . Mooresville, . C. Dikean Daves, Lii.liav H Xewbern, . C. Dikean Deans, Minnie W ' ilson, . C. Dikean Dock, Ei.izareth . . . Wilmington, . C. Dikean Junior Class DosTER, Dafhine Gibson, N. C. Dikean Dry. Helex Gary, N. C. Dikeart Dudley, Josephine Corfu, N. Y. Dikian DuNHA.M, Mary E. . . . Salisbury, N. C. Adelphian Evans, Elizabeth Franklin, Va. Alilheian Fearing, Maxine . . Elizabeth City, N. C. Adelphian Fleming, Helen . . . China Grove, N. C. Adelphian Fleming, Ola .... China Grove, N. C. Adelphian Junior Class FoscuE, Marie Maysville, N. C. .Ilfthrian Foster, Sara T Statesville, N. C. .itetheian Fi LLER, Vernelle .... Kittrell, N. C. Dikean GiBBs, Elizabeth W. . Lake Landing, N. C. Alelheian Gilbert, Louise .... Statesville, N. C. Dikean Gilbert, Margaret K. . . Statesville, N. C. A Aelpliian Gill, Clara E Henderson, N, C. Dikean GiLLV, F ILLV Spray, N. C. Dikean Junior Class GooD.MAX, ' lRClN ' lA . . . Salisbury, N. C. .Lltlfliian Cjordun. Irune Nashville, X. C. Cornelian CjRELN, DoRUTH ' i ' .... Northside, X. C. Corncitan Grheni;, Xao.mi .... Henderson, X. C. Dikran Ck x,ok . K ATHARiNK C. . (jreensboro, X. C. .Idflflnan Grogan, Elhaxor .... Stoneville, X. C. C.nrneitan Grogan, Haze:i Atlanta, Ga. Cornelian Grogan. Mary C Statesville, N. C. Cornelian Junior Class Glrg.wls, XdR.M a L. . jack.soin jllc, N. C ( ' ornilian Harris. H. . . . W ' illianiston, N. C. .Llil ' iian IIakris, Kv :l, • Kak-iyh, X. C. Dikrtin H RRis. I.ii.iJAX . . .abcth Cit . N. C UniN, lian H R lA, Ml Rl.i: ( " iiifton, X. C. Mmiiiir, Ki.i wdr M. . . . Dunn, X. C .llrl ,ria,i llioi., jiisl I ' HlNi; .... Ri),scmar , X. C. Hi;m,i; . .M. r Ri in . . . Dmhani, X. C Cuniiliaa .•• sw ' -.f r . " Junior Class HRN.SI.E , Ila Greensboro, N. C. Cornrlian Hipp. Margaret Charlotte, N. C. .Ilrlhrian Holt, Nina Jo Graham, N. C. Cornilian Howard, Mopkna .... Concord, N. C. n,k,an HowLAND, Elizabeth . . Henderson, N. C. Dititin Hldsox. Hazel Salisbury, N. C. .Idelpliian IAME.S. LrciLE Mebane, N. C. Cornelian Jenkins, Martha .... Tarboro, N. C. Atctheian Junior Class „, Jerome, Flora S Goldsboro, N. C. A ill lu tan B " Johnson, Lillian .... Charlotte, N. C. H v ■ ' - Cornelian ' . ' ' Ht fl bfi V Ov Johnson, Sam Wilkesboro, N. C. Diktan Johnson, Sarah E. . . Rutherford College W ■ B Johnston, Gr.- ce .... Gastonia, N. C. „ ' r tr BT Adelpliian ' ; W Johnston, Jlli. .... Sali.sbury, N. C. ▼ . Dikean _ ms m ' - k A Jones, Ida Elizabeth City, N. C. y, % _ Dikean Jones, Minnie B Charlotte, N. C. f T Dtk,an Junior Class )m:s. Rlth Martin ' . . Charldttc, . C. Dikran Kl-.lA.VM,; . . Wilmington, N. C % Knowlks, Pal line . . . Asheville, N. C. I D:l.-,,i,: Koox, Sali-Ii; Si i; . . . I.incolnton, N. C. Land, Hi;li; .... ilniington, N. C. ( ' firm tutu Lavenofr, EsTFi.i.n . . . Old Fort, N. C. Cornelian Lrwi.s, Katherixi; Dallas, N. C. AAiltiliian LiGox, Jennie D Richiiionii, ' a. Cortulian Junior Class LiXNEW Rl TH .... Roaring River, N. C. Cornflian I iTTLE. Nanc - L. . . . Greensboro, N. C. Cornflian I.LOvu, Thelm.a Spencer, N. C. IJetp iian LoG.AN. M.ARV K Asheville, N. C. .IJflp iian Long. Mariaxna .... Seaboard, N. C Cornffian I,i) vRv. Ethkl Lee .... Morven, N. C Cornelian McCaskii.I,, (lEORGlA . . Fayette ille, . C. .Idelphian McCi.Aix, V. G. . . Riitherfordton, N. C. Cornelian V Junior Class McDlffv, Merry T. . . . Atkinson, N. C. .■i Jetphian f McCjWigax, Elizabeth . . . Enfield, N. C. Adetphian McIxT RE, Anurixa . . . Goldsboro, N. C. AJelpltian McIntvre, Annie .... Maxton, N. C. Adetphian McMasters, Malrine . Greensboro, N. C. Adetphian McNairv, Julia .... Greensboro, N. C. Dikean Markham, Fannie B. . . Durham, N. C. Adetphian Mebane, Elizabeth . . . Newton, N. C. Cornetian Junior Class, Anxie Davis . . . Linden, N. C. Dikean Mendenh.all, Helen . Cjreensboro, N. C. Dikran Meredith, Rosa Tarboro, . C. Ditran Merrimox. Llom) . . . Oak Ridge, N. C. Cornelian Mll.i.ER. Fan ' XIE Biltniore, N. C. Adelpliian Mills. Thelma J. . Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Cornelian Mf)RGAN. Helen .... Hertford, N. C. Cornelian Morgan, Minnie Cj. . . . Colnmbu.s, (la Atellieian " Junior Class XoRRls. Xeli.e . . . Hendersonville, N. C. D ' lkcan Neal, Ora V South Boston, V; Cornelian Noble, Hattie Kinston, N. C. Cornelian Noble, Verxa Deep Run, N. C. Cornelian NoELL. Margaret J. . . . Durham, N. C. Cornelian Oates. Faxxie H. . . . Wilmington, N. C. Dikean ( )grirx. Rebecca Sara ota, Fla. Cornelian Parham, DoROTH-i .... Oxford, N. C. Cornelian Junior Class Parker. Aline Durham, N. C. Cnrnrlian Parker, Elizabeth M. . Goldsboro, N. C. Dikran ' i Parker. Jaxice Lasker, X. C. Dikran Parker. Mollie Cj. . . . Salisbury, N. C. Ditian Patterson-, Sarah . . . Sniithfield, . C. Cornelian Peacock. Serena .... Freemont, . C. C.nrnfUan Pearson. Lilian . . . Greensboro, N. C. ( ' .ornelian Perkins, Ethel . . . p:iizabeth City, N. C " . Ditfan T Junior Class Perkins, Mildrep Lee . Lincolnton, N. C. Cornelian Phillips. Louise Dalton, N. C. Adelphian PiCKARp, Dorothy S. . Wilmington, N. C. Cornelian Potter, Alice D Beaufort, N. C. Dikean Powell, Adelaide . . Winston-Saleni, N. C. Aletheian Powell. ]VLarv L. . . . Mount Airy. N. C. Cornelian Preddv, Lyda High Point, N. C. Dikean Price, Carolina .... Greensboro, N. C. Dikean CC Junior Class Price, Hilda Unionville. N. C. Dikean Proctor, Sadie . . . Rocky Mount, N. C. Cornelian R.AGLAND, Marv Louise . Salisbury, N. C. Adelphian Redfearx. Margaret . . Wadesboro, N. C. Cornelian Reed, Mildred .... Kenansville, . . C. . ' Idelphian Respess. LoL ' lSE . . . Ransomville, N. C. Aletheian Rhvne, Marv Jo . . . Mount Holly, . . C. Cornelian RicK.MOND, Blanche . . Columbia, S. C Adelphian l-l-J- Junior Class Robinson, Ollie Belmont, N. C. Dikean Rogers, Wester Lee . . . Kinston, N. C. Cornelian ROSENTHALL, ELIZABETH . Goldsboro, N. C. Dikean Ross, Minnie Sautee, Ga. Adetphian RovvELL, Helen G Weldon, N. C. Dikean Rldisill, Frances Grouse, N. C. AUtlieian 1 Rldisill, Josephine .... Grouse, N. C. Alel ieian Scarborough, Elizabeth . Huffman, N. G. Alel ieian h -I Junior Class ScARBoRuLCH, Martha . . Kinstoii, N. C. Dik,an Seawell, Elizabeth . . . Sanford, N. C. Cornelian Shlll, Chrissie Newport, N. C. Dit,an Silverman, Esther . . Wilmington, N. C. Cornelian Si.MKiNs, Annie L. . . . Goldsboro, N. C. . let eia Smith, Ives Windsor, N. C. .iletlieian Smith, Louise C. . . . (Ireensboro, N. C. Adelphian Smith, Mary E Greensboro, N. C. AJelphian T " iiltt w . m - " C - T 23i Junior Class ,. Smith, Nina Charlotte, N. C. Adeiphian J Smith, Rebekah Spray, N. C. t B ' Alttheian Am ii V Smith, Viola Weldon, N. C. " E " Cornelian Smoot, Mary Doxnell . . Concord, N. C. ' " Cornelian i;3| SoMERS, Erma F. . . . Stony Point, N. C I ' Alelheian ' ■P! MM| .J Adeiphian Spratt, Frances M. . Mount Holly, N. C. jgtr " B.. Aletheian M kj Stacy, Linda Reidsville, N. C. -if . tn Dikean Junior Class Stamev, Dorothy . . . High Point, N. C. Dtkean Stanford, Margaret . . Alellician Teer, N. C. Stone, Irene Greensboro, N. C. Adelphian Stott, Juanita Wendell, N. C. .Iletheian Sumner. Rcby Alice . . Randleman, N. C. Dikean Tarleton, Gertrude . . Wadesboro, N. C. Dikean Tate, Nannie M. . . . Waynesville, N. C. Adilphian Taylor, Margaret . . . Greensboro, N. C. Adelphian Junior Class Temple, Lillian Sanford, N. C. Dikean Thompson ' , Alice . . . Greensboro, N. C. Dikean ToLAR, Thei.tma . . . Lumberbridge, N. C. Dikran Trask, Madeline . . Wilmington, N. C. Dikran Trogdon. Evelyn . . . Greensboro, N. C. Dikran i . ' -,. f? T soN, Evelyn Mebane, N. C. Dikean Valentine, Sara . . Hendersonville, N. C. Dikean Walker, Lucile .... Pilot Mt., N. C. Adeiphian T " tl Junior CL Waller, Loi lse Kinston, N. C. Ditran Warre.v, Edn- A . ... SilOU- Hill, . C. Ilrtljii,i7t Welloxs, Llcv ... Smithficld, X. C. Ditian WrsTPHAi.. aiAxi.vE J. . . . Halifax, . C. .Urthrian Whesnant, .MA. „E Nk,.,. . Hickorv, . ' . C. ■Ichlphian Whitaker, Pa I line ■ Ufllirian Flbn, X. C. White, Sue ■ llrlhiian .Mi)r)rpsvillc, X. C. ' hitisiue, Beth .llrlheian ■ Kiiri ' , X. C. Junior Class WiLEV, Willie Holt . . Charlotte, N. C. Alrtheian WlLKINS, Marii: . . Hendersonville, N. C. Alrlhcian WiLLLAMS, Mildred . . . Gastonia, N. C. Cornelian Williams, Temime Raleigh, N. C. Alrlheian Williams. Welda W. . . Columbus, Ga. Aletheian WiLsnx, Revie Dunn, N. C. Dikean Wolff, Elizabeth .... Hickory, N. C. Aletheian VRIGHT. Zada Gastonia, X. C. Cornelian T ' Junior Class ARBURULGH, Glexn .... Cary, N. C. Alelheian Zh.alv. Mary Goldsboro, N. C. Dikian m kS4 Pine Needles Nineteen Tiuenty-six 8r Sophomore Class Officers Fall Term Frances Whiskant President WiiHELMiNA Weiland I ' ice-PresUent Sarah Foust Secretary Lucv Tavlor Baird Treasurer Helen Rinehardt Critic Hazel Mull Clieer Leader Catherine Redfearn Clieer Leader Spring Term Virginia Sloan President Virginia Batte Vice-President Marv Lou Fuller Secretary Margaret McIver Treasurer Fadean Pleasants Critic Margaret Land Cheer Leader Hannah Wearn Cheer Leader «J6 J •n t:ii-sj V SUSAXNE Heades " Huri.ev Mascot of Class of ' jS Colors: Lavender and White Motto: Love, Honor, Loyalty Class Song To thee, oh Lavender and White, Our high desires we bring, And pledging now to keep them bright We start our journeying. C iorus As it unfolds its colors fair, The Lavender and White, So we set forth to do and dare And keep its colors bright. We give our Alma Mater, too, Our loyalty while we live; Think not the Class of ' 28 Shall take and never give. Now may its royal purple sheen, Inspired to greater deeds, May its pure white keep our hearts clean As we follow where it leads! h Flower: Violet m m m m u IS Pine Needles Nineteen Tiventy-six ine Needles HTneteev. Tinrriu- 138 Sopk omore CI ass m Absher, Katherine AuKiNS, Nannie Alcorn, Sadie Allgooi), Minnie Anderson, I.olisa Andrews, Ava Lee Armkield, Celeste Arrowooi), Ediiu AsHCRAiT, Sara ASHVVORIH, CRACE Atkinson, Run Baii.ev, Kathleen Baird, Llcv T. Hancert, Evelyn Barker, Dailv Barker, Vircinia A. Barneiie, Sara Baiie, Virginia Baiterham, ' irginia Beaciiam, ' irginia Beam, Margaret Beck, Marv Bellamy, Rltii Benbow, Willow Way Bender, Kaie Black, Norma Boddie, Ida Laura Boone, Lucille Roll Host, I la Mae Eostian, Kathryn Bowden, Eva Bradsher, Musette Brewer, Floy Brewer, Mamie Bright, Ruth Brinkly ' , Huldah Brinn, Iredell Brinson, Isabel Brook, Myrtle P. Brockman, Frieda Brodie, Clementine Brown, Olive Brown, Opal Bruton, Mar Bryant, Marih a Jl i ia buie, fodie Bi LLARD, Lois BURKHEAD, LiNNIE WakI) BuRNEi-iE, Hilda Burt, Alice A. Burt, Nannie Bun.ER, ' lRGINIA Carpenier, Fa la M. Carroll, Mary Susan Cartlaxd, Edna Case, Elizabeth Cherry ' , Louise Chesnutt, Annie L. Clayton, Alene Coates, Edna CoE, Mary CoHON, Ida Reid Coon, Mary M. Cooper, Joyce COPELAND, ArVII.LA Cornelius, Evelyn CoxE, Agnes Craic, Alice Mae Creasy, Edttii Crumpler, Lucy Dai.ton, Louise Davidson, Oorohiy Davis, Jewell Faye Davis, Marv II. Davis, Mildred Davis, M RA J. Deaton, Viola Dri.linger, Alma Dickenson, Hazel Ruth Dickenson, Nancy Dixov, Pearl Donaldson, Cora B. IlowD. Rurv Dunlap, Fanny Eagles, Louise Edwards, Ruth Ellington, Marv Erwin, Lucille EuDY, Mary Fjthel EvEREiT, Maggie Lena Farrer, Martha Farrell, E. Lucille Fletcher, Ellen L. Fletcher, Nola Fordham, Rosa Lee Foust, Sarah Freeman, Clara Fuller, Mary Lou CJarren, Kathleen Oaskins, Faye (i ASTON, Lacy Lee CJeanes, Ersell Cfeitya, Alpha (iiBSON, Frances (ilDNEY, HATITE ( " iiLLiAM, Nell CIiLREATH, Grace (Ii.AscocK, Elizabeth (lOLI), DONNIS Goldstein, Rosalie Gordon, Evelyn Piiic Needle, •teen T wenty-six Sopk omore CI ass Gordon, Hilda GoKDON, Nome CjOrham, Marv Eliz. Graves, Elizabeth Green, Lavinia Griffit h, Elizabeth GuNTER, Agnes GuRLEY, Pearl GwALTNEV, Constance Hall, Martha G. Hall, Martha H. Hanaman, Elizabeth Hanchev, Martha Hanvev, Doris Hardeman, Katherine Hardin, Frances Harris, Caroline Havnes. Marv Lou Hece, Pearl Henley, Ruth D. Herring, Margaret Hinton, Sallie Ruth Hodges, Verna E. HoEv, Isabel Hollady, Marv Howard, Mabel Howard, Mary Virginia Hoyle, Margaret Roll Hubbard, Frances M. Huffinks, Mary Hunt, Madeline Hunter, Makgarei Mar Hutaff, Chris iink Jackson, Alma Jackson, Louise Jobe, Wilsie Johnson, Margarei P. Johnson, Nell Johnston, Annie Louise Johnston, Mariha G. Johnston, Ruth Jones, Aline Jones, Gertrude Jones, Hallie Jones, Kiitie Lee Jones, Mary V. Jones, Neli M. Jones, Willie D. Kale, F ' dith Kearns, Hazel M. Kearns, Vivian Kelly, Vivian Kennett, Nell Knight, Maude Knox, Frances KucK, WiLMER n. Lambe, Margaret Landon, Frieda Landreth, Frances Lentz, Pauline Leonard, Ethelyn Leonard, Frances LeRoy, Elizabeth Levy, Jennie Lewis, Elizabeth C. Lewis, Mary Louise LiEO, Lucy T. LiNDLEY, Rebecca Lindsay, Mildred Link, Vic Linnev, Pauline Long, Anita Long, Dorothy Lyons, Reita J. McCachern. Geneva McCuRDY. Tempie McDaniel, Delorese McDearman, Mary L. McDougald, Edelweise McFarland, Alma McGiLL, Isabel McGirt, Nellie McIver, Margaret McLamb, Thelma K. McM ASTERS, Louise McMillan, Marie Mc.HURRAV, Lanetie McNair ' , Uoroihy Marks, Theresa Marsh, Virginia Martin, Elizabeih Martin, Evelyn Mayes, Louise MiDYEiTE, Ruby P. Miller, CJrace Miller, Lucile MiNicK, Ruth Mitchell, Etheline Morris, Annie Mae Mull, Hazel Munroe, Lucille MuRPHV, Elizabeth Murphy, Winnie A. MlSE, MONTIE Neal, Hiawatha Neal, Pauline Norman, Elizabeth Oliver, Irene Ormand, Ella Osborne, Annette Owen, Ruth Pine Needles Nineteen T " ' ' SopKo more CI ass I ' ALMER, MaKV n. I ' ENULETO.V, ' 1RGIMA hEKClVAL, LVUIA Ci. lEKRVMAv, Elizabeth hiEKCE, MaRUARET t. PlGKORD, MOLLV tOKTER, Katharine Porter, Lvnwood Powell, Cornelia Reavis, Louise Redkern, Katherine K. Reece, Estelle Register, Marieiia Reii), Anne Reynolds, Rl hi Richard, Lois Richardson, Annie C. Richardson, Sarah RiDEOLTTE, Emily Robinson, Sarah Rogers, Phh.ys Roth a, Louise K. Routh, Cleta Russ, Lillian Schwab, Doroihy Roll Scott, Elizabeth SCURLOCK, lOLA Secrest, Helen Sessome, Eugenia Shamburger, Frances Sharp, Susie Sharpe, Lucille SHENK, K.ATHERINE Shepard, Annabel Shepard, Louise Simpson, Lula Mae Sloan, Virginia Smith, Kate Smith, M. Louise Smith, Mamie Smith, Ruth Smith, Sally Stamper, Ina Stegall, Martha Stewart, Mary T. Stokes, Anne E. Stokes, Winnie Stone, Thelma R. Stoudemire, Elizabeth Stoudemire, Mae F. Stout, Beulah Stroupe, Stroupe, Melba Swan, Inez Tarry, Idabel Taylor, Katherine Taylor, Sarah E. Teague, Elsie Mae Thompson, Dorothy Thompson, Evelyn- Thompson, Frances Thompson, Mildred Thompson, Pearl Thornberg, Nannie Tingle, Erma TowE, Lottie Transon, Gertrude Tucker, Daisy Turkey, Elizabeth I ' nderwood, Blanche Valentine, Katherine VicK, Ruth Walker, Susie Ella Walters, Margaret Ward, Nf. Rebecca Wl ARV, ILXNNAH F. WuiR, NhRA K. U ' ebb, P.vnv V. Webber, Luc • Webster, Elizabeth Webster, Narvie VVeiland, Wilhelmina Wells, May U ' elion, Ernestine Wesley, Alice H. West, Maywood Whisnant, Frances White, Frances W. Whitener, Allene Whitley ' , Alice WiinsETT, Lucille E. Wicker, Jessie W. Wiley, Rosalie Wilkinson, Ann S. Williams, Helen Williams, Nita Willis, Frances Wilson, Elizabeth A. WixECOFF, Alda B. WiNSTEAD, Edna Wood, Leola Wood, Vidah WORTHINGTON, RuTH Wright, Martha E. ' ancev, Julia A. u Pine Needles neteeii T wentysix J@@ Sophomore Night Festival Proves A Howling Success mis Ihe t:n(«rl;iinnienl Consistt-d of SpiKuul Dances, SlunU By the Dr, Four flasses, and Danqing In General — Music Was [the d Furnished l! a Xcr. I ' eppi Jaaz Orchestra. Pme Needles ineteen Tn . M rRrsHtirHl Pine NeedK Ntne ' te ' ert Tirenti -r Freshman Class Officers Fall Term Rlitii Ciin ' Ard Prisidrnt Ora Brock rici--Pr,s ' ui, ' nt Margaret Teacue Srcrciary Virginia Kikkpatrick Tr,asurir Marion Eley Crii ' u- Marie Rich Cheer Leader Mariiia Hafer Clifer Leader Spritiff Term Martha Hafer President Elizabeth Morton ' I ' iee-Presidenl Mary Clara Tate Secretary Frances James Treasurer Marion Eley Critic Lillian Dunn Cheer Leader Elizabeth Pannell Cheer Leader - ' me Needles ■5?J? L., l Colon: Blue and White Sarah Power Armstrong Mascot of Class of ' 2g Motto: Oinvard Class Song Three cheers for the lilue and White, Striving always for the right, Our aims are high and loyal, To them we ' ll e ' er he true, And ' 29 moves " Onward " Forever toward her goal. ( ' luriis ' •The Blue and White forever! " Our (TV shall ever he. And ••Onuard! Ever onuard To (nn virtorv ! " To you, dear Alma Mater, We pledge our hearts anew. We ' ll honor, love and cherish The (lass we ' ve spent with you; We ' ll love and serve ou alwa_ s, Dear College, here ' s to you! Fto ' wi ' r: Sweet Pea d m m m m Pine ,v,,-. ;,.s Njnrtcen T iVi.-7 ty-S)X - ' me Needles nineteen T,, ' .-,if -,,. , -,- 146 Fresk resninan CI ass absher, inez adams, eva c. adani , oma martha alexandcr, cmily allee, edith c. allon, rcbecca f. aiiders, nelle anderson, glennie anderson, pauline ardrey, annabel arnold, wilma askew, sara duim askew, Virginia austell, sarah austin, nellie avent. mary elizabcth aycock, rachel bagby, cynthia baggett, Julia barber, louise t. barksdale, Judith barrier, margaret harringcr, kathryn batchelor, delia baumgardner, mildred beam, ruth beaman, emma beatty, mary jane beavers, clara beck, margaret benn, mary bennick, cmmalou berr ' , gertrude best, edla bishop, myrtle black, dorothy blake. elizabeth blakc, mary elizabeth bland, castellne hloxtnn, csther blue, mamie bnbbitt, frances Roll boggan, mellie bolick, mildred i. bond, Virginia boone, ollie m. boring, elizabeth bost, doletta bouldin, nina boyd, beatrice boyd, harriett boykin, vclna boylcs, mildred brady, thelma bragg, estoy 1. brannock, ava branton, letha brawlcy, hilda brawley, sara i. briles, margaret brinkley, camille bristol, Starr britt, bruce brock, ora brooks ' , dnroth ' brown, anna s. brown, edna iT»a ' brown, evel n fields brown, gwendoline brown, kathryn e. brown, sarah j. browne, hazel bryan, louise t. buchanan, aiiiiie lois bugg, frances buie, margaret bulla, sarah eli abeth bullock, hazel bunn, margaret s. burton, hilda burton, mary c. burton, mary j. burwcll, Jessie d. butler, leola butler, martha butler, ruth butts, eunice byerly, Virginia byrd, bertha Caldwell, kate p. Caldwell, margaret carter, etta g. carter, iamie carter, katherine d. cause ' , edith a. cau ey, miirg.iret 1. causey, mozelle caveness, esther caveness, faye cole chappell, elizabeth chase, gladys cheek, lela dark, hazel clary, mary lois Clayton, bertha clinard, ruth m. doer, winnie mae cobb, adcle cobb, hazel e. coble, kate coble, wilma cody, mary louise coffey, mary lou cogdell, fiossie k. coggins, allene collier, Catharine Collins, bertha coman, Josephine Connor, may coppage, charlotte corbett, gladys corn well, lorene courts, Julia cox, gladys m. cox, rosa c. Crawford, martha Creech, gladys crowder, annie mae crowder, daisy crowder, elizabeth crump, kathleen cullipher, mary louise culp, mary a lice currin, ruth daniels, verdie (lanncnbaum, louise da vis, ttiargaret ilavis, verona i:ii m m Pine N,:cJ]es Mtncteeji Twenty-six Fresn reshman CI ass dayvault, mary r. deans, sallie dewar, julia divine, jean dixon, hcrnice dobbins, Helen dobson, bernice m. doby, mary frank dodd, sara e. dorsett, lois doub, mildred drau hon, eli abeth draiij;hon, mary duckctt, pauline duckworth, margaret a. dudlcy, patty duncan, vern duncan, wren dunham, jean dunn, annie s. dunn, Christine dunn, lillian g. east, myrtle e. tdwards, Jennie edwards, mary frances edwards, victoria ehringhaus, clizabeth g. elam, margaret elder, frances ele ' , marion elkins, catha ellis, louise emery, audrey everett, myrtle exum, grace faulkner, nannic faust, mary e. feamster, keith fields, Christine fields, nannie e. finch, mabel fisher, edna Roll fisher, opie r. fitch, evelyn fitzgerald, Jessie fleming, katharine folger, elizabeth forester, louise fortune, ruth fox, paris freeman, kathryne french, Cordelia fry, Catherine fuller, cclia fulton, helen gardner, marguerite garrell, edith gay, daisy dell gay lor, melrose geer, ressie getsinger, thelma gettys, olive gilleland, aleda glasgow, uilsie flidewell, elizabeth golston, margaret goodman, gladys gordon, margaret graham, almena graham, rebecca c. grant, elizabeth grant, hazel b. gravelcy, katie gray, mary beth green, sara gregory, garnett griffith, anna h. griggs, nannie lee grogan, grace grogan, mary e. guignard, clara hackney, elizabeth hadden, grace 1. hafer, martha haire, eloise haithcock, carrie I. hall, elizabeth v. hall, martha elizabeth hall, mary s. hall, rave hall, Virginia hallman. jean hallybiirton, clizabeth hamnton, sara k. hankins, grace 1. hareottP, iimmie hargrove, edith p. harrell, pennie m. harrelson, eunice harrington, margaret harris, margaret Harrison, thelma hassell, Virginia e. Hayes, grace Headen, ola bell heafner, Jessie Hedrick, vera m. helms, onna m. Hemphill, lucile Henderson, elizabeth Henderson, rachel herring, lucille herring, mary leola hicks, elsie high, katharine hines, ella e. hinton, ethel 1. Hitchens, bernice hobgood, inez Hockaday, belle Hodges, persis Hoffman, charles hogan, eugenia Holland, marguerite Holleman, imogene holmes, elizabeth Honeycutt, grace Hooper, annie jo hornaday, elizabeth Houser, fay houser, lunez Howard, ruth H. Howell, hazeline hubbard, marion e. Hudson, lucile hughes, carrie gladys hunnicutt, katherine Hunt, josie v. Hutchinson, fanny ' ;7ie Needles ineteen Twenti Fresk resnman CI ass huxford, mary alice pock, Virginia senhour, elizabeth ves, etta mae ack, laura c. ackson, alice v. ackson, beatrice e. ackson, verdie c. ackson, Virginia acobi, rosalie ames, frances marie enkins, marion g. ennette, camille ohnson, annie ohnson, blanche ohnson, eurana ohnson, evelyn ohnson, gray ohnson, 1. mae ohnson, mary elizabeth ohnson, mary mciver ohnson, roma ones, bronna ones, cleata e. ones, kate 1. ones, martha w. ones, mary eleanor ones, rosa ordan, hettie kadis, bessie kellam, lillie keneer, aline keene, thelma m. keller, irene kelley, doris e. kenney, rose w. kerns, ida kirkpatrick, Virginia a. kiser, helen kluttz, Josephine c. knott, rosa j. koontz, willle b. Roll labarr, violette mae lane, louise langley, mamie c. ledrord, blanche ledford, opal lee, doris lee, helen lever, louise lewis, edna e. lewis, etta frances lewis, luna m. link, mary esther linker, era h. linn, katherine linney, margaret little, evelyn little, loyce livengood, vearl livingston, mamie lloyd, mary blanche long, mildred h. lynch, georgia m. mcaulay, mary b. mcbee, helen mccabe, jean h. mcclain, margaret mccombs, elizabeth mcconnell, odell mccraw, marion mccrummon, valera mcdavid, nina e. mcfarland, ruth mcgill, elizabeth mcginnis, fay mcgregor, frances mchaney, laura m. mckinley, alice mckinnon, mary mclean, mary v. mcnairy, margaret mcphaul, elizabeth mcpherson, Catherine mcr|ueen, ruth mcrimmon, Jestina mann, hazel f. mann, janie mae manning, margaret marks, louise pitt marlev, daile marley, mnbel martin, esther e. mason, gladv« massev, elizabeth 1. maunev, frances may, Caroline k. mayes, dorothy t. meares, elizabeth mendenhall, margaret merritt, may crouse midgett, antiie midyette, katie miller, dorothy e. miller, hallie miller, lillian mills, eliza mitchell, gladys mitchell, lucile mitchell, mollie mizelle, julia e. moore, dorothy v. moore, frances moore, jewel moretz, elizabeth morris, glenn morris, helen e. morton, elizabeth h. mosteller, nina murrill, mar ' h. napier, edith neal, edith may needham, annabel nelson, estelle neville, dena newell, elizabeth newland, patience h. newman, mollie e. nichols, madgeline norcom, ruth g. norman, nancy b. norton, harrictt oden, albertina olive, mary o ' shaughnessy, Virginia overall, frieda pace, gertrude , padgett, hnnnie 149 v;„ Pine Needles ■ " wenty-six Fresk resnman CI ass pannill, elizabeth d. parham, willie doll park, mary cthel parker, myrtle mae parker, perla belle parkin, florence parke, dora ruth pate, Helen Patrick, rachel f. pattisnn, patricia paync, pearl pearce, iissie pcarmon, viola m. pearson, niabel v. pendergrass, berlena perkins, efHe marie peterson, Catherine e. phillips, ruth p. pickett, olivia pierce, margaret h. pierce, margaret k. pinner, ruth c. pitt, dclores pope, clara f. porter, annie b. porter, myrtle porter, ruth powcll, Carrie j. po vell, lois presnell, ethel presnell, exie presson, olivia 1. price, dorothy price, elizabeth price, eliza louise price, vera b. propst, mildred prosser, alvina puckett, louise purdie, sarah query, mattie a. ragsdale, Virginia Roll ramsey, Virginia randolph, mary rankin, margaret rankin, mary ruth ravenel, frances a. ray, era ray, mary ra " , rebekah s. reade, pamela c. reaves, margaret reavis, nellie reddick, blanche m. redding, elizabeth d. redfern, henry nell reel, mary louise reese, inyra e. reinhardt, Helen rendleman, margaret renfrow, carrie v. reynolds, swannie rhca, reba e. rhodes, ferguson rhyne, kathryn rich, marie ricHar d, murl richardson, nancy ridenhour, inez rideoutte, agues r. robertson, dorothy robinson, Christine rodwell, Hattie b. rogers, cleo rogers, mildred rose, gladys royster, lillie rumple, evelyn rumple, irene rumple, mabcl sandifer, elizabeth m. soruggs, edna seaver, dorothy scgall, freda seifort, dorothy a. sessoms, sibyl c. sharpc, blanchie Sheffield, nellie b. Sheffield, ronie shell, Christine shelton, frances lee sherrill, sara sue sherrill, thelma shields, nelia shore, thelma s. siler, margaret e. Simons, agnes simons, eunice simons, pauline simpkins, ethel singletary, kathryn slack, ruth c. smith, alma smith, alberta smith, elsie smith, elizabeth c. smith, lois a. smith, lois elizabeth smith, m. ruth smoak, minnie sneed, elizabeth snow, ethel snow, Janet 1. Solomon, elizabeth somers, eva gray sowers, morine m. spiccr, mary e. spratt, sal lie b. Stanton, Una Steele, blanche stcelman, eulalia stein, gladys steinhardt, elizabeth stom, carmen I. Stewart, elizabeth j. stilwell, ruth stone, alven stone, edna stott, estelle stoute, clara stowe, willie strond, lillian f. stroup, faye stroup, Susannah Sugg, rachel p. suUivan, lillian Sullivan, ruth swinson, marv hazel Pine Needles Nineteen Twenty-six tiV! «- Fresli resnman CI ass taltoii, inary c. tankard, inary ireiie tate, mary c. taylor, gladys i. taylor, sarah tlizahctli league, margarct I. teal, e ther loui e ternpletoi), helen terrell, grace ' iulet terry, eisie thigpon, aiinie snow thomas, Catherine thomas, Virginia f. thompson, julia thompson, margaret e. thompsoi), margaret g. thorpe, irene thurston, Josephine tighe, helene tighe, katharine tillett, elizabeth r. timberlake, lucy tipton, dorothy g. tipton, inary ellen ttidd, Virginia toland, dorothy in. tninlinson, Kicile topping, mahel v. troxler, frances tucker, maye tndor, frances h. turner, elizabeth tnttle. myrtle tultle, violet tweed, madge Roi.i. t son, tannie vanncman, niarj i]le venters, julia venters, mary lou vogler, mildred wade, blanche wade, ruth walker, minnie walser, mary lil walser, rebecca waiters, marion ward, emily ward, thehna c. ward, ' irginia lee ware, la verse warren, dorothy waters, martha I. watkins, charlotte, r. wearn, celia I. veaver, Ionise welch, emili estelle welch, lina james welch, mabel west, mildred Westmoreland, aliceteen wheeler, bessie t. whisnant, inez whisoTiant, kathleen white, Catherine white, courtne ' vhite, inez whitcsell, mrs. c. I. whitsctte, irginia f. whitt, lettle wicker, ruth Wiggins, dannie m. Wiggins, mary elcanor Wiggins, Virginia f. wilfoag, Cornelia wilheltn, marie wilkins, alliene wilkins, lillian h. will, clara a. Williams, althea umstead, haz.el umstead, myrtle c. underwood, margaret s. van dalson, Virginia Williams, cvelyn Williams, ncllic Williams, rec Williams, ruby Williamson, thelma willis, irma e. wilson, daisie wilson, elizabeth c. wilson, harrict wilson, hicks wilson, Julian wilson, mary windley, chrystine windley, jane wingate, clara e. winslow, beatrice winslow, mary winstead, elsie mae witherspoon, margaret volff, mary f. womble, mary e. womnack, irma woodruff, lorita woodruff, sallie woolard, lola b. woosley, eva wooslcy, nell wooten, annie e. worsham, julia vorthaIn, lillian Wright, julia wyatt, sadie I. wyatt, Virginia d. wylie, lucile yancey, mary barnes yancey, roxanch yates, ruth young, Carrie r. Zimmerman, estelle zimmern, Janice m- Pine Needle Nineteen Twenty-s - _ mm m M The Fresh man Choii Much of the success of the first year of Freshman Chapel has heen due to the choir. This is composed entirely of Freshmen, under the supervision of Frances Harrison and (Jrev Fetter. The members of the choir present a most impressive sight as thes march in, sinj;inf; the proces- sional and wearing robes with blue and white stoles. All who have attended chapel exercises on Thursday have enjoyed the special music which they have rendered at various times. The following are members of the choir: Members r. chel avcock Blanche Ledforl LuN. Lewis Paris Fo.x JONNIE Edwards LoRiTA Woodruff Marv Alice Culp LissiE Pearce Annabel Needham Hattie Rodwell Inez Whisnant l me Needles Nj n ctee n Tivc ' n t v-s ' ix Rebecca Ali.en Elizabeth Draughan Marv Clara Tate Catherine Brown Katharine Carter Nellie Reaves Louise Marks Gladys Taylor Frances Pennington Evelyn Brown Marguerite Gardner % Ltl m m m miK h - Jl ' - Pine NeeJJe, .Ninrtrcji I rrmtij-six •=?! i009@ Commercial Class Ofi-ichrs Fall Term EssiK Tfrrv PrrsiAfiil OoROTiiv CJll.nKKr l ' i i-Prisidrnt Kaie Carroll Jones Srarltiry Eli areth Chhek Trrasurir Polly Fllford Clitrr LmJir Martha Arnold . . . Critic Sprimj Term Velma Ha ks . . • I ' risiJiiil Marguerite McDdNALi) . . . licr-Frisiilrul Reba Horman Siuitary Johnsie Facge Treasurer 1 " )OROTHV tllLRERl Critii Kaihr s ' Blit Cheer l.eaJer 154 ' ' V m g Pine Needle. Nineteen Tn enty-si: OPEST i 73uTre " R Glrt fl L You ' re e HM v N TeRKv f m 4 |» 0QtiACiovi At lTl0 .l4 HiC " BONEV A.HNOW.D Tavwor • s N I tLUeCTUfl ' . ■ ' OVEL.Y A l-PHIN @ P aA ' : - » ■• vi- .-.» STATISTICS ' me Nct:dlcs 156 sm fra Commercial Class Roll Adams, Jennie M. Alphin, Ai.ene Arnold, Marth.a L. Arnold, Rebecca BoNRV, Mary Lacy Bryant, Mary B. BucKNER, Lena A. Butt, Kathr n D. Carlisle, Mabel Check, Elizabeih C. Fenton, Annie L. Cochran, Inez Ferglson, Mary E. Cox, Dorothy E. Ferree, Bertha Daniel, Annie Folcer, Pansy Davis, Jllia E. Fulford, Polly Deans, Mavis CJibbs, Florie DoRMAN, Reba CiIddens, Marcarei L EcERTON, Mary E. Cii.bert, Dorothy Facce, Johnsie n. Cavaltnev, ' irginia Hardv, Esda Hough, Rula B. Lambeth, Katie Lou Hastings, Viviax Ingram, Mabel Leevuexberg, Margaret Hawks, Kate H. Jeffreys, Rebecca L. Locke, Hilda Haves, Velma Jones, Kate Carroll Long, Leora Haynes, Hazel M. Jordan, Margaret McDonald, Marguerite HiXEs, Clara May Jilian, Pauline Nachamson, Naomi Hinson, Mary Louise Kemp, Licv M. Nicholls, Frances HOLLINCSWORTH, VlOLA KlICHlN, Btl.LE O ' DaNIEL, I.OIS Oliver, Blanche Pleasants, Cornelia Painter, Clara D. Pugh, Enola Parish, Arline Quackenbush, Nina Parker, Nita Ray, Elsie Parrish, Carrie Ray, Katiierine Pate, Emma H. Rekle, Mosey Roe Peacock, Lillian Roach, Mary Pennixgjon, Frances Siiei.ton, Gray SouTHALL, Helen Stanley, Hicks Swaim, V ' klla L. Taylor, Juanita Tucker, Lois Ward, Elizabeth Wilson, Christine Yarbrouch, Lucy YouKTS, Ruby Jo Pine Needh y o ESI Pine Needles Njmteen TwL ' nti ' six 158 % f? ' 51 m STUDENT GOVrRNMENI m ffs — Pine Needle. Nineteen Tiventy-si.x (SI fSl KATHERINE SHERRILL, Chaklohe, N. C. i ' resich ' nt Pine Needles Mineteen Ti.vcnty-six i£o rfl I5S1 M mm m ELLEN STONE, {jREEssnoun, N. C. ( ' ' ice-President Pine Needle nineteen Twentv-si Senate Members Elsie Crew Ilnusi- Pns ' tdinl. East Waky .Mciore Deatox Ilriusc Prisulrni. liina llo=u:iirA Slia-vj Elizabeth Gaskixs House Prrsident, Gray (jARXET CiRr.r;()R ' RcprcsfnUUi-vc of Ihr Fiisliman Class l-RAXCES HaRRISOX llousr fiisidcnl. Guilford JilHXSIH Hi:XRV Ilousr Prisidinl. Iliru iwu; Margaret Hudson House Prisidiiit. H ' oman ' s Brooks Johxsox President Y. If. C. A. ne Needles neteen Tiventv ' SJx Ji Senate Members -MiRR-i ' .McDi 11 ii: llous,- Pris ' uliiil. KirkUinJ j()Si;rHixi, Ki i)isii,i, Ifou.u- } ' r,s,J,nl. Il ' rsl I ' ' r i;.stim; W ' ei.tox Trrasuiir of tin- StuJiul Cn-vcium.nt .1 ssodiilii.ii Tr. ii ' ii; W ' li.M A MS Hon,.- I ' r.fiJ.nt. ,rl , S ;„,,r Norma W ' Uoiu,- I ' niiJ,,, . Hail.y K rn I RiN I. W ' di.i I ' ' .(, I ' rrsi.lint. Suiitli S[ ,iun- ( ' rl.l NN ' VRI ' .cjRol r,II Sfiri-ldiy ' if l ii Sill Ji III (iiiv, I iiiiiiiil .1 sioi iiilion l sfl r i [i ri:R Hi Ri(i l nl,.U ' I ' miJilll. Cnllni I r ■ ■ r " - _v Nineteen . , . - 1 - mm- 1 lie Needles nctrrji I irrii t i -si r 164 J m M Other Student Government Orhcers Hkviki W ' lisox C.liicr I., ad, ' KVKIVV W ' ll.KINS .,■,,■ C.ll ' lij JKIKR HlRTON Chairman of ISiul, ,- Commill, Tfmph; Williams Chaninai, of Sodal Comrnill, Fr.wcks RuDlSM.r Chauwan of Din-dory Commill. K Mi: Ham Chairman of IlanJhooh Com mill, i -rp ' h 1 6s Pine Needier Njnrtrrn Tipcntu-sj. , -, . ine Needles A - , r ._ Nineteen 1 iventy-sir Ter M ]2 m m 167 i BlRT r i p? BKDOKh JUHN.SON, Fokismuliii, a. Prt ' siJent • iiie Needles Nineteen T xventit-STx k L MISS MARGARKT SIIF.HARI), lour Vallkv, CiA. (Irncral Secretary 169 P it ' Needles ineteen Twenty-six Y. W. C. A. Creed Stciiriff the paths of knouledye, III the age-long quest of truth; M a king iiith faith and courage, Glou ' tng uith joyous youth; This is the test of duty; Faithful and firm and free. This is the highest beauty We seek at N. C. C. Cabinet Members JoHNMK Hkilig lici-fresidint Eleanor Hatcher Si-cn-lary Catherine McPherson Tr,asurer Harriet Brown Chairman Campus Citizinship Mary Donnell Smoot . . Chairman ll ' orld Fi-llrnvship Ruth McLean .... Chairman Industrial Department Tempie Williams .... Chairman Student Friendship Annie Davis Melvin . . . Chairman Social Departmrnl May Clutz Chairman Hut Committee Josephine Hege .... Vndenjraduate Representative Margaret Hudson Represenlative-at-Large 7 CORINNE Caxnady Represenlaliie-al-LarffC Ellen Stone Reprismtalive-at-Lan e Glenn Yarborough I ' espers Hermene Warlick . I ' esper Music Edith Goodwin Evening iratch Maude Query Poster Committee Lilly Gilly Bible Study Committee Nineteen Tic . . C. . (.■ MiNRT m : Kineteen Twenty-six Pine Needh 5 »=3 J m IS I i " gglK u u 7 T ' " ■ ' _; •s r ■ if J Ifh ■1 ne Needlei rneteen Tzc enty-six J2 lii:- ADE LPHIA ' 74 i; " EmK I ' avi.or Adelphian Society C)i riLKRS I.OUISK Havwari) riri-l ' r,siJinl AsoRiNA McIxrvRK Tiiiuiinr LiNA Tari.kION Corris xi iilirii Sniiiury Maroarrt Lambk . . RiioiAinii Sctnlury SusAV Brouen .... Crilic I ' lisiJinl U Pine Needles Nirteteen Tinenn -r . - - M m Adel hian Society Song Sh(juliltr to shoiildtr, hearts fillt l irith tltvotif.n, If itii purpose not t:i iiless, hut etirnest iiul true; Uiiiteil hy nil of the ties of deep friendship. He briny, O Adelphae. our lioniiige to you. Jf e pledge to you loyalty, long and unending. Loyalty, zvhieh uill he firm, uill he true: Devotion, ice pledge you. that never irill perish. And love ivhieh through all eoniing time uill endure. If ith eourage undaunted, n-e ' ll niareh ever onivnrd. Up heights to he iron, along parts strange and neiv, But noiv and forever, one great hand of sisters, Jf ' e ' ll he, O Adelphae. still loyal to you. ! Pine Needles Nineteen Tw nnr- 176 r " ' Ml- _ J [Gl - — - L I 1 m 1 3 J I J ai.[;thf. Pine Needles Minet, ' ,-?! i rn I ji-s! ■ r i r M P I Aletheian Society OlFICKRS Gkorcia Kirkpairick I ' lisiiliiil MAKTIIA jKXKINj liii-l ' iniJi III IIhfn RiNKiiART Riinrtiinr Sidiliiiy JuAMTA Siori Treasurer K Pine N. " ' ■ •teen 1 ive7iti ' " — ' k m m IS! r= NELLIE IRVIN, Greeksboro, N. C. Alctheian, Chief Marshal Jl Pine Needles Nuieteen Tiuentii I m m i ■ ' 1 i8i [ci § Xf • Pm Needles K ■ k .V ;r. l ' .je?i J wenty-si.x 1 a J CDRXHLIA AMI THE GRACCHI M Pine Needles Nineteen Tiventt -S7: Cornelian Society Song In joy lit! praisi oiiu It t lis siiiy It itii tin hi III char and sIiijikj; Lit (ill (Jornilian voids iiny, In frtf, ixiiltant sony. Uj pruli- lor that fair niiinc ivi Inar, (Jornilia, ylorious lionl. To iiiiikc us yladly do and dare, U ' lunc ' cr ' lis thoiiylit, iilnnc ' rr ' tis In M M II c ' ll oniLiird. iipuard ever niovr. Our footsteps foriiard pressed Together move in sister-love Upon the iiioujitain ' s erest. To gain the fair, ivide, spreading vien ' Which round the mountain lies. And give us understanding nciv, Enliyhteniny our eager eyes. Alay Cornelia ' s name have ne ' er a stain I ' roin any daughter ' s deed. For her all ylory icill he given A lid ijive her honor ' s meid; For firm and stauneh He ' ll ever stand Unto eai h other true . And loyal to In r nohle hand. Hers, yea, her oan. our ivhole livis throiiyh. m m ' 83 Pine Needles neteen T iue7:ty ' Six ummmm FS!I Cornelian Society Officers CORINNE Cawadv PrisiJiTit Sarah Paiterson I ' ne-Pnsident Marv Ida McLawhorx Corresponding Srcreliiry Frances Whisnant Recording Secretary Esther Leah Epstein Treasurer Ernestine Shipp . . . Critic J ..Jl,, enty-six m 23 i8S :.• ' Needles ■ iventy-six .3 ine Needles ' -Jinrter- Tivc " t- -S7: FT " rfl Dihean Society Song Dilci , ulio spiid-s liilh rcvcrlxrani gr in(hur. Through itstcmng porlids of true iio iiiinhoo l. Into thy raxtncsx. ivc ro nc noiv ciitrusling Polios as yd l itait ivilh uill ' s hopes iinhucil. Glad for the toiling, the common rmliavor, Glad for the uideness of u-ays to he ivon. To do for the deed ' s sake, still keeping the vision. Trusting sccuri in tin round us throifu. Stamped liilh that henuty and light of thy image, lie iiould go forth u ' llh a ereative faith; Builders potentiid and makers of highuays. Easing for others ihi paths they may take. And as the sunset gives jdaee to the sunrise, .Ifter us eometh the ehild of the da ' un To fashion tin fahrie of drmtns searre eomftleted And serve thee forever, () light , farther on. m m f? i 187 Pnie Needles Nineteen Twentt -s x -. f - " ' M f Dikean Society Officers Mary Johnston PrrsiJcnl Frances Dickinson riir-PrrsiJi-nl Frances Welch Corrcsltntuimg Si-rn-tary Anne Davis Melvin RitnrJini Srtrrtary Merle Harvev Treasurrr Katherine Wolff . . Critic rfl me Needles ' ' ' ' " ' h kssi ;i Pine Needles ijgj Nineteen T wentysix __ ' Tie Needles ineteen Twenty-six % 10 i : l 191 Pine Needles Nineteen Tioenti six 10 M The Carolinian (The (Jolltt f A ncs paper) EiMTORiAL Staff Eleanor Vaweman . , . F.ditor-in-Cli ' uf Eisir Crew Proof Editor Lima tiii.iv Mu uii iiu Editor Business Staff Maxine Westphai Maiiaiiir Esther Leah Epsteik . . . Adv. Manager Elizabeth Rosemhai Issistant CiRCLLATiox Staff Elizabeth Graves Manaijrr Assisteints Virginia Batterham Elizabeth Mebaxe Reportorial Staff R. Wilson-, ' 26 L. Pearson. ' 27 M. Davis, ' 28 W. Mode, ' 26 C. Gill, ' 27 W. Wiel ' and, ' 28 E. Baldwin, ' 26 N. Smith, ' 27 F. Gibson, ' 28 M. B. Jones, ' 27 R. Bellamy, ' 28 1 " ). Long, ' 28 B. Armfield, ' 27 W. KucK, ' 28 P. Webb ' , ' 28 H. Land, ' 27 S. Sharp, ' 28 C. Gwaltney, ' 28 m ine N.eedles Nineteen Tiventy-sjx " 1 ESl LM (. sKolJMAN STAFF @ ij-: i i i!; Tke CoraJdi (The (Uillcgc Magazine) Editor-ix-Chief Julia Blauvei.t Assistant Editor Business Manager Nancy Little Mary A. Robertson Associate Editors Kate Hall Margaret Hudson Inez Landon Katherine Gregory Martha Hall Fadean Pleasants me Needles ' neteen Trventy-six m T) m Pin.- ' J m o sat TV J @ Pine Needles (The CollcycAuniud) The Staff Bertie R. Craig Editor-hi-Cliiej Nan- Jeter liiuirii-ss Maiia in Mary Dunham Picture Editor JVDV Barksdale Orijanizatian EJilor Georgia Kirkpairick Class Editor Audrey Brenecar Art Editor Josephine Hece Litnary Editor Josephine Dudley Copy Editor Frank Rudisill Tempie Wii.i.iax Edith Creasy Assislanl Ilusiiitss Manai i-rs Maurine McMasters Associate Editor Hannah Wearn Assistant Art Editor 196 :r I lie J cca ICS Ni7iete ' fn Trrcntv-six m m m 1 I ' lM M.llil.LS STAFF 197 Pine Needles Nineteen Twenti -s x m , : . m V oices Linon u. Pagan Song Julia I5i.auvi;lt, ' z6 In next year ' s sun hine you shall see The very golden dnst of me. For I could never lie below With flowers peeping from the snow. I ' d send my substance through their veins To throb and grow in springtime rains, ' Till one warm day toward May or so In some gay blossom I should blow, My soul-stuff mingling with its dew. The sun would beckon till I flew And laughed to God as I passed by, " I told you I should reach the sky. " Explanation Hkodks Johnson " , ' 26 Gaily I make my rhymes And clearly like a bell Sing of the love I never had — Sing of the love I never had — But no one knows — don ' t tell! Poem Faokan I ' leasanis, ' 28 God of the outdoors, teach my heart the song That the tree sings to her dying leaf-children, So that I, like them, knowing all the while That cold, wet earth awaits my singing self. May whirl and dance in the silver rain That beats me ever downward, A bit of red or gold Against November grey. O, teach me their song And tell me not that they, too, But feign their joyous bravery To hide their heavv hearts. Rain Nancy Liiii.e. ' 27 Can ' t you see him ' ay up there on that puffed cloud. Those pudgy fingers grasping that smutty pitcher jar? I like the wa he half rises on those short fat legs And tilts the heavy pitcher Till the contents splash and drop. Ihat reel, red tongue in his mouth ' s upward cur ' e ! " The way he sticks that rounded fist Into the pitcher jar And quickly draws it out, then shoots Each finger wide apart. Trickle, trickle, drip, drip, drip. I wish I could stay awake To see if he will break The jar. Prayer of a Youth Hertik R. Craio, ' 26 Inscrutable La v of Living Things, CJreat Whole, let me, a unit, ' eiUure where the mind is never sure, ' here man Nould explain the inexplicable, Where man would harness the intangible. Let me, like others, scheme to hold My note in the liarinony of Life Long after the grand amen has faded. But let me live with intensity While mine is the upper hand In this parasitic game Before that Life Hereafter comes — Nourishment for grasping greedy roots And food for hungry crawling things! Pine Needles Nineteen Tiuenttz-six .3 3 __=_ — " — 199 1 Pine Needles The Young Voters Club Officers Katherise Woi.FF PresUinl CiiKiSTiNA Curtis Secretary The Young Voters ' Club, formerly the International Relations Club, affords a medium for special study and discussion of national and international problems at its bimonthly meetings. The qualifications for membership are based on scholarship and interest in world affairs. The club, which is the first of its kind in Xorth Caiolina, is affiliated with one of the leading women ' s organizations of the country. Pine Needles Nrneteen T-trc-ty-si:: T- —T, TT i OfcD CuBRY B " I " -!!! X Tne Education Club Offichrs Mary Wolfe I ' rrsUrnI Klbv Cibson- I ' iii-Prrsiiliiii Doris Richarusos Scirrlary-Tmisunr The Education Club was organized for the purpose of acijuiriii;; a knowledKc aTid pride in teaching as a profession. The club studies educational problems and conditions in the state uith the purpose of finding means of improvinf; them. In order to do this some of the leading edu- cators in the state are speakers at the monthl imctinnv ol tin- club. There are social functions «hich give the student members an npportuoiiv to bicunic Inlter acciuainted with each other and ith the faculty members of the club. The membership of the club consivtv of seniors uhii do practice teaihiii , juniors selected bv the nominating committee, and fai ult mendur- of the School of I ' .ducatiori. MarV Woi.KK. ' ■ ' 20I Njnrt. - , , ., , ■; r -,n fr; ' T« r—r i m THE QUILL CLUB Julia Blauv. t Pi-fsi,1«n: Nancy I.ittU., Se.n-tary and Treasuivr; M, Inez Landon. Brooks Johnson. Katt- Hall, I.ciuise i . Smith. Katheiinr Gregory, Bertie I ' raig. Ellie Taylor, Mr W. R. Taylor Mr. C. B. Sha y. Mr. F. G. Brown. Mr. t.. B. Hurley, Mr. J. A. Dunn, Mr. A. C. Hall, Miss Sue Ervln. a (- 3 Officers Inah Kirkmav PnsiJr Frknch Bovd ricc-Prcsulcnt Bess Nkwion Sctretaiy AsME S. Hesdersox Treasurer Miss M. A. Peierson Spiiisnr 2__ Marv Anderson Rlbv Ash Lois Atkisso.v Ophelia Barker Pace Barnes French Bovd Rebecca Cameron Ina Chappel Elizabeth Cowan Marie Cox Eva Eure Frances Dickenson Ora Finch Marion Corham Sallie Harrington Annie S. Henderson Marv Anna Hobbs Mrs. Horton Inah Kirkman Serena Meadows Ai.i.A Mepedith Merdith McClli.ers Jli.ia McIver Hess Newton Barbara Osborne Edith Powell Sarah Redfearn F.VEI.VN Stephenson I.AViNiA ' Fhomas Min Members Martha Ward Emma Lou Watson Frances Welch Virginia Wilson CaMMIE WORTHINGTON Jeaneite Crowder Helen Benson Sue Coon Helen Drv Margaret Herring Madeline Kellum Sara Johnston Pauline Linnev Elizabeth Dock Maurine McMasters Marv Jo Rhvne Frances Sprat t LiDiA Stacev Fannie Holmes Oates Alice Thompson Marv Zeai.v Jennie Ligon Ida Jones Johnson Mars ' K. Henia ' Nell Morris Mamie Whistonant Ai.T.iE Robertson Acnes Cov NiE Grace Morgan G? X. •rj =1 r its. Zoology Field Club A ' un: To obtain a more thorough knowledge of animal life, particularly concerning; its nati ' e environment. Officers DOROTHV Stephkns Prisiilrnl Vance Thompson lid-l ' irsidcnt Virginia Baiterham Secretary and Treasurer Andrews, Ava Lee Ball, Alma Barton, Eleanor Batterham, Virginia BuLLARi), Louise Cannady, Corinne Carpenter, Eula Cox, Catherine Craig, Alice Mae Davidson, Margaret GivLER, Prof. J. P. GooDE, Sara Lee Members Goodwin, Edith CJreene, Helen Jones, Marie LiEO, Lucv McCarthy, Mary C. McDuFFiE, Merry T. McIntyre, Andrina McKinnon, Mary Meratne, Elizabeth Moore, Winnie Parkin, Florence Porter, Lynwood Reid, Anne Robertson, Mary Alice Scarborough, Martha Segall, Freda Shafiesbury, a. D. Shui.l, Chrissie SiMKiNS, Anne Stephens, Dorothy Thompcon, Vance Wesley, Alice ' iLKiNS0N, Ann Williams, Helen Wolff, Dorothy Wright, Martha me Needles .mpteert Ttveiiti ' STx rfl i igji The Botany Club Offickrs Marie D. Jones Pn- Martha ScARnoRoucii I ' u r-l ' tisidenl Cl.ARK Siirilary-Trrtisiirrr The purpose nf the Hcitaiiv Cluh is to become acquainted with lives and works of well-know ii botanists, both past and present; and to obtain a more thorough appreciation of plants In their natural habitats from both aesthetic and economic points ai view. h mm Nineteen r m m m m m [51 m Chemistry Club Officers EixA McDfarman- President JUANITA Stott r,ce-PresUenl Annie Brown Secretary-Treasurer The Chemistry Club vas organized for the purpose of furthering interest and knouledge among the students concerning scientists who have contributed most to the field of chemistry, and those who are doing so at present. Both the theoretical and practical aspects are considered, particularly from the point of view of the industrial and teaching professions. The membership consists of members of the chemistry faculty and students who are taking, or have taken, advanced courses in this department. u u ' ?ne NeeJles iinetiTcn Tivrnty si: MM MM k:« IS! The Phoenix Club M Officers Cari.otta Barnes I ' rrsUi-nt Elizabeth Geiger I ' ic-Prrsultnt Annie Davis ... Srirrlary Jui.iA JoiiNS ' iON Trcasiirir Mildred Dolb Ri ' orl,r The Phoenix Cliih has for its object the singing of two and three-part choruses and cantatas suitable for high school glee clubs or choruses. All students majoring in public school music and members of the faculty of this department are eligible for membership. It is agreed by all that tnuch benefit, as well as pleasure, is deri ed through vorking with others of similar aims and ideals. ]MnMBER.S Isabel Tarrv Geneva McC ' achern Cari.otta Barnes Macgik Lena Evereit Fannie Bell Markham Marv Alice Fowler Ruth EimARDs Annie Davis Melvin Elizabeth Geicer Helen Jlstice Norma Black Lillian Giiolson Mildred Dolb Ii.a Henslev Frances Harrison Mary Jones Blanche Collins Margaret Hartsell Julia Johnston Edith Arrovvood Lena Middleton Annie Willis Mildred Perkins Vircinia S.vhth V ' erna Lentz Eva Call Mozelle Vei.ton .Annie Lee Cha.vii ' ion f?5 Miss Grace Van Dyke Moore Miss Annie Laurie Gmsson hsisiaiii 1)1 Mrs. Myra Albright Ittornptmisl nir i mn 07 iW. ' ra«i_. J inetj ' v ' n 1 ivcnty-si I Tne College Cnoir Dr. Wade R. Brows-, Director Officers , Johnson- Fr,s ' tdinl Ei iZAUFTii Geigf.r lice-President Daisv Tucker Secretary Mary Jones Treasurer Fadean Pleasants Librarian Carlotta Barnes Phoebe Baughan Ruth Bellamy Norma Black Esther Bloxtox Sara Boyd Doris Branch Iredell Brinn Ruth Brooks Lennie Burkhead Eva Call Martha Canxady Margaret Clinard Louise Cline Annie Lee Champion ' Blanche Collins Bertie Craig Mary Frances Craven Mildred Davis Daphine Doster Mildred Dole Ruth Edwards Maggie Lee Everett Grey Fetter Mary Alice Fowler Mary Lou Fuller Memhkrs of Choir ' krnelle Fuller Martha Gavlor Elizabeth Geiger Annie Lee Gentry Dorothy Gilbert Frances Harrison Margaret Hartsell Ila Hensley Verna Hodges Margaret Hudsom Alma Jackson Ethel Johnson Julia Johnston Mary Jones Helen Justice Verna Lentz Mildred Little Mary Logan Reita Jane Lyons Rebecca Lindley Annie Lulu Marine Fannie Belle Markhan Nina McDavid Elizabeth McGwiggan Annie Davis Melvin Lloyd Merrimon Lena Middleton Thelma Moose Pauline Neal Elizabeth Ogburn Dorothy Parham Lillian Pearson Virginia Pendleton Louise Phillips Fadean Pleasants Alice Potter Maude Query Mildred Reed Elizabeth Reinhardt Katherine Shenk Rebecca Smith Virginia Smith Margaret Stanford Agnes Stewart Isabel Tarry Daisy Tucker Hermene Warlick Pauline Whitaker Jeanette Whitfield Virginia Wilson Lucille Wynne Julia Yancey Glenn Yarborough Mozelle Yelton 1 m ui Pine Needles , _ Nineteen TirrKty-stx 208 - — r™- - - k:s ; i: LsSiL: i r issi K M 1 f-- [o: ■ s m [o; [o] KJ ■I m M m Pine A ' .-..j;, ' s y @@@@@ @o The College Orchestra He ry H. Flchs, Dirctlor Officers Sarah Taylor . p, .,.-7 , Fraxcks Leonard ricc-l ' nsident Marie Wii.kins Treasurer R Elizabeth Hannamav Seerrtary »- • Hermene W ' arlick Librarian K8J Anyone who can pla any orchestral instrument well is elinilile for iiiemliership in the college orchestra. The orchestra is now composed of twelve violins, txvo Sjfl clarinets, three cellos, two trumpets, two trombones, flute, hells, drum and piann. fsi We feel sure that the orchestra is now one of the most enthusiastic organizations SA on the campus. Tuesday night rehearsals receive the best attendance and the most [Qj hearty co-operation is shown. Three public performances were given last year. The selections were of a higher standard than before and were r.ndered very satis- O factorily. We feel very much encouraged and are looking forward to really fine m m results next year when we give a real Beethoven Svmphonv. CM m m inc Needles I. mm mm The College Orchestra m First I ioliiis — • Marie U ' ii.kins Elizabeth Hawaman Virginia Jacksox Julian Wilson Sarah Ta i.or Miss Mari Fi:rri,i.l Scc ' jiiil li ' lins — Thelma McLamb Frances Leonard Alma McFarlano Hazel Dickinson Katherink Caripr KaTHERINR (jRANJifAM CcIUjs— Hendrik Vanden Hoom Glenn Gildersleeve J ' i ' jla — Miss Dokis ' Ki(.in flute— S. L. Al.DEKMANX ( liirhict — • Charles Bennett George Dickenson Ihjrn— II. G. Miller c;eorce Perreit I rrjiiilxjIlC — H. Cook Weldon Beecham Bass — M i)i)R - Simmons iniinpits — ' Mr. Thomas George IIai.i.v Halck Puini) — ■ IIer.mene Waki.ick Doris Branch (ilEVN ' AKMOKOLGII Pi I I Uss ' ldU ■ .■ Nii: Lie Gimrv . L K(, Ri:r I loon P ' mc NccdJc.s Le Cercle Francais Officers Margaret Ella Smith Preside Lois Williamson First rirr-Pnsiilirtt Susan Bordf.n SrtonJ I ' id-Pnsuti-nl Rosalie Wiley Sccrrtary-Trrasurer Junior French Club Officers Elizabeth Sewell President Clementine Brodie I ' ice-Presidcnt Pme Needles El Circulo Espanol Officers I.LCV Cdlliss . I ' ri ' sidi-nt Doris Riciiakdsox rirr-l ' nsiJinl Hl.ANLiiH IJovi) Sirnlary Marjokih AiKKN ' Triiisurrr Pkaki, Tkishr Chairiniin I ' xiiiiam (. ' nmmilli-e 1 m Pine Nee. ' Nineteen T v e r t i k: ' m m Der Deutsche Verein Luis und l.iihr :u riium Din, Mucin (lilt- Murln- und .liiuil yrring. Officers Marie Wii.kins .... Pristdvnt Helen Secrest p Secretary Ethel Perklns ... t-, ... 7 reasurer £1 l- T ne Needles meteen Txventy-s ' ix % iSll [§!-- Pnie NecdL: N) n ctcc n T wtJiit y -s ' : m 1 m !S! EMILY CATE, Columbia, S. C. President Pine Needles N7ncteen TircntysTX M . 1 lll.l IIL L.M ' .IM.l t-1 Pine NeeJhs ineteen Tivcixty-six i J r ?d1es Tivaiti SI.: 1 r-h ■ ji xiDR h;)cki:v ti;a.m 0 ' 4 ' J I MDK sue C I.K I ICA.M P;ne ' Needles J ynetec ' i T ircnti -STX Sol ' HOMORi; HASI ' .UALI. -. RSIT ' HASKETBALI, ?nc . ' eedlcs inrtrcrz Tu ' C " ty-.?7- r,- -, r iSSi II ■nil m M-NIOK IKAtK 1 I.A.M h j Pine M ' cdlcs jnetsen Tirtsuci six n Orch rchesus Club Officers Nei.lik Irvin- Prrsiiicnt Frances Barber Sccrilary Miss Helen ' Robinson Dirrctor Advisory Committee Katherine Shenk, Kate Hall Those who have excelled in dance drama are elif;ihle for meinliership in the Orchesus Club. New members are elected by the club upon the basis of earnestness of effort and proficiency of the applicant in her dancing. Two beautiful initiations have been held and now the membership numbers between thirty and forty girls. The work is interpretative, both lyric and dramatic dancing. The club has fur- nished dancers for many college entertainments. The year ' s work culminates the night of Field Da when a magnificent dance drama is presented in the open air theatre. jne Needles ineteen Txventtf-ri: m m Pine Needles 1 355 Varsity Swimming Team Nk Irvin, ' 26 Mary Moore Deaton, ' 26 ' erna Hodces, ' 28 Rosalie Jacobie (not in plioto jrapli) ' 29 m A- ' me Needles Nineteen Tiventft-six m muM 2 t: J R r 1 m m r I i ' ' M I I wis ( II 1IM() S Kdsa I akii M). Ill ' CnIlriir Suii trs Jo RUDISILL AM) Moi.l.V PlGFORl), :l ll-Collrr c DouhllS isSi M 151 m m r m Pine NrcJh:s ig| Nineteen Tu ' e?iti , ., m mhi i Kn IftHTS AND rne Needles Nineteen. Ttuentvsix % m J »r_- M I K J — Pin.- N.-. ' JJrs Njnctc c n T w c n t y - s ; .v - r„ -1 m- -• U 1 Tlie Playlikers Officers Andrina McIktvre Pnsulinl Tempie Wil.MAMS ricr-Prrs ' tJint Marv Alice Rorertsox Srcretary Elizahetii Rosenthal Tr,usurrr Kate Hali Student Coatli Lucille Wynne Singe Manager Hilda Weil Property Manager ' IRG1NIA Sloan Costume Manager Mary Johnston Business Manager Arvilla Copeland Head of Stage Crew Mr. W. R. Taylor Director jr ' nic .i cedles 1 I -J m re Tke Playlikers pgj ■■ Vc plax-like and we like plays. " The dramatic association of North Carolina College, known as the Playlikers, has been an organization for only a few years, but in those few years it has done more than enough to justify its existence. Having its origin in the dreams and aspirations of Mr. V. R. Taylor and a small group of students, who had a strong feeling for dramatic art, it has grown into an association whose membership consists of faculty members and students who have already shown enough interest and ability in the field of dramatics to guarantee their helpfulness in fulfilling its pur- poses. As an advisory committee, a group of interested and able faculty members unite with Mr. Taylor in outlining a general policy for the association. In addition to this advisory committee, there is the dramatic council, which is composed of the president, secretary, treasurer, business manager, faculty director, and student director of the Play-Likers, and which is the executive body of the association. The practical staff, which is largely drawn by Mr. Taylor from his Play-Production classes, is composed of stage manager, assistant stage manager, electrician, stage hands, scenery makers, directors and many more. These people are the ones who do the vork which goes into the mak- ing of the plays which run so smoothly when seen froTii over the foot-lights. The work is hard and exacting, but the students who engage in it are sulhclently Inttrestcd to be glad to give their time and energy to the making of artistic productions. Always fortunate in having excellent student talent for acting, the Play-Likers have been able to overcome the difficulties usually encountered by a dramatic associati m composed solely of women, because of the ability and interested co-operation of the men of the faculty, who have joined the group of actors, much to the improvement of Play-Liker productions. In the past two vears, these men have co-operated with the student actors and with the Play-I.iker staff to pro- iluce four full-length and one set of one-act plays, all of which have m-t with success. During the year 1924-1925, Fashion, a play which had recently been revived in New York, and The First ' ear were produced, and during this year just past. The Hook of Charm, another play which had just run on Broadway; Blue Diamonds, a mystery play written and directed by Mr. L. H. Ilurlev of the F ' nglish Department of the college, and Sims, and Ihe Quick and the Dead, twri line-act plays written by Kate ( ' . Hall and . ' ndrina Mclntyre respectively, both of Mr. Taylor ' s plav-writing classes, have been presented with the use ot faculty people in the men ' s roles. Still a young organization, this dramatic association has set no limit to its aspirations, hoping to builil here a group that shall he conslaiul attaining technical, artistic, and creative groxvth in dramatic art. m Pine Ne,-JL. NinettFen T rt ' entt. ' -s id M m Ar , .]!., Feafutcs ] - Lool( to the blorving Rose about us — " Lo, ' " i " Laughing " she saijs, " inio ihc world I blo-di. At once the sillfcn la-bsel of m f Purse ii ' A-? " ' " ' " ' ' i ' o ures on the Garden throw. " RuBAiYAT OF Omar Khayyam, 5ffl«0 ' — Charles t i. ' a, 1 . 1 l.i.ll 1k 1 ill lty-- ( i! MRGII K IRK PATRICK C; ;( ; «— CJRi-Y Vi.iri.n Wisdom — Kate Hall ; EVLL N Wll.KINS « .. . ■ ' . . •■■ Bifli HQI w-» ■KA ' m El " WM -- 1 P f { kPIWICT ■ r, -. " B ' " Sporlst uinsliip — Olive Browx i« «pi yAe DAWN ' DANCZ; EGYPTIAN ROSALIE VViLEY DRt jD ANNETTE BONEY DANCES » « HOWaAND I LUCY TATE COtOMAt EVELYN STEPHENSON " " VERNELLE FULLER, cmntts JEAN MSCABE th, my Beloved, fill tl ' e Cup thai clears ' Today of past Regrets and future Fears: T omorrow I — Why, Tomorroiv I may be Myself n ' ilh Yesterday ' s Seven Thousand Years. — RuBAIYAT OF OmaK KhAI-YAM - — iJ - JJI t:: " hi n B B B WWW ji n I 1 C nPOSTRl ' 1 ♦ Pine Needles __j J ;:. : Nrnrteen J ire?iti -S}x _j_ J Here and There on tKe Campus " I hope t Dr. Yocum (in the park) : " Can you tell me, young woman, if this plant be- longs to the arbutus family? " Sweet Young Thing: " No, sir, it doesn ' t. It belongs to the college. " " I hope that is a nice book for you to read, darling, " said a conscientious moth- er to her college daughter. " Oh, i,es, mother, " said Miss Collegi- ate. " It ' s a lovely book, but I don ' t think you would like it. It ' s so sad at the end. " " How is it sad, darling? " " She dies and he has to go back to his wife. " id o " Johnsie must be doing some pretty heavy training now. " " Why? " " I heard one of her professors say this morning that she was always jumping at conclusions. " Marr: " Do you believe that there are mermaids at the bottom of the sea? " Sellus: " Dunno, but there ' s usually a woman at the bottom of everything. " m " What did that Freshman ' s parents say when she was sent home after ex- ams? " " They congratulated the college on turning out such fine girls. " Pine Needles Nineteen Tiventi -r - : mmm ® Mr. Keister: " Ever had Economics? " R. Hinnant: " No, just measles and whooping cough. " rfl ■ Zoological " Dear! " Vith a glance she tried to cow him, but he only looked sheepish. " Dog! " she exclaimed. He choked — there was a frog in his throat. Realizing that he had made a monkey of himself by acting like a bear, he ducked. Mr. L. M. Johnson: " Somebody give me a sentence. " Fresh: " (Juick! Somebody call the judge. One: " Do you room ofif campus? " Two : " Yes, but I get bored at class. ' The Troubles of an Ehitor I have a book of synonyms, Concordances galore ; A dictionary up to date. And Textbooks by the score. I have a folding typewriter That ' s been in use for years; I ' m long on all material. Hut short on good ideas. Dr. Foust: " ' ' es, m. ' dear madam, we guarantee good results or return the girl. " m m r Blanche: " Why do you think you can work on a newspaper? " Applicant: " I am able to type with two fingers and cuss. " " Who was Shylock, Miss Winfield? " ■ ' .My dear! Y ' ou go to Sunday School and don ' t know that! " 5. 1 Uy-sjx Pi:i)agu-Pli;thora J noiiyiniiiis ' Mierc h;i c you been, my pretty maid ? " " To college, sir, " she said. ' What learned you there, my pretty maid ? " " An awful lot, " she said. Tm; V .I.I. M Jhxxint.s Brvax Ciah Most Popular Campus Organization The membership shall include: An student who has been rooked at the polls more than once and still beliexes in San- ta Claus. For the motto the club shall use Shakespeare ' s fam ' uis wortls, " Don ' t give up the ship. " he standard anthem shall be: " How Come You Do Me Like You Do? ' The official emblem : A sack. It is expected that this club ' s influence will be felt ver - strongly throughout the whole campus, particularly in the field of athletics where they can offer a great moral support for the niembers of the track team. " Then why are you back, my pretty maid. The streets to idh ' roam? " " I failed, kind sir, to make the grade. And so they sent me home. " " And did ou fail in every course, Or in a single test? " ' I made an A in just one course, And flunked in all the rest. " ' In what, |ira ' tell, did ou do so well, My pretty little lass? " ' In How-to-Study course, befell, — In that I lead mv class. " " Chief, the patient in cell forty-five wants a typewriter. She thinks she ' s a Carolinian editor. " " I m beginnir.g to suspect my social director. " " Why? " " She believed my story last night. " ■ Needles tccrt Trcr- 246 :. r. M Ml Enmchtexmext — ' iA Fresh MAX Themes " Elinor (jlyn wrote the Passion Play. " " Joan of Arc was burned to a steak. " " Milton wrote Lycidus in memory of his diseased friend, King Edward. " " Luther came out from a diet of worms vmharmed. " " All church lands were confiscated ex- cept the Vatican, which was reserved as grazing ground for the papal bull. " " The Roman Empire lies south of the Great Lakes. " " Wordsworth wrote Imitations of Immorality. " Doris: " Let ' s go to the library. " Lois: " Sorry; I gotta study. " A Doctor of Literatire " Dear Doctor: " My pet billy goat is seriously ill from eating a complete leatherbound set of Shakespeare. What would you pre- scribe ? " Answer: " Am sending Literary Di- gest by return mail. " Jean (impatiently) : " Come on, Judy, why docs it take you so long to take a bath? " Katherine (in passing down the hall) : " Don ' t rush her. She ' s having the time of her life playing in the mud. " J T ir l-.volultnn ( Sli-sli-sh I j « ,• llul iinr Suit kr i-i r Nrnrteen T wcnty-SJX p [SI f? »%% i Earmarks of the Powkrs That Be Dr. Foust: " What would the people of the state think? " Mrs. Durand: " Now don ' t you agree with me about this? " Mr. Miller: " That ' s the finest state- ment I ever made. " Mr. Martin: " Well, I won ' t argue with a woman. " Dean Smith: " I was having a delight- ful extension class in — " Mr. A. C. Hall: " Someday, I ' m going to make a study of that. " Miss Andrews: " My dear, if you ' d just as soon — " Dr. Cook: " Now is there anything further on that? " Mr. L. M. Johnson: " Young ladies, I am going to tell you a little joke. " Mr. Morrison: " Xow what I mean to say is this — " Dr. Arnette: " It was ' tremenjous! ' " Dr. Kendrick: " Now if we just had a map. " Mr. Shaftsbury: " Ye gods! That ' s imfortunate ! " Miss Schaffer: " That ' s correctly right. " Appropriate Quotations to be En- graved Upon the Walls of the Ananias Club ' s Hall of Fa: ie " I love you. " " ou are the onh ' girl I ever loved. " " Absence makes the heart grow fon- der. " " This hurts me worse than it does you. " " I simply did not have time to write. " " I forgot. " " It was not on reserve. " " I still love you. " Pine Needles NmeteeT! Txncnti ' mmmi 248 ' 1 rfl j:i-=- rrz SiGXAL Progress In the college story of the future we may read : " The famous halfback then took thirty minutes brisk practice on the adding machine. " " Dear Teacher: Kindly excuse John- nie ' s absence yesterday. He fell in the mud. Hy doing the same you will great- ly oblige his mother. " Tom: " What are they playing now? " Anna Lee: " Beethoven ' s Ninth Sym- phony. " Tom: " Oh dear! Have we missed the other eight? " If » Thh Secret Is Out Fresh: " 1 know nou ' why college ed- itors call themselves ' we. ' Van: " Why? " Fresh: " So that the faculty member who doesn ' t like the editorials will think that there are too many of them for him to lick. From a Junior ' s paper in American Literature: " The music in Hiawatha lies in Longfellow ' s use of parallelo- grams. " A member of the faculty tells the fol- lowing joke on herself: Stern Prof.: " ' oung woman, what is your full name? " Miss Harrow: " KKira Kudora Har- row. " Prof.: " Kuphonious, isn ' t it? " Miss H.: " No, it ' s Eudora! " ?! f? Pine Needles Nineteen Tiue?2ti -six The Retort Viciols " Yo ain ' t got no sense a-tall. " " Yo got less ' n dat. ' ' o ain ' t got as much sense as a popular song. " Ambitious Author: " Hurrah! Five doHars for my latest story. " Friend: " From whom? " Author: " The express com;iany. They lost it. " We Suggest: That an entrance exam be given to all freshmen to determine in what state institution they belong. Wilma K.: " I ' ve got to write a theme. Can ' t you suggest some sort of a ilumb subject that I might use? " Sympathetic Senior: " Why not try an autobiograplu ' ? " Epitaph for most any girl: " To know her is to love her. " Ri,an ' ki:t -Blank ! No, dear, she is not a golfer. She ' ; the Pine Needles editor. Miss Coolidge: " Do you like codfish balls? " Brooks J.: " I don ' t know. I never attended one. " » First Frosh: " Are you going to sign up for Hockey or Physical Ed. ? " Second Frosh: " Neither! Think Ell take Gym because Eve already bought my suit. " 1 Pme Needles Nineteen Ticcrity-six PiSi 1 m Jimiiiie: " Did she give you the key to her heart? " Hill: ' " I ' es, but I have fouiui out that she has too many duph ' cates. " « » Peroxide is like flattery. It has turned many a woman ' s head. » First (jirl: " You ' re teacher ' s pet. " Second (jirl: " Do you think they Alia: " Why did you ever go with Paul r Hess: " He ' s the plot to my confes- sion stories. " He: " I ' m rather in favor of the Eng- lish than of the American mode of spell- ing. " She: " Ves? " He: " Yes, indeed. Take ' parlor, ' for instance; ha ing ' u ' in it makes all the lifterence in the world to me. " y m m 181 f Jeter B. : " . an, what do iiu call a man that marries more than one woman, a IJrigainist ? " X. Jeter: " No, ilumbell, they call that kind of a man a Moron. " h " It took me four years to learn that fSS% 1 could not write poetry. " kS5i " 1 suppose you gave it up then? " ifjl " No, no. I got my name in the fX .American Mercury and didn ' t have to hXi then. " g] , 3 [? ?=1 Pine NecJJ.-s 1 -i. ; iSl k u l w p Can ' t Fool Ole Education Freshie (wandering around in Stu- dents ' Building) : " Wonder why they don ' t throw away that old broken-up statue down there in the hall? " Sophistication: " Oh, don ' t you know, that is the ' Winged Victory ' . " Freshie: " Well, I ' ll be darned if it doesn ' t look like she got the worst end of the bargain to me. " him. I never see such a providin ' man in all niah days. " Peez : " When I was a freshman I de- cided to become famous. " Quz : " Yes, but I can ' t see that you have succeeded very well. " Peez: " Oh, that is just because I de- cided it was easier to change my mind. " r i P First Aid to Vocalists Canary breeders tells us that a bird may be taught to sing by placing a ba- sin of water in its cage. Ix)rd ! Think what they would do if a cake of soap and a bath towel were added ! See Mr. Forney Mildred Little: " Ah, Dr. Brown, if I ever make a great pianist, FIl owe it all to you. " Dr. Brown: " Pardon me, young lady, but you are supposed to pay by the sem- ester. " " Is your husband much of a provider, Mandy? " " He ain ' t nothing else, ma ' am. He ' s g vine get some new furniture providin ' he gets the money. He ' s gwine to get the money providin ' he goes to work. He ' s gw ' in to work providin ' the job suits They tell us that Murky Depths, who became famous for his wonderful inven- tion, the Pocket Chaperon, began life as a mere boy. » Not a Professor This Time Last week the absent-minded business man, coming home, surprised his wife by kissing her tenderly. She was even more puzzled when he imuiibled, " Now I want to dictate a couple of letters. " ¥ - " Oo-oo-oo look! Here comes a gang of college girls up the road dressed in funny pants. " " What! Knickers? " " No — they ' re white folks. " The Inevitable Optimist Still, if nobody dropped out in the eighth grade, who would be ready to hire the college graduates? Pine Needles Nineteen Trvent- i- Ifei £ m i:: i ;; i a PC n m m m m r I I (SI m m m m L r ' Tin. ' Ti ti ' SiX M l: ! THE NATIONAL Carolina ' s Foremost Motion Picture Palace Direction T. G. Leitch Management C. D. BUCKNER Presenting First Run Photoplays Selected Comedies News and Novelty Subjects Accompanied by a Special Musical Setting NATIONAL WONDER ORCHESTRA Carolina ' s Largest and Finest VINCENT KAY. Conducting " Meet Your Friends at the National " Our True Intent is All for Your Delight ' cdlcs r1 - 1 r " .: We Carry a Complete Line of Sporting Goods INCLUDING COLLEGE SWEATERS ODELL ' S MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS " Where Quality Tells " h ■ ' in.- NrcJlr.s 7 ' .■.•ir; -5- ' A ' m r r : r STRATFORD-WEATHERLY DRUG CO. A REAL DRUG STORE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS " We Always Sell the Best " Corner N. elm and W. Gaston Streets Whitman ' s and Nunnally ' s WE MADE THE PICTURES IN THIS BOOK Do You Like Them! ' SIDDELL STUDIO North Carolina ' s Largest Photographic Concern RALEIGH, N. C. P?nc Needles Nj7zetcr!i T ii ' c ;; C y-s).x r " ' . ' r M BY POPULAR APPROVAL APPOINTED THE COLLEGE GIRLS STORE FOR Apparel ELLIS-STONE « CO. GREENSBORO DURHAM GILMER ' S INCORPORATED A Complete Store for Women. Men and Children at Popular Prices For the College Miss MILLINERY. COATS. SUITS AND DRESSES ALSO ALL ACCESSORIES Visit Our Store 230 South Elm Street Greensboro, N. C. L _ r Pine Ne. " Ninet, ri Tu-r-:r 1 LkJ THE FINEST DRUG STORE IN NORTH CAROLINA and Dedicated to Your Service Service With Us is a Personal Matter and With It WE GIVE VALUES UNTOUCHED ANYWHERE ELSE! O. HENRY DRUG STORE ' The Store That Brought Down Drug Prices in Greensboro ' BELIEVE ME! THE JEFFERSON BARBER PUTS OUT GOOD HAIR CUTS SHOP Pjne Needles Nineteen Tinerit- - ' - i - m ' Q 7= IT- A Large Stock of COLLEGIATE SUPPLIES WATERMAN PENS STATIONERY AND GREETING CARDS GIFT NOVELTIES AND SPALDING ATHLETIC GOODS WILLS BOOK STORE W. H. FISHER COMPANY PRINTING ENGRAVING Greensboro, N. C. n f; . Pine Needles |g| Nineteen T ic ' e?itij-six _„ M " Say It With a Home and Grow Your Own Flowers " YOUNG LADIES We are delighted to have you in (jreeiisboro for four years, but we want you for life. When you have finished college, tell the young man who is fortunate enough to win you about Greensboro. Tell him of wonderful Irving Park, the residential section of national fame. Tell of Sedgefield, " The Incomparable, " and when you have " sold him " on Greens- boro, see us and select the home site. SOUTHERN REAL ESTATE CO. DEVELOPERS OF IRVING PARK AND SEDGEFIELD SYKES FLORISTS. Incorporated SUCCESSORS TO VAN LINDLEY Same Service, Only Change in Name Flowers of Quality Greensboro High Point Winston-Salem Pine Needles xineteen Twe Your Education is Not Complete Unless you have learned that Vicks is " first-aid " for all cold troubles — also that its healing properties makes it a valuable treatment for burns, cuts, bruises, head- ache, insect bites or sunburn. acts ways at once ▼ VaroRub OVER 21 MILLION JARS USED YEARLY TWO CAROLINIANS N. C. C. W. AND The Pilot Life Insurance Company Both of these institutions are filling a definite need in the lives of the people of the South Atlantic States. [ n La IS] M m Ptne Neci lcs njctren Ttrctity-. ix IF YOU HAVE LAND TO SELL Write Wire or Come to See Us P. O. Box No. 13 PENNY BROS. World ' s Original Twin Auctioneers American Land Company, Greensboro, N. C. Penny Brothers. Managers SCHIFFMAN ' S ESTABLISHED 1893 NORTH CAROLINA ' S GREATEST JEWELRY STORE As the Years Pass and Occasions Come When You Require Jewelry Shop With Us by Mail and You ' ll Get Personal Service Greensboro. N. C. rat Pine Needles Nineteen Twenty-si ri -.. 1 -=- " ' gr ' ™ " iu READING A DAILY NEWSPAPER Has Become a Necessary Part of Present Day Education THE GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS COMPLETE IN EVERY SECTION Is Filling This Demand GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS Greensboro, N. C. The Aristocracy of Foot- wear Finest Quality Authentic Styles Beautiful Lasts At Prices You Like to Pay COLLEGE GIRLS SHOE STORE JACOBS BOOT SHOP On Your Way Down Town Greensboro ' s Only Exclusive Young Ladies ' Shoe Store BELK S DEPARTMENT STORES The Home of Better Values Greensboro. N. C. ri Pme Nc-JIc-s NtneteiTn TTi-mty-srx J. M. Hendrix Co. Shoes and Hosiery No Substitutes for Quality Greensboro, N. C. A Good Shoe Store in a Good Town TIPPS UP-TO-MINUTE STYLES AT POPULAR PRICES Always Something New TIPPS READY-TO-WEAR AND MILLINERY 104 South Elm Street Opposite Post Offict Service Above Self CABANISS INCORPORATED 203 South Elm Street Correct Apparel FOR MISS OR MATRON Pine Needles MS — A store where authentic new styles are seen first. — A store where you are as- sured of absolute satisfaction. — A store where college girls delight to shop that caters to their fancies and desires in every effort. " Edgerton Tours " We Attest to California and the West ARE THE CHEAPEST AND THE BEST ADDRESS Edgerton Touring Co. 420 Jefferson Standard Greensboro, n. C. CAROLINA GARAGE Phone 1567 SERVICE MARMON SALES GARFORD SERVICE Storage General Repairs COLLEGIATE APPAREL In the masculine mode for all out-of-doors activities at the Collegiate Contest in the Jefferson Standard Building. Pine Needle, N nir ' teen 1 wenCy-aix Wc Are at Your Service. A Complete Department Food Store. Comprising Everything You Need for Your Table Prepared as You Like It Bakery Department Hread. Rolls. Cakes, Pies. Pastries, etc. naked in Our Own Ovens Fresh Meat Department Western and Native Meat. Etc. Fish and Oyster Department Sea Foods of All Kinds Delicatessen Department Home-made Salads. Mayonnnaise. Sand- wiches, Filler, Etc. Fruits and Vegetable Department Imported and Domestic Fruits and Vegetables Coffee and Tea Department Special Agents for Chon and Sanfort Fancy Grocery Department Pickle Olive Patterson Bros., Inc. Miss Chess Hardbarger ' s Secretarial School A Select School for Business Training Gregg Shorthand Touch Typewriting Bookkeeping Business English Correspondence Banking. Etc. Enroll at Any Time — Individual and Class Instruction Write for Further Information to Miss Chess Hardbarger Fifth Floor. Odd Fellows Bldg. Telephone 24 5 5 Raleigh. N. C. The McClamroch Company Marble, Tile, Terrazza Mosaics Composition Floors Mantles and Fireplace Furnishings GREENSBORO. N. C. Member Building Exchange of North Carolina Member Association Government Contractors MARKS BOOT SHOP The Latest in SHOE CREATIONS FOR WOMEN The Newest Styles in Better Grade Footwear at the Lowest Price A Shoe Store You Will Enjoy Visiting Women Shoes with Hose to match exclusively. We have a special time payment arrangement for college girls. Ask us about it. MARKS BOOT SHOP 306 S. Elm Street Opposite National Theater Greensboro. N. C. Pine Needles Nineteen Tiventir- CALL US. GIRLS CALL US! You Are Sure lo Get SERV ICE Our trip boy has a new motorcycle. He wants to ride. Keep him happy. PORTER LYON DRUG CO. Service You Will Like Phone 3550 108 W. Mjrket Correct Styles Smart and Individual .yPOBSONrc i S 0£ COMPANY p Wooten-Moulton Portrait and Commercial Photographers 215 ' :. S. Elm Street GREENSBORO. N. C. JEFFERSON STANDARD CAFE I 7 Stories High n An Ideal Place for College Girls Eating High But Prices Low ' Pine Needles - !iei:een T wcncy-six " Sdimf " But. Mother Dear it is perfectly safe. I am going " yellow cab " Very well. dear, but be sure that it ' s a Yellow Cab. " PHONE 4200 The Shop of Distinction Ready-to-Wear Millinery Smart Styles for the College Miss HARRISON ' S 2 1 2 South Elm Street GREENSBORO, N. C. SOCIAL AND BUSINESS STATIONERY PRINTED OR ENGRAVED iEAUTiFUL Styles From Which TO Make Your Selections Wedding Invitations. Announcements Visiting Cards. Etc.. Printed or Engraved JOSEPH J. STONE 8 COMPANY Printers and Binders Corner Hughes and Davie Streets GREENSBORO, N. C. THE FLYNT STUDIO We Make Photographs That Please And Frames That Make Your Picture Look Better m r ' ' — Pine Needles Nineteen Twenry-si. rS!t - L l Liim - ' rt riT ir; ' »r_ h .1 J (ifTii fS.- _ Pine NrcJh ' s Nirtrtecn T ircnty-six - w-i ir3 K2 [T ' ' THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON i _ Autographs 1 r ' -i Pine NecJles rg ;ee?i I wenCy-six - ■r- i- " ggg5=,_ Autographs IS) IS! ! ine Needles ineteen Tt ' I Wake! For the Sun behind von Eastern height Has chased ihe Session of ihe Stars from Ni( ht; And, to the field of Heovn ascending, strihes. The Sultan ' s Turret with a Shaft of Light. nUHAIVAT or OMAN HMAVVAM

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