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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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am IN ACTION IN CLASSES ■ltroduction TJRARY ■ ' JRIH C UiCJUNA $ r Introduction j ■ 1 - j Y w : DALTON Pages 17-63 Introduction 5 5 V •- - -a IN ACTION ON CAMPUS Introduction 7 M RATHSKELLAR, COMMUTERS, DOR - _« LIFE, JAM-UP Pages 64-103 SffiKtidifeKfKKHi Introduction 9 10 Pages 104-121 Introduction 11 Jt ■ ■ . » i . m 0 IN ACTION WITH PEOPLE Introduction 13 v ' t H I i to ' rr ' 1 v -4 w M t SENIORS, JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES, FRESHMEN Pages . . . 122-187 5 g ' Z Introduction 5 IN ACTION IN ACTION IN ACTION IN ACTION IN ACTI Eh O Z •— X g z i— o I— I Eh u 1—1 o t-H r- o o I— o o c v wCcZ%cn OT . ' CLft-nui-xusd l i.u iuGuJ.OL Xo fjtaulry. f3u% p n, QL XM-U jlO CUA ZAc. MnOctut CoO)XS dZ U-i tOCAclSt sJ jU tftCtfTC . C ' lJbu cWi.-6uJ , xM ZioaJ eft OctlUr) u tM-ic VaJt-fU XJ AX ao no Octet)-, . Spaa JX CLUCuAM aJ . TmctoS Z " %u Aa XM x £zn eft jUJAju. sr?ioGo£o cD XtliltAdji oft fwZu-j (2r)cX JLte. A4fi UA C( 8cUW X doc 1 W L QAJ- rndlc XA n oKi (Urr i i foe jcAiM u®o(J z JU c - A4 0OCS . 7r ch 2 U7n GOCfa»J- JAtsr), get iMkj. jLo ch CkJ- or (Mv(£ , rtAj ' o. i)sOL eft Mu. fteha •yW-c bed t Can only CMifocn da rrx c L UC Oi ? Woe rncl c f XJUa bo (xt am dt -x i Azi H L ov o o o 2 o t-H o 2 o t-H o o I— H o 2 o i — i c 2 O NI NOLLOV NI MOLLOV NI NOUOV NI N0I10V O NI 2 16 17 18 Administration William Britt- Vice Chancellor Doug Orr - Vice Chancellor I a . S :i ' ■ ■■ mm mm 1 r,si,m; .■0.58VSB 8 Jerry Hudson - Security Mildred English - Placement Vern Parrish, Director, Cone University Center Robert Grogan, Director of Admissions Dennis Rash, Dean of Students Betty Chafin, Associate Dean of Students 20 Administration fc2I Ill 1 1 T Chuck Lynch - Director of Residence Life Chuck Colby - Assistant Director Jody Harpster - Scott Dorm Administration 21 Ken Sandford; Development Office Robert Gwaltney; Registrar ' s Office ADMINISTRATION Donald Mackay; Special Services. William Davis, Jr.; Director of Health Lee Rose; Athletic Director. Seth Ellis; Director of Summer and Evening Program. 23 lUUI U The objectives of the College of Architecture recognize the fundamental concerns of the architect: the design and control of the environment. The basic study here promotes inquiry and deals with problem solving and administrative policy. Location here in Charlotte adds a unique- ness to the program, as well as supplies a first-hand view of a rapidly growing region of the ever-growing South. Research Center M Architecture MIES VAN DER ROHE 1 P- " - " ■■■ SEAGRAM ; . !. | BUILDING ... i» .V :i ■ 1 :| V I ' ■ ■-.-.■■ v - . - i : . ' - kui tfJH ECOMtM HI 1 1 - - ' - " - " «i trEiruE 1 1 - ] i E» VI DE Pl-AZA f? V M _ _■».; - m ihi DPESTMorrTe -4 H 1 1 -t " £4-L i , J. £s- ;.-£«---»; " J 1 IT nc 4W. Twe rt. his BuilOuh - «Jr ,m t5 :.- --» ...--: Li-L,:e ««£«,_- f- 1 " " ■ ' ' ■ ' " - • ' ■- ■ ' ' ■ - " £. « ■ 1 !f ' ■ m, tr. ■ —■ ■ ■ 1 P " ■ B W. WESTBROOK ■ ' I : - - t J ■ " - i 1 I ARC. 102 ■ I i L ■3 SEC. 003 «v 1 K AMU OCMAJUK J 1 . Ai t £ if iP iy LLUTt R - - fcJVXjiJ. LOjsvLO " i Okt. j . Dts Al. Ulj IU 4ii,1o bck. ' - i T - -— c . w rat fcwusuti C fct »UCWU 0 AJKfcET W eL ' Tut M-DtAI. «.ti tWJLU OMtrtt Hfc " TIC KECTMMAJW t» tm EL " « iTB OCTAtON MVQ TOMtMUr rM HITUL hbwt MTKniiNMia atsvnrwours n i«Vni w i»ht« srwcrMa rM CttVUTtOO rMM THE (LAttMU V93 S KtiMD V TM MM M M IMU AM M OTU A1STMTK MFPJ WIKMMI TM EMM. EFFECT Uta vs KMM 0 A »i 0«Wfc TMAT MlATEft to IT E MYMt mtvr ahd emu suumt air ciant ww emmmnmCMT «r it mm. UEMKCtiW TO tfT A I0CT UU«(0M(M(l«| csvnftAS i» PBrtiiii wm mw Wilt « vi to xiNMUM rri oxn to ACTWATl TM ICMftAt WHH W WI __„ MWrvou 4m atctmtc mmn T f »««»■«• or [vWtMOTS MMWATM lUTIV OMT TMi CM CM or m Atnor cuUi m MHM TM fttst r o «• tninwur tm VT.OM.Mr MB MM » w mm wttmm MiniMf " i orr m mmy ' Architecture 25 • . COLLEGE ARCHITECTURE ■■ ■ ■■ l 1 I I «■£ THE UHlVERSrTY OF NORTH CAROUNA at CHARLOTTE •on ••««•. um toistjti ' i»»«cc !.) j f» 001 |M!«0 It " P tl IT 3t A ' " ?«o «i-« » ' o i B 1 j • o-«»-» 1 ' 1 . B ■ 71 !•••-•?• 1 I J I aif-07-8»IO ?• 6-0B-0O1 3 i J C- i J M »4»-o?-»ri2 ' J e fl 17B-«»-5i9f 1 ■ J 8+ 9 ?]«-01-!tI 1 •J c- ' ' jH ?f 7-16-6U! 1 ■ J e ;JB ?37-| !•!«?« ] y B- ;|H 7«5-BS-B8?fl i ■ j 8+ L1 2««-9«-sr?j i • -j A- 9 ?«i-9S-0849 i ■ j B 2B5-9J-5I0B 3 J B i J«i-B»-07i7 3 J A i ?«i-»6-e?i« 3 ■ J A i ; L1 2«3-9?-5,3« 3 J c+ H ' •6 " 76 " 5001 3 J c- - -r9 ?«4-02-ro»« 3 J A -9 ?• •! 3-1B96 3 J B- P38-96-3096 3 c+ H ?«4-9B 9««7 ] J 6+ ?«8 86 " 109B 3 J A ■ ' ?«?-8«-9016 3 J A- ■ i H 1 M8-0J-J78B 3 v : c+ 9BH H M«-76-«i6» 3 6-r- k ieM rR6E£Tom OF PPKT ' - REBS.E TBX CE_ 6ov ' i I • -lE. Reluct lotl IfJ fl BtTTE UOB.KIU CoMblTlOtJS S fAoRE I ISCREET SEIECTI ' E , - The purpose of the educa- tional programs in the College of Business Administration is to provide a broad edu- cational base which will help prepare the student for responsible leadership in business and professional life. The College is com- mitted to the educational development of men and women through study of the concepts and analytical skills which will prepare the students for productive and meaningfull careers. Business Administration 27 28 Business Administration The College of Business Administra- tion ha s approximately 1000 students enrolled in its three academic pro- grams. These are B.A. in Business Administration, B.S. in Accounting, which is used in preparation for the certified public accountant designa- tion, and B.A. in Economics. Business Administration 2 9 The College of Engineering includes the Depart- ments of Engineering Analysis and Design, Engineering Science, Mechanics and Materials, Urban and Environmental Engineering Technology. Foundations in this college offer several career objectives such as professional engineers in in- dustry, research development, teaching, or as a bssis for another career. The College of Engine- ering stresses flexibility in its program through minor options. UNCC engineering student learn well how to work well in a technological society. DEPARTMENT OF URBAN AND i : ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING lyirasg ENGINEERING !. ' Engineering - Engineering 33 X Engineering ■ HDL 35 II - 3T The College of Human Development and Learning considers itself to be a cooperative enterprise of the entire faculty in preparing teachers. The program is designed to give emphasis to the development and analysis of experiences that increase the interest and ability to learn. Mean- ing and self-concept are highly important con- cepts of HDL. One ' s beliefs, prejudices, and elements of relationships affect his behavior as well as those around him. That ' s what human potential is all about. No one ever said teaching was going to be easy. J6 HDL f ; it : 1 LA it ' - " ' ; i ; v ' m% f ' lP ' ir ' ; ' ' - f - 1 I COLLEGE OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING Kfl l H .A t lXS+% HDL 37 Human IPoteimEiiil Each student has their own advisor in which they can feel totally free to go to when they have problems or if they just want to talk. The relationship between advisor and student is usually very personal although sometimes the advisor has bad or disappointing news. Health And The University requires all new students enrolled or planning to enroll in a physical education course to obtain a signed statement from a medical doctor stating that participation in such courses would not be harmful to the student. The University has no degree in Health or Physical Education although courses such as tennis, golf, health and health lab are offered and taken by a big percent of the students. Physical Education HDL 39 I The College of Humanities includes the area of Black studies and the departments of Creative Arts, English, Foreign Language, His- tory, Religion, and Philosophy. Black Studies gives the opportunity for exploration of self definition and development. The Creative Art program is based on the idea that learning and the creative process works better with individuals, and not groups. An English major has two roads to travel; straight English or being certified. This choice leads to dif- ferent course requirements and dif- ferent careers. Programs in each of the several foreign languages offered are de- signed to give students competence in four skills - understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of given language and to acquant him to the people and lands of the lan- guage. History much like the English De- partment leads to a choice between certification or a regular B.A. Each bringing different career opportuni- Philosophy consist of learning great philosophors, learning ofex pression, criticism, and other such ideas. UVIXiAK3 ' C3£L 4! Humanities e I i winninghQm Humanities 41 — I ■t? Humanities macy frSa ■ Comparative Literature rf»aH ft i)7aKC ony = ■ g) Fnd the wraber.a 3 Tjm the dial-off switch to dial] uflcn if ddfconc,dial uour number irwwgdial at lease 10 seconds before stufoHoff mm program is fimsh zd } turr: to off. ipzdt jwxjram, wait 10 52con3s 6ft I ' qcxi haue dni| problenn: Lot Assistart in f oon Humanities 43 LA ■■ EHGUSH DEPARTHEHT B2I3 5t 44 Humanities HISTORY Humanities 4S I , -1 I . •J ' BLACK STUDIES CENTER ROBERTA P.DUFF • " Humanities 1 1 • 1 : Humanities 47 4P _ x r -V ► Art Nursing 49 [HialcheifTjialcics The College of Science and Mathematics includes the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. The option of Computer Science is also available through this college. Dr Sher- man Burson, Jr., of Charles H. Stone University is a Professor of Chemistry is the Dean. New techniques in lab instruction and a variety of courses for the advanced student help make UNCC ' s college of Science and Mathematics one of the best in North Carolina. Science Mathematics 51 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS 3 1 " M .1 52 £titi Science and Mathematics 53 Jf ' vV awd jBe Mv t cfrtm eds X-D PSYCHOLOGY H r;x 5 4 Social c. Behavioral Sciences ■ ■ - — .4 •• ■£ £ . r I VQli Ml Mftwi .. ||T NAL JUSTICE CRIMINAL Criminal Justice is a new academic field. The subjects of criminal justice are criminals and the criminal justice system. The person who studies criminal justice is referred to as a criminologist or criminal justiciar). The student of crime and crime control is concerned with the causes of crime, its extent, and its significant as a social problem. To respond to the problem of crime, or to aid others in doing so, the criminal justiciar! also needs to know about the operation of the criminal justice system and its impact on crime and criminals. Students of criminal justice at UIMCC are therefore exposed to a broad view of crime and our system of social control to prepare them for effective participation in the criminal justice system. JUSTICE b Criminal Justice POLITICAL A major in political science leading to a B.A. degree consists of the following: 1) 30 semester hours of political science, 2) 18 semester hours of related work in no more than two disciplines (anthropology, black studies, computer science, economics, geography, history, math, philosophy, psychology, and sociology). The offerings are divided up into six major areas. These are American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Administration Scope and Methods of Political Science. The chairman of this department is Professor Lyons. SCIENCE Political Science 57 u. 1 Geography Earth Science EARTH SCIENCE AND GEOGRAPHY A major in Geography leading to the B.A. Degree consists of 28 hours of geography and earth sciences and will include additional work in Computer Science, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology and Statistics or other related areas. Students can decide to become certified under these programs, but must expect some modification. Graduate study can also be done in either of these areas. 59 PSYCHOLOGY, A major leading to the B.A. degree consists of 29 semester hours of psychology include general psychology, experimental psychology, history and systems of psychology, and a senior seminar. Course strongly recommended are psychology of personality, physiological psychology and tests and measurements. Gra- duate work is available in this area. SOCIOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY A major in sociology leading to the B.A. degree consists of 1) a minimum of 28 hours of sociology including core curriculum, 2) three semester hours of logic 3) three semester hours of statistics, and 4) a minimum of 18 semester hours of relative work. ■ 1 23 1 DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY l L Ml PSYCHOLOGY f ) Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology SOCIOLOGY price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict ............ price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict H • . n -.■ ' i ■ • . ' . price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectivi -.-. i price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict •••.-.-.•..•. price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict H |.R ,- ' . . ' . price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict ►. ..«.n... ,-..■.. ■ price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict . .. q , n( , h . v ,. w ,nsion - PRICE ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR PERSPECTIVES IN CONFLICT Holt.R.nehart.W.nston price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict ■■■.■■- •■-..•. price ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR perspectives in conflict •• ■•■••• ■..■. ANTHROPOLOGY 61 l-» riculum - w- ■ ■ ' ?B | HH|K ' I , (bbi |w l| 0, tl I J°3 » ACTIVITIES AT UNCC in 1976- 77, have included events that cover almost anything from studying to the NCAA finals. These activities brought people together in a sharing of mutual interest. Commuters and dorm students participated in sports, such as soccer or intramural games. Student government has allowed the interest of a representative group to work for the betterment of the students. 1 r J ities $Al_T liqd° " All our best. CUNNINGHAM WHOLESALE ■COMPANY, INC.- Post Office Box 2464 901 Berryhill Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28201 (704) 392-8371 Advertisement 65 - iky Dorm students make up about 1 4 of the total amount of students on campus. But the dorms contain about all the activities on campus. Between playing ping-pong, house parties, private get togethers or go- ing to the Goldmine to play pool, the dorms usually have some action after classes. Sometimes too much action. But then to contrast that are the weekends when everyone goes home. Starting spring semester there will be two apartment complexes. This is something that upper students can look forward to. 1! . . ra f- 66 Dorm Students 67 ' I V, J? Commuters out number the dorm students by about 4 to 1. Commuting from home to classes can be trying on the student that has classes scheduled hours apart. These students can find entertainment such as soap operas in the T.V. lounge or playing cards or listening to stereo in the listening lounge. After a day of classes they separate and go to a quieter en- vironment than that of the dorms. 8 Commuters VL2Z Commuters 69 -J- 7r Student Government Each student has a representative in the student government. Ricky Pharr was the president of the Student Body and thus head of the executive branch of government. Several committees are branched from the student government. One such committee is the Fees Committee. This committee is in charge of money for all clubs and organizations. Each student should become active in the voice that represents you and the things that effect you. : c _ ilth Center W£E irfTTTIIIII | I i WUmSi f 1 Jiiill Ik (1 .Jjgj ' « DALTOIM LIBRARY comes in handy to many students. Whe- ther they go there for quiet study or just to run off a zerox copy. The library is supplied to fit the needs of all the stu- dents on campus. The size of the library may seem baffling but most find it easy to meet their needs. LIBRARY Library 73 frS ITX CCNT6H 1 CONE UNIVERSITY CEN- TER is a building with many phases of student activities. Films are seen in Mc- Knight, club meetings in lecture rooms, dances in Lucas Room and other activities. The University Center is the center of action of dorm students as well as commuters. w k- r 74 University Center 75 I INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FALL 1976 International Festival i t ' SSiRr ' - . y s w ■pb Br P in Ku M D Z£ BL!SAiiI. 5 _ ▼ F T f f i] rUHKirE 1 1 P i International Festival 77 ' «_ r r • t •--• itlt 78 International Festival « » International Festival 79 HO UPS The UNIVERSITY PROGRAM BOARD has had several programs this year. But its main accomplishments were jam- up and the shows in the rathskellar. Bad weather caused jam- up activities to be held off campus. But it was still enjoyed by many. The acts that have been in the Rat have been better than ever. UPB has brought many top rate movies to campus. These were enjoyed by many students as well as faculty. UPB 81 mum HHM 49ERS COMPLETE MOST SUCCESSFUL SEASON EVER Georgia College 111-63 Eastern Kentucky 104-62 Tennessee (IS ranked) 67-69 Morehead State 75-68 Lamar 91-86 New Mexico State 85-81 Baptist College 107-58 Brown 97-81 New Hampshire 104-68 Hawail-Hilo 112-75 Hawali-Hilo 80-64 California- Santa Barbara 80-69 Baptist College 120-87 Appalachian State 87-59 Wake Forest (9th ranked) 72-74 Rollins 91-76 Georgia Southern 93-77 Florida State 76-65 UNC- Wilmington 83-70 St. Francis (Pa.) 87-96 Southern Mississippi 102-72 Birmingham Southern 87-74 Secton Hall 85-75 Samford 95-81 Buffalo State 83-72 Crelghton 85-67 Marshall 84-80 Virginia Commonwealth 87-72 Jacksonville 74-69 University of New Orleans 71-70 » 2 I liMfflMl j jrjtai rri - til •» r- JX ,J£ Basketball 83 i-i Basketball Basketball 85 _w -A V. Sun Belt H22 I Sun Belt 87 ' w _ de r| ' 6n Basketball Basketball 89 1 ' IJClMKJI lMMBU Vmj MICHIGAN 86 ffifi llHL . ' v. ' h V Spw ; .r-M ?MJ® UNCC 81, SYRACUSE 59 NCAA ■all finals SJH V UNCC 75, MICHIGAN 68 A habit of going stark raving crazy ... It was power and finesse and dominance a perfect performance . . . Rivers ran upstream. Sphinxes keeled over. Pyramids turned to dust. Hell froze over, the great 49er in the sky struck gold and his UNCC basketball team rose up and slew a giant . . . We ' re gonna have to throw some elbows to get through that crowd ... A Rose is a rose ... I told you so ... a team in every sense of the word ... it was good . . . an impossible situation ... I think that team they have is dynamite, absolute dynamite ... I don ' t think we Tost a thing today, we just didn ' t win all there was to win. ' ball Hear All the 49 ' er Games on WAYS RADIO 61 i ' • Girl ' s Basketball is a new intercollegate sport. The girls play with very little amount of boost from students. This is another area that students who are interested in sports should get involved with. These girls work hard and their efforts should not go unnoticed. W Girl Basketball Girl ' s Basketball 95 I ' ' I r %AJLJL gflCJSCS ki - t£ L±. rj?, 2 ' ' J £ .- Fall Sports jieat: Fall sports include soccer, football, volleyball. These sports are both played intermurial and intercol legate. Football is a big sport as it is played by almost every Fraternity and male floors on campus. This is usually one of the first activity that brings the different organizations to- gether and bring the students out to cheer for their teams. Soccer is a new intercol legate sport at UNCC. The amount of skill involved in playing soccer well is probably little understood by those who do not play. But as a new sport it should have our support to cheer the team on in their efforts. The girls volleyball team is also intercollegate. The girls put out an extreme amount of effort to do well in this sport, and yet it is sad that they don ' t have very much support. All the sports at UNCC serve their purpose in meeting the needs of students. And each student should take advantage of the opportunity to get involved. » 97 SPRING SIPOiTS When spring hits at UNCC so do the sport activities. Many different teams for softball are formed. The tennis courts beginning to fill and hard to get. Frisbee throwing also becomes a wild and sometimes dangerous sport - especially for sun bathers. Which brings to mind another sport. The contest of the tans. Beer drinking could also be considered a spring, fall, winter and summer sport. w f OROGOINIM Telephone: 596-0256 University City Boulevard Charlotte, N.C. Pv-S (jay Nineties Atmosphere Choice Wines and Beers Pizza Italian and American Cuisine Take outs Banquet room for banquets and formats Open 11:00 am- 11:30 pm Hwy. 49-1 mile North of UNCC HERLOCKER ' S Low Priced Short Order Plates Pizza, and Sandwiches Featuring the Herlockerburger a meal on a bun includes two beef patties, cheese, lettuce, tomatoe, and french fries 1 1 2 miles behind UNCC on highway 29 Phone 596-0341 M HERLOCKER ' S PANTRY Kegs, beer and wine located Hwy 29 Just before speedwa y Phone 596-6915 LiJflBHH Advertisement 99 u. BACH KNOWS. WFAE FM 90.9 UNCC Station Charlotte, N.C. 28223 7041 597-2250 WFAE is the first and only educational radio station in the Charlotte area. It took alot of work from alot of people and lead to the Media Award of the year. This is a great advancement for the Charlotte area. Sanskut is a magazine published twice each year by students interested in the arts. Creative work in writing, drawing, photography, and other arts are welcomed by the editor. V ' 00 Medlas h-3 O o u HI Students publish a weekly newspaper, THE CAROLINA JOURNAL, to cover campus news and provide journalistic experience. Experience on a campus newspaper, together with a broad educational base, of ten provides the background for a career on a newspaper or a magazine. The campus newspaper provides a vital service to the entire university community by keeping its members informed of issues or common concern and interest. a DEL |M " 101 MAINTENANCE SUPPLY CO INC. NORTH CAROLINAS »EST MQSI COMPLETE ROGUES ' N RASCALS The yearbook, ROGUES ' N RASCALS, is another publication which provides both a service to the University and an opportunity for student journalists to gain essential skills for later careers. The yearbook is designed to provide a valid picture of the spirit of campus life. It is valued as an organized pictorial record and as an opportunity for creative student journalists to produce a book which is aesthetically pleasing and representative of the student experience at UNCC. A copy of ROGUES ' N RASCALS is available to all students by just ordering a copy. Other copies are available to students at a $5.00 charge. Medias 103 _ J X p t i°H$ CD a o ! •! 105 L: I • SANFORD HALL RESIDENT ADVISORS Front Row: Mary Sedlak, Residence Coordinator. Seated, Left To Right: Gail Young, Nancy Davis, Kathy LaJoie, Lilly Ross, Denise Carpenter. Standing, Left To Right Linda Britt, Alice Beck, Susan Sluss, Lynn Parsley, Susan Cole. wiford RA ' s gy MOORE HALL RESIDENT ADVISORS Front Row: Frank Joseph, Residence Coordinator. Left To Right: Keith Long, Lee Ragsdale, Kenny Isenhour, Ted Minor, Scott Simmons, Bobby Roberts, Forrest Bowen, Keith Fackrell, Dennis Erny. Moore RA ' s 107 ;_ •-4 M NUGGETS Front Row, Left To Right: Sandra Gaddy, Pam Humphrey, Jean Haight, Willette Smith, Debbie Powell, Joyce Josey, Melissa In- gram. Second Row, Left To Right Debbie Luckie, Karen Sammons, Al- lison Hekemian, Ingrid Trotter, Anne Douglas, Carole Thomes, Carol Jones Not pictured Bobbi Burford, Karen Byrd, Jill Hend- rickson, Joey Hewitt, Terri Morolla, Carobeth Price, Tamara Sane, Patty Tracey, Geary Williams. Ofl Nuggets ALPHA DELTA PI Left To Right: Susan Harris, Kathy Hawk, Anne Kizer, Molly Thompson, Jean Salthouse, Terra Small, Paige Motsinger, Mary Ann Lee, Kim Braswell, Mary McNamara, Claire Gary, Cheryl Fowler, Karen Walker, Liz Ervin, Janet Moore, Kim Granger, Simmi Johnson, Karen Samuels, Karen Thies, Debbie Hawkins. Not pictured Anita Benfield, Kim Brattain, Carolyn Burden, Jan Conner, Susan Craven, Linda Emmons, Pam Estridge, Delisa Garner, Debra Helms, Janet Holland, Debbie Horton, Donna Hubbard, Dana Keef, Carol Keener, Cathie Lassiter, Becky Mayberry, Alice McCandless, Sherri Overcash, Susan Raines, Connee Ryan, Beth Sigmon, Cynthia Thompson, Vicki Warrick Alpha Delta Pi 109 L-i. r_ DELTA DELTA DELTA Mendini, Alger, Marion Parnell, Judy Overhultz, Terri Lovt Pruitt, Peggy Slaughter, Marta Schwamberger, Ros Long, Anne Saunders, Karen Nivens Not pictured Jo Banks, Lisa Benfield, Jo Dawkins, Slaughter ilie ne Carol i Delta Delta Delta -_n Delta Zeta Til Seated, Left To Right: Jan Massengill, Donna Upchurch, Julie Hill, Dodie Early, Jane Davidson DELTA ZETA CHI PHI First Row, Kneeling: Left To Right Stan Mauney, Psi, Dennis Bunker. Second Row, Left To Right Keith Black, Bill Archer, Mark Moore Third Row, Left To Right John O ' Bricki, Gary Bridges, Jeff Silverstein, Tony Queen Fourth Row, Left To Right Jeff Bryant, Mike Brown, Mike Miller, Dee Heath, Steve Haigler, Steve Hanner, Gary Moore, Scott Porter, Greg Mat- thews, Bill DuBose, Sam Lethcor, Watson Jones, Mike Spry, Gary Mornhineway, Butch Sutton, Gene Hartis, Gary Lane, Tim Franklin, Fred Powers, Jim Austin, Not pictured Chip Albano, Skip Banta, Jeff Broome, David Campbell, Rick Cone, Chick Ells- worth, Dick Garrett, Jack Green, Jim Jetton, Joe LeMoyne, Paul Merritt, Mike Nunn, Mike Owen, Mike Rankin, Mike Reves, Dan Riggs, Mike Rush, Paul Thomas, Tim Worley, Phillip Wright Chi Phi 113 LA • KAPPA SIGMA M-.LL „h r I A y M P a V d OS f ' Gre9 C ' ant0n ' Kemy Parton ' David Williams, Mike Loftlin, Steve Moran, Randy Maynor, Lloyd Goode, Asa McNeely, Mark Issacs, Calvin Cox, Dale Hunsucker, John Fra ley, jimmy Plyler, Steve Scott Lat a ' ev ' mgcr ' ' ' ' " PUt " am ' Bi " ° " ' SC ° " Brackne V Kevin Sommerville, Rick Kirby, John r?l PiC ! U f7r M i. k » A n de ' ' S0 K in Broderick Paul Broderson, Jimmy Buchanan, Chuck Chandek, David Chuber, Terry M a I o u o Edwards Dou 9 F| y nn Alan Fr «ier, James McCall, Steve Meyers, Greg Miller, Kenny Miller Barry Moss, Mark Pans, Harry Reynolds, Darrell Stafford, Doug Ralston, Rick Wilkerson in Kappa Sigma » Pi Kappa Phi 115 Top, Left To Right: David Wilson, Jay Barnwell, Steve Andrews, Mark Hall Kenny Pate. ' Back Row, Left To Right John Bernick, Tom Kwasnick, Tim Rogers, Richard Hotham, Leon Therrien, Bill Keith, Kim Morgan, Brad Helms, Carl Brooker Chris Miller Front Row, Standing Left To Right Terry Collins, Joe Cline, John Hicks Jeff Faggart, Mark Whitley, Donnie Baker, Bruce Emmons, Craig Fincan ' non Tim Ryan, Mike Baker ' Front, Seated Marty Callaghan, Paul Hintz Not pictured Tim Brown, Jack D ' Armond, Bill Dawkins Bill Freeman, Brian Gardner, Keith Gosnel ' l, Mike Harrison, Jackie Jackson, Tom Leiendecker, Larry Leonard, CharlieMarus, Richard Nance, Steve Powell, Bo Proctor, Terry Reed, Brian Short, Gary Smith, Tony Smothers, David Swygert, Mike Terry, Toby Tornberfin Rich Tyler, Mel Wetzel, Don Wright PI KAPPA PHI 11b Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon 117 3 ' SIGIDA PHI EPSILON y, First Row, Left To Right Mike Stikeleather Kevin Ashley Larry Kohn Tim Gardner Doug Huffstetler Bill Alford Tommy Wofford Second Row, Left To Right Robbie Cohen Davie Magee Greg Eller John Royster Kim Faucette Scott Gardner George Newman Third Row, Left To Right Tim Fishel Clay Fitzgerald Tony Frazier Jerry Proctor Sid Cameron William Utaft Scott Simmons Chuck Henline Clay Elder Robert Monaghan Tim McCune Larry Barker Not pictured Mike Hall Ralph Machado Buddy Mills Bev Motts Mike Purkey Henry Roberson Davis Trotter 9 Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Phi Paul Fomberg Vinson Washburn Garry Shelton Don Goforth John Foltz Mitch Nelson Russell McElwee Clint Owings Rodney Hawkins Alpha Sigma Phi 119 sronenenge 15 Beers 60 Wines Sandwiches Coldplates Live Entertainment Nightly Happy Hour 4:00-7:00 20c off regular price of beer 602 E. Morehead St. Charlotte, N.C. 28202 704 374-0191 ■f ffffl W?fmu s . _i ' lMK UE D1MINC7 WA, WMlfc u ' W ' DECo ' W ' 566-56391 f i j J " r ( Best Wishes From Your Friendly Food Service • ' ' Advertisement ' Bealer Wholesale 725 l l. Hoskins Rd. Charlotte, IM.C. La Reina de las Cervezas desde hace 100 anos. Y cada sorbo anejado en Beechwood lo confirma claramente. INHEUSERBUSCH, INC • ST. LOUIS • CERVECEROS DE 8UDWEISER?. Advertisement 121 Graduates Graduates saiEnpeiy so np jQ 122 Graduates !a3 Bonnie Gray; Non-degree Woodleaf, IMC Gary Lane; PSY BIO Charlotte, IMC Clay Purser; HDL Charlotte, NC Michael Stikeleather; BIO Charlotte, IMC Sheila Wilde; Guidance Counsel Charlotte, IMC Graduates 123 Seniors Seniors sjoiuag SJOIU8g ' ■■. David Abernathy; PSY REL Charlotte, NC Estelle Abernathy; ENG Charlotte, MC |5i- | Kathi Absher; PSY Kannapolis, NC x - ' V Georgia Allen; HIS Charlotte, NC James Allen; BAD Henderson, NC Rod Alexander; ACC Charlotte, NC Ken Angel; BUS Florence, KY John Ashworth; PSY Brevard, NC Ceres Bainbridge; SOC Cape May, NJ Debra Barringer; BUS Salisbury, NC WJ . Darrell Baucom; ACC Monroe, NC Robert Becton; MET Goldsboro, NC Laura Bennett; MAT Lexington, NC Randy Berrier; MET Thomasville, NC David Bilbro; CHE Charlotte, NC Seniors 125 £ L Becky Bivens; ENG Marshville, NC Debby Blake; PSY New Ben, NC Anita Blanton; SOC Charlotte, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors S eniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sheila Blanton; PSY Shelby, NC Tommy Blue; PSC Charlotte, NC Vickie Boheler; NUR Kings Mt., NC Fred Bookman; ACC Charlotte, NC Lillian Borch; SPA Charlotte, NC Debra Bost; ECO Concord, NC Kathy Brown; Wilson, NC _EA f m f 1 4 f i. Robert Brower; ACC Wades boro, NC Deborah Brace; ENG High Point, NC Beverly Bradley; ENG REL Gastonia, NC Julie Bradsham; ACC Salisbury, NC Judy Brannan; NUR Charlotte, NC Von Briggs; HIS Lexington, NC Thomas Brock; PSY Monroe, NC Elaine Brooks; NUR Wadesboro, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Phyllis Brown; SOC Julian, NC Karen Brown; SOC Asheboro, NC Michael Browne; EET Mt. Airy, NC AV Doug Calvert; BUS Columbia, SC Tim Canup; CET Salisbury, NC Kim Carmichael; NUR Winston- Salem, NC Denise Carpenter; PSY Dallas, TX Steven Carpenter; BAD Stanley, NC Nancy Carter; PSC West End, NC Patrica Case; PSC Badin, NC Cindy Clark; ENG Bessemer City, NC Anita Clemmer; PSC Gastonia, NC 127 ti.. Ellen Coble; PSY Graham, IMC Mark Collins; BAD Charlotte, NC Philip Correll; EET Tryon, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Senior.; ' Megan Currie; BIO Charlotte, NC William Davenport; ARCH Hickory, NC Joanne Dinkelacker; BIO Charlotte, NC Sheila Dixon; PSY Kings Mt., NC Jeannie Dupree; ENG Elon College, NC Dodie Early; BUS Statesville, NC Lou Ann Earp; ENG Statesville, NC Charles Eason; ACC Gastonia, NC 128 Andrea Edwards; LEA Newton, NC Linda Edwards; NUR Wingate, NC Reba Edwards; HIS HDL Norwood, NC Nancy Efird; PSY Charlotte, NC _ 2 Mary Ernest; PSY Charlotte, NC Elton Etheridge; CJ Wilson, NC Mary Fasoleno; PSY Cliffside, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Marian Federal; SPA Charlotte, NC Harriet Fesperman; NUR Thomasville, NC Teresa Finger; ENG Lincolnton, NC Deborah Funderburk; NUR Charlotte, NC Mary Furr; PSY Midland, NC Darlene Goodman; NUR Davidson, NC Robert Gordon; BAD West End, NC mi Sandra Gaddy; HDL Reidsville, l IC Terri Grissom; PSY Charlotte, NC John Fletcher; PSY Charlotte, NC DeLisa Garner; PSY Denton, NC David Grose; PSY Marion, NC 129 . ' _i , y . " j o Donna Hagenah; HIS Winston- Salem, IMC Ricky Hall; LEA Kenly, NC Cathy Hamilton; CJ Newton, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Teresa Hammer; ACC Charlotte, NC David Hancock; SOC PSY Charlotte, NC Stephen Harrir gton; BUS Concord, NC l?T ■ " c Ul r ) Angela Harris; PSY Matthews, NC V JoAnn Harrison; NUR Durham, NC Cheryl Harvey; CJ Jamestown, NC m Celia Hendrick; PSY Bemont, NC •H «HW H v) t-| ■ M W ± ! 4 Vyf TW Tjf zj 49: Johanna Hewitt; PSY Statesville, NC Julie Hill; ENG Kathy Hines; SOC Beth Hinson; BIO Teresa Hinson; BAD Matthews, NC Mt. Holly, NC Monroe, NC Marshville, NC r ki p " Juanita Hinton; BUS Southern Pines, NC Susan Hoag; HDL Charlotte, NC Dan Hoke; BAD Charlotte, NC AL Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Susan Hoke; NUR Winston-Salem, NC Denise Holcomb; BIO Mt. Airy, NC Luanne House; NUR Raleigh, NC Avis Houston; BAD Charlotte, NC James Howell; MET Goldsboro, NC Linda Hudgins; ENG Gastonia, NC Steve Hudgins; HIS Gastonia, NC Chase Idol; ACC Charlotte, NC § Nelson Irvine; SOC Charlotte, NC X Terrie Jackson; NUR Winston- Sal em, NC Abolghassem Jarrahizadeh; ESM; Iran James Jessup; ENG Pilot Mt., NC 1)1 Jeanette Jessup; SOC Pilot Mt., MC Diane Johnston; NUR Burlington, NC Howard Johnson, EGY Charlotte, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Lee Ann Johnson; BIO Charlotte, NC Phyllis Jones; HDL Salisbury, NC James Keidel; CET Rochester, NY ; maw Frances Kimble; ENG New York, NY Ann Kulesza; NUR Statesville, NC Kathlee LaJoice; PSY Charlotte, NC Brenda Lambert; MAT Stanfield, NC Denise Lambert; BCA Mt. Pleasant, NC 132 Deborah Lambros; NUR Winston- Salem, NC ■ zM £ F 1 % ). i Denise LaVene; ENG Shelby, NC Sally Lawing; BIO ENG Charlotte, NC [M. 1 Steve Layell; ACC Stanley, NC Hank Ledford, ARCH High Point, NC Debbie Lee; NUR Bessemer City, NC , Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Kent Lee; BAD Mooresville, NC Erma Lemckert; MAT ECO Charlotte, NC Matilyn Lewis; CJ Charlotte, NC Wm ■ ■ ' • B A» . w£ ' jB llllihhjf Kf l lililiii!M ' Barry Lippard; PSY Statesville, NC Becky Lockhart; NUR Concord, NC Michael Lunday; BAD Pinehurst, NC David MaGee; PSY Charlotte, NC Jar Masse ng ' II; ACC Wi son, NC % -, r , - ? •- k ,- . t f Kent McCullen; BIO Apex, NC JW r J LJ- jj Patricia McGill; BAD Charlotte, NC IJ Patricia McGillan; NUR Winston- Salem, NC Phyllis McKoin; HDL Greensboro, l IC 133 Bobbie McLaughlin; NUR Mooresville, NC Jane McNeely; HIS Waxhaw, IMC Susan McNeill; HIS Charlotte, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Thurman Melton; ACC Madian, NC Janice Miller; ENG Thomasville, NC Penelope Miller; BCA Charlotte, NC 13 1 1 Jane Misenheimer; HIS Rockwell, NC Jeffrey Mitchell; BIO Gastonia, NC Charles Morgan; CET Macclesfield, NC Dava Morgan; HIS Charlotte, NC Jeffrey Morgan; ENG High Point, NC Peggy Mills; PSY Spencer, NC Dianne Moore; ENG Wadesboro, NC Edgar Morton; BAD New London, NC ft £H is£fe James Mundy; MET Lexington, NC Anne Murray; ENG Charlotte, NC Jamal Nahavandi; ECO Iran . . Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sharon Nance; SOC Marshville, NC Gary Nifong; ENG Clemmons, NC Kate Nockecharlie; HIS Charlotte, NC John Norris; ECO Charlotte, NC Mohammod Olang; ARCH Iran Donald Oliver; CHE Charlotte, NC Judy Overhultz; HIS Charlotte, NC Melody Owen; ENG Charlotte, NC Marion Parnell; ENG Charlotte, NC Lynn Parsley; PSY Winston- Salem, NC Nellie Pate; PSY Charlotte, NC Bert Partridge; ACC Concord, NC Kathey Peeler; HDL ENG Salsibury, NC Patricia Peeler; CJ Salisbury, NC Jo Annette Perkins; HIS Southern Pines, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors John Perkins; MET Elkin, NC Sybil Perrell; NUR Wood leaf, NC Richard Potts; PSY Charlotte. NC Mitzi Presn ell; ENG Marion, NC Vickie Preston; PSY Kings, NC Dianne Preitt; ENG Charlotte, NC Li I • ' Bo Procter; SOC Charlotte, NC Bobbie Purser; PSY Charlotte, NC Jane Quick; HIS HDL Oakboro, NC Virginia Ramsey; BIO Ontairo, Canada Louise Rehn; ENG HDL Winston- Salem, NC Dennis Reynolds; ACC Lincolnton, NC Jeanette Richard; SOC Lexington, IMC Susan Ridenhour; ENG Concord, NC Edward Ritch; LEA Asheboro, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Cindy Ritchie; HIS Salisbury, NC Janet Ritchie; BCA Richfield, NC Bruce Rogers; CJ Salisbury, NC Gary Rogers; ECO Charlotte, NC ' K Jim Rogers; BUS High Point, NC Elizabeth Rutland; BIO Charlotte, NC Rhonda Rutledge; SOC Charlotte, NC Susan Saltz; NUR Brevard, NC iA : 4 ■Wh - v4 Anne Saunders; ENG Burlington, NC Marta Schwamberger; PSY HDL Charlotte, NC Dorothy Setzer; ACC Shelby, NC Timothy Shelton; PSY Winston- Salem, NC ' William Shields; BUS Winston- Salem, NC Carolyn Short; ACC Gaston ia, IMC Astrid Sieurin; NUR Cary, NC mm Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Gayle Simpson; EI IG Monroe, NC Charlie Sink; ACC Lexington, NC Mike Sink; MET Thomasville, NC Pamela Sloop; ENG HDL Kannapolis, NC Tom Smitherman; ENG Winston- Salem, NC ■ Penny Snider; PSY Spencer, NC Steven Southern; PSY Clemmons, NC Eyvonne Sparks; LEA Goldsboro, NC Debbie Springs; HIS HDL Charlotte, NC Darrell Stafford; BAD Gastonia, NC ' Vnvn F (, Melinda Stein; SPA Charlotte, NC Janet Stewart; HIS Charlotte, NC Rosemary Stough; ENG Kannapolis, NC Teresa Stower; ACC Rowland, NC Alan Styles; BUS Marion, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Barbara Summey; PSY Hendersonville, NC Kathy Terry; CJ Charlotte, NC Philip Sutphin; EET Pilot Wit., NC Judy Tate; NUR CI iff side, NC Richard Thomson; SOC Maiden, NC Patricia Todd; BAD Charlotte, NC Herbert Tayler; MAT Charlotte, NC Stephen Trantham; PSY Winston-Salem, l IC Ingrid Trotter; GR Robbins, NC Steven Teeter, ES Albemarle, NC Pat Tyburski; BAD Charlotte, NC Bonnie Underwood; ENG HDL Carthage, NC 139 ..- Donna Upchurch: ENG Greensboro, NC Wright Ussell; ACC Charlotte, NC Donna Uzzell; PSY Charlotte, NC Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Meribeth Vanburg; BIO Charlotte, NC Deborah Warsley; NUR Asheboro, NC ii r% I Tena Whicker; NUR Winston- Salem, NC Larry Wagstaff; ARCH Mt. Holly, NC V, V Sarah Weaver; HIS Kannapolis, NC William Whitley; BIO Kannapolis, NC David Walsh; ACC Salisbury, NC Linda Warren; BIO Charlotte, NC IF i $ David Weaver; BCA Greensboro, NC George Weddle; BET Mt. Airy, NC • ' Malcolm Wilkins; CJ Charlotte, NC Lat Williams; BAD Charlotte, NC David Wilson; BAD Charlotte, NC Tommy Wofford; BAD Winston-Salem, NC George Wolf; ACC Zenersville, OH Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Senic Deborah Woody; NUR Southern Pines, NC Jan Yarbrough; NUR Winston- Salem, NC Jane Yates; ENG Winston-Salem, NC 1 tv i . Rebecca Young; HDL Hickory, NC Courtney Zahner; PS Y Newton, NC 413 Eastway Drive Charlotte Carry Outs 333-0913 F: ll:30am-12:00am S S: 4:00pm-12:00am Sophisticated Sandwiches Pizza-Salads All ABC Permits Seniors 141 TOYOTA CITT East Independence Blvd. Phone 535-1972 Buy the best car from the best car dealers. TOYOTA CITY - supporter of the FORTYNINERS 4. 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Jim Adams; ENG Matthews, NC d Jack Badgett; MET Gastonia, NC Jo Ellen Banks; SOC Lexington, NC Cindy Allen; HDL Charlotte, NC Tanya Alley; NUR Greensboro, NC Jane Bailes; ENG REL Charlotte, NC Sherrill Baucom; NUR Charlotte, NC Susan Bailey; NUR Walnut Cove, NC ?» ' B % » B C s Skip Banta; UND Waxhaw, NC Amy Beal; ENG Albemarle, NC Hayward Anderson; BUS Charlotte, NC Susan Baker; FR Butner, NC V Don Anklin; BUS Davidson, NC Janice Barker; ACC High Point, NC Kim Beal; ACC Maiden, NC Susan Barnett; HDL Mooresville, NC Bferi- ™ f ) Marty Beam; ESM Ellensboro, NC Ann Ball; BIO Winston- Salem, NC Craig Barry; BAD Shelby, NC Evelyn Beatty; HDL Mt. Holly, NC Juniors 145 Louise Beatty; BCA Walter Beauchamp; CET Machielle Beaver; PSY Charlotte, IMC Winston- Salem, MC Spencer, NC Alice Beck; CJ Morganton, NC Marsha Beck; HDL Indian Trail, MC Khosraw Behroozjou; UEE Iran Bill Belk; BAD Charlotte, NC Myra Berrier; NUR Terry Berthelsen; AR CH Treen Blackburn; H DL Lexington, NC Atlanta, GA Marshville, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Joann Blanton; HDL Shelby, NC Lynne Blythe; NUR Waxhaw, NC Parn Bolick; HDL Madien, NC Keith Bradford; ENG Marilyn Brewton; BAD Sylvia Brooks; NUR Lenior, NC Charlotte, NC Salisbury, NC Cynthia Bost; NUR Statesville, NC Susan Boyd; ENG Charlotte, NC Emily Brown; ACC Salisbury, NC Steve Brown; BAD Marion, NC Mary Browne; PSY Mt. Airy, NC Denise Buff; ENG Charlotte, NC Kenly Burkhart; ENG Lexington, NC w Dale Burnette; PSY Indian Trail, NC hh Jennifer Burris; GR Greensboro, NC Lee Butler; BAD Charlotte, NC W Pete Byam; CJ Rochester, NY f Robert Byrum; CET Charlotte, NC Susan Cabe; ACC Charlotte, NC I t Carol Cain; PSY Marshville, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Debhra Cardell; HDL Katrina Carpenter; HIS Kenny Carpenter; BAD Charlotte, NC Charlotte, NC Waco, NC Pam Carroll; NUR Denton, NC Terri Cates; NUR Hillsborough, NC • Larry Cauble, ARCH Rayburn Chestnutt; BAD Johnnie Cline; EET Granite Quarry, NC Pfafftown, NC Salisbury, NC Sheila Clippard; HDL Alexis, NC Terry Cloer; CET Hickory, NC Juniors 147 -. Robert Cohen; BUS Raliegh, NC ft - Marshall Davenport; ES Charlotte, NC Tommy Coker; NUR Brevard, NC Robert Correll; BET Salisbury, NC James Craig; ECO Charlotte, NC Philip Crotl; EAD Lexington, NC Louie Davidson; BAD Harrisbury, NC Mike Davis; PSY Burlington, NC William Dawkins; ACC Dianne Defrank; PSY Charlotte, NC Denver, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Steve Dove; BA D Huntersville, NC Kathy Drye; HDL Salisbury, NC m - V Alfred Dunbar; CJ Rocky Mt., NC R. D. Durhan; BET Donna Eaton; BCA Mt. Airy, NC Charlotte, NC Bejam Ebrahlml; EAD Winston Edminston; MAT Paul Eldridge; BIO Irari Mooresville, NC Charlotte, NC 1 Alfred Elliott; CET Virgilina, VA n Garry Embler; EET High Point, NC -- ■ ■ Ebby Englehorn; BAD Ch arlotte, IMC Kim Faucette; ENG Fuquay-Varina •V .1 Shelton Faulkner; ACC Tim Fishel; ACC Wadesboro, NC Winston- Salem, IMC Bobby Flowers; PSC Raeford, IMC Paul Fomberg; HIS Greensboro, IMC Randall Ford; BAD Condord, NC James Forest; PSC Concord, NC Patricia Freeze; SOC Concord, NC Nandel Gable; SOC Burlington, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Clarie Gary; ACC Charlotte, NC Gary Gibson; BIO Charlotte, NC Barbara Gilmore; HDL Bessemer City, NC Tara Givan; SOC Charlotte, NC Dick Givens; BUS Charlotte, NC Don Goforth; BAD Shelby, NC Sandy Goodman; HIS Mooresville, NC John Greene; CJ Shelby, NC ©I 50«» k v Ronney Greene; ENG Granite Fall, NC J. " £ Jeff Gruber; BAD Cary, NC Juniors 149 bL Barbara Hampton; ACC Richard Hampton; HIS Kannapolis, NC Charlotte, MC Jeff Hargett; ACC Charlotte, NC ■- f r-i ■ ■• • " L. i - 1 T - a h fg v « w , 1 i Carolyn Harwell; HDL Cathy Harwood; HIS Mooresville, NC Albermarle, NC m Patty Hayden; BAD Larry Hazelwood; BAD Deborah Hearst; CJ Charlotte, NC Asheboro, NC Phi la., PA Brad Helms; BAD Bonnie Henderson; ENG Monroe, NC Ellerbe, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Tom Higgins; BUS Charlotte, NC Dennis Hilton; UEE Statesville, NC Linda Hinson; ENG Albemarle, NC Bobby Hodge; BET Booneville, NC Jane Hodgin; HDL Asheboro, NC - " . A Janet Holland; BIO Raliegh, NC ' ■ ' -. . :, v:iv. ' . ' : ' - : - " v V Scott Hoston; BUS Statesville, NC % Jeffrey Hovts; CJ Lincolnton, NC Pam Howard; PSY Clemmons, NC John Hughes; PSY REL Winston- Salem, NC 22 ::: ' v;: ' ::-- ; :::i ' : ' ' Karen Hysinger; HDL Spencer, NC Jim Iannarone; BUS Charlotte, NC Susan Ingran; BCA Raleigh, NC Kenny Isenhour; HDL Gold Hill, NC Tim Jarrell; MET Reidsville, NC I ' jfc£ Carol Jones; MAT Raleigh, NC Evadne Jones; BAD Charlotte, NC Paul Jones; MET Black Mt., NC . Mike Jordan; BIO Statesville, NC Steve Joyce; BET Pilot Mt., NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Nita Julian; ENG Winston-Salem, NC Donna Kinley; NUR Charlotte, NC Rodney Kale; PSY Denver, NC Edith Kello; ACC Greensboro, NC Dale Lambert; BAD Charlotte, NC Daine Lance; NUR Fletcher, NC Cindy Kester; ENG Charlotte, NC IT 8 ? l Judy Lanier; HIS Lexington, NC Janice Kilpatrick; ACC Greensboro, NC John LaRoach; BUS Charlotte, NC Juniors 151 W. ' Keith Lawson; ECO Orlando, FL Danny Ledford; CET Mt. Airy, NC Iris Lee; MAT CSC Ansonville, NC Kathy Lee; SOC Lexington, IMC Mary Lee; BIO Concord, NC Regina Lemly; BIO Lexington, NC Lee Linker; HIS HDL Concord, NC Amy Lomax; BAD Rosemary Long; PSC HIS Gayla Marley; NUR Concord, NC Greensboro, NC Asheboro, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Carol Mathis; CJ Charlotte, NC ». ' Bill Maxson; CJ Charlotte, NC Deborah May; NUP Winston- Salem Rebecca Mayberry; PSY Melinda McBrayer; HDL Union Grove, NC Forest City, IMC Tim McCune; BUS Charlotte, NC Dale McDonald; HDL Charlotte, NC Karen McKeown; ENG Margaret McMaris; Charlotte, NC PSY HDL Charlotte, NC Paul Merritt; BUS Charlotte, NC , - 1 Greg Miller; CET Hickory, NC Cynthia Moore; UN D Charlotte, NC Billie Morely; SOC Concord, NC Susan Mogray; MAT Mike Morgan, ACC Hickory, NC Charlotte, NC Mary Morris; CHE New London, NC Lynn Munday; PSY Hickory, NC Johnny Myers; BUS Lexington, NC Sharon Needy; HIS Charlotte, NC Vivian Norris; BUS Pacolet, SC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors s Xi , Smith Ostwalt; CET Belmont, NC Connie Overcash; ENG Kannapolis, NC Clifton Parker; BAD Cherryville, NC Luana Parker; NUR Monroe, NC Mark Paris; BUS Charlotte, NC , Edith Pate; HDL Charlotte, NC Sally Peabody; PSY Charlotte, NC Lorena Pearce; PSY Mt. Pleasant, NC Pamela Penning er; ENG Mt. Pleasant, NC Robin Penninger; NUR Sophia, NC . Juniors 153 a 1 Michael Penny; BAD Charlotte, IMC Deborah Pierce; HDL Elizabeth Parter; H DL Barbara Printrip; HIS Larry Ramsey MAT CSC Statesville, IMC Winston- Salem, NC Charlotte, NC Charlotte, IMc ' t 7 : ' n 1 I I Robert Ransom; CET Claude Ratchford; CET Wilmington, NC Bessemer City, IMC Mickey Ray; NUR Cherryville, NC Jackie Reagan; ACC Lexington, NC - » Y. April Reid; PSY Newton, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Brad Rich; PSC Charlotte, NC Mary Riddick; NUR Joseph Roberts; SOC. ST Mary Roberts; H DL Elizabeth City, NC Charlotte, NC Salisbury, NC Teresa Roberts; BIO Charlotte, NC Bonnie Robinson; HDL Charlotte, NC Lilly Ross; SOC Massillon, OH Corinnc Rowe; NUR Charlotte, NC David Powell, ACC Mooresville, NC John Royster; BAD Charlotte, NC y. - Y Cathy Rufty; TEA Salisbury, NC m Sherrill Russell; BAD Marilyn Retledge; HDL Albemarle, NC Crouse, NC Kathy Ryan; HDL Salisbury, NC Ebrahim Safaie Mowlavi; ARCH Iran rh « L n Jr % ) Jean Salthouse; NUR Morganton, NC Karen Samuels; HDL Charlotte, NC Diane Seidel; NUR Charlotte, NC Susan Sherrill; ENG Statesville, NC Sheree Shuler; MAT Gastonia, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Steve Shinn; ACC Charlotte, NC Barbara Shuping; FRE Salisbury, NC Janet Shytle; ENG Shelby, NC Katherine Sides; HDL Janie Simmons; ACC Mt. Pleasant, NC Yadkinville, NC Scott Simmons; ACC Asheville, NC 9l David Skinner; ACC Charlotte, NC Susan Sluss; ENG Charlotte, NC Pam Smathers; HDL Charlotte, NC Robert Smith; ACC Shelby, NC Juniors 155 H Susie Smith; ENG Winston- Sal em, IMC Willette Smith; ACC Charlotte, NC P i } 1 r Woody Smith; ARCH Louisbury, IMC Brenda Smithdeal; HDL Russell Steelman; BET Winston- Salem, NC Yadkinville, IMC David Stoessel; ACC Salisbury, IMC Beth Sturkey; HDL Charlotte, NC Donna Sturkey; ARCH Sheila Swygert; EIMG Charlotte, IMC Charlotte, NC Danny Tatum; ACC Statesville, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors ; Jo Ann Thomas; HIS Philip Thompson; ESC Toby Tomberlin; EAD Judy Totherow; ENG Peachland, NC Indian Trail, NC Monroe, NC Winston- Salem ' , NC - " Joan Theroux; ACC Charlotte, NC fa Steve Tsuman; BUS Charlotte, NC Ron Vannoy; CJ Jefferson, NC Vicki Warrick; BCA Shelby, NC Doc Washburn; PSC Charlotte, NC Vinson Washburn; ARCH Shelby, NC Elizabeth Watkins; CJ Indian Trail, NC Edward Watson; CET Pickens, SC Jimmy Watts; BUS Charlotte, NC Pamela Weaver; NUR Litity, PA Jane Whilley; BAD Salisbury, NC Phillip Wilkerson; BUS Angela Williams; MUR Cindy Williams; WUR Ginger Williams; H DL Greg Williams; BA D Winston- Salem, IMC Charlotte, IMC Salisbury, NC Faith, NC High Point, NC Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors I ' ift Sue Willis; BIO Winston- Salem, NC Garry Wilson; EAD Anne Woodruff; SOC, ST. Paul Woody; ARCH Lexington, NC Smithfield, NC Fayetteville, NC Connie Wooten; NUR Burlington, NC Doug Wright; UND Landis, NC Jaince Wright; ENG Charlotte, NC Joe Wright; EAD Landis, NC Reed Young, BAD Hendersonville, NC Barbara Eagle; ENG Salisbury, NC Juniors 157 snores Daniel Aiksnoras, Jr. ARC Charlotte Richard Ashcraft ESM A Ibemarle John Ainsworth EGR Charlotte I Greg Alcorn ECO Salisbury A.J. Atkinson III ACC Mt. Holly Angie Andrews MUR Concord Karen Arey CRJ Charlotte James Austin BAD William Barnard ACC Concord Statesville Tim Baxter BUS Statesville Betty Beal BUS Fayetteville Gwen Beaver NUR Raleigh Randy Beaver ARC Greensboro ffy i+r Beverly Beebe PSY Fayetteville Kathy Bell NUR Charlotte Teresa Bellamy PSY Winston- Salem Melissa Benfield NUR Bernice Bennett BAD Lawndale Charlotte Debra Bingham NUR Reginald V. Blackmon Waco BUS Raleigh Sophomore 159 Horace Blount III; PSC Pam Booth; BIO Charlotte, MC Winston- Salem, NC Dede Boyd; CRJ Crofton, MD Ricky D. Bradley; PSY Sunny Braica; HDL Shelby, NC High Point, NC Kim Brattain; UND Charlotte, NC Nora J. Bridges; SPA Boiling Springs, NC Lisa Brower; CHE Staley, NC Jan Brown; MAT Granite Quarry, NC Jimmy Buchanan; PSC Hendersonville, NC Nancy Buchanan; UND Brebard, NC Ken Buker; BUS Charlotte, NC Rebecca Caldwell; HDL Susan Campbell; NUR Charlotte, NC Salisbury, NC Graham Calton; FRE Salisbury, NC V ft Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Robin L. Carter; ENG Granite Quarry, NC Randy Caudle; UND Charlotte, NC John Clevinger; Houston Clark II; MAT PSY HDL Garry Cline; AR C Albermarle, NC Winston- Salem, NC Rockwell NC V :i:-.j 160 Ann Clodfelter; ENG Winston- Salem, NC Aileen Clyburn; ENG BIO Matthews, NC Robin Cole; HDL Rockingham, NC Micheal Collins; ARC Angier, NC Donna Cooper; ACC Charlotte, NC Micheal L. Copeland; EG R Charlotte, NC Barbara Corriher; ACC Salisbury, NC Sharon Cox; PSY Randleman, NC Janet Cowan; NUR Charlotte, NC Lynn Curlee; HDL Monroe, NC Penny Curlee; BIO Salisbury, NC Carmen Daniels; ARC Kathy Davenport; HDL Francis Dolly; ACC Charlotte, NC Hickory, NC Gastonia, NC Brenda Dorato; HDL Asheville, NC Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Charlotte Devison; HDL Ann Douglas; NUR Kings Mtn., NC Lenior, NC Lea Ann Dove; PSY Rocky Mount, NC Amy Doven; SOC Gastonia, NC Larry Drum; ESM Maiden, NC Sophomore 161 • John East; ACC Salisbury, IMC Frances Edward; NUR Chapel Hill, IMC Amy Elkins; HDL Gastonia, NC Steve Ferguson; PSY Ml. Holly, NC 7 Teresa Ferguson; NUR Durham, NC Thomas Figg; BIO Rolesville, NC t iM i Joh Foltz; HIS Winston- Salem, NC Susan Foote; SS HDL Brevard, NC £ i Ken Foster; UEE Lexington, NC Ay. Patricia Elwell; GER Charlotte, NC Jeff Faggart; PSY Concord, NC Richard Fisher; EGR Clay Fitzgerald; BIO Belmont, NC Brevard, NC Cheryl Fowler; BIO Charlotte, NC Sherrie Fowler; BAD Charlotte, NC Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Tim Franklin; BUS Goldsboro, NC Susan Frey; PSY HDL Charlotte, NC Rodney Fulton; MAT Dewey Gabriel; BCA Lewisville, NC Sherrill ' s Ford, NC Sandy Gardner; CRJ Angier, NC z.- i SET 162 Ann Gaumond; BCA Winston- Salem, I IC Patricia Gilbert; HDL Terry Gladden; ACC Iron Station, NC High Point, NC Melody Goode; BIO Ruby Goodman; PSC Mooresboro, NC Raiford, NC ■ zn Padia Grant; PSY Washington, D. C. Kathy Griffith; HUM Charlotte, NC Cynthia Groves; HUM Charlotte, NC Charles Guy; ENG Salisbury, NC Jeff Hall; PSC Charlotte, NC PS i A i i Weldon S. Hamrick, Jr. PSC Charlotte, NC Cathy Hanner; PSY Charlotte, NC Terry Harmon; BAD Robyn Harris; ACC Statesville, NC Mooresville, NC Mike Harrison; BUS Winston- Salem, NC Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Joyce Hartsell; ESM Janna Hathcock; BUS Shelby, NC Locust, NC Robin Hawkins; SOC Deborah Hawkins; PSY Richard Henley; ARC Asheville, NC Mt. Holly, NC Huntington, N. Y. Sophomore 163 LaVena Hiatt; PSY Winston-Salem Kay Holler; MUR Salisbury Nat Howard; BUS Charlotte Judith Hicklin; BIO Charlotte Toni Higgins; BIO Charlotte Judy Hill; SOC Hickory Robert Holland; BUS Hickory Charlie Holt; ACC Burlington Lee Hooks; BUS Winston- Salem Debbie Horton; BIO Charlotte i: John Horton; ARC Flat Rock Janice Honeycutt; SOC Cynthia Ingram; NUR Stanfield Glenwood J ftOO W Jeff Jackson; GGY Winston- Salem Susan Jackson-HUM Charlotte Jr £13 I A x m Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sherry Johnson; NUR Statesville Dorothy Jones; NUR King Joyce Josey; ARC Statesville Frank Kapelar; EAD Charlotte Candy Kellis; SPA Charlotte m n, i Jim Keenan; EGR Charlotte Bob Keever; ACC Raleigh John Keith; BUS Greensboro . Elizabeth Ann Knox; BIO Winston-Salem Candy Knoy; SOC HDL George Kopti; ESC Connelly Springs Fayetteville ft m 1k° 9e% tfft. m Tommy King; PSC Charlotte Donna Lee; BCA Burlington James Kirkpatrick; BCA Charlotte Joe Leonard; BUS Winston- Sal em f m 4i§ Cindy Linker; BAD Concord Carl Livengood; BAD Winston- Salem Teresa Long; MAT Teresa Love; PSY Charlotte " Charlotte Kathryn Luckey; ACC Piscataway, N.J. Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Tommy Maddox; MAT Winston- Salem Robert Mann; BAD Charlotte Marianne Marks; PSC Greensboro Annie Martin; SOC Charlotte William Matheson; HIS Charlotte V Sophomores 165 V7-. Gary McFarland; MAT El lenboro Mike Miles; ACC Winston- Salem I Patricia McGillan; MUR Winston-Salem c Danny Meade; PSY John Meares; EGR Winston-Salem Raleigh Diane Miller; NUR Lenoir Brian McLean; ARC Asheville Kevin McCorkle; UEE John McMurry; BUS Charlotte Winston- Salem Mary Mendin; PSC Charlotte Debbie Merrill; HIS HDL Brevard Marcia Moody; BAD Cary David Morreau; ARC Charlotte f5r-$ ) 1 sU , Michael Miller; BUS Mullen Richfield , Donnie Ray Morgan; BIO Charlotte A Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Jeannie Morton; BAD Sherry Morton; NUR New London Albremarle Carl R. Moss; BAD Charlotte Frank Mullis; EAD Charlotte fv» Louanne Mundeh.uike; HDL Charlotte ' V V X - 166 - Philip Murch; ACC Micheal Murray; ACC Patricia Odom; NUR Arden Albemarle Warrenton Mary Ann Osborne; NUR Greensvoro Sherrie Overcash; PSY Charlotte Judy Owens; PSY High Point Myra Patterson; ARC Hiddenite Manuel Peace; EAD Raleigh Susan Peacock; NUR Denton £ K Ann Pence; NUR Kannapolis Delia Penry; UND High Point Hazel Pettice; MAT Charlotte Margo Pheagin; NUR Gastonia A .1 i James Pollar; ARC Burlington Steve Posey; BUS Winston-Salem Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Jan Pressley; BIO Belmont Karen Puckett; PSY HDL Salisbury Susan Raines; NUR Winston-Salem W4$ Jim Rapier; UEE Jeff Reaves; BUS Kinston China Grove Sophomores 167 J WZl Ginny Regehr BUS Jo Annette Ridge BCA Charlotte Sophia Cynthia Rowe INJUR Charlotte Gina Safrit BAD Martha Scott NUR Kannapolis Greensboro 4 ' t David Sharp ACC Greensboro Barbara Shaw NUR Greensboro Darlene Shaw SOC Staley Jane Shell CRJ Hickory Julia Shepherd BCA Burlington Mary K. Shore PSY Raleigh Edwin Simpson BAD Greensboro Susan Simpson EI IG Nancy Simpson MAT Resi Sinclair BCA Monroe Hickory Hendersonville Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Robin Sink NUR Debbie Smith HIS Lexington Charlotte Steven Smith UND Mooresville ¥ Terri Smith BUS Shelby Richard Spain PSC Charlotte 1WJ Sophomores 1 Sharon Spangler ENG Theodore Stewart EGR Charlotte Charlotte Allison Stout BCA Stoney Point Stephanie Stovall ACC Carthage Janice Sushereba NUR Mocksville Debra Tabb ARC Wilson Anthony Taylor BAD Winston- Salem Rita Taylor NUR Winston- Salem Rick Tinsley REL Waxhaw Donald Trotter PSC Hicksville, NY 4 Elaine Tredge NUR Hickory $ Don Teague ACC Cramerton Carole Thomas MAT Charlotte Lisa Turbeville NUR Albemarle Don Turbyfill PSC Charlotte Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Richard Tyler CRJ Warwick, RI David Tyson BCA Charlotte Johnny Uiasis ACC Winston- Salem Freida Upton NUR Forest City Blondie Walker BAD Monroe IML .-¥ Sophomores 169 I _ 170 David Waller; UNO Kannapolis Carolyn Warford; BIO High Point Patricia Watts; ENG Winston- Salem Gail Weddington; HDL Kenneth Welch- UEE Salisbury Charlotte I N David Wheeler; EGR G a rn e r Cheryl Whitaker; SOC Fayetteville Carol White; NUR Boling Springs John Whitley; BIO Kannapolis r Mark Whitley; BUS Oakboro V David Whitener; BAD Troutman Janet Whittington; HDL Hickory Jeff Wicker; BIO Charlotte I Rhonda Wilson; ACC Norwood I- m Carol Wingate; HDL Iron Station Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores PEPSI — . TEAMSTERS UNION LOCAL NO. 71 UNION DRIVERS ARE SAFE DRIVERS SHIP BY UNION CARRIER W.C. B ARBEE, President 5000N.TRYON STREET CHARLOTTE. N.C. 28213 Advertisements 171 mT-J, 172 Freshmen Freshman Freshman — - Tim Abboth; UEE Greensboro, NC Janice Angel BAD Greensboro, NC . ' _ - Matthew Barhydt; ARCH. Wilmington, OE Cheri Bartrip; PSY . Shelby, NC , Eddie Albertson; BAD High Point, NC Kevin Ashley, PS Monroe, NC Janet Baker; NUR. Hudson, NC Jeanette Bates; MAT Mill Spring, NC 1 Judy Allen; HDL Raleigh, NC 0 Bill Baldwin; ACC. Lavill, NC John Barnard; ACC. Statesville, NC Carla Batten; BIO Troy, NC Karen Allene; BIO Charlotte, NC Maria Allison; CHE Marion, NC Jeffrey Ball; ACC. Gastonia, NC ft Cindy Ballard; ENG. Iron St. NC V fe C.P. Barringer; EAD Kelly Barringer; ACC. Salisbury, NC Conover, NC Denise Baucom; MAT Monroe, NC Ginger Belk; NUR. Salisbury, NC Freshmen 173 wZ-J ' • • Bonnie Berryhi II; BCA Susan Black; ACC. Charlotte, MC Statesville, IMC Cynthia Blair; MAT Charlotte, NC Teresa Blue; BIO. Rockingham, MC James Boger; EMG. China Grove, NC Pamela Boone; UNO Louisville, KY ( V 1 , 7, Jody Bost; BIO. Rockwell, NC Ann DrOauoway; NUR. Marshville, NC Mary Brooks; ENG. Monroe, NC Daryl Boyd; BIO. Indian Trail, NC Cindy Brown; NUR. Kings Mt., NC Valencia Bercht; BUS. Charlotte, NC Debra Bryant; SOC. Kingston, NC Frank Britt; ARCH. Lumberton, NC iv , •c- V ' V Jim Buff; BCA Mooresville, NC Gina Burchett; NUR. Durham, NC Carolyn Burden, PSC Charlotte, NC Barbara Burkett; CHE. Cheryl Burleson; ACC. Waynesboro, VA Albemarle, NC Phil Burleson; SOC Albemarle, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen - Kim Burns; HIS. Charlotte, NC Jane Bulter; ARCH. Lumberton, NC Barry Byrd; BAD Albemarle, IMC Faith Carroll; HDL Albemarle, NC Leslie Carroll; ARCH. Bridgewater, ! IJ Stephen Carroll; BUS. Samantha Carter; BCA Kathryn Cates; PSY. Charlotte, NC High Point, NC Hillsborough, NC Dawn Caulk; HUM Hamlet, NC Barnadine Childers; BAD Kannapolis, NC Reba Clark; ARCH. Charlotte, NC Joseph Cline; BUS. Charlotte, NC Becky Coleman; UND Bobby Coleman; ARCH. Lenior, NC Concord, NC Susan Collings; HIS. Charlotte, NC ■ZL Cary Collings; ENG. Marion, VA Nancy Collins; BIO. Charlotte, NC Anne Connell; ACC. Monroe, NC Chris Conroy; BUS. Newton, NJ Roseanne Corriher, MAT China Grove, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen J 75 Lark Covell, BIO Charlotte, NC Lewis, Davis; BUS Charlotte, NC Steven Draper; ACC Hendersonville, NC Darrell Creasman; ACC Gastonia, NC Stephamy Criss; PSC Charlotte, NC Jo Dawkins; 8CA Winston-Salem, NC Rita Drye; NUR Concord, NC Tim Demmitt; ARCH Hagerstown, MD V- David Duke; BUS Salisbury, NC Cathy Curtin; ARCH Bellmore, NJ Terice Dobson; NUR Winston- Salem, NC Doug Dumphy; BIO Charlotte, NC AK P I l I % $ i v y Carson Davenport; BIO Charlotte, NC Mark Doughton; BAD Winston-Salem, NC Susan Duncan; SP Indian Trail, NC Linda Earle; UND Kings Mt., NC Sam Emory; MAT Charlotte, NC Mary Engle; NUR Winston- Salem, NC Tammie Eubanks; ENG Kannapolis, NC Keye Everhardt; UEE Mooresville, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 176 Ellen Eurey; SOC Charlotte, NC Sue Felton; UND Charlotte, NC Carol Freddaw; BUS Wilmington, NC Betty Faile; SOC Charlotte, NC Linda Fields; NUR Greensboro; NC Libby Featherston; HIS Durham, NC Pj i W b 7 J r . . John Freeze; BUS Kannapolis, NC Vic Flake; MAT Bessemer City, NC on Neil Friedman; BIO Norfolk, VA Anita Fedder, PSY Gastonia, NC Sherry Fousheu; NUR Winston- Salem S Robert Ganhan; BUS Charlotte, NC Katherine Feeney; UND Charlotte, NC Helen Francis; SP Shelby, NC fr| Aftl Samuel Gibbs; HDL Charlotte, NC Gladys Gillespie; PSY Charlotte, NC LaVerne Gholston; NUR Charlotte, NC Phoebe Goodson; NUR Winston- Salem, NC Paula Grant; ACC Greensboro, NC i.- ' m Br i Marvella Gray; ACC Winston- Sal em, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 177 Tonig Gregg; BUS Charlotte, NC ' V - • $k£k Philip Guy; BUS Hagerstown, MO Dennis Haigler; BIO Matthews, NC Rusty Haigler, BIO Matthews, NC Rob Hardy, ACC College Park, MD David Harlan, ARCH Winston-Salem, NC Anne Health; CHE Monroe, NC Linda Hill,; NUR Concord, NC Manette Hinson; BIO Lexington, NC Dan Helms; HDL Marshville, NC Sandy Hinson; FR Concord, NC X.I m 4t ' Kimberly Helms; SOC Dallas, NC Jeff Hipps; SOC Nashville, TN m. Quindolym Helms; NUR Monroe, NC Abby Hoffman; NUR Silver Springs, MD Ted Hoffman; CHE Gastonia, NC :. HRV-t •; .V. Dean Hooks; CSC Elizabeth Hord; HDL Matthews, NC Lawndale, NC Susan Howell; HD L High Point, NC Charles Huber; BIO Winston- Salem, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 178 Debbie Humphrey; NUR Kelli Hunley; BAD Kannapolis, IMC Madison, MC Kelly Hurst; NUR Kannapolis, NC Laurinda Hughery; BIO Durham, NC Cynthia Isenhour; ACC Gastonia, MC Patti James; ACC Concord, NC Marilyn Jamison; ACC Danna Johnson; UND Gastonia, NC Clemmons, NC Michael Johnson; ARCH Hickory, NC Kerry Johnston; HDL Concord, NC N C - =S Deryh Jones; MAT Winston-Salem, NC Karen Jones; P5Y Boiling Springs, NC Patti Joyner; NUR Concord, NC Amy Kearns; NUR High Point, NC Renda Kearns; PSY Greensboro, NC Carol Keener; NUR Charlotte, NC Kelly Keener; NUR Charlotte, NC Bruce Keith; ARCH Furlong, PA Jill Kendrick; CHE Lawndale, NC Cheri King; PSY Durham, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 179 wr- Karen Lael; NUR Clemmons, NC Tk. ■ Karen Long; NUR Charlotte, NC Wanda Luck; PHIL Winston- Salem, NC • fe Mike Ledford; BAD High Point, NC Robbie Lee; HDL Concord, NC Sharon Lindsay; ENG Hickory, NC Jeff London; ENG Albemarle, NC Cathy Love; CHE Concord, NC Delinda Lovingood; Kay Lowder; ACC Sharon Lowdermilk BCA Albemarle, NC HDL Columbia, SC Salisbury, NC Deborah Luckie; BIO Charlotte, NC Bobby Lutz; CHE Denver, NC Linda Mabe; NUR Asheboro, NC ft Linda Marshall; ENG Greensboro, NC Cheryl Martin; BAD Charlotte, NC Terri Martin; BUS Salisbury, NC Donna Mason; ENG Montreal, Canada « .-. ' Larry May; UEE Buffalo Grove, NC Sharon Mayse; HD L Bostic, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Fresh men 180 Kathy McElwaine; ACC John McKinley; ACC Salriva McLain; BUS Belmont, NC Kannapolis, NC Charlotte, NC Margie McLaughlin; MATH Mooresville, NC £ Ed Miller; UEE Greensboro, NC Alex Mills; PSC Mt. Holly, NC v » Cathy Moss; BUS Wilson, Con Parge Motsinger; ENG Winston- Salem, NC Cherly Murray; ACC Albemarle, NC Morris Nantz; ENG Mooresville, NC Jennifer Minick; BUS Winston-Salem, NC Susan Moore; HDL Shelby, NC Julie Munden; UND Winston- Salem, NC Steve Murdock; HIS Statesville, NC Greg Oakley; BUS Mebane, NC Patricia Odum; BIO Charlotte, NC Giles Mebane; BUS Mebane, NC v Kim Morgan; BUS Albemarle, NC m Li James Murphy; BAD Matthews, NC Deloris Oglesby; ACC Winston- Sal em, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 181 Pamela Overby; SOC Teresa Pardue; PSC Durham, NC High Point, IMC Carolyn Parrish; NUR Winston-Salem, NC Michael Pasungo; ACC Frederickberg, VA David Patton; ACC Charlotte, NC Tony Peacock; EAD Tronda Pendleton; BUS Denton, NC Salisbury, NC Ann Perkinson; UEE Charlotte, NC Virginia Perry, NUR Laureal Hill, NC Doug Phillip; BUS Raleigh, NC Nannette Pierce; UND Frederick Plotz; PSY Davidson, NC Winston- Salem, NC Karen Popp; BIO Mooresville, NC Patti Powell; NUR Asheboro, NC Richard Price; UND High Point, NC , l K f Julius Richardson; BUS Murray Richmond; PSC Carolyn Rich- NUR Charlotte, NC Monroe, NC Asheboro, NC Karen Rierson; NUR Kings MT. NC John Robbins; ARCH Hickory, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen IK. I i David Roberson; ENG Wi lliam Robertson; HIS Sandy Rogers; PSY Walkertown, NC High Point, NC Kannapolis, NC David Safeistein; ECO Clearwater, FL Kim Saylor; HDL Plafftown, NC J Lynne Scott; ENG Kannapolis, NC Marlin Scott; UND Lexington, NC Philbin Scott; BIO Columbia, MD Peggy Schloesser; ACC Lumberton, NC Elwood Sebert; BAD Matthews, NC v ill tfS L iA Danny Setzer; BAD Michael Sheilds; BUS Penny Shoemaker; HIS Ronnie Shore; ACC Catawba, NC Winston- Salem, NC Asheboro, NC Kannapolis, NC Julie Shue; PSC Concord, NC Teresa Sides; ACC Albemarle, NC Janice Sides; BUS Albemarle, NC Elizabeth Sides; HIS Charlotte, NC Beth Sigmon; HDL Denton, NC Tammy Sigmin; NUR Conover, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 183 k ► Christine Si2emore; CSC Winston-Salem, NC Sheila Sloan; CHE Kannapolis, NC Rosalind Small; UND Wilmington, IMC Cathy Smith; HDL Monroe, NC ,-» Scott Smith; BIO Lexington, NC 184 Kevin Somerville; BUS Kyle Spencer; ENG Larrytown, NJ Charlotte, NC Leon Stadlher; ACC Lenior, NC Raphnel Staples; MAT Debra Stanley; ENG Clemmons, NC Charlotte, NC Greg Stanley; BAD Charlotte, NC i %■■ } K 1 Angie Seider; SOC Winston-Salem, NC Dolly Starnes; BUS Waxhaw, NC Susan Stringfellow; NUR Kings MT., NC Melissa Styers; BUS Winston-Salem, NC Linda Surratt; ENG Monroe, NC William Swygert; ESM Timothy Thomas; BUS Molly Thompson; PSC Charlotte, NC Broadway, NC Concord, NC Wanda Thompson; SOC Shelby, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen — . Sheila Thornton; MAT Tryon, NC Donna Tracy; MAT Stanford, Conn. Robert Troxler; ENG Deborah Tucker; HDL Frances Vogler; UND Matthews, NC Stanfield, NC Winston- Salem, NC Annette Wallace; BIO Wadesboro, NC It Dan Warren; UND Winston- Salem, NC Paula Welch; BUS Midland, NC Susan Wells; UND Raleigh, NC Jim Wheeler; ENG Durham, NC k Beth White; MAT Charlotte, NC Desiree White; BIO Gover, NC Terry White; BAD Matthews, NC ur - . Robert Wiggins; BAD Statesville, NC mmmm Peggy Wike; BIO Mooresville, NC U 1 Katherine Williams; ENG Charlotte, NC Robert Williams; UND Ellen Williford; BUS Elizabeth Wilson; ENG Kim Witherspoon; NUR Charlotte, NC Charlotte, NC Stanfield, NC Charlotte, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 85 Shirley Woods; BIO Gastonia, MC Jeffrey Worboys; UND Charlotte, NC Joyce Wright; ENG Hamlet, NC Jeff Yoder; BIO Winston- Salem, NC Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen lHt, FOR THE " LIFE-STYLE " YOU WANT . . . 0ver 40 completely decorated rooms Lowest prices anywhere on top quality furniture 0ver 2 00 top quality lines of furniture Special discount to U.N.C.C. students and faculty Local Call-455-5141 c FURNITURE CO. Hours: Mon. 9:00-9-00 Tues. 9:00-6:00 Hwy. 49, Harrisburg, N. C. Wed. 9:00-6:00 Thurs. 9:00-6:00 Fri. 9:00-9-00 Sat. 9:00-6:00 Advertisement 187 MH ! 169 - l fy b wa ? ■ Harris Blvd U. N. C. at Charlotte EXIT 1 MILE M ft 1 » " " V TH€W4 L 191 ' I 8 1 c V ormrrrrm ! . ? ■f S It to !$ . % ® f- -, ' 1- V LL 193 -_ t h Ki J- J ) -»wv- i •V, i «■ 4 m Q-l 195 J : r 197 I --»V Thc o % % % = » — - v; H ■jg - - r y m 199 .J o fc % X X X. • " " ■ E£T : K Ji7?- ' ■«p«?fEa %. . 201 TfZ. 205 Trz. v SEHIOP CITIHNS AND HJNOICAPPtD Register Here Get Your TAPE card now. | Reduced fares (20 ) Enjoy (Soon) New equipment ] G,ea,er shopping ij ' Qvel convenience ■ SM " " ET9 Tie Q ' A 6 % cil win itiuir 207 ' SPECIALISTS IN THE WORLDS ' FINEST CHEESES Southpark Shopping Center, Charlotte 366-4543 1 1 2 miles south of UNCC MR. C ' S RESTAURANT A UNIQUE FAST FOOD CONCEPT THAT REALLY DOES HAVE IT ALL at Highway 49 Coke for big thirst ! Enjoy C«sG It ' s the real thing. Coke. lUf. Advertisement Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction o cd o cd i— i C o • |-H o c I— I o O CG a o ■+J o cd I— I o ■ p-H CJ cd C I— I C o • I— I o a c o •r-H O Cd I— I o • |-H O CO The purpose I had in this annual was to spark, in each person who looks at its pages, a want to be active in their life. There are events that are of interest to each person just waiting to be shared. By having students order a yearbook I think that I have reached the portion of students that are active, and that could understand the memories on the pages. And in being an active member of this campus one must know the two sides that are involved. The active side - students after a victory, and the inactive side - classes on the weekend. Being the editor of this book has given me the opportunity of being an active member on campus. I understand the problems that are of interest to few but involve all. It also has let me see the misunderstandings of people who are not truely active but like to talk like they are. This is one reason why I think that everyone should become active. Do you know where your activities fee goes? In closing I would like to share with you a thought given to me at a workshop. Each annual is a part of a tree, a part that can never be restored. I have tried to make this book worth the tree that it has become. Please take the time to make that part worthwhile to you. If it wasn ' t worth it to you then give it to someone who can value it. Or better yet get involved enough to make it better yourself. This book is a reflection of the action that is made by you. Warmest regards and best wishes Susan Foote Wtl 3 03 o r— I • o r— I a o o I— I 03 o o i— i O r— ' • o I— H 03 o c-t- o t— I 03 o P— ' • o 03 a o I— I 03 O c+ o r— I 03 o r r— ' • o 3 Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction Inaction Closing 209 T 3 u 210 Closing INACTION IN CLASSES • »; 211 as. TT3 If « i: CONE, ATKINS, KENNEDY, DENNY. 212 Closing DALTON Closing 213 » • INACTION ON CAMPUS 214 Closing --»»f . 215 11 ' » If RATHSKELLAR, COMMUTERS, m UMVBtBTt O NOttH CUOUNA •aounom I ' osing DORM LIFE, JAM UP Lty 217 m ff : ». . Wl . L: ..v INACTION WITH ORGANIZATIONS i ' . 219 T I » • -r INACTION WITH PEOPLE 1 1 T 2 If V v ■ " • SENIORS, JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES, - ■• v- .» $ »€■ — 222 Closing FRESHMEN 223 . I ■ O 2 • ' •Closing

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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