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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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1 lV Kj M ' iUi ' LMiiLHaa ml Mr ' I » - ti r- C •J " •» ' •i iiraiiiiiiiiinm Trrrq,: 111 ll!ii[i " " Hllli,i ■ ' III . • ' " ■ " ■■■ - «»- " - . niia- ' :; ■- " ' iWt, ■y. GROWTH M This year UNCC has seen many novelties-resi- dence halls (equipped with real live resident stu- dents!), social fraternities and sororities, and new buildings springing up one al ' tcr another all exempli- fying the development of a um ersity. It is for tliis reason that the theme for the 1970 Rogues " n Rascals is GROWTH, in accordance with what we feel is the theme of the history of UNCC. In 1959. a site was selected for " Charlotte College " which had been established in 1949. The site was eight miles from downtown Charlotte and consisted of a lot of land, a lot of trees, and one building-a barn I In 1 9(1 1 , the college moved to the new site and mto the first two buildings which were the present Language Building and the Ken- nedy Building. •-ri. . 1963 saw the establishment of Charlotte College as a four-year. State supported institution. Then, on July 1, 1965, Charlotte College attained university status when it became the Universit of North Caro- lina at Charlotte. UNCC attained tangible university status this year with the vast construction of new buildings, the addition of graduate studies, and especially dorm students-after which UNCC will never be the same! Toda . there is no mistaking UNCC for Charlotte College, but the years of Charlotte College will not be forgotten, as the were the childhood years of a Uni- versity. I ' M, r xc . vc.--% ' •I -■: ' ■} i IV-- ' - V : ' iS : i,niffi " «1 » II HI4 I l(-. wi Mp«p«Bimpi iiiiSIian ' iiiT " " }!w. " iillJ k-J- .. . v ■ . • .t " ? " ' llll - — -. v-rj J r v., :::d±t " -:r ! §:i I I ] li! iif II, eiiii rii| II pi I III ■■ ' FT ? _ I t I i " pipiiBWiWfinii f pipnpi pnij ' " ui I pii III III pn ' Jf3 It R O G U E S W R A S c A L S 70 Sports Page 97 Classes Academics Page 182 Student Life Page 35 Organizations Page 127 mimiimi am REGISTRATION ORIENT A TION S.A.C. v 13 A«r .X-X ' - . ' " »f» -t; . .v .;,.■ ' • 16 t r : r — n, ■■ .r---.-f.iT-n- .-m. t. , i f. ,. .. ■.- n-t . jf vM,a a. iMi iHiMIONli ; )ift i , aeflSE OPEN BRIEF C lSfS , AND SHOW ALL NHTERIALS TO CHECKER ' AS YOU EXIT. THfilVK YOU - :31Kff :;di .TT-iyK .i ; = ' _ ' !J-i: 18 19 PARklNC] AREA E PERMITS WED FEB II UNCC lie CREEMSBORO COLLEGE ;AME or THE 1 ,%t, 20 f pQ 22 !l!!l!!l!!l!!l!!l 23 24 i PO ' ■,v : IK 25 J UNIY OF K t AT CHARLOTTE " 27 Muaui t ' y 31 32 33 .r ? ' , ; ::,. . l ' « ' - : -.■;!i,- i - " UNCCCC ' Nite I ' - i-3 t;M ' L -.« .„ i Sn arvy . ' «3r . 8v5l ra Moore (Hilton) B II Mrs. Jones: Mother of the Year ' ' y P|v ' F. Lee . " Rev. Georee Leake Martin Agronsky Assistant Secretary of the Interior Carl L. Klein Earth Day .liinBiinmutiiiaiiainiuMiHamii Donnell Stoneman Robert Dana 43 Giorgi Riabikoff p o e t s - - . :«f= T. J. Redds . Charlene Wliisnant. Sherman Burns and Plays Ex-umbra Plavers READINGS b y OUTSTANDING R G R B A E Y R T John C;irr BACCHAE Mountain Climbing ■ _ • ' •w - •». A r ' i . 48 I. ««• Dedication of The Be Ik Bell Tower I II i i i I 19 IJH HI Bl II Erwin Belk speaks Gov. Scott speaks to students 51 CHRISTMAS ■i- Beth McGregor, Donna Raley. B. J. Smith, Lavera Farnsworlh, Michele Crawford DANCE Marlena Returns Coffee IHE Emporium House Rings W Things United Appeal Night B W O C - The Platters P " »r: First Annual .fl " - - ' , ' .-ir;-ir,ii. i ' ;?, ' ;S!i Uli:;j- ' H o m o m n g The Showmen 60 Just Tom Rush Folk . . . 63 JAM UP 70 Paul Winter COnsorl I M u N C c F I R S T THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE r. THE NOTORIOUS THE MORA TORIUM ' . ' (■ amiiiiBLnfc,afc,j,Bl.j.ii!»t»i»Biai " p-»it%iir i;P: feSBM ■ i n " l AFTER CAMBODIA atSMfjir •• -- ' • ' :■ KENT ST A TE •ftilitr f! ; . ' ilfj tf ' n nr -i. J iw m, K -1 ' J; ' ' i. ' EN VIRONMENTAL TEACH-IN Parking Meters to be installed 1 o 3rD a a Sanford Residence Hall Regulations j Black Scl Awarded Pages AREVIEW fCPS) C7 .. " " ' ie the r,r Woodstock mnrJ o " est now on f?p ' ' il " g orowing sr.irr " s Intramural Football Begins PU l). ' isti !?!?«« ' • ' GrWi by Dave Taylo, arships LNCC Gains ■St Tint; CAA Status UA nets nets $73.20 _ „ " " % Aquarian Hope A " % , G ' -appJers Take %.. ' Second In P i Conference " I " ■ S S " " • ' ' raveled ,, , %vV i ' faculty Suppo ' -t ,t students 3« « s 5r t VII « 2. 3 I ©a X jt 05: = g« » c- e o - V « -- hi phi first 1 - tive r ' ' ' ittational here - - . . Names Faces f-- V Dean of Students - MacKay Vice-Chancelor Cone, Chancelor Colvard, Vice-Chancelor McEntrv l)r Mary F.mhrv Teachers of Excellence Dr. Loy Willicrspoon WHO ' S WHO(?) :t » % Barbara Ellen Berry Carolyn Ann Bobbitt c? r V Louise S. Brennan Charies Brown 82 Mary Lou Ingram Betty Louise Kepley Cliff Lau Phyllis GaU McCall Not Pictured Mary Sue Amos Peter D. Donahue Sherold llene Drake Alan P. Hickok Felton N. Stewart Lester W. Stocks Michael D. Stockton 83 GRADUATION 1970 ■ I ■ ■ IP C! , 9 1 E .o H H Tj » H 1 " Hi 0| B r B » ' i KB ' H ' ' 91 Mfl J kfe B 1 f i J 1 ■ ■ eTiiJ ' ti 1 1 HIII I ' ? THE GALLERY THE following is the third presentation of the Gallery which was originated two years ago-i,n order to recognize students who have contributed notably to the constructive activities, interest, and spirit of UNCC. We feel that to recognize such unselfish contribution is worthwhile and hope that the list will grow in the future. Mary Sue Amos Becky Balentine Dave Harden Richard Bartholomew Carolyn Bobbitt Nancy Brady Charlie Brown Neil Carriker Dot Conley Fran Craig Humphrey Cummings James Cuthberson Sherry Drake Dean Duncan Greg Eckard Lavera Farnsworth Paula Gallant Mark Hardison Gerald Hartis Dick Helms Jerry Hensley Alan Hickok Marilou Ingram Laura Jacobs Charlie Kelly Mike McCul ' ley Bill Mauney Barbara Mayer Joe McCorkle Suzy Owen Howard Pearre Donna Raley Clay Robbins Barbara Rockecharlie Russell Swarz Sharon Shook Ruth Sloan Sharyn Soloman Bud Stewart Lester Stocks Susan Sutton Dave Taylor Lucia Thompkins Jan Tedder Dianne Vaughn Mrke Wade Robert Welch Rodney White Doug Whitley Marlene Whitley Melanie Wilson SWEETHEARTS N QUEENS k» 0k Mb _. {. , : N f i r ■;, S ' ' j V! mJr.: ? ' i i ' i ii iaiiiiiiiii Clothes Courtesy of COPLON ' S of South Park - Charlotte, N.C. Color Photography Herb lialon, Kichard Cole ,j llH.fefei« i » i a.toii.i , " •; :. ■ ' i DIANNE VAUGHAN ALPHA PHI OMEGA " . . § 4 V j lOe i Nrf W " ' - ' . ,— «, , , TINA WILLIAMS THETA PSI BARBARA SMITH HOLIDAY QUEEN r CINDY TEAL IISS UNCC ., ANNA FASVL ROGUES N RASCALS SWEETHEART BB BETH TIMANUS HOMECOMING QUEEN iH 1 f 9m: 1 T j V ' lHBk ,rTx , iig " M Jf wli J KC m " W ' w r Jii iamairjwniii e msi)i uM UixidiLii »,AHUi:i. iihit,liS!ttdn ' -n Bt r sg? mmWi ' III fill Basketball For llie Nccond consecutive _ eai the 49 ' ers brouglii the DIAC Conreience crown to Cli.nione- The team lirushed with J 10-4 resiular season record, winning eight ol then last nine conlerence games. This monientum earned them through the conference toiiinanienl with victories over the CoMege of Charleston. Methodist ( llege. and a tough host L nchhurg. The 49 ' ers placed thiee irren on the AII-Touinanienl team Lair Reid. who was named the touinamcnt ' s Most Vahiable Pla er. was joined h leamniales Ben Basniger and All Con- lerence Norris Dae. The team weiil on to The District PlayotYs wheie lliey made a very respectable showing, but lost to two very powerful Caiolma Coiilercnce teams. GuiHord College and Elon. »TV 4 r The Conteience Cliainpionship was a very pleasant way loi Coach Harvey Muiphy to end his coaching leiiiiie Ihis cai Di Miiiphy assunres the duties of Head of llie Depailment ol Health and Physical l-ducation. New Head Basketball Coach Bill luster leads the l ' )7()-7l edilioii ol ihe 4 ' 1 ' ers into NCAA compeliiion. I, .Mid i 99 b« r ? « «%., 1 ' . . ■ " ■: A W Jm 103 %ln irt » •0 ' m m . 106 ■i The Chan1p ! BHEllt ' llHiUllf? Sports Banquet 1 Unidentified Speaker! Scotty. Annis, Eudy receive Awards Dr. Colvard speaks Dr. Cone presents James W. Grey Award to Ben Basinger 109 Bowling UNCC ' s keglers finished the season with their best record ever. The bowlers finished a disappointing second place in the regular season play behind Lynchburg College. The team had been favored lo win handily in the regular season play, bni split ganies with Methodist College iii the last match ol llie season caused them to lose by one-half game. Revenge was soon gained as the bowlers traveled lo Hayellcvillc on Maich l.v|4 to paiticipate jii the DIAC conference tounianient. The team made a strong ■ ' come-fioni-hehiiKl " charge in the third gaine to pull out an 85 pm team victory in the tournament. In individual competition, the bowlers took a second and thud place doubles. UNCC ' s Danny hwiiig lost by a narrow margin of only 2 pins in the all-events coinpetituni lo take another second place in the tournamenl. Members of this year ' s team are Danny l-wing. luiiior. Ken lines, senior; .Steve Kendiick, |unior, Hugh Pace, freshman; and Kurl I ;iiibe, lunior I he team is coached by Dean M;icKay and Jon Thomas. 110 J UNCC. for the third consecutive year, has hosted the annual Association of College Unions International Region V games tournament. The tournament, beginning February 12 and concluding February 14, involved approximately thirty colleges and universities from five states. Approximately 230 students participated. Wrestling The UNCC wrestlers traveled to Lynchburg for the Contererice Tournament and came home with five individual conference champions. These efforts pro- duced a second place finish in the team standings. The team finished the regular season with five wins and eight losses. Annis and Scotly, winners m the District Tourna- nient, went to the NAIA National Tournament- Annis lost Ins lualcli in the Inst round but Scolty advanced to the tiuailer liiial before losing to Landy Walker, who hnished thud nationally. By VII tue ol Ins two victories, Scolty became the lirsi 44 ' eis lo score in a national touinament. 112 113 CROSS-COUNTRY UNC-C finished second in the conference meet held at Methodist College on November 8. The UNC-C Harriers placed four men in the top ten finishers. Runners wearmg the UNC-C brand finished fourth, fifth, seventh, tenth, and eleventh. Dan Dickenson, a Freshman, finished fourth in the con- ference and has been chosen as All Conference. The Harriers finished the season with a 7-2 conference record and a 7-8 overall record. Prospects for next year look good because the entire team, with the exception of senior Mike Ridge, will return. INTRAMURALS Intramural activities at UNCC are designed to give our students an outlet from their academic studies. The program is quite competitive, but also stresses sportsmanship and fellowship wnth other students. Teams are sponsored by fraternities, clubs, dorms, or by independent groups. The activities offered are football, putt-putt, table tennis, tug-o-war, basketball, pool, badminton, volleyball, horseshoes, golf, tennis, and bowling. With the completion of the physical education facihty, a number of new sports will be added to give more students a chance to participate. Competition in the program is based on team performance in the events throughout the year. The team winner for 1969-70 was the Engineers Club and the 2nd place team was APO. Highlights of the intramural program included the consolidated Co-Rec. Play Day held at UNC-G, and our Intramural Banquet and Awards Night. 1970-71 will bring a much better program with increased participation, a wider variety of athletics offered, and more on-campus facihties. Final Point Standings 1969-70 Engineers 1,188 APO 1.030 Kappa Sig 998 Outhouse 951 Old Timers 835 Hockos 818 Chi Phi 608 AKPsi 575 Theta Psi 573 115 Font ha I I Fnnthnll 117 FoothaU " lord you take care oj mv enemies and I ' ll lake care of my friends " Vollairc Othpv Artivitips 3 ' 4. ' T.I.G.E.R. Girl ' s Intramural Champions Girl ' s Football Tug of War Putt Putt L Rn kpthall Kappa Alpha Psi Basketball Champs 120 RfiKkPthall 121 L RnKkpthnll L Softball Old Timers Softball Champions Snfthall ' 1 124 Softhall Ititrnnunnl RnnqiiPt Engineers Overall Intramural Champs Tommy Potcet Accepts Overall Trophy A V Randy Goforth and Larry Hawsey Best Participation IT- t I f I y Coach Kerr Speaks at Banquet 9 ' y W «•»• Fencing Club 1 . Mehiriie Wilson 2. Sophia Clenimer 3. Donna Stewart 4. Dennis Orton 5. Cindy French 6. Cathy O ' Dell 7. Diibba Kay lluglies 8. Yogi (littoid 9. Toni Hunt 10 ChlTLau 1 I Jim Kiibctts 12. .Iclt Roberts 13. John Clenimer 14. Ale.xandei Yuan -f ' ' 49ei ' Cheerleaders I Vicki FrahTii 2. DecDee Vaughn 3. Shuryii Solomon 4 liarbaru Collcy 5. Joanne McCarlliy 130 w 131 Student Government Association Bud Stewart PRESIDENT Rod White TREASURER Nancy Brady SECRETARY Alan Hickok - VICE PRESIDENT Freshman Class PRESIDENT Charles Bridges VICE PRESIDENT Larry Marshall REPRESENTATIVES Debbie Butler, Beth McGregor, Lavera Farnsworth 133 ii PRESIDENT Charles Kelly VICE-PRESIDENT Murlcne Whitley Sophomore Class Officers REPRLSLNIATIVES James Cutliberlson, Susan Sulloii, Ed Wayson 134 — " PRESIDENT - Rusty Sitton VICE-PRESIDENT - Dave Christenbury Junior Class REPRESENTATIVES Mike Jones DeeDee Vaughn 135 Senior Class Officers PRESIDENT Charlie Brown VICE PRESIDENT Jerry Hammond REPRESENTATIVES Ron Roger. Bob Welch, Olga Piilyzos, Dick Ilehns 136 . «dll Student Legislature VICE-PRESIDENT - Alan Hickok )37 Student Court 1 . Pete Donahue 2. Tluirman Willis 3. Wanda Ball 4. Ben Basmget 5. Neil Carnker 6. Wayne Green 138 Residence Hall Court 1. Brenda Hartman 2. Amy Brown 3. Kay Stalvey 4. Peggy Fox Sanfovd Hall 139 University Union «s CHAIRMAN OF UNION Mary Lou Ingram SPECIAL ACTIVITIES CHAIRMAN Jerry Hensley - t r nMi.. -v TREASURER Barbara Mayer 141 COFFEE HOUSE CHAIRMAN Paula Gallant University Union stT ' --- s A i k M W l k il. SECRETARY Betty Repley PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIRMAN Robert Wood SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Buddy Worrell 142 LECTURES CHAIRMAN Roljiid IX ' loaeli Civinettes 1 . Peggy Curtis 2. Elizabeth Brown 3. Paula Meyers 4. Donna Stewart 5. Melanie Wilson 6. Cathey Kaemmerlen 7. Cyntlua Long 8. Carolyn Tottle 9. Ronni Sorban 10. Frances Fulk 143 .s Biology Club I Donna Warren 2. Ada Seism 3. Lurry Mellichamps 4. Jim Cory 5. James Bond 6. Steve Ashley 7. Buddy Worrell 8. Jim Griltln 9. John Ezzell VICE PRESIDENT 10. Wayne Greene 1 1 . Larry Chapman PRESIDENT 12. Bob Paden 13. Glen Slunn Baptist Student Union 1 . Nancy Allen 2. Pam Phipps 3. Susie Bright 4. Shirley MedHn 5. Brenda Hartman 6. Vicki Cardwell 7. Kitty Greene 8. Rev. Pereault 9. Gordan Lawrence 10. Cynthia Long 1 1 . unidentified 12. Barbara Rathbone 13. Brenda Bost 14. Barbara Asbury 15. Melanie Wilson 16. unidentified 17. Becky Cloninger IS. Janet Davis 19. Arlene Westbrook 20. Carolyn Tottle 21 . unidentified 22. George Neill 23. unidentified 24. unidentified 145 ROTA f}J (? I fV ' ' ' ' 1 . Bob Young President 2. Garry Williams Treasurer 3. OUie Sharman Vice President 4. James Cuthbertson Secretary 5. Dick Helms Director 6. Frank Daily Advisor 7. Jerry Springs (Santa) Director 8. Oren Barkley (Clown) 146 RACT -wr rrj i GO WMka » UNC CAMPUS ilJDE 147 Progressive Political Union Power To The People 1 . Li Henderson 2. JoeMcCorkIc 3. Dave Bowser 4. Andy Pardue 5. Don Proctor b. Jerry Saunders 7. Melanie Bussard 8. Steve Hewitt 9. Dean Snipes 10. Bill Sigma 1 1 , Humphrey Cummings 12. Bobby Brownridge 13. Chris Weiant 14. Bob Matson 15. Ed Wayson 16. Steve Wodarski 17. Pat Kukpatrick IS. Liik Russell 148 I . Jim Dunn 12 Bruce Caldwell 2, John Clemmer 13 Ron Brown 3. Lewis Thome 14 Dave Karriker 4. Wayne Taylor 15 Dr. Bayer 5. Lonnie Wilson 16 Tom Doteat 6. Dave Calloway 17 Dave Askins 7. Ken Caraway 18 Randy Mumphord 8. Dr. Even 19 Mike Ward 9. Joe Abernathy 20 Bob Deal 10. Tim Siroupe 21. Dan Long 1 1 . Lee Johnston ISO Engineers Club Wayne Taylor SECRETARY Lewis Thome PRESIDENT Jim Dunn TREASURER 151 5 Black Student Union 152 A jkMmer f 1 . Toussaint Holland 13. Stanley Graham 2. Spencer Singleton 14. Brenda Hogue 3. James Cuthberson Secretary 4. Deborah McDowell 15. Alpha Peace S.PaulHempluU 16. RuthSloane President 17. Steve Browner 6. Norris Dae 18. Dorothy Conley Chief Justice 20. Paul McGUl 7. Larry Miller 21.BenByers 8. Katrina Powell 22. Ronald Swann Treasurer 23. Ben Chavis 9. Ruth Horton 24. Jerry Springs 10. Arthur Williams 25. Humphrey Cummings 1 1 . Wyietta Knight Minister of Information Minister of Culture 26. Wayne O ' rear 12. Dorothy Burgess 153 N 1, Aniic Johnson 14 Glenna Davenport - Joanne McCarthy 15 Dora Ixiflin 3 Beth Brown 16 Gloria D ' Alcamo 4 Susan Johnson 17 Linda Oliver 5 Janice Collie 18 Mary Settlemeyer 6 Paula Meyer 19 Vicke Frahm 7 Julie Helms 20 Paula Gallant 8 Becky Cloniger 21 Charley Boa . 9 Rebecca llunneycult 22 Connie McCoy 10 Elaine Baucom 23 Barbara Coffey II Paula Meyer 24 Clenda Bowhng 12 Gweir Ashley 25 Diane Hart 13 Jan liarbin 164 SANFORD ! 2nd SANFORD 3rd 155 SAN FORD 4th SAN FORD 5th J. SANFORD 6th SANFORD 7th 157 Sanford 8 Mead Hall 158 Sanford And Moore House Presidents And P. A. ' S 1 . Dan Dickinson 2. Bill Mauney 3. Suzy Owen 4. Mike Ridge 5. Powell Jones 6. Alice Folger 7. Glenda Liles 8. Donna Raley 9. Sherry Drake 10. B. J. Smith 1 1 . Laura Jacobs 12. Bonnie Ingram 13. Barbara Mayer 14. Nancy Brady 15. Rod White 16. Bob Welch 17. Bumbershoot 1S9 Kappa Alpha Psi 1 . James Cuthbertson 2. Jerry Springs 3. Paul E. Hemphill 4. Norris Dae President 5. Ronald Swann 6. Stanley Graham 7. Ben Byers 8. Sammie McGriff 9. Randall Green 10. Spencer Singleton 160 Kappa Sigma 1 . Alan Hickok 1 1 . Charlie Brown 2. Terry Stirewalt 12. Reid Carter 3. Mike Jones 13. Charlie Dupuis 4. Chet Snow 14. Bob Lombardi fSljlsUitU lTl jiK ' ' % H ' 5 ' -- ' 3 ' ' Y li j£) 5. Danny Matthews 15. Joe Knox (t) Q n Warden 16. Danny Kersh j7Vi2LJjL_W n iT) n n nA 6. Larry Newsom 17. Don Swofford V 7i J?lfflra 1 Treasurer 18. Rusty Sitton ' 7. Clay Robbins 19. Eddie Sherrill President 20. Jerry Roberts 8. Steve Ruhl 21 . David Christenbury Historian 9. Thurman Willis 22. John Lawrence 23.DickLoeb Vice President 24. Danny Puntch 10. Cap Hendrix 25. Gordon Kay Secretary 26. Ronnie Joyce 161 I I ms 1. Jerry Hammond 2. Harold Hood 3. Larry Haulsee 4. Robert Taylor 5. Ken Gilleland 6. Steve Patterson 7. Skip Milton 8. Doug Whitley 9. Bucky Driggers 10. Roland Deloach 1 1 . John Lindgren 12. Dave Taylor 163 f ■ !» Doug Whitley SECRETARY Skip Milton SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Dave Taylor PRESIDENT Steve Patterson VICE PRESIDENT Greg Eckard TREASURER 164 Chi Phi BSmmmk 1 . Gerald Simpson lli 9. Mike Hewit (iS) 2. Ron Foster 10. JohiiDabbs Alpha Delta ( ' 3. Medhi Watanasir iroch 1 1 . Doug Kietzman y V 4. Roland Keistler 12. Dave Taylor Gamma 13. Jim Roberts 0?) ( J 5. Ed Wayson 14. Ben Basmger i ' r V V V s 6. Dan Warren 15. Charles Roberts ) 1 " 1 7. George Lloyd 16. Steve Boggs faV- Beta 8. Dave Austin 17. David Nye 165 ' RELTNEE ' i ' S Alpha Kappa Psi 1 . Everetl Walker 2. Ron Edwards 3. Morris Miller 4. Paul Parker 5. Ed Cannon 6. Jim Brower 7. Charles Kelly Secretary 8. Ernie Brower Vice President 9. Tony Basinger President 10. Ed Miller 1 1 . Tom Byarly Advisor 12. Tom Di.xon 13. Sam Carpenter 14. Bill G Winn 15. Wade Spears 16. Richard Woods 1 7. Gary Springer 18. Harold Broughton 19. Rod While 20. John Francis Treasurer 21 . Eric Jordan 22. Ralph Necly 23. Steve Fanes 24. Jerry Hammond 25. Walt Dunlap 168 Theta Psi 1 . Charlie Spriggs 2. John Grain 3. Joey Harwell 4. Steve Patterson 5 . Bob Wright 6. Larry Hyatt 7. Eric Hardison 8. Stan Patterson 9. Bob Bums 10. Steve Chandler 1 1 - Sam Ward 12. Mark Hardison 13. Eugene Wade OFFICERS Joey Howell VICE PRESIDHNT Bob Wright SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Mike Wade PRESIDENT John Cram TREASURER Steve Chandler SECRETARY Delta Phi Zeta 1. JoAnne Crilley 2. Rhonda Sherrill 3. Lynn Robinson Johanna Shehan Libby Kimball Celeste Buie Mary Lou Heffner Nancy Brady 9. Carolina Mann lO.Sonia Mizell 1 1 . Anna Fazui 12. Alma Wood 13. Karen Dorman 14. Nancy Little 15. Janice Evans 16. Neal McQueen s Beta Pi Alice Folgcr Gleriiia Daven port Sharyn SolDitioii Barbara Rockecharlie Vicki Caldwell Carol Solomon Brenda Swindle Marcia Ross Gloria Brown Susan Johnson Lynn Stavrakas Glenda Liles Becky Balentine Beth Tirnanus 172 Delta Delta 1 . Vicky Rowe 2. Lavera Fariiswortli 3. Julia Giiiburg 4. Melaiiic Wilsiin 5. Penny Anderson 6. Susie Bright 7. Catliy Johnson 8. Judy Swacker 9. Brenda Harlnian 10. Mary Anne Brown Sanskrit Humphrey Cumnungs - EDITOR; Ruth Sloane - BUSINESS MANAGER; Dean Duncan - ASSISTANT EDITOR Rod White BUSINESS MANAGER 176 Joe McCorkle - NEWS EDITOR Allan Boger - COPY EDITOR; Howard Pearre COLUMNIST Marcia Walker PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Marlene Whitely STAFF Mike McCulley - FEATURE EDITOR 177 CJlcndd thinks she did [he vvhole book! I know B, J. thinks she had the best ideas! ■ ■ »i ft -( ' - ' ■m But I know the TRUTH! ' Em Robert Wood Assistant Editor ■.. - ' ' SuiV 0 e ' •000?S ' " (- ona BioO ' " Ba ' .tba«r ' nU° " ' Comp „ - " -e-:; . . t e.: 179 Greg I-ckard " Chief Pholographcr " Please, if you will release Taylor, we won ' t include the Soul Phi Soul T.l.G.E.R. game. " ' Sony Dave, They said they ' d let you go. ' Dave Taylor - Sports Co-Editor " Just Hanging Around " Wyietta Knight - Staff Katrina Powell Staff Melanie Wilson - Staff " And then there was one . . . " Charles Bridges Sports Co-Editor " But Glenda. I didn ' t know ya ' ll didn ' t want a green cover! " Academics DIVISION OF BE HA VORIAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences is composed of the Departments of Geography and Geology, Health and Physical Education, Political Science. Psychology and Soci ology. Undergraduate majors are offered in geography, polit- ical science, sociology and psychology. One of the Division ' s urban-related efforts is the Internship program in Community Education and Service which provides students an opportunity for meaningful service in local metro- politan communities while learning about urban problems and prospects. In this service-learning program, the student earns a stipend and academic credit for a twelve-week summer inter- nship and seminar. Faculty are involved in a number of research and public service projects such as the Robert A. Taft Institute in poHtical service. Cooperative School Science Program on Earth Science in geography and research in panic behavior in psychology. Dr. Norman W. Schul DIVISION OF EDUCA TION Teacher education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is conceived as a cooperative enterprise of the entire faculty. The Division of Education, within the framework of the liberal arts and science curriculum, offers programs for the professional preparation of teachers for early childhood, elementary, and secondary eUucalinii Emphasis is given to the developmenl and analysis of experiences which liberate, freeing the capacity to learn; the tcachcr-lcarncr rel ationship; factors of meaning, values, and self-concepts which cause behavior experiences which provide opportunities lor person to person relationships; and lo e. per ences in various school-communily sellings which provide opportunities for the develop iTient of competencies necessary for sell- analysis, value judgments, choices, evaluation and behavioral change. Dr John B ( hasc 182 aj B Dr. Philip E. Hildreth DIVISIOyOF MA THEM A TICS AND NATURAL SCIENCE The Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers the Bach- elor of Arts degree in Physics and both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Biol- ogy. Chemistry, and Mathematics. The Department of Physics e.xpects to offer the Bachelor of Science degree within the next few years. The department of Mathematics was the first of the departments to become involved in graduate work (.Master of Arts in Education) and hopes to initiate the Master of Arts in Mathematics degree in the 1971-73 biennium. It is also antici- pated that the Biology and Chem- istry Departments will begin their graduate programs in the near future. DI y I SI ON OF H UMA NI TIES A ND FINE ARTS The Division of Humanities con- sists of the Departments of English, Fine Arts. Foreign Languages, His- tory, and Philosophy and Religion. The Humanities orientation of the disciplines seeks to acquaint the student with man ' s assessment of Itimself within the universe as mani- fested through ideas in languages and literature and the arts. Through providing opportunities tor voca- tional pursuit, the departments witlun the Humanities Division seek to help a student to become more sensitive to the human condition regardless of his vocational intent. Graduate programs have begun in English and History. Some e.xperi- mentation in interdisciplinary work takes place. Dr. William S. Mathis 183 Dr. N. H. Barnette DIVISION OF ENGINEERING The Division of Engineering, through an elective structure in its curriculum provides students an op- portunity to design a study program in liberal engi- neering. The goal is to produce a liberally educated student with full awareness and involvement in cur- rent social problems and issues, while he becomes well grounded in the engineering methods and tech- nical knowledge wliich will enable him to contribute to the solutions of these problems. An integrated five-year curriculum is planned leading to the Master of Professional Engineering Degree. A program of two years study built upon the technical institute pro- grams of the state is already underway. This leads to a new degree, the Bachelor of Engineering Technology. DI VISION OF NURSING The graduates of 1 70 will be " special " because they will be the lirst to wear the " Nurse ' s Pin " that the students have so carefully designed. Since 1965, the population of the Division of Nursing has in- creased from seven students and one nurse faculty to 130 full-time students and seven faculty. Because nurses share in the miracles of preventive and curative medicine and have their unique func- tions to perform, the instruction must be patient-side and teacher-student relationships are different from the usual patterns. While the learning experiences in the hospital and public health agency are the very heart of the nursing major, the students are also involved in course work and extracurricular activities on the campus. Mrs. Edith Brocker DIVISION OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION l)r Allen Van Palmer Division Chairman 184 185 f 4 SENIORS AND UNDERCLASSMEN Row 1 Aberiiathy, Joseph D. Electrical Engineering Adams, Robert W. Political Science Aiken, Linda D. History Almond, David D., Jr. Political Science Row 4 Amos, Mary S. Biology Anderson, Carol S. History Row 6 Barden, David E. Business Administration Basinger, Dianne M, Music Basinger, Tony Business Administration Row 2 Alderman. Jane H. Anthony, Catherine D. Nursing Baucom, Willie M. Art English Row 5 Row? Aldridge, Sandra K, Arrington, Evelyn B, Beall. Rose A. English Alexander. Kenneth D. English Asbury, Barbara L. English Bridges. Barry B. Math History Malh Baker, Marion R. Blackwelder. Rebecca B. Row 3 English History Alexander, Richard L. Ball. Wanda A. Stallings. Margaret A. Busines.s Administration Math History Alexander. Sydnor E, Psychology w c .f 9 1 P p 1 r Jl f:;! ' • " w f .Ik Ib H ' ti @ €5 Row 1 Crain, Joltn W. Dabbs.John.M. Deal, Vance R., Jr. Bennett. William W.. Jr. Biology Business Administration Mech. Engineering English Dale,WynelleC. Delany, Martha L. Berry, Barbara E. Row 2 EngUsh Biology 1 History Brafford.Gwenette G. Davidson, Joseph S. Delhnger. Dixie G. Black, Leonard H. English Brown. Charles A. Business Administration English Accounting Row 3 Di.xon. Mary E. Blackwood, Angela M. Business .Administration Byrd, Terry J. Nursing Accounting Brown, Roberta L. Political Science Bobbitt, Carolyn A. English CaldweU, Bruce F. Row 4 English Burlson, Julius F. Mech. Engineering Carriker, Neil E. Row 5 Chemistry Butler. Elizabeth L. Campbell. Ronnie R. Mech. Engineering Chemistry Clement, Anna L. Conley, Charles F. English Cannon, Edward H. English Political Science Accounting Caraway, Kenneth R. Coggin, Thomas D. Cook, Garland 0. Pohtical Science i Business Administration Row 6 Electrical Engineering Coggins, Lonnie D. Cory, James R. Croom, Thomas H. Math Biology Political Science Row? ColUns, Melissa M. Covington, William V., Jr. Cureton, Pearlie M. Davis. Abbie G. History Economics History Biology 187 n h Row I Dixon, W.T. Economics Dobbins, Russell D. Business Administration Donahue, Peter D. History Driggers, Charles A., Jr. Mech. Engineering Driver, Steven B. Business .Adininistration Row 2 Echeverria, Edward Psychology Elam, Sandra A. English Ellis, Lanny G. Nursing Eudy, Terry G. Math Francis. John B. Economics Row 3 Frederick, Nancy B. English Furr, Sandra K. English Gaddis. Homer W., Jr. History Gathings, Susan L. French Gibson, Anita S. English Row 4 Gilleland, Kenneth E. Engineering Green, Darlene L. English Greene, Diannc J. English Greene, Wayne Biology HalKPhihpL. Math Row 5 Hammond, Jerry W. Economics Hannifin, James P. Political Science Harmon, Thomas E. Physics Harris, Mary J. Math Harris, John D. Political Science Row 6 Hatley, Donald E. Electrical Engineering llensley, Shirley L. English Hess, Danny J. Math Hicks, Ann M. English Hicks, Beatrice L. Nursing Row? Hightower, John P., Jr. Business Administration Hill, James E, Jr. Biology Hmes, Daryle C. Psychology Hinson, Karen L. Psychology Hoellick, Larry C. Accounting ■ .1 Row 1 Hoffman, Barbara Nursing Home, Robert T. Math Ingram, Bonnie K. Math Ingram. Manlou G. English Imes. Kenneth E. Business Administration Row 2 Jeske, Arthur H. Biology Jones, Joyce G. Math Karriker, Dave B. Mech. Engineering Kepley, Betty L. Sociology Kimball. Catharine E. Psychology Row 3 Lau, Kwan-Pang Electrical Engineering Leftwich. Emily C. English Linker. Howard A., Jr. History Lineberger. Thomas H. Math Long, Daniel A. Electrical Engineering Row 4 Long, Winthrop A.. Jr. Nursing Lynch, William L.. Jr. Chemistry MacClamrock. Ellen E. History Mann, Margaret C. English Martin, Shirley W. English Row 5 Matthews. Daniel G. History Maus. John M. Business Administration McCorkle.Joe H, Jr. Geography McGill. Nancy T. English Mclntyre, William C. Math Row 6 McLaughhn, Evelan A. Nursing McLuen. Ronald B. Biology McQuay. Rebecca S. Nursing McQueen, Phyllis A. English Miller, George K. History Row 7 Miller. Lloyd C. Art Miller. Ron C. Business Administration Milton, William D. Mech. Engineering Moore, John N. Pohtical Science Moore, Gloria D. History feri fZTf l 1 1 ; -:- ■• i % Wr 1 £ Row 1 Moose, Genua C. Biology Moose, Vicki L. l:nglisli Morgan, Blayrie W. Eleclrical Engineering Morrison. Kenneth B. Business Administralion Morrison, Norma L. Sociology Row 2 Murdock, Dennis W. Eleclrical Engineering Muscat, Charles M. Math Newsom, Larry W. Economics O ' Dell. Anita M. Parks. Margaret L. Biology Row 3 Patterson, Stephen A. Sociology Polk.Blainc J, Jr. Electrical Engineering Polyzos, Olga French Ramsenr, Lorct L., Jr. Business Administration Rankin, Danny T. Psychology Row 4 Rash, Nancy A. Psychology Reel. John S. Chemistry Reger. Francis H, Business Administration Reid, Sally A, Nursing Reynolds. Sandra P. History Row.S Rohbins, William C. Business Administration Roberts, James B, III Business Administration Rogers, Ronald W Math Russell. Thomas J. Business Administration Russell. Ronald E. Math Row 6 Sansing. Nancy L, English Sasser, Eugene F. Spanish Scartozzi Nancy A. English Schiller, Cecilia G. Business Administration Seism, Ada R. Biology Row? Scott. Sylvia A. Sociology Seat ' ord. Danny C. Business Administration Scrrett. Linda C. History Shaw. Bilue B Business Adminislration Slioun. Itlizabeth A. Sociology 190 .1 Row 1 Stocks. Lester V. Turner. Gail L. Sifford. John R. Accounting History Math Turpin. James E. Singleton, Martha F. Row 3 History Nursing Stone. Sara J. Underwood, Eric S. Smith, Linda D. English English English Stonestreet. O.C, III Row 5 Smith, Roy F. History Ussery. Nancy J. Psychology Sui. .Alfredo Economics Speer. Robert 0. Chemistry Vanderburg. Michael L. History Teem, Paul L.. Jr. Business Administration History Wade, Michael E. Row 2 Thomas. Mary D. Math Spencer. Susan M. Math Washam. Nancy G. Psychology- English Spencer. William H Welch. Robert A. Sociology Row 4 Chemistry Stephens. Kenneth M. Thomas. Melvin D. Accounting Sociology Row 6 Stewart. Felton N. Thorne, Lewis G. Wentz. Alan M. Philosophy Civil Engineering English West. Jettrey F. Business Administration White. WillaD. Business .Administration Wilkins. Claude W. Electrical Engineering Wilson, Joseph D. Math Row 7 Wood. Robert D. English Yates. Reginald L. Business Administration Yaude. Judith A. Nursing Dudley, James E. Psychology Millsapps. Danny M. Business Administration c f p Ashley. Mark S.. 3 Atkinson. Anthony A. Atwell. Jay A,. 1 Auerbach. Lileen, 2 Austin. Margaret B Autry. David W., 2 Autry. Hajold B., 2 Badger. Rebecca J,, 2 Bagby. Mary C . 2 Baggarly. Ricky E., 1 balentinc. Nancy R., 3 Ballard, Rebecca. 1 Barbee. Wanda K.. 2 Barden. (Jail C. 2 Barnhardt. Belva II.. 3 Bartholomew, Richard C, Basinger, Jerold B.. 3 Bass, Joseph B.. 2 Beatty. Linda J.. I Bcaly, Samuel R.. 2 Beckham. Garry L., 3 Belk, William C, 1 Benfield, Patricia A., 3 Benner, llalT., 3 Abram. Constance I.. 3 Achumba. Obinna, 3 Adams. (Tharles E.. 3 Adams. Cynthia, 1 Alberto. Janice, 1 Alcala. Roberto, 1 Aldridge, Michael A., 3 Allen, Brian, 1 Allen. Karen M., 3 Allen, .Mehnda R.. 1 Allen. Nancy E., 2 AUen, RusseU N., 1 Allen. Sarah L.. 2 Alhson.SaUy A.. I Allison. Genora D.. 2 Alhed. Susan G., 3 Almond. Merle E.. 1 Alsop, James R.. 3 Anderson. Penelope J,. 1 Andrews. Denver R.. 3 Andrews, Jeffrey I ' ., 3 Anms. Gary C. 1 Arrowood. Michael G.. 1 Arrowood. Patricia 1-.. 3 h ) 192 Benson. Thelma. 1 Best. Barbara A.. 2 Bingham, Michael L.. 2 Bishop. Lola T.. 3 Blackburn. Coy A.. 2 Blackwelder, Edna K.. 1 Black welder. Jerry V.. 2 Blackwelder. Larry A., 1 Blanton. Larry S., 2 Bledsoe. Phyllis A.. 1 Blevins. Jerry W.. 3 Biey. Richard H., 3 Boaz. Charlinha A., 2 Boerman, Penny L.. 1 Boggs. John S.. 1 Bordsen, David R.. 1 Host. Brenda R., 1 Best, James S., 1 Bowers. Rebecca L.. 1 Bowling. Brenda D,. 3 BowUng. Glenda D.. 2 Bowman. Joann D., 3 Bracey, Joseph O.. 3 Brady, Nancy L.. 2 € t i k a f £ • w : i Bragg, Steven W.. 2 Bridges. Alice M., 1 Bridges. Charles R.. 1 Bridges. WiUiam D.. 3 Bright. Susan E., I Brishois. Suzanne S.. 3 Broadwell. Barry W., 1 Brooks. Betsy C. 2 Brooks, Robert D.. 1 Brooks. Susanne E.. 3 Brown, Amy W.. 3 Brown. Ehzabeth A.. 2 Brown, Gloria C. 3 Brown. Latlie H., 1 Brown. Ronald C, 3 Bryson. Ratherine i.. 1 Buchanan. Stephen G.. Buie, Mary C. 1 Bulla, Joyce M.. 1 Bunce. Paul A.. 2 Bussard. .Melanie S.. 3 Burgess. Darlene A-. 1 Burgess, Dorothy E., 1 Butler, Linda D.. 1 193 f J ' ■I ® V7 Byeri. Benjamin A., 1 Caldwell. Victoria L.. 3 Campbell, Katliryn A. 2 Carpenter, Ronald J., 2 Carpenter. Sam S., 2 Carrigan. Jane K., 3 Carriker, Rena K., 3 Carver, Cecil W.. 2 Cathey. James D., 3 Clianey. James K., I Cheek, Judy D., 2 Cliristenbury, David V., 3 Cilento. Larry E., 3 Clark, Gloria J.. 3 Clark, Stephen D., I Clemmer, John G., Jr.. 3 Cline, Sherry D., 3 Cloninger, Linda J.. 1 Cocliran, Roy S., 3 Cochran, Sarah K., 3 Cockrell, Johnny R., 3 Coggin, Woody, 1 Collie, Janice, 3 Collins, Mavis C, 3 Combs, Charles H., 1 Conley, Dorothy K., 2 Connell. Jesse M., Jr., 2 Conway, Patricia A., 2 Cook, Dale .M.. I Cooke, Judy K.. 1 Cooper, Alfred M,, 3 Cooper, Linda S., I Correll, Robert J., I Costner, Larry A., 2 Covington, Conald R., I Cowan, tlaine, 2 Cox, Ralph J.. I Coyic. Brenda, I Craig, I- ranees I., I Crawford, Donna A.. 2 Crawford, Michele l... 1 Crews, Michael R.. I Crilly, Jo Anne, 2 Crowe, Carolyn D.. 2 Cunningham, James P., Jr., I Cuthbertson. James O., 2 Dae, Norris, 2 Dahl. Seotl D.. 2 194 Damron, Mary J.. 1 Davenport. Glenna K., 2 Davis. Carl W., 1 Davis. Gayle F.. 3 Davis. Janette M., 3 Davis, Michael R., 1 Davis, Russell. 1 Dawson, Jerry A.. 3 Deas. Bonita J., 1 Derby, Harry L.. Ill, 2 Dodgen, Nancy D., 1 Donohoe, Kathleen, 1 Dooley. Christopher J., 2 Dorman. Karen J., 1 Douglas, Eleanora M.. 1 Downer, Gary V., 1 Driggers, Pamela B.. 3 Drye, Michael W.. 1 Early. Patrick A.. 2 Earnhardt, John R.. 2 Eckard, Randy L., 1 Edwards, Darrell K., 3 Edwards, Grace C, 3 Edwards, Philip M., 1 Efird. Judy V., 2 EUis. Barbara E., 1 Ellison, David E., 3 Emmons, Harriet E., I Eury, Robert J.. U. 1 Evans, Janice L., 1 Evans. Mary K.. 1 Fasul. Anna S.. 3 Ferguson. Janice A., 3 Finley, Jacqueline M.. 1 Fisher, Michael L.. 2 Fleenor. Charles W., 2 FonviUe. Sarah F.. 3 Fox. Peggy Ann, 1 Frahm, Victoria M., 2 French, Cynthia L.. 3 Frias. William E, 3 Fulbnght. Martha A.. 1 Gallant, Paula J.. 2 Garland, Behnda G., 1 Gardner. Darnel G., 2 Ganison, Jay W.. 1 Gayle, James A., 3 Giles, Florence J., 1 A IL £ B ff (f r ( " tk dh M 195 ' w a Golorth, Raney L., 2 Coins. John J.. 3 Goodman, Janet L,. 1 Goodnlglit. Gary U.. 3 Graham, Bertrand S,, 1 Graham. Susan K-, 2 Grau, Roberl S., 1 Gray, David Z., 3 Grayson. Bruce W.. 2 Greene. Ahce C. 2 Greene. Gary L-, 1 Greene, Marilyn, 3 Greene, Paul W., 1 Griffin. Henry D.. 1 Griffin. Pamela Y.. I Gnffilh, LiUian H., 3 Griggs, Robby E., 2 Gross. Lonnie R., 3 Guffy, Richard A., I Guliey, Russell J., 3 Guy, Barry, 2 Guy, Margaret M., 1 Hale, Pamela T., 3 Hah, Ronald L., 3 Hamilton, George P., 3 Hamm, .Martha J., I Hamrick, John S., I Hanks. Linda G.. 3 Harbin. Joan P.. 2 Hardison. Eric T., I Hardison, Joseph M-, 2 Hancock, Patricia D.. 3 Harkey, Billic Jo, I Harmon, .Margaret L., 2 Harrell, Ronald A., 3 Harris, Bruce C. 2 Harris, Mary V,, 3 Harkin, James A,. 2 Hartis, Casper G.. 2 Han, Benita D.. 2 Hartman. Brcnda A.. I Harlon. Linwood -M., Jr., 2 Harwell. John M.. 2 Harwell. Sandy. 1 Hatley. Anne E,, 3 Hatlcy, Vickie L., 1 Haubenreiscr, ,Margarct A . Hayes. Carol C„ 3 Heffner, Mary L., 3 Henderson, William P., 3 Henry, Doris D., 1 Hensley, Jerry R., 3 Herman, Marsha G.. 2 Hewitt. Robert V.. 1 Hickock, Alan P., 3 High, Bobby D., 3 Hildreth, Ralph F., 3 HiU, AnnT., 3 Hill. Elizabeth E., 3 Hinson,Pat L.. 2 Hinson, Victoria A., 1 Hobbs, Clarence W., Ill, 3 Hogue, Brenda A.. 1 Holland, Shawn J.. 1 Holland, Toussaint, 2 Holbrooks, Phoebe D., 1 Holmes. Jerry M.. 3 Holzel. Bobbi S., 1 Hood, James W., 3 Hood, Mattie, 1 Hood, William H.. 2 Hopkins, Lois E.. 1 © ft A 1 Hoppe, Robert R.. 1 Horton. Ruth L.. 1 Horton, Stephen M.. 2 Howard. Lana K.. 2 Howell. Donna, 1 Howell, Mary C, 1 Howe. Eileen P.. 1 Howes. Ginger O.. 1 Hughes. Dubba K., 1 Hughes, Gayle M., 2 Huneycutt. Neesie, 1 Hunicke. William E., 3 Hunt, Tony L., 1 Hutchinson, Patricia E., I Hutton, James R., 1 Jacobs. Laura F., 2 Jackson. Jackie L.. 1 James, Kathy L.. 1 Jameson, Mary F., 3 Jarrett, Gloria D., 3 Jetton. David H., 1 Johnson. Donna. 2 Johnson, Gwendolyn V., 2 Johnson, Marcia, 1 197 if im n li.e ?9J ft Johnson, Susan E.. 2 Johnson, U ' llton C. 1 Johnslon. Gilbert L., Jr., 3 JoUey. Carols. 2 Jones. David H.. 3 Jones, David P . 2 Jones. Deborali. 3 Jones. John M.. 1 Jones. Michael P.. 3 Jones. Randy P.. I Jordan. David A.. 2 Jordan. Donnie B.. 2 Jordan. James B.. 3 Jordan. Janet 1 . 3 Joyce. Ronald A.. 3 Jung, James, 2 Justice. Kenneth L,. 3 Kaemmerlen, Cathy J.. 3 Keever. Rita. 1 Kekulah. Neing E.. 1 Keller. Mary E., 2 KcUey. Harold N., 2 Kelly. Katliryn J., 2 Kendrick, Allen M., 1 Kennedy. Jean L,. 3 Kepley. Herman B.. 2 Killiun. James H.. 1 Killough, Ney G.. 1 Kllpatrick, Jane M., 1 Kindley. Theron Q.. 1 King. John U,, III, 3 Klser, Darrellyn R , 2 Kivctte. Dcbra L.. 1 Koontz. Geraldine P.. 3 Knight. WyiettaG,, 1 Lambert, Joyce E., 2 Lands, Vernon D., 1 Lane. .Marsha G-, 1 Laney, I loyd R,, Jr., 1 Lanklord. Wanda L,, 1 Lark, Robert L., 2 Lavalle, Joseph W,, 3 Lay, Ronald D.. 2 Leary, Tamcia A., 1 Ledlord, Matilda L., 2 l-cc, Connie S-. 3 Lee, Richard V,, 1 Lee, Sherry D., 1 Levevers. Lizabeth L., Lewis. Carol A.. 3 Lewis. Sandra F, 2 LevMS. Terrv J.. 1 Liles. Glenda L., 3 Liner. Alfred L.. 1 Link. Karen J.. 1 Link. Kenneth Hugh. 3 Linker. Jill Y.. 3 Little. Josie E.. 3 Little. Nancy E.. 2 Livingston. Jerry U .. 2 Locke. Michael G.. 1 Loeb. Richard W., 1 Lorenz, David W.. 3 Lovin. Cathey N.. 3 Lewder. John L.. 2 Lowder. Nancy A.. 3 McBane. Lawrence K.. 3 McCarthy. Joanne M.. 2 McCasland. Mailin C-. 2 McConnell. Vickie J.. 1 McCoy. Connie NL. 2 McCoy. Sandra J,. 1 McCurry. Carolyn J. 2 McDowell. Deborah R.. 1 McFariand. Dairyl D., 1 McGUl. William L.. 2 McGregor. Elizabeth S.. I McGriff, Sammie L., 3 McLendon. Martha S-. 1 McRae. Jack A.. 2 McQueen, Mary N.. 3 MacGregor. Martha E., 2 Mahaffey. Roger C. 2 Marsh. David M., 3 Marshall, Ronald K.. I Marshall, Larry A.. 1 Masalonis. Kathleen G.. 1 Matthews. Thomas R . Jr . 3 Mauney, William T., 3 Maus, Carl C. 3 Mayer, Barbara L,. 3 Medhn. Shirley Rhea, 3 Melchor, Carla R., 2 Melton. Michael D., 2 Meyer. Paula A-, 2 Michner. Elizabeth K.. 1 199 Nelson, Kart-n i.. I Ncsbil. Susan S.. I Newell. Tcrrl S.. 2 Nixon. Norma J.. 2 Norberg. Jack A . 1 Norton, Richard J., i Norvillc. Laura II . 3 Novobilski. Joseph ,. 3 O ' Connor, John 1., I O ' Daniel. Vernon I:., 1 (ri)cll, .athy M.. 1 Oeland. John L.. 2 Osborne. Deborah C Osborne. Vikki J.. 3 Owcnsby. Joseph I . Paden. Robert L . i Padgett. Joy V.. 3 Parker. Paul I-.. 3 Mickle. Cynlhia L.. 3 Miekle. Joan.M.. 3 Miller. Karen E. Miller, Kenneth V. .Miller. Larry I. 3 Miller. Morris L Milhs. Lddie R. 3 Mills. .MeriUyn A., 1 Millsapps. Jan L., 2 ,Mizell, Soma A , 3 Morgan. Bruce W., 3 Morgan. Patricia A . 1 Morgan. Sandra K.. 1 .Morin. Randall S.. 3 Moore. Gary L.. 1 .Morns. Jennifer C. 2 Morris. Marlene E.. 1 Morns. Trena K,. 2 Moser. Deborah A.. 1 .Mount. Gay D.. 1 Muckenluss. .Mary S.. 1 MuUins. Brian. 1 -Mullis. Larry ,M.. 1 Mullis. .Melanie H.. 3 200 Paiker. MitcheU L.. 2 Parsons. Richard R.. 2 Patterson. .Man K.. 1 Peace. .Mpha M. 2 Peane. Howard L-. 3 Pearson. Devera R.. 3 Penninger. Jean F.. 2 Pettit. Pamela G-. 2 Philbeck. Linda S,. 3 Phillips. David W .. 2 Phillips. Linda S.. 1 Phipps. Pamela, 1 Pickett. Marva A., 2 Pierce. NorriS S.. 3 Pierce. Teresa L.. 1 Pierce. Walter T.. 2 Piatt. Lmda R.. 1 Plonk. Barbara A.. 3 Polk. Elizabeth A.. 1 Poovey, Ray S.. 1 Poteat. Thomas E.. 2 Powell. Marolyn K.. 1 Presley. Betty D.. 3 Presson. Karen L., 1 W ' W a oij ♦• i 1 Price. Alan F.. 1 Price, Jakie L.. 2 Psilopoulosl. -Maria G.. 1 Puckett. Nancy S.. 1 Rahn. WiUiam R., 1 Raley, Donna J., 3 Ramseur. Margaret D,, 2 Rankm, Darnel T.. 3 Rankm, Gerald D., 3 Ranson, William E-, 1 Rice. Steven M., 1 Ritchie, Gerrv E-, 1 201 Roberson, Peggy Jo, 1 Roberts, Charles E., 1 Roberts, Juanita .A., 1 Robinson, Ben M , 1 Robmson. Judy L.. 3 RockecharUe, Barbara, 3 Rogers, Kathryn E., 1 Rogers, Pamela, 2 Ross, Maicia J., 3 Ross, Stan J.. 1 Rowe, Vicky M., 1 Rutledge. Dennis M., 1 1 1 1 f f £i f A flM£ I Sullz. Harold C. 1 Sanders. David B., 1 Sapp. Mary L., 2 Saunders. Janice K.. 1 Scoggin, Dale V., I Scotl. Amanda M.. 2 Scolty, Garrett L.. 2 Scruggs. LiUianC, 3 Seabolt, Ronald W.. 2 Seaniaster, Larry G.. 1 Searcy, Rhonda L.. I Sellers. Kenneth R.. 3 Sevic. Sybil G., 3 Shaver. Jack R.. 1 Shaver. Wilham G,, 3 Shaver. Donald C. 2 Shelian. Johanna i-.. 3 Shepard. John D.. 1 Sherrill. Rhonda L.. 1 Sherrill. Dana N., I Sherrill. Edward W., 3 Shinn. Jerry V., 2 Shoemaker. Boyce K.. I Shook. Sharon t.. I Short, Thomas E., 1 Shrum. Linda S.. 2 Sibal. Shiva. 3 Sides. Cynthua A.. 1 Sigmon. Charlie E.. 3 Siler. Gary G,. 1 Sills. Steve. 1 Simpson, Martha L., I Simpson. Benton G.. 2 Singleton, Spencer, 2 Skecn, Muriel E.. I Slaughter, Rebecca J.. I Smith. Barbara J.. 3 Smith. Jack M.. 2 Smith. Melanie A.. 1 Smith. Ronald L,. 3 Smith. Ted D., 2 Snider. Susan E.. I Solomon. Carol I-;.. 2 Somerall. Susan K.. 1 Sowers. Dennis C.. I Sowers. 1-rank C, 1 Speights. Terry S.. 2 Spencer, Bennie L.. Jr.. 3 302 ' mmi gmmm ' mmwm Spivey, Debra G., 2 Splawn, Betsy A.. 1 Stalvey. Linda K., 3 Starr. Paula J.. 2 Stavrakas. Lynn, 3 Stevens. Jacqueline E., 1 Stewart. Donna L., 3 Stirewalt. Nathan B.. 1 Stone, Edward, 3 Stone. Jacklyn L.. 2 Stone. Linda S.. 3 Stowe. Richard W., 3 Sutton, Susan L.. 2 Swacker. Judy E., 1 Swann, Ronald S.. 3 Swenson, Bernard W., Jr., Swicegood, Joyce F., 3 Swindle. Brenda K., 3 Swofford. Donald J., 2 Tacks. Lawrence C, 1 Taylor. Daphne L.. 3 Mr. Mrs. Taylor ' s son. Dave. 3 Taylor. Frank L.. 2 Taylor, Robert M., 2 Taylor. Wayne E.. 3 Teague. Rhonda K.. 1 Teague, Wanda D.. 3 Teal, Cindy J.. 2 Tedder. Janice L.. 1 Thomas. Beverly A.. 2 Thomas. Bruce. 3 Thomas. Clyde S., 2 Thomas. Janice E., 3 Thomas, Lanna M., 3 Thomas. Pamela S.. 3 Thomas, Susan G.. 2 Thompson. Angela D., 1 Thompson. Wanda W., 2 Threatte, Joseph E., 3 Timanus. Mary E.. 2 Tompkins, Lucia A.. 1 Towery, John W., 1 Trivette, Donald L., 3 Troutman, Lee E., 2 Turner. Terry J.. 3 Van Bergen. Anna E., ; Vann, Laurie J., 2 Vaughan. Dianne. 3 1£ M. i aO i SL 203 Vejch, Judy G., I Vickcry, Wanda S., 1 Vickery. Michael D., 3 Villalon, Ana M., 1 Walker. Marcia R . 2 Wallach, Charles B.. 1 Wallwork. Catherine L.. Walsh, Kathleen L.. 1 Walters. Linda E.. 3 Walton. Joseph L.. 3 Ward, Kit. 3 Ward. Kathy P.. 2 Warner. Pamela A.. 3 Watanasu-iraeh. . ledhi C. Wayson. tdward O.. 2 Weaver. Karen t.. 1 Wcstberg. Jcraldine. 3 Westbrook. Arlene. 3 White. Bessie L.. 3 White, John E.. 111. 1 White. Robert B.. 2 Whitley. .Marlene, 2 Whitley, Robert D., 2 Wike, Rebecca M., 1 Wilco, . Kathie A., 1 Williams. Christina D.. Williams. Craig R.. 3 Williams. Diane L.. 1 Williams. Frank R., 2 Williams, Gary L., 2 Williams, .Mary it.. 1 Williams. Peter C. 1 Willis. Katherine E.. 1 Willis. Thurman L.. 3 Wilson, Arthur H.. 3 Wilson, Ferolene R.. 3 Wilson. Lonnie R.. 3 Wilson, .Melanie .M.. 1 Wilson. Nancy L.. 2 Wilson. Roscanne E.. 3 Witherspoon. .Mary A.. 1 Witherspoon. Gary W,, 1 Witncr, Diane E., 1 Wolfe, Thomas A., 2 Wood, Alma L., 3 Woods, Richard E., 3 Worrell. Donald V.. Jr.. 3 Wray, John 11. Jr.. 2 4 204 The Portraits in This Yearbook Were Made By SMITH STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS Official Portrait Photographers For the Rogues ' N Rascals Any Type Pictures May Be Ordered From Us As We Keep The Negatives In Our Files 14 E. Hargett Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27602 205 PepsTVJnPeps ' t HALF- QIART JU UUI Pepsj Compliments of HARRY WHITE PLUMBING CO. 1921 Remount Rd. ■ Charlotte, N.C, 28208 375-8962 " White Does it Right " HERLOCKERS PARK DRIVE-IN All UNC-C Students Come To See Us Try Our Herlocker Burger Located 1 1 2 Miles Behind UNC-C On Highway 29 . ' 4 . - ' ¥ 1 ■t 206 tsrtmiamriimr ' maitM LOWENBRAU CAROLINA WHOLESALE PARKSIDE DRIVE CHARLOTTE, N. C. 207 SERVOMATION UNITED SELECT FOODS, INC. 5041 Bellhaveri Boulevard CaroUnds Largest Dealer a pc Tr r 531 E. TRADE ST. • EDison 2-3131 Opposite the Courthouse Chevrolet Headquarters Since 1925 , Uj f 29 %n ' A PHONE 596-4736 5900 NORTH TRVON STREET CHARLOTTE. N. C. 28213 Home of UNC-C Bowling Team UNC-C Students Invited To Come And Bowl Year Round Sport Bring Your Date Compliments ot COLLINS DEPARTMENT STORES l-iccdoin Village Colswold Trvon Mall 208 CUNNINGHAM WHOLESALE CO., INC. 901 Berryhill Road Charlotte. North Carolina 28201 392-8371 209 M GUS ' S ORIGINAL FORTYNINER University City Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina Phone 596-0256 vvricDMi rxcT Reddy To Rock Reddy Kilowatt never misses a party. In fact, with- out him, things would be pretry dull. Think of ih no ste- reos, televisions, electric guitars or ice cubes. Thanks to Reddy there are over 160 flameless elec- tric servants thot make modern living comfortable, economical and fun. When you have a home of your own, there will probably be even more than that. m ss 0] ,® 4 265 ' ' HERRIN BROTHERS COAL ICE CO. FUE on 332-2193 or 332-6963 315 E. 26th Street Charlotte, N.C. L KEROSENE BUILDING SLiPPl JES MONTALDO ' S- Huai[iaT ' " " ' ' ' ijiiaij BaByFg!giiUMlUiyiwuiifti ' iiiiiju g 211 ■ ' " ■■ ■ R ' K FAUL CRYMES INC. Sporting Goods Downtown 409 S. Tr on Freedom Village- Collins Dept. Store Cotswold Collins Dept. Store McEWEN FUNERAL HOME EAST MOREHEAD STREET CHARLOTTEE, N. C. IVORTH CAROLiIMA IVATIOIVAL BAIVK Call On Us For All Your Banking NeecJs 212 THE ORIENTAL RESTAURANT 2100 East Independence Boulevard Charlotte. North Carolina Phone 332-2238 213 A Compliments of WALTON SHANKLIN SHAN KLIN ASSOC I A TED CONTRACTORS JNC. Compliments of THECELLAR 300 East Morehead Charlotte, Noilli Carolina Compliments of MITCHELL ' S TUXEDO RENTALS, INC. 1434 South Boulevard i ' -HS East Independence Boulevard Charlotte. N.C. Compliments of the MANGER MOTOR INN 631 North Tryon Street Charlotte, North Carolina Phone 332-3121 THE LEANING TOWER OF,,,? 215 Compliments of the Seivmg UNCC 5100 Ncir til Tryon Cluirlottc. Nciilli Curoliiiu Phone 596-9985 1L J J? I 216 we have used pictures rather than words to reminisce the year, for your own words reproduce your memories far better than ours. smcerely. barbara jean smith editor ¥ cover by: anthony barry miller f iPSI He • fl ,r s l!Jl5ii« UiO t|LH«i: n MH Mn m ti «H3jr ■ r- ' fy. ,T • n Hy|x :-? H Ht S

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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