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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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KUMMmglMim»MBIMMMMMMMMMl |j|| »ini«niffl« |l|||Bg| ■ Existence is a personal quality — a state of being in itself that is somehow different for each of us. We all travel in separate spheres — in worlds of our own. As we go freely along our different ways. we realize through our dealings with others that we are merely parts of a greater whole. So it is here at the university. We are part of the institution known as UNC-Charlotte which is itself only part of something greater. To someone other than ourselves, our existence here is negligible. We are told that we are important as integral parts of the whole. But are we really essential? Probably not. Each of us is a part of this system called a university — a system that is designed to operate regardless of the presence or absence of one of its integral parts. There is nothing essential about any one of us other than a name and a computer number. Collectively, we are important to this university which is " for the students. " Individually. we ' re not really noticed. I lf u. The question now brought to mind is why are we here? What are we looking for? Since we value ourselves more than anyone else values us, why not simply withdraw into our own private world? Indeed, this would be easy to do. We are all wrapped up in our own daily activities — eating, sleeping. going places, doing things. But somehow this is not enough. This is not the answer. This will not work. Apathy and passive indifference fail miserably when we admit that we care about doing a good job of this business called Uving — about really finding the ultimate truths of life. We continuously seek out those people and those things which are most important to us. To the people here, what matters the most? Where do we find the answers we are searching for? Everyone tries to answer questions such as these in his own way. Some may find what they are looking for in just one other person. Others find what they are looking for through relationships with others. or through different forms of recreation —such as games — sports — hobbies. For some the answer can be found in something as simple as beauty. J -nri ' % ii Jf STOMP WE M ' i 1 X M i { L b 27 DICK BRUONHS fORO j ' ,,S-«( .!• ' -»:!■■. yj is . • ;■•■■ ■ -A ..■: rftS« ' ' »„„ ■ ' .?N ' ifc :ii ' ' . 1 t i: Ml, m - ri Xi-,. ' . »w.i k itfrv, " A- :f e? ' ; ' ? € Beauty — in manycliffereni forms. 1 «• I- ss I •- ' i-r-.A. iilJlBi II i 1 j m ' . ■Ji: To some of us here at the university, the educational process provides answers to many of our questions. 12 These people can content themselves with searching the thoughts of wiser men to find what they are seeking. Others, however. must actively participate in something — anything — to find any meaning in hfe. They are compelled by some urgent drive to join a cause or to start a movement. 13 COHHEHTipj f Involvement can go even further. Soon it can develop into concern - a genuine concern for others. These people are the ones that become the leaders. In the interest of others and in their attempts to make significant changes come about, they try to provide some of the answers to life ' s questions. Many times they are misunderstood or else not heard at all. The important thing is that they are at least making an effort to improve the v fhole that we are all a part of. 14 - I. After all, Ihe degree of one ' s involvement with life is not the important issue. Some must try harder than others. Everyone goes about living in a different way. The most important thing is that we tr ' to learn the ultimate truths, to answer life ' s many questions — no matter what we do or become. . isay " For the apathetic . . . existence itself is a mistake or a failure. For the enthusiasts , . . not only is it better to be than not to be, but it is always possible, Indeed It is their supreme interest in life to grow towards ever more being. " teilhard de Chardin 16 npmpMHMmMMHMN iHI IM i ' .- « :S:- S:H .,i 20 1 21 22 mm Marlena Shaw ..■■owy r ■. -v-- ' ' ;■ 23 With only a minimum crew of five runners, the harriers fought through their toughest schedule in their three year history. The team opened the season in Kentucky against Berea. University of Kentucky. Cumber- land College, and Morehead State University. Bright spots in the season included: comp- letion of the finest cross- country course in the area, a home victory over second place St. Andrews 27-30. and fine improvement by all runners. Mike Ridge led the harriers all season and finished 4th in the DIAC-NAIA Championship Meet. Milse Ridse -29:07 DIAC-NAIA CHAMPIONSHIP- 5 MILE TIMES Larry McAfee -30: 13 Ed Frias — 33:43 Bill LjTich -34:57 Ed EcheveiTia— 35:33 David Halberstam Th(! O i; 26 Gene Barber and the Cavaliers B.W.O.C. 27 i 1 1 B y — ' ,., _ -» m [tottlM- h fl I W WWF P Terry Wasserman TEACHER OF EXCELLENCE Dr. Seth Ellis M, " ir4iM||i«» M: ilJ St: 4 je_i Donnery and Kudd 34 mm MAZE by Bill Sloan 35 J_l - ..«K. -?• " ■ vst ' voM. ' " Our Goal $),000 UNITED APPEAL WEEK I OCT.30-NOV.5 ' Dr Findley Burns Michael Sullivan 39 • ■ 1 i i ' iw . - 4H,%-- ' .; ■. ' rt«-mMii: .»Mi;»,M,flii3i.Trir Tf;! i 4 :■ ' : " ••■ c s »: This happen here? Oh come now! 44 JL- Mary Smith % 46 Nancy Bailey Although most of the wrestlers this year had never wrestled before, the team showed fine improvement and displayed a strongly competitive spirit. The team members were capable of winning, but a lack of depth hurt team scoring. Cecil Carver, who had no previous wrestling experience, came on strong at the end of the season and finished second in the DIAC in his weight class. 51 Holiday Queen — Lynne Allen 53 UNDER MILKWOOD J_L r 55 UNC-C ' s bowlers continued their win- ning ways again this year. For the fifth straight year, the bowhng team finished among the conference leaders. All five of the team mem- bers had averages of better than 170 per game, and four bowlers finished in the DIAC top eleven. With most of the team returning, the bowlers should be strong contenders for the next year ' s championship. 58 (30 " OLDIES BUT GOODIES " FILM FESTIVAL 61 JjH M S IS ' 3 kA P ' T rtoN 4 jf i 62 ZMFOOC? " If you think the lines here are bad. you ought to see the ones at Fort Bragg I ' 6? I " You ' re sure this is the end of the registration line THREE ' S A CROWD K The basketball team became the first UNC-C team to win a DIAC Championship. The team ' s record see-sawed back and forth around the 0.500 mark and at mid-season their re- cord was 5-5. The team fi- nished strong by winning se- ven of its last eleven games, and closed the season with a 12-10 mark — plus the tour- nament championship. Ben Basinger. tournament Most Valuable Player, played in- spired ball throughout the season and especially during the tournament. The turning point in the team ' s play seemed to be the development of poise and control in close situations. The joy of victory — How sweet it is! Ben BasingHr lerry Antliony lini Turpiii Hob Lemmond Norris Dae Coach Harvey Murph 67 Pete Donahue I HOMECOMING 1969 DIAC TOURN.AMENT CHAMPS ' ■ Opponent Guilford 73 Pembroke 60 UNC-G 63 Methodist 72 Belmont Abbey 72 St. Andrews 65 Greensboro 74 Lynchburg 67 Florida Presb. 95 UNC-G 60 N.C. Wesleyan 68 St. Andrews 88 L Tichburg 54 Charleston 53 Belmont Abbey 73 N.C. Wesleyan 64 Methodist lOi Greensboro 85 Charleston 89 UNC-G 61 Greensboro 60 St. Andrews 69 71 ■fA MISS UNC-C - DiannB Scosslns 74 b COMMllNlCAnON: IHE KEl 10 l. DtRSTA. DING- Umi 3. 196S Tile UniverTity Forum Council, in offering its fourth annua] fonitn. is featuring conununicatioo in several of its many aspects. Verbal communicalion with all ifie mbleties of ne irl) 3,000 languages spoken lodav is m important part of coirununicatioo Have difficult it is to translate from one to another of the e languages u-ithout being misunderstood- More compW than v-erbal exchange, however, are the maiik other com- munication n ' Stems being employed in our technologi- cal age. Electronic ngnali transmitted across thousands of miles assist man in his attempt to communicate. The need (or man to understand the world around him and the e% ' ents occurring in distant reaches, has caused him to develop newer and more elaborate transmitters and recei%-ers- ' hether -i picture unaife or a beep, the effort is to increase man ' s laiowledge Mismanagement of these s ' stems could cause serious results to our na- tion and the world. Toward a better understanding of the significance of communication in our technoloeica] societ -, the Forum Gjuncil has assembIM four out- standing men of our time. Each is from a different pro- fession, but each, in bis wav. is a communications ex- pert. UNIVERSITY FORUM COUNCIL D W CoLvMuj, CHA.VCEIXOB, XTSC ' C. Hanoraty Chairman Mtts Enynt W ' tsyiscHjm. Chatrman Mrs. Spencer Bell Dr. Bonnie E. Cone, n ofHcio Dr. James Crosthwaite Mr. Irving Edteman Dr. Seth Ellis Mr Edrte Cluck Miss Jacquelme Hane ' Mrs. Marilou Ingram Mr Larr Logan Mr. Donald M. MacKay Dr. William Mathzs Eh. Vm. Hu McEoiry. Jr.. ex officio Mr- John J, Ryan Mr Kenneth Sanford. ex officio .Miss K lhrvii .M. Watson Dr. Loy Witherspoon Olhen serving on 1969 Fontm Committee Mr. John Prescott Miss Saundra Hoo «r Mr Bob Covington Mr I n-a DC Spilzer ' « Carl Rowan Dr. Newton Bamette Dr. David Sobn Mr Roger BlackswD COMMUNICATION Vincent T. Wasilewski Mario Pei Kenneth G. McKav 75 Wl I SPRING-THE TIME FOR . . . Elections ServicH Projects — Biafran Relief Campaign Speakers — Senator Michoal Yeats Easter Egg Hunts Term Papers AND.. FINE ARTS WEEK Fashion Show Fred Nance Donnt;!! St( nf;man Thi ' |im Lackny Trio 82 CRAWLING ARNOLD Laurie Burson I 85 12 Tommy Elliott The golf team finished its most successful season and had the best won-loss record yet at UNC-C. The masters of Hnks finished with a 9-4 re- cord. With all the golfers returning, prospects for another winning season and the conference championship seem very bright. Chet Melton Steve Hill en Peter Townsley Coach Fleming Sandy Altizer nHilSiigii 45th ANNUAL FIDDLEHS CONVENTION - UNION GROVE, N.C. 90 IL 91 JAM UP David Hoy - Mr. ESP 93 The track team began rebuil- ding this year after the fine 1968 season. An unexpected loss of key personnel hurt the cindermen, but several new men gave indications that next year should be a better season. Only one let- terman will be lost from this year ' s squad. 94 ■v ' THE MEET-By T.|. Knddy 98 HARRY GOLDEN DAY 99 A- ha ha ha ha ha ... 4 df PASTURING why not? 101 - •■: ADMINISTRATION Dr. D.W. Colvard Chancellor 103 105 Dr. Seth H. Ellis Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Paul A- Miller Director of University Planning Studies I 107 Dr. Douglas M. Orr. [r. Assistant to the Chancellor 8 ? Dr. Ronald B. Simono Director of Counseling Center 108 1 Mildred E. English Placement Officer George B. Michie. Jr. Director of Financial Aids Robert Grogan Director of Admissions and Registration 109 n Robert E. Newnam Assistant Director of Admissions Charles E. Brock Assistant Director of Registration Neil Cheek Assista it Director of Admissions 110 HiirliMui Mabry Admissions Counselo Cade L. Austin Assistant Business Manager Kenneth C. Batchelor Business Manager lane Starr Accountant Lois L. Idles Personnel Officer W.L. Yarbrough Purchasing Officer _ is Huwli M. lulltiy. m Bookstore ManaRor Herbert Hechenbleikner Director of Gardens and Grounds 113 William F. Hutchison Buildings Superintendent FACULTY Businesis Adminiistration and OARINOER BUILDING Economics DIVISION OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A V PALMER r i|J|rAi?LAr H ' Hboins CHAIRMAN 183 138 131 R BsON H H I TIN MM ymm 188 131 E L rI RS 1 KS SAl A T C TURNER RO VtlLU Jte 9H WILLlWlS WD WUBBEN 1 186 13 189 127 124 125 p ( ' : in i r,, vJ) J " it unt Jinn tiS Hilt- rx " BO Iff « f MKH XTf lit ' r • ' Dr. Allan V, Palmer Division Chairman I i II. I 115 I Dr. William D Wubben Economit:s Harper T. Hifigins Business Admlnistralion Robert G. Williams Economics Thomas C. Turner Business Administration 117 A. Rashad M. Abdel-Khalik Economics and Business Administration Dolan R. Hinson Business Administration Sadie H, Williamson Business Administration Thomas W, Byarly E conomics and BuslnesN Adroinlfitrnlion 118 Engineering Dr. lack B. Evett Engineering 120 Dr. Walter E. Norem Mechanical Engineering Etr. Rhyn Hyun Kim Mechanical Engineering William A. Smith Electrical Engineering 121 A Education Dr. Ben H, Hackney, Jr. Chairman-Education Department Ed. 135 TEXT AV Instruction.Medm and Methods 3 ed. by Brown. Lewis.Harcleroad AV Instructional Materials Manual by Brown ond Lewis 122 " - -■ Dr. Paul A. Miller Distinguished Professor of Education K f " (l ipk «5» i- Dr. Frani R. Whittacre Education Dr. Charles A. Reavis Education 123 Dr. Mary C. Nesbitt Education Hiiiiiaiiities Dr. William S. Mathis IHvision Chairman U 00— imprw l riWiv I ' ll! ni " «-n. » id ' U -MlU niJ Jm l Dr. Loy H. Witherspoon Philosophy and Religion (Chairman) William B.H. Corkey Philosophy and Religion 125 Dr. Roy Moose English Dr. S«!th KIlis FnRllsh Dr. Darryl McCall English Dr. Lazaros A. Vamas English Dr. Leon Gatlin English Charles K. Bush English Christopher D. Cook English Samuel Wntson English Mary D. Stauffer English Anne R. Newman English LeGette Blythe Writer- In-Resid en ce Elizabeth Patterson English Harvey L. Woodruff Music Ronald E. Booth. Jr. Music Dr. Cathtjrlnc Nicholson Drama Roselyn L. Boyotte Music 130 Gail T. Peacock Art Beatrice L. Nugent Speech R. Eric Anderson Art Maud F. Gatewood Art 131 Dr. Robert VV. Riuke History (Chairman) Dr. George R. Abernalhy. [r. History Dr. Dan L. Morrill History Dr. lohn O.P. Mnll HiHiory 132 Ur Idliii H. Robbins lilNtory Dr. Edward S. Perzel History Verne R. Ploger History Catherine S. Yielding History 133 Marcus H. Deal History J P Dr. Joseph A. Slechta French Dr. Pierre Macy French Dr. Pnul A, Saman French 134 Dr. Nuwi ' II l Hush French Raymond G. Richard French Dr. Elbert D. Turner. Jr. Spanish (Chairman) I Amy M. Brooks Spanish 135 Constance N- Brown Spanish Lddy K. Sabates Spanish Edward W. Hopper Spanish I r, Kdrl M, Gabriel f ' rman liC Ksthisr K. Wruck German Mathematics and W M Natural Sciences 5 F 137 Dr. Victor L Pollak Physics (Chairman) Dr. Robert E. Vermillion Physics K ' lei Dr. Terrill W, Mayes Physics 1 f Dr. Edward S. Oberhofer Physics 138 Dr, Joseph F. Schell Mathematics (Chairman) Cloyd S. Goodrum, Jr. Mathematics Dr. Parannara Basavappa Mathematics Dr. Mary R. Embry Mathematics Dr, David E. Nixon Mathematics 139 r Eleanor M. Markham Mathematics lamns B. Under Mathematics Martha L- Stewart Mathematics Lloyd D. Davis Mothnmotics 140 Kinhard V. Fuller Muthcmiitlcs George C. Somberger Mathematics John W. Roth Mathematics Hazel D. Wright Mathematics Percy L. Bernstein Mathematics Wanda F. King Mathematics Dr. |i)ini!s F. Mi)tthr;ws Biolngy Dr. K(]w ird F. M :nhinick BioloRy 142 Dr. Gene R. Hogan Biology " Nancy C. Edwards Biology 143 Dr. James R. Kuppers Chemistn ' Dr. Sherman L. Burson. Jr. Chemistry (Chairman) I Dr- Thomas D. DuBois Chemistry Dr. James C. Crosthwaite Chemistry 145 Nurising Edith P. Brocker Division Chairman . It 146 ' era M. Smith Nursing Elinor B. Caddell Nursing 147 !$ocial and Behavioral Sciences •lobal ' Jews 148 Dr. Julius Alker Geography and Geology Dr. James Clay Geography and Geology 149 Dr. Louis Diamant Psychology (Chairman) Dr, Konald B. Simino Psychology Dr. Diiarn! V Sohuiz Psychology 150 Dr. David Sohn Psychology Judith Greeson Psychology 151 Patrici.i A. Harris Sociiolo y Dr. Barbara Ann CkjodniRhl Sociology Nfrlson W, Canfils SocJoloKv Dr BarharM H. Bradshaw Sot:I(iloKV Dr Hdwiird W. Pohlman Soclolofty Saul Brenner Political Science Dr. Frances L. Stamer Political Science Frank W. Biglow Political Science Dr. Nish A. Jamgotch. fr. Political Science 1. 154 J. Murrey Atkins Library AT 155 A 156 Mozirlltr S S(:lif;r«f!r DiK untimtN find Si Hiik I.lbniHtin Frances L. Summerville Catalogue Librarian Edna L. Penninger Reference Librarian REFEtCNCE « u • f«; M ' ■ ' " y M ,4 . V; £»-v. ' .-.-a-Vv.s : ■ - " .X ' ; CLASSES Thomas E. Abercrombie, 3 loseph D- Abernathy. 3 Robert W. Adams, 3 Linda D. Aiken, 3 Roberto Alcala. 1 lane H. Alderman, 3 Sandra K. Aldridge. 2 Richard L, Alexander. Ali M.S. Al-Koor, 3 Douglas A. Allen. 1 Karen M, Allen, 2 Nancy E. Allen. 1 Sarah L. Allen, 1 Genora D. Allison. I Linda R. Allison. I Davad D, Almond, jr.. [ames R. Alsop. 2 lerry C. Anderson. 1 Paul W Anthony. 2 William R, Arey, 2 Barbara L. Asbury, 2 Mark S. Ashley, 2 Anthony A. Atkinson, Eileen Auerbach, 1 Paul L. Auten, 3 Carole L. Autry. I David W. Autry. 1 Harold B. Autry, 1 Marcell C. Aycoth. 3 Donald H. Babcock. 1 Michael R. Baggett, David S, Bailey. 1 Nancy R. Balentine, Wanda A. Ball. 3 Tony W. Barbee, 3 Wanda K, Barbee, 1 159 I f4 I 4 William L. Barbee. 2 David E. Barden. 3 James U. Barefoot. 2 Charlie VV. Barnes. 1 Belva H, Barnhardt. 1 Don L. Basinger. 1 liToid B- Basinser. 3 Tony BasinHer. 3 loseph B, Bass. |r.. I Homer G. Baucom, 1 leanelle E. Baucom. 1 Hulene H. Beam. 2 Rose A. Beasley. 3 Beverly C, Beaty. 2 Samuel R. Beaty. 1 Garry L. Becl ham. 2 Patricia S. Benfield. 2 Mary E. Bennett, 1 Barbara A. Best. 1 Charles K. BiKRers. I Michael L, Binsham. I Clinton M, Black. 1 Helen P Black. 2 Leonard H, Black, 2 lerry V. Blackwelder. I Shirley K. Blackwell Cvnlhia F Blair. 3 Ine l„ Blanc:hard. I Larry Blanton. 1 lerry W. Blevins. 2 3 Carolyn Bobbin. 3 Alien R. BoKc r, 2 William I.. Bollinuer. |r,. 1 C«orK(! T, Boltun. Jr.. 3 Jeffrey A, Bond. 1 lanice G, Best. 1 160 Terry L. Bostian, 2 William L. Bowes. 1 Glenda Bowling. 1 Cecil D- Bradford. 2 Patricia ]- Bradford. 3 William O. Bradford. Jr.. Robert Bradley, 1 Nancy L. Brady. 1 Gwenette G. Brafford. 3 Steven W. Bragj . 1 Norman A- Branch. I lose R, Bravo. I Betsy C, Brooks. 1 Norman W- Brooks. 3 Phillip K. Brooks. 2 Brenda D. Brown. 2 Charles A. Brown. 3 Elizabeth A. Brown. 1 Gloria C. Brown. 2 Henry S. Brown. 2 Roberta L. Brown. 3 Ronald C. Brown. 2 John F. Brumley, 2 Priscillia G. Buchanai £fe I Jill M. Buff. 1 Anna M. Bullock. 3 Deborah C. Bullock. 2 Mary F. Bullock. 2 David W. Bumgarner. 1 Francis I. Burke. 1 ]. Frank Burleson. 3 James R. Butler. 2 Chuck L. Caldwell. Robert C. Caldwell. Ronald R. Caldwell Victoria L. Caldwel 11. 2 161 Alan S. Campbell. 1 Kathryn A. Campbell. 1 Ronnie R. Campbell. 3 Sidney A. Campbell. 2 Teresa D. Campbell. 1 Carole Canady. 3 Herman G. Canipe. 3 Edward H, Cannon. 3 Vickie T, Cardwell. 1 Judith A. Carlt(m. 1 Ronald |, Carpenter. 1 lane K. Carrigan. 2 Neil E. Carriker. 3 Rena K. Carriker. 2 Cecil VV. Carver. 1 Delia D. Carver. 2 Vickie L. Cashion. 1 lanice S. Casper. 2 Carol S, Cavey. 1 Priscilla I. Cecil. 3 ludy D. Cheek. I lames N, Chi bundu. [unellen Chinn. 3 Ronald K- Chisum. 1 Brenda C C nrk, I Cloria I- Clark. 2 nna L. Clement. 3 lohn Cienimer. Ir.. 2 S jphia A. Clemmcr. 1 lack D. Cievenyer. 2 Beverly H. Cline. 3 Sherry D. Cline. 2 Rebecca I„ CloninH«r, 1 Curtis E- Cobb. 2 Damon D. Coe. 1 Lonnie D, C(iK«lns. 3 1 II David M. Combs. 3 Dorothy F. Conley. 1 Charles F. Conly. ' 3 Jesse M. Connell, 1 Patricia A. Conway. 1 Beth K. Cook. 2 Donald M. Cook. 1 Robert V. Cooley. Ir.. 2 lames R Cory. 3 Larry A. Costner. I Linda L. Covington. 3 VVilham V. Covington. Jr.. 3 Ata E. Cowan. 1 Yvonne E. Cox. 1 lohn M- Craig. 2 John W. Crain. 3 WiUiam |. Cranford. 1 Richard T, Crenshaw. 1 Bernard W. Cruse III, 1 James O. Cuthbertson. 1 Norris Dae. 1 Scott 0, Dahl. 1 John A. Darsey. 2 Deborah S. Davenport. 2 Glenna K Davenport, 1 Joseph S. Davidson. 3 Patricia D. Davidson. 1 lanette M. Davis. 2 Gary D Deal. 2 Phillip B. Deal. 1 David L. Deese. 1 Nancy L. Dellinger. 3 Sharon E, Dellinger. 3 lason B. Deyton. III. 1 Mary E. Dixon. 3 W.T. Dixon. 3 163 iM fLA Dyan Dobbins. 3 Peter D. Donahue, 3 Christopher I. Dooley. 1 Roberta F- Dowdy. 2 Sherold I, Drake. 3 Steven B. Driver. 3 Glenda K. Drum. I lonathan G, Dudley. 1 Patricia A. Dunmire. i lames F. Dunn. 2 Albert P, Earnhardt. 1 lohn R Earnhardt. 1 Samuel W. Eason. 3 Sandra A. Elam. 3 Michael A. Filer. 1 lohnsie M. Elliot. 1 lanice L. Ellis. 3 Lanny G, Ellis. 3 Sarah C. Ellis. 3 Terry G, Eudy. 3 Winston L Ezzell. I Steven R. Faires. 1 Walter S. Fedora. 3 Sandra B. Ferguson. 3 f f l. ?, il Marcia G. Finfrock. 1 ianet E. Forbis. ' A lames H. Ford. )r.. I Donna G. Fortt;. 2 Gradun T. Foster, li Daniel R, Foutz, 1 VU:toria M. Frahm. I Pam G Franklin. 1 VVilliain F. Frias. 2 Sandra K, Furr, 3 Humor W. Gaddis, : Thomas D. Gaddis. 3 164 Paula I. Gallant, 1 lanet L. Gamble, 2 Steven H. Garrett, : lames A. Gayle. 2 Anita S- Gibson, 3 Gary D. Gilbert, 3 lim P, Giles, 3 Andrew |. Gilliland, 1 John W. Goodnifiht, 1 Phillip E. Gooley, 1 Susan K. Graham, 1 Linda A. Grant, 2 David Z. Gray, 3 Darlene L. Green, 3 Hope Green, 3 Alice C- Greene, 1 Amos W. Greene, 3 Betsy Greene, 1 Billy D. Griffin, 3 David M. Griffin, 2 lames C. Griffin, 2 Ullian H, Griffith, 3 Vickie M. Gulledge, : Barry Guy. 1 M David A, Guy, 3 Linda Hale, 1 Philip L, Hall, 2 Jerry W. Hammond, 3 Patricia D. Hancock. 2 James P. Hannifin, 2 James A. Harbin, 1 Judith L. Harbuck, 2 Joseph M. Hardison, 1 Milton R. Harkey, 3 Thomas E, Harmon, 3 Benita D. Hart. 1 165 Casper G. Hartis. 1 James M. Hartis. I John O. Harlman. )r.. 3 lohn M. HarwKll. 1 Karen L. Hassett. 1 Kav E. Hatfield. 1 Anne E. Hatley. 2 David |. Hatley. 3 Refisie A. Hatley. I Larry VV, Haulsee, 3 Carol Haywood. 3 Melvin D. Heilifi, 2 Carolyn S. Helms. 2 Don R- Helms. 1 Fairley R. Helms. 3 lulie F. Helms. I Larry C. Helms. I lack E. Hendricks. 2 Calvin R. Hendrix. 1 jerry R. Hensley. 2 Nancy P. Hensley. 3 Shirley L. Hensley. 3 Charles A. Herndon. I Danny I, Hess, 3 Stephen F. Hewitt. 1 Cindy G. Hickman. 1 Alan P. Hickuck. 2 B. U Verne Hicks. 3 Bobby D. Hii;h. 3 Ralph F. Hildreth. 2 lames Hill. 3 Charles D, Hinos. 3 Daryle C. Hines. 3 Karen L. Hinsnn. 2 Patricia L. Hinson. 1 Vlr«il 1. Hinson. 2 f £ littlttk L l A iM 166 Howard C. Ho. 1 LauTence C. Hoeflick. 3 Barbara A. Hoffman. 3 Toussaint L. Holland. 1 Ray E. Hollowell. Ir.. 2 David A. Honeycutt. 2 Rebecca A. Honeycutt. 1 William H, Hood. " I Linda D. Hopkins. 3 C Tithia L- Hopper. 1 Re-x D, Hovev. 2 Marshall R. Howard. 3 lulius D. Howell. Ir.. 1 Michael E. Hoyle. 1 lames S. Hubbard. 2 Gayle M. Hughes. 1 LawTence K. Hui. 1 Robert T. Huitt. I Stephen L. Hunt. 1 Katherine 1, Idol. 2 Russell D- lackson. 3 Laura F. lacobs. 1 Emily T. Jennings. 3 Arthur H, leske. 3 Barbara L. lohnson. Susan lohnson. 1 Virginia P. lohnson. Gilbert L. lohnston. Eddie W. lones. 1 Gail lones. 3 Robert V. lones. 1 Donnie B. lordan. 1 Malcolm E. lordan. 1 Ronald L. loyce. 2 lames E. lung. 1 joe S. Keener. 1 167 Roland D. Keistler. 2 Charlie R. Kelly. 1 Robert S, Kendrick, 2 Betty L. Kepley. 3 Herman B, Kepley. 1 Charles T. Kerley. 2 lohn D. Kersh. 1 IJelb.Tt VV Kessler. 4 .■ rthur c; Killian. 2 Catherine E. Kimball. 3 Thomas H. Kinard. 3 Darrellyn R. Kiser. I Cecelia D. Kokenes. 3 Scarlett S. Lackey. 2 Laura L- Ladd. 1 Barbara S, Lake. 3 lohn LambiTt. 2 Robert Lark, 1 David I, Larson. 2 Donald R, Latham. I lohn C. Lawrence, I lohn D Lazenby. I Matilda L, Ledford, 1 Sharon E. Lee. 1 ' ITloinas 1) Lee. 1 Emily C, Leflwich. 3 Ramon I. Leon, t Theresa A. Leonard. I Sandra F, Lewis, 1 Clenda L, Liles, 2 |iili[i H l.indKren. I lill V Linker, 2 Keinioth IJnker. 3 Sally ' . I.isk, 3 Thomas C, IJtaker. 2 l.ula M. Uttle. 1 168 Nancy E. Little, 1 Jerry Livingston. 1 George 1. Lloyd. 3 lames C- Lockman. 1 Robert A. Lombardi. 1 Charles D. Long. 1 Daniel A. Long. 3 Steven F, Lovelace. 2 Kay D. Lowder. 1 Nancy A. Lowder. 2 Mary L. Lyon. I Carrey E. MacBrayer. 3 Barbara M. Macon. 2 Mykle D. Mariette. I Mary H. Marsh. 2 Patrick M. Martin. 1 Robert S. Matthews. II Barbara S. Mayer. 2 David L. Mayfield, 2 Barbara K. Maynor. 3 loanne M. McCarthy. I Cathy |. McCombs. 3 Susan D. McCorkle. 2 Connie M- McCoy. 1 Charles T. McCraw. 1 Carolyn ]. McCurry. 1 William L McGill. 1 Judith B. McKenzie. 1 Charles M. McLain. 3 Eve McLaughlin. 3 William T. McNeill. 1 Mary N. McQueen. 2 Phyllis A. McQueen. 3 Jack A. McRae. I Susan C. Meade. 1 Shirley R. MedUn. 2 £i 9 I 1 169 Thomas L. Mellichamp. 3 Chester L. Melton. 1 Michael D, Melton. 1 Paula A. Meyer. 1 Larr ' E, Miller. 2 Ron C. NUller. 3 Eddie R Millis. 2 Sonia A. Mizell. 2 Clyde O. Mock. Jr.. 3 lohn R. Moryensen. 3 Steven L. Montgomery. Gloria Moore. 3 Julia L. Moore. 2 Robert A. Moore. 2 Shawn P. Moore. 1 Glenna C. Moose. 3 Boyd A- Morgan. 3 Bruce V. Mnrt, ' an, 2 Klena D. Morgan, 3 Mar ' Ella Mort an. 3 Randall S- Morin. 2 Hrenda C, Morton. 1 Rjchard N- Morton. 2 William |, Moss. 1 L .. Katherlne I- MuUis. 3 liihn R. Munn. 1 IJunnis VV, Murdiick. :) IJoyd C. Murray. 2 Charles M Muscat!. 2 Uniisv M. Napdlltano. .3 US Worth E. Neel. 2 George L. Ncill. 1 Gary B. Nosblt. 3 Henry S. Nesblt. I Terrl S. Newell. 1 I rry W. Newsom. 3 170 ?J Jk ) ©a Ut ii L 1 Kirby F, Neu ' ton. 1 Norma I, Nixon. 1 Joseph X. Novobilski. 2 Linda Oliver. 1 Steven H. OShields. 3 Dale M. Overcash. 1 Dameron C. Owen. III. 1 Sharon S. 0 ven. 2 Philip L, Pace. 2 Robert L. Paden. 2 Denise R. Padgett. 1 ■Andrew S. Pardue. 3 Hal N. Parker. 3 Mitchell L. Parker. 1 ' icki L. Parker. I Harr - C- ParUer. 1 Richard R. Parsons. 1 Alpha M. Peace. 1 loan L. Peacock. 1 Charles R. Pearce, III. 1 Susan H- Pearre. 2 Charles W, Pearson. 1 Deverra R. Pearson. 2 lean F. Penninger. 1 Comeha A. Perr ' . 2 lohn F Perry. 3 Thomas R. Perry. 2 Nancy B. Petrea. 3 Pamela G- Pettit. 1 Linda S. Philbeck. 2 Curtis M. Philhps. 3 David VV. Phillips. 1 Patsy L. Phipps. 1 Glen V. Pickelsimer. 2 Marianna Plemmons. 1 Blaine |. Polk, Jr.. 3 171 Nick D, PolyzOB. 1 OlKa Polyzos. 3 Max C. Poole. 1 Patrick E. Poole. I Donna I„ Porter. I Thomas E. Poteat. 1 Elizabeth H. PridRen. Hillv V Propst. ■! Vicky L. Query. 3 Unnna I- Ralfjv. 2 lohn S. Keel. 3 Herschel S. Reop, I Sally Reid. 3 Mary E, Reynolds. : Linda P. Rhodes. 2 .Michael B Ridue. 3 lill E, Rij;Klns. 3 Charles P Rimer. 2 lames D. Roach. 1 William C. Robbins. 3 C;lyde VV Roberson. 3 Barbara A Roberts. 3 lames B, Roberts. III. 3 Donna C Robertson. I L AL Michael V. Robortson. 2 Barbara Rockecharlie. 2 niinald M. Rci urs. I R(iy K. Hdj tjrs, :i Patrick A, Rothe. 1 Mary S. Ruwt;. W L Harold VV Russnll. 2 Vivian A, Salazar. 1 Nancy I,. Sansinj;. ' Mary 1,. Sapp. I Frank Sasstir. W Robert H. SasstT. 2 172 Martin F. Schiller. ]r.. Ada R. Seism. 3 Amanda M. Scott. 1 Ronald W. Seabolt. 1 Danny C. Seaford. 3 Harriet K. Beagle, 1 Steven E. Secrest. 1 Howard C. Self. 2 Susan A. Serigos. 1 lames G- Shatley. 2 Donald C. Shaver. 1 Birch Shaw. Ir.. 3 luanita F. Shelton, 1 lerry G- Shepherd. 2 Thomas L, Shields. Ill, Elizabeth A- Shoun. 3 Henry B, Shue. 1 Mary F Shuford. 2 Shiv Sibal. 2 Charlie E. Sigmon. 2 William M. Sigmon. 1 Barbara I. Simpson. 2 Benton G. Simpson. 1 Russell S. Sitton. 2 Roy L. Skinner. 2 Brenda I. Slacum. I Daryl W. Slaton. 1 Hilda E. Sloan. 1 Barbara I. Smith. 2 Faithel T. Smith. 3 lack M. Smith. 1 Linda D. Smith. 3 Ronald L, Smith. 2 Chester W. Snow III. Marian C. Snyder. 1 Sharon M. Solomon. 2 1 I ssA 173 Leimard B, Sossamon. 1 Terr ' S- Speights. 1 Bennie L, Spencer. Ir.. 3 David B. Spencer. 2 Susan M. Spencer. 3 Rebecca B. Spitzer, 2 JS Mo fi Debra G. Spivey. 1 Gar ' B. Springer. 1 Jern, ' SprinMs. 1 ]ohn G. Sproul. 3 Margaret A. Stallinj s. 3 Tony M. Starnes. 2 0f Donna M. Ste all. 1 Kenneth M. Stephens. 3 Michael L. Stevenson. 2 Donna L. Stewart. 2 Keiton N. Stewart. 3 lanet A. Stiwalt. 2 Lester W. Stocks. 3 Patsy H. Stokely. 3 Hubert E. Stone. Jr.. [acklyn L. Stone. I Linda S. Stone, 2 O.C. Sttinestreet. 3 Richard W. Stowe. 2 Rick L. Strickland. 3 IJnda E. Stubbs, i Thomas H. Stutts. 3 Alfredo Sui. 3 Thomas R. Summey. I lames M. Surratt. 1 Susan T. Sutton, 1 Brenda Swindle. 2 Robbie R. Sypher. 2 fames K. Tatham. 1 Daphne L. Taylor. 2 174 AilAife p Ji 1,« «© Randy M. Taylor. 1 Robert M. Taylor. 1 Wayne E. Taylor. 2 Cindy J. Teal. 1 Beverly Ann Thomas. 1 Clyde S. Thomas. 1 lanice E. Thomas. 2 Mary D. Thomas, 3 Robert T. Thomas, 1 Susan G. Thomas. 1 lohn C. Thompson. 2 Melody S. Thomburg. Levds G. Thome. 3 Glenda E. Tipplns. 2 lames E. Towery. 1 Boice E. Triplet!. 1 lohn D. Tripp. 1 Lee E. Troutman. 1 Steve Tucker, 1 Edu ard C. Turner. 3 Elliott L. Turner. 2 Terry 1. Turner, 2 lames E. Turpin. 3 Eric S. Underwood. 3 Michael L. Vanderburg, 3 Katharine G. Van Sciver, 3 Dianne Vaughan. 2 Richard T. Vong. 2 Teresa A. Wade. 2 Evelyn O. Walker. 1 lohn W. Walter. 1 Marcia R. Walker. 1 Thomas E. Walkup. 3 Evelyn L. Ward. 1 Kit Ward. 2 Pamela A. Warner. 2 1 175 Dan Warren. I Medhi Watanasiriroch. 3 Edward O. Wayson. 1 Dianne S. Webb, 2 Robert Welch, 3 Jeraldlne A. Westberg, 2 Clara A. Westbrook, 2 Lee M. Welzell. 1 Art L. Whipple, 1 Alton W, White, 1 Douglas R, White, 1 Robert B. White, 1 Rodney L. White, 3 Willa D, White, 3 Linda C. Whitener. 3 Lola M, Whitley, 1 Michael E, Wilborn, 2 Cheryl L. Wilkinson, 1 LiftL lT Lana K. Wilkinson, 1 Gary L. Williams, I Larry E, Williams, 2 Randall C. Williams. 1 Thurmond L. Willis. 2 Ferolene R. Wilson, 2 lane M. Wilson. 1 lohn V, Wilson. 1 Nancy L, Wilson, 1 Roseann E. Wilson, 1 Paul G. Winchester, 1 Robert L. Winton, 1 M, Charles R. Witherspoon, 3 lohn L. Wolfe, 1 lennie F. Wood, 1 Robert I), Wood, 3 Michael K. Woollen, I Duu:,hi V. Worrell, 2 176 lohn H, Wray. Jr., 1 Cynthia A. Wyant. Billy D. Wykle. 1 lames R. Wynne. 1 Steven B. Yandle. 3 Wayne D. Yates, 1 CLASS OF 1969 Charles R. .Mien Political Science Susan E, . llen Nursing Patricia A, Almond History IerT ' Anthony History Diana E. Arrowood Sociology James S. Ashe Biology Marion L. Atvvell Spanlsli Nancy E. Bailey Sociology Miriam C. Baker Biology Mack Barnes Business Administration Mary A, Barnes Fjigllsh Ronald P, Bamette Political Science Carol S, Baucom Nursing Karl VV. Baucom Accounting Thomas F, Baucom Matiieinallcs ' i MarHHret i„ Bnrotsky History Linda L, Btuynrs Mathematics William D, Billups Philosophy Theodfjn; A. Bisohoff Psychology Thomas B Black Mechanical Fnglneerlng J, 178 ■h k f 9 r . a Michael H, Blackv- ell Business Administration Roger D, Blackwell Mechanical Engineering Parr - Bliss Accounting Bernard W- Bost. Ir. Business Administration Gene C. Bost History Shirley B. Bowers BloIog ' ' erne Brady Psychology Douglas E, Brafford Business Administration David E. Brewer Mathematics Larrv C. Brown History Nan L. Brown Nursing Pam Bn ' ant Mathematics Syhia D. Burris Histor Betty Butler English Deanne B. Caldwell History Carolyn Campbell Biology Michael E. Carter Accounting Victoria L Carter English Dolores S. Cathey English Roger L, Cathey Psychology ' Charles V, Chapman Business Administration lulian Clark English lane Clavion English Vera K, Clemmer French Frank Crooks Business Administration 179 m 1- Victoria C. Crosland Mathematics ( raldine B. Cmwley Biology Charlene Crumpley English Nancy ]o Cruse Mathematics Pegj y Davis English f Richard K- Dedmon Biology ludith B. Dellinger Biology Mary M. Dorton History Bucky Driggers Mechanical Engineering Edvardo M. Echeverria Mechanical Engineering Michael E. Eudy Business Administration |ohn W. Ezzell Biology Ronald W. Feuer Geography Dawn Fisher History David W. Flynn Mathematics Sara ]. Franklin Psychology Woodrow F. Frick History Let! A. C-able Psychology Warren {i ?ddings History Robert C. Gillespie Business Administration Michael B (k)dlewski Business Administration William R, (linden Accounting Stephen B. Cunni Ils History I ' ainarH S Hall Mathematics Arnia M. Halldorson English 180 Walter T. Ham III Political Science Betty I- Hamilton History Lora B, Hamlet Sociology Leonard C. Hammond Mathematics Michael F, Hamrick Business Administration Dora H, Haney Nursing Ed Hansel Mechanical Engineering Helen L. Hargett Mathematics luliette Hargett Mathematics Denton M. Harold Mathematics Charles H. Harp. Jr. Political Science Sandra I. Harvell English Revs D. Hatley History Peggy F. Haynes Mathematics Faye Helms English Gary Henderson Electrical Engineering Rita G. Hicks English Bobbie P, Holland English Linda D. Honeycutt Political Science Saundra L. History Hoover Gay L. Hopkins Geography Robert T. Home Mechanical Engineer Evelyn J. Hughes Biology Shuichi Imanaka Business Administration Rebecca Imschweiler English 1 W 1 i . r I £». i 181 Linda A- Johnson Hiseory Lanier lones Business Administration Marti Jones Biology Laura A. Kanupke Spanish Barn- Kendrick Mathematics Linda K, Kesler Biology Lorena E, Kin English Patricia D Kinney English David E. Kluttz Mechanical Engineering Nancy A. Kohler Nursing John O. L fferty. Jr History Kuan-PanK Lau Electrical Engineering Luis A- Lecarus Electrical Engineering Geraldine Ledford Hlstor ' Jun . C, Ledford Psychology . Bob Leinriiund Business Administration Bernard G. Unvis. Jr English Ben A. Unale. Ill Sociology Larry Logan English Patricia I trbacher English WlJiiam L. Lynch. Jr, Chemistry David A. Marsh Political Science William H. Masscy Accounting Jjirry W McAfee Chemistry David E. McCall Sociology 182 ii Gayle P, McClure English loe McCorkle Biology Mary L McLain French Ann C. Merritt English Donald R, Mitchem English Carroll Mizelle Physics Mary Bets Moran Sociology Mary E. Morgan Biology Perry H. Moser Chemistry Paulette Motley English Ronald M. Mullis Accounting Mary Myers English Dale W. Norwood Accounting Daniel N, Odom Business Administration Wallace L, Overton. II Mechanical Engineering L. Ray Patterson Accounting Ronald L. Payne Business Administration lames W, Pennell. |r. Business Administration Danny VV, Phillips Business Administration Linda O. Pierce History Cirina M. Psomadakis Sociology Judy D. Rankin Mathematics Larry R. Ritter Mechanical Engineering Icy L. Roberts English Melody Roberts Nursing 183 ItJiinifer Robinsun English Nancy Rnddfni English VVilliani K. Shxou Electrical EnRlneerinn Ddrr el St:ism Business Admlnlstralion Knn;ild S. Set:hler Biology Barbara R. Sharpu History lay R, Shive. Ir, Sociology Wayne H. Short Sociology Charles R, Sides Business Administration |nhn A, Sims Mechanical Engineering Nancy R. Smith Psychology R T, Smith Philosophy Virj inia A. Smith Mathematics Dwayne Spilzer Biology Owen S- Spratt History Donald C. Spnnist; Business Administration Wilham D. Sl Kall Business Administration Patricia F. Stines History liidilli Suttiui Hislor HiMijamin (!. Tnyhir. II C hemlstry ( Kir jia Taylor English lerry W laylor Blolitgy Hi ' rrlv H Thomas Biology Cheryl Thrratti- English Cindy I- Troxler English 184 Kay V. Troutman Psychology Brenda G. Tucker History Linda K. Tucker Sociology Joyce E. Tully Nursing Milton C. Wait Business Administration Ernest C. Walker History Malcolm W. Wall. Jr. Engineering Sylvia ]. Wallace English William D- Waters History Kay M. Watson English George H. Webb. Jr Business Administration Virginia A. Webb History Phillip W. Wilson Psychology Trenton E. Wilson Mechanical Engineering Walter B, Wright Electrical Engineering These are the memories yearbooks are made of • • . 185 ORGANIZATIONS SGA President Bill Billups m B 1 k 8 t SGA Secretary Kay Watson 187 SGA Treasurer Patsy Stokely Dwayne Spitzer Academic Affairs Chairman Joe McCorkle FAC Chairman STUDENT COURT |ohn Lafferty Chief Justice JUDGES: Carolyn Bobbitt Neal Carriker Mike Combs Jerry Hammond Bob Lemmond Perry Moser Carol Haywood — Lieutenant Justice 189 Jerry Anthony Senior Class Vicei-President PfttH Donahui! lunlor Class President 190 Louise NfipolltHnt) Junior Class Vice-President Steve Raybom Sophomore Class President Alan Hickok Sophomore Class Vice-FYesident Garry Williams Freshman Class President 191 Gordon Lawrence Freshman Class Vice-President STUDENT LEGISLATURE MEMBERS: Danny Phillips lerry Anthony Jerrold Burks Parry Bhss Mary Bets Moran Pete Donahue Louise Napolitano Ben Basinger Vickie Caldwell Sherry Drake Homer Gaddis Gary Killian lim Dunn Steve Raybom Alan Hickok lohn Clemmer Sonia Mizell Vic Gates Ed Frias Garry Williams Gordon Lawrence Nancy Allen Ed Wayson Nancy Brady Lynne Allen Gus Psomadakis Don Straus Kit U ' ard 192 Da id Guy Parliamentarian Danny Phillips Finance Chairman PaiT ' Bliss Rules Chairman Homer Caddis Ways and Means Chairman 193 Gus Psomadakis Judicial Chairman ' THREE " Carolyn Campbell Roger Grosswald 3 1 Editor ' I.l. Hcddy Jonathnn Dudif y Don (look Eileen Auerbach 3 =2 Editor Mykle Mariette Bill Sloan An Gentile Katherine WiUiams 1 THE CAROLINA JOURNAL F.N. Stewart Feature Editor Wayne Eason Business Manager Barbara Jean Smith Mark Klafter Sports Editor Donna Raley Wnlt SherrlU Hod White Greg Eckard Kay Watson John Lafferty Marlene Whitley Anna Bullock 199 ROGUES N RASCALS Tony HiisiiiH ' -r Business Mfmj)K(!r r ■ mi 201 Art Gentile Bill Alfxander (Curtis I ' hiilips 202 Hill Sldiin Dean Prevette 203 Bob Adams Larry McAfee Sports Marti )ones Classes ,. X Donna Raley Organizations Pj P . »A Jf... .-J Ir, iH V r 1 H 1 B.I. Smith Or miiziitions Robert Wood Features UNIVERSITY UNION Libby Kimball Secretary Carolyn Bobbitt and Betty Kepley Fine Arts Jackie Haney and Mike Purser Special Activities Peach Hightower Lectures Bob Welch Recreation whos ' lio in ainorican colleges and unKiersities 077766 Bill BiUups 937342 Kay Watson 521475 John Lafferty fiB5ni3 Diinny Phillips 152925 Carolyn Campbell 022830 lerry Anthony 535005 Bob Lomniond 208 576765 Larry McAfee 780413 Danny Shaver Patsy Stokely 633578 Perry Moser 408524 Gary Henderson 400256 Carol Haywood 055988 Earl Baucom 254088 Pete Donahue 209 972759 Phil Wilson U73553 Bobbe Berry 834593 Dwayne Spitzer 8219IU R T Smith 903022 Cindy Trexler 094658 Parry Bliss Stewart Auten 829843 Mary Morgan 210 ■«■ 583770 Joe McCorkle 175174 Ann Champion 136668 Jerrold Burks 926821 Carolyn Wall 644884 Louise Napolitano ii fiyFvv- 124941 Rick Amette 379650 Jackie Haney sflB y ' % 4.™!i_l. V 713145 Mike Purser 211 THE GALLERY The Rogues ' N Rascals makes its second presentation of the Gallery in order to recognize students who have made worthwhile contributions to the Uni- versity. To quote from last year ' s yearbook, the Gallery was started " in order that excellence, outstanding activity, and productive participation might be recognized in all stages of campus life: and in order that we might cite stu- dents of spirited interest in the growth of the university and displaying a special quality of espirit de corps . . . " To this list of attributes, we add, and em- phasize, constructive activity. Many students have been active, but not in an unselfish manner that is worth recognizing. With these things in mind, we present this second edition of the Gallery with hopes that it will increase considerably in the year to come. Bill Alexander Lynne Allen Jerry Anthony Eileen Auerbach Stewart Auten Tony Basinger Earl Baucom Bobbe Berry Bill Billups Parry Bliss Carolyn Bobbitt Nancy Brady Tim Britton Jerrold Burks Ron Caldwell Carolyn Campbell Richard Dedmon Pete Donahue Sherry Drake John Dudley Wayne Eason Greg Eckard Barry Ervin Homer Gaddis Art Gentile Dub Ham Jackie Haney Carol Haywood Dick Helms Alan Hickok Chuck Howard Marilou Ingram Linda Johnson Lanier Jones Laura Ladd John Lafferty Cliff Lau Gordon Lawrence Gerry Ledford Bernie Lewis Glenda Liles Jimmy Lockman Larry McAfee Perry Moser Louise Napolitano Clay Owen Susan Pearre Curtis Phillips Danny Phillips Pat Price Gus Psomadakis Mike Purser Donna Raley Sally Reid Mike Ridge Bill Saxon Dianne Scoggins Walt Sherrill B.J. Smith Larry Smith Rod Smith Bud Stewart Patsy Stokely Alfredo Sui Dave Taylor Allon Thompson Cindy Trexler Eric Underwood Dee Dee Vaughan Kay Watson Ed Wayson Garry Williams Phil Wilson AWARDS I A Chemistry Award George Neal Mathematics Award Winston Ezzell Wall Street Journal Award John Kerby Charlotte Panhellenic Award Lynne Allen Nursing Awards Scholarship Barbara Hoffman Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship Award Parry Bhss Legette Blythe Writing Award T.J. Reddy Civinettes Service Award Louise Napolitano Bonnie E. Cone Award Garry Williams Student Government Award Danny Phillips University Union Award Richard Dedmon. Mike Purser Medical Auxihary Award Barbara Lynn Johnson Bill Mitchell Award Bill Billups, Danny PhiOips SNEA Education Award Geraldine Ledford, Linda Johnson Francis M. Fitzgerald Award B.A. Gulp, Jr., Jane Kelly Carrigan Publications Award R.T. Smith Most Outstanding Cross Country Mike Ridge Most Outstanding Wrestler Cecil Carver James W. Grey Award Larry McAfee Forty Niner Spirit Award Larry McAfee ON CAMPUS Lanier Jonns - Host N4ike Purser - Producer Wr Kfj! T f i mLM DELTA SIGMA PHI Wayne Eason F.N. Stewart R.T. Smith Bill Billups Mike Combs Ray Hollowell Ronnie Caldwell Rod White Chuck Howard John Lafferty PI KAPPA PHI BROTHERS: Barry Ervin. Bob Templin, Dickie Megorden. Mike Purser. Gordon Kay. Mike Armstrong. Clay Robbins. Rusty Sitton. Larry Newsom. lerry Roberts. Frank Crooks. Steve Ruhl. Jim Mack. Ronnie Joyce. Charlie Brown. Thur- man Willis. PLEDGES: loe Davidson. Danny Matthews. Rick Owens. Bob Lombardi, Cap Hendrix, Danny Kersh. Steve Hunt. Alan Hickok. Dennis Easterhng. Mike Jones, Sammy Crane. ALPHA KAPPA PSI MEMBERS: Dean Auten. Mack Barnes, Lu- ther Barrier. Tony Basinger. Earl Bau- com. Tom Black. Parry Bliss, Ir.. Ber- nie Bost. Ernie Bryan. Ed Cannon, [im DeVane. Eddie Goodall. Erick Jordan. Charlie Kelly, Delbert Kessler, Bill Massey. Steve McCotter. Rick Mitchell. Ronnie Mulhs. Erskine Neel. Dale W. Nor- wood. Ray Patterson. Danny Phillips. Sandy Seawright. Larry Smith. Wade Spears. Milton Wait. Larry WiUiams, and Richard Woods. ri- II PLEDGES: Leonard Black. Thomas Bowman. Ronnie Brewer, Sam Carpenter. Jr.. Ned Chadwick. Bill Covington. Steve Falres. lohn Francis, lames Giles. Jerry Hammond, lohn Mhus, Eddie Ray Mills. Rodney Stuart, Rodney White, and David R. Whitely. 220 OFFICERS: (left to right) Earl Baucom, President: Danny Phillips. Vice-President; Parry Bhss. Treasurer: Larry Smith. Secretary. ALPHA KAPPA PSI SWEETHEART: Donna Stewart 221 223 ALPHA PHI OMEGA MEMBERS: Stewart Auten. Ben Basinger, Lewis Bollin- ger. Jeff Bond. Tim Britton. [errold Burks, lesse Con- nell, |ohn Grain. John Dabbs. Roland DeLoach, Bucky Driggers, Greg Eckard. Terry Eudy. Ron Foster. Ken Gllleland. Philip Hall, ferry Hammond. Larry Haul- see. Bill Hodges. Harold Hood. Bill Huff. Steve Hu- itt. Lanier Jones, Dunie Keistlcr. Doug Kietzman. lack La 1on. [ohn Undgren. George Lloyd. loe McCor- kle. Skip Milton, lerry Overcasli. Ed Owim. Steve Patterson, Doug Roach. Jim Roberts. Darryel Seism. Dave Taylor. Randy Taylor. Robert Taylor. Steve Tucker. Dave Tyndell. Mike Wade, Mecihi Watanasiriroch, Ed Wayson. Doug Whitley. 224 APO SWEETHEART Lynne Allen CIVINETTES MEMBERS: Becky Balentine, Carol Beaty. Barbara Best. Glenda BowlinR. Elizabeth Brown, Gloria Brown (Historian). Joanne Buraglio. Vickie Caldwell. Pris Cecil, loanne Crilly. Pessy Curtis (Vice-President). Toni Falls (Chaplain), Cathi Faulkner. Debbie Feuer. Francis Fulk. Marsha Hannah. Kathy Idol. Laura Ladd (Secretary). Peggy Lentz. Glenda Liles (Treasurer). Paula Meyer. Louise Napolitano (President). Ann Page. Barbara Rocke- charlie. Sharyn Solomon. Lynn Stavrakas. Donna Stewart (Sergeant at Arms). Esther Thompson, and Dee Dee Vaughan. 228 M« wm ROTARACT MEMBERS: Haskel Kinard. Dick Helms. Bill Lynch. Mike Ridee. [ohn Lafferty. Garry Williams. Larry Williams. Bob Youns. OIlie Sharman. James Cuthberson. Jerry Springs. Vernon Jonas. John Thompson. Steve Patterson. Buddy Worrell. Delbert Kessler. Perry Moser. OFFICERS: Dick Helms • President. Bill Lynch - Vice- President, lohn Lafferty - Treasurer, and Mike Ridge - Secretar ' , 231 n CIRCLE K OFFICERS: limmy Lockman. President. Rodney Beatty, Vine-Presidtmt; Gordon Lawrence. Secrelary-freasurer; and Chip Wright. District Treasurer. MEMRERS: Jimmy Lockman. Rodney Beatty. Gordon Law- rent:H. Chip Wright. Powell |ones. John Wilson. Tom- my Shields. Erskine Neal. Danny Seafford. Tony At- kinson, and David Lazenbv I waItYOU forCIRCLE k « «pa i i iV BAPTIST STUDENT UNION (mrniMII nTTTTTpTTTTr MEMBERS: Diana Arrowood. Kitty Greene. Barbara Asbury. Tony Atkinson, Wanda Barbae. Charlie Brown. Becky Cloninger, Denise Davidson, [anette Davis, Guy Edwards, Gordon Lawrence, Steve Loveless. Tom Shields. Susan Meade, Shirley Medlin. George Neil, John Perry, Cynthia Rayborn. Danny Rankin. Ronnie Sorban. Susan Speights. Susan Sutton. Beverly Thomas, Carolyn Tottle. Susan Thomas. Eric Underwood. Arlene West- brook, fohn Wilson, Nancy Wilson, and Alpha Peace. 233 n- ENGINEERS CLUB MEMBERS: Dona Haynes, Windell Wilkins. Ken Caraway. Denton Harold, lohn Sims. Malcolm Wall. Steve Garrett. Chip Wright, lohn Rickelton. Gary Deal. Larry Long. Roser Blackwell. [im Dunn. lohn Clemmer, Bill Alexander. Lee lohnston. K.I ' . Lau. Bill Saxon. Mike Bingham. |immy lung. Tommy I ' oteat. David Kluttz. Wayne Taylor. Lewis Thorne. OFFICERS: Bill Saxon. President. David Kluttz. Vine-President: Lewis Thorne, Secretary; and Wayne Taylor. Treasurer. 234 Wl 1- STUDENT NURSES SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 237 S.N.E.A. OFFICERS: (Left to right John Heles - Treasurer Bobbie Holland - Secretary Virginia Webb - Vice-President Linda lohnson - President 238 T A.C.E.I. OFFICERS: (Left to right) Mary Myers. Secretary-Treasurer. Patricia Kinney. Vice-President. Geraldine Lediord. Presi- dent. 239 BIOLOGY CLUB MEMBERS: Linda Kesler, Donna Warren. Bob Paden. Billy South, lim Griffin, Dale Wykle, Sue Amos. Larry Mellii;hamp, Ronald Seehler, Jim Cory. James Ashe. Morrith Short, Art leske. John Ezell. Wayne Green. Cecille Moose. Larry Chapman. Buddy Worrell, Randy Morin, Jerry Taylor. Kent Brady, Carol Kimler, Judith Dellinger. Vickie Martin, Steve Yandle. Ed Stone, Paul McGill. Wynn Weston. Evelyn Hughes. Ken Demert. Miriam Baker. Margaret Parks. Curtis Cooke. Cody Airan. Marie Tomberlin. Mary Lou Latty. Judith Coen. Lynn Delany. William Browner. 240 DEBATING CLUB Left to right ■ Clay Owen. Bonnie Ingram. Charles Harp. Robert Parsons. Bonnie and Clay received the honor of " Excellent Novice Negative " at the Georgia Southern College Invitational Debate by vrinning four of six debates. Clay Owen ■ Top Ten Debater " Rated fourth out of thirty debaters at the tournament BLACKFRIARS Pat Price - President 243 SPORTS CAR CLUB til H ( I t I . ■I S a M f ■■ FLYING CLUB ft Tf -J INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Row one - Alfredo Sui (Peru), Ayad Al-Hamadani (Iraq), Vasilios Skoutakis (Greece), Ali Al-Koor (Kuwait), lames Chigbundu (Biafra). Row two - Howard Ho (Hong Kong), Paul K. Chang (Taiwan), Lawrence Hui (Hong Kong), Demetrios Levendakis (Greece). Row three ■ PoKyung Kim (S. Korea), Nicholaos Karnezis (Greece), Shiv Sibal (India). OFFICERS - Row one - Alfredo Sui. Social Chairman. James Chigbundu. Secretary. Row two - Ayad Al-Hamadani. Sports Chairman; Ali Al-Koor. President: Vasilios Skoutakis. Treasurer. 247 JUDO AND KUNG FU (Left lo Right) Row one: Rodney Beaty. Don Helms. G, Lee Johnston Row two: Donnie McMahon. Tim Britton. Alfredo Sui, Ronnie Sechler, " Wick " Wickline . -.- - 248 _ f " ■ 251 ■■I 1 CHEERLEADERS Dee Dee Vaughan iii.5 1 HMMIi mT ' ;, ' . ' - ?:- . •;r i ' , .- ' - ' . -« . ' ■ f -. •f. .;• ' ' r p. % .-f ' « ;fW ' j V ' " ■i i i Etc. ■ " ' I ' lMU ' !!!! ?TP i r H 5! 4 Advertisements -yfitii ' ■■. -■ ' ' ' ' -■■■■ ■ •« ' 7f ' ;Xy,- ■ ■ ST. 4 -v-C tM OPEN KITCHEN 1318 W. MOREHEAD STREET Celebrating its 1st year! GUSS ORIGINAL FORTY-NINER BEALER WHOLESALE INC. Charlotte, N.C. HERLOCKERS PARK DRIVE-IN All UNC-C Students Come To See Us Try Our Herlocker Burger Located 1 1,2 Miles Behind UNC-C On Highway 29 SHOI ' MONDAY AND FRIDAY Til, ) P M, PIIONH :i75-HHll 268 fr THE AMBER HOUSE Close to the University for all UNC-C students and faculty. Food is delicious and service is superb . Open 6 A.M. to 11;30 P.M. We wish each and every one of you " Kale Stathiodromia. " Compliments of WALTON SHANKLIN SHANKLIN ASSOCIATED CONTRACTORS ' • fe- ' ' ' ' L M5f ■-m ' ' .2 ' d- - : ' iifc ■- j i ' f Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY FORD 269 Compliments of VENUS RESTAURANT 1600 East Boulevard Charlotte. North Carolina jihd i 29 9 a m PHONE 596-4736 5900 NORTH TRYON STREET n CHARLOTTE. N, C. 28213 ' " " ' Home of UNC-C Bowling Team C-C Students Invited To Come And Bovi l Year Round Sport Bring Your Date IMPORTED CARS, INC 1220S. Tryon Street Charlotte. N.C. 28203 ril " THK SPORTS CAR CENTER OF THE CAROMNAS " Gathings Imjiorted Cars 1220 S. Tryon Street _ I I 9 Marvel Cleaners 5542 North Tryon Street Charlotte, N. C. Alterations and Repairs Expert Cleaning Service things go better,! Coke SERVOMATION 5041 Belhaven Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina Visit us at our new home! ■■■tff.-tf ' V r ' -I.VMTii. l it i. ' - - ' .. ' . " ' " ' ■ ' i. ' y W ' - . v " ' ' - ' ' ■v ' .i " ji ' :- ;. £ £;£fe ci-; i PEiP t REG U S PAT OFF your host from coast to coast FOUR FINE HOLIDAY INNS IN CHARLOTTE 1 Airport 60 Rooms Meeting rooms up to 75 people Wilkinson Blvd. 392-1373 3 Coliseum 133 Rooms Meeting rooms up to 300 people 2701 E. Ind. 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Prompt Service Quality Work in Stampings Fabrications Assemblies Dies Jigs Fixtures P ' JUNG 1812 Montford Drive — South Side of i Park Road Shopping Center -• ■4 CANTONESE CUrSINE ' hi-:- .v 3, AUo Steakf, Chopi tobstsr Exotic Atmt sp1i4rc VVe ronor Ame Diner ' s Oub Cerds FOR CARRY-dt) SERVICE CAU|4 fashion is our bag! cmtifm PRINTING , r- DECALCOMANIAS . DISPLAYS PLASTICS • METAL We can print on almost anything, any size, for any purpose fbn mpe SCREEN PROCESS PRINTERS 5849 ALBEMARLE KD CHARLOTTE N C 28212 CALL 537.3353 CompliiiKMits of HARRY WHITE PLUMBING CO. 1921 Remount Rd. - Charlotto. N.C:. 28208 ;i7r)-H962 White Doos it Right " 276 ' MONTALDO ' S ' 220 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC nmffliitttfBiHtffnniriumfnojar ■ llf 1 ff ai ;«?» i 111 i i iOJ i ' Sj ' a ri O ' i; LDhLL Growing With Charlotte 230 Charlottetown Mall CHARLOTTE, N. C. 28204 Sporting Goods S Athletic Equipment 277 HERRIN BROTHERS COAL ICE CO. 332-2193 or 332-6963 315 E. 26th Street ■- Charlotte, N.C. The Portraits in This Yearbool Were Made By SMITH STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS Official Portrait Photographers For the Rogues ' N Rascals Any Type Pictures May Be Ordered From Us As We Keep The Negatives In Our Files 14 E. Hargett Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27602 LITTLE HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. 1334 South Mint Street Telephone 333-3 I 33 Charlotte. North Carolina 28203 279 To those of you who liked the ' 69 ROGUES ' N RASCALS: " Yes. yes. Thank you, thank you. We think it ' s great, too. Yes, we enjoyed putting it together this year just as much as you enjoyed looking at it. " To those of you who found fault with the 69 ROGUES ' N RASCALS: " Put your criticism to good use! ' Do your own thing ' on the yearbook staff this coming year. " (They really do need the help!) Thanks go out to Phillip Morgan for the use of his photograph on page 1. to Knight Publishing Company for the pictures of President Nixon (p. 15) and Mary Smith (p. 46). and to B.J. Fuller of Greenville. South Carolina, for all his excellent photography that was used on far too many pages to enumerate. Special thanks are also in order for Kay Watson, Phil Wilson, Art Gentile, Chuck Howard, Bill Alexander (the only staff photographer to turn in his assigned faculty pictures on time). Bud Farrington, Bill LeTempt, Hunter Publishing Company, Pat Harris, and especially Rod Smith who was patient enough to put up with me during this long, hard year as editor. tAHK-O-MllCt S f r 311 THE EDITOR ■ HH BBH m I -! " ■m IHHIiiiiiiifa ' - - '

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