University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC)

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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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■ri-mss sEimB-jis jimmmi mmmi IK1TO!ia» CT«aTi, IB .tWtlWJfcV««J RH gWq«J TO WgW tl W » imi •3 r V ntimntKTMMiiiiii Miiiiiiii i THE SI SI CHARLOTTE COLLEGE Charlotte, N. C. 76 Features _ 88 Sports 1004Ja8ses Campus Life nmniniiMiiiniimfiM Reception and tour for new students . . . Orientation and advising . . . Registration . . . U.N.C. Guests . . . Karl Boxer Trio . . . Marian Anderson . . . Max Morrath . . . Elections . . . Moms Mabley . . . Christ ' Mins- trels . . . Charlotte hocky games . . . Roscoe Drum- mond . . . Ray Charles . . . Shakespeare Festival . . . Thanksgiving Holidays . . . Basketball Season . . . Luckenberg Duo . . . Chorus Christmas Program . . . Pat Dom-Christmas Dance . . . New Years . . . Florida Suncoast Tournament . . . EXAMS . . . Semester Break . , . More Registration . . . Peter, Paul, and Mary ... Ice Capades . . . Chester Mayfield and the Casuals-Valentine Dance . . . Ferrante and Teicher . . . C.U. Elections . . . Drinkall Quarter . . . D.I.A.C. Tournament . . . Sportsman Show . . . Harry Golden . . . Bowling Tournament . . . Andre Dawes . . . Carlos Leasmer . . . Golf . . . Tennis . . . Libran. ' Dedi- cation . . . Consolidation . . . May Day Dance . . . FINAL EXAMS , . . Beach . . . Cleans and Dirtk ' S . . . Regi ;tration . . . Oh! She didn ' t come back . . . Bridge anyone? . . . Hnimninini— must i)e a Freshman . . . Thoni lit oil said this as a h niiburger . . . Gointi to Da is ' s . . . Are vou serious? . . . The Fabulous Fivt- . . . Fall Greeks — U C Stylt? . . . Park right out there on 49 . . . Uncle " Bill " Friday . . . Peter and the " olfman . . . PersonalK ' , I have no axe to crind . . . Unbelievable . . . " Ditl va ' set anv on wi ' ? " . . John-John . . . Prob ' ly did . . . Hoot Moii . . . Tlu- Inke Box Set . . . Goldwater Goes down . . . It ' s getting a little deep . . . " Where ha e all tlie jukers gone? " . . . President Johnston and the ASPCA ... ReKi-stration ... a necessary e il. They all waited by the milhon . . . patiently ... in Vine. People running around pointing every- where telling ou what to do and where to go. And all those little helpers . . . There were those great advisors who had to ask someone else before they could answer your questions . . . " Now I nin a tight ship around here. ' They even have lines to go to the bathroom. Funny thing happened to me on the Shakespeare reading way to the meeting . . . Dr. Sad Marion Anderson E B K 1 •+• " ■ ' mow fci ' F ' W " i -c ' - H Ki 2 ti ' 1 V ' ' ' jN »W ' :---r l i mm 1 ' ,;: | m R s|c,:.-$fe ■ ' V- S iiviA BlT Cr ' - - ■HpSkiJi . ' Ej ajg ■Ai3jtis.sMrazxrffi»sai£»aj«si!aK« Free Beer in the Librar ' ! We use Dial. You gotta be kiddtn ' l ' l r af K C ' J KM, Hr m ' BI k h " T. S. ' Would you please read this to me . I can ' t see it. Wmi? " , See you at nine. Ht 566, T ■ iPMIIillillWWIH An body who would sleep on the jobi Oops, there goes my hip again! HD H Mriii This is a bad time to lose a contact lens! The music goes down and around . ' See that girl, dressed in red " " He dances close, very, very close! " Vh - don ' t ou come down and dance with me, Honeyl Some people would rather fight, th, switch. Who fired that shot? ■rrffTTBwmTiTWTrTTi New Voting Machine sK?6j u f B ' -Afst wr Msr Mf jti ■■ The coose in action! The Charlotte Carousel Parade at Thanks- giving . . . Charlotte College enters the scene . ._ . Why tljerc ' s old Draii " Wlial ' s his name " Building the pregnant goose. BBS EBBVni « ««:!f- ' jf»pj c IT Winter It ' s still 85 degrees . . . Eight tests and exams start Friday . . . Well, iih. you see, my little brother got a hold of my term paper and . . . Magee ' s Fox . . . The miid hold . . . " Fantastic " . . . Textured hose . . . The juke box at lunch-time . . . Lousy food . . . Snow ball fight outside the C. U. . . . Early morning coffee in the Union . . . Sudden attraction of the parking lot during lunch and between classes for certain students . . . Rush to bu ' hooks for second semester in the bookstore . . . Diamonds for Christmas . . . Sunsets seen from the Union . . . Basketball . . . «■ n h Our Leader • Boney-part " Now let ' s see what you really have under there! " Whadda ya mean ya can ' t dance?? Will the real Christmas Queen Grand spoon-stomping championslnp trophy. Pa W MPB g ll l l l lll i ll l W In the mature male . THINK there ought to be a better way to do this It looks purty bad fella He fotched it in III II1I1III HIM ■! II ■vn La belle dame Sans merci. Dull? CONSOLIDATION It all began in ' -19 ... the dream grew . . . We got ambitions . . . (J.NC at Cifi -Never . . . Then Tuesday, March 2 . . . Charlotte became a University town . . . Dr. Bonnii! had worked hard . . . " It had to sneceed " ... So had " Uncle Bill Friday " . . . Celebrate! 24 iMniTiTnwiOiMangTifTfiMMBiiiiiiiiiiM iwi»iiiii iiiiiinTwiiTffTrirMTnfriiTr r MB spring Fever . . . Let ' s go to the River— He has a boat . . . The " IN " crowd is " OUT " . . . Park Drive-in flourishes . . . Annual migration to the coast . . . Azalea Festival . . . Hill Climbs . . . EXAMS!l???Forget Itl . . . Dieting begins for those Bikinis . . . Weefuns, no socks . . , Sun lamps out . . . Bleached hair . . . Beer is " in " . . . Raise hell . . . Can you find your way around the com- plex? . . . All eyes on Raleigh . . . Trips to UNC and State . . . Hech ' s Lake . . . Pansies in front of the C.U. . . . What goes on in the Arboretum? . . . " Limited space " parking in the C.U. parking lot . . . " - . . , 28 Th ' Boom Boom Room m 30 THE FIRST AND ONLY ■wmi :. 7 ;.- - ' u P aiWMg PMMS inn mJm i 1 p M{ ■■ini igai »ii5E.ita -tiS S vV - ' 33 m 34 mm Faculty The purpose of the Art De- partment is to present to the stu- dent an opportunity to develop an appreciation of good art and some skills in handicrafts. The courses cive future teach- ers a study of materials and tech- niques which can be of use in art activities in the classroom. M. Gatewood ART AND MUSIC H. Woodruff The Music Department gives an op- portunity for students who enjoy singing to gain basic training in the principals of voice production and choral partici- pation in the chonis. The Chorus makes several public appearances during the year including a Christmas program for students and faculty. Furth ' r study in individual voice training is also offered. 38 ■P PHILOSOPHY AISD RELIGION The curriculum of the Department of Philosophy and Reli- gion is designed to introduce to the colIeRe student the role which philosophy and rehgion have played in Western civili- zation. The aims of the curriculum are; (1) To confront the student with the philosophic and religious ideas of our cultural heritage and the way in which these philosophic and religious ideas developed and took hold in the course of a long history. (2) To provide breadth as well as depth in the field and at the same time to meet the vital student needs at the college level. (3) To encourage the college student to develop a philosophy of his consistent with the best scholarship in all fields of knowledge. W ' BH Corkey Loy H. Witherspoon EDUCATION The Department of Education, within the framework of the liberal arts and science curricula, prepares elementarv ' and se- condary ' school teachers. Teacher Education is conceived as a cooperative enterprise of the entire faculty. The program is de- signed so that the prospective elementan- and secondar - teacher can .omplete the professional sequence in teacher education and at the ame time meet the requirements for the degree of Bache- lor of Arts. Courses offered in the teacher education program at Char- lotte College may be taken for undergraduate credit and may also be applied toward a teaching certificate or certificate re- newal. Ben H. Hackney Philip D. Vairo ENGLISH Robert M. ' allace Roy Moose Maurice Stoval Man Fore Sah H. Ellis Robert S. Fredrickson BWP WWWWBM i mmj j— m disicBsmH »Hie« » Harriet Fiihrman Charles K. Bush The Department of English provides all freshmen and sophomores with instruction in composition, current English usage, and English and some other literature. Majors continue in a curriculum which allows con- (.enfration in a chronological field or a t pe. but likewise requires a desirable spread. Majors, working toward an elementan.- teachers certificate pursue a special!) ad tilted course which is luuisunlly rich in subject matter. Morton Shapiro ta MATH Joseph F. Shell J. Pelham Thomas Dick L. George Wilham Perel Robert Mo Eleanor Mnrlli: " - ' ' " The Mathematics Department of- fers work leading to the A.B. and B.S. degrees in matheniLitics. with a view- to training future mathematicians tor government and industn ' , and for fur- ther study in graduate schools. Per- sons are also trained to be teachers of mathematics at all levels. In addition to the work offered for a major in mathemitics, the de- partment offers courses needed by students studx ing engineering, the sciences, business, and social scien- ces. Special courses have been added to the curriculum to ser e the need of such students. In particular, ma- jors in economics and business ad- ministration, sociology, and psychol- og ' are now required to take six semester hour of probabilit ' and statistics, in addition to the ■ ik sem- ester hours of mathematics required of all students. In the six semester hours of mith- ematics required of all students for graduation, the department seeks to provide all of the students at Char- lotte College with genuine mathema- tical experiences, without wh-ch no education can be complete in the present age. Mary R. Embry Lloyd D. Davis David Nixon Percy L. Bernstein J. Ronald Marshall Martha Lawrence ivn Dan L. Morri Wiliiam E. Jackson Dnnald M. Freeman Vcme PloRcr R. W. Rieke John O. P. Hall Tlu- Dcpaitmtiil of History and Pcililical Sticncc offers conrse work and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in each of the two disciplines. Stndents who maior in Political Science nsually are considerinK a career in law, politics, or j;o cnjment service, while those majorinK in History are in- clined to corjsidrr elementary, secondary, and college teacliing, as well as law, the minislry. journalism, and careers in the linsiness world. HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE ■H Ed -th Winningbam John B. Robbins John W. Furlow George R. Abemathy, Jr. i -■■ Ruth Blac -welder Lany L. Wade FOREIGN LANGUAGE Vv ? ' m , Joseph Slechta Victor Lopez Pierre Macy Paul Saman Pamela Bevier Sonia Lusld Amy Brooks Karl M. Gabriel .y The aims of the Foreign Language Depart- ment are multiple. Its programs of courses are planned to help the student to under- stand, to speak, and to write the foreign lan- guage he is learning; to acquaint him with the physical and economic geography of the country ' whose language he leams; to teach him the histor ' , the literature, and the civih- zation of that country ; to acquaint the student with the traditions, the customs, the character- istic traits and the social life of its people; to give the student a general knowledge of the contributions of that foreign country- in the fields of arts and sciences; and finally, to help the student gradually acquire a sound and unbiased understanding of the people whose language he is learning. CHEMISTRY Iiihii H. Norman James R. Kuppers William E. Check Training professional chemists is the primary purpose of the Department of Chemistry. Students demonstrating superior achicvemi-nt will be encouraged to seek admission to graduate schools for further study and research. Entirely consistent with the iirimarv ob-ective is our commitment to offer a freshman chemistry course wliich gives liberal arts students experience in applying the scientific method to some elementary scientific problems, and to imnari an ap- preciation for the strength and limitations of the scientific method. The depart- ment also renders service to related discinlines such as physics, biology, engi- neering, and nursing. The needs of these disciplines are considered in the plan- ning of the liasic seijuencc of courses. m mmgmBsa BIOLOGY Carolyn H. Hampton James F. Matthews The purpose of the Biolog ' Department is to provide the student with a knowledge of some of the funda- mental laws of science, to develop an understanding of the scientific methods of acquiring and organizing knowledge; and of the relationship between the differ- ent branches of science. It also gives some concep- tion of the function of science in the development of the modem world. ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Donald J. Klein William L. Iil;uliman W. D. Wubben BUSINESS EDUCATION Carole Causey Harper Higgins Dorothy Dunn The Department of Economics and Business Administration offers t vo separate courses of study in Busi- ness Administration. The first is an A.B. Degree program for students who are interested in a broad edu- cation for business, one which will afford them the background neces- sary to pursue careers in manage- ment. The second is a program in Terminal Business Administration for students % ' ho seek a special skill for a specific entry position in business— mainly in the area of secretarial ser- vices. GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY The Gcoiirapln and Geology Departments offer courses in the study of tlie history of the earth. These courses deal with the discription of land, sea, air. and the distribution of plant and animal life, including man imd his in- dustries. C. H. Cibb; PHYSICS The Physics department presents to the student a stud - in iJic science tliat deals with matter and energy, and their inter- actions in the fields of mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, light, atomic structure, etc. The subject enables the students to have a better understanding in the physical properties and composition of nature. Robert A. MacRa ENGINEERING The Engineering program at Charlotte College offers a four-year degree in Engi- neering. The department covers three areas of engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil. They also offer introductory courses for students who do not wish to major in Engineering. Maurici ' Ston hton Burton H. Wayne e kiJifn Newton H. Bamette 53 PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY The aim of the Department of PsytholoO ' , hfTo at Charlotte Col- lege, is to introduce the student into the past and present view of man ' s and animal ' s behavior as obtained b the method fif scientific iiuestit a- tion. In addition, for those students who wish to niaiiir in jisNcholotiN " , the members of the Department of Psy- chnloc - will offer courses aiming to develop in the student a broad and comprehensive x-iew of psycholot ' . Louis Diamant Davida P. Gates George W ' indholz LIBRARY STAFF James D. Ramer Mozelle S. Scherger Shirley Tarlton Ina B. Freeman Elizabeth M. Graham ¥ T ■ 1 ' ' " ' 4JH V l i l 1 - 1 " M H Bifl ! ff " ' - ' ■ pin mi i " B;i H Hi The colletie hbran. building, completed in die summer of 1963. has a capacit ' of over 130.000 volumes and a seating capacit - of 1,400 students. An open shelf collection of around 36.000 olunies is shelved on the first floor. ApproNimateh ' 425 magazines and newspapers are dispLned in tlie periodica! area. This area is appropriateh- furnished for leisurely reading and browsing. Student ' ; as well as facult - members are urged to make the Librar - their owti through special requests and helpful sugges- tions regarding ways in whicli the librarians can best serve their needs. Dedication " IJuLlor liuiiiiit- ' 36 i— atiHMi An unselfish interest in the qualit - education of her students , nd a zeal to expand their opportunities to include a wider horizon of economic and social choices, An attitude of sincere dedication to the task of developing a University in the South Piedmont area of our state, where the need for state-supported higher education has Lontinuously exceeded the availability of that education. An abilit - to secure public and private support for the development of Charlotte College toward its unrealized potentialities. The embodiment of a hope diat a great future awaits our college as it assumes a vital role in the community of Charlotte as well as in the entire state, The pride of a student bod - that feels that she has contributed significantly to the bettennent of each individual ' s abihty to enjoy a more successful and more meaningful life. ADMINISTRATION James H. Wahab 55 Hp ' H ,. ■»: S 1 i J 5 i L. Robert Grogan Magie Fishbum John O ' Connor Donald M. MacKav Organizations ' WWWWWHWlM. MglWai ■H Hc;8CLEKClJS | B i 1 1 K-) 9 B « 1 k Sharroii Hacker, Editor SI SI STAFF Vcw, Dr. Blaclimaii, Advisor IJick Haley, Thief i ' liotoi raphur Marilyn Bowers 62 Judy Hardison, Assistant Editor Tom Estridge Mot Boney, Campus Life Editor John Ferg eson Nancy Jo Wells, Organizations Editor Ann Carol Guise a STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION . ' ' ' 4 ' s ik John Scott, Prf-sult ' iit Carole Kennady, Secretary Cus Psoniadnkas, Vice-President Sidney Llewellyn. Treasurer STUDENT COURT, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ka rl Walker, Cray Gummerson, Marihn Bowers, Tim Brittan, Skip Stanley, and Dan Huston. ELECTION COMMITTEE, LEFT TO RIGHT; Sandra Hodges, Chair voman, Robert Eng land, Judy Morgan, Marilvn Bowers, and Ann Carol Guise. 65 PUBLICITY COMN!ITTEE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Gordon. RolK-rt England. Chairmai Jt rry Ciusby, Patsy Shoemake, Sandra Hodges, and Sandra Dobbs. .SOCIAL COMMlliEE. LEFT TO H1(;HI; (;cor«L ' Vaui lm, Tnry Hrlms. IJ.lty Craig. Alma Mac KfjyslcT, Sandra Haney, and Donna Waters. COLLEGIAN STAFF, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rasmi Shalabi, Ellison Clary, Jim Cunning, Sharon Dailey, Betty Trapps. KAPPA PHI THETA SEATKU, LEFT TO RIGHT: B -tty Moore. Nancy Barnes, Jan Galloway, Da ' id Bau- com. STANDING: Bo il Haiskr. Dun Skinner, Jack Washam, and Tommy Has- tings. SIGMA TAU SIGMA LEFT TO RICMIT: Chris Scrifistad. Secre- tary, Gary Gummerson, President, Ben Horacli. Vicc-rresidcnt. and Tim Britton, Treasurer. FRENCH CLUB SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Weber, Roslyn Herman, Linda Shanks, Al- len Huneycutt. Don Skinner. STANDING; Elias Gahnem, Betty Trapps, Doris Wedd- ington. Dr. Masey, Susan Proctor, and John MacArthur. SPANISH CLUB KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim Brit- ton, Laurie Auten SEATED: Aiijzel ' as- quez. Judy Morgan. Bonnie Henchard, Don- na Corbett, Ed Dean. Betty Craijz. Susan Osborne, Zack King, Ed Jones. STAND- ING: Larr ' Auten. Jerry Williams, and Robert England. 69 YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB KNEKI.IXG. LEFT TO HICHT: Tommy Hixon, Sam Scott. SK- TFn Smvmi Prnctor. Keccic York, Bctlv Ininps. STAND- ING, FIRST ROW: LaVcmc McLIKvaiiiP, Susan Osborne, Elli- son Clar , Donna Corbett. ludy MorKan. SECOND HOW: Eddie Dean, John Scott. Jerry Williams, Rodger Grosswald, Bill Pilkcr, :md J:itk Tuib f Id. YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Gummerson. ELunc Gnn- son, Da id B.iucon. Georuia Morton. Sid Llewelhn SIITLNG; Ben Horack, Sheila Bostian. Frank Jones, Jerr - Williams. Ann MacMillan. .John Mac-Arthur. Bud StokU ' . Ed Dean. Cliris Serig- stad, Roger Grosswald, Dick Witfield, and Kearney Smith. LEFT TO RIGHT: Chris Serigstad. Sid Llewellyn, Ben Horack, Ed Dean, Jerry Williams. iHM COLLEGIATE COUNCIL FOR UNITED NATIONS Rasmi Shalabi, I ' rcsiiU-nt LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Winnintiham, Reggie York. Eli.ts Gahiiem. EI-Hus.scini, ,Ia Ctirriii Dr. Willierspoon, and Rasmi Shalabi. 72 CIRCLE " K " SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Scott MacMillan, Correspondinc; Secretan.. Dick Raley. ' ice-Pres!dent. Morri ' i S- ' earmin, Presi- dent, Wallv Varbrough. Treasurer. Ronnie Webber, RecordinK Secretary-. ' ST.WDIXG. FIRST ROW: Bob . le ander. Fred Ratchford, Georce ' aiighn. Ben Swen.son. Ed Jones. Lanier Jones. Warren Geddings- SECOND ROW: lay Ciirrin. Bill Hodge-. John Ferguson. Howard Pearre. Drew Foppe. Da id Rector, Diclc Bonner, and Norman Jones. 73 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Morgan, Ralph King. Celia Mc cr, Bonni Hanchar. Pat Price. Evelyn Grain, Dr Va ST.ANDING: LaWme McLlwaine, Reggie York, Smoky Warren. Robert England, Glinda Trull, Phyllis Yandle, EI Johnston, and William Poteat. iro. Ellen CHARLOTTE COLLEGE CHORUS ' ■ffij !? s SJkT , " ' I.EI-T TO RIGHT. FIRST RtJW: Darlcnc Greene, Betty Weeks, Wilin,i llappv, Judy Morgan, Susan Mayberr -, Jeanne Steele, Sandra Hodges, Judy Chipley. SF.GOND ROW; Mr. Woodruff. Marsha Robinson, Deannc Roberts, Eli abe ' tli Garri- son, Kathv .Miller, Earlene Mavery, Sandra Magee, Ann McMill in. THIRD ROW: Bill Kensev, John CJaltnev, David Me- Gee, Bill Pressley, Harry Rudolph, Bernard Hinklc, Robert Enghirul. Daviil Hunter. FOURTH ROW: George Callahan, and John Gaither. LITERARY CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Keaney Smith, Shirley Carpenter, Shirley Bueannon, Pam Wise, William Crenshaw, Mr. Ellis, Roger Grosswald, Dick Witfield, Jimmy Gale, Nancy Osborne, and Robert England. ENGINEER ' S CLUB SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: Wally Overton, Doug Miller, Frank Caton. Russel Sides. ST.WDING: Bob Ale.xander, Jim Rollins, Earl Pards, Philip Smith, John Kamazes, Phil Lohr, Mike Taylor, Samie Frink, Don Hatley, Jack Bamett, Ted Martin, and Vemie Case. HH H HH Features i H Valentine Sweetheart SANDRA HAINEY WIWWWMUCTMMMIM - s ;;! ■4 .4 ' v Chris Serigstad Valentine Court Sharron Hacker Cheryl House HH Christmas Court SANDRA HOI)(;i:S (( )iuH ii) Bnaia Sandra Magee Brenda Barrier Sandra Haney Cheryl House mgamjamMimmmmimmmm Campus Beauties 82 MARILYN BOWERS 83 SANDRA FUNDERBURKE Mr 84 pi r lu«. BRENDA BARRIER •- BHH i HBKia Outstanding Students Outstanding Seniors John Scott Judy Morgan Outstanding Juniors Ami McMillan H(.l.rrt England Outstanding Sophomores Wilmot Boney John Ferguson Outstanding Freshmen Bill HcKlces Howard Pearre ■WHIIHIIIiMlHi Sports BASKETBALL TEAM Coach Etlflm.m CHARLOTTE COLLEGE I ' 1964-1963 BASKETBALL Charlotte 77 At Guilford Guilford 100 Charlotte 85 At Belmont Belmont Abbey 80 Charlotte 76 At Charlotte St. Andrews 60 Charlotte 98 At Charlotte N. C, Wcsleyan 60 Charlotte 70 At Ashexille .■ she ' ille Biltmorc 84 Charlotte 81 At Charlotte Guilford 67 Charlotte 96 At Charlotte LNTichbiirg 67 Charlotte 82 At Charlotte Tampa 83 Charlotte 82 At Charlotte Charleston 74 Charlotte 79 At Fa ettville N. C. Methodist 68 Charlotte 78 At Charlotte Presbyterian 68 Charlotte 68 At St. Petersburg Mar Aille 55 Charlotte 66 At St. Petersburg Fla. Preslntcrian 82 Charlotte 11(1 At Charlotte N. C. Methodist 84 Charlotte 79 At Lynchburg L ' nchbi)rg 70 Charlotte 54 At Pembroke Pembroke 45 Charlotte 82 At Charlotte Belmont Abbey 78 Charlotte 72 At Charlotte Asheville Biltmorc 71 Charlotte 71 At Clinton Presbs ' terian 116 Charlotte 79 At Rock - .Mount X. C, ' Wcsleyan 57 Charlotte 68 At Charlotte Pembroke 84 Charlotte 85 At Laurenburg St. Andrews 91 Charlotte 99 At Charleston Charleston 74 DIXIE COXFERE.NCE TOURNAMEXT Charlotte 86 St. Andrews 72 Charlotte 61 Lynchburg 75 t M f ' m M j I ■ l _pftc o m M BL M CV%r H m Ev v fi ! 5 7 ' J Nil w r-i K. 11 Tommv Gilliam STARTING FIVE Ronnie Robinson Jimmy James Cliarlie Jacobs Wallv McGintv We ha ' yotir wife .ind children at in point. He ' s stardinR on my foot!! Drop back and punt. Now, don ' t be afraid-just go out there and KILL C ' mon Charlie— get out of tliere, they aren ' t that Coach— can you describe how the ball looks again? mean. Get his pan ts next! In the mature male. Dunking— Not Donuts I ' m i oin ' in for No. 24 Athlete ' s Foot! Mercy Bucket! Practice Makes Perfect?? aBWIHHHHIl f lf Golf Rick Holt David Cotter nill (Links I))ll Finley 9« TENNIS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Currin, Art Meyer, Bobby Bums, Barry Grice. KNEELING: Jim Crawford, John Smith. ■■■■ " • ■ " ' ■■■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' ■- ' ■- ' • ' ' " " ■ ' ' •■■ " ' ' " " ■ " ' " ■■■ CHEERLEADERS Sheila Bostian Liiida Twytnan Laura Hiiikle Pain Barrier, Chief Th ' 49 ' er Georgia Morton UMXAMUHIBHiB Classes B Judy Morgan. President Sandra Hodges, Vice President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Robert Powell Andrew Keith Glosson Baker Jack ' Stancil Baucom Shirley Stnitt Buchanan William Clinton Canaday Ellen Anne Cauthen 103 Rebecca Cordon Choate Betli Sue Groom Bcniamin Franklin Davis Gary Roger Gummerson Elias Farid Ghanem Susan Jeanette Jernigan Ronald Barry Grice George Manuel Kennedy m mm Linda Joan Kincaid Samuel Oakes Lindeman " " - VS La ' erne Mcllwaine Judith K;iy Morgan Carol Bea Mullis William Daniel Poteat 1 W ;! ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' " 2S Jesse LeVon Reich Billy Forney Roseman Nancy Cobb Robertson Garlin James Russell Frank Elwood Rohleder, Jr. Elizabeth Alexander Segui 107 tSOBitmSiSamMBilBSSBB l,.Ma «:. «- .« «. -««« -=- » . ..« — Rasmi S. Shalabi George Onille Simpson Kenneth Mitchell Sloop James Morris Spearman TT ■ B 108 B n Mar ' Lou Stilwell Russell Gary Walters Kenneth Franklin Weems Phyllis Home Yandle Reginald Oscar York Ray Everett Young 109 " ■™™«™™«™ ™™° ' ' ' ° ' ' « ° ' ™ ' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Gerald Broome, President; Beverly Blanken- ship, Vice-President. ifti iMM Regmald Lee Adams Paul Randolph Alexander, Jr. Robert Earl Alexander Donald Denny Allen Frances Rebecca Allen Larry Craven Auten Warren Perr ' Babcock, Jr. Gordon Lewis Barber, Jr. Nancy Carol Barnes Pamela Lynn Barrier Roy David Baucom Jerry Hoyt Beaver Elizabeth Ann Black Beverly Blankenship Charles Hall Blankenship Roddy Whitfield Brandes 111 »».i.nn»aMi»,m,«.m», .»»n-.».iw.«.»-,— . Gerald Sidney Broome Robert Monroe Brown James Warren Burgess Robert Lee Bums, Jr. • ' f 41 ••? iMikMk Sharon Ann Bush George Brent Callahan John McNeil Cameron Robert Allen Canaday Shirley Williams Carpenter William Joseph Clayton II Eleanor Gaynelle Crook Joseph Jenkins Currin Eduin Little Dean James Ralph Dutton, Jr. Thomas Click Dutton David Michael Earnhardt " " " " " " " " mut Robert Stowe England Roy Thomas Estridge, Jr. Ralph Yates Faulk ' illiam Lawrence Flowers William Claudius Forrest Floyd Nelson Fowler James Mclnnes Gale Steve Wiley Haas ' " ' « ' »™° ' ™ Sharron M ra Hacker Boni Daiz Hanchar Thomas Allen Harcharik Judy Helen Hardison Victor Russell Harris Donald Edgar Hatley Ronald Wilson Heame Patsy Ann Helfner C«ne Edward Henderson Bernard Arnold Henkel Winfred Norman Hill Sally Ann Hillert Larry Wayne Hines Maril™ Ann Holmes Dora Ann Hood Fay Melvin Horton James Van Howell James William Huckabee Danley Knox Huston Reece Amaugh Jamison III Carole Ann Keimady Kenneth James King, Jr. James Ralph Kirkman, Jr. Richard Allen Latty lohn Willie Lo ' e Marv- King Martin William Leonard Mayer John McArthur, Jr 115 ■m,CT».inn»M»;M«m jMB»«=»««»«»« f m, Benjamin Howard McCorkle John Tucker McEver David Lee McCee Angelyn Chambles McMillan iMdtt Ethelyn McMillan Joseph Thomas Miller Judith Litaker Misenheimer Betty Kilpatrick Moore Francis S. Moussalli Eugene Mull Ronald Lewis Oates Charles Emory Petiy, Jr. Maxwell Eugene Petty John Larry Plummer Barry Dale Price Marion Eugene Proctor mn Marie Andria Prutnick Gus Pete Psomadakis Deloria Tallu Purser Richard Merton Raley, Jr. Roger Lee Reynolds Larr - Randolph Ritter Rodney Lewis Robinson Judy Chenl Sasser Just who do you guys think vou ' re kiddin ' ? Richard Allen Sa ' age Frederick Peter Scliulz Patricia Juliene Shoemaker James Leon Short Joseph Rush Shull III Fosalie Foxs Shumate Carl Lanier Sifimon Kearney Isaac Smith Jeannie Livingston Steele Jackie Lee Stegall Franklin Alonzo Sweamgan Gean Horton Thomburg Glinda Diane Trull Milbum Lee Walters Helen Brinson Warren Doris Clinard Weddington ancy Jo Wells Andrea Martin ' hisnant Richard Francis Whitfield Bo kin Frederic Williams Steven Stanley Williams William David Wilson Donald G. Yandle Ernest LeRoy Young III SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Ben Horack, President; John Ferguson, Vice- President Kenneth Barry Abrams Mar ' Caroline Alexander Thamir Jawdat Al-Hussaini George Milton Allen Thomas Wayne Anderson, Jr. Dwight Ramsey Austin Paul Laurie Auten Michael Strong Barkley Charles Mack Earnhardt Gerald Wayne Bass Vincent Hayes Batts, Jr. Gar ' New ton Baucom Wayne Thomas Beatty George Lynn Beck Charles John Bernliardt Samuel Lacy Black, Jr. John Loring Blacknian Adrian Gerald Blankenship Wilmot Catling Boney Iris June Booe Ernest John Bouyoucas Marilyn Elizabetli Bowers William Alexander Boyd, Jr. George Miller Britten David Franklin Brooks James Albert Brown Milford Douglas C;ildwell Charles Dudley Callicutt Lois Gertrude Carey Brenda Gail Carpenter ffMiffiiir iFiiraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ken Ivan Cartrett Nina Mack Castles Franklin .-Uexander Caton Philip Russell Chadwiek Brenda Ka Childers Thomas Clinton Christmas, Jr. Ellison De er Clar -, Jr. Calvin Franklin Cooke Norman Da id Cotter Stephen Carter Co.v te( f fr - y Bett ' Ann Craig Joseph Conrad Crooks III Rae W ' oodle Daniels Phillip Leo Davis Charles Michael Dellinger Michael Anthony Dente, Jr. Artliur Michael Denton Sarah Elizabetli Donnelly Fred Joseph Dunkerley Katherine Ann Dunlap Eugene Franklin Earnhardt James Wallace Elting John Martin Furguson Rufus Neely Ferguson Carloyn Winston Ferrell David Rufus Fidler Steve James Finger .Michael Henry Fish Hugh Wcldon Foard John .Michael Fogle 122 HHI Carol Jean Foster David Mark Fuerstmaii Reece Wayne Furr Ricky Wayne Furr Jan Camilla Galloway Douglas Emerson Gardner Elizabeth Clark Garrison Judith Annette Garrison Joan Styers Giles Roger David Ginn Mary Amelia Greene Harry Douglas Griffin William Jeffers Griffin Charles Kenneth Grimsley Ann Carol Guise Boyd Frazier Haigler, Jr. Betty Jean Hamilton Joe Vernon Hamilton, Jr. Aaron Dejuan Hardin James Lee Harley Thomas Eugene Hastings Phyllis Rozzelle Henhne Betty Jane Hodges Charles Allen Honcycutt Benjamin S. Horack, Jr. Joan Beth Howarth Byron Malcolm Hudson Jean CaroKn Hudspeth William Kem Hudspeth, Jr. Martha Ahce Huff ft ilkiiiiii wamiaiwmiamimisimmammiimmamm wi«ramriammi im— Michael Gene Huston Nancy Haynes Johnson Georfic Franklin Jones, Jr. Philip Markus Lohr Scott . nderson MacMillan Ann Elaine Manus CaK ' in Luther McGowan Jewel Ann McLaughlin Mary Elizabeth Xebon Susan Rone Osborne Wallace L. 0 erton Thomas Clair Ouen Steve C. Pappamihiel Earl Lee Parks John Charles Fatten Mattie Williams Patton Samuel Norconi Payne Conette Alice Phillips Ho le Lee Plyler Andrew CKde Poison Ross Mills Povey Patricia Lee Price Susan Carole Proctor Rodney Lamar Purser William Xorris Purser Edward B. Quein Fred Lee Ratchford Jerry Robert Rich Marshall Conrad Roberson James Bost Hol«rts III f , 9 ? Edward Timothy Robinson William Barry Rodgers Ronald Hendrix Sadler Marjorie Lee Shackelford Linda Ruth Shanks Archie Lee Shue Ronald Nolan Sides James Edwin Sinclair Howard Earl Singletary Jack Donald Skinner Ross Lynn Slayton Gay Thomas Smith Ray Steven Soil Lawrence William Speer, Jr. Richard Morrison Stafford Jack Bernard Stallings, Jr. Richard Ervin Stephens Henry Byard Stinson, Jr. Harry Parsons Stokely, Jr. Gary Lee Swaringen Bernard Nicanor Swenson, Jr. Lawrence Chapman Talbot Robert Daniel Thomas Cheryl Diane Thompson Cecil Benton Threadgill James Brandon Thurman James Harold Todd Edward Vernie Tolson, Jr. Edwin Scott Trotter Leland Frazer Troutman 125 Ka wffmmtammmi iipii— Charles Edward Truluck Zeb Lewis Waid Charles Jackson ' asham III Barbara Lorraine Watson Charles Ronald Webber James Ross Westmoreland George Michael White Summie Gilbert White Donald Richard Wilkinson James Gracen Williams III Kenneth Ward Wilson Lonnie Richard ' ilson Joyce Ann Wingard SterUng Wilson Wright, Jr. Walter Augustus Yarbrough Geoffre ' Maclaren Yar an 127 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS c r-.-j . i - »v , Bill Hodges. Vice President; George Vaughn, President Kenneth Cl de Abernethy James Lee Adams John Frankhn Adams, Jr. Dorothy Jean Alexander Terry Parks Alexander Irene King Al-Hussaini Charles Lester Allen Sandra Diiine Allison Larry Wilkins Anderson Patricia Lee Archer Richard Worth Autry James Harley Bailey Robert Lee Bailey Doris Nancy Barbee Brenda Ann Barrier Sandra Kay Barrier Don MicliLiel Baiicom Peggy Ann Bcachum Ronald Eugene Bever Paul Vincent Bechtold, Jr. Roy Douglas Belle Van Wesley Bell Clinton O ' Xeil Benton Samuel Creighton Berry James Leshe Bickett Walter Edward Bigger, Jr. Donald Eugene Biggerstaff Sylvia Gail Black Thomas B. Black, Jr. Tcrri Ann Blackwelder William Henry Blackwelder Bctt ' Carolyn Blackuell Evelyn Christine- RlackwcU Penny Stephano Blechstein John Cloyd Biythe Gcorgr Thomas Bolton, Jr. Davis Richard Bonner, Jr, Sheila J. Bostian Robert Neil Bo ' d Sandra Jane Brantley Da id Earl Brewer David Burleifih Brewster Patricia Sue Brewster Kay Vemell Brigman Wanda Lee Broome James Hoylc Brown Larry Joe Brown Paul Clifton Bumgarner Larry Cyrus Burgess Mary Jean Burns Roh.Tl Otway Bums, Jr. Wilda Dianne BuII.t Louise Bariult Caldwell William Hcudcrson Calvert James Gaston Carpenter, Jr. James Ld vard ( ' anikcr Phillip Howard C-arriker Harn, ' Cilmurc Carter HI Mary Reufrow Case Martha Hraswell Caton aBBan .o i MM Virginia Lee Chandler Edna Cobb Chappell Judith L nne Chipley Richard Wolfe Christonbur - Michael Jay Clark Wa -ne D. Clark Larrv Bruce Clifton David Michael Cline Paul R. Cline David Earl Cloninger Leslie Allan Coates George Lewis Cockrell, Jr. Donald Ray Coggins Harold Lanier Cohen Ronald Ferian Collins Jane Helen Connell Michael Davis Connell Terrane M. Cook Lanny Derrick Correll ' i ian Couchell tikiiii E erett Critten Crenshaw Thomas Joseph Cronin Chester Booth Cununings Thomas Michael Cunning William James Cunning, Jr. Roy Kenneth Currie Pats - Bridges Davis Rebecca Ann Deal Vance Robert Deal, Jr. Judy Rebecca DeMarcus I i ft pl Oft HcIlh Patricia Doherty Michael Patrick Donovan RolitTt Owen Doster II Richard Wa ne Drewry Larr Warren Earl Da id Ronald Edwards Connie Wulbern Efird Elizabeth Ann Faile Artluir Coburn Farley Bette Jo Fianchino Marcia Faye Fincher Elizabeth Beasley Fletcher Andrew Joseph Foppe, Jr. James Franklin Forbes Reginald Eden Fortner George Cheek Freeman, Jr. Patricia Allison Freeman Sherry Lee Freeze Betty Jane Fun Raymond Lee Gaines John Owen Gaither Daniel Grady Gardner Arlinda Brown Gannon Larry Levis Garner Jactiuoline Gulp Garrett Marshall (Miskey, Jr. Warren Harding Gcdding Jain s V iic Goble Don Washam Goforth Joseph Boyd Grady S WMikkk MiMJjk Bruce Wayne Grayson Darlene LaVeme Green Robert Jackson Greer Beatrice Colerider Grey Stephen Bethel Gunnells Jerry Curtis Guy Mary Lee Hall Jerry Truman Hancock Wilma Kathr) ! Happy Elaine Overcash Harris Margaret Skeen Harris Jackie Howard Hartsell Terry Joette Hartsell Richard Patrick Hastings Thomas Stephen Helms Edward Victor Hemmle Da id Theodore Herman, Jr. Harry Rico Higgins, Jr. Stanton Lee Hilbum James Harris Hill Laura Jeanne Hinkel Thomas Joseph Hixson William Howard Hodges Donald Elmer Hoffman Donald L nn Hogue Mar jeanetto Holder LiiKla Carole Holder Shirley Sue Holshouser Carl Douglas Honeycutt Donald Eugene Hopkins 133 Han ' ey Brooks Hopkins, Jr. Chepr ' l Reid House Richard Harris Houston Ph liss Jean Jelks John Vayne Johnson George Da id Jones Edward Joseph Jones Norman Ross Jones Robert Lanier Jones David PhiUip Jordan Laurence Stephen Jordan Patricia Rosan Joyce NLix Randall Keistler Paul Edward Kennedy Wilham Michael King Chauncey William Kinsey W ' illiani Grant Kluttz, Jr. Dona Bess Krolm Kenneth Larson Richard Thomas Lazenby Luis Alberto Lecaros William Russell Lewis Thomas Howard Lineberger John 1 Itrl lert Lipham Hu h Malloy Li ingston, Jr. Kalliy Barriiiper Lomax AriHild l.coii Lduii Barr ' Ourntin Long Milton UarrcH Long John Wesley Lowther Tanya Leigh L Tich Mar ' Earleen Mabr ' Albert David Manus Teme Sue Marrow Ted Douglas Martin William James McAuley, Jr. John William McCall, Jr. Ellen EUer McCIamrock Michael Eugene McCombs Judy Ellen McDaniel Wallace Hamilton McGint ' Charles Michael McLain Linda Faye McLemore John Lester Measmer Harold Gray Melvin James William Miller, Jr. Robert " ayne Miller Donald Rankin Mitchem Joseph Franklin Moodv III Russell Paul Moody iildl 4lM Richard Craig Moone ham Jay C. Moore Terrj " Luuretia Moore James Robert Morgan, Jr. Robert Earl Morris MmL Gloria Elizabeth Morrow Georgia Carol Morton Danny Lee Moser Allen Wayne Mullis Jerr - William Mullis P J ' r Doroth ' Elizabeth Munii Jack Claude Murphy Jini Litz Nevins James R. Norman Kenneth Grover Osborne Nancy Ruth Osbome Barbara Jean Overcash Christine Pappaniihiel Ronald Lee Payne Johnny Milton Peake Marilyn Jeannette Pearce Houard Lawrence Pearre Robert Miller Penninger Alfred Bailey Perkins Charles Franklin Peterson, Jr. Wanda Eloise Philemon William Charles Pilker Leonard Heath Polk, Jr. Patricia Ann Powell William Millard Pressley James Lloyd Price, Jr. Ohn Adolphus Radford James Elliot Ramseur Cary Blaine Reavis David Lawrence Rector Jesse Bradwell Register Joe Lawrence Revels I itricia Anne Rice iionald Hubert Rikard Martha Susan Rivers William Clayton Robbins Helen DeAnne Roberts Joy L ' nette Roberts Ivy Buford Robertson Marsha Gayle Robinson Charles Frank Rogers Manuel Lazaro Rojas James Keith Ross Alma Mae Royster John Thomas Royster Patricia Ann Rudisill George Michael Rumfelt Judy Earlene Russ Ronald Eugene Russell James Fredrick Sapp Jill Clark Schaeffer Samuel Eduard Scott Wayne Earn- Self Susan Jane Shaw Jay Robinson Shive, Jr. John Allison Sims Norma Gail Sims Robert Howell Sims, Jr. Pegg ' Ann Sloan Frederick Glenn Smith Robbie Glenn Snipes Larry Datton Starnes Tony Monroe Stames Donald Joseph Stewart Myrl Wicker Stewart, Jr. f ' ■ » T«» J Q O Linda Joyce Strickland Brioe L nn Tliomas Gary Bruce Thomas Roland Glenn Thomas Sarah Jane Thomas William Ernest Thomas, Jr. Norman Scot Tre.idwell Joel Daxid Troutman Thomas Randolph Tucker Jack Reid Turbjfill Michael Joel Turner i.iiida Sue Tw Tiian Pliyllis SpeiRht ' Upright Angel Mariano V ' asquez George Clark Vaughan Franklin DeLano Walker Charles Weaver Waters Liiidsey Leigh Werden Rodney Nelson White Da id Lee Whitson Richard W, Wilkinson, Jr. ' a iit ' fjiniinndorc Williams W.iyne Roger Williams M ra Laraine Wilson Phyllis Cleo Wilson Rosie Mae W ' ilson Siinmel AWcn Wilson M.irgaret Karen ' anccy Kdith I " .t c Vavide Donald A R Ve.ugin Exams? Who cares? First time away from home!! Throw da bumb out! Revelhng in tlie throes of re- gistration. Htmratfrigi THE GREATER 4421 The Plaza - Charlotte For Over 70 Years . . . Your Home of Better Values CITY CHEVROLET 710 S. Tryon Street Charlotte, N. C. YOUR ONE-STOP CENTER FOR NEW AND USED CHEVROLETS DAVIS DAVIS REALTY COMPANY 202 Cutter Building Charlotte, N. C. NOW OPEN! THE ALL NEW COLLEGE DOWNS SHONEY ' S BIG BOY NOW AT 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN CHARLOTTE 800 E. Morehead 3400 The Plaza 3700 E. Independence COTSWOLD SHOPPING CENTER Sharon Amity At Randolph cotsivold 4 O ' r H a wmmm mmsmBmammai smmmm m m m mm J uyvifn s jj-loy ' ist TEUFLORA 4417 The Plaza - 377-3685 Northeast Plaza Shopping Center Charlotte, N. C. Everything for the Man NEAL COOKE MEN ' S WEAR NO MATTER WHERE YOU TRY YOU WILL NEVER FIND A BETTER BUY Northeast Plaza Shopping Center 4425 The Plaza Charlotte 5, N. C. Neal Cooke -375-6421 " For the Discriminating " THE STORK RESTAURANT In The FREEDOM VILLAGE 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. -Sunday 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. ' For a Snnall Drink After the Game ' WORLD FAMOUS OPEN KITCHEN 1318 W. Morehead Street mgm ..Ma k « l„..;;k U ' l ' :;J ' Ky. ' " SSKflBOm ft " ..t- : ' xaik . ' i " j KJH cV¥.vi:t 7iiaM.:!i.-.« ' - ' rf. •■. ' ;•.■:■! i :• r.. -uV ii uli

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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