University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC)

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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1963 volume:

CHARLOTTE COLLEGE LIBRARY CHARLOTTE, N. C. • H ' tm 1 . ' ' ' ■:. ' ' ' ' ■■ ' ) -.■■; - ' JUDY IDOL, EDITOR • HARVEY GOUCH, BUS. MANAGER i II 11 ' Ji ]i II I .J 11 II 1 ly Ji Chablotte College.. A CO-EDUCATIONAL JUNIOR COLLEGE ON HIGHWAY 49, CHARLOTTE, N. C. m I twi ' ;it :rrt :;.0;.,., . m. ■■ , ' -s ,vvf ' J foreword . . • ii ' -.iiM ' i ' i of school year . ing school for growing minds ... An institution for study n Registration . . . Lines of tired students still with a trace of anticipoti dlJr y their fates . , :, A- ' X i ' A V ' r . Reunion witii old friends and excitement of meeting new ones . . . Study ... Exam time nearing . . . Midnight oil . . . Grades ' } I ... Students utter a sigh of relief or a cry of disappointment . . . Basketball . . . Dances and good times . . . Worm weather brings new hopes . . , The year ' s end is met with o trace ' of sadness . . . Moments to remember . . . The Spirit of C.C. c harlotte col Kennedy Building Library — Schidulid for complrtinn in IQi .l Page Six f ege campus Liberal Arts Building College Union — Scheduled for completion in 1963 Page Seven ' T ' l ►»■ v»,. - ' ' ' ' contents , . aaministration. organizations . features. . . . sports classes . . . . . campus life. . advertisements f 7 mV ; •;,•• ; ?. ; «MaA • iV C ' -■T " RcnHflsnmsvimniMMli W " ■ ' « «WS» N ' •5-- : ' _c •jyi Bonnie E. Cone President B. S., Litt. D., Cokcr College M. A., Duke University LL. D., Davidson College LL. D., Belmont Abbey College L m i iL iii m wwBWHiww ibm adni in istra tio n S. J. McCoy Dean A. B., Wofford College A- M., Duke University Ph. D., University of North Carolina Mildred English Director of Student Personnel B. S.. Richmond Professional Institute M. A., Syracuse University H. T. HiGGiNS, Jr. Registrar B. S., Presbyterian College M. Ed., University of North Carolina RoMONA F. Potter Public Relations Coordinator A. B., Ripon College Mark F. Administrative Assistant A. B., M. Ed., University of North Carolina W. L. Yarbrough Business Manager B. S., Appalachian State Teachers College Betty Adkins Ruth Holden William Hutchison Linda Patterson JuANiTA Sims Joyce Willis secretaries and staff Page VtruTteen facii Ity Ruth Blackwelder History A B . Wittenbere College M A. University of Xorth Carolina Percy L. Bernstein B. E., Tulane University M. A. T-, Duke University Mathematics Ann Sanders Brantley English A B-. Duke Uni er5ity M. A T.. Joint degree from ' anderbilt University and George Peabody College for Teachers William E. Cheek Chemistry B. S-. M. S-, Appalachian State Teachers College W. B. Harold Corkey Philosophy, Psychology and Religion A. B.. Queens University Jerome O, Darholt Engineering, Supervisor oj Construction B. M. E., Xorth Carolina State CoUege Mary R. Denny English A- B , Salem College A- M., Duke University Irving Edelman History, Political Science, Basketball Coach A. B., M. A., Duke University Mary S. Fore English A. B., Winthrop CoUege A. M., Columbia University Oliver K. Gaskins Botany, Zoologv B. S., University of Xorth Carolina M. Ed., University of Xorth Carolina Clare H. Gibbs Geology, Geography B S.. Syracuse University M. S.. University of Tennessee Cloyd Goodrum Mathematics B. A E, E. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute A. M., University of Xorth Carolina Page fifteen I ' hilip J, (Irccn History A B . M A , University of Alabama Ph D , Vniversity of Chicago Herbert Hechenbleikner Botany, Geology and Zoology A B , University of North Carolina A M,. Ph, D, Harvard University Frances B. Hoyle Spanish A B, Woman ' s CoHckc, University of North Carolina A M., New York University Marilyn Jody English A. B,, University of Kentucky Martha E. Lawrence B, A- Winthrop ColleRC M A-. Duke University Mathematics Pierre Macy French Bachelier es lettres, Univcrsite de Nancy Licencie cs lettres, Universite dc Dijon Agrcge des lettres, Docteur es lettres, Universite de Paris facu Ity Robert A. MacRae B, S, Davidson College M, S . X ' andcrlfilt University Ph ' John F. McCreary Business A. B, Lenoir Rhyne College Marcelle Martin French Baccalaureat, Universite de Poitiers M- A., University of Montreal John H. N ' ornian Chemistry A B. Krskinc College M- A. University of North Carolina Verne R. I ' lo er Flconomics, History B. (;, K, M A, University of Omaha Raymond H. F ' tiUey History B. A, The Norfolk College of William and Mary Va c Sixteen Charles A. Reap Economics A. B., M. A.. Duke University Robert W. Rieke History B. A., Carleton College M. A., Ph. D., University of Wisconsin Mozelle S. Scherger Librarian B. S., Appalachian State Teachers College B, S. L. S., University of North Carolina Sina Serinken A. S. C. E., Robert College M. S., Duke University Surveying Patricia Stephens English B. S., Memphis State University M. A., University of North Carolina Maurice J. Stoughton Electrical Engineering, Physics A. B., Harvard University M. S., Princeton University faculty Sidney T. Stovall English A, B , Duke University M, A., University of Michigan M. A., Columbia University H. Sussbach German Diplom-Ingenieur, Technical ilniversity Breslau Teaching credentials for German, University of Amsterdam Ph. D.. University of Southern California Shirley A. Tarlton A. B-. Queens College Assistant Librarian kmik Santiago Vilas Spanish Titular Mercantil, School of Business Administration. Vigo. Spain Journalist, Superior School of Journalism, Madrid, Spain Charles Walker Mathematics B. S., Western Carolina College M. A., University of Kentucky Joseph B. Whitener Chemistry A. B., M. A.. Trinity College (Duke University) Page Seventeen Sadie H. Williamson Accounting A. B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina M. S., University of North Carolina Edyth F. Winningham History and Political Science A. B. University of North Dakota A. M., University of North Carolina Nancy S. Womack Shorthand B. S. S. A- - T., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina Harvey L. Woodruff Choral Director B. S., New York University M. A., Teachers College, Columbia University Maybe we ought to ask them to give it back I ' age Eighteen What do you mean, you don ' t want in my section? Foiled again! j £jSKi£ is3aH : ' ' •«..■ ' ■ r ' Iff? mm , Mrs. Winningham Student Council Advisor Beth Groom President Student council Paf c ' I ' u-fnty two Denny Allen Larry Auten Lewis Barber Granville Broome Judy Morgan Larry Patton Dennis Pressley Frank Rohleder Faye Thompson Glinda Trull Joe Williamson David Wilson i Clinton Canaday Ken Gilleland Harvey Gouch Judy Hardison 4tM tMdik Nancy Helms Sandra Hodges Judy Idol Manuel Kennedy Reggie York Page Twenty-thTce student council committees Bill Korblcr. Bob Alexander, Marv Helms, lim Clark. Chairman, Faye Thompson. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE It is the responsibility of the Assembly Committee to plan, arrange for, and have charge of all Student Government assemblies. FINANCE COMMITTEE The function of the Finance Committee is to approve budget requests, to make financial reports, and to manage all funds pertaining to student activities. Judy Morpan, Faye Thompson, Ken Gilleland, Calvin Beckwith, Chairman. I ' a c Twenty-four PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Publicity Committee is responsi- ble for the release of all public ity pertaining to Student Government activities. Manuel Kennedy, Chairman, William Greene, Larry Lynn. Judy Morgan, Tommy Winstead, Carol Holden. TRAFFIC COMMITTEE The Traffic Committee was organized for the purpose of handling on-campus traf- fic and parking problems. Don Hughes, Clinton Canadav. Chairman. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The Social Committee is in charge of planning social activities for students. This year the committee planned four major dances as well as coffee hours and other activities. First row: John Bemont, Sally Hillert, Brenda Baucom. Second row: Dick Raley. Co-Chairman, Andria Prutnick, Sheryl Scarbrough. Third row: Miss Stephens, Advisor, Morris Spearman, Sandra Hodges, Chairman. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Being responsible for all Student Gov- ernment elections, the Elections Committee makes preliminary preparations for voting, counts the votes and publicizes the results. Standing: Charles Boone, Marvin Henderson. Co- Chairmen. Seated: Miss Jody, .Advisor, Laurie Au- ten, Fritz Mercer, Ginny Duckworth. Joe Williamson Sports Editor Page Twenty-seven Bill Xewman Photographer staff assistants Merribeth Taylor Nancy Jo Wells Tommy Estridge Chirj Photographer PaRC Twenty eifiiti fa No! We cannot show the other team scoring. Show ojjl i ' 5i No picture should be this hard to write a caption for ! m liSlliaHHI ' i ' " umi Susan Weber Editor the charlotte collegia n VaRe Thirty Manuel Kennedy, Bill Newman, Susan Proctor, Susan Weber, Editor, Mr. Stovall, Advisor, Joyce Pressley, Jerry Shields. Bert Allen Business Manager Jerry Shields A dvertising Manager Tommy Winstead Sports Editor Tommy Estridge Photographer Bill Newman Photographer Manuel Kennedy Joyce Pressley Susan Proctor Sidney T. Stovall Advisor Page Thirty-one freshman advisory council The members of the Freshman Advisory Council orient new students to Charlotte College, help them with registration and assist faculty advisors in counseling during Orientation Week and throughout the year. Ken Gilleland Chairman Baiba Lukevics, Cakol Holden Co-Chairmcn First row: Freddie Hosse, Baiba Lukevics, Nancy Helms, Beth Groom, Mary Helms. Second row: Don Hughes, Beverly Blankenship, Judy Niedringhaus, Mary Fisher, Carol Holden, Ken Gilleland, Gene Home. Third row: Bob Andrews, Calvin Beckwith, Bill Griffin, Ronnie Sadler, Harvey Gouch, Bill Kewman. Page Thirty-two - j6« ' Thomas Dunn Chiej Marshal Calvin Beckwith hah marsDais The Commencement Mar- shals are rising sophomores who have maintained the high- est scholastic averages. They usher for commencement, the Baccalaureate Sermon, and special events. Sandra Hodges Vance Johnson Bill Thompson Davis Watson Sigma tau sigma Sigma Tau Sigma is the national honorary junior college fraternity recognizing excellence in social science. The Charlotte College Chapter, Alpha, was established in May, 1957, and is open to students displaying interest and achievement in the social sciences. Thomas Click Button Rov Thomas Estridge. Jr. Mary Jane Fisher Malachi Jerome Greene Sandra Louise Hodges Nicolas John Komas JuniTii Carroll Niedrinciiaus Harry Davis Watson, Jr. Ray Everett Young Marvin Flay Henderson, Jr. President wrM i ' a e ThiTty fcnir Page Thirty-five N Charles Vance Johnson President I Phi Thcta Kappa is a national honorary scholastic society. Stu- dents who have high academic averages and who display sound moral character are eligible for membership. phi theta kappa Harrv Davis Watson, Jr. Vice-President Margaret Ellen Ross Secretary Sandra L. Hodges Treasurer Calvin Hugh Beckwith Thomas Click Button Beth Sue Groom LaVerne McIlwaine Frank E. Rohleder, Jr. William L. Thompson Vagc Thirty-six Circle K is a service organization that seeks to develop activities that will be of value to the college. The Charlotte College chapter is sponsored bj ' the Mecklenburg Kivanis Club. circ le ' ' k ?y Seated: Bill Forrest, Jay Currin. Barry Hinson, Gene Home. Bert .Allen. Vice-President. Don Hughes. Standing: Bill Xewman. Jesse Reich. Roily Blythe, President. John Spratt. Secretary. Morris Spear- man. Ronnie Webber. Dick Raley. John Bemont, Harvey Gouch. Treasurer. Tommy Wimbish, Bob Alexander. Laurie .Auten. Lewis Barber. Jimmy Coggins. Dr. Hechenbleikner, Advisor. Q Page Thirty -seven The principal aims of Sigma Lambda Chi are to promote the high standards and ideals of Charlotte College through wholesome social activities and service to the college. The out- standing award is the Sigma Lambda Chi Schol- arship which is granted annually to a freshman. I Sigma lambda chi Richard Melton President Sidney Linker Seeretary Kapp Smith Treasurer Denny Allen Jack Baker Ken Cochrane WiNT Covington UrJii John Crump Jones Deason John Funderburke Va e Thirty-eight i hurts us more than it hurls vou. i j0 £MdiMd ItT r: Marty Gaemon Cliff Hammond Barry Hinson Jeff Marshall Lee Mayfield Ed Owen Barrel Russo Ed Sing Fred Stephens Heath Strawn Jerry Vassey Steve Watts Richard Wegner ik Miikdkdk Page Thirty-nine writers ' club The Writers ' Club has as its purpose the discovering and developing of talent sufficient to provide a genuine support toward the production of its literary maga- zine. The Parnassian. Robert Andrews President Bob Andrews, Kearney .Smith, .Merry Marcotte, C. Fredrick Cornue II, Martin Richek, Dave Stack. Page Forty First row: Beth Davis, Mary Lemmond, Mary Helms, Jane Honeycutt, Judy Miller, Alice W ' hitener. Bonnie Smith, Anne Neal, Flo Morrow, Sally Hillert. Second row: Larry Patton, Lloyd Morris, Elaine Carriker, Eleanor Grass, Andria Prutnick, Hilary Bell, Sandra Hodges, Nancy Helms. Third row: Harvey Woodruff, Director, Ed Quein, John Livingston, Tommy Wimbish, Olin W ' hitener, John Beaumont, Morris Spearman, Crede Smith, Gene Knott, Bill Newman. charlotte college chorus The Charlotte College Chorus is composed of students interested in good music and fellow- ship. Under the leadership of Mr. Harvey Wood- ruff, the chorus furnishes musical programs for special events during the year. Page Forty-one engineers club The Engineers ' Club is designed to give the student engineer a greater understand- ing of all phases of engineering. Bill Griffin, Secretary-Treasurer RoBKRT Alexandfr, President Ronnie Sadler. Vice-President i J Page {-(tTty two First row: Tommy Estridge, Larry Lynn. Second row: Beverly Blankenship, John Funderburke, Charles Blankenship, Beth Groom, Al Harcharik. Third row: John Cameron, Judy Motgan, Bill Forrest, Charles Boone, Mr. Vilas. Fourth row: Laurent Home, George Simpson, Mike Earnhardt, Bob Andrews. el club espanol El Club Espanol offers an opportunity for students to be- come more familiar with the language, customs, history, and literature of the Spanish speak- ing countries. Charles Blankenship President Beverly Blankenship Vice-President Judy Morgan Secretary Larrv Lynn President Reggie York Viee-President collegiate council for the united nations Seated: Larry Lynn, Beth Groom, Judy Morgan, Mrs. VVinninpham, .Advisor. Standing: Reggie York. George Simpson. Laurent Home, Kearney Smith. Malachi Greene, Manuel Kennedy, William Greene. Gene Home. I ' ii e VfiTly-four «r« $2 for her, $$$$$ for me. Haljtime show. The Barn. Cojjee Break. ». -. ' « - Page Fony-five m H " f " ' " ' i ' ' ' ' III Does this look okay? There ' s a big meeting on campus today. I ' i ' e forty-six Come and get it I Cooking up something special. This looks like the place. Try the earphones. It works better. The Writers ' Club (?) A scholar ' s reward. O. K. worm! Tell me you ' re sorry. Page Forty-seven •I likS a Pam Barrier Tommy Winstead Mary Fisher John Bemont Christmas court 1962 Freddie Hosse Mike Thomas Sandra Hodges Jack Blythe I ' a e fijly i Marv Fisher Judy Smith Sarah Freeman sweetheart court Carol Mixnick Mary Sadler Carol Holden V. ' gc Fifty lu ' O sweetheart PAM BARRIER HUCHKrZSXHWMIUbHZ ■I Judy Smith campus queens Sarah Freeman Page VijtyjouT Linda Mayhew Pam Barrier Page Fifty-five Mary Sadler campus queens Andria Prutnick ' age Fifty -six CHtiHWBElUli PE LIBRARY CHARLOTI, 1 . C. m Come let me entertain you! The Zodiacs — Fall dance. Take five. ' ' 3 0 The Plaids and the Dimensions-Christmas Dance Let ' s twist again. Sweetheart Dance ifK; % 4 0- A •1 Butch Gilbert, Co-Captain Irving E delman, Coach Jimmy James, Co-Captain basketball 1963 Kneeling: Gene Henderson, Jimmy James, Butch Gilbert. Marvin Wynn, Freddie Martin. Standing: Bobby Threatt, Manai!,rr, Ru.ssell Jones. Gary Gummerson, Joe Sabatini. Ronnie Miller, David Cald- well, Official Scorer, Irving Edelman, Coach. Page Sixiy-two Gary Gummerson Gene Henderson Russell Jones Freddie Martin Ronnie Miller Joe Sabatini Marvin Wynn David Caldwell Ojjkial Scorer What goes up . . . . must come down. Heads up I Va e Sixtyfour " Is it legal for us to have a chance? " 49 ers Oojl Hyman goes up for a shot. « « - mMMsm.yjommBm Carol Holden Head Cheerleader cheerleaders Any team plays best for a crowd of cheer- ing supporters, and a crowd cheers best when it is led by good cheerleaders. This year Charlotte College has been fortunate in having seven spirited ones working together for the school. Their enthusiasm provided an example for everyone. Mary Sadler JubY Smith Faye Thompson Page Sixty-six Fans show various attitudes by their expressions. Two more jor Charlotte I II • II A tense moment jor Charlotte. Page Sixty eight Jump, Gene! Coach Edelman has a jew words for the team. What ' s this, jour arms? Charlotte College scores against Davidson Frosh. I i sophomore class officers Ken Gilleland President ( Frank Rohleder Secretary and Treasurer Manuel Kennedy Vice-President op ho mores Thomas Franklin Adams James Harold Adcock Howard Walton Aldred, Jr. Elizabeth Jane Alexander 1 o ff ' i M " • ' it Paul Randolph Alexander, Jr. Robert Earl Alexander David Huggins Allen Robert Powell Andrews Larry James Atkinson Fitzhugh Lee Austin, III Cleatus Barron Bartlett, Jr. Lewis Dale Baucom M lUkd Calvin Hugh Beckwith Hilary Flowers Bell Jennie Blue Bethune Samuel Lacy Black, Jr. Rolland Lee Blythe Paul Wayne Bolick Charles Walter Boone Gary Artford Broome rMMU Page Seventy-three 0 i JtMdt i sophomores Roberl Miinroe Brown Hetty Stanforil Kurfjer Sammy Miiffett Caldwell William Clinton Canadav Julian Edwin Carnes, Jr. Keith Pxiward Carpenter Stuart Pierce Carroll Loyd Edwin Chambers -4 John Carroll Chipley James Roliert Clark Robert Theron Clark Thomas Alvin Corbett, Jr. A i diM Hiram , rihie Coslncr. Ill Wallace E. Cowan Jeannette Mitchell Cox John HuKh Crump James Clifton Davis John Henry iri inia Louise Duckworth James Ralph Dutton i ' tHe Seventy f(mr 19 6 3 Thomas Click Dutton Charles Dwight Edwards Roy Thomas Estridge. Jr. Marv Jane P ' isher Aubrey Merrill Flemins Sarah Elizabeth Freeman Foy Ralph Gilbert Richard Rozzelle Gilland Kenneth Eugene Gilleland Marshall Clay Gure. Jr. Harvey Wilson Gouch Malachi Jerome Greene John Elmore Grentzer William Jeffers Griffin Charles Kenneth Grimsley. Jr. Beth Sue Groom . r V C • Uikmh Gary Roger Gummerson Steve Wiley Haas Jerry Porter Haney Richard McCalla Hardestv iMd. Page Seventy -five sophomores James Robert Harris Richard Hunter Harris Mary Alice Helms Nancy Elma Helms Walter Lee Helms, Jr. Charles David Helton Marvin Flay Henderson, Jr. Barry Franklin Hinson Nicholas Hairston Hobbie, Jr. Sandra Louise Hodges Carol Jean Holden Laurent Novikoff Home Heath Brewer Howie, Jr. Anna Mariah Hyder Dudney Marvin Jamagin Charles Vance Johnson, Jr. SMiMmiA Sarah Klizabeth Johnson William Harding Joyner George Manuel Kennedy Earle Eugene Knott. Jr. Vage Se ' cniy-six 19 6 3 Nicolas John Komas William Joseph Korbler Charlotte Yvonne Lawing Sidney Jackson Linker Jerry Wilson Long Larry H. Lynn Calvin Luther McGowan LaVerne Mcllwaine Margaret Lucinda McNeill Malcolm Jerome McSwain John Franklin Meacham James Bernard Miller James Franklin Moore Robert Lee Moore Judith Kay Morgan Lloyd Glen Morris, Jr. William Edward Morrison William Marshall Newman Judith Carroll Niedringhaus Young Michael O ' Connor Page Seventy-seven d ' MJr ' kJrMgrM sophomores Larry Benjamin Patton Charles Emory Petty, Jr. Jerry Melvin Poplin Claude Ervin Raby Alexander Phipps Reddeck Jesse Levon Reich James Monroe Rhyne Larry Randolph Ritter Richard Charles Robeson Franklin VV ' ayne Rogers Frank Elwood Rohleder, Jr. Margaret Ellen Ross William Tandy Royster, Jr. James Barrel Russo Mary Louise Sadler Ronald Hendrix Sadler Rasmi Shahan Shalabi Robert Jerry Shields Patrick Dinkins Shue George Orvillc Simpson I ' ugc Seventy-eight 19 6 3 Claude David Smith Judy Lucille Smith Thomas Patterson Smith William Marcellus Smith. Jr. James Morris Spearman John Edward Spratt, Jr. William Albert Springs Joe Lee Starnes Fred Graham Stephens William Wheeler Sternbergh Alona Junice Stewart Heath Lee Strawn, Jr. Gerald H. Talbert Donald Flynn Talley James Broadus Taylor, Jr. Richard Eric Taylor Michael Wayne Thomasson William Archie Thompson, Jr. William Lawrence Thompson Melvin Douglas Threatt Page Seventy-nine ' ; . ' V N MiE sophomores Ida Jane Tidwell Sarah Marie Tucker David Ronald Tutterow Edwin Ray ' an Camp " v. diMdiM James D. ' anderburg James Jerry Vassey Russell Gary Walters Helen Kay B. Warren Harry D. Watson, Jr. Michael Roy Watts Belve R. Weathers, U Kenneth Franklin Weems U- kiiMd V- ' P dJLfMfM Ivan Eugene Wilkinson William Burke Wills Thomas J. Winstead Phyllis H. Yandle Repinald Oscar York Ernest Leroy Young, III Ray Everett Young Leo J. Zoutewelle I ' afie liinhly in memoriam Mrs. Charlotte Kennell Blackwood 1939 - 1962 Page Eighty-one wammu .k ' JSB He ' s a saboteur. Whiil, us worried ' Take this. It will kill the taste. I ' afic Li hty two This is . . . and this is 1 President Cone, faculty, and jellow students . . . Why don ' t they all go away? tynmmmmm They finally invented a boneless college student. Page Eighty-three ( fr freshman class officers ■ " Granville Broome President freshmen John Dennis Adams John Wayne Adams Linda Jean Adams Cleo Sheets Adcock William Fred Alexander, Jr. Donald Denny Allen Frances Rebecca Allen George Milton Allen Judith Mann Anderson Thornton Keith Anderson Roy Franklin Atwell Lewis Milton Austin Larry Craver Auten Paul Laurie Auten William Warren Baggs Kenneth Edward Bailey Herbert Hoyle Baker Jack Ernest Baker James Lee Baker, Jr. Gordon Lewis Barber, Jr. Carolyn Maner Barnette Jack Nolan Barnette Pamela Lynn Barrier Brenda Kay Baucom Don Carson Baucom Barbara Louise Beagle Kaye Frances Beaver Ronald Eugene Beaver Paul Vincent Bechtold, Diane Maria Belk Jr. riuH iijiiil Page Eighty-jive u ' ' ' 9 f C 13 freshmen John Hatcher Bemont Patricia Ann Benfield Hilda Vada Benton Charles Nelson Bess Louise Franklin Biggers Worth Franklin Bishop, Jr. Elizabeth Ann Black Mary Elizabeth Blackman Joseph Brown Blackwelder Shirley Kramer Blackwell Beverly Blankenship Charles Hall Blankenship Bobby Ray Blevins Douglas Stephen Blue John Cloyd Blythe Robert Louis Bolick Tony Mitchell Bolick Gene Colon Best Violet Lamm Bost Donaline Jordan Bostian Trez Middleton Boulware William Thomas Boyles, HI Sandra Pearl Bradham Dale Thomas Bradley John Douglas Bridgeman James Harold Brooks Gerald Sidney Broome Granville Worth Broome, Jr. Evelyn Carol Buice Jeanette Bullock Page Eighty-iix H 19 6 3 Lloyd Richard Burris, Jr. Mary Ann Burris Sharon Ann Bush Lee Wayne Butler Richard Albert Cabaniss Harold Jenkins Caldwell John McNeill Cameron Robert Allen Canaday Elaine Laurette Carriker Dorothy Helen Carver Jerry Scott Caskey James Wayne Cathey Charles William Chapman Rebecca Gordon Choate John Olen Christenbury William Shufford Cobb Kenneth Earl Cochrane James William Coggins, Jr. Charlie Wayland Collins Susan Jane Collins John Joseph Connelly Winston Wall Covington, III William Lewis Cowan, Jr. James Lindell Cox Sally Bland Cox 1 K ' idili John Wesley Crofts, Jr. Eleanor Gaynelle Crook Ronnie Clay Culver Joseph Jenkins Currin, HI David Allen Daniel, Jr. ii p t .4 . -a ' iMmh PiTge Eig j ( -st ' i ' en r-. fij O . M ' f mfJihiiikiMd ' res b men Carolyn Sue Davis Elizabeth Patricia Davis John Burwell Davis Terry Sue Davis Charles Wayne Dean H. Jones Deason, Jr. Robert Henry Detter David Edward Dickerson Keith Arnold Dorton Clement Edward Duchesney John Martin Duncan James Morton Durham David Michael Earnhardt Edward Eugene Eaves James Gordon Eaves, Jr. James Connolly Echerd Charles Horace Edwards, Jr. Julia Carol Edwards James Wallace Elting Antoinette Violet Eubanks Teddy Warren Eurey Lemuel Pleasants P ' alkner Donald Wesley Farmer William Garland Farson Ralph Yates Faulk Rufus Neely Fertjuson Steven James Finger Michael Henry Fish Ben Morgan Flowe William Lawrence Flowers 19 6 3 George William Foster Patricia Gibson Francis John Patterson Funderburke Thomas William Gardner Paul Martin Garmon, Jr. Elmer Lee Garrett, Jr. Young Edward Garrison Barry Dean Gettys John Boyce Gibson William Mitchell Giles Deane Halsey Gilmour, Jr. Marshall Smith Glenn Rhonda Lafayette Gordon Charles William Graham, Jr. Hilda Fav Gray William Henry Greene Benjamin Franklin Grier, Jr. Julius Brent Grove William Francis Haithcock James Frederick Hamilton Lenard Clifton Hammond, Jr. Thomas .Allen Harcharik Aldridge Kirk Hardee, HI Judy Helen Hardison Douglas Wilson Harris r:3 Qj O P Kaye Frances Harris Victor Russell Harris Thomas Hendrix Hartley, Jr. Linda Louise Hartsell Hubert Rowe Hass Page Eighty-ithie freshmen Parris Kenneth Hastings, Jr. Gary John Hatcher Donald Edgar Hatley Richard David Helbein Patsy Ann Helfner Calvin Lynn Helms William Harvey Henderson Dwayne Nelson Hensley George Lee Hicks Stanton Lee Hilburn Sally Ann Hillert Larry Wayne Hines David Lee Holmes Marilyn Ann Holmes Dora Ann Hood Robert Eugene Home Freddie Jean Hosse Joseph Wesley Howard Kermit Michael Howard Don Richard Hughes Monty Dean Hunter Danley Knox Huston Michael Gene Huston Judy Lynn Idol Billy Ray Isley Hazelene Gilliam Izzard Jimmy Lee James Reece Arnaugh Jamison George Marvin Jenkins, Jr. Sarah Adelc Jenkins Page Ninety 19 6 3 Jerry Dale Jenrette Susan Jeanette Jernigan Donald Ray Johnson James Noel Johnson James Ronald Joyce Phuchong Kanthatham Theodore Paul Kaperonis Gary Dennis Kee Don Arlie Kelly John Harry Kenley, Jr. Samuel Lee Kennedy Vaudry Max Kennemore Claudia Hamlin King Diann Judy King Jack Norman King Kenneth James King, Jr. Ralph Zachary King, Jr. Robert Michael Knight Ernest Donald Kollar Basil John Komas Joseph Robert LaFone, Jr. Martha Guynn Lamm Michael Pierson Lawing Karen Gantt Ledford Katherine Linker Lentz Barry Reid Lewis William Monroe Lineberger, Jr. Judy Ann Lingerfelt Charles Wade Little Darrell Gene Little ii iil Page Ninety-one ilMMiM MimM c M HkiMgijk V -. fresh men John Edward Livingston Larry Wayne Long Robert James McAnulty John Thomas McClain Gerald Wayne McClamrock Charles Davis McClendon Benjamin Howard McCorkle Phylas Clayton McCoy, Jr. Mary Alice McGee Stephen Anthony McMakin Ethelyn McMillan Al Hendrix McNeely Elwyn Julius McSwain, Jr. Frank Withrow Macrae, III Charles Jeffory Marshall James Robert Martin Wayne Louis Martin James Marion Massengill Browdis Eugene Massey James Clayton Massey Jane Delores Maurice Virginia Lee Maxwell Leon Charles May field, Jr. George Richard Melton Fritz Young Mercer, Jr. Charles Douglas Miller Henrietta Clay Miller Judith Elizabeth Miller Ronald Christopher Miller Daniel Bruce Mills Page Ninety two 19 6 3 Robert Dennis Millsaps Martha Carol Minnick Kenneth Eugene Morris Florence Margaret Morrow Robert Winston Mullis Anne Griffith Xeal John J. Xicholaides Ronald Le%vis Gates Edgar Allen Owen, Jr. James Pixley Panther, Jr. Grady Dickson Patterson Carole Anne Payne Samuel Xorcom Payne James Leigh Pegram Ronald Howard Pence Robert Miller Penninger Jasper Miller Petty Diane EHzabeth Pinner Betty Louise Plyler Margaret Springer Poplin John Frank Potts, Jr. James Gary Poulos Marion AHce Prager Robert Dennis Pressley Marion Eugene Proctor Susan Carole Proctor Marie Andria Prutnick Deloria Tallu Purser William Xorris Purser William Bernice Queen, Jr. Page Ninety-three £ j ' » mMiM f freshmen Richard Merton Raley, Jr. Baxter Sanford Reavis, Jr. Ronald Lee Reavis Eve Barbara Renne Kranlv Kugene Reynolds James Wilson Reynolds Royer Lee Reynolds George Monroe Rivers Girvaud Lillie Roberts James Bost Roberts, III Judith Carol Robinson Ronald Watkins. Rogers John E. Rosenblatt Fred Austin Ross James p ' rankland Royster Ronald Lee Rudisill Jeffery Urbin Russell Robert Griffin Russell Sheryl Ann Scarbrough Edna Lucille Seaman Christina Ann Serigstad John Jcseph Short, Jr. Edwin Lee Sims, Jr. Sara Ann Sims Edwin Henkel Sing Margaret Carolyn Skinner Ross Lynn Slayton Ronald Ray Small Gay Thomas Smith Kearney Lsaac Smith fl Page Ninety fmir 19 6 3 Philip Alexander Smith Richard Norman Smith Shirley Kapp Smith Curtis Annette Snelling Dallas Berkley Sowell John Grady Spencer Richard Marcus Spittle, Jr. Hugh Daniel Stinson Judy Ann Stone Gary Clyde Stowe Richard Morris Stroupe Rodney Lee Stuart John Howard Sutton Gary Lee Swaringen Franklin Alonzo Swearngan Lawrence Chapman Talbot John Maurice Tankersley Linda Ruth Taylor Mary Elizabeth Taylor Glenn Ray Templin Bruce Walker Thomas Elsie Jean Thompson Linda Faye Thompson Gean Horton Thornburg Cecil Benton Threadgill, Jr. Glinda Diane Trull William Dwight Trull Ronald Eugene Tye Ronald Ley Underwood Elvin Fredrick Valentine Page Ninety-five o I JMii m. c?» rs O fresh res b men Joseph A. Vespoint Ronnie Walker Walls Steven Franklin Watts Charles Ronald Webber Doris C. Weddington Richard Fiske Wegner Nancy Jo Wells Robert Norman West George Michael White Olin Marsh Whitener James Penick Wilkerson Joseph N. Williamson, III Carl Allison Wilson William David Wilson Thomas Louis Wimbish John Dillard Workman Donald Gene Yandle Frank Victor Young, Jr. Henry Hamilton Young, HI Mary Lachicotte Young Pa e Sincly-six wonder which one oj these is a crip course. This is a much nicer line. Can I open with thirteen and registration should take you about one hour. campus life 1 don ' t really need ' em lint it makes things easier. 8:29 a.m. Page Pwinety-eifiht Campus look-alikes. They were new, and all came to assembly. This is how I got my ring . D EX.AMSI Page Ninety-nine Projile oj Charlotte College. campus life ' For vou, Teacher. " Paf e One Ihindred Oh, these early morning classes Does this food do strange things for you? The 49ers hop it up at a bonfire for C. C. Page One Hundred One |QI2!3IIIQQ Clire r T - OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOTTE, N. C. Printers off The 1963 Si Si THE GREATER For Over 68 Years . . . Your Home of Better Values Pa e One Ihiudrcd Four Compliments of McEwen Funeral Service Elizabeth Button Sewing Shop Notions - Fabrics - Dress Making - Alt. Belts Buttons Covered - Button Holes Monograming 1424 Elizabeth Ave. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone FR 5-7474 ). Aughtry, Owner CONGRATUUTIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 COCHRANE FABRIC SHOP 5703 North Tryon Opposite Mecklenburg Furniture FR 7-2997 PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1963 SI SI PORTRAITS BRUMFIELD STUDIO CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 334-7415 325 East Boulevard Page One Hundred Five Compliments of PLAZA MEN ' S STORE 1500 Central Ave. at Pecan St. " Your ianic h Yinir Castle " ABBEY REALTY COMPANY 1729 E, Independence Blvd. CHARLOTTE 5, N. C. REALTOR— MLB Office 377-5991 SHAMROCK FABRICS 1417 Eastway Drive ED 3-1678 Look smart, be smart — shop at SHAMROCK FABRICS SHOP Compliments of CUE CUSHION On The Plaza McDonald tasty food . . . thrifty prices the drive-in with the arches 3300 N. Independence Boulevard !JIM!J! J !j Vaiic Our lh,fuln;l Six WELCOME CHARLOTTE COLLEGE STUDENTS KILLIAN SUPER SERVICE K.S.S. No. 1 5718 N. Tryon K.S.S. No. 2 Intersection 29 49 K.S.S. No. 3 Highway 16 West Mobile Home Space Rentals Mobile Home Rentals COLLEGE VIEW MOBILEHOME PARK One mile from College On left just before Intersection U. S. 29 )ohn W, Killian ED 2-9437 Gene Kirk 596-0850 ' ifpS ' iS Custom and Racing Equipment Charlotte ' s Automotive Do-lt-Yourself Shop KINNARD SPEED EQUIPMENT 308 W. Morehead CHARLOTTE 6, N. C. Telephone 376-2118 a- e One HuinlrCLi Seven Compliments of CHARLOnE CHEMICAL LABORATORIES Refreshment to You Through the Years Pa e Otic Uunilred lityjit I The Home of the SUPER BOY HAMBURGERS SOUTH 21 3631 South Boulevard 3101 N. Independence Boulevard We congratulate the graduates of Charlotte College and wish for each of you much success. COMPLETE CAR SERVICE NEWELL GULF SERVICE Baxter Caldwell Phone 596-0961 EASTWAY PARK TEXACO SERVICE -FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY- 3529 N. Independence Blvd. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone KEystone 7-1635 )im Cannon. Owner R. H. BOULIGNY, INC 433 West Morehead Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Page One Hundred Nine Compliments The World Famous OPE KITCHE FOOD Italian American Restaurant Internotional MUSIC ATMOSPHERE 1318 W. Morehead f utli ' i ailiion —)hoppe EXCLUSIVE APPAREL 3032 Eastwoy Dr., Shopping Center Telephone 537-2964 Member First Union National Charge Plan Ring Sizing Stone Setting R. T. JONES, Jewelers EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING 1 YEAR GUARANTEED 3028 Eastway Dr., Shoping Center Charms Better Costume Jewelry EASTWAY MUSIC TV CENTER 3042-44 Eastway Drive (Eastway Shopping Center) Phone 537-4456—57 " Your Neighborhood Complete Home Entertainment Center " All The Latest Hits on Records • Popular • Jazz • Classics • And many others • Television Sets • Stereo Phono- graphs • Small Appliances Complete line of greeting cards We invite you to visit us often. CL. m, . oi ' le, JUtd. The House of Cou turier Designs, Formals, etc. Men ' s Formal s to Rent Member First Unior Charge Plan 1531 E. 3lvd. ED 2 1474 COUNTRY SQUIRE, Inc. Sportswear For Distinctive Men and Women Corner of Eastway Drive at Central Avenue Vuffi One WundrciX Ten H F Feed, Seed Hardware 5744 N. Tryon Street FR 6-6935 See us for your FEEDS, SEEDS, AND HARDWARE MOREHEAD BOWLING CUE LOUNGE 919 ' 2 E. Morehead Street Phone ED 4-3761 Finest Cue Lounge in the South • Ladies invited • Boys, bring your girl friends • Completely remodeled ( hwicDaL Si JOiL JCoiujl 1800 W. Morehead Street Charlotte, North Carolina ED 2-2414 Page One Hundred Eleven laFibdJi i fnn Leading Jewelers Since 1896 104 South Tryon Street 813 Providence Road LITTLE HARDWARE COMPANY HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 1334 SOUTH MINT ST. ED 3-3133 CHARLOTTE 3, N. C. VISIT COLLEGE DOWNS DAVIS AND DAVIS REALTY COMPANY, Inc. Suite 901 201 South Tryon Building CHARLOTTE, N. C. Telephone EDison 3-0564 ELECTRIC HEATING TROUBLE-FREE No burners to clog, no Kiel to stor« No tanks or pipes to check Fewer ports to weor out ECONOMICAL Duke ' s oil-electric heating rat© provides sovings Individual room thermostats provide economy of zoned heat SAFE at an ELECTRIC LIGHT No flome-hot sur oces to scorch of bum No flames or fumes CUTS CLEANING COSTS No smoke, soot or other combustion products Furnishings. woHs ond woodwork stov c €Qn Ouk« Power neither tells not inttoils Electric Comfort hteotmg, txit will provide full infomKJtion ond tt e nofT»« of quo ' l ' led h«ot dealers DUK(£) POWER COMPANY Paf e ()}ic Uuudred Twelve A - i: . CHARLOTTE COLLEGE LIBRARY CHARLOTTE. N. C

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

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