University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC)

 - Class of 1962

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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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9 REGGIE YORK, EDITOR • LARRY CRUSE, BUS. MGR, i :l1iin|B)Hii|l luiiiimtfxiiiii! jiiliijiij -i I I ■- :::ii Mi in r r- ' ■ - " - •tr ■ ■ ' .f ■ ■ . % FOREWORD The Charlotte Center of the University of North Carohna was estabhshed in 1946 in the Central High School building. In 1947, Miss Bonnie E. Cone was named director of the school, and remained as direc- JV NJI ' ' when the center became Char- lotte College in 9 " I 1949. At the begin- Tk Z ning, Charlotte College had active organizations, activities, and a large sports pro- Miss Cone — 1947 gram for its three hundred students. The faculty has grown from one full-time instructor, Miss Mary Denny, W « - and several part-time instructors to thirty full-time and thirty-one part-time instructors. Miss Denny — 1947 a In the fall of 1961, the College moved to its new campus, designed by noted architect A. G. Odell, Jr. A. G. Odell, Jr. Located on Highway 49 North, the college, under the direction of its President, Dr. Cone, now serves over nine hundred students. Page FouT sSC- fj?-!;. . gH " -a kT- ' -sc- " -- M 1 in i ■ VTl 1 B IL IL. U — — ■tSm m mf " CHARLOTTE Charlotte Collegian staff of 1950 at work. Charlotte Collegian staff of 1962 at work. ORGANIZATIONS TUESDAY. OCTOUrk II |»17 f Ld Jb- d U- C. C. U. N. C. football team of 1947. % SPORTS Charlotte College basketball team of 1961-62. C. C. students doing the " Bunny Hop " in 1954. Queen and court during Christmas Dance of 1961. FEATURES COLLEGE STORY Classroom of old campus. CLASSES Classroom of new campus. Miss Cone when C. C. U. N. C. became C. C. in 1949. Dr. Cone in 1961. ADMINISTRATION FACULTY f iiiiil mEHtf Old campus. New campus. ADVERTISEMENTS I DEDICATION For his service to Charlotte College, his sincere devotion and unselfish work, the staff of the Si Si dedicates this twelfth edition to Dr. Herbert Hechenbleikner. Page Eight DR. HERBERT HECHENBLEIKNER Page Nine I i STUDENT COUNCIL I Bill Ferguson President Jeannie Glasgow Secretary Johnny Sayers Vice-President Francis Cline Treasurer Page Twelve r " b Andrews bby Crump ary Helms 3nda Long irv S adler Herbert Baker John Boling Clinton Canaday Chris Collins Larry Cruse Murray DeYoung John Duckworth Janice Giles Carol ' Holden Gene Home Mildred Hunter Lloyd Lane Rodney Love Florence Morrow Robert Owens Larry Reynolds Mike Sellers Gayle Smith Dan Thigpen Reggie York Page Thirteen STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEES Mrs. Winningham Student Council Advisor The Student Council is the voice of the students of Charlotte College. The purposes of the Council are to develop leadership and character among the students, to keep them informed of all school activities, and to ad- minister the business of the Student Govern- ment Association. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE The Assembly Committee is in charge of all arrangements for Student Government assemblies. Seated: Mike Sellers, Chairman Standing: Johnny Sayers, John Jolly, Mary Fisher, Linda Mayhew, Ira Madans. FINANCE COMMITTEE Approving budget requests, making finan- cial reports, and managing all funds pertain- ing to student activities, are the responsibili- ties of the Finance Committee. Seated: Francis Cline, Chairman Standing: Bobby Crump, Mary Helms, Johnny Sayers. - f Page Fourteen SOCIAL COMMITTEE The Social Committee has the respon- sibihty of planning social activities for the students. This year the committee planned three major dances as well as coffee hours, picnics and other activities. Florence Morrow, Chairman, John Duck- worth. Doris Jarrett, Judy Idol, Mildred Hunter, Doris Ann Hoover, Bill Newman, Rodnev Lo ' e. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Publicity Committee is respon- sible for the release of all publicity con- nected with basketball games, dances and other school functions. Posters, ra- dio announcements and newspapers are some of the media used by the commit- tee to publicize these activities. Seated: Brenda Long, Co-Chairman Not Pictured: John Duckworth, Co-Chairman Standing: Alona Stewart, Connie Marley, Barry Hinson, Doris Ann Hoover, Barbara Blythe, Carol Holden. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Being responsible for all Student Gov- ernment elections, the Elections Com- mittee makes preliminary preparations for voting, counts the ' Otes and publi- cizes the results. Seated: Bobby Crump, Chairman Standing: Larry Reynolds, Bob Owens, Francis Cline, Clinton Canaday, John Boling. Page Fifteen Larry Cruse iiishiess Maiiaoer Si Si Mary Fisher Associate Editor Reggie York Editor-in-Chief Alona Stewart Class Ed itor Rodney Love Feature Editor i 1 U iis nis i pjl 1 TOtt k p« .ll v.. :, ' , |(( Pc- • Veierans I- " " ' • N " ' t " -. -- k j B. John Duckworth Sports Editor Judy Idol Organizations Editor Bill Ferguson Irt Editor Page Seventeen STAFF ASSISTANTS Carol Holden Brenda Long Bill Newman Photographer Connie Marley Mike Kelly Florence Morrow Page Eighteen Jim Ireland Photographer Pat Norman Page Nineteen THE CHARLOTTE COLLEGIAN Chris Collins Editor-in-Chief Gene Horne Associate Editor Charles Hair Prodttction Manager John Boling Business Manaser Page Twenty Seated: Chris Collins. Standing: John Boling, Brad Keistler, Charles Hair, Charlotte Gibson, Dennis Whitaker. The Charlotte Collegian, re-organized each year under new leadership, is " the newspaper voice of Charlotte Col- lege. " 7 ' Page Twenty-one Rodney Love Co-chairman Reggie York Co-chairman The members of the Freshman Advisory Council orient new students to Charlotte College, help them with registra- tion and assist faculty advisors in counseling during Orienta- tion Week and throughout the year. FRESHMAN ADVISORY COUNCIL Dan Thigpen, John Boling, Mike Sellers, Larry Cruse, Florence Morrow, Francis Cline, Lloyd Lane, Bob Andrews, Johnny Sayers, Bobby Crump, Larry Reynolds. Page Twenty-two Gladys Allgood Porter Chief Marshal FiTZHUGH Lee Austin MARSHALS The Commencement Marshals are rising sophomores who have maintained the highest scholastic averages. They usher for commencement, the Baccalaureate Sermon, and special events. Christian Curtis Collins Garth Michele Ferguson John Hunter McCoy William Edward Morrison Page Twenty-three PHI THETA KAPPA Phi Theta Kappa is a national hono- rary scholastic society. Students who have the highest academic averages and who display sound moral character are eligible for membership. Christia.n Curtis Collins Mildred Hunter Garth Michele Ferguson Gladys Allgood Porter FiTZHUGH Lee Austin Chairman Page Twenty-four CHARLOTTE COLLEGE CHORUS Highlights of the year for the Char- lotte College Chorus were the Christmas and spring concerts and two half-hour programs on WSOC-TV. First row: Florence Morrow, Mary Helms, Doris Ann Hoover, Cleveland Beacham, Judy Murdoch, Doris Jarrett. Second row: Rodney Love, Francis Cline, Vann Trapp, Gene Knott, Bill Ferguson, Accompanist, David Lindeman, Bobby Crump, Morris Spearman, Jerry Poplin. Third row: Elaine Carriker, Charlotte Gibson, Judy Morgan, Jan Shive, Kitty Lacy, Dianne Howard, Loma Byers, Reggie York, Mr. Woodruff, Director. Page Twenty-five Bill Pipkin President Sidney Linker Secretary M. W. Grass Vice-President Joe Murdoch Treasurer SIGMA LAMBDA CHI Sigma Lambda Chi provides whole- some social activities for its members and serves the college. The Sigma Lambda Chi Scholarship is awarded an- nually to a freshman. The fraternity raises the money by sponsoring various projects throughout the year. lAX Larry Allen, Edward Blanton, Gary Brewer, Lloyd Burris, John Grump, John Furr, Marty Garmon, George Greenoe, Barry Hinson, Charles Holland, Ronnie Joyce, Lloyd Lane, Jeff Marshall, Lane MuUis. k Jf% J k J k J Page Twenty-six Ccmtributing to United Appeal. Picking up rocks on campus. Ronald Polk, Gordon Richards, Gary Russell, Darrel Russo, Edwin Scott, Herbert Smith, Kapp Smith, Wallace Smith, H. B. Staton, Heath Strawn, Jerry Vassey, Hugh Walker, Roger Walker, Steve Watts. h M M Page Twenty-seven Pledges Initiation i Page Twenty-eight SWEETHEART OF SIGMA LAMBDA CHI Linda Pipkin Page Twenty-nine NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Seated: Miss Denny, Advisor First row: Pat Norman, Petronella Coulter, Marilyn Holmes, Jan Shive. Second row: Mary Fisher, Rodney Love, Larry Lynn. The Charlotte College Student Na- tional Education Association serves stu- dents interested in the teaching profes- sion. Effie Bishop Wk i President M K ' 1 Petronella Coulter Vice-President f ( Pat Norman Secretary 4 Bill Ferguson Sh Treasurer i 4 tf f A k. Page Thirty COLLEGIATE CIVITAN CLUB John Cochran President Clinton Canaday Vice-President Reggie York Secretary Js hAtMd The purposes of the Collegiate Civitan Club are to serve the College and community and to promote good citizenship. Through various projects, the Collegiate Civitan Club achieves these purposes. Seated: John Cochran. Standing: Larry Reynolds, Bobby Crump, Clinton Canaday, Francis CHne, Dave Douglas, John Duckworth, Harry Holden. Page Thirty-one ,s John Cochran President Petronella Coulter Secretary-Treastirer COLLEGIATE COUNCIL FOR THE UNITED NATIONS Mt The Collegiate Council for the United Na- tions has become one of the most active clubs on campus. Representatives attended model U. N. General Assemblies and a conference in New York, where Prime Minister Nehru of India was the principal speaker. A " dinner of world-wide foods " was given for foreign students attending nearby colleges. Page Thirty-two f Petronella Coulter, Larry Dewhurst, Doris Ann Hoover, Gay Porter, Bob Andrews, John Cochran, Reggie York, Larry Lynn, Mary Jane Gosline, George Thomas, Diana Morrow, Dianna Home. miimmt i , ' .i Page ThiTty-three 4 Chaklotte Gibson Secretary Bill Starr President Petronella Coulter Vice-President LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Through Le Cercle Francais the stu- dents receive a better understanding and appreciation of the French civilization. Carol Holden, Jimmy Dutton, Bill Ferguson, David Allen, Joyce Almon, Bill Duckworth, Jim Flowers, Dr. Macy, Advisor, Mike Sellers, Reggie York, Charlotte Gibson, Bill Starr, Nicky Komas, George Burkhalter, Petronella Coulter, Jim Clark, Johnny Sayers. Page Thirty-four V ' -Jl i« r ur ' • ' ENGINEERS ' CLUB The Engineers ' Club is designed to give the student engineer a greater un- derstanding of all phases of engineering. Francis Cline Clinton Canaday President Vice-President Bobby Crump Larry Reynolds Secretary Treasurer Seated: Francis Cline Standing: Mr. Darholt, Advisor, Bob Alexander, Sandy Stokes, Bill Logan, Clinton Canaday, Bobby Crump, Larry Reynolds, Murray DeYoung. Page Thirty-five BOND RALLY „ -, - Page Thirty-six Page Thirty-seven Front row: Ed Owens, Jimmy James, Butch Gilbert, Bubba Rion, Eugene Todd, Coach. Back row: Sam Dunlap, Assistant Coach, Gordon Richards, Marshall Greene, Ronnie Greene, Ken Bailey, Sammv Payne; not pictured: Broadus Taylor. BASKETBALL ' 6 2 Bubba Rion Captain Eugene Todd Sam Dunlap Ronnie Greene Coach Assistant Coach Co ' Captain IiMMY James BuBBA RiON Ronnie Greene Butch Gilbert Marshall Greene Gordon Richards mii RONNIE GREENE ALL-CONFERENCE For his outstanding ability throughout the season, climaxed by a thirty-two point effort in the last game of the Virginia-Carolina Tournament, Ronnie Greene was chosen as center for the All-Conference Team. Since he is the first Charlotte College player se- lected for the All-Conference Team, Ronnie has added prestige to the Owls. Doris Ann Hoover Baiba Lukevics Tor Smith Carol Holden Connie Marley Page Forty-four Mildred Hunter Head Cheerleader CHEERLEADERS This year the cheerleaders have added tre- mendously to the school spirit at Charlotte College. They have attended almost every basketball game and have proved themselves worthy of much praise. IjArbara Blythe Co-head Cheerleader i M 1 1 I CHRISTMAS QUEEN Barbara Blythe Page Forty-eight Mary Sadler - V Carol Holden CHRISTMAS COURT Brenda Long Linda Mayhew Connie Marley Florence Morrow KING OF HEARTS Page Fifty Reggie York Km QUEEN OF HEARTS Carol Holden Page Fifty-one VALENTINE COURT Robert Owens Connie Marley Rodney Love Mary Fisher Page Fifty-two DBU tmm mmmM % MR. MISS CHARLOTTE COLLEGE DwiGHT ChrISTENBURY Florence Morrow Page Fifty-three Mary Fisher Page Fifty-four CAMPUS QUEENS Sarah Freeman ■SOU Mildred Hunter CAMPUS QUEENS Brenda Long f flgc Fifty-five Diana Morrow CAMPUS QUEENS Mary Sadler Page Fifty-six i Rra IN WW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Bob Owens Vice-President Rodney Love President Dan Thigpen Secretary-Treasurer Page Sixty SOPHOMORES n o George Elbert Allen Larry Donald Allen Carole Louise Bleimeyer John Walter Boeing Donald Ray Allred Robert Powell Andrews John Franklin Bost, III Carl Plott Burrus FiTZHLiGH Lee Austin, III David Cranford Barnes, Jr. William Clinton Canaday Melvin Douglas Carson Jessy David Baughan Gary Lynn Bell Donald Lee Carter Lo ' D Edwin Chambers John Henry Bell, Jr. James Franklin Bennett Glenn Francis Cline John Thomas Cochran Larry Wayne Benton Roy T. Blanton Christlan Curtis Collins Richard Dale Conrad V MJtk ' h M Page Sixty -one miM tM AdfM SOPHOMORES Petoonella Mayer Coulter Wallace E. Cowan JofTN HE fRY DUBOSE Samuel John Duckworth Robert Sylvester Crump, Jr. Larry Orlin Cruse Samuel James Earnhardt William Croker Eason Bruce Alfred Curlee Jerry Stewart Curry Johnny Albert Faulkenberry Garth Michele Ferguson James Clifton Davis William Javan Davis Jeannie McKay Glasgow Mary Jane Gosline Barbara Ann Denson James Murray DeYoung, Jr. M. W. Grass, Jr. Marshall Steele Greene John 1 Ierbert Deyton Charles Weldon Dixon Ronald Thomas Greene William Wendell Greene dtk2 Page Sixty-two SOPHOMORES Steve Wiley Haas Anthony Reed Hanna Mildred Ann Hunter James Patrick Jackson Roy Lee Hartis, Jr. Marvin Flay Henderson, Jr. James Martin Jewell William Joseph Korbler Robert Allen Hensel Laurin Kenneth Hinson Frank August Kretschmer Richard Allen Laity Charles Edward Holland Katy Connor Hollingswobth John H. Lee, Jr. William Carlson Logan Doris Ann Hoover DiANNA Lee Horne George Earl Long Rodney Raeford Love William Edward Horne Jean Montgomery Hudcins John Hunter McCoy James Thomas Manning, Jr. Page Sixty-three — SOPHOMORES Henry Barnes Marshall Robert Milton Martin Patricia Ann Norman Robert Julian Owens Linda Marion Mayhew Kenneth Ross Meredith Charles Emory Petty, Jr. Judith Blackwell Pope James Bernard Miller Marshall Dean Moore, Jr. Jerry Melvin Poplin Gladys Allgood Porter Robert Lee NiooRE William Edward Morrison Ann Elizabeth Potts William Kress Query Diana Lee Morrow • V: DoNNiE Clifton Mullis Sidney Blair Rayfield Larry Clifford Reynolds |-R, NCis Johnstone Murdoch William Denver Neely, Jr. Edward Whaley Rion Billy Forney Roseman ' A rh Page Sixty-fc ur L SOPHOMORES Thomas Wallace Ross, Jr. Garlin James Russell William Worthlngton Starr James Carl Stewart JoHNTsT Gordon Sayers Edutn Robinson Scott, Jr. Milford Franklin Stumpf George Jacob Swart Jerry Lee Shurig James Edwin Sinclair William Denny Swing Dennis Gerard Whitaker Frederick Warren Sing John Peter Smelik Kenneth William Wilkinson Ross Braswell Williams Herbert Wilford Smith Thomas Patterson Smith Thomas Donald Willingham James Dale Yandle James Morris Spearman Joe Lee Starnes Reginald Oscar York Ray Everett Young th M Page Sixty-five ' «st: + 1 i ia» FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Carol Holden Vice-President Ronnie Joyce President Brenda Lonc Secretary-Treasurer Page Seventy FRESHMEN David Lawrence Adams LeRoy Hammond Adams, III Alan Gordon Aitken Howard Walton Aldred Robert Earl Alexander David Huggins Allen George Milton Allen Victor Roy Allison, III Joyce Etta Almon . Wallace L. Ammons John Steen Arthur Larry James Atkinson John Lee Atwell Roy Franklin Atwell James Clyde Aycock Glenn Edward Bailey Kenneth Edward Bailey Herbert Hoyle Baker Carolyn Maner Barnett Julian Henry Barnett James William Bamette, Jr. Cleatus Barron Bartlett, Jr. Maurice Randolph Batts Cleveland Eula Beacham Calvin Hugh Beckvwth James Brent Belton Richard Grathwol Bemish John Miller Berry Joyce Elizabeth Berryhill Marilyn Ann Beskie o p. p ex % yr £M Page Seventy-one gi f gtM h m FRESHMEN Paul Bjorneboe, Jr. Albert Walton Black Marjorie Elizabeth Blackman Beverly Blankenship Lucile H. Blanton Barbara Eubanks Blythe Rolland Lee Blythe Charles Walter Boone Linda Mae Best Violet Lamm Bost George Harold Bowers Jackie Roland Bradshaw Gwenette Gail Brafford Richard Lynn Braswell William Edward Brewington, Jr. James Andrew Brock, II Edward William Brody, Jr. Donald Alfred Brooks Robert Eugene Brooks Gary Artford Broome Vernon Cresswell Brotherton Charlotte Lee Brower Jerry Marshall Brown Robert Monroe Brown Robert TTiomas Brown Doris Lorene Burdette Betty Stanford Burger George Anton Burkhalter Charles Gordon Bum Henry Owens Bums Page Seventy-two FRESHMEN Lloyd Richard Burns Richard Albert Cabanis? James Fredrick Caldwell, Jr. Sammy Moffett Caldwell Emmett Allen Canaday Julian Edwin Carnes, Jr. Keith Edward Carpenter Samuel Eugene Carpenter, Jr. Elaine Laurette Carriker Richard Edward Carroll Stuart Pierce Carroll Hugh Durant Cashion, Jr. Carris Manley Caudle, Jr. Edwin Gene Caveness Robert Weightstill Chambers John Carroll Chipley John Olen Christenbury James Robert Clark Roger Glynn Cleaver Carl R. Cline Wanda Jeanne Cline Raeford Warren Clontz Curtis Lowe Cloud, Jr. Billy Elmer Coggins Brian Donald Cole Rosemary Conchita Collins Thomas Alvin Corbett, Jr. Mary Ellen Cornelius Hiram Archie Costner, III Larry Roy Cox itJt..M kJfk f . f d tjkntM C mi . «0 " . Page Seventy-three J0ll ° ' k fjf, -P .Q. f! FRESHMEN Robert Whitney Graver John Edward Crosby John Hugh Crump William Smart Darsey Dean Jackson Davis Larry Jerome Davis Hoyle Jones Deason, Jr. James Flinn DeRamus Lawrence Harry Dewhurst Helen Dianne Dorton David Ronald Douglas Harold Franklin Douglas William Clyde Duckworth Dorothy Anne Duff William Foster Dugan William Wayne Duncan ITiomas McDonald Dunn James Morton Durham James Ralph Dutton Thomas Clark Dutton James Allen Earnhardt Lois Ellen Earnhardt Charles Dwight Edwards, Jr. Margaret Ann Ellis William Henry Ennis, III Clarence Hugh Ewing Ralph Yates Faulk Michael Brown Field Daniel Sloan Fincannon Mary Jane Fisher Page Seventy-fouT FRESHMEN Aubrey Merrill Fleming James Ray Flowers, Jr. William Lawrence Flowers Donald Ray Foster John Roberts Foster Sarah Elizabeth Freeman Linda Carole Frisby John Wesley Furr Frank Wilson Futrell, Jr. Judy Diane Gable Paul Martin Garmon, Jr. Young Edward Garrison Henry Elliott Gatehouse Louise Ann Gathings Eric Flynn George Iraj Ghaemmaghami Charlotte Ann Gibson Foy Ralph Gilbert Janice Elizabeth Giles Kenneth Eugene Gilleland David Richard Goode Harvey Wilson Gouch George Washington Graham, Jr. Larry Reed Greene Malachi Jerome Greene George Patterson Greenoe John Elmore Grentzer Benjamin Franklin Crier William Jeffers Griffin Richard Steven Groner MiMM ' M Page Seventy-five Md k M hJik FRESHMEN Beth Sue Groom John WilHam Gwinn Thomas Allen Harcharik Aldridge Kirk Hardee, III Richard McCalla Hardesty Conley Cooper Harris Richard Hunter Harris James Allen Harris James Robert Harris William Parker Harris Alice Craddock Harrison Robert Everett Hartman, Jr. Calvin Bennett Hasty Marvin Luther Helms Mary Alice Helms Nancy Elma Helms Van Eugene Helms Walter Lee Helms, Jr. Charles David Helton Edward Lynn Hicks David Lynn Hill Winfred Norman Hill Barry Franklin Hinson Clarence W. Hobbs Daniel Melvin Hoffman Carol Jean Holden Harry Richard Holden David Lee Holmes Marilyn Ann Holmes Joe Glenn Honeycutt Page Seventy-six FRESHMEN WajTie Harris Hooks Laurent Novikoff Home Phyllis Jean Home Robert Eugene Home Ray Jackson Hough Rebecca Dianne Howard Thomas Jackson Howard Kermit Michael Howard James Van Howell, Jr. Boyce William Howie Heath Brewer Howie, Jr. James Gilmer Howie Milton Lee Hubbard Don Richard Hughes Jon Randell Hughes Bill Bames Hunnicutt Barbara Marian Hunter Anna Mariah Hyder Judy Lynn Idol James W. Ingram Jimmy Lee James Ronald J. Janott Dudney Marvin Jamagin Doris Annette Jarrett Bennie Gerald Johnson Charles Vance Johnson, Jr. Donald Ray Johnson John Russell Jolly, Jr. Finley Herman Jones Gerald Miller Jones tm i dri Page Seventy-seven FRESHMEN Judith Ellen Jones James Ronald Joyce Edward Pou Keen, Jr. John Michael Kelly George Manuel Kennedy Vaudry Max Kennemore Emily Marcia Kerns Joe Rodney King Michael Paul Kinnard Patricia Reville Kinnard James Peter Kistler, III Earle Eugene Knott, Jr. Nicolas John Komas Noah Morris Kraft Lloyd George Lane Ann DeBerry Lanning James Franklin Lavender Phyllis Jo Leazer William Roosevelt Ledford Jerry Guy Leedy Philip Aden Levine David Morley Lindeman Henrietta Linker Sidney Jackson Linker Darrell Gene Little Larry Eugene Litde Mary Alice Little John Edward Livingston Brenda Anne Long Jerry Wilson Long Page Seventy-eight FRESHMEN William Marshall Long Larry Dale Loving Wayne Thomas Lowery Baiba Lukevics Larry H. Lynn William Edward McArver Ellis MacDonald McCorkle Priscilla Blanton McCrorie David Fetzer McDonald William Eugene McDonald Calvin Luther McGowan Jerry Reid McGraw Myron David McGuirt La Verne Mcllwaine Alfred Welch Mcintosh James Robert McKeel Donald David McLeod, Jr. Al Hendrix McNeely Malcolm Jerome McSwain Thomas Franklin McWhirter Ira Michael Madans Connie Jane Marley Joyce Ann Marlovife Charles Jeffory Marshall Robert Edgar Martin Joan Francine Meacham John Franklin Meacham Charles Thomas Melton Hugh Gary Miller James Campbell Miller Cj. ii|P f J Vil , U-l U f S; J, sMdijk t JtMJtk FRESHMEN Joseph Robert Miller Ronald Christopher Miller Daniel Bruce Mills Lou Jean Mills John Sherrill Monahan Philip Toler Montgomery James Joseph Moore Judith Kay Morgan Lloyd Glen Morris, Jr. Florence Margaret Monow Richard D. Morton Richard Lane Mulhs Robert Winston Mullis Judith Fitzjohn Murdoch Harry Clifton Murr William MacArthur Nance Nathan Tomlinson Neely, Jr. William Marshall Newman Jerry Arthur Nichols Peggy Hilker Noreen Norman Davis Norwood Ronald Lewis Gates Young Michael G ' Connor Eugene Franklin Gliver Edward June Gsborne Grion Taylor Osborne Edgar Allen Gwen, Jr. Doyle Wayne Gwens George Richard Parker, Jr. Samuel Norcum Payne Page Eighty tsa FRESHMEN Charles C. Peach Robert Alfred Pearson Jerry Monroe Pender Judy Gail Penegar Enrique Percal Frank TTiomason Pharr Edward Lee Philemon John Christopher Phillips, III Perry Thomas Phillips j James DeArmon Philmon Linda Schubert Pipkin Jerrie Lynn Pittard Ronald Kenneth Polk John Frank Potts, Jr. Melvin Glenn Preston Samuel Kendrick Price Claude Ervin Raby, Jr. James Barry Ranson Baxter Sanford Reavis, Jr. Alexander Phipps Reddeck Tommy Clarence Reep James Monroe Rhyne, Jr. Gordon Smith Richards Guy Nelson Riggs Ronald Fred Ritter Jane Russell Robertson Richard Charles Robeson Alexander McAuley Robinson, Jr. Franklin Wayne Rogers Frank Elwood Rohleder, Jr. £: f Page Eighty-one dkdM iM r I-: s? " i Adk FRESHMEN Margaret Ellen Ross Joseph Curtis Royal William Tandy Royster, Jr. Kenneth Edward Rubin James Paul Rudisill, Jr. Gary Franklin Russell Bruce Ludvig Russo James Darrel Russo Mary Louise Sadler Ronald Hendrix Sadler Drew Paschal Saunders John Anthony Schachner Maurice Clinton Scruggs Edna Lucille Seaman Ruth Carolyn Secrest David Porter Shaffner Jan Carol Shive Patrick Dinkins Shue Calvin Lester Sigraon David Vann Simpson George Orville Simpson Harold Wayne Simpson Melanie Anne Simpson Edgar Basil Sisson, Jr. Charles Edward Sizemore Jack Cannon Sizemore Margaret Mildred Sloop Ernest Glenn Smart Gayle Little Smith Howard Carlyle Smith, Jr. Page Eighty-two isflgd FRESHMEN Miriam Paxton Smith Philip Alexander Smith Shirley Kapp Smith, II Wallace Edward Smith William Marcellus Smith, Jr. Glenda Sharon Smothers William Austin Soiset Carl Caughman Sox, Jr. William Albert Springs Kenneth Arnold Squires Gary Edward Stakes Herman Burnell Staton, Jr. William Wheeler Sternbergh Alona Junice Stewart Garold Allen Stewart, III John Niles Stewart Mary Lou Stilwell James Boyd Stokes, Jr. Heath Lee Strawn, Jr. Zebulon Carson Strawn, Jr. John Joseph Sutherland Gerald Howard Talbert Fredric Lee Tathwell James Broadus Taylor, Jr. Robert Tilden Taylor Daniel Grover Thigpen, III George TTiomas Hattie Rebecca Thomason David J. Carter Thomasson, Jr. Michael Wayne Thomasson O f .. a k k. Page Eighty-three M MkdM itMdM Mk kjik FRESHMEN William Archie TTiompson, Jr. Melvin Douglas Threatt Ida Jane Tidwell Roy Wilton Tiller Carl Clifford Tinch, Jr. Vann Owen Trapp Larry Gene Tucker Sarah Marie Tucker Charles Perry Turnipseed Clarence Michael Underwood Edwin Ray Van Camp James Douglas Vanderburg James Jerry Vassey Lawrence Edward Vinson Edward Ray Walden Hugh Anderson Walker, Jr. James Hervey Walker Robert Lochlin Walker Roger Lee Walker Phillip Lee Wally Russell Gary Walters Parris Mills Warwick Mary Wilson Waterstradt Harry Davis Watson, Jr. Michael Roy Watts Steven Franklin Watts Belve Royster Weathers, II Richard Fiske Wegner William Pierce Wells, Jr. James Orville Wentz Page Eighty-four eat FRESHMEN Barney Ray West Barnie Franklin Whitley, Jr. Robert Wayne Whitton Richard Stanley Wilkinson, Jr Donald Terry Williams Maxie Ralph Williams William Burke Wills George Addison Wilson George Arnold Wilson Johnny Edgar Wilson Richard Deems Wilson Robert Edwin Wilson, Jr. William Albert Wilson, Jr. Ernest Smith Wood John Andrew Wood, Jr. Stephen Smith Woodrow Jane Hester Wyndham William Clayton Yancy Donald Gene Yandle Francis Anthony Zieverink Leo Johannes Zoutewellc rt!;iS i I f V ' n iSMki M JkJiM Page Eighty-five 1 m. 1 jTyT ffl s TiMiaa l: ' 1 i ' . ' M A .aii- r i rn m .. i • bV ik 11 ■ :•?« «aii Page Eighty-eight Bonnie E. Cone President B.S., Coker College M.A., Duke University LL.D., Da ' idson College Litt.D., Coker College ViSt W. L. Yarbrough Business Manager B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College Mildred English Director of Student Personnel B.S., Richmond Professional Institute M.A., Syracuse University H. T. HiGGiNs, Jr. Registrar B.S. , Presbyterian College M.Ed., University of North Carolina RoMONA F. Potter Public Relations Coordinator Alumni Secretary A.B., Ripon College Page Eighty-nine JuANiTA Sims Faye McCurry SECRETARIES Betty Adkins Thelma Cathey Linda Patterson LissETTE Conner FACULTY L. Evelyn Baker A.B., W ' inthrop College A.M., Duke University Percy L. Bernstein B.E., Tulane Universitv M.A.T., Duke Universitv English Mathematics Warren D. Blair Shorthand A.A., Charlotte College A.B., Uni ' ersity of North Carolina LL.B.. University of North Carolina W. B. Harold Corkey Philosophy, Psychology and Religion A.B., Queens University Jerome O. Darholt Engineerins Graphics, Mechanical Technology B.M.E., North Carolina State College Mary R. Denny English A.B., Salem College A.M., Duke University English Man, ' S. Fore . A.B., Winthrop College A.M., Columbia Universitv Cloyd S. Goodrum, Jr. Mathematics B.A.E.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute A.M.. University of North Carolina Philip J. Green History A.B.. M.A., University of Alabama Ph.D., University of Chicago Jane E. Harrison Accounting A.B., Randolph-.Macon College M.B.A.. Indiana University Herbert Hechcnbleikner Botany, Geology and Zoology A,B., University of North Carolina A..M., Ph.D., Harvard University Frances B. Hoyle Spanish A.B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina A.M., New York Universitv Page Ninety-one FACULTY Flora S. Huntley History B.A., Uni ' ersity of New Zealand Oma C. Lafferty History B.A., Tulane University M.A., University of Chicago Martha E. Lawrence . . Mathematics B.A.. Winthrop College M.A.. Duke University Pierre Macy French Bachelier es lettres, Uni ' ersite de Nancy Licencie es lettres, Uni ' ersite de Dijon Agrege des lettres, Docteur es lettres, Universite de Paris Eleanor M. Markham Mathematics A.B., A.M.. Duke University John H. Norman Chemistry A.B., Erskine College M.A., University of North Carolina Donald G. Ousley Accounting B.S., Pfeiffer College Verne R. Ploger Economics and History B.G.E., M.A., University of Omaha Emily S. Rountree Mathematics B.S., University of South Carolina Mozelle S. Scherger Librarian B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College B.S.L.S., University of North Carolina DeWitt H. Scott Journalism A.B., University of Florida M.S., Boston University Sina Serinken Surveying B.S.C.E., Robert College M.S., Duke University Page Ninety-two FACULTY Jadwiga Solecka German and Spanish " Magister. " University of Lwow Maurice J. Stoughton Electrical Engineering A.B., Han ' ard University M.S., Princeton University Clyde Swofford Mathematics A.B., Wake Forest College Shirley Tarlton Assistant Librarian A.B., Queens College Mark F. Tinkham Physics A.B., M.Ed., University of North Carolina Joseph B. Whitener Chemistry A.B., M.A., Trinity College (Duke University) Sadie H. Williamson Business Law and Accounting A.B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina M.S., University of North Carolina Edyth F. Winningham History and Political Science A.B., University of North Dakota A.M., University of North Carolina Nancy S. Womack Typing and Shorthand B.S.S.A.-T., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina Harvey L. Woodruff Choral Director B.S., New York University M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University Page Ninety-three r ' William F. Hutchison Building Superintendent " H- ifSw., ' Ruth Holden Manager of Bookstore and Snack Bar Page Ninety-four ADVERTISEMENTS For Over 61 Years . . . Your Home of Better Values fage Ninely-five 2826 Griffifh Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 332-3086 IR CONTROL, INC. Commercial — Industrial Air Conditioning and Heating Sheet Metal Fabrication Dampers and Louvers " Finest in Flowers " 1933 E. Seventh St. Phone ED 3-8846 CARRIKER EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 112 Builders Building Phone EDison 4-1697 We congratL jiate the graduates of Charlotte College and wish for each of you mud 1 success. R. H. BOULIGNY, 433 West Morehead Street INC. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Page Nmcfy-sb: BS larikliJi t fnu Leading Jewelers Since 1896 104 South Tryon Street 813 Providence Road Refreshment to You Through the Years Compliments of CHARLOnE CHEMICAL LABORATORIES BARBRE REALTY COMPANY REAL ESTATE SALES 1512 Central Avenue ED 4-3049 20 Years In East Mecklenburg REAL ESTATE Compliments of Eitobnihxi lasi THERE S NO PEACE LIKE NOME CHARLOTTE ' S LARGEST HOME FURNISHERS 227 North Tryon Street ED 2-7144 Page Ninety-seven We are enthusiastically watching Charlotte College grow! DAVIS AND DAVIS REALTY COMPANY, INC. Suite 901 201 South Tryon Building Telephone EDison 3-0564 CHARLOTTE, N. C. BIGGERS BROTHERS, INC. WHOLESALE Fruits, Produce and Eggs Institutional Size Canned Foods 2800 South Boulevard — P. 0. Box 2356 CHARLOTTE 1, N. C. Compliments of STANLEY ' S Super Drug Store, Inc. Phone EDison 3-5103 1949 East 7th Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. JERRY ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 101 North Independence Boulevard OPEN 24 HOURS Compliments of McEwen Funeral Service Page Ninety-eight Charlotte Mobile Home Sales, Inc. Phone 332-3914 5801 N. Tryon St CHARLOTTE 6, N. C. KILLIAN OIL CO • 5328 North Tryon Kill! an Super Service 5328 North Tryon No. 1 Killian Super Service No. 2 At The By- Pass Fuel Oils Home Deliveries ED 2-9437 — FR 6-5234 John Killian, Owner ELECTRIC HEATING TROUBLE-FREE No burners to clog, no fuel to store No tanks or pipes to check Fewer ports to weor otit ECONOMICAL Duke ' s all-electric heotirtg rate provides savings Individual room thermostots provide economy of zoned heot SAFE at on ELECTRIC UGHT No flome-hot surfoces to scorch or bum No flomes or fumes CUTS CLEANING COSTS No smoke, soot or other combustion products Furnishings, walls ond woodwork stoy deon Duke Power neither sells rvof irutolls Electric Comton Heating, txit will Drovrde full informotion and tfte name of auaWfi Keot deolers DUK e POWER COMPANY Page Ninety-nine BARBECUE PLATES SANDWICHES FRENCH FRIED ONION RINGS CHICKEN SEAFOOD PICNIC LUNCH BOXES BIG CHIEF DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT BIG CHIEF HAMBURGERS TAKE HOME SERVICE g - t— AT NO EXTRA COST _, ' ' " Dial 375-6044 3904 N, Tryon VISIT CAMP GREENE BARBER SHOP On The Corner Camp Greene Freedom Drive 1536 Camp Greene St. Business Phone EX 9-9332 )0E T. RUSH Res. EX 9-0372 SPORTING GOODS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT ' p 9 Lvwvja A. 376-3548 230 Charlottetown Mall CHARLOTTE 4, N. C. Three Brothers Tavern CHUCK, TED, and SAM FODEL Owners DINE AND DANCE Seven days a week Open 3:30 Till PR 7-2254 ED 2-9453 5100 North Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Page One Hundred PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1962 SI SI PORTRAITS BHUMFIELD S 1 UID OS CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone 334-7415 325 East Boulevard BURGER HOUSE NO. 2 2301 The Ploza Phone 375-7676 The OWLS Meet For PIZZA AT The Famous OPEN KITCHEN 1318 W. Morehead St. FR 7-9166 Flowers For All Occasions Corsages — Cut Flowers — Funeral Designs • Tuxedos For Rent Sizes — 3 Yeors to Men ' s 58L -American vSeautu Sjrloriit, Jrt tmencan i - eauiu 1506 South Boulevard nc. EDison 3-4177 Page One Hundred One PARK DRIVE IN : SI! Highway 29 North Charlotte, N. C. Phone 596-0341 CAROLINA INSURORS (INC.) H. GIU4ER HOWIE, Manager Insure Today— Be Sure Tomorrow 221 S. Church St Phone ED 4-2824 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Compliments of PATHWAY BOOK STORE A Religious Book Store Serving Ministers and Churches of All Faiths Mail Orders Promptly Filled CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 231 S. Church St. Phone 375-7856 HOWARD JOHNSON ' S RESTAURANT DELICIOUS FOOD EXCELLENT SERVICE 3314 N. Indepen dence Boulevard Phone 376-4577 PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS Page One Hundred Two BABE MALOY ' S DRIVE IN 2721 N. Independence Boulevard (Across From Coliseum 1 NEVER Deep-Fat Fried . . . I ; A NEVER Greasy... ENJOY f- COrTKOT •! ' •• •Ivllir eilOiMl Now under new ownership Visit us often For fast service and good food NORMAN ' S MARKET 2843 Rozzell ' s Ferry Road Phone EX 2-5161 BUTLER SEAFOOD 919 S. McDowell Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone FR 5-4409 MINIT CAR WASH 1121 E. Fourth St. 2511 S. Boulevard ED 3-8801 JA 3-5426 Page One Hundred Three YOUNCE GULF SERVICE Corner Morehead and Graham Sts. Compliment ' s of )im Odell and lames Terrell Compliments of WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY INCORPORATED CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA HARRY ' S Super ( so) SERVICENTER Express 9-7725 3911 Wilkinson Blvd. CHARLOTTE, N. C. ROAD SERVICE Harry J. Shaheen, Owner SHOPPING CAN BE FUN AT Charlottetown Forty Merchants Invite You To Shop ' Ithp ay tTi ' a ' ' SATURDAY TILL 6 Coloniol Food Store Roses 5-10-2SC Cokery Bakery Singer Sewing Center Hostess Shop Charlottetown Pet Center Kay Jewelry Ferrell ' s Optician Mall Barber Shop Faith Shoe Repair Charlottetown Beauty Solon Herd ' s Studio Gentry House The Sportsman Best Shops Phillips Shoes Franklin Simon Bon Morche Lerner Shops Brittoins Tots to Teens Thorn McAn Stork Center Chorlotte Bookshop Elaine ' s Underfashions Silver Grill (S W) North Carolina Notionol Bank Tweed Shop Sherwin Williams Sandwich Shop Hi-Fi Comero Center Piedmont Flobr Covering Western Auto One Hour Valet Eckerd Drug Shoe Heel Bor Key Shop S W Cofeterio Roselond Floral Co. Chorlottetown ESSO (Corner Kings Dr. and Baxter St.) Independence Boulevard Kings Drive PLENTY OF FREE PARKING Page One Hundred Four " I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty. " John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Compliments of ROBERT L. TAYLOR SOUTH 21 3631 South Boulevard 3101 N. Independence Boulevard NOW IT ' S PEPSI FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG Page One Hundred Five Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of PLAZA THEATRE Compliments of KING CHEVROLET CO. 531 East Trade Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone ED 2-3131 Page Otie Hundred Six Payne Furniture Company COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 118 South College Street Page One Hundred Seven OBSERVER PRINTING HOUSE CHARLOHE, N. C. Page One Hundred Eight

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

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