University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC)

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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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J.P6L ' .- MK ' .KA miimmm m?. TT :- T " Try , i T-96L EDITED BY GARY IDOL LINDA HARRIS MANAGED BY HELEN REA T : :Ty ' :r ' J?? ' !«TS»?PffJ15 PRESENTS THIS YEAR AT The fall of 1960 began an era abounding in opportunities for scholastic achievements, new friendships and social activities for students of Char- lotte College. As autumn leaves turned to red and gold, huge machinery was moved to the site and construction was begun on the first two buildings on the new Charlotte Col lege campus. Winter ' s arrival brought a white blanket of snow and ice which transformed our campus and left memories of snowballs flying and cars slipping and sliding. Spring heralded the completion of the school year, a fond farewell to those graduating and a separation through summer vacations. In this edition of Si Si we offer you glimpses of the seasons to stir happy memories of the year. , L .i 5. . ' j ., ' . ' ?? j yv.i . ' i ' ft iffljsyyifliyHHfim aaflyiiMii tiL Returning to studies ... the opening of basketball season . . . the ground breaking for the new cam- pus . . . ml m Relaxing in the Student Lounge • • • going to basketball games . . . meeting in the Owl ' s Roost ... en- joying the open house . . . aPr w m ' m% . :mmx 7 Dr. Rhine— lecture on Parapsy- chology . . . congregating between classes . . . flirting in the hall . . . ' ' Chemistry experiments . lastv break ... hit and run . t £ Ji r: - Shuttcrbug! . . . beautie business or pleasure? . . . . Jj ; r. Look, Dr. Macy, S ' W re plait . . . Ford in the ford . " Mother ' s Day weekend " . Sunday studies . . . ' rrrTTTT ' rrTTw !fl;MjAtV!i ;:i iV ' ' ,LJ.LkJii.aU.IU!m!lSH5BB8HWH!i For all she has been and is to the students of Char- lotte College— and especially to the members of the annual staff— we dedicate the 1961 Si Si to our adviser and friend. Miss Mildred English. H: understanding, and enthusiastic support have w her the respect, admiration and affection of the student body. idance, m ' rmm ' ?sv mi (73i :.-r ADMINISTRATION Bonnie E. Cone 1 m i ctor of Charlotte College B.S., Coker College I.A., Duke University ' . J h I j i 1 H. T. HiGGINS, W. L. Yarbrough Business Manager B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College Mildred English Director of Student Personnel B.S., Richmond Professional Institute M.A., S -iacuse University ktiM I Evelyn Bakeh English Ma Bailey ...Ou.lsRoosI Pf b ' E.. Tulane Unive W B. E C. Church J.M.A., Appalac ian Sla e Teachers College W B Harold Corb ....Philosophy and Religion 1.. Queens Unive JEB OM E O. Darholt I.E., North Caro lechar neering Graphics ical Technology e CoUege Ma " a ' R. Denny- . . M dITE 5n!vir ity English Ma S. Fore .... English ■ B. Winthrop Col M., Columbia Un i. Cl S. GOODRUM, [R. .. Polyt chnic Institute Ph J. Green . . . History Chicago Ma RY V. Hamrick Typing College He RT HecHENBL Botany, Geology and Zoology Fr ES B. HOYLE Spanish J.. Woman ' s College, U M " A E. Lawrenc a!, dX ' unive°r e ... ...Mathematics He RT Lynch . . . Head, Charlotte ColUge Dep of Engineering, North CoToh na State College S.Ch.E.. Nonh C rolina tate College Pie 1 Macy ...Vre nch and Spanish tL OR M. Markh ...Mathematics Ca ROl B. Mullis . .Electrical Technology -kJrM FACULTY R. Ramona F. POTTEB English ktk F ' W CoUege DAl H H ft 7 Gaixe H. RiGGSBEE Machine Shop . T« B - - H a-au ' J A.S., Souie,. Technical Insnm,e L - B H ;« W - s. scHE«cER Liyari J l tt H A Hr y JuANTTA Sims Secretary H H . fifc. . 9 Cx.™E SwoEEom, .. . . ....Ato!,en. i« « 1 R. :;r V t Vl Mark F. TiNKHAM Physics T ' ,„ F Ik " -J . ' " cr " v A.B., M.Ed., University of Xord Carolina J ' WT ' M V , k . Mary Martha B. Turner Secret v s ' J H M JC " | .Jixr ' . " ' - c . - V ««rJI B.S Qemson CoUege ,. , ■ — .«— M.Ed.. University of North Carolina , , i V A.s - Flora Mae Watson Mathenunics tm ' .VB., Winthrop College 1 ■ A Ik 1 John G,WHEELOCK....Boofes. ,r. Manage. f--4 -l « ' 1 « t LL.B., Northwestern University Law School fff ' , " " V f O — -I Joseph B. Whitener Chemistry, - m- _. f ' - y " Mathevuaics and Physics " " A.B.. M.A., Trinity CoUege (I ike University, - - ' N Edith F. WiNNiNGHAM History and : Hi H Politiail Science Ig JBt9k i Har -ey L. Woodruff Choral Director ' . M FACULTY J Brenda Allen Robert Barbeb Francis Cline James Cornell Bill Ferguson Judy Gable Gary Idol Jimmy Latane % ' - i STUDENT Howard Payne President Bobby Sadler Vice-President Ann S) Secretary WBmB BBmBBsmmmm! m! !?w ss!?z P Wayne Therrell Jere Thomas Bob Thompson Vivian White COUNCIL The Student Council is the governing hody of the students at Charlotte College. It serves the students in every possible way, formulating with the approval of the students and faculty, certain school policies, and forming committees vital to the student government program. Funds are provided by the Student Council for basketball, assembly programs, the newspaper, social functions, cheerleading, and other student activities. STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Assembly Committtee is in charge of seating arrangements in the auditorium and the provision of other physical facilities, such as the public address system, for all Student Government assemblies. Among the programs this year were a pianist, lecturers, and the Davidson Male Chorus. .led; Laura Han , Choi, ' -, Effie Bishop, Ashby Bell, FINANCE Approving budget requests from commit- tees, publications, and organizations supported by Student Council funds, making monthly financial reports to the Student Council, and submitting a complete financial report to be published in the Charlotte Collegmn at the end of the year are the responsibilities of the Finance Committee. PUBLICITY Student advertising at Charlotte College is handled by the Publicity Committee. Re- sponsibility for making all posters rests on this committee. Diligent work has resulted this year in bulletin boards concerning basketball games, dances, and various school fur In conjunction with the cheerleader: Publicity Committee requested that ai ments of the basketball games be on the radio. Also, information concerning assembly pro- grams presented at the college was sent to the newspapers in the Charlotte area. Seated: Lovelace Blythe, Lloyd Lane, Kay Combs, Chairman; Nancy Miller, Judy Gable. Standing.- Phil Helms, Tommy Womble, Jimmy Latane, Ann Settlemyre, Waher Linker, Bill Fergu- WBBsasmmsmm COMMITTEES INTER-CLUB COUNCIL The Inter-club Council schedules regular meeting dates for clubs a order to help eliminate co at the college. Seated: Lovelace Blythe, M. W. Grass, Linda Harris. Sumdins: Howard Payne, Kay Combs, Max Petty, Gary Idol. ELECTIONS charge of all Student Government electio is, prepares the voting places, counts the vote , and publi- cizes the results. This year the con mittee held elections for class officers and th e Christmas Queen, as weW as Student Goverr ment mem- bers. Sidnev Linker, Charles Funk, Rodney Love, Wayne Therrell, Chairma„. SOCIAL Charlotte College ' s Social Com planned numerous enjoyable year. The members of the spent many hours preparing for open houses, picnics, coffee hours, and dances. Decorations, refreshments, and obtaining bands have been among the major problems; yet, the commit- tee has managed to come out on top. Our Christmas Dance was one of the highlights of the year. Seated: Nancy Miller, Brenda Brown. Judy Gable, Nadine White. Standing: Bill Ferguson, Ma ' me Jo Parr, Brenda Allen, Ruth Johnston, Kav Combs, Barbara Qoud, Jimmy Latane, Chairman; Marvin Henderson, Char- lotte Gibson, Ann Setdemyre. First row: Jere Thomas, Vi«an White, Nanc Miller, Emily Crabtree, Katy Hollingsworth, Jim DeVme. Second row: Linda Harris, Russell Gilbert Lovelace BIythe, Walter Linker, Keith Arrowood, Effie Bishop, Kay Combs. Third row; H award Payne, Joe Stames, Virginia Hill, Charles Funk, Jane Maurice, Max Petty, Lill an Seam an, Max Steinek. Fourth row: Bill Povey, Bob Bradburn, Jim Cornell, Bob Karlson, Jiir imy Lata ne. Bill Hicks, Gary Idol. € F A C , V- 1 V x ,. 1 1 • Gary Iixji. The Freshman Advisory Council is composed of students who are select- ed by the Student Giuncil each year. i HKflH TTie members of this Council assist J faculty advisors and serve as advisors 1 to the incoming freshmen and new F m students during orientation and g Vl VrvMN White throughout the year. P " -l ■ " — m 1 Jk MARSHALS The Commencement Marshals are rising sopho- mores who have maintained the highest schoL average during their freshman year. The marshal who has the best academic record is designated chief marshal. TTie marshals usher for Commencement, the Baccalaureate program, and Honors and Installation Night, when scholarships and awards are an- nounced and Student Government offi stalled. RoBEBT Ferguson James Grant, Jr. Robert T. President James F. Cornell Vice-President Linda Leete Hap Secretary ' James H. Sexton Treasurer PHI THETA KAPPA IOTA LAMBDA CHAPTER Phi Theta Kappa is a national honorary scholastic society whose object is to promote scholarship, to develop character, and to cultivate fellowship among students in the junior colleges of America. Students who display good moral char- acter and, at the time of election, are within the scholastic upper ten per cent of the regularly enrolled student body are normally eligible for membership. The Charlotte College Chapter, Iota Lambda, was estab- lished in May, 1957. W s !S ssmmms 5!! Keith Arrowood Robert Barbee Christian Collins Frank Harkey Howard Payne Gladys Porter Ann Set- Paul Shi Wayne Therrell Lloyd Torrence 4. iM. waBrnmrnmaammmmmsmw . SIGMA TAU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER Sigma Tau Sigma is the national honorary fraternity rec- ognizing excellence in social science. The Charlotte College Chapter, Alpha, was established in May, 1957, and is open to students showing interest and achievement in the social mM M SIGMA LAMBDA CHI Bill Bailey Eddie Blanton Mickey Connell Herb Fitzgerald Charles Funtk Russell Gilbert hdfh The principal aim of Sigma Lambda Chi Fra- ternity is to promote the high standards and ideals of Charlotte College through wholesome social ac- tivities and ser -ices to the students and to the college. The outstanding award from the fraternity is the Sigma Lambda Chi Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a freshman. The fraternit) ' raises the money by sponsoring various projects throughout the year. The social life of the fraternity includes a quar- terly pledge party and dance as well as other informal parties. ALPHA CHAPTER Q C f p p p D VVa ' S ' ne Therkell liiffimiRinpiiHiiiiiiniiMiii SWEETHEART OF SIGMA LAMBDA CHI ANNE STEPHENS msm mrs CHRISTMAS QUEEN Barbara C ' loiid MAID OF HONOR Kay Combs IIJ U J- ' ' J.L ' ,. ' JJ " ' - ... ;lAi ' .. J ' H4 " .4 .iLi! iViwiM WP-VJ. ' lfv ' jyi .lWtiaMJWBI J STUDENT N.E.A. Pat Norman Secretcrry Katy H. The Charlotte College Student National Education Association is to acquaint prospec- tive teachers with the possibilities in the field of education, to help them plan their courses of study, and to give them insight into the actual teaching situation. Through national and state affiliation, members of the local chapter receive national and state education publications and may at- tend both student and professional conven- The group a tional f -) participates in local edu( and projects. Left to r,i ht: Kav Combs, Miss Dennv. Petronella Mayer, Mildred Hunter, Lovelac Blythe, Effie Bishop, Garlin Russell, Violet Gilbert, Nancy Miller. C. C. U. N. The purpose of the Collegiate Council of the United Nations is to give interested stu- dents the opportunity to discuss world affairs. This year representati ' es participated in the mock United Nations Assembly at Duke Uni- versity in Durham. The Charlotte College Chapter has spon- sored various informative and interesting speakers so that each student can be better informed concerning international relations. John Cochran Kay Combs Secretary ' .yRAl ' i ' .-iPL!: " «.ilW Through Le Cercle Francais the students of French recei e a better understanding and appreciation of the French culture. An oppor- tunity to use the language is provided in meet- ings and programs planned by the students under the very capable guidance of Dr. Macy. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Seated: Bill Hicks, Gay Porter, Dr. Macy, Katy Hollingsworth, Kay Combs. Standing: Max Petty. Wayne TTierrell, Ed Moore, Jerry Bonti, Carlene Ferguson, Jack Daniel, Don Livingston, President. I n El Club Espanol is composed of students interested in the language, customs, and peo- ples of the Spanish-speaking countries. Mem- bers of the club converse in Spanish at the meetings and participate in reading and sing- ing Spanish verse and song. Several interested members have formed an " all Spanish " speak- ing group. EL CLUB ESPANOL Seated: Bill Povev, Mildred Hunter, Bobbv Barbee. First rmv: Eunice McLeod, Effie Bishop, Martha Price, Rose Er vin. Third rou- Rick Mitchell, Bob Karlson, Jimmy Latane, Jim Cornell, Harold Kellams. ' «« ' ' ' ° l HiH CHARLOTTE COLLEGE CHORUS The puqiose of the Charlotte College Chorus is to help enrich the lives of those who actually participate in the singing and to present to the student body both entertaining and educational music. Membership increased throughout the year especially after an inspir- ing Christmas program was presented to the Charlotte Woman ' s Club and the students. Because this program consisted of music of a more serious nature, a program of lighter variety was given later in the year. Under the able o e of Mr. y Woodruff, the chorus has enjoyed this year. e e : n p p e . . —.1 -ii 1 1 I ' J, ( Firrt row: Martha Moore, Jean Strathdee, Barbara Hunter, Helen Greene, Susan Hollifield, Ann Beam, Virginia Triplett, Deanna Spake. Second rmv: Bill Ferguson, Linda Harris, Nancv Miller, Brenda Brown, Carole Greene, Jane Huneycutt, Charlotte Gibson, Janice Giles, Har ev Woodruff. Director. Third row: Ralph Rea, Larrv Patton, Larrv In-in, Bob Hill, Walter Linker, Harold Douglas. Fourth rmr. Tom Womble, Don Allred, Bill Hicks, Garv Idol, Wavne Therrell, Max Steinek, Howard Payne, Vann Trapp. Frank Jones, Hal Douglas RADIO WORKSHOP The Radio Workshop is a newly organized cluh at the college. The main project of the organization this year was the taping of radio programs, " Musical Vignettes, " to be broadcast over radio station WIST. On this program popular tunes were compared with the classical selections on which they were based. In producing these recorded broadcasts, the Radio Workshop, under the guidance of Mr. Gilbert Ballance, provided students with an introduction to the fundamentals of broadcasting. Richard Carwker The Charlotte Colleg e Engineers ' Club was formed m the fall of 1960 to give the student engineer a greater un- derstanding of all phases of engineering. Through the assistance of the Charlotte Engineers ' Club examples of engineer- ing theon, ' were presented in the form of practical applic ENGINEERS ' CLUB Seated: James Crenshaw, Jim Sexton. First rmr; Robert Hartis. Edward Kennedy, Richard Carriker, Jere Thomas. Keith Arrowood. Second ron-. Howard Payne, Ken- neth Corbett, Bob Bradbum, Donald Carter, Ma.x Steinek, Charhe Brown. rP Pl Dn CHEERLEADERS This year marked a new development of cheerleading at C. C. The cheerleaders were placed un- der the jurisdiction of the Student Coun- id were financed by the Student Council. They worked hard to establish school spirit, following the team to every game possible. The " cheers " owe special thanks to Mrs. Leroy Cloud for her hard work in making their new uniforms. tP b g " o EJ55W3SW»SWP 5i " S5S raBI WW«» il • ' Coach Eugene Todd, Fitzhufih Austin, Lloyd Lane, Ronald Greene, Jeffrey Edwards, Douglas Calvin, Charles 1 luffstctlcr, John Duckworth, Edward Rion, Sam Dunlap, Micheal Kirkley, Mickey Bcheler (not pictured). BASKETBALL " " " ' ' " WBEraZim 1 The Charlotte C Dllege Owls 1 " H il tipped off the 1960-61 season with | ■ iL enthusiasm and good spirit, setting W L - " Hki new records for C. C New interest K _j_ Bii M f jH was shown by the students and players. Led by Coach Eugene m. JHBflH H 7 Todd they attended the Virginia- ! Carolina Athletic Ass ociation Con- iO i ference play-offs at Wilmington, ISV Ai N.C. With most of the te am returning, i P fe S r ' Charlotte College is a nticipating an bBo even better season next year. Sam Dunlap, Co-Caftah Soph., Guard, 5 ' 10 " " THE OWLS ' ' t ' im ' mf ' ' 1 Helen Rea, Business Manager Russell Gilbert, Associate Editc Reggie York Tommy Womble STAFF ASSISTANTS Cirais Collins Karen CRUTCiin I Ial Douglas iSii Rodney Love Business Manager VrviAN Whi Copy Editor THE CHARLOTTE COLLEGIAN " Tlie newspaper voice of Charlotte College " is published by the students to provide information for all persons interested in Charlotte College. The purposes of the newspaper are to create a wholesome school spirit, to support the best traditions of the institution which it represents, to encourage worthy school activities, to promote scholarship, to encourage the ideals of true sportsmanship, and to record the history of the school. - Seateti; Nancv Miller, Bill Hicks, Vi an WTiite, Jimmy Latane, Jeannie Glasgow, Kay Combs. Stav ing: Rodney Love, Jean Strathdee, Martha Moore. o dfM L dh WRITER ' S CLUB The principal concern of the Charlotte College Writer ' s Club is to develop literary ability. Membership is by invitation on the basis of ability to write and illustrate articles. Selected writings arc published in the club ' s magazine, The Parnassian. In addition to discussing writing with professional writers who speak to the club, members alsc the works of one another to try to impro their writing. Seated: Harold Kellams, Vivian White, Bill Ferguso Standing: Jerry Rich, Jere Thomas, Jim Cornell. wsiBasamussmmmmmmm SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jere Thomas President Jimmy Latane Vice-President Vivian White Secretary-Treasurer o r n p o o P P o Julian Emmett Allen Walter Larry Beamguard . lbert Medlin Bolick Bruce A. Kndersen Gary L™n Bell Jim e Drew Bostic Keith Morgan Arrowood Effie Pool Bishop Robert T. Bradbubn Robert Boto Barbee Douglas Donald Bivens, Jr. Gerald Lee Brown Robert F. Barr Esther Lotclace Blithe Robert Charles Brown SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Donald Ray Buff Russell Ernest Chappell Helen Kay Combs Carl Plott Burbus Joel E. Chastain Michael D. Connell Robert Burwell Dean F. Chesser James F. Cornell, Jr. Kenneth Lamar Carmack Francis Wiley Collins Emily Marie Crabtree Richard Wilson Carhiker Patsie Ruth Collins John Dorsey Crisp, Jr. D o p r- r f " ( " K - : ' tt! ' ' ' Tf i- Q 9 9 O o f Joe B. Dellinger Dwight Rodoty Frtc M. W. Grass, Jr. Sam H. Dunlap Edward Ashley Funderburk Marshall Steele Greene William Croker Eason Charles Silas Funk Steve Wiley Haas Esther Rose Erwin Russell Clifford Gilbert Frank Ervin Harkey, Jr. JoHNm- A. Faulkenberry James Thomas Gilmer Laura E. Harris SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Linda Leete Harms Robert Lane Hartis Willie Victor Harwe CoNTUD Claude Helm John Franklin Helms William Phil Helms Clyde Davis Hice N. Max Hicks William Wanley Hicks, Jr. Larry Allan Hoover I Hosse [E Hunter Gary Eugene Idol Larry E. Irvin, Sr. Robert Allen Karlso Harold Donald Rellams Edward M. Kennedy James W. Latane, III Don F. Laye Walter Stephen Linker C P o William H. Little, Jr. Eunice NIcLeod Harold G. Millsaps Herman D. Mims Kenneth Wayne Mollis Francis J. Murdoch Patricia Ann Norman Robert Claude Page, III James Lee Parnell E)oRCE Howard Payne, Jr. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Maxwell Eugene Petty Henry Miller Pigg William Davis Poole Jerry Melvin Poplin Welliam Dickson Povey Martha Elizabeth Price WiLLL M Kress Query Laurin Elbert Quillen Georgia Mae Rivers Vaughn Joel Rust o o o Robert Parks Sadler, Jr. Edwin Robinson Scott, Jr. Llllian Seaman Elizabeth Ann Settlemyre James Harvey Sexton rs ilk mk r.. o o o O o. o O O o Paul Alexander Shinn James W. Sullivan Dale Patrick Toomey Donald Walker Shuman, Jr. Howard Wayne Therrell Lloyd Clifford Torrence John Flynn Simon Jere M. Thomas, Jr. David Mum Truax Ben Wofford Snuth Robert L. Thompson David C. Trull Hubert Max Steinek, Jr. Sarah Ann Tillotson Johnathan L. Trull, Jr. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Robert Lee Wallace Dennis Gerard Whitaker Vivian Nadine White Gerald Allen Williams Joseph Fred Wieson Albert D. Winchester dM kiiM Charles Bocard Wyatt James Dale Yandle ■ Frederick Richard Young, III ■■■■■I SOPHOMORE BEAUTIES 1 I ' age Seventydghl FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Johnny Savers President Wendell Gre NE VicePre denl JuDv Gable Secretary-Treasurer LeRoy Hammond Adams Thomas Franklin Adams George Elbert Allen Paul Haywood Allen Donald Ray Allred Robert P. Andrews Fitzhugh Lee Austin William Riley Bailey Robert O. Benson Robert Lee Blackwelder Shirley Kramer Blackwell John Walter Boling George Harold Bowers Jackie Roland Bradshav James David Brookes Brenda Anne Brown Robert Monroe Brown Robert Edwin Caldwell FRESHMEN e» r r n D C ,!f . (f?. t n c o n o n D f - o D ci ,n HIM p a o o o f p n p O tT ' f C ' ( c o o o c. r r- William Clinton Canaday James E. Carmack Jerry Scott Caskey Loyd Wade Cathey Carris Manley Caudle, Jr. Glenn Francis Cline Barbara Ann Cloud John Thomas Cochran Christian Curtis Collin Lee David Connor f Phillip Allen Cowles James Donald Cox __ . , - m w- Robert Sylvester Crump, Jr. W. V , W r- ■ Larry Orlin Cruse . - k A X_ Karen Gray Crutchfield Jerry Stewart Curry James Qifton Davis Larry Jerome Davis William Javan Davis Frank James DeVine, Jr. James Murray DeYoung, Jr. r V Charles Weldon Dixon Zi ' — Harold Franklin Douglas Bobby Edward Dunn ■ - Samuel James Earnhardt 4ki k kdkfk FRESHMEN I Edwin Ralph Echerd, III Jeffrey Lane Edwards Johnny Boykin Edwards Margaret Ann EUis Nelson Franklin Everhardt Hugh Leon Ferguson, Jr. Ruby Carlene Ferguson Aubrey Merrill Fleming James Ray Flowers, Jr. Hugh Weldon Foard John L. Fort, Jr. Delia Marie Foster Howard James Foy James Monroe Frink Howard George Fullerton James Franklin Funderburk Ronald Eugene Funderburke Frank Wilson Futrell, Jr. Judy Diane Gable Peggy Anne Gaddy Elmer Lee Garrett Charlotte Ann Gibson Jean Thomasson Ginter Jeannie McKay Glasgow Thomas Edward Graham FRESHMEN »_ S x H V o p p n Q c:a r5 p a p n o c o FRESHMEN Ronald Thomas Greene William Loyd Griffin William Edward Gulledge Earl Wayne Haas Robert Clifton Hair, Jr. I Icnry Linton Haithcox Robert Alexander Hamilton William Bradley Hargett Conley Gooper Harris James Robert Harris Richard Hunter Harris William A. Harris Marx ' in Flay Hendersoi Edward Oliver Hendri) Barry Franklin Hinson Robert E. Hoffman Jo Susan Hollifield Katy Connor Hollingsworth Jerry Marion Hooper Tracy Lee Hopper William Edward Home Gerald T. Hudson William Charles Hudspeth Mildred Ann Hui Roger Baxter Huntley Mar) ' Evelyn Hutchcraft James Patrick Jackson Norwood L. Jackson Kenneth Hardis Jamison Ruth Leona Johnston George Harrison Kallam, William Bradley Keistler Charles W. Kidd James Paul Kildav Alton Clark King Brenda Joyce Kiser Man-in Roy Knight WajTie Paul Knopf Derrick Benjamin Lane Lloyd George Lane Franklin D. Laughter Danny Gordon Lay William Roosevelt Ledford Leola L. Linder Sidney Jackson Linker William Marshall Long Rodney Raeford Love Larry H. Lynn FRESHMEN rs a D cr r o m n o ' I fs r- o o P r 1 ' _ Michael Raymond McClamrock l ' " I • " ' " ' John Hunter McCoy ' Z ' y _ ■ Kay Keiter McCoy ' ' v , . - Rilla Jane McCracken " w. A. . .. o. n trick Mcintosh Ray Hope Maples Rjchard Matthews Jane D. Maurice Martha C. Maurice Petronella Mayer George FUchard Melton Fred Edmund Merritt Kenneth R. Miller Nancy Carolyn Miller Lou Jean Mills O C ' f o o Roger Wayne Mingus Richard Meriwether MitcheU Richard D. Morton Jerry Wood Mundy Donald Lee Nance William McArthur Nanc William Denver Neely FRESHMEN Walter James Nivens Orion Taylor Osborne Robert Julian Owens Harold Dean Painter George Parker Mayme Jo Anne Parr Larry Benjamin Patton Douglas Waldo Payseur Retcher McMiUian Peele Jerrv Monroe Pender Don R. L. Philemon William Vance Pipkin John Larry Plummer Margaret Springer Poplin Gladys AUgood Porter Thomas Franklin Potts Clinton Century Pressley Harold Eugene Price Mary Psomadakis Claude Er dn Raby, Jr. Sidney Blair Rayfield Larrv Clifford Reynolds Marshall H. Rhyne, Jr. Robert Edward Rice David L. Riley FRESHMEN p f e a o mo f Cy p diiidkiM •v p p fy o- cs r p o ■■■Mi f p r- o p p p. r? r- ' r o D a ft poppa O p ' FRESHMEN William Tandy Royster, James Paul Rudisill, Jr. Garlin James Russell David Wade St. Clair Johnny Gordon Sayers Elford Keith Scruggs Michael Lesesne Sellers Terry Alvin Setzer Jhi Ray B- Shrum ' ■ ' ■ Ji Larry Grant Sisk , - 3 John Peter Smelik 1; George Wilson Smith Roy Lee Smith Torrence Watson Smith Jy Wallace Edward Smith Wavne Allen Smith Cari Caughman Sox, Jr. James Morris Spearman Joe Lee Stames William Blackstone Stowe Jean Gricr Strathdee William Harold Stroupe Milford Franklin Stumpf Paul Henry Summerour Gerald Howard Talbert FRESHMEN Eugene Edward Tanner William Tliomas Terry Daniel Grover Thigpen Roland Glenn Thomas Michael Wavne The Frances Poteat Thompson Joe E. Thompson, Jr. George Walker Thurston Roy Wilton Tiller Virginia Arlene Triplett David Frank Turner Edwin Ray Van Camp Donald Francis Walker Russell Gary Walters Lester Franklin Welty Martha Morgan Westmoreland Walter Worth Whitaker, Jr. Ivan Eugene Wilkinson Richard Stanley Wilkinson David Leslie Williams Donald Terry Williams Joe Dyer Williamson Mary Jewel Wilson Daniel Wilson Wingate Tommy Glen Womble Luke Everett Wood Dee M. Wyatt Jane Hester Wyndham Reginald Oscar York C P r - o f . -; m FRESHMAN BEAUTIES Mildred Hunter Petronella Mayer ■■■■■■i THE GREATER For Over 66 Years . . . Your Home of Better Values We congratulate the gradu ates of Charlotte College and V vish for each of you much success. R. H . BOULIGNY, 433 West Morehead Street INC. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA mmmmm B nxm TM€ MOUiE Of The OWLS Meet For PIZZA AT The Famous OPEN KITCHEN 1 1318 W . Moreheod St. FR 7-9166 HOSKIN ' S DRUG CO. 4130 Roiiell ' s Ferry Road CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA EX 9-6334 Prescriptions — Sundries — School Supplie GOODBODY CO. ESTABLISHED 1891 217 South Church Stree CHARLOTTE 2, N. C. HOME OFFICE 2 BROADWAY, NEW YORK NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE AND OTHER PRINCIPAL STOCK AND COMMODITY EXCHANGES " ■ IHfUESNO PUCt lIKlTfoMr CHARLOTTE ' S LARGEST HOME FURNISHERS 227 North Tryon Street ED 2-7144 KALE-LAWING CO. Complete Office Outfitters 217 South Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone FRonklin 7-2641 CHARLOnE CHEMICAL LABORATORIES COLISEUM BOWLING LANES 2801 North Independence Blvd. Open 24 hours daily ITS FUN TO BOWL!! Al»Ji KING CHEVROLET CO. 531 East Trade Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Phone ED 2-3131 E. P. NISBET OIL COMPANY QUALITY HEATING OILS Over 30 years continuous service Automatic degree day oil delivery 24 hour oil burner service Installation of heating and cooling equipment Nisbet Budget Plan 1818 Boxter Street ED 2-7755 ASHEVILLE— BREVARD CANTON— CHARLOTTE HENDERSONVILLE— LENOIR WAYNESVILLE WILSON BER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM NATIOll WELDERS SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. 810 Gesco Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Cha riotte— Asheville— Fayetteville Solisbury — Florence — Charleston — Columbia Select Your Home in a Beautiful ERVIN Community .... Montclaire Starmount Westchester • Sheffield Providence Park ' Built and Backed " By The South ' s Largest Builders of Fine Qua lity Custom Built Homes ER VIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Main Office South Office Ind. Blvd. EX 2-5321 JA 3-6425 KE 7-2812 HESTADRANT 1427 East 4th Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone: ED 2-9825 Call us for prompt courteous service INDUSTRIAL PIPING SUPPLY COMPANY 1501 Dowd Road — P. 0. Drawer 10218 CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL PIPING SUPPLIES IN STOCK CAFE XANADU TheG eaf KUBLI KHAN for whom the w Drid was made onnounces the opening of his new at XANADU (305 ' 2 N. Tryon) Dress: Very Informal " " " We se rve a variety of coffees and teas, pastries, sondwiches and salads OAKHURST GARAGE Auto Transmissions Wheel Aligning Tune-up 5318 East Independence Blvd. KE 71409 UtinlUy Built H » s ' For Liit Own MONUMENTAL HOMES CORP. 509 South Tryon Street CHARLOTTE 2, N. C. FR 5-8675 CAROLINA INSURORS (INC.) H. GILMER HOWIE, Manager Insure Today— Be Sure Tomorrow 221 S. Church St. Phone ED 4-2824 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Refreshment to You Through the Years m — We are enthusiastically watching Charlotte College grow! DAVIS AND DAVIS REALTY COMPANY, INC. 141 West Fourth Street CHARLOTTE, N Telephone C. EDison 3-0564 Compliments of A FRIEND WHISNANTS ' , Inc. Furniture Hotpoint Appllanc f 1800 W. Moreheod Street Charlotte, North Carolina Greensboro Intersection of Interstate Highwoy 40 West and Highway 29-70 South Columbia, South Carolina Knox Abbot Drive (Caycel Highway 64 — Eost Raleigh, North Carolina 2 Mi.— U. S. Highway 1 South Jacksonville, Florida 1416 Norfhwood Street Greensboro, North Carolina ( karcoai S teah J ou 6e McEwen Funeral Service BARBRE REALTY COMPANY REAL ESTATE SALES 1512 Central Avenue ED 4-3049 of the CHARLOTTE COLLEGE CHEERLEADERS BAUGH MOUCHET TEXTILES N. G. SPEIR, INC. REAL ESTATE SALES PROPERTY MORTGAGE LOANS MANAGEMENT 128 East Fourth Street FRanklin 5-9871 INSURANCE At Reduced Cost For The Better Risk HUTCH HAM AGENCY 1037 Providence Road Charlotte 7, N. C. Telephone FRanklin 5-6016 AUTOMOBILE— FIRE— LIFE Compliments of A FRIEND Page 0,ie Hundred One ELjCIRIC HEATING TROUBLE-FREE SAFE at on ELECTRIC LIGHT CUTS CLEANING COSTS DUK POWER COMPANY c= « » lite i ruMid FAITH SHOE REPAIR SERVICE FOR QUALITY Seven locc tions to serve you Park RoQ Charlottetown Freedom Dr Midwood Cotswold Montclair Shopping Center Mall Shopping Center ve Shopping Center enue Shopping Center Shopping Center Shopping Center = Shopping Center Operated by )jmes Rober Guy Office Phore ED 4-0226 Bill ' s Welding and Home Improvement Co. 1023 Pecan Ave. (At Independence Blvd. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Carports — Drive-In Canopies Aluminum Steel Buildings ED 2-4763 TV and Appliances REA MILLER 18 Years Service Experience Televisions- -Home Automobile Radios Record Players 1226 W. Mor head St. Chorlotte, N. C. MALL BARBER SHOP Phone ED 4-7755 Shop Hours 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Charlottetown Shopping Center — Charlottetown Flowers For All Occasic ns Corsages — Cut Flowers • - Funeral Designs Tuxedos For Rent s zes — 3 Yeors to • Men ' s 58L meri »„ B...t DUi, 3.C. 1506 South EDisc n 3-4177 PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1961 SI SI PORTRAITS BHUMFIELD STUDIOJ CHARLOTTE, N. C. IVORTH ] ATIO] AL BA] K BIGGERS BROTHERS, INC. WHOLESALE Fruits, Produce and Eggs Institutional Size Canned Foods 2800 South Boulevard — P. 0. Box 2356 CHARLOTTE 1, N. C. p- F. N. THOMPSON, INC. (general Qontractor Charlotte 1, N. G. Compliments of MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone ED 3-6126 " The Carolinas ' Oldest Savings Loan Association " KILLIAN OIL CO. 5328 North Tryon Killlan Super Service No. 1 5328 North Tryon Killian Super Service No. 2 At The By-Pass Fuel Oils Home Deliveries ED 2-9437 — FR 6-5234 John Killion, Owner PATRON PAGE Dr. Monroe T. Cilmour Dr. John P. Kennedy Dr. Walter R. Graham Dr. F. Wayne Lee Dr. C. Aubrey Hawes The Miller Clinic Dr. H. H. Hodges Dr. W. H. Pettus, )r. Dr. Mrs. Julian E. Jacobs Dr. William Reid Pitts f ' SBB Page One Hundred Fin laFikldi I f Funi Leading )ewelers Since 1896 104 South Tryon Street Compliments of J. 0. JONES and their exclusive new featuring tradiHonally styled clothing, furnishings and sportswear for the young campus and executive man! v a Bank BIdg. Church at Trade Street RENFROW DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. 1820 Sunnyside Ave. CHARLOTTE 4, N. C. Phone ED 4-6811 Phone FRanklin 7-4943 PATHWAY BOOK STORE A Religious Book Store Serving Ministers ond Churches of All Faiths 231 South Church Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA PLAZA THEATRE HO TOY Chinese and American Restaurant 1220 Thomos Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. (next to PIqzq Post Office) Phone FR 7-2858 ... nents of NORTH 29 LANES Highway 29 North Telephone 334-4611 PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS VV G YOU WITH TH,,, OBSERVER 216 V PRINTING CHAR HOUSE ' ' ' " IN . 2f LOT HON PRIh D ST fE, N E ED C. 3-3101 INDEX Page 20 21 92107 Assembly Committee 28 Basketball 54-57 Cheerleaders 52-53 Chorus, Charlotte College 48-49 Christmas Queen 40 Christmas Maid of Honor 41 Collegian, Charlotte 64-65 C. C. U. N. 45 Dedication 18-19 El Club Espanol 47 Elections Committee 29 Engineers ' Club 51 Faculty 22-23 Fall 6-9 Finance Committee 28 Foreword 4-5 Freshman Advisory Council 30 Freshman Beauties 90-91 Freshman Class 81-89 Freshman Class Officers 80 Inter-Club Council 29 Le Ccrcle Francais 46 Marshals 31 Phi Theta Kappa 32-33 Publicity Committee 28 Radio Workshop 50 Si Si 60-63 Sigma Lambda Chi 36-39 Sigma Tau Sigma 34-35 Social Committee 29 Sophomore Beauties 78-79 Sophomore Class 69-76 Sophomore Class Officers 68 Spring 14-17 Student Council 26-27 Student N. E. A. 44 Sweetheart of Sigma Lambda Chi 38 Winter 10-13 Writer ' s Club 66-67 r j jg gj mi immm)

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

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