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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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■y - t iHARLOTTE COLLEGE charlotte, north Carolina 55 - -«.; - ' « - ' m .- K»£ ' . h " - o—- «£iii j3C ■; ' t---,iw;:r lBE iWm . - ; . 9K . • »« r«- ;. . MB ' i( 1 . n « - r li ljnas ! [ ' ' i v . .-. i I John Graham and Jimmie Hosse—Last minute check before the ten o ' clock class. CHARLOTTE COLLEGE Day School students Melton. Elmore, Scrosgs, Raynes, and Payseur discuss- ing hcnnework and hotrods. The alarm clock rings early for Tommy Helms, ]ohn Yandle, Doug Simpson, Charles Marmtz, Bohhy Stutts, and Clinton Hoover. " Had to u ' orfc. " Mac McGec fills mit the form for Mr. Higgitis. ...DAY Between classes William Collier, Gene Cadieii, and Onita Long chat and laugh together. Beverly Schenck and Sandra Payseiir iiiscuss a part ttyiic job )iotice 0}i htd- letin board. Owl ' s Roost, 6 o ' clock. Rose Enriii, Earl Giinter grab a few minutes for re- freshments and relaxation. Bob Allen manages the Roost. Pas_e Five Student Per!,o inel Director Mildred E igln]i aids Rose Eruiii with a schedide problem. Winter quarter begins with reading lists. Reginald Adams, Elizabeth Moore, Onita Long, and Ed Phillips select a volume before the rush. INTO NIGHT... Billy Joe Moser observes an electrical signal from an oscillator in an oscillo 1— iri-l . rfc V mm y! 1 |j 1 L, ■ -- .. - _ " -. M 1 ■ 1 " P f - •!«.■ • - •»- rj 1 — 1 — 1 " ■ — jL ., ; -i ' Nine o ' clock. The students begin to leave— but the lights bttrn late in the shop. CHARLOTTE COLLEGE E..,-cec,i street. Gary Idol anticipates AROUND THE CLOCK ,,__ d additional study. Chemistry presented Norman style. l ' as,e Seven Charlotte CoMMUNm ' fci mrCollege- Charlotte College i 1 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES .ii P ACTIVITIES— CLUBS— ADS m - FEATURES Pnge Nine r- " " ]ames S. Smith. Mayor of Charlotte, ]. Murrey At- kins, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Arthur H. lones. Director of the Social Planni?ig Council, are three stahvart supporters of the College. Boh Robertson speaks to the Hunters -ille PTA. Pai!c Ten -mm D E D I I O N Because they believe in Charlotte College and stand behind every stage of its development, we, the staff of Si Si, gratefully dedicate our 1959 annual to the people of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County: our friends, our Board of Trustees, our faculty and students, and our alumni. Because of their loyal support and tireless efforts in tax and bond elections, in contributions for scholarships and other funds, in everyday activities of college life, and in true representation of the spirit and purpose of the collepe our dream of a greater Charlotte College has at last become a reality. As a Xorth Carolina Community College and as the owner of a beautiful site for the home of Charlotte College, we proudly assume new status and new dignity. Miss Cone and Meruin FoaTci, president of the Alumni Association, discuss plans for the College. rij W ■H x r-- 4 I I V Ii66 dSonnie O. L c one Director Mildred Enxlish Director of Student Personiiel ADMINISTRATION Secretarr FACULTY Evelyn Baker English Thomas G. Browning Spanish Wayne C. Church Mathematics IE J. Coble Mathematics Mary Denny English Mary S. Fore English Fielding S. Gaar Chemistry Cloyd S. Goodrum Mathematics Phillip J. Green History Grace M. Hall English Herbert Hechenbleikner Science Frances Hoyle Spanish Louise Hutchison Mathematics Pa e Fourteen .a r MOZELLE SCHERGER Librarian Allan T. Slatt Industrial Technology John F. Smith Mathematics Clyde Svvafford Mathematics Martha E. Laweence Mathematics Walter H. McKinnon Electrical Engineering Pierre Macy Erench Eleanor Markham Mathematics John Henry Norman ' Cliemistry Verne R. Ploger History and Economics Ruth L. Raney Distribution Gayle Huston Riggsbee Machine Shop Luther O. Russell, Jr. Engineering Drawing Page Fifteen p ' . ...i . Mark F. Tinkham Physics Albert M. Thorne Chemistry Sam M. Thornton Psychology Flora Mae Watson Mathematics John G. W ' heelock Economics Joseph B. W ' hitner MatJiematics and Physics Edyth Winningham History and Political Science Har ' ey Lewis oodruff Choral Director u L Page Sixteen ; M ' tt 3MAiV WkWMgMA!aen«V3K3i» ' tt H ctfUMUinttif swiqt wwuom MW b f wvMwo wrm ' w STUDENT COUNCIL The 1958-1959 Student Council lias had an acti e year. In addi- tion to soKing arious problems as they arose, the Council has also undertaken a number oF activities, one oF which has been the Formu- lation oF an Honor Code For the student body. The Student Council has also served the students through the operation oF the Owl ' s Roost. From Owl ' s Roost proFits the Council otcd a generous donation to the Student Loan Fund. During the year the Student Council was greatly assisted by the ad ice, encouragement, and untiring eFForts oF Mrs. Edyth Winning- ham, Faculty ad iser. Through the assembly programs, coFFees, and dances, the Student Council hopes that it has made 1958-1959 a most enjoyable year For the students. m Left to right: Charles Cruse, Sandra Payseur, John Yandle, Gene Cadieu, George Killough, Bob Robertson, Jim LaRoach, Kanela Maydanis, Wiley Martin. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: Kanela Maydanis, Secretary: Mrs. VVinningham, Adviser: Wiley Mar- tin, President. Standing: Jim La Roach, Treastirer; Bob Robertson, Vice Presi- dent. au a»Ma£Mfta(0js aa3-4i Au.t 4 151 NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY NINE The Si Si Staff has many unrecorded memories of work, laughter, dismay, and fear —fear of failure to meet the deadline. There was the cover designed, rejected, and rede- signed by Dave Harmer . . . Kanela separating pictures by means of ties and glasses . . . the efforts of the artist-mathematicians with the slide rule . . . the perennial question, " Where is George? " . . . the long suffering of the whole staff in identifying pictures . . . and Wade Ramsey thinking of moving into the darkroom. It is the wish of each member of the staff that you will enjoy thumbing thr ough these pages for years to come. Martha Moore Glenn Allen Co-editors Al Palmer Business Manager Seated: Jean Strathdee, Kanela Maydanis. Standing: Don Miller, Jan Merritt, Dot Beaty, Martha Moore, Glenn Allen, Jerry Owens. Seated: Diane McAllister, Charles Wyatt. AI Palmer, Onita Long. Standing: Jem ' Owens, Howard Hailey, and Bob Allen. Left to Tight: Miss Fore, Jean Strathdee, Dot Bearv-, Gar ' Idol, Martha Moore, George Killough, Glenn Allen, Al Palmer. r :fxatrmbMi«tam Editors: Deanna Merrill, John McManus, Bob Robertson, Ed Phillips. THE CHARLOTTE COLLEGIAN The " Newspaper Voice of Char- lotte College, " sen ' es to inform and to entertain. News of vital in- terest, interspersed with timely fea- tures, provides the student body with a journal to record the his- torv of the school. Co-Editors: Jerry Rich, Reid VVentz Assistant to the Editor: Ed Phillips News Editor: Bob Robertson Feature Editor: Deanna Merrell Sports Editor: Hal Edwards Exchange Editor: Sam Bell Staff Writers: Billy Garden, Wiley Martin, Kay Combs, Geraldine Loveless, Jerry Wil- liams, James Mahaffee, Beverly Schenck, Brian Honess, Jerry Merritt, David E rink- ard. Business Manager: Fred Collins Circulation Manager: John McManus Advisers: Miss Evelyn Baker, Miss Mildred English n« WRITERS ' CLUB President: Bob Robertson Vice-President: Patty Hill Secretary and Treasurer: Martha Moore The Charlotte College Writers ' Club enjoyed its most active year. The name of the club magazine was changed from Owl Tracts to The Parnassian, and for the first time was published once each quarter. The Parnassian gained equal stand- ing with other school publications when the Writers ' Club was officially incorporated under the aegis of the Student Council. Bob Robertson President Patty Hill Vice-President Seated: Jaiiu ' x Mahalt-c, Palt Hill. Susan Thomas, Deanna Merrcll, Roy Bivens, Bob Robertson. Standing: Geraldine Loveless, Fred Collins. L ELECTIONS James Mahaffee, Chairman There was new interest in stu- dent elections as evidenced in the increased number of nominations —fifty-seven for Freshman Class officers. Votes for Freshman Class officers and the five Stu- dent Council representatives were tallied by the Elections Commit- tee. STUDENT COMMITTEES Q SOCIAL Pegg - McRorie and Jack Helms Co-Chairmen The Social Committeee began its activities with a picnic at Bry- ant Park. It sponsored three very successful dances — Christmas, Valentine, and Spring. The members have been responsible for one coffee hour each quar- ter, during which all members of the faculty and student body were able to enjoy sandwiches, cookies, and coffee. Hats off to the Social Committee for a job well done. PUBLICITY Lorna Byers, Chairman Long before the college opens for the fall term the Publicity Committee edits What ' s What, which is used during Orientation Week. The members have work- ed behind the scenes to make posters advertising each of the activities of the Student Council —the Christmas Dance, the Stu- pid-Cupid Valentine Dance, pic- nics, and the Campus Cut-Ups. ASSEMBLY Rose Erwin, ' an Litaker Co-Chairmen The Assembly Committee has planned and made arrangements for all Student Government as- semblies. In addition, they have provided entertainment for guest artists after the program. Through the efforts of the As- sembly Committee and Sigma Tau Sigma, Mr. Harry Golden presented a most effective lec- ture to the student body. This year the Committee con- ducted a poll of student opinion on the type of program that cre- ates the most interest, the results of which will be used in making the series for next vear. FINANCIAL Jim La Roach. Chairman The Finance Commit e pro- vides and superiises budgets for the various committees and stu- dent publications. Records are kept of all financial receipts and expenditures, and at the end of the year an annual budget is published in the Collegian. This year two hundred dollars was allotted for the student loan fund. Left to Right: Rose Erwin, Charles Wyatt, Wayne Kenimer, Richard Fuller, Van Litaker. FRESHMAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE The Freshman Advisory Committee has become an indispensable part of the Student Government Association. This committee has a dual purpose— to orient new students and to assist faculty ad- visers in counseling during Orientation Week. This committee is made up of twenty- four students selected from the Student Council and the student body. K ' 3V3a i5w.wnN3 ' v ' 9 ° ' WiOTiqiiiHiilMHfmpi PHI THETA KAPPA Fred Collins Charles Cruse, President Margaret Fisher Richard Fuller Albert J. Garmon, Jr. Earl Gunter, Vice-President Gayla Hinson, Secretary George Killough, Historian Lowell Lynch, Treasurer James Mahaffee Roger E. Palmer Robert Glenn Robertson The purpose of PTK is to promote scholarship, to develop character, and to cultivate fellowship among the students of the college. Membership is offered to those who achieve and maintain high scholastic requirements. Proper college spirit, interest, and attitude, however, are also necessary for membership. PTK engages in social and civic func- tions. Its primary civic project of ' 58- ' 59 was the cleaning of the " doughboy " statue on Cecil Street. Cold wind and rain pre- vented a thorough cleaning on its first try; but perhaps warmer weather will allow the chapter to do a first class job. SIGMA LAMBDA CHI 2AX The principal aim of Sigma Lambda Chi Fra- ternitv is to promote the high standards and ideals of Charlotte College through wholesome social ac- ti ities and services to the students and to the col- lege. The outstanding award from the fraternity is the Sigma Lambda Chi Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a freshman. The money is raised through the sale of decals and the labor of the members who wash and wax cars. The members have arranged two parties, one of which was an informal party at the ri er for the pledges. OlMCERS Al Palmer President Jack Vice-President Bobby llen Secretary Wii-EY Martin Treasurer { L t-j: 1 r j. ; .(f V 1 i Larry Abernathy Micken CoN rELL Russell Gilbert To n ' Harris Wiley Martin Bobby Allen Charles Conner Yates Giles Jack Donald Helms Al Palmer J. A. Barnette Hubert Fitzgerald M. W. Grass, Jr. Gary Idol Bill Poole Gail Rhea Jerry Michael Williams Page Tueiity-nine » v v i w ' J,, . OFFICERS J. Wiley Martin VresxAeni Earl Gunter Vice-VresiAenl Betty Johnson Secretary Pete Cruse Treasurer Dr. Phillip J. Green Aiviser f SIGMA TAU SIGMA The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Tau Sigma, a National Honorary Social Science Society, was organized in 1957. One of the purposes of this Society is to honor, by suitable awards, students who have done outstanding work in the social sciences. It has brought to the college such speakers as Harry Golden and Lt. Col. L. G. Coutts, who had recently returned from the U.S.S.R. Left to right: Wilev Martin President; Mr ' ;. Edyth F. Winningham, Adviser; Glenn Allen, Walt Linker, Rose Erwin, Secretary; Jerry Owens, Bcrnice Jones, Lorna Byers, Jim La Roach, Bob Robertson, Thomas Barnes, Ann Hilton, Kanela Maydanis, Vice-President; Jimmy Baker, Margaret Fisher. CHARLOTTE COLLEGE CHAPTER OF THE COLLEGIATE COUNCIL OF THE U. N The College Council on the United Nations has been one of the most active stu- dent groups at Charlotte College this year. It has held frequent meetings to discuss problems which ha c come before the United Nations— mock Security Council and Political Committee meetings. Six members represented Japan and Jordan at an inter- collegiate model U. N. Assembly in Greensboro, February 27-March 1, and six other members represented Japan at a regional model U. N. Assembly at UNC, April 9-11. CCUN also sponsored a chartered bus trip to New York and the United Nations during the Thanksgiving holidays. Page Thirty-one CHARLOTTE COLLEGE CHORUS N. J. Owens, Jr President Bobby Allen Vice-President Ann Hilton Secretary Larry Ervin Treasurer Judith Joseph Recorder Margaret Fisher Librarian Rose Erwin Social Chairman " Head-back, chin-down, back-straight " — these are Mr. Woodruff ' s directions to the Chorus. The Chorus started with twehe members at the beginning of the fall quar- ter. At Thanksgiving they gave a program with approximately twenty members. The Chorus had one project, a program on May 10 at Myers Park Baptist Church. This program consisted of music by Mozart, Buxtuhuter, and contem porary compositions by North Carolina composers. For the program, the thirty-voice chorus of Charlotte College combined their talents with those of the Wingate and Brevard Chorus members for the latter part of the program which consisted of contemporary works. Left to rie,ht: Lorna Byers, Earl Gunter, Marv Kafaris, Elizabeth Moore, Miss Mary Denny, Adviser; Ann Hilton, Margaret Fisher, Trula Booth, Bob Robertson. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Now a member of the Student National Educa- tion Association instead of Future Teachers of America, the Charlotte College Chapter has en- gaged in various activities this year. The real high- light was the trip to the state meeting of Student N.E.A. in Raleigh in October. Charlotte College was represented by five enthusiastic members, who received great inspiration and many helpful sugges- tions from the meeting. Attending the state meeting of the North Carolina Education Association in Asheville in March were President Betty Johnson and Earl Gunter, Miss and Mr. Charlotte College, Margaret Fisher, Bob Robertson, and Reid Wentz. In February the group gave a party for the adults at the Spastics Hospital. Students participating en- joyed the party as much as the guests. Seated: William Collier, Susan Thomas, Evelyn Faires, Irene Boysen, Dr. Macy. Standing: Rus- sell Gilbert, Gary Idol, Sammy Honeycutt. Onita Long, Thomas Baucom, Fred Ritch, Max Petty, Richard Sanders. FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francais held several meetings during the year. Films on France were shown at the meetings. Club members sang French songs and discussed French life and customs. Sus. N Thomas President Evelyn Faires Vice-Presuieut Thomas Baucom Secretary-Treasurer Fred Ritch Proiirani Chairiumi s v ; K■ • w, aK w ;. Al . l tM■ l ? l).jli ii»m i iiirA ' ! nitiiiitm mi ' isi ' ¥i ' aii!rf t a}iifKMif. ■ wff ' wwK vi » m ' w»wpi»MaBt»paMwi ■ mi i »i " - Standtng: Ed Best, Howard Hailey, Gan ' Carlton. Margaret Fisher, Joe Kiker. Grady Alexander, Jim Mahaffee, W. R. Elmore, Rose Erwin, Earl Guntcr. Si((i«g; Jerry Wilson, Demitrios Balds, Elizabeth Moore, Martha Moore, Betty Johnson, Peter Leonard. EL CLUB ESPANOL El Club Espanol is a social club at Charlotte College in which the mem- bers of the Spanish classes and other interested students get together in order to get a better understanding of the customs, history, and geography of Spain and Latin America. These informal gatherings feature talks by foreign students, Spanish songs and dances, Spanish plays, movies, and conversation. Page Thirty-five PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB The Physical Science Club of Charlotte College was formed in November 1958 for the purpose of enabling the students of CC to " Pursue Science Collectively. " The faculty ad isers, Mr. Norman and Mr. Tinkham, aided the officers— Frank Arumi, president; Edward Silber, vice-jiresident; and Judie Joseph, secretary-treasurer— to organize monthly dis- cussion meetings. Films and topics of interest are presented and experiments and research are con- ducted. Trips were taken, including a trip to Chapel Hill to the Morehead Planetarium. The monthly dinner meetings held at the S W Cafeteria at Park Road consisted of lectures and demonstrations, such as Mr. Cloyde Coodrum ' s lecture on " The Nature of Physical Concepts " and Bell Telephone demon- strations. FEATURES Site of a greater Charlotte College. The State Board of Higher Education has spread out a bright future for the Charlotte College sy stem. It sees the college as a key Hnk in the State ' s higher educational chain. It sees a four-year institution by 1969, serving a rapidly growing area which already holds 21 per cent of the college age persons in North Carolina. . . . The colleges have been ser ing Charlotte and this area well. They fill a need that no other institutions can meet— near-at-home, reason- ably priced higher education and technical training that this region needs so badly. . . . The state planners would spend a million dollars on their con- struction during the next two years and another two millions by 1969. Here are great possibilities. CE. cerpts from an Editorial in the Charlotte Observer, November 4, 1958.) Left to right: R. L. Tavlor, John A. McRae, Dr. E. A. Beaty, J. Murrey Atkins, Rev. Kenneth Wihnn, Oliver Rowe, Dr. Thom- as Watkins, Sr. At Goal rlotle Colleges Aim . . y » Of U-Count, Student Enrollment rlotie ..--6- " " [14-CountyStiidentEn ,e,e Bo«r» -48-Acre Tract Approved ..v i Bj For Charlotte College Sit BOND LSSIE ChaSte Colleges ' ..» May Get $3.4 M»UKm , - BOARD OK. «a «ii f . . ._ S«o«tt »VV° ' ' Jim LaRoach: Jim, Mary Elizaheth, and the family enjny a few minutes together. Pat and Paul Biles: Pat and Paul combine baking with Byron. C. C. STUDENTS Glenit Allen: Mary Lib and Mike lend assistance with the school work. Page Forty-two Edvvakd Frantz: a draftsman and student relaxes cm the weekend. AT HOME i vstsfisamKimaiMm Brakenimi Jim Mahaffee Assistant Teacher Ann Hilton C. C. STUDENTS AT WORK Service Station Attendant Earl Gunter mmmimi ' ' Receptionist and Switch Board Operator Betty Iohnson Liiicrnaii Claude Secrest Accountant Jack McMillan ine [jalenL r ouaitu KING QUEEN OF HEARTS Patti- Hill and Jerry Owens reign at the Stupid Cupid Dance COFFEE BREAK Six o ' clock and the rush is on ij , .j ; I I ! CHARLOTTE COLLEGE GUEST ARTISTS Dr. Ralph Lapp Ellen Faull Pai c Forty ei ht FOREIGN STUDENTS AT C. C. Francisco Arumi Stiidoit from Ecuador Sabir H. M. DAmR Student from Jordan Miss Cone coitiiseh Josepti Szihigyi, Hungarian student. To the school we love so dear Our hearts mil always linger near V - Hk ,T ' . g Si fmi , For the friendships good and true Page Fifty-three Our hallowed memories are of you To " CC " our love and loyalty J THE OWLS The opening buzzer sounded on the 1958-59 basketball season on No- vember 8 with the Owls playing Pres- byterian Junior College. Coach Hugh B. (Buddy) Smith ' s green, but game, Owls played most teams in the North Carolina Junior College Basketball Conference on pretty even terms for half a game, but a weak bench kept them from finishing strong. Ernie Prevatte Bucky McQuay » ' % Yil vjn SOPHOMORES Fred Collins President Charles Cruse Mce-Presideut Margaret Fisher Secretary-Treasurer Pu.i;c l-i(ty-eifiht SOPHOMORES Larry Grier Abernathy Grady Dalton Alexander James Bigham Alexander Robert Miller Allen- John W. Anderson Demetrios a. Bakis TiLU) B. Bass Thomas Francis Baucom Thomas Vernon Beaty v, Edgar Porter Bickett Theo Clois Blackvvelder William W. Bondurant Charles A. Boyd William P. Calvert Joel Ernest Ciiastain Franklin L. Collins Fred Davis Collins, Jr. Earl Reid Crocker, Jr. n It • SOPHOMORES William Morrison Crockford Charles Leslie Cruse Samuel Earl Gunter Charles E. Cunningham Jim L. Davis Howard Lee Hailey James Howell Entrekin William Stacy Erhart Joe F. Haney r: Margaret Pearl Fisher Charles John Fodel Gerald C. Helms Richard Vernon Fuller Lloyd Frederick Griffie Patty Hill Howard E. Grindle James M. Gulley Maby Gay Hinson SOPHOMORES Drusilla Stoker Ingold John McKixley Kirby RoxALD Wade Lamkin Roger Aaron jetton George Peter Leonard Van E. Litaker Betty J. Johnson David N. Little Onita Lee Long William Jay Johnson Lowell A. Lynch William David McKee Burnice Grady Jones Jack Harrington McMillan John Wiley Martin Jack i L Kirby Kanela Andrew Maydanis Ronald Clem Miller r SOPHOMORES Sarah Elizabeth Moore C. Howard Ogden Roger E. P. lmer Randy Gene Parton Paul Franklin Peele Raymond Woodrow Phillips Stephen ' ayne Pigg David Dockery Price Joseph Marion Raynes Fred Wade Ritch Robert Glenn Robertson John Edwin Rose John Flynn Simon William C. Sims William Alexander Smith Steve Arthur Steele Floyd Stewart Susan C. Thomas Page Sixty-two « f ' m ' o - w5 i:.y ifii . -» i ' MdM SOPHOMORES Sidney B. Warner Harrison Bradford Watson Kenneth McDonald Whitley James Larry Williams David Ross Wilson Albert D. Winchester Edward L. Woods Charles Bogard Wyatt K. Edwin Phillips President FRESHMEN John Cobb ' ice-President John McManus Secretary-Treasu rer Page Sixty-foiir FRESHMEN William Gilbert Agnew Gary Goodman Ahlgren William Ioel Alexander Glenn C. Allen Wayne Harold Allen Donald Wayne Altstin Bobby Eugene Baker James Farris Baker Thomas C. Barnes JAMES Anthony Barnette Robert Francis Barr Richard D. Barrett Robert Ellis Baxter Walter Larry Beamguard Dorothy Blanche Beatty John Samuel Bell Charles Robert Benson Effie Pool Bishop Douc;las Donald Bivens, Jr. Roy E. Bivens Ralph Clark Black Stephen Judd Blucher Albert Medlin Bolick Trula Sutton Booth Jimmie Drew Bostic Irene Boysen Clyde Henry Buchanan Jerry Thomas Bullard j ?5Si rp !?rwErcs!siii ' ?B ' H! I ■ FRESHMEN Patricia Ann Burns Danny Edward Bush LORNA ByERS John Kenneth Cullingford Eugene Myers Cadieu CtAry Eldon Carlton Melvin Douglas Carson Sabir 1 1. iM. Dahir William R. Carriker Donald Lee Cartee Russell Ernest Chappell Franklin JMiles Daeden, Jr. Edwin Hastings Cobb )ohn Edward Cobb William Joseph Cobb Joe B. Dellinger Helen Kay Combs Michael Davis Connell Charles Wayne Conner Walter Thomas Dickerson Lee David Conner Charles Harold Cook Tommy Barnes Cornelius Cecil Albright Dinkins James Henry Craver • f-i James Thomas Crawford, Jr. M tti. William Spencer Crowell lb J !:•» David Scott Drinkard I FRESHMEN Thomas Guv Easox Ernest Edward Flowers Anthony Floyd Francis David Clinton Friddle Philip Everett Edge Kay George Noah Yates Giles, Jr. Olin Sylvester Giles Archie Hal Edwards Russell Gilbert Violet Madlytv Gilbert James David Godfrey IN Greer Efird «( Allan |ay Goodman John Dermont Graham David Rudolph H. Griehsbach Esther Rose Erwin Robert Tames Grubbs f!l f C , WiLLLAM Edward Hager " fc " - , ll ' ■ ' A )ames Washington Haigler fla | Iames Robert Eury, Jr. JiMMiE Carpenter Hall VVyatt Price Hargett Donald Thomas Harris Dalma Clay Evans Harold David IIarris William Laureston Harris Jerry Edmond Hartis f r : " ia»a6W W! JWr- ia " ww« " J!4»j!(ca ' f7or.»«i» ' w™»«™MB4fic3J!5e3pn4TisBaaiO!Ksa» f 1 FRESHMEN Robert Laxe H artis Willie Victor Harwell, Jr. Da id C. Hefelfinger Lucille Wilson Helms U ' illiam Philip Helms Charles Le elle Henkel Albert F. 1 Ierrin, Jr. Noah Max Hicks Mary Angeline Hilton Francis A. Hince Kenneth Wesley Hinson Clinton Wilson Hoover Larry A. Hoover James Bonner Hosse Walter Edward Hoyle Fred Ben Huckaby Charles Calvin Hucks Billie Frances Huntley Gary Eugene Idol James Donald Ingold Larry Eugene Irvin. Jr. Edward Alan Iaffre Fred Arnold Jenkins Dewey Lester Johnson Judith Rose Joseph Howard Nelson Keller Paul Fleming Kilgo Charles Paul Kirkley } ' agc Sixty-eight FRESHMEN James Russell La Roach Fred Otto Lau Donald Franklin Laye Walter Stephen Linker Robert Spear Lockhard III Charles David Lord Geraldine Shinn Loveless Lewis Robert Lyles Lawrence Julius McCall David Franklin McCallum Connie Mac iMcGee Maurice Daniel McIntosh John Paul McManus Donald Francis McMillan John David McNair Jess Blackuelder McQuay Peggy C. McRorie Michael Sheridan Marquette Desmond Francis Marsh Charles Anthony Marwitz Thomas Morrison Melton G. iL Deanna Merrell Jan Anthony Merritt Jack Peter Messina Donald Smathers Miller Richard Maurice Miller Rex Franklin Miller Harold Gilbert Millsaps Page S;. (y-)!Jiit mfMiaKttn . mtmmtif n i f ii nmmMjm ' iu- ' t!i2a aa™(SiErenn«ci?? w ' !Sf?s3gaaimsaH»a s f I FRESHMEN David Owen Montague loHx Jackson Xivens Bruce Love Nussman Napoleon Jerome Ov ens, |r. Larrv Thomas Moore AuBREi- LoMAx Palmer, Jr. Joel . Patterson Sandra K. v Pavseur Boyd 1 1. Morgan Maxwell Eligene Petty loHN ' illlam Pender Shaw Exum Pender. Jr. Jane Elma Morgan Nancy Carolyn Phillips Roger Baker Privette George Williams Poovey ]oiiN Philmore Morris Michael Gene Purser Rodney Lamar Purser James I Iomer Queen Richard Allen Morris William Kress Query — Thomas Edmond Ramey Paul E. Ramey Robert Ellis Morris Wade Irvin Ramsey, Jr. Gail Rhea William Barton Richards .«.j A FRESHMEN William Louis Riley Walter Lee Roe, Jr. Billy Forney Roseman Leland Kenneth Stephens Edwin Gallant Ross JiMMIE F. ROWELL Richard Eugene Sanders Jean Strathdee Beverly Diane Schenck Floyd C. Schermer John Tatum Scroggs Robert Lee Stutts William L. Settlemi-re James Harvey Sexton Robert W. Short Donald Flynn Talley Shelton Legrand Shorter Phillips Lee Shouse William Ira Sigmon Joe J. Tankersley i ' J m 111 Edward Joseph Silber Billy James Sills Charles Douglas Simpson Larry Benford Teffeteller Hugh Edward Singleton Dorothy Barrett Smith Larry Douglas Smith ' W » Robert Joseph Thomas rj KMM imi . =S!5 a. ' J V?a.V5a ' !!SSBKMIWVi ' ' l«» ' i SSaSK?STJ ' 3KJS FRESHMEN Robert LeGrande Thompson Mary L. Thornton Archie Clayton Vanderburg Enoch Roland Williams Gerald Allen Williams Jerry Michael Williams Milton Carl Williams John William Wood John Morrison Yandle Ray Everett Young Roland Lee Yount SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, CHARLOTTE DEPARTMENT N. C. STATE COLLEGE Dr. Herbert A. Lynch Director STUDENTS Aehle, Truman Homer, Jr. AiNswoRTH, Richard Lynn Allen, Bruce Boyarth, Jr. AuTEN, Carl Williamson Bartholomew, Bradley White Clark, Marion Cecil Crockford, William Morrison English, Stephen Croom Etheridge, Van Buren Webb Fogelson, Howard Stephen Gallart, Charles W., Jr. Godfrey, Stephen Ellis Godley, William Charles Hager, Charles Ray Halloway, Jack Lloyd Huffman, John Wesley Krauss, William Henry Lackey, Joe Maynard McCathern, Robert E., Jr. Nichols, Cecil E., Jr. Parker, Lewis Egbert Patterson, William S. Price, Wendell Thomas Rollins, Thomas Franklin Russell, Richard Ray Snyder, Robert Stuart Stephenson, Robert Earl Sweet, Robert Glenn Taylor, Calvin Elms Thrower, Herbert T., Jr. Washington, Walter M., Jr. Williams, Royce Lee Page Seventy-three r»fpM . .t -rfitSSaiSElliSiiSSStiaBtaSIXSlgi iFa3 sr9B uaiasraEX.vtfm ' K ' TECHNICAL TERMINAL DIVISION Jerome O. Darholt Head of the Technical Terminal Division CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES Mechanical Technology Albert Jerome Garmon William Martin Hill Albert Osborne McEntire Electrical Technology Leonard Maxwell Howell Billy Joe Moser Thomas Joseph Reddeck III I ' liRc Seven ty-fcnir i ik mm. TECHNICAL DIVISION STUDENTS Fred Lewis Bowtjen Johnny Venoid Broome William P. Cochran DvviGHT Olin Christeivbury James Otho Dunlap, Jr. John Coke Edwards Bernice Hubert Fitzgerald, Jr. Walter Hunter Floyd John Edward Harris Jack Donald Helms Charlie Walker Jarrell James William Josephs Philip Markus Lohr Lathan Gilmer McLean William Raymond McLester John Paul McManus Charles L. Murphy Bernard Peterson Lyman Ray Reynolds Harold D. Scruggs Douglas LeGrand Shiver Mott Edmond Simpson Ben Wofford Smith Billy Earl Smith John Walter Trexler Manning Edwards Watts Ted Watts Sterling Elliott Welch Page Seventy-five J3 ' 55 ' !SS5 ! HS«!lLW3P)fW iwiMiiHUi!! luinniiiiM ( .-] ADVERTISEMENTS . . . THE GREATER For Over 64 Years . . . Your Home of Better Values Compliments of KERLErS GULF SERVICE 3631 Statesville Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. HOYER LIFTER FOR HOME and HOSPITAL Solves the problem of moving the involid. A few light strokes of the hydraulic pump lifts patient from floor to bed, toilet, chair or car. WINCHESTER SURGICAL SUPPLY CU. 119 E. Seventh St. ED 2-4109 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page Seventy-seven 4!5«Ea ' r?T-»ffi5» -««wira 4 www v?HSBa!SB5 f 1 Phone ED 3-5533 a ge2 L ateflna S e efina service CATERING TO ALL OCCASIONS 1235 Thomas Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. Comphments of HARrS CLEANERS 727 N. Graham Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Compliments of ED 2-2121 CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA LOCAL AND INTRA-STATE GENERAL COMMODITIES CERTIFICATE POOL CAR DISTRIBUTION Page Seventy-eigkt MA . A Himey uf j PijLL !■ [ ji CHARLOTTE— GASTON I A Food for the Enfirc Family in our Continental Steak Room TRY OUR CURB SERVICE Compliments of PNEUMAFIL CORPORATION 2516 Wilkinson Boulevard CHARLOTTE, N. C. SUCCESS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 i e CHARLOTTi. N. C Pnge Seventyniuc j««GIl.»l h ' MS«9»«WI«lWJiW SSSfVWJWStB!SBSa3a3aSS!S!«8fS Compliments of Terminal Bonded Warehouse Co., Inc. 1949 Freedom Drive P. 0. Box 10562 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Phone EDison 2-2117 Compliments of FREEDOM TEXACO 3300 Freedom Drive CHARLOTTE, N. C. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of THOMAS HOWARD CO. 411 South College Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page Eighty I Compliments of Dairy Queen of Central Avenue 1431 Central Avenue CHARLOTTE, N. C. Compliments of SHELTON ' S FLORIST 813 Providence Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. Refreshment to You Through the Years EXPERT AUTO REPAIRING Overhauling Our Specialty All Work Guaranteed KINSEY ' S AUTO SERVICE W B Kinsey, Jr Owner 3742 Old Monroe Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. Shop Phone FR 6-6983— FR 6-2531 Compliments of FRIGIDAIRE SALES CORP. 2000 Freedom Drive CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page Eight) -one 7 ' ?i1Trar?W»TOarafWP3!nE!!»?!PII5WS5?! Compliments of PAUL AND CRYMES SPORTING GOODS 409 South Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. The OWLS Meet For PIZZA The Famous OPEN KITCHEN 1318 W. Morehead St. FR 7-9166 AL BROWNE ' S SERVICE 545 Providence Road Phone ED 4-4975 CHARLOTTE, N. C. Compliments of GLENWOOD CLEANERS 3320 Tuckaseege Road CHARLOTTE, N. C. J JmJlBv ASHEVILLE— BREVARD CANTON— CHARLOTTE HENDERSONVILLE— LENOIR WAYNESVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Page Eighty-two i -V tAG YOU WITH THe, OBSERVER PRINTING HOUiSE 216 W. 2ND ST. CHARLOTTE, N. C. TELEPHONE ED 3-3101 Page Eighlr-thrce ' ' 3CJWrW " 7!nW51!CTOn»»W?W? ' ?S?!TO5BSH»SS5»iOT8 X T " TSTTmnmimmf I § ■r y " - 1 ; I ,. i- ■ 4.; %s.r • •• • • t • •■ ' ' ■■■■■ ' ' ■■ k t

Suggestions in the University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) collection:

University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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