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University of North Carolina Charlotte - Rogues n Rascals or SiSi Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1952 volume:

CHARLCflTE, n. c. s s- ?, M XJJ6 cUJZo DEDICATION This 1952 edition of Si Si is proudly dedicated to Mrs. Edyth F. Winningham, for her fine training in history and political science, and for her sincere interest in the extra- curricular activities of the school. J. MURREY ATKINS LIBRAWf UflllV. ;; UNA AT CHARLOTTE FOREWORD There are many memories that come to mind at the end of a successful year in college. Remember how scared and silly the Freshmen looked during Rat Week?. . . The first classes and exams?. . . Report cards?. . .Basketball. . .Soro- rity and Fraternity?. . . Elections?. . .Assembly?. . . and at last, graduation for the Sophomores! So many memories -- each a definite part of life at Charlotte College. It is the best of these memories that the annual staff has tried to capture in this 1952 annual, Si Si . ACKNOWLEDGMENT The annual staff wishes to express its sincere apprecia- tion to Miss Jane Odil, Faculty Advisor for the annual, for her untiring efforts and her wise judgment which have helped in the preparation of this yearbook. FACULTV MISS BONNIE E. CONE Director B. S. , Coker College A. M. , Duke University History teaches us that events are brought about by leaders. This is particularly true in the case of Charlotte College. Miss Bonnie E. Cone appears to be a benevolent paradox. With all her superhuman tasks, Miss Cone al- ways has time to help the student body in every way. DENNY, MARY R. English A.B. , Salem College A. M. , Duke University FORE, MARY S. English A.B. , Winthrop College A. M. , Columbia University FRASER, MARION L. English A.B., Winthrop College A.M. , University of S. C. HARWOOD, R. FRANK Commerce and Economics B. S. , Saint Louis University FACULTV HECKENBLEIKNER, HERBERT Biology, Geography, Geology A.B., University of N. C. A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University HOYLE, FRANCES B. Spanish A.B., Woman ' s College, U.N.C. LAFFERTY, OMA C. Sociology A.B., Tulane University A.M., University of Chicago MACY, PIERRE French Baccalaureat, Universite de Nancy Doctorat, Universite de Paris ODIL, JANE Mathematics A.B., Vanderbilt University PUETTE, LUCILLE Chemistry A. B. , Randolph Macon A. M. , Duke University FACULTV SCOTT, H. A. , JR. Psychology A.B., Duke University WATSON, FLORA M. Mathematics A. B. , Winthrop College WHEDON, PARKER Business Law B. L. , University of N. C. WINNINGHAM, EDYTH F. Social and Political Sciences A.B. , University of North Dakota A. M. , University of N. C. TEACHERS NOT PICTURED Blair, Rosannah G Librarian A. B. , Dickson College B.S. , Columbia University School of Library Science Edelman, Erwin Basketball A. B. , M. A. , Duke University Wilson, James C Engineering Drawing B.S.M.E., University of Tennessee Tinkham, Mark Physics A. B. , University of North Carolina White, T. B Physics Laboratory B.S.E.E., Vanderbilt University SPECIAL TEACHERS Cheney, Betty Lee ) Raney, Elizabeth ) English for Foreigners Stuckie, Mrs. Arthur W) Berryhill, Deane ) Woodford, Elaine) Mock, Sara ) Business Harrison, Jane ) ADULT EDUCATION Wall, Helen Anne Art Lynch, Herbert A Management Techniques Bell, Claude A Woodworking Kennedy, John Public Speaking Ellis, William Edwin Driver Education CLASS POEAA FROM THE CLASS OF 1952 TO CHARLOTTE COLLEGE To Charlotte College from all of us, Who have spent here two years, maybe three, We leave our teachers, helpers, friends, Our deepest gratitude with sincerity. To those pleasant things we leave behind us, Parties, dances, and basketball, We leave our expression of deepest thanks For the fun bestowed upon each and all. To the future ' s broadening roads we turn, With each of us going our separate way, With the things we have each learned here, To guide us in our work and play. So, again to Charlotte College Our deepest gratitude we express With the best of thoughts and wishes, For our college and her success. . . . Harriet McSheehan SOPHOMORES Atkinson, Leon Newell Bridges, Kenneth Monroe, Jr. m ft Blair, Warren Donald Carmichael, James R. Boone, Andrew Truitt, Jr. Carter, Frank P. Crosland, Robert Moseley, Jr. Gray, William Thurman, Jr. Holland, Clarence Day, Jr. 1 Holladay, Jerry B. I V ' 1 SOPHOMORES Holtzclaw, Charles W. Howard, Burgess C. Hunsucker, John Elton Kerr, Louis Cook Lefler, George Nathaniel ■ k ■ l Mahaley, Moses Stephen, Jr. i 4fc -■ T5Sk Maydanis, Pete Nicholas s McClure, William M. SOPHOMORES McSheehan, Harriet Ann Miller, Luther Ray Palmer, William C. Pearson, James E. Proctor, Bennett Jackson Propst, James P. Rankin, Ralph Gray Ray, Edgar Arlo, Jr. Ray, Velma V. SOPHOMORES Rigas, Lambros Constantine Rimmer, William Warren Roddey, Gloria Jean Schrader, Robert E. Shanklin, Almeron Walton Stallings, Walter Scott, III Stephens, Arial Avant Teeter, Grover Whitson Williams, James B. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the glorious Class of 1952, being of sound mind and memory, realizing that this institution has endured us as long as it can, and per- ceiving that future classes will suffer under the teachers we have driven crazy, and desiring to leave to the underclassmen all of our problems and illnesses (we ' re tired of them), do herewith, in the year of our li- beration, declare this document to be our Last Will and Testament. ARTICLE I - TO THE FACULTY ITEMS: 1. To Miss Cone, our understanding director, we leave our deepest appreciation for the kind and considerate guidance she has given us during our two years at C. C. 2. To Miss Puette, we leave our grades and a pot of coffee, with the hope that she drinks while she copies. 3. To the entire faculty we leave thanks for the tolerance and under- standing they showed us. ARTICLE II - TO THE UNDERCLASSMEN ITEMS: 1. I, Harriet McSheehan, leave my ability to get things done around the school to Wellene Hodge and Joe Griffin. It ' s too big a job for one person. I, Pete Maydanis, leave my ability as class arguer to Robert Schrader. I, Leon Atkinson, leave my theological ability to Conrad Holmes. I, Dorsey Mcllroy, am not leaving. I, Fred Prince, leave my brilliant record of A ' s to Nick Chamis, who will be able to take advantage of them. I, Arial Stephens, leave my cigarette smoking ability to anybody who will join me in the sanitorium. I, Scotty Stallings, leave C. C. , but not Home B. 8. I, Warren Blair, leave the reading of this mess to anyone whose warped mind can stand it. 9. I, Steve Mahaley, leave Dr. Macy ' s class to Frank Carter. In conclusion, we, the graduating class of 1952, leave Charlotte Col- lege as a thing of the past, but a part of us will always remain with the kind and understanding teachers and the many fine people we met. (Signed) Warren Blair, Class Lawyer 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Witnesses: I. M. Tired U. R. Tew Ima Dope Vera Cute Aloyshus Piffleslander Quirtsligger FRESHMEN Allen, Jimmie Dwight Bass, William H. Beatty, Henry Francis Bell, Lamar Alton, Jr. Bryant, Venoy Lee Castanas, Nick James Chamis, Nick George Collier, William A. Cornell, James Fraser Dangler, Betty McKinnon Disher, John William Duncan, Samuel Jefferson, Jr. FRESHMEN Dunlap, Claude Franklin Edwards, James R. Farley, Arthur Coburn, Jr. Floros, Sula Frye, Amy Naomi Gaither, Dent Turner G ilbert, Thomas Murray Griffin, Joe Howard Grogg, John Henry, Jr. Hawkins, James Ralph Heffner, August John Hickman, Charles Wesley, Jr. FRESHMEN Hodge, Mary Wellene Holmes, Meritt Conrad Huffman, Ralph Edward, Jr. Keeter, Richard Harold Klutts, J. Vaughn Laughter, Harvey Ray Lawrence, Harold Sherlin Lewis, John Green McCaskill, Glen D. McClure, John Robert Mcllroy, Dorsey W. Mock, James Howard FRESHMEN Monty, Kitty Moore, David Lawrence Morrison, Fred Eugene Myers, James Harry Niemer, Stanford E. Noble, Robert Dale Palmer, Michael Hamilton Patrick, Bruce LaVal Peake, Walter Herbert, Jr. Pressley, Robert Alexander Ranson, Katherine Miller Robertson, James Arthur FRESHMEN Scholl, William F. , Jr. Shelor, Roger Arnold Sheron, Herman Dewey, Jr. Sherr ill, James Edgar, Jr. Starnes, Jack Stenberg, Robert F. Stevenson, Buel J. Thornhill, Archie James, Jr. Turner, Hal Bernard Vess, Charles C. Wheeler, Eva Carol Whitcher, Scott, Jr. Womack, Hubert Allen, Jr. 1 P f! ( I 1 i Ml V. 3 4 ' . X ' " ■• ' c STUDENT COUNCIL " Student participation " is the keynote of the Student Government of Charlotte College. This phrase characterizes every policy of this organization, whose membership is made up of all students who are enrolled in the college. The new officers, guided by the retiring leaders, took over their duties in the closing weeks of school in 1951 . Regular meetings were held throughout the summer to prepare the student handbook and make plans for the coming year. The Executive Council, which acts as the steering committee of the Council, functioned under the leadership of Jack Proctor, who exercised general executive powers. As Vice-President, Bill Rim- mer was responsible for coordinating the activities of the various committees of the Student Council. George Lefler served as Trea- surer and Chairman of the Budget Committee, and Wellene Hodge was Secretary. This year ' s aim of the Student Council, which has directed all student activities, has been to train for responsible citizenship in a larger community. Missing when the above picture was taken were: Bill Rimmer, Vice-President of the Student Council; Warren Blair, Vice-President of Sophomore Class; Scotty Stallings, Editor of Charlotte Collegian; Velma Ray, Business Manager of Charlotte Collegian; Sam Rigas, Business Manager of Si Si; Jimmy Carmichael, Chairman of Social Committee. CHARLOTTE COLLEGE LIBRARY CHARLOTTE, N. C, PRESIDENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL Jack Proctor 1 , 2AX SIGMA LAMBDA CHI Sigma Lambda Chi is the Greek-letter social fraternity at Charlotte College. Formerly known as the Keymen Fraternity, the active mem- bers voted this year to become a local Greek-lettei fraternity. At the beginning of each quarter, pledges are selected from the student body by the members of the fraternity. At the end of the quarter, if the " worms " have proved themselves worthy, the pledges become active members of Sigma Lambda Chi. All rituals of the fraternity are secret, revealed only to duly qualified members. It is the purpose of Sigma Lambda Chi to promote fellowship among the male students at Charlotte College, and to sponsor social activities for its members and pledges. Through these means the fraternity hopes to build a stronger and better Charlotte College by encouraging a united student body. RHO GAMMA ALPHA Rho Gamma Alpha is the Greek-letter social sorority at Charlotte College. It was organized a few years ago under the name of the Regina Sorority, but in October of last year the members voted unanimously to adopt Greek letters. The pledges are admitted at the beginning of each quarter on the ba- sis of character, personality and interest displayed in the sorority. The rituals of the sorority are secret and are related only to qualified mem- bers. The purpose of the sorority is to promote closer fellowship between the students and faculty at C. C. and to uphold high ideals in the college. The members of Rho Gamma Alpha are: Mrs. Frances Hoyle, Fa- culty Advisor; Nita Crabbe, Betty Dangler, Sula Floros, Wellene Hodge , Velma McKnight, Harriet McSheehan, Jo Mihalic, Kitty Monty, Kitty Ranson, Velma Ray, and Gloria Jean Roddey. The officers of Rho Gamma Alpha are, left to right: Treasurer; Sula Floros, Secretary; Harriet McSheehan, Wellene Hodge, Vice-President. Betty Dangler, President; and S3 SIGMA PI ALPHA Sigma Pi Alpha, a national honorary language fraternity, is esta- blished at Charlotte College as the Gamma Gamma Chapter. Its mem- bership is composed of French and Spanish students who have proved themselves worthy of membership in this fraternity, and who have been recommended for membership by their respective language teachers. A national congress of all chapters of Sigma Pi Alpha is held annually, this year ' s meeting being in Wilson, North Carolina. The Gamma Gam- ma Chapter has initiated twenty-seven Charlotte College students into the fraternity since its establishment. This chapter has been quite ac- tive in raising funds for English-speaking classes at Charlotte College for immigrants. The officers of the Gamma Gamma Chapter are Steve Mahaley, President; Demetrios Nixon, Vice-President; Carole Hinson, Secre- tary; and George Lefler, Treasurer. The active members of the chapter are Warren Blair, Steve Ma- haley, Arial Stephens, Fred Prince, George Lefler, Scotty Stallings, Pete Maydanis, Harriet McSheehan, and Grover Teeter. 33 ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Left to right: Joe Griffin, Wellene Hodge, Harriet McSheehan, Chairman; and Arial Stephens. Absent when picture was taken: Jim Carrmchael. ANNUAL BUSINESS STAFF James F. Cornell, Sam Rigas, Business Manager; Charles Vess. EDITORIAL STAFF John Long, Sports Editor; Arial Stephens, Circulation Manager; Wellene Hodge, Associate Feature Editor; John McClure, Assistant Editor; Bill Scholl, Editor; Harriet McSheehan, Feature Editor. Absent from picture: Fred Prince, Member, Business Staff; Conrad Holmes, Associate Editor. Alluring Alumni Harriet McSheehan Haven ' t you often wondered just what was in the mail that comes into the office every day? Haven ' t you also wondered who sent all those letters and why ' I have, and I am sure that you have too. Let ' s look into some of the mail that has been received here at the College, and see what we can find. First, however, let me explain that several of these letters were to have been pub- lished i " «h» Phristmas ic like being back in some college. I think they make it a point to give us this stuff just fast enough so that we won ' t have enough spare time to get into trouble. It ' s a really wonderful school. They tell us that it ' s the best government operated school in the world. We have students here from every branch of the service, and from almost every friendly country in the world. . We are about 3 miles from the Mexican border I have been over twice. I ' ve been brushing up on my Spanish. You would think living so close to the American border, that most of the people would speak a little English, but 50% of them speak only a little English. I wish I had Mrs. Hoyle Charlotte College Scolarships Available Charlotte College will award eleven scholarships this year. These scholarships cover only the student ' s tuition expenses while at CC and cannot be ap- plied to books or other fees. Candidates for these scholarships will be judged on the basis of their scholastic record and their financial need. All applicants are required to write a theme on why they wish to attend Charlotte College and also to take a psy- chological and an English ex- amination. On the basis of the Atlantic Journey Hugh Womack One of the world ' s great lux- ury liners is the " Queen Mary " of the Cunard White Star line; since her christening, she has often been a subject of world attention. More recently the at- tention of the American public has been drawn to her by the aura of famous British person- ages: In his latest visit to the United States, the resurgent, in- domitable — spirited Winston Churchill, Prime Minister, ar- rived and departed on the " Queen. " Then upon the death of his brother. King George VI, the Duke of Windsor -in Mew V ,,-U fittr , trin timo i-Vinco ViPr wheel now. I ' m at Ft. Bliss, jus Paso, learning all abo est things the Army h£ I go to class eight he F.YPfnt for the nnifnrr CHARLOTTE COLLEGIAN rmer memoer 01 lames A. Robert- girl. Mr. Robert- our present stu- The Charlotte Collegian is the student newspaper of Charlotte College. The paper was founded while the College was a part of the University of North Carolina and has been published continuously since that time. It has appeared under several different i.umes, but was given the title of Charlotte Collegian in 1951. The purposes of the paper are to promote scholastic, social, and athletic activities within the student body, to encourage true school spirit, and to record the activities of the school. Scotty Stallings is editor of the paper and Miss Mary Denny is faculty advisor. FLORIDA ELSEWHERE % SPONSORS Lillian Harding for Bill Scholl, Editor of Annual Carol Vehue for John McClure, Assistant Editor of Annual Jean Yandle for Conrad Holmes, Associate Editor of Annual SPONSORS Patricia Camp for Charles Hickman, President of Freshman Class Audrey Fowler for Jim Carmichael, Chairman of Social Committee Marilyn Jean Hilton for Bill Rimmer, Vice-President of Student Council Grace Bair for Scotty Stallings, Editor of Newspaper Joe Griffin for Wellene Hodge, Secretary of Student Council Arial Stephens for Harriet McSheehan, Chairman of Elections Committee Su0 z t zse4 LEON ATKINSON SficeeecC " HERBERT PEAKE 3e4t JOHNNY LONG 3e t ID ted eaL ' BILL RIMMER UCottie6t " Smoke Stack ARIAL STEPHENS HARRIET McSHEEHAN BILL SCHOLL NICK CHAMIS OluL " y3zooedt Ca ctnO ' ucu ARIAL STEPHENS pUW JJUlUSH HRaHR I. Hmm! 2. Gorgeous George. 3. It ' s a marshmallow world. 4. Sleeping Beauty ( ?) 5. Date Baits. 6. Pro. 7. Wha Hoppen? 8. Frosty the Snowman. 9. Wake me up at four. 10. Now, that ' s an ideal way to look at it. II. Fun, huh? 12. Goo bye, cruel world. s t- HHHHM P WtiW .- ' ■:- ' if M ' « v SB BASKETBALL }51- ' 52 edition of the Owl cagers under the able of Coach Irving Edelman, and the brilliant scor- Jack Proctor and Co-Captain Nick Chamis, had rcessful season. After a heart-breaking start in which the Owls dropped some close decisions, they completed their season by win- ning nine of twenty-one games. In their first game, a last-period spurt and a la st-second field goal by Johnny Long gave the Owls their first run, 55- 54. Guard Nick Chamis led the Owl hoopsters with 23 points. The basketeers then dropped three consecutive North Carolina Junior College Conference games to Belmont Abbey, Wingate and Pfeiffer, in that order. Chamis again paced the Owls in the Abbey game with 23 points, and shared scoring honors with Proctor in the Wingate contest with 20. Proctor also rang up a total of 24 points for high man in the Pfeiffer contest. The cagers then broke into the win column again with a 54-40 victory over Myers Park and followed with losses to Belmont Abbey and Pembroke State. Proctor paced the Owls in the Myers Park and Abbey games with 22 and 23 points, respectively, while Chamis paced the losers against Pem- broke with 20. BASKETBALL Following a trouncing over Charlotte Tech, the Owls bowed to Gardner -Webb, but prompt y bounced back with a 75-63 win over the North Charlotte Y . After losing close contests to Spartanburg and the Lenoir-Rhyne J. V. ' s, the Owls won their biggest game of the year with a 68-58 upset over Pembroke State to end the Braves ' ten-game winning streak. Chamis paced the winners with 23 points. The Owls took to the road for their next five con- tests, in which they got wins over Newberry J. V. ' s and Spartanburg, and conference losses toGardner- Webb, Wingate and Pfeiffer. Chamis and Proctor were the bright spots in the two wins and three losses, but Co-Captain Henry Beatty received high praise from Coach Edelman for his fine floor play. After a second win over Myers Park and a loss to the Davidson J. V. ' s, the Owls concluded their season as they had started, with a victory over Mars Hill. Proctor ' s 27 points were high for the winner in their 80-74 win. Co-Captain and Guard, Nick Chamis, was chosen on the ten-man, all-conference team which was selec- ted by the coaches; and Center Jack Proctor received honorable mention. Page 3 Llumni rriet McSheehan like being back in some -j CBi 5tte College I think they make it a v « -f ' give us this stuff just fas? so that we won ' t have) often wondered in the mail that office every day? ilso wondered who f letters and why? I am sure that you t ' s look into some of It has been received allege, and see what - First, however, let me explain that several of these letters were to have been pub- lished in the Christmas issue of the paper, but because that issue of the paper wasn ' t circulated the alumni, it was elimir Therefore, some of these 1 ,, e a bit old, but they L interesting as ever. spare time to get into tJ It ' s a really wonderfu They tell us that it ' s government operated the world. We have studen from every branch of the and from almost every country in the world. . . . . . We are about 3 mil the Mexican border. I havl over twice. I ' ve been brush! on my Spanish. You woulc) living so close to the At; border, that most would speak a 50 7r of t En coh railable s ' om een up ink can of the Charlotte College will award leven scholarships this year. lese scholarships cover only »e student ' s tuition expenses [hile at CC and cannot be ap- fced to books or other fees. andidates for these scholars hips ill be judged on the basis of • T scholastic record and their I— .cial need. All applicants are required to write a theme on why to attend Charlotte to take a psy- ex- the lar- r F th ours I i h Base Mi this accept I am n 1 and ai would if you as to ■ please send me the s are required and electi ' will complete my merch course at CC. Miss Cone, an answer to thi letter would be greatly appreciat I find fr irolled udying reciate ild answe •edits and Dear fhej school again worked a litt was at CC If have to keep wheel now. I ' m at Ft. -Bl Paso, learning est things the A I go to class i Bxcept for the David " Cot Edward Douglas for the Charlotte Theatre Supply. Raymond Gahagan is with Sears. Bill Hayes is with Goodbody Co. Carole Hinson is with the County Tax Office. Rex Huntly is at UNC. Frank Kennedy is at UNC. Harry Kirk is Herman Aver the Central Lun C. B. Long is i ory. Brice McLaug ' arm but plans to go to UNC Buck Mallonee is at UNC. Roger Shelor was absent at time of picture Hicks ■k is at the U. of Tenn. Carolyn Reichard is at UNC. Bill Senn is back after spend- ing a semester at Davidson. Fred Young is at State. We have had several visits from these students and from other last year students. Their „,„„, rn ho found in the new in the office, j express our deep- fir Bill Mills on ■». ast month, der and David Love represent the new CC alumni in the US Navy. teat lux- ( Mary " line; ' she has |rt of world -vtly the at- ican public her by the Ish person- lisit to the fiurgent, in- fed Winston |inister, ar- id on the the death George VI, or — in New — chose her ome However, the grear— hip has always served as a liner o. luxury class. The folio story of one of her ijroop carrier in Wn the Sixteen idron embai New Yc iber of the liner 1 .uxury fil Where urnishtc ■stateroo ■ely cut id witjO he swi) red as slq was substitl ■ilities — I books men- ; _ ieriofi n; venty min- punctuated at each piercing blast of a police whistle. Presum- ,ecause of its size, isel showed none of the roll and pected ] ing. The was was . considered view of h0 ' N i . { proaching the VmW,. she picked u| : f.i, I ' British destr after the ever so si: (Contir W. ; A. Robert- Mr. Robert- present stu- 1. Thoroughbreds. 2. Joe ' s 3. The Sunny South. 4. Lovers ' Lane. 5. Wellene ' s. 6. You name it. 7. Peek-a-boo. 8. Me, My- self and I. 9. Ye Ole Alma Mater. 10. Not bad, hmm? 11. Destiny ' s Tot. 12. By the Shores of Gitchee- goonie. 13. Baby Sitters. Kilowatt Character Compliments of W. A. KENNEDY AND CO. I ' ll furnish the electric power. You furnish the greatest power of all- Human character and brains. To- gether we ' ll make the Piedmont Carolinas the best place on earth in which to live and work. DUKE PQWER COMPANY HARRIS SUPER MARKET Compliments of A FRIEND of Charlotte College Lr: ■ ■ . » j- -« i Foods of Distinction PLAZA HILLS SUPER MARKET From 2515-17 Plaza Road a GREAT SUPPORTER SELWYN SUPER MARKET 2907-9 Selwyn Avenue of Charlotte College DOWTIN ' S FOOD STORE 1404-6 E. Morehead Street Congratulations to Charlotte College PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Graduation Class WILLIAMSON SALES CO. 1128 Elizabeth Avenue STANLEY ' S DRUG STORES, INC. We Have a Complete Line of Tel. 35103-04 Furniture Appliances Corner 7th St. Pecan Ave. and Charlotte North Carolina Feature Lamps Tables You Always Meet Your Friends -- When You Do Your Shopping At MOREHEAD BEAUTY SALON " One of the South ' s Most Modern " Equipped with Air Conditioning Phone 2-3363 919 E. Morehead Street Charlotte North Carolina HOSKINSDRUGCO. Prescriptions a Specialty Patronize Your Neighborhood Drugstore Phone 3-5174 3626 Rozzell Ferry Road Charlotte North Carolina Your Neighborhood Prescription Store AL BROWNE ' S Service Recapping 545 Providence Road CIVIL ' S PLAZA DRUG STORE 1432 Central Avenue THE REXALL STORE AL BROWNE ' S Uptown Parking 433 E. Trade Street AL BROWNE ' S Parking 115 N. Pine Street Where Friends Meet to Eat LITTLE PEP-DELMONICO RESTAURANT 301 West Trade Street Charlotte North Carolina Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 1952 If you have not definitely decided on your future career, we invite you to visit us at our home office at 129 West Fourth Street to dis- cuss the possibilities of a career in the Loan and Finance field. DAVIS ENTERPRISES Charlotte North Carolina THOMAS F. ROGERS CO. 510 W. Fourth Street Charlotte, North Carolina Phone 2-0808 For Free Estimates MODERN SCAFFOLDING EQUIPMENT Spray Work a Specialty, etc. CENTRAL DRIVE IN ' Best Place to Eat ' ' ' For the Finest in Men ' s Clothing ' lark WniA Ct , 233 South Tryon Street Charlotte, North Carolina Phone 2-7187 MYERS PARK PHARMACY Prescription Specialist Reasonable Prices Courteous Service Prompt Delivery 1400 East Morehead Street Charlotte North Carolina DILWORTH ESSO One -Day Recapping Service Phone 5-9144 South Boulevard and Park Avenue €sso5 M. E. SALES CO. Motors, Pumps, Machinery, Prefabricated Steel Buildings P. O. Box 2650 Charlotte North Carolina Bar B. Q. Spareribs Bar B. Q. Chicken For the Finest in Food Visit BO-PEEP GRILL Just beyond Willamette Swimming Pool Wilkinson Blvd. » For Pleasant Surroundings and Atmosphere Visit HOME BEVERAGE DELIVERY CO. Booths for All Sandwiches of All Kinds 1204 East Fourth Street Keeping Up with World Events Is an Important Part of Any Education. . . Read ©he OMtarMk (tobstmt ' Foremost Newspaper of the Carolinas " Every Day! NIVEN DRUG CO. 131 E. Park Avenue Prescription Druggists Phone 8116 (Free Delivery) Open Seven Days a Week THE BLOSSOM SHOP Florists Flowers for All Occasions Phone 2-6146 2242 Avondale Ave. Charlotte 3 North Carolina MAC ' S AUTO SERVICE 725 State Street " General Auto Repairs Phone 4-5162 i . ' ■ ' ' -

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