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-% . . - ; - DIORAMA 1976 HUB T DIORAMA 1976 Table of Contents Bicentennial Celebration special section Features Organizations Greeks Athletics Entertainment Senior Class Underclasses Faculty and Staff Advertisements Index 2 34 78 132 160 210 232 274 352 422 452 DIORAMA 1976 ' , BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION OF AMERlQ i DEPENDENCE VOLUME 28 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA FLORENCE, ALABAMA It is a strange thing to be an American " America is neither a land nor a people, A word ' s shape it is, a wind ' s sweep America is alone: many together, Many of one mouth, of one breath, Dressed as one and none brothers among them: Only the taught speech and the aped tongue. America is alone and the gdlls calling. " Archibald MacLeish, " American Letter " ABOVE RIGHT: First anniversary celebration of UNA name change. RIGHT: Crowd gathers around President Kennedy on TVA reservation May 18, 1963, a few months before his fatal visit to Dallas. FAR RIGHT: UNA was designated a Bicentennial Campus in ceremonies in September 1975. (Wesleyan Archives) 2 OPENING " This is my own land, my sky, my mountain . . . " MacLeish t OPENING 3 ..... 4 OPENING v ft OPENING 7 8 OPENING It is a strange thing In our private hearts we admire the loner, the individualist, and we cherish the quiet moments. mm: - H I I " In the old lands they are many together. Here it is one man and the wind in the boughs. " MacLeish OPENING 9 t W r- In our private hearts we cherish the freedom to enjoy life ' s simple pleasures for America to be America. 10 OPENING I V I U I r I i L U |{? [ I T t I i ' " Why should my heart be troubled . . .? I am neither a sold boy nor a Chinese official . . . " MacLeish c OPENING 11 It is a strange thing In our private hearts we cherish the freedom to enjoy life ' s simple pleasures for America to be America. 12 OPENIN G Placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 were Wesleyan Hall, UPPER LEFT, 1854, and Rogers Hall, ABOVE, 1855. Other landmarks on campus are the Memorial Amphitheater, built in 1934 in memory of students killed in World War I; O ' Neal Hall, completed in 1913; and the Education Building (Old Kilby School) OPPOSITE PAGE, built in 1922. OPENING 13 _ 14 OPENING " It is strange to sleep in the bare stars and to die On an open land where few bury before us . . . " MacLeish i OPENING 1 5 Still in use, or neglected (sometimes both), other relics remind us of our past. ABOVE RIGHT: The railroad bridge across the Tennessee. ABOVE: Cypress Creek bridge, students ' major access to Natchez Trace. :::::: :: : 16 OPENING BELOW: The Forks of Cypress was built in 1822 by James Jackson successful planter and early settler of Florence. In recent years a privately owned museum, this magnifi- cent manor house burned in June 1966 during an electrical storm. OPPOSITE, UPPER: The Lauderdale County Courthouse (circa 1900) was torn down in 1965 to be re- placed by a modern structure. BELOW: Home of the Elks Lodge on property adjacent to the Federal Building was torn down in 1972. The building was originally part of the Florence Synodical Female Academy, prominent school for women in the 1850 ' s. 18 OPENING It is a strange thing Although we treat our landmarks casually, we miss those that are gone. (Oscar D. Lewis Collection) " It is a strange thing to be an American. Neither a place it is nor a blood name. " MacLeish OPENING 19 _ It is a strange thing We love the land (or say we love it) 20 OPENING ing-. " . . .We dwell On the half earth, on the open curve of a continent. Sea is divided from sea by the day-fall. The dawn Rides the low east with us many hours; First are the capes, then are the shorelands, now The blue Appalachians faint at the day rise . . . The lakes scatter the low sun . . . " MacLeish OPENING 21 In the Tennessee Valley, we desperately seek beauty in the patterns of man ' s accomplishments and despair at his scars upon the earth. 22 OPENING " How can a wise man have two countries? How can a man have the earth and the wind and want A land far off, alien, smelling of palm trees And the yellow gorse at noon in the long calms? " MacLeish OPENING 23 24 OPENING It is a strange thing about our values, our gods. We dedicate ourselves to movement and judge American progress by our conveyances. OPENING 25 _ (Wesleyan Archives) We do not stay long with false prophets, but seek the quiet of holy places. 26 OPENING OPENING 27 Take a Fun Break in Alabama THE NEW IFS A NEW U! P tuie d Dixie 1 28 OPENING It is a strange thing Given a heritage of the language of the poets and accused of verbosity " at this point in time, " we are nevertheless programmed to respond to sign language, to slogans, to cliches. " It is strange to be born of no race and no people. In the old lands they are many together. They keep The wise past and the words spoken in common . . . " MacLeish Where Students Come First OPENING 29 30 OPENING ! ' i ! It is a strange thing We remain convinced that education will save us, that the gulls ' call will cease if we learn more and more about ourselves and our environment. OPENING 31 " This, this is our land . . . . . . we that have had Neither the old walls nor the voices around us, This is our land, this is our ancient ground MacLeish ABOVE: Looking north up Court Street (circa 1917) toward Rogers Hall, the 400 block on Court Street, one of Florence ' s oldest and most picturesque sections, is up for nomination as a historic district. UPPER RIGHT AND LEFT: Today Rogers Hall is the main entrance of the campus. The Student Union Building (left) and Bibb Graves Hall (right) are now in the heart of the city of Florence. 32 OPENING " America is a great word . . . A way, a white bird . . . A shining thing in the mind and the gulls ' call. " - MacLeish The contradictions of American character are examined in pictures and words in the opening special section of the Diorama. Pictures are from several sources: UNA photos of 1975-76 campus events; historical photos from the Wesleyan Archives and from Oscar O. Lewis, and special subject photos from the Metro-Shoal-, and North Alabama area. The accompanying words were taken from and inspired by " American Letter to (. ' .erald Murphy. " by Archibald MacLeish, American prize-winning poet. In his " American Letter " MacLeish describes the paradox he finds in his feelings about his own land, confesses his yearning for the shores of the Mediterranean where he lived for several years, and concludes that with all its faults America tin- stronger hold on him. " American Letter to Gerald Murphy " is from Collntcd 1 ' oem ' Archibald MjcLrmh 1 17-1452. Copyright 1952 by Archibald MacLeish. Selections reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Company. m OPENING BOKO BY C ' S C.WT HCLSOli CO. RIGHT: Struggling with vigor, two tug-of-war teams try to avoid getting drenched. fit UPPER LEFT: Sharpshooter Karen Fortenberry awaits another victim. ABOVE: The Kappa Sigma Brothers fall off in their attempt to win the chariot race. RIGHT: Mrs. Nancy Trowbridge heads for a seat after ' filling her plate at the Spring Fling barbeque. 36 FEATURES Spring Fling week filled with action Spring Fling, UNA ' s annual celebration of Spring madness and gladness, took place April 21-27. The week began with comic Pat Paulsen. It ended with the annual Spring Concert by the University Band. In between, there were such activities as a 100 hour Dance Marathon, a Jazz Band Concert, a Folk Mass, a Festival of One-Act Plays, Water Ballet, the University picnic, the Student-Faculty ball game, the organization relays, the Tuna Bash, a Carnival, Frisbee Golf, a Barbeque, the Spring Fling Dance, and the crowning of the Spring Fling Queen, Joanie Kimball. ' hi Alpha presented the winning skit at the Tuna Bash doing a ion to black churches. LEFT: Spring Fling Queen, Joanie Kimball, ic fire hose and start the tug-of-war activities. ABOVE: Straining relay team participants amble onward to the finish line. FEATURES 37 Spring Fling ' 75 JL. ' ' J J UPPER LEFT: Sharpshooter Karen Fortenber w 5 ffiMSfl S ' ili; ; Spring Fling Queen 19, Miss Joanie Kimball I ... a world of activities FEATURES 39 ' -. .1 5. p ABOVE: Members o f the Independents ' Thin-man relay team glance to their right to check on their opposition. RIGHT: Tense Charioteers hold on dearly as their vehicles speed across the turf. K-i, o V ) 9 40 FEATURES Miss Joanie Kimball I p- ' ATURES 43 Homecoming extends involvement Homecoming ' 75 come early, falling on ' October 3 and 4. Student events were the pep rally Friday afternoon, followed by Panaroma that night. On Saturday was the morning parade, afternoon ballgame against Delta State, and then an after-the-game dance with the " Drifters " and " Bandit " performing. ABOVE: Members of the Independents ' Thin-man relay team glance to their right to check on their opposition. RIGHT: Tense Charioteers hold on dearly as their vehicles speed across the turf. 40 FEATURES LEFT: Ptj nice van! tosses ca Hall stucl Bentley,! FEATURES Decorations emphasize More emphasis was placed this year on campus dec than in the past, although the number and quality didn ' t drop. LaGrange Hall took first place honor campus decorations, while Alpha Tau Omega and combined to produce the winning float for Class traditional homecoming parade held Saturday morni off sm Kay Li " Fred " Bowman was crowned Homecoming during halftime ceremonies of the game against Delt Saturday aft TOP RIGHT: Cheerleader Danny Hendrix " flips out " during the homecoming parade. TOP LEFT: Beverly Simpson, Miss Alpha Phi Alpha, smiles at the parade crowd. RIGHT: The Queen ' s Float, carrying the Homecoming Queen and her court, makes its way down Court Street. 44 FEATURES LEFT: Perched upon his father ' s shoulders, a young lad views the parade from a nice vantage point. BELOW: Golden Girl Nancy Meeks, riding the ROTC float, tosses candy and gum to the kids along Court Street. BOTTOM LEFT: Residence Hall students Paul Daniel, Tommy Morris, and Rice Hall Head Resident, Doe Bentley, complete work on their class A float. ABOVE: Arms raised and index fingers pointed upward. Lion supporters urge the team on to victory, but to no avail as Delta State prevailed, 21-9. FEATURES 45 Homecoming Queen Miss " Fred " Bowman 46 FEATURES Home- coming Court FAR LEFT: Karen Pressnell, first runner-up, escorted by Tim Finley. MIDDLE LEFT: Patty Davis, second runner-up, escorted by Tommy Johnson. ABOVE: Sharon Allred, third runner-up, escorted by Joel Raney. ABOVE RIGHT: Pat Maness, fourth runner-up, escorted by John Fehn. FEATURES 47 Tunis Fidelis Keller Key ABOVE: Turn ' s Fidelis and Keller Key Recipients for Fall 1974. From left, Representative Bob Jones; speaker; Nancy Almond, Keller Key; Joan McFall, Turris Fidelis; Dr. Turner W. Allen. 48 FEATURES " Panorama " portrays Bicentennial theme Produced and directed by Dee Voorhies, the musical review " Panorama " helped open Homecoming events on October 3 with an unlimited view in all directions. In keeping with the Bicentennial theme, " Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, " the musical scanned the years from 1776 to 2176. Cast in leading roles of the show were Bill Foster, Head of the English Department; his daughter Melissa; Jack Voorhies, a veteran Florence theater actor; David Hope, a UNA drama major; and Lewis Faucett, who starred in last year ' s " New U LEFT: Recipients for Spring 1975. Danny Pettus and Sandy Cupp, Turns Fidelis; Dr. Guillot; Harry Smith, Keller Key. BELOW: Recipients for Summer 1975. Cindy 5. Schuessler, Keller Key; Debbie Bowling, Turris Fidelis; Dr. William Crocker. - Turris Fidelis Keller Key HHH 50 FEATURES HOMECOMING COURT HBfflBB . M ' ' Panorama 7 ' portrays Bicentennial theme Produced and directed by Dee Voorhies, the musical review " Panorama " helped open Homecoming events on October 3 with an unlimited view in all directions. In keeping with the Bicentennial theme, " Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, " the musical scanned the years from 1776 to 2176. Cast in leading roles of the show were Bill Foster, Head of the English Department; his daughter Melissa; Jack Voorhies, a veteran Florence theater actor; Da vid Hope, a UNA drama major; and Lewis Faucett, who starred in last year ' s " New U Showcase. " I ' !--? if ' HHM irt ' : ;. ' , ' i ; Mr. and Miss ' I UNA Banquet crowd largest ever More than 400 people attended the Mr. and Miss UNA Banquet, filling both the UNA Suite and the Great Hall for the largest crowd ever. The event of December 6 was in honor of the new Mr. and Miss UNA and their court. HU1U Bl ' I ' l 52 FEATURES FEATURES 53 RIGHT: First runners-up, Roger Ralph and Joanie Kimball. BELOW: Third runners-up, Bunky Cox and Betty Millican. l 1 k ABOVE: Fourth runners-up, Anthony Eckl and Kathy Fortenberry. RIGHT: Second runners-up, Larry Buffaloe and " Fred " Bowman. 54 FEATURES i Mr. and Miss UNA UNA Court presented to large crowd Mr. and Miss UNA, 1975-76, Keith Bramlett and Pam Long, and the UNA Court, were announced before more than 450 students, faculty members, and guests present at the 1975 Christmas banquet. Pam and Keith and the other court members were presented gifts from the University by President Guillot. One member of the court, senior cheerleader Joanie Kimball, named first runner-up to Miss UNA, was unable to attend because of a broken ankle sustained during cheering practice, an injury which caused her to be hospitalized. FEATURES 55 56 FEATURES " Louisiana " plays for after-banquet dance FEATURES 57 RIGHT: Smiling contestants eagerly await the decisions of the judges. BELOW: 1974 Miss Alabama, Pam Long, crowns the new Miss UNA, Susie Vaughan. Also pictured are, left to right, Debbie Bergob, third alternate; Sharon Allred, first alternate; Carol Ann Sloan, second alternate; KayLi " Fred " Bowman, fourth alternate. Susie Vaughan named Miss UNA FEATURES 59 Then T 60 FEATURES Then Crowned - Miss Alabama ; FEATURES 61 Miss Alabama Susie Vaughan Susie in Atlantic City 62 FEATURES l VHj ' V Ml FEATURES 63 BETSY LYNN BASS Freshman Woman of the Year, ' 73-74; Member, FLor-Ala Staff, 73-74; Member, Alpha Lambda Delta, 73-75; Member Alpha Sigma Umbda, 74- 75, Service Projects Chairman, 75-76; Vice President, A.W.S., 74-75; Member, Beta Beta Beta, 75-76, Historian, 75-76; Member, Zeta Tau Alpha, 73-75, Best Pledge, 73-74, Historian-Reporter, ' 74-75, Pledge Trainer, 75-76; Member, Collegiate Singers, 75-76; S.O.A.R. Program, 75; Greek Weekend Committee, 73; Intramurals, 73-75. ERNEST KEITH BRAMLETT Freshman Man of the Year, 72-73; Student Union Executive Committee, 73-75; President, Sophomore Class; Sophomore Man of the Year, 73-74; Member, Phi Eta Sigma, 73-75; President, Phi Alpha Theta, 75- ' 7b; Presi- dent, Sigma Chi, 74-76; Chairman, Recognition Day Committee , 74: Mem- ber, Alpha Leadership Circle, 75; Who ' s Who, 74; President, Sociology Club, 75-76; Member, Phi Kappa Phi. KAY LI BOWMAN President, Senior Class, 75-76; President, LaFayette Hall, 75-76; President, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescents, 73-74; Campus Life Editor, Diorama, 73-75; Senator, S.G.A., 75-76, Representative, 74-75; Committee Chairman, Stu- dent Union Board, 75; Secretary, Panhellenic, 75-76. Rush Counselor, 74- 75; Guard, Alpha Delta Pi, 74, Reporter-Historian, 73, Activities Chairman. 74, Spring Fling Chairman, 73, Step-Sing Chairman, 73, Homecoming Chairman, 73; Member, Beta Beta Beta, 73-76; Member, Phi Kappa Phi. 74-75; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, 75-76; Member, A.W.S., 74-76; Member, Gold Triangle, 75-76; Member, I.H.C., 75-76. Member, Debate Club, 72-73. 64 FEATURES o in mencan colleges and Universities JOE WAYNE CAMPBELL Member, Student Union Board. ' 73- ' 74; Kepresentative, ' 74- ' 75; Editor, Student Handbook, ' 74- ' 75; Sports Editor, W- ama, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Bicentennial Committee, ' 75- ' 76; Member, I.P.C., ' 75- ' 76; Sports Editor, FLor-Ala, ' 74- ' 75, Executive Editor, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Sigma Chi Fraternity, ' 75- ' 76. CAREN WHITEHEAD CANTRELL vlember, M.E.N.C., ' 73- ' 76; Member, Collegiate Singers, ' 72- ' 76, Accompan- st, 72-76; Member, Pleiade, ' 73; Member, Phi Kappa Phi, ' 75- ' 76; Music Jtudy Club Scholarship Winner, ' 73-75; Member, M.E.N.C. Finance Com- nittee, ' 74; Accompanist, Men ' s Chorus, ' 74, Women ' s Chorus, ' 75, Summer _hoir, ' 75; Most Outstanding Member, Collegiate Singers, ' 74- ' 75; Accom- panist for Children ' s Folk Opera, ' 75. PATRICIA ANNE CHAMBERS Member, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Sigma Tau Delta, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Campus Gold, ' 72- ' 73; Member, Newman Club, ' 72- ' 73, President, ' 73- ' 74, Vice President, ' 75- ' 76; Member, I.P.C., ' 73- ' 74; Member, Debate Club, ' 76- ' 76; Member, University Players. ' 72- ' 76; Roles in six university plays. FEATURES 6 C ROBERT DAVID CUMBIE Member, Baptist Student Union, ' 74-75; Member, Ten- nis Team, ' 74- ' 75; Executive Editor, Diorama, ' 75; Mem- ber, I.P,C, ' 75; Member, Men ' s Chorus, ' 75. PATRICIA DAWN DAVIS Member, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 75; Member, Phi Mu, ' 75, Pledge Class Secretary, ' 75; Member, Home Economics Club, ' 75; Freshman Favorite, ' 73- ' 74; Member, Collegiate Singers, ' 74- ' 75; Member, S.O.A.R. Cabaret Theater, ' 75; Mem- ber, Lionettes, ' 75; Homecoming Court, ' 75. JAMES ANDREW DIEHL Member, Diorama Staff, ' 74-76, Assistant Photographer, ' 74- ' 75, Chief Pho- tographer, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Phi Eta Sigma, ' 75- ' 76, Secretary, ' 75- ' 76; Mem- ber, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ' 75- ' 76, Reporter, ' 75-76; Member, Society of Phys- ics Students, ' 75- ' 76, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Band, ' 74; Award for the highest cumulative ratio of the sophomore class, ' 75; Assistant to University Photographer, ' 74- ' 76. 66 FEATURES ANTHONY LEONARD ECKL Member, Circle K, ' 72-73; Member, Student Union Board, ' 73- ' 74, Co-Chairman, Spring Fling, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Commuter Board, ' 73- ' 74; Member, German Club, ' 73-75; Intramurals, ' 73-76; President, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ' 75-76, Member, ' 74- ' 76; Member, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 74- ' 76, Secretary, Pledge Class, ' 74, Best Pledge, ' 74, Pledge Trainer, ' 74- ' 76, Worthy Keeper of Annuals, ' 74- ' 75, Homecoming Chairman, ' 75; Member, Committee on Student Organizations, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Alpha Leadership Circle, ' 75-76, Treasurer, ' 75-76; S.G.A. Representative, ' 73- ' 74; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Member, I.P.C., ' 75- ' 76. CATHY ANN GILDER Member, Alpha Delta Pi, ' 72- ' 76, House Chairman, ' 72-73, Standards Committee, ' 73- ' 74, Homecoming Committee, ' 73, Social Committee, ' 73-74, Corresponding Secretary, ' 74- ' 7S, Didilly Poo, ' 74; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 73-76, Easter Project Chairman, ' 74, Mental Health Project Committee, ' 73, Treasurer, ' 74- ' 75, Vice President, ' 75- ' 76, Special Olympics Worker, ' 72- ' 73; Member, A.W.C., ' 72- ' 73; Member, A.W.5., ' 73- ' 74, Executive Board, ' 73- ' 74, Publicity Chairman, ' 73- ' 74; Member, Student Union Board, ' 72; Greek Weekend Committee, ' 75; Crescent Girl, Lambda Chi Alpha, ' 73-76, Treasurer, ' 74- ' 75, President, ' 75, Secretary, ' 76; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Member, Gold Trian- gle, ' 75-76, Vice President, ' 75-76; Member, S.A.E.A., ' 75- ' 76; Member, Association of Early Childhood Education, ' 75- ' 76. -- : KATHY ANN FORTENBERRY Freshman Woman of the Year, ' 72-73; Vice President, Rice Hall, ' 73-74; Phi Alpha Theta, ' 74-76; Member, Student Union Board, ' 74- ' 75; Co- Chairman, Spring Fling, ' 74; S.O.A.R. Counselor, ' 74- ' 7S; Member, French Club, ' 74-76, President, ' 75-76; Reporter, Flor-Ala, ' 72-76; Ad Editor, Diorama, ' 75- ' 76; Member, History Club, ' 73- ' 75; Member, Gold Triangle, ' 75-76, Historian, ' 75-76; Member, Zeta Tau Alpha, ' 72-76, First Vice President, ' 74- ' 75, Historian, ' 75, Membership Chairman, ' 75- ' 76, Sergeant-at-Arms, ' 72-73, Most Valuable Member, ' 74- ' 7S; Secre- tary, S.G.A. , ' 73-74, Vice President, ' 74- ' 75, Representative, ' 75-76, Chairman, Student Welfare Committee, ' 75- ' 76, Speaker of the House, ' 75- ' 76, Most Valuable Member, ' 74- ' 75; Member, I.P.C. ' 75- ' 76, Presi- dent, ' 75-76; Intramurals, ' 73- ' 76; Member, Homecoming Committee, ' 74; Member, Convocations Committee, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Tunis Fidelis Nominating Committee, ' 73; Member, Mr. and Miss FSU Nominating Committee, ' 73. FEATURES 67 ADA MARIA GONZALEZ Member, Campus Gold, ' 72- ' 74, President ' 73- ' 74; Member, Rotaract, ' 73- ' 75; Member, Newman Club, ' 72-76, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 74- ' 75; Member, S.A.E.A., ' 73- ' 76, Vice President, ' 74- ' 76; Rice Hall Judiciary, ' 73- ' 74, President, ' 74- ' 75; Member A.W.S. Executive Council, ' 74- ' 75; Member, English Club, ' 74- ' 7S; Mem- ber, I.P.C., ' 73- ' 75, Leadership Workshop Committee, ' 74, Recognition Day Committee, ' 75, Resolution Com- mittee, ' 75, Hall of Fame Nomination Committee, ' 74; Member, I.H.C., ' 75, Constitutional Writing Commit- tee, ' 74- ' 75, Vice President, ' 75, Parliamentarian, ' 75; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Member, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 75-76; Member, Gold Triangle, ' 75-76; Associate Justice, Stu- dent Court, ' 75-76. NAAMAN DALY GOODE Member, Christian Student Fellowship, ' 73-76, President, ' 75-76; Member, German Club, ' 71-76, President, ' 73- ' 75; Member, Alpha Leadership Circle, ' 75-76; Member, American Chemical Society, ' 72-76, Vice President, ' 75-76; Member, Beta Beta Beta, ' 74- ' 76; Member, I.P.C., ' 73-76; Committee on Student Organiza- tions, ' 74-76; S.O.A.R. Counselor, ' 74; Intramurals, ' 72-73; Prose- cutor for Student Court, ' 74- ' 76; S.G.A. Refrigerator Sales, ' 73- ' 75; Who ' s Who, ' 74. DAVID LEE HOPE Member, University Players, ' 72-76, President, ' 74- ' 7S; Roles in Nine University Plays, Leading Roles in Five; Member, Collegiate Singers, ' 74- ' 75; Member Convocations Committee, ' 74- ' 75; Mem- ber, I.P.C., ' 74- ' 75; Member, Student Union Board, ' 74- ' 75; Who ' s Who; S.O.A.R. Program, ' 74- ' 75. 68 FEATURES Wv KATHY LYNN HUNKAPILLAR Member, Campus Gold, ' 72- ' 73, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 72-73; Member, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ' 73- ' 74; Member, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 73-76; Member, Rice Hall Council, ' 73- ' 76, Constitu- tion Chairman, ' 73- ' 74, Treasurer, ' 74- ' 76; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 75-76, Historian, ' 75-76; Member, Gold Tri- angle, ' 75-76, Projects Chairman, ' 75-76; Member, Alpha Chi, ' 75-76; S.A., Rice Hall, ' 73- ' 75, Assistant Head Resident, ' 75- ' 76; Woman of the Year Committee, ' 72-73; Who ' s Who, ' 74. m IS MONICA KELLEY lember, English Club, ' 72- ' 74, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 73- ' 74; Member, L.W.S., ' 72-76, Constitution Committee, ' 72-73, Media Committee, ' 73- ' 74, onvocations Chairman, ' 73- ' 74, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 75-76, President, ' 74- ' 5, Delegate to I.A.W.S. National Convention, ' 73, Executive Council, ' 73- ' 4, Outstanding Member of the Year, ' 74- ' 75; LaGrange Hall Council, ' 73- ' 4; Member, Young Democrats, ' 74- ' 76; Member , French Club, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Phi Alpha Theta, ' 74- ' 76; Member, I.P.C., ' 74- ' 75; Member, Who ' s Vho Committee, ' 74; Member, Mr. and Miss UNA Committee, ' 74; Mem- er, Hall of Fame Committee, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Gold Triangle, ' 75-76; Vho ' s Who, ' 74; Rose Queen, Pi Kappa Phi, ' 75. SAMUEL MICHAEL JOHNSON Member, Sigma Chi Fraternity, ' 73-76, Social Chairman, ' 74- ' 75, I.F.C. Representative, ' 74- ' 75, Pro Consul, ' 75-76, Chair- man of Executive Committee, ' 75-76; Sophomore Class Trea- surer; S.G.A. House of Representatives, ' 74- ' 75, Treasurer, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Alpha Chi, ' 75-76; Member, Economics Club, ' 75- ' 76; Chairman, I.F.C. By-Laws Division Committee, ' 75-76. FEATURES 69 RICK ALAN LESTER Member, M.E.N.C, ' 73; Member, Band, ' 73-74; Member, Collegiate Singers, ' 73- ' 75; Member, Sigma Chi Fraternity, ' 73- ' 76, Secretary, ' 74- ' 76, Treasurer, ' 75- ' 76; Freshman Man of the Year, ' 74; Sophomore Man of the Year, ' 75; Rivers Hall Council, ' 73- ' 75, Secretary, ' 74- ' 7S, Finance Committee, ' 75- ' 76; S.G.A. Representative, ' 74- ' 75, Vice President, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Young Democrats, ' 74- ' 76, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 75-76; Member, Spanish Club, ' 74- ' 75; Member, History Club, ' 74- ' 76; Member, Delta Tau Kappa, ' 75- ' 76; Sophomore Vice President, ' 74, President, ' 75; Junior Vice President, ' 75- ' 76; Member, I.P.C., ' 75-76; Member, Student Union Board, ' 74-75; Reporter, Flor-Ala, ' 75-76; S.O.A.R. Counselor, ' 75; Member, Economics Club, ' 75- ' 76; Mr. and Miss UNA Nomination Com- mittee, ' 74- ' 75; Homecoming Committee, ' 75; Turris Fidelis Committee, ' 75; Recognition Day Committee, ' 74; Spring Fling Committee, ' 74; Who ' s Who Nominating Committee, ' 74-75; Manager, S.G.A. Booksale, ' 75. JOAN ELAINE KIMBALL Member, Rice Hall Council, ' 72-74, Executive Committee, ' 73- ' 74, Level President, ' 73-75, Level Convocations Chairman, ' 72-73; Judiciary Coun- cil, LaGrange Hall, ' 73; Member, Zeta Tau Alpha, ' 72-76, Co-Social Chairman, ' 73- ' 74, Membership Chairman, ' 74- ' 75, President, ' 75-76, Executive Committee, ' 74-76; UNA Gymnastics Team, ' 72-73; Member, Physical Educations Major ' s Club, ' 72- ' 73; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda; Cheerleader, ' 74-76, Co-Captain, ' 75-76; Member, I.P.C., ' 75- ' 76; Homecoming Court, ' 73- ' 74; Spring Fling Queen Second Runner-Up, ' 73- ' 74, Queen, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Alpha Leadership Circle, ' 75-76, Vice President, ' 75-76; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Sports Editor, Diorama, ' 75-76; Member, Student Union Board, ' 74- ' 76, Spring Fling Committee, ' 74- ' 75, Miss UNA Beauty Pageant Committee, ' 75-76; Hall of Fame Selection Committee, ' 74- ' 75, Intramurals, ' 72- ' 76; Sweetheart, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 75- ' 76. LYNDA ANN KNIGHTEN Member, Band, ' 72-75, Member, Phi Mu Fraternity, ' 73-75, Intramural Chairman, ' 74-76, Social Chairman, ' 73- ' 74, Scrapbook Chairman, ' 73-74; Member, Art Club, ' 74- ' 75; Lights and Shadows, Third Place Winner and Publication, ' 75; Member, Rifle Team, ' 72-75, Secretary, ' 74- ' 75, Treasurer, ' 73-74, Varsity Letter and Jacket, ' 73-74; Member, National Rifle Associa- tion, ' 72- ' 75, Treasurer, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Pershing Rifles, ' 74-76, First Lieutenant ' 75-76, Public Information Officer, ' 75-76; Member, Scabbard and Blade, ' 75- ' 76, Military Ball Chair- man, ' 74, Homecoming Chairman, ' 75; Member, H.P.E.R., ' 75-76; Member, A.W.S., ' 74- ' 75; Member, Rice Hall Council, ' 74- ' 75; Assistant Head Resident, LaFayette Hall, ' 75-76; Si-Staff, R.O.T.C., ' 75-76, First Lieutenant, ' 75-76, First Female Advanced Student, UNA, ' 75-76. 70 FEATURES DONNIE LEE MORGAN Member, Young Academics, ' 71- ' 75, Vice President, ' 73-74, Enter- tainment Chairman, ' 75, President, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Physical Educa- tion Club, ' 74- ' 75, Rivers Hall Council, ' 73- ' 74, Entertainment Chair- , man, ' 73- ' 74; Member, History Club, ' 74- ' 75; Member, S.A.E.A., ' 75; ! Member, Student Union Board, ' 75; Member I.P.C., ' 74- ' 75; Member, | Sphinxman ' s Club, ' 74; Member, Intramural Captains Board, ' 72- ' 75; Member, Alpha Phi Alpha, ' 74- ' 75, I.F.C. Representative, ' 74- ' 75, President, ' 74- ' 75, Historian, ' 75, Reporter, ' 75. PATRICIA ECKL MAUTER Member, Home Economics Club, ' 72-73, Vice President, ' 73- ' 74; Member, Kappa Omicron Phi, ' 73- ' 74, Vice President, ' 73- ' 74, Historian, ' 75; Member, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 73-74; Member, Alpha Delta Pi, ' 73-75, Recording Secretary, ' 73, President, ' 74, Vice President, ' 74- ' 75, Dorothy Shaw Leadership Award, ' 75; Planning Committee for Commuter Lounge, ' 73; Kappa Omicron Phi Leadership Award, ' 72- ' 73; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Member, Pleiade, ' 72, Secretary, ' 72- ' 73; Hall of Fame Nomi- nating Committee, ' 73; Cheerleader Selection Committee, ' 73; Mr. and Miss FSU Nominating Committee, ' 73; Member, A.W.C., ' 71- ' 73; Co-Chairman, Decorations Committee for Greek Weekend, ' 73. BETTY JANE MILLICAN Member, Phi Mu, ' 72- ' 75, Vice President, ' 73- ' 74, Rituals Chairman, ' 74- ' 75, National Panhellenic Delegate, ' 72- ' 73; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 72- ' 75, Chaplain, ' 72- ' 73, President, ' 74- ' 75, Class Editor, Diorama, ' 74-75; Chairman, Mr. and Miss UNA Banquet, ' 75; Member, Student Union Board; Member, A.W.S. Convocations Committee, ' 72- ' 73; Curriculum Committee, ' 73- ' 74; Turns Fidelis Selection Com- mittee, ' 74- ' 75; Hall of Fame Selection Committee, ' 74- ' 75; Member, I.H.C., ' 75- ' 76; Vice President, LaFayette Hall, ' 75- ' 76; Member, I.P.C., ' 74-75; Sigma Chi Sweetheart, ' 74- ' 75; Junior Woman of the Year, ' 74- ' 75; Who ' s Who, ' 74- ' 75; S.O.A.R. Counselor, ' 74; Member, Commencement Commit- tee, ' 75-76. FEATURES 7 MARCIA KAY PHILLIPS Member, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 73-75, Historian, ' 71-75; Mem- ber, A.W.S., ' 74- ' 76, Representative, ' 74- ' 75, Convention Delegate, ' 75, Vice President, ' 75-76; Member, History Club, ' 74- ' 76, Secre- tary, ' 74-76; Member, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ' 74- ' 76; S.A., Rice Hall, ' 74-76; Member, Women ' s Basketball Team, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Bicentennial Committee, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Economics Club, ' 75- ' 76; 5.O.A.R. Counselor, ' 75; Member, UNA Counseling Center Advisory Board, ' 75- ' 76; Member, S.G.A., ' 75- ' 76, Representative, ' 75- ' 76, Chairman, Student Relations Committee, ' 75-76; Mem- ber, Phi Alpha Theta, ' 75- ' 76. BARBARA DENISE PLONKA Member, The Pleiade, ' 73- ' 74; Member, University Players, ' 72- ' 76, President, ' 75-76; Member, Alpha Psi Omega, ' 75-76; Mem- ber, Phi Kappa Phi, ' 74-76; Constitution and By-Laws Committee, ' 75- ' 76; Associate Member, Beta Beta Beta, ' 75- ' 76; Member, I.P.C., ' 75-76; Member, Cinema Society, ' 75-76; Roles in Seven University Productions; Member, Newman Club, ' 72-73. Trea- surer, ' 73. JOSEPH THOMAS PRIESTER JR. Member, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 73-75, Pledge Class Scribe, ' 73, Best Pledge, ' 73, Vice President, ' 74- ' 75, Rush Chairman, ' 74- ' 75, Chaplain, ' 74- ' 75, By-Laws Revision Committee; S.O.A.R. Counselor, ' 75; Advertising Staff, Flor-Ala, ' 73-74, Business Manager, ' 74- ' 76; Bicen- tennial Committee, ' 75-76; Order of the Shield, ZTA, ' 74- ' 75; Mem- ber, S.U.B., ' 75-76; Member, Sociology Club, ' 75-76; Member, Eco- nomics Club, ' 75- ' 76; Homecoming Committee, ' 75- ' 76. EATURES MELANIE EUGENIA REYNOLDS Member, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 72-76, Treasurer, ' 73- ' 74; Member French Club, ' 72-75, President, ' 73-75, Outstanding Member, ' 74; Member, I.P.C., ' 73- ' 75, Vice President, ' 74, President, ' 75, Recognition Day Committee, ' 74; Member, Phi Kappa Phi, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 74- ' 75; Member, English Club, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Sigma Tau Delta, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Student Organizations Committee, ' 74- ' 75; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Member, || S.A.E.A., ' 75. LINDA RUTH RICHARDSON Member, Phi Mu, ' 72- ' 76, President, ' 73- ' 74, Panhellenic Delegate, ' 72-73, Corresponding Secretary, ' 75- ' 76, Formal Chairman, ' 74; Panhellenic Vice President, ' 72; Member, Student Union Board, ' 74- ' 75, Co-Chairman, Mr. and Miss UNA Banquet, ' 74; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 73- ' 76; Level President, Rice Hall; Member, Home Economics Club, ' 73- ' 74, Secretary, ' 73- ' 74; Sophomore Class Trea- surer, ' 73- ' 74; Advertising Co-Editor, Diorama ' 74- ' 75. SHARON SUE ROBERSON Member, Band, ' 72- ' 75, Homecoming Committee, ' 73, Squad Leader, ' 74; Member, I.H.C., ' 73- ' 75, Secretary-, ' 75, Constitutional Review Committee Chairman, ' 75; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 75-76, Homecoming Chairman, ' 75; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Judiciary Council, Rice Hall, ' 73- ' 74, Vice President, ' 74- ' 75, Spring Fling Committee; Member Ger- man Club, ' 73- ' 7S, Clerk, ' 73, Outstanding Member, ' 73- ' 74; Member, Student Union Board, ' 75-76, Co-Chairman, Mr. and Miss UNA Banquet, ' 75; Member, Women ' s Cho- rus, ' 73; Member, Art Club, ' 73- ' 74; Member Rotaract, ' 72- ' 74, Secretary, ' 73; Member, University Players, ' 75; Mem- ber, History Club, ' 72- ' 74; Cast, " New ' U ' Review, " ' 74; Crew, " Panorama, " ' 75; Woman of Year Committee, ' 74; Member, Christian Student Fellowship, ' 72-73. FEATURES 73 CYNTHIA ANNE SOCKWELL Representative, S.G.A., ' 72-74; Member, A.W.C., ' 72-75, President, ' 73-74, Treasurer, ' 74-75, Representative, ' 72- ' 74; Member, Economics Club, ' 75-76, President, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Alpha Chi, ' 73-76; Member, I.P.C., ' 73-74, ' 75-76; Member, Nomination Committee for Who ' s Who, ' 73-74; Member, Nomination Committee for Mr. and Miss FSU, ' 73-74; Tutoring Service, ' 74-76. NANCY CAROL SPILMAN Member, Alpha, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Economics Club, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Phi Kappa Phi, ' 75- ' 76; Who ' s Who, ' 74; Member, The Pleiade, ' 73, Vice President, ' 73- ' 74; Member, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 74, Senior Advisor, ' 75-76; President, Gold Triangle, ' 75- ' 76; President, Campus Gold, ' 72-73, Member, ' 73- ' 74; President, Rice Hall, ' 73-74, Outstanding Member, ' 73-74, Student Assistant, ' 74- ' 75; Member, I.P.C., ' 72- ' 76, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 73- ' 74; Policies Com- mittee Member, A.W.S., ' 73-74, Policies Chairman, ' 74- ' 75, Convention Delegate, ' 74- ' 75; Sophomore Woman of the Year, ' 73- ' 74; University Curriculum Committee, ' 74- ' 7S; Intramurals, ' 72-76; Chaplain, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 74- ' 75. PATRICIA INEZ SWINFORD Member, Zeta Tau Alpha, ' 74-75, Pledge Class Secretary, ' 74, Historian, ' 75; Executive Editor, Flor- Ala, ' 75, Reporter, ' 74; Member, I.P.C., ' 75, Reporter-Parliamentarian, ' 75; Member, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 74- ' 75; Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, ' 74-75; Representative, S.G.A., ' 74; Member, Student Union Board, ' 74. 74 FEATURES MARYANN THOMPSON Member, Phi Alpha Theta, ' 74-76; Member, Delta Tau Kappa, ' 74- ' 76, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 74-75, President, ' 75-76; Member, History Club, ' 73-75; Member, Spanish Club, ' 73-75, Historian, ' 73-74, President, ' 74- ' 75; Member, I.P.C., ' 74-76; Member, Man and Woman of the Year Committee, ' 75; Representative, S.G.A., ' 74- ' 75, Chairman, Elections Committee, ' 75, Senator, ' 75-76, President Pro-Tern, ' 75- ' 76. ELAINE NEILL WITT Member, Band, ' 72-75, Squad Leader, ' 74; Member, A.W.C., ' 72; Mem- ber, Alpha Omicron Pi, ' 73-76, Philanthropic Chairman, ' 73-74, Social Chairman, ' 74, Rush Chairman, ' 74-75; Member, Sigma Tau Delta, ' 74- ' 75, Vice President, ' 75; Associate Features Editor, Diorama, ' 74-75, Member, Flor-Ala Staff, ' 72; Representative, S.G.A., ' 74- ' 75; Member, Gold Triangle, ' 75, Secretary, ' 75; Member, Collegiate Singers, ' 75; Mem- ber, Turris Fidelis Award Selection Committee, ' 75; Member, University Curriculum Committee, ' 75; Who ' s Who, ' 74. ANTHONY PAUL UNDERWOOD Member, Sigma Chi, ' 73-76, Pledge Class President, ' 73- ' 74, Pledge Trainer, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Ushers Club, ' 74- ' 76; Member, Spanish Club, ' 74-76; Member, Rivers Hall Council, ' 73-76, Secretary, ' 75-76, S.A., ' 74- ' 76; Member, Young Democrats, ' 74- ' 76, Vice President, ' 75- ' 76; Member, R.O.T.C., ' 73-76, Squad Leader, ' 74-75, Intramural Chairman, ' 75- ' 76, Outstanding Sophomore Cadet, ' 74-75, Outstanding Military History Student, ' 74-75; Member, Phi Alpha Theta, ' 74-76, Publicity Chairman, ' 75- ' 76; Member, Delta Tau Kappa, ' 74-76, Membership Chairman, ' 75- ' 76; Member, History Club, ' 73- ' 76; Member, Sociology Club, ' 75-76; Member, Student Union Board, ' 74-76, Executive Board, ' 75-76; Member, Scabbard and Blade, ' 75-76; Member, S.G.A., ' 74-76, Representative, ' 74- ' 75, Senator, ' 75-76, Constitution Revision Commit- tee, ' 74-75; Member, Who ' s Who Committee, ' 74- ' 75; Mr. and Miss UNA Nominating Committee, ' 74-75; Member, I.P.C., ' 75- ' 76; President, Junior Class, ' 75-76; Junior Man of the Year, ' 74- ' 75. FEATURES 75 Achievers Honored .ecognition T- Spring 1975 Recognition Day is held each Spring to honor those who have given outstanding service to the University. Awards are given for scholastic achievement and leadership. RIGHT: Sandy Cupp, Woman of the Year; Don McBrayer, Instructor in Health and Physical Education, Faculty Member of the Year; Steve Campbell, Man of the Year. BELOW: Hall of Fame ' 75 Kathy Whitlock, Sharman Sewell, and Sandy Cupp. :A HB1 76 FEATURES ABOVE: Women of the Year Kathy Whitlock, Senior; Betty Millican, Junior; Sharon Allred, Sophomore; Jean Ann Higginbotham, Freshman. LEFT: Men of the Year Larry Allen, Senior; Rick Lester, Sophomore; Mike Tucker, Freshman; Tony Underwood, Junior. FEATURES 77 KHnlHfiMf ma 78 ORGANIZATIONS Inter-Residence Hall Council SEATED, L to R, ROW ONE: Charlie Greer, Ada Gonzalez, Beth Grisham. SEATED, L to R, ROW TWO: Greg Shell, Susan Edwards, Theresa Grant. ROW THREE: Rosa Beckman, Carolyn Thorn. STANDING, FRONT ROW: Doe Bentley, Donna Roberson, Janette Jarnigan, Sharon Fuller, Barbara Muse, Carl Jones, Greg Carter, Rebecca Brooks, Belinda Sims, Sharon Roberson, Butch Sutherland, Jo Nan Fowler, Beth Cochran, Fred Bowman. BACK ROW: Ricky Davis, Steve Solly, Jerry Mills. LEFT to RIGHT: Beth Grisham, treasurer; Greg Shell, president; Sharon Roberson, secretary; Ada Gonzalez, vice president. ORGANIZATIONS 83 Commuters ROW ONE: Elizabeth Letsinger, Cindy Rutherford, Alana Muse, Vicki Dean, Sandra Ledgewood, Denise Avery. ROW TWO: Carol Durham, Maureen Stooksberry, Diane Waitzman, Michael Jones, Rhonda Irons, Stan Gossett, Galen Richeson. ROW THREE: Walker Letsinger, Doris Smith, Pam White, Kathy Wheeler, Kathy Glover. ROW FOUR: Bev Cheney, Virginia Blackburn, Steve Darby, Gale Burbank, Jacqueline Patton, Larry Jenson. ROW FIVE: Jan Coker, Randy Thigpin, Ray Hamilton, Lisa Barnes, Carol Johnson, Jane Belew, Diane Bruce, Joyce Curry, Greg Brewer. ROW SIX: James Ingram, Gayla Nix, Virginia Howard, Rickey Holtzclaw, Jim Luallen, Genia Corum, Joe McKinney, Mark Smith. HHH 78 ORGANIZATIONS BnHBSiS Inter-Residence Hall Council SEATED, L to R, ROW ONE: Charlie Greer, Ada Gonzalez, Beth Grisham. SEATED, L to R, ROW TWO: Greg Shell, Susan Edwards, Theresa Grant. ROW THREE: Rosa Beckman, Carolyn Thorn. STANDING, FRONT ROW: Doe Bentley, Donna Roberson, Janette Jarnigan, Sharon Fuller, Barbara Muse, Carl Jones, Greg Carter, Rebecca Brooks, Belinda Sims, Sharon Roberson, Butch Sutherland, Jo Nan Fowler, Beth Cochran, Fred Bowman. BACK ROW: Ricky Davis, Steve Solly, Jerry Mills. LEFT to RIGHT: Beth Grisham, treasurer; Greg Shell, president; Sharon Roberson, secretary; Ada Gonzalez, vice president. ORGANIZATIONS 83 Inter-Presidents Council _ OFFICERS SEATED: Tommy Prince, secretary-treasurer; Mary Timrnons vice president; Kathy Fortenberry president; Pat Swinford, historian. ROW ONE, L to R: Terry Young, ' H Ann, Cathy w. Kimb.H. Ann Henn.nge, Cathy tSSS Hendrix, Belinda Simms, Fred Bowman, Susan Hall, Susan Diehl. I OW TWO. Lynd. Ford Manon Nelson, Vicki Dean, Carol Prosser, Jo Ann Moore, Nancy SPJ yann Thompson Cynth.a Kelly, Bunky Cox, Phil Abroms, Stephen Perry. ROW T wTs Mark Sherer Keith Bramlett, David Cumbie, Kiyo Kreeda, Tony Underwood, U J! J J Bob r Wright, Bill UttreU, Ray McGee, ,uel ' .each - W F R: Unny lames Charles Greer, James W. Meckes, Glen Jones, Larry Carter, Udom Prasii Lester, Naaman Goode, Bruce McClamrock, David Burns, Anthony Eckl OFFICERS, L to R: Mary Timmons, Pat Swinford, Kathy Fortenberry, Tommy Prince. 84 ORGANIZATIONS WBJ Association of Women In the fall of 1975, this organization changed its name to Association of University Students. SEATED, L to R: Monica Kelley, Patti Coggins, Mary Timmons. STANDING, L to R: Belinda Sims, Jenny McNeil, Jessica Pitcock, Wanda Clements, Janice Lackey, Brenda Johnson, Kathy McGoff, Jeanette Jarnigan, Diane Chambers. ORGANIZATIONS 85 Phi Alpha Theta National History Honorary RIGHT, ROW ONE, L to R: Tony Underwood. ROW TWO: Kathy Fortenberry, Cheryl Campbell, Connie Ashley, Anna Chism, Carol England. ROW THREE: Monica Kelly, Nancy Webster, Rick Lester, Marcia Phillips, Rose Mary Skipworth. ROW FOUR: Dr. Robert C. Bowles, Nancy Quails, Neil N. Jones, Jerry Dale Willis, David Lee Burns. ROW FIVE: Dr. Milton Baughn, Danny Sharp, Tommy Prince, Keith Bramlett. ROW SIX: Ken Chastain, Ralph Grider. ROW SEVEN: Dr. Mary Jane McDaniel, Mr. Dallas Lancaster, Dr. Kenneth Johnson. History Club BELOW, SEATED, L to R: James Ingram, Marcia Phillips. STANDING, ROW ONE, L to R: Dr. Kenneth Johnson, Debi Word, Beverly Paschal, Lucy Smith, Mary Papenburg, Becky Black, Susie Garner, Pat Maness, Susan McCoy, Danny Mitchell. ROW TWO: Kitty Futrell, Deidre Lott, Noel Duke, Jerry Grace, Michael Jones, Lonnie Freeman, Dwight Coffey, Bob Augustin. ROW THREE: Ricky Graham, Rick Roberts, Doward Bassham, Rex Coker, Ewing Sellers, Lee Osborn, Tony Underwood, David Carraway, Greg Shell. IV : " ' 86 ORGANIZATIONS Geography Club ROW ONE: Danny Hovater, Teresa Hurst, Rachel Strong, Susan Merrill, Laura Poston, Frank Barker. ROW TWO: Andy Carpenter, Bill Strong, Rob Lanfair, William Wolfe Lockhart, Frank Himmler. Delta Tau Kappa Social Science Honorary SEATED, Left to Right: Mary Ann Thompson, president; Myra Campbell; Lin Neyman, secretary-treasurer; Billie Thomas, advisor. STANDING: Rick Lester, Danny Sharp, Tony Underwood, George DeBoer, advisor; David Mclntire, advisor. ORGANIZATIONS 87 ! Alpha Sigma Lambda Service Organization for Women ABOVE, ROW ONE, L to R: Fred Bowman, Carol Prosser, Brenda Johnson, Betsy Bass, Jo Ann Moore, Cathy Gilder, Kathy Hunkapillar. ROW TWO: Kathy Downing, Sharon Roberson, Pat Swinford, Sharon Allred, Alice Wilson. ROW THREE: Connie Liverett, Beverly Hickman, Mary Timmons, Patty Davis, Betty Millican, Lynn Chandler. ROW FOUR: Myra Pledger, Patty Bishop, Beverly White, Kay Dill, Susan Mitchell, Carol Cothren, Joanie Kimball. ROW FIVE: Linda Richardson, Sue Llewellyn, Jean Ann Higginbotham, Patti Coggins, Sandra Cox. RIGHT, L to R, ROW ONE: Cathy Gilder, vice president; Jo Ann Moore, president. ROW TWO: Betsy Bass, projects chairman; Brenda Johnson, secretary; Carol Prosser, treasurer; Cathy Hunkapillar, chaplain. 88 ORGANIZATIONS Ushers Club ROW ONE, L to R: Robin Wade, Tommy Morris, Carl Jones, Carl Bulls, Phil Hopson, Glen Jones. ROW TWO: Tony Underwood, Danny Mitchell, Ken Akin, Morris Shipper, Alan Wineburg, Edward Garner, Tom Monroe. ROW THREE: David Worley, Danny Hovater, Scooter Muse, Randy Thigpen, Stewart O ' Bannon, Mike White, Phillip Williams, Juel Veech, Levert Lewis, Neil Jones. ORGANIZATIONS 89 University Players The University Players consists of any one who participates in any of the plays presented during the year. The group numbers more than 150 people. 90 ORGANIZATIONS National Dramatics Honorary LTO R: Rick Weems, Denise Plonka, Jim Lake, Carol Prince, Mary Alice Cridder, Jim Davis. 91 ;pa Omicron Phi T ITT r Home Economics FRONT ROW: Jean Dunn, Vickie White, Betty Ann Barnett, Samirah Khasawnch, Diane Neall, Linda Morrow, Laura Tinsley, Lynne C handler, Lucile Lawley, Cathy White. BACK ROW: Linda Doss, Jann McC ann, Debbie 1 ' harr, Becky Baldy, Ann McAfee. American Home Economics Association ROW ONE, Left to Right: Lynn C handler, Denise Ballard. ROW TWO: Linda Richardson, Kathy White, Chris Barnett. ROW THREE: Barbara Eckl, Nellie Meade, Becky Baldy, Mrs. Charles Rasch, Rose Ann McAfee, Betty Barnett, Connie White. 92 ORGANIZATIONS English Club SEATED: Cheryl Campbell. LEFT TO RIGHT: Tommy Morris, Ellen Cole, Adviser Stanley Rosenbaum, Sponsor; Diane Prestage, President. Sigma Tau Delta National English Honorary ON THE FLOOR: Penny Von Boeckman, Becky Willis, Whitney Dooley, Kathy Davis. SEATED: Cindy Petty, Kittie Jackson, Sherry Clement. STANDING: Adviser Lindsey Stricklin, Margaret Letson, Susan Bradford, Tim Morrison, Stewart O ' Bannon, Elaine Witt, Melanie Reynolds. ORGANIZATIONS 93 International Students Association ROW ONE, Left to Right: H. 5. Abdul-Hadi, Kiyohiro Koeda, Anthony Ogbeide. ROW TWO: Paul S. Fakunle, Uwa Owyieha, Wanpen Satetanupap, Anna Poon, Udom Prasitthi. German Club ROW ONE, Left to Right: Charlotte Menken, Mary Timmons, Nancy Bates, John Garland, Randy Scott, Stephen Rochester. ROW TWO: Phillip Williams. ROW THREE: Warren Fowler, Josie Kelley, Yvonne Firestone, Shirley Clark, Gary Killen, Randy Hunt. v : i 94 ORGANIZATIONS French Club LEFT, ROW ONE, L to R: Kathy Fortenberry, president; Beverly Paschal, vice president. ROW TWO: Dr. Russell Godwin, advisor; Susie Pittman; Ewing Sellers, treasurer; Jimmie Parrish, secretary. Spanish Club BELOW, ROW ONE, L to R: Mary Timmons, Tina Thornton, Bob Wright, Ivan Parra. ROW TWO: Paul E. Jones, III, advisor; Neil Jones, Bonanza Hale, Phillip Allison, Pat Paulson. ROW THREE: Daniel Byford, Alice Hollimon, Jan Orton, Adine Barnett, Debra Neloms, Mike White. ROW FOUR: Rick Roberts, Melissa Oden, Carolyn Wright. ROW FIVE: Janice Reeves, Gary Harrison, Wade Farris, Bobby Knowles. Kappa Delta Pi National Education Honorary ROW ONE Carolyn Dkus, Cheryl Campbell, Marian Hester, Deborah Newberry. ROW TWO: Sammy Wallac l Karen Cantrell. Sally Holloway, Lmda Watkins, Elaine Witt. ROW 1 HREE: Jeff Hargett, Dr. Tom Pebworth, Tim Kendrick, Donme Gean. Student Alabama Education Association FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Rita Woodard, Cathy Gilder, Brenda Meeks Donna Anderson. STANDING: Jeanette Augustm, Donna Peck Sara Holloway, Debbie Burgess, treasurer; Brenda John Alice Wilson, David Houston, Arthur D. Graves, sponsor; Sherry Clement, second vice president; Gary Manasco, president. 96 ORGANIZATIONS ,, Association for Childhood Education ROW ONI., I. to R: Marion Nelson, president; I )ebbie Lansdell, treasurer; C aroi Johnson, set retary. K( )W I W( ): K.iy I larvey, vice president; Sara Holloway, vi J president; Donn.i I ' eck, vice president; Di.inne |a ohs, vi e president. R( )W 1HKI.I : Kit.) Wood.ird, McLoy, ( .irolyn Ay o k, Sandr.i Holding. K( )W K )UI : I )r. (oanne Keevc ' s, Advisor; ( alhy ( ,ilder, I ' .it Davis, |anie I ' hilpot. ORGANIZATIONS 97 Phi Beta Lambda Business Professional ROW ONE: Anita Newburn, Joy Franks, Jan Harris, reporter; Julie Fuller. ROW TWO: Janet Harlan, Brenda Johnson, Lee Ann Provenza, Nancy Grumwald, secretary-treasurer. ROW THREE: Minnice Wallace, Phil Chandler, Rhonda Irons, Lane Beggs. ROW FOUR: Cynthia Rutherford, Patricia Cagle, vice president; Connie Liverett, president; Alana Muse. ROW FIVE: Steve Hodges, Richard Smith. Alpha Chi Accounting Club ROW ONE: Ray McGee, James Brewer, Blake Edwards, James McCollum, Debbie Danley, Rick Melton, Andy Davis, Phil Chandler, Ken Doss. ROW TWO: Mike Johnson, Ed Cross, Steve Mann, Bob Crews, Ralph Cagle, John Conn, George Perkins, James H. Jones, advisor; Jo Ann Parnell, Janet Osborne, Kathy Fisk, Susan Green. ROW THREE: Susie Jones, Sandy Roberts, Linda Hill. ROW FOUR: Sarah Burch, Martha Gusmus, Sandy Graves. ROW FIVE: Kathy Hunkapillar, Carolyn Thorn, Nancy Spillman. ROW SIX: Don Rose. 98 ORGANIZATIONS Phi Kappa Phi National Scholastic Honorary ROW ONE: Betty Mclnish, Willa Jean Cagle, Mary Jane Creel, Joan Cleveland, Linda Brewer, Nancy Corbett Quails, Kathleen Stanfield, Marion Hester. ROW TWO: Billy Gene Moss, Kenneth Taylor, Jean Schulman, Johnnie Bobo, Kay Gillon, Martha Isbell, Marcia Scarborough, Annie Mullins, Rachel Berryman, Deborah Simms Bowerman, Alice Wilson. ROW THREE: William Martin, Charles Bone, James Floyd, Connie Johnson, Geraldine Smith, Leslie Perry, James Willis. ORGANIZATIONS 99 American Chemical Society ROW ONE: Bill Meckes, Buster Coffey, Alan Vines, Charles Greer, David Can-away, David Calloway. ROW TWO: Dolores Montgomery, Ann McCamy, Yvonne Firedone, Johnnie Parker, Mary Paperburg, Pam Bassham, Robert Lee, Joe Ragasa, Pete Goodwin. ROW THREE: Wade Burleson, Greg Sweeney, Ed Hardwick, James Hubbard, Dr. Richmond, Diane Brewer, Bill Ingram, Everett Dawson, David Curths. 1 00 ORGANIZATIONS Society of Physics Students ROW ONE: Greg Stutts, Paul Fakunle, Steve Parker, Jim Diehl, secretary; Dr. D. Lee Allison, advisor. ROW TWO: Carl Landham, Steve Smith, Doug Ingram, vice president; Dr. David R. Curott. ROW THREE: James Hubbard, Woody Wright, Jim Willis, president. ORGANIZATIONS 101 Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honorary - V. PNr.: Dr. Pau! Yokley, Jr.. Stephen J, Robiddux, BiU Easterwood, Bruce Morgi-,., Willie Clcs. ROW TWO: Bill Mecjkes, Glen Jones, .Sylvia. Landers, Diane Brewer, Lynn Eudy, Paffl Basshatn, Sally Yarber, Gary His Jncn. ROW THREE: Ed Hartwig, David. Holden, Bil Ingram, Naaman tjoode, Rcy Sraswe!!, Monty ShelttMn Barf Kingsley, ,t : $ ] H BKnresmBHOMGi MCOMMHBH Conserva Physical Educati Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Women ' s Scholastic SEATED, Left to Right: Mrs. Timmons, Beth Grisham. ROW ONE, Left to Right: Mary Gammon, Regina Edmondson, Lea Ann Provenza, Barbara Montgomery, Amanda Allen, Angela Lavvson, Barbara Wade, Kathy Williams, Zora Pate, Rhonda Walker, Charlotte Hopkins, Carol Johnson, Diane Bruce, Nancy Spilman. ROW TWO, Left to Right: Mary Kay Kilgoar, Kim Hardage, Jenifer Thompson, Teri Hausmann, Susan Newman, Mary Moseley. 1 04 ORGANIZATIONS Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Scholastic ROW ONE, SEATED: Steve Smith, Bill Ingram, Bobby Ray Wells, Mark Sherer, Jim Diehl. ROW TWO: Leesa Ann Stroh, Beth Grisham, Mary Louise Gammon, Zora Pate, Jennifer Thompson, Belinda Simms, Rosemary Terry, Mildred Diane Bruce, Carol Anne Johnson, Pamela Morse. ROW THREE: William Simpson, Robert Augustin, Kent Cooner, Galen Richeson, Dennis Brooks, William Donald Lazenby, Jr., Ricky Gist, Richard Haley. ROW FOUR: Byron Butler, Jeffery Styles, James Ingram. ORGANIZATIONS 105 Alpha Circle ROW ONE: Rick Lester, Kathy Fortenberry, Fred Bowman, Joanie Kimball. ROW TWO: Tony Underwood, Melanie Reynolds, Naaman Goode, Elaine Witt, Steve Harrison, Nancy Spilman. ROW THREE: Dr. W. T. McElheny, Tommy Prince, Pam Long, Dr. Frank McArthur. ROW FOUR: Dr. M. W. Butler, Anthony Eckl, Dr. Russell Goodwin. 1 06 ORGANIZATIONS Baptist Student Union OFFICERS: President, Tommy Prince; Records, Kathy Key; Communications, Kay Harvey; Fellowship, Rhonda Ashley; Worship, Mark Adams; Bible Study, Debbie Pearson; Ministry, Laura Farneman; Missions, Tim Kendrick; Witness, Sue David; Intramurals, Chip Orr, Susie Jones; Good News Editor, Patty Clark. 1 08 ORGANIZATIONS FRONT ROW FROM LEFT: Naaman Goode, Ricky Willingham, Donnie Gean. TOP ROW: David Hinton, Mike Tays, James Paul Nobles. Christian Student Fellowship FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT: Naaman Goode, president; Linda Watkins, secretary; Donnie Gean, vice president. ROW TWO: Glenda Davis, Patsy Blalock, Cheryl Mastin, Sabrina Howard, Martha Thompson, Tracy Briggs. ROW THREE: Judy Muse, Toni Mahatha, Rose Skipworth, Susan Dashner, Cheryl McCollum, Karen Burns, Janet Harlan. ROW FOUR: Paul Newton, James Paul Nobles, Mike Tays, David Hinton, Ralph Watkins, Ricky Willingham. ROW FIVE: Diane Richardson, Sheila Henry, Sandra Sharp, Debbie Burgess, Travis Burgess, Mackie Gean, Tim Henry, Mike Thompson, Danny Farris, Fred Dillon, director. ORGANIZATIONS 1 09 RH BBB Ihsi Wesley Foundation Mike Gabel, J. C. Hester, Director Buddy Freeman, Cynthia Kelley, Doug Mokaren, Rick Wassner, Diane Prestage, Wally Williams, Episcopal chaplain. 11 ORGANIZATIONS n Panhellenic Bev White, vice president; Fred Bowman, secretary; Carol Prosser, president; Pam Wilcoxson, treasurer; Kay Dill, Jan Franklin, Advisor Barbara Muse, Jenny Thompson, Kathy Glover. ORGANIZATIONS Inter-Fraternity Council FRONT: Danny Hendrix, president; Terry I Young, vice president. STANDING: Rich :; " Moran, adviser; Hal Breffle, treasurer; Stan DeBord, secretary. " , ' , ' .-,- 152 ORGANIZATIONS ' Until Golden Girls Tour Guides, Hostesses ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Iris Jones, Beth Grisham, Barbara Malone, Carol Ann Sloan, Carol Prosser, Donna Sleeper, Pat Maness, Debbie Shytle, Deadra Poland, Nancy Meeks, Shane Gray, Debra Jones. ORGANIZATIONS 113 Pershing Rifles FRONT ROW, L to R: Randy Burbank, Scott Franks, Jim Jones. BACK ROW: Steve James, Carol Ann Sloan, David Hinton, Pat Maness sweetheart; Robert Lee, Deadra Poland, Clark Thomas. Roaring Rifles BELOW, KNEELING, L to R: Ernie Green, Garry Daniel, Bill Littrell, team captain; Ronald Burcham. STANDING: Paul Williams, Benny Susley, Ricky Smith, Darey Stangel, Pam Wright, Msg. W. L. Hightower, coach; Verna Fails, Teresa Hurst, Larry Peterson, Steve Henry, Bob Lynn. 11 4 ORGANIZATIONS ifles - Scabbard and Blade LEFT, L TO R: Richard Wakefield Jr., first sergeant; Jack Jones, secretary; Kenneth Chastain, vice president; Richard Stegall, president. BELOW, L TO R: Tony Underwood, Jack Jones, Richard Wakefield Jr., Lynda Knighten, Kenneth Chastain, Charlotte Menken, Greg Sutherland, Neal Cheuvront, Steve Mathews, Richard Stegall. i I , ORGANIZATIONS 115 Collegiate Singers ROW ONE, L to R: Lynn Collum, Jenny Thompson, Carl Jones, Debbie Lee, Carol Prince, Glen Jones, Betsy Bass, Rick Lester, Beverly Hickman, Jim Allen, Becky Black, Betty Woods, Sandy Jones, Rhonda Miles, Carla Hughes, Blair Hatchett, Karen Silworth, Debbie Logan, Susie Vaughan. ROW TWO: Sharon Allred, Carol Ann Sloan, Vannie Voorhies, Elaine Witt, Jose Jones, Donna Campbell, Pat Stegall, Lynn Faughn, Steve Haskins, Sharon Creel, Doug Hill, Susan Layne, Gwen Weddington, Mary Jordan, Patty Davis, Tommy Johnson, Pam Long, Sandra Carlisle. ROW THREE: Dan Price, Kay Stegall, Phil Morrow, Donna Kicker, Eleanor McClellan, Rick Roberts, Jon Lawles, April Lavvles, Debbie Sullenger, Hayden James, Keith Estep, Paul Lynch, Joel Raney, Karen Cantrell, Paulette Devine, Donna Corbie, Jeff McAllister, Doug Ingram. ROW FOUR: Terry Hughes, Robert Newbury, Phil Hopson, John Thomas, James Irby, Stewart O ' Bannon, Mark Beatry, Bruce Lesley, Dennis Glover, Susan Pittman, Angie Foster, Teresa Kimbrough, Dinah Johnson, Wesley Davis. ORGANIZATIONS 1)7 Debate Club SEATED (on ground): Rick Wassner. ROW ONE, SEATED, L to R: Chris Hamrick, Jerry Herston, Richard Kearney, Levert Lewis. ROW TWO, STANDING, L to R. Bob Walls, Kathy Slusher, Patty Chambers, Susan Kidd, Linda Ragland, Sandra Brown, Sandra Long, Denise Childers, Whitney Dooley. ROW THREE, STANDING, L to R: Tim Morrison, Shauna Saliba. 11 8 ORGANIZATIONS 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 6 8 7 18 19 20 21 22 Music Educators Club Musicians arranged in dotted eighth note (see chart above): 1 Susan Diehl, president; 2 Allan Weinberg, vice president; 3 Carl Hester; 4 Cindy White; 5 Sandy Davis; 6 Beth Stanford; 7 Debbie Lee; 8 Connie Davis; 9 Connie Ferrell; 10 Velda Riley; 11 Paulette DeVine; 12 Judy Jones, secretary-treasurer; 13 Don Burt; 14 Robbie Sharp; IS Linda Miner; 16 Phil Morrow; 17 Stanley Nelson; 18 Jon Lawles; 19 Bruce Lesley; 20 Dianne Matthews; 21 Eleanor McClellan; 22 Martha Clark. ORGANIZATIONS 1)9 Young Democrats ROW ONE, Left to Right: Rick Lester, Susan French, Beverly Paschal, Monica Kelley, Martha Musgrove, George DeBoer. ROW TWO: David Oden, Stewart O ' Bannon, Wade Harris, Tony Underwood, Ewing Sellers. L . 1 20 ORGANIZATIONS ' crats Young Academics OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: Beverly Simpson, reporter; Janice Crayton, secretary; Andrea Rhodes, vice president. BACK ROW: Donnie Morgan, entertainment chairman; Roy Gholston, sergeant at arms; Larry O ' Neal, president; Steve Liner, treasurer. ORGANIZATIONS-- 121 Student Nurses Association LEFT TO RIGHT: Iris Jones, corresponding secretary; Vicki Scott, treasurer; Pam Suggs, president; Jessica Pitcock, first vice president; Donna Sledge, recording secretary; John Peeden, second vice president. 122 ORGANIZATIONS Cinema Society LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry Ledlow, Bill Strong, sponsor; Rick Wassm-r, ( ynthia Kelley, president; Jane Armstrong, Diane Prestage, secretary-treasurer; J. ( . Hester, Tim Powell, Denise Plonka, Tim Kelley. I Snro i warn BWBlaEl Kappa Mu Epsilon National Math Honorary ROW ONE, L to R: Bill Meckes, Becky Marsh, Anthony Eckl, Connie Ashley, Chuck Lanning. ROW TWO: Diane Brewer, Patti Coggins, Judy Thorne, Mrs. Jean Parker, Nancy Putman Ray. ROW THREE: Dr. John Locker, Mark Shearer, Sammy Wallace, Steve Smith, Greg Carter, Jim Diehl, Galen Richeson, Alan Vines. Economics Club ON GROUND: Frank Tuten, Ray Turner, Joe Priester, Jess Miller. ON PORCH: Alan Farmer, Bobby Clemmons, Patricia Phelps, Paul Henry, Lisa Stroh, Jan Harris, Carolyn Thorn, Cindy Sockwell, Sue Wilson, Barry Morris, Sue Merkel, Steve Harris, Jim T. McMinn, Ricky Mclnnis, Ken Doss, Richard Smith, Mike Johnson, Dewayne Griggs, Ed Cross, Dr. E. T. Merkel, Barbara Hines. 124 ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Beta Alpha; Professional Library Science SEATED, L to R: Marilyn Watson, Becky Lupo, Carolyn Dicus. STANDING, L to R: Charles Carr, faculty advisor; Janet Cuzzort, Dixie Lambert, Debbie Hines, Brenda Howard, Becky Black. 1 m ORGANIZATIONS 125 Circle K FRONT ROW: Connie Belew, Allene Lantz, Janie Philpot, Becky Lupo, Pat Cagle, Terri Teague. BACK ROW: Roy Webb, Jim Gray, Steve Mills, David Drissel, Dean Jackson, Steve Inman. Rotaract FRONT ROW: Patty Douglas, Eleanor McClellan, Kathy McGoff , Bruce McClamroch, Gail Sparks, Ken Reedy. BACK ROW: Gail Lough, Larry House, Robert Lee, Larry Smith, Benny Goodloe, Craig Remkus, Greg Corum. 1 26 ORGANIZATIONS ROW ONE, Left to Right: Patty Bergob, publicity, Don Stanfield, president. ROW TWO: Linda Wise, Nancy Richardson, Becky Willis, Carol Durham, Helen Thompson, Kathy Glover, vice president. ROW THREE: Linda Self, Maureen Stooksberry, Janet Fulmer, Martha Martinez. ROW FOUR: Susan Hansen, secretary-treasurer; Teresa Grant, Debby Lewis, Natalie Gordon. Soci al Work Club ROW ONE, Left to Right: Joe Priester, Mark Sherer. ROW TWO: Keith Bramlett, Anita Creekmore, Ann Mathews. ROW THREE: Hassan Abdul-Hadi, Debbie Brust, Dr. Jerry Miley, Pat Moore, Billy T. Lindsey, Gregg Sutherland, Denise Watts, Carolyn Barron. Sociology Club ORGANIZATIONS 1 27 ABOVE, Left to Right: Joe Campbell and Pat Swinford; co- editors; Joe Priester, business manager; Kenneth Bonner, sports editor. NOT PICTURED: Bunky Cox, circulation manager. RIGHT: Editors Joe Campbell and Pat Swinford present Dr. Guillot with a souvenir copy of the issue which carried a story on his possible quest for the office of Governor of Alabama. 1 28 ORGANIZATIONS The Flor-Ala Student Newspaper ROW ONE, Left to Right: Jane Warren, Angie Glasgow, Kathy Fortenberry, Pat Maness. ROW TWO, Left to Right: Laura Tinsley, Mary Timmons, Carolyn Thorn, Rita Wilkins. ROW THREE, Left to Right: Billy Rickard, Steve Henry, Sammy Dickey, Rick Lester, Alan Lough. ORGANIZATIONS 1 29 LEFT: Kathy Fortenberry, Shercc Vaughn, and Betty Jo Dooley. 130 ORGANIZATIONS ' Diorama LKFT: Sr.ATU), Left to Right: (.jrol Ann Sloan, James Diehl, chief photographer; David ( umbie, executive- editor STANDING: James Ingram, business manager; Mike Dean, Keith Bramlett, associate editor; Cindy Davis, Linda Self, Jim Leavitt, Debbie Man sell. Lisa Morris, Diane Wait man, Susan Mitchell, Pat Davis. BF.LOW, Sf.ATKD, Left to Right: Jean Ann Higgmbotham and Sammy Dickey. STANDINC,: Becky Lupo, Marvin (jruber, Joame Kimball and Kay Dill. ' iff BBflHl GREEKS 132 GREEKS 135 Alpha Tau Omega ROW ONE, L to R: Robin Wade, Ric Napps, Allan Falletta, Danny Hendrix, Butch Sutherland, Billy Rickard, Joanie Kimball, sweetheart. ROW TWO: Roger Kilburn, Stan Simpson, Pat Patterson, Hayden James, Tommy Evers, Kerry Cooner, Steve Strickler, Joe Drueke, Maurry Shipper. ROW THREE: Joe Priester, David Savage, Virgil McCargo, Bubba Davis, Ellis Folsom, David Burns, Bart Kingsley, Danny Hughes, Anthony Eckl, John Waltz. ROW FOUR: Chuck Barnes, Bill Snow, Richie Martin, Jack White, Larry Burkes, Bobby Rickard, Glenn Hurt. ROW FIVE: Ray Battles, Terry Laster, Joel Quillen, Larry Buffaloe, Anthony Roden, Ewing Sellers, Steve Perry, Steve Eley, Kenny Shannon, Johnny Hambrick, Jeff Dowdy, Gary Horton, Kent Cooner. GREEKS - ABOVE: Miss Nancy Meeks, sweetheart. LEFT, ROW ONE, L to R: Gary Horton, worthy sentinel; Virgil McCargo, worthy scribe; Joe Drueke, worthy keeper of the annals. ROW TWO: |oel Quillen, worthy chaplain; Steve Perry, worthy master; Kenny Shannon, worthy usher; Roger Kilburn, social service coordinator. ROW THREE: Danny Hendrix, worthy keeper of the exchequer. GREEKS 137 Lambda Chi Alpha ROW ONE, L to R: Joe DeWeese, Gary Holt, Mike Predmore, Henry Kerstiens, Steve Henry, Ricky Smith. ROW TWO: Crescent girls Sharon Roberson, Kathy Wheeler, Susan Cagle, Cathy Gilder, Susan McCoy, Brenda Johnson, Becky White, Cindy Gray, Kim Eaton, Kathy Downing. ROW THREE: Terry Bills, Todd Kindahl, Juel Veach, Mike Simon, Bobby Sykes, Ray Turner, Dennis Aplin, Paul Henry, Clark Thomas, Jim Roller, Wesley Roden. I 138 GREEKS ROW ONE, L to R. Susan McCoy, Brenda Johnson, Kathy Wheeler, Kim Eaton. ROW TWO: Susan Cagle, Cathy Gilder, Sharon Roberson, Becky White, Cindy Gray, Kathy Downing. SEATED, L to R: Mike Simon, alumni relations chairman; Ricky Smith, rush chairman; Mike Predmore, educator; Clark Thomas, scholarship chairman. STANDING, L to R: Juel Veach, president; Paul Henry, ritual chairman; Wesley Roden, secretary; Darrell Schmidt, vice president; Jim Roller, social chairman. GREEKS 1 39 Pi Kappa Alpha SEATED, L to R: Chuck Wilson, Tom Risner, Phillip Comer, Rick Coates, John Welch, Kim Johnson, Charles Varnell, Danny Vinson, Eddie McCool, Barry Blevins, Bobby Neel. STANDING, L to R: John Burns, Danny Aldridge, Butch Brewer, David Townsend, Doug McGill, Mike Marshall, Al Shott, Tim Robinson, Tommy Johnson, Paul E. Jones, HI, Steve Maddox, H. R. Radtke, Bill Prady, Buker Young, William Sherrill, Keith Rylant, Steve Stanford, Garry Watson, Ian Sanford, A. D. Barksdale, Jim Henderson, Wes Hombuckle, Tim Finley, Cecil Whitlock, Bart Tate, Larry Tipper, Tim Hollis, Corky Berry, Tim McDonald, Gary Ikard. 140 GREEKS GREEKS 141 HBM8 i m HP iKn IfiP ROW ONE, L to R: Hal Breffle, Mike Murray, Phil Hood, Rick Lester, Ottie Steien, Frank McAfee, Ed Gorrigan, Terry Rochester, Johnny Williams, Joe Moore. ROW TWO: Buddy Childs, Roger Roy, Bobby Newman, Jimmy William!;, Keith Bramlett, Shawn Henson, Rod Norwood. ROW THREE: Jimmy Leach, Mike Johnson, Chuck Craig, Bobby Blankenship, Eddie Hayes, Murray Beck, Tommy Prince, Mike Dean. ROW FOUR: Kenny Davis, Steve Haskins, Tim Shirley, Sammy Dickey, Bobby Harris, Mike Petty, Ron Smith, Ralph Quigley. ROW FIVE: Mike Rochester, Tony Underwood, Jeff Porterfield, Morse Craig, Richard Key, Jim Mangum, Phil Hopper. ROW SIX: Phil Morrow, Ira Rogers, George Perkins, Sam Mangum, Bill Gray, Phil Hopson, Joe Campbell, Joe Sugg. 142 GREEKS MNMnMMHHHH Pi Kappa Phi ROW ONE, L to R: Nick Martelli, Jimmy Scott, Bev Cheney, Janet Dardess, Cathy Carter, Kerry Jordan, Butch Drake, Mark Edmondson, Stan DeBord. ROW TWO: Andy Page, Andy Bailes, Roger Brent Colwell, Randy Coffman, Keith Tucker. ROW THREE: Ken Smith, Mike Nale, Zac Womack, Dale Courington, David Hyde, Jud Driver. 144 GREEKS GREEKS 145 Alpha Phi Alpha ROW ON ' L. L to R: Tern, ' Young. Rita Williams, Beverly Simpson, Deborah Morrison, Roy Gholston. ROW TWO: Larry O ' Neal, Pam Slaw, Verna Fails, Peggy Bates, Napolean Mitchell. ROW THREE: Donnie Morgan. NOT PICTURED: James Allen 146 GREEKS I Phi Gamma Delta ROW ONE: Brad Cook, Stan Barnett. ROW TWO: Larry Carter, Steve Hardgrave, Roy Braswell, Jim Allen, Paul McCoulogh. ROW THREE: Jimmy Jones, Tony Sexton, Leland Howard, Tom Vandiver, David Martin, Ken Akin. ROW FOUR: Rick Haley, Dennis Buffalo, Jim Rankin, Mike Landsell, Don Holt, Jim Henry, Bob Cheatum, Bobby Barcliff. ROW FIVE: Mike Johnson, Jeff Adcock, Rick Erwin, Donnie Mecke, Joe Bob Witt, Jerry Crowell. ROW ONE: Jerry Carter, Rob Unfair. ROW TWO: Dave Johnson, Connie Baker, Sam Esslinger, Greg Stutts. ROW THREE: Jerry Witt, Tim Hardin, Kenny Sawyer, Robert Steele. U8 GREEKS GREEKS 149 Kappa Sigma tit ; .11 UPSTAIRS, L to R: Doug Gilliam, Richard McCollum, Gary Harland, Dale Mitchell, Keith Hairrell, Shalon Sledge, Roger W. Miller, Jim Ikerman, Bill Marthaler, Phil Martin, Roger L. Miller, Pat Yeargan. DOWNSTAIRS: Dub Jones, Bobby Carroll, Jimmy Sparks, Wade Ray, Bill Eckles, Brad Bettis, Brad Phillips, Howard Jeffries, Steve Mask, Jim Free, Sam Moody, John Peacock, Tim Milner, Jim Parker, Mike Thompson, Tommy Campbell, Terrell Benton. 150 GREEKS , j: r: " .I 1 - .:,-;::. ...-:;; . GREEKS 1 Alpha Delta Pi UBS (V.- ri ' i - 7 N ROW ONE, Lto R: Cathy C.ilder. Susan McCoy, Pam Jackson, Ann Henmnger, Fred Bowman, Dana White, Judy W ' olfsburger, Diane Chambers, Rhonda Miles, Laura McMmn. ROW TWO: Kathy Snyder, Paula Shippey. Becky Black, Lynn Faughn, Map, ' N ' ason, Robin Allison ROW THREF.: Valerie Presrott. Patsy Svvinney, Amy Jones, Jan Smith . Cherie Tollcy. ROW FOUR: Joan Jelley, Donna Homer. Jan Franklin. ROW FIVE: Mary Thompson, Susan Mackey, Mars- Lynne Mandy, Marilyn Mathews, Denise Yieser. ROW SIX: Man,- Timmons. Barbara Eckl, Hollye Jackson, Renae Hamilton, Nance Pietryzk. ROW SEVEN: Janie Kay Jay, Diane Waitzman, Pat Phillips, Martha Pierce, Susan Creighton, Pat Stinson, Patti Coggins 152 GREEKS J, GREEKS 153 PhiMu il SEATED, L to R: Leigh Crocker, Sylvia Spruiell, Carol Prosser, Debbie Shytle, Debbie Cantrell, Leesa Stroh, Debbie Briscoe. LEFT GROUP, ROW ONE: Barbara Robinson, Sylvia Hollis, Karen Schadt, Pam McGill, Rita Woodward. ROW TWO: Betty Millican, Cindy Little, Kathy Downing, Pam Webb. ROW THREE: Joan Horton, Sherry Cox, Cheri Sharp, Alex Boldt, Carol McMinn, Ann Lee, Nancy Meeks. CENTER GROUP, ROW ONE: Dinah Johnson, Pam Long, Susie Vaughan. ROW TWO: Ann Maples, Karen Presnell, Debbie Danley. ROW THREE: Mary Martha Crittendon, Mary Alice Holt, Debbie Hunt, Rita Wallace. ROW FOUR: Debbie Palmer, Diane Neall. RIGHT GROUP, ROW ONE: Sandra Cox, Karen Littrell, Melissa Wood, Lisa Morris. ROW TWO: Ginny Millican, Yummy Drabkin, Brenda Dodson, Lynda Knighten, Jenny Thompson, Pat Maness. ROW THREE: Debra Berry, Caroline Crawford, Rhonda Mitchell. ,. 154 GREEKS RCHS GREEKS 155 Alpha Omicron Pi ROW ONE, L to R: Jeanette Augustin, Anna Millsaps, Cyndy Lopez, Linda Wise, Deb Strickland, Tina Thornton. ROW TWO: Chris Kerstiens, Susan Chew, Suzanne Storey, Laura Tinsley, Susan French, Parn Wilcoxson, Susan Mclntyre, Anna Perry, Susan Haworth, Pam Wright. ROW THREE: Shelia Forsythe, Karen Howington, Jane Austin. ROW FOUR: Kathy Wheeler, Kathy Glover, Debbie Lovelady, Angie Cofield, Rosa Beckman. ROW FIVE: Linda Self, Jan Harris, Kathy Patterson, Diane LaFarlett, Linda Hyde, Robin Pittman. ROW SIX: Janice Reeves, Caryn Corbett, Robbie Sharp, Susan Cagle. ROW SEVEN: Elaine Witt, Janet Wright, Teresa Grant, Michelle Wright, Cricket Sargent. 156 GREEKS GREEKS 157 Zeta Tau Alpha ROW ONE, SEATED, L to R: Mary Ann Stratford, Susanne Gentry, Julia lohnson, Lawana Higgins, Bonnie Thornton. Kay Dill, Neysa Holland, Pam Franklin. ROW TWO: Karen Simmers, Tricia Brown, Nancy Earns, lanet Hawkins, Jean Williams, Mitzi Cash, Pat Swinford, Betsy Bass, Joanie Kimball, Kathy Fortenberry, Kayc Weathers, Jean Ann Higgmbotham. Sue Llewellyn. Susan Patterson, Becky Cochran, Debbie Bergob, Jan Priester, Shelaine Roberson, Karen Mornssey, Elaine Dobbs. ROW THREE: Sheree Vaughn, Susan Mitchell, Nancy Sturm, Donna Kicker, lame Philpot, Barbara Malone, Karen Fortenberry, Iris Jones, Joy Dorroh. ROW FOUR: Pam Hackett, Peggy Devaney, Vicki Seckinger, Joanne Simmons, Debra King, Georgia Carroll, Becki Wilkerson, Deadra Poland. ROW FIVE: Betty Jo Dooley. Terry |o Wilbanks, Pat Davis, Bev White, Susan Renegar, Kathy Slusher, Carol Ann Sloan, Dianne Beuerlem. 158 GREEKS .1 GREEKS 159 . - ..,.,.;; |j j.:-; ffiHl ATHLI 160 SPORTS rff.-ti -. r 66 MI V. RIGHT: Senior Mike Long bends forward into an overhead for a winning point. BELOW: Ricky Light follows through on a backhand drive as he sets up a point. RIGHT: Number three player Ronnie Small unleashes a serve from the deuce court. 162 SPORTS . . KNEELING: David Cumbie, Chuck Wright, Ronnie Small, Steve Hardgrave. STANDING: Mike Thomason, Student Coach Don Holt, Mike Long, Ricky Light, Dale Mitchell. Netters score eleven wins The Lion netters wrapped up their best season ever in 1975 with an 1 1 and 5 record and a fourth place finish in the GSC. ' 76 appears to be an even brighter year for the team as only one player, number one Don Holt, was lost from last year ' s squad, and his position has been filled by Chuck Wright, a talented transfer from Jefferson State Junior College. Number one player Chuck Wright strokes a forehand down the line. SPORTS-- HM I! RIGHT: ROW ONE: Burt Parks, Bill Dumas. ROW TWO: Billy Pomeroy, Joel Gafford, Connie Rye. BELOW: Eye over the ball, Bill Dumas taps in a putt. Linksters enjoy fine Fall, but struggle in Spring The UNA golf team raced to a 9-1 record in match play during the Fall semester but produced a poor showing in the Spring, finishing seventh in the Gulf South Conference Tournament. This dismal performance was probably directly related to the McFarland Park course, the golfers ' practice course, being under water much of the semester. However, the Lions ' Brad Shaput was still able to earn a place on the All-GSC Team. 164 SPORTS LEFT: Watching the ball, Billy Pomeroy finishes out a round on the eighteenth hole. LOWER LEFT: Connie Rye tees off on the first hole at the McFarland Golf course. BELOW: Taking a warm-up swing, Joel Gafford concentrates for a long drive. SPORTS 165 underspin to the ball during table tennis competition. BKLOW: Sigma Chi tailback i ' .kie Amos bursts past a would-be tackier as he starts a long touchdown run. SPORTS SPORTS 169 INTRAMURALS 168 SPORTS Pride of Dixie band earns invitation to Blue-Gray Bowl The- University of North Alabama marching band, I ; Pride of I )ixie, earned another honor this year as it wav during half-time ceremonies of the Blue-Cray Bowl in December. The band, under the leadership of Dr. Jam Drum Major Phil Morrow, attended all the away ball M year as well as performed for all the- regular home garrf I SPORTS 1 69 INTRAMURALS 1 70 SPORTS HiSH nmnamiBlnll Pride of Dixie band earns invitation to Blue-Gray Bowl man ' ! ' " ' ' The University of North Alabama marching band, long known as The Pride of I )ixie, earned another honor this year as it was selected to perform during half-time ceremonies of the Blue-Ciray Bowl in Montgomery, AL, in I )ecember. The band, under the leadership of I )r. (ames Simpson and Drum Major I ' hil Morrow, attended all the away ball games except one this year as well as performed for all the regular home games. v V v SPORTS 171 172 SPORTS Pride of Dixie SPORTS 173 Mistakes cause Homecoming loss Plagued by fumbles and interceptions, the UNA Lions dropped their Homecoming game to Delta State, 21- 9. Although they moved the ball well between their own goal line and Delta ' s 20, the offense turned the ball over four times in the Statesmen ' s end zone, each time ruining a scoring opportunity. The defense played well in limiting Delta to only 21 points, six of those coming in the final minute of the game on a busted play, but could not overcome the offense ' s miscues, and Homecoming ' 75 was spoiled for many hopeful UNA alumni, students, and devoted fans. TOP: Senior fullback Jerry Mizell charges through a hole in Delta State ' s defense. LEFT: Lunging forward, Mike McCombs cannot quite block the point-after attempt by Delta ' s John Crawford. RIGHT: Lion defenders swarm the Delta State ball carrier for no gain. 174 SPORTS LEFT: Sophomore quarterback Steve Clark calls a play in the huddle during game against Delta State. BELOW: Coming up quickly to stop Delta ' s runner, Mike Elmore, are Lion defenders Jim Ezell, number 22, Mike Allison, 30, Donald Pearson, 44, and Norman Sims, 53. SPORTS 175 Gridders reverse trend, record winning season Following the 21-9 homecoming loss to Delta State, the thir defeat in as many games, the Lions expl| won their next six of seven, finishing t record the first winning season sine wins since 1961. The Lions finishe scoring race, averaging 27.0 points a managed to score only 10.3 per game c contests. Their 4-4 conference record pla final GSC standings, even though the Jacksonville and Troy, who finisl TOP RIGHT: Head coach Mickey Andrews confers with runningback Marc Merritt and quarterback Garner Ezell. ABOVE: Driving forward, Merritt scores the Lions ' only touchdown against Livingston. RIGHT: The President ' s Flag waves over the crowd as fans watch the team in action. 176 SPORTS ABOVE: Offensive linemen provide quarterback Steve Clark with good protection as he releases a pass. LEFT: Barry Koehn, offensive guard, reflects typical emotion during the homecoming loss to Delta State. RIGHT: Freshman placekicker David Adkins kicks a field goal during the first quarter of game against Delta to give the Lions a 3-0 lead. LOWER RIGHT: Linebacker Ivan Richard watches the offense at work while he takes a breather. BELOW: Putting on the brakes, defensive back Mike McCombs avoids being called for hitting late. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Trainer Johnny Long questions injured Lion player about the extent of his injuries. BOTTOM: Even though swarmed under by Delta defensivemen, quarterback Garner Ezell manages to get off a screen pass to Maurice Brawley. 178 SPORTS ' Lions knock off Jax for finale Scoring the winning touchdown in the last eleven seconds, UNA defeated rival Jacksonville State for the second year in a row, 21-14. The Lions led 14-0 at halftime, but Jax tied the game up in the fourth quarter. Not satisfied with a tie, the Lions drove sixty yards for the winning score and insured themselves of the first winning season since 1969. SPORTS 179 I .- . RIGHT: Senior defensive back Jim Ezell zeroes in for a solo tackle against a Troy State runner. BELOW: Talented receiver Roger Ralph reaches for a pass from quarterback Garner Ezell, number 15. I 1 80 SPORTS k-- I LEFT: Fullback Jerry Mizell takes a handoff from Garner Ezell and bulls toward the Livingston goal line. BELOW: Roger Ralph pulls in touchdown pass against Troy before being hit by a Trojan defender. LOWER LEFT: Moving with the snap of the ball, the Lion defensive wall rushes to attempt to block a Delta punt. Ralph named GSC player of the year A three year starter at wide receiver, senior Roger Ralph was selected as the GSC Offensive Player of the Year. Ralph pulled in 48 passes for 764 yards during the 1975 season, setting a new GSC record. He also broke the UNA career receiving record with 126 catches for 1 ,932 yards and 14 career touchdowns. Named with Ralph to the All Gulf South Conference first team was Terry Witherspoon, an offensive guard. UNA placed three players on the second team with fullback Jerry Mizell and tackle Barry Johnson taking offensive honors and back Norman Sims making the defensive team. Era ftp RIGHT: Head Coach Mickey Andrews is now in his third year at the Lion ' s helm. BELOW: Playing their final season are these seniors: ROW ONE: Will Fuller, Ivan Richard, Coach Andrews, Steve Stewart, Jim Ezell. ROW TWO: Jerry Mi ell, Barry Johnson, Barry Koehn, Roger Ralph, Chuck Lane, John Connell, and Robbie Hudson. BOTTOM: Coaching staff, pictured with Coach Andrews, are Tommy Jones, Mike Knight, Jim Blair, Richie Gaski-ll, Wally Burnham, Roger Ferrell, Mike Dean, and Andy White. 182 SPORTS TOP: Members of the new Flag Corps are, SEATED: Pam Morris, co- head; Vickie Kilgore, head; Brenda Jones, co-head. STANDING: Cyndy Lopez, Diane Chambers, Rhonda Rickard, Rhonda Narimore, Beth McCaleb, Mary Pulles, Mona Perry, and Vicki Burrows. ABOVE: Flag Corps performs at half-time ceremonies. LEFT: Two Flag Corps members do the " Bump " in stands at A M game. SPORTS 1 83 LEFT: President Lynda Ford adds spice to try-out sessions. LOWER LEFT: With arms raised high, smiling Lionettes Becky Triplett, Donna Rinks, and Melanie Honey cheer for the team during a kickoff. BELOW: Junior Pat Davis awaits her turn to march onto the field. ABOVE: Keeping up with the play, the Lionettes show their approval of the Lions ' win against Austin Peay State University. 184 SPORTS - LIONETTES ROW ONE: Patty Davis, Leigh Crocker, Donna Sizemore, Myra Pledger, president Lynda Ford, Patti Coggins, vice-president, Pat Davis, Rita Williams, Anita Haddock. ROW TWO: Mimi Arnold, Dale Hampton, Sherry Clement, Becky Triplett, Donna Rinks, Donna Morris, Jean Ann Higginbotham, Melanie Honey, Sheree Young, Denise Blake. - SPORTS 185 I .1 ' f A, A KNEELING: Barbara Robinson, Judy Thome. STANDING: Carolyn Crawford, Jean Williams, Regina Cosby, Diane Brewer, Donna Kicker, Mary Ann Stratford. UPPER LEFT: Judy Thorne, Co-Head. UPPER RIGHT: Barbara Robinson, Head. CHEERLEADERS 1 ROWONF.: JodnifKimKill.IXinny Hi-ndrix ROW I WO I Vbbvp Pirkle jnny V ' msiin I.nci Ann Atkinson Bukri ounj; Kcnn V il-on I Brcftcl SPORTS FAR LF.FT: Danny Vinson. LEFT: Dc-bbye Pirkle. BELOW: Bukrr Young and Lou Ann Atkinson. FAR LEFT: Ronee Wilson and Hal Breffel. LEFT, ioanie Kimball and Danny Hrndrix. SPORTS 1 89 mttz-ff III CHEERLEADERS Women finish 5-4 Led by junior Ande Jones, the women ' s tennis team stroked its way to a five and four season. In the state tournament, Jones managed to place in the quarter-finals in singles, while she and Debbie Lee combined to reach the quarter-finals in doubles. RIGHT: Beth Berry, Nancy Esslinger, Becky Daniel, Debbie Lee, Ande Jones, Charlotte Craig. ABOVE: Reaching high, Ande Jones puts away an overhead. RIGHT: Charlotte Craig strokes a forehand cross-court. 190 SPORTS LEFT: Beth Gregory prepares to shoot a free throw during practice. BELOW: Driving in, Janice Andler tosses up a lay- up. Women ' s basketball program initiated UNA initiated a basketball program for women in 1975 and had twelve participants. The team, coached by Miss Noona Kennard, won four and lost five in their initial season and played in the state tournament. ABOVE: Janice Andler, Nancy Esslinger, Teresa Loftin, Beth Gregory, Debbie Drake, Patty Coggins, Marsha Phillips, Jennifer Thompson, and Kim Ahrens. SPORTS 191 II +i4 192 SPORTS Volleyballers spike way to fine season oona Kennard, the UNA volleyball team won 28 game j| so placed high in several tournaments, including the Memphis State Invitational, where they finished second in of sixteen teams. The team londucted a High School Volleyball C ' linic forarea schools. at guard an ABOVE LEFT: Following through on his stroke, Larry Helton comes to the net. LEFT: Vickie Dean awaits the service. ABOVE: In mixed doubles play, Cathy Farris and Bill Meckes utilize the side-by-side playing position. SPORTS 195 RIGHT: Members of the Badminton team are: SEATED: Marilyn Moornaw, Mary Pulles, and Cherovise Hamilton. KNEELING: Vicki Dean, Pam Smith, and Kathy Wheeler. STANDING: Larry Helton, Cathy Farris, Ande Jones, Bill Meckes, and Coach Don McBrayer. BELOW: During practice, Vicki Dean and Larry Helton work on hitting smashes. Badminton team places first in Alabama tourney Taking 18 of the 30 individual trophies, the UNA Badminton team took first place in the State of Alabama Intercollegiate Badminton Tournament held at Flowers Hall last Spring. UNA finished strong in doubles play with Larry Helton and Bill Meckes teaming to take first in men ' s doubles, Ande Jones and Janice Pace winning the women ' s doubles, and then Helton and Jones combining to capture the mixed doubles title. Jones also won the women ' s singles championship, while UNA coach Don McBrayer and the Samford coach wrapped up the faculty doubles crown. ABOVE LEFT: Following through on his stroke, Larry Helton comes to the net. LEFT: Vickie Dean awaits the service. ABOVE: In mixed doubles play, Cathy Farris and Bill Meckes utilize the side-by-side playing position. SPORTS 195 ABOVE: Richard Harry controls the tip during a lump-ball under Lambuth ' s goal. RIGHT: During a time out, coach Bill Jones briefs the team on their offensive miscues. 74 David Lipscomb 59 Tennessee State 82 Livingston 70 Lambuth 53 Belmont 79 Alabama A M 67 Union 92 Lambuth 62 Tennessee-Martin 86 Union 79 Troy State 66 Jacksonville State 53 Tennessee State 69 Mississippi College 74 Livingston 69 Alabama A M 61 Freed-Hardeman 98 Auburn-Montgomery 51 Southeastern La. 72 Nicholls State 74 Delta State 78 Northwestern La. 76 Jacksonville State 83 Troy State 58 Tennessee-Martin 196 SPORTS national ranking Using a " team before self " concept as their playing guide, the basketball team recorded an impressive 19-6 slate under head mentor Bill Jones in his second year here. In the Gulf South Conference race they finished in third place behind Nicholls and Jacksonville State. At one time the team was rated as high as eighth in the NCAA Division II National poll, but three losses during the final five games dropped their ratings and canceled any chances for a post-season tournament bid. The team finished thirteenth in the final poll. LEFT: Scrambling under the goal, Freddie Copeland reaches high and blocks a shot. LOWER LEFT: After drawing four Livingston Tigers around him, Connie Vaughn (team and conference assist leader with an average of more than seven assists per game) passes off to Richard Hartry, who is unguarded under the boards. BELOW: Senior Harold Humphrey, a frequent substitute at guard and forward, vaults upward to score against Union. ABOVE RIGHT: Jubilant Lions congratulate each other after another home court victory. ABOVE: After working himself free under the boards, junior college transfer Freddie Copeland goes up for one of his many inside baskets. RIGHT: A capacity crowd of more than 5,000 fills Flowers Hall for game against powerful Tennessee State, which the Lionc lost late in the second half after leading by more than ten points. 198 SPORTS Record crowds view UNA success More than 4,500 screaming fans packed Flowers Hall twice during the season as the Lions almost upset Tennessee State and then defeated Nicholls, the GSC leader, 72 to 69 in overtime. UNA led the GSC in attendance for the second straight year with an average of more than 2,000 viewers per game as the team posted a 12 and 2 home record. SPORTS 199 ...,..- . . . . Lions rank high nationally on defense Once rated second in the nation in defense, the Lions finished the season as the stingiest team in the GSC and seventh in the nation, giving up only 65.1 points per game. In addition to the superb defensive play, UNA also had a balanced scoring attack, with four players hitting in double figures for the year as the team averaged 71.4 points per ABOVE: Six-nine center Phillip Eubanks drives inside against Livingston for a chance to score. RIGHT: Freddie Copeland prepares to go up for a tip-in off Willie West ' s missed jump shot. 200 SPORTS HHBjBPHB LEFT: Guard Connie Vaughn penetrates the lane and soars upward to drop in an easy lay-up after the Lion defense stole the ball. BELOW: Tightly defended, Richard Hartry prepares to drive around a Lambuth player and set up the play. SPORTS 201 ABOVE RIGHT: Climaxing a fast break, Freddie Copeland stuffs in the ball for two points. ABOVE: With his soft touch, freshman Mike Jemison hits a short jumper of his own, instead of his usual feat of blocking opponents ' shots. RIGHT: Unleashing one of his " radar bombs, " Richard Hartry scores from the top of the key. 202 SPORTS Hartry selected to G5C Second Team Junior Richard Hartry, who led the Lions in scoring with 15.0 points per game, was named to the All GSC Second Team. He also led UNA in free throw shooting, hitting at an 80.4% clip. Other leaders for the Lions were Connie Vaughn in assists with an average of 7.1, and Freddie Copeland in field goal percentage with a 53.0% average. ABOVE LEFT: Glancing at the clock, coach Bill Jones ponders over which changes to make in his line-up. ABOVE: Aggressive on defense, the Lions screen out Livingston and attempt to shut off the in-bounds pass as they try to maintain their number four national defensive ranking. SPORTS 203 , . 204 SPORTS ABOVE: Cheerleaders perform for the crowd during a time out as the Lions take a breather. LEFT: " Super Sub " Mike Jemison passes the ball off to another super sub, Pat Stanley. OPPOSITE PAGE: Surrounded by a trio of Lambuth players, Phillip Eubanks looks outside for the open man in the Lions ' " team before self " style of play. Hurried shot proves fatal A 25-foot desperation shot in 5 ' 7 " Troy State guard David Felix handed UNA its sixth loss and killed their chances for an NCAA Division II tournament bid. With the loss, the Lions dropped to number 13 in the national rankings and slipped to third place in the G5C, although only four games earlier they had been tied with Nicholls for the lead. pHi ' rUr . . . . asasai 206 SPORTS Basemen experience disappointing season Hurting on defense all Spring, the UNA baseball team suffered a disastrous season, winning only 14 of 37 games over-all. The team fi nished with a 1-9 record and last place finish in the Gulf South Conference. SPORTS 207 BHBBBK 210 ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT 211 delig Presenti Dinner T f activity of theseconc IleTkeat ft wasp Rjistennj 212 ENTERTAINMENT Cabaret theater delights freshmen Presented sixteen times, the Cabaret Dinner Theater was the favorite activity of freshmen participating in the second annual SOAR (Student Orientation and Advanced Registration) program last summer. The Theater, a musical review and skit, was presented to each SOAR group in the Great Hall and then repeated for those freshmen registering during formal registration. ENTERTAINMENT 213 _, Ronstadt concert entertains crowd but UNA loses cash Nationally famous recording artist Linda Ronstadt came to town on Oct. 21 for a concert and was successful in pleasing a near capacity crowd of nearly 4,000 people with her country rock music. Only 2,905 tickets were sold, however, with the rest of the audience somehow managing to gain free entrance. Entertainmentwise, the concert was a great success, but financially the University lost almost $2,800. 214 ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT 215 Goose Creek Symphony fiddler delights crowd Goose Creek Symphony, a unique group of country-rock music performers, had the difficult job of being the " warm-up " band for the Linda Ronstadt concert, yet filled the spot adequately. The crowd was particularly impressed with the group ' s fiddler, who received numerous rounds of applause. 216 ENTERTAINMENT Buffett, Wammack in free concerts UNA students were presented two free concerts this year as singers Jimmy Buffett and Travis Wammack entertained students on separate occasions. Buffett, a country-rock folk singer from Mobile, was featured in a May Day concert; Wommack, a Shoals native, performed on Sept. 18. Wammack was sponsored by Downtown Florence Unlimited. ENTERTAINMENT 217 218 ENTERTAINMENT Small doesi Yarro A form and Man ' sallow SblsSo, Muscled infect ( Small audience does not hinder Yarrow ' s ability A former member of Peter, Paul, and Mary, Peter Yarrow delighted the small crowd which turned out for his concert in Norton Auditorium on Nov. 22. He was backed by the Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section and Muscle Shoals Horns. Yarrow had the audience on their feet several times during the show and received a standing ovation for his performance. ENTERTAINMENT 219 220 ENTERTAINMENT 1 ' S i " Inherit the Wind " sold out, held over A sell-out on the three regularly scheduled nights, " Inherit the Wind " was held over to a Monday night staging. The play, a re-enactment of the famous monkey trial in Dayton, Tennessee, concerning the position of evolutioji versus the Biblical account of creation, was presented in the 50th anniversary year of that decision. Directed by Jim Davis, the play starred Bill Foster, head of the English department, and Jack Voorhies, a popular local radio announcer. ENTERTAINMENT " Hobbit " entertains children and adults In choosing for their fall production J. R. R. Tolkien ' s " The Hobbit, " the UNA drama department undertook a fantasy land play which appealed to both children and grown-ups. The play ran three days, Nov. 6-8, with daily matinees for approximately 2,000 area school children which the department arranged to have bused in for the performances. The colorful scenes and fairyland characters of the play delighted the children and the play was held over for additional showings on the following Monday. SI 222 ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT 223 Veteran f d Sal Mm Wly brou ; Ike play wei taferd.Bi Bay and | Professional actors join students for successful production, " My Three Angels " Veteran Hollywood stars Broderick Crawford, Peter Breck, and Sal Mineo, who were teamed with UNA student actors, nearly brought the house down with a six night run of " My Three Angels, " July 21-27. The play, directed by Robert Holder, was a near sell-out every night. UNA students cast in the play were Fred Bowman, Whitney Dooley, Don Swafford, Bonita Lesley, Glen Foster, Nancy Meeks, and Ranny and Danny Vinson. ENTERTAINMENT 225 Students produce " Owl and Pussycat " Presented in the Education Building auditorium to provide a more intimate atmosphere, the all student production of " The Owl and the Pussycat " ran three successful days, Dec. 2, 3, and 4. The play, which portrayed the relationship between a prostitute and an intellectual would-be-writer, had only a two-person cast, Steve Kelly and Vicki Kilgore. It was directed by Denise Plonka and Ricky Weems, two drama students who handled the job well. 26 ENTERTAINMENT Dinner Theater well received The second annual Dinner Theater at UNA ran six consecutive nights, January 19 through 24, with its production of " The Star Spangled Girl. " The comedy, which fit in well with Bicentennial activities on campus, delighted each audience with its humorous plot and fine acting. ENTERTAINMENT 227 Magruder discusses Watergate details Jeb Stuart Magruder, convicted of conspiracy in the Watergate break-in, explained his involvement in the scandal to a large audience in Norton Auditorium this past summer. Magruder, sponsored by the Yokefellow Center, also testified of the change in his lifestyle after he " accepted God ' s forgiveness " while serving seven months in prison for his participation in the political affair. 228 ENTERTAINMENT Comedian Paulsen expounds on humor As a part of Spring Fling ' 75, comedian and former presidential candidate Pat Paulsen presented his " Lecture in Humor. " UNA students were admitted free to the lecture in which Paulsen traced the history of humor from prehistoric times to the present and theorized about the brands of comedy he expects will emerge in the future. Dick Gregory criticizes system Dick Gregory, a comedian, humanitarian, and a civil rights activist, spoke before a packed audience at Norton Auditorium on January 20 and repeatedly criticized the American systems of big business, government, the FBI, and the CIA. His talk, which lasted almost three hours, also touched on other problems, such as the treatment of Indians, violence before children on television and at sc hool, women ' s rights, and the world food shortage. 230 FEATURES Mark Lane lectures on Kennedy assassination The only critic of the Warren Commission who has conducted his own investigation of the John F. Kennedy assassination, Mark Lane lectured in North Auditorium on December 1 on WHO KILLED JFK? Lane drew a capacity crowd for his talk and presentation of his film, Rush to Judgement, which reconstructed the assassination on location in Dallas. FEATURES 231 - . I. . JIB X 232 SENIORS UN! SENIORS 233 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Pam Jackson, treasurer; Joanie Kimball, reporter; Fred Bowman, president; Ann Hennigar, secretary; Joe Ann Moore, vice president. V ROW ONE: ADAMS. JOHN ARNOLD, Florence, AL, Biology; Chemistry. ADAMS, MARK ADRIAN, Dover, DE, Music Education; B.S.U.. 2, 3, 4, Worship Chairman, 2, 3. AKIN, JAMES R., Huntsville, AL, Marketing; Economics. ROW TWO: ALLEN, JAMES |R., Physical Education; Dramatic Arts and Speech; HPER Club, 3, 4; Young Academics, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4. ALLEN, PETER NORMAN, Tremont, MS, Secondary Education. ALSBROOKS, DAVID E., Russellville, AL, Secondary Education; History. ROW THREE: ANGEL, JOYCE HOLT, Florence, AL, English; Business Administration; Political Science; Political Science Organization , 4. ARCHER, JOEY MACK, Tuscumbia, AL, Accounting; Economics, Alpha Chi. 4. ASHLEY, RHONDA DEE, Florence, AL, Secretarial Science; Sociology; B.S.U., 1,2,3.4. r SENIORS V V k. ROW ONE: AUSTIN, LINDA GAIL, Florence, AL. AYER5, SHARON KAY, Sheffield, AL, Social Work; Psychology; Social Work Club, 3, 4; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4. BADGETT, CHARLES H., Florence, AL, Physical Education; History, HPER, 3; B.S.U., 3, 4. ROW TWO: BAILEY, TRACY JOE, Savannah, TN, Professional Biology; Chemistry. BALCH, HERSCHEL MICHAEL, Rogersville, AL, Management. BALLARD, NORMA DEMISE, Hamilton, AL, Vocational Home Economics; Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Student Alabama Education Association, 3, 4. ROW THREE: BATES, DEBORAH RATLIFF, Haleyville, AL, Special Education; Phi Mu, 1,2; Commuters, 1. BARKER, FRANKLIN NEIL JR., Florence, AL, Sociology; Geography; Sociology Club, 3, 4; Geography Club, 4; Delta Tau Kappa, 3, 4. BARLEY, MILZA SANFORD, Florence, AL, Accounting and Marketing; Economics. ROW FOUR: BARNETT, AD1NE L., Leighton, AL, Psychology; Sociology; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; Sociology Club, 4; Young Academics, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer. 2. BARNETT, HELDA JEAN, Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, 3, 4. BEATTY, DAVID MARK, Hartselle, AL, Music Education. ROW F Vf.-BEATY, SUZANN, Hamilton, AL, History; Psychology; History Club, 3, 4; Student Alabama CA tion Association, 3, 4; Rotaract, 3, 4; Sociology Club, EHEL, DEBORAH JOY, Florence, AL, Secretarial tion; Art; Sigma Tau Pi, 3, 4. BENTON, ROBERT E., ville, AL, History; Sociology. SENIORS 2 ROW ONE: BENTON, SUSAN LEE, Florence, AL. Accounting; Economics Finance. BERRY, KATHY ELAINE. Haleyville, AL, Studio Art; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Rotaract, 4; Art Gallery, 3, 4. BISHOP, DEFOY HORAH, Haleyville, AL, Physical Education. ROW TWO: BOGGS. LEMUEL E., Huntsville, AL. Management; Business Administration; B.S.U., 1,2,3, 4; Business Club, 4. HOLDING, SANDRA PERRY, Florence, AL, Early Idhood Education; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4; Association of Childhood Education, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 2, 3. -DING, TIMOTHY REID, Florence, AL, Management; Debate, 2; Sigma Tau Pi, 2. ROW THREE: BOLTON, CONNIE TEMPLE, Florence, AL. Nursing; Band, 1 , 2, 3; Lionettes, 2; Student Nurses Association, 3, 4. BOLTON, JERL1NE, Red Bay, AL, Elementary Education. _ JRLAND, VICKY PIERCE, Haleyville, AL, Secondary Educat ion; English; Alpha Omicron Pi, 4; Panhellenic Delegate, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, 3, 4. W FOUR: BOVVERMAN, DEBORAH SIMMS, Moulton, AL, Mathematics; English; Association of en Students, 1,2, 3, 4; Student Alabama Education, 3, 4; Rice Hall Policies Chairman, 3; Alpha Lambda Delta, 1; Sigma Tau Delta, 3; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 3 BOWLING, DAVID MICHAEL. Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics, Alpha Chi, 4. BOWLING, JANET LINDSEY. Sheffield, AL, History; Math and Physical Science. Student Alabama Education Association, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3; Phi Kappa Phi, -3, 4. ROW FIVE: BOWMAN, KAY LI RED, Durham, NC, Biology; Psychology; Association . -omen Students, 4; Student Union Board, 4, Committee Chairman, 4; Student Government Association, 3, 4; Alpha Delta Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Panhellenic Delegate, Historian Reporter; Tri-Beta. 2, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent irl, 3, 4, President, 3; Golden Triangle, 3, 4; Panhellenic ?cretary, 3, 4, Rush Counselor, 3, 4; Diorama Staff, 2, 3; Cast in My Three Angela; Runner-up International _rescent Girl, 2; Miss UNA Runner-up, 2, 3; Spring Fling Queen Top Ten, 1,2. BOYD, DEN1SHA BLACK WELL, Russellville, AL, History Sociology; Secondary Education; Student Alabama Education Association, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4. BRACKIN, SARAH MAEVE KING, Sheffield, AL, Elementary-Secondary Education; Physical Education Biology. 236 SENIORS ROW ONE: BKAULtY, CtULlA MARIE, Florence, AL. Social Work; Psychology; Women ' s CHojr, 2. 3, 4. BRASWELL. ROY M., Florence, AL, Biology; Chemiv. ., 3, 4, Recording Secretary, 2. 3, Corresponding Secretary, 4; Tri-Beta, 2, 3, 4; American Chemical Society, 4; Conservation Club, 4; Intramural Football, 1.2. 3, 4, Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4, Softball, 1.2,3, 4; Student Faculty Social Committee, 2; Student Faculty Athletic Committee, 4. BREWER, ELIZABETH DIANE, Florence, AL, Chemistry; American Chemical Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pleiade, 1; Alpha Lambda Delta, 2; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3. 4, Historian, 4; Tri-Beta, 2, 3, 4; Majorette, 2, 3. 4; Miss UNA Beauty Contestant, 3. ROW TWO.- BREWER.. LINDA LOVETT, Collmwood, TN. Secondary- Education; Math; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. BREWER. MAKiE ANN B., Florence, AL, Secondary Education. BREWER, PHILLIP JAMES, St. Joseph, TN, Management; Ushers Club. 1, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: BRITTON, JOHN E.. Florence. AL, Accounting; Economics. BRITTON, LEE ROSE. Florence. AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Singers, 3. BROWN " . JAN1E PATTERSON, Belmont, MS, Elementary Education. SENIORS 237 ' . " , ROW ONE. BUFFALOE, LARRY f,., Florence, AL, Management; Student Union Board, 3, 4. Secretary, 4, President, 3; Inter-Presidents Council, 1, 2, 4; Inter- Fraternity Council, I, 4; Alpha Tau Omega, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 2,4, Leadership Award, 3; Circle K, 1,2, Board of Directors, 2, Leadership Award, 2; Vice-President of Freshman Class; Freshman Man of the Year. BULLS, CARL ERSKINE, Florence, AL, Sociology; Psychology; Sociology Club, 3, 4; Ushers Club, 1, Treasurer, 1; BURCH, SARAH LYNN, Muscle Shoals, AL, Accounting; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta, 1, 2; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. ROW TWO: BURGESS, JAMES E ARL, Florence, AL, Elementary Education; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; English Club, 2, 3, 4. BURLESON, CHERREL WADE, Florence, AL, Chemistry; History; American Chemical Society. BURNS, DAVID LEE, Killen, AL, History; Sociology; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Alpha Tau Omega, 3, 4, Alumni Chairman, 3, ROW THREE: BURNS, LEANNE, Cherokee, AL. elementary Education; LaGrange Student Assistant, 4. BURR1S, MELV1N KENNETH, Rogersville, AL, Biology- Chemistry; Kappa Sigma, 2, 3, 4, Grand Scribe, 4, Rush Chairman, 3, 4. BURT, DONALD WARREN, Florence, AL, Music Education; Music Education National Council, 2, 3, 4; University Players, 1,3; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Singers, 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; Freshman Chemistry Award. ROW FOUtf.-BURT, MARTHA R., Muscle Shoals, AL, Elementary Education. CABRENA, CHERYL ANNE, Kingshill, St. Croiv, VI. Office Administration; Sigma Tau Pi, 3. CALDWELL, JOHN RAY, Muncie, IN, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. ROW FIVE: CALDWELL, MARTHA LYDE, Haleyville, AL, Elementary Education. CALLOWAY, DAVID LEE, Florence, AL, Secondary Education; Music. CAMP, HENRY A., Zion, IL, Chemistry; Biology. 4VVV 238 SENIORS KOI-V O.VF: CAMPBELL, CHERY L DIANE, Knoxvil). ul Education; SALA, 3, 4; AVVS, 3; Intramural Football, 2, 3. 4, Baseball 3, 4. Volleyball, 1. CAMPBELL, t HEK L F.., Town Creek, AL, English Education; His- Psychology; History Honorary Society, 3, 4; Education Honorary Society, 3. 4. CAMPBELL, MYRA JEAN. Florence, AL. History; Political Science; History Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3. 4; Young Democrats, 2,3, 4; SGA Election Committee, 3; Helta Tau Kappa, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Thet i,3. 4. KOW TIVO. CANTRELL, BILLY RAY. Florence, AL. Music Education; MENC , 1, 2. 3, 4: Band, 1, 2 3. 4: Collegiate Singers. 3. 4. CANTRELL, KAREN VVHI ' I EHEAD i U, MUSK Education; MENC. 2. 3. 4; Collegiate Singers. 1 , 2, 3, 4: Phi Kappa Phi CARTEL, DARYL BRF.M , Phil Campbell, AL. Biology; marv Medicine; Kappa Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4. Rt)IV THREE. ; CARTER GEORGE A. JR.. Killen, AL. HPER; logy CARTER. GREGORY JAV Dutton, AL. Eondary Education; Math; Physical Education; Interhall incil. 4, C hiet Justice, 4; Kappa Mu Fpsilon, 4; Civitan, ,(N.E. State Ir. College); College Tutor, 1,2.3.4. SABELLA, PATSY LAMBERT, luka. MS. Hementary KOIV O ' E: CLEMENT. SHERRY ELAINE. Toncy, AL. English; Speech and Drama; Student Alabama Education Association, 1,2,3, 4, Vice-President, 3, 4; Rice Hall Social Chairman, 2; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, 2, 3, 4; Lionettes, 2, 3, 4. CLEVELAND, JOAN G., Tuscumbia, AL. Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. 4; Economics Club, 4. COAN, THERESA PAIGE, Phil Campbell, AL, Management; English: Women ' s Chorus. 3. ROW TWO: COLE, MARTHA RUTH, Russellville. AL, Chemistry; Biology. COLLIER, WILSON NEAL. Killen, AL, Business Management; finance; Geography Club, 3, 4. CONN, JOHN WAYNE, Muscle Shoals, AL, Accounting; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Inter-Presidents Council, 1 , University- Budget Committee, 4; Freshman Class President. ROW THREE: CONNELL, JOHN, Dunwoody, GA. COOPER, MARILYN GAIL, Hackleburg, AL, Elementary Education. COOPER, RANDY LEE, Russellville, AL, Management; Office Administration; Golf, 2,3,4. ROW FOUR: COPELAND, REBECCA FANCHER, Red Bay, AL, English; Biology. CORRIGAN, EDWARD AIKEN, Florence, AL, History; Political Science; Sigma Chi, 1. 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Chairman, 3, 4. COTTRELL, JOHNNY LAMONTE, Sheffield. AL. ROW FIVE: COX, CONNIE RENAE. Rogersville, AL, Early Childhood Education. COX, GARY W., Muscle Shoals, AL, Marketing; Student Government Association, 3, 4. Senator, 3, President, 4: Flor-Ala Circulation Manager, 3, 4; Sigma Chi, 2. 3.4. Social Chairman, 2. Finance Chairman, 3. CRAIG, CHARLOTTE DAVIS, Athens, AL, Physical Education; Biology; HPER, 3, 4; Student Alabama Education Association, 3, 4; Rice Hall Social Chairman. 3. SENIORS 241 TP ' ROW ONE: CRIDER, MARY ALICE, Decatur, AL, Secondary Education; Drama and English; University Players, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Alpha Psi Omega, 3, 4, President, 4. CROSS, PAUL EDWIN, Leighton, AL, Marketing; Finance; Spanish Club, 4; Alpha Chi, 4. CRUMPTON, ELISABETH DIANNE, Bear Creek, AL, Secondary Education; Sociology. ROW TWO: CURRY, JOYCE ANN, Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Commuters, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, 4. CURTHS, DAVID W., Madison, AL, Chemistry; Biology, American Chemical Society, 3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3; ROTC, 1, 2, 3, 4. CURTIS, DEBORAH ADKINS, Double Springs, AL, Elementary Secondary Education; Biology; HPER, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 4. ROW THREE: DANIEL, CLYDE EDWARD, Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics. DANIELL, DAVID FLEEMAN, Huntsville, AL, History; Political Science; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; History Club, 2, 3, 4; Student Government Association Representative, 3; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4; Delta Tau Kappa, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha, 3, 4. DANIEL, KATHY R., Iron City, TN, Accounting; Alpha Chi, 3, 4. ROW FOUR. DANLEY, DEBORAH LYNN, Tuscumbia, AL, Accounting; Student Government Association Treasurer, 3; Alpha Chi, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 3; Lionettes, 2; Cheerleader, 3; Phi Mu, 1, 2, 3, 4, Public Relations Chairman, 3, 4. DANLEY, FLYNT WARREN, Florence, AL, Marketing and Management; Finance; Alpha Chi, 4. DAVIS, DEBORAH ANN, Tuscumbia, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4; Commuters, 2, 3, 4. ROW FIVE: DAVIS, KATHY SUE, Muscle Shoals, AL, Biology; English, Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4. DAVIS, WESLEY, Killen, AL, Dramatic Arts; Music; University Players, 1,2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2,3, 4; Collegiate Singers, 1,2,3,4. DAY, MARK ANTHONY, Huntsville, AL, Physical Education; Sociology; Track, 1. 242 SENIORS ROW ONE: DICUS, CAROLYN JANE, Clifton, T. , Business Education; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4. DIEHL, SUSAN G., Wooster, OH, Music Education; Band, 1,2,3,4, Vice President, 4; Music Educators National Conference, 3, 4, President, 4; Inter-Presidents Council, 4. DIXON, LAVONNE STOLL, Sheffield, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association. ROW TWO: DOOLEY, WHITNEY THOMAS, Florence, AL, English; Dramatic Arts Political Science; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4, President, 4; English Club, 2, 3, 4; University Players; Pi Kappa Phi, 1,2,3,4, Historian, 3, Secretary, 4. DUNAVANT, JO ANN, Florence, AL, History; Music; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. DUNAVANT, ROSEMARY, Etheridge, TN, Social Work; Home Economics; Softball Intramurals, 3. ROW THREE: DURHAM, CAROL ANN, Florence, AL, Art; Social Work; Social Work Club, 3, 4; Commuters, 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative, 3, Convocations Chairman, 3; Delta Tau Kappa, 3, 4, Diorama Staff, 2. EASTLAND, FRANK LEO, Florence, AL, Nursing; Speech; Debate Club, 3, 4, Publicity Officer, 3, 4. EBERLING, JACK WILLIAM, Moulton, AL, English; Psychology. SENIORS 243 ROW ONE: ECKL, ANTHONY LEONARD, Florence, AL, Math; Business Administration; Student Union Board, 2, 3; Alpha Leadership Circle, 3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, 4; Who ' s Who, 3; Spring Fling Co-Chairman, 3; Alpha Tau Omega, 3, 4, Pledge Trainer, 3, 4, Worthy Keeper of Annuals, 4; Intramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4. EDWARDS, JOHN BLAKE, Florence, AL, Accounting; Ushers Club; Alpha Chi; Rotaract; Student-Faculty Parking and Traffic Committee, Budget Committee; Turris Fidelis Award Committee. EDWARDS, PAMELA GRACE, Haleyville, AL, Social Work; Psychology; French Club, 3; Cinema Society, 3; LaGrange Hall Resident Assistant, 4; SOAR Counselor, 4. ROW TWO: EDWARDS, SUSAN GRAY, Florence, AL, Accounting; Alpha Chi, 4. ELLIS, GLENDORA CUMBERLEDGE, Rogersville, AL, Biology; Psychology. ETHEREDGE, SOLON REGIS JR., Leighton, AL, Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, 3, 4. ROW THREE: EUBANKS, DEBRA FARRINGTON, Boaz, AL, Math; English; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4. EUBANKS, PHILIP DON, Boaz. AL, Physical Education; Biology; Alpha Leadership Circle 3, 4 ; Basketball, 3, 4. EZELL, JAMES WALTER, C hapel Hill. TN. Physical Education, Sociology; Football, 1 , SENIORS ROW ONE. FARMER, ALAN L. Accounting; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, 1,2,3, 4. FARNEMAN, LAURA LYNN, Florence, AL, Elementary Education; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4. FARRIS, BRADFORD JEROME, Carbon Hill, AL, Pre-Med.; Tri-Beta, 3, 4; American Chemical Society, 3, 4. ROW TWO: FARRIS, CATHERINE JANE, Sheffield, AL, Physical Education; History; HPER, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 2; Badminton, 2, 3, 4. FERRELL, ROGER H., Decatur, AL, Physical Education; History; HPER, 1 , 2, 3, 4; Letterman ' s Club, 2, 3, 4; Football, . , 2, 3, 4. FINLEY, TIMOTHY SCOTT, Haleyville, AL, Marketing; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Alpha, 2. 3, 4, Social Chairman, 3; Senior Class Nominating Committee, 4; Intramurals, 1, 2,3, 4. ROW THREE: FIRESTONE, EDNA YVONNE, Gasden, AL, Industrial Chemistry; Math; Association of Women Students, 4; American Chemical Society, 3, 4; Commuters, 4, Secretary, 4. FISK, CATHY JANE, Anderson, AL, Accounting; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Intramurals, 3, 4; LaGrange Hall Treasurer, 4. FORD, LINDA JO, White Pigeon, Ml, Special Education; Lionettes, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3, President, 4; Golden Girls, 3; Collegiate Singers, 1,2,3, 4; LaGrange Hall Judicial Board, 2; Inter-Presidents Council, 4; Miss UNA Pageant, 3; Association of Women Students Representative, 1, 2; Music Educators National Conference, 1, 2, 3. ROW FOUR: FORTENBERRY, KAREN SUE, Haleyville, AL, Elementary Education; Student Government Association Secretary, 3; Band, 2; Junior Class Treasurer; Who ' s Who, 3; Zeta Tau Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Chairman, 3. FORTENBERRY, KATHY ANN, Haleyville, AL, History Political Science; French; Inter-Presidents Council, 4, President, 4; French Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 3; Flor-Ala Staff, 1, 2,3, 4; Diorama Staff, 4; Student Union Board, 2, 3; Soar Counselor, 2, 3; Rite Hall Vice President, 2; Golden Triangle, 4, Historian, 4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4; Who ' s Who, 3; Zeta Tau Alpha, 1,2, 3, " c " Arms, 1, Vice President, 2, Historian, 3, Membership Chairman, 4; Nominating Committee, 1; Homecoming Committee, 2; Spring Fling, Co-Chairman, 3. R )STF.R, GLENN, Athens, AL. ROW FIVE: FAULKNER, DEBKA VERA, Lawrenceburg, TN, Elementary Education. FREEMAN, CHARLES MICHAEL, Sheffield, AL, Social Work; Psychology; Social Work Club, 4, Chairman, 4, Men ' s Chorus, 2, 3. FREEMAN, JONATHAN LEE. Sheffield, AL, Geography; History; ROTC Rangers, 4, History Honor Society, 3, 4. SENIORS 245 ROW ONE: FRENCH, SUSAN CHERRY, Scottsboro, AL, English; Political Science; English Club, 1,2,3, 4, Vice President, 2, Publicity Chairman, 3; Association of Women Students, 2, 3, 4, Media Chairman, 2, Convocations Committee, 3, Services Chairman, 4, French Club, 2, Vice President, 2; Young Democrats, 1, 2,3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Flor-Ala Staff, 1 , 2, 3, 4. FULMER, JANET MAURENE, Cloverdale, AL, Social Work; English; Social Work Club, 3, 4; Student Christian Center, 1 , 2, 3, 4. FULMER, JERRY FRANKLIN, Florence, AL, Secondary Education; Physical Education; HPER, 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 2, 3. K(. )W TWO: GARDNER, WILLIAM MARSHALL, Norfolk, VA, History; Political Science; Circle K, 1; Scabbard and Blade, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha, 2, 3, 4; Student Government Association Representative, 3. GARRISON, ROBERT L, Huntsville, AL, Business Management; Economics. GEAN, DONN1E LYNN, Savannah, TN, Business Education; Economics; Kappa Delta Pi, 4, Reporter, 4; Christian Student Fellowship, 1 , 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 4. ROW THREE : GEORGE, CHERYL USSERY, Tuscumbia, AL, Mathematics; Chemistry; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, 4. GEORGE, MARGARET ALESTA, Booneville, MS, History; Political Science. GEORGE, WILLIAM DAVID, Florence, AL, Physical Education; Sociology; HPER, 3, 4; Baseball, 1,2,3, 4. ROW FOUR GETSINGER, SUE ELLEN, Florence, AL, Special Education. C ilLI )ER, CATHY ANN, Florence, AL, Early Childhood Education; Special Education; Alpha Sigma Lambda, I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 4; Who ' s Who, 3; ( .old Triangle, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Association of Women Students, 1,2; Lambda Chi Alpha Corresponding Secretary, 3. GILES, ROBIN PATRICE, Florence, AL, Sociology; Psychology; Sociology Club, 1,2, 3, Secretary, 3; Association of Women Students, 1. ROW FIVE. : GIST, RICKY PRICK, Lexington, AL, Chemistry; Biology; Phi Eta Sigma, 1 , 2, 3, 4. GLASGOW, ANGELA MARILYN, Russi-llville, AL, Marketing; Management. C, LOVER, NANC Y C AROLYNN, Huntsville, AL, Early ( hiidhood Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, 2, 3, 4; Early Childhood Education ( )rgam?ation, 4; Student Alabama Education Association, 4. 246 SENIORS KC nv t i i . c ;oi )sr.Y, IAY GENE. Haieyviiie, AL. Accounting; Economics. GODSEY. LINDA ANN, Haieyviiie, AL. English, Psychology. GCX.AN, JOHN PAUL, Florence, AL, History; Psychology; Basketball Statistician, 3. 4. RcHV TWO.- GOLDEN, IX NA BAGGETT, Leoma, TN, Elementary Education; Sociology. GOLDEN, ROBERT NEIL, Leoma, TN, Management; Economics, Spanish Club, 3, 4. GONZALEZ, ADA MARIA, Decatur, AL. Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; Gold Triangle, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Student Alabama Education Association, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3, 4; Inter- Residence Hall Council. 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Inter- C hairman, 3, Recognition Day Committee, 3; Newman Club, 1 , 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3; Who ' s Who, 3; English Club, 3, 4; History Club, 3; Campus Gold, 1,2, President, 2; Rotaract, 2, 3. ROW THREE: : GCXX ' H, JANE CLAIRE, Toney, AL, Social Work; Psychology; Association of i Women Students, 2, 3; Social Work Club, 3,4. CXX1DI . NAAMAN DALY, Rogersville, AL, Biology; Chemistry; German C ' lub, 1 , 2, 3, 4, President, 2, 3; Tri-Beta, 3, 4; American Chemical Society, 1, 2,3, 4, Vice President, 4; Inter-Presidents Council, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Leadership C ' ircle, 4; SOAR Counselor, 3. ( " .RACE, DON, Florence, AL, C hemistrv; Intramurals, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS 247 ROW ONE: GRAY, JANICE SUE, Florence, AL, Biology; Art; Freshman Women ' s Honor Society, 1 , 2, Secretary, 1 , 2; Art Club, 2. GREEN, MARGART LORA, Lexington, AL, Nursing; Chemistry Club, 2; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary, 2; Pleiade Society, 2. GREEN, SUSAN LEE, Athens, AL, Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, 3, 4. ROW TWO: GREER, CHARLES LAWSON JR., Huntsville, AL, Chemistry; English; Biology; Rivers Hall President, 4; Inter-Presidents Council, 4, Chairman Budget Committee, 4; Inter-Residents Hall Council; Karate Club, 3, 4; American Chemical Society, 4, Historian, 4. GREGORY, JAMES DAVID, Muscle Shoals, AL, Marketing; Economics. GRIDER, RALPH HOWARD, Scottsboro, AL, History; Political Science; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4. ROW THREE: GR1NSTEAD, JOHN HAROLD, Huntsville, AL, Professional Biology; Chemistry; Band, 1 , 2. GUSMUS, MARTHA LYNN,Tuscumbia, AL, Accounting; Alpha Chi, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Commuters, 3. GWIN, CHARLENE HICKS, Sheffield, AL, Special Education. 48 SENIORS ROW ONE: HACKNEY, SANDRA RUTH, Huntsvill Elementary Education; LaGrange Hall Representative, 3. HALL, LOURECE, Florence, AL, Early Childhood Education; Alpha Delta Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Scholarship Chairman, 4; Commuters, 1. HALL, ROGER DALE, Russellville, AL, Accounting; Finance; Kappa Sigma, 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Rush Chairman, 2, Finance Chairman, 4; Intramurals; Football, 1,2,3, Basketball 1; Softball, 1, 2; Badminton, 1; Swimming, 1; Alpha Chi, 4; Chess Club, 1; Conservation Club, 2. ROW TW ' HAMMOND, JAN MAURICE, Tuscumbia, AL, Nursing; Kappa Sigma, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman, 3, 4; Student Nurses Association, 4; Diorama Staff, 2, 3; Circle K, 2; Intramurals; Archery Champion, 2, 3, 4, State Champion, 4. HANDLEY, HAZEL ALLEN, Tuscumbia, AL, Management; Economics. HANNAH, KATHY NEWTON, Lexington, AL, Elementary Education. ROW THREE: HANSON, SUSAN PETTUS, Lexington, AL, Social Work; Psychology; Collegiate Singers; Social Work Club, 3, 4. HARDGRAVE, STEVE, Toney, AL, Physical Education; Biology; Phi Gamma Delta, 3, 4; Physical Education Club, 3, 4; Intramurals; Football, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Tennis, 3, 4. HARGETT, ALPHA W., Florence, AL, Economics, Finance; Business. ROW FOUR: HARGETT, JEFFREY ROSS, Russellville, AL, Biology; English; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4. HARRIS, NORMA LYNN, Belmont, MS, Elementary Education. HARRISON, GARY DANIEL, Huntsville, AL, Law Enforcement; Psychology; Spanish Club, 4; Sociology Club, 4; Intramurals; Football, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 2. ROW FIVE: HARTWIG, FRANK E.,Cullman, AL, Biology; Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4; American Chemical Society, 3, 4. HARVEY, MARY KATHRYN, Huntsville, AL, Elementary, Early Childhood Education; B.S.U., 2, 3, 4, Communications Chairman, 2, 3. HAZELBAKER, NORMA W., Florence, AL, Elementary Education. -, SENIORS 249 II . ROW ONE: HENDERSON, DEBORAH FAYE, Rogersville, AL, Nursing; Student Nursing Association, 4; Majorette, 3. HENDERSON, JAMES ROBBY, Russellville, AL, Physical Education; Music; Football Manager, 3, 4. HENNINGER, ANN C, Tuscumbia, AL, Early Childhood Education; Panhellenic, 3, Treasurer, 3; Alpha Delta Pi, 1,2, 3, 4, President, 3. ROW TWO: HENRY, SHELIA MARIE, Muscle Shoals, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4; Christian Student Fellowship, 1, 2, 3, 4; Flor-Ala Staff, 1,2. HERCHEHAHN, ELIZABETH, Decatur, AL. HESTER, MICHAEL A., Hixson, TN, Secondary Music Education; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Brass Choir, 3, 4; Mixed Choir, 3. ROW THREE: HIGHFIELD, LARRY ELLIS, Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Student Government Association, 3; Student Union Board, 3; Sigma Chi, 3, 4; National Association of Accountants, 4; Intramurals, 3, 4. HILL, BRENDA FAY, Laceys Spring, AL, Secretarial Education; Economics; B.S.U., 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda, 3, 4. HILL, LINDA KAY, Laceys Spring, AL Accounting; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; B.S.U., 3, 4. ROW FOUR: HINES, DEBORAH JANE, Muscle Shoals, AL, Elementary Secondary Education; Art; Alpha Beta Alpha, 4. HODGES, RONALD STEVEN, Woodville, AL, Business Management; Business Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 4. HOLDBROOKS, GREGORY ROSS, Muscle Shoals, AL, Biology; Sociology. I 1 : SIK.F ROW ONE: HOLLOWAY, SARA ELIZABETH, Decatur, AL, Early Childhood Elementary Education; Student Alabama Education Association, 4; Early Childhood Education Association, 4; Kappa Delta Phi, 3, 4. HOLTZCLAW, RICKEY EDWIN, Decatur, AL, Music Education; Music Educators National Conference, 1,2; Collegiate Singers, 3, 4. HOPE, DAVID LEE, Huntsville, AL, Dramatic Arts and Speech; English, University Players, 1,2,3,4, President, 3; Collegiate Singers, 2, 3; Who ' s Who, 3; Student Union Board, 3; Inter-Presidents Council, 3. ROW TWO: HORTON, PATRICIA ROSE, Millstone, WV, Psychology; Sociology; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD, BRENDA SUE, Russellville, AL, English; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, 3, 4, Secretary, 4. HOWARD, RODNEY LYNN, Muscle Shoals, AL, Economics; Finance. ROW THREE: HOWIE, FRANKIE DALE, Tishomingo, MS, Physical Education; History. HUBBARD, JAMES S., Cherokee, AL, Chemistry; Mathematics; American Chemical Society, 3, 4; Society Physics Students, 3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, 4. HUDSON, GARY WAYNE, Florence, AL, Chemistry; Biology; American Chemical Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Beta, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Class Vice President. ROW FOUR: HUNKAPILLAR, KATHY LYNN, Decatur, AL, Accounting; Math; Campus Gold, 1,2, Secretary, 2; Rice Hall Council, 2, 3, 4, Constitution Chairman, 2, Treasurer, 3, 4; Pleiade, 1; Alpha Lambda Delta, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 3, 4, Historian, 4; Gold Triangle, 4; Alpha Chi, 4; Who ' s Who, 3. HURST, BETTY BYON, Sheffield, AL, Accounting; Economics. INGLE, JOHN L., Hackleburg, AL, Biology; Chemistry. SENIORS 251 ROW ONE- IRONS, MICHAEL DWAINE, Florence, AL, Management; Economics. IRONS, RICKY LEE, Florence, AL, Chemistry; Biology; American Chemical Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. IRONS, TERRY LYNN, Florence, AL, Elementary Education. ROW TWO: 1SOM, FRED STEVEN, Tuscumbia, AL. JACKSON, BILLY CLIFTON, Killen, AL, Political Science; Business Administration; History Club, 3, 4. JACKSON, KELLY DEAN, Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics; Circle K, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Chairman, 1, 2; Commuter Board, 1. ROW THREE: JACKSON, K1TTIE SPRUIELL, Sulligent, AL, English; Library Science; English Club, 3; Alpha Beta Alpha, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4. JACKSON, LAURA MURPHY, Muscle Shoals, AL, Elementary Education; Phi Mu, 1, 2; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 1, 2; Commuters, 1, 2; Association of Women Students, 1, 2; Majorette, 1, 2; Freshman Favorite, 1. JACKSON, PAMELA SUSAN, Tuscumbia, AL, Early Childhood Elementary Education; Student Alabama Education Association, 4; Alpha Delta Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 4. ROW FOUR: JACKSON, SALLY ANN, Huntsville, AL, Home Economics; Music; Phi Mu, 2, 3, 4, Pledge Director, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 1, 2, 3, 4, Projects Chairman, 3; Home Economics Club, 4; Rice Hall Student Assistant, 2; Collegiate Singers, 3; Women ' s Chorus, 4. JACKSON, STEVEN DILL, Trinity, AL, History; Political Science; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4. JAMES, BARBARA ANN, Golden, MS, Accounting; Business Administration. ROW FIVE: JAMES, DAN CARTER, Florence, AL, Biology; Chemistry. JAMES, TOMMY NELSON, Tuscumbia, AL, Physical Education; Biology. JARNIGAN, GARY LYNN, Killen, AL, Psychology; Sociology. 252 SENIORS ROW ONE: JARN1GAN, JEANNETTE ROSE, Red Bay, AL, Geography; Political Science; Association of Women Students, 3, 4; Inter-Residence Hall Counci l, 4; Geography Club, 4, Secretary, 4; LaGrange Hall Vice President, 4. JOHNSON, BRENDA JOYCE, Decatur, AL, Secretarial Education; Student Alabama Education Association, 3, 4; Phi Beta Lambda, 3, 4; Rice Hall Secretary, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, 4; Intramurals, 3, 4. JOHNSON, JAMES, Haleyville, AL, Accounting; Economics; Accounting Club, 3, 4; Rivers Hall Representative . ROW TWO: JOHNSON, MARY NEWTON, Rogersville, AL, Elementary Early Childhood Education. JOHNSTON, JAMES LARRY, Lawrenceburg, TN, Accounting; Finance. JONES, ANDREA WADE, Florence, AL, Physical Education; Political Science Biology; HPER, 1; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Badminton, 2, 3, 4; Girl ' s Tennis, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: JONES, GLEN MASON, Florence, AL, Professional Biology; Chemistry; Christian Student Fellowship, 1,2,3,4; Collegiate Singers, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Beta, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 4, Program Chairman, 4; American Chemical Society, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Men ' s Chorus, 1; Inter-Presidents Council, 3, 4. JONES, IRIS ANN, Huntsville, AL, Nursing; Golden Girl, 3, 4; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Zeta Tau Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, 1, 2, Fraternity Education, 3, Parliamentarian, 4. JONES, JACK, Florence, AL. SENIORS 253 ROW ONE: JONES, JILL }., Florence, AL, English; History; Alpha Delta Pi, 1,2,3,4, House Chairman, 2; Band, 1,2, Majorette, 1 , 2. JONES, SUSIE, Russellville, AL, Accounting; Management; B.S.U., 3, 4; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Pi, 4. JORDAN, MARIE ELAINE, Sheffield, AL, Sociology; French; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4, Scholarship Committee, 4; Delta Tau Kappa, 3, 4; Sociology Club, 4; History Club, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. ROW TWO: KELLEY, ALEXIS MONICA, Huntsville, AL, History; Biology; Association of Women Students, 2, 3, 4, Convocations Chairman, 2, President, 3, Secretary, 4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4; Gold Triangle, 3, 4; English Club, 2, Secretary, 2; Young Democrats, 2, 3, 4; LaCirange Hall House Council, 2; Who ' s Who, 3; Inter-Presidents Council, 3; Pi Kappa Phi Rose Queen, 3. KELLEY, MICHAEL B., Muscle Shoals, AL, Professional Biology; Chemistry; American Chemical Society, 3, Reporter, 3. KENDRICK, TIMOTHY STEVEN, Tuscumbia, AL, Physical Education; Music; HPER, 2, 3, 4; B.S.U., 1 , 2, 3, 4, Missions Chairman, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; Badminton, 4; Intramurals, 1,2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: KENNAMER, PAMELA CHARLENE, Sheffield, AL, Nursing; Student Nursing Association, 3, 4. KENT, MELISSA CROSS, Cherokee, AL, Nursing; Student Nursing Association, 3, 4. KERSTIENS, CHRISTINE, Alpha Omicron Pi, 3, 4: Flor-Ala Staff, 1. M KOWO VE.KETCHUM, LARRY WAYNE. Columbia T Business Education; Economics; Baseball 3 4 KEY. MARY KATHERINE, Cherokee. AL, Spanish Sociology B S I 2 3. 4 KIMBALL. JOAN ELAINE. Huntsville AL. Physical Education; Biology, HPER. 1 I. 3; Rice Hail House C ouncil 1 , 2, Level President. 2. Who ' s Who. 3; Zela Tau Alpha I 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman. 2. Membership C hairman, 3. ( " resident, 4; Alpha Sigma Lambda. 3. 4. Alpha Leadership Circle, 3, 4, Vice President. 4, Inter-Presidents C ouncil 4 Cheerleader. 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Spring Fling Queen 3 Student Union Board. 3; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart 3 4, Diorama Staff. 4; UNA Hall of Fame Committee 3 LNA Spring Fling Committee. 2: UNA Beauty Pageant Committee, 4. ROW TWO KINC.SLEY JOHN B Florence, AL, Marine Biology: C hemistry; Alpha Tau Omega. 2, 3. 4. KIRC HNER. SAMMIE NEAL. Muscle Shoals. AL, Management; Economics KNIC.HT. MIC HALL C " .., Sulligent. AL. Biology; Physical Education Letterman - Club. 2, 3. 4; HPER. Football. 1,2.3. 4, Baseball 1 ROW THREE: KNICiHTEN, LYNDA ANN, Cullman AL Art; Physical Education; Phi Mu, 2, 3. 4; Band. 1 2 3. Rifle Team, 1 , 2, 3, 4. KOEHN. BARRY LEE. El Paso TX Physical Education; History; Letterman ' s Club. 2, 3 4 Football. 1,2.3,4. KOEHN, ROBERT BRUCE. Sheffield AL. Business, Management. Kappa Sigma, 3. 4. Scholarship C hairman, 2, Athletic Chairman. 3; Intramural Football 1 3, Softball. 3. 4 ROW FOUR KRAKAU. SUSAN MARIE Nashville . T Biology; Chemistry; Tri-Beta 2 3 4. Commuters 2 3 Newman Club. 2, 3, 4. KL ' BINA. JOHN C Florence AL Biology; Chemistry LAKE. JAMES EDWARD Sheffield AL ROW WE: LAMBERT. DIXIE GOODWIN.! Muscle Shoals, AL. Early Childhood Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi. 4. LANDHAM. EDWARD CARLIN Sheffield AL. Physics: Math. Society of Physics Students 3 4 LEA (AMES W Athens AL Business Management Marketing, Alpha C hi, 4 ROW ONE: LEATHERS, MARVIN LIONEL, Florence, AL, Secondary Education; History English. ROW TWO: LEE, DEBRA ANN, Sheffield, AL, Physical Education; Biology; HPER, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3; Volleyball, 2, 3, 4; Girl ' s Basketball, 2; Girl ' s Tennis, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1,2. LEECH, GEORGE BRUCETON, Florence, AL, Accounting; Finance. LEMAY, VERNON WADE, Moulton, AL, History Political Science; French; Circle K, 1; French Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2, 3; History Club, 3, 4; Rivers Hall Council, 2; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4. ROW THREE: LETSON, MARGARET LOUELLA, Muscle Shoals, AL, English; Secretarial Education. LEWIS, CALVIN HOUSTON, Sheffield, AL, Business; Accounting. LEWIS, LEVERT ALEXANDER, Tuscumbia, AL, Political Science, Speech and Dramatic Arts; Debate Club, 3, 4; Ushers Club, 3, 4; Young Academics, 3, 4. ROW FOUR: LINDSEY, VINCENT COLE, Florence, AL, History; Music; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4, Executive Committee, 1; Intramural Free Throw Champion, 4. LOUGH, JANET LEIGH, Florence, AL, Social Work; Physical Education; Volleyball, 3, 4. LOWERY, DENNIS DWIGHT, Huntsville, AL, Physical Education; Sociology. ROW FIVE: LUFFMAN, WANDA LOUISE, Lawrenceburg, TN, Math; Biology; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, 4; Freshman Women ' s Honor Society, 1, 2, 3, 4. LUNCEFORD, JAMES PAUL, Leoma, TN, Psychology; Sociology; Sociology Club, 4. McCLESKEY, SHELIA JO, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 3, 4. 256 SENIORS ROW ONE: McCORKLE, JAMES I., Sheffield, AL, Studio Art; Art Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. McCRELESS, SANDRA KAY, Hatton, AL, Home Economics; Sociology; Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3; Kappa Omicron Phi, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Guard, 4. McCULLOCH, MICHAEL ROY, Florence, AL, Business Management; Economics; Basketball, 1, 2. ROW TWO: McGEE, HARLON RAY, Florence, AL, Accounting Business Management; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi, 2; Alpha Chi, 3, 4, President, 4. McMURTREY, CINDA KAY, Killen, AL, History; Math; B.S.U., 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4. MACKEY, SUSAN JANE, Florence, AL, Early Childhood Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi, 2, 3, 4; Association Childhood Education, 3, 4; Student Alabama Education Association, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 3, 4; Lionette, 2; Student Union Board, 1. ROW THREE: MAKAL, EMILY CAROLINE, Milwaukee, WI, Social Work; Psychology; Sociology Club, 1; Social Work Club, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman, 4. MANN, DENNIS ETSEL, Florence, AL, Political Science; History. MANSELL, ROBERT JAMES, Spruce Pine, AL, Chemistry; p. l r f- -r " " tt no i.i:.... i POtV ROW FOUR: MORRIS, PAMELA PARRISH, Virginia Beach, VA, Early Childhood Education; Flag Corps, 4, Co- Head, 4; Alpha Omicron Pi, 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary, 2. MORRIS, RAYMOND ANDREW, Dayton, TN, Physical Education; Psychology; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. MOTT, KATHLEEN O ' SULLIVAN, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4, President, 2, 3; Inter-Presidents Council, 2, 3. ROW FIVE: MULLAHY, DAVID BENNETT, Hartsdale, NY, Biology; Geography. MURPHY, REBECCA ELIZABETH, Sheffield, AL, English; Spanish Club, 2, 3, Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3; English Honor Society, 3; History Honor Society, 3; Education Honor Society, 3. MUSGROVE, MARTHA JORDAN, Florence, AL, Art; English; National English Honor Society. SENIORS 259 ROW ONE: MAUTER, PATRICIA ECKL, Florence, AL, Home Economics Fashion Merchandising; Biology; Home Economics Club, 2, 3, Vice President, 3; Kappa Omicron Phi, 3, 4, Vice President, 4, Historian, 3; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4; Alpha Delta Pi, 3, 4, Recording Secretary, 3, President, 4, Dorothy Shaw Leadership Award, 3, Decorations Committee, 3; Commuter Representative to Student Government Association, 3; Who ' s Who, 3; Pleiade, 2, Secretary, 2; Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, 3; Cheerleader Selection Committee, 3; Association of Women Students, 1, Z. MAYS, REBECCA ANN, Florence, AL, Social Work; Business Administration. MEADE, NELLIE ELIZABETH, Tuscumbia, AL, Home Economics; Sociology; Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Historian, 4. ROW TWO: MEEKS, FLORA ELAINE, Jasper, AL, Elementary Education. MECKES, JAMES WILLIAM, Sheffield, AL, Biology; Chemistry; American Chemical Society, 3, 4; Inter-Presidents Council, 4; Tri-Beta, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, 4. MELSON, RONNIE LEE, Lutts, TN, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: MELTON, BOB R., Florence, AL, Biology; Business. MILLICAN, BETTY JANE, Muscle Shoals, AL, Elementary Early Childhood Education; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union Board, 4; Sigma Chi Sweetheart, 3; Who ' s Who, 3; Junior Woman of the Year, 3; Curriculum Committee, 3; Turris Fidelis Selection Committee, 3, 4; Inter-Presidents Council, 3; SOAR Counselor, 2; Phi Mu, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3. MITCHELL, NAPOLEON, Florence, AL, Business Management; Alpha Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Vice President, 4. sociology. ROW FIVE: LUFFMAN, WANDA LUUist, Lawrenceburg, TN, Math; Biology; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, 4; Freshman Women ' s Honor Society, 1, 2, 3, 4. LUNCEFORD, JAMES PAUL, Leoma, TN, Psychology; Sociology; Sociology Club, 4. McCLESKEY, SHEL1A JO, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 3, 4. t 256 SENIORS ROW ONE: MONTGOMERY, DOLORES ANN, Leighton, AL, Biology; Chemistry; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Commuters, 1. MOORE, DAVID McGILVARY, Vestavia, AL, Physical Education; History; ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4; Rifle Team, 2, 3, Captain, 3. MOORE, JAMES RAY, Huntsville, AL, Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Business Club, 3, 4; National Association of Accountants, 4. ROW TWO: MOORE, JOANN, Sheffield, AL, Biology; Chemistry; Student Union Board, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Who ' s Who, 3; Diorama Staff, 3; American Chemical Society, 3; Inter- Presidents Council, 4; Homecoming Committee, 4; Phi Mu, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3. MORGAN, ANGELA WILSON, Florence, AL, Home Economics; Business Administration; Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4. MORGAN, DONNIE LEE, Jasper, AL, History; Physical Education, Young Academics, President, 4; History Club, 3; HPER, 3; Inter-Fraternity Council, 3; Inter-Presidents Council, 3; Alpha Phi Alpha, 3, 4, President, 3. ROW THREE: MORGAN, MILLARD O ' NEAL, Florence, AL, Political Science; Sociology. MORGAN, SAMUEL MONROE, Florence, AL, Accounting; Ushers Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Chorus, 2, 3. MORRIS, JANE BARR, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3. ROW FOUR: MORRIS, PAMELA PARRISH, Virginia Beach, VA, Early Childhood Education; Flag Corps, 4, Co- Head, 4; Alpha Omicron Pi, 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary, 2. MORRIS, RAYMOND ANDREW, Dayton, TN, Physical Education; Psychology; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. MOTT, KATHLEEN O ' SULLIVAN, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4, President, 2, 3; Inter-Presidents Council, 2, 3. ROW FIVE: MULLAHY, DAVID BENNETT, Hartsdale, NY, Biology; Geography. MURPHY, REBECCA ELIZABETH, Sheffield, AL, English; Spanish Club, 2, 3, Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3; English Honor Society, 3; History Honor Society, 3; Education Honor Society, 3. MUSGROVE, MARTHA JORDAN, Florence, AL, Art; English; National English Honor Society. SENIORS 259 ROW ONE: NANCE, J. MICHAEL, Killen, AL, Marine Biology; Chemistry. NEAL, KENNETH WAYNE, Florence, AL, Management; Economics. NEALL, PATRICIA DIANE, Decatur, AL, Home Economics; Art; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Phi Mu, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Kappa Omicron Phi, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary, 4. ROW TWO: NEESE, H. JOE, Florence, AL, Marketing; Economics; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Football, 1,2. NEESE, JOAN M., Oxford, OH, Social Studies Cognate; Sociology. NELSON, MARION, Athens, AL, Early Childhood Education; Association Childhood Education, 3, 4, President, 4; Diorama Staff, 2, 3; Student Alabama Education Association, 4. ROW THREE: NEVINS, ROBIN BOWMAN, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. NEWBURY, CHARLES ROBERT, Florence, AL, Law Enforcement; Music; B.S.U., 3, 4; Collegiate Singers, 3, 4. NGAN, KWONG, Hong Kong. ROW FOUR: NICELY, MARY V., Florence, AL, Art; Biology; Art Club, 2, 3; Pleiade, 1; Martial Arts Association, 4; The Gallery Committee, 4; French Club, 3, 4. NICHOLS, DAVID LEE, luka, MS, Accounting; Business Administration; Alpha Chi, 3, 4. NORRIS, GERALD PAUL, Florence, AL, Chemistry; Biology; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. ROW FIVE: NORWOOD, RODNEY GENE, St. Joseph, TN, Psychology; Music; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Chi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Service Project Chairman, 3, 4; Student Union Board, 3, 4. NULL, CARROLL RAY, Moulton, AL, Sociology; Military Science; Pershing Rifles, 1,2,3, 4, Commander, 2; Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4. ODOM, GARY WAYNE, Phil Campbell, AL, Physical Education; History; HPER, 3, 4. 260 SENIORS mm i k ROW ONE: OLIVE, CAROLYN DENISE, Florence, AL, Early Childhood Education. OSBORN, JANICE FA YE, Florence, AL, Accounting; Business Administration; Alpha Chi, 3, 4. OSBORN, LEE BURDEN, Vina, AL, History; Physical Education; History Club, 3, 4. ROW TWO: OSBORNE, FRANK STEPHEN, Florence, AL, Law Enforcement; Political Science. OWEN, JAMES CHARLES, Florence, AL, Accounting. PARNELL, JO ANN, Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, 4; Collegiate Singers, 2; ROTC Sponsor, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: PARRIS, JOEL BAXTER, Tuscumbia, AL, Business Management; Economics Finance. PARRIS, MARK DARYL, Cloverdale, AL, History; Sociology; B.S.U., 1,2,3, 4. PATRICK, JENNIFER PORTER, Florence, AL, History; English; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4. SENIORS 261 ROW ONE: PATRICK, JESSIE LOU, Russellville, AL, Secondary Education; Secretarial Education; English. PATTERSON, LINDA }., Rogersville, AL, Nursing. PATTON, SHERRY JEAN, Florence, AL, Nursing. ROW TWO: PAULK, CHARLES LANCE, Cloverdale, AL. PETERS, REBECCA LYNN, Loretto, TN, Elementary Early Childhood Education. PETTY, CYNTHIA F., Decatur, AL, English; Sociology; English Club, 3, 4; Sociology Club, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4. ROW THREE: PHILLIPS, ELEANOR KAY, Florence, AL, Social Work; Psychology; Social Work Club, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM DAVID, Sheffield, AL, Chemistry; Biology; American Chemical Society, 3, 4. PIERCE, STEVEN FOSS, Sheffield, AL, Accounting; Economics. 262 SENIORS ROW ONE: PIETRZYK, NANCE LOIS, Tallahassee, FL, Social Work; Music; Pi Epsilon Omega, 1; Alpha Delta Pi, 2, 3, 4, Registrar, 2, 3; Lionettes, 2, 3; Social Work Club, 4. PIKE, DEBORAH FAYE, Harvest, AL. PLONKA, BARBARA DENISE, Huntsville, AL, Dramatic Arts and Speech; Biology; University Players, 1, 2,3, 4, President, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega, 4; Inter-Presidents Council, 4. ROW TWO: POMEROY, WILLIAM DONALD, Fairhope, AL, Management; Golf, 2, 3, 4. POOL, GERALD LESLIE, Florence, AL, Art; Sociology; Young Republicans, 1; Diorama Photographer, 3. POUNDERS, LINDA GAIL, Red Bay, AL, Home Economics; Sociology; American Home Economics Association, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Association of Women Students, 2; Inter- Presidents Council, 3; Student Christian Fellowship, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: PRATER, JIMMY RAY, Haleyville, AL, History; Political Science; Golf, 4; Badminton, 4. PRASITTHI, UDOM, Bangkok, Thailand, Marketing; International Students Association, President, 3. PREDMORE, MICHAEL THOMAS, Florence, AL, Biology; Chemistry; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha, 2, 3, 4, Educator, 4. ROW FOUR: PRIDE, ALYCE MARIE, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nursing Association, 2, 3, 4. PRINCE, THOMAS GENE, Athens, AL, History; Psychology; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Alpha Leadership Circle, 4, President, 4; Inter-Presidents Council 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Sigma Chi, 1, 2, 3, 4; Badminton, 2, 3, 4. PRINCE, WILLIAM KEITH, Russellville, AL, Business Management; Economics. ROW FIVE: QUALLS, NANCY CORBETT, Sheffield, AL, Psychology; History; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4. RALPH, ROGER WAYNE, Arab, AL, Accounting; Economics; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 2, 3, 4. REAVES, JAMES STEPHEN, Sheffield, AL, History; Sociology. SENIORS 263 ROW ONE: REAVES, JANICE KAY, Tuscumbia, AL, Commercial Art; Business Administration REED, JAMES GARY, Russellville, AL, Sociology; Physical Education. REYNOLDS, MELANIE EUGENIA, Russellville, AL, English; French Psychology; French Club, 1,2,3, 4, President, 3, 4, Outstanding Member, 3; English Club, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 3, 4; Student Alabama Education Association, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta. 1,2, Who ' s Who, 3. ROW TWO: RICHARD, IVAN LUUWIG, Cullman, AL, Physical Education; History; Letterman ' s Club, 1. 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH DIANE, Florence. AL, Office Administration; Math; Kappa Mu Epsilon,3, 4; Christian Student Fellowship. 1 , 2, 3, 4. RICHARDSON, LINDA RUTH, Scottsboro, AL, Home Economics; Art; Special Education; Student Union Board, 2, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 1 , 2, 3, 4; Diorama Staff, 3; Phi Mu, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 2, 3, Rush Food Chairman, 1, 2,3, Corresponding Secretary, 3, 4; Sophomore Class Secretary. ROW THREE: RICHARDSON NANCY POTTS, Florence, AL, Social Work; Political Science; Social Work Club, 3; C onservation Club, 1. ROBERSON, JO CAROL, Haleyville, AL, Early Childhood Elementary Education. ROBERSON, SHARON A, AL, Art; Music; Band, 1,2,3, 4; German Club, 2. 3, 4, Clerk, 2; C ollegiate Singers, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 4. 64 SENIORS ROWUM: ROBERTS, ELIZABETH ROUSE. Summertown. TN. Mu ic Education. ROBERTS, LARRY JOE, Town Creek, AL, History; Political Science. ROBINSON, JANICE ANN. Florence, AL. ROW TWO: RODEN " , HOWARD RAY, Cherokee, AL, Accounting. RODEN. RANDALL LEE, Lexington, AL. ROMINE, NITA JEAN, Cullman, AL. Office Administration; LaGrange Hall Treasurer, 3. Rose, Donald L No Picture ROW THREE: I ; ALD L, Florence AL. ROUSE [ ' EC ;i.;V HAIRREI.L, Florence, AL. Nursing; Student Nursing Association, 2, 3, 4. ROUTZAHN, MARIA DELFINA, Florence. AL, Nursing; Student Nursing nation, 3, 4. ROW FOUR: RUTHERFORD, RANDY KEITH, Moulton, AL, Political Science; Business Administration; Young;;, 3, 4. RYAN, MELISSA S-U.ER, Sheffield, AL, Social Work; Busiiv Administration; Social Work Club, 4. RYE, COK ' EDWARD, Beaverton, AL, Biology; Chemistry; American Chem ' , 3, 4; Rivers Hall Student lant, 3, 4. ROW FIVE: RYLANT, WENDELL KEITH, Decatur. AL. Biology; Chemistry; Pi Kappa Alpha, Football, 3. SAFFOKD, MARTHA HUNT, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2,3,4, Treasurer, 2; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4; Commuters, 1,2, 3; Phi Mu, 1. 2, 3, Scholarship Award. 1,2, 3. SAINT. CATHERYN A., Florence, AL, ing; Student Nurses Association, 4. 4IORS 265 MM iNDUSKY, DEBORA SUSAN, Decatur, AL, Elementary Education; Student Alabama Education Association, 4. SANFORD, IAN T, Sheffield, AL, Marketing; Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha, 1,2,3, 4, President, 3, Treasurer, 4. SARGENT, ARLENE LOUISE, Florence, AL, Psychology; Sociology; Alpha Omicron Pi, 1, President, 3. ROW TWO: SATETANUPAP, WANPEN, Nontoburi, Thailand, Finance; Economics; International Students Association, 4, Secretary, 4. SCARBROUGH, BETTE SABRA, Florence, AL, Social Work; Speech and Dramatic Arts; Social Work Club, 3, 4; Cinema Society, 4; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4. SHARP, DANNY RAY, Somerville, AL, Political Science; History Sociology; Young Democrats, 3, 4; History Club, 4. ROW THREE: SHAW, SUSAN ELLEN, Florence, AL, Office Administration; Phi Mu, 1,2; Girl ' s Tennis, 3; Freshman and Sophomore Class Secretary; Freshman Favorite. SHERER, THOMAS MARK, Tuscumbia, AL, Psychology Sociology; Math; French Club, 3, 4; Sociology Club, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, 1, 2,3, 4, President, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4; Tennis, 1 , 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Chorus, 1,2,3. SHERR1LL, WILLIAM ALTON, Tuscumbia, AL, Marketing; Economics; Phi Kappa Alpha, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Business Club, 3, 4. W l! 266 SENIORS Kc HV ( WE: SHIPPEY, PAULA JANE, Huntsville, AL, Math; Psychology; Alpha Delta Pi, 2, 3, 4, Standards C hairman, 4, House Chairman. 3; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4. SHOTT, ALBERT JOHN, Renton. WA, Business Management; Pi Kappa Alpha, 1,2.3, 4, Scholarship Chairman, 3. Secretary, 3. SHYTLE, DEBORAH ANNE, Fayettville, PA, Elementary Education; Golden Girls, 3, 4, Commander, 4; Phi Mu, 2, 3, 4, Pledge Director, 4; Majorette, 3. ROW 7WO.-SHYVER, JUANELL, Haleyville. AL, Early Childhood Elementary Education. SIMPSON, BEVERLY BONITA, Florence, AL, Marketing; Economics; Young Academics, 1,2.4; Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart, 3. SINGLETON. PONNA TF.RRI. Muscle Shoals, AL, ursmg; Student Nurses Association, 2. 3, 4; B.S.U.. 1 . 2; Alpha Sigma Lambda. 3. 4. ROW THREE: SINGLETON, RICKY LAMAR, Florence, AL, Law Enforcement; Business Administration; Band. 1,2,3; B.S.U., 1 . 2, 3, 4. SIZEMORE, DONNA IEANETTE, Huntsville, AL, Elementary Education; Lionettes, 4; Student Alabama Education A--(,ciation, 4. SKIDMORE, REG1NA ANN, Spruce Pine, AL, Elementary Early Childhood Education; LaGrange Hall Representative, 4. ROW FOUR: SMITH. BARRY KENT, Lawrenceburg, T . Political Science; Business Administration. SMITH. GARY LEE, Corinth, MS, Accounting; Economics; Baseball. 2.3. 4. SMITH, LINDA GAIL. Russellville, AL, Social Work; Psychology. Ri H V FIVE: SMITH, RICHARD AUSTIN, Huntsville, AL, Management; Marketing; Sigma Tau Pi, 3, 4, Intramurals, 3, 4. SMITH, ROLAND CLEVELAND, Athens, AL. Management; Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha, 1, 2. 3. 4. Social Chairman, 2,3, Sergeant at Arms, 3; Spanish Club, 2. 3, 4. SPARKS. RANSEL DEAN, Vina, AL, Physical Education; Psychology. ROW ONE: SPILMAN, NANCY CAROL, Huntsville, AL, Accounting; Management; Gold Triangle, 3, 4; Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Rice Hall President, 2; Inter-Presidents Council, 2, 4, Secretary, 2; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta, 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who, 3. SPRINGER, HARRY LLOYD, Lawrenceburg, TN, Accounting; Alpha Chi, 4. STAGGERS, MARY CHRISTINE, Florence, AL, Social Work; Home Economics; Social Work Club, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, 3, President, 3. ROW TWO: STANFORD, BETH BEASLEY, Tuscumbia, AL, Office Administration; Business Club, 4; Music Club, 4. STANFORD, ROBERT W., Russellville, AL, Math; Business Administration; Spanish Club, 3, 4; HPER, 2. STANLEY, HARRY PATRICK, Decatur, AL, Biology; Chemistry; Education Honor Society, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: STEELE, JAMES W., Florence, AL, Accounting; Business Administration. STEELE, MARIE THORP, Muscle Shoals, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4. STEWART, STEVEN LEE, Decatur, AL, Physical Education; Biology; Pi Kappa Phi, 4; Football, 4. SENIORS ROW ONE: STONE, SANDRA GAIL, Russellville, AL. STRICKLAND, STEPHEN MARSHELL, Haleyville, AL, History; Psychology. STUART, BECKY, Russellville, AL, Art; Student Union Board, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 3; Cheerleader, 3; Association of Women Students, 3, Secretary, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 2, 3; B.S.U., 3, 4. ROW TWO: STUTTS, DAVID LEE, Florence, AL, Accounting. SUBA, KAREN MARIE, Huntsville, AL, English; Sociology; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4; Alpha Delta Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain, 2, Recording Secretary, 3, Reporter, 4. SUMMERS, SALLY LEE, Hartselle, AL, Music; Elementary Education; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegiate Singers, 1,2; Rotaract, 1, 2, 3. ROW THREE: SWEENEY, LYN GREGSON, Florence, AL, Biology; Chemistry; Kappa Sigma, 3, 4. SWINFORD, PATRICIA I., Huntsville, AL, English; Political Science; Flor-Ala Staff, 3, 4, Co-Editor, 4; Kapp a Delta Pi, 3, 4; Zeta Tau Alpha, 3, 4, Historian, 4; Student Government Association, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 3, 4. SZELIGA, JAMES ROBERT, Belmar, NJ, Geography; History. ROW FOUR: TAYLOR, JU ANITA CAROL, Zion, IL, Elementary Education. TAYLOR, KENNETH BYRON, Phil Campbell, AL, Accounting; Alpha Chi, 3, 4. THOMASON, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Muscle Shoals, AL, Accounting; Economics; Tennis, 1, 2. ROW FIVE: THOMPSON, MARY ANN, Russellville, AL, History; Political Science; Student Historian, 2, President, 3; Delta Tau Kappa, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4. THORN, BRUCE GARY, Russellville, AL, Physical Education; History; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1,3. THORNE, ANN EDWARDS, Florence, AL, Nursing; Biology; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Beta, 2, 3, 4; Lionettes, 2, 3; Spring Fling Committee, 2; Dormitory Counselor, 2. SENIORS 269 ROH ' ONE.-THORNHILL, LINDA GAIL, Decatur, AL, Economics; Math; Sigma TauPi, 1, 2; Campus Gold, 1,2; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 1,2; Basketball, 1,2; Softball, 1, 2; Collegiate Singers, 2, 3. THRASHER, MARTHA MARINA, Hazel Green, AL, Elementary Education; Resident Assistant Rice Hall, 4. TIPPER, ARTHUR POGUE, Florence, AL, Business; Economics Finance. ROW TWO: TIPPER, ROGER LEE, Florence, AL, History; Sociology. TODD, E. MAX, Russellville, AL, Law Enforcement; Business Administration. TODD, JAMES ANTHONY, Town Creek, AL, Management; Economics. ROW THREE: TODD, TONEY, West Point, TN, Geography; Music; B.S.U., 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Doubles Table Tennis Champion, 3. TOWNSEND, RICHARD EARL, Vina, AL, Physical Education; Psychology. TURNER, JAMES RAY, Moulton, AL, Management; Economics; Lambda Chi Alpha, 3, 4. 270 SENIORS RCWONE.-TUTEN, BEDFORD FRANKLIN, Huntsville, AL, Economics; Finance; Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. UNDERWOOD, BEVERLY ANN, Florence, AL, Sociology; Psychology; Sociology Club, 4. VINES, ALAN, Huntsville, AL, Chemistry; Biology Math; American Chemical Society, 3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3, 4. ROW TWO: VON BOECKMAN, PENNY, Cherokee, AL. WAKEFIELD, RICHARD DEE, Muscle Shoals, AL, Sociology; Political Science; Pershing Rifles, 1,2; Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4. WALKER, REBECCA ANN, Florence, AL, Secretarial Education; History. ROW THREE: WALLACE, JAMES SAMUEL, Tuscumbia, AL, Math; Sociology; B.S.U., 1,2,3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3. WALLACE, OUIDA WHITEHEAD, Tuscumbia, AL, Marketing, Alpha Chi, 1, 2. WALLACE, SHEILA JUNE, Double Springs, AL, Physical Education; History; HPER, 3, 4. ROW FOUR: WARREN, GLORIA MITCHELL, Florence, AL, Home Economics; Social Work; Social Work Club, 3, 4. WATKINS, LINDA SUE, Florence, AL, Secondary Education; Christian Student Fellowship, 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Alabama Education Association, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4; Intramurals, 1,2. WATSON, MARILYN ELAINE, Florence, AL, History; English; History Club, 3, 4; University Players, 4; Flor-Ala Staff, 3, 4; Alpha Beta Alpha, 2,3,4, President, 4. ROW FIVE: WEATHERS, PATRICIA KAYE, Decatur, AL, Marketing; Management; Student Government Association, 3; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 3, 4; Circle K, 3, 4; Zeta Tau Alpha, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, 4. WEBB, PAMELA GAY, Muscle Shoals, AL, Home Economics; Art; Majorette, 2, 3; Home Economics Club, 4; Phi Mu, 2, 3, 4, Membership Chairman, 3. WEBSTER, NANCY CAROL, Hueytown, AL, History; Sociology; B.S.U., 1, 2, 3, 4, Sociology Club, 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4. SENIORS 271 ROW ONE: WEEMS, RICKY DAVID, Florence, AL, Dramatic Arts and Speech; Art; Biology; University Players, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Alpha Psi Omega, 4. WHITE, STEPHEN HAROLD, Florence, AL, Business Management. WHITEHEAD, PATRICIA LYNN, Florence, AL, Early Childhood Education. ROW TWO: WHITT, STEPHEN WOODROW, Florence, AL, Economics; Management. WHITTEN, DEBRA ANN, Muscle Shoals, AL, History; Political Science; Secondary Education. WHITTEN, LINDA JOYCE, Florence, AL, Art Education; History; B.S.U., 3, 4; Commuter Organization, 4. ROW THREE: WHITMIRE, HAROLD CLARK, JR., Decatur, AL, Biology; Chemistry; Sigma Chi, 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 1, Scholarship Chairman, 2, 3; Phi Eta Sigma, 1,2,3,4; Student Government Association Representative from Residence Hall, 1, Senator, 2; Tri-Beta, 3. WILLIAMS, JOSEPH PRESTON, Florence, AL, Accounting; Economics; Finance. WILLIS, JAMES EDWARD, Muscle Shoals, AL, Physical Education; Sociology; Secondary Education; P.E. Club, 3, 4; Intramurals, 1 , 2, 3, 4. x - ROW FOUR: WILLIS, JAMES EDWARD, Killen, AL, Physics; Mathematics; Society of Physics Students, President, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. WILLIS, REBECCA NORMAN, Killen, AL, Social Work; English; Psychology; Social Work Club, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4. WILKES, RICKY LANCE, Florence, AL, English; Dramatic Arts; Secondary Education; Band, 1; University Players, 1, 2, 3; 4, HPER, 1,2; Chess Club, 1, 2. ROW FIVE: WILSON, ALICE VONA, Florence, AL, Elementary Education; Phi Mu Pledge, 1; Alpha Sigma Lambda, 3, 4; Student Assistant Rice Hall, 3; Student Alabama Education Association, 3, 4. WILSON, BRENDA KAY, Tuscumbia, AL, Social Work; Psychology; Students for America, 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Work Club, 4; B.S.U., 2, 3, 4. WILSON, DWIGHT, Tuscumbia, AL, Psychology; English. 272 SENIORS ROW ONE: WILSON, SHARON COLE, Florence, AL, Marketing; Economics; Young Academics, 1,2,3, 4. ROW TWO: WINFIELD, TILLIE HARDMAN, Florence, AL, Elementary Education; Phi Kappa Phi. WITT, ELAINE NEILL, Muscle Shoals, AL, English; Spanish; Alpha Omicron Phi, 2,3, 4; Band, 1,2, 3, 4; Collegiate Singers, 4; Student Government Association, 3, 4; Diorama Staff, 3; Flor-Ala Staff, 1, 3, 4; Alpha Omicron Pi Rush Chairman, Philanthropic and Social Chairman, 3; Gold Triangle, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, 4; Who ' s Who, 3. WOMBLE, DONNA MARIE, Florence, AL, Nursing; Christian Student Fellowship, 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE: YEAGER, TIMOTHY CARL, Florence, AL, Physical Education; History. YOUNG, LYNNE EAGLETON, Florence, AL, Nursing; Student Nurses Association, 2, 3, 4, Second Vice President, 2, 3; Pleiade, 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Pi. 3. 4, Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4. WALLACE, AUBRY GARY, Tuscumbia, AL, Marketing; Economics; Business Club; Graduate, Class of ' 75. : : : Biimn 274 UNDERCLASSES . rr UNDERCLASSES 275 Class of ' 77 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Rick Lester, vice president; Debra King, treasurer; Renae Hamilton, secretary; Tony Underwood, president. ROW ONE: Abernathy, Ronnie; Florence, AL. Abroms, Phil; Florence, AL Akin, Ken; Florence, AL. Allred, Sharon; Lawrenceburg, TN. Anderson, Donna; Centralia, IL. ROW TWO: Andler, Janis; Decatur, AL. Angel, Roger; Cloverdale, AL. Aplin, Dennis; Huntsville, AL. Armstrong, Brenda; Hamilton, AL. Ashley, Connie; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Augustin, Jeanette; Loretto, TN. Badgett, Donna; Florence, AL. Bailey, Earl; Sheffield, AL. Baldy, Becky; Double Springs, AL. 276 JUNIORS ROW ONE: Barber, Robert; Tuscumbia, AL. Barnett, Betty; Florence, AL. Barrier, Karen; Savannah, TN. Bass, Betsy; Florence, AL. Bassham, Douglas; Goodsprings, AL. ROW TWO: Battles, Ray; Tuscumbia, AL. Beckman, Rosa; Loretto, TN. Bergob, Patricia; Florence, AL. Berry, Beth; Florence, AL. Bethea, David; Montgomery, AL. ROW THREE: Bishop, Darlene; Cherokee, AL. Black, Becky; Muscle Shoals, AL. Blalock, Patsy; Florence, AL. Blanchard, Gregory; Florence, AL. Blanchard, Jennifer; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Bolton, Beth; Florence, AL. Bolton, Larry; Russellville, AL. Bonner, Kenneth; Scottsboro, AL. Boyd, Karen; Birmingham, AL. Boyd, Lee; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Boyles, Phillip; Moulton, AL. Bracey, Joan; Florence, AL. Bradford, Susan; Russellville, AL. Bradley, Gretchen; Florence, AL. Bragg, Cindy; Columbus, GA. ROW SIX: Branscomb, David; Sheffield, AL. Breffle, Hal; Atlanta, GA. Br ewer, James; Lawrenceburg, TN. Brewer, Linda; Florence, AL. Broadfoot, Lynn; Cloverdale, AL. JUNIORS 277 1 ROW ONE: Boyett, J. G. ; Hamilton, AL. Brooks, Rebecca; Huntsville, AL. Brown, James; Cherokee, AL. Brown, Theresa, Lawrenceburg, TN. ROW TWO: Brumley, Mitzi; Rogersville, AL. Bryant, Ricky; Town Creek, AL. Burcham, Horace; Russellville, AL. Burgess, Debra; Florence, AL. Burks, Larry; Decatur, AL. ROW THREE: Burnett, Steve; Hackleburg, AL. Burns, Randall; Florence, AL. Burrows, Sammy; Bridgeport, AL. Cabiness, Joyce; Tuscumbia, AL. Cagle, Patricia; Florence, AL. 278 JUNIORS ROW ONE: Cagle, Susan; Rogersville, AL. Cain, Donald; Florence, AL. Caldwell, Linda; Florence, AL. Campbell, Joe; Florence, AL. Canerday, Darian; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Canrrell, Kenny; Hackleburg, AL. Caraway, David; Moulton, AL. Cary, Vivian; Florence, AL. Chandler, Lynn; Lawrenceburg, TN. Charles, David; Moulton, AL. ROW THREE: Cheuvrant, Neal; Florence, AL. Childs, Buddy; Florence, AL. Chism, Anna; Sheffield, AL. Clements, Wanda; Florence, AL. demons, Charles; Rogersville, AL ROW FOUR: Cleveland, Grover, Sulligent, AL. Coats, Geda, Florence, AL. Coburn, Margaret; Tuscumbia, AL. Coffey, Dwight; Moulton, AL. Coker, Rex; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Cole, Reginald; Killen, AL. Collum, Deborah; Florence, AL. Copeland, Freddie; Florence, AL. Cornelius, Jackie; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Corum, Genia; Leighton, AL. Cowan, Dave; Brownsboro, AL. Covington, Ken; Muscle Shoals, AL. Cox, Sandra; Florence, AL. Craig, Chuck; Birmingham, AL. JUNIORS 279 ROW ONE: Crawford, Carolyn; Scottsboro, AL. Crenshaw, Shirley; Birmingham, AL. Cumbie, David; Florence, AL. Curtis, Michael; Florence, AL. Custer, Margaret; Nashville, TN. ROW TWO: Cuzzort, Janet; Rainsville, AL. Daniel, Paul; Rising Fawn, GA. Darwin, Gary; Decatur, AL. Davis, Pat; Florence, AL. Dawson, Everett; Rhinebeck, N.Y. ROW THREE: Day, Jeff; Huntsville, AL. Dean, James; Florence, AL. Dean, Vicki; Killen, AL. Deaton, Donna; Florence, AL. Deliz, Frank; Crepwell, AL. ROW FOUR: Denine, Paulette; Decatur, AL. Dewberry, Ronnie; Decatur, AL. Dickey, Sammy; Florence, AL. Diehl, James; Florence, AL. Dill, Gerald; Sheffield, AL. ROW FIVE: Dolan, Alma; Tuscaloosa, AL. Dooley, Betty Jo; luka, MS. Downing, Kathy; Florence, AL. Driver, Jud; Birmingham, AL. Drueke, Joseph; Sheffield, AL. ROW SIX: Duke, Noel; Tuscumbia, AL. Eastep, Keith; Florence, AL. Easterwood, Billy; Cherokee, AL. Ellenburg, Michael; Haleyville, AL. Ergle, Tex; Town Creek, AL. JUNIORS BHH ROW ONE. Esslinger, Sam; Florence, AL. Eudy, Lynn; Phil Campbell, AL. Evans, Susan; Athens, AL. Fen-ell, Sandra; Cherokee, AL. Fleeman, Holly; Lawrenceburg, TN. ROW TWO: fly, Mary Lou; Florence, AL. Foster, Angela; Winfield, AL. Franks, Claude; Tuscumbia, AL. Franks, Joy; Lutts, TN. Franks, Scott; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: French, Susan; Huntsville, AL Fuller, Julie; Russellville, AL. Fuqua, Jessi; Rogersville, AL. Garland, John; Florence, AL. JUNIORS 281 ROW ONE: Garrich, Cheryl; Florence, AL. Geise, Al; Tuscumbia, AL. Gentle, Melinda; Haleyville, AL. Gholston, Roy; Town Creek, AL. Gillespie, Ann; Russellville, AL. ROW TWO: Gingrich, Bob; Cullman, AL. Glascow, Sonny; Russellville, AL. Glass, Kenneth; Brewton, AL. Godsey, Linda; Rogersville, AL. Gordon, Natalie; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Gossett, Stan; Florence, AL. Graham, Jim; Florence, AL. Grant, Teresa; Falkeville, AL. Graves, Sandy; Birmingham, AL. Gray, Bill; Decatur, AL. ROW FOUR: Gray, James; Muscle Shoals, AL. Gray, Shane; Columbia, TN. Green, Steve; Florence, AL. Gregory, Susan; Muscle Shoals, AL. Grover, Cleveland; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Hairrell, Keith; Tuscumbia, AL. Hale, David; Dennis, MS. Haley, Linda; Fayette, AL. Hall, David; Trafford, AL. Hall, Susan; Huntsville, AL. ROW SIX: Hall, Tim; Florence, AL. Hallmark, Tommie; Winfield, AL. Hambrick, Johnny; Decatur, AL. Hamilton, Renae; Florence, AL. Hamm, Jeri; Tuscumbia, AL. 282 JUNIORS ROW ONE: Hanson, Quinton; Lexington, AL. Harden, Tim; Enterprise, AL. Harp, Carol; Florence, AL. Hayes, Debbie; Florence, AL. Harris, Jeanette; Decatur, AL. ROW TWO: Harvey, Kay; Florence, AL. Hawks, Benjamin; Gainesville, GA. Haygood, Edward; Florence, AL. Haynes, Aubrey; Haleyville, AL. Henken, Charlotte; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Herring, Leba, Spruce Pine, AL. Hester, Marian; Florence, AL. Hickman, Beverly; Florence, AL. Hill, Jimmy; Florence, AL. Hobbs, William; Florence, AL. JUNIORS 283 ,. ' : ' :: : ; V ' i , I;: ' , ' ' , " . K( )W ( )NL: Hodge, Howard; Russellville, AL. Holley, )une; Florence, AL. Hood, Icrrold; Nettleton, MS. Hopson, Philip; Huntsville, AL. Houston, William; (ullm-in, AL. ROW TWO: Hov.itcr, Daniel; Tusrumhi.), AL. Howard, Robert; Lexington, AL. Huhhell, William; Florence, AL. Hughes, I )anny; Leoma, TN. Hurt, Bobbie; Florence, AL. ROWTHRF.L: Hyde, Linda; Decatur, AL. Hyde, Regina.Oakman, AL. Ingram, (.eorge; Florence, AL. Inman, Stephen; Hartselle, AL. lames, Hayden; Florence, AL. F -.-I . ' - 284 JUNIORS ' . , : i . , ROW ONE: Jeter, Larry; Clifton, TN. Johnson, Freddy; Sheffield, AL. Johnson, Michael; Florence, AL. Johnson, Mike; Florence, AL. Johnston, Marilyn; Florence, AL, ROW TWO: Joly, Marilyn; Muscle Shoals, AL. Jones, Carl; Lithania, GA. Jones, Janice; I ' ulaski, TN. Jones, Judy; Muscle Shoals, AL. Jones, Neil; Russellville, AL. ROW THREE: Jordon, Dusty; Florence, AL. Jordon, Mary; Tupelo, MS. Kearney, Richard; Huntsville, AL. Kerstiens, Dorothy; Lawrenceburg, TN. Killen, Freddy; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Kimbrough, Jo Ann; Tuscumbia, AL. King, Debra; Huntsville, AL. King, James; Decatur, AL. King, Libby; Florence, AL. Kirkpatrick, Richard; Russellville, AL. ROW FIVE: Knight, Lynn; Florence, AL. Knave, Peter; Birmingham, AL. Koeda, Kiyohiro; Cisaka, Japan. Krohn, John; Florence, AL. Landers, Sylvia; Leighton, AL. ROW SIX: Landsell, Debbie, Town Creek, AL. Laster, Terry; Hazel Green, AL. Lawless, Jonathan; Florence, AL. Lawless, April; Florence, AL. Lee, Debbie; Decatur, AL. ROW ONE: Lee, Robert; Cullman, AL. Leibold, Terry; VanBuren, OH. Lewey, Mary; Tuscumbia, AL. Lewis, Debra; Spruce Pine, AL. Light, Ricky; Decatur, AL. ROW TWO: Littrell, James; Moulton, AL. Liverette, Connie; Sheffield, AL. Lockhart, William; Florence, AL. Lott, Suzanne; Florence, AL. Lupo, Rebecca; Decatur, AL. ROW THREE: Lynn, Nancy; West Point, TN. McAfee, Rosa; Spruce Pine, AL. McCann, William; Florence, AL. McCargo, Virgil; Anniston, AL. McClamrock, Bruce; Sheffield, AL. 286 JUNIORS ROW ONE: McClung, Danny; Tuscumbia, AL. McCollum, James; Sheffield, AL. McCombs, Guy; Florence, AL. McCulloch, Jim; Russellville, AL. McDonald, Alice; Killen, AL. ROW TWO: McDonald, Tim; Bridgeport, AL. McGill, Pam; Florence, AL. McGuire, Charles; Lexington, AL. Mclntyre, Susan; Florence, AL. McKleroy, Cathy; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Malone, Barbara; Toney, AL. Maness, Pat; Florence, AL. Mann, Stephen; Sheffield, AL. Mansell, Cheryl; Florence, AL. Mansell, Debbie; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Marsh, Rebecca; Florence, AL. Martin, David; Huntsville, AL. Martin, Jeannie; Florence, AL. Martinez, Abraham; Russellville, AL. Martinez, Martha; Russellville, AL. ROW FIVE: Mastin, Cheryl; Huntsville, AL. Marston, Betty; Lawrenceburg, TN. Mays, Becky; Florence, AL. Melton, Richard; Florence, AL. Merritt, Marc; Birmingham, AL. ROW SIX: Miles, Rhonda, Florence, AL. Miller, Roger; Tuscumbia, AL. Miner, Terri; Florence, AL. Minor, Jerry; Cherokee, AL. Mitchell, Danny; Five Points, TN. JUNIORS 287 ROW ONE: Mitchell, Rhonda; Florence, AL. Mitchell, Robert; Florence, AL. Mizell, Jerry; Decatur, AL. Moody, Lila; Florence, AL. Moore, Wanda; Red Bay, AL. ROW TWO: Morris, Tommy; Cherokee, AL. Morrison, Tim; Lawrenceburg, TN. Morrow, Linda; Cullman, AL. Murray, Mike; Gainesville, GA. Myslenski, Denise; Pulaski, TN. ROW THREE: Neal, Butch; Florence, AL. Newman, Robert; Kennedy, AL. Newman, Susan; Florence, AL. Norwood, Charles; Lawrenceburg, TN. O ' Bannon, Stewart; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Oden, Sherry; Phil Campbell, AL. Osburn, Jimmy; Russellville, AL. Owen, Ada; Florence, AL. Page, Anthony; Athens, AL. Pannell, Jim; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Papenburg, Mary; Decatur, AL. Paper, Melissa; Florence, AL. Parker, Steve; Muscle Shoals, AL. Passwater, John; Florence, AL. Patton, Jacqueline; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Payne, Wayne; Haleyville, AL. Peake, Howard; Jasper, AL. Pearson, Debby; Woodville, AL. Peck, Donna; Decatur, AL. Peeden, John; Florence, AL. 288 JUNIORS ROW ONE: Pennington, Kathy; Iron City, TN. Perry, Anna; Decatur, AL. Petty, Mike; Riverdale, GA. Pflueger, Richard; Florence, AL. Pharr, Debbi; Belmont, MS. ROW TWO: Phillips, Marcia; Iron City, TN. Pike, Donna; Harvest, AL. Pitcock, Jessica; Decatur, AL. Poland, Deadra; Florence, AL. Posey, Philip; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Pressnell, Karen; Elkmont, AL. Price, Steven; Sheffield, AL. Priester, Joe; Florence, AL. Prince, Dinah; Sheffield, AL. Prosser, Carol; Huntsville, AL. JUNIORS 289 V ROW ONE: Predmore, Mike; Florence, AL. Puller, Billie; Town Creek, AL. Putman, Nancy; Lawrenceburg, TN. Putman, ickie; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Pyron, Spalding; Florence, AL. Ragasa, Joseph; Athens, AL. Ragland, Linda; Florence, AL. Redding, Nancy; Killen, AL ROW THREE: Renegar, Susan; Huntsville, AL. Renfro, Marcia; Russellville, AL. Rhodes, Terry; Florence, AL. Rhodes, Thomas; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Richardson, Bernard; Florence, AL. Richeson, Galen; Florence, AL. Rickman, Steve; Killen, AL. Robertson, Laurence; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Robinson, Tina; Cherokee, AL. Roden, Wesley; Florence, AL. Rogers, Ira; Bridgeport, AL. Roller, Jim; Rolla, MO. ROW SIX: Rose, Burnis; Leeds, AL. Rowell, William; Florence, AL. Roy, J i Roger; Huntsville, AL. Rutherford, Cindy; Muscle Shoals, AL. 290 JUNIORS X. H ROW ONE: Sanderson, Ruth; Harvest, AL. Sawyer, Kenneth; Carbon Hill, TN. Schmidt, Darrell; Decatur, AL. Scott, Ellen; Florence, AL ROW TWO: Scott, Randy; Huntsville, AL. Scott, Vicki; Florence, AL. Self, Linda; Florence, AL. Shannon, Deborah; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Shannon, Kenny; Lawrenceburg, TN. Sharp, Albert; Florence, AL. Sharp, Connie; Decatur, AL. Sharp, Roma; Florence, AL. JUNIORS 291 .. .... ROW ONE: Shell, Greg; Lithonia, GA. Shipp, Mike; Arab, AL. Shott, Donna; Florence, AL. Simmons, Joanne; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Skorzak, Tommy; Florence, AL. Sledge, Steve; Rogersville, AL. Sleeper, Donna; Florence, AL. Sloan, Carol Ann; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Slusher, Kathy; Middlesboro, KY. Small, Ronnie; Florence, AL. Smith, Byron; Florence, AL. Smith, Carol; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Smith, Elizabeth; Huntsville, AL. Smith, Jerry; Trenton, AL. Smith, Vivian; Florence, AL. Solley, Steve; Huntsville, AL. 292 JUNIORS ROW ONE: Soustek, Sherrie; Florence, AL South, Janice; Tuscumbia, AL. Southern, Celia; Muscle Shoals, AL Sparks, Steve; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW TWO: Spruiell, Sylvia; Sulligent, TN. Srygley, Janet; Tampa, FL. Steele, Gerald; Tuscumbia, AL. Stephens, Lawrence; Phoenix City, AL. ROW THREE: Stevenson, Donna; Florence, AL. Stewart, Reece; Florence, AL. Stewart, Deneyse; Shiloh, TN. Stone, George; Decatur, AL. ROW FOUR: Storey, Suzanne; Pulaski, TN. Strickland, Frank; Gainesville, GA. Styles, Jeff; Cullman, AL. Sutherland, Butch; Florence, AL. Springer, Dottie; Florence, AL. ROW ONE: Sutherford, Forrest; Florence, AL. Swafford, Don; Florence, AL. Sylvester, Don; Florence, AL. Taylor, Frankie; Russellville, AL. Terry, Greg; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Thigpen, Kathy; Killen, AL. Thigpen, Mark; Killen, AL. Thompson, Jenny; Florence, AL. Thompson, Mike; Tuscumbia, AL. Thorn, Carolyn; Red Bay, AL. ROW THREE: Timmons, Mary; Florence, AL. Tinsley, Laura; Rurtle, AL. Tomaszewski, Theresa; Florence, AL. Tompkins, Charles; Tuscumbia, AL. Tucker, Cathy; Sheffield, AL. 294 JUNIORS ROW ONE: Turney, Ginger; Falkville, AL. Underwood, Tony; Gainesville, GA. Urben, Steve; Florence, AL. Van Pelt, Wendy; Florence, AL. Vaughn, Connie; Guntersville, AL. ROW TWO: Vaughn, Ricky; Guntersville, AL. Varnell, Charles; Athens, AL. Vines, Alan; Florence, AL. Vinson, Danny; Huntsville, AL. Vinson, Ranny; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Waddell, Karen; Rogersville, AL. Waitzman, Charles; Florence, AL. Walker, Wanda; Winfield, AL. Wallace, John; Rogersville, AL. Wallace, Rhonda; Muscle Shoals, AL. JUNIORS 295 ROW ONE: Ward, Tommy; Florence, AL. Watson, Garry; Florence, AL. Watterson, Butch; Decatur, AL. Weeks, Joyce; Phil Campbell, AL. Weinberg, Allen; Huntsville, AL. ROW TWO: Welborn, David; Phil Campbell, AL. West, Jeff; Huntsville, AL. White, Becky; Rogersville, AL. White, Beverly; Birmingham, AL. White, Cathy; Lawrenceburg, TN. ROW FOUR: White, Cheri; Decatur, AL. White, Doug; Cullman, AL. White, Mike; Florence, AL. White, Sharon; Florence, AL. Whiteman, Rheta; Russellville, AL. ROW FOUR: Whitten, Patricia; Iron City, TN. Whitten, Richard; Florence, AL. Wilbanks, Marty; Rogersville, AL. Wilbanks, Terry; Athens, AL. Wilburn, Jeffery; Ardmore, TN. 1 296 JUNIORS ROW ONE: Wilcoxson, Pam; Florence, AL. Wilkes, Barbara; Florence, AL. Wilkes, Lyle; Florence, AL. Williams, Elizabeth; Florence, AL. Williams, Jimmy; Birmingham, AL. ROW TWO: Williams, Tim; Huntsville, AL. Winstead, Rebecca; Russellville, AL. Wise, Linda; Minor Hill,TN. Wolfe, Samuel; Florence, AL. Woodward, Rita; Moulton, AL. ROW THREE: Worley, David; Savannah, TN. Wright, Donald; Cloverdale, AL. Yarbrough, Ann; Florence, AL. Yarbrough, Ronn; Sheffield, AL. Yeager, Janice; Athens, AL. ROW FOUR: Yarber, Sally; Belmont, MS. Holt, Gary; Florence, AL. Kennedy, Debra; Florence, AL. Pledger, Myra; Horton, AL. Slides, Gary; Leoma, TN. JUNIORS 297 Class of ' 78 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Mary Thompson, treasurer; Cindy Little, president; Joan Horton, vice president; and Sue Llewellyn (Sulu), secretary. ROW ONE: Adcock, Denise; Muscle Shoals, AL. Ahrens, Kimberly; Florence, AL. Alexander, Gregory; Florence, AL. Alexander, Tony; Florence, AL. Allen, Amanda; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Allison, Clay; Sheffield, AL. Allison, Mike; Birmingham, AL. Alston, Edna; Addison, AL. Amos, Frank; Scottsboro, AL. Arnold, Marilyn; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Ashford, Camelia; Ripley, MS. Atchley, Delmer; Muscle Shoals, AL. Atkinson, Lou Ann; Madison, AL. Augustin, Bob; Loretta, TN. Avery, Denise; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Aycock, Carolyn; Florence, AL. Aycock, Martha; Russellville, AL. Ayers, Carol; Florence, AL. Baker, Peggy; Huntsville, AL. Barksdale, A. D.; Athens, AL. 298 SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Barnes, Linda; Sheffield, AL. Barnes, Melissa; Sheffield, AL. Bassham, Pamela; Five Points, TN. Bates, Nancy; Huntsville, AL. Batson, Adin; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Baugher, Vicki; Tuscumbia, AL. Beene, Debbie; Tuscumbia, AL. Belew, Connie; Decatur, AL. Bergob, Debbie; Florence, AL. Berry, Deborah; Scottsboro, AL. ROW THREE: Beuerlein, Diane; Lawrenceburg, TN. Billingham, Victor; Florence, AL. Bills, Terry; Rogersville, AL. Bivens, Rodney; Mulga, AL. Blackstock, Suzann; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Bowers, Rick; Moulton, AL. Bowling, Marie; Huntsville, AL. Bowling, Rita; Lawrenceburg, TN. Boyett, Theresa; Huntsville, AL. Brackeen, Steve; Athens, AL. ROW FIVE: Brannon, Bob; Florence, AL. Bridges, Stephen; Florence, AL. Broussard, Dallas; Sheffield, AL. Brown, Michael; Tuscumbia, AL. Brown, Sonya; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW SIX: Broyles, Phillip; Florence, AL. Bruce, Diane; Florence, AL. Brust, Debbie; Florence, AL. Burbank, Sandra; Lexington, AL. Burrell, Deborah; Huntsville, AL. SOPHOMORES 299 ROW ONE: Burrow, Vicki; Cullman, AL. Byrd, John; Lawrenceburg, TN. Calvery, Sheary; Sheffield, AL. Campbell, Linda; Florence, AL. Campbell, Mike; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW TWO: Campbell, Willie; Florence, AL. Camper, Charlotte; Huntsville, AL. Canaday, Sharon; Florence, AL. Cantrell, Darryl; Florence, AL. Cantrell, Debbie; Russellville,AL. ROW THREE: Corbett, Caryn; Florence, AL. Carroll, Georgia; Birmingham, AL. Orter, Angela; Lawrenceburg, TN. Carter, Collins; Florence, AL. Carter, Larry; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW FOUR: Carton, Rose; Tuscumbia, AL. Cash, Brenda; Tuscumbia, AL. Cassady, Debbie; Huntsville, AL. Chambers, Diane; Huntsville, AL. Chesteen, Gayle; Huntsville, AL. 300 SOPHOMORES I ROW ONE: Chew, Susan; Florence, AL Childers, Charlotte; Florence, AL. Childers, Lina; Huntsville, AL. Clark, Steve; Florence, AL. Clayton, Jerry; Leoma, TN. ROW TWO: Christensen, Karen; Guntersville, AL. Clement, Raymond; Russellville, AL. Cloud, Linda; Florence, AL. Cobb, Rickey; Florence, AL. Cochran, John; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Cochran, Becky; Florence, AL. Coffey, Kenny; Moulton, AL. Coker, Anita; Belmont, MS. Cooner, Kent; Florence, AL. Cornell, Ronnie; Haleyville, AL. ROW FOUR: Cornelius, Mike; Florence, AL. Cosby, Regina; Rogersville, AL. Covington, Carol; Huntsville, AL. Courington, Dale; Cordova, AL. Cox, Sherry; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW FIVE: Cox, William; Florence, AL. Craigge, Janie; Tuscumbia, AL. Creekmore, Anita; Florence, AL. Creel, Sharon; Florence, AL. Crews, Robert; Lawrenceburg, TN. ROW SIX: Crowder, Regina; Tuscumbia, AL. Crumpton, Fritz; Muscle Shoals, AL. Cunningham, Charles; Decatur, AL. Cunningham, William; Sheffield, AL. Curtis, Berry; Florence, AL. SOPHOMORES 301 LjL ' rJ ROW ONE: Curtis, James; Florence, AL. Curtis, Shelia; Iuka,MS. Daniel, Becky; Florence, AL. Daniel, Shelia; Collinwood.TN. Daniel, Sherry; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Dardess, Janet; Sheffield, AL. Darwin, John; Hazel Green, AL. Davis, Andrew; Leoma.TN. Davis, Connie; Killen.AL. Davis, Louie; Madison, AL. ROW THREE: Davis, Richie; Hamburg, West Germany. Davis, Sandra; Pittsburg, TN. Day, Denise; Valhermoso Springs, AL. DeVaney, Peggy; Huntsville, AL. Dicks, Nancy; Huntsville, AL. ROW FOUR: Dill, Kay; Zion, IL. Dixon, Curtis; Birmingham, AL. Dorris, Jenise; Birmingham, AL. Doty, Tootle; Florence, AL. Drake, Debbie; Decatur, AL. ROW FIVE: Drake, Tildon; Flo rence, AL. Earwood, Barry; Florence, AL. Eck, Christy; Leoma,TN. Edmondson, Regina; Huntsville, AL. Engel, Gary; Tupelo, MS. ROW SIX: Ennis, Martha; Sheffield, AL. Esslinger, Nancy; Florence, AL. Ethridge, Annetta; Tuscumbia, AL. Evers, Tommy; Florence, AL. 302 SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Farris, Nancy; Sheffield, AL. Foster, Dru; Huntsville, AL. Foster, Richard; Florence, AL. Fowler, Diane; Ardmore.TN. Fowler, Ikey; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Franklin, Pam; Florence, AL French, Albert; Florence, AL. Fuller, Vickie; Courtland, AL. Fulmer, Alice; Florence, AL. Galloway, Robert; Sheffield, AL. ROW THREE: Gammon, Mary; Fayette, AL. Garner, Jack; Florence, AL. Garrison, David; Huntsville, AL. Gatlin, Marilyn; Florence, AL. Cientle, Diane; Birmingham, AL. ROW FOUR: Gibson, Joe; Dadeville, AL Gilbert, Tim; Russellville, AL. Gillespie, Rickie; Five Points, TN. Ginas, Douglas; Cullman, AL. Ginn, Bobby; Florence, AL. SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: G ist, Wayne; Killen, AL. Glover, Kathy; Florence, AL. Goodman, Sarah; Pulaski, TN. Gowen, Tommy; Leoma, TN. Gray, Diane; Anderson, AL. ROW TWO: Green, Kevin; Saukville, WS. Green, Ouida; Russellville, AL. Green, Phil; Muscle Shoals, AL. Gregory, Elizabeth; Muscle Shoals, AL. Grimes, Donna; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Grisham, Beth; Cherokee, AL. Grisham, Jimmy; Florence, AL. Gruber, Marvin; Florence, AL. Hackett, Pam; Florence, AL. Haddock, Anita; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Halbert, Jane; Florence, AL. Hale, Bonanza; Muscle Shoals, AL. Haley, Richard; Huntsville, AL. Hamilton, Cherovise; Florence, AL. Hammock, Frank; Dublin, GA. 304 SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Hammond, Jason; Anderson, AL. Hampton, Laura; Palatine, IL. Handley, Linda; Tuscumbia, AL. Harbin, Lina; Scott Air Force Base, IL. Hargett, Phillip; Sheffield, AL. ROW TWO: Harlan, Janet; Florence, AL. Harris, Ann; Tuscumbia, AL. Harris, John; Decatur, AL. Harris, Robert; Muscle Shoals, AL. Hawkins, Janet; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Hayes, Jerri; Florence, AL. Haygood, Gary; Florence, AL. Hays, Cathy; Cherokee, AL. Henson, Christa; Cherokee, AL. Henson, Monica, Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Hester, Carlton; Florence, AL. Hester, Jeff; Florence, AL. Hickman, Jeri; Florence, AL. Higginbotham, Frank; Birmingham, AL. Higginbotham, Jean Ann; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Highfield, Benzie; Florence, AL. Hightower, Ben; Guin, AL. Hill, Charles; Collinwood, TN. Hines, Barbara; Denver, CO. Hittson, Malva; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Hobbs, Laura; Florence, AL. Holden, David; Muscle Shoals, AL. Holden, Denna; Rogersville, AL. Holley, Cindy; Florence, AL. Holliman, Alice; Haleyville, AL. SOPHOMORES 305 ROW ONE: Holliman, Leigh Ann; Florence, AL. Hollis, Sylvia; Sulligent, AL. Holt, Jerry; Florence, AL. Holt, Jerry; Tuscumbia, AL. Homer, Donna; Huntsville, AL. ROW TWO: Honey, Melanie; Tuscumbia, AL. Honeycutt, Judy; Leoma, TN. Hood, Phillip; Five Points, TN. Hopkins, Charlotte; Faulkville, AL. Horton, Gary; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Horton, Joan; Muscle Shoals, AL. Hovater, Patricia; Tuscumbia, AL. Hudson, James; Sheffield, AL. Huggins, Carol; Chattanooga, TN. Hughes, Carla; Cullman, AL. ROW FOUR: Hume, David; Florence, AL. Hunter, Jeff; Florence, AL. Hurt, Angelyn; Florence, AL. Hurt, Glenn; Cullman, AL. Hyde, James; Killen,AL. ROW FIVE: Ingram, James; Florence, AL. Ingram, Phillip; Fort Knox, KY. Irons, Rhonda; Richmond, VA. Isbell, Kimberly; Muscle Shoals, AL. James, Lanny; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW SIX: James, Steve; Waynesboro, TN. Jansen, Patrick; Leoma, TN. Jarrett, Janice; Florence, AL. Jenson, Lany; Florence, AL. Johnson, Carol; Florence, AL. 306 SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Johnson, Dinah; Athens, AL. Johnston, Kathy; Lexington, AL. Jollay, Richard; Sheffield, AL. Jones, Brenda; Killen, AL. Jones, Carol; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Jones, Debra; Huntsville, AL. Jones, Gary; Russellville, AL. Jones, Jose; Soperton, GA. Jones, Keith; Sheffield, AL. Jones, Michael; Saint Joseph, TN. ROW THREE: Jones, Tom; Florence, AL. Jones, Vol; Hanceville, AL. Keeler, Nita; Florence, AL. Keeton, Stan; Collinwood, TN. Kelley, Craig; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW FOUR: Kelley, Tim; Killen, AL. Key, Patricia; Florence, AL. Kicker, Donna; Winfield, AL. Kilburn, Roger; Florence, AL. Kilgoar, Mary; Tuscumbia, AL. SOPHOMORES 307 ROW ONE: Kilgore, Vickie; Muscle Shoals, AL. Killen, Gary; Loretto, TN. Killen, Kay; Florence, AL. Killen, Robert; Florence, AL. Kimble, Chris; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Kimbrough, Teresa; Tuscumbia, AL. King, Rhonda; Lexington, AL. Lamb, Kevin; Florence, AL. Lambert, Thomas; Florence, AL. Lamm, Howard; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Lancaster, James; Florence, AL. Landry, Brian; Pensacola, FL. Langer, Rose; Florence, AL. Lansdell, Michael; Florence, AL. Laster, Shane; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW FOUR: Lantz, Vera; Lawrenceburg.TN. Lawson, Angela; Florence, AL. Lazenby, William; Florence, AL. Leatherwood, Sherry; Leighton, AL. Leavitt, Jay; Florence, AL. 308 SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Ledgwood, Sandra; Florence, AL. Lee, Ann; Tuscumbia, AL. Leist, Jolene; Florence, AL. Lesley, Bruce; Muscle Shoals, AL. Letsinger, Elizabeth; Leighton, AL. ROW TWO: Lindsey, Pamela; Muscle Shoals, AL. Liner, Steven; Florence, AL. Little, Cindy; Muscle Shoals, AL. Little, Cynthia; Muscle Shoals, AL. Livingston, Kay; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Llewellyn, Sue; Florence, AL. Logan, Debbie; Leighton, AL. Long, Sandra; Sheffield, AL. Looser, Chuck; Tuscumbia, AL. Lopez, Cindy; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW FOUR: Lowry, Jerome, Leighton, AL. Lough, Gail; Lawrenceburg, TN. Lyons, Russell; Florence, AL. McAfee, Robert; Florence, AL. McCafferry, Barry; Lexington, AL. ROW FIVE: McCaleb, Beth; Winfield, AL. McCann, Dale; Florence, AL. McCollum, Cheryl; New Market, AL. McCormack, Patsy; Leighton, AL. McCreless, Debbie; Hatton, AL. ROW SIX: McCreless, Ricky; Florence, AL. McDaniel, Desiree; Florence, AL. McDonald, Suzanne; Florence, AL. McGee, Dana; Florence, AL. McGee, Teresa; Rogersville, AL. ROW ONE: McGoff, Kathryn; Cherokee, AL. McGuire, Charles; Russellville, AL. Mclntyre, David; Florence, AL. McKinney, Roger; Russellville, AL. McMinn, Laura; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: McNeil, Jenny; Montgomery, AL. Malone, Mary; Lawrenceburg, TN. Mandy, Mary Lynn; Huntsville, AL. Mangum, James; Florence, AL. Maples, Ann; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Marthaler, Bill; Muscle Shoals, AL. Martin, Linda; Florence, AL. Martin, Robert; Birmingham, AL. Mask, Stephen; Muscle Shoals, AL. Mathews, Steven; Montgomery, AL. ROW FOUR: Matthews, Dianne; Huntsville, AL. Matthews, Ann; Florence, AL. Mattox, Wes; Athens, AL. Mayhall, Belinda; Florence, AL. Mecke, Donnie; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Meeks, Nancy; Sheffield, AL. Millican, Ginny; Muscle Shoals, AL. Mills, Stephen; Sheffield, AL. Milstead, Shelia; Florence, AL. Mitchell, Dale; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW SIX: Mitchell, Susan; Florence, AL. Mitchell, Rhonda; Florence, AL. Mitchell, Rhonda; Athens, AL. Moomaw, Marilyn; Florence, AL. Morris, Donna; Florence, AL. 310 SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Morris, Lisa; Florence, AL. Morrow, Linda; Florence, AL. Morrow, Phillip; Florence, AL. Morse, Pamela; Decatur, AL. Morton, Ronny; Decatur, AL. ROW TWO: Mosley, Mary; Tuscumbia, AL. Murphy, Cindy; Florence, AL. Murphy, David; Florence, AL. Muse, Alana; Florence, AL. Muse, Robert; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Nelson, Teresa; Florence, AL. Newbury, Paula; Florence, AL. Newman, Susan; Leighton, AL. Nix, Pamela; Tuscumbia, AL. O ' Kelley, Gerald; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Olive, John; Florence, AL. Olive, Sandra; Florence. AL. Oliver, Mary; Sheffield, AL. Ong, Alice; Hong Kong. Orton, Jan; Florence, AL. ROW ONE: O ' Steen, Mary; Florence, AL. Page, Andy; Dothan, AL. Palmer, Kent; Florence, AL. Parker, Kenneth; Hackleburg, AL. Parker, Phillip; Killen, AL. ROW TWO: Passwater, Lanelle; Florence, AL. Pate, Zora; Town Creek, AL. Pearce, Harold; Dothan, AL. Peck, Angela; Killen, AL. Perry, Mona; Killen, AL. ROW THREE: Petty, Alyce; Florence, AL. Pettus, Randy; Lexington, AL. Philpot, Janie; Lawrenceburg, TN. Pirkle, Debbye; Florence, AL.Porterfield,Jeff; Birmingham, AL. lOlONT. r M 312 SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Poston, Beth; Atlanta, GA. Paulsen, Patricia; Lawrenceburg, TN. Powell, Karen; Moulton, AL. Prescott, Valarie; Chattanooga, TN. Prestage, Billy; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Prestwood, Shelia; Decatur, AL. Prichett, Terri; Tuscumbia, AL. Provenza, Lea Ann; Florence, AL. Pulles, Mary; Huntsville, AL. Quigley, Ralph; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Quillen, Joel; Florence, AL. Radtke, H. R.; Scottsboro, AL. Ralph, Cathy; Arab, AL. Raney, Joel; Anderson, AL. Rasbury, Pamela; Beaverton, AL. SOPHOMORES 313 ROW ONE: Reeves, Marilyn; Florence, AL. Rhodes, Vickey; Florence, AL. Rickard, Billy; Florence, AL. Rinks, Donna; Lawrenceburg, TN. Risner, Tom; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Robbins, Frank; Tuscumbia, AL. Robbins, Marsha; Florence, AL. Roberts, Donald; Arab, AL. Roberts, Roy; Muscle Shoals, AL. Roberts, Cassandra; Decatur, AL. ROW THREE: Robinson, Timothy; Cherokee, AL. Robinson, Letha; Florence, AL. Rochester, Stephen; Russellville, AL. Roden, Anthony; Hillsboro, AL. Roe, Jackie; Pulaski, TN. 314 -SOPHOMORES ROW ONE: Rutland, Carla; Tuscumbia, AL. Ryals, Alesa; Fort Deposit, AL. Salter, Cynthia; Florence, AL. Sarratt, James; Florence, AL. Saylor, Darrell; West Blocton, AL. ROW TWO: Schuette, Leasa; Hendersonville, TN. Seckinger, Vickie; Peachtree City, GA. Shaner, James; Warrior, AL. Sharp, Karen; Muscle Shoals, AL. Shippey, Roger; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Shirley, Robert; Sheffield, AL. Shuput, Robert; Huntsville, AL. Simms, Belinda; Huntsville, AL. Simon, Michael; Florence, AL. Simpson, William; Florence, AL. SOPHOMORES 315 Skipworth, Rose; Killen, AL. Slaught er, Tonya; Kirston, AL. Sledge, Donna; Leigh ton, AL. Sledge, Thomas; Tuscumbia, AL. Sloan, George; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Smith, Carter; Florence, AL. Smith, Doris; Florence, AL. Smith, Hubert; Tuscumbia, AL. Smith, Kathy; Scottsboro, AL. Smith, Leecy; Pulaski, TN. ROW THREE: Smith, Marilyn; Florence, AL. Smith, Myles; Birmingham, AL. Smith, Pam; Florence, AL. Smith, Ricky; Florence, AL. Smith, Shirley; Russellville, AL. ROW FOUR: Smith, Steve; Florence, AL. Smith, Wessel; Florence, AL. Snyder, Kathy; Tuscumbia, AL. Sockwell, Judith; Muscle Shoals, AL. Sparks, Nancy; Belmont, MS 316 SOPHOMORES tfi t ROW ONE: SpruieUim; Sulligent, AL. Stanford, William; Corinth, MS. Stanford, Stephen; Owens Cross Roads, AL. Stansell, Janet; Tuscumbia, AL. Stansell, Sarah; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW TWO: Steed, Sonjario; Henderson, N.C. Steele, Robert; Columbus, GA. Story, Betty; Florence, AL. Stracener, Jeff; Florence, AL. Stricklin, Stephen; Boaz, TN. ROW THREE: Sturm, Nancy; Cloverdale, AL. Stutts, Greg; Florence, AL. Stutts, Jennifer; Killen, AL. Sullivan, Rodney; Killen, AL. Summer, Robert; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW FOUR: Surles, Todd; Columbia, TN. Suwanawongse, Charti; Nashville, TN. Sylvester, Billie; Florence, AL. Taylor, Dian; Rogersville, AL. Tays, Marcus; Killen, AL. ROW FIVE: Teague, Jerri; Florence, AL. Terry, Danny; Florence, AL. Terry, Don; Jasper, AL. Terry, Susan; Florence, AL. Thigpen, Amy; Lexington, AL. ROW SIX: Thompson, Deborah; Cherokee, AL. Thompson, Jennifer; Lawrenceburg, TN. Thompson, Johnny; Florence, AL. Thompson, Judith; Florence, AL. Thompson, Linda; Cherokee, AL. SOPHOMORES 317 ROW ONE: Thompson, Mary; Tuscumbia, AL. Thompson, Sherry; Tuscumbia, AL Thorn, Janet; Russellville, AL. Trayer, Cathy; Florence, AL. Tucker, Keith; Cullman, AL. ROW TWO: Tucker, Mike; Florence, AL. Vaughn, Sheree; Huntsville, AL. Vick, Thomas; Haleyyille, AL. Voyles, Fred; Thomasville.C.A. Wade, Barbara; Decatur, AL. ROW THREE: Waldrep, Hilda; Cherokee, AL. Walker, Rhonda; Haleyville, AL. Warren, Ivory; Florence, AL. Warren, Susie; Florence, AL. Watts, Denise; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW FOUR: Watterson, Melanie; Decatur, AL. Welch, Richard; Hodges, AL. Wells, Bobby; Florence, AL. West, Russell; Florence, AL. Wheeler, Kathy; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Wheeler, Robin; Hazel Green, AL. White, Connie; St. loseph.TN. White, Jack; Florence, AL. White, Lisa; Florence, AL. Whitfield, Melanie; Florence, AL. H -1 ;i t - ' ' ' , ' r ' ' ' ' 318 SOPHOMORES H BfllBBfB ROW (WE: Williams, David, Athens, AL. Williams, Elizabeth; Cherokee, AL. Williams, Jean; Florence, AL. Williams, John; Birmingham, AL. Williams, Kathy, Tuscumbia, AL. ROW TWO: Williams, Kent; Florence, AL. Williams, Rita; Florence, AL. Willingham, Ricky; Tuscumbia, AL. Wilson, Roger; Five Points, TN. Wmgett, Rachel; Eclectic, AL. ROW THREE: Wingett, Rebecca; Eclectic, AL. Witt, Mike; Muscle Shoals, AL. Wolfsberger, Judy; Huntsville, AL. Wood, Melanie; Russellville, AL. Worley, Vicky, Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Wray, Terry; Chapel Hill, TN. Wright, Carolyn; Florence, AL. Wright, Ellie; Russellville, AL. Wright, Johnny; Florence, AL. Yeilding, Jean; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Yeilding, Jack; Florence, AL. Young, Carol; Tuscaloosa, AL. Young, Sheree, Florence, AL. Young, Luther, Florence, AL. Carlisle, Sandra; Leeds, AL. ROW SIX: Dobbs, Sidney; Tuscumbia, AL. Ezell, Garner; Leoma, TN. Fuller, Will; Jasper, AL. Kelley, Cynthia; Florence, AL. MW SOPHOMORES 319 Class of ' 79 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Diane Waitzman, secretary; Eddie Hayes, president; Maureen Stooksberry, vice president; and Mary Alice Holt, treasurer. ROW ONE: Abston, Charlotte; Florence, AL. Adams, Debra; Arlington, VA. Adcock, Jeffrey; Toney, AL. Adkins, David; Florence, AL. Akin, Deanna; Huntsville, AL. ROW TWO: Albright, Nelda; Florence, AL. Aldred, Jamie; Birmingham, AL. Aldridge, Daniel; Huntsville, AL. Alexander, Jackie; Florence, AL. Allen, Aaron; Florence, AL. Allen, Donnie; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Allen, Jim; Florence, AL. Allison, Cherry; Montgomery, AL. Allison, Phillip; Birmingham, AL. Allison, Robin; Huntsville, AL. Andrews, Teresa; Iron City, TN. ROW FOUR: Atkins, Timothy; Muscle Shoals, AL. Augustin, Sherry; Loretto, TN. Austin, Jane; Cloverdale, AL. Auten, Wade; Killen, AL. 320 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: Baird, Tim; Morgantown, IN. Baker, Lonnie; Mobile, AL. Ball, Wade; Athens, AL. Barcliff, Robert; Florence, AL. Barger, Dan; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Barmby, Richard; Huntsville, AL. Barnes, Martin; Sheffield, AL. Barnes, Patti; Huntsville, AL. Barnes, Regina; Phil Campbell, AL. Barnett, Mickey; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Barnett, Stanley; Huntsville, AL. Barnett, Tim; Rogersville, AL. Bassham, Doward; Killen, AL. Bates, Peggy; Tuscumbia, AL. Bawsel, Thomas; Sheffield, AL. ROW FOUR: Baxley, Rita; Huntsville, AL. Beavers, Jennifer; Waynesboro, TN. Beck, Mike; Florence, AL. Beck, Murray; Birmingham, AL. Beck, Randal; Huntsville, AL. ROW FIVE: Beck, Rebecca; Florence, AL. Beckwith, Andrew; Florence, AL. Bedingfield, Joyce; Nashville, TN. Behel, Elizabeth; Florence, AL. Belew, Jane; Lexington, AL. ROW SIX: Behr, Harriet; Huntsville, AL. Bell, Creig; Addison, AL. Bell, David; Lacey Springs, AL. Bell, Donald; New Market, AL. Bennet, James; Huntsville, AL. FRESHMEN 321 ROW ONE: Bergob, Beth; Florence, AL. Beshears, Mike; Tarrant, AL. Bettis, Brad; Hopeville, GA. Biggers, Mary; Florence, AL. Birdwell, Paul; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW TWO: Bishop, Patti, Cherokee, AL. Bishop, Sonceria, Birmingham, AL. Blackburn, Nancy; Tuscumbia, AL. Blackburn, Virginia; Tuscumbia, AL. Blankenship, Gary; Lacey Springs, AL. ROW THREE: Blankenship, Ingram, Pompano Beach, FL. Blankinship, Keith; Sheffield, AL. Bledsoe, Suzanne; Huntsville, AL. Blevins, Barry; Huntsville, AL. Boldt, Alexis; Huntsville, AL. ROW FOUR: Booream, Elizabeth; Florence, AL. Bozeman, Angie; Cherokee, AL. Brac kin, William; Florence, AL. Bradley, Jeff; Portland, OR. Brewer, Gregg; Florence, AL. 322 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: Brewer, Butch; Florence, AL. Brice, Cindy; Florence, AL. Briscoe, Debbie; Decatur, AL. Brooks, Christina; Florence, AL Brown, Marilyn; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Brown, Sandra; Somerville, AL. Brown, Tricia; Florence, AL. Broyles, Wanda; Savannah, TN. Buckley, Rebecca; Sheffield, AL. Buffaloe, Melanie; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Buffler, Beth; Muscle Shoals, AL. Bundy, Kathleen; Huntsville, AL. Buford, Freda; Florence, AL. Burbanks, Mary; Lexington, AL. Burcham, Chris; Russellville, AL. ROW FOUR: Burcham, Ronald; Birmingham, AL. Burke, Alva; Washington, D.C. Burns, John; Killen, AL. Bums, Karen; Tuscumbia, AL. Burt, Chris; Florence, AL. FRESHMEN 323 ROW ONE: Butler, Joan; Florence, AL. Cabiness, John; Tuscumbia, AL. Caldwell, Maria; Decatur, AL. Call, Rhoda; Florence, AL. Cameron, John; Montgomery, AL. ROW TWO: Campbell, Nancy; Hazel Green, AL. Campbell, Patricia; Muscle Shoals, AL. Campbell, Phil; Oakman, AL. Campbell, Sonja; Muscle Shoals, AL. Campbell, Thomas; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Cantrell, Kathryn; Vina, AL. Carlisle, Jolene; Cherokee, AL. Caroll, William; Sheffield, AL. Carter, Cathy; Birmingham, AL. ROW FOUR: Carter, Collins; Florence, AL. Carter, Jerry; Doraville, GA. Carter, Oliver; Florence, AL. Chapman, Charlotte; Lawrenceburg, TN. Childers, Gayla, Scottsboro, AL. ROW FIVE: Childers, Keith; Red Bay, AL. Childs, Bruce; Birmingham, AL. Clark, Anita; Huntsville, AL. Clark, Barbara; Florence, AL. Clark, Patricia; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Clark, Reuben; Sheffield, AL. Clemmons, Susan; Florence, AL. Clemont, Stanley; Muscle Shoals, AL. Coats, Amy; Florence, AL. Cobb, O ' Neal; Garden City, AL. 324 FRESHMEN -. V ROW ONE: Cochran, Fred; Russellville, AL. Cochran, Russell; Muscle Shoals, AL. Cockrell, Helen; Athens, AL. Cofield, Angie; Huntsville, AL. Cofield, Debra; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Cohela, Larry; Trinity, AL. Coker, Janet; Centre, AL. Colagross, Eva; Nashville, TN. Collum, Joel; Red Bay, AL. Colston, Mike; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW THREE: Colwell, Roger; Huntsville, AL. Comer, Phillip, Florence, AL. Conatser, Sandi; Decatur, AL. Conley, Patricia; Leighton, AL. Conn, Ronald; Muscle Shoals, AL. FRESHMEN 325 ROW ONE: Connell, Mary; Cullman, AL. Connell, Phil; Dunwoody, GA. Cooner, Kerry; Florence, AL. Coonrod, Harold; Florence, AL. Corbell, Joe; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Corbie, Barbara; Muscle Shoals, AL. Cordle, Connie; Florence, AL. Cornelius, Tim; Cloverdale, AL. Corum, Greg; St. Joseph, TN. Cosby, Lori; Rogersville, AL. ROW THREE: Counts, Mark; Tuscumbia, AL. Covington, Connie; Florence, AL. Crafton, Rebecca; Florence, AL. Craig, Chuck; Rogersville, AL. Craig, Morse; Birmingham, AL. ROW FOUR: Crawford, Stanley; Gurley, AL. Creasy, Daniel; Florence, AL. Creighton, Susan; Huntsville, AL. Crews, Bryan; Huntsville, AL Crittendon, Mary Martha; Florence, AL. 326 FRESHMEN il fi ROW ONE: Crouch, Judy; Florence, AL. Crowell, Jerry; Florence, AL. Cummings, Leslie; Florence, AL. Crutchfield, Sheryl; Red Bay, AL. Dalrymple, Michael; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW TWO: Daniel, Garry; Cordova, AL. Darby, Bruce; Florence, AL. Darby, Stephen; Florence, AL. Dashner, Susan; Huntsville, AL. Davis, Cindy; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Davis, Cynthia; Bear Creek, AL. Davis, Dana; Tuscumbia, AL. Davis, Jerry; Athens, AL. Davis, Kenneth; Florence, AL. Davis, Steven; Athens, GA. ROW FOUR: Davis, Teresa; Red Bay, AL. Day, Paula; Manceville, AL. Deaton, Andy; Tuscumbia, AL. Deaton, Pam; Florence, AL. DeWeese, Joseph; Huntsville, AL. FRESHMEN 327 Mfflffltflfln flail J5 " Sfc ' mif " ROW ONE: Dickens, Sheila; Huntsville, AL. Dobbs, Elaine; Haleyville, AL. Dodson, Brenda; Leighton, AL. Douglass, Patty; Huntsville, AL. Downs, Marty; Fairfield, AL. ROW TWO: Drabkin, " Yummy " ; Purcellville, VA. Drake, Cindy; Huntsville, AL. Drane, Robert; Florence, AL. Dress, Nancy; Carlstadt, N.J. Drissel, David; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Duke, Lila; Florence, AL. Duncan, Douglas; Tuscumbia, AL. Dunlap, Philip; Florence, AL. Eaton, Kim; Florence, AL. Eaves, LeLand; Moulton, AL. ROW FOUR: Eckl, Barbara; Florence, AL. Eley, Steve; Huntsville, AL. Eller, Stan; Elmore, AL. Ellis, Jerri; Haleyville, AL. 328 FRESHMEN mm ROW ONE: Enslen, Martha; Fayette, AL. Etheredge, Cathy; Iron City, TN. Fails, Verna; Birmingham, AL. Farris, Ulus; Sheffield, AL. ROW TWO: Faughn, Lynn; Florence, AL. Faulkner, Barry; Florence, AL. Ferrell, Connie; Sheffield, AL. Fields, Jackie; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Finley, Mark; Haleyville, AL. Flanagan, Janie; Florence, AL. Flippo, Robin; Florence, AL. Flippo, Sandy; Flo rence, AL. Fontaine, Linda; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Forsythe, Shelia; Huntsville, AL. Foster, Debbie; Birmingham, AL. Fowler, Alfred; Killen, AL. Fowler, Jack; Florence, AL. Fowler, Vickie; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Franklin, Pam; Sulligent, AL. Frederick, Cindy; Florence, AL. Fuller, Cendi; Florence, AL. Fuller, Will; Jasper, AL. Fulmer, Lynne; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Fulmer, Orlan; Florence, AL. Gaines, Mike; Huntsville, AL. Callaher, Pat, Sheffield, AL. Gann, Sherrie; Huntsville, AL. Garrett, Emily; Birmingham, AL. m FRESHMEN 329 ROW ONE: Garrison, Virginia; Red Bay, AL. Gaskell, Karen; Florence, AL. Gentry, Denise; Huntsville, AL. Gentry, Susanne; Midfield, AL. Geise, Cindy; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Gibson, Mira; Huntsville, AL. Gill, Patricia; Huntsville, AL. Gillespie, Nina; Huntsville, AL. Gist, Angela; Lexington, AL. Glover, Ricky; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Gobbell, Pat; Florence, AL. Coins, Reggie; Muscle Shoals, AL. Golliver, Cheryl; Muscle Shoals, AL. Gooch, Glen; Florence, AL. Gooch, Phillip; Killen, AL. ROW FOUR: Goodloe, Benny; Cherokee, AL. Goodloe, Emma; Cherokee, AL. Gotcher, Henry; Sheffield, AL. Gotcher, Susette; Sheffield, AL. Gowen, Chris; Leoma, TN. 330 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: Gowen, Karen; Leoma, TN. Granstaff, Jerry; Huntsville, AL. Graves, Michael; Killen, AL. Green, Carl; Birmingham, AL. Green, Tom; Killen, AL. ROW TWO: Green, Thomas; Huntsville, AL. Green, Tommy; Killen, AL. Greene, Reginald; Birmingham, AL. Gresham, Sandra; Tuscumbia, AL. Grigsby, Becky; Huntsville, AL. ROW THREE: Grimmitt, William; Sheffield, AL. Grissom, Diane; Red Bay, AL. Grunwald, Nancy; Huntsville, AL. Guillot, Lynne; Florence, AL. Guin, Rhonda; Guin, AL ROW FOUR: Gundloch, Linda; Huntsville, AL. Hacker, Sandra; Russellville, AL. Hale, Kenneth; Leighton, AL. Hallmark, Eva; Sheffield, AL. Hamilton, Myra; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Hamilton, Ray; Russellville, AL. Hammond, Greg; Leoma, TN. Hammond, Karen; Anderson, AL. Hamner, Mary; Killen, AL. Hamner, Ricky; Killen, AL. ROW SIX: Hankins, Teresa; Guin, AL. Hargett, Debbie; Muscle Shoals, AL. Hargrave, Steve; Muscle Shoals, AL. Harland, Tim; Cherokee, AL. Harless, Joe; Huntsville, AL. FRESHMEN 331 ROW ONE: Harp, Doris, Florence, AL. Harper, Harold; Thomasville, AL. Harris, Wayne; Moulton, AL. Harrison, Joni; Birmingham, AL. Harrison, Price; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Haskins, Steve; Sheffield, AL. Hawkins, James; Florence, AL. Hayes, Edward; Florence, AL. Hayes, Lynn; Cherokee, AL. Haynes, Dan; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Hejtmanek, VeAna; Tuscumbia, AL. Heliums, Janet; Sheffield, AL. Helms, Phillip; St. Joseph, TN. Henderson, James; Florence, AL. Hendrix, Brad; Birmingham, AL. Tft , f- ' f . - 332 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: Henley, Una; Toney, AL. Henry, Jim; Muscle Shoals, AL. Henry, Steven; Florence, AL. Henry, Tim; Muscle Shoals, AL. Henson, Conita; Red Bay, AL. ROW TWO: Hewitt, Fred; Florence, AL. Hickman, Howard; Camp Springs, MD. Higdon, Charles; Tuscumbia, AL. Higgins, Lawana; Athens, AL. Hill, Anita; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Hill, Billy; Ardmore, TN. Hill, Clinton; Collinwood, TN. Hill, Fredda; Florence, AL. Hill, Hazel; Russellville, AL Hill, Sandra; Florence, AL. ' : A . ROW FOUR: Hill, Steve; Moulton, AL. Hinton, David; Savannah, TN. Hipps, Anita; Florence, AL. Hobbie, Jerry; Leeds, AL. Holland, Horace; Vernon, AL. ROW FIVE: Holland, Neysa; Athens, AL. Hollis, Tim; Demopolis, AL. Holt, Billy; Elton, TN. Holt, Mary Alice; Florence, AL. Holt, Tommy; Cullman, AL. ROW SIX: Holmes, Mark; Birmingham, AL. Honey, Tommy; Tuscumbia, AL. Hooper, John; Hazen, N.D. Hornbuckle, Weston; Huntsville, AL. Harrison, Deborah; Muscle Shoals, AL. FRESHMEN 333 ROW ONE: Morton, Beth; Chattanooga, TN. Hotle, Mark; Florence, AL. Hovater, Sharon; Tuscumbia, AL. House, Larry; Huntsville, AL. Howard, Dean; Cullman, AL. ROW TWO: Howard, Janet; Muscle Shoals, AL. Howard, Virginia; Lexington, AL. Howell, Julia; Haleyville, AL. Howington, Karen; Trussville, AL. Huddleston, Jean; Sheffield, AL. ROW THREE: Hudson, Billy; Tuscumbia, AL. Humphrey, Kevin; Huntsville, AL. Hunt, Debbie; Florence, AL. Hunter, Thomas; Huntsville, AL. Hurst, Archette; Selma, AL. ROW FOUR: Hurst, Joe; Sheffield, AL. Hurst, Teresa; Leighton, AL. Ikerd, Gary; Huntsville, AL. Ingram, Charron; Huntsville, AL. Inman, Connie; Tuscumbia, AL. V .,- .;, IU 334 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: Inman, Debbie; Spring City, TN. Irby, James; Florence, AL. Irons, Keith; Florence, AL. Jackson, Anna; Huntsville, AL. Jackson, Deborah; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Jackson, Hollye; Lester, AL. Jason, Mary; Florence, AL. Jay, Janie Kay; Newbern, AL. Jeans, John; Winfield, AL. Jeffreys, Howard; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Jeffreys, Linda; Sheffield, AL. Jelley, Joan; Bartlow, FL. Jemison, Mike; Birmingham, AL. Jones, Amy; Huntsville, AL. Jones, Butch; Huntsville, AL. ROW FOUR: Jones, Charles; Leighton, AL. Johnson, Faith; Killen, AL. Johnson, Gary; Russellville, AL. Johnson, Hattie; Florence, AL. Johnson, Julia; Athens, AL. ROW FIVE: Johnson, Kathy; Decatur, AL Johnson, Mike; Florence, AL. Johnson, Phyllis, Decatur, AL. Johnson, Teresa; Leighton, AL. Kaller, Anita; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Keller, Keith; Lexington, AL. Kelsey, Gene; Tuscumbia, AL. Kennedy, Lorraine; Brighton, AL. Key, Richard; Huntsville, AL. Keys, Dalen; Florence, AL. FRESHMEN 335 ROW ONE: Keys, Mitzie; Florence, AL. Kidd, Deanne; Birmingham, AL. Kimbrough, Sherrie; Mount Hope, AL. Kimbrough, James; Sheffield, AL. King, Brenda; Lexington, AL. ROW TWO: King, Robyn; Hamilton, AL. Kirkland, David; Tuscumbia, AL. Kirkland, Debbie; Florence, AL. Knabb, Earl; MacClenny, FL. Koger, Brenda; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Kuhn, Frederick; Florence, AL. Kyzar, Kym; Florence, AL. Lafarlett, Diane; Lacey Springs, AL. Lakebrink, Marcella; Huntsville, AL. Lamon, Debbie; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW FOUR: Lamar, Dianne; Florence, AL. Lane, Chuck; Decatur, AL. LaPlant, Dani; Anniston, AL. Lasater, Linda; Tuscumbia, AL. Lawson, Bruce; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Lawson, Carol; Florence, AL. Lay, Donald; Birmingham, AL. Layne, Susan; Cherokee, AL. League, Cindy; Toney, AL. League, Cynthia; Toney, AL. ROW SIX: LeBaron, Roy; Moulton, AL. Lee, Robert; Walnut Creek, GA. Lee, Steve; Cullman, AL. 336 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: LeFan, Charles; Florence, AL. Letsinger, Walker; Leighton, AL. Lewis, Nita; Huntsville, AL. Lightsey, Martha; Florence, AL. Liles, Kathy; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Lindley, Michelle; Florence, AL. Lindsey, Debra; Florence, AL. Lindsey, Debbie; Florence, AL. Lindsey, Vickie; Cherokee, AL. Linville, Michael; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW THREE: Littrell, Karen; Florence, AL. Littrell, Steve; Lexington, AL. Llewellyn, Phil; Florence, AL. Lloyd, Demetra; Russellville, AL. FRESHMEN 337 ROW ONE: Long, Ricky; Oldenville, AL. Lott, Mike; Athens, AL. Lough, Alan; Lawrenceburg,TN. Lovelady, Debbie; Decatur, AL. Lovell, Michael; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Lovett, Greg; Florence, AL. Lull, Michael; Huntsville, AL. Lundquist, Dawn; Huntsville, AL. Lusk, Jo Ann; Florence, AL. Lynn, Bob; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Machen, Joseph; Scottsboro, AL. Machtolff, Paul; Sheffield, AL. Mahatha, Toni; Florence, AL. Maness, Joe; Huntsville, AL. Mangum, Carol; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW FOUR: Lamar, Dianne; Florence, AL. Lane, Chuck; Decatur, AL. LaPlant, Dani; Anniston, AL. Lasater, Linda; Tuscumbia, AL. Lawson, Bruce; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Lawson, Carol; Florence, AL. Lay, Donald; Birmingham, AL. Layne, Susan; Cherokee, AL. League, Cindy; Toney, AL. League, Cynthia; Toney, AL. ROW SIX: LeBaron, Roy; Moulton, AL. Lee, Robert; Walnut Creek, GA. Lee, Steve; Cullman, AL. 338 FRESHMEN 1 ROW ONE: Mangum, Sam; Florence, AL. Maples, Sheri, Huntsville, AL. Marks, Judy; Loretta.TN. Maroney, Dan; Tuscumbia, AL. Marxer, Cathy; Huntsville, AL. Marshall, John; Rayton, MO. ROW TWO: Martin, Thomas; Sheffield, AL. Marxer, Cathy; Huntsville, AL. Mason, Mary; Florence, AL. Mata, Gabriel; Florence, AL. Mata, Marion; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Matthews, Marilyn; Athens, AL. May, Sheila; Florence, AL. May, Teresa; Athens, AL. May, Tim; Florence, AL. May, Vickie; Florence, AL. 1 ROW FOUR. Mead, Darlene; Decatur, AL. Mead, Joyce; Warrior, AL. Medford, Sherri; Cherokee, AL. Mehaffey, Lisa; Birmingham, AL. Melson, Kathy; Moulton, AL. ROW FIVE: Middlebrooks, Linda; Anderson, AL. Miller, Anita; Sheffield, AL. Miller, Bryan; Athens, AL. Millsaps, Anna; Huntsville, AL. Milner, Timothy; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW SIX: Miner, Linda; Eva, AL. Minor, Cyndy; Tuscumbia, AL. Mitchell, Cindy; Pulaski, TN. Mitchell, Johnny; Florence, AL. Mitchell, Lisa; Huntsville, AL. ROW ONE: Mock, Danny; Florence, AL. Mock, Terry; Florence, AL. Montgomery, Joe; Florence, AL. Moody, Toni; Cherokee, AL. Moore, Sarah; Huntsville, AL. ROW TWO: Moreland, Theresa; Muscle Shoals, AL. Morgan, Vicki; Huntsville, AL. Morris, Jerry; Sheffield, AL. Morrissey, Karen; Florence, AL. Mueller, Jimmy; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Mullins, Janet; Guin, AL. Muse, Judy; Florence, AL. McAfferty, Sandra; Lexington, AL. McCaleb, Kim; Winfield, AL. McCaleb, Jackie; Winfield, AL. ROW FOUR: McClellan, Eleanor; Florence, AL. McClellan, Mark; Huntsville, AL. McCormick, Bill; Florence, AL. McCoy, Susan; Muscle Shoals, AL. McCracken, Jeff; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: McCreless, Leisa; Florence, AL. McCulley, Tim; Huntsville, AL. McDonald, Mike; Florence, AL. McFall, Jenny; Ethridge, TN. McFall, Lynn; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: McGarry, Denise; Huntsville, AL. McGee, Daphne; Elmwood Park, IL. McGee, Jeff; Florence, AL. McGee, Teresa; Rogersville, AL. McGill, Doug; Florence, AL. 340 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: McGuyer, Benny; Tuscumbia, AL. Mclntosh, John; Muscle Shoals, AL. Mclntyre, Freida; Florence, AL McKelvey, Debbie; Florence, AL. McKinney, Donald; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW TWO: McMinn, Carol; Muscle Shoals, AL. McWilliams, Anne; Athens, AL. Male, Michael, Florence, AL. Napier, Thomas; Florence, AL. Neal, Marta; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Neel, Robert; Montgomery, AL. Nelson, Rusty; Sheffield, AL. Nelson, Stanley; Athens, AL. Nemeth, Gayle; Florence, AL. Nesbitt, Randall; Sheffield, AL. FRESHMEN 341 ROW ONE: Newbern, Anita; Killen, AL. Newman, Bobby; Scottsboro, AL. Newman, Richard; Florence, AL. Newton, Charlotte, Tuscumbia, AL. Newton, Linda; Hixon, TN. ROW TWO: Newton, Paul; Lexington, AL. Nix, Gayla; Lexington, AL. Nixon, Ethel; Sheffield, AL. Northcutt, Cindy; Cullman, AL. Oates, Sabrina; Russellville, AL. ROW THREE: O ' Bannon, Marcus; Florence, AL. Oden, Melissa; Huntsville, AL. O ' Neal, Jimmy; Atlanta, GA. Ory, Anna; Florence, AL. O ' Steen, Sharon; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Owens, Randell; Birmingham, AL. Owens, Sharlon; Moulton, AL. Page, Gary; Red Bay, AL. Page, Vivian; Huntsville, AL. Pannell, Ronnie; Florence, AL. 342 FRESHMEN I ROW ONE:Parker, Cindy; Florence, AL. Parker, James; Muscle Shoals, AL. Parker, Johnni; Moulton, AL. Parker, Rhonda; Moulton, AL. Parnell, James; Florence, AL. ROW TWO: Parrish, Hoagy; Cullman, AL. Parsons, Anthony; Tuscumbia, AL. Partlow, Myra; Decatur, AL. Paseur, Angela; New Market, AL Patterson, Kathy; Huntsville, AL ROW THREE: Patterson, Larry; Decatur, AL Patterson, Susan; Hartselle, AL Patton, Kelley; Sheffield, AL Peacock, John; Sheffield, AL. Pearcy, Tim; Columbia, TN. ROW FOUR: Peden, Connie; Florence, AL. Pendergrass, Pam; Florence, AL. Phifer, Melisa; Sheffield, AL. Phillips, Brad; Tuscumbia, AL Phillips, Debbie; Florence, AL ROW FIVE: Phillips, Debby; Union Grove, AL. Pickens, Debbie; Florence, AL. Pickens, Randy; Mount Hope, AL Pickering, Sandie; Tuscumbia, AL Pickett, Thomas; Russellville, AL ROW SIX: Pierce, Martha; Florence, AL. Pinkston, Dennis; Sheffield, AL Pitman, Susan; Killen, AL. Pittman, Robin; Huntsville, AL. Pounders, Steve; Tuscumbia, AL FRESHMEN 343 _. ROW ONE: Prady, William; Huntsville, AL. Priester, Jan; Florence, AL. Pullen, Euna; Town Creek, AL. Putman, Jim; . Huntsville, AL. Quails, Dana; Sheffield, AL. ROW TWO: Quigley, Kathy; Iron City, TN. Quinby, Richard; Florence, AL. Rasmussen, Richard; Montgomery, AL. Ray, Charles; Muscle Shoals, AL. ROW THREE: Ray, Paul; Florence, AL. Reasonover, Barbara; Cullman, AL. Redman, Linda; Scottsboro, AL. Reedy, Robert; Five Points, TN. Reid, Bonnie; Warrior, AL. ROW FOUR: Remkus, Craig; Cherokee, AL. Reynold, Scott; Huntsville, AL. Richardson, Terry; Muscle Shoals, AL. Rickard, Bobby; Florence, AL. Rickard, Robert; Florence, AL. ROW FIVE: Rickard, Rhonda; Florence, AL. Ricks, Louise; Florence, AL. Riddick, Phil; Huntsville, AL. Risner, Judi; Florence, AL. Rivera, Richard; San Antonio, TX. ROW SIX: Roberson, Shelaine; Florence, AL. Robbins, Cyd; Killen, AL. Robinette, Debbie; Huntsville, AL. Robinson, Brenda; Cherokee, AL. Robinson, Donald; Florence, AL. ROW Trussville, AL Rochester, Mike; Russellville, AL. Rogers, Glenn; Bridgeport, AL. Rollins, Phil; Hartselle, AL. Rook, Donald; Killen, AL. ROW TWO: Ross, Howard; Birmingham, AL. Roth, Lone; South Bend, IN. Ruble, John; Sheffield, AL. Saliba, Shauna; Florence, AL. Sanderson, Dana;Tuscumbia, AL. ROW THREE: Sanderson, Debbie; Florence, AL. Sanderson, Kathy; Florence, AL. Sanderson, Steve; Harvest, AL. Sandlin, Debbie; Florence, AL. Sandlin, Mark; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Savage, David; Florence, AL. Schacht, Karen; Decatur, AL. Scillian, Rebekah; Florence, AL. Scott, Debbie; Huntsville, AL. Scott, Jimmy; Prattville, AL. FRESHMEN 345 ROW ONE: Sears, Sandra; Birmingham, AL. Self, Ramona; Toney, AL. Sharp, Robbie; Florence, AL. Shaver, Joseph; Garden City, AL. Shaw, Dennis; Sheffield, AL. ROW TWO: Shaw, Kathy; Savannah, TN. Shaw, Pamela; Tuscumbia, AL. Shelton, Monty; Florence, AL. Shepard, Joseph; Florence, AL Shipley, Gail; Florence, AL. ROW THREE: Shipley, Sandra; Chicago, 1L. Shirley, Tim; Centreville, VA. Simonds, Donna; Florence, AL. Simpson, Stan; Lauderdale, FL. Sivley, Benny; Cleveland, AL. ROW FOUR: Skelton, Susan; Waynesboro, TN. Skipper, Gary; Cullman, AL Sledge, Cindy; Florence, AL. Sledge, Lisa; Florence, AL. Sloan, Karen; Hanceville, AL. 346 FRESHMEN W ' ' w tfto W r 1 ' k ROW ONE: Swindall, Terrell; Cullman, AL. Swinea, Steven; Florence, AL. Swinnea, Joyce; Florence, AL. Swinney, P atsy; Leoma, TN. Tanner, Jan; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW TWO: Tate, Bart; Florence, AL. Taylor, Susan; Hartselle, AL. Teague, Terri; Decatur, AL. Terry, Rosemary; Muscle Shoals, AL. Thigpen, Thelica; Lexington, AL. ROW THREE: Thomas, Clark; Florence, AL. Thomas, Henry; Goodwater, AL. Thomas, John; Florence, AL. Thomas, Mary; Savannah, TN. Thompson, Charlotte; r, Linda; Rogers AL. Stallings, Paula; Cullman, AL. ROW FIVE: Stanford, Howard; Tuscumbia, AL. Stanford, Shelia; Russellville, AL. Stangel, Darcy; Florence, AL. Stegall, Pat; Florence, AL. Stein, Ottie; Russellville, AL. ROW SIX: Sterling, Karen; Danville, AL. Stevens, Renita; Cullman, AL. Stoner, David; Huntsville, AL. Stooksberry, Maureen; Florence, AL. Stooksberry, Terry; Florence, AL. FRESHMEN 347 ROW ONE: Sears, Sandra; Birmingham, AL. Self, Ramona; Toney, AL. Sharp, Robbie; Florence, AL. Shaver, Joseph; Garden City, AL. Shaw, Dennis; Sheffield, AL. ROW TWO: Shaw, Kathy; Savannah, TN. Shaw, Pamela; Tuscumbia, AL Shelton, Monty; Florence, -X, ' ROW ONE: Stacy, Linda; Florence, AL. Story, Michael; West Point, TN. Stott, Steve; Haleyville, AL. Stratford, Mary; Muscle Shoals, AL. Stroh, Leesa; Decatur, AL. ROW TWO: Stroud, Tommy; Huntsville, AL. Strickland, Deb; Russellville, AL. Studdard, Kathy; Winfield, AL. Stults, Janice; Florence, AL. Stutts, Mike; Sheffield, AL. ROW THREE: Styles, Tracey; Cullman, AL. Sullenger, Debbie; Cullman, AL. Sullivan, Robert; Hartselle, AL. Summers, Karen; Huntsville, AL. Swift, Penney; Huntsville, AL. ' . ' ; . ' . ' ' 348 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: Swindall, Terrell; Cullman, AL. Swinea, Steven; Florence, AL. Swinnea, Joyce; Florence, AL. Swinney, Patsy; Leoma, TN. Tanner, Jan; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW TWO: Tate, Bart; Florence, AL. Taylor, Susan; Hartselle, AL. Teague, Terri; Decatur, AL. Terry, Rosemary; Muscle Shoals, AL. Thigpen, Thelica; Lexington, AL. ROW THREE: Thomas, Clark; Florence, AL. Thomas, Henry; Goodwater, AL. Thomas, John; Florence, AL. Thomas, Mary; Savannah, TN. Thompson, Charlotte; Florence, AL. ROW FOUR: Thompson, Janet; Red Bay, AL. Thompson, Larry; Muscle Shoals, AL. Thompson, Michael; Florence, AL. Thompson, Tim; Cherokee, AL. Thornton, Bonnie; Athens, AL. ROW FIVE: Thorton, Tina; Russellville, AL. Tillman, Ronald; Birmingham, AL. Tilson, Kitty; Athens, AL. Triplett, Becky; Florence, AL. Truitt, Mae; Killen, AL. ROW SIX: Tuberville, Theresa; Tuscumbia, AL. Tucker, James; Florence, AL. Uffelman, Becky; Huntsville, AL. Utley, Cathy; Tuscumbia, AL. Vanderventer, Laurie; Sheffield, AL. .1 ' ;: ' r ' fj ' : FRESHMEN 349 ROW ONE: Vandergriff, Allen; Scottsboro, AL. Vandiver, Mark; Florence, AL. Viall, James; Tuscumbia, AL. Vickers, Terry; Florence, AL. Vinson, Larry; Columbus, GA. ROW TWO: Wade, Barry; Florence, AL. Wade, Gerald; Florence, AL. Wade, Robin; Florence, AL. Waitzman, Diane; Florence, AL. Waldrep, Malcolm; Cherokee, AL. ROW THREE: Waldrop, Richard; Lexington, AL. Walker, Albert; Decatur, AL. Walker, Jim; Tuscumbia, AL. Wallace, Rita; Muscle Shoals, AL. Warren, Jane; Pittsburg, TN. ROW FOUR: Weakley, Nancy; Florence, AL. Weakley, Sally; Florence, AL. Weaver, Robert; Huntsville, AL. Welch, John; Florence, AL. Welzyn, Mike; Huntsville, AL. ROW FIVE: Wesley, William; Red Bay, AL. White, Benata; Lawrenceburg, TN. White, Cindy; Cullman, AL. White, Dana; Birmingham, AL. White, Michael; Killen, AL. ROW SIX: White, Pamela; Killen, AL. Whitsett, Tim; Florence, AL. Whitt, Bob; Toney, AL. Whitten, Vicki; Florence, AL. Wier, Janet; Florence, AL. 350 FRESHMEN ROW ONE: Wiginton, Craig; Sheffield, AL. Wilhide, Robert; Florence, AL. Wilkins, Rita; Scottsboro, AL. Wilkinson, Dana; Florence, AL. Williams, Johnny; Tuscaloosa, AL. ROW TWO: Williams, Lynn; Sheffield, AL. Williams, Pat; Cherokee, AL. Williams, Paul; Brighton, AL. Williams, Roger; Norcross, GA. Williams, Susan; Savannah, TN. ROW THREE: Willingham, Sherry; Tuscumbia, AL. Willis, Sheila; Florence, AL. Wilson, Betty; Huntsville, AL. Wilson, Chuck; Guaynabo, P.R. Wilson, Karen; Decatur, AL. ROW FOUR: Winchester, Danny; Red Bay, AL. Woods, Anita; Tuscumbia, AL. Word, Debi; Melrose Park, IL. Worley, Charles; Tuscumbia, AL. Wright, Pam; Tuscumbia, AL. ROW FIVE: Wright, Phillip; Killen, AL. Yeager, Hal; Athens, AL. Yeager, Vic; Florence, AL. Yeiser, Denise; Savannah, TN. Young, Eddie; Florence, AL. ROW SIX: Young, Ginger; Muscle Shoals, AL. Akin, Kim; Florence, AL. Gray, Cindy; Florence, AL. McCollough, Paul; Tupelo, MS. Riley, Velda; Florence, AL. FRESHMEN 351 352 FACULTY , I FACULTY IS? I - sum Board of Trustees m IB he Honorable Cieorge ( . Wallace, (iovernor of the St.itc of Alabama BELOW: Dr. Wayne Teague, C.iillman, Alabama, Superintendent of State Hoard of I ducation. BOTTOM OF I ' AGK: Dr. (iuillot conducts a tour of the new mass media center for board members Doyle R. Young, Florence; H. ( irady Jacobs, Bridgeport; Mrs. Mary Klla I ' otts, Birmingham; Harry L. I ' ennington, lluntsville; Laney L. West, Russellville; president pro tempore; and John 1 . Bulls, Jr., I- lorence. V KIC.H ' I ' : Maik Adams, Vernon. MIDDLI : H. B. Urkms. Deutur. I AK KK.H ' F: Jesse Rush, Albi-rtville. URN President Robert M. Guillot ABOVK IJ.ri " l)r Robert Miller ( .uillot tenth President of the trmi r .,t .Hid his wile I ' .itty grji inus first Ijdy and official hosU " . 1 - Lll I Mi .ini I rovvhnd e, Sc retary to the President Mr. Roy S. Stevens Administrative and Financial Affairs r. Turner W. Allen Vice President for Academic Affairs A : Mr-, (.mot Fduct-tt, Secretary. AHOVC: Mrs. F ' .milv H. Collier. Secretary. Dr. W. T. McElheny Vice President for Student Affairs Miss Pauline E. Gravlee Dean of Student Life ABOVE LEFT: Miss Rhonda Flippo, Secretary to Director of Admissions and Records. RIGHT: Mrs. Linda Hudson, Secretary to Dean of Student Life. Mr. John Hollie Allen Director of Admissions and Records 358 FACULTY A I Dr. William L. Crocker I Dean of Instruction and Faculties Miss Barbara W. Cox, Secretary. FACULTY 359 , 1 II Dr. Jack W. Crocker, Dean, School of Graduate Studies RIC.HT: Mrs. Margaret Stack, Secretary. ! " i. A 360 FACULTY AflM LEFT: Mr. Mort Smith, Head, Department of Art. CENTER LEFT AND RIGHT: Mrs. Shirley H. Maize, Instructor in Art, and Ms. Kay Canipe, Instructor in Art. LOWER LEFT: Mr. AI C. Hausmann, Assistant Professor of Art. BELOW: Mrs. Elizabeth Walter, Instructor in Art and Director of the Media Center. t Arts and Sciei LEFT: Mrs. Cindy Scarborough, Secretary. FACULTY 361 .! m Wm It Wa 1 Bfl Dr. Jack W. Crocker i: " l Dean, School of C t. TOP . ABOVE: Mr. f: Mr. Fred O. Hensley, Assistant Professor of Art. 362 FACULTY A LEFT: Mr. Mort Smith, Head, Department of Art. CENTER LEFT AND RIGHT: Mrs. Shirley H. Maize, Instructor in Art, and Ms. Kay Canipe, Instructor in Art. LOWER LEFT: Mr. Al C. Hausmann, Assistant Professor of Art. BELOW: Mrs. Elizabeth Walter, Instructor in Art and Director of the Media Center. FACULTY 363 ; IUUUU " RIGHT: Mr. John W. Holland, Jr., Assistant Professor of Biology. BELOW: Dr. Jack 5. Brown, Head, Department of Biology. LOWER RIGHT: Dr. Richard W. Williams, Associate Professor of Biology. RIGHT: Dr. Robert W. Daly, Jr., Assistant Professor of Biology. FAR RIGHT: Dr. William B. Hawkins, Professor of Biology. V 364 FACULTY Biology revises curriculum During the year, a number of significant changes took place in the undergraduate curriculum of the Biology Department, changes intended to modernize and improve course offerings and course content. The revised curriculum places an emphasis on specialized courses and permits a variety of electives suited to the needs of each student. An advisory program for Biology majors is offered. An increase of 200 exceeds the freshman enrollment of 1974. UPPER LEFT: Dr. Paul Yokley, Jr., Professor of Biology. CENTER LEFT: Dr. William R. Montgomery (right), Professor of Biology. UPPER RIGHT: Dr. Charles E. Keys, Professor of Biology. ABOVE: Mr. B. Jack Kent (center), Assistant Professor of Biology. LEFT: Dr. Jack H. Moore, Associate Professor of Biology. FACULTY 365 _, TOP RIGHT: Dr. Charles W. Richmond, Professor of Chemistry. TOP LEFT: Dr. Michael B. Moeller, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. ABOVE: Dr. Joseph C. Thomas, Professor of Chemistry. RIGHT: Mr. William M. Richie, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 366 FACULTY Chemistry department fully accredited since ' 74 UNA ' s Chemistry Department met the strict requirements for accreditation by the American Chemical Society in 1974. The department ' s material resources have been strengthened by an electron microscope, donated by Reynolds Alloys Company. Renovation of the science building is planned and will include a new laboratory and student reading center. UPPER LEFT: Dr. Robert G. Gaunder, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. ABOVE: Dr. Thomas P. Murray, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. LEFT: Dr. Raymond E. Isbell, Head, Department of Chemistry. FACULTY 367 RK.HT: Dr. O. Oscar Heck, Assistant I ' rofessor of Math. BELOW: Mr. David I). (ope, Assistant I ' rofessor of Math. E: Or. Eli abt-th T. Wooldndge, Professor of Math. KK.HT: Dr. John L. Locker, Head, Department of Math and Basic I ngineering. ; i ; 368 FACULTY Math Dep ' t. merges with Aubur: UNA and Auburn University are entering into a Dual Degree Program of Engineering. The Program will enable a student to attend UNA for approximately three years and transfer to the School of Engineering at Auburn for two years, thus completing academic requirements for two degrees. The Math Department offers a curriculum that will adequately prepare and challenge undergraduate students for an industrial mathematics career, for graduate school, or for other professional areas. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Jean T. Parker, Assistant Professor of Math. MIDDLE LEFT: Dr. Juan C. Aramburu, Assistant Professor of Math. LEFT: Mrs. Gayle 5. Kent, Assistant Professor of Math. ABOVE: Dr. Eddy J. Brackin, Associate Professor of Math. LEFT: Mrs. Barbara B. Carter, Assistant Professor of Math. FACULTY 369 1 Military Science serves area Military Science, an active department on the campus, also acts as a service group. The ROTC cadets sponsor such projects as the Bloodmobile and the Bike-a-thon. The cadets also take part in intramural sports. The color guard, in bicentennial uniform, performs at ball games and parades. Several women are trying out for the rifle team; the university hostesses, the Golden Girls, are taking ROTC this year. ROTC cadets have the option of making the Army a career, enlisting for two years, or signing for two years ' Army duty with a 20-year Army Reserve obligation. ABOVE RIGHT: Ltc. Ronald C. Meeks, Head, Military Science Department. ABOVE: Maj. Henry A. Phillips, Assistant Professor of Military Science. RIGHT: Maj. Morris R. Steenson, Assistant Professor of Military Science. 370 FACULTY LEFT: Msg. William L. McClure, Senior Drill Instructor. BELOW LEFT: Msg. Willie L. Hightower, Chief Instructor in Military Science. BELOW: Capt. Thomas E. Elias, Assistant Professor of Military Science. LEFT: Maj. James R. Henderson, Assistant Professor of Military Science. FACULTY 371 RIGHT: Dr. James K. Simpson, Head, Department of Music. BELOW: Mr. Ronald D. Hooten, Instructor in Music. ABOVE: Mrs. Florence Irwin, Assistant Professor of Music. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Joseph D. Groom, Assistant Professor of Music, Choral Director. RIGHT: Mr. Walter E. Urben, Associate Professor of Music, and Mrs. Celia Grasty Jones, Instructor in Music. Music department offers new majors In striving to upgrade the music curriculum, the Music Department is planning to broaden the course offerings by adding a major in church music. The three established major areas of music are applied, music education, and commercial music which was incorporated in the curriculum this year. The department is also developing a course of study for each phase of applied music and music education. Music can be chosen as a minor. X ABOVE LEFT: Miss Lynn Burdick, Instructor in Music. ABOVE: Dr. Wayne Christeson, Professor of Music. LEFT: Dr. David Arthur Thomas, Assistant Professor of Music. FACULTY 373 _ Physical Sciences add nuclear studies The Department of Physical Science offers courses in Nuclear Physics when requests warrant a class. Included in the program is a course in Health ' s Physics, and being added to the program is Bio- Physics. An expanded research program is in operation. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Hollis C. Fenn, Assistant Professor of Science. ABOVE: Mrs. Faye B. Wells, Assistant Professor of Science. RIGHT: Mrs. Sarah A. Smith, Assistant Professor of General Science. 374 FACULTY UPPER LEFT: M ABOVE: Mr. Sta John E. Kingsbu 378 FACULTY ABOVE: Dr. John A. Thompson, Assistant Professor of English. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. J. Nicholas Winn, Associate Professor of English. RIGHT: E r. C. William Foster, Head, Department of English. English Faculty emphasizes writing " The English Department is dedicated to the widely held belief that training in the accurate and felicitous use of language is the essential condition of all thought, self- expression, and communication in our culture, " stated Dr. William Foster, head of the English Department. The department focuses special attention on freshman composition and limits the classes to twenty-five students. Professors require conferences with each freshman student. Instructors are on campus sixty hours a week and read 39,000 words of student writing. UPPER LEFT: Mr. Frank E. Harscheid, Assistant Professor of English. ABOVE: Mr. Stanley Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor of English. LEFT: Mr. John E. Kingsbury, Assistant Professor of English. FACULTY 379 J - fcffi 5 LEFT: Mrs. Leatrice M. Timmons, Assistant Professor of English. BELOW: Dr. Patricia Chandler, Assistant Professor of English, and Mr. Lindsey Stricklin, Assistant Professor of English. BOTTOM: Dr. Albert S. Johnston, Jr., Professor of English. Maps, instruments interest Geographers Introductory courses, an extensive map collection, and weather instruments capture the interest of geography students. The Geography Department is well equipped to benefit and meet the needs of students. The geography curriculum prepares students for advanced studies and for professional positions. TOP LEFT: Mr. William R. Strong, Instructor in Geography. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Frank Himmler, Head, Department of Geography. RIGHT: Mr. Gary M. Green, Assistant Professor of Geography. 382 FACULTY Ancient field of study is Political Science The Department of Political Science recognizes that the study of political relationship of human beings living together is an ancient field of learning. Its faculty believes that citizenship means intelligent participation in all activities of society, from the family in the home to the family of nations; that its basis may be found in the conviction that man cannot live for himself alone; and that its goal is the fullest realization of life and dignity for the individual, his countrymen, and for his fellow man. TOP: Mr. Leonard Wigon, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. ABOVE: Mr. George H. DeBoer, Assistant Professor of Political Science. LEFT: Dr. Frank B. Mallonee, Head, Department of Political Science. FACULTY 383 I TOP RIGHT: Dr. Mary Jane McDaniel, Assistant Professor of History. ABOVE: Dr. Milton L. Baughn, Professor of History. RIGHT: Dr. Charles T. Gaisser, Professor of History. 384 FACULTY : Professors believe History is important in class and in society A balanced Department of History, consisting of members who have published articles, written books and participated actively in professional organizations, believes that history is important to society as well as in the classroom. The professors stress the importance of history beyond the economic aspect. Ill TOP: Dr. Kenneth R. Johnson, Head, Department of History. ABOVE: Mrs Maurine S. Maness, Associate Professor of History. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. William J. Ikerman, Assistant Professor of History. FACULTY 385 History p ' TOP: Dr. Bernarr Cresap, Professor of History, and Dr. Robert C. Bowles, Professor of History. ABOVE LEFT: Dr. Jack D. Price, Associate Professor of History. ABOVE: Dr. Thomas Ott, Associate Professor of History. 386 FACULTY LFFT: Mr Dallas M. Lancaster. Associate Professor of History BELOW: Mr. C hades W. Watts. Assistant Professor of History. BOTTOM: Dr. Earl VV. Mi ice. Professor of History, and Mr. John W. Powers, Assistant I ' roffssor ot Histor -. FACULTY 387 Complex world demands knowledge in Sociology The study of Sociology has become an integral part of the intellectual equipment of modern man. It is uniquely qualified to help one understand the complex and changing world in that it provides a basic knowledge of man as seen through his social relations. Students seemingly relate well to the curriculum, of which two courses, the Family, and Current Social Problems, attract many non-majors. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Abel F. DeWitt, Associate Professor of Sociology. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Billy T. Lindsey, Assistant Professor of Sociology. ABOVE: Miss Patricia J. Moore, Instructor in Sociology and Mr. Hassan Abdul-Hadi, Head, Department of Sociology. MIDDLE RIGHT: Dr. Jerry L. Miley, Assistant Professor of Sociology. RIGHT: Dr. Howard Lytle Givens, Assistant Professor of Sociology. 388 FACULTY Field practice aids future social workers Relatively new, the Social Work Department is expanding and this year has added two courses dealing with the care of retarded children. Other courses are expected to be offered as the program continues to grow. An important phase of the program is the Social Work Instruction Area, where a senior majoring in Social Work is assigned to a correlated agency for field work. This field instruction may be completed either on a two semester plan or in a summer placement, and provides valuable on-the-job training for the future social worker. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Jack R. Sellers, Head, Department of Social Work. ABOVE: Mrs. Jean Phillips, Instructor in Social Work. LEFT: Mrs. June Currier, Instructor in Social Work. FACULTY 389 RIGHT: Dr. Earl Young, Professor of Psychology. BELOW: Dr. Allen Miller Moss, Associate Professor of Psychology. - 390 FACULTY Personality course planned for Psychology Personality, a new course that many psychology students have been asking for over the past three years, is being offered next fall for the first time. Psychology, the science of human and animal behavior, evolved from philosophy, physiology and physics in the nineteenth century. Its subject matter ranges from the biological and biochemical bases of behavior to the complex interactions of organisms in groups. UPPER: Dr. Charles E. Joubert, Associate Professor of Psychology. ABOVE: Dr. George H. Robinson, Head, Department of Psychology. FACULTY 391 w w Mr. Lawrence Conwill Dean, School of Business and Head, Department of Accounting RIGHT: Mrs. Jenny H. Lawler, Secretary. !_ FACULTY Field work initiated for accounting majors The largest single major in the School of Business is the Accounting Department. To keep up with the new methods of accounting theory, the department added a course in field work this year. The Accounting Department is accepted by the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants as satisfactory preparation for the CPA examination. UPPER LEFT: Mr. James H. Jones, Assistant Professor of Accounting. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Larry D. Belue, Assistant Professor of Accounting. MIDDLE LEFT: Mr. Roy Webb, Jr., Associate Professor of Accounting. LEFT: Mr. Aaron M. Lynch, Associate Professor of Accounting. ABOVE: Mr. Joseph J. Mosakowski, Assistant Professor of Accounting. FACULTY 393 Economics and Finance have large gain in enrollment One of the fastest growing departments at UNA, Economics and Finance, has enjoyed a 133% enrollment increase and a 150% rise in majors since the fall of 1973. Included , in this increase are many students who are not majors in the department, but who feel attracted to the program for the knowledge it gives of the business world. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Edward Merkel, Assistant Professor of Economics. ABOVE: Mr. Barry K. Morris, Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance. RIGHT: Dr. Michael W. Butler, Head, Department of Economics and Finance. 394 FACULTY BELOW: Dr. Ermis A. Thompson, Professor of Economics. BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Bobby R. Clemmons, Instructor in Business. MB m moat asm SDHH I ' ' $M BH ABOVE: Mr. Jim T. McMinn, Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance. LEFT: Mrs. Patricia L. Phelps, Instructor in Economics. H HBHtKotn { MfwHinM FACULTY 395 Management and Marketing develops new graduate program Experiencing very rapid growth as a result of many people desiring a job with good potential income, the department of Management and Marketing has added several new courses and initiated a new graduate program, the Master ' s of Business Administration. RIGHT: Mr. William S. Stewart, Head, Department of Management and Marketing. BELOW: Mr. Gerald L. Cannon, Instructor in Business Administration. ABOVE: Dr. Gerald Crawford, Assistant Professor of Marketing, and Mr. Thomas A. Noble, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing. RIGHT: Mr. Claude Michael Beasley, Instructor in Business Administration. 396 FACULTY Office Administration co-sponsors workshop Aimed at training students to become professional secretaries or Business teachers, the Department of Office Administration co- sponsors the National Secretaries Workshop each spring with the local National Secretaries of America chapter and gives a certified professional secretarial examination each May. The department also coordinates the Annual High School Day, with this year over 500 area high school seniors touring the campus on November 17. UPPER LEFT: Dr. Max R. Carrington, Head, Department of Office Administration, Professor of Office Administration. UPPER RIGHT: Miss Inell Knight, Assistant Professor of Office Administration. LEFT: Miss Linda Sims, Assistant Professor of Office Administration. ABOVE: Miss Ellen G. Moore, Assistant Professor of Office Administration. FACULTY 397 Dr. Benjamin S. Dowd, Dean, School of Education Mrs. Carolyn Holt, Secretary. 398 FACULTY Home Economics plans Interior Design program Offering an opportunity for personal development as well as a professional career, the Home Economics Department has expanded to three major areas of study Cieneral Home Economics, Vocational Home Economics, and Fashion Merchandizing. The latter has captured student ' s interest so much that the department now has plans underway for a fourth area, Interior Design, to be initiated next fall. With this program UNA will be one of only three universities in the state offering this major. ABOVE LEFT: Dr. Virginia 5. Greene, Head, Department of Home Economics. ABOVE: Mrs. Florine K. Rasch, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. LEFT: Mrs. Jean D. Dunn, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. FACULTY 399 RIGHT: Dr. John W. Yeates, Head Department of Education, and Library Science. BELOW: Dr. Thomas F. Pebworth, Assistant Professor of Education, and Mr. W. J. Mcllrath, Associate Professor of Psychology. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Charles E. Carr, Jr., Instructor in Library Science. BOTTOM: Mrs. Stella D. Kelly, Curriculum Librarian. 400 FACULTY I LEFT: Mr. William B. Woodward, Associate Professor of Education. BELOW: Dr. Joe W. Wilson, Associate Professor of Education. LOWER LEFT: Dr. Robert E. Johnson, Associate Professor of Education. r ' New building in ' 77 for School of Education The Education Department, with the function of training teachers for future years, is the largest department at UNA. Most classes are presently held in the old Education Building or Wesleyan Hall, but a new building, to be shared with the School of Nursing, has been planned and should be under construction soon. The department has two new graduate programs, one concerning special education for the mentally retarded, and the other dealing with learning disabilities. Graduate enrollment has increased greatly in the past year. FACULTY 401 Education RIGHT: Dr. Carolyn S. Charles, Associate Professor of Counseling and Guidance. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Karen Goldstein, Instructor in Special Education. r ABOVE: Mr. Arthur Graves, Instructor in Education, Director, Student Teaching. RIGHT: Dr. Robert E. Stephenson, Associate Professor of Education. 402 FACULTY LEFT: Dr. Denzil E. Keckley, Jr., Professor of Education. MIDDLE LEFT: Ms. Felica Green, Instructor in Education. BELOW: Dr. Stanley Beans, Professor of Education. LEFT: Dr. Joanne Reeves, Professor of Elementary Education. ABOVE LEFT: Miss Janice I. Nicholson, Assistant Professor of Education. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Lula R. Way, Professor of Education. FACULTY 403 Nursery, Kindergarten Wing completed at Kilby School ' ' i ' " ' . ' ' ' " ' " ' , ' Affiliated with the University of North Alabama, Kilby School serves as a schooling and teaching observation unit for university students majoring in Education. With the completion of the new nursery school, Kilby is now able to educate students from nursery through elementary school. ABOVE: Miss Mary Burchell Campbell, Director of Curriculum Laboratory and Kilby School Library. ABOVE MIDDLE: Miss Sarah R. ABOVE RIGHT: Miss Donie May Lowry, Supervising Teacher. RIGHT: Mrs. Dorothy Heffington, Supervising Teacher. FAR RIGHT: Miss Estelle Watts Supervising Teacher. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Gertrude T. Lowery, Supervising Teacher. 404 FACULTY LEFT: Mrs. Jane C). Mcllrath, Director, Nursery School, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. BELOW: Mrs. Flora B. Smith, Supervising Teacher. B( TK )M: Mr. John Finley, Jr., Director of Kilby School, Professor of Education. B( )TT( )M RIC.HT: Mrs. Mary Lou Meadows, Supervising Teacher. Bi FACULTY 405 HH Proposed HPER Master ' s degree to benefit women ' s athletics A proposal is under way to implement a Master ' s Degree program in health and physical education with concentrations in Adaptive Physical Education, Teaching and Coaching, and Exercise Physiology. Designed to provide updated training for all graduate degree candidates, the programs will be especially beneficial to women in service because of the new emphasis on women ' s athletics. i I I I I i it n 1 1 i -, ... H H HHBr f pwrp ' UPPER RIGHT: Dr. William F. Glidewell, Professor of HPER. TOP MIDDLE: Miss Helen E. Matthews, Assistant Professor of HPER. TOP LEFf: Mr. Edmond E. Billingham, Assistant Professor of HPER. ABOVE: Mr. H. H. Self, Associate Professor of HPER. RIGHT: Dr. Michael Livingston, Head, Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. 406 FACULTY LEFT: Mr. George H. Gibbens, Assistant Professor of HPER. MIDDLE LEFT: Dr. Walter D. Teaff , Assistant Professor of HPER. BELOW: Miss Susan Phillips, Coordinator of Women ' s Athletics. m ABOVE: Mr. George E. Weeks, Assistant Professor of HPER. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Noel Don McBrayer, Instructor in HPER. LEFT: Miss Nancy Coe Vance, Assistant Professor of HPER. (Miss Vance died December 2, 1975.) FACULTY 407 408 FACULTY Or. lizabeth Martin Dean, School of Nursing Mrs. Gladys Southwick, Secretary. I m New building planned for nursing One of the newest programs at UNA, the School of Nursing, is growing rapidly and is expected to help ease the shortage of nurses in the Northwest Alabama area. Plans for a new building have been passed by the Board of Trustees. The University has received $18,000 from the state for nursing scholarships. TOP LEFT: Miss Margaret Johnston, Assistant Professor of I Nursing. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Alyce D. Brown, Assistant Professor of Nursing. ABOVE: Mrs. Lee B. Davidson, Associate Professor of Nursing. FACULTY 409 Nursing RIGHT: Mrs. Lillian M. McGee, Assistant Professor of Nursing. BELOW: Mrs. Fidelis Harper, Instructor in Nursing. ABOVE: Mrs. Mary Sue Carroll, Assistant Professor of Nursing. RIGHT: Mrs. Marion L. O ' Donnell, Instructor in Nursing. 410 FACULTY LEFT: Mrs. Patricia A. Kysar, Instructor in Nursing. BELOW: Mrs. Annette 5. Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Nursing. ABOVE: Mrs. Willie Mae Jackson, Instructor in Nursing. LEFT: Miss Elaine Gallien, Instructor in Nursing. FACULTY 411 Collier librarians assist new programs In addition to offering valuable material and assistance for all departments of the University, the Collier librarians support various new programs of study. Primary involvements now are materials for the School of Nursing, accredited holdings in Social Work, and assistance to graduate students in Education and Business. RIGHT: Miss Ruth Dacus, Head Librarian. BELOW: Mr. Kenneth Wayne O ' Neal, Assistant Librarian. BELOW RIGHT: Mrs. Mildred C. Lentz, Associate Librarian. DACUS 412 FACULTY LF.FT: Mr. Randall L. Roberts, Assistant Librarian. LOWER LEFT: Miss Martha L. Griffin, Associate Librarian. BELOW: Mr. Norman R. Eisner, Assistant Librarian. BOTTOM: Mrs. Myra E. Harscheid, Assistant Librarian. FACULTY 413 ROW ONE: Robert A. Smith, Supervisor, Campus Grounds; Ronald N. Thomas, Director, University Public Relations. ROW TWO: Jeanette Rochester, Manager, Student Union Building; J. R. Atencio, )r., Director, Computer Center. ROW THREE: Robert H. Wakefield, Comptroller. 4U FACULTY Non-Academic Department Heads RC )W ONE: I )oris Kelso, I )ire tor, University Publications. ROW TWO: Beverly ). Cheney, Supervisor, C ommuter Lounge; Carolyn A. Burch, Assistant Oirector, Admissions and Records; G. L. Kmmons, Maintenance Superintendent. ROW THREE: H. L. Emmons Security C hief; David C . Brown, Director, Resource Development and Alumni Affairs. FACULTY 415 ROW ONE: Richard Moran, Director of Placement and Advisor to Fraternities; Barbara S. Muse, Director, Student Services; Dr. David D. Mclntire, Director of Counseling. ROW TWO: Dorothy L. McPeters, Director, Health Services; Jack C. Martin, Director of Student Activities. ROW THREE: Melvin Mumaw, Director, Personnel and Purchasing. 416 FACULTY ROW ONE: Billy P. Mitchell, Director, Financial Aids, and Assistant Director, Admissions and Records. ROW TWO: Frances J. McDonnell, Manager, Residence Halls; Joseph N. Rickard, Buildings Supervisor; Durell L. Mock, Director, Auxiliary Services. ROW THREE: Nelson Van Pelt, Director, Audio Visual Services; Nell Miller, Manager, Bookstore. ROW FOUR: Faye A. Turner, Admissions Supervisor. I ROW ONE: Jo McGuire, Accountant Clerk, Admissions and Records; John E. Wadkins, Programmer, Computer Center. ROW TWO: Steve Campbell, Graphic Artist, University Publications; Leon Joseph Wallace, Admissions Counselor; Billie R. Thomas, Counselor, Counseling and Placement. ROW THREE: Rayburn Sparks, University Photographer. 418 FACULTY SHSfcl Staff ROW ONE: Richard L. Freeman, Minister, Wesley Foundation; James A. Warren, Minister, Baptist Student Union; James W. Williams, Episcopal Chaplain. ROW TWO: Dolores Bentley, Head Resident, Rice Hall; Jerry W. Mills, Head Resident, Rivers Hall. II I FACULTY 419 arry Nazworth, KOTC; SSG Bill L. Benedict, Supply Sergeant, I David Maddox, Campus Security. ROW THREE: Mary Joyce Hill, Data Entry Operator, Computer Center; Timothy L Holt, Compute r System Operator; Dorothy J. Elliot, Records Clerk; Cathy Diane Wright, Data Entry Operator, Computer Center. ROW FOUR: Carolyn M. Clifford, Teller, Comptroller Office; Jean S. Atencio, Computer System Operator; Denise Ezell, Clerk-Typist, Admissions and Records; Wanda Kilpatrick, Clerk-Typist, Comptroller Office; Linda B. Austen, Account Clerk, Comptroller Office. ROW FIVE: Nelda Irons, Mrs. Dale C. Staggers, Hortense F. Long, and Kathy Jo McDowell, Library Technical Assistants. 420 FACULTY SECRETARIES ROW ONE: Rose Willis, Admissions and Records; Eva N. Muse, HPER; Beth Bolton, ROTC; Barbara Simpson, Art Department; Sue Barr Jeffreys, Social Science Department. ROW TWO: Jean Swift Johnson, Financial Aids; Teri M. Osborne, Student Activities; Tena Tompkins, Comptroller Office; Aleta Lyn Welch, Admissions and Records; Jaye C. Wood, Kilby School. ROW THREE: Anne Linam, Media Center; Judy Lane, Admissions and Records; Cissie D. Benson, University Public Relations; Faye Pendergrass, Personnel and Purchasing; Olivia M. Richardson, Financial Aids. ROW FOUR: Lana S. Roberts, Athletics Department; Marguerite B. Taylor, English Department; Donna Sue Butler, University Publications; Patricia Jones, Department of the Army; Reeda Jean Lee, Education Department. ROW FIVE: Bonetha B. Cochran, Counseling and Placement; Eddie Lee Brust, Auxiliary Services. FACULTY 421 jgrasjK HH ADS 422 NO COLLEGE STUDENT SHOULD BE WITHOUT. It will be your constant companion all through school. It will aid you in your quest for knowledge. 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College St. Florence, Alabama 766-8740 Mid-Cities Dodge, Inc. 906 Florence Blvd. Florence, Alabama MARTIN THEATRES Takes Pleasure in Providing the Latest Film Entertainment for the Students and Faculty of the . . . UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA We invite you to visit our theaters often. SHOALS Seminary Street JOY-LAN DRIVE-IN Cloverdale Road TUSCUMBIAN Main Street MARTIN Grants Plaza CINEMA I and II Woodward Avenue MARBRO DRIVE-IN Woodward Avenue ADS 447 Compliments of ANDERSON ' S BOOKLAND Congratulations to UNA Students on a Successful Year CAROUSEL BOUTIQUE 448 ADS Announcement The Flor-Ala UNA ' S Newspaper Will Be Published WEEKLY Beginning in August 1976 It Happens Here You May Read About It in THE FLOR-ALA Serving the University Community Since 1931 ADS 449 MEN ' S FORMALWEAB SPECIALISTS GEORGE W WILLIAMS PRESIDENT SLfpJJ SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 501 Montgomery Avenue Sheffield, Alabama 35660 Tuscumbia Branch 211 E. Sixth St. Muscle Shoals Branch 1021 Woodward Avenue TRIPLETT ' S FURNITURE 450 ADS CITY OF FLORENCE DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES Florence, Alabama " Help Us Conserve Your Energy " Commissioners now serving, left to right: Commissioner Oscar Peden, Mayor William Batson, Commissioner James Bass. A Greater Service Means A Greater Community ADS 451 Index Key: Student names, Faculty and Staff Abdul-Hadi, Hassan; 388 Abernathy, Ronnie; 276 Abroms, Phil; 52, 81, 84, 276 Abston, Charlott; 320 Adams, Debra, 320 Adams, John; 234 Adams, Mark; 108, 234 Adcock, Denise; 298 Adcock, Jeff; 148, 320 Adkins, David; 178, 320 Ahrens, Kimberly; 298 Akin, Deanna; 320 Akin, James; 234 Akin, Ken; 89, 148, 276 Akin, Kim; 316, 351 Albright, Nelda; 320 Aldred, Jamie; 320 Aldridge, Daniel; 140, 316, 320 Alexander, Jackie; 316, 320 Alexander, Gregory; 298 Alexander, Tony; 298 Allen, Aaron; 320 Allen, Amanda; 103, 298 Allen, Donnie; 320 Allen, James; 234 Allen, Jim; 117, 148, 320 Allen, John Hollie; 358 Allen, Peter; 234 Allen, Turner; 357 Allison, Cherry; 320 Allison, Clay; 298 Allison, Lee; 375 -.; " ' .. Allison, Mike; 175, 298 Allison, Phillip; 95, 320 Allison, Robin; 152, 320 Allred, Sharon; 44, 47, 58, 88, 117, 276 Almond, Nancy; 48 Alsbrooks, David; 234 Alston, Edna; 298 Amos, Frank; 166, 298 Anderson, Donna; 96, 276 Andier, Janice; 276 f Andiews, Teresa; 320 Angel, Joyce; 234 Angel, Roger; 276 L f Hit Aplin, Dennis; 136, 276 Aramburu, Juan C.; 369 Archer, Joey; 234 Armstrong, Brenda; 276 Arnold, Marilyn; 185, 298 Ashford, Camelia; 298 Ashley, Connie; 86, 124, 276 Ashley, Rhonda; 108, 234 Atchley, Delmer; 298 Atencio, J. R.; 414 Atkins, Timothy; 320 Atkinson, Lou Ann; 188, 189, 298 Augustin, Bob; 86, 105, 298 Austen, Linda B.; 420 Augustin, Jeanette; 96, 156, 276 Augustin, Sherry; 320 Austin, Jane; 156, 320 Austin, Linda; 235 Austin, Margaret; 276 Auten, Wade; 320 Avery, Denise; 82, 298 Aycock, Carolyn; 97, 298 Aycock, Martha; 298 Ayers, Carol; 298 Ayers, Sharon; 235 Badgett, Charles; 235 Badgett, Donna; 276 Bailey, Earl; 27H Bailey, Tracy; 235 Baird, Tim; 321 Baker, Lonnie; 321 Baker, Peggy; 298 Balch, Herschel; 235 Baldy, Becky; 92, 276 Ball, Wade; 321 Ballard, Denise; 92, 235 Bankhead, Shelia; 134 Barber, Robert; 277 Barcliff, Robert; 148, 321 Barger, Dan; 321 Barker, Franklin; 235 if Barksdale, A. D.; 140, 298 Barley, Milza; 235 Barmby, Richard; 321 Barnes, Linda; 299 Barnes, Martin; 321 Barnes, Melissa; 299 Barnes, Patti; 321 Barnes, Regina; 321 Barnett, Adine; 95, 235 Barnett, Betty; 92, 277 Barnett, Chris; 92 Barnett, Helda; 235 Barnett, Mickey; 166, 321 Barnett, Stanley; 148, 321 Barnett, Tim; 321 Barrier, Karen; 277 Bass, Betsy; 64, 88, 117, 158, 277 Bassham, Douglas; 277 Bassham, Doward; 86, 321 Bassham, Pamela; 100, 102, 299 Bates, Deborah; 235 Bates, Nancy; 94, 299 Bates, Peggy; 146, 321 Batson, Adin; 299 Battles, Ray; 136, 277 Baugher, Vicki; 299 Baughn, Milton; 384 Bawsel, Thomas; 321 Baxley, Rita; 321 Beans, Stanley; 403 Beasley, Claude; 396 Beatty, David; 235 Beary, SuzAnn; 235 Beavers, Jennifer; 321 Beck, Mike; 321 Beck, Murray; 142, 321 Beck, Oscar O.; 368 Beck, Randal; 321 Beck, Rebecca; 321 Beckman, Rosa; 83, 156, 277 Beckwith, Andrew; 321 Bedingfield, Joyce; 321 Beene, Debbie; 299 Behel, Deborah; 235 Behel, Elizabeth; 321 Behr, Harriet; 321 Belew, Connie; 103, 126, 299 Belew, Jane; 82, 321 Bell, Creig; 321 Bell, David; 321 Bell, Donald; 321 Benedict, Bill; 420 Bennett, James; 321 Benson, Cissie D.; 421 Bentley, Dolores; 419 Benton, Rovert; 235 Benton, Susan; 236 Benton, Terrell; ISO Bergob, Beth; 322 Bergob, Debbie; 58, 158, 299 Bergob, Patti; 80, 127, 277 Berry, Deborah; 154, 299 Berry, Elna; 103, 277 Berry, Kathy; 236 Beshears, Mike; 322 Bethea, David; 277 Bettis, Brad; 150, 322 Beuerlein, Diane; 158, 299 Biggers, Mary; 322 Billingham, Edmond E.; 406 Billingham, Victor; 299 Bills, Terry; 138, 299 Birdwell, Paul; 322 Bishop, Ann; 80 Bishop, Defoy; 236 Bishop, lola; 103, 277 Bishop, Patti; 88, 322 Bishop, Sonceria; 322 Bivens, Rodney; 299 Black, Becky; 152 Blackburn, Nancy; 322 Blackburn, Virginia; 82, 322 Blackstock, Suzann; 299 Blake, Denise; 185 Blalock, Patsy; 277 Blanchard, Jennifer; 277 Blankinship, Gary; 322 Blankenship, Ingram; 322 Blankinship, Keith; 322 Blanchard, Gregory; 277 Black, Rebecca; 277 Bledsoe, Suzanne; 322 Blevins, Barry; 140, 322 Boeckman, Penny Von; 271 Boggs, Lemuel Jr.; 236 Bolding, Sandra; 97, 236 Bolding, Timothy; 236 Boldt, Alexis; 154, 322 Bolton, Beth; 277, 421 Bolton, Connie; 236 Bolton, Jerline; 236 Bolton, William; 277 Bonner, Kenneth; 128, 277 Booream, Elizabeth; 322 Bourland, Vicky; 236 Bowerman, Deborah; 236 Bowers, Rick; 299 Bowling, David; 236 Bowling, Debbie; 49 Bowling, Janet; 236 Bowling, Marie; 299 Bowling, Rita; 299 Bowman, Kay Li; 34, 44, 46, 54, 58, 64, 83, 84, 88, 106, 152, 236 Boyd, Denisha; 236 Boyd, Karen; 277 Boyd, Lee; 277 Boyett.J. G.;278 Boyett, Theresa; 299 Boyles, Phillip; 277 452 INDEX Bozeman, Angie; 322 Bracey, Jan; 277 Brackin, Sarah; 236 Bradford, Susan; 277 Brackin, Eddy; 369 Brackeen, Steve; 299 Brackin, William; 322 Bradford, Susan; 93 Bradley, Cecilia; 237 Bradley, Gretchen; 277 Bradley, Jeff; 322 Bramlett, Keith; 53, 54, 64, 81, 84, 86, 127, 130, 142 Bragg, Cynthia; 277 Brannon, Bob; 299 Branscomb, David; 277 Braswell, Roy; 102, 103, 148, 237 Breffle, Hal; 112, 142, 188, 189, 277 Brewer, Butch; 140, 323 Brewer, Elizabeth; 100, 102, 124, 186, 187, 237 Brewer, Greg; 82, 322 Brewer, James; 98, 277 Brewer, Linda; 237 Brewer, Linda; 99, 277 Brewer, Marie; 237 Brewer, Phillip; 237 Brice, Cindy; 323 Bridges, Frances; 299 Briscoe, Debbie; 154, 323 Britton, John; 237 Britton, Lee; 237 Broadfoot, Lynn; 277 Brooks, Christina; 134, 323 Brooks, Dennis; 105 Brooks, Rebecca; 83, 278 Broussard, Dalton; 299 Brown, Alyce D.; 409 Brown, Jack S. ; 364 Brown, Janie; 237 Brown, James; 278 Brown, Marilyn; 323 Brown, Michael; 299 Brown, Sonya; 299 Brown, Ray; 278 Brown, Sandra; 118, 323 Brown, Theresa; 278 Brown, Tricia; 158, 323 Broyles, Phillip; 299 Broyles, Wanda; 323 Bruce, Diane; 82, 104, 105, 299 Brumley, Mitzi; 278 Brust, Debbie; 57, 127, 299 Brust, Eddie Lee; 421 Bryant, Ricky; 278 Buckley, Rebecca; 323 Buffaloe, Larry; 52, 54, 81, 136, 238 Buffaloe, Melanie; 80, 323 Buffler, Elizabeth; 323 Buford, Freda; 134, 323 Bulger, VirlynL; 375 Bulls, Carl; 89, 238 Bulls, John T.; 354 Bundy, Kathleen; 323 Burbank, Gale; 82, 323 Burbank, Randy; 116 Burbank, Sandra; 299 Burch, Carolyn A.; 415 Burch, Sarah; 98, 238 Burcham, Chris; 323 Burcham, Horace; 296 Burcham, Ronald; 114, 323 Burdick, Lynn; 373 Burgess, Debra; 109, 278 Burgess, James; 238 Burke, Alva; 323 Burks, Larry; 136, 278 Burleson, Cherrel; 100, 238 Burnett, Steve; 278 Burns, Randall; 278 Burns, David; 34, 84, 86, 136, 238 Burns, John; 140, 323 Burns, Karen; 107, 323 Burns, Leanne; 238 Burrell, Deborah; 299 Burris, Melvin, Jr.; 238 Burrow, Vicki; 103, 183, 300 Burrows, Samuel; 278 Burt, Chris; 323 Burt, Donald; 119, 238 Burt, Margaret; 238 Bussy, Freda; 103 Butler, Byron; 105 Butler, Donna Sue; 421 Butler, Joan; 324 Butler, Michael W.; 394 Byrd, John; 300 Cabiness, John; 324 Cabiness, Joyce; 278 Cabrene, Cheryl; 238 Cagle, Patricia; 98, 126, 278 Cagle, Susan; 138, 156, 279 Cagle, Willa Jean Cain, Donald; 279 Caldwell, John; 238 Caldwell, Linda; 279 Caldwell, Maria; 324 Caldwell, Martha; 238 Call, Rhoda; 324 Calloway, David; 100, 238 Calvery, Sheary; 300 Calwell, Roger; 325 Cameron, John; 324 Camp, Ernie; 103 Camp, Henry; 238 Campbell, Cheryl; 86, 239 Campbell, Cheryl; 239 Campbell, Joe; 65, 128, 142,279 Campbell, Linda; 300 Campbell, Mary Burchell; 604 Campbell, Myra; 87, 239 Campbell, Patricia; 324 Campbell, Phil; 324 Campbell, Mike; 300 Campbell, Nancy; 324 Campbell, Sonja; 324 Campbell, Steve; 418 Campbell, Thomas; 150, 324 Campbell, Willie; 300 Camper, Charlotte; 300 Canady, Sharon; 300 Canerday, Darian; 279 Canipe, Kay; 363 Cannon, Gerald L.; 396 Cantrell, Billy; 239 Cantrell,Darryl;300 Cantrell, Debbie; 154, 300 Cantrell, Karen; 65, 96, 117, 239 Cantrell, Kathy; 324 Cantrell, Kenny; 279 Carlisle, JoAne; 324 Carlisle, Sandra; 11 7, 319 Carr, Charles E.; 400 Carraway, David; 86, 100, 103, 279 Carrington, Max; 397 Carroll, Georgia; 158, 300 Carroll, Mary Sue; 410 Carroll, William; 324 Cartee, Brent; 103 Carter, Angela; 300 Carter, Barbara B.; 369 Carter, Cathy; 144, 324 Carter, Collins; 300 Cartee, Daryl; 239 Carter, George; 239 Carter, Gregory; 83, 124, 239 Carter, Jerry; 324 Carter, Larry; 84, 148, 300 Carter, Collins; 324 Carter, Oliver, 324 Carton, Rose; 300 Cary, Vivian; 279 Casabella, Patsy; 239 Cash, Brenda; 300 Cash, Mitzi; 158 Cassady, Debbie; 300 Chambers, Diane; 85, 152, 183, 300 Chambers, Patricia; 65, 118, 240 Chandler, Lynne; 88, 92, 279 Chandler, Patricia; 381 Chandler, Philip; 98, 240 Chapman, Charlotte; 324 Charles, Carolyn S.; 402 Charles, David; 279 Chastain, Kenneth; 86, 115, 240 Cheatum, Bob; 148 Cheney, Bev; 82, 144, 415 Chesteen, Gayle; 300 Cheuvront, Neal; 279 Chew, Susan; 156, 301 Childers, Gayla; 324 Quids, Bruce; 324 Childs, Buddy; 279 Childers, Charlotte; 118, 301 Childers, Keith; 324 Childers, Tina; 301 Chism, Anna; 86, 279 Christensen, Karen; 301 Christeson, Wayne; 373 Chowning, Larry; 240 Clark, Anita; 324 Clark, Barbara; 324 Clark, Cheryl; 240 Clark, Ellen; 240 Clark, James; 175, 177, 301 Clark, Jan; 240 dark, Patricia; 108, 324 dark, Reuben; 324 Clark, Tony; 240 Clayton, Jerry; 301 Clement, Cathy; 240 Clement, Raymond; 301 dement, Sherry; 93, 96, 185, 241 Clement, Stanley; 324 Clements, Wanda; 85, 279 Clemmons, Susan; 324 demons, Charles; 279 Cleveland, Grover; 279 develand, Joan; 99, 241 Clifford, Carolyn M.; 420 Cloud, Linda; 301 Coan, Theresa; 241 Coates, Geda; 279 Coats, Amy; 324 Cobb, O ' Neal; 324 Cobb, Rickey; 301 Coburn, Margaret; 279 Cochran, Beth; 83 INDEX 453 Cochran, Bonetha B.; 421 Cochran, Fred; 325 Cochran, John; 301 Cochran, Becky; 158, 301 Cochran, Russell; 325 Cockrell, Helen; 325 Coffey, Dwight; 86, 100, 279 Coffey, Kenny; 301 Cofield, Angie; 156, 325 Cofield,Debra;325 Coggins, Parti; 56, 85, 88, 124, 152, 185 Cohela, Larry; 325 Coker, Anita; 301 Coker, Janet; 82, 325 Coker, Rex; 86, 279 Colagross, Eva; 325 Cole, Martha; 241 Cole, Ellen; 103 Cole, Reginald; 277 Cole, Sherry; 279 Collier, Emily H.; 357 Collier, Wilson; 241 Collum, Deborah; 117, 279 Collum, Joel; 325 Colston, Mike; 325 Comer, Phillip; 140, 325 Conatsee, Sandi; 325 Conley, Dian; 325 Conn, John; 98, 241 Conn, Ronald; 325 Connell, John; 182 Con will, Lawrence; 392 Connell, Linda; 326 Connell, Phil; 326 Cooner, Kent; 105, 136, 301 Cooner, Kerry; 136, 326 Coonrod, Harold II; 326 Cooper, Marilyn; 241 Cooper, Randy; 241 Cope, David O.; 368 Copelahd, Rebecca; 241 Copeland, Freddie; 197, 200, 202, 203, 279 Corbell,Joe;326 Corbett, Caryn; 156, 300 Corbie, Barbara; 326 Cordle, Connie; 326 Cornell, Ronnie; 301 Cornelius, Jackie; 279 Cornelius, Mike; 301 Cornelius, Tim; 326 Corrigan, Edward; 142, 241 Corum, Genia; 82, 279 Corum, Greg; 126, 326 Cosby, Con; 326 Cosby, Regina; 186, 187, 301 Cothren, Carol; 88 Cottrell, Lamont;241 Counts, Mark; 326 Courington, William; 144, 301 Covington, Carol; 301 Covington, Connie; 326 Covington, Ken; 279 Cox, Barbara; 359 Cox, Bunky; 54, 80, 84, 241 Cox, Connie; 241 Cox, Sandra; 80, 88, 154, 279 Cox, Sherry; 80, 154, 301 Cox, William; 301 Cowan, James; 277, 279 Crafton, Rebecca; 326 Craig, Charles; 279 Craig, Charlotte; 103, 241 Craig, Chuck; 142, 326 Craig, Morse; 142, 326 Craigge, Janie; 301 Crawford, Carolyn; 154, 186, 187, 280 Crawford, Gerald; 396 Crawford, James; 134 Crawford, John; 174 Crawford, Stanley; 326 Crawford, Susie; 41 Crayton, Janice; 121 Creasy, Daniel; 326 Creekmore, Anita; 301, 127 Creel, Mary Jane; 99 Creel, Sharon; 117, 301 Creighton, Susan; 152, 326 Crenshaw, Shirley; 280 Cresap, Bernarr; 386 Crews, Bryan; 326 Crews, Robert; 98, 301 Crider,Mary;91,242 Crittenden, Mary; 154, 326 Crocker, Jack W.; 360 Crocker, Leigh; 154, 185 Crocker, William; 359 Cross, Paul; 98, 242 Crouch, Judy; 327 Crowell, Jerry; 148, 327 Crowder, Regina; 301 Crumpton, Elizabeth; 242 Crumpton, Fritz; 301 Crutchfield, Sheryl; 327 Cumbie, David; 66, 84, 130, 163, 280 Cummi ngs, Leslie; 327 Cunningham, Charles; 301 Cunningham, William; 301 Cupp, Sandy; 49, 76 Currier, June; 389 Currot, David R.; 375 Curry, Joyce; 82, 242 Curths, David; 100, 242 Curtis, Berry; 301 Curtis, Deborah; 242 Curtis, James; 300 Curtis, Michael; 280 Curtis, Shelia; 302 Custer, Margaret; 280 Cuzzort, Janet; 125, 280 D Dacus, Ruth; 412 Dalrymple, Michael; 327 Daly, Robert W.; 364 Daniel, Clyde; 242 Daniel, Garry; 114, 327 Daniel, Kathy; 242 Daniel, Paul; 45, 280 Daniel, Rebecca; 302 Daniel, Shelia; 302 Daniel, Sherry; 302 Daniell, David; 80, 242 Danley, Deborah; 98, 154, 242 Danley, Flynt; 242 Darby, Bruce; 327 Darby, Stephen; 82, 327 Dardess, Janet; 144, 302 Darwin, Gary; 280 Darwin, John; 302 Dashner, Susan; 327 Davis, Sue; 108 Davidson, Lee B.; 409 Davis, Andrew; 98, 302 Davis, Cindy; 130, 327 Davis, Connie; 119, 302 Davis, Cynthia; 327 Davis, D ana; 327 Davis, Deborah; 242 Davis, Jerry; 327 Davis, Jim R.; 376 Davis, Kathy; 83, 242 Davis, Kenneth; 142, 327 Davis, Louie; 300 Davis, Patricia; 97, 130, 158, 184, 185, 280 Davis, Patty; 44, 47, 66, 88, 117, 185 Davis, Richie; 83, 302 Davis, Sandra; 119, 302 Davis, Steven; 327 Davis, Teresa; 327 Davis, Wesley; 242 Dawson, Everett; 100, 280 Day, Denise; 302 Day, Jeff; 280 Day, Mark; 242 Day, Paula; 327 Dean, Michael; 130, 142, 280 Dean, Vicki; 82, 84, 103, 194, 195, 280 Deaton, Rex; 327 Deaton, Donna; 280 Deaton, Pam; 327 DeBoer, George H.; 383 Decus, Carolyn; 96 DeBord, Stan; 112, 144 Deliz, Frank; 280 DeVaney, Peggy; 158, 302 DeVine, Paulerte; 117, 119, 280 Dewberry, Ronnie; 280 DeWeese, Joseph; 138, 327 DeWitt, Abel F.; 388 Dickens, Sheila; 328 Dickey, Sammy; 128, 131, 142, 278 Dicks, Nancy; 302 Dicus, Carolyn; 125, 243 Diehl, James; 66, 101, 105, 124, 130, 280 Diehl, Susan; 84, 119, 243 Dill, Kay; 80, 88, 111, 131, 188, 302 Dill, Gerald; 280 Dillard, Sharon; 134 Dixon, Curtis; 302 Dixon, LaVonne; 243 Dobbs, Elaine; 158, 328 Dodson, Brenda; 154, 328 Dobbs, Sidney; 319 Dolan, Alma; 278 Dooley, Betty Jo; 130, 158, 280 Dooley, Whitney; 93, 118, 243 Dorris, Jenise; 302 Dorroh, Joy; 158 Doss, Linda; 92 Doty, Tootie; 302 Douglass, Patty; 126, 328 Dowd, Benjamin S.; 398 Downing, Kathy; 88, 138, 154, 280 Downs, Marty; 328 Drabkin, Yummy; 154, 328 Drake, Cindy; 328 Drake, Debbie; 302 Drake, Tildon; 302 Drane, Robert; 328 Dress, Nancy; 328 Drissel, Davis; 126, 328 Driver, Judge; 144, 280 Drueke, Joseph; 136, 280 Duke, Lila; 328 Duke, Oscar; 86, 280 Dunavant, JoAnn; 243 Duncan, Douglas; 328 Dunlap, Phillip; 328 Dunn, Jean D.; 399 454 INDEX Dunn, Jean; 92 Durham, Carol; 80, 82, 127, 243 Easterwood, George; 102, 280 Eaton, Kim; 138, 328 Eaves, Leland, 328 Eberling, Jack; 243 Eck,Kristy;302 Eckl, Anthony; 54, 66, 84, 106, 124, 136, 244 Eckl, Barbara; 92, 152, 328 Eckles, Bill; 150 Edmondson, Regina; 104, 302 Edwards, Blake; 80, 98, 244 Edwards, Pamela; 244 Edwards, Susan; 83, 244 Eley, Steve; 136, 328 Ellas, Thomas E.; 371 Elkins, Nancy; 356 Ellenburg, Michael; 280 Eller, Stan; 328 Elliot, Dorothy; 420 Ellis, Glendora; 244 Ellis, Jerri; 328 Elmore, Mike; 175 Eisner, Norman; 413 Emmons, H. C.; 415 Engel, Gary; 302 England, Carol; 86 Ennis, Richard; 148, 302 Ergle, Tex; 280 Esslinger, Martha; 302 Esslinger, Nancy; 302 Esslinger, Sam; 281 Etheredge, Cathy; 329 Etheredge, Solon; 244 Ethridge, Annetta; 302 Eudy, Lynn; 281 Eubanks, Debra; 244 Eubanks, Phillip; 197, 200, 203, 204, 244 Euslen, Martha; 329 Evans, Susan; 281 Evers, Tommy; 136, 302 Ezell, Denise; 420 Ezell, Garner; 176, 178, 180, 181, 319 Ezell, James; 175, 178, 180, 182, 244 Fakunle, Paul; 94, 101 Fails, Verna; 114, 146,329 Farmer, Alan; 124, 245 Farneman, Laura; 108, 245 Farris, Bradford; 245 Farris, Catherine; 194, 195, 245 Farris, Nancy; 158, 303 Farris, Ulus; 329 Faucett, Janet; 357 Faughn, Lynn; 117, 152, 329 Faulkner, Barry; 329 Fenn, Hollis; 374 Ferrell, Connie; 119, 329 Ferrell, Roger; 245 Ferrell, Sandra; 281 Fields, Jackie; 329 Fields, Willi; 134 Finley, John;405 Finley, Mark; 329 Finley, Timothy; 47, 140, 245 Firedone, Yvonne; 94, 1C Firestone, Edna; 245 Fisk, Cathy; 98, 245 Flanagon , Janie; 329 Fleeman, Holly; 281 Flippo, Rhonda; 359 Flippo, Robin; 329 Flippo, Sandy; 329 Fly, Mary Lou; 281 Fontaine, Linda; 329 Ford, Lynda; 84, 184, 185, 245 Forsythe, Shelia; 156, 329 Fortenberry, Karen; 36, 158, 245 Fortenberry, Kathy; 54, 67, 80, 84, 86, 95, 106, 107, 129, 130, 158, 245 Foster, Angela; 281 Foster, Debbie; 329 Foster, Dru; 303 Foster, Glen; 245 Foster, Richard; 303 Foster, William; 378 Foulkner, Debra; 245 Fowler, Alfred; 329 Fowler, Diane; 303 Fowler, Ikey; 303 Fowler, Jack; 329 Fowler, Jo Ann; 83 Fowler, Vickie; 329 Fowler, Warren; 94 Franklin, Jan; 152 Franklin, Pam; 303 Franklin, PamJ.; 158, 329 Franks, Claude; 281 Franks, Scott; 114, 281 Franks, Joy; 98, 281 Fredrick, Cindy; 329 Free, Jimmy; 150 Freeman, Charles; 245 Freeman, Jonathan; 245 Freeman, Richard; 419 French, Albert; 303 French, Susan; 120, 156, 246 French, Susan M.; 281 Fuller, Cendi; 329 Fuller, Julie; 98, 281 Fuller, Sharon; 83 Fuller, Vickie; 303 Fuller, Will; 182, 319 Fulmer, Alice; 303 Fulmer, Janet; 127, 246 Fulmer, Jerry; 246 Fulmer, Lynne; 329 Fulmer, Orlan; 329 Fuqua, Jessie; 281 Futrell, Kitty; 86 Gaines, Mike; 329 Gaisser, Charles; 384 Gallaher, Pat; 329 Gallien, Ellaine;411 Galloway, Robert; 303 Gammon, Mary; 103, 303 Gardner, William; 246 Garland, John; 94, 281 Garner, Jack; 303 Garrett, Emily; 329 Garrison, David; 303 Garrison, Robert; 246 Garrison, Virginia; 330 Garvich, Cheryl; 282 Gaskell, Karen; 330 Gann, Sherrie; 329 Gatlin, Marilyn; 303 Gaunder, Robert; 367 Gean, Donnie; 96, 109, 245 Geise, Al; 282 Geise,Cindi;330 Gentle, Diane; 303 Gentle, Melinda; 282 Gentry, Denise; 330 Gentry, Susanne; 158, 330 George, Cheryl; 246 George, Margaret; 246 George, William; 246 Getsinger, Sue; 246 Gholston, Roy; 121, 146, 282 Gibson, Joe; 303 Gibson, Mira; 330 Gilbert, Tim; 303 Gilder, Cathy; 67, 88, 96, 97, 107, 152, 246 Giles, Robin; 246 Gill, Patricia; 330 Gillespie, Greta; 282 Gillespie, Nina; 330 Gilliam, Doug; 150 Gillespie, Rickie; 303 Ginas, Douglas; 303 Gingrich, Bob; 280 Ginn, Bobby; 303 Gist, Angela; 330 Gist, Ricky; 105, 246 Gist, Wayne; 304 Giv ens, Howard Lytle; 388 Glasgow, Angela; 80, 246 Glasgow, Sonny; 282 Glass, Kenneth; 282 Cleveland, Grover; 282 Glldewell, William; 406 Glover, Kathy; 82, 111, 127, 156, 304 Glover, Nancy; 246 Glover, Ricky; 330 Gobbell, Pat; 330 Godsey, Jay; 247 Godsey, Linda; 282 Godwin, Russell; 377 Gogan, John; 247 Goins, Reggie; 330 Golden, Dona; 247 Golden, Robert; 247 Goldstein, Karen; 402 Golliver, Cheryl; 330 Gonzalez, Ada; 68, 83, 107, 247 Gooch, Glen; 330 Gooch, Jane; 247 Gooch, Phillip; 330 Goode, Naaman; 68, 84, 102, 106, 109, 247 Goodloe, Benny; 126, 330 Goodloe, Emma; 134, 330 Goodloe, Joyce; 134 Goodman, Sarah; 304 Goodwin, Pete; 100 Gordon, Natalie; 127, 282 Gossett, Stan; 80, 82, 282 Gotcher, Henry; 330 Gotcher, Susette; 330 Gowen, Karen; 331 Gowen, Tommy; 304 Gowon, Chris; 330 Grace, Don; 247 Graham, Jim; 282 Granstaff, Jerry; 331 Grant, Teresa; 83, 127, 282 Graves, Arthur; 402 Graves, Michael; 331 INDEX 455 Graves, Sandra; 98, 282 Gravlee, Pauline; 358 Gray, Cindy; 138, 351 Gray, Diane; 304 Gray, James; 126, 282 Gray, Janice; 248 Gray, Shane; 113, 282 Gray, William; 142, 282 Green, Carl; 331 Green, Ernie; 114 ;reen, Felicia;403 Green, Gary; 382 Green, Kevin; 304 Green, Margaret; 248 Green, Ouida; 304 Green, Phil; 304 Green, Susan; 98, 248 Green, Stephen; 282 Green, Tom; 331 Green, Thomas; 331 Green, Tommy; 331 Greene, Reginald; 331 Greene, Virginia; 399 Greer, Charles; 83, 84, 100, 248 Gregory, Elizabeth; 304 Gregory, James; 248 Gregory, Susan; 282 Gresham, Sandra; 331 Grider, Ralph; 86, 248 Griffin, Martha; 413 Grigsby, Becky; 331 Grimes, Donna; 304 Grimmitt, William; 331 Grinstead, John; 248 Gnsham, Beth; 83, 104, 105, 113, 304 Grisham, Jimmy; 304 Grissom, Diane; 331 Gruber, Marvin; 131, 304 Grunwald, Nancy; 98, 331 Guillot, Lynne; 331 Guillot, Patty; 355 Guillot, Robert M.; 355 Guin, Charlene; 248 Guin, Rhonda; 331 Gundloch, Linda; 331 Gussmus, Martha; 98, 248 H Hacker, Sandra; 331 Hackett, Pam; 158, 304 Hackney, Sandra; 249 Haddock, Anita; 185, 304 Hairrell, Keith; 150, 280 Halbert, Jane; 304 Hale, Bonanza; 95, 304 Hale, Kenneth; 331 Hale, Laurel; 282 Haley, Linda; 282 Haley, Richard; 105, 148, 304 Hall, Clark; 282 Hall, David; 282 Hall, Lourece; 249 Hall, Roger; 249 Hall, Susan; 84, 282 Hallmark, Eva; 331 Hallmark, Tommie; 282 Hambrick, Johnny; 136, 282 Hamilton, Cherovise; 194, 304 Hamilton, Myra; 331 Hamilton, Ray; 82, 331 Hamilton, Renae; 152, 282 Hamm, Jeri; 282 Hammock, Frank; 304 Hammond, Greg; 331 Hammond, Jan; 249 Hammond, Jason; 305 Hammond, Karen; 331 Hamner, Mary; 331 Hamner, Rickey; 331 Hampton, Laura; 184, 185, 305 Handley, Hazel; 249 Handley, Linda; 305 Hankins, Teresa; 331 Hannah, Kathy; 249 Hanson, Quinton; 283 Hanson, Susan; 127, 249 Harbin, Tina; 305 Harden, John; 283 Hardgrave, Steve; 163, 148, 249 Hargett, Alpha; 249 Hardwick, Ed; 100 Hargett, Debbie; 331 Hargett, Jeffery; 96, 249 Hargett, Phillip; 305 Hargrave, Steve; 331 Harlon, Janet; 98, 109, 305 Harland, Gary; 150 Harland,Tim;331 Harless, Joe; 331 Harp, Carol; 283 Harp, Doris; 134, 332 Harper, Fidelis; 410 Harper, Harold; 332 Harris, Ann; 305 Harris, Herbert; 134 Harris, Jeanette; 283 Harris, John; 305 Harris, Norma; 249 Harris, Robert; 142, 305 Harris, Wayne; 332 Harrison, Gary; 95, 249 Harrison, Joni; 332 Harrison, Price; 332 Harrison, Steve; 106 Harscheid, Frank; 379 Harscheid, Myra; 413 Hartry, Richard; 196, 197, 198, 201, 202, 203 Hartwig, Frank; 102, 249 Harvey, Henry; 375 Harvey, Kay; 97, 108, 283 Harvey, Mary; 249 Haskins, Steve; 117, 142, 332 Hausmann, Al; 363 Hausman, Teri; 104 Hawkins, James; 332 Hawkins, Janet; 158, 305 Hawkins, William; 364 Hawks, Benjamin; 134, 283 Hayes, Debbie; 283 Hayes, Edward; 142, 332 Hayes, Lynn; 332 Haygood, Edward; 283 Haygood, Gary; 305 Hayes, Jerri; 305 Haynes, Aubrey; 283 Haynes, Dan; 332 Hays, Cathy; 305 Hazelbaker, Norma; 249 Hef f ington, Dorothy; 404 Hejtmanek, VeAna; 332 Heliums, Janet; 332 Helms, Phillip; 332 Helton, Larry; 194, 195 Henderson, Deborah; 250 Henderson, James; 332 Henderson, James R.; 370 Henderson, James R.; 250 Hendrix, Brad; 332 Hendrix, Danny; 44, 84, 103, 112, 136, 188, 189 Menken, Charlotte; 94, 283 Henley, Lana; 333 Henninger, Ann; 84, 152, 250 Henry, Shelia; 109, 250 Henry, Jim; 148 K JtV Henry, Steven; 114, 129, 138, 333 Henry; Tim; 109, 333 Henry, Tim M.; 333 Hensley, Fred; 362 Henson, Christa; 305 Henson, Conita;333 Henson, Monica; 305 Herchenhahn, Elizabeth; 250 Herring, Leta; 283 Hester, Carlton; 119, 305 Hester, Jeffrey; 305 Hester, Marian; 84, 96, 99, 283 Hester, Michael; 250 Hewitt, Fred; 333 Hickman, Beverly; 88, 117, 283 Hickman, Scott; 333 Hickman, Jeri; 305 Higdon, Charles; 333 Higginbotham, Frank; 305 Higginbotham, Jean Ann; 77, 88, 131, 158, 185 305 Higgins, Lawana; 158, 333 Highfield, Benzie; 305 Highfield, Larry; 250 Hightower, Ben; 305 Hightower, Willie; 370 Hill, Anita; 333 Hill, Billy; 333 Hill,Brenda;96,250 Hill, Charles; 305 Hill, Clinton; 333 Hill, Elizabeth; 380 Hill, Fredda; 333 Hill, Hazzel; 333 Hill, Jimmy; 283 Hill, Linda; 98, 250 Hill, Mary Joyce; 420 Hill, Sandra; 333 Hill, Steve; 333 Himmler, Frank; 382 Hines, Barbara; 305 Hines, Deborah; 125, 250 Hinton, David; 109, 114, 333 Hipps, Anita; 333 Hittson,Malva;305 Hobbie, Jerry; 333 Hobbs, Laura; 305 Hobbs, William; 283 Hodge, Howard; 284 Hodges, Ronald; 98, 250 Holdbrooks, Gregory; 250 Holder, Robert; 376 Holden, David; 102, 305 Holden, Denna; 305 Holland, Horace; 333 Holland, John; 364 Holland, Neysa; 158, 333 Holley, Cynthia; 305 Holley, June; 284 Holliman, Alice; 95, 305 Holliman, Leigh Ann; 308 Hollis, Silvia; 154, 306 Hollis, Tim; 140, 333 Holloway, Sara; 96, 97, 251 Holmes, Mark; 333 456 INDEX Holt, Billy; 333 Holt, Carolyn; 398 Holt, Don; 148, 163, 167 Holt, Gary; 138 Holt, Jerry L; 306 Holt, Jerry T. ; 306 Holt, Mary Alice; 154, 333 Holt, Timothy; 420 Holt, Tommy; 333 Holtzclaw, Rickey; 82, 251 Homer, Donna; 152, 306 Honey, Melanie; 184, 185, 306 Honey, Tommy; 333 ML Honeycutt, Judy; 306 Hood, Jerrold; 284 Hood, Phillip; 142, 306 Hooper, John; 333 Hooten, Ronald; 372 Hope, David; 68, 251 Hopkins, Charlotte; 104, 306 Hopson, Philip; 89, 117, 142, 284 Horrison, Deborah; 333 Hornbuckle, Weston; 140, 333 Horton, Beth; 334 Horton, Gary; 136, 304 Horton, Joan; 154, 306 Horton, Patricia; 251 Hotle, Mark; 334 House, Larry; 334 Hovater, Daniel; 87, 89, 284 Hovater, Patricia; 306 Hovater, Sharon; 334 Houston, William; 96, 284 Howard, Brenda; 125, 257 Howard, Dean; 334 Howard, Janet; 334 Howard, Robert; 284 Howard, Rodney; 251 Howard, Virginia; 82, 334 Howell, Julia; 334 Howie, Frankie; 251 Howington, Karen; 156, 334 Hubbard, James; 100, 101, 251 Hubbell, William; 284 Huddleston, Jean; 334 Hudson, Billy; 334 Hudson, Gary; 102, 251 Hudson, James; 306 Hudson, Linda; 358 Hudson, Robbie; 182 Huggins, Carol; 306 Hughes, Carla; 117, 306 Hughes, Danny; 136, 284 Hume, David; 306 Humphrey, Kevin; 334 Hunkapillar, Kathy; 69, 88, 98, Hunt, Debbie; 154, 334 Hunter, Jeff; 306 Hunter, Thomas; 334 Hurst, Archette; 334 Hurst, Betty; 251 Hurst, Joe; 334 Hurst, Teresa; 114, 334 Hurt, Angelyn; 306 Hurt, Bobbie; 284 Hurt, Glenn; 136, 306 Hyde, James; 306 Hyde, Linda; 156, 284 Hyde, Regina; 284 107, 251 illiam; 385 Ingle, John; 251 Ingram, Charron; 334 Ingram, George; 101, 117, 284 Ingram, James; 80, 82, 84, 86, 105, 130, 306 Ingram, William; 100, 102, 105, 306 Inman, Connie; 334 Inman, Deborah; 335 Inman, Stephen; 126, 284 Irby, James; 335 Irons, Keith; 335 " % Irons, Michael; 252 Irons, Nelda; 420 Irons, Rhonda; 82, 98, 306 Irons, Ricky; 252 Irons, Terry; 252 Irwin, Florence; 372 Isbell, Kim; 306 Isbell, Raymond; 367 Isom, Steve; 252 Ikerd, Gary; 140, 334 J Jackson, Anna; 335 Jackson, Billy; 252 Jackson, Deborah; 335 Jackson, Hollye; 152, 335 Jackson, Dean; 126, 252 Jackson, Kittie; 93, 252 Jackson, Laura; 252 Jackson, Pamela; 152, 252 Jackson, Sally; 252 Jackson, Steven; 252 Jackson, Willie Mae; 411 Jacobs, Dianne; 97 Jacobs, Grady; 354 James, Barbara; 252 James, Dan; 252 James, Hayden; 81, 117, 136, 284 James, Lanny; 84, 306 James, Steve; 114, 306 James, Tommy; 252 Jansen, Patrick; 306 Jarnigan, Gary; 252 Jarnigan, Jeanette; 83, 85, 253 Jarret, Janice; 306 Jason, Mary; 335 Jay, Janice; 152, 335 Jeans, John; 335 Jeffreys, Howard; 335 Jeffreys, Linda; 335 Jelley, Joan; 152, 335 Jemison, Michael; 196, 202, 205, 335 Jenson, Lany; 82, 306 Jeter, Larry; 285 Johnson, Barry; 182 Johnson, Brenda; 85, 88, 96, 98, 138, 253 Johnson, Carol; 82, 97, 104, 105, 306 Johnson, Faith; 335 Johnson, Freddy; 285 Johnson, Gary; 335 Johnson, Hattie; 335 Johnson, James; 253 Johnson, Jean; 380 Johnson, Jean Swift; 421 Johnson, Julia; 158, 335 Johnson, Kathy; 335 Johnson, Kenneth; 385 Johnson, Margaret; 154, 307 Johnson, Mary; 253 Johnson, Michael; 80, 142, 285 Johnson, Mike; 98, 148, 335 Johnson, Phyllis; 335 Johnson, Robert; 401 Johnson, Samuel; 69, 285 Johnson, Teresa; 335 Johnson, Tommy; 47, 117, 140 Johnston, Albert; 381 Johnston, James; 253 Johnston, Kathy; 307 Johnston, Marilyn; 285 Johnston, Margaret; 409 Joly, Marilyn; 285 Jollay, Richard; 307 Jones, Amy; 152, 335 Jones, Andrea; 194, 253 Jones, Brenda; 183, 307 Jones, Butch; 335 Jones, Carl; 83, 89, 117, 285 Jones, Carol; 307 Jones, Celia; 372 Jones, Charles; 84, 88, 103, 253 Jones, Glen; 84, 88, 103, 253 Jones, Debra; 113, 307 Jones, Gary; 307 Jones, Iris; 113, 122, 158, 253 Jones, Jack; 115, 253 Jones, James; 376 Jones, James H.; 393 Jones, Janice; 285 Jones, Jill; 254 Jones, Jose; 80, 117, 307 Jones, Judy; 119, 285 Jones, Keith; 307 Jones, Michael; 82, 86, 307 Jones, Neil; 86, 89, 95, 285 Jones, Patricia; 421 Jones, Paul; 377 Jones, Susie; 98, 108, 254 Jones, Thomas; 307 Jones, Vol; 307 Jordan, Dusty; 285 Jordan, Marie; 254 Jordon, Mary; 117, 285 Joubert, Charles; 391 K Kaller, Anita; 335 Kearney, Richard; 118, 205 Keckley, Denzil; 403 Keeler, Nita; 307 Keeton, Stan; 307 Kelley, Craig; 307 Kelley, Josie; 94 Kelley, Michael; 254 Kelley, Stella; 400 Kelley, Tim; 123, 307 Kelso, Doris; 415 Kelley, Keith; 335 Kelley, Monica; 69, 85, 86, 107, 120, 254 Kelly, Cynthia; 84, 110, 123, 319 Kelsey, Gene; 150, 335 Kendrick, Timothy; 96, 108, 254 Kennamer, Pamela; 254 Kennedy, Larraine; 335 Kent, Gayle; 369 Kent, Jack; 365 Kent, Melissa; 254 INDEX 457 Kerstiens, Christine; 156, 254 Kerstiens, Dorothy; 285 Ketchum, Larry; 255 Key, Mary; 255 Key, Richard; 143, 335 Keys, Charles; 365 Keys, Dalen; 335 Keys, Mitzie; 336 Khasaweh, Samirah; 92 Kicker, Donna; 57, 117, 158, 186, 187, 307 Kidd, Deanne; 336 Kilgoar, Mary; 104, 307 Kilburn, Roger; 136, 307 Kilgore,Mikie;183,308 Killen, Freddy; 285 Killen, Gary; 308 Killen, Kay; 308 Killen, Robert; 308 Kilpatrick, Wanda; 420 Kimball, Joanie; 40, 54, 70, 84, 88, 106, 131, 136, 158, 188, 189, 255 Kimble, Chris; 308 Kimbrough, Steve; 336 Kimbrough, Teresa; 308 King, Darlene; 336 King, Debra; 103, 158, 285 King, James; 285 King, Libby; 285 King, Rhonda; 308 King, Robyn; 336 Kingsbury, John; 379 Kingsley, John; 102, 255 Kirchner, Sammie; 255 Kirkland, David; 336 Kirkland, Debbie; 336 Kirkpatrick, Richard; 285 B _ Knabb, Earl; 336 Knight, Lynn; 285 Knight Inell; 397 Knight, Michael; 255 Knighten, Lynda; 70, 115, 154, 255 Knowe, Peter; 285 Koeda, Kiyohiro; 94, 285 Koehn, Barry; 177, 182, 255 Koehn, Robert; 255 Koger, Brenda; 336 Krakau, Susan; 255 Kreeda, Kiyo; 84 Krohn, John; 285 Kubina, John; 255 Kuhn, Frederick; 336 Kysar, Patricia; 411 Kyzar, Kym; 336 Lackey, Janice; 85 Lafarlett, Diane; 156, 336 Lake, James; 91, 255 Lakebrink, Marcella; 336 Lambert, Dixie; 255 Lamon, Debbie; 336 La mar, Teresa; 336 Lamb, Kevin; 308 Lambert, Thomas; 308 Lamm, Howard, 308 Lancaster, Dallas; 387 Lancaster, James; 308 Landers, Sylvia; 102, 285 Landhan, Edward; 101, 255 Landry, Brian; 308 Lane, Chuck; 182, 336 Lane, Judy; 421 Langer, Rose; 308 Lansdall, Michael; 148, 308 Lansdell, Debbie; 97, 285 Lantz, Vera; 126, 308 UPlant, Dani; 336 Larkin, H. B.; 354 Lasater, Linda; 336 Laster, Shane; 308 Laster, Terry; 136, 285 Lawler, Jenny H.; 392 Lawles, April; 117, 285 Lawless, Jonathan; 117, 119, 285 Lawrence, Annette S.; 411 Lawson, Angela; 103, 308 Lawson, Bruce; 336 Lawson, Carol; 336 Jl| Lay, Donald; 336 Layne, Susan; 336 Lazenby, William; 105, 308 Lea, James; 255 League, Cindy; 336 League, Cynthia; 336 Leathers, Marvin; 256 Leatherwood, Sherry; 308 Leavitt, Jay; 308 Leavitt, Jim; 130 LeBaron, Chuck; 336 Ledgewood, Sandra; 82, 309 Lee, Ann; 154, 309 Lee, Deborah; 285 Lee, Debra; 256 Lee, Reeda Jean; 421 Lee, Robert; 286 Lee, Robert; 126, 336 Lee, Steve; 336 " jj - Leech, George; 256 LeFan, Charles; 337 Leibold, Terry; 286 Leist, Jolene; 309 LeMay, Vernon; 256 Lentz, Mildred C; 412 Leonard, Wigon; 383 Lesley, Bruce; 119, 309 Lester, Rick; 70, 77, 80, 84, 86, 87, 106, 107, 120, 129, 142 Letsinger, Elizabeth; 82, 309 Letsinger, Walker; 82, 337 Letson, Margaret; 93, 256 Lewey, Mary; 286 Lewis, Calvin; 256 Lewis, Debra; 127, 286 Lewis, Levert; 89, 118, 256 Lewis, Nita; 337 Lewis, Sarah R.; 404 Light, Ricky; 162, 163, 280 Lightsey, Martha; 332 Liles, Kathy; 332 Linam, Ann; 421 Lindley, Michelle; 337 Lindsey, Billy T.; 388 Lindsey, Debbie; 337 Lindsey, Debra; 337 Lindsey, Pamela; 309 Lindsey, Vickie; 337 Lindsey, Vincent; 256 Liner, Steven; 121, 309 Linville, Michael; 337 Little, Cindy; 154, 309 Little, Cynthia; 309 Littrell, Bill; 84, 114, 286 Littrell, Karen; 154, 337 Littrell, Steve; 337 Liverett, Connie; 80, 88, 98, 286 Livingston, Kay; 309 Livingston, Michael; 406 Llewellyn, Phil; 337 Llewellyn, Sue; 88, 158, 307 Lloyd, Demetra; 337 Locker, John L; 368 Lockhart, William; 286 Logan, Debbie; 117, 307 Long, Hortense F.; 420 Long, Mike; 162, 163 Long, Pam; 53, 58, 106, 117, 154 Long, Ricky; 338 Long, Sandra; 118, 309 Looser, Chuck; 309 Lopez, Cyndy; 156, 183, 309 Lott, Deidre; 86, 286 Lott, Mike; 338 Lough, Alan; 129, 338 Lough, Gail; 126, 309 Lough, Janet; 256 Lovelady, Debbie; 156, 338 Lovell, Michael; 338 Lovett, Greg; 338 Lowery, Dennis; 256 Lowery, Gertrude T.; 404 Lowery, Jerome; 309 Luffman, Wanda; 256 Lull, Michael; 338 Lunceford, James; 256 Lundquist, Dawn; 338 Lundy, Clayton; 134 Lupo, Rebecca; 125, 126, 131, 286 Lusk, Jo Ann; 338 Lynch, Aaron R.; 393 Lynch, Paul; 117 Lynn, Bob; 114, 338 Lynn, Nancy; 284 Lyons, Russell; 309 M Machen, Joseph; 338 Machtolff, Paul; 338 Mackey, Susan; 152, 257 Maddox, David; 420 Mahatha,Toni;109,338 Maize, Shirley; 363 Makal, Emily; 257 Mallonee, Frank; 383 Malone, Barbara; 113, 158, 287 Malone, Mary; 310 Manasco, Gary; 96, 103 Mandy, Mary; 152, 310 Maness, Joe; 338 Maness, Maurine S.; 385 Maness, Pat;44, 47, 81, 86, 113, 114, 129, 154, 287 Mangum, Carol; 338 Mangum, Sam; 142, 339 Mangum, James; 142, 310 Mann, Dennis; 257 Mann, Stephen; 98, 287 Mansell, Cheryl; 287 Mansell, Debbie; 41, 130, 287 Mansell, Robert; 257 Maples, Anne; 154, 310 Maples, Blanton; 257 Maples, Sheri; 339 Marks, John; 103, 257 Marks, Judy; 339 Maroney, Dan; 103, 339 Marsh, Rebecca; 124, 287 Marshall, John; 339 458 INDEX Marthaler, Bill; 310 Martin, David; 148, 287 Martin, Elizabeth; 40 8 Martin, Jack C; 416 Martin, Jeannie; 287 Martin, Linda; 310 Martin, Robert; 310 Martin, Thomas; 339 Martindale, Ronald; 257 Martinez, Abraham; 287 Martinez, Martha; 127, 287 Mask, Stephen; 150, 310 Marston, Betty; 287 Marxer, Cathy; 339 Mason, Mary; 339 Mastin, Cheryl; 109, 287 Ma ta, Gabriel; 339 Mata, Marian; 339 Mathews, Marilyn; 152, 339 Mathews, Steven; 115, 310 Matthews, Anne; 127, 310 Matthews, Helen; 406 Mattox, Wes; 310 Matthews, Dianne; 119, 310 Mauter, Patricia; 71, 258 Mays, Rebecca; 258 May, Sheila; 339 May, Teresa; 339 May, Tim; 339 May, Vickie; 339 Mayhall, Belinda; 310 Mays, Becky; 287 McAfee, Robert Jr.; 142, 309 McAfee, Rosa; 92, 286 McArthur, Frank W.; 361 McBrayer, Noel Don; 407 McCafferty, Barry; 309 McCafferty, Sandra; 340 McCaleb, Beth; 183, 309 McCaleb, Jackie; 340 McCaleb, Kim; 340 McCamy, Ann; 100 McCann, Dale; 309 McCann, John; 92 McCann, William; 80, 286 McCargo, Virgil; 136, 286 McClamroch, Bruce; 84, 126, 286 McClellan, Eleanor; 117, 119, 340 McClellan, Mark; 340 McCleskey, Shelia; 256 McClung, Danny; 287 McClure, William L.; 370 McCollough, Paul; 148, 351 McCollum, Cheryl; 107, 309 McCollum, James; 98, 287 McCollum, Richard; 150 McCombs, Greg; 287 McCombs, Mike; 174, 178 McCorkle, James; 257 McCormack, Patsy; 309 McCormick, Bill; 340 McCoy, Susan; 86, 97, 138, 152, 340 McCracken, Jeff; 340 McCreless, Debbie; 309 McCreless, Leisa; 340 McCreless, Rickey; 309 McCreless, Sandra; 257 McCulley, Tim; 340 McCulloch,Jim;287 McCulloch, Michael; 257 McDaniel; Desiree; 309 McDaniel, Mary Jane; 384 McDonald, Alice; 287 McDonald, Mike; 340 McDonald, Suzanne; 309 McDonald, Timothy; 140, 287 McDonnell, Frances ].; 417 McElheny,W.T.;357 McFall, Jenny; 340 McFall, Joan; 48 McFall, Lynn; 340 McGarry, Denise; 340 McGee, Daphne; 340 McGee, Dana; 309 McGee, Earl W.; 387 McGee, Marlon; 84, 98, 257 McGee, Jeff; 340 McGee, Lillian M; 410 McGee, Teresa; 309 McGee, Teresa; 340 McGill,JohnIH;140,340 McGill, Pamela; 154, 287 McGoff, Kathryn; 85, 126, 310 McGuire, Charles; 310 McGuire, Charles; 287 McGuire, Jo; 418 McGuyer, Benny; 341 Mcllrath, Jane O.; 405 Mcllrath, W. J.; 400 Mclnish, Betty; 99 Mclntosh, John; 341 Mclntyre, David D.; 416 Mclntyre, David; 310 Mclntyre, Frieda; 341 Mclntyre, Susan; 156, 287 McKelvey, Debbie; 341 McKinney, Joe; 86, 341 McKinney, Roger; 310 McKleroy, Cathy; 287 McMinn, Carol; 154, 341 McMinn, Jim T.; 395 McMinn, Laura; 152, 310 McMurtrey, Cindy; 257 McNeill, Jenny; 85, 310 McPeters, Dorothy L.; 416 McWilliams, Anne; 341 Mead, Darlene; 339 Mead, Joyce; 339 J Mead, Trudy; 134 Meadows, Mary Lou; 405 Meade, Nellie; 92, 258 Mecke, Donald; 148, 310 Meckes, James; 84, 100, 102, 194, 195, 258 Meckes, Flora; 258 Medford, Sherri; 339 Meeks, Elaine; 96 Meeks, Nancy; 45, 113, 154, 310 Meeks, Ronald C 370 Mehaffey, Lisa; 339 Melson, Kathy; 339 Melson, Ronnie; 258 Melton, Bob; 258 Melton, Richard; 98, 287 Merkel, Edward; 394 Merritt, Marcus; 176, 287 Middlebrooks, Linda; 339 Miles, Rhonda; 117, 152, 287 Miley, Jerry L; 388 Miller, Anita; 339 Miller, Nell; 417 Miller, Bryan; 339 Miller, Roger; 150, 287 Millican, Betty; 54, 71, 88, 154, 258 Millican, Ginny; 154, 310 Mills, Jerry; 83 Mills, Jerry W.; 419 Mills, Stephen; 126, 310 Millsaps, Anna; 156, 339 Milner, Timothy; 150, 339 Milstead, Sheila; 310 Mlms, Thomas E.; 362 Miner, Linda; 339 Miner, Terri; 287 Minor, Cyndy; 339 Minor, Jerry; 287 Mitchell, Billy P.; 417 Mitchell, Cindy; 339 Mitchell, Dale; 150, 163,310 jA Mitchell, Danny; 86, 89, 287 Mitchell, Johnny; 339 Mitchell, Lisa; 339 Mitchell, Napoleon; 146, 258 Mitchell, Rhonda; 310 Mitchell, Rhonda; 310 Mitchell, Rhonda; 289 Mitchell, Robert; 288 Mitchell, Susan; 81, 88, 130, 158, 310 Mizell, Jerry; 174, 179, 181, 182, 288 Mock, Danny; 340 Mock, Durell L; 417 Mock, Terry; 340 Monroe, Tom; 89 Montgomery, Dolores; 100, 259 Montgomery, Joe; 340 Montgomery, William R.; 365 Moody, Lita; 388 Moody, Sam; 150 Moody, Toni; 340 Moomaw, Marilyn; 194, 310 Moore, David; 259 Moore, Ellen G.; 297 Moore, Jack H.; 365 Moore, James; 259 Moore, JoAnn; 81, 84, 88, 259 Moore, Pat; 81 Moore, Patricia; 385 Moore, Sarah; 340 Moore, Wanda; 288 Moran, Richard; 416 Moreland, Theresa; 340 Morgan, Angela; 259 Morgan, Bruce; 103 Morgan, Donnie; 71, 121, 146, 259 Mumaw, Mel vin; 416 Morgan, O ' Neal; 259 Morgan, Samuel; 259 Moyan, Vicki; 340 Morris, Barry K.; 394 Morris, Donna; 185, 310 Morris, Jane; 259 Morris, Jerry; 340 Morris, Lisa; 130, 154, 311 Morris, Pamela; 183, 259 Morris, Raymond; 259 Morris, Tommy; 89, 93, 288 Morrison, Timothy; 93, 118, 288 Morrissey, Karen; 158, 340 Morrow, Linda; 311 Morrow, Linda; 288 Morrow, Phillip; 57, 117, 119, 142, 170, 172, 173, 311 Morse, Pamela; 105, 311 Morton, Ronny;311 Mosakowski, Joseph J.; 393 Moseley, Vickie; 80 Mosley, Mary; 104, 311 Moss, Allen Miller; 390, 391 Moss, Billy Gene; 99 Mott, Kathleen; 259 Mueller, Jimmy; 340 Mullahy, David; 259 Mullins, Janet; 340 INDEX 459 Murphy, Cindy; 311 Murphy, David; 311 Murphy, Rebecca; 259 Murray, Mike; 142, 288 Murray, Thomas P.; 367 Muse, Alana; 82, 98, 311 Muse, Barbara; 416 Muse, Eva; 421 Muse, Judy; 109, 340 Muse, Robert; 89, 311 Musgrove, Brynda G.; 380 Musgrove, Martha; 120, 259 Myslenski, Denyse; 288 N Nale, Michael; 144, 341 Nance, Michael; 260 Narimore, Rhonda; 183 Napier, Thomas; 341 Napps, Ric; 136 Nason, Mary; 152 Nazworth, Larry; 371 Neal, Butch; 288 Neal, Kenneth; 260 Neal, Marta; 341 Neall, Patricia; 92, 154, 260 Neel, Robert; 140, 341 Neese,Joe;260 Neese, Joan; 80, 260 Nelson, Marion; 84, 97, 260 Nelson, Rusty; 150, 341 Nelson, Stanley; 119, 341 Nelson, Teresa; 311 Neloms, Debra; 134 Nemeth,Gayle;341 Nesbitt, Randall; 341 Nevins, Robin; 260 Newberry, Charles Jr.; 260 Newbern, Anita; 342 Newberry, Deborah; 96 Newburg, Paula; 311 Newman, Bobby; 142, 342 Newman, Richard; 342 Newman, Robert; 288 Newman, Susan; 311 Newman, Susan; 288 Newton, Charlotte; 342 Newton, Linda; 342 Newton, Paul; 109, 342 Ngan, Kwong; 260 Nicely, Mary; 260 Nichols, David; 260 Nicholson, Janice I.; 403 Nix,Gayla;82,342 Nix, Pamela; 311 Nixon, Ethel; 342 Noble, Thomas A.; 396 Norris, Gerald; 260 Norris, Tommy; 45 Northcutt, Cindy; 342 Norwood, Charles; 288 Norwood, Rodney; 81, 142, 260 Null, Carroll; 260 o Oden, Melissa; 95, 342 Oden, Sherry; 288 Odom, Gary; 260 CXDonnelL Marion L; 410 Ogbeide, Anthony; 94 O ' Kelley, Gerald; 311 Olive, Carolyn; 261 Olive, John; 311 Olive, Sandra; 311 Oliver, Mary; 311 O ' Neal, Jimmy; 342 O ' Neal, Kenneth Wayne; 412 O ' Neal, Larry; 121, 146 Ong, Alice; 311 Orr, Chip; 108 Orton,Jan;95,311 Ory, Anna; 342 Osborne, Frank; 261 Osborn, Janice; 261 Osborn, Lee; 86, 261 Osburn, Jimmy; 288 Osborne, Teri M.; 421 O ' Steen, Mary; 312 O ' Steen, Sharon; 342 Ott, Thomas; 386 Owen, Ada; 288 Owen, James Jr.; 261 Owens, Randall; 342 Owens, Sharlon; 342 Owyieha, Uwa; 94 Dates, Sabrina; 342 O ' Bannon, Marcus; 342 O ' Bannon, Stewart; 89, 93, 120, 288 Page, Andy; 144, 312 Page, Anthony; 288 Page, Vivian; 342 Page, Gary; 342 Palmer, Jim; 312 Palmer, Debbie; 154 Palmer, Lawman F.; 362 Pannell, Ronnie; 342 Pannell, Tim; 288 Papenburg, Mary; 288 Paper, Melissa; 288 Paperburg, Pam; 100 Parker, Cindy; 343 Parker, James; 150, 343 Parker, Jean T.; 369 Parker, Johnnie; 100, 343 Parker, Kenneth; 312 Parker, Phillip; 312 Parker, Rhonda; 343 Parker, Steve; 101, 288 Parnen, James; 343 Parnell, Jo; 98, 261 Parris, Joel; 261 Parris, Mark; 261 Parrish, Hoagy; 343 Parrish, Jimmy; 95, 103 Parsons, Anthony; 343 Partlow, Myra; 343 Paseur, Angela; 343 Passwater, John; 288 Passwater, Lanelle; 312 Pate, Zora; 104, 105, 312 Patrick, Jennifer; 261 Patrick, Jessie; 262 Patterson, Kathy; 156, 343 Patterson, Larry; 343 Patterson, Linda; 262 Patterson, Susan; 158, 343 Patton, Jacqueline; 82, 288 Patton, Kelley; 343 Patton, Sherry; 262 Paulk, Charles; 262 Paulsen, Patricia; 98, 313 Payne, Wayne; 288 Peacock, John; 150, 343 Peake, Howard; 288 Pearce, Harold; 312 Pearcy, Tim; 343 Pearson, Deborah; 108, 288 Pearson, Donald; 134 ' ebworth, Thomas T.; 400 Peck, Angela; 312 Peck, Donna; 97, 288 Peden, Connie; 343 Pceden, John; 122, 288 1 ' endergrass, Faye; 421 Pendergrass, Pam; 343 Pennington, Harry L.; 354 Pennington, Kathy; 289 Perkins, George; 98, 142 Perry, Anna; 156, 289 Perry, Mona; 183, 312 Perry, Stephen; 84, 136 Person, Donald; 175 Peters, Rebecca; 262 Pettus, Danny; 49 Pettus, Randy; 312 Petty, Alyce; 318 Petty, Cynthia; 93, 262 Petty, Mike; 142, 289 Pflueger, Richard; 289 Pharr, Debbi; 92, 289 Phelps, Patricia L; 395 Phifer, Melisa; 343 Phillips, Brad; 150, 343 Phillips, Debbie; 343 Phillips, Debby; 343 Phillips, Eleanor; 262 Phillips, Henry A.; 371 Phillips, Jean; 389 Phillips, Marcia; 72, 80, 86, 289 Phillips, Pat; 152 Phillips, Susan; 407 Phillips, William; 262 Philpot, Jane; 80, 97, 126, 158, 312 Pickens, Debbie; 343 Pickens, Randy; 343 Pickering, Sandie; 343 Pickett, Chris; 343 Pierce, Martha; 152, 343 Pierce, Steven; 262 Pietrzyk, Nance; 152, 263 Pike, Debra; 263 Pike, Donna; 289 Pinkston, Dennis; 343 Pirkle, Debbye; 188, 189, 312 Pitcock, Jessica; 85, 122, 289 Pitman, Susan; 95, 343 Pittman, Robin; 156, 343 Pledger, Myra; 88, 185, 309 Plonka, Denise; 72, 91, 123, 263 Poland, Deadra; 113, 114, 158, 289 Pomeroy, William; 263 Pool, Gerald; 263 Poon, Anna; 94 Porterfield, Jeffery; 142, 312 Posey, Philip; 289 Poston, Beth; 313 Potts, Mary Ella; 354 Pounders, Linda; 263 Pounders, Steve; 343 Powell, Karen; 313 Powers, John W.; 381 fastwooA Prince, 1 !! " Quills, Ni ey.K ! jeyRil ,!!! Ul Rilph,Cjih) ' fyWfc;l 460 INDEX Powers, Nancy K.; 380 Prady, Kelly; 146, 344 Prasitthi, Udom; 84, 94, 263 Prater, Jimmy; 263 Predmore, Michael; 138, 263 Prescott, Valarie; 152, 313 Pressnell, Karen; 44, 47, 154, 287 Prestage, Billy; 313 Prestage, Diane; 93, 110, 123 Presrwood, 5helia; 313 Price, Jack D.; 386 Price, Steven; 287 Pritchett, Terri; 313 Pride, Alyce; 263 Priester, Jan; 158, 344 Priester, Joe; 57, 72, 124, 127, 128, 136, 289 Prince, Dinah; 289 Prince, Thomas; 84, 86, 106, 108, 142, 263 Prince, William; 263 Prosser, Carol; 81, 84, 88, 111, 113, 154, 289 Provenza, Lea Ann; 98, 104, 313 Pullen, Billie; 290 Pullen,Euna;344 Pulles, Mary; 183, 194, 313 Putman,Jim;344 Putman, Nancy; 290 Putman, Vickie; 290 Pyron, Spalding; 290 Q Quails, Dana; 344 Quails, Nancy; 86, 99, 263 Quigley, Kathy; 344 Quigley, Ralph; 142, 313 Quillen, Joel; 136, 313 Quinby, Richard; 344 Radtke, H. R.; 313 Ragasa, Joseph; 100, 290 Ragland, Linda; 118, 290 Ralph, Cathy; 313 Ralph, Roger; 54, 180, 181, 182, 263 Raney,Joel;47,117,313 Rasbury, Pamela; 313 Rasch, Florlne K.; 399 Rasmussen, Richard; 344 Ray, Charles; 344 Ray, Paul; 344 Ray, Wade; 150 Reasonover, Barbara; 344 Reaves, Janice; 95, 264 Reaves, James; 263 Redding, Nancy; 290 Redmond, Linda; 344 Redmore.. Mike; 290 Reed, James; 264 Reedy, Robert; 120, 344 Reeves, Marilyn; 314 Reeves, Jeanne; 413 Reid, Bonnie; 344 Remkus, Craig; 126, 344 Renegar, Susan; 81, 158, 290 Renfro, Marcia; 290 Reynold, Scott; 344 Reynolds, Melanie; 73, 93, 100, 264 Rhodes, Andre; 121 Rhodes, Terry; 290 Rhodes, Thomas; 2 90 Rhodes, Vickey; 80, 314 Richard, Ivan; 178, 264 Richardson, Bernard; 290 Richardson, Nancy; 127, 264 Richardson, Elizabeth; 109, 264 Richardson, Hobson; 420 Richardson, Linda; 73, 88, 92, 264 Richardson, Olivia; 421 Richardson, Terry; 344 Richeson, Emily; 376 Richeson, Galen; 82, 105, 124, 290 Richie, William; 366 Richmond, Charles; 366 Rickard, Billy; 80, 129, 136, 314 Rikard, Bobby; 136, 344 Rickard, Joseph; 417 Rickard, Rhonda; 183, 344 Rickard, Robert; 344 Rickman, Steve; 290 Ricks, Louise; 244 Riddick, Phil; 344 Riley, Velda; 119 Rinks, Donna; 184, 185, 314 Risner,Judi;344 Risner, Tom; 140, 314 Rivera, Richard; 344 Robbins, Frank; 314 Robbins, Marsha; 314 Roberson, Jo; 264 Roberson, Sharon; 73, 83, 88, 138, 264 Roberson, Shelaine; 158, 244 Roberts, Cassandra; 314 Roberts, Donald; 314 Roberts, Elizabeth; 265 Roberts, Lana; 421 Roberts, Larry; 265 Roberts, Randall; 413 Roberts, Roy; 314 Roberts, Sandy; 98 Robertson, Lawrence; 290 Robidoux, Stephen; 102 Robinette, Debbie; 344 Robbins, Cyd; 344 Robinson, Barbara; 154, 187 Robinson, Brenda; 344 Robinson, Donald; 344 Robinson, George; 391 Robinson, Janice; 265 Robinson, Steve; 345 Robinson, Timothy; 314 Robinson, Tina; 290 Robison,Letha;314 Rochester, Jeanette; 414 Rochester, Mike; 142, 345 Rochester, Stephen; 94, 314 Roden, Anthony; 80, 136, 314 Roden, Howard; 265 Roden, Randal; 265 Roden, Wesley; 138, 290 Roe, Jackie; 314 Rogers, Glenn; 345 Rogers, Ira; 80, 81, 142, 290 Rook, Donald; 345 Roller, James; 288 Rollins, Phil; 345 Romine, Nita; 265 Rose, Burnis; 290 Rose, Donald; 265 Rosenbaum, Stanley; 379 Ross, Howard; 345 Roth, Lorie; 345 Rouse, Peggy; 265 Routzakn, Maria; 265 Rowell, William; 290 Roy, Roger; 142, 290 Ruble, John; 345 Rush, Jessie; 354 Rutherford, Cindy; 82, 98, 290 Rutherford, Randy; 265 Rutland, Carla; 315 Ryals, Alesa; 315 Ryan, Melissa; 265 Rye, Connie; 265 Rylant, Wendell; 140, 265 Saf ford, Martha; 265 Saint, Catheryn; 265 Saliba, Shauna; 118, 345 Salter,Synthia;315 Sargent, Arlene; 156, 266 Sarratt, James; 315 Sanders, Steve; 203 Sanderson, Dana; 345 Sanderson, Debbie; 345 Sanderson, Kathy; 345 Sanderson, Melinda; 291 Sanderson, Steve; 345 Sandlin, Debbie; 345 Sandlin, Mark; 345 Sandusky, Deborah; 96, 266 Sanford, Ian; 140, 266 Satetanupap, Wanpen; 94, 266 Savage, David; 136, 345 Sawyer, Kenneth; 291 Saylor, Darrell; 103, 315 Scarbrough, Betti; 266 Scarborough, Cindy; 361 Schacht, Karen; 154, 345 Schmidt, Darrell; 291 Schuessler, Cindy; 49 Schuette, Leasa; 315 Scillian, Rebekah; 345 Scott, David; 291 Scott, Debbie; 345 Scott, Ellen; 291 Scott, Jimmy; 144, 345 Scott, Randy; 94 Scott, Vicki; 122, 291 Sears, Sandra; 346 Seckinger, Vicki; 158, 315 Self, Hal; 406 Self, Linda; 127, 291 Self, Ramona; 346 Sellers, Jack; 389 Shaner, James; 315 Shannon, Deborah; 291 Shannon, Kenny; 81, 136, 291 Sharp, Albert; 291 Sharp, B. J.; 420 Sharp, Cheri; 154 Sharp, Connie; 291 Sharp, Danny; 86, 87, 266 Sharp, Karen; 80, 315 Sharp, Robbie; 119, 156, 346 Sharp, Roma; 291 Shaver, Joseph; 346 Shaw, Dennis; 346 Shaw, Kathy; 346 Shaw, Pamela; 146, 346 Shaw, Susan; 266 Shell, Greg; 83, 86, 292 Shelton, Monty; 102, 346 Shepard, Joseph; 346 INDEX 461 .herer, Mark; 84, 105, 124, 127, 266 Sherrill, William; 140, 266 Shipley, Gail; 346 Shipley, Sandra; 346 Shipp, Mike; 292 Shipper, Morris; 89 Shippey, Paula; 152, 267 Shippey, Roger; 315 Shirley, Robb; 315 Shirley, Tim; 142, 346 Shott, Albert; 140, 267 Shott, Donna; 292 Shumpert, Miranda; 134 Shuput, Robert; 315 Shytle, Deborah; 113, 154, 267 Shyver, Juannell; 267 Sims, Norman; 134 Simonds, Donna; 346 Simmons, Joanne; 158, 292 Simms, Belinda; 83, 84, 85, 105, 315 Simon, Michael; 315 Simpson, Barbara; 421 Simpson, Beverly; 44, 121, 146, 267 Simpson, James; 372 Simpson, Stan; 136, 346 Simpson, William; 105, 315 Sims, Linda; 397 Sims, Norman; 175 Singleton, Donna; 267 Singleton, Ricky; 267 . , . ,. ,. ,., .-,, T . ; Sivley, Benny; 346 Sizemore, Donna; 185, 267 Skidmore, Regina; 267 Skarzak, Tommy; 292 Skelton, Susan; 346 Skipper, Gary; 346 Skipworth, Rose; 86, 109, 316 Slaughter, Tonya; 316 Sledge, Cindy; 346 Sledge, Donna; 122, 316 Sledge, Lisa; 346 Sledge, Steve; 292 Sledge, Thomas; 316 Sleeper, Donna; 113, 154, 292 Sloan, Carol Ann; 58, 113, 114, 117, 130, 158, 292 Sloan, George; 316 Sloan, Karen; 346 Slusher, Kathy; 118, 158, 292 Small, Ronnie; 162, 163, 292 Smith, Ann; 347 Smith, Barry; 267 Smith, Byron; 292 Smith, Carol; 292 Smith, Carter; 316 Smith, Charles; 347 Smith, Doris; 82, 316 Smith, Elizabeth; 292 Smith, Flora; 405 Smith, Gary; 267 Smith, Harry; 49 Smith, Jan; 152 Smith, Hubert; 316 Smith, James; 347 Smith, Jerry; 292 Smith, Jimmy; 347 Smith, Kathy; 316 Smith, Ken; 144, 347 Smith, Larry; 126, 247 Smith, Linda; 267 Smith, Lucy; 86, 316 Smith, Lucille; 316 Smith, Marilyn; 316 Smith, Mary Jane; 347 Smith, Mort; 363 Smith, Myles; 316 Smith, Pam; 194, 316 Smith, Phil; 347 Smith, Rayford; 347 Smith, Richard; 98, 267 Smith, Ricky; 114, 138, 316 Smith, Robert; 414 Smith, Roland; 267 Smith, Ruth; 347 Smith, Sarah; 374 Smith, Sharon; 347 Smith, Shirley; 316 Smith, Steve; 101, 105, 124, 316 Smith, Therese; 347 Smith, Vivian; 292 Snyder, Kathy; 152, 316 Sockwell, Cynthia; 74 Sockwell, Judith; 316 Solley, Steve; 83, 292 Soustek, Sherrie; 293 South, Janice; 291 Southern, Celia; 293 Southward, Vivian; 347 Southwick, Gladys; 408 Sparks, Jim; 150, 347 Sparks, Mark; 347 Sparks, Nancy; 316 Sparks, Ransel; 267 Sparks, Rayburn; 418 Sparks, Steve; 293 Spencer, Rosalind; 134 Spencer, William; 347 Spilman, Nancy; 74, 84, 98, 104, 106 Springer, Dottie; 293 Springer, Harry; 268 Springer, Linda; 347 Spruiell,Jim;317 Spruiell, Sylvia; 154, 293 Srygley, Janet; 293 Stack, Margaret; 360 Staggers, Dale; 420 Staggers, Mary; 268 Stallings, Paula; 347 Stanfield, Kathleen; 99 Stanford, Beth; 118, 268 Stanford, Howard; 347 Stanford, Robert; 268 Stanford, Shelia; 347 Stanford, Stephen; 140, 317 Stanford, William; 317 Stangel, Darcy; 114, 347 Stanley, Pat; 198, 205, 268 Stansell, Janet; 317 Stansell, Sarah; 317 Steed, Sonjario; 317 Steele, Gerald; 293 Steele, James; 268 Steele, Marie; 268 Steele, Robert; 317 Steenson, Morris; 370 Stegall, Pat; 117, 347 Stein, Ottie; 142, 347 Stephens, Lawrence; 134, 293 Stephenson, Robert; 402 Sterling, Karen; 347 Stevens, Renita; 347 Stevens, Roy; 356 Stevenson, Donna; 293 Stewart, Carl; 293 Stewart, Deneyse; 293 Stewart, Steven; 182, 268 Stewart, William; 396 Stinson, Pat; 152 Stone, George; 293 El 107, 268 Stone, Sandra; 269 Stoner, David; 347 Stooksberry, Maureen; 82, 127, 347 Stooksberry, Terry; 347 Storey, Suzanne; 156, 293 Story, Betty; 317 Story, Linda; 348 Story, Michael; 348 Stott, Steve; 348 Stracener, Jeff; 317 Stratford, Mary Ann; 158, 186, 187, 348 Strickland, Deb; 156, 348 Strickland, Frank; 293 Strickler, Stephen; 136, 317 Slricklin, Lindsey; 381 Stricklin, Stephen; 269 Stroh, Leesa; 105, 154, 348 Strong, William; 382 Stroud, Tommy; 348 Stuart, Becky; 269 Studdard, Yodonna; 348 Stutts, David; 269 Stutts, Gregory; 101, 317 Stults, Janice; 348 Sturm, Nancy; 158, 317 Stutts, Jennifer; 317 Stutts, Mike; 348 Styles, Jeffrey; 105, 293 Suba, Karen; 269 Sullenger, Debbie; 117, 348 Sullivan, Robert; 348 Sullivan, Rodney; 317 Summer, Robert; 317 Summers, Karen; 158, 248 Summers, Sally; 269 Surles, Todd; 317 Sutherland, Butch; 83, 130, 293 Sutherland, Forrest; 294 Suwanawongse, Chatri; 317 Swafford, Don; 294 Sweeney, Lyn; 100, 269 Swiff, Penny; 348 Swindall, Terrell; 349 Swinford, Patricia; 74, 84, 88, 128, 158, 269 Swinnea, Joyce; 349 Swinea, Steven; 349 Swinney, Patsy; 152, 349 Styles, Tracy; 348 Sylvester, Don; 294 Sylvester, Billie Sue; 317 Szeliga, James; 269 Tanner, Jan; 349 Tate, Bart; 140, 349 Taylor, Dian; 317 Taylor, James; 294 Taylor, Juanita; 269 Taylor, Kenneth; 99, 269 Taylor, Marguerite; 421 Taylor, Susan; 349 Tays, Marcus; 317 Teaff, Walter; 407 Teague, Terri; 317, 349 Terry, Danny; 317 Terry, Don; 317 Terry, Greg; 294 Terry, Rosemary; 105, 349 Terry, Susan; 317 Thigpen, Amy; 317 Thigpen, Fhelica; 349 462 INDEX Thigpen, Mark; 294 Thigpen, Kathy; 294 Thigpen, Randy; 82, 89 Thomas, Billie; 81 Thomas, Billie; 418 Thomas, Clark; 114, 138, 349 Thomas, David Arthur; 373 Thomas, John; 349 Thomas, Mary; 349 Thomas, Varnell; 349 Thomas, Ronald; 414 Thomason, Michael; 163, 269 Thompkins, Chuck; 150 Tompkins, Tena; 421 Thompson, Charlotte; 349 Thompson, Deborah; 317 Thompson, Ermis; 395 Thompson, Janet; 349 Thompson, Jennifer; 294 Thompson, John A.; 378 Thompson, Johnny; 317 Thompson, Judith; 317 Thompson, Larry; 349 Thompson, Linda; 317 Thompson, Mary; 152, 318 Thompson, Mary; 75, 80, 84, 87, 264 Thompson, Michael; 349 Thompson, Mike; 294 Thompson, Sherry; 318 Thompson, Tim; 349 Thorn, Bruce; 269 Thorn, Carolyn; 83, 95, 129, 294 Thorn, Janet; 31 8 Thorne, Ann; 269 Thorne, Judy; 187 Thornhill, Linda; 270 Thornton, Bonnie; 158, 349 Thornton, Tina; 95, 156, 349 Thrasher, Marta; 270 Tillman, Ronald; 349 Timmons, Mary; 84, 85, 88, 94, 95, 129, 152, 294 Timmons, Leatrice M.; 381 Tinsley, Laura; 92, 129, 156, 294 Tipper, Arthur; 270 Tipper, Roger; 270 Todd, James; 270 Todd, May; 270 Todd, Toney; 270 Tolley, Cherie; 152 Tomas ewski, Theresa; 294 Tompkins, Charles; 294 Townsend, Richard; 270 Trayer, Cathy; 318 Triplett, Rebecca; 184, 185, 349 Truitt, Mae Beth; 349 Tucker, Cathy; 294 Tucker, James; 349 Tucker, Keith; 144, 310 Tucker, Mike; 77, 80, 81, 310 Turberville, Theresa; 349 Turner, Faye; 417 Turner, James; 124, 138, 270 Turney, Ginger; 295 Tuten, Bedford; 124, 271 u Urben, Walter E.; 273 Uthcy, Cathy; 349 Vance, Nancy Coe; 407 Vandergriff, Allen; 350 Vandeventer, Laurie; 349 Vandiver, Mark; 350 Van Pelt, Nelson; 417 Varnell, Charles; 140, 295 Vernon, Mack Adams; 354 Vaughn, Connie; 196, 197, 201, 295 Vaughn, Ricky; 198, 295 Vaughn, Sheree; 130, 158, 318 Vaughn, Susie; 34, 58, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63, 117, 154 Veach,Juel;84,89, 138 Vial, James; 350 Vick, Thomas; 318 Vickers, Terry; 350 Vines, Alan; 100, 271 Vines, Alan; 295 Vinson, Danny; 44, 140, 188, 189, 295 Vinson, Larry; 203, 350 Vinson, Ranny; 295 Voorhies, Vannie; 117 VonBoeckman, Penny; 271 Voyles, Fred; 318 w Uffelman, Becky; 349 Underwood, Anthony; 75, 77, 81, 84, 86, 87, 89, 106, 115, 120, 142, 295 Underwood, Beverly; 271 Urben, Stephen; 295 Waddeil, Karen; 293 Wade, Barbara; 104, 318 Wade, Barry; 350 Wade, Gerald; 350 Wade, Peggy; 380 Wade, Robin; 80, 89, 136, 350 Wadkins, John E.; 418 Waitzman, Diane; 82, 130,153 Waitzman, Charles; 295 Wakefield, Richard; 115, 271 Wakefield, Robert H.; 414 Waldrep, Hilda; 318 Waldrep, Malcolm; 350 Waldrop, Richard; 350 Walker, Albert; 350 Walker, Jim; 350 Walker, Rebecca; 271 Walker, Rhoda; 318 Walker, Wanda; 295 Wallace, Gov. George C.; 354 Wallace, James; 96, 124, 271 Wallace, John; 295 Wallace, Leon Joseph; 418 Wallace, Minnice; 98 Wallace, Ouida; 271 Wallace, Rhonda; 295 Wallace, Rita; 154, 350 Wallace, Shelia; 271 Ward, Myrt C.; 362 Ward, Thomas; 296 Warren, Gloria; 271 Warren, Ivory; 310 Warren, James A.; 419 Warren, Jane; 350 Warren, Susie; 318 Wassner, Rick; 110, 118, 123 Watkins, Linda; 96, 109, 271 Watson, Garry; 140, 296 Watson, Marilyn; 125, 271 Watterson, Butch; 296 Watterson, Melanie; 318 Watts, Charles W.; 387 Watts, Estelle; 404 Watts, Denise; 127, 318 Way, Lola; 403 Weakly, Nancy; 350 Weathers, Kaye; 158, 271 Weaver, Robert; 350 Webb, Pamela; 154, 271 Webb, Roy; 393 Webster, Nancy; 86, 271 Weeks, George E.; 407 Weeks, Joyce; 296 Weems, Ricky; 91, 272 Weinberg, Allan; 119, 296 Welborn, David, -296 Welch, Aleta Lyn; 421 Welch, John; 140, 350 Welch, Richard; 318 Wells, Bobby; 105, 318 Wells, Faye B.; 374 Welzyn, Mike; 350 Wesley, William; 350 West, Jeff; 296 West, Laney I_; 354 West, Russell; 318 West, Willie; 196, 197 Wheeler, Kathy; 82, 138, 156, 194 Wheeler, Robin; 318 White, Becky; 130, 296 White, Benata; 350 White, Beverly; 88, 111, 158, 296 White, Cathy; 84, 92, 296 White, Cherie; 296 White, Cindy; 119, 350 White, Connie; 92, 318 White, Dana; 152, 350 White, Doug; 296 White, Jack; 81, 136, 318 White, Lisa; 318 White, Michael; 350 White, Mike; 89, 95, 296 White, Pamela; 82, 350 White, Sharon; 296 White, Stephen; 272 White, Vickie; 92 Whitehead, Patricia; 272 Whitfield, Melanie; 318 Whitman, Rheta; 296 Whitmire, Harold; 272 Whitsett,Tim;350 Whitt, Bob; 148, 350 Whitt, Elaine; 80 Whitt, Stephen, 272 Whitten, Debra; 272 Whitten, Linda; 272 Whitten; Patricia; 296 Whitten, Richard; 296 Whitten, Vicki; 350 Wier, Janet; 350 Wiginton, Craig; 351 Wilbanks, Marty; 296 Wilbanks, Terry; 158, 296 Wilburn, Jeffrey; 296 Wilcoxson, Pamela; 111, 156, 297 Wilhide, Robert; 351 Wilkerson, Becki; 103, 158 Wilkes, Barbara; 297 Wilkes, Lyle; 297 Wilkins, Rita; 129, 351 Wilkerson, Dana; 351 Will iams, David; 319 Williams, Elizabeth; 319 INDEX 463 Williams, Elizabeth J.; 297 Williams, Jean; 80, 158, 186, 187, 319 Williams, James; 419 Williams, Jimmy; 142, 297 Williams, John; 319 Williams, Joseph; 297 Williams, Kathy; 104, 319 Williams, Kent; 319 Williams, Johnny; 142, 351 Williams, Lynn; 351 Williams, Pat; 351 Williams, Paul; 114, 351 Williams, Phillip; 89, 94 Williams, Richard; 364 Williams, Rita; 146, 185, 319 Williams, Roger; 351 Williams, Susan; 351 Williams, Tim; 297 Willingham, Ricky; 109, 319 Willingham, Sherry; 351 Willis, James; 272 AN SEE UKTHEH- Willis, Jim; 101, 272 T MJ J Willis, Rebecca; 93, 127, 272 Willis, Rose; 421 Willis, Shelia; 351 Wilson, Alice; 88, 96, 272 Wilson, Betty; 351 Wilson, Brenda; 272 Wilson, Chuck; 140,351 Wilson, Dwight; 272 Wilson, Joe; 401 Wilson, Karen; 351 Wilson, Renae; 188, 189 Wilson, Roger; 319 Wilson, Sharon; 272 Winchester, Danny; 351 Winfield,Tillie;273 Wingett, Rachel; 319 Wingett, Rebecca; 319 Winn, Nicholas; 378 Winstead, Rebecca; 297 Wise, Linda; 127, 156, 297 Witherspoon, Terry; 134 Witt, Elaine; 75, 93, 96, 106, 107, 117, Witt, Mike; 319 Wolfe, Samuel; 295 Wolfsberger, Judy; 152, 319 Womble, Donna; 273 Wood, Jaye; 421 Wood, Melissa; 154,319 Woods, Anita; 351. Woodward, Rita; 96, 97, 154, 297 Woodward, William; 401 Wooldridge, Elizabeth; 368 Word, Debi; 351 Worley, Charles; 357 Worley, David; 80, 89, 297 Worley, Vicky; 319 Wray, Terry; 319 Wright, Carolyn; 319 Wright, Cathy Diane; 420 Wright, Chuck; 163 Wright, Donald; 297 Wright, Ellie; 319 Wright, Janet; 156 Wright, Johnny; 319 Wright, Michelle; 156 Wright, Pam; 114, 156, 351 Wright, Phillip; 351 156, 273 Y Yarber, Sally; 102, 297 Yarbrough, Ann; 297 Yarbrough, Ronn; 297 Yeargan, Pat; 150 Yeager, Hal; 351 Yeager, Janice; 297 Yeager, Timothy; 273 Yeager, Vic; 351 Yeates, John; 400 Yeilding, Jack; 319 Yielding, Jean; 319 Yeiser, Denise; 152, 351 Yolcley, Paul; 365 Young, Buker; 140, 188, 189,319 Young, Carol; 319 Young, Doyle R.; 354 Young, Earl; 390 Young, Eddie; 351 Young, Ginger; 351 Young, Lynne; 273 Young, Sheree; 185, 319 Young, Terry; 84, 112, 146 NONDISCRIMI NATION POLICIES The University of North Alabama is an equal opportunity institution whose employment, admissions, benefits, programs, and operations are without discrimination as to sex, race, color, or national origin. The University complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The person to contact regarding employment and employment benefit policies, admission policies, student services, and student organization policies is Roy S. Stevens, Executive Vice President, at telephone number 205-766- 4100, Ext. 233. - "

Suggestions in the University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) collection:

University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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