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j ' If ill :f Board of Trustees Seated at his desk, Dr. Guillot; first row Jesse Rush, Grady Jacobs, Mary Ella Potts, Laney West, Doyle Young, Ben Larkins, last row George Carpenter, Harry Pennington, Carl Putteet, and Dr. Leroy Brown. Not pictured are Governor George C. Wallace and Mack Adams. . the Stands ftve school tug oioe all Love and logafty- cfa s tu ' iHu 31ess our cfeair ani have found in he future be sotis and fame portals , sAItna . i4atep, we horndge due; UJB heve out hearfs our colors ;. m introduction 4 faculty 30 campus life 80 seniors 112 underclasses 160 features 224 sports 272 military 320 organizations 336 ads 392 history 424 editors frawley John d knaur associate editor jan ikard advisor al hausmann ' " " - ' - . . . i I . One Comes Alone ' t To new versions of nature ' s rhyme created by man or his gods. a place of new and old, mingled. 10 11 Inpr mm ' The whys, the wheres, the hows of the universe unfold with painstaking slowness delivering one to agonizing loneliness. 12 13 14 Spirits flaring out in unison, bringing one to- gether in the loyalty of common goals. 15 I " Choosing between heaven and ridi- culous fidelity, preferring oneself to eternity or losing oneself in God is the age-old tragedy in which each must play his part. " 17 m I - 18 ' ' " ' ' ' J ' ' rt ' XS ' ' Aty t jte ' " ' ' ' - ' ' - ' ' ' " ' " ' " " ; " " : The new-found goals, values, and identities are moulded, then shared. 19 J irSm- ' T - I Personalities find expression through the medium of shared experience, serious as well as emotional. 20 21 -il il 1 1 - - - TnriTnl 1 1 1 1 minimum " - c- -.- - ' - - . . .- .. - . ... _: -. . - ,. _- D- . _- . - ' _ " . . ' - " However, it is good for man to judge himself occasionally. " 23 fl Togetherness and sharing let one lose oneself amongst the collective selves. The loneliness of groups and of the aloneness, of the noisiness and the quietness force a new awareness. L I 27 one leaves alone sighing, " ah yes, Sisyphus! " 28 29 c ; Robert M. Cuillot ... a member of the National Honor Society, captain of his high school football team; school teacher, Air Force legal officer, attorney and three term mayor; a Mason, a Shiner, a Rotarian. The tenth president of Florence State University . . . a leader. 33 Administration The administration branch of the University functions as the enforcer of school policy, social and academic, as well as counseling interested students. On their shoulders rest the financing of the University along with its politics, regulations, and educating and supplying the students with activities to round out their per- sonalities. It is a job for patient and wise men. Turner W. Allen Abel F. DeWitt Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dean of Men Otis L. Peacock Vice-President of Administrative Affairs W.T. McElheny Pauline E. Gravelee Vice-President for Student Affairs Dean of Women Billy Mitchell Director of Financial Aids 34 ...._.: Governor ' s Day-Inauguration Day- Centenial Day-1972 Dr. Robert Guillot recieving Certificate of Investiture from Governor George C. Wallace. Roy S. Stevens Vice-President of Financial Affairs Chester M. Arehart Registar 35 Wl Art Mort E. Smith, Department Head The Department of Art offers course work in studio, design, art history, art education, and the gen- eral arts. Now that the completion of the visual arts facilities in the new arts center is a reality, these course areas will become stronger, and it is anticipated that definite curriculum options may be of- fered leading to preparation for environmental design, constructive design, studio (drawing, ceram- ics, painting, printmaking, and sculpture), and art education. Specialized studios, lecture rooms, and a workshop have been equipped to carry out these types of curricular programs. There is optimism for the Shoals Community to enroll in evening art courses. It is, again, anticipated that the new faci- lities will permit an enlarged arts program during the after-dark (or Saturday) period. Last but far from least, the Department of Art hopes to be able to influence the aesthetic awareness of every student on the Florence State University campus. 36 Hilda Mitchell Jacqueline S. Innes Albert C. Hausmann Myrt Ward Nelson Van Pelt 37 Business and Economics Lawrence Conwill, Department Head The Department of Business and Economics serves a dual role in the institution. Its primary role is one of career preparation; its secondary role is the offering of supporting and service courses. The department of Business and Economics at Florence State University offers majors in business administration, accounting, management, marketing, business education, and secretarial s cience. The organization affiliated with the depart- ment is Sigma Tau Pi, which is open to all business majors and minors, and Alpha Chi which is open to students taking advanced accounting courses. 38 Max R. Carrington Gerald L. Cannon John H. Allen Thomas L. Edwards Bobby R. Clemmons James H. Jones 39 1 I Joseph J. Mosakowski Charles V. Rion Ellen Moore William S. Stewart Ermis A. Thompson Linda Sims Inell Knight Aaron M. Lynch Roy Webb, Jr. 40 Education and Psychology William L. Crocker, Department Head Students who wish to prepare for teaching in the elementary or secondary schools follow particular courses of study leading to the Bachelor or Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Arts degree, and upon completion are entitled to be recommended for the appropriate professional certificate issued by the Alabama State Department of Education. The offering of professional education courses leading to the Master of Arts degree and to Alabama Class AA Professional Certificate is becoming an increasingly important function of the department. Students who are not preparing to become teachers in the ele- mentary or secondary schools may establish a major or minor in psychology. Students enrolled in the education program are encouraged to participate in the Student Alabama Edu- cation Association. Membership in Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society for students in professional educa- tion, is by invitation only, and is based on scholastic achievement. 41 42 Jack W. Crocker John Finley, Jr. A. Miller Moss .Stanley S. Beans Carolyn S. Charles Joanne Reeves 1 1 Robert E. Johnson Robert Stephenson I William J. Mcllrath Denzil E. Keckley William H. Waite Janice I. Nicholson Lula R. Way Earle Young W. B. Woodward George H. Robinson 43 English, Dramatic Arts Speech, Foreign Languages Albert S. Johnson, Jr., Department Head The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages offers a major and mi- nor in English, and a major and minor in dramatic arts and speech, minors in French and Spanish, and two years of German. The English and Modern Foreign Language Department at Florence State University is noted for training fine teach- ers for the many secondary schools and for sending after graduation many of its majors to prestige graduate institutions for graduate degrees. Several graduates in English now hold the coveted N.D.E.A. scholarship and other scholarships and graduate assistantships in distinguished colleges and universities. s 44 Russell W. Godwin Elizabeth Hood Jim R. Davis Robert A Holder Barbara Glenn Leatrice Timmons 45 I ; M ' i M Frank Harscheid John Kingsbury James E. Jones Mrs. William D. Johnson Paul Jones, 46 ,J " V. Brenda Musgrove Catherine Jones Doris Kelso Nancy Powers Mrs. Gerald N. Wade J. N. Winn, Jr. Mrs. Henry A. Richeson Stanley Rosenbaum Gladys Shephard Lindsey Stricklin John A. Thompson 47 Home Economics The Home Ecomomics Department offers an opportunity for personal devel- opment as well as for a professional career. A major is offered in the teaching of Vocational Home Economics. Both a major and a minor are also offered in gen- eral home economics. In addition to teaching, graduates are enployed as Cooper- ative Extension home economists, business home economist, and home econo- mist in some areas of social service and other similar positions. Affiliated with the department is the Home Economics Club which is open to all majors, minors, and electives, and Kappa Omicron Phi, a national home economics honor society for majors. Mrs. Mary Huff, Department Head 48 I Mrs. Jane Mcllrath Mrs. Jean Dunn Mrs. Charles Rasch 49 Health, Physical Education and Recreation The University program of physical education provides an opportunity for stu- dents to achieve personal, social, and emotional development through class, in- tramurals, and recreational activities. The program of activities is designed to meet the needs of the students for fitness and the development of lifelong habits of recreation. The professional courses for health and physical education and rec- reation are designed to train teachers of health, physical education, recreation, and for athletic coaching. Dr. Michael Livingston, Department Head 50 Mr. George H. Gibbens Mr. E. E. Billingham Helen Mathews Gay Sievers N. Don McBrayer Walter D. Teaff ' Dr. William F. Glidewell Nancy C. Vance George E. Weeks 51 F : Athletics Although competitive sports have played a major role in the growth and devel- opment of Florence State University, it was not until 1970 that the Department of Athletics gained recognition as a separate department. Its primary purpose is to provide excellent opportunities for young men to continue their participation in athletics and acquire, by doing, the skills and techniques necessary for enploy- ment in high school and college coaching ranks. It is the aim of the department to well represent the people of north Alabama in intercollegiate sports and uphold the good name of the various communities which take pride in FSU athletics,. The university supports teams in football, bas- ketball, baseball, golf and tennis and the department will hopefully announce a new addition to the sports family soon, track and field. Florence State is a charter member of the Gulf South Conference which has the potential to become the strongest small college football conference in the nation. The league ' s basketball schedule is also attractive and is expected to add new dimensions to athletics throughout the southeast. In the final analysis, it is the goal of the Department Of Athletics to produce young men of high caliber who will be welcomed anywhere and make their com- munity proud of themselves and Florence State University. Henry H. Self, Head r II 52 Durell Mock Ronald D. Bumham Bobby R. Johns William Jones William F. Pike 53 Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering provides programs and courses in mathematics as preparation for careers in business and industry, for graduate study, for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools, and for satisfaction of mathematics requirements in other academic and professional curricula. The department offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. The basic engineering program is designed to provide one or two years of basic engi- neering preparation normally required by most professional engineering schools. Computer Science course work utilizing FORTRAN IV language is offered to provide the student with a background preparation in computer use for students entering a course in science or mathematics. John L. Locker, Department Head 54 ' . ' i . ' 1 - ' $ Mrs. Charles E. Carter Eddy J. Brackin Juan C. Aramburu Gaye Kent Gayle Patterson David D. Cope Jean Parker Elizabeth Wooldridge 55 Military Science The senior ROTC program at FSU was initially established in 1948 to produce qualified officers for the Military Police Corps. In 1955 the General Military Science program was implemented. Cadets who volunteer for the advanced program are eligible for com- missions in almost any branch of the Army. The Military Science Department sponsors the university varsity rifle team. The National Society of Pershing Rifles Company J4 and the National Society of Scabbard and Blade A-17 are fraternal military organizations also sponsored by the department. A military ball is the annual social highlight. The department and the organizations it sponsors, through the Red Cross Bloodmobile, charity drives, Governor ' s Day and other events, play a large part in community and university activities. . Col. Ralph W. Girdner, Department Head Maj. Henry A. Phillips Maj. John C. Blair Capt. John L. Estes Capt. Siegfried Cropper MSG Arvin M. Briscoe SSG Fred A. Threet SFC Willie Brammer SSG Carroll K. King 57 Music Formal concert programs, student recitals, faculty recitals, football half time shows, parades, pep meetings, television programs, and programs on tour-these are the performances the Music Department provides for the enjoyment of the student body and the general public of the North Alabama area that Florence State serves. In addition to opportunities for all college students to perform as singers and in- strumentalists, there is available in the department private and class instruction in piano, voice, and band instruments. Course offerings in the department for the general college stu- dent provide opportunities for the education major to develop musical techniques useful in the elementary classroom. For the music major, a full professional music program is offered. The Music Department, now housed in its new building, is one of the finest music facilities in the Southeast. , Wayne Christeson, Department Head 58 Frank McArthur Lynn Burdick David A. Thomas i : Evelyn den Boer wm Walter E. Urben Joseph D. Groom Florence Irwin 59 Science The Science Department ' s program is designed as a threefold program profes- sional preparation in the sciences, preparation for teaching the sciences, and ser- vice courses in the area of science for majors in other fields. The department offers majors in general and professional biology; general and in- dustrial chemistry; physics; and natural science cognate. Minors are offered in bi- ology, chemistry, and physics. The department also provides appropriate prepa- ratory courses for a number of preprofessional programs. Joseph Thomas, Department Head 60 Jack Brown John R. Bourne John W. Holland Lee Allison Hollis Fenn Raymond Isbell Virlyn L. Bulger Neal Harrison Henry T. Harvey 61 Jack B. Kent Charles E. Keys T.N. Hubbuck Arthur L. Hershey William Montgomery Fulton Huff, Jr. John F. Phillips 62 Sarah S. Smith R.W. Williams Jack Moore Paul Yokley William Richie Charles W. Richmond 63 Social Science The Department of Social Science offers majors in history, geography, sociology, and political science and a cognate major in socia l science. Minors are offered in econom- ics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Students majoring in the de- partment may prepare for graduate work in the various social science fields or in educa- tion. Depending upon the nature of their specialization, students may pursue eventual careers in secondary school teaching, college teaching, cartography, geography, law, library work, journalism, ministry, social work, personnel work, and in various phases of work in federal, state, and local government. j a Bernarr Cresap, Department Head 64 Robert C. Bowles Hassan S. Abdul-Hadi Milton L. Baughn Charles T. Gaisser Gary M. Green Kenneth Johnson J. Noel Glasscock Dallas Lancaster Mrs. George H. Maness Mary Jane McDaniel Frank B. Mallonee Michael Hughes William J. Ikerman Earle W. McGee Billy Lindsey Patricia Rowell 66 John W. Powers Carl J. Stapf Leonard Wigon William R. Ray, Jr. Charles W. Watts William R. Strong 67 Kilby School Kilby Shool is a regular elementary school operated on the campus by the university. It includes the first through the sixth grades, and serves as a laboratory school for teacher training and for observation by interested faculty and students. Under certain condi- tions children of faculty members are given admission priority. William A. Graham, Director Virginia Adams Sarah Lewis Estelle Watts Dorothy Heffington Donie May Lowry Mrs. Keldon Lowry 4 Mabel H. Harper Virgie Quinby Flora B. Smith 69 m- r 70 Jean Atencio Burchell Campbell Barbara Cox Bessie Austin Barbara Burgess Ruth Dacus Christina Benson Lucy Burrows H.L. Emmons Ruth Biggers Nancy Carmack Dorothy Elliott Mrs. J.T. Burch Emily Collier Janet Faucett University Staff I Muriel Grubbs Bettye Hartung Stella Kelly Martha L. Griffen Cheriyl Harrison Mildred Lentz Louise A. Graham Mez Hallmark Gloria A. Linam Martha Henry David Jones Martha Livingston Myra Harscheid Pat Jones Hortence Long 71 George Manush Dorothy McPeters Henry Richardson Ada Ruth Marks Nell Miller Joseph Rickard Frances McDonnell Clay Mullins Jeanette Rochester Mary V. Mansell Eva Muse Lana Roberts Jo McGuire Mary Ellen Peacock Jo Ann Salyer 72 Betty Scarbrough Margurita Taylor John Tucker L. Faye Stacy Ronald Thomas Faye Turner Dale C. Staggers Mabel Thomason Robert Wakefield Sybil Stevens Nancy Trowbridge Bertie Welch 73 Index Abdul-Hadi, Mr. Hassan S. Assistant POfessor of Sociology, B.A., 1937, Uivgfsity 6f Texas; M.S., 1958 frihfty Unlvefs-lty, Fldr- ence since 1961. Adams, Mrs. M.M. Supervising Teacher, Kilby School, B.S., 1937, Florence State Teachers College; M.A. 1956, Uni- versity of Alabama. Florence since 1953. Allen, Mr. ), Hollie A istant Professor of Economics, B.S., 1958, M,S. 1959, Auburn Uni- versity, Florence since 1959. Allen, Dr. Turner W. Vice-President for Academic Af- fairs, A, B:, M,A., Ph.D. A.B., 1940, Cenfre College; M.A,, 1941, In- diana University; Ph.D., 1953, University of Kentucky. Florence since 1954. Allison, Dr. Donald Lee Professor of Science A.B. 1947, Eastern Nazarene Col- lege; M. Ed,, 1960, University of North Carolina Florence since 1963. Aramburu, Mr. Juan Carlos Instructor in Mathematics B.S. 1949, Colegjo Nacional; Li- cenciado, 1963, University of Bue- nos Aires. Florence since 1969. Areruirl, Mr. CM. Registrar A.B. 1932, Lynchburg College M.A., 1946, University of Chicago. Florence since 1948 Atencio, Mr. J.R. Director, Data Processing Service, Atertclo, Mrs. J.R. Key Punch Operator, Data Processing Austin, Mrs. Cecil W. Secretary, Business Office Austin, Mrs. R.E. Postal Clerk Baughn, Dr. Milton L. Professor of History B.S. 1947, Florence State College; M.S. 1948, George Peabody Col- lege; PH.D., 1954 Vanderbilt Uni- versity Florence since 1962. Bean, Mr. Randall Assistant Basketball Coach, B.S., 1968, Jacksonville State University. Florence since 1972. Beans, Dr. Stanley S. Professor of Education B.S. 1949, M.S., 1952, Kansas State University Ed.D., 1967, University of Arkansas. Florence since 1967. Beck, Dr. O. Oscar Assistant Professor of Mathemat- ics, B.A. 1964, M.S., 1965, Missis- sippi State Uiversity; Ph.D. 1971, Auburn University Florence since 1971. Benson, Mrs. Christina Secretary, Uiversity Relations Biggers, Mrs. Ruth Nurse Billingham, Mr. E.E. Assistant Professor of Health and PE, A.B. 1940, Fairmont State Col- lege; MA 1947, Teachers College, Columbia University. Florence since 1948. Blair, Maj. John C. Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S. 1957, M.A., 1972, Florence State University. Flor- ence since 1972. Blankenship, Mr. Wendell Instructor in Business, Part time. Bourne, Dr. John R. Associate Professor of Biology, B.S. 1958, M.S., 1963, Ph.D. 1968, Auburn University Florence since 1968. Bowles, Dr. Robert C. Professor of History A.B., 1932, Central College; M.A., 1936, Southern Methodist Univer- sity; Ph.D. 1949, Duke University. Florence since 1964. Brackin, Dr. Eddy J. Associate Professor of Mathemat- ics, B.S. 1967, Florence State Uni- versity; M.A., 1968 Ph.D. 1970, University of Alabama. Florence since 1969. Brammer, Sgt. Willie ROTC Department Brisco, Sgt. Arvin M. ROTC Department Brock, Dr. Hoyt M. Professor of Education, B.S. 1926, Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., 1938, University of Ala- bama; Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. Florence since 1953. Brown, Dr. Jack S. Professor of Biology B.S., 1948, Tulane University, M.A., 1949 Ph.D., 1954, University of Alabama, Florence since 1968. Broyles, Mr. Steve Christian Student Fellowship Bulger, Virlyn L., Assistant Professor of Science B.S., 1953, Jacksonville State Col- lege; M.Ed., 1961, Auburn Univer- sity; M.A.T., 1963, University of North Carolina. Florence since 1966. Burch, Mrs. John T., Jr. Secretary to the Registrar Burdick, Miss Lynn Instructor in Music B.M.E., 1967, M.M., 1971, Kansas State Teachers College. Florence since 1971. Burgess, Mrs. James D. Secretary, Financial Aids Office, Burnham, Mr. Ronald D. Assistant Football Coach, B.S., Samford University, 1965 M.A., 1967, Livingston State Uni- versity. Florence since 1972. Burrows, Mrs. Richard Nurse Campbell, Miss Burchell Director, Curriculum Laboratory, B.S., 1946, Florence State Teach- ers College; M.A., 1951, M.A. (LS), 1954, George Peabody College. Florence since 1958. Cannon, Mr. Gerald L. Instructor in Business in B.A., 1967, M.B.A., 1971, Au- burn University. Florence since 1971. Carmack, Mrs. Nancy Secretary to the Registrar Carpenter, Mr. George Secretary, Student Union Carrington, Dr. Max R. Professor of Business Education B.S., 1950, MS., 1955, University of Tennessee; Ed.D., 1966, Univer- sity of Northern Colorado. Flor- ence since 1958. Carter, Mrs. Charles E. Instructor in Mathematics B.S., 1965, Athens College; M.S., 1969, University of Mississippi. Florence since 1969. Chandler, Dr. Patricia R. Assistant Professor of English B.A., 1966 University of Southern Mississippi. M.A. 1967, University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., 1971 Auburn University. Florence since 1972. Charles, Dr. Carolyn S. Associate Professor of Counseling and Guidance, A.B., 1943, Florida State University M.R.E., 1946, Presbyterian School of Christian Education; M.A., 1970, University of Alabama. Florence since 1972. Christeson, Dr. Wayne Professor of Music B.M., 1933, Drury College, M.A. 1940, Columbia University; Ed.D. 1947, Teachers College, Columbia University. Florence since 1950. Clemmons, Mr. Bobby R. Instructor in Business B.S., 1970, Florence State Univer- sity, M.B.A. 1971, Memphis State University. Florence since 1971. Collier, Mrs. William J. Secretary to the Dean of Women, Conwill, Lawrence H., Instructor in Business, Parttime; B.B.A., 1950, M.B.E., 1955, Univer- sity of Mississippi C.P.A. Florence since 1958. Conwill, Mrs. Lawrence H. Instructor in Business, Part-time. Cope, David D., Assistant Professor of Mathemat- ics, B.S., 1965, Cleveland State University; M.S., 1967 Auburn Ui- versity. Florence since 1971. Cox, Miss Barbara Secretary, Education Department Cresap, Dr. Bern arr Professor of History A.B., 1942, University of Missis- sippi; M.A. 1947, Ph.D., 1949, Van- derbilt University, Florence since 1949. Crocker, Dr. Jack W. Professor of Phychology and Edu- cation A.B., M. Ed. 1952, Tulsa University.; Ed.D., 1960 University of Alabama. Florence since 1960. Crocker, Dr. W.L. Professor of Education and Direc- tor of Graduate Study, B.S., 1947, M.A., 1952, Ed.D. 1958, University of Alabama, Florence since 1961. Cropper, Capt,. Seigfried Assistant Prifessor of Military Science; B.A., 1966, University of South Florida; Florence since 1972. Dacus, Miss Ruth Head Librarian A.B., 1939, Winthrop College, B.S., in Library Science, 1942 George Peabody College; Flor- ence since 1947. Davis, Mr. Jim R. Instructor in Speech and Techni- cal Director; B.S., 1966, Florence State College, M.A., 1968, Univer- sity of California at Los Angeles; Florence since 1968. 74 Staff And Faculty De Boer, Mr. George H. Assistant Professor of Political Science; A.B., 1934, Western Michigan University, M. Div., 1939, McCormick Theological Seminary; M.A., 1962, University of Iowa Florence since 1962. den Boer, Mrs. Evelyn R. Instructor in Music B.A., 1945, University of Okla- homa, M.A., 1969, University of Alabama. Florence since 1966. De Witt, Mr. Abel F. Dean of Men; B.S., 1939, M.A. 1946, West Virginia University. Florence since 1953. Dillon, Mr. Fred L. Director, Christian Fellowship; Douthitt, Miss Jane Secretary to Dean of Men Dunn, Mrs. James Assistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics; B.S., 1962, Alabama Col- lege; M.A., 1967, University of Alabama. Florence since 1967. Edwards, Mr. Thomas L. Instructor in Business; B.S. 1970, Florence State University. Flor- ence since 1971. Elkins, Mrs. James Secretary to Business Office Elliott, Mrs. C.O. Secretary to the registrar Emmons, Mr. G.L. Superintendent of Buildings Emmons, Mr. H.L. Campus Security Officer Estes, Capt. John R. Assistant Professor of Military Science; B.S., 1966, Ouachita Uni- versity. Floren ce since 1971. Faucett, Mrs. H. Lewis Secretary Vice- President Acede- mic Affairs. Fenn, Mr. Hollis C. Assistant Professor of Science B.S., 1947, M.S., 1950, Auburn Ed. S., 1971, University of Georgia. Florence since 1963. Finley, Mr. John R. Associate Professor of Education; B.S., 1934, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., 1940, University of Georgia. Florence since 1963. Foster, Dr. William Assistant Professor of English; B.S., 1961, University of Chat- tanooga, M.A., 1963, East Tennes- see State University. Ph.D., 1968, University of Alabama. Florence since 1968. Freeman, Rev. Richard L. Director, Wesley Foundation Gaisser, Dr. Charles T. Professor of History A.B., 1949, M.A., 1950, University of Missis- sippi; Ph.D., 1956, Yale University. Florence since 1961. Gibbens, Mr. George H. Instructor in Physical Education; B.S., 1950, George Peabody Col- lege. Florence since 1952. Girdner, Col. Ralph W. Professor of Military Science B.S., 1952, United States Military Academy; M.A., 1972, Florence State University. Florence since 1972. Glasscock, Mr. J. Noel Professor of Geography B.S., 1933, Western Kentucky State College, M.A., 1942, Univer- sity of Kentucky. Florence since 1945. Glenn, Mrs. Vernon Instructor in English B.A., 1958, M.A., 1964, Virginia State College. Florence since 1969. Glidewell, Dr. William F. Professor of Health and PE B.S., 1951, Texas Technological College; M.Ed., 1956, Ed.D., 1964, University of Texas, Florence since 1965. Godwin, Mr. Russell W. Instructor in Modern Foreign Lan- guages; B.A., 1967, University of Houston, M.A:, 1968 Stephen F. Austin State College. Florence since 1972. Graham, Mrs. John Nurse Graham, Mr. William A. Director of Kilby School B.S., 1934, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., 1940, University of Alabama. Florence since 1956. Gravlee, Miss Pauline Dean of Women A.B., 1948, Howard College, M.A., 1951, George Peabody College. Florence since 1954. Green, Mr. Gary M. Assistant Professor of Geography, B.A., 1962, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., 1967, University of Georgia. Florenc e since 1967. Griffin, Miss Martha L. Assistant Librarian B.S., in Library Science in 1943; George Peabody College. Flor- ence since 1953. Groom, Mr. Joseph D. Assistant Professor of Music and Choral Director B.S., 1956, Auburn University M.M. ED. 1962, Auburn Univer- sity, Florence since 1966. Grubbs, Mrs. W.L Switchboard Operator Guillot, Dr. Robert M. President of the University. B.S., 1943, Auburn University; LL.B, 1948, University of Alabama; J.D. 1969, University of Alabama, Hallmark, Mrs. Chester Secretary to the Registrar Harper, Mrs. Harry Secretary, Kilby School Harrison, Mr. Neal Instructor in Biology B.S., 1965, Florence State Univer- sity, M.S., 1967, Auburn Univer- sity. Florence since 1970. Harrison, Mrs. Neal Resident Counselor Harscheid, Mr. Frank E. Assistant Professor of English B.A., 1963, Florence State College, M.A., 1965, University of Florida. Florence since 1970. Harscheid, Mrs. Frank E. Assistant Librarian B.A., 1962, Florence State College, M.S., in Library Science, 1967, University of North Carolina. Flor- ence since 1971. Hartung, Mrs. Bettye Secretary, President ' s Office Harvey, Mr. Henry T. A.B., 1933, Western Michigan College; M.A., 1939, University of Michigan. Florence since 1948. Hausmann, Mr. Albert Assistant Professor of Art B.A., 1955, Capital University M.F.A., 1967, Bowling Green State University. Florence since 1969. Hawkins, Dr. W. Brown Professor of Biology A.B., 1949, Florence State g ollege;. M.S., 1954, University of Illinois, Ph.D., 1960 University of Illinois. Florence since 1966. Heffington, Mrs. D.R. Supervisor Teacher, Kilby School, B.S., 1953, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., 1955, George Peabody College Ed.S., 1964, George Peabody College. Flor- ence since 1956. Hendrix, Mrs. Buddy R. Secretary, Vice-President, Student Affairs; Hensley, Mr. Fred O. Instructor in Art B.F.A., 1968, Kansas State College; M.F.A., 1970, Tulane University. Florence since 1970. Hemdon, Mrs. Harry V. Assistant Librarian fl.S., 1935; Tennessee Polytechnic Institute; B.S., in Library Science, 1936, George Peabody College. Florence since 1969. Hershey, Dr. Arthur L. Professor of Biology B.S., 1927, Kansas University M.S., 1900, Iowa State College Ph.D., 1934, Iowa State College Florence since 1949. Hightower, MSg . Willie L. ROTC Department Hill, Mr. Harlon Assistant Football Coach B.S., 1955, Florence State College, M.A., 1969, Florence State Univer- sity. Florence since 1969. Himmler, Mr. Frank N. Assistant Professor of Georgraphy B.S., 1961, Arizona State Univer- sity, M.A., 1962, East Michigan University. Florence since 1971. Holder, Mr. Robert A. Assistant Professor Of Speech B.S., 1964, Memphis State Univer- sity, M.A., 1970, University of Mis- sissippi. Florence since 1967. Holt, Mr. Timothy L. Operator, Data Processing Holland, Mr. John W., Jr. Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., 1949, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., 1950 George Peabody College. Florence since 1953. Hood, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Assistant Professor of English B.S. 1938, Florence State Teachers College; M.A., 1964, Columbia University, Florence since 1967. Hubbuch, Mr. T.N. Assistant Professor of Chemistry; B.S., 1923, University of Louisville, B.S., 1925, Harvard University, M.S., 1926, Harvard University. Florence since 1959. 75 V5; ' " Index Huff, Mr. C Fulton, Jr. Associate Professor of Chemistry, A.B., 1931, Georgetown College, M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1946. Huff, Mrs. C. Fulton, Jr. Associate Professor of Home Eco- nomics: B.S., 1932, University of Georgia, M.S., 1942, University of Georgia. Florence since 1946. Huffaker, Mrs. Stanley Secretary, ROTC Department Hughes, Mr. Michael D. Instructor in Sociology B.A., 1967, University of Alabama; M.A., 1971, University of Ala- bama. Florence since 1971. Ikerman, Mr. William J. Assistant Professor of History; B.S., 1960, Auburn University; M.A., 1963, Auburn University. Florence since 1967. Innes, Mrs. Jacqueline S. Instructor in Art B.A., 1969, University of Tennes- see; M.A., 1971, Vanderbilt Uni- versity; Florence since 1971. Irwin, Mrs. Florence Assistant Professor of Music B.M., 1935, Bush Conservatory MM. 1937, Bush Conservatory. M.A., 1950, Columbia University. Florence since 1967. Isbell, Dr. Raymond E. Professor of Chemistry B.S., 1953, Florence State College, M.S., 1957, University Of Ala- bama, Ph.D., 1959, Florence since 1965. Johns, Mr. Bobby R. Assistant Football Coach B.S., 1968, University of Alabama. Florence since 1972. Johnson, Dr. Kenneth R. Professor of History B.S., 1950, Troy State University, M.A., 1954, University of Ala- bama, M.S., 1959, Florida State University, Ph.D., 1966, Florida State University Florence since 1966. Johnson, Dr. Robert E. Assistant Professor of Education; B.A., 1960, University of Missis- sippi, M.ED., 1961, University of Mississippi, Adv. M.Ed., 1964, University of Mississippi, Ed.D., 1971, University of Mississippi. Florence since 1970. Johnson, Mrs. William D. Assistant Professor of English B.S., 1960, University of Alabama, M.A., 1961, University of Ala- bama. Florence since 1967. Johnson, Dr. Albert S. Jr. Professor of English; A.B., 1941, University of North Carolina, M.A., 1948, University of Florida, Florence since 1954. Jones, Miss Carolyn Rae Secretary, Science Department Jones, Mr. David Director of Counseling and Place- ment: B.S., 1971, Auburn Univer- sity. Florence since 1972. Jones, Mrs. George T. Secretary, ROTC Department Jones, Mr. James E. Assistant Professor of Speech B.A., 1964, University of Alabama, M.A., 1967, Florence State Univer- sity. Florence since 1969. Jones, Mr. James H. Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.S., 1964, Flor- ence State College, M.A., 1966 University of Alabama. Florence since 1965. Jones, Mr. Paul, E. Ill Assistant Professor of Modern Languages; B.A., 1955, University of Alabama, M.A., 1957, Univer- sity of Alabama. Florence since 1967. Jones, Mrs. Waiter B. Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1929, Newcomb College, M.A., 1954, University of Ala- bama. Florence since 1952. Jones, Mr. William B.S., 1969, Troy State University. Florence since 1971. Joubert, Dr. Charles E. Assistant Professor of Psychology; B.S., 1966, Tulane University. M.A., 1968, University of Ala- bama, Ph.D., 1969, University of Alabama. Florence since 1972. Keckley, Dr. Denzil Associate Professor of Education: B.A., 1963, Harding College, M.Ed., 1967, University of Ar- kansas, Ed.D., 1969, University of Mississippi, Florence since 1969. Kelly, Mrs. Stella Librarian, Curriculum Laboratory; Kelso, Mrs. T.M. Assistant Professor of English B.J., 1946, University of Missouri, M.A., 1947, University of Missouri. Florence since 1967. Kent, Mr. Jack Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., 1958, Florence State College, M.S., 1965, University of Missis- sippi. Florence since 1964. Kent, Mrs. Jack Assistant Professor of Math B.S., 1960, Florence State College, M.S., 1965, University of Missis- sippi. Florence since 1965. Key, Miss Mila J. Instructor in Library Science B.S., 1968, University of Alabama, M.S., in Library Science, 1971, At- lanta University. Florence since 1972. Keys, Dr. Charles E. Professor of Biology A.B., 1943, Greenville College Ph.D., 1952, University of Kansas. Florence since 1971. King, s Sgt. Carroll K. Supply Sargent, Department. ROTC Kingsbury, Mr. John E. Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1959, Colgate University, M.F.A., 1961, University of Iowa. Florence since 1961. Knight, Miss Inell Assistant Professor of Business Administration; A.B., 1957, Judson College, M.A., 1961, University of Alabama. Florence since 1961. Ladner, Mr. David Instructor in Business B.S., 1965, Florence State Univer- sity. Florence since 1966. Lancaster, Mr. Dallas M. Associate Professor of Economics and History; B.S., 1938, Murray State College, M.A., 1944, George Peabody College, since 1946. Lawler, Mrs. Charles D. Secretary, Business Department Lentz, Mrs. Shannon S. Associate Librarian B.S., 1948, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., in Library Science, 1953, George Peabody College. Florence since 1948. Lewis, Miss Sarah R. Supervising Teacher, Kilby B.A.E., 1940, University of Missis- sippi, M.E., 1952, University of Mississippi. Florence since 1953. Linam, Miss Anne Secretary, Department Audio-Visual Lindsey, Mr. Billy Instructor in Sociology B.S., 1968, Florence State Univer- sity, M.A., 1969, University of Mis- sissippi. Florence since 1969. Livingston, Dr. Michael Professor of Health and PE B.S., 1959, Jacksonville State Uni- versity, M.A., 1960 University of Alabama, Ed.D. 1967, University of Alabama. Florence since 1969. Livingston, Mrs. Michael Counselor, Counseling and Placement Locker, Dr. John L. Professor of Mathematics B.S., 1952, Auburn University, Ph.D., 1960, Auburn University. Florence since 1960. Lang, Mrs. Chester A. Secretary, Library Lowery, Mrs. Keldon Supervising Teacher, Kilby School; B.S., 1950, Alabama State University, M.A., 1968, Florence State University. Florence since 1960. Lowery, Miss Donnie May Supervising Teacher, Kilby School; B.S., 1949, Florence State Teachers College, M.A., 1952, George Peabody College, Flor- ence since 1952. Lynch, Mr. Aaron M. Associate Professor of Account- ing; A.B., 1950, Vanderbilt Univer- sity, CPA. Florence since 1964. McArthur, Dr. Frank Associate Professor of Music and Band Director; B.S., 1957, Univer- sity of Alabama, M.A., 1960, Uni- versity of Alabama, Ph.D., 1969, University of Alabama. Florence since 1970. McBrayer, Mr. Noel D. Instructor in Health, PE, and Rec- reation: B.S., 1971, Samford Uni- versity. Florence since 1972. McDaniel, Dr. Mary Jane Assistant Professor of History B.S., 1965, Mississippi State Col- lege for Women, M.A., 1966, Mis- sissippi State University, Ph.D. 1971, Mississippi State University. Florence since 1969. McDonald, Mrs. Judy I. Secretary to the Registrar McDonnell, Mrs. Francis J. Associate Head Resident McElheny, Dr. W.T. 76 Staff and Faculty Vice-President of Student Affairs; A.B., 1942, Emory University, M.A., 1948, Ph.D., 1950, State Uni- versity of Iowa. Florence since 1950. McGee, Dr. Earl W. Professor of History A.B. 1942, Randolph-Macon Col- lege, M.A., 1947, New York State College for Teachers, Ph.D., 1952, University of Kentucky. Florence since 1956. McGuire, Mrs. Bobby J. Secretary, Financial Aids Office Mcllrath, Mr. W.J. Associate Profes: Professor of Psychol- ogy; B.S., 1935, George Peabody College, M.A., 1939, George Peabody College. Florence since 194d Mcllrath, Mrs. W.J. Director Nursing School A.B., 1935, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, M.A., 1940, George Peabody College, Florence since 1958. MtPeters, Mrs. Donald W. Director, Health Services Mallonee, Dr. Frank B., Jr. Associate Professor of Political Science and History A.B., 1953, University of North Carolina, M.A., 1957, University of North Carolina, Ph.D., 1966, Emory Uni- versity. Florence since 1959. Manness, Mrs. George H. Associate Professor of History A.B., 1941, Western Kentucky State College, Ph.M., 1945, Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Florence since 1956. Mansell, Mrs. Mary Secretary, Financial Aids Office Manush, Mr. George Field Representative Marks, Mrs. Tolbert W. Secretary, Business Office Martin, Mr. John C Head Resident; Program Director of S.U.B. Matthews, Miss Helen Assistant Professor in Health and PE: A.B., 1945, Duke University, MA, 1949, George Peabody Col- lege. Florence since 1951. Miller, Mrs. Curtis O. Manager, University Stores Mims, Mr. Thomas E. Assistant Professor of Art B.S., 1959, East Carolina Univer- sity. M.A., 1960, East Carolina Uni- versity, M.F.A., 1971, University of Guanajuata. Florence since 1972. Mitchell, Mr. Billy P. Financial Aids Office Mitchell, Mrs. J.I. Assistant Professor of Open Up Art: B.S., 1947, Florence State Teachers College, M.A., 1955, George Peabody College, Flor- ence since 1968. Mock, Mr. Durell Head Football Coach B.S., 1956, Florence State College, M.A., 1969, Athens College. Flor- ence since 1968. Montgomery, Dr. William R. Professor Of Biology B.S., 1950, Millsaps College, M.S., 1951, Mississippi State University, Ph.D., 1955, University of Ne- braska. Florence since 1962. Moore, Miss Ellen Assistant Professor Of Business Education: B.S., 1941, Florence State Teachers College, M.S., 1952, University of Tennessee, Florence since 1953. Moore, Dr. Jack H. Associate Professor Of Biology B.S., 1956, Jacksonville State Uni- versity, M.A., 1957, George Peab- ody College, Ph. D., 1971, Auburn University. Florence since 1972. Masakowski, Mr. Joseph J. Assistant Professor Of Account- ing: B.S., 1965, Florence State Uni- versity, M.S., 1968, University of Mississippi. Florence since 1972. Moss, Dr. A. Miller Associate Professor of Psychol- ogy: A.B., 1950, Western Ken- tucky State College, M.A., 1962, Western Kentucky State College, Ph.D., 1968, University of Ala- bama. Florence since 1964. Mullins, Mr. Clay Campus Security Officer Murray, Dr. Thomas f. Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., 1964, Western Carolina Uni- versity, M.A., 1966, Appalachian State University, Ph.D., 1969, Vir- ginia Polytechnic Institute. Flor- ence since 1972. Mumaw, Mr. Mel A.R.A. Slater Food Service Muse, Miss Barbara Head Resident B.S., 1969, Florence State Univer- sity. Florence since 1970. Muse, Mrs. Robert L. Secretary, P.E. Department Musgrove, Mrs. William T. Asistant Professor of English A.B., 1962, University of Alabama, M.A., 1964. Florence since 1964. Nicholson, Miss Janice I. Assistant Professor of Education: B.S. 1964, Blue Mountain College, M.Ed., 1967, Mississippi State Uni- versity, Ed.S., 1970, George Peab- ody College. Florence since 1967. Ott, Dr. Thomas O. Associate Professor of History B.A., 1961, Ashbury College, M.A., 1963, Appalachian Teachers Col- lege, Ph.D., 1970, University of Tennessee. Florence since 1967. Palmer, Mr. Lawman Assistant Professor of Art B.S., 1962, Auburn University, M.Ed., 1963, Auburn University, Florence since 1969. Parker, Mrs. Floyd R. Assistant Professor of Mathemat- ics: A.B., 1949, Florence State Teachers College, M.A., 1951, George Peabody College, Flor- ence since 1956. Patterson, Mr. Gayle Instructor in Engineering Peacock, Mr. Otis L. Vice-President, Administrative Af- fairs: B.S., 1931, University of Flor- ida, M.A., 1937, George Peabody College. Florence since 1946. Peacock, Mrs. Otis L. Secretary, Vice-President of Ad- ministrative Affairs: Phillips, Major Henry A. Assistant Professor of Military Academy. Florence since 1972. Phillips, Dr. John F. Professor of Chemistry A.B., 1958, University of Con- necticut!, M.S., 1960, West Vir- ginia University, Ph.D., 1964, George Peabody Institute of Technology. Florence since 1967. Pierson, Maj. John C. Assistant Professor of Military Science; B.S., 1963, University of Tennessee. Florence since 1972. Pike, Mr. William F. Trainer and Track Coach B.S., 1967, Florence State Univer- sity. Florence since 1970. Powers, Mr. John Assistant Professor of History A.B., 1956, University of North Carolina, M.A., 1958, University of Texas. Florence since 1965. Powers, Mrs. John Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1956, University of North Carolina, M.A., 1958, University of Texas. Florernce since 1965. Prater, Mr. Henry H. Equipment Co-ordinator, HPER B.S., 1963, Florence State Univer- sity, M.A., 1970, Athens College. Florence since 1970. Price, Dr. Jack D. Assistant Professor of History A.B., 1961, Erskine College, M.A., 1963, University of South Carolina, Ph.D., 1966, University of South Carolina. Florence since 1965. Quinby, Mrs. L.A. Dietitian, Kilby School Rasch, Mrs. Charles Assistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics; B.S., 1944, Alabama Col- lege, M.S., 1949, University of Tennessee. Florence since 1949. Ray, Mr. William R. Instructor in Sociology Reeves, Dr. Joanne Professor of Elementary Educa- tion; B.A., 1954, Judson College, M.A., 1961, George Peabody Col- lege, Ed.D. 1968, University of Aabama. Florence since 1969. Reid, Miss Merry Lou Listening Room Supervisor, Music Department: Richardson, Mr. Henry H. Campus Security Officer Richeson, Mrs. Henry A. Assistant Professor of Speech and English: A.B., 1929, Athens Col- lege, M.A., 1949, University of Alabama. Florence since 1960. Richie, Mr. William M. Assistant Professor of Chemistry: B.S., 1954, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., 1955, George Peabody College. Florence since 1958. Richmond, Dr. Charles W. Professor of Chemistry B.A., 1960, David Lipscomb Col- lege, Ph.D., 1964, University of Mississippi. Florence since 1969. 77 Index Richard, Mr. Joseph N. Buildings Supervisor Rion, Mr. Charles V. Instructor in Business B.S., 1971, University of South Mississippi, M.BA., 1972, Univer- sity of South Mississippi. Florence since 1972. Roberts, Miss Lana Secretary to the Athletic Director Robinson, Dr. George H. Jr. Assistant Professor of Psychology: B.A., 1%2, Millsaps College, M.S., 1965, University of Mississippi, Ph.D., 1967, University of Missis- sippi Florence since 1970. Rochester, Mrs. James H. Manager, Student Union Board Rosenbaum, Mr. Stanley Assistant Professor of English A.B., 1931, Harvard University, MA, 1932, University of Denver. Florence since 1961. Rowell, Miss Patricia Instructor in Sociology B.A., 1971, Mississippi College, MA, 1972, Mississippi College, Florence since 1972. Salyer, Mrs. Joanne A.R.A. Slater Food Service Scarborough, Mrs. Joseph Secretary Placement Office Self, Mr. H.H. Athletic Director B.S. 1946, University of Alabama, M.A., 1951, University of Ala- bama. Florence since 1949. Sellers, Mr. Jack R. Instructor in Sociology BA, 1968, Birmingham Southern College, M.S.W., 1971, University of Alabama. Florence since 1971. Sharma, Dr. Prakash C. Associate Professor of Sociology B.S., 1960, Agra University, M.S., 1967, University of Cuelph, Ph.D., 1970, University of Georgia. Flor- ence since 1972. Sharp, Mr. Billy J. Campus Security Officer Sharp, Mr. )oe P. Jr. Campus Security Officer Shepard, Miss Gladys Associate Professor of English A.B., 1931, Randolph-Macon Women ' s College, M.A., 1940, Columbia University. Florence since 1942. Sievers, Miss Gay Instructor in Health and PE B.S.E.D. 1968, Memphis State Uni- versity, M.Ed., 1971, Memphis State University. Florence since 1971. Sims, Miss Linda Assistant Professor of Business Education: B.S,, 1960, Florence State University, M.A., 1964, Uni- versity of Alabama, Florence since 1969. Smith, Mrs. Charles L Assistant Professor of Science A.B., 1951, Florence State College, M.S., 1965, University of Missis- sippi. Florence since 1965. Smith, Mr. Harry Instructor in Business Smith, Mr. Mort E. Professor of Art B.S. 1935, Kansas State Teachers College, M.A., 1940, Colorado State College, MFA, 1956, State University of Iowa Florence since 1960. Smith, Mrs. Ralph Supervising Teacher Kilby A.B., 1943, Henderson Teachers College, M.A., State 1947, George Peabody College, Ed.S., 1966, Auburn University. Florence since 1960. Smith, Mr. Robert Supervisor of Campus Grounds Sockwell, Miss Rebecca A. Secretary, Social Science Department Stacy, Mrs. Thomas A. Key Punch Operator Staggers, Mrs. Dale Clerical Assistant Librarian Stapf, Dr. Carl J. Instructor in Religion B.A., 1940, Concordia College B.D., 1945, Concordia Seminary MA, 1959, University of South Dakota, Ph.D. 1968, Marquette University. Florence since 1970. Stephenson, Dr. Robert E. Assistant Professor of Education: B.S., 1955, Troy State University, M.A., 1960, University of Ala- bama, Ed.D-, 1971, University of Alabama. Florence since 1972. Stevens, Mr. Roy S. Vice- President for Financial Af- fairs: B.S., 1948, Eastern Kentucky State College, M.A., 1949, Eastern Kentucky State College. Florence since 1950. Stevens, Mrs. Roy S. Secretary, Business Office Stewart, Mr. William S. Assistant Professor of Economics B.S., 1959, Delta State College, MA, 1965, University of Missis- sippi, M.B.E., 1960, University of Mississippi. Florence since 1967. Stricklin, Mr. Lindsey Assistant Professor Of English A.S., 1949, University of North Carolina, MA, 1961, University of North Carolina. Florence since 1961. Strong, Mr. William R. Instructor in Geography B.S. 1966, University of Texas, MA, 1969, University of Texas. Florence since 1972. Taylor, Miss Marquerite Secretary, English Department Teaff, Dr. Walter D. Associate Professor of Health and PE: B.S., 1962, West Texas State University, M.S., 1966, East Texas State University, Ph.D., 1970, East Texas State University. Florence since 1970. Thomas, Mr. Arthur Assistant Professor of Music B.M.E., 1955, Baldwin-Wallace College, M.M., 1966, Vandercook College of Music. Florence since 1967. Thomas, Dr. Joseph C. Professor of Science A.B., 1954, Ashbury College, M.A., 1955, University of Kentucky, Ed.D., 1961, University of Ken- tucky. Florence since 1967. Thomas, Mr. Ronald N. Director, University Relations Thomason, Mrs. Jack Switchboard Operator Thompson, Dr. Ermis A. B.S,, 1949, Florence State College, MA, 1952, University of Ala- bama, Ph.D., 1963, Florence since 1967. Thompson, Dr. John A. Assistant Professor of English B.A., 1964, Florence State Univer- sity. MA, 1966, Tulane University, Ph : D., 1970, Tulane University, Florence since 1971. Threet, s Sgt. Fred A. ROTC Department Timmons, Mrs. A.H. Assistant Professor of English B.S., 1948, Florence State College, MA, 1954, University of Ala- bama. Florence since 1963. Trowbridge, Mrs. Douglass Secretary, President ' s Office Tucker, Mr. John A.R.A. Slater Food Service Turner, Mrs. Jack C. Secretary, Registrar ' s Office Urben, Mr. Walter E. Associate Professor of Music B.M., 1947, College of Pacific, B.M., 1948, University of Illinois, M.M., 1949, Indiana University. Florence since 1959. Vance, Miss Nancy C. Assistant Professor of Physical Education: B.S., 1952, Florence State Teachers College M.S., 1955, University of Tennessee. Florence since 1955. Van Pelt, Mr. Nelson Instructor in Photography B.J., 1949, University of Missouri. Florence since 1950. Wade, Mrs. Gerald N. Assistant Professor of English B.S., 1952, Florence State College, MA, 1965, Florence since 1965. Wadkins, Mr. John E. Machines Operator, Data Processing Waite, Dr. William H. Professor of Education A.B., 1929, University of Sas- katchewan, M.A., 1936, Manitiba, Ph.D., 1940, University of Chi- cago. Florence since 1950. Wakefield, Mr. Robert W. Jr. Comptroller Walker, Miss Polly Ann Assistant Librarian Ward, Mrs. Forrest G. Assistant Professor of Art A.B., 1962, Florence State College, MA, 1966, University of Ala- bama. Florence since 1966. Warren, Rev. James A. Director, Baptist Student Union Watt, Mr. C. Wilder Assistant Professor of History BA, 1931, Hampden-Sydney Col- lege, MA, 1947, University of Vir- ginia. Florence since 1963. Watts, Miss Estelle Supervising Teacher, Kilby B.S., 1954, Florence State Teach- 78 Staff And Faculty ers College, M.A., 1960, University of Alabama. Florence since 1970. Way, Dr. Lula R. Professor of Education B.S., 1940, George Peabody Col- lege, M.A., 1941, George Peabody College, EdD. 1958, Michigan State University. Florence since 1962. Webb, Mr. Ray Jr. Associate Professor of Account- ing: B.S., 1947, University of Ala- bama, S.D., 1953, Emory Univer- sity, CPA. Florence since 1965. Weeks, Mr. George E. Assistant Professor of Health and PE: B.S., 1942, University of Ala- bama, M.A., 1952, George Peab- ody College. Florence since 1949. Welch, Mrs. John F. Jr. Clerk, University Stores Wigon, Mr. Leonard Assistant Professor of History and Political Science A.B., 1948, Roosevelt University, M.A., 1950, University of Chicago. Florence since 1959. Wiginton, Mrs. Knox Clerk, University Stores Williams, Mr. Albert E. Instructor in Business Williams, Dr. Richard W. Associate Professor In Biology B.S., 1957, Southwestern State College, M.S., 1966 East Texas State University, Ph.D., 1969, Oklahoma State University. Flor- ence since 1969. Wilson, Dr. Joe W. Assistant Professor of Education: B.S., 1962, Austin Peay State Uni- versity, M.Ed, 1969 University of Hawaii, Ed.D., 1972, University of Idaho. Florence since 1972. Winn, Mr. J.N. Jr. Associate Professor of English A.S., 1928, Dartmouth College, M.A., 1941, Columbia University. Florence since 1950. Woodward, Mr. W.B. Associate Professor of Education: A.B., 1939, Louisana St. University, Ed.M., 1948, University of South Caroline. Florence since 1956. Woolridge, Dr. Elizabeth T. Professor of Mathematics A.B., 1931, Murray State College, M.A., 1941, George Peabody Col- lege, Ph.D., 1964, University of Nebraska Florence since 1962. Yeats, Dr. John W. Associate Professor of Education: B.S., 1960, Mississippi State Uni- versity, M.A., 1965, University of Mississippi, Ed.D., 1968, Univer- sity of Mississippi. Florence since 1969. Yokley, Dr. Paul Jr. Professor of Biology B.S., 1949, George Peabody Col- lege, M.A., 1950, George Peabody College, Ph.D., 1968, Ohio State University. Florence since 1950. Young, Dr. Earle Professor of Psychology B.S., 1944, Florence State Teach- ers College, M.A., 1953, Pitney Graduate School, M.S., 1960, Au- burn University, Florence since 1968. 79 81 . . . faces in a crowd, some seen often, some seen seldom. 83 r 85 86 I! , , 88 u 89 W r f 90 IMRwMRH H K Governors Day, one of the many special days. 92 93 m m 97 98 J B ' m " f y 100 103 " . . . and it ' s one, two, three, what are we fighting for ... . " 104 4 105 108 110 Ill ' --; ' - - . , ' Abston, Annie G. Florence; Social Science Cognate; Georgraphy; Kappa Delta Pi; His- tory Club. Alexander, John C. Carrollton; Accounting; Econom- ics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. Adkins, Randall Perry Florence; Accounting; Economics; Kappa Delta Pi. Alexander, Martha M. Moulton. Adams, Dorothy Mae Collinwood, Tn. Alexander, David Carl Florence; Management; Economics. Allen, James Maxwell Florence. Austin, James K. Florence. Alexander, Carolyn Jane Rogersville; Music; Math; Band; Collegiate Singers; MENC. Balentine, Terry K. Waterloo; Scabbard and Blade. 114 Barb, John M. Florence; Political Science. Clara and Thomas Berry Huntsville; Tom cheerleader; Scabbard and Blade. Barkley, Terrell W. Huntsville; Scabbard and Blade. Major His. Minor Pol. Sc. R.O.T.C, His Club. Barksdale, Bobbie Ann Lawrenceburg, Tn. Beck, Diane Kennedy Florence; Home EC.; History; Home EC. dub. Beck, Robert W. Florence; Accounting; Economics. Barringtine, Deborah Birmingham; Management; Eco- nomics; AWS Rep. Alpha Delta Pi; Diorama. Bentley, Sandra T. Moulton; English; Math; Kappa Mu Epsilon. Barringer, Iran Beth Rogersville; Math; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Majorette. Bickel, Jane E. Florence; Math: Kappa Mu Epsi- lon; Band; Awe. 115 HBSMHHKMBRHHBMBiHHBHBBMBHHH Bacon, Phyllis Ann Psy., Muscle Shoals, AWS Social Chairman, Majorette R.O.T.C. Sponsor, AWC Sec., SCA Rep., Alpha Sigma Lambda Diorama Staff, Woman of the year, Miss Charming Court, Who ' s Who, Miss F.S.U. Nominee, SUB, Turris Fidelis Committee, Colligiate Singers Concert Band, Library- Evaluations Committee. Bittenbender, Pamela Florence; Home Economics; Biol- ogy; Rotaract; BSD; Student Couselor. Belew, Ann McFall Sheffield; Secretarial Ed. Econom- ics; Alpha Sigma Lambda; SUB; V.P., Sec. and Reporter, Sigma Tau Pi. Black, Gregg Florence; P.E. Berryman, Cathy Town Creek; English; Library Science Black, Larry Hartselle; Chemistry; Math; Band; American Chemical Society; Who ' s Who Nominating Com- mittee; Diorama Staff, KME; SUB BSU Biggers, Billy W. Florence; Chemistry, Math; AoS Bobo, Betty Hayes Florence; Bittenbender, George Huntsville, Al., Political Science Boles, Charlotte E. Huntsville, AL, English Sociology; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary-Treas- urer; Phi Kappa Phi, SUB. 116 I Bolton, Jean Red Bay, Al. Brewster, Billy J. Scottsboro, Al.; Business Admin.; Economics; B.S.U.; Circle K; V.P. Sigma Tau Pi; V.P. Young Demo- crats; SCA rep.; SCA Senator, Al- phi Chi; Senior Class Editor; Com- mittee on Student Org.; Who ' s Who Committee; Turis Fielis Committee; IPC. Boyles, Mickey N. Russellville, Al. Boyles, Sandy Florence; Biology; English SAEA, Flor-Ala, Conservation Club; Eng- lish Club Brannum, Susan Huntsville, Al.; Home Economics Sociology; Home EC, Club; Pi Episolon Omega; Food Com- mittee Chairman; LaCrange Hall- Vice-Pres.; Homecoming Com- mittee 1,2, Chairman; Freshman Guide; Reed Barton Silver Con- testCampus Repre. Bratcher, Karen Sheffield, Al. Britton, Eddie Russellville, Al. Broad foot, Joan E. nlorence; AWS; ROTC Sponsor Brokaw, Sharon Tuscumbia, AL; Elementary Edu- cation; Kappa Delta Pi; BSD Broome, Cheryl Scottsboro, Al.; 117 Brown, Jenny T. Decatur, AL; Brown, Kathy Phil Campbell, Al. Burns, Gloria Ann Florence; Byrd, Betty Jean Hillsboro, Al.; Health, Phy. Edu. and Recreation; Biology; HPER Majors Club; Pres-Treas. BSD; AWS Rep.; Volleyball Team. Brumley, Elizabeth Tuscumbia, AL; Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi; BSU; SAEA; AWS Repre- sentative-Rice Hall Cagle, Brenda Rogersville, Al.; Bullard, Dennis H. Florence; Health, Physical Educa- tion, and Recreation Biology; PE Majors Club 3-4 Cain, Ronnie Sheffield; Economics. Management; I Burcham, Charlotte A. Russellville, Al.; Home Econom- ics; English; Executive Council of BSU; FSU Majorette 4; Home Economics-V.P.; AWS; AWC; AWS Judiciary Rep. Cain, Terry K. Florence 118 Cantrell, Caralyn Russellville, Al. Carpenter, Cathy Moulton, Al. Carpenter, George E. Tuscumbia; Political Science and History; President SGA; SCA Leg- islature; SCA Senate; Young Democrats 2,3,4, President; IPO 2,4. Carroll, Mark Huntsville; BSU Pres.; SGA Chap- lain; ROTC. Carroll, Robert Florence Susan, Carter Florence Carroll, Kenneth Florence Carroll, James D. R. Florence; Chemistry; Business Ad- ministration Sophomore Class Of- ficer; IPC; Westminister Fellow- ship Officer; ACS. 119 Carver, Donna Lyn Tuscumbia; Sociology; Psy- chology; Sociology Club; AWC; SUB; Band; Majorette. Christian, Wanda J. Birmingham; Math; Secondary Ed.; KME; BSU. Chandler, Steven C. Florence; Accounting; EC.; Alpha Chi. Clark, Patricia Gail New Hope; Elementary Ed.; Al- pha Sigma Lambda; Leo ' s Lovliest. Chapman, Sandra Kay Scottsboro; Elementary Ed.; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Miss Charming Court. Clark, Paul Stephen Hartselle; Management; EC.; Sigma Tau Pi; BSU. Chipolet, Nancy Leighton; AWS; Secretarial Sci- ence; Coed Ball Com. Ch. Clegg, Sam E., Jr. Falmouth, Va.; History; Pol. Sc.; Conservation Club; Scabbard and Blade, pres.; I PC. Christian, Belinda Ann Birmingham; SUB, Sec.; AWS; La- Grange, Soc. Ch. Claunch, David A. Tuscumbia; Sociology; Pol. Sc.; Sociology Club. 120 I Coburn, Thomas R. Tuscumbia; Psy.; University Play- ers; Circle K; Lambda Chi Alpha; Who ' s Who Com.; Coleman, Linda Diane Muscle Shoals; Elementary Ed. Collum, Gerald Condrey, Jerry Wayne Florence; History. Cope, Gary M. Leoma, TN.; Accounting; Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi. Corn, Judy Ann Red Bay; Accounting; EC.; Alpha Lafayette, GA.; PE; Biology; PE Chi. Club; FSU Volleyball team. Comer, Susan Thrasher Rogersville; Management; EC.; Al- pha Sigma Lambda; Majorette; Executive Council, Rice. Cosby, Gary F. Rogersville. Compton, Vick W. Sheffield; Marketing; EC.; Basket- ball; Baseball; Alpha Chi. Cox, Sandra Sue Madison; PE; Secondary Ed.; Cheerleader; Alpha Sigma Lam- bda; PE Club; Homecomi ng Court. 121 Cross, Randall Keith St. Joseph, TN.; English; History; ATO, V-P; Band; Colligate Sing- ers; Stage Band; Diorama, Bus. Manager. Currie, David M. Huntsville; Chemistry; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Intramurals; ACS. Darby, Betty N. Florence. Davis, Bonnie W. Lexington. Davis, Carolyn D. Athens. Crumpton, Pamela G. Town Creek; Sec. Ed.; History. Davis, John W. Tuscumbia; Accounting; Eco- nomic; Alpha Chi, Chaplin; BSU. 122 Davis, Joyce E. Florence. Davis, Juanita H. Florence. Davis, Karen Barron Bessemer; Elementary Ed.; Dorm Counselor; Homecoming Com- mittee; AWS. Defoor, John L. Haleyville. Denton, Vernon C. Russellville; Secondary Ed.; De- bate Club, Pres.; Flor-Ala, Editor; Who ' s Who. Dickey, Lila W. Florence; Elementary Ed. Douglas, Vivian Florence; Biology; English; Young Academics. Douglas, Lera D. Tuscumbia; Sociology; Psy- chology; BSU; Sociology Club; Pi Epislon Omega; Campus Cold; Rice Hall, V-P. Drain, Michael D. Guntersville; Management; EC.; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Eckl, Julia Lynn Florence; Elementary Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who. 123 Elkins, Edward A. Decatur. Enloe, Rodger A. Tuscumbia Elkins, Linda K. Tuscumbia. Estes, Celene M. Florence; ROTC Sponser Elmore, Michael D. Athens. Evans, Daniel H. Russellville. Emens, Arthur G. Sheffield; Business Management, Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi Emens, Stephen C. Sheffield. Evans, Jam- E. Tuscumbia; English History; Sigma Tau Delta; Spanish Club. Fannin, Edward D. Double Springs. 124 Farris, Ray C. St. Joseph, Tennessee; Business Management, Economics. Ford, Pamela j. Sheffield. Faulkner, Larry E. Haleyville; Business Management, Economics; Alpha Chi. Fowler, Carl W. Loretto, Tennessee Fielder, Linda Memphis, Tennessee; Elementary Ed. Art; Spanish Club-Pres; Assist- ant LaCrange Hall. Frawley, James D. Florence; Secondary Ed.; Editor of Diorama; Pershing Rifles; I.P.C. Finch, Judy C. Florence Freeman, Robert B. Oneonta. Fletcher, Olendia T. Decatur; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. Garland, W. C. Florence; English Sociology; Sigma Tau Delta; BSU. 125 Gentry, Ronald L. Cullman, Glover, Charles W. Lexingon, Geography Pres. Ushers Club Treas. Geography Club Scabbard and Blade Gilbert, Betty S. Florence, English; Business Admin. Glover, Oscar L. Red Bay Gillispie, Ronald B. Florence. Gooch, David H. Florence. Glasgow, Juanita G. Russellville. Goodwin, Lawrence L. Cullman. Golden James, W. Florence. Gosa, Vickie R. Union Grove. 126 Gray, Myra P. Evergreen. Green, Charlene Florence, Geography Grissom, David Florence Guinn, Zula M. Russellville. Hahn, Edward C. Huntsville. Hammick, Maria A. Huntsville f Griffith, Jerome D. Sheffield, Business Management, Eco; Scabbard and Blade R.O.T.C. Grove Michaele J. Florence, History, Pol Science, Secondary Ed., Diorma; AWC; Pres.; Westminister House; SCA Rep. and Sen.; AWS Executive Council; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Who ' s Who S r. Class Reporter Delta Tau Kappa; Histdry Club Hammond, James B. Cullman. Haeger, Mary A. Florence. 127 Hand, Sharon Huntsville Hannah, Patricia L. Rogerville; History English; Phi Al- pha Theta; Sigma Tau Delta; His- tory Club. Hardy, Bobby Hagett, Grady D. Russellville. Hargett, Susan B. Red Bay. Hargett, Nena M. Muscle Shoals. Haraway, Cecil Creenhill; Accounting, Econom- ics; Alpha Chi -Treasurer; Sigma Tau Pi. Harris, James Russellville; Economics. Management, Harris, Kenneth Scottsboro. Harris, Larry D. Winfield; Accounting, Economics 128 129 r Harrison, Steve Florence. Harrison, William Florence; P.E.; Scabbard Blade. Harwell, Robert E. Cherokee. Hayes, Donna J. Danville. Haynes, Susan Florence; English, Library Science; Sigma Tau Delta. Haynes, Peggy W. Florence. Henry, Deborah Sheffield Henry, Frank W. Sheffield Henry, Rayford Booneville, Mississippi; Elemen- tary Education Herndon, Deborah Decatur. 130 Herston, Richard A. Anderson. Milliard, Eddig G. Madison. Hightower, Janice Athens; Elementary Education; SAEA: Rep. La Grange Hall Hess, Eugene Scottsboro; Accounting, Econom- ics; Alpha Chi-Vice-President; Sigma Tau Pi; SCA Senator Hodge, Taylor Florence; Management, Econom- ics; Sigma Tau Pi. Holland, Louie G. Elkmont; President TKD; Diorama Staff; SUB I Hill, Michael Moulton. Hollaway, Kathy Danville Hill, Shelia Russellville Holmes, Nancy A. Sheffield 131 .T Holliman, Jean Paige Florence; History; French; AWC, VP 2; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Theta, Pres. 4; Miss Charming Court, 1; History Club; IPC, Parlia- mentarian 4. Holt, Anita Russellville. Holt, Timothy Florence. Horton, Pamela T. Florence. Hotchkiss, Charles W. Sheffield; History; English; Na- tional Society of Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4; Drill Team 1,2,4; FSU Band, Color Guard; PLC (USMC). Housman, Patricia Sheffield; Elementary Education. Houston, Roger Town Creek; Education. Elementary 132 r Hovater, Judy Leigh Russellville; Secretarial Science; AWS; AWC; Delta Tau Kappa, treasurer. Howard, Martha Grainger Muscle Shoals; Business Educa- tion; Economics; Diorama Beauty Queen; Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Pi; SAEA. Howard, William Cooley Waterloo; History; Psychology; Sociology. Howell, Gober Haleyville. Howell, Judy McGahey Fayette. Hurst, Charles R. Iron City, TN.; Art; Psychology. Hyfield, Deborah L. Huntsville. Inman, Linda Gail Florence. Irons, Nelda Ruth Florence; Sociology; English; Sec. Ed.; Sociology Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; VP; Financial Aids Com.; Christian Student Fel- lowship, Sec. Isbell, Lionel D. Florence; Math; Pol. Sc.; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Reporter; SCA, Rep., Student Court. 133 - ' . " .-. -- ' Jackson, William L Jarrett, Julie Mylo Anderson James, Mary Ann Vina; E ' em. Ed. James, Shelia A. Russellville Athens Jeffreys, Leslie W. Tuscumbia; History, P.E. History club, P.E. club. Jeffreys, Peggy K. Moulton Jarnigan, Nancy L Jenkins, Dennis H. Russellville; Elem. Ed. SAEA, Killen Jarmon, Joyce Ann Leighton; Psychology, Sociology; Young Academics Club, Pres., I PC, Spanish Club. Johnson, Eugene G. Tuscumbia 134 Johnson, Cynthia Jan Athens; Homecoming Queen Jones, David Glenn Decatur Johnson, Sally Ann Athens; Majorette, Band, P.E. Club. Jones, Jimmy Dale Belgreen; P.E., Sec. Ed. F club, P.E. club. Joiner, Janice D. Tuscumbia Jones, Amy Jo Decatur; Powers Hall officer, La- Grange Hall sec.-treas., Freshman class officer, Association for Childhood education, SAEA, SUB, Residence Hall counselor, Chris- tian Student Fellowship, AWS officer Jones, Susan Elizabeth Russellville; P.E., English; P.E. club, AAHPER convention dele- gate, English club, Leo ' s Loveliest, Homecoming Court, Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart, AWC. Keeton, Richard C. Florence Jones, Edgar H. Florence; TKD, Cheerleader Kelly, Deborah D. Rogerville; P.E., History; P.E. club, Homecoming committee, In- tramurals, Judice Court-Grange Hall 135 " - 136 Kelly, William P. Moulton; Elem. Ed. Band Kiel, Patsy Carol Russellville; English, History; Sigma Tau Delta Kimbrell, Cynthia Trinity; Elem. Ed. Kimbrell, Bobbie ). Florence; Psychology, Sociology Knight, Elizabeth A. Hamilton Knowles, Philip D. Ardmore, Tenn.; P.E.; P.E. Club, Campus Crusade for Christ. Konig, Karen B. Minor Hill, Tenn.; Lake, James E. Shieffield; Band Lambert, Brian Lee Florence; Cheerleader Lambert, Regena Addison; Accounting, Economics; Alpha Chi, Cheerleader, Alpha Sigma Lambda, treas., Scabbard and Blade Sweetheart, ROTC Sponser r .. . I Landers, Marlin Ray Tuscumbia Langdon, Adrienne Michele Florence; Sociology, Psychology; Sociology club. Lansdell, Daphne Florence Leigh, Byron Timothy Tuscumbia Lewey, Michael W. Florence; Georgraphy, History Lewis, Barbara j. Florence; HPER, Biology; Alpha Sigma Lambda, Projects chmn., P.E. club, SUB, publicity chairman. Liles, Gregory Lynn Decatur Lindsey, Carl Ray Ft. Knox, Ky. Lockhart, Lester E. Florence; History, Geography McCoy, Diane Cullman; Elem. Ed.; Band, SAEA, Pi Epsilon Omega, LaGrange Hall Historian, Homecoming Committee. I 137 Longshore, Carleen G. Florence. Lovell, Bobby W. Athens. Lovell, Ellen Naomi Athens. Loyd, Thomas. Florence. Lyles, Daniel A. Florence; Bus. Management; EC.; SUB: Circle K 1-4, Pres. 3; Young Dem. VP 3; I PC 1,3,4; Jr. Class Pres.: Sr. Class Pres; SCA; Sigma Tau Pi; Mayor ' s Citizen ' s Advisory Comm.; McBride, Michael L. Florence; Management; EC.; ROTC. McCorkle, Deborah E. Muscle Shoals; History; Sec. Ed; McCormack, Dorothy Sneed Florence; Art; English; Sec. Ed; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta. McCreless, Mary Susan Town Creek; English; Library SC; Sigma Tau Delta, Sec.; Alpha Beta Alpha VP. McCulloch, Linda Nell Moulton; Elementary Ed; SAEA. I 138 McCullough, Sherry L Memphis, Tn.; Elementary Ed.; Collegiate Singers 1-4; SAEA, Treas.; Campus Cold pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Key; West- minister House 1. McCune, Carey Athens; Math; Geography; Sec. Ed.; Band; KME. McCune, Rebecca Florence; Natural Sc.; English. McDonald, Carolyn S. Double Springs; Elementary Education. McGuffey, James R. Jr. Florence; History; Pol. Sc.; Na- tional Society of Pershing Rifles; Drill Team; Scabbard and Blade; FSU band; Adv. ROTC. McGrath, Neal Thomas Phil Campbell. McNatt, Jacqueline C. Russellville. McPeters, Keith Florence; Sociology; Psychology; Sociology Club. McVay, John R. Sheffield. Mi Williams, Christopher A. Tuscumbia; Biology; Geography; Beta Beta Beta Vp-3, pres.-4; Conservation Club; Rivers Hall Court; IPC; Rivers Hall Council. 139 McWilliams, Patricia H. Morris, John H. IV Tuscumbia; Elem. Ed. Art Florence; Pre-med.; Math Scab- bard and Blade, Sec. Advanced ROTC Machen, Sue Ellen Scottsboro Mangum, Larry N. Tuscumbia; Biology Malone, Judy Spruce Pine; P.E., History Martin, Jeannette M. Florence; Elem. Ed. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Malone, Robert W. Jr. Mason, Deborah Kay Florence; Mus ic Ed. Band, Pres., Florence; English, Sociology; Soci- Collegiate Singers ology Club Malone, Wanda Kay Elkmont; Elem. Ed. Mason, Deborah Kay Sheffield; SGA, Sec., Senior Class Treas. 140 I Matthews, Martha Florence; Home Economics Soci- ology; Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Club May, Raymond B. Jr. Florence Mayfield, Carolyn Muscle Shoals City; Elem Ed., Li- brary Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi. Mayfield, Roger Muscle Shoals City; Social Sience Cog. Meadows, Lynn W. Muscle Shoals City; Accounting, Economics; Apha Chi Meeks, Howard B. jr. Tuscumbia; Business Manage- ment, Economics Meredith, Myra P. Rogersville; English Honor So- ciety, Sociology Club, English Club Miller, Sarah Dean Brownsboro; English; Cheer- leader, Miss FSU Court, ROTC Sponser, Alternate Beauty Dior- ama, Phi Kappa Phi Mills, Janice E. Winfield; Bus. Ed., Economics; Kappa Delta Pi, AWS Con- vocations, SGA Rep., Lionettes, VP, Treas.; Rice Hall Officer, SAEA Mitchell, Robert J. Killen 141 Mitchell, Wanda Gayle Florence; Chemistry; Math; Phi Kappa Phi; KME; ACS; Morrison, Edith H. Sheffield. Monroe, Thomas F. Florence; Psychology; PE; Psy- chology Club, Pres.; Ushers Club, Pes.; I PC; Homecoming Com. Morrow, Robert David Florence; Marketing; EC.; Chess Club, Pres.; Conservation Club; Men ' s Chorus. Montgomery, Deborah Rogersville; Accounting; EC.; Al- pha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. Murks, Linda Diane Florence; English; Business; Sec- ondary Ed. Moore, Peggy Lawrenceburg, TN.; Biology; Psy- chology; Sociology; Beta Beta Beta. Murphy, Marcia Ann Florence; English; Secondary Ed.; AWC. Moran, Teresa Florence; Chemistry; Zoology; Spani sh; Spanish Club, pres.; Beta Beta Beta, Sec.; Phi Kappa Phi; ACS; VP; AWC; Christian Student Fellowship. Murphy, Stephen Decatur. 142 Male, Sallie Gail Huntsville; Marketing; EC.; Art; Miss Charming Court; Pi Epsilon Omega; I PC; Sigma Tau Pi; Leo ' s Loveliest; ROTC Sponsor; Dior- ama Staff; Photographer. Morris, Oma Medley Childerburg; English; Sec. Ed.; Geography; Christian Student Fel- lowship; Honor Key. Nelson, Early Alex Florence. Morris, Susan Lois Huntsville; Secretarial Science; Sociology. Newton, Johnny Gary Florence; Management; EC.; Riv- ers Hall Council; SUB; SGA. Norton, Clara Athens; Elementary Ed. SAEA, sec.; Student Assistant. Nix, (Catherine Jane Florence; Elementary Ed.; Sub; SGA; Kappa Delta Pi; Diorama; AWC. Nunnelly, Leslis Max Florence. Nix, Agnes Irene Phi Campbell; Elementary Educa- tion, K-3. Nuss, Julie Lee Hanceville; PE; Library Sc.; Alpha Beta Alpha; Homecoming Com.; Intrumurals. 143 r O ' Conner, Robert E. Loretto, Tn.; Math, Physics; New- man club, Pres., KME, Pres., Ush- ers Club, I PC Parker, Teresia Sue Union Grove Orman, Carolyn Jo Canal Fulton, Ohio Parrish, Sherry K. Florence; Sociology, Biology; Beta Beta Beta, Sociology Club, Treas., (3) pres. (4), Most Outstanding Member, Conservation Club Osterheld, Kay Ellen Athens; Music Ed.; Who ' s Who, Circle K Sweetheart Alternate District Circle K Sweetheart, SUB VP, Collegiate Singers, Alpha Sigma Lambda, AWS Treas., Home EC. Club, MENC, Kappa Delta Pi, Dorm Counselor, Stu- dent Assistant, Honor Key Mem- ber, Homecoming Parade Committee Patterson, Gayle Florence Parker, Deborah A. Florence; Secretarial Science, Ge- ography; BSU Exec. Council, Ge- ography Club Parker, Sandra Ann Moulton; English, History, Sec. Ed., Phi Alpha Theta Patterson, William C. Florence Patterson, William C. Sheffield 144 Payne, Vicki L Birmingham; P.E., Biology; P.E. Club, SAEA Peters, Curtis LaRue Loretto, Tn.; History, Geography, Sec. Ed.; Scabbard and Blade, Ser- geant at arms, Rivers Hall Council, Rep., SCA Rep.; Diorama Staff- Senior Class Editor; Kappa Sigma, historian; Geography Club; SUB; Advance ROTC, Young Demo- crats, Conservation Club, Perryman, Deryle Lewis Florence; Sociology, Political Sci- ence; F club Baseball Team, Soci- ology Club Phillips, Ronald E. Sheffield Pinkard, Judith Ann Phil Campbell; Elem. Ed. Art Pickens, Jim Paul Hartselle; Bus. Management, Eco- nomics; Circle K, Treas., Rivers Hall Council Rep., Hall Coun- selor, Resident Assistant Pitcock, Robet E. jr. Decatur; General Biology Sociol- ogy; SUB, IPC, ACS, Diorama 2, 3, 4, Editor 71-72, Rivers Hall Coun- cil, Homecoming Committee ' ( 145 Pitts, Willis Howard Florence. Poag, Jean Lee Sheffield; Elementary Ed.; Student Union Board. Poston, Jo Anne Waterloo; Art; SUB; AWS, pres. 3. Potter, Joyce D. Russellville; English; History; Sigma Tau Delta. Powell, Nancy Carol Falkville. Pressiet, Fred F. Florence. Prince, Jennie Davis Russellville; Secretarial Science; Secondary Ed. Putman, Streatie Annette Rogersville. Renegar, Linda Lou Sheffield. Reynolds, Douglas E. Russellville; Business. I 146 Rickard, Ann Lane Killen; Art; Education; Sociology. Richard, Sandra Lou Cullman. Richardson, Dennis C. Florence. Richardson, John L. West Islip, N. Y.; Zoology; Sociol- ogy; TKD, VP; Conservation Club; Inturmural sports. Robinson, Barbara J. Huntsville; Zoology; English; Con- servation Club; Pi Epsilon Omega; English Club; Sigma Tu Delta, Treas. 3, VP 4; House Council; AWS, Social Com.; Honor Key Com.; Outstanding Mem. La- Fayette; SA, Rice; Fr. Guide; Lead- ership Retreat. Romans, Morgan O. Sheffield; Chemistry; Math. Sanderson, James M. Athens; Secondary Ed. Sandy, Shirley Diane Tuscumbia; Psy.; Sociology; Lion- ettes; Alpha Sigma Lambda; BSD; Sociology Club; Spanish Club; AWC. Roach, Polly Sue Florence; English; Music; English Club; Collegiate Singers; AWC. Schuessler, John M. Florence; Psychology; Art; Art Club. Scoggins, Janice Ann Huntsville; Biology; Chemistry. Sharp, Nathalie Florence; Home EC; Sociology; Home EC. Club; Kappa Omicron Phi; Sociology Club. Shotts, Michael T. Sharp, Roger Wayne Bexar; Management; EC.; History. Florence. I I Seal, Susan Russellville; Art Home EC.; La- Fayette Rep., Pres. 3; AWS Execu- tive Board; Home EC. Club; I PC. Shaw, Michael W. Athens; Management; Economics; History; Sigma Tau Pi. I Seabol, Patrick J. San Clemente, Ca. Sharbutt, Ramon N. jr. Florence; Accounting; EC.; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. Shelton, Charlott Florence. Silver, Sara Frances Loretto, TN.; Sociology; Manage- ment; Economics; Sociology Club; Sigma Tau Pi. 148 Slaten, Lynne E. Lacey ' s Springs; Early Childhood Ed.; Pi Epsilon Omega; SAWA; Kappa Delta Pi; LaFayette Hall Sec. Smith, Alan Rod Athens. I I Slatton, Barry Kell Florence; Political Science; Soci- ology; ROTC Sledge, David Eugene Sheffield. Smith, Betty Athens; History; English; History Club; SAEA. Smith, Carole S. Muscle Shoals; Elementary Ed. Sloan, James H. Muscle Shoals; Sociology; Bus. Adm.; Sigma Tau Pi; Sociology Club; Kappa Sigma, IFC Rep. Smith, Larry Joseph Jacksonville, Fla.; History; History Club; Cheerleader. ' Smelley, Lawrence D. Snellgrove, Janice L. Florence; Accounting; EC.; Alpha Huntsville. Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. U9 150 v y Sockwell, Jacqueline Ann Muscle Shoals City; Art English, Flor-Ala Staff, Editor of Lights and Shadows, SCA Reporter, IPC, SAEA, English Honorary association Stanley, Timothy L Huntsville; Business Manage- ment, Economics; Intramural Sports Spalding, Frances C. Florence Stansell, James H. Muscle Shoals City; Spangler, Susan V. Leighton; Social Science Cognate, Political Science; AWS Dorm rep. AWS treas., Alpha Sigma Lambda, Diorama Alternate Beauty, His- tory Club, Sociology Club, AWC, LaCrange Hall Council, Flor-Ala Staff Stevenson, Timothy G. Florence . Spry, Linda G. Florence Steverson, Jackie L. Sheffield; Math, Sec. Ed. KME Stanford, Donny Gene Athens Steward, David Earl Sheffield 151 IH H Steward, Sherry D. Athens; Home Economics; Sociol- ogy; SCA; AWS; Home EC. Club; Kappa Omicron Phi pres. 4. Stockton, Connie R. Troy, Physical Ed. Swanger, Faith Ann Fremont, Ohio; History; Sociol- ogy; History Club; Young Voters. Tabereaux, Tommy Lee Tuscumbia. I 1 Stockton, Mary D. Moulton; English; Sec. Ed.; Sociol- ogy; Sigma Tau Delta. Tarbox, Dorothy Lynn Ashtabula, Ohio; Elementary Ed.; SAEA; Civinettes; West-minister Club. I Streetman, Loyd Dwight Hodges; History; Political Science. Taylor, Dianne S. Florence; English; Sociology; Sec. Ed.; Rice Hall Council; Honor Key; Honor Key Com.; Sociology Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Young Dem. Sec.; SCA, Sen.; Turris Fi- delsis Com.; Faculty-Student So- cial Com. I Stricklin, Rebecca Savannah, TIM.; Elementary Ed.; Home EC. Club; Honor Key. Taylor, James Dan Florence; History; Political Sc.; History Club; Circle K; TKD; Young Dem.; I PC; Jr. Cl. Pres.; VP SGA, Rep., Sen. SGA; Graduation Marshall; SUB Executive Board; SUB pres.; Spring Fling Com.; Who ' s Who Com.; Hall of Fame Com.; Military Sc. Ed. Diorama; ROTC. 152 Taylor, Jerry Wayne Florence; PE; Sociology; Sec. Ed.; PE Club; Spanish Club; Intramural sports. Thacker, Patricia A. Albertville; Speech; English; Uni- versity Players; Civinettes. league, Michael Florence Thompson, Deborah J. Florence; Sociology; Psy.; Political Sc.; Sociology Club. Terry, Larry W. Town Creek. Thomason, Peggy S. Cherokee; Elementary Education. Test, Richard A. Florence; Biology; Geography; Geography Club. Thompson, Rebecca Ann Lexington; Vocational Home EC.; English; Sigma Tau Delta. Thigpen, Mary Jane Florence; English; Sec. Sc.; Sec. Ed.; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. 4; Sigma Tau Delta Offi- cier; History Club, Officier; I PC, Secretary-Treasurer 4. Thompson, Richard B. Florence; Biology; Art; Sociology; Intramural Sports; Diorama; Flor- Ala; News Service; University Re- lations; Conservation Club; Uni- versity Photographer. 153 Thompson, William E Florence; Varnell, Lynnwood Athens: PE; Art; PE Club; I Todd, Thomas D. Spruce Pine; Tucker, Alton R. Anderson; Tuberville, James T. Tuscumbia; Accounting; Econom- ics; Alphi Chi; Van Pelt, Vincent J. Florence; Vinson, Brenetta Y. Courtland; Wadkins, John Florence; Wager, Paul A. Decatur; Walker, Gary C. Florence; ra - F 154 Wallace, Becky O. Decatur; Child Ed.; Warren, Ava Rogersville; Psychology; English; Sociology; Sigma Tau Delta; AWS, Executive Council; Resident Asst., Rice Hall; SCA Senator; Weatherby, Nancy J. Tuscumbia; Warren, Joe P. Athens; Business Eco.; Manage- ment; Hall Council, Rivers, FSU Cheerleader; Weatherford, Edward Hartselle; Watkins, William R. Florence; Wallace, Leon J. Athens; Accounting; Economics; Alphi Chi; Students for America; SGA Representative; Warhurst, Thomas E. Florence; PE; Sociology; Sec. Ed.; PE Club; Spanish Club; Intramural sports. Waugh, William I . Florence; History; Political Science; TKD; German Club; SUB; History Club; Pi Kappa Phi; Weekley, William Florence; PE; Art; PE Club, Pres.; I PC. VP; 155 s- Weaver, Elaine Vaughn Winchester, TIM; Webber, Janice M. Huntsville; Math; Oiemistry; KME Newman Club Welch, Carol D. Columbia, TN; Westmoreland, Joy S. Trinity, TN; Wisenant, Betty S. Vinemont; Whitehead, Deborah K. Rogersville; English; Art; Lionettes 2,4; Diorama Beauty Court; Leo ' s Loveliest 3; Whitehead, Kevin F. Huntsville; Whitehead, Mary R. Pearisburg, VA; Whitley, Marsha J. Florence; Secretarial Ed; Music; AWC; AWS; BSU; Sigma Tau Pi; reporter, secretary; Music Ed. Club; Sec-Treas.; Whitmire, Mary E. Decatur; ,! I r I 156 Wiginton, Gardner C. Florence; Willis, Ronnie E. Florence; Wiley, Robert M. Huntsville; Willis, Thomas T. Laceys Springs; Williams, Paul K. Athens; Business Management; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi; Wilson, Charles, III; Fackler; Williams, Joy Tuscumbia; Accounting; Econom- ics; Alpha Chi, Sec; Wilson, Donald S. Florence; Chemistry; Zoology; So- ciology; Fr. Class Pres.; I PC; So. Class Pres.; Am. Chem. Society; VP, Pres.; Ushers Club; Tri Beta; Christian Student Fellowship; Williams, Perlina B. Decatur; Music Ed.; Band; Music Ed. Club; Wilson, Janice C. Scottsboro; 157 Wilson, Robert R. Florence; Business Management, Economics; SUB Pres.; SGA, Riv- ers Hall Court, Circle K, SUB Dance Chairman Woodis, Hannah Cherokee; Secretarial Science, History Wilson, Wilma O. Iron City, Tenn. Wright, Kathy Ann Florence; History, English; Sigma Tau Delta, SAEA, Phi Alpha Theta, Sec-treas. Wolff, Douglas L. Cullman, Ala.; History, Geogra- phy; Geography Club Young, Helen T. Tuscumbia; Elem. Ed. Young, Lance Pope Tuscumbia; Accounting, Economics Young, Teresa Diane Florence 158 , senior class officers jj Daniel Lyles- President Cecil Haraway-Vice-President Marilyn Mason Treasurer Joan Broadfoot Secretary Mickie Grove- Reporter 159 L Juniors Dorthy Adams Richard Adams Sandra Adkins David Anderson Jimmy Anderson Lena D. Anderson Debbie Arnold Steven R. Atkins Sharon Bailey Michael Baker 162 Dewirt Barker, Sr. Pat Beckhman Bobby L. Bevis Joyce Bobo Debbie Bolton Michael Bonham Charlon Bowling Robbie Briggs James Dennis Brown James Allen Brunemon Susan Burbank Patsy Burch Patrica Burgess Donnie Butler Edgar D. Byler III Christopher Cabaniss Patrica Cantrell Sandra Carpenter David Chambers Earl Chastain I fl ji T . ,v Ronald Childress Sue Childers Dena Chism Maxine Clardy Lisa Coker Wayne Colton Nellie Comeens Charles M. Conner Angela Cooper Debra Cooper 163 Helen Copeland Barbara Corey Michael Couch David Covington Brenda Cox Cinny Cox Donica Creasy Joan Cross Ray C. Crunk Cathie Currier Edna J. Darby Margreta Davis Jacqueline Davis Nancy Defreez Martha Dobbs Debbie Dorough David Drummond Jane Dryden Ken Edmundson Ann Edwards Ann Edwards Kim Elledge Ronnie Ellis William Ellison Harold Entrecken Lowell Eudy Dwight Evans Jimmy Faulkner John A. Finley Teresa Fisher Janet Fleming Harold Flippo 164 David Ford James Ford Mike Ford Vickie Foust Phillip W. Fowler )udi Fox Peggy Franks Tommy Freeman David Gargis David B. Gargis Roger Casque Laura Gautney Diona Marie Gill Kathy Girdner Libby Glasscock Jan Goggans Nil a Goode Gwen Goodwin John Gray Ed Greene Gary W. Green Marion Grigsby Barbara Guthrie Teresa Guthrie Ruth Haley Charlotte Hall Lee Handback Debbie Hannah Reginald Gilbert Hargett Lyndel Hardy Jimmy Harrison Kay Harvey 165 Sandra Harvey Ron Haygood lames Hea 166 Tommy Heaps lean Henderson Dixie Herring Jack Hester Sherry Hester Richard E. Hicks III Larry Highrield Gregory Hill Cynthia Hillman I Bobbie Hirtha Dora Leigh Hodges Dennis Holden 1 I il Nancy M. Holt Paula Hughes Billy Hurst Aquilla Hyde Jan Ikard Eddie Isbell Terry L. Isbell Mary Jeffery Steve Jefferys Dexter Johnson Rebecca L. Johnson William Johnson Connie Allison Jones Thomas P. Jones Sherrie Justice Linda L. Kachelman Donna Keeton Terry Kennedy Floyd S. Kirk, Jr. John D. Knaur Nancy Lanier Hansell E. Lang Brenda Lann Steven Latimer George W. Lee Reeda Lee Deborah Ligon Wesley Lirtrell Christine Lockhart Ralph D. Long Lynne Lowrey Carolyn Lynch Elbert Lynch Barbara Malone Dianna Marbut Dale Mathis Judy McCord Ray McCulloch Robert McDaniel Kathy McDonald Joan Mi Kill Janice McKee Ronald McKinney Kathy McPeters Carolyn Melder 167 Victoria Mentz Lillian Miller Donna Mitchel Marlene Montgomery Martha Moomaw Marcia Moore Susan Mullins Betty Myrick Jean Nance Orville Nash Connie Naves Kathy Nelson Richard Nelson Teena Noles Hubert W. Norris Susan Norris Virendrakumar Patel Randy Parker Harriett Parrish Donna Peck William Penn Myra Perry Janet Peters Aaron Pope Brenda Potts Jimmy Pounders Steve Pounders Kay Reynolds Cathy Rhodes Lynn Rich Debbie Richardson Jeanette Riddle 166 Mary Ridgeway Cheryle Roberts James Robertson Lucy M. Roden Dianne Robinson Sherri Romine Ora Ross Jack Rowe Gary Rowland Carol Ruhl Ava Russell Phyllis Russell Maebeth Rutland Patricia Rutland John R. Safford Brenda Schnetzler Brenda Seagroves Alan Sellers John W. Sewell Gary Shannon Kayl Shaw Carol Shedd Tim Shedd Ray Sherer, Jr. Kathy Shrader Fred Simmons Jeanette Simmons Benny Smith Steve Smith Kay Snyder Julia Sockwell Paula Sorrelle 169 Burl Springer, Jr. Edna Springer Mike Stafford Steve Stanley Bonnie Stinnett Olen Streetman Steven Streeter Jo Ann Swinney I I I 1 I 1 t i ( 170 Donna Taccone Doug Tall man Randy Tanley Richard Tanley Venita Kay Tate Cheryl Tedford Kathy D. Thornton Kathy j. Thornton Everett Topham Ray Turner Jan M. Unger Shirley R. Vest Karen Voce Kathy Walker Danny Watkins William Watts, Jr. Donna Webb Jeanne Wells Victoria Wheeler Lawanda Wiginton Donald K. Williams Gloria Williams Gwendolyn Williams Kay Williams Joe Wingo Noreen Womble Johnny Wooldridge Glen David Wright Larry E. Wright Susan H. Wright A. C Yeilding Marty Zellner 171 172 . . . and now a little relaxation! Illllll 173 _ Debby Adam Stanley Adams Mike Alexander Regina Allen Nancy Almond Terri Alsbrook Delia Apostoluc Jesabeth Arnold Donna Atkins Carol Atkins Patsy Atkins William E. Barksdale Joan Barber Marie Barber Rebecca Batchelor Michale Beadle Thomas D. Beard Julia Beckham Lonnie Belue Donnie Benfield Robert Benton Andrew Betterton Bobby Biggerl Debbie Black Edith Blackburn Mark Blackburn Melba Boggett Jean Boone John Alice Bowman Kathy Bradberry Alvin Bringelman Cathy Britton 174 Sophomores Margaret Broughton Laura Brown Peggy Brown John Bruniga Cynthia Bryant Dennis Buffaloe Beverly Burleson Vicki Burris Donald Burt P. Vann Bush Sammy Mack Butler Sonya Butler Donald Byrd Steve Campbell Mona Canada Jim Carr Marcia Carroll Virginia Carroll George Alvis Carter Jr. Mary Carton Susan Chancy Carolyn Cheatton Danny Claborn Jean C. Cleveland Garland Coker Mike Collins Priscilla Coman Steve Condra Gary Conner Lamante Cottrell Doris Cox Lynn Cox 1 175 Terry Wayne Cox Eddie Crews Robert Croft, Jr. Romona Croft James B. Curtis Karen Curtis Peggy Davies Carolyn Denton Kaye Dodson Tom Donaldson David E. Dougherty Keith Eastep Patricia Marie Eckl Ann M. Elliott Paula Jane Elliott Torah Elliott Nancy Enloe Linda Faust Glenn Fincher Peggy Fowler Leland Free Judy Fulmer Kitty Futrell Rose Cargis Debra Garrett Rebecca Gaston Al Geise Robin Giles Patricia Gillespie James Glass Rhonda Glidewell Sonya Graham Freddie Gramlin Sheila Green Jim Greenhill Gwyn Gremillion Cathy Gresham Debbie Grigsby Saneba Hackney Brenda Hall 176 Evalee Hall Katrina Hall Coy Hallmark Debbie Hamilton Fran Hammond James Hannah Wallace Hannon Mona Harbin Barbara Hardin Michael R. Harris Teresa Harrison Charlotte Hayes Patsy Hays Charlotte Heaps Mary N. Heflin Roger D. Hester 177 Richard Higg ins Pamela Hill Tommy Hill David Mines Cherryl Holden Jane Holder Rebecca Holland Deborah Holoway Donna Holoway Ed Hortesvig Kathy Hunt Benny Jackson Carolyn Jackson Roger Jackson Cindy Johnson Jane Johnson Louise Johnson Robert D. Johnson Shelia Johnson Susan Johnson Sharon Ann Jones Linda Jordan Coral Bryant Kelso Cynthia Kershaw Laura Killen Michael Knight Debbie Knouff fe " OT Debbie Koonce Sue Krakau Kathleen Kralen 178 Becky Lee Bonnie Lewis John Lewis )r. Mary Ligon Donna Littrell Paula Lowery Charles McCafferty William T. McCafferty Teri A. McCallister Ann McCamy Fran McCormick Randy McCormick Judy McFall Raymond S. McLaughlin Sara Lynn McMeoms Pauline H. McMinn loan Mabry Eva Mann Rebekah Manning Barry Martin Brenda Martin Fred S. Massey Travis Maxwell Billy Miles Vicki Miles Becky Miller Sandy Mims Pamela Mink Pauline Mink Stephen Minor 179 . . . and life becomes a reality unto itself. 180 Melanie Moomaw David Moore Debbie Morton Cherlyl Moss Mark Newton Karen Nichols Peggy Osborn Kathy D. Owen Linda Pardue Pamela Parker Steve P. Parker Georgia Parks Jo Ann Parnell Nikki Parrish Susan Pearmon Jackie Peek Janice Pace Danny Pettus Steve Pettus 182 Cathy Picken Deborah Pike Stephen Potts Buddy Price Sharon Puckett Beverly Pullen James R. Rains Mike Reatherford Terry Reynolds Donna Richardson Marie Richardson Julia Ann Rickard Larry B. Roberson Donna Robertson Janice Robinson Randel Lee Roden Bill Rogers Catherine Romans Dennis Rorex Jo Ann Rose Duane A. Russell Paula Russell Bill Scott Ellen Scott Tommy Scott 183 John Seay Sharman Sewell Judy Shannon Dierce Shaw Deborah Shedd Carl D. Sherer Patty Sherrill Debbie Simpson Terry Slatton Myra Sledge Debra Smith Ginger Southern Frank Spongier Kitty Spruiell Thomas Stacy June Steadman Phil Stevenson Rebecca Strickland John Struzick Becky Stultz Janice Swafford Salina Sau Lin Tarn Geraldine Taylor Ricky Thomas Karan Thorton Carol Thornhill Nancy Towsend Jackie Truitt Jean Ann Tucker Michael Turner Deane Underwood Maureen Valentine 184 William Valentine Diane Vaughn Hal lie Vest Joanna Watkins Donald Waitzman Dixie Weatherford Lydia Webb Ronald Webster Freida Wells Dane White Rose White Kathy Whitlock Ronnie Wicks Janet Wiginton Pamela Wiginton Marjorie Williams Betty Ann Wilson David Wilson Joan Wilson Jenifer S. Wilson Patrick H. Wilson Sandra Womble Annia Wordworth Gay Yeilding 185 Freshmen Regina Abernathy Amy Adams Charles Adams, Jr. Cooky Adams Deborah Adkins Martha Alexander Brenda Alford Cynthia Allen Curtis Anderson Rhonda Ashley Pam Adkins Eddie Ball Janice Ballew Jeri Bandy Penny Barnes Michael Barnett Mike Barnett Helda Jean Barnett Beth Bartlett Earl Bassham Diane Bates Beborah Behel Sharon Bell Jack A. Belew Susan Benton Mary F. Beuerlein Charlotte Bishline Robert Black Vicki Black Denisha Blackwell Johnny Blacklidge Vickie Lynn Blanks Susan Blanks James G. Blackmon Debbie Blackwelder Lemuel E. Boggs Stephanie Boutwell Jan Bracey Rachel Bradford Bobby Bradford 186 Teresa Bradford Steve Bradley Cecelia Bradley Key Bradly Connie Brandon Kathy Brannan Ray Braswell Reginald Brock 187 Keith Bramlett Frank H. Brook J. Cameron Brooks Paula Brown Steve Brown Brenda Bruton Albert Bryon Larry Buffaloe Carl E. Buels Pamela Bullock Sarah Burch Johnny Burges Laura Burns Leann Burns Mitzi Butler Shelia Buttrum Donald Cain Kay Cain John R. Caldwell Arme Camp Debbie Campbell Myra Campbell Stephen Campbell Susan Campbell Robert Capshaw Eddy Carpenter Judy E. Carroll Jo Carol Carter Jeff Certain Patty Chambers Del Chandler Patricia Chandler 188 Gail Chynoweth Sherry Clement Charles Clemmons Helen Cleveland Oleta Clare Cynthia Clark Debbie Cochran Jennifer Compton Becky Condra Johnny Conn Randy Connell Paul D. Connolly Marsha Cooper Connie Copeland Debra Cordle Andy Corneil Mike Cornelius Ed Corrigan Sallie Cassell Mary Alice Crider Beth Crisler Alex Crittenden Frank Crittenden Rebecca Croft Helen Curtis Debbie Danley Angie Davis Debbie Davies Deborah Davis Wesley Davis Sue Davvson Pauline Deloney 189 rv- ? Fred Diggle Gerald Dill Andrei Dixon David Donnell Jeff Dowdy Donna Drake Noel Duke Carol Durham Bill Eckles Jon Edwards Pam Edwards Susan Edwards Jean Eida Donny Elliott Beth Ellis Kathy Ellis Lou Ellis Judy Emens Kristen Engelstad Jeannie Esslinger Gary Evans Michael Everett Laura Farnemon Debbie Farell Neil Flear, Jr. Valera Fogg Linda Fondren Lynda Ford Cathy Fortenberry Karen Fortenberry Rita J. Foster Jo Nan Fowler 190 Jane Fowler Susan French David Friscie Lee Ann Frye Greg Fuller Janet Fulmer Gina Garber Margaret Gargis Jack P. Garner Joe Gifford Sharon Gifford Cathy Gilder Sterling Gill Ricky Gist Angie Glasgow Bobbie Glass 191 I Ray Godfrey Ada Gonzalez Jane Gooch Naaman Goode Ricky Grainger James Gray Diamon Gregg John Green Richard W. Green Steve Green Susan Green Elizabeth Griffin Pam Grisham Susan Grisham Karen Gunner Sandra Guttery Adrian Guinn Sam Hall Joyce Hale Don Holt Catherine Hohnemann John Hombrich Terry Hamilton Karen Hamilton Denise Hampton Donna Hannah James Hand Kathy Harris David Hope Debby Hardy Gary Harland Dan Harris 192 or Gary Harrison Charles Harvey Eddie Haygood Janie Hensley Sara Herndon Deborah Henderson Jimmy Hendrix Sheila Henry Jyrita Hearn Michael Hester Teresa Hicks Beverly Hill Sharon Hodges Gary Holt Willodean Hood Danny Hovater Terry Lynn Hughes Kathy Hunkapillar Alvin Humes Martha Hunt Phillip Inman Frank Isbell Billy Jackson Pam Jackson Sally Jackson Steven James Dorothy Jarmon Charlotte Jeffreys Elizabeth Jobe William Jobe Debbie Johnson Douglas Johnson 193 Debbie Johnson Freddy Johnson Mary Lynn Johnson Phillip Johnson Timothy Johnson Jane Jolly Ann Thomas Jones Glenn Mason Jones Jill Jones Iris Jones Paula Keeton Monica Keely 194 )im Hendricks Henry Kerstien Mila Key Ronald Kidcl Freddy Killen Charles Kimball Joan Kimball Harold Kimbrough Jenine Kimbrough Carole King Carran King Donald King Danny Kirsch Debra Knight Lynda Knighten Brad Krebs Harold Lacy Nancy Lamb Linda Landers Phil Langdon Robert Lansdell Roebert E. Lee Lawson Danny Lazenby Vickie Kay Lee Debbora Ledgewood )im Lehr Janet Lindsey Vince Lindsey Hazel Link Bill Littrell Don Livingston William Lockhart Leacy Long Sharon Looser Deidre Lott Randy Love 195 Brenda Lovelace John Lyle Susan Mackey Emily Makal Carolyn Malone Dennis Mann Deane Marks Kevin Mars Methyal Marshall Ronald Martindale Mary Martin Wayne Martin David Masterson Shelia McCleskey Jane McCormack Donna McCormick Sandra McCreless Deborah McCullor Tish McDermott Charlene McDonald Judy McDonald Michale McCee Randall McCee Phil McKelvey Alecia McMurtry Cindy McMurtrey Casandra McPeters Bob Meadows Martha Meek Lora Mefford Ronnie Melson Marilyn Melton 196 Susan Michael Sarah Miller David Milsted Gloria Mithcell Mike Mitchell Delores Montgomery John David Moody )o Ann Moore James Moore Lenore Annette Moore Patty Moore Dennis Morrow Deanna Moses Vickie Mosley Sheree Mummert Michael Wayne Murks Laura Murphy David Muse Lynn Mylo Steven Myrick Kenneth Neal Marion Nelson Kathy Newton Mary Lois Newton Kwong Ngon Mary Nicely Marie Niedergeses Shay Norris Mary Ruth O ' Connor Charles David Odem Christine Odle Phyllis Officer 197 - 198 Judy Oliver Beth O Steen Chris Palmer Robretta Parker Alecia Grace Parra Mark Parris Pam Parrish Lenda Patterson Marlerry Patterson Donna ). Potts Laura Pennington Wanda Pennington Clifford Perry Sandra Perry Rebecca Peters David Phillips Denise Plonka Jennifer Porter Georgiana Poston Linda Pounders Michael Predmore Patricia Preston Thomas Gene Prince Dawn Putney Ed Quigely i I t Peggy Rackely Carolyn Ragland Kenneth Rains Paul Rasch Deborah Ratliff David Ray III Wanda Carol Ray Pam Raymon Michale Rea Marveline Readus Nancy Reasonoyer Janice Reaves Melody Lynn Reed Ray Bradley Reeves Terry R. Rhodes Tommy Rhodes Peggy Rice Elizabeth Richards Elizabeth Richardson Linda Richardson Betty Riddle Deane Redinger Chris E. Riley Connie L. Riley Jodie Risner 199 Ricky A. Risner Sharon Roberson Susan Roberson Barbara Robinson William Roby Terry Rochester Wesley Roden Kathy Romine Nita Romine Lee Rose Timothy W. Safford Melissa Sager Keith Sandy Toney Sandy Cricket Sargent Teresa Serler Mary L. Shanks Roma Jane Sharp Sandra L. Sharp Susan Shaw Terri Shepherd Mary C. Shearen Mark Sherer Paula Shipper Paul W. Shockely Debbie Sims Betsy Singleton Donna Singleton Elizabeth Smith Harry Smith Harry D. Smith Jacquel ine Smith 200 Joe H. Smith Rickey Smith Vickie Smith Martha Sneed Cindy Sockwell Connie Spain Joe Spalding Renea Sparks Winford Specman Nancy Spellman Franklin Speres Judy Springer Marilyn Staley Donald Stanfield Beth Stanford Rocky S. Stephen Bill Stewart Van L. Stack Christi Staggers Cindy Stone Jackie Story Deedee Strange Gayee Strouse David Stults Becky Stuart Karen Suba Ricky Suddith Joesph C. Suggs Sally Lee Summer Butch Sutherland Debbie Sutton Lynn Tallman 201 202 Randy Tatum Eddie Taylor Dale Taylor Juanita Taylor Trvan Thatcher Caron Thomas Debbie Thompson Paul Thompson Richard Thompson Pam Thornton Marta Thasher Debra Todd Vanessa Toney John Towery David Towsend Caral Trayer Terry Trons Beverly Underwood Karen Underwood Susan Vaungh Jewel Veach Sue Vinson Forl Wade Charles Waitsman Richard Wakefield Darlene Walker Linda Sue Watkins Marilyn Watson Teresa Watson Judy Watts Pam Webb Nancy Webster Ricky Weems Rita Weems Kathy Welborn Lynn Welch Bobby Joe Weldon Russel West Ronald Westmoreland Gerald White Karen Whitehead Pattie Whitehead Hal Whitmire Dana White Steve White Virginia White Debra Whitten Pam Welcoxson Beth Williams Donna Williams Patricia Williams 203 204 Ricky Williams Wanda Williams Marie Williard Ed Willis (ames Willis Alice Wilson Brenda Wilson Elaine Witt Lewone Wolfe Donna Wombel David Worley Pamela Wright Robert Wright Rachel Yarbrough Stewart Yarbough Pam Yates Connie Yager Karen Young Teresa Yount 205 M . . . in the end there is a time to enjoy and express the inner thoughts. O 210 Spring Fling 1972 ... a time of gypsies, games and relaxation in a carnival setting. 211 212 ' ' an accent of the spring term, Chase. 213 ... an enjoyable event with guest stars Van Johnson, Peter Pagan, and Vicki Kaywood. There ' s A Girl In My Soup Summer Play Production 214 215 Celtics and Hawks 216 . . . with " Pistol Pete " and the pro-names, two teams met to provide a Florence audience a nights entertainment. A splended game for a new gym. 217 Lipizzan Stallions 218 Royal beauty from the past, a gallant era. BLOODROCK Hoodoo Rhythm Devils 220 Third Army Music g.- ' W ' . ' ;;; 222 I Mac Davis 223 I MISS JAN JOHNSON QUEEN OF HOMECOMING I 1972-1973 Fashions by the Village Shop 277 : HOMECOMING COURT MISS GWEN GOODWIN MISS REEDA LEE 229 HOMECOMING DAY HOMECOMING [f COURT MISS SUSAN JONES MISS PATSY BURCH 233 " f MISS ROBBIE BRIGGS QUEEN OF SPRING FLING 1972 235 FIRST RUNNER-UP MISS PHYLLIS BACON MISS SUSAN SPANGLER SECOND RUNNER-UP 237 FRESHMAN FAVORITES CANDIDATES 4 M E M O ' RI ft L ft M P H I T H 238 ' TES MISS SUSAN BLANKS FRESHMAN FAVORITE 239 MISS SUSAN SHAW FRESHMAN FAVORI . MISS VANESSA TONEY FRESHMAN FAVORITE 241 % ' 1 , - ?! ? . r%2 MISS LAURA MURPHY FRESHMAN FAVORITE 242 Si 1 y J MISS BRENDA ALFORD FRESHMAN FAVORITE MR. AND MISS F.S.U. BANQUET ' r I MR. BOB DUVALL MfSS KAY OSTERHELD -fl Ltf LiJ? .S t-: : - -. ' .- ' - ' -I BBBH . . r- - I I MHBK . f . . ?V2z ,. MR MR. JOE WARREN MISS. SARAH MILLER FIRST RUNNERS-UP 250 SECOND RUNNERS-UP MR. LARRY BROM MISS PHYLLIS BACON 1ER i MR. ROBBY WILSON . THIRD RUNNERS-UP MISS JAN JOHNSON 252 FOURTH RUNNERS-UP MR. GEORGE CARPENTER MISS SUSAN SPANG LER 253 DIORAMA BEAUTY PAGEANT 255 I 256 Qi DIORAMA QUEEN OF BEAUTY MISS SUSIE VAUGHN M M I. :- ' BEAUTY COURT MISS KATHY THORNTON V - 258 MISS RAM LONG 260 261 BEAUTY COUR MISS BETTY MYRICK 262 - MISS LAURA MURPHY 263 MISS KATHY GIRDNER ALTERNATE BEAUTIES MISS SARAH MILLER G( 264 MISS SALLY JOHNSON MISS RHONDA JAMES MISS GWEN GOODWIN 265 f Who ' s Who MISS LIBBY CLASSCOCK Treasurer of AWC: Secretary of Alpha Sigma Lambda: Member of the AWS Social Committee: Member of FSU Curruculum Com- mittee: AWS Executive Council: AWS Committee of The Pleiade. MR. ROBBY WILSON Homecoming Committee: SGA Senator: SCA Election Committee Chairman: Board of Directors, Circle K: Member of Student Union Board: Freshman Man of the Year: Sophomore Man of the Year: Mr. and Miss FSU Court: Student Union Board President. MISS MICKIE GROVE AWC President: Commutter Board: Member of AWC: Westminister Fellowship Member: President of History Club: SGA Senator and Representative: Member of Phi Alpha Theta: Junior Woman of the Year: Senior Class Reporter: Nominee for Miss FSU: President of the Westminister Fellowship: President of the Inter-President ' s Council: Chairman of Presidential Criteria Committee: Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda: Student-Faculty Social Committee. . I MISS MARGARET ECKL President of Spanish Club: Presi- dent of History dub: Member of Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi: Outstanding Member of Spanish Club: Phi Alpha Theta Treasurer. ? V - tff- . J, f ? MR. VERNON DENTON President of the Debate Club: Editor of the Flor-Ala: Member of the Men ' s Chorus: Vice-President of the Men ' s Chorus. MISS JULIA ECKL Historian for Kappa Delta Pi: Member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. 267 . T MR. GEORGE CARPENTER Member of Young Democrats: President of Young Demo- crats: Outstanding Member of SGA: SGA Legislature: SGA Senator: President of SGA: Scabbard and Blade Member: Junior Man of the Year. MISS JOAN MCFALL Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda: Outstanding Mem- ber of AWS: AWS Social Committee: Chairman of Homecoming Committee: Treasurer of Junior Class. MISS BETTY MYRICK Vice-President of Freshman Class: President of Home Economics Club: State Representative to the American Home Economics Association: Miss Charming: Corre- sponding Secretary of Kappa Omicron Phi. MISS GINNY COX Secretary of Student Union Board: Historian of Home Economics Club: Corresponding Secretary of Kappa Omi- cron Phi: Chairman of Student Union Board Building Committee: Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda. 268 a MISS KAY OSTERHELD Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda: Music Educators Qub: Kappa Delta Pi: Con- vocations Chairman: Vice-President of Student Union Board: SUB House Com- mittee: Secretary-Treasurer of the Colle- giate Singers: Chairman of SUB House Committee: District Circle K Sweetheart. MR. CHRIS MCWILLIAMS President of Beta Beta Beta: Member of Conversation Club: River ' s Hall Council: River ' s Hall Floor Representative. MISS LINDA GARRARD National Student Member Section Chairman for the American Home EC. Association: AHEA Ex- ecutive Committee and Board of Directors: Member of Sociology Club: Executive Editor of Flor-Ala. MISS SARAH MILLER Head Cheerleader: Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi: Student Honors and Awards Committee: Homecoming Committee: ROTC Sponsor: Diorama Beauty Alternate. 269 - r : " " ' ' MISS PAIGE HOLLIMAN Member of the History Club: Member of Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi: Presi- dent of Phi Alpha Theta: AWC Vice- President: Parliamentarian of Inter-Presi- dents Council: Member of AWC: Miss Charming Court. MISS PHYLLIS BACON Head Majorette: Sophomore Woman of the Year: Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda: Member of AWC: SGA Representative: AWS Social Chairman: Spring Fling Queen Runner-Up: ROTC Sponsor: Representative to SUB Convention: Member of Young Republicans: History Club Member: AWC Secretary: Miss Charming Court: SUB Member: Junior Counselor: Diorama Staff: Homecoming Committee: AWC Publicity Chairman: AWS Rep.: Mr. and Miss FSU Court. MISS KATHY WIGINTON Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda: Member of the Student Union Board: Homecoming Queen Committee: President of Rice Hall: Vice-President of Kappa Omicron Phi: Chairman of Kappa Omicron Phi Program Com- mittee: Secretary of Home Economics Club. ... . . . HBBSBBHBHHNI CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE OF OUR OWN MISS SUSAN MULLINS SECOND RUNNER-UP MISS ALABAMA 271 - inr WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM - 274 BASEBALL 1972 ufet HS 1 " BF 1 " r W - ' it ' " 4 S i dliirt - ' ' . .-A,., .ji aC - A A - n-r 4 !!?? Women ' s Volleyball Brannum, Liz 12 Farrell, Deborah 4 Jones, Ande 7 Kelly, Deborah 24 Pace, Janice 9 Parnell, )o Ann 11 Tidwell, Mona 1 Byrd, Betty (NP) Hyde, Aquilla (NP) Jackie Pedigo David George Tim Carr Gwen Shelton Aubrey Hanes Steve McGuffy Jerry Pitts Bob Duvall Danny Lazenby Don Grubbs Claude McMurtry Stan Steadman Randy Daniels Steve Mitchell Lannie Belue Bruce Begley 275 " : . (t ( 13 (D " Jiff I f 1 f n m 8 O 276 n C 5 I n O a 277 278 . _. l II I I. II ;i ] ii i Burnham, Wally Mock, Durrell Hancock, Dale Pike, Bill Johns, Bobby Managers and Trainers Ball, Eddie Collins, Rodney Gibbons, Mike Morton, Pete Lowery, Dennis McCrary, Dan Long, Johnny Pike, Bill-Trainer 279 mm mm mm i FOOTBALL SQUAD 1972 Anderson, Sammy Bowerman, Randy Brom, Larry Brown, Larry Buchanan, Terry Burcham, Bobby Carroll, Jimmy Carter, Al Daniels, Paul Elmore, David Evans, Larry Ezell, Jim Ferrell, Roger 74 Fry, Guy 75 Fuller, Will 30 Cargis, David 63 Gautney, Bobby 55 Harbin, David 24 Hargrove, Billy 68 Hathorn, Wendell 79 Hudson, Robbie 70 Jeffreys, Larry 11 Johnson, Barry 67 Kimble, Danny 22 King, Scotty 89 Koehn, Barry 54 88 83 15 78 31 72 32 40 77 44 33 64 Worn UtMm, .-,.. 280 Knight, Mike Mann, Mike Mathis, Dale McCormack, William McMinn, Tony Miles, Billy Miller, Roger Mitchell, Spry Mizell, Jerry Morgan, Hezzie Morton, Bill Nave, Mike Parker, Doug 23 65 1 56 45 16 58 84 34 66 76 71 81 Parvirv Paul Patterson, Frankie Richards, Ivan Starling, Mike Stewart, Steve Stewart, Tim Strain, Bill Trimble, )im Trotter, John Weaver, Raymond Wilbum, Mike Williams, Frankie Witt, Jim 50 60 42 52 25 10 51 20 69 12 43 41 21 281 282 A gala event of brilliantly colored gladiators practiced to a near perfection . . . football. i 283 284 M.T.S.U. STOPS F.S.U . . " . with the crushing ground and air offense of Middle Tennessee State University a promising Florence team was started on a returning losing season. first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost punts penalties score F.S.U. 9 4 146 22 11 2 8-38.4 8-103 10 MTSU 25 202 158 19 12 2 3 2-45 3-64 31 285 first downs yards rushing yards passi FLORENCE vs SAMFORD . . . a hopeless doom spread as the lions were unmercifully beat-out by Samford. ' LIVINGSTON EVADES FSU LIVINGSTON first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost punts penalties score . FSU DOWt DELTA DELTA first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost punts penalties score 1 11-36.5 5-45 first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost penalties score FSU MC 13 143 57 19 8 1 1 32 6 12 116 66 17 5 2 82 14 290 I MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE SLIPS BY FSU 291 t I first downs yards rushing yards passing yards returned passes attempted passes completed interceptions punts fumbles lost yards penalized score NW LA STATE BEATS FSU . . . narrowly beaten by North- western LA. State, even though a strong effort was given. FSU 10 134 80 24 13 3 1 8.44.8 1 31 7 NW LA 12 145 73 83 7 4 6-43.6 3 54 14 293 TROY CRUSHES FSU first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost penalties FSU 3 119 9 2 4 46 TROY 26 350 183 19 9 2 2 45 33 295 LIONS DEVOUR REDDIES ... a new hope is spread as a desperate Florence team wins homecoming. I first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost punts penalties score FSU 19 265 106 12 3 1 3 6-35.3 51 21 HS 13 104 75 21 11 3 2 7-44 14 296 297 . . . effort, pride and work came to no avail as Appalachian State slipped by FSU. FSU ASU First downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost punts penalties score 18 102 124 24 11 3 2 5-32 11-115 3 21 201 111 24 11 2 2 5-36 6-59 17 299 300 UTMB SQUEEZES BY FSU . . . minutes of hope perish as UTMB holds Florence to a disputed loss. first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost punts penalties score FSU UTMB 9 4 146 22 11 2 8-38.4 8-103 16 25 202 158 19 12 2 3 2-45 3-64 21 FSU LOSES TO JAX first downs yards rushing yards passing passes attempted passes completed interceptions fumbles lost punts penalties score ... a muddy battle fought well-but lost. FSU JAX 14 111 90 27 6 4 10-35.3 5-31 20 20 208 240 26 15 5 8-31 7-92 39 302 303 j i ' l ' -ii ' CROSS-COUN RY TEAM 304 COMING ON STRONG ... a new strong and proud team FSU Track. 305 I ... a boxed room of excited fans, . . . teams racing the clock for a few points in rapid repetition, basketball, the true American sport. 306 307 FSU Beat By St. Bernard . . . even in a defeat, a powerful Lion team was to be seen. St. Bernard winning by a 9 point mar- gin, 100 to 91, future victory was sensed by those present. FSU Slips By Lambuth College . . . the first win comes in the second game as the Lions begin to move-out. 309 FSU Against Troy In over-time the lions beat Troy 79 to 78, winning the first of the Gulf South Con- ference games. The Gamecocks Fall Before The Lions ... a welcome win, FSU 111 and Jack- sonville State 94, the third win. 310 I Jl - ... , .... ,fj nauu .r .- m miK S P?-. - Lambuth Beats FSU In one of the many close games, Lambuth Col- lege beat the Lions at home 69-67, this is the sec- ond loss. Athens By One With hopes high the Lions entered into the con- test with the Athens College team only to lose by one, 75-76. 312 313 FSU Beats Nicholls State . . . after two losses FSU comes back to win 97 to 85. FSU Stomps Southeastern in the last covered game, Southeastern La. lost to the powerful Lion team 53 to 76. 315 Spring Baseball Scores not available . . . the Summer Sport of the American boy, the glory of the past; Baseball 1 317 Fall Baseball Scores not available ( 1 318 . Tradition, honor, galantry; the heart-beat of the mod- ern military. These are the qualities instilled. 322 Ml I 323 . . . from childhood dreams to mans reality, the world spins and all changes. 325 || W 326 Education, Training and discipline .... the mak- ing of a man. 327 - - ' " " ' " 328 diversity within unity a new team, the new army. 329 330 as in all things there are seasons, a time to laugh a time to learn, a time to think, a time to enjoy life. 331 ... an invasion of a man ' s world the woman, a vital part of the today army. 332 li . 1! 1! . 11 ,1 1 11 11 1 I 333 Miss Robbie Briggs; Detachment Sponsor Miss Sarah Miller; Staff Sponsor I First Platoon Sponsors Miss Susan Mullins Miss Debbye Whitehead V Second Platoon Sponsors Miss Rebecca Batchelor Miss Gail Nail Third Platoon Sponsors Miss )o Ann Parnell Miss Teresa Fisher 334 ... a final addition of beauty; select girls chosen to sponsor each platoon of the R.O.T.C. Department. Alpha Beta Alpha ... Alpha Beta Alpha is a national undergraduate library science fraternity. The Florence State chapter, which is affiliated with the national organization, seeks to further pro- fessional knowledge of library science and promote fellowship among its members. 338 Alpha Chi Alpha Chi, an accounting club, is open to stu- dents taking advanced accounting courses and is designed to promote professional inter- est and growth through studies, lectures, and group discussions of current trends and pol- icies in practical accounting. Members are as- sociate members of the American Accounting Association. 339 Alpha Sigma Lambda Officers, back row; left to right, Janice Nicholson Faculty Advisor, Angela Cooper treasurer, Jackie Steverson Vice-President, Libby Glasscock-Secretary, Barbara Muse Faculty Advisor; seated, Rebecca Bachelor Historian, Martha Dobbs Project Chairman, Jan Johnson-President, Brenda Lann Co-Projects Chairman, and Sharon Jones- Chaplain Alpha Sigma Lambda is a womens service club. Membership is by invitation. 340 Association of Women Commuters The Association of Women Commuters, a branch of A.W.S., is the active or- ganization for commuting women students. The A. W. C. has an active role in the governing policies for women commuters, encourages the in- tellectual, social, and religious growth of women students; and promotes and coordinates a number of student activities. 34 2 All pictures on these pages were taken during an annual A. W. C. spend the night party, this fall. 343 Association of Women Students 344 Pictured in the tree, right to left and down, Amy Jones Secretary; Betty Myrick, Town-representive; Jeanne Wells, Social Chairman; Fran McCormick, Vice-Presi- dent; not pictured, Susan Spangler, Treasurer. All registered women students are members of the Association of Women Stu- dents. The purpose of the A. W. S. is to encourage the intellectual, social, and religious growth of women students; to increase a sense of individual responsi- bility; and to instill in its members a feeling of loyalty to the University and to the high ideals for which it stands. 345 Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is an organization composed of Baptist students. The B.S.U. provides a connecting link between the University and the local churches, and promotes programs of spiritual development in connection with student life. A student center is maintained near the campus. Some of the B.S.U. activities include a Thursday Noon-day meal and program, Vespers, and other programs of interest to its members. It is however, more than students and a building, it provides the ministry to God. 346 ion Scabbard and Blade iV Company A, 17th Regiment of the Na- tional Society of Scabbard and Blade was established to raise the standard of military education, to encourage and foster the qualities of good and efficient officers, and to promote friendship among cadet officers. Members are se- lected from among cadet officers in ad- vanced ROTC. Officers are Sam Clegg, President; John Morris, Secretary; Tommy Willis, Treasurer; and Miss Rob- bie Briggs, Sweetheart. 347 Chess Club Organized for the purpose of bringing together students who wish to participate actively in the game of chess, the F.S.U. Chess Club is open to all interested students. Teams from the club par- ticipate in intramural and inter-collegiate chess tournaments. 348 Conservation Club inte Conservation Club is an organization open to all students who are interested in conservation and the out-of- doors. Its main purpose is the further interest in conservation of wildlife and other natural resources, and to promote the principles of good sportsmanship. 349 j American Chemical Society FCli The American Chemical Sciety provides its members the opportunity to become better acquainted, secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, and to gain valuable knowledge in their field, which will give the member professional pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. doseasoo 350 ety FClub seme into The F Club recognizes and honors outstanding athletic achievement and seeks to provide fellowship and close association among letter-winning athletes at F.S.U. Membership in the club is automatic when a student is awarded a letter for active participation in any sport engaged in on an intercollegiate basis 351 { : . f a Circle K Club The Circle K Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service organization and charac- ter building group. The local chapter was organized in 1958. 352 I Pictured top right is Miss Reeda Lee, sweetheart. In the picture to the left is the Board of Directors; in the tree, left to right, Alan Sellers, Terry Isbell, Dennis Buffaloe; on the ground, Murry Strong, Danny Lyles, Larry Buf- faloe, Steve Maddox, and Jimmy McGee. Pictured be- low are Jimmy McGee, President; Alan Sellers, vice- president; Terry Isbell, Secretary; and Murry Strong; Treasurer. jtft 353 - -___- Geography Club The Geography Club is open to any student interested in [ the field of geography and is organized to promote inter- est and active participation in the study of that discipline. 354 Kappa Delta Pi - . 1 - - . The Epsilon Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national schol- arship fraternity, honors students of junior and senior classes who have demonstrated sound scholarship and who intend to become teachers. 355 r La Grange U i IP mjjmm. mm A Pi u L B 1 ! f f ' ' ' ' L mmMU V fr -, fr Moore, Se fcon,$i ft Pnxidi Hall Pictured above are Donna Taccone, Treasurer; Marcia Moore, Secretary; Cathie Shrader, Fire Chief; Stella Johnson, Social Chairman, and seated is Debra Coo- per, President. Miss B. Muse; Head Resident LaGrange is the smallest of the two existing women ' s Dorms at F.S.U. It is named after one of Florence State ' s early ancestors, La Grange College, founded in 1813. 357 Beta Beta Beta FLOYD HALL1 Beta Beta Beta is an honorary society for students of the bi- ological sciences. Its objec- tives are to promote superior scholarship and to encourage interest in and appreciation of the biological sciences. la English Club Organized in 1954, mem- bership is open to all ma- jors and minors in English. Program meetings are held monthly to provide fellow- ship and professional stimulation. 359 , _ I Jflto-Ala FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY, FLORENCE, ALABAMA 35630 360 Pictured on opposite page, from front to back, are Sharman Sewell, Jim Robertson, Larry Ra- bum, Roger Wilburn, Tom Sitzler, Marlon Priest, and Ronald McKinney. To the left are the pho- tographers, Jim Birchfield and Ron Haygood. Be- low Doug Fisher, Kathy Fisher, Jimmy Leach, Hal Cooper, and seated, Vernon Denton, are pictured. The Flor-Ala is the official school newspaper, and all the students are eligible for staff member- ship. Executive staff members including the edi- tor, associate editor, and business manager, are appointed each spring by a special committee. Other paid positions are sports editor and circu- lation manager. The paper is published twice monthly during the fall and spring semesters. 361 i. ? Florence State University Bands Concert Ba 362 Pictured above and on the opposite page are the various sections of the Florence State University Concert Band, under the direction of Dr. Frank McArthur. The Concert Band puts on a regular Spring Show. Pictures in the upper right of this page; and down, are those of the Stage Band un- der the direction of Dr. Frank McArthur. Other bands include the Marching Band, Brass Choir, and various other ensembles. 363 ?.:i " 4 .,-. Florence State University Choirs The Mixed Choir and the Collegiate Singers, under the direction of Mr. Joe Groom, combine in a winter concert to perform the Messiah. The Choirs also perform shows in both the Spring and Fall semesters. The Choirs are outstanding in their presentations, and are open to all students with ability or desire to sing. Three choirs make up the group; the Concert Choir, the Women ' s Choral Ensemble, and the Collegiate Singers who are selected through audition. Pictured above is the Men ' s Choir. To the left a sequence of Mr. Joe Groom as he directs one of the choirs. 365 ' 366 FSU Cheerleaders Pictured from opposite page across and down, Sarah Miller and Mike Pickard, Debbie Hannah and Mike Baker, Leo, Janet Thompson and Larry Smith, and Sandy Cupp and Eddie Isbell. 367 Florence State Jenny Henson, Sonja Graham, Susan Mackey Becky Lee, Cathy Vessels, Ann Edwards Reeda Lee, Sharon Jackson, Theresa Fischer. 368 Lionettes Debbie Mathis, Leslie Gibbens, Debbie Herndon. Jeanne Wells, Maureen Valentine, Dianna Marbut, Nance Pietryzk. Debby Whitehead, Mary Ridgeway, Cindy Seely. Not pictured: June Steadmon, Connie Temple, and Jan Mills. Officers are; Leslie Gibbens, President; Ann Ed- wards, Vice -president; Jan Mills, Treasurer; Jenny Hen- son, Publicity Chairman: Cathy Vessels, Secretary; Dianna Marbutt, Sergeant at Arms; and Sally Johnson, Director. 369 Florence State University Majorettes 370 es Pictured opposite page, left to right; Phyllis Bacon, Robbie Briggs; top page, left to right; Susan Mullins, Laura Murphy, Barbara Robinson, Debra Black- welder, Pat Preston, Pam Franks, Jill Jones, and Char- lotte Burcham. 371 Rice Hall Stu Pictured to the right is Mrs. Francis McDonnell, Head Resident. The officers are pictured above, they are; Kathy Wiginton, President, Dixie Weatherford, 1st Vice-presi- dent, Diane Douglas, 2nd Vice-president, Sherry Hodges, Social Chairman, Becky Lee, Secretary, Mary Ridgeway, Treasurer, Sarah Elliott, Fire Marshall, and Francis Passero, Convocations. 372 Student Alabama Education Association The Student Alabama Education Association is an organization, affiliated with the Ala- bama Education Association and the National Education Association. The purpose of this club is to promote interest in the field of education. Membership is open to anyone planning to enter the teaching profession. 373 Student Government As Association Pictured above, right to left; Benjamin Garth, Vice President; Marilyn Mason, Sec- retary; and George Carpenter, President. Not pictured Donald Prince, Treasurer. The S.G.A. is the primary agency of the student body. Composed of officers elected by the student body and of elected representatives from the residence halls, and the day students, the S.G.A. has an active role in promoting student welfare and in developing and coordinating student activities. 375 Tau Kappa Delta is organised as a men ' s social -service fraternity. Members ren- der help to campus and city organizations in their activities and projects and pro- mote school spirit, especially through weekend activities. Membership is re- stricted to male students who apply and are accepted by the active membership of the club. Officers pictured; Jim Glass, his- torian; Susan Jones, sweetheart; Mike Beadle, Chaplin; Bill Waugh, warden; not pictured, Eddie Jones, treasurer; Louie Holland, president; and Chuck Clark, secretary. 376 id pro. Tau Kappa Delta 377 Kappa Omicron Phi Kappa Omicron Phi is an honorary organization for home economics majors and minors. Membership is by invitation after a required number of courses in home economics have been taken and a re- quired scholastic ratio achieved. 378 ' hi Kappa Mu Epsilon The Alabama Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a professional mathematics fra- ternity established in 1935, recognizes honor students in mathematics and pro- vides professional stimulation to its members. 379 Sophomore Class Officers Diane Vaughan Secretary Gary Hudson Vice-President Steve Maddox President 380 ers Junior Class Officers Steve Streeter- President Debbie Hannah Vice-President Debbie Rodgers Secretary Joan McFall Treasurer 381 Sigma Tau Pi Sigma Tau Pi is an organization open to any student of soph- omore standing or above who is majoring in business administra- tion. Freshmen who intend to major in the department are ac- cepted as pledges. The club serves to provide professional orientation to those who intend to enter the business field. 382 !l Sociology Club The Sociology Club is open to sociology majors and minors. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in sociology and to provide an opportunity for fellowship among those students and faculty who have special interest in the field. 383 P. E. Club The Physical Education Club is a student organization for majors in physical edu- cation. The club is designed to promote professional interest and growth. 384 Ushers Club. The Ushers Club, organized for service, functions for con- vocations of Florence State, Muscle Shoals Concert Asso- ciation, and for other performances by request. Composed of interested students, the club is sponsored by Mr. J. N. Winn. University Pfc Jim Davis escorts guest stars Van Johnson and Peter Pagan, seen in the Summer Play production " There ' s A Girl In My Soup. " The University players is organized to stimulate an interest in dramatics activities. The group presents several plays each year, and membership is open to all interested students. Some of the plays presented were; " There ' s A Girl In My Soup, " with guest stars Van Johnson, Peter Pagan, and Vickie Kaywood; " Goodbye My Fancy, " with guest star Peggy Cass; and " Othello " , an all student production. 386 Pictured above, Peggy Cass and Will Stutts from " Goodbye My Fancy. " Opposite page is Vickie Kaywood in ' There ' s A Girl In My Soup. " 387 Wesley Foundation Pictured to the left is the chapel, above center is a casual worship service, pictured to the right, Sun- day evening meal, and far right is Ron Moore per- forming on a Sunday evening. 388 the ministry of the United Methodist Church on campus to witness to the mission, message,and life of Jesus Christ to deepen, enrich, and mature our faith to lead in service and leadership to the world to experience release from enslavement, fear, and violence to help each other live in love 389 Spanish Club President Jimmy Faulkner; Secretary-TreasurerDebbie Hannah; Re- porterBetsy Singleton; Sponsor-Paul E. Jones III. All students enrolled in Spanish classes who have the required academic av- erage are eligible to belong to the Spanish Club. The club provides opportu- nity for further study of the language, customs, and cultures of Spanish- speaking countries and for any opportunity for conversation on a social level. 390 Campus Organizations Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Sigma Lambda Association of Women Students The Baptist Student Union Beta Beta Beta Campus Girl Scouts Chess Club Christian Student Fellowship The Circle K Club Coed Affiliate Pershing Rifles The Collegiate Civitan Club The Conservation Club The Debate Club The Diorama Staff The English Club The F Club The Flor-Ala Staff The Florence State Chapter of Student Af- filiates of the American Chemical Society The Florence State University Chapter of Student Affiliates of the Alabama Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association Geography Club History Club The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi The Human Relations Council The Inter-Presidents Council Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Omicron Phi Lionettes The Lutheran Student League The Music Educators National Conference The Newman Club Phi Alpha Theta The Physical Education Club Pi Epsilon Omega Rotaract Club of FSU Scabbard and Blade Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Pi The Society of Pershing Rifles Sociology Club The Spanish Club The Student Government Association The Student National Education Association Association The Student Union Board Tau Kappa Delta The University Players The Ushers Club The Wesley Foundation The Westminister Fellowship The Young Democrats of Florence State Young Academics Club Young Republicans Club 391 - 1 STATE NATIONAL BANK OF ALABAMA MEMBER FDIC extends its sincerest congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class of 1973. 394 .. ARMY ROTC HIS and HERS Army ROTC only takes up about three to five hours a week of your time while you ' re in college. It gives you an edge on the other students in areas such as management, organization, and leadership. It pays the contract and scholarship student $100.00 a month during your Junior and Senior years. It also allows a student to earn a commission as an Army Second Lieutenant at the same time he or she earns a college degree. Right now you may think Army ROTC will look small on your resume. But a lot of employers don ' t think so. Women are now allowed to take Army ROTC for college credit at FSU. Look into this program! ARMY ROTC The more you look at it, the better it looks. 395 E. Tennessee St. Downtown Florence REYNOLDS where new ideas take shape in ALUMINUM " and new careers take shape with " REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Growing for 32 years with Muscle Shoals 396 114 N. COURT ST. " VFLORtNCI. ALA. Home Owned Home Operated NEVER a carrying charge Home of Magnolia Diamonds The Florence Herald " YOUR PRIZE WINNING WEEKLY NEWSPAPER " Commercial Printing Wedding Invitations Church Bulletins Office Supplies School Papers " Quick Copy " Service Lauderdale County ' s Oldest Publication 1 1 4-1 1 6 W. Tombigbee St. Phone (205) 764-0641 It ' s the real thing. Coke pr Trade -mark @ BOOKLAND Complete selection Hardback books Bibles Stationery Paperback books and outline notes Hallmark Cards Reading Headquarters for North Alabama 114 N. Court Street Downtown Florence 397 -figsja Compliments of CLUB 13 13 miles north of Florence State University out Chisolm Highway 398 MEN ' S FORMALWEAR SPECIALISTS " A lady ' s finest compliment is a formal escort. " 206 Woodward Ave. Muscle Shoals 381-3414 OFFICE 764-6921 HIBBETT SPORTING GOODS, INC. " IT PAYS TO PLAY " 1242 FLORENCE BLVD. FLORENCE, ALA. 35630 323 FABRIC CENTER English Village Shopping Center 399 The Homecoming Queen ' s gown was proudly furnished by the Village Shops see pages 226-7. FLORENCE English Village 766-7660 MUSCLE SHOALS Woodward Ave. 383-1133 400 THE SHOE TREE Ladies ' famous Brands Discount Shoes English Village Florence Tri Cities Produce and Wholesale Co. Institutional Distributor " Buddy ' s Bananas " Sheffield, Alabama A dynamite combination 402 1 North Florence Pharmacy 115 N. Wood Ave., Florence, Alabama. Phone: 764-3771 FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY Southgate Ma Muscle Shoals bhonle:!38B-it753 - = ' -, : S I - MEFFORD ' S JEWELERS CERTIFIED @ GEMOLOGIST AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY There are six Certified Gemologists in Alabama. We are proud to have one on our staff. 111 E. TENNESSEE ST., FLORENCE 403 WHERE YOU SAVE . . . DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE GET ALL THESE BENEFITS WHEN YOU SAVE WITH US Insured Safety Liberal Earnings Quick Availability No Fluctuation Sound Management Extra Strong Reserves -0 V " 1 49 FIRST FEDERAL liumiiiiiiiiiiliflllilllUIIIII nxisri ]:i:: JIJJH 0:331 OHM ' III! m SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORENCE WHERE PEOPLE COME FIRST 404 RUSHING-MILNER RUSHING Drug Stores 869 Florence Blvd. 501 N. Seminary Pharmacists Al Hathorn Herbert Bobo Nobod i) eats a H tins ' M deal 2161 2800 WOODWARD AV, MUSCLE SHOALS 406 Compliments of Corner Fruit Most Everything Any Time 216E.Tenn.St. Florence Complete Drafting And Art Supplies PRINTERS STATIONERS, INC. 216 NORTH COURT ST. Florence, Alabama PHONE 764-8061 mm FIRST COLBERT NATIONAL BANK COLBERT COUNTY ' S MOST ENERGETIC BOOSTER offices at i LEIGHTON MUSCLE SHOALS SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA member F.D.I.C. I gMBHHHMIHnHMMgm THE NATIONAL OF FL 408 HE FIRST IALBANK FLORENCE A FULL SERVICE BANK 409 am s . Compliments of DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES Electricity Department Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Gas Department Florence, Alabama 410 Almost Everyone Reads The jnvttt Sftm Tii-aties Daily 764-2403 tltm HARD WARE | 1 iJ TV AND APPLIANCE CO.I 122 W. TOMBIGBEE ST. FLORENCE, ALA. I Second location to serve you 221 N. Court St. Dealer For: RCA-Zenith-Maytag Whirlpool Fedders Kitchen aid Enterprise " We service what we sell. " Compliments of THE FASHION APPAREL Downtown Florence Paper and Chemical Supply Co. Distributors of Paper Products, School Supplies, Sanitation Supplies Specialist in Disposables of the 70 ' s Sheffield, Alabama " HOUSE OF 10,000 RECORDS " NOBODY BUT NOBODY UNDERSELLS B5YINS THE DISTRICT ' S GREATEST HOME FURNISHERS 301 North Court 764-3671 Florence, Alabama anacoN YeaneooKS dedicated to excellence in yearbooks Tom Bentley Paragon ' s North Alabama yearbook Counselor. 110 Lenford Ave. Glencoe, Alabama 35905 413 1ANSMISSIONS ' World ' s Largest Transmission Specialists ' 119 South Seminary St. 414 PHOTO c INI E:R Southgate Photo Center 381-0012 See us at Southgate Mall Muscle Shoals The Fashion Place DECATUR . . . MUSCLE SHOALS 468 North Court St. Florence, Alabama. the Court House Real Estate Insurance Town Country Realty Co. 766-4911 Four Lane Shopping Center " Service with Integrity " Jane F. Weatherford Realtor Broker Res. 757-4913 864 Florence Blvd. Florence, Ala. I Mercedes ' Den Specialty Shop for Juniors English Village Florence, Alabama Phone 766-4165 Martin Theatres New Martin Florence Joy-Lan Drive-In Florence Capri I II Muscle Shoals Marbro Drive- In Music Shoals Shoals Florence Tuscumbian Tuscumbia mm % ONE HOUR ' MPRTinizino THC MOST IN DRY CLEANING ADD SHIBTS One-Hour Martinizing Fresh as a Flower FN JUST 1 HOUR Wfl Wfl l M 1113 Florence Blvd. 1220 N. Wood Avenue Town Plaza, Sheffield Alpha Delta Pi i The girls of Alpha Delta Pi are proud to be affiliated with the Florence State Uni- versity campus and cordially invite all in- terested parties interested in Sororities to inquire. 418 HHiigBHiiiBBPfl to Pi Alpha Omicron Pi F mm : Members from left to right (first row): Aquilla Hyde, Marsha Franks, Cindy Seely, Jane Fowler, Lynn Tal- Iman, Kathy D. Thornton, Sue Jordan, Ann Edwards, and Wanda Williams. (Second row): Donna Fee, Patsy Walters, Debbie Sutton, Nancy Glover, Sallie Cassell, Lynn Cox, Debbie Farrell, Susan Haynes, Cathie Schra- der. (Third Row): Kay Snyder, Pam Parrish, Cheryl Moss, JoNan Fowler, Jane Gooch, Debby Odom, Pat Bendall, Sonya Butler, Cindy Johnson, Cricket Sargent, Jean Darby, Nancy Almond. Officers from L. to R.: Donna Fee, President; Lynn Tal- Iman, Vice- President; Sallie Cassell, Publicity Chair- man; Debbie Farrell, Social Chairman; Lynn Cox, Rush Chairman; Cheryl Moss, Panhellenic Chairman; Ann Edwards, Scholarship Chairman; Jeanette Simmons, Treasurer; Sonya Butler, Philanthropic Chairman; Cindy Seely, Secretary. 419 Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha, one of the new colonies of Florence State University. Founded on the " Greek System. " Pi Kappa Alpha, welcomes all inquires into pledging and joining into this fine system. 420 Join the Future Join Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma is the oldest collegiate fraternity in the world. It was founded in Balogna, Italy around 1400. Kappa Sigma was founded in the United States at the University of Virginia, December 10, 1869. Kappa Sigma is also one of the worlds largest fraternities Grand Master Al Sellers; Grand Procurator Randy Luffman; Grand Master of Cermonies John Schuessler; Grand Scribe Horace Bur- cham; Grand Treasure-Steve Atkins, I.F.C. Rep. )im Sloan. row 1 left to right; Steve Atkins, Jan Hammond, row 2-left to right; Al Sellers, Randy Luffman, John Schuassler, Jim Sloan , Horace Bur- cham. row 3-left to right; Roger Hall, Gary Harland, Curtis Peters, Larry Latham, Steve Aldridge. row 4-left to right; Jimmy Osborn, Le- land Free, Ray Crunk, Roger Miller, Henry Kersteins. row 5-left to right; Lament Cottrell, Steve Massey, Jamiel Saliba, Billy Cantrell, Phil Martin. 421 Phi Mu Phyllis Bacon Rebecca Batchelor Debbie Blackwelder Susan Blanks Robbie Briggs Charlotte Burcham Debbie Danley Pam Franks Gwin Goodwin 422 Linda Jordan Sherrie Justice Candy Keenum Brenda Lann Debbie Lee Donna McCormick Betty Millican Jo Ann Moore Susan Mullins Laura Murphy Betty Myrick Debbie Pounders Patricia Preston Debbie Pounders Patricia Preston Debbie Ratliff Peggy Rice Linda Richardson Barbara Robinson Maebeth Rutland Susan Shaw Vicki Smith Becky Stuart Janet Thompson Karen Thornton Susie Vaughn Dixie Weatherford Kathy Welborn, Karen Young, Pam Webb, Nancy Hadley, Lynn Mylo Zeta Tu Alpha i J b m The Zeta Tau Alpha, Eta Rho Colony is proud to be affili- ated with FSU. It is the fourth largest Sorority in the United States of America. ZTA was founded in 1898 in Farmbile, Virginia; and the Eta Rho Colony is the 160th colony of ZTA. 423 - " 1 -- 426 1897. College. ' OF THE : - S : nES Monday Evening, May 31st, 8.30. Over one hundred years ago, in fact in 1813, the University was opened as La- Grange College in nearby Leighton. In 1855, the college moved to the present site and was re-named Florence Wesleyan Univer- sity, and thrived until the end of the Civil War. In 1872 Wesleyan University was deeded to the State by the Church and be- came known as Florence State Normal School. It is from here that we will begin our nostalgic view of the past. In 1926 the name was again changed to Florence State Teachers College, and in 1968 to Florence State University. ' " ,.. trunif-nta] Dnot KACST 427 -__ " JamesA.Hea Villingham 9131937 MCWgon . James K Povepe " i jtj it j .-i - { JBlL Qi 3 O I J I Q ! To the left are pictured the first five of the Presidents of the Florence State Normal School. Below is the present President Dr. Robert M. Guillot as he is presented with a certificate of Investiture as the new President of Florence State University. .1, rtlidtat ,.| : ,,.. him. 429 if O ' 54 FAYB3TTHS r l 1 No pictorial history would be complete without a look at those who came before us. T The La Fayette-Dixie boys of State Normal Col- lege around the turn of the century. 431 . . . the passing of time and the classes go on now as they did then. The class of 1897; State Normal School. 432 433 ;y -- - - i Junior Class of 1907 435 ffj women here early in the turn of the century 436 i: i 437 438 ... a worthy team, the State Normal College Football Squad. 439 1913 football squad S.N.C 440 441 442 In parting one must remember that those of the past are the founders of the future, as are we of the present. It is with the future in mind that we must carry on in high academic standards and the high quality of man established at this school. Stricklin Hall now gone. 443 Diorama Staff Dwight Evans, Jr. Class 111 . 9f( ... Susan Mullins, Campus Life Art: Kathy Thornton, Donica Creasy, Shelby Colburn, Georgiana Poston. Not pictured; Leslie Gibbens, Pattie McNutt, and Jo Anne Poston editor. Jan Ikard, Assistant Editor. i fir I i 25z John Towry, Mike Slade and David Chambers Photographer. to the right: Ron Haygood, Photographer; Ricky Thompson, Photographer Photo-credits, not pictured: Ray ' s Studio; classes, Rodney S. Waugh, Dan Taylor, Jim Frawley, John Knaur. 445 Senior Staff: Mickie Grove, Bill Brewster, editor; not pictured, Nancy Towsend, Deb- bie Simpson, Kathy Nix, and Curtis Peters, editor. to the left: Gwin Goodwin, typist; and Butch Marlar, Freshman Class editor, above: Sam Hall, Organizations Editor. 446 K Bill Waugh Chief Writer Kathy Girdner Business Manager A. C. Hausmann Advisor Jim Glass Faculty Editor Robbie Briggs Features Editor Ann Black Sports Editor Marilyn Melton Typist . . , 447 In closing we the editors of the 1973 Diorama would like to extend our special thanks to Dan Glenn for his assistance in color processing, Ronnie Thomas for his assistance in sports information, and Tom Bent- ley for his support in publication. We would also like to thank all those other individuals who are not pictured but rendered assistance in typ- ing, artwork, layouts, and copy. In conclusion we would like to leave you with another of the several Camus quotes found in this book; " Don ' t walk in front of me I may not follow Don ' t walk behind me I may not lead Walk beside me and just be my friend " Camus . . . with this in mind success may follow. Jim Frawley John Knaur editors-in-chief panacoN YGSLRBOOKS m q . n

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