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. P. a Bar 9691 TINA AL 360 Robert Pitcock editor-in-chief John Knaur associate editor Ben Christopher business manager FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY: A NEW EXPERIENCE FOR SOME For others, the same old grind. Freshmen unsure, self-conscious, rushing to one meeting to another. Discovering Their New Home At FLORENCE STATE gi 11 ii i HM . ' B m - - m m - m : Registration . . . Not Exactly Ecstasy 10 i V Have a free orange bag. ILL. After a time you feel like you can ' t go on . . . . I 12 you return for a few seconds to nature 13 Now, in silence we have time to think and realize an overall sense of loneliness. 14 15 For some there is a discovery of each other . . . 16 17 A whole new world was opened up to those who could see . . .or rather those who cared to see. 18 those who did not try to see cried out " APATHY " but whose apathy? 19 " APATHV . . . a utord, a u ay of fife, perhaps etfen an un-experience. In any event, it u as a common trait of most campus sponsored ac- tivities by iovJ attendance and quiet reactions. " " Clubs and organizations Mere small. Concerts, dances and lectures brought a smalt percentage of student sup- port. Weekend activities Mere out of the question as most students left, leaving behind a nearly deserted campus. " Apathu Mas only in the mind of those rtho used it. But those who did care made the best of the limited recreational facilities. 22 They knew what made the difference between a bored look and a smile. . . . and there were activities. Trinidad Steel Drummers Dennis Yost and The Classics Four The Ides of March Homecoming . . . 26 r I 1 I i It was a pretty good year to live 29 . Dedication Dr. E. B. Norton 30 For 24 years of service to Florence State University and its students . . . 31 The students of Florence State University wish to say Thank -You and Good Luck in the future whatever it brings. I Experience in Education: Classroom Teacher Athletic Coach High School Principal County Superintendent State Superintendent President of the Alabama Education Association Director of the Divison of School Association Director of the Division of School Administration in the United States Office of Education. Deputy Commissioner, United States Office of Education. The first Executive Secretary, National Council of Chief State School Officers. He organized the Secretariat of the National Council of Chief State School Officers. He was one of twenty-seven persons selected in the Nation to participate in the United States Education Missions to Japan, Sponsored by the Department of State. The Mission was requested by General Douglas MacArthur to work with his staff and selected Japanese educators to upgrade the educational program of Japan along more democratic lines. If Dr. Norton ' s life could be summed up in one sentence, it could be said that he is a Christian gentleman . . . kind, gentle, compassionate, understanding; and his fairness in dealing with both the students and the faculty would be one of his finest qualities. It is with a feeling of great admiration for President Ethelbert B. Norton that we, the students and the faculty, dedicate this, the 1972 DIORAMA to him. His impact for good will shall be felt on our campus for years to come. 33 FACULTY 35 i 36 , Dr. E. B. Norton President of the University 37 DR. TURNER W. ALLEN Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty MR. OTIS L. PEACOCK Vice-President for Administrative Affairs MR. ROY S. STEVENS Vice-President for Financial Affairs DR. W. T. MCELHENY Vice-President for Student Affairs 38 Mr. Chester M. Arehart Registrar Mr. Abe! F. DeWitt Dean of Men Dr. William L. Crocker Director of Graduate Miss Pauline E. Gravelee Dean of Women Mr. William A. Graham Director of Kilby Laboratory School 39 Art Department MR. MORT E. SMITH, Department Chairman, Professor of Art, B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M. A., Colorado State College; M.F.A., State University of Iowa. The Department of Art offers course work in studio, design, art history, art education, and the general arts. Now that the completion of the visual arts facilities in the new arts center is a reality, these course areas will become stronger, and it is anticipated that definite curriculum options may be offered leading to preparation for environmental design, constructive design, studio (drawing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, and sculpture), and art education. Specialized studios, lecture rooms, and a workshop have been equipped to carry out these types of curricular programs. There is optimism that art history may develop into a minor curriculum offering. At the present, there is limited opportunity for the Shoals Community to enroll in evening art courses. It is, again, anticipated that the new facilities will permit an enlarged arts program during the after-dark (or Saturday) period. Last, but far from least, the Department of Art hopes to be able to influence the aesthetic awareness of every student on the Florence State University campus. 40 ALBERT CHARLES HAUSMANN, Assistant Professor of Art, B.A., Capital University; M.F.A., Bowling Green State University. MRS. HILDA MITCHELL, Assistant Professor of Art, B.S.. Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College. NtLSON VAN PELT, Instructor in Photography, B.J. University of Missouri. MRS. MYRT WARD, Assistant Professor of Art, A.B. Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama. 41 Business and Economics Department MR. LAWRENCE CONWILL, Department Chairman, Professor of Business Administration, B.B.A., M.B.E., University of Mississippi; C.P.A. The Department of Business and Economics at Florence State University offers majors in business administration, accounting, management, marketing, business education and secretarial science. The organization affiliated with the department is Sigma Tau Pi which is open to all business majors and minors, and Alpha Chi which is open to students taking advanced accounting courses. 42 JOHN HOLLIE ALLEN, Assistant Professor of GERALD LEE CANNON, Instructor in Business, Economics, B.S., M.S., Auburn University. B.S. in B.A., 1967, M.B.A., 1971, Auburn University. MAX CARRINGTON, Professor of Business Education, B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee; Ed. D., Colorado College. BOBBY RAY CLEMMONS, Instructor in Business, B.S., 1970, Florence State University; M.B.A., 1971, Memphis State University. LESTER DITTMAN, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, B.S., Ball State Teachers College; M.S., Indiana University. THOMAS EDWARDS, Instructor in Business. B.S., Florence State University. JAMES H. JONES, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama. INELL KNIGHT, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, A.B., Judson College; M.A., University of Alabama. AARON LYNCH, Associate Professor of Ac- counting, A.B., Vanderbilt University; C.P.A. 43 Business and Economics Department ELLEN MOORE, Assistant Professor of Business Education, B.S., Florence State University; M.S., University of Tennessee. LINDA SIMS, Assistant Professor of Business Education, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama. WILLIAM S. STEWART, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.S., Delta State College; M.B.E., M.A., University of Mississippi. ERMIS A. THOMPSON, Professor of Economics, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. ROY WEBB, JR., Associate Professor of Ac- counting, B.S., University of Alabama; LL.B., Emory University; C.P.A. 44 Department of Education and Psychology Students who wish to prepare for teaching in the elementary or secondary schools follow particular courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Arts degree, and upon completion are entitled to be recommended for the appropriate professional certificate issued by the Alabama State Department of Education. The offering of professional education courses leading to the Master of Arts degree and to the Alabama Class AA Professional Certificate is becoming an increasingly important function of the department. Students who are not preparing to become teachers in the elementary or secondary schools may establish a major or minor in psychology. Students enrolled in the education program are encouraged to participate in the Student Alabama Education Association. Membership in Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society f or students in professional education, is by invitation only, and is based on scholastic achievement. DR. WILLIAM L. CROCKER, Department Chairman, Professor of Education, B.S., M.A., Ed. D., University of Alabama. 45 Department of Education And Psychology MRS. VIRGINIA ADAMS, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University, M.A., University of Alabama. STANLEY S. BEANS, Professor of Education, B.S., M.S., Kansas State University; Ed.D., University of Arkansas. BURCHELL CAMPBELL, Director of Curriculum Laboratory and Kilby School Library, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., M.A. (L.S.), George Peabody College. JACK W. CROCKER, Professor of Education and Psychology, A.B., M.Ed., Tulsa University; Ed.D., University of Alabama. FRANCIS JOSEPH EICKE, Assistant Professor of Guidance and Counseling A.B., 1961, Dartmouth College; M.Ed., 1968, Tulane University; Ed.D., 1971, University of Alabama. JOHN FINLEY, JR., Associate Professor of Education and Direc- tor of Student Teaching, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama. MRS. DOROTHY HEFFINGTON, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody College. ROBERT E. JOHNSON, Assis- tant Professor of Education, B.A., M.Ed., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., University of Mississippi. DENZIL E. KECKLEY, JR., Assistant Professor of Education, B.A., Harding College M.Ed., University of Arkansas; Ed.D., University of Mississippi. SARAH LEWIS, Supervising Teacher, B.A.E., M.E., University of Mississippi. MRS. GERTRUDE T. LOWERY, Supervising Teacher, B.S., 1950, Alabama State Univer- sity; M.A., 1968, Florence State University. DONIE MAY LOWRY, Super- vising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College. 46 Department of Education And Psychology II WILLIAM J. McILRATH, Associate Professor of Psychology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. A. MILLER MOSS, Associate Professor of Psychology, A.B., M.A., Western Kentucky State College; Ph.D., University of Alabama. JANICE NICHOLSON, Assistant Professor of Education, B.S., Blue Mountain College; M.Ed., Mississippi State University. JOANNE REEVES, Associate Professor of Elementary Educat- ion, B.A., Judson College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.D., University of Alabama. GEORGE ROBINSON, Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.A., Millsaps College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Mississippi. MRS. FLORA BELLE SMITH, Supervising Teacher, A.B., Henderson State Teachers College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.S. Auburn University. WILLIAM H. WAITE, Professor of Education, A.B., University of Saskatchewan; M.A., University of Manitoba; Ph.D., University of Chicago. ESTELLE WATTS, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama. LULA R. WAY, Professor of Education, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.D., Michigan State University. W. B. WOODWARD, Associate Professor of Education, A.B., Louisiana State University, Ed.M., University of South Carolina. JOHN W. YEATES, Associate Professor Of Education; B.S., Mississippi State University; M.A., Ed.D., University of Mississippi. EARLE YOUNG, Professor of Psychology, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Putney Graduate School; M.S., Ed.D., Auburn University. 47 Department of English, Dramatic Arts and Speech, And Foreign Languages DR. ALBERT S. JOHNSTON, JR., Department Chairman, Professor of English, .A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida. The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages offers a major and minor in English, and a major and minor in dramatic arts and speech, minors in French and Spanish, and two years of German. The English and Modern Foreign Language Department at Florence State is noted for training fine teachers for the secondary schools and for sending after graduation many of its majors to prestige graduate institutions for graduate degrees. Several graduates in English now hold the coveted N.D.E.A. scholarship and other scholarships and graduate assistantships in distinguished colleges and universities. Organizations affiliated with the department are the English Club, Spanish Club, and the Rehearsal Club which produces two major plays annually. The English Club annually sponsors the literary magazine, " Light and Shadows. " There is an active chapter of the English honorary fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta. 48 JIM DAVIS, Instructor in Speech, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of California. MRS. EVA-MARIA GAISSER, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, A.B., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Mississippi. MRS. BARBARA GLENN, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A., Virginia State College. FRANK E. HARSCHEID, Assis- tant Professor of English, B.A., Florence State College; M.S., University of Florida. VI ml m ROBERT A. HOLDER, Instruc- tor in Speech, B.S., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Mississippi. MRS. ELIZABETH C. HOOD, Assistant Professor of English, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. MRS. JEAN L. JOHNSON, Instructor in English, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. MRS. CATHERINE C. JONES, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Newcomb College; M.A., University of Alabama. JAMES E. JONES, Instructor in English and Speech, B.A., Univer- sity of Alabama; M.A., Florence State University. PAUL E. JONES, III, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, B.A., M.A., University of Alabama. MRS. DORIS KELSO, Assistant Professor of English, B.J., M.A., University of Missouri. JOHN E. KINGSBURY, Assis- tant Professor of English, A.B., Colgate University; M.F.A., University of Iowa. 49 Department of English, Dramatic Arts and Speech, and Modern Foreign Languages MRS. BRYNDA G. MUSGROVE, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., M.A., University of Alabama. MRS. NANCY K. POWERS, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., University of Texas. PATRICIA LEE RICHARDSON, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi; Ph.D., Auburn University. MRS. EMILY RICHESON, Assistant Professor of English and Speech, A.B., Athens College; M.A., University of Alabama. STANLEY ROSENBAUM, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Harvard University; M.A., University of Denver. GLADYS SHEPARD, Associate Professor of English, .A.B., Randolph-Macon Wo ' man ' s College; M.A., Columbia University. JOHN A. THOMPSON, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., Florence State University; M.A., Ph.D., Tulane University. MRS. LEATRICE TIMMONS, Assistant Professor of English. B.A., University of Alabama. 50 MRS. PEGGY WADE, Instructor in English; B.S., M.A., Florence State University. J. N. WINN, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Dartmouth College; M.A., Columbia University. DR. THOMPSON JAMES JONES Home Economics Department MRS. MARY HUFF, Department Chairman, Associate Professor of Home Economics, B.S., M.S., University of Georgia. The Home Economics Department offers an opportunity for personal development as well as for a professional career. A major is offered in the teaching of Vocational Home Economics. Both a major and a minor are also offered in general home economics. In addition to teaching, graduates are employed as Cooperative Extension home economists, business home economists, and home economists in some areas of social service and other similar positions. Affiliated with the department is the Home Economics Club which is open to all majors, minors, and electives, and Kappa Omicron Phi, a national home economics honor society for majors. 51 Home Economics Department MRS. JEAN D. DUNN, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Alabama College; M.A., University of Alabama. ' MRS. JANE MCILRATH, Director of the Nursery School, A.B., St. Mary-of-the-Woods College; M.A., George Peabody College. MRS. BARBARA HENDRIX, Instructor in Home Economics, B.S., University of Tennessee. MRS. FLORINE RASCH, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Alabama College; M.S., University of Tennessee. 52 Department of Health, Physical Education And Recreation DR. MICHAEL LIVINGSTON, Department Chairman, Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Jacksonville State University; M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama. The University program of physical education provides an opportunity for students to achieve personal, social, and emotional development through class, intramurals, and recreational activities. The program of activities is designed to meet the needs of the students for fitness and the development of lifelong habits of recreation. The professional courses for health and physical education and recreation are designed to train teachers of health, physical education, recreation, and for athletic coaching. The scope of the program of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is concerned with teacher preparation in physical education, by providing activity courses to meet the general education requirement of the university, by providing courses in the related areas of health, recreation and safety education, and by an extensive intramural program and recreational program. 53 Department of Health, Physical Education And Recreation GEORGE GIBBENS, Instructor in Physical Education, B.S., George Peabody College. WILLIAM F. GLIDEWELL, Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Texas Technological College; M. Ed., Ed.D., University of Texas. HELEN MATTHEWS, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Duke University; M.A., George Peabody College. 1 I C. GAY SIEVERS, Instructor in Health and Physical Education, B.S. Ed., M.Ed., Memphis State University. WALTER D. TEAFF, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.S., West Texas State University; M.S., Ph. D., East Texas State University. NANCY VANCE, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.S., Florence State Univer- sity; M.S., University of Tennessee. 54 n Department of Athletics HENRY H. SELF, Department Chairman, Assistant Department Chair- man, Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, and Athletic Director, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. I rll I Although competitive sports have played a major role in the growth and development of Florence State University, it wasn ' t until 1970 that the Department of Athletics gained recognition as a separate department. Its primary purpose is to provide excellent opportunities for young men to continue their participation in athletics and acquire, by doing, the skills and techniques necessary for employment in high school and college coaching ranks. It is the aim of the department to well represent the people of north Alabama in intercollegiate sports and uphold the good name of the various communities which take pride in FSU athletics. The university supports teams in football, basketball, baseball, golf and tennis and the department will hopefully announce a new addition to the sports family soon, track and field. Florence State is a charter member of the Gulf South Conference which has the potential to become the strongest small college football conference in the nation. The league ' s basketball schedule is also attractive and is expected to add new dimensions to athletics throughout the southeast. In the final analysis, it is the goal of the Department of Athletics to produce young men of high caliber who will be welcomed anywhere and make their community proud of themselves and Florence State University. I Department of Athletics EDMOND E. BILL1NGHAM, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Fairmont State College; M.A., Teacher ' s College, Columbia University. WILLIAM F. HAMILTON, Assistant Football Coach and Instructor in Health and Physical Education, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Athens College. WILLIAM EDWIN JONES, Assistant Basket- ball Coach, B.S., Florence State University. LARRY MARSH ALL. Student Football Coach, B.S., Florence State University. DURELL MOCK, Head Football Coach, B.S. Florence State University; M.A., Athens College. HENRY PRATER, Assistant Football Coach and Instructor in Health and Physical Education, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Athens College. RONALD N. THOMAS, Director of Athletic Information. GEORGE WEEKS. Assistant Professor o Health and Physical Education, B.S., University of Alabama; M.A., George Peabody College. Library Science Department FANNIE SCHMITT, Department Chairman, Associate Brofessor of Library Science, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama; M.A. (L.S.), George Peabody College. The Department of Library Science at Florence State University was established in 1953. It offers twenty-seven semester hours in library science, of which eighteen hours are required for a minor which meets requirements for certification in school library service by the Alabama State Department of Education. The program is based directly upon the recommendations of the American Library Association for undergraduate professional library education. Students completing the program are prepared for service as school librarians and to fill certain professional positions in other types of libraries. They are also prepared as candidates for the master ' s degree in library science in the graduate library schools accredited by the American Library Association with graduation in one year. Graduates of the F.S.U. program have received the master ' s degree in library science from many of the A.L.A. accredited graduate schools. Graduates of the F.S.U. program have served as librarians in schools, colleges, public, and special libraries. 57 I Collier Library Staff RUTH DACUS, Head Librarian, A.B., Winthrop College; B.S., in L.S., George Peabody College. Collier Library contains over 107,000 volumes, including extensive reference materials, microfilm, and bound periodicals. The library subscribes to over 600 magazines, 13 outstanding daily newspapers, and a number of weekly newspapers. The library serves as a depository for select government publications. Centrally located and designed especially for efficient service, the library provides excellent facilities for study, research, and recreational reading. 58 Collier Library Staff MARTHA L. GRIFFIN, Assistant Librarian, B.S., B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College. MURA E. HARSCHEID, Assistant Librarian, B.S., Florence State University ; M.S. (L.S.), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. MARY BELL HERNDON, Assistant Librarian, B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic Institute; B.A. in L.S., George Peabody College. MRS. MILDRED LENTZ, Associate Librarian, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., (L.S.) George Peabody College. DONALD A. TURNER, Assistant Librarian, B.S., Auburn University; M.A., M.A., (L.S.), University of Alabama. 59 I Department of Mathematics, Basic Engineering and Computer Science DR. JOHN L. LOCKER, Department Chairman, Professor of Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University. The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering provides programs and courses in mathematics as preparation for careers in business and industry, for graduate study, for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools, and for satisfaction of mathematics requirements in other academic and professional curricula. The department offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. The basic engineering program is designed to provide one or two years of basic engineering preparation normally required by most professional engineering schools. Computer Science course work utilizing FORTRAN IV language is offered to provide the student with a background preparation in computer use for students entering a course in science or mathematics. 60 JUAN CARLOS ARAMBURU, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., Colegio Nacional; Lie., University of Buenos Aires. O. OSCAR BECK, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Mississippi State University; Ph.D., Auburn University. EDDY JOE BRACKIN, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. MRS. BARBARA B. CARTER, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., Athens College; M.S., University of Mississippi. DAVID DELANO COPE, Instructor in Mathematics; B.S., Cleveland State University; M.S., Auburn University. MRS. GAYLE KENT, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Florence State University; M.S., University of Mississippi. GAYLE PATTERSON, Instruc- tor in Engineering, B.S. in Ch.E., Auburn University. JOHN STINSON, Instructor in Engineering, B.S., in Ch.E., University of Missouri. MRS. JEAN T. PARKER, Assis- tant Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Florence State University; M.S., George Peabody College. MRS. ELIZABETH WOOLDRIDGE, Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., University of Nebraska. 61 Military Science Department The senior ROTC program at FSU was initially established in 1948 to produce qualified officers for the Military Police Corps. In 1955 the General Military Science program was implemented. Cadets who volunteer for the advanced program are eligible for commissions in almost any branch of the Army. The Military Science Department sponsors the university varsity rifle team. The National Society of Pershing Rifles Company J4 and the National Society of Scabbard and Blade A-17 are fraternal military organizations also sponsored by the department. A military ball is the annual social highlight. The department and the organizations it sponsors, through the Red Cross Blood- mobile, charity drives, Governor ' s Day and other events, play a large part in community and university activities. COLONEL WILLIAM L. KOOB, JR., Department Chairman, Professor of Military Science, B.S., The Citadel. ' 62 Military Science Department SFC RONALD M. BURCH, Senior Instructor. CAPTAIN JOHN R. ESTES, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Ouachita University. MSG WILLIE L. HIGHTOWER, Senior Drill Instructor. SGT. MAJOR JAMES W. LOOSE, Department Sergeant Major. CAPTAIN THOMAS M. SMITH, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., LaSalle College. H STAFF SGT. FRED A. THREET, Ad- ministrative NCO. CAPTAIN DEE V. WRESCHE, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Arkansas Polytechnic College; M.A. CAPTAIN RICHARD N. ZWEIG, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Pennsylvania State University. 63 I Department of Music DR. WAYNE CHRISTESON, Department Chairman, Professor of Music B.M., Drury College; M.A., Ed.D., Teacher ' s College; Columbia University. Formal concert programs, student recitals, faculty recitals, football half time shows, parades, pep meetings, television programs, and programs on tour these are the performances the Music Department provides for the enjoyment of the student body and the general public of the North Alabama area that Florence State serves. In addition to opportunities for all college students to perform as singers and instrumentalists, there is available in the department private and class instruction in piano, voice, and band instruments. Course offerings in the department for the general college student provide opportunities for the education major to develop musical techniques useful in the elementary classroom. For the music major, a full professional music education program is offered. The Music Department, now housed in its new building, is one of the finest music facilities in the Southeast. 64 Department of Music MRS. EVELYN DEN BOER, Instructor in Music, A.B., University of Oklahoma; M.A., University of Alabama. JOSEPH D. GROOM, Assistant Professor of Music and Choral Director, B.S., M.M.Ed., Auburn University. MRS. FLORENCE IRWIN, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M., M.M., Bush Conservatory; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. DR. WILLIAM F. MCARTHUR, JR., Associate Professor of Music and Director of Band; B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. ARTHUR THOMAS, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M.E., Baldwin-Wallace College; M.M., Vandercook College of Music. WALTER E. URBEN, Associate Professor of Music, B.M., College of the Pacific; B.M., University of Illinois; M.M., Indiana University of Illinois. 65 I Department of Science DR. JOSEPH C. THOMAS, Department Chairman, Professor of Science, A.B., Asbury College; M.A., Ed.E., University of Kentucky. The Science Department ' s program is designed as a threefold program professional preparation in the sciences, preparation for teaching the sciences, and service courses in the area of general science for majors in other fields. The department offers majors in general and professional biology; general and industrial chemistry; physics; and natural science cognate. Minors are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics. The department also provides appropriate preparatory courses for a number of preprofessional programs. 66 Department of Science JACK S. BROWN, Professor of Biology, B.S., Tulane University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama. KLEIM ALEXANDER, Professor ofChemistry, B.S., Middle Tennessee State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., State University of Iowa. VIRLYN L. BULGER, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., Jacksonville State University; M.Ed., Auburn University; M.A.T., University of North Carolina. JOHN R. BOURNE, Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University. HOLLIS C. FENN, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., M.S., Auburn University; Ed.S., University of Georgia. ARTHUR NEAL HARRISON, Instructor in Biology; B.S., Florence State University; M.S., Auburn University. HENRY T. HARVEY, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Western Michigan College; M.A., University of Michigan. ARTHUR L. HERSHEY, Professor of Biology, B.S., Kansas University; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State College. 67 Department of Science JOHN W. HOLLAND, JR., Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College. T. N. HUBBUCH, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., University of Louisville; B.S., M.S., Harvard University. C. FULTON HUFF, JR., Associate Professor of Chemistry, A.B., Georgetown College; M.A. George Peabody College. RAYMOND E. ISBELL, Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Florence State University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama. JACK KENT, Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Florence State University; M.S., University of Mississippi. CHARLES E. KEYS, Professor of Biology, A.B., Greenville College; Ph.D., University of Kansas. WILLIAM R. MONTGOMERY, Professor of Biology, B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Mississip- pi State University; Ph.D., University of Nebraska. JOHN F. PHILLIPS, JR., Associate Professor of Chemistry, A.B., University of Connecticut; M.S., West Virginia University; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology. Department of Science WILLIAM M. RICHIE, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College. CHARLES W. RICHMOND, Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.A., David Lipscomb College; Ph.D., University of Mississippi. R. W. WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Southwestern State College; M.S., East Texas State University; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University. MRS. SARAH A. SMITH, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Florence State University; M.S., University of Mississippi. PAUL YOKLEY, JR., Professor of Biology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Ohio State University. EDGAR C.TULLIS, Professor of Biology, A. B., M.A., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., Michigan State University. 69 1 Department of Social Science DR. BERNARR CRESAP, Department Chairman. Professor of History, A.B., University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. The Department of Social Science offers majors in history, geography, sociology, and political science and a cognate major in social science. Minors are offered in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Students majoring in the department may prepare for graduate work in the various social science fields or in education. Depending upon the nature of their specialization, students may pursue eventual careers in secondary school teaching, college teaching, cartography, geography, law, library work, journalism, ministry, social work, personnel work, and in various phases of work in federal, state, and local government. 70 " Department of Social Science HASSAN ABDUL-HADI, Assistant Professor of Sociology, B.A., University of Texas; M.S., Trinity University. MILTON BAUGH, Professor of History, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. GEORGE H. DE BOER, Assistant Professor of Political Science, A.B., Western Michigan University; B.D., McCormick Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Iowa. %r lA J. NOEL GLASSCOCK, Professor of Geography, B.S., Western Kentucky University; M.A., University of Kentucky. GARY M. GREEN, Instructor in Geography, B.A., M.A., University of Georgia. ROBERT C. BOWLES, Professor of History, A. B., Central College; M.A., Southern Methodist University; Ph.D., Duke University. CHARLES T. GAISSER, Professor of History, A.B., M.A., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Yale University. 71 , I Department of Social Science FRANK N. H1MMLER, Assistant Professor of Geography, B.S., M.A., Arizona State Universit- y; M.A., Eastern Michigan University. WILLIAM J. IKERMAN, Assistant Professor of History, B.S., M.A., Auburn University. KENNETH R. JOHNSON. Associate Professor of History, B.S., Troy State University; M.A., University of Alabama; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University. DALLAS M. LANCASTER, Associate Professor of Economics and History, B.S., Murray State University; M.A., George Peabody College. BILLY T. LINDSEY, Instructor in Sociology, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Mississippi. MARY JANE MCDANIEL, Assistant Professor of History, B.S., Mississippi State College for Women; M.A., Ph.D., Mississippi State University. EARL W. MCGEE, Professor of History, A.B., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., New York 72 State College for Teachers; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. FRANK B. MALLONEE, JR., Associau Professor of Political Science and History, A.B. M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D. Emory University. Department of Social Science MRS. MAURINE MANESS, Associate Professor of History, A.B., Western Kentucky University; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. THOMAS O. OTT, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Asbury College; M.A., Ap- palachian State Teachers College; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Tennessee. JOHN W. POWERS, Assistant Professor of History, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., University of Texas. - JACK R. SELLERS, Instructor in Sociology, B.A., Birmingham-Southern College; M.S.W., University of Alabama. MERLE SHERMAN, Assistant Professor of Geography, B.Ed., Moorhead State College; M.S., University of Wisconsin; University of Minnesota. C. WILDER WATTS, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Hampden-Sydney College; LL.B., University of Alabama; M.A., University of Virginia. LEONARD WIGON, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, A.B., Roosevelt University; M.A., University of Chicago. SHARON M. WOODRUFF, Instructor in Sociology, B.A., University of Alabama in Bir- mingham; M.A., University of Alabama. Personnel Services and University Staff MRS. JEAN ATENCIO, Key Punch Operator. MR. J. R. ATENCIO, JR., Director, Data Processing Service. MRS. BESSIE AUSTIN, Postal Clerk. MRS. LINDA B. AUSTIN, Secretary to Vice- President for Financial Affairs. MRS. CHRISTINA BENSON, Secretary to News Service. MRS. RUTH M. BIGGERS, L.P.N., Nurse. MRS. CAROLYN BURCH, B.S., Secretary to Registrar. MRS. BARBARA BURGESS, Secretary to Financial Aids Oficer. MR. ALAN BURLESON, B.S., Director of the News Service. MRS. LUCY L. BURROWS, L.P.N., Nurse. MRS. BEVERLY CHENEY, B.A., Counselor to Commuting Students. KATHLEEN CLAYTON, Secretary to Military Science Department. MRS. EMILY COLLIER, Secretary to the Dean of Women. BARBARA COX, A.B., Secretary, Department of Education and Psychology. MRS. NANCY ELKINS, Secretary to the Vice- President for Financial Affairs. MRS. DOROTHY ELLIOTT, Secretary to the Registrar. MR. GILLIS EMMONS, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. MR. H. L. EMMONS, Campus Security Officer. MR. H.J.ENGLISH, A. B., Assistant Treasurer. MRS. JANET FAUCETT, Secretary to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. MRS. MURIEL GRUBBS, Switchboard Operator. MRS. INEZ HALLMARK, Secretary to the Vice-President for Financial Affairs. MRS. KATHRYN HARBIN, Secretary to the Registrar. MRS. MABEL HARPER, Secretary to the Director, Kilby School. MRS. CHERYL HARRISON, B.S., M.A., Residence Counselor. MRS. BETTYE HARTUNG, Secretary to the Vice-President for Administrative Affairs. MRS. MARTHA HENRY, Secretary to the Vice-President for Student Affairs. MRS. CYNTHIA HOVATER, Secretary, Audio-Visual Services. MISS FAYE HUNTER, B.S., M.A., Director of Career Development Placement. CAROLYN RAE JONES, Secretary, Science Department. 74 PATRICIA M. JONES, Secretary to the Military Science Department. STELLA DYAN KELLY, Librarian, Curriculum Lab. MARY T. LAWLESS, Graduate Nurse. MRS. HORTENSE LONG, Secretary Collier Library. MRS. MARY MANSELL, Secretary to Finan- cial Aids Officer. MR. GEORGE B. MANUSH, Field Representative. MRS. ADA RUTH MARKS, Secretary to Vice- President for Financial Affairs. JO MCGUIRE, Secretary to Financial Aids Office. DOROTHY L. MC PETERS, R.N., Nurse; Director of University Health Services. MRS. NELL MILLER, Manager, University Stores. JOBYNA S. MIMS, Nurse. MR. BILLY P. MITCHELL, B.S., Financial Aids Officer. MR. CLAY MULLINS, Security Guard. MRS. EVA N. MUSE, Secretary to the Vice- President for Administrative Affairs. DR. LESTER R. NORVELL, University Physician. MR. CARL MICHAEL OWENS, Assistant Head Resident. MRS. MARY ADDIS PEACOCK, Secretary to the President. MRS. SHARON PLEMONS, Secretary to the Registrar. MR. JAMES D. POUNDERS, B.S., M.A., Assistant to the Registrar. MARY LOU REID, Music Librarian Listening Center Supervisor. MR. JOSEPH N. RICKARD, Buildings Supervisor. LANA SUSAN ROBERTS, Secretary, Athletic Department. MRS. JEANETTE L. ROCHESTER, Manager, Student Union. MRS. TERRY RUTH RUNGER, B.A., M.A., Secretary to the Registrar. MRS. CINDY SCARBOROUGH, Secretary, Career Development Placement. MR. BILLY J. SHARP, Campus Security Officer. MR. J. P. SHARP, Campus Security Officer. MR. ROBERT A. SMITH, Grounds Superintendent. MRS. LINDA FAYE STACY, Key Punch Operator. MRS. SYBIL STEVENS, Secretary to the Vice- President for Financial Affairs. MRS. BESS FULLERTON TIPTON, B.S., M.A., Hostess, Rogers Hall. NANCY D. TROWBRIDGE, Secretary, Department of Health, P.E. Recreation. BETTIE COLE WELCH, Bookstore. 75 FEATURES 77 . ' 2 0? M Queen of fteauty 1971-1972 : P luscumbia fteauty Court I Miss Susan Florence 80 f, M s Z) e W ft a Rogersville 81 M m s M V Florence 82 M $ s w c Florence 83 Katky Qirdner Kobbie ftriggs Florence 84 H Charlotte Kickardson Florence Susan Sp angler Leighton Sarah Miller Brownsboro I. Momecoming Queen 1971-1972 ., Miss Katky 87 Homecoming Miss Patsy Kurck Miss Sue COK Madison 88 Court Miss Goodwin Miss Kaye Owen Lexington Mtdeyvilk Kirmingkam MJSS 92 MK. MWCOW evens Virst Kumets-Up MK. MJSS K8V8KZV Second KuHMer$ llp 93 r 94 MJSS PAUJCA MUKPMV MK. JJM ' Child Ktuttters-Up % V ' MK. SMTCM MJSS MJCKe fourth Kumers-Up 95 - . L, I p ., J v - r:ia! EMEs ' . ' M J e K M J Q a M i t } b t a I Russellville 97 4 Sharon flows Huntsville Miss Patterson Huntsville Miss Cindy Mode Huntsville Miss fldbetk ?outs Florence WMO ' S WHO " Doris Stanford Kay Ostcrkdd Milton Svers 100 WHO ' S WHO Ckarlotte JHorsley Paula Murphy Sue Kauer 101 WHO ' S WHO Waugh Poston fittt Mumpkres 102 WHO ' S WHO Sam Dennis O ' tfeal Nancy Stewart 103 WHO ' S WMO Kobbie Wilson $udy Whalett Kay-jCt nn Snowdeti 104 WMO ' S WMO Patrice ftrown Mickey Grove Kay fatten 103 106 Kumer Up Miss Kobbic ftriggs Kumer Up Miss Sharon Womble I V, 1 f w 4 . ' J AWARDS TURRIS FIDELIS A WARD Sue Ann Bauer KELLER KEY Bonnie Brooks %$ n MILITARY in Command Miss Phyllis Bacon Detachment Sponsor 112 Miss Robbie Briggs Staff Sponsor 113 I Art " First Platoon Miss Debbie Rogers First Platoon Sponsor 114 Tllll I -il it i Miss Gail Nale Second Platoon Sponsor Second Platoon Third Platoon Miss Sarah Miller Third Platoon Sponsor 116 Color Guard 117 118 Sponsors 119 Drill 120 fl i. Summer Camp 121 SPORTS 123 125 126 v LION DEFENSE kneeling Larry Brown, Hezzie Morgan, Frankie Patterson, Doyce Steele; standing Bobby Joe Pride, Leroy Baker, Marvin Parks, Palmer Byrd, Van Barnes, William McCormack, Jim Witt and Bill Hargrove. LION OFFENSE kneeling Bob Duvall, Mike Nave, Wendell Hathorn, Bill Strain, Bill Morton, David Harbin, Danny Kimble; standing Jim Trimble, Randy Elmore. Mike Wilburn, Lenard " Rab- bit " Thomas. 128 ffl COACHING STAFF kneeling, Head Coach Durell Mock; standing Carl McCulley, Ganum Smith, Larry Marshall, Henry Prater, Dan Daughterly, William Hamilton, Jerry Elmore. HAL SELF Athletic Director TRAINERS AND MANAGERS Assistant trainer Johnny Long, Head trainer Bill Pike, managers Don Bailes, Dale Mathis, Dan Me Crary, and head manager Phillip Hastings. 129 LeROY BAKER Junior-Defensive End 130 BILL MORTON Sophomore-Offensive Guard RANDY ELMORE Junior-Quarterback VAN BARNES Sophomore- Linebacker Three Seniors of 1971 Bobby Jo Pride, Palmer Byrd, and Lenard " Rabbit " Thomas. 131 BILL STRAIN Freshman-Center WILLIAM McCORMACK Junior-linebacker EDDIE HILL Freshman- Defensive Guard DANNY KIMBLE Sophomore-Split End 132 MIKE NAVE reshman-Offensivc Tackle MARVIN PARKS Sophomore-Defensive End MIKE WILBURN Sophomore-Fullback 133 DOYCE STEELE Freshman-Defensive End Junior Quarterback Randy Elmore led the Gulf-South Conference in passing yardage with a total 1,527 from 105 completions. WENDELL HATHORN Sophomore-Offensive Guard DAVID GARGIS Freshman-Tight End 134 " EE SW I BOBBY BURCHAM Sophomore-Split End HEZZIE MORGAN Sophomore-Linebacker DAVID MINES Freshman-Defensive Back 135 CLINTON LEAGUE Freshman- Linebacker N T r DAVID HARBIN Freshman-Offensive Tackle 136 LARRY BROWN Freshman-Defensive Guard TONY McMINN Freshman-Defensive Back HARRY COOPER Freshman-Flanker 137 LIONS leading rusher-fullback Mike Wilburn managed 4.2 yards per carry. DAVID ELMORE Sophomore Quarterback 138 BOB DUVALL Sophomore-Tight End FRANKIE PATTERSON Junior-Defensive Tackle 139 LENARD " RABBIT " THOMAS Senior-Tailback JIM TRIMBLE Junior-Flanker DENNIS BUFFALOE Freshman-Offensive Tackle DAVID CORL Freshman-Defensive Tackle BILLY HARGROVE Freshman-Defensive Back TOMMY HOWELL Freshman-Offensive Guard JIM WITT Freshman-Defensive Back GEORGE TATE Freshman-Tight End 141 k BILLY MILES Freshman-Quarterback JOHNNY ANDREWS Freshman-Defensive Tackle STEVE BORDEN Freshman-Offensive Guard 142 PALMER BYRD Senior-Defensive Back WAYNE OLDHAM Freshman-Defensive Back 143 . HOWARD WILKER Freshman-Linebacker 144 ROGER FERRELL Freshman-Tight End I LARRY BROM Sophomore- Fullback JOHN TROTTER Freshman-Defensive Tackle BOBBY JOE PRIDE Senior-Tailback PAUL PARVIN Freshman-Defensive End US LION BASKETBALL EDMUND E. BILLINGHAM Head Coach BILL JONES Assistant Coach 146 147 1 LARRY KAWASKI Freshman Forward JIMMY JONES Junior Center DOUG CURRY Junior Guard MIKE McCULLOUGH Freshman Forward 149 LOUIS CONNER Junior Guard DAVID KING Sophomore Guard 150 GARY GARI DO Manager STEVE STREETER Sophomore Center JIMMY COOPER Senior Guard ft BOB BILLINGHAM Sophomore Guard CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Junior Forward JAY STEJSKAL Junior Forward . . a- MIYERSn JL Starting Five 1971-72 RONNIE THOMAS Sport Information Director HUGH McCORMICK Statistician Returning Lettermen from 1970-71 152 S p R I N G ( s p o R T S ' .. t. GEORGE WEEKS Head Coach - f 154 n Jl 155 i n Baseball Results 1971 FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU FSU 5, 4, 1, 6, 4, 1, 6, 4, 7, 7, 15, 6, 6, 4, I, 2, 0, 15, 0, I, 12, 10, I, 2, 1, 0, N.W. Jr. College Troy Livingston Livingston Huntington Huntington Union Union Grace College Grace College N.W. Jr. College Walker Jr. College Huntington Jacksonville St. Bernard St. Bernard Livingston Gadsden St. Jacksonville Jacksonville Athens Athens Walker Jr. College Athens Troy Troy 1 1 12 12 7 7 11 5 6 4 5 7 5 17 2 6 8 2 9 9 2 12 10 1 2 I GOLF TEAM " 71 Mike Loper, Larry Rockhill, Mert Lemmond, Steve Schneible. 158 1971 TENNIS TEAM Members pictured are: Kneeling: Doug Curry, Doug Hamilton, Eddy Hall, Richard Ridley. Standing: David Wells, George Bolds, Don Faint, Fred Holt, John Carden, and Coach George Gibbens. 159 Rifle Team The Florence State University Rifle Team is a varsity team sponsored by the Military Science Department and is open to all full time students. It competes in postal matches at home and away with colleges and universities throughout the United States. The members of the 1971-72 Rifle Team are; I. Fike, R. Frye, E. Layne, D. Moore, O. Nash, W. Watts, and L. Wilkes. ATLANTA STREET GANG FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS 1971 Intramural Football TEAM STANDINGS W T ATLANTA ST 70 MARRIED MEN 6 1 1 COMMUTERS 50 2 3RD HERD 4 3 1 TKD 34 RIVERS 2 205 CIRCLE K 106 RIVERS 1 007 161 Good Grief! A few more games like last week could ruin a Lion ' s reputation. Coach never told us about getting the other fellow ' s foot in our mouths. Play with your own ball. I ' m taking mine and going home. 162 O.K., fellows, that ' s the last penalty he ' s going to call on us. Hurry up with that picture, will ya? This is beginning to hurt. Simon says, " Lay back down! ' It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane .... would you believe Leroy? The ole underarms trick gets ' em everytime. 165 ADAIR, PATRICIA LOVE Sheffield; Mathematics; Biology; Secondary Ed.; Lionettes (3,4), Treasurer (4); AWC (1-3). ADAMS, NANCY TUMLINSON Muscle Shoals; Elementary Education. ADKINS, VIVIAN ELIZABETH Double Springs; Physical Ed.; Biology; PE Club; SAEA; AAHPER Representative. ALDRIDGE, TURENA ANN Brilliant; Music Ed.; History; MENC, Corresponding Sec.; Collegiate Singers, Homecoming Com.; Resident Asst. y - ALMON, MARY FRANK Florence; Art; English. ALVIS, HARRY REED Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, Pres. (4); Sigma Tau Pi; IPC. ANGE, STANLEY HUGH Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi (3,4), Director (4); Ac- counting Achievement Award (4). ARCHIBALD, RICHARD BROOKS Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. ARNOLD, JAMES G. Florence; Accounting; Baptist Student Union; Scabbard and Blade, 1st Sgt. 166 ATKINS, JO ANNE San Antonio, Texas; History; English; AWS; SGA; History Club, Sec.-Treas. and Publicity Chairman; SUB; SAEA; English Club; Dorm Officer. AUSTIN, MARY EVA Sheffield; Sociology; Home Economics; Sociology Club; Home Econ. Club. BACAK, STAN G. Huntsville; History; Geography; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team. BAKER, DAVID LOYD Hartselle; Math; Biology; Secondary Ed.; Beta Beta Beta; Conservation Club; Hall Counselor; Rivers Hall Council Chairman. BAKER, PHIL H. Florence; Business Mgt. BARDEN, RICHARD LAMAR Huntsville; Math; Business; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Chess Club. BEADLE, ELLEN ELIZABETH Florence; Psychology; Sociology; English; Newman Club, Sec. (2), Pres. (3); IPC; Sigma Tau Delta; Lafayette Hall Treas. (2), Pres. (3); Leadership Retreat Com. Chairman. BEAL, RUTH ELIZABETH Huntsville. BEAVERS, RONALD G. Lexington; Zoology; Psychology; Baptist Student Union. 167 BEDINGFIELD, BOBBY LYNN Florence; Business Mgt.; Economics. BEHEL, LARRY EVERETT Killen; Chemistry. BELEW, JOHN DONALD Lexington; Business Mgt.; Biology; Economics; Conserva- tion Club, Treasurer (4). BENTLEY, DELORES ANN Madison; Physical Ed.; PE Club; LaGrange Hall, Vice- Pres. BEHEL, CATHY MAE Florence; Elementary Education. BEHEL, REEDER DONALD Florence. BELEW, TERRY L. Florence; Marketing; Management; Economics; Band (1-4). BEV1S, BERTIS LEE Florence; Education; Social Science; Baptist Student Union. BILSTEIN, ROBERT THOMAS Sheffield; Biology; Sociology; Psychology. BLACK, OLA HEWLETT Athens; Elementary Ed.; Miss Charming Court; Homecoming Court. 168 BOYD, STEVEN WESLEY Killen; Art; English. V BRITTON, JUDY KAY Phil Campbell; Elementary Education. BROCK, JOHN C. Haleyville; Business Mgt.; Economics; Marching and Concert Band (1-2); Sigma Tau Pi. BRADFORD, JOYCE SHARON Russellville; English; Sociology. BROADWAY, MARSHA DENISE Elkmont; English; Sociology; Campus Gold, Sec.; Sigma Tau Delta, Historian; AWS; Sociology Club; English Club; Judiciary Council. BROOKS, MEREDITH YVONNE luka, Miss.; Elementary Education. BROWN, DONALD RAY Bear Creek; Management. BROWN, FRANKLIN K. Leighton; Chemistry; Biology. BROWN, FORREST Huntsville; Biology; History. BROWN, JUDITH HELEN Florence; Sociology; AWC; Sociology Club. 169 BROWN, PATRICE ANNE Town Creek; English; Sociology; Lionettes, Sergeant at Arms; Pi Epsilon Omega; SAEA; Sociology Club; Honor Key; English Club; SGA, Vice- Pres.; SUB, Sec.; Who ' s Who (4). BURGESS, DWIGHT GREGORY Florence; Biology; English; Band (1-3); Conservation Club (3-4), Vice-Pres. (4); DIORAMA, Organizations Editor (3-4). BURCH, CHARLES RAY Muscle Shoals, English; Psychology; Sociology; Wesley Foundation; BSU; English Club, Vice-Pres. (4). BURKHALTER, MARY EDITH Tuscumbia; Biology; English; Band (1-4); AWC (1-3), Outstanding Member (2); SGA, Rep. (2), Senator (3); Beta Beta Beta (2-4), Historian (4). BUTLER, MARY KATHRYN Florence; Art; Education; Sociology; Kappa Pi; AWC; Homecoming Court (3); Leo ' s Loveliest (2). BYRD, BETTY JEAN Hillsboro; Physical Ed.; Biology; PE Club; Treas. (3-4); AWS; BSU; Volleyball Team (2-3). BYRD, LARRY ODELL Sheffield; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. BYRD, PALMER GAINS JR. Florence; Physical Education; PE Club; F Club, Vice-Pres.; Football; Mr. Miss FSU Court (4). CALL, HORACE E. JR. Florence; Accounting; Economics. 170 CANALES, ANTHONY LYNN Huntsviile; Accounting; Alpha Chi; Sigam Tau Pi. CANNON, JAN ET LEE Phil Campbell; Music Educat- ion; BSU; SAEA; Women ' s Ensemble. CARPENTER, TOBY JAN Florence; History; Business Adm.; Band; Sigma Tau Pi (3). CARSON, PATTI TAYLOR Florence; Physical Ed.; Social Science Cognate; DIORAMA: AWC; Kappa Delta Pi; PE Club; SGA. CHAPMAN, VIRGINIA ANN Pleasant Grove; Art; English; Business Adm.; Kappa Pi; English Club; LaFayette Hall, Historian (3), Treasurer (4); Student counselor (2-3); Stu- dent Assistant (4). CHILDERS, CONNIE WILSON Florence; Business Ed.; Music; BSU; Collegiate Singers; Music Ed. Club. CLARK, DIANNE ARMSTRONG Savannah, Tenn.; English; Business Ed.; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-Pres.; Honor Society; Phi Theta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. CHRISTOPHER, HORACE BENJAMIN Athens; Business Marketing; Sigma Tau Pi; DIORAMA, Business Manager (3-4); Foot- ball Mgr. (1). CLARK, GARY WILLARD Hamilton; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Chris- tian Student Center. 171 CLEM, NANCY ELIZABETH Athens; Physical Ed.; History; Secondary Ed.; PE Club, Vice- Pres.; Lionette (2), Treas.; LaFayette Hall, Vice-Pres. CLEMMONS, WILLAM CURTIS Florence; Accounting; Economics. COBBS, D. PATRICIA Falkville; Secretarial Ed.; English; Sigma Tau Pi; AWS, Convocations. COFFEY, NANCY CARLA Courtland; Biology; Alpha Sigma Lambda; SAEA; Beta Beta Beta; Honor Key Member; Honor Key Screening Com.; LaGrange Hall, House Council Member. COKER, EDDIE LEE Huntsville; Flor-Ala, Business Mgr. COLLIER, SHARON R. Cullman; History; Art; Pi Ep- silon Omega, Pres.; History Club; Lionettes; Civinettes; Newman Club, Publicity Chair- man; AWS, Vice-Pres., Judiciary Council; Honor Key Member; High School Day, Co- Chairman. COLE, CHARLES GRAHAM Cullman; Management; Economics; Rifle Team; Scab- bard and Blade. CONNATSER, THOMAS CARL Tuscumbia; Business Management. CONNER, BILLY MARTIN Florence; Business Mgt. Economics. COUNTS, GARY RONALD Tuscumbia; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; F-Club; Football (1-4). 172 COUNTS, MARTHA FAY Florence; Elementary Ed.; Transfer; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-Pres. COUNTS, RODGER STEPHEN Town Creek; Management; Economics. COX, CHARLES WESLEY III Florence; Marketing; Scabbard and Blade; Ushers Club. CREASY, CATHY REGINIA Cloverdale; Elementary Ed.; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, Pres. (4); IPC. DAVIS, JOHN WILLAM JR. Tuscumbia; Accounting; Circle K; BSU; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi. COX, G. CAROLYN Florence; Home Economics; Secondary Ed.; Biology; AWC; Diorama Alternate Beauty (2- 4). CUTSHALL, EUEL RAY Florence; Math; Chemistry; Amer. Chem. Soc.; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pres. (3); Ushers Club, Pres. (3); Scabbard and Blade; FSU Honor Society. DAVIS, KAREN FONDREN Sheffield; English; Art; Secon- dary Education; Kappa Pi; English Club; SAEA; AWC; SUB; Baptist Student Union, Executive Council, Social Chairman (4); DIORAMA, Senior Editor (4). DAVIS, LINDA JEAN Cherokee; Secondary Educat- ion; English; Biology; SAEA, Secretary; Christian Student Fellowship; AWS. DAVIS, LINDA TURNER Spruce Pine; Secondary Education. 173 DAILY, FREDA SMITH Cherokee; Elementary Educat- ion; Kappa Delta Pi; SAEA; Honor Society; History Award ' 70. DAVIS, RICHARD DURAINE Florence; Biology; Geography; Geography Club. DEAN, ELEANOR JANE Sheffield; Elementary Education. DEFOOR, SHIRLEY DIANNE Haleyville; Elementary Educat- ion; Civinetts; Honor Key. DENNIS, SARA Russellville; Art; Home EC. Club, President; Kappa Omicron Phi; Kappa Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; LaGrange Hall 71-72, Resident Assistant; Who ' s Who (4). DESART, GARY E. Florence; Acct. Econ.; tramural Football 3,4; tramural Softball 3. In- In- DIGGLE, ELEANOR Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; AWC; Newman Club; Geography Club; AWC Secretary 1. DOBSON, JANICE G. Florence; Elementary Education. DOWNING, DAVID RICHARD Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Student Government Ass ' n., Treasurer; Golf Team, 3; Advanced ROTC; Student Union Board 4; TKD, 4. 174 DOWNING, GEA W. Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; Music. DOYCE, GLEN PARKER Killen; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. DROKE, WILLIAM ROBERT Russellville; Accounting; Economics. DUKEMINEER, DONALD RAY Florence; Physical Education; History; PE Club, 3,4; Baseball (3-4). EAKER, JOHN LYNN Florence; Management Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; ROTC; Color guard, PR ' s; Scabbard and Blade, Sergeant at Arms. EAKER, KATHERINE ANN Florence; Sociology; Political Science; Sociology Club; ROTC Sponsor. EDWARDS, BILLY J. Decatur; Business Managem- ent; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi. ELAYAN, FATMEH ISSA Jerusalem, Israel; Elementary Education. ELLIOTT, BETTY JOAN Double Springs; Social Science Cognate. 175 EMENS, STEVEN COUNTISS Sheffield; Chemistry; Biology; Secondary Ed.; American Chemical Society; Alabama Ed. Association, President; Inter- Pres. Council; Beta Beta Beta. EVANS, CONSTANCE FAYE Florence; University Players; Kappa Pi. EVANS, JANET GAIL Athens; Dramatic Arts and Speech; English; University Players; Transfer. FARRIS, REBECCA ONDYNA Tuscumbia; Elementary Education. FOLDEN, JOHN Florence; Marketing; Sigma Tau Pi. EVERS, MILTON C. Florence; Sociology; Geography; Student Union Board, 3,4; Executive Board, 4; IPC, 3,4; Diorama, 2; Flor-Ala, 2,3; SGA, 3; Spring Fling Chairman, 3; Junior Man Of The Year; Who ' s Who (4); Mr. Miss FSU Court (4). FELL, WILLODEAN L. Haleyville; Elementary Education. FOSTER, YVONNE G. Russellville; English; History; Sec. Ed.; Diorama; IPC; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Honorary History Fraternity; National Honor Society. FOUNTAIN, JUDY D. Florence; Biology; Chemistry; Sec. Ed.; American Chemical Society; Tri Beta; Beta Zeta. FRANKS, ROGER DALE Lutts, Tennessee; History; Political Science; Secondary Ed.; SAEA, 1. 176 FRAWLEY, ANITA SOIS Florence; Elementary Educat- ion; AEA. FREDERICK, MYRA DELWYN Haleyville; English and Sociology; Secondary Ed.; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Rice Hall 71-72, Resident Assistant. FRETWELL, CAROL WILSON Florence; Home Economics; Sociology; Home EC. Club, Parliamentarian 70-7 1 , Vice- President 71-72; Sociology Club. GASKIN, JUDY ELAINE Haleyville; Accounting; Economics; Christian Student Center; Alpha Chi; AWS, Representative; LaGrange Hall, Vice-President, 3. GLASS, ELIZABETH ANN Russellville; Elementary Education; SAEA. GARDNER, EARL JOHN Florence; Elementary Educat- ion; Business Administration. GIBBENS, LESLIE JEAN Florence; Physical Education and Art; Lionettes, 2,3-Officer, 4-Officer; Flor-Ala; AWC; Health, Phy. Ed., Secretary 2. GOODE, ROYAL TIMOTHY Florence; Marketing; Chemistry; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi. GOODWIN, MARTINA COX Florence; Physical Education; English; PE Club; AWS; Ex- ecutive Council. GOOLSBY, DIANE DAVIS Florence; Zoology; French; Tri Beta; Spanish Club; Highest Scholastic Average Of Junior Class, 1970. 177 I GRABEN, KAREN PEAKE Phil Campbell; Elementary Education. GRISSOM, JERRY D. Muscle Shoals City; Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Chi. GUILLIOUMA, LARRY JAY Canal Fulton, Ohio; Music Education; Band, Vice- president 2,4, Band Manager 3,4; Music Educators Club, President 2,3,4; I PC; Rivers Hall Council; Collegiate Singers 3,4-Vice-president; Brass choir; Huntsville Symphony Orchestra. GUTHRIE, MAGALENE ARNOLD Cherokee; Secretarial Education. GWATHNEY, PAULA KNOWLES Scottsboro; English Education; English Club, sec. treas., Publicity Chairman ' 71; Sigma Tau Delta. . HALE, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Gadsden; Physical Education; Biology; Secondary Ed.; PE Club; Basketball I; Baseball 2,3,4. HALL, JANICE MARIE Addison; Home Economics; Art; Baptist Student Union; AHEA. HAMBRICK, JAMES MICHAEL Decatur; Political Science; Sociology; Diorama; Student Government Association, Representative, Senator; Young Democrats; Student Union Board, Counselor; Circle K; Circle Board of Directors; Rivers Hall House Council. HAMM, WILLIAM RAY Killen; Accounting Economics; Alpha Chi. 178 HAMMOND, CONNIE Lexington; History; Political Science; Education; Alpha Sigma Lambda; History Club. HAMMOND, ROBERT WAYNE Haleyville; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Phi; Alpha Chi Treasurer; Homecoming Committee ' 70. vWWwn Wr, HARBOR, GAIL Y. Sheffield; Elementary Education. HARPER, LINDA FRANCES Russellville; Elementary Education; Conservation Club. HARDIN, BOYN ESTUS Decatur; Biology; History; Conservation Club. HARGETT, JOHN DAVID Florence; Elementary Education. HARRIS, ALTON CARL Hanceville; Accounting; Economics. HARRIS, GRACE ELIZABETH Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; SAEA; AWC. HARRISON, CARLA GAIL Florence; History; Geography; Geography Club. 179 HARWELL, JOHNNY FLOYD Savannah, Tennessee; Sociology; History; Sociology Club, President; Conservation Club; Band. HAYES, FRANKLIN Florence; History; Political Science; Library Science. HAYES, JERRY ALLEN Florence; Circle K; Alpha Chi. HEAD, SHARYN GAIL Russellville; Business Educat- ion; English; Sigma Tau Pi; Collegiate Singers. HEFLIN, MARTHA ANN Moulton; History; English; English Club; Alabama Student Education Association; BSD; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary- Treasurer; Phi Alpha Theta. HAYGOOD, MARY RUTH Elementary Education; Florence. HEDGES, CHERYL ANN Huntsville; Home Economics; Sociology; Student Counselor. HENRY, JAMES PATRICK Trinity; Sociology; History. HESTER, ANN KRETZER Florence; Home Economics; Sociology. HESTER, JAMES ROLAND II Tuscumbia; Art; Biology; Secondary Ed.; Flor-Ala Photographer; Diorama; Inter Presidents Council; Kappa Pi. 180 HESTER, PAULA GAYLE Florence; Elementary Education. HINTON, DEBORAH CLANTON Florence; Art; History; Secon- dary Ed.; BSD; AWC. ' HOLDERFIELD, DIANE Courtland; Biology; Sociology; Alpha Sigma Lambda, Historian 3, Vice-Pres. 4; SUB. HOLLIS, EVELYN ROSS Tuscumbia; Secretarial Educat- ion; Art; Sigma Tau Pi. HOLT, CHERYL DUANE Killen; History; English; FSU Chess Club, Sec-Treas. HOPPER, JERRY RANDALL Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. HOPPER, REBECCA K. Florence; Home Economics; Sociology; Kappa Omicron Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. HOPSON, LARRY Russellville; History; Political Science. HORSLEY, CHARLOTTE JACOBS Florence; Mathematics; Collegiate Singers; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice-Pres.; Homecoming Committee; AWS, Social Committee; Who ' s Who (4). 181 HOUR, KATHRYN GAYLE Florence; Elementary Educat- ion; AWS Judiciary Counci l; Dorm Level Officer. HOUSE, ROBERT DAVID Florence; Accounting Management; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Ushers Club. HOVATER, JOHN GARY Tuscumbia; Psychology; Sociology. HOWARD, CONNY GLENN Sheffield; Bus. Management; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi (4); Collegiate Civitan; Vice-Pres.; Sigma Tau Pi (3,4). HUCKABA, RUTH Rogersville; Home Economics; Home EC. Club; BSU; State Officer AHEA. HUDSON, LARRY S. Florence; Soc. Sci. Cognate, Sec. Ed. HUGHES, NATHAN CLYDE Florence; Biology; Chemistry. HUMPHRES, JIM RAY Zion, 111.; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Spanish Club; Student Government Treasurer-Student Gov. Assoc.; Vice-Pres. Alpha Chi; Who ' s Who (3) (4); Mr. Miss FSU Court (4). HUNNICUTT, LELA CATHERINE Huntsville; Zoology; Chemistry; Civinettes; BSU; AWS Representative (1); Level Dorm Vice-President; FSU Band. 182 INGLE, GERALDINE BUTLER Florence; Social Science-Sec. Ed.; Sociology. IVY, BARBARA JEAN Florence; Elementary Educat- ion; SUB; Human Relation Club. JAMES, TRENTON E. Russellville; Accounting; Alpha Chi. JARRETT, BILLY DWIGHT Florence; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club; Baseball (4). JEFFREYS, PEGGY Y. Hamilton; Biology JONES, DEBORAH ANN Lexington; English-Ed.; Geo.; Geography Club; Pres. Collegiate Singers; IPC; Kappa Delta Pi-President (4); Sigma Tau Delta. JONES, JANET GAIL Florence; Secondary Ed., Vocational Home EC.; Sociology; Home EC. Club; Christian Student Fellowship; Kappa Omicron Phi-V. Pres. JONES, MARTHA B. Florence; Home EC.; Sociology; Sociology Club; ROTC Sponsor. JONES, PAULA SUE Florence; Music Education- Secondary; Band; MENC; Band Secretary; Honor Key- Chairman. 183 KENNAMER, DEBORAH ANN Sheffield; Elementary Education. KENNEDY, DAVID LARRY Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi Director. KENNEMER, MARY ELLEN Athens; Elementary Education; SAEA. KING, NANCY MCNAIR Florence; Math Secondary Education; SAEA. KING, ELIZABETH ANNE Florence; Home Economics; Kappa Omicron Phi (2); Presid- ent, Kappa Omicron Phi. KINKLE, DANIEL SHEPPARD Huntsville; History; Business Administration. KNIGHT, BRENDA GAIL Hamilton; History; Sociology; Secondary Ed. LANDES, MICHAEL JEROME Huntsville. LAWLER, BILLIE DAWN POSEY Sheffield; Home Economics; Sociology; Home Economics Club; Sociology Club. LAWRENCE, DONNA JAN Fayette; Home Economics; Sociology; Christian Student Center; Home EC. Club; Sociology Club; Vice-Pres. Reporter of Home EC. Club. 184 LAWRENCE, PATSY JOHNSON Florence; Biology; Geography. LEBOWSKI, DAVID LESLIE History; Physical Education; Hi Club; P.E. Club; Young Democrats; Human Relations Council; Football (1). LEE, MARGARET MARY Sheffield; Elementary Education. LESLIE, DANNY BRIAN North Berwick, Maine; Business Management; Ac- counting; Sigma Tau Pi (3,4). LINDSEY, JUDY SHERRILL Huntsville; Secretarial Science Ed.; Sociology; Civitan Sweetheart (1,2); Cheerleader (1,2). LEECH, ROBERT EDMONSTON Florence; Business Manage- ment; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; SGA Representative. LETSON, ANN Courtland; Secretarial Science; History. LINVILLE, MICHAEL ROY Scottsboro; Physical Education; Biology; P.E. Club; Basketball (2). LOGGINS, JOSEPH ALAN Athens; Business Management. LOWRY, JERRY FORD Leighton; Physical Education; Botany; Secondary Education; Physical Education Club; Conservation Club. 185 LYLE, JAMES EDWIN Florence; Chemistry; Zoology; Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Mu Epsilon. MASON, MAYZOLA Florence; English; Biology; Young Academics, Vice Pres. MAYS, SANDRA Phil Campbell; Social Science Cognate. McCAGHREN, SHERRY LOR ETTA Florence; Home Economics Club. McCALEB, SHEILA Fayette; Secondary Phys. Ed.; Math; S.A.E.A., Sec. and Pres., I.P.C., Campus Scouts, Chris- tian Student Fellowship. McCLENDON, NANCY ANN Moulton; Elem. Education; Treas. for Rice, level I. yr. 1969-70. McCORKLE, GEORGIA Elem. Ed.; Sociology; Civinettes (1,2) Sec., Diorama Staff (3,4) Soph. Treas., Junior Class Vice-Pres., Leo ' s Loveliest 1, Majorette (1,2,4), Diorama Beauty Contestant (1,3), R.O.T.C. Sponsor (2,3,4). McCORMICK, CARRIE MAE Sec. Ed.; Geography; English; Kappa Delta Pi, Geography Club, B.S.U., Spanish Club, Psychology Club, AWS, AWC. McCORMICK, HUGH Zoology; Geography; Baseball Mgr. (1) Sports Statistician (1,2,3,4). 186 McCULLOUGH, SANDRA GIST Florence; Business Education; Biology; Conservation Club. McMANUS, DIANN Florence; Home Economics; Psychology; B.S.U. (1,2,3,4), Social Chairman, Home Economics Club 4, Judiciary Powers Hall House Council, Dorm Counselor (2,3). MCDOWELL, CHARLOTTE ANN Florence; English; History; Sec. Education; AWS, Treas. Chair- man High School Day SGA, Convocations Committee AWS. McMEANS, THOMAS NEIL Lexington; Chem. and Biology; Conservation Club, Christian Student Fellowship Church of Christ. MCMILLAN, CAROLYN HENSLEY Home Economics; Sociology; Home EC Club, Sociology Club, Kappa Omicron Phi. MCMILLAN, CHARLES RALPH Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi 3, Basketball. McNEILL, SANDRA History; Political Science. MELSON, ANN HOLMES Home Economics; General Science; Kappa Omicron Phi Sec., Sec. Freshman Class. MICHELOTTI ROMANO Chemistry; Math; ACS (1), K.M.E. (3), Honor Society (1). 187 MILLER, HARRY Florence; Phys. Ed.; Geography; Circle K, Scabbard and Blade Pres., Ushers Club, P.E. Majors Club, Ushers Club Pres., Football 1, Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball, (1,2,3,4). MIMS, JOBYNA SMITH Florence; History; English; Sociology; Honor Society, History Honor Society. MITCHELL, NELDA BOX Tuscumbia; Chemistry; Biology; Conservation Club, American Chemical Society, Beta Beta Beta. MITCHELL SAMMY FREDDY Phil Campbell; Phys. Ed.; Geography; Phys. Ed. Club, Conservation Club, Baseball (4). MONTGOMERY, LINDA LEE Florence; Elementary Educat- ion; Band, American Chemical Society. MONTGOMERY, ELAINE Florence; Sociology Club, Psychology Club, Student Counselor. MOODY, GARY WAYNE Florence; Chemistry; Biology; Advanced ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard, Sgt. at Arms. MOORE, WILLIAM HENRY Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Political Science. MORRISON, BONNIE BROOKS Town Creek; English; History; Alpha Sigma Lambda (1,2), Miss Charming (1), Majorette (1), Dorm Officer (2). 188 MURPHY, DOROTHY JUNE Russellville; Zoology, Sec. ED. Library Science, Alpha Beta Alpha. MURPHY, PAULA LANE Florence; Pol. Science; History; English; Lionettes, AWC, Pres., AWS, I.P.C. Pres., Sec. and Treas. of Lionettes; Who ' s Who (4); Mr. Miss FSU Court (4). MURRAY, JOHN ROBERT III Florence; Accounting; Marketing; Economics, Alpha Chi, Young Democrats. MUSE, JONI Florence; English; P.E.; Club. P.E. NEELY, DEBORAH LEE Pittsburgh, Pa.; Art and Drama; Kappa pi, Alpha Psi Omega. OGLETREE, LINDA CAROL Sheffield; Elem. Education; AWC. OLEHAM, EDYTHE VIRGINIA Florence; S.A.E.A., Head Res. of Presbyterian Student Center. OLIVER RANDALL HASTON Phil Campbell; P.E.; History; P.E. Club. O ' NEAL, LUKE DOUGLAS Normal; Psychology; Sociology; Sociology Club, Young Academics Club Pres. and Pres. of Sociology Club; Who ' s Who (4). 189 OWENS, WAYNE EDWARD Cherokee; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. PARKS, ROBERT NEIL Tuscumbia; History; Business; Circle K Club, Young Democrats Club, History Club Vice Pres. PARRISH, SHERRY LYNN Florence; Elementary Education. PATRICK, RAY ELMER Cherokee; Scabbard and Blade; ACS. W - r PATTERSON, CARL GREGORY Huntsville; Physical Education; P.E. Club, Baseball (3,4). PEDIGO, JACKIE EUGENE Florence; Physical Education; History; P.E. Club (3,4). PEEDEN, JOSEPH Florence; Sociology; History. PENNINGTON, JERRY ANN Tuscumbia; Biology; Math. PETERS, BRENDA McCORKLE Florence; Biology; Sociology; Sociology Club, Beta Beta Beta. 190 PHILLIPS, GWENDOLN Florence; English; Biology; AWC; Pi Kappa Delta. PIGG, SHARON LYNN Florence; Secretarial Ed.; Art; Sigma Tau Pi. PITCOCK, ROBERT ELWOOD JR. Decatur; Biology; Chemistry; S.U.B. (3) (4); IPC (4); ACS (4); DIORAMA (2) (3) (4) Chief Photographer (2), Associate Editor (3), Editor (4); Rivers Hall Council (3); Homecoming Committee 70- 71, 71-72. POLLARD, JANIE ELLEN Savannah, Tenn.; Elementary Ed.; Sociology; SAEA; Wesley Foundation; Officer O ' Neal (1) and (2); La Grange (3). POUNDERS, AGATHA KAY Muscle Shoals; Ed. Biology; Sociology Club; SAEA; AWC. POUNDERS, JUDY COGGIN Russellville; English; Sociology; Secondary Ed.; Sigma Tau Delta (2) (4); Kappa Delta Pi (3) (4); SAEA (3) (4); Pi Epsilon Omega (1) (2); Student Counselor (2) (3); Sociology Club (3) (4). PRATT, TRUDY Hemingway, South Carolina; Zoology; Business Administration. PRIEST, STEPHEN EMERSON Florence; Marketing; Economics; Debate Club; DIORAMA. PRINCE, MICKEY ELIZABETH Huntsville; Home Economics; Sociology; Baptist Student Union Sec.; Home Economics Club; IPC; AWS; Sociology Club; Pres. of LaGrange Hall; Hall of Fame Committee; Con- vocation Committee; Mr. Miss FSU Court (4). 191 PRESTON, BRENDA CARPENTER Town Creek; Music Education; MENC (2,3,4,), Band (2,3,4,), Judiciary Council of AWS. PRUITT, JANICE ELAINE Florence; Social Science Cognate; Political Science. PURVEY, JANE CLAUDIA Rogersville; Art; English; two majors. PUTNAM, JAMES Florence; Geography; ROTC. RANDLE, ZATHALYN CARLOTTA Florence; Sociology; Art; SGA, Young Academics, Human Relations Council, Lionette Pres., SUB, AWC, Choir, Young Democrats, Sociology Club. RAPE, DIANE BRADFORD Florence; English; Music; Collegiate Singers, (1,2,3). RAY, ELIZABETH ANNE HARRISON Florence; Art; Biology. RAY, RANDALL DEFOREST Tuscumbia; Sec. Ed. History; Geography; Phi Theta Kappa Fraternity. REBMAN, VERA BAILEY Barton; Sec. Ed. Social Science Cognate, History; Sociology. 192 REED, MARTH LAVIN Birmingham; Home Economics; Secretary KOH, Kappa Omicron Phi, Kappa Delti Phi. RICHARDSON, BARBARA BOLTON Florence; Biology; P.E.; two majors. RICHARDSON, CHARLOTTE JO Florence; Sociology; AWC, Sociology Club-Vice Pres., Majorette (2,3,4), Spring Fling Queen 1, ROTC, Sponsor, 2, Leo ' s Loveliest, Beauty Court (2) (3) (4). RICHARDSON, EVALLOU Florence; Art; Drama; two ma- jors, University Players, Alpha Psi Omega. RIDDLE, WILLIAM NATHANIEL Haleyville; Phys. Ed.; History; Phys. Ed. Majors Club; In- tramural Touch Football and Basketball. RIGGS, DEBRA Florence; Secretarial Science; English; AWC, AWS, Christian Fellowship, AWS rep. RIGGS, M. JANE Mt. Hope; Elem. Ed. RITTER, PAULA YEVETTE Lexington; Elem. Ed. ROBERTS, CHARLES MARK Bridgewater, Virginia; Biology; Chemistry; Student Union Board, Spanish Club, Conser- vation Club. 193 ROBERTS, JOHN RALPH JR. Florence; Business Mgt.; Economics; BSU-Officer; Sigma Tau Pi; IPC; Collegiate Singers, Vice-Pres.; Soph. Class Pres. ROBINSON, DONALD JACK Florence; Biology; Chemistry; Secondary Ed.; Amer. Chem. Soc.; Conservation Club. ROBINSON, JUDY KELLY Red Bay; Elementary Ed. ROBISON, BETTY JEAN Russellville; Elementary Ed. ROGERS, PAUL TIMOTHY South Pittsburg, Tenn.; Psychology; Music; Circle K, Pres.; BSU, Vice-Pres.; Soph. Class Vice-Pres. ROHLING, ANN MARIE Florence; Elementary Ed.; Newman Club; AWC. ROVERE, JAMES ROBERT Florence; Sociology; History; Sociology Club. RYDER, CURTIS MYLES Florence; Math; Secondary Ed.; Political Science; Ushers Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon. SANDERS, SHARON DALE Ardmore, Tenn.; Elementary Ed.; Civinettes. 194 SANDERSON, CLAIRE EALY Florence; Sociology; Psychology; SGA (2); Sociology Club (1-2). SANDERSON, PATRICIA Madison; Secretarial Science; Sociology; Dorm Officer (2). SCOTT, JERRY LEE Tuscumbia; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. SELF, IVAN LAMAR Vinemont; Geography; Chemistry; Geography Club (3- 4), Vice-Pres.; SUB (1-3); FSU Chess Club (3-4). SHACKELFORD, EDWARD D. Russellville; Biology; Geography; Conservation Club, Treas. (2), Pres. (3); Tri Beta (4). SHEDD, JOHN A. Russellville; History; Biology; Conservation Club; Spanish Club; History Club; Beta Beta Beta, Pres.; Phi Alpha Theta, Historian. SHELL, ETHRIDGE MERAL Cloverdale; History; Sociology. SHELTON, EDWARD TALLEY Huntsville; English; History; Secondary Ed.; Band (2-4); English Club; History. Club; Sigma Tau Delta. SHEWBART, DIANA ELAINE Red Bay; Elementary Ed. 195 I SHEWBART, FREDA JO Red Bay; Elementary Ed. Civinettes. SHOEMAKER, ROBERT DONALD Florence; Zoology; Chemistry. SIMMONS, CAROLE MICHELLE Tuscumbia; Sociology; History; Young Academics, Vice-Pres.; BSU; SGA (3); AWC. SINGLETON, MARY FRANCES Vina. SLATTON, CHARLOTTE ANN Florence; Home EC.; Business; Home EC. Club; Dorm Counselor. SMITH, BRENDA STRINGFELLOW Secondary Ed.; Math; Biology. SMITH, CLIFFORD STEVEN Athens; Business Management. SMITH, GROVER C. Huntsville; Art; History. SMITH, HERMAN HAMP Ellijay, Ga.; Political Science; History; Young Dem. (1-4); IPC (3), Pres.; SGA (4), Pres.; SUB (3), Pres.; Chess Club (2), Pres.; Flor-Ala, Circulation Manager; Mr. Miss FSU Court (4). 196 SMITH, HILDA R. St. Lawrencebury, Tenn.; Secondary Ed.; History; Sociology. SMITH, JERRY VANN Arab; Biology; Business Ad- ministration; Conservation Club; Amer. Chem. Soc. SMITH, LARRY RHYNE Cullman; Chemistry; Math; Amer. Chem. Soc.; Kappa Mu Epsilon (4), Pres.; Honor Society. SMITH, MARTHA JANE Red Bay; Elementary Ed.; Women ' s Choral Ensemble. SMITH, REBECCA ZBINDEN Huntsville; Sociology; Biology; Rice Hall (2), Counselor; AWS Judiciary Council; Miss Char- ming Court (1). SMITH, RICHARD CHARLES Florence; Sociology; Psychology. SMITH, SALLY GAYLE Fayette; Ed.; English; Hist.; Sigma Tau Delta; Rice Hall, Executive Board, House Coun- cil, Secretary (3). SMITH, VIKKI REED Spruce Pine; Elementary Ed.; Sociology. SMOTHERS, STEVE SEAREY Addison; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club; Conservation Club. 197 SOWELL, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Athens; Physical Ed.; P.E Club. STANFORD, DORIS ANN Russellville; Secondary Ed.; Home EC.; Sociology Club; Home EC. Assoc.; BSU: Kappa Omicron Phi (3), Tres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Soph. Class Secretary; State Vice-Chairman AHEA; Collegiate Civitan Sweetheart. STAGGS, BRENDA THORNE Florence; History; Biology; AWC. STANSELL, DORIS DEE Tuscumbia; Elementary Ed. STEPHENS, BARRY L. Birmingham; Geography; Sociology; SUB (2); SGA Representative (3); Flor-Ala Sports Editor (3-4); DIORAMA Sports Editor (4); LaGrange Hall Council (1-2); Rivers Hall Council (2-3); Ushers Club (4); Rat Week Vice-Chairman (3); Campus Crusade for Christ; Geography Club; Hall of Fame Committee (3); Mr. FSU. STEWART, NANCY QUINN Florence; Sociology; Business Administration; AWC (1-4); AWS, Representative (2), Con- vocations Committee (3); SUB (2-4); Spring-Fling Committee Co-Chairman (3); University Players (2); Collegiate Singers (2-3); SGA Representative (3); TKD Sweetheart (4); Alpha Sigma Lambda (4); Turris- Fidelis Committee (2-3); FSU Court; Homecoming Com- mittee (4); Who ' s Who (4). STANSELL, OTTIE JAMES JR. Florence; Marketing; Economics; Scabbard and Blade; BSU; Sigma Tau Pi. STEVENSON, DAVID RODNEY Florence; Business Managem- ent; Economics; Inter-Pres. Council; Christian Student Fellowship, Vice-Pres. (3), Pres. (4). STEWART, STEVEN ROGER Florence; Political Science; Sociology; Ushers Club (3-4). 198 STOVALL, AZRIEL GENE Decatur; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club (1-4); Young Academic Club (3-4); Baseball; Football (2-3). STRICKLAND, LYNN SAN FORD Danville; Elementary Ed.; SAEA; KME, Historian; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Student Counselor. SUMNER, MARY LYNNE Florence; History; Geography; Alpha Sigma Lambda; AWS; IPC; SGA; AWC, Pres.; Lionettes, Vice-Pres., Historian; DIORAMA Assoc. Editor; Who ' s Who. SWAFFORD, CELIA ANN Hartselle; Art; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. SWANGER, FAITH ANN Fremont, Ohio; History; SYSLO, CARL GREGORY Sheffield; Geography; Biology; Pershing Rifles, Pres.; Scab- bard and Blade; Roteract Club; Geography Club. TARBOX, DOROTHY LYNN Ashtabula, Ohio; Elementary Ed.; Teachers Club. TATE, MARSHA LEIGH Killen; Sociology; History. TAYLOR, JAMES DAN Florence; History; Physical Science; History Club (1); SUB (1-2); SGA (1-2); Circle K (3); Young Democrats; IPC (3); Jr. Cl. Pres.; Vice-Pres., SGA (4); Graduation Marshall; Spring Fling Com.; Who ' s Who Selec- tion Com.; Hall of Fame Com. 199 TAYLOR, JERRY WAYNE Florence; Physical Education; Spanish Club; Intramurals (1- 4); Golf (4). TAYS, BARRY KEITH Killen; Biology; Chemistry. TAYS, DWIGHT LEE Rogersville; History; Secondary Ed.; History Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Christian Student Fellowship; SGA Representative. TEST, RICHARD ALAN Huntsville; Biology; Geography; Geography Club. THOMAS, BETTY JEAN Guntersville; Secretarial Education; Sigma Tau Pi. THOMAS, DANNY ALLEN Hartselle; Natural Science; Geography; Chess Club, Sec. (2), Pres. (3,4); IPC (3); Geography Club, Treas. (4); SUB, Vice-Pres. (3); SGA, Sec. to Political Affairs (3,4). THOMAS, LEONARD WILLIAM Huntsville; Physical Education; Biology; Young Academic Club; Football (1-4); Physical Club (1-4). THOMAS, RUDY RANDALL Hamilton; Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi. THOMPSON, BILLY L. Russellville; Chemistry; Biology; ACS; SUB. 200 THORNTON, GLENN ROY Vinemont; Geography; Business Administration; Geography Club, Sec. THORNTON, PEGGY LYNN Rogersville; English; Sociology; Secondary Education; Lionettes. TIDWELL, JERRY DON Killer; Business Management. TILLER, CAROLYN RUTH Huntsville; Biology; Art; Conservation Club (1); SAEA (1); Residence Hall, Judiciary Com. (2), Vice-Pres. (3). TRIBBLE, BERT MICHAEL Florence; Sigma Tau Pi; Freshman Class, Vice-Pres. (1). TOMLINSON, MARTHA ANNE Rogersville; Elementary Education; Campus Scouts; Dorm Officer. TRIMBLE, DOUG KEITH Cullman; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Geography Club; Band (1,2); Rivers Hall Counselor (2-4). TUCKER, DON RAY Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. TUCKER, WILLIAM LEE Cullman; Physical Education; Biology; PE Club; Pershing Rifles; Drill Team. 201 UNDERWOOD, CAMILLE HILL Leighton; Social Science Cognate; Secondary Education. VAUGHN, ROGER GLENN Florence; Accounting; Economics. WALKER, RICKEY B. Danville; Chemistry; Biology. WALLACE, PHIL DALE Huntsville; Political Science; History. UPTON, WANDA JOY Cordova; Elementary Educat- ion; SAEA; Campus Girl Scouts. VICKERY, LARRY GILBERT Hodges; Physical PE Club. Education; VINSON, SHARON ANNE Red Bay; English; Sociology; Spanish Club; Sociology Club; BSU; Freshman Council; Homecoming Com. (3,4); AWS Convention (3). WALLACE, JAMES FRANKLIN Fort Payne; Sociology; History; Psychology. WALLER, CHARLES WILSON Decatur; Marketing; Economics; Pershing Rifle Drill Team; Ushers Club; Collegiate Civitan Club, Vice-Pres. 202 WARHURST, THOMAS EDWARD Tuscumbia; Accounting; Alpha Chi. WARREN, KEITH Russellville; Political Science; History; Spanish Club; Conser- vation Club; History Club; Cir- cle K; Phi Alpha Theta. WATERMAN, MARGERY CARSON Florence; Sociology; Psychology; Sociology Club. WATKINS, BETTE RAE Florence; Mathematics; Biology; Secondary Education; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi. WATKINS, CHARLES LEE Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. WATKINS, THOMAS L. JR. Florence; Accounting; Economics; Circle K (3); Tau Kappa Delta (4); FSU Baseball (1,3); Intramural Football (3,4); Intramural Softball (4). WAUGH, BEVERLY DEE Fort Bragg, N.C.; Zoology; Geography; SUB; SGA; AWS; Pi Epsilon Omega, Vice-Pres. (4); Conservation Club, Sec. (3), Pres. (4); Who ' s Who (3,4); ROTC Sponsor (4); Homecoming Finalist (4); Leadership Retreat (2-4); Sr. Cl. Woman of the Yr.; I PC; Wesley Foundation (1-4); Lafayette Hall House Council (1,4); Glamour Mag. Can- didate; Rat Week Com.; Freshman Guide (2-4); Miss Charming Judge (3,4); Stud. Ass ' t. Laffayette Hall (3,4); Sci. Dept., Lab Ass ' t.; Jr. Counselor (2-4); Mr. Miss FSU Court (4). WEAVER, JO ANNE Killen; English; Spanish; French; AWC (1,2); Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas. (2), Vice- Pres. (3); Young Republicans (2); Honor Society; Sigma Tau Delta. WEBB, GLENNA LORETTA Cullman; Elementary Educat- ion; BSU; AWS; Lionettes; Dean ' s List; Exec. Council, BSU. 203 WHALEN, JUDY CAROL Haleyville, English; Political Science; Secondary Ed.; Cheerleader (3), Co-Head (4); Circle K Sweetheart (3), Honorary Circle K Member (4); Alpha Sigma Lambda (1-2), Prefects Chairman (3), Pres. (4); I PC (2), Pres. (4); Rice Hall, Pres. (2); Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Woman of the Year; Miss Glamour (3); ROTC Sponsor (3); Who ' s Who (3-4); Young Democrat ' s (4); SGA Representative (1); SGA Senator (3); AWS (2); Sigma Tau Delta (3) (4); Honor Society (3); Phi Kappa Phi (4); SGA Executive Cabinet; Miss FSU ' 71. WHITE, DONALD ANDREW Florence; History; Political Science; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Drill Team; Band (2) (4). WHITTEN, EDWARD MICHAEL Florence; Mathematics; Physics; Kappa Mu Epsilon. WIGINGTON, MELISSA JANE Hamilton; English; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; (Sec.); Sigma Tau Delta; Executive Board, Rice Hall. WILEY, DEE ANN Sheffield. WILLIAMS, GEORGE LEHMAN Huntsville; Accounting; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Baseball; Intramural Basketball and Football. WILLIAMS, RONALD WYNN Florence; Biology; Chemistry; Conservation Club. WILLIAMS, SUSAN MASONIA Decatur; Elementary Ed. WILSON, GAY Florence; Industrial Chemistry; Mathematics; American Chemical Society. 204 ll WILSON, MARY DANA Addison; Physical Education; History; PE Club; SUB; SGA; History Club; Rice Hall Officer. WINKLE, JAMES S. Sheffield; Physical Education; Sociology. WITT, BETTY MONTGOMERY Florence; Elementary Educat- ion; SAEA. WORLEY, DAVID NATHAN Sheffield; Music Education; Sociology; Men ' s Choir (1-3); Music Education Club; Band (1-4); Sociology Club (1,2); Stage Band (1,2). WRIGHT, DALE ANDREW Florence; Accounting. YANCEY, CHARLES Russellville; Psychology; English. YEAGER, JUDY LEE Florence; Mathematics; English; Secondary Education; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi. ZAHND, PHILIP GENE Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, Direc- tor; Chairman of Alpha Chi Float Committee, 1970. 205 UNDERCLASSMEN 207 Abston, Annie Florence, Junior; Adams, Dorothy Collinwood, Tenn., Sophomore; Adams, Gerald Florence, Freshman; Adams, James Hamilton, Sophomore. Adams, Stanley Ardmore, Tenn., Freshman; Ad- dington, Jenny Sheffield, Sophomore; Addison, William Trinity, Freshman; Adkins, Pamela Sheffield, Freshman. Alexander, David Florence, Junior; Alexander, Martha Moulton, Junior; Alexander, Michael Killon, Freshman; Allbritten, Gary Baileyton, Freshman. Allen, James Florence, Sophomore; Allen, Larry Florence, Freshman; Allen, Regina Tuscumbia, Freshman; Almond, Nan- cy Muscle Shoals, Freshman. Anderson, Lena Scottsboro, Sophomore; Apostolos.Della Huntsville, Freshman; Arnold, Deborah Huntsville, Sophomore; Atkins, Carol Falkville, Sophomore. Atkins, Donna Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Atkins, Patsy Danville, Freshman; Atkins, Steven Florence, Junior; Austin, Jim- my Sheffield, Junior. Bacon, Phyllis Muscle Shoals, Junior; Baggett, Dona Florence, Freshman; Baker, Debra Corinth, Miss., Junior; Baker, Michael Hartselle, Sophomore. A A 208 !i I Balch, Charlotte Lexington, Sophomore; Bailes, Donald Huntsville, Freshman; Bailey, Howard Florence, Sophomore; Bailey, Sharon Florence, Sophomore. Balentine, Terry Florence, Junior; Barb, John Huntsville, Junior; Barber, Joan Tuscum- bia, Freshman; Barnes, David Huntsville, Freshman. Barnett, James Florence, Freshman; Barnett, Johnnie Florence, Junior; Barnwell, Kenneth Florence, Freshman; Bartlett, James Huntsville, Sophomore. Barringer, Beth Rogersville, Junior; Barringer, Jean Rogersville, Freshman; Barry, Thomas Huntsville, Junior; Barry, Pat- ti Huntsville, Freshman. Bassham, Liburn Killen, Freshman; Beadle, Michael Florence, Freshman; Beard, Thomas Leoma, Tenn., Freshman; Beason, Bar- bara Florence, Junior. Beaver, Julie Leighton, Freshman; Beaver, Renee Rossville, Ga., Freshman; Beckman, James Tuscumbia, Junior; Beckman, Julie Tuscumbia, Freshman. Beckham, Pamela Athens, Junior; Bedingfield, Dianne Rogersville, Freshman; Belew, Glen- da Rogersville, Sophomore; Belew, Jack Florence, Freshman. 209 Bentley, Miles Russcllville, Freshman; Ik-mi, ill. Kristie Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Bendall, Patricia Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Bentley, San- dra Moulton, Junior. Berry, Cynthia Scottsboro, Sophomore; Berry, Janice Collinwood, Tenn., Sophomore; Berry, Philip Florence, Sophomore; Berryman, Cathy Town Creek, Junior. Betterton, Andrew Hartselle, Freshman; Bickel, Jane Florence, Junior; Biggers, Bobby Florence, Freshman; Birchfield, James Florence, Sophomore. Bishop, Billy Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Bishop, Roland Florence, Freshman; Bittenbender, George Florence, Junior; Bittenbender, Pamela Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Junior. Black, Jerel Florence, Junior; Black, Larry Hartselle, Junior; Blackburn, Mark Florence, Freshman; Blackburn, Diann Florence, Freshman. Blackburn, JoAnn Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Blackburn, Katherine Tuscumbia, Freshman; Blevins, Gary Florence, Freshman; Bobo, Bet- ty Florence, Junior. Boehm, Susan Florence, Freshman; Bolton, Jean Red Bay, Junior; Boone, Jean Huntsville, Freshman; Boyett, Melba Moulton, Freshman. 210 Boyles, Sandra Florence, Sophomore; Bozeman, Jack Tuscumbia, Freshman; Brabson, Martha Florence, Freshman; Bracken, Lin- da Town Creek, Sophomore. Bradberry, Kathy Florence, Freshman; Brad- ford, Debbie Huntsville, Freshman; Bradley, Dennis Iron City, Tenn., Freshman; Brannum, Susan Huntsville, Junior. Brewer, Joe Cloverdale, Junior; Brewer, Michael Waynesboro, Tenn., Junior; Brewer, Patsy Moulton, Junior; Brewer, Phillip St. Joseph, Tenn., Freshman. Brewer, Stephen Florence, Freshman; Brewer, Teresa Florence, Junior; Brews ter, Billy Hollywood, Ala., Sophomore; Briggs, Rob- bie Florence, Sophomore. Britton, Cathy Rogersville, Freshman; Broad- foot, Joan Florence, Junior; Brom, Larry Jasper, Junior; Brooks, Pamela Tanner, Freshman. Broughton, Margaret Sheffield, Freshman; Broughton, Rayfield Fayette, Sophomore; Brown, Gwenda Florence, Freshman; Brown, Laura Florence, Freshman. Brunsman, James Nashville, Tenn., Sophomore; Brumley, Elizabeth Tuscumbia, Junior; Bryan, Albert Huntsville, Freshman; Buchanan, Deb- bie Phil Campbell, Freshman. 211 Buffaloe, Dennis Florence, Sophomore; Buffaloe, Larry Florence, Freshman; Bullard, Den- nis Florence, Junior; Bullough, James Florence, Sophomore. Burch, Patricia Decatur, Sophomore; Burch, Rita Moulton, Sophomore; Burcham, Charlotte Russellville, Sophomore; Burden, Bob- by Leighton, Sophomore. Burden, Judith Ann Sheffield, Sophomore; Burgess, Patricia Anderson, Freshman; Burknalter, Phyllis Tuscumbia, Freshman; Burnett, Jeanne Florence, Sophomore. Burns, Gloria Florence, Junior; Burris, Vikie Florence, Freshman; Burrus, John Florence, Freshman; Burt, Donald Florence, Freshman. Butler, Donnie Florence, Sophomore; Butler, Sammy Sheffield, Freshman; Butler, Son- dra Birmingham, Sophomore; Butler, Sonya Florence, Freshman. Byford, Jerry Hartselle, Freshman; Byler, Edgar Collinwood, Tenn., Sophomore; Byrd, Glenda Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Byrd, Judy Tuscumbia, Freshman. Cain, Ronnie Sheffield, Junior; Callahan, Viki Sheffield, Freshman; Camp, Henry Zion, Illinois, Freshman; Campbell, Steve Huntsville, Freshman. 212 I Campbell, Susan Tuscumbia, Freshman; Canada, Mona Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Cantrell, Billy Decatur, Freshman; Cantrell, Carolyn Decatur, Junior. Cantrell, Terrie Florence, Freshman; Carlin, Huberta Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Carmichael, Darrell Madison, Freshman; Carpenter, George Tuscumbia, Junior. Carroll, Kenneth Florence, Junior; Carroll, Marcia Athens, Freshman; Carroll, Paul Huntsville, Junior; Carroll, Virginia Huntsville, Freshman. Carter, Kay Huntsville, Sophomore; Carter, William Sheffield, Freshman; Carton, Mary Tuscumbia, Freshman; Carver, Don- na Tuscumbia, Junior. Casiday, Harvey Florence, Freshman; Cassell, Sallie Florence, Freshman; Chambers, Mary Huntsville, Junior; Chambers, Richard Florence, Sophomore. Chandler, Cathy Athens, Senior; Chandler, " Del " Florence, Ala., Freshman; Chandler, Steven Florence, Junior; Childers, Roy Killen, Freshman. Childress, Ronald Athens, Sophomore; Chipolet, Nancy Leighton, Junior; Chism, May Sheffield, Sophomore; Christian, Belinda Birmingham, Junior. 213 Christain, Daryl Bcauorton, Freshman; Christ- ian, Wanda Birmingham, Junior; Claborn, Daniel Courtland, Freshman; Clardy, Bob- by Rogersvillc, Sophomore. Clardy, Maxine Rogersville, Sophomore; Clark, Bruce Florence, Freshman; Claunch, David Tuscumbia, Junior; Clemmons, Charles Florence, Freshman. Cobb, Jane Huntsville, Freshman;Coburn, Thomas Tuscumbia, Junior; Cockburn, Terry Florence, Sophomore; Coker, Lisa Florence, Sophomore. Colcock, Miles Florence, Freshman; Cole, Debra Lexington, Freshman; Cole, Thomas Florence, Sophomore; Collier, Steven Haleyville, Junior. Coleman, Alexander Birmingham, Freshman; Collins, Michael Decatur, Freshman; Collum, Mack Red Bay, Junior; Compton, Bet- ty Burnsville, Miss., Junior. Compton, Vick Union Grove, Junior; Conner, Deborah Sheffield, Freshman; Conner, James Riviera, Fla., Freshman; Cooper, Angela Florence, Sophomore. Cooper, Pavel! Sheffield, Freshman; Copeland, Deanne Sheffield, Sophomore; Corn, Judith LaFayette, Ga., Junior; Corp, Kathryn Huntsville, Sophomore. 214 Cox, Brenda Hamilton, Sophomore; Cox, Carolyn Lexington, Sophomore; Cox, Gin- ny Florence, Sophomore; Cox, James Tuscum- bia. Freshman. Cox, Joan Killen, ' Sophomore; Cox, Lynn Florence, Freshman; Creasy, Donica Florence, Sophomore; Creel, Don- na Killen, Freshman. Cross, Elizabeth Florence, Sophomore; Cross, Paul Leighton, Sophomore; Cross, Randy St. Joseph, Tenn., Junior; Cox, Sandra Madison, Junior. Crunk, Ray Rogersville, Sophomore; Cupp, San- dy Decatur, Freshman; Curnutt, Patricia Athens, Junior; Curenton, Leland Sheffield, Freshman. Currie, David Huntsville, Junior; Curtis, Jack Huntsville, Freshman; Curtis, James Florence, Freshman; Davenport, Kathy Sheffield, Freshman. Davidson, Jennifer Tuscumbia, Freshman; Davis, Joan Sheffield, Freshman; Davis, Joyce Florence, Sophomore; Davis, Juanita Florence, Sophomore. Davis, Larry Vina, Junior; Davis, Peggy Florence, Freshman; Davis, Richard Sheffield, Sophomore; Davis, Teddy Rogersville, Freshman. 215 Davis, Linda Muscle Shoals, Junior; DeFoor, John Haleyville, Junior; DeFreez, Nan- cy Huntsville, Sophomore; Deitz, Jac- queline Muscle Shoals, Sophomore. DeMorse, Carlton Muscle Shoals, Sophomore; Denton, Carolyn Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Den- ton, Vernon Russellville, Sophomore; Dillard, James Phil Campbell, Junior. Dorough, Deborah Huntsville, Junior; Douglass, Vivian Florence, Junior; Dougless, Diane Tuscumbia, Junior; Dowdell, Deborah Tuscumbia, Freshman. Draper, Raymond Florence, Junior; Dryden, Freda Loretto, Tenn., Junior; Dudek, Bar- bara Florence, Freshman; Duncan, Bren- da Florence, Freshman. Duncan, Dennis Florence, Sophomore; Durham, Robert Florence, Freshman; Dutton, Debra Madison, Freshman; Ealy, Paula New Hope, Sophomore. Easley, Jerry Savannah, Tenn., Junior; Eastep, Keith Florence, Freshman; Easterwood, Melanie Sheffield, Sophomore; Eaves, Con- nie Florence, Freshman. Eaves, Sammy Florence, Sophomore; Eckl, Patricia Florence, Freshman; Edwards, Ann Decatur, Sophomore; Edwards, An- na Waynesboro, Tenn., Sophomore. 216 Edwards, Emily Florence, Freshman; Elliott, Sarah Haleyville, Freshman; Ellis, Beth Florence, Freshman; Ellis, Kathryn Huntsville, Freshman. Ellis, Madolyn Florence, Junior; Ellis, Mary Florence, Freshman; Ellis, Ron- nie Hamilton, Sophomore; Ellison, William Russellville, Sophomore. Eret, Joyce Huntsville, Sophomore; Eubanks, Randy Decatur, Freshman; Eudy, Lowell Red Bay, Sophomore; Evans, Daniel Russellville, Junior. Evans, Ruth Decatur, Junior; Evans, Dwight Hillsboro, Sophomore; Fannin, Edward Double Springs, Junior; Falkner, Jim- my Florence, Sophomore. Faust, Linda Killen, Freshman; Fielder, Lin- da Memphis, Tenn., Junior; Finley, Cathy Mus- cle Shoals, Sophomore; Finley, John Haleyville, Sophomore. Fisher, Teresa Russellville, Sophomore; Fisher, Doug Decatur, Sophomore; Fisher, Julia Huntsville, Freshman; Fleming, Janet Phil Campbell, Junior. Fletcher, Jefierson Jackson, Miss., Sophomore; Fletcher, Olendia Decatur, Junior; Flippo, Harold Florence, Sophomore; Flowers, Philip Huntsville, Freshman. 217 Floyd, Pamela Florence; Ford, David Sulligent, Sophomore; Ford, Kevin Huntsville, Freshman; Ford, Lee Florence, Sophomore. Foster, Lynn Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Fouts, Nelbeth Sheffield, Freshman; Fowler, Jo Nan Hayden, Freshman; Fowler, Sheron Somerville, Freshman. Fowler, Stephen Florence, Freshman; Fox, Judi Huntsville, Sophomore; Franks, Michael Florence, Freshman; Franks, Jean Lulls, Tenn., Sophomore. Frazier, Shelia Walerloo, Sophomore; Frederick, Sonja Haleyville, Sophomore; Free, Leland Moullon, Freshman; Freeman; Robert Oneonla, Sophomore. Freeman, Tommy Phil Campbell, Sophomore; French, Dale Florence, Freshman; Friscic, David Hunlsville, Freshman; Fuller, Julie Russellville, Freshman. Fuller, Will Jasper, Freshman; Fulmer, Janet Cloverdale, Freshman; Fulmer, Judy Cloverdale, Freshman; Fulrell, Kit- ty Florence, Freshman. Gamble, Eddie Cherokee, Freshman; Gargis, David Leighton, Sophomore; Gargis, Martha Sheffield, Freshman; Garner, Julie Sheffield, Freshman. 218 It Garrard, Linda Haleyville, Junior; Garrison, Patricia Florence, Junior; Garth, Benjamin Decatur, Junior; Gasque, Roger Leighton, Sophomore. Gautney, Laura Killen, Sophomore; Geise, James Tuscumbia, Freshman; Gibson, Bet- ty Gilbertown, Freshman; Gibson, Stanley Sheffield, Sophomore. Gifford, Joe Florence, Freshman; Giles, Robin Florence, Freshman; Gill, Diana Huntsville, Sophomore; Gillispie, Ronald Florence, Junior. Gillespie, Gwen Hillsboro, Sophomore; Gilmore, Peggy Huntsville, Freshman; Girdner, Kathy Florence, Sophomore; Girodo, Gary Decatur, Freshman. Glasscock, Bernice Cloverdale, Sophomore; Glasscock, Elizabeth Florence, Sophomore; Glidewell, Rhonda Madison, Freshman; Glover, Charles Lexington, Junior. Glover, David Lexington, Sophomore; Glover, Nancy Huntsville, Freshman; Goad, Lin- daFlorence, Junior; Gobbell, Sherry Florence, Freshman. Godfrey, Roy Huntsville, Freshman; Coins, San- dra Killen, Sophomore; Golden, Robert Leoma, Freshman; Gooch, David Florence, Sophomore. 219 Gooch, Jane Toney, Freshman; Goode, Nila Rogersville, Sophomore; Goodwin, Dan- ny Rogersville, Freshman; Goodwin, Gwen- dolyn Florence, Sophomore. Gosh, Vickie Union Grove, Sophomore; Grace, Donald Florence, Freshman; Graham, Deborah Columbia, Tenn., Freshman; Graham, Sonja Florence, Freshman. Grahman, Steve Florence, Freshman; Gramling, Freddie Montgomery, Freshman; Graves, Kathy Fairhope, Freshman; Gray, Frances Florence, Junior. Gray,Jacqueline Florence, Freshman; Gray, John Muscle Shoals, Sophomore; Green, Charlene Rogersville, Junior; Green, Janet Russellville, Sophomore. Green, Martha Russellville, Freshman; Green, Sheila Lexington, Freshman; Greene, Hubert Rogersville, Sophomore; Greene, Karen Russellville, Freshman. Greenhill, James Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Greenhill, Mitzie Sheffield, Junior; Greenhill, Patricia Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Greer, Thomas Huntsville, Freshman. Gremillion, Gwyneth Huntsville, Freshman; Grif- fith, Cherie Florence, Sophomore; Grigg, Rhon- da Florence, Freshman; Grisham, Cathy Rogersville, Freshman. 220 I t Grove, Michaele Florence, Junior; Gunn, Thomas Decatur, Freshman; Gwin. Charla Florence; Guthrie, Teressa Nauvoo, Sophomore. Hackney, Sandra Huntsville, Freshman; Haeger, John Florence, Sophomore; Haeger, Mary Florence, Sophomore; Hagood, Reginald Russellville. Hakola, Henry Florence, Freshman; Haley, Ruth Fayette, Sophomore; Hall, Bren- da Addison, Sophomore; Hall, Evalee, Ad- dison, Freshman. Hall, Katrina Florence, Junior; Hall, Lin- da Killen, Freshman; Hall, Lourece Florence, Sophomore; Hallmark, Coy Sheffield, Sophomore. Hallmark, William Florence, Freshman; Hamilton, Debbie Florence, Freshman; Hamilton, Jerry Russellville, Freshman; Hamilton. Joan Rogersville. Sophomore. Hamilton, Pamela Cherokee, Sophomore; Hamilton, Ruth Birmingham, Junior; Hamlin, Johnnie Florence, Sophomore; Hammond, Bren- da Florence, Freshman. Hammond, James Florence, Junior; Hanback, Lee Florence, Junior; Hand, Sharon Huntsville, Sophomore; Hannah, Debbie Florence, Sophomore. 221 Hannah, Donna Florence, Freshman; Hannah, James Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Freshman; Hannon, Edgar Sophomore; Hannon, Jimmy Sheffield, Freshman. Haraway, Cecil Rogersville, Junior; Harbin, Carol Russellville, Junior; Harbin, Mona Florence, Freshman; Hardeman, Don Cullman, Freshman. Hardiman, Marie Athens, Freshman; Hardin, Barbara Decatur, Freshman; Hardin, Mary Guin, Junior; Hardy, Charles Roger- sville, Freshman. Hardy, Hunter Sheffield, Junior; Harrell, Cathy Killen, Sophomore; Harris, Bar- bara Birmingham, Sophomore; Harris, James Russellville, Junior. Harrison, William Florence, Junior; Harrot, Ger- main Weisbaden, Germany, Freshman; Hart, David Warrior, Freshman; Hartley, Deb- by Florence, Junior. Harvey, Sandra Rogersville, Sophomore; Haskins, Patricia Sheffield, Junior; Hastings, Jerry Red Bay, Junior; Hatfield, Lan- nis Florence, Junior. Hatfield, Nancy Mt. Olive, Sophomore; Hayes, Charlotte Rogersville, Freshman; Hayes, Dan- ny Florence, Freshman; Hayes, Don- na Florence, Sophomore. 222 Hayes, Nancy Haleyville, Sophomore; Haygood, David Florence, Freshman; Haygood, Ron- nie Florence, Sophomore; Hays, Pat- sy Cordova, Freshman. Hendrix, Jimmy Rogersville, Freshman; Ham- mond, Fran Florence, Sophomore; Heaps, Tom- my Florence, Junior; Heflin, Mary Moulton, Freshman. Hembree, Donna Huntsville, Sophomore; Henderson, Elizabeth Florence, Junior; Hensley, Betty Florence, Freshman; Henson, Jen- nifer Florence, Sophomore. Henson, Richard Huntsville, Sophomore; Herndon, Debbie Decatur, Junior; Herring, Dix- ie Florence, Sophomore; Hester, Carolyn Russellville. Hester, Sherry Russellville, Sophomore; Hestla, Vickey Tuscumbia, Freshman; Hicks, Evelyn Sheffield, Freshman; Higgins, Marion Florence, Junior. Hightower, Janice Athens, Junior; Hill, Edward Cullman, Sophomore; Hill, Jim- my Huntsville, Freshman; Hill, Julius Warrior, Freshman. Hill, Michael Moulton, Junior; Hill, Pamela Florence, Freshman; Hill, Dianne Russellville, Junior; Hill, Tom- my Huntsville, Freshman. 223 Hine, Betty St. Joseph, Tenn., Sophomore; Mine, Lee Sheffield, Freshman; Hines, Phillip Florence, Freshman; Hodges, Sharon Huntsville, Freshman. Hogan, Barbara Elkmont, Junior; H olden, Cherryl Florence, Sophomore; Holden, Dennis Florence, Sophomore; Holder, Rosemarie Sheffield, Sophomore. Holland, Louie Elkmont, Junior; Holland, Michelle Florence, Freshman; Holland, Rebec- ca Florence, Freshman; Holliman, Paige Florence, Junior. Holmes, Nancy Sheffield, Junior; Holt, Anita Zion, Illinois, Junior; Holt, Nan- cy Florence, Sophomore; Honey, Lin- da Tuscumbia, Junior. Housman, Patricia Sheffield, Junior; Hovater, Judy R ussellville, Junior; Howell, Gober Haleyville, Junior; Hoettemann, Erika Florence, Freshman. Huffman, Terry Florence, Freshman; Hughes, Quintin Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Hunt, An- na Huntsville, Freshman; Hurst, Billy Phil Campbell, Sophomore. Hyde, Paula Haleyville, Sophomore; Hyfield, Deborah Huntsville, Junior; Ikard, Jan Madison, Sophomore; Ingle, Bryan Florence, Sophomore. 224 ft I Ingrum, Lavonne Florence, Freshman; Inman, Janice Tuscumbia, Freshman; Inman, Lin- da Florence, Junior; Irons, Nelda Florence, Junior. Isbell, Lionel Florence, Junior; Isbell, Terry Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Jackson, Sharon Florence, Freshman; James, Dan Florence, Freshman. James, Karen St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore; James, Mary Florence, Junior; James, Rhon- da Florence, Junior; James, Rebecca Florence, Freshman. James, Sharon Huntsville, Freshman; James, Shelia Russellville, Junior; Janney, Bob- by Bridgeport, Sophomore; Jarmon, Dorothy Muscle Shoals, Freshman. Jarmon, Janice Muscle Shoals, Junior; Jarnigan, Nancy Russellville, Junior; Jarnigan, Theresea Red Bay, Sophomore; Jarrett, Julie Florence, Junior. Jeffreys, Carlotte Tuscumbia, Freshman; Jef- freys, Peggy Moulton, Freshman; Jenkins, Den- nis Killen, Sophomore; Jewell, Patricia Athens, Junior. Jobe, William New Market, Freshman; Johns, Meritta Florence, Sophomore; Johnson, Cin- dy Red Bay, Freshman; Johnson, Charlie Florence, Freshman. 225 Johnson, Debbie Huntsville, Sophomore; John- son, Dexter Tuscumbia, Junior; Johnson, Cin- dy Florence, Freshman; Johnson, Jan Athens, Junior. Johnson, John Huntsville, Junior; Johnson, Louise Russellville, Sophomore; Johnson, Melissa Florence, Freshman; Johnson, Nan- cy Huntsville, Sophomore. Johnson, Paul Florence, Freshman; Johnson, Robert Huntsville, Sophomore; Johnson, Sally Athens, Junior; Johnson, Sam- my Haleyville, Sophomore. Johnson, Shelia Decatur, Freshman; Johnson, Susan Florence, Freshman; Johnson, William Muscle Shoals, Sophomore; Joiner, Jan- ice Tuscumbia, Junior. Joiner, Pamela Tuscumbia, Freshman; Jones, Amy Decatur, Junior; Jones, Ann Haleyville, Junior; Jones, Connie Huntsville, Sophomore. Jones, Marion Florence, Freshman; Jones, Mar- jorie Killen, Junior; Jones, Sharon Huntsville, Freshman; Jones, Theadora Haleyville, Sophomore. Jones, Tom Russellville, Junior; Jordon, An- drea Florence, Sophomore; Jordan, Lin- da Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Jordon, Debra Florence, Sophomore. ' 226 I Kachelman, Linda Huntsville, Sophomore; Keenum, Candy Florence, Freshman; Keeton, Alicia Florence, Freshman; Keeton, Don- na Florence, Sophomore. Keller, Jean Scottsboro, Sophomore; Kelley, Debra Russellville, Freshman; Kelly, Deborah Rogersville, Junior; Kelly, William Moulton, Junior. Kendrick, Michael Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Kennedy, Terry Muscle Shoals, Sophomore; Keplinger, Snadra Russellville, Junior; Kerr, Teresa Tuscumbia, Freshman. Kershaw, Cynthia Florence, Freshman; Killen, Laura Athens, Freshman; Kimbrough, Lin- da Tuscumbia, Freshman; King, Vickie Shef- field, Sophomore. Kingsley, John Florence, Freshman; Kirk, Son- ny Athens, Sophomore; Klinghard, Mar- tin Florence, Freshman; Knaur, John Florence, Junior. Knight, Elizabeth Hamilton, Sophomore; Knight, Michael Sulligent, Freshman; Knouff, Deborah Town Creek, Freshman; Knowles, Philip Ardmore, Junior. Konig, Karen Minor Hill, Junior; Koonce, Deborah Florence, Freshman; Kraus, Wan- da Athens, Freshman; Kucera, Kathy Decatur, Freshman. 227 Lair, George Sheffield, Junior; Lambert, Brian Florence, Junior; Lang, Hansell Decatur, Junior; Langsdon, Phillip Osceola, Ark., Freshman. Lansdell, Daphne Tow n Creek, Junior; Latham, Larry Moulton, Freshman; Latimer, Steve Jer- sailles, Indiana, Sophomore; Laubaugh, Virginia Florence, Freshman. Lawhon, Larry Sulligent, Freshman; Lawson, Michael Florence, Freshman; Lazenby, Don- na Florence, Freshman; League, Michael Decatur, Junior. Leckenby, Stephen Florence, Freshman; Ledbetter, Susan Rogersville, Sophomore; Lee, Andrea Decatur, Freshman; Lee, Dean Huntsville, Junior. Lee, Debra Sheffield, Freshman; Lee, George Cherokee, Sophomore; Lee, Jane Florence, Freshman; Lee, Reeda Tuscum- bia, Sophomore. Lee, William Huntsville, Junior; Leigh, Byron Tuscumbia, Junior; Letson, Nicholas Courtland, Junior; Lewis, Bonita Killen, Freshman. Lewis, Bruce Huntsville, Sophomore; Lewis, John Cloverdale, Freshman; Ligon, Deborah Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Ligon, Lin- daFlorence, Freshman. 228 i Lindsey, Carol Florence, Freshman; Lindsey, Elizabeth Tuscumbia, Junior; Lindsey, Helen Florence, Freshman; Linville, Michael Scottsboro, Senior. Littrell, Wesley Florence, Sophomore; Livesay, Frankie Scottsboro, Freshman; Lockhart, Christine Florence, Sophomore; Long, Allen Florence, F reshman. Long, Ralph Florence, Sophomore; Low, Cynthia Sheffield, Freshman; Lowery, Calera Leighton, Sophomore; Lowery, Paula Huntsville, Sophomore. Love, Randy Fire Points, Tenn., Freshman; Lovett, Sandra Florence, Freshman; Lumbus, Carl Florence, Freshman; Lyle, Dianne Florence, Junior. Lyles, Danny Florence, Junior; Lynne, Henrichs Miami, Fla., Freshman; McAfee, Elise Florence, Freshman; McAlexander, Ren- dy Pulaski, Tenn., Freshman. McBride, Michael Decatur, Junior; McCabe, Patti Killen, Freshman; McCafferty, Charles Killen, Sophomore; McCafferty, William Killen, Sophomore. McCampbell, Jeanette Huntsville, Freshman; McCamy, Ann Sheffield, Freshman; McCloskey, Shelia Florence, Freshman; McCollester, Teri Russellville, Freshman. 229 McCollum, Richard Florence, Sophomore; McCord, Judy Florence, Sophomore; McCorkle, Michael Cloverdale, Freshman; McCormack, Dorothy Leighton, Junior. McCormick, Mary Houston, Texas, Freshman; McCormick, Randy Rogersville, Sophomore; McCoy, Diane Cullman, Junior; McCrary, Dan Huntsville, Sophomore. McCreless, Mary Town Creek, Sophomore; McCulloch, Belinda Decatur, Sophomore; McCulloch, Linda Moulton, Junior; McCulloch, Thomas Moulton, Freshman. McCune, Garey Athens, Junior; McDaniel, Robert Decatur, Sophomore; McDermott, Patrician St. Ann, Mo., Freshman; McDonald, Billy Falkville, Freshman. McDowell, Kathy Newark, Illinois, Sophomore; McDowell, Robert Muscle Shoals, Sophomore; McFall, Ann Florence, Junior; McFall, Joan Florence, Sophomore. McGahey, Judy Fayette, Sophomore; McGee, Jimmy Florence, Junior; McGoff, Mary Cherokee, Sophomore; McGrady, Carl Florence, Junior. McGregor, Ginger Florence, Sophomore; McGuffey, James Florence, Junior; Mclntosh, Becky Huntsville, Freshman; Mclntyre, Phil Florence, Freshman. 230 McKay, Patricia Guin, Junior; McKinney, Ronald Tuscumbia, Sophomore; McLeary, Mar- cia Florence, Freshman; McLemore, David Somerville, Sophomore. McMeans, Sarah Lexington, Freshman; McMullan, Wanda Florence, Freshman; McNatt, Jacqueline Russellville, Junior; McPeters, Duane Florence, Junior. McPeters, Kathy Killen, Sophomore; McWilliams, Christopher Tuscumbia, Junior; Mabry, Joan Florence, Freshman; Mackey, Susan Florence, Freshman. Maddox, Phillip Florence, Sophomore; Maddox, William Fayette, Freshman; Malone, Bar- bara Belmont, Miss., Freshman; Malone, Bar- bara Tuscumbia, Sophomore. Malone, Judy Spruce Pine, Junior; Malone, Wan- da Elkmont, Junior; Maness, Dianne Sheffield, Freshman; Mann, Beth Florence, Freshman. Manning, Rebekah Guntersville, Freshman; Marante, Thomas Hialeah, Fla., Junior; Marbut, Dianna Elkmont, Sophomore; Marks, Davis Sheffield, Freshman. Marmann, Rhonda Tuscumbia, Freshman; Maroney, James Tuscumbia, Freshman; Marshall, Randall Athens, Freshman; Martin, Brenda Florence, Freshman. 231 Martin, Jeanette Florence, Junior; Martin, Lydia Spruce Pine, Freshman; Martin, j err y New Market, Sophomore; Mason, Marilyn Sheffield, Junior. Massey, Mona Athens, Freshman; Mathis, Marion Guntersville, Junior; Matthews, Martha Florence, Junior; May, Betty Sheffield, Freshman. May, Raymond Florence, Junior; May, Wan- da Florence, Sophomore; Mayfield, Carolyn Muscle Shoals, Junior; Mayfield, Roger Muscle Shoals, Junior. Mays, William Florence, Freshman; Meadows, Lynn Muscle Shoals, Junior; Meche, Leo Florence, Freshman; Mentz, Vic- toria Memphis, Michigan, Sophomore. Meredith, Myra Rogersville, Junior; Middlebrooks, Roland Anderson, Freshman; Miles, Viki Florence, Freshman; Miller, Kewanee Rogersville, Freshman. Miller, Rebecca Sheffield, Freshman; Miller, Sarah Brownsboro, Junior; Mills, Jan Winfield, Junior; Milstead, David Sheffield, Freshman. Minor, Robert Tuscumbia, Freshman; Mitchell, Donna Florence, Sophomore; Mitchell, Kathy Florence, Freshman; Mizell, Julia Trinit- y, Freshman. 232 Mode, Cindy Huntsville, Freshman; Money, Vonda Haleyville; Montgomery, Marlene Leighton, Junior; Moomaw, Martha Florence, Sophomore. Moomaw, Melanie Florence, Freshman; Moore, Louis Florence, Freshman; Moore, Mar- cia Smyrna, Tenn., Sophomore; Moran, Teresa Florence, Junior. Morgan, Donnie Jasper, Freshman; Morris, Beverly Leighton, Freshman; Morris, John Florence, Junior; Morris, Shirley Huntsville, Freshman. Morris, Van Florence, Sophomore; Morrison, Edith Florence, Junior; Morrow, Robert Florence, Junior; Moses, Jennifer- Florence, Freshman. Moss, Cheryl Florence, Freshman; Mullins, Cin- dy Cloverdale, Freshman; Mullins, Susan Florence, Sophomore; Mumaugh, John Huntsville, Junior. Murks, Linda Florence, Junior; Murks, Mike Florence, Freshman; Myrick, Bet- ty Florence, Sophomore; Nale, Sallie Huntsville, Junior. Napps, Richard Sheffield, Sophomore; Narmore, Thomas Cherokee, Freshman; Nathan, An- dyFlorence, Freshman; Natmaker, Jamie Huntsville, Freshman. 233 Naves, Connie Elkmont, Sophomore; Nebrig, David Decatur, Freshman; Neidert, Sharon Loretto, Tenn., Junior; Nelson, Dorothy Florence, Freshman. Nelson, Kathy Sheffield, Sophomore; Nelson, Richard Sheffield, Sophomore; Newman, Judy Florence, Freshman; Newman, Karen Leighton, Freshman. Newman, William Tuscumbia, Junior; Newton, Johnny Florence, Junior; Newton, Mark Memphis, Tenn., Freshman; Nix, Irene Phil Campbell, Junior. Noble, Tommy Huntsville, Junior; Noles, Teena Muscle Shoals, Sophomore; Norris, Susan Hunstville, Junior; Norton, Clara Athens, Junior. Nunnelly, Leslie Florence, Junior; O ' Connor, Robert Loretto, Tenn., Junior; Odom, Debra Jasper, Freshman; Oglen, Margaret Jasper, Freshman. Oliver, Charles Sheffield, Junior; Orman, Cheryl Canal Fulton, Ohio, Sophomore; Osterheld, Kay Athens, Junior; Owens, Kaye Anderson, Junior. Pace, Deborah Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Pace, Janice Florence, Freshman; Pannell, Ron- nie Fl orence, Freshman; Pardue, Lin- daFlorence, Freshman. 234 Parker, Janet Cullman, Freshman; Parker, Ran- dy Florence, Sophomore; Parker, San- dra Hillsboro, Junior; Parker, Steve Gurley, Sophomore. Parker, Teresia Union Grove, Junior; Parnell, Jo Florence, Freshman; Parrish, Nikki Cullman, Freshman; Patt, Phyllis Loret- to, Tenn., Sophomore. Patterson, Linda Rogersville, Freshman; Patter- son, William Sheffield, Sophomore; Paulk, Charles Cloverdale, Freshman; Paulk, Rodney Florence, Freshman. Payne, Vicki Birmingham, Junior; Pearson, Melvin Double Springs, Freshman; Peek, Jackie Athens, Freshman; Peoples, Darlene Rogersville, Freshman. Pennington, Marsha Russellville, Sophomore; Peters, Curtis Loretto, Tenn., Junior; Peters, Janet Florence, Sophomore; Pettus, Dan- ny Rogersville, Freshman. Pettus, Steven Elkmont, Freshman; Phillips, Paul Florence, Freshman; Phillips, Ronald Sheffield, Junior; Pickens, Cathy Florence, Freshman. Pickens, Jim Hartselle, Junior; Pietrzyk, Nance Tallahassee, Fla., Freshman; Pinkard, Judith Phil Campbell, Junior; Poag, Jean Shef- field, Sophomore. 235 Poston, Jo Ann Waterloo, Junior; Potter, Jocye Russellville, Junior; Pounders, Deborah Sheffield, Freshman; Pounders, Doug Florence, Sophomore. Powell, Lionel Cullman, Freshman; Prestage, Diane Florence, Sophomore; Prestage, Myra Florence, Freshman; Price, Bud- dyFlorence, Freshman. Price, Victoria Florence, Freshman; Price, Donald Decatur, Sophomore; Prince, Jean- nie Russellville, Sophomore; Province, Bob- bie Tuscumbia, Freshman. Puckett, Sharon Sheffield, Freshman; Pugh, Myra Evergreen, Senior; Pullen, Beverly Town Creek, Freshman; Puller, Lawrence Florence, Junior. Purvey, Kathryn Rogersville, Freshman; Putman, Gloria Athens, Freshman; Quigley, Joseph Iron City, Tenn., Freshman; Quigney, Charles Florence, Freshman. Rains, Kenneth Cullman, Freshman; Rasbury, Brenda Beaverton, Junior; Ray, Jim- my Sulligent, Freshman; Reed, Don- naFlorence, Freshman. Reed, James Russellville, Freshman; Reather- ford, William Florence, Sophomore; Rehberg, William Florence, Sophomore; Reynolds, Douglas Russellville, Sophomore. 236 Reynolds, Kay Russellville; Reynolds, Terry Talladega, Freshman; Rhodes, Cathy Florence, Sophomore; Richard, San- dra Cullman, Junior. Richardson, Dennis Florence, Sophomore; Richardson, Donna Killen, Freshman; Richardson, Hilda Florence, Senior; Richardson, John West Islip, New York. Richardson, Kenny Florence, Sophomore; Richie, Dennis Leighton, Sophomore; Rickard, Ann Killen, Sophomore; Riddell, Marshall Florence, Sophomore. Roach, Polly Florence, Sophomore; Roberson, Larry Florence, Sophomore; Roberts, Jane Bridgewater, Virginia, Sophomore; Robin- son, Barbara Huntsville, Freshman. Robinson, Janice Florence, Freshman; Roden, Randel Lexington, Freshman; Rodgers, Joseph, New Market, Sophomore; Rogers, Deborah Athens, Sophomore. Rohling, Evelyn Florence, Sophomore; Romans, Catherine Killen, Freshman; Romine, Kathy Langly, Virginia, Freshman; Romans, Dennis Sheffield, Junior. Romine, Peggy Athens, Freshman; Romone, Sherri Sheffield, Sophomore; Rook, Debra Killen, Freshman; Rose, Jo Birmingham, Freshman. 237 Rorex, Dennis So. Pittsburg, Tenn., Freshman; Rowell, Joan Florence, Sophomore; Rowell, William Florence, Freshman; Rowland, Garry Greencastle, Ind., Sophomore. Roy, Freddie Florence, Junior; Ruffner, Cynthia Decatur, Junior; Ruhl, Carol Florence, Junior; Russell, Louise Tuscumbia, Freshman. Russell, Paula Florence, Freshman; Russel, Phyllis Florence, Sophomore; Rutland, Patricia Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Rutledge, Jean Sheffield, Freshman. Rutledge, Susan Cullman, Sophomore; Safford, John Florence, Sophomore; Sanders, Marsha Huntsville, Sophomore; Sanders, Melissa Sheffield, Sophomore. Sanderson, James Florence, Junior; Sanderson, Mary Madison, Freshman; Sandy, Shirley Tuscumbia, Junior; Sarrat, James Florence, Freshman. Schnetzler, Brenda Huntsville, Sophomore; Scoggins, Janice Huntsville, Junior; Seal, Susan Russellville, Junior; Seay, John Russellville, Freshman. Seely, Cynthia Huntsville, Sophomore; Sellers, Alan Florence, Sophomore; Sewell, Shar- man Florence, Freshman; Shanks, Mary Florence, Freshman. 238 I Shannon, Gary Athens, Sophomore; Shannon, Judy Florence, Freshman; Sharp, Joyce Florence, Junior; Sharp, Nathalie Florence, Junior. Sharp, Roger Florence, Sophomore; Sharp, San- dra K. Florence, Sophomore; Sharp, Sandra L. Florence, Freshman; Shaw, Michael Athens, Junior. Shedd, Carol Russellville, Sophomore; Shedd, Deborah Florence, Freshman; Shedd, Russell Russellville, Sophomore; Shelton, Susan Rogersville, Freshman. Sherman, John Florence, Sophomore; Sous, Michael Bexar, Junior; Shrader, Cathie Huntsville, Sophomore; Shyver, Bryan Florence, Sophomore. Shyver, Kathy Haleyville, Junior; Sigle, Erich Killen, Sophomore; Silver, Sara Loretto, Tenn., Junior; Simmons, Fred Leighton, Sophomore. Simmons, Jeanette Cloverdale, Sophomore; Simpson, Deborah Florence, Freshman; Singleton, Elizabeth Florence, Freshman; Slaten, Lynne Lacey ' s Spring, Junior. Slatton, Barry Florence, Junior; Slatton, Vicki Huntsville, Freshman; Sledge, Con- nie Rogersville, Junior; Sledge, Myra Rogersville, Freshman. 239 240 Sloan, James Muscle Shoals, Junior; Smith, Alan Athens, Junior; Smith, Betty Athens, Junior; Smith, Debra Florence, Freshman. Smith, Donna Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Smith, Helen Freshman; Smith, Janice Town Creek, Junior; Smith, Martha Cherokee, Sophomore. Smith, Mary Decatur, Junior; Smith, Nan- cy Athens, Freshman; Smith, Shirley Huntsville, Sophomore; Snellgrove, Janice Huntsville, Junior. Snyder, Cynthia Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Sockwell, Jacqueline Muscle Shoals, Junior; Sockwell, Julia Sheffield, Sophomore; Sockwell, Deborah Sheffield, Freshman. Sorrelle, Paula Warrior, Sophomore; South, Faye Tuscumbia; Freshman; Southern, Ginger Addison, Freshman; Southern, Regena Addison, Junior. Spalding, Frances Florence, Junior; Spalding, Joe Flprence, Freshman; Spangler, Susan Leighton, Junior; Springer, Eda Florence, Sophomore. Spruiell, Kittie Sulligent, Freshman; Staley, John Florence, Sophomore; Stanford, Beth Tuscumbia, Freshman; Stanford, Robert Russellville, Freshman. rt Stanly, Timothy Huntsville, Junior; Stapler, Tony Huntsville, Freshman; Steadmon, June Huntsville, Freshman; Sterry, Pamela Florence, Freshman. Stevens, Kathryn Huntsville, Freshman; Steven- son, Kenneth Florence, Freshman; Steverson, Jacqueline Sheffield, Junior; Stewart, Martha Madison, Junior. Stewart, Sherry Athens, Junior; Stewart, William Sheffield, Freshman; Stien, Pat- sy Rogersville, Junior; Stinnet, Bon- nie Bessemer, Sophomore. Stockton, Connie Double Springs, Junior; Stockton, Mary Moulton, Junior; Stone, Cynthia Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Stone, Rebec- caFlorence, Freshman. Stone, Sharon Sheffield, Freshman; Stott, Tom- my Tuscumbia, Freshman; Strain, Stevan Athens, Freshman; Streeter, Stephen Madison, Sophomore. Strickland, Morris Vina, Sophomore; Stricklin, Rebecca Savannah, Tenn., Junior; Stroud, Lib- by Savannah, Tenn., Junior; Struzick, John Florence, Freshman. Stuckey, Phillip Sulligent, Freshman; Stults, Rebecca Florence, Sophomore; Suddith, Ricky Russellville, Freshman; Surber, Nina Tuscumbia, Sophomore. 241 Sutherland, Buice Florence, Freshman; Sutherland, Mae Florence, Freshman; Swafford, Janice Huntsville, Sophomore; Swanner, DiAnne Athens, Junior. Swinea, Bobby Florence, Freshman; Swinea, Lillian Florence, Freshman; Swinney, JoAnn Philcampbell, Junior; Tabereaux, Tom- my Tuscumbia, Junior. Taccone, Donna Selma, Sophomore; Tank, Wan- da Killen, Sophomore; Tanley, James Huntsville, Sophomore; Tanner, Gregory Rogersville, Freshman. Tate, Venita Killen, Sophomore; Tatum, Tex- Florence, Freshman; Taylor, Dale Russellville, Freshman; Taylor, Eddie Tuscumbia; Freshman. Taylor, Steve Florence, Freshman; Tedford, Cheryl Red Bay; Sophomore; Temple, Con- nie Florence, Freshman; Terry, Davis Decatur, Freshman. Terry, Ida Courtland, Freshman; Thacker, Patricia Albertville, Sophomore; Thigpen, Elizabeth Florence, Sophomore; Thigpen, Mary Florence, Junior. Thomas, Karen Huntsville, Freshman; Thomas, Rickey Sheffield, Freshman; Thomason, Peggy Cherokee, Junior.; Thompson, Avery Sheffield, Sophomore. 242 (1 Thompson, Janet Athens, Freshman; Thompson, Marilyn Florence, Freshman; Thompson, Paul Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Thompson, Rebec- ca Lexington, Senior. Thompson, William Florence, Junior; Thome, Wayne Tuscumbia, Junior; Thornhill, Lin- da Decatur, Freshman; Thornton, Karan D. Athens, Freshman. Thornton, Kathy D. Florence, Sophomore; Thornton, Kathy J. Russellville, Sophomore; Thorp, Gladys Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Thrasher, Donald Red Bay, Freshman. Tidwell, Mona Florence, Freshman; Todd, Thomas Spruce Pine, Junior; Topham, Everett Glasgow, Mont., Sophomore; Townsend, Nancy Florence, Freshman. Towry, John Huntsville, Freshman; Trousdale, Jan Florence, Freshman; Trousdale, Logan Florence, Freshman; Trousdale, Lucy Sheffield, Freshman. Trousdale, Teresa Leighton, Freshman; Truitt, Jacqueline Town Creek, Freshman; Truitt, Lin- da Killen, Sophomore; Turner, Michael Montgomery, Sophomore. Tyree, Karl Florence, Freshman; Underwood, Beverley Russellville, Freshman; Underwood, Diane Huntsville, Freshman; Valentine, Maureen Decatur, Freshman. 243 Valentine, William Florence, Freshman; Vandeventer, Mark Sheffield, Sophomore; Varnell, Lynnwood Florence, Junior; Vaughan, Helen Florence, Freshman. Venable, William Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Vess, Curtis Leighton, Freshman; Vest, Hollis Decatur, Freshman; Vest, Shirley Florence, Sophomore. Vinson, Brenetta Courtland, Junior; Vinson, Lin- da Red Bay, Junior; Vinson, Ronald Courtland, Freshman; Wade, Scott Lake Wales, Fla., Senior. Wade, Margaret Tishmingo, Miss., Junior; Waitzman, Donald Florence, Freshman; Walker, Jean Danville, Junior; Walker, Kathy Lex- ington; Sophomore. Wallace, Joe Athens, Junior; Wallace, Millie Jasper, Sophomore; Wallace, Roderick Moulton, Freshman; Waller, Janice Huntsville, Freshman. Warren, Ava Rogersville, Junior; Warren, joe Athens, Junior; Washburn, Lin- da Tuscumbia, Freshman; Watkins, Tony Cullman, Freshman. Watts, Kathryn Florence, Freshman; Watts, William Florence, Sophomore; Weakley, William Florence, Junior; Weatherford, Dix- ie Russellville, Freshman. 244 II Webb, Donna Tuscumbia, Sophomore; Webber, Janice Huntsville, Junior; Webber, Lois Huntsville, Freshman; Webster, Ronald Brownsboro, Sophomore. Welch, Lyn Florence, Freshman; Wells, Freida Russellville, Freshman; Wells, Jeanne Florence, Sophomore; Wesson, William Tuscumbia, Freshman. Westmoreland, Ronald Florence, Freshman; Whisenant, Betty Sheffield, Junior; White, Douglas Cullman, Freshman; White, Judy Florence, Freshman. White, Marsha Hartselle, Sophomore; White, Rose Muscle Shoals, Sophomore; White, Stephanie Florence, Freshman; Whitehead, Pamela Rogersville, Sophomore. Whitley, Marsha Florence, Junior; Whitmire, Mary Decatur, Sophomore; Whitten, Marsha Florence, Freshman; Whitten, Ran- dy Cloverdale, Freshman. Whitten, Robert Florence, Freshman; Wicks, Ronald Sheffield, Sophomore; Wiggins, Phillip Red Bay, Freshman; Wiginton, Pamelia Hamilton, Freshman. Wilcoxson, Pamela Florence, Freshman; Wiley, Julia Huntsville, Freshman; Wilkes, Ashley Sheffield, Freshman; Williams, Anita Jasper, Freshman. 245 Williams, Pamela Huntsville, Freshman; Williams, Dee Hamilton, Junior; Williams, Jen- ny Lexington, Freshman; Williams, Mark Huntsville, Junior. Williams, Philip Huntsville, Freshman; Willingham, Paul Florence, Freshman; Willis, James Muscle Shoals, Freshman; Willis, Susan Oak Brook, 111., Freshman. Willis, Thomas Florence, Junior; Wilson, David Florence, Freshman; Wilson, Jen- nifer Decatur, Ga., Freshman; Wilson, Joan Russellville, Freshman. Wilson, Larry Killen, Junior; Wilson, Robert Florence, Junior; Wilson, Vic- toria Winfield, Junior; Wilson, Wilma Iron Cit- y, Tenn., Sophomore. Winn, Catherine Gurley, Freshman; Winters, Charlotte Florence, Freshman; Witt, Martha Town Creek, Sophomore; Woiff, Douglas Cullman, Junior. Womble, Sandra Florence, Freshman; Woodworth, Anna Florence, Freshman; Wright, Kathy Florence, Sophomore; Wright, Larry Florence, Sophomore. Wyman, Bunny Huntsville, Sophomore; Wynn, Patricia Huntsville, Freshman; Yarbrough, Paula Florence, Freshman; Yeilding, Don- na Florence, Freshman. 246 Zellher, Marty Knoxville, Tenn., Sophomore; Hicks, Richard Florence, Junior; Lake, James Sheffield, Senior. 1 ORGANIZATIONS 249 ALPHA CHI Alpha Chi, an accounting club is open to all students taking advanced accounting and have a scholastic average of " C " . Alpha Chi is organized to promote the general welfare of the Department of Accounting, to acquaint accounting students with their duties and obligations, to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards, to make use of available resources, and to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. All members are associate members of the American Accounting Association. 250 h ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA Alpha Sigma Lambda, one of the newest girls ' organizations on campus, is a service league with membership by invitation. The purpose of the club is to be of service on campus as well as in the community. Throughout the academic year Alpha Sigma Lambda performs a number of individual service projects, for example, co-sponsoring the United Fund on campus, aiding underprivileged families, and writing Service Men in Vietnam. Officers for the 1971-72 year are: Top to bottom: Janice Nicholson Sponsor, Jan Johnson Historian, Judy Whalen President, Jackie Steverson Secretary, Regena Southern Treasurer, and Diane Holderfield Vice President. Each year at Christmas Alpha Sigma Lambda does something special for the un- derprivileged. This year they sponsored a party, for underprivileged children, having Santa give the children presents and a little Christmas. 251 American Chemical Society ! I merican CBIniilciety provides its members the opportunity i become qoied, ipheAte Bnulatioi i that an| ft pi B lonal a: " K eJ Mel :h will emB! r chemiStmand chemio! engin eering. he officers, pictured to the left, are: L. to r.: Don Wilson, Tom Jones, Gary Shannon, Dr. Richmond Sponsor, and Larry Black. 252 fl A.W.C. AWC REPRESENTATIVES L to R: Reeda Lee, Joan McFall Town Rep., Marsha Murphy, Robbie Briggs. aft? . i AWC OFFICERS Seated: Paula Murphy President. Standing, 1 to r: Sherrie Justice Vice Pres., Owen Goodwin Sec., Mickie Grove Trea., Betty Myrick Publicity, Susan Mullins Social Chairman. Not pictured: Wynn Price Historian. Students who live at home and commute each day to the campus are a vital, important segment of the college life. Every commuting woman student at Florence State is a member of the Association of Women Commuters, A.W.C., an organization that provides a way to give each commuting girl closer ties with each other and the campus. 253 Association of Women Students l l i : i i The Association of Women Students is an organization to which every woman student at Florence State belongs. A. W.S. is the governing body for the women students, and remains autonomous and separate from all other campus organizations. The A. W.S. is composed of members elected from the dormitories and the Association of Women Commuters. Every woman is encouraged to take an active part in A. W.S. OFFICERS: Nancy Beard, Sharon Collier, Kay Osterheld, Jo Ann Poston, Joan McFall, Phyllis Bacon. Judicial Board 254 Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union Building, located on Wood Avenue and under the direction of Rev. James Warren is open to all students. The Baptist Student Union attempts to meet the spiritual needs of Baptists and no preference students who comprise approximately half of the FSU enrollment. This ministry is supported by cooperating churches of the Southern Baptist Convention in Alabama. The Baptist Student Union ' s executive board, the people in charge of the planning of the activities, programs, and retreats for the Union. To the left, a picture of a BSD sponsored Christmas Party. Thursday at noon lunch and talk sponsored by the BSU for FSU students. 235 BETA BETA BETA IV Beta Beta Beta is an honorary society for students of biological sciences. Its objectives are to promote superior scholarship and to encourage interest in an appreciation of the biological sciences. 256 Conservation Club The Florence State Conservation Club was organized in 1954 and has become one of the larger clubs on campus. Its membership is open to all students and faculty interested in conservation. The club is affiliated with the Alabama and National Wildlife Federations. The club ' s purpose is to promote wise conservation practices and good sportsmanship. Dr. Hershey and the club members show a number of mammals and reptiles to the students in Northwest Alabama schools each year. 1971-72 officers of the Conservation Club are: Sandra Mullendore, Edward Shackelford, Dr. Hershey, sponsor, Don Belew, and Bev Waugh. 257 Circle K The Circle K Club, the largest university organization in existence, is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service and character building organization. The local Chapter was organized in April of 1958. The club emphasizes service to the school and community, and as in Kiwanis, the Circle K motto is " We Build " . Membership in the Circle K is limited according to the enrollment of the school for the purpose of the effectiveness in service. Circle K ' s purpose and objectives are the emphasis of the advantages of the American and Canadian way of life, to provide opportunity for leadership training, to serve the campus and community, to encourage participation in group activities, to promote good fellowship, high scholarship and afford useful training in the social graces and personality development. KAY OSTERHELD, Circle K Sweetheart 258 Pictured to the left. First row, left to right: Murry Strong, Alan Sellers, Tommy Tabereaux, Larry Buffaloe, Steve Graham, Danny Lyles, Kay Osterheld (sweetheart), Ronnie Ferryman, Ralph Long. Second row: Joe Gifford, Jimmy McGee, Roger Jackson. Dennis Buffaloe, Steve Maddox, Tommy Noble, Ray Gatten, Steve Patterson, and Terry Isbell. Officers: Left to right: Harry Miller. Vice-President: Tommy Noble. Secretary: Danny Lyles. President: John Lancaster. Treasurer. Board of Directors; Seated, left to right: Roger Jackson, Danny Lyles, John Lancaster, Tommy Noble. Standing: Harry Miller, and Tommy Tabereaux. 259 Diorama Staff ROBERT P1TCOCK; Diorama Executive Editor John D. Knaur; Associate Editor Diorama Business Manager; Ben Christopher 260 ll Mr. Nelson VanPelt; Sponsor Robbie Briggs; typist. Sitting: Julie Beckman; Art editor PHOTOGRAPHERS: Left to right: Tom Jones, Jim Birchfield, David Chambers, Jim Hester, (not pictured) Jim Frawley, and Steve Priest. I PERMANENT 4 Teresa Kerr; Classes, Vicky Hestla; Underclassmen Editor Jim Arnold; Military Editor. Greg Burgess; Organizations Editor Karen Davis; Senior Class Editor, Nelbeth Fouls; Classes Bobby O ' Connor: Faculty, Yvonne Foster; Faculty Editor Jan Ikard; Features Editor, Barry Stephens: Sports Editor 262 English Club i Since, its organization, the English Club of F.S.U. has continued to uphold the ideals in its constitution. These ideals are to promote the mastery of written expression, to encourage worthwhile reading, and to foster a spirit of fellowship among men and women specializing in English. At each monthly meeting a program is presented by a faculty member or some other person. The sponsor of the club is Mr. Stanley Rosenbaum. 263 Jfltar-Ala FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY, FLORENCE. ALABAMA 35630 Pictured to the left is Miss Linda Garrard Editor, on the right is Mr. Eddie Coker Business Manager. - The Flor-Ala is the official school newspaper, and all students are eligible for staff membership. All submissions by students and faculty will be considered for publication by the editor. Executive staff members, including the editor, associate editor and business manager, are appointed each spring by a special committee. Other paid positions are sports editor and circulation manager. The paper is published twice monthly during the fall and spring semesters. 264 Mr. Barry Stephens Sports Editor Mr. Alan Loggins Circulation Manager 265 Florence State University Band Concert Band The " PRIDE OF DIXIE " , under the direction of Dr. Frank McArthur performs at various functions throughout the year. These include half time shows of exciting precision drills and unique musical arrangements, parades throughout the year, and several concerts. Activities for the instrumentalist include Marching Band, Concert Band, Stage Band, Brass Choir, and various other ensembles. Spring finds the Concert Band in full swing. A concert tour climaxes the band ' s musical year. Marching Band at F.S.U. ' s 1971 Band Day. 266 It -W- ,. . Your band in action 267 ' i ' " . Florence State University Cheerleaders Mike Pickard Debbie Rogers Judy Whalen Joe Warren Brian Lambert Regina Southern Tommy Noble Sarah Miller 268 Enthusiasm, school spirit, and untiring loyalty to Florence State University was shown this year by the peppy co-ed squad of cheerleaders who yelled loud and long, supporting the Lions on the football field and the basketball court. These eight energetic students spend many long hours in practice and participation, supporting school spirit throughout the campus. 269 - Florence State University The Collegiate Singers, a selected group by audition, performed in a pop concert this year along with the Mixed Choir in a winter concert. Officers of the Collegiate Singers are; Steve Streeter Pres., Kay Osterheld Secretary, Larry Guilliouma Vice Pres. 270 h Choirs CONCERT CHOIR The Mixed Choir and the Collegiate Singers, under the direction of Mr. Joe Groom, combined in a winter concert to perform the Messiah. The Choirs also perform shows in both the Spring and Fall semesters. The choirs are outstanding in their presentations, and are open to all students with the ability or desire to sing. Three choirs make up the Florence State choral group; the Concert Choir, the Women ' s Choral Ensemble, and the Collegiate Singers who are selected through audition. Jim Lake Stage Assistant 271 FSU Lionettes The Lionettes are Florence State ' s dance and drill team, performing at athletic and university events. The members are chosen during try-outs held in the spring. Traveling with the band the Lionettes provide the Lion fans with entertainment at our football games and pep rallys. LIONETTE OFFICERS President Zethelyn Handle Vice-President Jan Mills Secretary Linda Vinson Treasurer Pat Adair Sergeant-at-Arms Patrice Brown Chaplain Leslie Gibbens Sponsor Mr. Holder 272 Left to right: Jan Mills, Patrice Brown, Mary Ridgeway, Leslie Gibbens. Left to right Glenna Webb, Jeanne Wells, Carolyn Cox, Cynthia Berry Left to Right: Angela Cooper, Madolyn Ellis, Zethlyn Randle, Pat Adair Left to right: Debbie Morton, Lindia Vinson, Jenny Henson, Sharon Collier Left to right: Anitia Holt, Becky Lee, Dianna Marbut, Reeda Lee, Ann Edwards 273 Florence State University Majorettes Majorettes from Left to right: Nancy Hayes, Beth Barringer, Cindy Johnson, Susan Mullins, Georgia McCorkle, Charlotte Richardson, Nancy Geise head majorette. Robbie Briggs, Shelley White, Sandra Keplinger, Donna Carver. Pretty, vivacious, and talented help to describe the Florence State majorettes in their performances at football games and pep rallies. These attractive misses are featured with the band on many on-and-off campus events. Charlotte Richardson Nancy Geise Georgia McCorkle 274 Cindy Johnson Nancy Hayes Shelley White Susan Mullins Af. Beth Barringer Robbie Briggs Sandra Keplinger Phyllis Bacon Donna Carver 275 Geography Club The Geography Club is one of the newer organizations on Florence State ' s campus. Its purpose is to foster an interest in the field of geography. 276 Kappa Delta Membership in Kappa Delta Pi is by invitation to those students of junior and senior level who are preparing to teach, and who have attained sound scholarship and distinctive achievements. The Epsilon Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was established at Florence State University in 1945. Kappa Delta Pi meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the parlor of Rogers Hall. Speakers and films of pertinent interest to those of the teaching profession are presented at the monthly meetings. 277 Inter-Presidents Council 278 Officers: Dwight Lansdell, Treasurer; Judy Whalen, President; Paula Murphy, Secretary; Danny Lyles, Vice-President. The Inter-Presidents ' Council consists of the Presidents of all the clubs and organizations on campus. Its main purpose is to promote coordination among the organizational activities and to develop effective student leadership within each campus organization. The Council sponsors a yearly Recognition Day when outstanding members of all clubs are honored. This year the Council headed its annual retreat at Camp Westmoreland where campus leaders met to discuss school activities and problems before the fall term began. 279 I Kappa Mu Epsilon The Alabama Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a professional mathematics fraternity established in 1935, recognizes honor students in mathematics and provides professional stimulation to its members. Kappa Mu Epsilon ' s members include; Larry Smith; Beth Barringger, Judy Yeager, Michael Whitten, Euel Cutshaw, Romano Michelotti, Wanda Christian, Jane Bickel, Nancy Hall, Dr. Elizabeth Wooldridge, Garey McCune, James Bowers, Bob O ' Connor, Janice Weber, Mrs. Jean Parker, Sponsor; Charlet Horsley, Dr. John Loker, Mr. John C. Aramburu, and Dr. Oscar Beck. 280 ll La Fayette Hall Pictured above are the girls living in our smallest dorm, La Fayette Hall. Its hall council include: front row Susan Seal, President; Bev Waugh, Social Chairman; Marsha Pennington, Social Chairman; second row Virginia Chapman, Student Assistant; Martha Thomason, Fire Chief; Lynn Slaten, Secretary; Nancy Clem, Vice-President. Although the dorm is the smallest dorm on the campus, for its size it is one of the largest with spirit. This is one of the newer buildings on the campus, being built in 1962 as the " New Women ' s " Dorm. The girls of La Fayette can be seen at almost all school functions, from the Pep Rallies to Spring Fling. 28t 282 k I lit c 2 , : u -_, o T3 O - O O " E o .5 i-l " 8 w .S o c iSl C 3 8 u ju 8? (SO 1 t c C J= O - - -o o rn S; U O 09 1) 53 Q.15 g ] 3 H ca 283 F.S.U. Music Educators Club The Music Educators Club, affiliated with the Music Educators National Conference, is comprised of members in the field of music education. Students join this organization in an effort to further their contacts with their fellow music education students in an informal setting and to receive the benefits of various programs. Members also receive monthly issues of the MUSIC EDUCATORS JOURNAL, a publication of the Music Educators National Conference. The 1971 roster of the MENC includes 27 members. The highlight of the year was in March when student representatives attended the MENC 1972 National Convention in Atlanta. Members are: First row: Terrie Cantrell, Jan Goggans, Marsha Whitley, Nancy Holt. Second row: Stephen Carter, Bruce Clark, Katrina Hall, Tommy Mitchell, Ronnie Childress. Third row: Andy Betteron, Scott Finley, Paula Jones, Mona Canada, Roy Gray, Piney Williams Sec.-Trea. Fourth row: Dr. Frank McArthur Advisor, Larry Guilliouma President. Members not pictured: Ann Aldridge, John Bradley, Rhonda Glidewell, Jim Greenhill, Roy McCulloch, Kay Osterheld, Steve Potts, Mitzi Pylant, Randy Thompson, Pete Wesson, James Williams and Wanda Williams. 284 I I i Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club in association with state and national organization is designed to promote professional interest and growth. The Club is open to all majors in health, education, and recreation. 285 , Per s king Rifles - First row: Capt. Wresche, C. Syslo; President, B. Lee, D. White, P. Shockley, J. McGuffey. Second row: D. Doughtary, L. Wilkes, C. Hotchkiss. R. Webster, and J. Eaker. The Society of Pershing Rifles, affiliated with the National Society, strives to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideas of the military. Membership is open to all Florence State University students. 286 Rotaract Club Rotaract Club, one of the new clubs on the FSU campus, affiliated with Rotary International. 287 Freshman Class Officers Joe Spalding Larry Buffaloe Sandy Cupp President, top Vice-President Secretary-treasurer, bottom Sophomore Class Officers L to r. Debbie Rogers Vice-President Debbie Hannah Secretary Mike Pickard President Robbie Briggs Treasurer 288 Junior Class Officers Danny Lyles Ben Garth Joan Broadfoot Johnny Barnett President Treasurer Secretary Vice-President Mike Hambrick Sharon Collier Jim Humphries Patrice Brown David Baker Vice-President Reporter President Secretary Treasurer Senior Class Officers 289 Rivers Hall Is A place where people do things together A place where people can do their own thing A place where a person can be himself . and still be part of a group 290 and spirit comes in surges and frequently do! that can be equalled nowhere! these things matter! and to some people . . 291 Scabbard and Blade . ' Scabbard and Blade The national society of Scabbard and Blade is a cadet military society organized for the furtherment of military knowledge and skills as well as community and campus service. The Scabbard and Blade draws its members from the junior and senior ROTC classes and is the nucleus for planning and preparation of the Military Ball, parades and other social events throughout the year. 292 Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is a national fraternity which recognizes English majors and minors of junior and senior standing who have maintained a 2.00 average in English. | . ITA 293 - Sigma Tau Pi Members pictured are: Dwight Lansdell, Madelyn Ellis, Marsha Whitley, Marilyn Mood, Conny Howard, Gail Nale, Denise Gillmore, Bill Stewart sponsor, Toby Carpenter, Jerry Tidwell, Wanda Tank, Linda Murks, Meritta Johns, Sonny Bishop, John Hargett, Billy Brewster, Ronnie Phillips, Rudy Thomas, Billy Edwards, Tim Goode, Danny Leslie, John Folden, Mike Tribble, Rick Harden, David Downing, and Ann McFall. Sigma Tau Pi is an organization open to all students whose major or minor is business. The purpose of the club is to acquaint business students with their future duties and obligations; to establish and develop in the minds of the members a personal feeling of high ethical standards; and to make use of available resources to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. Officers of Sigma Tau Pi are: Dwight Lansdell: Pres., Marsha Whitley: Reporter, Ronnie Phillips; Tres., Ann McFall: Sec., and Conny Howard; Vice- Pres. 294 Sociology Club - The Sociology Club is open to all students and faculty members who are interested in the field of sociology. The members pursue this interest in out- of-class meetings. Officers: Luke O ' Neal; Mr. Lindsey, sponsor; and Sherry Parrish. 295 Spanish Club The Spanish Club is a place for those students interested in furthering their interest and study of the Spanish language, customs, cultures of Spanish speaking countries, as well as an opportunity for conversation on a social level. This club is sponsored by Mr. Paul E. Jones III, one of the Spanish instructors at F.S.U. 296 Student Government Association Pictured above are the representatives of the student body in the S.G.A. Below are the Officers of the S.G.A. from left to right; David Downing Tres.,Teresia Parker Sec., Herman Smith Pres., James Taylor Vice Pres. The Student Government Association is designed to serve the entire student body of Florence State University. The S.G.A. is composed of all students enrolled at the University, and its purpose is to interpret the wishes of all parts of the student body. The S.G.A. sponsores the Homecoming Queen elec- tions, Cheerleader elections, and the second hand book exchange. The S.G.A. is a dedicated organization acting to extend and protect the rights of the student body of F.S.U. and to improve the education at the University. It is also responsible for the student discount at participating merchants in the Quad-Cities. 297 Student Union Board The Student Union Board is given the responsibility for sponsoring a well rounded program of activities of interest to all students. They sponsor concerts, movies, dances, game tournaments, maintaining the Student Union Building, and work on the Spring Fling. Among the stage entertainment this year, the S.U.B. presented The Classics IV, Ides of March, and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. 298 Some of the many Student Union Board sponsored activities of the past year. 1971-72 Spring Fling Mens Tug-of-War Ides of March in concert, fall 1971 Trinidad Steel Drummers, spring 1971 Dennis Yost Classic IV in concert, fall 1971 1971-72 Spring Fling Talent Show; Great American Middle Class 299 - , Tau Kappa Delta Tau Kappa Delta is the newest service organization on the Florence State University cam- pusrecognized April 14, 1970. Tau Kappa Delta is an elite men ' s fraternity recognizing honor and brotherhood as its highest ideal. The purpose and goal of Tau Kappa Delta is the betterment of this university. Pictured at the bottom of the page are the members of TKD at a basketball game with some underprivilege children of the Florence Area, one of the many service projects undertaken each year. 300 Ushers Club The Ushers ' Club, organized for service, functions for convocations of Florence State, the Muscle Shoals Concert Association, and for other performances by request. Composed of interested students, the club is sponsored by Mr. J. N. Winn. Officers, Top to bottom: Harry Miller Charles Glover Don Wilson 301 Wesley Foundation Building located on Willingham Road. The Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the Methodist Church to Florence State University. The Wesley Foundation as a church on campus offers opportunities for worship, religious education, counseling, fellowship, and service to all students and faculty. The Wesley Foundation, as a church in the midst of an academic community strives to be relevant in its ministry through understanding and concern. It also offers to the students several concerts and music. 302 Wesley Foundation Sunday morning worship group assembled around the altar for a final prayer. Sunday evening meals are given by the Foundation and is open to all students interested. This is followed by a program concerning people and religion in today ' s world. 303 Young Democrats Club The Young Democrats Club of Florence State is open to anyone who is interested in politics and has various guests and speakers throughout the year. This club is particularly active during election periods. 304 Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Beta Alpha is a national undergraduate library science fraternity. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter was installed at Florence State University in November, 1963. Our purpose is to further professional knowledge and to promote fellowship among our members. Alpha Beta Alpha members are included in a variety of activities, including serving as registration officials at the Seventh Annual Reading Conference in July, 1970. For a number of years, we have supported an on-going project at Christmas. Each member donates a number of paperback books to the Pediatrics Ward at the Eliza Coffee Hospital. The club supported the comic book theme in the Homecoming Parade in featuring Hollyhock of Priscilla ' s Pop. Our main fund-raising campaign is a candy sale each year. The social highlight of the year is the dinner meeting during National Library Week. 305 History Club History Club is an organization of History majors and minors, interested in orientation and development in the field of history outside the classroom. History Department faculty at annual banquet. 306 ADVERTISEMENTS MELVIN YOUNG MOTORS COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SERVICE MICHAMCS 330 E. ALABAMA FLORENCE. ALABAMA PHONE 764-9233 BUCK ' S 2200 Chisolm Rd. Open 7 Days 6 A.M. 10 P.M. Superb or Excellent Meats Fresh Produce Discounted Health and Beauty Aids Bill ' s " Can-Do " Carpet Service Installation and Repair " No Job Too Large or Too Small " Free Estimates William D. Jordan Manager Mutual Savings Life 105 1 2 N. Main Street 764-6938 Owner and Manager Bill Suggs South Pine St. Florence Phone 766-0633 m Of m e n s 307 First of all, Army ROTC only takes up about three to five hours a week of your time while you ' re in college. No big thing. Second, it gives you an edge on the other guys. In areas like management, organization and leadership. No big thing. Third, it pays $100 a month during your junior and senior years. No big thing. Fourth, it lets you serve your country as an Army Officer. No big thing. But the big thing is that little things add up. The education, the background, the experience. Right now you may think Army ROTC will look small on your resume. But a lot of employers don ' t think so. And with jobs getting tougher to come by, a little thing like ROTC can start to look pretty big. Army ROTC. The more you look at it, the better it looks. 308 Compliments of CLUB 13 Mike O ' Rear Operator Featuring The Iguana Live Music " Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday Thursday night College night Chisolm Highway " The Fun Night Place To Be " 13 Miles North of Florence State University 309 WHERE YOU SAVE . . DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Get All These Benefits When You Save With Us: Insured Safety Liberal Earnings Quick Availability No Fluctuation Sound Management Extra Strong Reserves FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORENCE 2 - 88ffiT FLORENCE , ALABAMA ,] Where People Come FIRST 310 NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO., INC Florence, Alabama HOMETOWN MANUFACTURERS OF THE WORLDS FINEST FLOORS COVERING MATERIALS 100% BOOSTERS OF FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY 311 Compliments of a Friend Downtown Florence 312 SHOALS IMATIOIMAL. BAIMK Of FLORBIMCH your campus fining service ARA-SLATER SCHOOL COLLEGE SERVICES headquarters at Independence Square, S.W. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Three Convenient Locations To Serve You Downtown: Court Tennessee North Florence: Wood Cleveland Motor Branch: Tuscaloosa Seminary Member FDIC A FULL SERVICE BANK Compliments of a Friend :e Congratulations to the class of 72 And to the class of 73, 74, and 75 Good Luck from all of your friends at STATE NATIONAL STATE NATIONAL BANK OF ALABAMA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 313 COLONY MEN ' S SHOP Southgate Mall Court Street Muscle Shoals Florence M ef ford ' s Professional Jewelers Member American Gem Society 111 Tenn. St. Florence, Ala. Never a service charge Florence Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Florence, Ala. If s the real thing. Coke, F Trade-mark 314 CODRT BODSE 468 North Court Street Florence, Alabama 35630 Bills OF FLORENCE INC. AAENSWEAR ROSE RENTALS " WE RENT MOST EVERYTHING " 114 W. REEDER PHONE FLORENCE 764-0635 766-1212 TOWNE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA 3566O TELEPHONE 381-344O Mercedes ' Den SPECIALTY SHOP FOR JUNIORS ENGLISH VILLAGE FLORENCE, ALABAMA PHONE 766-4165 Orange Blossom Rings To the girl who knows what she wants but not where to find it. Match your style with our many distinctive designs. And ask us about our famous Orange Blossom guarantee. Grogan ' s Jewelers 1 26 N. Court St. Florence The Fashion Place FLORENCE . . DECATUR . . . MUSCLE SHOALS Compliments of DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES Electricity Department Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Gas Department FLORENCE, ALABAMA 317 Drive-in Branch 501 E. Tennessee Street THE NATIONAL OF " HELPING YOU SINCE Member of the Federal Deposit Elting Branch 1501 Florence Boulevard 318 I IE L )F Main Office 202 N. Court Street FIRST BANK FLORENCE 3 YOU I HELP YOURSELF " SME 1889 Insurance Corporation North Florence Branch 319 Compliments of Berry ' s Package Store Take First Right Off Trace Take First Left Off Cloverdale Road " Where Everybody ' s Business is Appreciated " Compliments of Louis Haddock; Owner Dr. Pepper 7-Up Bottling Company In Bottles or Cans! ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. Sheffield 383-5342 O? 1340 K.C. " Voice Of The Lions WJOI Radio, Inc. Florence, Alabama Complete Drafting And Art Supplies PRINTERS STATIONERS, INC. 218 NORTH COURT ST. P. O. BOX T FLORENCE. ALABAMA 3663O Hellard Insurance Agency Lion Boosters for 35 Years NOBODY BUT NOBODY UNDERSELLS 16 INS ' The District ' s Greatest Home-Furnishers " 301 N. Court 764-3671 Florence Compliments of DIAMONDS WATCHES GRANT PLAZA N uVl SHOPPINO CCNTM FLORENCE ALABAMA 38890 320 JOHN O. ROBERTS PHONE: 766-7810 Tuscumbia Sheffield FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN TUSCUMBI i With Offices in Tuscu mbia, Sheffield Cherokee hoals City. Muscle Shoals City Gray ' s Concrete CENTRAL MIXED CONCRETE Mortar Mix Bag Cement All sizes of concrete blocks River Sand Gravel Mason Sand Tell us what the job is we will recommend the mixture. 764-9391 Shop Daily 9 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. SOUTHGATE MALL Muscle Shoals Southern-Sash of Sheffield Florence Huntsville Columbia, Tenn. Birmingham Athens Decatur Tuscaloosa 322 Alabama ' s Largest Supplier of Building Materials 1 POST WELDING SUPPLY Distributor for: Hobart, Linde, Westinghouse Welding Equipment Selstrom, Fiber Metal, Jackson Safety Equipment, Duralite House Paints, and Ditzler Auto Paints 1121 E. Second Sheffield 383-5352 Nights Holidays: 381-3968 or 383-8231 One Paper (and one alone) Covers the rich Muscle Shoals Market Stee lii-Cities Daily A. B. DAVIS DRY GOODS COMPANY DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES NOTIONS 107 West Sixth Street Phone 383-41 1 4 Tuscumbia, Ala. ejg IZfL J E wkL ifS 114 N. COURT T. PLORB FLORENCE. ALA. Home Owned Home Operated NEVER a carrying charge Home of Magnolia Diamonds Best Wishes OFFICE 764-6921 Landers Office Supply, Co. Inc. 101 W. Third St. Sheffield Complete Line of Office Furniture and Supplies HIBBETT SPORTING GOODS, INC. " IT PAYS TO PLAY " 1242 FLORENCE BLVD. FLORENCE, ALA. 35630 323 FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND RECREATION BUILDING The $2,750,000 Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building is scheduled for completion in the summer of 1972. The six-level structure is 200 ' by 200 ' and will contain 86,000 square feet of floor space. It will house a gymnasium seating 4,500 classrooms, offices, locker rooms, Olympic size swimming pool, research laboratory, and dressing rooms for varsity sports. The gymnasium will be located on the third level, and the pool on the first. There will be provision for seating 300 spectators at poolside for swimming events. Other areas of the building will provide for volleyball, badminton, wrestling, and weight lifting. The building has been designated Flowers Hall in honor of Hubert A. Flowers, long- time coach and Director of Athletics at the University. A.B. and B.S. degree programs in the arts and sciences, business, home economics, medical technology. A.B. and B.S. degree programs for the training of teachers for kindergarten, elementary, and secondary schools. M.A. programs in elementary and secondary education, school administration, reading specialist, guidance and counseling. Courses for renewal and curricula for agriculture, dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, health sciences. Special programs in secretarial training and law enforcement. Beautiful campus, comfortable residence halls and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medico-dental, and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. 324 s sass I Fresh as a Flower IN JUST 1 HOUR One-Hour Martinizing 1113 Florence Blvd. 1220 N. Wood Avenue Town Plaza, Sheffield Tri Cities Car Dealers Assoc. Campbell Ford Motors, Inc. Sid Hamm Chrysler Plymouth Four Cities Imports Miley Buick-Oldsmobile Co. Hester Chevrolet, Inc. Morris Rambler, Inc. Reeder Buick Opel Harrison-White Pontiac Paul Saywell Plymouth Motors, Inc. Gateway Lincoln-Mercury Zelke Dodge and Dodge Trucks Mullins Ford Bobby Mitchell Chevrolet Foot Auto Co. Morris Dodge, American Motors and Dodge Trucks Tom Beckham, Toyota Paper and Chemical Supply Co, Distributors of Paper Products, School Supplies, Sanitation Supplies Specialists in Disposables of the 70 ' s Sheffield, Alabama The Florence Herald ' YOUR PRIZE WINNING WEEKLY NEWSPAPER " Commercial Printing Wedding Invitations Church Bulletins Office Supplies School Papers " Quick Copy " Service Lauderdale County ' s Oldest Publication 114-116 W.Tombigbee St. Phone (205) 764-0641 " We service what we sell " Dealer For: RCA zenith maytag Whirlpool tedders Kitchen aid enterprise HARDWARE TV AND APPLIANCE CO. W. TOMB1GBEE ST. FLORENCE, ALA.J M " " Second location to serve you 221 N. Court St. Bobby Ray Owner 325 BOOKLAND Complete selection Hardback books Bibles Stationery Paperback books and outline notes Hallmark Cards Reading Headquarters for North Alabama 114 N. Court Street Downtown Florence Compliments of Putteet ' s Pharmacy Florence 764-5661 Telephone 383-5478 PRINCE FURNITURE CO., INC. YOUR FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE 1D9 WEST SIXTH STREET TUSCUMBIA, ALA. JOHNSON JOHNSON INSURANCE Surety Bonds A Continuous Service since 1907 McDonald ' s 100 lor IH (OM ' : 100% Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheeseburgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fries Co, o w A r SHEFF ' lElV " I.AIAMA Ory ' s Cleaners Laundry 213-15 N. Wood Ave. Florence, Ala. PHONE 764-8501 326 E. Tennessee St. Downtown Florence . i REYNOLDS where new ideas take shape in ALUMINUM " and new careers take shape with " REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Growing for 31 years with Muscle Shoals 327 Nationally Advertised Ready to Wear Specializing in Milinary and Accessories Corner Hat Shop 1804 Grant Plaza 764-6277 108 E. Mobile 764-1303 Martin Theaters New Martin Florence Colbert Sheffield Marbo Drive-In Muscle Shoals Joy-Lan Drive-In Florence Shoals Florence Tuscumbian Tuscumbia :; : X :: : ' . ' f. ex Sheffield Federal Savings and Loan Association 328 PHOTO CENT ER Southgate Photo Center 381 -001 2 Headquarters for all Photographic needs and Art supplies . . . Discount to College Students See Us at Southgate Mall Muscle Shoals Jordan Realty Co. Sales Insurance Appraisals Rentals Mortgage Loans Developers Barksdale Jordan, Realtor " Servicing the Shoals Area Since 1910 " 419 N. Seminary St. Florence 764-4181 UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE FOR ALL YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS Before you buy any watch consider this, Who Services It We Service What we sell Never Undersold Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Smokehouse Billiards Recreation and Refreshment 118 E. Tenn. St. Florence JOHN T. SUTHERLAND JEWELRY 7 POINTS SHOPPING CENTER Florence, Alabama 329 , Compliments of a Friend Studying late . . . drop by the Pitt for a midnight snack. We specialize in carry-out orders. Open 24 Hours a Day Pitt Grill 764-9997 400 E. Tenn. St. I I A:, FARMBEST DAIRIES The Foremost Milk In The South Compliments of Shop-Ezy Food Center 212 East 5th Street Tuscumbia, Alabama Phone 383-5110 Serving Students of Florence State 322 N. Cherry Phone Florence 766-4612 330 SPORTING GOODS Lang ' s Sporting Goods 2508 Woodward Ave. Muscle Shoals Phone 383-4753 OF MUSCLE SHOALS. INC. 713 WOODWARD AVE. MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA PHONE 383-1133 Open Every Night Til 9 VERBON JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY RESIDENTIAL ' ' COMMERCIAL ' ' INDUSTRIAL WIRING 522 South Wood Avenue Tri Cities Produce and Wholesale Co. Institutional Distributor " Buddy ' s Bananas J ) Florence, Alabama 764-3517 Sheffield, Alabama Compliments of Darby Shell Service 764-92B1 383-8627 OTTO D. SPEAKE (OWNER) 401 N. Court St. Florence Best Selections London Fog Jantzen Pendelton Gant Shirts Wright Slacks Bostonian Corbin " Johnny Carson " Clothes 331 johnny ' s Welcome Band Six Cold Beer Chisholm Highway 13 Miles 332 ' t Club Florence State S.X Nights a Week on Tap North of Florence State University 333 Shoe Salon and Fashion Clothing " WHERE THERE ' S ALWAYS SOMETHING GOING ON " DOWNTOWN FLORENCE Ladies ' and Men ' s Shop 101-103 No. Court Street Phone: 766-2220 764-1092 HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS Compliments of Corner Fruit Most Everything Any Time 216E.Tenn.St. Florence Ray ' s Factory Outlet MEN ' S SUITS SLACKS SPORTCOATS AT DISCOUNT PRICES " IT COST LESS TO GO FIRST CLASS " 918 Florence Blvd. 334 764-4582 Sherman Stores Co., Inc. ALA. MISS. TENN. Shop and Save Where Prices are Right 1C! I have tried to give you the university and the events of the year as I have seen them. Any opinions or satirical remarks made in this book are entirely mine. Some ideas expressed in the 1972 DIORAMA did not meet with the consent of the staff, but, as executive editor I overruled them. 1 wish to thank everyone who has assisted me in this endeavor and special thanks goes to RNG who spent many hours typing on this book and refused to take any credit for it. To those in the administration that helped me I also wish to say thanks. Any references to persons living or dead is purely accidental and not intended unless it applies to you. ROBERT E. PITCOCK, JR. Executive editor 1972 335 Campus Life I would like to announce our retirement und . The new invasion of machines On this page we have tried to represent the many parts of the life of this campus and some of those who chose to live it. 336 m fJ SSj m

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