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I FACULTY i IJ i Dr. E. B. Norton President of the University Dr. Turner W.Allen Dean of the University MR. OTIS PEACOCK Administrative Assistant to the President DR. W. T. McELHENY Dean of Student Affairs MR. ABELF. DeWITT Dean of Men MISS PAULINE E. GRAVLEE Dean of Women MR. CHESTER M. AREHART Registrar MR. ROYS. STEVENS Treasurer-Business Manager DR. WILLIAM L. CROCKER Director of Graduate Study MR. WILLIAM A. GRAHAM Director of Kilby Laboratory School Art Department The Department of Art offers course work in studio, de- sign, art history, art education, and the general arts. Now that the completion of the visual arts facilities in the new arts center is a reality, these course areas will become stronger, and it is anticipated that definite cur- riculum options may be offered leading to preparation for graphic design, constructive design, studio (draw- ing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, and sculpture), and art education. Specialized studios, lecture rooms, and a workshop have been equipped to carry out these types of curricular programs. There is opti- mism that art history may develop into a minor curricu- lum offering. At the present, there is limited opportun- ity for the Shoals Community to enroll in evening art courses. It is, again, anticipated that the new facili- ties will permit an enlarged arts program during the after-dark (or Saturday) period. Last, but far from least, the Department of Art hopes to be able to in- fluence the aesthetic awareness of every student on the Florence State University campus. MR. MORT E. SMITH, Department Chairman, Professor of Art, B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.A., Colorado State College; M. F.A., State University of Iowa. ALBERT CHARLES HAUSMANN, Assistant Professor of Art, B.A., Capital University; M. F.A., Bowling Green State University. KENNETH R. MEREDITH, Assistant Profes- sor of Art, B.S., East Carolina College; M.A., East Tennessee State University. MRS. HILDA MITCHELL, Assistant Professor of Art, B.S. Florence State University; M.A. George Peabody College. NELSON VAN PELT, Instructor in Photog- raphy, B.J., University of Missouri. MRS. MYRT WARD, Assistant Professor of Art, A.B., Florence State College; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama. Business and Economics Department I . ; - MR. LAWRENCE CONWILL, Department Chairman, Professor of Business Administration, B.B.A., M.B.E., University of Mississippi; C.P.A. v is. The Department of Business and Economics at Florence State University offers majors in business administration, accounting, management, market- ing, business education, and secretarial science. The organization affiliated with the department is Sigma Tau Pi which is open to all business majors and minors, and Alpha Chi which is open to students taking advanced accounting courses. 10 Business and Economics Department JOHN HOLLIE ALLEN, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.S., M.S., Auburn Univer- sity. THOMAS EDWARDS, Instructor in Business, B.S., Florence State University. MAX CARRINGTON, Professor of Business Education, B.S., M.S., University of Tennes- see; Ed. D., Colorado College. DONALD GARLAND, Instructor in Business and Economics; B.S., Union University; M. B.A., Memphis State University. LESTER DITTMAN, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, B.S., Ball State Teachers College; M.S., Indiana University. JAMES H. JONES, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Ala- bama. INELL KNIGHT, Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration, A.B., Judson College; M.A., University of Alabama. AARON LYNCH, Associate Professor of Ac- counting, A.B., Vanderbilt University; C.P.A. ELLEN MOORE, Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Education, B.S., Florence State Uni- versity; M.S., University of Tennessee. 11 Business and Economics Department LINDA SIMS, Assistant Professor of Business Education, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama. WILLIAM S. STEWART, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.S., Delta State College; M. B.E., M.A., University of Mississippi. . ERMIS A. THOMPSON, Professor of Eco- nomics, B.S., Florence State University; M. A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. WILLIAM THORNTON, Assistant Professor of Business, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi; M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. ROY WEBB, JR., Associate Professor of Ac- counting, B.S., University of Alabama; LL.B., Emory University; C.P.A. 12 Department of Education And Psychology DR. WILLIAM L. CROCKER, Department Chairman, Professor of Education, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama. Students who wish to prepare for teaching in the elementary or secondary schools follow particular courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Arts degree, and upon completion are entitled to be recommended for the appropriate professional certificate issued by the Alabama State Department of Education. The offering of pro- fessional education courses leading to the Master of Arts degree is be- coming an increasingly important function of the department. Students who are not preparing to become teachers in the elementary or secondary schools may establish a minor in psychology. Students enrolled in the education program are encouraged to participate in the Student Alabama Education Association. Membership in Kappa Del- ta Pi, an honor society for students in professional education, is by invita- tion only, and is based on scholastic achievement. 13 Department of Education And Psychology I MRS. VIRGINIA ADAMS, Super- vising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University, M.A., Univer- sity of Alabama. STANLEY S. BEANS, Professor of Education, B.S., M.S., Kansas State University; Ed.D., Univer- sity of Arkansas. BURCHELL CAMPBELL, Directoi of Curriculum Laboratory and Kilby School Library, B.S., Flor- ence State University; M.A., M. A. (L.S.), George Peabody Col- lege. ILA COX, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College. : ! , M " ; JACK W. CROCKER, Professor of Education and Psychology, A.B., M.Ed., Tulsa University; Ed.D., University of Alabama. JOHN FINLEY, JR., Associate Professor of Education and Di- rector of Student Teaching, B. S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama. MRS. DOROTHY HEFFINGTON, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody Col- lege. ROBERT E. JOHNSON, Assis- tant Professor of Education, B.A. M.Ed University of Missis- sippi. U I: DENZIL E. KECKLEY, JR., As- sistant Professor of Education B.A. Harding College M.Ed., University of Arkansas Ed.D., University of Mississippi. SARAH LEWIS, Supervising Teacher, B.A.E., M.E., Univer- sity of Mississippi. DONIE MAY LOWRY, Supervis- ing Teacher, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College. WILLIAM J. MCILRATH, Asso- ciate Professor of Psychology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. Department of Education And Psychology A. MILLER MOSS, Associate Professor of Psychology, A.B., M.A., Western Kentucky State College; Ph.D., University of Alabama. JANICE NICHOLSON, Assistant Professor of Education, B.S., Blue Mountain College; M.Ed., Mississippi State University. JOANNE REEVES, Associate Professor of Elementary Educa- tion B.A. Judson College M.A. George Peabody College Ed.D. University of Alabama. GEORGE ROBINSON, Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.A. Millsaps College M.S. Ph.D. University of Mississippi. MRS. FLORA BELLE SMITH, Supervising Teacher, A.B., Hen- derson State Teachers College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.S. Auburn University. WILLIAM H. WAITE, Professor of Education, A.B., University of Saskatchewan; M.A. University of Manitoba; Ph.D. University of Chicago. LULA R. WAY, Professor of Education, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.D., Michi- gan State University. W. B. WOODWARD, Associate Professor of Education, A.B., Louisiana State University, Ed. M. University of South Caro- lina. : ' JOHN W. YEATES, Associate Professor of Education; B.S., Mississippi State University; M.A., Ed.D., University of Mis- sissippi. EARLE YOUNG, Professor of Psychology, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Putney Graduate School; M.S., Ed.D., Auburn University. 15 Department of English, Dramatic Arts And Speech, and Foreign Languages DR. ALBERT S. JOHNSTON, JR., Department Chairman, Professor of English, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida. The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages offers a major and minor in English, and a major and minor in dramatic arts and speech, minors in French and Spanish, and two years of German. The English and Modern Foreign Language Department at Florence State is noted for train- ing fine teachers for the secondary schools and for sending after gradua- tion many of its majors to prestige graduate institutions for graduate de- grees. Several graduates in English now hold the coveted N.D.E.A. schol- arship and other scholarships and graduate assistantships in distin- guished colleges and universities. Organizations affiliated with the department are the English Club, Spanish Club, and the Rehearsal Club which produces two major plays annually. The English Club annually sponsors the literary magazine, " Light and Shadows. " There is an active chapter of the English honorary fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta. 16 Department of English, Dramatic Arts and Speech, and Modern Foreign Languages JIM DAVIS, Instructor in Speech, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of California. MRS. ALICE D. DILL, Instructor in English, B.S., M.A., Florence State University. MRS. JANET A. DOLAN, Assis- tant Professor of English, B.A., University of Southern Missis- sippi; M.A., Ph.D., University of Arizona. CHARLES WILLIAM FOSTER, Associate Professor of English, B.S., University of Chattanooga; M.A., East Tennessee State Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of Ala- bama. MRS. EVA-MARIA GAISSER, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, A.B., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Mississippi. MRS. BARBARA GLENN, In- structor in English; B.A., M.A., Virginia State College. ROBERT A. HOLDER, Instructor in Speech, B.S., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Mississippi. MRS. ELIZABETH C. HOOD, As- sistant Professor of English, B. S., Florence State University; M.A., Teachers College, Colum- bia University. MRS. JEAN L. JOHNSON, In- structor in English, B.S., M.A.., University of Alabama. MRS. CATHERINE C. JONES, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Newcomb College; M.A., University of Alabama. JAMES E. JONES, Instructor in English and Speech, B.A., Uni- versity of Alabama; M.A., Flor- ence State University. 17 Department of English, Dramatic Arts and Speech, and Modern Foreign Languages H( PAUL E. JONES III, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, B.A., M.A., University of Ala- bama. MRS. DORIS KELSO, Assistant Professor of English, B.J., M.A., University of Missouri. JOHN E. KINGSBURY, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Col- gate University; M.F.A., Univer- sity of Iowa. MRS. BRYNDA G. MUSGROVE, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., M.A., University of Ala- bama. tllioii MRS. NANCY K. POWERS, As- sistant Professor of English, A. B., University of North Carolina; M.A., University of Texas. MRS. EMILY RICHESON, Assis- tant Professor of English and Speech, A.B., Athens College; M.A., University of Alabama. STANLEY ROSENBAUM, Assis- tant Professor of English, A.B., Harvard University; M.A., Uni- versity of Denver. GLADYS SHEPARD, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Ran- dolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.A., Columbia University. .Li ' K ' : n MRS. LEATRICE TIMMONS, As- sistant Professor of English, B. S., Florence State University, M. A., University of Alabama. MRS. PEGGY WADE, Instructor in English; B.S., M.A., Florence State University. J. N. WINN, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Dartmouth Col- lege; M.A., Columbia University. 18 Home Economics Department JSGROVE, ' English 1 of Hi- The Home Economics Department offers an individual opportunity for personal development as well as for a professional career. The curriculum leads to a Bach- elor of Science degree with a major in the teaching of vocational home economics or in general home eco- nomics. In addition to teaching, graduates are also em- ployed as Cooperative Extension home economists, business home economists, and home economists in some areas of social service and other similar posi- tions. Affiliated with the department is the Home Economics Club which is open to all majors, minors, and elec- tives, and Kappa Omicron Phi, a national home eco- nomics honor society for majors and minors. MRS. MARY HUFF, Department Chairman, Associate Professor of Home Economics, B.S., M.S., University of Georgia. Associate U, ten- s College; JEAN DORROH, Assistant Pro- fessor of Home Economics, B. S., Alabama College; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama. MRS. BARBARA HENDRIX, In- structor in Home Economics, B.S., University of Tennessee. MRS. JANE MclLRATH, Director of the Nursery School, A.B., St. Mary-of-the-Woods College; M.A., George Peabody College. MRS. FLORINE RASCH, Assis- tant Professor of Home Eco- nomics, B.S., Alabama College; M.S., University of Tennessee. 19 Department of Health, Physical Education, And Recreation ; ' I ' - - r , DR. MICHAEL LIVINGSTON, Department Chairman, Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Jacksonville State University; M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama. The University program of physical education pro- vides an opportunity for students to achieve person- al, social, and emotional development through class, intramurals, and recreational activities. The program of activities is designed to meet the needs of the students for fitness and the development of lifelong habits of recreation. The professional courses for health and physical education and recreation are designed to train teachers of health, physical edu- cation, recreation, and for athletic coaching. The scope of the program of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is con- cerned with teacher preparation in physical education, by providing activity courses to meet the general education requirement of the university, by providing courses in the related areas of health, recreation and safety education, and by an extensive intramural program and recreational program. i kt : : wfa i-- . 20 HENRY H. SELF, Assistant Department Chairman, Chairman, Depart- ment of Athletics, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Educa- tion, and Athletic Director, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. Department of Health, Physical Education, And Recreation EDMOND E. BILLINGHAM, As- sistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Fair- mont State College; M.A., Teacher ' s College, Columbia University. GEORGE GIBBENS, Instructor in Physical Education, B.S., George Peabody College. WILLIAM F. GLIDEWELL, Pro- fessor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Texas Techno- logical College; M. Ed., Ed.D., University of Texas. WILLIAM F. HAMILTON, Assis- tant Football Coach and In- structor in Health and Physical Education, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Athens Col- lege. MM : ' DAVID L. KIRK, Student Foot- ball Coach, B.S., Florence State University. LARRY MARSHALL, Student Football Coach, B.S., Florence State University. HELEN MATTHEWS, Assistant Professor of Health and Physi- cal Education, A.B., Duke Uni- versity; M.A., George Peabody College. DURELL MOCK, Head Football Coach, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Athens Col- lege. HENRY PRATER, Assistant Foot- ball Coach and Instructor in Health and Physical Education B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Athens College. WALTER D. TEAFF, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.S., West Texas State Uni- versity; M.S., Ph. D., East Texas State University. NANCY VANCE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education, B.S., Florence State University; M.S., University of Tennessee. GEORGE WEEKS, Assistant Professor of Health and Physi- cal Education, B.S., University of Alabama; M.A., George Peabody College. 21 Library Science Department FANNIE SCHMITT, DEPARTMENT Chairman, Associate Professor of Li- brary Science, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama; M.A. (L.3.), George Peabody College. The Department of Library Science at Florence State University was estab- lished in 1953. It offers a minor of eighteen semester hours which meets re- quirements for certification in school library service by the Alabama State Department of Education. In addition to the basic eighteen hour program, nine hours of elective courses are offered, making a total of twenty-seven hours. The program is based directly upon the recommendations of the American Library Association for undergraduate professional library educa- tion. Students completing this eighteen-hour program are prepared to serve as school librarians and to fill certain professional positions in other types of libraries as candidates for the master ' s degree in library science in one year. Continued increase in demand for librarians for all types of libraries has resulted in steady increase in enrollment in this department. 22 Collier Library Staff RUTH DACUS, Head Librarian, A.B., Winthrop College; B.S., in L.S., George Peabody College MARATHA L. GRIFFIN, Assis- MRS. MARY BELL HERNDON, tant Librarian, B.S., B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College. Assistant Librarian, B.S., Ten- nessee Polytechnic Institute; B.A. in L.S., George Peabody College. MRS. MILDRED LENTZ, Asso- ciate Librarian, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., (L.S.) George Peabody College. DONALD A. TURNER, Assistant Librarian, B.S., Auburn Univer- sity; M.A., M.A. (L.S.), Univer- sity of Alabama. 23 Department of Mathematics And Basic Engineering Of I Y- ' : DR. JOHN L. LOCKER, Department Chairman, Professor of Mathe- matics, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Auburn University. 1 The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering provides programs and courses in mathematics as preparation for careers in business and in- dustry, for graduate study, for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools, and for satisfaction of mathematics requirements in other aca- demic and professional curricula. The department offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. The basic engineering program is designed to provide one or two years of basic engineering preparation normally required by most professional en- gineering schools. 24 Department of Mathematics And Basic Engineering JUAN CARLOS ARAMBURU, Instructor in EDDY JOE BRACKIN, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Colegio Nacional; Lie., Mathematics, B.S., Florence State University; University of Buenos Aires. M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. MRS. BARBARA B. CARTER, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., Athens College; M.S., University of Mississippi. MRS. GAYLE KENT, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Florence State Univer- sity; M.S., University of Mississippi. GAYLE PATTERSON, Instructor in Engineer- ing, B.S. in Ch.E., Auburn University. WILLIAM BENJIMEN NORRIS, Instructor in Mathematics, B.A., M.A., Washington Uni- versity. JOHN STINSON, Instructor in Engineering, B.S., in Ch.E., University of Missouri. MRS. JEAN T. PARKER, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Florence State Uni- versity; M.A., George Peabody College. MRS. ELIZABETH WOOLDRIDGE, Profestor of Mathematics, A.B., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Nebraska. 25 Military Science Department COLONEL WILLIAM L. KOOB, JR., Department Chairman, Professor of Military Science, B.S., The Citadel. The senior ROTC program at FSU was initially established in 1948 to pro- duce qualified officers for the Military Police Corps. In 1955 the General Military Science program was implemented. Cadets who volunteer for the advanced program are eligible for commissions in almost any branch of the Army. The Military Science Department sponsors the university varsity rifle team af a -uuliV( --dLLU--tEagi. The National Society of Pershing Rifles Company J4 and the National Society of Scabbard and Blade A-17 are fraternal military organizations also sponsored by the department. A military ball is the annual social highlight. The department and the organi- zations it sponsors, through the Red Cross Bloodmobile, charity drives, Governor ' s Day and other events, play a large part in community and uni- versity activities. 26 Military Science Department CAPTAIN JOHN R. ESTES, Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science, B.S., Ouachita University. MAJOR RAMON PADILLA, Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science, B.S., University of Maryland. CAPTAIN THOMAS M. SMITH, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., LaSalle College. CAPTAIN DEE V. WRESCHE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science, B.S., Arkansas Polytechnic College. CAPTAIN RICHARD N. ZWEIG, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Penn- sylvania State University. SGT. MAJOR JAMES W. LOOSE, Depart- ment Sergeant Major. SFC GRAYSON MERCER, Administrative Supervisor. STAFF SGT. WILLIAM K. ALRED, Supply Sergeant. 27 Department of Music Formal concert programs, student recitals, faculty re- citals, football half time shows, parades, pep meetings, television programs, and programs on tour these are the performances the Music Department provides for the enjoyment of the student body and the general pub- lic of the North Alabama area that Florence State serves. In addition to opportunities for all college students to perform as singers and instrumentalists, there is avail- able in the department private and class instruction in piano, voice, and band instruments. Course offerings in the department for the general college student pro- vide opportunities for the education major to develop musical techniques useful in the elementary classroom. For the music major, a full professional music educa- tion program is offered. The Music Department, now housed in its new building, is one of the finest music facilities in the southeast. DR. WAYNE CHRISTESON, Department Chairman, Professor of Music, B.M. Drury College; M.A., Ed. D., Teacher ' s College, Colum- bia University. SI JO MRS. EVELYN DEN BOER, Instructor in Mu- sic, A.B., University of Oklahoma; M.A., University of Alabama. JOSEPH D. GROOM, Assistant Professor of Music and Choral Director, B.S., M.M.Ed. Auburn University. MRS. FLORENCE IRWIN, Assistant Profes- sor of Music, B.M. M.M., Bush Conserva- tory; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. ARTHUR THOMAS, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M.E., Baldwin-Wallace College; M.M., Vandercook College of Music. 28 WALTER E. URBEN, Associate Professor of Music, B.M., College of the Pacific; B.M., University of Illinois; M.M., Indiana Univer- sity; Adv. Cert., Music Education, University of Illinois. Department of Science The Science Department ' s program is designed as a threefold program professional preparation in the sci- ences, preparation for teaching the sciences, and ser- vice courses in the area of general science for majors in other fields. The department offers majors in general and profes- sional biology; general and industrial chemistry; phys- ics; and natural science cognate. Minors are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics. The department also provides appropriate preparatory courses for a num- ber of preprofessional programs. DR. JOSEPH C. THOMAS, Department Chairman, Professor of Sci- ence, A.B., Asbury College; M.A., Ed.E., University of Kentucky. KLEIM ALEXANDER, Professor of Chem- istry, B.S., Middle Tennessee State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., State University of Iowa. JOHN R. BOURNE, Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University. JACK S. BROWN, Professor of Biology, B. S., Tulane University; M.S., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Alabama. VIRLYN L. BULGER, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., Jacksonville State University; M.Ed., Auburn University; M.A.T., University of North Carolina. HOLLIS C. FENN, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., M.S., Auburn University. ARTHUR NEAL HARRISON, Instructor in Bi- ology; B.S., Florence State University; M.S., Auburn University. 29 Department of Science HENRY T. HARVEY, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Western Michigan College; M.A., University of Michigan. ARTHUR L. HERSHEY, Professor of Biology, B.S., Kansas University; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State College. JOHN W. HOLLAND, JR., Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Pea- body College. T. N. HUBBUCH, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., University of Louis- ville; B.S., M.S., Harvard University. C. FULTON HUFF, JR. Associate Pro- fessor of Chemistry, A.B., Georgetown College; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege. RAYMOND E. ISBELL, Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Florence State Uni- versity; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama. JACK KENT, Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Florence State Univer- sity; M.S.. University of Mississippi. WILLIAM R. MONTGOMERY, Professor of Biology, B.S., Millsaps College; M. S., Mississippi State University; Ph.D., University of Nebraska. JOHN F. PHILLIPS, JR., Associate Pro- fessor of Chemistry, A.B., University of Connecticut; M.S., West Virginia University; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology. WILLIAM M. RICHIE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Chemistry, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College. CHARLES W. RICHMOND, Associate Professor of Chemistry. B.A., David Lipscomb College; Ph.D. University of Mississippi. MRS. SARAH A. SMITH, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Florence State University; M.S., University of Mississippi. EDGAR C. TULLIS, Professor of Bi- ology, A.B., M.A., University of Ne- braska; Ph.D., Michigan State Univer- sity. MRS. FAYE WELLS. Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., Jacksonville State University; M.S., Alabama College. R. W. WILLIAMS. Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Southwestern State College; M.S., East Texas State Uni- versity; Ph.D., Oklahoma State Univer- sity. PAUL YOKLEY, JR., Professor of Bi- ology, B.S., M.A.. George Peabody College; Ph.D., Ohio State University. 30 Department of Social Science The Department of Social Science offers majors in his- tory, geography, sociology, and political science and a cognate major in social science. Minors are offered in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Students majoring in the department may prepare for graduate work in the various social science fields or in education. Depending upon the nature of their speciali- zation, students may pursue eventual careers in secon- dary school teaching, college teaching, cartography, geography, law, library work, journalism, ministry, social work, personnel ' work, and in various phases of work in federal, state, and local government. DR. BERNARR CRESAP, Department Chairman, Professor of His- tory, A.B., University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt Uni- versity. HASSAN ABDUL-HADI, Assistant Professor of Soci- ology, B.A., University of Texas; M.S., Trinity Uni- versity. MILTON BAUGHN, Professor of History, B.S., Flor- ence State University; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. ROBERT C. BOWLES. Professor of History, A.B.. Cen- tral College; M.A., Southern Methodist University, Ph.D., Duke University. GEORGE H. DE BOER, Assistant Professor of Political Science. A.B.. Western Michigan University, B.D. Mc- Cormick Theological Seminary; M.A University of Iowa. CHARLES T. GAISSER, Professor of History, A.B., M.A., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Yale University. J. NOEL GLASSCOCK, Professor of Geography, B.S. Western Kentucky University; M.A., University of Ken- tucky. 31 Department of Social Science GARY M. GREEN, Instructor in Geog- raphy, B.A., M.A., University of Georgia. WILLIAM J. IKERMAN, Assistant Pro- fessor of History, B.S., M.A., Auburn University. KENNETH R. JOHNSON, Associate Professor of History, B.S., Troy State University; M.A., University of Ala- bama; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State Uni- versity. DALLAS M. LANCASTER, Associate Professor of Economics and History, B.S., Murray State University; M.A., George Peabody College. BILLY T. LINDSEY, Instructor in Sociology, B.S., Florence State Uni- versity; M.A., University of Mississippi. MARY JANE McDANIEL, Assistant Professor of History, B.S., Mississippi State College for Women; M.A., Ph.D., Mississippi State University. EARL W. McGEE, Professor of History, A.B., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., New York State College for Teachers; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. FRANK B. MALLONEE, JR., Associate Professor of Political Science and History, A.B., M.A ., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Emory University. MRS. MAURINE MANESS, Associate Professor of History, A.B., Western Kentucky University; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. THOMAS O. OTT, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Asbury College, M.A., Appalacian State Teachers College; Ph.D., University of Tennessee. JOHN W. POWERS, Assistant Professor of History, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., University of Texas. MERLE SHERMAN, Assistant Professor of Geography, B.Ed.. Moorhead State College; M.S., University of Wisconsin; University of Minnesota. C WILDER WATTS, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Hampden-Sydney College; LL.B.. University of Alabama; M.A., University of Virginia. LEONARD WIGON, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, A.B., Roosevelt University; M.A., University of Chicago. 32 Personnel Services and University Staff MRS. JEAN ATENCIO. Key Punch Operator MR. J. R. ATENCIO, JR.. Director, Data Processing Service MRS. BESSIE AUSTIN, Postal Clerk MRS. LINDA B. AUSTIN, Secretary to Treasurer MRS. CHRISTINA BENSON, Secretary to News Service Director MRS. JENOICE BEVIS, Key Punch Operator MRS. RUTH M. BIGGERS, L.P.N., Nurse MRS. MARY ALICE BRACKIN, Secretary to Finan- cial Aids Officer MRS. CAROLYN BURCH, B.S., Secretary to Regis- trar MRS. BARBARA BURGESS, Secretary to Financial Aids Officer MR. ALAN BURLESON, B.S., Director of the News Service MRS. LUCY L. BURROWS, L.P.N. Nurse MARTHA SUE BYRD, B.S., M.A.. Head Resident MRS. EMILY COLLIER, Secretary to the Dean of Women BARBARA COX, A.B., Secretary, Department of Education and Psychology MRS. FAYE H. CROCKER, B.S., M.A., Director of Career Development and Placement MRS. NANCY ELKINS, Secretary to the Treasurer MRS. DOROTHY ELLIOTT, Secretary to the Registrar MR. GILLIS EMMONS, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds MR. H. L. EMMONS, Campus Security Officer MR. H. J. ENGLISH, A.B., Assistant Treasurer MRS. JANET FAUCETT, Secretary to the Dean MR. ' RICHARD L. FREEMAN, Director. Wesley Foundation MRS. MURIEL GRUBBS, Switchboard Operator MRS. INEZ HALLMARK, Secretary to the Treasurer MRS. KATHRYN HARBIN, Secretary to the Registrar MRS. MABEL HARPER, Secretary to the Director, Kilby School MRS. BETTYE HARTUNG, Secretary to the Admin- istrative Assistant to the President MRS. MARTHA HENRY, Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs MRS. CYNTHIA HOVATER, Secretary. Audio-Visual Services 33 Personnel Services and University Staff MRS. W. R. TIPTON, B.S.. M.A., Hostess. Rogers Hall MRS. CAMILLA JOHNSON, Secretary to the Registrar CAROLYN RAE JONES, Secretary, Science Department MRS. MARY MANSELL, Secretary to Financial Aids Officer GEORGE B. MANUSH, Field Representative MRS. ADA RUTH MARKS, Secretary to the Treasurer MRS. NELL MILLER, Manager, University Stores MR. BILLY MITCHELL, B.S., Financial Aids Officer MRS. EVA N. MUSE. Secretary to the Administrative Assistant to the President MRS. MARY ADDIS PEACOCK, Secretary to the President MRS. SHARON PLEMONS, Secretary to the Regis- trar CHERYL PRESTON, B.S.. M.A., Head Resident MR. JAMES D. POUNDERS. B.S., Assistant to the Registrar MRS. LOU REID, Music Librarian Listening Center Supervisor MR. JOSEPH N. RICKARD, Buildings Supervisor LANA SUSAN ROBERTS, Secretary. Athletic Department MRS. JEANETTE P. ROCHESTER. Manager. Student Union MRS. CINDY SCARBOROUGH, Secretary, Career Development and Placement MR. B. J. SHARP, Campus Security Officer MR. J. P. SHARP, Campus Security Officer MRS. SYBIL STEVENS, Secretary to the Treasurer 34 UNDERCLASSMEN i i I f SI 1 A ' ! .v.i. .rr i I " ' Adams, Dorothy; Collinwood, Term.; Fr. Adams, James; Hamilton; Fr. Adams, Stanley; Ardmore, Tenn.; Fr. Addington, Jenny; Sheffield; Fr. Adkins, Randall; Florence; Soph. p sf L 4 J J fc Adkins, Vivian; Double Springs; Jr. Alexander, David; Decatur; Soph. Alexander, John; Carrollton; Soph. Alexander, Martha; Moulton: Soph. Alexander, Sylvia; Tuscumbia; Jr. Allen, Philip; Florence; Jr. Andrews, Regina; Waynesboro, Tenn.; Fr. Ange, Stanley; Florence; Jr. Arnold, Deborah; Huntsville; Fr. Arsement. Pat; Huntsville; Fr. Ashley, Conni; Reston, Va.; Jr. Atkins, Carol; Falkville; Fr. Atkins, Jo Anne; San Antonio, Tex.; Jr Austin, Edward; Decatur; Fr. Austin, Jimmy; Sheffield; Soph. t Austin, Mary; Sheffield; Soph. Ayers, Larry; Florence; Fr. Azbell, Katherine; Birmingham; Fr. Bacon, Phyllis; Muscle Shoals; Soph. Bailey, Willie; Killen; Fr. Baker, David; Hartselle; Jr. Baker, Michael; Hartselle: Fr. Balch, Charlotte; Lexington; Fr. Balch, Ellen; Athens; Soph. Barb, John; Huntsville; Soph. Barden, Richard; Huntsville; Soph. Barley, Sanford; Haleyville; Soph. Barnett, Johnnie; Florence; Soph. Barr, Billy; Florence; Soph. Barr, Linda; Florence; Soph. 38 Barr. Sue; Tuscumbia; Soph. Bartel, Debra; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Bartlett, James; Huntsville; Fr. Barry, Thomas; Huntsville; Soph. Beadle, Ellen; Florence; Jr. Beans, Majorie; Leighton; Fr. Beard, Nancy; Huntsville; Fr. Beasley, Mary; Tuscumbia; Fr. Beavers, Ronald; Lexington; Jr. Becker, Bob; Daytona Beach, Fla.; Soph. Beckham, Pat; Florence; Fr. Beckman, James: Tuscumbia; Soph. Behel, Cathy; Florence; Jr. Behel, Larry; Killen; Jr. Belew, Bethany; Decatur; Fr. Belew, Glenda; Rogersville; Fr. Belew, Phyllis; Lexington; Fr. Belew, Terry; Huntsville; Jr. Bendall, Elise; Sheffield; Soph. Bendall, Patricia; Tuscumbia; Fr Bernard, Susan; Tuscumbia; Soph. Berness, Kathy; Florence; Soph. Berry, Alice; Huntsville; Fr. Berry, Cynthia; Scottsboro; Fr. Berry, Janice; Cypress Inn, Tenn.; Fr. Berry, Philip; Florence; Fr. Berryman, Barney; Town Creek; Fr. Biggers, Billy; Florence; Soph. Bilstein, Lawrence; Florence; Soph. Bilstein, Robert; Florence; Jr. Burchfield, James; Florence; Fr. Birdwell, Sheila; Muscle Shoals; Jr. Bittenbender, George; Huntsville; Soph. Black, Ann; Huntsville; Fr. Black, Gregg; Florence; Jr. 39 Black, Larry; Hartselle; Soph. Blackburn, Diann; Florence; Fr. Blackburn, Edith; Red Bay; Soph. Blackwood, Charles; Hartselle; Fr. Blankenship, Paula; Tuscumbia; Soph. Boles, Charlotte; Huntsville; Soph. Bolton, Barbara; Russellville; Jr. Boyd, Steven; Killen; Jr. Bracken, Linda; Town Creek; Fr. Brackeen, Martha; Tuscumbia; Fr. Brannum, Susan; Huntsville; Soph. Brengelman, Alvin; Birmingham; Fr. Brewer, Brenda; St. Joseph, Tenn.; Fr. Brewer, Michael; Waynesboro, Tenn.; Soph. Brewer, Patsy; Moulton; Soph. Brewer, Stephen; Florence; Fr. Brewer, Teresa; Florence; Soph. Briggs, Robbie; Florence; Fr. Britnell, Steve; Decatur; Fr. Broadfoot, Joan; Florence; Soph. Broadway, Marsha; Elkmont; Soph. Brokaw, Sharon; Tuscumbia; Soph. Brooks, Meredith; luka, Miss.; Jr. Brooks, Roger; Moulton; Fr. Brooks, Travis; Albertville; Soph. Broome, Cheryl; Scottsboro; Soph. Broughton, Rayfield; Fayette; Fr. Brown, Dennis; Huntsville; Fr. Brown, Patrice; Town Creek; Jr. Brown, Sala; Athens; Fr. Brumley, Elizabeth; Tuscumbia; Soph. Brunsman, James; Nashville, Tenn.; Fr. Bryan, Jimmy; Athens; Fr. Bryan, Keith; Falkville; Fr. Buchanan, James; Florence; fr. 40 Bullard, Dennis; Florence; Soph. Burch. Palsy; Florence; Fr. Burch, Rita; Moulton; Fr. Burcham. Bobby; Russellville; Jr. Burcham, Charlotte; Russellville; Fr. Burden, Bobby; Leighton; Fr. Burden, Judith; Sheffield; Fr. Burgess, Dwight; Florence; Jr. Burkhalter, Edith; Tuscumbia; Jr. Burlingame, Susan; Wooster, Ohio; Fr. Burnett, Jeanne; Florence; Fr. Burns, Helton; Florence; Soph. Burrows, Arthur; Florence; Fr. Burton, Dennis; Florence; Fr. Bush. Frank; Birmingham; Fr. Butler, Mary; Florence; Jr. Byler, Edgar; Collinwood, Tenn.; Fr Byrd, Betty; Hillsboro; Jr. Byrd, Gloria; Muscle Shoals; Soph. Byrd, Palmer; Birmingham; Jr. Cagle, Brenda; Rogersville; Soph Cain, Terry; Florence; Jr. Callaway, Lona; Lincroft; Fr. Camp, Glenda; Hanceville; Soph. Campbell, Deborah; Fackler; Fr. Campbell, Sherry; Tuscumbia; Fr. Cannon, Janet; Phil Campbell; Jr. Carpenter, George; Tuscumbia; Soph Carroll, Kenneth; Florence; Soph. Carroll, Paul; Huntsville; Soph. Carter, Ethel; Huntsville; Fr. Carter, Sandra; Florence; Soph. Carter, William; Sheffield; Fr. Casteel, Ellen; Florence; Fr. Caudill, Charles; Sheffield; Soph 41 Cauthen, Steven; Florence; Fr. Chandler, Cathy; Athens; Fr. Chapman, Virginia; Pleasant Grove; Jr. Chapin, Elizabeth; Florence; Fr. Childers, Pamela; Ft. Lauderdale Fla.; Soph. Childress, Ronald; Athens; Fr. Chiriaco, Debbie; Florence; Fr. Chism, May; Sheffield; Fr. Christian, Belinda; Birmingham; Soph. Christian, Wanda; Birmingham; Soph. Christopher, Horace; Athens; Jr. Clardy, Bobby; Rogersville; Fr. Clardy, Maxme; Rogersville; Fr. Clark, Dianne; Savannah, Tenn.; Jr. Clark, Gary; Florence; Jr. Clayton, Pamela; Florence; Jr. Clem, Nancy; Athens; Jr. Clemmons, Carolyn; Florence; Fr. demons, Arthur; Florence; Fr. Cleveland. Linda; Guntersville; Soph Cobbs, Belvia; Leighton; Fr. Cobbs, Pat; Falkville; Jr. Coburn, Thomas; Tuscumbia; Soph. Coggm. Judy; Ardmore; Jr. Coffey, Jacque; Moulton; Soph. c Coffey. Nancy; Courtland; Jr. Coker, Lisa; Sheffield; Fr. Cole, Charles; Cullman; Soph. Cole, Thomas; Waynesboro, Tenn.; Soph. Collier, Sally; Hanceville; Soph. Collier. Sharon; Cullman; Jr. Collins, Lakin; Athens; Jr. Collins. Michael; Decatur; Fr. Connatser, Thomas; Tuscumbia; Jr. Conner, Billy; Florence; Jr. 42 Conner, Charles- Town Creek; Soph. Cook, Brenda; Florence; Fr. Cooper, Angela; Florence; Fr. Cooper, Debra; Decatur; Fr. Cooper, Jane; Russellville; Jr. Cooper, Ronald; Hamilton; Fr. Copeland. Helen; Sheffield; Fr. Cornelius, Glenda; Cherokee; Fr. Corp, Kathryn; Huntsvitle; Fr. Corum. Martha; Ypsilanti, Mich.; Fr. Counts, Danny; Russellville; Fr. Counts, Rodger; Town Creek; Jr Cox, Carolyn; Lexington; Fr. Cox, Carolyn; Florence; Jr. Cox, Martina; Athens; Jr. Cox, Nancy; Florence; Fr. Craig, Jerry; Athens; Fr. Crawford, Anna; Florence; Fr Creasy, Cathy; Cloverdale; Jr Creasy, Oonica; Florence; Fr. Creel, Larry; Holly Pond; Jr. C reel, Mary ane; Florence; Jr. Crews, Ted; Sheffield; Fr. Cross, Elizabeth; Florence; Fr. Cross, Randy; Zip City, Tenn.; Soph Crosslin, William; Florence; Fr. Crownover, Georgia; Florence; Fr. Culver, Patsy; Decatur; Fr. Currier, Catherine; Sheffield; Soph. Daily, Freda; Cherokee; Jr. Da Da Da Da Da s, Carol; Columbia, Tenn.; Soph s, Carolyn; Athens; Soph, is, John; Tuscumbia; Jr. is, Joyce; Florence; Fr. is, Karen; Florence; Jr. 43 Davis, Linda; Cherokee; Soph. Davis, Linda; Spruce Pine; Jr. Davis, Marqueta; Russellville; Fr. Davis, Richard; Sheffield; Fr. Davis, Richard; Hamilton; Soph. Dawson, Virginia; Town Creek; Fr. Deatherage, Mary Ann; Fr. Defoor, Shirley; Haleyville; Jr. Deitz, Jacqueline; Muscle Shoals; Fr. DeMorse, Carlton; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Denton, Carolyn; Tuscumbia; Fr. Dobbs, Martha; Haleyville; Fr. Dobson, Janice; Florence; Jr. Dorough, Deborah; Huntsville; Soph. Doss, Paula; Tuscumbia; Fr. W- fl ' ? Dougherty, David; Alexandria, Va.; Fr. Dougless, Diane; Tuscumbia; Soph. Dover, Larry; Haleyville; Jr. Downing, Gea; Florence; Jr. Draper, Raymond; Athens; Soph. Droke, William; Russellville; Jr. Duggar, Cassandra; Haleyville; Fr. Duncan, Jon; Florence; Soph. Durham, Evelyn; Florence; Fr. Easterwood, Melanie; Sheffield; Fr. Eaves, Linda; Moulton; Fr. Edwards, Ann; Decatur; Fr. Edwards, Anna; Waynesboro, Tenn.; Fr. Edwards, Billy; Decatur; Soph. Edwards, Mary; Huntsville; Fr. Edwards, Ronald; Florence; Jr. Elayan, Fatmeh; Decatur; Jr. Elliott, Deborah; Florence; Fr. Elliott, Patti; Florence; Jr. Ellis, Madolyn; Florence; Soph. Ellis, Melanie; Florence; Fr. Ellis, Ronnie; Hamilton; Fr. Elmore, Jerry; Florence; Jr. Emens, Steven; Sheffield; Jr. England, Kathy; Florence; Fr. England, Nancy; Sheffield; Soph. Ennis, Paul; Athens; Fr. Estes, Sharon; Winfield; Fr. Evans, Constance; Athens; Jr. Evans, Dwight; Hillsboro; Fr. Evans, Janet; Athens; Jr. Evans, Ruth; Decatur; Jr. Evers, Mildred; Florence; Fr. Evers, Milton; Florence; Jr. Faulkner, Jimmy; Florence; Fr Faulkner, Doyle; Florence; Fr. Fielder, Linda; Tuscumbia; Soph. Fikes, Tommy; Hamilton; Jr. Finley, Cathy; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Fisher, Doug; Decatur; Fr. Fisher, Jeannie; Huntsville; Fr. Fisher, Teresa; Russellville; Fr. Flippo, Harold; Florence; Soph. Floyd, Debbie; Florence; Fr. Ford, David; Sulligent: Fr. Ford, Lee; Florence; Fr. Foster, Gail; Florence; Soph. Foster, Jean; Florencej Fr. Foster, Mary; Tuscumbia; Fr. Fowler, Howard; Florence; Soph. Fox, Judith; Huntsville; Fr. Franks, Peggy; Lutts, Tenn.; Fr. Franks, Dale; Lutts, Tenn.; Jr. Frawley, Anita; Florence; Jr. Frawley, Jean; Tuscumbia; Soph. 45 Frazier, Shelia; Waterloo; Fr. Frederick, Sonja; Haleyville; Fr. Freeman, Robert; Oneonta; Fr. French. Christy; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Fr. Fretwell, Carol; Florence; Jr. Frey. Pamela; Florence; Fr. Fuller, Dawn; Huntsville; Sr. Gables, Cheryl; Florence; Fr. Gardner, Earl; Florence; Jr. Gargis, Roland; Sheffield; Fr. Garrison, Michael; Huntsville; Fr. Gasque, Benny; Tuscumbia; Fr. Gasque, Roger; Leighton; Fr. Gates, Philip; Greenwich, Conn.; Fr. Gautney, Laura; Killen; Fr. Gean, Thomas; Florence; Fr. Geiger, Ruth; Huntsville; Fr. Gibbens, Leslie; Florence; Jr. Gibbs, Mary; Barton; Fr. Gillespie, Gwen; Hillsboro; Fr. Glasgow. Juanita; Russellville; Jr. Glass, Elizabeth; Russellville; Jr. Glasscock, Elizabeth; Florence; Jr. Glover, Charles; Lexington; Soph. Glover, David; Lexington; Fr. Goad, Cynthia; Florence; Fr. Goodwin, Gwen; Florence; Fr. Goode, Pamela; Florence; Soph. Gosa, Vickie; Union Grove; Fr. Goss, Jenni; Florence; Fr. Gramling, Freddie; Montgomery; Fr. Gray, Carleen; Florence; Soph. Gray, John; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Green, Charlene; Rogersville; Soph. Green, Janet; Russellville; Fr. 46 fexsl . Green. Barbara; Madison; Fr. Green. Larry; Loretto. Tenn.; Fr. Green, Roger; St. Joseph, Tenn.; Fr. Green, Ronald; Florence; Fr. Green, Steven; Brilliant; Jr. Greene, Ed; Rogersville; Fr. Greene, John; Condova; Fr. Greenhill, James; Tuscumbia; Fr. Griffith, Cheri; Florence; Fr. Grisham. Ethel; Athens; Fr. Guthrie, Teressa; Nauvoo; Fr. Gwathney, Paula; Scottsboro; Jr. Hackworth, Isaac; Florence; Fr. Haddock, Billy; Florence; Soph. Haeger, John; Florence; Soph. Hairell. Lewis; Florence; Jr. Hale, Jimmie; Florence; Fr. Haley, Ruth; Fayette; Fr. Hall, Brenda; Addison; Fr. Hall, Janice; Addison; Jr. Hall, Katrina; Florence; Soph. Hall, Edwin; Florence; Jr. Hallmark, Coy; Sheffield: Fr. Hahn, Edward; Huntsville; Soph. Hambrick. James; Decatur; Jr. Hamilton, Joan; Rogersville; Fr. Hamilton, Kathryn; Birmingham; Soph. Hamilton, Pamella; Cherokee; Fr. Hamlin, Johnnie; Florence; Fr. Hamm, Richard; Florence; Jr. Grisham, James; Florence; Jr. Grissom, David; Florence; Fr. Grove, Mickie; Florence; Soph. Guilian, Sharon; Huntsville; Fr. Guilhouma. Larry; Fulton, Ohio 47 Hammond, Connie; Lexington; Jr. Hammond, James; Cullman; Soph. Hammond, Jan; Sheffield; Fr. Hand, Sharon; Huntsville; Fr. Hannah, Deborah; Florence; Fr. Hannah, Patricia; Rogersville; Soph Hannon, Edgar; Sheffield; Fr. Haraway, Arlene; Rogersville; Soph. Haraway. Cecil; Rogersville; Soph. Hardin, Gary; Union Grove; Fr. Hardin, Janice; Red Bay; Fr. Hardgrove, Carol; Huntsville; Fr. Hardy, Lyndell; Huntsville; Fr. Hargett, Dwain; Russellville; Jr. Hargett, Jeannie; Hamilton; Fr. Hargett, Jerry; Florence; Soph. Harot, Charles; Iron City, Tenn.; Soph, Harper, Linda; Russellville; Jr. Harrell, Cathy; Killen; Fr. Harrell, Kay; Tuscumbia; Jr. Harris, Ginger; Trinity; Fr. Harris, Grace; Tuscumbia; Jr. Harrison, Anne; Florence; Jr. Hartley, Judy; Florence; Soph Hartley, Debby; Florence; Jr. i Harvey, Sandra; Rogersville; Fr. Haskins, Patricia; Sheffield; Soph. Hastings. Marisa; Florence; Jr. Hatfield, Lanny; Florence; Fr. Hatfield, Nancy; Mt. Olive; Fr. Hayer, James; Killen; Fr. Hayes, Donna; Florence; Fr. Hayes, Cynthia; Florence; Fr. Hayes, Leslie; Florence; Fr. Hayes, Nancy; Haleyville; Fr. 48 _ Hayes, Theresa; Florence; Soph. Haygood, Mary; Florence; Jr. Haynes, Donna; Florence; Fr. Haynes, Peggy; Florence; Jr. Haynes, Susan; Florence; Soph. Head, Sharyn; Russellville; Jr. Hearn, Hubert; Sheffield; Fr. Heflin, Martha; Moulton; Jr. Hedges, Cheryl; Huntsville; Jr. Hembree, Donna; Huntsville; Fr. Henderson, David; Decatur; Fr. Henderson, Elizabeth; Florence; Soph. Henderson, Lucretia; Falkville; Fr. Henson. Jennifer; Florence; Fr. Henson, Karen; Huntsville; Fr. Herndon, Robert; Hatchechubbee; Fr Herring, Kathy; Hodges; Jr. Herring, Melinda; Phil Campbell; Jr. Herston, Richard; Anderson; Jr. Hess, Eugene; Scottsboro; Soph. Hester, Sandra; Tuscumbia; Fr. Helmick, Gary; Florence; Fr. Herndon, Debbie; Decatur; Soph. Herrin, Molly; Florence; Fr. Hester, Pamela; Vina; Fr. Hester, Shirley; Florence; Fr. Hertha, Bobbi; Huntsville; Fr. Hicks, Richard; Florence; Soph. Hill, Dianne; Russellville; Soph. Hine, Betty; St. Joseph, Tenn.; Fr. Hogan, Barbara; Elkmont; Jr. Hogan, Scotty; Danville; Fr. Holdbrooks, Sheilah; Haleyville; Jr. Holden, Dennis; Florence; Fr. Holder, Rosemarie; Sheffield; Fr. 49 Holliman, Paige; Florence; Soph. Hollis, Evelyn; Florence; Jr. Hollon, Hugh; Huntsville; Fr. Holmes, Nancy; Sheffield; Soph. Holt, Cheryl; Killen; Soph. Holt, Anita; Winthrop Harbor, Holt, Nancy; Florence; Fr. Honey, Linda; Tuscumbia; Jr. Hood, Elizabeth; Florence; Fr. Hooper, Martha; Scottsboro; Soph. Hopper, Rebecca; Florence; Jr. Houk, Gayle; Gurley; Jr. House, Robert; Florence; Soph. Howard, Conny; Sheffield; Jr. Howard, Gail; Lexington; Soph. Howell, Felton; Haleyville; Soph. Hovater, John; Tuscumbia; Jr. Hovater, Judy; Russellville; Soph. Huckaba, Hilda; Rogersville, Jr. Hudson, Larry; Florence; Soph. Huffman, Terry; Huntsville; Fr. Hughes, Nathan; Florence; Jr. Hume, Patricia; Florence; Soph. Humphres, Jim.; Zion, 111.; Jr. Hunnicutt, Cathy; Huntsville; Jr. I Hutchens, Rickey; Decatur; Jr. Hutchinson, Ann; Florence; Soph. Hyde, Gregory; Florence; Soph. Hyde, Judith; Miami, Fla.; Soph. Hyde, Paula; Haleyville; Fr. Hyfield, Deborah; Huntsville; Soph. IRard, Jan; Madison; Fr. Irons, Nelda; Florence; Soph. isbell. Eddie; Huntsville; Fr. Isbell, Lionel; Florence; Fr. 50 Isbell, Terry: Tuscumbia; Soph. Jacobs, Charlotte; Cullman; Jr. Jackson. Janet; Florence; Fr. James, Grady; Tuscumbia; Jr. James, Karen; St. Louis, Mo.; Fr. James, Kenneth; Russellville; Jr. James, Rhonda; Florence; Soph. James, Trenton; Russellville; Jr. Jarrett, Billy; Athens; Jr. Jams, Jonathon; Birmingham; Jr. Johnson, John; Huntsville; Soph. Johnson, Mary; Cullman; Fr. Johnson, Nancy; Huntsville; Fr. Johnson, Pamela; Hartselle; Soph Johnson, Robert; Huntsville; Fr. Jones, Connie; Huntsville; Fr. Jones, Deborah; Lexington; Jr. Jones. Gail; Florence; Soph. Jones, Jeri; Huntsville; Fr. Jones, Marjorie; Killen; Soph. Jeffreys, Leslie; Tuscumbia; Soph Jeffreys, Peggy; Hamilton; Jr. Jefferys, Stevie; Town Creek; Fr. Johns, Meritta; Florence; Fr. Johnson, Debbie; Huntsville; Fr. Johnson, Sally; Athens; Soph. Johnson, William; Muscle Shoals City; Fr. Joly, William; Muscle Shoals City; Soph. Jones, Amy; Decatur; Soph. Jones, Ann; Haleyville; Soph. Jones, Paula; Hanceville; Soph. Jones, Regina; Harvard, III.; Fr. Jones, Thomas; Decatur; Fr. Jones, Thomas S.; Russellville; Soph. Jones, Verbon; Florence; Fr. 51 Jordon, Andrea; Florence; Fr. Jordon, Debra; Florence; Fr. Justice, Sherry; Muscle Shoals City; Fr Kachelman, Linda; Huntsville; Fr. Keel, James; Huntsville; Fr. Keenum, Patricia; Florence; Fr. Keeton. Donna; Florence; Fr. Keeton, Virginia; Cherokee; Fr. Keller, Carol; Scottsboro; Soph. Keller, Jean; Scottsboro; Fr. Kelley, Gary; Iron City, Tenn.; Fr Kelly. Geraldine; Sheffield; Fr. Kelly, Judy; Red Bay; Jr. Kelly, William; Moulton; Soph. Kelso, Carol; Florence; Fr. Kendnck. Michael; Tuscumbia; Fr. Kennamer, Deborah; Sheffield; Soph. Kennedy, Thomas; Sheffield; Soph. Kennemer, Mary Ellen; Athens; Jr. Kerr, Shelia; Hamilton; Fr. Killgore, Janice; Florence; Fr. King, Laura; Huntsville; Soph. King, Nancy; Birmingham; Jr. King, Vickie; Sheffield; Fr. Kirk, Michael; St. Joseph, Tenn.; Soph. Kirk, Sonny; Athens; Fr. Konig, Karen; Minor Hill, Tenn.; Soph. Koob, Laurie; Florence; Fr. Lambert, Brian; Florence; Soph. Lammers, Linda; Huntsville; Soph. Landers, Hubert; Leighton; Fr. Lang, Hansell; Decatur; Soph. Lanier, Nancy; Huntsville; Soph. Lann, Brenda; Haleyville; Fr. Lansdell, Earl; Florence; Jr. 52 Lash. Charlie; Florence; Fr. Lebowski, David; Arab; Jr. Leckenby, Stephen; Florence; Fr. Ledbetter, Susan; Rogersville: Fr. Lee. George; Florence; Fr. Lee, Reeda; Tuscumbia; Fr. Lemley, Barbara; Grant; Jr. Lenz, Mary; Muscle Shoals; Jr. Leslie, Danny; Florence; Soph. Lester, Pamela; Florence; Soph. Letson, Ann; Courtland; Jr. Lewey. Michael; Florence; Soph. Lewis, Becky; Florence; Jr. Lewis, Barbara; Florence; Soph. Lewis, David; Florence; Fr. Ligon, Deborah; Tuscumbia; Fr. Ligon, Linda; Florence; Fr. Lindsey, Carol; Florence; Fr. Lisby, Cynthia; Tuscumbia; Fr. Little, Rodger; Altoona; Jr. Littrell, Wesley; Florence; Fr. Loyd, Thomas; Sheffield; Jr. Lockhart, Christine; Florence; Fr. Lett, Deborah; Florence; Fr. Lovelady, Billy; Hartsell; Fr. (?ft tH it Lovett, Sandra; Florence; Fr. Lowery. Jerry; Leighton; Jr. Lowery, Lynne; Leighton; Fr. Lowery, Paula; Huntsville; Fr. Lyle, Dianne; Florence; Soph. Lyle, James; Florence; Soph. Lyles, Daniel; Florence; Soph. Lynn, Nancy; Jasper; Fr. McAnally, Howard; Huntsville; Fr. McBride, Michael; Decatur; Soph. 53 McCaghren, Sherry; Danville; Jr McCafferty, Charles; Killen; Fr. McCafferty, William; Killen; Fr. McCaleb, Sheila; Fayette; Jr. MoCarver, Lana; Fayette; Jr. McCary, Richard; Huntsville; Fr. McClain, Larry; Florence; Fr. McClendon, Nancy; Moulton; Jr. McClure, Betty; Florence; Soph. McCollum, Danny; Florence; Fr. McCord, Judy; Florence; Fr. McCorkle, Georgia; Tuscumbia; Jr. McCormack. Carrie; Sheffield; Jr. McCormick, Randy; Rogersville; Fr McCreless, Mary; Town Creek; Fr. McCulloch, Belinda; Decatur; Fr. McCulloch, Julianne; Tuscumbia; Fr McCulloch, Pam; Decatur; Fr. McCune, Garey; Athens; Soph. McDowell, Charlotte; Red Bay; Jr. I I McDowell, Kathy; Newark, III.; Fr. McDowell, Louisa; Florence; Fr. McGahey, Judy; Fayette; Fr. McGee, Kathy; Florence; Fr. McGill, Deborah; Florence; Fr. Frankie; luka, Miss.; Jr. McGrady, Carl; Florence; Soph. McGregor, Virginia; Florence; Soph. McFall, Joan; Florence; Fr. McFall, Ann; Florence; Soph. McKee, Janice; Florence; Fr. McKinney, Ronald; Tuscumbia; Fr. McManus, Diann; Cherokee; Jr. McMillan, Carolyn; Florence; Soph. McMillan, Charles; Florence; Jr. 54 McWilliams, Christopher; Tuscumbia; Soph. McWilliams, John; Tuscumbia; Soph. Machen. Cora; Etowah. Tenn.; Jr. Machen, Sue; Scottsboro: Soph. Maddox, Phillip; Florence; Fr. Maddox, Sherry; Fayette; Fr. Malone. Barbara; Tuscumbia; Fr. Malone, Betty; Elkmont; Jr. Malone, Kathy; Tuscumbia; Fr. Malone. Robert; Florence; Soph. Mann. Roger; Florence; Fr. Marbut, Dianna; Elkmont; Fr. Marks. James; Sheffield; Soph. Martin, Jeanette; Florence; Soph Martin, Lydia; Spruce Pine; Fr. Martin, Peggy; Russellville; Soph. Mason, Judy; Arab; Soph. Mason, Mayzola; Florence; Jr. Massey, Freda; Huntsville; Jr. May, Betty; Sheffield; Fr. May, Carolyn; Florence; Fr. May, Richard; Florence; Jr. May. Wanda; Florence; Fr. Mayes, Bobby; Loretto, Tenn.; Soph Mays, Peggy; Florence; Jr. Mays, Sandra; Phil Campbell; Jr. Mayfield, Carolyn; Muscle Shoals; Soph. Mayfield, Roger; Muscle Shoals; Soph. Meadows, Lynn; Sheffield; Soph. Mecke, Emmalee; Florence; Fr. Medina, Ronnie; Huntsville; Soph. Medley, Oma; Childersburg; Jr. Michelotti, Romano; Tuscumbia; Jr. Miller, Lillian; Huntsville; Fr. Miller, Sarah; Brownsboro; Soph. 55 Mills, Janice; Winfield; Soph. Mitchell, Nelda; Sheffield; Soph. Mitchell, Sammy; Phil Cambell: Jr. Mitchell, Wanda; Florence; Jr. Mitchell, Wallace; Town Creek; Jr. Minor, Betty; Haleyville; Jr. Mobley, Bobby; Athens; Fr. Montgomery, June; Leighton; Fr. Mood, Marilyn; Huntsville; Jr. Moody, Patricia; Cherokee; Fr. Moomaw, Martha; Florence; Fr. Moure, Ann; Belmont, Miss.; Jr. Moore, Marcia; Smyrna, Tenn.; Fr. Moore, Sarah; Florence, Fr. Moran, Teresa; Florence; Soph. Morris, Janice; Town Creek; Jr. Morris, John; Florence; Soph. Morris, Van; Florence; Fr. Morrison, Bonnie; Town Creek; Jr. Morrow, John; Florence; Jr. Morrow, Robert; Florence; Fr. Morrow, Robert !_.; Florence; Soph. Morton, Deborah; Tuscumbia; Fr. Mullins, Debbie; Florence; Soph. Mullins, Susan; Florence; Fr. Murks, Linda; Florence; Soph. Murphy, Cherryl; Florence; Fr. Mylo, Julie; Athens; Soph. Myrick, Betty; Florence; Fr. Myrick, Mattie; Trafford; Fr. Myrick, Scottie; Killen; Fr. Naves, Connie; Elkmont; Fr. Nelson, Janice; Athens; Fr. Nelson, Reita; Falkville; Soph. Newbern, Gerald; Florence; Fr. 56 ,, Newton, Johnny; Memphis, Tenn.; Jr. Nix, Katherine; Florence; Fr. Nix, Michael; Florence; Fr. Norris, Gerald; Florence; Fr. Morris. Susan; Huntsville; Soph. Norton, Ricky; Russellville; Fr. Norwood, Don; Guin; Soph. Norwood, Rodney; St. Joseph, Tenn.; Fr. Nuss, Judie; Hanceville; Soph. f Ft . Oakley, Steve; Florence; Fr. O ' Connor, Karen; Loretto, Tenn.; Fr. Ogletree. Linda; Sheffield; Jr. Oleham, Edythe; Florence; Jr. Oliver, Charles; Sheffield; Soph. Oliver, Sharon; Sheffield; Fr. Orman, Carloyn; Fulton, Ohio; Soph. Osterheld, Kay; Athens; Soph. Owen, Bobby; Florence; Grad. Student Owens, Kaye; Anderson; Soph. Owens, Wayne; Cherokee; Jr. Pace, Dianne; Russellville; Soph. Patrick, Roy; Cherokee; Jr. Patterson, Greg; Huntsville; Jr. Patterson, Steve; Florence; Fr. Parker, Glen; Killen; Jr. Parker, Donald; Killen; Jr. Parker, Randy; Florence; Fr. Parker, Teresia; Union Grove; Soph. Passero, Frances; Huntsville; Fr. Peebles, Anthony; Sheffield; Fr. Peeden, Kathryn; Florence; Fr. Penney, Robert; Huntsville; Fr. Pennington, Jerry; Tuscumbia; Soph. Pennington, Marsha; Russellville; Fr. Peters, Janet; Florence; Fr. 57 Phillips, Charles; Birmingham; Fr Phillips, Ronald; Sheffield; Soph. Pickard, Judy; Bear Creek; Jr. Pickard, Rhonda; Florence; Fr. Piery, Frances; Decatur Fr. Pigg, Sharon; Florence; Jr. Pinkard, Judith; Phil Campbell; Jr Pipkins, Dottie; Huntsville; Soph. Pitcock, Robert; Decatur; Jr. Pizer, Dwanelle; Florence; Soph. Plyler, Joe; Guin; Soph. Poe, Gary; Russellville; Jr. Pollard. Janie; Savannah, Tenn.; Jr. Poston, JoAnne; Waterloo; Soph. Powell, Donnie; Five Points, Tenn.; Soph. Pratt, Ronald; North Adams, Mass.; Soph Pratt, Trudy; Hemingway, S. C.; Jr. Prestage, Diane; Florence; Fr. Pride, Bobby; Decatur; Jr. Priest, Marlon; Moulton; Fr. i Prince, Mickey; Huntsville; Jr. Pruitt, Janice; Florence; Soph. Pugh, Myra; Evergreen; Soph. Purvey, Jane; Rogersville; Soph. Putman, Annette; Rogersville; Soph. Pylant, David; Florence; Sr. Pylant, Mitzi; Florence; Jr. Ramsden, John; Athens; Jr. Randle, Zethelyn; Florence; Jr. Rasbury, Brenda; Beaverton: Soph. Rasch, Barbara; Florence; Fr. Redding, Martha; Florence; Fr. Rehberg, William; Muscle Shoals City; Fr. Reid, Tana; Tuscumbia; Fr. Reitzel, Cindy; Huntsville; Fr. Reynolds, Kay; Russellville; Fr. Rhodes. Cathy; Florence; Fr. Rice, Ramona; Florence; Soph. Richard. Sandra; Cullman; Soph. Richards, Vickie; Florence; Fr. Richardson, Albert; Florence; Soph. Richardson, Beverly; Iron City, Tenn.; Soph. Richardson, Charlotte; Florence; Jr. Richardson, Hilda; Florence; Jr. Richardson, John; West Islip, N.Y.; Jr. Richardson, Robert; Tuscumbia; Soph. Richardson, Vickie; Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Fr. Rickard, Barbara; Florence; Fr. Ricks, Dorothy; Sheffield; Jr. Riddell. Marshall; Florence; Fr. Riddle, William; Haleyville; Jr. Ridgeway, Mary; Huntsville; Fr. Ridley, Richard; Panama City, Fla.; Soph. Riese, Brent; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Jr. Riggs, Debra; Florence; Jr. Riggs, Jane; Mt. Hope; Jr. Ritter, Paula; Lexington; Jr. Roach, Polly; Florence; Fr. Robbins, Dalton; Tuscumbia; Fr. Roberson, Larry; Florence; Fr. Roberts. Jane; Bridgewater, Va.; Fr. Roberts, John; Florence; Jr. Robinson, Barbara; Huntsville; Soph Robinson, Gwendolyn; Florence; Fr. Robinson, Donald; Florence; Jr. Rodgers, Joseph; New Market; Fr. Rogers, Alice; Rogersville; Soph. Rogers, Deborah; Athens; Fr. Rogers, Ronald; Rogersville; Jr. Rohling, Ann; Florence; Jr. 59 Rohling, Eleanor; Florence; Jr. Rohling, Evelyn; Florence; Fr. Rorrtine, Cathy; Florence; Fr. Romine, Charlotte; Cullman; Soph Romine, Sherri; Sheffield; Fr. Rose, Sandra; Florence; Fr. Rouse. Joan; Red Bay; Fr. Ruffner, Cynthia; Decatur; Soph. Ruhl, Carol; Florence; Soph. Russel, Phyllis; Florence; Fr. Rutledge. Susan; Cullman; Fr. Ryder, Curtis; Florence; Jr. Saba, Doris; Huntsville; Fr. Safford, John; Florence; Fr. Sanborn. Deborah; Huntsville: Ft Sanders, Marsha; Huntsville; Fr. Sanderson, Claire; Florence; Jr. Sanderson, Jimmy; Athens; Soph. Sanderson, Patricia; Mad ison; Jr. Sandy, Lindy; Tanner; Soph. Sandy, Diane; Tuscumbia; Soph. Schmidlkofer, John; Florence; Fr. Schnetzler, Brenda; Huntsville; Fr. Scruggs, Rebecca; Courtland; Jr. Seely, Cynthia; Huntsville; Fr. Segrest, Mary; Athens; Fr. Self, Barbara; Haleyville; Jr. Self, Doris; Sheffield; Soph. Self, Ivan; Decatur; Jr. Sellers, Alan; Florence; Fr. Sewell, John; Lexington: Fr. Shackelford, Edward; Russellville; Jr Shannon, Gary; Athens; Fr. Sharp, Sandra; Florence; Fr. Sharp. Joyce; Florence; Soph. 60 Sharp, Nathalie; Florence; Soph. Shaw. Michael; Athens; Soph. Shedd, Carol; Russellville; Fr. Shedd, Russell; Russellville; Fr. Shell, Ethridge; Cloverdale; Jr. Shelton, Buddy; Hunisville, Jr. Shelton, James; Huntsville; Soph. Shewbart, Diana; Red Bay; Jr. Shewbart, Freda; Red Bay; Soph. Shrader, Cathie; Huntsville; Fr. Simmons, Fred; Leighton; Fr. Simmons, Jeanette; Cloverdale; Fr. Simpson, Martha; Florence; Fr. Simons. Joyce; Florence; Fr. Simpson. Louise; Garden City; Soph Singleton, Mary; Vina; Jr. Slack, Judith; Florence; Fr. Sla ten, Lynne; Lacey ' s Spring; Soph Slatton, Barry; Florence; Soph. Sledge, Connie; Rodgersville; Soph Sloan, James; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Smelley, Lawrence; Florence; Soph. Smith, Benny; Tuscumbia; Fr. Smith, Betty; Vinemont; Soph. Smith, Brad; Birmingham; Soph. Smith, Carole; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Smith, Cleve; Huntsville; Jr. Smith, Debra; Florence; Fr. Smith, Herman; Ellijay, Ga.; Jr. Smith, James; Rogersville; Fr. Smith, Jamie; Tuscumbia; Fr. Smith, Janice; Town Creek; Fr. Smith. Janice; Muscle Shoals; Soph. Smith, Jerry; Decatur; Fr. Smith, Jerry V.; Arab; Jr. 61 Smith, Kathy; Haleyville; Soph. Smith, Larry; Jacksonville, Fla.; Soph Smith, Larry R.; Florence; Jr. Smith, Martha; Red Bay; Jr. Smith, Roberta; Florence; Fr. Smith, Vikki; Spruce Pine; Jr. Smothers, Stephen; Addison; Jr. Snellgrove, Janice; Huntsville; Soph. Snow, Virginia; Anniston; Fr. Snyder, Cynthia; Tuscumbia; Fr. Sockwell, Jacqueline; Muscle Shoals City; Soph. Sorrell, Brenda: Decatur; Fr. Sorrelle, Paula; Warrior; Fr. Southern, Regena; Addison; Soph. Sparks, Rebekah; Tuscumbia; Fr. 62 Spencer, Herman; Fulton, Miss.; Fr. Springer, Wesley; Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Fr. Spry, Cindy; Florence; Fr. Spurlock, Carlton; Huntsville; Fr. Staggs, Karen; Florence; Fr. Stamper, Gloria; Florence; Jr. Stanford, Doris; Russellville; Jr. Stanly, Timothy; Huntsville; Soph. Stansell, Doris; Tuscumbia; Soph. Stansell, James; Muscle Shoals City; Fr. Stell. Teresa; Tuscumbia; Soph. Stephens, Barry; Birmingham; Jr Stevenson, David; Florence; Jr. Stewart, David; Sheffield; Soph. Stewart, John; Tuscumbia; Jr. Stewart, Nancy; Florence; Jr. Stewart. Robert; Florence; Fr. Stewart, Sherry; Athens; Soph. Stewart, Steven; Huntsville; Jr. Stiles, Judy; Gurley; Fr. Stockton, Sondra; Florence; Fr. Stricklin, Rebecca; Savannah, Tenn.; Soph. Stults, Rebecca; Florence; Fr. Sublet!, Suzanne; Louisville, Ky.; Soph. Sutler, Danny; Florence; Fr. Swanger, Faith; Fremont, Ohio; Soph. Swanner, DiAnne; Athens; Soph. Tallman, Doug; Florence; Fr. Tank, Wanda; Killen; Fr. Tarbox, Dorothy; Ashtabula, Ohio; Jr. Tate, Marsha; Killen; Jr. Tate, Venita; Killen; Fr. Taylor, Cynthia; Elkmont; Soph. Taylor, Eugenia; Birmingham; Fr. Taylor, James; Florence; Jr. Taylor, Jerry; Decatur; Jr. Taylor, Shirley; Russellville; Soph, lays, Barry; Killen; Jr. Tays, Dwight; Rogersville; Jr. Terry, Gary; Florence; Fr. Thigpen, Judith; Killen; Fr. Thigpen, Mary Jane; Florence; Soph. Thigpen, Sharron; Tuscumbia; Soph. Thigpen, Timothy; Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Fr Thomas, Betty; Guntersville; Jr. Thomas, Garon; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Thomas, Rudy; Hamilton; Jr. Thompson, Avery; Sheffield; Fr. Thompson, Barbara; Florence; Fr. Thompson, Billy; Russellville; Jr. Thompson, Randy; Town Creek; Fr. Thompson, Rebecca; Lexington; Soph Thompson, William; Florence; Soph. Thompson, Vicki; Tuscumbia; Fr. Thorne, Brenda; Florence; Soph. 63 Thornton, Kalhy D.; Florence; Fr. Thornton, Kathy J.; Russellville; Fr. Thornton, Peggy; Rogersville; Jr. Threet, James; Florence; Fr. Tidwell, Jerry; Killen; Jr. " - ' ,1 Tomlinson, Martha; Rogersville; Soph. Tompkins, Charles; Tuscumbia; Soph. Topham, Elizabeth; Wuntsville; Fr. Topham, Everett; Huntsville; Fr. Traughber, Edward; Sheffield; Soph. Tribble, Leila; Athens; Fr. Trousdale, Jackie; Sheffield; Soph. Tucker, Don; Florence; Jf. Tucker. Sammy; Russellville; Jr. Turk, Larry; Birmingham; Soph. - t Turner, Larry; Florence; Fr. Turvey, Susan; Huntsville; Fr. Tuten, Donna; Tuscumbia; Jr. Underwood, Camille; Leighton; Jr. Underwood, Janet; Florence; Jr. |% f 4 ViA, fc Usery, Rita; Athens; Jr. Van Pelt, Vincent; Florence; Jr. Vaughn, Roger; Florence; Jr. Vessels, Cathy; Athens; Fr. Vinson, Martha; Decatur; Soph. I i - Vinson, Sharon; Red Bay; Jr. Wahl, Mike; Decatur; Fr. Walker, Jean, Danville; Soph. Walker, Rickey; Danville; Jr. Walker, Theresa; Burlington. N.C.; Fr. Wallace, Joseph; Athens; Soph. Wallace, Phil; Huntsville; Jr. Walsh, James; Huntsville; Fr. Ward, Charles; Huntsville; Fr. Ward. Janet; Troy; Fr. 64 Ward, Roger. Harlselle; Fr. Warhurst, Thomas; Tuscumbia; Jr. Warren, Linda; Florence; Soph. Watkins. Bette; Florence; Jr. Watkins, Charles; Florence; Jr. Watts, William; Florence; Fr. Waugh, Beverly; Vestavia Hills; Jr. Weakley, William; Florence; Soph. Weaver, Jo Anne; Ktllen; Jr. Weatherby, Nancy; Tuscumbia; Soph. Weatherford, Edward; Hartselte; Soph Webb, Glenna; Cullman; Jr. Webber, Janice; Huntsville; Soph. Webster, Doris; Decatur; Jr. Webster, Jana; Florence; Fr. Webster, Ronald; Brownsboro; Fr Wells, Jeanne; Florence; Fr. Wesson, William; Tuscumbia; Fr. Whalen, Judy; Haleyville; Jr. Whisenant, Diann; Arab; Soph. White, Danny; Florence; Jr. White, Deborah; Rogersville; Jr. White, Kathi; Huntsville; Fr. White, Patricia; Anderson; Fr. White, Rose; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Whitehead, Cathy; Rogersville; Fr. Whitehead, Deborah; Rogersville; Soph. Whitehead, Larry; Muscle Shoals; Fr. Whitley, Marsha; Florence; Soph. Whitlock, Gilbert; Sheffield; Fr. Whitten, Edward; Florence; Jr. Wiginton, Kathy; Hamilton; Fr. Wiginton, Melissa; Hamilton; Soph Wiley, Dee; Sheffield; Jr. Wiley, Robert; Huntsville; Soph. 65 - , won --- fM Wilkes, Ann; Huntsville; Fr. Wilkins, Deborah; Addison; Fr. Wilks, Retha; Henagar; Soph. Williams, Connie; Lexington; Fr. Williams, Darlene; Muscle Shoals City; Soph. Williams, Dee; Hamilton; Soph. Williams, Gloria; Ml. Hope; Fr. Williams, Jerry; Fort Payne; Jr. Williams. Joy; Tuscumbia; Soph. Williams, Judith; Sheffield; Soph Williams, Ronald; Florence; Jr. Willis, Thomas; Florence; Soph. Wilson, Dana; Addison; Jr. Wilson, Larry; Killen; Soph. Wilson. Robert; Florence; Soph. Wilson, Victoria; Winfield; Fr. Wilson, Wilma; Iron City, Tenn.; Fr Winford, Margaret; Grayson; Fr. Witt, Betty; Florence; Jr. Witt, Jim; Ardmore; Fr. I Witt, Martha; Town Creek, Fr. Witt, Sandy; Florence; Fr. Woak, Joseph; Decatur; Fr. Wolff, Douglas; Cullman; Soph. Womble, Noreen; Honolulu, Hawaii; Fr. Womble, Sharon; Florence; Fr. Woodfin, William; Athens; Fr. Woody, Joan; Huntsville; Fr. Worley, David; Sheffield; Jr. Wright, Glen; Killen; Soph. Wright, Kathy; Florence; Fr. Wright, Larry; Florence; Fr. Wright, Marten; Florence; Fr. Wyers. Valerie; Eldridge; Soph. Yeager, Judy; Florence; Fr. 66 Yeilding, Nancy; Florence; Soph. Young, Laura; Florence; Fr. Zahnd, Philip; Florence; Jr. Zbinden, Becky; Huntsville; Jr. 67 SENIORS mtff fs - ' i - ' - - ' w : ACCARDI AKERS Accardi, Jim Roy Huntsville; History; English; Newman Club, Officer; Student Union Board; English Club; Rivers Hall House Coun- cil; FSU Court. Akers, Roger Hugh Guin; Physical Ed.; Biology; P.E. Club. Albright, Helen Patricia Tuscumbia; Biology; Chemistry; Cheer- leader 2,3, Head 4; AWS represen- tative; SGA 1,2; Who ' s Who 3,4; IPC, Sec.-Treas.; Junior Women of the Year; Circle K Sweetheart 3; Circle K Honorary Member 4; Homecoming Committee 2,3,4; ROTC Sponsor; FSU Court. Aldridge, Turena Ann Brilliant; History; Music; MENC. Alexander, Michael Harbouh Olive Hill, Tenn.; History. Alexander, Robert James Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Amos, Judy Ann Decatur; Accounting; Economics; ALBRIGHT ALDRIDGE Cheerleader 3; Sigma Tau, Treas. 3; Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres., 3,4; Alpha Sig- ma Lambda 1,2,3,4, Treas.; Rice Hall, Social Chairman 3, Pres. 4; Who ' s Who 4. Anderton, Douglas Trenton, Ga.; Marketing; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Circle K. Andrews, Patti Jo Athens; Elementary Ed.; SAEA; AWS, Social Committee; Honor Key Com- mittee; Honor Key Member. Angel, James Kenneth Cloverdale; Biology, Chemistry; Sec- ondary Ed.; Conservation Club; Amer- ican Chemical Society; Alabama Ed. Society. Archer, Sherron Elaine Sheffield; Home Economics; Music; MENC; Kappa Omicron Phi, 3,4. Bacon, Michael W. Muscle Shoals; Zoology; History; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4. T. ALEXANDER R.ALEXANDER AMOS ANDERTON ANDREWS ANGEL ARCHER 70 BACON tft i BACON BAKER C. BALCH D. BALCH M. BARNES M. K. BARNES Bacon, Miles Patrick Muscle Shoals; Music; Collegiate Singers 3,4; Band 3, Pres. 4; MENC; IPC4. Baker, Beuna Gail Scottsborogh. Balch, Clyde Michael Athens; Accounting; Biology. Balch, Dennis Robert Lexington; English; Drama; Univer- sity Players 2,3,4; SGA 2, Pres. 3; Sig- ma Tau Delta, Vice-Pres., 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Society; Who ' s Who 3, 4. Barnes, Margie Slate Florence; Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi, Program Chairman; MENC Club. Barnes, Martha Kay Sulligent; Secondary Ed.; English; So- ciology; SAEA; BSD; BSD Choir. Barton, Daniel C. Florence; History; Business Admini- stration; Westminister Fellowship, 3 Pres., 4; IPC. Barton, Rodney Stephen Muscle Shoals; Accounting; Alpha Ki; Sigma Tau Pi. Bates, Margie Howard Eva; Mathematics; Sociology; Sec- ondary Ed.; KME, Sec.; Sociology Club. Battles, Helen Lucille Muscle Shoals; English; Music; Sec- ondary Ed. Beard, Joseph Allison Loretto, Tenn.; Secondary Ed.; So- cial Science. Bennett, George Thomas Huntsville; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club; Baseball 3,4. D. BARTON R. BARTON BATES BATTLES BEARD BENNETT 71 BERRIE BETHUNE BINGHAM BLACKWELDER J. BLASINGAME Berrie, Helen J. Florence; History; English; Secon- dary Ed.; History Club, Pres. 4; BSU; English Club; IPC 4. Bethune, George Royal Cartersville, Ga.; Biology; Geography; Conservation Club, Sec. 2. Bingham, Janet Kay Russellville; Geography; Physical Ed.; Geography Club, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Physical Ed. Club; IPC. Blackwelder, Dana Wayne Haleyville; Biology; English; Music; Conservation Club. Blasingame, Jimmy Wayne Florence; History; Business; Scab- bard and Blade. Bl asingame, Patsy Rickard Florence; Band; Choir. Boling, Loena Patton Muscle Shoals; Elementary Ed.; Kap- pa Delta; Honor Society. Bonnes, William Brooklyn, N.Y.; English; Spanish; Speech; Drama; University Players; Spanish Club; English Club; Choir; Flor-Ala, Staff writer 3, Circulation Manager 4; Football, 1. Bradford, Ruby S. Russellville; Physical Ed.; Geography Club; Conservation Club; Physical Ed. Club. Bradley, John Ray Florence; Music; MENC; Band, 1,2,3, 4; Collegiate Singers, 2,3,4. Brannon, Revis Aron Florence; Sociology; English; Psy- chology; Sociology Club; English Club; Psychology Club. Breland, Mary llene Tuscumbia; Elementary Ed.; AWC: BSU; SAEA. L P. BLASINGAME BOLING BONNES BRADFORD BRADLEY BRANNON BRELAND 72 SAME C. BREWER R. BREWER BRIANS BRIMER K. BROWN L. BROWN Brewer, Cathy Marie Florence; English; Art; English Club. Brewer, Rebecca Ann Florence; Music; Collegiate Singers; MENC; AWS, town rep.; AWC; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Student Union Board; Jr. Counselor. Brians, Dewana Kay Lynnville, Tenn.; Elementary Ed.; BSD, Sec. 3; Powers Chaplain 3. Brimer, Earl Wayne Haleyville; Business Management. Brown, Kenneth Malcolm Loretto, Tenn.; English; Art; Circle K, 2,3; IPC, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Kappi Pi 3,4; Diorama, Photographer 1 ,2, Editor 3,4; Recognition Day Committee, Chair- man; Homecoming Committee; Lead- ership Retreat Committee; Turdis Fe- delis Committee. Brown, Larry Russell Hartselle; Secondary Ed.; English; History; English Club; History Club. Brown, Myrtle P. Florence; History; Kappa Delta Pi; History Honor Society. Bullard, Tommy Huntsville; Management; Economics. Burbank, Linda Coker Florence; Business Ed. English. Burlison, Deborah Johnson Florence; Business Ed.; Economics; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Sigma Tau Pi; Spanish Club; Band; Majorette; Hall Pres. Byars, Howard William Fayette; Physical Ed.; Biology; F-Club; PEClub; Football Club 4. Cabler, Jennie Lee Florence; Zoology; Chemistry; MENC; Conservation Club; BSU; Council on Campus Relations; Beta Beta Beta, Historian Nat. Honor Society; Kappa Delta Pi. M. BROWN BULLARD BURBANK BURLISON BYARS CABLER 73 CABLER CAIN CALVERT CAMPBELL CANTRELL Cabler, Ken Florence; Social Science. Cain, Myra Pounders Florence; Elementary Ed. Calvert, Velma Harriette Sheffield; Elementary Ed.; BSU; Lion- ettes; AWC. Campbell, Lorene Looney Tuscumbia; Secondary Ed.; History; Library Sc.; Alpha Beta Alpha; History Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. Cantrell, Earl Stevens Huntsville; Accounting; Economic; Alpha Chi, Pres. 4; Scabbard and Blade. Capshaw, Carol Aileen Florence; Chemistry; Biology; Secon- dary Ed.; American Chemical Society AWC, Publicity Chairman 2, Treas. 3. Carpenter, Nell Brown Florence; Math; Chemistry; Secondary Ed.; American Chemical Society; AWC, Sec. 2; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kap- pa Delta Pi. Carpenter, Rosie Lene Town Creek; Business; Sigma Tau Pi. Sociology; Carson, Patti Taylor Florence; Secondary Ed.; Physical Ed.; Diorama; NEA; P.E. Club; Sec. 4; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Choir; AWC; Civinettes Club. Carter, Carole Hudson Florence; Elementary Kappa Delta Pi. Carter, Johnny Doyle Huntsville; Business Economics. Ed.; SAEA; Management; Chandler, Martha Raye Florence; Elementary Ed. CAPSHAW N. CARPENTER I R. CARPENTER CARSON C. CARTER J. CARTER CHANDLER 74 CHAPPELL N. CLARK R. CLARK R. CLARK CLEMENT CLEMON Chappell, Howard Stuart Tuscumbia; Secondary Ed.; Physical Ed.; History; Physical Ed. Club. Clark, Nora W. Florence; Physical Ed.; English; Sec- ondary Ed.; P.E. Club. Clark, Randall Lee Middletown, Ohio; Political Science; Economics; Band 2; Flor-Ala, Pho- tographer 3; SGA 4; Tau Kappa Delta, pres. 4; Young Democrats, Vice-Pres. 4; IPC 4. Clark, Rosalie M. Hartselle; English; History; Who ' s Who 3. i Clement, Judy Kaye Sheffield; Music; Collegiate Singers; AWC; SGA, chaplain 3, Sec. 4; MENC, Sec. 4. Clemon, Robert Ray Killen; Social Sc.; Geography; F-Club, Vice-Pres. 4; Conservation Club; Foot- ball 1,2,3,4. Cocke, Preida Laverne Sheffield; Elementary Ed.; Band 1,2; AWC, Social Chairman 2,3. Collier, Leonard George Cullman; Management; Economics; Newman Club; Circle K; Conserva- tion Club, Alpha Chi. Cotney, Steven Paul Huntsville; Political Sc.; Geography; Tau Kappa Delta, Vice-Pres. 4; SUB 4; Young Republicans, Sec. 4; Turis Fidelis Committee; Homecoming Committee; Advanced ROTC; MRHA, Intermural Chairman 3. Cotton, Irene Florence; Secondary Ed.; English; AWC; English Club; Geography Club. Counts, Vicki Reed Town Creek; English Biology. Cox, Phyllis Diane Rogersville; Business Administration. COX 75 76 CRAFT CROCKER COOPER COUCH COURDUFF Craft, Rickie Clinton Huntsville; Chemistry; Math; Secon- dary Ed.; Civitan Club; SAEA; Rivers Hall Council, Sec. 4. Crocker, Paul Michael Cherokee; History; Sociology. Cooper, Brenda Materson Florence; Secondary Ed.; Biology; Math; Conservation Club, Sec.; Safety Chief Powers Hall; ROTC Sponsor. Couch, James Leslie Sheffield; History; English; Secondary Ed.; Ushers ' Club, Sec.-Treas.; SGA Representative. Courduff, Helen E. Bayville, N.J.; Physical Ed.; Sociology. Culburn, Duel Orbalee Town Creek; History; Scabbard and Blade. Cunningham, Phillip Wayne Huntsville; Physical Ed.; Biology; P.E. Club. Cutshall, Euel R. Florence; Math Chemistry; KME, Pres. 4; Honor Society. Daily, Johnny Wallace Florence; Zoology; Psychology. Dana, Arthur Benton Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi 1,2,3,4. Daniel, Brenda Gail Red Bay; Education. Daniel, Carolyn Lavelle Muscle Shoals. CULBURN CUNNINGHAM CUTSHALL DAILY DANA B. DANIEL C. DANIEL G. DANLEY P. DANLEY DAVIDSON M. DAVIS Danley, Glenda Sue Florence; Business Ed.; English; Sig- ma Tau Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Christian Student Fellowship. Danley, Pamela Pickens Sheffield; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Kappa Omicron Phi, Sec. 4. Davidson, Eleanor J. Sulligent; Elementary Ed.; SAEA. Davis, Donald Ray Huntsville; History; Secondary Ed.; SGA; Band; Phi Alpha Theta, Pres. 4; Fr. Man of the Year. Davis, Kathy Lynn Sheffield; Sociology; History; Psychol- ogy; AWC; Psychology Club; Sociol- ogy Club, Vice-Pres. 4. DEAN DEATON DEFREES DENNIS D. DAVIS K. DAVIS Davis, Mickey Ray Phil Campbell; Psychology; Sociology. Dean, Betty Biane Rogersville. Deaton, Edward Lee Tuscumbia; Secondary Ed.; Physical Ed.;P.E. Club; Golf 2,3,4. DeFreez, Melinda Huntsville; English; Sociology; Col- legiate Singers; Pi Epsilon Omega. Dennis, Alice Marie Cherokee; Zoology; Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta; ROTC Sponsor 1. Denson, Elizabeth Ann Cullman; Secretarial Sc.; Kappa Pi. Doherty, Corrie Anna Florence; History. DENSON DOHERTY 77 DOSS DOVEY DOWNING DUNCAN ECKL Doss, Wanda Gail C. Muscle Shoals; Secondary Ed.; En- glish; Spanish; BSU. Dovey, Barbara DeLisle Decatur; Elementary Ed.; Dramatics Lab; Cantabary Club; SEAA. Downing, Robert Alan Florence; Biology; Chemistry. Duncan, Sarah Ann Hamilton; Elementary Ed.; Alpha Beta Alpha; BSU. Eckl, Jerome R. Florence; Botany; Geography; Geog- raphy Club. Eckles, Deborah Leigh Muscle Shoals; Sociology; History; BSU; Sociology Club; Kappa Delta Phi. Egan, Edward Patrick Florence; History; Political Sc.; Scab- bard and Blade; Band; Newman Club; Drill Team; Advanced ROTC. Elliott, Thomas Michael Florence; Chemistry; Math. Elmore, Connie Moore Florence; Elementary Ed.; Band. Elrod, Robert L. Arab; Physical Ed. Emmons, Susan Hyde Decatur; Home Economics; Science; Home EC. Club; AWS. Entrekin, Wanda Elaine Phil Campbell; Accounting; Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi, Board of Direc- tors. ECKLES EGAN ELLIOTT ELMORE ELROD EMMONS ENTREKIN 78 .. EPPERSON FORSYTHE FOSTER I FOWLER ETHERIDGE A. FARRIS K. FARRIS FIRESTONE Epperson, James H. Florence; Political Sc.; Business; Economics. Etheridge, Frieda Joan Rogersville; Secondary Ed.; History; English; AWC. Farris, Aubrey Randolph Sheffield; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Farris, Kenneth Wayne Eldridge; Biology; Physical Ed.; Con- servation Club; P.E. Club; Beta Beta Beta. Firestone, Thomas Mark Florence; Chemistry; Biology; ACS. Forsythe, Dianne Foxx Florence; Elementary Ed. Foster, Edwena Hillsboro; Elementary Ed.; AWS; BSU; Dorm Officer. Fowler, Janice Faye Florence; Elementary Ed. Frost, Shelia Ann Fort Payne; Secondary Ed.; English; History; SAEA; Christian Fellowship. Futrell, John Alexander Sheffield; Accounting. Gaddis, Mary Ellen Hatton; Home Economics; Biology. Gallagher, Kathryn Louise Charleston, W. Va.; Elementary Ed.; SAEA; Kappa Delta Pi. FROST FUTRELL GADDIS GALLAGHER 79 GAMBELL GAMBLE GATES GARDNER N. GEISE Gambell, Jerry Wayne Loretto, Term.; Math. Gamble, Carlotta Jean Stevenson; Physical Ed.; History; P.E. Club. Gates, Thomas William Decatur; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Economics; Gardner, Nancy Collins Scottsboro; English; Secondary Ed.; Library Sc.; Alpha Beta Alpha; English Club. Geise, Nancy Jon Tuscumbia; Business; Psychology; Band 1-4; Sigma Tau Pi; AWS, Execu- tive Council 1,2-4; AWC, 1, Social Chairman 2,3-4; BSD, Commuter Chairman 1,2-4; Alpha Sigma Lamb- da, 1,2, Chapling 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Soph. Class Treas.; Jr. Class Vice- Pres.; Summer Sr. Class Reporter; Majorette, 1,2,3-4 Assistant Head; ROTC Sponsor 2-3; Brigade Sponsor 4; COC Sweetheart 2; Graduation Usher 3; Jr. Counselor 2-3; Miss FSU. DIORAMA STAFF. Geise, Woodsy Tuscumbia; Art; English; Kappa Pi. Givens, Sandra Gail Florence; Elementary Ed.; Library Sc. ; Alpha Beta Alpha, Reporter 3; Dio- rama Staff 2; Lionettes 3-4; AWC 1-4; Kappa Delta Pi; Civinettes. Gober, Marcia Lynn Red Bay; Business Ed.; English; Sig- ma Tau Pi; SAEA. Goode, Royal Timothy Florence; Math; Chemistry. Goodlett, Phyllis Oradean Moulton; Secondary Ed.; English; So- ciology; English Club. Graham, Marcellus Hebron Florence; Math; Chemistry; KME; Hon- or Society. Graham, Margaret Denise Florence; Chemistry; Biology; Ameri- can Chemical Society; Sec.; AWC Sec. W. GEISE GIVENS GOBER GOODE GOODLETT H. GRAHAM D. GRAHAM so GRAVES GRAY GREENE GREGG GRISSOM l I GUSMUS Graves, Mary Eva Tuscumbia; English; Secondary Ed.; Civinettes; Lionettes. Gray, Victor Howard Florence; Music; Band; Collegiate Singers, Pres. 4; MENC; IPC. Greene, Ronald Maurice Falls Church, Va.; History; Business Administration. Gregg, Mary Ellen Ripley, Miss.; Elementary Ed.; SAEA; Lionettes Sec.; AWS Representatives. Grissom, Ernie Steve Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Baseball 1-3. Gusmus, Sharon D. Tuscumbia; Math; Sociology; AWC 1-3; Lionettes, 2, Pres. 3-4; Alpha Sig- ma Lambda 3-4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3-4; Civitan Sponsor 3; ROTC Spon- sor 2-3; Homecoming Queen 2; IPC 3-4; Graduation Usher 3; Spring Fling Queen 3; Who ' s Who 4; FSU Court. Hale, Roy Donald Killen; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. Hall, George Lilbourne Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. Hall, Patricia Lacey Florence; History; Sociology; History Club; Sociology Club. Hall, William Joe Phil Campbell; History; Sociology; Secondary Ed. Hammond, Sharon Diane Leoma, Tenn.; Elementary Ed.; SGA; History Club. Hannah, David William Athens; Managements; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi. HALE G. HALL P. HALL W. HALL HAMMOND HANNAH 81 HARDIN G. HARPER Hardin, Michael Ernest Decatur; History; Geography; Conser- vation Club; Intramural Sports. Harper, George William Russellville; Biology; Chemistry; Sec- ondary Ed.; Beta Beta Beta. Harper, Larry Edward Killen; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Harris, Nancy Elaine Waynesboro, Tenn.; Math; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; AWC Harrison, Carla Gail Florence. Harrison, Martha Susan Killen; Elementary Ed. Hastings, Judy Gwathney Florence; Home Economics; Sociol- L. HARPER HARRIS ogy; Home EC. Club; SUB; Alpha Sigma Lambda; BSD. Hastings, Phillip T. Huntsville; Physical Ed.; History; Sec- ondary Ed.; P.E. Club; Football mana- ger. Hayes, Jacky Len Iron City, Tenn.; Biology; Business Administration. Haynes, Thomas Barry Florence; Zoology; History; Conserva- tion Club 3-4. Head, Peggy Wells Russellville. Hebding, Bill James Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi. C. HARRISON J. HASTINGS P. HASTINGS HAYES HAYNES HEAD HEBDING 82 Ail HENDERSON HENSON HERBERT HERRING HIGGINS : B. HILL Henderson, James Harold Florence; Management; Economics; BSD 1-4; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade, Sec. 4; Religious Life Committee; Drill Team; Advanced ROTC. Henson, James C. Bridgeport; Biology; Business Admini- stration; Rivers Hall, Vice Pres. 3; LaGrange Hall, Pres. 3; SGA, Sena- tor 4; Senior Class Pres. 3; Scabbard and Blade 3; IPC 2-3; Council on Campus Relations 3; Advanced ROTC Keller Hall Govt. 1-2; Cheerleader, co-head 4; Who ' s Who 3-4; Conser- vation Club 1-4. Herbert, Bertie Inez Lebanon, Oregon; History; Library Science. Herring, Patsy Sue Huntsville; Secondary Ed.; Physical Ed.;P.E. Club. Higgins, Joseph Wayne Columbia, Tenn.; Elementary Ed.; Tennis 4. Hill, Betsy M. Florence; Business Ed.; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; AWS. Hill, James Robert Florence; Marketing; Economics; Bus- iness Club. Hill, Rugener Florence; Art; Library Science; Kappa Pi; Alpha Beta Alpha. Hrnes, Judy Paulette Florence; Secondary Ed.; Sociology; History; Sociology Club; History Club. Hipps, Larry Dale Florence; Business Administration; History Club; Business Club. Hodges, Ruby Dianne Waynesboro, Tenn.; Accounting; Ec- onomics Alpha Chi; Am. Accounting Society; Alpha Chi Sec. Holcomb, Guy David Hamilton; Accounting; Economics. HOLCOMB 83 W. HOLDBROOK M. HOLDBROOK HOLLAND HOLLWAY Holdbrooks, William Thomas Haleyville; Biology; Chemistry; Ge- ography. Holdbrooks, Wyman Mitchell Haleyville; Secondary Ed.; Math; En- glish. Holland, Larry Edfard Russellville; Social Science Cognate. Hollway, Carol Renee Pisgah; Elementary Education; BSU; SAEA; Alpha Beta Alpha; Civinette. Hood, Donny Wayne Haleyville; Math; English; Biology. Hoskins, Ronald Hardy Florence; History; Art; Psychology. Houck, Bruce R. Towy; Sociology; Physical Ed. Hovater, Susie E. Russellville; Business Ed.; Sigma Tau Pi; University Players; Alpha Psi Ome- ga; SGA, Treas. 3; ROTC Sponsor 2; Band, Head Majorette 3, Council; Soph. Outstanding Bandsman; AWS; Diorama; Who ' s Who 4; FSU Court; Fr. Class Sec.-Treas.; Soph. Class Treas.; Sr. Class Reporter. Howard, Susan Baites Florence; Elementary Ed. Howell, Ruth Ann Haleyville; Art; Biology; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Pi. Hudson, Jo Ellen Florence; Elementary Ed. Hughen, Charlotte Ann Florence; Elementary Ed.; Alpha Sig- ma Lambda, Sec.; Westminister Fel- lowship; Assistant Head Majorette 3. HOOD HOSKINS HOUCK HOVATER HOWARD HOWELL HUDSON HUGHEN 84 I HUGHES HUMPHRES E.HYDE Hughes, Charles Thomas Guin; History; Biology. Humphres, Loyd Fray Red Bay Hyde, Elmer E. Jr. Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Hyde, Warren Christopher Haleyville; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. Inman, Brenda Carol Athens; Elementary Education; Civi- nettes; SAEA. Inman, Charles Stephen Florence; History Sociology; SGA, Pres. 4; Soph. Class Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Who ' s Who 3-4; Circle K 2-4; BSU 1-4; IPC 2-4; MRHA, Sec. 3; Rivers, Executive Council; Man of the Year 2-3; Hall of Fame Committee 2-3; Mr. FSU. W. HYDE B. INMAN Isom, Ruby Nell Spruce Pine; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club. Jarnigan, Glendon Neal Russellville; Art; History. Jarnigan, William Merlyn Red Bay; Secondary Ed.; English; Ushers Club; English Club; Northwest Ala. Jr. College yearbook, sports ed- itor 1, editor 2. Jeffreys, Syble R. Sheffield; Elementary Ed.; SAEA. Jenkins, Glenda Marie Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Christian Student Fellow- ship, Sec. 3; Choir. Johnson, Billy Joe Tuscumbia; Secondary Ed.; Physical Ed.; Biology; F-Club; Football 1-4. W. JARNIGAN JEFFREYS JENKINS JOHNSON 85 E.JOHNSON H.JOHNSON Johnson, Earl Houston Leighton; Chemistry; Natural Science. Johnson, Howard W. Huntsville; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. Johnson, Martha Patterson Russellville; Music; Drama Club, Pres.; Literary Club; BSU; Ministerial Club, Sec.; FSU Collegiate Singers; SAEA MENC. Johnson, Phyllis Hartselle; Secretarial Ed.; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi, Reporter 3; SAEA. Johnson, Robin T. Addison; Biology; Geography. Johnson, Sharon Kay Vinemont; Math; Secondary Ed.; Li- brary Sc.; Alpha Beta Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; LaFay- ette Pres. 3. Johnson, Virginia Anne Fayette; Art; Sociology; Majorette. M.JOHNSON P.JOHNSON Jones, Brenda Joy Huntsville; Elementary Ed. Jones, Patricia A. Trinity; Art; English; Secondary Ed.; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Honorary En- glish Club; Fr. Class Pres.; Student Counselor 2-4. Jordon, Glen Allan Sheffield; Business Management; Eco- nomics. Kelley, Aubrey Richard Jr. Florence; History Geography; Secon- dary Ed.; Student Christian Center; SAEA; IPC; History Club; Religious Emphasis Committee; Chess Club; Circle K; Vice-Pres. of Christian Cen- ter 3; Vice-Pres. of SAEA 4; History- Vice-Pres. 3. Kelly, Dorothy Geraline Cherokee; Elementary Education ;Lion- ettes; SAEA, Civinettes; Westminister Fellowship. R.JOHNSON S.JOHNSON V.JOHNSON B.JONES P.JONES JORDON KELLEY KELLY 86 KELSOE KENNEDY KERR KEYES KILGORE KILLEN I Kelsoe, Jimmie Johnson Florence; Chemistry; Math. Kennedy, Walter Andrew Huntsville; Management; Economics; Cheerleader. Kerr, Douglas Lewis Detroit; History. Keyes, Clara A. Tanner; Art; English; Kappa Pi, Sec. 4; LaFayette, Sec. 4. Kilgore, Giles Edward Cardiff; Biology; History; Secondary Education; Circle K. Killen, Danny Wayne Florence; Secondary Ed.; History; Ge- ography Club; History Club; IPC; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. 4; Phi Alpha Theta. Kinkle, Brenda Haraway Florence; Elementary Education. Kirby, Stephanie Marcia Huntsville; Zoology; Math; Lionettes, Sec. 2,3,4; Band, Representative 4; Residence Hall Officer; Spring Fling Committee. Kittelson, Gary E. Huntsville; Marketing; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi. Knight, Charles Wade Hamilton; Zoology; Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta. Knight, Linda Gale Haleyville; English; Math; BSU; Lion- ettes 2-3; SAEA; SGA, Sec. 3. Resi- dence Hall, Social Chairman 2, Vice- Pres. 4; Summer Missionary, BSU. Langston, Nelda Sue Winfield; English; Secondary Ed.; Alpha Sigma Lambda; English Club; AWS, Sec.; Pres. Willingham Hall, 3; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Society; Who ' s Who 4; Miss Charming Court. KINKLE KIRBY KITTELSON C. KNIGHT L. KNIGHT LANGSTON 87 LAUDERDALE LAWRENCE Lauderdale, Shirley Jean Moulton; Elementary Education. Lawrence, Judy Annette Smiths Grove, Ky.; Physical Ed.; Biol- ogy; AWS; AWC, Vice-Pres. 2-3; Con- vocation Committee; Physical Ed. Club, Treas. 4; Beta Beta Beta. Layne, Carol McGuyer Florence; Elementary Student Fellowship. Ed.; Christian Lee, Linda Diane Sheffield; History; Political Sc.; SUB; Alpha Sigma Lambda; AWC. Lee, Paula Ann Sheffield; Secretarial Sc.; Library Sc.; Choir. Leiser, Mary Kathleen Red Bay; Secretarial Sc.; Library Sc.; Alpha Beta Alpha; Sigma Tau Pi; The Spanish Club; BSD; AWS Executive Council; Rice Hall Pres. 4. Lewis, John C. Decatur; Accounting; Alpha Chi. LAYNE L LEE Lewis, Patsy Ann Cloverdale; Music; History; Band, Sec. 1-4; MENC, Sec. 1, Vice-Pres. 2; Social Chairman 3; Executive Band Council; Kappa Delta Pi 3-4; Saxo- phone Quartet 2-3. Lindberg, James Oscar Montgomery; History; Dramatic Arts; Speech; Drill Team; Pershing Rifles; University Players; Young Democrats; Circle K; Graduation Usher. Lindly, Faye Esma Florence; Business Ed.; English; Sig- ma Tau Pi; SNEA; Sigma Tau Delta. Lindsey, Janice Ruth Waterloo; English; History; Secon- dary Ed.; Sigma Tau Delta, Mem- bership Chairman 4; English Club; Kappa Delta Pi. Lipscomb Brenda Gale Moulton; English; History; English Club; History Club; Spanish Club, Sec.; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Sigma Tau Delta; Student Counselor 2-3; Resident Assistant 4. P. LEE LEISER J. LEWIS P. LEWIS LINDBERG LINDLY LINDSEY LIPSCOMB 88 LONG t MC DANIEL D. MC DONALD LOVETT LOWERY MC CALEB MC CARVER Long, Gracelia Huntsville; Biology; Secondary Ed.; BSU; Sigma Tau Pi; Dorm Officer; Counselor Residence Hall. Lovett, Thressa Anita Tuscumbia; Elementary Ed.; Alpha Beta Alpha, Pres. 4; IPC. Lowery, David Shane Collinwood, Tenn.; Accounting; Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi. McCaleb, Donnie Sue Brilliant; Home Economics; Sociology; Christian Student Fellowship; IPC; Am Home EC. Association; Kappa Omicron Phi, Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi. McCarver, Stanley E. Athens; History; Secondary Counselor Rivers Hall. Ed.; McDaniel, Ronald Lane Waterloo; English; History; Secondary Ed.; Spanish Club; English Club; Sig- ma Tau Delta; Ushers Club. McDonald, Dorothy Carter Florence; Art; English; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Pi, Vice-Pres. 4; Kappa Delta Pi. McDonald, Gary David Florence; History; Political Sc. McGraw, James Earl Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. McGuire, Connie.Greene Lexington; Secondary Ed.; Physical Ed.; English. Mclnish, Betty McKee Florence; Elementary Ed. McKinney, Alvin Jr. Selma; Music; Political Science; Band 1-4; Stage Band 1-4; BSU 1-4. G. MC DONALD MC GRAW MCGUIRE MCINISH MCKINNEY 89 MC WHORTER MALONE MARCHBANKS J. MARTIN S. MARTIN McWhorter, Billy Hugh Moulton; Chemistry; Biology; ACS. Malone, Linda Susan Cherokee; Sociology; Psychology; Math; Sociology Club, Pres. 4; KME, Reporter 4; SGA, Judge 4; Human Relations Council; Collegiate Singers; AWS, representative; Kappa Mu Ep- silon; Residence Hall Judiciary Coun- cil. Marchbanks, Evelyn Long Florence; Sociology; Sociology Club. Martin, Jerome Calvin Florence; Business; Economics. Martin, Sharon Kaye Florence; English Secondary Ed.; SUB, 2, Sec. 3,4; SAEA 4; English Club; SGA, Representative 3; BSH 1-4; Collegiate Singers 1-3; Sigma Tau Delta, Pres. 4. Mason, Elizabeth Ann Rogersville; Sociology; Psychology; Christian Student Center; Sociology Club, Sec. 1 ; Honor Key Committee Member. Massey, Regina Mt. Hope; Elementary Ed.; Library Sc.; SAEA; Kappa Delta Pi, Reporter; Alpha Beta Alpha, Reporter; AWS, Representative. Massey, Royce Edward Russellville; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Mathis, Roger Keith Florence; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club, Pres. 4; Football 4; Basketball 4; FSU Court. Maxwell, Glynda Ann Somerville; Business; Political Sc.; Sigma Tau Pi. May, Mike Huntsville; Psychology; History. Mays, Larry H. Florence; Physical Ed.; History; F- Club; Baseball 3. MASON R. MASSEY E. MASSEY MATHIS MAXWELL MAY MAYS 90 MELICKS J. MILLER B. MILLER MILLS MILLIGAN D. MITCHELL Melicks, Alan George Sheffield; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Miller, Judy M. Bankston; Biology; Sociology; BSU; Choir; Civinettes. Miller, Barbara Louise Florence; Elementary Ed.; SGA, Re- presentative 3; SAEA. Mills, Susan Lynn Tuscumbia; English; Sociology; Psy- chology; Sociology Club; BSU; Sigma Tau Delta. Milligan, Curtis Eugene Tuscumbia; Physical Ed.; Sociology; Psychology; P.E. Club; Baseball 3-4. Mitchell, Dennis Jerrell Florence; History; English; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice- Pres. 4; Honor Society. Mitchell, Kay V. Florence; English; History; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Theta. Mitchell, Terry Wayne Pisgah; Physical Ed.; History; P.E. Club. Moore, Terry Brian Sheffield; Accounting; Economics; Circle K; Cadet Officers Club; Scab- bard and Blade; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi; BSU; Distinguished Military Stu- dent. Morgan, Charles Marvin Leighton; Political Sc.; Business Ad- ministration; Sociology; Circle K; SUB; Sr. Class Pres. 4. Morrow, Wanda Sue Guin; History; Secondary Ed.; Geog- raphy; History Club; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec.-Treas.; Phi Alpha Theta, His- torian. Murner, William Keith Florence; History; English; Political Sc.; Circle K; Young Republicans; SGA. K. MITCHELL T. MITCHELL MOORE MORGAN MORROW MURNER 91 A. MURPHY D. MURPHY D. MYERS G. MYERS NEESE Murphy, Annie M. Russellville; History; Geography; Sec- ondary Ed.; SAEA; Geography Club; AWS, Vice-Pres. 4; Willingham Hall, Sec. 3. Murphy, Deborah L. Hartselle; English Education; History. Myers, David Michael Carrollton, Ohio; Music; Geography; Band; Tau Kappa Delta, Vice-Pres. 4, Sec. 3; Dance Band; Lutheran Student League. Myers, George Michael Florence; Business Administration; Economics. Neese, Phyllis Florence, Education. Newman, Sharon Kay Vernon; History; Library Science; SAEA, Treas. 4; Christian Student Fellowship; History Club; Alpha Beta Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Student AEA. Nicely, Nancy Catherine Florence; Art; English. Oakley, Robert Michael Florence; Physical Ed.; Biology; P.E. Club; Conservation Club. O ' Rear, Betty Jo Cullman; Elementary Ed.; BSD; SGA. Owens, Carl Michael Town Creek; Physical Ed.; Biology; Circle K, Vice-Pres. 4; P.E. Club; Counselor Rivers Hall 4. OxFord, Dan Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; History. Oswalt, Jimmie Lou Fayette; History; Business; AWS Rep- resentative. NEWMAN NICELY OAKLEY O ' REAR OWENS OXFORD OSWALT 92 B. PACE I PATE I C. PACE PARKER Pace, Barry Dale Russellville; Biology; History. Pace, Charlene McBride Scottsboro; Elementary Ed.; Library Sc.; Alpha Beta Alpha, Vice-Pres.; SAEA. Parker, Linda Kay Hatton; Physical Ed.; History; P.E. Club; History Club; BSD; Phi Alpha Theta; Honor Key Program; Kappa Delta Pi. Parks, Charlotte Ann Tuscumbia; Botany; Chemistry; Art; Lionettes; ACS; AWC, Sec. 3. Parks, Robert Neil Tuscumbia; History; Physics; Circle K 3; Young Democrats. Pate, Judith Carol Muscle Shoals; Sociology; English; Business Administration; BSD; Sigma Tau Pi; SUB; Sociology Club. C. PARKS R. PARKS Patterson, Catherine Ann Florence; Elementary Ed.; Civinettes; SAEA; Screening Committee for Honor Key; Third Level Pres. of Rice. Paulk, Patricia Ann Florence; Elementary Education; Col- legiate Singers 1-4; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Pres. 4. Perkins, Thomas Gary Scottsboro; Accounting; Alpha Chi. Peters, Dottie Lavone Florence; English; French; Sigma Tau Delta. Pevahouse, Reba Bryan Athens; Elementary Ed.; Wesley Foun- dation; Civitan Sweetheart; Miss Charming Court. Phillips, Janelle Toffie Florence; English; History; Secondary Ed.; IPC; English Club, Publicity Chairman 3, Pres. 4; Spanish Club; History Club. PATTERSON PAULK PERKINS PETERS PEVAHOUSE PHILLIPS 93 PHILLIPS POE Phillips, Margaret I. Minor Hill, Term.; English; Sociology. Poe, Billy Ray Sheffield; Zoology; Physical Ed. Pope, Carol June Danville; English; Sociology; English Club; Sociology Club. Porter, Robert Thomas Lexington; Business Management; Economics; Diorama, Bus. Manager 3; Flor-Ala, Bus. Manager 4; Circle K 2-4; LaGrange Hall, Social Chairman 2; Sigma Tau Pi 1-4. Potts, Kay Mason Decatur; Elementary Ed.; ROTC Spon- sor; Sigma Tau Pi. Pruitt, Jerry Glenn Florence; Business Ed.; Economics. Pruitt, Judith Carol Red Bay; Physical Ed.; Sociology; Band 1-4; Sociology Club; P.E. Club, POPE PORTER 3, Sec. 4; Campus Girl Scouts, Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; IPC. Pugliese, Alicia Russellville; Elementary Ed.; Sociolo- gy; SAEA; Collegi ate Civinettes; BSD; Sociology Club. Putnam, Ronnie Stancel Florence; Physical Ed. Quattrochi, Linda Carmella Tuscumbia; Zoology; Chemistry; ACS; Beta Beta Beta, Pres. 4. Rader, Kathleen Marie Florence; English; Music; MENC; Choir; Collegiate Singers; Luthern Student League, Sec. 4; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Society; Who ' s Who 3. Raines, Marcia Ann Winfield; Secondary Ed.; English; English Club, Sec.-Treas.; Sociology Club, Reporter; SAEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; AWS Judiciary. POTTS J. PRUITT C. PRUITT PUGLIESE PUTNAM QUATTROCHI RADER RAINES 94 RANDOLPH REAL REAVES REED REESE REEVES t Randolph, Georgia Nell Carbon Hill; English; History. Real, Lanetta Dean Detroit; Home Economics; Secondary Ed.; Biology; Home EC. Club, Sec.; Kappa Omicron Phi, Keeper of Ar- chives. Reaves, Wyatt Underwood Russellville; Chemistry; Math; ACS. Reed, June Walker Mt. Hope; English; Geography. Reese, Renee Logan; Physical Education; P.E. Club. Reeves, Cindy Lou Florence; Art; Biology; AWC; Kappa Pi. Reinhasdt, Rita Ann Cullman; Elementary Ed.; SAEA; Ci- vinettes. Rhea, Linda Anne Florence, Art; English; Lionettes 2,4. Richard, Don Lee Cullman; Physical Ed.; Geography; F-Club; Geography Club; Football 1-3. Richardson, William Howard Jr. Florence; History; Sociology; Conser- vation Club. Ricketts, Norma A. Killen; Elementary Education. Roberts, Frances Ann Brilliant; English; History; Secondary Ed.; English Club 2-3; History Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 4; SAEA; Christian Stu- dent Fellowship. REINHASDT RHEA RICHARD RICHARDSON RICKETTS ROBERTS 95 J. ROBERTS T. ROBERTS ROBERSON ROBINSON B. ROGERS Roberts, Julia Ann Florence; Home Economics; General Sc.; Home EC. Club. Roberts, Tom III Florence; Art; Speech; Drama; Kappa Pi; Alpha Si Omega; IPC; Conservation Club; Rehearsal Club, Pres. Roberson, Phoebe Dorrough Lexington; Home Economics; Art; Home EC. Club; Kappa Omicron Phi. Robinson, Gwendolyn Rogersville; Math; History. Rogers, Beverly Ann Decatur; Home Economics; Biology; Home EC. Club, Treas. 4; BSD. Rogers, Pamela Lee Guntarsville; Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation, Pres. 4; IPC. Rohling, Donald William Florence; History; Math; Physics; New- man Club. Rollings, Tereasa Stone Huntsville; Biology; Chemistry; Sec- ondary Ed.; Beta Beta Beta 2-4, Sec. 3-4; Kappa Delta Pi 3-4; Conservation Club; AWS, Representative 1-2. Romer, Thomas Vaughan Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Social Sc. Cog- nate; Secondary Ed.; History. Romine, Tracy Langley AFB, Va. ; Biology; Drama; Speech; University Players, Pres.; Col- legiate Singers; AWS. Rorex, Linda L. Pittsburg, Tenn.; Elementary Ed.; BSD. Rupflin, Gabriele Waterloo; Sociology; Spanish Club, Pres.; Sociology Club, Vice-Pres. 4. P. ROGERS ROHLING ROLLINGS ROMER ROMINE ROREX RUPFLIN 96 RUSHING RUSSELL RUTH SAUDERS SANSOM SCHRECK Rushing, Charles Eric Sheffield; Sociology; Business Ad- ministration; SGA; Conservation Club; Sociology Club; Homecoming Com- mittee. Russell, Ronald Lee Florence; Art; Physical Ed.; Kappa Pi; P. E. Club. Ruth, Linda Ensley Huntsville; Political Science; History; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Judiciary Board. Sauders, Max Russ Florence; History; Psychology; Per- shing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Drill Team; Color Guard. Sansom, Anne Hunter Decatur; English; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club. Schreck, Michael L. Decatur; Political Sc.; History. Scott, Teresa Margaret Phil Campbell; English; Sociology; English Club; Sociology Club. Seal, Janice Elaine Russellville; Elementary Ed.; SAEA. Segars, Gerald Falkville; Physical Ed.; P.E. Club. Shannon, Wendell Kirk Athens; Chemistry; Zoology; ACS, Pres. 4; IPC; Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who 3. Shipman, James Don Florence; Business Administration; History. Simpson, Billy Wayne Cullman; Marketing; Economics; Sig- ma Tau Pi. SCOTT SEAL SEGARS SHANNON SHIPMAN SIMPSON 97 SINGH SLEDGE SLUSHER F. SMITH L. SMITH Singh, Parminder New Delhi, India; Secondary Ed. Sledge, Terry Cleo Tuscumbia; Elementary Ed.; Spanish; SAEA; Spanish Club; Kappa Delta Pi. Slusher, Carolyn J. Muscle Shoals; Elementary Ed. Smith, Freda Gail Decatur; History; Political Sc.; Chris- tian Student Fellowship; History Club; Religious Life Committee. Smith, Larry Dean Wooster, Ohio; Secondary Ed.; Music; Band 4; Stage Band 3; BSU; MENC. Smith, Linda Clark Decatur; History; English; Who ' s Who 3. Smith, Paul Herschel Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. Smith, Robert Ed. Florence; Business; Alpha Chi. Sockwell, Rebecca Ann Sheffield; Political Science; English; Sociology. Springer, Edward H. Rogersville; Sociology; Psychology; Geography; Conservation Club, Vice- Pres. 4; Geography Club. Stanley, Linda C. Town Creek; English; History; En- glish Club; History Club; Sigma Tau Delta. Stephens, Doris Ann Hazel Green; Business Ed.; History; Diorama; SGA; Sigma Tau Pi; Resi- dence Hall Officer; ROTC Sponsor; Scabbard and Blade Sweetheart; Jr. Class Treas. C. SMITH P. SMITH R. SMITH SOCKWELL SPRINGER STANLEY STEPHENS 98 STANFORD STOLSWORTH STOVALL I STRICKLIN STEPHENS M. STEPHENSON O. STEPHENSON STINNETT Stanford, Teresa Leigh Tuscumbia; Elementary Ed.; Library Science; AWS; Alpha Beta Alpha. Stephens, Randall Jed Flo rence; Management; Economics; Business Club. Stephenson, Mary H. Florence; Home Economics; Biology; Honor Society; Kappa Omicron Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. Stephenson, Oscar, James Jr. Florence; History; Biology; Secondary Ed.; Conservation Club; Honor So- ciety; Phi Alpha Theta. Stinnett, Melissa Claire Athens; Elementary Ed.; Civinettes; SAEA. Stolsworth, Gloria Hayes Cherokee; Secondary Ed.; English; Sociology; English Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Mu. Stovall, James R. Florence; Marketing; Economics; Sig- ma Tau Pi, Pres. 4; Circle K, Board Of Directors; Honor Society; Grad- uation Usher; GWHM Freedoms Foundation; Geography Club; Nation- al Society of P R; Alpha Phi Omega. Stricklin, Patricia Ann Florence; Elementary Ed.; SAEA; Kappa Delta Pi. Styles, John M. Florence; Business Management; Eco- nomics; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Tau Pi. Sullins, Sherrel Dean Hodges; English; Political Sc.; Sec- ondary Ed.. Swift, Nita Beam Florence; Secondary Ed.; History; History Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. Swindle, Bob by Marlin Muscle Shoals; Management; Eco- nomics; Sigma Tau Pi, Social Chair- man. STYLES SULLINS SWIFT SWINDLE 99 L. TATUM J.TATUM TAYLOR TEST THIGPEN Tatum, Leanne Linville Waynesboro, Term.; English; Sociolo- gy; University Players, Sec.; Alpha Psi Omega. Tatum, Jerry Harris Florence; Psychology; Chemistry; Un- iversity Players; Alpha Psi Omega. Taylor, Charles Raymond Florence; Business Management; Ec- onomics; BSU, Executive Council; Sigma Tau Pi; Collegiate Civitans, Sec. Test, Richard Alan Huntsville; Biology; Geography. Thigpen, Jo Ann Florence; Elementary Ed. Tidwell, Linda J. West Point, Tenn.; Elementary Ed.; SGA; History Club. Tittle, Gloria Jean Goodsprings; Secretarial Ed.; SAEA; Sigma Tau Pi. Turner, Cynthia Yvonne Decatur; Elementary Ed.; SAEA, IPC; Powers Hall Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi. Underwood, Ralph E. Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. Ussery, Linda Deerman Muscle Shoals; Math; Chemistry; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsilon. Vaughn, Sandra Lamelle Sheffield; Physical Ed.; Sociology; Alpha Sigma Lambda, Pres. 4; AWS, Social Chairman 4; SUB 1-4; AWC; P.E. Club; Who ' s Who 4. Vick, Jane Williams Hamilton; Art; Physical Ed.; Kappa Pi; P.E. Club. TIDWELL TITTLE TURNER UNDERWOOD USSERY VAUGHN VICK 100 VIRGIN WADE WALKER WALLACE WAMP WARGO t Virgin, Elizabeth Jane Decatur; Elementary Ed. Wade, Sandra Lou Muscle Shoals; Elementary Ed.; AWS; Christian Student Center. Walker, Harvey Delano Decatur; English; History; Soph. Class Pres. at Calhoun Jr. College; Hall Representative. Wallace, Eltie Jeannette Cherokee; Secondary Ed.; Math; Bi- ology; BSU; Powers Hall Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sec.-Treas. Wamp, Joe Martin Hanceville; Marketing; Economics. Wargo, Mary Louise Florence; Secondary Ed.; Social Studies Cognate; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; History Club. Watson, Karen Sue Killen; English; Art; Secondary Ed. Weatherford, Patricia Florence; Secondary Ed.; History; Art; History Club; Kappa Pi, Vice- Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. Weatherby, Robert Jerry Tuscumbia; Accounting; Economics. Weaver, Jean Hardy Tampa, Fla.; Art; Biology. Weekley, Cathy Pittman Tuscumbia; Math; Music; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsi- lon; Band 1. Wells, David Lee Ross, Ga.; Zoology; Physical Ed.; Ush- ers Club; P.E. Club; Football 1-2. WATSON i WEATHERFORD WEATHERBY WEAVER WEEKLEY WELLS 101 WELLS WESTMORELAND WHISENANT B. WHITE C. WHITE Wells, Stephen Ralph Russellville; Chemistry; Zoology; ACS, Vice-Pres. 4; Conservation Club. Westmoreland, Ronald Edwin Addison; Math; English; ROTC. Whisenant, Troy Wayne Lacey ' s Spring; Physical Ed.; History; P.E. Club; Basketball 1. White, Bette Ann Florence; English; History; Biology; AWC; Student Chrisitan Fellowship; Sigma Tau Delta. White, Cathy Rogersville; Geography; English; Geography Club, Treas.; BSD. White, Lois Alaine Sheffield; Business Ed.; English; Sigma Tau Pi, 1,3, Treas. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; AWC. White, Stephen C. Florence; Accounting; Economics; BSD; Alpha Chi. Wiginton, Brenda Kay Hamilton; Home Economics; General Sc.; Secondary Ed.; SGA, Vice-Pres. 3, Judge 4; Student Union Board; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who 4; Homecoming Court 3, Queen 4; Miss Glamour 3; ROTC Sponsor; Diorama Staff; Steering Committee; University Self-Study; FSU Court. Wiginton, Connie Hughes Florence; Business Ed.; Art; Sigma Tau Pi, Sec. 2. Williams, Judy Ann Belk; Biology; Home Economics; Sec- ondary Ed.; Ala. Home EC. Association; Kappa Omicron Phi; Beta Beta Beta. Williams, Sandra Kay Lexington; English; Art; Secondary Ed.; Wesley Foundation, Vice-Pres., Sec. -Treas.; LaFayette Hall Social Chairman. Williamson, Charles Ronald Florence; Management; Economics; Football 4. L WHITE S. WHITE B. WIGINTON C. WIGINTON J.WILLIAMS S.WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON 102 WILLINGHAM WILLIS D.WILSON M.WILSON J. WILSON E.WILSON Willingham, Linda M. Tuscumbia; Math; Biology; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Society; Student Counselor. Willis, Bobbie Cheryl Florence; Secondary Ed.; Science; English; Women ' s Choir. Wilson, Darryle Delander Jasper; History; Political Sc.; Psy- chology; Band. Wilson, David Michael Addison; Biology; Chemistry; SGA, Senator; SUB; Pres. of Rivers Hall 4; IPC; FSU Court. Wilson, James K. Collinwood, Tenn.; Accounting; Eco- nomics. Wilson, Jimmie Eugene Russellville; Business Management; Sigma Tau Pi; BSU, Student Center Chairman. Wilson, Lester Alton Sylvania; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. Wininger, Gerald Thomas Florence; Business Management; Sigma Tau Pi. Wisooker, Hugh Martin Florence; History; Political Science. Witt, T. C. Jr. Florence; Management; Economics; Accounting; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Basketball 1 ; Track 1. Wix, James Ronnie Vine Mont; History; Geography; Sec- ondary Ed.; History Club; Geography Club. Woodward, John Michael Florence; Chemistry; Biology. L. WILSON WININGER WISOOKER WITT WIX WOODWARD 103 Yeilding, Carolyn G. Nipper, William Whidbea Bridges, Mary Ann Florence Florence; Elementary Education, Florence; Math; Marketing Alpha Beta Alpha 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4 104 Senior Class Officers 105 ROTC Sponsors Regina Southern A Company Georgia McCorkle B Company Judy Whalen C Company 106 Barbara Thomason D Company Kay Owens E Company Sue Cox F Company ROTC Sponsors Beverly Waugh J Company Joan Broadfoot Band Sponsor Susie Hovater IstBatt. Phylis Bacon 2nd Batt. Pat Albright 3rd Batt. Nancy Geise Brigade Sponsor i 107 Brigade Staff 108 m Color Guard 109 J Company no ROTC Band Ads nffl oft WHERE YOU SAVE . . . DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Get All These Benefits When You Save With Us: Insured Safety Liberal Earnings Quick Availability No Fluctuation Sound Management Extra Strong Reserves FIRST FEDERAL 1 " " || I I I i I ' ; !i3i! 53331 01333 311 IUP SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORENCE FLORENCE, ALABAMA Where People Come FIRST 114 NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO., INC. Florence, Alabama HOMETOWN MANUFACTURERS OF THE WORLDS FINEST FLOORS COVERING MATERIALS 100% BOOSTERS OF FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY 115 Compli ments of a Friend - Downtown Florence your campus dining service AIRIA ' SLATER SCHOOL COLLEGE SERVICES headquarters at Independence Square, S.W. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 116 Summer Luau Catered by Slater Food Service. There ' s NO people like SHOALS People Shoals National Bank of Florence 3 Convenient locations Downtown: Court Tennessee Motor Branch: Seminary Tuscaloosa North Florence: Wood Cleveland Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation AFULL ! SERVICE! .BANK, Compliments of a Friend That ' ll learn ya . . . durn ya! 117 Colony Men ' s Shop Southgate Mall Muscle Shoals Court Street Florence Meffords 111 Tenn. St. Florence, Ala. Member American Gem Society Never a service charge Who taught her to be a photographer? 118 (tWET HOOSE 468 North Court Street Florence, Alabama 35630 Of California DRESS BOUTIQUE SHOP 119 East Mobile Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA 35630 Phone: 766-8710 Florence Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Florence, Ala. Ifs the real thing. Coke f Trade-mark Compliments of Eddy ' s Place 13 miles North of Florence on Highway 13 Compliments of Berry ' s Package Store Take First Right Off Trace Take First Left Off Cloverdale Road ' Where Everybody ' s Business is Appreciated " Compliments of Club 13 Johnny Hood Operator Cold Beer Live Music Wed., Thurs., Friday, and Saturday Chisholm Highway 13 Miles North of Florence State University I 120 Compliments of Mtaitfa 9focet anp Compliments of DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES Electricity Department Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Gas Department FLORENCE, ALABAMA Tennessee Street Branch THE NATIONAL OF ' Helping You Since Member of the Federal Deposit 122 Elting Branch Main Office HE |l FIRST AL IBANK OF FLORENCE ngYou I Help Yourself " Since I 1889 Deposit Insurance Corporation North Florence Branch 123 Complete Drafting And Art Supplies PRINTERS STATIONERS, INC. 816 NORTH COURT ST. P. O. BOX T FLORENCK. ALABAMA 3563O Hellard Insurance Agency Lion Boosters for 35 Years In Bottles or Cans! ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. Sheffield 383-5342 Greetings From .V J-Y ' ..f, 3HOA13 1340 K.C. " Voice Of The .ions " WJOI Radio, Inc. Florence, Alabama Compliments of ilJUH E. Tenn. St. SHOES Florence ' NOBODY BUT NO8OOV UNDERSELLS IfVINS " The District ' s Greatest Home-Furn sriers " 301 N. Court 764-3671 Florence Comp iments of Louis Haddock; Owner Dr. Pepper 7-Up Bottling Company Compliments of Poe ' s Men ' s Shop " the fashion shop " Court Street Florence " And where will you be when we have the Third World War? I think I will sit out this class. Tuscumbia Sheffield FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN TUSCUMBIA With Offices in Tuscumbia, Sheffield, Cherokee, Muscle Shoals City. Cherokee Muscle Shoals City 126 Gray ' s Concrete CENTRAL MIXED CONCRETE Mortar Mix Bag Cement All sizes of concrete blocks River Sand Gravel Mason Sand Tell us what the job is we will recommend the mixture. 764-9391 Orange Blossom Rings To the girl who knows what she wants but not where to find it. Match your style with our many distinctive designs. And ask us about our famous Orange Blossom guarantee. Grogan ' s Jewelers 1 26 N. Court St. Florence Florence . . . Southgate Mall 127 Studying late . . . drop by the Pitt for a midnight snack. We specialize in carry-out orders. Open 24 Hours a Day Pitt Grill 764-9997 400 E. Tenn. St. m Southern-Sash of Sheffield Florence Huntsville Columbia, Tenn. Birmingham Athens Decatur Tuscaloosa Alabama ' s Largest Supplier of Building Materials 128 POST WELDING SUPPLY Distributor for: Hobart, Linde, Westinghouse Welding Equipment Selstrom, Fiber Metal, Jackson Safety Equipment, Duralite House Paints, and Ditzler Auto Paints 1121 E. Second Sheffield 383-5352 Nights Holidays: 764-9213 or 383-8231 One Paper (and one alone) Covers the rich Muscle Shoals Market Tri Cities Dafly Compliments of BIGBEE CONSTRUCTION COOMPANY, INC. P.O. Box 8 402 So. Dickson St. Tuscumbia, Ala. Phone 383-6568 A. B.DAVIS DRY GOODS COMPANY DRY GOODS CLOTHING SHOES NOTIONS 1 07 West Sixth Street Phone 383-4114 Tuscumbia, Ala. J E W32.LE1I S 114 N. COURT T. Ni FLOHINCI. ALA. Home Owned Home Operated NEVER a carrying charge Home of Magnolia Diamonds Best Wishes Landers Office Supply, Co. Inc. 101 W. Third St. Sheffield Complete Line of Office Furniture and Supplies 129 Rest easy. Your future ' s in good shape. Not tied up. Not hanging. Taking Army ROTC in college will give you a certainty about your future. About your college years and the years right after college. You can plan. You have a little more time to consider important lifetime decisions. Time put to good use. Learning how to work as part of a team. Learning how to motivate and lead others. As an Army officer you ' ll get real experience in management. Responsibilities come fast as an officer. And they ' re important to you. When you seek civilian employment, nothing registers as well as sound management experience. The kind you get as an Army Officer. Through Army ROTC. Take command of your future ... take Army ROTC 130 R.O.T.C. AT FLORENCE STATE 131 Florence State University Florence State University Married Student Apartments The $800,000 married students apartments project was completed in the fall of 1969 and consists of 50 units and an infirmary. The apartments are in units of six and four. Each one is two-story in design, completely furnished and air-conditioned and contains two bedrooms, a living-dining room, kitchen and bath. The kitchen is equipped with stove, refrigerator and garbage disposal unit. Other features of the project include a community laundry and off-street parking. A.B. and B.S. degree programs in the arts and sciences, business, home economics, medical technology. A.B. and B.S. degree programs for the training of teachers for kindergarten, elementary, and secondary schools. M.A. programs in elementary and secondary educa- tion, school administration, reading specialist, guidance and counseling. Courses for renewal and extension of teaching certificates, Class B,A, and AA. Preprofessional curricula for agriculture, dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, health sciences. Special programs in secretarial training and law enforcement. Beautiful campus, comfortable residence halls and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study aTrd for admission to engineering, medico-dental, and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. 132 THE MOST -- Tin z n V. ' . " ft iti Fresh as a Flower IN JUST 1 HOUR One-Hour Martinizing 1113 Florence Blvd. 1220N. Wood Avenue Town Plaza, Sheffield Tri Cities Car Dealers Assoc. Campbell Ford Motors, Inc. Sid Hamm Chrysler Plymouth Four Cities Imports Miley Buick-Oldsmobile Co. Hester Chevrolet, Inc. Morris Rambler, Inc. Reeder Buick Opel Harrison-White Pontiac Paul Saywell Plymouth Motors, Inc. Gateway Lincoln-Mercury Zelke Dodge and Dodge Trucks Mullins Ford Bobby Mitchell Chevrolet Foot Auto Co. Morris Dodge, American Motors and Dodge Trucks Paper and Chemical Supply Co, Distributors of Paper Products, School Supplies, Sanitation Supplies Specialists in Disposables of the 70 ' s Sheffield, Alabama Hardware Paints TV ' S Appliances The Florence Herald " YOUR PRIZE WINNING WEEKLY NEWSPAPER " Commercial Printing Wedding Invitations Church Bulletins Office Supplies School Papers Lauderdale County ' s Oldest Publication 114-1 16 W. TombigbeeSt. Phone (205)764-0641 " We service what we sell " Dealer For: RCA zenith maytag Whirlpool fedders Kitchen aid enterprise HARDWARE TV AND APPLIANCE CO.I TOMB1GBEE ST FLORENCE ALA Bobby Ray Owner BOOKLAND Complete selection Hardback books Bibles Stationery Paperback books and outline notes Hallmark Cards Reading Headquarters for North Alabama 114 N. Court Street Downtown Florence JOHNSON JOHNSON INSURANCE Surety Bonds A Continuous Service since 1907 Telephone 383-5478 PRINCE FURNITURE CO., INC. YOUR FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE 1D9 WEST SIXTH STREET TUSCUMBIA, ALA. WOODWARD AVE. MUSCLE SHOALS, ALA. Open from 9 A.M. -P.M. Daily For a complete line of ladies and juniors fashions 100% Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheeseburgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fries to. 1414 rMX D W A Y Ory ' s Cleaners Laundry 213-15 N. Wood Ave. Florence, Ala. PHONE 764-8501 E. Tennessee St. Downtown Florence 134 REYNOLDS where new ideas take shape in ALUMINUM and new careers take shape with " REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Growing for 30 years with Muscle Shoals 135 ' Isn ' t it a gas? " " That new tobacco sure turns me on! 136 1 Drawing nudes again. Those roaches bug the devil out of me. GOLL HA LEE!!! 137 Any Season, Any Event Corner Hat Shop Mobile St. Florence For The Beautifully Dressed Lady Martin Theaters New Martin Florence Colbert Sheffield Marbo Drive-In Muscle Shoals Joy-Lan Drive-In Florence Shoals Florence Tuscumbian Tuscumbia :: : ' . ' A . Sheffield Federal Savings and Loan Association 138 Southgate Photo Center 381 -001 2 Headquarters for all Photographic needs and Art supplies . . . Discount to College Students See Us at Southgate Mall Muscle Shoals to Shut down for the night. 139 Any Season, Any Event Corner Hat Shop Mobile St. Florence For The Beautifully Dressed Lady Smokehouse Billiards Recreation and Refreshment 118 E. Tenn. St. Florence Martin Theaters New Martin Florence Colbert Sheffield Marbo Drive-In Muscle Shoals Joy-Lan Drive-In Florence Shoals Florence Tuscumbian Tuscumbia ran it! with Your Personalized School Name created by John Roberts CLASS RING Four-Week Shipment John T. Southerland 7 Points Shopping Center Florence, Alabama MV Football from the Sidelines 71 iter 141 Need We Say More? 142 F.S.U. ' s First Ugly Man Contest Winner Gene Stovall 143 Compliments of a Friend OF MUSCLE SHOALS. INC. 713 WOODWARD AVE. MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA PHONE 383-1133 Open Every Night Til 9 Back you fools! 144 VERBON JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY RESIDENTIAL ' COMMERCIAL 1 ' INDUSTRIAL WIRING 522 South Wood Avenue Florence, Alabama 764-3517 Tri Cities Produce and Wholesale Co. Institutional Distributor " Buddy ' s Bananas " Sheffield, Alabama Ladies ' and Men ' s Shop 101-103 No. Court Street Phone: 766-2220 764-1092 HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS OTTO D. SPEAKE (OWNER) Best Selections London Fog Jantzen Pendelton Gant Shirts Wright Slacks Bostonian Corbin " Johnny Carson " Clothes Laud We Sing. 145 A " I wish Dave would quit messing things up. Keep your hands to yourself, buddy. 150 He ' s got to be kidding. On the count of three, holler REF- 151 FARMBEST DAIRIES The Foremost Milk In The South 212 East 5th Street Tuscumbia, Alabama Phone 383-5110 Start letting success show a little . . . with a college ring by John Roberts. Come in and order today. Four week shipment. BUSCH JEWELRY CO. 107 N. Court Street Florence For the heck of it all! 148 Compliments of Modern Florists Here comes ole what ' s his name. Compliments of Darby Shell Service 401 N. Court St. Florence Compliments of Corner Fruit Most Everything Any Time 216 E.Tenn. St. Florence WHO CARES WE CARE 149 On second thought, I don ' t think I will jump! . . . and I found an old Playboy in the corner of my closet. 146 And the beat goes on. For arts sake. 147 There have always been those very special young people who have never been satisfied with the ordinary. For over three generations, these young creatives have come to the Inter-Collegiate Press for their graduation announcements, yearbooks and diplomas. For here they have always found bright, experienced and thoughtful counsel in producing their best, individual creative works. When you want everything to be right WE ARE PROUD TO PUBLISH THE DIORAMA ALABAMA REGIONAL OFFICE Ernest W. Crates 2337 Ivy Lane Birmingham, Alabama 35226 inter collegiate press a division of The Welch Scientific Company 152 Our Special Thanks to Downtown Florence :te 153 You and Your Diorama Let us hope that a copy of every issue of the Diorama will become a cherished possession of every student who attended Florence State University during the time covered by the publication. The central focus of each issue of a college or university yearbook is student life. Students alive with their widely varying interests, activities, and relationships are portrayed in the university setting in such ways as will assist them throughout the coming years to recall vividly into pleasant memory the bygone days of collegiate life. Let us be grateful that in succeeding years Diorama staffs have diligently sought to produce annuals of such quality that students may look forward to perusing them with pride in the years that are yet to come and be glad for their children and grandchildren to do likewise. And so may it be with future Dioramas and future years in a vigorous Florence State University with an optimistic future always opening up before it. E. B. Norton President Jfanctangb It ' s nothing like playboy. wonder if Peter Max started like this. 156 . ' V I itf, Where did my band go to? Wonder why no one ever asked me out. 157 You would be surprised of what you can see from here. That certainly was a big bird. 154 It ' s all mine kid! 13 I :: Alright, who bent the fingers on the skeleton? 155 OMJ s po|q OM; jamoue JDJ pjey sauieq OAM JOj dn seoB qj9H as i sdwnf jaju9o pue spunoqsj oj sawoo n U9i| w sieoxe jaijeqpan aun U 9 IAI 6 i a o ' IAI SJOW8S 9M1 9SI pooo ja )BiuAB|d pue J3|puei| neq suu ajnjjjsqns Aa | SB LUBSI at)} 01 d|9M ieaj6 v ' pJBnB ' 991. ' ,,0,9 uooeg Ajo6aiBO in Oujuuru SJB8A OM) IUE8} BuipB8| JBJJB Buuoos uj JBaA }SB| puooes o; paddjjs ja |BLuAB|d POOB ' ' ' IjnOO UO 9J9L|M AUB }SOLU|B LUOJ; Ol S pUBL| 3| A|pB9p J8 OOV-IIV uy ' ' pJBnB ' OZL ' ,,0.9 uo|;oe|as OOV-IIV ' 9Z|s JO peads poo6 SBL) PUB ||3M sjaAnauBiu }a |SBq punojB ions ajBjnooB Buuoos pus 6u|punoqaj uj suon pa| SBL) u6!BdoiBO OZ-69 uj uossas jsaq SJL) PBH ' ' ' uBiujeusi JeaA aajLii jajuao ' g ' .,6,9 Auutuoi rsi japunoqaj 6u;pB3| PJJU.I os|B jeaA }SB| penbs uo JBJOOS 6ujpB8| PJILU SBM pus sjauai aaju.) SUMQ ' japsai uiea) B PUB jaABjd ajaiduioo B ojuj pado|3Aaa -pjen6 ' gn. 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