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I 4SHBMI j ir. 9 I 1 f i H H $ f Stbmt at-. e Xj 1. ,. ,, VERITAS ' " Florence State University Florence, Alabama F.S.U. 1968-69 p I In 1968, Florence State University was born. Time flowed. 1969 swept three thou- sand students in its current. Muted conver- sations, treasured faces, devilish assign- ments, commonplace, yet treasured scenes composed this, another nine months of school. When, in the far future, hoarded memories march through the mind in dream- like wisps, turn to these pages for concrete evidence of one marvelous era of life. . Growing V I When mental faculties and creative abilities are developed, a character is partially formed. When athletic skills are practiced, the character may be housed in a strong and healthy body. But a complete person is more than an isolated mind with a pair of hands. The complete person is always seeking to relate to his environment. He is develop- ing the ability to relax with others, to join with them in shared activity, to become a social being. He is seeking to prepare for his future, which, after all, is tomorrow. Through college life, the complete person is expanding his personality. Rat Week Lowly freshmen are introduced to the F. S. U. campus through a program calculated to draw them into campus life as quickly as possible: " Rat Week " . Freshmen are identified by rat hats, which sprout from heads, and name tags, which grow on backs. Good rats parade in dorm groups, serenading pas- sers-by with residence hall theme songs and provid- ing floor shows in the dining halls. Cheering fans urge the rats on as they race their tricycles. On the weekend, half time entertainment at the football game is provided in the form of a Rat Race staged by freshmen in their very finest P.J. ' s. Most rats prove very co-operative. However, for those who failed to show enough spirit in one way or another, judgement looms at Kangeroo Court. At this point good rats, though exhausted, are happy to become fully initiated Freshmen at F.S.U. Homecoming A week of feverish activity pre- cedes t h e BIG EVENT, Homecom- ing. Organizations choose themes for their floats and begin to build and stuff in a furor. At the last minute, of course, every single student on or off campus wants to paint the star. Sat- urday afternoon the campus teems with returning alumni, who inspect new buildings and cheer excitedly at the game as the lovely homecom- ing queen and her court are pre- sented. On Saturday night, at the Homecoming Dance, students pro- ceed to exhibit a vitality which has not been diminished in the least by the vigorous preceding week. Spirit Are ya ready? Sound off! One . . . two . . . three . . . and the games go on. We ' ve got to get out there and PUSH that team. Every- body grab your noise maker and your " Give ' em hell " hat. Pull an outstanding little idea out of that hat and the spirit stick may belong to your dorm next week. Pack the population of your dorm into the amphitheater. Wave red flashlights, light up sparklers, or spray fire- extinguishers. Give it all you ' ve got. Now when they call out our dorm we ' ll do " Aw, beep-beep " . We ' ve got Soul, so let ' s go!!! Classes 11 i .... ... A m? i;aB .. I 12 ! M IbJ i ' ' SH I The usual round of classes, bells, and stud- ies becomes a groove after a few hectic days. At first people turn up in the wrong sections in the wrong rooms at the wrong times, while the line at the registrar ' s office grows longer and longer. Then after a few weeks schedules have been committed to memory, room numbers are correlated with subjects, and professors are tabulated according to their mannerisms. Lecture periods fly by in rapid succession. Big exams come and go. Midterm passes. Research papers are submitted and returned. The filling of brains proceeds at a regular pace as each student fits into the system. 13 Introspection 14 k I Self-realization. Money. Peace and love. Personal integrity. A vast, completely unplanned future. A re- search paper. Mao. Czechoslovakia. God. Freedom. Vietnam. Big exam. Pressurefrom everywhere. A new President. A fiancee. Equality. Humanity. Goals, seem- ingly unattainable. Civil rights. The Little Judge. Apa- thy. Graduation. No date Saturday. The draft. Mar- riage. Go away. Go far, far away. Turn your eyes from confusion. Be calm. Look inside. Contemplate. Behold the secret you. 15 16 i When inside pressure builds up and builds up and builds up, when lectures and labs become the most frustrating features of life, when the thought of the library brings on nau- sea just take a break. Tell a friend about it; or start a little horseplay in the sub, where the crowd is always ready to laugh. Better still, wait until the weekend for the game and the dance afterward, and forget yourself in rhythm. Drop by a party on the lake. Get soused in water, natural- ly. Feel better? 17 Amphitheater 18 This, the amphitheater, is our place of refuge. Sit here in reverie, recalling yesterday ' s events or projecting the towers of your future. Or meet a friend for a desultry conversation between classes. Here the leaves cast friendly shadows on friend- lier faces, while docile little breezes push perfect hairdos around, but just a tiny bit. If you have a big test in an hour, take your seat on a forest green bench and bury your head in your book. Or sit up there on the hill, in the grass. Take in the scene of dappled beauty. Immerse yourself in the charm of the place, and hold the sanctuary close. 19 Love 20 II An intimate whisper. The tender touch of a familiar hand. Gentle chidings. A face, present always. A kiss to be savored. Eyes reflecting a very personal message. Mutual hopes, held so close and so high. A cherished grin. That special bench. Thoughts never voiced, but understood. Sweet remembrance of a first date. Companionship. Precious mementos. Laughter, soft as summer air. Thus we grow to know one another. . 21 Registration 22 i This schedule is perfect. It ' s the only one that will do, really. Well, if this class won ' t fit, what about this one? No, that just won ' t do; I don ' t need that course. Look, this is my major. Please put me in this section. (Maybe if I cry?) Thank you so much really !(Expell the air from my lungs, gulp more, gather energy for the next encounter.) Now, are all the hours right? Yes, and all the requirements are down there. The cards all match the courses. Completed forms are behind now, and only the payment of fees in front. Oh no! How could I forget that camera? 23 Discovery 24 One beautiful, deep flash of in- spiration, one single burst of insight and yes it is worthwhile. All that painstaking research, all that labor- ious study was only a prelude to this and yes it is worthwhile. Perhaps someone thought of it or said it be- fore; but this is different, this is me. My own thought, my own concept is born from my own, my very own brain. My conquest is made, my goal attained. This is the special rapture of discovery. 25 Communication $ 26 f CT F. ... ' I m 1 - " ' ' ; .-, We are humanity. Do not pass by without touching us. There is no need to remain solitary and separated. Pause a while to chat; ours is a cordial group. Unfold to us, share with us your joys, your disappointments, your giggles, your sighs. Together we will realize our dreams, reach for our stars, and climb closer to heaven. Separated, we are merely leaves blowing through tall grass. But solitary figures are not deso- late figures so long as paths of communion are open to them. Unity of understanding will uphold and sustain us. 27 Dedication Mr. Otis Peacock i - f J 28 ; To enumerate the highlights of twenty-two years of service given to this school by Mr. Otis Peacock would fill many pages. Since that time, many new buildings have gone up and student enrollment has risen with each year, all due in part to the long hours of hard work given by this unselfish man. Not only is Mr. Peacock dedicated to the progress of FSU, but because of his additional work with various community organizations, Florence has profited as well. As a long overdue acknowledgment from many alumni and students who have re- ceived their education due to this most gra- cious man ' s dedication, we dedicate this, the 1 969 DIORAMA, to you Mr. Otis Peacock. 29 Administration and Faculty L i 1 J [H Btf M - " .V j : 1 32 Dr. E. B. Norton I DR. TURNER W. ALLEN DEAN OF THE UNIVERSITY 34 MR. OTIS PEACOCK Administrative Assistant to the President DR. W. T. McELHENY Dean of Student Affairs MR. ABEL F. DeWITT Dean of Men MISS PAULINE E. GRAVLEE Dean of Women 35 CHESTER M. AREHART Registrar ROY S. STEVENS Treasurer-Business Manager WILLIAM L. CROCKER Director of Graduate Study WILLIAM A. GRAHAM Director of Kilby Laboratory School 36 Art Department Mr. Mort E. Smith, Department Chairman, Professor of Art, B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.A., Colorado State College; M.F.A., State University of Iowa. The Department of Art offers course work in studio, design, art history, art education, and the gen- eral arts. Now that the completion of the visual arts facilities in the new arts center is a reality, these course areas will become stronger, and it is anticipated that definite curriculum options may be offered leading to preparation for graphic design, constructive design, studio (drawing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, and sculpture), and art education. Specialized studios, lecture rooms, and a workshop will be equipped to carry out these types of curricular programs. There is optimism that art history may develop into a minor curriculum offering. At the present, there is limited opportunity for the Shoals Community to enroll in evening art courses. It is, again, anticipated that the new facilities will permit an enlarged arts program during the after-dark (or Saturday) period. Last, but far from least, the Depart- ment of Art hopes to be able to influence the aesthetic awareness of every student on the Florence State Campus. 37 Art Department Lila Cochran, Part-time In- st ructor in Art, B.S., Flor- ence State University Mrs. Marion Kearley, As- sistant Professor of Art, B.S., M.A., Louisiana State University Mrs. Hilda Mitchell, Assis- tant Professor of Art, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege David Schneider, Instruc- tor in Art, B.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago; M.F.A., Tulane University Nelson Van Pelt, Instructor in Photography, B.J., Uni- versity of Missouri Mrs. Myrt Ward, Assistant Professor of Art, A.B., Flor- ence State College; M.A., University of Alabama 38 Business Department Mr. Lawrence Conwill, Department Chairman, Assis- tant Professor of Business Administration, B.B.A., M.B.E., University of Mississippi. The Department of Business and Economics at Florence State University offers majors in business administration, accounting, management, market- ing, business education, and secretarial science. The organization affiliated with the department is Sigma Tau Pi which is open to all business majors and minors, and Alpha Chi which is open to students taking advanced accounting courses. 39 Business Department fc W Hollie Allen, Assistant Pro- fessor of Economics, B.S., M.S., Auburn University Max Carrington, Professor of Business Education, B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee; Ed.D., Colora- do State College Lester Dittman, Assistant Professor of Business Ad- ministration, B.S., Ball State Teachers College; M.S., Indiana University Mrs. Eunice Hoffmeister, Instructor i n Secretarial Science, B. S., Florence State University James Jones, Assistant Professor in Business Ad- ministration, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama Inell Knight, Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Admini- stration, A.B., Judson Col- lege; M.A., University of Al- abama Aaron Lynch, Associate Professor of Accounting, A.B., Vanderbilt University; C.P.A Ellen Moore, Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Educa- tion, B.S., Florence State University; M.S., University of Tennessee William Stewart, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.S., Delta State College; M.B.E., M.A., University of Mississippi Ermis Thompson, Associ- ate Professor of Econom- ics, B.S., Florence State University; M. A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Alabama Roy Webb, Jr., Associate Professor of Accounting, B.S., University of Alaba- ma; LL.B., Emory Univer- sity; C.P.A. 40 Department of Education and Psychology wsbr, :retanal iorence i-:= ' o- i State iversity Dr. William L. Crocker, Department Chairman, Pro- fessor Psychology, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama. Students who wish to prepare for teaching in the elementary or secondary schools follow particu- lar courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Arts degree, and upon completion are entitled to be recommended for the appropriate professional certificate issued by the Alabama State Department of Education. The offering of professional education courses leading to the Master of Arts degree is becoming an increasingly important function of the department. Students who are not preparing to become teachers in the elementary or secondary schools may establish a minor in psychology. Students enrolled in the education program are encouraged to participate in the Student Alabama Education Association. Membership in Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society for students in professional education, is by invitation only, and is based on scholastic achievement. 41 Department of Education and Psychology y V Mrs. Virginia Adams, Su- pervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alaba- ma Stanley Beans, Associate Professor of Education, B.S., Kansas State Univer- sity; Ed.D., University of Ar- kansas Hoyt Brock, Professor of Education, B.S., Birming- ham-Southern College; M.A., University of Alaba- ma; Ed.D., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University Mary Campbell, Director of the Curriculum Laboratory and Kilby School Library, B.S., Florence State Uni- versity; M.A., M.A. (L.S.), George Peabody College i Mrs. I Superv Floreni MA. i body C A. lie Ha Cox, Supervising Teach- er, B.S., Florence State Uni- versity; M.A., George Pea- body College Jack Crocker, professor of Education and Psychology, A.B., M.Ed., Tulsa Univer- sity; Ed.D., University of Alabama John Finley, Jr., Associate Professor of Education and Director of Student Teach- ing, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama 42 , Mrs. Dorothy Heffington, Supervising Teacher, B.S. Florence State University; M.A., Ed.3., George Pea- body College Sarah Lewis, Supervising Teacher, B.A.E., M.E., Uni- versity of Mississippi Donie Lowry, Supervising Teacher, B. S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College William Mcllrath, Associ- ate Professor of Psycholo- gy, B.S., M.A., George Pea- body College Wlege A. Miller Moss, Associate Professor of Psychology, A.B., M.A., Western Ken- tucky State College; Ph.D., University of Alabama Janice Nicholson, Instruc- tor in Education and Psy- chology, B.S., Blue Moun- tain College; M.Ed., Mis- sissippi State University Mrs. Flora Smith, Super- vising Teacher, A.B., Hen- derson State Teachers Col- lege; M.A., Ed.S., Auburn University William Waite, Professor of Education, A.B., University of Saskatchewan; M.A.. University o f Manitoba; Ph.D., University of Chica- go Lula R. Way, Professor of Psychology, B. S., M. A., George Peabody College; Ed.D., Michigan State Uni- versity W. B. Woodward, Associ- ate Professor of Psycholo- gy, A.B., Louisiana State University; Ed.M., Universi- ty of South Carolina Earle Young, Professor of Psychology, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Put- ney Graduate School ; M.S., Ed.D., Auburn University 43 Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages Dr. Albert S. Johnston, Jr., Department Chairman, Professor of English, A.B., University of North Caro- lina; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida. sity The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages offers both a major and a minor in En- glish. Minors are also offered in the dramatic arts and speech, French, and Spanish. Two years of Ger- man are offered. The English and Modern Foreign Language Department at FSU is noted for training fine teachers for the secondary schools and for sending after graduation many of its majors to prestige graduate institutions for graduate degrees. Several graduates in English now hold the coveted N.D.E.A. scholarship and other scholarships and graduate assistantships in distinguished colleges and universi- ties. Organizations affiliated with the department are the English Club, Spanish Club, and the Rehearsal Club which produces two major plays annually. The English Club, annually sponsors the literary maga- zine, " Light and Shadows. " There is an active chapter of the English honorary fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta. " )S Mrs. Alice Dill, Instructor in English, B.S., M.A., Flor- ence State University Charles Foster, Assistant Professor of English, B.S., University of Chattanooga; M.A., East Tennessee State University; Ph.D., Universi- ty of Alabama Mrs. Eva-Maria Gaisser, Assistant Professor of For- eign Languages, A.B., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Missis- sippi Robert Holder, Instructor in Speech, B.S., Memphis State University Mrs. Elizabeth Hood, As- sistant Professor of En- glish, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Univer- sity Mrs. Jean Johnson, In- structor in English, B.S., M.A., University of Alaba- ma Mrs. Catherine Jones, As- Paul Jones, III, Assistant sistant Professor of En- Professor of Modern Lan- glish, A.B., Newcomb Col- guage, B.A., M.A., Univer- lege; M.A., University of sity of Alabama Alabama John Kingsbury, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Colgate University; M.F.A., University of Iowa Mrs. Brynda Musgrove, As- sistant Professor of En- glish, A.B., M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Nancy Powers, Assis- tant Professor of English, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., University of Texas Mrs. Emily Richeson, As- sistant Professorof English and Speech, A.B., Athens College; M.A., University of Alabama 45 Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages Stanley Rosenbaum, As- sistant Professor of En- glish, A.B., Harvard Uni- versity; M.A., University of Denver Mrs. Betty Schuessler, In- structor in Speech, A.B., University of Tennessee Gladys Shepard, Associ- ate Professor of English, A. B., Randolph-M aeon Woman ' s College; M. A., Columbia University Lindsey Stricklin, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina Mrs. Leatrice Timmons, As- sistant Professor of En- glish, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Peggy Wade, Instruc- tor in English, B.S., M.A., Florence State University 46 J. N. Winn, Associate Pro- fessor of English, A. B., Dartmouth College; M.A., Columbia University 4 lessor of 8.S.. A !S Home Economics Department Mrs. Mary Huff, Department Chairman, Associate Professor of Home Economics, B.S., M.S., University of Georgia. The Home Economics Department offers an individual opportunity for personal development as well as for a professional career. The curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in the teaching of vocational home economics or in general home economics. In addition to teaching, graduates are also employed as Cooperative Extension home economists, business home economists, and home economists in some areas of social service and other similar positions. Affiliated with the department is the Home Economics Club which is open to all majors, minors, and electives, and Kappa Omicron Phi, a national home economics honor society for majors and minors. Jean Dorroh, Assistant Pro- fessor of Home Economics, B. S., Alabama College; M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Barbara Hendrix, In- structor in Home Econo- mics, B. S., University of Tennessee Mrs. Jane Mcllrath, Direc- tor of the Nursery School, A. B., St. Mar y-o f-t h e- Woods College; M. A., George Peabody College Mrs. Florine Rasch, Assis- tant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Alabama College; M.S., University of Tennessee 47 Department of Health and Physical Education Mr. Hubert A. Flowers, Department Chairman, Pro- fessor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Ala- bama Polytechnic Institute; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. The un iversity program of physical education provides an opportunity for students to achieve per- sonal and social development through class, intramural and intercollegiate sports and games. The program of activities is designed to meet the needs of the students for fitness and the development of lifelong habits of play and recreation. The specialized courses for health and physical education and recreation are designed to train teachers of health, physical education, recreation, and for athletic coaching. The college has interscholastic competition in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf. Florence State University is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Alabama Collegiate Conference. 48 Edmond Billingham, Assis- tant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Fairmont State Col- lege; M.A., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University Joseph Elmore, Instructor in Health and Physical Ed- ucation and Assistant Foot- ball Coach, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama George Gibbens, Instruc- tor in Physical Education, B.S., George Peabody Col- lege William Glidewell, Profes- sor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Texas Technological College; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Texas Helen Matthews, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Duke University; M. A., George Peabody College Durell Mock, Instructor in Health and Physical Edu- cation, B.S., Florence State University Henry Self, Athletic Coach, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama Nancy Vance, Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- cation, B.S., Florence State University; M.S., University of Tennessee George Weeks, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., U n i v e r s i t y of Alabama; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege 49 Library Science Department Fannie Schmitt, Associate Professor of Library Sci- ence, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama; M.A. (L.S.), George Peabody. The Department of Library Science at Florence State University was established in 1953. It offers a minor of eighteen semester hours which meets requirements for certification in school library service by the Alabama State Department of Education. In addition to the basic eighteen-hour program, nine hours of elective courses are offered, making a total of twenty-seven hours. The program is based di- rectly upon the recommendations of the American Library Association for undergraduate professional library education. Students completing this eighteen-hour program are prepared to serve as school librarians and to fill certain professional positions in other types of libraries and to enter graduate li- brary schools approved by the American Library Association, as candidates for the master ' s degree in library science in one year. Continued increase in demand for librarians for all types of libraries has resulted in steady increase in enrollment in this department. 50 Collier Library Staff Ruth Dacus, Head Librarian, A.B., Winthrop College, B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College. Martha Griffin, Assistant Li- brarian, B.S., B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College Mildred Lentz, Associate Librarian, B.S., Florence State University; M.S. (L. S.), George Peabody College Donald Turner, Assistant Librarian, B.S., M.A. 51 Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering Dr. John Locker, Department Chairman, Professor of Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University. The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering provides pro- grams and courses in mathematics as preparation for careers in business and industry, for graduate study, for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools, and for satisfaction of mathematics requirements in other academic and professional curricula. The department offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. The basic engineering program is designed to provide one or two years of basic engineering preparation normally required by most professional engineering schools. 52 1 Mrs. Mary Hudson, Associ- ate Professor of Mathe- matics, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College Mrs. Gayle Kent, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Florence State Uni- versity; M.S., University of Mississippi Frank Lee, Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics, B.S., University of Okla- homa; J.D., University of Chicago; M.S., Florida State University William Norris, Instructor in Mathematics, B.A., M.A., Washington University Mrs. Jean Parker, Assis- tant Professor of Mathe- matics, A.B., Florence State University; M. A., George Peabody College William Scott, Instructor in Engineering, B.S. in Ch.E., Auburn University John Stinson, Instructor in Engineering, B.S. in Ch.E., University of Missouri Mrs. Elizabeth Wooldridge, Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege; Ph.D., University of Nebraska 53 Military Science Department Colonel William Koob, Jr., Department Chairman, Professor of Military Science, B.S., The Citadel The senior ROTC program at FSU was initially established in 1 948 to produce qualified officers for the Military Police Corps. In 1 955 the General Military Science program was implemented. Cadets who volunteer for the advanced program are eligible for commission in almost any branch of the Army. The Military Science Department sponsors the University ' s varsity rifle team and an active drill team. The National Society of Pershing Rifles Company J4 and the Cadet Officers Corps are fraternal military organizations also sponsored by the department. A military ball is the annual social highlight. The de- partment and the organizations it sponsors, through the Red Cross Bloodmobile, charity drives, Gover- nor ' s Day and other events, play a large part in community and university activities. 54 Major Winifred Williams, Assistant Professor of Mili- tary Science, B.S., North Dakota State University Major Jerry Fincher, Assis- tant Professor of Military Science, A. B., Park College Captain Phillip Bosma, As- sistant Professor of Mili- tary Science, B.S., United States Military Academy Captain Kenneth Jodoin, Assistant Professor of Mili- tary Science, B.S., Provi- dence College SFC Grayson Mercer, Ad- Staff Sergeant William Al- ministrative Supervisor Ired, Supply Sergeant Staff Sergeant Ronald Dic- key, Supply Sergeant 55 Department of Music Dr. Wayne Christeson, Department Chairman, Pro- fessor of Music, B.M., Drury College; M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University Formal concert programs, student recitals, faculty recitals, football half time shows, parades, pep meetings, television programs, and programs on tour these are the performances the Music Depart- ment provides for the enjoyment of the student body and the general public of the North Alabama area that Florence State serves. In addition to opportunities for all college students to perform as singers and instrumentalists, there is available in the department private and class instruction in piano, voice, and band instruments. Course offerings in the department for the general college student provide opportunities are provided for the education major to develop musical techniques useful in the elementary classroom. For the music major, a full professional music education program is offered. The music department, now housed in its new building, is one of the finest music facilities in the southeast. 56 Mrs. Evelyn den Boer, In- structor in Music, A.B., Uni- versity of Oklahoma Joseph Groom, Assistant Professor of Music and Choral Director, B.S., VI. M.Ed., Auburn Universi- ty Mrs. Florence Irwin, Assis- tant Professor of Music, B.M., M.M., Bush Conser- vatory; M.A., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University Arthur Theil, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music and Direc- tor of Band, B.S.M., Capital University; M.M.Ed., Van- dercook College of Music David Thomas, Assistant Professor o f Music, B.M.E., Baldwin-Wallace College; M.M., Vandercook College of Music Walter Urben, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M. College of the Pacific; B.M. University of Illinois; M.M. Indiana University; A d v Cert., Music Education University of Illinois 57 Department of Science Dr. Joseph Thomas, Department Chairman, Professor of Science, A.B., Asbury College; M.A., Ed.D., Uni- versity of Kentucky The Science Department ' s program is designed as a threefold program professional preparation in the sciences, preparation for teaching the sciences, and service courses in the area of general sci- ence for majors in other fields. The department offers majors in general biology, botany, and zoology; industrial chemistry, gener- al Chemistry, and physics; and cognate majors in natural science and in physical science. Minors are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics. The department also provides appropriate preparatory courses for a number of preprofessional programs. The Science Department has recently expanded its facilities through the completion of the fourth floor of the science building. A Live Animal Room, a Greenhouse, and the Observatory-Planetarium. The Science Building and these supplementary buildings provide excellent facilities and ample room for a complete program in teaching, research, and development. The facilities are unique for this area in astronomy. ' , 4 Donald Professc Eastern ' HEd. I Carolina Mollis Fe fessor c M.S.. Aui T- N. Hul Professor ; B.S 58 Donald Allison, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Eastern Nazarene College; M.Ed., University of North Carolina John Bourne, Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn Univer- sity Jack Brown, Professor of Biology, B.S., Tulane Uni- versity; M.S., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Alabama V i r I y n Bulger, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., Jacksonville State Col lege; M.Ed., Auburn University; M.A.T., University of North Carolina Hollis Fenn, Assistant Pro- fessor of Science, B.S., M.S., Auburn University Henry Harvey, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Western Michigan College; M.A., University of Michi- gan Arthur Hershey, Professor of Biology, B.S., Kansas University; M. S., Ph. D., Iowa State College John Holland, Jr., Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege T. N. Hubbuch, Assistant Professor o f Chemistry, B.S., University of Louis- ville; B.S., M.S., Harvard University C. Fulton Huff, Jr., Associ- ate Professor of Chemistry, A.B., Georgetown College; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege Raymond Isbell, Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Flor- ence State University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alaba- ma Jack Kent, Assistant Pro- fessorof Biology, B.S., Flor- ence State University; M.S., University of Mississippi 59 Department of Science William Montgomery, Pro- fessorof Biology, B.S., Mill- saps College; M.S., Missis- sippi State University; Ph.D., University of Nebras- ka John Phillips, Jr., Assistant Professor o f Chemistry, A.B., University of Connec- ticut; M.S., West Virginia University; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology William Richie, Assistant Professor o f Chemistry, B.S., Florence State Uni- versity; M.A., George Pea- body College Mrs. Sarah Smith, Assis- tant Professor in Science, A.B., Florence State Uni- versity; M.S., University of Mississippi Edgar Tullis, Professor of Biology, A.B., M.A., Univer- sity of Nebraska; Ph. D., Michigan State University Mrs. Elizabeth von Gem- mingen, Assistant Profes- sor of Biology, A.B., M.A., University of Maryland an fie .:. :: Mrs. Faye Wells, Instructor in Science, B.S., Jackson- ville State College; M.S., Alabama College Paul Yokley, Jr., Professor of Biology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Ohio State Universi- ty 60 Department of Social Science Dr. Bernarr Cresap, Department Chairman, Professor of History, A.B., University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University The Department of Social Science offers majors in history and political science and a cognate major in social science. Beginning with the academic year 1 967-70, majors will be offered in geography and sociology. Minors are offered in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Students majoring in the department may prepare for graduate work in the various social science fields or in education. Depending upon the nature of their specialization, students may pursue eventual careers in secondary school teaching, college teaching, cartography, geography, law, library work, journalism, ministry, social work, personnel work, and in various phases of work in federal, state, and local government. 61 Department of Social Science Mrs. Ruth Arnett, Instructor in Sociology, A.B., Univer- sity of Florida; M.A., Van- derbilt University Milton Baughn, Professor of History, B.S., Florence State University; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt Universi- ty Robert Bowles, Professor o f History, A. B., Central College; M.A., Southern Methodist University; Ph.D., Duke University William Conway, Instructor in Sociology, A.B., Jack- sonville State University State! George DeBoer, Assistant Professor of Political Sci- ence, A.B., Western Michi- gan University; B.D., Mc- Cormick Theological Sem- inary; M.A., University of Iowa Charles Frazier, Instructor in Sociology, B.A., Musk- ingum College; M.A., Kent State University Charles Gaisser, Professor of History, A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of Mississippi; Ph.D., Yale University J. Noel Glasscock, Profes- sor of Geography, B.S., Western Kentucky State College; M.A., University of Kentucky Gary Green, Instructor in Geography, B.A., M.A., Uni- versity of Georgia Hassan Abdul-Hadi, Assis- tant Professor of Sociology, B.A., University of Texas; M.S., Trinity University William Ikerman, Assistant Professor of History, B.S., M.A., Auburn University Kenneth Johnson, Associ- ate Professor of History, B.S., Troy State College; M.A., University of Ala- bama; M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University 62 instructor Dallas Lancaster, Associ- ate Professor of Economics and History, B.S., Murray StateCollege;M. A., George Peabody College Frank Mallonee, Jr., Asso- ciate Professor of Political Science and History, A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Emory Uni- versity Mrs. Maurine Maness, As- sociate Professor of His- tory, A.B., Western Kentuc- ky StateCollege; Ph. M., Un- iversity of Wisconsin Earl McGee, Professor of History, A. B., Randolph- Macon College; M.A., New York State College for Teachers; Ph.D., Universi- ty of Kentucky , Profes- Thomas Ott, III, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Asbury College; M.A., Ap- palachian State Teachers College John Powers, A s s i s t a nt Professor of History, A.B., University of North Caroli- na; M.A., University of Tex- as Merle Sherman, Assistant Professor of Geography, B.Ed., Moorhead State Col- lege; M.S., University of Wisconsin; M.A. University of Minnesota ihw m Wilder Watts, Instructor in History, A. B., Hampden- Sydney College; LL.B., Uni- versity of Alabama; M.A., University of Virginia Leonard Wigon, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, A. B. , Roosevelt University; M.A., University of Chicago 63 University Personnel Services Patricia Davis, B.S., M.A., Carol Deming, B.A., Resi- Sharon Gentry, B.S., Asso- Melva Hailman, B.A., M.Ed. Head Resident, Rice Hall dent Counselor, Rice Hall ciate Head Resident, Rice Head Resident, O ' Neal Hall Hall Faye Hunter, B.S., Head Mrs. Dorothy McPeters, R. Mrs. Marguerite Maddox, Resident, Powers Hall N., Director of the Univer- B.S., Head Resident, Wil- sity Infirmary lingham Hall Anne Pope, B.A., B.P.E., Linden Reeder, B.S., M.S., M.A., Head Resident, La- Manager of University Fayette Hall Stores 64 University Staff Mrs. Jean Atencio, Key Punch Operator Mr. J. R. Atencio, Jr., Supervi- sor, Data Processing Service Mrs. Bessie Austin, Postal Clerk Mrs. Christina Benson, Secre- tary to News Service Director Mrs. Ruth M. Biggers, L.P.N. , Nurse Mrs. Helen Blalock, Secretary to Library Staff Mrs. Eddie Lee Brust, Secre- tary to Financial Aids Officer Mrs. Carolyn Burch, B.S., Sec- retary to Registrar Mr. Alan Burleson, B.S., Direc- tor of the News Service Mrs. Emily Collier, Secretary to the Dean of Women Barbara Cox, A.B., Secretary, Department of Education and Psychology Mrs. Dorothy Elliot, Secretary to the Registrar Mr. Gillis Emmons, Superinten- dent of Buildings and Grounds Mr. H. L. Emmons, Campus Security Officer Mr. H. J. English, A.B., Assis- tant Treasurer 65 University 1$ Mrs. Teresa Esslinger, Secre- tary to the Registrar Mrs. Janet Faucett, Secretary to the Dean Mrs. Lynn Frazier, Secretary toPMS Mrs. W. L. Grubbs, Reception- ist, Student Union Mrs. Inez Hallmark, Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. Kathryn Harbin, Secretary to the Registrar Mrs. Mabel Harper, Secretary to the Director, Kilby School Mrs. Bettye Hartung, Secretary to the Financial Aids Officer Mrs. Martha Henry, Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs Mrs. Myrtle Herston, L.P.N., Nurse Mrs. Camilla Johnson, Secre- tary to the Registrar Carolyn Rae Jones, Secretary, Science Department Mrs. Ada Ruth Marks, Secre- tary to the Treasurer Mrs. Curtis Miller, Assistant to the Director, Student Union Billy Mitchell, B.S.. Financial Aids Officer 66 Staff Mrs. Eva Muse, Secretary to the Administrative Assistant to the President Mrs. Glenda O ' Conner, Secre- tary to the ROTC Department Mrs. Laura Pace, Key Punch Operator Mrs. Mary Addis Peacock, Sec- retary to the President Mrs. Mary Rhodes, Secretary to the Treasurer Joseph Rickard, Buildings Su- pervisor Mrs. Jeanette Rochester, Sec- retary to the Director of the Student Union B. J. Sharp, Campus Security Officer J. P. Sharp, Campus Security Officer Mrs. Sybil Stevens, Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. Bess Tipton, B.S., M.A., Hostess, Rogers Hall Mrs. Thomas Walker, Switch- board Operator Mrs. Shelia Willis, Secretary, Health and Physical Education Department Mrs. Carolyn Wilson, Assistant, Curriculum Laboratory 67 Seniors IV . ACREE ADAMS ADAMS ADAMS ACREE KAREN MARIE Huntsvi Me; English; Secretarial Sci- ence; English Club (3, 4); Sigma Tau Delta (4); WSI (3). ADAMS BOBBY GERALD luka, Miss.; English; Library Sci- ence; Publicity Committee of Alpha Beta Alpha. ADAMS CHARLES HUDSON Sheffield; Accounting; Economics; Student Union Board, Vice-Presi- dent; Circle K Club, Secretary, President; Inter-President ' s Coun- cil, Pres; Alpha Chi; Outstanding Junior Male of the Year; College Council on Campus Relations; Homecoming Committee; Presi- dent-Junior Class; Leo the Lion; Graduation Marshal; Who ' s Who 68-69; Distinguished Military Stu- dent. ADAMS MICHAEL DEWITT Huntsville; Biology; Chemistry; Conservation Club (2, 3, 4); Beta Beta Beta (4); Flor-Ala, 1967-68; Diorama (4); SGA (4); Keller Hall Student Government (3). ADAY M. J. JR. Hillsboro; Business Administration; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi. ADCOCK SHERRY GAIL Decatur; Physical Education; Biol- ogy; Physical Education Club; Inter- Presidents Council. ALBRIGHT DONNA HAMPTON Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; AWC; SAEA; Collegiate Singers; Wesley Foundation, Student Union Board. ALEXANDER CATHRYN HARRIS Moulton; Secondary Education; History, Mathematics; Wesley Foun- dation, President (4); Kappa Delta Pi; Inter-President ' s Council; Grad- uation Usher. ALEXANDER WILLIE BERNICE Killen; Elementary Education; Al- pha Beta Alpha. ALLEN DONALD HUGHES Sheffield; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi (4). I ADAY C ADCOCK ALBRIGHT ALEXANDER ALEXANDER ALLEN 70 ANDERSON ANDREWS ARNOLD ASTON AUNE A ANDERSON MARY LOUISE Huntsville; Chemistry; Zoology; Newman Club (1,2, 3, 4); American Chemical Society, Sec.-Treas. (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter-Faith Council (2, 3); Newman Club, Sec.Treas. (3); Beta Beta Beta (3, 4); Honor Society (3, 4). ANDREWS FRANCIS LAWRENCE Huntsville; Health Physical Ed- ucation; Sociology; Band Council, Conservation Club; Cadet Officers Corps; Physical Educators Club Drum Major; Florence State March ing Band (3 yrs.); Advanced ROTC Concert Band (4 yrs.). ARNOLD MARY ELIZABETH Russellville; Elementary Education. ASTON PAULA ELAINE Florence; Art, Sec. Ed.; English; Spanish Club; English Club; Art League; Kappa Pi. AUNE EDNA Florence; Social Science Cognate, Library Science, Sec. Ed; Alpha Beta Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Society. BACEUS GLENDA SUE Haleyville; Home Economics; BSU; Home Economics Club. BAILEY PATRICIA KING Russellville; English; Political Sci- ence; WSGA. BAILEY WANDA FREEMAN Florence; Business Ed.; English; Sigma Tau Pi, Sec. BALCH WILLIAM RAYMOND Lexington; Math; Economics; Kappa Mu Epsilon. BALTIMORE CLAUD GRADY Florence; History; Sociology; West- minister Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4), Pres. Diorama Sports Editor (3, 4). BACEUS BAILEY BAILEY BALCH BALTIMORE 71 i BARCLAY BARDEN BARLEY BARNES BARCLAY REBECCA ANNE Scottsboro; English; Business Ed- ucation; AWS; Sigma Tau Pi; En- glish Club; Alpha Sigma Lambda; AWS, Sec; Rice Hall, Pres. Striplin Social Chairman; SigmaTau Delta, Homecoming Committee (2, 3, 4); Best Dressed 1966. BARDEN LINDA GALE Huntsville; Business Administra- tion; Math; Sigma Alpha Mu (1,2,3), Sec. (3); Civinettes (2, 3), Vice- Pres. (3). BARLEY JOYCE CROMWELL Florence; Elementary Education. BARNES CHARLENE Scottsboro; Social Science; En- glish; SAEA, Trea. (4); GRTC, Sec; CSF, Sec; Gamma Beta Phi. BARNES JOHN H. Birmingham; Zoology; Chemistry; Conservation Club. BARR MARTHA REBECCA Florence; Business Administration; History; Sigma Tau Pi. BATTS JOHN THOMAS Athens; History; Geography. BEARDEN HAROLD HOWARD Haleyville; Business Administra- tion; COC; SigmaTau Pi. BEARDEN JAYONN Florence; English; Secretarial Sci- ence; Sigma Tau Pi; Christian Stu- dent Fellowship; WSGA Represen- tative. BEASON REBECCA E. Florence; Elementary Education; BSU. k BARNES BARR BATTS BEARDEN BEARDEN BEASON i 72 1 BECKS BERGIN BERRY BEENE BEHEL BELEW BECKS ROBERT ROGER JR. Huntsville; Music; Math; BSU, Pres. (3, 4); BSU Student Missionary to the Island of Guam; Baptist Youth Conference in Berne, Switzerland; FSU Band, Pres. (3, 4); Ushers Club; MENC; Inter-President Coun- cil; COC. BEENE DINO Town Creek; Chemistry; Biology; American Chemical Society; Con- servation Club. BEHEL HARRY EDWARD Florence; Chemistry ;Biology;COC; Conservation Club. BELEW MARTHA ANN Sheffield; English; Secretarial Sci- ence; Sigma Tau Pi; English Club. BERGIN SHERRY Sheffield; Mathematics; AlphaBeta Alpha; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice- Pres. Kappa Delta Phi; Alpha Beta Alpha, Vice-Pres. BERRY JAMES RUSSELL Scottsburg, Indiana; History; Po- litical Science; Sigma Sigma Kap- pa, Pres.; IM Council. BEVIS JERRY L. Florence; Accounting; Economics. BIRDWELL EDMOND E. Rogersville; Business Administra- tion Economics. BISHOP DORIS ANN Russellville; Business Education; Sociology; SAEA; Sigma Tau Pi. BISHOP DOROTHY CAVER Russellville; Elementary Educa- tion. s BEVIS BIRDWELL BISHOP BISHOP 73 L BISHOP BLANKENSHIP BLANKENSHIP BLAXTON BISHOP NANCY CAROLYN Cherokee; Elementary Education. BLANKENSHIP ELEANOR FRANN Priceville; Physical Education; Bi- ology; PE Club; Conservation Club; Willingham, Pres.; Civinette; Lion- ettes (2); BSU; Most Outstanding Civinette 64-65. BLANKENSHIP SHIRLEY ANN Haleyville; Business Education; BSU. BLAXTON WILLIAM ROBERT JR. Sheffield; English; Political Sci- ence; Young Democrats; English Club; Conservation Club. BOATWRIGHT GEORGE EDWARD Muscle Shoals; Physical Educa- tion; Biology; History; Physical Ed- ucation Club; Conservation Club. BOBO CAMELLIA CASH Fayette; Secondary Education; Business Education; SAEA; Sigma Tau Pi. BOBO JERRY MAX Fayette; Secondary Education-His- tory; PE; PE Club; F Club; Football. BOLDING ANN MELTON Cherokee; Elementary Education; Majorette. BOLTON MARLIE WAYNE Red Bay; History; PE. BOWEN HERBERT CLINE Florence; Political Science; Busi- ness Administration; Advanced ROTC. I BOATWRIGHT BOBO BOBO BOLDING BOLTON BOWEN 74 BOX BOYETT BRADFORD BOWLIN KARLA Florence; English; French; AWC, Pres., Sec, Publicity Chairman; Sigma Tau Delta, Sec-Trea; IPC; AWS; Hall of Fame Committee; Who ' s Who Committee; Diorama, Faculty Editor; Honor Society. BOX WILLIAM RAYMOND Sheffield; PE; Art; F Club; PE Club; Football (1,2,3). BOYETT JAMES Hamilton; Accounting; Economics; ACS. BRADFORD MARGARET S. Huntsville; Political Science; Art; RAT Committee; Student Union Board; Homecoming Committee; Dorm Social Chairman; RifleTeam, Sec. (3, 4). BRADFORD MARSHALL STEPHEN Florence; Chemistry; Physics, His- tory; ACS, Vice Chairman; Scab- bard and Blade. BRAGWELL JIMMY B. Muscle Shoals; BS; Business Ad- ministration. BRAGWELL WILLIAM JOSEPH Russellville; Zoology; Chemistry; Inter-President ' s Council; Beta Beta Beta; Westminster Fellowship, Vice-Pres. Pres.; Inter-Faith Council, Pres.; LaGrange Hall Council, Trea.; Collegiate Civitan, Vice-Pres.; North, Collegiate Civi- tan. BRALY BRENDA ANN Florence; History; Sociology; Sig- ma Sigma Kappa; AWC; Junior Counselor. BRANNON HARRIETT ELIZABETH Florence; Home Economics; Home Economics Club; 2 yrs. at Peabody- Student National Educational As- sociation; Gymnastics Club. BREWER ALFRED MARVIN JR. Florence; Marketing; History; Busi- ness Club. BRAGWELL I BRAGWELL BRALY BRANNON BREWER 75 BREWER BRITNELL BRITT BRITTON BREWER WYNELL Moulton; Secretarial Science; So- ciology; Sigma Tail Phi. BRITNELL MARY JUNE Florence; Elementary Education; SNEA. BRITT BEVERLY OLIVER Florence; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Epsilon Chapter. BRITTON JOYCE ELAINE Phil Campbell; Biology; Sociology; Northwest Alabama State Junior College-Phil Campbell; Sec. Stu- dent Gov ' t.; Sophomore Class Fav- orite; Music Club; Collegiate Civi- tan. BROADFOOT ANN Montgomery; Home Economic; So- ciology; Home Economic Club; ROTC sponsor; Alternate Diorama Beauty (3); Leo ' s Loveliest (1). BROADFOOT JOHN MICHAEL Florence; History; Biology; Circle K Club (3). BROOKS PAUL NATHAN Florence; Mathematics; Business Administration; Conservation Club. BROWN STEPHANIE C. Florence; English; Sociology; En- glish Club; Sigma Tau Delta. BRUCE MERITA K. Florence; Home Economics; Sci- ence; Home Economics Club; KO Phi, Reporter. BUETTNER BARBARA N. Florence; Elementary Education. BROADFOOT m % ' BROADFOOT BROOKS BROWN BRUCE BUETTNER 76 BULGER BURCH BURLESON BURLESON BURLESON BURLISON BULGER MARILYN PATRICIA Florence; Math; English; Student Gov ' t Association, Vice-Pres., (2, 3, 4); BSU (2, 3, 4); Executive Coun- cil (3, 4); Lionettes (3); AWC (2, 3, 4); Kappa Mu Epsilon (4); Student Union Board (4); Junior Woman of the Year (3). BURCH LOLA FAYE Hartselle; Secretarial Education. BURLESON ANNIE SUE Guin; Home Economics; Science; Home Economics Club; Vice-Pres. BURLESON BOBBY E. Guin; Biology; Geography; Conser- vation Club (3). BURLESON FRAN E. Decatur; Elementary Education; SAEA, 68-69; Civinettes, 68-69; AWS representative 67-68; Level Officer 68-69. BURLISON RONNIE MARSHALL Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Accounting; Economics; Tennis (3, 4). BURROW GERALD WAYNE Phil Campbell; Chemistry; Biology. BUTLER BILL M. Cloverdale; Accounting; Econom- ics; Alpha Chi. BUTTRAM MARVIN M. Haleyville; History; Business; Col- legiate Civitan Club, Trea.; Wesley Foundation, Pres.;StudentGovern- ment Association, Pres. Vice- Pres.; Cheerleader; Collegiate Singers; Mr. FSU. CAIN GLENDA KAY Killen; English; Dramatic Arts; Re- hearsal Club, Sec.-Treas. (3); Eng- lish Club Pres.; Alpha Psi Omega, Pres. (3); Sigma Tau Delta, V-Pres. (4); Honor Society. BURROW BUTLER BUTTRAM CAIN _ CANERDAY CARADONNA CARPENTER I CARPENTER CANERDAY NORMAN L. Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi, Treasurer(4). CARADONNA MARTHA JANE Florence; Biology; Art; Secondary Ed.; Student Union Board (1, 2, 4) Newman Club; AWC; FLOR-ALA Choir; DIORAMA Staff (2, 3, 4) Kappi Pi. CARPENTER AARON ROYAL Moulton; Physical Ed.; Football; Basketball; Baseball. CARPENTER JOSEPH WAYNE Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Secondary Ed.; English; Tennis Team (3, 4). CARPENTER WILLIAM WATKINS Millport; Physical Ed.; History; Physical Ed. Club; Westminister Fellowship; Baseball. CARTER JULIA ELAINE Section; English; History; Secon- dary Ed.; BSU; Collegiate Civinet- tes; English Club;SigmaTau Delta. CASTNER CHARLES ANTHONY Reading, Pa.; English; Social Sci- ence; Cadet Officers Corps; Persh- ing Rifles; COC President; Sigma Tau Delta Pres.; Inter-Presidents Council Reporter; Homecoming Committee; English Club; DIORA- MA Staff; FLOR-ALA, Ass ' t. Ed. CHILDERS RONALD R. Florence; Zoology; Chemistry; American Chemical Society; Con- servation Club; Beta Beta Beta. CHISM VIRGIL DAVID Sheffield; History; English; English Club; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH SNEED Athens; Marketing; History; Sigma Alpha Mu; Conservation Club. CARPENTER i CARTER CASTNER CHILDERS CHISM CHRISTOPHER 78 J I CHRISTOPHER CHYNOWETH CLARK CLEGG CLEGG CLEGHORN CHRISTOPHER SANDRA GUNN Florence; Ele. Ed.; Library Science; SAEA; Alpha Beta Alpha. CHYNOWETH LINDA ANNE Florence; History; Sociology; Sig- ma Sigma Kappa. CLARK KAREN ELIAZBETH Birmingham; Political Science; History; Civinettes; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Associate Ed. DIORAMA. CLEGG KELLEY Cullman; Music Ed.; Civinettes; Choir; Reporter of MENC. CLEGG SHARON K. Tuscaloosa; Elementary Ed. CLEGHORN PATRICIA STUBER Pulaski, Tenn.; Biology; History; Secondary Ed.; Baptist Student Union; Assoc, of Women Commut- ers. CLEMMONS CARROLL FRANK Florence; Accounting; Political Sci- ence; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. CLEMONS THOMAS ANDREW Killen; Physical Ed.; H i s t o r y; F- Club; Physical Ed. Club; Football (1,2,3,4). COATS DOYLE LEE Florence; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Pi-Pres.; Sigma Alpha Mu; Inter-President ' s Council; Football, University of Houston. COATS MARGARET DOBBS Florence; English; Political Sci- ence; Secondary Ed.; English Club; SNEA. I CLEMONS COATS COATS 79 COBB COLE COMER COOK COBB CATHEY HARWELL Lawrenceburg, Term.; English; His- tory; French; English Club; Sigma Tail Delta. COLE WILLIAM DOUGLAS JR. Florence; Mathematics; Physics; Sec. Ed.; Christian Student Fellow- ship; Vice-President-Christian Stu- dent Fellowship (4). COMER PRISCILLA ANN Tuscumbia; English; Library Sci- ence; DIORAMA Staff (3, 4); AWS Convocations Committee (3, 4); Alpha Beta Alpha; Spanish Club (4). COOK DOLORES MARIE Lacey ' s Spring; Physical Ed.; Biol- ogy ;PE Club; SGA;Civinettes;BSU. COOLEY PATRICIA ROSE Huntsville; History; Sociology; Sec. Ed.;AWS:SAEA. COPELAND FLOYD THOMAS Florence; History; Psychology. COTTON BETTY ARTIS Florence; Secretarial Science; Home Economics Club; Wesley Fellowship; Lionettes (57-58); Homecoming Queen (1957); Miss FSC Court (1957); ROTC Spon- sor; FLOR-ALA Staff. CRAFTON COLLEEN GEORGE Florence; History; Geography. CRANDALL TRUMAN KENT Tuscumbia; Chemistry; Biology; American Chemical Society. DARBY SHEILA GAIL Florence; Elementary Education. COOLEY J COPELAND COTTON CRAFTON CRANDALL DARBY k 80 jL DAVIS DAVIS DAWSON DELUCA DEWBERRY DAVIS GARY BLANTON Russellvllle, Alabama. DAVIS JANICE CAROL Phil Campbell; Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation. DAWSON ROBERTA GERMAIN Framingham, Mass.; Music Educa- tion; MENC-President; IPC (2, 3, 4); FLOR-ALA. DELUCA ALEXANDER THOMAS III Huntsville; English; History; Polit- ical Science; Newman Club; English Club; MRHA; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Student Union Board; Conserva- tion Club; Baseball. DEWBERRY CAROLYN Courtland; Secretarial Science; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu;SAEA; BSU. DIAZ LINDA Maxwell AFB; Zoology; Chemistry; AWC; Student Union Board; Amer- ican Chemical Society; Beta Beta Beta; Spanish Club Vice-Pres. (3,4). DICKSON MARTHA DANLEY Killen; English; History; Secondary Ed.; English Club. DISHONGH LAURA JANE West Point, Tenn.; English; Sociol- ogy; Secondary Ed.; Baptist Stu- dent Union. DODGEN MARY LOIS Huntsville; Music Education; Bap- tist Student Union; MENC; SAEA; MENC Vice-President (3, 4). DUBOSE GLENN STEPHEN Vernon ; Social Science; Health and Physical Education. DICKSON DISHONGH DODGEN DUBOSE 81 DUGGAR DUKE DUMMIER DYAR DUGGAR DOUGLAS CECIL Sheffield; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Chi. DUKE LINDA A. Florence; Math; History; Secondary Ed. DUMMIER JUDY A. Elkmont; Business Education; Eng- lish; Sigma Tau Pi; SAEA; English Club; Collegiate Civinettes. DYAR ALAN CHOIS Florence; Chemistry; Biology; Math; Cadet Officers Corps. EDDINS JUDY LOVELACE Florence; Elementary Education. EDWARDS BARBARA THORNE Florence; Social Science; Library Science; AWC; Alpha Beta Alpha. ELKINS JUDY Gurley; Math; History; Secondary Ed.; Christian Student Fellowship; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Reporter; Kap- pa Delta Pi. ESSLINGER WILLIAM THOMAS Sheffield; Music Education; Art; Choir; Collegiate Singers; Pres. of Choir and Collegiate Singers (2, 3); Inter-Presidents ' Council (2, 3); Music Educators Club. EVANS JAMES HUDDLESTON Sheffield; Math; English; Christian Student Fellowship. EVANS LINDA JOY Florence; Home Economics; Art; Lionettes, Secretary. r EDDINS ELKINS ESSLINGER EVANS 82 FAISS FANNING FINNEY FLANAGAN FLEENOR FAISS LINDA CAROL Russellville;ElementaryEducation; Kappa Delta Pi; AWS (3, 4); Col- lege Choir. FANNING JUDY KAY Huntsville; Political Science; His- tory. FINNEY MARTHA CAROL Scottsboro; Zoology; Chemistry; Conservation Club; Beta Beta Beta. FLANAGAN BOBBY G. Tuscumbia; History; Geography. FLEENOR JAMES M. Grand Island, Neb.; Business Ad- ministration; Economics; Pershing Rifles; Drill Team; Newman Club; Band Color Guard. FOSTER JUDY Greenville; History; Political Sci- ence; Sigma Sigma Kappa; BSU; Choir. FOUTS BENJAMIN FREDERICK Sheffield; Mathematics; Ecomom- ics; BSU; Cadet Officer Corps, Collegiate Singer Kappa Mu Epsi- lon-Vice-Pres.; COC Sgt. at Arms. FOWLER ALICE CARON Muscle Shoals; Physical Education; Secondary Education. FOWLER BRENDA KAY Millport; Business Education; So- ciology ;SigmaTau Pi; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foundation; AWS; SAEA; Inter-Pres. Council. FOWLER DON WILLIAM Muscle Shoals; Physical Educa- tion; Secondary Ed.; PE Club. FOSTER FOWLER FOWLER FOWLER 83 FUQUA GARDNER GARRETT FUQUA GAYLE ELIZABETH Florence; Chemistry; Biology, Psy- chology. GARDNER MYRON FRANKLIN JR. Scottsboro; Bus. Adm.; Economics; SGA Rep. (1); Sigma Tau Pi; Con- servation Club. GARRETT VIVIAN BENSON Grant; Home Economics; Kappa Omicron Phi, Trea. GASKIN CAROLYN TIDWELL Bear Creek; Business Education, Political Science; Sigma Tau Pi; SAEA. GAULT MEG Florence; Biology; Business Ad- ministration; Alpha Sigma Lambda, Pres.;SUB;AWS-Treas.; DIORAMA (2, 3, 4); Leo ' s Loveliest; ROTC Sponsor. GAUTNEY LARRY LAFAYETTE JR. Killen; Physics; Math; Secondary Ed.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi. GENTLE THOMAS ROBERT Haleyville; History; Geography. GILBERT JOE K. JR. Sheffield; Biology; History; Base- ball (4). GLAISTER MURIEL DYAR Florence; Biology; Chemistry; Po- litical Science; Sociology; Secon- dary Education. GLASGOW MARY SUE Bear Creek; History; Math; B. S. 84 k GAULT ) GAUTNEY a i ! GLASS GLOVER GOBBELL GOOCH GLASS FRANK KEMPER Sheffield; History; B. S. GLOVER JULIA REBECCA Cherokee; Business Education; History; Sigma Tau Pi. GOBBELL DANNY KEITH Florence; Pre-Med; Chemistry; Bi- ology. GOOCH TERRY JAMES Florence; Gen. Science; Geogra- phy; Pershing Rifles; COC, Sec; Scabbard and Blade; National Guard Award; ROA Award; Home- coming Committee (67-68). GOODWYN BETTY RUTH Florence; Secondary Education; Graduate Student. GRANT JAMES MARTIN Florence; B. S.; F Club; P E Club; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1); Rivers Hall, Pres.; MRHA, Pres. GREENHILL WILLIAM EVERETT Sheffield; Physical Education; Bi- ology; Christian Student Center; PECIub. GRINSTEDD PATRICIA M. Florence; Home Economics; Home Economics CI ub,Vice-Pres.; Kappa Omicron Phi, Sec, Pres. GRISSOM NANCY LEE Muscle Shoals; Physical Educa- tion; Physical Education Club; Vice- Pres. ROTC Sponsor; Diorama Beauty 66-67; Homecoming Court 67; Miss Charming Court 66. GUEST CAROLE M. A. Huntsville; English; Sociology; En- glish Club. GRINSTEDD GRISSOM GUEST 85 GURLEY HAAS HAAS HALL GURLEY RICHARD WEAR Somerville; P E; Biology; Secon- dary Ed.; P E Club; Conservation Club; Baseball (3, 4). HAAS DIANNE MC KEE Florence; Accounting; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi, Sec (3); AWC; Alpha Chi. HAAS RONALD CURTIS Pisgah ; Marketing Retailing; Eco- nomics, Geography; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu. HALL CHARLOTTE ELESE Vinemont; Art; Biology; AWS, Rep- resentative. HALL VICKEY LYNN Decatur; Business; English Educa- tion. HAMILTON BILLY W. Jasper; Physical Ed.; Political Sci- ence; P E Club; Baseball (3, 4). HAMILTON DONALD G. Russellville; Chemistry; Math, Physics. HAMPTON MARY ELLEN Bear Creek; Secretarial Science; Geography; BSU. HARALSON MILLICENT M. Tuscumbia; Elementary Education. HARBIN LON EUGENE JR. Florence ;History;Political Science. HAMILTON HAMILTON HAMPTON HARALSON HARBIN 86 HARDING A HATFIELD HAYES 1 tT $ XfcAiM HARE HARGETT HARVEY HARDING SHIRLEY RUSSELL Hayden; Home Economics; Chem- istry; Home Ec. Club, Treas.; Wesley Foundation; Vespers Chairman (2); Freshman Council (1); Kappa Omi- cron Phi, Keeperof Archives; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Counselor. HARE JAMES DOYLE Moulton; Biology; Political Science. HARGETT JOHN DAVID Florence; Accounting; Economics; Cadet Officers Corps, 66-67. HARVEY DAVID NEAL Rogersville; Business Administra- tion; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; (2, 4); Sigma Alpha Mu (4). HATFIELD MAXINE AUDRESS Florence; Elementary Education. HAYES SANDRA O ' DONNELL Huntsville; English; Dramatic Arts, Speech; English Club; Rehearsal Club. HENRY CHARLES RAY Tuscumbia; History; Psychology; Sociology. HESTER BILLY RADFORD Belgreen; History; Political Sci- ence. HESTER CHARLES F. Florence; Math; Physics; KME, Re- porter. HESTER JAMES ROLAND II Florence; Art; Biology, Sec. Ed.; Diorama 67-69; Flor-Ala 68-69; Kappa Pi, Pres. 66-68, Vice-Pres. 68-69; Inter-Pres. Council 66-68. 87 HESTER HEUPEL HEWLETT HICKMAN HESTER JOHN BERRY III Belgreen; History; Secondary Ed- ucation. HEUPEL BETTY JEAN Florence; English; Social Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa. HEWLETT RITA HERRING Florence; Business Ed.; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi. HICKMAN VIOLET ANN Corinth, Miss.; English, Sec. Ed.; Sociology ;SAEA; Christian Student Fellowship. HICKS NELDA MARIE Hazel Green; English; Business Ed- ucation; Sigma Tau Pi; SNEA; En- glish Club; BSU, Sec. ;SigmaTau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Counselor. HIGGINS DARLENE MOSELEY Florence; Business Education; En- gl ish;AWC; Sigma Tau Pi; Business Club. HILL BRENDA GAIL Florence; Elementary Education. HOGAN JOE QUINN Danville; Chemistry; Business; COC; Advanced ROTC; Intramural basketball, Football (2, 3, 4). HOLCOMB JUDY MARILYN Hamilton; English; Sociology; BSU; English Club; Sigma Tau Delta. HOLDERFIELD WILLIAM DENNIS Courtland; Chemistry; PE;PE Club; F Club; Conservation Club; Foot- ball (1,2,3,4). ri HICKS HIGGINS HILL HOGAN HOLCOMB HOLDERFIELD fc 88 " HOLLADAY HOLLADAY HOLLEY HOLLOWAY HOLT A HOLLADAY CONNIE W. Russellville; Business Education; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi. HOLLADAY LYLE Danville; Social Science; Biology; Conservation Club. HOLLEY MARILYN OLIVIA Hamilton; Biology; Math; Civinette; ConservationClub;ROTC Sponsor. HOLLOWAY HARRY W. Hamilton; Chemistry; Zoology; Conservation Club (65-68); Treas. (67-68). HOLT CHARLES STANLEY Killen; History; Geography. HOOK PAUL E. Florence; History;Geography;Sec- ondary Education. HOOPER BEVERLY ANN Muscle Shoals; History; Geogra- phy; Secondary Education. HORNE ELIZABETH SLOAN Florence; Marketing; Retailing. HORSLEY ELIZABETH C. Double Springs; Business Educa- tion; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu; Young Republi- cans. HOVATER BILLY JOE Russellville; Music; Secondary Education; College Choir; MENC; SAEA; Collegiate Singers; BSU. HOOK II HOVATER 89 HOWARD HOWARD TERRY EDWARD Florence; Marketing; Retailing; Ec- onomics; Sigma Tau Pi. HOWELL CHARLES HOWARD Muscle Shoals; Accounting; Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi; Honor Society. HUGHES GERALD WAYNE Beaverton; Secondary Education; Biology; ACS; Conservation Club. HUMPHRIES WANDA CLEMMONS Florence; Home Economics; Sci- ence; Secondary Education; Home Economics Club; Kappa Omicron Phi. HUNTER JAMES DAVID Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi; Young Republicans Club. HUNTER PAULA KELLY Florence; Accounting; Young Re- publicans; Alpha Chi; AWS; Band (1);Choir(1). HUTTO BARBARA ANNE Town Creek; Elementary Ed.; Li- brary Science; SAEA; Kappa Delta HOWELL HUGHES Pi; Alpha Beta Alpha; Honor So- ciety. HYDE PAM Haleyville; Zoology; Chemistry, Ge- ography; Conservation Club; Tri- Beta. ISBELL MARTHA J. DUNCAN Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; Home Economics; Home Econom- ics Club, Trea.; SAEA; Collegiate Civinette Club, Charter Member, Board of Directors, Pres.; AWC; Inter-President Council; Diorama; BSU, Librarian; Dean ' s List; Most Outstanding Member of Collegiate Civinette Club; Sophomore-Pres. (64); Diorama Beauty Nominee; Miss Charming Nominee; Campus and Grounds Committee; Home- coming Committee; Who ' s Who Committee, Woman of the Year Committee. IVEY FRANCES TONI Huntsville; Political Science-Edu- cation; Young Democrats; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Cheerleader (2, 3) Co-Head (3); Safety Chief, Rice Hall (4); Usher; Miss FSU. HUMPHRIES HUNTER h HUNTER HUTTO HYDE ISBELL IVEY C 90 i JACKSON JEFFREYS A JENKINS JACOBS JEFFERY JACKSON MARIE MOON Hartselle; Elementary Education; AWS (1,2); BSU ; YWCA Represen- tative; Choir (1, 2). JACOBS TIMOTHY EDWARDS Warrior; P E Club, Pres. 68; Base- ball Team (1,2). JEFFERY JERRY WAYNE Pisgah, Ala.; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Counselor. JEFFREYS DANNY C. Town Creek, Ala.; Ushers Club; Collegiate Civitan; Summer Pres. (1,2). JEFFREYS SHELIA B. Hatton, Ala.; History; Library Sci- ence; Alpha Beta Alpha; BSU. JENKINS PATRICIA BIBLE Florence; Vocational Home Eco- nomics; Kappa Omicron Phi. JOHNSEY MARY SUE Docena, Ala.; Elementary Educa- tion; Library Science; Student AEA, Sec; Civinettes; Alpha Beta Alpha, Treasurer. JOHNSON BARBARA CATHERINE Tuscumbia; Vocational Home Eco- nomics; Biology; Home Economics Club, State Historian; Commuters Org., Sec,; Student Union Board; Beta, Beta, Beta, Sec; Kappa Omi- cron Phi, Sec; Homecoming Court; Homecoming Com.; College Rep; American Red Cross Student Work- shop; Class Treas. (1). JOHNSON CHARLES DENNIS Ringgold, Georgia; P. E.; Biology; Wild Life Conservation; PE Club; Football (1,2,3). JOHNSON PATSY Moulton, Ala.; Elementary Educa- tion; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, Vice-Pres. (3); Usher at Graduation; Counselor, 2 yrs. O ' Neal and Willingham; Assistant Head Resident, Rice. JOHNSON 91 I JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JOHNSON SANDRA DIANNE Vinemont, Ala.; Math; Biology; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-Pres. JOHNSON THOMAS M. Sheffield; Business Administration; Economics. JOHNSON WAYNE O. Haleyville. JOHNSTON JAMES THOMAS, JR. Florence; Chemistry; Biology; Baseball Team (3, 4). JONES THOMAS ALLEN Sheffield; Accounting; History- Alpha Chi; Christian Student Fel- lowship, Pres.; Inter-Pres. Council- Honor Society. JONES WILLIAM Franklin, Kentucky; PE; History; PE Club; Circle K; Basketball (1,2, 3, 4), Captain (3, 4). JOWERS SHARON Florence; Elementary Education; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi. KEITH GLEN EDWARD Houston, Texas; Business Admin- istration; Physcology; Pershing Ri- fles; COC, Finance Officer; Drill Team, 2 yr s.; FSU Band Color Guard; Advanced ROTC; XO 2nd Bn. ROTC. KELLY STELLA D. Florence; Elementary Education; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. KENNEDY DALE Florence; Accounting; Economics; A X; Accounting Club; Sigma Tau Pi (4); Jaycees (4). JONES JOWERS 92 KEY KILLINGSWORTH KING KING I KING KEY JERRY RANDALL Carbon Hill, Ala.; Chemistry; Bio- logy; SGA, Treas.; Tri-Beta; Con- servation Club; American Chemi- cal Society; F-Club; Circle K club; Basketball (1,2). KILLINGSWORTH JOE HANEY Moulton, Ala.; History; Math, Chem- istry; Transfer Freed-Hardeman College; Sigma Rho. KING CHARLES R. C. Florence; Math; Physics. KING MARY JACK Russellville, Ala.; Biology; History. KING PATRICIA CREWS Florence; Business; English; Sigma Tau Pi. KNIGHT HENRY GRADY Villa Rica, Ga.; History; Psycholo- gy; Psychology Club; Wild Life Con- servation Club. KOONCE MARY ELIZABETH Florence; Secondary Education; History; Sociology; Sigma Sigma Kappa; AWC. KUNKLE PATRICIA LOUISE Indiana, Pa.; Physical Education; History; SUB Com. Chairman; PE Club, Sec; AWS Social Chairman; Lionettes, Treas., Choreographer; Rat Week Committee, Chairman. LASHLEY DAVID CRAIG Huntsville, Ala.; Music; Secondary Education; FSU Band;UshersClub; COC;Civitan Club; BSU. LAWSON THANNA C. Iron City, Tenn.; Flor-Ala; Mental Health Club; Student Art League. KNIGHT k KOONCE KUNKLE LASHLEY LAWSON 93 LEACH LEE LEMAY LEACH SUSAN CAROL Huntsville, Ala.; Business; Sociolo- gy; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Sigma Lambda; SUB; Powers Hall Treas.; ROTC Sponsor. LEE SHARON DIAN Cullman, Ala.; English; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; English Club; AWS. LEMAY HARRY THOMAS Moulton, Ala.; Chemistry; History; Student American Chemical Soc; Christian Fellowship. LEWIS DANNY H. Hartselle, Ala.; Chemistry; Math; American Chemical Society; La- Grange 2-Point Club. LEWIS WANDA M. Tuscumbia, Ala; History; Sociolo- gy- LINDSEY GEORGE RICHARD Muscle Shoals, Ala.; Physical Edu- cation; Biology; P E Club; F-Club; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4). LINDSEY JAMES WOODY Tuscumbia, Ala.; Chemistry; His- tory. LONG BARBARA WEAVER Russellville, Ala; Art; Zoology; Stu- dent Art League; Spanish Club, Pres.; Phi Kappa Pi; Inter-Pres Council. LOVVORN JOSEPH LOUIS JR. Muscle Shoals, Ala.; Accounting; Alpha Chi. LOWE JOHN CHARLES Florence; Zoology; Geography; Conservation Club, Pres.; Pershing Rifles; Dri 1 1 Team; Inter-Pres. Coun- cil. LEWIS LEWIS LINDSEY LINDSEY LONG LOVVORN LOWE 94 LOWERY MC BRIDE MC CANLESS MC CLURE V 4 MC CRORY i LOWERY CLAUDIA JUNE Leighton, Ala; English; Secondary Education. MC BRIDE NELLIE LINDA Tuscumbia, Ala. MC CANLESS RALPH EUGENE Florence, Ala.; Accounting; History; Alpha Chi (4). MC CLURE MARGARET E. Tuscumbia, Ala.; Elementary Edu- cation; AWC; SAEA; Alpha Beta Alpha. MC CRORY JETTA MAE St. Joseph, Tenn.; Social Science; English; WSGA; Civinettes Club, Publicity Chairman; Intercultural Relations Club;Treas. of Rice Hall; Majorette. MCDONALD RONNIE R. Muscle Shoals, Ala.; Art; Physical Education ; Flor-Ala; Football (1,2). MC GEE DAVID WILLS Florence, Ala; Chemistry; Biology; Kappa Mu Epsilon; American Chemical Society; Baptist Student Union. MCGEE LARRY W. Florence, Ala.; History; Math; Phys- ics; Chemistry; KME. MC GEE TONIS NEAL Lexington, Ala.; Accounting; Eco- nomics. MC GRIFF BILLY WAYNE Florence, Ala.; Accounting; Eco- nomics; COC, Color Guard; Alpha Chi. MC DONALD MCGEE MCGEE MCGEE MC GRIFF 95 MCGUYER MCKEE MC MURTREY MC NEILL MCGUYER MARTHA LOUISE Tuscumbia; Elementary Educa- tion; Christian Student Fellowship; SAEA, Reporter (3); Honor Society, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Choir. MCKEE RICHARD ANDREW Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. MC MURTREY SARAH LEE Killen; Business Education; Soci- ology; Sigma Tau Pi. MC NEILL THOMAS WAYNE Scottsboro; Zoology; Chemistry; Political Science; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Homecoming Committee Chairman; SUB, Pres. (68); Ushers Club, Pres. (66-67); Fresh. Class, Pres. (65); Soph. Class, (66); Beta Beta Beta (66); ACS (66); Circle K Club, Vice-Pres.; Young Demo- crats; Collegiate Singers; Labora- tory Assistant; Leo, School Mascot; FLOR-ALA; sports Editor; Soph. Class, Man of the Year; SGA, Re- presentative; Keller Hall Student Gov ' t, Sec. MC PETERS Florence; SAEA. CLARA LAW Elementary Ed.; AWC; MC WILLIAMS MICKI SUE Tuscumbia; History; Geography. MALONE SANDRA A. Russellville, Alabama. MARCHITTO DOMINICK WILLIAM Metuchen, New Jersey; History; Chemistry; Circle K Club; ACS; COC; Pershing Rifles Commander (3, 4); Drill Team Commander (3); Ushers Club. MARSHALL LARRY DON Florence; History; P. E.; F Club, Pres.; P E Club; Football (2, 3, 4). MASON BRYAN ALMON JR. Florence; Biology. MC PETERS MC WILLIAMS MALONE MARCHITTO MARSHALL MASON i 96 MATHIAS MAURER MAXWELL MAYES , I MELDER METCALF MEYER MATHIAS JUDY ELIZABETH Sheffield; Math; English; SGA, Treas.; English Club, Vice-Pres.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau Del- ta; Honor Society; Turris Fidelis Committee. MAURER STEVE CARL Decatur; Zoology; Art. MAXWELL BRENDA DALE Decatur; Social Science; English; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Student Union Board; Conservation Club; Homecoming Committee; FLOR- ALA Feature Editor; Sigma Tau Delta. MAYES REBA LYNN Muscle Shoals; History; Sociology, Psychology. MELDER SHARON KAY Decatur; Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation. METCALF WALTER NEELY Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi, Pres.; IPC. MEYER GEORGE THOMAS Loretto, Tenn.; Accounting; Eco- nomics. MILLER ANNA PHYLLIS Huntsville; Social Science Cog- nate, Zoology; WSGA, Most out- standing member, Publicity Chair- man; Judicial Council (3); Newman Club (4). MILLER WILLIAM GAYLON Guin; Biology, Secondary Ed.; Chemistry; American Chemical So- ciety. MINOR DEBORAH MAE Florence; Elementary Education; Civinettes (3, 4), Vice-Pres.; Coun- selor. MILLER MILLER MINOR 97 MINOR MINOR MITCHELL MITCHELL MINOR JERRY WAYNE Ford City; Chemistry; Math; Geog- raphy; ACS; Christian Student Fel- lowship. MINOR ROGER DALE Parrish; Biology; Chemistry; Civ- itan Club, Pres.; Vice-Pres. Soph. Class. MITCHELL BRUCE LOGAN Florence; History; Political Sci- ence; COC (68-69); Color Guard (65-66). MITCHELL LOIS ANN Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA. MITZNER PAULA LINDA Huntsville; Secretarial Science; Biology; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi (2,3,4); Lionettes (3,4). MONTGOMERY CARL D. Russellville; Biology; Business Ad- ministration; Young Republicans (3, 4); Wildlife Conservation (1, 2, 3,4). MONTGOMERY JANIE SUE Tuscumbia; Secondary Ed. -Math; Biology; AWS Repres. for AWC; Inter-Presidents Council; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Honor Society; Outstanding Mem- ber of Kappa Delta Pi. MOOR MARY BISHOP Florence; Physical Ed. -Biology, Secondary Ed.; P E Club; Spanish Club. MOOR KENNETH K. Boaz; Secondary Ed.; History; So- ciology. MOORE DANIEL JAMES Florence; Math Civitan; SAEA; Basketball (2). MITZNER MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY MOOR MOOR MOORE 98 MOORE MOORE MOORE MORGAN MORRISON | MORRISON MOORE MARY ELIZABETH Berry; Secondary Ed.; P E Club (3), Sec. 67-68; Cheerleader (2); Jr. Class Trea. (1). MOORE SARAH JEAN Tuscumbia; Elementary Educa- tion; SAEA; AWC. MOORE ROGER L ' DON Vernon; Secondary Education; Bi- ology; Physical Ed.; Conservation Club; PE Club. MORGAN MARY LYNN Miami, Florida; Biology; Chemistry, Sec. Ed. MORRISON DON F. Florence; Business Administration; History. MORRISON MARY EMMA Florence; Art; History, Sociology; Sec. Ed.; Kappa Pi. MORROW LARRY ALAN Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Manage- ment; Marketing and Retailing. MOSS LUCELE D. Florence; History; English; Kappa Delta Phi; Honor Society. MULLICAN ZEHRON SANDRA Huntsville; Math; Art; Christian Stu- dent Fellowship; SAEA, Trea. (3); Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi. NAGLE BARBARA CHELTON Huntsville; Elementary Education; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha (3, 4); SAEA, Vice-Pres.; Collegiate Civinettes, Treas. (3), Pres. (4); Newman Club, Publicity Chairman (1), Vice-Pres. (3); Interfaith Coun- cil, Vice-Pres.; Inter-Presidents Council, (3,4). MORROW MOSS MULLICAN NAGLE 99 NAPPS NELSON NEWMAN NOLES NAPPS FLOYD (GREG) Sheffield; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. NELSON RAY Fayette; P. E.; Biology; Secondary Ed.; Wildlife Conservation Club, Vice-Pres.; Baseball (1, 2, 3). NEWMAN JOHNNY LEE Vernon; Business Administration; Economics; Christian Student Fel- lowship; Sigma Tau Pi. NOLES JACKIE GOOCH Florence; Elementary Education; Spanish Club; AWC; ROTC Spon- sor; Charm Court; Junior Coun- selor. NORRIS LINDA ANN Huntsville; Elementary Education; SAEA; Alpha Sigma Lambda. NORTHAM GEORGE BENNIE Vernon; Football (3, 4). NORWOOD JAMES ALAN Florence; History; Geography; Na- tonal Society Pershing Rifles, Com- mander; Drill Team, Commander (1, 2); Inter-Presidents Council (3, 4). OATES WILLA BARNETT Florence;Biology Sociology; AWC. O ' KELLEY ROBERT H. Rossville, Georgia; Political Sci- ence; Physical Ed. Secondary Ed.; F Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Sec. (2 yrs.); Football (1, 2, 3,4). OLINGER SHIRLEY MARIE Scottsboro, Alabama; Art. ( NORRIS NORWOOD OATES O ' KELLEY OLINGER 100 ._ I OLIVE OWEN PACE PARRISH OVERALL OWEN OWEN OLIVE CARROLL TODD Florence; History; English. OVERALL JAMES CLYDE Florence; English; Sociology; Sig- ma Tau Delta; Athens College-2 yrs.; Yearbook staff Newspaper staff 2 yrs; Flor-Ala, Photographer (summer 68); Student Reporter, University of Alabama. OWEN ELIZABETH BARNWELL Florence; Elementary Education. OWEN RALPH Tuscumbia; History. OWEN WILLIAM RICHARD Florence; History; Sociology. PACE BOBBIE TRUITT Sheffield; Secondary Ed.; Social Science Cognate; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian; Honor Society. PARRISH MICHAEL D. Florence, Alabama. PASEUR HENRY LEE Gurley; Accounting; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi; Dean ' s List. PATTERSON DENNIS Florence; Mathematics; History; COC. PATTERSON JANE Florence; Biology, Secondary Ed.; Sociology; DIORAMA; AWC; West- minster Fellowship, Vice-Pres.; Beta Beta Beta. PASEUR PATTERSON PATTERSON 101 PAYNE PENNINGTON PERRY PAYNE CAMILLA Florence; English Education; His- tory. PENNINGTON MICKEY JANNEEN Fayette; Elementary Education; BSU; SAEA, Pres.; IPC, Reporter; Sec. Jr. Class; State Pres. SAEA; SAEA; Pres. -Powers Hall. PERRY JASPER DAWE Adamsville; Pres. LaGrange Hall; Band; IPC (3); Chairman MRHA; Member Saxophone Quartet. PETERS PATRICIA ANN Tuscumbia; English; Sociology; Spanish Club. PHILLIPS WANDA JANE Florence; Home Economics; Biol- ogy; Home Economics Club. PIERCE ROGER LEE Moulton; Math; Chemistry; ACS. PILGRIM WALTER H. Addison; Business Education; Sig- ma Tau Pi. PILGRIM WILLIAM FRED JR. Tuscumbia; History; Economics. PIPER NANCY NASON Florence; Math ; History ; Secondary Ed.; Library Science; SGA; IPC; Flor-Ala Editor-in Chief; AWC, Re- porter; Alpha Beta Alpha; SUB; Young Democrats; Westminister Fellowship. PORTZER RONALD DWAIN Florence; Elementary Education. PETERS I i PHILLIPS I PIERCE PILGRIM PILGRIM PIPER PORTZER 102 . . POWELL PRIDE POWELL POWELL PRADON POWELL CAROLYN ANN Russellville; English; Sociology; AWC. POWELL CINDY J. Huntsville; Social Science; Biolo- gy; SGA; AWS; College C h i o r; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec.-Treas; ROTC Sponsor. POWELL SANDRA WHITE Florence; Elementary Education; SNEA. PRADON STEPHEN DAN Reading, Pa.; B. S.; Newman Club; Psy. Club, Vice-Pres.; Naval Re- serves. PRIDE JOE BAILEY III Tuscumbia; History; Secondary Ed.; Political Science; Circle K Club (2, 3, 4), Vice-Pres. (4); Cheer- leader (4) ; Jr. Class SGA Represen- tative (3). PRINCE JAMES L. Russellville; Math Biology; Student Counselor (2, 3). PULLER LINDA WALLACE Florence; English; Secretarial Sci- ence; Sigma Tau Pi. QUILLEN JAMES A. Florence; Accounting; History; ROTC Honor Guard (1, 2); Band Color Guard (3). QUINN ALBERT D. Florence; Business Administra- tion; Economics; Sigma Alpha Mu; Conservation Club; DIORAMA, Senior Editor. RANEY WALTER C. Florence; History; Physical Educa- tion; SUB; Commuters, Pres.; PE Club; Young Democrats. PRINCE PULLER QUILLEN QUINN RANEY 103 " - h RAY RAYBURN REAVES RECTOR RAY JOHN M. Hamilton; History; Economics. RAYBURN BILLY DON Hackleburg; Physical Education; PECIub. REAVES CAROL MARIE Haleyville; English Music; Band; Music Educators ' Club, Sec-Treas.; English Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Wesley Foundation. RECTOR LINDA JOYCE Millport; English; Speech Dra- matic Arts; English Club, Publicity Chairman (4); SAEA (4); Rehearsal Club (3); Graduation Usher; Sum- mer Sr. Class SGA Representative. REDING BILLY J. Sheffield; History; Sociology. REEVES EDNA MAE Trenton, Georgia; Secondary Edu- cation; History; BSU; Sigma Sigma Kappa. REEVES MICHAEL LANG Florence; Biology; Chemistry. REYNOLDS TED M. Courtland, Alabama. REYNOLDS WANDA CHERYLE Russellville; Accounting; Sociolo- gy; SAEA; Sigma Tau Pi, Treas.; Alpha Chi. RICHARDSON DARNELL Leona, Tenn.; English; Biology; Wesley; English Club; Student Counselor. REDING REEVES REEVES REYNOLDS REYNOLDS RICHARDSON ( i 104 I l I RICHEY RICKS - RICKARD RICKARD RICKETTS RICHEY FRANCES REBECCA Florence; Elementary Education. RICKARD JOAN MYLINDA Killen; Music Education; Band Choir; Music Educators Club; Brass Choir. RICKARD ROBERT G. Russellville; Biology; Conservation Club. Business; RICKETTS SHERRIE PARRISH Florence; Secondary Ed.; Social Science; English; Sigma Sigma Kappa; English Club; Young Dem- ocrats; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Collegiate Singers. RICKS SHERYL LYNN Tuscumbia; Zoology; Chemistry; AWC. RIDDLE VERNELL J. Cherokee; Elementary Education; SAEA. RIGSBY HENRY DAVID Huntsville; Botany; Business Ad- ministration. ROBINSON HAYWARD Muscle Shoals; Chemistry; Biology; ACS; Mental Health Club. ROLLINS ROYCE LEE Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. ROUSE GARY PHILLIP Sarasota, Florida; Business Ad- ministration; Geography; Ushers Club; Conservation Club; Newman Club; Business Administration Club. ROUSE 105 u 4 t RUSH SAINT SANFORD RUSH DONNA LEE Carbon Hill; Secondary Education; Social Science Cognate; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, Sec. (4), (1-4);SAEA(4);BSU (1-4). SAINT DONALD GENE Tuscumbia; Chemistry; History; Sociology. SANFORD LINDA SUE Jasper; Elementary SAEA. Education; SANSOM GERALDINE Decatur; Health, Physical Educa- tions Recreation; History; P EClub; Wesley; Dorm Officer. SCOGGIN JOAN Tuscumbia; Secondary Ed.; Math; History; Band (1-4); AWC; AEA NEA; Rat Week Committee; Sum- mer Council (3). SCOTT PEGGY DUDLEY Florence; English ; Speech and Dra- matic Arts; English Club; Rehearsal Club. SEARCY BARBARA ANN Tuscumbia; Business Education; Art. SEIDEL FRANCES DORIS Atlanta, Georgia; Mathematics; Sociology; Lionettes (3, 4). SELF JACK E. Decatur; Art; Chemistry; Biology; ACS (60-63). SEYMORE CECIL THEODORE Cullman; Chemistry; Biology. SEARCY SEIDEL SELF SEYMORE 106 SCHULTZ SHARP SHEPHERD SHARP CHARLES TIMOTHY Florence; Political Science; His- tory; Biology; Circle K Club; Con- servation Club. SHARP DRUCILLA Somerville; Chemistry; Secondary Ed.; Library Science; ACS, Pres. (4); ABA, Sec. (3); Inter-faith Coun- cil; Sec. Soph. Class; Junior Coun- selor 2 yrs. SHARP LARRY DENNIS Florence; Business Administration; Economics. SHEPHERD LARRY B. Tuscumbia; Music; Business Ad- ministration; Collegiate Singers. SCHULTZ LINDA LEE Decatur; Mathematics; Geography; CollegiateSingers;KappaMuEpsi- lon, Historian. SIMON CHARLES EDWARD Florence; B. S.; Accounting; Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres. (68-69). SMITH BARBARA ANN Florence; History; Sociology; DIO- RAMA staff; AWC, Vice-Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Inter-Presidents ' Coun- cil, Sec.-Treas.; Sigma Sigma Kappa. SMITH BARBARA JEAN Tuscumbia; Business Education, Physical Education; Sigma Tau Pi (3); P E Club (4); Sigma Tau, Vice- Pres. (4); ROTC Drill Team Spon- sor. SMITH BARBARA REBA Falkville; Elementary Education; SAEA; Civinettes. SMITH CHARLENE Corinth, Miss.; Elementary Educa- tion; ASEA. SMITH SMITH SMITH 107 SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH FRAN COOPER Somerville; Elementary Education. SMITH GLENN DAVID Tuscumbia; Accounting; Econom- ics; Alpha Chi. SMITH MARY ELIZABETH Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA. SMITH THOMAS LEE Bessemer; Chemistry; Zoology; Collegiate Civitan; ACS; Conser- vationClub; Residence Hall Coun- selor (3). SNOW CASSIE ANN Haleyville; Mathematics; Sociolo- gy; Kappa Mu Epsilon; BSU. SORRELLE DAVID WALTON Warrior; Zoology; Chemistry; Civ- itan Club; Wildlife Conservation; MRHA, Pres.; Rivers Hall, Pres.; Vice-Pres. Sr. Class. SPALDING PAULA K. Florence; Biology; Sociology; Secondary Education; Beta Zeta, Historian; AWC; Lionettes; IPC; Lionettes, President. SPENCER PAULA KAY Huntsville; Zoology; English; Span- ish Club; Beta Beta Beta. SPRINGER KELMER LAVERN Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. STAGGS PHIL WAYNE Florence;Zoology;Chemistry;ACS; Conservation Club; Baseball (2). SPALDING 108 STANFIELD STANFORD STEELE STANFIELD BRENDA K. Tuscumbia; B.S.; Elementary Ed- ucation. STANFIELD JOYCE LABELLE Florence; Elementary Education. STANFORD MARTHA JANE Russellville; Home Economics; En- glish; Science; Home Economics Club; English Club. STEELE MARILYN EUNICE Florence; Business Education; BSU; College Choir (1-4); Church Repres.; BSU. STEELMAN JERRY WILSON Decatur; Chemistry; Math; Physics; COC; ACS; Collegiate Civitan Club. STEPHENSON E. RAY Decatur; Social Science; Biology; COC,Sgt.atArms;AdvancedROTC. STEPHENSON JANICE LEE Decatur; English; Art. STERRY LENITA FAYE Florence; Social Science; Biology. STEVERSON DIANE Hartselle; Secondary Education; English; Art. STEWART SHERRI Badison; Phusical Education; SAEA; AWS, Pres.; IPC, Reporter; State Chairman of AAHPER; Resi- dent Hall Pres. STEPHENSON STEPHENSON STERRY STEVERSON STEWART 109 STONECIPHER STOTT STUART STULTS STONECIPHER SUSAN BETH Sheffield; Secondary Education; English; English Club Choir. STOTT JUDITH ANNE Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; Library Science;Alpha Beta Alpha, Pres. (4); SAEA (3, 4); Inter-Pres. Council (4). STUART BENNY W. Guin; Biology; History. STULTS KAREN LEE Florence; Music; English; BSU, Ex- ecutive Council; AWC; MENC; Choir; Collegiate Singers; Spanish Club. STYLES SIDNEY RAY JR. Cullman; Business Administration; Economics; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sig- ma Tau Pi; Circle K Club. SUTTLES GARY LUTHER Huntsville; Accounting; Econom- ics; Alpha Chi, Sec; Sigma Alpha Mu, Treas. SWINDELL JANE ANN East Canton, Ohio; Music Educa- tion; Band Collegiate Singers; Music Educators ' Club; Kappa Del- ta Pi. TATE BOBBY GENE Florence; Math; P. E.; Basketball (2); Baseball (2). TAYLOR MARY TERESA Andalusia; Elementary Education; AWC; SAEA; Wesley Foundation Choir; Judiciary Committee. TAYLOR NED ROGER Florence; Biology; Business Ad- ministration. SUTTLES SWINDELL TATE TAYLOR TAYLOR no TEMPLIN TERRY THOMAS TEDDER LINDA GAIL Haleyville; Business Education; Sociology ;AWS, Sec. ;SAEA;Sigma Tau Pi; Wesley Foundation. TEMPLIN JANIS ROWDEN Decatur; Elementary Education; Choir; Christian Student Fellow- ship. TERRY HOWARD G. Town Creek; English; Secondary Education; Ushers Club; English Club; Sigma Tau Delta. THOMAS JO ANN Florence; History; Physical Educa- tion; P EClub. THORNTON CECILIA ANN Athens; History; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foundation; AWS, Representative; Vice-Pres. of Wil- lingham Hall. TOMLINSON JOHN ARTHUR Danville; Accounting; Economics; English; Alpha Chi; Sigma Alpha; Two-Point Club, Pres.; SGA Repre- sentative; Graduation Usher; Out- standing Military History Award. TOMPKINS JOHNNY LEE Russellville; History; Political Sci- ence; Secondary Education ; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Outstanding Mem- ber 67-68; Wesley Foundation; Civ- itan Club; Young Republican Club; FLOR-ALA, Circulation Manager; Hall of Fame Committee; Honor So- ciety. TOWNSEND REBECCA YATES Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA; Kappa Delta Pi. TOWNSON VIRGINIA ERLENE Dolton; Secondary Education; P. E.; P E Club; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Sec. TREADWELL SUSAN KATHERINE Fayette; Social Science; Math; SAEA, Sec; Wesley Foundation. TOMLINSON TOMPKINS TOWNSEND TOWNSON TREADWELL in -. -, TRUSSELL TURNER TURNER TURNER i TRUSSELL LENORA ELLEN Carthage, Missouri; Zoology; Psy- chology; Psychology Club; Conser- vation Club; AWS, Publicity Chair- man; Mental Health Club, Pres. TURNER REBECCA Sheffield; Elementary Education; SAEA; AWS; Choir; Cheerleader, Co-Head (4); Lionettes (3). TURNER TOMMY WAYNE Haleyville; Business Management; Economics; Collegiate Civitan, Treas.; Collegiate Civitan at North- west Jr. College. TURNER WADDELL LARRY Decatur; Chemistry; Biology; Cir- cle K Club; SGA, Sec; Concert Choir; Collegiate Singers. UHLMAN WANDA JEAN Leighton; Elementary Education. UNDERWOOD KAY FOUST Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Elementary Education; Education Club. VAUGHN WILLIAM LOUIS Madison; Physical Education; Bi- ology; P E Club; Basketball (2yrs.); Baseball (3yrs.). VEST FRANCES ANNE Falkville; Elementary Ed.; Wesley; Young Democrats, Sec; SAEA; IPC; Homecoming Committee. VEST MICHAEL DEAN Sheffield; English; History; Politi- cal Science; Circle K Club; SUB; Ushers Club; Collegiate; Lt. Gov. Circle K; Sec. Usher Club; Vice- Pres. Choir; Graduation Usher. VICKERY JIMMY DON Bear Creek; Chemistry; Biology; Civitan Club, Treas. UNDERWOOD 112 VOCE WADE WALKER WALLACE WARD VOCE MYLES RUSSELL Hackleburg; Accounting; Geogra- phy; Sigma Tau Pi. WADE DONALD CLAY Florence; Zoology; Botany. WALKER SHARON MAE Sheffield; Political Science; Biolo- gy; Lionettes; ROTC Sponsor. WALLACE FRANCES EVELYN Florence; Math; History; Secondary Education; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sec- Treas.; Christian Student Fellow- ship, Sec. WARD TERESA DIANN Florence; Math; English; KME; AWC; Homecoming Committee (2, 3). WARDLOW DAVID ROLAND Rome, Georgia;Chemistry; Biology. WARREN GEORGE H. JR. Florence; Social Science; Biology COC; Pershing Rifles Drill Team : Westminister Fellowship. WATKINS BELVA EADY Muscle Shoals; Elementary Educa- tion; SAEA. WEBB JAMES A. Russellville; Art; Geography; Art league; Civitan Club. WEEMS JAMES EDWARD Town Creek; Chemistry; Physics; Choir; ACS; Westminster Fellow- ship. WELLS WELLS WHITTEN WELLS JUANITA Phil Campbell; Elementary Educa- tion; BSU. WELLS WAYNE Florence; Business Administration; Economics; Art; Golf Team (3). WHITTEN LLOYD C. JR. Sheffield; Accounting Economic; Alpha Chi. WILLIAMS CYNTHIA Huntsville; Elementary Education. WILLIAMS ELLA W. Florence; Literatu re ;HonorSociety. WILLIAMS JEAN ELLIOTT Florence; Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi. WILLIAMS RONALD JOEL Tuscumbia; Mathematics; Eco- nomics; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pres. (2); Inter-Presidents Council. WILLIAMS STEPHEN WAYNE Florence; Chemistry; COC; Rifle Team (1,2,3,4). WILLIAMS WILLIAM JAMES Florence; Art; Biology; Rifle Team (1,2). WILLIFORD WARREN ALLEN Hackleburg; History; Geography. WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS I WILLIAMS WILLIFORD 114 WILSON WILSON WILSON WILSON WOOD WILSON LINDA HADDOCK Florence; Business Education; En- glish; Civinettes; AWC; DIORAMA STAFF (64) ; DIORAMA Beauty (64) ; AWC, Vice-Pres. (64). WILSON MARGARET CAROLYN Sheffield; Elementary Education; Newman Club; SAEA; AWC. WILSON ROBERT COYE Decatur; Physics; Chemistry; DIO- RAMA Staff; ACS. WILSON RONALD TIMOTHY Addison; Chemistry; Botany; Con- servation Club. WOOD NAN NEWMAN Cullman; Zoology Chemistry. WOODIS EDNA REGINA Florence;Chemistry;Zoology;ACS. WRIGHT MARTHA DEAN Lexington; Secretarial Science; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi. WRIGHT NICK Muscle Shoals; Business Admin- istration; Baseball (69). WRIGHT J. RONALD Loretto, Tenn.; Art; Biology; DIO- RAMA (67), Editor-in-Chief (68-69); IPC (3), Vice-Pres. (4); Kappa Pi (4); Circle K (4); Conservation Club (4); Ushers Club (4); Home- coming Committee (4); Graduation Usher(3);SGA (4); SUB (4). YOUNG LINDA ARNALDA Florence; English; Spanish; Secon- dary Ed.; AWC, Treas. (2), Sec. (3); Spanish Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Sig- ma Tau Delta. WOODIS WRIGHT WRIGHT WRIGHT YOUNG 115 EDWARDS, BRUCE, Florence; Graduate Student. ( Senior officers: Linda Evans, Rebecca Townsend, Joe B. Pride, Roger Becks, Toni Ivy. 116 J " And the next thing he ' ll do is offer me an apple for a smile. ' A mm This is the last time I Frug at a picnic! You bet your sweet bippy it was a HOME RUN! 117 Underclassmen M !!, i Hii . - j- a " ; wBJB ! - jf 1 " - 1 Mvt- " I 8c A 5F1sr UKd JSP . , Abernathy, Jimmie Florence So. Abernathy. Sandra Tuscumbia Jr Accardi, Jim Huntsville So. Adair, Patricia Sheffield Fr. Aday, Gloria Decatur Jr. Addington, Vicki Sheffield Fr Akers, Roger Guin So. Akins, Susan Sheffiels Jr. Alsup, Bonnie Wales, Tenn. So. Alverson, Bonnie Sheffield So. Amos, Judy Decatur So. Anderson, Cynthia Waterloo Fr. Anderson, Edward Huntsville So. Anderson, Emma Florence Jr. Anderson, Kaye Section Jr. Anderson, Pocahontas Florence Andrews, Debra Athens Fr. Andrews, Douglas Muscle Shoals So. i Andrews, William Muscle Shoals Jr. Angel, James Cloverdale Fr. Anthony, Gayle Florence Jr. Archer, Sherron Sheffield So. Arnold, James Florence Fr. 120 Ashley, Conni Huntsville Fr. Atkins, Jo Dayton, Ohio Fr. Atkinson, Ray Elkmont Ju. Austin, Cecil Sheffield So. Bacak, Dolores Huntsville Jr. Bacak, Stan Huntsville Fr. Bacon, Patrick Muscle Shoals So. Bailey, Carl Florence Jr. Baker, David Hartselle Fr. Batch, Mike Athens So. Balentine, Jerry Florence So. Ballard, Lea Huntsville Fr. Bannecke, Craig Huntsville Jr. Bailey, Gailand Rogersville Fr. Bailey, Garland Anderson Jr. Bailey, Karen Haleyville Jr. Baites, Susan Decatur So. taw Bannister, Loretta Adrian, Mich. Fr. Barden, Richard Huntsville Fr. Barham, Dorothy Bridgeport Jr. Barham, Edward Florence Jr. Barnes, Martha Sulligent So. Barnes, Nancy Cherokee So. Barnes, Pam Harvest Fr. Barnett, Archie Florence So. Barnett, Gene Florence Fr. Barton, Daniel Florence So. Bass, Donna Moulton Jr. Battles, Helen Muscle Shoals Fr. Baum, Robert Huntsville Jr. Beadle, Beverly Florence Jr. Beadle, Ellen Florence Fr. 121 Berryman, Patti Athens So. Berryman, Rebecca Cherokee So. Beuerlein, Robert Loretto. Tenn. So Bickley, Thomas Tuscumbia Jr. Billingham, Ed Florence Jr. Billingham. Robert Florence Fr. Birdwell, Sheila Muscle Shoals Fr. Bishop, Mattie Russellville So. Black, Hew Athens Fr. Black, Linda Tuscumbia So. Black, Roger Tuscumbia Fr. Blackburn, Lindy Florence Fr. Blackburn, Sharon Cherokee Fr Blackburn, Steve Cherokee Fr. Blacklidge, Janie Red Bay Fr. 122 Blackwelder, Dana Haleyville Jr. Blasingame, Ben Florence Fr. Blasingame, Jimmy Florence So. Blenkinsopp, Teresa Sheffield Fr. Bobo, Betty Florence So. Boling, Loena Muscle Shoals So. Boiling, Betty Florence Fr. Bolton, Janet Sheffield Fr. y Bradley, John Florence So. Bradley, Vonceil Florence Jr. Brandon, Freida Scottsboro Fr. Brandon, Rebecca Scottsboro Brawner, Lynne Huntsville Jr. Brazelton, Etfie Sheffield Fr Brazil, Debbie Huntsville Fr. Brazil, Joe Florence Jr. Brewer, Anne Lawrenceburg, Te Brewer, Cathy Florence So. nn. So. Brewer, Larry Florence Jr. Brewer, Ronnie Florence Fr. Brians. Charlotte Lynnville. Tenn. Brians, Dewana Cherokee Fr. Bridges, James Tuscumbia Jr. 123 Bridget, Jennifer Madison So. Bridges, Mary Ann Waynesboro, Tenn Bridges, Una Huntsville So. Brindley, Marcia Baileyton Fr. Broadloot, Barbara Florence Jr. Brock, John Haleyville Fr. Brock, Phyllis Huntsville So. Brookings, Lendon Huntsville Fr Bulger, Sandra Florence So. Bullard, Tommy Huntsville So. Bullen, Randal Red Bay Jr. Burch, Charles Muscle Shoals Fr. Burcham, Bobby Russellville Fr. Burchfield, Billy Joe Sheffield Jr. Burgess, Dwight Florence Fr. Burgess, Janice Moulton Fr. Burkhalter, Edith Tuscumbia Fr. Burnham, Diane Hanceville Fr. Call. Cum CM. I Burris, Melvin Florence Fr. Burton, James Town Creek Jr. Butler, Annalie Brownsboro Jr. Butler, Kathy Florence Fr. Byars, Howard Fayette Jr. a 124 Byers, Dave Redstone Arsenal Fr. Byrd, Betty Hillsboro So. Cabaniss. Chris Muscle Shoals So. Cabler, Jennie Florence So. Carpenter, Nell Florence So. Carroll, Kenneth Florence Fr. Carter, John Huntsville Jr. Carter, Johnny Huntsville So. Carter, Neil Memphis, Tenn. Jr Castle, Myron Bridgeport Fr. Castleberry, Robbie Decatur Jr. Cater, Sue Ellen Fort Myers, Fla. Fr. Champion, Gregg Florence Jr Chandler, Cathy Athens Fr Chandler, Jerry Detroit Fr. Chaney, Barbara Leighton Fr. Chapin, Sarah Florence So. Chapman, Linda Scottsboro So. Chapman, Tim Winthrop Harbor, III. Fr 125 Chapman, Virginia Pleasant Grove Fr. Chenault, Steve Decatur Jr. Cherry, Linda Huntsville Jr. Childs, Gary Florence Jr. Clements, Aletta Berry Jr. Clements, Jo Bankston So. Clemmons, Bobby Florence Jr. Clemmons, Charles Florence Fr Clemmons, Linda Killen Fr. demons, Marlene Decatur So demons, Ray Killen Jr. Cline, Teresa Sheffield Fr. Clingan, Robert Florence So. Cobb, John Athens So. Cobbs, Pat Falkville Fr. Coburn, James Florence Fr. Coburn, Roy Tuscumbia Fr. Cochran, Claude Iron City, Tenn. Jr Cocke Freida Sheffield So. 126 Coffey, Diane Moulton Jr. Coffey, Nancy Courtland Fr. Coffey, Sharon Decatur So. Coggin, Judy Ardmore Fr. Coker, Eddie Huntsville Fr. Coker, Linda Florence Jr. Colagross, Johnny Sheffield Fr. Cole, Charles Cullman Fr. Collier, Sharon Cullman Fr. Collins, Lakin Athens Fr. Collins, Nancy Woodville Jr. Compton, Vicky Union Grove Fr. Conley, Melinda Huntsville Fr. Conlon, Susan Athens Fr. Connatser, Thomas Tuscumbia Conner, Linda Town Creek So. Cook, Amelia Tuscumbia Fr. Cooper, Bonnie Fayette Jr. Cooper, Deborah Somerville Jr. Cosby, Gary Rogersville So. Cotney, Steven Huntsville So. Couch, James Sheffield Jr. Couch, Michael Florence Fr. Counts, Rodger Town Creek So. Counts, Vicki Town Creek So Cowles, W. C. Huntsville Jr. Cox, Charles Florence Fr. Cox, Jane Madison Jr. Cox, Patricia Huntsville Fr. Craft, Rickie Huntsville So. Cranford, Mary Gadsden Jr. Creamer, Chris Russellville Fr. 127 Creasy, Cathy Cloverdale Fr. Creasy, Denise Florence So. Creasy, James Florence Jr. Critzer, Brenda Baroda. Mich. So- Cross, James Moulton Fr. Cross, Paul Leighton Fr. Cross, Randy St. Joseph, Tenn. Crunk, Jerry Florence Fr. Cunningham, Charles Clanton Fr. Curtis, Barry Florence Jr. Cutshall, Euel Florence So. Czermak, Frances Florence Fr 1 1 1 14. Oahl, John Zion, III. So. Daily, Freda Cherokee Fr. Daily, Harold Tuscumbia Jr. Daily, Jesse Florence Fr. Daily, John Florence So. C ll Dana, Arthur Florence So. Danker, Mitzi Cullman Fr. Danley, Glenda Florence So. Danley, Thalia Florence Jr. Darby, Kenneth Florence So. Mo HI 1 1 Darby, Steve Florence So. Daugherty, Dan Florence So. Davis, Donn Huntsville So. Davis, Jennie Russellville Fr. Davis, Karen Sheffield So. IN. Bon- Davis, Kenneth Rogersville Fr. Davis, Linda Muscle Shoals Fr. Davis, Linda Florence So. Davis, Michael Birmingham Fr. Davis, Mickey Phil Campbell So. 128 Dawson, Francei Boca Raton, Fla. Fr. Day, Jamea Tuscumbia Fr. Dean, Betty Rogersville Fr. Dean, Elizabeth Florence Fr. Deason, Wayne Huntsville Jr. Debter, Dianne Sheffield Jr. Deerman, Linda Muscle Shoals So. DeLano, Brenda Florence Fr. DeLap, Annette Memphis, Tenn. Fr. Dennis, Sara Russellville Fr. Denson, Elizabeth Cullman Fr. Denson, Rebecca Muscle Shoals Fr. Denson, Susie Addison Fr. DeSilvey, Marion Memphis, Tenn. Jr. Dickson, David Florence Fr. Diggle, Eleanor Tuscumbia So. Dill, Larry Belgreen Jr. Dixon, Kathy Cloverdale Fr. Dodson, Michael Cherokee Fr. Dollar, Billie Haleyville Jr. Dollar, Jimmy Haleyville So. Donaldson, John Sheffield Fr. Donaldson, Linda Florence Fr. Dornbos, Robert Huntsville So. Dovey, Barbara Decatur So. Downing, David Florence Fr. Downing, Robert Florence So. to 1 n i JUL! ill " Doxie, Bernice Florence Jr. Duke, Freddie Vinemont Fr. Duke, Larry Florence Jr. Duke, Wayne Florence So. Dukes, Pam Sheffield Jr. iiMM E 129 Eckles. Deborah Muscle Shoals So Edens, Johnny Sheffield So. Edmonds, Lowell Florence Jr. Edmundson, Bert Florence Fr. Edmundson, Jimmy Florence So. Edwards, Rebecca Florence So. Edwards, Sue Florence Fr. Egan, Edward Florence So. Elayan, Fatmeh Decatur Fr. Elkins, Melvin Tuscumbla So. Elliott, Helen Sheffield Fr. Elliott, Patricia Florence Fr. Ellzey, Stephen Huntsville Fr Emens, Charlie Tuscumbia Fr. Emrico, Sandy ' Hartselle So. Ensley, Linda Madison So. Entrekin, Wanda Phil Campbell So. Epperson, Donna Fayetteville, Tenn. Erwin. Anita Winfield Fr. Erwin, William Florence Jr. 130 Dunkerson, Melanie Florence Fr. Dunlap, Sarah Huntsville Fr. Dunn, Gwen Fayette Jr. Dyar, Judith Hamilton Jr. Dycus, Donald Florence Jr. Eady, Max Muscle Shoals Jr. Eaker, John Florence Fr Ealy, Virginia Tuscumbia Fr. Eason, James Vinemont Fr. Eastep, Cheryl Huntsville Fr. Eastep, Marcia Florence So. Eckerson, Gloria Florence Fr. Etheridge, Frieda Rogersville So. Evans, Claudia Iron City, Tenn. Jr. Evans, Lonnie Red Bay Fr. Farris, Jimmy Florence Fr. Farris, Joe Leoma, Tenn. Fr. Farris, Kenneth Eldridge Fr. Farris, Lowell Sheffield Jr. Farris, Ray St. Joseph, Tenn. So. Farris, Ondyna Tuscumbia Jr. Fenn, Stephen Florence Fr. Fielder, Jo Tuscumbia So. Fields, Sandra Lexington Fr. l Fikes, Glenda Fayette Fr. Finch, Judi Vernon So. Firestone, Thomas Florence So. Fisher, Patricia Huntsville Fr. Flaherty, Ann Florence So. Fleming, James Sheffield Fr. Flippo, Sheila Killen Fr. Foote, William Muscle Shoals Ford, Ellis Leighton Fr. Forsythe, Dianne Florence Fr. Fortenberry. Carol Haleyville Fr. Foster, Connie Huntsville So Foster, Edwena Hillsboro So. Fowler, Janice Florence Fr. Foxworthy, Leslie Athens Fr. Franklin, Timothy Florence Fr. Franks, Dale Lutts, Tenn. Fr. Franks, Sammy Florence Jr. Frawley, Anita Florence Fr. Frederick, Charles Russellville Jr. 131 Frederick, Kathy Muscle Shoals So. French, Cindy Florence Jr. Friar, Dwight Florence Jr. Fry, Shelia Cherokee Jr. Fuller, Dawn Huntsville So. Futrell, John Sheffield So. Gaither, Danny Florence Fr. Galin, James Cullman So. Gallagher, Kathy Fayette So Gamble, Carter Florence Fr. Gamble, Robert Florence Jr. Gamble, Thomas Iron City. Tenn. Fr. I j Gamble, Wanda Florence Fr. Gann, Lauren Florence So. Gardner, Kathy Sheffield So. Gargis, Warren Muscle Shoals So. Garrison, Pat Florence Fr. Gaskin, Judy Haleyville Fr. Gates, Thomas Decatur So. Gautney, Luther Florence Fr. Geise, Linda Tuscumbia Fr. Geise, Nancy Tuscumbia So. Gentry, Darla Huntsville Jr. Gibbens, Leslie Florence Fr. Gibbs, Kay Barton So. Gibson, Becky Montgomery Jr. Gilbert, Harry Florence Jr. Gillespie Sandra Decatur Fr. Gilley, Anne Balboa Canal Zone Jr Gioiello, Alice Sheffield Jr. Gist, Sandra Muscle Shoals Fr. Givens, Sandra Florence Fr. 132 Glass, Edna Collinwood Tenn Fr. Gober, Marcla Red Bay So. Goode, Royal Rogersville So. Grant, Janis Athens Fr. Grant, Joanne Florence Jr. Graves, Jacqueline Florence Jr. Graves, Martha Jr. Gray, Thomas Florence Fr. Gray, Victor Muscle Shoals Fr. Green, Adron Florence Jr. Green, Dlanne Russellville Jr. Greenhill, Mltzie Sheffield Fr. Gregg, Mary Ripley, Miss. Fr. Griffin, Bob Florence Jr. Griffin, Ron Athens Jr. Griggs, Tillman Huntsville Jr. Grlmmett, Mlcha Crane Hill Fr. 4s T iift Grisham, Martha Tuscumbia Fr. Grissom, Glenda Tuscumbia Fr. Grissom, Jerry Muscle Shoals Fr. Grissom, Rebecca Leighton Jr. Grissom, Wanda Russellville Jr. Guice, Gall Albertville Jr. Guilliouma, Larry Canal Fulton, Ohio Fr. Gusmus, Martha Florence Fr. Gusmus, Sharon Tuscumbia So. Gwathney, Judy Scottsboro Jr. Haddock, Billy Florence Fr. Haddock, Shelia Florence Fr. Haddock, Shirley Florence So. Hagen, Georgia Decatur So. Hahn, Edward Huntsville Fr. 133 Hairell. Lewis Florence So. Hall, Janice Addison Fr. Hall, Phyllis Addison Fr. Hall, W illiam Huntsville Fr. Hardin, Michael Decatur So. Hardin, Robert Florence Fr. Harding, John Leeds Jr. Hargett, Freddie Russellville So Harkins, John Decatur So. Harrell, Kay Tuscumbia Fr. Harris, Carolyn Cherokee Jr. Harris, Gloria Waynesboro Jr Harris, Grace Tuscumbia Fr. Harris, Lois Russellville Jr. Harris, Nancy Waynesboro So Harrison, Anne Florence Fr. Harrison, Carla Florence Fr. Harrison, Doris Tuscumbia Fr. Harrison, Martha Killed So. 134 Harrison, Paula Florence Jr Harrison, Peggy Cullman Jr Hartley, John Madison So. Hartwig, Gary Cullman Fr. Harvey, Fred Jackson, Miss. So. Harwell, Johnny Florence So. Hatfield, Deloris Owens Cross Roads Fr Hatfield, Susan Mt. Olive So. Henry, Anita Tuscumbia Fr. Henson, Jim Bridgeporl Jr. Herbert, Robert Decatur Jr. Herbert, Scott Hartselle So. Hester, Dale Russellvillle Jr. Hester, Evelyn Russellville Fr. Hester, Gerald Florence Jr. Hester, Linda Tuscaloosa Jr. Hester, Sherwin Florence Fr. Higgins, Johnny Huntsville Fr. Hill, Barbara A. Scottsboro Jr. Hill, Barbara J, Florence Jr. Hill, Bobby Florence So. Hill, Rugener Florence So. Hills, Dolly Killen Fr. 135 Hines, Jane Florence Fr. Hines, Judy Florence Fr. Hix, Mary Madison So. Hobbs, Judy Sheffield Fr. Hoch, Teresa Huntsville Fr. Hodges, Dianne Waynesboro, Tenn. So Hodges, Janet Florence Jr. Hogan, Glenda Fayette Fr. Holt, Lynn Florence Jr. Hopkins, Susan Rogersville So. Hopper, Teresa Florence So. Horsley, Mary Cullman So. Horton, Janie Muscle Shoals Fr. Hoskins, Sherry Huntsville Fr. Hotchkiss, Nancy Sheffield Fr. Hovater, Jimmy Sheffield Jr. Hovater, Linda Russetlville Jr. Hovater, Susie Russellville So. Howard, Conny Sheffield Fr. Howard, Eddie Muscle Shoals Fr. Howard, Martha Florence Jr. Howard, Raymond Florence Fr. Howell, Rick Haleyville Fr. 136 Howell, Sandra Town Creek Jr. Howell, Sharon Haleyville Jr. Huckaba, Hilda Rogersville Fr. Hudgens, John Huntsville So. Hudglns, Donna Leesburg Jr. Hudson, Anita Huntsville So. Hudson, Jo Florence So. Hudson, Susan Sheffield Fr. Hughen, Charlotte Florence So. Hughes, Charles Gum So. Hughes, Connie Florence So. Hughes, Vivian Hanceville Fr. Hulsey, David Florence Jr. Hulsey, Sherry Florence So. Humphres, Jim Zion, III. Fr. Humphries, Jane Florence Fr. Hunnicutt, Cathy Huntsville Fr. 4 A jmh Hunt, Gary Florence Fr. Hunt, Patricia Florence Jr. Hurst, Charles Iron City, Tenn. Fr. Hutchens, Rickey Decatur Fr. Hutcheson, Windell Florence So. Ingle, Shirley Sheffield Jr. Inman, Charles Tuscumbia So. Irwin, Randi Grand Island, N.Y. Jr. Isom, Lynne Florence Fr. Jacks, Anita Haleyville Fr. Jackson, Bravell Hamilton Jr. Jackson, Carol St. Joseph, Tenn. So. Jackson, Judith Muscle Shoals Fr. Jackson, Linda Florence Jr. Jackson, Vicki Florence Fr. 137 Jacobs, Charlotte Cullman Fr. Jacobs, Lou Florence Jr. James, George Huntsville Fr. James, Grady Tuscumbia So. Jenkins, Glenda Florence So. Jenkins, Tony Moultrie, Ga. Jr. Jennings, Anne Huntsville Jr. Johnson, Debbie Hartselle So. Johnson, Elaine Huntsville So. Johnson, Jerry Florence Jr. Johnson, Joanne Huntsville Jr. Johnson, Keitha Leighton Fr. Johnson, Patsy Florence Fr. Johnson, Paul Leighton Jr. Johnson, Paula Athens Jr. Johnson, Phyllis Hartselle So. Johnson, Rita Birmingham Jr. i ii fe Johnson, Robin Addison So. Johnson, Rufus Florence Fr. Johnson, Sharon Vinemont So. Johnson, Virginia Fayette So. Joiner. Rebecca Tuscumbia Fr. Joiner, Sara Lexington Jr. Jolly, Joy Florence Jr. Joly, Charles Tuscumbia Fr. Joly, Elaine Florence Jr. Joly, William Muscle Shoals Fr. Jones, Corky Athens So. Jones, Donna Sheffield Fr Jones, Drucilla Parrish Jr. Jones, Edgar Florence Fr. Jones, Gary Florence Fr. 138 Jones, Jeannean Vinemont So. Jones, Monte St. Joseph. Tenn. Fr Jones, Patricia Trinity So. Jones, Ruth Ann Tuscumbia So. Jones, Shirley Fayette Jr. Jones, William Florence Jr. Jordan, Dennis Sheffield Fr Jordan, Judith Sheffield Jr. J Kennedy, Thomas Sheffield Fr. Kennemer, Mary Ellen Athens Fr. Kerr, Charles Athens Jr. Kershaw, Vann Florence Fr. Key, Donna Florence Fr. Keyes, Clara Tanner So. Keys, Vicky Muscle Shoals Jr. Kilgore, Giles Cardiff So. Killen, Danny Florence So. Killen, Dennis Lexington Fr. 4A.V Kilpatrick, Jimmy Russellville Fr. Kimble, Stephen Florence Fr. Kimbrough, Jerry Tuscumbia Fr. Kimbrough, Larry Muscle Shoals Jr. King, Christopher Huntsville So. 139 King, Marlene Florence So. King, Mary Emily Florence Fr. King, Nancy Birmingham Fr. Kinkle, Brenda Florence Jr. Kirby, Linda Cloverdale Jr. Kirby, Martha Hiintsville So. Kirby, Stephanie Huntsville So. Kirchner, Sammie Muscle Shoals Jr. Knight, Linda Haleyville So. Knight, Wade Vinemont So. Knowe, Karen Sheffield Fr. Koswoski, Wayne Madison Fr. f 1 A Lacey, Hilda Guin So. Lacic, Joseph Chicago, III. Jr. Lake, James Sheffield So. Lambert, John Sheffield So. Lamon, Brenda Trinity So. 14 IK 14 Lancaster, Rosanne Birmingham So. Landers, Debra Florence Fr. Landers, Kay Town Creek Jr. Lang, Corrine Florence Fr. Langdon, Michele Florence Fr. Langston, Nelda Winfield So. Lard, Troy Waterloo Jr. Larkin, Tom Birmingham So. Lawler, Marcia Russeilville Fr. Lawrence, Donna Fayette Fr. IkT Ik -Y -i Ik Lawrence, James Florence Fr. Lawrence, Judy Smiths Grove, Ky. So. Lawson, John Florence Jr. Lawson, Laura Florence Fr. Leach, Donna Huntsville Fr. Hi 140 Leach, Shirley Florence Fr. League, Kathy Florence Jr. Lebowski, David Arab Fr. Leckenby, Anna Florence So. Ledbetter, Charlotl Lakeland, Fla. So. Ledbetter, James Vina Fr. Ledbetter, Linda Spruce Pine Jr. Ledgewood, Pam Florence Fr. Lindly, Faye Florence So. Lindsey, Janice Waterloo So. Llndsey, Noland Tuscumbia Jr. Linscott, Tom Huntsville Fr. Linville, Michael Scottsboro Fr Lipscomb, Brenda Moulton So. Llewellyn, Dwight Florence Fr. Lloyd, Thomas Sheffield Jr. Logan, Calvin Florence So. Loggins, Annabelle Athens Jr. j M 141 Long, Carol Florence Fr. Long, Evelyn Huntsville Fr. Long, Nancy Red Bay Jr. Love, Lynn Sheffield Fr. Lovelady, Brenda Dora Jr. Lovell. Donna Florence Fr. Lovett, Thressa Tuscumbia Fr. Lowry, Jerry Leighton Fr. Lull, Gay Florence So. Lull, Timothy Florence So. Lynn, David Athens Fr. Lynn, Gary Decatur Fr. Lyons, Timothy Waukegan. III. So. McAlister, Sharon Russellville Jr. McAlister, Thomas Russellville Fr. McCaleb, Linda Florence So. McCaleb, Sheila Fayette Fr. 1HLal4i1i McCaleb, Sue Brilliant So. McCarver, Lana Fayette Fr. McCarver, Stanley Russellville Fr. McClendon, Nancy Moulton Fr. McCorkle, Georgia Tuscumbia Fr. McCorkle, Martha Florence Jr. McCormack. Carrie Sheffield Fr. McCrary, Rosemary New Market Jr. McCreary, Diane Tuscumbia Fr. McCreary, Lynn Tuscumbia So. McDaniel, Frankie Tuscumbia So. McDaniel, Ronald Waterloo So. McDougal, Michael Florence Fr. McDowell, Charlotte Red Bay Fr. McGee, Danny Sheffield Fr. 142 McNees, Billy Vernon Fr. McVay, John Sheffield Fr. McWhorter, Billy Moulton So. McWilliams, Linda Cherokee So. McWilliams, Linda L. Iron City, Tenn. Fr. MacBeath, Gail Florence Jr. Mackey, Philip Florence Fr. Maddox, Shelia Fayette Jr. Maliskey, Tom Huntsville So. Malone, Chris Tuscumbia Jr. Malone, Linda Cherokee Fr. Malone, Maria Cherokee Jr. Malone, Sandra Florence Fr. Mangham, David Huntsville Jr. Mangrum, Barbara Florence Fr. 143 Mangum, Larry Tuscumbia Fr Manly, Lillian Decatur Fr. Mann, Dennis Florence So. Maples, Janice Somarville Jr Maples, Joyce Somerville Jr. Marbut, Linda Elkmont Fr. Marchbanks, Herbert Muscle Shoals Marston, Barbara Florence Jr. Mayhall, Samuel Haleyvilie So. Maynard, Gordon Huntsville Jr. Mays, Brenda Florence So. Mays, Peggy Florence Fr. Meckes, Barbara Florence So. lUlfc Medley, Michael Allen Park, Mich. Jr. Medley, Oma Childersburg So. Meek, Marvin Florence So. Meeks, John Huntsville Fr. Melton, Mickey Hanceville Fr. 144 Meyers, Betsy Huntsville So. Milam, James Huntsville Fr. Miller, Barbara Rockvllle, Md So. Miller, Harry Florence So. Jr. h i I i k to Mitchell, Van Huntsville Fr. Mitchell, Wanda Florence Fr. Mixon, Ronny Adamsville Fr. Monceret, Tom St. Joseph, Tenn. Jr Monroe, Thomas Huntsville Jr. Montgomery, Elaine Oecatur Fr Moore, Barbara Sulligent Jr. Moore, Becky Tuscumbia Fr. Moore, Billy Sheffield So. Moore, Terry Sheffield Jr. Morgan, Charles Leighton So Morgan, Joyce Tuscumbia Jr. Morris, Amelia Elkmont Jr. Morris, Larry Courtland Jr. Morris, Martha Cherokee Fr. 145 Morrow, Wanda Guin So. Mullendore, Sandi Sheffield Fr. Mullins, Pamela Huntsville Fr. Murner, William Florence So. Nelson, Alex Florence Fr. Newman, Kay Vernon So. Newsome, Dorothy Muscle Shoals Jr Newton, Jeffrey Athens Fr. Newton, Oscar Sheffield Jr. Nicely, Nancy Florence So. Nicely, Rebecca Florence Jr. Nichols, Dennis Fayette Jr. Nixon, Olita Sheffield So. Nutbrown, John Florence Jr. Oakley, Michael Florence So O ' Conner, June Athens Fr. Odom, Ann Florence Jr. Ogletree, Linda Sheffield Fr. Oldham, Barry Florence Fr. 146 Oleham, Edythe Florence Fr. Olive, Ronnie Florence Fr. Orman, Carolyn Canal Fulton, Ohio Fr. Osborne, Linda Florence Fr. Osterheld, Frederick Athens Jr. Oswalt, Jimmie Fayette So. Owen, Bobby Florence Jr. Owens, Hilda Anderson Jr. Owens, Mike Town Creek So. Pace, Charles Tuscumbia So. Pagano, Patty Huntsville Jr. Page, Linda Red Bay So. Painter, Gail Tuscumbia Jr. Parker, Donald Killen Fr. Parker, Linda Town Creek Fr. Parker, Peggy Decatur Jr. Parker, Reginald Sheffield So. Parks, Charlotte Tuscumbia So. Parton, Becky Tuscumbia Fr. Pate, Judith Muscle Shoals So. Pate, Susan Florence Fr. Patrick, Jessie Golden, Miss. Fr. Patrick, Roy Cherokee Fr. Patterson, Joe Florence So. Patterson, Martha St. Louis, Mo. Jr. Paulk, Patricia Florence Fr. Pearce, James Huntsville So. Peeden, Joel Florence So. Pendergraph, Carlton Trussville Fr. Pennington, Barbara Leighton So. Pepper, Pat Florence Fr. Perry, Bill Florence Fr. 147 Person, Daniel Mercer Island, Wash. Jr. Pesto, Albert Cullman Fr. Peters, Martha Florence So. Pettus, Carolyn Rogersville Fr. Phiter, Juanita Cherokee So. Philips, Samuel Florence Jr. Phillips, Janelle Whitestone, Ga. So. Phillips, Kathy Decatur So. Phillips, Margaret Minor Hill, Tenn. Fr. Phillips, Robert Florence So. Pickens, Pamela Sheffield So. Pigg, Janice Cullman Fr. Pigg, Sharon Florence Fr. Pinnell, Trudy Huntsville Fr. Pitcock, Robert Decatur Fr. Pitman, Hellon Florence Fr. Pitts, Gary Brownsboro Fr. Poe, Freddie Phil Campbell So. Poe, Sue Stevenson So. Pollard, Diane Florence Fr. Pollard, Janie Savannah, Tenn. Fr. Pool, Gerald Muscle Shoals Fr. Poole, Jan Trinity So. Poole, Janie Cullman Jr. Porter, Linda Fayette So. Porter, Robert Lexington So. Potts, Frances Florence Fr. Pounders, Agatha Muscle Shoals Fr. Pounders, Diane Haleyville So. Pounders, James Florence So. Powell, Barbara Pegram, Tenn. Fr. Powell, Margaret Muscle Shoals Fr. 148 Prentis, Catherine Ramer, Tenn. So. Price, Charlotte Florence Fr. Price, Curtis Geneva So. Pride, Annie Tuscumbia Fr. Handle, Zethelyn Florence Fr Rape, Jay Evans City, Pa. Fr. Ray, Lynn Florence Fr. Ray, Randall Sylacauga So. Reed, Fay Russellville Fr. Reed, June Danville Jr. Reese, Renee Logan Fr. Reinhardt, Rita Cullman So. Retherford, Jeannine Florence Fr. Reynolds, Barbara Orlanda, Fla. So Rhodes, Janet Haleyville So. Rhodes, Kenneth Florence So. Rice, Edward Florence Fr. Richard, Don Cullman So. Richardson, Beverly Iron City, Tenn. Fr H9 Richardson, Charlotte Florence Fr. Richardson, Hilda Florence Fr. Richardson, Marjorie Sheffield Fr. Richardson, Lanee Rogersville Jr. Richeson, George Florence Fr. Richey, Betty Florence Fr. Richey, Susan Florence So. Righter, Frank Gunlersville Jr. Riggs, Methel Mt. Hope Fr Riley, Bill Huntsville Jr. Ritch, Charles Huntsville Jr. Roberts, Charles Fayette Fr. Roberts, Frances Brilliant Fr Roberts, Linda Oepue, III. Jr. Robinson, Donald Decatur Fr. Robinson, Mary Sheffield So. Rockhill, Larry Haleyville So. Rogers, Alice Rogersville So. Rogers, Beverly Decatur So Rogers, Cheri Florence Fr. Rogers, Jimmy Russellville Fr. Rogers, Ronald Rogersville Fr. Rohling, Ann Florence Fr. Rohling, Donald Florence So. Rohling, Linda Florence Fr. Rollings, Roger Florence Jr. Romine, Tracy Hampton, Va. So. Rorex, Linda South Pittsburg, Tenn. Richter, Suzanne Cullman Jr. Rickard, Patsy Killen So. Ricks, Dorothy Sheffield Fr. Ricks, Shirley Florence So. 150 Rose, Richard Florence Fr. Ross, Donald Connelly Springs, N. C. Jr. Rovere, Joe Florence Jr. Rowell, James Florence Jr. Royer, Rayburn Trinity So. Ruhl, Carol Florence Fr. Rupflin, Gabriele Waterloo So. Rushing, Anne Florence So. Russ, Mary West Point, Tenn. Fr. Russell, Don Florence So. Safford, Suzanne Florence Jr. Sager, Arthur Sheffield So. Ai Sanders, Mark Edison, N. J. So. Sanders, Max Florence Jr. Sanderson, Patricia Madison Fr. Sandlin, Danny Florence Fr. Sanford, Lynn Hartselle Fr. Sansom, Anne Decatur So. Sartain, Wanda Town Creek Jr. Schenck, Kathy Florence Jr. Schoper, Nancy Huntsville So. Scott, Connie Florence Fr. Scott, Danny Montgomery Jr. Seal, Larry Tuscumbia Fr. Sealy, Jerry Florence Fr. Sego, Betty Cloverdale Fr. Sego, Mary Cloverdale Jr. t Seidel, Linda Stone Mountain, Ga. So. Shannon, Nancy Athens Jr. Shannon, Wendell Athens So. Sharp, Patsy Nashville, Tenn. Fr. Shaw, Jimmy Sheffield Fr. 151 Shaw, Michael Athens Fr. Shedd, John Russellville Fr. Shelton, Floyd Huntsville Jr. Shelton, Jerl Fayette Fr. Shepherd, Judy Berry Jr. Sherer. Ray Florence Fr. Sherrill, Nancy Madison Fr. Sherrod. Jonnie Florence So Smith, Dewey Huntsville So. Smith, Edmond Biloxi, Miss. Jr. Smith, Gary Phil Campbell So. Smith, Herman Whitestone, Ga. Fr. Smith, Jerry Arab Fr. Smith, Karen Sheffield Fr. Smith, Larry Wooster, Ohio So. Smith, Lucia Huntsville Fr. Smith, Nancy Ki lien So. Smith, Richard Florence Fr. 152 I Smith, Sally Fayette Fr. Smothers, Searey Addison So. Sneed, Robert Sheffield Fr. Sockwell, Faye Decatur Fr. Staggs, Douglas Florence Fr. Stahl, Candy Orlando, Fla. Fr. Stanford, Aleta Vernon Fr. Stanford, Doris Russellville Fr Stanford, Terry Tuscumbia Fr. Stanphill, Alice Trenton, Ga. So. Stanphill, William Trenton, Ga. Jr Stansell, Donna Sheffield Jr. Stansell, Jimmy Florence Fr. Statom, Robert Florence Fr. Steadman, Gary Moulton Jr. Steele, Helen Mt. Hope Fr. Stephens, Barry Birmingham Fr. Stephens, Doris Hazel Green So. Stephens, Jennifer Huntsville Jr. 153 Stephens, Randall Huntsville So. Stephenson, Oscar Florence So. Stevenson, David Florence Fr. Stevenson, Tim Florence Jr. Stevenson, Vickie Florence Fr. Steverson, Marsha Sheffield Jr. Stewart, Martha Madison Fr. Stewart, Nancy Florence Fr. Stockton, Jerry Double Springs Jr. Stokes, Waymon Guin Jr. Stone, Tereasa Huntsville So. Stowell, Bob Huntsville Fr. Streit, Gail Sheffield Fr. Stricklin, Patricia Florence So. Stricklin, Ted Waynesboro, Tenn. Jr. Stringfellow. Brenda Florence Fr. Stumpe, Richard Florence Fr. Styles, John Florence So. Summerall. Kermit Sheffield Fr. Summers, Theresa Town Creek Jr. Sumner, Troy Russellville Jr. Sutherland, John Florence Jr. Sutphen, Richard Hicksville, N.Y. So. Swafford, Celia Hartselle Fr. Swafford, Norma Huntsville So. Swindle, Kenneth Muscle Shoals Fr. Sykes, Charlene Butler Fr. Sykes, Donna Huntsville Fr. Sylvester, Don Florence Fr. Tabereaux, James Tuscumbia Jr. Tallon, Noel Madison Jr. Tanner, Anne Sheffield Fr. 154 Thompson, Barbara Lexington So. Thompson, Elaine Florence So. Thompson, Shelley Del City, Okla. Fr. Thompson, Susan Red Bay Fr. Thompson, William Russellville Fr. Thorne, Janice Tuscumbia So. Thornton, Glenn Vinemont Fr. Thornton, Sandra Rogersville So. Thrasher, Judy Collinwood, Tenn. Fr. Thrasher, Sue Florence Fr. 155 Thrasher, Susan Rogersville Fr. Threel, Charles Florence Fr. Tidwell, Diana Sheffield Jr. Tidwell, Jerry Killen Fr. Tiller, Carolyn Huntsville Fr. Timmons, William Florence Jr. Timms, Joy Florence Jr. Tipper, Arthur Florence Fr. Townley, Martha Killen Fr. Tribble, Donald Athens Jr. Tribble, Mike Athens Jr. Trotter, Marcia Pinecastle, Fla. Fr. Troup, Raymon Lawrenceburg, Tenn. So. Trousdale, Donna Flore nce Jr. Trousdale, Jacquelyn Florence Fr. Trousdale, Lou Lexington Fr. Tucker, Bill Cullman Fr. Tucker, Don Florence Fr. Tucker, Gregory Huntsville Fr. Tucker, Joe Decatur Jr. Tucker, Michael Huntsville So. Turner, Barbara Haleyville Jr. Turner, Betty Athens So. Turner, Beverly Athens Fr. Turner, Charity Haleyville Jr. Turner, Cynthia Decatur So. Turner, John Sylacauga Fr. Turnipseed, Shelia Montgomery So. Turpen, Gerald Anderson Jr. Underwood, Camille Sheffield Fr. Underwood, Danny Madison So. Underwood, Norma Sheffield Fr. 156 Uplon, Sandra Decatur So. Usery, Rita Athens Fr. Vahervuorl, Teritu-Liisa Kotka, Finland So. Valentine, Ronnie Cloverdale Fr. Vann, Anita Huntsville Jr. Van Pelt, Vincent Florence So. Van Wert, Roberta Huntsville Fr. Vardaman, Cheryl Selma Jr. Vaughn, Roger Florence Fr. Vernon, Sandra Sheffield So. Vick, Jane Hamilton So. Vineyard, Janet Florence Jr. Vinson, Martha Decatur So. Vinson, Sharon Red Bay Fr. Voce, Sheila Florence Jr. Wade, Albert Lake Wales, Fla. Fr. Wade, Sandra Muscle Shoals So. Wadsworth, Phillip Sheffield Jr. Wagner, John Emmaus, Pa. Fr. Wahl, Cathy Decatur So. Walker, Harvell Florence So. Walker, John Cincinnati. Ohio Jr. Walker, Linda Vinemont Jr. Walker, Rickey Danville Fr. Walker, Tom Florence So. Wallace, Harry Florence Jr. Wallace, James Florence Fr. Wallace, Jeannette Cherokee So. Wallace, Marvin Tuscumbia Fr. Wallace, Virginia Tuscumbia Fr. Ward, Shelia Huntsville Fr. Warden, Linda Huntsville Fr. 157 Warren, Britt Florence Fr. Warren, Keith Russellville Fr. Wassner, Richard Muscle Shoals Fr. Watkins, Bonnie Lexington So. Watson, Karen Killen So. Watson, Linda Muscle Shoals Fr. Watson, Marilyn Tuscumbia Fr. Waugh, Beverly Springfield. Va. So. Waugh, Rodney Springfield, Va. Fr. Waugh, William Springfield, Va. Fr Weatherby, Qinner Tuscumbia Fr. Weatherford, Eddie Town Creek Fr. Weaver, Jo Anne Killen Fr. Weaver, Pam Huntsville Fr. Webb, Glenna Cullman Fr. Webster, Patricia Florenc e Fr Weekley, Cathy Florence So. Weekley, Glenn Florence Jr. Wells, David Rossville, Ga. So. Wells, Peggy Phil Campbell Jr. Wells, Stephen Russellville So. Wesson, Charlotte Bossier City, La. Fr. Westmoreland, Phillip Florence Jr. Whalen, Judy Haleyville Fr. White, Bette Florence Fr. White, Billy Athens Jr. White, Danny Florence Fr. White, Donald Florence Fr. White, Donna Lacey Springs Fr. White, Donnie Florence Jr. White, Janice Anderson Jr. White, Lois Sheffield So. 158 While, Mark Florence So. White, Robert Huntsville Fr. White, Stephen Florence So White, Vicki Hanceville Fr. White, Winfred Huntsville Fr. Whitehead, Judi Rogersville Jr Whitley, Glen Higdon Jr. Whitmon, Joseph Florence Fr. I Williams, Charlotte Mt. Hope Fr. Williams, James Tanner Fr. Williams, Jeanne Florence Fr. Williams, Judy Belk So. Williams, Judy A. Sheffield Fr. Williams, Patricia Florence Fr. Williams, Rebecca Florence Fr. Williams, Ronald Florence Fr. Williams, Sa ndra Lexington Fr. Williams, Wilma Lexington Jr. 159 Willis, Donna Florence So. Wilson, Ceda Florence So. Wilson, Charles A. Fackler So. Wilson, Charles E. Florence Jr. Wilson, Connie Florence Fr. Wilson, Dana Addison Fr. Wilson, Darryle Jasper So. Wilson, Elizabeth Florence Jr. Wilson, Emily Laceys Spring Jr. Wilson, Gay Florence So. Wilson, Jeanell Arley So. Wilson, Jimmie Russellville So. Wilson, Marie Addison Fr. Wilson, Virginia Russellville Fr. Wimberly, Barbara Tuscumbia Jr. Winslett, Donna Russellville So. Winslead, Candis Hamilton Jr. Wiseman, Judy Cullman Jr. Wisdom, Nalria Florence Jr. Withers, Linda Huntsville Jr. Witt, Betty Florence Fr. Witt, Judy Waterloo So. Witt, T. C. Florence So. Wix, Edward Sheffield Jr. Wix, James Vinemont So. Wolfard, Gea Tuscumbia So. Woodall, Athelia Eva Jr. Sophor Susie h Woodall, Janice Eva Fr. Woodford, Angela Sheffield Fr. Woodford, Martha Sheffield Fr. Worsham, Deborah Huntsville Fr. Wray, Carolyn Florence Fr. 160 Sophomore class officers: Nancy Jon Geise, Charles Inman, Susie Hovater, Carol Spalding, Henry Leatherwood. Freshman class officers: Ron- ny Mixon, Becky Kennedy, Dan- ny McGee, Pat Fisher. Wright, Kirk Florence Fr. Wright, Philip Muscle Shoals Fr. Wylie, Sharon Sheffield Fr. Yancey, Charles Russellville Fr. Yeager, Judy Florence Fr. Young, Janis Decatur Fr. Young, Phillip Florence Fr. Zbinden, Becky Huntsville Fr. Junior class officers: John Sutherland, Barbara Marston, Charles Ritch, Nancy Shannon, James Couch. Military f sz I Brigade Staff Row 1: Bearden, Marchitto, Becks. Row 2: Brewer, Castner, McBuff, Mitchell. 1st Battalion Bradford, Timberlake, DeLuca, Martin, Williams. I 1 164 2nd Battalion Norris, Fouts, Keith, Edmonds. ! 3rd Battalion Steelman, Buttram, Gooch, Walkup. 165 A Company B Company 166 C Company D Company 167 E Company i F Company 168 J Company ROTC Band 169 Color Guard 170 In Memoriam 1st Lt. Chadwick McFall Barber Company B, 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, Killed in Action January 8, 1969, Republic of Vietnam. 171 R O Neena Walker, 1st Battalion Susan Lee, 2nd Battalion r Brenda Masterson, Company E Toni Ivey, 3rd Battalion Nancy Geise, Company C Patti Masterson, Drill Team s p o N S O R S Judy Quiring, Company D Sharon Gusmus, Company F Susie Hovator, Band Barbara Smith, Brigade Staff Camilla Bechard, Company B Becky Turner, Company A " Gosh, just think, in 15 years I ' ll be an FSU cheerleader. " " Oh, my, a damp Yankee. Excedrin headache number 187! ' - i " Mrs. Kent, this is Private Detective Gibbons. I ' ve found out who it is. ' Gee, if only I had some wings. " ,-: ' " ' ' . i ' - ' ii - ' - . ' , " , " erf ' : ,. H..tH 3 " Whata ya mean, taking it easy. She hit me in the stomach. ' 174 J " It really is raining beer! " " What do you mean I ' ll get a bang out of Braille Biology? " How Charming! You can always tell a freshman by thedumb look on his face! Rosemary ' s Baby? " They really are marijuana brownies! " 175 tf tttfttrfml . , Features v ueen of 5eautu rr ii5 ( aroi jrortenoerru d5eaut V Wis (jail 3 uni Ju icu m hi a h l ourt Wlss Barbara vSroaafoot s 3tor d eaut t SA Wartka WcCoM s4u n io 3L ll l ourt Wis KJioria rfunior a Jeca tu r r jj i arolun Co tlternati MflHMHHHMHHDBH HBHHMHI ea u tie 5 fll ' iss naron Cjuintui Sophomore Ju icumbta TreAnman . Jit u um bta rrliii Virainia Walla ce Sophomore ZJatkvitte Wli ss Keba vJryan -Jvomecomina vy u I Hi a Aharon LjuSmuS een t. rrliiS -Aharon Cjuitnui, a sophomore from Z uicumoia, is -J 14 i 969 J4omecomina y aeen. Jja n to r jrior Win (Barbara Yflariton Mo mecomin 9 WUS Wartka WcCorUe junior jr (o r i ourt .. ffflii 1 1 arte u rJLon Aunior rCea v- au 9 Aunior Julcumoia tr iAA Ljail J- aint WIlSA Charming WliiA (Bonnie BrooL H. Jf " k f VJ_v wi N SWR P P ,-3|f t, ., - . .Iror nai ' inq one of tne friendliest ana most pleasing personalities of all the freshmen qirls on campus, ff iss ( onnie brooks has been chosen ff iss (charming of 1969. ' . ' % " " " ' ' . t - Waru JUL en Ck arm JJeu, ELci, ZrreSnman -Srtneni ir n ( ourt (y a il I la. le rreihman Jvuntsvttie Treinman rruntsvitit fee en u 2-. bind i en Joni fve y Wr. and Wis, 3SU Wac Butt. ram 194 HHHHHH tf (coronation (JSali 195 lillickeu f- enninaton C7 I } jrirst fKu n n erS -ui Chuck Ardami h 196 ft la Hi Pat EuL 9 er Second f unner3-ut Aim Ljrant 197 ( Saroara Dmitri 198 Jhird iKunnerA-ut r ich oL in as e ,i 1 RoLerl 0 ' J etL y ZJ-ourth Ku nneri-u P J- a u la -Jyo a lain a 199 wsmmmmm Who ' s CHARLES H. (Chuck) ADAMS President of the Inter-Presidents ' Council and Circle K and vice-president of the Stu- dent Union Board, Chuck has been Leo the Lion, graduation marshal, president of the Junior class, and an active member of Alpha Chi, Council on Campus Relations, and Cadet Officers Corps. CATHRYN ALEXANDER Cathryn is president of Wesley Founda- tion and has been president of the Junior class, graduation usher, and a member of the FSU choir. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi. . Ifc-f ROGER R. BECKS, JR. A repeat " Who ' s Who, " Roger is a music major, past president of the BSU and the FSU band, and a member of Cadet Offi- cers Corps and Council on Campus Rela- tions. He was a BSU delegate on Guam and in Switzerland. rt immf . K i KARLA BOWLIN An English major, Karla was president of AWC and a graduation usher. She is pre- sently secretary-treasurer of Sigma Tau Delta, a member of the Honor Society, DIORAMA staff, and the English Club. Who BRENDA BRALY Brenda received the Honor Society awards for highest scholastic ratio in Sophomore (1967) and Junior (1968) classe s. She is a member of Sigma Sigma Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi. PATRICIA BULGER Junior Woman of the Year 1968 and vice- president of SGA, Pat has been active in the BSU, Lionettes, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Student Union Board, and Council on cam- pus Relations. MARVIN M. (Mac) Buttram Having been president of Wesley Founda- tion, treasurer of Collegiate Civitan, and vice-president of SGA, Mac now serves as president of SGA, FSU cheerleader, Col- legiate Singer, and member of the Council on Campus Relations. GLENDA CAIN An Honor Society member, Glenda is vice- president of Sigma Tau Delta and the Re- hearsal Club, president of the English Club and past president of Alpha Psi Ome- Who ' s GREGG LEE CHAMPION Treasurer of Circle K and vice-president of Commuters, Gregg is a member of the Student Union Board and Christian Stu- dent Fellowship. SUEVAUGHN DANIEL A " Who ' s Who " repeat, Suevaughn was Homecoming Queen, president of O ' Neal Hall, chairman of Recognition Day, com- mencement usher, and a member of the P E Club, SAEA, and Christian Student Fellowship. LINDA KIRBY A member of Sigma Tau Delta, BSU, and concert choir, Linda is secretary of the SGA, vice-president of Powers Hall, and was Sophomore Woman of the Year in 1968. TOMMY W. MC NEILL Tommy has been vice-president of Circle K, Leo the Lion, Collegiate Singer, sports editor of FLOR-ALA, secretary of Keller Hall, Chairman of the 1968 Homecoming Committee, president of the Ushers Club, and president of the Freshman and Sopho- more classes. He now serves as president of the Student Union Board and as a mem- ber of Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, and Council on Campus Rela- tions. Who JUDY MATHIAS Judy, treasurer of SGA and vice-president of the English Club, is a member of the Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, and concert choir. BARBARA MUSE President of AWS, Barbara is a member of the Spanish Club and Student Union Board. She has been president and vice- president of Alpha Sigma Lambda and president of Powers Hall. BARBARA NAGLE A member of the Newman Club, Alpha Beta Alpha, and Inter-Faith Council, Bun- ny is president of the Collegiate Civinettes and vice-president of SAEA. MICKEY PENNINGTON The state president of SAEA, Mickey has served as president and vice-president of the local chapter, president of Powers Hall, commencement usher, and secretary of the Junior class. She is also a member of the BSU and Inter-Presidents ' Council. K g 2 ai w (i ho s Who JOHNNY LEE TOMPKINS Johnny has been Circulation Manager of the FLOR-ALA, and a member of Colle- giate Civitan, Young Republicans, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Sigma Kappa, SAEA, and Honor Society. KATHLEEN SCHENK Kathy has been a member and accompa- nist for both the FSU choir and the Colle- giate Singers and a member of the Luth- eran Student League. SHERRI STEWART A member of SAEA and the P E Club, Sherri was president of AWS, a member of Inter-Presidents ' Council, and Fresh- man and Sophomore Woman of the Year. LINDA YOUNG Linda was both secretary and treasurer of AWC and is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, and Spanish Club. Diorama Beauty and Her Court 205 rganizations r;a ' Alpha Beta Alpha All I Members pictured are: Judy Stott, Dianne Tharp, Sue Johnsey, Roberta Haraway, Marie Fenn, Betty Lazenby, Patsy Johnson, Donna Rush, Sharon Johnson, Myrtle Brown, Stella Kelly, Marsha Steverson, Sherry Bergin, Betty Ruth Goodwyn, Priscilla Comer, Drucilla Sharp, Cathy Wahl. ! Membe Humph Napps. merSp Alpha Epsilon is a chapter of Alpha Beta Al- pha, national undergraduate library science fra- ternity. Its purpose is to further professional know- ledge and to promote fellowship among its mem- bers. 208 " Alpha Chi Members pictured are: Carl W. Bailey, Norman Canerday, Claude Cochran, Arthur Dana, Dianne Haas, Marshall Humphries, James Hunter, Paula Hunter, Dale Kennedy, Hoyt Marbutt, Walter Metcalf, Larry Montgomery, Greg Napps, Henry Pasuer, Wanda Reynolds, Royce Rollins, Danny Scott, Charles Simon, Glenn Smith, Harold Sparks, Kel- mer Springer, Ted Stricklin, Gary Suttles, Lloyd C. Whitten, George White. Alpha Chi, an accounting club is open to students taking advanced accounting courses who have a scholastic average of " C " . The purpose of Alpha Chi is to promote the general welfare of the Depart- ment of Accounting, to acquaint accounting students with their duties and obligations, to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards, to make use of available resources, and to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. All members are associate members of the American Accounting Association. 209 American Chemical Society A Members pictured are: Frances Turner, Janice White, Gayle Fuqua, Terttu-Liisa Vahervuori, Athelia Woodall, Nancy Schoper, Denise Creasy, Melanie Dunkerson, Janice Thorn, Martha Sue Peters, Charles Wilson, Wendell Shannon, David McGee, Ray Sherer, Linda Rohling, BrendaDeLano, Ricky Hutchens, John Meeks, Larry Waddell, Dwight Friar, Robert Wilson, Danny Jeffreys, Don Vickery, Ed Barham, David Phillips, Gerald Hughes, William Miller, Charles Fred- erick, Phil Staggs, James Weems, Herman Smith, Drucilla Sharp, president; Marshall Bradford, vice-president; Mary Anderson, secretary-treasurer; Myra Mills, publicity chairman; Mr. C. F. Huff, sponsor. Membf Grant. Susan Dianne The objective of this chapter is to afford an opportunity for the students in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Florence State University to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimu- lation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in preparing and presenting tech- nical material before audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, and to instill a pro- fessional pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. 210 Alpha Sigma Lambda Nancy j Friar, sFred- Members pictured are: Gail Painter, President; Barbara Muse, Vice-president; Becky Gibson, Treasurer; Joanne Grant, Historian; Gloria Aday, Chaplain; Mrs. Schuesshler, Sponsor; Amelia Morris, Sandy Ray, Brenda Maxwell, Susan Leach, Jane Cox, Nancy Shannon, Susan Lee, Laura Johnson, Sandra Vaughn, Marsha Steverson, Shelia Fry, Dianne Debter, Janet Musick, Nancy Geise, Judy Amos, Susan Akins. Alpha Sigma Lambda is one of the newest girls ' organizations at Florence State University. It is a service league and membership is by invitation. The purpose of the club is to be of service on the cam- pus as well as in the community. Throughout the academic year Alpha Sigma Lambda performs a num- ber of individual service projects. For example, writing to servicemen in Vietnam, aiding underprivi- leged families, and helping with the Lay Diabetic Drive. In addition Alpha Sigma Lambda assists other campus organizations with their projects. 211 Association of Women Commuters Spald Denis Chain Members pictured are: Anne Harrison, Karla Bowlin, Becky Edwards, Patti Masterson, Judy Quiring, Barbara Smith, Peggy Mays, Brenda Mays, Judy Clement, Emily King, Nancy Geise, Charlotte Parks, Thresa Meurter, Camilla Bee- hard, Carol Spalding, Ann Rohling, Karen Davis, Diane Pollard, Rebecca Joiner, Carol Capshaw, Dot Perry, Margaret McClure, Freda Cocke, Hilda Richardson, Wanda Mitchel, Mary Allen, Denise Creasy, Jackie Graves, Becky Nicely, Jo Anne Weaver, Joan Scoggin, Sandra Givens, Linda Rohling, Nell Carpenter, Sharon Waley, Martha Caradonna, Suzanne Safford, Linda Young, Bettye Koonce, Brenda DeLano, Paula Murphy, Edith Burkhalter. Students who live at home and commute each day to the campus are a vi- tal, important segment of the college life at Florence State University. Every woman student at Florence State is a member of the Women ' s Student Govern- ment Association and every commuting woman is a member of the Association of Women Commuters. The group sponsors programs and activities designed to give commuting women closer ties with each other and with the campus. Some of these activities include fashion shows, bake sales, helping needy fam- ilies in the community, teas, and social service projects. Mrs. Tipton, AWC Sponsor 212 AWC OFFICERS: Barbara Smith, President; Carol Spalding, Treasurer; Freda Cocke, Social Chairman; Denise Creasy, Historian; Carol Capshaw, Publicity Chairman. Barbara Smith presiding over a monthly meeting. Refreshments are served after each meeting. 213 Association of Women Students I ( Members pictured are: Toby Adcock, Vivian Garrett, Elaine Harris, Pat Reeder, Diane Burnham, Mary E. Gregg, Linda Ledbetter, Barbara R. Smith, Becky Edwards, Darla Gentry, Bobby Van Wert, Loa Ballard, Cathy Hunnicutt, Charlotte Hall, Mickey Pennington, Barbara Muse, Shelia Fry, Amelia Morris, Nancy Shannon, Tereasa Stone, Sharon Bradford, Fran Vest, Darnall Richardson, Pat Albright. The Association of Women Students is the organization on campus for every woman student. It works for the advancement of intellectual, cultural, and social activities. A.W.S. is a self government, remaining autonomous and separate from all other organizations on campus. 214 Officers Social Committee Judiciary Council Convocation Committee 215 Florence State University Band Larry Andrews Drum Major The Florence State University Band is an organization which presents excellent opportunity for the instrumentalist to receive further maturing of his musical interests. The band, under the direction of Arthur Theil, is recognized for its pro- gressive precision drilling. Featured in many parades, the band plays for many on and off campus events. Among these are the Homecoming Parade, and various other playing and drilling activities. Spring finds the Symphonic Concert in full swing. A concert tour cli- maxes the band ' s musical year. Lionettes A precision drill team composed entirely of women students, the Lionettes perform at athletic and other college events. Color Guard Glenn Keith, James Fleenor, Billy McGriff, Ed Anderson, B. G. Staggs, Fred Roberts, Terry Gooch. 217 Majorettes Pretty, vivacious, high-stepping, and talented best describe the 1969 Florence State majorettes. Their pre- cisioned routines never fail to fascinate fans at football games both at home and away. These attractive misses are featured with the band at many on-and-off campus events. I v Ruth Ann Jones Charlotte Hughen Nancy Geise 218 Susie Hovater Head Majorette Jetta McCrory Georgia McCorkle Pam Hammond Susan Thrasher Bonnie Brooks 219 Baptist Student Union The B.S.U. attempts to meet the spiritual needs of Baptists and no preference stu- dents who comprise approximately half of the F.S.U. enrollment. This ministry is sup- ported by cooperating churches of the Southern Baptist Convention in Alabama. B.S.U. is . . COUNSELING students is only one of the many duties of the Baptist campus minister, the Rev. James C. Shelly, Jr. He directs a student-led program in $250,000 facility adjacent to the F.S.U. campus. MEDITATING in the prayer room in private devo- tions or with a prayermate. nfl w ; v fflak Ji ' ili r If SHARING one ' s faith on campus and throughout the world as summer mission- aries. HELPING a 6th grade student with a " new math " problem through the Apple- by tutoring program. % I WORSHIPPING with fellow-students at Monday Vespers or Thursday Lunch-Encounter programs. 220 PLANNING at weekly meeting was the Executive Council in- cluding Sharon Coffee, Allen El- kins, Billy Dollar, Annalee Butler, Janice White, Wayne Johnson, Jim Shelly, Roger Becks (presi- dent), Marilyn Steele, Pat Bulger, Patty Hunt, Mary Dodgen, Larry Smart, and Neil Carter. SINGING " Good News is the way of living . . . " in New Orleans. MAKING new friends from other lands DOING as well as BEING. 221 Beta Beta Beta Ca Members pictured are: Dr. Paul Yokley, Sponsor; Nalria Wisdom, Paula Spalding, Jess Edwards, Sandra Johnson, Mary Anderson, Tereasa Stone, Linda Nash, Martha Sue Peters, Sharon Lee, Nancy Schoper, Linda Quattrochi, Mar- la Malone, Athelia Woodall, Dwight Friar, Terry Dickson, William Dickson, Ronald Childers, Paula Spencer, Cindy Powell, Martha Finney, Shelia Voce. Member ion. Ron son. Joti Brewer. Beta Beta Beta is an honorary society for students of biological sciences. Its objectives are to promote superior scholarship and to encourage interest in and appreciation of the biological sciences. 222 Cadet Officers Corps Members pictured are: Roger Becks, Tony Castner, Terry Gooch, Glen Keith, Ben Fouts, Holt Hardin, Gregg Champ- ion, Ronald Bratcher, Terry Moore, Harold Walkup, John Carter, Marshall Humphries, Larry Andrews, Jerome John- son, John Bellis, William Tays, Richard Cobb, Richard Edmonds, Jack Bobo, Major Jerry Fincher, Advisor; Larry Brewer, Charles Kerr. The Cadet Officers Corps is a military fraternity with membership restricted to students in Advance ROTC. Their purpose is to promote unity among the entire ROTC Corps and foster worth-while student activities. Composed of juniors and seniors, the Cadet Officers Corps is one of the most active organizations at F.S.U. Each year they sponsor a float in the homecoming parade, the Red Cross Bloodmobile, ROTC open house, Roadblocks for the Cerebral Palsy and Cancer funds and their biggest single event; the Military Ball. Plans for the future include affiliation with the national honorary military fraternity, Scab- bard and Blade. Officers: Tony Castner, President; Roger Becks, Vice-President; Terry Gooch, Secretary; Glen Keith, Finance Officer; Ben Fouts, Sergeant at arms. 223 F.S.U. Cheerleaders Enthusiasm, school spirit, and untiring loyalty to Florence State University was shown this year by the peppy co-ed squad of cheerleaders who yelled loud and long, supporting the Lions on the football field and the basketball court. These eight energetic students spent many long hours in practice and participation, supporting school spirit through- out the campus. Becky Turner Mac Buttram 224 Judy Shepard Joe B. Pride ffCMi : m Pat Albright Henry Leatherwood Gloria Aday John Sutherland 225 Florence State University Choirs Concert Choir This year the Florence University choirs had a 300-voice membership. Of this membership, three choirs are represented the Concert Choir, the Women ' s Choral Ensemble, and the Collegiate Singers who are selected through audition. This year, the Concert Choir and the Women ' s Choral Ensemble were featured in a Christmas con- cert, and Spring concert. The Collegiate Singers performed a Winter concert and were also involved in the Annual Spring concert. In addition, the Col- legiate Singers represented the University in var- ious tours throughout the South. The choirs also presented a performance at the dedication ceremonies of the Lurleen B. Wal- lace Fine Arts Complex. 226 II f r i i I t | , | 4 1 ( I t f __ fr Th it ilim r Hi r 7nft4Ta _ HEMEm: Girls Choir Ml : kM ; ' li ; MM Collegiate Singers 227 Christian Student Fellowship : " " :. ' ji n nil II I Informal devotionals where students sing, pray, and talk about Christianity have proven to be very meaningful parts of the Student Center program. The Christian Student Fellowship is supported by Church- es of Christ and its number one goal is to restore New Testa- ment Christianity in the Twentieth Century. The number of acti- vities being carried on by the CSF has increased tremendously in the last two years. In the early fall a four night lectureship was held and attendance was very high each night. In Novem- ber a nationally known missionary doctor was brought to the campus and spoke in the Great Hall. Also in November tables were placed in two campus buildings where three hundred reli- gious surveys were taken. In December, thirty students at- tended the International Campus Evangelism Seminar in Dallas. At least four activities are conducted each week at the Student Center, and each one is designed to increase a student ' s ap- preciation for simple Christianity, as well as to teach college men and women how to share their faith with others on campus. W l IW%:A . Thirty sti Dallas.! pus Evar describtr Fred Dillon, who here directs a class discussion, is one of two men who works full time with partici- pants of the Christian Student Fellowship. Ellis Coats, who is not shown, works with the CSF as director of campus evangelism. 228 Officers Tom Jones, Marcia Estep, and Jerry Minor ex- amine copies of The Inside Story. Three hundred copies of these books were given free to F.S.U. students during two days of evangelistic work in Bibb Graves Hall and in the Student Union. Thirty students spent the last week of the holiday break in Dallas, Texas, where they attended the International Cam- pus Evangelism Seminar. These students look over a poster describing seminar activities. eCSfas Each Tuesday morning at the free hour an all- student devotion is conducted. Randy Bowl- ing, a ' 68 graduate of F.S.U., addresses stu- dents before leaving for a tour in the service. This service, as well as all others, is open to any individual interested in Christianity. The girls shown here are ad- dressing copies of Thrust, a new campus newspaper that the CSF began publishing this year. The paper was printed bi-monthly and was circulated to over 3000 students each time. 229 Circle K Club Members pictured are: Al Nebrig, Ronnie Mixon, Van Mitchell, Tim Rogers, Steve Cotney, Gary Childs, Mickey Vest, Lt. Governor; Craig Bannecke, Joe B. Pride, Vice-President; Neil Carter, Gloria Aday, Sweetheart; Hank Morgan, Jerry Frazier, Gregg Champion, Terry Moore, Butch Osterheld, Leonard Collier, Charles Caradonna, Bob Wilson, Keith Murner, Jim Smith, Bo Danets, Steve Elkins, Ron Wright, Dom Marchetto, Eddie Hall, George James, Tommy McNut, Chuck Adams, President; Greg Napps, Charles Ritch, Charles Inman, Art Wikles, Jimmy McMillin, Larry Wad- dell, Charles Frederick. The Circle K Club, the largest university organization in existence, is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service and character building organization. The local Chapter was organized in April of 1958. The club empha- sizes service to the school and community, and as in Kiwanis, the Circle K motto is " We Build " . Membership in the Circle K is limited according to the enrollment of the school for the purpose of effectiveness in service. Circle K ' s purposes and objectives are the emphasis of the advantages of the American and Canadian way of life, to provide opportunity for leadership training, to serve the campus and community, to encourage partici- pation in group activities, to promote good fellowship, high scholarship and afford useful training in the social graces and personality development. The theme " Determine Tomorrow Today " was selected by Circle K International as the main idea for clubs to strive toward during the 1968-69 school year. 230 Our beautiful float that didn ' t win. :: I W Officers: Charlie Ritch, secre- tary; Chuck Adams, president; Joe B. Pride, vice-president; Gregg Champion, treasurer. 231 Canterbury Club Cc n Members pictured are: Linda DeBolt, president; Chris Cabanis, vice-president; Elaine Reed, secretary; Dorothy Tar- box, Janis Shetlon, Barbara Dovey, Johnny Tompkins, Dr. Edward Mullen. lores Cc anneLai rison.O The Canterbury Club is an organization for Episcopalians and other interested stu- dents. Meetings are held weekly for social, ed- ucational and spiritual fellowship. 5: Q a: I I 232 Collegiate Civinettes Members pictured are: Bunny Nagle, President; Debbie Colwell Minor, Vice-president; Judy Jordan, Secretary; De- lores Cook, Treasurer; Judy Miller, Chaplain; Mrs. Leatrice Timmons, Faculty Sponsor; Judy Coggin, Kathy Simpson, Condra Perkins, Dorothy Tarbox, Melinda DeFreeze, Sue Ellen Cater, Johnnie MaeCallahan, Jetta McCrory, Ros- anne Lancaster, Ellen Beadle, Elaine Thompson, Judy Dummier, Glenda Hogan, Kay Fikes, Rita Rienhart, Peggy Har- rison, Charlotte Hall. The Collegiate Civinette Club of Florence State University is primarily a service organization. Some of the club ' s projects during the school year include: helping the Collegiate Civitans with the Christmas party for underprivileged children, building the Queen ' s float in the 1968 Homecoming Pa- rade, helping with the Bloodmobile, and restoring the War Memorial. Our club welcomes any girl who is interested in serving our campus and helping others. Our club was the first Civinette Club chartered in Alabama. Mr. Civinette for 19681969 is John Tumlinson. 233 Collegiate Civitan Club Members pictured are: Roger Minor, President; Bill Bragwell, Vice-president; Niles Corter, Secretary; Don Vickery, Treasurer; Garlord Bailey, Reporter; Rickey Craft, Board of Directors; Reba Bryan, Sweetheart. Florence State ' s Collegiate Civitan is a service organization which attempts to accomplish the ob- jectives of Civitan Builders: good citizenship in rendering altruistic service and helping to build a better community. The club promotes good fellowship and high scholarship, serves on the campus as well as in the community, provides opportunities for leadership training through service and encourages the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. 234 The 1968-69 DIORAMA Executive Staff Ron Wright Editor-in-Chief Gordon Maynard Business Manager 235 Kirby McCraney, Features Editor Becky Kennedy, Classes Editor 1 f 9 ' A r J i Carol Spalding, Barbara Smith Campus Life Martha Caradonna, Faculty Editor Mike Hambrick, Faculty Paula Murphy, Faculty Sandra Givens, Typist 236 Cathy Wahl, Organization Editor Norma Swafford Assistant to Editor Buddy Baltimore Sports Editor Lynn Isom, Organizations James Hester Photographer Mac Brown, Chief Photographer Nalria Wisdom, Features Brenda DeLano, Senior Editor 237 English Club F Members pictured are: Kathy Phillips, Mary Horsley, Brenda Lipscomb, Nelda Hicks, Becky Barclay, Donna Epper- son, Linda Conner, Susan Hatfield, Priscilla Comer, Gayle Anthony, Linda Kirby, BillieFaye Dollar, Ben Stevens, belizabeth Alexander, Frances Roberts, Darnell Richardson, Randi Irwin, Judy Berryman, Karen Acree, Suzanne Sai ford, Rebecca Nicely, Paula Aston, Linda Rector, Judy Dummier, Tony Castner, Duke Deluco, Robert E. Crump, Da- vid Chism, Glenda Cain, Tom Struzick, Judy Mathias, Mr. Rosenbaum. Since its organization, the English Club of F.S.U. has continued to uphold the ideals in its constitu- tion. These ideals are to promote the mastery of written expression, encourage worthwhile reading, and foster a spirit of fellowship among men and women specializing in English. At each monthly meeting a program is presented by a faculty member or some other person. Of special note is the club ' s annual publication of Lights and Shadows, an anthology of student literary works. Sponsor for the club is Dr. Stanley Rosenbaum. Serving as officers for the 1968-69 school year are: Glenda Cain, President; Judy Mathias, Vice-President; Tom Struzick, Secretary-Treasurer; and Linda Rector, Publicity Chairman. Larry Si Chrtstop Souttieri 3cs3 -: 238 " F " Club Members pictured are: Larry Marshall, President; Jim Grant, Vice-president; Robert O ' Kelly, Secretary-Treasurer; Larry Smart, Joe Bailey Pride, Carl McCulley, Billy Joe Johnson, Phil Logan, Benny Burns, Ronnie Williamson, Ben Christopher, Ed Franks, Ray demons, Bob Elrod, Don Richards, Ganum Smith, Johnny McGee, David Hogan, John Southerland, Dan Daughtery, Tommy demons, Rickey Lindsey, Henry Leatherwood, Palmer Byrd, Tim Norris, Max Bobo, Howard Byors, Allen Elkins, Billy Jackson, Roger Mathis, Mac Buttram, Dale Hancock, Gary Counts. The " F " Club is an honorary organization for the promotion of intercollegiate athletes and sportsmanship in the student body. Mem- bership is restricted to students earning var- sity letters. 239 The Flor-Ala Tom Struzick Editor Johnny Tompkins Circulation Manager Tony Castner Associate Editor 240 Richard Sutphen Staff Writer Leonard Brockman Assistant Business Manager Bill Riley Business Manager Brenda Maxwell Feature Editor Kirby McCraney Staff Writer Jim Hester Staff Photographer 241 Inter-Presidents ' Council Office reset 1 Members Pictured Are: Roger Becks, Barbara Smith, Tony Castner, Pat Grinstead, Chuck Adams, Mickey Pennington, Tim Jacobs, Cathryn Alexander, Gail Painter, Harry Wallace, Elaine Harris, Charles Ritch, Linda Ledbetter, Ron Wright, Bunny Nagle, Jess Edwards, Fran Vest, Tom Jones, Buddy Baltimore, Pat Berry, Drucilla Sharp, Tommy McNeill, Theresa Mauter, Paula Spalding, Mac Buttram, Judy Stott, Jane Montgomery, Barbara Muse, Billy Bragwell, Barbara Hill, Doyle Coats, Walter Metcalf. The Inter-Presidents ' Council consists of the Presidents of all theclubs and organizations on cam- pus. Its main purpose is to promote coordination among the organizational activities and to develop ef- fective student leadership within each campus organization. The Council sponsors a yearly Recognition Day, when outstanding members of all clubs are honored. In August the Council heads an annual Leadership Retreat where campus leaders meet to discuss school activities and problems before the fall term begins. 242 Off icers: Ron Wright, vice-president; Chuck Adams, president ; Barbara Smith, secretary-treasurer; Tony Castner, reporter. Administration answers questions at the annual Leadership Retreat. 243 American Home Economics Association 11 n f 1 M w 1 i Members Pictured Are: Mrs. Rasch, Sponsor; Linda Ledbetter, President; Nancy Collins, Vice-President; Sue Mc- Caleb, Secretary; Jimmy Dollar, Treasurer; Deborah Cooper, Reporter; Margie Aldridge, Glenda Baccus, Merita Bruce, Janice Davis, Shirley Haddock, Anita Henry, Mary Higginbatham, Ruth Huckaba, Donna Hudgins, Wanda Humphries, Linda Jackson, Barbara Johnson, Billie Lawler, Donna Lawerence, Linda Marbut, Theresa Laulter, Joyce Morgan, Mary O ' Connor, Freda Olive, Wanda Phillips, Barbara Powell, Beverly Rogers, Wanda Sartain, Jane Stanford, Sharon Thompson, Brenda Wiginton, Judy Williams, Bonnie Wingo. The Florence State University Chapter of the Alabama Home Economics Association was organized to develop genuine interest and teamwork among its members, to encourage each member to contribute to her family as well as her community and nation, and to provide creative arts and activities for better home living. The club provides its members with opportunities to accept responsibility, to become good followers as well as good leaders, to help them know themselves in relationship to their group, work, and recreation, and to promote friendships. Members participate in numerous activities such as the fresh man tea, Homecoming, state and national conventions, bloodmobile drives, and the Christmas party for the underprivileged children. 1 Veiled Geiyer.Jan Rebecca Ti too, Mrs. Li 244 tion Kappa Delta Pi ii hllfc Members Pictured Are: Cathryn Alexander, Edna Aune, Sherry Bergin, Joyce Barnes, Janet Daniels, Imogine Davis, Judith Elkins, Linda Faiss, Larry Gautney, Nelda Hicks, Barbara Hutto, Sandra Johnson, Sharon Jowers, Martha Mc- Geiyer.Janie Montgomery, Betty Morris, ZehrenMullican, Bobbie Pace, Cindy Powell, Joyce Renwick, Shirley Russell, Rebecca Townsend, Linda Young, Faye Wells, Wyatt Howell, Randi Erwin, Gail Painter, Linda Schultz, Cecilia Thorn- ton, Mrs. Lynch, Violet Hickman, Dr. Jack Crocker, E. B. Norton, Dr. Brooks, Curtis Ikard. The Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national scholarship frater- nity, honors students of the Junior and Senior classes who have demon- strated sound scholarship and who intend to become teachers. The pur- pose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. 245 Kappa Mu Epsilon Ka fc Garett, T Shirley f- Humphn The Alabama Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a professional mathematics fraternity established in 1935, recognizes honor students in mathematics and provides professional stimulation to its members. 246 Kappa Omicron Phi II n Members Pictured Are: Pat Grinstead, President; Linda Jackson, Vice-President; Barbara Johnson, Secretary; Vivian Garett, Treasurer; Merita Bruce, Distaff Reporter; Connie Wilcoxson, Guard; Jonel Daniel, Founder ' s Day Chairman; Shirley Harding, Keeperof Archieves; Freda Olive, Mrs. Mcllrath, Vicky Keys, Linda Hester, Donna Hudgins, Wanda Humphries, Pat Jenkins, Mrs. Florine Rasch, Faculty; Mrs. Mary W. Huff, Sponsor. The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Omicron Phi was installed at Florence State University in 1962. The organization is a national, honorary Home Economics society. It is open to Home Economics majors and minors who have an above average standing in all school subjects and at least a " B " average in Home Economics. They must have completed eight semester hours in Home Economic courses, with sophomore standing, to be eligible for membership. Jimmie Nell Dollar, Amelia Morris and Judy Williams. Amelia instructs new pledges J i m m i e Nell and Judy about special duties for initia- tion into full membership. 247 Kappa Pi Lut , Members Pictured Are: Martha Hester, Mrs.Myrt Ward, Vance Wesson, Ronnie Hayes, Lila Cockron, Joyce Renwick, Tim Stevens, Ron Wright, Martha Caradonna, Claudia Evens, Ken Meridith, Jim Hester, Regina Hill, Paula Austors. The Delta Mu chapter of Kappa Pi was founded at Florence State University in 1965, and has since then dedicated itself to the purpose of the international organization. Kappa Pi is the largest fraternity for art majors and minors existing in the United States, now with International scope. The honorary frater nity aids student artists, supports interest in all art forms, and encourages the gen- eral public to become better educated to the field of art. Delta Mu sponsors art shows each semester and is always ready to help stu- ents. New Members Are: Kirby Mc- Craney, Linda Cherry, Tom Roberts, Henry Christeson, Terry Counselman, Martha Robertson, Lynn Patton. Membe Rev. Jo 248 Lutheran Student League Members Pictured Are: Mrs. Barbara Hill, Doug Trimble, Glenn Thornton, Bob Benson, Wayne Duke, Mary Morgan, Rev. Joel N. Kettner, Arthue Theil, Rev. B. D. Whitener, Kathy Schenck, Terttu Vahervuori. A The Lutheran Student League is composed of Lutheran students at Flor- ence State University. The League endeavors to conserve and develop Chris- tian faith and encourage Christian action among college students through a program based on Christian knowledge and service. Its special emphasis this year has been to increase local and inter-campus fellowship among those of the Lutheran faith. 249 Music Educators Club Ne Members Pictured Are: Howard Beckner, President; Patsy Lewis, Vice-President; Donna Trousdale, Secretary-Trea- surer; Mary Dodgen, Donna Bass, Marilyn Cagle, Brenda Carpenter, Victor Gray, KathySchenck, Judy Clement, Elea- nor Foote, James Williams, John Bradley, Carol Reaves, William Timmons, Larry Guilliouma, Larry Smith, Mr. Walter Urben, Sponsor. Music Educators Club, affiliated with the Music Educators National Conference, is comprised of members in the field of music education. Students join this organization in an effort to further their con- tacts with their fellow music education students in an informal setting and to receive the benefits of the lectures and various programs sponsored by the club. Members also receive monthly issues of the Music Educators Journal, a publication of the Music Educators National Conference. The fall 1968 roster of MENC includes 21 members. The opening programs for this year ' s activities were a recital and a lecture by our faculty sponsor, Walter Urben. Jim Ace feCi Phyllis! Stump? 250 Newman Club Members Pictured Are: Therese Mauter, President; Dan Britton, Vice-President; Ellen Beadle, Secretary-Treasurer; Jim Accardi, Publicity Chairman; Helen Matthews, Sponsor, Mr. Raphael Salasek, O.S.B., Chaplain; Bill Britton, Mar- tha Caradonna, Leonard Collier, Duke Deluca, Mary Beth Eck, John Harkins, Bill Joly, Fred Joly, Anna Leckenby, Phyllis Miller, Bunny Nagle, Ann Rohling, Donnie Rohling, Linda Rohling, Suzanne Safford, Carl Stumpe, Richard Stumpe. The Newman Club was organized to foster students ' spiritual, intellectual, and social needs. The weekly meetings are open to both Catholic and other inter- ested students. 251 Rehearsal Club Tiger at the Gate byJean Giraudoux The Rehearsal Club is open to all students who are interested in any phase of dramatics. The group pre sents several plays each year, and the casts are chosen from the Rehearsal Club. Rehearsal Club staff, looking forward to the opening of the new Fine Arts Center, are: Gladys Shepard, Director; Robert Holder, Assistant Director; Jim Davis, Technical Director; Will Stutts, President; Glenda Cain, Vice-President; Susan Akins, Secretary-Treasurer. 252 . 253 Physical Education Club Sig i Members Pictured Are: Bill Carpenter, Patty Kunkle, Virginia Townson, Betty Byrd, Diana Wilson, Susie Denson, Kay Landers, Sue Edwards, Kay Parker, Mattie Bishop, Barbara Turner, Barbara Smith, Leslie Gibbons, Sissy Sorrelle, Sherry Adcock, Kay Fowler, Jo Ann Thomas, Kay Moor, Nancy Grissom, Jerry Davis, Tim Jacobs, Alice Stanphill, Don Fowler, Roger Moore, Teddy Reed, Wayne Shelton, Mickey Marks. Osca- 1 Chynowf Harry Wi In .: The Physical Education Club in association with state and national or- ganizations is designed to promote professional interest and growth. The club is open to all majors in health, education, and recreation. 254 Sigma Sigma Kappa i Members Pictured Are: Dr. Bernarr Cresap, Faculty member; Brenda Lipscomb, Mary Sue Glasgow, Barbara Smith, Oscar Stephenson Jr., Bobby Flanagan, David Chism, Tom Judd, Donn Davis, Anna Leckenly, Betty Heupel, Linda Chynoweth, Edna Reeves, Elaine Carter, Kay Anderson, Glen Whitley, Phillip J. Wadsworth, Tom Copeland. Officers: Harry Wallace, Vice-President; Judy Foster, Publicity Chairman; Jim Berry, President; Virginia Townsond, Secre- tary; Johnny Thompkins, Treasurer. Sigma Sigma Kappa is a social science club open to all majors and minors in the social science field. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in the social sciences beyond the opportunities provided for in ordi- nary academic courses and to associate ourselves together for the purpose of studying and discussing those events and issues which are happening within and without our national borders. 255 Sigma Tau Delta Sig Members Pictured Are: Tony Castner, Karla Bowlin, Nelda Hicks, Glenda Cain, Brenda Maxwell, Becky Barclay, Nancy Long, Carol Reeves, Elaine Carter, Linda Young, David Chism, Mr. Stricklin. The Student Alabama Education Associa- tion is an organization affiliated with the Ala- bama Education Association. It is designed to promote interest in the teaching profession and is open to all who plan to teach. New Members Are: Tim Norris, Cindy French, Karen Stutts, Carroll Olive, Linda Schultz, Gail Painter, Virginia Gioillo, Patricia Franklin. Wanda F der, Bett Johnson Ronnie l- tha G. H Stricklin Low Met 256 Sigma Tau Pi Members Pictured Are: Doyle Coates, President; Barbara Smith, Vice-President; Martha McCorkle, Secretary; Wanda Reynolds, Treasurer; Barbara Marston, Reporter; Judy Amos, Judy Dummier, Jackie Graves, Polly Alexan- der, Betty Cotton, Terry Moore, Camilla Bechard, Debra Haney, Karen Acree, Paula Johnson, Hilda Lacey, Phyllis Johnson, Doris Bishop, Elaine Johnson, Pam McKenzie, Pat Berry, Carolyn Dewberry, M. J. Aday, Jr., Donnie White, Ronnie Haas, Dianne Haas, Ray Atkinson, Larry Kimbrough, Johnny Newman, Patti Masterson, Terry Howard, Mar- tha G. Howard, Nancy Shannon, John Harding, Al Quinn, Phil Wigington, Charles Bell, Sidney R. Styles, Ted A. Stricklin, Charles Gray, Wayne Short, Garland Ryan, Becky Barr, Dean Wright, Martha Belew, Henry Paseur, Linda Low McWilliams, Linda Thomas, Walter Pilgrim, Jim Humphres. Sigma Tau Pi is open to all Business majors and minors. The purpose of this club is to acquaint business students with their future duties and obliga- tions; to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards; and to make use of available re- sources, and to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. 257 Society of Pershing Rifles StL il Members Pictured Are: Joe Lacic, Talton Jones, Mark Sanders, Barney Beyersdorf, Jim Eason, Bill Tucker, Evan Rodgers, Jimmy Shaw, Willie Clos, John Wagner, Jeff Newton, Donald White, Mack Sanders, Ronny Mixon, Carl Syslo, Arlan White, John Eaker, Ray Sherer, Jimmie Abernathy, Glenn E. Keith, James M. Fleenor, Jim Henderson, Mickey Statom, Gary Pitts, Lendy Brookings, Sidney Johnson, Terry Gooch, Jim Boyd, John Baker, K. E. Summerall, Mickey Clark, Steve Wiggins, Tom- my Allison, Dominick W. Marchitto, President; Captain K. F. Jodin, Advisor. The Pershing Rifles is a military fraternity dedicated to the service of the institution as well as the development of the individual members. The purpose of the organization is to encourage, preserve and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to promote American Citizen- ship, and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military and academic ability among the members of the ROTC. The Pershing Rifles participate in several drill meets each year. They also participate in several parades during the year. Membership in the Pershing Rifles is open to basic cadets in ROTC. Mr. John Mickey ? Jones. D Turner. L Tompkinj Toby Adcock, Sweetheart 258 Student Alabama Education Association ! Mr. John Finley, Dr. Stanley Beans, Sponsors. Members Pictured Are: Dorothy Tarbox, Barbara Nagle, Sue Johnsey, Mickey Pennington, Margaret Phillips, Charlene Barnes, Elaine Harris, Doris Bishop, Judy Wiseman, Zehron Mul- lican, Darla Gentry, Kay Newman, Violet Hickman, Sarah Dunlap, Nancy Long, Rosemary McCreary, Judy Stott, Bill Jones, Delores Bacak, Athelia Woodall, Maria Malone, Janice Woodall, Joyce Maples, Francis Turner, Barbara Turner, Linda Walker, Mary Jane Cranford, Wanda Grissom, Judy Dummier, Linda Rector, Janice Maples, Johnny Tompkins. Sigma Tau Delta is a national fraternity which recognizes English majors and minors of junior and senior standing who have maintained a 2.00 average in English. etfieart 259 Student Government Association Members Pictured Are: Pat Fisher, Carol Spalding, James Couch, Linda Evans, Cindy Powell, Linda Jackson, Bar- bara Muse, Pat Cooley, Judy Whalen, Roberta Harraway, Wendell Shannon, Mike Adams, Bill Riley, Mac Buttram, Pat Bulger, Linda Kirby, Judy Mathias, Pat Albright, Sandy Bulger, Keith Murner, Becky Edwards, Barbara Smith, Karla Bowlin, Joan Scoggin. r The Student Government Association is designed to serve the entire student body of Florence State University. The SGA is composed of all students enrolled at Florence State, and its purpose is to interpret the wishes of all parts of the student body. The executive body of the Association is the Student Council whose members are the executive officers: Mac Buttram, President; Pat Bulger, Vice-Presi- dent; Linda Kirby, Secretary; and Judy Mathias, Treasurer; the Advisor, Dr. W. T. McElheny; and repre- sentatives from the respective residence halls, classes and the Day Student organization. The Student Government Association sponsors the Homecoming Queen election, the Cheerleader election, and the secondhand book exchange. The SGA is a dedicated organization acting to extend and protect the rights of the students at Florence State and to improve education at Florence State. 260 on 3 r- 3 a % 261 El Citcuto Espanol Usl t Members Pictured Are: Steve Whitman, Rebecca Nicely, Bubbles Brazelton, Vicki Hanson, Jackie Noles, Dwight Friar, Emily King, Ginner Weatherby, Suzanne Safford, Karen Stults, James Creary, Steve Chenault, Chuck Roberts, Martha Sue Peters, Lenita Sterry, Janelle Phillips, Rayford Stephenson, Linda Diaz, Marie Miller, Anna Leckenby, Barbara Long, Paul Jones. El Citcuto Espanol, the Spanish Club, is an organization to help the Spanish student relate his life and language to those of Spanish speak- ing peoples. Spanish is spoken at each meeting and whenever possible. Spanish speaking guests are invited. All Spanish students are invited to join. 262 Usher Club I Members Pictured Are: John Bellis, Steve Murphy, Dan Person, Mark White, Vincent Van Pelt, JacK Van Pelt, Mickey Melton, Tom Monroe, James Couch, George Richeson, Raymond Rhodes, Glen Terry, Will Stutts, Wesley Cox, Harry Miller, Mickey Vest, Ron Wright. Members of the Ushers Club with Uday Shankar and the Hindu Dancers. The Ushers ' Club, organized for service, functions for convocations of F. S. U., the Muscle Shoals Concert Association, and for other performances by request. Composed of interested students, the club is sponsored by Mr. J. N.Winn. 263 Student Union Board Members Pictured Are: Tommy McNeill, President; Chuck Adams, Vice-President; Amelia Morris, Secretary- Treasurer; Robert A. Shearer, Sponsor; Jerry Lovett, Sponsor; Patti Kunkle, Joanne Grant, Jimmy McMillin, San- dra Vaughn, Patti Masterson, Judy Quiring, Judy Gwathney, Janie Poole, Sandy Ray, Martha Caradonna, Dianne Debter, Sandie Christison, Martha McCorkle, Linda Lee, Rickey Rushing, Janet Musick, Nancy Shannon, Kaye Martin, Linda Diaz, Teresa Hopper, Charles Ray Ritch, Elizabeth Alexander, Rugener Hill, Barbara Muse, Greg Champion, Phyllis Boyd, Margo Leech, Brenda Marwell, Debby Worsham, Pat Bulger. The Student Union Board is given the responsibility for sponsoring a well rounded program of activities of interest to all students. They sponsor con- certs, movies, dances, art shows and game tournaments, as well as maintain- ing the Student Union Building. Among the stage entertainment this year, the Student Union Board pre- sented The Rocking Rebellions, Ribbon of Blue, Union Gap, Tames, Platters, and Glenn Yarborough. 264 The Union Gap The Tarns 265 The Wildlife Conservation Club i Troy Sui Nalria W. Members Pictured Are: John C. Cobb, Fred Joly, Gerald Hughes, Bill Evans, Carl Montgomery, Martha Finney, Rich- ard W. Gurley, William White, Dino Blackwelder, Bob Warden, Roger Rolling, Roger Moore, Waymon Stokes, David Wardlaw, Tony Jenkins, Bill Hamilton, Jane Emerson, Howard Emerson, Nalria Wisdom, Ronnie Wilson, Ray Nelson, Charles Lowe, Millie Monceret, A. L. Hershey, Sponsor. The Conservation Club was organized in 1954 to further interest in conservation of wildlife and other natural resources and to promote the principles of good sportsmanship. The club is affiliated with the National Wildlife Federation and the Alabama Wildlife Federation and is repre- sented at the annual meeting of the AWF. The club ' s purpose is carried out by presenting leading conservationists and biologists at the monthly meetings. Each year animal shows which contain many varieties of mammals and reptiles are presented to the schools in the Muscle Shoals area as part of the club ' s educational program to inform students of the habitats of these animals and their importance to the balance of nature. The Conservation Club is open to all students who are inter- ested in conservation and the out-of-doors. 266 b Officers: Charles Lowe, President; Ray Nelson, Vice-President; Troy Sumner, Treasurer; Jack Bobo, Chairman of Shows; Nalria Wisdom, Secretary. Playing games at our annual banquet. 267 Wesley Foundation i The Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the Methodist Church to Flor- ence State University. The Foundation has now become a united ministry with that of the Disciples of Christ of the First Christian Church. Under the direction of our minister and two faculty members, the Wesley Foundation as a church on campus, offers opportunities for worship, religious education, counseling, fellowship, and service to all students and faculty. The Wesley Foundation, as a church in the midst of an academic com- munity, strives to be relevant in its ministry through understanding and concern. 268 i flj m 269 Westminster Fellowship I Members Pictured Are: Buddy Baltimore, Jane Patterson, Nalria Wisdom, Billy Bragwell, Edythe Oleham, Dorothy Tarbox, Danny Barton, Shirley Masters, Martha Kirby, Geraline Kirby, Karen Smith, Hubert Powell, Wayne Beaver, Mr. Huff, Jo Ann Johnson, Donnie Watt, Rosanne Lanvaster. The Westminster Fellowship was organized in 1957 to provide opportunities for fellowship among Presbyterian students and to further knowledge of the church. Last year Westminster Fellowship acquired a house where meetings are being held. The Fellowship also sponsors a Sunday morning class for college students. Billy am puzzles. Officers: Buddy Baltimore, President; Jane Patterson, Vice-President; Joanne Johnson, Secretary; Roseanne Lancaster, Treasurer; Fulton Huff, Sponsor. 270 _ Singing provides a form of relaxation for club members. Billy and Rosanne stimulate interest with their puzzles. Relaxation is provided in the new sitting room. 271 Young Democrats Club Members Pictured Are: Howard Cloys, Jennifer Bridges, Herman Smith, Regina Hill, Harry Wallace, Mr. George H. DeBoer. I The Young Democrats club of Florence State University has as its pur- poses: to stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs, to increase the efficiency of popular government, to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, to recruit new members for the Democratic candidates, to help acquaint voters with the issues and the candidates, and to provide for our people through its administration the highest degree of justice, social welfare, and happiness. 272 11 The wildest cooler on campus. Ultra-brite gives your mouth . . .sex appeal! The Detective Due to the lack of interest, tomorrow will be postponed. Sign up and you get a free trip to the Orient! ' What ' s the Trace? " 273 ports , ' ;., ' = are m M r n ' ' 81 4 " Pi .1 iCmV7 1 p pife ' 3 HI ) -w- 1 1 % I fl 1 B ' I flL i r Bffif S i SHE Q ljfc , , . t ... ' i r f . The Florence State Lions L. Thomas, C. McCully, G. Smith, J. Thompson, B. Burns, R. Brewer, T. Pounders, R. Webster, J. Pride, G. Stovall, R. Lindsey, T. Howell, R. Butler, B. Johnson, R. Clemons, J. Grant, T. Luv, D. Richardson, R. O ' Kelley, M. Williamson, G. Staples, P. Logan, E. Franks, L. Baker, D. Daugherty, M. Bobo, L. Marshall, J. Gamble, R. Williamson, T. Clemmons, P. Byrd, B. Crittendon, R. Soma, S. Thompson, G. Counts, H. McClain, D. Hogan, B. Elrod, B. Jackson, T. Norris, T. Warhurst, D. Handcock, S. Box, B. Northam, R. Mathis, J. McGee, D. Holderfield, W. Owens, H. Byars, A. Elkins. FSU Coac hing Staff Coaches: Self, Mock, Hill, Elmore, Weeks. 276 II II M Jim Grant, Halfback Bobby Joe Pride, Wingback Dale Hancock, End Carl McCulley, Halfback 277 Leonard Thomas, Halfback Tim Norris, Quarterback 278 I Benny Northam, Center I ' Ed Franks, Tackle Dan Daugherty, Guard Tommy Howell, Tackle 279 Jerry Thompson, Fullback Johnny McGee, Tackle Randy Butler Billy Joe Johnson, Guard 280 David Hogan, Guard Gary Counts, Guard jrd Billy Jackson, Tackle Bob Elrod, End 281 1. WJI mmammmn Rickey Lindsey, Wingback Don Lee Richards, Lineback 282 Ray demons Defensive Back Ronnie Williamson Wingback . Tommy demons, Lineback Ut Howard Byars, Fullback Max Bobo, Tackle Palmer Byrd, Linebacker 283 Ganum Smith Halfback Benny Burns Wingback 284 Jody Gamble, End Robert O ' Kelley, End Larry Marshall, Tackle Dennis Holderfield End 285 The 1968 season for Flor- ence State University began in mid-August. Taking to the practice field there were many questions to be asked of the Lions. A key had to be found to mold the ' 68 edition of the Lions into a winner. State College of Conway, Arkansas was the first oppo- nent of ' 68 for Leo. A nervous defense gave the invaders two early touchdowns and it ap- peared the game might turn into a rout, but the Lions re- fused to quit and roared back in the second half only to have two efforts at two point PAT ' s fall short. The defense was magnificent in the second half, but the offense could not make the big play. Leo fell in the ' 68 opener 14-12. The year ' s second game was against the Delta State Statesmen, and the Lions possessed neither the big play nor the strong defense to halt Delta. The powerful Statesmen claimed a hard fought victory, and the Lion ' s record fell to 0-2. Moving into Livingston State ' s home field for game number three, the Lions saw an early 10-0 lead crumble as they were beaten 27-23. It was the first Lion loss to the Tigers since 1958. Clinton, Mississippi was the scene of the inevi- table. Everything fell into place for the frustrated Lions as they blasted the hapless Chocs of Missis- sippi College 35-14 for their first win of the year. The explosive Lions rolled up 471 yards total offence in route to the biggest victory margin in the history of the series. Next the Lions returned for Homecoming against Henderson State. Half time saw the Lions leading 3-0 and 6500 fans were delighted. The second half belonged to the Reddies as the Lion lead dissolved, and the only victory the Lions could claim was in the brawl that broke out 37 seconds from the end of the game. Sim Byrd and Troy State came to town next and blitzed FSU, 41-0. Byrd built up a 26-0 half time lead and the Red Wave added insult to injury by a safety in the waning seconds of the game. Troy State was the low point of the 1968 season, and the making of men for the Lions. Samford University came to Florence riding a five game winning streak and would have done better to have stayed in Birmingham. FSU moved with great ease as they manhandled the Bulldogs. An offensive output of 403 yards and 36 points brought the " new " Lions win number two of 1968. V " .1. ( Louisiana College was the next victim of the rampag- ing Lions. The fierce Lion charge put the game out of reach in the first half and held the visitors in check the sec- ond half for a 37-0 victory, and win number three of 1968. Pro scouts came to Florence the next week to watch two UTMB Vols help rout the Lions. The only problem of the afternoon was the rout went against the Vols. UTMB spent the afternoon chasing Leo and company, but to no avail as FSU claimed victory number four by a 36-17 count. Sweet revenge! Jax State was routed 38-10! A fero- cious de f ense, an explosive offense, and the frustration of not havint, beaten the Gamecocks since 1961 was all FSU needed to r.p Jax State to pieces. The Jax win gave the Lions a 5-5 season. The doubts of September were gone by seasons end; and the students, alumni, and the " new " Lions were look- ing forward to 1969! 289 LION BASKETBALL Row 1: R. Carpenter, B. Stanphill, R. Stapler, L. Smith, B. Rockhill, B. Tate. Row 2: Coach Billingham, N. Compton, B. Hale, B. Billingham, W. Rowell. Row 3: L. Edmonds, R. Jones, D. Faint, T. Ledbetter, C. Ruth, R. Herbert, M. Linville. E. Smith, manager. Coach Billingham Ed Smith, Manager k! Raymond Herbert Benny Hale SGlflBBnB W m wm j r a i fe,JA p r i A Bflf 4 HHuH fira f V mP X _ " TlffiflfffiPr 1 Br m B 291 H Larry Smith Royal Carpenter Butch Stanphill 292 I William Rowel Mike Linville Tommy Ledbetter 293 f M Bobby Tate Don Faint Ricky Jones 294 295 P5sr - H Am 1 . !ra A Lowell Edmonds Ronnie Stapler ft !: 2: T. H: Cecil Ruth 296 LION RIFLE TEAM Tr vs Row 1: H. Lacey, J. Doss, J. Upton, E. Hester. Row 2: J. Eason, Wentrekin, V. Kershaw, T. Monceret, D. Pounders. Row 2: T. Hill, B. Blasingame, Rich Hern. 297 Ill Lion Baseball jfi Row 1:1. Johnston, T.Jenkins, K. Mesa, J. Gilbert, R. Gurley, T.Jacobs. Row 2: B. Hamilton, L.Vaughn, R. Carpenter, R. Lindsey, R. Akers. Row 3: R. Nelson, L. Helton, B. Tate, J. Davis, J. Franks, G. Steadman, Coach Weeks. Coach Weeks 298 nuaasmasMXX! Rickey Lindsey Larry Helton : : .? ' Jerry Davis Tim Jacobs - -; Gary Steadman Jimmy Franks 299 Bill Hamilton Bobby Tate Joe Gilbert Richard Gurley Ray Nelson Ken Mesa 300 Tommy Johnston Royal Carpenter Roger Akers Louis Vaughn 301 Lion Golfers J. Stockhard, G. Burns, D. Friar, G. Plott, D. Bates, J. McNutt, and Mr. Sloan. 302 I I 303 Lion Tennis James Cantrell Ronnie Burleson Barry Curtis 304 HI Don Phillips Joe Carpenter Larry Brewer Bruce Edwards 30 Mk p " Susie, I hate to mention this, but where ' s the band. Martin baby does his thing! Golly, I bet I never try to walk on water again! " Is that so. Well, I heard it this way. " " You ' re going the wrong way, you idiot! " 306 . Funny I can ' t see myself in the dishes. " How would you like to be Diorama Beauty? ' I think I ' ll move into Rice this semester. I ' ve heard they have a lot of fun over there. Finally lit the victory torch. The Teaberry Shuffle. " That contact is here some place. " 307 " And now for the sign of the pigeon . . . " " I wouldn ' t go out with Kathy Henkle again for love or money well, not for money anyway. " You think Tiny Tim ' s hair looks bad " Away with ordinary customs, they cramp my style. This sure beats the li- brary. " Very Interesting! " 308 L _ l 1 jf J l fll w ,-A 1 SB B ' SzmBBt $mak " I ' ve been a good boy all year long, so can I fly your sleigh? " " Who ' s complaining? " Proof that the Dio- rama staff has burned many a midnight candles and killed many a midnight bottle. Education is for the birds! zjk . BL a " Of course it ' s not loaded you dum-dum . . . Oops! Sorry ref . . . Oh no, we ' re being invaded. 309 Take what boat to Cuba? ' If you had only learned how to tie your shoe in the first grade. " How about a nice political science course under Dr. Mal- lonee, Miss? " 310 Moonlighting Meridith turns to enbalming and finds out it ain ' t what it use to be. " Are we men or mice? " " I got ten thousand for shaving it off. " If my secret lover doesn ' t contact me this week, this is the last seance I ' m com- ing to. Aw Becky, nothing is ever that bad. Optimism at its height. mm i John, the hands . . . the hands, John! Lion, Hell, I thought it was supposed to be a dragon! Need we say more 311 TKD at it again I see. " " OK. It ' s a deal. One nickle bag of grass for 2 LSD tab- lets. " Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah . . . Croco- diles? Where? Better you should smile than to have an ugly mug in the Diorama, Bonnie. 312 Advertisements [! |il|Vf|l!l f s rtt ' 1Z m ? 1 ( ' fPfpte jli- -11- r A Vi funM H Rest easy. Your future ' s in good shape. Not tied up. Not hanging. Taking Army ROTC in college will give you a certainty about your future. About your college years and the years right after college. You can plan. You have a little more time to consider important lifetime decisions. Time put to good use. Learning how to work as part of a team. Learning how to motivate and lead others. As an Army officer you ' ll get real experience in management. Responsibilities come fast as an officer. And they ' re important to you. When you seek civilian employment, nothing registers as well as sound management experience. The kind you get as an Army Officer. Through Army ROTC. Take command of your future... take Army ROTC 314 POWELL ELECTRONICS INC. We carry a complete line of art supplies and educational equipment. 3906 Jackson Highway Sheffield, Alabama 315 WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Get All These Benefits When You Save With Us: Insured Safety No Fluctuation Liberal Earnings Sound Management Quick Availability Extra Strong Reserves First Federal .IU IUU11U ;i::i T mm m $ SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORENCE 118 E. MOBILE ST. FLORENCE, ALA. 7 POINTS SHOPPING CENTER. " WHERE PEOPLE COME FIRST ' 0t rX Florence Southgate Mai JOHNSON JOHNSON INSURANCE Surety Bonds A Continuous Service since 1907 FLORENCE AT. 2-8682 ALABAMA Telephone 383-5478 PRINCE FURNITURE CO., INC. Your Friendly Furniture Store 109 WEST SIXTH STREET TUSCUMBIA, ALA. Compliments of KING-NANCE Insurance Agency 2? Royal Crown Cola In Bottles or Cans! ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. Sheffield 383-5342 Compliments of BAMA ' S BEST MEATS McDonald ' s _ tor thm golden mrchm 100% Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheeseburgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fries Our special thanks goes to RAY ' S STUDIO 120 W. MOBILE ST. FLORENCE for their photographic work in the 1969 DIORAMA tf-CA ' S Of THf TELEPHONE EVergreen 3-23 12 0J lAKMS ' " s SouJtkm Jtie Co. 1414 MLSTXOWAY SHEFFIElWr l.A(AMA 317 MARTIN THEATRES Shoals Colbert Tuscumbian Marbro Drive In Joy Lan Drive In Wilson Drive In MOVII ttOMO fTUMHTt ARS TTtR StUOCMTt. ATTEND TOUR THEATRES OFTEN % pillage ,op OF MUSCLE SHOALS. INC. 713 WOODWARD AVE. MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA PHONE 383-1133 Open Every Night Til 9 fuMMlMiz n 1!L RVCLEANINC fNDjtfASHlNG Fresh as a Flower IN JUST 1 HOUR flWRTIMMG ; tfiemosfinDMCUANING FARMBEST DAIRIES The Foremost Milk In The South 212 East 5th Street Tuscumbia, Alabama Phone 383-5110 1113 Florence Blvd. 1220 N. Wood Avenue Town Plaza, Sheffield 318 1 Best Wishes LANDERS ' OFFICE SUPPLY 101 W. Third St. Sheffield Complete Line of Office Furniture and Supplies VERBON JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY Residential Commercial Industrial Wiring 113 E. Tombigbee St. Florence, Alabama 764-3517 1 | J ( z7Ta.xdvpa.xe. ana 122 W. TOMBIGBEE ST. FLORENCE, ALA. 35630 Compliments of CRUMP CAMERA SHOP Florence, Sheffield, Decatur IIES jtti Phones: Bus. 766-1692 Res. 766-2878 1 cSmitfLT ACAO xPaint Wallpaper Company 228 N. Court St. Jerry Brown, Mgr. Florence, Ala. Since 1853 Milner ' s Drug Store The Rexall Store Florence 764-2131 Free Delivery 183-5110 1 PAPER AND CHEMICAL SUPPLY CO. Distributors of Paper Products, School Supplies, Sanitary Supplies Sheffield, Alabama 319 Compliments of Louis Haddock; Owner Dr. Pepper 7-Up Bottling Company NOBODY BUT NOBOOV UNDERSELL L6 IN5 " The District ' s Greatest Home-furnishers " 301 N. Court 764-3671 Florence r 3Rmm aCim Tri-CitiesDaay Dedicated to the Interests of the People of the Muscle Shoals District SOUTHERN SASH Florence Sheffield Decatur Athens B irmingham Tuscaloosa- Columbia, Tennessee ALABAMA ' S LARGEST BUILDING MATERIAL SUPPLIERS SEE OUR SELECTION OF BUILT-IN APPLIANCES FOR THE KITCHEN 320 DEPARTMENT STORES yf new (fijJuofi in hvximv ietai HQ Gray ' s Concrete CENTRAL MIXED CONCRETE Mortar Mix Bag Cement All sizes of concrete blocks River Sand Gravel Mason Sand Tell us what the job is we will recommend the mixture. KITS ::: MK :: X9. ::: ::: ::: : : o v.; y; w :::: ss ;.; x ' f. ::; ::: ;:;:. ' ::: : :: ::: ' ' ' y. ' ' " - :: RS :: ::: Ik : ;:: KK ;:: s$ :: : ::: : : : ::: hi :c -: lis THE BOOTERY North Court Street Florence Sheffield Federal Savings and Loan Association 321 NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO., INC Florence, Alabama HOMETOWN MANUFACTURERS OF THE WORLDS FINEST FLOORS COVERING MATERIALS 100% BOOSTERS OF FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY MEET 322 Featuring Nationally Advertised Millinery Ready to Wear Accessories Sportswear Lingerie Serving You Since 1927 108 E. Mobile 764-1303 The Busy Young Bank that Likes to be Liked MEET YOUR FRIENDS IN THE SNACK BAR S.U.B. Acafa JVaticmal BANK OF FLORENCE A FULL SERVICE BANK Downtown: Court Tennessee Streets Drive-in: Seminary Tuscaloosa Streets Member FDIC 323 POST WELDING SUPPLY Distributor for: Hobart, Linde, Westinghouse Welding Equipment Selstrom, Fiber Metal, Jackson Safety Equipment, Duralite House Paints, and Ditzler Auto Paints 1121 E. Second Sheffield 383-5352 Nights Holidays: 764-9213 or 383-8231 ' innnnrfl YOUR BANK FOR 3 REASONS SATURDAY BANKING -which makes it easy for you to cash a check for entertainment expenses over the week-end! MASTER CHARGE -when used properly, will give you one neat bill to send your parents each month! BANKING UNTIL 9 P.M. -our South- gate T.V. Teller is open until 9 p.m., Monday through Friday for middle of the week financial emergencies! fin FIRST COLBERT NATIONAL BANK Ml ' SCLE. SHOALS SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA MEMBER F.D.I.C. THE FLORENCE HERALD " Your Prize-Winning Weekly Newspaper " Printers Publishers 1 1 4- 1 1 6 W. Tombigbee St. Phone 764-064 1 FLORENCE Ory ' s Cleaners Laundry 213-15 N. Wood Ave. Florence, Ala. PHONE 764-8501 Greetings From 324 1340 K.C. " Voice Of The Lions " Broadcasting Florence State Football for 12 Year WJOI Radio, Inc. Florence, Alabama R A D I O MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 111 E. Tennessee St. JlCefforcfs JEWELERS y y OF ALABAMA, INC. your jeweler Phone 764-2632 WHO CARES WE CARE Compliments of SERVICES ' Proud to be serving Florence State " COLONY MEN ' S SHOP Southgate Mall Muscle Shoals SHANKY ' S MEN ' S WEAR Visit Shanky ' s Men ' s Wear for the finest in men ' s clothing. Woodward Ave. Muscle Shoals, Alabama 325 REYNOLDS where new ideas take shape in ALUMINUM urges you to continue your education for new careers take shape too with REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Growing for 27 years with Muscle Shoals i ' i 326 t. ' " Ului ' .I 412 N. Court St. Florence STATE NATIONAL BANK of Alabama " It ' s Great to Bank at State " Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 7 Points Office f FLORENCE STATE UNIVERSITY i HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING . . . Bids on Florence State Univer- sity ' s newest building project were to be opened in February and construction was ex- pected to begin shortly thereafter. Total cost of the project is around $1.5 million. The four-level structure to be located on South Pine Street will measure 200 ' x 200 ' and contain 86,000 square feet of floor space. Included will be a gymnasium with a seating capacity of 4500, Olympic size swimming pool, classrooms, offices, locker rooms with showers, PE research laboratory, dressing rooms for varsity football and basketball, and other facilities. A.B. and B.S. degree program in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Physical Education, Home Economics. A.B. and B.S. degree programs for the training of teachers for the elementary and sec- ondary schools. Courses for renewal and extension of teaching certificates. Preprofessional curricula for Agriculture, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Med- ical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. Secretarial training. Graduate programs in elementary and secondary education and school administration. Beautiful Campus, comfortable dormitories and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medico-dental and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. 1500 E. Muscle 383-977 328 " ' u Compliments of BELK-HUDSON Montgomery Avenue Sheffield A. B. DAVIS DRY GOODS CO. DRY GOODS - CLOTHING - SHOES - NOTIONS 107 West Sixth Street Phone 383-4114 Tuscumbia, Ala. E. Tennessee St. Downtown Florence LIS IS whery6u come when you ' re tfirough playing games. Illustrations Enlarged Convenient Terms 5439 rer- ex- The and ling mth ANDERSON ' S BOOKLAND Now in New and larger location Complete selection Hardback books Bibles Stationery Paperback books and outline notes Hallmark Cards Reading Headquarters for North Alabama 114 N. Court Street Downtown Florence THE KNIT SHOP Gladys J. Bland Needlepoint Yarns Needlecraft 108 E. Tuscaloosa Street Florence, Alabama 766-1532 ion, te- st STRIP STEAK HOUSE U.S. Choice Western Beef 1500 E. Second St. K-Mart Shopping Center Muscle Shoals, Alabama Florence, Alabama 383-9776 764-3312 Try our Bill Hickock 8oz. strip $1.69 Compliments of SHEILA ' S SHOPPE 500 Woodward Avenue Muscle Shoals Open from 9 A.M. -P.M. Daily For a complete line of ladies and juniors fashions 329 r ' " ?% i:l vtr ' dO % mail Main Office THE NATIONAL OF Helping You Since Member of the Federal Deposit North Florence Branch 33 Tennessee Street Branch FIRST BANK FLORENCE Help Yourself " 1889 Insurance Corporation Elting Branch 331 Compliments of DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES Florence, Alabama Electricity Department Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Gas Department : 332 I n Drive-ln Branch Cherokee FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN TUSCUMBIA First National Bank Sheffield Muscle Shoals City II!? r I to the graduating class BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Florence Coca-Cola Bottling Company Florence, Alabama Start letting success show a little . . . with a college ring by John Roberts. Come in and order today. Four week shipment. BUSCH JEWELRY CO. 107 N. Court Street Florence 334 Compliments of FABRIC CENTER Towne Plaza Shopping Center Sheffield, Alabama .iis is when " 6ii conic when you ' ic through playing games ' and here ' s why ' T jgweueRS ' Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Bottlers of Pepsi Diet Pepsi Mountain Dew Orange and Grape Crush Highway 43 South Phone 383-2842 Printers Stationers, Inc. 216 N. Court St. Florence, Alabama 764-8061 There have always been those very special young people who have never been satisfied with the ordinary. For over three generations, these young creatives have come to the Inter-Collegiate Press for their graduation announcements, yearbooks and diplomas. For here they have always found bright, experienced and thoughtful counsel in producing their best, individual creative works. When you want everything to be right cxr - WE ARE PROUD TO PUBLISH THE DIORAMA ALABAMA REGIONAL OFFICE Ernest W. Crates 2337 Ivy Lane Birmingham, Alabama 35226 inter collegiate press graphic arts division of the Sargent-Welch Scientific Company 6015 Travis Lane, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66202 335 mmu mmm I EACH OF US ALONE . . . Now that my second and last year as editor of the DIORAMA is com- pleted, I find it both sad and frightening. As I look back over my four years at Florence State I find it sad to be leaving friends, club meetings, ball games, dances, and the classroom, and frightening to look into the future and see a job, graduate school, marriage, or even Viet Nam. Realizing that each of us will someday be leaving Florence State to face all the frightening things that await us I only hope this book can in some way bring back some of the mem- ories of our college days. Ronald J. Wright Editor s _J ' - " ' ! ' ! ' -v. , vi ' www A j jLWMmmium iHHMHHHHH ii mmvi mm mHM mmw!NBmiimNmNmmmm tm

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