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mmm il iSB I. ' : ' : I 4 1 M w H f I ' M 9 I DIORAMA 1968 Florence State College Florence, Alabama Ron Wright Rusty Cone Gordon Maynard Editor Chief Photographer Business Manager A WEEK IN THE LIFE Of I I i IFE OF AN F.S.C. STUDENT Expressions in a week . B w HI wm Hl 5 1 ' l L I Ay 1 1 ; " _ ' Lb 1 A ' 1 " Hit-- " " If one week were separated from the thirty- six that combine to make a school year; many moods, feelings, and expressions would be found some absurd, some hilarious, and some tearful. Each would be etched into the memory and re- called with perhaps the same amount of sponta- neous feeling which they once brought about. +. j m A Week Begins . . . A week begins, as any week must, with that inevita- ble eight o ' clock Monday morning class which must be met in any weather, and under any circumstances whether icy rain, lack of sleep, or homework not finished for on the early Monday morning faces are reflected the happenings of the previous weekend. VltO- t be fi- shed cted Classes . . . Classes . . . The first Monday morning class sig- nals the beginning of a barrage of classes that must be met, stayed awake through, analyzed, and held mentally for later reference. During the single hour of a class, the student while as- suming many attentive and intelligent poses can allow his mind to wander at will while the teacher thinks he is abso- lutely " enthralled " in the day ' s lecture. sig- I Of rake tally igle os- jent rat :so- ;. mmmmm . mm tmW . HlbK HNw m mm jtrnf- H K 1 Between Classes As much time out of classes, as in classes, is spent in doing to- day, what should have been done yesterday. Many interesting places can be found in which to study they all depend on your originality if not the library or the amphi- theatre, why not the good old dorm bed or even the great outdoors? No matter where, to study or not to study, that is the universal question. 10 11 Dorm Life . . . A large part of campus life can be condensed into two words " dorm life " . Dorm life is the night-time part of the student ' s life, which consists mainly of behind the scene prepara- tion for the next day. In a girls ' dorm this consists of preparation in terms of a full scale riot it ' s really unbe- lievable the trouble some girls go to! 12 13 Excitement . . . Something exists about each new day which is routine, yet somehow exciting. There are certain events personal and non-personal throughout the series of weeks which make college life varied and " special " . For example: that unexpected phone call, the thrill of a touchdown, that certain hand clasp by someone special, and an inspired version of your favorite song. 14 pp ym lit a J Jr ' 1 15 Thoughts . . mBBb . B HbVJ l m ' BBBk b1 BBB BVAB Bir b1 bh bTbW 1 bR A thought expressed whether verbal, or on paper ... A smile that gave encouragement for the next day to come ... One solitary person with solitary thoughts loneliness unmatched ... Such ingredients are the little things which make a day in a week significant to one person. 16 lether smile M the jlitary jhts Such things week 17 Weekends . . . Finally when all hope of sur- vival has been lost, the weekend finally arrives it is said that week- ends at F.S.C. actually begin any time from Wednesday to Saturday, and last any time from Sunday to Tuesday it all depends on who you are, and what you came to col- lege for. i[ wm 19 Opportunity . . . " r The door to opportunity for a col- lege student opens many times dur- in g the period of a week and rarely stays closed. For college it- self is a sidewalk to achievement, which when followed all the way has no limits as to where it ends. But once opportunity is missed, it can never be found gain. 20 : - Li 5 HjHMyHiaMHMBl i [ 1 a i V i r if ? ::-; t i-y H Or ' fmhlB ... " 21 Problems . . . Problems m m 6. tt. 1 " Campus life is a protected life, yet it encompasses problems similar to those found in the outside world. Unending yards of material which must be read, cornered in the mind, and held captive until released on demand; decisions which must be made and the resulting consequences faced all are learned by trial and error in the protected world of a college campus. r si t 22 23 IJr- Activities . . . Many activities exist at Florence State, and all of them solely for the benefit of the student. Visiting dig- nitariesspectacles of color and sound, are just a few of the special events in which the students may participate. Through these, a suc- cessful attempt is made to bring the outside world to F.S.C., and also to let the outside world know what is happening at F.S.C. . 24 1 25 Registration . Of course, credit must be given to the week to end all weeks the week of Registration. Never does there exist a more confusing week for a student, especially a freshman the long lines, the closed classes, the endless forms to fill out, the conflicts and then the grand finale occurs of having your I.D. picture taken immediately on immerging from the battle, reveal- ing all the battle scars and frowns of frustration. 26 27 Questions . A students mind is said to be full of questions some questions which can be answered by quiet meditation, some which can be answered by only one person, and some which can never be answered. 28 ll i WLoJJIP 1 " AJ 3 i-V ff a i } . - ' ; - jl H _ fti _ " " i ] tegBjjpr- n -_; ' Jgg!ft 29 Messages . . . .... for on each face is inscribed a message that only another person can in- terpret: the look of bright determination, the vacant stare of tired eyes, and the wistful glance of hope each can be inter- preted in a thousand different ways by a thousand different people. 30 31 Results . . . Although thousands of events, ma- jor and minor, are condensed in one week; the results of these events may continue for years to come for a week is not etched in pictures and phrases alone, but in our thoughts. 32 I w I Dedication Dr. W.T. McElheny 34 There would not be room enough to enu- merate all the services Dr. McElheny has given to Florence State College. Nor would there be room to tell of all the many ways he has helped the students of Florence State College. Instead, let us just say that for those many services we consider it a privilege to repay him in this small way on behalf of the entire student body. To our royal dean, wise counse- lor and true friend, who has been so faithful in service through the years in teaching, train- ing, and steering us safely through our college days to Dr. W. T. McElheny we dedicate the 1968 DIORAMA. Dr. Mac at home with family. 35 ADMINISTRATION Al ION AND FACULTY I - 38 39 r DR. TURNER W. ALLEN Dean of the College 40 MR. OTIS PEACOCK Administrative Assistant to the President DR. W. T. MCELHENY Dean of Student Affairs 41 CHESTER M. AREHART Registrar PAULINE E. GRAVLEE Dean of Women ABEL F. DE Win Dean of Men 42 ROY S. STEVENS Treasurer-Business Manager WILLIAM A. GRAHAM Director of Kilby Laboratory School HOYT M. BROCK Director of Graduate Study 43 Art Department Mr. Mort E. Smith, Department Chairman, Pro- fessor of Art, B.S., Kansas State Teachers Col- lege; M.A., Colorado State College; M.F.A., State University of Iowa The Department of Art offers course work in studio, design, art history, art edu- cation, and the general arts. In the near future, with the completion of the visual arts facilities in the new arts center, these course areas will become stronger, and it is anticipated that definite curriculum options may be offered leading to preparation for graphic design, constructive design, studio (drawing, ceramics, painting, printmak- ing, and sculpture), and art education. Specialized studios, lecture rooms, and a workshop will be equipped to carry out these types of curricular programs. There is optimism that art history may develop into a minor curriculum offering. At the pre- sent, there is limited opportunity for the Shoals Community to enroll in evening art courses. It is, again, anticipated that the new facilities will permit an enlarged arts program during the after-dark (or Saturday) period. Last, but far from least, the Department of Art hopes to be able to influence the aesthetic awareness of every student on the Florence State Campus. 44 Mrs. Marion B. Kearley, Assist- ant Professor of Art, B.S., M.A., Louisiana State University Mrs. Hilda H. Mitchell, Assist- ant Professor of Art, B.S., Flor- ence State College; M.A., George Peabody College. David Joseph Schneider, In- structor in Art, B.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago; M.F.A., Tulane University Nelson Van Pelt, Instructor in Photography, B.J., University of Missouri Mrs. Myrt C. Ward, Instructor in Art, A.B., Florence State Col- lege; M.A., University of Ala- bama 45 Business Department John Profe JLS, Mr. Lawrence Conwill, Department Chairman, Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.B.A., M.B.E., University of Mississippi The Department of Business and Economics at Florence State College offers majors in business administration, accounting, management, marketing, business edu- cation, and secretarial science. Organizations affiliated with the department are Sigma Alpha Mu and Sigma Tau Pi which are open to all business majors and mi- nors, and Alpha Chi which is open to students taking advanced accounting courses. 46 John Hollie Allen, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.S., M.S., Auburn University Max R. Carrington, Professor of Business Education, B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee; Ed. D., Colorado State College Lester L. Dittman, Assistant Professor of Business Adminis- tration, B.S., Ball State Teach- ers College; M.S., Indiana Uni- versity Mrs. Eunice Hoffmeister, In- structor in Secretarial Science, B.S., Florence State College James H. Jones, Instructor in Business Administration, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama Inell Knight, Assistant Profes- sor of Business Administration, A.B., Judson College; M.A., University of Alabama Aaron M. Lynch, Associate Professor of Accounting, A.B., Vanderbilt University; C.P.A. Ellen Moore, Assistant Profes- sor of Business Education, B.S., Florence State College; M.S., University of Tennessee William S. Stewart, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.S., Delta State College; M.B.E., M.A., University of Mississippi Ermis A. Thompson, Associate Professor of Economics, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama Roy Webb, Jr., Associate Pro- fessor of Accounting, B.S., Uni- versity of Alabama; LL.B., Emory University; C.P.A. 47 Department of Education and Psychology Dr. Hoyt M. Brock, Department Chairman, Pro- fessor of Education, B.S., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., University of Alabama; Ed. D., Teachers College, Columbia University Students who wish to prepare for teaching in the elementary or secondary schools follow particular courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Master of Arts degree, and upon completion are entitled to be recom- mended for the appropriate professional certificate issued by the Alabama State Department of Education. The offering of professional education courses leading to the Master of Arts degree is becoming an increasingly important function of the de- partment. Students who are not preparing to become teachers in the elementary or sec- ondary schools may establish a minor in psychology. Students enrolled in the education program are encouraged to participate in the Student Alabama Education Association. Membership in Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society for students in professional education, is by invitation only, and is based on scholastic achievement. 48 r Mrs. Virginia L. Adams, Super- vising Teacher, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama. Stanley Smith Beans, Asso- ciate Professor of Education, B.S., M.S., Kansas State Univer- sity; Ed.D., University of Arkan- sas. Mary Burchell Campbell, Director of the Curriculum Lab- oratory and Kilby School Li- brary, B.S., Florence State Col- lege; M.A., M.A.(L.S.), George Peabody College. Ha Cox, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State College; AAA., George Peabody College. Jack W. Crocker, Professor of Education and Psychology, A.B., AA.Ed., Tulsa University; Ed.D., University of Alabama. William L. Crocker, Professor of Psychology, B.S., AA.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama. John Finley, Jr., Associate Pro- fessor of Education, B.S., Flor- ence State College; AA.A., Uni- versity of Alabama. 1 Katherine Forney, Supervising Teacher, B.S., AA.S., Iowa State College Mrs. Dorothy Heffington, Su- pervising Teacher, B.S., Flor- ence State College; AA.A., Ed.S., George Peabody College. Sarah Rollins Lewis, Supervis- ing Teacher, B.A.E., AA.E., Uni- versity of Mississippi. Donie May Lowry, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College. 49 Department of Education and Psychology William J. Mcllrath, Associate Professor of Psychology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. A. Miller Moss, Assistant Pro- fessor of Psychology, A.B., M.A., Western Kentucky State College. Janice I. Nicholson, Instructor in Education and Psychology, B.S., Blue Mountain College; M.Ed., Mississippi State Univer- sity. Mrs. Flora Belle Smith, Super- vising Teacher, A.B., Henderson State Teachers College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.S., Auburn University. William H. Waite, Professor of Education, A.B., University of Saskatchewan; M.A., University of Manitoba; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Lula R. Way, Professor of Psy- chology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.D., Michi- gan State University. W. B. Woodward, Associate Professor of Psychology, A.B., Louisiana State University; Ed.M., University of South Caro- lina. 50 T Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages J Dr. Albert S. Johnston, Jr., Department Chair- man, Professor of English, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida. The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages offers both a major and a minor in English. Minors are also offered in the dramatic arts and speech, French, and Spanish. Two years of German are offered. The English and Modern For- eign Language Department at FSC is noted for training fine teachers for the second- ary schools and for sending after graduation many of its majors to prestige graduate institutions for graduate degrees. Several graduates in English now hold the coveted N.D.E.A. scholarship and other scholarships and graduate assistantships in distin- guished colleges and universities. Organizations affiliated with the department are the English Club, Spanish Club, and the Rehearsal Club which produces two major plays annually. The English Club annually sponsors the literary magazine, " Light and Shadows. " There is an active chapter of the English honorary fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta. 51 Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages r Mrs. Alice C. Dill, Instructor in English, B.S., M.A., Florence State College. Mrs. Eva-Maria Gaisser, Assist- ant Professor of Foreign Lan- guages, A.B., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Mississippi. Robert Allen Holder, Instructor in Speech, B.S., Memphis State University. Mrs. Elizabeth Craig Hood, Assistant Professor of English, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., Teachers College, Colum- bia University. Mrs. struct Con Mrs. Jean L. Johnson, Instruc- tor in English, B.S., M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama. Mrs. Catherine C. Jones, As- sistant Professor of English, A.B., Newcomb College; M.A., University of Alabama. Paul E. Jones III, Assistant Pro- fessor of Foreign Languages, B.A., M.A., University of Ala- bama. John E. Kingsbury, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Col- gate University; M.F.A., Univer- sity of Iowa. i Mi Piofes Speech MA,U i lessor ersi 52 Mrs. Barbara P. LeMay, In- structor in English, A.B., M.A., Converse College. Mrs. Brynda G. Musgrove, As- sistant Professor of English, A.B., M.A., University of Ala- bama. Mrs. Nancy K. Powers, Assist- ant Professor of English, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., University of Texas. Mrs. Janelle Proctor, Instructor in English, B.A., Florence State College. j9 Hood, Mrs. Emily Richeson, Assistant Professor of English and Speech, A.B., Athens College; M.A., University of Alabama. Stanley Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Har- vard University; M.A., University of Denver. Mrs. Betty Schuessler, Instruc- tor in Speech, A.B., University of Tennessee. Gladys Shepard, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Ran- dolph-Macon Women ' s College; AAA., Columbia University. ry. tarn , At W Lindsey Stricklin, Assistant Pro- fessor of English, A.B., AA.A., University of North Carolina. Mrs. Leatrice Timmons, Assist- ant Professor of English, B.S., Florence State College; AA.A., University of Alabama. Mrs. Peggy Wade, Instructor in English, B.S., AA.A., Florence State College. J. N. Winn, Associate Profes- sor of English, A.B., Dartmouth College; AAA, Columbia Uni- versity. 53 " T Home Economics Department Mrs. Mary W. Huff, Department Chairman, Associate Professor of Home Economics, B.S., M.S., Uni- versity of Georgia. Home Economics majors pursue a curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. Majors are offered in education for the teaching of vocational home econom- ics and in general home economics for other careers. Affiliated with the department is the Home Economics Club, which is open to all majors, minors, and electives, and Kappa Omicron Phi, which is a national home economics honor society for home economics majors and minors. Jean Dorroh, Instructor in Home Economics, B.S., Ala- bama College; M.A., University of Alabama. Mrs. Barbara Hendrix, Instruc- tor in Home Economics, B.S., University of Tennessee. Mrs. Jane O. Mcllrath, Director of the Nursery School, A.B., St. Mary-of-the-Woods College; M.A., George Peabody College. Mrs. Florine Rasch, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Alabama College; M.S., University of Tennessee. 54 Department of Health and Physical Education swof Mr. Hubert A. Flowers, Department Chairman, Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. i The college program of physical education provides an opportunity for students to achieve personal and social development through class intramural and intercolle- giate sports and games. The program of activities is designed to meet the needs of the students for fitness and the development of lifelong habits of play and recreation. The specialized health courses for health and physical education are designed to train teachers of health, physical education, recreation, and for athletic coaching. The college has interscholastic competition in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and golf. Florence State College is a member of the National Association of Intercolle- giate Athletics and the Alabama Collegiate Conference. 55 Department of Health and Physical Education T Edmond E. Billingham, Assist- ant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Fair- mont State College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. George Gibbens, Instructor in Physical Education, B.S., George Peabody College. William F. Glidewell, Profes- sor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Texas Techno- logical College; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Texas. Helen E. Matthews, Assistant Professor of Health and Physi- cal Education, A.B., Duke Uni- versity; M.A., George Peabody College. KEfct.t Henry H. Self, Athletic Coach, B.S., M.A., University of Ala- bama. Nancy Coe Vance, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.S., Florence State College; M.S., University of Tennessee. George E. Weeks, Assistant Professor of Health and Physi- cal Education, B.S., University of Alabama; M.A., George Peabody College. Bill M. Wise, Instructor in Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.A., Florence State Col- lege. 56 Library Science Department MM . J-i- ' eoDody Fannie Schmitt, Associate Professor of Library Science, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama; M.A.(L.S.), George Peabody College. The Department of Library Science at Florence State College was established in 1953. It offers a minor of eighteen semester hours which meets requirements for cer- tification in school library service by the Alabama State Department of Education. In addition to the basic eighteen-hour program, nine hours of elective courses are of- fered, making a total of twenty-seven hours. The program is based directly upon the recommendations of the American Library Association for undergraduate professional library education. Students completing this eighteen-hour program are prepared to serve as school librarians and to fill certain professional positions in other types of libraries and to enter graduate library schools approved by the American Library Association, as candidates for the master ' s degree in library science in one year. Continued increase in demand for librarians for all types of libraries has resulted in steady increase in enrollment in this department. 57 Collier Library Staff Roth Dacus Head Librarian, A.B., Winthrop Col- lege, B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College. Martha L. Griffin, Assistant Librarian, B.S., B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College. Mrs. Mildred C. Lentz, Asso- ciate Librarian, B.S., Florence State College; M.A.(L.S.), George Peabody College. Mrs. Viola U. Sheats, Assistant Librarian, B.S., Florence State College; MA.(L.S.), University of Alabama. 58 Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering Dr. John L. Locker, Department Chairman, Pro- fessor of Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University. The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering provides programs and courses in mathematics as preparation for careers in business and industry, for grad- uate study, for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools, and for satisfaction of mathematics requirements in other academic and professional curricula. The depart- ment offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. The basic engineering program is designed to provide one or two years of basic engineering preparation normally required by most professional engineering schools. 59 Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, Asso- ciate Professor of Mathematics, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. Mrs. Gayle S. Kent, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., Florence State College; M.S., University of Mississippi. Frank E. Lee, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., University of Oklahoma; J.D., University of Chicago; M.S., Florida State University. William Benjimen Norris, In- structor in Mathematics, B.A., M.A., Washington University. Mrs. Jean T. Parker, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College. William C. Scott, Instructor in Engineering, B.S. in Ch. E.. Auburn University. John M. Stinson, Instructor in Engineering, B.S. in Ch. E., Uni- versity of Missouri. Mrs. Elizabeth T. Wooldridge, Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., University of Nebraska. 60 Military Science Department Ml ' ' " Colonel Altus L. Woods, Jr., Department Chairman, Profes- sor of Military Science, B.S., University of Mississippi. The senior ROTC program at Florence State College includes the basic two-year course and an optional two-year advanced course. The Military Science Department sponsors an outstanding rifle team and a drill team. The Cadet Officers Corps, a mili- tary fraternity open to advanced cadets only, sponsors a spring military ball and the Red Cross Bloodmobile which visits the campus twice annually. 61 Military Science Department Staff Sergeant William K. Allred, Supply Sergeant Captain Phillip H. Bosma, As- sistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., United States Mil- itary Academy. Major Charles S. Brice, Assist- ant Professor of Military Sci- ence, B.S., North Georgia Col- lege. Specialist Ronald J. Dickey, Supply. Sergeant Major Jack R. Finn, Sergeant Major. Captain Kenneth F. Jodoin, Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S., Providence Col- lege. Major Norman C. Propes, As- sistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Jacksonville State University. SFC Grayson E. Mercer, Ad- ministrative Supervisor. 62 Staff Sergeant James R. Sto- vall, Instructor. Captain Winifred G. Wil- liams, Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S., North Dakota State University. M Sgt. George S. Yancey, In- structor. Department of Music l! % Dr. Wayne Christeson, Department Chairman, Professor of Music, B.M., Drury College; M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. Formal concert programs, student recitals, faculty recitals, football halftime shows, parades, pep meetings, television programs, and programs on tour these are the performances the Music Department provides for the enjoyment of the stu- dent body and the general public of the North Alabama area that Florence State serves. In addition to opportunities for all college students to perform as singers and instrumentalists, there is available in the department private and class instruction in piano, voice, and band instruments. Course offerings in the department for the gen- eral college student provide opportunities for the development of listening skills and musical understandings, and opportunities are provided for the education major to develop musical techniques useful in the elementary classroom. For the music major, a full professional music education program is offered. 63 Department of Music Mrs. Evelyn den Boer, Instruc- tor in Music, A.B., University of Oklahoma. Joseph D. Groom, Assistant Professor of Music and Choral Director, B.S., M.M.Ed., Auburn University. Mrs. Florence Irwin, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M., M.M., Bush Conservatory; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. Arthur E. Theil, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music and Director of Band, B.S.M., Capital Univer- sity; M.M.Ed., Vandercook Col- lege of Music. David A. Thomas, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M.E., Baldwin-Wallace College; M.M., Vandercook College of Music. Walter E. Urben, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music, B.M., College of the Pacific; B.M., University of Illinois; M.M., Indiana Uni- versity; Adv. Cert., Music Edu- cation, University of Illinois. 64 Department of Science 1 Dr. Joseph C. Thomas, Department Chairman, Professor of Science, A.B., Asbury College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Kentucky The Science Department ' s program is designed as a threefold program pro- fessional preparation in the sciences, preparation for teaching the sciences, and serv- ice courses in the area of general science for majors in other fields. The department offers majors in general biology, botany, and zoology; industrial chemistry, general chemistry, and physics; and cognate majors in natural science and in physical science. Minors are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics. The depart- ment also provides appropriate preparatory courses for a number of preprofessional programs. The Science Department has recently expanded its facilities through the comple- tion of the fourth floor, the Live Animal Room-Greenhouse, and the Observatory- Planetarium. The Science Building and these supplementary buildings provide excel- lent facilities and ample room for a complete program in teaching, research, and development. The facilities are unique for this area in astronomy. 65 Department of Science Donald Lee Allison, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., East- ern Nazarene College; M.Ed., University of North Carolina Virlyn Lamar Bulger, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., Jack- sonville State College; M.Ed., Auburn University; M.A.T. Uni- versity of North Carolina Hollis Fenn, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., M.S., Auburn University Henry T. Harvey, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Western Michigan College; M.A., University of Michigan Arthur L. Hershey, Professor of Biology, B.S., Kansas University; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State College John W. Holland, Jr., Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S. Flor- ence State College; M.A., George Peabody College T. N. Hubbuch, Assistant Pro- fessor of Chemistry, B.S., Uni- versity of Louisville; B.S., M.S., Harvard University C. Fulton Huff, Associate Pro- fessor of Chemistry, A.B., Georgetown College; M.A., George Peabody College t k. El mingen Biology, of Mary Raymond E. Isbell, Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Florence State College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama B. Jack Kent, Assistant Profes- sor of Biology, B.S. Florence State College; M.S., University of Mississippi Charles E. Keys, Professor of Biology, A.B., Greenville Col- lege; Ph.D., University of Kan- sas William R. Montgomery, Pro- fessor of Biology, B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Mississippi State University; Ph.D., University of Nebraska Department of Science in John F. Phillips, Jr., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, A.B., University of Connecticut; M.S., West Virginia University; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology William M. Richie, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College Mrs. Sarah Smith, Instructor in Edgar C. Tullis, Professor of Science, A.B., Florence State Biology, A.B., AA A., University College; M.S., University of of Nebraska; Ph.D., Michigan Mississippi State University :: ' - Mrs. Elizabeth B. von Gem- mingen, Assistant Professor of Biology, A.B., M.A., University of Maryland Mrs. Faye Wells, Instructor in Science, B.S., Jacksonville State College; M.S., Alabama Col- lege Billy G. Wilson, Assistant Pro- fessor of Biology, B.A., Florence State College Paul Yokley, Jr., Assistant Pro- fessor of Biology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College I 67 Department of Social Science Dr. Bernarr Cresap, Department Chairman, Pro- fessor of History, A.B., University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University The Social Science Department embraces four fields of study: history, geogra- phy, political science, and sociology. Majors are offered in history, political science, and social science (cognate); minors are available in all four fields of study. The majors are all appropriate for the preparation of secondary school teachers in social studies, while various social science courses are required in the curriculum for the preparation of elementary school teachers. In addition to teaching careers, students concentrating their study in the social sciences may prepare for careers in govern- ment service, social work, business, personnel work, theology, law, cartography, jour- nalism, and others. The social science curricula are also designed for students inter- ested in pursuing advanced graduate degrees leading to college teaching or to work in business, industry, and government where advanced social science training is re- quired. Socio 68 Mrs. Ruth Arnett, Instructor in Sociology, B.S., University of Florida; M.S., Vanderbilt Uni- versity Milton Baughn, Professor of History, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt Uni- versity Robert C. Bowles, Professor of History, A.B., Central College; M.A., Southern Methodist Uni- versity; Ph.D., Duke Unviersity George H. DeBoer, Assistant Professor of Political Science, A.B., Western Michigan Univer- sity; B.D., McCormick Theologi- cal Seminary; M.A., University of Iowa Charles E. Frazier, Instructor in Sociology, B.A., Muskingum College; M.A., Kent State Uni- versity Charles T. Gaisser, Professor of History, A.B., M.A., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Yale Uni- versity J. Noel Glasscock, Professor of Geography, B.S., Western Ken- tucky State College; M.A., Uni- versity of Kentucky Hassan Abdul-Hadi, Assistant Professor of Sociology, B.A., University of Texas; M.S., Trinity University William James Ikerman, As- sistant Professor of History, B.S., M.A., Auburn University Gilbert Earl Johnson, Instruc- tor in Sociology, A.B., Greens- boro College; M.S., Florida State University Kenneth Ray Johnson, Asso- ciate Professor of History, B.S., Troy State College; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama; M.S., Flor- ida State University; Ph.D., Flor- ida State University Dallas M. Lancaster, Associate Professor of Economics and History, B.S., Murray State Col- lege; M.A., Geoge Peabody College 69 Department of Social Science - - ' -- r " " ' ' " ; , . ' Frank B. Mallonee, Jr., Asso- ciate Professor of Political Sci- ence and History, A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Emory University Mrs. Maurine Maness, Asso- ciate Professor of History, A.B., Western Kentucky State Col- lege; Ph.M., University of Wis- consin Earl W. McGee, Professor of History, A.B., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., New York State College for Teachers; Ph.D., university of Kentucky Thomas O. Oft III, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., As- bury College; M.A., Appal- achian State Teachers College John W. Powers, Assistant Pro- fessor of History, A.B., Univer- sity of North Carolina; M.A., University of Texas Merle Sherman, Assistant Pro- fessor of Geography, B.Ed., Moorhead State College; M.S., University of Wisconsin; M.A. University of Minnesota Wilder Watts, Instructor in His- tory, A.B., Hampden-Sydney College; LL.B., University of Alabama; M.A., University of Virginia Leonard Wigon, Assistant Pro- fessor of History and Political Science, A.B., Roosevelt Univer- sity; M.A., University of Chicago 70 In Memoriam ) i BA. As- hat Mrs. Elisabeth Pettus Cooper Mrs. Cooper, who joined the faculty of Florence State College in 1945, taught in the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages through May of 1967. En- ergetic, well trained, and inspirational, she was ambitious for her students ' success and worked diligently for and with them. Among the alumni, student body, and fac- ulty members, she will be long remembered, loved, and respected. 71 lr College Personnel Services Patricia Davis, B.S., M.A., Head Resident, Rice Hall Melva Hailman, B.A., M.Ed. Head Resident, O ' Neal Hall Susan Hughes, B.S., Head Resi- Faye Hunter, B.S., Assistant dent, LaGrange Hall Head Resident, Rice Hall Lawrence J. Kriloff, A.B., M.Ed. Head Resident, Rivers Hall Mrs. Marguerite Maddox, B.S., Mrs. Leora Makinson, R.N., Di- Mrs. Bonnie Montet, B.S., Head Head Resident, Willingham Hall rector of the College Infirmary Resident, Powers Hall John D. Morgan, B.A., M.Ed. Head Resident, Keller Hall Anne F. Pope, B.A., B.P.E., M.A., Head Resident, LaFayette Hall Linden Reeder, B.S., M.S., Man- ager of College Stores Mrs. Joyce Torstrick, Assistant Head Resident, Rice Hall 72 College Staff Mrs. Jean Atencio, Key Punch Operator J. R. Atencio, Jr., Supervisor, Data Processing Service Mrs. Bessie Austin, Postal Clerk Mrs. Christina Benson, Secretary to News Service Director Mrs. Ruth M. Biggers, L.P.N., Nurse Mrs. Helen Blalock, Secretary to Library Staff Mrs. Carolyn Burch, B.S., Secre- tary to Registrar Alan Burleson, B.S., Director of the News Service Mrs. Emily H. Collier, Secretary to the Dean of Women A.B., Secretary, Education and Barbara Cox, Department of Psychology Mrs. Linda Crossno, Secretary to the Library Staff Mrs. Vir ginia T. Diseker, Secre- tary to the Health and Physical Education Department Mrs. Dorothy Elliot, Secretary to the Registrar H. L. Emmons, Campus Security Officer Gillis Emmons, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Teresa Esslinger, Secretary to the Registrar 73 Hr College H. J. English, A.B., Assistant Trea- surer Mrs. Janet Faucett, Secretary to the Dean Mrs. Lynn Frazier, Secretary to P.M.S. Mrs. W. L. Grubbs, Receptionist, Student Union Mrs. Inez Hallmark, Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. Mabel Harper, Secretary to the Director, Kilby School Mrs. Bettye Hartung, Secretary to the Financial Aids Officer Mrs. Martha Hendon, Secretary to the Dean of Men Mrs. Myrtle Herston, L.P.N., Nurse Mrs. Martha Henry, Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs Mrs. Camilla Johnson, Secretary to the Registrar Carolyn Rae Jones, Secretary to the Science Department Mrs. Reba Masterson, Secretary to the Administrative Assistant to the President Mrs. Ada Ruth Marks, Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. Bess McCrory, Curator of the Museum Mrs. Curtis O. Miller, Assistant to the Director, Student Union 74 Staff Billy P. Mitchell, B.S., Financial Aids Officer Mrs. Eva Muse, Secretary to the Administrative Assistant to the President Mrs. Laura Pace, Key Punch Oper- ator Mrs. Mary Addis Peacock, Secre- tary to the President Glenda Reeves, Secretary to PMS Joseph Rickard, Buildings Super- visor Mrs. Jeanette Rochester, Secre- tary to the Director of the Student Union B. J. Sharp, Campus Security Of- ficer J. P. Sharp, Campus Security Of- ficer Mrs. Sybil Stevens, Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. George Terry, Assistant to the Director of the Student Union Mrs. Bess F. Tipton, B.S., M.A., Hostess, Rogers Hall Mrs. Thomas Walker, Switch- board Operator Mrs. Christine Wheeler, Director of Food Services Mrs. Carolyn Wilson, Assistant, Curriculum Laboratory 75 SENIORS T If ACOCK ADAMS ALLEN ANDERSON MICKEY RUTH ACOCK Cherokee; Business Education; Choir (3); Kappa Delta Pi. JOHN CLANTON ADAMS Sheffield; Marketing-Retailing; Econom- ics; COC; Tennis Team. PATRICIA JOAN ALLEN Boaz; Secondary Education; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; SAEA; English Club; Christian Student Fellowship. DAVID BARRY ANDERSON Sheffield; Biology; Chemistry; Christian Student Fellowship, Vice-president. SUSAN ROYCE ASTIN Chattanooga, Tennessee; History; Eng- lish; Secondary Education. JAMES ALVA ASTON Muscle Shoals; Chemistry; Physics; Cir- cle K; American Chemical Society, Vice- President; Baseball (1). LINDA RUTH ASTON Ider; Zoology; Home Economics; Home Ec Club; BSU; Dorm Treasurer. RONNIE G. AVERY Hamilton; Business Administration; Economics. JAMES M. AYCOCK Falkville; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, Vice-President. SHERRY PAULA BAILEY Huntsville; Business Education; Sociol- ogy; Sigma Pi (4); Student Union Board (2-3-4), Committee Chairman (3), Secre- tary (4). ASTIN J. ASTON 78 L. ASTON AVERY AYCOCK BAILEY BARKLEY BARKSDALE BARNWELL BEHEL I BELEW JEANETTE BARKLEY Hartselle; Elementary Education; SNEA: Alpha Beta Alpha, Treasurer. CONNIE DELANA BARKSDALE Athens; Home Economics; Science; Home Ec Club, Parliamentarian (2); AWS, Representative (2), Treasurer (3); Kappa Omicron Phi, Treasurer (3), President (4); Kappa Delta Pi. DAVID JACKSON BARNWELL Florence; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi. REEDER DONALD BEHEL Florence; Math; Business Administra- tion; COC; Sigma Alpha AAu. JAMES RONALD BELEW Lexington; History; Geography. CHARLES SIDNEY BERRY Vina; Chemistry; Math. BRENDA JO BERRYHILL Winfield; Business Education; Sociol- ogy; Sigma Tau Pi; Hall Representative; House Council. GARY LAYNE BILLIONS Huntsville; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Alpha Mu; COC; MS III Superior Cadet. EDWIN M. BLACK Hartselle; Chemistry; Music; Geogra- phy; Band; BSU, Executive Council; Dorm Counselor (4). CLARENCE BRUCE BLANKESHIP Tuscumbia; Bible; Education. BERRY t BERRYHILL BILLIONS BLACK BLANKESHIP 79 E. BLANKENSHIP W. BLANKENSHIP BLOSS BOLDING ELEANOR FRANN BLANKENSHIP Priceville; Physical Education; Biology; Conservation Club; PE Club; Civinettes; BSU; Lionetts; Dorm Representative. WENDELL ANDREW BLANKENSHIP Hartselle; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi (3-4), Secretary (4). AMANDA LEE BLOSS Florence; Secondary Education; English History; AWC, President (2-3); English Club, Vice-President; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Band; Choir; Inter-President Council; Miss F.S.C. (3); Sophomore Class Secretary; Hall of Fame Committee; Chairman Handbook Steering Commit- tee; WSGA. JOHN ANDY BOLDING Cherokee; Physical Education; Biology; Physical Education Club, Vice-President; F Club, President; Circle K Club; Basketball (3). JAMES HAROLD BOLTON Russellville; Chemistry, Geography; COC; American Chemical Society; BSU; Rifle Team (1-4), Secretary. MARY ANN BOND Huntsville; Physical Education; Library Science; PE Club (1-4); Alpha Sigma Lambda; DIORAMA Staff (3-4). CHARLES EDWIN BONE Florence; History; Political Science; Secondary Education; COC; Sigma Sigma Kappa. THOMAS EMMETT BONNER Scottsboro; Business Administration; Economics; COC; Collegiate Civitan; Young Democrats. LINDA MARIE BOSTDORF Orlando, Florida; Home Economics; Home Ec Club, President; Newman Club, Secretary; Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice- President; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President- Honor Society; Who ' s Who. DENNIS ALDON BOSTON Muscle Shoals; Biology; Business; Cir- cle K; Sigma Tau Pi, President; Class Sec- retary (1); Class President (2); Pershing Rifle Drill Team. i BOLTON BOND BONE BONNER BOSTDORF BOSTON 80 I BOSTON BOWLING BOYD BRADFORD BRAGWELL SHERRY COFFEY BOSTON Muscle Shoals; Secondary Education; English; Business Education; English Club; Sigma Tau Pi; Homecoming committee; Majorette (1). RANDAL C. BOWLING Florence; Chemistry; Math. JUDY LOU BOYD Lawrenceburg, Tenn.; Secondary Edu- cation; History; Sociology. MARTHA ADRIANNE BRADFORD Florence; Elementary Education; AWC; Wesley Foundation; Day Students; Stu- dent Union Board; DIORAMA; SAEA; Town Representative; AWS. PAMELLA JANE BRAGWELL Florence; Elementary Education; Chris- tian Student Fellowship. HARRIETT ELIZABETH BRANNON Florence. SYLVIA DELL BRISCOE Haleyville; Elementary Education; Soci- ology; Civinettes; Sigma Sigma Kappa; BSU; SAEA Collegiate Singers. BRENDA GALE BRITNELL Florence; Accounting; Sociology; Alpha Chi; National Honor Society. PAUL NATHAN BROOKS Henagar; Mathematics; Business; Con- servation Club. JAMES WHIMPEY BROWNLOW Double Springs; Biology; Conservation Club. BRANNON 1 BRISCOE BRITNELL BROOKS BROWNLOW 81 " BUCKNER BULLARD BULLS D. BURLESON GERALDINE DELORES BUCKNER Sheffield; Business Education; English; English Club; Associate Member of Sigma Tau Delta. EDITH MICHELLE BULLARD Huntsville; Social Science; WSGA, Presi- dent; Alpha Beta Alpha; SGA Represen- tative; Inter-President ' s Council; Woman of the Year 1967. MARY L. BULLS Killen; Business Education; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Westminster Fellowship SAEA. DONNA LEE BURLESON Russellville; Home Economics; Science; Home Ec Club; WSGA; Lionettes, Secre- tary; Wesley Foundation. SANDRA LEE BURLESON Haleyville; Elementary Education. HENRY EDWARD BURRAGE Rock Hill, South Carolina; Chemistry; Biology. BARBARA JANANNE BURROW Hamilton; Home Economics; Science; Home Ec Club; Kappa Omicron P hi. JACKIE H. BURROW Hamilton; Accounting; Biology; Alpha Chi; Conservation Club. RICHARD L. BURROWS Sheffield; Accounting; Sociology. JOHN CLINTON BUSLER Florence; History; Sociology. S. BURLESON ( BURRAGE J. BURROW BURROWS BUSLER 82 BYRD CAGLE H. CALVERT M. CALVERT CAMP CANTRELL JAMES W. BYRD, JR. Muscle Shoals. DWIGHT CAGLE Decatur; Business Administration; Politi- cal Science; SGA; Inter-President ' s Coun- cil; Sigma Tau Pi, Vice-President; Usher ' s Club; Circle K Club; Student Union Board, President; Christian Student Fellowship; Graduation Usher; Commencement Committee; President of Senior Class. HELEN CALVERT Tuscumbia; Home Economics; Science; Home Ec Club; BSU; Kappa Omicron Phi, Treasurer; Civinettes. MARTHA ANN CALVERT Samson; Secondary Education; His- tory; Library Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Alpha Beta Alpha, President; Outstanding Member Alpha Beta Alpha, 1966-1967. ANDREA JOYCE CAMP Birmingham; English; Drama; Rehearsal Club; English Club, Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Psi Omega. JAMES O ' NEAL CANTRELL Florence; Physical Education; History; PE Club, Treasurer, (4); Tennis Team (3); Graduation Usher. LINDIA CAROL CARPENTER Russellville; Business Education; Eng- lish; Sigma Tau Pi; Student Union Board; WSGA; ASEA; DIORAMA Staff; Young Democrats Club; ROTC Drill Team Spon- sor; Homecoming Court; Circle K Sweet- heart. BRENDA FAYE CARROLL Courtland; Business Education; History; Sigma Tau Pi. KELLY WAYNE CARTRON Cullman; Art; Zoology; Conservation Club; SGA, Treasurer; Art League. JAMES EDWARD CHAMPION Florence; Music Education; Band, Presi- dent (3); Choir; Circle K Club, President (4); Christian Student Fellowship, Vice- President (3), President (4); Ushers Club, Vice-President (3); Inter-Presidents Coun- cil, President (4); Music Educators Club; SGA; Student Union Board; Brass Choir; Collegiate Singers; Who ' s Who. CARPENTER CARROLL CARTRON CHAMPION 83 CHAPMAN CHILDERS CHISAM CLARK WILLIAM LARRY CHAPMAN Scottsboro; Business Administration; Political Science. NANCY PIGG CHILDERS Florence; Home Economics; English; Home Ec Club; Kappa Omicron Phi. PHILLIP MICHAEL CHISAM FLIorence; Business Administration; COC; Football (1-2). MARTHA VANN CLARK Hamilton; Elementary Education; Choir; BSU; AWS Representative. ANNITA CLEGHORN Arley; English; Secondary Education; Sociology; BSU. KERRY MANCIL CLEGHORN Arley; Biology; Chemistry, Secondary Education; Civitans; Conservation Club; Young Republican Club. AUSIE L. CLEMENT, JR. Russellville; Chemistry; Physics; Band; ACS, Publicity Director. LILA PRISCILLA COCHRAN Killen; Art; Home Economics. JERRY WAYNE COLE Florence; Music Education; Band; BSU, President (3); AAENC, President (4), Vice- President (3); Choir; Collegiate Singers. CLARENCE RAY COLLINS Hartselle; Zoology; Geography; Circle K Club; COC, Vice-President. A. CLEGHORN K. CLEGHORN CLEMENT COCHRAN COLE COLLINS 84 T COOK i I D. CORNELIUS T. CORNELIUS COTHERN CAROL LYNN COOK Florence; English; Political Science; Secondary Education; AWC, Social Chair- man; AWS Representative; English Club; Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary, Treasurer. DONALD R. CORNELIUS Huntsville; Chemistry; English; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-President (4); English Club, President (4); F Club, President Po- inter-President ' s Council, Vice-President (3); Football, (1-4). THOMAS RAY CORNELIUS Rogersville; Accounting; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi. SUDY COTHERN Mr. Hope; History; Political Science; AWS, Vice-President; Young Democrats. CAROLYN JEAN COX Killen; Home Economics; Biology. WILLIAM JOSEPH COX Russellville; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Alpha Mu. GARY KENNETH CRAIG Decatur; Accounting; Economics. JOE DAVID CROCKETT Muscle Shoals; Mathematics; Physics; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Honor Society. JUDY ELAINE CROSS Muscle Shoals; Zoology; Business Ad- ministration. MARY CAROLYN CUMMINGS Spruce Pine; Home Economics; Art; Home Ec Club; Art League; AWC. CRAIG CROCKETT CROSS CUMMINGS 85 T CURRY A. DANIEL C. DANIEL DANIELSEN THOMAS HENDON CURRY Sheffield; Accounting; Alpha Chi. ALICE SUEVAUGHN DANIEL Haleyville; Physical Education; P.E. Club; Christian Student Fellowship; WSGA: Homecoming Queen, 1966. CAROLYN ANN DANIEL Cypress Inn, Tennessee; Home Eco- nomics; Biology; Home Ec Club. ELSIE LEWIS DANIELSEN Huntsville; Elementary Education; Li- brary Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. CAROL B. DARBY Chattanooga, Tennessee; Secondary Education; Physical Education; P.E. Club; Civinettes; WSGA. LYNN JAMES DARBY Florence; Accounting, Economics; Al- pha Chi; COC. MARY VIRGINIA DARBY Florence; Mathematics; Chemistry; Business Administration; Wesley Founda- tion, Secretary; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secre- tary-Treasurer JOHN MORGAN DAVIDSON Russellville; Chemistry; Biology; ACS; Conservation Club; Wesley Foundation; Beta Beta Beta. GARNETT R. DAVIS Florence; Music Education; BSU, Vice- President; Music Educators ' President; Band; Choir; ROTC Band Drum Major. JERRY LEE DAVIS Florence; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu. C. DARBY L. DARBY M. DARBY DAVIDSON G. DAVIS J. DAVIS I 86 T 1 4 I DEAN DODD DRISKILL DeLOACH DERRICK DISON ANITA SUE DEAN Sheffield; Business Administration; Psy- chology, Sigma Tau Pi; Mental Health Club; AWS; BSU; Lionettes ANNE MARIE DeLOACH Walnut Grove; Home Economics; Wes- ley Foundation. DIANE VIRGINIA DERRICK Cullman; Biology; Geography; Conser- vation Club; BSU. DAVID BRUCE DISON Florence; Biology; Rehearsal Club. MAURICE THOMAS DODD Henagar; Mathematics; Basketball (1- 3). CLARENCE WOODROW DRISKILL Dawson; English; Secondary Education; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. JERRY V. DRIVER Hartselle; Chemistry; Biology; Mathe- matics; Pershing Rifles; ROTC Color Guard; Student Union Board; ACS; Young Republicans, President (3); Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council. RAY EDMONDSON Huntsville; History; English; Circle K Club; COC; FLOR-ALA, Sports Editor; Usher ' s Club; Red Cross Blood Mobile, Chairman (3). BRUCE WILLIAM EDWARDS, JR. Florence; Secondary Education; His- tory; English; F Club, Vice-President (3); Tennis Team (4); COC; SGA. PHYLLIS JORDAN ELKINS Sheffield; Secondary Education; Social Science; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi. DRIVER EDMONDSON EDWARDS ELKINS 87 T 4 EPPERSON ERWIN EVEREn FARE MARTHA JILL EPPERSON Haleyville. SHARON GENEVA ERWIN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Music; Sociol- ogy; MENC; Wesley Foundation; Colle- giate Singers; Sigma Sigma Kappa ; Civi- nettes. BILLY MAURICE EVERETT Huntsville; Biology; Civitan Club; ACS; Conservation Club. DONA FARE Sheffield; Elementary Education. DORIS JEAN FAULKNER Florence; Elementary Education; Choir; AWC. OLIVER O ' NEAL FLINT Muscle Shoals; Political Science; Sociol- ogy; Sigma Sigma Kappa; SAEA. DONNA JEAN FORTENBERRY Haleyville; Physical Education; PE Club, Treasurer; Student Union Board; Major- ette (1-3), Head (2-3); ROTC Sponsor; Judicial Council (4); Choreographer for Lionettes. LINDA LOU FOSTER Bear Creek; Elementary Education. EMMA JANE FOWLER Florence; English; Sociology. ROSEMARY FOWLER Florence; Home Economics; Secondary Education; Home Ec Club, President; SGA; AWC; Inter-President ' s Council. I i FAULKNER I FLINT FORTENBERRY FOSTER E. FOWLER R. FOWLER 88 FRANKS FRUTIGER GAMBLE GAMMON GENTRY GERALD D. FRANKS G uin; Chemistry; Biology; ACS. JOHN ERNEST FRUTIGER Cullman; Biology; Chemistry; Wildlife Conservation Club. DRENDA DALE GAMBLE Huntsville; Social Science; Student Un- ion Board (1); Alpha Sigma Lambda (4). NANCY CARROLL GAMMON Fayette; Secondary Education; Art; Bi- ology; Conservation Club; Student Art League; Beta Beta Beta. SHARON LEE GENTRY Decatur; Secondary Education; English; Sociology; Wesley Foundation; Lionettes; SGA; Sigma Tau Delta; Homecoming Queen, 1965. MURIEL DYAR GLAISTER Hamilton; Biology; Political Science; Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta. BYROM O. GOODWIN Cullman; Biology; Psychology; Conser- vation Club; Football (1). CLINTON ADDISON GOULD Florence; English; Dramatic Arts; Re- hearsal Club (1-3); English Club, Vice- President (3); Sigma Tau Delta; FLOR-ALA Staff; LIGHTS SHADOWS, Editor (3). THOMAS JERRY GRANTLAND Decatur; History; Secondary Education; Political Science; Band; FLOR-ALA Staff. MICHAEL EDWIN GRAY Fairhope; English; F Club, Sgt.-At-Arms, Vice-President; Inter Presidents Council; SGA. GLAISTER GOODWIN GOULD GRANTLAND GRAY 89 GRAYBOW GREEN GRIEBEL GRIGSBY EDWARD JAY GRAYBOW New York, New York; History; Political Science. BARBARA GREEN Loretto, Tennessee; Home Economics; Science; Home Ec Club; BSU. REINHART G. GRIEBEL Huntsville; Social Science; Business Administration; SGA, President; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Inter-Presidents Council- Alabama Association of Student Body Presidents. AARON DAVIS GRIGSBY Rogersville; Zoology; Chemistry; ACS. LARRY TALFORD GRISSOM Tuscumbia; Physical Education; History; Secondary Education; F Club; PE Club; Basketball (1-3); Baseball (1-4). LARRY WAYNE HAEGER Florence; Chemistry; Math; ACS; Newman Club. LINDA JEANETTE HALL Albertville; Elementary Education; Wes- ley Foundation, Inter-Faith Council, Secre- tary. WILLIAM THOMAS HALLMAN Tuscumbia; Business Administration; Geography. EDDIE LASKEL HAMILTON Tishomingo, Mississippi; English; His- tory. LENICE JOHNSON HAMMOCK Russellville; Business Education. i GRISSOM i HAEGER HALL HALLMAN HAMILTON HAMMOCK 90 HATTON HARRISON DAVID H. HAMMOND Lexington; Mathematics; Business Ad- ministration; Kapr-a AAu Epsilon. BARBARA GAIL ti An RICK Hfncc Hie; Business Administration; Home Economics; Home Ec Club; FLOR- ALA Staff; Sigma Alpha AAu. CAROLYN JOYCE HARAWAY Rogersville; Home Economics. BARBARA JEAN HARRISON Russellville; Social Science; English. MORRIS WAYNE HATTON Russellville; Accounting; Economics. DONALD H. HAWKINS Huntsville; Business Administration; Economics; Sigma Alpha AAu. ANN W. HAYES Cherokee; Elementary Education. LARRY GLENN HAYES Florence; Biology; Chemistry; COC; Conservation Club. ROBBY JOEL HAYES Iron City, Tennessee; Business Adminis- tration; Biology. LACY ROLLINS HERRIN Florence; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi; COC, Secretary; Bloodmobile Chairman (4). HAWKINS A. HAYES L. HAYES R. HAYES HERRIN 91 G. HESTER L. HESTER GERALD RAY HESTER Russellville; Biology; Conservation Club. LYNN LEIGH HESTER Tuscumbia; Home Economics. WILLIAM KENNETH HEWLETT Tuscumbia; History; Political Science; ACS; History Club. JOYCE COLLUM HODGE Tuscumbia; Secretarial Science; Sociol- ogy; BSU, Executive Council. JERRY WAYNE HODGES Florence; Business Administration; Eco- nomics. HEWLETT RICHARD WARREN HODGES Fairfax, Virginia; Physical Education; Geography; Football (1,3); Basketball (1). JOYCE EDWINA HOLCOMBE Holly Pond; Home Economics; Home Ec Club; Kappa Omicron Phi. SONJA ANITA HOLLADAY Danville; Chemistry; Biology; Second- ary Education; Beta Beta Beta. ARLENE HOLLEY Vernon; Elementary Education; SAEA. LYNDA KAYE HOLLEY Red Bay; Social Science; English; Sigma Sigma Kappa; English Club. HODGE J. HODGES [ R. HODGES HOLCOMBE HOLLADAY A. HOLLEY L. HOLLEY 92 T- 4 I HOLMES M. HOWELL H. NORTON K. HORTON HOUGH BARBARA JANE HOLMES Huntsville; Home Economics; Sociology; Home Ec Club; Turris Fidelis Award Committee; ROTC Sponsor. HAROLD WAYNE HORTON Moulton; English; Sociology. KENNETH WADE HORTON Florence; Business Administration. CHARLES BRITAIN HOUGH Decatur; Business Administration; Psy- chology; Sigma Tau Pi. MILLIE KATHERINE HOWELL Haleyville; Secondary Education; Eng- lish. RICHARD PAUL HOWELL Scottsboro; Zoology; Psychology; COC. CHARLES FERROLL HUGHEN Florence; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi. MARY BETH HUGHES Hanceville; English; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; English Club; SAEA; Sigma Tau Delta. JUDITH LOVELACE HUMPHRIES Florence; Zoology; Chemistry; BSU; Choir; AWC; Beta Beta Beta, Reporter (2), Vice-President (3). SARAH ELLEN HUNNICUTT Huntsville; Art; Spanish; SAEA; Student Art League, Vice-President (3); BSU; AWS, Treasurer (4); Spanish Club, Secretary (3); Alpha Psi Omega; Baccalaureate Usher (3). HUGHES HUMPHRIES HUNNICUTT 93 HUNTER HYATT INGLE JAMES G. BRADLEY HUNTER Florence; Chemistry. MARTHA PATRINKA HYATT Addison; Secretarial Science; ogy; Sigma Tau Pi; BSU. Sociol- BETTY SUE INGLE Sheffield; Biology; Chemistry; Spanish; Beta Beta Beta; Secretary; BSU, Execu- tive Council; Collegiate Singers. CAROLE WILLINGHAM JAMES Florence; Elementary Education. JEWELL WYATT JEFFREY Florence; Business Administration; COC, President; Inter Presidents Council; Football(l). JUDY BURTON JEFFREYS Town Creek; English; Secretarial Sci- ence; SGA; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; Cheerleader; Miss Charming; Homecoming Court. ANNETTE JENKINS Decatur; Physical Education; Psychol- ogy. JANET MARIE JOHNSON Florence; Elementary Education; AWC; SAEA; BSU. KATHRYN LYNNE JOHNSON Sheffield; Art; Sociology; Art League; Lionettes, Field Director (4); DIORAMA Beauty (2-3); Homecoming Court; WSGA; Circle K Sweetheart (4). MARTHA SUE JOHNSTON Florence; English; Art; Secondary Edu- cation; AWC; Mental Health Club; Wesley Foundation, Reporter; Young Republi- cans, Secretary; Junior Year Abroad, In- stitute for American Universities, Aix-en- Provence, France. d JEFFREY JEFFREYS ( JENKINS J. JOHNSON K. JOHNSON JOHNSTON 94 G. JONES R. JONES T. JONES V. JONES i JORDAN GLENDA BROGHTON JONES Scottsboro; Music Education; MENC. RALPH G. JONES Muscle Shoals. THOMAS M. JONES Gadsden; Business Administration; Alpha Chi. VONDALYN JONES Falkville; Home Economics; Chemistry; Home Ec Club, Secretary (2); ACS, Secre- tary-Treasurer (3); Kappa Delta Pi, Secre- tary; Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary; SGA. CHARLOTTE JERNIGAN JORDAN Florence; Elementary Education. CAROL ELAINE KENNAMER Woodville; Secondary Education; Math- ematics; Biology; SAEA; Conservation Club; Beta Beta Beta; Secretary; Gradua- tion Usher. WILLIAM KEITH KENNEDY St. Joseph, Tennessee; Math; Econom- ics. ROWENA LOVETT KILGOAR Tuscumbia; Business Education. DON KENNETH KILLEN St. Joseph, Tennessee; Social Science; Psychology. ROBERT E. KILLEN Florence; Marketing Retailing. KENNAMER s KENNEDY KILGOAR D. KILLEN R. KILLEN 95 LAMB LANDERS LAONER LAWLER MARTINA ANN LAMB Huntsville; Secondary Education; Math; English; Kappa Mu Epsilon; BSU. MARY GENE LANDERS Priceville; History; Political Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Sigma Tau Pi; Civi- nettes; Inter-President ' s Council. DAVID C. LADNER Sheffield; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi, President. DOUG LAWLER Huntsville; Business Administration; Economics; Sigma Alpha Mu. PATSY CAROL LAWLER Russellville; Art; Psychology; Majorette, 65-66. ROBERT BURTON LE CATES Florence; Accounting; Economics; COC; Alpha Chi. MARTHA SUE LEE Town Creek; Elementary Education; SAEA; Band (1). MARTHA FRANCES LINDSEY Florence; Secondary Education; Home Economics; Science; Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation. MAUDE ELLEN LITTRELL Florence; English; Library Science; Al- pha Beta Alpha; English Club; AWC; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta. MARTHA FRANCES LODEN Hamilton; Elementary Education; Inter President ' s Council; SAEA; Christian Stu- dent Fellowship; AWS; Junior Class Sec- retary; Graduation Usher; Woman of the Year; Hall of Fame Committee. LAWLER, P. LE CATES LEE LINDSEY LITTRELL LODEN 96 i LEDBEnER LOVELACE LOVETT LUCAS LYNCH JERRY REA LEDBEnER Vina; Math; Chemistry. JUDY RICHARDSON LOVELACE Florence; Home Economics; Science; Home Ec Club. BETTY JUMPER LOVETT Florence; Elementary Education. VERNON JACKSON LUCAS Florence; Chemistry; Biology; Geogra- phy. JAMES E. LYNCH Birmingham; History; Political Science; Secondary Education; Sigma Sigma Kappa; SGA; Junior Class President; FLOR-ALA Staff. HOWIE LOYD LYONS Bessemer; Physical Education; History; Collegiate Civitan, President; Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council, Vice-President; Senior Class Vice-President; SGA, Vice-President. LAVOYE CONRAD McCANLESS Florence; History; Political Science; Secondary Education. ROSE ANN McCORKLE Florence; Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi (1-4); Student Union Board (2-4); SGA; AWC; Sophomore Class Vice-Presi- dent. DANNY HUGH McCORMICK Rogersville; Music Education; Band; Choir; COC; Collegiate Singers; MENC. MICKI MOORE McCORMICK Battle Creek, Michigan; Business Edu- cation; Library Science; Library Science Club. LYONS M. McCORMICK 97 J I McCREARY McCULLOUGH Mcdonald McEVOY WILLIAM MARCUS McCREARY Florence; Retail Marketing; Economics; Sigma Alpha AAu. PEGGY ANN Mc CULLOUGH Moulton; Elementary Education; Sociol- ogy; Choir; AWS; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Cheerleader (3,4). THOMAS GLEN McDONALD Florence; History; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Conservation Club; Sigma Sigma Kappa. EDWARD GEORGE McEVOY Willingboro, New Jersey; History; Sec- ondary Education; Graduation Usher. DEWEY TIMOTHY McGEE Florence; Biology; Chemistry; Basket- ball (2). KENDRICK ALLEN McGEE Florence; Business Education; Sociol- ogy; Band; Sigma Tau Pi. DALTON LEE McGRAW Florence; Accounting; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi. JUDY ARLENE McKEE Florence. DENNIS MICHAEL McMINDS St. Calumet City, Illinois; Biology; Soci- ology; Psychology; Westminster Club (1,2) JOHN TONY McNUTT Haleyville; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Golf Team (1-4). L D. McGEE 98 McGRAW Mcpherson MADISON MALONE MANCE MANN SANDRA GAY McPHERSON Warrior; Elementary Education; SAEA; Band; Music Educators Club. SHERRY CHARLETTA MADISON Muscle Shoals; Secondary Education; History; Political Science; AWC; Re- hearsal Club; DIORAMA Staff. DOROTHY HESTER MALONE Decatur; Secondary Education; Busi- ness Education; English; Sigma Tau Pi; SNEA; Westminster Fellowship; Inter- President ' s Council. MARJORIE JANET MANCE Florence; Secretarial Science; History; Sigma Tau Pi; AWC. JOHNNIE FAYE MANN Haleyville; Business Education; Sociol- ogy; Sigma Tau Pi; Civinettes; Christian Student Fellowship; Sigma Alpha Mu. HOYT D. MARBUTT Florence; Accounting; Geography; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Chi; COC. KAREN BLOCKER MARBUTT Florence; Elementary Education; Eng- lish; SAEA; English Club; Alpha Beta Al- pha. DAWN MENEFEE MARSH Florence; Art; History; Student Art League, President. GAIL ALETHA MARSHALL Florence; English; Biology; Music; Sec- ondary Education. CONNIE CLAY MARTIN Florence; Secretarial Science; Sociol- ogy; Sigma Tau Pi. H. MARBUTT K. MARBUTT MARSH MARSHALL C. MARTIN 99 M. MARTIN S. MARTIN MAULDIN MARE MARTIN Jacksonville, Florida; Zoology; Psychol- ogy; Student Union Board; Conservation Club, Secretary (3), President (4); Best Dressed Runner-Up. SANDRA KATHLEEN MARTIN Russellville; Chemistry; Math; ACS; Civinettes; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Comm- encement Usher. LAWRENCE DANIEL MAULDIN Florence; Biology; Social Science; Sec- ondary Education. DAVID H. MEHLBERG Florence; Biology; Chemistry; Business Administration. ROBERT WILLIAM MELVIN Florence; Business Administration; Geography; COC. KEN LEE MESA Key West, Florida; Secondary Educa- tion; Conservation Club; Physical Educa- tion; Baseball (1-4); Sports Publicity Director (1-2). SPENCER DWAIN MICHAEL Lexington; Business Administration; Economics. THELMA ANN MILLIGAN Sheffield; Business Administration; Economics; Wesley Foundation; Phi Beta Lambda; AWC. HELEN ELAINE MINER Florence; Art; Psychology; Sociology. WILLIAM FRANKLIN MITCHELL Phil Campbell; Social Science; Political Science. MEHLBERG MESA 4 L MICHAEL MILLIGAN MINER MITCHELL A 100 I MOOMAW H. MOORE K. MOORE H. MORGAN I S. MORGAN ROBERT S. MOOMAW Vina; Secondary Education; Physical Education; History; P.E. Club. HAROLD D. MOORE Falkville; Chemistry; Biology; Conserva- tion Club, Vice-President (4). KERRY ANNE MOORE Bessemer; Accounting; Sociology; Sigma Alpha Mu. HELEN MORGAN Cherokee; Chemistry; Biology; Second- ary Education; Inter-President ' s Council, Secretary-Treasurer (4); Wesley Founda- tion; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi, President (4); Who ' s Who; Collegiate Singers; Graduation Usher. STEPHEN CLARK MORGAN Florence; Chemistry. BETTY JO MORRIS Falkville; Secondary Education; English; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. PATRICIA SUE MORROW Red Bay; Home Economics; Music; Science BSU; Home Ec Club; WSGA; Collegiate Singers; Who ' s Who; Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice-President. DONALD LEE MORTON Huntsville; Marketing; Mu, Vic e-President. Sigma Alpha DORIS FAYE MOTE Sheffield; Elementary Education; BSU; SAEA; AWC. REBECCA VANCE MYERS Lafayette, Georgia; Zoology; English. MORRIS MORROW MORTON MOTE MYERS 101 NAGLE JOANNE HARRIETT NAGLE Huntsville; Accounting; Mathematics; Newman Club, Vice-President; Alpha Beta Alpha; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi. JUDY NARMORE Muscle Shoals; Secondary Education; Biology; History; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi, Epsilon Psi Chapter. JO ANN NEILL Decatur; English; Sociology; Wesley Foundation; Choir; ROTC Sponsor. JERRY RAY OLIVE Florence; Business Administration; Polit- ical Science; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu. RICHARD E. OLIVE Florence; Chemistry; Political Science; NARMORE NEILL Young Republicans, President. ROBERT SELWYN OLIVE Florence. BRENDA GAY OLIVER Russellville; Elementary Education; AWC, AWS Representative; DIORAMA Beauty. JAMES ROSS O ' MALLEY Tuscumbia; History; Geography. CHARLOTTE DENISE ORRICK Vina; Social Science; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; Sigma Sigma Kappa. CLARA D. OSBORN Sheffield; Elementary Education. J. R. OLIVE R. E. OLIVE R. S. OLIVE OLIVER O ' MALLEY ORRICK OSBORN 102 OWENS PACE B. PALMER L. PALMER L. PARKER i O. PARKER i SANDRA NELLEE OWENS Town Creek; Home Economics; Sci- ence; Home Economics Club; Civinettes, President; BSU; SAEA; Lionettes. MARTHA LOU PACE Phil Campbell; Elementary Education. BARBARA GAIL PALMER Bridgeport; Social Science; Psychology; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Secretary (3), Vice- President (4); SGA; AWS, Vice-President (3); BSU. LARRY RUSSELL PALMER Muscle Shoals; Chemistry; American Chemical Society. Biology; LINDA GODSEY PARKER Haleyville; Secondary Education; Social Science; Biology; Band; AWC; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian; Christian Student Fellowship. ORVILLE ERNEST PARKER, JR. Red Bay; Biology; History. DANA LEE PATRICK Lacey ' s Spring; English; Library Sci- ence; SAEA; English Club; Alpha Beta Alpha; Sigma Tau Delta. ROBERT DOUGLAS PEACE Florence; Business Administration; Eco- nomics; Sigma Alpha Mu. JUDITH LYNETTE PEINHARDT Cullman; Business Education; Biology; Student Union Board, Vice-President; AWS. GLENN ERICK PETERS Florence; Chemistry; Zoology; Math; Physics; Physics Award. PATRICK PEACE PEINHARDT PETERS 103 i D. D. PHILLIPS D. L. PHILLIPS PIERCE PORTER DON DARREL PHILLIPS Lorain, Ohio; Marketing Retailing; Economics; COC; Pershing Rifles; DIOR- AMA Staff; Tennis Team (3,4). DUANE LEE PHILLIPS Lorain, Ohio; Marketing Retailing; DIORAMA Staff; FLOR-ALA Staff. ROY CHARLES PIERCE Jasper; Chemistry; Club, Vice-President. Biology; Civitan CHARLES ANTHONY PORTER Lexington; Biology; Chemistry; Second- ary Education; Conservation Club. ANITA LOUISE PRATT Haleyville. TROY DANIEL PUTMAN Lexington; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi, Vice-President. CAROLYN JUNE RANDOLPH Hackleburg; Elementary Education. BILLY ABNER REDDEN Florence; Political Science; Biology. NANCY CAROLYN RHODEN Florence; Secondary Education; English. HUBERT L. POWELL, JR. Cullman; Biology; Chemistry; ACS (2- 4); Westminster Fellowship (3,4). PRATT i PUTMAN RANDOLPH REDDEN RHODEN POWELL 104 RICHTER ROBERTSON ROBINSON RODEN ROUSE JACK JOSEPH RICHTER Cullman; Math; Physics; Speech; Re- hearsal Club; Young Democrats; Alpha Psi Omega; Kappa Mu Epsilon. SHELBY JEAN ROBERTSON Vernon; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi. SHELBY JEAN ROBINSON Russellville; Secondary Education; His- tory; English. DORIS JANE RODEN Cullman; Home Economics. JAMES KENDALL ROUSE Sarasota, Florida; Chemistry. JIMMY E. RUSHING Bear Creek; Chemistry; Math. BOBBY GENE RUSSELL Cordova; Biology; Chemistry; Football (1-4); F Club; Vice-President of Senior Class. CLAUD DOUGLAS RUSSELL Hayden; Physical Education; Biology; Secondary Education; Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foundation; Physical Education Club. PATRICIA RAWLS RUSSELL Sheffield; Art; Secondary Education; English; Student Art League; English Club; Kappa Pi, Vice-President. PAMELA SAMS Decatur; Math; Zoology; BSU; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer, Presi- dent; Beta Beta Beta. RUSHING B. RUSSELL C. RUSSELL P. RUSSELL SAMS 105 SANDLIN SASSER SCHULTZ SHADDIX NATALIE ELEANOR SANDLIN Sheffield; Elementary Education; Li- brary Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. BRADLEY B. SASSER, JR. Sheffield; Math; Chemistry; Circle K Club, Treasurer; ACS; Usher ' s Club Junior Class Treasurer; Graduation Usher. JERRY WILLIAM SCHULTZ Huntsville; Accounting, Biology; Foot- ball (1-4). LEORA JAYNE SHADDIX Double Springs; Business Administra- tion; Music; Band. ROBERT GEORGE SHAMY New Brunswick, New Jersey; Second- ary Education, Political Science. PHILLIP WAYNE SHELTON Florence; History; Biology; Secondary Education; SAEA. PEGGY WOOD SHULTS Tuscumbia; Secondary Education; Westminster Fellowship. MYRA HAND SHULTZ Loretta; Marketing Retailing; Eco- nomics; Sigma Tau Pi. PATSY ANN SIMS Courtland; Math; English; BSU. DOUGLAS ARGENE SLEDGE Sheffield; Chemistry; Physics; ACS; Pershing Rifles (1,2). SHAMY SHELTON SHULTS SHULTZ SIMS SLEDGE 106 J. SMITH M. G. SMITH M. E. SMITH M. P. SMITH I R. SMITH I JOYCE MARIE SMITH Cullman; Zoology; Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta, Historian. MARGUERITE GRESHAM SMITH Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA. MARILYN ELIZABETH SMITH Russellville; Home Economics; Band; Home Economics Club; SGA; Majorette. MARTHA PAULETTE SMITH Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA; Alpha Beta Alpha; AWC, Secretary; ROTC Sponsor. ROGER LEE SMITH Tuscumbia; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. SHIRLEY ANN SMITH Rossville, Georgia; Elementary Educa- tion; SAEA, Outstanding Member (3); Civ- inettes; BSU. STANLEY MILTON SMITH Florence; Chemistry; Physics; American Chemical Society. SUZANNE AUSTIN SMITH Fayette; Physical Education; Sociology; P. E. Club; Student Union Board; Inter- President ' s Council; Christian Student Fel- lowship; Young Republicans Club. SANDRA SOCKWELL Florence; Home Economics; English; Kappa Omicron Phi; Sigma Tau Delta. MARY KATHERINE SPARKS Florence; Elementary Education; Art. S. A. SMITH S. M. SMITH S. A. SMITH SOCKWELL M. SPARKS 107 P. SPARKS SPIVEY SPRINGER SQUIRE PAMELA SUE SPARKS Warrio r; Business Education; Art; Sigma Tau Pi; Civinettes; BSU; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Art League. JIMMIE NELL SPIVEY Florence; Secondary Education; Eng- lish; Sociology; BSU; SGA; English Club. GARY DON SPRINGER Florence; Accounting; Alpha Chi. NANCY GAYLE SQUIRE Huntsville; Physical Education; History; Student Union Board; DIORAMA Staff; Inter-President ' s Council. JOYCE LABELLE STANFIELD Florence; Elementary Education. SARA DALE STANFORD Cullman; English; Library Science; Al- pha Beta Alpha; English Club; BSU. ANGELA B. STANSELL Tuscumbia; Business Education; Eco- nomics. JEAN A. STEVENS Florence; Elementary Education; French. MARILYN ANNE STEVERSON Sheffield; English; Sociology; Library Science; Alpha Sigma Lambda; AWC. FULTON HUMPHREY STOKES Harvest; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Pi. 4 STANFIELD STANFORD i I I STANSELL STEVENS STEVERSON STOKES 108 STOVALL STRANGE STUTTS STERLING A TATE F. TAYLOR SHARON BENNETT STOVALL Florence; Business Education; History; Sigma Alpha Mu, Secretary; ROTC Spon- sor. SHIRLEY ANN STRANGE Florence; English; History; AWC; Eng- lish Club; Rehearsal Club. RICHARD ALAN STUTTS Florence; History; Political Science; Graduation Marshall. PATSY LEE STERLING Addison; History; Math; BSU; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Social Chairman; Civi- nettes, Membership Chairman, Chaplain. LESLIE ROSS TATE Oxford; Chemistry; Math; American Chemical Society. FREDDY MORRIS TAYLOR Kennedy; Secondary Education; Physi- cal Education; Circle K Club; P. E. Club, Vice-President; Baseball (1-4); Usher at Baccalaureate. NED ROGER TAYLOR Florence; Biology; Business Administra- tion. CAROL DEAN TEDDER Florence; Elementary Education; AWS, Town Representative; AWC; SAEA. ROBERT WILLIAM TEMPLIN Gadsden; History; English; Band Color Guard; Ushers Club; COC; Civitan Club. GLENDA TERRY Courtland; Business Administration; Economics; Biology. TERRY 109 TERRY THOMAS THOMPSON THORNHILL MARILYN JOHNSON TERRY AAt. Hope; Elementary Education. MARILYN VAUGHN THOMAS Huntsville; English; Social Science Cog- nate; Sigma Sigma Kappa; English Club, Publicity Chairman; Inter-President ' s Council; AWS; Sigma Tau Delta. CECIL LYNN THOMPSON Florence; Physical Education; Sociol- ogy; F Club; P. E. Club; Football (1-4). PHYLLIS COLLEEN THORNHILL Boaz. JOHN W. TIPPER, III Florence; History; Pershing Rifles. Political Science; HELEN DOTSON TITTLE Tuscumbia; Elementary Education. JOHNNY LEE TOMPKINS Russellville; History; Political Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Civitan Club; Young Republican Club; Wesley Founda- tion; FLORA-ALA. GARY LEVON TRAPP Sheffield; Zoology; Chemistry; COC, Treasurer; Pershing Rifles. JOHN HOUSTON TUCKER Decatur; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. SHARON LYNNE TURNER Huntsville; Business Education; English; Inter-President ' s Council; Student Union Board, President; Sigma Tau Pi. TIPPER I TITTLE TOMPKINS TRAPP TUCKER TURNER no i UHLMAN VICK VICKERS VINSON J WAGNER MARTHA JOYCE UHLMAN Tuscumbia; Home Economics; Science; Home Ec Club; BSU. JANET LEA VICK Florence; Secondary Education; Eng- lish; AWC; FLOR-ALA Staff; Kappa Delta Pi; English Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Who ' s Who; Sophomore Class Secretary; Editor- in-Chief, 1967 DIORAMA. JACQUELYN ESTELLE VICKERS Huntsville; Music Education; Biology; MENC (2-4), Vice-President (4); Conserva- tion Club (3); Band (1-4); Choir; BSU; Graduation Usher. BONNITA JANE VINSON Russellville; Business Education; tory; Sigma Alpha Mu. His- BILLY NORMAN WAGNER, JR. Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Political Sci- ence; Circle K Club; FLOR-ALA Staff; COC; SGA. SAUNDRA JANE WALDROP Michie, Tennessee; Business Education; Sociology. JAMES RAY WALKER Huntsville; Physical Education; Second- ary Education; P. E. Club (2-4); Circle K Club (1-4); Baseball (1,2). ALBERT LEE WALLACE, JR. Florence. JOHN L. WALLACE Athens; Accounting; Alpha Chi. MARY JOYCE WALLACE Florence; Social Science. WALDROP WALKER A. WALLACE J. WALLACE M. WALLACE ill S. WALLACE WALTERS WARHURST SUSAN EDMONDSON WALLACE Cherokee; Social Science; Library Sci- ence; Alpha Beta Alpha; Sigma Sigma Kappa; BSU; AWC. JOHN DAVID WALTERS Florence; History. JUDY ANN WARHURST Florence; Chemistry; Biology. BELVA EADY WATKINS Muscle Shoals; Elementary Education. JAMES EDWARD WEEMS Town Creek; Math; Chemistry; Civitan Club; Westminster Fellowship; Choir. PEGGY JEAN WEEMS Florence; Elementary Education; AWC, Vice-President; SGA; Student Union Board. WALTER EDMUND WELLS Florence, Mississippi; Business Adminis- tration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Theta Kappa; Graduation Usher; Choir; Colle- giate Singers. VERNON VANCE WESSON Florence; Art; Business; Wesley Foun- dation; Student Art League; Kappa Pi; Golf Team (3); Young Democrats Club. JOHN LAWRENCE WHISENANT Birmingham; Business Administration; History; Pershing Rifles; Band Color Guard. WILDA GAYLE WHISENANT Morgan City; Biology; Secondary Edu- cation; Math; BSU; Conservation Club. WATKINS J. WEEMS P. WEEMS j WELLS WESSON J. WHISENANT W. WHISENANT 112 WHITE I WILLIS A mtm WILBANKS WILCOXSON WILLIAMS CHARLES WAYNE WHITE Athens; Business Administration; Social Science. DON WARREN WILBANKS Florence. MARVIN WAYNE WILCOXSON Iron City, Tennessee; Accounting; Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi, Treasurer. ALBERT ELVIS WILLIAMS Bear Creek; Business Administration; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi, Vice-President (4); Sigma Alpha AAu, President (4); Inter- President ' s Council, (4). SARAH MALINDA WILLIS Russellville; English; Art; Westminster Fellowship; Cheerleader (3,4), Head (4); Graduation Usher. JAMES DENSON WILSON Florence; Accounting; Economics; Al- pha Chi. JAMES ELLIE WILSON Florence; Chemistry; English. SHARON LeJEUNE WILSON Guin. NELDA RUTH WINDHAM Nauvoo; English; Library Science; Al- pha Beta Alpha. DONNIE EDWARD WINTER Florence; History; Political Science. J. D. WILSON 2 J. E. WILSON S. WILSON WINDHAM WINTER 113 - B. WRIGHT H. WRIGHT WYLIE BARBARA JANE WRIGHT Sheffield; Mathematics; Chemistry; Kappa Mu Epsilon; SGA; AWC; ACS, Secretary. HOWARD T. WRIGHT Tuscumbia; Secondary Education, Physical Education; Geography; P.E. Club. JERRY ALLEN WYLIE Florence; Social Science; Art; Secondary Education; Student Art League. ir Senior Class Officers: Martha Logan, Lynne Johnson, Bobby Russell, Dwight Cagle, James Lynch. 114 ROTC Brigade Drill. Yeah . . . just as I figured another dumb freshman. 115 UNDERCLASSMEN " IfiH 1 Abston, Stephen Florence Fr. Accardi, Jim Huntsville Fr. Acree, Karen Huntsville Jr. Adams, Bobby luka, Miss. So. Adams, Charles Sheffield Jr. Aday, Gloria Decatur So. Agee, Mary Sheffield Fr. Airheart, Sarah Scottsboro Fr. Akers, Roger Guin Fr. Akins, Susan Sheffield Fr. Albright, Helen Tuscumbia Fr. Aldridge, David Muscle Shoals Fr. Alexander, Cat hryn Moulton Jr. Alexander, Elizabeth Florence So. Alexander, Joyce Anderson Fr. Alexander, Michael Olive Hill Tenn. Fr. Alexander, Polly Florence So. Alexander, Sandra Rogersville Fr. Alford, Ann Falkville Fr. Allfrey, Susan Athens So. Amos, Judy Decatur Fr. Anderson, Arthur Madison Fr. Anderson, Brenda Haleyville Fr. Anderson, Brenda Cullman Fr. Anderson, Emma Florence So. Anderson, Gary Rome, Georgia So. Anderson, Mary Huntsville Jr. Andrews, Francis Florence Jr. Andrews, Wonda Sheffield Fr. Archer, Sherron Sheffield Fr. Armstrong, Donald Sheffield So. Aston, Paula Florence So. 118 Atwell, Robert Sheffield So. Austin, Brenda Leighton So. Austin, Linda Florence Fr. Austin, Roy Decatur Fr. Avery, Leigh Sheffield Fr. Ayers, Patricia Guntersville Fr. Barak, Delores Huntsville So. Baccus, Glenda Haleyville So. Bailey, Garland Anderson So. Baker, Anita Huntsville Fr. Baker, Margie Sheffield So. Balch, Clyde Athens So. Balch, Mike Rogersville Fr. Balch, William Lexington Jr. Ballentine, Brenda Russellville So. Baltimore, Claud Florence So. Baltimore, Floyd Florence Fr. Bankston, James Tuscumbia Fr. Barclay, Becky Scottsboro Jr. Barnes, Charlene Scottsboro Jr. Barnes, John Birmingham Jr. Barnes, Martha Sulligent Fr. Barnes, Nancy Cherokee Fr. Barnett, Archie Rogersville Fr. Barr, Mart ha Florence Jr. Barton, Daniel Florence Fr. Bates, Margie Eva Fr. Batts, Jerry Athens Fr. 119 Batts, John Athens Jr. Baum, Robert Huntsville So. Beadle, Beverly Florence So. Beasley, Barry Town Creek Fr. Beasley, Martha Red Bay So. Beason, Rebecca Florence Jr. Beatty, Vicki Huntsville Fr. Bechard, Camilla Sheffield Fr. Beckham, William Florence Fr. Beckner, Howard Florence So. Beene, Dino Town Creek Jr. Belew, Martha Sheffield So. Bell, Charles Ethelsville So. Bellis, John Florence So. Berry, James Scottsburg, Indiana Berry, Patricia Haleyville So. Berryman, Judy Athens So. Berryman, Pat Town Creek So. Berryman, Patti Athens Fr. Beuerlein, Robert Loretto, Tenn. Fr. Bevis, Bertis Florence So. Billions, Susan Huntsville So. Bingham, Janet Russellville Fr. Birdwell, Edmond Rogersville Jr. Bishop, Dorothy Russellville Jr. Bishop, Doris Russellville Jr. Bishop, Keith Huntsville So. Bishop, Vicky Russellville So. Black, Linda Tuscumbia Fr. Blackman, James Muscle Shoals Fr. Blackwelder, Dana Haleyville So. Blankenship, Shirley Haleyville So. 120 Blasingame, Jimmy Cypress Inn, Tenn. Boatwright, George Tuscumbio Jr. Bobo, Jack Florence So. Bobo, Carol Woodville Fr. Bolton, Marlie Red Boy Jr. Bonner, William Phil Campbell So. Bonnes, William Brooklyn, N.Y. So. Boswell, Kay Red Bay So. Bowen, Herbert Juliet, Illinois Jr. Bowlin, Karla Florence Jr. Bowling, Judy Somerville Fr. Boyd, Charlotte Birmingham Fr. Boyett, James Hamilton So. Bradford, Frankie Tuscumbia Fr. Bradford, Marhsall Florence Jr. Bradley, John FLIorence Fr. Bradley, Vonceil Florence So. Brady, Judy Huntsville Jr. Bragwell, Billy Russellville Jr. Bratcher, Ronald Cloverdale So. Browner, Lynne Huntsville So. Bray, Charles Russellville Fr. AiMy Brazil, Joe Florence So. Brewer, Elaine Florence Fr. Brewer, James Spruce Pine So. Brewer, Joan Huntsville Fr. Brewer, Rebecca Florence Fr. Brewer, Ronnie Florence Fr. Brewer, Wynell Moulton So. Brewster, Billy Hollywood So. Brians, Dewanna Cherokee Fr. Bridges, James Tuscumbia So. 121 Bridges, Jerry Red Boy So. Bridges, Mary Waynesboro, Tenn. Fr. Bridges, Una Huntsville Fr. Briggs, Wendell Florence Fr. Britnell, Mary Florence Jr. Britt, Beverly Florence Jr. Britton, William Cullman So. Broadfoot, Barbara Florence So. Brown, William Phil Campbel Bryan, Edwin Florence Fr. Bryan, Reba Falkville Fr. Bruce, Merita Florence So. Bryant, Charles Decatur So. Bulger, Sandra Florence Fr. Bulger, Patricia Florence Jr. Bullard, Tommy Huntsville Fr Bullen, Thomas Red Bay So. Bulls, Pearline Florence Fr. Bulls, William Killer. Fr. Burchfield, Billy Sheffield So. Burdine, Mike Huntsville Fr. Burgess, Charlie Muscle Shoals Burke, Mary Florence Fr. 122 Burleson, Anthony Russellville Fr. Burleson, Bobby Guin Jr. Burleson, Rex Florence So. Burlison, Ronnie Lawrenceburg, Tenn. So. Burritt, Ida Florence So. Burrow, Gerald Phil Campbell Jr. Burton, James Town Creek So. Busby, Michael Florence Fr. Butler, Annalie Brownsboro So Butram, Peggy Sheffield Jr. Buttram, Mac Holeyville Jr. Byrd, Betty Hillsboro Fr. Byrd, Susan Tuscumbia Fr. Cabaniss, Chris Muscle Shoals Fr Cabler, Carol Muscle Shoals Fr. Cabler, Jennie Florence Fr. Cabler, Kenneth Florence Fr. Cagle, Barbara Holeyville Jr. Cagle, Bruce Huntsville Fr. Cain, Glenda Killen Jr. Cain, Terry Florence Fr. Calvert, Velma Tuscumbia So. Camp, Judy Fairfield So. Campbell, Sandie Muscle Shoals So. Campbell, Samuel Holeyville So. Canerday, Norman Florence So. Cantrell, Earl Huntsville Fr. Cantrell, Janice Birmingham So. Capshaw, Carol Florence Fr. Caradonna, Charles Florence Fr. Caradonna, Martha Florence Jr. Carpenter, Brenda Town Creek So. 123 Carpenter, Nell Florence Fr. Carpenter, William Millport Jr. Carson, Judy Tuscumbia Fr. Carson, Richard Florence Fr. Carter, Jerry Holly Pond So. Carter, Joel Sheffield Fr. Carter, John Huntsville So. Carter, Johnny Huntsville Fr. Carter, Julia Section Jr. Carter, Niles Spruce Pine So. Cash, Robert Muscle Shoals So. Castner, Anthony Reading, Pa. Jr. Champion, Gregg Florence So. Chapin, Sarah Florence Fr. Cherry, Linda Huntsville So. Childs, Gary Florence So. Chism, David Sheffield Jr. Chowning, Gary Florence So. Christopher, Joseph Athens Jr. Christopher, Sandra Florence Jr. Clark, Karen Birmingham Jr. Clark, Nora Florence Fr. Clark, Randall Middletown, Ohio Clegg, Edith Cullman Jr. Cleghorn, Donna Addison So. Clement, Judy Sheffield Fr. Clemmons, Bobby Florence So. CI ingan, Michael Florence Fr. Cobb, Linda Toney Fr. Cobb, Nancy Sheffield Jr. Cobb, Ronnie Athens Fr. Cocke, Freida Sheffield Fr. 124 T Cockrell, Brenda Delmar So. Coffey, Sharon Decatur Fr. Coker, Linda Florence So. Colburn, Duel Hatton So. Colburn, Patricia Muscl e Shoals Fr. Cole, Hence Florence So. Coleman, Marguerite Ashtabula, Ohio Fr. Collier, Leonard Cullman Fr. Conner, Joyce Florence Jr. Conner, Linda Town Creek Fr. Conville, Sandra Falkville Fr. Cook, Dolores Lacey ' s Spring Jr Cooley, Patricia Huntsville Jr. Cooper, Bonnie Fayette So. Cooper, Brenda Hamilton Jr. Cooper, Deborah Somerville So Cooper, Elois Addison So. Cornelius, Martha Cherokee Fr. Cotney, Steven Huntsville Fr. Cottingham, David Trinity Fr. Counselman, Terry Thomasville Cowles, Winton Huntsville Jr. Cox, Peggy Florence Jr. Cox, Wanda Muscle Shoals Fi Craft, Rickie Huntsville Fr. Crawford, Eugene Ryan Fr. Creasy, Margaret Florence Fr Creel, Larry Holly Pond Fr. 125 Critzer, Brenda Baroda, Mich. Fr. Crosslin, Charles Town Creek Fr. Curry, Larry Huntsville Fr. Cutshall, Anita luka, Miss. Fr. Davis, Gary Russellville So. Davis, Janice Phil Campbell Jr Davis, Jerry Florence Jr. Davis, Linda Florence Fr. Davis, Patty Florence Fr. Davis, Rebecca Tuscumbia So. Davis, Susan Florence Fr. Day, Deborah Vahlermosa Springs DeArman, Larry Sheffield So. DeBolt, Linda Huntsville Fr. Debter, Dianne Sheffield So. Deerman, Linda Muscle Shoals Fr DeFreez, Melinda Huntsville Fr. DeLano, Gail Waterloo Fr. DeLoach, Ruth Madison Jr. 126 Denson, Elizabeth Cullman Fr. DeSilvey, Marion Memphis, Tenn. So. Deuel, Margaret Huntsville Fr. Dewberry, Janice Courtland Jr. Diggle, Eleanor Tuscumbia Fr. Dill, Larry Russellville So. Dlshongh, Laura West Point, Tenn. Dobbs, Sherrie Haleyville So. Jr. Dodson, Michael Cherokee Fr. Dollar, Billy Haleyville So. Dollar, Jimmy Haleyville Fr. Donaldson, Tom Sheffield So. Doming, Gerda Harvest Fr. Doss, Jim Florence So. Doss, Kenneth Tuscumbia Fr. Dotzheimer, Linda Huntsville So. Dovey, Barbara Decatur Fr. Downing, Robert Florence So. Doxie, Bernice Florence So. Driver, Betty Birmingham Fr. DuBoise, Finch Russellville Jr. DuBose, Glenn Vernon Jr. Duggar, Brenda Muscle Shoals Fr. Duke, Barbara Memphis, Tenn. So. Duke, Ina Florence Fr. Dukes, Pam Sheffield So. Dummier, Judy Elkmont Jr. Duncan, Sarah Hamilton Jr. Dunn, Gwen Fayette So. Eady, Max Muscle Shoals So. Eaker, Katherine Florence Fr. Eastep, Catherine Huntsville So. 127 Eastep, Marcia Florence Fr. Eaton, Pamela Florence Fr. Eckles, Deborah Muscle Shoals Fr Eddy, Gary Lacey ' s Spring Fr. Edens, Johnny Sheffield Fr. Edmundson, James Florence Fr. Edwards, Rebecca Florence So. Edwards, Robert Florence Jr. k Egan, Edward Florence Fr. Eggleston, Carrie Sheffield So. Elkins, Judy Gurley Jr. Elkins, Melvin Florence Fr. JLItfc Elliott, Louise Jasper So. Elliott, Thomas Florence Fr. Emens, Judson Tuscumbia Fr. Emerson, Clemmie Red Bay Jr. England, Frances Florence Fr. English, Larry Killen Fr. Entrekin, Wanda Phil Campbell Fr. Esslinger, Tommy Sheffield Jr. Etheridge, Frieda Rogersville Fr. Eudy, Sammy Haleyville So. Evans, Claudia Iron City, Tenn. So. Ev ans, Robert Tuscumbia So. Evans, William Tuscumbia So. Ezell, Herschel Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Jr. Fafard, Carole Huntsville Jr. Faiss, Linda Russellville Jr. Fanning, Judith Huntsville So. Farris, Gene Sheffield Jr. Farris, Kenneth Eldridge Fr. Faulkner, Mary Florence Fr. 128 Fenn, Angelyn Florence So. Fenn, Rosemary Florence Fr. Fields, Arthur Florence Fr. Fields, James Florence Fr. Fields, Larry Hartselle So. Finch, Judi Vernon Fr. Finney, Martha Scottsboro Jr. Firestone, Thomas Madison Fr Fish, Tommy Florence Jr. Flaherty, Claudia Florence Fr. Flanagan, Barbara Tuscumbia F Flanagan, Bobby Tuscumbia Jr. Fleenor, James Grand Island, Neb. Jr Flippo, David Florence Fr. Fondren, Karen Sheffield Fr. Fore, Rocky Florence Fr. Forehand, Michael Holly Hill, Fla. So. Forrester, Rita Loretto, Tenn. Fr. Forstner, Carol Huntsville Fr. Foster, Connie Huntsville Fr. Foster, Edwena Hillsboro Fr. Foust, Barbara Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Jr. Fouts, Carol Sheffield So. Fowler, Alice Muscle Shoals Jr. Fowler, Brenda Millport Jr. Fowler, Don Muscle Shoals Jr. Fowler, James Loretto, Tenn. Fr. Franks, Henry Brilliant Fr. Franks, Jimmy Fayette Jr. Frazier, Jerry Haleyville Jr. Frederick, Charles Russellville So. Frederick, Kathy Muscle Shoals Fr 129 Frederick, Linda Hackleburg So. Freemon, Sherry Russellville Fr. French, Cindy Florence So. Friar, Dwight Florence So. Frutiger, Jane Cullman So. Fry, Shelia Cherokee So. Fuller, Dawn Huntsville Fr. Gallien, James Athens So. Gardner, Kathy Sheffield Fr. Gardner, Myron Scottsboro So. Gardner, Nancy Florence So. Gargis, Warren Muscle Shoals Fr. Garner, Bonnie Sheffield Fr. Garrett, Vivian Grant Jr. Gasque, Jerry Leighton So. Gattis, Carolyn Huntsville So Gault, Meg Florence Jr. Gautney, Larry Killen Jr. Gean, Cheryl Florence Fr. Geise, Nancy Tuscumbia Fr. Gentle, Thomas Haleyville So. Gentry, Darla Huntsville So. Gibbs, Kay Barton Fr. Gilbert, Joe Sheffield Jr. Gist, Doris Killen Fr. Glaister, Jerome Florence Fr. Glasgow, Mary Bear Creek Jr. Gletty, James Hanceville So. Glover, Glenda Florence Fr. Glover, Julia Cherokee So. Gobell, Danny Florence Jr. Gober, Marcia Red Bay Fr. 130 Goode, Royal Rogersville Fr. Goode, Timothy Florence So. Goodlett, Phyllis Moulton Fr. Graham, Don Winter Garden, Fla. Graham, Marcellus Tuscumbia Fr. Graham, Robert Florence So. Grant, Joanne Florence So. Graves, Jacqueline Florence So. Gray, Victor Muscle Shoals Fr. Green, Allen Greenhill So. Green, Dianne Russellville So. Greene, Jo Decatur Fr. Greenhill, William Sheffield Jr. Greer, Clarance Russellville So. Griffin, Robert Florence So. Griffin, Ron Athens So. Griggs, Tillman Huntsville So. Grinstead, Pat Florence Jr. Grissom, Rebecca Leighton Fr. Grooms, Pamela Huntsville Jr. Guice, Gail Albertville So. Gullett, Jane Florence Jr. Gurley, Richard Somerville Jr. Gusmus, Sharon Tuscumbia Fr. Gwathney, Judy Scottsboro So. Haddock, Shirley Florence Fr. Haeger, Conrad Florence Fr. Hairell, Lewis Florence Fr. Hall, Jerry Florence Jr. Hall, John Florence Fr. Hamilton, Doug Florence Fr. Hammond, Jesse Florence So. 131 Hammond, Shirley Lexington So. Hampton, Mary Bear Creek Jr. Haney, Debra Athens Fr. Hankins, William Fayette So. Hannah, Melva Florence So. Hanson, Jim Florence Jr. Haralson, Millicent Tuscumbia So. Haraway, Cecil Rogersville Fr. Haraway, Roberta Rogersville Fr. Harbin, David Florence Fr. Harbin, Douglas Cullman So. Harbison, David Cullman Fr. Hardin, Charles Red Bay So. Hardin, William Florence So. Harding, John Leeds So. Hargett, John Florence Jr. Harkins, John Decatur Fr. Harland, Karon Cherokee Jr. Harris, Gloria Waynesboro, Tenn. So. Harris, James Florence Fr. Harris, Lois Russellville So. Harris, Mary Cherokee So. Harris, Nancy Waynesboro Fr. Harrison, Paula Florence So. Harrison, Peggy Cullman So. Hartley, John Madison Fr. Harvey, David Rogersville Jr. Harvey, Fredrick Jackson, Miss. Fr Hatfield, Maxine Florence Jr. Hatfield, Susan Mount Olive Fr. Hauerwas, Debe Florence Fr. Hauerwas, Jerry Florence Fr. 132 Hayes, Gloria Cherokee Fr. Hayes, Jacky Iron City, Term. Fr. Hayes, Mary Sheffield So. Hayes, Sandra Florence Jr. Haynes, Thomas Florence Fr. Helms, Steve Woodville So. Henderson, James Florence Fr. Henderson, James Millport Fr. Henry, Charles Tuscumbia So. Herrin, Dudley Florence Fr. Herring, Rita Sheffield Jr. Hester, Billy Russellville Jr. Hester, Charles Florence Jr. Hester, Evelyn Russellville Fr. Hester, James Florence Jr. Hester, John Russellville So. Heupel, Bettye Florence So. Hickman, Violet Corinth, Miss. Jr. Hicks, Nelda Hazel Green Jr. Higdon, Judy Muscle Shoals Fr. Higginbotham, Mary Florence Fr. Higgins, Darlene Florence Jr. Hill, Gary Florence Fr. Hill, James Florence Jr. Hill, James Florence Fr. Hill, Linda Saint Joseph, Tenn. Hill, Rugener Florence So. So. Hillhouse, Patricia Florence Fr. Hipps, Larry Florence So. Hix, Elizabeth Huntsville So. Hix, Mary Madison Fr. Hodges, Janet Florence So. 133 Hodges, Dionne Waynesboro, Term. Fr. Hodges, Mary Edna Huntsville Fr. Hoffman, John Birmingham Jr. Hogan, Joe Danville Jr. Hovarer, James Sheffield So. Hovater, Susie Russellville Fr. Hovell, Linda Decatur Fr. Howard, Jerry Lexington Fr. Howard, Vickie Rogersville Fr Howeil, Charles Muscle Shoals Jr Howell, Diana Town Creek Fr. Howeil, Leassia Haleyville So. Howell, Sandra Town Creek So. Hudgins, Carol Leesburg So. Hudson, Anita Huntsville Fr. Hudson, Connie Florence So. Hudson, Jo Florence Fr. Hughen, Charlotte Florence Fr Hughes, Charles Beaverton Fr. 134 Hughes, Connie Florence Fr. Hughes, Gerald Beaverton Jr. Hulsey, Ernest Florence Fr. Humphres, Loyd Red Boy So. Humphres, Theresa Sheffield Fr. Humphrey, Carol Eutaw Fr. Humphries, Thomas Florence So. Humphries, Wanda Florence So. kM Hunderlach, Margaret AAiddletown, Conn. Fr. Hunt, Gary Florence Fr. Hunt, Patricia Florence So. Hurley, James Leighton So. f + ? V c T 4 S Husky, Ricky Elova, Tenn. Fr. Hutcheson, James Florence Jr. Hutto, Barbara Town Creek Jr. Hyde, Elmer Florence Fr. Hyde, Frances Decatur Jr. Ingle, Shirley Sheffield So. Ingram, Jesse Florence Fr. Ingram, Linda Tuscumbia Fr. Inman, Charles Tuscumbia Fr. Inman, Ronald Florence Fr. Irwin, Jane Grand Island, N.Y. Isbell, Peggy Huntsville Fr. Isom, Eddie Tuscumbia So. Isom, Ruby Spruce Pine Jr. Jackson, Bravell Hamilton So. So. Jackson, Janet Florence Fr. Jackson, Linda Florence So. Jackson, Marie Hartselle Jr. Jacobs, Lou Warrior So. Jacobs, Timothy Warrior Jr. 135 James, Cecil Phil Campbell Jr. James, Joe Tuscumbia So. Jeffery, Jerry Pisgah So. . Jeffreys, Danny Town Creek So. Jeffreys, Ralph Town Creek Fr. Jeffreys, Shelia Florence Jr . Jenkins, Glenda Florence Fr. Jenkins, Mary Florence Fr. Jennings, Anne Huntsville So. Johnsey, Mary Docena Jr. Johnson, Barbara Tuscumbia Jr. Johnson, Deborah Hartselle Fr. Johnson, Elaine Huntsville Fr. Johnson, Eleonore Huntsville Fr. Johnson, Elwanda Vernon Jr. Johnson, Jerome Florence Fr. Johnson, Joanne Huntsville Fr. Johnson, Keitha Leighton Fr. Johnson, Linda Rogersville Fr. Johnson, Patsy Moulton Jr. Johnson, Paula Athens So. Johnson, Phyllis Hartselle Fr. Johnson, Sandra Vinemont Jr. Johnson, Sharon Vinemont Fr. Johnson, Virginia Fayette Fr. Johnson, Wayne Haleyville Jr. Johnston, lynne Muscle Shoals So. Johnston, Tommy Florence Jr. Joiner, Sara Lexington So. Joly, Charles Tuscumbia Fr. Joly, Elaine Florence So. Jolly, Ida Florence Jr. 136 Jones, Orucillo Parrish Jr. Jones, Gail Florence Fr. Jones, Jeannean Vinemont Fr. Jones, Mary New Market Jr. Jones, Patricia Trinity Fr. Jones, Ruth Tuscumbia Fr. Jones, Shirley Fayette So. Jones, Susan Florence So. 0 ( hiMmk Jones, William Athens Fr. Jones, William Florence So. Jordan, Charles Sheffield So. Jordan, Judy Sheffield Jr. Jordan, Karla Sheffield So. Jowers, Sharon Florence Jr. Joy, Cherylon Florence Fr. Joy, Courtney Florence Jr. Judd, Thomas North Vernon, Indiana So. Karr, Patricia Detroit So. Keel, Janet Vinemont So. Keeney, Maureen Decatur Fr. Keenum, Cynthia Sheffield So. Keenum, Milford Muscle Shoals Jr. Keith, Glen Houston, Texas Jr. Kelley, Aubrey Florence Fr. Kelley, Peggy Russellville Fr. Kellogg, George Huntsville Fr. Kelly, Geraline Cherokee Fr. Kent, Joe Russellville Fr. Kerr, Charles Athens So. Kerr, David Muscle Shoals So. Key, DeWayne Courtland Jr. Keyes, Clara Athens Fr. 137 4iiii Kilgor, Giles Birmingham Fr. Kitlen, Danny Florence Fr. Killen, Mary Florence So. Kimbrough, Larry Muscle Shoals So. Kirby, Stephanie Huntsville Fr. Kirchner, Sammie Tuscumbia So. Kirkland, Mildred Tuscumbia Fr. Knight, Jimmy Vinemont Fr. Knight, Linda Haleyville Fr. Koger, Edna Florence Fr. Koonce, Betty Florence Jr. Kuhn, Korliss Huntsville Fr. Kunkle, Patricia Indiana, Pa. Jr. Lacey, Hilda Guin Fr. Lacey, Patricia Huntsville Fr. Lake, James Sheffield Fr. Lambert, John Sheffield Fr. Lamon, Brenda Trinity Fr. Lancaster, Brenda Florence Fr King, Christopher Huntsville Fr. King, Faye Rogersville So. King, Marlene Florence Fr. King, Mary Russellville Jr. King, Richard Tuscumbia Fr. Kinkle, Brenda Florence Fr. Kirby, Linda Cloverdale So. Kirby, Martha Huntsville Fr. Lancaster, Claire Birmingham Fr. Langston, Nelda Winfield Fr. Lard, Troy Waterloo So. Lash, Charles Rogersville Fr. Lawrence, Judy Smiths Grove, Ky. Fr. 138 Lawson, John Florence So. Lawson. Thanna Iron City, Tenn. Jr. Leach, Donna Huntsville Fr. Leach, Susan Huntsville Jr. League, Kathy Florence So. Leathers, Ruth Madison Fr. Leckenby, Anna Florence Fr. Ledbetter, Charlott Lakeland, Fla. Ledbetter, Linda Spruce Pine So. Lee, Linda Sheffield So. Lee, Michael Bangor, Maine So. Lee, Ora Sheffield So. iktiM Lee, Sharon Cullman Jr. Lee, Susan Decatur So. Leech, Robert Huntsville Fr. LeMay, Harry Moulton Jr. LeMay, Neal Moulton Fr. Lemmon, Joy Huntsville Fr. Lewis, Becky Florence Fr. Lewis, Danny Hartselle Jr. lewis. Patsy Cloverdale Fr. Lewis, Wanda Leighton Fr. Lindberg, James Montgomery Fr. Lindly, Faye Florence Fr. Lindsay, George Muscle Shoals Jr. Lindsey, James Tuscumbia Jr. lindsey, Janice Waterloo Fr. Lipscomb, Brenda Moulton Fr. Locke, Kay Huntsville So. Logan, John Florence Jr. Logan, Paul Winfield Fr. Loggins, Annabelle Athens So. 139 Long, Evan Florence So. Long, Nancy Red Bay So. Looney, Kathy Iron City, Tenn. Fr. Loworn, Joseph Muscle Shoals Jr. Lowery, Gayle Leighton Jr. Lowery, John Leighton Fr. Lumpkin, Barbara Florence So. Loma, Charles Phil Campbell So. Lynch, Alveta Sheffield So. Lyons, Timothy Waukegan, III. Fr McAbee, Tony Hartselle Fr. McAlpine, Thomas Sheffield So. McCain, Martha Crane Hill Fr. McCaleh, Donnie Brilliant Fr. McCaleb, Linda Florence Fr. McCanless, Ralph Florence Jr. McCarley, Judy Hamilton Jr. McClure, Margaret Tuscumbia Jr. McCorkle, Brenda Sheffield Fr. McCorkle, Martha Florence So. McCrary, James Newark, Delaware Fr. McCrary, Linda Newark, Delaware Jr McCrary, Rosemary New Market So. McCreary, Brenda Tuscumbia Fr. McCrory, Drenna Florence So. McCrory, Jetta St. Joseph, Tenn. Jr. McDaniel, Frankie Tuscumbia Jr. McDaniel, Ronald Waterloo Fr. McDonald, Ronnie Muscle Shoals Jr. McGee, Gloria Florence Fr. McGee, Janice Florence Fr. McGee, Larry Florence Jr. 140 McGee, Samuel Oakman Fr. McGee, Tonis Lexington Jr. McGee, William Sheffield Fr. McGraw, James Florence Fr. McGriff, Billy Florence Jr. McGoffey, William Athens Fr. McGuyer, Alishia Tuscumbia Fr. McGuyer, Martha Tuscumbia Jr. Mcintosh, Pamela Huntsville Fr. McKee, Dianne Florence Jr. McKinney, Alvin Selma So. McLaughlin, Nancy Winfield Fr. McMeans, Maurice Florence So. McMullen, Donna Gurley Fr. McMortrey, Sarah Killen Jr. McNeill, Sandra Florence So. McNeill, Thomas Scottsboro Jr. McPeters, Garland Huntsville Fr. McWhorter, Billy Moulton Fr. McWilliams, Linda Cherokee Fr. Maddox, Shelia Fayette So. Maercker, Ann Huntsville Fr. Maliskey, Thomas Huntsville Fr. Malone, Chris Tuscumbia So. Malone, Harold Tuscumbia Fr. Malone, Linda Cherokee Fr. Malone, Madeline Florence So. Malone, Sandra Russellville Jr. Manasco, James Haleyville So. Mangrum, Paula Greenhill Fr. Mann, Dennis Florence Fr. Maples, Janice Somerville So. 141 Maples, Joyce Somerville So. Markham, Jacquelyn Huntsville Fr. Marsh, Joseph Madison Fr. Marston, Barbara Florence So. Matthews, Margaret Loretto, Tenn. Fr Matthews, Rhonda Sheffield Fr. May, Brenda Florence Fr. May, Marilyn Augusta, Ga. Fr. May, Ronnie Florence Fr. Maynard, Gordon Huntsvi Mays, Brenda Florence Fr Medders, Janet Arab Fr. Medley, Oma Childersburg Medley, Roy Sheffield Fr Meek, Marvin Florence Fr. Meherg, James Tuscumbia Fr Melder, Sharon Decatur So. Meredith, Oscar Florence Jr. Metcalf, Walter Florence So. 142 I Meyer, George Loretto, Tenn. So Meyers, Betsy Huntsville Fr. Michael, Kenneth Huntsville Fr. Miller, Harry Florence Fr. Miller, Jayne Canton, Ohio Fr. Miller, Judy Bankston Fr. Miller, William Guin Jr. Milligan, Nelda Luka, Miss. Jr. I Mitzner, Paula Huntsville Jr. Mixon, John Hamilton Fr. Monroe, Thomas Atlanta, Ga. Jr. Montgomery, Carl Russellville Jr. Montgomery, Helen Huntsville Jr. Montgomery, Janie Tuscumbia Jr. Montgomery, Larry Florence Jr. Moody, Gary Florence Fr. Moor, Kenneth Boaz So. Moor, Mary Florence Jr. Moore, Barbara Sulligent So. Moore, Connie Athens So. Moore, Daniel Gadsden Jr. Moore, David Florence So. Moore, Mary Tuscumbia So. 143 Moore, Sarah Tuscumbia Jr. Moore, Terry Sheffield So. Mordecai, Terry Fernbank Fr. Morgan, Charles Leighton Fr Morgan, Joyce Tuscumbia So. Morgan, Raymond Florence Jr. Moriey, Donald Florence Fr. Morningstar, Cathy McConnellestown, Penn 4 Motes, Carolyn Vernon Jr. Motes, Elmer Vernon Fr. Mullican, Zehron Huntsville Jr. Murks, Phyllis Lexington Fr. Murner, William Florence Fr. Murphy, Annie Russellville Fr. Murphy, James Florence Fr. Murphy, Karen Athens So. Murray, Greer Florence Jr. Muse, Barbara Decatur So. Musick, Janet Sheffield Fr. Myers, George Florence Fr. Nagle, Barbara Huntsville Jr. Napps, Greg Sheffield Jr. Nash, Linda Decatur Fr. i 144 Newman, Johnny Vernon Jr. Newman, Robert Birmingham Fr. Newman, Sharon Vernon So. Newton, Johnny Florence Fr. Nicely, Nancy Florence Fr. Nicholas, James Florence Fr. Nix, Roger Decatur Fr. Norton, Ernest Town Creek So. Oakley, Robert Florence Fr. Odom, Ann Florence So. O ' Linger, Shirley Scottsboro Jr. Olive, Carroll Florence So. Olive, Freda Florence So. Olive, Sandra Fairborn, Ohio So. Osborn, Wanda Leighton Jr. Osterheld, Frederick Athens Fr. Oswalt, Jimmie Fayette Fr. Owen, Bobby Florence So. Owens, Carl Town Creek Fr. Owens, Hilda Anderson So. Owens, Ken Huntsville Fr. Pace, Bobbie Sheffield Fr. Pagano, Patty Huntsville Jr. Page, Linda Red Bay Fr. Painter, Virginia Tuscumbia Parker, Joel Florence Jr. Parker, Peggy Decatur So. So. Parker, Virginia Killen Fr. Parks, Charlotte Tuscumbia Fr. Parra, Barbara Florence So. Parrish, Diane Russellville So. Parrish, Jimmy Florence Fr. 145 Parrish, Sherrie Florence Jr. Parson, Charles St. Joseph, Tenn. Parsons, Joy Florence So. Pate, Janet Muscle Shoals Jr. Payne, Camilla Florence Jr. Payne, Peggy Culman Jr. Pennington, Barbara Leighton Fr. Pennington, Danny Fayette Fr. Pennington, Mickey Fayette Jr. Pennington, Robert Russellville So. Perkins, Condra Fayette Fr. Perkins, George Florence Jr. Peters, Martha Florence Fr. Phifer, Juanita luka, Miss. Fr. Phillips, Garey Rogersville Fr. Phillips, Robert Rogersville Fr. Pierce, Roger Moulton Jr. Pilgrim, William Tuscumbia Jr. Pittman, Cathy Tuscumbia Fr. Plott, Gilbert Tuscumbia So. Poe, Billy Muscle Shoals So. Poole, Janie Cullman So. Poplin, Mit Greenwood, Ind. So. Porter, Linda Fayette Fr. Pate, Judith Muscle Shoals Fr. Patt, John Loretto, Tenn. Fr. Patterson, Dennis Florence Jr. Patterson, Gayle Florence Fr. Patterson, Jane Florence So. Patterson, Martha St. Louis, Mo. Paulk, Patricia Florence Fr. Paxton, Margaret Lexington So. So. m i fcl J ! 146 Porter, Robert Lexington Fr. Portwood, Gailen Russellville Fr Posey, Preston Cherokee So. Pounders, Diane Haleyville Fr. Powell, Carolyn Russellville Jr. Powell, Lucinda Huntsville Jr. Powell, Sandra Lexington Jr. Powers, Larry Tuscumbia Fr. Pradon, Stephen Reading, Pa. Jr. Prentis, Catherine Ramer, Tenn. Fr. Prescott, Fred Florence So. Pride, Joe Tuscumbia Jr. HMJa mm Ittiillii Prince, James Russellville Jr. Prince, William Sheffield So. Pruitt, Jerry Florence Fr. Pruitt, Judy Red Bay Fr. Pruitt, Kenneth Florence Fr. Pugliese, Alicia Russellville Fr. Puller, Linda Florence Jr. Purdy, Steve Fayetteville, Tenn. Purser, John Red Bay So. Pylant, David Cullman Fr. Quattrochi, Linda Tuscumbia Fr. Quillen, James Florence Jr. Quiring, Judy Florence Fr. Randolph, Brenda Bear Creek So. Ray, Gary Florence Fr. Ray, Sandy Cullman So. Ray, Sheliah Killen So. Rayburn, Billy Hackleburg Jr. Rayburn, Harold Tarrant Fr. Reaves, Carol Haleyville Jr. 147 Rector, Linda Fernbank Jr. Reed, Teddy Moulton So. Reeder, Patricia Decatur So. Reese, Connie Cullman Fr. Reese, Renee Logan Fr. Reeves, Cindy Florence Fr. Reeves, Edna Trenton, Ga. So. Reid, Dwight Cherokee Fr. Reinhardt, Rita Cullman Fr. Revod, Patsy Muscle Shoals Fr. Reynolds, Barbara Florence Fr. Reynolds, Wanda Russellville Jr. i i b Rhodes, Kenneth Florence Fr. Rhodes, Raymond Florence Fr. Richard, Don Cullman Fr. Richardson, Charles Florence Fr. Richardson, Darnell Leoma, Tenn. Jr. Richardson, Vernice Rogersville So. Richardson, Lee Tuscumbia Fr. Richardson, Philip Muscle Shoals Fr. Riehey, B. Franklin Florence Fr. Richey, Ronald Florence So. Riehey, Susan Florence Fr. Richter, Suzanne Cullman So. Rickard, Charles Florence Fr. Rickard, Frances Tullahoma, Tenn. Fr. Rickard, Joan Killen Jr. Rickard, Patsy Killen Fr. Ricketts, Thomas Sheffield So. Ricks, Charles Sheffield So. Ricks, Sheryl Tuscumbia So. Ricks, Shirley Florence So. 148 r Mmmk Riddle, Vernell Cherokee Jr. Rigsby, Henry Huntsville Jr. Riley, William Huntsville Jr. Ritch, Charles Huntsville So. Roberts, Edgar Huntsville Fr. Roberts, Frances Brilliant Fr. Roberts, Julia Florence Fr. Robertson, Becky Huntsville Jr. Robertson, Susan Huntsville Fr. Robinson, Beverly Russellville Fr. Robinson, Hayward Muscle Shoals So. Robinson, Mary Sheffield Fr. Robinson, Patsy Florence Fr. Rogers, Rita Sheffield Jr. Rohling, Donald Florence Fr. Roland, Zane Sheffield Fr. Rollins, Royce Florence Jr. Rom ine, Tracy Tampa, Florida Fr. Roper, Susan Sheffield Fr. Rose, Danny Huntsville Fr. Rose, Terry Huntsville Fr. Rose, Thomas Florence Fr. Rouse, Gary Sarasota, Florida Jr. Rovere, Joe Florence Fr. Rowden, Janis Decatur Jr. Rowell, James Florence Jr. Rowell, William Florence Fr. fcl4ifc lift Royer, Rayburn Trinity So. Rush, Donna Carbon Hill Jr. Rushing, Charles Sheffield Fr. Russell, Shirley Hayden Jr. Rutland, Warren Tuscumbia Fr. 149 Ryan, Larry Cullman Fr. Safford, Suzanne Florence So. Sager, Wilson Sheffield Fr. Saint, DonnM Tuscumbia Jr. Sanders, Lynne Russellville So. Sanders, Max Milner, Ga. So. Sanderson, Frankie Huntsville Fr. Sandy, Phyllis Loretto, Tenn. Fr. Scott, Barbara Florence So. Scott, Peggy Florence Jr. Scott, Vicki Florence Fr. Searcy, Barbara Tuscumbia Jr. Searcy, Lynda Tuscumbia Fr. f Seidel, Frances Huntsville Jr. Seidel, Linda Huntsville Fr. Sexton, Nancy Athens Fr. Shannon, Wendell Athens Fr Sharp, Don Sheffield Fr. Sharp, Drucilla Somerville Jr. Sharp, Paula Huntsville So. Shelton, Floyd Huntsville So. Shelton, Linda Scottsboro So. Shepherd, Judy Berry So. 150 Shepherd, Mary Berry Jr. Sherrill, Judy Huntsville So. Sherrod, Jonnie Florence Fr. Shoemaker, Sandra Holly Pond Fr Shores, Charlotte Arab Fr. Sims, Joan Phil Campbell So. Sims, Sandra Sheffield So. Skipworth, Danny Florence Fr. I 4 Smart, Larry Scottsboro Fr. Smith, Alison Decatur Fr. Smith, Barbara Florence So. Smith, Barbara Russellville Jr. Smith, Barbara Falkville So. Smith, Charlene Corinth, Miss. Jr. Smith, Cheryl Massillion, Ohio Fr. Smith, David Florence So. Smith, Dewey Huntsville Fr. Smith, Freda Decatur Fr. Smith, Glenn Tuscumbia Jr. Smith, Grover Huntsville So. Smith, Larry Wooster, Ohio Fr. Smith, Linda Florence Fr. Smith, Mary Florence Jr. M L Smith, Michael Harvest Fr. Smith, Robert Russellville Fr. Smith, Roy Tuscumbia So. Smith, Thomas Bessemer Jr. Smith, William Tuscumbia So. 151 Smothers, Steve Addison Fr. Salomon, Annette Pulaski, Tenn. Fr Soma, Ronald Russellville So. Spain, Michael Florence So. Spaulding, Carol Florence Fr. Spaulding, Paula Florence So. Sparks, Harold Muscle Shoals So Sparks, Julia Tuscumbia Fr. Squires, Leesa Tuscumbia Fr. Staggers, Brenda Sheffield Fr. Staggers, Paula Sheffield Fr. Staggs, Basel Florence Jr. Staggs, Patsy Florence Jr. Stamper, Gloria Florence Fr. Stanfield, Brenda Tuscumbia So. Stanford, Martha Russellville Jr. Stanphill, Alice Trenton, Ga. Fr. Stanphill, William Trenton, Ga. Fr. Stansell, Donna Sheffield So. Staples, Tommy Muscle Shoals So. Statom, Mitchell Florence Fr. Steadman, Gary Moulton So. Stelle, Marilyn Florence Jr. Steele, Michael Florence Fr. Stephens, Doris New Market Fr. Stephenson, Janice Cherry Hill Jr. Stephenson, Oscar Florence Fr. Stephenson, Ray Florence Jr. 152 tik Stephenson, Rayford Falkville Jr. Sterry, Lenita Florence Jr. Stevens, Patsy Danville So. Stevenson, Timothy Florence So. Steverson, Marsha Sheffield So. Stewart, Sherri Harvest Jr. Stiles, Denevia New Market Jr. Stockton, Jerry Double Springs So. Stoelker, Patricia Philadelphia, Pa. Fr. Stokes, Phyllis Florence So. Stone, Mary Decatur So. Stone, Nancy Russellville Fr. Stricklin, Ted Waynesboro, Tenn. So Stuber, Patricia Pulaski, Tenn. So. Stults, Elizabeth Iron City, Tenn. Fr. Stults, Karen Florence Jr. Stumpe, Carl Florence So. He iik Styles, John Cullman Fr. Sublett, Margretta Sheffield So Sumner, Troy Russellville Jr. Sutties, Gary Huntsville So. Swafford, Norma Huntsville Fr. Swindell, Jane East Canton, Ohio F Swinney, Sue Leoma, Tenn. Fr. Tackett, Daniel Tuscumbia So. Tankersley, James Vinemont Fr. Tapp, James Cherokee Fr. 153 Tate, Bobby Killen Jr. Taylor, Charles Florence Fr. Taylor, Cranford Tuscumbia So. Taylor, Dennis Killen So. Thompson, Elaine Florence Fr Thompson, Sara Sulligent So. Thompson, Sharron Detroit Jr. Thorne, Barbara Florence Jr. Thome, Janice Tuscumbia Fr. Thornton, Cecilia Athens Jr. Thornton, Margaret Sheffield So Thornton, Nola Florence Fr. Thornton, Sandra Rogersville Fr. Thrasher, Rita Red Bay So. Thrasher, T. Lewayne Cullman Fr Tidwell, Diana Sheffield So. Timmons, William Florence So. Tirey, Harry Sheffield Fr. Tomlinson, John Danville Jr. 154 0 Underwood, Daniel Madison Fr. Vafeas, Sonny Florence Jr. VanPelt, Vincent Florence Fr. Vann, Anita Huntsville So. Vardaman, Cheryl Selma So. Vaughn, Ann Florence Fr. Vaughn, Sandra Sheffield Fr. Vaughn, William Madison Jr. Vernon, Ramon Sheffield Fr. Vernon, Sandra Florence So. Vessell, Charlotte Florence Fr. Vest, Frances Falkville Jr. Vest, Michael Sheffield Jr. Vineyard, Janet Florence So. Vinson, Martha Florence Fr. Voce, Myles Hackleburg So. Voce, Sheila Florence So. Wade, Peggy Pell City Fr. Wade, Sandra Muscle Shoals Fr. Wadsworth, Ann Florence So. 155 Wadsworth, Phillip Sheffield Wager, Paul Decatur So. Wahl, Cathy Decatur Fr. Waid, Daisy Double Springs Fr Waldrip, Joseph Sylacauga So. Walker, Harvell Florence Fr. Walker, John Cincinnati, Ohio So Walker, Linda Vinemont So. Warren, George Florence Jr. Warren, James Florence Jr. Warren, Sam Florence Fr. Watkins, Bonnie Lexington Fr. Watkins, Charles Florence So. Watson, Karen Killen Fr. Watson, William Florence So. Weekley, Steven Florence So. Weeks, Barbara Florence Jr. Weems, Larry Town Creek Fr. tttM (AMI Hk i j W.ii--, 156 Whitten, Sandy Tuscumbia Fr. Wiedmaier, Claudia Huntsville Fr Wiginton, Brenda Hamilton Fr. Wiginton, Philip Sheffield So. Wilkes, Donna Madison Fr. Weems, Naomi Florence So. Weems, Randy Florence Fr. Wells, Olivia Florence Fr. Wells, Stephen Russellville Fr. Wells, Wayne Florence So. Westmoreland, Phillip Florence So. Whisenant, Janice Lacy ' s Spring Fr. Whisenant, Troy Lacey ' s Spring Fr. Williams, Carol Linden Fr. Williams, Carolyn Russellville Fr Williams, Cynthia Huntsville So. Williams, Jackie Addison Fr. Williams, Judy Belk Fr. Williams, Mark Lexington So. Williams, Martha Haleyville Fr. Williams, William Florence Jr. Williams, Wilma Lexington So. Williamson, Charles Sheffield Fr 157 Williford, Warren Hackleburg So. Willingham, Connie Russellville Jr. Willis, Al Jacksonville, Fla. Fr. Willis, Bobbie Florence So. Willis, Charles Florence Fr. Willis, Donna Florence Fr. Willis, Michael Russellville Fr. Willis, Pam Hurlburt A.F.B. Fla. Jr. Wilson, Elizabeth Florence So. Wilson, Emily Lacey ' s Spring So. Wilson, Gay Florence Fr. Wilson, Jeanell Arley Fr. Wilson, Nancy Hartselle So. Wilson, Robert Decatur Jr. Wilson, Ronald Addison So. Wimberly, Barbara Tuscumbia So. Winborn, Beverly Florence Fr. Winslett, Donna Florence Fr. f i Junior CI QadM Winton, Cletus Somerville So. Wisdom, Nalria Florence So. Wiseman, Judy Cullman So. Witt, Judy Waterloo Fr. Wix, Edward Sheffield So. Wix, Sona Sheffield Fr. Wolfard, Elizabeth Tuscumbia Fr. Womble, William Florence Fr. Wood, Carol Florence Fr. Woodall, Athelia Eva So. Hovoter [ 158 Woods, Barbara Florence Fr. Wooten, Duane Tuscumbia, So. Wright, Bonnie Florence Fr. Wright, Cathy Florence Fr. Wright, Martha Lexington So. Wright, Ronald Loretto, Tenn. Jr. Young, Linda Florence Jr. Young, Rusty Tanner Fr. Youngblood, Jayonn Decatur Jr. Zelobowski, Mary Lou Huntsville So. Zorn, William Columbia Fr. Junior Class Officers: Mickey Pennington, Joe Bailey Pride, Chuck Adams, Patsy Johnson, Mary Shepard. Sophomore Class Officers: Gloria Aday, Charles Ritch, Janice Cantrell, Beverly Beadle. Freshman Class Officers: Patty Jones, Sue Walker, Susie Hovater, Dale Limbaugh. 159 FEATURES ion fflA5 cJLunne Aonnii aDiorama a{ueen of viSeautu 162 Jhe moon reflecting on a autet lake brings out the pale essence of beautu in its Softest and rarest form , just as the Setting Sun magnifies the warmth and ittactou sness of a trulu beautiful girt. Ouc a beautiful girt is rr iss rJLunne sfonnson of -3rt y field, tne tJuiorama ueen of VJeautu of 1 96 7-6S. (chosen from a field 9f fifl nominees, rffiss Aonn son represents tne Supreme com bin a Hon of bea it i if . en a rm , and poise. Jjn deed ffliss stohn son is gifted with beautu which radiates without the accessories of a auiet moontite night, or a colorful Sunset. J63 V eautu rffii 3 .3 herru Jn omai 164 Wll u i ourt if fii 3 [ aulette mitn 165 dSeaUi ifli55 Ljloria raau 166 Court Ml iii Camilla i5eckard 167 I Hiss Aharon (gentry rlternatt iiia ' 1 I lliii (Barbara vSroadfoot 168 ' mo f vSeautiei Wi -Ann tBrask eer i Wl -J St " flllii 3 oL In dia Carp en ler 169 Ifliii vSarbara vSroadfoot rromecomina. v ut .een 170 he dazztinq smite of tfi5arbara captured the hearti of j jt students and won for her the title of 967-68 Momecominq a(ueen. 171 f jj rJLunne Aonnion M. omecomin f Lou Whs Rose Ann WlcCa.Ue i 172 L ourt Wis Wartka WcCorUe irliii oL India v arpent 173 Wr. and Wli 3SC Ullii olpnne Johnson ff r. Kick yrietel 174 ff ili JLunne rfolinson, of Sheffield, and ff r. Kick Cfriebel of J4untiville, were elected bu the it it dent bodu of ZdS.C to reian oner the 1968 Coronation Ball a, Wr. and Wus 3S.C. 175 Second Kunner5- Up Wr. U f RutiJt Wis. SuJy Cotkren 176 J-irit fKunneri- iiUiS oLJonna -jrortenberri y I fir. Aamei C a K hantpi on 177 ZJnird r unneri- Ulf llH ' iAi uevauphn oUaniel Fr r. -Jtndu feoldinq J r 178 jrourtlt KunnerA- Ljp fr iAA htelen rf orpan tr r. Harold Ifloo 179 ft FlIiiA CA ia.rm.ina Lam ilia tZ5ecn a rd 180 181 a arm rf li A Jra ceu rso m In e ill I iiS 1 1 eld a cU. a nation 182 mm ourt Wut Ckartott. Muak en Wis Rita truant 183 " ii r I I I ALICE SUEVAUGHN DANIEL Homecoming Queen of 1966, she is a counse- lor at her dormitory and was president of her res- idence hall last year. A physical education major, she is reporter for the Physical Education Club and a member of the Women ' s Student Govern- ment Association Executive Council. She is a member of the Christian Youth Fellowship. Who ' s ROBERT ROGER BECKS, JR. The lone junior in the group is a music major who has been most active in activities of the FSC band and Baptist Student Union. He is the current president of both organizations. 1 LINDA BOSTDORF A home economics major and a repeat " Who ' s Who " mem- ber, she is president of the Home Economics Club, secretary- treasurer of the Newman Club, and vice president of Kappa Delta Pi, scholarship fraternity. JAMES ED CHAMPION President of four different organizations includ- ing the Inter-Presidents ' Council, Circle K, band, and Christian Youth Fellowship, he is majoring in music educption. Also a " Who ' s Who " repeat, he holds membership in a number of other organiza- tions and is vice president of the Ushers Club. S %S S S = Who ' s Who I. . DONALD ROBERT CORNELIUS A four-year letterman at quarterback on the football team, he is majoring in English and chemistry. He is president of Sigma Tau Delta, English fraternity, and the FSC English Club. Designated a Dis- tinguished Military Student, he received the American Legion Award for Scholas- tic Excellence, ROTC, for 1966-1967. PATRICIA SUE MORROW A member of the Concert Choir and several other FSC singing groups, the home economics ma- jor is vice president of Kappa Omicron Phi, Home ecnonomics fraternity, and has been active in affairs of the Baptist Student Un- ion. Another " Who ' s Who " repeat member, she was a representa- tive to the National Kappa Omi- cron Phi Conclave earlier this i . " II HELEN VIRGINIA MORGAN Also a " Who ' s Who " member of last year, she is president of Kappa Delta Pi and secretary-treasurer of the Inter-Pres- idents ' Council. The chemistry-biology major has served in various offices of the dormitories in which she has lived and has been a member of and pianist for the FSC Concert Choir. I Beauty Review 7 ! 187 ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Beta Alpha Seated: N. Windham, D. Sharp, AA. Hughes, S. Johnssey, D. Patrick. Standing: J. Barkley, S. Gunn, E. Littrell, A. Rae, C. Orick, E. Danialson, J. Johnson, Miss Schmidt, AA. Calvert, D. Rush. Alpha Epsilon is a chapter of Alpha Bata Alpha, national undergraduate library science fraternity. Its purpose is to further professional knowledge and to promote fellowship among its members. Nursery school children enjoy a storytelling session with ABA member Margaret McClure. 190 Alpha Chi iG Row 1: T. Jones, B. Brittnel, W. Blankenship, J. Aycock, R. Burrows, J. Nage. Row 2: W. Cox, G. Napps, J. Holland, G. Franks, N. Canerday. Row 3: G. Smith, C. Adams, D. Wilson, R. Smith, D. McGraw, Roy Webb Sponsor Row 4: C. Hugh- en, J. Thomlison, B. LeCates, G. Billions, D. Aldridge, G. Craig, J. Loworn. Alpha Chi, an accounting club is open to students taking advanced accounting courses who have a scholastic average of " C " . The purpose of Alpha Chi is to pro- mote the general welfare of the Department of Accounting, to acquaint accounting students with their duties and obligations, to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards, to make use of available resources, and to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. All members are associate members of the American Accounting Association. 191 American Chemical Society Row I: Mr. Huff -Sponsor, J. Aston, A. Wallace, B. Wright, L. Haeger, M. Anderson. Row 2: J. Firestones, Dr. Phillips Sponsor, J. Weems, E. Woodis, AA. Sublett, D. Sharp, D. Sledge, M. Bradford, E. Peters. S AH H Home time servin The objective of this chapter is to afford an opportunity for the students in Chemis- try and Chemical Engineering at Florence State College to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, and to instill a profes- sional pride in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 192 American Home Economics Association The Florence State Chapter of the American Home Economics Association is a college club asso- ciated with the American Home Economics Associa- tion. We cooperate with the program of work of the National organization and try to further their goals. We work to develop leadership qualities and further the individuality of our members. We also work to further the understanding and development of Home Economics. We further international relations through our contribution to the International Scholar- ship Fund. All Home Economics majors are required to live in the Home Management House nine weeks. Here they learn time management, budgeting, meal preparation, and serving. 1JHI " s t Majors are also required to work at the Nurse School for two semesters. 193 Association of Women Commuters i Bottom to Top: B. Smith, L. Jackson, L. Young, J. Vick, C. Tedder, C. Bowling Pres., C. Spalding, P. Masterson, N. Guise, G. Painter, B. Edwards, C. Bechard, P. Paulk, E. Digle, M. Cole, A. Bradford, S. Walker, N. Carpenter, J. Clement, B. May, S. Roper, M. Higginbotham, M. McCorkle, D. Creasy, C. French, D. McGee, B. Koonce, C. Capshaw, J. Lawrence, B. Lewis, S. Gusmus, C. Parks. Students who live at home and commute each day to the campus are a vital, important segment of the college life at F.S.C. Every woman student at Florence State is a member of the Women ' s Student Government Association and every commuting woman is a member of the Association of Women Commuters. The group sponsors programs and activities designed to give commuting women closer ties with each other and with the campus. Some of these activities include fashion shows, bake sales, picnics, helping needy families in the community, teas, and social service projects. 194 Mrs. Bess Tipton AWC Sponsor Commuter girls gain many lasting relationships at slumber parties and informal teas at historic Rogers Hall. 195 Association of Women Students G. Painter, C. Tedder, L. Tedder, S. Xothern, S. Stewart, P. Cooley, S. Hunnicut, K. Bowlin, P. Brockman, J. Barclay, T. Romine, K. Taylor, N. Geise, B. Barclay, P. Willis, L. Johnson, B. Fowler, M. Clark, J. Gentry, N. Shannon, C. Spalding, P. AAasluson. The Association of Women Students is the organization on campus for every woman student. It works for the advancement of intellectual, cultural, and social ac- tivities. A.W.S. is a self government, remaining autonomous and separate from all other organizations on campus. 196 Officers: S. Cothern, S. Hunnicutt, C. Tedder, S. Stewart, L. Tedder, P. Cooley. Social Committee: M. Bradford, P. Cooley, L Cherry, AA. Shepard, J. Vick. Judiciary Committee: S. Cothern, P. Miller, D. Fortenberry, J. Neil, C. Darby, J. Peinhardt. 197 Florence State College Band THE MARCHING BAND WITH THE SYMPHONIC SOUND " The Florence State College Band is an organi- zation which presents excellent opportunity for the instrumentalist to receive further maturing of his musical interests. The band, under the direction of Arthur Theil, is recognized for its progressive precision drilling. Featured in many parades, the band plays for many on and off campus events. Among these are the Homecoming Parade, and various other playing and drilling activities. Spring finds the Symphonic Concert in full swing. A concert tour climaxes the band ' s musical year. I M Mr. Arthur Theil Director of Bands 198 o ocq O ?, u TOfa M v % r v v S r I V I . ( LIONETTES A precision drill team composed entirely of women students, the Lionettes perform at athletic and other college events. THE CONCERT BAND Larry Andrews Drum Major 199 Majorettes Pretty, vivacious, high-stepping, and talented best describe the 1968 Florence State major- ettes. Their precisioned routines never failed to fascinate fans at football games both at home and away. These attractive misses are featured with the band at many on-and-off campus events. Miss Drena McCrory Head Majorette 200 Miss Leissa Howell Miss Susie Hovater Miss Nancy Geise Miss Charlotte Hughen 201 Baptist Student Union Dedication of this new $200,000 Baptist Student Center was held during the Spring semester of 1967. B.S.U. Director Jim Shelly was presented an engraved desk pen set by Baptist students as a memo of the occasion. Faculty Advisor William Richie receives one of the first guided tours of the new Center by proud stu- dents. Student-led Vespers services are held each Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the new Center. 202 Executive Council Officers: Rev. J. Shelley, P. Bulger, E. Black, W. Johnson, R. Beck, B. Dollar, B. Ingle, S. Hunnicutt, P. Sterling, M. Pennington, N. Hicks. The B.S.U. attempts to meet the spiritual needs of Baptists and no preference students who comprise ap- proximately half of the F.S.C. enrollment. Becoming involved on campus, in the community and through summer missions in far-off places, F.S.C. students experi- enced " growing pains " of the heart. A lunch program was instituted this year to enable commuters to attend a special devotional program called " Noonday. " Bible study-discussions were offered during the " floating period. " Recognizing " studentship " as a stu- dent ' s primary vocation, the B.S.U. has provided a conducive place to study. 203 Beta Beta Beta Seated: N. Gammon, J. Narimore, C. Kennamer, L. Dias, P. Spencer, C. Powell. Standing: J. Patterson, S. Voce, B. Ingle, N. Wisdom, P. Spalding, S. Lee, J. Edwards, S. Johnson, J. Humpheries, L. Parker, J. Davidson, M. Anderson, M. Finney, J. Weems, presiding. Beta Beta Beta is an honorary society for students of biological sciences. Its objectives are to promote superior schol- arship and to encourage interest in and appreciation of the biological sciences. Howl Collin! n,C Wilbo. New members: B. Parra, N. Wisdom, B. Johnson, J. Patterson, S. Lee. Row 2: J. Weems, J. Davidson, S.Johnson, B.J. Bragwell, Mr. Yokley Sponsor. 204 Cadet Officers Corps ney, J. Row 1: Major Norman C. Propes, COC Advisor; W. Jeffrey, R. Collins, L. Herrin, R. Ebert, R. Stephenson. Row 2: R. Edmond- son, C. Bone, H. Behel, H. Marbutt, G. Billions, R. Howell, D. Wilbanks, G. Warren, B. Wagner, AA. Chisam, D. Patterson. Row 3: L Darby, D. Smith, AA. Bradford, D. Lewis, G. Keith, J. Hogan, R. Edmonds, A. Castner, D. Phillips, T. Bonner. Row 4: B. Staggs, R. Becks, L. Brewer, B. Fouts, B. AAcGriff, H. Walkup, R. Olive, A. Dyar. The Cadet Officers Corps is a military fraternity with membership restricted to students in Advanced ROTC. Their purpose is to promote unity among the entire ROTC Corps and foster worth-while student activities. The Cadet Officers Corps is composed of juniors and seniors and is one of the most active organizations at Florence State. Each year they sponsor a float in the homecoming parade, the Red Cross Bloodmobile, the ROTC open house, and the Fall and Spring Military Ball. Not only are they busy with these activities, but they also assist in numerous ways when called upon by other campus organizations. 1 1: 205 206 Cheerleaders Mi! Enthusiasm, school spirit, and untiring loyalty to Florence State College was shown this year by the peppy all-girl squad of cheer- leaders who yelled loud and long, supporting the Lions on the foot- ball field and the basketball court. These eight pert Misses spent many long hours in prac- tice and participation, supporting school spirit throughout the campus. Miss Sara Willis Head Cheerleader Miss Mary Shepard Miss Toni Ivy Miss Becky Robertson Miss Judy Sherrill Miss Sandie Campbell Miss Ann McCullough Miss Pat Stevens 207 Florence State College Choirs CONCERT CHOIR For the first time in Florence State ' s history, the collegiate choir boasted a 250-voice membership. This membership is divided among three choirs the Concert Choir, the Women ' s Choral Ensemble, and the Colle- giate Singers who are selected through audi- tion. Each year the three collegiate choirs are featured in a Christmas concert and a Spring concert. In addition to these concerts, the Collegiate Singers represent Florence State College on many tours throughout the state. Mr. Joe Groom Choral Director 208 Women ' s Choral Ensemble Collegiate Singers 209 Christian Student Fellowship Growth has been the story of the Christian Student Fellowship on the Florence State campus listing a membership of 530 students. Fred Dillon is the full-time director of the Christian Student Fellowship program. He supervises and plans the program of Bible study, personal work activity, counseling, and evangelism on campus. r fa die i 210 I David Underwood, minister at Eastwide Church of Christ, Sheffield, and former missionary to Nigeria instructs a class. These classes are held weekly at the student center. Personal Bible instruction for evangelistic purposes is a part of the regular schedule of the Christian Student Fellowship. Ellis Coats uses a chart method in one of the classes. Color television in a home setting is part of the relaxation offered at the Christian Student Center. Officers: James Ed Champion President, David Anderson Vice President, Frances Wallace Secretary. 211 Circle K Club The Circle K Club, the largest college organization in existence, is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service and character building organization. The local Chapter was organized in April of 1958. The club emphasizes service to the school and community, and as in Kiwanis, the Circle K motto is " We Build. " Membership in the Circle K is limited according to the enrollment of the school for the purpose of effectiveness in service. Circle K ' s purposes and objectives are the emphasis of the advantages of the American and Canadian way of life, to provide an opportunity for leadership training, to serve the campus and community, to en- courage participation in group activities, to promote good fellowship, high scholarship and afford useful training in the social graces and personality development. The theme " Leadership Through Responsibility " was selected by Circle K International as the main idea for clubs to strive for in the 1967-68 school year. 212 C. Adams Secretary, J. E. Champion President, T. McNeil Vice President, D. Cagle Treasurer. teo, who is sponsored by Circle K, joins Sportsman ' s Club. Club Sweetheart Miss Lynne Johnson 213 Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is an organization for Episcopalians and other interested students. Meetings are held weekly for social, educational and spiritual fellowship. | 214 Collegiate Civinettes Row 1: P. Karr, L. Borden, S. Owens, B. Nagle. Row 2: C. Willingham, K. Kleg, AA. Mills. The Collegiate Civinette Club of Florence State is primarily a service organiza- tion. Some of the club ' s projects during the school year included sponsoring the March of Dimes Drive for the campus, helping the Collegiate Civitans with Christmas parties for under-privileged children, and entering a float in homecoming parade. The club is the only women ' s service organization on campus and is the first Civinette Club chartered in Alabama. 215 Collegiate Civitan Club J. Thompkins, K. Cleghorn, D. Moore, D. Lashley, G. Bailey, N. Carter, R. Minor, J. Sherrill Sweetheart, H. Lyons Preident., ' R. Pierce, D. Sorrelle, M. Buttram, Dr. Carrington Sponsor, C. White, R. Craft, B. Templin, D. Myers, B. Bragwell Florence State ' s Collegiate Civitan is a service organization which attempts to accomplish the objectives of Civitan Builders of Good Citizenship in rendering altruis- tic service and helping to build a better community. The club promotes good fellow- ship and high scholarship, serves on the campus as well as in the community, pro- vides opportunities for leadership training through service and encourages the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. 216 Commuters Association Si Si Si Any non-resident student is automatically a member of the Commuter Organization. The purpose of our club is to unite commuters and to promote more interest in campus life. In order to unify campus and commuter life we sponsored the " fall game outing " , decorated for Homecoming, and made available a calendar of the scholastic year events. 217 English Club The English Club was founded for the purpose of promoting the mastery of writ- ten expression, encouraging worthwhile reading, and fostering a spirit of fellowship among men and women specializing in English at Florence State College. 218 The 1967-68 Diorama Executive Staff Ron Wright Editor-in-Chief Gordon Maynard Business Manager Rusty Cone Chief Photographer RON WRIGHT RUSTY CONE GORDON MAYNARD 219 Diorama Editorial Staff DUANE PHILLIPS -Staff Photog- rapher MARY KAYE KILLEN -Senior Editor BARBARA SMITH-Cam- pus Life Editor Mil Ifif ' Mm mm LJ L JANE PATTERSON Organization Editor BUDDY BALTIMORE -Sports Editor DON PHILLIPS -Military Editor 220 NALRIA WISDOM- Faculty Editor ANN WADSWORTH-Copy Editor MEG GAULT- Feature Editor PRISCILLA COMER -Underclassman Assistant Editor CONNIE LEMMOND- Campus Life Assis- tant Editor CAROL SPALDING -Organization Assis- tant Editor 221 The Flor-Ala ' EMPHASIS ' 68 ACTIVATE " Linda Quigley Editor Demetra Brockman Associate Editor 222 Leonard Brockman Business Manager Duane Phillips- Staff Photographer BILL RILEY Assistant Business Manager TRAVIS HARDISON - Staff Writer . Cj ) C RAY EDMUNDSON- Sports Editor JOHNNY TOMKINS- Circulation Manager MICHAEL STEELE - Staff Writer MIKE ROSS -Staff Writer 223 Inter-Presidents ' Council The Inter-Presidents ' Council consists of the Presidents of all clubs and organizations on campus. Its over-all purpose is to promote coordination among the organizational activities and to develop effective student leadership within each cam- pus organization. The Council sponsors a yearly Recognition Day, when outstanding club members are honored. In August the Council heads an annual leadership Retreat where campus leaders can meet to discuss activities and problems before the fall term begins. At present a program coordinating project is being undertaken to aid clubs in finding effective programs. The . P. C. sponsors an annual recognition day in the spring of the year. I 224 I. P. C. Officers; Seated; Mickey Pennington Re- porter, Helen Morgan Secretary-treasurer, Sherry Stewart Parliamentarian. Standing: Howie Lawr- enceVice President, James E. Champion Presi- dent. An annual Leadership Retreat is sponsored by the I. P. C. 225 FClub Row 1: T. Clemmons, B. Russell, D. Cornelius, J. Thompson, B. Burns, R. O ' Kelley. Row 2: A. Bowling, L. Grissom, S. Box, R. Lindsey, D. Dougherty, L. Marshall, L. Thompson. Row 3: J. McGee, J. Grant, M. Bobo, G. Perkins. The " F " Club is an honorary organization for the promotion of intramural and intercollegiate athletes and sportsmanship in the student body. Membership is re- stricted to students earning varsity letters. 226 Kappa Delta Pi Row 1: J. Vick, V. Jones, C. Powell, S. Parrish, S. Jowers, J. Montgomery, B. Pace. Row 2: L. Parker, S. Sockwell, AA. Lan- ders, B. Burrows, B. Jackson. Row 3: E. Childers, E. Danielson, N. Hicks, L. AAasterson, L. Young, G. Oliver, H. Morgan, S. Russell. Row 4: P. Sparks, H. Calvert, J. Crocker Sponsor, L. Mauldin. The Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national scholarship fraternity, honors students of the Junior and Senior classes who have demonstrated sound scholarship and who intend to become teachers. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. 227 Kappa Mu Epsilon The Alabama Beta Chapter of Kappa AAu Epsilon, a professional mathematics fraternity established in 1935, recognizes honor students in mathematics and provides professional stimulation to its members. Ih 228 Kappa Omicron Phi I Row 1: Mrs. Huff Sponsor, B. Johnson, M. Bruce, S. Russell, C. Wilcoxson, V. Garrett, Mrs. Mcllrath. Row 2: S. Sockwell, B. Burrows, J. Holcombe, V. Jones, C. Barksdale, S. Morrow. Row 3: N. Childers, J. Daniel, L. Jackson, P. Grinstead, L. Bostdorf, H. Calvert. The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Omicron Phi was installed at FSC in 1962. The organization is a national, honorary home economics fraternity. It is open to home economics majors and minors who have an above average standing in all school subjects and at least a " B " average in home economics. They must have com- pleted eight semester hours in home economic courses with sophomore standing to be eligible for membership. 229 Kappa Pi Fall Initiation New Members: J. Lacic, R. Hill, S. Hunnicutt, L. Cocker. Row 2: M. Morrison, C. Evans, Mrs. Ward Sponsor, K. Cartron, J. Rendwick. The Delta Mu chapter of Kappa Pi was founded at Florence State in 1965, and has since then dedicated itself to the purpose of the interna- tional organization. Kappa Pi is the largest fraternity for art majors and minors existing in the United States. This honorary fraternity aids student artists, supports interest in all art forms, and encourages the general public to become better educated to the field of art. Delta Mu sponsors art shows each semester and is always ready to help students. I Ml J. Hester President, E. Delones, J. Williams, V. Wesson, J. Webb 230 Lutheran Student League Row 1: L. Myers, K. Schenk, K. Motes. Row 2: Mr. Theil Sponsor, L. Copp, Pastor Joel Kettner. Lutheran Student League was organized to provide opportunities for further knowledge of their church. : 231 Student Mental Health Association | Seated: B. Palmer, A. Butler, L Trussell, L Brumfield, A. Aerhart. Standing: J. Sheppard, C. Perkins, G. Whitehead, P. Wager, Mr. Moss Sponsor. The Student Mental Health Association is sponsored by Mr. Moss. The Mental Health Association is open to any student in mental health and related fields. 232 Music Educators Club State Urban Renewal Area ,A R 50 Of- ALABAMA ' 1 :: FLORENCE ISTATE CO UEOE - AUDITORIUM " center y W. Timmons, J. A. Swindell, H. Beckner, K. Kleg, J. E. Champion, M. Cagle, J. Vickers, C. Reaves, G. R. Davis, L. Reid, J. Cole. The Music Educators Club is open to all majors in Music Education. 233 Newman Club The Newman Club is a member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. Weekly meetings are open to both Catholic and other interested students and are planned to foster students ' spiritual, intellectual, and social interests. 234 Physical Education Club Row 1: W. Shelton, J. Grant, H. Lyons, L. Grissom, J. Cantrell, A. Bolding, R. Walker. Row 2: B. Carpenter, R. Gurley, D. Parker, S. Stewart, D. Cook, L Jacobs, S. Daniel. Row 3: A. Nelson, L. Vaughn, T. Jacobs, AA. Shepard, P. Kunkle, G. San- som, Mr. Flowers Sponsor, Miss Vance Sponsor. Row 4: M. Bobo, B. Rayburn, J. Darwin, T. Sumner, B. Moomaw, Miss Matthews Sponsor. The Physical Education Club is designed to promote professional interest and growth. It is open to all students who plan to ma- jor in Physical Education. Club Officers M. Sheppard, Secretary, L Grissom, Representative, H. Lyons, President, A. Bolding, Vice President, J. Cantrell, Treasurer, S. Dan- iel, Reporter. 235 Rehearsal Club Come Blow Your Horn by Neil Simon The Rehearsal Club is open to all students who are interested in any phase of dramatics. The groups present several plays each year, and the casts are cho- sen from the Rehearsal Club. Miss Gladys Shepard sponsors the productions. 236 mam m mm 237 Sigma Alpha Mu Row 1: Mr. Allen Sponsor, J. Sherrod, L Barden, D. Morton, A. Williams President. Row 2: C. Bell, W. William, M. Mc- Creary, J. Olive, D. Coats, G. Suttles. Row 3: D. Lawler, L Chapman, S. Styles, C. Gray, C. White, H. Johnson. The purpose of Sigma Alpha Mu is to acquaint business majors and minors with their future roles in Management; provide opportunities for social and educational growth in the field of Manageme nt; bring business executives and students closer together; and provide a medium for the exchange and distribution of information on the problems, policies, and methods of Management. The membership of the club is open to all sophomores and above who have an overall 1.0 average and are stu- dents in the fields of accounting, economics, business education, business administra- tion, and secretarial science. 238 Sigma Sigma Kappa Bottom To Top: C. Orrick, M. Landers, B. Palmer, Dr. McGee, Mr. DeBoer, Mr. Hadi, Dr. Cresap Spon- sors, S. Parrish, G. Potts, S. Cothern, Dr. Bowles Sponsor, B. Koonce, M. Thomas, B. Braly, B. Fowler, B. Brewster, R. Griebel, G. Whitley, D. Chisam. Sigma Sigma Kappa is an organization for majors and minors in the social sci- ences. 239 Sigma Tau Delta Row 1: S. Voce, N. Hicks, J. Vick, D. Cornelius President, C. Cook, A. Ca mp, G. Gain. Row 2: K. Bowling, R. Smith, D. Chisam, E. Littrell, C. Cobb, AA. Johnston, C. Gould, J. Mathias, T. Castner. Sigma Tau Delta is a national fra- ternity which recognizes English majors and minors of junior and senior stand- ing who have maintained a " B " aver- age in English. New members initiated into Sigma Tau Delta. 240 Sigma Tau Pi ) H I s 1 -C : " ftHllWI Members: A. Williams, D. AAcKee, P. Sparks, W. Putman, D. Boston President, C. Willingham, L. Tedder, K. James, S. Boston, R. McCorkle, S. McMurtrey, R. Rogers, AA. AAance, A. Dean, P. Staggers, L White, B. Smith, P. Stevens, W. Reynolds, C. Cash, D. Bishop, C. Dewberry, J. Youngblood, B. Barclay, D. Higgins, J. Shaddix, J. AAann, G. Wilson, J. Graves, W. Free- mon, C. AAartin, B. Fowler, B. Berryhill, S. Waldrop, P. Hyatt, P. Alexander, J. Jeffreys, P. AAitzner, B. Barr, AA. McCorkle, B. AAarston, P. Johnson, D. Cagle, F. Clemmons, D. Coats, H. Bearden, J. Olive, K. Horton, C. Hough. Sigma Tau Pi is open to all Business majors and minors. The purpose of Sigma Tau Pi is to acquaint business students with their future duties and obligations; to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards; and to make use of available resources, and to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. 241 Society of Pershing Rifles Row 1: Major Brice Advisor, D. Marchitto, B. Smith, K. Jodin. Row 2: E. Billingham, AA. Sanders, J. Peck, M. Bankman, J. Lacic. Row 3: Earnest Penn, D. Abernathy, J. Baker, R. Husky, G. Moody. Row 4: L Brookings, G. McPeters, C. Overton, J. Abernathy, J. Taylor. Row 5: J. Fleenar, C. Castner, W. Brown, J. Glass, R. Kantyer. I i IS 3:. CI The Pershing Rifles is a military fraternity dedicated to the service of the institu- tion as well as the development of the individual members. The purpose of the or- ganization is to encourage, preserve and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to promote American Citizenship, and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military and academic ability among the members of the ROTC. The Pershing Rifles participate in several drill meets each year. They also partici- pate in several parades during the year. Membership in the Pershing Rifles is open to basic cadets in ROTC. 242 Student Alabama Education Association wi.i f,W. Row 1 : M. Pennington, AA. J. Jones, Z. Mullican, G. Dunn. Row 2: J. Scott, S. Treadwell, N. Hicks, S. Jowers, C. Kennamer. Row 3: L Norris, D. Cowell, E. Montgomery, AA. Lee, K. James. Row 4: C. Barnes, AA. AAcGuire, B. Watkins, S. AAcNutt, C. Dewberry. Row 5: R. Porter, AAr. Finley Spon., N. Windham, E. Danielson, F. King, J. AAoore, K. Foust. Row 6: V. Riddle, AAr. Beans- Sponsor, L. Grinsted, A. Bradford, S. Johnssey, W. Reynolds, O. Wells. The purpose of our club is: To improve the quality of professional training. To develop an understanding of the teaching profession among the students who may decide to enter the teaching profession. To acquaint students preparing to teach with the history, ethics, organizations, poli- cies and programs of local state, and national associations. To interest young men and women in education as a career. To promote wholesome social and professional interest and attitudes among the members by working together on problems of the profession and of society. 243 Student Government Association Ire Ah s;t : : fa Once enrolled in FSC, a student automatically becomes a member of the Student Government Association. The Association ' s executive body, The Student Council, is composed of the executive officers, adviser, and representatives from the residence halls, classes, and day students. The Council is responsible for the cheerleader elec- tion and the book exchange. The Council is in a position to interpret the wishes of all parts of the student body, and to protect and extend the rights of students. 244 The Student Government Association han- dles the student book exchange at the beginning of each semester. Officers: Kelly Cartron Treasurer, Rick Griebel President, Linda Kirby Secre- tary, Mac Buttrum Vice President. The Student Government takes the respon- sibility of handling many of the campus elections. 245 The Student Union Board The Student Union Board is given the responsibility for carrying out a well- rounded program of activities of interest to all students. The SUB sponsors art shows and concerts as well as maintaining the games and other equipment found in the Student Union. 246 The Student Union Board sponsors many entertaining activities each year such as dances and stage entertainment. During the year of 1967-1968, The Pieces of Eight and the Lettermen were two of the groups sponsored by the SUB. 247 The Wildlife Conservation Club i it in i I ii Offi Row 1: B. Goodwin, H. Moor e, M. Martin President, Dr. Her- shey Sponsor, D. Beene. Row 2: D. Fortenberry, B. Killen, B. Everett, L. Quattrochi, C. Montgomery, N. Wisdom. Row 3: R. Russell, R. Gurley, T. Sumner, E. Blankenship, A. Boiling, J. Davidson, T. Franks. Row 4: L Hayes, B. Mixon, B. Sturdivant, B. Burleson, J. Bobo, R. Nelson. Row 5: R. Minor, K. Bloom, T. Smith, R. Walker, J. Fruitger, E. Grigsby. Row 6: B. Shamy, B. Myers, D. Haraway, D. Norris. The Conservation Club is an organization open to all students who are interested in conservation and the out-of-doors. Its main purpose is to further interest in conser- vation of wildlife and other natural resources and to promote the principles of good sportsmanship. Every year the club presents animal shows which contain many varie- ties of mammals and a wide assortment of reptiles, to the schools in the Muscle Shoals area to inform the students of the habitats of these animals and their import- ance to the balance of nature. 248 Officers: Kelly Carton Representative, Bryon Goodwin Chairman of Shows, Mare Martin President, Harold Moore Vice-President, Bill Bethune Secretary. I Mare and Anheuser 249 Student Art League I In HI The Student Art League is open to all students who express a true interest in art and who desire to further their understanding of art and its related field. 250 Ushers Club Row 1: H. Miller, R. Stephenson, T. Monroe, G. Rouse. Row 2: M. Nichols, J. Belles, M. Vest, B. Hankins. Row 3: W. Johnson, A. Green, D. Jefferys, T. McNeil, V. Van Pelt. The Usher ' s Club with Barry Goldwater. Members of the Ushers Club usher at community and college programs. Mem- bership is by invitation. 25) Wesley i strives Foundation I The Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the Methodist Church to Florence State College. The Foundation has now become a united ministry with that of the Disciples of Christ. Under the direction of a united ministry of two ministers and two faculty members, the Wesley Foundation, as a Church on Campus, offers opportunities for worship, religious education, counseling, fellowship, and service to all students and faculty. 252 The Wesley Foundation, as a Church in the midst of an academic community, strives to be relevant in its ministry to students through understanding and concern. I , 253 Westminster Fellowship Seated: S. Masters, B. J. Bragwell President, C. Cook, J. Johnson. Standing: G. Kelly, B. Carperter, H. Powell, P. Shults, S. Baltimore, N. Wisdom, M. Trotter, J. Schneible, J. Lake, R. Lancaster, B. Baltimore, J. Patterson, B. Warren, L. Sanders. The Westminster Fellowship was organized in 1957 to provide opportunities for fellowship among Presby- terian students and to further knowledge of the church. This year Westminster Fellowship has acquired a house where meetings will be held in the future. The Fellowship is also sponsoring a Sunday moring class for college students. C. Fulton Huff Sponsor 254 Why nn, L And all I wonted was a pink pill. AWC Christmas banquet. 255 Military 256 257 Cadre R Row 1: Col. Altus L. Woods, Maj. Charles S. Brice, Maj. Norman C. Propes, Capt. Winifred G . Williams. Row 2: Capt. Phillip H. Bosma, Capt. Kenneth F. Jodoin. 1 i Row 1: Sgt. Maj. Jack R. Finn, Sgt. George S. Yancey, Sgt. James R. Stovall, Sgt. William K. Allred. Row 2: Sgt. Grayson E. Mercer, SP5 R. J. Dickey. 258 Brigade Staff Row 1 : Cornelius, Holmes, Ebert, Edmondson, Dyar. Row 2: Behel, Howell, Stephenson, Warren, Taylor. 1st Battalion Staff Row 1: Walker, Norwood, Lindsey. Row 2: Willis, Barnwell, Winter, Hayes. 259 2nd Battalion Staff Row 1: Turner, Chisam, Frye. Row 2: Bonner, Wilbanks, Bone, Lashley. 3rd Battalion Staff Row 1: Garrison, Jeffreys, Phillips. Row 2: Smith, Hargett, Adams, Olive. 260 A Company . :. ..-. ;; ; " : B Company 261 C Company 1 D Company 262 81 E Company F Company . 263 I I J Company m Sponi Leach Holm Powel ROTC Band 264 Color Guard Sponsors: Fortenberry, Beadle, Leach, Cagel, Garrison, Turner, Holmes, Walker, Hudson, Logan, Powell. 265 SPORTS The Florence State Lions S: 7 fcW3 rn m r Row 1: Soma, Russell, Lindsey, Cornelius, Schultz, Perkins, Burns, Thompson, Franks, O ' Kelly. Row 2: Bobo, Elrod, Grant, Dougherty, Marshall, demons, Holderfield, B. Johnson, D. Johnson, Smith. Row 3: McCulley, Byars, AAcGee, Gamble, Jordan, Thompson, Logan, Hancock, Vickery. Row 4: Box, Northam, Wallace, Hodges, Jackson, Norris, Scott, Wells, Williamson. 268 FSC Coaching Staff h Staff: Durell Mock, Harlan Hill, Hal Self- Head Coach, Bill Wise, George Weeks. 269 Don Cornelius Quarterback Tim Norris Quarterback Phil Logan Quarterback David Wells Quarterback 270 Jim Grant Halfback Bobby Russell Halfback Carl McCulley-Halfback Ricky Li ndsey Halfback 271 " 1 " Benny Burns Tailback Jerry Thompson Fullback i ii it M It l r -i r it ? ii it ii H f ' I I ' M IT n u ii i II II IT T TT t ( 1 1 itit it Howard Byars Fullback Ricky Wallace Tackle 272 Dan Dougherty Guard ! ' ' Vrt ' f w? Dennis Johnson Center Tommy Clemmons Guard Ed Franks Guard 273 Ronnie Soma Tailback Ganum Smith Halfback Lynn Thompson Center George Perkins Tailback 274 Sparkey Box End Walter Jordan Tackle Johnny McGee Tackle Max Bobo Tackle 275 Bob Elrod End Jody Gamble End Dale Hancock End Dennis Holderfield End 276 ft Robert O ' Kelly-Tackle Billy Joe Johnson Guard Larry Marshall Tackle Jerry Schultz Guard 277 Jax State 23 Lions 14 JSU FSC F.D. 19 14 Yds. R. 126 85 Yds. P. 204 153 Passes 15-31-0 12-24-5 Fumbles 4 3 Total Off. 330 239 Jax. 10 6 7 -23 FSC 7 7 -14 F.D Yds. Yds. POS! Fum Yds- FSC tsc Florence The 1967 edition of the Lions broke fast from the gate and it appeared they would rout the Jaxmen. That dream wasn ' t to come true as the margin of victory was three penalties causing three TD ' s to be called back. Lions 52 Bulldogs 14 Gordon FSC F. D. 13 14 Yds. R. 123 313 Yds. P. 118 149 Passes 1 2-30-3 10-16-0 Fumbles 1 Total Off. 241 462 Gordon 7 7 -14 FSC 7 12 20 13 -52 F.D Y= Yds hi Fn vc F$C Florence The frustrations of the Jax State game were taken out on out-manned Gordon Military as the Lions rolled to the biggest point total in recent years. The Lions moved almost at will against the Bulldogs as they racked up 462 yards in total offense. 278 Lions 28 Tigers 7 FSC LSC F. D. 22 4 Yds. R. 133 32 Yds . P. 219 118 Passes 1 7-28-2 9-15-1 Fumbles 1 2 Yds. Pent. 50 54 FSC 14 7 7 -28 LSC 7 - 7 Florence Florence State ' s improved Lions recorded their second win of the 1967 season as they romped by the Tigers of Livingston. The )outmanned Tigers, who could manage only four first downs in the game, were no match for the Lion defense and the passing of Don Cornelius. Chocs 28 Lions 22 F. D. Yds. R. Yds. P. Passes Fumbles Yds. Pent. MC FSC FSC Miss. College 18 149 184 1 5-24-0 2 35 21 20 223 49 4-6-1 30 -28 -22 Florence Homecoming came within a step of being a resounding success as Mississippi College halted the valiant Lions bid for victory. The final drive by FSC, went 54 yds. 2 ft. only to have it stopped one foot short of victory. 279 Reddies 27 Lions 21 FSC Henderson F. D. 20 15 Yds. R. 101 116 Yds. P. 280 134 Passes 20-38-3 9-23-0 Fumbles 4 1 Yds. Pent. 62 30 FSC 14 7 -21 Henderson 14 6 7 -27 Arkadelphia, Ark. Stumbling and fumbling Florence State surrendered the ball to Henderson seven times and could never quite generate the power neces- sary to win, despite being inside the Reddie 30 six times without scoring. Red Wave 31 Lions 19 F. D. Yds. R. Yds. P. Passes Fumbles Yds. Pent. FSC Troy FSC 18 116 182 21-39-3 5 13 14 Troy 13 139 247 12-27-1 2 49 -19 -31 Troy It was do or die for Lion hopes in the ACC and Troy ' s Sim Byrd killed them as he threw three TD strikes to nail down the first ACC crown for the Red Wave. Each time FSC got within range to catch the Wave, Byrd would hit another scoring strike. 280 T FSC Statesmen 28 Lions 18 Delta F.D. 12 16 Yds. R. 29 303 Yds. P. 189 89 Passes 14-34-2 9-19-4 Fumbles 1 Yds. Pent. 35 32 Delta 14 7 7 -28 FSC 12 6 -18 Florence In their last home game of 1967, the Lions were no match for powerful Delta State. A crunching Delta ground attack wiped out an early 12-0 FSC lead as the lions record fell to 2-5. Vols 22 Lions FSC UTMB F.D. 13 15 Yds. R. 75 131 Yds. P. 135 137 Passes 15-28-2 16-18 Fumbles 3 1 Yds. Pent. 22 66 FSC -0 UTMB 12 3 7 -22 - Martin, Tenn. The nationally ranked and Tangerine Bowl Bound Vols won the battle of mud and sent FSC reeling to its sixth loss of the year. Costly mistakes put the Purple Gold in the hole early and they just couldn ' t recover. 281 Lions 14 Bulldogs 14 FSC Samford F.D. 18 18 Yds. R. 131 222 Yds. P. 139 79 Passes 1 3-23-0 " -20-3 Fumbles 2 3 Yds. Pent 60 40 FSC 6 8 -14 Samford 7 7 -14 Huntsville Don Cornelius passed to Dale Hancock for a two point conversion and FSC shocked Samford with a 14-14 tie. 1968 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept 21 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 12 19 26 Nov. 2 9 16 23 Arkansas State Teachers Delta State Livingston State Mississippi College Henderson State Troy State Samford Louisiana College UTMB Jacksonville State H A A A H H H H H A 282 " Z ' Z Leo on the Move , 283 Lion Basketball 1967-68 I Kneeling: R. Jones, A. Andrews, R. Combs, W. Stanphill, L. Smith, L. Rockhill, T. Whisenant, S. Franks, Manager. Stand- ing: D. Whitfiels, G. Steadman, R. Herbert, B. Tate, Coach Billingham, C. Ruth, K. Blackstock, D. Faint, R. Hooganboom. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1967-68 Nov. 20 Lambuth College 24-25 Carson-Newman Tournament 30 -Bethel College Dec. 4 Union University 7 Chattanooga University 1 1 Chattanooga University 14 Athens College 16 Athens College Jan. 4 Bethel College 6 Lambuth College 8 Jacksonville State Jan. 15 Livingston College 20 Troy State 23 Union University 27 Saint Bernard Feb. 2 Troy State 3 Alabama College 5 Livingston College 9 Alabama College 12 Jacksonville State 15 Saint Bernard 22,23,24 ACC Tournament 284 Coach Ed Billingham Ricky Jones 285 I Arthur Andrews r W h] ' : L 1 ft- ' L J ft J ' B V 3 1 I ftv W m J 1 P 1 r W Bobby Tate 286 Randy Hooganboom Dewey Whitfield 287 Ken Blackstock Larry Smith Gary Steadman Robert Combs 288 Cecil Ruth Don Faint 289 Raymond Herbert Troy Whisenant 290 Butch Stanphill Larry Roclchill 291 Lion Baseball 1967-68 1968 SCHEDULE MARCH 20 Athens College 22 Lambuth College 23 John C. Calhoun 26 Athens College 30 Saint Bernard (2) APRIL 3 Livingston State 5 Troy State College 6 John C. Calhoun 8 Jacksonville (2) 12 Alabama College %a : ' Hi Coach George Weeks 1 3 Troy State Col lege 17 Saint Bernard (2) 20 Union University 22 Lambuth College 26 Livingston State 27 Alabama College 30 Jacksonville State (2) MAY 3 Belmont College 4 David Lipscomb 6 Union University 7 David Lipscomb 9, 10, 11 Tournament Lions Crush Alabama Twice The 1967 Lion baseball team was full of surprises for the fans. From the opening game upset of Alabama ' s Crimson Tide, 10-3, to the loss of a spot in the ACC Tourney by the flip of a coin, it was an unusual season. Some 1500 fans turned out opening day to cheer for FSC as they challenged the fearsome Crimson Tide of Alabama. The Lions roared to the pleasure of the crowd and pulled off their biggest win of the 1 967 season. Although the Lions lost the second game they later defeated the Tide in Tuscaloosa. 4- Jerry Davis Freddy Taylor Dwayne Cantrell 292 Ken Mesa , ? - Bobby Hudson i M -m f. urn | Jjj| k - r ,; ; Ronnie Trousdale Ricky Lindsey Wfei MM Louis Vaughn Joe Gilbert Larry Grissom Rick Graves Steve Grissom 293 Phil Staggs Duke Phillips FLORENCE STATE 10 ma Ray Nelson Robert Seeley Player AB R H RBI Mesa, ss 4 1 1 Vaughn, cf 3 2 1 Gilbert, 3b 4 1 1 2 Trousdale, 2b 2 2 2 1 Taylor, c 2 3 1 2 Hudson, lb 4 1 2 Grissom, If 3 1 1 1 McDaniels, rf 2 Lindsey, rf 1 Davis, p 2 1 1 Totals 27 10 9 9 I Eddie Gaither Joe fSfr , - fcv fej Wil son ALABAMA 3 Player AB R H RBI Holley, rf 4 2 2 Johnson, cf 4 2 1 Traffenstedt, If 4 1 1 McCorquedole, lb 3 Brown, 3b 1 Goodwin, 3b 2 Bailey, 2b 3 Harris, c 3 Ranelli, ss 3 2 Glass, p Douglas, p 1 1 Stanard, ph 1 Colvin, p _0 g Totals 29 3 7 2 LI Doug Harbin 294 Lion Riflemen for 1968 Kneeling: C. Frye, D. Graham, J. Bolton, J. Kent, D. Morley. Standing: D. Harbison, W. Graham, D. Dunn, J. Upton, J. Doss, E. Baltimore, M. Van Dyke. RIFLE TEAM SCHEDULE 4 Nov University of Mississippi Home Won 18 Nov Tennessee Technological University Home Lost 13 Jan Mississippi State University Home Lost 20 Jan University of Southern Mississippi Home Won 3 Feb Middle Tennessee State University Home 16-17 Feb Alabama Invitational Auburn 2 Mar Vanderbilt Away 295 Lion Golfers ' 67 Dwight Friar, Johnny McNutt, Jud Stockard, Sam Stockard. 1968 GOLF SCHEDULE Wed., Mar. 20 Athens Away Thurs , Mar. 28 Jacksonville Away Mon., Apr. 1 Illinois Wesleyan Lambuth Home Fri., Apr. 5 Troy State Home Tues., Apr. 9 Jacksonville Home Fri., Apr. 12 Alabama College Away Sat., Apr. 13 Troy State Away Mon., Apr. 15 David Lipscomb Away Wed., Apr. 17 St. Bernard Away Mon., Apr. 29 Bethel, Union, UTMB Home Tues., Apr. 30 St. Bernard, Alabama College Home Fri., May 3 Union Lambuth Away Mon., May 6 Union Home Tues., May 7 David Lipscomb Home May 9, 10, 11 Tournament 296 { Kj 297 Lion Tennis 1967 4 Tennis Team, Kneeling: Paul Skillern, Larry Brewer, Barry Curtis. Standing: James Cantrell, Lloyd Newton, Don Phillips, Bruce Edwards. 298 i 299 CAMPUS LIFE The ABC Board was here last night and said that we had plenty of Spirit! My mama does not wear combat boots! House mother or no house mother, I refuse to jump 8 floors! I don ' t know whether to squat or wind my watch. Somebody get that skunk outa here! 302 " You ' ve got the wrong idiot, you number! " + % Nobody ever sends me any Valentines. She ' ll never win with those legs. " Do you think they notithed that I have a lithp? " Susan Spotless is gonna get you James! 303 West and wewaxation at wast. ( Save your Confederate money boys, the South is gonna rise again! This measures blood pressure? Whatcha mean I got six toes 304 " Annual " staff meeting. Take the picture quick! I can ' t fake it much longer! " And for only ten cents more you get a free 46x23x36 photo of Mae West. " I wonder if he knows that I know that he knows I know he knows. 305 " Now os soon as we find a safety pin, you ' ll be ready to go. ' ' " And then the Great Pumpkin comes down out of the sky and selects the pumpkin patch that he believes to be the most sincere. " ' Cock-a-doodle-doo. " Boy, I ' m glad that cows don ' t fly! 306 ' Oh, a little more to the left . . . a lower . . . ahhhl " See this finger! Well, it ' s got a brother! " " Do you mean he really wears mono- grammed under- wear? " Bet I can black out before you can. . 307 Aunt Jemima, what took you so long? " And if you don ' t wash those dishes, I ' m gonna beat you to death with a dish rag! " Ya do the hoky-poky and ya turn yourself around . . . " Ha! This cow may be skinny but she sure gives a lot of milk! " " Gee, Susan, these high heels really do make you taller! " If I have a $100 in the bank and write a check for $124.64 ... Rats! I ' ll never get the Constitution memorized by one o ' clock. 308 1 " hate to bring it up But it ' s my left arm that ' s broken. There must be an easier way to sneak into the dorm after midnight. I wonder what is meant by 36-23-36? " Hey, it ' s time for Captain Kangaroo and Dancing Bear! " 309 Oh boy. ' Fifty pounds of wet dough! I ' m gonna flunk that entire acting class. Who would like to buy a ticket for The-Girl-I-Would-Most-Like- To-Be-Stuck-in-an-Elevator- With ! I feel lower than an ankle bracelet on a flat-footed Eskimo! I christen thee the S. S. Elizabeth. " And then he said I wonder if this is the way Michelangelo started. 310 Little bitty hairs growin ' outa my face! V Why does everybody always pick on me? " Yeah, I ' m editor of the Yellow Jack! " " Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! " 311 ADVERTISEMENTS MOTOR NS Since 1894 w J o I Patronize Your Yearbook Sponsors Powell Electronics Inc. 3906 Jackson Highway Sheffield, Ala. s If SP PAS QUA US PIZZA ARRY-OUT PIZZA PIES SPAGHETTI i RAVIOLI Fish-Shrimp Chicken Baskets POOR BOY SANDWICHES STEAK HOT ROAST BEEF HOGGIE MEAT BALL HOGGIE FISH PASQUALES PIZZA 11:00 A.M. 10:30 P.M. 1 1 :00 A.M. MIDNIGHT-FRI. SAT. A QUICK TELEPHONE CALL . . . YOUR ORDER WILL BE READY IN A FEW MINUTES OPEN SEVEN DAYS 766-4734 LOCATED NEXT TO A P IN FOUR LANE SHOPPING CENTER 857 Florence Blvd. Florence Martin Theatres Shoals-Norwood-Colbert Tuscumbian Marbro Drive In Joy Lan Drive In Wilson Drive In KOVil WUMS TUMtTi ARC HTTtl STUDIMTS ATTEND YOUR THEATRES OFTEN 1ST HI ' Compliments Smokehouse Billiards Recreation and Refreshment 1 18 East Tennessee St. Florence w e HHHH FINE FOOD |r: AND FRESHMENTS i LT3 i .... " Woody mac Corral Home of the Ranchburger " Where You Meet Your Friends " Jackson Hwy. and T. V. A. 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BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Florence Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 317 POST WELDING SUPPLY Distributor For: Hobort, Uncle, Westinghouse Welding Equipment Selstrom, Fiber Metal, and Jackson Safety Equipment Duralite House Paints And Ditzler Auto Paints 3430 Jackson Highway Sheffield 383-5352 Nights Holidays: 764-9213 or 383-8231 ov tk- 1 in Sou y.ev- ' 4 fig uPigr ' -w 11 13 Florence Blvd. 1220 N. Wood Avenue Town Plaza, Sheffield WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Get All These Benefits When You Save With Us: Insured Safety No Fluctuation Liberal Earnings Sound Management Quick Availability Extra Strong Reserves First Federal !l!3 SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FLORENCE 18 E. MOBILE ST. FLORENCE, ALA. 7 POINTS SHOPPING CENTER. nnnnrpM| MJiil i ml FLORENCE i " WHERE PEOPLE COME FIRST ' 318 I. 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Distributors of Paper Products, Sanitary Supplies, and Restaurant Supplies and Equipment Sheffield, Alabama Motttoy ' i World ' s Finest fashionable Steel Die Engraved and writing papers 213-15 N. Wood Ave. PHONE 764-8501 Florence, Ala collegiate MONTAG ' S stationery ATLANTA GEORGIA Ory ' s Cleaners Laundry 321 . ' 7 Points Office Florence STATE NATIONAL BANK of Alabama " It ' s Great to Bank at State " Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 412 N. Court St. Ljj.j .1 i iirn--3 s o if u Q2 Royal Crown Cola in Bottles or Cans! Nehi Bottling Co. Sheffield 383-5342 Compliments of S. B. S. Electric Supply Co. Wholesale Only 625 S. Cherry Street Florence rt W " Of Tut 1 lottos umM t 5, TELEPHONE EVergreen 3-2312 Southern Vim 6. 1414 rfC$ DWAY sheff ' ielV iaiama McDonald ' s ' oo ' Of (A goldmrt mrchm 100% Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheeseburgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fries Compliments of TIMBERLAKE HARDWARE Montgomery Avenue Sheffield Comp ments of Louis Haddock; Owner Dr. Pepper 7-Up Bottling Company Compliments of SLATER FOOD SERVICE ' Proud to be Serving Florence State ' 323 DOWNTOWNER MOTOR INNS Stay In The Center of Things Dine In The Cypress Dining Room 400 S. Court 766-51 323 I T , e raidcvwu. and 122 W. TOMBIGBEE ST. FLORENCE, ALA. 35630 Printers Stationers, Inc. 216 N. Court St. Florence, Alabama 764-8061 Posey Furniture Company 122 East Tennessee St. Florence FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Modern Florist 108 E. Tombigbee Florence, Alabama NOBODY BUT NO 8O0V UNDER.SEU) IfVINS " The District ' s Greatest Home-Furnishers " 301 N. Court 764-3671 Florence EARLINE ' S Ladies Wear Florence inIiviarine " Quality and Service Are Our Least Expensive Products " Authorized Johnson Sales Service Phone: 383-0430 736 E. Second St. Sheffield, Alabama " Athletic Equipment " Best Wishes LANDERS ' OFFICE SUPPLY 101 W. Third St. Sheffield Complete Line of Office Furniture and Supplies REYNOLDS where new ideas take shape in ALUMINUM urges you to continue your education . . . for new careers take shape too with REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Growing for 26 years with Muscle Shoals 325 Tri-Cities New Car Dealers Association FLORENCE - SHEFFIELD - TUSCUAABIA SID HAMM CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH PLYMOUTH - CHRYSLER - IMPERIAL 766-4455 CAMPBELL MOTORS, INC. FORD 764-3351 DENTON-SMITH CHEVROLET, CHEVROLET 764-4551 FOOTE AUTO COMPANY OLDSMOBI LE - CADILLAC 764-9082 REEDER BUICK BUICK 764-9661 HARRISON -WHITE PONTIAC PONTIAC 764-6041 FOUR CITIES IMPORTS VOLKSWAGEN 766-2906 MORRIS DODGE DODGE 764-4464 PRESIDENT: Wes Patton INC. MILEY BUICK-OLDSMOBILE CO. BUICK-OLDSMOBILE 383-0721 PAUL SAYWELL MOTORS, INC. PLYMOUTH 383-4011 MOTORDROME, INC. LINCOLN -MERCURY -CONTINENTAL 383-0621 HESTER CHEVROLET, INC. CHEVROLET 383-7434 ZELKE DODGE DODGE 381-2300 JAY EDWARDS FORD SALES, INC. FORD 383-6523 MULLINS FORD FORD 383-0811 MORRIS RAMBLER INC. RAMBLER 8, INTERNATIONAL 383-0811 SECT.-TREAS. S. E. Hamm FOREMOST DAIRIES OF THE SOUTH POST OFFICE BOX 4218 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 32201 Greetings From 1 340 K.C. " Voice Of The Lions " Broadcasting Florence State Football for 12 Years! WJOI Radio, Inc. Florence, Alabama R A D I O A Complete GIFT AND BOOK STORE Books of All Kinds Coin Supplies Greeting Cards Stationery Course and Novel Outlines ANDERSON ' S CARDS - BOOKS - GIFTS 116 E. Mobile Downtown Florence Hellard Insurance Agency Lion Boosters for 30 years Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Bottlers of Pepsi Diet Pepsi Mountain Dew- Orange and Grape Crush Highway 43 South Phone 383-2842 326 WHO CARES WE CARE 108 East Mobile Florence Compliments of A FRIEND Since 1853 Milner ' s Drug Store The Rexall Store Florence 764-2131 Free Delivery Phones: Bus. 766-1692 Res. 766-2878 SiKiA ( Paii Wallpaper Comp any Jerry Brown, Mgr. 228 N. Court St. Florence, Ala. TANKS, STACKS, BRIDGES, STEEL, PARKING LOT MARKING WILSON PAINTING CO. COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL 764-4421 1157 N. WOOD AVE. FLORENCE, ALA. The Picture Reaches 1 1,000 Homes Every Week Compliments of CRUMP CAMERA SHOP Florence, Sheffield, Decatur 327 OF FLORENCE I! ! si si l il ii S 1! P. !i i! ii nil I || !1 rf i ; ith ' . t f %p|f K Compliments of A Friend i swrsw Comp imenfs of ABROMS of Florence ABROMS of Sheffield i v i r r m Sheffield Federal Savings and Loan Association THE FLORENCE HERALD " Your Prize-Winning Weekly Newspaper " Printers Publishers 1 14-1 16 W. Tombigbee St. Phone 764-0641 FLORENCE Main Office Sheffield, Alabama Branches: 21 1 East 6th Street Tuscumbia, Alabama 328 501 Montgomery Ave. 1021 Woodard Avenue Muscle Shoals, Alabama Compliments of COM PAK FOOD MART 1320 N. Pine St. 1627 Darby Drive Florence 329 fc H fil w im f 0 M " sat.. . .. - Drive-In Branch Cherokee Sheffield FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN TUSCUMBIA First National Bank Florence State College Florence, Alabama The Fine Arts Center is scheduled for completion in the fall of 1968. It will consist of a complex of three buildings to provide modern facilities in studios, classrooms, and laboratories for instruction in music, art, speech, and the dramatic arts. The theatre-style auditorium will seat 1,700 persons. A.B. and B.S. degree programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Physical Education, Home Economics. A.B. and B.S. degree programs for the training of teachers for the elementary and secondary schools. Courses for renewal and extension of teaching certificates. Preprofessional curricula for Agriculture, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. Secretarial training. Graduate programs in elementary and secondary education and school administration. Beautiful Campus, comfortable dormitories and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medico-dental and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. 331 North Florence Branch Main Office THE NATIONAL OF ' Helping You Since Member of the Federal Deposit ielpY 1889 332 Fl B Fl nsurar m IE Tennessee Street Branch FIRST BANK FLORENCE Jiigfr Help Yourself " 1889 Depffl Insurance Corporation Elting Branch 333 There have always been those very special young people who have never been satisfied with the ordinary. For over three generations, these young creatives have come to the Inter-Collegiate Press for their graduation announcements, yearbooks and diplomas. For here they have always found bright, experienced and thoughtful counsel in producing their best, individual creative works. When you wont everything to be right WE ARE PROUD TO PUBLISH THE DIORAMA ALABAMA REGIONAL OFFICE Ernest W. Crates 2337 Ivy Lane Birmingham, Alabama 35226 inter collegiate press a division of The Welch Scientific Company Our special thanks goes to RAY ' S STUDIO 120 W. MOBILE ST. FLORENCE for their photographic work in the 1968 DIORAMA 335 BIG ORANGE! ' 7i Vi 11:55 P.M., January 25, 1968 At exactly five minutes before deadline while looking back over the past few months and thinking with relief that everything is now finished, I remember how touch-and-go things were at times. Sometimes it seemed as though that threatening deadline wouldn ' t be met. But now that it is all over, I would like to take these last few minutes to give special thanks to certain people who have made this DIORAMA possible. First of all my thanks goes to Mr. Van Pelt, " Van " , whose wise judgment and eighteen years of experience have always rung true even under the most difficult situation. My special thanks also goes to Rusty Cone and Duane Phillips without whose photographic efforts, this DIORAMA would not have been what it is. Of course thanks goes to the whole DIORAMA staff who always came through in combining their efforts to bring about the finished product Also I would; like to thank the administration and especially Mrs. Peacock for their tremendou-s cooperation. Now the clock strikes twelve and all these trials and tribulations come to an end as the DIORAMA is presented to represent this year, 1967-68 at Florence State. Ronald J. Wright Editor 1

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