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' . ' , i " ut ' l ' W 9 1 B l r Flore Flore ,1 f -. W J I eWT t " j A i 4 ' } 1 c, ! r 1 Photo by R. Cone DIORAMA 1967 Florence State College Florence, Alabama Editor Janet Vick Business Manager Gordon Maynard Photography Rusty Cone " Introduction 1 -33 Admin. Faculty 34-71 Organizations 72-1 23 Features 1 24-1 51 Sports 1 52-1 89 Military 1 90-206 Seniors 207-21 1 Underclassmen 244-289 Senior Credits 290-301 Index 302-307 Advertisements 308-334 Epilogue 334 REGISTRATION .... Freshmen find registration bewildering and frighten- ing. Although upperclassmen are seasoned to the grueling processes of waiting in line forever, signing two fistfuls of cards (three fistfuls since FSC acquired the magical mon- ster computer), taking basketweaving and frisbe throwing since all other art and P.E. classes are closed, they consider registration an amateur version of the Spanish Inquisition. VITALITY . . . . . . On September 11,1 966, an eager company of 1 ,500 shiny faced frosh descended on FSC similar to Korean refugees landing in Los Angeles. Although the rat caste is unforgiveably low, these freshmen were endowed with boundless enthusiasm and imbued with limitless fervor. In retrospect, the 1966-67 rat pack was a good bunch of kids. AMBITION .... Graduation looms in the near future as a bright and shiny goal. The event of finishing college should be objectively viewed as the beginning of real educa- tion. F.S.C. is a good place to begin the learning process, but the process should never end. Graduation is merely a beginning. TALENT 10 I . . . Talent is the rarest of gifts. Being able to do one particular thing distinctively well makes the ordi- nary person into an interesting individual. 11 LEISURE .... Wise use of leisure separates the educated person from the uneducated. Cultivating rewarding hobbies and good taste in reading is an urgent, necessary part of an education. 13 SPIRIT . . . Florence State has never lacked school spirit. The trouble is that only a few people like cheer- leaders, frosh, and gung-ho types have been moved by the enthusiasm. Winning means sup- port; moreover, support encourages winning. The newly organized FSC Sportsman ' s Club, composed of alumni and other supporters, has done much to encourage support and winning. 15 16 SPIRIT .... During 1966-67 school year, the spirit has been contagiously vibrant. Students have backed the Lions winning or losing. But this enthusiasm has been more than a football boost, it ' s participation in more activities by more students. HAPPINESS . . . 18 II I lllllll I BV.Y " . Will I m m r i , " JH " fftf . M o a r lllll I lllllll I I) 9 . . . Happiness is a diet Pepsi? Not in this county! Happiness is a multitude of little signifi- cant impressions which provide one with satis- faction. Happiness is Linus being visited by the Great Pumpkin. 19 20 I I FRIENDSHIP . . . Friendship is Lucy waiting with Linus in the pumpkin patch ' til four a.m. Friendship is having a buddy who lives on the Ten- nessee line. Friendship is a culti- vated, genuine expression. 21 HONOR 22 Y MEMORIAL KM . . . Honor is reward. Honor is the result of a job well done. Honor is an outward show of appreci- ation for achievement. Honor is a way of ac- knowledging that one is special in our imper- sonal society. 23 . . . . Tradition is friends caroling at Yuletide. Tradition is painting the star purple polka dotted, hot pink, and chartreuse. Tradition is " Barney-One- Bullet " booting cars. Tradition is appreciation of the past. TRADITION ROUTINE... . . . For one ' s life to function orderly and purposefully one must perform a multitude of seemingly trivial tasks. However, trivial tasks re- lease the busy mind from too much study. k I GROWTH . . " c . 1 1 Br | jttfl . . . Are bricks and mortar measures of an educa- tional institution ' s worth? Well, new buildings help lure prospective students, and no one can dispute the value of up-to-date facilities. The Towers dormitory complex, a three and one-half million dollar project, is part of FSC extensive expansion. ii 29 RELIGION . . . re| an Op ing 30 Contemplation of values rejuvenates the inner strength an individual needs to survive. Only through deep soul search- ing can one know himself. 31 REFLECTION THE RED WHEELBARROW so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens 32 I HSaL ' I ii;y DEDICATION NELSON B. VAN PELT VAN ' t :: ' h the : doi do H h ll ll 34 Yes, Dedication for your unselfish de- votion to the Audio-Visual Department, the Diorama, the college, and above all, the students, we dedi- cate this, our 1967 Diorama to Nelson B. Van Pelt. Your dedication to your work has gone far beyond the scope of what has been required. The sacri- fices you have made to see that a job was not merely done, but done well, merits the respect and appre- ciation of us all. And as a token of our gratitude we humbly offer our dedication in return for yours. Thanks, " Van " , for a job superbly done. 35 ADMINISTRATION ION AND FACULTY 38 DR. E. B. NORTON President of the College Si F.S.C. is engaged in a vast expansion program. President Norton is the key to this forward look that F.S.C. has taken in the past few years. Since he assumed his office in 1948, Dr. Norton has exemplified the dignity and honor that his position demands. The door of his office is ever open to faculty and students. i cor ing e k DO| am DR. TURNER W. ALLEN, Dean of the College Dean Allen is not only a man of ideas, but also a man of action. He is a discerning scholar for a tedious and demanding position. An efficient adminis- trator, Dean Allen meets the myriad problems of F.S.C. ' s expanding curriculum and solves them. 40 MR. OTIS PEACOCK Administrative Assistant to the President Among the many duties of Mr. Peacock are those of student recruitment, public relations, the administration of exten- sion and field services, student loan and scholarship program s, student employ- ment, and alumni relations. By assuming all of his responsibilities well, Mr. Peacock earns the respect of his colleagues and students. DR.W.T.MCELHENY Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mac is a friend to every student he comes in contact with. Whether he is serv- ing as sponsor of the Student Govern- ment Association, or conducting the duties of his office, Dr. Mac maintains a capable and sure composure and an amiable countenance inherent in the true gentleman. 41 Chester M. Arehctrt Registrar A.B., Lynchburg College; M.A., University of Chicago Hoyt M. Brock Director of Graduate Study B.S., Birmingham-Southern Col- lege; M.A., University of Ala- bama; Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University Roy S. Stevens Treasurer-Business Manager B.S., M.A., Eastern Kentucky State College Ab De B.S vei 42 Abel F. DeWitt Dean of Men B.S. MA., West Virginia Uni versify William A. Graham Director of Kilby Laboratory School B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama Pauline E. Gravlee Dean of Women A.B., Howard College; M.A. George Peabody College 43 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE Dr. Joseph Thomas, Department Chairman Florence State ' s growing Science Department offers majors in general biology, botany and zoology; industrial chemistry and general chemistry; physics; and cognate majors in natural science and physical science. In the 1966-67 school year the fourth floor of the new science building is being completed. 44 Joseph Calvin Thomas, Profes- sor of Science, A.B., Asbury Col- lege; M.A., Ed.D., University of Kentucky Edgar C. Tullis, Professor of Biology, A.B., M.A., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., Michigan State University Charles E. Keys, Professor of Biology, A.B., Greenville Col- lege; Ph.D., University of Kansas Arthur L Hershey, Professor of Biology, B.S., Kansas University; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State College William R. Montgomery, Professor of Biology, B.S., Millsaps Col- lege; M.S., Mississippi State Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of Nebraska C. Fulton Huff, Associate Profes- sor of Chemistry, A.B., George- town College; M.A., George Pea- body College Raymond E. Isbell, Associate Pro- fessor of Chemistry; B.S., Flor- ence State College, M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama William M. Richie, Assistant Pro- fessor of Chemistry, B.S., Flor- ence State College; M.A., George Peabody College Mrs. Elizabeth B. Von Gemmin- gen, Assistant Professor of Biolo- gy, A.B., M.A., University of Maryland Paul Yokley, Jr., Assistant Profes- sor of Biology; B.S., M.A., George Peabody College Hollis Fenn, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., M.S., Auburn Uni- versity 45 DEFT. OF SCIENCE Mrs. Henry T. Harvey, Assistant Pro- fessor of Science, A.B., Western Michigan College; M.A., Univer- sity of Michigan T. N. Hubbuch, Assistant Profes- sor of Chemistry, B.S., University of Louisville; B.S., M.S., Harvard University John W. Holland, Jr., Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S. Flor- ence State College; M.A., George Peabody College Mrs. Sarah Smith, Instructor in Science, A.B., Florence State College, M.A., University of Mississippi Virlyn Lamar Bulger, Assistant Professor of Science, B.S., Jack- sonville State College; M.Ed., Auburn University; M.A.T., Uni- versity of North Carolina Lee Allison, Assistant Professor of Science, A.B., Eastern Nazar- ene College; M.Ed. University of North Carolina B. Jack Kent, Instructor in Biolo- gy, B.S., Florence State College; M.S., University of Mississippi 1 fes US - ' 46 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT The Home Economics major follows a prescribed curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in education with a major in vocational home eco- nomics. The purpose of the Home Economics Department is the personal development of the individual for homemaking as well as for a pro- fessional career. Affiliated with the department is the Home Economics Club, which is open to all Home Economics majors and minors, and Kappa Omicrom Phi, which is a professional honorary fraternity for home economics majors and minors. Mrs. Mary W. Huff, Department Chairman Home Management House i Mrs. Mary W. Huff, Associate Pro- fessor of Home Economics, B.S., M.S., University of Georgia Mrs. Celia J. Wilson, Assistant Pro- fessor of Home Economics, B.S., M.S., University of Alabama Mrs. Florine K. Rasch, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Alabama College; M.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee. Mrs. Jane O. Mcllrath, Director of the Nursery School, A.B., St. Mary-of-the-Woods College; M.A., George Peabody College. 47 MILITARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The senior ROTC program at Florence State College includes the basic two- year course and an optional two-year advanced course. The Military Science Department sponsors an outstanding rifle team and a drill team. The Cadet Officers Corps, a military fraternity open to advanced cadets only, sponsors a spring military ball and the Red Cross Bloodmobile which visits the campus twice annually. Colonel Francis L. Jenkins, Department Chairman 48 Sgt. Lelortd ROTCInsm Col. Francis L. Jenkins, Jr., Professor of Military Science, B.S., Clemson University Maj. Charles S. Brice, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., North Georgia College Capt. Billy C. Harris, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Arkansas State College Sgt. Maj. Jack R. Finn, ROTC Instructor Sgt. Leland H. Kilgore, Maj. John D. Smith, M Sgt. John R. Duhaime, Sgt. Don F. Little, ROTC Instructor Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S. Florence State College ROTC Instructor ROTC Instructor S Sgt. James R. Stovall, ROTC Instructor Maj. Norman C. Propes, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Jacksonville State University 49 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY The Department of Education and Psychology, the oldest department on campus, offers majors in elementary education and secondary education. Students majoring in secondary education must also select a major in one of the academic depart- ments. The college also offers graduate study in the field of education. Students enrolled in the education program are encouraged to participate in the Student Alabama Education Association. College; boma; I Colpbii Dr. Hoyt M. Brock, Department Chairman i Jock W. wVyof 50 hology, | pi cation, i must ill Hoyt M. Brock, Professor of Edu- cation, B.S., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., University of Ala- bama; Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University William H. Waite, Professor of Education, A.B., University of Saskatchewan; M.A., University of Manitoba; Ph.D., University of Chicago Lula R. Way, Professor of Psy- chology, B.S., M.A., George Pea- body College; Ed.D., Michigan State University William L Crocker, Professor of Psychology, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama ! Jack W. Crocker, Professor of Psychology and Education, A.B., M.Ed., Tulsa University; Ed.D., Uni- versity of Alabama W. B. Woodward, Associate Pro- fessor of Psychology, A.B., Louisi- ana State University; Ed.M., Uni- versity of South Carolina William J. Mcllrath, Associate Professor of Psychology, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College John Finley, Jr., Associate Profes- sor of Education, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama A. Miller Moss, Assistant Professor lla Cox, Supervising Teacher, B.S., of Psychology, A.B., M. A., Western Florence State College; M.A., Kentucky State College George Peabody College Katherine Forney, Teacher, B.S., M.S., College Supervising Iowa State 51 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY Sarah Rollins Lewis, Supervising Mrs. Flora Belle Smith, Super- Teacher, B.A.E., M.E., University vising Teacher, A.B., Henderson of Mississippi State Teachers College; M.A., George Peabody College Mary Burchell Campbell, Director of Curriculum Laboratory and Kilby School Library, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., M.A. (L.S.), George Peabody College Donie May Lowry, Supervising Teacher, B.S., Florence State Col- lege; M.A., George Peabody College ._. r f Mrs. Virginia L. Adams, Super- vising Teacher, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Dorothy Heffington, Super- vising Teacher, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody College 52 COLLIER LIBRARY STAFF i Ruth Dacus, Head Librarian, A.B., Win- throp College; B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College hpnUq liweCol- tahdi Mrs. Mildred C. Lentz, Associate Librarian, B.S., Florence State College; M.A. (LS), George Pea- body College Martha L. Griffin, Assistant Librarian, B.S., B.S. in L.S., George Peabody College Mrs. Viola U. Sheats, Assistant Librarian, B.S., Florence State College; M.A. (LS), University of Alabama Fannie Schmitt, Department Chairman, Associate Professor of Library Science, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama, M.A. (LS), George Peabody College LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The Library Science Department offers a minor which is designed to give prospective librarians a basic undergraduate curriculum to qualify them for Alabama Teacher certification in librarianship and to provide the basic undergraduate program which is prerequisite to admission to American Library Association accredited graduate programs. The Library Science Department also provides li- brary education for prospective classroom teachers designed to help them to develop effective reading programs and to discharge their responsibilities in the development of school library service. Stu- dents enrolled in the library science program are invited to become members of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Beta Alpha, the National Under- graduate Library Science Fraternity. A total of twenty-seven hours of work is offered, with eighteen hours required for a minor. J . ,--. . 53 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND BASIC ENGINEERING Dr. John L Locker, Department Chairman Ik l Mathemai Auburn Ufl I :- : TS-: (H.Aubw 54 The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. Graduates of the mathematics department take jobs in industry, con- tinue their education in graduate study, or teach mathe- matics in secondary schools. Outstanding mathematics students are invited to become members of Kappa Mu Epsilon, an honorary mathematics fraternity. II John L. Locker, Professor of Mathematics, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University Mrs. Elizabeth T. Wooldridge, Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., University of Nebraska Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, Associate Professor of Mathematics, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College Frank E. Lee, Instructor in Mathe- matics, B.S., University of Okla- homa; M.S., Florida State Univer- sity; J.D., University of Chicago William C. Scott, Instructor in Engineering (Part Time), B.S. in Ch.E., Auburn University Mrs. Gayle S. Kent, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., Florence State College; M.S., University of Mississippi John M. Stinson, Instructor in Engineering (Part Time), B.S. in Ch.E., University of Missouri Mrs. Jean T. Parker, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, A.B., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College 55 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr. Albert S. Johnston, Jr., Department Chairman The English Department offers both a major and a minor in English. Minors are also offered in the dramatic arts and speech, French and Spanish. Two years of German are offered. The English Department at F.S.C. is noted for producing fine teachers for the secondary schools in this immediate area. Organizations affiliated with the department are the English Club, Spanish Club, and the Rehearsal Club. The English Club an- nually sponsors the literary magazine " Light and Shadows. " The English Honorary fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta, is being revitalized. 56 Albert S. Johnston, Jr., Professor of English, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Florida Walter K. Schuckmann, Professor of Modern Languages, Ph.D., University of Frankfurt; A.B., Uni- versity of Oxford; A.B., Univer- sity of London J. N. Winn, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Dartmouth Col- lege; M.A., Columbia University John E. Kingsbury, Assistant Pro- fessor of English, A.B., Colgate University; M.F.A., University of Iowa Lindsey Stricklin, Assistant Profes- sor of English, A.B., M.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina Mrs. Leatrice Timmons, Assistant Professor of English, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Catherine C. Jones, Assis- tant Professor of English, A.B., Newcomb College; M.A., Univer- sity of Alabama Mrs. Eva-Maria Gaisser, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, A.B., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Mississippi Stanley Rosenbaum, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Har- vard University; M.A., University of Denver 57 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES Mrs. Elisabeth Cooper, Instructor in English and Spanish, B.S., George Peabody College Gladys Shepard, Associate Pro- Mrs. Peggy Wade, Instructor in fessor of English, A.B., Randolph- English (Part Time), B.S., M.A., Macon Woman ' s College; M.A., Florence State College Columbia University Mrs. Brynda G. Musgrove, In- structor in English, B.S., M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama Mrs. Barbara Powell LeMay, In- structor in English, A.B., M.A., Converse College Mrs. Emily Richeson, Assistant Professor of English and Speech, A.B., Athens College; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama Mrs. Betty Holt, Instructor in English (Part Time), B.S., Florence State College Mrs. Betty Schuessler, Instructor in Speech (Part Time), B.A., University of Tennessee Mrs. Doris Kelso, Instructor in English (Part Time), B.J., M.A., University of Missouri Mrs. Nancy K. Powers, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Univer- sity of North Carolina; M.A., Uni- versity of Texas 58 DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC P . In- ia a Dr. Wayne Christeson Department Chairman The Music Department offers both a major and a minor program. The department also has a music education curriculum designed to prepare profession- al music educators. The department sponsors the Music Educators Club which is open to all majors in music education, the Florence State College Choir and the Florence State Band. : :: Wayne Christeson, Professor of Music, B.M., Drury College; M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Colum- bia University Gene Patrick Johnson, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M., M.M., Florida State University yttt B., Unwer- A,W- Walter E. Urben, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music, B.M., University of Illinois; B.M., College of the Pacific; M.M., Indiana University; Adv. Cert., Music Education, Uni- versity of Illinois Joseph D. Groom, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music and Choral Director, B.S., M.M.Ed., Auburn University Arthur E. Theil, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music and Director of Band, B.S.M., Capital Univer- sity; M.M.Ed., Vandercook Col- lege of Music Mrs. Evelyn denBoer, Instructor in Music (Part Time), A.B., Uni- versity of Oklahoma 59 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION 60 Hubert A. Flowers, Department Chairman, Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Auburn University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University William F. Glidwell, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Texas Techno- logical College; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Texas Edmond E. Billingham, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Fairmont State College; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University George E. Weeks, Assistant Pro- fessor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., University of Ala- bama; M.A., George Peabody College Nancy Coe Vance, Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education, B.S., Florence State College; M.S., University of Tennessee Helen E. Matthews, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Duke University; M.A., George Peabody College George Gibbens, Instructor in Physical Education, B.S., George Peabody College Bill Wise, Instructor in Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.A., Florence State College Henry H. Self, Athletic Coach, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama Florence State College offers a diversified program of health and physical education. Courses available in the program range from archery to swimming. The college supports a fine program of both intramural and intercol- legiate sports. Florence State is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Alabama Collegiate Conference. 61 L.V- BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The Business Department at Flor- ence State offers majors in business administration, accounting, market- ing and retailing, secretarial science, and business education. Organizations affiliated with the department are Sigma Alpha AAu and Sigma Tau Pi which are open to all business majors and minors, and Alpha Chi which is open to students taking advanced ac- counting courses. Lawrence H. Conwill, Assistant Professor of Business Admin- istration, B.B.A., M.B.E., University of Mississippi Max R. Carrington, Professor of Lester L Dittman, Assistant Pro- Business Education, B.S., M.S., fessor of Business Administration, University of Tennessee; Ed.D., B.S., Ball State Teachers College; Colorado State College M.S., Indiana University James H. Jones, Instructor in Business Administration, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama Roy Webb, Jr., Associate Profes- sor of Accounting, B.S., University of Alabama; LL.B., Emory Univer- sity; C.P.A. Mrs. Eunice Hoffmeister, In- Aaron M. Lynch, Associate Pro- structor in Secretarial Science fessor of Accounting, B.A., Van- (Part Time), B.S., Florence State derbilt University; C.P.A. College Inell Knight, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, A.B., Judson College; M.A., University of Alabama I J. Hollie Allen, Assistant Professor Ellen Moore, Assistant Professor Clyde Thomas White, Instructor Clyde L. Erwin, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.S., M.S., Auburn of Business Education, B.S., in Business Administration, B.S., of Economics, B.B.A., M.B.A., University Florence State College; M.S., Uni- M.B.A., University of Alabama University of Mississippi versity of Tennessee 63 ART DEPARTMENT The Art Department is a fast growing one at F.S.C. The community as well as the campus appreciate the fine work that it produces. The department ' s possibilities will be greatly enhanced when the Fine Arts Building is completed. The department offers both a major and minor course of study in which the student may prepare for a career in design, for secondary teaching, or for graduate study. Kappa Pi is the honorary fraternity for Art majors and minors. 64 Mort E. Smith, Department Chair- man, Professor of Art, B.S., Kan- sas State Teachers College; M.A., Colorado State College; M.F.A., State University of Iowa Nelson Van Pelt, Photography, B.J., Missouri Instructor in Mrs. Hilda H. Mitchell, Assistant University of Professor of Art, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Pea- body College L Mrs. Myrt C. Ward, Instructor in Art, A.B., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Marion B. Kearley, Assist- ant Professor of Art, B.S., M.A., Louisiana State University A X 65 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCE The Department of Social Science, one of the largest departments at Florence State College, of- fers a major in history, political science, and a cognate major in social science. Minors are offered in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Students planning a major or minor in social science are invited to join Sigma Sigma Kappa, the club sponsored by the department. 66 :e wM i lf$M Bernarr Cresap, Professor of History, A.B., University of Mis- sissippi; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Charles T. Gaisser, Professor of History, A.B., M.A., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Yale University Robert C. Bowles, Professor of History, A.B., Central College; M.A., Southern Methodist Univer- sity; Ph.D., Duke University Mrs. Maurine Maness, Associate Professor of History, A.B., Western Kentucky State College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin Milton Baughn, Professor of His- tory, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Earl W. McGee, Professor of His- tory, A.B., Randolph-Macon Col- lege; M.A., New York State Col- lege for Teachers; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Kentucky Frank B. Mallonee, Jr., Associate Professor of Political Science and History, A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Emory University George H. DeBoer, Assistant Professor of Political Science, A.B., Western Michigan Univer- sity; B.D., McCormick Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Iowa k Dallas M. Lancaster, Associate Professor of Economics and His- tory, B.S., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody College Leonard Wigon, Assistant Pro- fessor of History and Political Science, A.B., Roosevelt Univer- sity; M.A., University of Chicago Merle Sherman, Assistant Pro- fessor of Geography, B.Ed., Moor- head State College; M.S., Univer- sity of Wisconsin; M.A., University of Minnesota Hassan Abdul-Hadi, Assistant Professor of Sociology, B.A., Uni- versity of Texas; M.S., Trinity University 67 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCE J. Noel Glasscock, Professor of Geography, B.S., Western Ken- tucky State College; M.A., Univer- sity of Kentucky Wilder Watts, Instructor in His- tory (Part Time), A. B., Hampden- Sydney College; LL.B., University of Alabama; M.A., University of Virginia Gaines T. Blackwell, Instructor in Geography, A.B., University of Alabama Gilbert Earl Johnson, Instructor in Sociology, A.B., Greensboro College; M.S., Florida State University Kenneth Ray Johnson, Assistant Professor of History, B.S., Troy State College; M.A., University of Alabama; M.S., Florida State University John W. Powers, Assistant Pro- fessor of History, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Univer- sity of Texas 68 STUDENT PERSONNEL SERVICES ft M Lawrence J. Kriloff Head Resident, Florence Hall A.B., M.Ed., University of Miami Janice Hopkins Head Resident, Powers Hall A.B., Samford University, M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Sandra Holmes Patricia Ann Davis Director of Infirmary Head Resident, O ' Neal Hal R.N., University of Alabama B.S., Madison College Hospital, School of Nursing Anne F. Pope Head Resident, La Fayette Hall B.A., University of Tennes- see; B.P.E., American Col- lege of Physical Education; M.A., Columbia University Mrs. Bess F. Tipton Hostess, Rogers Hall B.S., Peabody College; M.A., University of Alabama Mrs. Marguerite Maddox Head Resident, Willingham Hall B.S., Florence State College Faye Hunter Head Resident, Striplin Hall B.S., Florence State College Susan Hughes Head Resident, LaGrange Hall B.S., Auburn University Robert A. Shearer Director, Student Union B.S., M.S., East Texas State University Robert Linden Reeder Manager, College Stores B.S., M.S., Auburn University 69 COLLEGE Mrs. Teresa Esslinger Secretary to the Registrar Mrs. Jean Atencio Key Punch Operator Mrs. Camilla Johnson Secretary to the Registrar Barbara Wade Cox, A.B., Secretary, Department of Education and Psychology Mrs. Helen C. Blalock Secretary to Library Staff Mrs. Thomas Walker Switchboard Operator J. R. Atencio, Jr. Supervisor, Data Processing Service Billy Joe Sharp Campus Security Officer Mrs. Reba Masterson Secretary to Administrative Assistant to the President Mrs. Eva Muse Secretary to the Administra- tive Assistant to the President Mrs. Martha Hendon Secretary to the Dean of Men Mrs. Christina Benson Secretary to News Service Director Mrs. Christine Wheeler Director, Food Services Mrs. W. L Grubbs Receptionist, Student Union Mrs. Doris Henley Secretary, Audio-Visual Mrs. Martha Henry Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs Mrs. Kathryn Harbin Secretary to the Registrar Mr. H.J. English, A. B., Assistant Treasurer 70 ft STAFF Mrs. George Terry Assistant to the Director, Student Union Mrs. Bess McCrory Curator of Museum Mrs. Jeanette Rochester Secretary to the Director, Student Union Mrs. Carolyn Burch, B.S. Secretary to the Registrar Mrs. Dorothy Elliott Secretary to the Registrar Mrs. Sybil F. Stevens Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. Curtis O. Miller Assistant to the Director, Student Union Mrs. Emily H. Collier Secretary to the Dean of Women Mrs. Peggy M. Hammond Clerical Assistant, Collier Library Mrs. Mary Addis Peacock Secretary to the President G. L Emmons Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Mrs. Inez Hallmark Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. Mable Harper Secretary to the Director, Kilby School Mrs. Janet Faucett Secretary to the Dean Mrs. Ada Ruth Marks Secretary to the Treasurer Mrs. Carolyn Wilson Assistant, Curriculum Labo- ratory Allen Burleson, B.S., Director of the News Bureau Rebecca Morris, B.S., Secretary to the Treasurer 71 Michelle Bullard W SGA President Top: Bob Sexton IPC Presi- dent. Bottom: Nancy Belue -Reporter IPC ORGANIZATIONS Barbara Yarbrough IPC Secre- tary-Treasurer. Don Cornelius IPC Vice President. BELUE HEADS SGA FOR SECOND YEAR Row One, Left to Right: Dolores Cook, Ruth Blankenship, Johnny Rainey, Treasurer, Mary Rhodes, Secretary, Larry D. Belue, President, Shearl Denson, Vice-President, Anne Gilley. Row Two: Pamela Willis, Pat Bulger, Madeline Malone, James Lynch, Nancy Nason, Charles Ritch, Tommy McNeill, Toni Rose, Carmelita Worlund. Row Three: Onnie Thomas, Ted Bellhorn, Linda Kirby, Michelle Bullard, Rosemary Fowler, Sharon Gentry. Florence State College ' s Student Government Association has shown able leadership in past years; and in the 1966-67 school year it was no exception. The organization coordinated student-faculty relationship. The Association is composed of the Executive officers, advisors, and representatives from the dormitories, villages, classes and day students. The Council handles cheerleader election, operates the book exchange, charters buses to football games and sponsors dances and numerous other activities. The Council is in a position to inter- pret the wishes of all the component parts of the student body. 74 BULLARD WSGA PREXY Row One, Left to Right: Connie Barksdale, Treasurer, Becky Barclay, Secretary, Michelle Bullard, President, Barbara Palmer, Vice-President, Adrianne Bradford, Town Representative. Row Two: Nancy Anderson, Sherri Steward, Marilyn Thomas, Donna Burleson, Martha Loden, Judy Sherrill, Janie Poole Nancy Louise Collins. Row Three: Betty Hardin, Suevaughn Daniel, Sudy Cothern, Suzanne Richter, Lynn Browner, Parti Kunkle, Jean Wilson, Sandy Jeffreys. . The Women s Student Government Association is an orga- nization of every woman student on campus. Representatives are chosen to act as an advisory board to the Dean of Women on matters of welfare of the women students. The purpose of the WSGA is to encourage a sense of individual responsibilities and to further a spirit of unity among the women students. The WSGA publishes " Co-Etiquette, " a handbook for all freshman girls, sponsors Charm Week, Sadie Hawkins Week, and the Co-Ed Ball. IPC ENABLES CAMPUS COMMUNICATION Row One, Left to Right: Joan Shoults, Barbara Harrison, Marie Mayfield, Sarah Willis, Nancy T. Belue, Reporter, Barbara Yarbrough, Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Sexton, President, Don Cornelius, Vice-President, Michelle Bullard, Nancy Nason, Kay Fowler, Margaret Lewis. Row Two: Ruth Blankenship, Linda Bost- dorf, Mary Ahodes, Irene Page, Nancy Trimble, Suevaughn Daniel, Martha Loden, Pat Chandler, Marilyn Thomas, Janet Vick, Amanda Bloss. Row Three: Woodie Fleming, Frank D. Hamilton, James Ed Champion, Butch Emmons, Tommy McNeill, Richard Cater, G. R. Davis, Paul Holley, Bob Seeley, Conrad Estevez. Row Four: Charles Penn, Tommy Esslinger, James E. Lynch, Johnny Rainey, Hugh Huffman, Dwight Cagle, Lloyd M. Newton, Bob Mangum, Jerry Cole, David Blackwell, Teddy Harp, Larry Belue. The Inter-Presidents ' Council consists of Presidents of all the clubs and organizations on campus, who work together to maintain better relations among all groups on Florence State ' s campus. Each year the council sponsors Recognition -Day, when outstanding members of all clubs are honored. In August the Council heads the annual Leadership Retreat where campus leaders meet and discuss school problems and activities before the fall term begins. 76 THE DIORAMA 1 966-67 EXECUTIVE STAFF JANET VICK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GORDON MAYNARD BUSINESS MANAGER RUSTY CONE CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHY JANET VICK RUSTY CONE 77 EDITORIAL STAFF Karla Bowlin Faculty Editor Sherry Madison Campus Life Editor Nell Alldredge Al Quinn Senior Editors ififssarss . Jane Patterson Special Assistant to the Editor Layout Editor Martha Caradonna Secretary Barbara Smith Underclassmen V i 78 t+ Meg Gault Feature Editor Ingram Collier Sports Editor Bob Frye Military Editor , Gay Benet, Thalia Danley Copy Editors Diane Campbell, Squirrel Squire Mary Ann Bond, Organizations Mary Kaye Killen Sandi Matthews Index Editors Sue Johnsey Nalria Wisdom Typists .0 w FLOR-ALA STAFFEDirl NANCY NASON Editor CAROL ANN DEMING Assistant Editor RAY EDMUNDSON Sports Editor MICKEY JOY JOLLY CHARLES PATE UDYVy Busim J0HNN1 Circul I FISI Assist LINDA C ftDjY COEDS SON JUDY WRIGHT Business Manager IDSON lor DEMING JOHNNY THOMPKINS Circulation Manager JIM FISHER Assistant Business Manager LINDA QUIGLEY Reporter 81 STUDENT SPONSORS FOUR 3 i Mm Row One, Left to Right: Robert A. Sheerer, Sponsor, Mickey Vest, Nancy Nason, Report, Rose Ann McCorkle, Dwoght Cagle, President, Becky Holley, Vice-President, Squirrel Squire, Martha Caradonna, Frank B. Mallonee, Sponsor. Row Two: Joseph D. Groom, Sponsor, Paula Bailey, Suzi Smith, Mare Martin, Flea Dyar, Judy Peinhardt, Barbara Muse, Meg Gault. Row Three: Shearl Denson, SGA Representative, James Ed Champion, Tommy McNeill, Elizabeth Alexander, Susan Leach, G. E. Johnson, Sponsor. Not Shown: Judy Alsdorf, Secretary, Lynn Turner, Linda Carpenter. The Student Union Board is given the responsibility for carrying out a well- rounded program of activities of interest to all students. The SUB sponsors art shows and concerts as well as maintaining the games and other equipment found in the Student Union. 82 )EN T OUR JNION BOARD SEASONS CONCERT Frankie signs for the adoring girl-type fans. F.S.C. ' ers hound the fabulous Four Seasons for autographs. Student Union Board officers are Squirrel Squire, Dwight Cagle, Becky Mann Holley. 83 AWC NOW IN Bloss President for Second Year Sk : " ' college State is Associo trflhe pw :: " ' wittsttx : ' " - inil AWCp ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN COMMUTERS Row One, Left to Right: Nancy Nason, Barbara Hayes, Behye Garrett, Jean Anderson, Linda Young, Treasurer, Meg Gault, Social Chairman, Amanda Bloss, President, Peggy Weems, Vice-President, Karla Bowlin, Secretary, Thalia Danley, Sherry Chiriacio. Row Two: Rose Ann McCorkle, Cindy French, Carol Tedder, WSGA Representative, Linda Diaz, Mary McCaffenty, Phyllis Lee, WSGA Representative, Elizabeth Alexander, Pat Hunt, Joanne Grant, Jackie Graves, Susan Jones, Doris Jean Faulkner. Row Three: Ann Wadsworth, Martha Lowe, Dianne Mckee, WSGA Representative, Bobbie Wright, Ann Odom, Cici Taylor, Martha McCorkle, Betty Koonce, Gay Benit, Linda A. Jackson, Millie Jo Monceret, Martha Jane Caradonna. The AWC Christmas banquet at the Downtowner provides vacation entertainment. 84 OURTH YEAR: Students who live at home and commute each day to the campus are a vital, important segment of the college life at F.S.C. Every woman student at Florence State is a member of the Women ' s Student Government Association and every commuting woman is a member of the Association of Women Commuters. The group sponsors programs and activities designed to give commuting women closer ties with each other and with the campus. Some of these activities include fash- ion shows, bake sales, picnics, helping needy families in the community, teas, and school service projects. AWC provides for a needy family at Thanksgiving. 4 Amanda calls the meeting to order. A get-to-know each other tea at historic Rogers Hall. Mrs. Bess Tipton, AWC sponsor. 85 rr AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Row One, Left to Right: Martha Chyene, Larry Weems, Alton Tabereaux, Don Ware, Publicity Chairman, Hugh Huffman, President, Joe Trimm, Vice- President, Vondalyn Jones, Secretary-Treasurer, Robby Swinney, Mike Lyle. Row Two: Ausie L. Clement, Jr., Douglas A. Sledge, Jim Aston, Ronnie Moats, Dominick W. Marchitts, DeWayne Key, Brad Sasser, Stan Smith, Larry McGee, Jimmie T. Lovett. Row Three: Denevia Stiles, Mary Anderson, Sharon Ponds, Bobbie Wright, Elwanda Oakes, Elizabeth Shearon, Drucilla Sharp, Albert Wallace, Larry Haeger. Row Four: Walter Z. Evans, II, Hubert L. Powell, Jr., Jerry V. Driver, Tommy McNeill, Ricky Cook, John Davidson, Elton Grisham, George Walker, C. F. Huff, Sponsor. The object of this Chapter is to afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry and chemical engineering in Florence State to become better ac- quainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional asso- ciation, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, and to instill a professional pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. 86 ALPHA CHI ACCOUNTING CLUB Alphi Chi, an accounting club, is open to students taking advanced accounting courses who have a scholastic average of " C " . The purpose of Alpha Chi is to promote the general welfare of the Department of Accounting, to acquaint accounting students with their future duties and obli- gations, to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards, to make use of available resources, and to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. All members are associate members of the American Accounting Association and receive the Accounting Review published by AAA. ALPHA CHI Row One, Left to Right: Brenda Britnell, Gary Truitt, Treasurer, Linda Cobb, Secretary, Bob Mangum, President, Troy Putman, Vice-President, Paul Holley. Row Two: Roy Webb, Sponsor, Gary Springer, Roger Smith, Travis Smith, John Tucker, Douglas Lambert, Jr., William Cox, Lacy Herrin, Dan Searcy, Lester L. Dittman, Sponsor. Row Three: Shearl Denson, Larry Fulmer, Lynn Darby, Wendell Blankenship, James Aucock, Gary Moore, James Gaskin, Stanley Free- man. Row Four: Aaron Lynch, Sponsor, Danny Waller, Larry Belue, Johnny Rainey, Bill Rogers, Glenn Smith, Johnny McNutt, Jackie Burrow, Wayne Wilcox- son. 87 Row One, Left to Right: Mrs. Mary W. Huff, Sponsor, Voudalyn Jones, Secretary, Kay Fowler, President, Linda Bostdorf, Second Vice-President, Jean Buffler, First Vice-President, Maxine Johnson, Guard, Mrs. Florine Rasch. Row Two: Sue Morrow, Joyce Holcombe, Nancy Childers, Helen Calvert, Jane Bendall, Jane Tucker, Distaff Reporter. ALPHA EPSILON OF ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpha Epsilon is a chapter of Alpha Beta Alpha, national undergraduate library science fraternity. Its purpose is to further professional knowledge and to promote fellowship among its members. KAPPA OMICRON PHI The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Omicron Phi was installed at F.S.C. in 1962. The orga- nization is a national, honorary home eco- nomics fraternity. It is open to home economic majors and minors who have an above aver- age standing in all school subjects and at least a " B " average in home economics. They must have completed eight semester hours in home economic courses with sopho- more standing to be eligible for membership. Row One, Left to Right: Mary Ann Bond, Ann Holland, Vice-President, Marie May- field, President, Becky Holley, Treasurer, Any Rae, Secretary. Row Two: Donna Rush, Drucilla Sharp, Dorothy Barrison, Mary Beth Hughes, Jeanette Barkley. Row Three: Hazel Humphres, Charlotte Orrick, Nelda Windham, Judy Stott, Martha Calvert, Judy Humphres. Row Four: Woody Driskill, Sheila Jeffreys, Sue Johnsey, Barbara Washburn, Dana Patrick, Joanne Nagle. Not Shown: Miss Schmitt, Sponsor. 88 SIGMA SIGMA KAPPA Sigma Sigma Kappa is an organization for majors and minors in the social sciences. Row One, Left to Right: Marilyn Thomas, Martha Carter, Treasurer, Gail Poore, Barbara Palmer, Secretary, Bob Sexton, President, Martha Barton, Vice-President, Mary G. Landers, Publicity Chair- man, Marie Mayfield, Sylvia Briscoe. Row Two: Elwanda Johnson, Lynda Holley, Sinda Rector, Brenda Fowler, Sharon Erwin, Charlotte Orrick, Irene Page, Patsy Sterling, Social Chairman. Row Three: Charles Penn, James Lynch, Stuart Furman, John Winchester, Pete Barty, Howie Lyons, Jimmy Little. Row Four: George DeBoer, Sponsor, Dr. Earl McGee, Sponsor. SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta is a national fra- ternity which recognizes English majors and minors of junior and senior stand- ing who have maintained a " B " aver- age in English. Row One, Left to Right: Don Cornelius, Anita Mclnnis, Andra Camp, Sandra Richburg, Geraldine Buckner, Gail Poore, Ruby King, Peter Barty. Row Two: Mrs. Wm. Musgrove, Jr., Faculty, Linda Evans, Pat Chandler, Mary Beth Hughes, Hilda Keeton, Jane Crowson, Mrs. A. V. Timmons, Faculty. Row Three: Lindsey Stricklin, Linda Beard, Barbara Yarbrough, Barbara Sexton, Dana Patrick, Carol Mingus. 89 t Kay James, Marjorie Mance, Cheryl Preston, Wanda Putman, Wanda Freeman, Mary Rhodes, Dwight Cagle, Ruth Blakenship, Jane Davis, Judy Young, Nelda Hicks. Second row: Carol Adams, Mary Anderson, Joyce Nagle, Brenda Pierce, Judy Burton, Sherry Boston, Johnnie Mann, Wnada Smith. Third row: Diane Johnson, Diane McKee, Paula Mitzner, Al Williams, Pam Sparks, John Hargett. Fourth row: Wanda Thomas, Brenda Fowler, Ronnie Haas, Jerry Olive, Larry Bledsole, Dalton McGraw. SIGMA TAU PI One of the largest clubs on campus, Sigma Tau Pi is open to all Business majors and minors. 90 BETA BETA BETA Row One, left to Right: Paul Yokley, Jr., Counselor, James Warren, Robby Swinney, Vice-President, Frank D. Hamilton, President, Carol Kennamer, Sec- retary, Judy Humphries, Reporter, Betty Ingle, Parliamentarian, Judy Prince. Row Two: Sharon Ponds, Claud D. Russell, Nancy Gammon, Evelyn Allen, Linda Diaz, Judy Narmore, Cheryl Preston, Mary Marsh, Tommy McDonald. Row Three: Elwanda Oakes, Ted Bellhorn, Tommy McNeill, Joyce Smith, Pamela Sams, Toni Rose, Mary Jones, Janet Stovall, Linda Godsey. I Pi ' S Beta Beta Beta is an honorary society for students of biological sciences. Its objectives are to promote superior scholarship and to encourage interest in and appreciation of the biological sciences. 91 KAPPA DELTA PI The Epsilon Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national scholarship fraternity, honors students of the Junior and Senior classes who have demonstrated sound scholarship and who intend to become teachers. Row One, Left to Right: Kay Fowler, Gail Poore, Jane McClanahan, Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Sexton, President, Mary Woodall Turney, Vice-President, Frances Doolittle, Martha Barton, Mrs. Celia Wilson, Sponsor. Row Two: Connie Barksdale, Vondalyn Jones, Dorothy Garrison, Sarah Haygood, Jane Tucker, Maxine Johnson. Row Three: Leora Fikes, Barbara Sexton, Linda Bostdorf, Celestine Metcalf, Jane Davis. Not Pictured: Margie Graves, Doris Howell, Ruby King, Dr. Jack Crocker, Co-Sponsor. 92 KAPPA MU EPSILON The Alabama Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a professional mathematics fraternity established in 1935, recognizes honor students in mathematics and pro- vides professional stimulation to its members. Row One, Left to Right: William Graham, Ginger Darby, Historian, Pamela Sams, Secretary-Treasurer, Hugh Huffman, President, Albert Wallace, Re- porter, John Firley, Jr. Row Two: Elizabeth Wooldridge, Patricia Powell, Jim Parker, Bobbie Wright, Celestine Metcalf, David Hammond, Ronnie Killen, Neil Dougherty, Mary R. Hudson, Sponsor, Dr. John L. Locker, Chemical Dept. Math, Martina Lamb, Eddy Joe Brackin, Vice-President. 93 Front row: Jane Davis, Kay James, Larry Bledoe, Billy Moore, Paul Holley, Sharon Stovall, Henry Rigsby, Judy Wright, Carolyn Dewberry. Second row: Sponsor Hollie Allen, Linda Barden, Dwight Glase, Jerry Holland, Robert Peace, Bill Joe Cox, Richard Smith, Don Morton. Third row: Albert Williams, Marbutt, Garry Billions, John Tomlinson, Don Patton, Al Quinn. SIGMA ALPHA MU The management club, Sigma Alpha Mu, was organized in 1964 and is open to all business majors and minors. 94 Row One, Left to Right: Bobby Russel, Bruce Edwards, Vice-President, Don Cornelius, President, Troy Haley, Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Grey, Sergeant at Arms, Robert O ' Kelley. Row Two: Andy Bolding, Ricky Lindsey, George Perkins, Jim Grant, Tommy demons. Row Three: Billy Byrom, Jim Roberts, Don Johnston. F " CLUB The " F " Club is an honorary organization for the promotion of intramural and intercollegiate athletes and sportsmanship in the student body. Membership is restricted to students earning varsity letters. 95 CIRCLE K CLUB Row One, Left to Right: A. F. DeWitt, James Ed Champion, Wells Johnston, Secretary, Danny Waller, Vice-President, Brad Sasser, Treasurer, Tommy McNeill, Larry D. Belue. Row Two: Joe Pride, Ray Collins, Harold Overton, Dominick Marchitto, Tim Sharpe, Ray Edmondson, Bill Hankins. Row Three: Benny McGowan, Sheral Denson, Gary Childs, Arthur Wikle, Jim Hanson, Chuck Adams, James Southern, Dwight Cagle. Not Pictured: Butch Emmons, President. The Circle K Club, one of the largest collegiate organizations in the world, is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service and character building organi- zation. The local chapter was organized in April of 1958. The club emphasizes service to the school and the community. As in Kiwanis, the Circle K is " We Build. " Membership in the Circle K is limited according to the enrollment of the school for the purpose of effectiveness in service. Its purposes and objectives are the emphasis of the advantages of the American way of life, to provide an opportunity for leadership training, to serve the campus and community, to encourage partici- pation in group activities, to promote good fellowship, high scholarship, and afford useful training in the social graces and personality development. 96 WE BUILD !W 2-iMH Circle K dreams up Welcome to Lion Country sign. Circle K sponsors Leo the Lion, school mascot. Pam Thornton is Circle K Sweetie. MISS PAM THORNTON Sweetheart 97 CIVITANS SERVE COMMUNITY i i Row One, Left to Right: Larry Bledsoe, Howie Lyons, Board of Directors, Barry Goree, Secretary, Jerry Raney, Vice-President, Johnny Rainey, President, Brenda Sherrill, Sweetheart, David Sorrelle, Reporter, Kenneth Motes, Board of Directors. Row Two: Major John D. Smith, Sponsor, Roy C. Pierce, Roger Minor, Elton Grisham, Bruce Jordan, Bob Mangum, Barry Martin, Prof. Leonard Wigon, Sponsor. Row Three: Mac Buttram, Jimmy Little, Roy Smith, Bob Blankenship, Paul Holley. Florence State ' s Collegiate Civitan is a service organization which attempts to accomplish the objectives of Civitan Builders of Good Citizenship in rendering altruistic service and helping to build a better community. The club promotes good fellowship and high scholarship, serves on the campus as well as in the community, provides opportunities for leadership training through service and encourages the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. Miss Brenda Sherrill is the Civitan Sweetheart. 98 CIVINETTES Row One, Left to Right: Shirley Smith, Joyne Shaddix, Sylvia Briscoe, Patsy Sterling, Chaplain, Peggy McCrory, Secretary, Donna Schroeder, Vice-Presi- dent, Ruth Blankership, President, Betty Hardin, Reporter, Martha Carter, Treasurer, Patricia Judd, Pat Stevens. Row Two: Patricia Karr, Barbara Nagle, Kay James, Gail Poore, Connie Barksdale, Wanda Gargis, Athelia Woodall, Nancy Long, Linda Barden. Row Three: Susan Hand, Johnnie Mann, Pam Sparks, Myra Mills, Yvonne Lawrimore, Carmelita Worlund, Sandra Owens, Sharon Erwin, Mrs. A. H. Timmons, Advisor, Nancy Hury. The Collegiate Civinette Club of Florence State is primarily a service organi- zation. Some of the club ' s projects during the school year included sponsoring the March of Dimes Drive for the campus, helping the Collegiate Civitans with Christmas party for under-privileged children, and entering a float in the 1965 Homecoming Parade. Our club is the only women ' s service organization on campus and is the first Civinette Club chartered in Alabama. 99 T HOME ECONOMICS CLUB f -0 Row One, Left to Right: Judy Gwathney, Vondalyn Jones, Mary Ann Britton, Connie Barksdale, Reporter, Martha Lindsey, Historian, Linda Bostdorf, President, Pat Grinstead, Vice-President, Rosemary Fowler, Judy McCarley, Kay Fowler, Janie Poole. Row Two: Ruthie Frederick, Nancy Louise Collins, Marie Wilson, Margaret Smith, Donna Carol Hudgins, Mrs. Florine Rasch, Faculty Sponsor, Carolyn Daniel, Amelia Morris, Wanda Phillips, Sue Mor row. Row Three: Jane Emerson, Yvonne Lawrimore, Sharon Thompson, Nancy Childers, Billie Posey, Diane Tharp, Sinda Ledbette, Shirley Russell, Carolyn Cummings. Row Four: Martha Uhlman, Sue Aldridge, Annie Sue Burleson. The Florence State College Chapter of the Alabama Home Economic Association was formed in 1949 by Mrs. Mary Huff, at the time the Home Economics department was started. Its membership is open to all Home Economic majors and minors. ENGLISH CLUB M E! CI Row One, Left to Right: Pat Chandler, President, Amanda Bloss, Vice-Presi- dent, Irene Page, Secretary-Treasurer, James Southern, Publicity Chairman. Row Two: Stanley Rosenbaum, Sponsor, Patricia Russell, Barbara Yarbrough, Janet Vick, Demetra Davis, Marilyn Thomas, Peter Barty. The English Club was orga- nized at Florence State in 1954. This organization is open to all majors and minors of English. 100 1 0 w :::: Van " :: MENTAL HEALTH CLUB Row One, Left to Right: Susan Baughn, Vice-President, Margaret Lewis, President, Joan Shoults, Secretary-Trea- surer. Row Two: Nancy Hury, Diane Richards, Janet Hewer, Lula Way, Sponsor. Row Three: Annalie Butler, Lenora Trussell, Carol AAingus, Charles Mingus. The Student Mental Health Association is sponsored by Dr. Way. The Mental Health Association is open to any student in mental health and related fields. MUSIC EDUCATORS CLUB Row One, left to Right: James Ed Champion, Mary Didgen, Vice-President. G. R. Davis, President, Jeannie Jordan, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Walter E. Urben, Sponsor. Row Two: Carol Reaves, Jerry Cole, Jackie Vickers, Sharon Erwin. The Music Educators Club is open to all majors in Music Education. STUDENT ALABAMA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ' : ' . PI Row One, Left to Right: Patricia Judd, Patricia Keelen, Elaine Montgomery, Susan Treadwell, Secretary, Mickey Pennington, Vice-President, Nancy Trimble, President, Maragret Lewis, Treasurer, Joan Newbern, Reporter, Carol Kennamer, John Finley, Jr . Sponsor. Row Two: Nancy T. Belue, Ruth Blankenship, Adrianne Bradford, Gwen Dunn, Martha Loden, Marie Mayfield, Mary Jane Jones, Sarah Hunnicutt, Rebekah Alexander, Leora Fides, Donna Schroeder. Row Three: Yvonne Lawimore, Martha Barton, Betty Hardin, Sandra Owens, Janet Johnson, Becky Holley, Carol Tedder, Rosemary McCrary, Mary Joyce Lander. Row Four: Leslie Carp, Ann Holland, Elizabeth Garner, Mary Ann Brice, Camellia Cash, Charles Penn, Judy Humphres, Barbara Nagle, Sylvia Briscoe. The Student Alabama Education Association, formerly FTA is an organization affiliated with the Alabama Education Association. It is designed to promote interest in the teaching profession and is open to all students who plan to teach. I 102 ) The Physical Education Club is designed to promote profes- sional interest and growth and is open to all students who plan to major in Physical Education. R w One, Left to Right: Jo Ann Floyd, Representative to AAHPER, Dionne Campbell, Treasurer, Bob Seeley , President, Freddy Taylor, Vice-President, Nina Nix, Secretary. Row Two: Jerry Wallace, Larry Grissom, Patti Kunkle, Doug Russell, Billy Cobb, Andy Bolding, Bill Carpenter, Mary Ann Bond. Row Three: Ray Walker, Howie Lyons, Jimmy Little, Leon Short, Troy Sumner, Mary Shepherd, Sue Vaughn Danial, Eleanor Blankenship. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB STUDENT ART LEAGUE Row One, Left to Right: Nancy Fammon, Patricia Russell, Reporter, Rebekah Alexander, Secretary- Treasurer, Barbara Harrison, President, Sarah Hunnicutt, Vice-President, Hilda Mitchell, Sponsor. Row Two: Elaine Rogers, Charlotte Neile, Mary J. Landers, Lavonia Gillespie, Gayle Anthony. Row Three: Kelly Carton, Woodie Fleming, Pom Sparks, Vance Wesson, Becky Nicely. The Student Art League is open to all students who express a true interest in art and who desire to further their under- standing of art and its related field. 103 USHERS CLUB Members of the Ushers Club usher at com- munity and college programs. Membership is by invitation. Row One, Left to Right: Bill Hankins, James Ed Champion, Vice-President, Tommy McNeill, President, Rex Brooks, Kenneth N. Higginbotham. Row Two: Gary Childs, Secretary, Mac Buttram, Dwight Cagle, Jim Aanson, Buth Emmons. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS COMMITTEE Left to Right: Mrs. Maureen Maness, Sherry Stewart, Demetra Davis. Second Row: Charles Penn, Don Cornelius, Lloyd Newton. 104 WESLEY FOUNDATION ' com- W ; i E Row One, Left to Right: Jerry Lovett, Sponsor, Susan Treadwell, Ginger Darby, Secretary, Larry Bell, Vice-President, Joan Shoults, President, Don Will- banks, Treasurer, Helen Morgan, Liturgist, Sharen Gentry, Donna Burleson. Row Two: Mac Buttram, Onnie Thomas, Vance Wesson, Cathryn Alexander, Adrianne Bradford, Shirley Russell, Drucilla Sharp, Melinda Sizemore, Sharon Erwin. Row Three: Mary Shepherd, Ruth Blankenship, Gwen Dunn, Anna Lee Thomas, Fran Vest, Carol Tedder, Judy Mosley, Margaret Lewis, Rosemary McCrary. Row Four: Ann DeLoach, Linda Hall, Lanee Richardson, Wanda Sartain. Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the Methodist Church to Florence State College. Under the direction of a full-time minister, Wesley offers opportunities for religious education, counseling, worship, Christian fellowship, and service. Wesley emphasizes and encou.ages academic achievement as a student ' s vocation. Wesleyites participate fully in campus activities and in intramural sports. 105 Baptist Student Union A NEW $200,000 BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER was completed during the Spring of 1967. The facility has been provided by the Alabama Baptist Con- vention to enable a better ministry to Baptist preference students at Florence State College. Rev. James Shelly (inset) directs the program for Baptist students and is available to counsel them in times of personal crises. plan f 1 sew! EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS for 1965-66 were (I. to r.) Mike Slade, Roger Becks, Judy K. Wright, Demis Mason, President Jerry Cole, Patsy Sterling, Sylvia Monroe, Elwanda Oakes and Mickey Pennington. Not pictured are G. R. Davis, Mary Dodgen, Helen Calvert and Pat Powell. HELP- BI-WEEKLY WORSHIP services are spon- sored by the BSU. Vespers services are held each Monday evening and a brief worship service called " Noonday " is held at 12 N. each Wednesday. nuol It ' - THE SPIRIT OF BSU IS GOING into all the world with the good news of Christ ' s redemptive plan for mankind. During the summer of 1966, nine F.S.C. students served throughout the world in the BSU summer missions program. HELPING financially. The BSU President receives a $300 scholarship made available by the Men ' s Bible Class, First Baptist Church. SHARING. " Who gives himself with his alms feeds three: himself, his hungering neighbor and Me. " 1 ENLISTING through social functions. The Circus Party for new students, an- nual banquet, spring picnic, and after-church fellowships give students op- portunities for Christian fellowship. CLOWNING around. Although the need is recognized to provide constructive emotional outlets, a greater need exists: i.e., motivating Christian students to boldly become " fools for Christ ' s sake. " WESTMINSTER Row One, Left to Right: Mark Sanders, Marie Mayfield, Treasurer, Barbara Yarbrough, President, Billy Joe Bragwell, Vice-President, C. F. Huff, Sponsor. Row Two: Max Huffman, Jr., Susan Jones, Peggy Shults, Gena Pagel, Joanne Johnson, Patricia Judd, George Warren, Jr. The Westminster Fellowship was organized in 1957 to provide opportunities for fellowship among Presbyterian students and to further knowledge of the church. LUTHERAN STUDENTS LEAGUE Row One, Left to Right: Kathy Schenck, Nancy Trim- ble, Georgia McGee. Row Two: Bruce Jordan, Vice- President, Kenneth W. Motes, President, Keith Franz. 108 CHRISTIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Row One, Left to Right: Billy Warren, Interim Director, Gregg Champion, Nancy Gammon, Gail Poore, James E. Champion, Vice-President, Lloyd Newton, President, Martha Loden, Linda Godsey, Carolyn Key, Elaine Montgomery, John Finley, Jr. Faculty Sponsor. Row Two: Joan Sims, Frances Wallace, Paula Harrison, Debbie Colwell, Margaret Paxton, Evelyn Allen, Kay Newman, Jill Epperson, Sarah Haygood, Judy Elkins. Row Three: Roger Minor, Jim Doss, Jane Tucker, Charlene Barnes, Nelda Windham, Aehron Mullican, Connie Barksdale, Sharon Ponds, Anita Pratt, Rebekah Alexander, James C. Fisher, Sr., James M. Gaskin. The Christian Student Fellowship (Church of Christ) was organized in 1964 and is sponsored by the Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ. Its devotion meetings are held three times weekly and are open to any student. 109 NEWMAN CLUB Row One, Left to Right: Denevia Stiles, Barbara Nagle, Pub- licity Chairman, Linda Bostdorf, Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Belue, President, Joanne Nagle, Vice-President, Helen Mat- thews, Sponsor. Row Two: Mary Anderson, Nancy Hury, Lynne Johnston, Mary Ellen Stumpe, Rose Mary Willis. Row Three: Rev. Columban Geerken, Cecilia Chaffee, Howard McCarl. The Newman Club is a chartered member of the National Newman Club Federation. All Catholic college students are eligible for member- ship. Bi-weekly meetings are planned to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interest of the organizations. M ' :: CANTERBURY CLUB Row One, Left to Right: Ruthie Jones, Anita Mclnnis, Demetra Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, Leonard M. Brockman, President, Bob Crump, Vice-President, Clara Lou McPeters, Donna Frazier. Row Two: Pat Douglas, Beverly Tidwell, Lloyd Reid, Taylor Wingo, Sponsor. Not Shown: William Lowry, Mrs. Taylor Wingo, Sponsor, Mr. Nick Winn, Sponsor. The Canterbury Club is an organization for Episcopalians and other interested stu- dents. Meetings are held weekly for social, educational and spiritual fellowship. 110 YOUNG DEMOCRATS, YOUNG REPUBLICANS SPARK CAMPUS POLITICS r v.--, fla. wfcbl Row One, Left to Right: Jerry Jernigon, Corresponding Secretary, Joan Sims, Joe Rosson, Treasurer, Pam Willis, Recording Secretary, Sudy Cothern, Toni Ivey. Row Two: Del Tyson, C. J. Smith, William H. Clarke, Jane Knight, Frederick William Merrill, Samuel W. Keith, George H. OeBoer, Sponsor. The Young Democrats are open to any student who is interested in the Demo- cratic Party and provides members to put their political beliefs into practice. A YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB Row One, Left to Right: Roger David Chanbers, Vice-Presi- dent, Richard Olive, President, Kerry M. Cleghorn, Secretary. The Young Republican Club of Florence State College is an organization dedicated to the principles of conservative government and provides its members with the means of getting a practical political education. It is affiliated with the Alabama and National Young Repub- lican Federation. 11 REHERSALCLUB THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER Kaufmann and Hart I The Rehersal Club is open to all stu- dents who are interested in any phase of dramatics. The groups presents sev- eral plays each year, and the casts are chosen from the Rehersal Club. Miss Gladys Shepard sponsors the produc- tions. Featured on these two pages are scenes from The Man Who Came To Dinner and Chekhov ' s Sea Gull. r 112 THE SEAGULL Anton Chekhov r. |M : - m v " . H :.: ii I r.c. ' - pp ire S I 113 CONSERVATION CLUB Row One, left to Right: Arthur L. Hershey, Sponsor, Bill Bethune, Mare Martin, Secretary, Bob Sturdivant, Vice-President, Roger Hammond, President, Allen Drinkard, Treasurer, Margaret Lewis, Carol Kennamer, Eleanor Blankenship. Row Two: Robbie Castleberry, Jack Bobo, Byrom Goodwin, Donna Forten- berry, Tommy Fish, Vic Canerday, Barbara Harrison, Jerry Hall, Dwight Norris, Ken Reed. Row Three: Harold Crow, Larry Abercrombie, Gary Bass, Paul Nathan Brooks, Jackie Vickers, Cecil Bearden, Cheryl Preston, Berry Stalcup, Roger Rollings. Row Four: Ronnie Dukes, Don Perry, Ottie Newsom, Billy Everett, Robert Allen, Dino Beene, Don McNurt, Ken Mesa, Harold D. Moore, Charles W. Aldridge. The Conservation Club is an organization open to all students who are inter- ested in conservation and the out-of-doors. Its main purpose is to further interest in conservation of wildlife and other natural resources and to promote the principles of good sportsmanship. 114 Dr. Hershey " Alabama Conservationist of the Year, 1966 " with Governor Wallace. Conservation Basketball Team. The Conservation Club ' s " Rudolph " 115 FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE BAND " THE MARCHING BAND WITH THE SYMPHONIC SOUND " n T ' f nt i k - The Florence State College Band is an organization which presents excellent opportunity for the instrumentalist to receive further maturing of his musical interests. The band, under the direction of Arthur Theil, is recognized for its progressive precision drilling. Featured in many parades, the band plays for many on and off campus events. Among these are the Homecoming Parade, and various other playing and drilling activities. Spring finds the Symphonic Concert in full swing. A concert tour climaxes the band ' s musical year. 16 w t BAND PERSONNEL Larry Andrews Drum Major Robert Baum Howard Beckner Roger Becks Judy Berryman Sally Beyer Edwin Black Jerry Bridges Marilyn Cagle James Champion Alton Chapman Aussie Clement Jerry Cole James Creasy G. R. Davis Tommy Donaldson Ruth Ann Frerking Lauren Gann Jim Gletty Linda Godsey Jerry Grantland Ronnie Griffin Paul Hill Randi Irwin Wayne Johnson Elaine Joly Charlie Jordan Jeannie Jordan Paula Kelly David Lashley Evan Long Dan McCormick Alvin McKinney Ann Maercher Madeline Malone Connie Moore Karen Murphy Dennis Nichols Butch Osterheld Wayne Pacheco Dane Perry Carol Reaves Joan Rickard Larry Ricketts Pete Sanderson Joan Scoggin Jayne Shaddix Charlie Smith Sandra Snoddy James Southern Doug Summers John Sutherland Julia Taylor Carol Tedder William Timmons Jackie Vickers Ann Wadsworth Harry Wallace Ronnie Winfield Majorettes Donna Fortenberry- Melba Hannah Sharon McAlister Jeannie Springer Gloria Wright Drenna McCrory Ann Melton Color Guard Ken Motes John Whitsenant Bruce Jordan Charles Pate Bob Ternplin Head 117 MAJORETTES I, " M U J 1 V v i T 119 Toni Ivey Becky Robertson Sandi Campbell SandyllSnow Ann Mc Cullouc LIONICH 20 Maty Shepard Sara Willis Judy Sherrill AnnMiIullough LION CHEERLEADERS - MAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS 122 FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE CHOIR ' " ' ' r " -- CHOIR PERSONNEL Mickey Acock, Gloria Aday, Elizabeth Alexander, Jean Anderson, Michael Baird, Anne Bedingfield, Pat Berry, Sally Beyer, Gary Billions, Susan Billions, Larry Blasingame, Linda Bobo, Kay Boswell, Adrienne Bradford, Lynne Browner, Ella Brown, James Brown, Linda Bulls, Charlie Burgess, Marvin Buttram, Diane Cabler, Lynn Campbell, Brenda Carpenter, Linda Cary, W. T. Caudill, James Champion, Linda Chandler, Gary Childs, Martha Clark, Donna Cleghorn, Jerry Cole, Jan Collum, Mary Dodgen, Bonnie Cooper, Jesse Duffey, Gwen Dunn, Max Eady, Becky Edwards, Sharon Erwin, Tom Esslinger, Claudia Evans, Linda Faiss, Doris Faulkner, Ben Foults, Gayle Fuqua, Carol Furgerson, Myron Gardner, Harry Gilbert, James Girtman, James Glenn, Gail Guice, Donna Hampton, William Hankins, Barbara Harrison, Paula Harrison, Robert Head, Barabra Henderson, Janet Hewer, Ken Higginbotham, Elizabeth Hix, Jerry Holland, Kathryn Horton, Frances Horton, Billy Hovater, Maria Howard, Sharon Howell, Sydney Huff, Shirley Ingle, Joan James, Sandra James, Laura Johnson, Pat Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Glenda Jones, Ruth Jones, Donald Kennedy, Dan Kicker, Ina Killingsworth, Linda Kirby, Connie Lem- mond, Judy Loomis, Martha Lowe, Pat Maddox, Shelia Maddox, Judy Mathias, Linda Matthews, Danny McCormick, Charlotte Mcgahee, Rolf McGee, Martha McGuyer, Sydney McKleroy, Thomas McNeill, Jan Mink, Paula Mitzner, John Barry Mixon, Sylvia Monroe, Sue Morrow, Marshall Motes, Greer Murray, Ernest Norton, Ann Odum, Jane Patterson, Billie Peeler, Josie Phillips, Shelia Plunk, Lucinda Powell, Linda Press, Rebecca Queen, Violet Ray, Lois Rickman, Paula Rindt, Beverly Robison, Estherlene Robinson, John Sanderson, Kathleen Schenck, Linda Schultz, Martha Scillian, Elizabeth Shearon, David Shelton, Larry Shepherd, Jan Simons, Sandy Snow, Paula Spalding, Paula Staggers, Marilyn Steele, Denevia Stiles, Susan Stone- cipher, Patsy Striegel, Thomas Struzick, Karen Stults, John Sutherland, Mary Taylor, Marilyn Terry, Anna Thomas, Donna Trousdale, Shelia Turpinseed, Sandra Veron, Michael, Linda Walker, Sharon Walkerm, Barbra Washburn, Jan Williams, Nancy Willingham, Elizabeth Wilson, Edward Wix, Judy Young, Wanda Young. MISS SUE VAUGHN DANIEL Homecoming Queen j BEVERLY PENN Miss Charming ] .ISS iRTHA GRAINGER liorama Queen of Beauty . FEATURES GEORGE GORDON, LORD BYRON She walks in beauty She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudlets climes and starry skies; And all that ' s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes: Thus mellow ' d to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impair ' d the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o ' er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. And on that cheek, and o ' er that brow. So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow. But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent! RUNNERS-UP David Kirk Ruth Blankenship Mike Dennis Barbara Sexton 126 MR. AND MISS F.S.C. Bob Sexton Leslie Carp Sandy Snow Barbara Yarbrough 127 mmF MR. AND MISS F.S.C. Belue anc ' manda Bloss ! I Mandy and Mommy Larry Looking I MR. AND MISS F.S.C. Larry Belue Amanda Bloss Bloss, Belue at the Ball 129 - jd ' M A R T H A G R A I N G E R 130 QUEEN OF BEAUTY 131 Miss Sherry Chiriaco Beauty Court 132 Miss Brenda Sherrill Beauty Court 133 Miss Anita Mclnnis Beauty Court 134 Miss Phyllis Scott Beauty Court 135 Miss Pam Thornton ALTERNATE BEAUTIES Miss Jennifer Ashburn 136 Miss Ann Melton Miss Nancy Cook Miss Barbara Hayes 137 Miss Suevaughn Daniels Homecoming Queen 138 ROYAL Miss Linda Carpenter Miss Nancy Cook 140 COURT Miss Judy Burton Miss Barbara Johnson 141 Bev Penn Miss Charming 142 MISS CHARMING AND COURT 1966-1967 Lovely, freshmen Gloria Kindberg, Jane Cox, Gail Painter, and Barbara Broadfoot, surround Queen of Charm Beverly Penn of Hartselle, Alabama. 143 Miss Jane Cox Charm Court Miss Gail Painter Charm Court 144 Miss Gloria Kindberg Charm Court Miss Barbara Broadfoot Charm Court WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COIL BOB SEXTON, also a repeat " Who ' s Who " member, is a senior from Town Creek, listing English and history as his majors. Currently holding the post of president of the Inter- President ' s Council on campus, he is also serving as president of Kappa Delta Pi. JANET VICK, Editor of the Diorama for 1 967, is a junior English-history major from Florence. She is a member of a number of campus organizations, including the Association of Women Commuters, Wesley Founda- tion, the English Club and Kappa Delta Pi. HELEN MORGAN, a junior biology major from Chero- kee, has held the posts of vice president and president of her dormitory. She was named " Sophomore Woman of the Year " in 1 966. She has been active in the Wesley Foundation and is serving in the capacity of Vesper Director this year. She has been a member of the Collegiate Singers and Beta Beta Beta. LL 146 MCAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES LARRY BELEW, a senior accounting major from Cherokee, is the current president of the F.S.C. Student Government Association. Active in many student affairs while at Florence State, Belew has been a member of Alpha Chi, a member and officer of the Circle K. Club, a member of the Leadership Retreat Steering, Homecoming, convocations, and Faculty-Student Advisory committees. BARBARA YARBOROUGH, a senior English major from Cherokee, is the current secretary-treasurer of the Inter-President ' s Council, as well as being president of Westminster Fellowship, organization for Presby- terian students. She has served as secretary of her junior class and vice president of her dormitory. She received an Honor Society academic award last year. CELESTINE METCALF, a senior math major from Scotts- boro, has served as historian of Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary Mathematics fraternity, on the homecoming committee, and has been both president and treasurer of her dorm. She is also a member of the American Chemical Society and Kappa Delta Pi. 147 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN com JAMES E. CHAMPION, a junior music educa- tion major from Florence, is presently serving as president of the F.S.C. band and vice president of the Christian Student Fellowship, organization for Church of Christ students. He is a member of the board of directors of the Circle K. Club and has been a member of the SGA, choir, Collegiate Singers, Bass Choir, Day Students, Student Union Board, and Homecoming committee. 3 PATRICIA CHANDLER is a senior from Huntsville, majoring in English. She is the current president of the English Club and is secretary of her dorm. She has served as secretary of the Women ' s Government As- sociation and been a member of the Religious Em- phasis Week committee for three years. SUE MORROW is a junior from Red Bay majoring in home economics. She has been active in a number of Baptist Student Union posts, serving as music director and vespers chairman. A member of both the College Choir and Collegiate Singers. She has been a junior counselor, a representative to the state home eco- nomics convention, and held several officer posts in her dormitory. 148 :RICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES CHARLES PENN, president of the senior class, is a history major from Hartselle. He is a mem- ber of Sigma Sigma Kappa, social science organization, and served as a student advisor last year. He won the American Legion Scho- lastic Medal for ROTC participation in 1964. . it PATRICIA POWELL, a senior math major from Florence, is a repeat " Who ' s Who " member from last year. Having been active in Baptist Student Union affairs, she was voted an Outstanding Member of the As- sociation of Women Commuters. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Kappa Mu Epsilon. LINDA BOSDORF, a junior home economics major from Orlando, Fla., is president of the Home Economics Club, second vice president of Kappa Omicron Phi, honorary home economics fraternity, and has held the post of vice president of the Newman Club, Catholic student religious organization. She was selected " Out- standing Home Economics Freshman " in 1964-65 and received an " Honor Society Award for Academic Achievement " in 1965-66. 149 WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES HUGH HUFFMAN, a senior chemistry-math major from Florence, is now serving his second term as president of the American Chemical Society chapter on campus. He is also a repeat member of " Who ' s Who " and was president of Kappa Mu Epsilon and the Religious Em- phasis Week Steering Committee last year. BARBARA SEXTON, a senior from Town Creek, is majoring in English. Voted " Sophomore Woman of the Year " in 1965 and " Junior Woman of the Year " in 1966. She holds memberships in the Student Alabama Education Association, Alpha Beta Alpha, and Kappa Delta Pi. Another repeat " Who ' s Who " member, she is serving as a student counselor this year. IRENE PAGE, a senior from Red Bay, lists English and social science as her majors. In addition to being active in Baptist Student Union affairs, she has held various positions on the F.S.C. student newspaper, the Flor- Ala., including the editor ' s post. She was a member of the General Electric College Bowl Team that appeared on national television last year. She is now secretary- treasurer of the English Club. 150 I I li DIORAMA BEAUTIES HOMECOMING COURT fir SPORTS rr T THE DIORAMA 4-4 SAI Left to right: Lynn Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Bill Byrom, Jerry Schultz, Tommy Lewey, Joe Thigperji Romine, Larry Marshall, Gary Counts, Bill Arnold, Sparky Box, Jim Hartley, Carl Stout, Joe Neese: htDn I 1AMJI 4-4 ALUTES THE LIONS 1 J lb. . ' 4mf 11 ii ppfrw-.. rm : tw Two: David Smith, Don Cornelius, Ricky Lindsey, Jim Underwood, Jim Grant. Row Three: Richard The Florence State Lions, young and inexperienced and given little chance for a successful season in 1 966, surprised the skeptics and nay-sayers by compiling a 4-4-1 record, their best mark in three years. Listing only two seniors and six juniors, the Lions rolled over Livingston, Mississippi College, Arkansas State U., U.T.M.B., and Delta State, and climaxed the season with an incredible 31-31 tie with Sanford U. The Lions were never without support as a newly enthusiastic student body stayed behind them. Credit must be given to the Lion defense, which started seven freshman, for fighting their hearts out through one of the roughest schedules F-State has faced in years. And a double portion of credit to the stellar Lion offense, which totaled 2667 yards for the season and pulled F. S. C. out of some bad spots. The outlook for 1967 is tremendous. Florence State will lose only two seniors, although, valuable ones, and will keep intact its entire defense. Seniors David Kink, and Mike Dennis, will be missed, but nine offensive starters remain: end Richard Hodges, tackles Larry Marshall and Max Bobo, guards David Smith and Tommy Clemmoms, and center Lynn Thompson. Don Cornelius, Ricky Lindsey, George Penkins and Jerry Thompson will man the backfield. The defense welcomes back all 1 1 starters: ends Sparky Box and Dennis Holderfield, tackles Bill Arnold and Gary Counts, guards Jerry Schultz and Dan Dougherty, linebackers Lynn Thompson, Jerry Thompson and Bobby Russell, and halfbacks Joe Thigpen, Jim Grant, and Billy Byram. These men will usher Florence State into a new Golden Age of Athletics. A final work of thanks to the Lions. The entire student body appreciates your efforts and wishes you luck for next year. Your first assignment in 1 967: AXE JAX! 155 I PORTRAIT OF A CHAMPION DON CORNELIUS A lion ' s share of the glory goes to the man behind the Lions, Don Cornelius. The junior from Huntsville had a hand in all twenty-two Lion touchdowns in 1966, passing for twelve and carrying ten over personally to emerge as the all-time high scorer in Florence State history. Although the Lions only played nine games this year, Don was rated ninth in the nation in total offense by the NCAA with a total of 1915 yards. He passed for 1686 yards, completing 121 of 218 attempts for a .555 percentage, and is widely acclaimed as a prime candidate for Little All-America honors next season. The 1967 campaign promises to be a real spectacle when Cornelius gets together with a veteran Lion squad. Good Luck, Don! 156 Tommy Leuey Quarterback Phil Logan Quarterback Howard Byers Fullback Jerry Thompson Fullback KIRK, DENNIS-CAPTAINS Dave Kirk Fullback Wi Ui Ricky Lindsey Flanker Back jwrr " " ' 1 1 Mike Dennis End 1 1 I George Perkins Tailback 1 II It - Joe Thigpen Defensive Halfback Bobby Russell Defensive Halfback Jim Grant Defensive Halfback 159 Richard Romine End Dennis Holderfield End Tom Franks End Jim Underwood Split End 160 tt J Sparky Box End Richard Hodges End C MANAGERS Troy Haley, James Long, Jim Rickman Steve DuBois End Kicker Robert O ' Kelley Kicker Br-flHr-B - - Larry Marshall Tackle Jim " Monk " Roberts Tackle Max Bobo Tackle Bill Arnold Tackle r wf Gary Counts Center Joe Neese Center Dennis Johnson Center Lynn Thompson Center 163 ; ; i Jerry Schultz Guard Ed Franks Guard Dwayne Cantrell Fullback fe B mp nnj9p ' ' I Dan Dougherty Guard 64 David Smith Guard Bill Byram Defensive Halfback Benny Burns Halfback Tom Clemmons Guard i. 9 m 165 THE MEN BEHIND THE MEN A Head Coach Hal Self has been at the helm of the Lions since 1949. He was quarterback of the famous Alabama team of 1944 that beat U.S.C. in the Rose Bowl. He coached at Athens High school before assuming the position of head mentor at F.S.C. Line Coach George Weeks also appeared on the Florence State campus in 1949. He served the Crimson Tide team of 1942 which defeated Texas A M in the Cotton Bowl. Weeks coached at Jax State until 1949 when he saw the light and migrated to Florence. Backfield Coach Bill Wise played for the Purple and Gold of F.S.C. in 1958. After graduation, he served as assistant mentor at Coffee High School for two years where he helped coach the Yellow Jackets to an undefeated season and state championship in 1 964. Wise came to F.S.C. in 1 965. Florence State welcomes a new addition to its coaching staff: Harlon Hill, former F.S.C. great and All-Pro with the Chicago Bears. Hill played for F-State from 1950 to 1953. In 1954, he began a stellar, but injury-plagued career with the Chicago Bears. He was proclaimed Rookie of the Year in the National Football League and went on to become the first winner of the Jim Thorpe Award. It was a great boost to the morale of the whole school when the F-State Sportsmen ' s Club, an organization dedicated to the furtherment of F.S.C. athletics, brought Harlon back to Florence presumably to coach for the 1 966 season. Since then, everyone has delighted in hearing that Hill will stay on at his alma mater to work mainly with receivers and backs, as well as the defensive secondary. Hats off to the Florence State Sportsmen ' s Club, a much needed and most commendable organization, and to Coach Hill. 166 A RAINY NIGHT IN JACKSONVILLE TRAGEDY: That word accurately sums up the game with Jacksonville which opened the Lions 1966 grid season, a 21-0 loss. The Lions went into the game riding the greatest wave of school spirit and enthusiasm seen at Florence State in many a year. Purple and gold banners lined the streets of Florence. Billboards at the local motels and banners on campus screamed for the Lions to tear the Gamecocks from their lofty perch. " Axe Jax " became the battle cry for all of Florence. Impromptu pep rallies were held throughout the week before the game. Some 1,000 rooters cheered Florence at the game. There were six busloads of students, a busload of townspeople, and hundreds of supporters in private cars. They waved three hundred, new pom-pons, welcomed the Lions onto the field with a massive roar. And then the rain came. The Lions deadly passing attack was crippled by the steady downpour. The Game- cocks, who had practiced in the rain that week, managed to connect their passes at the important times. The first Jax score came after F.S.C. was called for pass interference late in the second quarter, giving the Gamecocks the ball on the one yard line. J.S.C. ' s Long ran it over after several attempts. Drawdy ' s 48 yard pass to Spann in the third period made the score 14-0, Jacksonville. The pair tallied again on a 50 yard sortie late in the final canto to give the feather-heads a 21-0 victory. The Lion offense had little time to work as the Gamecocks kept Florence pushed to the ropes throughout the game. F.S.C. ' s first scoring threat was snuffed out by Richard Hodges ' fumble on the Jax 15. The Lions lost their last chance to break up the shutout when Mike Dennis dropped a Don Cornelius pass on the goal line late in the 4th quarter. One can only wonder what would have happened on a dry field. 167 INDIANS SCALP LIONS 7-27 In their first home encounter the Lions found themselves facing the formidable Arkansas State University Indians. Arkansas State is the largest school F.S.C. tangles with. The Lions spotted the Indians a 27 point first half, then outscored them 7-0 in the second round, absorbing a 27-7 defeat. The Indians ' Steve Gankiewicz chalked up the first marker on an 11 yard gallop up the middle. Shortly afterward, following an interception of a Cornelius pass at the Lion 24, A.S.U. charged into the end zone in two tries. Two big passes by Indian general Tim Keane early in the second period paved the way for Gankiewicz to score on a two-yard plunge. Another Keane pass set the stage for Winfred to post the Indians ' final marker with a one yard TD effort. The Lions came alive in the last two minutes of the half. Cornelius ran for 33 yards, then bombed Mike Dennis 44 yards away, spotting the Lions on the A.S.U. two. Time ran out, however, as two pass plays failed. Midway of the third quarter Lynn Thompson picked off a Keane pass, and the Lions set sail on an 81 yard touchdown trip, climaxed by Don Cornelius ' one yard charge for the tally. Robert O ' Kelley scored his first PAT of the season. Later the Purple and Gold drove from their 16 to the enemy two in 10 plays, but on fourth down George Per- kins was thrown for a loss. The defensive Lions frustrated any further Indian attacks however. Defensive standouts for F.S.C. were Max Bobo, Lynn Thompson, Sparky Box, Larry Marshall, Jerry Schultz, Bobby Russell, Charles Robertson, Bill Arnold, and Dan Dougherty. 168 LIONS SHUT OUT TIGERS 10-0 The Lions got their first taste of victory when they journeyed to Livingston ' s tiny stadium and returned with a 10-0 win over the Tigers, an ACC rival. Defense was the real hero of the day, as the offense failed to turn several good drives into points. The Lions ' touchdown followed an interception by Jimmy Grant on the Tigers ' 48. Tailback George Perkins and fullback Jerry Thompson took turns hoofing it, then Don Cornelius took over at the 1 1 and hurled to Richard Hodges for the marker. Midway of the second period a stiff Lion defense plus penalties drove the toothless Tigers back to their own 5. A short punt set the Florentines up on the Tiger 31. F.S.C. drove to the 17, where Robert O ' Kelley booted a 27 yard field goal to post the game ' s final score. In the second half the Lions were held scoreless even after marching to the Livingston 2 and 12 yard lines. 169 WIN IN FINAL MINUTE 14-7 Anyone who doesn ' t believe in miracles would have learned a lot from the Mississippi College game. The Lions came from behind at Clinton, Mississippi to win in the final minute, 14-7, for their second straight win. The game teetered along scoreless until the third quarter when Mississippi College scored and appeared victory bound. With about three minutes remaining Don Cornelius passed to Mike Dennis for a 44 yard tally; Robert O ' Kelley ' s boot knotted the score 7-7. In the final climactic minute, Don Cornelius passed his way to the Choctaw 1 2 and then carried it over personally to secure the win, as head cheer- leader Sandy Snow literally passed out. O ' Kelley applied the toe again, and the Lions left sweltering Clinton with a 14-7 victory under their belts. 170 HENDERSON HITS THE DIRT 28-20 What started as a Lion run away wound up as a fight for survival when Henderson State came to Braly Stadium. The first time Florence got the ball they drove 66 yards in nine plays to score on a Cornelius to Lindsey pass. In the second half, the Lions took the kickoff and again marched to gloryland, climaxing the drive with a 19 yard pass from Cornelius to Mike Dennis. The Reddies took advantage of several penalties midway the third period and launched an attack from the Lion 46. Several passes and a short run later Henderson found itself on the scoreboard. F-State quickly retaliated. A few plays later Cornelius ran 46 yards for the score, O ' Kelley converted, and the Lions had an apparently comfortable 21-6 lead. Later a short punt gave Henderson the ball on the F.S.C. 27. The Lion defense held momentarily, but Henderson ' s Jim Gooce took quarterback Lowe ' s pass 25 yards to tally. A 2-point conversion followed, and the Reddies were back in the game. Just before the end of the third canto a Lion fumble on F.S.C. ' s 4 spelled disaster as the Reddies recovered and finally cracked the Lion defense on the fourth down. The conversion failed and the Lions still led, 21-20. Late in the final canto, Jimmy Grant intercepted a pass at his 21 and took it back to the enemy 40. Cornelius and com- pany promptly iced the game, Don adding the coup-de-grace himself with a 4-yard dash. Jimmy Grant ' s interception with 50 seconds remaining aborted Henderson ' s desperation drive and secured Florence State ' s third straight victory, pushing the Lions ' record over the .500 mark for the first time in three years. 171 HOMECOA LIONS DAM RED WAVE . . . 35-34 In one of the most electrifying and truly thrilling game ever seen on the Lion gridiron, Coach Hal Self ' s troops dragged Troy State ' s Red Wave in the dust of defeat, edging the South Alabamians by a single point to secure their fourth straight triumph and first home- coming win in four years. A capacity crowd of 7,500 jammed Tom Braly Stadium to see the battle of the quarterbacks, as Don Cornelius dueled Red Wave general Jim Byrd, then ranked 7th in the nation among small colleges in total offense. Don completed 14 out of 17 passes for 183 yards, while Byrd completed 15 of 27 for 141 yards. The donnybrook began as Troy scored first, driving 74 yards in 15 plays. Later the Lions ' Jerry Schultz covered a Byrd bobble on the Troy 6. Three plays later Cornelius passed to Lindsey to tie the score 6-6. O ' Kelley ' s kick was blocked. Shortly afterwards Dan Dougherty recovered a Troy fumble on the Red Wave 36, and in 8 plays Cor- nelius and Lindsey again did their duet at the goal line. Cornelius ran the conversion, and the Lions led 14-6. After Joe Neese intercepted a Byrd pass at F.S.C. 40, the Trojan coaching staff began making rude noises; two penalties later the F- Staters found themselves at the Red Wave 30. Seven plays later, Cornelius hit Lindsey from the 6, O ' Kelley kicked good, and the Lions led at the half 21-6. A bizarre play early in the third canto spelled good luck for F.S.C. Cornelius fired to Lindsey from his own 49; the pass got away from Lindsey, but Richard Hodges grabbed it and trotted to the Red Wave 3. Cornelius ran it in, O ' Kelley converted, and the Lions seemed to be making a rout. Shortly thereafter a blocked Sparky Box punt led to a Troy TD. A two point PAT made the score 28-14. Don Cornelius passed to Dennis for 48 yards, and ran the remaining 5 yards for a touchdown himself. O ' Kelley ' s kick gave Florence a 35-14 lead. However, Troy ' s Byrd promptly scored a touchdown and 2 point conversion with 6 consecutive passes covering 69 yards. Bad went to worse as Jerry Thompson fumbled at midfield. Byrd and his buddies marched downfield in 8 plays to score. Troy ' s Cotton tried to run for 2, but Jim Grant, Dwayne Cantrell and Jerry Schultz bottled him up for no gain. The hearts really began to pound after Troy ' s Dennis Doyle captured a Cornelius pass at the Lion 18. Six plays later Watts crossed the zero stripe, and Florence led by a single point. F.S.C. fans paled visibly as Troy lined up to attempt a two conversion, waited breathless as Watts tried to sweep right end, and went wild with joy as sophomore Billy Byrom plus two other Lion defenders pushed Watts out of bounds just inches short of upset. It was close, but a miss is as good as a mile, as the saying goes. 172 La Goober was there . 173 DELTA RALLIES-SPILLS LIONS The Florence State Lions almost had their fifth straight victory on the books at Cleveland, Mississippi, but the powerful Delta Statesmen rallied in the second half to give the Lions their third defeat of the season 32-2 1 . F-State struck first with Cornelius going over from the one midway of the first period. O ' Kelley ' s kick gave the fighting Lions a 7-0 lead. Delta quickly fought back to score on an eight yard run, but Joe Thigpen rose to the cause, blocked the PAT attempt, and preserved the F.S.C. lead. Early in the second canto the irrepressible Don Cornelius bombed Mike Dennis 60 long yards down the field for a TD. Late in the quarter the Lions scored on 4th down as Cornelius hit Hodges in the end zone. O ' Kelley booted his third conver- sion of the night and the Lions were on cloud nine with a 2 1 -6 lead. Unfortunately the Statesmen ' s Gary Randall scored on a one yard run with seconds to go in the half, but a two point conversion attempt failed, and the Lions still seemed in good shape. The second half proved disastrous as Delta intercepted a Cornelius pass and promptly tallied. Later t he Statesmen intercepted another Cornelius hurl and marched from their own 47 to the zero stripe. The PAT was good and Delta took the lead. The last Delta market, a 12 yard run by Randall, was icing on the cake, and the Lions returned to Florence beaten 32-21. 174 VOLS VANQUISH LIONS 18-24 Florence ' s games with the University of Tennessee, Martin Brance, always seem to turn into rough, romping battles to the finish, and this year was no exception. The fired up Lions over- came a 10 point first half deficit in the closing minutes of the game only to have the Vols retaliate to win 24-1 8. U.T.M.B. began the scoring on the last play of the first quarter with a short run and good PAT to lead 7-0. Late in the half the Tennesseans grabbed a Cornelius fumble at their own 29 and advanced it to the Florence 7. The Lion defense held fast, and U.T.M.B. settled for a 22 yard field goal by Mayo. After the kickoff Cornelius and company set out on an 88 yard scoring junket, climaxed by an 8 yard TD pass to Dennis. O ' Kelley ' s boot was good, The Vol ' s Wiggins then scampered 72 yards on the first play after the kickoff for a tally. Mayo converted, and the Vols held a comfortable 17-7 lead. Late in the third canto, Cornelius capped an 80 yard touch- down sortie with a fifteen yard keeper, then hit Sparky Box ' s hot little hands for a two point conversion to close the gap 17-15. Box, who is also the Lion punter, comes in handy at times like this. Lion fullback David Kirk sustained a slight concussion when he was smashed into the Vol bench by a U.T.M.B. tackier. The Vols, who are not known for their gentleness or good manners, aroused the ire of the team as well as the crowd with their behavior after Kirk ' s injury, and this spurred the touchdown drive. Midway of the last period, Box went back to punt after a frustrated drive; the Vols were penalized for roughing the kicker. Cornelius hit Dennis at the Vol 35 on the first play. Dauntless Don forced his way to the 1 yard stripe, but a stiff U.T.M.B. defense held, and the Lions called on Robert O ' Kelley, " the Toe. " The Toe kicked true, and it appeared the Lions had saved the day. However, the Vols promptly charged 69 yards downfield, spoiling the Lions ' hopes with a one yard plunge with 2:27 left. The Fighting Lions made one more effort, frustrated by Tommy Baker ' s interception in the seconds. T LIONS COME ALIVE1E 31 176 MIGHTY SAMFORD In one of their most magnificent efforts and most exciting comebacks ever, the Fighting Purple and Gold of Florence State College came back and came back again to tie the powerful Samford University Bulldogs of Birmingham. The Bull- dogs, who defeated Jax State earlier, were probably the toughest team F-State encountered all season. To tie such a team, and to tie them in such a spectacular manner, must be considered a moral victory for the Lions. The Lions missed their first scoring effort when O ' Kelley attempted a field goal in the early moments of the clash. Samford marched with the aid of quarterback Jim Lovette to the Lion 10, but could get no further. Rex Keeling scored a 21 yard field goal and the ' Dogs led 3-0. Later near disaster turned to good fortune when a Sparky Box punt wobbled only 28 yards, and Tommy Clemmons recovered a fumble on the next play to give the Lions possession on their own 32. The Lions advanced to the Bulldog 38, where the drive bogged down. Box went back to punt; the ' Dogs put no rush on, so Sparky raced around left end to the Samford 15. Cornelius bulled it over three plays later, and Joe Thigpen ' s PAT made it 7- 3, Lions. The first Samford drive following the kick-off was aborted by Lynn Thompson ' s interception, but the next effort, a 65 yard junket, gave S.U. a 1 0-7 half-time lead, a mere glimmer of the fireworks to come. F-State advanced the third quarter kickoff 72 yards in 1 1 plays to score on a 3 yard dash over right tackle by Cornelius. Don then hit Richard Hodges for a 2 point conversion to push the Lions ahead again 15-10. Not to be outdone, the ' Dogs showed real bulldog tenacity and drove 48 yards for a touchdown and 2 point conversion to take a 3 point lead with two minutes left in the quarter. The Lions started rolling again as Rickey Lindsey snared his fiftieth reception of the year for an 1 8 yard gain to the Bulldog 27, but Samford pounced on a George Perkins fumble on the next play. Samford set sail from this point, climaxing the attack with a 24 yard sprint by Clayton and PAT by Keeling. Undaunted, the Lions fought back with incredible spirit and determination and tallied again on a 10 yard toss from Cornelius to Mike Dennis. Don Cornelius scampered around right end for a two-pointer to narrow the gap to 25-23, favor of Samford. The Bulldogs must be admired for their ability. Those four-footers marched the kickoff downfield for still another score; Lynn Thompson knocked down Lovett ' s pass in the conversion attempt, but the Lions were still a dismal 8 points behind, trailing 31-23. It looked as if F.S.C. had played well, but lost a tough one. Hope springs eternal, however, and the F-Staters were truly Lionhearted. On the first play after the kickoff, Don Corneli- us, firing from his own 30, bombed Mike Dennis, who galloped all the way to the ' Dog 4 before being pushed out of bounds. Cornelius then hurled to Rickey Lindsey for the TD, bringing the Lions within two points of a tie. Then do-everything Cornelius kept skirted his right blank, and scored the Lions ' third consecutive two-pointer to knot the impossible game 31-31, with a minute left to play. The scoreboard said there was no victor that sunny day, but there was no doubt in the minds of the F.S.C. fans who shook the stadium with their praises. A truly remarkable day, and a truly remarkable team. .. ' 177 T . --- H Coach E. E. Billingham BILLINGHAM BASKETBALL ' 67 Assistant Coach Harwyn Bulger 1 178 179 Andy Bolding Center-Forward lamfiXTrrL i,nii UOmm Larry Grissom Guard 180 Tom Barnes Forward Jack Meeks Center Louis Vaughn Guard 181 Dan " Boone " Moore Center-Forward Freddie Roberts Manager BASKETBALL ' 67 f -, y Row One, left to right: Freddie Roberts, manager; Richard Gurley, Mike Bacon, Arthur Andrews, Tim AAcGee, Charles McMillan, Walter Rogers, Hammond. Row Two: Coach Billingham, Louis Vaughn, Rick Jones, Dan Moore, Tommy Barnes, Jack Meeks, Ricky Corker, Cecil Ruth, Tommy Dodd, Andy Bolding, Larry Grissom, Assistant Coach Bulger. 183 Hli jVJ J T 1 ' " ' % 1 " B 11 [ P K . B i Vr V a f jSp B . Basketball Schedule 1 966-67 Dec. 1 Lambuth Away 3 Middle Tennessee Away 5 Jacksonville Home 10 David Lipscomb Home 12 Athens Away 15 Chattanooga Home Jan. 10 Jacksonville Away 13 Troy Home 14 Lambuth Home 16 Livingston Away 21 Middle Tennessee Home 24 Union Away 26 David Lipscomb Away 28 Chattanooga Away 30 Livingston Home Feb. 3 Troy Away 4 Alabama College Away 7 St. Bernard Home 10 Alabama College Home 13 Athens Home 15 St. Bernard Away 18 Union Home 23, 24, 25 ACC Tournament Athens 184 . . . ACTION 85 RIFLE TEAM First Row, left to right: Willie Williams, Mike Slade, Jim Noles. Second Row: Harold Bolton, Robert Frye, Steve Williams, Donald Crabtree. Not Pictured: Jim Doss, Greg Wilson, Joe Kent, Rodney Methvin, Clark Frye, John Upton. Schedule Won Lost Oct. 14 Mass. Inst, of Tech. X Oct. 15 Vanderbilt X Oct. 22 Jacksonville X Oct. 29 Marion X Nov. 5 U. of Miss. X Nov. 5 U. of So. Miss. X Nov. 12 U.T.M.B. X Nov. 19 Middle Tenn. X Dec. 3 Vanderbilt X Jan. 7 U.T.M.B. X Jan. 14 Auburn X Feb. 4 Jacksonville State X Feb. 11 University of Ala. Tennessee Tech Feb. 17 18 Alabama Invitational Feb. 29 Tuskegee March 4 Middle Tennessee Spring Hill March 11 University of Miss. CAPTAINS: Robert Frye and Donald Crabtree rt 186 FLORENCE STATE 187 TENNIS TEAM Buck Adams Jerry Hall Bruce Edwards 188 TENNIS TEAM Larry Bledsole Lloyd Newton A Dennis Bryant 189 ' " W SS 5 rr - a r -, J r THE MILITARY Col. Francis L Jenkins, Jr. CADRE Maj. Brice, AAaj. Smith, Col. Jenkins, Maj. Propes, Capt. Harris 192 Front l-r: Sgt. Maj. Finn, Sgt. Duhaime, Sgt. Little. Back row: Sgt. Kilgore, Sgt. Stovall. Glenda Reeves, secretary Judy Reynolds, secretary 193 BRIGADE STAFF Front row l-r: Gevdon, Emmons, Delones, Stearns, Johnson. Back row: Motes, Melvin, Behel, Stone, Whitten, Frye. 1ST BATTALION STAFF Front l-r: Thorn, Crow, Loomis. Back row: Templin, Dyar, Bolton. 194 . 2ND BATTALION STAFF Front l-r: Jones, Mingus, Gooch. Back: Floyd, Schwarzkopf. 3RD BATTALION STAFF Front l-r: Grisham, Noles, Bennett. Back row: Frawley, Adams, Powell. 195 Sandi Gevedon Brigade Sponsor Sharon Bennet 1st Battalion Sponsor 196 I Judy Loom is 2nd Battalion Sponsor Jackie Gooch 3rd Battalion Sponsor Gloria Wright Band Sponsor 197 r Mary Kaye Kill en A Company Ann Short B Company Jean Paulette Smith C Company JoAnn Neill D Company 198 Jeannie Springer, E. Co. Sponsor Carol Gulledge, F. Co. Sponsor Linda Carpenter, Drill Team Sponsor Brenda Sherrill, Drill Team Sponsor 199 ttwf.-. i MEMORIAL M P H I T H E w ' A COMPANY B COMPANY 200 I C COMPANY D COMPANY 201 E COMPANY M E M R Tft L AMPHITH ' EATE 2S F COMPANY 202 PERSHING RIFLES ROTC BAND 203 CADET OFFICER ' S CORPS PHYLLIS SCOn COC SWEETHEART i 204 ' I .. i I 1 1 i GUARD COLOR IN MEMORIAM 1st Lt. Frankie Lee Wallace 2nd Battalion, 502nd Airborne Infantry, 101st Airborne Division Killed in Action Vietnam 4 Feb., 1966 206 How to win friends and influence people. Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking . . CAMPUS LIFE " The master speaks " " Some work AND SOME?????????? " Some play Hf HralK Y r i T fah If , r $ 1? 1 ' J J fa b 1 i So what! I get 3,465 miles to the gallon. While we were out for Christmas it grew and grew and grew .... r Monday morning 8:05 Don ' t sweat Differential Calculus it ' s a breeze! u . ;- I dreamed I went dancing Snoopy for PRESIDENT? I thought camping was co- educational. This is hard on the knee bones. At last! A paper back edition of the " Kinsey Report " NO COMMENT . I don ' t believe in going steady! I I You can lead a horse to water. Southern exposure Social dancing was never like this. J K f J Mm JH L ] { Etv I 1 I fife One became Top Beauty 211 THE SENIORS CAROLE E. ADAMS CHARLES WILLIAM ALDRIDGE REBEKAH INEZ ALEXANDER STEVE El EVELYN ALLEN ROBERT WAYNE ALLEN MEL JANE ALLISON MARTHA ANNIE ANDERSON JERRY BAKER JfMW , ' I CfcUL bEARDEN NANCY BELUE LARRY BELUE IRENE LINDA BEVIS ELIZABETH BLANKENSHIP ERNIE BLASINGAME LARRY BLEDSOLE ANDY BOLDING JAME IRENE BOLTON RICHARD BOYD EDDY BRACKIN SUE BRANUM MARRY ANN BRICE MARY BRITTOM JAMES BROWN VERNON BROWN BRENDA BROWNLOW ELIZABETH BRUTON DENNIS BRYANT CAROLYN BRYANT DIANA BURGES CECIL CAINE LYDIA CAMPBELL JAMES CANERDY LESLIE CARP AUSIE LE MARTHA CARTER BARBARA CASHION RICHARD CATER JUDY CASISH PATRICIA CHANDLER MYRA CHILCOAT AUSIE LEE CLEMENT LINDA COBB SUE COFIELD 219 RICHARD COLLIER BARBARA CORNELIUS JANE CROWSON DIANE DARBY FRANCI! WALTER NEIL DAUGHTERY JANE DAVIS LYNETTE DAVIS MICHAEL DENNIS SHEARL DENSON I FRANCIS DOOLITTLE DIANE DIGGLE ALLEN DRINKARD LINDA EDWARDS ALTON EMMONS HENRY A. ERWIN, JR. 221 CONRAD ESTEVEZ PATRICIA EUBANKS LINDA EVANS DONA LEE FARE LEORA FIKES WOODROW FLEMING MARY FOWLER FRED FRAWLEY JAMIE FREEMAN LELAND FREDERICK CLYDE FREEMAN LARRY FULMER JOHN FURMAN ELIZABETH GARNER DOROTHY GARRISON JAMES GASKIN ALICE GEORGE 223 G. LAVONIA GILLESPIE EDWARD L. GIST DWIGHT L. GLAZE JAMES D WILLIAM RICHARD GOODMAN STEVE R. GORDON PATSY KAR! RONALD BARRY GOREE ELLEN GRAVES MARGIE JONES GRAVES ROGER AU LARRY TALFORA GRISSOM HERSCHEL ELTON GRISHAM Cs PATSY KAREN GRISSOM FRANK DUDLEY HAMILTON REBECCA BIGGS HAMM iUVK ROGER ALAN HAMMOND DAVID A. HAMPTON SUSAN GAIL HAND 225 BETTY RUTH HARDIN BARBARA JEANE HARRISON SARAH ANN HAYGOOD BEVERLY ANN HICE REBECCA ANN HOFSTEDLER ANN HOLLAND BOYCE D. HOLLAND JERRY HOLLAND REBECCA MANN HOLLEY WGOOD MELBA LEE HOLLAND PAUL JOSEPH HOLLEY IZORA W. HOLMES KATHRYN ANN HORTON FRANK A. HOTSLEY DORIS JOHNSON HOWELL HUGH LAWSON HUFFMAN SHELIA MULLENDOU INGRAM 227 BETTY JOHNSON JACKSON WILLIAM EDGAR JACKSON BEVERLY KAY JAMES PATRICIA JAMIE REBECCA JOHNSTON JOHN WELLS JOHNSTON MARY MAXINE JOHNSON MARY NANCY JONES GLENN EDWARD JULEY MILDRED HOWARD RONALD KILLEN PATRICIA ANN KEELEN HILDA TRAPP KEETON RUBY J. KING NANCY STEWART KING CHREIGHTON W. KNIGHT MILDRED EVELYN KYLE DOUGLAS WESLEY LAMBERT EUGENE WESLEY LAMM 229 MARY JOYCE LANDERS PAT LAURIMORE JOHN LANDERS SIMS LAWSON NANCY MARGARET LEWIS DONALD WAYNE LINDSEY DOUGLAS Y. MCCALLIE JANE MC CLAN AH AN m PEGGY FAYE MCCRORY ROBERT WAYNE MC DANIEL ROBERT BARLOW MANGUM DONALD HICKS MCNUTT ROBERT CLINTON MARSH MRS. J. R. MARTIN F. B. MARTIN JEANNINE BURKS MASON 1 MARIE ELAINE MAYFIELD 231 CELESTINE METCALF LESLIE CHARLES MINGUS VIGINIA MINOR GARY W MILLIE JO MONCERET THALIA ELAINE MONTGOMERY CATHERINE ELAINE CROSSLEY MOORE SHIRLEY MORGAN BILLY R. MOORE MAJtGAJ FAYE MOTES GARY PAUL MOORE MARGARET BONNER MORRIS CATHERINE V. NEIDERT JOAN FRANCES NEWBERN LLOYD MARSHALL NEWTON MARGARET NICHOLS JAMES L. NOLES ELWANDA OAKES 233 WILLIAM JOSEPH OLIVER SANDRA KEY OVERALL IRENE PAGE N0RR1 JAMES WALKER PARKER MILDRED L PASS SHARON 01 GARY DON PATTON CHARLES WAYNE PATE CHARLES PENN PATRICIA I S k HERBERT BURNS PLYLER NORRIS PHARR JOSIE GAY PHILLIPS PASS SHARON LINDA PONDS NELLIE GAIL POORE FRANK LEVEH POWELL PATRICIA LOUISE POWELL CHERYL DARLEEN PRESTON I BOBBY L. PRUITT 235 BILLY WAYNE RAPER JOHNNY RICHARD RAINEY JAMES MICHAEL RICHCREEK AMY CAROLE REA WW DONALD PARRISH RHODES GAIL QUIGLEY RHODES JIMMY O. ROBERTS GERALD MARTIN ROBINSON CLARIC n WILLIAM ROGERS CHARLOTTE EARL ROMINE TONI ROSE CLARICE SANDERSON DONNA SUE SCHRODER JERRY WILLIAM SCHULTZ DANIEL LEE SEARCY ROBERT SEELEY BARBARA LYNN SEXTON ROBERT GLYNN SEXTON 237 ft ek MARGARITE JEAN SHARP FLORRIE ELIZABETH SHEARON JOAN SHOULTS WILLIAM EDWARD SIMMS MONAP DANIEL L. SIMPSON LINDA EDWARD SLEDGE JAMES TERR ELAINE HOVATER SMITH LINDA JANE SMITH SHERRY J HAMILTON HUGH SNOW MONA PERKINS SMITH TRAVIS E. SMITH JAMES TERRY SOUTHERN TIMOTHY DEIHL SPROUSE SETH BERRY STALCUP SHERRY JEAN STANSELL LESTER CARL STEARNS, JR LINDA GRISSOM STEARNS 239 t JANET ELIZABETH STOVALL BERNARD SWANSON ROBBY SWINNEY PERRY W ALTON T. TABEREAUX ELAINE TARAMANGUS MUM TOV DEAN TAYLOR MARTHA EVELYN TAYLOR GAIL WILLIAMS TERRELL GARY I ROBERT DANIEL TIDWELL MANGUS MURRAY GEORGE TOWNSEND NANCY TRIMBLE JOE RICHARD TRIMM S1BKU GARY RAY TRUITT DOROTHY JANE TUCKER 4 MARY WOODALL TURNEY 241 I m FRANK VETTERS SUZANNA WAGAR GEORGE WALKER BECKY WALLACE DANNY WALLER DONALD LEE WALLACE JUS! DON WILLIAM WARE JAMES J. WEBSTER M " iUER WALLACE RAYMOND WEIR JOYCE ANN WEST RUSSELL WEST MORRIS L. WILLINGHAM JOHNNY CHARLES WINCHESTER RUFUS JEROME WEST CARMELITA WORLUND JUDY KAYE WRIGHT BARBARA YARBROUGH FRANK CRIDER YOUNG SANFORD LEON YOUNG JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: President, James Lynch; Vice-President, Ray Edmondson; Secretary, Mary Joiner; Treasurer, Brad Sasser. UNDERCLASSMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: President, David Balckwell; Vice-President, Mike Tribble; Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Broadfoot. Abercrombil, Larry Decatur, Fr. Acock, Mickey Cherokee, Jr. Acree, Karen Huntsville, Soph. Adams, Brenda Florence, Fr. Adams, Carolyn .... Phil Campbell, Soph. Adams, Chuck Sheffield, Soph. Adams, John Sheffield, Jr. Aday, Gloria Decatur, Fr. Aday, Martha Decatur, Soph. Aldridge, David .... Muscle Shoals, Fr. Aldridge, James Trinity, Soph. Alexander, Allon Falkvill, Fr. Alexander, Cathryn Moulton, Soph. Alexander, Elizabeth Florence, Fr. Alldredge, Nell Florence, Jr. Allen, Thomas Sheffield, Fr. Allfrey, Susan Muscle Shoals, Fr. Allred, Larry Cullman, Soph. Anders, Gloria Hartselle, Fr. Anderson, David Sheffield, Jr. Anderson, Edward Huntsville, Fr. Anderson, Emma Florence, Fr. Anderson, Jean Sheffield, Fr. Anderson, Mary Huntsville, Soph. Andrews, Francis Florence, Soph. Anthony, Beverly Florence, Fr. Aendt, Robert Tuscumbia, Fr. Arnold, Susan Muscle Shoals, Fr. Aston, Lenda Ider, Jr. Aston, Paula Florence, Fr. 246 I :: 0W! . ' Atkins, Paula Sheffield, Fr. Avery, Ronnie Hamilton, Soph. Bacak, Dolores Huntsville, Fr. Balch, Anthony Lexington, Fr. Balch, Clyde Athens, Fr. Baker, Margie Sheffield, Fr. Balch, Mike Rogerville, Fr. Balch, William Lexington, Soph. Bailey, Paula Huntsville, Jr. Baltimore, Claud Florence, Fr. Bannecke, Craig Huntsville, Soph. Barclay, Becky Scottsboro, Soph. Barden, Linda Huntsville, Soph. Barkley, Jeanette Hartselle, Jr. Barksdale, Connie Athens, Jr. Barham, Marion Bridgeport, Fr. Barnes, Charlene Scottsboro, Soph. Barnes, John Birmingham, Fr. Barnett, James Lexington, Fr. Barnett, Linda Florence, Fr. Barnett, Nella Florence, Soph. Barr, Martha Rebecca .... Florence, Soph. Bass, Gary Florence, Jr. Baughn, Susan Sheffield, Soph. Baum, Bob Huntsville, Fr. Beadle, Beverly Florence, Fr. Beasley, Lester Sheffield, Soph. Beasley, Martha Red Bay, Fr. Beaty, James Decatur, Soph. Beavers, Jerry Florence, Special V- ' ' " W r ' 247 rJIYfe Beaver, Layne Florence, Soph. Becks, Robert Huntsville, Soph. Beddingfield, Jimmy Huntsville, Fr. Beeler, J.D Memphis, Tenn., Soph. Beene, Dino Town Creek, Jr. Behel, Reeder Florence, Jr. Bell, Charles Fr. Bellis, John Florence, Fr. Bellhorn, Theodore . . Oviedo, Florida, Soph. Beneh, Allison Florence, Fr. Bennett, Sharon Jr. Benson, Duoley Florence, Soph. Benson, Geraldine Red Bay, Soph. Berry, Charles Vina, Jr. Berry, Patricia Florence, Fr. Bloc - Berryhill, Brenda Winfield, Soph. Berryman, Judy Athens, Fr. Berryman, Pat Town Creek, Fr. Berryman, William Leighton, Fr. Bevis, Charles Florence, Soph. Bevis, Wayne Cloverdale, Fr. Billingham, Ed. J Florence, Fr. Billions, Gary Florence, Jr. Billions, Susan Huntsville, Fr. Bilstein, Robert Florence, Soph. Birdwell, Edmond Rogersville, Bickley, Thomas Tuscumbia, Fr. Bishop, Keith Huntsville, Fr. Bishop, Mary Florence, Soph. Bishop, Nancy Cherokee, Soph. Norte " 248 Black, Edwin Hartselle, Jr. Black, Roger Tuscumbia, Fr. Blackburn, James Florence, Fr. Blalock, Pamela Cullman, Soph. Bland, William Florence, Fr. Blankenship, Eleanor Priceville, Soph. Blankenship, Leslie Florence, Fr. Blankenship, Robert Miami, Fla., Fr. Bloom, Kenneth Sheffield, Jr. Boatwright, George Tuscumbia, Soph. Bobo, Linda Jasper, Jr. Bobo, Jerry Fayette, Soph. Bodkin, Scottie Sheffield, Fr. Buggs, Michael Huntsville, Soph. Bolen, James Florence, Fr. Bolton, James Littleville, Jr. Bond, Mary Ann Huntsville, Jr. Bone, Angela Florence, Jr. Bone, Charles Tuscumbia, Jr. Bonner, Thomas Scottsboro, Jr. Bonnes, William . . . Bixlyn, New York, Fr. Booth, Sharon Town Creek, Fr. Boston, Dennis Muscle Shoals, Jr. Boston, Sherry Muscle Shoals, Jr. Boswell, Kay Red Bay, Fr. Bowlin, Karla Florence, Soph. Bowlin, Charles Phillip Florence, Soph. Box, William Sheffield, Soph. Boyd, Phyllis Huntsville, Fr. Boyles, James E Moulton, Fr. 249 Bradley, Vonceil Florence, Fr. Bozeman, Carol Huntsville, Fr. Bozeman, Jimmy Tuscumbia, Fr. Bradford, Margo Huntsville, Soph. Bragwell, Billy Russellville, Soph. Bragwell, Jimmy Florence, Jr. Bragwell, Pamella Florence, Soph. Brannon, Harriet Florence, Jr. Brannon, Revis Florence, Soph. Browner, Anita Huntsville, Fr. Brewer, Linda Bridgeport, Soph. Brewer, Larry . . Lawrenceburg,Tenn., Soph. Brewer, Wynell Moulton, Soph. Bridges, Jerry Red Bay, Fr. Briggs, Wendell Flocence, Fr. Brink, Mary Florence, Soph. Briscoe, Sylvia Haleyville, Jr. Britnell, Brenda Florence, Jr. Britnell, Mary Florence, Soph. Broadfoot, Barbara Florence, Fr. Broadfoot, Mike Florence, Soph. Broadfoot, Vonda Florence, Soph. Broce, Charles Muscle Shoals, Soph. Brooks, Paul Henagar, Jr. Browder, Richard Florence, Fr. Brown, Jennifer Fr. Brown, Johnnie Falkville, Fr. Brown, Sarah Phil Campbell, Jr. Brown, William Phil Campbell, Jr. Brownlow, James Sheffield, Jr. 250 Brooks, Rex Chuluoto, Florida, Soph. Brown, Ann Florence, Jr. Brown, Dale Florence, Jr. Bruce, Merita Florence, Fr. Brumfield, Lydia Huntsville, Soph. Billy, Bryan Falkville, Soph. Bulger, Marilyn Florence, Soph. Bullard, Michelle Huntsville, Jr. Bullen, Thomas Red Bay, Fr. Bulls, Linda Killen, Fr. Bulls, Mary Killen, Jr. Burchfield, Billy Sheffield, Soph. Burgess, Diana St. Joseph, Tenn., Fr. Burleson, Anthony Russellville, Fr. Burleson, Bobby Florence, Soph. Burleson, Fran Decatur, Soph. Burleson, Donna Russellville, Jr. Burrows, Richard Sheffield, Jr. Burton, Judy Town Creek, Jr. Bush, Edward Huntsville, Soph. Bush, Leoward Tuscumbia, Fr. Buckins, Charles Muscle Shoals, Soph. Butler, Annalie Brownsboro, Soph. Buttram, Mac Haleyville, Soph. Buttram, Mary Haleyville, Jr. Butram, Peggy Sheffield, Soph. Byars, David Sheffield, Soph. Byrd, James Muscle Shoals, Jr. Cain, Glenda Soph. Caevan, Jackie Florence, Fr. 251 Cagle, Barbara Haleyville, Soph. Cagle, Edward Decatur, Jr. Cagle, Marilyn Rogersvifle, Fr. Calvert, Harriette Tuscumbia, Fr. Calvert, Martha Samson, Jr. Calvert, Helen Tuscumbia, Jr. Camp, Judy Fairfield, Fr. Campbell, Judy Huntsville, Fr. Campbell, Samuel Fr. Campbell, Snadie Muscle Shoals, Fr. Canerday, Jackie Florence, Soph. Canerday, Norman Florence, Fr. Cantrell, Sammy Leighton, Fr. Caradonna, Martha Florence, Soph. Carpenter, Brenda .... Town Creek, Fr. Carpenter, Rosielene Leighton, Fr. Carpenter, William Millport, Fr. Caroll, Brenda Courtland, Jr. Carter, Jerry Holly Pond, Fr. Carter, John Huntsville, Fr. Carter, Niles Spruce Pine, Fr. Carter, Margie Sheffield, Soph. Cary, Linda Florence, Fr. Cartwright, Alice Huntsville, Soph. Cash, Camellia Fayette, Soph. Castner, Anthony Reading, Pa., Soph. Chaffee, Cecilia Huntsville, Fr. Champion, Cathie . . . London, England, Fr. Champion, James Ed Florence, Jr. Champion, Greeg Florence, Fr. 252 Chandler, Linda Huntsville, Fr. Chapman, William Scottsboro, Soph. tm ' ? m Chenault, Steve Decatur, Soph. B jfg Cherry, Linda Fr. Cheyne, Martha . . Santa Barbara, Calif., Fr. Childs, Gary Florence, Fr. W " , Childers, Ronald Florence, Soph Chiriaco, Sherry Florence, Fr Chowning, Gary Florence, Fr. Christian, Belinda Huntsville, Fr. jt ttlr k. mmd Chynoweth, James Florence, Fr. Cleghorn, Annita Arley, Jr. Cleghorn, Donna Addison, Fr. Cleghorn, Kerry ... ' ... Arley, Fr. Clement, Johnny . . ' ? ' Russellville, Fr. Clements, Alelta Bankston, Fr. Clemmons, Wanda Florence, Fr. Coats, Doyle Florence, Soph. Cobb, Cathey . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Soph. Cobb, Nancy ,. Sheffield, Soph. Cobb, Ronnie Athens, Fr. fc-O " 4KS2ty Cochran, Arlon Kilien, Fr. Cochran, Carla Boaz, Soph. _ V j Cockrell, Brenda Delmar, Fr. M M Coker, Linda Florence, Fr. R H m BMtflrJ B . Uiai Cole, Hence Florence, Fr. Collier, Ann Florence, Jr. Collins, Clarence Hartselle, Jr. Collins, Clifford Cullman, Fr. Collins, Nancy Scottsboro, Fr. 253 Collins, Nancy Woodville, Ala., Fr. Collins, Sharon Fr. Colwell, Debbie Huntsville, Ala., Fr. Comer, Priscilla Tuscumbia, Ala., Fr. Cone, Ralph Smyrna, Tenn., Soph. Cook, Dolores .... Lacerp Guiy, Ala., Soph. Cook, Frank Cocoa, Florida, Soph. Cook, Jerry Florence, Ala., Fr. Cook, Ricky Hamilton, Ala., Soph. Cooper, Bonnie Fayette, Ala., Fr. Cooper, Deborah Somerville, Ala., Fr. Cooper, Elois Fr. Cooper, Shirley Jasper, Ala., Jr. Cooley, Patricia Huntsville, Ala., Soph. Cooley, Sandra Albertville, Ala., Fr. Cothern, Sudy Mt. Hope, Ala., Jr. Couch, Brenda Owens Cross Rds., Ala., Fr. Courtney, Joy Huntsville, Ala., Jr. Counselman, Terry .... Thomasville, Ala., Fr. Counts, Terrie Tuscumbia, Ala., Fr. Cornelius, Don Huntsville, Ala., Jr. Cowley, Kenneth .... Huntsville, Ala., Soph. Cox, Carolyn Killen, Ala., Soph. Cox, Jane Madison, Ala., Fr. Cox, William Russellville, Ala., Jr. Craig, Gary Florence, Ala., Jr. Creasy, James Florence, Ala., Fr. Cross, Judy Muscle Shoals, Ala., Jr. Crumpton, Rita . . Muscle Shoals, Ala., Soph. Cryer, Martha Somerville, Ala., Fr. 254 Cunningham, Phillip .... Huntsville, Soph. Curtis, Barry Florence, Fr. Daily, Jesse Florence, Fr. Daily, Harold Tuscumbia, Fr. Daily, Mary Fr. Dale, Jack Huntsville, Fr. I - Dalton, McGraw Florence, Soph. _ Daniel, Suevaughn Haleyville, Soph. Daniel, Carolyn . . . Cypress Inn, Tenn.,Jr, Danielson, Elsie Huntsville, Jr. Danley, Thalia Florence, Fr. Darby, Mary Florence, Jr. Darby, Sheila Florence, Soph. Darwin, John Huntsville, Soph. Dasaro, Maryellen Huntsville, Soph. I Davidson, John Russellville, Jr. Davis, Demetra Huntsville, Jr. Davis, Garneft Florence, Jr. Davis, Gary Russellville, Fr. L Davis, James Lexington, Fr. k Davis, Nancy Sheffield, Fr. Dean, Anita Sheffield, Jr. Dean, Donny Athens, Fr Debter, Deanne Sheffield, Fr De Freez, Julie Huntsville, Jr. Deldarde, Sarah Florence, Fr. DeLoach, Ann Walnut Grove, Soph Deming, Carol Florence, Fr Denson, Johnny Decatur, Jr. DeSilvey, Marion Memphis, Tenn., Fr l r r W t ' 255 Dewberry, Carolyn Courtland, Soph. Diaz, Linda Tuscumbia, Soph. Dishough, Laura . . . West Point, Tenn., Soph. Dison, David Florence, Jr. Dixon, Betty Florence, Fr. Doblis, Sherrie Haleyville, Soph. Dodgen, Martha Huntsville, Fr. Dodgen, Mary Huntsville, Jr. Dodson, Jerry Fayette, Fr. Dollar, Billy Haleyville, Fr. Dollarhide, Larry Florence, Soph. Donaldson, Stanley Haleyville, Fr. Donaldson, Tommy Sheffield, Fr. Dornbos, Robert Soph. Doss, Jim Florence, Fr. Dotson, Ronald Jasper, Fr. Doty, Lorena Russellviile, Soph. Dowlen, Lloyd Sheffield, Fr. Doxie, Bernice Florence, Fr. Driver, Jerry Hartselle, Jr. DuBose, Glenn Vernon, Soph. Dudley, Peggy Guin, Soph. Duel, Colburn Town Creek, Soph. Duke, Barbara Memphis, Tenn., Fr. Dummier, Judy Elkmont, Soph. Duncan, Sarah . . Hamilton, Soph. Dunn, Gwen Fayette, Fr. Dyar, " Flea " Huntsville, Jr. Eady, Max Muscle Shoals, Fr. Eakins, Glenda Florence, Fr. 256 Edmonds, Richard Huntsville, Soph. Edmondson, Ray Huntsville, Jr. Edwards, Bruce Florence, Jr. Edwards, Jess Titusville, Fla., Fr. Edwards, Linda Decatur, Fr. Elkins, Judy Gurley, Soph. Elliott, James Florence, Soph. English, Larry Killen, Fr. Epperson, Donna Toney, Soph. Epperson, Martha Haleyville, Soph. Erwin, Sharon ...... Pittsburgh, Pa., Jr. Evans, Claudia Iron City, Tenn., Fr. Evans, Jimmy Hamilton, Fr. Evans, Linda Florence, Soph. Evans, Martha Hamilton, Fr. Everett, Billy Huntsville, Jr. Evers, Jerome Florence, Fr. Ezell,Judy Killen, Fr. Ezell, Sandra Killen, Soph. Faford, Carole Florence, Soph. Faiss, Linda Russellville, Soph. Fanning, Judith Huntsville, Fr. Faulkner, David Florence, Soph. Faulkner, Doris Florence, Soph. Faulkner, Judy Florence, Fr. Finney, Martha Zip City, Fr. Firestone, Deanna Madison, Fr. Fish, Tommy Florence, Soph. Flanagan, Bobby Tuscumbia, Fr. Fleenor, James .... Little Rock, Ark., Soph. 257 Floyd, Jo Ann Vinemont, Soph. Floyd, Mary Vinemont, Jr. Flynn, Patricia Sulligent, Fr. Ford, Janice Sheffield, Soph. Forehand, Micheal .... Holly Hill, Fla., Fr. Fortenberry, Donna Haleyville, Jr. Foster, Linda Bear Creek, Jr. Foust, Kay Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Soph. Fouts, Benjamin Sheffield, Soph. Fowler, Don Winfield, Soph. Fowler, Rosemary Florence, Soph. Fox, Jerry St. Joseph, Tenn., Jr. Fowler, Brenda Millport, Soph.. Franks, Gerald Guin.Jr. Franks, Jimmy Fayette, Soph. Franks, Samuel Florence, Soph. Frawley, James Florence, Fr. Franz, Keith Huntsville, Soph. Frazier, Donna Florence, Soph. Fredebeil, Mary Beth . . . Loretto, Tenn., Fr. Frederick, Charles Russellville, Fr. Frederick, Linda Hackleburg, Fr. French, Cindy Florence, Fr. Frerking, Ruth Ann Florence, Fr. Friar, Dwight Florence, Fr. Frutiger, Jane Cullman, Fr. Fry, Shelia Zip City, Fr. Frye, Robert Florence, Jr. Fugua, Gayle Florence, Fr. Furgerson, Carol Florence, Fr. 258 Gaddis, Mary Town Creek, Soph. Gaither, William Florence, Fr. Gamble, Drenda Huntsville, Soph. Gammon, Nancy Jr. Gantt, Linda Huntsville, Fr. Gardner, Myron Scottsboro, Soph. Gargis, Carol Florence, Fr. Gargis, Wanda Leighton, Fr. Garrett, Bettye Sheffield, Fr. Garrett, Vivian Grant, Soph. Garrison, Max Huntsville, Fr. Gasque, Jerry Leighton, Fr. Gattis, Carolyn Huntsville, Fr. Gault, Meg Florence, Jr. Gautney, Larry Killen, Soph. Gentry, Darla Huntsville, Fr. Gentry, Judy Florence, Fr. Gentry, Sharon Decatur, Jr. Gerald, Hester Russellville, Jr. Gettys, Sherry Florence, Fr. Gevendon, Sandy Fairborn, Ohio, Fr. Gilbert, Harry . . . Florence, Fr. Gilchrist, James Florence, Fr. Gilley, Anne .... Balboa, Canal Zone, Soph. Gist, Barbara Killen, Fr. Gist, Jerry Killen, Jr. Glenn, Steve Florence, Fr. Glenn, William Decatur, Soph. Glefty, Jimmy Hanceville, Fr. Glover, Julia Cherokee, Soph. 259 Gobbell, Danny Florence, Soph. Godsey, Linda Haleyville, Jr. Good, John Florence, Jr. Goode, Timothy Florence, Fr. Goodvin, Byrom Cullman, Jr. Gooch, Glenda Killen, Fr. Gooch, Jackie Florence, Jr. Gooch, Jerry Florence, Fr. Grainger, Martha Florence, Fr. Grant, Joanne Florence, Fr. Grantland, Jerry Decatur, Jr. Graves, Jacqueline Florence, Fr. Gray, Michael Fatrhope, Jr. Green, Adron Florence, Jr. Green, Allen St. Joseph, Tenn., Fr. Green, Barbara Loretto, Tenn., Jr. Green, Diane Russellville, Fr. Greene, Connie Zip City, Fr. Greenhill, William Sheffield, Soph. Greer, Clarence Russellville, Fr. Griffin, Robert Florence, Fr. Griffin, Ronnie Athens, Fr. Grinstead, Pat Florence, Soph. Grtsham, Jimmy Tuscumbia, Fr. Grisham, Rebecca Rogersville, Fr. Grissom, Ernie Tuscumbia, Fr. Grissom, Freddy Russellville, Fr. Grooms, Pamela Huntsville, Soph. Guice, Gail Albertville, Fr. Gunn, Sandra Decatur, Soph. Gurley, Richard Somersville, Soph. Gwathney, Judy Scottsboro, Fr. Haas, Ronald Pisgah, Jr. Haeger, Larry Florence, Jr. Halbert, John Sheffield, Jr. Hall, Betty Florence, Fr. Hall, Charlotte Vinemont, Soph. Hall, Linda Albertville, Soph. Hall, Terry Florence, Jr. Hallman, Becki Birmingham, Soph. Hammock, Lenice Russellville, Jr. Hammond, Betty Florence, Soph. Hammond, David Lexington, Jr. Hammond, Shirley Lexington, Fr. Hammonds, Kathy Florence, Fr. Hampton, Donna Tuscumbia, Jr. Handley, William Muscle Shoals, Fr. Hankins, William Fayette, Fr. Hannah, Melva Florence, Fr. Hannah, Ronald Chattanooga, Tenn. Hanson, James Florence, Jr. Haralson, Millicent Tuscumbia, Fr. Haraway, Carolyn .... Rogersville, Soph. Harbin, Douglas Cullman, Fr. Hardin, Charles Red Bay, Fr. Hargrove, Ruby Florence, Fr. Hardin, William Moulton, Fr. Hargett, John Florence, Soph. Harland, Karon Cherokee, Soph. Harris, Gloria Waynesboro, Fr. 261 Harris, Lois Russellville, Fr. Harris, Mary Cherokee, Fr. Harrison, Barbara Russellville, Jr. Harrison, Paula Florence, Fr. Harrison, Peggy Cullman, Fr. Harp, Theodore Florence, Soph. Harvey, David Rogersville, Jr. Hatfield, Maxine Florence, Soph. Hayes, Ann Cherokee, Jr. Hayes, Barbara Florence, Fr. Hayes, Frank Florence, Soph. Hayes, Glenn . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Soph. Hayes, Larry Florence, Jr. Hayes, Mary Sheffield, Fr. Haygood, Ronnie Florence, Fr. Head, Robert Florence, Soph. Helms, Steve Woodville, Fr. Henderson, Barbara Florence, Jr. Henderson, James Millport, Fr. Henry, Charles Tuscumbia, Fr. Herrin, Lacy Florence, Jr. Herring, Rita Sheffield, Soph. Hester, Billy Russellville, Soph. Hester, Pauline Muscle Shoals, Fr. Hester, James Florence, Soph. Hester, John Russellville, Fr. Hester, Linda Gadsden, Fr. Hewer, Janet Huntsville, Fr. Heupel, Bettye Florence, Soph. Hicks, Nelda Taft, Tenn., Soph. H - - -: -:: -. -: -i -: Ik 262 Higgins, Mary Lou Florence, Soph. Hill, Brenda Gail Florence, Soph. Hill, Jerry D Lexington, Fr. Hill, Rugener Florence, Fr. Hipps, Larry Dale Florence, Fr. Hix, Elizabeth Lee Huntsville, Fr. Hodge, Joyce Sheffield, Jr. Hodges, Richard Warren . Lawrence, Ks., Jr. Hogan, Joe Quinn Danville, Soph. Holcomb, Ruby Jeane .... Birmingham, Fr. Holladay, Sonja Anita Danville, Jr. Holland, Jackie Hardwyck . . Florence, Soph. Hollard, Mary Lynn Huntsville, Fr. Holley, Arlene Vernon, Jr. Holley, Lynda Red Bay, Jr. Holmes, Barbara Jane .... Huntsville, Soph. Holmes, Nancy Anne Florence, Fr. Holmes, Wendy Florence, Soph. Holt, Charles Stanley Killen, Soph. Holt, Grady Lynn Florence, Fr. Holt, Jane Elkmont, Fr. Hoffman, John Michael . Birmingham, Soph. Hood, Kay Decatur, Soph. Hook, Paul Edwin .... luka, Miss., Soph. Hopkins, Stephen Florence, Fr. Home, Sherry Huntsville, Fr. Horsley, Elizabeth Double Springs, Jr. Horsley, Larry Joseph Cullman, Fr. Horton, David Alan Cherokee, Fr. Horton, Frances Tuscumbia, Fr. 263 Horton, Kenneth W Florence, Soph. Hovater, Billy Joe Russellville, Soph. Hovater, Linda Russellville, Fr. Howard, Roger Phil Campbell, Jr. Howell, Katherine Haleyville, Jr. Howell, Richard Paul Scottsboro, Jr. Howell, Sharon Ann Haleyville, Soph. Howse, James Michael Cullman, Fr. Hudgens, John Allan Huntsville, Fr. Hudgins, Donna Carol Leesburg, Fr. Huff, Merle Huntsville, Jr. Huffman, Judy Carol Haleyville, Huffman, Max Leo . . . Columbus, Miss., Fr. Hughes, Gerald Wayne . . Beaverton, Soph. Hughes, Hardin .... Savannah, Tenn., Soph. Hughes, Mary Beth Hanceville, Jr. Hulmes, JohnW Florence, Jr. Hulsey, David Russellville, Fr. Humpherys, Sue Sheffield, Fr. Humphres, Hazel Vina, Jr. Humphres, Judy Sheffield, Humphries, Judith Florence, Jr. Hunnicutt, Sarah Huntsville, Soph. Hurner, Jeri Lee Huntsville, Fr. Hunt, Patricia Florence, Fr. Hury, Nancy Birmingham, Jr. Hutto, Barbara Anne . . . Town Creek, Soph. Hyatt, Patrinka Addison, Jr. Hyde, Elmer Florence, Fr. Hyde, Pamela Haleyville, Soph. 264 Hyde, Susan Decatur, Soph. Ingle, Shirley Sheffield, Fr. Irwin, Jane Huntsville, Fr. Isbell, Stanley Arab, Soph. Isom, Eddie Tuscumbia, Soph. Jackson, James Howard . . Boston, Mass., Jackson, Linda Florence, Fr. Jacobs, Dorothy Bridgeport, Fr. James, Carole Florence, Jr. James, Joan Decatur, Soph. James, Sandra Muscle Shoals, Fr. Jeffreys, Danny Town Creek, Fr. Jeffreys, Sandra Hartselle, Fr. Jeffreys, Sheila Town Creek, Soph. Jenkins, Annette Decatur, Jr. Jennings, Martha Huntsville, Fr. Johnson, Barbara Tuscumbia, Soph. Johnson, Benford . . . Russellville, Soph. Johnson, Charlie James .... Florence, Fr. Johnson, Charles L Sheffield, Fr. Johnson, Danny Huntsville, Fr. Johnson, Sandra Fayette, Soph. Johnson, Elwanda Vernon, Soph. Johnson, Janet Florence, Jr. Johnson, Jerome Florence, Fr. Johnson, Joanne Huntsville, Fr. Johnson, Kathryn Lynne Sheffield, Jr. Johnson, Lyn Florence, Fr. Johnson, Patsy Moulton, Soph. Johnson, Rita Birmingham, Fr. 265 Johnson, Sandra Dianne . . Vinemont, Soph. Johnson, Dennis .... Ringgold, Ga., Soph. Johnson, Paul Leighton, Fr. Johnson, Paula Athens, Fr. Johnson, Wayne Haleyville, Soph. Johnsey, Mary Docena, Soph. Joiner, Mary Jane Lexington, Soph. Joiner, Sara Lexington, Fr. Jolly, Joyce Florence, Soph. Joly, Elaine Florence, Fr. Jones, Glenda Florence, Soph. Jones, Mary Jane .... New Market, Soph. Jones, Ralph Gene Florence, Jr. Jones, Rick Franklin, Ky., Soph. Jones, Roger Guin, Fr. Jones, Shirley Fayette, Fr. Jones, Susan Florence, Fr. Jones, Tommy Sheffield, Soph. Jones, Vondalyn Falkville, Jr. Jordan, Barbara Sheffield, Jr. Jordan, Charles Earl Sheffield, Fr. Jordan, Judith Nan .... Sheffield, Soph. Jowers, Sharon Florence, Soph. Judd, Melinda Florence, Fr. Judd, Patricia Florence, Soph. Judd, Thomas .... North Vernon, Ind., Fr. Kampmeier, Juer gen Wolfgang . Zip City, Fr. Karr, Patricia Detroit, Fr. Keel, Janet Vinemont, Fr. Keenum, Cynthia Sheffield, Fr. 266 lit Keenum, Milford . . . Muscle Shoals, Soph. Keeton, Richard Florence, Fr. Kelley, Mildred Cloverdale, Fr. Kelly, Paula Hartselle, Soph. Keith, Glen .... Houston, Texas, Soph. Kennamer, Carol Woodville, Jr. Kent, Joe Russellville, Fr. Kerr, Charles Athens, Fr. Key, Carolyn Courtland, Soph. Key, DeWayne Courtland, Soph. Kilgoar, Rowena Tuscumbia, Jr. Killen, Mary Kaye Florence, Soph. Killingsworth, Jan Moulton, Soph. Kimbrell, Sherrill Tuscumbia, Fr. Kimbrough, Larry Muscle Shoals, Fr. King, Mary Russellville. King, Edna Faye Rogersville, Fr. King, Patricia Russellville, Jr. Kirby, Linda Cloverdale, Fr. Kirchner, Sammie Tuscumbia, Fr. Kirksey, Walter Moulton, Soph. Kiser, Galen Tuscumbia, Fr. Koonce, Betty Florence, Soph. Knight, Joyce Arley, Fr. Kuburg, Inge Hilde Huntsville, Soph. Kunkle, Patricia Indiana, Pa., Soph. Lamb, James Florence, Fr. Lamb, Martina Huntsville, Jr. Landers, Mary Priceville, Jr. Landers, Martha Town Creek, Soph. 267 4 ( _ , ._ I Tl fcftft WU}) Longford, Alan Sheffield, Fr. I - % B Lanier, Bill Huntsville, Fr. Lard, Troy Waterloo, Fr. ' X k .. " " Lashley, David Huntsville, Jr. - -- ' k Laster, Martha Tuscumbia. t Latham, Elizabeth Town Creek, Jr. JL m. Lawter, Douq Huntsville, Jr. Lawson, David Florence, Soph. El Lawson, Edward Florence, Fr. r " j k B m, ri L Lawson, Johnny Florence, Fr. C3% df Lay, Mary Ellen Cullman, Fr. j iJ B League, Kathy Florence, Fr. I " _ K ,C __ , Leath, Patricia Tuscumbia, Soph. LeCates, Robert Florence, Jr. Ledbetter, Linda Spruce Pine, Fr. I Jt w H Ledbetter, Jerry Vina, Soph. Lee, Elizabeth Sheffield, Fr. Lee, George Florence, Fr. Lee, Linda Sheffield, Fr. Lee, Martha Town Creek, Jr. Lee, Robert Killen, Soph. Lee, Sharon Cullman, Fr. 2 w Jtt - - Lee, Susan Decatur, Fr. y _J " Leigh, Arnold Gregory Tuscumbia, Fr. . Ptk fl l W k " . LeMay, Harry Thomas .... Moulton, Soph. mL: hL Til Lemmond, Connie Florence, Fr. Lewis, Calvin Sheffield, Fr. Lewis, Carolyn Annandale, Va., Fr. Lewis, Danny Hartselle, Soph. k _ F - " fl Nn Ligon, Nancy Florence, Fr. 268 Liles, Homer Florence, Fr. Lindsey, Genell Florence, Jr. Lindsey, James Tuscumbia, Soph. Lindsey, Martha Florence, Jr. Lindsey, Robert Florence, Soph. Lindsey, Ronald Florence, Fr. Liner, Martha Florence, Fr. Linville, Bobby Florence, Fr. Litson, Dan Courtland, Fr. Little, Farol Moulton, Soph. Little, Jimmy Richard Decatur, Jr. Liftrell, Ellen Florence, Jr. Locke, Kay Huntsville, Fr. Loden, Martha Hamilton, Jr. Logan, Barbara Muscle Shoals, Fr. Logan, John Michael . . . Birmingham, Jr. Loggins, Annabelle Athens, Fr. Long, Nancy Red Bay, Fr. Loomis, Judy Huntsville, Soph. Lovelady, Bill Decatur, Fr. Lovelady, Brenda Dora, Fr. Lovett, Betty Sulligent, Jr. Loworn, Joseph Muscle Shoals, Soph. Lowe, John Charles Florence, Soph. Lowe, Martha Florence, Fr. Lowery, Claudia Leighton, Soph. Lucas, Elaine Huntsville, Fr. Lynch, James Birmingham, Jr. Lyons, Howie Bessemer, Jr. Lucas, Joan Florence, Soph. 269 Lucas, Vernon Florence, Jr. Lumpkin, Barbara Florence, Fr. Lutz, James Reading, Pa., Fr. McAbee, Tony Hartselle, Soph. McAfee, Carol Decatur, Fr. McAlister, Sharon Russellville, Fr. McAlpine, Thomas Sheffield, Fr. McAnnally, Johnny . . . Garden City, Soph. AAcBride, Nellie Tuscumbia, Jr. McCafferty, Mary Tuscumbia, Fr. McCanless, Lavoye Florence, Jr. McCarley, Judith Hamilton, Soph. McClure, Margaret .... Tuscumbia, Soph. McCollister, Joe Tuscumbia, Fr. McCorkle, Martha Florence, Fr. McCorkle, Rose Florence, Jr. McCormack, Lynwood Lelghton, Fr. McCormick, Micki Florence, Jr. McCrary, Linda . . . Newark, Delaware, Fr. McCrary, Rosemary .... New Market, Fr. McCrory, Drenna Florence, Fr. McDonald, Ronnie Muscle Shoals, Jr. McGahee, Charlotte Toney, Fr. McGee, Carol Muscle Shoals, Fr. McGee, David Florence, Soph. McGee, Dewey Florence, Jr. McGee, Georgia Decatur, Soph. McGee, Kendrick Florence, Soph. McGee, Larry Florence, Soph. McGee, Rolf Florence, Fr. 270 L McGee, Tonis Lexington, Soph. McGowan, Benjamin . . . Huntsville, Soph. McGraw, James, Florence, Fr. McGriff, Billy Florence, Soph. McCullough, Peggy Florence, Jr. McGuffey, James Zip City, Fr. McGuyer,Martha Tuscumbia, Soph. McGuyer, Rebecca Tuscumbia, Fr. McKay, Barbara Sulligent, Fr. McKee, Dianne Florence, Soph. McKenzie, Joe Tuscumbia, Fr. McKinney, Alvin Selma, Fr. McKleroy, Sydney Decatur, Soph. McLemore, Raymond . . Rogersville, Soph. McLendon, Wanda Sheffield, Soph. McMillan, Sandra Decatur, Fr. McMinds, Dennis . . . Calumet City, III., Jr. McMeans, James Tanner, Fr. McMurtrey, Sarah Killen, Soph. McNees, Floyd Zip City, Fr: McNeill, Tommy Scottsboro, Soph. McNutt, Sandra Haleyville, Soph. McPherson, Sandra Warrior, Jr. McWilliams, Danny Cherokee, Fr. Madison, Sherry Muscle Shoals, Jr. Maddox, Shelia Zip City, Fr. Mabe, Mary Lexington, Fr. MacBeath, Gail Florence, Soph. Mace, Richard Huntsville, Jr. Maercker, Ann Guntsville, Fr. a s 271 Magnusson, Fred .... Ardmore, Tenn., Soph. Malone, Harold Tuscumbia, Fr. Malone, Madeline Florence, Fr. Malone, Maria Florence, Fr. Malone, Sandra Russellville, Fr. Manasco, James Haleyville, Fr. Manker, Patricia Athens, Fr. Mance, Marjorie Florence, Soph. Mann, Johnnie Haleyville, Jr. Maples, Janice Somerville, Fr. Maples, Joyce Somerville, Fr. Marbutt, Hoyt Florence, Jr. Marbutt, Karen Florence, Jr. Marchitto, Dominick . . Metuchen, N.J. , Soph. Marks, Mickey Florence, Jr. Marsh, Mary Bridgeport, Soph. Martin, Connie Eva, Jr. Marston, Barbara Florence, Fr. Mason, Bryan Florence, Soph. Mason, Kay Florence, Soph. Masters, Shirley Birmingham, Fr. Mathias, Greg Sheffield, Soph. Mathias, Judy Sheffield, Soph. Mathews, Jennifer Crane Hill, Fr. Matthews, Janie Florence, Soph. Matthews, Linda Decatur, Fr. Matthews, Sandra . Washington, D.C., Soph. Mattox, Robert Hanceville, Fr. Mauter, Therese Florence, Fr. Mayfield, Raymond Sheffield, Fr. 272 1 Maynard, Gordon Zip City, Soph Mehlberg, David Florence, Jr Milton, Ann Cherokee, Soph. Mesa, Kenneth .... Key West, Flo., Jr. J Miller, Frances Zip City, Fr. . 0 Km Miller, Phyllis Huntsville, Soph. Millet, Edward Florence, Soph Milligan, Thelma luka, Miss., Jr. Mills, Myra Detroit, Fr. l H , ' W Miner, Helen Florence, Fr. 1 La U B " i . mm Minor, Roger Parrish, Soph. j_ " Miskell, Peggy Marlborg, Md., Fr Mitchell, Bruce Florence, Soph Mitchell, Franklin .... Phil Campbell, Soph. Mitchell, Lois Florence, Soph. Mitchell, Sherry Florence, Fr. Mitzner, Paula Huntsville, Soph. Mixon, Barry Florence, Fr. Moats, Ronald Moulton, Fr. Monroe, Sylvia Red Bay, Soph. Monroe, Thomas Florence, Soph. -T Montgomery, Helen . . . Huntsville, Soph. i -,- Montgomery, Janie .... Tuscumbia, Soph. Montgomery, Larry Florence, Jr. A Moomaw, Bobby Vina, Jr. m Moore, Connie Athens, Fr, Moore, Harold Falkville, Jr Moore, Kerry Bessemer, Jr, Moore, Lynda Sheffield, Fr Moore, Mary Jane Tuscumbia, Fr, 273 Moore, Roger Vernon, Soph. Moore, Sarah Tuscaloosa, Soph. Morgan, Helen Cherokee, Jr. Morgan, Joyce Tuscumbia, Fr. Morgan, Raymond Florence, Jr. Morris, Amelia Florence, Fr. Morris, Betty Town Creek, Jr. Morrison, Mary Florence, Soph. Morrow, Pat Red Bay, Jr. Morrow, Wanda Russellville, Soph. Mosely, Judy Beaverton, Pr. Motes, Carolyn Vernon, Soph. Motes, Ronald Sheffield, Soph. Mote, Doris Sheffield, Jr. Mullican, Zehran Huntsville, Soph. Mullins, David Huntsville, Soph. Murray, Greer Florence, Fr. Murray, Ida Sheffield, Fr. Murphy, Charlotte . . . Waterloo, Soph. Murphy, Karen Florence, Jr. Muse, Barbara Decatur, Fr. Myers, George Florence, Fr. Nagle, Barbara .... Huntsville, Soph. Napps, F.Greg Sheffield, Soph. Narmore, Judy .... Muscle Shoals, Soph. Nash, James Muscle Shoals, Fr. Nason, Nancy Florence, Soph. Needham, Barbara . . Muscle Shoals, Soph. Neese, Harry Florence, Fr. Neill, JoAnn Decatur, Jr. 274 Neill, Charlotte Tuscumbia, Soph. Nelson, Ray Fayette, Soph. Newman, Danny Belk, Fr. Newman, Sharon Vernon, Fr. Newsome, Dorothy . . . Muscle Shoals, Soph. P J . Nichols, Dennis Zip City, Fr. Nichols, Eugenia Russellville, Soph, Niolon,John Bessemer, Soph. Nixon, John Tuscumbia, Fr. Norris, Linda Huntsville, Soph. . Am Norwood, James Florence, Jr. O ' Donnell, Sandra Huntsville, Soph. O ' Kelley, Robert . . . Rossville, Ga., Soph. O ' Linger, Shirley Scottsboro, Soph. O ' Malley, James Tuscumbia, Jr. O ' Neal, Curtis Mt. Hope, Fr Oakley, Carol Florence, Fr Oates, Linda Sheffield, Fr. Odom, Brenda Parrish, Fr. Odom, Ann Florence, Fr. Olive, Robert Sheffield, Soph. I f Z- j f Oliver, Brenda Russellville, Soph. R 9% % I Orr, Charles Hartselle, Fr. ' ' -- I Orrick, Charlotte Vina, Jr. Osborn, Clara Sheffield, Soph. k U dm Osborn, Wanda Leighton, Soph. Osterheld, Frederick Athens, Fr. Overton, Harold Cherokee, Fr. Owens, Brenda Town Creek, Fr. Owens, Linda Killen, Soph. 275 Owen, Jerry Tuscumbia, Soph. Owens, Faye Anderson, Fr. Owens, Sandra T.C., Jr. Pace, Martha Phil Campbell, Jr. Paden, Philip Tuscumbia, Fr. Pagano, Patty Huntsville, Soph. Pagel, Gena Florence, Fr. Painter, Virginia Tuscumbia, Fr. Palmer, Larry Florence, Jr. Parker, Carol Florence, Fr. Parrish, Charla Russellville, Fr. Parker, Deborah Huntsville, Fr. Parker, Doyce Killen, Soph. Parker, Orville Red Bay, Jr. Parker, Peggy Decatur, Fr. Parker, Virginia Killen, Fr. Parrish, Sherry Tuscumbia, Soph. Parrish, Sherrie Florence, Soph. Parrish, Tony Tuscumbia, Jr. Parsely, Pam Huntsville, Soph. Parsons, Pat Florence, Fr. Patterson, Dennis Florence, Soph. Patterson, Judie Sip City, Fr. Patterson, George Sheffield, Fr. Patterson, Jane Florence, Fr. Paxton, Elizabeth Lexington, Fr. Peace, Robert Florence, Jr. Peeden, Joel Florence, Soph. Peeler, Billie Florence, Fr. Peinhardt, Judith Cullman, Jr. 276 Penn, Beverly Hartselle, Fr. Penn, Ernest Sheffield, Fr. Pennington, Mickey Fayette, Soph. Peters, Glenn Florence, Jr. Pettus, Leon Killen, Soph. Philips, Samuel Huntsville, Fr. Phillips, Don Lorain, Ohio, Jr. Phillips, Duane Lorain, Ohio, Jr. Phillips, Wanda Florence, Soph. Pierce, Brenda Florence, Soph. Pierce, Roger Moulton, Soph. Pilgrim, William Tuscumbia, Soph. Pirtle, Connie Athens, Fr. Pirtle, Harold Decatur, Fr. Plott, Gilbert Tuscumbia, Fr. Plunk, Shelia Sheffield, Fr. Poe, Billy Muscle Shoals, Fr. Poplin, Gail Greenwood, Ind., Fr. Posey, Billy Tuscumbia, Fr. Posey, Carl Cherokee, Fr. Posey, Paulette Tuscumbia, Fr. Poston, Elton Tuscumbia, Fr. Potts, Glenda Florence, Fr. Potts, Myra Florence, Soph. Porter, Charles Lexington, Jr. Powell, Carolyn .... Russellville, Soph. Powell, Hubert Cullman, Jr. Powell, Lucinda Huntsville, Soph. Powell, Sandra Lexington, Soph. Pradon, Stephen .... Temple, Pa., Soph. 277 Pratt, Anita Haleyville, Soph. Pride, Florell Florence, Fr. Pride, Joe Tuscumbia, Soph. Prince, James Russellville, Soph. Prince, Judy Huntsville, Soph. Prince, William Sheffield, Fr. Putman, Troy Lexington, Jr. Putnam, Wanda Florence, Soph. Queen, Rebecca Huntsville, Fr. Quifey, John Decatur, Fr. Quillen, James Florence, Soph. Quinn, Albert Huntsville, Jr. Raburn, Larry Florence, Soph. Randolph, Carolyn Bear Creek, Jr. Randolph, Larry Oakman, Fr. Randy, Farris Sheffield, Fr. Rankin, Linda Bridgeport, Fr. Ray, John M Hamilton, Jr. Ray, John W Tuscumbia, Soph. Ray, Violet Killan, Fr. Reaves, Carol Haleyville, Soph. Rector, Linda Millport, Soph. Redmill, Jerry Jasper, Fr. Reed, Ken Huntsville, Soph. Reed, Stanley Sheffield, Fr. Reeder, Pat Decatur, Fr. Reese, Danny Sheffield, Fr. Reid, Llloyd Chattanooga, Tenn., Fr. Reynolds, Wanda Russellville, Soph. Rhodes, Mary Florence, Jr. 278 Richards, Diane Huntsville, Fr. Richardson, Darnell . . Leona, Tenn., Soph. Richardson, Vernice . . . Rogersville, Soph. Richey, Ronald Florence, Fr. Richter, Frank Guntersville, Soph. Richter, Suzanne Cullman, Fr. Rickard, Joan Killen, Soph. Rickard, Robert Russellville, Jr. Ricks, Sheryl Tuscumbia, Fr. Ricks, Shirley Florence, Fr. Ricketts, Thomas Sheffield, Fr. Riddle, Vernell Cherokee, Fr. Rigsby, Henry Huntsville, Soph. Robinson, Beverly Russellville, Soph. Robinson, Estherlene . . . Florence, Soph. Robinson, Linda Florence, Fr. Robinson, Hayward Muscle Shoals, Fr. Robinson, Shelby Russellville, Jr. Robison, William Town Creek, Fr. Roberts, Joe Fayette, Fr. Roberts, Linda Helena, Ark., Fr. Robertson, Becky Huntsville, Soph. Robertson, Shelby Vernon, Jr. Rogers, Elaine . . . Valparaiso, Fla., Soph. Rogers, Rita Sheffield, Soph. Rollins, Judy Jasper, Soph. Rollins, Royce Florence, Soph. Rousseau, Barbara Huntsville, Fr. Rovere, Joe Florence, Fr. Rowell, James Florence, Soph. 279 Rowden, Jonis Decatur, Soph. Rowell, Charity Florence, Fr. Rowell, Florence Fr. Rush, Donna Carbon Hill, Soph. Russell, Bobby Cordova, Jr. Russell, Claud Florence, Jr. Russell, Pat Florence, Jr. Russell, Shirley Soph. Russell, Thomas Florence, Fr. Safford, Suzanne Florence, Fr. Sams, Pam Decatur, Jr. Sanders, Lynne Russellville, Fr. Sanders, Mark . . . Florence, Fr. Sanford, Linda Jasper, Soph. Sansom, Geraldine Decatur, Soph. Sartain, Wanda Town Creek, Fr. Sasser, Brad Sheffield, Jr. Scales, Harvel Sheffield, Jr. Schenck, Kathleen Florence, Fr. Schneider, David Zip City, Fr. Schuemannn, Hunt Muscle Shoals, Fr. Schultz, Linda Decatur, Soph. Scillian, Joan Florence, Fr. Scoggin, Joan Tuscumbia, Fr. Scott, Barbara Florence, Fr. Scott, Danny Montgomery, Soph. Seale, James Muscle Shoals, Fr. Sego, Mary Ann Cloverdale, Fr. Seidel, Frances Hurrtsville, Soph. Self, Connie Florence, Fr. 280 Self, Jerry Florence, Jr. Sexton, Melvin Athens, Soph. Shaddix, Leora Double Springs, Jr. Shaneyfelt, Judy Decatur, Soph. Sharp, Don Sheffield, Fr. Sharp, Drucilla Somerville, Jr. Sharp, Larry Florence, Jr. Shavers, James Scottsboro, Soph. Shelton, Linda Scottsboro, Soph. Shelton, Linda Gail Larkinsville, Fr. Shepherd, Mary Berry, Soph. Sherrill, Judy Huntsville, Fr. Short, Ann Tallassee, Soph. Shults, Peggy Tuscumbia, Jr. Simons, Jan Florence, Fr. Sims, Patsy Courtland, Soph. Sims, Sandra Sheffield, Fr. Sizemore, Melinda Sulligent, Jr. Sizemore, Norma Sulligent, Fr. Silvey, Vicki Zip City, Fr. Silvey, Victor Athens, Soph. Skillern, Paul . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn., Soph. Slater, John Irondale, Fr. Sloan, Dorres Florence, Fr. Sloan, Elizabeth Florence, Soph. Smith, Barbara Russellville, Soph. Smith, Barbara Ann Florence, Fr. Smith, Glenn Tuscumbia, Soph. Smith, David Florence, Fr. Smith, Diane Stevenson, Jr. 281 Smith, Dorothy .... Alexandria, Va., Soph. Smith, Dwight Leoma, Term., Jr. Smith, Grover Cleveland Huntsville, Fr. Smith, Joyce Cullman, Jr. Smith, Larry C Huntsville, Fr. Smith, Linda Florence, Jr. Smith, Marguerite Florence, Jr. Smith, Minerva Huntsville, Soph. Smith, Paulette Florence, Jr. Smith, Roy Tuscumbia, Fr. Smith, Roger Tuscumbia, Jr. Smith, Shirley Ross, Ga., Jr. Smith, Suzanne . . Fayette, Jr. Smith, Sylvia Decatur, Soph. Smith, Thomas Bessemer, Soph . Smith, Wanda Florence, Soph. Smith, William Tuscumbia, Fr. Snow, Joan Anniston, Soph. Southern, Sheliah Haleyville, Fr. Soukbandith, Bounmy . . Vientiane, Laos, Fr. Spalding, Paula Florence, Fr. Sparks, Pamela Warrior, Jr. Spencer, Paula Huntsville, Soph. Spurgeon, Waylon Florence, Fr. Springer, Bobby Florence, Fr. Spry, William Huntsville, Fr. Squire, " Squirrel " Huntsville, Jr. Staggs, Basel Florence, Soph. Staggers, Paula Sheffield, Fr. Stanfield, Joyce Florence, Soph. 282 Stanford, Joyce Russellville, Soph. Stanford, Sara Cullman, Jr. Stanhill, William Thenton, Ga., Fr. Steele, Marilyn Florence, Soph. Stephens, Randall Huntsville, Soph. Stephenson, Rayford .... Danville, Soph. Sterling, Patsy Addison, Jr. Stewart, Patty Haleyville, Jr. Stewart, Sherri Harvest, Soph. Stevens, Pat Danville, Fr. Steverson, Marsha Sheffield, Fr. Stiles, Denevia New Market, Soph. Stonecipher, Susan Sheffield, Soph. Stoner, Robert Section, Jr. Story, Judy Florence, Fr. Stott, Judy Tuscumbia, Soph. Strange, Jerry Florence, Fr. Strange, Shirley Florence, Jr. Strickland, Bill Florence, Fr. Stricklin, Ted Waynesboro, Tenn., Fr. Striegel, Patsy Fayette, Fr. Stults, Karen Florence, Soph. Stumpe, Carl Florence, Fr. Stumpe, Mary Ellen Florence, Fr. Sublett, Margretta Sheffield, Fr. Sullivan, Anne Ellen . . Helena, Ark., Soph. Summers, Douglas Hartselle, Jr. Summers, Forest Huntsville, Jr. Sumner, Troy Russellville, Fr. Sutherland, John Florence, Fr. 283 Swinea, Donald Rogersville, Soph. Tabereaux, James Tuscumbia, Fr. Tackett, Daniel Tuscumbia, Fr. Tanksley, Ernest Muscle Shoals, Fr. Tanner, Merrie . . Winter Garden, Fla., Fr. Tate, Leslie Birmingham, Jr. Taylor, Cici Florence, Fr. Taylor, Julia Joppa, Soph. Taylor, Teresa Andalusia, Soph. Taylor, Theresa Town Creek, Fr. Toys, Gaylia Killen, Fr. Tedder, Carol Florence, Fr. Terman, Rita Sheffield, Soph. Terrell, Joseph Florence, Soph. Terry, Glenda Courtland, Jr. Terry, Larry Moulton, Jr. Terry, Marilyn Mt. Hope, Jr. Tillery, James Florence, Jr. Tillery, Teresa Florence, Fr. Tipper, John Florence, Jr. Tittle, Diana Tuscumbia, Soph. Tharp, Dianne Sheffield, Fr. Thomas, Anna Decatur, Fr. Thomas, Jimmy Tuscumbia, Soph. Thomas, Marilyn Zip City, Fr. Thomas, Onnie B Vinemont, Soph. Thomas, Wanda Florence, Soph. Thompson, Glenda Florence, Soph. Thompson, Myra Guin, Soph. Thompson, Roy Sheffield, Soph. 284 Thompson, Sara Priscilla .... Sullignet, Fr. Thompson, Sharron Detroit, Soph. Thorn, Anita Florence, Jr. Thorn, James Russellville, Fr. Thorne, Barbara Florence, Soph. Thorne, Susan Florence, Fr. Thornton, Margaret Sheffield, Fr. Thornton, Pam Decatur, Jr. Tomlinson, John Florence, Soph. Tomlinson, Beth Florence, Jr. Tompkins, Johnny Russellville, Jr. Townsend, Evan Florence, Fr. Trapp, Gary Sheffield, Jr. Treadwell, Susan Fayette, Soph. Tribble, Mike Athens, Fr. Trousdale, Donna . . . v Florence, Fr. Truitt, Joyce Lexington, Soph. Trussell, Lonora Seaford, Del., Soph. Tubb, Peggy Sheffield, Soph. Tucker, Joe Decatur, Fr. Tucker, John Florence, Jr. Tumlinson, Nancy .... Muscle Shoals, Fr. Turner, Becky Sheffield, Soph. Turner, Lynne Huntsville, Jr. Turnipseed, Shelia Madison, Fr. Tyree, Linda Florence, Fr. Uhlman, Martha Tuscumbia, Jr. Underwood, Ralph Florence, Soph. Vafeas, Theodore Florence, Soph. Vandiver, James Florence, Fr. 285 Vardaman, Kaye Selma, Fr. Vaughn, Rex Moulton, Soph. Vernon, Sandra Sheffield, Fr. Vest, Frances Falleville, Soph. Vick, Janet Florence, Jr. Vickers, Jacquelyn Florence, Jr. Vickery, Jimmy Phil Campbell, Soph. Vines, Connie Florence, Fr. Vineyard, Janet Florence, Fr. Vinson, Brenda Florence, Fr. Voce, Myles Hackleburg, Fr. Voce, Sheila Florence, Fr. Weaver, George . . Milledgeville, Ga., Soph. Webber, John Muscle Shoals, Jr. Wade, Johnnie Double Springs, Soph. Wadkins, Mack luka, Miss., Jr . Wadsworth, Ann Florence, Fr. Wagner, Billy Emmaus, Pa., Jr. Wakefield, Cassie Haleyville, Soph. Waldrop, Saundra Michie, Tenn., Jr. Walker, James Huntsville, Soph. Walker, Julian Athens, Fr. Walker, Linda Vinemont, Fr. Walker, Mary Sheffield, Fr. Walker, Rebecca Mt. Hope, Fr. Walkup, Harold Florence, Soph. Wallace, Albert Cherokee, Jr. Wallace, Carole Muscle Shoals, Soph. Wallace, Charles Cherokee, Fr. Wallace, Frances Florence, Soph. 286 Weems, James Town Creek, Jr. Weems, Larry Town Creek, Fr. Weems, Naomi Florence, Fr. Weems, Peggy Florence, Jr. Wallace, Harry Florence, Fr. Wallace, Linda Scottsboro, Soph. Wallace, Richard Florence, Fr. Wallace, Suzan Cherokee, Soph. Walls, Alice Muscle Shoals, Soph. Ward, Diann Florence, Fr. Wardlaw, David Rome, Ga., Soph. Warren, George Florence, Jr. Washburn, Barbra Tuscumbia, Fr. Watford, Raymond Huntsville, Fr. Watkins, Belva Muscle Shoals, Soph. Watkins, Charles Florence, Fr. Watkins, Diana Florence, Fr. Watkins, Euna Florence, Jr. Watters, Jennie Brownsboro, Fr. Watts, Janice Muscle Shoals, Soph. Watson, Jane Killen, Soph. Watkins, William Decatur, Fr. Weekley, Steven Perdido, Fr. Weeks, Barbara Florence, Soph. 287 Weldon, Alan Montgomery, Jr. Wells, Olivia Florence, Fr. Wesson, Vernon Florence, Jr. Westmoreland, Phillip Florence, Fr. Whisehart, John Birmingham, Jr. Whisenant, Wilda .... Morgan City, Soph. White, Billy Athens, Fr. White, Janice Anderson, Fr. White, Stephen Florence, Fr. Whitehead, Martha Rogersville, Fr. Whitehead, Ovida Sheffield, Soph. Whitten, Lloyd Sheffield, Fr. Wikle, Arthur Huntsville, Soph. Wilcoxson, Marvin .... St. Joseph, Tenn., Jr. Wilherus, Linda Mobile, Fr. Williams, Albert Florence, Soph. Williams, Jan Huntsville, Fr. Williams, Jean Florence, Fr. Williams, Joe Florence, Fr. Williams, Mark Lexington, Fr. Williams, Ronald Madison, Fr. Williams, Stephen Florence, Soph. Williams, William Florence, Soph. Williams, Wilma Lexington, Fr. 288 !l Willis, Bobbie Florence, Fr. Willis, Charles Russellville, Fr. Willis, Pom Foley, Soph. Willingham, Connie .... Russellville, Soph. Wilson, Greg Florence, Fr. Wilson, Emily Lacey ' s Springs, Fr. Wilson, Elizabeth Florence, Fr. Wilson, James Florence, Jr. Wilson, James E Florence, Jr. Wilson, Margaret Sheffield, Soph. Wilson, Maire Miami, Fla., Fr. Wilson, Nancy Hartselle, Fr. Wilson, Sharon Guin, Jr. Windham, Nelda Nauvoo, Jr. Winter, Donnie Florence, Jr. Winton, Cletus Somerville, Fr. Wisdom, Nalria Florence, Fr. Wise, Randy Pulaski, Tenn., Fr. Wiseman, Judy Cullman, Fr. Wix, Edward Sheffield, Fr. Wood, Kay Florence, Soph. Woodall, Athelia Eva, Fr. Woodard, Jane Hanceville, Soph. Wright, Bobbie Sheffield, Jr. 289 Wright, Gale Florence, Fr. Wright, Judy Huntsville, Jr. Wright, Martha Lexington, Soph. Wright, Ronald Loretto, Tenn., Fr. Wright, Waylon Bridgeport, Fr. Wylie, Jerry Florence, Jr. Yarbrough, Ronald Sheffield, Soph. Young, Judith Florence, Soph. Young, Linda Florence, Soph. Young, Wanda Florence, Fr. Youngblood, Jayonn Decatur, Soph. Zelobowski, Marylon Huntsville, Fr. Aycock, James Falkville, Jr. Emmons, David Muscle Shoals, Fr. Knight, Henry Villa Rica, Ga., Soph. Higginbotham, Kenneth. Waynesboro, Va.,Fr. Norris, Roger Florence, Fr. 290 Sorry. It ' s what ' s up front that counts. Peek-a-boo at Meg ' s pantaloons. Brad, there ' s Al! So this is what the Flor-Ala Editor is good for . . . }A Ufa d A ' ' m pP ' i jM f l ' T 1 . $ X , i H n ; I owe my soul to the F Club. 291 SENIOR ADAMS, CAROLE E Crump, Tennessee; Business Education; Sociology; Baptist Student Union; Sigma Tau Pi. ALDRIDGE, CHARLES WILLIAM Glen Allen; Biology; Chemistry; Secondary Education. ALEXANDER, REBEKAH INEZ Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA; Student Art League; Christian Student Fellowship; Student Govern- ment Association. ALLEN, EVELYN Hamilton; Secondary Education; Biology; English Club; SAEA; English Club, Conservation Club; Beta Beta Beta; WSGA; Dorm Officer; Young Democrats. ALLEN, ROBERT WAYNE Harvest; Chemistry; Biology; Collegiate Civitan; Conservation Club; ACS; Intramural Basketball. ALLISON, JANE ILAH Paint Rock; Physical Education; Sociology; PE Club; Majorette (1). ANDERSON, MARTHA ANNIE Huntsville; History; Art; Biology; WSGA; Art League; Assistant Head Resident, O ' Neal. BAKER, JERRY NEWTON Hodger; Physical Education. BALD, GAYLOR CAROL Cherokee; Secondary Education; Social Science Cognate; English; SAEA, Publicity Chairman; Stu- dent Government Association; Graduation Usher; Powers Hall Representative. BARBER, CHAD Florence; History; National Society of Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officers Corps; Commander, ROTC Color Guard. BARNETT, MARVIN WESLEY Florence; Biology; Geography; Pershing Rifles; Young Democrats Club; Conservation Club; Collegiate Civitans. BARRON, LOYD Florence; Business Administration; Political Science; Young Republican, Vice-President; Sigma Tau Mu. BARTON, MARTHA ELIZABETH Vernon; History; Political Science, SAEA; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Vice-President, Secretary; Dorm Officer, Kappa Delta Pi. BARTY, PETER FREDERICK Florence; History; English; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Honor Society. BEARD, LENDA CAROLE Florence; Secondary Education; Spanish Club, Sec- retary (2), Vice-President (3), President (4). CAINE, CECIL BOYD Florence; History; English. CAMPBELL, LYDIA DIANNE Rogersville; Physical Education; Art; PE Club; Diorama Staff; Junior Counselor; PE Club, Treasurer. CANERDAY, JAMES VICTOR Florence; Zoology; Chemistry. CARP, LESLIE Old Bridge, New Jersey; Elementary Education; SAEA (1 ); WSGA (1 ); ROTC Sponsor (3); Miss Charming Court; Diorama Beauty (2); Homecoming Court. CARTER, MARTHA EVELYN Russelville; History; Political Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; S AEA; Young Democrats; Civinettes. 292 CREDITS CASHION, BARBARA W. Red Bay; Business Education. CATER, RICHARD HAROLD Ft. Myers, Florida; Social Science; Young Democrats, President; Circle K; Ushers Club. CHANDLER, PATRICIA LEE Huntsville; English; Political Science; English Club, President; WSGA, Secretary; Sigma Tau Pi; Choir; Secretary of LaFayette Hall. CHILCOAT, MYRA Haleyville; Elementary Education; WSGA; Alpha Beta Alpha; SGA, Secretary; Dormitory Officer (2 Years). CLEMENT, AUSIE LEE, JR. Russellville; Chemistry; Physics; Band, Marching and Concert; Spanish Club. COBB, LINDA KAY Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, Secre- tary (4). COFIELD, SUE CLENDENING Florence; History; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. COLLIER, RICHARD Huntsville; Math; Physics; Economics. CORNELIUS, BARBARA BARNETT Rogersville; Business Education; English; Sigma Tau Pi; Honor Society. CORNELIUS, LINDA LEE Huntsville; Home Economics; Science; Home Econom- ics Club; WSGA (3); President of O ' Neal Hall (3); Interpresidents ' Council, Secretary-Treasurer (3). CROWSON, L. JANE Huntsville; English; Secondary Education; History; Young Republicans, Secretary, Treasurer; English Club; Social Science Club. CUSICK, JUDY MCDOUGAL Florence; English; Secondary Education; Lionettes; Cheerleader; Homecoming Committee. DARBY, DIANE FERRELL Florence; Elementary Education; Library Science Alpha Beta Alpha (4); Inter-presidents Council (2) Homecoming Committee (2); Head Cheerleader (2) Diorama Beauty Nominee (2). DAUGHERTY, WALTER NEIL Florence; Math; Physics; Kappa Mu Epsilon. DAVIS, JANE FRANCES Loretto, Tennessee; Business Education; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu; Wesleyan Founda- tion; Treasurer of LaFayette Hall (4). DAVIS, LYNETTE Winfield; Business Education; Sociology; Student Alabama Education Association; Sigma Tau Pi. DENNIS, JOSEPH MICHAEL Guin, Alabama. DENSON, SHEARL Addison, Alabama; Alpha Chi; Circle K; Young Re- publican Club; Vice-President of SGA. DIGGLE, DIANE MICHELLE Elementary Education; Newman Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary-Treasurer; SAEA; AWC; Outstanding Member of the Year of the Newman Club. DIXON, CARRIE SUE Corinth, Mississippi; English; Art. 293 DOOUTTLE, FRANCES W. Florence; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. DRINKARD, ALLEN E. Florence; Biology; Chemistry; Conservation Club, Treasurer. EDWARDS, LINDA GAIL Boaz. EDWIN, STEVE BALCH Florence; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Freshman Representative SGA, Athens College, Athens, Alabama. ELEY, TEVA GALE Biology; Home Economics; AWC; Home Economics Club. EMMONS, ALTON FLOYS Muscle Shoals; History; Geography; Circle K, Secre- tary (3), President (4); Pershing Rifles, IPC, COC; Pershing Rifles Pledge Officer; Vice-President of Sophomore class; President of Junior class; Home- coming Parade Committee (3,4); Marshal at Gradu- ation. ERWIN, HENRY A. Winfield; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. ESTEVEZ, CONRAD JOSEPH Florence; Physical Education; Physical Education Club. EUBANKS, PATRICIA ANN Haleyville; Elementary Education. EVANS, LINDA GAIL Hartselle; Art; English; Art League; Foreign Cultures Club; English Club. FARE, DONA LEE Sheffield; Elementary Education; SAEA; AWC; Kappa Delta Pi; Hall of Fame Committee. FIKES, LEORA Hamilton; Business Education; English; Sigma Tau Pi; SAEA; English Club; Kappa Delta Pi. FLEMING, WOODROW Bear Creek; Art; History; Art League, President- Kappa Pi, President; Inter-president ' s Council. FOWLER, MARY KATHRYN Florence; Home Economics; Secondary Education; Home Economics Club, AWC;IPC SGA; Wesley Foun- dation; Kappa Omicron, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Convocations Committee. FRAWLEY, FRED Florence. FREDERICK, LELAND LEON Florence; Chemistry; Math. FREEMAN, CLYDE STANLEY Phil Campbell; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. FREEMAN, JAMIE Florence. FULMER, LARRY WAYNE Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. FURMAN, STUART JOHN Florence; Social Science Cognate; English; Secondary Education; Sigma Sigma Kappa. GARNER, ELIZABETH NIXON Florence; Elementary Education. GARRISON, DOROTHY MAE Phil Campbell; Secondary Education; English; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi. GASKIN, JAMES Haleyville; Accounting; Economics; Alphi Chi. 294 GEORGE, ALICE WALKER Elementary Education. GILLESPIE, G. LAVONIA Moulton; Elementary Education; Art; Baptist Student Union; Civinettes; SAEA. GIST, EDWARD Florence; Art; Economics; Alpha Chi. GLAZE, DWIGHT Athens; Marketing and Retailing; Biology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Inter-president Council; Conservation Club, Vice-President. GOODMAN, WILLIAM RICHARD Thomasville; Marketing and Retailing; History. GOREE, RONALD BARRY Decatur; Zoology; Geography; Airtan Club, Secretary; COC, Vice-President; Counselor (LaGrange Hall); Treasurer (LaGrange Hall). GORDON, STEVE New Carlisle, Ohio; Music; Civitan; IPC; MENC. GRAVES, ELLEN Sheffield; English; History; Secondary Education. GRAVES, MARGIE JONES Sheffield; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President; Honor Society. GREEN, JAMES Loretto, Tennessee; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. GRISHAM, HERSCHEL ELTON Rogersville; Chemistry; Political Science; COC; Ameri- can Chemical Society. GRISSOM, PATSY KAREN Sheffield; English; Speech and Dramatic Arts; COC Sweetheart (2); Diaroma Beauty (3). GRISSOM, LARRY TALFORD Tuscumbia. HAMILTON, FRANK DUDLEY Russellville; Chemistry; Zoology; Tri-Beta, President (4); Inter-presidents Council. HAMM, REBECCA BIGGS Florence; Home Economics; Home Economics Club. HAMMOND, ROGER ALAN Decatur; Biology; Wildlife Conservation Club, Presi- dent (4), Treasurer (3); Tennis team; Inter-mural Basketball. HAMPTON, DAVID ALONZA Phil Campbell; History; COC; Counselor; Young Republican Club; Homecoming Committee. HAND, SUSAN GAIL Tuscumbia; History; Library Science; Civinettes, Treasurer (2); AWC; Diorama staff (1); Alpha Beta Alpha; SGA representative (2); Sophomore Class Treasurer. HARDIN, BETTY RUTH Red Bay; Elementary Education; SAEA; Civinettes, Reporter; Hall President; Homecoming Committee; REW Hostess; Choir; WSGA Representative; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Senior class. HARRISON, BARBARA JEANE Elkmont; Art; Biology; Art League; Christian Student Fellowship; Conservation Club. HAYGOOD, SARAH ANN Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA; Student Chris- tian Fellowship; Kappa Delta Pi; Freed-Hardeman; SNEA; GRTC; Evangelistic Forum; Phi Kappa Social Club; Phi Theta Honor Society. 295 HICE, BEVERLY ANN Killen; Physical Education; Chemistry; Christian Stu- dent Fellowship, Secretary-Treasurer; Physical Edu- cation Club; American Chemical Society; Home- coming Committee. HOLLAND, ANN HORTON Elkmont; English; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, Vice-President; Junior Counselor SAEA; English Club; Lionettes Club; Cheerleader (2); Rat Week Com- mittee (4). HOLLAND, BOYCE D. Florence; Political Science. HOLLAND, JERRY LYNN Sheffield; Marketing and Retailing; Economics and Music; Rifle Team; Sigma Alpha Mu Outstanding Member (3); Baptist Student Union. HOLLAND, MELBA LEE Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; SAEA, Treasurer; Alpha Beta Alpha; Westminster Fellowship, Secretary. HOLLEY, PAUL JOSEPH Florence; Accounting; Economics; Collegiate Civitan; Alpha Chi, President; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-President (3), President (4); Leadership Retreat; Inter-president Council; Recognition Day Committee; REW Guide; Graduation Usher; Homecoming Committee. HOLLEY, REBECCA MANN Florence; Elementary Education; Library Science; Student Union Board; SGA, Vice-President; Alpha Beta Alpha, Treasurer (4). HOLMES, IZORA W. Florence, Elementary Education; FTA; Kappa Delta Pi. HORTON, KATHRYN ANN Cullman; Music Education; BSU; Music Educator ' s Club. HOTSLEY, FRANK Double Springs; History; Political Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Young Republicans. HOWELL, DORIS JOHNSON Moulton; Elementary Education; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian. HUFFMAN, HUGH LAWSON Florence; Chemistry; Mathematics; American Chemi- cal Society, President (3), Inter-president ' s Council- Kappa Mu Epsilon, President (4); Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities (3); FSC Honor So- ciety (3). HUFSTEDLER, REBECCA ANN Russellville. INGRAM, SHEILA MULLENDORE Sheffield. JACKSON, BETTY JOHNSON Secretarial Science; English; Sigma Tau Pi; Young Democrats. JACKSON, WILLIAM EDGAR Florence; History. JELLY, GLENN EDWARD Florence; Social Science Cognate. JOHNSTON, JAMIE REBECCA Red Bay. JOHNSTON, JOHN WELLS Madison; Chemistry; Business Administration; Circle K Club, Secretary (4); COC. JOHNSON, MARY MAXINE Russellville; Home Economics; Science; AWC, Vice- President; Home Economics Club; Kappa Emicron Phi, Vice-President, historian, and Guard; Junior Counselor. 296 JONES, MARY NANCY Tuscumbia; Secondary Education; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President (3). KAY, JAMES BEVERLY Leighton; Business Education; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi; Civenettes. KEELEN, PATRICIA ANN Sheffield; Elementary Education; Student Assistant Librarian at Kilby School. KEETON, HILDA TRAPP Phil Campbell; Social Studies; English; Secondary Education. KILLEN, HOWARD RONALD Florence; Physics; Math; Sociology; Kappa AAu Epsilon; Honorary Math Society. KING, NANCY STEWART Florence; Social Science; English; Secondary Educa- tion. KING, RUBY J. Leighton; English; History; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta. KNIGHT, CREIGHTON Grove Hill. KNIGHT, WENDELL Grove Hill; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sigma Tau Pi; Circle K Club. KYLE, MILDRED EVELYN Florence; Secretarial Science; Geography; Civinette Club, Secretary; Diorama Staff; Sigma Tau Pi. LAMBERT, DOUGLAS WESLEY Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Pershing Rifles. LAMON, EUGENE WAYNE Decatur; Market and Retailing; Economics; Sigma Alpha Mu, President (3); Civitan Club, Vice-President (3); Board of Director, COC; Sigma Tau Pi; Young Democrats; Nominee for Mr. Florence State (3); Turris Fidelis Award Committee (3). LANDERS, JOHN Leighton; Math; Chemistry; Secondary Education. LANDERS, MARY JOYCE Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; SAEA. LAWRIMORE, PATRICIA YVONNE Hartselle; Home Economics; Science; Home Eco- nomics, Reporter and Treasurer; Civinettes, Treasurer; BSU. LAWSON, SIMS Florence; Accounting; Geography; COC; Rifle Tec LEWIS, NANCY MARGARET Montgomery; Secondary Education; Biology; Chem- istry; Wesley Foundation; SNEA, Treasurer; Mental Health Club; American Chemical Society; Conserva- tion Club. LINDSEY, DONALD WAYNE Detroit; Chemistry; Biology; American Chemical Society. MCCALLIE, DOUGLAS Stevenson. MCCLANAHAN, JANE Hartselle; Political Science; French; Secondary Edu- cation; BSU; Young Democrat ' s Club; FLOR-ALA STAFF; Kappa Delta Pi. MCCRORY, PEGGY FAYE St. Joseph, Tennessee; Home Economics Science; SAEA; Civinettes, Secretary. MC DANIEL, ROBERT WAYNE Waterloo; Secondary Education; English; History. 297 MCNUTT, DONALD HICKS Haleyville. MANGUM, ROBERT BARLOW Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, Presi- dent (4); Collegiate Civitan. MARSH, ROBERT CLINTON Muscles Shoals; Art; Biology; Art League; Young Democrats; Basketball. MARTIN, F. B. MARTIN, J. R. MASON, JEANNINE BURKS Florence; Secondary Education; Business Education; English; Sigma Tau Pi. MAYFIELD, MARIE ELAINE Sheffield; Secondary Education; History; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, President; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; SAEA; Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer. METCALF, CELESTINE Scottsboro; Math; Chemistry; American Chemical Society; Kappa My Epsilon, Historian; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Society; Treasurer; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities; Vice-President of WillinghamHall. MINGUS, LESLIE CHARLES Enterprise; History; Psychology; COC, President- Mental Health Club. MINOR, VIRGINIA Parrish; Elementary Education; Alpha Beta Alpha, SNEA: Christian Student Fellowship; Vice-President of Junior Class. MONCERET, MILLIE JO Florence; Elementary Education; AWC. MONTGOMERY, THALIA ELAINE Florence; Elementary Education; SAEA; Phi Kappa Alpha (Freed-Hardeman). MOORE, BILLY Tuscumbia; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice-President (4). MOORE, ELAINE CROSSLEY Vernon; Secondary Education; English; Biology; SAEA; English Club; Conservation Club. MOORE, GARY PAUL luka, Mississippi; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Wesley Foundation. MORGAN, SHIRLEY Leighton; Elementary Education; Miss Charming Nominee; Junior Counselor. MORRIS, MARGARET BONNER Florence. MOTES, FAYE Spruce Pine; English; History. NEIDERT, CATHERINE VIRGINIA Loretto, Tennessee; Secondary Education; History; Chemistry. NEWBERN, JOAN FRANCES Anderson; SAEA, reporter; Christian Student Fellow- ship, Secretary-Treasurer (3). NEWTON, LLOYD MARSHALL Lexington; Physical Education; Math; Christian Stu- dent Fellowship, President and Vice-President; Tennis (3) (4). NICHOLS, MARGARET Hamilton; English; Speech; English Club; Rehearsal Club; Young Democrats Club; SAEA; BSU. NOLES, JAMES Florence; History; Political Science; Cadet Officers ' Corp; Rifle Team. 298 OAKES, ELWANDA Vernon; Biology; Chemistry; Math; Secondary Edu- cation; BSU, Secretary-Treasurer (4); SAEA; Beta Beta Beta, Secretary (3). OLIVER, WILLIAM JOSEPH Florence; English; Speech; Business Administration; Rehearsal Club. OVERALL, SANDRA KEY Florence; Elementary Education; FLOR-ALA; Student Union Board; Alpha Beta Alpha; Vice-President of class (Summer 4). PAGE, IRENE Red Bay; Social Science; English; Spanish; BSU; FLOR-ALA; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Sigma Sigma Kappa; English Club, Secretary-Treasurer; General Electric College Bowl. PARKER, JAMES WALKER Sheffield; Physical Education; Political Science; Physical Education Club; Basketball (1) (2) (3). PASS, MILDRED Florence; History; Secondary Education. PATE, CHARLES WAYNE Muscle Shoals; Social Science Cognate; Spanish; Pershing Rifles; Spanish Club; COC; IPC; Drill Team (1) (2) (3). PATTON, GARY DON Eve; Marketing and Retailing; Economics; Sigma Alpha Mu; Homecoming Committee (3); Counselor (LaGrange Hall). PENN, CHARLES PHILLIP Hartselle; History; Political Science; Secondary Edu- cation; Sigma Sigma Kappa; SAEA; BSU; Inter-presi- dents Council; President of Senior Class. PHARR, NORRIS Phil Campbell; Secondary Education; Social Science Cognate; English. PHILLIPS, JOSIE GAY Sweet Water; Music; BSU; MENC, Secretary-Treasurer. PLYLER, HERBERT BURNS Florence; Chemistry; Biology; American Chemical Society; Walker Junior College, Circle K, President (2); Star and Bars Sports Editor (2); Student Govern- ment Representative (1 ). PONDS, SHARON LINDA Florence; Chemistry; Zoology; Beta Beta Beta; Ameri- can Chemical Society. POORE, NELLIE GAIL Haleyville; Secondary Education; English; History; Kappa Delta Pi; Christian Student Fellowship; O ' Neal Hall (Secretary and Representative). POWELL, FRANK LEVEH Huntsville. POWELL, PATRICIA LOUISE Florence; Math; English; Secondary Education; AWC; BSU; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. PRESTON, CHERYL DARLEEN Moulton; Secretarial Science; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi; Conservation Club; Student Art League. PRUITT, BOBBY Florence; Accounting; Economics. RAINEY, JOHNNY RICHARD Bessemer; Accounting; Economics; Collegiate Civitan, Secretary, President; Alpha Chi; SGA; Treasurer; Governor of Collegiate Civitan Alabama District North. RAPER, BILLY WAYNE Hackleburg; Biology; History. REA, AMY CAROLE Falkville; English; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, Treasurer. 299 RHODES, DONALD PARISH Florence; History; Chemistry. RHODES, GAIL QUIGLEY Florence; Business Education; History; Sigma Tau Pi. RICHARD, JOE TRIMM Sulligent; Chemistry; Math; ACE, Vice-President. RICHCREEK, JAMES MICHAEL Calumet City, Illinois; Art Education; Zoology; West- minster Fellowship (2); Interfaith Council (2,3); SAEA, Vice-President (3); Kappi Pi (3); Member Inter- presidents Council (2,3). ROBINSON, GERALD MARTIN Jasper; Social Science; Business Administration. ROGERS, WILLIAM MORRIS Shalimar, Florida; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. ROMINE, CHARLOTTE EARL Florence; Social Science; Secondary Education; English; AWC. ROSE, TONI ELIZABETH Birmingham; Biology Education; English; SGA; Beta Beta Beta. SANDERSON, CLARICE NELSON Sheffield; Social Science; English; Secondary Edu- cation; Honor Society. SCHROEDER, DONNA SUE Chicago, Illinois; Elementary Education; Civinettes, Vice-President; District Secretary of Collegiate Civitan, SAEA. SEARCY, DANIEL LEE Tuscumbia; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; " F " Club; Baseball (1,2,3,4). SEELEY, ROBERT LLOYD Punta Gorda, Florida; Physical Education; Math; PE Club, Treasurer (3), President (4); Inter-presidents ' Council; Baseball (1,2,3 1); Student Coach (3); Counselor, Florence Hall. SEXTON, BARBARA LYNN; Town Creek; English; Library Science; (B.S.); Alpha Beta Alpha; SAEA, President; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. SEXTON, ROBERT GLYNN Town Creek; English; History; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Outstanding member (2), President (4); SGA, Vice- President (3); Kappa Delta Pi, Class President (2); Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities (3 4). SHEARON, FLORRIE ELIZABETH Chemistry; Zoology; Sociology; Baptist Student Union; Choir. SHARP, MARGARET JEAN Rogersville; Social Science; Psychology; Mental Health Association. SIMPSON, DANIEL L Florence. SIMMS, WILLIAM EDWARD Decatur; History; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Pi (1965-66); Sigma Sigma Kappa (4); Collegiate Civitan (3,4), Treasurer (4). SLEDGE, LINDA EDWARDS Decatur; Physical Education; Art; FLOR-ALA; Social Editor. SMITH, ANNA MARGARET Winfield; Home Economics; Science; Home Economics Club, Vice-President; Student Counselor. SMITH, ELAINE HOVATOR Florence; Elementary Education; Kappa Omicron Phi. 300 SMITH, LINDA JANE Killen; Business Education; Economics; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sigma Tau Pi; AWC. SMITH, MYRA PERKINS Florence; Biology. SMITH, TRAVIS E. Cherokee; Accounting; Alpha Chi. SNOW, HAMILTON HIGH Anniston; Music Education; Collegiate Singers; Inter-president; BSU, Social Chairman; MENC; Gradu- ation Usher; SGA (3,4); Cheerleader, Head; Rat Week, Chairman (3); Homecoming Committee; Leadership Retreat. SOUTHERN, JAMES TERRY Muscle Shoals; English; History; English Club; Circle K; College Bowl Team. SPROUSE, TIMOTHY DEIHL Huntsville; Political Science; History; Ushers Club; Circle K; SGA; COC. STALCUP, SETH BERRY Phil Campbell; Biology; Geography; Conservation Club; Baseball (1 ); Colligate. STANSELL, SHERRY JEAN Sheffield. STEARNS, LESTER CARL Monroe, Georgia; Biology; Chemistry; COC; Beta Beta Beta ACS; Circle K. STEARNS, LINDA GRISSOM Florence; Biology; Secondary Education; Home Econ- omics; Kappa Delta Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Dorm Officer; Graduation Usher. STOVALL, JANET ELIZABETH Decatur; Biology; Chemistry; Secondary Education; Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer (2), Secondary (4); Sophomore class Officer; Junior class Officer; Women ' s Intra-mural Sports (2), (3); Miss Charming Nominee; Inter-faith Council (4). SWANSON, BERNARD ELLIOT Huntsville. SWIMMEY, ROBBY Hamilton; Biology; Chemistry; Conservation Club; ACS; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President. TABEREAUX, ALTON T. Muscle Shoals; Chemistry; Physics; American Chemi- cal Society; Circle K. TARAMANGOS, ELAINE Muscle Shoals; Physical Education; History; Inter- president Council; PE Club; Homecoming Commitee; Cheerleader (3); Junior Counselor; Dorm Officer; Women ' s Intra-murals; WSGA. TAYLOR, DEAN Tuscumbia; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. TAYLOR, MARTHA EVELYN Florence; Elementary Education. TERRELL, GAIL WILLIAMS Florence; Biology; Secondary Education; Student Union Board; Diorama Beauty Contest; Leo ' s loviest; SGA. THORN, PERRY WAYNE Athens; Football. THRASHER, JERRY Red Bay. TIDWELL, ROBERT DANIEL Political Science; Psychology. TOWNSEND, MURRAY GEORGE Math; Physics. 301 TRIMBLE, NANCY RUTH Elementary Education; Student Alabama Education Association, President (4). TRUITT, GARY Lexington; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Honor Society; Treasurer, Alpha Chi. TUCKER, DORTHY JANE Florence; Home Economics; Science; Home Economics Club; Parliamentarian; O ' Neal Hall, Treasurer- Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice-President, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi. TURNEY, MARY WOODALL Hartselle; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Society. WARE, DON WILLIAM Florence; Chemistry; ACS. WEBSTER, JAMES J. WEIR, RAYMOND Ballwin, Mo. WEST, JOYCE ANN Haleyville. WEST, RUFUS JEROME Florence; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi. VETTERS, FRANK Sheffield; Accounting; Economics. WAGNER, SUZANNE Decatur; Social Science Cognate; Library Science; Newman Club; SGA; Alpha Beta Alpha, Publicity. WEST, RUSSELL Winfield; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Civitan; Conservation Club; Alpha Chi, Treasurer. WILLINGHAM, MORRIS L Tuscumbia. WALKER, GEORGE Scottsboro; Chemistry; Physics. WALLACE, BECKY Sheffield; English; Spanish; Spanish Club; English Club; AWC; Secretary, Treasurer (4); Spanish Club. WALLACE, DONALD LEE Florence; Political Science; History; Young Democrats; Cadet Officers Corps; President, Young Democrats. WALLER, DANNY MICHAEL Accounting; Economics; Vice-President of Senior Class; Vice-President of Circle K; Alpha Chi; Wesley Foundation; Student Counselor; Homecoming Com- mittee; Commencement Usher. WINCHESTER, JOHNNY CHARLES Red Bay; History; Secondary Education; Geography; Sigma Sigma Kappa. WRIGHT, JUDY KAYE Haleyville; Business Education; English; BSU; SAEA; Sigma Tau Pi; BSU, executive council; Usher, gradu- ation (2). WORLUND, CARMELITA New Market; Biology; Sociology; BSU; Conservation Club. YOUNG, SAN FORD LEON Tuscumbia; Accounting; Science; Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Chi. 302 BARRETT, JIMMY JOE Double Springs; History Geography. SCHULTZ, JERRY WILLIAM Huntsville; Football. SHOULTS, JOAN CAROLE Birmingham; History, Psychology, Sociology; Inter- Presidents Council; Wesley Foundation, President; Mental Health Club, Sec.-Treas.; Interfaith Council; Dorm Safety Chief; Leadership Retreat YOUNG, FRANK CRIDER Logan; History, Political Science; Secondary Educa- tion. YARBROUGH, BARBARA Cherokee; B.A. English, French; Westminster Fellow- ship; IPC; Westminster Fellowship vice-pres. 1965-66, p resident 1966-67; IPC sec. treas. 1966-67; Honor Society, secretary (3). 303 ORGANIZATIONS-FEATURES INDEX STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 74 WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 75 INTER-PRESIDENT ' S COUNCIL 76 DIORAMA STAFF 77-79 FLOR-ALA STAFF 80-81 STUDENT UNION BOARD 82-83 ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN COMMUTERS 84-85 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 86 ALPHA CHI 87 ALPHA BETA ALPHA 88 KAPPA OMICRON PHI 88 SIGMA KAPPA KAPPA 89 SIGMA TAU DELTA 89 SIGMA TAU PI 90 BETA BETA BETA 91 KAPPA DELTA PI 92 KAPPA MU EPISLON 93 SIGMA ALPHA MU 94 F CLUB 95 CIRCLE K 96-97 CIVITAN 98-99 ENGLISH 100 HOME EC 100 MENTAL HEALTH CLUB 101 MUSIC CLUB 101 SAEA CLUB 102 PE CLUB 103 ART LEAGUE 103 USHERS CLUB 104 RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS COM 104 WESLEY FOUNDATION 1 05 BSU 106-107 WESTMINSTER 108 LUTHERIN 108 CHRISTIAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP 1 09 NEWMAN CLUB 1 1 CANTERBURY 1 1 YOUNG DEMOCRATIC CLUB 1 1 1 YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB 1 1 1 REHEARSAL CLUB 112-113 CONSERVATION CLUB 114-115 BAND 116 BAND 117 MAJORETTES 118-119 CHEERLEADERS 121-122 CHOIR 123 SINGERS 124 RUNNERS-UP TO MR. AND MISS F.S.C 126-127 MR. AND MISS F.S.C 128-129 DIORAMA TOP BEAUTY 1 30-1 31 DIORAMA BEAUTIES 132-137 HOMECOMING QUEEN 138-139 ROYAL COURT 140-141 MISS CHARMING 142-143 CHARM COURT 144-145 WHO ' S WHO 1 45-1 49 304 Ill 112-113 I 117 11(119 | 121-122 123 124 126-127 129-129 130-131 13H39 1 141 J6I49 I wonder . . . does she or doesn ' t she? Does It Hort-t-t-t? I ' m sorry . Party? Where? According to this map, the booze should be buried here . . . So this is what Janet meant by she needed someone with nimble fingers .... 305 " Love-m-baby, and my baby does me. " UPSTAIRS AT THE DOWNSTAIRS. LIQUOR KILLS. ' Sure you can borrow my skateboard, but " 306 Do you really want to know what I think of R.O.T.C? Look! It ' s a White Tornado! Gull-Gumbo Tonight. And the beat goes on O.K., Next 307 Next week we march on Washington I don ' t use Ban, and I still make baskets. STUDENT UNION 96 " Anytime . In F.S.C. We Trust. V. TkiwCoi 308 V fi MINNIE AND MICKEY. WANDA THE WITCH. " Uh! Uh! ' 309 " BANK OF FLOf Sine 1894 DOWNTOWNER MOTOR INNS 7? 310 OF FLORENCE 311 PI I- " ? Powell Electronics Inc. 3906 Jackson Highway Sheffield, Ala. . lit V W yerhaeu,er Company WEYERHAEUSER CO. Shipping Container Division A Florence Alabama Martin Theatres Shoals-Norwood-Colbert Tuscumbian Marbro Drive In Joy Lan Drive In Wilson Drive In MOVIE GOING ATTEND YOUR THEATRES OFTEN Woody mac Corral Home of the Ranchburger " Where You Meet Your Friends " Jackson Hwy. and T. V. A. Entrance Sheffield Compliments Smokehouse Billiards Recreation and Refreshment 1 18 East Tennessee St. Florence REYNOLDS where new ideas take shape in ALUMINUM urges you to continue your education . for new careers take shape too with REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY celebrating A Quarter Century at Muscle Shoals 314 POST WELDING SUPPLY Distributor For: Hobart, Linde, Westinghouse Welding Equipment Selstrom, Fiber Metal, and Jackson Safety Equipment Duralite House Paints And Ditzler Auto Paints 3430 Jackson Highway Sheffield 383-5352 Nights 8. Holidays: 764-9213 or 383-8231 )7 O is T " " " JASMX ' OJZina 5LiEANING ONE-HOUR MARTINIZING 1113 Florence Blvd. 1220 N. Wood Avenue WHERE You Save DOES Make A Difference!! Get All These Benefits When You Save With Us: Insured Safety ' No Fluctuation Liberal Earnings ' Sound Management Quick Availability Extra Strong Reserves 4 ' 2% Current Annual Dividend Rate on All Savings 118 East Movile St. and 7-Points Shopping Center Florence, Alabama 315 WHO CARES WE CARE Compliments of TIMBERLAKE HARDWARE Montgomery Avenue Sheffield Sheffield Federal Savings and Loan Association Main Office 501 Montgomery Ave. Sheffield, Alabama Branches: 21 1 East 6th. Street Tuscumbia, Alabama 1021 Woodward Avenue Muscle Shoals, Alabama YOUNG-PITTMAN CO., Inc. 600 South Court St. Florence ' jpflrffc World ' s Finest Steel Die Engraved collegiate stationery and fashionable writing papers MONTAG ' S ATLANTA GEORGIA Greetings From WJOI 1340 K.C ' Voice Of The Lions " Broadcasting Florence State Football for 1 2 Years! WJOI Radio, Inc. Florence, Alabama R A D 764-9291 383-8627 tfJ CA " S Of THt I1DI , ..MSI 1 ' % FLORENCE SHEFFIELD ALABAMA OTTO D. SPEAKE (OWNER) 316 Owttv e VM, TIRE COMPANY. Inc. 1414 idCfl DWAY SHEFFIElW LABAMA Sine 1894 Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELING! Florence Coca-Cola Bottling Company 317 THE NATIONAL OF FIRS BAh FLO " Your Friendly Homefo Our 78th Year Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance C 318 ' HE OF FIRST BANK FLORENCE 4 Hometown Bank ' Year : ! Insurance Corporation 319 rtXl meet fk Q ' . n the " Heart " of Downtown Florence Now Paying 4Vi% on Two Year Savings Certificates Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of SLATER FOOD SERVICE ' Proud to be Serving Florence State ' 320 2? Royal Crown. Cola in Bottles or Cans! Nehi Bottling Co. Sheffield 383-5342 A Complete GIFT AND BOOK STORE Books of All Kinds Art Supplies Greeting Cards Stationery Coin Supplies ANDERSON ' S 116 E. Mobile Downtown Florence Compliments of Union Carbide Sheffield, Alabama Gene Crump Chevrolet 1040 Woodmont Drive Tuscumbia, Alabama Tri-Cities Newspapers Inc. Dedicated To The Interests of The People of the Muscle Shoals District PAPER AND CHEMICAL SUPPLY CO. Distributors of Paper Products, Sanitary Supplies, and Restaurant Supplies And Equipment Sheffield, Alabama GET THE BEST . . GET GEORGE C. DURY COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee Supplies and Equipment for: [7 0 Amateur Professional Industrial Photography Since 1882 321 The Home of The phenomenal growth of National Floor Products Company has seen many major developments in its plant facilities within the past few years. Automated production lines have increased pro- duction capacities many times over in the same period. Steadily expanding facilities for research, development, and manufac- ture are meeting the challenge created by the constantly grow- ing demand for the NAFCO complete line of fine vinyl floor products. W LTi Supreme Vinyl Floor Tile NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO. INC. Florence, Alabama 322 Open Daily 9-9 1520 Florence Boulevard SHOP FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS WITH JUST ONE STOP Appliances Sporting Goods Cameras Auto Accessories Toiletries AAenswear Hardware Shoes Millinery Garden Shop Cafeteria Ladies Apparel YOUR JEWELER Member American Gem Society COMPLETE DIAMOND DEPARTMENT Diamond Setting Diamond Appraisal Use Our Designing Service, All Your Diamond Needs. W E. Tenn. 764-2632 Flo react Printers Stationers, Inc. 216 N. Court St. Florence, Alabama 764-8061 Compliments of CRUMP CAMERA SHOP Florence, Sheffield, Decatur Posey Furniture Company 122 East Tennessee St. Florence Taylor Hardware and Appliance Co. 122 W. Tombigbee St. Florence, Alabama Stay In The Center of Things Dine In The Cypress Dining Room 400 S. Court 766-511 323 Compliments of o. B. b. Electric Supply Co. Wholesale Only 121-125 Royal Ave. Florence Compliments of Louis Haddock; Owner EARLINE ' S Ladies ' Wear Florence 4BK " . v Jnrrrrrrrrrr ' li Compliments of Com Pak Food Mart 324 1320 N. Pine St. 1627 Darby Drive Florence McDonald ' s look for Ihm goldmn mrehma 100% Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheeseburgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fries Compliments of Pet Milk Company Dairy Division 7 Points Office Florence STATE NATIONAL BANK of Alabama " It ' s Great to Bank at State " Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 412 N. Court St. L-t ' i nl.t tol KKir North Court Street Florence T H E B O O T E R Y a house dedicated to printing! birmingham printing company A SUBSIDIARY OF THE PROGRESSIVE FARMER CO. P. 0. Box 908 Birmingham, Alabama 35201 831 North 19th Street . Phone 322-2457 Compliments of SOUTHERN SASH Florence Sheffield Huntsville Decatur Athens Columbia, Tennessee North Alabama ' s Largest Building Material Supplies See Our Selection of Built-in Appliances for The Kitchen 326 HOW DO YOU KNOW AN ABROMS GIRL? By the little things. Like the Rolls Royce she doesn ' t drive. Or the Caviar she doesn ' t eat. Or the sable coat she doesn ' t wear. The Abroms ' Girl is smart about the little things. She has good taste, and she knows that the best things aren ' t always the most expensive. And the Abroms ' Girl knows her clothes. She looks for traditional sim- plicity and fine tailoring but at the right price for her. Abroms offers her the distinctive fashions by Bobbie Brooks, R K originals, Betty Rose, Darlene Sportswear, Russ Togs. At the Bus Stop ABROMS Downtown Florence COLLEGE BOOK STORE C O R N E R H A T S H O P VERBON JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY 1 13 E. Tombigbee St. Florence, Alabama 764-3571 108 East Mobile Florence Residential Commercial Industrial Wiring 327 First National Bank ' tt:-? r Tuscumbia Sheffield FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN TUSCUMBIA With Offices in Tuscumbia, Sheffield, Cherokee, Muscle Shoals City. Cherokee Muscle Shoals City Compliments of DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES Florence, Alabama Electricity Department Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners Gas Department 329 BteBBBBefigBaBgBCfeBggro Building Materials 764-0551 Florence 3C Jr. Grill Barber Shop NOBODY BUT NOBO0V UNDERSELLS KEVINS " The District ' s Greatest Home-Furnishers " 301 N. Court 764-3671 Florence PHONE: 764-1636 RES.: 766-1402 World ' s Largest in Termite Protection Professional Pest Control Service Louis Landers Manager 321 S. Pine Florence, Alabama Donaldson Rug Co. 408 Montgomery Ave. Sheffield 383-4723 Carpets from the looms of Mohawk Compliments of A FRIEND Tri-Cities New Car Dealers 7 Association SHEFFIELD: Paul Saywell Motors, Inc. Plymouth 383-401 1 Miley Buick-Oldsmobile Co. Buick-Oldsmobile 383-0721 Motordrome Inc. Lincoln Mercury Continental 383-0621 Jack Gibbs Rambler, Inc. Rambler 383-5301 Hester Chevrolet, Inc. Chevrolet 383-7434 Zelke Dodge Dodge 381-2300 Jay Edwards Ford Sales, Inc. Ford 383-6523 330 TUSCUMBIA: Morris Rambler, Inc. Rambler International 383-0811 Mullins Ford Ford 383-4555 OFFICERS: President: Jack Gibbs 383-5301 Sect.-Treas. W. E. Patton, III 764-3351 FLORENCE: Campbell Motors, Inc. Ford 764-3351 Denton-Smith Chevrolet, Inc. Chevrolet 764-4551 Sid Hamm Chrysler-Plymouth Plymouth-Valiant 766-4455 Foote Auto Company Oldsmobile-Cadillac 764-9082 Reeder Buick Buick 764-9661 Harrison-White Pontiac Pontiac 764-6041 Four Cities Imports Volkswagen 766-2906 liv ftte " Quo if and Service Are Our Least Expensive Products " Authorized Johnson Sales Service Phone: 383-0430 736 E. Second St. Sheffield, Alabama HIBBETT SONS SPORTING GOODS Florence " It Pays To Play " In Huntsville DYESS HIBBETT SPORTING GOODS next to miracle city Best Wishes LANDERS 7 OFFICE SUPPLY 101 W. Third St. Sheffield THE FLORENCE HERALD Printers Publishers Letterpress Offset 1 14 W. Tombigbee St. Florence We Are Pleased To Be The Flor-Ala ' s Printer 228 N. Court St. Florence, Alabama Complete Line of Art Supplies Jerry Brown, Mgr. OiKfliu4(w|i Paint SWallpap er Company Shop all 3 floors and balcony HIS. Court 764-4471 Florence CULPEPPER BAKERY Best in Town for Party Decorations, Birthday Cakes, and Wedding Cakes 324 Court Street 1208 Florence Blvd. Florence Florence DARBY ' S SHELL STATION Alvin and O ' Steen Darby 764-6272 401 N. Court St. Florence j iWW Ladies ' and Men ' s Shop 101 -103 No. Court Street Phone: 766-2220 764-1092 HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Modern Florist 108 E. Tombigbee Florence, Alabama 331 FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE Florence, Alabama A.B. and B.S. degree programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Physical Education, Home Economics. A.B. and B.S. degree programs for the training of teachers for the elementary and secondary schools. Courses for renewal and extension of teaching certificates. Preprofessional curricula for Agriculture, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. Secretarial training. Graduate programs in elementary and secondary education and school administration. Beautiful Campus, comfortable dormitories and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medico-dental and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. 332 Our Special Thanks to i Phone - 766-402 1 1 20 West Mobile St. Florence For Their Photographic Work In the 1967 DIORAMA 333 Since 1853 Milner ' s Drug Store The Rexall Store Florence 4200 Jackson Highway Sheffield, Alabama r Patronize Your Yearbook Sponsors Patronize The Sponsors of the Yearbook! 334 0y COLLEGIATE SINGERS Elizabeth Alexander, Anne Bedingfield, Larry Blasingame, Kay Boswell, Adrienne Bradford, Ella Brown, James Brown, Marvin Buttram, James Champion, Jerry Cole, Jan Collum, Mary Dodgen, Jesse Duffey, Max Eady, Sharon Erwin, Tom Es- slinger, Claudia Evans, Ben Fouts, Harry Gilbert, James Glenn, William Hankins, Robert Head, Elizabeth Hix, Bill Hovater, Maria Howard, Shirley Ingle, Joan James, Don Kennedy, Dan Kicker, Martha Lowe, Linda Matthews, Danny McCormick, Rolf McGee, Sylvia Monroe, Sue Morrow, Marshall Motes, Greer Murray, Sherry Parrish, Billie Peeler, Shelia Plunk, Rebecca Queen, Violet Ray, John Sanderson, Kathleen Schenck, Linda Schultz, Jan Simons, Karen Stults, John Sutherland, Donna Trousdale, Shelia Turpinseed, Michael Vest, Nancy Willingham, Elizabeth Wilson, Slyvia Briscoe, Jo Phillips. 335 AFTER ALL WAS SAID AND DONE: My first impression upon the completion of this yearbook was one of extreme re- lief, but when I was able to clearly recollect the " blood, sweat, and tears " that accom- panied its composition, I realized I must take the opportunity to thank certain people. First, the man to whom this book is dedicated Mr. Nelson Van Pelt. Many were the times when he helped me laugh off what seemed to be major crises and gave me the confidence to go on. Then there were Rusty Cone, Duane Phillips, and Ron Wright, the nutty photographers whom I feuded with, but in the last analysis, came to appreciate for their many sacrifices for the book ' s sake. Then, to those staff members who kept our ship from sinking, I extend my eternal gratitude. You know who you are. And con- gratulations are due Gordon Maynard who kept the Diorama financially sound. We the Diorama staff extend our sincerest thanks to Ernie Crates and all the Inter- Collegiate Press crew for their understanding and needed help with the multiple prob- lems we ran into this year. Our aim has been to reflect the growth and continued academic excellence of F.S.C. Moreover, we have tried to capture via photography the budding school spirit on this campus. We have endeavored to stress our appreciation of our fine faculty and ad- ministration. However, most of all, we designed this book to please the ordinary F.S.C. student. Hopefully, you will not find this book dominated by a few recurring faces, but many different ones. We hope the Diorama 1967 will mean something special to you, since it has meant so much to us. JANET VICK DIORAMA EDITOR

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