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SMI I I A I MHmim ?w f 1 4 I i : s Qtm ' ? i v Lii -OLMlfc COLLIER LIBRARY Vniversity of North A! tbam FLORENCE, ALABAMA ALABAMA COLLECTION Restricted For Library Use Only m$ te V m s UNIVERSITY OF NORTH ALABAMA -. 3 1569 00266 0360 COLLIER LIBRMflPV ' 4 .;_ University of North AlaoantiT I FLORENCE, ALABAMA f I ft I V I 4 mm DATE DUE MOV 1 ' % ' J Demco. Inc. 38-293 THEM OFEXI STEAD UPON i WITH! 1 OQo Nui CIRCULATE THE NUMBERLESS MOMENTS OF EXPERIENCE HAVE BEEN STEADFAST INSTILLED UPON OUR MINDS, WITHIN OUR HEARTS. A PORTRAYAL OF THE PAST IN ANOTHER PRESENT, WE GIVE YOU . . . THE 1964 DIORAMA COLLIER LIBRARY University of North Alabama FLORENCE, ALABAMA Carl Freeman Luckey, Jr., Editor Jo Wilbanks, Associate Editor Larry L. Gullett, Business Manager Publishers, Inter-Collegiate Press, Inc. Kansas City THE DEDICATION . . . TO THE SPIRIT OF OUR YESTERDAY AND... THE SUCCESS OF OUR TOMORROW ST A Foreword The DIORAMA has become a tradition of Florence State College. Just as other publications, organizations, clubs, and diverse phases of Florence State have gained in quality and quantity, so has the DIO- RAMA, m 1 The 1964 DIORAMA staff hopes by the use of good photography to give a better representation of Florence State academic and extra- curricular life. It is our wish not only to display the merits of the college to prospective students but also to provide a book of lasting memories. This book is a representation of the past and hopes of the future. It is a tribute to the faculty, staff and members of the student body. SEQUENCE DEDICATION FOREWORD CAMPUS REFLECTIONS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN ORGANIZATIONS MILITARY PEOPLE SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS r_ ' IB -- ' - 1 ! HI n P B B 1 1 IS iT 1 B r ' T 1 1 " " 1 fc El CAMPUS O ' NEAL HALL Upper. The oldest and largest women ' s dormitory on campus, O ' Neal Hall, contains the Flor-Ala business offices in the basement. KELLER HALL Right. Directly across from Bibb Graves stands Keller Hall, the largest men ' s dormitory on campus. WILLINGHAM HALL Right. Willingham Hall, located on Morrison Avenue across from Bibb Graves, is the sec- ond largest women ' s dormitory on campus. AMPHITHEATER Below. The Memorial Amphitheater graces Florence State ' s campus. It is the meeting place of friends it is used for campus ac- tivities such as convocations, graduations, pep rallies, campus political events, and drama productions. v hT Sb " Be- 8J jJ6 " . . iflWW Mr MP Nil 1 1 1 J III 1 yj 1 1 - H H| ,., if! M 1 11 IB 13 lAMl M MC FLORENCE HALL Upper. Quaint Florence Hall, the smallest men ' s dormitory, is located on Irvine Street. BIBB GRAVES HALL Right. Bibb Graves Hall is the center of the college administration. It also contains offices and classrooms for several academic depart- ments. l PRESIDENT ' S HOME Left. Dr. E. B. Norton and his family live in this lovely home on seminary street. Twice a year the family serve as gracious hosts at the welcoming reception for freshmen and the farewell party for seniors. STUDENT UNION BUILDING Lower. Whether it ' s for " eat " or " meet, " most Florence State students visit the Student Union Building some time during the day. This lovely building houses the college bookstore, post office, snack bar, game room, student and faculty lounges, music room, conference rooms, and col- lege cafeteria. I 1 ; " ' iT |T wT W ll ROGERS HALL Left. Roger ' s Hall, a magnificent anti- bellum mansion, is used for housing spe- cial guests and for conferences, recep- tions, and other social activities for faculty and students. The Susan K. Vaughn Museum is located on the ground floor. Above. Collier Library lends a little of both the old and new aspects to Florence State ' s campus. It is one of the best libraries in the South for colleges of the size and type. I i V f MEN ' S NEW HALL Upper. This impressive six-story men ' s dormitory contains a large entrance lounge, an elevator and a study area. AUDIO VISUAL AIDS BUILDING Left. This rather small building, the Audio Visual Aids building, contains fa- cilities for all photography processing, visual aids for academic studies, and the Diorama Office. .T s SCIENCE BUILDING Upper. This stately, ultra-modern, million dollar plant houses the home-economics, science, and math departments. STRIPLIN HALL Upper Left. Striplin Hall contains eight apartments for faculty and staff members. KILBY LABORATORY SCHOOL Left. Kilby Laboratory School is a regular elementary school operated by the education department for practice teaching in the elementary field. Hill contains for faculty and 00 SCHOOL i,,n N ' toml ' ' i n tbr rkmentan ART BUILDING Lower Left. The Art Building is the cen- ter of art classes and the Student Art League. WOMEN ' S NEW HALL Below Right. The newest women ' s dorm- itory is a modern building equipped with a spacious lounge, a television room, and a laundry room. POWER PLANT Left. The Power Plant, better known to students as the " Steam Plant, " is the source of winter heat on campus. WESLEYAN HALL Upper. The oldest building on campus Wesleyan Hall, lends an air of the past with its lofty towers. ll liMIBI If r __ IS MM GYMNASIUM Left. The Gymnasium is the center for physical education courses, intramural sports, and recrea- tion. BAND LODGE Lower Right. The Band Lodge is headquarters for the Florence State Lions Band. Practice ses- sions for the band are directed here by Mr. Ken- neth Large. , POWER ' S HALL Lower Left. Power ' s Hall, located at the end of Wesleyan Drive, is another of the women ' s dorm- itories on campus. REFLECTIONS EEf 7 r :vt i ii6r m-frt Ste ' J " is , . vl i FACULTY ADMINISTRATION ETHELBERT B. NORTON President of the College 34 TURNER W. ALLEN Dean of the College 35 W. T. McElheny Dean of Student Affairs A.B.. Emory University: M.A.. Ph.D., State University of Iowa Otis L. Peacock Assistant to The President B.S.. University of Florida; M.A., George Peabody College 36 MCil PAULINE E.GRAVLEE Dean of Women A.B., Huward College; M.A., George Peabody College ADMINISTRATORS CHESTER M. AREHART Registrar A.B.. Lynchburg College; Chicago M.A.. University of R.C.FULLER Treasurer Ph.B., Piedmont College; M.S. Alabama Poly- technic Institute HOYTM. BROCK WILLIAM A. GRAHAM Director of Graduate Study Director of Kilby Laboratory School B.S., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Univer- B.S., Florence State College; M.A.. sity of Alabama: Ed.D., Teachers College, Colum- University of Alabama bia University 37 The Art Department offers both a major and a minor in art, and courses through which stu- dents may satisfy general edu- cation art requirements, expand their cultural interests, and develop artistic abilities. Through careful selection of elective courses, the art major may prepare for a career in some phase of design for teach- ing art on the secondary level or for graduate study. The selection of one or more art courses as electives helps the general education students to broaden their perspective of the natural and man-made designs in the world about them. The Art League is sponsored by the department and is open to all students interested in promot- ing art. (not pictured) WALTER NICHOLS. JR. Instructor in Art B.F.A., M.A.. State University of Iowa MORT E. SMITH Department Chairman B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.A., Colorado State College; M.F.A., State University of Iowa MRS. HILDA H. MITCHELL Assistant Professor of Art B.S., Florence State College; M.A.. George Peabody College i MINE an II. Dnm foknU ART DEPARTMENT MRS. FORREST WARD Instructor in Art A.B., Florence State College Snapp fiotd ' t Thedr depart me jltptofi The ba The ch majors an NELSON VAN PELT Instructor in Photography B.J., University of Missouri 38 MUSIC DEPARTMENT iram i til WAYNE CHRISTESON Department Chairman Professor of Music B.M., Drury College; M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University WALTER E. URBER Assistant Professor of Music B.M., University of Illinois; B.M., Col- lege of the Pacific; M.M.. Indiana Uni- versity; Adv. Cert., Music Education, University of Illinois MRS. HUGH G. PORTER Assistant Professor of Music B.S.M., Columbia School of Music, Chi- cago; B.M., Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity Snappy marching music, twirling batons, beautiful voices, and pianist ' s flying fingers characterize the music department. The department offers a major and a minor program. Also, the department has a music education curriculum designed to pre- pare professional music educators. The band performs at every football game and pep rally. This is also a concert band which makes an annual tour. The choir, which performs extensively, is composed of music majors and minors as well as other interested students. KENNETH W. LARGE Assistant Professor of Director of Band B.S., Concord College; State University Music and M.A., Ohio at 0 ir JOSEPH CALVIN THOMAS Department Chairman Associate Professor of Science A.B., Asbury College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Kentucky i 111 kJ-i H LEE ALLISON Instructor in Science A.B., Eastern Nazarene College; M.Ed.. University of North Carolina SCIENCE DEPARTMENT This department which always has as its aim the best instruction possible is well placed now in the new Science Building on the Florence State campus where there are excellent facilities and ample room for research and development. The department offers majors in general bio- logy, botany, and zoology; industrial chemistry, general chemistry; physics; and cognate majors in natural science and in physical science. Minors are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics. The department also provides appropriate pre- paratory courses for a number of preprofessional programs as well as courses in general science. Now that facilities are adequate, the advance- ment in the science field at Florence State should soar in the future. KLIEM ALEXANDER Professor of Chemistry B.S., Middle Tennessee State College; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., State University of Iowa MRS. ELIZABETH B. VON GEMMINGEN Assistant Professor of Biology A.B., M.A., University of Maryland HENRY T. HARVEY Assistant Professor of Science A.B., Western Michigan College; M.A., University of Michigan 40 ARTHUR L. HERSHEY Professor of Biology B.S., Kansas University; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State College 4 -% MACE.TIDWELL Instructor in Biology B.S., University of Florida; M.S., Auburn University JOHN W.HOLLAND, JR. Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., Florence State College; M.A. George Peabody College PAULYOKLEYJR. Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., M.A., George Peabody College kD.. C. FULTON HUFF Associate Professor of Chem- istry A.B., Georgetown College; M. A., George Peabody College T. N. HUBBUCH Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., University of Louisville; B.S. M.S., Harvard University WILLIAM M. RICHIE Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College RALPH R. HUFFSEY Assistant Professor of Physics B.S., M.A., Western Ken- tucky State College; M.S., University of Mississippi WILLIAM R. MONTGOMERY Professor of Biology B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Missis- sippi State University; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Nebraska 41 LT. COLONEL ROBERT M. REESE Department Chairman Professor of Military Science B.S.. United States Military Academy MILITARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The purpose of the Military Science Depart- ment, in conjunction with other departments of the college, is to develop Army Officers, well-educated and well-rounded leaders leaders for an Army that would have to expand with lightning speed in a national emergency. With this end in mind, the department has been designed to " develop the qualities of leadership " in college-trained men. As means to this end, each student is reminded of his responsibility to fill a position of command in protecting the free society of which he is a member. All male students are required to complete two years of basic military service prior to graduation unless excused by the president of the institution. Those cadets selected for retention in the advanced program are trained to accept a position of leader- ship as 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Army. The Cadet Corps is organized into a Brigade consisting of a band and two Battalions each con- taining three companies. Active student organiza- tions in this department are the Cadet Officers Corps and the Pershing Rifles. The purpose of these organizations is to develop, promote, encourage, and preserve the highest ideals of the military and to foster worthwhile student activities. CAPTAIN HERBERT E. MOODY Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S., Arkansas State College CAPTAIN J AMES D. PARTIN Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S.. University of Florida CAPTAIN LEROY W. PROVOST. JR. Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S., Middle Tennessee State College SGT. NAHUM HEADLEY ROTC Instructor SGT. ELLIS IVEY ROTC Instructor SGT. GRADY LONG ROTC Instructor CAPTAIN DALLAS W. CLARK Assistant Professor of Military Science B.S.. North Georgia College SGT. BENJAMIN F. GILMORE ROTC Instructor SP. ASHEL L. MILAM ROTC Instructor iSaaa HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT MRS. JANE O.MCILRATH Director of the Nursery School A.B., St. Mary-of-the-Woods; George Peabody College M.A. MRS. MARY W. HUFF Deportment Chairman Associate Professor of Home Economics B.S., M.S., University of Georgia The general objective of this department is the person- al development of the individual for homemaking as well as for a professional career. A prescribed curriculum is offered leading to a B.S. in education with a major in voca- tional home economics, a major which meets the require- ment for a Class B Vocational Professional Certificate and is acceptable for teaching both general and vocational home economics in the secondary schools of Alabama. Majors will qualify for employment with the Home Economics Extension Service, with the Farmers ' Home Administra- tion, with business as a home economist, and in some areas of social service. The department also offers a minor, but this is not a teaching minor. Home Economics courses may be selected by students to help them improve the quality of their personal and home living, and by those who desire background courses appropriate to other fields of interest. MRS. FLORINE K. RASCH Assistant Professor of Home Economics B.S., Alabama College; M.S., University of Tennessee MRS. CELIA J. WILSON Assistant Professor of Home Economics B.A., M.S., University of Alabama 43 ALBERT S. JOHNSTON. JR. Department Chairman Professor of English A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A.. Ph.D., University of Florida J. RICHARD CUMMINGS Instructor in English A.B.. M.A., Duke University MRS. CATHERINE C. JONES Assistant Professor of English A.B., Newcomb College; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama MRS. ELISABETH COOPER Instructor in English and Spanish B.S., George Peabody College HAMILTON P. AVEGNO Assistant Professor of English Ph.B.. Loyola University; M.A., Tulane University DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES This department offers a major and a minor in English. Minors in dramatic arts and speech, French, Spanish, and two years of German are also offered. Organizations affiliated with this de- partment are Sigma Tau Delta, the honor- ary English fraternity; the English Club; the Foreign Cultures Club; the Rehearsal Club; the Spanish Club; and Alpha Psi Omega, the honorary dramatics fraternity. This department assists the English Club in its annual literary publication " Light and Shadows. " UL hi M Hi MRS. CHARLES T. GAISSER Instructor in Modern Foreign Lan- guages B.A., Memphis State University; M.A., University of Mississippi MRS. EARL MASTERSON Instructor in English A.B., University of Alabama JOHN E. KINGSBURY Assistant Professor of English A.B., Colgate University; M.F.A.. University of Iowa 44 MARY JULIA NEAL Associate Professor of English A.B., M.A., Western Kentucky State College MRS. EMILY N. RICHESON Assistant Professor of English and Speech A.B., Athens College; M.A., University of Alabama STANLEY ROSENBAUM Assistant Professor of English A.B., Harvard University; M. A., University of Denver WALTER K. SCHUCKMANN Associate Professor of Modern Lan- guages Ph.D., University of Frankfurt; A.B., University of Oxford; A.B., A.B., University of London MRS. BETTY M. SCHUESSLER Part-Time Instructor in Speech B.A., University of Tennessee cm GLADYS SHEPARD Associate Professor of English A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s Col- lege; M.A., Columbia University MRS. LEATRICE TIMMONS Assistant Professor of English B.S.. Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama LINDSEYSTRICKLIN Instructor in English A.B., M.A., University Carolina of North J.N. WINN Associate Professor of English A.B., Dartmouth College; Columbia University M.A., EDWARD E. MATIS Speech Therapist B.S.. Lock Haven State Teachers College; M.A., University of Alabama HUBERT A. FLOW ERS Department Chairman Professor of Health and Physical Education B.S.. Alabama Polytechnic- Institute: 1. .. Teachers College. Columbia I niversily GEORGE GIBBENS Instructor in Physical Education B.S.. George Peabody College EDMOND E. BILLINGHAM Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education A.B.. Fairmont State College; M.A.. Teachers College. Columbia University DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Now. more than ever, physical fitness is emphasized in a well-rounded school curriculum. The Health and Physical Education Department at Florence State Col- lege offers activity courses which round out the depart- ment ' s program for those students choosing P.E. as their major course of study. In addition to the regular class activities, this department sponsors the F " Club and the Physical Education Club. Both of these organizations help college spirit through participation in intermural and intramural sports. NANCY COE VANCE Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education B.S.. Florence State Teachers College; M.S.. University of Tennessee HENRY F. SELF Athletic Coach B.S., M.A., University Alabama 46 of HELEN E. MATTHEWS Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education A.B., Duke University; M.A.. George Peabody College H muDffl K GEORGE E. WEEKS Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education B.S.. University of Alabama; M.A.. George Peabody College DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE i FANNIE SCHMITT Department Chairman Associate Professor of Library Science B.S., M.A., University of Alabama The Department of Library Science is an in- structional unit which offers a minor of eighteen semester hours, the purposes of which are: (1) to give prospective librarians a basic undergra- duate program which will admit them to Ameri- can Library Association accredited graduate library schools as candidates for the master ' s degree in one academic year; (2) to prepare stu- dents to accept library positions and begin their professional careers immediately upon gradua- tion from this program; (3) to provide library edu- cation for prospective classroom teachers which will enable them to participate effectively in the development of school library programs. Students wishing to take more than the eighteen-hour minor may take additional electives in library science. COLLIER LIBRARY STAFF Mai MRS. MILDRED C. LENTZ Associate Librarian B.S., Florence State College; M.A. (L.S.), George Peabody College RUTH DACUS Head Librarian A.B., Winthrop College; B.S. in L.S. George Peabody College MARTHA L. GRIFFIN Assistant Librarian B.S., B.S. in Library Science, George Peabody College V . d l n 1 1 li MRS. EVELYN T. DICK Secretary and Clerical Assistant MRS. PEGGY HAMMOND Clerical Assistant MRS. VIOLA U. SHEATS Assistant Librarian B.S., Florence State College; M.A. (L.S.), University of Alabama 47 PAUL E. BLAND Instructor in Mathematics B.A.. M.S., West Virginia University JOHN L. LOCKER Department Chairman Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University MRS. MARY R. HUDSON Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., M.A., George Peabody College DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND BASIC ENGINEERING The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering provides programs and courses in mathematics as pre- paration for careers in business and industry, for graduate study, for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools, and for satisfaction of mathematics requirements in other academic and professional curricula. The depart- ment offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. The basic engineering program is designed to provide one or two years of basic engineering preparation nor- mally required by most professional engineering schools. i UIB tmtu Ml B.B.V. MRS. CHARLOTTE HUFFSEY Instructor in Mathematics B.S., Florence State College ( Not pictured) GAYLE PATTERSON Part-Time Instructor in Engineering B.S. in Ch.E., Auburn University MEU.EVTi AsiUnl fro f) JOHN M. STINSON Part-Time Instructor in Engineering B.S. in Ch.E., University of Missouri i Mo WILLIAM C. SCOTT Part-Time Instructor in Engineering B.S. in Ch.E., Auburn University 48 -. MRS. ELIZABETH T. WOOLDRIDGE Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody College ROY S. STEVENS Department Chairman Professor of Business Administration and Business Education B.S., M.S., Auburn Uni- versity JOHN HOLLIE ALLEN Assistant Professor of Economic s B.S., M.S., Auburn University MAX R. CARRINGTON Assistant Professor of Business Edu- cation B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee LAWRENCE H. CONWILL Assistant Professor of Business Admin- istration B.B.A., M.B.E., University of Mis- sissippi BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The Business Department offers majors in gen- eral business administration, accounting, marketing and retailing, secretarial science, and business edu- cation. The department offers a minor in business administration, as well as a special two-year pre- paratory curriculum in secretarial science. Proficiency tests in shorthand are required of entering freshmen interested in business for place- ment purposes. Organizations affiliated with the Business Department are Sigma Tau Pi, open to business majors and minors, and Alpha Chi, the accounting club, open to advanced students in accounting. LESTER L. DITTMAN Assistant Professor of Business Admin- istration B.S., Ball State Teachers College; M.S., Indiana University I , ..fvwrni? Ugl I ' m NOEL W. ENTZ Assistant Professor of Business Admin- istration LL.B., B.B.A., M.A., University of Florida INELL KNIGHT Instructor in Business Ad- ministration A.B., Judson College; M.A., University of Alabama MRS. GEORGE HOFFMEISTER Part-Time Instructor in Secretarial Science B.S., Florence State College WILLIAM SIDNEY STEWART Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration B.S., Delta State College; M.B.E., University of Mis- sissippi ELLEN MOORE Assistant Professor of Business Education B.S., Florence State Col- lege; M.S., University of Tennessee HOWARD A. THOMPSON Instructor in Business Administration B.A., University of California; M.B.A., Tulane University COLLIER LIBRARY 49 University " ' ' abumh SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Through the selection of courses in this depart- ment students gain increased understanding of rela- tionships with their fellow man. By studying these relationships and their importance in our society the student becomes a well-rounded citizen, better able to cope with his environment. This department offers a major in history, political science, and a cognate major in social science. Minors are offered in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Students who major in social science with the intention of teaching in the secondary school are advised to choose the cognate course of study. Sigma Sigma Kappa is the organization asso- ciated with the department, and the membership is comprised of the department majors and minors. BERNARR CRESAP Department Chairman Professor of History A.B., University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University JrA HASSAN ABDULHADI Assistant Professor of Sociology B.A., University of Texas; M.S., Trinity University ( DAW 1m tor MRS. GRADY ARNETT Part-Time Instructor in Sociology and Psychology B.S., University of Florida; M.S., Vanderbilt University MILTON BAUGHN Associate Professor of History B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody Col- lege; Ph.D., Vanderbilt Uni- versity MRS. VIOLA CLARK Associate Professor of English and History B.S., M.A., George Peabody College GEORGE H. DE BOER Assistant Professor of Political Science A.B., Western Michigan University; B.D.. McCormick Theological Semi- nary; M.A., University of Iowa EDWARD H. EVANS Professor of History A.B.. Macalester College; M.A., Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin 50 CHARLES T. GAISSER Professor of History A.B., M.A., University of Mississippi; Ph.D., Yale University lit ' -.. ; 111 f J. NOEL GLASSOCK Professor of Geography B.S., Western Kentucky State Col- lege; M.A., University of Kentucky ) " Hi. DALLAS M. LANCASTER Associate Professor of Economics and History B.S., Murray State College; M.A., George Peabody College FRANK B. MALLONEE Assistant Professor of Political Science and History A.B.. M.A., University of North Caro- lina EARL W. MC GEE Professor of History A.B., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., New York State College for Teachers; Ph.D., University of Kentucky MRS. GEORGE MANESS Associate Professor of History A.B., Western Kentucky State Col- lege; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin JAMES D. MILEY Instructor in Sociology B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Louisiana State University MICHAEL H.MEHLMAN Instructor in History B.A., St. John ' s University; New York University A.M., LEONARD WIGON Assistant Professor of History and Political Science A.B., Roosevelt University; M.A., Uni- versity of Chicago MERLE SHERMAN Assistant Professor of Geography B.Ed., Moorhead State College; M.S., University of Wisconsin; M.A., Uni- versity of Minnesota 51 r-vvw= HOYTM. BROCK Department Chairman Professor of Education B.S., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., University of Alabama; Ed.D.. Teachers College, Columbia University MARY BURCHELL CAMPBELL Director of Curriculum Laboratory and Kilby School Library B.S.. Florence State College; M.A.. M.A. (LS), George Peabody College WILLIAM L. CROCKER Professor of Psychology B.S., M.A.. Ed.D., Uni- versity of Alabama W.L. DAVIS Associate Professor of Education B.S., M.A., University of Alabama; M.Ed., George Peabody College JACK W.CROCKER Associate Professor of Psychology and Education A.B., M.Ed., Tulsa University; Ed.D., University of Alabama DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY The oldest department at Florence State is that of education which offers majors in elementary and secondary education. Majors in secondary education must also establish teaching majors in one of the academic departments of the col- lege. Since 1957 the department has offered gra- duate study and the Master of Arts Degree in Education. Sponsored through this department is the Student National Education Association for all education majors. Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society for students who plan to become public school teachers. JOHNFINLEYJR. Associate Professor of Education B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama WILLIAM H.WAITE Professor of Education A.B., University of Saskatchewan; M.A., University of Manitoba; Ph.D., University of Chicago WILLIAM J. MCILRATH Associate Professor of Psychology B.S., M.A., George Peabody College W.B. WOODWARD Associate Professor of Psychology A.B., Louisiana State College; Ed.M., University of South Carolina LULA R. WAY Associate Professor of Psychology B.S., M.A., George Peabody College; E 1. 1).. Michigan State University WILLIAM A. GRAHAM Associate Professor of Education B.S., Florence State College; M.A.. University of Alabama itk (MUTT ttmk) ! lit ml- w MRS. VIRGINIA LE MAY ADAMS Supervising Teacher B.S., Florence State College; M.A., University of Alabama SARAH ROLLINS LEWIS Supervising Teacher B.A.E., M.E., University of Missis- sippi ILA COX Supervising Teacher B.S., Florence State College; M.A George Peabody College KATHERINE FORNEY Supervising Teacher B.S., M.S., Iowa State College DONIE MAY LOWRY Supervising Teacher B.S., Florence State Col- lege; M.A., George Pea- body College DOROTHY MILLER Supervising Teacher B.S., Florence State Col- lege; M.A., George Pea- body College MRS. FLORA BELLE SMITH Supervising Teacher A.B., Henderson State Teachers Col- lege; M.A., George Peabody College FLORENCE STATE RICHARD W. BUNN Campus Security Officer MRS. CAROLYN A. BURCH Secretary to the Registrar MRS. MELVILLE BURNS Head Resident, O ' Neal Hall i BARBARA WADE COX PATRICIA ANN DAVIS Secretary, Department of Head Resident, Powers Hall Education MRS. DOROTHY ELLIOTT Secretary to the Registrar GILLUS L. EMMONS Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds H.J. ENGLISH Assistant Treasurer MRS. NOEL ENTZ Secretary, Speech and Hear- ing Center MRS. JANET FAUCETT Secretary to the Dean MRS.JOHNFINLEY.JR. Secretary to the Administra- tive Assistant to the Presi- dent MRS. MARTHA HENRY Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs MRS. W.H. GLENN Buildings Supervisor MRS. W.L. GRUBBS Receptionist, Student Union Building SUSAN HUGHES MRS. NELL INGRAM Head Resident, Men ' s New Head Resident, Florence Hall Hall MAUD HADDOCK MRS. HARRY HARPER Secretary, ROTC Department Secretary to the Director, Kilby School MRS. CAMILLA W. JOHNSON Secretary to the Registrar MRS. ESSIE KNIGHT RN, College Nurse COLLEGE STAFF MRS. MARY LAWLESS I Assistant Nurse MRS. BESS MC CRORY Curator of Museum MRS. W.F. MC FARLAND Head Resident, Keller Hall MRS. ADA RUTH MARKS Secretary to the Treasurer MRS. CURTIS O. MILLER Assistant to the Director, Student Union Building FAlCETl MRS. CAROLYN MORRISON Secretary to the Registrar RUItV H a . i, ft MRS. MARY ADDIS PEACOCK Secretary to the President MRS. EVA MUSE Secretary to the Adminis- trative Assistant to the President ANNE F. POPE Head Resident, Women ' s New Dormitory ROBERT GRAY NIXON, JR. Director of the News Service ROBERT LINDEN REEDER Assistant to the Director, Student Union Building MRS. L.A. QUINBY Dietitian, Kilby School J. THOMAS REEVE Director, Student Union Building GAIL PATRICK Secretary to the Registrar MRS. JEANETTE ROCHESTER Secretary to the Director, Student Union Building 00 I Ml MRS. SYBIL F. STEVENS Secretary to the Treasurer MRS. GEORGE TERRY Assistant to the Director, Student Union Building MRS. W.R. TIPTON Head Resident, ffillingham Hall MRS. THOMAS WALKER Switchboard Operator RAY WOODS Campus Security Officer , , SENIORS I Abercrombie, Kenneth; Loretto, Tennes- see: Business Administration; Econom- ics; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu. Abston, Roy; Florence: Physical Edu- cation; History; P.E. Club; Usher at Graduation. Adams, Janice Barbara; Double Springs: Business Administration; Sigma Tau Pi; ASEA; WSGA Representative; SGA Re- presentative; Summer Graduate. Aker, Gerald David; Florence: Business Administration; Sig- ma Tau Pi. L to R. Shirley Whisenant, Secretary-Treasurer; Dene Masterson, SGA representative; Jerry Danley, Reporter; Lisa Pickens, Vice-President; Sherrill Chaffin, President. Alldredge, Donald M.; Florence: Secon- dary Education; Cadet Officers Corps; KME. Alexander, Albert Kirk; Clanton: Chem- istry; Mathematics; F Club; Football; Summer Graduate. Allen, Jean Lela; Florence: Secondary Education; History; Biology; Kappa Delta Pi. 58 Ashley, Nelda Jane; Belgreen: English; Biology; Secondary Education; ASEA Reporter; English Club; Summer Grad- uate. Andrews, Walter Ray; Shef- field: Accounting; Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi; Circle K, Secretary-Treasurer. Bachuss, Greta; Savannah: Sec- ondary Education; English; Sig- ma Tau Pi; English Club; SAEA; Spanish Club; Flor-Ala; Choir; Dorm Officer. || Dink Baggett, Linda Thacker; Anderson: Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Treasurer; BSU. Baugh, Elizabeth Carol; Decatur: Ele- mentary Education; SNEA: DIORAMA Staff; Summer Graduate. Beard, June; Leoma, Tennessee: Chem- istry; Biology; American Chemical So- ciety. yaitoT MF W Benson, Delma Ruth; Rus- sellville: Biology; Sociol- ogy. Benson, Jerry Lecil ; Arley: Secondary Education, His- tory, Biology; Summer Graduate. Bevill, Gladys Brasfield; Parrish: Home Economics; Science; Home Economics Club; Summer Graduate. Bevill, Simmes Duval: Jasper: Physical Education; Business Administration; P.E. Club; Summer Graduate. r Blair, Sidney Eugene; Decatur: Chem- istry; Mathematics; American Chemi- cal Society; Foreign Cultures Club; Summer Graduate. Black, Janice Beth; Union Grove: Home Economics; Home Economics Club. fev- Blackwell, John Posey; Sheffield: Mathematics; Physics; Inter-Presidents Council; Cadet Officers Corps; President, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Boone, Bobby; Bragg City, Missouri: Chemistry; Biology; Tennis. Bonds, Margene Marie; Cullman; Ele- mentary Education; SGA; Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council; ASEA; Choir; Lutheran Student League; Library Science Club; President, Secretary, Lutheran Student League; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Florence State Honor Society; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- lege (1962-63); Treasurer, Junior; Leader- ship Retreat (1961, 1962); Steering Com- mittee, 1962; Second Vice-President, State SNEA; Junior Counselor; Presi- dent, Alpha Eplison Chapter, Alpha Beta Alpha. Bowers, John Allen; Wawa, Ontario: Language; Biology; Sigma Tau Delta; Summer Graduate; Foreign Cultures Club. 60 I Brazelton, John E.; Decatur: Accounting; History; Drill Team; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officers Corps, Finance Officer. Branum, Barbara Carol; Decatur: Ele- mentary Education; SAEA; Wesley Foundation. i 4 el a CU. Betherick, George W.: Cloverdale: Social Science; Alpha Psi Omega. Brown, Jimmie Little; Flo- rence: Business Adminis- tration; Chemistry; Sum- mer Graduate. Brown, Milton Wayne; Loretto, Tennessee; Business Adminis- tration; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu. M.- n: Brown, Rebecca Mae; Florence: Secre- tarial Science; Sociology;. Sigma Tau Pi; Summer Graduate. Bryan, William Harold; Gadsden: Physi- cal Education; History; PE Club; Chair- man of Committee during Rat Week. Billiard, Carolyn McRight; Florence: Secondary Education, English; Political Science; DIORAMA Staff, Faculty Editor; Student Union Board; Choir; Summer Graduate. Burch, Sherman Lyle; Hart- selle: Biology; Chemistry; Tri- Beta. Burleson, Alan Wilson; Decatur: English; History; English Club; Golf Team; Sigma Tau Delta; Athens College. Burleson, Harold Rex; Holly Pond: Bio- logy; Sociology. Burrow, Bill; Phil Campbell: Business Administration; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu. Burrow, Louise Ford; Double Springs: Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi; SNEA. Calvert, Mary Louise; Sheffield: Secon- dary Education, Biology, Sociology. oik UCkS Carpenter, Seymour Ben- nett, Jr.; Florence: Mathe- matics; Physics. Carter, Ronnie Lee; Florence: Mathe- matics; Chemistry; Kappa Mu Epsilon. Carter, Charlotte Jane; Nashville, Ten- nessee: Business Education; History; Choir; Wesley Foundation; Lionettes, Secretary-Treasurer 1961-62, President and Commander 1962-63. Chandler, Betty Jo; Vernon: English; Sociology; BSU; Executive Council; ASEA; English Club; Spanish Club, Secretary; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Sum- mer Graduate; S.G.A. Representative; Leadership Retreat; Dorm Officer. Chaffin, Sherrill; Florence: Mathema- tics; Chemistry; Physics; Cadet Offi- cers Corps; SGA, Vice President; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Leadership Retreat; Presi- dent Senior Class, 1963-64. 62 Chandler, William Bernard; Decatur: Accounting; Political Science; Alpha Chi; Summer Graduate. Childers, Wanda Lee; Hamilton: Busi- ness Education; English; Sigma Tau Pi; SAEA; Summer Graduate. Clemmons, Mary Carolyn; Florence: Elementary Edu- cation; Summer Graduate. Cloud, James R.; Sheffield: Art; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Pi; Student Art League, Publicity Chairman 1962-63, Vice-President 1963-64. hM Coats, Margaret Dobbs; Florence: Eng- lish; Political Science; Summer Grad- uate. Coffey, Jerry Clinton; Decatur: Finance; Accounting; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. Cofield, Jerry Stan; Florence: History; Music; Political Science; English; Sum- mer Graduate. i Collum, Carl Edward; Red Bay: Chemistry; Mathe- matics. Copeland, Edward L.; Tus- cumbia: Accounting; Psy- chology; BSU; Alpha Chi; Student Mental Health As- sociation, President; Col- legiate Civitan, Flor-Ala; Sigma Tau Pi. Cornhill, Martha Ann; Hartselle: Ele- mentary Education; SAEA; Library Sci- ence, Vice-President 1963-64; Dormi- tory Officer 1962-63; Inter-President ' s Council 1962-63; Leadership Retreat 1963-64; Alpha Epsilon Chapter, Alpha Beta Alpha. Crawford, Elizabeth L.; Tuscumbia: English; History. Creel, LaVon; Graysville: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Summer Grad- uate. Crockett, Claudie Wayne; Phil Campbell: Chemistry; Mathematics; Biology; Amer- ican Chemical Society; Foreign Cul- tures Club; Conservation Club, Vice- President; SGA Representative; Day Students; Pershing Rifles. Crocker, Arthur Gene; War- rior: Business Adminis- tration; Economics; SGA, Representative; F Club; Sigma Tau Pi; Basketball; Athletic Hall of Fame Com- mittee. Crowe, Brenda Joyce; Killen: English; Sociology. Crowder, Melba W.; Lawrenceburg, Tennessee: Elementary Education. Mi, Jw Biology. Daniel, Ann Terrah; Decatur: Elemen- tary Education; ASEA; Library Science Club; Westminster Fellowship, Secre- tary 1961-62; Outstanding Westminster Fellowship Member; Delegate to Lea- dership Retreat; Junior Counselor; WSGA, Representative. Culpepper, Mickey Eugene; Florence: Business Administration; History. Danley, Jerry J.; Florence: Political Science; Collegiate Civitan. 64 04Vtt. _- b Davis, James R.; Oakman: History; Biology. Dean, Edward Dale; Ath- ens: Mathematics; Ac- counting; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Ep- silon. Dollarhide, Cornelia Reding; Florence: Secondary Education, English; Library Science; ASEA; Wesley Foundation; En- glish Club; Library Science Club, Vice-President; Alpha Beta Alpha; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; YWCA, Repre- sentative; Summer Graduate. Doss, Judy Frazier; Double Springs: Music; Sociology; Band; Choir; MENC, Secretary; ASEA; YWCA; Honor So- ciety. Doss, Marcus Leon; Double Springs: Eng- lish; History; Rehearsal Club; English Club, Vice-President; Ushers Club; Sig- ma Tau Delta, President; Flor-Ala; Editor of Lights and Shadows; Inter- President ' s Council; BM Society. Drew, Marjorie L.; Ensley: Elementary Education; Canterbury, Vice-President; SAEA, Treasurer; Student Union Plan- ning Committee. Duffy, Phillip J.; New York City: Biology; His- tory; Geography; Newman Club; Inter-President ' s Council; Delta Tau Epsi- lon; Student Union Board; Newman Club, President 1961 to 1963; Delta Tau Epsilon, Historian 1962; DIORAMA Staff; Leader- ship Retreat; Summer Graduate. Durham, Roy Fred; Flo- rence: Biology; Chemis- try; ASC; Conservation Club; Summer Graduate. Eaves, Bobby Joe; Florence: Business Administration; Biology; Summer Grad- uate. ( w m Edwards, Jeffrey Mark; Vermilion, Ohio: Business Administration; Economics; BSU; Circle K, President; Society for the Advancement of Management, Presi- dent; Inter-President ' s Council, Presi- dent; SGA, Representative; Member Student Faculty Dinner; Leadership Retreat; " Leo " 1962-63; Member Turns Fiddler ' s Committee; Head Counselor, Men ' s New Hall; Summer Graduate. I Egan, Herman S., Jr.; Birmingham: Phy- sical Education; Biology; P.E. Club; Baseball. Egan, Mary Eileen; Florence: Art; So- ciology; Student Art League, Vice-Presi- dent; Newman Club, President; Kappa Pi; Art Fraternity; Library Assistant; Civinettes; Inter-President ' s Council; Delegate to Leadership Retreat; Social Chairman, Powers Hall; Women ' s Rifle Team; Lionettes; DIORAMA Staff, Art Editor; Eccumenical Committee; Sum- mer Graduate. 6 flaw, ia;Sde A5EV Elkins, Mildred; Wood- ville: Home Economics; Science; Home Economics Club, Secretary; Kitchen Delta Pi; Most Outstanding Member of Home Econom- ics Club. Estridge, Thomas Erwin; Montgomery: History; Education; Sociology; Collegiate Civitan, President; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; Inter-President ' s Council; Dorm Counselor. Evans, Lynne Evans; Tuscumbia: Secon- dary Education, History; Mathematics; DIORAMA Staff, Editor; WSGA Execu- tive Board; Inter-President ' s Council; Student Union Board; KME; Homecom- ing Dance Committee; Charm Week Chairman; Junior Counselor; Student Organizations Committee; Committee of One Hundred; ROTC Sponsor; Run- ner-up Homecoming Queen; Miss Charming Nominee; DIORAMA Beauty Nominee; Cheerleader; Leo ' s Loveliest. Ezzell, Joyce; Belgreen; Secondary Edu- cation; English; Sociology; Summer Graduate. Evans, Wynette Gail; Hackleburg: Ele- mentary Education. 66 Fairer, Lou M.; Tuscumbia: Biology; Chemistry. Florence, Rita; Decatur; Home Econom- ics; Science; Home Economics Club; ASEA; WSGA. Foote, Glenda Gale; Iuka, Mississippi: Business Ad- ministration; Mathematics; Foreign Cultures Club; Sigma Tau Pi; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. Foster, Marjorie Faye; Chero- kee: Elementary Education; SAEA; Student Union Planning Committee; WSGA. Foust, James Max; Lawrenceburg, Ten- nessee: Chemistry; Mathematics; Amer- ican Chemical Society; COC. Franklin, Clifton; Vina: Physical Edu- cation; Social Science. Franklin, Linda F.; Toney: Business Education; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi; West- minster Fellowship. Frederick, James Wayne; Winfield: Biology; History; Summer Graduate. Frederick, Linda Darnell; Florence: Biology; Eng- lish; German Club; Beta Beta Beta, Historian, Se- cretary; Kappa Delta Pi, Reporter; Sigma Tau Delta. Friel, Wayne; Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia: Physical Education; Political Science; P.E. Club; Track; Cross Country Track; Football. Garrard, Gus G.; Haleyville: Physical Education; Political Science; F Club; Conservation; Football. Gentry, Anita; Guntersville: Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club. Garth, Olivia Spencer; Florence: Eng- lish; Biology; Band; DIORAMA: In Beta; Outstanding Band Member 1963; Summer Graduate. into . akp:1 isO GUbreath, Charles Dennis; Mt. Hope: Biology; Chem- istry; Summer Graduate. Gilbert, Robert Clyde; Washington. D.C.: History; Chemistry. Glasgow, Geraldine; Hartselle: Busi- ness Education; History; Sigma Tau Pi; Inter-President ' s Council; WSGA; Presi- dent of Dorm; Wesley Fellowship. Goodlett, George Lee; Decatur: Account- ing; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu; ROTC Drill Team. Goggans, Mary Annis; Hamilton: Busi- ness Education; Engineering; SAEA; Sigma Tau Pi; Wesley Foundation; Sum- mer graduate. 68 Graben, Rita Sue; Florence: Business Education; English; Sigma Tau Pi; SGA, Representative. I " - b Graham, Nary Ann; Moulton: Art; So- ciology; Home Economics; Home Eco- nomics Club; Student Art League. Graves, Donald W.; Flo- rence: Chemistry. Green, Patsy Jo; Tuscumbia: Elementary Education; AWC, Secretary-Treasurer; SNEA; Summer Graduate. Griffith, Mary Nell; Sheffield: Busi- ness Education; History; Sigma Tau Pi. Grissett, Shirley Lansdell; Town Creek: English; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Del- ta Pi. Grissett, William Robert; Florence: Math- ematics; Physics; Kappa Mu Epsilon. Gullett, Larry Lee; Tus- cumbia: Chemistry; Biol- ogy; DIORAMA, Business Manager; Tri-Beta. Gunn, Alice; Huntsville: Business Education; En- glish; Sigma Tau Pi, Vice- President 1963-64; SAEA, Secretary 1963-64; SGA, Vice-President Summer 1963; Young Republicans Club, Secretary 1963-64; Best Production Typist Award 1963; Top Ten DIORAMA Beauty; Lea- dership Retreat; Summer . Graduate. Gurley, Alberta D.; Cornith, Mississippi: English, Business Education; ASEA; Young Republicans; Sigma Tau Pi. r jt?% Halcomb, Mary Nell; Vina: Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club; WSGA, SGA, SAEA, Wesley Foundation; Home Economics Club, Treasurer 1962-63. Hanson, James A.; Florence: Secondary Education; Social Science; Biology. Hanback, Carolyn Joan; Collinwood, Tennessee: Home Economics; Home Economics Club. Harwell, Barbara Dean; Burnsville, Mississippi: Music; Transfer, Memphis State University Glee Club; String Ensemble; University and Music Edu- cation Orchestras; French Club; Modern Dance Club; BSO, Assistant, Circula- tion; Entre; Nous Social Club Chaplain, Treasurer, Vice-President; Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs State Scholarship; Beetho- ven Club Memorial Schol- arship. I yd, J tor CUt. Seen HBClftk Hawkins, Jesse Lee; Tuscumbia: His- tory; English; Psychology. Hasting, Charles David; Clarksdale, Mississippi: Business Administration; F Club; Tennis Team. Henderson, Sandra Jo; Hanceville: Ele- mentary Education; SEA. Henderson, James Ralph; Decatur: Math- ematics; Chemistry; Cadet Officers Corp.; Summer Graduate. 70 Hendrix, William Adrian; Vinemont: Biology; Art; Conservation Club; Stu- dent Art League; Summer Graduate. h , Henkel, Betty A.; Loretto, Tennessee: Biology; Home Economics; Newman Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Home Eco- nomics Club. Herring, William A., Jr.; Sheffield: History; Polit- ical Science. Hess, William Dale; Florence: Accounting; Econo mics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Young Democrats. ... Hill, James Edward; Guin: Biology. Hilton, Barbara Gay; Muscle Shoals City: Art; Psychology; Choir; Art League; Summer Graduate. Hipps, Rita M.; Florence: Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi; Home Economics Club; Sigma Tau Pi, Vice- President, Reporter. Holden, Elna Carole; St. Joseph, Tennessee: Home Economics; Home Econom- ics Club. Hindman, Marion Dell; Bradenton, Florida: Business Administration; Eco- nomics; Sigma Tau Pi; Society for Advancement of Management; Student Coach for Football and Scout. Holley, Hillman Johnson; Florence: Mathematics; Physics; Pershing Rifles; Cadet Officers Corp; Kapha Mu Epsilon, Vice-President; Vice-President Sopho- more Class. Hopkins, Brenda Marie; Huntsville: Business Education; English; Choir, Student Counselor; Sigma Tau Pi; Kitchen Delta Pi; Summer Graduate. Hudson, Norman Michael; Jasper: His- tory; Geography. Hughes, Emily Jane; Cherokee: Ele- mentary Education; Library Science; Westminster Fellowship; SAEA; Alpha Beta Alpha. Cllv: bl Irvin, Rebecca Fay; Sul- ligent: Elementary Educa- tion; Library Science Alpha Beta Alpha, Trea surer 1963-64; SAEA; Wes ley Foundation. Jackson, Brenda Sue; Tuscumbia: Secre- tarial Science; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi; Junior Counselor 1961-63; BSU. Johnson, Leonard Gene; Muscle Shoals City; Secondary Education, History; Political Science. Jones, Joseph Barry; Lyons, Georgia: Physical Education; Biology; Cadet Officers Corps; Football. Jones, James H.; Florence: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; ROTC Coffee Club; Summer Graduate. 72 Jones, Nathaniel; Tuscumbia: Account- ing; History; Summer Graduate. 1 II Jordan, Carolyn Rose; Muscle Shoals City: Secondary Education, History; English. Kelley, Nancy Hale; Shef- field: English; Art; Flor- Ala Editor, Associate Edi- tor; Inter-President ' s Coun- cil; DIORAMA Staff; Sum- mer Graduate. Kelso, Benny L.; Florence: Chemistry; Biology. V.. . U torn, bur, Kimbrough, Wyvonne Lacks; Tuscumbia: Business Education; English; BSU; Sigma Tau Pi; ASEA; WSGA Repre- sentative; English Club. King, Harry M.; Florence: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Cadet Offi- cers Corps; BSU. Knight, Elmer L.; Meridan, Mississippi: Social Science; Biology; Football. i .too Kotthoff, Barbara J.; Flo- rence: History; Political Science; Newman Club; Sigma Sigma Kappa. Kyle, Mary Florence; Flor- ence: Elementary Educa- tion; Geography. Lamon, Lynda Freeman; Sulligent: Elementary Education; Library Science; Wesley Foundation, Secretary; SAEA; Library Science Club; WSGA Repre- sentative; Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Class Vice-President; SGA Representa- tive; Wesley Choir; Junior Counselor; Dorm Officer; Outstanding Member of Library Science Club 1962. Landers, Willard O ' Neal; Sheffield: Mathematics; Business Administration; COC; F Club; Rifle Team. Lemmond, Myrie Lindsey; Somerville: Physical Education; Physical Education Club; Baseball; Cross Country Track; Summer Graduate. Lindley, Connie Ray; Falkville: Ele- mentary Education. i tion. Lindley, Leilani Kay; Falk- ville: Elementary Educa- Logan, Jerry Talmage; Huntsville: Busi- ness Administration; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi. Littrell, Betty Gay; Loretto, Tennessee: Social Science; History; Home Eco- nomics Club; Wesley Fellowship. Long, James Bradley; Savannah, Ten- nessee: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi, Collegiate Civitan. Logan, Stephen J.; Haleyville: Physical Education; Secondary Education; F Club Officer; Football. 74 Lackey, Carl Freeman, Jr.; Florence: Pre- Med, Chemistry, Biology; American Chemical Society; Beta Beta Beta Vice- President 1963-64, President of Western District of Southeast Region 1963-64; DIORAMA Editor 1963-64; Most Out- standing Member of Beta Beta Beta 1962- 63;Nominee for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council 1963-64. I A Mi . mm McCallie, Dorothy Willis; Stevenson: Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Inter-President ' s Council; Kappa Omicron Phi President; Kappa Delta Pi. McCord, Robert Warren; Sheffield: Biology; His- tory; Cadet Officers Corps; Summer Craduate. McLemote, Hayward Don; De- catur; Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Circle K; Sigma Tau Pi. lr:Bw McMasters, Ronnie Jackson; Loretto, Tennessee: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council; Alpha Chi President. McWilliams, Patricia Carol; Tuscumbia: Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Inter-President ' s Council; WSGA House Chairman; Leadership Retreat; Home Economics Vice-President, Pres- ident; Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice-Presi- dent; Miss Charming Court; Homecom- ing Queen Nominee; Summer Graduate. Manley, Brenton; Florence: Accounting; History; F Club; Alpha Chi; Baseball. Mann, Cyril Iris; Tuscum- bia: English; History; 1 .nin- eties: Art League; Flor- Ala; DIORAMA. Mann, Gary Dale; Hunts- ville: Business Administra- tion; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Collegiate Civitan; Society for Advancement of Management; Choir; Sigma Tau Pi Publicity Chairman. Marbutt, James Arnold; Red Bay: Busi- ness Administration; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Society for Advancement of Management. rv Marks. Gerald W.l Florence: Business Administration; Chemistry; Sigma Tau Pi; American Chemical Society. Martindale. Larry Bernard: Florence: Accounting: Economics; Alpha Chi; Vice-President. Masterson, Dene; Leighton: Secondary Education, Mathematics, Chemistry; WSGA President; SGA; Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council; American Chemical Society; ASEA; Dorm President. Hftd Pi: Sum 11 May, Charles David; Clo- verdale: Business Admin- istration; Political Science; Sigma Tau Pi; Choir; Young Democrats Club. Meherg, Elizabeth Hill; Florence: Ele- mentary Education; Jr. Counselor. Meadows, Mary Lou Hester; Tuscumbia: Elementary Education; WSGA; ASEA; Home Economics Club; Dorm Officer. Miller, Gilbert Douglas; Huntsville: Phy- sical Education; Sociology; Young Republicans; Physical Education Club; Sigma Tau Sigma; Delta Tau Eplison, President, Vice-President, Social Chair- man, Program Chairman; Football. Meherg, James Daniel; Florence: Secon- dary Education. English; History; Sigma Tau Delta. 76 Miller, Glenn; Anniston: Art; Speech; Transfer, Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia; Summer Graduate. Milligan, Charles MacArthur; Sheffield: Business Administration; Sigma Tau Pi; Summer Graduate. Mills, Judy; Tuscumbia: Business Education; Biol- ogy; Sigma Tau Pi, Presi- dent; Secretary-Treasurer Dorm; Leadership Retreat; Summer Graduate. Miner, Faye Olivia; Florence: English; Sociology; Psychology; Foreign Cultures Club Vice- President; English Club. b Mitchell, Thomas Don; Sheffield: logy; Chemistry. Bio Mixon, Wynette Norton; Vernon: Ele- mentary Education; Library Science; Summer Graduate. Mobley, Kenneth Jerry; Vinemont: Bio- logy; History; Conservation Club. Montgomery, Paul D.; De- catur: Social Science; En- glish; Circle K; Cadet Offi- cers Corps. Moebes, Jerry Woodrow; Decatur: Biology; Chemis- try; Cadet Officers Corps; American Chemical So- ciety. Moore, David L.; Florence: Biology; Geography; Summer Graduate. Mr- Moreno, Herman; Bogota, Colombia, South America: History; Spanish and French; Sigma Kappa. Ushers Club; Honor Roll 1963. Morris, Dana Ruth; Falkville, Alabama: Secondary Education; English; Wesley Member, Wesley Choir Member, A.S.E.A., English Club, Sigma Sigma Kappa, Dorm Treasurer; Summer Graduate. Murrah, Edna Aleene; Corinth, Missis- sippi: Physical Education; P.E. Club. Myers, John Allen; Flor- ence, Alabama: Social Sci- ence; Speech and Dramatic Arts. Myers, John Lawrence; Sipsey, Alabama: Political Science; History; Circle K, Del- ta Tau Epsilon; Summer Graduate. Myers, Joyce Yvonne; Florence, Alabama: Secondary Education; English and Sociology; Spanish Club, Spanish Club Reporter, Sigma Tau Delta. Newton, Grant William; Lexington, Ala- bama: Finance and Accounting; Eco- nomics; Alpha Chi, Sigma Alpha Mu, Presiden t Alpha Chi, Vice-President Sigma Alpha Mu. Nelson, Helen Annette; Florence, Ala- bama: Physical Education; P.E. Club, W.S.G.A., Kitchen Delta Pi, B.S.U., Kitchen Delta Pi Secretary. 78 Neyman, Mary {Catherine; Scottsboro, Alabama: Elementary Education; Lionetts, Library Science Club, S.A.E.A.; Summer Graduate. 4 Nicholson, Fred R.; Sheffield: Chemis- try; Biology: Band: American Chemical Society. Nielsen, Philip Gregory; Sheffield: Accounting; Eco- nomics; Delta Tau Epsilon Vice President; Alpha Chi; Track and Hockey at Ohio University. Nixon, Alan C; Huntsville: History; Political Science; Span- ish Club; Cadet Officers Corps; Track; Cross Country Track. -,- Hm. cm b|Uud C wkCU Nolen, Peggy Sue; Sulligent: Home Eco- nomics; Home Economics Club; SAEA: WSGA; Wesley Foundation; Home Eco- nomics Club Parliamentarian. Odom, Peggy Joan; Parrish: Secondary Education. Biology; Political Science: ASEA; Senior Class Secretary. Osborn, Raymond Wayne; Lawrence- burg. Tennessee: Accounting; Econo- mics; Alpha Chi. Ouens. Margaret Sue; Tus- cumbia: Elementary Edu- cation; DIORAMA Staff, Civinettes President; Inter- President ' s Council; Jun- ior Counselor; Most Out- standing Member DIORAMA 1962-63. Pardue, Frances; Florence: ; Elementary Education. Parker, Carl Hansel; Mouton: Chemistry: Biology: Circle K: American Chemical Society; Conservation Club; Baseball. (rf Patterson, Judy . ayne.Hartselle: Home Economics; Genera] Science; Home Eco- nomics Club; ASEA; BSU; YWA Mis- sons Chairman; Hall President. Payne, Phyllis Laverne; Section: Elemen- tary Education; SAEA; BSU. Penn, Hugh Franklin, Jr.; Hartselle: Secondary Education, Psychology; Politi- cal Science; History; BSU; Sigma Sigma Kappa; SNEA. Pennington, Billy Ray; Vernon: Physical Educa- tion; Biology; P.E. Club. Mini SCM lea I lures. In ' " ' U;lnw kappiWu Tin Mi ' an, Perry, Nan Elizabeth; Huntsville: Ele- mentary Education; SEA; Young Demo- crats; BSU. Phillips, Brenda Carol; Sheffield: Secon- dary Education, English; Art; Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council; Student Union Board Corresponding Secretary; Young Demo- crats Secretary; Dorm Treasurer; Zeta Club; Women of the Year 1962; Home- coming Committee; Cheerleader; Miss Charming Nominee; DIORAMA Beauty Nominee; Leadership Retreat; Rat Week Committee Chairman; Publicity Chair- man Religious Emphasis Week; BSU; Junior Counselor; Baccalaureate Usher; Social Chairman of New Dorm; Head Cheerleader 1963-64. Phillips, Earl Edward, Jr. Florence: Art; Business Education; Student Art League; Summer Graduate. Phillips, James If.; Bear Creek: Secon- dary Education, Biology; English; Sum- mer Graduate. 80 Phillips, Nina; Greenville, Kentucky: Home Economics; Art. Pickens, Lisa Alice; Sheffield, Alabama; Political Science; History and English; Westminster Fellowship, Foreign Cul- tures, Inter-Presidential Council, W.S.- G.A.; Westminster Fellowship, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President, Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President; Honor So- ciety. Pitts, William Newt; Flo- rence, Alabama; Account- ing; Economics; Student Union Board, Student Gov- ernment Republic, Alpha Chi. Plunkett, Joe Laurence; Law- renceburg. Tennessee; Account- ing; Economics; Alpha Chi. Wkhm i n MW In Bond . - .4 km - -,..-, Zru B ftfc lr.Tg.RilM NMj Cte- Mi I BSl; tm UK NnDnJtid Price, Carol Anne; Huntsville, Alabama; Home Economics; Science; Home Eco- nomics Club, A.S.E.A.. Young Demo- crats, Home Economics Club President, Kappa Omicron Phi: Historian. Trea- surer, Guard. Kappa Delta Pi, Diorama Beauty, Top 10 Homecoming Finalist. Interpresidents Council, Dormitory Board. Delegate Leadership Retreat. Puckett,John David; Harts- ville, Alabama: Physical Education; History; Physi- cal Education Club, Cadet Officers Corps; Physical Education Club President. Scholarship Leader. Price, Josephine Connell; Dennis, Missis- sippi; Elementary Education; Transfer; Freed-Hardeman; F.H.C., Girls Reli- gious Training Class; President, Phi Kappa Alpha Social Club, S.N.E.A., Student Council Member. Putnam, Janie Richardson; Florence, Alabama: Ele- mentary Education; Li- brary Science; A.S.E.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Arriety Library Science Club. Proctor, Margaret Bedford; Sheffield. Alabama; English; Library Science; Canterbury Club. Library Science Club. Interpresidents Council, Choir. Canter- bury Club; Secretary ' 59. Vice President ' 60. Library Science Secretary ' 61; Vice President ' 62. R.E.W. Committee. ' 60 Charm Week Committee. Quinby, Hetty Mapes; Flo- rence, Alabama: Secondary- Education; English; Eng- lish Club: English Club: Secretary. Ra luay, George Ann; Athens: Home Economics: Home Economics Club; Student Union Board. Rains, Thomas Carson; Albertville: Natural Science; Mathematics; Cadet Officer Corp; Basketball; Usher for Graduation. Raley, Linton Lanson; Owens Cross Roads; History; Business; Collegiate Civitan; Football. I lb ;. nits; Ok Ray, Daniel W ' .; W est Blocton: Chemistry; Bio- logy: Beta Beta Beta Presi- dent: American Chemical Society Secretary-Treasur- er: Inter-President ' s Coun- cil; Who Who Committee; Turris Fidelis Committee; Leadership Retreat. Sum- mer Graduate. Riddell, Scottie Robertson; Florence: BSU; Riddle, Carol Ann; Loretto, Tennessee: Elementary Education; SAEA, President; Newman Club Vice-President; Honor Society; Kappa Delta Pi. Roberson, Terry Don; St. Joseph. Tennes- see: Accounting; Economics; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi Treasurer. Roberson, Spencer Mark; Lexington: Marketing; Retaining: Economics: Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sigma Alpha Mu Secretary: Westminster Fellowship Treasurer. 82 Robinson, Janet Corry; Florence: Ele- mentary Education; WSGA Vice-Presi- dent; Secretary of Dorm; Junior Coun- selor: Freshman Guide. k Robinson, Laura Alice; Sulligent: Mathe- matics; Chemistry; American Chemical Society. Summer Graduate. Roby, Rolland; Eldridge: r- toMRC . lrYn A Russell, Margaret Jeanne; Ste- venson: Physical Education; Social Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa; PE Club; Sigma Sigma Kappa President; PE Club Reporter; Dorm Vice-President; Inter-President ' s Council; Home- coming Queen 1963. Rymer, Norris Copeland; Sheffield: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. Sanders, Samuel L.; Tuscumbia: Biology; Chemistry; Circle K; American Chemi- cal Society. Saxon, Betty Carol; Moulton: Mathe- matics; Biology; Sociology; Beta Beta Beta; Historian. Scott, Doris Elaine; Rogers- ville: Home Economics; Home Economics Club; Lionettes. Scott, James Kenneth; New Market: History; Chemis- try; Cadet Officers Corps; Collegiate Civitan Vice- President; Pershing Rifles Platoon Leader; Young Republicans Club; Kitchen Delta Pi. Sedenquist, John Charles; Florence: Business Administration; Collegiate Civ- itan; Student Union Board; President; Sigma Tau Pi; Alpha Chi; Westminister Fellowship; Young Democrats. Shelnut, Charles A.; Guin: Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics; American Chemi- cal Society. Summer Graduate. Short, David H.; Florence: Secondary Education. Music; Band; Cadet Officers Corps. Skipworth, Donald F.; Flo- rence: Mathematics; Phy- sics; Cadet Officers Corps. Smaltwood, Lethian; Decatur: Physical Education. Smith, Harry Lee; Florence: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Football. Smith, Dan Christopher; Birmingham: Cadet Officers Corp; Sigma Tau Pi; Young Republicans. Simpson, Orville; Florence: History; Pol- itical Science. Smith, Bobby Glenn; Florence: Market- ing and Retailing; History. Smith, Jimmy H.; Cullman: Physical Education; Business; Sigma Tau Pi; Track. 84 " . H Smith, Sammie Coy; Cloverdale, Ala bama: Math and Chemistry. Smithers, Terry Harold; Bridgetor, Missouri: Ac- counting; History; Band, Alpha Chi, Young Repub- licans, Social Science Club, Foreign Cultures Club, Us- hers Club. Spahn, Robert James; Florence. Alabama: History; Political Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa. C.O.C., Sigma Sigma Kappa Recorder. C.O.C. Sgt. at Arms. ; M Sparkman, Wanda P.; Tuscumbia, Ala- bama: Elementary Education. Summer Graduate. Stearns, Georgia: Gwendolyn Annette; Monroe, Art, History; Lionetts ' 61 ' 62. Stewart, Robert Cyrus; Florence, Ala- bama. Stuber, Joy M.; Pulaski, Tennessee: Social Science; Library Science. Summer Graduate. Tapscott, James William; Decatur, Alabama: Physi- cal Education; Physical Education Club, Cadet Officers Corps. Taylor, Donald Boyd; Jasper, Alabama: Biology and Physical Education; Con- servation Club; Physical Education Club. Taylor, Donald Lance: Huntsville. Ala bama: English; History. i Taylor, Max Gene; Killen. Alabama: Math: Chemistry: American Chemical Society, Young Democrats, Cadet Offi- cers Corps. Terry, Douglas P.; Courtland. Alabama: Accounting; American Chemical So- ciety, Alpha Chi. Summer Graduate. rufcfe Scieoc -; B Thomas, David Ernest; Huntsville, Alabama: Phy- sical Education; Biology; Football. Thompson, Bettye Sue; Tuscumbia, Alabama: Secondary Education. Summer Graduate. Thome, Elba hue; Tuscumbia, Alabama: Math and Chemistry; American Chemi- cal Society; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon Secretary-Treasurer, ' 62, ' 63, ' 64, Leadership Retreat ' 62, ' 63. Thrasher, Anita; Rogersville, Alabama: Home Economics; Science; Home Eco- nomics Club; Transfer Snead Jr. College, President Home Economics Club, Cheer- leader, Dramatics Club. Tidmore, Joyce Nell; Arab, Alabama: History: Sociology: B.S.U.. Young Wo- men Association, Sigma Sigma Kappa, B.S.U. Executive Council. 86 Trimm, Robert Alan; Sulligent, Ala- bama: Secondary Education; Biology and Physical Education; Physical Edu- cation Club; Vice-President Physical Education Club; Conservation Club. Cnfak Tucker, Ted Freeman; Cullman: Social Science; Biology. Turnbow, Frankie Lee; Jasper: Mathematics; Psy- chology; Kappa Mu Epsi- lon; Wesley Foundation. Turpen, Wanda; Florence: Ele- mentary Education; Wesley Foundation; Library Science Club; WSGA Representative; ASEA. A i I 1m .- % Uptain, Howell M.; Jasper: Secondary Education, History; Sociology; SAEA. Walker, Mary Kathryn; Vinemont: Busi- ness Education; Wesley Fellowship; Wesley Choir; Floor President. Wallace, Frankie; Cherokee: Business Administration; Marketing and Retail- ing; Sigma Tau Pi; Collegiate; Jaycees President; Rifle Team. v ; ' ' : ' III J .,.. Ph-ical 0 I jut. Watkins, Larry W.; Flo- rence: Political Science; Social Science; Collegiate Civitan; Pershing Rifles; Fourth Regional Chaplain 1961-62 Pershing Rifles. Summer Graduate. Wear, Favil L.; Bridgeport; Chemistry; Biology; Ameri- can Chemical Society Vice- President; Conservation Club; Football. Weatherbee, Doris Ann; Cleveland, Ohio: Political Science; History; Sigma Sigma Kappa; President; Kappa Delta Presi- dent; SAEA Vice-President; Inter- President ' s Council; Young Republicans. Wells, Ann Kent; Russellville: Elemen- tary Education. Summer Graduate. A Wells, George L.; Decatur: Accounting: Eng lish: Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Sigma Alpha Mu; F Club; Baseball. West, James Byron; Sylvania: Physical Education; Sociology; F. Club; PE Club; Basketball. Wall West, William Riley; Win- field: Biology; Phychology; Beta Beta Beta. Whalen, Rexell Howard; Haley ville: Political Science; Biology; Cadet Offi- cers Corps; Conservation Club Vice- President; Flor-Ala Editorial Editor. Whisenant, Shirley Anne; Arab: Social Science; Library Science; ASEA; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Society; Vice-President Willingham Hall, Hall President. Program Chairman, Alpha Eplison Charter, Alpha Beta Alpha. Secretary. White, John Harvey; Florence: English; Business Administration. Whitaker, Mary; Section: Art; Political Science; Student Art League; Kappa Kappa Pi. Summer Graduate. 88 White, Malcolm Andrew; Adamsville: Social Science; Business Administration; Wesley Foundation; Circle K; Flor- Ala Business Manager: Cadet Officers Corps; The Lion Gridiron Editor. Sum- mer Graduate. ] R ' ftk White, Nelda Patricia; Double Springs: Business History. White, Sidney R.; Rogersville: Accounting; Economics; Ca- det Officers Corps; Alpha Chi; Society for Advancement of Management Treasurer. A U Vlll W: : Sipiu .-, PI H..h u Whitten, Witburn Larry; Flo- rence: Accounting; Economics; Cadet Officers Corp; Alpha Chi; Baseball. I ; Ill Williams, Barbara Brewster; Florence: Elementary Education; SNEA; BSU: Day Student Organization; Flor-Ala; DIO- RAMA Staff; Leadership Retreat; Com- mittee of One Hundred; Junior Counse- lor; Miss Charming Nominee. Williams, Larry James; Decatur: Busi- ness Administration; Economics. Willingham, Elaine N. Compton; Flo- rence: Geography; Sigma Sigma Kappa. Wilson, Jo Ann; Hodges: Home Economics; Home Economics Club. Summer Graduate. Winslett, Fred N .; Florence: Social Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; Baseball. Winn, Rachel Elizabeth; Florence: Biology; Chemis- try; Spanish Club Presi- dent, Secretary-Treasurer; Canterbury Club Vice- President; Secretary; Beta Beta Beta. ' Wilt, Rex Jeron; Hatlun: Accounting; Economics; Alpha Chi; Circle K; Sigma Tau Pi: Alpha Chi Secretary. Summer Graduate. Wood, Delores Wag ion; Florence: Se- condary Education, English: Art; Eng- lish Club Treasurer; Student Art League; Sigma Tau Delta; Flor-Ala Reporter. Wooldridge, Donovan Rell; Hackleburg: Chemistry; Biology; Cadet Officers Corps; American Chemical Society; Foreign Cultures Club. Wright. William L.; Rus- sellville: Physical Educa- tion; Sociology. Wroten, Milton P.; Muscle Shoals City: Business Administration; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi. Wooten. Barbara Joan; Russellville: English; Sociology; Lionettes; English Club, Sigma Sigma Kappa; ASEA; Dorm Social Chairman; DIORAMA Staff. Black, Bradley Marvin; Chester, Massa- chusetts: Secondary Education. P.E., English; " F " Club; Wesley Foundation; P.E. Club; Circle K; Flor-Ala Staff; SGA Treasurer; C.O.C.; Cross Country (2) (3); Leadership Retreat Steering Committee; Homecoming Committee (3). Wyers, Patricia Carole; Eldridge: Ele- mentary Education: Young Democrats; NEA; Band: O ' Neal Hall Vice President. Summer Craduate. ,l r MiGt : EDUCATION IS THE PRELUDE TO THE CONQUEST OF IGNORANCE. 91 (I 92 UNDERCLASSMEN Abdul-Hadi, Maryola; Soph Florence Abemathy. Robert: Fr Florence Abney, Chris; Soph LaFayette, Georgia Adams, Rita; Fr Decatur Adams, Winky; Jr Sheffield Adkins, Frank; Fr Florence Akin. Barbara; Fr Leighton Aldridge. Brenda; Jr Hartselle Aldridge. Charles; Fr Winfield Aldridge, Gloria; Fr Cullman Aldridge, Kathleen; Fr Decatur Allen. Ellen; Soph Huntsville Allen, Evelyn; Fr Hamilton Allen, Patricia; Jr Boaz Allen. Dennis; Fr Huntsville Allen, Robert; Fr Harvest Allen. Sylvia; Fr Sheffield Allison. Edward; Soph Stevenson Allison, Jane; Soph Paint Rock Alsdorf, Judith; Fr Pomparo Beach, Florida Anderson, Geraldine; Fr Huntsville Andres. Beverly; Jr Huntsville Andrews. Robert; Jr Sheffield Armstrong, James; Jr Red Bay Armstrong. Judy; Jr Red Bay Arsement. Linda; Fr Huntsville Aston, Morris; Jr Winfield Atwell. Sherry; Soph Sheffield Bachuss. Douglas; Soph Savannah, Tenn. Bailes, Brenda; Fr Florence Bailey, Charles; Soph Arab Bailey. Johnny; Fr Ellemont Baker, Carolyn; Fr Tuscumbia Bald, Gaylor; Fr Cherokee Bald, Nancy; Jr Cherokee Banks, Mary Fran; Jr , Florence Banks. Mike; Soph Florence Barnes. Kenneth; Soph Vernon Barnett, Huey; Soph Florence Barnett, Joel; Soph Tuscumbia Bassham, Linda; Fr Loretto, Tenn. Batchelor, Evelyn; Soph Haleyville Bates, Bobby; Fr Athens Battcher, James; Jr St. Petersburg, Florida Battcher, John; Jr St. Petersburg, Florida 1 WC , - Beams, Polly; Soph Decatur Bean, Jere; Fr Winchester, Tenn. Beard, Lenda; Fr Florence Beauchamp, Annell; Jr Brillant Benson, Rodney; Jr Sheffield Behel, Reeder; Fr Florence Belew, Anitia; Jr Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Belew, Bobby; Soph Loretto, Tenn. Bell, Melessa; Soph Tuscumbia Belue, Larry; Fr Cherokee Benefield, Wayne; Soph Fort Payne Bennett, Dan; Fr Birmingham Bethune, Beth; Jr Decatur Bevill, Hazel; Jr Langston Bevis, Jimmy; Fr Florence Bevis, Julia; Soph Florence Bevis, Linda; Fr Florence Biles, Tommy; Fr New Market Bilstein, Teresa; Soph Florence Bishop, Doris; Fr Russellville Bishop, Quentin; Jr Haleyville Bunny, George P.; Sr New Orleans, La. Black, Bryan; Fr Chester, Massachusetts Black, Patricia; Fr Hartselle Blankenship, LaRuth; Fr Huntsville Blankenship, Leverette; Soph Decatur Blaxton, Titus; Fr Moulton Blaxton, William; Fr Sheffield Bledsoe, Larry; Fr Huntsville Bloss, Amanda; Fr Florence Bobo, Betty; Fr Florence Bobo, Jr Florence Bodley, Virginia; Soph Hartselle Bolding, Brenda; Fr Red Bay Bolding, John; Fr Cherokee Bolding, Faye; Fr Red Bay Bolthouse, John; Fr Huntsville Send me in coach! I don ' t smoke. It ' s about 14 miles up the Chisholm highway. Bolton, James; Fr Russellville Bone, Angela; Fr Tuscumbia Bonner, Martha; Soph Scottsboro Booth, William; Fr Hartselle Borden, Royce; Fr Trinity Bosworth, Barbara; Jr Trussville Bosworth. William; Fr Trussville Boyd, Richard; Jr Waynesboro, Tenn. Bradbary. John; Jr Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Bradford, James; Jr Athens Bradley, Steve, Soph Florence Bramlett, Coy; Soph Arab Bramlett, Jimmy; Soph Lacey Springs Bramlett, Sandra; Jr Lacey Springs Bramlett, Troy; Jr Arab Brandon, Raymond; Fr Scottsboro Breland, Ernest; Soph Tuscumbia Brewer, Jasper; Jr Iron City, Tenn. Broadway, Anita; Fr Huntsville Broderick. Linda; Soph Port Charlotte, Florida Brooke, Ronny; Soph Fayette Brown, Charles; Jr Florence Brown, Freda; Fr Cullman Brown, Frederick; Soph Bear Creek Brown, James; Soph Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Brown, Jerry; Fr Loretto, Tenn. Brown, Joseph; Fr Cullman Brown, Vernon; Fr Florence Browning, Pamela; Jr Decatur Browning, Rebekah; Fr Booneville, Mississippi Bruce, Farrol; Fr Boaz Bruce, Foch; Jr Athens Brust, Mary; Fr Munroe Falls, Ohio Bryant, Dennis; Soph Sheffield Buff, Jimmy; Soph Section BuUard, Linda; Fr Hanceville I i Bullock, George; Soph Birmingham Bumpus, Ronald; Fr Clinton, Tenn. Burden, Judy; Fr Baileyton Burgreen, Jane; Fr Athens Burks, David; Fr Moulton Burleson, Frances; Jr Guin I only have two hands. Burleson, Larry; Jr Hamilton Burnell, James; Jr Russellville Burns, Carolyn; Fr Hartselle Burns, Johnny; Soph Russellville Busby, Philip; Fr Parrish Butler, Ann Marie; Fr Huntsville Buttram, Mary; Fr Bessemer Bull, Pamelia; Jr Florence Bynum, Martha; Soph Town Creek Cagle, Carolyn; Fr Rogersville Call, Eugenia; Soph Cullman Calvert, Raymond; Soph Tuscumbia Campbell, Doris; Fr Athens Campbell, Lydia; Fr Rogersville Campbell, Ray; Jr Hatton Cantrell, Charles; Jr Hamilton Cargile, James; Fr Fayette Carl, Don; Jr Florence Carlin, Allen; Fr Muscle Shoals City Carlton, Mary; Jr Guntersville Carmack, Mary; Fr Florence Carp, Leslie; Fr Ramsey A.F.B., Puerto Rico Carpenter, Toby; Fr Florence Carter, Martha; Fr Russellville Cartron, Clem; Soph Cullman Castell, Judy; Soph Florence Cataldo, Stanley; Jr Birmingham Caten, Patty; Soph Birmingham Cathey. Lee; Jr Huntsville Caudill, Lynita; Fr Sheffield Chaffin. Bob; Fr Huntsville Chandler, Patricia; Fr Huntsville Childers, James; Fr Eva Chipolet, Rachel; Soph Leighton Chynoweth, Russell; Soph Florence Clark. Betty; Jr Leoma. Tenn. Clark, Lana; Soph Hamilton Clement. Beverly; Soph Sheffield Clemmons, BiUy; Fr Lexington demons, Brenda; Fr Decatur Coan, Edith; Jr Fitzgerald. Georgia Cochran. Helga: Jr Killen Cochran. Lila; Fr Killen Cochran, Ralph: Fr Florence Cockrell, Mary; Fr Decatur Cofield, James: Jr Bexan Cole, Betty; Fr Anderson Cole, Mary: Fr Vernon Collier. Virginia: Fr Jacksonville. Florida folium. Larry: Fr Tuscumbia Colvin, Patricia; Fr Hamilton Comer. Brenda: Fr Florence Compton. Aileen: Soph Florence Conner, Brenda: Soph Florence Cook. John: Jr Florence Cook. Virginia: Jr Tuscumbia Cooke. Larry: Jr Graysville Cooner. Dennis; Fr Sheffield Cooper, Bonita; Fr Florence Cooper. Kay; Jr Mobile Copeland. Johnny: Fr Red Bay Corbin. Joe: Fr Decatur Cornelius. Linda: Fr Huntsville Well you see there was this traveling sales- man. . . . Corsbie, Mary: Jr Florence Courington. Jean; Soph Alexandria. Virginia Cox. Bill; Fr Russellville Cox, Janice; Fr Blountsville Cox. Linda; Jr Florence Craig. Marilyn; Soph Florence Crandall. James; Soph Spruce Pine Crossley. Mary; Fr Vernon Crosslin. Connie; Fr Florence Crosswhite. Doris; Fr Leighton Critchfield, Elna; Fr Florence Crowder. Barbara; Jr Florence Crowson. Lucy; Fr Huntsville Cudabac, George; Jr Sheffield Colbert, James; Fr Tuscumbia Culbreath. Brenda; Fr Union Grove Cupps. Martha; Fr Empire Curl. Andrea; Fr Florence Currier, John; Fr Florence Curry. Micki; Fr Tuscumbia Curtis. Charles; Fr Sheffield Daniel. Kathy; Soph Iron City Danley. Judy; Jr Huntsville Darby. Barbara; Jr Florence Darby, Carol; Fr Florence Darby, Freddie; Jr Clinton, Tenn. Darby. John; Fr Florence Darby. Harold; Soph Florence Darnell. David; Fr Huntsville Daugherty. William; Soph Florence Davis, Donna; Fr Tuscumbia Davis, John; Soph Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Davis, John; Fr Huntsville Davis, Joyce; Soph Lexington Davis, Judy; Fr Town Creek DeCelles, Paul; Soph Florence DeFreez. Juliana; Fr Huntsville Deland, Don; Jr Florence DeLoach. John; Soph Florence DeLorge. Marjorie; Fr Athens Denson, L inda; Fr Arley Denson, Shearl; Fr Arley Derrick, Paul; Jr Huntsville Diggle, Diane; Fr Tuscumbia Dison, David; Fr Florence Dodgen. Mary; Fr Huntsville Dolan, Buddy; Soph Florence Dollar, Penny; Soph Decatur Doughty, Paul; Jr Gray, Maine Dougless, Linda; Fr Tuscumbia Drain, Jimmy; Jr Albertville Draughon. Jane; Soph Huntsville Drinkard, Allen; Fr Falkville Droke, Gary; Fi Florence Bf A Duckworth. Sherry; Soph Florence Duke. Pam; Soph Florence Duncan, Martha; Fr Tuscumbia Duncan, Rebecaa; Fr Savannah, Tenn. Duncan. Roy; Soph Florence Dunn, Walter; Soph Sheffield Durdunji, Hisham; Jr Tripoli, Libya Durham. Brandon; Fr Sheffield Durham. Elizabeth; Fr Florence Dutton, Gerald; Jr Oakman Dutton. Jimmy; Fr Oakman Dutton. Philip; Soph Hollywood Dye. Karen; Fr Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Dyer. Malinda; Soph Fayette Dyer, Sue; Soph Vinemont Eckl, Carolyn; Soph Florence Eddy, Leaten; Fr Vinemont Edmondson, Earl; Fr Huntsville Edmonson, Kenneth; S oph Hartselle Edwards, Barbara; Jr Boaz Edwards, Bruce; Fr Florence Edwards, Charles; Jr Decatur Edwards, James; Jr Florence Edwards, Linda; Fr Decatur Edwards, Lester; Jr Huntsville Eells, Malcolm; Soph Loretto, Tenn. Eley, Gale; Fr Sheffield Ellison, Ronnie; Soph ' Decatur Erwin, Billie; Fr Florence Erwin, Harold; Fr New Market Evans, James; Jr Florence Evans, Linda; Fr Hartselle Everett, Billy; Fr Gurley Fall, Dorothy; Fr Painesville, Ohio Fallwell, Marshall; Jr Seattle, Washington Fanning, James; Fr Huntsville act I hd | : .-i Tfnn. Fiiellt ...FldtDCt inrroont Hiomillr Hartsefc ..Bon .Dffjiu Floffw frtilur HmL ' A I Trail Sk U M ....(WW floTfW .- umtii -ffcrenct U:f r i,Uy 1 J 1- J, Felton, James; Jr Brookside Ferguson, Jackie; Soph Joe Wheeler Dam Ferguson, Judy; Fr Decatur Ferrell, Diane; Fr Midwest City, Oklahoma Fields, Jack; Fr Gardendale Fischer, Ronald; Soph Princeton, New Jersey Flippen, Theresa: Fr Tuscumbia Floyd, Brenda; Soph Sheffield Floyd, Niles; Soph Cherokee Forbes, Beverly; Soph Birmingham Foster, Jerry; Fr Florence Foster, LaVona; Soph Cherokee Fowler, Celia; Soph Brilliant Fowler, Miley; Soph Lexington Fowler, Paul; Soph Somerville Fowler, Serelda; Fr Winfield Fowler, William; Soph Lexington Fox. Carolyn; Jr Hamilton Franklin, Mary; Fr Florence Franks, Helen; Soph Lutts, Tenn. Franks, Patsy; Soph Pulaski, Tenn. Franz, Kathleen; Fr Huntsville Frawley, Lester; Fr Florence Frederick, James; Soph Florence Frederick, Rosylind; Soph Muscle Shoals City Frederick, Sue; Jr Hackleburg Free. Lawson; Fr Decatur Fritts, Jon; Soph Florence Frutiger. John; Fr Cullman Fuller, James; Fr Tuscumbia Fulmer. Larry; Soph Cullman Gaither. Donna; Fr Florence Gamble, Betty; Soph Florence Gambrell. Edward; Fr Florence Gann, Carolyn; Soph Hamilton Gargis. Nancy; Fr Tuscumbia Hut . CurlfT Hilt ' Gargis. Particia; Fr Muscle Shoals City Yes. my wife trusts me. Why? I ' m married, but try. Garrett, Gail; Soph Joppa Garrett, Mildred; Fr Russellville Garrett, Sharon; Fr Cloverdale Garth, Leona; Soph Florence Gautney, Larry; Fr Florence Gay, Charlotte; Fr Cullman Gay, Jerry; Soph Haleyville Germain, Roberta; Fr Framington, Massachusetts Gibson, Maxye; Soph Hartselle Gilbert, Jerry; Jr Haleyville Giles, Pat; Fr Hartselle Gilbreath. Gary; Jr Double Springs Gillespie, Grace; Fr Hillsboro Gillespie, William; Fr Decatur Gilliam. Bobby; Fr Hollywood Gist. Jerre; Jr Florence Gist. Linda; Jr Florence Gizelar. John; Soph Birmingham Gladney. James; Fr Loretto, Tenn. Glidewell, Charles; Soph Graysville Goodwin, Byrom; Fr Cullman Gordon, Steve; Soph New Carlisle, Ohio Goree, Ronald; Fr Decatur Graham, Ben; Fr Russellville Graham. Jack; Fr Russellville Graham, Mike; Fr Grayson Graham, Miriam; Jr Courtland Graves, Ellen; Fr Florence Graves, Shirley; Fr Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Gray, Marie; Jr Florence Gray, Lawrence; Fr Gurley Gray, Nancy; Fr Gurley Gray, Sharron; Fr Tuscumbia Green, David; Jr Florence Green, Gordon; Soph Hamilton Green. James; Fr Florence I I Rr : " Green, Larry; Fr Sheffield Green, Laurel; Fr Haleyville Grider, Allen; Fr Muscle Shoals City Griffith, Glenda; Soph Guntersville Grimmett, Shirel; Fr Crane Hill Grimwood, Madeline; Fr Huntsville How do you expect me to ski with this cannon in my lap? Grimwood, William; Fr Hazel Green Grisham, Herschel; Fr Rogersville Grisso, Linda; Fr Decatur, Georgia Grissom, Larry; Fr Tuscumbia Grissom, Patsy; Fr Sheffield Gusmus, Rosemary; Fr Florence Guthrie, Charlotte; Jr Townley Guthrie, Jeanene; Fr Cherokee Guyer, Ellen; Jr Florence Haataja, Larry; Soph Cloverdale Haddock, Linda; Soph Florence Hagan, Anne; Soph Courtland Halbert, John; Fr Sheffield Halbrooks, Nancy; Jr Florence Hall, Gerald; Jr Town Creek Hall, Jimmy; Jr Red Bay Hall, Norman; Soph Florence Hamby, Gene; Jr Florence Hamm, John; Fr Florence Hamm, Majorie; Jr Cherokee Hammond, David; Fr Anderson Hammond, Edna; Soph Anderson Hammond, Roger; Fr Decatur Hampton, Martha; Jr Bear Creek Hamrick, Barbara; Fr Hanceville Hand, Myra; Fr Loretto, Tenn. Hand, Susan; Fr Tuscumbia Haney, Frances; Soph Stevenson Hankins, Grover; Fr Vernon Hannah, David; Soph Athens Haraway, Dora; Jr Lexington Harbin. William; Soph Winfield Hardin, Betty; Fr Red Bay Hardin, Boyd; Fr Mt. Hope Hare, James; Fr Moulton Hargett. Jerry; Fr Sheffield Harland, Linda; Jr Cherokee Harria, Billy; Soph Phil Campbell Harrison, Arthur; Soph Rogersville Harrison, Barbara: Fr Lester Harrison, William; Jr Montgomery Hart, William; Fr Florence Harvey, Patricia; Fr Florence Hastings, Diana; Fr Huntsville Hatcher, Kenneth; Jr Muscle Shoals City Hauerwas, Angela; Jr Florence Havely, Dan; Soph Morristown, Tenn. Hawkins. Margaret; Fr Tuscumbia Hendrix, Barbara; Fr Guin Hendrix, Beverly; Soph Cullman Henson, Rodger; Soph Falkville Herston, Jimmy; Fr Florence Herston, Michael; Fr Anderson Hester, Dorothy; Fr Tuscumbia Hester, Freda; Fr Florence Hester, Martha; Fr Phil Campbell Hester, Paul; Fr Tuscumbia Hester, Pete; Jr Russellville Hester, Sondra; Fr Red Bay Hice, Beverly; Fr Killen Hicks, Wayne; Soph Hartselle Higdon, Margaret; Fr Hartselle Higgingbothan, Donna; Soph Florence Higgins, Hardy Sue; Jr Florence Hill, Connie; Fr Florence Hill, Joyce; Fr Leighton Hill, Martha; Jr Florence Hill, Rosemary; Jr Florence Hill, Travis; Fr Jasper Hines, Maria; Fr Sheffield Hinton, Melvin; Jr Florence Holland, Ann; Fr Elkmont Holland, Barbara; Jr Tuscumbia Holland, Melba; Fr Tuscumbia Holley, Paul; Fr Florence Holliman, Dawn; Fr Florence Hollingsworth, Glenda; Jr Glen Allen Holmes, Thomas; Fr Dublin, Georgia Holt, Cecilia; Soph Florence Holt, Douglas; Fr Tuscumbia Holt, James; Fr Sheffield Holt, John; Jr Cloverdale Homan, Frankie; Soph Cordova Hooper, Paulette; Soph Birmingham Horn, Janice; Fr Florence Horsley, Frank; Fr Double Springs Houston, Janice; Soph Tanner Houston, Steven; Fr Tuscumbia Hovater, Houston; Fr Russellville Hovator, Elaine; Fr Tuscumbia Howard, Jimmy; Fr Hartselle Howard, Judy; Fr Lexington Howard, Kenneth; Soph Cleveland, Ohio Howard, Paul; Fr Cullman Howell, Doris; Fr Moulton Howse, Barbara; Fr Cullman Hubbard. Judith; Soph Scottsboro Huckaby, Janice; Soph Birmingham Huffman, Hugh; Fr Florence Hughen, Charles; Jr Florence Hughes, Mitchell; Jr Hartselle Humphries, Waymon; Fr Detroit Hunter, Faye; Jr Cherokee Hunter, Bradley; Fr Tuscumbia Hunter. Jimmy; Soph Tuscumbia Irons, Bobby; Jr Florence Jackson, Andrea; Soph Moulton Jackson, John; Fr Vina Jackson. Linda: Soph Russellville Jackson, Phyllis; Soph Somerville Jafari. Ghodratollah; Soph Tehran, Iran James. Beverly; Fr Leighton Jeffreys. Allen; Soph Town Creek Jeffreys, Harold; Soph Town Creek Jenkins. Annette; Fr Decatur Jenkins, William; Jr Tuscumbia Jinks. William; Fr. . . . ' . Cullman Johnson. Betty; Fr Moulton Johnson, Charles; Fr Danville Johnson. David; Soph Huntsville Johnson. Donald; Fr Hamilton Johnson. Doris; Fr Moulton Johnson. Earl; Fr Leighton Johnson, Elly; Soph Florence Johnson, Jimmy; Jr Florence Johnson. Jimmy; Jr Sheffield Johnson, Lloyd; Jr Madison Johnson. Marjory; Soph Huntsville Johnson, Maxine; Fr Russellville Johnston, Donald; Soph Bankston Johnston, James; Jr Killen Jolliff, Elizabeth; Soph Huntsville Jones, Betty; Fr Phil Campbell Jones, George; Jr Florence Jones, Lel and; Jr Vernon Jones, Loulie; Fr Florence Jones, Mary; Fr Tuscumbia Jordan, Thomas; Soph Muscle Shoals City Jordan, Gary; Fr Muscle Shoals City Keelen, Patricia; Fr Sheffield Keenum. Patsy; Soph Tuscumbia Keenum, Patsy; Jr Florence Keenum. Robert; Soph Florence Keeler, Don; Fr Cullman Kelsoe, Jerry; Soph Florence Kennamer, Judy; Jr Hartselle Kennedy, Wanda; Soph St. Joseph, Tenn. Kent, Ronald; Fr Oak Ridge, Tenn. Key, Doug; Jr Carbon Hill Key, Sandra; Fr Courtland Kicker, Daniel; Fr Leighton Kidd, Waymoth; Soph Adamsville Killen; John; Fr Florence HMSMB s g ran Ilk M .limn Trnn. wnHiU nland in .u:lf KiUen, Ronald; Fr Lexington Kilpatrick, Danny; Soph Huntsville Kimbrough, Dan; Fr Tuscumbia King, Lynda; Jr Russellville King, Robert; Soph Tuscumbia King, Sandra; Jr Hamilton King, Sarah; Fr Sheffield Kinkle, Danny; Soph Huntsville Kirkemier, Stephen; Jr Hartselle Klyce, Marion; Soph Tuscumbia Kyle, Mildred; Fr Florence Lair, Margaret; Jr Russellville Lambert, Douglas; Fr Florence Lamprecht, Carl; Fr Loretto, Tenn. Lancaster, Norma; Fr Florence Landers, John; Fr Leighton Landrum, Gwendolyn; Jr Florence Langston, Freda; Fr Winfield Langston, Linda; Fr Winfield Laster, Martha; Soph Russellville Latham, Elizabeth; Fr Town Creek Lauderdale, Robert; Soph Athens Law, Billy; Fr Toney Lawler, Larry; Soph Huntsville Lawler, Rebecca; Jr Russellville Lawrimore, Yvonne; Fr Hartselle Lawson, George; Jr Sylagauga Lawson, Sims; Soph Florence Lawson, Christine; Fr Iron City, Tenn. League. Ronald; Fr Delmar Leatherwood, Johnnie; Jr Florence Lee, Thomas; Soph Sheffield Lee, Robert; Soph Sheffield Lee, Sherry; Jr Cincinnati, Ohio LeMay, Rodger; Soph Florence Lemons, James; Soph Union Hill Levi, Doryce; Soph Florence I also have a sword swallowing act. J i . and then she hit me in the back of the head. Lewallen. Roy; Fr Huntsville Lewis. Nancy; Fr Prattville Lewis, Walter; Soph Tanner Liles. Martha; Fr Florence Lindley. Diana; Soph Florence Lindsay, Jimmie; Fr Joppa Lindsey, Donald; Fr Detroit Lindsey, Linda; Fr Tuscumbia Locke, Richard; Fr Elkmont Logan, Betty; Jr Pittsburgh, Penn. Logan. Don; Fr Hartselle Logan. Michael: Fr Haleyville Long, Judy; Jr Florence Lovin, Julia; Fr Decatur Lowery, Dwight; Soph Sheffield Maclin, Ella; Jr Grand Junction, Tenn. Maclin, Terry; Soph Muscle Shoals City Maddox, Donald; Fr Gadsden Maddox. Marguerite; Jr Sheffield Maddox. Sherry; Jr Hartselle Maner. Gary; Fr Cullman Mann. Sara; Jr Florence Mansell, Wanda; Soph Florence Marbut, Joyce; Jr Elkmont Marion, Brenda; Fr Florence Marks, William; Soph Athens Marshall, Judy; Soph Morristown, Tenn. Marshall. Sarah; Fr Florence Martin. Donald; Fr Russellville Martin. Sandra; Fr Russellville Masterson, Carolyn; Soph Russellville Mathews, Bonnie; Soph Crane Hill Mathias. David; Fr Sheffield Mathis, Carl; Soph Huntsville Matthews, Patricia; Soph Donners, Mass. Maxwell. Troy; Soph Sheffield V TV ' May, Don; Soph Winfield Mayes, Rebecca; Fr Muscle Shoals City Mayfield, Marie; Fr Sheffield McAdams, Martha; Fr Loretto, Tenn. McBride, Thomas; Fr Tuscumbia McCain, Clyde; Soph Lexington Mother told me to stay out of Tennessee. McCain, Jane; Jr Cullman McClanahan, Jane; Fr Hartselle McClendon, Chester; Fr Cullman McCorkle, Georgia; Jr Florence McCorkle, Rose Ann; Fr Florence McCorkle, Roy; Fr Florence McCormick, Danny; Fr Rogersville McCracken, Chequita; Soph Birmingham McCraney, Raymond; Fr Huntsville McCrory, Peggy; Fr St. Joseph, Tenn. McDonald, Peggy; Jr Florence McDonald, Robert; Fr Tuscumbia McDougal. Judy; Soph Huntsville McGee, John; Soph Florence McGee, Robert; Fr Rogersville McGill, Gary; Soph Cullman McGregor, Shirley; Fr Hillsboro Mclntyre, Walter; Fr Dublin, Georgia McKay, Douglas; Soph Hamilton McKee, Judy; Fr Hartselle McMasters, Daniel; Fr West Point, Tenn. McMeans, Martha; Fr Florence McMurray, Margaret; Fr Muscle Shoals City McMurry, Victor; Fr Sheffield McMurtrie, James; Fr Decatur McNees, Floyd; Fr Vernon Mc Williams. Robert; Fr Tuscumbia Melvin. Robert; Fr Florence Metcalf, Celestine; Fr Scottsboro Miller, Marjorie; Soph Huntsville i 1 w " ' Millican, Patricia; Jr Vernon Mills, Linda; Fr Sheffield Mills, Naomi; Fr Winfield Minor, Virginia; Fr Parrish Michigan, Avedis; Fr Waukegan, 111. Mitchell, Jerry; Fr Killen Mitchell, June; Jr Lexington Mitchell, Martha; Fr Florence Mitchell, Warren; Jr North Vernon, Indiana Mizell. Brenda; Fr Trinity Mobley, Frances; Soph Anderson Mollberg, Amy; Soph Huntsville Montgomery, Harriett; Soph Town Creek Montgomery, Margaret; Fr Huntsville Montgomery, Patsy; Jr Tuscumbia Moody, Herschell; Jr Tuscumbia Moody, Janice; Jr Double Springs Moore, Harold; Fr Falkville Moore, JoEarle; Soph Leoma, Tenn. Moore, Lynette; Soph Winfield Moore, Micki; Fr Battle Creek, Michigan Moore, Wayland; Jr Cypress, Inn, Tenn. Morgan, Sandra; Fr Florence Morgan, Shirley; Fr Leighton Morris, Lila; Fr Falkville Morton, Donald; Soph Huntsville Moseley, Cecile; Fr Huntsville Moss, Billy Gene; Jr Tuscumbia Moss, John; Fr Rogersville Motes, Kenneth; Fr Hanceville Motley, Sidney; Fr Florence Mullins, Patricia; Jr Florence Murphree, Peggy; Fr Hartselle 222 i Murphy, Linda; Soph Lacey Springs Murrah, Lloyd; Soph Florence Newton, Lloyd; Fr Lexington Newton, Lowell; Jr Vina Newton, Nolia; Fr Sheffield Newton, Robert; Soph Leoma, Tenn. Nevels, James; Fr Scottsboro Nicholas. Renee; Fr Birmingham Nichols, James; Jr Eva Nichols, Margaret; Fr Hamilton Nielsen, Thomas; Jr Cullman Nix, Gary; Jr Decatur Nix, Rodger; Fr Moulton Norman, Sarah; Fr Leighton Norris, Ray; Soph Florence Northcutt, Sandra; Soph Cullman Nosakowski, Joseph; Jr Verona, Pennsylvania Oakes, Faye; Fr Vernon Oldham, Alfred; Jr Florence Oldham, Sondra; Soph Florence Olive, Richard; Fr Florence Oliver, Troy; Jr Hodges Ordway, Richard; Soph Decatur Osborn, Betty; Fr Red Bay Osborn, Gilbert; Soph Sheffield Osborne, Marilyn; Fr Russellville Osterlund, Marilyn; Jr Florence Owen, Margie; Fr Florence Pace, Brenda; Fr Hollywood Pace, Mary; Fr Hollywood Pace, Patricia; Fr Muscle Shoals City Pack, Billy; Soph Florence Page, Jimmie; Fr Red Bay Parker, Brenda; Soph Courtland Parker. Freda; Soph Florence Parker, James; Soph Sheffield Parvin, Gerald; Fr Hazel Green Pass, Tommy; Fr Russellville Pate. Charles; Fr Muscle Shoals City Patterson, Judy; Fr Florence Patterson, Patsy; Soph Huntsville Patterson, William; Jr Tuscumbia Patton, Gary; Fr Falkville Pendley. Carolyn; Soph Tuscumbia Pennington, Marie; Fr Winfield Perry, Gerald; Soph Athens Persall, Sybil; Jr Cullman Pevahou9e, Malcolm; Fr Falkville Phillips, Wayne; Soph Bear Creek Pierce, Mary; Jr Somerville Pirkle. Brenda; Jr Falkville Plyler, Herbert; Jr Graysville Porch, John; Jr Walnut Grove Porter, Harry; Soph Tuscumbia Posey, Kenneth; Jr Florence Posey, Ruby; Fr Haleyville Powell, Patricia; Fr Florence Price, Carolyn; Soph Cullman Priest, Linda; Jr Cullman Privett, Glen; Soph Athens Pruitt, Janean; Fr I u k a Miss. Pugh, Martha; Soph Florence Putman, Paul; Soph Lexington Putnam. Sara; Fr Sheffield Quillen, Sammy; Soph Cloverdale Quillen. William; Soph Killen Quinn, James; Fr Ardmore, Tenn. Quiring. Roger; Fr Florence Rainey, Jean; Jr Huntsville Rainey, John; Fr Huntsville Rainey, Johnny; Fr Bessemer Rainey. Sandra; Soph Sheffield Raney, Jerry; Soph Anderson Raney, Randall; Sr Huntsville Raney, Walter; Fr Florence Raper, Ernest; Fr Hackleburg Raper, Frances; Jr Phil Campbell Ray, Wayne; Soph Hackleburg Rea, Amy; Fr Falkville Redmond, Glenn; Fr Muscle Shoals City Redmon, John; Soph Redmond, Maxine; Jr Muscle Shoals City Reed, Jerry; Jr Taft, Tenn. Reid, Larry; Fr Muscle Shoals City Reynolds, John; Fr Hartselle Richardson, Clara; Jr Russellville Richardson, Greg; Soph Moulton Richardson, Jacky; Soph Tuscumbia Richardson, Jimmy; Fr Florence Richardson, Judy; Fr Florence Richburg, Sandra; Soph Sheffield Richcreek, James; Fr Calumet City, 111. Rickard, Robert; Fr Russellville Rickey. Norman; Fr Birmingham Riddell, Billy; Soph Cornith, Miss. Rieley, Michael; Fr Roanoke, Virginia Ritch, Kenneth; Soph Madison Roberson, Colin; Fr St. Joseph, Tenn. Roberson, Earle; Soph Mishauka, Ind. Roberts, Edna; Fr Hartselle Robinson, Donnie; Fr Florence Robinson, Elaine; Soph Cullman Robinson, Gerald; Jr Jasper Robinson, Jackie; Jr Ardmore Robinson, James; Fr Florence Rochelle, Sandra; Soph Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Rodgers, Mary; Fr Sheffield Rogers, Daylynne; Fr Muscle Shoals City Rogers, John; Jr Florence Romans, Buford; Fr Tuscumbia Romans. Rodger; Jr Sheffield Romine, Charlotte; Fr Florence Roper, Donna; Soph Decatur Ross, Carole; Fr Tuscumbia Ross, Carol; Fr Florence Ross, Faye; Jr Boaz Russell, Norman; Jr Hayden Rutland, Glen; Fr Tuscumbia Sanders, Bobby; Fr Oneonta Sandusky, Sandra; Fr Decatur Saint, Rebecca; Jr Russellville Sansom, Geraldine; Fr Decatur Scarborough, David; Fr Florence Scott, James; Jr New Market Scott, Joel; Fr Florence Searcy, Daniel; Fr Tuscumbia Searcy, David; Fr Tuscumbia See, I told you I didn ' t need these glasses. and when you put it on high power they stop. Searcy, James; Jr Addison Seeley, Robert; Soph Punta Gorda, Fla. Segars, Jacqueline; Jr Decatur Segars, Nora; Fr Florence Self, Jack; Jr Decatur Self, Jerry; Fr Brilliant Sellers. Janice; Soph Decatur Sexton, Barbara; Fr Town Creek Sexton, Robert; Fr Town Creek Shamy, Robert; Fr New Brunswick, New Jersey Shannon, Laurel; Soph Florence Sharp, Margaret; Fr Rogersville Sheffield, Robert; Fr Town Creek Shelton, Paul; Soph Huntsville Shofner, Elizabeth; Jr Hollywood Shook, Sara; Fr Sheffield Shults, Susanne; Jr Sheffield Shumate, James; Fr Savannah, Tenn. Silvey, Victor; Soph Fayetteville, Tenn. Simpson. George; Fr Florence Simpson, Romona; Jr Florence Sims, Jerry; Soph Boaz Sims, Phyllis; Soph Cullman Sitter, Kay; Fr Florence Sizemore. David; Leighton Skinner, Terry; Jr Hamilton Slaybaugh. Shelia; Fr Decatur Sledge, Douglas; Fr Sheffield Smallwood, Jean; Soph Tuscumbia Smith, Alice; Soph Hanceville Smith, Anna; Fr Winfield Smith, Brenda; Fr Muscle Shoals City Smith, Carolyn; Fr Courtland Smith, Charles; Fr Hamilton Smith, Donald; Soph Arab Smith. Jimmie; Jr Huntsville Smith, Myra; Fr Florence Smith, Paul; Soph Sheffield Well Ann Landers says . Smith, Regina; Fr Killen Smith, Sammy; Jr Decatur Smith, Sandra; Soph Florence Smith, Thomas; Fr Huntsville Smith, Thomas; Jr Russellville Smith, Travis; Fr Cherokee Smith, Walter; Soph Sheffield Sneed, Bobby; Jr Russellville Snider, Rebecca; Fr Russellville Snow, Hamilton; Fr Anniston Sockwell, Hubert; Fr Florence Southern, James; Fr Muscle Shoals City Spann, Benny; Soph Glen Allen Sparkman, Ronald; Soph Florence Sparkman. Ronnie; Soph Hartselle Sparks, Mary; Fr Florence Spencer, Richard; Jr New Market Spurgeon, Margaret; Fr Florence Stacy. Thomas; Fr Florence Stalcup, Berry; Soph Phil Campbell Stearns, Lester; Fr Monroe, Ga. Steele, Loretta; Jr Double Springs Stephens, Glenn; Jr Birmingham Stepp, Brenda; Fr Red Bay Sterling, Glenda; Fr Addison Stewart, Linda; Soph Sheffield Stockton, Albert; Fr Double Springs Stone. David; Fr Decatur Stone, Jerry; Soph Decatur Stoner, Robert; Soph Florence Stovall, Janet; Fr Decatur Stover. Eugene; Fr Decatur Stowe. Betty; Jr Russellville Strickland. Mary; Jr Lafayette, Ga. Stringer, James; Jr Section Sturdivent, Robert; Fr Huntsville Sturges, Lawrence; Jr Florence Stutts. James; Jr Florence Stutts. Julia; Fr Oak Ridge. Tenn. Schmidlkofer. Betty: Fr Florence Sullins. Carolyn; Jr Hanceville Sullivan. David; Soph Brownsville, Tenn. Sulzby, Jerry; Fr Birmingham Summers, Jimmy; Fr Russellville Swanson, Bernard; Fr Huntsville Szabo, Al; Fr Lorain, Ohio Tanner. Jeannie; Jr Rogersville Tapp. Charles; Fr Tuscumbia Taramangos. Elaine; Fr Muscle Shoals City Taramangus, Gaye; Jr Muscle Shoals City Tate. Clint; Jr Hamilton Tate. Leslie; Fr Phil Campbell Taylor. Ann; Fr Russellville Taylor. Gene; Jr Huntsville Taylor. Glennis; Soph Russellville Taylor, Haffred; Soph Phil Campbell Taylor. Hoyt; Jr Russellville Taylor. Patti; Jr Muscle Shoals City Taylor, Therisa; Fr Parrish Terry. Collis; Jr. Hamilton Terry, James; Fr Moulton Terry. Lynn; Jr Double Springs Terry. Sandra; Soph Courtland Now get that greasy kid stuff out of your hairj and get with Vitalis i Tharp, Morris; Soph Zion, 111. Theiss, Conrad; Soph Port Charlotte, Fla. Thigpen, Mary; Soph Rogersville Thomas, John; Soph Florence Thomas, Ross; Jr Hartselle Thomas, Shoubia LaLane; Fr Lacey Springs Thompson, Donna; Soph Tuscumbia Thompson, Larry; Jr Detroit Thompson, Nancy; Jr Killen Thompson, Sandra; Fr Florence Thorn, Norman; Jr Red Bay Thorn, Perry; Fr Athens Thrasher, Lavell; Fr Cullman Tidwell, Glenn; Fr Killen Tillery, Connie; Fr Winfield Tillery, James; Fr Florence Tipton, Margie; Fr Meridianville Tomlin, Michael; Soph Cullman Trapp, Gary; Fr Sheffield Trimble, Elizabeth; Jr Hanceville Trimm, Joe; Fr Sulligent Trosper, Donna; Fr Coslin, Kentucky Trousdale, Ronald; Fr Florence Truitt, Donald; Jr Lexington Truitt, Gary; Fr Lexington Tubbs, Frankie; Fr Tuscumbia Tucker, Dorothy; Fr Glen Allen Tucker, Jane; Soph Rogersville Tucker, Thomas; Jr Florence Tucker, Thomas; Soph Florence Tumlin, Myra; Jr Tishomingo, Miss. Turberville, Nancy; Fr Cherokee Turner, Larry; Fr Tallassee Turner, Linda; Fr Moulton Turner, Robert; Fr Sheffield Turner, Talmadge; Fr Decatur Turner, Walter; Fr Vernon Turney, Russell; Jr Hartselle Turpen, Alvin; Fr Lexington Urbanski, Karl; Soph Rogersville Vaughan, John; Fr Decatur Vinson, George; Soph Phil Campbell Wade, Don; Fr Florence Wade, David; Fr Florence Wagar, Peter; Jr Decatur Wagar, Suzanne; Fr Decatur Waits, Babs; Soph Florence Waldrop. Judith; Jr Hartselle Walker, Betty; Fr Vinemont Walker. Robert; Soph Tuscumbia Wallace, Rebecca; Fr Sheffield Wallace, Don; Soph Florence Wallace, Franklin; Jr Florence Wallace, Jerry; Jr New Hope Wallace, Jimmie; Jr Florence Waller, Danny; Fr Huntsville Walls, Iva; Jr Bessemer Ward, Jo hn; Fr Hartselle Ware. Beverly; Jr Muscle Shoals City Watkins, Charles; Soph Florence Watkins, Judith; Fr Winfield Weatherford, John; Jr Florence Webb, Sharon; Fr Florence Weddington, James; Fr Florence Weeks. Linda; Fr Dothan Weeks, Ronnie; Fr Florence Welch, Jeanne; Jr Huntsville Wesson, Judy; Jr Hanceville West, Janis; Jr Russellville West, Joyce; Jr Russellville West, Linda; Fr Haleyville Westmoreland, Frank; Fr Florence Whisenant, Betty; Fr Moulton Whisenant, Carolyn; Soph Lacey Springs Whitaker, Roy; Fr Paint Rock White, Alona; Fr Moulton White, George; Fr Florence White, Linda; Jr Anderson White, Margaret; Fr Florence White, William; Soph Florence Whitley, Martha; Jr Florence Whitten, Jerry; Fr Florence Wilbanks, Jo; Jr Florence Wiley, Sarah; Fr Danville Williams, Ann; Jr Double Springs Williams, Barbara; Jr Sheffield Williams, Charles; Soph Phil Campbell Williams, Louise; Soph Florence Williams. Sharon; Jr Florence Williams, Phillip; Soph Florence Willingham, Dalylene; Jr Steele Willis, Henry; Jr Florence Willis, Kenneth; Fr Sylvester, Ga. Willis, Walter; Fr Florence Willis, Wilma; Jr Florence Wilson, James; Fr Collinwood, Tenn. Wimberly, Wayne; Fr Huntsville Winn, Joshua; Jr Florence Winsett, James; Jr Huntsville Wisdom, Rayburn; Jr Loretto, Tenn. Wood, Barry; Soph Florence Wood, Hollis; Fr Town Creek Woodall, Mary; Fr Hartselle Woodley, Virginia; Jr Florence Word, Barry; Fr Anderson Worley, Linda; Soph Huntsville Worlund, Wytannah; Fr New Market Wright, Barbara; Fr Florence Wright, Howard; Fr Tuscumbia Wright, Judy; Fr Haleyville Wright, Kenneth; Jr Vinemont Wright, Lela; Jr Decatur Wright, Leroy; Jr Florence Wright, Leta; Soph Sheffield Wright, Mary; Soph Florence Wright, Wayne; Fr Florence Wright, Woodven; Fr Florence Wylie, Linda; Fr Florence Wynn, Nelda; Jr Phil Campbell Yarber, Billy; Jr Sheffield Yarbrough, Barbara; Fr. . , Cherokee Yarbrough, Lymwood; Jr Cherokee Yarbrough, Mary; Fr Cherokee Young, Jim; Jr Sheffield Young, Linda; Fr Florence Young, Margaret; Jr Portland, Tenn. 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STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Florence State College ' s Student Government Association has shown able leadership in past years and in the 1963-64 school year it was no exception. The organization coordinated student-faculty relationship. This year the new students as well as the old were greeted when they entered the campus by the ringing of the new chimes. In a dedication in a campus wide assembly the chimes were dedicated to President E. B. Norton. Hereafter they shall be known as " Norton Chimes. " The Association is composed of the Executive officers, advisors, and representatives from the dormitories, villages, classes and day students. The Council handles cheerleader election, operates the book exchange, charters buses to football games, and sponsors dances and numerous other activities. SGA OFFICERS Gene Hamby President Sherill Chaffin Vice-President Leland Jones Secretary Howard Porter Treasurer THE COUNCIL The Student Government Association is made up of representatives from the dormitories, villages, classes, and day students. The council is in a position to interpret the wishes of all the component parts of the student body. Seated: Faye Hunter, Jane Strickland, Lynn Terry, Joyce Davis, Martha Hill, Dean Masterson, Jimmie Nell Parker. Standing first row: Bill Lawrence, Dr. W. T. McElheny, Newt Pitts, Jackie Robinson, Robert Seeley, Wayne Crockett, Brenda Parker, Judy Richardson, Bobby Sneed, Grant Newton, Gene Hamby. Third Row: Leland Jones, Sherrill Chaffin, Gene Hamby. )N I jar it faculty dwkn ., In a ated to Norton Ivisors, nd day itbook dances Id Dpi bl ]n Seated: Linda Priest, Laura Robinson, Leslie Carp, Phyllis Sims, Ann Daniel, Angela Hauerwas, Freda Parker. Standing: Ramona Simpson, Geraldine Glasglow, Sue Frederick. Nina Phillips. Chris Abney, Phillis Payne, Alberta Gurley, Peggy Doss, Kay Cooper, Frieda Langston, Lela Wright, Sue Montgomery, Wanda Turpin. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Student Government Association is an organization that is composed of every woman student on campus. Representatives are chosen to act as an advisory board to the Dean of Women on matters of welfare of the women students. The purpose of the WSGA is to encourage a sense of individual re- sponsibilities and to further a spirit of unity among the women students. The WSGA publishes " Co-Etiquette " , a handbook for all freshman girls, sponsors Charm Week, Sadie Hawkins Week, and the Co-Ed Ball. Faye Hunter, President; Mary Pierce, Secretary; Janice Huckaby, Treasurer; Marie Gray, Town Representative; Francis Raper, Vice-President; Lynn Terry, Social Chairman. WSGA OFFICERS Faye Hunter President Frances Raper Vice-President Mary Pierce Secretary Janice Huckaby Treasurer Lynn Terry Social Chairman Marie Gray Town Representative INTER- PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL ICP OFFICERS Jeff Edwards President David Green Vice-President Kay Cooper Secretary James Felton Treasurer The Inter-President Council consists of Presidents of all the clubs and organizations on campus, who work together to maintain better relations among all groups on Florence State ' s campus. Each year the Council sponsors Recognition Day, when outstanding members of all clubs are honored. In August the Council heads the annual Leadership Retreat where campus leaders meet and discuss school problems and activities before fall term begins. Back Row left to right: Kenneth Hatcher, Sammy Smith, Geraldine Glasglow, Carol Riddle, Doris Weatherbee, Nancy Bald, Carolyn Eckl, James Felton, Kay Cooper, Jeff Edwards, David Green, Tom Estridge, John Sedenquest, Wayne Crockett, Lynwood Yarbrough, Ronnie Fisher, Carl Luckey, Grant Newton, Gene Hamby, Buddy Copeland. Seated: Linda Priest, Faye Hunter, Margaret Russell, Pat McWilliams, Pam Browning, Chris Abney, Kathleen Franz, Eileen Egan, Lela Wright, Margene Bonds. ON I wnif " ' rrrfan jinMA mat ' " UNDERCLASSMEN LEADERS Dennis Byrant President Joyce Davis Vice-President Linda Jackson Secretary- Freda Parker Treasurer Melvin Brown SGA Representative Kenneth Hatcher President Larry Thompson Vice-President Beverly Ware Secretary Georgia McCorkle Treasurer Jimmie Nell Parker SGA Representative ' , Jimmy Tillery President Brenda Parkhurst Vice-President Brenda Pace Secretary-Treasurer Larry Green SGA Representative th n fan EXECUTIVE STAFF 1963-64 DIORAMA CARL F. LUCKEY, JR. EXECUTIVE EDITOR JO WILBANKS ASSOCIATE EDITOR LARRY GULLETT BUSINESS MANAGER Wilbanks Luckey With the selection of the staff began the work to give you the 1964 DIORAMA. The basic layout was discussed and planned in the beginning with the help of Mr. Ernie Crates who has been our loyal aid throughout the compiling of this, the 1964 DIORAMA. We can never begin to thank him and still others who have been our constant inspiration and hope in the midst of seemingly end- less problems and work during this year. The design and layout of this DIORAMA are basically sim- ple. Yet it isn ' t the design but the love, work and subject matter that have gone into this book which make it the DIORAMA that we feel IS the DIORAMA. Our main objective was not a decora- tive scrapbook, but the picturing of a decorative spirit of a stu- dent body and its activities. There will be much for us to remember of our experiences on the DIORAMA staff and we hope this 1964 DIORAMA will bring back to you the experiences that YOU shared this year. The book is given to you, as it was compiled, in the " Spirit of Turris Fidelis " , and we hope it will serve to remind you of ' this spirit in the years to come. THE EDITOR Gullett 127 Clyde McCain Organizations Editor Sandy Rainey Underclassmen Editor Pamelia Ann Bull Feature Editor Phil Duffy Senior Editor 0wni , ' Jim Crandell Millitary Editor Leona Garth Associate Underclassmen Editor Patti Taylor Associate Underclassmen Editor Martha Duncan Associate Underclassman Editor Susan Hand Associate Underclassmen Editor Jane Shelton Associate Features Editor Jim Young A ssistant Sports Editor Brenda Phillips Associate Faculty Editor Sue Owens Secretary to the Editor Head Typist STAFF MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Editors: Carolyn Bullard, Faculty Editor; Jerry Wallace, Sports Editor. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Joan Wooten, Associate Senior Editor; Brenda Aldridge, Senior Staff Assistant; Joy Crosslin, Faculty Staff Assistant; Marlyn Smith, Associate Military Editor; Marjorie Johnson, Organizations Staff Assistant; Martha Hill, Organizations Staff Assistant, Iris Mann, Snapshot Staff Assistant; Olivia Garth, Snapshot Staff Assistant; Judy Long, Associate Feature Editor; Margaret McMurray, Typist. Pat Klyce Typist Diana Lindly Typist 129 Jflto-iUa STUDENT PUBLICATION, FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE mm p James Felton, Executive Editor Reorganization of a capable staff and a hope for " All-American " Associated Collegiate Press Award have been the goals strived for by this year ' s staff of the Flor-Ala. The former has been accomplished with room to spar e. The staff this year is one of the largest in the history of the paper and in the words of the editor, " one of the most capable and dependable " . The latter of the two highest goals is waiting for word. The Flor-Ala is the official Student Publication of Florence State and under its new advisor, Bob Nixon, has gone an even further step to- ward making the paper one that all can be proud of. Circumstances has forced the publication to be printed only once every two weeks but has been in larger issues. Among the events sponsored by The Flor-Ala staff are the Royal Coronation Ball, election of Mr. and Miss Florence State, and the Hall of Fame selection. The expansion of facilities, the acquisition of a new sponsor, Mr. Bob Nixon, and a decidedly new atmosphere among the staff members are only a few of the many changes that have ensued during the year. Sherry Maddox. Associate Editor Malcolm White. Business Manager Stanley Cataldo, Sports Editor Seated: Jeanette McMeans, Penny Rogers, John Holbert, Brenda Smith, Pat Chandler. Thanna Lawson, Barbara Hamerick. Standing: Sandra Key, Paulette Hooper, Roberta Germain, Irene Page. THE FLOR-ALA STAFF Seated: Jackie Segars, Linda Edwards, Polly Beams. Standing: Carolyn Masterson, Jane McClanahan, Jean Marshall, Amy Rea, Regina Smith, Barbara Wright, Ruth Blankenship, Jimmy Johnson, Geraldene Anderson, Carolyn Burns, Beverly Forbes. 131 - UNITY IN 1963-64 Front Row: Lynwood Yarbrough, Phil Dutton, Donnie Wooldridge, Dean Masterson, Wayne Crockett, June Beard, Alan Smith, Elba Lue Thorn, Carolyn Whisenant, Mr. Huff. Middle Row: Ernest Raper, Carl Parker, Hugh Huffman, Harold Darby, Laurel Robinson, Sue Romine, Paul Daugherty, Jack Self, Carolyn Eckl. Back Row: Dan Ray, Charles Shelnut, Carl Callum, Max Foust, Rexie Blair, Tommy Jones, Lloyd Patterson, Franklin Wallace, Flavil Wear. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Members of the American Chemical Society are student affiliates of the national organization, the American Chemical Society. The membership of the student chapter is composed of chemistry majors and minors. C. Fulton Huff Faculty Sponsor 133 :| F W 3 ' ft fou; One: George Wells, Bradley Long, Paul Putman, Larry Cook, Douglas Bachuss, Sidney White, Spencer Haddock, Mr. Lester Dittman, Sponsor. Row Two: Larry Martindale, Vice-President; Collis Terry, Larry Hunter, Bobby Irons, Don McLemore, Dale Hess, Buddy Copeland, Ronnie Flippo, Ronnie Masters, Joe Plunkett, Sherman Wallace, Grant Newton, President. Row Three: Mr. Hollie Allen, Sponsor; Terry Smithers, Terry Roberson, Treasurer; Jeron Witt, Secretary; Lavon Creel, Hugh Edwards, Kenneth Wright, Donald Truitt, Jack Lang, Joe Masocauosk, George Goodlette. Row Four: James H. Jones, Charles Blackburn, Loyd King, Larry Whitten, Harry Smith, Billy Durham, Clyde (Bucky) Beavers, Michael Lowery, Doug Worley, Robert Andrews, Nathaniel Jones. Row Five: Jerry Coffey, Norris Rymer, Wayne Osborn, Walter Andrews, Warren Mitchell, Billy Pack, Keith Armstrong, Sammy Smith, Thomas Ray, Harry King, Newt Pitts, Bill Chandler. Grant Newton President Larry Martindale Vice-President ALPHA CHI Jeron Witt Terry Roberson Secretary Treasurer Alpha Chi, an accounting club, is open to students taking advanced accounting courses who have a scholastic average of " C " . The purpose of Alpha Chi is to promote the general welfare of the Department of Accounting, to acquaint accounting students with their future duties and obligations, to develop and establish in the minds of the members of this society a personal feeling of high ethical standards, to make use of available resources, and to provide opportunities for social and educational growth. All members are associate members of the American Accounting Association and receive the Accounting Review published by AAA. 134 The Student National Education Association, formerly the FTA, is an organization affiliated with the Alabama Education Association and the National Education Association. It is designed to promote interest in the teaching profession and is open to all students who plan to teach. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION First Row Seated: Jackie Segars, Lavonia Foster, Margene Bonds, Linda Freeman, Dana Morris, Alberta Gurley, Phillis Payne. Second Row: Annis Coggans, Judy Patterson, Virginia Bodley, Linda Priest, Alice Gunn, Beulah Dillard, Joyce Marbutt, Elizabeth Durham. Third Row: Mr. John Finley, Sponsor; Pat Allen, Marjorie Foster, Sissy Hughes, Nan Peery, Rebecca Irwin, June Mitchell, Doris Weatherbee, Carol Riddle, Kathryn Walker, Margie Drew, Roy Durham, Mr. Jack Crocker, Sponsor. Fourth Row: Martha Cornhill, Patsy Green Hamilton, Patsy Keenum, Margaret Russell, Pam Browning, Barbara Williams, Wanda Turpin, Betty Jo Chandler, Betty Trimble. fca ,w?5SK mm STUDENT ART LEAGUE Row One: Kay Cooper, B arbara Hilton, Mary Whitaker, Rosemary Hill, Treasurer-Secretary; Margaret Lair, Pam Duke, Eileen Egan, Mrs. Ward, Sponsor. Row Two: Pat Frost, Earl Robinson, Mary Graham, Jim Cloud, Vice-President; Kenneth Hatcher, President; Ann DeLoach, Uell L. Cunningham, Publicity Chairman; Clark Keller, Bill Hendrix, Mr. Mort E. Smith, Sponsor. The Student Art League is open to all students who express a true interest in art and who desire to further their understanding of art and its related fields. k 0 Ji ' l lii, Citii fc Sponsor; Jobs Tkeb izedinW ) Seated: Jennie Tanner, Hardy Sue Higgins, Mary Jane Carlton, Martha Cornhill, Wanda Turpin, Shirley Whise- nant. Standing: Margene Bonds, Rebecca Irwin, Linda Lamon, Pat Allen, Emily Hughes, Wynette Mixon, Eliza- beth Trimble, Miss Schmitt, Sponsor; Marjorie Hamm, Nancy Thompson. ALPHA EPSILON OF ALPHA BETA ALPHA FO a Alpha Epsilon is a chapter of Alpha Beta Alpha, national under- graduate library science fraternity. Its purpose is to further professional knowledge and to promote fellowship among its members. 136 Row One: Jackie Segars, Alberta Gurley, Penny Dollar, Virginia Cook, Judith Waldrop, Dana Morris, Wanda Childers, John Bowers. Row Two: Tom Drinkard, Patsy Montgomery, Susanne Shults, Sherry Atwell, Margaret Lair, Greta Bacchus, Faye Miner, Betty Jo Chandler. Row Three: Marshall Fallwell, Mr. Stanley Rosenbaum, Sponsor; John Marks, Fred Merrill, Terry Skinner, Jane Maclin, Kathryn Walker, Pat Allen, Mark Doss. The English Club is open to all majors and minors in English and was organ- ized in 1954. ENGLISH CLUB FOREIGN CULTURES CLUB Seated: Bettye Bergin, Sue Romine, Elaine Tittle, Fay Minor, Virginia Cook, Cecilia Holt. Middle Row: Dr. Schuckmann, Flanna Foote, Carolyn Eckl, Ann Hagan, Mr. DeArmen. Back Row: Steve Bradley, Carl Collum, Sidney Blair, Larry Jackson, Billy Woodward, Hugh Huffman. 137 W w ' CIRCLE K CLUB OFFICERS: Jeff Edwards President Dennis Byrant Vice-President Walter Andrews . Secretary-Treasurer G ci M Row One: Clem Catron, Charles Glidewell, Jeff Edwards. Walter Andrews, Dennis Bryant. Row Two: Jim Felton, Jack Fields. Gary Jordan, Jim Aston. Row Three: Clyde McCain, James Battcher, John A. Battcher, Sammy Smith. Row Four: Gene Wallace, Brad Black, Jerry W. Hargett, John Porch. Row Five: Jerry Stone, Larry Lawler, Kenneth Ritch, Terry Maclin, Paul Howard. Row Six: Carl Parker, Sidney Styles, Lyn Yarbrough, Carl Mathis, Don McLemore. Row Seven: Gerald Dutton, Jimmy Dutton, Jeron Witt, Shirel Grimmett. The Circle K Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service and character building organization. The local chapter was organized in April of 1958. The club emphasizes service to the school and the community. As in Kiwanis, the Circle K motto is " We Build. " Some of the club ' s projects during the 1963-64 school year included Leo the Lion, who appeared at the football games, campus tours for incoming freshmen, Religious Emphasis Week, and Kiwanis Pancake Day. During the spring, the Circle K sponsors, along with Kiwanis, the F Day Football game. As a project of its own, the club sponsors the Faculty Student basketball game. Membership in the Circle K is limited according to the enrollment of the school for the purpose of effectiveness in service. Its purposes and objectives are the emphasis of the advantages of the American way of life, to provide an opportunity for leadership training, to serve the campus and community, to encourage partici- pation in group activities, to promote good fellowship and high scholarship, and afford useful training in the social graces and personality development. 138 The Big Event of the Year was the State Circle K convention which converged on our campus in April. The " theme " of the meetings was " Education for Freedom. " " We Build ' Former agent, Mr. Brown, tells of his work as an F.B.I, man, at one of our stimulating meetings. ' m Miss Kay Gaither Circle K Sweetheart The awards for a job well done. 139 Row One: Max Carrington. Jimmy Hall. Danny Kilpatrik, Larry Thompson, Tommy Shelton, John Bradbury, Troy Bramlett. Row Two: Lester Edwards, Mickey Childers, Tommy Eslridge, John Crutcher, Ben Meadows. Lanny McAlister, Barry Martin, Steve Gordon. Row Three: Ken Scott, James Autry, Niles Floyd, Paul Derrick. Ray Campbell, Alan Smith. Row Four: Bill Lawrence. Jimmy Bradford, Larry Watkins, Jimmy Winsett, Sammy Streit, Lansnn Raley, Jimmy Fanning. Row Five: Leonard Wigon, Bobby Sneed, Ray Jefferies, Kenneth Barnes, Terry Skinner, John Sedenquest, Kenneth Hatcher, Wayne Lamon. Florence State ' s Collegiate Civitan Club is a service organization which attempts to accomplish the objective of Civitan Builders of Good Citizenship in rendering altruistic service and helping to build a better community. The club promotes good fellowship and high scholarship, serves on the campus as well as in the community, provides opportunities for leadership training through service and encourages the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. Some of the fund raising projects have been the selling of school booster stickers at all home football games, fruit cake sales, car tags advertising Florence State College, and ads in the student directory. The money raised from these projects helped to finance a Christmas Party for 125 needy child- ren and the publication of a complete student-faculty directory. The directory is published and distributed yearly by the club and is to the students and faculty free of charge. Some of the other projects have been: campus guides during Freshman Week, the campus Oral-Vaccine drive, helping the Cheerleaders decorate the football field for the home football games, and working with the Flor-Ala Staff on the Coronation Ball. Since it was chartered at Florence State four years ago, the Collegiate Civitan Club has become one of the most respected and outstanding clubs on the campus. OFFICERS President Tommy Estridge Vice-President Jimmy Winsett Secretary . Lanny McAlister Treasurer Lester Edwards Board of Directors Ben Meadows John Crutcher Ronald Fitzgerald 140 Annual Christmas Party for needy children New members get pins at 1963 banquet Our Float .. , " , t e . - - - -- " . . 141 - JL ' w Wmm Mrs. Ruby Porter, Sponsor FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE CHOIR The purpose of the choir is to become acquainted with the various forms of musical literature from the classical to the modern, with special emphasis placed upon choral music through the use of selections from operas, oratories, and the shorter works. The choir is outstanding in its presentations. They present a concert each semester and also perform at the graduation exercises. Membership is open to any student who has the ability and the desire to sing. V Row One: Babs Wails. Gayle Williams, Judy Burden, Jean Courington. Mary Francis Woodall, Sue Black. Jane Tucker. Kay Gaither. Elaine Higdon. Julia Lovin. Amanda Bloss. Row Two: Ella Critchfield. Linda Priest, Irene Page, Pat Chandler, Linda Arsement, Sandra Key, Paulette Hooper, Judy McKey, Roberta Germain, Angela Bone, Virginia Cook, Sharon Garrett. Kay Sitter. Row Three: Freda Parker. Martha Hester, Diane Diggle. Ronnie Sparkman, Sandy Snow, Jane Crowson, Shirley Graves. Linda Weeks, Edna Carol Roberts. Jane Strickland. Martha Bynum, Jean Corsbie, Linda Douglass. Row Four: Mary Dodgen. Lanny McAlister. Gary Mann. Charles Gray, Jim McMurtrie, Wendell Gunn. David Briggs. Charles Watkins, Ben Graham. Melvin Brown, Clyde McCain. Edward Oakes. Row One: Sue Frederick, Reporter; Mildred Atkins, Secretary; Maxine Redmond, Treasurer; Glenda Hollingsworth, Vice-President; Pat McWilliams, President; Mrs. Florine Rasch, Sponsor. Row Two: Sarah Putnam, Mary Graham, Martha Duncan, Rebecca Browning, Pualette Wiley, Karen Dye, Betty Henkel, Margaret Smith, Hazel Bevill, Mitzi Chandler, Mary Pierce, Marilyn Osbourne, Patty Cater. Row Three: Carolyn Hanback, Leta Wright. Carolyn Cummings, Carol Cloud, Joyce Walker, Yvonne Larimore, Sarah Green, Ellen Allen, Jane Tucker, Pat Millican, Peggy Nolen, Mary Nell Halcomb, Rosylind Frederick. Row Four: Doris Bishop, Mary Ann Young, George Ann Radway, Patsy Warren, Gladys Bevill, Pamelia Ann Bull, Angela Hauerwas, Diana Lindley, Judy Patterson, Lila Cochran, Carol Boner, Linda Murphy. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Mary Willis Huff Home Economic Club was established in 1948 for the promotion of interest in home economics as a profession and in improved practice in homemaking and everyday living. It is open to all home economics majors and minors. 143 wmmr CONSERVATION CLUB The Conservation Club is an organization open to all students who are interested in conservation and the out-of-doors. Its main purpose is to further interest in conservation of wildlife and other natural resources and to promote the principles of good sportsmanship. Row One: Gary Cilbreath, Ben Holt, Neal Harrison, Treasurer; Huey Barnett, Secretary; Wayne Crockett, Vice-President; Leroy Wright, President. Row Two: Roberta Germain, Jerry Mobley, Charles Aldridge. Row Three: Beverly Forbes, Ronnie Fisher, Annette Jenkins, John Thomas, Roy Durham. Row Four: David Sizemore, Joey Stephenson, Charlie Howell, Phil Dutton, Gerald Bentley, James Phillips. Row Five: Bobby Snead, Wesley Barnett, Allen Drinkard, Flavil Wear. 144 mmmmmm KAPPA DELTA PI Rott One, Left to Right: Shirley Whisenant, Linda Frederick, Lynda Freeman, Margene Bonds, Fred Winslelt, Carol Riddle, Rou Two: Mrs. Wilson. Lisa Pickens. Shirley Grissel. Doris Wealherbee. The Epsilon Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a nation- al scholarship fraternity, honors students of the Junior and Senior classes who have demonstrated sound scholar- ship and who intend to become teachers. T Mrs. Mary Huff, Sponsor; Pat McWilliams, Ramona Simpson, Dottie McCallie, Glenda Hollingsworth. Carol Price. KAPPA OMICROM PHI The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Omi- cron Phi is a professional honorary fraternity for home economics majors and minors. Membership is by invitation after a required number of courses in Home Economics have been taken and a required scholastic ratio achieved. 146 " PA PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Ron One: Jane Aldridge. Martha Hampton. Martha Hester, Bitsy Crowlin. Sandra King, Gaye Taramangos. Edna Murrah. Row Two: Miss Matthews. Sponsor; Helen Nelson, Richard Spencer, Don Johnston, Nola Newton, Paltie Taylor. Nelda Wynn. Bans Waits. Margaret Russell, Coach Flowers. Row Three: John Puckett. Wayne Wright. Byran Black, Wally Sanders, Byron West. Jim Rhodes. Doug Miller. Brad Black. Lloyd Newton. Jim Brown. The Physical Education Club is open to all students who plan to major in physical education and is designed to promote professional interest and growth. Sigma Sigma Kappa is an organiza- tion for majors and minors in the social sciences. | ; ? ' Sealed: Carol Cagle. Robert Spahn. Judith Waldrop. Margaret Russell. Tommy Kstridge. Ron Tito: Martha Mitchell, Doris Wealherhee, Dr. Bernarr Cresap. Sponsor; Mr. DeBoer. Sponsor; Dr. McGee. Sponsor; Elaine Plunked. Mary Jane Carlton, Annette Hamilton. Ron- Three: Marjoric Hamm, Joyce Tidmore, Barbara Kotthoff. Theresa Bilstein, Bobby Snccd. I.arry Thompson. John Thompson. Morris Ashlon. Row hour: Betty Jo Chandler, Dana Morris. Sandra Brambled. Carolyn Price. Jane Maclin, Shirley Whisenanl. Margaret McMurray, Jeanie Vincent. SIGMA SIGMA KAPPA 147 BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is an honorary society for students of biologi- cal sciences. Its objectives are to promote superior scholarship and to encourage interest in and appreciation of the biological sciences. Dan Ray. President; Eddie Lamon. Jackie Robinson, Larry Bullet, Linda Frederick, Secretary; Betty Saxon, Historian; Christine Welch. Rachel Winn. Olivia Garth, Mr. Paul Yokley, Jr.. sponsor. Not pictured: Polly Shirey, Carl Luckey. Vice-President. Bill West. 148 KAPPA MU EPSILON d Row One: Dr. John Locker, Mrs. Elizabeth Wooldridge. John Blackwell, Elba Lue Thome, Hillman Holley, Jo Wilbanks. Row Two: Lynne Evans, Linda White, Mrs. Mary Hudson, Row Three: Ray Campbell, Ronnie Carter, Jr., Sherrill Chaffin. William Grissett, Dale Dean, Thomas Smith. Not Pictured: Donald Alldredge, Dr. Milton Baughn. Miss Orpha A. Culmer, Mr. John Finley. Mr. William Graham. Mr. Robert Hudson. Mrs. Charlotte Huffsey, Mrs. Jean T. Parker. The Alabama Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a pro- fessional mathematics fraternity established in 1935, recognizes honor students in mathematics and provides professional stimula- tion to its members. 149 Row One Left to Right: Jean Corsbie. Linda Priest, President: Judy Doss. Secretary-Treasurer; Jane Tucker, Gayle Williams. Ron Two: Mr. Walter Urben. Faculty Sponsor: Gene Taylor. Vice-President; Barbara Harwell. Carolyn Sullins, Steve Gordon. John Davis. Lanny McAlister. MUSIC EDUCATORS CLUB Snft. wis, Ana Hirper. I Juice Mi ck Bill Bill Cumn Almond ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN COMMUTERS Row One: Patsy Green Hamilton. Secretary-Treasurer; Margaret Furman, Social Chairman; Angela Hauerwas, President. Row Two: Freda Parker. WSGA Representative; Sherry Atwell. WSHA Representative; Cecilia Holt. Vice-President. Row Three: Betsy Briglia. Mildred Kyle. Maxine Johnson. Martha Duncan. Linda Haddock, Susan Hand. Reva Eley, Pat Powell. Cynthia Romine. Rosylind Frederick. Georgia McCorkle. Martha Hill. Judy Patterson. Joy Crosslin, Mary Jones. Pat Harvey. Patsy Montgomery. 150 SIG Sipu I j .... SIGMA TAU PI Row One: Marie Gray, Georgia McCorkle, Alice Gunn, Judy Mills. Gary Mann. Row Two: Glenna Foote, Angela Hauer- was. Ana Stowe. Geraldine Glasglow, Linda Franklin, Jane McCain, Carolyn Masterson, Lynnette Moore, Jannette Harper. Row Three: Charles Milligan, Sharon Webb, Wanda Childers, Kay Morgan, Brenda Hopkins, Diane Fowler, Janice Adams, Judy Armstrong. Row Four: William King, James Bradford, Larry Hunter, Bobby Marbutt, John Batt- cher. Bill Harris, Nick Winn, Jimmy Elkins. Row Five: Mr. Thompson, Miss Knight, Sponsors; Nancy Halbrooks, Bill Cummings, Beulah Dillard, Bobby Sneed, John Bradbary, Ghodratollah Jafari. Row Six: Lowell Newton, Kenneth Abercrombrie, Dwight Lowery, Rayburn Wisdom, John Sedenquest, Charles May, Winky Adams. n j v Seated: Shirley Grissett. Linda Frederick. Standing: John Bowers, Mark Doss, June Allman, Delores Woods, Lisa Pickens. Miss Julia Neal, sponsor; Yvonne Myers, Connie Dollarhide. SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta is a national English fraternity which recognizes English majors and minors of junior and senior standing who have main- tained a B average in English. GIIjp National fcorfrtg of The Pershing Rifles is a military fraternity dedicated to the service of the institution as well as the development of the individual members. The purpose of the organization is to encourage, preserve and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to promote American Citizenship, and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military and academic ability among the members of the R.O.T.C. Company J, Fourth Regiment is shown here in formation, the 1963-1964 edition of the Pers hing Rifles show great promise of being the best unit since it was organized in 1961. The Pershing Rifles participate in several drill meets each year. Among them are the Louisiana State University Invitational Drill Meet, the Vanderbilt Invitational Drill Meet, and the Fourth Regimental Drill Meet. The Pershing Rifles also participate in several parades during the year. Among them are the Veteran ' s Day Parade, the Homecoming Parade, and the Decatur Christmas Parade. Membership in the Pershing Rifles is open to basic cadets in the R.O.T.C. v 152 PERSHING RIFLES CO J-4 Another honorable service, performed at ballgames. You ' re it! Green. 153 SPANISH CLUB HI Row One: Kathy Daniels, Pam Browning, Herman Moreno, Harold Carrigan, Betty Jo Chandler. Row Two: Mrs. Cooper, sponsor; Pat Hester, Margaret Furman, Judy Armstrong, Yvonne Myers. Row Three: Greta Bacchus, Rachel Winn. Linda Beard. Row Four: Pat Clock, Threse Bilstein, Judith Waldrop, Brenda Marion. Row Five: Dean Jones, Jasper Brewer. Haffred Taylor. STUDENT UNION BOARD 154 Left to Right: John Culwell, Janie Moody Sedenquist, John Sedenquist, Judy Hubbard, Lynn Terry, Carolyn Bullard, Sherry Atwell, Hal Hughes. Cbfe frfcte. ' ' la - ha, 1 ' feu .-JKA?-; YOUNG REPUBLICANS Seated: Elaine Robinson, Charlotte Gay, Jane Crowson, Helen Franks, Linda Jackson, Alice Gunn, Susan Ross. Standing: Loyd King, Richard Olice, Vic McMurray, Paul DeCelles, David Sullivan, John DeLoach, Murry Holley, John Culwell, George Screws, Ray Edmundson, Hal Hughes, Chet McClendon, Kenneth Motes, Jerry Stanfield, Terry Smithers. Seated: Tim Scott, Maurice McGill, Tom Drinkard, Mark Doss, John Culwell, Herman Moreno, John Myers. Row Two: Hal Hughes, Melvin Brown, Terry Skinner, Fred Merrill, John Marks, Marshall Fallwell, Rayburn Wisdom, Cloyd Thigpen. USHERS CLUB 155 Up Pfll ' (fllhf iltppin v.v FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE BAND " THE MARCHING BAND WITH THE SYNPHONIC SOUND " FLUTES: Olivia Garth, Roberta Germain, Patricia Powell, Sharon Webb, Faye Worley, Pat Wyers. CLARI- NETS: Sue Branum, John Davis, Tim Kelley, Lanny McAlister, Jeannette McMeans, Judv Marshall, Kaye Morgan, Linda Priest, Carolyn Sullins, Nancy Gray, Jean Rainey, Terry Smithers, Cilia Vaughn. BASS CLARINET: Teresa Bilstein. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Amanda Bloss, Eugenia Call, Sandra Northcutt, Hugh Snow, Douglas Stevens. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Patricia Black, Toby Carpenter. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Gordon Green. CORNETS: Gwin Cross, Jack Fields, Steve Gordon, Dan Havely, Don John- son, Daniel Kicker, Dick Ordway, Bobby Sanders, Lamar Strickland, Clint Tate, Gene Taylor, Larry Turner, Jim Young. FRENCH HORNS: Sue Montgomery, David Short, James Southern David Wade, Donald Wade, Raymond Weir. Alan Willis. TROMBONES: Clyde McCain, Butch Noe, Charles Smith Sammy Streit, Edward Terry. BARITONES: Jerry Cofield, Melvin Hinton, John Landers, George Simpson. BASSES: Larry Gray, Larry Green, Thomas Holmes, Larry Southern, Lavell Thrasher. PERCUSSION: George Cudabac, Charles Glidewell, Betty Logan, Bill Marshall, Kirby McCraney, Hershell Moody, Richard Scott. 156 Mr. Kenneth W. Large Director Pert and pretty, the majorettes get the half-time show off to a high stepping start. 1 f ,taBAS5 .4JUT0NE BASSE: tardSt BAND COUNCIL Danny Havely President Tim Kelley Drum Major David Short Senior Representative Melvin Hinton . Jr. Representative Norman Noe Soph. Representative George Simpson Fr Representative The Florence State College Band is an organization that pre- sents excellent opportunities for the instrumentalist to receive further maturing of his musical interests. The band, under the direction of Ken W. Large, is recognized for their progressive precision drilling, including an innovation this year of the diagonal marching technique from intricate formation. This drill fascinated fans at the home football games and also the fans at Arkansas State and University of Chattanooga. Featured in the National Veterans Day Parade in Birmingham, the band plays for many on-and-off campus events. Among these was the Fire Prevention parade, the Homecoming parade, and various other playing and drilling activities. Spring finds the Synphonic Concert in full swing. There is a Winter and Spring Concert. The Spring concert will be held in the open air, beneath the columns of the Memorial Amphitheatre. A concert tour climaxes the band ' s musical year. Parading or drilling, sight and sound entertains the audience. " THE BAND jHM BBn +$ -fait r FLORENCE MAJORETTES AND DRUM-MAJOR STATE Faye Worley p..l -- " Hamlet " Spring Production REHEARSAL CLUB AND ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFFICERS President Maurice McGill Vice-President Mark Doss Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Lair ' Romanoff Juliet " Fall Production RELIGION WESLEY FOUNDATION Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the Methodist Church to Florence State College. Under the direction of a full-time minister, Wesley offers opportuni- ties for religious education, counseling, worship, Christian fellowship, and ser- vice. Wesley emphasizes and encourages academic achievement as a students ' vocation. Wesleyites participate fully in campus activities and in intramural sports. K Seated: Janice Huckaby, Jean Rainey, Wanda Kennedy, Martha Cornhill, Lynda Freeman, Betty Trimble, Brenda Clemons, Mary Nell Halcomb. Row Two; Nancy Bald, Diana Fowler, Christine Welch, Rebecca Irwin, Julia Lobin, Virginia Cook, Lile Morris, Unidentified, Jeri Samson. Row Three: Marjorie Hamm, Unidentified, Barbara Bosworth, Virginia Bodley, Kathryn Walker, Ann Holland, Amy Rea, Joyce Walker, Donna Mae Lowery, advisor. Row Four: Reverend Phillip Huckaby, Carolyn Fox, Marie Gray, Wanda Turpin, Brad Black, Frankie Turnbow, Ben Carpenter, Jimmy Tillery, Coy Turney, Pat Matthews. .161 1 A I f S Seated: Uvonnia Pollock, Jane Strickland, Lisa Pickens, Jane Tucker. Standing: Peggy Smith, Barbara Holland, Jim Rich-creek, Janice Stovall, Ann Daniels. WESTMINISTER The Westminister Fellowship was organized in 1957 to provide opportunities for fellowship among Presbyterian students and to further knowledge of the church. 162 " NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a chartered member of the National Newman Club Federation. All Catholic college students are eligible for membership. Bi-weekly meetings are planned to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of the members of the organizations. Seated: Father Paul Koehler, O.S.B., Chaplain, Carol Riddle, Eileen Egan, Betty Henkel, Miss Helen Matthews, sponsor; Captain Leroy Provost, sponsor. Standing: Betty Jo Schmidlkofer. Barbara Kotthoff, John Weber, Rosemary Gusmus, Elizabeth Jolliff, Larry Tuberville, Amy Kingston, Phil Duffy, Terry Hager. pportunities ti$ of tie V : , ' ' - - W ' i " i ft $ i 4 x : - 1 fiou One: Tim Scott. Ann DeLoach. Adrian Hembrie, Rachel Winn. Row Two: Paul Derrick, Peggy Proctor, Dan Bennett, Earl Robinson, Margie Drew. Row Three: The Reverend E.G. MuUins, The Reverend David Kearly, Dean Jones, Mrs. Frank Perry, Mr. Winn. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is an organization for Episcopalians and other interested students. Meetings are held weekly for social, educational and spiritual fellowship. 164 The Baptist Student Union is composed of all active Baptist students on campus and has the purpose of linking the student with the church and ministering to the total spiritual needs of the students. During the year the B.S.U. is active in many things. They hold a retreat at the beginning of school and at mid-year to make plans for work. Noonday devo- tions are held each Monday and Wednesday at the center, a Bible Study is held Thursday mornings at 10:00, a general meeting is held Tuesday nights at 7:00, and on weekends they have special services at a small chapel where they work with children. Not all activities are work however. They have fellowship every Sunday night, parties at various times, and a banquet at the end of the year. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Row One: Judy McKee, Bonnie Matthews, Judy Waldrop. Row Two: Faye Leatherwood, Linda Jackson, Cecilia Holt. Not Pictured: Lloyd Patterson, Judy Melix, O ' Ryan Rickard. 165 " , k " n ' - r ' f jfi, A-cfTsc - 166 ,. MILITARY wm 7 WHAT IS ROTC? The Military Science program is designed to prepare the college student for various positions in the United States Army and to develop in him the basic knowledge and characteristics of an officer. The program itself is divided into two phases, Basic ROTC and Advanced RTOC. The completion of Basic ROTC is a prerequisite for graduation from Florence State College. Basic ROTC students are required to attend two one-hour classes in Military Science each week, one one-hour company drill, and one one-hour brigade drill each week. Basic ROTC sub-courses include individual weapons, marksmanship training, American military history, crew served weapons, and the role of the United States Army in national defense. Only a specified number of cadets may be accepted for enrollment in Advanced ROTC each year. Some of the requirements for enrollment are: to be a citizen of the United States, to success- fully complete Basic ROTC, demonstrate qualities and positive potential of becoming an effective officer, posess an overall academic average of at least " C " (1.0), pass a physical examination, and to be selected by the professor of military science and the president of the college. Advanced ROTC courses include psychology of leadership, teaching methods of small unit operations, command small unit operations, command and staff procedures, military administra- tion, military operations and logistics, and military law. All advanced ROTC cadets are required to attend a summer camp, preferably between the junior and senior years. The object of summer camp is to provide an opportunity for the cadet to apply the lessons learned at the home institution. 168 ... c A D R E Lt. Col. Robert Reese PMS at Florence State Maud Haddock Secretary to PMS L to R: Capt. Leroy W. Provost, Jr.; Capt. Herbert Moody; Lt. Col. Robert Reese; Capt. James D. Partin; Capt. Dallas W. Clark. L to R: Sgt. Benjamin F. Gilmore; Sgt. Nahum Headly; Sgt. Grady Long; Sgt. Ellis Ivey; Sgt. Ashley L. Milan. 169 5 M SECOND BATTALION FIRST BATTALION Lacklin, AUredge, Romans, Kay Gaither Tapscott, Skipworth, Wright, Nancy Gargis 170 i BRIGADE STAFF Wallace, Haddock, Chaffin, McCord, Sara Putnam Presentation of ROTC Band Award, Spring Semester. PERSHING RIFLES The Drill Team of the ROTC Brigade is an affilia- ted chapter of the National Society of Pershing Rifles. The Florence State Society was organized on May 12, 1961, and was designated as Company " J " , 4th Regiment, Pershing Rifles. The chapter was recognized on campus by the faculty student com- mittee in January, 1962. The purpose of the Pershing Rifles is to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to promote our American heritage, and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military and academic ability among the members of the ROTC. Competitive events are held with other college drill teams, not only statewide, but also throughout the south. At the present time, the Florence State Pershing Rifles are scheduled to attend drill meets at Vanderbilt University, Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, and the Alabama Invitational at Fort Mc- Clellan, Alabama. Membership in the organization is open to basic cadets of the ROTC program who are in good standing. COLOR GUARD PERSHING RIFLE DRILL TEAM 172 BAND . wer f - ' W:S M! SSSs . , : . U A " COMPANY 173 B COMPANY l I 1 ;w C COMPANY 174 D COMPANY . . E COMPANY 175 CADET OFFICERS CORPS The Cadet Officers ' Corps is a military fraternity consisting of all military students in their Junior year and Senior year and enrolled in advanced ROTC. The purpose of the organization is to promote unity among the entire corps of cadets and to foster worthwhile student activities on campus at Florence State. The C.O.C. won the float competition during homecoming parade this year, sponsored two successful visits by the American Red Cross Bloodmobile, planned and conducted the annual ROTC open house and put on the Spring Military Ball. With an equally balanced number of juniors and seniors the corp has enjoyed one of its best years. The Cadet Officers for the 63-64 years are as follows: President Charles Brown Vice-President John Rogers Secretary William Lawrence Treasurer Lloyd Patterson Sgt. at Arms Roger Romans Parliamentarian George Screws 176 C.O.C. MEMBERS: Donald Alldredge. John P. Blackwell, John E. Brazelton. Gary Bridges, Sherrill Chaffin. James M. Fousl. Spencer Haddock, James Henderson, Hillman Holley, Harry M. King, Robert W. McCord, Jerry Moebes, Paul D. Montgomery. Alan G. Nixon, John D. Puckett, Roger Romans, Stephen Sacks, George Screws, Dan Smith. James W. Tapscott. Max Taylor. Rexell Whalen. Wilburn Whitten, Sidney R. White, Donovan Wooldridge, Barry Jones, Albert Alexander. David W. Green. Charles M. Harlan. Felix King. Willard O. Landers, William M hlin. James K. Scott. David Short. Donald Skipworth, Robert J. Spahn, John Thompson, Frankie L. Wallace, Clyde Beaver, Tom Drinkard, Melville W. Adams, James R. Black, Charles W. Brown, John L. Cook, James Evans, Melvin C. Hinton, Charles F. Hughen, Larry K. Hunter, Larry L. Jackson, Herschell Moody, Gary L. Nix, Alfred Oldham, Troy B. Oliver, Thomas Ray, John B. Rogers. Lawrence Sturges. Franklin D. Wallace, Joshua N. Winn, Henry A. Willis, William L. Wright, Bradley M. Black. James R. Edwards, Marshall Fallwell, Harold J. Hamiftond, Leland B. Jones. William B. Lawrence, Richard C. Ordway. William Patterson, David Sizemore, Malcolm White, William Woodward. SECOND BATTALION SPONSOR NANCY GARGIS PERSHING RIFLES SPONSOR FAYE WORLEY 179 en " A " COMPANY SPONSOR JUDY FERGUSON BAND SPONSOR FREDA LANGSTON 180 " B " COMPANY SPONSOR ELAINE JOHNSON " C " COMPANY SPONSOR BRENDA SMITH 181 " D " COMPANY SPONSOR SARAH NORMAN " E " COMPANY SPONSOR MARffi GRAY 182 184 185 BR ' AN DAWSER JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY 1917 1963 NOVEMBER 22, 1963 " There are times when the mind and the heart stand still. " Sir Alec Douglas-Home " This monstr ous act has taken from us a great statesman and a wise and valiant man. " Sir Winston Churchill " We have suffered a loss that cannot be weighed. " President Lyndon B. Johnson " The President is dead. " It was stunning almost unbelievable news that flashed around the country and to the far reaches of the world. The president of the United States has been assassinated. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, as president and as a man, brought to the nation and to the free world a new kind of leadership ... a leadership combined with hope, a dynamic leadership that looked boldly into the future, a leadership that knew no turning back. Let us hope that these principles live on. The Editor 187 Sks H D The top ten Diorama beauties were chosen from a group of girls nominated by the var- ious campus organizations. Three judges from Florence selected the ten semi-finalists which took place in the Great Hall. The finals were held in Rogers Hall. Four judges selected the top five beauties on the basis of poise, beauty, and personality. 188 DIORAMA TOP BEAUTIES v wmmm 190 MISS DONNA KAY GAITHER QUEEN OF BEAUTY 191 LANA CLARK DIORAMA BEAUTY 192 BEVERLY WARE DIORAMA BEAUTY 193 o f 194 i mf " n iff 1. LESLI CARP DIORAMA BEAUTY BRENDA PIRKLE DIORAMA BEAUTY mtaamaa seatatstaasaam M0 ALTERNATE BEAUTIES ELLEN ALLEN CAROL PRICE PAM BROWNING i mmtm : GLENDA ROSS LORETTA STEELE 197 mtm 198 I t | i ' % MISS MARGARET RUSSELL HOMECOMING QUEEN - 199 ta W: f ELLEN ALLEN ROYAL COURT JOYCE DAVI S ROYAL COURT 200 T FAYE HUNTER ROYAL COURT GEORGIA MC CORKLE ROYAL COURT Mnaoaan MH LINDA ARSEMENT MISS CHARMING 1963-1964 202 MISS CHARMING OF FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE Charm week held the first month of school is sponsored by the WSGA and is held in honor of Freshman girls. The purpose of charm week is to promote good grooming. All week long the nominees attend such activities as ice water teas, a fashion show, a caravan coke party, and a carnival held in the Great Hall. The climax of charm week is the talent show which is open to the entire school, and it is at this talent show that Miss Charming and her court are an- nounced. 203 MISS LINDA WEEKS COURT FREDA LANGSTON COURT 204 MISS LESLIE CARP COURT MISS KAY GAITHER COURT 205 wma % MAR MR. AND MISS FSC JEFF EDWARDS MARGARET RUSSELL ... " f MISS BRENDA PHILLIPS First Runner-up For Miss F. S. C. MR. FLAVIL (BUTCH) WEAR First Runner-up For Mr. F. S. C. 208 MISS DORIS WEATHERBEE Second Runner-up For Miss F. S. C. MR. WALLACE SANDERS Second Runner-up For Mr. F. S. C. I 209 MISS DENE MASTERSON Third Runner-up For Miss F. S. C. 210 MR. CLYDE (BUCKY) BEAVERS Third Runner-up for Mr. F. S. C. VI MISS MARGENE BONDS Fourth Runner-up For Miss F. S. C. MR. JERRY MOBLEY Fourth Runner-up For Mr. F. S. C. mmy M r V 9 SPRING GRADUATION Left to Right: Robert Buettner and C. W. Hunter received the Turns Fidelis Award. Dean Allen, Mary Lois Anderson was awarded the Keller Key. SUMMER GRADUATION ot Pictured: Sara Ruth Royer was awarded the Keller Key. TURRIS FIDELIS AND KELLER KEY The Keller Key is awarded to the graduating senior with the highest scho- lastic average over four years of work at the college. The Key is awarded in mem- ory of the late President James Albert and Mrs. Mariglen Keller. The Turris Fidelis Award is conferred upon not more than two members of the senior class at each commencement. Both service to the college and scho- lastic standing are considered in selecting the recipient of the award. This is the highest honor that the student body can confer upon a fellow student. 212 Left to Right: Doris Weatherbee, Lisa Pickens, Linda Frederick, Ellen Guyer, Margene Bonds. :y WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ikrf! Recognition in the annual publication, Who ' s Who, is one of the highest honors a college student may attain. Who ' s Who is a national organization set up in the school year 1934-35; and since the sixth year of its existence, it has had the active participation of an average of 600 institutions. Its home office is in Tus- caloosa, Alabama. Students are chosen on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, and service to the college. After the students are accepted by the national organization, their names and college records appear in the Who ' s Who publication. The organiza- tion keeps at the disposal of all business concerns in the United States and Canada information about its student members. Only seniors and juniors are eligible for recognition in Who ' s Who, and the above students are to be highly congratulated. 213 1963-64 ALUMNI OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Silas Cross. President, Moulton; Miss Mavis Jones, Secretary, Decatur; James H. Whitfield, Vice-President, Russelville. 214 _ 215 216 " 1 Do you think Miss Matthews will like this new step? 218 Never mind the lion, look at that funny man beside him. I swear 111 never take another drink. 220 J8S $ ft m P-M . _ [T n h ' 1 HH 1 ' % ' ilL 51 (V v U m fclw J 221 I 222 Don ' t look now but isn ' t that the boy the bass fiddle plays? I can ' t afford it, I ' ve got a ring to pay for. 223 226 I ' ve never kissed a boy named Florence before. 227 uMmKaMHnniHHHim Some didn ' t believe it. If I get my snap shots right, he lets me ride once a week. 228 IH 1 ' 1 1 r 229 230 w 233 T 234 Left to Right: Otis Peacock, Roy Stevens. H. A. Flowers, Dallas Lancaster, R. C. Fuller, Kenneth Large. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The athletic committee serves to guide the smooth operation of an overall athletic program at Florence State. The program includes inter- collegiate participation in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, track, and cross country. An intramural program has also been set up and put into practice by this committee. 236 FOOTBALL COACHES Left to Right: Coaches, Henry Self, Roy Weeks. Left to Right: Managers, Mack Rickman, Bill Pike, Jimmy Rickman. 237 I Mike Dennis Leland Dishman Lewis Dyer Ronnie Ellison Butch Evans Johnny Evans Ray Hester Doyle Hill 238 239 Coffee Stadium, September 14: Once again the FSC Lions and the Jax State Game- cocks battled to a tie. Both teams played rugged defense, with only one serious scor- ing threat being mounted in the game, this by FSC in the middle of the second quarter. Florence got possession of the ball on Jax ' s 39 and marched to the 12 yard line of Jax before losing possession of the ball on a fumble. Beyond this point, neither team was able to penetrate the other ' s 15 yard line throughout the game. The Lions seemed plagued with misfortune as they fumbled the ball six times and had three passes inter- cepted. Hey! Watch the showing. YARDSTICK FSC Jax First downs 8 5 Rushing yardage 81 112 Passing 60 35 Passes 6-18 5-8 Passes had inter 3 Punting 7-39.3 11-29.6 Fumbles 6 Penalties 2-30 5-75 FSC - - JAX- -0 Wonder what Betty is doing now. s scor. nl line of Jai trued sat Coffee Stadium, September 21: Florence State met per- haps the toughest opponent on their schedule as they did battle with the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State Col- lege. The Blue Raiders brought to Florence the top-rated team in the Ohio Valley Conference and took home with them a 41-13 victory from the Lions. Although Florence did all they could, it just simply was not enough to stop the over- powering Middle Tennessee attack. YARDSTICK FSC MT First downs 11 18 Rushing yardage 102 216 Passing yardage 100 266 Passes 8-14 16-20 Passes had inter 1 Punting 35.3 30.9 Fumbles 1 Penalties 0-0 3-35 5 112 35 5-8 m o i5 Hey, that ' s me you ' re holding. FSC 13 MIDDLE TENN. . 41 With the greatest of ease. Hey, don ' t go to sleep up there. Heck fella, I didn ' t know you thought this much of me. I told you he wouldn ' t like it. FSC - - 12 ARK.. .14 The Lions failure to make good on 2 point after touchdown tries spell defeat for them as the Indians of Arkansas handed Florence a 14-12 setback. Flor- ence ' s first score came in the third per- iod after picking off an Indian pass. Hill passed to Allison for a 28 yard gain and then tossed one to Breland in the end zone for the score. Their final score, also, was by passing; they covered 67 yards in four plays to get it. YARDSTICK FSC Ark. S. First downs 9 16 Rushing yardage 40 169 Passing yardage 99 26 Passes 10-15 5-9 Passes had inter 2 1 Punting 7-377 7-32.2 Fumbles 2 1 Penalties 8-87 10-123 Fl L Say. ain ' t this a little crowded? 242 It ' s all in the game, you know. YARDSTICK FSC LSC First downs 11 8 Rushing yardage 173 19 Passing yardage 29 72 Passes 4-7 5-25 Passes had inter 2 Punting 7-32.3 6-31.5 Fumbles 4 2 Penalties 3-15 3-28 243 Honest fellas, it ' s my ball. Coffee Stadium, October 12: Three pass interceptions and two fumbles were the game breaks that forced FSC to settle with a scoreless tie with the C hoctaws of Mississippi College. FSC got deep in Choctaws territory five times, but the Choctaw defense held and they couldn ' t score. Mississippi got near the FSC goal line on a scoring threat but that was all it turned out to be as the drive bogged down on the 13 yard line. Not only was the scoring even, but the statistics also came close to breaking even. YARDSTICK FSC M. C. First downs 10 10 Yards Rushing 144 135 Yards passing 51 111 Passes 4-15 5-14 Passes had inter 3 1 Fumbles lost 2 4 Yards penalized 1-9 2-27 Punting average 6-41 8-30 FSC MISS. COLLEGE - But I don ' t want my shoes tied. 244 ...0 HGE.O What did you say her name was? Hey, that tickles. FSC - - 8 TROY - 7 Troy, Alabama, October 19: Getting the best end of a rare play, a safety, Florence edged Troy 8-7, giving the Lions a 2-0-1 record in conference play and 2-2-2 marks for the year. The Red Wave got their scoring done on a 63 yard pass interception by Troy Lamb, and Johnson ' s P. A. T. Florence scored its touchdown on a one yard sneak by Brannon which climaxed an 87 yard drive. The winning points for Florence came as Troy intercepted a Lion pass in fourth quarter on the one yard line. On the next play, FSC ' s forward wall smothered the Troy State ball carrier in the end zone for the safety. YARDSTICK FSC Troy First downs 13 6 Yards rushing 120 52 Yards passing 95 21 Passes 8-19 3-6 Passes had inter 3 2 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 5 5 Punts 6-42 8-33 Oh! That smarts. 245 n naan W7-t= t-l r I Hey, watch the foot buddy! This is becoming a habit. Now where did that ball go? FSC 14 N ' WEST LA. . 33 Natchitoches, Louisiana, October 26: Northwestern Demons gained sweet revenge on the Florence State Lions as they handed them a 33-14 setback. The Demons scored two touchdowns in each of the first two quarters to hold a commanding 27-6 lead at half time. The Lion ' s second score came after recovering a Demon fumble on the Demon ' s 46-yard line. After an 18 yard pass play from Hill to David Thomas and a 5 yard penalty and an 18 run by Hill, the ball was then sneaked over by Dyer for the touchdown. F.S.C. tried for 2 and succeeded, making the score 27-14. The Demon ' s last touchdown came on a 33 yard pass play from Don Beasley to Roy Gentry with 14:30 left in the game, making the score 33-l4 which was to be the final score. 246 1 1 s I Hey, I found it! It was about this long and kinda oval looking. Oh no! Not again. Coffee Stadium, November 2: Led by six seniors who played their final game before the hometown fans, the Florence State Lions handed high-flying Delta State a 20-17 defeat. Delta scored first early in the first quarter on a 21 yard field goal. Florence then came roaring back for two quick touchdowns to take a 14-3 lead at the end of one quarter. This was short lived, however, as Delta came back strong in the third quarter to take a 17-14 lead. The Lions came roaring back and struck pay dirt, making the score 20-14 with 4:05 remaining in the game. Florence then cut short a Delta State drive with 1:50 on the clock and then proceeded to run out the clock. YARDSTICK FSC Delta First downs 13 14 Rushing yardage 131 272 Passing yardage 118 19 Passes 9-15 2-11 Passes had inter. 2 Fumbles lost 2 1 Punting average 6-40 3-38 Penalties 5-55 2-30 ife- l f 4 Vn ' " B BCIC IOPI ' XJI ' . X mtf -j(IK k . m vfl i AJH FSC. - -20 DELTA . 17 Hide the cards, here comes " " Hawkeye. Now where did I drop that dime? FSC 6 CHATTANOOGA - 25 I don ' t think coach is going to like this. Chattanooga, November 9: Out-manned Florence State fought gamely but just didn ' t have the manpower to stay with powerful Chattanooga and wound up on the short end of a 25-6 score. A rugged Moccasin defense kept the Florence State Lions from crossing the goal line but once. Several times Florence drove down deep in the enemy territory only to have the rugged Moccasin defense slam the door in their faces. Florence ' s only score came as a result of a 30 yard touchdown pass from Doyle Hill to Earnest Breland. YARDSTICK FSC Chatt. First downs 10 19 Rushing yardage 123 177 Passing yardage 140 185 Passes 9-22 11-17 Passes had inter 2 Penalties 5-55 6-54 Punts 6-35 4-29 Fumbles lost 1 2 I 248 Get away! Get away! A UTMB half-back finds the going rough. With head down a UTMB back picks up a few yards. FSC- - -2 UTMB - 27 Martin, Tennessee, November 16: Flor- ence State stunned by a 64 yard scoring drive early in the first quarter never really seemed to recover as UTMB handed Florence a 27-2 de- feat. Florence ' s own entry in the scoring col- umn came early in the second quarter as Earnest Breland caught Bunn of UTMB behind the goal line for a safety. YARDSTICK FSC UTMB First downs 14 18 Rushing yardage 127 250 Passing 73 16 Passes 7-21 2-3 Passes had inter. 2 Punting 5-23.6 3-31 Fumbles 2 Penalties 3-39 3-35 A huddle to clear things up will always help. Whoops, where did the hole go? 249 HUMOROUS HIGHLIGHTS TR1 What are you doing here? Well! Its MY BALL!! Jkbk not mart ta-tn wll play maintain! inpness t conmem played, h 250 Where does it hurt? ft I TRIBUTE TO LIONS Although the past football season was not marked by long winning streaks or fan- tastic wins, the games were hard fought and well played to the last whistle. The players maintained a competitive spirit and a will- ingness to play good ball. All Florence State commends the team and coaches for a well played, hard fought season. Doyle Hill, sophomore, was named outstanding back for this season. Tommy Wyatt. junior, was named outstanding lineman. m ft Ma Front Rou, Left to Right: Ray Quinn. Lewis Dyer. Ronald Kent. Butch Toner. Clyde Beaver. Ernest Breland. Ken Rutland. Ken Daniel. Leland Dishman. Second Rou:: Don Creasey. Johnny Johnson. Gilmore Brannon. Paul Cooper. Barry Jones. Johnny Bailey. Steve Logan. Ronnie Davis. H. L. Robinson. Third Row: Ronnie Ellison. Don Allison. Tommy Wyatt. Elmer Knight. Jimmy Carringer. Jimmy Roberts. Cecil Thompson. Mike Reeves. David Thomas. Ronald Thomas. Fourth Rou: Gary Johnson. Doyle Hill. Butch Wear. Ray Hester. Lester Dawson. Mike Rieley. Greg Richey. Mike Dennis. Butch Evans. Jim Blair. Wayne Thorn. Johnny Evans. 251 Top-Joyce Marbutt Bottom-Chris Abney Front Row: Brenda Phillips, Judy McDougal. Second Rotv: Joyce Marbutt, Chris Abney, Linda Jackson. Lynne Evans. Left to Right: Lynne Evans. Brenda Phillips, Chris Abney. CHEERLEADERS WORK TO BOOST TEAM SPIRIT A M P H M Leo watches over the FSC cheerleaders as they urge the team on. -y Left to Right, Kneeling: Larry Terry, Randy Key, Tarry Grissom, Jim Wes- son. Standing: Phil Dutton, Manager; Charles Brown, Larry Gautney. Terry Gladney, Tommy Dodd. Paul Fowler, Cliff Roberts, Jim Parker, Gene Crocker, Maurice Tharp, Thomas Rains, Jim Drain. E. E. Billingham. Cocah. Kneeling: Tom Tucker. Bobby Marsh, Doug Key. Larry Nevels. Coach, E. E. Billingham. BASKETBALL 1963-64 FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC m PS K FS FS FS FS 254 SEASONAL RECORD FSC 73 FSC 55 FSC 87 FSC 73 FSC 82 FSC 65 FSC 75 FSC 81 FSC 88 FSC 58 FSC 64 FSC 79 FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC FSC Huntingdon 104 David Lipscomb 53 Middle Tennessee 99 UTMB 65 Christian Brothers 94 King 72 Delta State 76 Athens 80 Bethel 80 Union 89 Athens 68 Delta State 87 Lambuth Huntingdon Bethel David Lipscomb Livingston Middle Tennessee Chattanooga Athens College Livingston Chattanooga Lambuth Union M tm ton B A S K E T B A L L A C T I O N HHHOaHanBMHDM it SC 258 m 1 H H ?W ? II r IB II wujSM H ' 1 260 B .J ' Gordon, didn ' t you forget something? E B Front Row, Left to Right: Larry Whitten, Phil Cordon. Ralton Standi. Jimmy Smith. Boh Seeley. Kenny DanieLSpron Row: Myer Lemmond, Brenton Manley. Skinny Bentley. Bryan Black. Jerry Rice. Third Row: Wendell Batehelor. Skipper Theiss. Fred Winslett, Donnio Cook, Coach Weeks. 261 Wendill Batchelor Brvan Black " Skinny " Bentley Kenny Daniel 262 Phil Gordon Brenton Manley Myer Lemmond Jerry Rice 263 BASEBALL ACTION 1963 SCHEDULE April 4 St. Bernard Home April 5 Taylor University Home April 10 Jacksonville Home April 13 David Lipscomb Home April 18 Lambuth Away April 20 Jacksonville Away April 26 David Lipscomb Away April 29 Lambuth Home May 3 Troy Home May 4 Troy Home May 6 UTMB Home May 9 Livingston Home May 11 Alabama College Away May 15 Livingston Away May 17 St. Bernard Away 265 E N N Standing, Left to Right: Coach Tom Reeves, Bill Lee , Jimmy Sledge, Dennis Bryant, Bobby Boone. Front Row: Charles Hastings, Joe Jones, Winky Adams, Jackie Burgess. 266 i a a n ' %, " " ' r ' Winky Adams Dennis Bryant Jackie Burgess I Charles Hastings Joe Jc 268 Jimmy Sledge RIFLE TEAM Front Row: Sizemore. Smith, Romans. Sander. Fallwell. Second Row: Lawson. Woodward, Goodwin. Howard. Third Row:Capl. Moody. Tanner, Doster. Houser. Hall. Long. Depending on the strong reserves built up on the Varsity Rifle Team and fast learning fresh- men, the Rifle Team has compiled a record of 34 wins opposed to 10 losses in three seasons as a var- sity team. The team this year shows great depth and hopes to win the Alabama Championship for the second year in a row. AT THE RANGE Sizemore, Smith, Romans, Fallwell, Goodwin 269 Standing, Left to Right: Bill Pike. Brad Black, Charles Jones. Ernest Breland. Butch Toner. Lester Dawson. Coach Gibbons. Front Row: Wayne Friel. Ed Homan. .1 iriin v Smith. Steve Gordon. LIONS COMPLETE MEDIOCRE SEASON 270 GOLF 63-64 Linda Lewis - 272 Greig Lewis 4FT0T ' : .r The Voice of the Lions: No. 1 sports announcer of the area, George Manush. SPORTS FINALE Leo the Lion, FSC mascot. Coach Self gives Ellison and Thorn game pointers. V A 1 MMMMHHH ! 9 W I - IM U! Iffll 101! 274 ADVERTISING !! fT! hop alt J (loon and balcony 111 S. Court m-wi rif Compliments of MUSCLE SHOALS WHOLESALE CO. Distributors of DICTATOR FLOUR Tuscumbio Alabama MEFFORD ' S, INC. _ YOUR JEWELERS 1 1 1 East Tennessee St. Florence FACTORY DISCOUNT SYSTEM, INC. Northwest Alabamo ' s Largest Furniture Discount House Hwy. 72 East Florence mirr and bridal hof Florence Sheffield Best Wishes from A FRIEND 276 DONALDSON RUG COMPANY Carpet from the Looms of MOHAWK 383-4723 Sheffield CULPEPPER BAKERY Best in Town for Party Decorations, Birthday Cakes, and Wedding Cakes Court Street Florence TROWBRIDGE ' S ICE CREAM SANDWICH BAR FLORENCE MIKE ' S DRIVE-IN Sandwiches, Lunches and Short Orders Across the Bridge in SHEFFIELD Plenty of Free Parking I PHIL ROBERTS FURNITURE CO. Sheffield 1419 E. 2nd St. 383-7518 HOOD TIRE EXCHANGE 320 North Wood Ave. DAVID HOOD Campus Representative Florence Compliments of BILLY L. HENSELY LUMBER CO. FLORENCE MEADOW GOLD DAIRY 383-5426 3122 Jockson Hwy. Sheffield TOOF PRINTING STATIONERY CO. 216 N. Court St. Florence Compliments of SOUTHERN FRIGID-DOUGH, INC. FLORENCE Since 1853 MILNER ' S DRUG STORE W. H. CROMWELL, PROP. THE REXALL STORE FLORENCE FLORENCE LUMBER CO. BUILDING MATERIALS 764-0551 Florence SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. SHEFFIELD ALABAMA OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 764-3523 Florence SHUMAKE-POSEY FURNITURE COMPANY 122 East Tennessee St. Florence Compliments of HELLARD INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. PEPSI-COLA BOTTLERS OF PEPSI-COLA AND KIST FLAVORS 383-2842 Hwy. 43 South DARBY ' S SHELL STATION ALVIN AND O ' STEEN DARBY 764-6272 401 N. Court St. Florence 277 BEST WISHES LANDERS 7 OFFICE SUPPLY 101 W. Third St. SHEFFIELD ROYAL CROWN COLA in Bottles or Cans! NEHI BOTTLING CO. 1 Sheffield 383-5342 No 4 Compliments of BARKLEY ' S AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING CO. 24-Hour Service 764-3452 Florence LIBERTY 1 SUPER MARKET 1 Low Prices Every Day North Florence Sheffield GET THE BEST ... GET Compliments of O. D. O. ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. 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Sheffield 383-7231 FURNITURE COMPANY 1 1 16 East Fifth St. Tuscumbia 383-8371 jfo " ks STANFIELD ' S TIN SHOP 1 764-2323 DrPeppen k Mf A dKf 101 South Royal Ave. Florence i|5pF VERBON JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY 1 1 3 E. Tombigbee St. Florence, Alabama 764-3571 GEORGE C. DURY COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee Supplies and Equipment for: Amateur Professional Industrial RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL Photography Since 1882 INDUSTRIAL WIRING 1 280 A. B. DAVIS DRY GOODS CO. TUSCUMBIA CITY CLUB, VELVET STEP, WEATHERBIRD SHOES AND CLOTHING FOR ALL THE FAMILY SERVING THE TENNESSEE VALLEY ALABAMA-TENNESSEE NATURAL GAS COMPANY Florence Alabama PAPER CHEMICAL SUPPLY COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS OF PAPER PRODUCTS AND SANITARY SUPPLIES Sheffield Alabama Compliments of FLORENCE PACKING COMPANY Home of BAMA ' S BEST BRAND MEATS 281 WOODYMAC CORRAL " Where You Meet Your Friends " Jackson Hwy. and TV. A. Entrance Sheffield RESTAURANT I . k WiVlC OM H T BISCUITS THE RESTAURANT WOODYMAC PIZZA Made Fresh in Our Own Kitchen Conveniently Located Between Sheffield and Tuscumbia Weyerhaeuser Comp 4MF FOUR CITIES IMPORTS, INC. Your Volkswagen Dealer Service on All Makes of Foreign Cars WEYERHAEUSER CO. 901 Mitchell Blvd. Florence 766-2906 A Shipping Container Division Florence Alabama! TRI-CITIES PUBLISHING CO., INC. She jFlunmre mes DEDICATED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE MUSCLE SHOALS DISTRICT HUNGRY AS A 9 ? MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SNACK BAR Patronize the Sponsors of the Yearbook! They ' re the Best 283 mtmmzmm WHORTON DRUG CO. Seven Points Shopping Center ond 201 North Seminary St. r t mm CHARADE " FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS 1963 AUDREY HEPBURN MARTIN THEATRES 284 BOSTON-CHRISTIAN WHOLES ALE PRODUCE " First With The Finest " 764-5861 601 Cherry St. Florence 4 Friendly A P ' s To Serve You In Tri-Cities Area! 1000 Florence Blvd., Florence 31 1 Court Street, Florence 301 East 2nd Street, Sheffield 409 North Main Street, Tuscumbia Shop A P For Cash Savings Valuable Plaid Stamps! tf B - jot v A G ' Pickup Stations on Campus " East Tennessee St. Florence See Our Complete Selection of Year-round Fashions in Belk ' s COLLEGE SHOP BeMudson SHEFFIELD EARUNE ' S Ladies ' Wear Florence 285 ABROMS For the Lady Who Knows Clothes Florence SivShtp OTTO SPEAKE MEN ' S WEAR 118 Ei ! n HEMOST IN 1CLEAN, HG OJZtriG I JVASHING Compliments of DIAMOND-ALKALI m ONE-HOUR MARTINIZING North Florence Chemicals You Live By! 286 WEA SMOKEHOUSE BILLIARDS Recreation and Refreshment 1 1 8 East Tennessee St. Florence It ' s FUN to Bowl at. . . TRI-CITY BOWL YOU ' LL MEET ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS THERE! 361 1 Hatch Blvd. Sheffield Compliments of LI FLAGG - UTICA CORP. A DIVISION OF HtMlLM 287 CAPS OFF to the graduating class BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY 3k WILSON ' S ' FOOD CENTERS North Florence and Old Lee Highway 288 GOLDEN-FLAKE POTATO CHIPS Alabama ' s Own CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Make ROGERS Your Store For Latest Fashions Finest Quality MEN ' S STORE Main Floor WOMEN ' S STORE Second Floor TRI-CITIES NEW CAR DEALERS ' ASSOCIATION SHEFFIELD FLORENCE TUSCUMBIA HESTER CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet Corvair MILEY BUICK, INC. Buick MOTORDROME, INC. Lincoln Mercury Comet PAUL SAYWELL MOTORS, INC. Plymouth Valiant CAMPBELL MOTORS, INC. Ford Falcon FOOTE AUTO COMPANY Oldsmobile Cadillac HARRISON-WHITE PONTIAC Pontiac KILLEN MOTORS Dodge Chrysler MclNTYRE MOTORS Buick Lark DENTON-SMITH CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet Corvair GENE CRUMP CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet Corvair MORRIS SERVICE STATION Rambler KARL BRADLEY FORD, INC. Ford Falcon 289 MUSCLE SHOALS TVCABLE COMPANY A DIVISION OF H B COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION 121 S. COURT ST. 764-7571 FLORENCE WHERE you save DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Get All These Benefits When You Save With Us: INSURED SAFETY LIBERAL EARNINGS QUICK AVAILABILITY NO FLUCTUATION SOUND MANAGEMENT EXTRA STRONG RESERVES 4] 2% Current Annual Dividend Rate on All Savings 118 East Mobile St. and 7-Points Shopping Center 290 Florence Alabama First National Bank FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN TUSCUMBIA With Offices in Tuscumbia, Sheffield Cherokee, Muscle Shoals City. Tuscumbia Bank bank. H Z - ' S mam m IJijiHJj- ' WP m Sheffield Branch ' YOUR COMMUNITY BANK " Cheroke e Branch Compliments of DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES FLORENCE, ALABAMA ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT BOARD OF WATER AND SEWER COMMISSIONERS GAS DEPARTMENT ; 292 STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FLORENCE y i r Hr T S U H S C U M B E F F I E L D I 1 CALLING COLLEGE GRADUATES!! CHOOSE A CAREER WITH A FUTURE-A Helping Profession Opportunities await you with the Alabama Dept. of Pensions and Security. The beginning jobs in the social work series in the Department of Pensions and Security are those of case worker (also called pension counsellor) and child welfare worker-in-training. For the case worker position you must have a degree from a 4-year college or university, complete successfully the State Merit System Exam for this job, and be able to drive a car and have one available to you. The position of child welfare worker-in-training is used on a selective basis when child welfare workers are not available. Upon employment, the worker-in-training becomes a candidate for educa- tional leave. ADVANTAGES ARE MANY: If YOU like people, if you want to help them and to make your community better, if you want a truly rewarding job, investi- gate a career with the Department of Pensions and Security. WRITE: State Department of Fensions and Security Attention: Administrative Assistant 64 North Union Street Montgomery, Alabama OR VISIT: The State Department (call for an ap- pointment) or your own County De- partment. One is in every county seat. Employment under the State Merit System Beginning salary: $326 per month; annual salary review; opportunities for promotion after receiving professional social work training (with stipends granted for graduate study) Paid vacation (annual leave) and sick leave Social Security State Employees Retirement System Group Hospital and Health Insurance. Official Travel Expenses 294 REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Congratulates the 1963 Graduates of Florence State College TODAY, MORE THAN EVER . . NEW IDEAS AND NEW CAREERS TAKE SHAPE IN . . . REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY ALLOYS PLANT REDUCTION PLANT 22 Years at Muscle Shoals 295 NORTH FLORENCE BRANCH :ourt BANK OF FLORENCE YEAR Deposit Insurance Corporation 296 (RANCH COURT STREET BANK THE FIRST NATIONAL OUR 75th Member of the Federal 296 297 THE HOME OF SUPREME VINYL FLOOR TILE The phenomenal growth of National Floor Products Company has seen many major developments in its plant facilities within the past few years. Automated production lines have increased pro- duction capacities many times over in the same period. Steadily expanding facilities for research, development, and manufacture are meeting the challenge created by the constantly growing demand for the NAFCO complete line of fine vinyl floor products. NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO., INC. Florence Alabama 298 1 I 4 v| fl ore nee state college florence, alabama new science building " A B. and B. S. degree programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Physical Education. A B. and B. S. degree programs for the training of teachers for the elementary and secondary schools. ' Courses for renewal and extension of teaching certificates. Preprofessional curricula for Agriculture, Den- tistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. ' Secretarial training. ' Graduate programs in elementary and secondary education and school administration. Beautiful Campus, comfortable dormitories and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medico dental and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Col- leges and Secondary schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. collier library addition 299 Our Special Thanks To 120 West Mobile St. Florence For Their Photographic Work In The 1964 DIORAMA 300 INT ER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City Winnipeg Yearbooks Yearbook Covers Diplomas Graduation Announcements USA COLLIER LIBRARY Tfriwwity of Sobf " liOB CE ALABAMA r Jr ' .ft I S r1.1 hi Mil !!! ALABAMA LECTIOTS COL Restricts d For Library Use Only - . mmuiiu n

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