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)■■ ' ■ i : nineteen sixt) -tnree — _ I lynne evans- -editor frances wesson- -associate editor lorry gullet- -business manager I contents administration 15 faculty 21 buildings 41 seniors 51 underclassmen 75 organizations 105 m ilitary 143 featu res 163 snapshots 197 sports 235 advertisements 279 t ' among other things, florence state is a kaleidoscope of faces embodying the finest of human principles and ideals, represented by a changing pattern of moods: exc ited . appreciative . gaiety . unstinting loyalty • • • mm .WS ' iff ' • = „ V J TiTk, ' P ' «r7 w- - ' .. iT - i n 1 4 ■• » ' « solemn in the line of duty . . . m a Study raised in joyful dedication I 10 ! a study in concentration ' is. ' I I in unending search and research . . 11 reflecting in the light of life . and I ove . . . a mirror of raw courage . . 12 (• I I all towards the final goal of self-respect, character development, personal achievement . . . that, proud and prepared, each may assume their rightful place in the sun. 13 administration president e.b. norton One hundred thirty-three years in direct line of succession from the first college chartered in Alabama, Florence State College stands today as a living symbol of a people ' s faith in education as a means of fostering and developing the moral and intellectual capacities of individual citizens. There is a new and an unprecedented urgency regarding the process of acquir- ing education in our day, characterized as it is by a literal explosion of knowledge in every field that lends itself to modern research. Let us be about the important work we have in hand together— all of us— faculty, staff, and students— to achieve the high purpose for which our college exists. 16 lean turner w. all en Assisting a student in the realization of his own potential is at the heart of educa- tional purpose. For this purpose the facilities, courses, programs, and personnel of Florence State College exist, and the history of the college is primarily a story of the continuing efforts for their improvement. But the extent to which the college may con- tribute to the realization of potential is determined ultimately by the student alone. It is a determination worthy of early and serious contemplation. 17 Otis I. peacock assistant to the president Among the many important duties of Mr. Peacock are those of student recruitment, public relations, the administration of extension and field services, student loan and scholarship programs, student employment, and alumni relations. By ful- filling the many and varied responsibilities of his job, he earns the respect of his colleagues and the col- lege students. n 8i Deo w.t. mc elheny dean of student affairs in his new office as Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. McElheny brings a thoroughness and efficiency that is outstandingly representative of faculty excellence at Florence State College. Dr. Mac, as he is fondly called by the students, inspires and tries to bring forth the best in each person v ho seeks his help. 18 " of Itlr. « " •. ptlit ■ndU By fu|. i o! his job, " i tlie col- i Wi 1 ' S. i Abel F. DeWiU B.S., M.A. Dean of Men Pauline E. Grov ee A.B., M.A. Dean of Women Chester M. Arehari A.B., M.A. Registrar administrators Competent administrators at Florence State Col- lege consider it a high privilege to serve students in every reasonable and d esirable v ay. R. C. Fuller Ph. B., M.S. Treasurer Hoyt M. Brock B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Director of Graduate Study William A. Graham B.S., M.A. Director of Kilby Laboratory School 19 faculty art department The Art Department offers both a major and a minor in art, and courses through which students may satisfy general education art requirements, expand their cultural interests, and develop artistic abilities. Through careful selection of elective courses, the art major may prepare for a career in some phase of design for teaching art on the secondary level or for graduate study. The selection of one or more art courses as electives helps the general education students to broaden their perspective of the natural and man-made designs in the v orld about them. The Art League is sponsored by the department and is open to all students interested in promoting art. Mort E. Smifh, Professor B.S., M.A., M.F.A. Department Chairman HHjj m flv j H H M «V -Vik H l Ms 9 r n Mrs. Marion Kearley B.S., M.A. Instructor Mrs. Hilda H. Mitchell Ne son Von Pelt B.S., M.A. B.J. Instructor Instructor and Director Au ' dio-Visual Services A4rs. Forresf Ward A.B. Instructor lesferLDitti) IS.,M.S, Wstanlfrol " MAdminisi 22 ... business department J? I ■ . k It The Business Department offers majors in general business administration, account- ing, marketing and retailing, secretarial science, and business education. The depart- ment offers a minor in business administration, as well as a special two-year prepara- tory curriculum in secretarial science. Proficiency tests in shorthand are required of entering freshmen interested in business for placement purposes. Organizations affiliated with the Business Depart- ment ore Sigma Tau Pi, open to business majors and minors, and Alpha Chi, the accounting club, open to advanced students majoring in accounting. This year Sigma Tau Pi and Alpha Chi float won first place in the Homecoming parade; thus, they will have the privilege of building the queen ' s float next year. 1 i Roy S. Stevens B.S., M.A. Associate Professor Department Chairman Max R. Carringfon B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Education towrence H. Conwill B.B.A., M.B.E. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration TejWofd tester L. DHtman Noel W. Entz Mrs. George Hoffmeister Henry L. King B.S., M.S. LL.B., B.B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Busi- Assistant Professor of Busi- Secretarial Science Instructor ness Administration ness Administration I Inell Knight A.B., M.A. Instructor in Business Edu- cation Ellen Moore B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Education Sbapour Samii B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor William Sidney Stewart B.S., M.B.E. Instructor in Business Ad- ministration 23 english and modern languages department The English Department offers a major and a minor in English, minors in dramatic arts and speech, French and Spanish, and two years of German. Organizations affiliated with the Department of English and Modern Languages are the Foreign Cultures Club, the English Club, the Rehearsal Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, and the Spanish Club. Each group is open to all interested students with the exception of Sigma Tau Delta which is open to honor students with a major or a minor in English, and Alpha Psi Omega is open to students interested in drama. The Rehearsal Club annually presents two or three plays that are highlights of the year. The department also assists the English Club in its annual literary publication " Light and Shadows " and sponsors the campus-wide contemporary writing contest.. Albert S. Johnston, Jr. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor Department Chairman , Emma Claude Coburn B.A., M.A. Instructor Mrs. Elisabeth Cooper B.S. Instructor _ « . f 1 jr i H p ywt — W . - J Mory Ju a Neal A.B., M.A. Associate Professor Milton D. Ream B.A. Instructor Mrs. Emily N. Richeson A.B., M.A. Instructor m A.B. Inslw NOT PICTURED: Hamilton P. Avegno Ph.B., A.M. Assistant Professor Laurine Haynes A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor John E. Kingsbury A.B., M.F.A. Instructor Welter 24 Stanley Rosenbaum A.B., M.A. Instructor J. Richard Cummings A.B. Instructor Mrs. Betfy M. Schuessler A.B., M.A. Instructor Mrs. Catherine C. Jones A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor Mrs. Earl Masterson A.B. Instructor Waller K. Schuckmann Gladys Sbepard Lindsey Sfricklin J. N. Winn Ph.D., A.B., A.B., A.B. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A. Associate Professor Associate Professor Instructor Associate Professor 25 military science department dep The purpose of the Military Science Department, in conjunction with other departments of the college, is to develop Army Officers, well educated and well-rounded leaders— leaders for an Army that would have to expand with lightning speed in a national emergency. With this end in mind, the department has been designed to " develop the qualities of leadership " in college-trained men. As means to this end, each student is reminded of his responsibility, as college trained, to fill a position of command in protecting the free society of which he is a member. All male students are required to complete two years of basic military science prior to graduation unless excused by the President of the institution. Those cadets selected for retention in the advanced program are trained to accept a position of leadership as 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Army. The Cadet Corps is organized into a Brigade consisting of a band and two Battalions each con- taining three companies. Active student organizations in this department are the Cadet Officers Corps and the Pershing Rifles. The purpose of these organizations is to develop, promote, encourage, and preserve the highest ideals of the military and to foster worthwhile student activities. Co . Marshall L Fallwell B.S. Professor Department Chairman Copt. Leroy W. Provosf, Jr. B.S. Asisstant Professor Copt. Herbert E. Moody B.S. Assistant Professor Mnl.y !.S,M,S„I AisistanlPr, Deportment Capi. James D. Partin B.S. Assistant Professor SFC James G. Collins Supply Sgt. S Sgf. Grady Long Instructor SFC Haskew H. Nobles Instructor i Wooldr -B,M.A. M Sgf. Otis L. Wadsworth SFC Benjamin F. Gilmore Instructor Supply Sgt. Sp5 Ashel Leon Milam Instructor 26 Copf. Dallas W. Clark B.S. Assistant Professor :. loixi department of mathematics and basic engineering The Department of Mathematics and Basic Engineering provides programs and courses in mathematics as preparation for careers in business and industry, for grad- uate study, for teaching mathematics in the secondary schools, and for satisfaction of mathematics requirements in other academic and professional curricula. The depart- ment offers both a major and a minor in mathematics. The basic engineering program is designed to provide one or two years of basic engineering preparation normally required by most professional engineering schools. •■i John L. Locker B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department Chairman Mrs. Mary R. Hudson B.S., M.A. Associate Professor Mrs. Jean 7. Parker A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor i0 Mrs. Elizabefh T. Wooldridge A.B., M.A. Associate Professor Wi7 iom C. Scott B.S. Instructor John M. Sfinfson B.S. Instructor NOT PICTURED: Gayle Patterson B.S. Instructor 27 social science department Through the selection of courses in this department students gain increased under- standing of relationships with their fellowman. By studying these relationships and their importance in our society the student becomes a well-rounded citizen, better able to cope with his environment. This department offers a major in history, political science, and a cognate major in social science. Minors are offered in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Students who major in social science with the intention of teaching in the secondary school are advised to choose the cognate course of study. Sigma Sigma Kappa is the organization associated with the department, and the membership is comprised of the department majors and minors. Bernarr Cresap A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor Department Chairman Milton Baugbn B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor Mrs. Viola Clark B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor George H. DeBoer A.B., B.D., M.A. Assistant Professor Edward H. Evans A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor Charles T. Gaisser A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Grady Arnett A.B., M.A. Instructor J. Noel Glasscock B.S., M.A. Professor Sfanley P. Greenspan A.B. Instructor aociiit 28 I i: i Hassan Abdul-Hadi B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor Dallas M. Lancasfer B.S., M.A. Associate Professor Earl W. McGee A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor Fronfc B. Mo onee, Jr. A.B., M.A. Instructor Mrs. George Moness A.B., Ph.M. Associate Professor Merle Sherman B.Ed., M.A., M.S. Assistant Professor Forresi A. Walker A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Leonard Wigon A.B., M.A. Instructor 29 science department This department which always has as its aim the best instruction possible is well placed now in the new Science Building on the Florence State campus where there are excellent facilities and plenty of room for research and development. The department offers majors in biology and chemistry and a cognate major in natural science and physical science. Minors are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics. The department also provides appropriate preparatory courses for a number of pre-professional pro- grams. Now that facilities are adequate, the advancement in the science field at Florence State should soar in the future. Martin Chanin B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Department Chairman Kliem Alexander B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemstry Mrs. Elizabeth 6. von Gemmingen A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor Biology of Henry T. Harvey A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor Science Arthur L. Hershey B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology John W. Holland, Jr. B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology T. N. Hubbuch B.S., B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.8,M,A Aiiocio ' Clieniisir) I 30 A»iiio„ Science I 1 C. Fulton HuH A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry William R. Montgomery B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology William M. Richie B.S., M.A. Instructor in Chemistry S. E. Tamburo B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology NOT PICTURED: Ralph R. Huffsey B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physics Joseph Calvin Thomas A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Science Paul Yokley, Jr. B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology 31 department of education and psychology Hoyf M. Brock B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Professor and Director Graduate Study Department Chairman of The oldest department at Florence State is that of education which offers majors in elementary and secondary education. Majors in secondary education must also establish teaching majors in one of the academic departments of the college. Since 1957 the department has offered graduate study and the Master of Arts Degree in Education. Sponsored through this department is the Student National Education Asso- ciation for all education majors. Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society for students who plan to become public school teachers. Mrs. Virginia LeMay Adams B.S., M.A. Supervising Teacher Mary Burcheii Campbell B.S., M.A., M.A. Director of Curriculum La- boratory and Kilby School Library lla Cox B.S., M.A. Supervising Teacher Jack W. Crocker A.B., M.Ed., Ed.D. Assistant Professor Mrs. Flora Belle Smith A.B., M.A. Supervising Teacher William H. Waife A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor Lula R. Way B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Associate Professor W. B. Woodword A.B., Ed.M. Associate Professor 32 ««Kl|ofs " • Sinte ' fcgree in •wlenti who ■ f II I s ' « i 1 «» 1 1 f 1 10V[ 1 cmiDiini ' NMVIPUAlllr i . H ..JA V m LAA r 1 :t William L Crocker B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Professor W.CfocW M.Ed.,Ed.D. W. I. DoWs B.S., M.A., M.Ed. Associate Professor John Finhy, Jr. B.S., M.A. Associate Professor iihci - m Kaiherine Forney B.S., M.S. Supervising Teacher William A. Graham B.S., M.A. Associate Professor ( Wood " " ' Soroh Rollins Lewis B.A.E., M.E. Supervising Teacher Donie May Lowery B.S., M.E. Supervising Teacher William J. Mdlrath B.S., M.A. Associate Professor Doroihy Miller B.S., M.A. Supervising Teacher 33 home economics department The general objective of this department is the personal development of the in- dividual for homemaking as v ell as for a professional career. A prescribed curriculum is offered leading to a B.S. in education with a major in vocational home economics, a major which meets the requirement for a Class B Vocational Professional Certificate and is acceptable for teaching both general and vocational home economics in the secondary schools of Alabama. Majors will qualify for employment with the Home Economics Extension Service, with the Farmers ' Home Administration, with business as a home economist, and in some areas of social service. The department also offers a minor, but this is not a teaching minor. Home economics courses may be elected by students to help them improve the quality of their personal and home living, and by those who desire background courses appropriate to other fields of interest. B.5.,M. Athletic Depoitp Mrs. Jane O. Mcllratb A.B., M.A. Nursery School Director Mrs. Mary W. Huff B.S., M.S. Associate Professor Department Chairman Mrs. Florlne K. Rasch B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor I 34 A rs. Celia J. Wilson B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor health and physical education department i Hubert A. Flowers B.S., M.A. Professor and Director of Athletics Department Chairman Now, more than ever, physical fitness is emphasized in a well-rounded school curriculum. The Health and Physical Education Department at Florence State offers activity courses which round out the department ' s program for those students choosing P.E. as their major course of study. In addition to the regular class activities, this department sponsors the " F " Club and the Physical Education Club. Both of these or- ganizations help college spirit through participation in inter- mural and intramural sports. Hi ttsor MJrnun Edmond E. Billingham A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor Henry H. Self B.S., M.A. Athletic Coach George Gibbens B.S. Instructor Nancy Coe Vance B.S., M.S. Instructor Helen E. Maiihews A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor George E. Weeks B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor 35 music department Snappy marching music, twirling batons, beautiful voices, and pianist ' s flying fingers characterize the music department. The music department offers a major and a minor program. Also the department has a music education curriculum designed to prepare professional music educators. The band performs at every football game and pep rally. This is also a concert band which makes an annual tour. The choir, which performs extensively, is composed of music majors and minors as well as other interested students. Wayne Christeson B.M., M.A., Ed.D. Professor Department Chairman i 8.S,„ AiM( Kenneth W. Large B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor Director of Band Mrs. Hugh G. Porfer B.S.M., B.M. Assistant Professor Choir Director Walter £. Urben B.M., B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor Robert D. Hudson B.M. Part-time Instructor in Violin 36 A.U library science department The Department of Library Science is an instructional unit which offers a minor of eighteen semester hours, the purposes of which ore: (1) to give prospective librarians a basic undergraduate program which will admit them to American Library Association accredited graduate library schools as candidates for the master ' s degree in one aca- demic year; (2) to prepare students to accept library positions and begin their pro- fessional careers immediately upon graduation from this program; (3) to provide library education for prospective classroom teachers which will enable them to participate effectively in the development of school library programs. Students wishing to take more than the eighteen-hour minor may take additional electives in library science. Il Fannie Scbmiff B.S., M.A., M.A. (L.S.) Associate Professor Department Chairman collier library staff Collier Library, with the New Addition completed in Fall of 1962, is spacious and attractive. The building is completely air-conditioned and well lighted. More than 64,000 volumes are available in the library collection and the library subscribes ' to 392 periodicals. Individual study carrels, study tables, and browsing areas provide excellent facilities for study, research, and recreational reading. D, Hudion BjlislrwtorinVA Rufh Dacus A.B., B.S. in L.S. Head Librarian Mrs. Mildred C. Lenfz B.S., M.A. (L.S.) Associate Librarian Maiiha L Griffin B.S., B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Mrs. Viola U. Sheafs B.S., M.A. (L.S.) Assistant Librarian Mrs. Evelyn T. Dick Secretary and Clerical As- sistant 37 A. T. Aston Switchboard Operator Mrs. Sabra Bametf Secretary to Registrar Robert J. Bridges A.B., B.S. Director of News Serv- ice Mrs. Carolyn Burch B.S. Secretary to Registrar Mrs. Melville Burns Resident Director O ' Neal Hall Mrs. Belinda Butler Borbofo Cox Mrs. Linda Cruce Mrs. Christine P. H. J. English B.S. A.B. Secretary to Director, Cummings A.B. Secretary to Registrar Secretary, Education Department Student Union Secretary to Assistant to the President Assistant Treasurer Mrs. Janet Faucett Secretary to the Dean Mrs. W. H. Glenn Buildings Supervisor Mrs. W. L. Grubbs Receptionist, Student Union Maud Haddock Secretary to PMS Mrs. Harry Harper Secretary to Director Kilby School 38 Susan Hughes B.S., M.S. Resident Director Men ' s New Dormitory Mrs. Nell R. Ingram Resident Director Florence Hall Mrs. Gene Johnson Secretary to Registrar florence state .: Mrs. Essie Knight R.N. College Nurse Edward C. Lowe A.B., M.S. Student Union Director Mrs. Bess McCrory Curator of Museum Mrs. W. F. McFarland A.B. Resident Director Keller Hall Mrs. Jolbert W. Marks Secretary to the Treas- urer Edward E. Mafis B.S., M.A. Speech Therapist Mrs. Curtis O. Miller Assistant to Director Student Union Mrs. Eva N. Muse Secretary to Assistant to the President Mrs. Mory Addis Peacock Secretary to the Presi- dent Mrs. L. A. Quinby Dietitian Kilby Laboratory School Robert Liriden Reeder Barbara Rustling Pearl Sparks Mrs. Sybil F. Stevens George W. Terry B.S., M.S. B.S. Hostess Secretary to the Treas- Superintendent of Assistant to the Direc- Secretary to Dean of Rogers Hall urer Buildings and Grounds tor, Student Union Student Affairs Mrs. George W. Terry Assistant to the Direc- tor, Student Union Mrs. W. R. Tipton B.S., M.A. Resident Director Willingham Hall Mrs. Ttiomas Walker Switchboard Operator Student Union Mrs. Glenda Weir B.S. Secretary to Registrar college staff Ray Woods Security Officer 39 buildings rogers hall Roger ' s Hall Is a magnificent ante- i| bellum mansion located on the campus facing the center of the city. It is used for housing special guests and for con- ferences, receptions, and other social activities for faculty and students. The £usan K. Vaughn Museum is located on the ground floor. hfesic jyeoro bibb graves hall Bibb Graves Hall is the center of the college administration. It contains the offices of the president, deans, treasurer, registrar, and Administrative Assistant to the President. Offices and classrooms of several academic departments are also found here, and Florence State Hall of Fame is displayed on the first floor. wesleyan hall Wesleyan Hall is the oldest building on the campus, its lofty towers providing a sharp contrast with the modern struc- tures now a part of the campus land- scape. Several academic departments including the R.O.T.C. headquarters, the business department, and the music de- partment are housed here. Wesleyan Auditorium is on the second floor, and Wesleyan Annex is the center of the department of education. rs tiall i and " 1 " stents. Ik, " is loonefl M raves hall J « Ike center of ikf Ai. It contains lit iinl, deons, treosuref, ■iitraliYe AssistonI to Ices and classrooms « depotmenls are olst Rowice State Hall or tlie first floor. president ' s home j Located on Seminary Street, amid tall %ees and a spacious lawn, is the Presi- dent ' s home. Dr. E. B. Norton and his family live in the two-story brick house, and they serve as gracious hosts twice each year at the welcoming reception for freshmen and the farewell party for seniors. sfriplin hall Striplin Hall is a small white frame structure located adjacent to Florence Hall. It has eight units, or apartments, which provide housing for faculty and staff members. m hall ii tke oldest I lofty lowers proviJi " ! mA tke iwxis " ' it« 1 of iIk MiP " ' ocodei«it J«P° )jC, |«(lqiiartefs ad tke " » kere. ' H ' f ,(» second flw " jgcgtion. I amphitheatei The Amphitheater, the center of campus beauty, is used for convocations on warm days and for graduation every spring and summer. Pep rallies and campus political events are held in the open-air theater, as well as some drama produc- fons. It is the place that marks the be- jinning and the end of a student ' s four rears at Florence State College. iqiimioi ■iH mi iiM ■■■ isiBB s sa wu«m IIIPI science building One of the newest buildings on cam- pus is the modern Science Building. The departments housed here are the mathematics department, the home eco- nomics department, and the science de- I partment. These departments are pro- vided with the latest modern equipment. collier library Collier Library may also be considered new this year because of the modern extension. The new addition has doubled the library ' s capacity of last year. The 60,000-volume library is air-conditioned and is one of the best libraries for col- leges of this size and type in the South. student union Open in 1961, the Student Union Building contains the college bookstore, post office, snack bar, game room, and student and faculty lounges on the first floor. The music room, conference rooms, and college cafeteria ore located on the second floor; and on several oc- casions during the year, the cafeteria is turned into a ballroom. gymnasium The Gymnasium is the center for physical education courses, inter- scholastic activities, Intramural sports, and recreation. It houses the offices of the physical education and athletics departments, and it also houses a swimming pool. Athletic fields and tennis courts are nearby. union le to art building The Art Center is a brick structure located behind Rogers Hall. It houses the department of art, and some 500 students pass through her doors weekly. Headquarters for the Student Art League are located here. band lodge Music pours from the Band Lodge, the headquarters for the Florence State Lions Band. Re- modeled inside, the Lodge is a well-equipped music center and practice area for the band and the music department. kilby laboratory school Kilby Laboratory School is a regular elementary school operated on the campus by the college, it includes the first through the sixth grades and serves as laboratory school for practice teaching in the elementary field. 46 fl orence hall W Florence Hall, the white wood structure on Irvine Street, Is the smallest of the men ' s dormitories. It houses about fifty students and is located next to Striplin Hall. k where the boys are . . . keller hall Keller Hall, across the street from Bibb Graves, is the home of nearly 400 male students. Its several wings spread across one corner of the campus. In the base- ment of Keller Hall is a large study room. iborafory hool Mry Sdwl is I My xjiool operated ibylketollese. » irojliltesixtk tw welling in tlie li men s new i dormitory On the hillside facing Circular Drive is the Men ' s New Dormitory. It is an im- pressive six-storied building housing about 240 men. It contains a large entrance lounge, an elevator, and a study area. o nea I hall The oldest dormitory on campus is O ' Neal Hall located next to the Student Union. In the basement are meeting rooms and the Flor- Ala office. The largest women ' s dorm, O ' Neal has an entrance lounge, a television room, and a laundry room. th Where rne girls are willingham hall Willingham Hall on Morrison Avenue is the second largest wo- men ' s dormitory. Surrounded by shade trees, Willingham contains lounge and laundry facilities. 48 : i 1 compus il next to He power s hall Powers Hall is located at the end of Wesleyan Drive. Formerly the apartment dormitory, it contains lounge facilities, a study area, and a laundry room. : 1! " " !? t i a 11 II II ii ii 9 ' L.ia. »a f WW I I H J i ' tis ■ ' ri r ' Ti 1 ■ i ■ 1 i 1 ■ M- S Sli r i ■ ■ ■nr ■ ■ S w WWF. It ir r " ■ I It . ■ i 1 ■ 1 ■ 1 Tr-. 1 I i 1 1 ■ i wm 1 ■ m women s new dormitory The Women ' s New Dormitory is located between O ' Neal Hall and Powers Hall. It is a three-storied structure housing sixty coeds. The modern building is equipped with a spacious lounge, a television room, and a loundry room. 49 •Hfl M seniors li Akers, Ronald Samuel; Flor- ence; Music: Band, Choir. Anderson, Elizabefb Brown; Sheffield; Biology; English: Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; Lionettes 1959; DIORAMA Beauty 1960. Barnes, Jimmy Louis; Florence; Political Science: Drill Team; Ushers Club. Alexander, Clarisa Hubbard, Florence; Business Education Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi Sigma Sigma Kappa; A.S.E.A Anderson, Mary Lois; Sulli- gent; Education; English; His- tory: English Club; Sigma Sigma Kappa; A.S.E.A. S.G.A.; W.S.G.A.; Y.W.A. B.S.U.; Sigma Tau Delta Kappa Delta Pi; Miss Charm- ing Court. Balarezo, Gladys Ercilia; Florence; Art: Student Art League; Spanish Club; Home Economics Honor Society Secretary. A en, Richard Franklin; De- cater; Chemistry; Math: C.O.C.; Civitan; Kappa Mu Epsilon; German Club; S.G.A.; C.O.C. Secretary; Graduation Marshall; Leader- ship Retreat Delegate, D.M.S. Anderson, Rufh Carole; Flor- ence; Art; Political Science: Foreign Cultures Club; French Club 1959-60; W.S.G.A. 1959; Top DIORAMA Beauty 1961; DIORAMA Art Editor 1960-61; Jr. Counselor 1959- 1961. Barfleft, Jerry Franklin; Dou- ble Springs; History: Drama- tic Arts; Ushers Club; Re- hearsal Club; Flor-Ala; Alpha Psi Omega; B.M. Society. Anderson, Edward R.; Hunts- ville; History. Anderson, Wondo Rae; Grant; Home Economics; Sci- ence: W.S.G.A.; A.S.E.A.; Home Economics Club; Presi- dent of Home Economics Club 1961-1962. Beoson, Kathleen Kilgore; Danville; Secondary Educa- tion; Home Economics: Home Economics Honor Society. to CI; florem; noiiiics: F( tefs; f Cli Alpho Chi Serry, Koyi kretoriol Sigma To W,S,GA; toyles, An Nope; M.E.N.C,; Vice-PresiJ I i 52 Beaver, Clyde Raymond, Jr.; Florence; Accounting, Eco- nomics: Football, Four Let- ters; F Club, Vice-President; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau PI. Bekos, Albert Joseph; Flor- ence: English, History; Usher ' s Club, Vice-President; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-President. Berry, Kaye Griffin; Florence Secretarial Science, History Sigma Tau Pi, Treasurer W.S.G.A.; Band. Boyles, Annie Margaref; Mt. Hope; Music Education: M.E.N.C; Choir, Secretary; Vice-President of the M.E.N.C. Berry, William Dal; Muscle Shoals; Accounting, Business Administration: Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi. Br Hon, Jan; Stevenson; Busi- ness Education, Political Sci- ence: Sigma Sigma Kappa, Sigma Tau Pi; Lionettes. Black John C; Athens; Physi- cal Education, Chemistry; P.E. Club; A.C.S. Brown, James F.; Hun»sville; Accounting: Cadet Officers Corp; President; Alpha Chi. Balding, Befh D. E.; Cherokee; Elementary Education: West- minster Fellowship, Vice- President; A.S.E.A.; President, Summer, I960; Miss Charm- ing Nominee, I960; Top Ten Homecoming Queen Nominee. Brofherfon, Robert Cross; Florence; Accounting, Eco- nomics: Alpha Chi. 53 Brunner, Gail Minor; Parrish: Home Economics: W.S.G.A., Home Economics Club, S.G.A., A.S.E.A., Treasurer of Home Economics Club, Vice-President of Home Eco- nomics Club. Burks, Wanda Joseph, Tenn. Kaye; St. Butler, Zaneffa Dee; Hunts- vilie: Business Administration, Economics, Wesley Founda- tion, Student Government Association Representative. Buefiner, Robert Arthur; Shef- field; Social Science Cognate, English; Circle K, S.G.A., Inter Presidents Council, Foreign Cultures Club, Lu- theran Student League, Presi- dent of Circle K, 1961-62, Vice-President of S.G.A., 1962-63, Sigma Tau Delta, Leadership Retreat, 1960-62, Steering Committee, 1962, Outstanding Circle K Mem- ber Recognition Day, 1961, American Legion Award, R.O.T.C, 1960. Butler, Floyd Herman; Flor- ence: Mathematics, Business. Campbell, Judy Carole; Arab: Business Education, Sigma Tau Pi. Bulman, James ence: English, Band, Choir. Loyd; Flor- Sociology, Butler, Jena Gail; Florence: Business Education, Sigma Tau Pi, Westminister Fellow- ship, Secretary of Westminis-, ter Fellowship, 1960-61. Carringer, Joan Young; Flor- ence; Home Economics, Sci- ence, Baptist Student Union, Home Economics Club. Burcb, Sherman Lyre; Hart- selle: Chemistry and Biology. Butler, William Oliver; Flor- ence: Accounting, Economics, Spanish; Alpha Chi, Spanish Club, Foreign Cultures Club, Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Chi, 1961-62, Leadership Re- treat, 1961. Co rfer, J. Nolan; Sheffield: Accounting, Economics, Alpha Chi, Delta Tau Epsilon, Sigma Tau Pi, Secretary of Alpha Chi, Social Chairman of Delta Tau Epsilon, President of Junior Class, S.G.A. Repre- sentative of Day Students. ■ ' •5: Hort. o-d loiogy. Carter, Robert Larry; ence: Chemistry, Math. Flor- • Otw; Flof. J Economics, » Q«, Sponisk Ctllwes Club, WB Alplia Leodenliifi Re- Eonma,Alplio I Epiib, Sigma toy ol Alpho annoi of Delta Praident of S.G . fepre- 1) Students. Cheafham, Arlene; Haleyville: Home Economics: Home Economics Club, B.S.U., W.S.G.A., B.S.U. Executive Council, 1961-62, Secretary- Treasurer of Dorm, 1961-62. That elusive quality called charm is manifested in the winner and runners-up to Miss Charming. Chitwood, James Erwin; Moul- ton: Secondary Education. Coter, Donald W., Fulton, Mississippi: Secondary Edu- cation: P.E. Club, Inter- Presidents Council, President of P.E. Club, Leadership Retreat. Clark, Charles Elvin, Jr.; De- cater: Business Administration, Economics: Sigma Tau Pi, Transfer from Alabama Christian College— Baseball, Basketball, Sportsmanship Award for Most Athletic. Cooper, William Elsfon; Rus- sellville: Biology, Chemistry: American Chemical Society. Cleveland, Gilbert Russell; Muscle Shoals: Secondary Education: Football. Copeland, Edward L., Tus- cumbia: Business Administra- tion, Economics: B.S.U. , Col- legiate Civitan, Flor-Ala, Sigma Tau Pi. Cloud, Jim; Sheffield: Art, Business Administration. Creel, LaVon; Birmingham: Accounting, Economics. I 55 CrosswbHe, Leonard Gordon; Leighton: Physical Education, Business: P.E. Club. Crufcher, John Vandiver; Fayette: Physical Education, Biology: Collegiate Civitian Club, Secretary and Vice- President; Physical Education Club. Cunningham, Go 7 Brewer; Lawrenceburg, Tenn.: Biology, Sociology. Drinbrd English, S k Art: Club, Dril Curry, Mary Virginia; Shef- field: Elementary Education, Library Science: Foreign Cul- tures Club, A.S.E.A., Library Science C lub, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Deon, Linda; Paden, Missis- sippi: English, Library Science: Library Science Club, Secre- tary; Transfer from Freed Hardeman Jr. College. Dahike, Sharon Lynn; Cull- man: Elementary Education: W.S.G.A., Secretary; Home- coming Court. DeArmond, Barbara Ann; Huntsville: Secretarial Sci- ence ' : W.S.G.A. Daniel, Sally Ann; Hunts- ville: Elementary Education: A.S.E.A. DeVore, Mary J.; Muscle Shoals City: Business, History: Sigma Tau Pi. Davis, Gail Griffin; Charles- ton, South Carolina: Elemen- tary Education: W.S.G.A., A.S.E.A., Social Chairman W.S.G.A., Dorm Council, Top Ten DIORAMA Beauty. Drain, James H.; Decatur: Marketing and Retailing: Sig- ma Tau Pi, Civiton. Dmcoit, Elemental Enlow,Wi Accountin Iwo lelti 56 Drinkard, Tom; Florence: English, Speech and Drama- tic Arts: C.O.C, Rehearsal Club, Drill Team. " in; Cliorles- itno: Sem- t WAGA, il ClioiniHin Council, Top kauly. i; Decotun •lcihg:Si9 ' Da. 1 Duncan, Jimmie; Florence: Elementary Education. Enlow, William K.; Tuscumbio: Accounting: Alpha Chi, Golf, Two Letters. Do , William H.; New Bruns- wick, New Jersey: Political Science, History, Secondary Education; Usher ' s Club New- man Club, C.O.C, Delta Tau Epsilon; Vice-President New- man Club; Cross-Country Track Three Letters. Dunlap, Kennefh Leon; Muscle Shoals City: Biology and Chemistry; American Chemi- cal Society; President Summer Term. Ezell, Linda Merle; Rogers- ville: Social Science, Biology: Baptist Student Union. Bl HI HL i B 1 1 mT ' ' - ' r Bk ' 4 r f H m£ W l k J 19 - B K B |j Me Leo! You Jonel Eaves, Peggy; Florence: Ele- mentary Education. French, Jan; Florence: Home Economics: Home Ec. Club, Newman Club, Vice-President Home Ec. Honor Society, DIORAMA Beauty 1961-62, Nominee for Woman of the Year 1962. England, James Lee; Florence: Social Science Cognate B.S.U. Campus Ministerial Association: B.S.U. —Missions Chairman: Vice-President of Campus Ministerial Associa- tion. Friel, Wayne; Fort Ogle- thorpe, Georgia: Physical Education, Political Science: P.E. Club; Track, Four Letters; Cross-Country Track, Three Letters; Football, One Letter. 57 !i Foster, Carolyn Beavers; Florence: Secretarial Science. Foster, James Henry, Jr.; Florence: Math, Physics, Cadet Officer Corps. Gamble, Howard R.; Florence: Chemistry, Biology, Math; B.S.U.; A.C.S., Publicity Di- rector 1961-62, Vice-President 1962-62; Jr. Class President, Summer 1961. Graham, John Floyd, Jr.; Mus- cle Shoals City: Political Sci- ence; Circle K, Vice-President; Foreign Cultures Club, Presi- dent; English Club; Cadet Officer Corps. Ginn, William Ronald; Shef- field: Chemistry, Math; Cadet Officer Corps. Greer, Holland; Florence: P.E., Biology; P.E. Club. Fuller, Laura Katharyne; Tuscumbia: Elementary Edu- cation; B.S.U., A.S.E.A., Choir. GiVens, Gertie; Florence: Elementary Education. Griffith, Dennis Wade; Hart- selle: History, Psychology, Sociology; Circle K, Board of Directors; Sigma Sigma Kap- pa; Band; Choir; Wesley Foundation; Conservation Club; Flor-Alp; Sports Stat- istician,. 1960-61; Athletic Publicity Director 1961; Homecoming Committee 1961. Gamble, G. Lynn; Florence: Math, Home Economics, Busi- ness; K.M.E., Vice-President, Most Outstanding Member of 1962; Flor-Ala, Editor, Associ- ate Editor, Most Outstanding Member of 1960; Newman Club; Home Economics Club; Miss F.S.C. Court. Gordon, Phil Lee; New Car- lisle, Ohio: History Civiton Club; P.E. Club; Kitchen Delta Pie; " F " Club, Secre- tary; Basketball, 2 Letters; Baseball, Three Letters; Sophomore Class, Vice-Presi- dent; Runner-up, Badminton Tournament. Griffith, Mary Nell; Sheffield: Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi. Educolic 58 Gufhrie, Winsfon Allen; Flor- ence: Biology, Chemistry; Cadet Officer Corps. Hagan, Gail; Bear Creek: Education, History, Political Science. Esquirel Hale, Pafricia Ann; Sheffield: Elementary Education; S.G.A. Flor-Ala Staff, A.S.E.A. Henderson, Carolyn Joyce; Saltillo, Miss.: Secondary Education, English, History. Hampton, John Paul; Hunts- ville: Accounting, Economics; Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Pi. Henderson, Patsy Lacoe; Dora: Elementary Education; A.S.E.A., Home Economics Club, Library Science Club. Harsbeid, David; Florence: History, English, Dramatic Arts; Ushers Club, Flor-Ala, Alpha Psi Omega. Hess, Nancy Mary; Scotts- boro: Elementary Education; A.S.E.A. Harsheid, Frank Edward; Florence: English, History; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Honor Society. Hester, Charles Marcus; Shef- field: Accounting, Economics; Alpha Chi. 59 Hester, Roger Wheeler; Tus- cumbia: Accounting, Econo- mics: Alpha Chi. Hicks, Tomm e Lee; Flor- ence: Elementary Education: A.S.E.A. Hillhouse, Gloria J.; Flor- ence: English, Business Edu- cation: S.G.A. Representative, W.S.G.A. Representative, Sigma Tau Pi, Spanish Club- Secretary, Day Students- Treasurer, Flor-Ala Staff, Lionettes, Leadership Retreat, Homecoming Steering Com- mittee. Houston, Judy Carol; Tanner: Business Education, History: B.S.U., Sigma Tau Pi, A.S.E.A., Treasurer Sigma Tau Pi, B.S.U. Executive Council 1960-63, President Pov ers Hall 1961-62. Hines, Robbie Jeannetfe; De- catur: Business Administration, Sociology: Sigma Tau Pi- Secretary, Dorm Officer, Class Officer. Howard, Don Morris; Lexing- ton: Accounting, Economics: Alpha Chi, Westminster Fel- lowship—President, Vice-Presi- dent of Alpha Chi. Hilliard, Huntsville: stration, Tau Pi, Howord Business Economics: Collegiate Arnold; Admini- Sigma Civitan Club, S.G.A. Representative. Hump ' , • tetoriol SigiM 1 Comniilti Holden, EIna Joseph, Tenn.: mics. Science: mics Club. Carole; Si. Home Econo- Home Econo- Howell, Wynell Lee; Haley- ville: Elementary Education. Holloway, Norma Gail; Birm- ingham: Elementary Educa- tion: A.S.E.A., W.S.G.A. Hughes, Wayne; Hamilton: Math, Political Science. Hiirsf, Si JoDies, I Elemenlc - HumpI, Joann; Florence: Sec- retarial Science, English, Sigma Tau Pi, English Club, DIORAMA, Homecoming Committee. M; Urn- ary Educa- i.GA nflfllilloil; xnce. ; a Hursf, Bobby Ray; Sheffield: Biology, F Club, C.O.C. James, Frances C; Florence: Elementary Education. Hunnicuti, Vera Nona; Shef- field: Biology, Sociology, Lionettes, DIORAMA Staff, President and Treasurer of Lionettes; Historian, Tri-Beta; Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Class Secre- tary; Outstanding Lionette; Bronze Lioness Award; Lead- ership Retreat; Junior Coun- selor. Hursf, Leonard Edward; Lor- etto, Tennessee: Accounting, Economics, Alpha Chi. Johnson, Maxine; Hartselle: Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi, DIORAAAA Staff, Inter Presidents Council, President Kappa Delta Pi and B.S.U., Kappa Delta Pi, Jun- ior Class Officer. Hunt, William Thomas; Flor- ence: Social Science, Business, Sigma Sigma Kappa, S.G.A., Vice President Sophomore Class, Conservation Club. Jocfcson, Lloyd Nolan; Muscle Shoals: Business Administra- tion, History. Tidwell, Barbara Ann; Gar- den City: Education, History, Library Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa, A.S.E.A., Library Science Club, B.S.U., Y.W.A., B.S.U. Council, Lionettes, Miss Charming Court. Hunter, Claude Wilson; Cher- okee: Biology, Secondary Education; Circle K, S.G.A., Beta Beta Beta, Conservation Club, President Circle K, President I.C.P., President S.G.A. Summer 1961, Kappa Delta Pi, Senior S.G.A. Repre- sentative, Keller Representa- tive to S.G.A. 1961, Chairman Leadership Retreat. Jackson, Robert Harold; Shef- field: Secondary Education, F Club President, Football, Four Letters; Track, Four Letters. Young, Larry Wayne; Flor- ence: Business Administration, Economics; Sigma Tau Pi. 61 Jones, Dellree; Hamilton; Secondary Education: Art League; B.S.U., Publicity Chairman. Jones, Ronald Lewis; Hart- selle; Secondary Education: Wesley, A.C.S., A.S.E.A., Sen- ior Class Officer (4). Keller, Patsy Anne; Albert- ville; Business Education: Re- hearsal Club. Jones, Gene C; Mobile; Mar- keting and Retailing, Socio- logy; Cadet Officers Corp., French Club, Sigma Sigma Kappa. Judd, Anita; Huntsville; Ele- mentary Education: A.S.E.A., Cantebury, Rehearsal Club, Student Union Planning Com- mittee, Student Counselor. Kelley, Pete; Sheffield; Eng- lish; S.G.A. Reporter 1960- 62, S.G.A. Treasurer 1962, Flor-Ala Associate Editor, Athletic Publicity Director, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class Treasurer, Sen- ior Class President. Jones, Harvey L., Jr.; Colo- rado City, Texas; Biology. Justice, Jimmy; Muscle Shoals City; History: Sigma Sigma Kappa, Collegiate Civitan Club, DIORAMA Staff 1961- 62, Inter-Presidents Council, President of Collegiate Civi- tan Club, Vice-President of Sigma Sigma Kappa, Vice- President Senior Class, S.G.A., Outstanding member Civitan, Representative Lead- ership Retreat, Homecoming Committee. Kelley, Tommy Joe; Williams- port, Tennessee; English: S.N.E.A., English Club, Ger- man Club, Wesley Founda- tion. Jones, Mary Fondren; Mobile; Secondary Education: Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Foreign Cultures Club, Fresh- man Class Secretary 1959. Keenum, William Eldridge, Jr.; Florence; Secondary Education: Circle K, Wesley Foundation, Kappa Mu Ep- silon. Kennedy, Faye; luka, Missis- sippi; English: English Club, B.S.U. 62 Kew, field; E A,SiA (ling, k Secrelor Ckemisti lee, Son Ebenti Dello Pi. - Kenner, Patricia Lou; Shef- King, Judith; Florence; Busi- field; Elementary Education: ness Education: Sigma Too A.S.E.A., Wesley. Pi, N.E.A. Roar LionsI I Konig, Carroll Bernard; Minor Hill, Tennessee; Business Edu- cation. Lang, Johnny D.; Florence; Chemistry. Ledlow, Nolo Jean; Lexing- tee, William Carroll; Flor- ton; Biology, Art, Secondary ence; Math, Physical Science; Lindsey, Maedrue; Florence; Education: Art League. tee, Sandra Nell; Russellville; Kappa Mu Epsilon, President; Home Economics: Home Eco- Elementary Education: Kappa Inter-Presidents Council Ten- nomics Club, Publicity Chair- Little, Betty Jane; Florence; Delta Pi. nis Team (3). man; B.S.U. Secondary Education. King, Mary Earle; Russellville; Secretarial Science, Biology Chemistry. 63 I f Linville, Linda Crittenden; Tuscumbia; Business Educa- tion, Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi, Secretary of Day Students, 59. Lovelace, Eleanor Ann; Flor- ence; Business Education, Li- brary Science; Sigma Tau Pi, Library Science Club, Inter- Presidents Council, President Library Club, Lionettes, Can- terbury Club. Lower , Retty Jo; Leighton; Elementary Education. Mansell, James Barry; Flor- ence; Secondary Education. McPkeoi tior; 01 ASEAJ PtogroB Bond,r Club. Marbutt, Jimmy Clayton; Phil Campbell; Business; Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Pi. Markham, Leonard Neal; Dexter, New Mexico; Math, Political Science; Baptist Stu- dent Union. Martin, Robert Archer; Shef- field; Political Science, His- tory; Circle K, Flor-Ala, Wes- ley, Vice-Pres. Wesley, Re- porter of Circle K, Sports Ed. of Flor-Ala. Masterson, Tom £.; Leighton; Chemistry, Biology. Merrill, Ebento Delto Pi Court. Moyo, Marjorie Louise; Cor- inth, Mississippi; Elementary Education; BSU, ASEA, BSU Choir, FSC Choir. McCaleb, Estelle Daily; Flor- ence; Elementary Education. McGuffey, Henry A., Jr.; Huntsville; Chemistry, Biology; American Chemical Society, Cadet Officers Corps, Bowl- ing League. McLemore, Sue; Rogersville; Social Science, Psychology; Social Science Club, Political Science Club. Miller, Ri ence; Bio Pre!.; Te ter, " ' H; Flor. UiKotion. f.; Uigta; f McPheorson, Linda Gail; War- rior; Elementary Education; ASEA, BSU, WSGA, YWCA, Program Chairman; Choir, Band, YWA, Library Science Club. Merrill, Jane Ann; Cullman; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Homecoming Court. Meek, Ted Lester; Florence; Secondary Education; ASEA, BSU. They lead the Seniors. CM),Pblili«il Miller, Roberf Lee, Jr.; Flor- ence; Biology, Business; Choir, Pres.; Tennis Team, one Let- ter. Newborn, Ann; Florence; Michael, Markus Gerald; Lex- Business Education; Sigma ington; Chemistry; Wildlife Tau PI. Conservation Club, ACS. Mitchell, Elizabeth Ann; Cull- man; Home Economics, Sci- ence; Home Economics Club, Reporter; WSGA, Lionettes, Dorm Social Chairman, Vice- Pres., Commander of Lion- ettes. Mitchell, John W.; Madison; Biology, Sociology; P.E. Club, Sigma Sigma Kappa. Milter, Betty Lynne; Florence: Music Education; Choir Officer, (3); Runner-up Homecoming Queen, 61; WSGA, Exe. Board, Outstanding Member 60-61; Leadership Retreot; Cheerleader, (2); Co-Snap Shot Editor DIORAMA; Runner-up Miss Friendship; Homecoming Commit- tee; Chairman Charm Week; Chair- man Stunt Night; MENC; BSU; Miss Charming Court; Jr. Counselor; Sec.-Treos. Fresh. Class; Chairman March of Dimes Talent Show. Mitchell, Marie McCulloch; Moulton; Elementary Educa- tion. tl 65 iT I Montgomery, Dexter Wood; Golden, Miss: Business Ed., Music: Wesley Fellowship, Choir, V-President; Mr. Friendliness (1954, 55, 56), Mr. F.S.C. (1956-57), Hall of Fame (1956), Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities (1956), Alumni Scholarship (1956), U.B.E.A. Award (1957). Montgomery, Eva Ann; Flor- ence; Home Economics; Home Economics Club, ASEA. Moon, John King; Huntsville; History, Business Adm.; COC, Sigma Tau Pi, Sigma Sigma Kappa, COC Vice-Pres. A orrow, Robert Jerry; Flor- ence; Secondary Education. PrA flondo; fa. toes, ente; k Alpha I sol Club Moses, Sandra Jean; Florence: Ele- mentary Education, Library Science: ASEA, Library Science Club, Wesley Foundation, Circulation Manager- Flor-Ala, DIORAMA Staff, Rehears- al Club, Leadership Retreat, Junior Counselor. Passarelli, O. A.; Curwens- ville. Pa.; Secondary Educa- tion; Newman Club. Myers, Claudia Romer; Flor- ence; Physical Education, Art; Physical Education Club. Payne, Frank Lynn; Decatur; Business Administration. Poce, Richard A.; Hollywood; Physical Education, Geogra- phy; Physical Education Club —Treasurer. Perez, T. Enery; Worfolk, Va.; Physical Education, Spanish; Physical Education Club, Spanish Club— Pres., Foreign Cultures Club— Vice-Pres. Parker, Carl Hansel; Florence; Chemistry, Biology; American Chemical Society, Conserva- tion Club, Baseball — Three Letters. Petfus, Ronald; Killen; History, Business Administration. lice, Jei Ptiyiital PE cy r ci« Sosebol Vduobl leaders 66 H flor- ' Siiicafior, Proffitt, Eugenia; Orlando, Florida; Elementary Educa- tion. Pruift, Jerry Donald; Cullman; Math., Chemistry. " Oor Alma Mater. ' Reeves, William Ford; Flor- ence; Accounting, Economics; Alpha Chi— Treos., Rehear- sal Club. «l;floren{e; WiAmwicon ly. Conseno- (Wl-Tkree leniHBlciiy, sirollon. Rice, Jerry Wayne; Huntsville; Physical Education, History; PE Club — Pres., Vice-Pres.; " F " Club, Inter-Pres. Council, Baseball— Four Letters, Most Valuable Player, All ACC; Leadership Retreat. Reynolds, William George; Shef- field: Marketing and Retail, Eco- nomics: Conservation Club; Circle K; Foreign Cultures Club; Sigma Tau Pi; DIORAMA; Homecoming Committee; Transfer University of Alabama: Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Si Omega; Corolla Staff; Rammer- Jammer; Track; Day Student Repre- sentative, Sophomore Class. Rickard, Charles Clay; Chero- kee; History, Geography. Richardson, Joy; Florence; Home Economics, Science; Home Economics Club, DIO- RAMA, Junior Counselor, Home Economics Honors So- ciety, Majorette (2). Richardson, Roberf Roosevelt; Moulton; History, Geography. Rickard, Gloria Kay; Florence; Elementary Education; ASEA, ROTC Sponsor (2). Royer, Sara Rufh; Decatur; History, English; Sigma Sigma Kappa— Sec, English Club, Foreign Cultures Club. 67 Sanders, Wallace J.; Eva: Physical Education, History; P.E. Club; " F " Club; Basket- ball, Two Letters. Sanderson, Mary Anneiie: Hamilton: Biology, Sociology: Beta Beta Beta, Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi . Sanderson, R. C; Hamilton: Math, Chemistry: " F " Club; Cadet Officers Corps.; Co- Captain Football, Four Let- ters. Schrimsher, Betfy Ophelia; Madison: Biology, Mathe- matics: WSGA, Representa- tive; Wesley Foundation, Pro- gram Chairman and Vice President; Beta Beta Beta, Vice President; Slater Food Service Committee Chairman. Susiness Ity. Scott, William D.; Rogersville: Music: Band; MENC, PRES. Sims, Joe William; Hartseile: Chemistry, Math.; Cadet Of- ficers Corps., Sergeant-at- Arms; Wesley Foundation, Treasurer. Seorcy, Robert Dexter; Addi- son: Business Education, His- tory: Sigma Tau Pi, President; Inter President Council; S.G.A., Representative Jun- ior Class. Simpson, Barbara Flanagan, Mrs.; Florence: English, Art: Art Club; Foreign Cultures Club; Sigma Tau Delta. Shelton, Beulah Faye; Scotts- boro: Home Economics: Home Economics Club. Sisk, Mary Jane; Lawrence- burg, Tennessee: Elementary Ed. Simbeck, Donie Keith; Loretto, Tennessee: Biology, History; Conservation Club, President Foreign Cultures Club A.S.E.A. Sloan, Walker W.; Florence: Business, Economics: West- minister Fellowship, Sigma Tau PI. Shoo colio Spol field m 68 :. i f OpIlA; 9y. Molhe. " iition, Pro- I and Vite Soter Food M Clioinnon. Smifh, Billie Sue; Russellville; Business Education, Chemis- try. Smifh, Gloria Fay; Lexington; Education; P.E. Club, Lion- ettes, Wesley Fellowship, Vice-Pres. Freshman Class, Summer School; Leo ' s Love- liest. Students celebrate a victory by the Victory Fire. Wk.-bfeito, " H, Hiitory; it,PrHid«it; «res Club; Smifh, Hilda Sue; Muscle Shoals City; Elementary Edu- cation; ASEA. Smifh, Larry M.; Florence; So- cial Science Cognate; Circle K. Smith, Leafha Ann; Florence; Home Economics; Home Ec. Club, Home Ec. Honor So- ciety— Pres. Sockwell, Gerald Ray; Muscle Shoals City; Biology, Sociol- ogy- ' .; Florence; «itt West- liip, Sgmo Spalding, Charles Terry; Shef- field; Chemistry, Math., Biol- ogy- Stoggs, f orene Clanfon; Kil- len; Social Science Cognate, Art. Sfancil, Ralfon Herman; Shef- field; Physical Education, His- tory; Spanish Club — Vice- Pres.; Baptist Student Union. Sfrickland, Alfred Windell Fay; Tuscumbia; Chemistry, Physics and History. k 69 Sfricklin, Tera Jane; Savan- nah, Tennessee; Secondary Education; Westminster Fel- lowship—Sec, WSGA Rep., Student Counselor. Sturges, Ralph Maynard, Jr.; Florence; Biology, Chemistry; Cadet Officers Corps, ACS, Canterbury Club— Pres-. Subleti, Barbara Jean; Hunts- ville; Elementary Education; Wesley Foundation — Pres., ASEA — Sec. - Treas., Kappa Delta Pi— Reporter. Swarfz, Nicholas Franklin; Tuscaloosa; Marketing Re- tailing, Economics; Civitan Club, Baptist Student Union, Sigma Tau Pi, Senior Class Reporter. WliVer, Taylor, Emmeff Lee, Jr.; Flor- ence; Chemistry, Biology; Tri- Beta — Pres., Inter-Presidents Council. Taylor, Peggy Ann; Double Springs; Art, History; Sigma Sigma Kappa, Arrietty Libra- ry Science Club. Teose, William Dale; ence; Math, Chemistry. Flor- Terry, Dean; Muscle Shoals City; Business Education, So- ciology; Sigma Tau Pi, Sigma Sigma Kappa, Lionettes. Irowbn ' d Thorne, Elba Lue; Tuscumbia; Math, Chemistry; Kappa Mu Epsilon, American Chemical Thrasher, Society, KME Sec, Treas., Home Ec Rep.; Leadership Retreat. Club. Anita; Rogersville; Science; Home Ec. Thrasher, Sieve; Florence; Bi- ology, Chemistry; Choir, Vice- Pres.; Basketball, Four Letters. Tidwell, Charles Reynold; Bear Creek; Political Science, Speech and Dramatic Arts; Rehearsal Club, Vice-Pres.; Cadet Officers Corps, Alpha Psi Omega, Pres. Vincenl, Muide ory Edui 70 ' ' Gviton W Union, eh Class Go; Gol Go! Tolliver, Brenda Gail; Flor- ence. Trimble, Stanley Wayne; Sheffield; Physical Science Cognate, Math, Sociology; Young Republican Club, Vlce- Pres.; Pershing Rifles, Com- mander; Day Students, Sec- Treas.; Circle K, Cadet Offic- ers Club, Inter - Presidents Council. ■diSiools WiBi,Si)- MflSgnc Trowbridge, Don £.; Florence; Math, Psychology. Tumlin, Thomas M.; Rainsville; Physical Education; P.E. Club. Vonce, Genie; Sheffield; Ele- mentary Education; Foreign Cultures Club, SGA, Day Stu- dents, Class Officer (1) (2)- Von Everen, Elaine; Florence; Elementary Education. colSdence, •olic Adi; Vincenf, Jeannie Francine; Muscle Shoals City; Second- ary Education. Wodsworfh, She by, Mrs.; Muscle Shoals City; Business Education, Biology. Waifs, Ann Charlene; Besse- mer; Elementary Education; ASEA, Wesley Foundation, Miss Charming Nominee. Wallace, Ralph Gene; Flor- ence; Chemistry, Mathematics; American Chemical Society, President, Vice-Pres.; Cadet Officers Corps, Treas.; Inter- Presidents Council. 71 Waller, Floy Dell; Florence; Ala.; Elementary Education. Walton, Rita Mae; Killen; Secretarial Science, Sociol- ogy- Watkins, Frankie M.; Win- field; Business Education; Wesley Foundation, Sigma Tau Pi, Student Counselor (1962-63). Weatberbee, James C; Vina; Math, Physics; Kappa Mu Epsilon — Vice-Pres., Civitan Club— Pres., SGA, Inter-Presi- dent ' s Council, COC Collegi- ate Civitan Club, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Wis, bio; Ch Weover, Soro Louisa; Flor- ence; Elementary Education; Westminister Fellov ship, Band, Flor-Ala, ASEA. White, George J.; Austinville; Physical Education, Biology; Physical Education Club, Bas- ketball—Four Letters. Weeks, Jerry W .; Detroit; Ac- counting, Finance; Alpha Chi, Pershing Rifles, Wesley Foun- dation. White, Ramona Sue; Double Springs; Elementary Educa- tion. Wells, Blaine Scott; Tuscum- bia; Business, History. Williams, Charles Lawrence; Florence; History, Political Science; Sigma Sigma Kappa —Vice-Pres. Wesson, J. Frances; Florence; History, Secretarial Science; Sigma Tau Pi, DIORAMA-As- sociate Editor, Junior Coun- selor (1961-62). Williams, Elaine; Florence; Business Education, Sociol- ogy; BSD, Lionettes. 72 ■«C;Vina; hfa Ml) B-, Civiton Inler-Preii- ;0C Collegi. Ags oni Willis, John T.; Florence; Phy- sical Education, History; F- Club, Football— Three Letters, Captain (1961-62). Willis, Lois; Florence; Home Economics; Home Economics Club, Sec.-Treos. of Fresh- man Class, DIORAMA Beau- ty (1957-60). Willis, Marfha Fausteen; Ro$- sellville; Math, Art; Westmin- ister Fellowship, Student Art League. Willis, Tommy Lee; Tuscum- bia; Chemistry, Math; ACS. Wise, Bill M.; Fayetteville; Physical Education; Football, Two Letters. rid Sdewe; KXAMA-Ai- IworCMin- t nnKti Ih, Sodol- Wright, Daniel Cloyd; Flor- ence; Math, Physics, Business; Rifle Team. Wylie, Edgar Lecil; Good- springs; Chemistry; SGA, COC, Pershing Rifles, Com- pany Commander. Witf, Densel Earnest; Town Creek; Accounting, Econom- ics; Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Pi, BSU-Pres., SGA Representa- tive, Florence Toastmaster ' s Club. Alexander, Anita; Cordova; Business Education, Sociol- ogy; Head Cheerleader 1962- 63, Cheerleader 1961-62, WSGA, Secretary of Inter- President ' s Council 1962-63; Student Counselor, Sigma Tau Pi. Wright, Brenda Sue; Florence; Chemistry; ACS, Foreign Cul- tures Club, Summer — Vice- Pres. of Junior Class. Roberts, Jean; Russellville; Business Education, English. i 73 underclassmen Abdulhadi, Maryola; Fr. Florence Abercrombie, Kenneth; Jr. Loretto, Tenn. Abney, Chris; Fr. LaFayette, Georgia Adams, Janice; Soph. Double Springs Adams, Melville; Soph. Sheffield Akers, Gerald; Jr. Florence Aldridge, Brenda; Soph. Hortselle Alexander, Brenda; Fr. Olive Hill, Tenn. Alexander, Dan; Soph. Florence Alldredge, Donald; Jr. Florence Allen, Ellen; Fr. Huntsville A en, Dwight; Fr. Russellville Allen, Judi; Fr. Silurio Allison, Don; Fr. Stevenson Allison, Jane; Fr. Point Rock Anderson, Joel; Fr. Florence Andrews, Robert; Jr. Sheffield Andrews, Walter; Jr. Sheffield Armstrong, James; Fr Red Boy Armstrong, Judy; Soph. Red Bay Ashley, Jane; Soph. Spruce Pine Aston, Morris; Soph Winfield Atwell, Sherry; Fr. Sheffield Bachuss, Douglas; Fr. Savannah, Tenn. Baggett, Linda; Jr. Anderson Boiirer, Carolyn; Fr. Tuscumbia Bofeer, James; Jr. Russellville Bolter, Shoron; Soph. Holeyville 6a d, Nancy; Soph. Cherokee Ballew, Ralph; Fr. Rossville, Georgia Borbee, Marie; Fr. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Barnett, Huey; Fr. Florence Barneit, Joel; Soph. Tuscumbia Barnett, Marvin; Fr. Scottsboro Barnett, Paulene; Fr. Holeyville Barron, toyd; Fr. Arley Barflett, Patricia; Fr. Double Springs Basenberg, Donald; Jr. Cullman Boss, Julia; Fr. Decatur Batchelor, Evelyn; Fr. Holeyville Batterer, James; Soph. St. Petersburg, Flo. Baftcher, John; Soph. St. Petersburg, Flo. Bough, Carol; Jr. Scotch Plains, Nev Jersey Beadle, Margaret; Fr. Florence Beoms, Po y; Fr. Decatur " " " We Springs --Slieifield The Coronation Ball given by the Flor-Ala Staff was a big success. It is a new tradition, but one that is sure to last. Season, Rodney; Soph. Sheffield Beaucbamp, Annell; Soph. Brilliant Becltetf, Patricia; Fr. Moulton Bedingfield, Anne; Fr. Killen Bedingfield, Shirley; Soph. Decatur Befew, Bobby; Fr. Florence Belew, Jane; Soph. Florence Bell, Melissa; Fr. Tuscumbia Bendall, Caryton; Soph. Russellville Bendall, Charles; Jr. Toney Bendall, Gene; Fr. Russellville Bendall, Mary; Fr. Toney Benson, Delma; Soph. Russellville Benson, Jerry; Jr. Meek Benf ey, Gerald; Soph. Cullman Bergin, Betiye; Fr. Sheffield Befhune, Frances; Soph. Decatur Bevill, Gladys; Soph. Parrish Bevill, Simmes; Soph. Florence Bevis, Julia; Fr. Florence Bevis, Rejyna; Jr. Florence B 7sfe n, Teresa; Fr. Florence Bishop, James; Soph. Russellville Bishop, Janet; Jr. Russellville Bishop, Quentin; Soph. Phil Campbell Black, Bradley; Jr. Chester, Mass. Black, Bryan; Fr. Athens 6 ocfc, James; Soph. Sheffield Black, Janice; Jr. Union Grove Black, Julius; Fr. Winfleid Blackwell, John; Jr. Sheffield Blackwell, Russell; Soph. Sheffield Blair, Sidney; Jr. Decatur Blankenship, Levereffe; Fr. Decatur Blaxfon, Allen; Soph. Moulton Blaylock, Ofis; Fr. Hamilton Bodley, Virginia; Fr. Hartselle Bonds, Margene; Jr. Cullman Bonner, Donald; Soph. Cullman Boone, Bobby; Jr. Bragg City, Missouri Booffi, William; Fr. Hartselle Bosley, Peggy; Soph. Killen Bosworfh, Barbara; Soph. Trussville Boyd, Richard; Soph. Waynesboro, Tenn. Boylan, Joe; Jr. New York City, New York Brocfcin, William; Fr. Town Creek Bradford, James; Soph. Athens Bradford, Kafhy; Fr. Florence Bradbary, John; Soph. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Brambleft, Pairicia; Fr. Sheffield Bramleft, Coy; Soph. Arab Bramletf, Troy; Soph. Arab Branfley, Hoke; Jr. Florence Branum, Barbara; Jr. Decatur Branum, Sue; Soph. Paint Rock Brasfield, Charlie; Fr. Guin Braswell, Barbara; Fr. Florence Brazelton, John; Jr. Decatur Breland, Ernesf; Fr. Tuscumbia Brefherick, George; Jr. Cloverdale Brewer, Jasper; Soph. Iron City, Tenn. Brewer, Lucinda; Soph. Huntsville Brewer, Rebecca; Soph. Phil Campbell Bridges, Gary; Jr. Florence Briglia, Befsy; Fr. Florence Broderick, linda; Fr. Port Charlotte, Flo. Brown, Charles; Soph. Florence Brown, Frederick; Fr. Phil Campbell Brown, James; Fr. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Brown, Jerry; Fr. Loretto, Tenn. m The Mad Crowd! Brown, Jimmie; Jr. Florence Brown, Milfon; Jr. Loretto, Tenn. Brown, Rebecca; Jr. Florence Browning, Pamela; Soph. Decatur Bryon, Wendell; Soph. Falkville Bryon, William; Jr. Gadsen Bryant, Dennis; Fr. Sheffield Bryonf, Douglas; Fr. Scottsboro Bryonf, Marty; Fr. Huntsville Bullard, Billie; Fr. Huntsville Burch, Lola; Jr. Florence Burden, Bett; Jr. Decatur Burgess, Jackie; Fr. Florence Burgreen, John; Soph. Madison Burleson, Frances; Soph. Guin Burleson, Harold; Jr. Holly Pond Burleson, Larry; Soph. Hamilton Burnell, James; Soph. Spruce Pine Burns, Johnny; Fr. Russellville Burns, Norma; Fr. Cherokee Borrow, Bill; Jr. Phil Cairipbell Burrow, Louise; Jr. Double Springs Bush, Byron; Jr. Muscle Shoals Busfi, Robert; Fr. Muscle Shoals Bynum, Martha; Fr. Town Creek Cagle, Linda; Fr. Brilliant Co ioon, William; Jr. Sheffield Call, Eugenia; Fr. Cullman Calverf, Raymond; Fr. Tuscumbia Campbell, Ray; Soph. Town Creek Carl, Don; Jr. Florence Carlfon, Mary; Soph. Guntersville Corringer, James; Fr. Florence Corson, Thomas; Fr. Florence Carroll, Barbara; Fr. Dolton, Georgia Carter, Charloffe; Jr. Nashville, Tenn. Carter, Ronnie; Jr. Florence Corfee, Sieve; Fr. Haleyville Carfron, Clem; Soph. Cullman Casfeel, Judy; Fr. Florence Caihey, Edward; Soph. Huntsville Caudill, Carolyn; Soph. Sheffield Chandler, Beffy; Soph. Vernon Chapman, Deward; Fr. Loretto, Tenn. Childers, Wanda; Soph. Hamilton Chipolef, Rachel; Fr. Leighton Christopher, Carolyn; Jr. Decatur Clark, Lana; Soph. Hamilton Clement, Beverly; Fr. Sheffield Clemmons, Madoline; Jr. Florence Clemmons, Mary; Soph. Florence Cloud, Carolyn; Fr. Huntsville Coon, Edith; Soph. Fitzgerald, Georgia Cochran, He go; Soph. Kiflen Cochran, Ralph; Fr. Sheffield Colburn, James; Fr. Russellville Collier, Sue; Fr. Madison Collins, Charles; Jr. Huntsville Compton, Aileen; Fr. Florence Compton, Elaine; Jr. Union Grove Condit, Dovie; Soph. Montgomery Conner, Brenda; Fr. Florence Conwill, Richard; Fr. Florence Copham, John; Soph. Sheffield Cooit, Virginia; Soph. Tuscumbia CooJce, Larry; Fr. Graysville Cooner, Dennis; Fr. Sheffield Cooper, Katherine; Soph. Mobile Corry, Janet; Jr. Oakman Corthell, Larry; Fr. Huntsville II The drill team, along with the football team, gave an excellent performance at the homecoming game. Cosby, Gary; Fr. Rogersville Counce, Danny; Fr. Florence Cooringfon, Jeon; Fr. Alexandria, Virginia Cox, Vidor; Fr. Russellville Crandall, James; Fr. Spruce Pine Craig, Marilyn; Fr. Florence Crone, Sue,- Soph. Warrior Crawford, Elizabefh; Jr. Tuscumbia Crittenden, Robert; Soph. Tuscumbia Crocker, Arthur; Jr. Warrior Crocfceft, Wayne; Jr. Phil Campbell Crow, William; Soph. Courtland Crowe, Brenda; Jr. Killen Cudofaac, George; Soph. Sheffield Culwell, John; Soph. Cullman Cummings, Billy; Soph. Phil Campbell Cummings, Mary; Fr. Spruce Pine Cunningham, Leonard; Soph. Florence Daniel, Ann; Jr. Decatur Daniel, Howard; Jr. Muscle Shoals Daniel, Kathy; Fr. Collinwood, Tenn. Danley, Jerry; Jr. Florence Danley, Judy; Soph. Huntsville Dorby, Barbara; Soph. Florence Darby, Freddie; Soph. Tuscumbia Darby, Joe; Fr. Florence Darby, Leon; Fr. Florence Davis, Billy; Jr. Huntsvilie Davis, Clyde; Fr. Florence DoWs, James; Soph. Town Creek Davis, John; Fr. Lowrenceburg, Tenn. Davis, Joyce; Fr. Lexington Davis, John; Fr. Huntsvilie Dean, Edward; Jr. Athens Dean, Jerry; Fr. Florence Dean, Sandra; Fr. Florence Dean, Thomas; Fr. Tuscumbio Delano, Don; Soph. Florence DeLoach, John; Fr. Florence Denson, Undo; Fr. Arley Derrick, Paul; Soph. Huntsvilie DeVaughn, Carolyn; Soph. Florence DeVore, Harriet; Fr. Hueytown Dillard, Reulah; Fr. Florence Dillard, Wanda; Fr. Hanceville Dixon, Richard; Fr. Morristown, Tenn. Dobbs, Peggy; Soph. Cherokee Dodd, Elsa; Fr. Moulton Do ar, Mildred; Fr. Decatur Donaldson, Charles; Fr. Haleyville Doo ey, Tommy; Fr. Haleyville Dorris, Joe; Fr. Aliceville Doss, Peggy; Soph. Cullman Downing, Jerry; Fr. Florence Drake, James; Jr. Huntsvilie Droughon, Eva; Fr. Huntsvilie Drew, Margie; Jr. Birmingham Duffy, Phillip; Jr New York City, New York Dufce, Pamela; Fr. Florence Duncan, Roy; Fr. Florence Dunn, Waller; Fr. Sheffield Dyer, Malinda; Fr. Fayette Dyer, Mary; Fr. Vinemont Edwards, Jeffrey; Jr. Vermilion, Ohio Edwards, Linda; Fr. Florence Edwards, William; Soph. Huntsvilie Egon, Eileen; Jr. Florence Egan, Herman; Jr. Florence Eckl, Mary; Fr. Florence Elkins, James; Fr. Florence 82 Before the cops came! Elkins, Mildred; Jr. Woodville Ellard, Alba; Soph. Sheffield Elliot, Alene; Fr. Florence Ellis, Brenda; Fr. Paint Rock Ellison, Ronald; Fr. Decatur Elmes, Richard; Fr. Decatur Erwin, Eillie; fr. Florence Esfridge, Thomas; Jr. Montgomery Evans, James; Soph. Florence Evans, Lynne; Jr. Tuscumbia Evans, Ruth; Fr. Sheffield Evans, Wynetie; Jr. Hackleburg Ezzell, Joyce; Soph. Belgreen Fogo, Mary Fran; Soph. Florence Fairer, Lou; Jr. Tuscumbia Fallwell, Marshall; Soph. Florence Fanning, James; Fr. Huntsville Farley, James; Soph. Florence Farris, Aubrey; Fr. Sheffield Felton, James; Soph. Brookside Ferguson, Jackie; Fr. Wheeler Dam Fischer, Ronald; Fr. Princeton, New Jersey Fitzgerald, Ronald; Jr. Grant Flippen, Martha; Fr. Russeilville Flippen, Mary; Fr. Russeilville l a Flippo, Ronnie; Fr. Florence Floyd, Brenda; Fr. Sheffield Floyd, Niles; Fr. Tuscumbia Foofe, Glenna; Jr. luka. Miss. Forsyfhe, Norman; Soph. Muscle Shoals Fosfer, Lavona; Fr. Cherokee Foster, Marjorie; Jr. Cherokee Foufs, Carol; Special Sheffield Fousf, James; Jr. Florence Fowler, Celia; Fr. Brilliant Fowler, Miley; Fr. Lexington Fowler, William; Fr. Lexington Fox, Carolyn; Soph. Hamilton Fox, Linda; Soph. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Frankie, Wallace; Soph. Florence Franklin, Linda; Jr. Toney Franks, Helen; Fr. Lutts, Tenn. Franz, Kathleen; Fr. Huntsville Frederick, James; Soph. Winfield Frederick, Rosylind; Fr. Muscle Shoals Frederick, Sue; Soph. Hackleburg Frederick, William; Jr. Russellville Free, Lawson; Fr. Decatur Freeman, James; Soph. Decatur Freeman, Lynda; Jr. Sulligent Frutiger, John; Fr. Cullman Fuller, Mitchell; Fr. Trinity Fulmer, Larry; Fr. Cullman Furmon, Margaret; Fr. Florence Gamble, Betty; Fr. Florence Gambrell, Edward; Fr. Florence Gonn, Sue; Fr. Hamilton Gorgus, Charlotte; Fr. Oneonta Garrett, Linda; Fr. Joppa Gay, Jerry; Fr. Haleyville Gibson, Maxye; Fr. Hartselle Gilbert, Martha; Fr. Florence Gilbreath, Charles; Soph. Mt. Hope Gilbreath, Gary; Soph. Double Springs Gist, Wayne; Soph. Florence Gizelar, John; Fr. Birmingham Glasgow, Jerri; Jr. Hartselle Glidewell, Charles; Fr. Graysville Glock, Patricia; Fr. Florence Glover, Rosalind; Soph. Lexington Enthusiastic students cheer our team on. Goggans, Annis; Soph. Hamilton Goode, Nancy; Fr. Florence Goodwin, Tommy; Fr. Florence Gordon, Sieve; Fr. New Carlisle, Ohio Gore, Reba; Soph. Tupelo, Mississippi Graham, Jack; Fr. Russellville Graham, Mary; Jr. Moulton Grohom, Patrick; Jr. Courtland Gray, Arliss; Jr. Florence Gray, Marie; Soph. Florence Greene, Brendan; Fr. Town Creek Green, David; Jr. Florence Green, Gordon; Fr. Hamilton Greene, Lynda; Soph. Tuscaloosa Green, Pafsy; Soph. Tuscumbia Green, Sarah; Jr. Loretto, Tennessee Grimwood, William; Fr. Florence Grider, Allen; Fr. Tuscumbia Grisham, Ronnie; Fr. Rogersville Grisseft, Shirley; Jr. Town Creek Grissett, William; Jr. Florence Grissom, Patsy; Fr. Sheffield Gonn, Alice; Jr. Huntsville Gunnin, Beverly; Jr. Bessemer Gurley, Alberta; Jr. Cornith, Mississippi " m Guthrie, Lowell; Jr. Florence Guyer, Margaret; Fr. Florence Gu er, Marjorie; Jr. Florence Haddock, Linda; Fr. Florence Haddock, Patricia; Fr. Florence Haeger, Andrew; Fr. Florence Hairrell, Wayne; Soph. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Halbrooks, Nancy; Fr. Florence Ho comb, Mary; Jr. Vino Hall, Gerald; Soph. Town Creek Hall, Bruce; Fr. Florence Hall, Jimmy; Soph. Red Bay Hall, Norman; Fr. Florence Hamby, Gene; Soph. Florence Hamilton, Annette; Jr. Sheffield Hamilton, Betty; Fr. Decatur Hamilton, Issac; Soph. Tuscumbia Hamm, Marjorie; Soph. Cherokee Hammond, Harold; Jr. Roanoke Hamner, Roger; Fr. Killen Hampton, Gary; Jr. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Hampfon, Martha; Soph. Bear Creek Honbacic, Carolyn; Jr. Collinwood, Tenn. Honey, Frances; Fr. Stevenson Hannah, David; Soph. Athens Hanson, James; Jr. » Florence Haraway, Dora; Soph. Lexington Harbin, John; Fr. WInfield Harbin, Julia; Fr. Winfield Hardwick, Edna; Soph. Florence Hargrove, William; Fr. Huntsville Harlan, Charles; Jr. Muscle Shoals City Harlan, John; Fr. Muscle Shoals City Harper, Don; Soph. Florence Harper, Janette; Fr. Hamilton Harris, Billy; Soph. Phil Campbell Horrison, Arthur; Fr. Rogersville Hatcher, Kenneth; Soph. Muscle Shoals City Haoerwos, Angela; Soph. Florence Hoys, Jimmy; Fr. Hartselle Heitmann, Howard; Fr. Huntsville Henderson, Jerry; Soph. Saltillo, Mississippi Henderson, Sandra; Jr. Honceville Hendrix, William; Soph. Cullman Henkel, Betty; Jr. Loretto, Tennessee The various facilities of the Student Union are put to good use by the students of Florence State. Henkel, Nell; Fr. Loretto, Tennessee Herring, Williams; Jr. Sheffield Herston, Michael, Fr. Anderson Hess, William, Jr. Florence Hester, Dorothy; Fr. Russellville Hester, Lou; Jr. Tuscumbia Hesfer, Pefe; Soph. Russellville Hester, Van; Fr. Florence Heupel, Donald; Fr. Florence Hewson, Nancy; Fr. Sheffield Hicks, Robert; Soph. Hartselle Higginbotbam, Rachel; Fr. Scottsboro Hignett, Diana; Soph. Dayton, Ohio Hill, Edward; Jr. Guin Hill, Jean; Soph. Florence Hill, M. P.; Fr. Scottsboro Hill, Martha; Soph. Florence Hill, Rosemary; Soph. Florence Hilton, Barbara; Jr. Muscle Shoals City Hinfon, Melvin; Soph. Florence Hipps, Rita; Jr. Florence Hochnedel, Edwin; Fr. Florence Holden, Randell; Fr. Florence Holder, Charles; Fr. Trinity Holland, Barbara; Soph. Tuscumbia Holland, Beify; Soph. Guin Holland, Jerry; Fr. Sheffield Holley, Hillman; Jr. Florence Hollingsworfh, Glenda; Soph. Glen Allen Holt, John; Soph. Cloverdole Homon, Ed; Jr. Muscle Shoals Hood, Lawrence; Soph. Florence Hooper, Paulette; Fr. Birmingham Hopkins, Brenda; Soph. Huntsville Horton, Floyd; Fr. Tuscumbia House, Larry; Fr. . Florence Housfon, Charles; Fr. Decatur Houston, Mary; Fr. Tanner Howard, Kenneth; Fr. Cleveland, Ohio Hubbard, Judith; Fr. ScoHsboro Hubbard, Linnie; Fr. Florence Hubbard, Richard; Fr. Huntsville Huckaby, Janice; Fr. Birmingham Hudson, Lyndia; Fr. luka, Mississippi Hudson, Mike; Jr. Jasper Hughen, Charles; Soph. Florence Hughes, Emily; Jr. Cherokee Hughes, Harold; Soph. Russellville Hughes, Mitchell; Soph. Hartselle Hunter, Fay e; Soph. Cherokee Hunter, Larry; Soph. Huntsville Hurt, David; Fr. Vernon Hyche, Tarrie; Fr. Double Springs Irvin, Rebecca; Jr. Sulligent Jackson, Andrea; Fr. Moulton Jackson, Brenda; Jr. Tuscumbia Jacfcson, Linda; Soph. Russellville Jackson, Phyllis; Fr. Somerville Jafari, Ghodratollah; Soph. Tehran, iron James, Sandra; Soph. Tuscumbia Jeffreys, Allen; Soph. Town Creek Jeffreys, Harold; Fr. Tov n Creek Johnson, David; Soph. Huntsville Johnston, Donald; Fr. Bankston Johnson, Elizabeth; Fr. Montgomery Johnson, Elly; Fr. Florence Johnson, Jimmy; Jr. Florence Johnson, Jimmy; Soph. Sheffield Johnson, leonord; Jr. Muscle Shoals Johnson, Sara; Fr. Sheffield The Christmas Party for the underprivileged children sponsored by the Civitan Club gave much pleasure to both students and children. JoWff, Elizabeth; Fr. Huntsvilie Jones, Dewifi; Fr. Hamilton Jones, Joe; Soph. Florence Jones, Leland; Soph. Vernon Jones, Nafbaniel; Jr. Tuscumbia Jones, Tommy; Jr. Florence Jordan, Carolyn; Jr. Muscle Shoals Jordan, Patsy; Fr. Florence Jordan, Thomas; Fr. Muscle Shoals Julian, Michael; Fr. Florence fCeenum, Patricia; Fr. Tuscumbia Keith, Sarah; Jr. Florence Kennedy, Linda; Soph St. Joseph, Tenn. Kennedy, Mary; Jr. Hazel Green Kennedy, Wanda; Fr. St. Joseph, Tenn. Kennemer, Mortfio; Soph. Hackleburg Kenf, Dale; Soph. Tuscumbia Kerezsi, John; Fr. Detroit, Mich. Kessler Marye; Fr. Cullman Ki7 en, John; Fr. Florence Killer, Larry; Soph. Loretto, Tenn. Kilpatrick, Charlie; Fr. St. Joseph, Tenn. Kilpatrick, Danny; Fr. Huntsvilie Kimbrell, Daniel; Fr. Gorges Kimbrough, Don; Soph. Tuscumbia King, Felix; Jr. Birmingham King, Harry; Jr. Florence King, Loyd; Soph. Sheffield King, Lynda; Soph. Russellville King, Roberf; Fr. Tuscumbia King, Sandra; Soph. Hamilton Kinkle, Danny; Fr. Huntsville Kirlr, Larry; Fr. Stevenson Koch, Kafhryn; Fr. Birmingham Kotfhoff, Barbara; Jr. Florence Kreglow, Bob; Fr. St. Pans, Ohio Kunkle, Judifb; Jr. Miami, Fla. tacks, Wyvonne; Jr. Tuscumbia loncasfer, Barbara; Fr. Florence tondrum, Gwendolyn; Jr. Florence Landers, Hilda; Fr. Florence tender, Willard; Jr. Sheffield Lankford, Martha; Fr. Sheffield Lauderdale, Roberf; Soph. Athens Lawler, Rebecca; Jr. Russellville towson, Gary; Fr. Huntsville lowson, Sims; Fr. Florence teafherwood, Johnnie; Fr. Florence tee. Sherry; Soph. Cleveland, Ohio tegg, Larry; Fr. Moulton LeMay, Rodger; Fr. Florence Lemons, James; Fr. Union Grove lenfz. Tommy; Soph. Trinity tewis, Linda; Fr. Florence tewis, Norman; Soph. Florence tewis, Walter; Fr. Tanner Lindly, Diana; Fr. Florence Ligon, Patrick; Soph. Florence Lindsey, Billy; Fr. Russellville t e. Tommy; Soph. Double Springs Littlefield, Lenora; Fr. Decatur Litfrell, Allen; Fr. Florence Litirell, Beffy; Jr. Loretto, Tenn. togon, Beffy; Soph. Pittsburgh, Pa. togan, Don; Fr. Hortselle togon, Jerry; Jr. Huntsville tong, Bradley; Jr. Savannah, Tenn. tong, Judy; Soph. Florence Lovelace, Dimple; Fr. Sheffield i « -Hid The Pershing Rifle ' s initiation proved quite entertaining. Lovvery, Dwigbt; Fr. Sheffield Lowery, Lono; Fr. Tuscumbia Lowery, Linda; Fr. Muscle Shoals Lunsford, William; Soph. Hamilton Madin, Ella; Soph. Florence Maclin, Terry; Fr. Muscle Shoals Maddox, Sherry; Soph. Hortselle Moner, Gory; Fr. Cullman Mann, Iris; Jr. Tuscumbia Monn, Gary; Soph. Huntsville Mansell, Wanda; Fr. Florence Marbuf, Joyce; Soph. Elkmont Marbutf, James; Jr. Red Bay Marks, William; Fr. Athens Marks, Gerald; Jr. Athens Marshall, Brenda; Soph. Winfieid Marshall, Judy; Fr. Morristown, Tenn. Mariin, Barry; Fr. Decatur Martin, William; Fr. Florence Martindale, Larry; Soph. Florence Mosterson, Carolyn; Soph. Russellville Mosterson, Dene; Jr. Leighton Mafhis, Carl; Fr. Huntsville Mathews, Bonita; Fr. Cullman Matthews, Patricia; Soph. Norfolk, Virginia M3m Mafseas, William; Fr. Huntsville May, Charles; Jr. Cloverdale May, Don; Fr. Winfield Meadors, Charles; Fr. Winfield McAlisfer, Lar ny; Soph. Russellville McCair}, Clyde; Soph. Lexington McCain, Jane; Fr. Crane Hill McCollie, Douglas; Fr. Stevenson McCord, Robert; Jr. Sheffield McCorkle, Alice; Soph. Muscle Shoals City McCorkle, Georgia Lee; Soph. Florence A cCracfcer, Chequiia; Fr. Birmingham McCufcheon, Avanda; Fr. Waynesboro, Tenn. McGee, Virginia; Soph. Tuscumbia McGill, Gary; Fr. Florence McGuire, Marion; Fr. Decatur A cKee, Judy; Fr. Hartselle McMasfers, Ronnie; Jr. Loretto, Tenn. McRighf, Elizabefh; Fr. Hamilton McWilliams, Pafricia; Soph. Cherokee Meadows, Benjamin; Soph. Birmingham Melicks, Judith; Jr. Florence Miller, Doug; Jr. Huntsville Miller, Marjorie; Fr. Huntsville Millican, Patricia; Soph. Vernon Mills, Judy; Soph. Tuscumbia Mills, Linda; Fr Winfield Mner, Foye; Soph. Florence Minor, Mary; Fr. Sheffield Mitchell, June; Soph. Lexington Mitchell, Saundra; Fr. Scottsboro Mitchell, Thomas; Jr. Sheffield Mitchell, Warren; Soph. North Vernon, Indian Mxon, Wynette; Soph. Florence Mizell, Brenda; Fr. Trinity Mobley, Carolyn; Fr. Anderson Mobley, Kenneth; Jr. Vinemont A oefaes, Jerry; Jr. Decatur Mollberg, Amy; Fr. Huntsville Monroe, Walter; Soph. Tuscumbia Montgomery, Carolyn; Fr. Florence Montgomery, Elizabeth; Fr. , Town Creek Montgomery, Larry; Fr. Florence Montgomery, Patsy; Soph. Tuscumbia Montgomery, Paul; Soph. Decatur , -Huntiville -Ooverdoie [] -Hid " Danger, High Explosives! " should be the motto of the chemistry lab. Montgomery, Scoiiy; Jr. Florence Moody, Janie; Soph. Double Springs A oore, Emmo; Jr. Scottsboro Moore, James; Fr. Aliceville Moore, Jo; Soph. Leomo, Tenn. Moore, Lynetfe; Fr. Winfield Moore, Mickey; Jr. Huntsville Moreno, Herman; Jr. Bogota, Colombia Morris, Peggy; Fr. Sheffield Morris, Dana; Soph. Folkville Morrison, Marilyn; Fr. Sheffield Morfon, Donald; Fr. Huntsville Mofes, Betty; Soph. Hanceville Motley, Robert; Fr. Madison Mullins, Patricia; Fr. Florence Murphy, Linda; Fr. Lacey Springs Myers, John; Jr. Sipsey Myers, Yvonne; Jr. Marion Myrick, Mary; Fr. St. Joseph, Tenn. Narmore, John; Jr. Cherokee Neiderf, Donna; Jr. Loretto, Tenn. Nelms, Kathy; Fr. Huntsville Nelson, Helen; Jr. Red Bay Nesbitt, Paul; Soph. Muscle Shoals City Newell, Jimmy; Jr. Sherman, Mississippi IH Newfon, Grant; Jr. Lexington Newton, Lloyd; Fr. Lexington Newton, Lowell; Soph. Vina Newfon, Robert; Fr. Leoma Nichols, Betty; Fr. Florence Nichols, James; Soph. Eva Nicholson, Fred; Jr. , Tuscumbia Niswander, Wayne; Fr. Huntsville Nix, Betty; Fr. Oakland, Illinois Nix, Gary; Soph. Decatur Nix, Loyd; Fr. Detroit, Mich. Noblitt, Jackie; Fr. Huntsville Nolen, Peggy; Jr. Sulligent Northcutt, Sandra; Fr. Cullman Norris, Kelita; Fr. Winfield Norman, Sarah; Fr. leighton Nowlin, Donald; Fr. Bridgeport Nungesser, Joanne; Jr. Westwood, New Jersey Nyitray, David; Soph. Trumbull, Connecticut O ' Connor, John; Soph. Loretto, Tennessee Odom, Peggy; Jr. Porrish Oldham, Jerry; Soph. Florence Oliver, Troy; Soph. Hodges Ordwoy, Richard; Fr. Decatur O sborn, Jimmy; Soph. Red Bay Otts, Carolyn; Jr. North Charleston, S. C. Overfon, James; Fr. Vina Owens, Sue; Jr. Tuscumbia Owen, Philip; Fr. Morristown, Tennessee Palmer, Judy; Jr. Decatur Pardue, Frances; Jr. Florence Parker, Brenda; Fr. Courtland Parker, Freda; Fr. Harriman, Tennessee Parker, James; Fr. Sheffield Parker, Jimmie Nell; Soph. Florence Porfcer, Kyle; Jr. Sheffield PorJcs, Robert; Fr. Tuscumbia Pate, Norman; Fr. Holeyville Patterson, Patricia; Fr. Huntsville Patterson, William; Soph. Tuscumbia Payne, Phyllis; Jr. Section Payne, William; Soph. Bridgeport Peoce, Nancy; Fr. Florence Peorce, James; Fr. Huntsville Pendley, Carolyn; Fr. Tuscumbia ■ rai i y Senator Ryan deGraffenreid was the speaker at the annual College Civitan Banquet. Penn, Franklin; Jr. Hartselle Pepper, John; Fr. Scottsboro Persall, Sybil; Soph. Cullman Phillips, Brenda; Jr. Sheffield Phillips, Earl; Jr. Florence Phillips, James; Jr. Bear Creek Phillips, William; Fr. Bear Creek Pickard, Albert; Fr. Bear Creek Pickard, Martha; Fr. Bear Creek Pickens, Lisa; Jr. Sheffield Pierce, Mary; Soph. Somerville Pilgrim, Walter; Soph. Addison Pilhe, Bill; Fr. LaFayette, Georgia Pilkinton, Flournoy; Jr. Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Pitts, William; Jr. Florence Plunketi, Elaine; Soph. Hanceville Plyler, Wayne; Fr. Graysville Porch, John; Soph. Florence Porter, Harry; Soph. Tuscumbia Posey, Kenneth; Jr. Florence Potter, Henry; Fr. Birmingham Potts, Sara; Soph. Florence Pressley, Mary; Soph. Muscle Shoals City Price, Carol; Jr. Huntsville Price, Carolyn; Fr. Cullman Priesf, Linda; Soph. Cullman Privetf, Aubry; Fr. Athens Pugfi, Marfha; Soph. Florence Putman, Ardice; Jr Loretto, Tennessee Pufnam, James; Fr. Florence Putnam, Paul; Fr. Lexington Quinby, Betiy; Jr. Florence Radway, George-Ann; Jr. Athens Ragsdale, Larry; Soph. Cullman Ratney, Jean; Soph. Huntsville Roiney, Sondro; Fr. Sheffield Roins, Thomas; Jr. Albertville Paper, Frances; Soph. Phil Campbell Ray, Gordon; Fr. Tuscumbia Ray, Daniel; Jr. Blocton Roy, Thomos; Soph. Waterloo Roy, Wayne; Fr. Hockleburg Redmond, Maxine; Soph. Muscle Shoals City Reed, James; Fr. Huntsville Reed, Jerry; Fr. Toft, Tennessee Reeps, Gay; Jr. Spruce Pine Reese, Ofis; Soph. Columbus, Georgia Reeves, Glenda; Fr. Loretto, Tennessee Reeves, Lauriia; Fr. Sheffield Reynolds, John; Fr Hortselle Reynolds, P. H.; Soph. Florence Reynolds, Philip; Soph. Florence Rhoads, William; Jr. Florence Rhodes, Jim; Soph. Fort Paine Rhodes, Thomos; Fr Tuscumbia Richordson, Jonie; Jr. Florence Richberg, Sandra; Fr. Sheffield Riddle, Carol; Jr. Loretto, Tennessee Rifch, Kenneth; Fr. Madison Rofabins, Borbaro; Fr. Birmingham Robbins, Douglas; Soph. Muscle Shoals City Roberson, Earle; Fr. Mishowaka, Indiana Roberson, Spencer; Jr. Lexington Roberson, Terry; Jr. St. Joseph, Tennessee Roberts, Jimmy; Fr Aberdeen, Mississippi Roberts, Mory; Fr. Decatur Robertson, Scottie; Jr. Cornith, Mississippi Robinson, Laura; Soph. Sulligent Robison, Jackie; Soph. Ardmore, Tennessee Rochelle , Sandra; Fr. Lawrenceburg, Tennessee II II Wfer: — ■ The Diorama Beauty Contest was a period of both fright and anticipation to its par- ticipants. Romine, Suzanne; Fr. Florence Roper, Donna; Soph. Decatur Rose, James; Fr. Phenix City Rowe, Benny; Jr. Jasper Rogers, James; Fr. Russellville Russell, James; Fr. Cotaco Russell, Margaret; Jr. Stevenson Rymer, Norris; Jr. Sheffield Saffell, Diana; Fr. Huntsvilie Soint, Rebecca; Soph. Russellville Sanders, Sue; Soph. Eva Saxon, Betty; Jr. Moulton Scbill, Harold; Fr. Huntsvilie Schmidt, Erin; Soph. Florence Scott, James; Soph. Nev Market Seale, Ima; Fr. Russellville Sedenquist, John; Jr. Florence Seeley, Robert; Fr. Punta Gordo, Florida Segars, Doris; Soph. Hartselle Segars, Jacqueline; Soph. Decatur Sell, Charles; Fr. Hodges Sellers, Janice; Fr. Decatur Selvage, Rayburn; Soph. Scottsboro Schackleford, Edward; Fr. Hackleburg Shannon, Laurel; Fr. Florence ■ « Sharp, Linda; Fr. Florence Shea, Shirley; Soph. Russellville Shehan, John; Soph. Decatur Shehan, Mary; Jr. Decatur Shelnut, Charles; Jr. Guin Shelton, Jane; Soph. Florence Shelfon, David; Fr. Florence Shelfon, Paul; Fr. Huntsville Sherman, Bonnie; Soph. Florence Sherman, William; Fr. Gadsden Shofner, Elizabeth; Soph. Hollywood Short, David; Jr. Florence Shulfs, Susanne; Soph. Sheffield Silvey, Victor; Fr. Fayetteville Sims, Phyllis; Fr. Bremen Simpson, Ramona; Soph. Florence Simpson, Orville; Soph. Florence Sinclair, Harold; Soph. Russellville Sizemore, David; Soph. Leighton Skinner, Terry; Soph. Hamilton Slatfon, Sherron; Fr. Florence Sloan, Bernadette; Soph. Miami, Florida Smallwood, Yvonne; Fr. Tuscumbia Smith, Bobby; Soph. Florence Smith, Don; Jr. Florence Smith, Donald; Fr Arab Smith, Transue; Fr. Winfield Smith, James; Fr. Decatur Smith, Jimmie; Jr. Huntsville Smith, Jimmy; Jr. Cullman Smith, Paul; Fr. Sheffield Smith, Wendell; Soph. Florence Smith, Sammie; Jr. Cloverdale Smith, Sammy; Jr. Decatur Smith, Sandra; Fr. Florence Smith, Thomas; Soph. .. . Russellville Smith, Thomas; Fr. Russellville Smithers, Terry; Jr. . Kirkwood, Missouri Smofhers, Mary; Soph. .. ._. . ._. ._ Sheffield Sneed, Bobby; Soph. . . Russellville Snoddy, Carol; Fr. Huntsville Spahn, Robert; Soph. Brunswick, New Jersey Spann, Benny; Fr. Glen Allen Sparkmon, Ronald; Fr. Hartselle Sparkman, Ronnie; Fr. Hartselle I i " Kenneth Large and His Music Makers. " Sparkman, Wanda; Soph. Tuscumbia Spencer, Richard; Jr. New Market Spencer, Jill; Fr Huntsvllle Srygley, Noah; Jr. Decatur Stalcup, Berry; Fr. Phil Campbell Staggs, Dorrie; Fr. Florence Sfanfield, Frances; Jr. Altoono Stanfield, Wallace; Fr. Florence Sfearns, Gwendolyn; Hr. Monroe, Georgia Steele, Loretta; Soph. Double Springs Steele, Roger; Fr. Punta Gorda, Florida Sfell, Thomas; Fr. Guin Stephens, Glenn; Soph. Birmingham Stephenson, Joey; Jr. Huntsville Stevens, Winfr ed; Fr. Huntsville Stewart, Linda; Fr. Sheffield Stone, Jerry; Soph. Decatur Stoner, Robert; Fr. Section Stowe, Betty; Soph. Russellville Strickland, Mary; Soph. LaFayette, Georgia Sturges, Lawrence; Soph. Florence Stutts, James; Soph. Florence Sullins, Carolyn; Soph. Hanceville Sullivan, David; Fr. Brownsville Tanner, Jeannie; Soph. Rogersville Taramangos, Gaye; Soph. Muscle Shoals City Tate, Clint; Soph. Hamilton Taylor, Dean; Soph. Russellville Taylor, Donald; Jr. Florence Taylor, Glennis; Fr. Russellville Toy or, Haffred, Fr. Phil Campbell Toy or, Hoyt, Soph. Russellville Toy or, Jerry; Soph. Huntsville Taylor, Jimmy; Jr. Hamilton Toy or, Martha; Fr. Florence Taylor, Max; Jr. Killen Terry, James; Fr. Cullman Terry, Collis; Soph. Hamilton Terry, Doug; Jr. Courtland Thomas, Dwighf; Fr. Haleyville Terry, Lynda; Soph. Double Springs Theiss, Conrad; Fr. Port Charlotte, Florida Thigpen, Mary; Fr. Rogersville Thomas, John; Fr. Florence Thomos, Linda; Soph. Florence Thomas, Otho; Soph. Tuscumbia Thomas, Ross; Fr. Hartselle Thomasson, Elizabeth; Soph. Tuscumbia Thompson, Bettye; Soph. Tuscumbia Thompson, Fred; Special Russellville Thompson, Donna; Fr. Tuscumbia Thompson, Larry; Soph. Detroit Thompson, Nancy; Soph. Killen Thompson, Shoron; Fr. Huntsville Thompson, Wallace; Fr. Tuscumbia Thorn, Norman; Soph. Red Boy Thornton, Mary; Soph. Birmingham Thrasher, Jerry; Soph. Red Bay Tic more, Joyce; Jr. Arab Tidwell, Jerry; Soph. KiNen Tidwell, Myra; Fr. Killen Tidwell, Sondra; Fr. Florence Tomkin, Michael; Fr. Cullman Trimble, Elizabeth; Soph. Honceville Trimm, Robert; Jr. Sulligent Trimm, Nellie; Soph. Paden, Mississippi Tucker, Rebecca; Fr. Florence Tune, Carol; Fr. New York, New York Turnbow, Frankie; Jr. Jasper 100 There ' s ambition in every crowd! Turner, William; Fr. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Turney, Russell; Soph. Hartselle Turpen, Wanda; Jr. Florence Underwood, Joe; Fr. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Upfain, Billy; Jr. Jasper Upfain, Howell; Jr. Jasper Urbanski, Karl; Fr. Rogersville Ufley, Glenda; Soph. Leighton Vaughan, John; Fr. Decatur Vinson, George; Fr. Phil Campbell Wogor, Peler; Soph. Decatur Wagon, Judy; Jr. Tuscumbia Waits, Babs; Fr. Florence Waldrop, Judith; Soph. Hartselle Walker, Betty; Soph. Tuscumbia Walker, George; Fr. Scottsboro Walker, James; Fr. Sheffield Walker, Roberf; Fr. Tuscumbia Walker, Mary; Jr Vinemont Wallace, Don; Fr. Florence WoHoce, Franklin; Soph. Florence Wallace, Jimmie; Soph. Florence Wallace, Larry; Soph. Hartselle Walls, Iva; Soph. Bessemer Walton, Diane; Soph. Sheffield iJtaAMiMiikdtaaa l Ware, Beverly; Soph. Florence Ware, Bernice; Soph. Tuscumbia Warren, Patricia; Fr. Huntsville Warren, Perry; Soph. Huntsville Watkins, Charles; Fr. , Florence Wear, Flavil; Jr. Bridgeport Weaf ierbee, Doris; Jr. Cleveland, Ohio Weat ierford, John; Soph. Florence Weaver, William; Fr. Cumberland, Florida Webb, Jimmy; Soph. Huntsville Webber, Edward; Fr. Florence Weeks, Janice; Fr. Cullman Weir, Raymond; Fr. Decatur Welch, Chrisiine; Soph. Huntsville Wells, Ann; Soph. Russellville Willis, Jimmy; Fr. Stevenson Wilson, Talmadge; Soph. Florence Winsiff, James; Soph. Huntsville West, Betsy; Fr. Ardsley, New York West, Billy; Fr. Winfield West, Byron; Jr. Sylvania West, Janice; Soph. Russellville Wesf, Undo; Fr. Holeyville Wesf, Morris; Fr. Holeyville Wesson, Judy; Jr. Hanceviile Wheeler, Gary; Fr. Birmingham Whisenant, Carolyn; Fr. Locey Springs Whisenant, Shirley; Jr. Arab Whitaker, Harry; Jr. Tuscumbia Whifofeer, Mary; Soph. Section White, Martha; Fr. Walnut Grove Whife, Dionne; Fr. Cullman White, Linda; Soph. Anderson White, Pat; Soph. Double Springs White, Sidney; Jr. Rogersville White, William; Fr. Grove Hill Whitley, Martha; Soph. Florence Whiff, Donnie; Soph. Huntsville Whiffen; Lloyd; Fr. Tuscumbia Wilbanks, Jo; Soph. Florence Wilkerson, Bobby; Soph. Trinity Williams, Barbara; Jr. Florence Williams, Charles; Soph. Phil Campbell Williams, David; Fr. Bridgeport Williams, Donald; Fr. Dothan 102 Williams, James; Fr. Thomasville Williams, Judson; Soph. Double Springs Williams, Louise; Fr. Florence Williams, Phillip; Fr. Haleyville Willingham, Dalylene; Soph. St. Joseph, Tenn. Wilson, Carolyn; Soph. Florence Wilson, James; Fr. . Barton Winn, Nicholas; Soph. Florence Winn, Rachel; Jr. Florence Wisdom, Rayburn; Soph. Loretto, Tennessee Wise, Charles; Jr. Birmingham Witf, Jeron; Soph. Hatton WiscoWch, Rogelio; Fr. Huntsville Womoct, Nancy; ir. Decatur Womocfc, Rifa; Fr. Hollywood Wood, Barry; Fr. Florence Wood, Delores; Jr. Florence Wood, Jerry; Fr. Brilliant Wood, Michael; Fr. Birmingham Woodall, Carolyn; Fr. Florence Woodward, Michael; Soph. Florence Wooldridge, Donovan; Jr. Hackleburg Wooten, Barbara; Jr. Russellville Wrighf, Kennefh; Jr. Vinemont Wright, Leia; Soph. Decatur Wright, Leta; Fr. Sheffield Wright, William; Jr. Russellville Wrighf, Leroy; Jr. Florence Wroten, Milton; Jr. Muscle Shoals Wyers, Patricia; Soph. Eldridge Wynn, Brenda; Fr. Florence Wynn, Nelda; Soph. Phil Campbell yorber, Billy; Soph. Leighton Young, Frank; Fr. Logan Young, James; Sop h. Sheffield Young, Linda; Fr. Florence Young, Sara; Jr. Princeton, Kentucky Young, Sanford; Fr. Tuscumbia 103 a • _ • organizations SGA Executive Officers: Leiand Jones, Secrefary; Jim Weatherbee, Presidenf; Brad Black, Treos- i rer. Student government association Florence State College ' s Student Government Association has shovi n able leader- ship in past years and the 1962-63 school year v os no exception. The organization coordinated student activities and encouraged better student-faculty relationships. The SGA supervises elections, publishes the student handbook for the new students at Florence State, and renders innumerable services to the students and the faculty. The Association is composed of the executive officers, advisor, and representatives from the dormitories, villages, classes, and day students. The Council handles the cheerleader election, operates the book exchange, charters buses to football games and basketball games, and sponsors dances and numerous other activities. 106 F sga officers ' Secretoy. JIM WEATHERBEE President ROBERT BUETTNER Vke-Presidenf LELAND JONES Secretary BRAD BLACK Treasurer DR. W. T. McELHENY Adyisor th e counc il The Student Government Association is made up of representatives from the dormitories, villages, classes, and day students. The Council is in a posi- tion to interpret the wishes of all the component parts of the student body. Seated: Stanley Trimble, Jim Weatherbee, Robert Buetfner. Standing, First Row: Nolan Carter, Koy Cooper, Jo Wilbanl s, Judy Kunkle King, Dene Masterson, Genie Vance, Alice Gunn, Sue Frederick, Zanetta Butler, Glorie Hillhouse, Howard Hilliard. Second Row: Perry Warren, Howard Porter, Dennis Bryant, Joe Sims, C. W. Hunter, Jimmy Justice, Lanny McAlister, Dr. McElheny, Pete Kelley. )tioniWpS ' . new stviie " ' tketalty. representotives i! hoiiillei k d g« and First Row: Jane Ann Merrill, Pat McWilliams, Rita Florence, Jeanne Tanner, Barbara Carroll, Martha Cornhill. Second Row: Janice Adams, Doris Segars, Nancy Bald, Judy Houston, Sara Young, Elaine Compton, Janet Bishop, Judith Waldrep, Betty Motes. women ' s student government association The Women ' s Student Government Association is an organization that is composed of every woman student on campus. Representatives are chosen to act as an advisory board to the Dean of Women on matters of the welfare of the women students. The purpose of WSGA is to encourage a sense of individual responsibility and to further a spirit of unity among the women students. During the busy school year, the WSGA publishes " Co-Etiquette, " a handbook for all freshman girls, sponsors Charm Week, Sadie Hawkins Week, and the Co-ed Ball. WSGA Officers: Brenda Pirkie, Secrefory; Midge Moore, Treasurer; Dene Masterson, President; Janet Corry, Vice-President; Jo Wilbanks, Town Representa- tive; Faye Hunter, Socio Chairman. wsga officers DENE MASTERSON President JANET CORRY Vice-Presidenf BRENDA PIRKLE Secretory MIDGE MOORE Treasurer FAYE HUNTER Socio Chairman JO WILBANKS Town ?epresen afive CW.HUI WDGEM( ANITA All First Row. Martha Cornhill, C. W. Hunter, Midge AAoore, Anita Alexander, James Felton, Lois Anderson, Rachel Winn. Second Row: Eleanor Lovelace, Betty Motes, Doris Weatherbee, Letha Smith, Bob Jackson, Diane Brewer, Moxine Johnson, Nolan Carter, Barbara Sublett, Clark Keller, Lynne Farr Evans, Jim Weatherbee, Charlotte Carter, Frances Roper, Jane Ann Merrill, Dene Masterson, Carol Price, Pat Mc- Williams. Third Row: Frank Harschied, Johnny Graham, Bill Rhodes, Stanley Trimble, Ralph Wallace, Bill Lee, Felix King, Ronnie McMasters, Lloyd Patterson, Jimmy Justice, Don Coker, Donie Simbeck. inter-presidents ' council The Inter-Presidents ' Council consists of the presidents of oil the organizations on campus who work together to maintain better relations among all the groups at Florence State. Every year during the spring, the Council spon- sors Recognition Day when the outstanding members of all campus clubs are honored. In August, the Council heads the annual Leadership Retreot where campus leaders meet and discuss school problems and activities before the fall term begins. icp officers C. W. HUNTER President MIDGE MOORE Vice-Presidenf ANITA ALEXANDER __ Secrefary-Treasurer-Reporter 109 « (Of I ■■■I BHH ,_ I H B- ' SENIOR LEADERS Pete Kelley President Jimmy Justice Vice-President Maxine Johnson Secretary Joe Sims Treasurer C. W. Hunter SGA Representative F X FRESHMAN LEADERS Clark Keller President Tarrie Hyche V ce-Presic enf Chris Abney Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Bryant SGA Representative class leaders JUNIOR LEADERS Felix King President Lisa Pickens Vice-President Margene Bonds Secretary Linda Frederick Treasurer Judy Kunkle King SGA Representative SOPHOMORE LEADERS (not pictured) John Porch President Hillman Holley Vice-President Jo Wilbanks Secretory Marshall Fallwell, Jr. Treasurer Glenn Stevens SGA Represenfotive ,, LYNNE FARR EVANS Editor Blood, toil, sweat, tears . . . and joy: this age old story, so familiar to each of us, has been repeated again this year by the staff of the 1962-63 DIORAMA; the results of which you see in this volume. We hove attempted to give a picture of another year in the life of a growing college: we have recorded the tangible impressions of college life on the Florence State campus; to attempt to record the intangible— the intellectual and spiritual history of this college year— would be impossible. We have tried to moke this DIORAMA a characteristic record of a particular year— a year of tears, laughter, fun, and labor; a year in which we, the students, have developed mentally and spiritually so that proud and prepared we may now assume our place in society. In the giving of thanks there is always the danger of overlooking the worthy, so that I, the editor, content myself with thanking the staff as a whole for their work and for the excellencies of the book for which they are responsible, while I alone must answer for the faults which have slipped into print. Lynne Evans 1963 diorama LARRY GULLEH Business Manager FRANCES WESSON Associate Editor SUSANNE SHULTS Faculty Editor JUDY WAGNON Associate Faculty Editor ¥J MARIE GRAY Underclassmen Editor diorama staff SUE OWENS Head Typist JUDY LONG Feature Editor PAMELIA ANN BULL Associate Feature Editor BEH BURDEN Snapshot Editor OLIVIA GARTH Associate Snapshot Editor IRIS MANN Associate Snapshot Editor PAT MONTGOMERY Organizations Editor EILEEN EGAN Art Editor GEORGIA McCORKLE Secretary to Editor STAFF MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Berenice Ware, Faculty Co-Editor; Janis West, Janet Bishop, Angela Hauerwas, Senior Editors; Sara Young, Barbara Williams, Underclassmen Editors; Ann Barber, Sue Sanders, Typists; Pot Schmitt, Snapshot Editor; Brenda Aldridge, Mary Shehan, Organizations Editors. JIM YOUNG Sports Editor BUTCH WEAR Sports Editor JOHN PORCH Sports Editor LESTER EDWARDS Staff Photographer STANLEY CATALDO Staff Photographer JOHN DeLOACH Staff Photographer rAaAJI . « ¥.: ' : ' ! ' •: JAMES FELTON Ed for the flor-ala MALCOLM WHITE i }sme%i Manager When students both old and new started their 1962-63 academic campaign onto the Florence State campus they were greeted once again by the voice of the campus— The Flor-Ala. This was the students publication ' s way of saying: welcome ' . Each week following, there has been the familiar stack of The Flor-Alas appearing in the Student Union, Bibb Graves Hall, and the resident halls. Another first was the delivery of this year ' s newspaper to each of the departments as well as publishing each week. A number of controversial issues had the ability to initiate a number of debates through Letters to the Editor. These seemed to have represented very well the cherished freedoms of speech, opinion, and press. In addition to publishing the weekly this year. The Flor-Ala staff found time from their many other duties and responsibilities to sponsor the annual election of Mr. and Miss Florence State, which was accom- panied this year by the Lavish Majestic Wonderland Royal Coronation Ball. The staff also held the responsibility of the selection of the Hall of Fame. The Flor-Ala takes pride in being the voice of the students of Florence State College and a part of their college life. JAMES FELTON Editor PETE KELLY Associote Editor MALCOLM WHITE Business Manager ROBERT J. BRIDGES Faculty Sponsor 114 Seafed: Lynn Terry, Sherry Maddox, Tommy Shelton, Kathy Koch. Sfanding: Carolyn Masterson, Ruth Hubbard. EJte I the flor-ala staff Seafed: Mary Pierce, Brad Black, Pat Warren, Molly Beams. Standing: Frances Raper, Lavona Foster. 115 ■«r ' ■3N Firsf Row: Clem Catron, John Myers, John Graham, C. W. Hunter, Don Basenberg, Jeff Edwards, Stanley Trimble. Second Row: Leroy Wright, Dennis Bryant, John Battcher, Gerald Ditton, James Battcher, Paul Montgomery, Bill Reynolds, Hal Hughes, Dean Abel DeWitt. Third Row: Bob Martin, Robert Gregg, Dale Dean, Robert Buettner, Larry Smith, Sammy Smith, Walter Andrews, Pete Wager. circle k club The Circle K Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service and character building or- ganization. The local chapter was organized in April of 1958. The club emphasizes service to the school and the community. As in Kiwanis, the Circle K motto is " We Build. " Some of the club ' s projects during the 1962-63 school year included Leo the Lion, who appeared at the football games, campus tours for incoming freshmen. Religious Emphasis Week, and Kiwanis Pancake Day. During the spring, the Circle K Club sponsors, along with Kiwanis, the F-Day Football Game. As a project of its own, the club sponsors The Ugliest Man Contest. Membership in the Circle K Is limited according to the enrollment of the school for the purpose of effectiveness in service. Its purposes and objectives are the emphasis of the advantages of the American way of life, to provide an opportunity for leadership training, to serve the campus and community, to en- courage participation in group activities, to promote good fellowship and high scholarship, and to afford useful training in the social graces and personality development. OFFICERS C. W. Hunter President John Graham Vice-President Don Basenberg Secretory-Treosurer ■ yy PresiJ, Vice.p Secret freosu L ' MV I Utf j ■ m-d r rl i f! 1 hA r ,. » V _, Tf » ' j ' ' T fr m 1 r ™ % 1 n - ' 1 I i ( i ' ■ ,, ) i i First Row: Otis Reese, Noah Srygley, Wayne Walker, Jimmy Justice, Ben Meadows, Howard Hillard, Larry Watkins. Second Row: Kenneth Hatcher, James Drain, James Nichols, Ronald Fitzgerald, Lester Edwards, Mr. Carrington, Sponsor. Third Row: John Crutcher, Frankie Wallace, Tom Estridge, Charles Wise. Fourth Row: Buddy Swartz, Gary Mann, Lanny McAlister, Steve Gordon. Fifth Row: Jimmy Winsett, Phil Gordon. civitan club 1 Florence State ' s Collegiate Civitan Club is a service organization which attempts to accomplish the objective of Civitan " Builders of Good Citizenship " in rendering altruistic service and helping to build a better community. The club promotes good fellowship and high scholarship, serves on the campus as well as in the community, provides opportunities for leadership training through service and encourages the dolly living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. The compilation of data and the publication and distribution of a complete student, and faculty directory for the third consecutive year at no charge was a major service activity of the club. Advertising Florence State College through the sale of 1,000 car tags entitled, " Florence, Alabama, Home of Florence State College, " brought many plaudits and commendations to the club membership. Through the sale of fruit cakes, the club was able to take the lead and provide a Christmas party for 115 youngsters. Since it was chartered at Florence State three years ago, the Collegiate Civitan Club has become one of the most respected and outstanding clubs on the campus. OFFICERS President Jimmy Justice Vice-Presidertt Ben Meadows Secretary Wayne Walker Treasurer Noah Srygley Board of Directors Lanny McAllister Phil Gordon Howard Hillard ' HOmE OF FLOREnCE STflTi . COLLEGE .„ " Y3Si p pershing F rsf Row: Sullivan, J. W. Battcher, Fallwell, Copham, Delano, Scott, Screws, Green, King, Trimble. Second Row: Capt. Partin, J. A. Battcher, Mathis, Wood, Nipper, Lewter, Wilburn, Bonnie Sherman, Sponsor; Blaiock, Porch, Williams, Trash- er, Morrison, Pierce, Holley, Bendoll, Bryant, Cataldo. Third Row: Marusak, Bramlett, Grimwood, Vaughan, Donaldson, Emmons, Sneed, DeLoach, Vinson, Bush, Sherman, Goodwin, Underwood. The Pershing Rifles is a military fraternity dedicated to service the school a s well as development of the individual member. Shown here in their dress uniforms for the initiation banquet, the 1963 edition of the Pershing Rifles shows more promise than did last years award winning group who surprised all by taking first place at the Vander- bilt Invitational Drill Meet. At present there are 165 active units and over 800 members in the various colleges and universities of the United States. The purpose of the organization is to encourage, pre- serve and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to pro- mote American Citizenship, and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military and academic ability among the members of the R.O.T.C. In order to fulfil these objectives the organization has already formed a drill squad, drill platoon, and a rifle team. Competit ; events between other colleges have been held, and at present, the organization will ottend the Veteran ' s Day Parade in Birmingham, the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, VanJerbllt Drill Meet, Vanderbilt University, and Pershing Rifles Drill Meet in Atlanta, Georgia. Membership is open to basic cadets who are in good standing. James Scott, 1st Sgt.; David Green, Drill Officer; George Screws, Supply Officer; Felix King, Executive Officer; Stanley Trimble, Commanding Officer. 118 - pershing rifles Stanley Trimble, Commanding Officer; George Screws, Execufive Officer; David Green, Operations Of- ficer; John Copham, Supply Officer; James Scott, Public Inf. Officer; Don Delano, First Sergeant; Sher- man Bromblett, Secrefory; Marshall Fallwell, Jr., Treasurer; John DeLoach, Asst. PIv.; David Sullivan, Sgt. at Arms; John Battcher, Pledge Officer. Squad Leaders: John Baftcher, James Battcher, Bill Nipper, John Porch. Members: Gene Bendell, Douglas Bryant, Robert Bush, William Grimwood, David Lewter, John Marusak, Carl Mathis, James Pearce, Greg Richardson, Bobby Sneed, John Vaughn, George Vinson, Robert Wilburn. Pledges: Daniel Austin, William Brackin, Jimmy Hays, Jerry Stone, Robert Strange, Wesley Barnett. .s.: IIM ;! ' o I I I I I I 1 I Pershing Rifle fall pledges. Marusak, Pershing Rifle ' s outstanding pledge. ! miiMni ,, Drill Officer; Bug, Executive ig Offitef ' ;- _ ; - - s - P. 5 Col. Fallwell speaks at banquet. Fallwell works DeLoach over. 119 pershing rifles at mardi gras T i ' •v ' .y- •v i r First Row: Donie Simbeck, Neal Harrison, Coy Bramlett, Kenneth Sfaggs, Kenneth Dunlap, Wayne Crocker, Ray Duvall, Huey Barnett. Second Row: Butch Wear, Carl Wilson, Deward Chapman, Benny Holt, Holland Greer, Loyd King, Mark Michael, James Frederick, Dr. Hershey, Bill Reynolds. conservation club Since its first year at Florence State College, 1954, the Conservation Club has remained one of the most active organizations on campus. Composed of students from all departments in school, the club has a tv o-fold purpose: the full realization of our natural resources, both animal and mineral, and the v ise application of them for economic and recreational gain. This year alone over 3,000 grade school students attended the club ' s lecture series on ophiology— snakes. Live specimens were donated by the Alabama Department of Conservation. 1963-64 will see a continued series of club sponsored lectures, with conservation the primary aim. Membership requirements are few, yet exacting: an inquiring mind and the desire to share one ' s time and knowledge with others. 122 ►ir« " A precision drill team composed entirely of women students, the Lionettes perform at athletic and other college events. Try-outs are required and members selected must maintain a minimum scholastic ratio of 1.0. lionettes Firsf Row: Ana Stowe, Judy McDougal, Joyce Marbutt, Lynne Potts, Betty Nix, Janie Moody, Betty Nichols, Lynn Terry. Second Row: Barbara Carroll, Sandra Rochelle, Lana Lowery, Charlotte Carter, Pauline Barnett, Pat Matthews, Leta Wright. It i Sigma tau pi C ' j tB BT " " ff y - TJif " S3 l Ir E jR j uir - ' Ik IC iowlH K ' ' sl i Elf l v l | p M ■ va h m;9 1 ff 1 rdn ilkIS Firsf Row; Janice Kennedy, Janice Sellers, Wanda Childers, Jo Ann Hump!, Nancy Halbrooks, Clarice Alexander, Rita Hipps, Nolan Carter, Robbie Mines, Kay Berry, Dean Terry, Carolyn Masterson, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Knight. Second Row: Brando Hopkins, Sue Sanders, Lynn Potts, Hilda Launders, Wyvonne Lacks, Barbara DeArmond, Jena Butler, Jane McCain. Ihhd Row: Carol Jackson, Patsy Beckett, Alice Gunn, Lona Clark, Lenora Littlefield, Jan Britton, Fronkie Watkins, Frances Raper, Janice Moody. Fourth Row-. Sandra Rochell, Joyce Marbutt, Hardy Sue Higgins, Shirley Grissett, Judy Houston, Geraldine Glasgow, Mary DeVore, Maxine Johnson, Judy Wagnon, Georgia McCorkle, Ann Mewborn, Marie Gray, Judy King. Fifih Row: Jim Marbutt, Bill Cummings, Dole Dean, James Cloud, Royburn Wisdom, Gory Day, Jerry Logan, Larry Young, George McLaughlin, Gary Mann. Sixfh Row: Gene Hamilton, Charles Clark, Milton Brown, Ken- neth Abercrombie, Marion Hindman, Jimmy Smith, Walker Sloan, Buddy Schwartz, John Bradberry, Troy Oliver. Seventh Row; Ronnie McMasters, Frankie Wallace, Terry Robinson, Charles May, Fred Bush, Norris Rymer, Bill Reynolds, Dense! Witt, Terry Smithers, Mr. Carrington. Wtev Jo ; loi Royei, I Sig mojors ( English. Sigma sigma kappa arrii libr( scie clu First Row. Betty Jo Chandler, Joyce Tidmore, Fred Winslett, Doris Weatherbee, Dennin Griffth, Judith Waldrop, Peggy Taylor. Second Row: Jimmy Estridge, Elaine Compton, Jimmy Justice, Barbara Tidwell, Dean Terry, Lois Anderson, Maxine Johnson. Third Row: Dr. Cresap, Bob Spahn, Mr. DeBoer, Morris Ashton, Lorry Thompson, Dr. McGee. 124 Sigma Sigma Kappa is an organization for majors and minors in the social sciences. First Row: Frank Harschied, Diane Brown Moore, Albert Bekus, Miss Julia Neal. Second Row: Lois Anderson, Deiores Wood, John Bowers, Sandra Driskell, Jimmy Meherg, Sara Royer, Robert Buettner, Gail Tolliver Michael, Elizabeth Anderson, Mary Jones, Markus Doss. Sigma Tau Delta is a national honorary English fraternity which recognizes English majors and minors of junior and senior standing who have maintained a B average in English. Sigma tau delta the arrietty library science club First Row: Emily Hughes, Eleanor Lovelace, Jean Love, Peggy Proctor, Linda Dean, Miss Schmitt, Linda Freeman, Ann Daniel. Second Row: Faye Kennedy, Rebecca Irwin, Peggy Eaves, Nan Peery, Janice Richardson, Margene Bonds, Sandra Henderson, Gay Click. Third Row: Barbara Tidwell, Pat Hale, Martha Cornhill, Mary Carlton, Sandra Moses, Phyllis Poyne, Mary Ginny Curry, Shirley Whisenant. The Arrietty Library .Science Club is an organization for students who are taking courses in library science. Its purpose is to further professional knowledge and to pro- mote fellowship among its members. . 5 BtaW- l ' - iiviLt i4€ 7Kieiur t-riiiiif -M«n v • H,», C«lu ' ' ,f ■:u T Vt ;S Seafed: Elizabeth Anderson, Betty Smith, Lee Taylor, Pat Womack, Linda Frederick. Standing: Carl Luckey, Daniel Ray, Olivia Garth, Polly Shirey, Betty Saxon, Romona Simpson, Vera Hunnicutt, Billy West, Mr. Paul Yokley, Jr., Sponsor. beta beta beta Beta Beta Beta is an honorary society for students of the biological sciences. Its objectives are to promote superior scholarship and to encourage interest in and appre- ciation of the the biological sciences. 126 The Student National Education Association, formerly the FTA, is an organization affiliated with the Alabama Education Association and the National Education Associa- tion. It is designed to promote interest in the teaching profession and is open to fill students who plan to teach. Student national education association First Row: Betty Jo Chandler, Laura Fuller, Sally Daniel, Diana Fowler, Ann Daniel, Wyvonne Lacks, Tommie Lee Hicks, Charlene Waits, Floy Dell Waller. Second Row: Linda McPhearson, Elaine Van Everen, Jeannie Vincent, Pat Wyers, Rebecca Irwin, Faye Hunter, Carol Riddle, Marjorie Foster. Third Row: Margie Drew, Beth Bolding, Lois Anderson, Lisa Pickens, Linda Freeman, Peggy Nolan, Carolyn Pendley, Glennis Taylor, Marie Mitchell, Frances Burleson, Buelah Dillard. Fourth Row: Dr. Crocker, Donie Simbeck, Carolyn Fox, Ruth Condit, Midge Moore, Barbara Sublett, Ted Meek, Mr. Findley, Janie Richardson. Fifth Row: Robert Miller, Judy Kunkle King, Emily Hughes, Gail Davis, Jena Butler, Alice Gunn, Kay Rikard, Judy King, Gail Holloway, Margene Bonds, Judy Palmer Mary Nell Holcomb, Doris Weatherbee, Nelda Wynn, Maxine Johnson, Eva Montgomery, Nancy Hess, Tommy Joe Kelly. Sixth Row: Jackie Segars, Pot Kenner, Rita Florence, Betty Lynne Miller, Judy Armstrong, Patsy Henderson, Sarah Weaver, Sandra Moses, Clarissa Alexander, Janice Adams, Barbara Tidwell, Barbara Williams. CLfij ? Mfi - ' t american chemical society First Row: Niles Floyd, Larry Wallace, Elba Lue Thorne, Franklin Wallace, Brenda Wright, Howard Gamble, Ralph Wallace, Laurel Robinson, Dr. Chanin, Margie Owen, June Beard. Second Row: Norman Lewis, Paul Doughty, Max Foust, Malcolm Peva- house, Linwood Yarbrough. Third Row: Loyd King, Lloyd Patterson, Jimmy K. Smith, Wayne Crockett, Carl Parker, Jimmy Newell, Carl Luckey, Joe Kelley, Max Taylor, Jerry Moebes, Douglas Terry. leftlo Eliiobe kappa mu epsilon for( 128 First Row: Mrs. Hudson, Lynn Gamble Wright, Bill Lee, Elba Lue Thorn, Mrs. Wooldridge, Mrs. Parker. Second Row: Richard Allen, Mr. Finley, Mr. Graham, John Blackwell, William Grissett, Dr. Locker, Jim Weatherbee, Mr. Baughn, Delano Densmore. The Alabama Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, a professional mathematics fraternity established in 1935, recognizes honor students in mathematics and provides professional stimulation to its members. ; kappa delta pi Left to Right: Lois Anderson, Jane Ann Merrill, Maxine Johnson, Barbara Sublett, Elizabeth Anderson, Vera Hunnicutt. The Epsilon Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a National scholarship fraternity, honors students of the junior and senior classes who have demonstrated sound schol- arship and who intend to become teachers. foreign cultures club First Row: Mr. DeArmen, Dr. Schuckmann, Johnny Graham, Elaine Tittle, Shirley Shea, Carolyn Eckl, Larry Jackson. Second Row: Miss Simpson, Vernon Creighton, Judy Kenne- mer. Fay Miner. Third Row: Donna Neidert, Nancy Bald, Ellen Guyer. Fourth Row: Sue Romine, Frank Harscheid, Wayne Crockett. 129 Seafed: Kenneth Hatcher, Mrs. Kearley, Mary Jo Pressley, Rosemary Hill, Nolo Lediow, Iris Mann, Mrs. Mitchell. Sianding: Uell L. Cunningham, William Rhodes. student art league The Student Art League is open to all students who express a true interest in art and who desire to further their understandings of art and its related fields. Regular meetings, as well as informal meet- ings for painting, drawing, ceramics, and the like, are held. 130 .. medea SPRING PRODUCTION rehearsal club and alpha psi omega alpha psi omega members: Charles Tidweli President Jerry Bartlett Vice-President David Harschled Secretary-Treasurer physical education club 1 1 1 I. ?j»» 6] 1 f V ' i Tf lb i n 1 ■ 1 V 1 . J . i lL A mM »t1| If ' fM li V ' i 4 H -||P Ig V i «i aHivn f rst Row: Coach Flowers, Linda Cagle, Mary Shehan, Richard Pace, Don Coker, Jerry Rice, Enery Perez, Gloria Smith, Helen Nelson, Miss Matthews. Second Row: Benny Rowe, John Crutcher, Billy Ray Pennington, Allen Trimm, Nelda Winn, Jim Rhodes, Myrie Lemond, Richard Spencer, Tom Tumlin. Third Row: Donald Johnston, Gordon Crosswhite, Buddy Egan, Jimmy Drake, E. D. Shackleford, Gerald Bentley, Jackie Fergu- son, David Puckett. Fourth Row: Ross Thomas, Wendell Batchelor, Marty White, Sandra King, David Johnson, Margaret White, Gaye Taramangos, Doug Miller, Martha Hampton, David Thacker. The Physical Education Club is open to all students who plan to major in physical education and is designed to promote professional interest and growth. english club Firsf Row: Markus Doss, Lois Anderson, Delores Wood, Frank Harschied. Second Row: Judy Kunkle King, Faye Kennedy, Betty Jo Chandler, Judy Wagnon, Joan Macklin, Shirley Grissett, Mr. Rosenbaum. 1 M " English Club is open to all majors and minors in English and was organized in 1954. alpha chi Firsf Row. Bucky Beavers, Nolan Carter, Don Howard, Ronnie McMasters, Bill Reeves, Jerry Weeks, Harry King. Second Row: Jim Marbutt, Harry Smith, Marcus Hester, Billy Durham, Bobby Miller, Larry Hunter, Lavon Creel, Dale Hess, John Hampton, Jeron Witt, Brenton Manley, Norris Turney. Third Row: Jim Marbutt, Robert Gregg, Chippy Enlow, Roger Hester, Robert Brotherton, Larry Martindale, Kenneth Abercrombie, Dale Oeon, Grant Newton, Sonny Nelson. Alpha Chi, an accounting club, is open to students taking advanced accounting courses and is designed to promote professional interest. women s rifle feam First Row. Jean Rainey, Pat Matthews, Pat Schmitt, Elaine Tittle, Enery Perez, Iris Mann. Second Row: Barbara Sublett, Dora Haroway, Ramona Simpson, Eileen Egan, Claudia Myers, Kay Rickard. 133 ■., r Row One; Linda Priest, Ruth Condit,Judy Frazler, RebeccaJane Tucker, Dianne White, Anne Bedingfield, Rejyna Bevis, Alberta Gurley, Kathy Koch, Jean Courington, Mrs. Porter. Row Two: Carolyn Otts, Brenda Hopkins, Elizabeth McRlght, Freda Parker, Goye Taramangos, Virginia Cook, Betty McGuire, Barbara Hilton, Carol Jackson, Janice Houston. Row Three: Noah Srygley, David Shelton, Lanny McAllster, Mary Frances Roberts, Carolyn Whisenant, Else Dodd, Margaret Boyles, Sandra Northcutt, Jeannie Vincent, Carolyn Bendall. RowFour.Brenda Ellis, Dan Harper, Randall Holden, ClydeMcCain,DexterMont9omery, Tim Curtis, Patrick Frost, Virginia McGee, Jane Strickland, Donald Bonner. Row Five: Melvin Hinton, David Briggs, Charles May, Howard Porter, James Carlisle, Melvin Brown, Douglas Stevens, Jerry Holland, Jimmy Johnson, Ben Meadows. florence state college choir The purpose of the choir is to become acquainted with the various forms of musical literature from the classical to the modern, with special emphasis placed upon choral music through the use of selection from operas, oratories, and the shorter works. The choir Is outstanding in Its presentations. They present a concert each semester and also perform at the graduation exer- cises. Membership is open to any student who has the ability and the desire to sing. Mrs. Hugh G. Porter, Chior Director 134 The " F " Club is an honorary organization for the promotion of intramural and intercollegiate athletics and sportsmanship in the student body. Membership is restricted to students earning varsity letters. " f club f I. tewFwritendo WterMonlgomery, SirKklofld, DonoU ioHM%H0W0f(l I ens, Jerry HdM First Row: Jim Blair, Brenton Manley, Clem Catron, Ernest Brelond, Greg Lewis, Dan Weaver, Bob Jack- son. Second Row: Gus Garrard, H. L. Robinson, Brad Black, Tommy Wyatt, Kirk Alexander, Gerald Bent- ly. Third Row: Perry Warren, Steve Logan, Wally Sanders, Byron West, Ed Homan, Winky Adams, Bucky Beavers. ir((f,(Jik)rDire(tor B ! r% First Row: Mary Nell Halcomb, Rita Florence, Sybil Persall, Pat McWilllams, Carol Price, Brenda Hollings- worth, Liz Mitchell, Pat Henderson, Peggy Nolan. Second Row: Carolyn Cummings, Mitzie Chandler, Judy Patterson, Betty Walker, Carolyn Hanback, AAaxine Redmond, Mrs. Rasch, Sponsor; Wanda Ander- son, Beth Block, Eva Montgomery, Betty Henkle, Carolyn Christopher. lome economics club The Mary Willis Huff Home Economics Club was established in 1948 for the promo- tion of interest in home economics as a profession and in improved practices in home- making and everyday living. It is open to all ho me economics majors. 136 religion Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the Methodist Church to Florence State Col- lege. Under the direction of a full-time minister, Wesley offers opportunities for religious education, counseling, worship, Christian fellowship, and service. Wesley emphasizes and encourages academic achievement as a student ' s vocation. Wesleyites participate fully in campus activities and in intramural sports. wesley foundation First Row: Christine Welch, Pat Matthews, June Mitchell, Dora Haraway, Marie Gray, Wanda Turpin, Jo Wilbanks, Diana Fowler, Carolyn Christopher. Second Row: Linda Freeman, Dana Morris, Virginia Bodley, Zenetto Butler, Betty Gay Littrell, Brenda Pirkle, Frankie Wotkins, Betty Smith, Jean Rainey. Third Row: Kathryn Walker, Miss Donie May Lowry, Sherry Maddox, Joe Sims, Ronald Jones, Marforie Hamm, Nancy Bald, Barbara Sublett. Fourth Row: Brad Block, Joe Kelley, Don Basenberg, Gene Hamby, Ed Terry, Ben Carpenter, Billy King, Rev. Phillip Huckoby. " y .• .V iv nr . f Firsf Row: Capt. Leroy Provost, Sponsor; Miss Helen Matthews, Sponsor; Fr. Paul Koehler O.S.B., Chap- lain; Bernadette Sloan, Sec.-Treas.; Phil Duffy, Pres.; Bill Doll, Vice-Pres.; Linda Broderick, Margaret Fur- man, Pat Schmidt. Second Row: Pete Wager, Pat Warren, Glenda Reeves, Pot Clock, Carol Riddle, Dave Morris, Carolyn Eckl, Eileen Egan, Nell Henkel, Enery Perez, Betty Henkel, Ned Webber. newman c lub The Newman Club is a chartered member of the National Newman Club Federa- tion. All Catholic college students are eligible for membership. Biweekly meetings are planned to foster the spiritual. Intellectual, and social interests of the members of the organizations. 138 The Westminister Fellowship was organized in 1957 to provide opportunities for fellowship among Presbyterian students and to further knowledge of the church. Westminister Firsf Row: Betty Hamilton, Sarah Weaver, Barbara Holland, Jane Strickland, Tera Stricklin, Mrs. Huff, Jane Tucker. Second Row.- Don Howard, Rachel Chipolet, George McLaughlin, Emily Hughes, Dewight Counts, Ann Daniel, Lisa Pickens, Hardy Sue Higgins, Sarah Patterson, Mr. Huff. II ¥. txa " 1 ' t • ' •yr ' Leff fo Right: Noah Srygley, Annette Hamilton, Carolyn DeVaughn, Maxine Johnson, Judy Melix, Midge Moore, Paulette Hooper, Jerry Holland, Judith Waldrep, Niles Floyd, Joyce Tidmore, Betty Jo Chandler, Mr. Bill McLeod. baptist student union executive counci The Baptist Student Union is composed of all active Baptist students on campus and has the purpose of linking the student with the church and ministering to the total spiritual needs of the student. During the year the B.S.U. is active in many things. They hold a retreat at the beginning of school and at mid-year to make plans for v ork. Noonday devotions are held each Monday and Wednesday at the center, a Bible Study is held Thursday mornings at 10:00, a general meeting is held Tuesday nights at 7:00, and on weekends they have special services at a small chapel where they work with children. Not all activities are work however. They have fellowship every Sunday night, parties at various times, and a banquet at the end of the year. 140 The Canterbury Club is an organization for Episcopalian and other interested students. Meetings ore held weekly for social, educational, and spiritual fellowship. canterbury club first Row: The Reverend E. G. Mullins, Mrs. Hilda Mitchell, Margie Drew, Eleanor Lovelace, Tim Scott, Mrs. Marion Kearley, The Reverend David Kearley. Second Row: Anita Judd, Rachel Winn, Diane Brewer, Diana Hignett. Third Row: Charles Wise, Mrs. Frank Perry, Nick Winn, Peggy Proctor, Mr. Winn. ■2S n- ! I l.. hi n i military Col. Marshall L. Fallwell cadre Capt. Dallas W. Clark, Capt. Herbert E. Moody, Col. Marshall L. Fallwell, Capt. James D. Portin, Capt. Leroy W. Provost, Jr. Sgt. Ashley L. Milam, Sgt. Benjamin F. Gilmore, Sgt. Haskel H. Nobles, Sgt. James G. Collins, Sgt. Grady Long, Sgt. Odis L. Wadsworth. 144 ' 1 Brigade Commander Bobby Hurst, Fall Semesfer Brigade Commander Richard Allen, Spring Semester brigade staff 145 Left to Right: Foster, Harriet Devore, Sponsor, Brown, Sanderson, Trimble. first battalion Left to Right: Barton, Kathy Bradford, Sponsor, Allen, Graham, Mitzner. second battalion 146 ' ■•■■■■■■■■I r.o.t.c. band t - " .■ ' .••jfc ' drill team 147 F»j««fe »!4llB color g uard 148 a company " b " company c company 149 " d " company e company 150 y I miss nancy gargis sweetheart of coc miss brenda pirkle brigade sponsor miss lynda durham sweetheart of coc 151 I m iss Harriet de vore mis first battalion sponsor T P miss kathy bradford second battalion sponsor 152 de vore sponsor miss bonnie sherman pershing rifle sponsor II miss befsy west drill team sponsor 153 miss judy kunkle a company sponsor miss Carolyn de vaughn " b " company sponsor miss judy danley c " company sponsor - miss mary ginny curry " d " company sponsor miss lulu flippen band sponsor miss shirley bedingfield " e " company sponsor 155 cadet officers corps The Cadet Officers Corps is a military fraternity with membership restricted to students in advanced R.O.T.C. Its purposes ore to promote unity among the entire R.O.T.C. Corps and to foster worth-while student activities. The Cadet Officers Corps, composed of juniors and seniors, is one of the most active organizations at Florence State. Each year they sponsor a float in the home- coming parade, the Red Cross Bloodmobile, the R.O.T.C. open house, the Christmas Military Ball, and the Spring Military Ball. At the Christmas Military Boll, Miss Brenda Pirkle, elected by the basic R.O.T.C. Cadets, reigned as Queen of the Military Ball. Not only are they busy with these activities, but they also assist in numerous ways when called upon by the school or other campus organizations. Those cadets at Ft. Benning, Georgia, this past summer placed first in a competitive rating with a score higher than any military or non-military school. First Row: Brenda Pirkle, Brigade Sponsor, Blackwell, Lynda Durham, COC Sweetheart, Brown, Nancy Gargis, COC Sweetheart. Second Row: Trimble, Mitzner, Hurst, Sanderson, Graham, Tidwell. Third Row: Jones, Drinkard Sachs, H. King, Haddock, Allen, Moon, Foster, Taylor, Scott. Fourth Row: Brazelton, Doll, Henderson, Tabscott, Wallace, McAdoms, Moebes, Whitten. Fifth Row: Bridges, Alldredge, Foust, Weatherbee, Spahn, Guthrie, Floyd. Sixth Row: Screws, Thompson, Alexander, Pucketf, Smith, Chaffin, Short. Seventh Row: Green, McLaughlin, Mc- Cord. Not Pictured: Barton, Beaver, Jackson, McGuffey, Sims, F. King, Landers, Rains, Skipworth, White. 156 i Federal Inspection Attention! " E " Company— Honor Company! florence state college lion band " O-F. .Ck. ■-M mm Mllf aW. M ri|i| t j1 ■ ■ l I U(J 158 i:..%iM:l. ' k fr ' » f • • L ' 4n • vlv H Kli ii j i H ' TJjtI HH V JL.JL H.? ' l Excellent opportunities are provided for participation and training In instrumental activities through the Florence State College Band. The band, under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Large, plays for home and out-of-town football games and has made great contributions toward school spirit. There is also a concert band and smaller instrumental ensembles which present special programs on the campus, in the community, and in neighboring towns. ¥iiiKW ' i 159 personnel 160 FLUTES: Harriet DeVore, Olivia Garth, Faye Worley, Patricio Wyers. OBOE: Judy Havely. SOPRANO CLARINETS: Judy Doss, Carolyn Fox, Timothy Kelley, Lanny McAlister, Judy Marshall, Robert Pacheco, Linda Priest, Terry Smithers, Carolyn Sullins, Cilia Vaughn, Ann Williams. BASS CLARINET: Teresa Bilstein, Richard Hubbard. CONTRA-BASS CLARINET: John Davis. ALTO SAXOPHONES: Elizabeth Call, Becky Mullican, Doug Stevens. TENOR SAXOPHONES: Gordon Green, Sandra Northcutt. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: John Redmon. CORNETS: Gwin Cross, Richard Dixon, Steve Gordon, Daniel Havely, Richard Ordway, Jr., Ron Presley, Clint Tate, Gene Taylor, Troy Wyers, James Young. FRENCH HORNS: Charles Harlan, Diana Saffell, David Short, Virginia Waters, Raymond Weir. BARITONES: James Carlisle, Jr., Jerry Cofield, Melvin Hinton. TROMBONES: Jimmy Bailey, Jerry Hall, Clyde McCain, Horace Norman Noe, Richard Slayton, Samuel Streit, James Terry. BASSES: Jimmy Appleton, David Hood, Larry Southern. PERCUSSION: Jerry Carrigan, George Cudabac, Marshall Fallwell, Charles Glidv rell, Betty Logan, Hershell Moody, Richard Scott. tim kelley drum major pam browning lley najor lulu flippen majorettes Harriet de vore head majorette lynda durham judy kunkle featu res The top ten Diorama beauties featured in the Diorama were chosen from a group of ninety girls who were nominated by various campus organiza- tions. Three judges from Florence selected the top ten semi-finalists, which took place in the Great Hall of the Student Union. The finals were held at Rogers Hall. Three out- of-town judges selected the top five beauties. JUDGES: Mr. Otto Speake, Mrs. Linda Cruce, Mr. Jimmy Hall. diorama beauty contest ! i THE QUEEN AND HER COURT: Miss Carol Price, Miss Margaret Furman, Miss Janice French, Miss Alice Gunn, Miss Carol Fox, Miss Linda Durham, Miss Beverly Ware, Miss Judy Wagnon, Queen Ellen Allen, Miss Brenda Pirkle. Ellen was completely overwhelmed, to say the least, when the judges made the final selection. I««T»IP ■■»■». It I W miss ellen alien queen of beauty 166 I len uty The judges selected Miss Ellen Allen as top Diorama Beauty on the basis of photo- genic qualities and physical assets. Ellen a Florence State freshman from Huntsville was also selected as Miss Charming. I 167 miss beverly ware diorama beauty 4 168 r miss brenda pirkle diorama beauty 169 miss carol price diorama beauty 170 miss judy wagnon diorama beauty 171 miss Carolyn fox beauty nominees miss alice gunn 172 miss Janice french miss lynda durham gunfi - S miss margaret furman 173 mr. Florence state carl barton inis anil Carl Barton, a Senior from Haleyville, has been an outstanding football athlete during his three years at Florence State, and has twice received the Most Valuable Player Award. Last year Carl was runner-up to Mr. Florence State. 174 miss florence state anita alexander Anita Alexander from Cordova has been a Florence State Cheerleader three out of her four years at Florence State, and served as Head Cheerleader this past year. Anita has also served as Secretary of the Inter-President ' s Council. An attractive brunette, Anita has served Florence State well. 175 • • mary Virginia curry coronation court 176 runners-up to mr. and miss florence state bob Jackson Ji bonnie frost coronation court coronation court jim weatherbee 177 coronation court c.w. hunter is Janice french coronation court 178 i. lane ann merri ill coronation court coronation court pete kelly 179 ha rm weel Margaret was striking in the sports outfit. The night of preliminary judging 5«s ». r T The fashion show was a smashing hit. Charm Week held the first month of school is sponsored by the WSGA and is held in honor of Freshman girls. The pur- pose of Charm Week is to promote good grooming. All week long the nominees at- tend such activities as an ice water tea, a fashion show, a Caravan Coke Party, and a Carnival held in the Great Hall. The climax of Charm Week is the talent show which is open to the entire student body, and it is at this talent show that Miss Charming and her court ore announced. Chairman of Charm Week this year was Lynne Farr Evans. Be upodi WSGA ond is iHd. is the ' l lhoiMiss n onnounted ' Ml yeot « miss charming ellen alien 182 ' ' - sI kI. r r I - A I nancy gargis freda parker — . tl k 4 I u A sy miss charnfiing court Joyce davis 183 I Queen Btene miss brenda pirkle homecoming queen 184 lomecommg wee k Homecoming Day was Saturday, October 20, this year; however, the exciting activities lasted all week preceding the Saturday football encounter between Florence State and Troy State. The climax of the week was the game Saturday with Florence State the winner. Ending the week was the Homecoming Dance that night. The Home- coming Parade was one of the best ever held on Florence State ' s campus. Returning alumni feasted at the traditional banquet held at Rogers Hall. Queen Brenda looked lovely in her white formal. Queen Brenda and her Royal Court. ye een 185 miss lynne farr evans royal court 186 Ad| ulr tp ' i.i ' P - ' miss ruth anderson royal court 187 miss beverly ware royal court ' f- " Ste™ 188 1 m tti. miss jane ann merril royal court 189 . . . ' . ■ ' ■ ■ .11-. rn ' j i ' ' « • 1 f • 1 n lomecoming wee k ,o 1 ii imiss January Janet bishop miss march judy danley - « miss february jena butler S M T T F S 1 6 15 11 9 l t 5 6 13 le 7 14 021 Ih ' % miss april beth bolding s 1 6 «Hp SM 27|23|l iH SI lii 1. 4 t sJI 1 ■■■■■■ I S M T T F Si 1 2 IpPc. 6 7 t Q !sS 13 14 15 16 lf v- 20 21 2Z 23 E NbiJ 28 miss may judi alien miss June lana dark s M T 1 2 3 i 6 9 10 15 16 ij 21 23 3 F S 6 7 3 14 2 16 iss 192 miss July kathy bradford ■J miss august lynne terry S MTg 1 2 3f. 6 9 Icij 15 16 i 22 23 ' fl I S M T T F S| I 2 5 6 7 6 9 10 IL 13 14 15 le 17 is. 21 ZZ 23 24 iN -. 1 miss September Harriet devore miss november susan shults S M T T F S| 1 2 5 t 6 7 e 9 10 Lj-fC 13 14 15 16 i Hi 21 22 23 r r jH E 28 Florence state calendar girls miss October Carolyn de vaughn S M T Hn F S| 1 2 p 6 7 e 9 icUAe 15 20 14 21 15 16 r- 21 E I --Kl26 27 28 1 miss december lynne evans ■ r " turris fidelis and keller key In the 1962 spring graduation ceremonies, WILLIAM LARRY JOHNSON, left, was awarded the Keller Key. BILLY DON ANDERSON and LEWIS EDWIN GOSA re- ceived the Turris Fidelis Award. LARRY PETREE SPARKS and BARBARA ANN McRAE were recipients of the Turris Fidelis Award at the 1962 sum- mer graduation ceremonies. JAMES CECIL SOWELL, right, was awarded the Keller Key. The Keller Key is awarded to the graduating senior with the highest scholastic average over four years of work at the college. The Key is awarded in memory of the late President James Albert and Mrs. Moriglen Keller. The Turris Fidelis Award is conferred upon not more than two members of the senior class at each commence- ment. Both service to the college and scholastic stand- ing are considered in selecting the recipient of the award. This is the highest honor that the student body can confer upon a fellow student. 194 ing senior yeots of lemoryof len Keller, not more lonmience- Stic stonil- (It of Ike dent body Seafed: Lynn Gamble Wright, Margene Bonds, Barbara Sublett. Standing: David Harscheid, Jane Keith Grogan, Richard Allen, James Weatherbee, Robert Buettner, C. W. Hunter, Frank Harscheid. ho ' who s wno in american universities and colleges Recognition in the annual publication. Who ' s Who, is one of the highest honors a college student may attain. Who ' s Who is a national organization set up in the school year 1934-35; and since the sixth year of its existence, it has had the active participation of an average ' of 600 Institutions. Its home office is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Students are chosen on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, and service to the college. After the students are accepted by the national organization, their names and college records appear in the Who ' s Who publication. The organization keeps at the disposal of all business concerns in the United States and Canada information about its student members. Only seniors and juniors are eligible for recognition in Who ' s Who, and the above students are to be highly congratulated. 195 1 1 -1 ' f snapshots 1963 Faculty Handbook Committee 1962-63 Alumni Officers I m Sally Danie l was chosen Alabama ' s Miss ASES and Mar- gene Bonds was elected state Vice-President. Mrs. Christine Cummings and Mrs. Robert Muse, Mr. Peacock ' s secretaries. 198 Religious Emphasis Week speakers. k 1 I RT I H mwM m j J- Three typical FSC co-eds. Once upon a time there were three bears; Momma Bear, Poppa Bear, and little bitty Baby Bear . . . 201 Odds against going to heaven 4 to 1. l m Posed shot. (Unposed shot censored.) 204 How low con you go? f %!. ' M Boys went North for game time spirits. i , an ' he shrunk my head, too! Now where did I put that cigarette? So I sez, " Look, judge, just because your name ' s Wallace . Mickey who? 205 Whatta ya ' mean, " use my imagination? " Now, if I could just wriggle my ears, she ' d notice me. 208 Sic ' em, Petel Sic ' em. ' li notice «• TT A picture is worth a thousand words— S.G.A., October, 1962 " This is a black day for us all, friends. " And they told me the county was wet! ! 210 Friends, Romans, Hipsters ■ We hope — A snake in the hand is worth two in the gross. Too much alcohol! The finals are getting the best of me! 211 Wonder how much his real salary is without the cuts on the side? 212 Out of step again! " (iMti, ». But, I ' m married! m. You ' ll never learn to type with your hands down there. I ' m sorry, but she left with a Pekinese at 7:30. 214 Oh, Ben Casey! You devil! I Do??? 36-22-36 Where are you Brenda? Is this the $2 gate? 215 Our own little werewolf— premetaphase. Last night the bed; today the desk— spin- ning, spinning, spinning. 1 Here we go Loop de Loop. 216 Down, girl, down! These are elfs? The strain isn ' t always on the mind. Ouch! Just a sec! 217 Keep a Stiff Upper Lip. Don ' t you wish everybody did? Don ' t believe them. 218 The Egg and I T pl - ■ Z P I don ' t care if he is a frogman, he can ' t have my beer! Fuzzy " around the old compii? We ' re crowded this year. The h with physical fitness! - 219 We have more fires these days. Not too loud, here she comes! Another Abe Lincoln. Confucius say, " clothespin like thief; Good hold-up artist. " . . . " Along came a spider and sat down beside her " . . . We use only Betty Crocker Mix Whup it on me, pretty babyll I ' m in the Mickey Mouse Club. Open Mouth, Insert Foot I was caught in a pig stampede. Somebody scratch my big toe. II I ' II 222 Forget something, Wally? Look, but don ' t touch. You ' re typing is terrible! I can ' t read it! She walks by here every night at 11:15. All those opposed please stand. Hic-Hupl 223 Open bolt, remove thumb. MW -«o ' ' .filHi-ll. ' ' " I - fc Jft - s» Hurry up, I gotta go. % Example of Kennedy ' s physical fitness. Which one is painting the Iris? Ladies, don ' t you know it ' s not proper to wear socks with a hat? They ' re everywhere! Your name isn ' t on the list. Mr. " K " , you aren ' t listening! Art Smock?? 225 But she definitely said 7:30, O ' Neal Hall, Ma ' am! No, we do not have Peyton Place! If you were built like she, you ' d be camera shy, too. Little Ole Miss. 226 Now where did I put those things? You take the fat one, and I ' ll take the short one. Men stand Idle while wars are waged. . . and leave the driving to us — darn it! It ' s easy to see through this professor. 227 What do you mean, " Burmuda shorts and sport shirt? " " A bird in the hand, " not rocks, " is worth two in a bush! " i don ' t know, John. She is built, but . . . rr Well, he said he ' d cut my water off. Artificial respiration. " Dear Holiday Inn, " Lowe man with the ball. 231 ■a« RV9 ' I got left out. r (1 i 1- H 1 1 l i i k 1 n 1 1 1 .1 You should see me when the clock strikes twelve and M the magic stops. j HI Pete might get mad if he doesn ' t win. Far-away Iran. 232 I killed two birds with one pill. The higher forms have all the fun. .m 1 ■• J r , w 1 L r L - -A. 1 1 Wj j 1 KL ' ; V i 0 Ik Kl J k V . . . But they wouldn ' t let me join the French Foreign Legion 1 1 ! Engord . . . touche. 233 I sports Leff to Right: Otis Peacock, Roy Stevens, H. A. Flowers, Dallas Loncaster, R. C. Fuller, Kenneth Large. athletic association The athletic committee has done a splendid job this year, as well as in past years, to promote a complete athletic program at Florence State. The program includes intercollegiate participation in football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, track, and cross country. A program of intramural sports has olso been directed by this committee. 236 w orence state lions 1963 liiLKTu: I3 : ' T, Line Coach George Weeks, Head Football Coach H. H. Self. Student Coach— Marion Hindman. 237 Co-Captains 1963: John (Shine) Willis R. C. (Pepsi) Sanderson I The outstanding back and linemen of the year chosen by the coaches and players: Carl Barton— Outstanding Back, Ken Townley— Outstanding Lineman. The Voice of the Lions: No. 1 sports announcer of the area; George Manush. ' I u ' Kirk (Iron Jaw) Alexander jHt. 5 ' 11 " Wt. 183 WB -Clanton David (Big Dave) Thomas Ht. 6 ' 1 " Wt. 180 E P.E.-Huntsville Mack (Porky) Carmichael Ht. 5 ' 7 " Wt. 200 G P. E.— Panama City, Florida Carl Barton Ht. 6 ' Wt. 170 FB Math— Haleyville Ken (Brew) Daniel Ht. 5 ' 9 " Wt. 200 T P.E.— Huntsville R. C. (Pepsi) Sanderson Ht. 5 ' ll " Wt. 205 T Chem— Hamilton Gil Cleveland Ht. 5 ' 11 " Wt. 185 Art— Tuscumbia QB Ken (Spike) Townley Ht. 5 ' 10 " Wt. 215 G P.E.-Carbon Hill John (Shine) Willis Ht. 6 ' Wt. 190 E P.E.— Thomasville Steve Logan Ht. 5 ' 11 " Wt. 192 TB P.E.-Huntsville Pi J Jim Blair Ht. 6 ' 2 " Wt. 204 P.E.-Florence c ! Roy Hester Ht. 6 ' l " Wt. 180 P.E.-Phll Campbe E II Hir m Bib h H. . ' s B « 1.. y Kirk Alexander, Carl Barton, Gil Cleveland, Steve Logan, Dave Thomas, Ken Daniel, Ken Townley, Jim Blair, Mack Carmichael, R. C. Sanderson, John Willis. 239 Charles (Butch) Toner Ht. 5 ' 8 " Wt. 155 WB P.E.— Bessemer, Ala. Gary Johnson Ht. 6 ' Wt. 180 E P.E.— Leighton, Ala. Clyde (Bucky) Beaver Ht. 5 ' 9 " Wt. 210 G Bus. Adm.— Rossville, Ga. Gus (Jug) Garrard Ht. 6 ' Wt. 181 FB P.E.-Haleyville, Ala. Bill (Ole Man) Wise Ht. 6 ' Wt. 200 QB P.E.— Fayetteviile, Tenn. Lester Dawson Ht. 6 ' 3 " Wt. 215 T Bus. Adm.— Courtland, Ala. Don (Roundman) Creasy Ht. 5 ' 10 " Wt. 200 G P. E.— Leighton, Ala. Elmer (Tootsi Roll) Knight " ♦.6 ' Wt. 215 T £.— Meridian, Miss. Bobby (Snap Dragon) Hurst Ht. 6 ' Wt. 180 E Bio.-Sheffield, Ala. Mike Banks Ht. 5 ' 9 " Wt. 165 TBI P.E.— Ookman, Ala (jotlBrelor Tommy Wyatt Ht. 6 ' l " Wt. 205 P.E.-Phil Campbell, Ala. C| Soiy iCow) V ST mi i,E.-Huntiville, Don Williams Ht. 6 ' 1 " Wt. 181 El P.E.— Dothan, Ala. Poul Cooper t5 ' 10 " Wt.2 fteiii.-PyCoi 240 Butch Toner, Gus Garrard, Bill Wise, Mike Banks, Gary Johnson, Lester Dawson, Don Creasy, Tommy Wyatt, Bucky Beaver, Elmer Knight, Bobby Hurst. il Earnest Breland, H. L. Robinson, Dan Weaver, David Kirk, Barry Jones, Gary Whitt, Butch Wear, Nelson Wimberly, Ken Rutland, Paul Cooper, Don Allison. Lr-:_,jj ;. Jackson ' s Toe— many times the difference— this time a •championship! A gamecock ' s feathers get ruffled. fsc 7 - jax state 7 Gang tackling. That second effort, and F.S.C. characteristics proved the old statement a game is not over until the v hisfle blows. F.S.C. had driven down to Jacksonville ' s 5 yard line and the clock showed less than 10 seconds to play. No ploy was called, the ball was snapped, and a short pass climaxed one of the most thrilling last minute efforts of the year. F.S.C. had won another championship. 242 pn -w Completed I ! fsc 21 - n.w. 14 Mentally a great ball club took the field against the nationally ranked N.W. College. The games first touchdown came on a 78 yard dash by Carl Barton. N.W. College substituting with 3 teams soon re- stalled. Another touchdown for each team was recorded. A spirited F.S.C. against weight and depth, were not to be denied. It was a hard fought boll game, and one in which F.S.C. can take great pride. F.S.C. scores! First down! " by inches! " Closing In fsc 27 - livingston 7 YARDSTICK WE THEY F.D. 14 9 Rush 259 127 Pass 57 24 Net 316 151 Pass atp. 6 12 Pass comp. 4 4 Fumbles Lost 1 2 Score 27-7 244 ■ First Down fsc 17 - austin peay YARDSTICK WE THE ' F.D. 11 7 Rush 124 93 Pass 48 18 Net 172 111 Pass atp. n 14 Pass comp. 3 3 Fumbles Lost 1 Punting 8-286 6-211 Scorel7-0 245 HOMECOMING COMPLETED! Converging for the kill. w Si fsc 27 - troy 6 Incomplete! YARDSTICK F.D. Rush Pass Net Pass atp. Pass comp. Fumbles Lost Punting Score 27—6 WE 17 202 100 302 14 5 1 6-185 THEY 5 33 22 55 8 3 2 6-191 246 Breland skirts again. f sc sels 27 m F3I m %M E ' i£rZ T2 Bii[ ' ki F.D. Rush Pass Net Pass atp. Pass comp. Fumbles Lost Punting Score 7—25 Barton behind blocking. YARDSTICK WE THEY 4 19 83 243 40 67 123 310 12 12 4 6 1 3 7-253 5-481 247 Barton carries fsc 2 - mstc 33 YARDSTICK F.D. Rush Pass Net Pass atp. Pass comp. Fumbles lost Punting Score 2-33 WE 10 115 73 188 19 6 3 5-127 THEY 13 157 178 335 14 9 3 4-109 248 Rough Going fsc 14 - delta state 26 F.D. Rush Pass Net Pass atp. Pass comp. Fumbles Lost Punting Score 1 4—26 YARDSTICK WE THEY 7 18 52 145 49 57 101 202 5 11 3 4 2 6-203 3-86 249 T No more this trip. II fsc 14 - ark state 23 YARDSTICK WE THE F.D. 6 15 Rush 80 229 Pass 53 26 Net 133 255 Pass atp. 15 5 Pass comp. 6 3 Fumbles lost 3 Score 14-23 -fr 250 fsc 31 - utmb 8 The Seniors ' last game. F.D. Rush Pass Net Pass atp. Pass comp. Fumbles lost Punting Score 31-8 YARDSTICK WE THEI 10 16 162 174 83 87 245 261 13 18 9 8 5-196 7-217 251 .I ' i: ! 4 s is A - ' (s ' V » Firsf Row, Leff to Righf: Nolan Smith, Doug Key, Wally Sanders, Steve Thrasher, Byron West, Bobby Marsh. Second Row: John Porch, Tom Tucker, Parks Lubb, Jerry Ray, George White, Assistant Coach. Third Row: Thomas Rains, Robert Kreglow, Perry Warren, Morris Tharp. Fourth Row: Coach Ed Billingham, Gene Crocker, Joe Edwards, Jim Ledbetter, Cliff Roberts, Jim Parker. florence state basketball li 62-63 252 Joe Corners a little Bison from David Lipscomb. Byron West (Senior, 2 year letterman). Wallace Sanders (Senior, 2 year letterman). 253 4 I ' J ' W ' Wally fires againts Huntingdon. Tom shields ball from MSTC. Steve Thrasher, Captain (Senior, 4 year letterman). 254 Joe Edwards (Senior, 4 year letterman). . Steve is way ahead of Austin Peay. Boo is, too! Thomas Rains (Junior, 2 year letterman) Perry Warren (Junior, 2 year letterman). 255 Shot by Doug is blocked by Delta. Led tips one in over St. Bernard. Doug Key (Sophomore, 2 year letterman). Jim Ledbetter (Junior, 1 yeor letterman). 256 What could he do? He ' s really right-handed. Balancing act by captain. FINAL BASKETBALL STATISTICS Field Goals Free Throws Rebounds PF Points wfimi " ) ' Gene Crocker (Sophomore, 1 year letterman). PLAYER S E d Z 1 -o 8 CO a. 5 -o S 8 to t3 0) JD E 3 Z d 0) J3 E a Z 0) JQ E 3 Z Thrasher 22 236 101 42.7 49 35 71.4 31 1.4 59 237 10.7 Edwards 21 198 92 46.4 109 74 67.8 160 7.6 74 258 12.3 Rains 22 193 74 38.3 42 30 71.4 155 7.0 41 178 8.1 Ledbetter 22 268 128 47.7 125 88 70.4 282 12.8 81 344 15.6 Sanders 22 146 64 43.8 37 31 83.7 40 1.8 47 159 7.2 West 20 183 63 34.4 27 20 74.0 43 2.1 27 146 7.3 Key 22 211 94 44.5 51 44 86.2 68 3.1 52 232 10.5 Warren 22 128 51 40.0 25 16 64.0 129 5.8 30 118 5.3 Crocker 21 95 45 47.3 30 22 73.3 79 3.7 28 112 5.3 White 8 11 4 36.3 5 4 80.0 4 .5 9 12 1.5 Roberts 1 0.0 0.0 1 1.0 1 0.0 257 « Firsf Row: Fallwell, Smith, Scott, McLaughlin, Romans, Landers. Second Row: Capt. Moody, Sizemore, King, Dean, Goodwin, Jackson, Sergeant Long. varsity rifle team The Varsity Rifle Team is well on its way to another successful season. Last year ' s record of 11 wins and 4 losses will be broken if the team continues on its winning way. With four returning letter- men and support from outstanding freshmen the team has compiled 9 straight victories after losing their openers by a total of 2 points. The team won the Alabama State Championship Match at Jacksonville State this season and has high hopes of beating all Alabama Institutions next season with the complete first team returning. SCHEDULE Jacksonville State Lost Mississippi State Lost Vanderbilt University Won University of Mississippi Won Middle Tennessee Won Univ. of Southern Mississippi Won Univ. of Tenn., Martin Branch Won Jacksonville State Won Univ. of Tenn., Martin Branch Won LSU Invitational Lost Alabama Invitational Won Jacksonville State Won Matches Remaining University of Mississippi University of Alabama Mississippi State Univ. of Southern Mississippi Middle Tennessee Vanderbilt University Marion 259 Kneeling: Spencer Haddock, Winky Adams, Bill Lee. Standing: Hillard Morris, Charlie Hastings, Bill Moore, Ronnie Cook. Ronnie Cook ' 62 tennis SCHEDULE Howard 0-9 Howard 0-9 Southwestern 0-9 Southwestern 0-9 Troy 6-3 Lambath 5-4 Lambath 7-2 UTMB 8-1 Jacksonville 9-0 Jacksonville 7-2 Alabama College 7-2 St. Bernard 7-2 St. Bernard 7-2 Austin Peay 7-2 Austin Peay 8-1 ACC Tournament Florence State 31 Troy State 25 Alabama College 25 St. Bernard 17 260 track and field 62 ' 262 T U: ' : ' ■fe-: ' ' G « . S,„ golf ' 62 April 6 St Bernard 7 Belmont 9 Lambuth 14 David Lipscomb 20 David Lipscomb 21 Belmont 24 Austin Peay 28 Delta State 30 Austin Peay 2 Belmont 4 Lambuth 5 UTMB 9 Jacksonville 12 St. Bernard 16 Jacksonville 21 St. Bernard Won 9 Lost 5 We Ppd. Ppd. 2 5 13 10 3 5 3 9 2 4 4 2 7 3 9 2 11 4 9 5 4 1 5 4 1 n. s ,«« Fop fo SoKom.- A DeVaugkn, Jmis cheerleaders Enthusiasm, school spirit, and untiring loyalty to Florence State College was shown this year by the peppy all-girl squad of Cheerleaders who yelled loud and long, supporting the Lions on the football field and the basketball court. These four pert Misses spent many long hours in practice and participation, supporting our teams and spreading school spirit throughout the cam- pus. I Top to Bottom: Anita Alexander, Head Cheerleader; Mary Fran Fago, Carolyn DeVoughn, Janis West. . 267 Anita Alexander Head Cheerleader Carolyn DeVaughn cheerleaders Janice West Mary Fran Fago i r Mh ' A rr •■ ' - 270 - K , — - g -4 ' W WM HH P 1 ■ ■■ ' !:.... .A. 2 kJ-iaSLI y Jprsr- ■- ' ' -r.- r ' -. - ' ' Bjl l 1 J B 272 1 _ V . I advertisements fl ore nee state college florence, alabama A B. and B. S. degree programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Physical Education. A B. and B. S. degree programs for the training of teachers for the elementary and secondary schools. Courses for renewal and extension of teaching certificates. Preprofessional curricula for Agriculture, Den- tistry, Engineering, Low, Medicine, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. Secretarial training. Graduate programs in elementary and secondary education and school administration. new science i Beautiful Campus, comfortable dormitories and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medico — dental and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Col- leges and Secondary schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. 280 collier library addition i dormitories one Jfte from Florence ote study orid for to- dental ond ssociotion of Col- fct . Notionol Council [ducotion. THE HOME OF SUPREME VINYL FLOOR TILE The phenomenal growth of National Floor Products Company has seen many major developments in its plant facilities within the past few years. Automated production lines have increased pro- duction capacities many times over in the same period. Steadily expanding facilities for research, development, and manufacture are meeting the challenge created by the constantly growing demand for the NAFCO complete line of fine vinyl floor products. NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO., INC. Florence Alabama %0 281 I COURT STREET BANK THE FIRST NATIONAL OUR 74th Member of the Federal 282 BAN ' m Vsit Ins NORTH FLORENCE BRANCH ONAIIBANK OF FLORENCE OUR 74t ,f k Fedef " YEAR Deposit Insurance Corporation 283 REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Congratulates the 1 963 Graduates of Florence State College (Al TODAY, MORE THAN EVER NEW IDEAS AND NEW CAREERS TAKE SHAPE IN . . . HOI il yoi Pens REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY ALLOYS PLANT REDUCTION PLANT A M Odl Til, PO: pai 22 Years at Muscle Shoals 284 CALLINC COLLEGE GRADUATES!! CHOOSE A CAREER WITH A FUTURE-A Helping Profession Opportunities await you with the Alabama Dept. of Pensions and Security. The beginning jobs in the social work series in the Department of Pensions and Security are those of case worker (also called pension counsellor) and child welfare worker-in-training. For the case worker position you must have a degree from a 4-year college or university, complete successfully the State Merit System Exam for this job, and be able to drive a car and have one available to you. The position of child welfare worker-in-training is used on a selective basis when child welfare workers are not available. Upon employment, the worker-in-training becomes a candidate for educa- tional leave. ADVANTAGES ARE MANY: If YOU like people, if you want to help them and to make your community better, if you want a truly rewarding job, investi- gate a career with the Department of Pensions and Security. WRITE: State Department of Pensions and Security Attention: Administrative Assistant 64 North Union Street Montgomery, Alabama OR VISIT: The State Department (call for an ap- pointment) or your own County De- partment. One is in every county seat. Employment under the State Merit System Beginning salary: $326 per month; annual salary review; opportunities for promotion after receiving professional social work training (with stipends granted for graduate study) Paid vacation (annual leave) and sick leave Social Security State Employees Retirement System Group Hospital and Health Insurance. Official Travel Expenses 285 •• ' »! SMiF ' ' : ' ' ' ' :!Tr ' FLORENCE STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [I Compliments of DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES FLORENCE, ALABAMA ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT BOARD OF WATER AND SEWER COMMISSIONERS GAS DEPARTMENT 287 First National Banii FIRST NATIONAL BANK r OF TUSCUMBIA MS L» Tuscumbia Bank 5, COURT ST -■; mamtgaiatmmjat Sheffield Branch Cherokee Branch MNSU ' LIBE ' •QUI! ' TOUR COMMUNITY BANK " FIRST N T ' " BANK CHEROKEE 288 MUSCLE SHOALS TVCABLE COMPANY A DIVISION OF H B COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION !1 S. COURT ST. 764-7571 FLORENCE WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Get All These Benefits When You Save With Us: • INSURED SAFETY • LIBERAL EARNINGS •QUICK AVAILABILITY • NO FLUCTUATION •SOUND MANAGEMENT • EXTRA STRONG RESERVES 4Vi% Current Annual Dividend Rate on All Savings 118 East Mobile St. and 7-Points Shopping Center Florence Alabama 289 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1962 Make ROGERS Your Store For Latest Fashions Finest Quality MEN ' S STORE Main Floor WOMEN ' S STORE Second Floor TRI-CITIES NEW CAR DEALERS ' ASSOCIATION SHEFFIELD HESTER CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet — Corvoir MILEY BUICK, INC. Buick MOTORDROME, INC. Lincoln — Mercury — Comet PAUL SAYWELL MOTORS, INC. Plymouth — Valiant FLORENCE CAMPBELL MOTORS, INC. Ford — Falcon FOOTE AUTO COMPANY Oldsmobile — Cadillac HARRISON-WHITE PONTIAC Pontioc KILLEN MOTORS Dodge — Chrysler MclNTYRE MOTORS Buick — Lark DENTON-SMITH CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet — Corvair TUSCUMBIA GENE CRUMP CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet — Corvair MORRIS SERVICE STATION Rambler KARL BRADLEY FORD, INC. Ford — Falcon 290 FOC ' Mh Flore CAPS OFF to the graduating class ■OniED UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY ir DN MBIA CHUMP ILETCO. _ Corvoir f|CE STATION ry FORD, INC. . folcon WILSON ' S FOOD CENTERS North Florence and Old Lee Highway GOLDEN-FLAKE POTATO CHIPS Alabama ' s Own 291 SMOKEHOUSE BILLIARDS Recreation and Refreshment 1 1 8 East Tennessee St. Florence It ' s FUN to Bowl at. . . TRI-CITY BOWL YOU ' LL MEET ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS THERE! 3611 Hatch Blvd. Sheffield FortheLa: Compliments of FLAGG - UTICA CORP. A DIVISION OF mM ;©(0) 292 c ' at... OWL OS Sieffield ABROMS For the Lady Who Knows Clothes Florence EARLINE ' S Ladies ' Wear Florence --i . f cm Huo on co. - jSv " W- ONE-HOUR MARTINIZING North Florence See Our Complete Selection of Year-round Fashions in Belk ' s COLLEGE SHOP BelKiUoQ SHEFFIELD 293 CORNER HAT SHOP 108 East Mobile St. Florence M -i ' 5ir51tejj 1, Seven Pc OTTO SPEAKE MEN ' S WEAR TENNESSEE VALLEY Laundry and Dry Cleaning " Pick-Up Stations on Campus " East Tennessee St. Florence Compliments «f DIAMOND-ALKALI © Chemicals You Live By! THE WwM ' mm t% WHORTON DRUG CO. Seven Points Shopping Center and 201 North Seminary St. 120 North Court St. Florence THE BOOTERY 1 1 1 North Court St. Florence KAYES SHOE STORE MARTIN THEATRES 295 THE SNACK BAR Meet Your Friends Here BOSTON-CHRISTIAN WHOLESALE PRODUCE " First With The Finest " 764-5861 601 Cherry St. Florence TRI-CITIES PUBLISHING CO., INC. Wit Siri-OtWiff Dailg DEDICATED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE MUSCLE SHOALS DISTRICT 296 COMPARE . . . YOU ' LL SEE YOU GET CASH SAVINGS AT A P Plus: • Value •Quality • Service • Dependability Shop at Your Nearby A P SUPER MARKETS m MSIRICT WOODYMAC CORRAL " Where You Meet Your Friends " Jackson Hwy. and T.V.A. Entrance Sheffield RESTAURANT iraiyvil ' ir ii THE RESTAURANT WOODYMAC — PIZZA — Made Fresh in Our Own Kitchen Conveniently Located Between Sheffield and Tuscumbia COMPARE.., OU ' LLSEEYOU GET ) H SAVINGS ATA P volkswagfn A Weyerhaeuser Company ibiiii) jorby KER FOUR CITIES IMPORTS, INC. — Your Volkswagen Dealer — Service on All Makes of Foreign Cars WEYERHAEUSER CO. m iTiJV 901 Mitchell Blvd. i 766-2906 Florence A Shipping Container Division Florence Alabama A. B. DAVIS DRY GOODS CO. TUSCUMBIA CITY CLUB, VELVET STEP, WEATHERBIRD SHOES AND CLOTHING FOR ALL THE FAMILY GRA Florence READ Sheffield Hi — SERVING THE TENNESSEE VALLEY — ALABAMATENNESSEE NATURAL GAS COMPANY Florence Alabama PAPER CHEMICAL SUPPLY COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS OF PAPER PRODUCTS AND SANITARY SUPPLIES Sheffield Alabama VER ELECll 298 Compliments of FLORENCE PACKING COMPANY Home of BAMA ' S BEST BRAND MEATS VERBON JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY 1 13 E. Tombigbee St. Florence, Alabama 764-3571 RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL WIRING LLOYD GULLETT FURNITURE COMPANY 116 East Fifth St. Tuscumbic 383-8371 GEORGE C. DURY COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee Supplies and Equipment for: • Amateur • Professional • Industrial Photography Since 1882 299 ANDERSON ' S Books — Gifts — Cards Candies Compliments of R. H. STULTS BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND PATRONIZE THE SPONSORS OF THE YEARBOOK!! THEY ' RE THE BEST ' I Notionoll ' I2N,S..,„ 300 LADIES ' APPAREL FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone: 766-2220 Nationally Advertised Merchandise TRIANGLE SUPER MARKET 4 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER THE SHANTY RESTAURANT SAMMIE ' S CELLAR HOTEL REEDER COFFEE SHOP " FOR ENJOYABLE MEALS " FLORENCE Compliments of GARNET ELECTRIC COMPANY FLORENCE ALABAMA u THE FLORENCE HERALD W. B. SIMMONS Printers — Publishers Florence ' s ONLY Union Commercial COMPANY Printing Plant WHOLESALE GROCERIES JEST DEMAND THE UNION LABEL! 1 14 W. Tombigbee St. Florence 764-0351 FLORENCE Compliments of HIBBETT SONS PUTTEErS PHARMACY SPORTING GOODS 764-5661 YOUR PLEASURE IS OUR BUSINESS 412 N. Seminary St. FLORENCE " GEl IN THE HIBBETT HABIT " 301 BEST WISHES LANDERS ' OFFICE SUPPLY 101 W. Third St. SHEFFIELD Compliments of BARKLEY ' S REFRIGERATION CO. Air Conditioning and Heating 24-Hour Service 764-3452 Cc BILLY L H£H ROYAL CROWN COLA in Bottles or Cons! NEHI BOTTLING CO. Sheffield 383-5342 1 -- PRINTING i Jli N, Court St, LIBERTY SUPER MARKET Low Prices Every Day North Florence Sheffield 5 MILNER ' ! W.H.C THE RRALL STORE GET THE BEST ... GET Compliments of O. D. O. ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO Wholesale Only 121-125 Royal Ave. SEVEN-UP Florence SHUM ' 22fctTennesse( SOUTHERN TIRE COMPANY Sheffield 383-2312 302 YOUNG-PITTMAN CO., INC. 600 South Court St. Florence LARK-HEL Compliments of NCOU Cons! BILLY L. HENSELY LUMBER CO. MEADOW GOLD DAIRY FLORENCE 383-5426 3122 Jockson Hwy. Sheffield NGCO. 383-5342 Compliments of ■—- TOOF PRINTING STATIONERY CO. SOUTHERN FRIGID-DOUGH, INC. 216 N. Court St. Florence FLORENCE KEI i ki Since 1853 Sheffield MILNER ' S DRUG STORE FLORENCE LUMBER CO. W. H. CROMWELL, PROP. BUILDING MATERIALS THE REXALL STORE FLORENCE 764-0551 Florence ALABAMA OIL COMPANY SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF SHEFFIELD QUALITY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 764-3523 Florence LYCO. Iv ly Florence SHUMAKE-POSEY PEPSI-COLA FURNITURE COMPANY 122 East Tennessee St. Florence BOTTLERS OF PEPSI-COLA AND KIST FLAVORS 383-2842 Hwy. 43 Sooth N Florence Compliments of CLARK-HELLARD AGENCY, INC. DARBY ' S SHELL STATION ALVIN AND O ' STEEN DARBY 764-6272 — INSURANCE — 401 N. Court St. Florence 303 1 tliop all S rtoori nti balconjr 111 a. Court IM-44rt FI«r«nM 1 DONALDSON 1 RUG COMPANY 1 Carpet from the Looms of H MOHAWK ■ 383-4723 Sheffield J Compliments of MUSCLE SHOALS WHOLESALE CO. Distributors of DICTATOR FLOUR Tuscumblo Alobama CULPEPPER BAKERY 1 Best in Town for Party Decorations, M Birthday Cakes, and Wedding Cokes M Court Street Florence [ MEFFORD ' S — YOUR JEWELERS — 1 1 1 East Tennessee St. Florence TROWBRIDGE ' S ICE CREAM SANDWICH BAR FLORENCE J FACTORY DISCOUNT SYSTEM, INC. Northwest Alabama ' s Largest Furniture Discount House Hwy. 72 East Florence MIKE ' S DRIVE-IN Sandwiches, Lunches and Short Orders Across the Bridge in SHEFFIELD Plenty of Free Parking • IFTAND BRIDAL SHOP IH-MtMt tni Mf IM H mU If lllllll MtHtt Florence Sheffield PHIL ROBERTS FURNITURE CO. T Sheffield J Best Wishes from A FRIEND 304 HOOD TIRE EXCHANGE 320 North Wood Ave. Florence DAVID HOOD Campus Representative THE STAFF WISHES TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION TO RAY ' S STUDIO 120 West Mobile St. Florence FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK IN THE 1963 DIORAMA 305 " I ■ I INTE Ko f i f INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City — Winnipeg Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements USA _

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University of North Alabama - Diorama Yearbook (Florence, AL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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