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■ ' .yi- - »•--■■ ■■ - BcDcniiQiin] D«D( ) ® inrnric yearbook of FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE Florence, Alabama I960 Volume XIII rcnti pub hsne d by Florence 5tcxteColl " eqe Florence , AldtdfTxi Uniteci Siatesofk ' -- " -r =? . I menc : W ff(i( CONTENTS BUILDINGS 16 ADMINISTRATION 34 president. 36 dean 37 governor 38 administrators . 39 departments 41 CLASSES 56 seniors 58 underclassmen ... 73 LEADERSHIP 98 student government 100 publications 104 honoraries 108 class officers 114 ORGANIZATIONS. . 116 religious 132 military. . 137 majorettes 148 band 150 FEATURES. 152 royalty .154 homecoming queen 160 homecoming court. .... .162 beauties 166 friendliest .176 may queen 177 SPORTS 178 football 182 cheerleaders. . 196 basketball 198 tennis. . 204 rifle team 207 baseball 208 ACTIVITIES 214 ADVERTISEMENTS. . 250 FOREWORD An ever-moving stream of humanity is the life of Florence State. An integral part of that stream is you. Although your ideas may never save a nation or cause a revolution, still they are important to the daily action at Florence State. The Lion ' s Den, Bibb Graves hiall, and Wesleyan are inani- mate obiects; yet as you and other students enter, they take on life. These objects, though they be only stone, mortar, and steel are caused to live by their acceptance in your life. The outside v orld first sees Florence State as a whole, then the student himself. The passer-by may never notice the stu- dent; yet. it takes the individual students working together to make Florence State. It is to these individuals— YOU, THE STUDENT— that we dedicate this I960 Diorama, with the hope that each student will find here the ingredients that have given meaning to " Florence State I960. " ' miiintii TO THE CHURCH YOU ATTEND A SPIRIT .OF REVERENCE TO BE TC 6E TOGETHER WITH A SPIRIT . . . OF HARMONY J - ts .1. TO THE CLASSES SES YOU ATTEND A SPIRIT . . . OF LEARNING II TO WORK TOGETHER WITH A SPIRIT . . . OF SUCCESS ' • . ESS AND ACCOMPLISHMENT 13 AND ON THE FIELD OF SPORTS A SPIRIT ...IN EVERY FLORENCE STATE LION AND FOLLOWER 4- " ' OQckKO f IJiU 17 i3ii D- Ilf)Qfi6 Ikk 19 f r £ ui Vi — 20 h Iau ' ( [yUy UL ( . X y iJLkjNan t Ifpitju 23 X » . I :f ' l Jv» :if; ;i? 7 A - - ?A ' 24 ' 7i)(v s Halx 25 TUV I (T AoDCh- ■?%? 26 Kii £i TkhiNi i cH c . ' C 27 Wi jRiPU it f- 28 29 m HAf ' 31 -H K SPIRIT INSPIRES ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY AT FLORENCE STATE v- vicky cochran, editor l — ktit ' v- ■• , • -v - ' ditor 35 PRES. E. B. NORTON When Pres. Norton came to Florence State he held firnnly the belief that one should leave a place in better condition than it was upon his arrival. So, he inaugurated football and gave Florence State a new scholastic progrann, including expansions in all fields. Since his conning, students have seen dreams materialized so that to- day Florence State is one of the most popular small colleges in the South. This could have happened only with a man possessing patience to the degree that Pres, Norton does. 36 DEAN TURNER W. ALLEN The Character of Florence State College is shaped, in part, by those men and women who comprise its Administrative Staff. Lead- ing this staff is Dr. Turner W. Allen, Dean of the College. Dean Allen is serving his fourth year in this capacity and has conscien- tiously epitomized the faithful, diligent work required of an Admin- istrator. He is always ready to adopt the concerned expression when students confront him with their multiple problems, or he is ready to deliver a characteristic chuckle when humor should be inserted. Dean Allen ' s character and work exemplifies that of the finest, thus naturally commanding a warm feeling from both Faculty and Student Body. 37 GOVERNOR JOHN PATTERSON By virtue of his office Governor Patterson is President of the State Board of Education. We have seen Education in Alabama get one of the largest boosts ever under his Superior Executive Ability. 38 ADMINISTRATORS SHAPE COLLEGE ' S CHARACTER Top Row: Abel F. DeWitt, Dean of Men; B.S., M.A.. West Virginia University. Florence since 1948. Paulina E. Gravlee, Dean of Women; A.B., Howard College; M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1954. W. T. McElheny. Director of Student Personnel; A.B., Emory University; M.A., Ph.D.. State University of Iowa. Florence since 1950. Bottom Row: Otis L. Peacock, Director of Extension; B.S., University of Florida; M.A., George Peabody College. Florence Since 1946. Chester M. Arehart, Registrar; A.B., Lynchburg College; M.A., University of Chicago. Flocence since 1946. 39 First Row: R. C. Fuller, Treasurer; Ph.B., Piedmont College; M.S., Auburn University. Florence since 1944. Hubert A. Flowers, Director of Athletics; B.S., Auburn University; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Univer- sity. Florence since 1929. Dr. Hoyt Brock, Director of Graduate School; B.S., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., University of Alabama. Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia Univer- sity. Florence since 1953. Second Row: William A. Graham, Director of Kilby Training School; B.S., Florence State; M,A., University of Alabama. Florence since 1945. Ruth Dacus, Librarian; A.B., Winthrop College; B.S., in L.S., George Peabody College. Florence since 1947. Pearl Sparks, Alumni Secretary; Hostess, Roger Hall. R. C. Fuller William A. Graham Hubert A. Flowers Ruth Dacus Dr. Hoyt Brock Pearl Sparks ADMINISTRATORS AND DIRECTORS Above Right: Barbara and Jerry White Enjoy a friendly chat with Pres. and Mrs. Norton before the Freshman Reception. Below Right: The annual Student-Faculty Tea gave everyone a chance to become better acquainted with their instructors. Below Left: Coach Gibbens, Dean DeWitt, and Miss Gravlee pitch in to prepare supper at the Leadership Retreat. 40 Mrs. Hilda Mitchell Chairman Nels on Van Pelt Marion Bourgeois Dr. Wayne Christeson, Chairman Mrs. Ruby H. Porter Mrf. Hilda H. Mitchell, B.S., Florence State College; M.A., George Peabody College. Florence Since 1953. Nelson Van Pelt, B.J., University of Missouri. Florence since 1950. Miss Marion Bourgeois, B.S., Louisiana State University; M.A., Louisiana State University. Dr. Wayne Christe- son, B.M., Drury College; M.A., Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia University. Mrs. Ruby H. Porter, B.S.M., Columbia School of Music, Chicago; B.M., Illinois Wesleyan University. Florence since 1933. DEPARTMENTS OF ART AND MUSIC The Art courses are designed primarily for all students. However, if one wishes, he is given the opportunity to de- velop and exploit his talents. And if he wishes to teach, he is given a sound basic for guidance in Art. Four hours of Art or Music are required of all women students before graduation. The Music Department offers two music majors ' programs: (I) A Music Education prescribed curriculum designed to prepare professional music educators, and (2) Non-Teaching Music Major. One may receive a minor in the field by subscribing to twenty-two hours. By consultation with Dr. Christeson, indivdual programs may be planned. Students majoring in other fields are provided with a wide range of music courses designed to promote Interest and benefit. Mr. Urben, Ass ' t. Prof, of Music at FSC takes time to explain the mechanics of the clarinet to his secretary, Marcella Campbell. All mediums to art available. 141 Gladys Shepard Mrs. Earl Masterson Dr. Ernest Rhodes Dr. Bertha E. Bloodworth Julia Neal Saul Rosenthal Dr. Jesse Reese Mrs. Catherine Jones Mrs. Viola Clark Edward E. Matis First Row: Miss Gladys Shepard, A.B.. Randolph-Macon; B.A., Columbia University. Florence since 1942; Dr. Ernest L. Rhodes, A.B., University of W. Virginia; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D.. University of Kentucky. Florence since 1958; Miss Julia Neal, A.B., M.A., Western Kentucky State College. Florence since 1946; Dr. Jesse B. Reese, A.B., University of North Carolina; M.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Florence since 1958. Mrs. Viola Clark, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1926. Second Row: Mrs. Earl Masterson, A.B., University of Alabama. Florence since 1957; Dr. Bertha E. Bloodworth, A.B., Florida State; M.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Florida. Florence since 1959; Mr. Saul Rosenthal, A.B., Catholic University, M.A., George Washington University, M.F.A., State University of Iowa. Florence since 1959; Mrs. Catherine C. Jones, A.B., Newcomb College, M.A., University of Alabama. Florence since 1952; Mr. Edward E. Matis, B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College, M.A., University of Alabama. Florence since 1952. Left: Robert Scogin and Liz Scott portray characters from " The Importance of Being Earnest. " Below: New members of English department are seen getting acquainted In the Little Drug. 42 Dr. Albert Johnston Dr. Walter K. Schucknnann Mrs. C. C. Cooper J. N. Winn Dr. Albert Johnston, Jr., A.B., University of North Carolina: M.A., Ph.D. University of Florida. Florence since 1954. Dr. Walter K. Schuclcmann, Ph.D., University of Frankfurt. Gernnany; B.A.. Oxford; B.A., University of London. Florence since 1958. Mrs. C. C. Cooper, B.S., George Peabody College. Florence since 1955. Mr. J. N. Winn A.B., Dartnnouth College; M.A., Columbia University. Florence since 1950. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES, SPEECH AND DRAMA Under the Department of English are the Departments of Speech and Drama, with a major being offered in English and a minor in Speech, Drama, and English. In the Foreign Language Division, which was incorporated with the English Department in 1958, a minor is offered in French and Spanish while two years of German is incorporated in the Science major ' s curriculum. Twelve hours of English and two hours of Speech are requirements for Graduation. The English Club, Sigma Tau Delta, and the Rehearsal Club are student organizations which are affiliated with the English Department. In the Foreign Language Section a " Deutscher Verein " was organized in 1958 for students taking German. The English Club sponsors the Literary publication, " Light and Shadows " and the FSC Film League. Sigma Tau Delta is an honorary fraternity composed of English majors and minors of high academic standing. The Rehearsal Club is known as one of the most active clubs on the campus. Each year they present two or three plays. Last Spring they did Checkov ' s " The Cherry Orchard. " This Fall they presented Wilde ' s " The Importance of Being Earnest. " Below: Sigma Tau Delta, National English Fraternity. Left to Right: Mary Ellen Pitts, John Hester, Gwen Ware, Miss Julia Neal, Corky Culver, and Peggy Hendrix. 43 Dr. Bernarr Cresap Chairman Clarence Hackbarth Dr. Leonard Wigon Mrs. Viola Clark Dallas M. Lancaster Dr. E. H. Evans J. Noel Glasscock Dr. E. W. McGee Mrs. Ma urine Maness DEPARTMENT OF SCX:iAL SCIENCES First Row: Dr. Bernarr Cresap; Chairman, A.B., University of Mississippi, M.A., Ph. D., Vanderbilt University, Florence since 1949. Dr. Leonard WIgon, B.A., Roosevelt University, M.A., University of Chicago, Ph.D., University of Illinois. Florence since 1959. Mr. Dallas M. Lancaster, B.A., Murray State College, M.A., George Peabody College. Florencesince 1946. Mr. J. Noel Glasscock, B.S., Western Kentucky State Col- lege; M.A., University of Kentucky. Florence since 1945. Mrs. Maurine S. Maness, A.B., Western Kentucky State College, Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. Florence 1948-1954 since 1956. Second Row: Mrs. Clarence Hackbarth, B.A., Elmhurst College; M.A., University of Wisconsin. Florence since 1958. Mrs. Viola Clark, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1926. Dr. E. H. Evans, A.B., Macalester College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Flor- ence since 1949. Dr. E. W. McGee, A.B., Randolph-Macon College, M.A., New York State College for Teachers, Ph.D., University of Kentucky. Florence since 1956. Mr. Frank B. Mallonee, Not Pictured, B.S., M.A., University of North Carolina. Florence since 1959. The Social Science Department offers a major in history and a cognate major in social science. Minors are offered in economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. A student must receive fourteen hours of social science to be a candidate for graduation. Independent study in the social sciences may be done by graduating seniors by writ- ten permission of the chairman of the department. Mrs. Maness is returning those marvelous masterpieces. I««;A,„, Col. Marshall Fallwell Sgt. Arthur Kilgore Mai. Tom J. Perkins Sgt. James Collins Capt. John A. Hutchens Sp-4 Bobby Chapman Capt. Arthur Brown Miss Maud Haddock Sgt. Elmer J. Ricker Lieutenant Colonel Fallwell, Int., B.S., North Carolina State University. Florence since 1959. Major Tom J. Perkins, Arty., B.S., United States Military Academy. Florence since 1957. Captain John A. Hutchens, Jr., Armor, A.B., Norwich University. Florence since 1959. Captain Arthur E. Brown, Jr., Inf, B.S., United States Military Academy. Florence since 1958. Sergeant Elmer J. RIclcer, University of Scranton. Florence since 1957. Sergeant Arthur Kilgore. Florence since 1958. Sgt. James Collins. Florence since 1959. Sp-4 Bobby Chapman. Florence since 1958. MI$$ Maud Haddock. Secretary. Florence since 1954. DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE Enrollment in the basic course, unless waived by the president of the college o, " by virtue of twelve months or more of active military service, is required by all able-bodied male students. Unless waived, the course is a prerequisite for graduation and it is strongly urged that one complete this basic course in his first two years. The advanced course consists of two additional years of ROTC beyond the basic course. For those taking the advanced course Regular Army Commissions are offered. All advanced cadets are eligible for enrollment in the Cadet Officers Corps. The Corps is designed to elevate the personal standards of its members and to foster a greater cooperation between the Military Science Department and the college. Below: Congratulations, Men! Above: A visiting soiaier adds interest by relating his experiences. 45 First Row: Orpha Ann Culmer, A.B., University of Montana, M.A., University of Michigan. Florence since 1920. Col. Phillip Merrill, B.S., United States Military Academy. Florence since 1956. Mrs. Jean T. Parker, A.B., Florence State Teachers Col- lege, M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1956. Second Row: William C. Scoft, Jr. B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Insti- tute. Florence since 1954. Mrs. Mary R. Hudson, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1924. Phillip A. Corrigan, B.S., University of Maine. Florence since 1957. Orpha Culmer Chairman Willam Scott Col. Merrill Mary Hudson Jean Parker Phillip Corrigan nuMfi no» Chairman DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND PRE-ENGINEERING DEPAR ' This department offers both majors and minors in mathematics and two years of basic engineering which is designed primarily to prepare one for the Profes- sional Schools. There is a wide range of courses in this department, varying from applied mathematics for the elementary teacher to theory of equations and advanced calculus. One may take six of the 12 required hours of science in mathematics if he selects. Above: Col. Merrill, new mathematics teacher who is a graduate of West Point and his son, Fred, who now attends West Point. Left: Mrs. Hudson, Mathematics teacher, puts Mathe- matics to practical use. V ittigm Hubert Flowers Chairman Edward Billlngham George Glbbens Henry Self Nancy Coe Vance George Weeks Helen Matthews First Row: Hubert A. Flowers, B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute; M.A., Columbia University. Florence since 1929. George Gibbens, B.S., George Peabody College. Florence since 1952. Miji Nancy Coe Vance, B.S., Florence State teachers college: M.S., University of Tennessee, Florence since 1955. Mi$$ Helen Matthews, A.B., Duke University: M.A., George Pea- body College. Florence since 1951. Second Row: Edward E. Billingham, A.B., Fairmont State College: M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. Florence since 1948. Henry H. Self, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. Florence since 1949. George Weeks, B.S., University of Alabama; M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1949. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH The Department of Physical Education and health awards majors to both men and women students in health and physical education. One must take both professional and activity courses. For graduation in any field one must have a minimum of 4 hours of physical education. The Physical Education Club promotes physical, as well as moral development, and fosters a wholesome college spirit for all. teclie " « " , Ml!f! Above: Florence State Boys enjoy intramural sports. Right: The meeting for benefit of local P.E. and Health clubs. Dr. Kleim Alexander Mr. Paul Yokley, Jr. Mr. Frank P. Aldrldge Dr. Arthur L. Hershey Mrs. Elizabeth B. Von Gemmingen Dr. Kleim Alexander, B.S., Middle Tennessee State College, M.A., George Peabody College, Ph.D., State University of Iowa. Florence since 1959. Mr. Paul Yoldey, Jr., B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1950. Mr. Frank P. Aldridge, B.S. M.S., Mississippi State University. Florence since 1959. Dr. Arthur L. Hershey, B.S., Kansas University, M.S., Ph.D.. Iowa State College. Florence since 1949. Mrs. Elizabeth B. Von Gemmingen, A.B., M.A., University of Maryland. Florence since 1947. The Science Departmenf, one of the College ' s largest departments offers majors in Biology, Chemistry, Physical Sci- ence and Natural Science. One may also receive a minor in Chemistry, Biology, or Physics. Pre-Medical and Pre- Dental students may receive their four years of prerequisites here, or, one may prepare himself for a position as a teacher, biologist, chemist, or technician. Dr. Homer H. Floyd, Department Chairman, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.. George Peabody College. Flor- en ce since 1927. Wolfram Rothe and Larry Johnson receive the Freshman Physics and Chemistry award, a very useful handbook in Physics and Chemistry. 48 Henry T. Harvey C. Fulton Huff Billy O. Martin William M. Rlchli Mr. Henry T. Harvey, A.B., M.A., University of Michigan. Florence since 1948. Mr. C. Fulton Huff, A.B., M.A., A.B., Georgetown College, M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1946. Mr. Henry John Krauser, B.S., M.Ed., B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University. Florence since 1958. Mr. Billy O. Martin, A.B., M.A., A.B., Florence State Teachers College, M.A., George Pea- body College. Florence since 1957. Mr. William M. Richie, B.S., M.A., B.S., Florence State Teachers College, M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1958. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The Science Department furnishes the students with extracurricular organizations. For the Biology honor student there is Beta Beta Beta, while the Conservation or Wildlife Club is open to any Science major. The American Chemical Society is open to anyone who chooses Chemistry as either a major or minor. These groups make many field trips through plants such as Reynolds, TVA, Diamond Alkali,- and many others in this immediate area. Popular guest speakers are presented at their regular meetings. Mr. Huff spends a great part of his leisure in the Naval ROTC Program. Freshman Chemistry majors seem busy in their III and 112 General Chemistry Laboratory. 49 Dorothy Miller Mr. W. B. Woodward Fannie Schmitt Mr. John Finley, Jr. Dr. Wlllam L. Crocker Mrs. Grady Arnett Dr. William H. Waite Katherlne Forney Sarah Lewis First Row; Miss Dorothy Miller, B.S., Florence State Teachers College, M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1956; Miss Fannie Schmitt, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. Florence since 1953; Dr. Willam L. Crocker, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama. Florence since 1958; Dr. William H. Waite, A.B., University of Saskatchewan, (Canada), M.A., University of Manitoba, Ph.D., University of Chicago. Florence since 1950; Miss Sarah Lewis, B.A.E., M.E., University of Mississippi. Florence since 1953. Second Row: Mr. W. B. Woodward, A.B., Louisiana State University, Ed.M., Univer- sity of Mississippi. Florence since 1950; Mr. John Finley, Jr., B.S., Florence State, M.A., University of Alabama. Florence since 1954; Mrs. Grady Arnett, B.A., University of Florida, M.A., Vanderbilt. Florence since 1957; Miss Katherine Forney, B ' .S., M.S., Iowa State College, Florence since 1954. Student, Franklin Sparkman, looks over the display of books recom- mended for National Library Week in Collier Library. Student work- ers, Mary Turner Brown and Terry Berry, offer suggestions. Library Science students help to sort a new shipment of books iust received for the Children ' s Library. Dr. Hoyt M. Brock Ma Co Mr. William J. Mcllrath Mr. W. L. Davis Donie Mae Lowry Dr. Hoyt M. Brocit, B.S.. Birmingham Southern College. M.A., University of Alabama, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University. Florence since 1953; Miss lla Cox, B.S., Florence State College, M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since 1948; Mr. Willams J. Mcllrath, B.S., M.A., George Peabody College. Florence Since 1948; Mr. W. L. Davis, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama, M.Ed., George Peabody College. Florence since 1947; Mijf Donie Mae Lowry, B.S., Florence State College, M.A., George Peabody College. Florence since I9S2. DEPARTMENTS OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION AND LIBRARY SCIENCE The Education Department offers majors in Elementary and Secondary Education with majors in Conventional subjects or in Business Education, Music Education, and Vocational Home Economics. One may now obtain a Master of Arts degree from this department which provides programs of graduate study in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and School Ad- ministration. Since the Graduate Division was organized in 1957, the program has progressively improved with more and more courses being opened for special graduate study. In the summer of 1959, the first M.A. ' s were awarded. The program of the Department of Library Science is designed to give school libraries a basic undergraduate curriculum to qualify them for teacher certification and to provide the basic undergraduate program which naturally is a prerequisite for admission to graduate programs in Librarianship. There are extracurricular organizations in the Education Department which includes A.S.E.A. and Kappa Delta Pi. The Arriety Library Science Club was organized in 1958 under the direction of Miss Schmitt. The Alabama Student Education Association is a club designed to aid and increase the interests of students in the field of Education. Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in Education for outstanding students in this field. The Library Science Club is designed to promote interest in the field of Library Science. 51 Mrs. Mary W. Huff, B.S., M.S., University of Georgia. Florence since 1946: Mrs. Florine K. Rasch, B.S., Alabama College, M.S., University of Tennessee. Flor- ence since 1949; Mrs. Cella J. Wilson, B.S., M.S., Univer- sity of Alabama. Florence since 1950. Not pictured, Mrs. William Mcllrath. Mrs. Mary Huff Chairman Mrs. Florine K. Rasch Mrs. Celia J. Wilson DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS The general objective of the hlome Economics curriculum is the personal development of the individual for homemaking as well as for a professional career. One ' must follow a prescribed curriculum which leads to a B.S. Education degree with a major in Vocational hlome Economics. This major meets the requirements for a Class B. Vocational Professional Certificate which is accept- able for teaching both General and Vocational hlome Economics in the Secondary schools in Alabama. Below: Home Economics majors and Mrs. Huff observe Home Economics Week. ' ' ipkUclnti, Above: There is an art to pouring tea. 52 First Row: Roy Stevens, Department Chairman; Lyndon F. Dawson; Lawrence Conwill; Ellen Moore. Second Row: Holley J. Allen; Mavis A. Curry; Mrs. George Hoffmeister. Mr. Roy S. Stevens, Department Chairman, B.S., M.A., Eastern Kentucky State College. Florence since 1950; Mr. Lyndon F. Dawson, B.S., M.S., Mc- Neese College. Florence since 1959; Mr. Lawrence H. Conwill, B.B.A., M.B.E.. University of Mississippi. Florence since 1958; Miss Ellen Moore, B.S., Florence State College. M.S., University of Tennessee. Florence since 1953; Mr. Holley J. Allen, B.S., M.S., Auburn University. Florence since 1959; Miss Mavis Cu»ry, B.S., Eastern Kentucky State, M.A., University of Kentucky. Florence since 1959; Mrs. George Hoffmeister, B.S., Florence State College. Florence since 1954. DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS This department offers majors in general business administration, accounting, marketing, retailing, secretarial science and busi- ness education; a minor in business administration; and a special two-year preparatory curriculum in secretarial science. Grad- uates with a major in accounting from the FSC department have been highly recognized in their profession. Proficiency tests are required in typewriting and shorthand to determine the appropriate first course for students who have had typewriting and or shorthand in high school. A proficiency test in business mathematics is required of all students who plan to enroll in Elementary Accounting. Ralph Mclntire and Sam Kapland discuss business (?) over a coke. Okay. Mr. Sadler, I ' ll buy the saw. Do you have anything else? Mrs. Phillip Anderson Mrs. Harold Glasscock Mrs. Mary A. Peacock Dorthy Bivens Mrs. W. H. Glenn Nelson Van Pelt Richard Bunn Mrs. Martha Griffin Mr. George Terry Mrs. Melville Burns Mrs. Mabel Harper Mr. R. L. Reeder Mrs. Delores Cole Mrs. Nell Ingram Mrs. Sybil Stevens Barbara Cox Mrs. Essie Knight Mrs. George Terry THE STAFF AT FSC Students, Faculty, and Sta-ff enjoy a sumnner outing together at the Annual Watermelon cutting. Mrs. Glenn recruits some aids. 54 Terry Mrs. Mabel Dent Mrs. Mildred Lentz Mrs. Bess Tipton H. J. English Mrs. W. F. McFarland Mrs. Henry Walker First Row: Mrs. Phillip Anderson, Dietician; Dorothy Bivans, Assistant Dietician; Richard Bunn, Campus Policeman; Mrs. Melville Burns, Social Director of O ' Neal; Mrs. Weldon Cole, Extension Department Secretary; Barbara Cox, Education Department Secretary; Mrs. Mabel Dent, Social Director ot Powers Hall; H. J. English, Assistant Treasurer. Second Row: Mrs. Marjorio Classcock, Secretary to the Dean; Mrs. Martha Glenn, Buildings Supervisor; Mrs. Martha Griffin, Assistant Librarian; Mrs. Mabel Harper, Secretary to Training School Director; Mrs. Nell Ingram, Social Director of Florence Hall; Mrs. E$$i3 Knight, College Nurse; Mildred Lentz, Assistant Librarian: Mrs. W. F. McFarland, Social Director of Keller Hall. Third Row: Mrs. Mary Addis Peacock, Secretary to the President; Nelson Van Pelt, Director of Photog- raphy and Audio Visual; George Terry, Superintendent of Buildings, Ground, and Shop; Mr. R. L. Reeder, College Store Operator; Mrs. Sybil Stevens, Secretary to Treasurer; Mrs. George Terry, College Postmistress; Mrs. Bess Tipton, Social Director of Willlngham Hall; Mrs. Henry Walker, Secretary to the Registrar. Our postmistress takes time to sell a student a book. Mrs. Porterfleld, a retired staff member, is still enjoying life. SPIRIT ATTENDS THE CLASSES AT FLORENCE STATE J ; ««i« _ 57 Abston Abston, John Danley; Florence; Chemistry, Math, ACS, Drill Team Adcocic Adcocic, Sylvia; Hartselle; Art, Sec. Ed.; Biology; Majorette; Inter-president Council Albers Albers, Jerry Paul; Cordova; So cial Science; Business Alexander Alexander, Jimmie; Cordova; B ology; Chemistry; ASEA; PresI dent, Jr. Class; ACS; Inter-pres dent Council Anderson, Bobby Gene; Florence; Chemistry, ACS; Conservation Club Balentine, John L; Florence; Physical Education, Biology P.E. Club; " F " Club; ASEA Angel, Shelby Jean, Cloverdale; Bus. Ed.; Biology; Diorama Staff; Sigma Tau Pi Becic, Joyce E.; Town Creek: Physical Ed.; Secretary, Vice Presi- dent, P.E. Club; Vice President. WAA; Secretary, BSU Anderson Balentine Angel Beck Arnold, Charles; Cullma.i; Ac- Ashley, Myra Gayle; Haleyville; counting, Economics; Circle K; Elem. Ed.; Biology; Wesley Fel- President, Alpha Chi; SGA lowship; WSSA; YWCA; Treas- urer, ASEA; Secretary-Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary, Beta Beta Beta Beggs, Howard; Florence; Ac- Behel, Audrey; Killen; Vice Presi- counting; Economics; Sigma Tau dent, Sigma Tau Pi; Secretary. Pi; Alpha Chi Inter-president Council; SGA; WAA Arnold Ashley Beggs Behel ' .mmm 58 Belue Belue, Bobby Ferrell; Cherokee: Business Ed: ASEA: English: Music; Sigma Tau Pi; Kitchen Delta Pi; President, MENC Berrens, Mary Grace, Florence; Social Science: Biology Newman Club Vice President SENIORS President of SGA, Jerry White, remains poised as he handles college affairs. Bevis, Jimmy; Florence: History; English; Music; President, ASEA; Band; MENC; President, Kappa Delta Pi; Choir; Vice President, Inter-president Council Leadership Retreat Chairman State Vice President, ASEA Brown, Ida; Bear Creek; Presi- dent, Lionettes; Flor-Ala; Inter- president Council; Reporter, Sigma Tau Pi Bevis Brown Bobo, Cecil; Winfleld: Math: Chemistry: American Chemical Society Bryan, Loy Nell; Fa Ed., YWCA; Choii Wesley Fellowship Bobo Bryan ille; Elem. Treasurer, Brewer, Larry E.; Double Springs; Business Admin.; Sigma Tau PI; Conservation Club Buffaloe, Jacquelin Faye; Flor- ence; Chemistry; Math; Secretary- Treasurer, Reporter, KME Brewer Buffaloe Brown, Frank T., Jr.; Lawrence- burg, Tenn.: Chemistry: Geog- raphy: Conservation Club: Vet- erans Club Burleson, James Max; Florence: Physical Ed.; Geography; " F " Club; Football, Basketball, Base- ball Brown Burleson, M. 59 Burleson, J. Burleson, Jimmy Lowell; Winfield; Business Ed.; Sigma Tau PI Burney Burney, Billy; Town Creek; Business Admin.; Cadet Officers Corps Camp Camp, Billy Joe; Hanceville; Busi- Clem, ness Admin.; Political Science istry, Sigma Tau Pi; Sports Editor. Flor- ACS; Ala, Diorama; Business Manager, che-Verein Diorama; Cadet Officers Corps; cil Lt. Gov. Ala. Circle K; Vice Presi- dent, Fresh., Jr., Class; Reporter, Sr. Class Clem Robert; Huntsville; Chem- Math, Physics; President, Wesley Fellowship; Deuts- Inter-president Coun- Clemons, George David; Florence; Biology. Geography; Vice Presi- dent, Cadet Officers Corps; Drill Team; Provost Corps demons, James C; Decatur; Ac- counting, Economics; Alpha Chi; Accounting Club Cole, James Weldon; Florence; Conwill, Nelda; Nettleton. Miss.; Accounting, Economics; Secretary- Secretary, Sigma Tau Pi; Wesley Treasurer. Alpha Chi; Business Fellowship Manager, Flora-Ala; SGA Cook, Jerome Allen; Florence; Business Admin.; Vice President, Band; Diorama photographer demons. G. Cook Copeland, William C, Jr.; Tus- cumbia; Chemistry, Math; Cadet Officers Corps; BSU; American Chemical Society demons, J. Copeland Counts, John W.; htaleyville Cole Counts Cox, Alice June; Phil Campbell Elem. Ed. Conv Cox 60 SENIORS Cox, Myra; Florence Cox, Nancy Sue; Stevenson; Home Ec: YWCA: LioneHes; Wesley Fellowship; Home Ec. Club; Homecoming Court; WSGA Weldon Cole, Annette Gibbs. Corky Culver, and Billy Joe Camp were chosen to have their names appear in Who ' s Who. Crane, Mike; Oakman; Chemistry; Crawford, Carolyn; Decatur; Business Home Ec; Science; Home Ec. Club; Vice President. WSGA; BSU; YWCA Cypert, M. Orine; Florence: Edu- Dobbins, Lula; Stevenson; Home cation Economics; Home Ec. Club Crane Crawford Cypert Dobbins Crews, Virginia Ann; Florence; Home Ec, Home Ec. Club Presi- dent; Secretary, ASEA Crowe, Irene; Haleyville; Ele- mentary Education Eady, James R.; Rogersville; Ellwanger, Carol Louise; Jeffer- Math; Physics; President, Cadet son, Indiana; Business Admin.; Officers Corps; Inter-president Lionettes, WAA, Sigma Tau Pi Council Crews Crowe Eady Ellwanger 61 Estes Estes, Jean Gardner, Sheffield; Elem. Ed.; Band; Choir; Cheer- leader; " ROTC Sponsor Fuller, Martha Ann; Chemistry; Biology Rjssellville; Gough, Jane Blair; Florence; Bi- ology, Ed.; Beta Zeta; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary-Treasurer, Sr. Class; Homecoming Court; May Court; Miss Friendliness; ROTC Sponsor Fuller Gough Farris Flippo Frederick Farris, Margaret C; Collinwood; Business Ed.; Sigma Tau Pi; WSGA Board Fllppo, Rufus; ' Florence; Alpha Chi Frederick, Charles L; Florence; Accounting, Geography; Alpha Chi; Basketball; Baseball Garrett, Larry Morgan; Clover- dale Gautney, Betty Carolyn; Killen; English, History; Majorette, Wes- ley Fellowship; Home Ec. Club: English Club; WSGA Gibbs, Annette; Hanceville; Busi- ness Ed.; Sociology; SGA; Sigma Tau Pi; President, WSGA; Presi- dent, Inter-president Council; President, Wesley Fellowship; YWCA Greenhaw, Thomas W.; Athens; Chemistry; Lt. Governor. Presi- dent, Circle K; Football, " F " Club; Cadet Officers Corps Griggs, Edgar Dowe; Anderson; Business Administration Gullott, James L.; Tuscumbia; History, Political Science; Presi- dent, Band; Vice President, Circle K; SGA; Ushers Club; Business Manager, Diorama Garrett Greenhaw Gautney Griggs Gibbs Gullett, J. 62 SENIORS Sullett, J. Sunter €ulletf, Judith P.; Tuscumbia; Gunter, Ken; Haleyville; Chem- Butiness Ed., English; Kappa Delta Istry; Football; " F " Club; Ameri- Pi can Chemical Asso. Hamilton, Joe F.; Russellvllle; Hargett, Varina A.; Phil Campbell: Chemistry Secretarial Science; Sigma Tau PI Hayes, Juanice Gordon; Bearer- Heidorn, Donald R.; Ohio; Phys- ton; Elem. Ed.; Kitchen Delta PI; leal Ed., Biology; P.E. Club Presl- BSU; Library Science Club dent. Basketball Charles Arnold and Gordon Raney are busy telephoning — one of the numberous jobs they did for the Inter-President ' s Council. Haygood, Frances W.; Sheffield; Home Ec, Reporter, Home Ec. Club; Student Council; Kappa Delta PI Helton, Billy R.; Lawrenceburg; Social Science Hay, Cecily J.; Tuscumbia; Edu- cation; BSU; Vice President, MENC; President, Choir; English Club Hendricks, Peggy R.; Florence; Social Science; English Hamilton Hayes Hargett Heidorn Haygood Helton Hay Hendricks 63 Hensley Hensley, Martha Jean; Florence; Biology Education; Band; Treas- urer, Conservation Club Hester, John Finch; Political Science; Treasurer; Flor-Ala; Club Hester, J. Hester, P. Guin; English; Hester, Paul; Russellville; Chem- English Club istry; Biology; Cadet Officers Conservation Corps; Vice President, Annerlcan Chemical Society Hil Hill, Wllmer Darden; Florence; Chemistry; Biology; Ushers Club; " F " Club; Cheerleader; Cadet Officers Club Holcomb, Mary Lou; Vina; Home Economics; Home Ec. Club Hudson, Gerald " Tuffy " ; Tuscum- bla; Physical Ed.; " F " Club; Foot- ball Holcomb Hudson Holladay, Kyle H.; Danville; Phys- ical Ed; Biology; Basketball; P.E. Club Hyche, Bobby R.; Jasper; Chem- istry; Biology Holladay Hyche Hooie, Fay; Huntsvllle; Chemlsty; Math; YWCA; English Club; Sec- retary-Treasurer, ACS; President, Der Deutsche Verin; Secretary- Treasurer, Sr. Class Ingle, Charles W.; Sheffield; Math, Physical Science; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Cadet Officers Corps; Parllmentaria " n, Sr. Class Hooie Ingle Hovater, Gerald Gaylon; Russell- ville; Chemistry; Sociology; ROTC Drill Team; Cadet Officers Corps; Flo-Ala; Distinguished Military Student Award Isom, Ford O.; Spruce Pine; Busi- ness Ed.; Sigma Tau PI; President, Library Science Club; WSGA; Inter-presldent Council Hovater Isom 64 SENIORS Jackson Jackson, Donald B.; Tuscumbia; Chemistry; Rehearsal Club; BSU: Reporter, Cadet Officers Corps; Kappa Delta PI Jackson Jackson, Judith K.; Tuscunnbia; Home Ec; Science; Home Ec. Club Jenkins, Julia Ann; Florence: Chemistry; Biology; Math; Beta Beta Beta; American Chemical Society Johnson, Business William D.; Florence; Ad.; Sigma Tau Pi Jordan, Carl; Florence; Business Ad.; Sigma Tau Pi; ROTC Drill Team Kirkpatricli, Celia June; Dora; Secretarial Science; BSU; Home Ec. Club; WSGA: Vice President. Kitchen Delta Pi; Lionettes; Sigma Tau Pi Kitchens leal Ed. lowship Howard; Oneonta; Phys- P.E. Club; Wesley Fel- Klein, Carolyn; Tuscumbia; Home Ec; Home Ec. Club; Vice Presi- dent, Kappa Delta Pi; ASEA Jenkins Kirkpatrick Johnson Kitchens Jordan Klein FSC ' s talented senior, Gwen Ware, is already an accomplished artist in the public ' s eye, having had numerous exhibits. King, Wendell L.; Dexter. New Mexico; Math; Biology Lay, Peggy Selph; Clifton, Ten- nessee; Elementary Education King Lay 65 Leath Ledio Lee Levine Leath, Mary Patricia; Sheffield; Social Science: Education Ledlow, Alton R.; Lexington; Chemistry; Biology; Conservation Club Lee, Ann; Guin; Chemistry; Math; Physics; Flor-Ala; Vice-President, Der Deutsche Verein: American Chemical Society Levme, Mike; Long Beach, New York; Physical Ed.; Sociology; Ushers Club President; Inter-presi- dent Council Lovett, Jerry; Tuscumbia; Busi- ness Mitchell, Christine; Phil Campbell Business Education; Sigma Tau Pi; Library Science Club Lovett Mitchell, C. Manush, Norma Faye; Tuscumbia; Math; Chemistry; Newman Club President; Inter-president Council; President, Kappa Mu Epsilon Moore, Herschel; Scottsboro; Business Admin., Social Science; Vice president. Sophomore Class; Sigma Tau Pi; SGA; Flor-Ala; Conservation Club Manush Moore, H. Martin, William Dean; Florence: Business Ad.; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi; Conservation Club Moore, Polly A.; Florence; Busi- ness Education; Sociology; WAA Martin Moore, P. Mitchel, Bobby; Rogersville; Busi ness; Psychology Mosley, Joe; Beaverton; Chem- istry: Biology; " F " Club; Beta Beta Beta; President; Football Mitchell, B. Mosley u McLemore McLemore, M e I v i n Jackson; Athens; Business Admin.; Cii K; " F " Club; Cap)-., Rifle Team; Cadet Officers Corps Nalms, William; Bessemer ness Admin.; President, Sigma Tau Pi; SGA; Treasurer, Circle K; Wesley Fellowship; Assistant Edi- tor, Diaranna; Vice President, Sophomore Class; Cheerleader; Cadet Officers Corps SENIORS While practice teaching.- ' Tuffy and John go through all the motion of explaining the " thrower-goer " to their P.E. class. Newby, Rowe M.; Athens; Busi- ness Admin.; Circle K; Sigma Tau Pi; Cadet Officers Corps Norton, Margarat Bynum; Court- land; Biology; History; Beta Beta Beta Newby Norton Newman, Jim; Athens; Cadet Of- ficers Corps; Physical Ed Club Paca, William Elton; Russellville; Business Editor; Sociology; Sigma Tau Pi; Treasurer, ASEA; BSU; Choir; College Quartet; Drum Major; Band; Treasurer, MENC Newman Pace Newton, Jane Weatherj; Law- renceburg; Home Ec; Science; Wesley Fellowship; Home Ec. Club Palmer, June Clauneh; Tuscumbia; Home Economics Newton Palmer, J. Norton, Bobby W.; Athens; Busi- ness Admin.; Circulation Manager, Flor-Ala; Diarama; SGA; Cadet Officers Corps; Sigma Tau Pi Palmer, William Danby; Sheffield; Music; " F " Club; Band; Choir; ROTC; Manager Football, Base- ball Norton Palmer, Wm. Pendley Pendley, Charles; Berry; Chem- istry; Biology; SGA; President, German Club; Beta Beta Beta; Vice President, Senior Class; As- sistant Editor Diorama Penton Penton, Elizabeth; Noma, Florida; Business Ed.; Beta Beta Beta; Sigma Tau Pi Pickens Piclcens, Penelope Jean; Sheffield; Elementary E4-; Westminster Fel- lowship, Historian, Kappa Delta Pi Pitts Pitts, Mary Ellen; Sheffield; Eng- lish; History; Choir; English Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta PI; Sigma Sigma Kappa im. h Uffiic ( MENC Cbt; I ASW; I Plowden, Moultrie D.; Florence; Social Science; Business Admin.; President, Ushers Club; Conserva- tion Club: Sigma Tau Pi; Inter- president Council Rhoden, Leslie; Tuscumbia Poss, Joyce Accounting; Chi Marie; Russellville; Economics; Alpha Prestage, Clarence; Florence Plowden Rhoden Rhodes, David V.; Florence: Chemistry; American Chemical Society; Vice President, Choir Poss Rhodes Richardson, Dan; Florence Prestage Richardson Raney, Gordon; Huntsvllle; Chem- istry, Art, Business Ad.; SGA: BSU; President, ACS; Student Art League, Circle K; President, Inter- president Council; Drill Team; Conservation Club; Vice Presi- dent, Junior Class Rickard, Glenda Faye; Florence; Business Education; ASEA; Sigma Tau Pi; Secretary, MENC Raney Riclcard lobbiiis, Home E( (miIm, til: Hii Ten Deiti 68 Roan, Mary Virginia; Decatur: Music Education; BSU: YWCA: M E N C , President; Secretary, Choir; Reporter, Science Club; ASEA; Inter-president Council Robertson, Hoy Glen; Beaverton: History; Political Science; Flor- Ala; Diorama; English Club: Trea; urer; Sigma Sigma Kappa; Conser- vation Club; ASEA: Rehearsal Club SENIORS Practice in Action ... is carried out by Albert Ledlow, who with the a ' ld ot his pretty instructor explains a lab device to one of the stu- dents at Shettield High. Robbins, Easter; Muscle Shoals; Home Economics: Home Ec. Club Romma, Ronnie; Rogersville; Eng- lish; History; English Club; Sigma Tau Delta; SGA; Cadet Officers Corps: Basketball Robbins, Elizabeth; Florence; Biol ogy; Chemistry: Beta Beta Beta Ryan, Betty Jo; Joppa: Home Economics; Home Ec Club Robinson, Jerry Phillip; Fayette: History; Psychology Sadler, James L; Florence; Busi- ness Admin.; Sigma Tau Pi; Wes- ley Fellowship Robinson, Judith H.; Fayette; Ele- mentary Education Scocjin, Robert Erwin; Sheffield; English; Speech and Dramatic Arts; Band; Ushers Club: Eng- lish Club; SGA: Vice President, President, Rehearsal Club; Alpha Psi Omega Robbins Romine Robertson Ryan Robinson Sadler Robinson Scogin 69 Scruggs Scruggs, Betfe Murray; Russell- ville; Phys. Ed.; Biology; Band; WAA; P.E. Club Sherer Sherer, Catherine; Hannilton; Home Economics; Home Ec Club; BSU; Reporter, YWCA; Kitchen Delta Pi Dimpson Simpson, James Fred; Florence; Chemistry Sin Sims, Linda M.; Danville; Business Education; Secretary, BSU; Sigma Tau Pi Southern, John Alden; Florence: Business Education; Band; " F " Club; ROTC Band Commander; Provost Corps; Baseball Speaks, Milton P.; Decatur: Sci- ence: Education; President, Wes- ley Fellowship: Inter-President Council: ACS Spain, Peggy Sue; Decatur; Biol- ogy: Chemistry; Secretary, Beta Beta Beta; ACS; YWCA Spruell, Wayne F.; Mt. Hope: Math, Chemistry; American Chemical Society Spain, Sue; Florence Steen, Robert Sherrill; Rogersville: Social Science: Speech and Drama: Cadet Officers Corps, Re- hearsal Club: Cheerleader: Presi- dent, Senior Class Sparkman, Franklin; Decatur Steenson, Butch; Tuscumbia, Chemistry; ROTC Rifle Team, Capt.; SGA; " F " Club; Secretary- Treasurer; Superior Cadet Ribbon Southern Speaks Spain Spruell Spain Steen Sparkman Steenson 70 Stephens, G. Stephens, W. Strickland I aylor Stephens, Gary Lee; Oalcmon: Chemistry; Biology; Conservation Club; American Chemical So- ciety: Cadet Officers Corps Stephens, William C; Florence; Chemistry; Speech; Conservation Club; Rehearsal Club Stricltland, Glen Harroll; Florence; Math, Accounting; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Pi; Sports Editor, Flor- AU Taylor, Jimmie Hayden; Tuscum- bia; Chemistry; Math; SGA; Vice President; Sports Editor, Diorama; American Chemical Society; Flor- Ala Teel, Dot; Decatur; Social Science Thompson, Joy B.; Florence; Busi ness Education; English Thompson, Ralph; Florence; Phys- ical Education; History; P.E. Club Todd, Marcella; Courtland; Busi- ness Education; Biology; Sigma Tau Pi; Conservation Club Tompkins, Richmond Hobson; Rus- sellville; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Pi Teel Tompkins Tucker, Charles; Birmingham Thompson Tucker Waite, Carol Ann; Florence; Home Economics; Home Ec. Club: Kappa Delta Pi Thompson Waite Waldrep, Rosa; Sheffield: Social Science, Education; President, Vice President, YWCA; WAA; Vice President, WSGA; Historian, Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; Inter-President Council Todd Waldrep II 71 Walker Wa Warhurst West Waller, Linda Nahn; Elementary Education Anderson; Ware, Gwendolyn McCown; Shef- field: Art, English Rehearsal Club. Secretary-Treasurer; Band; Treas- urer, Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; Student Art League Warhurst, Doris E.; Tuscumbia; Business Education: Biology; Re- hearsal Club; BSU; Sigma Tau Pi; Historian, Beta Beta Beta West, Bobby Glenn; Physical Ed.; Football Haleyville: " F " Club Whitalter, Marlle; Section: Ele- mentary Education: Kappa Delta Pi White, Jerry Donald; Brilliant; Biology; Geography: Conserva- tion Club; Cadet Officers Corps; Beta Beta Beta; President, SGA; Distinguished Military Student White, Virginia Pitigerald; Hart- selle; Biology; Library Science: Beta Beta Beta: Kappa Delta Phi; Library Science Club, Vice Presi- dent, President : YWCA Williams, Samuel Douglas; Bar- ton; Chemistry, Biology; Cadet Officers Corps; ACS; Vice Presi- dent, Beta Beta Beta Worlund, Donna Rene; Ne Icet; Biology: Math Mar- Worlund, Shyron L.; New Market: Biology: ACS; BSU, President: Cadet Officers Corps; President, Sophomore Class; Drill Team Yorl, Don Randle; Cullman; Polit- ical Science; Business; Secretary, Cadet Officers Corps; Distin- guished Military Student Whitaker White White Willams Worlund Worlund York 72 Hjleyville; r Club illim; Polit- i; Secrehfy, rp; DliSi- lent • i UNDERCLASSMEN 73 UNDERCLASSMEN Abercombie, Martha; Freshman ...Lacey Springs Abernathy, Cora Ann; Freshman Athens Absher, Barbara Ann; Freshman Hanceville Aired, George; Freshman Stevenson Aired, Mary Virginia; Freshman Guntersville Anderson, Billy Don; Sophomore --Florence Anderson, Edward; Freshman Huntsville Anderson, Ruth; Freshman Florence Anderson, Wanda; Freshman Florence Andre, Marian; Freshman Florence Andrews, Gloria; Freshman Freshman Appleton, Waymon; Freshman Freshman Armstrong, Emma; Sophomore Town Creek Arnold, Frederick; Freshman - Cullman Arnold, Steven; Freshman New Market Atlcinson, Lawrence; Sophomore . Guin Atkinson, Louise; Freshman Lacy Springs Au, Billy; Freshman Rossville, Ga. Baer, Harry Robert; Freshman Harrisburg, Pa. Bailey, Vera; Freshman - Nauvoo Baker, Frances; Freshman Phil Campbell Baker, George Jesse; Junior Sheffield Baker, Peggy; Sophomore Hackleburg Baldy, James; Freshman hfaleyvllle Ballinger, Conley; Junior Fayette Barber, Betty Dean; Freshman Sheffield Barnes, Bonnie; Sophomore Florence Barnwell, James; Sophomore Florence Beard, Kay; Sophomore Leoma, Tenn. Beard, Joe; Junior Bessemer Beaver, Clyde Raymond; Freshman Rossville, Ga. Beavers, Carolyn; Freshman . Florence Beavers, Jerry; Lexington - . .- Lexington Beck, Fay Gallion; Freshman - Florence Bedingfield, Linda; Sophomore Rogersville Belue, Edwin; Sophomore .... Florence Belue, Linda; Freshman Florence Benson, Barbara; Sophomore Phil Campbell Bentley, Janet; Sophomore Decatur Bentley, Jack; Sophomore Decatur " Majorettes impress the governor " . . . Gov. John Patterson and the state dignitaries were so impressed with the FSC majorettes that he had his photographer make pictures of the grouo. This picture was sent to them along with a personal letter. UNDERCLASSMEN Berry, Duane; Freshman Berry, Kaye; Freshman . . Berry, Larry; Sophomore Berry, Marcia Fayo; Sophomore Berry, Wanda Elaine; Freshman Admore, Tenn. Vina Florence Red Bay Collinwood, Tenn. Beyer, Dick; Freshman . Brookh aven. N. Y. Bishop, Henry Olen; Freshman Cherokee Bishop, Hubert E,; Sophomore . Cherokee Bishop, Suellen; Freshman Weogufka Black, Glenn M.; Freshman Tuscumbia Black, Johnny; Sophomore Athens Black, Martha; Freshman Elkmont Blair, Mary Anne; Junior Florence Boatman, M. Anne; Freshman Crossville, Tenn. Bobo, Mary Alice; Junior Jasper Bogle, Joseph D.; Freshman Bohnstedt, Linda; Junior Bolding, Kenneth; Freshman Bonds, Howard Elmo; Freshman Boone, Raymond Daniel; Junior Trinity Florence Florence Double Springs Florence tf it-k vy UNDERCLASSMEN Boothe, Dorris Mae; Freshman Sheffield Bowling, Martha Jo; Sophomore Union Grove Bowling, Nettle M.; Freshman Sheffield Bradford, Margaret; Freshman Athens Bradly, Herbert; Sophomore Florence Brakefleld, Glenda; Junior Huntsville Braly, Lynn C; Freshman Lexington Brazelton, John E.; Freshman - Decatur Breeland, Emily; Sophomore Tuscumbia Briscoe, Betty; Sophomore Decatur Britton, Jan; Freshman Stevenson Britton, Margaret Ann; Sophomore Stevenson Brock, Macon A.; Freshman Athens Brooks, Virginia Nell; Freshman Phil Campbell Brown, Elizabeth S.; Freshman Sheffield Brown, Jimmy L.; Freshman Florence Brown, Mary Turner; Sophomore Cherokee Brownlow, Jimmy; Junior Carrollton. Miss. Bruce, Charles; Junior Hueytown Brumley, David A.; Freshman Hamilton Bulman, Brewster; Junior Florence Burcham, James; Freshman Russellville Burks, Wanda Kaye; Freshman St. Joseph, Tenn. Burns, Cornelia; Freshman Sheffield Burrow, Ramona; Junior Florence Burt, Martha Lynn; Freshman Sheffield Burton, Shirley Sue; Sophomore Jasper Bush, Janet; Junior Russellville Butler, Jena Gail; Freshman Rogersvllle Butler, Mary K.; Sophomore Florence Byrd, Cynthia; Junior luka. Miss. Byrd, Mary; Sophomore Florence Cahoon, Ray; Sophomore ....Tuscumbia Calloway, Tom; Sophomore Tuscumbia Campbell, Dudley; Freshman Huntsville Campbell, Jeanne; Freshman . Scottsboro Campbell, Jerry M.; Sophomore Florence Campbell, JImmie B.; Junior .Muscle Shoals Campbell, Marcllla; Junior Hatton Campbell, Paul Keith; Sophomore ..Florence " There has to be a ripe one here somewhere! " . . . Hershel Moore, Glenn Robertson, Larry Mlfchell, and Mr. Irwin act as chefs for the summer picnic. UNDERCLASSMEN Cantrell, Brenda; Freshman Taft, Tenn. Cantrell. Hilda; Freshman ...Hamilton Cantrell, Jerald; Junior Florence Cargo, Mary Jane; Freshman Lawcenceburg, Tenn. Cargo, Sarah; Freshman Hanceville Carmichael, Sam; Junior Panama City, Fla. Carothers, William; Sophomore Wlnfield Carr, Bonnie Jean; Freshman Florence Carroll, Janette; Sophomore Dalton. Ga. Carroll, Myra; Freshman Florence Carter, Nolen; Freshman Sheffield Carter, Sally; Junior Florence Castimus, Pat; Freshman Florence Chandler, Linda; Freshman Vernon Chard, Charles; Sophomore Florence Chastain, Sue; Junior Rossville, Sa. Cheatham, Arlene; Sophomore Haloyville Childers, John; Junior Huntsville Childers, Don; Sophomore Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Clanton, Florene; Freshman Russellville £ Tfe tk UNDERCLASSMEN Clanton, Kenneth; Sophomore Florence Clark, James; Freshman New Hope Clayton, Jerry Lee; Sophomore Florence Clement, Jimmy; Freshman Hamilton Clemmons, Nancy; Freshman St. Joseph, Tenn. Cloud, James; Freshman Sheffield Cobb, Robert; Sophomore Florence Cochrane, Juanita; Freshman Phil Campbell Cochrane, Victoria; Junior Florence Cockburn, Sammie; Freshman Dalton. Ga. Collier, David W.; Sophomore Decatur Collier, Keith; Sophomore Sheffield Collier, Wayne; Sophomore ..Sheffield Collins, Ann; Freshman Vernon Conum, Duram; Junior Hillsboro Cook, Charlene; Sophomore Cullman Cook, Ronad; Junior Florence Cooper, Harold; Sophomore Florence Cooper, William; Freshman Russellville Cooney, Joe; Sophomore Harrisburg, Pa. Copeland, Edward; Sophomore Tuscumbia Copeland, Ella Lee; Sophomore Carbon HJI Gabel, Doris; Freshman Florence Cox, Patsy; Sophomore Florence Cox, Jr., Thomas; Freshman Florence Crabtree, Eleanor; Freshman Stevenson Crawford, Betsy; Freshman Baileyton Crawford, Margaret Ann; Freshman Tarrant Craze, Mary Katheen; Freshman Tice, Fla. Crittenden, Linda; Freshman Tuscumbia Crowe, Edna; Freshman Florence Crowe, Elba; Freshman Florence Crell, LaVon; Freshman Adamsvllle Crowell, Bonnie; Freshman Talladega Culpepper, Patricia; Freshman Section Cunningham, Jerry; Sophomore Scottsboro Curry, Mary Ginny; Freshman Sheffield Dahike, Sharon; Freshman Cullman Daniel, Carolyn; Sophomore Florence Daniel, Jerry; Junior Iton City, Tenn. " Man, what a drag! " . . . The beginning of registration fin.ds the old FSU ' ers impatiently awaiting their point average from the semester before. Darcy, Carole; Freshman Sheffield Davidson, Dorothy; Sophomore Florence Davidson, Kay; Sophomore ....Florence Davis, Carol Anne; Freshmwn ...Florence Davis, Carl Webster; Sophomore Cullman Davis, Gayle; Sophomore Vina Davis, Patricia; Freshman Wyandotte, Mich. Davis, Robert; Freshman Cullman Dawson, Shelby Jean; Freshman Town Creek Day, Gary; Sophomore Florence Day, Joan; Sophomore Hanceville Densmore, Delano; Freshman Joppa De Vore, Mary Janice; Freshman. Muscle Shoals City Dillard, James; Sophomore Winfield Diliard. William; Junior Winfield Dodd, Don; Junior Florence Doll. William Howard; Freshman New Brunswick, N. J. Dollar, Jean; Sophomore Rogersville Donaldson, Pat; Freshman ..._ „ Tuscumbia Downs, Donald; Junior Slen, Miss. UNDERCLASSMEN A ' A UNDERCLASSMEN Drew, Margie; Freshman Birmingham Drinkard, Thomas; Sophomore Falkville Dunn, Creda; Freshman Florence Dykes, Billy; Sophomore Mobile Easterling, Hank; Sophomore Monroe, La. Eaves, Billy Joe; Freshman Elkmont Edmonson, Kenneth Lloyd; Freshman Hartselle Edwards, Billie Faye; Freshman Florence Edwards, Joe; Sophomore Decatur Egan, Herman Samuel; Freshman Birmingham Egan, Peggy; Freshman Florence Elkins, Jane; Junior Mt. Hope Ellis, Myra; Sophomore Florence Etheredge, James; Junior Town Creek Eiell, Petty; Junior Rogersville Fairer, Joe; Junior Tuscumbia Farr, Elizabeth; Sophomore Hamilton Faulkner, Mitch; Junior Haleyville Ferguson, Albert; Sophomore Joe Wheeler Dam Fleming, Frankie; Sophomore Bear Creek Flippen, Sammy; Freshman Russellville Flippo, Carolyn; Freshman Florence Flippo, Faye; Freshman Guin Floyd, David Paul; Freshman Sheffield Fogg, Sharon; Freshman Athens Folden, Sallie; Sophomore Florence Fondren, Mary Ann; Freshman Middletown, Ohio Forester, Ray; Sophomore Haleyville Forsytho, Eleanor; Freshman Decatur Franks, Dolly, Freshman Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Fraiier, Judy; Freshman Double Springs Fraiier, Thomas R.; Freshman Huntsville Frederick, Billy; Junior Hamilton Freeman, Kathy; Freshman Florence Freeman, Joyce Ella; Sophomore Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Friel, Wayne; Freshman Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Fulgham, Ruth Ellen; Freshman Mansfield, Ark. Gamble, Grace Lynn; Freshman Florence Gamble, Howard Richard; Freshman ...Florence Gamble, Jimmy; Junior Tuscumbia " All together now — I — 2 — 3 — kick! " . . . The female species of the female rats indulge in a lively jig at Kangaroo Kourt, held especially in their honor. UNDERCLASSMEN Gann, Virginia; Freshman Hamilton Garret, Elaine; Freshman Gloverdale Gay, Sarah; Freshman Fayette Gheiauer, Aiii; Freshman Irbid, Jordan Gibson, Bobby; Freshman Killen Gieslce, Yvonne; Freshman Loretta, Tenn. Gilbert, Mary Lou; Sophomore Parrish Gilllland, Audrey; Sophomore Decatur Ginn, William Ronald; Freshman Sheffield Gober, Brenda; Sophomore luka, Miss. Gooch, Charles; Sophomore Florence Good, Barry; Freshman Grand Raprds, Mich. Godfrey, Judy; Sophomore Fayette Godfrey, James Edwin; Sophomore Fayette Golden, Victor; Freshman Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Gordan, Phil; Freshman Carlisle, Ohio Gosa, Edwin; Sophomore ._„.. Beaverton Graham, Harold; Junior Florence Graham, Johnny; Freshman Muscle Shoals City Graham, Linda; Sophomore Florence . -i t: ffT ' UNDERCLASSMEN Graham, Patrick; Junior Courtland Graham, Phoebe; Sophomore Courtland Gray, Arliss; Freshman Florence Green, Stephen; Sophomore Miami, Florida Gresham, Raymond; Freshman Florence Griffith, Dennis; Freshman Hartselle Griggs, Harris; Junior Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Grimes, Pauline; Freshman Haleyville Grissom, Opal; Freshman Leighton Grissom, Rebecca; Sophomore Russellville Guin, Inell; Freshman Iron City, Tenn. Haddocic, Spencer; Freshman Florence Hagan, Gail; Freshman Bear Creek Hagedorn, Lee; Freshman Cullman Haines, Naomi; Freshman Tuscumbia Hale, Nancy; Sophomore Sheffield Hale, Pat; Freshman Sheffield Hall, Bobby; Sophomore Savannah, Tenn. Hall, Jon; Sophomore Decatur Hall, Ronald; Sophomore Decatur Hambricic, Franklin; Sophomore ...Section Hamby, Jeannine; Freshman Florence Hampton, John; Freshman Huntsville Hampton, Rosemary; Sophomore Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Handley, Raymond; Junior Berry Hannah, Glenn; Freshman Florence Haraway, Neva Lee; Junior Lexington Harbour, Johnnie; Junior Dora Hargett, Howard; Sophomore Phil Campbell Harlan, Roy; Freshman Loretto, Tenn. Harper, Charles; Junior Hamilton Harper, Larry; Sophomore Hamilton Harris, Jack; Sophomore Parrlsh Harris, James; Sophomore Huntsville Harris, Martha; Freshman PInson Harrison, Branda; Freshman Vernon Harrison, Judith; Freshman Suntersville Harscheid, David; Sophomore Orlando, Florida Haynas, Bill; Sophomore Nashville, Tenn. Heidt, Beverly; Freshman Athens " How about standing on your head and gargling peanut butter? " Weaver, passes sentence upon a Freshman Rat. Supreme Judge, Andy UNDERCLASSMEN Helmone, Sherrill; Sophomore New Carlisle, Ohio Henderson, Patsy; Freshman Dora Hendrix, Doris; Freshman Florence Henry, Joiceiyn; Freshman Tuscumbia Henry, Sarah; Freshman Tuscumbia Henson, Frances; Freshman Mt. Hope Henson, Fred; Junior Decatur Herron, James; Freshman Decatur Hess, Nancy; Freshman Scottsboro Hester, Charles; Freshman Tuscumbia Hester, Gerald; Sophomore Florence Hester, Judy; Freshman Tuscumbia Hester, Mary; Sophomorfi Florence Hicks, Martha; Sophomore Section Hicls, Tommielee; Freshman Florence Higginbotham, John; Freshman Florence Hill, Gene; Freshman Decatur Hillhouse, Gloria; Freshman Florence Hilliard, Howard; Freshman Huntsville Hillman, Madeline; Junior Florence 7 M M UNDERCLASSMEN HIdman, Fay; Junior _ Hodges Hines, Robbie; Freshman Decatur HIpps, Laverne; Junior Florence Holaway, Glenette; Junior Arab Holcomb, Harold; Junior Florence Holland, Guin; Sophomore Moulton Holland, Joyce; Freshman Sheffield Holley, Janelle; Sophomore Florence Holllman, Leiand; Junior Faye+ter Hollingsworth, Anna; Junior Glenallen Holjlt, Linda; Freshman Guin Hollis, Shelby; Sophonhore Birmingham Hollman, Kenneth; Freshman Freshman Holloway, Gail; Freshman Morris Holloway, Nancy; Freshman Decatur Holman, Tom; Sophomore Tuscumbia Holt, Claire; Sophomore Cullman Hood, Virginia; Junior Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Hoskins, Fred; Freshman Birmingham Houston, Judy; Freshman Tanner I Hovater, Joe; Sophomore Russellvilie Howard, Kenneth; Sophomore Loretto, Tenn. Howard, Mary; Freshman Flint Howell, Jack; Sophomore Haleyville Huffman, Anne; Sophomore Florence Hulgan, Jack; Junior Fort Payne Hull, Robert; Freshman Decatur Humphries, Joyce; Sophomore Red Bay HumpI, Joann; Freshman Florence Hunnicott, Vera; Freshman Sheffield Hyde, Morris; Freshman Fayette Inglewright, George; Junior Sheffield Inglewright, John; Freshman Sheffield Ingram, Patricia; Freshman Tuscumbia Isom, James; Sophomore Florence Isom, Patt; Freshman Florence Jackson, Dean; Sophomore Hatton Jackson, Martha; Junior Tuscumbia Jackson, Nell; Junior Tuscumbia Johnson, Henry; Junior Loretto, Tenn. " Do you realize that this year ' s band a Southeastern Conference stadium? " . especially the old band members. be the first Florence State band ever to perform in Visions of Nashville and Vandy thrilled everyone — and Johnson, Howard; Freshman WInfleld Johnson, Janice; Junior Flint, Mich. Johnson, Maxine; Freshman Hartselle Johnson, William; Sophomore Scot+sboro Johnston, Betty; Junior Decatur Jones, Carolyn; Sophomore Florence Jones, Janice; Freshman Florence Jones, Johnnie; Junior Killen Jones, Kathryn, Freshman Haleyville Jones, Ronald; Freshman Hartselle Jones, Sharon, Sophomore Sheffield Judd, Vivian; Freshman North Vernon, Ind. Jumper, Betty; Freshman Sulligent Jumper, Nadine; Junior Sulligent Justice, Jimmy; Freshman Muscle Shoals Kaplan, Sem; Junior Florence Karrm, Roger; Sophomore Mt. Hope Kash, Bob; Freshman Russellville Keenum, Bill; Freshman Sheffield Keller, Kay; Freshman _ Cullman UNDERCLASSMEN rJ Tw UNDERCLASSMEN Keller, Patsy; Freshman Albertville Kelly, Jean; Freshman Florence Kennamer, Billy; Sophomore Scottsboro Kennedy, Nancy; Freshman Florence Kenner, Patricia; Freshman Tuscumbia Kimbrough, Reeder; Freshman Florence Kimbrojgh, Robert; Sophomore Russellvllle King, Earl; Sophomore Sheffield King, Judy; Freshman Hamilton Kirby, Brenda; Sophomore Section Kirlland, Betty; Freshman . Tuscumbia Kiser, Doris; Freshman ..-. Tuscumbia Kitchens, Carol; Freshman - Florence Kracle, Carolyn; Junior Courtland Lake, Leidon; Freshman Decatur Lambert, Eunell; Junior Paden, Miss. Land, James; Sophomore Cullman Landers, Garry; Freshman , Huntsvllle Lang, Wendell; Freshman Madison Lankford, Scotty; Freshman Gadsden League, Ann; Freshman Haleyville Leckenby, Henry; Sophomore Florence Leemah, Charlotte; Freshman Decatur Lester, Bonnie; Sophomore St. Joseph, Tenn. Lester, Sadie; Freshman Waterloo Lewis, Brenda; Freshman ... Athens Lindley, Carolyn; Sophomore Falkville Lindsay, Houston; Freshman Tanner Lindsey, Mary ' Grace; Sophomore Florence Linville, James; Junior Florence Lipscomb, Bobby; Junior .Moulton Little, Betty; Freshman . Florence Llewellyn, Doris; Junior Florence Locklear, Sally; Freshman Florence Logan, Allen; Sophomore Belgreen Lopei, Evelyn; Junior Huntsville Lovelace, Barbara; Sophomore Sheffield Loveless, Shirley; Freshman Pinson Lowery, Betty; Freshman Leighton Lowary, Deloris; Junior Bankston " THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH " the dorm decorations. Keller Hall ' s Homecoming Circus won first place in Loyd, Ernestine; Sophomore Lummus, Doris; Freshman McAnally Phyllis; Freshman MeCafferty, Martha; Junior McCaghren, Dorothy; Junior Stevenson ...Sheffield Huntsville Tuscumbia ...Danville McCain, Reb«cca; Junior Lexington McCay, Phyllis; Freshman Sheffield McCord, Johnny; Sophomore Decatur McCormick, Robert; Sophomore Lawrenceburg, Tenn. McCown, Terrell; Freshman Toney McCrary, Billy; Freshman ... McCullough, Joe; Sophomore McDaniel, Danny; Sophomore McDonald, Carolyn; Freshman McDonald, Donnie; Freshman Madison Tuscumbia Hamilton Double Springs Hamilton McDuff, Bob; Sophomore McGuffey, Henry; Junior McKee. Betty; Freshman McKenzIe, Robert; Sophomore McLaughlin, George; Sophomore Brilliant Muscle Shoals Hartselle Tuscumbia Winfield UNDERCLASSMEN 33 4 1. mt f UNDERCLASSMEN McLauchlin, William; Freshman Florence McLemore, Belira Sue; Freshman Rogersville McPeters, Nancy Sue; Jjnior Florence McPherson, Linda; Freshman Warrior McRoe, Barbara; Freshman Russellville MeVay, Donald; Sophomore Double Springs Maclean, Gordon; Sophomore Trussvil!e Maclean, Janet; Freshman Florence Magnusson, Joe; Junior Florence Magnusson, Ronny; Freshman Ardmore Mangum, Herbert; Sophomore Tuscumbia Manning, Mary Helen; Sophomore Cullman Marbutt, Jimmy; Freshman Phil Campbeli Mars, Peter; Freshman Tarrytown, N. Y. Martin, Brenda; Freshman Decatur Martin, Dann; Sophomore Tuscumbia Martin, James; Sophomore Sophomore Martin, Dwight; Junior Mt. Hope Mathias, Ann; Freshman Sheffield Mays, Roger; Sophomore Hamilton Meeker, Ida; Junior Stevenson Merrill, Jane; Freshman Cullman Methvin, Norma; Freshman Sheffield Miles, Patricia; Sophomore Decatur Miller, Bryan; Freshman Florence Miner, Patricia; Sophomore Eva Minor, Melba; Freshman Parrlsh Minton, Vivian; Sophomore Rogersville Mitchell, David; Freshman Tuscumbia Mitchell, Elizabeth; Freshman Cullman Mitchell, Mary; Sophomore Oalc Ridge, Tenn. Mitiner, William; Freshman Huntsvllle Mixon, Jackie; Freshman Vernon Mixon, Jones; Sophomore Vernon Monroe, Walter; Freshman Tuscumbia Montgomery, Eva; Freshman Florence Montgomery, Thomas; Junior Cloverdale Moomaw, Rebecca; Sophomore Tuscumbia Moon, John; Freshman Huntsvllle Moon, Marie; Freshman Hartse ' le " I ' d like to Icnow who measured her hat size! " the finishing touches to the queen ' s crown. Some members of Kappa Mu Epsilon add UNDERCLASSMEN Moore, Emogene; Junior Sheffield Moore, James; Freshman Florence Moore, Mickey; Freshman Huntsville Moorehead, Linda; Sophomore Huntsville Moses, Sandra; Freshman Florence Mullins, Mary; Junior Huntsville Musgrove, William; Sophomore Florence Myers, Joyce; Freshman Rogersville Nabors, Douglas; Freshman Decatur Nagle, Norma; Freshman Russellville Narmore, Betty; Sophomore Sheffield Nash, Harold; Freshman Madison Neeley, Charlotte; Freshman Section Nelson, Joanne; Freshman Russellville Nelson, William; Freshman Berry Nesmith, Oliver; Freshman Vinemont Newton, Joy; Freshman Lexington Nicholson, Fred; Freshman Tuscumbia Nicholson, Gerald; Junior Hartselle Nix, Billy; Sophomore Phil Campbell 4iliA t ■ " sm W li 4tfe %. ' UNDERCLASSMEN Nix, Eliiabeth; Junior Red Bay Nix, George; Junior Decatur Nixon, Ann; Sophomore luka, Mississippi Norton, Joan; Freshman Tuscumbia Olive, Bobbie; Junior Florence Oliver, Jerry; Sophomore Decatur Orr, Robert; Freshman Athens Ory, Anna; Freshman Florence Owens, O. B.; Sophomore Town Creek Pace, Richard; Sophomore Hollywood Parrish, Fay; Sophomore Florence Parmer, Otis; Junior ,... Hamilton Patrick, Francis; Freshman Decatur Patterson, Etta Kaye; Freshman Tuscumbia Patterson, Sarah; Freshman Sheffield Patterson, William; Freshman Town Creek Patton, Patsy; Freshman Russellvllle Paseur, Ferrell; Freshman Huntsvllle Peeden, Barbara; Junior Klllen Pendley, James Doyle; Sophomore Berry Pennington, William; Freshman Loretto, Tenn. Perry, Brannen; Freshman WInfield Perei, Enery; Freshman San Juan, Puerto Rico Perkins, Elaine; Sophomore Florence Phillips, Julian; Junior Florence Pierce, Samuel; Freshman Somervllle Plant, Nancy; Freshman Decatur Pogue, Dianne; Freshman Florence Porch, Arah Nell; Junior Walnut Grove Posey, Kenneth; Freshman Florence Pounders, Sandra; Freshman Phil Campbell Powell, Norman; Junior Cullman Price, Janet; Sophomore Florence Prince, Rosemary; Junior Huntsvllle Prince, Shirley; Sophomore Huntsvllle Proctor, Peggy; Freshman Sheffield Proctor, Robert; Junior Sheffield Pruitt, Donald; Junior Florence Puckett, Carolyn; Sophomore DanviHe Putman, John; Sophomore Ardmore.Tenn. " Look Ma, no hands! " . . . The boys really get with it at the pie-eating contest, which is one of the events at the Dogpatch Hoedown. UNDERCLASSMEN Qulllen, Gall; Freshman Haleyville Quillen, Jean; Junior Haleyville Ragsdale, Ilia; Freshnnan Plsgah Ragsdale, William; Freshman Huntsville Ramsey, Glenda; Sop homore Sheffield Ray, Charles; Freshman Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Ray, Gordan; Freshman Tuscumbia Reagan, Phillip; Freshman Scottsboro Reding, Cornelia; Freshman Courtland Reid, Carol; Freshman Tuscumbia Reid, Charles; Junior Sheffield Reid, Ginnie; Junior Garden City Reynolds, George; Freshman Muscle Shoals Rhodes, Anna; Sophomore Haleyville Rice, Jerry; Freshman Huntsville Richardson, Barbara; Junior Florence Richardson, Joy Freshman Florence Richardson, Kenneth; Junior Florence Rlcliard, Kay; Freshman ..- Florence Riddle, Joyce; Sophomore Decatur y fei fe4{i UNDERCLASSMEN Rrkard, James; Freshman Tuscumbia Rilcard, Mary Tom; Junior Russellvllle Ringnell, Jim; Freshman Florence Roan, James; Junior Decatur Robbins, Catherine; Junior luka, Miss. Robbins, Jerry; Freshman Covington, Tenn. Robbins, Martha; Freshman Florence Roberson, Shirley; Freshman Killen Roberson, Stanley; Junior Collinwood, Tenn. Roberts, Billy Wayne; Freshman Decatur Roberts, Sidney; Junior Florence Robinson, Brenda; Sophomore Sheffield Rodgers, Alice; Sophomore Huntsville Rogers, Glenda; Sophomore Florence Romans, Barbara; Sophomore Sheffield Romer, Marguerite; Freshman Miami, Florida Rose. Bill; Sophomore - Muscle Shoals Russell, Barbara Jane; Sophomore Florence Rye, Jerry; Freshman Sulligent Sailors, Brenda; Sophomore Florence Sanderson, Annette; Freshman Hamilton Sanderson, James; Freshman Hamilton Sartain, Jerry; Freshman Oakman Savage, Michael; Sophomore Sheffield Scales, Marvel; Freshman Sheffield Schrimsher, Betty; Freshman Madison Scivally, Rex; Freshman Scottsboro Scott, Emmett; Freshman Huntsville Scott, Peggy; Freshman Decatur Searcy, Bob; Freshman Addison Searcy, Bud; Junior Birmingham Sedenquist, Fred; Sophomore Florence Shamy, Peter; Freshman ....New Brunswick, N. J. Shelnut, Juanita; Sophomore Suin Shelton, Edria; Freshman Athens Shelton, Faye; Freshman Larkinsvllle Shelton, William; Junior Logan Sherard, Sarah; Junior Decatur Shishido, Calvin; Sophomore Florence Shoemaker, Thomas; Freshman Russellvllle I I I " Where did the rest of the cats go? The session was just getting cool, man! " . . . Jon Hall another unidentified protege choose the night hours to practice their brand of music. and UNDERCUSSMEN Shrader, J. D.; Freshman Hollywood Simbec, Donie; Freshman Loretto, Tenn. Simi, Frances; Sophomore Fayette Sisk, Wayne; Sophomore _ Princeton Sisson, O ' Neal; Freshman Russellville Sledge, Lawrence; Freshman Rogersville Sloan, Walker; Freshman Florence Small, Henry; Sophomore Sheffield Smallwood, Dick; Freshman ....Huntsvllle Smith, Billia; Freshman Russellville Smith, Billy; Freshman Florence Smith, Carl; Sophomore Florence Smith, Charles; Junior Jasper Smith, Clarence; Junior Leoma, Tenn. Smith, Isaac; Junior Russellville Smith, Jo; Junior Bridgeport Smith, Kenneth; Sophomore Russellville Smith, Pat; Sophomore Bridgeport Smith, Raymond; Freshman Sheffield Sorenson, Judith; Sophomore . Gardendale ii£iA tlATi UNDERCLASSMEN Sorensen, Karen; Freshman Huntsville Spalding, Terry; Freshman Sheffield Spann, Reba; Freshman Slen Allen Sparks, Larry; Freshman Russellvllle Speclcer, Lawrence; Freshman Florence Spranlel, Linda; Freshman Parrish Springer, Carole; Freshman St. Joseph, Tenn. Stancil, Ralton; Freshman Sheffield Stanflll, Gene; Freshman Florence Stanley, Faye; Sophomore Tuscumbia Starnes, Eva; Freshman Dalton, Ga. Steele, Jack; Freshman Phil Campbell Stevenson, Betty; Sophomore Florence Stocks, Dave; Junior Florence Stokes, Janice; Sophomore Guin Stone, Carol Ann; Freshman Russellville Stout, Max; Freshman Fort Payne Stovall, Joseph; Sophomore Tuscaloosa Stowe, Paula; Sophomore Bear Creek Strait, Randall; Freshman Tuscumbia Streit, Sandra; Freshman Leighton Stricklin, Tera; Freshman Savannah, Tenn. Stuart, Tonomy; Freshman Guin Sturges, Ralph; Sophomore Florence Stutts, Gayla; Sophomore Florence SubleH, Barbara; Freshman Huntsville Summerford, Don; Sophomore Hartselle Surrat, Thomas; Junior Tuscumbia Swarti, Buddy; Junior Berry Tabereaux, Alton; Freshman Tuscumbia Tackett, Thomas; Freshman Tuscumbia Taff, Foy; Freshman Cordova Tapscott, Bobby; Freshman Hartselle Tate, Margaret; Sophomore Langston Taylor, Max; Freshman Killen Taylor, Peggy; Freshman Haleyville Taylor, Velson; Junior Phil Campbell Terry, Julia Sua; Junior Hillsboro T erry, Martha Jo; Freshman Florence Terry, Wills; Freshman Sheffield " America in Action " . . . Kathy Cariotakl of Cairo, Egypt, shows her patriotism as she donates blood to the American Red Cross. UNDERCLASSMEN Thigpen, Andrew; Freshman Lexington Thigpen, Barbara; Sophomore Florence Thigpen, Miclcey; Junior Florence Thigpen, Peggy; Freshman Lexington Thomat, Charles; Freshman Mobile Thomas, Jerry; Sophomore Cotaco Thomas, Ronald; Freshman Athens Thompson, Johnnie; Sophomore Florence Thompson, Will; Freshman Wylam Thorn, Mary; Freshman Huntsville Thorton, James; Freshman St. Joseph, Tenn. Thorson, Trietsch; Freshman Madison Thurman, W. J.; Freshman Sheffield Tidwall, Charles; Freshman Bear Creek Tidwell, Imogene; Junior Glen Allen Tidwell, Marvin; Freshman Tuscumbia Tidwell, OHo; Freshman Phil Campbell Tidpton, Jean; Sophomore Florence Todd, Hilda; Freshman Courtland Tomlinton, Jerri; Freshman Danville P ' F?1? ' k UNDERCLASSMEN Trimm, Inetta; Sophomore Florence Trimm, James; Sophomore Florence Trousdale, Brenda; Freshman Florence Trousdale, Jerry; Junior Florence Trowbridge, Don; Sophomore Florence Truitt, James; Junior Lexington Truitt, Katherine; Sophomore Killen Tune, Jane; Junior Sheffield Ussery, Barbara; Freshman Vernon Vance, Genie; Freshman Sheffield Vaughan, Lucretia; Sophomore Elkmont Vincent, Jeanne; Freshman ...Sheffield Vinson, Phillip; Freshman Phil Campbell Waddell, Merdith; Junior Tuscumbia Wade, Joseph; Sophomore Hamilton Wade, Ruby; Sophomore Phil Campbell Wadlclns, Janette; Junior luka, Miss. Wailes, Robert; Junior Florence Walker, Thomas; Freshman Decatur Wallace, Frankie, Freshman Cherokee Wallace, Ralph; Freshman Florence Wallingsford, Fred; Sophomore Scottsboro Walton, Rita; Freshman Killen Warren, Nancy; Sophomore Huntsville Weatherbee, James; Freshman Vina Weatherbee, M. Charles; Junior Vina Weathers, Charles; Junior Loretto Weaver, Jack; Freshman Tuscumbia Weaver, Sara; Freshman Florence Webster, Ward; Junior Winfield Weeks, Hershel; Sophomore Phil Campbell Wells, Linda; Sophomore ....Spruce Pine Wessel, Billy; Sophomore Tarrytown, N. Y. Wesson, Julia; Freshman Florence West, James; Sophomore Adamsville Whalen, Rex; Freshman Haleyvllle Whisinant, Wilburn; Junior Lacey Springs Whitaker, Eugenia; Junior Section White, Clay; Freshman Sheffield White, Georgt; Freshman Hartselle .floteiM UNDERCLASSMEN White, Houston; Junior Florence White, James; Junior Fayette White, Joan; Junior Fayette Whitfield, Marie; Freshman Red Bay Whitt, Pamelia; Sophomore Decatur Whittle, Luther; Sophomore Birmingham Williams, Anita; Junior Haleyvllle Williams, Barbara; Junior Cullman Williams, Carolyn; Freshman Florence Williams, Elaine; Freshman Hamilton Williams, Gretchen; Junior Russellville Williams, Phillip; Junior Birmingham Williamson, James; Junior Florence Williamson, Rosemary; Freshman Florence Willis, Janet; Freshman Morris Willis, Tommy; Sophomore Sheffield Wilson, Belinda; Junior Florence Wilson, Philip; Junior Florence Wimterley, Billy; Sophomore Russellville Wise, Charles; Freshman Birmingham Witt, Darlo; Sophomore . Mt. Hope Witt, Densel; Sophomore Town Creek Witt, Maxi Junior Mt. Hope Womble, Columbus; Sophomore Florence Wood, Edward; Sophomore Section Woodley, Margaret; Junior lulta, Miss. Wright, Daniel; Freshman Florence Wright, Don; Freshman Florence Wright, Sandra; Sophomore Guin Wroten, Milton; Freshman Tuscumbia Wylio, Edgar; Sophomore Cordova Wynne, Peggy; Freshman Sheffield Yancey, Larry; Junior Florence Yarbrough, Edward; Sophomore Decatur Young, Joan; Freshman Florence Hiler ' Sect " 97 SPIRIT ADVANCES STUDENT GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS AND HONORARIES AT FLORENCE STATE mary butler, editor ENT editor 99 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Student Government Association Officers, Left to right: Herschel Moore, Vice President; Jerry White, President; Helen Manning, Secretary; Dan Boone, Treasurer. r%;;j ' liiaeiV ' y X=7 " " t Florence State College ' s Student Government Associa- tion is the legisl ative organization for the campus govern- ment. As such, the Association supervises elections, ap- propriations, publishes the student handbook, and renders innumerable services to the College. The S.G.A. is composed of representatives from the dormitories, villages, classes, and day students; therefore, it is in a position to interpret the wishes of all the component parts of the student body. As in years past, the S.G.A. ably handled the cheerleader elections, the operation of the Lion ' s Den, charting buses to football games that were played away from home, spon- soring dances, and many other activities. 100 First Row, Le t to Right: Herschel Moore, Helen Manning, Jimmy Gamble, Gordon Raney, Frances Henson, Dan Boone, Jerry White. Second Row: Mar- cilia Campbell. Jean Tipton, Vickie Cochran. Third Row: Nell Wade, Madeline Hillman. Fourth Row: Brynda Gober, Joan White, Jerry Mitzner. Fifth Row: Wendell King, Annette Gibbs. Charles Arnold. Sixth Row: Dr. McElheny, Joe Magrusson, Ronald Romlne. THE COUNCIL The Council in Session 101 Front Row, Left to Right: Brenda Gober, Dot McCaghren, Mary Ann Fondron, Peggy Winn, Anna Ru+h Rhodes, Glenda Brakefield, Nancy Clements, Frances Henson, Catherine Sherer, Julia Terry, Betty Earle Briscoe, Ida Meeker. Seated, Left to Right: Mike Savage, Doris Llewyn, Carolyn Crawford, Myra Ashley, Anna Hollingsworth, Annette Sibbs, Barbara Thigpen, Jane Elkins, Mary Alice Bobo, Ley Nell Bryan. Shelby Hollis, Liz Scott, Mary Tom Rikard, Barbara Williams, Audrey Behel. Shirley Prince. Standing, Left to Right: Rosemary Prince, Arah Nell Porch, Nell Wade, Nelda Conwill, Marcilla Campbell, Sue Cox, Sarah Cargo, Barbar Absher, Nancy Plant. Patricia Davis, Mray Mullins, Margaret Tate, Glenda Rogers, Ford Isom, Kay Beard. Carol Norman, Margie Drew, Gennle Reid, Imogene Tidwell. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION First Rov; Hole Every woman student on campus Is automatically a mem- ber of WSGA, which proposes to integrate the life of the women students and to act as advisory board to the Dean of Women on matters of the welfare of the women students. The Activity-packed school year of 1959-60 found the WSGA publishing the " Coed ' s Code, " a handbook for all freshman girls, sponsoring Charm Week, Sadie hiawkins Week, and the Co-ed Ball which is one of the highlights of the spring semester. 102 OFFICERS Barbara Thigpen, Town Representative Jane Elkins, Treasurer Annette GIbbs, President Anna Hollingsworth, Social Chairman Carolyn Crawford, Vice President Mary Alice Bobo, Secretary •fl j«cy Clefieiti, olyi Crwlorj :ctf, Mirj lorn jmill Mifcilli Ti, t(ay Bfiard ENl idbooi for all aiJie Hawfes OFFICERS Audrey Behel, Secretary Gordon Raney, President Shyron Worlund, Reporter Jim Bevit, Vice President (Not Shown) Presidents of all the organizations on the campus compose the Inter-Presidents Council. The group tries to coordinate the activities of the various groups toward a more beneficial and worthwhile program. Every year during the spring, the Council sponsors Rec- ognition Day and during the month before the fall term, the group heads the Leadership Retreat. INTER-PRESIDENTS COUNCIL First Row, Left fo Right: Pauline Gravlee, co-sponsor, Audrey Behel, Milton Speaks, Dot McCaghren, Ida Brown, Gordon Raney, Jim Gamble. Second Row: Shyron Worlund, Virginia Crews, Ida Meeker, Cecily Hay, Clarence Smith, Moultrie Plowden. Third Row: Ford Isom, Annette Gibbs, Janelle Holley, Bill Nelms. Fourth Row: Wayne Whitehead, Norma Manush, Betty Johnson, Robert Steen. Fifth Row: Robert Scogin, Charles Arnold, Sammy Pierce, Jerry White, Mary Virginia Roan. Sixth Row: Jerry Cook, Wayne Collier, Andy Weaver. !■ «7 V» f i h , itive WAYNE COLLIER, Editor-in-Chief of the 1959-60 Flor-Ala THE FLOR-ALA When students started pouring onto the Florence State campus in September, they were greeted by a special edition of the newspaper and every two weeks following, the stack of Flor-Alas were placed in Bibb Graves Hall and later appeared in the Little Drug. The Flor-Ala, voicing the thoughts and events of the campus, is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the ACP held a convention In New York City to which H r HF T NANCY HALE, Associate Editor i SP( the F-A editor and associate editor, along with the Diorama editors attended. Those who attended the conference brought back new ideas that gave both the student publica- tions a shot in the arm. Besides putting out the bi-monthly edition, the Flor-Ala staff found time to sponsor the annual election of Mr. and Miss Florence State and the selection of the Hall of Fame. WELDON COLE, Business Manager FLOR-ALA EDITORS Left to Right: Tommy Bartlett, Dave Harscheld — Literary Editors; Martha Robblns — Feature Staff; Bill Shelton— Sports Editor; Paul Campbell — Staff Artist; Sandra Moses — Circulation Manager: Sal- lie Folden. Society Editor. Not pictured is Mary Butler, Feature Editor. THE FLOR-ALA STAFF EXECUTIVE EDITOR Wayne Collier ASSOCIATE EDITOR Nancy Hale BUSINESS MANAGER Weldon Cole BUSINESS STAFF Jean Kelly, Delores Cole CIRCULATION MANAGER Sandra Moses FEATURE EDITOR . Mary Butler FEATURE STAFF Martha Robbins, Jeanine Hamby SPORTS EDITOR Bill Shelton SOCIETY EDITOR Sallie Folden REPORTERS Ann Lee, Cornelia Burns, Joyce Holland, Elba Crowe, Ruth Anderson, Jon Hall, Diane Pogue, Betty Little, Tonn Hall, Connie Redding, Lynn Gamble, Joyce Riddle. SPONSOR Mrs. Henry Cheney WORLD NEWS ._ Sharon Jones LITERARY EDITORS Tommy Bartlett, Dave Harscheid STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Nelson Van Pelt TYPISTS Joan White, Bobby Norton, Ida Brown, Mary Flynt STAFF ARTIST Paul Campbell STAFF MEMBERS Front Row, Left to Right: Ann Lee, Bobby Norton, Gloria Hillhouse. Back Row, Left to Right: Cornelia Burns, Joyce Holland, Lynn Gam- ble, Jon Hall, Pat Hale, Connie Redding, Joyce Riddle, Jeanine Hamby. JIMMY GULLETT. Business Manager JANELLE HOLLEY, Editor-in-Chief of the I960 Diorama THE 1 960 DIORAMA . . . 1 Fiitt A yearbook changes over a period of years. The first time you look at your I960 Diorama it represents the excite- men of the past year ' s events. Several years fronn now you will derive amusement from the book, and twenty-five years from now the I960 Diorama will bring nostalgia with it. The Diorama staff, composed of various and sundry editors, associate editors, staff assistants, and just plain workhorses has worked late into the night on many occasions to bring to the student body the best yearbook possible. Realizing that every Florence State student has his own ideas as to what a yearbook should be and what it should say, we cannot hope to satisfy everyone — we can only at- tempt to produce as completely and as effective as possible what we feel is a representative picture of " Florence State, I960. " 106 THE STAFF . . . EDITOR Janelle Holley ASSOCIATE EDITOR Charles Pendley FACULTY EDITOR Vickie Cochran LEADERSHIP AND PERSONALITIES EDITOR Mary Butler ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR Linda Moorehead SPORTS EDITOR Jimmie Taylor SNAPSHOT EDITOR Billie Faye Edwards SENIOR CLASS EDITOR Mary Helen Manning UNDERCLASSMEN EDITOR Evelyn Lopez STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Jimmy Trimm, Hans Leder, Dudley Campbell STAFF MEMBERS Anne Huffman, Jon Hall, Tipper Garrison, George Nix, Jerry Mitzner, Carolyn Beavers, Lawrence Sledge HEAD TYPIST Peggy Wynne TYPISTS Joan White, Nell Jackson, Creda Dunn, Joann HumpI BUSINESS STAFF Glenn Robinson, Wayne Wright, Jeanette Carroll, Barbara Richardson ADVISOR Nelson Van Pelt CHARLES PENDLEY Associate Editor First Row, Left to Right: Anne Huffman, Evelyn Lopez, Mary Helen Manning, Mary Butler, Linda Moorehead. Second Row, Left to Right: Tipper Garrison. Carolyn Beavers, Lawrence Sledge. Joyce Riddle, Jon Hall, Hans Leder, Jerry Mitzner. First Row, Left to Right: Creda Dunn, Nell Jackson, Joan White, Jimmy Gullett, Barbara Richardson, Jeanette Carrol Robinson, Wayne Wright. Back Row, Left to Right: Glenn The Diorama had a " first " this year. On Homecoming, staff members worked hard to decorate the first float that the Diorama had ever sponsored. Riding the float were Sally Locklear, Frances Wes- son, and Jerry Mitzner. 108 ' liQRfi " ' HALL OF FAME The four seniors chosen to have their pictures placed in Bibb Graves hiall in the Florence State Hall of Fame were judged on the basis of their accomplish ments and contributions to the college, and their leadership ability. President of the student body, JERRY WHITE has made quite a record for himself at Florence State. In the ROTC department, he was awarded the Distinguished Military Student award and the Association of The United States Army medal. He was a member of Tri-Beta, Cadet Officers Corps, and Conservation Club. Another big honor — Mr. Florence State. Jijiil; Gle ! A finger In every pie, HERSCHEL MOORE was one of the busiest students on campus. His many activities included vice president of SGA, Conservation Club, and Sigma Tau Pi. He was a mem- ber of the Coronation Court. WELDON COLE, who held prominent positions on the Flor-Ala and in Alpha Chi, was one of two Florence State students invited to attend the White House Conference of Children and Youth held In Washington during the spring. President of O ' Neal Hall, AUDREY BEHEL served as vice president of Sigma Tau Pi for two years, secretary of the Inter-Presidents Council, and a member of S A. ' M ' Being president of WSGA took up most of ANNETTE GIBBS time, but this busy senior found time to include a job in the Dean of Women ' s office and membership in SGA and Inter-Presidents Council. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES BILLY JOE CAMP, a lad of many talents and interests, was an outstanding military student, being Battle Group Commander on the ROTC Unit at Florence State. " B. J. " served as Sports Publicity Director for two years at the News Bureau, he also was Business Manager for the Diorama in ' 58- ' 59. no Doubly-honored, WELDON COLE was chosen to appear in Who ' s Who and also in Florence State ' s Hall of Fame. An accounting major, he was an officer of Alpha Chi, and was business manager of the Flor-Ala. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ■nts and student. , ROTC s Spo ' ts le Ne»i lotte An outstanding English major, KATHLEEN CUL- VER was the second student from FSC to win first place in the Southern Literary Festival. " Corky " was president of the English Club and a member of Sigma Tau Delta. t ■ I I I III KELLER KEY The Key is awarded to the grad- uating senior with the highest scholastic average. JAMES WILLIAM HOOPER, graduating in the Spring of 1959, was awarded the Keller Key and the Turris Fidelis award. MRS. FRANCES MANN was awarded the Keiler Key at the Summer Session graduation ceremonies. MAURICE REECE was awarded the Turrls Fldelis award the Spring of 1959. TURRIS FEDELIS The Turris Fedelis award is given to two members of the senior class at each commencement. The high- est honor that the student body can confer upon a fellow student is based upon service to the col- lege. The Turris Fidelis award at the Summer Session graduation ' ceremonies was presented to BETTY BAKER. DOUGLAS CRAWFORD received the Turris Fidelis awara at the Summer Session graduation ceremonies. 113 SENIORS LEADERS Robert Steen — President Billy Joe Camp — Reporter Charles Ingle — Parlimentarlan Jane Blair — Secretary-Treasurer Charles Pendley — Vice President Charles Arnold — SGA Representative CLASS LEADERS JUNIOR LEADERS Joan White — SGA Representative Jimmy Gamble — President Loy Nell Bryan — YWCA Representative Johnnie Jones — Vice President Jerry Love+t — Treasurer Jane Elklns — Secretary SOPHOMORE LEADERS Nell Wade — SGA Representative Marcella Campbell — WSSA Representative Dorothy Davidson — Secretary Mary Butler — Treasurer Jerry Cunningham — Vice President Clarence Smith — President CLASS LEADERS lOR LEAC ' : [{pfcsenta:.- sident ICA Repreie»t««« FRESHMAN LEADERS Betty Barber — SGA Representative Hoyt Staggs — Vice President Frances Henson — YWCA Representative Sammy Pierce — President Genie Vance — Secretary-Treasurer- Reporter lis SPIRIT INSPIRES ORGANIZATIONS RELIGION AND MILITARY AT FLORENCE STATE linda moorehead, editor I I 117 4 First Row, Left to RigKt: C. Holt, E. Farr, C. LIndley, M. Harris, A. Nixon, J. Vincent, C. Hay, E. Brown, B. McKee, G. Whisenent, M. Boyles, D. Nelson. Second Row: J. Norton, P. Grimes, S. Streit, C. Reid, C. Lunati, P. Cassimus, A. Boatman, S. Wright, D. Kiser, M. Moon, C. Leeman, M. John- son. Third Row: F. Sims, J. Henry, N. Srygley, E. Searcy, R. Cahoon, J. Pickens, D. Jackson, B. Materson, P. Proctor, E. Lambert, R. Williamson, J. Houston. Fourth Row: J. Nelson, M. Andre, C. Williams, E. Belue, D. Boone, B. Good. J. Harris. R. Isbell, W. Pace, S. Kelly, B. Barber, N. Methvin, M. Roan. Not pictured: P. Graham, W. Hawkins, E. Starnes, E. Wood. FLORENCE STATE CHOIR Outstanding in its choral performances, the Choir provides music for the Tri-Cities area as well as for Florence State College itself. The group strives to sharpen the interest in fine music among laymen, especially students, and to make them aware of the importance and benefits of music as a part of the college environment. The F.S.C. Choir presents concerts each semester and performs at the graduation exercises. The Choir officers are: Mary Virginia Roan, Sec- Treas.; Edwin Belue, Vice President; Cecily Hay, President; Julian Pickens, Reporter; Mrs. hHugh. G. Porter is the Choir director. I MUSIC EDUCATORS CLUB Music Educators National Conference Officers, Left to Right: Dr. Christeson, Sponsor; Cecily Hay, Vice President: Mary Virginia Roan, President; Glenda Rickard, Secretary; Charles Bruce, Treasurer. The MENC is an organization designed to develop realistic concepts of the music education profession, to promote programs in the field, and to provide acquaintance with leaders in music education. CONSERVATION CLUB Seated, Left to Right: Capt. Brown, Eaves. A. Michael, E. Aycocic, G. Dickinson, M. Hensley, G. Robertson, Hershey. Stand- ing, Left to Right: H. Moore. K. McDuff, H. Lang, W. Martin. F. Ingram. P. Riley. C. DuBose, T. Surratt, J. Dillard, L. Dou- glas. T. Edwards. The Conservation Club ' s main purpose is to further interest in conservation of wildlife and other natural resources and to promote the principles of good sportsmanship. 119 KITCHEN DELTA PIE Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Phillip Anderson, J. Cooney, E. Loyd, F. Fleming: D. Lowrey, J. D. Shrader. E. Berry, L. Johnson. Standing, Lett to Right: I. Meeker, S. Pouders, W. Sisic, C. Sherer, J. Thomas, D. McDaghren, N. Warren S. Carmichael, S. Tate, C. Thompson, B. Kirby, M. Moon, Dot Bivens. The Kitchen Delta Pie is an organization composed of student workers in the college dining hail for the purpose of promoting fellowship and social activities. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Miss Matthews, J. Clayton, F. Baker, D. Heldorn, President, J. Smith Vice President, M. Campbell, Secretary, N. Turney, M. Savage. Reporter, R. Williams. Second Row: S. Carmichal, E. Perey, C DuBose, J. Mixon. J. Chil- dress. J. Becit, B. Frost. P. McAnnally. Third Row: B. Absher, £. Crabtree, E. Armstrong. P. Minor. K. Richter, S. Lester. E. Frost. The P.E. Club is open to all students who are planning to major in physical education. 120 First Row, Left to Right: Charles Arnold. Mr. Lawrence ConwIII, Lonnie Fllppo. Charles Harper, Jackie Hulgan, Joyce Poss. Weldon Cole. Second Row: Benny Robertson. Terry Berry, Waylon Truitt. Danny Noblett. Third Row: David McFall. Jackie Stevenson, Charles Fredrick. Howard Beggs. Fourth Row: Bill Blankenship, James Clemmons. Charles Reed. James Hampton. Fifth Row: Bobby Frazier, Glen Strickland. ALPHA CHI Alpha Chi, an accounting club, is open to students taking advanced accounting courses and is designed to promote profes- sional interest and growth through studies, lectures, and group discussions of current trends and polices in practical accounting. Members are associate members of the American Accounting Association. Officers for I960 are Charles Arnold, President; Jackie Tackett, Vice President; Weldon Cole, Secretary-Treasurer; Sponsors are Mr. Roy Stevens and Mr. Lawrence Conwill. 121 1 1 i ' r iv . -J, ' - ' l H I S 1 e - », 1 f L. r 4 mf r " -- %« ' J li ■-i-- ' .. ' ' . ?% . First Row, Left to Right: Nell Jackson, Nadlne Jumper, Bonnie Crowell, Charlene Cook, Linda Moorehead, Jane Elkins, Joanne Nelson, Joan Norton. Second Row: Judy Houston, Bill Martin, Nell Wade, Glenda Rogers, Linda Sims, Melvin McLemore, Barbara Russell, Elizabeth Farr. Third Row: Judith Harrison, Bobby Norton, Frances Aderholt, Brenda Robinson, Annette Gibbs, Dean Jackson, Nicholas Swartz, Betty Briscoe. Fourth Row: Billy Joe Cannp, Rowe Newby, Ida Brown, Nelda Conwill, Ford Isom, Margaret Farris, Gary Day, Audrey Behel. Sarah Cargo. Miss Moore. Fifth Row: Mr. Allen, Wil- liam Nelson, Glen Strickland, Marion Handley, Charles Weatherbee, Andy Weaver, Bill Nelms, Moultrie Plowden. SIGMA TAU PI The purpose of the Sigma Tau Pi is to promote interest in the business department. To be eligible for membership in this club, a student must be of sophomore standing, have a " C " average, and be pursuing one of the curricula in the business administra- tion department. This highly active club sponsors a Business Opportunity Day for ail college business majors. The members work especially hard on their float for the Homecoming parade and this year they had a winner. fin 122 TRI- BETA n Beta Beta Beta is a society of students of the biological sciences. It ennphasizes a three-fold program: stimulation of sound scholarship; dissemination of scientific knowledge; and promotion of biological research. Candidates for full member- ship must major or minor in biology, complete two years of biology, with a scholastic average of 2.0 and maintain an average of 1.5 in all other courses. OFFICERS: Peggy Spain, Secretary; Doris Washurst, Historian; Joe Mosley, President; Paul Yokley, Jr. Sponsor. tliisclut KJminis ' : First Row, Left to Right: Paul Yokley, Jr.. Martha Hicks, Myra Ashley, Julia Jenkins, Elizabeth Penton, Peggy Spain, Joe Mosley. Second Row: Elizabeth Robbins, Virginia White, Ann Blair, Lavern Hipp, Gayla Stutts. Third Row: Doris Washurst. Margaret Tate, Shirley Burton, Marlon Phillips. Fourth Row: Wayne Sisk. Joe Cooney. Leiand Hoiliman, Tommy Surratt. Fifth Row: Conley Ballinger, Jerry White, Marion Handley, Carle DuBose. 123 ALABAMA STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION First Row, leH to Right: M. Ashby, V. Crews, I. Meeker, J. Bevis. Second Row R. Prince, M. Hicks, C. Holt, G. Brake- field, A. Hollingsworth, C. Bruce, R. Mooma. Third Row: F. Sims, A. Cypert, M. Drew, J. Dollar, E. Timnnons. B. Williams, J. Day, G. Richard, C. Leeman. Fourth Row: Dr. Crocker, B. Lipscomb, D. Martin, J. Jones, W. Wright, P. Scott, B. Barber, B. Johnston, C. Redding. Fifth Row: E. Gosha, B. Pace, G. Robinson, J. Campbell, J. Putnam, J. Hall, Mr. Finley. LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB First Row, Left fo Right: M. Hughes, M. Comer, M. Ellis, F. Isom. S, Sherrard, J. Hays, M. Brown, O. Cypert. Second Row: A. Porch, M. N. Brown, I. Tidwell, E. Bsnks, I. Trimm. Third Row: C. Mitchell, J. Iwing, G. Williams, Miss Fannie SchmitI, J. Dollar, C. Robinson, F. Mann. 124 Seafed, Left to Right: Anna Ory, Jimmie Campbell, Elaine Perkins, Catherine Sherer, Virginia Crews, Barbara Williams, Anne Hollingsworth, Levelle McCain, Gail Quillen, Mrs. Rasch, Sponsor, Standing: Francis Henson, Kay Berry, Vivian Judd, Tera Strickland, Gail Minor, Susan Corum, Wanda Anderson, Marcia Faye Berry, Remona Burrow, Elizabeth Mitchell, Carolyn Beavers. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club is open to all Home economics majors and minors and is affil- iated with state and national home economics organizations. Some of the purposes of the club are to promote interest in all phases of home economics as a profession, to provide op- portunities for leadership, to develop cooperation and team- work, and to provide social, professional, and business ex- perience through the various aspects of club life. Shown above: Mrs. Rasch, Levella McCain. Virginia Crews, Catherine Sherer, 125 L I O N E T T E S The following girls are members of the Lionettes: Frances Henson, Lynda Sprankles, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sarah Cargo, Mary Alice Bobo, Linda Wells, Elaine Williams, Juanita Cochran, Lue Thome, Virginia Gann, Elizabeth Farr, Claire Holt, Dean Jackson. Katherlne Jones, Elizabeth Brown, Beverly Compton, Gloria Hillhouse, Martha Robbins, Creda Dunn, Margie Drew, Genie Vance, Peggy Baker, Brend Robinson, Vera Honeycutt. Cora Abernathy, Patt Isom, Martha Terry, Charlene Cook, Judy Sorenson, Frances Baker, Marcella Campbell, Betty Kirkland, Mary Lou Gilbert, Pat Cox, Gayla Stutts, Jane Stowe, Glenda Rogers, Kay Keller, Celia Kirkpatrick, Judy King, Ida Brown, Jo Smith, Jane Elkins, Johnnie Jones, Alice Rogers. The LIONETTES are a precision drill team composed entirely of women students. They perform at ath- letic and other college events. Try-outs are required, and members selected must maintain a minimum scholastic ratio of 1 .0. The members elected the following to serve as officers: Ida Brown, President; Jo Smith, Vice President; Jane Elkins, Secretary; Johnnie Jones, Treasurer; and Alice Rogers, Reporter. IN A C T I O N w Seated, Left to Right; Mike Levin, Moultrie Plowden, President: Jim Barnes. Standing: Bobby Norton, Jim Gullett, Mike White, Jerry Sartain, Robert Scoggin. Joe Sartaln. USHERS CLUB The Florence State Ushers Club is made up of chosen young men who wish to render service to the college and the Tri-Cities area by ushering at community and college programs. Membership is by Invitation only. The club chose Moultrie Plowden as their president this year. 127 FLORENCE ?•=» I r- .- r: Seated, Left to Right: George Nix, Billy Joe Camp, Don York, Tom Greenhaw, Jim Gullett, Bill Copeland, Robert Buettner. Standing: George Ingle- right, Charles Weathers, Tommy Surratt, Randy Strait, Alton Tabereaux, Roy Smallwood,, Bryant Miller, Clarence Smith, Jimmy Gamble, Bill Keenum, Dean DeWitt. CIRCLE K CLUB The Circle K Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a service organization and character building group. The local chapter was organized in 1958. The club emphasizes service to the community. The Circle K Club is co-sponsor of the " F " Day Football game. They also sponsor a year round clothing drive. 128 i i First Row, Left to Right: M. Pitts. B. Peeden, B. Gauntney, M. Butler. Second Row: G. Ware, K. Culver. R. Prince. Third Row: V. Cockran, C. Carlotalcl, C. Hay, P. Wynne. Fourth Row: S. Folden, J. Creel. B. Jognston, M. Hillman. Fifth Row: J. Hester. R. Scogin, J. Hall, J. Day. KAPPA DELTA PI First Row, Lett to Right: Mrs. Wilson, Sponsor. Myra Ashley. Secretary and Treasurer. Carolyn Kline. Vice President. Mar- lene Whlttaker. Second Row: Judy Gullett. Jinn Bevis, President. Penny Pickens. Historian. Virginia White. 129 KAPPA MU EPSILON First Row, Left to Right: N, Manush, Mrs. G. Kent, Miss Orpha A. Culmer, J. Buffalo, Mrs. Jean Parker. Second Row: John Finley, A. Jackson, J. Trousdale, G. Ingle, Mrs. Mary Hudson, L. Hooie, C. Ingle, Mr. William A. Graham. Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honorary nnathema+ics fraternity. Mennbership in this organization is restricted to honor students in nnathematics. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY First Row, Left to Right: W. Morgan, G. Raney, J. Jenkins, F. HooIe, B. Barnes, P. Hester. Second Row: L. Harper, L. Thome, C. Reed, N. Haraway, A. Lee, C. Weathers. Third Row: D. Karrh. C. Bobo, D. Smith, J. Alexander, J. Fairer. Fourth Row: L, Montgomery, H. Hargett, T. Surratt, B. Clem, D. Rhodes, Mrs. C. F. Huff. Sponsor. J ' clioi 130 V_ V TVU " IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, " Left to Right: Robert Scogin, Doris Cox, David Harscheld, Charles Bruce, Liz Scott, Don Jackson, Mary Tom Riclcard, and Julian Phillips. REHEARSAL CLUB AND ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Rehearsal Club is the college dramatic organization. This group presents several major plays each year, and the cast are chosen from the Rehearsal Club. Scenes from " The Cherry Orchard " and " The Importance of Being Earnest " are shown here. Members of the club who show special interest and ability are invited to become a member of the Zeta Rho Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, a national dramatic fraternity. " IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST " — Robert Scogin and David Harscheld. RELIGION AT FLORENCE STATE The Florence student takes an active part in the religious affairs of the cannpus. HHe realizes that the spiritual life of a student is of great importance to forming a well- rounded education. Movements have been fostered by the various denominations to establish fellow- ship groups in order to coordinate the reli- gious activities of students with the local churches. These groups provide a church home away from home. Participation in these different church groups helps Flor- ence State students to understand different religions and to accept their religious responsibilities as they see fit. k - ' - -t i: . 9 ' Tji ■ ' ' i ' --.M— •■ v : ' ' • t RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK •I SEEK A FAITH " " c a ; w, °odf:n Guest leaders during Religious Emphasis Week were, Mr. John Fletcher, a Curate at St. Luke ' s Espiscopal Church, Mountain Brook, Alabama, and Dr. Yandall Woodfin, assistant professor of religion, Baylor University, Waco, Texas. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Front Row, Left to Right: Andy Weaver, President; Jane Elkins, Secretary; Lavelle McCain. Vice President; Dwight Martin. Treasurer; ' Mr. Fulton Huff. Sponsor. Second Row: Frances Henson, Shirley Loveless. Sara Patterson, Jena Butler. Carol Kitchens. Mary Turner Brown, Noel Morse. Third Row: Jimmy Barnwell. Jerry Cook. Jimmy Kirsch, Penny Piclcens, Sherill Steen, Ann League. Fred Sederquist. Billy Dykes, Fulton Huff. Sponsor. The Baptist Student Union is composed of all active Baptist students on cannpus and has the purpose of linking the student with the church and ministering to the total spiritual needs of the student. During the year the B.S.U. is active in many things. They hold a retreat at the beginning of school and at mid-year to make plans for work. Noonday devotionals are held each day at the center and on weekends they have services at the jail, the convalescent home and at a small chapel where they work with children. Not all the activities are work however. They have fellow- ship every Sunday night, parties at various times, and end the year with the annual B.S.U. banquet. THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Firit Row, i.»h to Right: Bill McLeod, director, Arlene Cheatham, Phillip Williams. Joan Day, Shyron Worlund. Second Row: James Isom, Pat Smith, Mary Mullins, Marcilla Campbell, Marilyn Barr, Ida Meeker, Linda Sims, Jack Hulgan. 134 Mi Sj Left to Right: Pat Davis, Paul Amberson, Alice Rogers, Brenda Martin, Edwin Belue, Ferrell Paseur, Myra Ashley. Don Wright, Bill Keeten, Paul Camp- bell Jon Hall. Martha Black, Barbara Sublett, Sammie Cockburn, Annette Gibbs, Anne Atkinson, Norris Turney. Joe Stoveal, Doyle Pendley, Donnie May Lowery. Kennith Dial. Phoebe Grah am. Christine Kaneer. Nancy Hale, Patsy Keller. Julia Terry, Betty Gautney, Judy Harrison. Arak Nell Porch. Connie Redding. Bill Nelms. Milton Speaks. Robert Clem. Sue Chastain, Elaine Perkins. Joyce Humpheries, Suellen Bishop. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP The Wesley Fellowship Is a student religious organization. Although sponsored by the Methodist Church, anyone is welcome and qualified for membership. It is a member of the National Methodist Student Organization which Is found on nearly every college campus. There are no constitution or rules to be followed by all the Wesley organizations, so each foundation is just what its members make it. Its purpose is to promote Christianity on the campus and to draw all students Into the religious part of the campus life through a closer walk with God. 135 The Young Women ' s Christian Asso- ciation is a non-demoninational organiza- tion open to all women students on the campus who are interested in student Christian life. The organization is divided into four commissions which consider dif- ferent phases of Christian life. Each member joins the commission she per- fers. In addition to commission activities the Y.W.C.A. sponsors campus-wide programs and social activities. The cabinet, composed of represent- atives of the entire organization, guides the planning for the group. Betty Johnson, President; Alice Rogers, Treasurer, Evelyn Lopez, Vice President, LaVelle McCain, Secretary. Y.W.C.A. First Row Mary Lo Williams , Left to Right: Alice Rodgers, Marjorie Drew, Evelyn Lopez, LaVelle McCsln, Betty Johnson, Catherine Sherer. Second Row: Sarah Patterson u Gilbert, Phoebe Graham, Mary Butler, Judy Sorenson, Mrs. Maness, Myra Ashley, Ariene Cheatham. Third Row: Sue Chastain, Micl(e , Linda Wells, Brenda KIrby, Betty Dean Barber, Ernestine Loyd, Loy Nell Bryan, Marcilla Campbell, Anna Ruth Rhodes, Maxine Johnson. o c AT F.S.C. MILITARY FLORENCE STATE DRILL TEAM, Commander, George Clemmons; Sponsor, Joan White. Af the beginning of the fall semester, the appoint- ment of Lt. Col. Marshall L. Fallwell as Professor of Military Science and Tactics was announced. Native of Virginia, commissioned to 2nd Lt. Chem- ical Corps through the ROTC program at North Carolina State University in November of 1941. hie fought during World War II as a member of the 3rd Chemical Mortar Battalion in European Theater of Operations. In 1949 he transferred to infantry and soon thereafter completed the infantry officers course at Ft. Benning, Ga. During the Korean War he was a member of intelli- gence Section, 8th U.S. Army staff on the mainland of Korea. In 1953, Col. Fallwell was graduated from U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. hie remained there as a member of the faculty until 1956. He then was ordered to Italy where he became Assistant Chief of Staff (G-l person- nel) 1st U.S. Army Missile Command of the Southern European Task Force. r- COLONEL FALLWELL CADRE Mai. Perkins, Capt. Hutchens, Capt. Brown, Sgt. Collins, Sgt. Kilgore, Sgt. Rlcker, Sp. Chapman. )point- isorol Qiem- Nortl, tl.He e],i iter of ry and course Infell- land of atR. BATTLE GROUP — Left to Right: Lawrence A. Parfiam, Tom Sreenhaw, Ronnie Romine, Billy Joe Camp, Bill Nelms, David Bevls, Jerry Cook, Mary Helen Manning, Sponsor. BATTLE GROUP Billy Joe Camp, Battle Group Commander for fall semester Tom Greenhaw, Battle Group Commander for spring semester »!!!¥«: Loft to Right: J. Eady, President, J. Tipton, Sponsor; G. Hovater, R. Romlne, B. Nelms, R. Steen, C. Ingle, S. Williams, P. Hester, S. demons, G. Stephens, N. Newman, D. York, L. Parham, R. Scogin, M. Steenson, J. Coolc, M. McLemore, W. Hawkins, B. Burrey, T. Greenhaw, D. Bevis, L. Garrett. D. Jackson, S. Worland, Bozeman, J. White, C. Beckham, T. Berry, A. Weaver, G. Inglewright, D. Rousso, I. Smith, B. Hill, D. Dodd, M. Faulkner, C. Smith, P. Williams, Montgomery. G. Nix, J. Kirsch, Bradford, J. Gamble, B. Proctor, D. Boone. N. Hunt, B. Camp, B. Copeland. THE CADET OFFICER CORPS The Cadet Officer Corps is a military fraternity with membership restricted to students in advanced ROTC. Among its purposes are to promote unity among the entire ROTC Corps and to foster worth- while student activities. The COC helped to make the Blood- mobile very successful by urging students to contribute a pint of blood for a worthy cause. This highly active organization is the sponsor of several school activities during the year, among those are the annual Military Ball and the Christmas Ball. They helped back the dance this year when we had the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra to play for us. 140 1 MISS MARY HELEN MANNING Battle Group Sponsor MISS JEAN TIPTON Provost Corps Sweetheart 141 MISS JOAN WHITE Drill Team Sponsor MISS NELL WADE A " Company Sponsor MISS JANELLE HOLLEY B " Company Sponsor 142 MISS ANNE HUFFMAN C " Company Sponsor ii ii MISS MADELINE HILLMAN " E " Company Sponsor MISS JANET PRICE Band Sponsor 143 SPONSORS ROTC BAND m m ' !► . 1- 4 ft( A 99 A " COMPANY t4D99 B " COMPANY mr - ■ WKEi ■pi liir Fj 1 ►w]!: .. ' fc- jy Bj B fl H jL jBHI Im I ffl fl S H 3 hI ' ' i a b PsBI p i l V V7r 9 ' " ' V m HP - " " f inr II ft ,Jmi WMl 4t JJ C " COMPANY iis ic p v HC fc ' Aftrf liKMi Hit F _. • ' fl - — Ifl r ' R " .. ' fi L.tN H 1 b tH :1 i | " ' 1 " R H 1 «M| IH ' fl ■: ' ■ : 1 1 ,iww IP .tw .. -t- ■ ■• ttr ff D " COMPANY « .rf f-r - ■j?-:. ' : " i -■■- . :. - " . — « » ■. - fttC99 E " COMPANY ' m im LIONS ' . Nell Jackson • ! « Gaufney Wyra Ellis Faye Parrish HIGH STEPPING MAJORETTES LEAD BAND Marilyn Bentley, AHernate Janelle Holley 149 • ' ■w ' iH Ellis First Row, Left to Right: Betty Gautney, Janet Price, My r i- nci l -im Nhi-ioma i ivia v-W II ul - ' , | Lyc;iiiii3 _ imiiii, I ' tuiiiiari iVvfwcii, ttuv ' ' ' w_ ' i i . __ , .__.._. Bud Searcy. Fifth Row: Jim Gullett, Keith Collin, Eva Starnes, George iriyitjwrnjm. Diiiy ocoTi, jerry Cook. Sixth Row: Bobby Davis, Fred Sedenqquist, Jackie Smith, Wayne Wright, Gwen Ware, Bob Searcy. Seventh Row: Karen Sorreson, Joyce Freeman, Nancy Warren, Linda MacPhearson, Kay Davidson, Jannette Carroll. Eighth Row: Michae ' Robert Scogin, Tom Hall, Sammie Cockburn, Rosemary Hampton. Ninth Row: Mary Hester, Mary Lindsey, Linda Graham. , _,, __ _ __. lyra bllis. Second Row: Nell Jackson, Janelle Holley, Pam Whitt, Marilyn Bentley, Faye Parrish, Sylvia Adcock. Third Row: Dr. Christeson, director, Dan Boone, Tom Shoemaker, Macon Brock, Dennis Griffth, Norman Powell, Wayne Collier. Fourth Row: Fred Staggs, Jon Hall, James Caryhin. Brad Holland. Bonnie Crowell - ■ - — . . - _ .. ...._... Inglewriqht, Billy Scott, Jerry Cook. Sixth Row: Bobby Dav Savage, Maire Holden FLORENCE STATE ' S MARCHING BAND One of the most active and certainly one of the most appreciative organizations on campus is the Florence State Band under the direction of Dr. Wayne Christeson. The Marching band composed of 57 mem- bers, including 8 majorettes and a drum major, are present at football games, pep rallies, and parades. The concert band composed of 35 members offer a concert each spring offering music for all tastes ranging from jazz to symphony. ISO Band leads parade, homecoming eve Pep band sets spirit a-fire WILLIAM PACE, drum major Florence State Band ' s lovely marching majorettes ISI II 1 SPIRIT SPARKLES WITH PERSONALITIES AT FLORENCE STATE mary butler, editor itor 153 MR. FLORENCE STATE JERRY WHITE % MISS FLORENCE STATE IDA RANEY % I ROYALTY RUNNER-UP TO MISS FLORENCE STATE JANE ELKINS RUNNER-UP TO MR. FLORENCE STATE MILTON SPEAKE I5( ROYALTY LULU DOBBINS BILL HELMS 157 ROYALTY IDA BROWN TERRY HERSCHEL MOORE I M 158 ROYALTY MYRA ASHLEY RONNIE ROMINE 159 HOMECOMING QUEEN JOAN WHITE r il { Queen Joan was crowned by President E. B. Norton at " The Club Bohemian, " the Homeconn- ing dance which climaxed the fes- tive day. Joan ' s escort was L. C. Fowler. Cute, petite blond that she is, her excellency was a charming ad- dition to the hlomecomlng post- ers. A popular junior from Fayette, Joan was band majorette last year, Drill Team sponsor, and class of- ficer this year. Escorted by George Clemmons, Queen Joan was presented, along with her court, to a crowd of 4,000 during the half-time of the Florence State — Middle Tennessee game. 161 COURT MARGARET BRITTON 162 COURT MADELINE HILLMAN 163 COURT GLENETTE HOLAWAY NADINE JUMPER 164 COURT JANE ELKINS Homecoming Personalities smile for the camera: Loft to Right, Seated, Madeline Hillman, Jane Blair Gough, Nadine Jumper, Margaret Britten, Jane Elkins, Nell Wade, Glenette Holaway, Ira Raney. Standing is Queen Joan White. ( f " % 165 The ten finalists in the Annual Diorama Beauty Contest who were picked by the Diorama staff posed for the camera at the final Judging which was held at Rogers Hall. DIORAMA BEAUTY CONTEST The top ten beauties ' were presented, along with the Royal Court, at the Tommy Dorsey Dance held at the Coliseum. Queen Pam Whitt dances with her date, Bill Nelms, at the Dorsey Dance. 166 T I The top five I960 Diorama Beauties featured in the Diorama were chosen by judges on the basis of photogenic qualities and physical assets. The judges were Paul Barr, Jess Keller, Lyn Swan Wag- non, Mrs. Stewart Smith, and Dan Glenn. Presentation of the top ten Beauties was one of the highlights of the Inter-Presidents Council Tom- my Dorsey Dance which was held in the new Flo- rence Coliseum. The ten finalists were chosen by the Diorama staff. They included Madeline Hillman, Patsy In- gram, Sally Locklear, Lois Lumpkin, and Nell Wade. The judges interview the top ten beauties at Rogers Hall. Florence State Top Five Beauties: Janelle Holley, Betty Lois Jumper, Queen Pam Whitt, Elizabeth Brown, and Jean Tipton. Nelni, x Jt 167 The judges selected Miss Pamela Whitt as the top Diorama beauty, and her court of four beauties from a field of ten, chosen by the Diora ma staff. Upon meeting Pam Whitt, Diorama ' s Queen of Beauty, one is immediately impressed not only with her beauty but also with her vivacious per- sonality and the friendly sparkle in her eyes, hler shining blond hair, deep blue eyes, and shapely figure, complete the perfect picture of a true Southern beauty. Pam, a sophomore from Decatur, has been a featured twirler and majorette in the Florence State Band for the past two years. She was one of the top five Diorama beauties ast year; and, during the fall, Pam was in the finals of the Miss Alabama Scholarship Contest. 168 QUEEN OF BEAUTY MISS PAM WHITT 169 MISS ELIZABETH BROWN DIORAMA BEAUTY II 170 i i MISS JANELLE HOLLEY DIORAMA BEAUTY 171 baAm MISS JEAN TIPTON DIORAMA BEAUTY 172 MISS BETTY LOIS JUMPER DIORAMA BEAUTY 173 MISS MADELINE HILLMAN NOMINEES MISS LOIS LUMPKIN MISS NELL WADE t MISS PATSY INGRAM NOMINEES MISS SALLY LOCKLEAR MR. AND MISS FRIENDLINESS BILL NELMS MARCELLA CAMPBELL av :. MAY QUEEN AND COURT i i A Mexican Fiesta Day in the Amphi- theater formed a colorful background for the presentation of the 1959 May Queen, Betty Aderholt, and her court of seven lovely coeds. Maid of Honor was Betty Jean Miller. The six other members of the Court were Barbara Brown, Gerlda Newton, Jane Blair Gough, Sue Cox, Madeline Hillman, and Nell Wade. MAY QUEEN BETTY ADERHOLT The lovely senorltas: Seafed, left to right, Jane Blair Gough, Gerlda Newton, Sue Cox, Barbara Brown, Nell Wade, Made- line Hillman. Standing, Queen Betty Aderholt, Maid of Honor Betty Jean Miller. n. ■ SPIRIT CHEERS EVERY SPORT AT FLORENCE STATE I -• 4« %J n — ynk r K mM " •% ' i V i . J S x H ii H v . ' " cia A jH H ' T H 4 H a 1 i •-• ; ijm ' w - i ' irii • B " S 1 ' Ki« f 1 E Hic- ' -.■«»-.-- ifHtV -1 . J - 179 MEN BEHIND THE MEN . . . H. A. " EDDIE " FLOWERS . . . Athletic Director . . . Florence State since 1929 has worked in close cooperation with the Athletic Committee in building the Lions to a power among small colleges in the south. CO-CAPTAINS CARL HANNAH AND DAVID MARTIN led the LIONS to a 5-4- i record during 1959. hiannah was one of top receivers for the FSC eleven for the past two years. Martin, a four-year letterman and twice most valuable lineman, led the LIONS on both defense and offense. 180 ffi during ;eive« years, twice . ATHLETIC COMMITTEE (Left-right) H. A. Flowers, Dr. H. H. Floyd, Dr. Wayne Christeson, (standing) R. C. Fuller, Roy Stevens, O+is Peacock. 181 OFF THE FIELD . . . David Martin (most valuable lineman) Coaches and next year ' s co-captalns: Coach Weeks, Tuffy Hudson, Larry Yancey, and Coach Sell from left. Many elements go into the nnakeup of a football season at Florence State College. Here we find pictures of the sports ' editors, publicity workers, nam- ing of most valuable players and captains. All of these activities combined together with the grid play make for a bigger season. At the football ban- quet, Dave Martin and Larry Yancey were honored as most valuable players while Tuffy Hudson and Larry Yancy were named as the Co-Captains for I960. 182 Publicity directors — Billy Joe Camp and George Nix Sports editor (Diorama) Jimmie (Bug) Taylor (right). Spor editor (Flo-Ala) Bill Shelton (left). F O O T B A L L A C T I O N 183 THE 1959 GRID YEAR . . . 184 Firjt Row: John Willis, Guin Holland; Robert Douthitt, Bob Jackson, Neal Hunt, Ken Gunter, Jimmy Oiiv, Max Eui.uivn, . , , .wnlow, Larry Yancey. Second Row: Joe Morrow, Tom Greenhaw, Lee Haggerdorn, Buddy Beavers. Bill Anderson, Bob Miller, Joe Mosley, Joe Thrasher, Darrell Blalock, Joe Beard. Third Row: R. C. Sanderson, Ed Carter, Gil Cleveland, Bob West, Gerald Hudson, Petty Ezell, David Martin, Harold Graham, Wayne Sanderson: Fourth Row: Lyie Underwood, Bob Sullivan, Dave Patterson, Bill Dickinson, Sammy Smith, Bob Hurst, Carl Hannah, Henry Prater, Marvin Whiserrant. FOOTBALL STATISTICS Rushing Leaders Position Times Carried Yards Sained Lost Net Sain Robert Douthitt Tailback 110 531 34 497 Larry Yancey Fullback 133 504 1 1 493 Max Burleson Tailback 76 340 34 306 Suin Holland Fullback 62 307 9 298 Ken Gunter Wingback 42 297 13 284 Passing Leaders Position No . Attempts Completed Intercepted Ge ined Scot ing Passes Max Burleson Tailback 70 40 6 563 4 Robert Douthitt Tailback 34 9 3 97 Offense Leaders Position No. Pla ys Net Yards Rushing Passin g Total Net Sain Max Burleson Tailback 146 306 563 869 Robert Douthitt Tailback 144 497 97 594 Larry Yancey Fullback 133 493 493 Pass Receiving Position No. Caught Yards Gained Scoring Passes Leaders Henry Prater Right End 16 196 Bobby West Left End 13 144 1 Ken Gunter Wingback 5 134 2 Punting Leaders Position No. Punts Yards Punted Av. Per Punt Blocked Guin Holland Fullback 51 1704 34.1 1 Ken Gunter Wingback 1 40 40.0 Scoring Leaders Position Touchdowns P.A.T. Attempts Made Field Goals Points Robert Douthitt Tailback 6 36 Larry Yancey Fullback 5 30 Ken Gunter Wingback 4 24 Bobby Jackson Fullback 19 16 1 19 Max Burleson Tailback 3 3 1 18 Harold Graham Quarterback 2 3 2 14 Guin Holland Fullback 2 12 Jinnmy Brownlow Wingback 1 1 1 8 Bobby West Left End 1 ■ 6 Petty Exell Right End 1 6 Lyie Underwood Center 1 6 LONGEST PLAY OF SEASON Player Position Type of Play Yardage Scored? LyIe Underwood Center Pass interception 90 yes LONGEST PLAY FROM SCRIMMAGE Players Position Type of Play Yardage Scored? Burieson-Gunter TB-WB Pass 58 yes Ken Gunter Wingback Rushing 52 yes COMPLETE FOOTBALL STATISTICS FOR 1959 FSC OPP Knt downs 134 147 rushrng 95 113 passing 31 26 penalties 8 8 Yardi gained rushing 2147 247! lost rushing 138 197 Yards gained passing 660 653 Net yards gained 2679 2827 Passes attempted 110 107 completed 49 49 had Intercepted 10 12 interception retu rns 251 124 Punting 52-1744 37-1240 punt returns 12-87 23-168 Penalties 578 4 9 Fumbles 22 43 lost 12 26 185 FSC 14 TPI 14 Mosf of the third period was a defensive battle, but in the closing minutes Burleson intercepted a pass at the Tech 47 and returned to the seven. Seven plays later fullback Larry Yancey plunged over from the one foot line and the Lions were out in front 14-7 fol- lowing Graham ' s PAT. Tech came roaring back after taking the kickoff moving the ball to the Florence one where Shoemaker plunged over for the tally. Wright again tied the score with 14 minutes remaining. Florence ' s Bobby Jackson and TPI ' s Wright each tried field goals from their 25 but both were wide. The passing of tailback Max Burleson and the outstanding defensive play of Harold Graham caught TPI, the pre-season favorite for the OVC Championship, off guard and the Lions came back to Florence with an upset 14-14 tie in the season opener for both teams. Florence State ' s big play came when tailback Max Burle- son and wingback Ken Gunter combined their talents in a long, soaring pass play. With the ball on the State 41, Gun- ter shot down the middle, grabbed Burleson ' s pass on the Tech 40, and went all the way for Florence ' s first tally. Tech didn ' t waste any time getting back into the game, however. Although there were no spectacular plays in their drive, the Golden Eagles ground out 66 yards to score. Power runner, Ralph Bayles was the big man most of the way. After quarterback Gorden Mason had passed to the two, Boyles crashed in the score, and Wright added the PAT to knot the score at 7-7. THE YARDSTICK FSC TPI First Downs 11 19 Yards Rushing 10! 239 Yards Lost Rushing 16 1 Passing 8-14 6-12 Passing Yardage 138 47 Passes Intercepted 1 1 Fumbles Lost 1 Yards Penalized 69 35 Punting Average 3-36.7 0-0 I THE STARTING UNIT ♦ Florence State piles up yardage FSC 1 3 • MURRAY 6 Neither wind nor rain could keep the Lions from their first victory of the season September 26, with a 13-6 triumph over the Murray State Racers at Murray, Kentucky. The high wind of 50 miles per hour all but grounded the Lions ' powerful passing attack and jeopardized the Racers ' air game. The Lions struck late in the opening quarter when fullback Larry Yancey crashed through the center for 28 yards and paydirt. Down- field blocking by Darrell Blalock and Carl Hannah made the run possible. Tater Graham missed the try for PAT and the Lions led 6-0. The Racers tied the score with 3:15 left in the first half when Jack Norrls connected with Buddy Searcy on a short flat pass and the fleet-footed end evaded Lion defenders for 87 yards to put Murray on the scoreboard. The try for the point after was no good. Robert Douthitt shot straight up the center for 16 yards and the winning touchdown early in the final period. Bob Jackson ' s kick for point after was good and the Lions had their first victory of the season, I 3-6. Douthitt was the leading ground gainer with 137 yards in 25 car- ries followed by Yancey with 93 yards in 19 attenrtpts. THE YARDSTICK FSC MS First Downs 16 8 Rushing Yardage 317 125 Passing l-IO 2-6 Passing Yardage 5 97 Fumbles 4 Passes Intercepted Punting 4-27.2 6-26.6 Penalties 55 20 Hannah and Prater 187 ■mi t Jackson ' s toe pulls game out of fire in waning seconds FSC 16 ARKANSAS STATE 1 4 The Florence Slate Lions pulled one out of the fire last Saturday night over the Indians of Arkansas State, 16-14. It took the toe of Bobby Jackson, a freshman halfback, to produce the victory. His 42 yard field goal, with a minute and twenty seconds remaining, meant a 16-14 dif- ference as the Lions remain unbeaten. They have one tie. With 3 minutes and 32 seconds remaining in the first period, Guin Holland punted from the FSC 48, and when the Arkansas State safety fumbled, Smith recovered the loose ball for the Lions. Douthitt slammed forward to the one yard line and Yancy powered his way over for the Lions ' first tally. Once again Holland punted, this time from the Arkansas State 46, and again the Arkansas safety dropped the ball with Tuffy Hudson falling on the loose pigskin for the Lions with Yancey driving over for the score making it 12-0. Jackson ' s try for the PAT was good and the Lions were out in front by 13-0. • Arkansas State came roaring back to go 64 yards in 13 plays which was finally capped off with Quarterback Bill Cardwell ' s pass to Don Miller for 6 yards and 6 points. The PAT was added with only 58 seconds in the first half. Early in the fourth period the Indians struck once more, eating up 70 yards In 12 plays. Cardwell pitched to Don Bently for 24 yards, to Miller for 17 to set it up at the FSC 17 yard line. Cardwell then ran the keeper to get the touchdown. The conversion was good and the Indians went out In front 14-13. Then came the deciding factor in the game. An exchange of punts saw the Lions start a drive on their own 35. Then Douthitt completed his only pass of the game down to the Indian 42. Power man Larry Yancey then carried five times down to the State I I yard line. At this point Jackson came In, but a penalty for delay of the game put the ball back on the Indian 22. The rest is history. I 188 Beard and Prater move in fSC 19 Livingston o yniglit Bobby ■m 1, Guij i safety ammd for tie ate 4i, Hudson )ver for and tlie fs wliicli to Don only 5! gup JO to Miller rantke I Indians of punts mpieted in Larty .Attlis put the DIckerson gains -first down on pass play The Florence State Lions defeated the Livingston Tigers 19-0 at Coffee High Stadium, Saturday, October 10. The triumph, the third of the season against one tie, enabled the Lions to tangle with Southeastern Louisiana with an undefeated record. The first quarter saw the Lions drive 99 yards for their first score. The drive started when a Livingston punt rolled dead on the one yard line, and from there 13 plays were needed to cross the goal line. Fullback Larry Yancey, tailback Robert Douthitt, and wingback Ken Gunter alternated as carriers. Douthitt shot over the final three yards over his own right tackle with one min- ute and eleven seconds left in the first stanza. Bob Jackson split the uprights to put the Lions out in front 7-0. Midway of the second quarter, the FSC ' ers began moving the ball again. After a Lion drive stalled on the FSC 30, a Guin Holland punt was fumbled by Livings- ton safety and end Bill Dickinson recovered on the Tiger 29? Holl and, the freshman fullback, drove straight ahead for eleven, and then eight yards on the first two downs, and then added five more. Four plays later he cracked right tackle from the one yard line with 2 minutes re- maining in the first half. Jackson ' s try for the conversion was wide to the left and the score stood at 13-0. Livingston more or less dominated the third quarter, as the stanza ended the Tigers were on the FSC 24, but the defense got tougher and the Lions took the ball over to their own 10. From here the Lions controlled the ball for several plays, but were finally forced to kick. Then an exchange of fumbles took place before Lyie. Under- wood jumped on a loose pigskin at LSC 38. Then with movement hampered by penalties Douthitt plunged into- the end zone with 47 seconds left in the game. The pass for the two pointer was good but was nulli- fied by a penalty. Jackson ' s boot was wide, giving the Lions a 19-0 win, their third of the year. THE YARDSTICK FSC LSC First downs 16 8 Yards rushing 273 72 Yards passing 12 61 Passes 5-1 24-11 Passes had inter. 1 4 Fumbles lost 3 1 Yards penalized 10-90 4-25 Punting average 5-34.6 4-32.5 Starting tackles (L-R) Dave Martin and Sanamy Smith 189 FSC 21 SEL28 The Lions ' first defeat of the season canne at the hands of the Southeastern Louisiana Lions by a score of 28-21. The Florentines, had they been endowed with a little more luck could easily have been the victors. It was a nip and tuck battle all the way as the teann with the ball at the right time was able to turn the tide. Fullback Larry Yancey crashed into the end zone midway of the opening period to climax a 16 play 76 yard march. Jackson added the point after and Florence eleven found themselves with a 7-0 lead. Yancey skirts in for 23 yards Yancey scores from fhe one yard line The visiting Lions took only four minutes to score follow- ing the kickoff with Lee going over from the 25. C. J. Alex- ander ran for the conversion and the visitors were ahead 8-7. Darell Blalock recovered quarterback Fairchild ' s fumble on the 40 to set up the second FSC TD. Burleson and Yancey moved the ball all the way in for the score and following the PAT had put the home eleven out in front 14-8. Following Guin Holland ' s fumble C. J. Alexander bulled over from the I I with only three seconds left in the opening half to tie the score at 14-14. Douthitt threw 42 yards to Carl Hannah for the home Lions ' third touchdown and Jackson added the extra point to put the score at 21-14. Little All-American Alexander put the visitors right back in the ball game with a 72-yard blast through the line for his second TD of the evening. In the final period the SEL quarterback found an end out in the open and tossed to him for a 72-yard TD. The two- point conversion was good and SEL was out in front to stay 28-21. THE YARDSTICK First Downs 21 17 Rushing 240 289 Passing 9-13 2-5 Passing Yardage 104 82 Fumbles 1 4 Penalties 45 35 Punting 5-21.2 2-30 190 Burleson stopped by a host of SEL tacltiers FSC34 TROY 1 4 THE SECOND UNIT The Florence State Lions rolled past the Red Wave of Troy 34-14 on Saturday, October 24. Actually the victory was never in doubt after the middle of the second quarter, in which the Lions scored 20 points to practically put the game out of reach. The Lions drew first blood in the opening frame, as Ken Gunter got loose on the wingback reverse and scampered 31 yards for the score. Bob Jackson added the PAT. Touchdown number two was set up on a fumble recovery by Wayne Sanderson at the Troy five yard line. Douthitt then skirted five yards for pay dirt and Jackson ' s conversion was again successful. But the Red Wave wasn ' t ready to give up. Their 145 pound halfback Frank Sadler took the kickoff on the one and raced down the sidelines for 99 yards. The place kick was good and the score stood at 14-7. Florence then blew the contest wide open. On an exchange of punts Burleson returned the ball to the Troy 33. After Yan- cey posted a one yard gain, the tailback then fired to Gunter for a 33 yard scoring play. Jackson converted and the score stood at 21-7 with 6 minutes left in the half. Seconds later end Henry Prater recovered a fumble on the Troy 33. Only one play was needed to score as Guin Holland bulled for the 33 yards. Jackson ' s try for point was blocked and the score stood at 27-7 at the half. The third quarter passed without consequence for either side as both teams exchanged punts numerous times. The Lions struck for their last score early in the fourth quar- ter as Burleson returned a punt to his own 30. After only three plays Burleson shot up the middle for 58 yards and the score. Jackson ' s try for point was good. In the closing minutes of the game a Holland punt was returned to the FSC 35. After a three yard pickup Atkinson raced 32 yards for the score for Troy. The PAT was made, and the score remained at 34-14 at the final buzzer. THE YARDSTICK FSC TSC First Downs 11 1 1 Yards Rushing 348 192 Passes 3-6 5-12 Passing Yardage 59 44 Interceptions 1 Fumbles Lost 4 7 Yards Penalized 12-121 5-50 Punting Average 6-35 5-33.5 Max Burleson, tailback later is stopped on a Q.B. sneak FSC 26 MIDDLE TENN. 34 Burleson ' s pass and gallop 55 yards to the paydirf. Jackson ' s try for point after was wide and the Lions led 20-14. It was at this point that the Raiders ' superior depth began to tell. They only needed three plays to move 72 yards for their next counter. Gains of 32 and 15 yards put the ball on the 25 where Purvis scored. The PAT was good and MTSC took the lead for the first time, 21-20. A recovery started the visitors moving again as they used nine plays to move the ball 53 yards with Moore going in for the score and Adams adding the extra point to make the score 28-2 I . The final TD for the Raiders was scored by Puryear to climax a 72 yard drive. The try for conversion was no good and the score stood 34-20. The final score for the Lions was another of many spec- tacular plays. The Raiders appeared to have another touch- down with less than a mi nute to play as they drove to the Lion 10. But a pass was intercepted by center Lyie Under- wood and he roared down the field for 90 yards for the longest run of the year for the Lions and a score. The two point conversion failed and the Raiders were the winners seconds later 34-26. THE YARDSTICK FSC MTSC First Downs II 20 Yards Rushing 131 420 Yards Passing 125 7 Passes 8-13 1-4 Passes Intercepted 1 1 Fumbles Lost 2 2 Yards Penalized 5? 55 Middle Tennessee, ranked in the top five among small college gridiron elevens, handed the surprising Lions their second loss of the season before a large homecoming crowd, 34-26. The Lions were the first to get into the scoring column as they went 58 yards in ten plays. The big play was a 45 yard gallop by Burleson to the MTSC 12. Harold " Tator " Graham sneaked over from the one after a first down was picked up at the two. Bob Jackson split the uprights to make the score 7-0. The Raicfers made their power known shortly as they ate up 66 yards in I I plays. Fullback Gend Windham went 18 yards for the tally with 13 minutes remaining in the second period. The attempt for the two points was no good. Late in the first half the Lions were back in business. Hoi- land ' s punt was downed on the one yard line. Watson punt- ed to the Raiders ' 35 and Burleson returned to the 29. He then passed to Bobby West at the 23 and then to Neal Hunt at the 10 for a first and goal. On the next play Burle- son went around right end for the score. Again, Jackson ' s toe was true and the score stood 14-6. Middle Tennessee was quick to get back in the second half as they went 73 yards for the score. The try for the two points was good and the score stood tied at 14-14. Not to be outdone the Florence State eleven struck back as they moved the pigskin 73 yards in five big plays. The homecoming crowd got their money ' s worth as left end Bobby West went up between two defenders to bring down 192 A completed pass in the making The first plane trip made by the FSC gridders FSC 7 • McNEESE 28 A modern means of transportation for the FSC Lions did not prove to be a modern means of winning a football game as the Lions journeyed to Lake Charles to be defeated by a strong McNeese eleven, 28-7. The ' 59 Lions were the first team In Florence State history to go to an athletic contest by air. But In the meantime they brought their record against Louisiana teams to for 5. But to get back to the game, the Lions started out on what looked like a rout when Ken Gunter got loose on a wingback reverse and galloped 58 yards for the score with only 3:15 gone in the game. Bob Jackson split the uprights for a 7-0 lead and this was all for the Lions as the CoAvboys reversed the picture. The Louisiana team moved 67 yards in nine plays with Don Breaux crashing over tackle for the score. Kahn tied the score at 7-7 with the PAT early in the second period. The action was Just beginning to roll as left halfback Ted Brevelle returned a Lion punt from his own 20 to the Lion 38 to set up their second score. In three plays right half Olan Clark scooted 12 yards for the TD, and again Kahn ' s kick was good to make It 14-7 at halftlme. THE YARDSTICK FSC MSC First Downs 13 20 Yards Rushing 170 321 Yards Passing S9 65 Passes 6-15 5-7 Passes Had In fercepted 1 Fumbles Lost 2 Punting 3-27.3 3-31.6 Penalties 69 The Cowboys continued to pad the lead in third quarter as Clark scored from two yards out to climax a 58 yard march. The big man in that drive was quarterback Viator, who broke loose on a third down quarterback-sneak to move the ball 45 yards to the two. Kahn kicked true again, and the hosts were way out In front, 21-7. The final score came in the early minutes of the fourth canto as quarterback Breaux raced up the middle for the score on a 30 yard gallop. The PAT was successful and the final score read McNeese 28, Florence 7. The Lions were able to move the ball into McNeese ter- ritory several times, being inside the 20 on three occasions and to the ten once but were never able to capitalize on these opportunities. 193 FSC 22 AUSTIN PEAY 8 The Lions got the insurance marker with 2:19 left in the game, as guard Darell Blalock Intercepted a Governor pass at the 35 of Austin Peay. On the first play, tailback Robert Douthitt cut over center and raced 35 yards for the score. Bob Jackson split the uprights with the conversion, to make the final score, 22-8. Burleson stopped by a host of tacklers In the final home appearance of the year the Florence State Lions defeated the Governors of Austin Peay, 22-8. All told, it was a hard-fought and cold victory for the Lions, as some 1000 fans braved the frigid weather to watch the activities. Florence got the early lead in the game as end Henry Prater jumped on an Austin Peay fumble on the Gov- ernors ' 30. The pigskin rested on the six following four run- ning and a 19-yard pass play. Tator Graham went over on the next play and Jackson kicked the PAT and Florence had the lead 7-0 which stood at halftime. The Governors got into business in the third quarter, as a Guin Holland punt rolled dead on the 12. With a third down on the 19, halfback Bert Simpson (a Garden City, Ala., product) took a handoff, shot over left tackle and raced unmolested 8 I yards for the score. The try for the two point play was good as Moore passed to end Steve Deaver and the visitors had an 8-7 lead with I 1 :20 left in the third stanza. A march of 74 yards in 18 plays pushed Florence to a 15-8 advantage. Tailback Max Burleson climaxed the drive by passing the last six yards to Petty Exell for the TD and then fired to wingback Jimmy Browlow for the two pointer. THE YARDSTICK FSC AP First Downs 16 9 Yards Rushing 220 225 Passes 6-14 1-8 Passing Yardage 62 3 Had Intercepted 2 2 Fumbles Lost 1 Penalties 45 15 Punting Average 5-40.5 5-34.2 FSC recovers a fumble 194 FSC 7 • VANDERBILT 42 The Florence State Lions ' first venture against Southeastern conference opposition on November 21 proved to be disastrous as the Commodores of Vanderbilt romped over the Lions 42-7. Vanderbilt simply had too much class and depth for the Lions. The heavily favored Commodores were held scoreless the first quarter and were leading only 13-7 at halftime, but the final 30 minutes proved to be no contest. Florence State ' s only score of the afternoon came as the result of an in- terception. Jimmy Brownlow snatched a Jim McKee pass out of the air on the 42 yard line and raced 58 yards down the sidelines for the score. Bob- by Jackson converted and Vandy led 13-7 at this point. Although the Lions were way outclassed, they still had some bright spots. Tailback Robert Douthitt gained 45 yards in nine carries, and Guin Hol- land, kicking from his own end zone more than once, did some fine punting with a 36.3 average for eight punts. Harold Graham and Dave Martin were the outstanding defenders, as were Lion guards, Darell Blalock, Joe Beard, Bill Anderson, and Wayne Sanderson contributing their share. Graham led both teams in individual tackles with II. Vanderbilt displayed a well-oiled offensive machine as they piled up yardage in great amounts. The big halfback, Tom Moore, gained 58 yards in 1 I carries, and Tom Garden helped In the Commodore attack by picking up 84 yards in nine attempts. Quarterback Russ Morris contributed his share by hitting five of nine passes for 94 yards. Florence forced Vandy to work 21 minutes for its first marker. A nine- play 47 yard march was climaxed when the big fullback, Jim Burton, leaped over tackle from the one for the score. Morris converted and Vandy en- joyed a narrow 7-0 lead. The Commodores struck again just 48 seconds later. A Max Burleson pass was Intercepted by Morris on the 35 and returned to the 13. On the next play, Moore scooted around left end for the TD. This time the PAT was no good and the score was 13-0. It was at this point that Brownlow ' s Interception narrowed the margin and apparently steamed up Vandy for a second half outburst. Then touchdowns rained as the contest turned Into a rout. Tom Moore scored from the one yard line to cap a 57 yard drive. McKee raced I I yards on a keeper play to end a 32 yard march. This time Scot Trundle added the PAT. Vandy ' s last TD came as third stringer Terry Black passed 1 1 yards to Ron Miller as Commodore subs engineered a 64 yard drive. Trundle again kicked true. Except for Florence ' s great moment in the first half, the Lions threatened only one more time. They were rolling in the final minutes of the game, ne- gotiating 75 yards in 12 plays, when the final horn sounded and stopped the drive on the 12. This effort, far too short, came too late. The 42-7 score had been deter- mined and Vandy ' s third and fourth stringers were finishing up the game. Gunter moves on a wingback reverse THE YARDSTICK FSC VU First Downs 6 21 Rushing Yardage 100 312 Passing Yardage 27 150 Passes 4-14 8:i5 Passes Intercepted By 1 3 Punting Average 8-36.3 5-39.5 Fumbles Lost 1 2 Yards Penalized 34 115 THE THIRD UNIT I OK Jeanne Campbell, Jane Tune, Lulu Dobbins, Elaine Perkins, Mary Butler, Linda Moorehead, Robert Steen, Gail Quillen CHEERLEADERS " Whafs the good word? R-O-A-R LIONS!! " This familiar yell has been heard at every foofball game this year. The eight peppy students who devoted their time to promote school spirit stand for the Spirit of Flo- rence State . . . for they are eight jumping and yelling examples of school spirit . . . May they ever shout ... " GOT THE PEP, STEAM, COACH, TEAM . . . FIFTEEN RAHS FOR THE WHOLE DARN TEAM " . . . ROBERT STEEN HEAD LULU DOBBINS JANE TUNE MARY BUTLER ELAINE PERKINS LINDA MOOREHEAD JEANNE CAMPBELL GAIL QUILLEN Coach Ed Billingham ' s Florence State Basketball LIONS posted their first winning season since the 1949-50 season when they won 17 and lost six. Not in- cluding tournaments the LIONS brought in a 12-8 record this year. Twelve seasons of basketball under Coach Billing- ham brought a reality to FSC this season when the LIONS were invited to play in the national NAIA tournament in Kansas City, Mo., after winning the regional playoffs. In tournament play the LIONS were 2-2. The SIAA in Lake Charles, La., brought two defeats and the 19th regional NAIA in Florence brought home two important victories. BASKETBALL I M f 1 Name Gi mes FGAFSM R5 Pet. FTA FTM FT Pet. Fouls Reb Game Avg. Total Game Points Avg. Earnest, Doyle . 20 213 119 55.9 155 115 74.2 62 253 12.60 353 17.65 Heidorn, Don ... 20 318 136 39.4 50 41 82.0 52 39 1 .95 313 15.65 Frost, Eddie 20 214 94 43.9 54 37 68.5 54 87 4.35 225 11.25 Romine, Ronnie. 19 203 94 46.2 33 24 72.7 44 237 13.53 212 11.16 Staggs, Hoyt ... 20 129 72 55.8 39 27 69.2 35 99 4.95 171 8.55 Lankford, Scotty 18 96 38 39.6 49 31 63.2 25 55 3.06 107 5.35 Edwards, Joe .... 16 59 21 35.5 37 22 59.7 24 66 4.12 64 4.00 Land, Robert .... 13 51 18 35.2 23 18 77.2 8 32 2.00 54 3.38 Thrasher, Steve .. 14 26 12 46.1 14 8 57.1 9 11 0.79 32 2.29 Smith, Wayne . ... 17 22 9 40.9 6 4 66.7 4 18 1.01 22 1.29 Team Totals 1339 615 45.9 461 327 70.9 325 902 45.10 1555 77.75 Opponent Totals 1344 567 42.1 478 349 73.7 335 710 35.50 1473 73.65 Eddie driving? How about ;.-,j! hand? 199 Doyle " Dabbs " Earn BSt Ronnie Romine FSC Opponent Opp. Sco. 69 Auburn 95 58 Huntingdon 67 94 Bethel 78 70 Belmont 60 75 Jacksonville 58 104 Bethel 79 71 Austin Peay 72 89 Huntingdon 68 72 Chattanooga 88 71 Jacksonville 65 62 St. Bernard 75 78 Lambuth 74 86 Livingston 64 64 Howard 70 70 St. Bernard 67 82 Lambuth 90 81 Austin Peay 88 96 Belmont 74 82 Howard 64 85 Chattanooga 77 NAIA REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 74 Troy State 61 91 St. Bernard 70 Don Heldorn Ronnie has the advantage but who won? 200 Get that Gamecock, boys! Bob McKenzia- Seotty Lanltford Hoyt Sfaggi Wayne Smith 201 Coach Billingham looking for someone to fill two position;; Robert " Buny " Land Get two, Bu22y 202 INTRAMURALS STANDINGS: Won Lost Pet. Cypress I7 | .944 Keller III A 13 5 .722 Football 12 6 .677 Commuters 12 6 .677 Keller III B 9 9 .500 Florence Hall 9 9 .500 North Florence 9 9 .500 Provost Corps 4 |4 .222 Keller II 4 |4 .222 Alpha Frats 3 15 .167 TOP SCORERS Player Team Total Points 1. Bobby Frost Commuters 245 2. Danny McDaniel Keller II 239 3. Mickey Moore Keller III A 237 4. Warner Crow Florence Hall 236 5. Dale Williams Alpha Frats 221 6. Bud Newberry Cypress 216 7. Ray Gresham North Florence 207 8. Don Moore Provost Corps 204 ,9. Max Burleson Football 194 10. Jerry Rice Keller III B 190 11. John Chambers Keller III A 190 12. Bill Carouthers Keller III A 184 13. Kyle Holladay Cypress 176 14. Tipper Garrison Alpha Frats 173 15. Ronnie Cook North Florence 151 Moore and Carmichael jump the ball. Owens goes In for two points. Bobo shoots with Chllddrs guarding. 203 1 ' TENNIS The 1959 Tennis LIONS with five returning let- termen and a large group of Freshmen with tour- nament experience distinguished themselves as one of the top net teams in the south. Roger Burdge, a returning jetterman, took on himself the task of coaching when there was no faculty member available to do the job. Playing a full schedule again in I960, the LIONS are sure to distinguish themselves as another fine Florence State team among the south ' s small college circles. I y i Playing coach Rodger Burdge FIrtt Row: Mickey Thigpen, Bill Moore. Second Row: Don Moore, Rodger Burdge, Don Yate s, San White. SAM WHITE MICKEY THIGPEN DON MOORE DON YATES 205 BILL MOORE SIDNEY ROBERTS Go, Guin!!! Where ' s the ball — Intramural 206 RIFLE TEAM First Row: John Hakola, Melvin Melemore, Butch Steenson, I. Smith Second Row: W. C. McLaughlin, D. J. Askins, Don Summerford, Coach Capt. Brown The Florence State Rifle Team, after a slow start, picked up steam and had what looked like a very successful team. With only three returning lettermen the Lions lost the first two matches to Jacksonville and the University of Alabama. However, as the freshman shooters developed their fornn, the team swept their next two opponents. With the season half gone at the time of printing, the team promises to be well on the winning side of the ledger. SCORES University of Alabama Jacksonville State Marion Military Institute University of Mississippi Matches Remaining on Schedule Jacksonville State College — return match Marion Military Institute — return match Middle Tennessee State College University of Mississippi — return match Opp. FSC 1411 1344 1356 1344 1295 1311 635 663 Cadet Captains Melvin McLemore and Morris Steenson 207 1959 Only one of 21. Charlie Frederick scores against Belmont Firft Row: John Higgenbottom, Roy McBee, Don Russo, Jack Crowe, Ronald Pace, Bobby Frost. Second Row: Don White, Jack Cash, Tom- my Morson, Charlie Frederick, John Busch, George Wells. Third Row: Don Heidorn, Eddie Frost, Bob Crabtree, Dabbs Earnest, Tom Eagen, Bob McKenzie, Coach George Weeks. 208 Score Score Lambu+h Hanover 5 Illinois Wesleyan 3 Austin Peay 2 Howard 7 Memphis State 5 David Lipscomb 3 David Lipscomb 4 Lambuth I Jacksonville 15 Memphis State 6 Howard 3 St. Bernard 9 Belmont 4 St. Bernard 4 Jacksonville 2 Austin Peay 10 Belmont 8 BOBBY FROST ROY McBEE JACK CASH 209 CHARLIE FREDRICK JOHN BUSCH Name AB Bob Frost 77 Tommy Morson 55 Jack Cash 72 Dabbs Earnest 64 John Busch 62 Ronald Pace 39 Charlie Frederick 66 Bob Crabtree 36 Jack Crowe 14 Eddie Frost 64 Don Russo 13 John White 25 John Higgenbottam 3 Roy McBee 12 Bob McKenzie 4 R H E 2B 3B HR RBI 18 26 1! 2 1 2 17 14 15 1 1 II 18 15 4 2 1 3 20 18 14 4 3 1 4 18 17 17 3 2 1 19 7 II 3 2 3 10 14 8 1 1 2 9 6 1 1 3 1 7 3 2 1 1 2 14 IB 6 3 1 II 2 5 2 2 5 5 1 1 5 1 1 5 1 1 210 DOYLE " DABBS " EARNEST BOB CRABTREE EDDIE FROST TOMMY MORSON 211 ROBERT McKENZIE DON RUSSO RONALD PACE DON WHITE 212 JACK CROWE JOHN HIGGENBOTHOM " Tate " moves against Middle Tennessee Is he shooting? — Intramurals Basketball 213 SPIRIT SKETCHES THE ACTIVITIES AT FLORENCE STATE ' y - W r-- billie faye edwards, editor ' iimi . - w: Ready, set, go! OH, MY! Oh, these beauties! Who ' s next? THOSE PICNICS! Need any help? 216 Oh, that was so funny! RAT WEEK Turn right, turn left, one good turn deserves another Well, I ' ve got my ups and downs, too. Oh, corrode! 217 Hold him, girls Now, let ' s not get angry SADIE HAWKINS 218 Would you like to dance! Aw, shucks, ma! 219 Don ' t I get any pie Swing your pardner Stop rite thar — 220 » -»-t-j JHVff M7m r ttiiiwltitaiMfi Homecoming 1959 HOMECOMING Finally the long awaited moment arrived. Crowds of friend s and alumni converged upon Florence State for the weekend of October 3 I . Long hours of hard work and diligent planning had become reality. The event, Homecoming. The dormitories and town students erected homecoming decorations. Various organiza- tions held open house for all the returning alumni. The parade through downtown Flo- rence bolstered the spirit of the Lion en- thusiasts. The highlight of the day was the Homecom- ing game with Middle Tennessee. Over 5,000 fans poured into Coffee Stadium for the event. Joan White, " Miss Homecoming of 1959, " was presented at half-time. The dorm Decoration winners were announced. First place went to Keller Hall. Tying, for second place were Powers and Willingham. Concluding the gala event was the dance at " Club Bohemian " featuring the music of Vir- ginia Robbins and her band. The queen is crowned i 221 Stea-aa-ady now! The economic way to travel When in Rome, do 1= t l? Pomfirn do! This is Alabama? 222 I Eager Beavers, inc m 1 P y| ALUWI 3 f H ■ " J ' ' ' P 1 1 ■ p p l _ H H 1 The ■feminine touch My! How time flies Th " winner 223 The 49 ' ers Queen for a day Lion supporters i i The royalty 224 Hound dog man REHEARSAL CLUB The case of the nearsighted czar Smock! As I was saying 225 Now this is the way it ' s going to be Nasty Nine — Pep Band F.S.C. BAND 226 We ' re almost home Where ' s the rest of the band? Comment withheld by request There are other things besides marching 997 • My!! What will they think of next? And the band played on F.S.C. MILITARY 228 Lucky girl! I Sals, here ' s your chance Greet ' em with a smile 229 A new kind of ammunition HHk jfi -v. ' -Mr .aMKBit .id HHHH| B By. 1 " ts " Listen to Instructions, will ya? " There ' s a woman behind every Blalock Bfl Hj H n 1 la " B H Ki L H ■ m H T1 | i . • T I ' " ' J L. V H J Please don ' t let me make a booboo 230 Vincent Price William Ferguson mi Ttttui. • -V ' :t K, m, Tne Tommy Dorsey Orchestra CONVOCATIONS AND LECTURES The finer things of life are not lacking at Florence State. The convocations and lectures are a vital part of college life. This year, students have seen such renowned people of the entertainment world as Vincent Price, Brian Aherne and Katharine Cornell. The Audubon Film Series and William Ferguson have been to Florence. Tommy Dorsey ' s Band starring Warren Covington furnished the music for a college dance. Many others also have visited FSC. 231 T TOMMY DORSEY DANCE Mr. and Miss FSC Nominees for Mr. and Miss FSC 232 We could have danced all night. And then he said . . . ? We sat and watched awhile. Isn ' t the music divine? 233 See . . . Sis! O ' NEAL HALL mmmm i Ooh ... we had fun It loses something in translation :r.C; re only pretending Don ' t laugh, it IS our best A park bench would beat THIS bed Carolyn, you ' re wanted In the living room It was the night before Christmas 235 Where ' s your clothes? POWERS HALL It Tide " duz " everything 236 4ik rti3 ' Kanmtr : wwf , r», :rf- • ' - «-.- We ' re the girls from Powers Hall; we don ' t smoke, and we don ' t chew????????? Naughty!! Two hours in the Little Drug has tired us out Go away, I ' m writing HIM 237 And then he said . . 4 Isn ' t this interesting? WILLINGHAM HALL Just what I always wanted- 238 Everybody smile Now, Lou, it can ' t be that bad Who ' s the movie star? " Willy Cats " up to their old tricks 239 Fellows, is this your new house-mother? Brusha — Brusha — Brusha- FLORENCE HALL Going home, boys? Hurray! I got a date 240 ' That old gang of mine Reform school graduates Wouldn ' t Roy Rogers shudder at this? 1 • - - A Ir " " ! HLi 1 WttA 1 .Ul 4 « 1 M i. Long live the South 241 KELLER HALL study] Are you crazy? Now this is the way it ' s supposed to work. 243 THIS AND THAT An early fan Ginnie, you wouldn ' t Sunnmer school? Help! Out. damned spot! Out! Censored! Which twin has the Toni? Cheese! 245 Well, hello there Yes? Life is very trying Honest, officer, I didn ' t know it was loaded! 246 Must be Brand X Sue, you ' re blushing! I was a teenage sputnik Hand Jive? MORE SNAPS The economical way to travel 247 You see, it ' s like this Good joke, huh? Oh, you rat, you Easy now, this is goin ' to be a good one 248 . . . AND MORE SNAPS A hiking we will go 249 Ik k 1 i Florence Ketail Merchants iAssoeiation Dear Students of Florence State College: It is a real pleasure to congratulate you on the fine work you have done in assembling and producing the Diorama. In publishing the Diorama, I am sure that you have gained valuable experience in planning, producing and earning the money to pay for the Diorama. V e, the merchants of Florence, are most happy to have joined you in helping this years Diorama to be a success. Yours very truly, FLO}lij.WGE itSTAIL KERCHANTS ASSOC. H. B. Coleman, President 251 FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE Florence, Alabama Student Union Building PROGRAM A.B. and B.S. degree programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Physical Education. A.B. and B.S. degree programs for the training of teachers for the elementary and secondary schools. Courses for renewal and extension of teaching certificates. Preprofessional curricula for Agriculture, Den- tistry, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Medical Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, and etc. Secretarial training Graduate programs in Elementary and Second- ary Education and School Administration. Men ' s Dormitory ■ CAMPUS Beautiful Campus, comfortable dormitories, and wholesome campus life. A degree from Florence State is acceptable for graduate study and for admission to engineering, medi- dental and other professional schools. Fully accredited: Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Buildings are architect ' s sketches of additions planned for 1959-60. li ■ ■■ ifiii Women ' s Dormitory 252 The Home of VINYL FLOOR TILE The phenomenal growth of National Floor Products Co. has seen two major additions in the past two years — with another now in progress. Steadily expanding facilities for research, development and manufacture are meeting the challenge created by the constantly growing demand for the NAFCO complete line of fine vinyl floor products. NATIONAL FLOOR PRODUCTS CO., Inc. E. STANLEY ROBBINS, President Florence, Alabama 253 COURT STREET BANK THE FIRST NATIONAIM 254 NORTH FLORENCE BANK ONWBANK OF FLORENCE I 255 ■«ai-:.H . " . - y % : - r:. ■- ' •■T t --T t ' ' i r r TiimmwxKn " - Compllmenh DEPARTMENT OF UTILITIES City of Florence, Alabama ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT GAS DEPARTMENT Board of WATER AND SEWER COMMISSIONERS of the City of FLORENCE, ALABAMA 256 " J. Best Wishes From SOUTHERN SASH SALES AND SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. and Affiliates SHEFFIELD. ALABAMA Compliments of REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Alloys Plant Reduction Plant Missile Plant LISTER HILL. ALABAMA and SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA ,v 258 FLORENCE OFFICE The Bank With a Thought to the Future SHEFFIELD OFFICE TUSCUMBIA OFFICE STATE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR 259 s-s-s-s-s-s-s ■S-S-S-SPARKLE! Have a Coke! eo«c " •» A RoHl«d wnd«r owthority of Th Coca-Cola Company by COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Florence, Alabama »; TRI-CITY BOWL 3611 Hatch Blvd. SHEFFIELD. ALABAMA " Try Our Bowlers ' Special " Bowl All You Want for $1.50 260 TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA Home Office SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Branch Office FIRST NATIONAL BANK " Your Communi+y Bank " Congra+ula+ions and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 60 From ROGERS NORTH ALABAMA ' S LARGEST STORE We invite you to make our sfore your headquarters while you are downtown ... for shopping . . . resting ... or meeting your friends. All our facilities are at your service. Use our telephone for local calls. Let us check your parcels FREE of charge. That ' s ROGERS for you — friendly, helpful, obliging. Owned and operated by three generations of Rogers. 261 Compliment ' s of FLAGG-UTICA CORPORATION FLORENCE ALABAMA Compliments of RICHARDSON LUMBER CO. 406 East Tennessee St. FLORENCE. ALABAMA 262 Men ' s Clothing Women ' s Apparel KREISMAN ' S TRI-CITIES CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Florence CAMPBELL MOTORS FOOT AUTO COMPANY KILLEN MOTORS MclNTYRE TOM SMITH CHEVROLET HARRISON-WHITE Sheffield Tuscumbia MOTOR DROME, INC. MORRIS SERVICE STATION MILEY BUICK CO. WALDREP MOTORS HESTER CHEVROLET CO. MOODY AND HORNE PAUL SAYWELL 263 Future Forecast — BRIGHT . . . for Those Who Plan Ahead! It ' s Your Future — ' Do Something About It. Set Your Goal High — Set It Now. Start Out the Smart Way — With a First Federal Plan of Systematic Saving. Get Ahead Faster With Our Liberal Dividends. Accounts insured to $10,000 Current Dividend Rate FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of FLORENCE. ALA. 118 East Mobile 7 Points Shopping Center ALABAMA-TENNESSEE NATURAL GAS COMPANY " Serving the Tennessee Valley " FLORENCE. ALABAMA 2M 21 S. Court St. At 2-7571 FLORENCE, ALA. ) SMOKE HOUSE BILLIARDS Recreation and Hot Sandwiches 118 E. TENNESSEE ST. FLORENCE 3-C GRILL School Supplies, Drugs and Notions Cafeteria RIGHT ON THE CAMPUS Compliments T. E. FOX Highway 43 Your S+a+e Line Beverage Store " CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS OF ' 60 " 266 PAPER CHEMICAL SUPPLY CO. SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Distributors of Paper Products and Sanitary Supplies STREATER ELECTRIC TENNESSEE VALLEY Laundry and Dry Cleaning LAUNDRY. RUG CLEANING, AND DRY CLEANING East Tennessee Street Florence, Alabama DICTATOR FLOUR " For Cooks Who Care " Distributed by MUSCLE SHOALS WHOLESALE CO. TUSCUMBIA ALABAMA 267 RAY REED BEAUTY ENTERPRISES Salon and School FLORENCE ALABAMA KAYES 120 North Court Street FLORENCE ALABAMA 268 THE BOOTERY III North Court Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA ANDERSON NEWS CO. Books and Gifts FLORENCE, ALABAMA CORNER HAT SHOP OTTO SPEAKE " Where College Men Like to Shop " N m i ■ k ' WHORTON DRUG STORE Seven Points Shopping Center NORTH FLORENCE GABEL ' S The Finest in Ladies ' Apparel 320 Court Street FLORENCE ALABAMA 269 THE VOGUE Florence, Alabama MORRIS MARINE, Inc. Florence Alabama LANDERS Sheffield Alabama ■yii IB I ii ' ■ SHIRLEY ' S " For the Cutest Co-Ed Clothes on Co-Ed Budgets " FLORENCE ALABAMA 270 " Good Food and Low Prices Are EVERYDAY Proof! just can ' t beat that A P Phone FA4-4494 FA4-7533 INDEPENDENT FISH CO., Inc. Alabama ' s Largest Seafood Distributors 2131 Morris Ave. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. HOUSE OF CERAMICS Inc. 2481 Matthews Avenue MEMPHIS 8, TENN. Carries the Nation Largest and Most Complete Stock of HOBBY CERAMICS Supplies and Equipment Catalogs Available " GOLDEN FLAKE POTATO CHIPS " Alabama ' s Own " 271 Compliments of FLORENCE PACKING CO. Producers of BAMA ' S BEST BRAND MEATS When in Nashville Visit DURY ' S Photographic Supplies Art and Drawing Materials 420 UNION ST. NASHVILLE 3. TENN. sRhWz GUARANTY PEST CONTROL Florence Alabama 272 £ ! sLai ;orj!!s ONE HOUR MARTINIZING North Florence - Alabama TRI-CITIES PUBLISHING COMPANY THE FLORENCE TIMES THE TRI-CITIES DAILY Florence, Ala. Sheffield, Ala. DEDICATED TO THE INTERESTS of the PEOPLE of the MUSCLE SHOALS DISTRICT Compliments of RADIO 1240 CWANNft as TV 1 Channel 15 p y V q FOREMOST DAIRIES TUSCUMBIA ALABAMA LAUDERDALE COUNTY FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS ' ASSOCIATION LUND-KEETON IMPLEMENT CO. — JOHN DEERE W. M. CLINGAN SONS — MASSEY-FERGUSON SHOALS TRACTOR CO. — ALUS CHALMERS VAUGHN-MURPHY TRACTOR CO. — FORD FLORENCE IMPLEMENT CO. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 273 JET PEST CONTROL CORRAL " Where You Meet Friends " .SdSfOOOCEHTER HS2 Ij f THRIFTY PEOPLE XM WILSON ' S FOOD CENTER North Florence PET DAIRY 274 3-C BARBER SHOP Doing Business on the Campus for Student Convenience SO-FINE RESTAURANT Home of Pizza Pie Seven-Point, N. Florence ROSEN BAUM THEATRES JONES ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contracting for Commercial Industrial, and Residential Purposes 275 FLAV-0-RICH DAIRIES Grade " A " Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk Phone AT 2-8251 FLORENCE. ALABAMA BOSTON-CHRISTIAN Wholesale Produce 601 Cherry St. Florence " FIRST WITH THE FINEST " .TAURANT IWVC ' KIMBROUGH ' S WOODYMAC DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Between Sheffield and Tuscumbia " WHERE COLLEGE STUDEN TS MEET. RELAX. AND ENJOY GOOD FOOD! " Compliments of BARKLEY REFRIGERATION CO. Air Conditioning and Heating 24-HOUR SERVICE Phone AT 2-3452 276 LITTLE DRUG " The Student Hang-Out " NORTH ALABAMA TERMITE CO. " Termite Specialists for Over a Quarter of a Century " ■ Seili Hup oa CO. BELK HUDSON CO. Sheffield, Alabama NORWOOD GRILL Steaks, Chops, Chicken, Sandwiches 6:00 A.M. — 1 1 :00 P.M. 1132 N. Wood Ph. At2.9878 277 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 60 UUDERDALE COUNTY ESTES R. FLINT .._. Judge of Probate (Ex-Offido Chm. of Commissioners Court) MRS. HELEN L MURPHY _.._.. Tax Assessor ROY CALL Sheriff WEAVER FUQUA, JR Tax Collector CHARLES EDGAR YOUNG Circuit Court Cleric CORNER DRUG STORE Florence Alabama R.C.A. Industrial and TV Tubes LAIR DISTRIBUTING CO. 1 1 8 W. Tombigbee St. FLORENCE, ALA. Compliments of CITY DRUG STORE Tennessee Street FLORENCE ALABAMA SKYPARK " Shoals Playland " 278 1 1 CONGRATULATIONS! • Colbert County MRS. JIMMIE TOMPKINS Probate Judge LLOYD GULLb II FURNITURE COMPANY 1 JOHN SOCKWELL Chm. Board of Revenue 116 East Fifth St. 1 — - TUSCUMBIA ALABAMA 1 MORRISON-ELKINS SOUTHERN TIRE FUNERAL HOME 1 COMPANY FLORENCE ALABAMA SHEFFIELD ALABAMA TRIANGLE SUPERMARKET L W. REED SON Men ' s Wear E. 2nd St. New Lee Hwy. TUSCUMBIA. ALABAMA SHEFFIELD FLORENCE KING CO 1 ION Get the BEST RESTAURANT Get Wilson Dam Road SEALTEST 279 ROYAL CROWN COLA in Bottles or Can NEHI BOI ILING CO. Phone Ev3-5342 Sheffield Compliments of THE FLORENCE HERALD FLORENCE ALABAMA LIBERTY SUPERMARKET Low Prices Every Day NORTH FLORENCE and SHEFFIELD Compliments ■ of ' GARNET ELECTRIC COMPANY NORTH FLORENCE Compliments of S. B. S. ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Wholesale Only 121-125 Royal Ave. FLORENCE, ALABAMA HIBBETT AND SONS SPORTING GOODS Your Pleasure Is Our Business ] " GET IN THE-HIBBbl! HABIT " 1 i GRAY ' S CONCRETE PRODUCTS Inc. FLORENCE SHEFFIEID READY-MIX. Inc. SHEFFIELD 280 YOUNG-PITTMAN CO., INC. 600 South Court M FLORENCE, ALABAMA 1 LOVELACE Westlnghouse Dealer " ELECTRICAL SPECIALISTS " 107 E. College St. Florence Alabama Compliments STAN FIELDS TIN SHOP 10! South Royal Ave. FLORENCE ALABAMA Compliments PUTTEET ' S PHARMACY Phone AT2-566I 412 N. Seminary FLORENCE ALABAMA W. B. SIMMONS AND CO. Phone AT-2-0351 FLORENCE, ALABAMA " It ' s the Total You Save That Counts " HILLS SUPER MARKET 1 321 North Court Street ! FLORENCE, ALABAMA DrPepper Compliments of TOM WATKINS ELECTRIC Good Wiring Doesn ' t Cost IT PAYS 310 N. Pine St. Phone AT-2-6741 i BEST WISHES From a FRIEND 281 Compliments of PASTIME BILLIARDS North Florence THE SHANTY RESTAURANT and SAMMIE ' S CELLAR " For Enjoyable Meals " FLORENCE ALABAMA HENSELY LUMBER CO. Florence THE V-GRILL " Fine Foods " TUSCUMBIA ALABAMA CAMPUS INN F.S.C. ' s Times Square Just the Place for Good Food and Conversation Phone In Come In AT 2-9959 SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS " They Are the Best " IMS. Court St. Flo rence CULPEPPER BAKERY " Best in Town for Party Decorations and Wedding Cakes " COURT STREET FLORENCE Since 1853 MILNER ' S DRUG STORE W. H. CROMWELL, Prop. The Rexall Store FLORENCE, ALABAMA PEPSI-COLA Bottlers of Pepsi-Cola and Kist Flavors Phone Ev3-2842 SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA 282 JAMISON FRIGIDAIRE BEDDING PRODUCTS Trade and Pay the Roberts Way — PHIL ROBERTS FURNITURE CO. 214 Montgomery Avenue, Sheffield, Alabama Phillip F. Roberts Phone Ev3.75l8 ALABAMA OIL COMPANY Wholesale Distributors of Quality Petroleum Products Phone AT2-3523 FLORENCE ALABAMA SHUMAKE-POSEY " Good Furniture — Priced Right " 122 E. Tenn. St. Rorence DARBY ' S SHELL STATION ALVIN AND O ' STEEN DARBY 401 N. Court St. FLORENCE, ALABAMA TOOF PRINTING AND STATIONERY CO. 216 North Court Street RORENCE ALABAMA SHOALS FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions NORTH FLORENCE MEADOW GOLD DAIRY 313 North Seminary Street FLORENCE, ALABAMA Phone AT 2-4363 Compliments of CLARK-HELLARD INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 1 SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. Sheffield TROWBRIDGES " Ice Cream and Sandv ich Bar " FLORENCE j DONALDSON RUG COMPANY Floor Covering — Venetian Blinds Carpet 203 Montgomery Ave. SHEFFIELD ALABAMA FLORENCE LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials Florence, Ala., Phone AT 2-0551 n M NORWOOD and JOY-LAN THEATRES I FLORENCE SHEFFIELD Home of Perfect Keepsake Diamond Rings " Save With Security " SHEFFIELD FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION RAMON ' S " Home of Big Joe Burger " 311 S. COURT ST. FLORENCE Complin SOUT FRIGID-DOI FLORENCE lents of HERN JGH. INC. ALABAMA MEFFORD ' S " Your Jewelers " III E. Tennessee St. Florence 283 i Va I wm I i ?1 " WAKEFIELD " New Home of Dan Glenn Studio 450 North Court St. Florence, Alabama Phone At-2-l05l DAN GLENN STUDIO — Known Throughout the Area for Expert — Craftsmanship and Courteous Service Portraits -Our Specialty WEDDING CANDIDS BRIDAL PORTRAITS DIRECT COLOR COMMERCIAL FRAMES Diorama Negatives Are Kept on File for Your Convenience 284 FACULTY INDEX Page Aldridge, Frank P 48 Alexander, Dr. Kliem 48 Allen, John H 53 Allen, Turner W., Dr 37 Ander son, Mrs. Phillip 54 Arehart, Chester M. . 39 Arnett, Ruth 50 Billingham, Edmond B 47 Bivens, Dorothy 54 Bloodworth, Bertha 42 Bourgeois, Marion 41 Brock, Dr. Hoyt M 40 48 Brown, Capt. Arthur . 45 Bunn, Richard 54 Burns, Mrs. Melville 54 Christeson, Dr. Wayne 4! Clark, Mrs. Viola 42 Cole, Mrs. Weldon 54 Collins, Sgt. James G _ 45 Chapman, Bobby 45 Conwill, Lawrence A. 53 Cooper, Mrs. C. C 42 Cox, Barbara 54 Cox, Ha 50 Cresap, Dr. Bernarr 44 Crocker, Dr. W. L 50 Culmer, Miss Orpha Ann 46 Curry, Miss Mavis 53 Dacus, Ruth 39 Davis, W. L 50 Dawson, Lyndon 53 Dent, Mrs. Mabel 54 DeWitt, Abel F 39 English, H. J 54 Evans, Dr. Edward Fallwell, Lt. Col. Marshall 45 Finley, John, Jr 50 Flowers, H. A 40 47 Floyd, H. H., Dr 48 Forney, Katherine 50 Fuller, R. C -. 40 Gemmingen, Mrs. Sigmund von -48 Gibbens, George 47 Glasscock, Noel B. 44 Glasscock, Marjorie 54 Glenn, Martha 54 Graham, William 39 Gravlee, Pauline 39 Griffin, Martha =4 Hackbarth, Clarence 44 Harper, Mrs. Harry 54 Harvey, Henry 48 Head, Emory L 42 Hershey, Dr. Arthur 48 Hoffmeister, Mrs. George 53 Hudson, Mrs. Robert 46 Huff, C. Fulton 48 Huff. Mrs. C. Fulton 52 Page Hutchins, Capt. John A 45 Ingram, Mrs. Neil 54 Johnston, Dr. Albert 42 Kilgore, Sgt. Arthur 45 Knight, Mrs. Essie 54 Krauser, Henry J. 48 Lancaster, Dallas M 44 Lentz, Mildred 54 Lowrey, Donie Mae 50 McElheny, W. T. __ 39 McFarland, W. F 54 McGee, Dr. Earl 44 Mcllrath, W. J 50 Mallonee, Frank B 44 Maness, Mrs. Maurine 44 Martin, Billy 48 Masterson, Mrs. Earl 42 Matthews, Helen 47 Merrill, Col. Phillip 46 Miller, Dorothy 50 Mitchell, Mrs. Hilda 41 Moore, Ellen .- 53 Neal, Julia 42 Norton, Dr. E. B 36 Parker, Mrs. Floyd - 46 Peacock, Otis L 39 Patterson, Gov. John 38 Peacock, Mrs. Mary A 54 Perkins, Maj. Tom -- 45 Porter, Mrs. Hugh G 41 Rasch, Mrs. Charles 52 Reeder, Lindon 54 Reese, Jesse, Dr. 42 Rhodes, Earnest, Dr 42 Richie, William 48 Ricker, Sgt. Elmer 45 Rosenthal, Saul 42 Schmitt, Fannie 50 Schuckmann, Walter K., Dr 42 Scott, William C 46 Shepard, Gladys 42 Smith, Mrs. Ralph 50 Stevens, Roy 53 Stevens, Sybil 54 Terry, George 54 Terry, Mrs. George 54 Tipton, Mrs. Bess 54 Urben, Walter E J ' Vance, Nancy Coe - -- . Van Pelt, Nelson 41 54 Waite, Dr. William H 50 Walker, Mrs. Henry 54 Weeks, George 4 Wigon, Dr. Leonard 37 Wilson, Celia - " Winn, J. N 4 Woodward, W. B 50 Yokley, Paul Jr 48 I 285 STUDENT INDEX Abercromble. Martha — 74 Aberna+hy. Cora Ann — 74. 126 Absher, Barbara Ann — 74, 120 Abston, John — 58 Adcock. Sylvia— 58, 148, 150 Aderholt. Frances — 122 Albers. Jerry Paul— 58 Alexander, Jimmy — 58 Aired, George — 74 Aired, Mary Virginia — 74 Amberson, Paul — 136 Anderson, Billy Don — 74 Anderson, Bobby Gene — 58 Anderson, Edward Rice — 74 Anderson, Ruth — 74 Anderson, Wanda — 74. 125 Andre. Miriam— 74, 121 Andrews, Gloria — 74 Angel. Shelby Jean — 58 Appleton, Waymon — 74 Armstrong. Emma — 74. 120 Arnold. Charles— 68, 121 Arnold. Frederick — 74 Arnold. Steven — 74 Ashley. Myra— 58. 123. 124. 129. 135, 136. 169 Atkinson. Lawrence — 74 Atkinson. Louise — 74, 135 Au. Billy- 74 B Baer, Harry Robert — 74 Bailey, Vera— 74 Baker. Frances— 74, 120. 126 Baker. George Jesse — 74 Baker, Peggy— 74. 126 Baldy. James — 74 Balentine. John L.— 68 Ballinger. Conley— 74. 123 Banks. Eleanor — 124 Barber, Betty Dean— 74, 118. 124. 136 Barnes. Bonnie— 74, 130 Barnwell, James — 74, 136 Barr, Marilyn — 134 Beard. Joe — 74 Beaver. Clyde Raymond — 74 Beavers. Carolyn — 74. 125 Beavers. Jerry — 74 Beck. Fay Gallian— 74 Beck, Joyce E.— 58. 120 Beckman. C— 140 Bedingfield, Linda— 58 Bfeggs. Howard— 58. 121 Behel. Audrey— 58. 122 Belue. Bobby Ferrell— 59 Belue. Edwin— 74. 118. 135 Belue. Linda— 74 Benson. Barbara — 74 Bentley. Janet — 74 Bentley. Marilyn— 149. 150 Bentley. Jack— 74 Berrens. Mary Grace — 59 Berry. Duane — 75 Berry. Kaye— 75. 125 Berry. Larry — 75 Berry. Marcia Faye— 75. 125 Berry, Wanda Elaine — 75 Bevis. Dave— 137, 140 Bevis. Jimmy— 69. 124, 129 Beyer. Dick— 75 Bishop, Henry — 75 Bishop. Hubert E.— 75 Bishop. Suellen— 75, 135 Black. Glen— 76 Black. Johnny — 76 Black. Martha-75. 135 Blair, Mary Anne— 75, 123 286 Blankenship, Bill— 121 Boatman, M. Anne — 75. 118 Bobo, Cecil— 59. 130 Bobo, Mary Alice— 75, 126 Bogle. Joseph D. — 76 Bohnstedt, Linda— 75 Bolding, Kenneth — 75 Bonds. Howard Elmo — 75 Boone, Daniel— 75, 118, 150 Boothe, Doris Mae — 76 Bowling, Martha Jo — 76 Bowling. Nettle M.— 76 Bozeman — 140 Bradford, Margaret — 76 Bradly, Herbert Y.— 76 Brakefield. Glenda— 76, 124 Braly, Lynn C. — 76 Brazelton. John E. — 76 Breeland. Emily — 76 Brewer. Larry — 69 Briscoe. Betty— 76. 122 Britton, Jan — 76 Britton, Margaret— 76. 162 Brock, Macon— 76, 160 Brooks. Virginia Nell — 76 Brown. Elizabeth— 76. 118. 123. 126, 170 Brown. Frank T. — 59 Brown. Ida— 69. 122. 126. 158 Brown. Jimmy L. — 76 Brown, Mary Nell— 124 Brown. Mary Turner — 76. 124, 135 Brownlow, Jimmy — 76 Bryan. Loy Nell— 69. 136 Bruce, Charles— 76. 119. 124, 131 Brumley, David A. — 76 Buettner, Robert— 128 Buffaloe, Jacqueline Faye — 69, 130 Bulman, Brewster — 76 Burcham. James — 76 Burks, Wanda Kaye— 76 Burleson, James Max — 69 Burleson, Jimmy Lowell — 60 Burney, Billy— 60, 140 Burns. Cornelia — 76 Burrow. Ramona — 76. 125 Burt. Martha Lynn — 76 Burton. Shirley Sue — 76. 123 Bush. Janet 76 Butler. Jena Gail— 76. 135 Butler. Mary K.— 76, 136 Byrd, Cynthia — 76 Byrd. Mary — 76 Cahoon. Ray — 76 Calloway. Tom — 76 Camp. Billy Joe— 60. 122. 128. 137 Campbell, Dudley — 76 Campbell. Jeanne — 76 Campbell, Jerry — 76 Campbell, Jimmie — 76. 125 Campbell. Marcella— 76, 120. 126, 134. 136 Campbell. Paul— 76. 135 Cantrell, Brenda— 77 Cantrell, Hilda— 77 Cantrell, Jerry— 77 Cargo. Mary Jane — 77 Cargo. Sarah— 77. 122. 126 Carlotaki. Cathy— 129 Carmichael. Sam — 77, 120 Carothers. William— 77 Carr. Bonnie Jean — 77 Carroll, Janette — 77 Carroll. Myra — 77 Carter. Nolen— 77 Carter. Sally— 77 Caryle, James — 150 Cassimus, Pat— 77. 118 Chandler. Linda- 77 Chard, Charles— 77 Chastaln. Sue— 77. 135. 136 Cheatham, Arlene— 77, 134, 136 Childers. Don— 77 Clanton, Florence — 77 Clanton, Kenneth— 78 Clark, James — 78 Clayton, Jerry Lee— 78. 120 Clem, Robert— 60, 136 Clement. Jimmy — 78 demons. George — 60. 140 demons. James — 60. 121 Clemmons. Nancy — 78 Cloud, James — 78 Cobb, Robert— 78 Cochrane. Juanita — 78. 126 Cochrane. Victoria— 78, 129 Cockburn, Sammie— 78. 135. 150 Cole, James Weldon— 60. 121 Collier, David— 78 Collier, Keith— 78, 150 Collier, Wayne— 78, 150 Collier. Ann— 78 Comer, Margaret — 124 Compton. Beverly — 126 Conwill, Nelda— 60, 122 Cook, Charlene— 78. 122, 126 Cook, Jerome Allen— 60. 137. 140. 150 Cook. Ronald— 78 Cooper, Harold — 78 Cooney. Joe— 78. 120, 123 Copeland, Edward — 78 Copeland, Ella Lee — 78 Copeland, William— 60, 128 Corun, Susan — 78, 125 Counts, John — 60 Cox, Alice June — 60 Cox, Myra — 61 Cox, Nancy Sue — 61 Cox, Patsy— 78, 126 Cox, Thomas — 78 Crabtree, Eleanor— 78, 120 Crane, Mike — 61 Crawford, Carolyn — 61 Craze, Mary Kathleen— 78 Creel, Lavon — 78 Crews, Virginia Ann— 61, 124, 125 Crittenden, Linda— 78 Crowe, Edna — 78 Crowe, Elba— 78 Crowe, Irene — 61 Crowell, Bonnie Jean— 78, 122, 150 Culpepper, Patricia — 78 Culver, Kathline— 129 Cunningham, Jerry — 78 Curry, Mary Ginny — 78 Cypert, Orine— 61. 124 D Dahike, Sharon— 78 Daniel, Carolyn— 78 Daniel, Jerry— 78 Darcy, Carole — 79 Davidson, Dorothy — 79 Davidson. Kay— 79 Davis, Carol Anne— 79 Davis, Carl— 79 Davis, Gayle— 79 Davis, Patricia— 79, 135 Davis, Robert— 79, 150 Dawson, Shelby Jean— 79 Day, Gary— 79, 122 Day, Joan— 79, 124, 129, 134 Dcnsmore, Delano — 79 DeVore, Mary Janice — 79 Dial, Kenneth— 135 Dillard, Jame -79, 119 Dlllard, William— 79 Dobbins, Lula— 61, 157 Dodd, Don— 79 Doll, William Howard— 79 Dollar, Jean— 79, 124 Donaldson, Pat— 79 Douglas, L.— 119 Downs, Donald— 79 Drew, Margie— 80, 124, 126. 136 Drinkard, Thomas — 80 DuBose, Carle— 119, 120, 123 Dunn, Creda— 80, 126 Dyker, Billy- 80 Eady, James R.— 61, 140 Easterling, Hank— 80 Edmondson. Kenneth Lloyd — 80 Edwards, Billie Faye— 80 Edwards, Joe— 80 Egan, Herman Samuel — 80 Egan, Peggy — 80 Elklns, Jane— 80, 122, 126. 156, 165 Ellis, Myra— 80. 124, 149. 150 Ellwanger, Carol Louise — 61 Estes, Jean Gardiner — 61 Etheredge, James — 80 Ezell. Petty— 80 Fairer, Joe — 80 Farr, Elizabeth— 80, 118. 122. 126 Farrls. Margaret — 62, 122 Faulkner. Mitch— 80. 140 Ferguson, Albert — 80 Fleming. Frankie— 80, 120 Flippen. Sammy — 80 Flippo. Carolyn— 80 Flippo. Faye — 80 Flippo, Rufus — 62 Floyd. David Paul— 80 Fogg. Sharon — 80 Folden. Sallie— 80. 129 Fondren, Mary Ann — 80 Forester, Ray— 80 Forsythe, Eleanor — 80 Franks, Dolly— 80 Frazler, Judy — 80 Frazler, Thomas — 80. 121 Frederick. Charles — 62, 121 Frederick, Billy— 80 Freeman. Kathy— 80 Freeman, Joyce Ella— 80. ISO Friel, Wayne— 80 Frost, Bobby— 120 Fulgham. Ruth Ellen— BO Fuller, Martha Ann— 62 Gable. Doris- 78. 131 Gamble, Grace Lynn — 80 Gamble, Howard Richard— 80 Gamble, Jimmy— 80, 128 Gann, Virginia — 81, 126 Garret. Elaine — 81 Garrette. Larry— 62. 140 Gautney, Betty— 62, 129, 135. 148. 150 Gay. Sarah — 81 Ghezauer. Aziz — 81 Gibbs. Annette— 62. 122. 135 Gibson. Bobby — 81 Gleske. Yvonne — 81 Gilbert, Mary Lou— 81, 126. 136 Gilliland, Audrey— 81 Inn, Willia Ronald— 8! Gober. Brenda — 81 Gooch. Charles— 81 Good. Barry— 81. 118 Godfrey. James Edwin — 81 Golden, Victor— 81 Gordan. Phil— 81 Goss, Edwin — 81 Goshfl. E.— 124 Gough, Jane Blair — 62 Graham, Harold — 81 Graham. Johnny — 81 Graham, Linda— 81, 150 Graham. Pafrick— 82 Graham. Phoebe— 82. 135. 136 Gray. Arliss — 82 Green. Stephen — 82 Greenhaw. Thomas— 42. 128. 137. I«) Gresham. Raymond — 82 Griffith. Dennis— 82. 150 Griggs. Edgar Dowe — 62 Griggs. Harris — 82 Grimes. Pauline — 82. 118 Grlssom. Opal — 82 Grissom. Rebecca — 82 Guin. Inell— 82 Gullett. James— 62, 127. 128. 150 Gullett, Judith— 63, 129 Gunter, Ken — 63 H Haddock, Spenser — 82 Hagan, Gall— 82 Haggedorn. Lee — 82 Haines. Naomi — 82 Hale. Nancy— 82. 135 Hall. Bobby— 82 Hall. Pat— 82 Hall. Jon— 82. 124. 129. 135, 150 Hall. Ronald— 82 Hall. Tom— 150 Hambrlck. Franklin — 82 Hamby, Jeannine — 82 Hamilton, Joe — 63 Hampton, John — 82 Hampton, Rosemary — 82, 150 Handley, Marlon— 122, 123 Handley, Raymond — 82 Hannah, Glenn — 82 Haraway, Neva Lee— 82, 130 Harbour, Johnie — 82 Hargett, Howard— 82 Hargett, Varlna — 63 Harlan, Roy— 82 Harper. Charles— 82, 127 Harper, Larry— 82. 130 Harper, Jack— 82 Harris. James— 82. 118 Harris. Martha— 82. 118 Harrison. Brenda — 82 Harrison. Judith— 82. 122. 135 Harscheid. David— 82. 131 Hawkins. Waylon— 140 Haygoo . Frances W.— 82 Hay. Cecily— 63. 118. 119. 129 Hayes, Juanlce G. — 63, 124 Heldorn. Donald— 63, 120 Heidt, Beverly Jane— 82 Helmore, Sherrill— 83 Helton. Billy— 63 Henderson. Patsy — 83 Hendricks, Peggy — 63 Hendrix, Doris— 83 Henery. Joicelyn — 83 Henry, Sarah — 83 Hensley, Martah Jean — 64. 119 Henson, Frances-83. 122. 125. 126 Henson. Fred — 83 Herron. James — 83 Hess. Nancy— 83 Hester. Charles— 83 Hester. Gerald— 83 Hester. John — 64 Hester. Judy— 83 Hester. Mary— 83. 150 Hester. Paul— 64. 130, 140 Hicks. Martha— 83. 123. 124 Hicks. Tommie — 83 Higgrnbotham, John — 83 Hill, Gene-83 Hill. Wilmer-44 Hillhouse, Gloria— 86, 126 Hilliard, Howard— 83 Hillman, Madeline— 83, 129. 143. 163, 174 HIndman, Fay — 84 HInes, Robbis J.— 84 HIpps, Laverne — 84. 123 Holoway, Glennette— 84, 164 Holcombe, Harold — 84 Holcombe, Mary Lou — 64 Holladay, Kyle— 64 Holland, Brad— 150 Holland, GuIn— 84 Holland, Joyce— 84 Holley, Janelle— 84, 142, 149. 150. 171 Holliman, Leiand— 84, 123 Holllngworth, Anna— 84. 124. 125 Hollls. Linda— 84 Hollis. Shelby-84 Hollman, Kenneth— 84 Holloway, Gall— 84 Holloway. Nancy — 84 Holman. Tom — 84 Holt. Claire— 84. 118. 124. 129 Hood. Virginia — 84 Hooie. Faye— 64, 130 Hosklns, Fred— 84 Houston, Judy— 84. 118. 122 Hovater. Gerald— 64. 140 Howard. Kenneth — 84 Howard. Mary— 84 Howell, Jack— 84 Hudson. Gerald " Tuffy " — 64 Huffman, Anne — 84, 143 Hughes, M,— 124 Hulgan, Jack— 84, 121, 135 Hull, Robert— 84 Humphries, Joyce — 84, 135 HumpI, Joann — 84 Hunnicutt, Vera— 84, 126 Hyche. Bobby— 64 Hyde, Morris— 84 I Ingle, Charles— 64, 130, 140 Ingle, Gerald— 130 Inglewrlght, George— 84, 128, 140, 150 Inglewright, John — 84 Ingram, Patricia — 84, 175 Isom, Ford— 64, 122, 124 Isom, James — 84, 134 Isom, Patt— 84, 126 Iwing, J.— 124 J Jackson, Dean— 84, 122, 126 Jackson. Donald— 65, 140 Jackson, Judith — 65 Jackson, Martha — 84 Jackson. Nell— 84. 122. 148. 150 Jenkins. Julia Ann— 65. 123. 130 Johnson, Henry — 84 Johnson. Howard — 85 Johnson. Janice — 85 Johnson. Maxine — 85. 136 Johnson. William D.— 65, 13! Johnson, William L. — 85 Johnston, Betty— 85, 124. 129, 136 Jones, Carolyn — 85 Jones. Janice — 85 Jones, Johnnie — 85, 126 Jones, Kathryn— 85, 126 Jones, Ronald — 85 Jones. Sharon — 85 Jordan. Carl — 65 Judd. Vivian— 85. 125 Jumper, Betty Lois— 85. 173 Jumper, Nadine— 85. 122. 164 Justice, Jimmy — 85 K Kaplan, Sam — 85 Karrh, Robert Dale— 85 Kash, Bob— 85 Keenum, Bill— 85, 128 Keller, Kay— 85, 126 Keller. Patsy-85. 1 35 Kelley, Jean— 85 Kennamer. Billy- 86 Kennedy. Nancy — 86 Kenner. Patricia — 86 KImbrough, Reader — 86 Kimbrough. Robert — 86 King. Earl— 86 King. Judy— 86, 126 King. Wendell— 65 Kirby. Brenda— 86. 120. 136 KIrkland. Betty— 86, 126 KIrkpartIck, Cella June— 65, 126 KIrsche, Sonny— 140 Kiser, Doris— 86, 1 18 Kitchens, Carol— 86 Kitchens, Howard — 65 Klein, Carolyn— 65, 129 Krache, Carolyn — 86 Lake, Lendon Eugene— 86 Lambert. Eunell— 86. 118 Land. James Robert — 86 Landers. Garry — 86 Lang. Wendell-86, 119 Lanford, Scotty— 86 Lay, Paggv S. — 65 League, Ann — 86 Leath. Patricia — 66 Lenkenby. Henry — 86 Ledlow. Alton R.— 66 Lee, Ann— 66. 130 Leeman. Charlotte— 86, 118. 124 Lester, Bonnie — 86 Lester. Sadie— 86, 120 Levlne, Mike— 66, 127 Lewis, Brenda— 86 LIndley, Carolyn— 86, 118 Lindsay, Houston — 86 Llndsey, Mary Grace— 86, 150 LInvIlle, James — 86 Lipscomb, Bobby— 86, 124 Little, Betty— 86 Llewellyn, Doris — 86 Locklear, Sally— 86, 175 Logan, Allen — 86 Lopez, Evelyn — 86 Lovelace, Barbara — 86 Loveless, Shirley— 86 Lovett, Jerry — 66 Lowery, Betty — 86 Lowrey, Delorls— 86, 120 Loyd, Ernestine— 120, 136 Lumpkin, Lois — 124 M McAnally, Phyllis— 87, 120 McCafferty, Martha— 87 McCaghren, Dorothy — 87, 120 McCain, Rebecca— 87, 125, 136 McCay. Phyllis— 87 McCord, Johnny — 87 McCormlck, Robert— 87 McCown, Terrell — 87 McCrary, Billy- 87 McCullough, Joe — 87 McDaniel, Danny— 87 McDonald, Carolyn — 87 McDonald, Donnle— 87 McDuff, Bob— 87, 119 McGuffey, Henry— 87 McKee, Betty— 87, 118 McKenzie, Robert — 87 McLauchlin, William Clyde— 88 McLaughlin, George — 87 McLemore, Belira Sue — 88 McLemore, Melvin J.— 67, 122, 140 McPeters, Nancy Sue — 88 McPherson, Linda Gail — 88 McRae, Barbara— 88 McVay, Donald— 88 Maclean, Gordon — 88 MacLean, Janet— 88 Magnusson, Joe — 88 Magnusson, Ronny — 88 Mangum, Herbert— 88 Mann. Frances — 124 Manning. Helen— 88, 137, 141 Manush, Norma Faye — 66, 130 Marbutt, Jimmy — 88 Mars, Peter— 88 Martin, Brenda— 88, 135 Martin, Dann— 88 Martin, Dwight— 88 Martin, James— 88, 119 Martin, William Dean — 66 Mathlas, Ann— 88 Mays, Roger— 88 Meeker, lda-88, 120, 124, 134. 155. 163 Merrill. James— 88 Methvin. Norma— 88, 118 Miles, Patricia— 88 Miller. Bryan— 88 Miner, Patricia— 88. 120 Minor. Melba— 88, 125 Minton, Vivian— 88 Mitchell, Bobby— 66 Mitchell, Christine— 66, 124 Mitchell, David— 88 Mitchell, Elizabeth— 88, 125, 126 Mitchell, Mary— 88 Mitzner, William- 88 Mixon, Jackie — 88 Mixon, Jones — 88 Monroe, Walter— 88 Montgomery, Eva — 88 Montgomery, Thomas — 88, 140 Moomaw, Rebecca — 88, 124 Moon, John — 88 Moon, Marie— 88, 118, 120 Moore, Emogene — 89 Moore, Hershel— 66, 119, 158 Moore, James — 89 Moore, Mickey— 89 Moore, Polly — 66 Moorehead, Linda— 89, 122 Moses, Sandra — 89 Mosley, Joe — 66, 123 Mulllns, Mary— 89, 134 Musgrove, William — 89 Myers, Joyce — 89 N Nabors, Douglas— 89 Nagle, Norma— 89 Narmore, Betty— 89 Nash, Harold E.— 89 Neeley, Charlotte— 89 Nelms, William— 67, 122, 135, 137, 140, 157 Nelson, Joanne— 89, 118 Nelson, William— 89, 122 Nesmlth, Oliver— 89 Newby, Rowe— 67, 122 Newman, Jim — 67 Newton, Jane W.— 67 Newton. Joy— 89 Nicholson, Fred— 89 Nicholson, Gerald— 89 Nix. Billy— 89 Nix. Elizabeth— 90 Nix. George— 90, 128, 140 Nixon, Ann— 90, 118 Norton, Bobby— 67, 122, 127 Norton, Joan— 90, 118, 122 Norton, Margaret B. — 67 Olive, Bobble— 90 Oliver, Jerry C— 90 Orr, Robert— 90 Ory, Anna L.— 90, 125 Owens, O. 8.-90 Pace, Richard A.— 90 Pace. William Elton— 67. 124. 118 Palmer. June Claunch — 67 Palmer. William Danby— 67 Parham. Lawrence — 137. 140 Parmer, Otis— 90 Parrlsh, Fay— 90, 149, 150 Patrick, Francis— 90 287 Patterson, Etta Kaye— ?0 Patterson, Sarah— 90, 136 PaHerson, William— 90 Patton, Patsy— 90 Paseur. Ferrell— 90, 135 Peeden, Barbara— 90, 129 Pendley, James Doyle— 90, 135 Pennington, William— 90 Penton, Elizabeth— 68 Petry, Branren- 90 Perez, T. Enery— 90, 120 Perkins, Elaine— 90, 125, 135 Phillips, Harlan— 123 Phillips, Julian— 90, 131 Pickens, Penelope Jean— 68, 118, 129 Pierce. Samuel— 90 Pitts, Mary Ellen— 68, 129 Plant, Nancy— 90 Plowden, Moultrie D.— 68, 122, 127 Pogue, Dianne — 90 Porch, Arah Nell— 90, 124, 135 Posey, Kenneth— 90 Poss, Joyce Marie— 68, 121 P owell. Norman— 90. 150 Pounders. Sandra— 90, 120 Prestage, Clarence — 68 Price, Janet— 90. 143. 148. 150 Prince, Rosemary— 90, 124, 129 Prince, Shirley— 90 Proctor, Peggy— 90 Proctor, Robert— 90 Pruitt, Donald— 90 Puckett, Carolyn— 90 Putnam, John— 90, 124 Juillen, Gail— 91, 125 Puillen, Jean— 91 Ragsdale. Ilia— 91 Ragsdale. William— 91 Ramsey. Glenda — 91 Raney. Gordon— 68, 130 Ray. Charles W— 91 Ray, Gordon — 91 Reagan, Phillip— 91 Reding, Cornelia— 91, 124, 135 Reld, Carol W.— 91 Reid. Charles— 91, 118. 121. 130 Reid, Ginnie— 91 Reynolds, George — 91 Rhoden, Leslie— 68 Rhodes, Anna Ruth— 91, 136 Rhodes, David Vernard- 68, 130 Rice, Jerry— 91 Richardson, Barbara — 91 Richardson, Dan — 68 Richardson, Joy — 91 Richardson, Kenneth — 91 Rickard, Glenda Faye— 68, 119, 124 Rickard, Kay— 91 Riddle. Joyce Ann— 91 Rikard. James— 92 Rikard, Mary Tom— 92, 131 Riley, P.— 119 Ringnell, Jim— 92 Roan, James K. — 92 Roan, Mary Virginia— 68, 118, 119 Robbins, Catherine — 92 Robbins, Easter— 49 Robbins, Elizabeth— 69, 123 Robbins, Jerry — 92 Robbins, Martha— 92, 126 Roberson, Shirley— 92 Roberson, Stanley — 92 Roberts, Billy Wayne— 92 Roberts, Sidney— 92 Robertson, Roy Glen— 69, 119 Robinson, Brenda— 92, 122, 126 Robinson, Jerry Phillip — 69 Robinson, Judith — 69 Rodgers, Alice— 92, 126, 135, 136 Rogers, Glenda— 92, 122. 126 Romans. Barbara — 92 Romer. Marguerite — 92 Romine, Ronnie— 69, 137. 140, 159 Rose, Bill H.— 92 Russell, Barbara Jane— 92. 122 Russo. Don— 140 Ryan. Betty— 69 Rye. Jerry— 92 Sadler, James — 69 Sailors, Brenda— 92 Sanderson, Annette — 92 Sanderson, James — 92 Sartain, Jerry— 92, 127 Savage, Michael K.— 92, 120 Scales, Harvel Leonard — 92 Schrimsher, Betty— 92 Scivally, Rex R.— 92 Scogin, Robert Erwin— 69, 127, 129, 131. 140. 150 Scott, Billy— 150 Scott, Elizabeth— 131 Scott, Emmett— 69 Scott, Peggy— 92, 124 Scruggs, Bette Murray — 69 Searcy, Bob— 92. 150 Searcy. Bud— 92. 150 Sedenquist, Fred— 92. 150 Shamy, Peter— 92 Shelnut. Juanita— 92 Shelton. Edria Ann — 92 Shelton, Faye— 92 Shelton, William H.— 92 Sherer, Catherine— 69. 120. 125. 136 Sherrard, Sarah Frances — 92, 124 Shishido. Calvin— 92 Shoemaker. Thomas H.— 92, 150 Shrader, J. D.— 93, 120 SImbeck, Donle — 93 Simpson, James Fred — 69 Sims, Frances — 93, 124 Sims, Linda— 69, 122. 134 Sisk. Wayne Erskin— 93. 120. 123 SIsson. O ' neal — 93 Sledge, Lawrence — 93 Sloan, Walker— 93 Small, Henry— 93 Smallwood, Dick— 93. 128 Smith. Billie— 93 Smith. Billy— 93 Smith, Carl T.— 93 Smith. Charles— 93 Smith. Clarence— 93. 128, 140 Smith, Isaac— 93, 140 Smith, Jo— 93. 120, 126 Smith, Kenneth— 93 Smith, Pat— 93 Smith, Raymond C. — 93 Sorenson, Judith— 93, 126, 136 Sorenson, Karen — 94, 150 Southern, John Alden — 70 Spalding, Terry— 94 Spain. Peggy Sue — 70. 123 Spain. Sue — 70 Spann. Reba— 94 Sparkman. Franklin — 70 Sparks. Larry — 94 Speakes, Milton— 70, 135, 156 Specker, Lawrence — 94 Sprankel, Linda- 94, 126 Springer, Carole — 94 Spruell, Wayne F.— 70 Staggs, Fred— 150 Standi. Ralfon H.— 94 Stanflll. Gene— 94 Stanley. Faye — 94 Starnes, Eva— 94. 150 Steele. Jack— 94 Steen, Robert Sherrill— 70. 140 Steenson. Butch— 70, 140 Stephens, Gary Lee — 71, 140 Stephens. William C— 71 Stevenson. Betty Jean — Stocks, Dave A.— 94 Stokes. Janice — 94 Stone, Carol Ann — 94 Stout, Max— 94 Sfovall, Joseph— 94, 135 Stowe, Paula— 94, 126 Strait, Randall— 94, 128 Streit, Sandra— 94, 118 Strickland, Glen Harrlll— 71, 121, 122 Stricklin, Tera J.— 94, 125 Stuart, Tommy — 94 Sturges. Ralph M.— 94 Stutts, Gayla— 94, 123, 126 Sublett, Barbara— 94, 135 Summerford, Don — 94 Surratt. Thomas— 94, 119, 123, 128 Swartz, Buddy— 94, 122 Tabereaux, Alton— 94, 128 Tackett, Thomas E.— 94 Taff, Foy E.— 94 Tapscott, Bobby— 94 Tate, Marbaret Frances— 94, 123 Taylor. Jimmie Haydon — 71 Taylor, Max— 94 Taylor, Peggy — 94 Taylor, Velson — 94 Teel, Dot— 71 Terry, Julia Sue— 94, 135 Terry, Martha Jo— 94, 126 Terry. Willis— 94 Thigpen. Andrew — 95 Thigpen. Barbara — 95 Thigpen. Mickey — 95 Thigpen, Peggy — 95 Thomas. Charles — 95 Thomas. Jerry— 95. 120 Thomas. Ronald — 95 Thompson. Johnnie — 95 Thompson, Joy B. — 71 Thompson, Ralph — 71 Thompson, Will— 95 Thome, Mary L.— 95, 126, 130 Thorton, James — 95 Thorson, Trietsch — 95 Thurman, W. J.— 95 TIdwell, Charles R.— 95 TIdwell, Imogene— 95. 124 TIdwell, Marvin— 95 TIdwell. Otto— 95 Timmons. E. — 124 Tipton. Jean— 95, 140. 141. 172 Todd. Hilda— 95 Todd. Marcella— 71 Tomlinson, Jerri — 95 Tompkins, Richmond Hobson— 71 Trimm, Inetta T.— 96, 124 Trimm, James B. — 96 Trousdale. Brenda — 96 Trousdale, Jerry— 96, 130 Trowbridge, Don — 96 Truitt, James — 96 Truitt, Katharine- 96 Tucker, Charles — 71 Tune, Jane — 96 Turney, Morris— 120, 135 u Ussery, Barbara— 96 V Vance, Genie— 96, 126 Vaughan, Lucretia — 96 Vincent, Jeanne— 96, 1 18 Vinson, Phillip— 96 w Waddell, Meredith— 96 Wade, Joseph— 96 Wade, Nell— 96. 122, 142, 162, 174 Wadklns, Janette— 96 Walles, Robert— 96 Walte, Carol Ann— 71 Waldrep. Rosa— 71 Walker, Linda Nahn— 71 Walker, Thomas— 96 Wallace, Frankie— 96 Wallace, Ralph— 96 Wallingsford, Fred— 96 Walton, Rita— 96 Ware, Gwendolyn— 72, 129, 150 Warhurst, Doris E.— 72, 123 Warren, Nancy— 96. 120 Weatherbee. M. Charles— 96. 122 Weathers. Charles— 96, 128. 130 Weather, Andy— 140 Weaver, Jack— 96 Weaver, Sara — 96 Webster, Ward— 96 Weeks, Herschel— 96 Wells. Linda— 96, 126, 136 Wessel, Billy— 96 Wesson, Julia — 96 West, Bobby Glenn— 72 West, James— 96 Whalen, Rex— 96 Whisnant. Wllburn— 96 Whitaker, Eugenia— 96 Whitaker, Marlie— 72, 129 White, Clay— 96 White, George — 96 White, Houston— 97 White, James Kenneth— 97 White, Jerry Donald— 72, 123, 140, 154 White, Joan— 97, 137. 142. 160 White. Mike— 127 White. Virginia R.— 72, 123. 129 Whitfield. Marie— 97 Whitt. Pamelia— 97, 142, 148 Whittle, Luther D.— 97 Williams, Anita June— 97 Barbara Ann— 97, 124, 125 Carolyn R.— 97, 118, 120 Elaine— 97, 126 Gretchen— 97, 124. 136 Phillip Wayne— 97. 134, 140 Samuel Douglas— 72, 140 James Ray — 97 Rosemary— 97. 118 Williams. Williams. Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williamson, Williamson, Willis, Janet Elizabeth— 97 Willis. Tommy Lee— 97 Wilson, Belinda— 97 Wilson, Philip— 97 Wimberly. Billy- 97 Wife. Charles— 97 Witt. Darlo— 97 Witt. Densel— 97 Witt. Max H.— 97 Womble. Columbus — 97 Wood, Edward L.— 97 Woodley, Margaret— 97 Worlund, Donna Rene — 72 Worlund, Shyron L.— 72, 134, 140 Wright, Daniel— 97 Wright, Don— 97, 135 Wright, Sandra— MB Wright, Wayne— 150 Wroten, Milton— 97 Wylie, Edgar— 97 Wynne, Peggy— 97, 129 Yancey, Larry K, — 97 Yarbrough, Edward— 97 Yofk, Don Randel- 72, 128, 140 Young, Joan — 97 288 IN APPRECIATION One of our more pleasant tasks this year Is to express our sincere appreciation to those friends without whom the I960 DIORAMA could never have been. The only way we have to show our gratitude is by saying " Thanks " to: THE TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY for their enduring patience and the ut- most in cooperation on their part. Many times they have taken mere outlines and have come forth with polished products. DAN GLENN STUDIOS for the remarkable and superior job it did on the feature and class photographs which have been the body of our book. Our gratitude also goes to Mr. Glenn, Mrs. Glenn, and Maudine Joiner for their kindness, and for extra photos and publicity coverage they helped us obtain free of charge. To all local people, merchants, friends, and newspapers, who helped us in carrying out the DIORAMA BEAUTY CONTEST and the publicity during the year. To our sponsor, MR. NELSON VAN PELT, and staff photographers JIMMY TRIMM AND PETE KELLEY, more than we can ever say. To GWEN WARE for her original art work, and the endless hours she dedicated to the " cause. " To BOB PROCTOR, STEVE EDMUNDSON, and WARNER CROWE for their help. To YOU, the student, for your faith and willingness, and necessary support and capital. And last, but certainly not least, THE FIRMS AND INDUSTRY whose advertise- ments pulled us out of the " hole " and largely made the I960 DIORAMA yearbook possible — They are FSC ' s true supporters and friends. Again we emphasize our thanks to those mentioned. THE STAFF OF THE I960 DIORAMA FLORENCE STATE COLLEGE (Ed. Note) I, Janelle Holley, as editor, wish to express the greatest possible thanks to Jim Gullett, Charles Pendley and to the best yearbook staff ' in the world, without whom there would never have been a yearbook. The only pay they receive is the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with seeing their product live for years to come — a record of college life, dreams, and hopes. 289 Well, this is almost the end of the book, and we feel a certain bit of nostalgia about it that wasn ' t anticipated. You students made this book. We pre- served it for you in word and picture. In later years as you reminisce while turning the leaves of this book, we would like to review some of the world ' s happenings. Internationally, nationally, state, and local . . . We don ' t think any of you will forget Mr. Khrushchev ' s visit to the United States. He may not have expressed his appreciation for California ' s su- permarkets or for the cornfields of Iowa, but certainly he must have been Impressed and that memory of a working democracy must still lurk In his mind . . . Nationally, we lost great American statesmen and soldiers via death; such as Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, and General George Marshall. Politically, we have seen old questions arise again; e.g., " Will people change horses in the middle of a stream? " and " Can a Catholic become President? " Only later history will reveal this to us. In the sports world the New York Yankees fell from the Number One spot In the Baseball World by letting the " Little Hustling Chicago White Sox " hustle them out of the parks. Yet, the " Little Hustlers " lost steam and fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers by letting them claim the World Series title ... In past years all the boys ' rooms were filled with pin-ups of Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and others from PLAYBOY. But this has not been so prevalent this year. A strange concept caught the boys and their rooms were decorated with Rebel Flags and other Confederate Relics. One boy had discarded ! " I 290 his pin-ups, and on the wall appeared a large picture of Robert E. Lee. Girls, why is this happening? . . . " Let ' s take in a flick, " is still very popular annong the students. A few of the movies that made hits on campus were: in the field of Western movies, " The Hanging Tree " and " The Last Train From Gun Hill. " Maybe the good war pictures were limited to ' Never So Few. " " Ben Hur " was the Biblical Block- buster with its $15 million price tag. Among Hitchcock movies, Sir Alfred was at his best with " North by Northwest, " or some might challenge this with " Anatomy of a Murder " ... In the musical world, we had several hits such as El Paso, He ' ll Have To Go, Waltzing Matilda, Morgen, Waterloo, Battle of New Orleans, while the national theme song for all nudist colonies was Running Bear . . . Among the best-selling books were Exodus, Lady Chatterley ' s Lover, The Return to Peyton Place, Dear and Glo- rious Physician and many others . . . While on the local scene the world ' s largest single-lift lock was dedicated here in Muscle Shoals on the Tennessee River, its total cost being something over thirty- five million dollars . . . Bowling became a real pas- time in the Tri-Cities as a modern new bowling cen- ter went up in Sheffield and plans were announced for a million dollar one to be opened in Florence by [||| this fall . . . Well, while this area is " Busting at the Seams " we are closing and saying we enjoyed watching all these things and presenting them to you . . . We sincerely hope you have. 291 292 WE BELIEVE IN THE FLORENCE SPIRIT . . . MAY IT NEVER DIE 1 293 Ill I i TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks- Are Taylor-made " 296 COMPANY iIjyIoH " " ' •tV iii ; ' . --r- v f_,j ,.

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